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Rev. H. GUNDERT, D. Ph. 

Part I: The Vowels 






Rev. H. GUNDERT, D. Ph. 


The Dictionary of the Malayalam Language by Dr. H. Gundert 
which will be issued in parts, will consist of about 1000 pp. Royal 8°. 

It is calculated that the work will be complete in five parts, and 
be finished by the end of 1872. 

Price to subscribers, registering their names for the entire work — 
Es. 12. 8. 0, or per each part Rs. 2. 8. 0. Single parts will not be sold. 

A hio"her rate will be charo;ed to non-subscribers. 

Thirteen copies will be given to parties subscribing for twelve. 

Subscriptions will be registered by the Publisher at Mangalore 
and at the Stations of the Basel G-erman Mission in Malabar, viz: 
Cannanore, Tellicherry, Chombala, Calicut, Codacal, Palghat. 

Mangalore, C Stolz, 

March 1871. Publisher. 




Introhictori) ^li^marb. 

The materials for this work have been collected during more 
than twenty-five years' study of the language. The words have been 
taken from all available sources, from the lips of speakers of all ranks, 
castes and occupations, from the letters and records of many different 
districts, and from the writers in prose and poetry of every age. A 
list necessarily imperfect of the literature which has been ransacked 
for contributions, will be subjoined under the head of Abbreviations. 
2. It has been found difficult to draw the line of demarcation 
between Malayalam and Tamil words. These two languages of old 
differed rather as dialects of the same member of the Dravidian family, 
than as separate languages; in consequence many Tamil words occur 
still in local usage (e. g. (C^-^o, osrzjs in some of its senses) or in time- 
honored phrases and formulas (e.g. (tsrtncsg-^teo, (^'^siis, a-^roocYb)^ 
which have long ceased to be used in colloquial speech. A consider- 
able number of such have been received and marked as aM. (ancient 
Malayalam). They cannot be dispensed with, if the Dictionary is to 
give a true representation of the history of the language. This history 
commences for us (if we except a few inscriptions on copper and 
stone) with the Eania Charitam, in which we probably have the oldest 
Malayalam poem still in existence, composed as it was before the intro- 
duction of the Sanscrit alphabet and deserving of the particular 
attention of the scholar, as it exhibits the earliest phase of the language, 
perhaps centuries before the arrival of the Portuguese. For several 
antiquated words (such as (®fZ)yioe5, ost-coo, n. csrage^) this poem is the only 
authority. The bulk of the other great poems, the Bharatam, Eamaya- 


_ 4 — 

nam, and the versions of the PuiTinas were composed within the two 
or tlircc last centuries. As these constitute the popular literature of 
all Malayalam readers, no Dravidian word found in them has been 
excluded. On the other hand there are many Malayalam composi- 
tions of later date, especially such as are current among the Vedantists, 
which evidently affect Tamil modes of expression. These have been 
excluded if not supported by other evidence. 

3. To determine the amount of Sanscrit words to be received 
into a Malayalam Dictionary has been a task of even greater difficulty. 
As this Dictionary is not intended for the use of Sanscrit students, the 
rule followed in compiling it has been to include only those words 
and meanings that were found in bona fide Malayalam productions; to 
sift and reduce the enormous mass of mythological and botanical names 
and synonyms, many of which are confessedly very doubtful; to record 
merely the principal signification of words confined to poetical usage; 
and to devote particular attention only to those terms which are gene- 
rally accepted as fairly "domiciled" in Malayalam and which have 
in the course of naturalization received various applications not to 
be met with in pure Sanscrit (e. g. (©r^c^jocoio, (©rQcuorofDo). 

4. The idioms and significations peculiar to Southern Kerala or 
Travancore^ have been carefully collected both from the productions 
of the Cottayam press, and from the very valuable Dictionaries com- 
piled by the Portuguese and Italian Missionaries of Virapoli; works 
which, although completed in 1746, rest upon materials accumulated 
in the 17th, perhaps even 16th century, and rank as the oldest monu- 
ment extant of the study of Indian languages by Europeans. (They 
are marked in the Dictionary Vi. & V2). Still greater care has been 
bestowed upon the language of Northern Kerala or Malabar proper 
(with the Bekal Talook of Canara); and explanations of the histori- 
cal names, castes and dynasties (comp. csrzia&^c^^, (t5ir?)s|(ScQJosl, c&bQQi^a^c^, 
cTS^^fb, (SiroajcsrDDOJo, (Gr^cruDlcfifieio^l) and of the institutions, usages 
and traditions, by which this province differs so singularly from the 
surrounding countries (see for instance, c^rcaa^o, cstdsIq, csr^.oa'SQjo, cGr?)Q_i 
^oujo) have been drawn from every trustworthy source. Amongst 

— 5 — 

the sources for this kind of information I would particularly point 
out the old Tellicherry Records (TR.) as conveying a mass of instruc- 
tion in the best prose of the language. 

5. The object being to present a faithful picture of the whole 
Malayalam tongue, the writer has not felt at liberty to exclude the 
foreign words which have of necessity crept into the language. The 
Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Portuguese and even English terms, 
which the commerce of centuries and the conquest of foreign creeds 
and arras with new laws and arts have introduced along this coast, 
cannot be proscribed, whatever regret their prevalence may excite 
in the purist. They do not, of course, claim the same minute investi- 
gation and treatment, which belong to words, whose birthright and 
position in the language are indisputable. (See for A. fs>^^, ce^aD 
POo, (S^c?lrb, (Sf^caxb, (tsrz!a^Qj5 for P. (^SYoae^oal, as^^^aoc/olj for H. as^^ch-^h, 
(®fZ)Gi-j5b, (©toQJDrol^ for Port. cci^ooooDcro; for E. (©^QjDld>). 

6. It is for the same reason, that 'provincialisms and vulgarisms 
have not been rejected, though they are pointed out as such (f.i. csfOo 
crofDo, (SifZ)nraQjjcroo under (Gr^("YaQJD'3o, asifsmj^o). To discard coarse and 
even obscene modes of speech, has not been thought advisable, how- 
ever much their existence and currency may be regretted. They are 
marked "obsc", as w^as done by the fathers of Verapoli in their day, 
that they may be avoided. Under all these heads (§ 2 — 6) the student 
will of course have room for candid allowance concerning omissions 
and superfluities. 

7. The writer has throughout endeavoured to trace the origin of 
each word; and particular attention has been paid to the comparison 
of the cognate Dravidian languages. He has not been successful in 
every instance (f.i. (©fcrsYc^oo); sometimes the unimportance of the 
word, as in the case of provincialisms, prevented him from prosecut- 
ing his search to the end. 

8. The arrangement chosen has been, to point out as far as possi- 
ble the root and origin of each word, to give first its primitive sense 
and to add the figurative and free senses in a rational order; lastly 
to illustrate them by examples taken from reliable authorities. The 

different constructions in which the same word occurs (e. g. (^s^ib^^ 
(S\<^)^ its various applications (e. g. osroscs^ce^), allusions to the tra- 
ditions and superstitions of the people ['®^§,a5rsro6no), standing phrases 
((GTDSc^o, (tsrsQjcron) and proverbial expressions (cctq^o, (Srofzj^eYXj ^juI, (S^ 
^003, (Crcofbo-j, (srcmjDtfo, (sraoBjlonl^ (STZ)^), these points have been es- 
pecially considered in selecting the illustrations. The Compounds 
and Derivatives are arranged under each leading word in alphabetical 
order, but are not treated at the length that appeared necessary in the 
case of the parent words. 

9. The orthography of each word is Hxed at the head of the article 
which treats of it, but in the illustrations deviations are allowed, when 
they exhibit a current pronunciation (f.i. ctsr^s^scy, asr(DSa_^), or are 
borne out by the constant usage of some locality or caste (esrtjg^, csroa 
Q(b:6^)^ or when, as in the case of the numerous Tadbhavams, it is 
caused by the inequalities of the Sanscrit and Dravidian alphabets 

10. It cannot be expected that the work should be compressed 
within the same compass as the Eev. Mr. Bailey's Dictionary. Not 
that the latter will always be found the more concise of the two. It 
is one of the chief defects of that, otlierwise valuable, work, that it 
does not discriminate between Malayalam and Sanscrit terms and 
leaves the student completely in the dark, both as regards the ety- 
mology and the proportional importance of words. For it concedes 
to unknown and useless words (f.i. (Syss?c^oCo1, csirsg erno^o) as well as 
to those that are comparatively unimportant (as ^raTl, -^^.j) more space, 
than to words of the genuine native stock that occur frequently in idi- 
oms of daily current use (f.i. (Srz)§d66inr>ti, ^^^i^)- Ii^ consequence it 
will be found, that the Sanscrit part of the present work (see for 
instance the compounds with (®^ord— cg^q-j— csmal— ) occupies less 
space than was the case in the former Dictionary and this without 
any detriment to the subject matter. For the progress made in tlie 
study of Sanscrit subsequent to the appearance ofDr. Wilson's Diction- 
ary (on which the Sanscrit portion of Mr. Bailey's work is based) has 
enabled the writer to throw new light even on this part of his task. 

On the other hand he has endeavored to condense the matter present- 
ed into the shortest possible space. What is obvious has been omitted, 
many secondary words are but slightly noticed and a liberal use has 
been made of abbreviations. By these means it is possible to publish 
the whole work in one portable volume; smaller than Rottler's Tamil 
or Reeve's Canarese Dictionary. 

11. The student may at the beginning be embarassed by some of 
the abbreviations adopted (for instance \rfor root; + plus as in I'Sriiajorb, 
which is composed of csrzs+csrQob; the figures (2) (3) which point to that 
signification of the parent word from which the derivative is deducible, 
as (Sr^Jce^oeefD^o (3) to cstqcB^o 3., tbe mind). Also the absence of the 
common signs s., adj. may startle him at first sight. They have been 
deliberately abandoned. What, for instance, is the use of calling (S^-oJ 
roo an adj., which indeed it is in Sanscrit, when the example subjoined 
i3jro:.ajfDsg^6o shows that in J\Ialayalam it is used as a noun? Or why 
should (®fZ)<^fWo be called an adj. and csrsc^g^o a subst., whilst in S. 
both are equally adjectives and in Malayalam strictly speaking both 
are nouns, though poetical usage may treat them more or less as 
adjectives. Can the indefinite Numer-ds, such as (er3(gnote>o, (©rccroDrOo 
be called adjectives, or have composition-cases like oOTc&iG c5vz)^ a claim 
to that name? It seems to be of more moment to show by examples, 
how the words are applied, than to pretend to classify them by the 
utterly incongruous nomenclature of the grammar of European 
languages. Where doubts might arise, the gender, which in most 
cases is recognizable by the termination, will be found marked, as 
(GTOcQjeLiQJoorolm. — crolroi f. (©-e^de^ob m. (©r&tfd^ f. But since Malayalam 
grammar acknowledges only the distinctions of Nouns, Verbs and In- 
declinables, the Verb seems to be the only part of speech which re- 
quires specifying marks. This has been amply done by the abbrevi- 
ations a. v.=active verb, n.v.^neuter verb, CV.=Causal Verb, den V.= 
denominative Verb, def V.=defective Verb, (for instance ^g|.), adj. V.= 
adjectival Verb (as (Srotu), ^^), aux V.=auxiliary Verb (f.i. ^'%<^\ as 
also by marking its parts (past, 1st and 2nd fut., inf., conditional, adj. 
and adv. participle, VN.= Verbal Noun, etc.) 

12. An undertaking of tins magnitude cannot lay claim to any- 
thing like perfection as regards either completeness or correctness. 
But the writer conceives, that a publication of the kind is a desider- 
atum in Malabar, and that this attempt at supplying it will be found 
serviceable to the cause of education in that province. Should it 
one day be superseded by a work approaching nearer to the standard 
he has had in view, he hopes that he will be found to have at least 
furnished a stock of valuable materials, that will under all circum- 
stances render to his successors a not unwelcome assistance in their 
toilsome task, in the same way that he in his has received aid from 
the accumulated labours of his predecessors. 

-=«Eg3g^&aSa^< XL<fc.aAJ e 


Abl. Ablative. 

abstr N. abstract Noun. 

aC. ancient Canarese. 

Ace. Accusativ,'. 

adj. aljective. 

adv., advl. adverb, adverbial. 

Adw. Adwaitam. 

a M. ancient Malaya|ani. 

a Med. ancient Medical Treatises in prose. 

Anach. Anacharam. 

Anj. Anjadi. 

a N. pr. Nomen proprium, a proper name. 

AR. Adhyatma Raraayanara. 

Ar. Arabic. 

Arb. Arbuthnot, Selections. 

Asht. Ashtanga Hrdayam. 

astrol. astrology. 

a T. ancient Tamil. 

auxV. auxiliary Verb. 

B. Bailey's Mai.- Engl. Dictionary 
(also his Scripture Translation). 

bef. before. 

Bang. Bengali. 

BhadrD. Bhadra DTpam, or Bliadra DTpa- 


BhgV. Bhagavata Vyakhyanam. 

Bhr. Mahabharatara. 

BR. Ba!a Ramayanam. 

Brhm I'. Brahmanda Purauani. 

C. Canarese. 
Cal. Calicut. 

Cal KU. Calicut Kerala Utpatti. 

Can. Cannanore. 

CartV. CiirtavTryarjuna Catha. 
CC.,(CCh.) Crshna Charitam. 
CG. Do. Gatha. 




Chintamani Ratnam. 


Chaturdasa Vrttam. 


Cochi Kerala Mahatniyam 














Crshnarjuna Yuddham. 


Canacku Saram. 


Causal Verb. 


confer = compare. 

Chir. doc. 

Chiracal documents. 






denominative Verb. 






Devi Mahatmyani. 


Damayanti Natakam. 


document, documental. 


defective Verb. 


Dra vidian. 



EM. Mahatmayam. 


emphatic, emphatically. 






feminir.e gender. 






finite Verb. 

freq V. 

frequentative Verb. 

fi t. 

future tense. 



f. i. 

lor instance. 






A collection ot Mantrams. 


Ganlta Sliastram. 


Mrga Charitam (Cottayam). 




medical, medicinal. 








Old treatise on Marmaiiy. 


Genovefa (Rom. Cath. poem). 




Gniina pana. 


Mappillas, Malabar Mohammedans. 


Gunapatham, Cottayara. 


Matsya Puranam. 


grammar, grammatical term. 


Collet's Malayalam Reader, [tram). 




MudrariTxasam (Ch.^nakya Su- 




Nala Charitam. 

lINK.(HK.)Harinama KTrtanam. 




honorary, honorific. 

N.,N. N. 

Name; Name and surname. 

Hor. (HY.) 

Hora Vyalchyanam. 


neuter gender. 




Negative Verb. 


idem = the same. 


Nidanam, Cottayam. 




North Malabar. 




Nyaya Shastram. 








oblique case. 






instrumental (case). 






Onomatopoeia. (Imitation of sound '. 

i. q. 

id quod = the same as. 



Jew. Doc. 

Jewish Documents. 




judicial papers. 




Keivalya Navanltam. 




Kerala Mahatmayam. 


Payanur Pattu. 


Kerala Natakara. 




Kerala Varma Ramayanam ( ValmT- 

Pat R. 

P.atala Ramayanam. 

ki's Ram.) 




Kerala Utpatti. 




Kuraaraharaiia Katha. 










poetic usage. 






local usage. 




Laxml ParvatI Samwadam. 



Putten Pana, Cottayam 1844 (ex- 



tracted from Nasr. Syr. original) 


masculine gender. 


Prasna Riti. 







pres. present tense. 

PrC. Prahlada Charitam. 

pet., o/q per cent. 

prh. perhaps, 

prob. probably. 

pron. pronoun. 

prov, proverbs, proverbial. 

PT. Panchatantram. in - versions. 

q. T. quod vide = which S(e. 

RC. Rama Charitam. 

Rh, Rheede'shortusmalabaricuB, 1689. 
Rom. Cath. Roman Catholic. 

Rel, Part. Relative Participle. 

RS. Ramayana SankTrtanam. 

rev. revenue papers. 

S. Sanscrit. 

Sah. Sahadeva Vakyani. 

SG. Santana Gopalam (2 versions). 

ShV. Shabari Vakyam. 

simpl . simple, i. e. the Verb or Noun with- 
out prefixes, 

sing. singular. 

sic. = thus. 
SiPu.(SP.) Siva Puranam. 

SidD. Siddhanta DTpika. 

Sil. STlavati pattu. 

SitVij. STta Vijayara. 

Sk. Skandam Puriinam. 

60C. social (case). 

SoM. South Malabar. 

Som. Soraavarapattu. 

SSh. Shilatamra Shasanangal. 

Stuti. different Stutis of Gods. 

Superl. Superlative, 

superst. superstition. 

Swarg. some Swargarohanam. 

Syr. Syrian. 

T. Tamil. 

Talip. Taliparambu. 

Tantr. Tantrasangraham. 

Tatw. Tattwaa:nanam. 






TIppu katha. 


Tacholi pattu. 




Tellicherry Records 

(chiefly a.d. 1796-1799). 




Tiruwanantapura Pauchangam. 






Umesana Vittara. 


Uttara Ramayanam. 



v. a. 

active verb. 

v. int. 

intensive verb. 

V. i. 

intransitive verb. 

v. n. 

neuter verb. 

V. t. 

transitive verb. 


Verapoly dictionaries. 


the 1st part, Mai. & Port. 


the 2nd part, Port. & Mai. 


Veiragya Chandrodayam. 


the Vedic language. 


Vedauta treatise. 

V. part. 

Verbal participle. 

VetC. (VC.)Veta!a Charitam. [ers. 


Vedayuddham, a poem about hunt- 


Vilva Puranam. 


Vivada Ratnakaram. 


Verbal Noun. 






Vyavahara Mala. 


Vyakarana Pravesam. [terms. 


"Wilson's Vocabulary of Indian 


Dr. Winslow's Tamil-English 

dictionary (1862). 


the five Dravidian languages: Ta- 

mil, Telugu, Canarcse, Tulu and 





following Lopsius' Standard Alphabet, '2iid Edition 1863, 2nd postscript. 

A complete Transliteration of the Malayalara Al])habet drawn up by the Author (now in 
Germany) will be published witii the last Part; meantime the I'ublisher trusts his subscribers 
will accept his attempt at assisting them in their pernsal of the Dictionary. 

a. Vowels. 





in about 



as c in get 





„ far 



V c „ prey 





„ pin 


ei M. 

as ci in height 





„ police 


as ai in kaiser 





„ full 


as in collect 





„ rule 



„ „ vote 



vocalized r 



„ ow „ fowl 







„ um „ fulerum 



vocalized 1 



vocalized h 




1 lengthened 

b Consonants. 

a. Initial. 



















6Y3) na 

as ka in kalendar 

the same aspirated 
as ga in gallon 

the same aspirated 
as gna in magnate 
as cha in chapter 

the same aspirate! 
as ja in Japan 

the same aspirated 
as nya in banyan 



the cerebral ta 



the same aspirated 



the cerebral da 



the same aspirated 



the cerebral na 



the true dental ta 



the same aspirated 


da, d' 

a the true dental da 



the same aspirated 



the true dental na 

(*u final half u in Dravidiau words.) 






pa in paternal 




la in laborious 



the same aspirated 




va „ variety 




ba in balloon 




palatal sh -^ 



the same aspirated 




cerebral sh 




ma in maternal 




sa in salute 




ya in yahoo (German j) 




ha „ harangue 




palatal r 




cerebral 1 




cerebral r (German r) 




cerebro-palatal 1 

b. Doubled or before otlier consonants. 

cBe kka, c9<di kta, etc. 
s^ cca, -^ cya, etc. 
s tta 

as^'^. tta, csf) tna: (Exception (W2i Itma, 

ravg Ibhu, etc) 
Q_j ppa, (Q_) pra 
oo tta 

^ yr 

s d 

c. Between two vowels. 

Q_i b 

no n as n in nature 

("(Soto tide; nt h as n in hyphen) 



(A complete list of mistakes that may creep into the print will be given out with 
the last Part.) 

Page 4, II, line 2, fr. b. Read : m^Q'^O^^STU) akrottu. 

14, 11, line 1, fr. a. Read: (CrOSD, m., ada, 05^0^. 
37, I, line 5, fr. a. Read: ap, appu. 




(Si^ a. Found ill TJbh's boforo initial ro, gj, as 
fuorodDnib, ftJnrossg; — passes easily into the 
sound of Q^, as Si^szvcb from ess, S)m .oiial = 
evaal- The final (Bra has often the character of 
a palatal vowel and corresponds with T. sjqQ), 
C. o^. f, i. raiai, rmmaijlrai), fms^maa; n_io, n_i 

I. OS^ a 5. pron. That, yonder. (The corres- 
ponding pron. signifies this, as in (mofms, 
(ma(®.) Hence : (Hraojnbi (Skxs) ; (sratSsro, tsragjoo, 
fataSgjooiai (and tgrogSruojiaj). Before vowels 
iBwgjoch that man, fsrst^So that place. It is 
also used for the second person as (sraSgoDo 
that person, you (comp. smsi^). 

II. (G^ a S. negative particle, before vowels (tnortb 
(G. an — L. in — E. un — ) as fiSTaaQiiio fruit- 
less, !BT3aafsra)0o than which there is no better. 

(&Qo am 5. (obs.) = (iJ«, rarag; hence (Sraestj- 

(®fSoC/9o amsam S, l.Sharc, part. i^aTTl,tii)0(b 
(srao'jao J TR. (5iaov3ru(ra)o deed of partition. 
2. part of a Talook, formerly called siooo 
enjial, greater than a (oio, hence moou^o 
(Sroojlaiorol, tgraoc/Do (Saecnonb MR. 3. ema- 
nation or incarnation of a god. (oimosis iTfOo 
osRssaorai) oTaajra^orosaBcb 6)jii<m l!hg. 1. sa 
Qjsinbo fiTraoaao = ^«3ra1. King Udaya Varma 


ia called 

roiiOoc/30 KM. (moooaouiairosn") 

60QcX)Bhr. 1. 4. hence glory. (T)roa_iiO)^ (tnooco 

(5r0oc;3c9ffloran{) person of noble descent VI. 
(srooc/ao 5)a5§ajnb fallen from his rank VI. 
(maoCDrOjC^ dignity VI. 
(S^aC/dc&o amsa'jfam S. (israoMo) The fourtli 
part of a day. 6if03 (QyjS\ = 2-^^ cno(h = a6 rarao 
caiiio TP. Hence a denom, V. (gT3oc;a<9r)ld35) f. i. 
i5£)ciOo 6icnjg fODO'a^canQjo (5raoc/3<3)liBso TP. 

nS^oC/9lae6~iamsikka(,-aTaoaao) To divide, portion. 
((Sf^o(j^ amsu S. (oiaocoo) Ray (po.) sraoc^rao 

ejo ajranrra CO. oraoc^aDnb sun (po.) 
(&Qo(TOo amsam S. l , Shoulder ; Rjraoaroao strong 

(©torrorOo amsaram Vu. = otaajooroo TR. 
(&T)oClDcr\p amhasSU S. (L. ango) Anxiety, 

(throttler) sin = Rjra\J)o. 
(Si^d&) a^^a (C. Tu. tarasico) and (ma.xi Germ, bud, 

shoot; (3T0a)Qice5) to bud (T. to burst) f. i. 

a grafted tree VI. aio§ Giai^caorob (BTO'j^ih 

^l§o — ojOJiJa S):n£\ ^go^^Drat (arasiVflso PT. 

fsrasojl 6)aj§lcs2;ofol) tQ"r35)d)i^l§o Bhr. 3. will 

bud again. 

I. CS^cBjo a'yam S. (isra + cSio joy) Pain, sin (po.) 

II. (©TDd&Jo a'yamT.M,To.(Tu. (srao.) 1. Inside; 
often adv. iSiOSsOio, omffSilAo in the jungle, 
heart(po.) — laidjcculra.-sroilral) itrraoOo o_iffmo TR. 
within 1000 fanam, less than. — sradhajo ajo 
ajo <ScnDdj!2cO> examine closely. 2. abode, 




liouso, room; hence G)iO)§<Oio, (Si))03Z)lL!!(3io, 
etc. — (araojlsstata «n3(feajo ajrocsj^o Q(])gjoo 
(OisrgofcA vu. 3. the min(l = 2)c>a- 4, holding 
(in names of trees, as gjrolcruaio, G)jiiaiii>jo, 
Cpds: (Gra<S5(Os)roc>3? itjrac&icflaDcru , t5r3t9ic09ro3'nD(3) 
heart, mind. moshiB^OiScmooo Qtmglsroig) Mud. 
(5ra^®cOs)0§ citadel; (35croffl3ej0a)<Sc8s)D§KR. 1. 
fijraaiaajorai) sole of foot. 
(5ra<9)6^S)aa) palm of hand. 
(StOtOiCOisrs , tsni&(a)£\(b, (sra<9)(aio<b (3) heart, 

mind (po.) (ST0a){ai5rglraf) o^cio(B^OQ,o RC. 

(ST3<0)(xn5r!glra!) (BrgjCTOaao Bh^. 
oracOofDiS) (=(St3<Siol.) a. within, in the house. 

aji3)ra(Ssia)(5!gCTolnrra TR. from within. 

b, measure of time iggijg aoDgliiicaiff^ AR. 
esp. before noon (opp. railfoleroi^) (BiacSxara 
arosl, (Hra^sl MR. 

c. whilst oJlycmrailsintio oraaio^ 5)ca)0>-3ira)1 vu. 

Brahminichis as keeping within their 

houses (2). 
(moaittsraDnb, cfe master, mistress of the house 

«3r3c95toTO5tpl providing food (2). B. oratacorajtpl 

fsraaiKga jiiocrnoJib kindred (2). VI. lower 
Sudras, serving in Brahmin houses. 

(araiSifts^^. 1. innermost. 2. house sur- 
rounded with hedge or wall. 3. palace or 
mansion, as of the 4branchesof theSamuri 
family VI. i^cryroilaabo OTD(ftRy@S (5135)5^ 
6)&>£\ -ai^ TR. 

(STaa)f!S@sn_jrol.fi3 (or ^@g<Qic^moc»(l)) a class 
of Nayer, considered as descendants of 
Samuri, also called <£h(2^roloocnj1- 

(sraairo^s ojlofmojib sons of slaves, as in 

Nasrani houses VI. 
(HTaaiSiWDOS (o-js) inwards. 
(gTa<9)®t!5K8onbj (Scotmod) 1. indoor servant VI. 

2. (3I3(3)(OIO>m0O(b. 

a5ra<i>)nola3 (3) scorn. 

fBTaaiaJoaEQ venereal disease (mod.) 

fl3T3iOiryo§ V. N. getting into, what is enclosed, 
f. i. in an account. — inside VI. 

(SO'3>S)^^&^ 1. to get into, be caught, f. i. a) 
emlcsi^rai) (sra. in a trap, a-smlrol) (5raa>5igL-j§ 
c/3((^d36ic>o Bhr. and Qd^tSst (sa&>S)Qj5 PT. 
offered itself to the eye; Qj(2nDajrrro ensorh 
raT0i9)6)g_js Nal. 3. roiSinbo eaotojlcfisiaisig^js 
PT. returned to her caste; £hq^S)cn<as)<ai 
6)g_j§ (gal TR. (=£c>3j)gjs) a^aajo &>^ 
aocaTl (graaie^gj^a^ KR. be seized in the 
very act. 2. to befall (BiataPrak-QjlafiJo (Sta 
<Oi5)g_j§o evil will befall it; (BTOrz^lma oolem 
tea (m3<S)o)gj|(S(Tn CG. this was a punish- 
ment for that. 

C. VI. (BT3a)5)g_J§o66) (old) ajOro'c2J<S)5^g_]§'31'3) 

roa«nb RC. 34. 2. vu. tsraais^gj^c^a) cause 
to be taken, catch, as <9)6Tnlcdjlf3!). 3. tara 

aisigj^ojlcfla inflict. o_irol/gaio ST3)63T3c>ocas) 
ora cao)g_jsl^^o Bhr. 8. oj golaidxaraa^ 

Sig-i^cul^ jud. 
(SK)&Z5ssq& (2) dwell retired zoaizr^oafBwo 

ff)S sraaiasssBl ©roltSann (rrol MR. (of a 

Mussulman woman). 

f3TacS)0i3J valley, ground surrounded by hills. 

(graaiiziGJib (=®raai,'a)0<b) heart (po.) 

(SK)<£h(S<2 (=(0rac&G^) (3T3aajoslan<0)<B0 <9)S<T)a 

CC. chiefly temporal en. cnog.<S5<22 arolcBao 

a. med. onDiplo5<a5c95)<0)i20 vu. 
(HTacSioxisl (2) palace service, body-guard. & 

@§Qjo & ig^osraltQicbcea (StacSious^ Nal. 3. 

satellites. (Bia<S)(TUsl@§a), cnscSa the office 

of body-guards, to run with the king, 

attend on him. 
orracaaiislsamo hon. title of Nayers, especially 

at Calicut. iBTOcSicTUslKnn.-aiJB^raij^aoBfflfJSfmo 

(TOOJib Q^yc® TR. letter of the faithful 

followers (of the Pychi Raja). 
(HracQicruslaiOcojas-.Ofo.Tb general of body-guard, 

head of Raja's household. 

CSfQSi^ — (SifOdQiOq 

csfOcejaio — (®fQoebl6Tffiu 

(Bra<9)(Tya3iQ), c98 to enter. 

(grataiaojOo outside and inside, orosicnjoo (£1 
rol3iO>-i3T3)ajnb VI, clownish, illbred, ^s 
Kggo Qjueggo f5ra>3icnjoo rtjilrolcao.'Draajnb 
V2. a complete fool. gjftnlfiA ans fSiasicnj 
ooS5^C5^so ©^ TR. no underhand deal- 
ings, no shuffling. 

fsroaiajlaj T. regulated price of grain — highest 
price (So. and Palg.) 

(Oftfti^ a'yadu (T. inside, deceit csra<B>o) In ora 
<0)§ djlsSi^ C. Te. M. topsyturvy crotaaiajo 
(5TQ<S)§ ajl<9>soced)l vu. spoiled it all, also oro 

CSYOcfiiSOgdfco a'Jfanda'yam S. Free from thorns 
and vexations; raora.o (5TD3i5T^i>)ZD32Jfrnl^ 
Brhmd. erarmrib rooS3jo fgT3<f)i5ir@<£h0oai7l n_irolci_jD 
oj^cBgnra KR. without opposition. 

flOTdS^'TJYCi?] a-yatti PM. (igraoDnr^) Sosbania 
grandiflora Rh. vrith edible leaves, jijloo 
a),'3i^ a raed. Cassia. 

(®^d&> (^dB5 a'yattU'ya(=(ma«)OQ,d>,) Todistend. 
aiotab (grOcSi.'Oia)^ aoj.^ stretch asunder. 

(€i?)d95LDjo a'Jfathyain S. (cDild) Not to be spoken 

(t5Y?)d95rrTD a'yanda T. = (Brap_0(TO Pride. 
(Si^d95a_Jo a'yappam imoS') Stalk of grass, 

rice VI. 

(©^cftia-JOOfb a^appan (T. C. (srasig-j from ma 

<&)o) Ladle VI. 
(&^c£h(C)o a-jfaram (Tdbh. 'macoooo.)^ Brahmin 

house, So. 
(®f?)c65fffi6YDOfb aprunail S. Unmerciful (po.) 
(S^c&)fnTO)Q_),o a-jfartavyam S. impracticable, 

want of energy. 

(S(Z)S^.(2ai<&o a'j/arma'yam s. "Without object, 

intransitive; (sra&Ki^laii intr. verb (gr.) 

(GrOd&iOq a&5 a'Jfattfu'ya T. M. (trans. of(i3TO<a>G4) 
1. To extend, open. 2. gen. to remove, put 
away (as ojDcljo. sio^csno). orucruano (sro&iOCitB) 
dissolve a connection, 
oroaioolcas) C. V. cause to remove. 

<S<Z><BiEilo a'yalam l. Breadth, width. 2. 
distance, a <ftsl rtnzzlfji am ajlalajos israa^ 
aj(S0 2g§- 

csf^s>B^<:B),crfii a-^alu^a tm. (Tu. C Te. 

tgracofiA) 1. To become extended, distant. 2. 

to part, retire; oJlro«8o 05Tigl (grOfdilecaSBtaos 

(3K)c£hnmD(b UR. ojlajc/ara orai3>Gja«sl(Tn)^asm 

ScQnsmo help mo of my distress; (jO22i0a)om 

ajOc03<0iC>3 KR. (=g2&J3tsi^)* 

(HTaajfij, (5ra<ftC8aj Inf, far off, aside tmacChSai 
ool^, (5TD<9)ej (8a_ioaf?l (inlfolsra^ withdrew. 
roocooalt9i5)g. (sracEbSaj a)a<9' Ch. R. (Hraai 
(Saj (Sn_jonT)Xi5iao (gTj)rol(g<£J) ojla'^afD!) prov. 

(5ra<S)0jl-2j in regular distances. 

{5ia<9i^ V. N. separation, distance, reserve. 

|)sng Mud. much estranged. 
aSr^cBjfsb a'yal T. M. l. Round earthen lamp. 

2. (?) anger VI. 
(StSo&jOrx: oojfe a'jfasmal S. (ca-.agorab whence) 

Without cause, unexpectedly, suddenly (po.) 

(S^dSiD, (®fOd953cail a'ya, apyi ((sraajo 2.)= 
oraiftQjocaJl Inside of house, room ; raraaiocaJl a) 
scTTO, s-aoismo siajcSscmfmlsjnbo oraaiocalfsl) 
aisma TR. 

(gra(9>3cqj@@g(Coch.) = (sraa5fDi3)22i a Xambutiri 
(EradSiDOjo a'yamyam S.(ca)O0) Undesirable (po.) 
(GrZ)o6>D(Cio a'yaram S. The sound or letter ota- 

(gra(9)0raDal alphabetical, a dictionary. 
(Cr^)c9>3rD©noo aT/aranam s. What is without 

cause; csT3£hDrD6Tnzo-3i?ls (wa^A Asht. (=(gT3<Si 

ogoro!)) raraa)oro6iT)0ocdn i2ej:^5)g_j^ unpro- 


orasoo^o S. not to be done. 
(®iZ)oB50^o a'j^alam S. Untimely, out of season. 

(gra<9)oai0ro6mo, tBTaoiDHJi-Diaisifab eaool^ — ora 

a5oaj0Sgj it is now too late, (SOOfDo (sraaioaj 

00(3^1 (3o_iocaJl MR. 
(er^oebleTSunnab a'yinjanaii s. Having nothing 

at all (po.) 


(^r?)debl§ — csrsoee^o 

OSrOdesiOOo — aj:rt)e)(^of?jroi 

(®r5d9^§ ayidu 1. = !3Ki<oi§- 2. Udder (VI. 

also oTOcCh^) Qg)f330cqj6)S (sraanb amq,^^ Arb. 

!3ra<fhl§lfai) qoi mDcysng. MC. 
cGr5d93lQd93 a-yiru-ya (C. nguru=C. (Qiaojlip) 

To roai", bellow, children to cry V, N, m!><Q^^ 

Palg. B. 

aST^cfbld) a'jfil TM. Tu. 1. (hence S. tmacoTO 
llcbr. ahalim) aloe wood, "aguila" P. Aquilaria 
Agallocha GP. 76. ^oacioo (graailrab ^seoiil 
o^gg nrgcocTX06!58S)a 6)<9i06rT| cyojlcea Vy. M. 
aemo <£hlacTr)<fl^ttii),t5T3)slaic)o RC. 50. rsTDisiilai 
ernlajOib igajcaocb, mTOaTlrob (STgjOSo Qj0(b5ii£ha 
ffl5(ftcb RC. 147. 102. 55aj@2 ffnaflTlrab white 
cedarwood (9)0foa)ltz!f) GP. 75. black agallocha. 
-iijajtTn (sra<£hlfril) a cedrclacea. 2. = (HTavS^A) 
trench, Palg. 

(SrOceTltP, asrSdOn^o a^yil, a-yil So. M. (T. C. 
ditch, from (fftaa^tp to dig.) Dam, earth-wall, 
fence VI. 2. (jnaijTl'-i' (SaiooBS), ao^a^ to en- 
trench oneself V2. 

(Sir<5de?lfmxyil a'J^irti S. Want of fame. 

(eT7)d93alJoa'^urppam(loc.) = (0ran^!^o S. 

(©ftJdOjeJo, (SrSAarinOo a-^ulam, a-yulinam 

S. Ignoble KR. 

(®t^o93C/3£Jo a'^usalam s. iii-iuck(po.) 

(S^c^n-JDfDo a'yuparam S.(illiraited)Ocean(po.) 
(SrD,£^j(7Do a'yrSamS. Undone (po.) (Hra^'Wjo not 

to be done — wickedness. >.XJgjgo oi^^joo (313 

^(Wjo oQcmoflnlejo Nal. 4. 
(tSfO<^(re)l(2o a-yrtrimam s. Not factitious, 

genuine, honest, conspicuous, lofty, VI. 
(S^6)(Bi:BG\, a"^ekka see (5«i>). 

((5fdS)cB^^Od^o a-yausalam S. Inexpertness, 
unskilfulness ; onas) Qjouaaiaidafiismo a"OococD 
§:mio(prov.) a bad workman blames his tools. 

(tSfOdSei akka 5. Elder sister (rare). 

(Sraces^o akkam Tdbh. (imaceaio S. but in C. Tu. 

(8ros)aft)=S. (giasjo) 1. A numerical figure, cjra 

ano ^§c£h to count, mi. (^§^ to add up. 

6)<Siogjo (5T3c8s)o 5)aj§lc2; aj§. MC. 2. a stop 

in writing, mark. 

1 4 


:( 2 

3 2 

4 1 

4 1 

2 3 

2 a 

anac05)S)cG5)§ a symbolical mode of writing, 
taraajiQjso a talisman B. 

fSiacOROjlso a figure used in 
mantras, thus: 

finScOsigJ a waterplant VI. 

(©■DaeeiOOo akkanam ^(SKiasiiOo? or world? 

(in alph. songs) mdcasicnsisB£\a^ 6id)o'3^o a@a 
&,cui fmcryroosicT). Anj. 
(©fSoSiSirO akkara ( that shore, adv. 
(sradjsisiro beyond. t3TOc9s)ra<;)aoool echo V2. 

(SrooSs^fDo akkaram Tdbh. (isroaftiroo) i. Letter, 
hence (aTaca6irogjly> mistake, great fault, ill-luck. 
a(j)oinra)oas iHT3(as)fDg_jl'j> cuma (Sn_iDaig_jo (in 
lamenting). 2. T. So. a disease, aphthse 

(tSifOdBSircl) akkal (Ar. aqal.) Sharp sense (Mapl.) 

(GfZ):e©('5t)oeisiQQj, (TS^jQeil'obaOeo akkal- 
kkaruwa, akkilkkai'a A med. root, chewed 
for toothache (prh. Anthcmis Pyrethrum S. 


rtS>^c3e6^DOOl akkani (loc.) Palmyra toddy. 
(©^^QeofOo akkaram Yl. — tsrudhia^o. 2.aphth8e 

(STOcSsiOfOgja Rh. Drosera Ind. 
(Si^dBeTl akki Tdbh. 'srayiSl. Fire, inflamed 

pimples VI. (srac9al,'ni3)lf6"l = BTacrnl(Sci03®'. 
(St5dBagoakkulam(loc.) Armpit, tickling VI. 
a5tO(^(2)o akramam S. Disorder, irregularity — 

crime. crODaoSmj^ 22'^ (srai^Zo oosE5®nmg 

no)5in5KJ)5n">o MR. 

(i3Ta(^DCTO)o not passed (po.) 

(®ra(^0(Dl'S(nYai6S^ akraritteniia V2. Lodoicea 

(^S^roi^coio akriyam S.=;nnl^ctolc3Do f. i. (sm^s^o 
uao mQi^wo aQ(rro a_i03^nrra Nal. (opp. axifnh 
(^cao active). 

(®f^:^fDCYD akruran S. Not cruel, most cruel. 
(gT3(Af^<^^-'^'^ (^ranoaiitD) a double entendre 
(may also be read cunb^^ranb). 

(ETtiffi'^DfSYni akrottU (]I. from S. f3T3Si)fijDax> ) 
M. C. Tu. Wallnut. 

(S(QcQ^o — (srocftaTliTno 

fsttjcaa^ (S — (©f^coroi 

(tSi^cSfi^o aksam S. (oc-ulus) l. Eye, as in 

ro3Q0f)Q3o. 2. mark on dice. 3. playing 

die. 4. axle tree ((Bra.^). 5. a weight of 

37i fanam (=aioa3o). 

madOfQ^loX) gambling V. C. ((5Taafi360Bc>3 5) 


(sracQfiieioaj necklace of Elrcocarpus seeds. 
CtS^caa^C^eYTOo aksanam S. Suddenly; srao£n5m 

rooo^gg c2;d3Qiri20(b CG. 
(®^(£ha^rzDo aksabam s. i. Uniuu-t, un- 

woiiiided; oraftfiifoiraocs^ga rocBful'Sida CG. 2. 
whole grain fried (po.) 3. pigment of rice, 
saffron and lime for the sectarial mark on the 
forehead . 

OS(T)<S£s\Q\ aksama S. impatience; ;3raaai0o 
unable to boar, impatient. 

(G^cftSL^COJo aksayam S. imperishable (Sasi&iW 
<£hlfDT^ KR. (sracSfiicaiat the eternal. 

(®f9c9^fQo aksaram S. (undecaying.) 1. A 
letter of the alphabet, syllable, 2. word b\ 
cnDdafiimsjach Nal. pathetic words. cuoaotOfiira 
6!J8c>3 (8T3asc>55)-aJ(^ CC. refused; (sra. @gl cuo 
w^<ssi to spell; oro. ajl«)^d>i, aalemfflsgca), aJly 
ai slip of the pen; ng)5)abo o^asica^cOfiaroo .tj) 
S)rm TR. my handwriting. 

Cpds. onacSftiroi'jlQjl a clerk (po.) 
(SracGfiiroajralessiaaono learning. 
tffraj»airo0Da] the alphabet. 
faracQflarais^QOc&io (&) jdjd^) alphabetical song. 
(BTacQQifOoejoaroo learning letters, etc. 
(sradafiifDOfDoSo setting a child to loarn. 

(TSYOc^^SE^OfYcTl aksan6iS.= BTad3fa(a Impatience, 
envy; (3T95iijoaffil0Dnb hasty, envious. 

CG^oBMI aksi S. = raraijfiio 1. Eye. 2. trunk 
VI. esflTlomaDsrioiooDroofijl (Brgsl CG. ©racOfril 
<9ic>3 (ST3)§nm aii)a35mo CG. (ma ofi'Tla'jTTl (eye- 
ball) ,iro3§l Mudr. 

(E^ca^rWo aksibam S.^tmas^cwo f. i. tma 
cOanraiiSoxnrjS.'DTZDDj^s PT. 
OTOdafialsmo the same cBra£)£al6mDa^flj,roo:ajl 
ever living, foracSfiilern^fl^ajrznl^gLocijjggXKb 

(®rOcfta:^(QCYb aksudran S. Not little, an im- 
portant person VI. 

(SifQ(8c9:£S^O'So aksobham S. Without agitation, 
constancy; tmacsajsoj ^a_ioi3.cjc;aoounj(S(JC Kei. 

«jra(Si3G30gj-tb immovable Bhr. V. den-, ana 
(Sc6ftiO(i^^j cn\^ VI. 

(Sif5ff)ce^fiOaDl&no] aksauliini S. (tgia:Ma+ 
gJOaolonl.) A complete army consisting of 21870 
elephants, as many chariots, 65610 horses, 
109350 infantry. (In the Bharata war the 
Panda vas have 7, their foes 11 aksauhinis. 
One elephant, 1 chariot, 3 horses and 5 foot- 
men form a csaomoqsiio; this tripled c^nao, 
tripled cosmo. tripled ojonDlrnl, ogtDno, .oig 
(9)0, (HTDnnldjilcnl, (oigc^a cosrwariws&cm^o (Sia 
s^aeaooDlsnTl. Bhr.) 

(SfQenerrojo, (m)6uemjS\ru)o akhandam, 

akhandibam S. Unbroken, whole; (grasusmjua 
(niDcrolaijlsicQ,' (cysn-jlgjonb ChR, (srafiusmijl 
fmnic9gi^v2:-)crcnD(b (in epistolary style) the 
most fortunate TR. 

(tsiroeijlejo akhilam S. All, whole (po.) rsraaiil 
aicQimicosmojo etc. otaoincBaJC'anb lord of all. 

CS^COoagam S. (not going) Tree, mountain (po.) 

(S^CO&nolario aganibam S innumerable, also 
(gracosimjon: s 5mo KR. 

CSifOCnroSl, agaSi S. l. Being without means = 
QjiflaiJlgjO^, (srd(iO:m\S)Q^'§& fall into adverse 
circumstances VI, ttjiacoiwlcaei f3T2)(b imrao 
who will help me in my poverty? 2. (=(BTaco 
(CTilaDab VI.) poor, forlorn, unprotected osta 
00(01 Ic0ich beggars. 
fsraoDrmlsxicmo a^sPf Mud. 
(ffiaco.oili'ai-io poverty, stinginess VI, 

(®f5Cn©o agad am S. Without disease — medi- 
cine (po.) 

(Ett)C02k) agamam = (maoDo. S. maco^ inac- 
ces8ible = croj(rTolca^0'!5ia)ajc>3; anaco^oco0 
CDo prohibited intercourse Bhr. 

(C'CCOfW agaru S. = {3iai3Tlrol) ((0)oaocoro3(g0o 
Nal. = cfhoro>o?lfoli). amcocoi sticscno aQrS\6rstg) c^ 
00, !Bracoascua_i,T3ialnb a_iral0g.o KR. 

(Sracnrron — cs(^crn\ 



(TS^COrnil agasti S. l. = (maconra nb N. pr. 
A Rishi celebrated for passing the Vindhya 
mountains and leading the Brahmans into the 
Deccan. 2. the star Canopus. 3. (macorryla 
roo(=(m3!0>fi5KBl)med. plant «JTacon"^8-J GP. 65. 

(Si^COOUJo agadham S. Bottomless, deep, ob- 

struse = nnltiJcangjD(BT3). 

(S^CODfOo agaram S. House (po.) 
(®f^^6Y^o agunam S. Bad quality; cg6mo^ 
emstonb (po.) (sro^sm^ illnatured (po.) 

(Gl^CSGODjaJfDo agojaram S. Imperceptible, in- 
comprehensible (phil.) 

<®^(SCr)0((5)o agotram S. Of no family. 

CGirSffiCO")o&.Of\D agaupssu S. ((moco+aoaig) 
Living on trees or hills (po.) 

(Svt)C/Y51 agni S. (ignis L.) 1. Fire. 2. God 
of fire. 3. grief ©ggrmraHfal) (eracrnl oJHs)::^ 
6r3)6!5Bc>ot93 SIP. 3. — 4. digestive power; (sra. 
Qjaolgjl<9si, S)<B)^&^ GP. (HracrnlcQa eruajo sngyo 
(3f5i3)D(b Nid. persons of vreak digestion. 

Cpds. (5racml(3)6mo spark; (sracmla)0^o (S) kind- 
ling the holy fire KR. 

(StacmlaiiTTUDo (1) hole to receive the holy fire. 

fffta crni (2 (S)osmo(2) south-east; ^gro^asrals^nfeo 
(5TOcml(S<Q)05nt) Gan. 

rtJiacmlas)0OQ (preceding) SE. wind. 

sracmlant) (1) incendiary Bhr. 

(m3C/TTl(o_j(Sajc/3o self-immolation (as of widows). 

(SWcrnlsQjejo (4) digestion. 

(Bracrnl0C2Jo fiery. 

fijtocrnlasnt) who sustains the holy fire; rsracrnl 
aorrb aojo^^oca/nb AR. 1. 

(Sncn^zocB^o and fsracrnloruoao indigestion Nid. 

(BTauT))i^ej SE. = (m3crnl(saiosmo. 

.■STacnTlg Sk. Subrahmanya. 

(macmlcralfflj flame V2. i=qjoeu. 

(3Y8tml(2c(5iO0o (<sa^o0o) Agni's praise, a pe- 
culiar sacrifice KR. 1. 

rBTOt/TilarooBfiSlsaio covenanted before Agni; (313 
cn9crco:Oftil<&i03cs2J croojio sjjiKm KR. 4. 

csrrocmlaxioiKttlcj^gg a_i«5T? VCh. the legal 
(BTacrnl<2aDC((g)o burnt offering maintaining the 
holy fire. The Brahman, who does it is 
called (macmlsaoof®! Tdbh. fsracSalOTtzS^fal. 

(&^(Lr)o agram S. (akros G.) l. Point, top, 
front. 2. first, principal. 
(SK)49Cosrnjnf) the chief (f. i. cjuzzessiaaaofiTlraf) 

Kei. N. 2.) 
(Eraj^eanb, nb. sa. 1. first-born, elder brother 

and sister, 2. Brahman (po.) 
mn'^ci^ei honors paid to the principal persons. 

v-mo^zoooruo heart (po.) 
(5T3^j^cf3Dai a victualling house, cooking place 

in temples. 
cm3(Cf)c/aoaig-jO a large measure So. 
ora^aooroo land assigned to Brahmans, village 

of (foreign) Br's g)rD6rrao aitflg^^.^ tsta^ 

nOoraesQgIro!) Sil. 
(Staii£)ouacr)o first meal, ceremony in temples 

(vu. (Bravf/jomooo = cxjfzstarol aiiplas)). 
oro^oooroono chief seat, as in Brahminical 

croe, also of kings oK)aj5)nbo sraf^ocroaoo 

ajly5c£ftl Mud. 
(sr^'^wch, maWjCi) first, elder brother (po.) 
(TOXSifQ (loc. of (sra'^oo) in the first place, before; 

(STa<24r)croronb forerunner, leader (also m>^ 

cork etc.) 

(®fO(C/flOJOa) agrivah S. Neckless; t5ra'49lajcino 
cs^siggoRS CT\j(aJlajnb KR. 5. 

(®T)fi^o agham S.(a'j08 G. = tmaociDS) Sin, evil. 
(5ra^>fc5i0<9)ejo gjc/Dftsba-ifd?! Bhr. 

(grecgaeiorDo aghoram S. (not frightful) Dread- 
ful; o-jcn^ ^STZiSaeiofaao^gaTD the fever rages 
violently; fsraSi^aoroo^'aDo fierce battle. 

I. aSt^9&3o aiigam S. (v'^ oraaau.) i. Lap, 
(also (tjraa'oig-jo, oidbjojIoo po.) (srasjcruDnb 
bosom friend; ojl'OiD — aQ)S>nm ^OSK^o (SiaeSi 
:!m\aA KR. 

C0rS90:o — (®fS893(Do 

(Sroae^OBo — (Gif^bCOo 

QJonf) Si P. 2. numerical figure, mark 
II. (Gt^a&)o aiigam 5. (Tdbh. oftmaooDo? (maao 

05)OcOs)V2. to shield oneself) 1. Fight, battle. 
2. duel, challenge; fmaa.-sralcrro QjlglcOa V2. 
(BT3B)0 ojlslas) to combat, wrestle; tgtasjo 
65ajo«Sc9) to fight; tmaStoiDs raraaftio qojorh 
rm vying with it; i^aiKSvisraiDS (sraaajo 6)rmD§ 
fora (tj)laic>3 CG.= emulating. 3. duel as 
the ordeal for Nayers, a royal privilege, 
for which each combatant had to pay; 
sometimes fought by hired champions; fSraao 
(2<9ioejcroj([3a_itBialaTD KU. often tmaaiajo 
^aojo <agjl^ KU. rooeaocij o^cSlca; (Staa 
Qjo ^ggjOjo qjd65b1 demanded troops and 
taxes (vu.) 
Cpds: (ffraaicSs)2.rol place for duel. 

oraahcOnoranti a combatant. 

(BiafflDJijaio royal taxes "72. 

(5raa>(8g_j0(b public duel; aoaosuQ'orailrol) (sraS) 
<Sg_jO(b ^sngoai KU. 

(Btasaoaoejl 1. a public square. 2. N. pr. the 
old Syrian bishop's seat VI. 

(Siaaojoral) cock's tail B. 
«S<^?&^cr)o anganam S. (I. m^o 2.) Branding, 

as of criminals; (Hiaa^noo (STaoco.'Stalaajral) KR. 5- 

(Sraa&,aiDc^ aiigalaykka t.c.So.m. Lament, 

grieve B. 
(Si^8&53o aiigam (P. hangam, season) and asasnoz^ 
temporary appointment; caraaoo coizrr^ab, 
rairasjoal orgziinb MR. 

I. (tSrageTl angi TM. (Tdbh. sraocolai) Dress 
that covers the limbs, gown, jacket; gjfo)'^^ 
fflol or raraEEblojDa VI. mailcoat. 

II. (tSTZ>3eri angi a. T. M. (Tdbh. (gracrnl.)Firo(BTa 
aaol5)n_ig fBiascul Scuooioj RC. 38. ojossmnb 
orasbl sraaSiftoan!) RC. 67. 

CS^96blrZDo aiigibam S. ((a-roanno) Marked, spot- 
ted (po.) 

(®f08fefOo anguram S, l. Shoot, germ (=:^a). 
2. a kind of piles Nid. 3. first sign of f. i. ©S)aj 

fooaroorooso Mud. symptoms of beginning 


(8T3^rol(iDo budded; oraarolrmofOoejiioraarrum 

5SQ|.o (po.) 
Den. V. (BTaa^roicSs) to bud, chiefly metaphor 

of love, pride Bhr. oQcm oQmaggOTalfti!) (ma 

ara^caanrro CG. (= tS^ooTDrro). 
C. V. (HraarolgJlc9ffl=soolgjlcaa of shame, 

jealousy, etc. CG. 

(t5^8e?C/9o ailgusam S. iron goad ((S(3io|l). en 
anocan qQtfiao oraaoassQch (po.) 

CSi^^Sge^OeJo angolam S. TM. Alangium hexa- 
petalum (=iHi3tpl5ni3lral)), a counter-poison. 
a)0fO®efti3ajo Alangium decapctalum. 
orassioajs^o^foroipjo tantr. 
snasaaDoej-gjooolrai) (sastoi^ tantr. 

(Sr^^S&Tl angri loc. (C.oro^) Pap, teat = d^n3i,. 

(SifOoCOo aiigam S. (a^'j^os) l. Member, part. 
2. body=:cnD!y oocoo, (sraocoo .ajoc^a) to shave 
a Raja VI. (sraocoo (Stas^smss) ((ffraocoaismcea, 
sraow5)6Tr)gj) to gird on a sword, quiver, etc. 
VI. 3. constituent part, branch; oooojocoo 
a«8 (Sa_joS)ej s)oruoigo®)o KR. of Rama and 
his 3 brothers. (S>9)0GJCTUj(f3cLjo @ srdocoziacsin 
CLnsoaDlcflaS5g_j§@(ChiracaI doc.) 5 branches = 

@CilD^. mDGJoCOo=:_nJ^raoCOo. 

Cpds: (Hraocos^oraao mutilation. 

(maocoKo bodily (po.) (FT3ocos3n6 Kama. 
(ffraocoso bracelet of the upper arra = (3faiO(Jo 

QJg. f. i. (tiraoCOaiQ)Sai5!313C>5 KR. 

(Sraocono well shaped woman (po.) 
oraococnjooruo ceremony of touching the body, 
in Sakti worship. 

Rjraocogjs (3) distinct branch of an army, 
cnoajocogjsojjo ajratm:?! AR. 6 (=^g 


tsraocosocoo 1. rupture, loss of limbs. 2. 
(vu.) quite a member; crjl (airaraiooj^oinbo 
onaocosocoaocsulfolaosicaora)). (epist.) 

(mooODsocol beauty. 

(Braocozgcno rubbing the limbs. 

rpyf ocn&noo — (SYOo^ejo 

(®rZ)o(<i;eJ| — (Sragg*? 

(!3raocofDcOfi3(Tdbh.(araa})fDd>s) VI.) 1. armour. 
2. garment, jacket. 

(Bioocora oc/Do cosmetics = (fto 'i^s. 

(araocooj^gljnb (vu. (SroasjoaaJfTti) a danger- 
ous swelling of the body (med.) (oJlcQ^a&o 
§,aJnb Erysipelas scropluilosa. 

f!naocoajl(0)O«)o slight disorder (f. i. from 
pregnancy; oraocoajliSiDraeracb siojosoBl 

(sraoc/5ajl(2<f)aio_io gesticulation, also fSTDocn 

aOOfOo VI. 

isroocncroocoo embrace; ara. 6)<a>osn^ -Sie^iiio 
(2aJ5igl|§ AR. 

oraococruDlfd^ (3) a particular conjunction iu 
astrol. (2ocroo(2(n)OQ,g@gfry5jcru^ aajoaofoi) 
asng3<ftfm (5raococrunl(0)l tidaissQch Tr P. 

oraocooDlcTonb maimed. 

aST?)oOO&nOo,(®^9e--&nr)c. aiiganam, anganam 
S. Court, yard, (also apartment ■gjo <Si).o:ijl 
ej<ain5ta) qqito) (sraoco^Tno g^sng? VI.) 

(©^oCOOfDo angaram S. Live coal, coal, (s«ooo:fD 

CLi§<S5 (S. (StoocoorocJODaSl) portable grates VI. 

ffliooC/DDrodjjnb the red planet. Mars. 

(graoc/3DfOc£hOfo<£)i5)nt)0 dy.oi^jo co^oedj) Bhr. do 

a collier's -work, burn roots and branches. 

(SrOoCOlropaj ailgirasSTl S. (G. a^y^elos) A kind 
of demigods. 

(Git)oC/fld&)fO©nOo, — c650ffioangi"yaranam, — 
■^aram S. ((HIOoco yes) Consent, assent, ad- 

maoco\<Q^(S]<86> 1. to consent, assent, approve. 
2. receive, f. i. into caste; tsrac^jocao (sraocol 
<aro)cfl6) MR. receive a complaint. 3. to 
embrace (=<SsocoliSffl) coocoocru^eeracb (Oi 
eiaalrab cuDoemoriOo (eraocolairal-ai Nal. 

(tS^o^^Jo angulam S. l. Finger, toe. 2. 
middle finger VI. also thumb ((grao^ejculrafai), 
srassa^ojlrarat thumb VI.) 3. an inch (of 8 
caxi); (srao^Qjo oi(ai39naooooo(2j|5)@g3«s oarolfoo 
KR. 5. Rama's height; ooog-joimai^lra^l^ a 
roo^ai(a-)0O6Tr)iaoo mgjsrai) V. Ch. 

orao^Gjl finger anao^ailcaio finger-ring 0,nm 
(BT3o^aflcs2;(a-j(2i06TT)o ^e'cms^n^) ctoscsQcOj 
a. med. (=(iJtao^aio.) 

anooc^'^^o S. thumb,(STaocOfl^gP'ifDoca^ reduced 
to the size of an inch AR. 5. ojoeooco^Ciijo 
^'ocrnl Bhr. resting on the toes (a tapas). 
(®f9o(2:eJlanghri S. (staooei to go) Foot, root (po.) 

(Si^GS^DSl aiinadi 5 (asrassQ oraocoo + (Br3)§<0)) 

1. Shop, in Mai. rather (HT36!3aosl2jlslia>. 

2. market street, bazaar, town, village (in many 
N. pr. f. i. ajf^cassQDs), etc.) 

Cpds. fiyK)6!5Hosl(95)oran6 shopkeeper. 

(STOffljQDsl^fOcSg or QjosnSleo merchandise; (srg) 

solcqjsao (sa. (prov.) 
(3raeoi30sls,-nT3)oanc2;o being tricked in buying 

or selling (prov.) CG. 
(BTf363B05lgJOS the talk of the town; (2,9)0§C2)lrai) 

S.cxj(2Bu?>o arra6!5i30s^g_jo§o(mma (prov.) CG. 

flTO6i313OSl0fB3m3 drugS (opp. 0_J^ 0^03010.) 

aSfZjGS^ej 3e)QiD6S^ aiiiiillapponiiu An 

aquatic plant (wanting (HTOoCOo or f5T3o(a^) 
(3Ta-55Blo)nbo <2aj(b afHsiatfi^ (prov.) doing 
what is neither required nor possible. 

(®fD6S»^ anilU (T. oraffife from (mao) 1. There, 

thither; '(ftD6!jgSa_joa2J0f(A= after death. 2. you 

(opp. gDSsg) dat. (srasesQcBg, t5ra!3a3T3(0Q)5)a)cQffl 

KU. your Highness' hand; 6Ta)«5Bo\) (sraasesigjO 

(BcQ-cXTltScSnar^ TR. 

Cpds. sraessDon, .■sraesBlsim (oiaaior)) that way, 

thus; oraeoBoicn o^nm ffiT3aj§.o s)-aiDnmoc>o 

AR. 6. yes. &§^>3iS\^6SBS)cr) j^osrmo^cm 

PT. 1. (=6iajQ6ifm) — tBT363Sfn(8,-nis such. 

f3T36W3ls there, (sraesalslsaBls here and there. 

(3ra55ignrra(fnlnrra) 1. thence, there; iBiaCffiSQgJ 

Oo the other side. 2. you there (hon.)(t5ra 

esqrm mi6SB<S^o^ (ftgjl-a^TR. your majesty; 

(graffljigrmoBgnoi^im also his majesty. 

(srasoig^, ©13S)6580§ (^''J^, Q§) there; (srasmj 

cfiD^oi63T3Cslol6i3BOSf2j003fol<9)C)o AR. 

'ST3(263aso (©So) that place. 
(3T3(2s3t3aiQj(b, (ma(25i3i30(b those, they. 

(€<? .QjetSU — (Sro^ 


CSf^j^ SfDo — (S(Z)J^ 

oraSeuBOS (rus) thither. oraSg_joc>o (ai3S63i3D§ 
£6mOTznl_3j informed the king KU. (sra 
<S63Q3(S§c0a cu05rora)32.-3J TR. to your High- 
ness. (HT0SG3BDSO5D(S6TO35o ajDi)3-:^032ri TR. 

on both sides. cs.i-Tl^'Xjilnm raraseoaoso 
carLjlgjob Bhr. in return I curse thee. 

rtSK?,.£U6tmjeJo, asif^.njQ_ieJo ajaiijalam s. 

(S^SlACOo ajaram S. Not moving (iu jxl-^o iiroo). 
aSiT)j2jeJo ajalam S. immoveable, mountain f.i. 

auao a^iiio N. pr. the Western Ghauts. 

Ojr^^lJY^o ajittam S. "Without mind, disincli- 
nation Vl. 

(G^-OJlfY^^jo ajin6yam S. TJnimaginable; a-.ii 


(S^iljlfDo ajiram S. Not long. csrajaTlfODfiA soon 

(S^Cri^JfWnOo ajeSanam S. irrational, uncon- 

OS^JlJ , (®r^j^ aju, acCU S. A vowel (gram.) 

(SfC^o accam TM. (V^'^orasisy*) Fear, dismay 
OTO^ScBso shyness, modesty {S)2iW'&). 

(Git)^ acca (T. miasms) .-01J,) Mother; (BTO^ foirrra 
S)s 'i^iii cn^e^sn^o VCh. 
(Standi TM. (T. also ^Hra.-siTJipfe. C. Tu. tsio^nb) 

1. father, lord; used chiefly hon. ow^j 
6)at)0 ojfOo Nal 3. my father's house. 

2. title of males in royal families f. i. in 
Palacadu o)(&)0CTxnc2J^nb TR. the minister 
of Calicut Rajah esraDs^ob, of Cochin 
ajo&iin3i3)^nb, of Nayer chiefs <Qi2.<3e)0^ cod 
ej(b t3Ta^n03(b TR. (in Curumb.) of the 60 
heads of Uraler (Cal.); even of monkeys (ftro 
ssQ^nb PT. (ma^cnSjj csaoroonr) TP. oath. 

iBTajjp C.Tu.M. 1. mother (=(5ra^) ma^ <9) 
glcsriaiao rofifi^lcaao (o-ja^orooTR. 2. Nayer 
woman Vl. 3. female of animals etc. (SK>^ 
uSi^S the plantain stem surrounded by its 
offspring {£hrm). <SK)^\ a-bl^ajgj ajglcs^o 
d>,sl(9ao prov. 

CS^^j^OCbo accaram T, M. Te. (C. Te. tara^ be 
indebted, pay money) Earnest money, advance 
given to ratify a bargain. 0c*5)a raoeaDOjlrrn 
ora^DfOo 6iaj-g^ betrothed Ti. 
(tSrZ)^DO (P. achar) Pickles KU. 

(SifS^n acci 1. see under rarajj. 2. Atcheen; 
hence iHra^cSsfJ^ra or 0§c9s,tf)lrt). 

(G^^ISS^ acciiina l. = (sra,wale!5o Green figs 
VI. 2. very young beans, also (sra^al 
ess V2. 

C<S^^(S\ acciri 1. (Tdbh. (Hra^'l) Worthless, 
insubstantial Vl. (era^folajipl unlucky ■way= 
§ro'ajj_io V2. (ffra^fol rL^6n| = i5euajDS(2.-m3)0 
fls. 2, (from (Bra^o) faia^rolo^snaa) to 
smile bashfully. (S<ft§l§^rol ajrojcmDalrai 
Bhr. ora^rol^roltflfflCsyo Bhg. sneer. 

(S(^J1^ accu 5. (Tdbh. (sracQfiio) 1. Sign, type. 
2. mould, gsrg Qjsagrm tara^ for bullets, 
(HT3_Q^ S)<aDq!S3-. TR. for coining, (bto-^o sxrn 
g^o royal revenue, onacmaa tsra-^o sraralcsjjo 
(gjeals^cftajo s)c9.o§e^ KU. 3. ojsrelay^ 
axle tree, also ora^ (raii) rarasl. 4. weaver's 
reed or stay, ograi (3T3§gJlg_jonb (sra^. 5. a 
mistake (=s)fmoQ). (STaa&iosgQOca-.o 6)jiJojiJI§ 
(Hta^ 5)<eioggc9i rnlc2!J3i'o (po.) 6. a little 
snail (T. 00:310 , (BT3^q). 

Cpds. (sra^sl {1) printing. (HTa^slasg-jOcaisSBcX) 
chintzes Nal 3. 
(sra^slcBsi 1. print, stamp. 2. to mould 

(= iSirffiojIs^cSsi.) 
OO^slotooranb printer. 
(3T3-gJ(ft(E^ type-cutting. 
(BTO^ScSiOfrf) ramrod (and (5T3-24(ftOol), 
fSra-o^^So printing-press TrP. (=rai3,gjsl 

(ffra^toiosl (3) axle-tree; ^a^^<£nda (sra)5ml<&'cb 

a_ioroo @5)o^6)@@ofDjeP«jra)s1iS)^o (Saos)fo 

^o!^ KR 3. 
(313-^1513)5"^ axle-tree, axis. ( 

roiaTlaJvlbo mTD-Al(!5Ta5n| (8Z(Si(mCiQ&>d)^o IZOT) 

<2croo(su(Xi(jS\ra^as)(Scz&io @sca5)gjD. Bhg 5. 

(Sr(D(g^ — (&Z&^erQo 


rr£^ssi]cLi — as^etmj' 

CtSiratSi^O a66o (Voc. of {QTO^nb?)Iiiterj. of sur- 
prise, pain =«jraSc5jo. (91312^0 (S^cXjVC. hear 
oh friend, also .tsraSjarSD VyM. 

C5rSiXJj(7DOa) ajyuSail S. (not falling) Vishnu. 
(Sra-nJ,(oVl couBtan(!y VI. 

(S^OlSo accliani S. Dear, transparent, pure; 

C0SO Kei N 2. 

(EfQl^fl Ofb acchail ( = (3rOQinb modern) 1. 

Father. (OTO-nanb oflicm 26rnl^c>D,iQ)S)(Tnajia' 

^§0 SG. ora-os Qg)mTl6aB5>(r) 6)-niogJI saisna 

CG. (a child when flogged). 2. mother's 

brother VI. 3. Sir. 

(STd-^irB .nfa nb, 013.013 Z21 father's parents (Cann.) 
(Hr3.a©1 = (Hra^ mother, lady VI. 

(gra®-aoo=(Hi3(2^of. i. sraSjis D o^5)(Tn s)<aiog^ 
cno<s,ijo MR. 
(tSi^ilfi'lrYnoacclimnamS. Undivided •jfrna-aralfm 

ec9<^oe^aa SiP 3. 

I. C®fD^o ajam S. Unborn, (sraesnb Brahma. 

II. (Sifl)S?oajam f. tsiaea (a-^os, leaders. tsra^a'^M) 
Goat. rgtaeacoiDo S. a boa=cLjrmcoo Bhg. (5rae3 
<20OJCQJ3coo sacrifice of goat MC. fijtaearj-joAinb 
goat-herd. (Hraeacoe^onraroo (prov.) difference 
between goat and elephant. 

(Ef^SsgcQJo ajayam S. ^oratugaaa^o Defeat, ojlg-jo 

§ <aiOSlT)Do g332;CUo (3Tae332JQJo Bhr 7. 

aSf^&i(Oo ajaram S. Never getting old (po.) 
(®^^(Cr9o ajasram S. Uninterruptedly; {STdEJ 

(jrpo c03oe6!3BcV) sraodi^culasi KR. 
(S^S5?D(C/)(^ aj'agraSa S. Carelessness. 
(©raSsflOOo ajinam S.(IIOTaKo) Hide used as seat 

(CK^^fDo aj'iram S. (running ^^moea) Yard f. 

i. of houses, battle-field, (BTOe^^fQo (Uiosl^ (0)^1 

=2^ (po.) 
(tS^a?1aoC/Sl (P. azmaish) Examination, 

rough calculation (of produce). (HraealaDco^ces 

S)jiirm ScBouJcr) 5)A\ot, 5)o)(i_ii3D0'al(aso oraral 

aoc^lcSso SojDajfm aiOfgjTODneoib MR. 
(Sft)^gnQo ajirnain S. (not worn out) 

Indigestion, also (BraealgTi.-ai. 

(tSfQ^curn] aji^ani S. Death, mraealijl 
dead VI. 

CSfQQ&icnJcd) ajeyan S. invincible. oj3cr)uraD 
ejo fgraseaaiab All G. 

CGXC^rYs^Ou ajnail S. ignorant, (graesteacn igno- 
rance, fgra. (So-iOcSalmocTb qjO(BsS)>S)Oo^ CG. 
(SraSbraotaio unknown, (graeeferaDio^.Tjoauo c9>ipl(95i 
living incognito Bhr. 

tffra©&ro)Omo ignorance, chiefly religious. 

(sraessiaornl ignorant, pagan, 

(SrafSE^siaoio not to be known (po.) 
(SttetmJo afljam A cup, small vessel (med.) 
aST^eYnueJo anjalam S. (\^ tmassii bend) End, 

border. ea~>.aOJosaii<3iii (po.)=mDaj^nb israi^/) 

I. (S^StaJfot) anjal 5. (aCtodivide^oiaoCBo) 
Orig. a stage, relay; now letter-post. fffiosEinjti 
©o§ai to run post. lUiasran^'di^ejl postage, ana 
6Taii(i'ai))gjro post-office, (BTastaJ^oronb post- 
runner. (STaargurai) Qj^<fls siaio^rorace;^ <3ik^, 
(STastguaTiral) (gtao^lailcesionb TR. 

II. (&T etaJ'sb V. N. of (siastayai. 
(iS^GtiQiliTDo anjibam S. (V'^ maBm) 1. 

Honored, revered. (aiaeraul.'Oiaaa^gg ajstaTlroi ^ 
csfls CG. 2. (as if from orasxsys)) the feeling 
of awe. (rn^©)G\) (srgjOjeiar'rD'ra'roiaQjaiDsngoiastgiri 
foiaDcaTl CG. felt himself defeated. 8. adv. 
awfully. (3Tamj3^.c)o (tsiSnarai) (srastaTl.oio siojoiplca 
5)g_jOtplca RC. 88. 
(©^etsu anjU M. (T. corruption of oioQ^gs, see 

oiaQ}) (8T3)^aT)ayi5i3yo Qjlaidtoll 6T3)D3imD TP. 

remonstrated often enough. 
(B'ros)5rga§o§.<9:c\3 VyM. some persons. 
Cpds. (grastausl a short (moral) song, 
otastsilounb having 5 arrows, Kama, alsooraosu 

aifocninb (po.)(aTa6tgii0o fifth, otastajjoanb, (sra 

(HTassuDocLjCnl measles, catarrh VI. 
(graesilDo cgra the 5th or additional room in a 

native house, used for stores and as prison. 

oiastauoo ajrocaliijDcBs; shut up in it, as a 

woman suspected ; (QTO6T2U0o ajrocoilrot) <Q>5 

cm TP. 

OSirOetJaJ <£r> — (STOS 


(gifSSoeei — osifsscee^o 

(masauont) a measure (?) sim^ sraasnomoraf) 
^seoBDipl cQ@00 QQ)Tro cn\(Mi':£\^ TR. 

(SrastsysJimso^ Anjengo, fortified by the English 
in 1694 TR. 

(grasoyajsmo N. pr. the seat of the original 
Jewish colony (Syr. Doc.) Pai. 
CSTt6YSil dft, anjup TM. (,-31061^ C. Tu. Koco Te.) 

l.To fear, despair. (HrastaTl 6io§o oJlsiooo Bhr 7. 

taiastaiasiij) curra VetC. came without fear. 

2. (po.)to concede superiority. o_ioaj6t3yoaj6!ari 

fSlCG. a_joai6i2yo5)0Oiinca'D5^g,VetC. a,ooo6Tsyo 

(23JCO!80D3)5 Bhr. 

VN. fHT3ST3Uf3)) and fSTO^o awe, fear q. v. 5)cn 

C®f56i^OOo anjanam S. (srasr^ anoint) Ointment, 
chiefly of eyes, lampblack, antimony (oj^o 
6T®3cno brass calx, raceraDSTKOoc, cdlai tma. 
(Sooa (ffia. a med. (SopD'tnosrssnoo GP. etc.) 
(3rasT®3Cr)c95igj antimony sulphurate GP75. 
used med. and to discover thefts or treasure; 
hence fsrasrsscno ojoasi or 5)o)Sia5) tsra. ajs'g 

f3Ta5r®;!mcefflDft)nb a conjuror. 
ffirasTSsmajfirnab, (HrasEiimajsrnnb Crishna, = <a)0 
c^|rn-T6 CG. 
(©rZJer^aTl anjali S. The cavity formed by putt- 
ing the hollowed palms of both hands side by 
side (=551310^0)5)35)) chiefly for adoration, (sra. 

@g1<9i, o_]ge^0SI^i3jl(pO.)(HTasi®3uj^fflU(TU)o 5) .oJ 

(m 5)(a)oy@ KR. (ma. (S^czga mar^fol.^ Bhr. 
a5r?)6r^rrOD ailjasa S. (by way of gliding) 
Straightway (po.) 

cS^tSYTrY^RScOio^r.-sram^ocao TR. 

i®7:6'rW5)DbPl (oro5T3 = 5i,^o) annali 5 NSri, ii 

measures, {sraerotsoiplcs^o ajg-jacx^o a fee on feast 

days (Trav.) 

(S^STi;vcr)Q annuru soo. orosroigooonb A sub- 

divisy)n of Nayers TR. (in Iruwenadu). ora'Jraroj 
OQ-Sicxb (and — oonaoib) Roman converts from 
Tier, Fisher and similar castes (Cochin). 

(tSXCS ada 5. (V^rara^ be contiguous, close) What 
serves as a rest or bar. 1. a lamp. 2. a cake 

madeofgyorroGP. 3. a lock VI. 4. incuba- 
tion B. 
Cpds. (giascBs-.gj , (St^S50^^l, (masf^tsaaral) VI. 
anvil of goldsmiths. 

(®rZ)Saet5>j (St?) 6^53961 (SiDCQj ) MC. Te. 1. betle- 
nut. Port. "Areca" (the tree a-qssg) ^^000 (3T9 
ff)S5)cfl5)caa QjO 6iojT^ aior^i TR. (assessment 
of 1798). prepared betlenuts d-glcasoEte, 6)ai 
ssces). — orasas) (ergjcft'ScTUodo asicsiiiral) sioj 
ca«)3o (opp. aiif 6313031 DfiA) prov. 2. (loc.) 

aStcsaeffiCffl&nolcO'orb ((grastsn cuosrnlcainb 
(Baj(b a med.) Sphseranthus Ind. GP. 61. 
kinds ffjjJo^ca) — o)aj§.'ma — Celosia argentea 
Rh. zs!sn)^ (sra. Conyza Ind. Rh. 

CStaSoe&'^o T, SoM. Shelter, (sro. 5)a)0§cfl<s) 
grant, protection VI. 

CStSSdeeiDQJ Shelter; fSTa5c9Ji0g_jc9^ the 
sparrow, fringilla domest. (a good omen); 
also a child may be called by its mother (gras 

(SYTjEffide^oro^lcoiorb oeTltPCB^ ada'^oSiyaii 

kilaiinu (or sraBOjrmlcanb n_joGj, (sro5S)o_iO(?nl 

canf) GP. 60.) Asclepias annularia, med. in 


(Hias(cyLDanb a certain condiment B. 

(Srasarao Terminalia Cadappa Rh, 

(SrasatP T. incessant rain (see ot3S(T)li2iP). 

(gtasaool 1. inequalities of ground (?) MR. 
298 (in doc. style). 2. any small bit of 
ricefield, much used for rearing riceplants 
(Palgh.) = 55ajDoo, Q_jgglsr2)0cara{). 

(fftosajspl way between two hedges VI. 

(gtosoeeio adakkam V. N. ((Hias63)3<9>) i. Being 

contained, oajo-nlesas^oo aiOjlcaStflaoKU. thus 
says the tradition. — 2. (old) all, the whole. 
cDcorao (3ra5cBs)o .oj^i^sl^, ojlroib tmsizzaj^o 
©tflmScSao i5s^s)gjnb RC. jijratasi (grasceao siaio 
errg VI. purchased the whole of the goods. 
(BianDStflsio (Biarr)({Tn)aj5)raa^o grrnlrara) (doc. 
alias (BTacm§c9so) with the consent of all then 



(CTtssdea — ceres 


living heira. 3. possession, enjoyment; all§ 

folcOsoTa TR. 0a!p'l<ftO2J5roi3lcO5)orolrab (StdsoBsi 
aocmmo, ogjoiaoal Q®3gj(bs)g_jg@o nnascsaaa 
coH (doo.) (BT^jcb ttrraQ,roilajnmo,-3() iHraSsssoso gj 
(263Q0SO (STJ>Sc9ffl0(S'@ (sr^t3icm TR. in case of 
one branch dying out the other inherits, oj 
cfficr>DS5c9ao (mfOJcunb TP. mosscsao (Toasioral 
<Sej(6Q; (B<a)OgS)CQj (5T0S(fi!S)o 55^(2^ KU. took 
possession of the fort. i. self-control, modesty, 
chastity VI. secrecy. 0mT:T^nT)5c95io VCh. 
mraScBsio (BjiJ(bi5rnl:u(b RC. the austere Rishi; 
(orastSai^ga affljCfflrolo]!) I5cnj5nglajc>3ca3 RC 117. 
STta the most chaste. 
(5raSces)c9aoront) proprietor. 
(srastsa Vl. = (masc95)o 4. 

(Sf?)S6g^d&) adaiinu-jfa 5. (\/^rjrra§) v. n. i.To 
be pressed down, enclosed, contained. (3_aiDO 
ssssl is swallowed. Qjorolculceagglrai) oraseoBlcai 
(gal Mud. enclosed by the sea. cSiScalralcsiassoBl 
took shelter under, i^ajtb ara .aScSsTliP oras 
631^200. 2. to submit, yield, be possessed, 
ruled, oraojcb (HTassnol yielded. (SjcnisraiglcalsLii 
cBs) (gras5)S3i35ir@ j3jBio TR. (= (mascsy Si). QJory 
aj<ft <S3aja"o_jiT5ralral) (graseual ®a_iorra TR. a_io 
axiS65gornl^ does not yield. 3. be controlled, 
proportioned ; <Bii)S<Bs) (mossBalcm oisl (prov.) 
5)ajocSlo)ejt6fflS6i3HD,T3T3) fSTascSs) oD^. prov. 4. 
be allayed, calmed, og^fmofati ^a tarasOTgo a 
med. (=g25)a£eso). rnlo)cm fffTlrrnDd) oj^c/agis 
Gsqo TJR. 0030 (HTasswgnm <2a>oo_jn Mud. 5. 
to rest, cease, be silent; c/3_i3(TOo (masesoldied. 
CTVcrrasis (rgojo f^.:^^S6n73l o-jl(a)oaaon6 oQ 
ma (BfoionT) .§0 KR. o^rmsssTfl, ^ffiroasraseogo; 
cm aQm!)SesB^cn\^mo KR.-whystandest thou 
silent. ScflissesialiSssimo listen attentively, ora 
ojl aiifOo 5) Qj^ssoral a_)0c9s)Mud. live retired. Qjl 
g^ oaj^S60Bla2;onb Bhr. gave up the job. (srg) 
a^cjcerocb raraserol ojcrvSlcflsmo Nal. rust from 
peace. Qjo>-ml oA (srasessl ^Drols)(&)DcVishut gently. 
mrasesQlnf. (={grasc9sio 2.) (srasesB^slK^ RC. 
made to cease entirely. 

OTaSfiOQ'a'), (STas89j'?A the whole contents (= ma 
S<S5)o2.)(3Tas99)ra!) £>.o6^i form an estimate B. 
(Sraseoraoccra) unmanageable, disobedient, etc. 
C. V. (3ias6OT3lc05) make to submit, enclose VI, 

(efZ)SdB6id63, oeeilS. V. a. l.To press down. 
oj(^a) 131^71 .11 DcOs)! rtnascBso AR 6. swallow. 
2. subdue, possess, enjoy as property. on35S 
cOatm (Si>o^ TR. theactual Government, cnl 
ejcruomJStSa to secure, use the crops. (9)5rs 
ajo (uocryo 6)<a--or3TiQ (HioScBiBlca'^Tlnnofal) £n 
<plc0sfmijanD3zJl«sm3 lived from cultivation 
TR. (sajoJZiorojo (srasasTl KU. usurped, caioj 
srarsldTlra!) (srascSa TR. confiscate, ojemo aJH 
ra^^ScQs^ TR. (=fgiao^s^) jijk^o si&.arrrao 
(5iaSceffllo)a9acc)3ca) KU. conquer and rule. B3^ 
Qjl(Wo rtjrascasil S)i9-.o§cS5) KU. pay up all his 
salary. 3. control, repress. aoo^roStSsajonb 
aiplaj <&i06mosroroi KR. could not contain 
themselves. .aJcaa3fooa^ai5)§,Q_i<S5t3U;agl3i6si35)a 
(BTO. (tyoffmsoQoia (ruffmajDOTOtSfD tSjiitaroiScSsil 
Bhg. by mortification. <3:o^S)cn, ^£\:OS>cn 
(513- to subject demons by mantras, g^dio tgias 
<3!)\ si.ijQjo'rb CC. correct an unmannered 
child. §Qlfl^o oraScesajDnf) AR 4. punish. 
c/aociroi^§o£r71ejo (ai3^_3jlsD^9T^ejo o_iO(tnl^ 
Qjsrno miasScesiemo cnl CG. a.j06rora)5o9aa> Bhr. 
restrain. GrDa563e<>3 miBScSal TR. suppress- 
ed our grievances. 4. to allay, quiet; cnlrvaso 

QQ)gjOo(B13Sc9soUR. oQCTOlj^S OjV-dgJSSIcesiSmo 

eajonzarooftA AR. must still my hunger with 
your flesh. a_i06T3ro,Sca>Omonb AR 4. comforted. 
CV. (BtascfisPcOs) f. i. lAi'Ui ®*o^SdiJsl-2J KU. 
caused the country to be ruled by an equal 


(JSf?>&SL-^ see under (Hrascsya-.. 

(S^SCDo adanam S. (\'^imas ) Erring about (po.) 

(m)S<yU) adanda T. M. a mode of beating time 

in music B. (see (aioi.o) Bhg. 

(®^So_J see (STao)Sa--l. 

(S^So-jo, cSt^SajOfu adappam, adappaii 5. 

(C. aoojon-io) 1. Betel purse, chunam pouch = 

£.fosirsiQ)o, o§ol§nm a_jo{f3)o; hence (3iasg_jc6s)D 

CSf^sao — (Sr^SOj 


(STB 6^5366^ — CSfQ6)S 


fa(b KR. betel servants. fBi3Sg_]g_j§o a court 
charge VI, 2. a stopper, cork B. (=(5T0S 
Qi). 3. barber's dressing case, also (5racnJ§nt) 
(BT3Sg-J (taxed). 

c&QsChocno adamanam T.SoM.((gias)i.Pawn, 
mortage. 2.(mosi23cr)ofainrTO(=(BTa«s^)gave 
in full. 

(®fZ)Sna^, (Sf^^coj^ adambu, adumbu T. M. 
Convolvulus pes caprcc or Lagerstroemia 
regin8e(^X)nm) — sixigg — Conv, flagellif. Rh. 

CtWSCQJO^o adayalam 5. Mark, sign, fmascsnoao 
^§a) to mark. OT3saiDg.«g_j§'3T3)a2)ce5) ARC. 
dismiss the enemy with some mark, a wound 
etc. N. onocuoiro (trrascaoao the letter of Nayer 
N. is as follows, raoanso aisrnoao i^s^ ai^orai 
tma. joint letter of R. & C. (TR.) 

aSifZ)SCQ^d95,6YT5VBjadayU'yaT, M.C. (tmas) n. V. 
l.To be shut, shut up. i^(fg)ajoroo (BiassraigiNid. 
QjOfoilfai) OTassroT^I^ would not shut. 5)jiic9Qss 
CQ^o Bhr. the ear is stunned. 2. to be enclosed, 
get into, come into possession. o^rnlcQs ta^So, 
s)a_ioej etc. fgrassTOTO) (Sojocail I have received. 
(=fnKTra S5iuoc61^), esp. of the collection of 
taxes. Offl(£blrz£l (SmroDcsi?! ojodscs^o TR. 
ojcuyxilnrra (anrr^rm') (Biasaz/O-sra) cusmo etc. 
(sometimes = OTOS(n5)§S))- 3. a. v. (T.) to obtain, 
fooeaooj aooccraooqjga cozzo mTOssroigl^o KR, 
ojlrma 6is)sajcoid)l (srassraio) KR 2. 
mosw Inf. (=(3Tasffi3a) all. (masca; (TOocioral_ai 

Bhr. ggg 5)a_)oro3c>3 (Hiascsz; aa^osna Bhr. 
(5rascaaj(b T. a M. (unsubmitting) enemies. 

mTa5)Sca;a)a5-,6taLn RC 3-1. (srascaMimsral) 

ff)n_jo5l6i^(m RC52. 

V. N. (Sr^SCLI T.M.C. (obtaining)!. Regular 
custom = (gT5)jiiofOo. 2. buying daily a 
stated portion on monthly account, nongj, 04 
^' 5)aj|no ffliasoj S)£r,:>^<Bs\. 3. money that 
has come to hand; (=QjcTyral>) (HTO. t&(qi3>o> to 
sum up an account B. 4. dexterity, acquire- 
ment. (grasQjaich (9io§lc2JOf3l) Bhr. (Hrasajacb 
ojls^iP^ he failed in examination. njrasajQaBsi 

be perfect in any art VI. reTa5ajQ,tSs>55^§@ 
a perfect thing VI. 5. esp. instruction in 
playing or fencing VI, — den. V. (masaJliSiS) 
to buy the whole, f. i. of a ship's goods; 
obtain the monopoly of selling tobacco etc. 
within a Rajas territory VI. 6. T. manner 
(=(<yaofOo) ^sIqiq-josIs^o tmasaj Nal. 

«S<Ti6)ScB6<, -^^-y. 1. To shut, obstruct, 
block up. aj0'a)lni5is<fi-j), (ma5)S-a^og_pgj MR. 
no locked door, tftsloirirai) (maffis^^ (sOscaaonb 
raracacSffl^ngj TR. rioters leave us no night's 
rest, g;:^ iBias^ tflolscescm amoainb GS, dead; 
i&;srno)Sc6tflOS)f!y> a_j3n^ looked into the sun. ^ 
^s^ ojljoJO'^cSs) Nal. <S]Sl^>c)o (mas55^ff>Bi 
§1 ^QcsilgSiTR. the houses of renitent subjects; 
Qjoccylfgra. sSio^o (sra.etc. 2. to take in, receive, 
collect, put up. aTl>3^rjril o^^tsia^sasi, aiS^ 
faiaiMiTif) (fftas^scea, aQS)rho tnaaicoa o^'mocrao 
a_i6mo(gTa«6^Son| TR. collected for Govern- 
ment. 3. to pay down (as an instalment), put 
into a bank. gfaira!)tgTa5)5d9a(2auoyioQJ06i5gSauo 
yo (doc); to conclude an account VI. 4, v. n. 
to be shut, rendered impervious, eruoejl (Sq_j3 
on Qjii^o^o (Hras^gj KR. the way which B. 
went is still open, I may kill thee as well as 
him. Gb^ fffra55S-eJ(3n.ioo Nid. e>^ siasistfis 
cmroTlnrra eoreaoal ojodoTI cncm a med. sixisl 
S)£r'05rT^ ff)_aiajl fljras^Sojoairi stunned (=(ma 
scs^'^). el^eaarachcas eiJiJiH (sraaiS^Bhr. gj 
roirn1(b (masis^foi @j5)@.c9so a med. raTaajoaao 
csTl a^Sio (Oifrnlra!) (Hrai^s^ eiaiosng CG. being 
shut up with him in the room, ay gDfal§5)s 
-g^ 5i£ho5n| ajfTOnTTO and ?Dfo1§s^ralaen be very 
dark, be in the dark; g3fol§s^^5lao o_iaj qj 
ipl VCh. 

(®rC6^S^ QJOOol A vessel into which 
water is strained from the boiled rice. 

(&^Sj^OO\ (s.ooq,£r^) Lid of a pot serving 
as strainer (also (orasgj, (masajotfto amjo). 

(tSr^fflSgJ, (SrCSgJ V.N. 1. Obstruction, 
<9)gjSg_j gravel, a^ca-SoJ hoarseness. 

(Sfoeistyl — (©f^sojl 


(^SfQSorm — cere si 

2. whatovor stops, covers, closes a hole, ojlrrg 
csnaoca; coao c«laj6)<s>osr@ (gras^-jotaig KR., lid 
or cover of a pDt, jar. 3. = fgr3Sfyo2 and 3. 

CSif^fflSQ_p:fi6i C.V. Cause to lock or shut; 
cijloajo aDfolgsgjI^ CC. ojemo o^^gjl^s^ 
cOsiDOOcSffll TR. (from (srosistfisi 2.) 

ascdS(G^S^, rcR) vu. rrri). adaru-j^a (C. to pounce, 

T. to grew thick Te. to shino — \/^(Hra§) To 
burst, crack, slit off, fly open — (mosfflrmoroa 
«aiocnj Bhr. (grascrro (SiiSroDSis Bhr. a tree. 
(Stnorat (srasnra (SojD^al. &22iowo (srascrra ojlerta 
from a wall. aj|y (grasma, ajo(ra)^tnl6)nt)0 cu 
dto (HTascrro, etc. 
(BTOS(b l.=fBiasra))-war. 2. a splinter, as of wood, 

bone, stone. 
(STDS-aj V. N. splitting, a crack, a. v. onstBs^, 
f!g3 (old) r5T3sn^5)<ao5rtg (SrLiDfma.ib rryij/Jl 
cun6 <ar>lfolss5Qc)o Bhr. tore off; (sasdst^j^i 

&J6!5Hcb, 0«)6O13C>3 RC 9. (fljOnlnb o)c9iO§(gS^ 

rarass5cnra§Kgg AR 6. 
(BTOsn^a) vu. oTOsctggai to split((5r3iOO s)ftaraj 
<Sio)a), tearoff. i^rolasB tgrasrai^ MC. opened 
an oyster. 

(Si^Sfsb adal T. M. (C. Te. terror) from .•bto§. 

1. Closingwith combat, fight. aiSSejossral) c&roj 

@o Gicoi ais<Sejo§ oro0oaoi2oaiu^ Bhr. like a sea 

battling with a sea, (sasa^ Sjj.oejSrruD^ RC. 

(BIO srai) (013)0 RC. tsras^ao Bhr. battle-field; 

(Bras"paj(i:^ aJlsna RC. 2. emulation ( = 

tmasjo) (BTOfdiliSnoDSsral) s)a_)oro3fmgyfaf) grief 

comparable to. 3. incessant (of rain) 

CTU'jLTlt'jcorarnl'Siroo (giaseyip oa_ioipla^oaj 

gmo Bhr. 


(srasejoib enemies. (grastuDcbtaioainb, mrasejora 
<B^oiSj)afi5r3)^((A a§(fii20jnt) RC. 
I. CGifZ)SQj| adavi S. Forest, jungle (C. Te. mra 
oiDO-j T. (8TDS(b close from (sras) GDCDajoscij^B 
oj KR. thou consumer of the Asuras. 
orasQjIai^fOo (or — iSiS^Odjc) a Curcuma, 

n. (S^SQJl (= tsTDSOj 4. see t5Ta5(3^a.)dexterity, 

escQsorm adanna osrasl f. cStqcbsd hon. t. 

M. interj. Calling persons of lower rank, better 
Q^so etc. ojrol(£>,(2so CC-=ofl)<8so. 

(S^SDmJsl adambadi (onasaiooojs^) Orderly, 
successively B. 

(&^S\ adi T. M. C. Tu. (Te. (sraoijco) \/^(3ia§. 
What comes in contact. 1. bottom, base, 
beginning. arofOTjSls^rrbo. aaics^sis srasi foot, csra 
fcrTloirtbo oraslcSs 5)aj^@ (jud-) put under it, 
©■016513 (^§lcu'Oil5)nbo oraslcSis (jud.) under a 
heap of nuts. tO^sngo orasl (ST3)Q,<9) field to be 
well dried for sowing, (srosl.^sro acSa ojosrai^ 
all from the commencement. (5T35liSC52;Da.o 
oonmgy prov. 2. sole of foot, footstep, measure 
of a foot, fsrasl o_iolsroi^, aolsrai^ sprained 
ankle, (masl smocSailooscSs) follow footsteps, mro 
s'l^sls^Q-Ds'scsiilral) .•3rasls)aiosng Mud. was 
beaten from head to foot. <^cms\ 0srra cbjojijI-^ 
igiSiUDc9>o aaDslcaO(Snlc2Jg.(Tro CC. compassed 
the three worlds with 3 steps, i^onoo (arasl the 
3rd time or turn. 3. foot, metre in orasmisl. 
4, foot as object of adoration (see S^ojsl, colrroTl 
fSBajsl,) Sojemosslaicb the king of Venadu, 
Trav. (sraslcsiilfBljajlerraajsmstSBl AR5. and orasl 
o_jsmlc£^<e5, Qj5m6!sigc6i, 5>jiinT) orasl (anojls 
Mud. 5. blow, stroke, ojoo^ ^roro1)«!9)D5ng 
^a. (srasl (sra=l^ TR. ag^otan ajrasl ^ssjjbI, 
foizalfo!) mrasl ^sl, srgsoBch mzz^a^ oraslcsyo 
Q-jlslcs^aooin came to blows. tgrasi5)a)35r^ was 
beaten. 6. sweeping the house orasltsjjo m 
glcs^o KU. 
Cpds. (graslsiiiic'3ral)(5) assault, mraxiSJCiotsra. 5) jii 
w assaulted him MR. 
(Brasl<&>^5oaj (1) first child VI. 
mrasltSffisl (2) at each step, repeatedly (5) ora. 

<0iiplcssi retaliate, blow for blow. 
orasl^rocBs (1) ballast VI. 
(grasl:£jaj(b (6) sweepings of a house. 
(graslcaraTlrol (4) a classofBrahmans, preservers 

of the holy fire. 



(©rcsloee^— .T5T(?^sla 

(maslooDc/ao ojrm PP. (1) lost his stamling 

ground = (Bra si caocy. 
(SJaslajfOK^a) (2) to walk (hon. of Caymals) VI . 
raroslg-jSOj the bottom step, foundation. 
(3tB5^g_]032;f3i) a certain game VI. 
(Siaslg-Jlsl (5) quarrel. 
(aTa5l6)g_j§c£b (1) to come down, fall. (=(m>S' 

<S^<B)). QjejCSrieJsiS)g_jS PT. 2. JDSla)3iOdjl 

(ST3sl6)Q_js (BTDjcciamnfc RC. roared louder 
than thunder. 

(3ra5l(a_j0o5mo (1) prior deed(f. i. rnlajiisTal 
e)d)n (sa. TR.)=:c9-!iiP(T_)0D5mo. 

fsras^soroo &,woq,& (!) take ballast. 

fsraslaaj* (4) hon. foot (aTasl0airolsn:)RC. also 
(ffrasi>'0iag1(t), (STasl.m'3)3(b. 

(SiDsl^slacb i5y>ajnb (2) from head to foot (po.) 

rarasl^sr^ under-cloth. 

oraslcQ-TTOroo (2) 1. a fixed interval of time, term, 
feast, stated ceremonies, (std. (Siipl^es), cos 
G^cftTR. celebrate a marriage, feast (opp. 
igSc93<Q)). oraslcc/oraroaslacb <9)'flcSa MR, 
or)S(Sc65ier^o ora. Scaao^'o mpjijoTDo cnsma 
TR. coronation etc. (HtaslaunTOroo aiiplsrorajorai) 
TR. after the feast. (sras^ca;rro)rao 5)jiiajaj 
(opp. snr)0c) extra expenses TR. 2, exi- 
gency, urgent, indispensable; ^'ofto-jgal 
(araajaiOMo orasloinraifDaoccri a^lcbmocb ms 
cno QjfacTTD MR. undisputed, regularly. '^ 
no'gj^g-jont) (HTas^Gi'CKDroiaDCQjmo TR. neces- 
sary. (sraslaDrTO/foeoaijl aQy^.a^ (£hg^_gj TR. 

(sraslcao (4) present given at an audience, fee 
on purchase of privileges, eroftnnb 0ogejcn 

(BTOSlcaOift^o 5):9-.0§KS® KR. 

(SraslcaoQj (I) checkmate (=(T)lgjonb aigglcsiil 
gj). (3T3slcaQc9s) give checkmate V2. 

(Sraslcffiooo (l) to the bottom, thoroughly, ^o 
(Bra. ewuDg^^ <S)g.6raigi MR. 

(8Taslii'oa;oroo = (gTa5l(aj0O6mo, afltfaccorao. 

(srasloiA^a) (1) to commence. 

oraslcsTliii (4) leaf in which the king eats. 
(Hraslcs^Ogi firm basis (of undertakings). 
fBraslcuorao (1) foot of hill. 
oras^oiajcSsi (2) walk slowly. 

(BTOSlcrUDDODo, (313 sl .-313)3^0 VI. foundation. 

(®r&sloe6> adikka T. Te. M. (rerasl 5) 1. To beat, 
strike. ^roraJiSidoong ag)S)cm rosng (grasl.^ 
TR. (Hta^slcss), o_ism0slcOi5) coin. (Sioooslcss) 
to blow. (BT3(S (BTasltes) kill, i^rm (gras^-^SajD 
cal 3 o'clock struck. i^aii.'STaslas-jSs ojcaool 
vTnsld95)«sg only no fine! croaroLDl (Scoiosio (zjjlfol 
^s^-^ AR 6. drove. — as v. n. rnlai.'oiz»la9jra() 
(Siasl-^ aJW^i^ KR. throw yourself on the 
ground. 2. M. Tu. to sweep the ground 
((srasl 6). 
V.N. (Siasl^fiA 1. beating. 2. (.-g'taslcs^^) 

a trap. 
(SlOslgJ 1. printing, stamping, coining. 2. what 

is beaten, as metal, not cast. 
C.V. tBra^lgJIcSs) f, 1. a_)6mo have coined, 
rosir^slg-jl .T3i3)o two kinds of coins. 

(Srosl^lo-ioro, (STOslj^iro adiccibara, 

adlCCara The cotton of cocoanut leaves, «dgj 
<s^S)S aj0o)cnjo3^, (tnofts^ofD, oaio^os , etc. 
used for straining (and perhaps sweeping cara 
slaa 2), and torches. 

(©rosla adima T. M. ((StdsI l) l. Slavery, 
(ffrasl0csinrai (Hi3<a)5)gi§^ captivity VI. (BTOsI0 
Qjlsnifflaiocto redeem VI. (sta. 0'/lg_j'iji^ma 
Bhr. to emancipate. 2. feudal dependency 
of a Nayer upon his patron. 3. slave, isojoia 

cQfil(®lca'5)5)X)C^iSKSl0 ^i^C31Qn2D(b KR. (313 

sl0ca'OgJcS3 00330)0 oQ&SBch CG. we your 

(bought) bondsmen, also (Stasia cx^zoq, RC. 

in order to serve, tara. ojlslcsa TR. rob slaves 

(riotous Maplas) (STasl«0c98 <S!g_j prov. 

Cpds. (graslaeanao 1. grant ofland to an inferior 

with reversion to the grantor on failure of 

heirs to the grantee (Tell.) 2. also 

mortgage of laud by a superior to a person 

of low caste W. 

c&Ycslco; — osrt'Slaa^ 



(BT35^0aJ6n9l5)jii^ Bhr. 2. serve as slaves. 
rmaslacQ^oojcr) immunity granted to slaves by 
their masters B. 

aSifSslcoiorb & (G^sl(Sca)oa) adiyaii (oras"! i) 

I your servant, in obi, cases mT3blc2;5),-ma) TP. 

pi. (Qi3snca.6Di3c)o, rtnos^oajoib, (Fraslcoirarassech 

(ST3)O06ia MR. six of us. In po. similarly tmo 

5l0C£2)oroi(j)ifisiorolajiib CG. 

(5T3sla2Jo 1 = (Hraslcojrib f. i. 6)^ogjajonb jdod 
s~la2;,-mlcr)0fal) fsracruoS^o Genov. I cannot. 
2. = tsiasl a.c>o (4) No. <956-raro)S>ca<Sii5Ta) TP. 
oh my young Lord! (Voc.) 

(ffraslcaionf) m.; — wodo, — cmo.-oial B. — caio§l 
V. f. slave, servant (pi. (gias^cojodi and (srabl 
cuib). (tfiaslca'onb (aslo-i.oilaiffjaQyo ceiSforal 
TR. removed all the inhabitants. OTOcnjOcm 
(Ssiorostcho mos^woch ©'o cruooBfij^ MR. 
his dependant. 

(fftaslcQjOib also l.a lowcaste's wife. 2.1ovrcastes 
(opp. <S!5lcfl)0(b cultivators). 3. (from (BTOsl 
4.) landholders. staslcaoaaDib a class of 
lower Brahmans, servants of Bhagavati. 

ajTaslc2J0(bn_i5mo an old tax, paid to Jenmis. 
(sra. (oiroo.-ora) (oTlca'SifO fm§(£Ki<3^o roicesioyo TR. 

(ST3slscs2JOsl0O(b a class of Nayers, esp. in the 
Cadattuvanadu (asc^cuooDgs^csai'OsI, ora 
slscaosl i^itsicJ)6!5s afis (oicryraonnoain po. 

((Srasl 4.) 

(StDslcsi) eft), ffrjTrBj adiyu'j^a ((ffiosi i) i. Fall 

to the ground, as rotten fruit, ewotb 5)(£h§5l6raigi 

SQ_jDcail spoiled by rain. (grafOdte(t £i)0<Qi(U(O)rt 

(aoaTlsmaftliP (mas^rrg) allsmy(m ©raaojDib 

RC 25. fell at Rama's feet. ciJlsmslsroi^ i^ai 

<B)&i RS. 2. drift on shore, ca,njrrit) (Siasleroi^ 

Vl. (srg) 6iQ_iosl .■jnlroojocgjs^s ajcms^ffrar^ fmlrocc^ 

Bhr. borne by the waves, alob, <0icSs, etc. ojcm 

slsrai^came in shoals. <0>sojlral) gsoBSfib (BTSsI 

a^o roTlroaoajRS. beat. 3. <£t>svib mo. the eye 

suffers from excessive secretion. c&.smslQi( 

an ^ 

oDtailcrro m.To a raed. rnlroslcj^nmgo jiixiib 
(BTOslos^oDgo med. 

(SrO^dSj, ^ aduya T. C. Tu. obs. ((Biosng 
C. Te. Tu.) 1. Come into cdntact, come to be 
close upon (orasra!) etc.) 2. to cook ((sra^cesia)- 

(St3§(20Ol = (HT3S(20.'51 q. V. 

OTO^cOffl, izj® T. M. 1. to come nigh, approach, 
close, with Ace. oQ)5)ar) (Sra^i^, Loc. tsta 
Qjsroos (Bia. Dat. a^(^ ajrolces^cigg Mud. 
Gen. (i_);aila{^5)S (sra^v^cn^rm KR. ^o 
csjjffjs (Br3§(C23 '^^ MR. ^acoialsinb-o (ora 
§£.-aT3)oa,o Nid. ((STa§(^ treated as adverbial 

Noun) OjOS5SD5)(Zn (HT3§(f^ <S(1-J0<b 6)-aJ^o 

KR. in battle, wxcu) (sra^c^ Mud. the time 
of departure. (sranr^zlg-jOTtloD^cj^ frySjnb 
Mud. rnlnbraitu (2Q_ioaji'n)lnrT)§s^ is en- 
dangered. 2. to beseem, become, be pro- 
portionate to. (gT3§c93o ajsTDo in becoming 
manner RC. s^ajsrraajlsiaaceso (srasceso 

GT73 ° 

(8i2)-^3(t)o KU. ordinances for Nayer women. 
tsraoD^cflao (mamtTO)ro.ajff)racs^o i^£\ TR. 
with the consent of the apparent heirs, 
(also (STarm^rsra — MR.) tgra^cSso^roiro!) fees, 
perquisites. (3ra§cfi®aj^ rights retained by 
the original proprietor from the purchaser. 
Qg)§,Tn3)fDV(Tr)5.'nT3) @ii1 pay according to the 
work done. G^OQoiojsTls^osiTiDfBj) ara^.-ors 
on (ST3§'3i3)OT) aQ'^<£^cm (Brg)(b TP. who is 
to serve me at meals. aro^.-jialcSsi (5ra§OT3) 
@ ff)<0iO§cflfflC(S®!tDO TP. better take a wife. 

Neg. (srasDajtpl impassable road Vl, 

rarasorsia^ (a_]:x),-3ia)ld3a do what is wrong. 

Inf. mra^Scas, rara^iSsid) 1, near. (mlnsi^oxnfiAor 
cuoa^^asjrab (STa§o)t0s) s^aj^ Bhg, oTiglnT) 
§&)«!) TP, roo0o^nfeo (so'§S)<bsi ool^ KR. 
2, soon, (TO)§®c9«i QJ((3, TR. come soon. 

(Sta^SiSsi treated as noun, fsra-offl 5)nbo (Bia^ScSa 
cSoiocslTI curarrra MR. 

Adj. part. (aia§i5i3) 1. near, next, mra^rois) 
mocX), fsra^.isiaocXj TR. next day. (sra^asra 
ojlo^oo (DdcXj day after tomorrow. sra^'Ci^)^ 
cnlsinbo (gratninngLjScao KR. the next heir. 
2. becoming, ora^OTa; Sojosiai as convenient. 
(StO'gaJ^snb monthly support. 

(SrO§dB6i^ (®rO(2SDej 


(Srcs — (®rO&nr)SS*3 

(Hra§(i^=(ara§(Sd9ffl (with Gen. as under mro^ 
c9a)(Hra§(j5is ^a olajcruo StoitOs) daily for 12 
days; a med. 

oiO'j.waajnb, — s-swionb 1. Relation. (m^-oraTis.xi 
gjO(b (ffro§<s.'!SKD3«So i-E5T3)ro3o CG. even the 
next relations canuot help. 2. washer- 
man, barber of each caste, as necessary 
for many ceremonies. 
(S'^gdB© A row, pile, layer. arogcOe 6)aj 

e.i608c>o Nid. hence 

a. V. (gTa§iflS(ft., tSai T. M. C. Te. to pack up, 
pile up, stow up. cijloo §cS«l s^xicaa etc, 
CV. fgra^anlcQs). 

CS^§ql 1. ((Bra§d) Hearth, fireplace, (sra 
§gja)§y — (sra§g_j'3i3)1§ai ci_jD'>ra)o).-3ia 2. close- 
ly woven cloth (also oraslgj). 3. nearness, 
coanection, proportion. otD'^QjgjDOTiS oTlaiaj 
oai offer too low a price. 
V. N. (ma§g_jo oro032J(DT3)lsiabo rsra. nearness, 
aj'ijroi'Sisa^o (sra.urffl5)SCs:^o csra. relation- 

C. V. {graggjlcflfi) bring near, 0(Q^(yaaran2io55ro 
o^^Oo (Sta igj Nal. ordered to come. 555)^ 
njr)sl-2j§jj_p:^ Si P. drew her closer. Sd.o 
^0* Qjlal=ei05)o (Sfoiosnri (BTa§gJI^§l 
^ TR. (5Ta5g_jl^ ogdjio @<9i summing up 
the whole. (^oTD elxioruo ora'^ for 3 days. 

a5T^§oB6^^ T.M.((gta§S))Kitchen, cookroom. 

(gtastaiooaJfocannboBcanejcsiilrat TP. ^ . 

^ ^ [cook. 

(Bra§c6ffla,<96)ora(T)ocdri PT. BhTmasena became 

(BTa^tfit>)gc9srol<9i1'Dl) sparrow (perh. (HK)9tfl«ao= 
(SiaScSaao, So Vi.) 

(BTa^cemas^Qjgj cooking, tgra. s)ajd)snD eaooo 
onl«nm ScOfiismi-DTsQnnDDcsin igoliflao KR5. 

(5T3§ces)a c^'SOog)^, ora^cBsia <?aD.-Qno 1. men- 
struation. 2. forbidden intercourse of 

flS'&ff)S:96i see under orasa^s. 

aSTD^soej, (S^cSSQQJo adola, — lam=(STOt 

<&igj anvil. (5ra3S3aji5s<a). 
(S(aior)<2S30Jo honey-comb. 

CG^§ atta T. M. C.Tu. (V^(3Ta§, (srasr^ to stick 

to) Leech. (5K)5)§cQa 5)o_jo§(Sijao prov. srag o-jI 

slcSfi, (BTD. 6)d}io|.-oial a med. gt^naoit (Baonl 

caH^ii) <2.Qj(TraJ>ggOi'0§&c)a CG-. (in hell). It is 

considered as blind, (srajistfia iftsrrasiiftos'oraiorai) 
=^ srra ^ 

(prov). (ffraggiifcfisio vault of leeches and 
worms (curse), 

C®^§o attam 5. (see oras) l. What is across, 
transverse. — thwarting Vi, (sra^qsLio cross 
face Vi , (obs.) — 2. roof (also S.) used as store- 
room, lumber, (BTago 6)a_joa^6raa)3ral) (araatij© 
prov, — (5Ta§<95^fol soot. 3. scaffold on 4 poles, 
(STa§<9io a-jlslc9t)-) to salute by folding and 
opening the hands across the chest (^gijajao 

(3T0§aO0croo S. ((Hra§ excessive) violent laugh- 
ter, derision, defiance. -aIla)g.(TK) Qlid§.o oQ^ 
caiagoDDcroajo s^jijcm Bhg. sisiai 5)6ra),'o^^§ 

oDDCrUo oi-oJC^ ff).^0(mon{) n_irolnr)0(TOa^Qll 

<a.o UR. (Sij^foi) Kiio:iaiO(ai3§QDoa\jo a 
(£/)0oain KR. (metaph. of Ganga.) 

V. den. {gragoon^TlcSffl, cuoroo tsro'-gj KR. and 
cruocs^coaioalaicb ora'ayo Bhr. 

(STO^DOio S. (=:(3T3§o 2.) upstair room, turret 
6iaxi^cucro3aiD§DaiScoDajrDo SiPa, 

(8Tag3(iig_]S quay of river or seashore for bath- 
ing purposes (at Dwaraka). 

(&d£\ atti (C.Te. T. Tu. stoppage) T.M. A pile, 
lump (=:(3Ta5) in 1. mia. sia,^©-, (grag^cosigj^ 
<£h pile up, ram, pack close =(BTa§<flin^ S)aj<ss). 
2, (gTa§l<Sg_]ri complete purchase of a freehold, 
called (STayarica)(gTa§l3^(8oo3ai or — tesirasmo 
title-deeds of freehold property. (sraslSgjib 
(-nl(b TR. (siaglsg-jib rnlfojaaiaocsil oQ^fOi^^s^ 
6)i3>35ire3nb MR. doc. a-)ocrulo)ri6o orasltSn 
rosTDo, a_)Oou (5ra^<3gio33iA rnliti ajsessi TR. 

(S^6Y^6S^ce5 anannu-ya (C. Te. Tu. stoop) 
TM. To shake = (Bra.T)ffljga5 V.N. (3ia iiT) :>» i a 
jerk Vi. 


(Srs&no — (®^&nOfsb 


((Sf^iGrn — (Srs&nolcQ^ 

CS^&no ana C. T.M. (\/^f5T85n3 = (3T8§) l. Sup- 
port, pillow, foiiiicffism. 2. branch of fig tree 
Vi. 3. dam, jiDo i^o^smtoa^ m>sms)&i)£\ 
cajl5)52g aocno KR. also channel (?) s>.u@2o 
cunsR^ojonb (stQsni s)<&>£iS)S6rr>o KR. 4. yoke, 
pair (=®6im) (STasmg-lsaj, (3T3simaj((T^o un- 
cut double cloth, as of Brahmans. 5. oiasm 
cctneaiQj^' (see tmasmrai) and rgrajismcfia 2.) 
CSlf^6YDCQ^ d95 C. T. M. To approach, arrive. 
With Ace. (SdhoaTlsicffl rgrasmsrain) <s<S)Oa.cijo 
KR. (Sta:ns)cn siJiiomsmsroro) CG. (mlftBSizonl 
(BTasmsrowxnnlQj^o aiO^cSsioranf) TP. the minis- 
ter close by the king. "With Soc. (BraajSraos 
smeraigi Mud. With Loc. <2<BiCU^:s(S)\cA orasm 
6T!J® onosstaij KTJ. the 5 border countries Pandi, 
Congu, Wayanadu, Tulu, Punnadu. aosl am 
emeraigi aJTls^-eJ CG. in war. cftgjaA (sasmmr^ 
near the shore; also temporal by S)0Lj«B003cb 
QjomsmsTcngi KU. arolg-jonb oi. ooocb (^rasm 
eraigoral) a med. 

Inf. (ffK)&ma2/5)^(Tra RC. csiaaTnoa/O:^ near. 
V.N. iBtaerDaj arrival, closeness, love (=(S-aJ 

^) otasmajlrai) ^rK»lg_]on6 RC s. 
a. V. (srafflSTDcea T.C.M. 1 . to bring into contact, 
esp. embrace, hug. ^ocnjmfOi3)lmo (gaus^itsra 
(BTa5)6m-sJ CG. cuiocnjleim a-^ynsraTlfai) (srasism 
-£i Bhr. ^o^'jl Q^nbaiQjlcbftsras.m'ailrai) ora 
6)6m(^ RC 29. aon^o aoc^Hral' (Biasism^, 
(aoos)6rr):£4 eirmoga^ in reverencing; S)0(2^d§ 
6)0^0 (5t3S)sm;:^6)<&i05^. sajsnoaioj QjaScao 
SQsrr):^ CG. put the flute to the lips. (SroiOtSffi 
6)6m:^ «ajsl5)a.ig_jonb ojos)^^ TR. levelled 
the gun. a^sifOcQsism^^^cast anchor, ^roral (Sta 

6)6n-)c9« TP. give a beatin g. 2. whet, grind ; 


cuoc)af5Ta5>sm=^. — (saS)6m<Q^cnn i&gj ,Q_iai<a 
whetting stone, board S)OJ(^<b& f5rao)simcSs) 
(see 6)008) to take the civet Vi. 3, So. to 
pant Vi. 

V. N. (grasm^rat, (srasismaJ sharpening, pant- 
ing Vi. 
(lS»Z)60^(T!t anal C.M.T. (also palate, see (STra|mo) 

Jaw, hinder part of mouth. ecTOcnoa' cugjlsifibo 

(BrasmaTlrob (Bto^K^srgao a med. 

(3Tasm(ra'))g_jgj grinder, double tooth (opp. gffl 
srot^ Arb. also otasmca^Stiigj^ "V2. 5)xi5na 

Csilrcil) fSTasm!9S)SgJgJ5)i9)D5re0<O5)3^o Nal 3. 

(from rage, whilst smiling with the front- 
(grDsmejl viper, and (Stasmsjlcaba-iocnj VI. 

(SrCsno, CS<Zi6<^3 ana H. ^^ Rupee. 

CS^6^ ani T. M. C. (\/^f5t35n3) 1. Row, line of 
soldiers; tHrasrnl a_i<adte to set in array, (ma^nil 
anl^ stand in files. 2. decoration, -nrd'®o 
(BraoTr^igsl alcSfO) ojlsl^^ KR. above the 
diadem. (g-ara)5nTl^a)C52J0c>3 Bhr. the breasts 
adorned with pearls, '5T3TTr)i(S0ngaj(ST35So, ora 
emlaoc^lso RC. carasirnlaaKbcSatpanza* RC. 
fine women. (saefri\z\^&.d3 Bhr. painted eyes. 
(sraernl^gooo Nal 2. court decorated for a 
feast. (Si55nTl(X'.'3i7.«5Qc>3 ^Sfflsa) CC. theatrical 
dance of serpent, mrasrnlcajo, orasrn^aiaigLjra 
dressing-room of players. (masmicoiaioSic&iglcsaii 
(SfmajfDOQj prov. mraernlcaejaanos a basket 
to hold the dresses of idols, etc. (sasvn^ij'^ziicno 
J3J5)0-^ (oj^o S)&'Osn^) CC. a grand bed, 
(srasmlajlraral) ring-finger (also little finger, 
little toe). 

C®fO&nolCQ^ c83 T. M. To wear (jewels, 
arms), decorate oneself; gS^srnlsraiglasnT) <95 
Qj.iiioRC. (gejcansmcaJlejsrplajitn^a© i^ct^ Nal. 
5)Q_]0cm6rnl5tm3)0cnsicX) Mud. <si(a^rolai(Ugs3Q 
5)g.(5rasrnlsraTO)DejoKR5. (S<9)03,i3Ta*f3!) orasrnlsrag) 
gj^ssQcb KR. 0oai0oolf(A (Bta. Mad. soiDSiftcX) 
(SiD.'or'roi) (sra. CG. <B jijora o^^.-arasmlsrai^ combat- 
ants. SjcuoslaaiOsrgsrnlsroT^ Bhrii. mourning 
women, fsracucXi oouosl (Braernistaig iSiosnasnb 
Nal3. (graauro<S35muej0snTlsrai3CO5TTLUoKR.(flg.) 
V. N. (srasrnlcaral) f.i. (5rg)SDjiiO:^Dan5rnlcarob 

(a_)cjoomo (prov.) 
rarasrnlaj, <20CTSlcB5)5mlajD3iri cnl^o CG. 
C. V, orasmlcsiilcSs) to dress, adorn, (srgjcr) mo. 
dress out an elephant for processions. «naj 
igs1c32^aj6m^<ftn\}0CTTl<9)«)05rnlain^ Nal 2. 

06Tnl0(S3So (ST3. Mud. 

(5YZ)6rY51(2l anima S. Power of reducing the body 

to an atom (orasrra). 
(&^GrrS\c2Jo aniyam T. M. (T. C. (sasml first) 

Ship's head, prow. (opp. rgraaroo.) 

(©fS&nrflCQJDOmaniyariS. (<msm) More minute, 

rsiasrraajlaifobrnlnmsrnlcC'Dnt) (gojocib ARe. 
CS^err^ anu S. l. Atom, according to CS. 
? , dust; .^alc&ich (3Ta6"rrac95>ao<9' 

4515840 0^ "■^ 

eitSiDsng ai6iTg(g5o Nid. (m3orr3(p_j0osimo as small 
as possible. 2. a very small fraction (21 (srasna^ 
1 goa^ CS.); 3. a rice-grain. 4. the rib of 
a plantain leaf, ojotpco^erra igolcSis; cutting a 
plantain string without hurting the nape on 
which it is laid. 5. small white fly. 

(G^enr^ anu Drav. \/^ = tffra5 (hence .-siosm etc.) 

CSifZ)6rYr)d93c65, S^ anU'Jf U-ya T. a M, To approach, 
(3ro5rrac9Tl55c&>05ng0(b pay. 

(S(^erriigs<^ anunilU A small flea (T. fgiaerraai 
touch), see (SKisno 5, 

CS'^eog anda (=m>s?) l. A small lump, arosi^ 
<Oi(aural a bag of musk. 2. excrements of 
elephant Vi. (=ajl3r@^). 3. testicle (obsc.) 

a5^6in§o andam l.^fsrasng Vi. 2. Tdbh. (Bra 
fiTTLUo world, (Hrasngo g^atSiCtxisl RC. 

(S^SOgfl) andar T. M. (from preceding or fBTOsng 
dh T. C. Tu. Te. to resort, or (srasro above) The 

' 6TT) ' 

Gods. (ma5iTi(b<3cSioa6 Nal 3. ora-jngitimo^z-'ainb 

Bhr. Indra. farasniajls^D^ ai§gBslcs^o Onap. 

divine bow? 
(®^50gl andi (C. root, origin) Kernel, stone of 

mango etc., nut; scrotum. 

(Hra5n£iaiiDso play with dice V2. 
«S<Z)6r<\x)o andam S, (see Brasng) 1. Egg. 

2. = (Grija2i03rrujo world, 'm8:tTLL)£hsoar-63i3c)o CG. 

the shells of the mundane egg. 3. testicle, 

<e3fB65)3lanbo (HTa^muo PTi. (H^asTruio aTlolfrnfiTl 

oQ^cBsi MC. to geld. (sraTrTa)>-!3i3)^nb o^ ex&iO'sn^ 

B5mv^<B®cm CG. 

(Brasmusaiocrao scrotum. 

mrasmueso oviparous. 

(srasrruJaTOaal Cymbidium ovatum Rh. 

(srasrrujQjOfWo swelling of testicle Vi. 

19 (crs|nr^_(sro^oni) 

CS^gCO anna T. C. Upwards, above; hence 
perhaps jfia«rnai'Da£l mscrooib RC 26. (srasm 
caioctel (BratSiounmb 5)aff>t5j^3o ^'^ 21. (pros- 
trated so as to look upwards?) 
(©"Oev^CYD T. M. Tu. C. I.Elder brother, iHia 
S^<SC2Joao cnrm^ (srasrnrrooxn prov. 2. Royal 
predecessor, ancestor ; rdTlsij-jg ojejloz; ora. 
6)^olaii (Bra. (Sa)0(iia5Tal(til tsra. TR. orasrn 
ngotb aioaio (snosloz; ffjojonb TP. aflipltc)!) (sraem 
oza(^ (Dsom crucoana^oe (SxjDS^iii cnoo cms 
nrnl^ Qa)eEbl(ti() TR. 

<T5i't)6Y~Oo, (BraernodBsPalate, (Bra. (SrO)cSl (SajotaH 
mouth parched. (srasmDcOfllsai <g(ti)0(^ tgraSi^riMo 
(Scuoca'oejo prov. (S0f2j6rnoas and aTiifsmDces 
Vi. The uvula is (srasmoasTloinfjo (Bro>srnl (or 
s)-aiQ,or)0?Li) (Braeroojocam (sragjo prov. 

aS^6v;>3'5t) annal aT. aM. 1. High, God, 
esp. Arhat. (Brasmrai <Scr)S)royo tuoOLit&l RC 23. 
(Bra. (mcTOl(TS6)0c» 26. 0(mlc95)iiie3S)Scfls)5irnics{jo 
(Bra. 53. (glory?) 2. squirrel. 

aSrt'gnOD anna Looking upwards, (^rasmo oQono 
65CL)@ao <ftS^::^,(in tJ'P native way of drinking). 
(Bra^mo Q^nmo^ to gape, also (BragroOvTro (Scno 

ffTD bl I J 

cSsa), tftslcfls) and (srasmDcSao (SooDcea, In po. 
sren. (BrasmocnocnlmD S)c9)05i^ofiioc/3o (SooDanls 
CG. in prayer and expectation, (grasmocrra oolnm 
jx\<S&^cxio (to drink the moon's rays), Soioci^ 

S^3iD5rgsrD0CTra QJOCq^o O_jlaciT0 CG, 

(Stti6'<DDSl annadi NoM. (comp. tBrasmo, (Bra 

snil) Cheek-bone ool5)"ibo (sra. (O)^ a_ioi^ 

d>.acs^o vu. also (Bi3srnosloicag4 = (n)05lfflCQ)g^. 

? (Bra5mos~l (SiDsraont) aieroosl sojsng prov. 
sm 6rn 

6Y;YD(irt), (tS^&nrfj-sti annaii, annakkottan 
Sciurus palmarum TC. squirrel. (BrasmosjcOsio 
snb rtjKTDDiuoo.ijsmo prov. All. (BragrnocSmgrncra 

— ' 61T) oTD oiT) 

ff)S 0oocroo cyc:^o GP. 

(BraemoibojOiP, (graernDajsismnbcuo^p a tree and 
sm 6TT) Tm 

fruit, called monkey plantains Vi. 

aejoDernonb, 0iiica'6rno5)(9s>D§(Tb jungle squirrel, 

6TT) DlT) 

considered as chief planter of cardamoms 
(Qjg.(b) Sciurus ma.ximus. 


(STDrooOOjI— cSrZ)rwl6^d&3D 20 

(Sr^rrnl S) — (t5t?)f^'^0 

(tS^gnoooJl annavi T. a M. ((BTa6|T:^ab) Tutor, 
teacher, head of a company of actors; foicmD 
cejojraonb 6i<sigDra() ora. aQ<^ 6)^^o prov. 

(Sif^gnQl anni (see (troemrab) Inside of tho cheek, 
joint of jaws; raTDOTTlaTifab {STO^tSata) to masti- 
cate as toothless persons. 

(Eir?)iTDg a5ah S. TIencc (po.) 

ce^rmofefOT aba^fuba (T. m)^£i hurry)=:OT.i 

©jjouios . (5Ta(a)d33(a)C»o:in <3a.jDai?l It has been 

over hurried. 

(S^a5)<S&c£h abakku'ya t.m. c.(-ma^d3s>)To 

cram down, turn betel in the mouth Vi. 
(gT3«ncB3(S(nooc0QSi to lie in wait (P. atacar, E. 
cGrOfTT)^ a6a5u T. M. (orag) Each, eeveral; (Bra 

tm^ 5)i9)0gjo TR. 
aSrOfTDdBsTlODo abarkibam S. Undoubted Vi. 
(©(tXTDEJo abalam S. Bottomless, a hell Bhg. 
aSf5(T7)^ abali T. Noise, tumult Vi. 
((S^(U)3 aba (.-grjfg) See that, behold there; tsra 
cunt) Qjcrn fsraitDD (po.) (5TD'^o^ = ajra.'a)@. 
<ei?!(TD0OJ (A. ata'b ; exertion, fatigue, 
disappointment (gTa)C/30.xii3J^iS32;onb {Hrarmoaj S)clj 
§(Sa_iOo prov. 

I. C®f?)fcTl abi Tdbh. 1. ((sracnSl) Sword, (m(£\ 
cs^o S)5n6j3jlaj(3?jo (gracnjo RC i3o. 2.= (3racol 
(f.i. f5raf0)li9ioroo etc.) 

II. (®t)(Tfil S. (V^isra) Beyond, too much, 
very. (SanD^j (Brarailca'omjnso, (gTarzy)^ca'00,j^6i«), 
&s\<ss) Xid. (Bwrmlaz/'Daiilffisoas rtsoacroo TR. 
o_irDl(tnoa_io (Hi3ralca)D(Xjj5ni o^onlcea KR. 6i§(ail 
c2J03^6)@aoRa cccnocDiZo Bhr 5. tijiarantBaz.oao 

aOoiroD (TUgj3,P526!58c)o (3raaaceglc0si KR. (BWOTI^CQ; 

gjOSifff) Qjajsrm^ (rnlral^ Cr Arj. pressed be- 
yond endurance. 

(e^fQ?ld&5(W&nno abi-Jfarunam S. Most kindly, 
AR. OTO. cuoa^o Mud. so as to excite pity. 

(S^fcTlcJ&iOCQJOfb abi'JfayailS. Giant,a Npr.RC. 

(S^rsTld&)Droo abi'jfaram=(sraan<&)Di^o TR. 

(S^fmlACiDfOab adi-yumarail S. Very young, 
((Bia- m)i£\izcq. Bhr.) 

(®Z)ra9l6^d950§oio abi'JfoduppamiHra'ocan (ScuD<b 
5)jil!^ Bhr. fiercely. 

<:&ZiCS)\'^Cho abikramam S. Excess, outrage, 
assault; excessive puDiahment. <a)@grv3D(Z8o)s 
«jra(tnl(^0o laoocSl TR. 

©■raoTlt^alan go beyond. (O,oaio m!i(£\i^iz^ d3& 
KR. let a set time pass by, (SiO^o noo§o 
Q^jgLjOo ,-oTa. Nal. pass through. ajOcOsiloimrsTa. 
KR. transgress an order, so ai^m (sra'^ 
cDStSn TR. g)(ojaiort)o [gra'-gj mscSsfm roo 
e3iR^ were such violence is in vogue, (sr^ 
(Sg.o= mra. TR. assault. 
(©fSofil^enOQJOOfb abigunavail KR. Ex- 
ceedingly gifted. 
(©rcro^CBo^DcSDo abighosam S. Very loud, c/a 

®jnoo3o (5T3OT)l(3-aDiiri^ saich^rrra Bhr 7. 
(Siror^^OJo abijavam S. Very quick (po.) 
(lS<t)(T5SlrZDrt)0o abibaram S. Yet more, very 
much (po ) I pity (po.) 

(S^rsTlaDDQ-io abibabam S. Great grief, deep 

(©fSrcSluTl abithi S. (V^rsrafoi wander) Guest. 
tsra'a^ea, — co^o, — SGrocu, — cro^oroo hos- 
pitality, gcfcl (5ta3ja« (Bra.-mlLDloro^oroo o^t^ 
KR. (sratJilLDlfi^ea susmo VCh. 

(tsi?i73Sl©ca)DQ_irDorb abidayabarah S. Most 

bountiful AR 5. [f.j. 0^2.\ Bhg. 

(SY3(TJ?|g!QJ ,0 abid'ivyam S. Most wonderful, 
(Gi^rml^fDo abiduram S. Very far. 
a5^(7y^(P,rOTo abid'rutam S. Suddenly AR. 

c®rD(T3T|noej rs) abinallabu si^dsi^si-oo UR. 

The best. 
aSY^'roTlOOl© abinid'ra S. Excessive sleep. 
CS^fsTlnolraafDobabmistllurailS. Most cruel 

(15^(TJ?,a_lD(TOo abibabam S. Letting pass the 

proper time Vi. 
(®rQfc9:a-SDQ-io abibabam S. Deadly sin, fsra'sral 

m>(d ^rw0;mlcC!Oain KR. [-^ med. 

(SrsraTln_^d65.^rst; abibu'^acSal inflammation, 

aS^iT5Tl(o_-)(Bai'0COo abiprayogam S. Many 

devices, tgra. gggao-gjib Mud. 
(GifZ;r^(a_jD6YD^o_JlcQ;o adipranapriyam S. 

Dearer than life (po.) 

cS^fWl^"^ — (Crcrwlfb 


(Srormloj — (STSfsSlcroc 

(®r©(T5n(a_J]'^oi) a6ipri6an S. Most contented 

(SrsrjfilenJDmjUQJOrb a6ibandliavan S. Most 
devoted AR 6. 

aS^fWleOJ rajul a6iBuddM S. Being overwise, 

(SiatiVlo-iTj^^ces (Biag^oa^fm^ (prov.) 

(Cr^fc^^oQ^enoo,— go6o7l abibhaksanam, — 

bhskti S. Gluttony. r^^.. 

CS^(U)\ri](UiaTi a5iblliru6a S. Cowardice, Cr. 

(GYOroTlau^ rOo aSimadhuram s. Very sweet; 

licorice = ^ro§l0cya)o. a med. 

(tSr^i73?lC!lD(f5)o a6imatram S. Over much f.i. 
n^-oil^ KR. 

(GY0rcSl(2Dnr3f:£QO(i) abimanusail S. Superhu- 
man f.i. fljnsaj(b Q@ODsl0O(b KU. (sra-m^zo 
aS:fi3(SiZ?0X) Blir. performer of miracles. 

(Si^ra^.aDf^Orb aSimanyan S, Most honor- 
able, CL-SrOjaoDo (BTaDTlZD^OnjOoDo oQaia (po.) 

(©roroTls^eiaLQOOo a6imeitbunam s. Excess 

in Venere Nid. 

(GVZ)fWlfDLDOrb a5irathah S. Mighty champion 

on chariot KR. 

[(tor women). 

(©^rC^rODCOo aSiragam S. Extreme passion 

(®fQfsTlfD3(fD)o a6iratram S. Over night, the 
3rd day of Aswamedham KR. 

(®ri)raSlrola9<2no aSiriktam S. Excessive, be- 
yond (po-) — (STOji^srocSio excess (po.) 

(e^r0^r(35a&5 abiru-jfa T. a M. Fear, tremble, 
(ffra.ij)l(b5).ub^ rocket, a bomb Vi. 

(®f^)fC^fb abir M. Tu. ((grogai C. Te. adjoin) 
Boundary, limit. aoD§o7l{bKU. frontier. aigjtftlib 
landmark, gjg rzf (=: on oe4)(gra:ail(es);&>«^@annlejo 
MR. doc. raraaVlceg o_jor23 aHtfloirTO^ TR. & 
Q,'rajcr)DSoa^ip.uD<3>c2JCS^r, (Braoilas-ral- TR. on the 
boundary of C. and P. .gdaebloTls m ora-dilfDjai 
a^rai) ajfoltfl^nm ^aceaofoaaotb TR. cn?^S)S (sa 
(wlfolrab o_iroltQS)lc2;m} <a>ajl6T!5i§i currarrro TR. 
encroach on the limits. 
Cpds. (BratoVlfol^ift to bound. 
(5ra.'ml(b(!3TO)£Li boundary, cT)0!S§<£hliPS(j9s) (gra'olfu 

(SQ rnlgjj, 0513® oral) TR. along the eastern 
fgT3^(bajoeo MR. quarrel about the boundary. 

aisng aialfrra (j^z^mh (sra. (Sr^:^ MR. So. 
{BTa'3gjlsmcesi0gj qjod^ RC so. 

(©^fcSlcu&nooeeNo abivanakkam Great humi- 
lity; csajsrgl^ (gYa'(3'iJi3)0§o i^S)S. KR. 

Ci5»'d(7f)lQJC/d(,'Yb abivasah S. Excessively ad- 
dicted AR. 
aSr?)fcSlQJ:'.il_id95o abivaja-yam S. Mere phrases. 

(S^(T5?laJ2rY\:00 abivasana S. Fragrance; 
quick apprehension. 

OST^ fWlQjlscQJo abividayam (S. mro^Tl.xricfti) 

a med. root, Aconitum ferox? GPVo. 

(®fZ)rn^Ojlrro <:Wo abivismayam s. Very won- 
derful KR. 

(©fZlfsTloJlroob abivirah S. Mighty hero, (ffta. 
ml Bhr 8. ironically. 

nSfC (TT^Cy c£d1 abivrsti S. Excess of rain. 

a5i^rO^(SQJ£Jo abivelam S. Unlimited AR2. 

(S^foTlOBCOJo abisayam S. l. Preeminence, un- 
common; a)irrnlrai) (BTO/nilc'aca'<SrrDaOo Bhg4. 
2. marvel, wonder; nryrrafOtoiJo 6ia.05ng (BT3. <9)0 
sojDrtb Nal. 
orafiiilcyaairiceoi 1. to excel Vi. 2. to wonder, 

be surprised = (Sr3fmlaa^'o5gj§ia). 
(STOriJilc'a 031000 Superlative {mZo) gr. 

(TSt? rsSllC^rOOO) abisurail S. Hero, rma. (moTlcea 

faiDob 3)o)eajo KR. 
((Siinj^<y\)^So abisangadam S. Excessive 

distress, i-ma. ojrojo MR. o^noltSs) ora. crooigojl 

gjont) SiP4. 

(Si'Sa5Tlonj:fOo abisaram S. (also very pithy) 
Diarrhoea, dysentery, (esp- roceoiOfinlcniOfOo). 

den. V. ora.'OilauralcSsi to suffer from it {—md 
flj)l(ru3roo Q^^cfls)) 6i(Ttara(£5reooo(aroro7lav)rol^^ 
§<ar)lfaL VCh. -oTdg 'cSn (5ra«)Vlax;folcSsi a med. 

cSifSro^rn^ OQfD^ abisund'aram s. Very fine. 

(Sr5fCTlfY\3o^ai) abistambbafl S. Hardened f. i. 
roo^Siiioso ^£no^§ BrP25. 

ciOTraTlrzDo — (SrorcYjjiojt 


(SrSfOrwoenol — (©f^rgj^Jc 

(SrZiroflrJDo a6l6amS, (mra'rol+^ftno) Gone by. 
(Bra. ojoajjoTTO) Q^rCT = i£hipl6roro)@ — cQioajtnral 
fmrai^foiaooo fSTO)(ni0oaj, rrysiig 8 euo oilrrnDfoieiDaj 
Bh^. elevated above. [(po.) 

(Sn^JrcTlOJ abiva S. (oratjil + ^aj) Exceedingly 

(6^5 (g) a6u 5. ((BTO) 1. It, that (with go rgra^go 

and tsra^ojo TR.) obi. case (grarisTlnb f. i. (gronnlnb 

ojemo thus. — (SK><S(S) just that, yes ; btossbIsioo 

rtj)S)nncQj(ggj — fmacSi'oi (opp. (Hragj) — (srssrmo 1.= 
(Sratoiolo! 2. as for that, — indeed! I now re- 
member. — (513(0)1 (Saicsjjo g)(!jn<Siicxjjo msces) not 
settle down to one's work. 2. it is also used 
as adj. (Hiagaioojo, (3r3<2(m(Q_j(Q)0fDo, (SiaOTo;® (3I 
caslfa?>, and in po. as a sort of article; following 
the noun; (ijaxja30O(d)l(cil) i^crucrxaioajo gcniib 
(S(&onb SG 2. Indra is the first among tJie 
great. Also mere expletive (gojoturoaia^ocsu' 
CG. (=a0O3ai^). 

(STO^cSx^ modern plural — oraoj. 
CJS(^^(Be><£hy ceeT) aSukkuka T. So M. Squeeze 
(=^^cescei) from v. n. fgrags^sgdi Vi. 

(Elf^^£Jo a6ulam S. Unequalled, (ffro^&i;263snj 

aiob etc. 
fSttKgjfCr!!)! a6rtti So. M. = (5ra(jnlib. 
(<S^(g)CLS\ a6rpti S. Being unsatisfied. 

I. (tSi^rOYCTo attam (Tdbh. (HTsnr^o) Evening, (ma 
(nrao ©alar,. 

II. (STZ)1JY^o(Tdbh.aDrT>;jo)l. The 13th. constella- 
tion, Coma Berenices, ora. oaialoi-dilmo mnriD 
KR. favourable for an expedition. 2. feast 
in MTnam and Chingam month, (giac(5T5)o _ai0ca;o 
a feast in Cochin, (with (Sigjoos and 6)«iosl<Sca< 
OQ,). isramasrai^ooQifniaics^o (srarojiJ(b(Sa>oa_i(ijo 
a<ss(2ajoao ftsilroo prov. 

(EiTinSYO-fDo attaram ((oktjo) thus (sra,-3rarao cuo 
sraro) TP. 

nSrS(T5YTrrb (A. atar) Essence of roses. 

CSif^J.'CYUifci) attal (V^orafiA, (sragyra^ for (Od ai rd>) 
Grief, horror; (gra(Z5T3iitii)S)r>.j§(!23 (SraozsracbS'Oio 
Qo Bhr. horrified them all over. 0w\\S!SBdo 
(gi3(0Ta)(5li5)a_i^orra eaiejlc/Dn (^aDlcOsicB/Oral) AR G. 

come to grief, ora^craral) qQ':s^cd^ oulsrasggoib 
RC 26. the gods were grieved. (SK)OJ<a2^^o<Qio 

mo. o_lOSt!3ra)0f3t) 6i§6S1g®0D SP3. (513. O^S^ 

distressed, (Gia. o^^frnlsicai joyfully, (sra. raroai 
nrnld>jra() ansg-JI(Tb RC. 

(®f?)nT(TDD&^ attani (T. throne) Porter's rest, 

(513. (S>5r)g (ggjlce5)D(t)fflm (gojDJid! prov. 

asifQ(urmDCQ7lfzmr/DCQT| attayittayi stammered, 

confuse words Vl. 2. 

a?On3>TriOO attar A bamboo mat. 

(S^r^5>TnOifo attalam (\/^ (srod>, (moy>o=(moc2;o) 
Supper, (opp. (^fisraiOiPo.) (513. <Q)iplc9s), ^a» to 
sup, (5T3'o ^osmlaTD ffliQioggoo 00)0^1 ctelajrib 
PT4. (!|a_i(CT)l<ea (sratoraoiPSeDganno siajgjonf) 
Nal 4. (5t3'o (S^oocSlrrn (5TOfa^Qj:6!5Ql TP. roo;®! 
ccinral) (ffornraospo giSf^ <£h1sa7o Bhr 7. 

I. (G^nJYjril attiT.M. C.(Tu. (5T3(i3Ta1)and(Bra(!W 
caorat Ficus racemosa. (513(013)1 ^(oiS)! (srarocmsob 
(Sajroofol) oQ)rmOT)inb (mglib GP 65. (2rLac2;(mal 
Ficus oppositifolia — (Bra.-malgjtPo ripe fig. 
(5r3(aral6SB, (5r3^6J5Q green figs or plantains Vi. 

II. (©rOfOYoTl 1. Tdbh. aocr^ f.i. t5T33altaT^gjejl 
Elephant pepper. 2. Tdbh. (sracruDl f.i. (5ta 
(nWiapDOJo a med. oraOTJslgjrso 5)<Sisa) build 
a gibbet to preserve the ashes of the dead. 

(S^QiTPg) attu =^'Z6S3 Mimosa Inga used in 
bathing, i5t3(m.51§o (£bl5jm(3Tssi(3t (Sroc^aocaM (ft 
gTlgjonb (SajDoTl TP. (513. (5(0)^ qs!9ig.6rowi TP. 

dS^CTjgrzDo albliubam s. (^(BiafZjOigino?) i. 

Wonderful, CL!g.5ifQ (5Ta'0Dcails@gg MR. very 
strange. 2. wonder, admiration; (5i3Qjf3((^ 

.•OlS.tiTaDSiS fiJ3J£^ Kli 5. (513OT3fOlSlg_j§ <S)05)2b 

cailgj KeiN, 

CS^C6)ir<^:o a5yandam S. ((TOotTI) Beyond the 
end, excessively, continually, (SK). qseS^-oA jud-, 
(SiatrijCTOoeoajo complete nonexistence (phil.) 

(&l:^jQQJo atyayam S. Going beyond, danger, 

^°'' (P"-) [^n^a^ Bhr. 

(TSi^rgifClDo atyartham S. Immoderately, (gi3. 

(tsrt)r5),aJo atyalpam S, Yery small. 

CSYt)^D(Sce^ — (SrDLQ 

(Sif^>LD(^ — CCrcujg 

(Sy5rg)jOGc&>'Y\n .>o atyaksebam ((sra)32; rBraoru 
@j OJOcSscftcfo) MR. Violent abuse. 

a5^rn),o(c9aDo, c®fc)ra}jDC/9 atyagraham, 

— asa S. Overgreediness, (SiarsjhOSic/aan tffram 
(OiDo prov. den. V. o^ooo (srO'cmoi^QDl^sl 
onofa!) Bhg 4. 

G5TSf7r!)0QJC/§jo atyavasyam Very necessary, 
013. Sa_jos)ty sajsr^nD.iJib TR. 

(©^(^^Ornjje^ atyasakti S. Extreme fond- 
ness or zeal. 

cSrsra)jDcronnno atyasannam S. Very near, 
the approach of death. 

(GifZirgjoai^nl atyukti S. Extravagant, unusual 
speech, ora'tftcbs^isoral) e^o-jDi'^tiga 5)<S)0cbnn6 



(tS^r5}ja3YZDQo atyuttamam S . Superlative, very 
(15i^rgj<^o atyusnam S. Very hot or pungent. 

I. (Sr7)(fU) atra S. (rsra) Here (po.) 

II. cEr^)(ro)J old OSY^-Wlf^ atra, attira (taTIra) 
That mass, so much; (ST3i@cs^o gj(ra)csjjo cergjca 
moc§aj3 can it be counted? (Brat® (SrgcX) so many 
people, oj aQ,a-Jl<3' orSldhlfoil S)(0)O5cfla(m(® cinl 
fijo ^5"! jud. (5133(0)50 Gan. so much space, 
so far. (groffi'^o^o curaoo TR. so far, to your 
place, also (srasoDSo, tgia(g)(3.-ara)og.o. 
(3ra((3)Qqjo all, wholly; ©5)ajcS6)(ro)ix^o, gsfoKoajjl 

<S)c)aflaa5)OtSao M. C. to all these classes, o^ 
(S(mo§@g(3i(®c5yo jud. (gra(g)(syo ^_gj g2(®C!^o 
^^ neither so much nor so little. 

(5T3(2)C2;^, (5TOiQ)ay0gj moreover, besides. 

sro®® only, but. (sras® gg^ that is all. @o 
fistjnleira Qjocsjjomg etaonb KR. I speak but 
in love. nooslraJ) (cygfO) jo oolmcealgj 0^)001 
(9(n(2(ra) SiP2. not thine, but mine. ^.aTl 
(3TU Sojsreo 0falc9a0(2((5TB) amed. the patient 
is sure to die. (Bi2)ca;ajro<2;g) tsnf^ca.^ST^ral) @ 
@gCLj(b KU. those then are the K. Nayers. 

(S^LD atha S. (ora) then, now, and (L. et) mra 
m oruaiQj (Tjoj'oil.fhcb Nal 2. (3too1ot3i2ilq sjjii 
<S{p5)S5mo VCh. 

fSramsjD S. or also, otherwise (=Q^rrnl6iaii) 
Gjo MR. either — or in the other case. 

(t5rZ)LQ(^ (SQjQo atharvaved'am s. The 4th 


(tSi^QOOo ad'anam S. (V^israa edo) Eating, food 

(Si^QC/dnOo ad'arsanam S. Not seeing, dis- 
appearing. i-5TaacA3cn0D3il he vanished V:. 

(Sr^Qoej W (A. adSlat) Court of justice, 
civil court, (ffiaaoaj.-ora) rniacn, ocaio a civil 
case (jud.) otaaDaic^ aj5ngl(ai(b the pundit 
of a court, ota. oncn^rol another law officer 

(Sr5/3l(73Tl ad'iSi S. (unbounded) Infinity, personi- 
fied as mother of the Gods, oraalra^ siojoQ 
er^ocaJl orysJfT^ Bhr. hence rgTOjal.-o^nb. 

<I5Y5@(^ ad'rsya S.=ac^o9aos)(w(po.) otagc^o 

Otagd^o S. 1. unseen, 2, fortune, luck vu, 
orattnld^o, (ffragt^saoaaao ill-luck, influence 
of the evil eye. 
(ffra.'oild^gVlip cSiosiS) behave meanly Vi. 
(Hraravc^nb, (gra(rolc^(0)_io lucky Vi, 
(Biagc^ S. look of displeasure (po.) 

CS''^^ adya S. ((gra + ejojl) today (3TOSjOo_jl even 
now (po.) ^ 

(^St^©! adn S. (stone) Mountain, cidI0dibI, oro 

OS^QjCOJo advayam S. Single, unic. (STOXOKD 
Qj ool(W,at) fffiaajcQ/nti ChR. tma. gog_j!^ 
Bhr.^srasis^ajioio. [VedSntism. 

(5ra5)ff)a Jms^sTOiamo knowin g only one substance, 
(5ia5)S)ajfa)d9«Dronb a worshipper of Sakti. 
(HTas)S)aJ:T3ic;3(Oia)o a Sanscrit treatise with 
commentary Adw. S. 

(SYZ)UJ8 adhah S. Below, down, hence. 

(sracjuao S. lowest, low, mean (opp. ^(nraao) 
fem. (ffiacua and — 0I. (Bracoasninb (g^smo) 
debtor VyM. 

(sracxifoo S. 1. lower (opp. gJiTSiafOo) oracoralaj 
raldOs) to lower. 2. underlip, lip also 

(SrOOUaZo — (tS^(JUld8> 

24 (Sif?)(jUl(Saei3:l— (ts^uulcago 

(STOCUfOajSo (sracofoojo ojloio^ RS. from 

rage, (sroccroogimo nectar of lips (po.) mocv 

roajsTUuato KR. (see (3r3snil(i^tfl>). acyraocu 

f&l Bhr. etc. 
(gracjogQ-jfCTinoo downfall, ruin; gySoiocX) (ffro' 

forailmo (Sioejo ojnrra Bhr. KU. 
V. den. (graccao'STxiauinoBiaora!* oiacosajro)!-^ n") 

oalcSso Bhg. 
oracjoc^folces) to depress Vi. 
ttnaconrj^oral) below, underneath (po.) 
(S'ltUJobo adharmam S. Lawlessness, injus- 
tice, cu.r^ DCOZZffiSBcb Bhr. 
oracu^iznb, raracuail (m. and f.) (BTocuDZ0l(a)ab 

unrighteous, (macjuztflcegreio* Bhr 12. 
(®^UJ1 adhi S. Above, upon, over (many Compds.) 
CSfoUJloftjo adlli'^am S. More, much, superior. 
In. comp. g^ournlejo (5rauj1<3imo(grtSo UR. 
superior to him. (HrattrTlaJCulaio (Sojooica^^ TR. 
not beyond it. i^crLnejSrDTa jiiO(im\cmu6\£h<Zi^ 
w\ TR. amounted to more than, tsraroasid) tsia 

(Oil <&i (Dial mo jiiacaioib RC. prevailed. 

, ij) 

(gTacoi<S)ff)g-j§ai to surpass, increase. 

a5i^ujld9)fD&noo adhi'yaranam S. The subject 

matter, reference (in gr. f. i. cro0Dn:)oarii}iro 

emo congruence). [office (mod.) 

(HraoulvOifoicea 1. to have power. 2. put into 

tgraculi&iorDo S. rule, authority, government, 

official power, mn. Sicu^ Mud. resigned his 

office. fno§'l(Stii (5rou51a>ora,-aial(moc9sncQ;aj(b 

TR, chief minister (mooroo^(B,-m5)cS5) cgra 

ayiaioroi2iDce«1 <0igjl^ ^^ TR.) (g.-zneTlrm 

(Bra. right of administering family-property. 

(5rau51<S)oro(m the same ©ajSsasrarKOScSs) (sro 

Bhr 12. right, claim. 

(STaoS^i&afonb a title of barons, f. i. ^folcaoejl 
(fisirafc (513. KU. 

(5taaSl<S)oro' 1. officer, esp. magistrate; (3TDoW3o 
(8"ra. (mod.) m. of parish. cusSdan (aracul<&.o 
cS^ TR. 1796 the m. of N. Mai. 2. owner, 
who has a claim, is qualified for. Szoma 
(jcaasi.ura sa-diojonb (ffta'<ftdo gjajfb Bhr 12. 

also fern. 6tBion6 ^Dfdilcm easo oracjulaioral 
6n9l (Bra^ AR. 
(BTOcul(fhocgjo office of rffraculva.orol f. i. ajS3a9s) 
(5ra'(aoc2?lrald3anT) croo^, also aisScaa @ 

cesslcdJlrai) szitucula.D^jo^jo TR. 

(ErOUulCEcftaiaJo adhiksebam S. Blame, cen- 
sure, abuse. ajg.5ira tma'aDcszjxioaaaicb MR. 

tBK)«jri(S9filO_j65Oa03irirala33fTT) QJ0S8<35C>3 TR. 

gjfnroirao (ffrauSlsijain-jxiDcSsKR. taunt. 

V. den. otacolssftjo-T'ceo^ to censure, revile, 

affront. mrao_J!wl St&Dajl^ fsra'.^ Mud. 

tmo'-^ efirrulcBsi Bhr. ssoaoib (Sia'^i^oKR. 

(if paid irregularly). 

(S^(JUlCO(2o adhigamam S. Obtaining. 

(3Ta-ulco:-a)3 acquired, eoraoojciorasmo oraxi 
cmculcoCTiaocsiTl Bhr. happened to him. 

(®rsu31gfTD0rb adhidu6an S. (Syr. R Cath.) 
Archangel Vl. 

(&ZL)3\(SG>CU(i5) adhid'evaba S. Highest God, 

patron God. 
(©rfOUlPOOLQab adhinathan S. Lord over f. i. 

(SaDoaSloooLDnb ludra. SajoaiocuimomaifigDib 

(®f?uj!Q_jr<i)i — Q_ifo9l adhiban, — ba6i s. 

Lord, owner. aDcnSl;95c)oceoi (graojln-icaoceaajrtb 

KR. fern. [ease Nid 25. 

(CrtiUUlaOoOrOo adhimamsam S. An eye-dis- 

(e<^Uj|^(TOaA90fO adhirudhan S- Ascended, @ra 

co3ciO®ruDonocd.l VCh. [reside. 

(ts^uolajrojl^et?! adhivasikka s. To dwell on, 

(Hrau51cLi3n"Oo stay, abode, f. i. of a demon in a 

person, crogljoujlajocroaoai; jiia3onfmfi8 KR. 

(OiossrnleDiballglfii csra. sjjijcnjonb gsssoao 

gj Tirun. Anj. live with harlots. 

OSi^OJlc^Onno adhistbanam S. 1. Residence, 

element in which one lives, practice. SaisAfiOB 

cbas) (gi3'i203ii igrorolaj Bhr. <&;O02(^oa:6i58 

c)3dto (ST3. ^(ggloi'o Bhg. 2. high station, 

sovereignty Vi. 

(ffioujlf£gl(a>nt) fixed, incumbent. Lord Vi. 

oiaculcfigl.^o set up, tenanted, seat of God Vl. 

(Gifeuo°l(m3 — (®f5^j,ofW2) 


(S^QJJjOCSQ^ — (5^0065*3 

cSir&(juliTDo adhi5am S. Read. 

(maaJlfmnt) successful student (po.) 

(©^UuloOo adhinam ((BraoTl) i. Subject to, 
dependant = ojcoo. si^oab iBraojcfotfis) orocoicn 
moaD KR. <&)D®j«z5t3ch «®gjoo oismj j3i\cm^o 
ro3%3iQjO(julnn20c9al KR. committed all to him. 
avjJDCJolaoo opp. o-jroauJioDo, (sramjOuS^onaD 
tSsi alienate. 2. power, charge S)5^3ajDu31m 
coTBjoraf) Som. (=6)S)aajQjc/aorat) oroooojroaajlmo 
Sia^osn^ KR. by destiny. mQcniCViO(tss)S rarauJl 
m,-ai37lejoc0i Arb. (or crc-iociJimnsialral)). 
OTaculmto) dependence. 

(®t)(JijlC/30a) adhisail S. Lord, ajooij^iuujl 

c/anb Vy M. 
(©rou^oOD adhuna S. Now (po.) 

(©fSc^caaCYb adhrstah S. Modest, (mt^-^o 
fierce. (ST3oiirraztyT33|CU'Do ^ocTO)' KR5. 

ttSr-oCguUDCOfuTl adhogaSi S. (-gracxg) Descent, 
sinking, ajcm^wrrn (sa. rn\Q3hwo ^arx^ ojooib 
(8TO(2ocD(g<a)a3 eojlceso Nal 3. oraajnT) (sra. qj 
fOSg hell. 

(HT3<SCJODSDcno lower part. 
fSrascjOD^suo looking down, downcast, so ©13 

<scoo.u(^)cnDcd^ P. T. of a hypocrite. 
fsroSccoStDDcSio, — gojcDo hell. 
oiosccoxios^ wind from behind. 
C®:Sf^ ic9^o addhyaksam S. Visible, dear to 
the eye. aQ)a51(9ii Qg)5g)CS^o OTOi'g^cafiinfa. 
(Srafg^afianb overseer, in charge of. CJOmoa^ 

cefliriao(bKR. ajorosmD^^afQnbMud. master 

of the elephants. 
oroa^cQfii superintendence. <Q52aDelc9a srafi^ 

<a^ qqooIcS® Bhr. (also (Stailrjaasfoi). 

(EfSf^JlCaiOOo ad'dhyayanam S, (taiaa51+^) 
Reading, esp. of the Vedas, one of the cficcb 
&)22to K\J. — also den V. (sa'SJOiWcnl&Ti and 

{5T3'^cacTnlg-jlc93) Vy M. 

(Srcf^OJcroacQ;o aJdhyavasayam s. Firm 

resolution, perseverance. 

oST^f^DrTOigi^TODOOo ad'dhyaltmajnanam S. 

a5rZ)r^j,0fCT2iroDa3cai&nOo ad'dhyaltmarairia- 
yanam S. The spiritual R. — AR. 

aSY5f^jDQ_ioOo ad'dhyabanam s. (cans, of 
ora a^ca-mo) Teaching, esp. the Vedas. KU. 
CSYZD'^JjjOCiL'o Lesson, chapter. cruJOlxjDcaQl 
Qjoroo 20 days of the month, good for reading, 
oraoofgi^oca; al. 10 inauspicious for students 
(the 1, 8, 13 — 15 of the lunar fortnight). 

(Gr?)f^,D(3(D3Q_io ad'dhyarobam S, Imputation 
(as calling a rope a snake, phil.) rgra^^jOSrao 
cLjcniailmoejo rara.uajoea^Tlnooejo Kei N. 

(Er^(^JU_JD, n5r?)f3ju_]0rt) ad^dhva, ad'dhvaii 
S. Road, way. c/sfoio <3^0(a\o ^sr^ (Bra'SUJaaj 
Nal4. — (sraauacnl Loc. oj-aumocx^gg mraauj 
conf) CG. traveller, also oraaojoolcnnb (po.) 

(tSvSf3;j_ifDo ad'dhvaram S. A ceremony f.i. the 
(giac/3_iiS2CJOo ; fgraSJJjfDraicflnmoiScmsnio eaiOgj 
dhoV) KR. 

(maSAJJ^ officiating priest KR. 

asrZ)f?Aj_jDnno ad'dhvanam (in s. the Ace of 

(3T33JJjrtb, in T. corrupt?) Great exertion, 
fatigue. (gra^gJjJooDo ^sosxo) easily. 
i^raaujonol So. diligent. 
V. den. (sraaujoonlcea to labour, work hard, 

exert oneself, mstm (5raau_iornlg_jDnb (Sca 

caal(So_ioroD MR. 
(Sr^no, csrsoo(saj, csro^nn ana, anave, ane 
M. C. Te.Tu.=Q^(D, Inf. of (granti — o^mosi in 
adv. Termitiations 5)j^q,6iSBcn, rnlscn etc. j^ 
dtoSOO, sia_iO§(TnoniS,u, esp. after 1st adverbials 
o_iranT)(2on, gonn^son. 

ctTrtrOcftjo anakam vu. i.^tsramjaiio. (3T3cn(9io 

QjScsa onscSsnrra TP. 2. = (ara3cnaio TP. 
(EY300«^o anagham S. innocent, po. 
(tSflCnGS^cSb anannup((gTaai6sgT. Te. C.Tu.) 
To move, shake. fsracnssQOSrm n_iOt!^ immove- 
able (jud.)r5ram63i3!2gj quiet! TP. 
V. N. (BianntSsio (C. <HTaona) watery) moving, 
shaking. (2<9i§Dral> tgia. ©^ BODtSsRSornlrsf) 
CC. heart not touched. 
(SrOOOcfiftaft., dds] v. a. to shake, fan, 
excite. (gramteaaStn) eonctoosmlral) (jOfola9a05)S) 
smo CG. 

(©rsnooco— (S^ro(^o 26 

as^ooo-j — oExcnnoafe 

(tSfSrOoCOnt) anaugail S. (immaterial) Cama. 

made her lovo me. 

hcnco (staoooOD^dJirolcSs) to love, consent (but 

(Braooocolifhorao from (saoco^ — discord) Vi. 

(®f3OO6S^0(t)o anaiinaram Tdbh. =(HraQj©)3roo 

(0^)00 j^ ana66a= (51300^ Heat, see foil. (3tD. 

oulblcSs) to get warm. 

(©(^(Dtz^dBi anattu'^a (T. (mcncQ,<£h from wa 

noroi)) To make warm or hot. cSigj (gramrsral Nid. 

The V. n. (in T. (gracToej^) exists only in the past 

macDcm — YN, oraaoa-j. — CV. (sranofotalcss) Vi . 

CEifDOOrOOCro (American through Port. Ananas) 

pineapple = sisitSntJi^'Ss). 
(SiZ/OOntTio anan5am S. Endless, oracnfroob the 
serpent 'Sesha, hence (aT3cr)fraa-iSo=mocoo_i 
So a neck-ornament. tsraoocTO^sl V2. tsiaoo 
(Sowosl ((SiOKnlaj) a kind of earring, (formerly 
worn by men also TP.) (C^ (sracrxroo, rcnlrtaoj 
cocrac/acacno, (sraoncroo-jrao N. pr. Trevandram 
•with the fane of Vishnu resting on his serpent. 
(BT3oncTa)®o_io multi-form. 
(CraOOfYWroo ananbaram S. Succeeding -with- 
out interval. 1. immediately after, ajarxail 
Siobo oranorraroo, aisicmsranacraroo as soon as 
he had come. 2. succession, inheritance. (Hia. 
<Soo§a>, ojcfttQ); to inherit Vi. fsraonnofacuaio 
oafOKnlra!) aTl^lorg MR. also (sramnroragjoglttil 
(sTlgl got by inheritance. 
(HTacDcrarog-jos 1. inheritance (sra. nOJ^ Vi. 
2. (St!), cuoa), to bless and give orders as 
a dying person. Q^S)aD)ora(TOrag_jo§ "^^R^^ 
TP. why such dying speeches, my Canna? 
(sranncrafonb, (mamcroroojab next relation, suc- 
cessor, heir, also raraoncralroaaofflfa @§1 
ac0fflO5n| TR. (maan^T^ajcrouocioo succession 
in a royal @Q, TR. 2. title of lower dig- 
nitaries (opp. a)0(t)smQj(b) TR. 
(GrSoncW)fsb ananbal t.SoM. Light sleep Vi. 
CSf^CnC^jo ananyam S. 1. identical, directed 
on no other object. (STamrnj^njrarooai)! qjob 

ma 6Ta>63i3ch KR. fully resolved for one object. 
2. union = siaQ)<0'ifa) Vi. 

(Gf^nOo-irgjOrb anabatyaii S. Childless, (gra 
mo_jf!juoa cofovcal^ Bhr. (STamajfaiifaijo S)&iO 
eng curo1(Zj)0a_io ARi. 

(erZ)OOQ_i(DDUUo anabaradham S. Faultless, 


(®r3nn(SQ_lcft£flOfu anapeksail S. Exempt from 
desire, as a Yogi. 

(tS^OOCSDo anayam S. Injustice, oocaaaocasjBcXj 

(Si^OOfi-filo anargham S. Priceless, m>cn°hiZ 
emlaicb KR. 

(iS^OOcmiio anartham S. 1. Senseless = f5Tann 
asiD&io. 2. calamity, ruin. (HransiDo oramramo 
prov. riches ruin. (ffiaoncmnsoHcX) s^^igii commit 
outrages, faoesicoialaftira!) o^olaz; (sra essdo ora 
0SeQjl::£4 the land sustained great injuries 
fDo^foiTO) (era' (^sosiot ^rolStSssretmlcTra TR. 
peaceably. a_j(ailnr)6t2ilor)(3iriajo Bhg 15. dangers 
of (macaiDo wealth. (araooKsiDe^gj^o agjcm ecsz^o 
5)<0>o5n| RS. fearing they would be ruined. 

(tSifSOneJOfb analan S. (V^tsranb to breath, or 
f5Taejo?)FireTdbh. (sranofol) fire, heat, — hence 
(Sianom^, laTam^ etc. (sramgjo^ grief CG. 

(GrSOOOjaJDOOo anavadbanam S. inadver- 
tence Vl. 

aSrenOQJUUl anavadhi S. Endless, innumer- 

OSrSOOOjrDrTOo anavaraSam S. incessant, con- 

(®rQOOQJrrofOo anavasaram s. Want of leisure. 

(St^nnojcruDlfWo anavastMbams. Unsettled 
(gra'aocDcruo po. 

C®fCr003mo anasanam S. Abstinence, fast- 
ing =altfi£Qlcfl5). ora. elcafiol^ Bhr. 

(iSr?)nncY\) anassu s. Cart (po.) 
(®fCOOaD99^0rt)o analiaiigaram S. Modesty. 

(®f?)OnDd65DC/9o ana'^asam S. Dark. mO)£r>oo'ao 

e><asi (STamosiOcoaocsznjg KR. (by arrow-rain). 

(ETC OOOoQj ejo ana'yulamS. Unperplesed, quietly 

(S^OODCO — (®r3fY)0QJ 


C®f5(TO0CL) — CSf^CfdcBi 

(tSr^OnoCOtTDo anagaSam S. Not yet come, tara 
mDCO^^ajlcuofOioaJ PT. who prepares himself 

CS^OOO-QJOrooanajaramS. l. Bad habit. 2. ir- 
regularity established by law. rrrj^a' (sramo^o 
(Oo <s<&:a)^ma)\n^ geng Sojorai KU. 

(SrOOOD^ H, anaj Grain. a)0<g^rnl<9)^o <m 
onoe3~l<&'§.o mssTgocesTl Ti. 

(SYOOOD^rY^nDcLJo aiiajnaptam (o^omoanejo 
AR2.) S. Not commanded. 

nsrsoODroiaDQj analtmavu S. Not spirit, m^ 

(ai0oaj^3S)(O) ggg (0)O3j0oo (sramatoaoaij ChR. 

qjldIqjIcsjjo Q^cmg (Sajo5)ej ©hR. 
(©^nODLQa anatham S. Unprotected, roo^o 
(sra'aoain (SajDCsTl BrPig, kingless, forlorn. 

f.0 (sra'aoasl TR. desolated. 

(BTomoLonrb m. — ld f. forlorn, orphan, widow. 

aoo qDo (sraooaSLDoo^ says R. after his 
father's death AR.^gtsiacnoLOocrcoDocsucruD 
ejK^in this lonely out of thewayplace(vu.) 

aST^noosroo anad'aram s. Disregard. 

den V. §crnl0l{tjra)SS8c)o(aTomoaral^ AR6.(=(BTa 
ooogt^) not minding. 

dSi^POO'fl anadl S. Without beginning, (sramo 
afi\(Si(€\^ MR. lying waste from times im- 

(SfSnODcLjl anapti S. Not obtaining (po.) 
(SrSOOoacOJo anamayam S. Welfare, ^rm 
oia. (STO^ Bhr. you are well today? = 6)croo 


CS^nOOCQJDfrOo anayasam S. Without trouble. 
dS'^OODrooDo anarabam S. = tgrama)rofmo. 
cE^nODcgjOro anaryaii S. Ignoble (opp. (bts 

as^oooe-irnjjo analasyams. Diligence. 

— crcjnb active Vi. 
05r^nnDOJO§jo anavasyam S. Not necessary. 

<Si MR. put himself forward without need. 

(Eif^nnocy <Ari anavi-sti S. Failure of rain KR. 
as^mcrnoldSiob anasti'j^ah S.No Atheist KR, 

(©^OOlOD ani5a (Braoarm (Syr.) Prayers for the 

dead, dirge. (srannlfOiDoiajggo V2. holy water. 
(STQOO|rC)jo anityam S. Temporary, inconstant. 

^ft3T3)o tgra. (aiOBsrnla.chsK aeSaO^o KR. 
aSrenolOBlrZDo anindlSam L. Blameless. 
(©fOOOlolcaao, cGi^nolSQcaao animisam, — 

mesam S. Not closing the eyes Nal2. otann' 

al.-fci.iJib the Gods, 
csrsoolfsifuuorb anirud'dhaiiS.Free — 

the morning star "Vi. 

(®r300l(BC^ G.0 anirved'am S. Undauntedness, 
one of the 3 ca)0f5joru)aul<£hro63)3d3 KR4. 

CtSrOnolejfYb anilail S. {\r oranb breathe) 1. 
Wind 2. = (aTamQinb f. i. (sraoolaiajDta^coTaltst 
croTLy<ac>o acBs)-^§o a med. 

(tS^OOlC/Bo anisam S. Without night, eternal. 

(S^nolaSLlCXDo aniscayam S. Uncertain. 

(©renolc^o anistam S. Unpleasant, displea- 
(513 ciolc^ai oral offensive person. 

OSifOOOlSPo anilam Tdbh. orocracmo a med. 
(©fOfYBtfo the 17th constellation (Lupus and 
scorpion's head). 

(®r5fvflaft)o ani^am S. (V^tHraab) Face, front, 
army (po.) 

CCrsrYflflf)! anibi S. = m)<r)wo Injustice. 

(®r?)rrfl(lDOfb anihai S. Free from wishes, (sra. 
(ST2)(b? P.T. 

(Sf^OQ anu S. prep, and adv. After, along, 
following, agreeing, raiaoa Nal. after that, el 
CLioro0a3ff)Quioro3@ Sit Vij. day by day, so ma 
OdB^cDo etc. sTaoBtSfiiemo ^0 Diaioemo oQ^m 
BrP 7. every moment. 

(Srsnraoe^ooJ anupmba S. Plty. eojonb ora'scaa 
s)5S)nm ojlcSflQlsicOfflsmo KR. eaoioasjftcnjlca'o 
w n_!fD<S0'j3jronb kind to his worshippers. 

CG^Oraa6>fD6>'Do ami-Jfaranam S. 1. Imi- 
tation. c^fflCMOQaiSirosmo onomatopoeia, gram. 
2. mimicry, drollery. 


(SrZXTradBiD — a5r?)ors CO 


<®f^nra^ — (St^^ODo 

don V. rtJKiaa>0)rolcOs) co imitate, serve, help. 
(cyajroralcaa (sra'iSsmig eo^a2;s)(f3) Bhr. (s% 
o_)toi^fmo3i?l crta'gi^ ai^ao Q^grarai) (song). 

flS»^nr3d650(2)o ana'^amam S. According to wish. 

05^0030653^0 anupram S. (=(ffraaa<aralcesi) 
Imitation; favor. — (graoStaiOral imitating. 

(Sr^nrg^eJo anu-^ulam (along the shore) 
1. Favorable as wind (maadi^ajcuocsy (po.) ojgj 
n_iol^ (sra'aDCffl c/acaooo gsi^ocanl KR. a soft 
bed. ©Qjftf) (araojcSs) (sra. (Ergxainrro, (Sta. geni 
MR. is in their favor. S)0'o^5)nbo (Sa.ijaaa^ 
ejsoBcb Mud. the divine favors which M. enjoys. 
(2aj5n|oQj6rno (^aolg^^ (gra. (srsjceal (o^«so 
TR. 2. compliance, acting in concert. (Stdiist^ 
nrn (gra'aoca^ rnl trro cnscDnTR. act with every 
consideration for — tffransinfeo QDlOT(Q_}a53foo 
(sn>. ojocqjorra MR. speak as he dictates. 
3. Success, ease, contentment. 0or)ci:«lraiora'(ScSs) 
§ remorse V2. (fto^ajo ora. (Sr^w\ succeeded. 
(Btacra^ajtm favor. (HK)aa(@ai«nSc2;os arooi^m 

Bhr. compliantly. 
(graos^ainb favorer, n-jlfmocu 5) jii^sj^roTlcrn ora' 

raoain 5).-Lj'ororao(b KR. 
r8Taad{@ejos(j^ false friend. 
(Braa9i@ajS5g_j§c9^ to favor, help towards, ma. 

Sig-j^ODtJ)^ MR. 

denV. (sracraigjiij^ces) f . i. mrafoi^rm tgtaoa^ejl 
:^ orfl^ MR. aid. croo^a^<Sicb cgra^Tjilnrn 
aQ&>(SB(jQo ora'-^ Q_j06roi^ gave similar 

«SCdCQ>dd&(S\dd& TP,=(graaa'^aolcS6). 
(©fSnr2ce<2rio anuktam S. Unexpressed. 
(®fZ)Or3(^ao anukramam S. Succession, oraoe 
(^aofsl) one after the other (po.) 
denV. (Hra 03(^01(95) f. i. mjo °iai5l<9' — sono: 
ronf) (cyasfnlemo arm tsra — rrra Bhg 1. 
completes one revolution. 
C0f<5nrS(S'^OC/9o anukrosam S. Compassion, s 
gglajsngooiJl (HTO. KR. 

OSrSCYoCOCYb anugail S. Follower. 

fsraoBOoamo following, esp. by dying after the 
asoros'. husband =(gTaajf03S)S tsraOBCOZCT) 

6)00 mm Mud. Ought I to die with my 

den V. (St3aaco(alc6s) to follow, attend; with Ace. 

& Soc. mrocurosmos (graoacozltSasicaoKR. 
(SfilCRt^erOo anugunam S. 1. Conformable. 
2. secondary qualities, described as fourfold 

cSironrsdc/poDo anugraham s. 1. Favor, pro- 

pitiousness. (opp. onl^^aOo) gj'3C'a_i.'3Da9^nDo 

6)Q:0sn^ .aJDaiosrasg Mud. 2. blessing- caorua 

oa^j/jaOLacSranb Bhr. able to bless and curse 

effectually. (Hraoaj/jaoxiocOa sijiiogjl, (maajaK 

(ma. 6) oK^ BrP26. ag^cnao oj(g}S\<ss> mnno 

CS2J oQcm (Bra. S)-aJ(m KR. a blessing described 

'BT3aj5)n6o calrofrglfcA ^m^Zj^icB-Do-miiTiemch 

(@§1 (9>ro6!3Bch rosp|o ff>xi^ ora. s)jij^oc>D KR. 

den V. oraaa'^OoDlces) 1. to grant s-jniocu^gionb 

(Sia'^ Nal 2. granted her to discover, fsra 

(to1<Sc9) rnlgjonb mra. fffrat^nna (Saxia-cb rgra' 

(2c9s)Simo KR. may the gods be propitious 

to it; to bless. Q(j)S)nm (gTaaa(j£)QDl^\ai 


cStt)rYaj2jroorbm.fDlf. anujarah-i s.Foiiower 

(sra OS -aJrai"ia 0.0300 ail AR 1. with their train. 

tstaoajijrolcaiocsiJlfolceia crcQliao KR. follow the 


den V. (STaa3-Qjfalc9s) to accompany, attend. 
asr^nrd-oJlrWo anujiSam S. Unbecoming, fma' 

0ocai (T022iomo Mud. an honor out of place. 
asronrss^oro anujah S. vu. (Biaonlc/anb, (marnlaz; 

nfe, fern. (StaoBea, — ea.-onxl after born, younger 

child, younger brother and sister. 

fSTaa3e3neior)j9fii(ro)o the 10th and 19th asterisms 
after the mi2cr).3£a'^o TrP. 
OSf^CTo^Cu] anujivi S, Servant (po.) 
(&^CRi&!^ anuj'na S. Permission, mandate, 

(grgje^iaa^o (sraaaE^iati^o KU. rgia. 6) s>.o s'l^Sa^o 

wonh Bhr. took leave. 

(Siacumora!) (macraessroiOit^mo^ari (BTa(Sa2/0©^3ilfa(! 
cozl<98(Tra KR. with his leave. 
(SifOOQroiDQ-Ja anubabam S. Regret, repentance. 

a.waaotffi^ -oflrral^ oia. (sroraig Bhr. 

den V. otaodfaiajlcsa to regret etc. 

(©rafYSWyi — (©rOo^S 


csfocTdso — (srocYaa 

(Si^ora.'rsw.QoanuttainamS. i.Be8t=at3T3)(S0o 
«5ia0o f.i. (sraa3i5TO)0cO(TTnBhg. 2. M. also bad. 

(©reoci'^lnno, csi^nrae'cuonjo anud'inam, — 

vasam S. Daily. 

aSY?>nrsonCBlato anunand'ikkas. To be comfort- 
ed. (Hran(2g.05 (sra'^SJ^o^ooDvit) Bhr. kindly. 

(tSfSOSnOCO'o anunayamS. Consolation, respect- 
ful address. oracrsmcQJSi'BroiDSis ojosroi^ Bhr. 
coinplaisantly. fBT3. 5)-aiogijl (msnagjl-^ KR. 
consoled, ongjoj) rara. Bhr. patience is needed. 
C. V. to comfort, persuade. moTiocaJl o-josrorojcra 
cocan^^ajQa <aalg-p^ Bhg 4. 

(S^aaPODCrolc&io anunasipm S. Nasal, gram. 
CSrt)CY3o_>(2 oanubamam S. Unrivalled. maodcLAiz 

rasTDo a-iFI-^ CrArj. fffraciS'Lja S)c&.osl KU. 

king's flag. ,'3roa3o-j0a_ji&itfl RC. 

CS^OrgQ_lD(TDoanuba6am S. Proportion. @nyoa 
cuD(Uio)i9i'o^QOajo Bhg 6. being equally pleased 
with each other. 

(Sf^CTda-iOCno anubanam S. Drinking after, 
vehicle of medicine. 

(Si^nr^g-J dBi anuppu'jfa T. a M. (maod T. Te. C. 

to say, see cgraoo) To send; in official style 

Q®y(ml (Htaodgjlon <9>o'2jo o^nnorab TR. 

(SfZXyb&OJCrVJo anubandham S. Connection, 

as of acts & consequences. soiiDcreaucouo cu 

folc9s)C2J0(ai) Nal 1. seeing the bent of her mind. 

den V. (BTgjQ-KSraraos (ST3CTd5iX)caDl^'1§nm cru 

cnjfBtS) KR. misfortune coming out of 


(SrSnra'SQ-Jo anubhavam S. l. Enjoyment, ex- 
perience. (Q_)i^cafii (Biaoaeajo egg (8i^o^3(b 
MR. the peons who see it daily, mroi&joassxio 
suffering hell-punishment. 2. produce, all 
advantages arising from possession. o^cSlca; dho 
ejo (sraaaeajo (a_)0osr!')0oai6ic9>osn|TR. as his 
possession is proved. 0)032? a^aacruo sxx)^ m>. 
gssmgo TR. the rice harvest, cfeoaicrasajo the 
produce of a tree (one of the 4 gscc/o) nnej 
sijacb (ffroaaeajdjflacao ajaDDrai MR. when they 
bear less. (Bia. a®So 5) jiiom^ tree in full bearing. 

3. fruit tree. (maase^Jffiracbsiaj-^MR. planted 
the parambu. 4. grant of a land at a pepper 
corn rent in reward of service, also symbolical 
present of a betel or cocoanut at the time of 
executing a deed W. 

tsiaaaeajlcSs) 1. v. a. to enjoy or suffer, possess. 
(gol ogjoofoi Qgjg(a_)a)orao (sioa3eaj~l-^ MR. 
how did you come by it? cu6Tno(So_)0Gjo <fl^ 
§1 (gTaa3e-.xng_jonb cruoco'm) ojcrnlgj TR. 

2. V. n. 0(gJDa32/O3lJl 5)aj^«SaTTm 6i<0n(SJ^o 

ongcss) (graoaeojl^ CLinrra TR. enjoyed all 
the rights. (mactSiS^jlgjoooctel (tnsrosmo TR. 
put us into possession. cnlScQJOCOo cuonTl 
<m<m eicn:s\^rna cnoc/363i3c)o e,moo (Siacies 
culcaffl gj^Bhr. eflojQB §S5ijo ojcmodaQj) 
^1§o ChR. 

make to enjoy, cijroo S5jii'5yo)fm^oo(gT33-i55nr) 
(STaoBSOjIgjltSiso KR. render to, avenge on 

(iSi^nrs^oOJo anubhavam S. i. Symptom of 
mental states, (gojcia sia'Donoaaeoojo ajfmOTail 
Nal4. silenced his objections. 2. = (a_jSDaJo. 
aaODoaeoajcib magnanimous, high dignitary. 

<®rOnrd(§fO^ aiiubliu6i S.^tmaaaecuo f.i. cruj 
ccDOdtg^^ Heavenly enjoyment. o)5),Uca50io 
ojejrtJi (Sioas(§(aic3jocan PT3. = (5t3a9SQjl^cu 

(&Zi(yd(S^O(y)o anubliogam M. (from S.)Enjoy- 
ment, usufruct (= oraaasajo) iSiaxiffroislcs^SiS 
(STa'05)gjoTR. it is the company's own. rooKjatcia 

TR. Government has the usufruct. (maoafSsoco 
n_j(ro)odeed of hereditary grant ( = (5raaasajo4), 
also (saad(Ssocos)<Bs,o<^. 
(grocrsS/gocolces) to enjoy (also of coitus.) 

((S^^CTdOinf] anumaSi S. Consent, leave. (SXKtrH 
cs^5)S 0lipl(0)gl,T3() 6i(b (gro. S)Q>0(£\^ Nal 2. an 
encouraging glance. 

dSi^CYSQiroerDo anumaranam S.=rBTaaaco0(r)o. 
0o,-a)oaj (BTO. 5) jxicmUR. Died with her husband. 

(SfsrrafflD — (Sr^aaaj 


cc^nraojD — (sroorarro 

(CfOoraODOnoanumanam s. infcrcnco, guoss. 
(Icn V. roTOoaalcQs) f. i. rsra'dilsinbo o-iroliaoem 
6)csa)(sactd<S\ (BsiOo Gan. from this you may find 
the amount, oqcto) (Hra^sooo^ (m3a3(2lg_j@ 
RC46. compare. 

(©^oaaoai), (tSir^nrsoJDOfb anumaii, — van 

EC. Tdbh. Hanuman. 
(SifCoaSfflOGo anumod'am S. Approval, joy. (m- 
(S(oi3)05 §io s>^^ AR. (mo'oiaos (srgifS^rfino 
Qjii^ Bhr. 

(Sf?)a3CQJD(re) anuyatra S. oijiiigi, Bhr 2. Accom- 
pany for a short way. mra. (Sq_joc9i V2. (mp 

6)^nmcB''g_jl^ KR. 

C®f5nf9(SCQJDCOo anuyogam S. Question, 
den V. (gra'colces) to enquire Vi. 

(SreoQfDo&Oio anuraktams. Attached. (Hiaajglfal) 
(8iaQaroceo)Onoai?l VetC. enamoured. 
(S<7)C(b(06f^Cn fondness. eaooerocX) rara. (Btg) 
C. V. (a-)e3iSi6)a (ST3a3fD6iBslg^c9acrra KR. gains 

their love. 
(®f?!nrdfDDC/^o tender love, foiaalrai rsra. KR. 
(brothers) (Q_^e3(e5c)3cSQ ciOiaalral (sra. Mud. are 
fond of us. ^smssBch (fhs^orab (grafdnm i ora' 
Qjo (33Jsmo veil, desire for them. 
CTna3oa3roooDl<Sic)o Mud. the adherents of N. 

Ct5vt)nr3^Q_io anurubam S. Conformity, corres- 
ponding with. cS)ZEoas(fO3Q-j0oQpJaso aoejo KR. 
(gTa(ail<s&j<e5) 'sraas^o.jaocans fosr^oo cruocefol 
csjjo ruosrai^, Qjoa.'BKOfm isra'aoca ojiplais MR. 
©j:^ 003(530-10 Nal 2. adv. — hence (HT^raiaoaB 

(f3ajoao(b Bhr. those like himself, ojoaraaooa 

®ti_jnb CG. 
(©f^OSSaio-Jo anulebam S. Ointment, rubbing 

with sandal powder etc. ^^coanuoOdejlaAnb 

KR 5. racSO)ZiOi^oo5Turaoa3(2ejcuar)ab KR. 
(SifZ)rY3(BeJD2)o anulomam S. Going with the 

hair or grain, favorable. 

cStDoraajGlcee^ anuvadlkkaS.To permit, allow. 

(HratdnonocdJlg (sra'Sceflsmo VetC. (srgjo o^nrn 
-Bta':^ consented. roo05)cr) g)framao);0)Oc)oajonb 
ora'ScSsiemo KR, oicnjroont) cnoajjosiro ojiS) -sra 
Qjrn (BraaaajBl^faicmjrat) TR. grant. 

(©ZlfYSQJOQo S. permission, leave, o^ooloan 
aceaoj^o (5t3. PT. I give you free leave, oj elaj 
crostBra (graaaojocroo (vu.) «nfoi(S5, ojosoiga) TR. 
(^(TBOJonb (H13. ajftsmal^es) TR. rnlecschcaeo (aro. 
oQaEblral; KR. if you also agree. rsraunS (ht3. «» 
mTl§<S(g) si3)6aBcb QO)§tDra)g TR. (313)0 oQcmod'o 
^g^ TP. assent. 

(©^nrdCUfCYOToftiab anuvarta-yaii s. Follower, 
also ajoaetaoajDoaxicsWcffioo ojcSgisimnb KR5. 
raraasajnsral-^ KR. submitted to the missile. 

CSfSOBCBQjeJo anuvelam S. Continually, mra. 
Qjl(Scr)osl-o4 AR. 

(®rz)Oc)C/5CQ;o anusayam S. Regret, also tmacra 

(GifQrYdC/9orr\51ce6^ annsasikka s. To advise, 

reprove gently. 

(SrcnQf^oCOo anusangam S. (oroocoo) =01303 


CtSr^CTQcagDOno anustlianam S. (ctudd) Perfor- 
mance, esp. of rites. orcfT^ooat£goooo=arocTiDiO 

(912130, (QJ(Tn0O3d^0mDSl(&C>3 6)-^^ VCh. 

(StoOBcfiglcfls) (p. part. (5t303cEQl(tj)o) perform, 
observe. 5)6nj'cuu0o^o ogj^josojo (graoac^ 
(8i95)5rr)o KU. spread, roosacuo^jo {sra'-^jgo 
m§^ KR 4. 

C. V. (5r3oac^g_jl(S5) as iQ^dDo ora. UmV. (the 
spiritual guide). 

as^nrsrojoruUDOOo anusandlianam s. Investi- 
gation. (WOT)_iooacrocm)3mo = (cgjajemajo rata 
rain^aJDonajo anoooajo KeiN. 
(©rSfYBrrofDo, — (Denoo anusaranij — ranam 
S- Following, obedience, raraoacroroo 6^<9505n§o 
(ajlcsi;ojDaijo 5ia>06n|o ojcoroialajoctol KR. by 
indulgence. (sraosarofOsmaj^cDo Nal 2. con- 
ciliating word, raiac^j ocasocoo (gra'emaocsiil q_i 
osrorgi MR. spoke for the plaintiff. 
(BTaoBcroro^icSs) to obey, acquiesce, imitate, on) 
65i3c)a (ftoxisrois^canroi) (maVcy TR. <&)g-jao<Sajo 
5)t>j (m':sA ^%^ ^^ subject, raraajs^oo rata' 
^ ff)CLi(Sc9a6mo Mud. employ him according 
to his prayer. ojicjulcoaoT) ojluTlta-jiflioroo 

(sreoacTOD — <s(^cmi(& 


csfQcr^em — cs^(y^,m 

(sra'-^rnl^ TR. acquiesce in the verdict, 

ODo (5rool6roro)0f3i) (sra'cSsrmg a^oaa^ TR. 

wink at it. a^oj cofOfTlsiSia (Sta'gjonti enjaio 

assngo KR. can I follow, imitate thy flights ? 
C. V. f. i. anaii^smeses)^ (graoaorofDlg^^^o 

AR3. make to follow. 
(E^nrarroOfDo (Loc. — sro) according to. |ta) 
ff)ro (sracffi^oejo (jozaociaaroorosmaoaiil KR5. 
let the ambassadors go as justice demands. 
(sraaaoDDrol follower. 

(tSTSnrsrojjDroo anusvaram S, The nasal sound 

represented by o, gram. 
(SfOO^Q_!o aniibam S. (f5Tacrd+ tsragj ) Watered 

land, moist country or climate. 

(tSi^fVjfZDo anr5am S. (griro) Untrue. 
(®rS(200 ane see (gracr). 

(tSrQ(gOOd95o ane'^am S. More than one, many. 
(5T33cr)(9)COo, fSiatsnoiS) qjIcjoo manyfold. (grasm 
<95o (sa<Scni 00 qJI§ ojiSnanb CCh. quite alone. 
(HtaSciniSiocarifDo Bhr. many thousands. (5T3<Scn 
<9)o (5ra®an(3)o raoa3(95)02i0(b KU. culfoib 'Htosot) 

(0)0 Q_)0C2;D<b RC. 

plur. orasoo^aiib many persons. 

(Srsffiffinoajfb, n. (CirSbie^no.-j^o aneivar, 

— ttum T. a C. a M. So many, all (='313'® 
Ojjo) syr. doc. 
(S^rW:o anSam S. 1. End, limit. (STa(T3)5)tnT3)(tyo 
aS\:£\ CG. died. (3Ta'0^gjOo)ra)O«a (201300 un- 
bounded. raT3,Ta)a^^05)O)0as cniSoroo-ajrarsjora!) 
CG. immense joy. (majg^nmrnnoQjRStoralBhr. 
stopped. 2. T. Te. C. Tu. (= jiJcTOo) beauty. 
(StacTOo 0ol(9) 1. a fencing trick, jumping 
back (?) ; to out a sommerset (Stonroojo i^cnjo 
(BTDO^srara), ooltijcai^nrn aftotacroo aolsroi^ TP. 
sign of joy, victory ora. ao^^raij; gymnastics 
(Sts. 0'rolc0aOfonb an accomplished gymnast. 
2. (Tdbh. (sraonoo ?) to be enraged, lose control 
over himself. 
CSr?)rr?Dde5ab anba-^ail S. Destroyer, Tama. 
(B»a(TO(O)0&JC2;o Hades. (gra'tBtJslcmcBJcas) kill, po. 

i3TaiTO(S3oro)o ojosrai^sajocaTl vu. (grasnroocroo 
died suddenly (by Tama's spear ? or (gracro) 
005)0 to the very end). 

(Sr?)orc^6YDOft) anbanah T.m. (beautiful, cool?) 
A Brahman. (Staaa)(3smD-oiraa SG. oranrosimnao 
rolrai) Qjlodjooruo SiPs. 

(SfOor^g, c®rorf5)fb an6ah, anSar S. (Entos; 

intus) Inside, in comp. f. i. (maorosc^jijo AR. 

with inward grief. 

(Brant!) 8 (ftfOCTDo 1. the inner organ, heart, 

mind (including am 8 sryl^Tl (sra.-^OSBjOfOo 

^OTDic) (Hra'cnralmosrgDcaJl roerg oddzo viz. 

<zcr>^ , enjl^ KeiN. ora'dsialrol) jjloo)) 

^onb Mud. (5ta'(Cial(t)ii Qj(rarDre)lc9a consider 

'Bra'cmalrob nnlc@jca0O3i?ls (BeruouSltftao TR. 

you will surely perceive (hon.) 2, favor. 

(= lannrrg ) coajem <b (T0og^aj(bi>.5)a rsra. oj 

aul-^ Qjsirasmo TR. 
(SraoTO 8 (xjroo women's appartment in palace. 

(sraoo) 8ajrala50Oib females of the palace. 

(Branra) 8 ajrosoHa^fsi) (xilaajotTOo Nal 4. faith 

in women. 
CS{^CCG)(bo an6aram S. 1. interior, interval, fm 
OTOfOo S)i&iD@23o Mud. that's the moment, sc-ao 
aro)(Sfa whilst, also ojlejoculcSgo (gTanra)<SfO as 
he wailed (po.) @56OT§0onra)t§fD CC whilst. 
2. difference. (a)Zt?lra?> tDg.s)(^ staoTOfOo, <s?lie ooqo 
(sa^ooQo (OisoBglejgg (staorofDo CS. calcSfla 
S)jai^aT)izj)lom (sra'cijo ^gj TR. shall be pun- 
ished without fail. (SiatoilaT) {gra. Qjrolia5 ©gj 
jud. shall be surely done. Ota. o^nrnlsai; 
(®iT)rW)fDoCOo anSarangam S. (cBTao(^o) Mind, 

(SYDCYlDroD an5ara(Instr.of(gTacTO)(b) Inside. (sraoTO 

rooojora eojonb meanwhile. 6)Q_jDig^ fmornlfai) tgra 

froroo 6)-aimoBhr. 0«smo (^(SyTlnmoTOt^o ojlipl 

6rai3)onb RC88. in the nose, oraororoo ool;2)(ijl 

-oi Mud. =g)gglf3i). 
(STt)Or^,rtiDf5iao an6araltma S.Heart.fBTa'ajlnrn 

arts eul(Tn(a) (ijl(2c;3cml^o asi^ SiP4. you 

have a deep grief. 

feirZ)Pf?nfDD — (Sropf^Qj 


(SrOPfTOQlJD — OSrapfcTldBjo 

(S^rYWfDDCQ^o anSarayam S. Obstacle — M. 
trick Vi. (BrarrarooazjcOsiOfDnb crafty Vi. 

(G^rY<T,ft)D^o anSaralam S. intermediate space. 
<2(i_iDa)c2;oroi 3uazan)(t)0(S^ CG. (= QjaocvD<S(ti) 
cSK)cma>oQ.(SO)^mh gjggcixb KN. castes placed 
between the 4 original ones (as (HraaoJiuajD 
av\ etc) 

(S^Cm:(6\<:Be anSarikka l. (intereo) To die f, i. 
Brahmans, to disappear, fail. — (graowra'faio 
dead. 2. to differ. miSsS.TSia) 5)a_iaSca5iQjo gjgo 
(S)6!SBd)(rl (SK>aa)(S\ ^ <Sc/D.£noCS. the difference 
between that sum & this. 

ffS<li<y^.fS]c&^o anSarlksam S. Sky. ora'taiaosa] 
cumo Q^nrrao (uoma ojoto ag)mooQj)_aiOfol_^Ti. 

(tsrQP(Ty)fD°la_Jo anbaribam s.(=aJla_io) island. 


(GT^ora^CgrD, (Loc.) fSf&CWXSfO&no aii6are, 
— ena S. (Instr. of Braooroo q. v.) between. 

rGTOOTT/CbaDo an5arga6am S. i. Entered, 
hidden f. i. a (^pjSroooDo = (gtadbtsra^oTo ajo 
o)g_jS0o)(3) ©ro"lc9ao(2aoDQj amed. 2. mental, 

(Sf^<yG)(^(iDo anSargrham S.= (araara)8ajfoo 

CSrSprc^^^OOo anbarjanam A Brahminee 
(=^ (STa<aic3ia)Z0) mn:y^railf£lca^5)s gj^rma a(b tsra 
aros^oo.'oialfm oraojroocuo gtjrgocsri TR. 

(Sr^jproiojonoo anbardhanam S. Disappear- 
ance. (Hia.unt) {granracjusoniaaa!;) Arb. oalajcaTlfDl) 
(gra'cijosi^cm VilP. vanish, as Gods. fsra. (o-jo 
ojl_^ Brhmd. 

c®f?)rttr;f§QLjl:66),aii5arbliavikkas. Be included, 

intervene, ojl.-aio m>. Bhr. will not enter. 

cSfOfYU^^OCOo anbarbhagam s. inside. 
cs^(yG)Q:^Q,0 anSarmuda s. With inmost joy 


(GirCrrOKgjDCOo an6aryagam (m''s):mi ^sssqI 

Bhr. Inward sacrifice. 
(SrOOTTjCgjOal an6aryami S. Inner guide, soul 


(SfZ)cmiCLJCU)\j (Era pro jOlifSY^l an5arva5i, — 

vatni S. Pregnant (po.) 

OSi^rWjQlJorrOo anSarvasam R. Living within. 
a5Y?)OTr,QlJDaDd650ft) anbarvaliapii s. (=(3T3 

(TO)^D0l) racoa'i (313. God AR a. 
C&Zcr^.cro Oq_Jo anbastabam S. Burning grief. 
(EtZjO^dOJCtodcoJI anbavasayi 8. (onorroo) 

Barber po. 

c®rorY^ot?a, csr^jpru^ocoio anSalam, — ay am 

1 . The cross plank in a jangada. 2. bar, as 
before window, oro. ©§■* to lay bars across 
Vl. 2. 
C^rSPfWD^o anSalam ((Bracauoq. v.) Pride, high- 

mindedness. den V. — Vi. (marro)oalc6s). 
CST^rroTl an5i Tdbh. crccr^, Evening, often 
called gajoD)^; both joined (srarRs'cq^o (Saanrol 
0^0 fgT5)(S3®auocb ojrocsi^rai) orassiRSBsmo vu. 
csmroo agaTOl(S0O(T!nlc!ioSajog.o TP. — (2a_ioco 
onocb (BT3cn»l<s« Mud. (marnnlscajoao till eve, 
continually. (3rarn3)lcaoa2?l it is late. OTamartnlroo 
fOTS) Q_i6n'riQ)<a)05"§ (HracTOlc2)0i95irro^ prov. do 
not continue the work beyond eve. 
Cpds. (5TOrro)~'::ajajg_j red sky. (5Ta'g_jDC32;5)(i_ioairolcLri 
CG. A golden plough. 
ffftacnnlraialral the evening light. (STasl^fwalcSao 

mro'cfi^o e,(Si iZjS ojcrnlgj marks of a well 

ordered household, however poor. The 

ancestors require the light. 
oracTOlaaiib (S. crccnUjoroocoo) Tuberosa or 

Polianthes; mrao^aajrol perh. the same, 

or Mirabilis Jalappa? Rh. 
mxv^ZciOOiho^ch KU. a Paradevata. 
(BracTO^cajoajgglai nb a med. plant (tgra'oinbo (gojib 

a. med.) 
(StarralajjoceQ night's rest. ^(SoDSi'OTa rao;®) 

calrai (sra'ctelcna Qjros§ TP. 
(STacKslajlatfls ooucefl TP. = (gracrala5K3)lrDl. tgta 

n:TOlQjlg.o9oTl(Tra smroiaocffll TP. 
(S^orfild&io anSi'yam s. i, ((btooioI anti, oppo- 
site) Near esp. Loctgracrols^, onlsmcSffl (aiarro)^ 
<oc0) Qjma CG.= (gt3§i2<fls); si3)Dnb fgiasmsrai^oejo 
(HtanrolSiS) (prayer) may I draw nigh! 
2. (fSTOCTO)o) what reaches to the end. (Q_)05Tr)a 

az»lc9)0ocBj ssmjuo KR. punishment that lasts 

till death. (gi3aald}.0a|.o tstarraainb CG, 

cSrt)6)rY^o(Sno— (©rcrmo 


(®f5nnnfsfc — asrsorto.^ 

(srQr(^Zo=(sa?p£\^o 1. & 2. 
(®roff)rr^o(Snoc/B_irDab an6onesvaran Nasr. 

po. Eternal Lord. 

(©tiP^o anSyamS. (rstdcmo) Final, last, mranrmj 
(012210 Bhr. burning the corpse. 
(sranTOiesob a low caste. 

OJYOiOgjo antram S. (^orarnnoo, G. enteron) 
Entrails, med. commonly m^fQG)o, 

C®fZ)(SOQD^o andolam S. vu. (gratScroaao, 6)0^ 
SoTOsS-oWhat swings, a litter, tsra. ag>o^ ojo 
6)gj^ Nal2. tgTa3.i3oala>ajoaOcS--ri20(b Bhg. 
the palankin bearers, 

(3t3 Soto 00^(0)0 S. swinging, agitated. ota'aDcsn 
OTXSfmroo (srgjcuaou, tsTD'aoc^izsimgi cs^;auo 
Bhr 7. waxed doubtful. 

(©fOrrUJo andham S. Blind, infatuated. (3T3cnuro 
eajcaanaorooairi CG. also (granvuiftib the blind. 
oracTLDaioooLDnb, — cnDcaainb Camsa, the prince 
of the blind CG. — alsr^Doim (mDOXUmocdyinna 
^rral^ Mud. thunderstruck, — (Sraoiuai, (Ba 
aW(S)Jo blindness. [calfalissMud. 

(sramuaiDfOo S. darkness. oiaorLOi&DfOcSQsreo 
(SracTVO.aiamj S. great darkness (po.) 
(ffracuufoioialijipo (perfectly dark) a hell, ora'^ 

CTU0DCr>(2Oo <S35reo Mud. 

(HtacnUDCl (see (gracraoao) bewildered, fool, 
hence oracnUDalfoiJo, f5t3au)oa^:54 So-iaai, 
CV. fSTOiTiDoalgJlasi to bewilder. fsracncDal 



[Pasture, food, po. 

OSitinruJoro andhasSUS.(G.anthos, Soma plant) 

I. (TSTQnnno annam S. ((BTaanno) i. Eaten, food, 
boiled rice, livelihood, oranmvxjomj meat and 
drink (po. also (granmraoruo). (8iafmii(rruo food 
and raiment, coacbsocoo oQaiaig otanmo geSl 
^IsssiDo VCh. support of king. 
(3T3(Tna^S|ri;^c/ajrola Bhagavati. 

ffltaoDfSeal green vitriol. 

II. (©ropnoo annam (and (mcmc^?) Tdbh. aoo 
cruo A swan or goose, hence fsraracacmo. It is 
celebrated for its walk & as being able to 
separate milk mixed with water, ojoailral) aioi 

rarmo (So_iOo)aj CG. (fta^anb OLjonrra ojonfe ora 
cmssB&j QcLjow QJtfl <2ajo<0!nmSgjo5)ej UK. 
I follow the great as crows the swan. 
(3T3aDS^c95)Dsl the swan standard B. 
(HTaaT)msc9s)DfDr3ii^l, ftnarmo ^5>srro) (Banms 
caooV) RCio9. = aOocrccooialan1. 

CE^nnnf?n) annal (prh.^^tBranno II.) a bird 
of stately walk, (Hrarmdignrxb mscffiscbBhr. — 
crying voice (BTDcmcSoj nol oQ'T^ crocrotroo (S& 
y^ma CG. — The 2 birds are distinguished in 
CG. 'matmssBcX) s.xjDSiai fosrmi-mlrab o-TlnDos^ai 
(5tanT)o)aj<SgL_j3nej a.rasroi^ ajlsom children imi- 
cmxTTd annu M. (T. C. (mchq, from tm) That 
day, then <Q>5rsSn"n. Bhr i. ever since I saw. 
(SKtrra ffio-jQaraiDo 1. the price it will then 
fetch (doc.) 2, a certain tenure. 
(BTacmriTD day by day, (gracmma Q_i6m1«^<^ 
by daily work, ecuJT|cm <&;D<2jt'0i3)inT) (sa. 
oQ^ioil QjroltQiO^o eaj6Tr)o TR. from time 
to time. (sracme.-BKsg the production of that 
day. fSTa<2ar)SS @5n| tmijjgjcinlcOia CG. (gis) 
I shall at once be flogged. 

asrsofbo-^, (SfQcn^ anbu, ambu t. m. (C. Te. 
(8raai)3i, Tu. cgtaoco) I.Love, affection, oia 
(2auo§ aiaio^.-otaafol) tsiag^ (prov.) rgracaiooorsi) 
gcnJOQ, if love fails, the right fails also (of 
family connection, joint possession), hence tera 
rnjo ^oojo KU. (HTacriDgyDiTsra acra-iUjftSo aicnll 
^D.TSi^D aiocaeyo VyM. 2, also trust, devotion, 
(OifcA.xjoao (atasmjD§ <ftcTiji§!Sn"nn6 VilP. ora 
ouoo (SY3)tplainrai) i^sobI KeiN. fgracnjaio ajcto 
rara. 6)a_ioipl6ti3i5 ojcnS^:^ CG. oraTLilfai) qQ)§k^ 
hence (BTa3)CTuy>o loving ajOxiCD (sra, (zncnjl RC24. 

QaaigcQicnntiScucOcDiaainbRC. dear child. 
(manbo-jftb 1, lover, friend, (gracrufolral! mrantio-i 

crao Qjoufoltal) ojcruaao Bhr 2. 2. husband 

0dj0<sic)oce«nba_inb RCiis. 
(TJ>TOnt)a_Jd&) (po.) to be fond of, connected 
with, cuaicnlajnbxjnm a_ia,e3®ajo.aJannb the 
very merciful. -Qj^gJlajl(2^o§ ■Shenb (S&dswiZo 


(SrQOQjQ — cercrn .ocoio 


(SfsnojOOo — (S^no-jcQJo 

canbajacnj CG. tbc arrow consisting in the 
glance, (Sijprab (Oinbrmaio mraobaji)) 00 <2j^m 
crul CG. abide, dwell. .SiDsroislroeoaosciajo c/a 
©jrosiro Anj. residing. ajliPcal^oSiiO) i2i(m^w 
cnjlm ajlel-oasmab RC, (=^@g) ojLiilajocsiilrot) 
cnlnDauD5)(0i (.ijlong<Sa_iocan CG. quickly, cma 
nbajicino(b aafsrooflfoo csajaiiSvck) CG. were en- 
gaged in. 

(SrOPQio anyam S. 1. Other, chiefly in S. 
compos, but also (srarnj a«sajnb MR.==0q)OOD 
nscunb — t3tac2jrB3(fc others, strangers, also 
(Sramjcud) Vi. (srac^jfrn diversity. 2. descent 
fsrac^oonlorra So-iDa^, tgra. i^sla^^Q) the family 
to be extinct. (=(BTaan-ica'o?) 
orarojeaoitnlcfifflOfanb of another caste. 
sracn.'® elsewhere (po.) 
(5T9T)jLQ3 Otherwise mrar^j'^^*'^-'") (sram^LDOih 
rasmo change of mind, acting contrary to 
(StacniLDD,-a)_io Qj-a^^^ma ajrao KumK. = 
0OOOO. (gTam;i-DD(mJoa_io<a) to refuse, miacnj 
LDO eajl(9sicd71^ is irrevocable (a curse)- jivl 
gjcdi^rtjinb a)g-jao(3rac2)U3oojoc9s)l'^so KK5. 
cannot be altered or avoided. 
(SracniLOoajroi)((grac2)>-OOf3l)) of different nature — 

(SyacnjLDoejgg^ another man's. 
(mamiBo at another time, sometimes. 
(3iarniB3(TOio Nals. servitude to another. 
(BracTOj e .-Uj o = ojrae^ o- 
(sramiS)Qj§52gib distinguish (5rg)(;yiziD.ijlmo ea 

ai3«coi3) fifram)5)g_]§52a!aj^ (Tatw.) 
(5K)fnjroo^i9s)0(b MR. foreigners. 
(aiarnjQJcyoaocSta to transfer. 



= CB 


(aiaonjOfaoo for the sake of another. 
gStsoQiQCQJo anyayam S. 1. injustice 'sracnjooio 
cgraoojocaio o^nrrD (S^iai 0:00^.34 armojnb o)g.faKsirai) 
<9)Sfaol(T)D(b SiP 3. Brahmans demanding re- 
dress- (modern usually CYiiOCSuroQDl(jno).(ST3. onl 
emcfle QJon.xiDcroo Bhr. unlawful. 2. cause for 
complaint. g)Qj(fl« (gTac^joai'o g^s'^oainfai (Syr. 
doc.) 3. M. complaint, suit. «na. s)aJo3s), S)-ai 

f^, IS) ^z^^ f. i. fsraxiob onlsinbo sarab (sra. 
6)-qJ^ (jud.) (BTo:un!) ^esasicn 5)^<m oQcm 
QQ)5)abo rsra. (sr^Stcna ; (grasoajcBralraf) (sa. 5)aj-^, 
(sa. S)aj^ ojomj TR, the disputed land, ora 
ajrtSa")s<S0foi) 6)aj,2j (sm, Qtm^cal-ai, (sr^ croa 
srmalmo faiD£y,rf3ffl^i-3!) ora. <g6mDCJulajl:£^ MR. (grgi 

(Sihcbo-Tlcaaoo, (513. o_iocsi'Do TR. shall prosecute 
you. 4. (mod.) the plaintiffs (StocrijOcacSsioronb 
f.i. (sacn^ozio rooanb the plaintiff R. oia.'njo 
cffio (o-jfrnliQicb MR. 

(graf2jOcajS5g_j§<a)=((3Taf2jOC2;o 3.) to lodge a 
complaint. (HT3g ajlji)oroli9acm(znl(rn ora's 
sued for consideration of his claim, 'gia'g 
Q_)Ocnj MR. the p. under litigation, mra'g 
(5Tj)2Q_jafial^ (pid.)(gT3nrn1c2JDCi2;5)g_j§ora!iKR. 

(SYOrnjOOo anyunam S. Not deficient, (gram, nn 
eoeamo CG. unspotted. (macn,(Dfooooon_iosroT^ 
Mud. most tenderly. 

cSr?)(oOQj anye (S. from (sacn^o, or = a@nrnl<2c2;) 
1. Without fBT3Sao<Q)o (HraSon, alone. 2. except 
0R3W)O rarasc^j 05)oooR53aj<9) gj^ PT. 3.= 
(sacn, other, besides. (Htao^eraraxnilcoi) (srasc^j ©roj 
(ftooo 6)OTalsRji^ (SisreooA, (Brasrnj area qja 
(Bjooo TR. 

cSiroCoOQjDrQjo anyonyam S. ((stac^js (Biac^o) 

1. One another, mutually. (3Ya Sao, om, 0(^02,0 
mutual dependence. (grascrijocnjxncojocniu 
TR. 2. friendship, ora. curojcgSiQ' to be friend 
Vi. ^Daj5lcQs>3(t) <&i@ga2D5)ro (SiaSfn,omjaocan 
o-jojyl-aj TR. lived on good terms with, ora 
Qj5)«> (3)3. (srgjanl gained over TR. 3. an m^ 

{sraSrn^om}<3c95)§ enmity Vi. (2). 

(©f^nojcoio anvayam s.((HTa(TO+®)i- Lineage 

(^fO(a)Dcr)_ica;(i3T3n33j(c)l) Q_^n^O'SJ fOoeaDsSsicXj Bhr. 

2. logical connection of words (= a_iroyofO(TOo 
6njaU)o)(Bt3CTnJCSDaJ0i&jO Tatw. the word with 
which it is constructed. 

denV. (ffram-ioif^cSta to construe (gram.) (513 
Qjl(uafcra)omc-aD((TOo (sra'^olsrar^ KeiN. in- 

(Sr5nn_i(gaj — (SrQn-icn 


c(Sfr)o-jj3j — a^ci_iro3 

(Sr?)oo_i(gajQ6g^6o (?) anvavedaniial Bhr. 

Udj'og. explained as secondary sciences, viz. 
casnao, eonoo, tgral^canoo, (ai2a_j3aolreg(perh. 
(sacDAZij^zue).) [ever. 

(®^500_iaDo anvaham S. ('gtaoa+fsraios) Daily, 
(©^noJlrZDo an vi6am S.((HTaod + ^) Connect- 
ed with — roceraomjl'Oio bloody, etc. 
cevannJlcB^ anviksa S. (aDnjcSa!) Philosophy, 
also (ffiamjlii^ri Vi. 
(grocDjlc^o & (grasnoj^oai^o sought. 
(®it)(5OO_Jca2i0 — cmsmo S, ((fftaod + a.-aa) 1 . 
lookinsr after, search (E5raocoor)0£(DJ:fi3o ffl_ajrQ) 
KR5. (Siocgj 'sra. investigation (jud.) 2. care 
fsraajm (gra-oilsntad) (sra'smalgj MR. does not 
mind it. (mcnjraocn roo^ (Hra'aDQaH ajfrnotrA TR. 
if the government should be entrusted to the 

(SK)'2cn-i:£S\<as; 1. to seek, inquire, investigate 
vu. fsrascnjconlcfls. 2. tocarefor fSDescQiD'^j 
Qjo mnDocsin mra'^ramD KR. oooo (ma'cOa 
OT) alc83 TR. the country under my charge. 

emo TR. 
(®fOo_J aba S. (G. apo — L.ab— ) off—, fre- 
quently confounded with (graxi.— Privation, 
inferiority. South (opp. ^«A), 

(SrZ)Q_jde5So abapdam (S. better (sraajaiso) 
Mischief, adventure, r^y jj^^j 

(erSo_idftifffi&noo aba-yarunam s. without mer- 

<£(^a^<£bc^o aba-yarsam S. Detraction, deteri- 
oration. dcnV. — cfia^caa to scorn Vi. 

as^Q-JdftiDfOo aba'yaram s. (& (aroajf^ca; po.) 
Harm, opp. ^oj^aroo; g)raj<9)0f^.'QTO)l(Tn md, 
<9>os<Q5 be ungrateful. cn3(S«od9si (sra. ajro^o TR. 
loss. aa_ia)oroaj1cjuoon3caDW>nooo sT3)3nb tsra. 
«naj qocto) 6)^<m (3a_i35ice;n6 CCh. 
(Sido-JdJiOrol injurious. — denV. — ro^cessi (Vi.) 

(Sr?)n_joe?lim(j)l, (®rDa_i^,OfC?l aba-jirti,— 

khya6i S. Infamy. 

(®^Q_jC/)rmo abagaSam S. (coo) Departed (sta 
ec2J3<93ajo AR 5. boldly, 
ojco-o) .■arooj CO 01(93) disappear, be lost Vi. 

C®'Z)aJ.QjCQ;o abajayam S. Loss, oracu^twolost. 
rTOTip \o \')(hn abajaram S. Mistake, affront. 

as^n_)^dB6ifW abajikkuru s. & M. (a_i^) 

Scrophulous swelling (=a_)yce5>ornra@). 

cGyCq_is!?cqJo abajayam s. (better sraaj — ) 
Defeat, rout. 6iQ_jor53^ (OiSiSBa'fai) (3Taa-ie3ca/5)g_j 
s (gcSlcsj^o o-ioroaocan Bhr 8. s.-moaijl (Hra. eiiao 
eireolsroigi MR. disappointment, 

C®ft>Q_J§ abadu S. (cu^) "Weakly, sick (po.) 

rGif^ci_iro)jo abatyam s. (oraQ-j) Offspring, ei^onb 

OTScLj^Wjarairil Bhr. I wish for a child, 
(Sv^n-lLDo abatbam S. Wrong road = nal'i> 

(tSf^Q-iLQjo abatbyam S. Not salutary, want 
of diet. (gra'i-irt5i^ca'off)-aJ2j3<S)|amed, (sranjfo^ 
ei3fD5mo 5)^t^j Nid, [trick Vi. 

CGi^Q_i(SQC/9o abad'esam S, Pretence, disguise, 
<®fZ)Q_inOCQ;o abanayam S. Removal; bad direc- 
tion, cq^^uo igra'aocail ^lasroigi Bhr 8. (=(STa 
61X1^1)0). [Prevarication, 

(tS^Q-iPOjOCOio abanyayam M. (ma-jmowo 
G5t^n_i(Q_)LQ abapratba S, Dishonor KR, 

(SYQa-jaoOOo abamanam S. Disrespect, affront. 
nr)5)22 (ST3. ajfraroralcaoejo on^cS^ aiig^zom 
aoaiJl onlcQDccri^ TR. I took your insult for 
an honor, (Seaj^sojOaiZismcSgo (3T3a_i03anSce6)§ 
Qj«s.iJK))l insulted. — denV. tgiaajBOOolcOs;, 

(SifOo-J^rgj abamrtyu S. Violent or sudden 

cSrSo-irDo abaram S. (oraajo) 1, Latter, follow- 
ing, other. f5tao_iroalcr)o next day, tgra'cuafiao 
the 2nd fortnight. (sraa-ifDOcip o afternoon (opp. 
o^c^o). 2. hinder, west. [y.^nq^ighcd. 

dS^aJfODsflrmo abarajibams. (n_jro3e3lfa)o)Un- 

aSirOn-jroDOJo abaradbam S. 1. Offence, guilt. 
a!aQJsraisl(S32,'3S o^olca; (313. O-aJm TR. 
against the C. 2. esp. trespass that implies 
loss of caste. (sa'Xi&,o(j3:m)^rm cuojiiAto tsra 
ajro3CJOf!5i(^(Tra (^d9s in civil cases pleading, 
in criminal the ordeal. oraaTOS^ooccTalmo 
Q_j@(S^rol (|jT^(a7i6)nbo (btd, ^sng TR, she 

(®rOa_Jf61 — (®fZ)a_lDoCOa 


<Sirt)a_iD(ro)o — aSf^Go-JOoOo 

fell through P. M. aa6)abo rmaarooioio ao 
cbaa TP. — (gr3ti_iroocju(fro^ a fallen woman. 
(lenV. rarao-ifoonjlcffei to offend, ruin, debauch, 
with Ace. srgjonb finoTUaja raT^'rSi's'^ TR. with 
Dat. raTa5)Z0cOt)i (gra'cSaofSiaD prov. (gracrae%3 
CDccTJnlfno QS5.iJ(Joajjo qj.tdot) (gra-i-jfoocjulcSe) 
w:>n^ TR. as she transgressed the rules of 

aSifOQ_Jf61i2X9lnfr)OrD abarichinnan Bhgs). 
(sraa-irolS-jardQinb S. ARs. Undefinablc, incom- 

(GifOo-JfOlalfOTo abarimi6am S. Unmeasured. 
KjTao-jfSlali-momngcuorDlcjol SidD. [scarce. 

(lSif^Q_l((^a-Jo abarubam S. Monstrous, odd, 

(St?)a_iCofQ0c8^o abaroksamS. (Q_i<sraocS£no) Not 
unperceptible. tsra'^aiessraiDmo knowledge of 
present or visible things KeiN. 

(©fao-JQJC/Do abavargam S. Final emancipa- 
tion. (5raQ-JX)y:5arolg,ul=: (20o,ftftio Tatw- 

(®^Q_jQJOQo abavadam S. Blame, calumny. 
(Stao-jcuoel calumniator Vi. 

CSifOQ_JQJDro&nOo abavaranam S . Concealment. 

((S<l^a-lC/dGOJo abasabd'am S. Solecism, {sra'0 


gjDS^fm cijosia-j^aice^gi prov. 
cSfQQ-JoroQJ jo abasavyam s. Right, not left; 

from the left to the right. laJoja?^'. 

(©^Q-JCTO onOo abasnanam S. Funeral bathing, 

(GVSq-JOTO OfOo abasmaram S. Delirium, epi- 
lepsy Nid. @n_j(0ioroo (STDa-jfTgfolce« g25)^oral 
cBaejo KR. forget. [Nid. febrifuge. 

aSifOo-ioDo ababam S. Expelling. ea-ifOD-xjoDo 
(®f?)Q_jaOr61:e» abaharikka s. To rob, extort, 
purloin, ajcvoaicV), nolejo 3n_iD:fl.(f33ft-Jsm tgra. 
MR. acquire by fraud, aciofr^oian (Hto. Bhr. 
steal the heart. 

(inafi-JaOoroo S. taking away, robbery. 

(SifSa-JoDorrOo ababasam S. Derision. (sra's-DTiio 

SIS @s<S0ral) s)(ao§l Bhr. [(ScSs^. 

(®rZ)Q_iOd9:o aba'yam S. Raw, indigestion, o-jDai 

(®fDa-JDoCOo abailgam S. ((Btaa_i) Outer corner 

of the eye. jiJasiiaiOQ-jaocoeocooajejlisocolc^o 

Nal i. = aiSc9s)6iTb. 

C®fDQ_iD(ro)oabatramS. Unworthy, unfit recipient. 

(jonoo (aT0i-j2fg)'0ialra') ^&>0'^'^ KR. 
(GtDn-SDQOOOo abadanam S. Removal, ablative 


(Sf?)Q-J3n^ao abanaii s. ((3Taaj + f5T3Tb)Anu8, 

wind from behind. [Ocean, po. 

i-TSifCQ-SomjroTl abambaSi S. (fsraxj water) 

(®^Q_JDCQ;oabayamS.(f8Ta:i_i + @j) l. Calamity, 
danger, tma'sracb cunnorai) g)ajocs2;6i5ach ©.usmo ; 
ajorolcjulrailroo (graajocacTUDomo PT i. danger- 
ous place. 2. loss, death. o^grSlcai otd-j_io(3D 
(3.T3ira)0§o ajDlgJO-iosroig) TR. fled with great loss. 
(BTa,-iJ2omS,-m3)D§o (ajSiS c/alg_jDmo<9n tara. (cs)£\ 
fell. S)ajsl5)cQi05r@ (gra. cuma were shot, qgoo 
S)g. fsra. ajfK:^^ TR. put to death. 

CSYOo_SDf51Do abartham S. Senseless. 
(TO)'Qjl<Sc;3.-a3o absurdity. 

(E^Q_n abi S. 1. 0. Epi = 'gra(£l,in comp. 2. more- 
over, also, and (ffraojlji), moojlg po. 

(©f^aJluUDnOo abidbanamS.((gTaQjl) Covering. 

(®fOQ_g(ro)f7D_Jo abutratvam S. Being without a 
son. Q^e)n_j tg).-m-io fgra's.-sraiDS ScOaasgjD Bhr. 

(©rSaJQ-Jo abubam S. Flour cake. 
OST^Q_JC^o aburvam S. Unprecedented, rare, 

uncommon, vu. (BraasC^o. 
aSft^CBo-Joftac^abeksa S. (rgrao_j + jD'o :9fii) 1. Look- 
ing for, expectation. 2. M. desire, request. 
frnfraojonb (flscrusraiglcsinfal oooo ora. s^jii^nraTR. 
I beg thcH. C. also tsraeo-icSfijo f. 1. cn\6SB&><a^ 
(5iaSoLjaas<S:ora)OS)S o^^td)^ TR. entreated you 
by letter. 

(graSo-JcB^asi 1. to expect, aixngj (sra'^ofalPTi. 
if you wait a little. 2. to entreat, beg, with 
Loc. & Ace. also ajgjaolnrn (!na(Sa_iijai^-^TR. 
crotDn oral fail (Sra'_aj, aicnjotarailcsilfat' (i_irDl(g^ 
^ Qjcm (BTa(Sa_j:9flil^orai; TR. if the French 
should once beg for peace. (Oima fOcoaTlfficSs) 
sngojilnm (Hia'cSaoTa MR. 
(©fOCSo-JDaOo aboham S. (oraoj + a'^'io) Ascer- 
tainment a'3aOD(Sa_lDaD0al(&)a'fi3'> sti^a>o£)BZV 
denV. (ffraSouDoolas) to judge rashly Vi. 

(tjrDfflQ-J"D'?» — 05fSj?_lOo 






(S^6iQ_i"0f255(3r^caJo abauruseyam s. Not of 

human origin. (gT3'cffi(ni_ioa5»^fcnliTraBhr. (i.e. 

(SCLiasoQctoces). [after csiocoo KR. 

(t5nD(SQ_\0c4|0253 aptoryamam S. A ceremony 
OSYSqIj, rtSi^oVarpa, appuS. (pi. (Sr3)o_is) "Water 

(grogjdhS)g.s)Si05n| eflojcoorosmo 6)jiJ^ Nal. 

^StsajosnTl oragjlrabnnlfrrasrgccsn KeiN. 
dSifOo-J appa T. M. A common weed, Ageratum (So. 

ajcrusTOislgj^) GP64. (9iO§g_jGP65. Ceanothus 

cffirulea Rh. a^Siiig-j etc. 
(SrOo-Jo appam T.M.C.Te. ((srao^ojo, sragjl?) 

Fried cake, bread, (sro-oaod m^^ojonb fsrag-j 

eoacfe cn^iz£\jn CG. (srag-jo aajraDj^rai) Si P. cuofi' 

cmjOrab s^ajrroigjo ojoca'orcajo isragjascs^^o (oira) 

g_jsmajo BR. (for parrots). 

(5rog_]c9siorartb baker — (m>j-^<a^^ oven. 
(EfOo^sl appadi T. (ojS^) Tims, Tatw. 
CCTuiQiOfb appan T. M. C. Te. (Tu. mother) 

1. Father; also among Namburis, father's 
brother cn2^S)S 6) jiio\'2iQ^nb (& jjloogjob) 
TR. Qcuamgjnb & (loc.) ©ragj-aranb father-in- 
law, (STDgj-oral mother Vi. (BTOg_jocal father s 
mother Vi. (Hraginjnb (loc.) grandfather. 

2. used honorif. f. i. a Siidra tribe- (Brag_jnao(b, 
Gods rma'g-iocnj.'Sifflajab Siva rgdJsiDralcgjrogjTb 
KU. Brahma. — OTBgjnbxnrorad thumb. 3. used 
interj. = fargsm f. i- (ffro^nb fgrajyob sraDnb rmoso 
vu. CTOciVncffiOib tara. (=cn. (St^jSit)). — Voc. (Hto 
g_], (Brag_jo, fBTagjg_jo, (grag-jSo f5T3^ (loc.) interj. 
of pain and surprise (comp. (maS-oO d). 

CGi^o^OCSS appade (.xjos) Thus CG. 
^•TE,i^n_jl appi (C. T. Te. rs\7>ru.£h to clap on) 

1. Plaster = (TJi(9itp1. 2. dirt, children's talk 

Vi. 3. urethra B. 

^®^a_J appu 1. S. = stdq1i, isra^j. 2. M.= (sta 
gjll. t!jTagJ@g.£hlcd^f0^cS5--,cs^o MM. (of a breast- 
wound). 3. M. affectionate appellation of boys 
f. i. QQjfflnbo (STagj<a§l & thus 4 Npr. 

C®i<5o_JOo appuramM. T. (ojoo) That side, be- 
yond. fSTag-JCOJO ^^Oajof37lfOl5Ti31^(2OOD(efflD5),'0) 

without hesitation. ^CO 4>) ^giaoJOo TR, 
more than 100 years ago. 

C!OTff)a_lD^^ appolutu (po.) & fsraSa-joch T. M. 

(5ia_ioy^)That time, then. (aragj<2g_jOcb at times. 

msmzoaiorab (sraSgjosy @§l (sracojiasioo TR. 

as soon as he is better. (3iOoig_jO!Sy> ^sserasmo 

Anj. at once, opp. cnos)^. 
C&Z>{a-)<^OC/do apra-^asam S. Secret. — c^o 

not to be manifested. [peerless acts KR. 

CS^icL-)cm\£r.oi2i')CU aprabiTfarmavu s. Doing 

feit)(a^(73Slc&.DCgloapra6i'yaryam S. Incurable, 

of (Sraocoo PT. 
(^^^(a-jraTlQo apraSimam S. incomparable. 

a5ifZ)(o_-)(75TlfDLDoa) aprabirathari s. Without an 

opponent Bhr. [ — (STa)a> disappear. 

CtS^(a_)nT) jdft^o apratyaksam S. imperceptible 
C®^(0_jOJOOno apradhanam S. Secondary, 

(Si^(a_)aDenOo apramanam S. Of no couse^ 

quence, falsehood. — Bia:,Q_)205n')1c&)nfe liar. 
CiS^(Q_j(2(2lca;o aprameyam S. Unfathomable. 

(B73. (o_)S0 3Jo Bhr. (sm. c^go Nal 4. 

(S*Z)(a_)caiajr)o aprayatnam s. Easytsro'iswism 

oxDculteso KR. so mraio-i^zjocroo. 
cS^(a-)(ScQJD85gono aprayojanam s. Useless. 
a5Y5(Q_jQj3e^oj .0 apravaktavyam s Not to 

be uttered AR. 

(S^(a_jrrOoCr)o aprasailgam S. Unconnected. 

(i5T?)(a-^cronnno aprasannam S. Displeased, ora. 
onlngoiio Brhm P. (srd!^S)&>05'i^ m^cea o^o^ca- 
(ST3{T_jarooao (msicm (grgjiftrrra TR. regret much. 

(t5rO(a_^3enol aprani S. Sickly, miserable (vu.) 

i.'I5rO(Q_^OQLJo apraptam S. l. Unattained. moiajo 
ct^&l09^■Q^^0WOJJ^cn6SSckiVT. illtimed— rgtafcyo 
n_jio Bhr. unattainable. 2. M. rsro o-io.i-inb 
incapable. ax)Da,):ijo(gra;a_)D,-tjjja9o MR. imbecile. 

aSr5(Q_Jlcai3 apriyam S. l. Odious, on^tss aj 
^5)0) (ma. (8rO)<S5Tra TR. 2. dislike (grD-aiosfl-. 

OSt^OLJ rOOOjaQj^o apsaraSSUyal S. Gandharwa 
women Bhg. and OTa,T_iro((Tol<d)C>3 Bhr. 

(Sift>Q_Q£Jo aphalam S. Unfruitful. (BTaoriajonoaz; 
crgraQ_j;ml KR. (castrated?) chiefly of barren 
fruit trees. o-jiaiDOj oraooajo oal^ aispl^ TR. 
deducting barren and young jack trees, oirmsoig, 

CSroSYDJfSXJo — (^Zfi\ 


(®rsrf|(^ — (&Q(i\(2i 

a.ysag etc. miooiuiZdzv^ (So-iocdn MR. beyond 

(S^oiTlf^ E. Appeal (m3.®5Tiiocju>g^(0s), srao 
colaxiSlcfls) MR. 

c®?.6Y2Jf3JUo abad'dham S. (unbound) 1. Irrele- 
vant, mistake, misconduct, nnas^o eraiDob oil 
tBimob (tna. o_i06roini (ScljOo^ SG. impertinently. 
a(])aD)^nrnl tma- aio§lca/^ KU. s)5>aicsD6nj(auo 
5)aiOoir!| (0)1 tijlsl-^ by a slip of the hand. (TO) 
6m@JO<ZiOZi^ eajggraalral) atolsrow) aJlerra MR. 
by mishap. 2. untruth, falsehood. (ma.U5)m 
(BT3. QjascmjQ deceived. 

(SrC6YXJ(^ aljar A. Character, respectability, 
fsra. gjgjD.-maxinb (Mpl.) 

(©rserufijab abalaii s. Weak, siiiy. 

tsraoOiGJ woman, po. 
(lST?)6Y:LJ0eJOfb aBalah S. No more a child, (m 

olaj oe.osrgajafa (5T3.'onD3i)@ KR. 
(GrZ;6Y:y oabjamS. (tgra^) Waterbom, lotus. 

(maBT^nt) moon (po.) [soon, year (po.) 

a5rS5Y:yo abdam S. Watergiving; cloud; mon- 
(SrseYxTl aBdhi S. Water-holding, sea. 
CGv^^oCOl abhangi What is unpleasing, go 

ColcfiSO (HTa'i^o a®!® (SigSlSa g3@§. PTl. 

(©■D^CQJo abbayam S. l. Security, ora. ^(Tsrrro 
Qjsmeaialrnlma CCh. ajli3nD mra, gsrgDo ARi. 
2. promise of protection or pardon, tma. mrol 
6)(S)mo iSiO^rai) aJlsnTlfOCTra ARe. begged for 
quarter, fijraajcaio Qg)S3i3c)cKS3 rmaraifrado Q^rm^ro 
nznnndi RCes, so r^ta. cuoai, ojl^ai, Q-^<Bi£h, 
<9)0igjj,ral) (BTD. 51-aJcTra, QQ)5)(m ro^Qfij^Sceasmo oQ) 
cm (Hra. ajc0s AR. i!jro'0O3in surrendered on 
discretion, (maecc^eomo, (btq. s)a)D§<s« to save 
and protect, 3. in Mai. a sign of protection 
which Rajas gave with the hand dipped in 
oil and saffron Vi. |-f unfortunate. 

(®f^)<?0^o abbagyamS.Misery-WjObm.-Wj 

(EifS^DQJo abbavam S. l. Absence. (macnTltmo-n 
eoajtoiaofab eostoigi <£b026!S8|.o Bhr. 2. destruc- 
tion, death, nonexistence; negative, gram. 

CSrSSDcen&rOo abhasanam S. Silence Vi. [for. 

((S^fi] abhi S.(G. amphi,L. ob)Near, towards, 

(S^^^alaeeiabhikramikkaS. To attack(po.) 
ajxerilcoaloee) abbigamikka s. To approach, 

go to (po.) 
(®fSSlss?nOo abbijanam S. Family, noble ances- 
tors, also (grafllranafmjo Bhr, 

f5Tasle33.'mnb wellborn, 
(®r?)^^«3YZJi abbijittu S. Victorious; a sacri- 

fico, noon, zenith. mdi£\^s^o Qjlc/d_ie3l5).'!jrai 

rrrao caoao KR. 
(SfS^^ivciCu) abbijnah S. Experienced, clever. 

raoe3(Scn:),£le53ifflaiJo PTi. 

(grarllessiaoano information, recognition, mark. 
on5)gjo(b tma.'o^.-sTa cn^, oraipajgs {sra.'s^cora) 
cftsngooA KR, 
(SfS'iluuooOo, — (SuJCQJo abbidhanam, — dhe 

yam S. Appellation, name. [Delight. 

(ts<T)rS\cr)CQ\:B6) abbinandikkas. = sirapl. KR. , 
(©^^nOCOlo abbinayam S. Pantomime, roo03 

(Bia^ral) oosonaosl culsl^^slnncao onsl-^ eo 

cuKSBdo KR. 
(tSif?)rilnol(BOJC/9o abbinivesam S. Earnest ap- 
plication, persistence, (Sa5(ai(alcnjj(a50^BT3r'ej 

S)^oroslonl(SQJc;3rartJ)Of<A KR, 

denV, (ma'c/alcOs), (sroelcnlajli^^nti. 
(©f^iSloJS? abbibuja S. Reverence. (Saojai 

aooA tsrae^o^^^nb UR = simpl. 
a5^/§l(a_jOCQ;o abbiprayamS.((5Tael+(n^+©) 

Aiming at, intention, meaning, wish, (sracjj 

oolra!) tgra.'aaccylfDlcBs) love him cordially, rryg) 

raialeinbo rara, import, ^(^ magas ora. TR. 

my advice, og)rm o^crSlces) (Sia,'igig@ MR. I 

would suggest, that. 
(®^^^QJo abllibbavam a. Overpowering, cara. 

anisinbo asirrro ojroa.TTa KR. 
(S<Z)ri](2iOTio abbima5am S. Desired, chosen, ool 

6)ciio (STD. 55-aiogjc3i state thy wish. 

(S^^airg>)gnoo abbimantranam s. Bespeak- 
ing blessing, enchantinjj, esp.of arms. 
denV. (ST2;C%cuorgTO,|l0^'^''dte bless or curse the 
weapon. mDfDDtasmortTuo ag)§it5T3) oia.'^ojo 
roD'OiCQ'^onb Bhr. (sra.'^ aiajc/aeoaaofati (srael 
(S.^3 jin^O(fe KR. consecrated vessels. 

C®rt)/3!ao — (®^^OJD 


OSrtrglQJD — (Sr?)r^caa< 

(®f^)^a0Ono abhimanam S. Keeu feeling of 

honor, self-esteem, arrogance. (srai£\i2dcnaOocn\ 

55 51 (9)6^ c9s) 3 5^ ARg- covered with shame, cfteja 

slaoono pride of birth. 

(gra,3l(aDanl ((sraelaacnajonb Xal2.) proud, 
haughty. (BTa'(£><c)o igcrums^mnb Bhr. 

(BTOelaoop^tjnJo onzalrab iBiafflsrol^ Bhr. self- 
conceit, ambition. 

denV. oraelaDOoliSs-, 1. to make something a 
point of honor, feel oneself, osca^nb o^rm teia' 
^ i^oujnb (glanb Bhr lo-. 2. to emulate, fight. 
mraajsraDS (Hi^'gjonb o^sicraDOS (fhorosmo 
Bhr. = iztsrufil C05). — 3. to honour, favour B. 

orasl0Dnnj(St9)§ ojoso vu. disgrace =:<S«y)0^. 
(B^d^Q^eUo abhimukham S. Having the face 

towards — tsTa.'aoaTl ojOca. face to face. 
(tS^SlcQ^ o&^JnOU abhiy aktail S. (beset, involved) 
Assaulting a^cfls.xionb (Htos c9f3)nt)(sic.) AR-i. 

(STOelScaDCOo onset — denV, srailliScaocolcSffl to 
attack, press hard the enemy (=:g3Q|to3<37, 

(ZC^cOStQi) Vl. 

(©t)^(t)(7Do abbirabam S. (roo) Delighted. 

(3Ta(^r&o0o charming Qjicajoelroo0iTb delighting 
everyone. (Scr)(ra)Oi3l;oo0n SiP. delightful to 
the eyes. 
(SifZ)^ffB.iij| abhiruji S. Relish for arraaiaoo' 

fijra. acrn^sftiroi) «-aig^o ARe.. 
(GifQrBlaJOcar^o abhilasam S. Propensity, lust, 

wish. jiDisifaoelaiOiiio own free will — also 

fem. (BT3)(ai0c^'S>ulc2nr(A fSTD'caia^ggCLiab Bhg. 

(5Ta.'caj<a>cb ooi^oo Bhr. <3i06n2,o7lcrnlaj(93^5 

(sra.'coacsygglrol) KR, 

(sra.slaio.iml desirous. 

(BToelaio^aalces) to long. :})0jrE3nb (Bra.'cflsmo KR. 

also (srai-^laj^dSscrra (tuoroo o^raano) KR. 

(5raajal(3l)(5t3r£lejcQ3l«j)oa5re3(ai VetC. affection, 
lust. [(Qs) Greeting. 

(Era^iOJOBOOo abbivand'anam s. denV. — aS\ 

CSf7)fi\ClJcQ^:B& abhivarsikka S. To rain upon. 

(ara'^^o <^e(^<esi(h, (sra.'ailrab ^Da.<S0at^o ota' 

cSsicalgy KR. 
(tStOfiloJoGio, — GOOo, — J^io abbivad'am, 
— d'anaro, — d'yam S. Salutation, accosting. 

Bhr 4. tsra'SjO o_irolo)^o§ oi^(^ ajo5)g_js KR. 
took farewell from liis mother. ojl.u^o.ijlai.'T) 
ajTS^-Sj (sra'snoo a)ni^ KR. (to one dead). 

(S^^QJOSYOiraliTDo adhivancbiSam s. Wish 

Q-aJoejj^,gl.u. Bhr. 
(S(^ri]CU (^X?l abbivrddbi S. Progress, thriv- 
ing. ^:fiil mnDD^iri ora. 5)_aig^^ Arb. cnig 

63S5)g. <&)SOce£Qo ai)5)art TR. all my prospects 
rest on your favor. [curse. 

(S^'SIC/SDq.Jo abbisabam S. False accusation, 
(©r^^GLdoCOo abbisailgam S. Defeat, impre- 
cation Vi. 
(er?)^(Scaad65o abhiseyam S- Sprinkling with 
water, inauguration or consecration by pouring 
oil, ghee, rice, pearls, etc. on the head of idols, 
kings, etc. Q_iso:g1(3.-Q:2ca)0 ^ciaBtS^n&io etc- 
(HT3. Si aJiSi, 0slc2;D5)rm KR. get thyself crowiied. 

rosng raOKj -313)1 a<3JJd3;io (BT3. 5)-aJ^^ Mud. 

crowned him king over both countries. 

denV. (Ht3?gl(S.aiiiijlcSsi, to crown, a^ oQ 
S)cm ora'.DjI-^jOib KR 4. — to be crowned &>tii 
oaassg.sra')) raoeaoojocail rooan6 cgia.Hs.anjjjl 
g_jonb 6^as5)axi§crra KR. 

(5raf£l.-£Ql(iK3)ab anointed. 

also rHTa.sl3.-a3cehld)5) (?) o>oogjlfD'i ojy; (stafS^Sm 
£hl_^ the rice is blighted by insects Vi, 
(SYO'il'^OQl abkisyandi S. (trickling) Cong- 
estive (^raslcffijoil^ca'^fisi) GP 52. ma£\:mjCB\ 

dhd) NidiG. 
(©■Q'SloroafOo abbisaram S. Rendezvous, 

(BT3.glcrcorol;9) a woman who keeps an assigna- 
tion, aoosaorai) (sra'aoraD^D naorolaoib CG. 
r3raslaro3roldh(ya3o Nal 2. 

(®fa'SlaO(Wo abbihaSam S. stricken, subdued. 
i^ajrooejo rsra'cDoa^si'nb Bhr. 

cS^ri^c9^o abbiksnam S. (iHiasl, dosasmo) 

Continually (po.) [Fearless. 

(iSirzjr^rJDOfb, (mirs](Ui abbi5an, abbiru s. 
CS(irs\rQc\o abbistam S. («jrael + ©cea) Wished 
for. mra. croacul^^j tho wish is obtained. 

(SrB(S«/3o — (®r?)(3o 


(SfDa — (&t(2)(Gi 

(fSf^QfBQo abhed'am S. l. indifferent. (2(i_)0(b 
e^jiicsj^Dftb (araSi'Baocsiil maintained an equal 
fight. 2. unchanged, oolornlra^) rsta'aoco;' ac£K2»l 
AR 1. [impenetrable. 

(STOSeBj (cfjioj^o) UR2. not to be split, 

(&Z)fB.joU~>o, (Sf^'§.6Y^a9e^ abhyaiigam, 
— njikka S. Rubbing with oil. (SK>^oLOC\^^^ 
(Do = s.w^iaa"' f. i- acmoDDgirTOsab tora'cro) 
crrTlSaj an(jnonD<g.i^offn)Dcsin CG. (bad omen). 

(Sr^jOfS^rvjn abhyanujna S. Leave, cru'^eado 
83)32. arai (ffiaeiOBStoOiaroDcal Br P23. with their 
permission. [internally. 

(Gf^ >aZ5",(t)o abhyanbaram s. interval, — sro 
(©ragjcnjooo, a5Y^,cr\51:e6i abhyasanam, 

- — asikka S. (oracro) To practise, exercise, 

study. (gr3{{TC63Sc)o 5)iS>o5ng tsTo'^ CG. fsr3(n^ 

aiistaiicao rooarrb (^nrflo^saraiaTlcTn tsra'-s^ KR. 

CV. raroeiCrulojlcas) 1. to teach, instruct. 
2. to educate. (m3(n-ocA)mrw3slcaoia ojirajoim 
ota'^ Mud. (Hta iian rsa. PT. 

(gioejCnSlgj VN. a lesson. 

(sragjocroo 1. exercise, practice, study, rgraiJfii 
roo — (ST2)C£?iCCo— etc. 6)^<gi|. — 2. ability, ac- 
quired thereby. Q_jen^cf3ffl(b Qjlsmofijo (araSjO 
OOo prov. a feat. 

(graSiOCTD^ a student, practiser. ool.-zji,oejocrul 
(sr2,a')5)C2; Q^§c9eo, (graejOcnSl a^slajfibprov. 

(SrDgjOCr)(7nab abbyagaSaii S. visitor. (SK>:a^ 

lq1(S)^o ora'aao VCh. 
(STO^frnDDOOo abbyutthanam s. Rising to 

salute a new comer. (SK>s,<mLOcnsai ao^ooo 


(®rO§jQCQJo abhyudayam S. Rise, prosperity, 
happy progress. (SacLi<S)c)Dtfis) (3Ta'fQK»lfm3o)ijgi,o 

6n|0 (SQilOfol<&)C>3(Q8 QjlanOC;a,'313)1om05)ig^05n|o 

DM. om3mas,aca'S5Bc)o ARi. 
cEif3§jQ_JDca;o abbyubayam s. Means. m.<^'\m 
a^a&.ejsnj' (sia. PTi. 

cei^(3o abhram S.(G.aphros) 1. Cloud, vapour. 
2. sky fina(g(2aio<3)o Vi. (graigtSTalnrraiplcailral) ^ 
caselslejo KeiN. mea^o (HT3(g<SQ;;aSOT3)Dao a 

g-jfd)1_ai AR. 3.=:(gra(g!0>o, talc, mica, said 
to fall from the sky, also called ^i^TUonoo, 
med. in (o^sanOo etc. (araojlofho a med. 
(ISTSOama T. M. A reed Saccharum sara (coro). 
(i5Tazsaj(b mad. GP. 

(&^(2hCnB^o amangalam s. inauspicious. 
(®ft)a.^rb amaccar T. aM. (^fgrazDr^*) RC. 
a5r?;(2iSce? amattu-^a T. So. M. (=(3K)Zfi^:>>) 

To repress, threaten. 

mazi threat Vi. [ojraAbean. 

((Sfi)(2)(Q, aSif^(2)(X)je<?- amara, — kka better ana 

I. OSr&CirDo amaram S. 1. immortal, orazro*, 
rgrazrorudiNal. (srazfoaicXiBhr. the Gods csraafa 
a^|.ii)<a Bhr. heaven. mazco&din^^B^wh RC. 
Asuras. tsiazrotSicbo-irant) Indra, ttrrazroDajrail 
his residence. 2. the S. dictionary of (graaocrulo 
aOnb also f5ia2:'D<S<9iO:flio. 

fsiazfoioi-io divine nature (sra'oi-iQjo cuoerra cry 
Qjltaarm (aemob; tsra^ (thedungof a white 

ox) <3arU'.ljl!SgjD(6« aQ)^Do (SO, QjfJBo Bhr. 

II.CGrcOfDo amaram T. M.(V^(3Taz*) Thestern 
of a vessel, elephant's hind part, abaft, mra. 
ojlslcfis-, to steer, 

fSr^arol, or cE^Qjrol amari, avariT.M. indi- 
gofera tinctoria (S. oo^gjI) prh. V^ (sraz*. 
2. a sort of slipper or sandal Vi. 

oSf^Ohr^s^^ mra amaru-jfa 5. 1. To subside, 

settle. a_i@®cea (S.'aoZoiSBch (StaZfTsaDQ tmSiiDsl 
Bhg. stroked the deer, (mazrarrngj.^ beat the 
ground even. 2. to be seated, rest on. uDe3T[y 
oiD (STazorraBhr 7. oj\zocr)o(sro!2cmcn\(naAUQ. 
55-ai§a(b orazscmyo (aicnjfoorib Anj. the God 
residing at Perinchellur. i^sajOTcsl mro. cower 
down. 3. to be allayed ( (ft ooQ, slooo), calmed, 
quiet. iS)aJS^5iaj^ajoTb oia. be subdued. 
rgraamcunb grave, sedate person. 

(&<!)(2>(b<l^ VN. abating of wind, fire, peace. 

(SrQQ);'^ (prh. Tdbh. crcafOo ?) also tarag 
KR. fight, battle. (2li.'iO5)c8s)SO(O)0(ba).ai^CCh. 
mra.ijSfaaszfb s5j3J<^ 011(^)01^ KR 5. 
(3ra0c95^ao battle-field. 
(3Ta0<9s)3(b warriors Vi. 

(tS^O):^ — (SfZ(2i£\ 


(SrZ){2iDrgj — (©TD^ GS<1 

CS^Chr^ VN. 1. Calmness, self-government. 
(sra. OJ(S\Jh @3^ TR. peace will not be restored. 
2. subjection, severity. <0iggraoo>f(3 am. S)j^^o 
6raro)ora)i, roDeao-ijIdicn ora. ajftasgaajo'ib TR.put 
down. Q^oo63Bc>c) 'S^-oimj'm.-ailaT) mra'cqjo avai 
cqjo jjsrgocail^ TR. -<3raa^cQJD3y cBigjoo strict 
orders, severe threat, laganaorras^s &ti-jQaj 
(sralnrn (Btaa ij<£hg-jm gi5n§D.-uD.i6 TR. 

a. V. aS»^(2c39is^, C!^ 1. To press down, taia 
(2(OT1 ojlslcoa grasp tightly. Qjoailt'jl§0c9s)a^o 
Si Pi. swallow, (gala)!!' (Hraan^ K^U. rendered 
firm. 2. to subdue. Si>ioa_jotgraZ(i^3glra()Mud. 
suppressed. o_js 5)Bi05n§ S)nirm (Hraz^si Mud. 
aulQia!ri5^an tsraZK^S TR. overcame. co(tro<t3si5)3 
Arb. ig.M rDo5ie)05n| coD;®a3i3c)o Bhr. appease. 
CV. mraztig^ai mod. = (sra0<3fl f. i. aiys^ 
ojlsl^acDTOil jud. (robbers). 

CV. (5Ta0(3KQc95). 

(tS^acgfTi^CYtB, aSfZ)a20T^ amarettu, — 

rettu (Tdbh. (BT3g;w) King's meal, (H1D05O(i513 
^^tplsrawi the king has dined. (Biaasrasg^ o_ia3ao 
aitplo^nrnlgLj TP. see (i,Tagfaio. 

(SiTi(2ir5},cu) amartyaii s. immortal =.3130^*; 
(gTa0oiiS3(Tn6UTjr)o, (sraztimoalaic):) KR. 

f0ft)i2)c2bo amarsam S. also (3130^13 ig:;f523'^'^° 

Bhg. Impatience tgra'Saio^ S)_alQf(:^ o^ Bhg, 

rage — hence: 

(ffraaAismnb, (Braato^i impatient, passionate. 
(©roaQdfti, ol amaru'^a To low (So.M. in 1. 

Sara. 6. B.) |f_ voc. AR. 

(©f^aGJOD amalail S. Pure, saint. — fST30(Spj 
CGf^aeTl amali (T. & S. (sraaaj) Laxmi, hence 


rtrraaailcfis) to abound, remain in store Vi. 
CSi^dajt) 1. Ar. amal. Collection of revenue. 

(3r30aiO(b Amildar. 2, H. amal. intoxication. 


!&ig3 <0)sl^ (STfaaaiooD soiocDa ojol^ TR. 
don V. (gT30LLil-aiSo_)oai Vl. 
(S<T)Ch£\ amali T, M. 1. Bed (po.M.)(HTOc&iK^ 
ajrfssiaaloisnafsi) oraal^cunb RC 44. mgj0 

a^t3s®0ra1) (5T05)6mgS a_i@gl5)c>iOon| RCioo. 

2. tumult, affray; cry, wail, 

(BT3aal(05) be troubled. CV. (maaa^gd'tQffl Vi. 

OSrSaD^jOfb amatyan S. ((sraao at home) 
Minister, counsellor, also tgraao'cnjifhn!) Mud. 
mDai0^fb RC. — (sroaomifm-io his office. 
fsraZD.oijctteoiDno family adviser Vi. 

(©^aonO-pY^ri (Ar. amanat) 1. vu. (sraaomo 
Deposit (sra. ^oj^ sQgJlai TR. jiTlii ojcro 

(9S)Cb 6it6a (513. Siaj-^ & 6)0OgJ 1^070 (5t30OnO0D 

caT) sioj^ cry Wlg_jDfi6 TR, (sta. oaiOf-iSa pay 
a deposit into court, before commencing an 
action a^ocSltm ama (ajsioroo (5td'03o leajan 
TR. 2. N pr. Mpl. 

CSr^aDt^ca^o amanusam S. Superhuman q®;® 
cs^o (S13. rnlnrra5)S ©(So-jo^cSao Nals. 

(&ZQt3Cr(Tio amanbam So. Confusion = 0790^1; 
No. frustration <&)0^o rra, f5ra;dasl brought to 
nought, iSTa03aa)5)g_]S was confused (Act, 19, 
32 B.) (Hra0DcTO)od7l®o_iDaiil was disordered, 
m^zocr^tSffiOOnb mischievous. 

OSfTjOiOCb (P. aniora) Mulberry tree, Morus Ind. 

(SroaDQJOCno, amavasya S. New moon sraao 

QjocnflcnDcb Bhr. 
(G^alae6^cQ;q amik! :ayaru (see itoctu) The tie 

o? a ploughyoke (also (graa? — ) iicrnloinbo tgra 

Qjlajggl najgi oracift^ MR. [ftnaxTlcDs). 

(E.a0lcf3a 1. to fasten the tie of a yoke Vi. 2. see 
a5i^(3lfWo aini5am S. Unmeasured, copious. 
CSTZ)Q|(fC)a amitram S. Enemy. 
(G^Ql^dft,, STYO amilu-^a T. a M. To sink (=(ma 

0RS<O)), (Sn_j3(J1ra!) t5r^0lAC^ i£>)o-jl.^jlro(ti RC15, 

' (TO) 

absorbed in. <fh6n?lej0l5rn5)jiiDral RC43. 55m 
oolcaoo goororaialsrra^ aHai CG. dwelling on, 
rurmroiorolra!) t3ra0"l^^aj<b RC .54. threw them- 
selves at his feet. 

a. V. C(S^(£]^c&i To fix, set (Sta^<9>o<!) aD 

folso (5130^^0 RC. put on. roffsmsoBcb (sraal'jpjl 

cm 6i<f>.osl0fOo KR5. (^.•313)) (irraali^Jlslcr) <3i 

Qjjrjsoiacb Bhr. fjudo-e. 

G5iZ)£2i0fD (Ar. aniTn) Person in charge; nativo 

CCDialrb ( Ar. amTr) Emir (gTa0lori3D(b grandees Ti. 

frs^(^GS^<&> amunim-j^a T, M. C.(=c3T30fO3a>) 


as^£^ ^De) — c®r?ff)acQJ 


(&z (Sa: n^o — as^roj . ro^ 

To sink, settle, be squcezcJ, as haml in hanil. 

a. V. (®'?)^d96iiA,c66i I To press down, squeeze, 
knead, turn food in the mouth. ora^cOinl nol 
fflOcfltf) V2. to stuff VN. fgra^cOao. 
nnagcBsinb a deep rogue. 

(SrS(^ce6il(X)o amukkiram GP 75. "Vi. & cBTa.g 
cBsroo TM. a Med. root, Physalie flexuosa (rgia 
c/ajcocnu S.) a med- against cough. 

(©^^(TO) amutra S. (opp. @qd) In yonder life. 

(^S(^C^^c£hy=(JS(Z)(£\':P q. V. amulttap raran 

63I3C>D (STDig^/lcr) ajl(g.lil5m65Qc)o KR. 

((S^(^&^jo amulyam S, invaluable. 

(®f^0 (TDo amrbam S. 1, immortal (G. ambrotos) 
(3Tag''mn3orooaris(tnlro3o(Baajlra!)Sil2. 2. Ambro- 
sia, Nectar (5ranbo)o_io§ s^a^o^.-nraorel) (Stag'Ojo 
prov. a^Loograio the precious story Bhr. 3. differ- 
ent fluids, milk, water, etc. tsrajasaa ojoaia® 
o^osng <Six-iO(33(Tra TP. 4. food of kings, (sra 
goiosra) (EX2i<S3cna king is at meal Vi. (gra'asitsl 
mo a^Otiio a_iOi3)0DCs£l dinner time, alsO(gi30o)fO 
a^, q. V. (srag.^ 5^-^^ B. 5. different plants, 
chiefly ^oogioio Cocculus cordifolius, (giagoil 
S)dbo cioaio, rocroo GP. — 5)Q_i^g(a)o Meni- 
spermum cordifol. 
rsTagitJi, S. immortality. 

C5ra(J(2)f3JUjo amed'dhyam S. Not to be sacrificed, 
excrements vu. Tdbh. (HTa5)0^o dung of birds 
Vi. raoKao^.-oicslrali tera. ^sofal) VyM. 
(masafS^^alcaocail o_7lomo Bhg. 

(Srss^acQ^ eft., snsvB^ ameyu'ya t. a m. To be 

subject, Vi. agree. 

VN. (saS)S)Zafi\ what is included ,igejS30om 

the whole town (=i'HT3Sce5)o 2). 
a. V. C<S^6)(2i-~&G^ 1. To subject, join ^roai 

6m3c)o S)<S) 055)0(013) (BfOKb 0l^(SC2;O^ RC89. 

mounted the chariot to which the horses had 
been put. siCijggloic&iO^ajgglaich (mas)S)0i@o 
IIC135. silver spotted. i^5)ajfijii3)C2iosoS)0D(mD(b 
aosjfuicsj^o {gTO5)0ce6i RC ug. 2. to rule, grant 
(3ra5)o)0(OT3)fi»al Syr. doc. 

a?fS(2aD^"^oamog;ham S. Unfailing, cffoctual- 


C®fQnaJ amba (T. (ma-ml) Thick, strong rope. 
(!JK)TLiaing ojjjlosi pull heavy loads, singing. 
'BTOoajog_]0| rower's song (eomp. nioiio & (Qtd 
f-rnlcQib C. Tu. boatmen). 

tlSrB(TU§aDambattanTdbh.(graoQajr(^rTb Barber. 

(®^OQJ^ ailbaSu (■5iot))o) 50. (gro-n-ioimaoran^n 

rao ffiiDSroDnDoTl "ife "u'-ri-jicsz; fsraScruD^ S 3J35-, UK- 

I. fS^'ZioaJfO, mraTLio A. anbar. Amber, med. 
S)o_iO(mmjA (zlvTooxiifc Ambergris). 

II. cSfDoQjfb or cSTZ)nQjo ambar (loc.) The whole. 
oracrufb ais^^, arrrao &)n^§lgj, (sraTuoajD 
<3i) also some f3racaJOS)<a)0§-CTalgj, (sraoxiorni 
^Ocjrtg QjDorro vu. almost poured out. 

(tsi^najroato, rnra ambarakka (aC. tsraosry 

fade) To bo confounded, perplexed. (Hraaajro 
mo "^igJaO KeiN. l. = :uaJ6rotB); si-oJoiirarnial 
(Sra mo Sa_iD<e5oNal. will be ashamed, outdone 
in comparison with that lip, 
(Srarairogi perplexity. I'BiBaxirogjosliinbo ms 
ofliti'j Ti. in the midst of tlie tumult. 

(SfCccUBJo ambalam T. M. Tu. (perh. (araoJiii 
Oo Tdbh.) 1. A place devoted for public use, 
assemblies, etc. ajjincacnjiio choultry (crv)(t3)o 
S.) -!3j^ocnJLLIo temple court ((gra^ooaaj S.) (sk> 
(TUGJc95;0fDnb host, man in charge, chief of vill- 
age Vi. 2. a temple M. Tu. = (gafirOo. (graon 
£uo Qjly^asolcSs ajozslg-jtua, ojgjsoprov. iBiacnj 
oiQJsl ^'oraocW' right of directing the ceremonies 
in a Pagoda, with the title to an elevated seat 
in it. 
(StaouaJoJtP N pr. of a temple in Trav. (S. 

(gTao5rijft)Dci_icooajroo PT 3.) 
aoDOjaojaio MR. a square temple. 
(SracTUiiiajDcnSl, f. — orolcnl, caste of temple- 

(tSl^OOjyo see (SrZ)oaJDtf>o 

(CfScnJOSl ainbadi (=(5T3)C2;(TU0slcowpenCCh.) 
oiaaxiDsl csao.Tjlaidbo TR. Saraorin's palace. 

(®fZ)OQJoroo (H. & p. anbar) Heap, cornstack. 

(Ert crxJOrol — (Sf^ioGOJC^o 


(mioeOJrhy — (&DC2Qi 

(S^nQJOfDl(H.A.fimari)Howdahon an elephant. 
mo. 5)^§c95 (Royal privilege). 

c&ZcrLio'^o & (©rsoQjtfo ambalam (C. Tu, rma 
CTUS S. (STOoenjd^o comp. (Brago) Ilogplum, 
Spondias mangifera (HtaoxioiP.'aialainbo oihocru 
^ OLjlsl^'g prov. a weak support, fjnacmy 

6583 g®aJOo CD^ GP68. 5)aj§.(til3) (5K)naiiPiTJIi»lnb 

(wa^* GPg5. !&)0§cnJOiPo, 
(S^cnJ ambu 5. (=(BTaro3cnj bud?) Arrow, por- 
cupine quill (comp. Q®>2jrTb). o).aio§«^ ajiiD^ 
(gTaaojlflcT) amw^ KR. aalcacnj n(j)(^ Bhr. 
a treacherous arrow, s^ojsls^o (Siaayo gsngo 
cal TR. there was some fighting. 
Cpds. oraouo arsenal, ajaotms) 2(tj)1a^^^oo mra 
ai-'03ic)a SxisiDo Bhr 12. depots of arms, 
(sraeauajfb (Btacrunt) CG. = a_i5t3U-jajDsn')rTb. 
{giacrulnt).-5_io§ distance of a bowshot, c/araoio^. 
(StaoQjlal (T. OTacnjejl) moon (gra'oi-STagj Sil. 
its digit. (BT3cnjlalc05)tii Sa.jOo)GJ (S(r)@)og.a)o 
SiP4' oracrLna^onjloijiiio g^alcOao Nal4. 
(also (gTa'(BT3Z23 0nb moon B.) 
(giacnj'd^^, (0T3cnjlnt>(aj§, (BTaoojo quiver (=a^ 

en')!, tgTdjOjroDLflcSi). 
(BracnjaofSl arrowshower. 
«FXZ)CrL^<&i see C©rOCYDa_^. 
(TSK^cn^Q? amburu qQ)S(S63bq,o sejosisira gjs 
csiilfiji) (5TacnjQ,(3cQs)§o gsng TR. Vexation (Mpl.) 
(5Y3ff)ff)cnJ ambai (S. oraoenj) interj. of wonder 

and joy. itjT35)S)au ScSichijlnb Ah! 
(®^o6YiJ amba (tjioza) & (maooiTlav Mother, 

(®^c6YiJfDoambaram S. (what en virons)l. Hori- 
zon, sky. i9i6nimoo railsftch WdBXi:ijoin0oo 
(BTa'ofaifrnlraii ojlaeJiB' CG, (ffra'Srcraioao ©ca-roo 
^en^ AR 6. angjoairoT3i<51ss ajorolg_jaj(b RC. 
the Gods. (BT3o6Qjro^0fQl>O)c)3 Bhr. — (graosrufo 
06mlcftaie3Ofmnb KR. of the solar dynasty. 
2. clothing. 
(sraoerurol (celestial) title of Samorin'a queen 

ojiiTlcai f3irnjroo§l (ffraoeiuroi (S>O)0ailiDi£ho 

(graoQiiSrocanb 6)oiajoa,nb KU. Npr. a Chetty, 

to whom the building of Calicut is ascribed. 

(tSrCoSnJraa ob ambasthan S. A certain tribe; 
barber & physician; elephantkeeper Mud. 

(t5T7)o6iaj & (S^o'SCYV) ambu & ambbassu 
S. Water, ((graoj G. ombros). 
(Htaoonjeao, oraoseoeao, arooSgDOBaoo lotus 

(in comp. i^suoob'njgso etc.) 
tgraoenjao, (sK)o<Sssbo water-giving, cloud. 

(BiaoonjoSl, (5t3o(Seoujl sea. 
(sraziacao watery = (Siro)ajjo po. 

C&T)QQi amma 5. (in Tu. father, S. (ffraostxi) 1. 
Mother. Gen. (smzQ^iSiS & cmazaaojlnb (po.) 
la-crazE, geaai'za & j^jlooza mother's sister. 
2. hon. goddess, esp. Kali (3T3ZZrn)cnjrao§l & 
©TaaafOicryroDTb queen dowager. cDOGjojlglrab (Sia 
iTZcroDOCDo t(3iro3oKU.(Siazzic2;D(b matron, Patter 
female. 3. interj. o^cro (31320 I really don't 
know! (5T3201ZZO lamentation & doubt or per- 
plexity, also (sraSiaa (like oreg-jD). 
hence: (aTaz2cSa@ao(innato) sagacity & roguery. 
(grazztftoggnb deep fellow Vi. 
moTZJii^cb mother's father, (Bromzz her 

orazacajceio family house of a Brahman's wife, 
vu. (sraziaocscora i^(m>^d} maternal grand- 
(gTa22ionb = (5T3aao0rtb Vi.; orazaocngjnb also 
(grazzocQ'g-jnb father in law, father's brother. 
(srazzocsiri, (gTa22iocul 1. maternal aunt. 2. uncle's 
wife (also (mazaozal Vi.) 3. mother in 
law (Can. & Cal.) who is also called fijtazaa 
cijlcsDza Vi. or {gT8iZiaoc£2; ea loc. 
(BrazaocsTlcoofrroo knowledge of old women, 

superstition lore, 
(gra^aaojnb, 013220006, (ma<222onb & (mas^oartb 
1. maternal uncle (S. aogdinb) also firtazEo 
cai^nb, a^ofosmxiib. a(3)nbo<s/20(b(Sif3)SmTP. 
I swear it by my uncles. 2. a Sudra distinc- 
tion, 16 (gTO(222jonao(b direct the (BtD)CXJjujd 
gjocroo of the 350,000 Colatiri Nayer KM. 
Ammons ruled once over Coorg. 3. like 
0o@ejn6 used for gearaiaio med. 


(©raOGifDo — (S^Q(^ 


(lyr?)^ QQ\ — a^cQjoe© 

(SrOOGifDo ammaram impudence, obscenity, (ffra. 

fSrazafOcOaafDnb impudent follow, 
den V. (srazafolcQis) Vi. 
(©TDoaDOO & cs^GGOoOo ammana (m) 

T. M. Game of throwing & catching handballs, 
orazaonoa.cb o^BO^sraiO) onstesoD nooralaDdi KR. 
(grazBoonESaraoaoltQicb gss^esBogjO RC30. 
(BTazaoaOiSsa) the same. Ravana s^sioiaiocru 

olsroi^ <S)fas!5B^rat o^oq CartV. 

(gTaz2iocToca'S§<a) f. i. fsraeaooncfflo^o c-sooj KR 5. 
also ajl^ff)dj,o5rg22Dooi2osl Nal 2. (aiazaD 
mcaio§ Tn einmajrtb CG. (on seeing Ru^ a ini 
oorafji(9)nb (WCTJ055S an':)zaoa .caocffil). met.fsraigl 
a)6)a ag)§cOTa)02ocTn(32.o§cijnb KR. play balls 
with them ii^@jiJ@f.joooo(gTa2ZoaDogo|iTfm|0 
b1 cLiafel<Sc85)smoKU.— (Btaziaomo^cs^vu. V2. 
CGif^CdDC/Bi N pr. A king or nation said to be 

overcome by Samorin KU. 
05^2121 ammi T. M. (see mrazg) Grinding stone. 

(S36rora)ff)iibo tS-.gmaalajjQS ^gglejo prov, Q^ajag 

(Sggotb <sazz\<3p§^e)6seo(Si (S<Sioem«^ CG. 

(srazalassi, oraaaig-jlig the cyliudric stone 
used to grind with, also (gra2ialce8yQjl ((Hia 
ealcQayojlncc; (Bo_ios)ej Nid.) 

as^DCQlea?^ amminni M. (C, Tu. (BTazzsml, 

T. (srazao) 1. Nipple, from cgiaza ; children cry 
(srazalsw^lrmoCG. (sraaalsroTglcaisicmoastBKn^CCh. 
2. i.ierj. of pain, as of a child, (ST9Zizlsrot®l(20 
ejo <0)y(Oi3)le4o (ftosmsza CG. oh mother look, 
what is on my body and neck. 
(srazaleriTl (C Te. affectiona e appellation of 
mother) 1. So. affectionate appellation csp. 
of infants (cfr. T, ora^zsmo), sometimes of 
mother & wife. 2. a female name. 
(iSif?)(2(2l§o ammittam (T. cn^^ Te. C. (srao^j^) 
The lower lip (comp. (srazg) iu (SK>. cSisW mark 
of displeasure, perplexity, etc. 
CS^Qi^ ammu T. M. (T. tgra25a = (gTag6ogabe 
reserved, close) 1. So. Expression of tenderness 

applied to ^'irle by parents, etc. (ao0rr)(2n_i(b) 
Q^'Snbo anazgai^l ojo. 2- interj. of doubt, 
caution, etc. (Htas)ZZin7a SnjodJl vu. 
(I5TZ) gt^ Ota fovm gig) Q) ffa ammummattallamar 

So. M. Grandmothers (rtjtazZ;, Sl'/i', faigg). 

(STZ)CB2i2D^ ob ammoccah (=(mo(2/zDznb, ima 
zaoiznb, see under mrazKoajab & (gtDcnTlgl). A 
slang name for lion or tiger tmasao^nb 00)^ 
(Snmso 'srasaao^oao oj^ onligj^enmso oj^ 
Qjo ool^(S§ prov. 

(ST^CBOGiOOa) see ©rozaoainb under (sra^z. 

(®rca o amlam S. Sour = aja'roaco med, 
tgraglaj tamarind. 
(sraigo better (Srgngo mango tree (po.) 

CS<Zi<SD aya (T. (Braoia-oi) moving. 1. Clothline, 
also (grac2Jc9a, (Htocszjra!); rniacaceacacb a rope of 
the loom. (gracQJOSjjggtai any thing light Vi. 
2. T. M. rumination (graca'QjasaT) Kga MC. 
nrracafSQja^S) No. o.^cojZcasca), (sra^iPicOso V2. 
(prh. (ffrasioj q. v. + (ET3Q,c9a<£h or o_iolces>). 

(©^CQJo ayams. 1. (\'^(HTa)He, po. 2. (x^"^) 
good fortune, po. 

CS<^QQjdde<, (JS^6)<:qJ(^5) aya(e)kka (T. ora 

6)S>j^. C. Te. (gras^CTD to move) l.To send, for- 
ward fSTD)5)g. oraca;^ <S^oel^ sent to ask. a? 
cnjsrarsl (agjmrarao'si! f3ra3i':^aj(maj(bTR. those 
sent by the HC. (5ra((T^o, fgracrucacto Bhr. to 
shoot. 2. to let go, leave (BT3aj3s)s aifoooenj 
Ko (gra"2;-^(2Do, ff)S)<£hri3raal(b (sracaf^oejo Bhr. 
let her hand go. ^ra§, wiQG)o (saw^ or ajl 
s Mud. let it fall. rara^ooiSiajtaQn^^acalgj 
PR. or they will not let in. tgiaajs^a ©«JB32J 
(Sc9s)6mo leave her to me. cnlsoBsa oroca^gi 500 
TR. (= :SA'^ — ) will let you go. (aomoroo ■mau 
§.515 <SZcr^'SJ^(A (sraca.':^ CG. allowed his mind 
to dwell on (or 3. to be dissolved, absorbed 
in). 3. (=(3ia5iifcea<&i) to slacken, loosen as 

VN, fgraca-'^rai) being loose, untied. 
oraca'aJ sending, slackening, (gi^igcijo o_ioso 

(BiOOi'gJo (oTlrolg-JtOicb (Anj.) prh. fencing 


(t5rsca'(^ — (Srscoi ob 


(®r3C32;a^ — flSrecScoiO*^^ 

CV, (BTOCQ-'gjlcSffl. 1. to make to send diigjon (sra 
ca'gjldJaai (SajsTglcaTlrolaama jud. mosgcss) 
tara. TR. order back. 2. to get oneself dis- 
missed, take leave (BTa32;ajl(B-2j05ngo flrTlipl 
6tnig»2ajD.-nD TP. arorrnlaJorn.-aT^^Sjralrnlnrra 
eTgio.tb (gra32;gjl:^ ®aio§a2;ai(c^ cuma TR. 
foiotoxSonos (gio':Aj5)iS)05r^ KR. 
(&Z)<:QJ<3U c&i (also tgratp) 1. To slacken, a^o 
60)11 (Br332'6i3ro) CG. girdle grew loose. ^§6)^)0 
6»^C2,'Siuig) 00000X10 RC21. relaxed. fffiDcasros 
aomtoicSifDacTOlsooosisRC 119. 2. to bo watery. 
(Sr33isroiBi aajo (Sci_i3<9) Nid. 
C®t)CQ;(^g,0 ayakkura (T. (sracao water, mud) 
A certain fish. 

(S^CainOo ayanamS. (V^ai) Going, way; the 
course of the sun, gjiBiaroDcabTD-) northwards, 
e^afolsmDcamo southwards, each of 6 months; 
biography njroc^raoaacaemo KM. the story 
of PR. 
oracB/fnlc^errf) a meal before marriage J3. 

(SfSCiUOfb ayail T. M. (Tdhh. fsraejnb) Brahma. 
oiacaiamScmosolojl^oib KR. told Br. m-tacc/'oro) 

(gTa3!;<30orm<eio (S. (grasa'SaoB) Caraway seed, 
Carum Carvi. 

(TSir^'QJcfie^ayarkkaT. M.To swoon; also feel es- 
tranged, disagree Vi. ^(jg^a^SmosancBroitai 
oolcOaao-iDCDDcdJl (a_)ai'(Or)o s^ijji^ Mud s. from 
abhorrence of Ch. ^taico fBiaair^ o_i06^ 
RS. disgusted, (mzalroii o-josroiscacDfJlsloooib 
Bhg. spoke contomptuously. 
CV. tffracffiglpcete) to exasperate V2. 
onacaifaiin, otaa^gli T. fio M, swoon, forgefful- 
ness, discord Vi. i]^q^. l_ 

CS^CQjej ayala T. M. A fish, Mackarel. Scom- 

I. CGrOCQJ^ub ayal=(®r^ca;i.Clothlino.£§gjoab 
gjgyostoiaDnti Qa)ffi5B3ian(BTaj2'ejltSi"Viratg)§o prov. 

II. CS^CQJrsb T. M. (& (gra^ii:!!)) Neighbourhood, 
orastai o^roja -i)Od34rm:oi (giasral) ojraolajio 
prov. ora^icjo a-iiCT)la^o fsra.^lii) doc. 
ora^u^ofonb neighbour, also (BrojZ/fti'jonobl & (ma 

Q2,<saJ0d>nc9s)0fDnb Arb. (= mracajiiijcusi — ) — 

(gra^Jjoi-Qjlcflaoib MR. soigraazjaiocaoMR, 
(3K)ZiJdi'23'^'do, — m3§ neighbouring country tgra 
(!j)lnT)C2;(3i)mo§ KU. cooglomai'roljmo^njo 
yHoiocxjjgg (3io§oan6 Mud 2. 
srasirafinLjafiio, — gjsSRo, — ej-itOno noighbour- 

(BTa3ii<sajoce«(!^ Arb. 

(3T3aDra1)(8ajO£bo & — •StuOcOjib the neighbours. 
(sraoi'ratgioo tho neighbourhood. 
cmaairaiaLioiP^ the ruler over (this and) the 
next lands. 
ClSirocQjej (^ & aST^ca'^(Sceis^DQJl(^ N pr. 
One of the 5 Cshatriya dynasties near Che- 
et^iva KU. 

(S^CQJCLi^ ayavu VN. of (aiacaics^<£b (comp. tsm 
w 2) 1. (BTa3i(Saj(93a) No. (gracffixilotSsa) To 
chew the cud. 2. elasticity, ajjlsfm <O)0ej5i5 
(HTa<32;Qj Qjro3.i5t3)0i^c3>) qsrra (Sajoo MM. if it 
fail to make the wounded leg supple. 

aSr^CQJOBCVV) ayasaSSU S. ignominy, (ma. a 
6ngooBhri2. [magnet. 

(Si^caJCYV) ayaSSU S.(L. ocs)Iron. (mfacaq}^a(nra)o 

GWCoTl ayi S. interj. Oh! (miaaTl nryc^su 0)^0^4 
QjjJOfcA Mud. 

(etZ)CQJlfb, aSfCcoTlroo ayir(am) ((mBcagr) iron 
dust, any ore <^cS\cm-^D'b MR. oiaocao gisrea 
cSsrm (macii^(b (exhib.) rmacculQC!^ smelting of 
ii""!! E- [(ma(nn(niDo Mpl. 

(Si^COTlrODnOj'^^u"^ Ar. ayiranyat=(maajaufi3!), 

(©TQCoTlfQl see 6)<m](6]. 

<®faCQ^oe<2no ayuktaro S. improper, unfit MR. 
(®fZ)CQ^fOTo ayu6am S. A myriad, 10,000. (S)^ 

cailitio (£bls0(3gjay3^iwo djenio VCh. 
(TS^CSCQJ aye S. interj. Surprise. (troSw ox 

(S6U PT. 

(®rti(Sca)D03jo ayogyam s. = (m3C£j^c9^o. 

abstr. N. (maSoicc/^.O) impropriety, (•ma.uctso 
moo @sl Sbcoi roogiT5iar'folgL-jO(T6 Q®o e><b 
faraScfijo xntm asng TR. it is next to impossi- 
ble for me. 
(®rZ)'Jca)oa^(nOo ayoghanam S.(moa2.s) Black- 
smith's bi:^ hammer Vi. 




(Sraro — (tSif3fDd96i 

(tJT3(Bcsii30cfflo of iron, ironlikc, po. 

CSraCgcO'Df^), ayod'dhya S. (not to be overcome) 
Oude, Rama's residence Tdbh, (graScaotcroil RC. 

CEi^Cgjo ayyam M. (T. 6)aQWo) l. Aims. ora. 
^roas) to beg. ora. ogj^ejo ogj^o KeiN. e 
c^o tEhasro® rara. ^ssorgrrra Nali. 2. doubt 
(po.) from raraca). 3. lamentation, grief. ((HT3 
e^o) oia^aaiool (srocra'^oaoo onai^ po. (ma 
ojcb iffia^oojla^ @sl TP. ojiflcariaTD acLjero 
esacX) (BTO. Qjlalcfianm^, 0Ogja oras^cSscrra qq 
cm (BTaoinb sna. 5^a-.o§R^ TR. also (STa^:ijo 
Qjlglcqjo <Sdhs vu, alarm. 

(Si^ec^OrD ayyail 5. (sec 5)Q®cQjnb) = (Braijab? 
Father, lord, tsta^o sir! also interj. of 

(Sia^jnb, rgragjgjnb Npr. the hunting Deity. 
tSTa^abojifl the most honorable of the modes 
of hunting (=<aik51-oimocao5). 

cSY^c^^nnnl ayyanni («aa?) a field that yields 

two crops in a year, chief harvest in Magara 
(= atferacOfflsngo). 

(Sroc^ocoTlrDo ayyayiram 5000 {s)^^). 

(®f?)(B(§)0, osrccgj'^cgjo ayyo, ayyayyo 5. Interj. 
of pain, grief, alas! .•BiaS^o aQ)<Tnl6!5)3o)CT) (@ 
So tJ>1grno CG-. c5raS2]0 ng)aToggraralrrf) StaiDorra 
KDQ po. fma35jOti_ioa_io what a pity! — @3(® 
fsra'i^ggajnb such a compassionate person, also 
imaS^osoojo compassion. 

I. (G^ro ara 5. (^-^ (grai-o^ decrease) 1. Half. 
(giarosiojsnzfjrTlsmsiro^oaisrn RC 133, an arrow 
shaped like a half moon. 2. the middle of 
the body, loins, waist (=@s, m§) (Hiarao^o 
(tnejojjo aoma fainted; (SiaoifOtes aflcb (mtfitsaool 
^. Bhr. (srarocdJldi or isiaQrocea aicaolg a^id 
6n§(2Q_iocsi^ Mud. led to execution, rararoailral) a 
eng I have it in the girdle. 
Cpds. fgrarocBsiorob -i.rara-'oafioral) nooifl-a) cs^-uaejo 
not even 4 minutes. (Biarad^aiora^ ruailoa 1] *^/o 

(!jTarace>3^o:a'o, — ^§ short garment Vi. 
(BiafOtSgtfriA small box used as purse. 

(tnarosjcOas (2) 1. loins, orarosicaciglra') (smoojo 

Nid. 2. girdle. — oiaros^oao Bubo. 
(ororocoaismo half a moment, (ma. ooI^osko). 
(Srataenrajoeni chain worn round the waist qg 

(iiro6TOT3)0Simo TR. (marDSTOra)osmo ojoltsao^o 

MM. symptom of delirium. 
(Braro.'oraoGjl (2), — eenTl -waist-ornament, 
fsrarogjso (2) leather-girdle Vi. 
(QTafOgjemo half a fanam. 
(grarog-jOJo -i- pound, in prov. tgiaragjaio (Stoietm^ 

(So-joajn, (Bta. Qg iH^nbo (SitfcSs. 
oraror^s (2) girdle with clasp Vi, 
(StdCOizcn'^owlc^cQsi to be undecided, reluctant, 
(sraroanb stunted corn (Palg.) 
(QiOfOizo 1. a fraction -j'L,(Hraro0Csyff>5n_iO'ml<a>o 

ernl — 2. a wooden bolt, orafaaa^o toiygo. 
feTafC0oaoo=:(5Tafa 2. g)5sra®osnb rmsinbo ara. 

(SjaJcegoTD TP. put on his waist. 
(Htaroaora!) (2) hips. ora.'tiTlaTa 55ajs^5i<0>osirE. 
srarai^Qces girdle. — rsrara^QcBs)! Arb, girded 

himself for wrestling. 
rtnaraoira (^Qg^ls)) TR. each half a Rupee. 
(Biao^fara^ by halves, as medicines. 
(8Taft)S)55a.iS)a() (prov.) a tolerable physician. 
n. oSi'&ro or (®t)(OCiU (imaro-oj) Royal, in otara 
am etc. 

I. oSr^rQo aram T. M. C. (V^mrafis) 1. A file. 
f5TarooS)Q_i3sl, (STarasiojosl filings, tgrafao exa^o 
5n§ roo^sigqosl^ Bhr, 2. edge of rice husk 
etc. sharpness, o)o_jaBajip)«5ig5)CUcS« (graraa^gj 
prov. igiafDaroal^fao Vi. 

II. (©rsrOa S. (\'^(ora(b=G.airo) Swift. 2. wheel's 
spoke (po.) 

(SmfOdSj^ ara'Jfallu (imaracs^ai) Grinding stone. 

a?t)fOae6^0fl) arakkaii t.m. (Tdbh. a^dosa^) 

1, A Raxasa (graracSsfbasriTl KR. Ravana. 

2. a miser; a kind of ant MC. (prh, from 

(1Sif^fDdB6i arakklj T.M.C.(T'ihh.faDcS£Qa, EUO:e£no) 
1. Gumlac, sealing-wax. coiafad3s Sfmnb zoocroo 
©rolcnjaJD.-a^osmogjojoolji.r) QjloQ,caayo-3txi 
roaai 5)-QJ'g;| KR, mountaineers. — imaracOa ouo 

(m:(b£t{^ — -®r 


(eYC(D.aJ — (JS<^(biSfGo 

of the 0ajcacraigiJo-3i3c>o TR. — of two kinds 
o-i^focea, (2<S)0ejroces GP 75. the latter also 

(grarotaslgjo Bhr. the lac palace (eg'^ScooDo S.) 
2. red ■grarocBsioaaj'al) red Nymphaja (sra.'onloo 

(Si^fDcQ^enOo araksanam S. 1. Not preserv- 
ing <sKiCO:S£a\<S)OOJow «)063oaj Bhr. 2. tmafo 
q. v. + c8£asmo half a moment. 

(®fcrQo9^crOoaraksasamS. (roceai^^) <s.iiojj^.o 
(5ta'0ocsil§o KR. The world will be freed from 
the Raxasas. 

(Gr^rocoot) aragaii (?) Eel mc 

aSr?;ro6S«^ arannUT.M.(Tdbh. rooODo)!. A stage, 
scene, place for public exhibition (^a-a^ajra, 
(aarol) @rDT3jro6!5Q3gs Bhr. (jra^teaaca'gj (Siaro 
€SB<Si^ prov. not in a corner, publicly, orara 
ssqo (3K)§ces)g.Gjjo truooacfi;^@aaj(b KU. convict- 
ed or suspected of breach of caste, 2. the 
cloth with which puppet-players cover them- 
selves (3T3. ojls^lito Vi. to fix that cloth o_jl 
^laaoGJ Era. ^lOal for a marriage (po.) 
3. & (srarossQo Srlrangam &w£\iss al-^rai-ai) (SK> I 
fo)EBp0Dej TP. [adulteress. 

Cpds. (giarossQiplcCa to disgrace publicly f. i. an 
(BTaraasBtplcs^S) to disgrace oneself. 
(HrarossBl^a)) to commence B. 
(5rara(2«J8Q,c95 to exhibit publicly. 
(sraraSeoBOOo public exhibition, a play; mo. 
<&)lP^o96) to open the stage with the farces 
of the buffoon, (graajcbcsa fgro. <£biplih(2aj 
emo TP. she may exhibit herself as an 
accomplished gymnast, 
(srarosssBOQ a drama, ma'ooicm 2000 &Qfyl 
<9) cQjipl-^, ma. oo^ajemo <DnaiD.fi3l-^ •Q.hf\ 
erora) TR. 

cSi^fDGS^ cfe arauiiu-j^a T. M. (oraracs^a)) & v. a. 
(JSf^COcSQx&iy oOeil Bruising gently, to remove 
the husk by rubbing. 

(5T3ra«3i3rol) the socket on which a door turns, 
also taTorosoBfcl) ti^lasajool Vi, 

(®f5rO.QJOfb arajail T. M. C. Te. (rt.063o) King, 
also (srarac-anb KR. (Starocanb vu. (gtDra.aJit6 ajl 
emorah oljS(SC2.o prov. after checkmate. 
csraro^noc/so, — acSs'.cb Royal family. 
(srarojiJo, 'Hrara.Qj 1. Royalty (grarojiiDor^ ^sesal 
Bhr. began to reign g3g.caoc'D0CSin§s1iS.^j 
cSio KR. co-regency, fsraro^ o^iioa^, sj.Utflsi 
Vi. give check, orara^ajo^ reign. 2. con- 
stitution 073fajiii§:a>, ojfiBG^ai to order, 
settle. Ota. otaiP^snn^, aiplsraig) to be without 
head or order Vi. S.oiaro-ojrrfaiaroai'OiTA, 
(STaroo'SQjoati-joCCh. (hence aJOira-aj Hibis- 
cus populneus). (313^^3^01^^ a grass (S. 
(tSrcrosrWiSlrub arannil The buttress tree (?= 

CSfZ(Ci% aradu Wooden axletree (opp. uaSojai) Vi. 
(Sf^JfD^dQj see (tSrZJfD^dft). 

(Sr^fOerD arana T. M. Tu. The green house- 
lizard, Lacerta interpunctula, said to be poi- 
sonous (tgra. 5ifwosorat QSSicn aosmo prov. & 
forgetful ((gra'tSa 20,wl); hence (gta'a^tflS 6itj 
(a61d3s)oronf) forgetful. (SiQdjlg.jiP.tiiaTlnm.'Osmaid) 
CBii_iOtLi5)aj KR. 
(©^ro&nol arani S. Wood kindled by attrition, 
Prerana spin. fig. ^a»aj03i(lfold)35)cmoro«)6irT')l 

caoi-tib aSlccajOt) ^^uoodo Bhg. 
(3iafDsrnli2(io=^0g KU. (ararosirnlia^o raiacrni 

(©^(0)32/^0 KR. in sacrifice. 
(BiarDsmicSsfiaarra amcd. 

(©Oroeni) aran T. a M. Stronghold (oiarosmjo?) 
(sraf^emlcSsi to be perverse; (Biarosm^g-i being 
impregnable Vi. — (Starosni^aurab aTiiPcOalnbjjo 
tal^d) RC 13. at the eastern gate of the fort. 

(tSfa(Q&nOjo aranyam s. ((Siai-osmo far) Forest. 

(Si^rorGTl ara6i S. (ora) Uneasiness. 

(STOfD.TjrOio arattam (Tdbh. focaojo) Red, an 
offering of cliunam & saffron. (SaiDairav-tJiao ch 
ffsrajj a med. (BTara.isiacyo amiioiaraa^o gjemdtel 
MM. (prh. = (aiaiOi3i3)). 

(S^rororSl — 'Cr*' roojo 


(SYCroQjl — (&-6cS] 

(BTD.' T. M. Alpiiiia galanga, mod. root. 

jijajcim (STD. & jjjloorofnTO) Alpin. gal. minor. 

(Si^tiarnl aratni S. (coamo) Cubit tsra'coa srm^ 

oT)tro''i" gDfoloj.tggmoej KR. 
(GH'CfDCu) arail Tdbh. a00ci> Siva «aci<m ^^ 
0;onb RC. (sraronb (Oionfc ^jrasajoao aQfSioT) <oi3 
(013 rOtftfcloes). Mantr. 
(Sif^fOfflOO aramana (II(B-iaro)T.M.C.Tu. King's 
house, palace, court, (sraro^siro cro/D^fDl^lna 
(ts^xionb J3ri{®030ro0 KR. [bolt. 

i(5r?i(0(2!2 aramnia =t5T3ra0 2. (igrara) Wooden 
(S^fDc:^^^) arayail (=(BT3ro-ainb) 1. Hereditary- 
chief of Muckuwas. (ffrarocara^rao 0rotSo->Drt3oci53o 
TR. 2. a southern fishercastfe (c&iotfflrai tsra & 
<&,srol) (Sta.) a chief, called ^gligooOTarooz/nb 
o)G})0§6m3g\(b <95o:ijafmD0(O) (znl<S«^5ir!g^. chief 
of aiDcarob (5T3'<b is 5)^axni'ai> i-HiarDcoJob or s^jii 
cnjloA s)a_iraaiiab (groracajtb in Chertala, Trav. 
3. a tribe of mountaineers; — fern, (maroain. 
Cpds. oraracQ/'frno (foaga.'iDccroo) royal swan tgra. 
(Bo_iDo)aj o)aj§.K2a ansifo^ KR. 
(aiarooi'oral) (tsraro^) Ficus religiosa ({utacaj Hio 
S.) QjlsiO^onb rara'tulej (Srj_joai5)aj Bhr4. 
(gia'cLnai<S'c)e) SojoaiSoj ^Sajoo (3T3)5rals)ii_i§o 
Bhg7. — (QigLjracQJDfai) a wild kind of figtre". 
(BraraotlraltftoaxinDCDo KU. (T. (grarojirifran'jicSsi) 
royal dominion. 
CEfSfDCQ^ dfti arayu-^a T. M. C.Tu.(V^tBrafD3) To 
be bruised (Sioiod) fffiarOfjrmoiSa-joCQTl (=:g)ro6T3ro), 

CG. from fetters. 

VN. (StadDQj grinding. (araroQjo (S_aif^5)ajcSa 

add seasoning powder, 
a. V. C®f06)fQje© To grind to powder, (sraa^ro 
^(3) ^^^Ofat) 1^611823 SKoiolceso Vi. (marro)i 
<iD5i6irogjDnb (BioiSTOD prov. tgraojro^ foifraajDot) 
OLjQjfOJo asng (to prepare & administer physic), 
ajslgjorroofficn a5nga(S)o prov. (SK)S)a^ (mfol<a 
also to instigate; SfaicSasirocesi to ruminate. 
VN. (Brattjgi powdering; herbs used to clean 
the head of oil Vi. 
OSfSfOQJo aravam S. 1. Noiseless T.M. serpent, 

also (sra.'O^, (Br5ra.ij(rrnl(32jrDaiab RC7. Siva as 
n_inmcogcfa6mn6. 2.'uo loud noise. 

c®f3fDOJl'^'Qo aravind'am T. Lotus, orarT^x^iJo 
'TiPvitrb lotus-eyed CCh. 

aS^(t>(y3) see (C^fOjaJ. 

(Srattj^ce,, sn^ (So-JDcfe aralu'j^a T. M. C.(v'' 
(inafw) To shrink, also ora^meaz/TJiaora!) (m>'^£^ 
Cal. — met. siot63q tsiafDongcSiuocsi'l vu. (cause 
of being bent & stunted), 
a. V. (SfZ)ro|d95, £\m>(^(Bi !• To frighten, 
alarm (9>Dialnr)^0Oiiro (STgjslfsraros^ msnmonb 
CG. — also tsTaragl^ iSia'fh Cal. — 2. (srara^ 
(@sl (huntg.) to start, rouse game, scare up. 

CV. (^9jld35»0ff)(t) aj05)g_jSl(3cflS)5mo aQ}rCV> CO 

Qcm raiarrasl^rolcfisTo TR. had them 
brought together by threats. 
CS^rt)^ (willow B.) 1. Nerium, ^ajnm (BT3. 
N. odorum — 6)aj§.>-T3i3) (ffra. (see, (graiirol). 2. loc. 
Plumieria acuminata. 
(&Z>(0&) S. — 5).xjr330fDo Calosanthes iud. 
iTSrSfDD^cftio araja-^am S. 1. Kiugiess .-m'zo 
wi^cQo fo.-Qfijlcaa Mud. (sn'0O32neamo_i9o oq 
gjDo. 2. anarchy orarao^BifoiJOBl tsranosin 
«3i3c)a. [(sraral. 

(©rOfDDr^ araSi S. (disfavor) Enemy (po.) also 

I. ctSTOfOl aris.l.= (3Tarao(tJ)lf.i.(maralc730nbTamer 
of foes. 2. =:aDrol, Vishnu iBTaro^csjo (sraraaao 

(Hraralojronf) Hanuman AR 5. orafolojlfotb oia^ 
ojrao* AR 6. 

II. (Si^fOlariT.M.(T. (tnaral^G. oryzaC.tgradtel) 

1. Grain of rice, freed from chaff, mgj (.Ufa^o^an 
p! (ft.-aic^ fsraro^co/Octol Sil. — met.Qor)5)gjnm 'Scuo 
5)ai !5a=2i^sloiooos>rQ5^n'n^aooo^fDl(Sa_j05)iucQ/'3 
(95)1 _Qi5)0^CDro3l,Si'nT3)KeiN2. (by instruction). 

2. rice given as payment, measure of rice 
(a_iBTaf51 10 Edangalis, of (513^1 not of siongj). 
(giarol (oTloaDSOO Soi,^ ^@g TP. good for nothing 
but to draw pay. (srarolcs^o sjjijajajo 6i-0io§ 
fig® TP. to Nayers for war. tgraojonfco (marala^o 
(0)6rT|lr!Bo og)vOial§l^ (or acmalgj) he has not 
yet eaten the last, did not die. (grarolcj^ois cn\Q.o 

(Srz)f61 — (©roroloeei 


(srsrolga,— (isrz)rDlca) 

6i<0iO5ng ^cesisira Guma Ti. escaped because 
their lifetime was not yet spent. 3. any small 
grain: jijlfDaiforafo^, fwairocarol etc. amed. 
Cpds. (5Torol(95iD(b (2) royal servants, also (snrol 
cesiorar^oib TR. = Qoa5)0(b. 
(graralo^cSsiDg rice basket, & (ararolcug^. 
(araroloion^ceoT (3) Cicca disticha. 
(Starolgjsrrb (3) ajrolai granulation of a sore, 

if not=(ST3ralmj5nt). 
(gTafol5)g_|05l rice flour, also (srariT'aDcjj . 
(BTar5l5)g_jDOT)l bundle of rice Ar. iHr3(^i|jSJJiS 

(tgasi TR. (for an army.) 
(graiTD^io-jD.X) turtledove MC. (=oiaDfD3&(n_jo.) 
(Siarol(rylai'o scarcity of grain. 
(arafolasmrti!) (3) coarse sand. 
tgraralc2;g.QJ (2) foS^ora TP. measuring out the 

allowances to bodyguards, etc. 
orarolcaoQ, GP75. the 6 spices. <33S(ftoJ0ij(S;ral, 

(iinsrarol, siaoruracruoiifol. 
(Srafolcails Qjo^ coronation (by pouring n_itp 
W(S\ on the head). 
III. CtSr^rol, (®tifD|o see (staas. 

(&^(6\s^curG) J (S^(6]?(£h, (GrcroldeTlut) ariya- 

ttu, — "jje, — ■yil ((Htaos) Near, a&jcarolsa) 
aoaj fuisiTxafol^cSi 6Tg)oc2Jo prov. (STaimnbo (HK) 
rola>,uio! ©Dii oQ^fO)^ (sraay^TR. to him. loieise 
sig. (Bi3fDlc2)(S,T!i3)c9s, rooe3o.ijls)nt)o (oraralcmff^cno 

QjoTO TR. from the king. ^cmroldhK^ Qjlgl-^ 

OTOfSliSjijiil way close by. 

I. (&^(S\cee> arikka Tdbh. noralcSsjTo divide, aoa 
fflonajaiDsrerol^^ Bhadr D. divide by the 
number of Saturn. 

II. (STtrolaeg) TM. (II. (sarSl 3.) 1. To sift, cleanse 
rice by washing, filter (Srarol orafol^Ofiji) dJigj 
<e)ipla)ai?lgj TP. 2. to gnaw as vermin, itch. 
3. (BTOfol^mscflsi to creep as snakes, worms Vi. 
(sraraltSaong (1) a strainer, funnel. 

srarolgjlcSs-i KR2. must search after gold 
((srarolg^j ). 

VN. fgrariTlgi 1. sifting, straining ma. &\W^a^ 
straining spoon, ora. @6TTi^ or (sra. q_iciJ3)o 

2. esp. gold wash (6ia_joTnfolgi)(gT3) aajcs^lra!) 

Sim^ma (!£\s!SB(h ami^cro curoaj tsrafolnj 
Siajoabo-jsmraigcejjo q.qj (rev.) 

3. American wild sage, Lantana aculeata. 

4. the webbed husk at the foot of a palm 
branch. (& OTarragjoro). 

cGif^/fDlaa^aoej aringamala see mQc^eisq 3. or 

(Hrara? A precious necklace. 


(®fCf6l387lfV)DQ^ aringinavu TP. (OTaos) A rare 

C5if?>f61oQ^ arimbu (T.C. (sraracry fr. oraos) Flower 
jud, first appearance of fruit, small shot. 
araralaojDO & — oro V. wart oDDjjlSnao!!) STorol 
cruDro rnlo>o-a4 i0>5n| MC. 

(SreroloJo (orafB) & cSrOfDla arippam, — ma 
Difficulty (=(gTare32)) f. i. Q.S)CO^aT)\cm (sraralgJo 
agjOSBQ.oa^'RC. (Hraf5l2(S:ao§ Gxjorolanoairi saio 
ajl^ Bhr. 
taramcT3)ft)o ^foiosasigj^o RS. to tell, this would 

eveu embarrass A. 
adj. fljrafDlcai rare, uncommon, igrarolaz; gsuUo, 
®;^o.-aio Bhr. raiai-olcai e^t^A, aJlrant) Mud. 
ma. fDDanbKR. (5Tarolfflca'0i-t» oorol CG. sraral 
(2cao0o RC. extraordinary sacrifice, raiarol 
Scc-ofti superior men. 2. (^mraasfaDora)) 
(aiaolajDCDfolcaisasraDaooio-iorrach RC. diffi- 
cult to know. 

(SrerolaDOfV) arimail (the preceding or (araral 1.) 
A deer Vi. 

(5T?)fDlcQ^d&) ariyuya T. m. C. (macSl il.?) 
1. To mow, reap, act gently, ajgjt^cao.Tb oji-na 
MR. .'ma^roo!DfD^(ma.'Bl6Tai55)j).ocb^aMed. ooo-tj 
ralsoicD^gnnbCG. cut off the tongue. ;gs^(S32;o§ 
(^555 'BrarolsTOTO) 0(S!5c:4o Bhr. hair, (srorolsroi^ ^o 
(ft aicb ru^-nTJDDfiAKRr). wings. o'orafi3i3a3'3f>asrab 
(fftaf^a^ig RC 35. (Braraleiiraralffliiigls KR. mow- 
ing with the sword. 2. O:aiS53^'0lQS^(9) (&5>aJ(i@ 
,Qi) to tap a palm tree, ora.'ola^nm toJlcanb TP. 


«S(^(S\Crdo — (Sr^fffi/iJl 


(tSr?)TO6YV) __ (&d(^ 


(OrarolojocX) 1. sickle, scythe, (also (sraroiajoch). 

2. (loc.) hoc, spade. 
(marDlajocbd)) Dial No. = i^ p^tss-.tcial. 
(&l(S\Cfdo, (&Z(5]j:Uo arisam, — jam Vi. (T. 
pepper) Anger. Vu.QJi2 6)fo oraf^cjaajo C:3>o,xj 
ojo, (ffra. cjjly^aJBlcaofD!) (Htag^ prov. ororolcjoo 
ODsl^ (SiQi^-iTlcnD TP. he got angry. tBrarol nio 
<9)a,!® RC. ora. (wara3'^» S) £>-§<&i, Vi. be appeas- 
ed. Maplas oppose (sraroloao to ojlrolcao. 
(©■CfOlcenoaristamS. l. lUluck, misery, pain. 
(SroocoDfO^cQio Tr P, ora'^^cm ■snosmoD Nid. to see 
things black. 2. S. lying in chamber orooOQ, 
ojfo (po.) 3. adj. tmot-raicaoo mocS\d^ziOo khd 
VCh. the last old age. — (Brafoli^ob m. 
(Biarald^rm wretchedness, 
den V. (srafolct^ifls) enj'uotil) (HT3'^ StjoiD V2. 

was disappointed. (gra'-gJsrgoiSsn gained byin- 

credible sacrifices or troubles. 

I. fSV3f?Bj (Sr7)froa^ aru(vu) T. M.C.Tu.(Te. 
gDRSift) Brim, edge, margin. Mca)fD3Qj vale ; 
the Loc. (Biora;i?rol)=-5rof5)e71ral). 
taraasaai, <£nl to diminish Vi. 

II. (&^(Ui 5. adj. V^ (minute, little?) Rare, un- 
usual, impossible. In comp. 
(HtarolsTlonooj q. v.,(sraa»5t2!jlmoRC. (&(gra'61c2- 

^OOo) etc.; bef. vowels (grgrb. 
(5Taro3(S5aj (& oraQcftii) cruel murder. 
'HTafolcnysTO proud flesh (see (marolgjsnf)). 
(Hrarolocnjorrad) inmost meaning. 
{Hraasaoa-cb mQ(m(2(Swo^ aji)iQj3^rzyilrDl_3jxirtb 

Bhr. the arranger of the Vedas. 
(srafisaj (T. (sn)ro^S)S>:u) fine woman. 6i:rb srara 

Ql1(2CS2JD§, (Braro35)i5)X103(bRC. pi. (5I3fZSajC2J(b 

(Saejlnrnloffingl oj^cs^o Bhr. heavenly 
(maro3Qjaj(b T. So. M. (not dear) foes, 
VN. ((Sf^(^(2) & OS^dSla 1. Importance, 
superiority, (fftafmlsinbo (mo.o-josroroi'^so. 2 .diffi- 
culty, .-uoa^d) (STorojacaJOo & ^n_i0 a_iocLi(a)l(m 
(Bra. ©sng Bhr. difficult to tell. 
(Gy3fW.aJl aruji S. No appetite Asht. fmoriTl^ 
a med. 

flSrarJSenoCn) arunail S. 1. Purple coloured. 2. 
sun's charioteer. orosicu^rfJo <ertaaiismwo'^ 0I 
nrraoT) c/a~l(/olfOrf>.raaiai Mud, (BT5)T)(T)o ijTara^m 
(U) oJsng 0316501 KR, red from shame. 
orartSommrDiOiiUo Bhr, solar race. 
(3rafiS5marooft)LDl si.'ualsigjgnB^njO'Tb ^00^0 

(^Som RC- before dawn. 
(E!TartS®5moa32;o dayspring, 
(SK>(iSiemouccQ\ Bhr. woman with red lips. 
den V. (STj) Sio-vao (BiaroasTrTl-ai cEhoinao (at sunset). 

^&Z:(Ui'^ aruSu T.M, (=!srorolcag neuter of 
11 (srafis) Old (sa(S\i^ "irregular, awful" f i. 
0,TDOsocu0fS@ self-exaltation would be wrong. 
A defect, Neg.V. has been formed from it, 
signifying 1. what ought not to be. fmo0crul 
dteOB^ <SajOo)ra6mo CC. ^faioas0fO3g, cnJlfoi 
5)ca(aTli3lc32(mo) 655(20(31303 oTlcrTlKR. So with 
Nouns, Infinitives & Dat- of person. 6ira)63i3c>3 ssi 
rsa^ Bhr. would be wrong for us to do. CCD 
i-^c9502iD5)ro Bcio)d3s)(Si(mur>\<SQo Bhr, even A. 
must not consume the righteous. ©OJib acOa 
cqjo O"uoflfcnd3«ia»^ VyM. must not be taken 
for a witness. Rarely with 2 advl, (Srg) alcBs en) 
«5Bcbc9s)DS-Ucyalg_]'z^n"nro3@ "VilvP,— (Biaroioio.-nra 
aio^o a wrong, forbidden thing. — Past cn\ 
g-jraifD3(mosroig)RC.QjrD(t8(3iD5roroi vu. 2. impossi- 
bility; mostly with 2nd advl. 0Og\D(r)«»'mort3) 
aj6mo in a way never to be forgotten. (SiSi'iA 
aiSg-jomasfoiosTsigi KR. could not pass, (graraag 
e3C£ng_jfmlaT)lajo)m Bhr. — with Inf. a^ScSsifOS 
(Oiotgi, (from wounds) MM. oiOTDgorob (Brao^'caiRS 
ia)DS)(d) a med. — (ffrafffitmosrorajoaji) targiaJOfOo gj 

(Brac^fOiOig^, — eg; 1. impropriety. 2. impossi- 
bility. (STDfOcSsiismo^ cnl(Tro5)t£boc)oajfJSfO)oa^ 
cffiort^j RC57. aiosmfffifoiDigiia^o ^gjfoiDaso 
CG. you may however see him, 3, weak- 
ness. Q®5)o geflj^ggraoio^ PT. 

oraraoigii old VN, <Q>osmmo<^ Mud. malice. 
@5g.<955roo^o)g_j5aj<b TR, = gDacesjfiBrmaoi 
Qj(b "the unshaken". 
(SrZ)(?BcyDro (Cal.) = (ff,3folgi 4, 

(SfSfroaD — (SirO(f^fC1 






(Gi7)f2R2lDsl arumadi (I. (Starra) As parts of a 
ricefield are mentioned: otat^oso curocnjo (BtO) 
srn^ (5Taro30O5l (or (graQ0osl) oarolcs^o odralcail 
scs^o MR. (doc.) either "bank" or superior 
plot used for nursery. 

rC'^fWcYU arumba ((Hrarolcnj) A labiate flower, 
kind of groj. 

CS»^f?BOJ aruva T. M. Woman, see tmons 11. 

(®r(Dr?BQJl, (Sr^rDlOJl aru(i)vi T.M. (I.fBTaos) 

Waterfall, cascadfi. (sraasxTla^o onela^o EC. 

c;als)ejo^a2;o <9-,05T73rmral.ijlai(Sg.o§o KR. met. 

(m3folQjla)C>3 asrranold) (ST0)3i BiiHcflsiSiCLJ KR3. 
Gna -^ 

cgiansojlcaDQ, the same (ma-iJ iKi3TaliS:"ara!) m^asi 
oj\zi'0S)O!^an <Sa_iDQ)aj RC. (loc. {grar^Xiipl 

<&Z(U^(yX) aruSSU S. Wound, sore. 
(fliarajTsao wounding, sharp, po. 

(&Z)(Ui,6o arul T.M. (.'grara II.) I.Grace, favour. 
(3n(03QJ5lcs;?^5)S (8raaBg.3o aQoi'oel KeiN2. cij 
roonb (oTlraajnsa^aoooisj RC 118. ^cormomm 
Rsa^fataasTlsaiocutJulg-jTbBhr. 2. deigning, 
command, fma. OnJ^, (HTDro3alff)^<g), to order, 
say (hon.) grasi^ijaaftiTlaTa ^raaj«»aoc0) <sa.u 
<9)§.o (SiOfOJcb 5)_ai<g), may the blessing of Guru 
& Gods enable me to relate (po.) (Hraasgls)^ 
^caorai) "by the king's command", heading of 
Royal letters TR. 

(SKtrm^iy,, £\ 1. to deign, vouchsafe, grant 
<&)Offnzon<) ajroaf03Sg.6mo, rnlsmces rooKj 
Qjo Qg)anloB5ifOCTTT,^o (gT3«sa3<^3'"'t) KR. fmj 
fob^o-j (gTOslc2;CY^ro3(Sa.siT5o SG2. sis^-JiOJiiko 
6)(aioyfan§!S.'iJDc95iro3g!l§nm 5)55a.ijo Bhrio. 
2. command, aQ)«sas)cn .-^cuonb (sr?i(Oi£)^mo 
(BtQSSBSiCD ansicm KR. 3. Aux. V. eoigas 
cb CC. please to hear, gjasonrag) (doc.) 
seated, residing. 
(8raRSS.Qjo§ 1. command of kings, etc. 2. oracle 
of Gods or demons through a possessed 
person. gsmlcs^o^S S)0<Smra!) ojrm — iina. 
cxjoa^rrra TI'. uttered the oracle- 

(©^((TOiTD aru6a Ruta, mc, a racd. plant. 

(tS^((TOQ-Jo arubam S. Unformed, formless. 

rgrajgajl incorporeal, God. 
CS(Q&(Q:66> see under (araraa^Si. 
(&^(S(bs<yi>c&>o arenU'^am (Tdbh. oosroerra, <sro 

6n3<0>) A bitter pungent grain GP76. 
■©^(rfDOCOOft) arogah S. Healthy, sound. 
a5ifZ)5fOD.nJd95o aroja-yamS. Nausea (=(313 1-03 jJ), 

fever with vomiting Vi. 

«S^<^o arkam S. (\'^(sraja) 1. The sun. 2.= 

(BraanSraiSSorunt) Npr. a Colattiri Raja KM. 
(®ft)CO§o argalam S. Obstacle, bar, bolt. 

iHTO^aieanb Si P. king. 
CS'^'^o argliamS.(V^(Braan) Estimation, price. 
(gY3cieicTnl5rr)32;o TrP. astrol. determination of 
cheap, dear & middling months, 
(mo'ieijo estimable; honouring oblation (o^eaao 

CLiio) to Gods & Brahmans, chiefly water. 

fST3a£>ua_ioai65ac)o washing water offered to 

CfSCO r^:Q& duVOlkkB, S. (to shine) To praise, 
adore. (Sn^o;®63BcX)S)£)i03"go aooor)0/^d5^63Q 
(2g,o§o (^slca rnl®aja)05)ca)3r5n^o aDocruo i^Bj 
ajo5)«)D5n|o(gT3 ipglj DM. (graallfmo part. pass. 
mi 2], (ffiaijno, (maijooo S. worship (m3a)j]c9s 

PP. (Saajam (gTO>9io@s1 (sraiion s^-nics^orai 

RC96. cilxioijCDo SiP4. ajlaHcoo tsraij 

m @S6Q13l CC. 

(&fCin^c<20 arcissu S. Flame (po.) 
C®ra0^, oD^^ (Ar. ars) Petition, taracunb 

Q^yrmlai! israro^ealo^ois 'Sn-igj TR. 
(^Sf^'^^-ee. arjikka s. (v^ (srada G.'orego 

strive after) To acquire. mrafoiDag^f^onb PT. 
part, fffrafi^rroj f. i. raiD.-LjCTUDS^iOiSaio^o KR. 
VN. (aras^mo acquisition. 

(S^'o^nOo arjunams. (^^^63=0^^1)) White. 
(ffi3Stemnj5rD0o3c9s)STr)o e3co,(m5)cs2Jo ai inyrols^iSia 
6"g Bhr. to cover the world with their fame 
as with snow. 
(ffra2%,cnnti N pr. the 3rd of the Piindavas. 

(HTo'aj<pl KU.=ajlal^(T)DC2jo^ (sec ota 






(tSr^^enOo — CS<ZiO 

C^QPQ'^^1 cSvts^roQjo arnassu, — vam S. 
(V tmofb fluctuate) Sea, flood. 
(STOSginoeao lotus. 
aSifORSlDo arthamS. (V^ rsra*) l. Aim, scope. 
oraRSiDORjiDZocsiJI for money's sake; adv. o_iroo 
raiDo Nal. for others. rooaaiO^otolno asmarnl 
rolcSsmo AR4. attends to R.'s business, tsr^yj 
oOoraiDSOQcfe QJOTO (^^o Bhg4. the desired ob- 
jects. 2. gain, wealth, riches; chiefly money. 
tsracTra 5)o_j(^o oraQfoiaojlai s)a_iDrtb<a)05mo 
QiSiO§(ij® TR. doc. 3. meaning, sense. iHra. 
o-ioih to explain. <Sxiao30((TO0K5iQ-oifaijessro),Tt> 
Bhr. knowing the substantial meaning of V. 
& S. Qj3jiiai63i3c>o eiorrao ongtsa (sra'aDcSimTlgj 
TR. are not plain to me, not intelligible. 
Derivatives: (saayincn (1) begging, petition. 
(SraosiDdho (in conip.) having the meaning of — 
(3T3(3K)(9soronb, (srao^xiont) rich Vi. 
(BTOKMlcyScaocoo usury B. 
(SKxsiDo njasiCUOQ, a receipt for money. 
(5T3a3Marco6iJi sum of money. 
(srac!3iDDi^aoo covetousness, (araraiDSoa. 
(STOKSiDorol) abl. in fact, meaning, viz. 
oracsiol desirous, cooa-jSiaoififiiocgiQlcQJOC?^! KR. 

(HT3(3inlc9s(ajcroo3ocuro3Ct2SSiNal. to saisfy 

a beggar. (BraRnDltaiacmnOJDODDain qjkso ARg. 

the beggar will become rich. 
denV. (BTac3iDlc9s) to desire, beg, f. i. izcrra (Shjd 

<9)S!5135)S. 0QOO6rDeIl®caiD§ UR. 

part. oraKnolfmo begged. 
tHT3raiC|0 proper. 

(S<Z)^dde> ard'ikka S. To trouble, hurt. 

(5ragl(!j)o Tetanus or hemiplegia (po.) 
(tS^fUUo ardham S. Ilalf. tgraSJJo rmonb oraauo 

QSiaajo prov. Nal. 

(sraiau JiJlOQfif) half-moon, crescent. 

(sraOJjnnorol Hermaphrodite. 

(araOxJajtulca half the customary interest TR. 

(STaaUjaojOoiaemib KU. half Brahmans, castes 
which are regarded as having sunk from 
Br. rank to a level with Xatrias (f.i. en 
oojlsl, 5)Q-iogajoc)o) KN. 

(Bra (iJjfD 0(53)0 S. (masbiTiOir^l vu. miilnight=:(i_)o 
(oilfDo. (3raaura3;ro)id)a <si6 o-T^slgjlifiso prov. 

(BTaiSijDauo a quarter. 

dcnV. (SK)!?x)\,Bs> to divide in halves, m>(i£\S)cn 
(3T3(?aj1;2j3rai) CS. Gan. 

tgrasaoT^ half-moon KR. (gDO^). 
(tSrSoL^gnOo arpanam S. (caus. of \f(sn^) 1. 

Placing, f.i. n_i03D^5mo putting the foot, g 

d^0ci(ro)o (So-ioejo ma. Sijiir^^^ej Nal 2. did not 

set his eyes on him. 2. entrusting, offering. 

0(2g)6!53cki ajloajorcl^ oraemjoon^o (sn^smo 

6>^<^ Nal 4. confided to each other. 

denV. (3K)g^t9s) = t5ra^5mo qjiIcq; , esp. to 
give to Gods & superiors. 

part. (Biog-ptaio, f.i. -oH'gjDgljl.iyisaBcb fine ob- 
(©^60! Go arbud'am S. A very high number, 

100 millions (in CS. 0aoo33iosl) or 10000 

millions (CS. aocsofflj). ^COO srasojao ARe. 

2. difi'erent swellings, esp. cancer. (g"i03jrmo 

Qjoyc8«) Sojosiiu aolsr^fiTltflao aiojldj m5inm 

^g.5raTB»ajrBo a med. 

denV. mrasmal-gj -ajasrorajorai Nid. 

(Sf^(Scft>ab arbha'jfan S. (Ved. m>k = (m^) 
Child, the young of animals. rgye Vi. 

aSr?)(2ao armam S. (narrow?) A disease of the 
CEfSc^jfu) aryail S. ((sraft) Devoted, an Arya. 

(Bra2J23iJ (Ved. friend) sun (po.) 
(Sf^C^o arvam S. (tma*) Racer, horse (po.) 

(HTOQljDcQt S. hitherwards. 
C®t)C/2C:^ arsasSU S. Hoemorrhoids, vu. m><Si 

mi , (Efrasca oSfDocoo. 
(C^ olOOU arhah S. Deserving, worthy, rao^j 

mii^crn mQcLich Arb. fit to rule. 

(3Taanrm=:<S32,oco,(0) f.i. ora. <2a_iosioj o^eaoBl 

<S)S)i. S) niC^ TrP. 
I. CSrOO ara T. M. C. Te. (V^oraQ) 1. A par- 
tition, room = i5,T^ f.i. @O6!5g0O Mud. ojggl 
cao royal sleeping closet. (gTaoccDra') 09)010 
(Sais Mud. tsraoncSaonnlsifOteaoa-ioSa'srsDTP. 
don't run against wall & wainscot, take it 
quietly. 2. well secured rooms; magazines. 

(tS^O — cs^o\s^j 


(tsrcolcQ^ — (®f?)q (& 

(^(tnaio TR. treasury. 6^aj3<3ft5mSo)n6o (mao 
@ocmg®a_i055aj prov. ajsrsoro sroo <& ,1513)1 ff)a_io 
ai^ TR. plundered the stores. cr)Z^S)S (HT30 
csTlsiribo ^cnjlrab ailtpl^OiTA TR. land close to 
my vaults. (sraocs^o@03^o(3Tasc9«lKU. forts & 
harbours. — jail (Biaajsim oj^sl^ fStaocsiJlrab 
^S, Q_iD^-^, tSTaocsiilcrK) aHipl^ TR. moo 
c%o (inao^o (oflan KU. regulate the prisons; 
hence: <9igjo, <ft5reo, oniaicajo. I 

Cpds. (SK>ocas)(t^ 1. at the palace. (3<&o<il<2ces)0§ 
(sraotflsiOif) ojocagrm g)g.0c9sig_jli'niaDnb TR. 2, 
Npr. palace of the Cannanur Blbi TR. 
(BT30g_[cQ^ sparrow (=sra§afla29aral'Q^f3l). 
oraog-jejai the door of Samorin's sleeping 

room, in charge of Paianambi KU. 
oraogjro closet, treasury. 
rmooi^olca/nt) burglar. 

fgraoajDfoTlra!) tmaais^ aisni Mud. door of closet. 
n. (SCQO Inf. of (5130,191 q. V. 
III. (®rao ara T. M. Blow, arao (moevx^. 
(Gft)Oo aram T. aM. (\/^ mao,) Law = cJO0Zo; 
(BK>055aa)Oc)o Q5)0(d)lejl RC124. dutiful STta. raia 
oo acrnloolraf) Soiono ajoo_jo 020,0 60. fsiao 
60Bg,§«^<S@aa(b 63. = co2alc^* or ^fSjcSscX). 
loc. (5T30QJO Qjoajo s^aigijnb impudent; but 
rBTaojoo aibtgraoojo^^ ojocijo^^ he suffers 
no want (=:(BTaoa)^). 
osrcocQ^d&j arayu-ya T. C. a M.(\^rgiao III.) 

1. To beat hard, f. i. monkeys QjDS)ejc9a0l tP rai 
SQjl S)5)3><a)cb (sracsrora)Osroro) s^jiJrmDiti RC15. 
sicngjosraig QQ)§oea cleanse grain in harvest. 
(5rao6Ti5i3)0if pelting rain. 2. to beat drums. 0B 
tora)(3cr)osaiocTt»aiolcr)D(b RC28. <93>-tj)l,-ai3)Ocsjjo 
0§g.6t5Bc>3 etc. 
CV. (Hiao3in<9s) Vi. 

(tStCoQJl (-^r. arab) Arabia — arable; also 
(BTaosnjnriD <0)g_jraf) ajora TR. 

CS^OOo {^^- haram) Unlawful. (sraoDcnTlogLj 
etc. whoreson. 

csi'ZJODCQjl.^S'QJ.-ee^ ai-ayiccuvekka A cer- 
tain heathenish ceremony Vi. 

(©rOolde^j (?) ai'ikya Mackerel MC. 

ctsr?)olcQ^ dft. ariyu'ya T. M. C. Tu. (Te. q^qco) 
V^OTDCi 1. To know, oracfloiojnb I know (Syr. 
doc.) part. (3roc9cLini) privy to a transaction 
(doc.) ojaiRHo (gra-olSd. Inf. notoriously, mrar^l 
caosi-oi unobserved, suddenly, unwillingly, rtn 
6)(Tni3T3)0cr)olc2/'05)fa) oJlemaib KR. swooned. 
Sometimes (like 6)a_ioo,'9s)) with the Obj. in 
advl. part. aJTlfolsroojolc^ornlai^ora ft:)3|.o 
Bhr. cannot live without him. 2. v. n. to be 
known oQcrTlcesiolsroigi'^SO, (Sraolca,®g_jo©)Odon't 
know, Qg)CT9lces) (graolsroT^ I knew. 
oraolcaD^', — cao^, — ojlgjo^,— c2-(2gjoa)3 

1^ ignorance. 
CV. mracSlajIcBs), (sraolcaJlcBs) to make known, ojl 

tSfi>frisiiom6\w^<B5i RC. to report, notify. 
VN. (BToolcoriaJ notice. oaDasioralisai rgra-olcaTla-j 

2ndCV. saiDxTlGjcQiSBracsa (araolojlgjl^os^o, 
roisoBcbsn (5i3olajlgjlc9«ionb gsn| etc. TR. 
tgraoli^oUo acquaintance, familiarity, ma. a^^o 

cesi, Qjf03K^tS> to contract acquaintance- 
(HTaolojoanb (= .■CTSolaj at)) experienced, learned. 

(giraolajDatb o^yfo^ PP. 

VN. rgtaolo-j knowledge. oQSirragjDo (sraolo^cai 

cb Mud. what tidings? ojosr^oiiOGJ ff)c9iO§ 

raroi 'graolajo erajasBcXxfisi ©gj TR. we were 

not informed, that....sijai':Q^@ ST3)6!5ac>Dc95iol 

Qjjrig we are aware, that he did. .•sracTlcsy 

rrnl^ S)^nQ,o Q_cx^a<ocuo, mraolcijsisrggEblf?!!) 

®60B5)CT) S)^m(30o KR4. gratitude. 

(SiaolojaiDrant) skilful, knowing. 

(Sraqd&5, OQ ai-U-Jfa T.M.C.Te. l.Tobescver- 

ed, cutoff, break, s^ffjaiaofsl) dhytmalaj fsraoo, 

Bhr. in battle 5)aj^5>c9)05rgoci ojlacrro Mud. 

(SajroOi° ^'ill be eradicated, @g.crol (HraQiJonb 

KU. &0W (graoQijleTro, ogral) (Sraoo,- 2. to 

end, cease. crucTOrail (gTaoo,'3a_iDcdri the lino is 

extinct. OTOoenjCnuo (ma. the claims are at an end. 

igrg^zao (sraO)®-'iJ3ao Bhg. 00 cT\j^(mo (siasinGjo 

(!naool<2OT0 sisiaxKSa Mud. eanncno (Biaool^o 

(©foqoee^ — (&iq 


(STQq d65 — (®t)6^0de6i 

KR. will no more be born. 3. to bo fmishod, 

resolved. 6)S);g)rooc;a1(9)misl(i5b (gTaQ5>ajofta<a)Sm 

cm CS. calculation by proportions, aio^o nna 

ooajDjajlcaoairi Vi. as good as settled. 

Inf. fsrao 1. off, in Miscmo, etc. 2. entirely 

mraoSaj onaxio^m (grascSaso RC32. g)5(b 

f5taoc9s)5)a® 50. ©biaDono aosifDonrroajoca/ 

cSlojonb ^-nfal^§o Bhg. clearly. 3. little 

mraocal^ o^frrasjaj^Ottjb (loc) not even the 


adj. part, tmaoo to which there is not. <9)0^ 

tsTlfj)}) (sraaooorooaiocao KR. a cleared sky. 

SooroooajOnrol CG. incomparable. ajo§0oo 

a. V. (SifZ)Qc8©, CC^ (vu.sraoan)!. To sever, 
cut off (^rol<S)6)g. TR. oa)ggreap, 5)<9)0ipl kill, 
acuo pull as under, aroo saw. — met. (fysm 
C52JO (sraQfi^ Mud. betrayed our love. — (sroq, 
fmaoidg the whole roof (f.i. sir^issals^nbotsra.) 
2. to decide, -graQK^ n_i03> peremptorily, (bt3 
OD.oij'ajDcBa V2. conditional promise, cjjem 
fOitSloinbo (graQ,OT3) ojanco ag)=K^ siaiodoajorrb 
(doc.) fixed interest, ojlai (sra. determine the 
CV. (sraQgjlcSs). (c^Qjgm^ioral) aiy-uraf^gjl^ 

"VN. sroQgjl. severing, sawing. 2. harvest. 

Qjlg.5iarai30«S Qja2;igJj|Q,g_jOOOCS27l KR. 

(BraQgJ-'iJOck), (5T3Qc0sajDc>3 (1) Vi. saw. 
(Bi3Qgj<9iOf5nb sawyer, reaper. 

I. CS^f^Q aru (V^fgraQS.) l. Severing, cutting. 
oJlaalm ojffiajcesi (5r3Q,c0isrrasngoo prov. torn 
part. 2. horrible (prh. = II orarai) (STaQ,cS!aj 
violent death, f. i. of king=:o_j§ajai also <sv> 
o<aiiii(ans>£a (maoajtDaj'sia'ois 0^(36313030 <Sa_iD 
Oig^osTgoTbCG-) (BiODinejcT\;Qr)2Q<Q3iica)c>a S)^ 
^g_jonbMud7. by executing them. — (Braocuej 
TP. (STaQ,ej (vu.) interj. murder! (=(513^3 
<ftGJ q. v.) 

(3130,^^3)^^ = ^0^31^^ (loc.) 

lataQay, etc. 

II. (S^'DQ In comp, for (OrgiQ six. 

(tnaQCigQ, 600; fgiaQ,ogoonb Npr- Nayera of 
Porlatiri's bodyguard KJU. TR. 

fsraQoj^ 60, f5roQ,o_i'!ji1ooD5n| 60 years, (STOQ, 
fLjfoTloostS!^ 60X5- 

oraQT-jfi^moej 64, the Brahman colonics in 
Kerala (64 Gramam), the singular institu- 
tions of the country (64 (BramojiiOfOo), the 
number of rafters ^ Qjg.6raiS)0ra() ar^rd' 

Q_iaCSj;o prov. (=d)^ScfiS)Ora?;)- 

(5TaQo_j(t23onoaiDo the 64th year (or Si^ogjo 
critTr)'^', when Tippu introduced circumcision 
in Malabar)- 
(maQ,q6iirib (= fcsrr^ajnb) Subrahmanya. 
(sraQxiib 6. tgraQXif035i5 co.-sTl ajrolfirTlfs!) Si P. 
a\}(mib (^o cio^ Bhg. 
(Si?lQd&) ai'U'Jfa T. (M. <a)Qc9>) Agrostis linearis 

Vi. 5)X!ggQ,a3 a herb, like rosemary Vi. 
(Sir^Qoee-.^ arukkal T. So. M. (VN. (sraQ,(Ss)) 

A niche, ditch. 
f®ft)Q(Wl arubi VN- maci-A,, End. ojfolaiOTtsl 

6^nbo (BTDQ,-oTld3sif(A MM. (SB'jd(S-sr^ (5raQ,rmlCTej 

caTlral) TR. at the utmost limit. (sn)Q,fU)\cn^03liWo 

QjfOis^Si VyM. fix the boundaries. miaQ,(Tj)l 

SiJiJi^ to finish. (Sfo- g3§<9i establish Vi. tsra. 

6>.Ucan fix the last term. (graQ,'^5i^oraI) decisive 


(3raQ,!7^6^aj§c05 to be extinguished a^fojajajo (Hta' 
§0 Bbr. eso_jsaj0Qfcrn5),-Lj§(aDa><3ajNal 2. 
CV. C'a{(^35iS)9 (ffraf^fzJT'sJa-i^.'arago Bhr. 

(3TaQ,failcLiral<9i to close cuarab (sro'rrro Bhr. 
C®it)Q fCYTDaJ aruttala=i5TaQ,trnl(iDej q. V. GOD 

s QjsSoasi oTOQ-araiDceJlfsi) TR. 
(TS>?5Q (2lDSl MR. doc. = orarra0Dsl. 
(©^qoQ^ arumbu T. So. M.(\/^(graQ,) Dearth. 

(BT3Q,cruf3ii little remains, stunted fruits. 

(£f?)6)0:Q6\ arekka M. (I. (sraq,) To loathe, dis- 
like, gfocoo xiiajl§la2; <2Q_ios)ej iBraao^ Ga_isl 
-oi — ei'^eoQlajosyal KR aijj'^cm aj^cuonbtsta 
Sio_^ Bhr. 6T3)on() gDajlo)s 3Dralc9a<a) (sragj tsra 
noa^ai (grOjcfijnrra TR. I shall not stop to it, 
I detest the whole proceeding. aieDajO-^ So_jd 
cdTl (Mpl.) I have changed my mind (aiejl^ij). 

(grSOOo — CSr^aj 


(SroaJA — (&ZBA^ 

VN. mrosiogj qualm, aversion, ora. 65A§ajnb 
Vi. daring, mraigjo otd^^uIcsjjo 5)ii_ifol<S) 
^sr^ocojfffio Bhr. 

CV. {gra5)Ogj^c9a to make to loathe, zm^fnl 
(Braog_p^lc8ssmo qj^coIojcoo o^jtjos^o^ 
KR. teach myself resignation {<S)S):nii}0CO o). 

CSr?)OOo atfam VN. =an3Q,fi:nl 1. Extremity, 
end. CftJOOoai^oD oranoo aj(TOnD:ijOv'51gj PT. 
i^-oi^ooo gDgjKU. unbounded wealth. (HTSOO 
algjoio) orvj&JTmo Bhr. (uraoozl^osoioao s^iti 
or)fDa^6!5Qc:>3 Bhg. innumerable. cnla)0oo^ga 
.ajooanmofiA CS. the circumference of a heap 
of rice at its base, (araooo a^sr^ snjexjl thorough 
knowledge. 2. adv. as far as .a^.TStaooo (Wtu 
155I g5n|; (sTly: SdSffl (sraoi^aviTra N. txjocnjooojo 
MR. (doc.) 3. evening (3ro^o2:o:£\ it is late. 
4. a feint or pass isra. ora^liSaTo (S^DCioeinb, 
rara'tSTsnlfai) n_jool B563b1 .ru^, itna'S-waajoo 
Cpds. (of (Sraooo or adj. part. (Hraoo). 
tsraoosiDSJo death, Genov. 
oraooasif rainwater standing in pools. 
oraoocesooo end, loss, damage, (sro.-^jno (bto. 
Qj(T)D cgcLJoazTl he is dead. (Hra.tjTlsim taia- cu 
ro3(i53c9) to injure. (5T3. (^SOaifmfo.-a^cQs); iSra 
oocflsoo6!5i35)g. (SCDo^e^sh to remedy, mend 
things, (sra. (SODOcSeib Trav. repair. 
osraooscesio right of succession to another 
branch of the family, when that has failed 
of descendants. 
(5T3OO0OOO <&;(SOQ,^ V2. to be in a furious 
(©f^jej ala T. M. C. To. (Tu. curdles) 1. Wave, 
obs. \/^(sa9i obs. hence (ftfmej hills & waves 
KU. compare tstdj^u. 2. VN. of (sraotHiOffi, 
lamentation sto JCS^o 1^00.^0. 
Cpds. f3T3ej3>S(<Apo. the surging sea oraucQisra^ 
moejo KR. (sraroj^mnb iHraaiaisral no^njlftil) aj 
as Bhr. sunset, 

(Sra i)5io_iDa33<ai 1 . to fight eternally as the bellows 
against the shore gjajSroo5GJ5)n_iD«sajoab 

(SiiPiSiGilgJ, aQS)Cm (3TO_>j6>ci_10«».ljmD yOU 

are a bore. 2. to vie (ftejcalaiSaiD^o (groaj 
5):xjDf®fa)^§o <SiClgi3rigLjliycki KR. 
tsraiioi'oyn RC,=(gia.ijaisrdi), 

(tSTCeJato ala-yu T. M. C. Te. Tu. (V^iaiaej) 
1. Lath, splint, palm or bamboo leaf, oraiiiiSi 
Qjo.WPral) MR. door of split bamboos, (sraajai 
rn^ai closing an account on leaves (tgroajsxTbo 
tsia. ajnrro (Bo-iaazTl his story is at an end), o_id 
Qj30Q,m ora 3J<a) weaver's staff. (gTajJt&iejaiaaTl 
5)Q_iD5l-3j, (ffiarolaio^a ci^3Jiu<9iJj!&'3casilRC. cut 
in slices; anything long, flat & thin. 2, blade 
of sword, knife, spear. — chain of elephant Vi. 

ceTt.ej6S^d95 alanilU-ya T. C Te, Tu,= OToej & 
(grannfiST^ib; loc, rffraiiieorgrci!) Commotion, 
a. V. C&^eASRS^, ce^il To wash clothes, by 
beating (HraaicSalgjliplQ^ai, ora3Jce«^ (0^.6n®1 ^ 

(DS)] (gT2!Oolo)i9S)0§(i^ KU. 
CV, (SrailctolcQs), 

(srautSa washing, 5)aj§.(Scai3)snt) (era. 0doo1 a:0 

calces So-jDXJO.'ib prov. 
(BraL!Jc3s<3)0ronb washerman. tgra-^JiSSiSnmoojnbo 

aiy^.oi (2o_i05iaj prov. 
(®fS£Jo alam S. Enough. (aramaaioBhr. fsrgjcaa 
croo a-noo (sraejo s^^igiiaiT'si^sSD Nal.=:2).o')1 
CQ-0c9s) to let suffice, leave off. 
(:&^BA^.(5\£e< (to got ready) 1, To adorn, de- 
corate oneself. raifO35rnli20(b oocmocoTl iBra'^^ 
cnsrrra KR. 2. to put on 0D9J ST3.ajff)n5o 
a^ysiialrai) tsra':^, m^g.i^Gmo eajD.ife ora'Sdaa 
eiDo Mud. ^S)ra)3ceacsj^o ima':^ ofl ODzlceaKR, 
also with Instr, (ajociusejo siZ^rab raro'^RC. 
3. to adorn another, (J(Q_j;mo5,^r3) ajjfruoal 5)S)0 
srg isro'ces) KR. 
CV. (BTOPjafcrolgjlcOs) f, i. (crolaicJo (sraaja^a (sra'::^ 

Bhr. decked her out. ciuojjlsicaj ojrnrODaliS^ 

aorali ora. KR. cru^oocoo ora'.^ Mud. made 

him to adorn himself all over. 

(3raiii®>ft)smnS. ornament. ^ffja.'Sta) oraajaaDfoem 
soaaoejo RC, 

(OraajaBjOfOo S. decoration, embellishment, ele- 
gance, rhetorical figure, fijra 'JSjoraroDefsni)) 
S)n6o (Si>.aQj<a'C>3TR. instruments for solemn 
occasions. — ma iiasooroc-oo^'Oo rhetoric. 

(®roaio9^n — (Si^eJCQ^ 


'TSrcai^ — (©roejoj 

(SifaeJcS^a:!! alaksmi S. Misfortune (sra. 03^ 
ssado ^ostm^ KR. (sra.'ojlaaaojo (ga^o GPSi. 
spirit of melancholy. 

(STZ)ejoe3^jo alaksyam S. Undistinguisliable. 

(BTO'caoca; cxjocaa MR. improved . 
(Sr^ej(S9&5Dajo alangolam T. So. M. Confusion 

(see (sraajeorarat) slovenliness Vi. B, 
CS'f^ft^ \(TO Vi. see (sraajoaral); oraaj^rol) from 

(Sr? eJSdSj alattU'ya T. M . (V^cBiaej) To importune 

(Sioai^l (SjiioelcSs-. 
(TS<?ejfWDrol (?)ala6ari Preparation, articles re- 
quired, oros^eiiflo) tsraiKmofiricSid) amao @3^ = 
(SoiOqj (loo.) 
CtSifSSJirfil ala6i So. M. Troublesome. (sraoKailajo 
£ho (or eocoo) misery. (HTaiii'a7lc2;03iJlf61t9s) to be 
tired with unpleasant work V1.2. 
(HTaajgi confusion, stir, fright V1.2. [oraej). 
fffraLUgjoQ,a) V2. to refresh oneself (comp, 
(graiinjo molestation, fatigue Vi. B. 
(sradicnj trouble QjaHca,' (sra. vu. 

(ma&Jcnjc9>T. C.Te.M. (=(graiicsy)bcagitated, 
tired. (graaiaxri<2aLjo<0i spill, asafull plate. — 
shake clothes in water (Te.=: (sraii<SQ<&)). 
(8Tancnj<tii) vexation, trouble tffto. (HTgjtSato molest, 
tease — loc. (araaiaaral uproar. 

(©tejenjo alaBdham s. Unobtainod. 

(Hraoigio unobtainable, irrecoverable. 

(®r^ejo€QQJo alambhavam s. (sraajo) 1. The 

feeling "enough", contentment, also fara^iioenj 
fiajl. 2. having enough of it, vexation (=(5ra 
Oicnia^) Vi. (Biaa.ioeoajo :m3cS)(a':ig!| intempe- 

(SToaiaato)! the same, eanaltacfecssssr^o cn^sn 
m^cmejzziay^ NaLi. 

(©"cejccydft. alayu'ya t. m.c. Te. (oiau) i.To 

fluctuate, be tossed. (^'gijonocsiJl msc02®auoc)a 
(JOC(®l6atfl6)(S3ej6!5BlcBJajst(3i3l^KR4. 2. to roam, 
be wearied. <feo§2(n)OQ,o (sraiierni^ aoscrra KR. 
fflSinmanmDCQ;! jiJ(asK5ra)i\6ro®l§ajDcnf03@ Bhgs. 
let me uot thus pass thro' many births. 
CV. (graiitalcto (loc.) = ajs)iiate. 

a. v. CSf^6)BAcB&>Si 1. To beat against, as 
waves on the shore. aonbsa.uoej-STacioab RC. 
(from anger) (gT32!?j(wn3o61ra(i (Htasji)^ CG. (an 
infant, for milk) rm^srno o^naaolajb (BTO U-ajSTnl 
o)o)d3s) CG. s)tnB-.ajoarcKS)Qj-gj^ rooiismnb RC. 
O^l-Uo 5)jii3y&J^ KR. 2. to beat the breast in 
grief. (ZiDorDiaiai-^o «3io/l^o onliiiajla^^i 
(gocuTlgsiai^^o Bhr. s)6)<S) (graii^slmoib 
siag^lrafc oQffljgo CG, 
(Sraai^ral) vexation, mourning. 
(BrasiiUgi (see (gra^jgj) VN. (gtaaigJlscDDs © 

lOifiA sjifto^C!^ RC 15. with vehemence. 
CV. (SK)S>&iQ^<ss> f.i. (§curao (srasiaigjl::^ 0Lq1 
^ Bhg8. 

(&Z>BJ(b alar T.M. C.Te. (C.Tu. (srarorolj) 1. A 
blossom, opening flower =0ai(b (igraiKb culfol 
o^ma). 2. the sharp point that runs into a 
padlock Vi. 
(Sia^jcbcyaronb (1), fD^5i^ii(b.^nj05mnb, (araotaiajfo 

ounb CG. Cama. 
(EifSejrol A flower, willow? (=(graroal). 
(GVQ^jrO^dft), Pnra 1. To open, as flowers. <^ 
srnsiS-gj crc2iDCJula^0tij<3f3 aliFlcffiTlsm @oa7a 
(SnoDcSso KeiN2. (=eiaiosa)). 2. to be hot 
& dry (T. Te. to shine as sun) = gaj«s<a> to 
yearn, long, tsraza raraejnT) aismlms.-jii) aai^no 
ojlsaioifi^^ KR. with longing eye oraiirmoiab 
(5iaS)22ceca (3Taa_if3OCul!95!OS10D prov. 
VN. fgraejij heat, lust ojcnSfsraosai^ covet- 
ousness — (Htaai^jc9s)0rt)n{) = f3T3Tni04Q.-iol vu. 

(Sif^ejqd&5, 6] alai'U-ya M. T. (T. cry from 
fear, oraaid^ C terrific) To roar, bellow, cry, 
as elephant, tiger, woman in labour, gocss) cuo 
culgtiiolmoib KR. (graiiol-gJifola^cs^cBhg. Cali. 
raof)ftia"unb ojd'oo ora uoI (3ra§E^ KR. (graeg^ 
(S^cb (sra ijQnT)g (B.-i_j05)iJ Bhr. 
CV, Qjosjo (BTaiiol^3>a>05r^ cijoogj^ Bhr. 
(Sraaiij (loc.) roaring, etc. see under (graiKb. 

(©rS^fcb ? alal (=(Hr3ij or ora^i-sb) (SiatPraiio^a^o 
siTgajS)gj|u;tf}anm CG. [boaster (loc.) 

OSTCejCUCTrb alavah T, M, C, Loquacious 

(tSr^)^oro — (tSr?)^ 


(SiTDe^eiaj — (Sroejo 

CSir5^0f\)Cu) alasan S. Lazy. (STaeJoroialifl 
woman with languishing eye. oraajcrozliflcs^ 
5)S amorul Nal 2. 

cEireejrro.Tjt;, (EiDejc/Bfst) alasal, — sal 5. 

(oroejcsj^s^) Agitation, fatigue, disappointment. 

(araajnb (gra'aiDdH he is worn out. 

V, N. (maaKTy<9) 1. to be tired. OTisriflcb <ft5l^&J 
ca)3S)(® oqI^o Bhgs. (5Taajnx)os)ftJi ®^oel 
j^Bhgi. unweariedly, forthwith. 2. to 
miscarry. SaajaJTlcSsiejaol coko CC. 

CV. toko tgraaicrol-ei &>^st!S<^ (jud.) caused 

(STOGJTulgJ peacock's pride, a flower used for 

(Cit)£JDdB6i Ar. halak, Ruin. miaaJOdasiacsii^ (Sa_J0 
(tSifC^ ali S. (see (sraejla^cB)) Palmjuice Vi. 
(ST?)an, (tSTSancO'Dfb Ar. 'AU. 
(St^ElJlaeeirOYQ) Ar. aliqat. The upper earring 
of Maplichis. a^zooirtbo aiorrnlsai (staejceac^o 

tgraejanv-nra) (^oIs)^§K23 TR. 
OS^ejloCOo aliilgam S. Without gender, gram. 
(tSif2)GJlcQ^o93 aliyu-jfa (C. = (Hr3eja?jai, comp. ora 

iPcs^)n.v.To melt, dissolve (as salt, heart) iftgj 

cX) Qg;^oo oraejleTOi^ curaoajgrno tuos^ CG. tgia 

QJOSSiS Qjl(a_)£iDn_io <sa5§tinQ^o ub\e^&.^o UR. 

aDg^axftcb ac6a<3jjearicai®ii jiiiggoaai-gj KR. 

dissolving in moonlight. (sraeTli-roiaoncesiDsm 

RC. 03cr)Gro0tplsnra)ejlora:3)Oi3Ziocml Bhgs. zoan 

croo crilfooQpJfmejlfira^ls CG. 

VN. (stoejl^ra^), (gtaejloj melting, compassion 
mraejlsajo^ro 5)^<g Bhr. CG. kindly. 

a. V. (aroGjliea to melt cruliffiDtBirrrasis 0Dm(TO 
aan^QCDoail qj§o Cxjonrjisssmo KR5. 

CV. (graeTlain c9s) the same. 

fm3angj6TO = (fl5iplsroi5D(Qj6mo foul ulcer. 

(EirSaJ alu 5. To shake. OSr^iaJ c66ij (^ T. 
be worn out, grow lean. 
VN. (TO)ejgj weariness, tiresomeness, (BTaejojOQ 

<& V1.2. to rest (comp. (sraajgj). 
(graejssB'al) stir. 
<stQ^<3^<Q>, cSsD Vi. to agitate. 

(araejtea SoM. a fringe (? Ar. alaq hanging). 
(STDGjcSsejcea shudder. rn)cnD3o <2a)§l§ ora. aS\ 
sl^ RS. 

(Sr?)aj eiOJ Ofb alubdhail S. Liberal. 

(StOe^QJj clOe^QJ Ar. haluwa, Arabifm 
sweetmeat. [(fsraGj). 

C®ta^QJ-st) aluval T. M. Bustle, business 

(&ZG',^£& see (HtaaJSj^Si. [astajTl. 

(©(ZJS^ejaDOOl Germany, Allemagne, see (sraa 

(Ef^(5ej6Lloalekliam S. Blank leaf, unwritten 

C®r?5(S£jQ_JC/0ab alebagail S. indescribable, 
or all-pervading o-iraaoto^Daj or eflajnb (BT0)a)3 
cra^awob (Hra. AR4. 

(STfOSeJD^o aloyyam (S. uncommon, im- 
proper) or V^iHtaej? Trouble, disturbance. (Bia. 
a_jo^ offend. e'-umcQsiDfJsostsrasejDaDjooruaol 
cffiDorar^ls (Chir. doc.) (ffra®aiD.%S)g_j§g^<ei to 
trouble, tease, — also (HiaSgjOc&lcmo Vi. 
(HrasaiDorurao (C. .•Biasgjoaio) trouble, confusion. 
ooog^^ajoT) (sraSaiDororoo TR. the distur- 
bances of war (=6iu3jjg_jDS , <ayc93). 

dSr^ffjajf^cfi^oeoo alaU'yi'jfam S. Not current, dis- 

(^^i^'ISo alkldam (T. ora^ral from (grarst)) 
Vulva = c3aD)fa^Ea--'3o also eiD^sjcmoro^jJ^s 
<3cao§ CG. & (ST3^[)^fai2)0(a1mS(m(!5KDSo CG. jifl 
siraraofOe^So CG. 

CS^eJo alpam S. (^tmko) 1. Little, small. 
(5rag_i0oa.Tra oQcm a^ajijoD^ TR. as too 
trifling. {grag-jreDraocarifolc0srm3j(b cucrra fODSJi 
c^ ax)Ocyd96iao3nrolc9snm ajslcaDoaosjra oiSlo 
crulcOsrmg TR. low castes. 2. a measure = 
3*0 @sl Bhgi. 
Deriv. & Comp. tgrag-jt&o^o a bagatelle. 
>-Brag-ie3!iio = 6).aiqnfl(b Vi. 
fgTDg-jE^rant) simpleton, unlearned AR. 
oragj'S) littleness, meanness (sra. ajogl otaaj 

roouoo agjorolorra KR. 
mragjonjeXJls^cV) men of few ideas. 
(grogjsocOjnf) rarely happy. 
(BTagjro(TOa9s)orofl6 soon pleased & soon angry. 





raragjcytoralcEJOcari on a petty scale, in reduced 

(BragjO^acno making water (hon.) 

(BTagjooq^ffo shortlived. 

{mag-joraiDnb (fST2)<fi3o mronb VyM.) poor. 

(Sragjlc^o Superl. very little. 

(ijragjlcQ)^ & (sragjfmroo Compr. less. 

(BraSgyixuroo much, (giasgjfaifosrsjnb Bhr. knovy- 
\ng much. 
Ct?fZ)(^(7Do see orarn. 
(©rSaJOnl almani Syr. Secular, layman Vi. 

(SrOfffb al T. M. or CS(liB^ (T. deficiency) Dark- 

ness, night (hence oracaiaroi), (sracni3)0tpo) i^cm 
gjo Qjma RC. 3 nights, oragprat o^cmoejo <snl 
So KeiN2. find by night. (Hiasigj^oo (3(i_ioma 
o-irooDSODroo CG. «nl®ido (sra^sxD rao(®lcanf()!) 
(Scuoc9a<3oajo5)ej CG. (aragpmag^lrai) swo cnq^o 
oj^ipral very black hair, tgra^scculrm jiiow 
rad RCi42. (5ragjOc>oa^atPeri Bhgs. also (gra 
gjD(bo^aye!n Bhg. 

OTaguo OTgJo n_iosroigi grumbled , made a grievance 
of it (loc.) 

I. (Gn^ej alia (T. (513^5)0)01, Te. C. (gragjfSl) 
Tumult, disturbance = fma)O0(b, c/aoOjo Mpl. 
(see (sragjcat). 

II. G5^£J alia 5. Near, verb (prh. negation 
of pronoun (sa, which in C. Te. exists also in 
the form oraroi)) 1. Is not that, not thus; neg. 
of (sr^<ai<3>, as @)gj of gang f.i. mgj5)fi3inDo<9n 

KR, no action whether good or the contrary 
■will ever cease to be (can be undone). (5taS)gjD 
cmlrolcOslEeJo Bhg. if it be not the case, an 
ooltflsi^otnTag @S63BriS(S,-ni prov. (gragjosnsTJRS 
c^ 6)-Qi^^ what does not concern thee. After 
Inf. gg-Jo ojalcs^o (SoroQjlcfifflgy a med. do not! 
c/a(t^(0) (Stmoomgj aocnScro KR. let there be no 
enmity. — after Fut. ajeZKareHnbooeJo orflcBsio 
0gj VilvP. cannot be avoided. 2. is not that, 
but something else; raraS^o siajom^o aocoro)^ 
Q^nrraSiS <3y£\wS)(iS) Bhri. not intentionally 
but in play. .a^«i)^g CDgj <ScuO(b Bhr. q_j^ 

g^eotaSfg) (Sxisr^ (ZaDaaTlaoassousr^fwej KU. 

3. not merely that, but' anrrao anejljgjlaj 

oraSfaicagjcUt&icXDtSs cunrnl^ cnooaajo Mud. ruil 

fcjffiauosmo ^oglgsajal eraianfc o^orngj CnDoao 

o_iaj^o S)jii<^ SG. 4. but (sragj smionb ojcmD 

roi) on the contrary, if I come. 

rara^ocBfa) adv. part. 1. not thus 0O30gjD5)(a) 

Mud. not too slowly. CTU0la_icrODro^os)iZ!) 

erociruDn0D(b agjcna <aiOirmmQ MR. 2- else. 

oiogjos)«j) 05)ooomr)gj Nal4. nothing else. 

c/ajo6)a)nmgjos)(ai 6)jiiDgjmTlgj PT. none 

called it otherwise but dog. 3. on the 

other hand. Q(j)cmo(til) ojoajnb (3T3gjo5)rai oj 

05)61^10)03) aoeJo KR. in that case I shall 

tell, otherwise what's the use. §c^naa5)fO 

6)(S5glcB?l5)y>;^ S)c&35n|(SajG(Tnl§Qjlab (STO 

^05)(tn (9)sn| orooc/a_iraoar3i£/)aDo 6)JiJnm <ai 
^asmc/alaiib §rol(Jno sj-oi^ejo ft^nm^cSa 
«8@ Bhg6. 4. except, afransrajfOJo <s>D6mD 
(3)lfolc9s(2cnjoc>o (3i3gjo5)(a) <9i@grao(b <e)cS8aj3 
o^^ except when they are unseen. elcDo 
03olcQ;^o5)ro) (SojOiftairigjTR. not till he be 
recovered. In So. even with Ace. 0ooor33o 
^gj eci3T3)3Qj cnl5)cmai'gjD5)(a) KR3. none 
besides thee. 

fsragjo^rol) if not, or rnl;j/)aDlg_jrtb oragyD^yi 
(Sejo eiuoruTlg-jnb AR. <Si>.ck> (sragjDij^rab no 
roiSieosdi aQiccgsoOQCTOo VCh. sotaragj o^rmo 
aTlrai) Nal. (sra5)gj(Tra QLjrol<£blral& the common 
Cond. (BTagj3sroi3)3fai). 

tsragjScas 1. at the end of a sentence : is it not? 
croraliaruocoo s)<S)35regj(Scs2J3 oogj^ ajmoBhr. 
2. in the beginning before names (8i3gjS<3i)3 
fOO0 AR. Rama! 

(ST3(S&J3 = (3T3gj®CQJ3 1. iftO^O?) CT)! a_ifa)ISc95) 

ergo 03Q3.^ci(n"ulcQ;<sgjD ergisnb Nal 3. for I 

am but a woman. (Bir2)O(Sgj0 ^smo ffiajsni 

cr)3fol0D(98 DN. confessedly. 
(STDSgj I.= (5i3<2gj3 f. i. aioDSgj I Came, you 

see. 2. do not! 6)jii^(Sgj. 
(Biag|l po. = (ma(Sgy3 f.i. erzssmgjgp but surely 

not I? 



(SfSQJ — (ET^ajS? 

(5TBgjOtBia & the other parts of the Verb are 
similarly used. (Bcr)roocan§@a <0>o^cOT2»lcno 

§gjanf) etc. TR. rmcesifmgjDta-jcijrnral Nid. 
(Cr?)ejrzjt) allal T. M. (T. Te. C. twisting) From 
(graroi sorrow, grief, diffidence. (Sragjejgg ajai 
cffllces prov. distressed. STgesajiS. (STDgjejDSsn, 
ffiia^fa!) 55Q_j§ceecrra CG. grieved, iftcsuloiajo^ <S&) 
soca!) asTgOcftoora^ral) CC. melancholy feeling, 
fsraajoa ojejlcaj (sragjejo ojlmcs^o aJHs^-^ (vu.) 
very dejected. 

den V. rsragjejfl) f. i. SJ-aio^noDobmra^ejo ^o 
csuaJOib Q@^3(Sft)ago CG. said to all the dis- 
tressed women. 
(©fOeil alii T.M. (C. twist, also T. So.M. tma 
gjorol thin texture Vi.) 1. The pericarp of 
lotus with the surrounding filaments. (Sragj^ 
n5i3)D(b0o^ CG. (gra^OTaoibaTuosmob Cama. 
{gra^fotaoibstuosTTxaofai) CG. = 0Dro0Oi-3!). (sra^ 
gj0<0)C>cia>acTOnt) Bhgs. Vishnu. cBraajc)o ma 
gjli-otaO(b(^rro)ral) Bhr. fine hair. 2. anthers, 
stamen, aiajcagjl palm blossom. (.uotPtfisSgj 
nnbo raragjl MC. also in the pith of ao.^cXxTOD 
fOKSQD there is ora^ GP67. 3. lotus, q)Cu 

34! = s>Qjaa ocrufs?). 


oragjlcanb (T. stray elephant) female elephant 

OSrSfiLi"! see under ora^. 

dSr^ ej rb N. pr. Residence of the Perumals at 
Codungalur, with the 4 roial, also called (Sro 
gjfa))5)Q_irai(2a9jOcsi)laiSio KU. 

I. OSf^OJ ava T.M. 1. Plural of (srog those 
things; also mraaj>Sic)o ((maxiai^sis MR.) in 
books (sraojOQ, obi. case, which is now used 
chiefly referring to animals & low castes, orau 
no CBojocsin those fellows went. ^Otflalnb oQ 
cm failcaffiroo^ cuosrarao^o oraojoolssiach ojd 
foTlrof) ^onriD TR. 2. = (ffra<9i bud, esp. the 
fruit-like sprout of Artocarpus. raraoj ©§<ft 
to bud, as a jacktree in the 5th year tffrasiaj 
(Qiji^csrag (as of palm trees <ai5iaioeǤ,-m3)g). 
v.i- (®f36^QJa06i l.=(Br3S)<QicEte To sprout = fm 
S)ip(Qs. 2. see mras^ajtSsi. pes. 

II. CSftClJ ava S. Down, off, in vain, (see (sraaj 
roo) Many Cpds. 

(®^OJdft)So ava'yadam S. Mischief, danger, gj '3 
(Hraaj^astOTaTliTil) -nJo§mo KU. 

(eroQjc3670C/9o avapsam S. 1. Spaco=©s, 
opportunity, leisure. i^SnmtJilom taiacuaioc/ao 
gang Mud. there is room for the first plan. 
5)jiJCCJdt6 ora. occasion or cause for doing. 
cs^?,Oo «)05naDn6 ajagjoajiaocranb (sra^ooxoi s 
Qjl^oj Nal. I have no more any opportunity 
to see a war. rsra. S)&o%iasi, aisliSn etc. 2. 
title, claim, right. (Snjofolnrn (Sra. ©gj Nal. 
no just cause for war. ongcesi rma'^Sgasermao 
ao moo (mascDalaJS^rasmo TR. hold what is 
mine. (sra. ^Ogjlaa MR. confirm a claim. 03 
cn-si3)liSaj Qjlojl (Bra. (So-josi^ii TR. according 
to the statutes of Mussulman law. (SOjOoiasrr) 
(rirttld)c)o(fi5) ©gjlnm tara. ©gj TR. 
(graxitSi 303 01^06^ deciding on the title to 
property; settling about the possession 
before entering upon the merits of a suit. 
tsracijaiooanjnfb deed of purchasing any claim 

short of proprietary right to land. 
'3T3ajs?oc/3tu(®o deed of conveyance. 
(SraQjtftoc/3S5Qi§ai to be entitled to, 
(SraoJ^aacyal owner, claimant, heir. (§0lc2Jaj<9)O 
c/al<9)C>D the landlords. 0Og^g,a^5)S csra. 
MR. his heir. 

C®^QJ'^^ ava'Jfuli An arbitrary tax on rice 
(30/0) <^cm S)cn^ (gtaoji^eTl TR. [(g^o. 

(®r^QJ(Sd63§ ava'^edu T. M. Misfortune = (gra5ai 

(ST^QjeyjOrDTl avakhyaSi S. Blame, dishonor. 
gjrailsinbo <ftlrai^<3{^o tgraaj^ofoilcs^o aoooawl 
gj TR. also (sraojIoiJjDv'm' q_)0(S) vu. 

(S^QJCOfrfil avagaSi S. Knowledge. 0^raf) CO 
65gj3f03 (sra.ija>f3)l (So-joRsaoiQilrot) RCes. if you 
know to wrestle. 
(BTaajcoald3a = (graol<Si. [rmoono. 

(tS^QJCOOClDOOoavagaliaiiamS. Immersion= 

(©(^QJ^&nOo avagunam S. Bad nature, vice. 

oSt^QjS'gca^o avajayam s. Defeat. (a_3>-3ri<S)c>3as) 
ora.QjfTOcrro MR. 


csifsojgftvs) — <m>CL]cr)o 


(TSrcOJOO — (SiraojCBfOo 

(®fSOJ^?rYW avajna S. Contempt. 

(eracueasiffio,-aio despised, crujg-joso (sraojffiasiacB; 
aaoro^ Bhr. not despicable, 

district S. E. of Cadattuvaniidu, 
(©rOQJSo avadam S. Pit,Mud.=<a3<pl. 
(Si^QJ&nOo avanam T, M. l. A weight or measure 
(T. of 20,000 betel-nuts). 2. a mason's rule 
or level (Cann.) [maram, med. 

G5i^Qj(TDir0)o avaSantram S. A kind of Apas. 

(®^QJfWro&nOo avaSaranam ((3T3. m^cm AR.) 
(Hraaj-'wrol (95) S. To descend, cnoroant) (sra'^ AR. 
came down, chiefly God's appearing on earth. 
otaajtaiOfDo descent, incarnation (thro' human 
parents) CDDOoaajlcooaj'oiDrofflSBao'^ ra^^oi 
ajjo ARe. sc/3oaj(a)oroo, rooaoajroioroo etc. 
fsraajfOioralcSi preface B. 

(®fSQJ(7D3^o avaSalam S. Being out of time. (sra. 
0Lj^smcsj^;9) make a mistake. 

GSTQCUGDiTDo avadabam S. Clean, white. 

<©fOOJ(3oro&nOo avadaranam S. Bursting; hoe. 

C©fZ)QJAq avaduru Slander, see ^gq. 

(tS^OJ^JUo = (5ra5rTj?^o Tdbh. 

(®f?)CLlUJ0OOo avadhanam S. Attention. 

(5to.'oolc9a to be attentive, learn by heart, 

oraojcjooaol well versed in science, [mlnation. 

(GfZ)QJLO0f5&nOo avadharanam S. Exact deter- 

(EitiQJCJJI avadhi S. l. Limit (HroeJ;&)Sra()nooG4o 
(graajcjolcaocs^ga (sraajcinl KR. 2. term, fixed 
time (vu. (saZ(S)i (wrolift) o®y(n51 (mnn (saz(£\ 
<gcsz)Og.o jud. a_)5)Scas) 0>(b mta. sioJ^Ti. armistice 
fSTO. ^§'S' determine the day, astrol. (sra. siaj 
ce«, ojoai, i^oli^) fix a day. (Hta. aiiplsraro), rsia 
oTilfsi) (sroajaSl aitpl^ o^Qcm ®,-mog^^ MR. 
term to pass. otaajuSlsij-j^sa Vi. to be pressed. 

(tS^f^^QJU^rjDOD avadhuSan S. Free from worldly 
ti<e8, naked mendicant. (gra:ucy(m<2aj:ajfDoc!ri 
Bhg 6. (3raajcyitj)roocBJ5)ra i^auoSc&i TR. N. pr. 
of a minister. 

(Stt)QJ(^iOfb avad'dhyail S. Not to be killed. 

(©fSOJOOo avanam S. (G. ao, L. aveo) Favouring. 

(BTacuciOQjo 5)ji:<m Nal 2. protected, governed. 

(©fOOJOOfTDOfb avanabah S. (ma) Bent, bowing 

down Bhr. ' 

CS^OJOnl avani S. (river) Earth, also world 

oraxiool aQ<^ rasngloao sraonocOTla-i-ziil RC 36. 

(STauonlQ-jnt), (sraajrnla_i(oVl king. Nal. AR. 
(©^QJPr^rDD^DOJ S. The king of Ujjayini, 

a title of the Rayar dynasty KU. 

osrtiQjOfl), f. (ST^oji^, pi. dsr^jcurb avail, — 

1, — r(loc. (siaijaj, 6ioejTP.) = fBra + (gTanbHe, 
that person. In many Comps- sioj^s.-masfsra) 
Qjnb he of the washing place, (Sraog'W^SeJOib 
he of Tottam. 

(®r?)QJnr\yjo avandhyam S. Fruit bearing. 

CtStDQJCSeYiJDUJo avabodham S. Insight (ffrgiCO^o 
Qjissmocuo noaf3c8sioo0Da2Jf!So SiP 3. 

(®f30JgLDrroofY^o avabhrtasnanam s. The 

bath after sacrificing. 

ceifZ)CLia(7yil avamaSi s. Contempt. 
(graojeKTOC^o contemptible. 

(3t3oa0DODo =(3190-100000 disrespect (Saxioajaa 

0000 blasphemy Vi. 
aSTtJOJcaJOJo avayavam S. Member a^rojiira 
emoajojcainjo VilvP. (gtaajcmajooocoo contact 
with another body = (aTaocnarcocoo. 
OYaajcaQjl body, (graxicaajojo (groiicsz^ojlcq^o 

fractions & units Gan. (S)mgj is (gtaajcfflojl , 

©alcs^^o (srarolcsj^o (sraojcfflajajBcb, for @ sxx) 

gjlnrra en. ggil ex (moral.) 
(®f?)QJ(ti, csifsajroae6> avara& — kka T. M. C. 
Tu. Country bean. (srax)(^a^o (Hraxjeoocoajo <&> 
o®^ (2is)\ prov. (ffrazf^g_j32;Q, (rgtSfoo GP. 
Kinds a)g_j(^(3tDU(^ifls) French beans. 
(S)0§Qjro Dolichos virosus Rh. 
6)a_iocmcufD=aa_iDnmoaIl(t)o? Vi. 
S)!Ugaaj(^ Dolichos Lablab. 
(3JDg.Qj(t)c6is (& 6313) Dolichos eusiformis. 
CS^OJ(Qo avaram S. (iW).u) Lower, hinder. 
(STa.ij0o lowest. 
(BTOcui^eanb = (aiocraejnb. 

osreojrol see (Si^afol. 

(®f2QJ(fKQ_lo avarubam S. Deformed. 
(Sf^OJCSrODOJo avarodham S. l. Blocking up; 



(Sr?)QJrrOD — GsroQjcruD 

harem. (sraajsrooccc^aDo ora^ff^ KR. = (aratros 
ajroo also tstaaj^raocjomo f. i. ojc^roorOfoliftcXj 
Qjoyo (grainSroDcuoofiOBS o Bhr. women's apart- 
ments. 2. M. theofficeoffma'caJorcfilfDi or presi- 
dent of a Brahman council. (ffra.xKSfBDCJOoa^cSg 
KU. is deputed as such, (HraiKSfODCJuldte enter 
upon that office. fgTa.u3roo(julgJlc9a to depute, 
also Qjoaj(S^fDl(S!&)D§csinra{) Q_i§6)fo tgraajsroo 
uTl^aanl TR. made a Pattar Vezier. 
oraajsroocomnncnjl KU. title of some Half- 
Brahmans, whose ancestors arc reputed to 
have been Raxapurushas. 

OSrjiQjCgrOoaDo avaroham S. Descending. (ST2) 
sraD?.r)DXjisrao.-i063i3ch MC. (in singing.) 

aSraOJ^^fTDo avarji6am S. Unforbidden. 

(©rSajgnOo avarnam S. Blame, indistinct 

(©^QjaJcB^&noo avalaksanam inauspicious, 
unbecoming, ugly, (ma'smnb m. (gra'sirn^ f. 

(tSfSQjaJoeioJnno avalambanams. Depending 

on; embrace a system = (5ig(C^aiilces) f.i. c^aO 
c(\mo(c^Zo tgraajajoorulcaii KN. cnngscooajrojsis 
Q-J{ra)e3aj55ttrra) tato.'^ Crishna acted the part 
of N.'s son. 
(E^fUfct see (©raojlfisb. (SiaojeTl pomfret (loc.) 
CGTSQJCSeJDaftiOOo avald'Jfanam S. Surveying, 

(groiaSGJQisnraio viewed Bhg. 
(tS^QJC/Bo avasam S. l. independent, dis- 
obedient. cTOJoic'sroDaasl^o (maiic/sib ogjffikjlejo 
2. no more controlling oneself =:rLjft)Xic/3o f.i. 

sgasnt) Bhg. make helpless, miserable, oraoj 

c;36iaJsVi. undone. 

(graajc/ain f^sng s^^onmDchKR. in an ecstasy 
of grief. 
(Sr3QjC/9lT^o,-(Sa9ca:io avasistam, — sesam 

S. The rest, remnant. 
(Sf^CUCQp avasyam S. Needs, anyhow. 
OSr^QJCroroo avasaram S. l. Opportunity, 

leisure. s)jiiC2JDrit) (HT9. <S)ro3ra)lg_jD<e9'no Mud. 

waits anxiously for an opportunity, ojna.ijonb, 

(STa!S(g)oao ojogljonf) (Braiiorurao^^ TR. could 

not. Often = croocofml f.i. aigjlgjcnb (sra. asr^o 

caJl TR. it was seasonable. 

(moajcrora3fi9si5 inconvenience, unseasonable. 
2. necessary time, urgent occupation. ((Braaj 
ororac94)0ronb an occupied person, esp. peti- 
tioner KR.)often of courtbusiness, audience. 

(sra. aiDsnaonb s)cao§<88aT)gj®'32JO, ora. sijiio 
giScmoib airaiajlaajcatainrra cinloerot^ KR. wait 
for audience at the palace gate. 

(S^QJCTOOfY^oaTasanams. (&po. sta.ijcroDstJo) 

End, conclusion. (graajarooanaoeJo death. 

denV. iBT3:ij(TOoanlc95) v.n. 1. to end, cease. 

(saxi^oudo tffta'^ jud. the claim ceased. — 

also 2. V. a. tajcsaTlcOfflOcag a-,D(Hjo (Hra'gjonb 

a-iplcsjjoMR. more commonly rfftaajcruooolgLji 

(55) to br in g to conclusion, f. i. crcKWj roroi Isoaral) 

(Bia. MR. decide the case by an oath. 

((Sf^OJCr^(0o avaskaramS. To be concealed, 

foeces, privy parts. 
(©fOQJCTOD avastha S. l. state, condition ; there 
are 3 (STaxin"UD02eao states of mind ^d^tsts) , 
crojnjo,^cLjp Vednt. oraajcrunoiiJgrgj^o 
medical properties (rocroo the 6 tastes, oJl'^jo 
virtues, ajlo_ioaio 3 aftertastes, (tyeoajo speci- 
fic). 2. circumstance, case (massQS^m (Sra. these 
are the facts. (oJ32;«5intBTal55nbo(STa.iJcroDSnjD 
fflai TR. according to the measure of your 
exertions. (Hra32J5>-2ioroajcrODoaTOSro AR 5. = e 
t/aocTOSro, <Sa_iDc>3 3. statement, contents of 
letters, ojotsin-^ mo. aooT^aiDcaayo 5>jii<g; 
5iooos)Z2S)ai05iTg ^gjo:3i3) (Hra'aicb aa)^>a)l TR. 
reported untrue particulars about me. -ojnra 
(gtao^(Sca;6n|o ora. TR. (heading of letters) what 
I write to Ch. is as follows. 4. So M. calamity 
(!jra'5)gj§<e) to be distressed. 
Dat. (oraajo)a\md3s 1. as for ojlajooj-aJDci^nm 
am., 5)jiiGJ3jl5^nbo(gTa'(0so 0oq,o; og^maga 
(3T3. cSiosnaont) TR. to consider about the 
question. 2. because ojjc&Oiaoca o^roia^-uo 
csylraltfl^nm (gTaiJ5)cruod9Q N. «nbo ora-Uifts 

(EirQQjrrunD — (Sroojlnn 


(®f3ajlQ_i — (ST?)Ojltf' 

ud6)(sw) (Qioljy amoo ojljiJorolnjonb g^m 
MR. considering the fact, seeing that. 

(SrocucnjinDOOo,— (TunlfsTl avasthanam,— 

Sthi6i S. stay, abode. 

(Srt)(Uo-V)_irDo avasvaram S. Unmusical, rru jro 
ig(Sg@Drooa?^o (BTOOJo-u-jrorDDC^'o ojlocesrrra KR. 

(©raOJD^ avaji l. S. (fgraauocSt downwards) 
South. 2. S.(ajDcS(>)dumb, speechless. 3.Ar. 
abazTr, afazir (Staajo^aic)c) spices = 0m5oej. 

CC^OJD^o avacyam 3. Not fit to be spoken. 

fS^f^S'iTgjI avapti S. Obtaining, f. i. co-ioajo 

(SfOQJOejfWra) Ar. havalat, Charge, trust, 

security, (granoaijutfta 65<fto§a5), ^Qgjls^acto 

(Braojflao (graajoej-3ial lerOjdasTl TR. 
(STDOjI avi 1. S. (L. ovis, G. ois) Sheep, fsraojl 

c»o§==(93olc2JO§ small sheep. 2. M. & (graojl 

Qj@gl = (BTOial q. V. hence 

(5raa!n<fls5 to yoke a bullock = (gra2las). 

(®fQQj|o©6i, asr^Qjl^mb see (SrsculcQ^ cfe. 

(tS^OJl^orcSl avikhya5i s. Infamy. 

(S*Z)ajl<^c. avighnam S. Unobstructed. 

CGYZ)Qjl.aJ3«5b avijal (fr.Iblis?) A devil tgra xH 
^oejlo)nbo tgsLiRgs aroo i^S)§.^ prov. 

(SrQQjlcgs avide T.M.((gTa + ss) & cSr^QjlSo 
1. There. (StaojlsscnlcrK), mK):ij^%rra thence. 
oraojlsSfsia aooncnjo oiaolcajoai.'m TR. your(= 
(SK>6uq). 2. house, home o^joboajltSs, a_i§a53ff)S 
fsraxHiss <asfn3 £r,ojcno TR. mraajoinbo mraojliss 
cfig (S ti_i tSLil M R . s) s) CD S) (fla D .T) S) rtb o fsra aTl s ai' cfiffll 
TR. also with adj. part, o^jsnasib jDroldBanm 
oraojlcss cn:)6T3iiro^(fls), axig^.-m^fal) g)06ognT> 
clHss MR. 

(S^Qj|§o avittam T. M. (S. ^xTld^g) The 23rd 

asterism, Delphinus. 
C®fZ)Qjl/^j avid'ya S, ignorance «)0S3:.tocdsido 

foiairm ora. (BT3)<ftnT)@ KeiN. (haughtiness). 

ora. (20OciO0ota)D.xj AR2. = 0oca. 
(GifSQJlOJ avidha Apology, excuse cuas^ra rgra 

Qjlco n_j06t!jro)(vu. Coch.) alsoi^oroaiSo (loc.) 
cei^QjlOOCQ;o avinayamS. intemperance, pride. 

aSifOQjloLJ'OYlfri avibatti S. (safety) A medicine 
(Hra. «<9>o§,TJiz»1s ojlsrojijlgjljto Nid 18. 

(Sif^)QjlCQ^ £©5 aviyu-ya T.M.(C.Te. put close to- 
gether, suppurate) 1. To rot, spoil as fruits 
laid on a heap. 2. boil on fire, be digested 
Vi. Qj»)Sejo «ajrro)l(a)ayics^nrra, e^xicraoj^na) 
siXisnilroDainigslrram RC. fig. aj3in-aj (oiDcnxTl 
sisrorajonmocaio Bhg. absorbed. 
Oiaxnc2)^b a peculiar curry (loc.) 
VX. (STaxD^ajfol) = 810000. 
a. V. (sraiHcflsi & (srazliJsi 1. to produce rotting 
(as of fruits for distillation). 2. to boil, 
digest, destroy V2. 

(SiTQQjlfOrCIo aviraSam S. Uninterrupted. 5)51<9i 

51d9ffl05n3ajlro:aio 0135)000)350,^ RC 3-1. 

(tSfOQjlfcb avil (a M. T. C. (Siacud)) Rice bruised 
& dried. 
(HiaxTleja, (see (graajltSsi) to boil half, cook 

partly, loc. 
Cpds. cstaxnsaj ooioaH a med. 
OTaan^sroigl closing dish of Tiyar marriage. 
(fftaiTlejf^ (Rh. {aTa2l(TA5)aj3rol, al. tsraiJ^girol) 

Ophioxylou, {=(saomj>) -ojajcm, 6)Qj§it3Ta 

(gra. med. 
aiPififflOjl^g CC. lumps of avil. 

oj-nracijlral) TP. of new paddy =ajo)fmgjCLnfai 

cs^Qjl^orh P. see aO — 

(®^Qj|30Jdft>o avive"yam S. Indiscretion aso 

5)STOl2iO(b (BTO. cSiOsI ARe. 

Q^g)Cs^o tgT33jl2aj(fi^ PT 1. imprudent. 
(t5YZ)Oj|C/9_lo avisvam S. Halfhearted e<B<si\(C^ 

f§ajDBl.0ic)Q i5^c9a3(S5icX) sra.'aoceTl 6)^^isaj5r^ 
(S](^ Sid D. 

(S^QjlC/a-lOOrOo avis^asam S. Distrust. 
fgroiHc/aaacrCio not to be relied on; also tgra) 

Qjoc0a Qjg.s)fo otaajlcajooroaoamo MR. 
(graajlaajocnTl unbeliever. 

(©f^QjIaDlfOTo avihiSam S. improper MR. 
(SrOQjl^o61QJo avilambam S. Without delay. 

5)n_jDro3a) eajoob (bto. CC. 
aStZ)Qjl^ = (eYSal^ avili Tumult. Coch. 
Ct5YOOj]tPf7no amed.=:(STaii1cei(jCo, a'D:fl::cjUo. 

(SirSoJls — C&^C/BCno 


(Srti 09001- 


(EfSajl^QJOrb avittuvail A caste of? 
like Tiyar, in N, Malabar (42 in Talipararabu). 

dS^Qjlorb Ar. afyiin, Opium, ora. (SoroojltSsi, 
Qjejlcto etc. to eat, emolce opium. 

CEifZ)Qjlfb -^r. abir, Scented clay for painting 
the face. 

CS<^Cyc^jo avrsyam S. Not stimulating GP. 

(SirOSlQJaeei avekka (T. C. mraiTl Te. rgraxics^ 
knock against) 1. v. a. To beat rice Vi. cgrarol 
mro. = 55X1^0^ csa also intr. (Btarol (BTa5).xisi5i3)@ 
(2a_ioroo not sufficiently pounded. 2. tgra 
a3J-pjSQ-j3(Qi a meeting to break up without 
effecting anything (loc.) 3. see I. ffiTaoj. 

(SYS6Dff)QJ^a65o avaidiyam S. Unscriptural, 
heresy,^sgp; (ma'aoiotsiaxiajoenjl^KR. 

(Gf?)aj.o6<2Do avyaktam S. Not distinct, mysteri- 
ous AR, 

(S^ajjCaio avyayamS. l. Unchangeable, AR. 
2. indeclinable, gram. 

(©^CyjOJOroD avyavastha S. incoherence, QJO 
aiifOTsTlnm ora. Nid. delirium. 

(S^OJjOc^imo avyakrSam S. Inexplicable, crfl 
ogooo (sra\0ocsj@o AR2. 

(tSireojjO^o avyajam S. Unfeigned. (STO^^oea 
roiojmj sijxiQsj^anb URi. (Bra'eaiSajm (Scruaj 
S),!ijcm Nal. mra jjjOKScEKarrf) AR. truly devoted. 

(Sf^C^&rOo, CST^C^tP], OSf^C^So etc. 
(Bia+oj. .. 

(&Z)adcBfir.ctb asaktan S. Weak. 
mrac/acS^al weakness, 
orac/acfljo impracticable Q<j);(g)CS^o (sro. §p@Bhr. 

(Sr^C/39&:o, aSfCOdibliTDo asaiigam, — i6am 

S. Fearless. 
aSi^C/8§ asadu T. M. Cleanness. 

fSTOcaoTT) sweepings, dirt (loc.) 
(®faC/B(7JTl asa6i T.SoM.((5raca(bT.) Drowsiness, 


(gTa^(^<3a-)oai Yi . to forget oneself, [enemies. 
(t?fCC/B(C0)3 asatru ora'.ajoccriasrrra Bhr. Had no 
(S^C/BOHo asanam S. Eating, food. aQ)cnlasi 

(sra.'Z3csiilro'c0a(Tnaj(TO KR. 

(srac/aSan-aQ S, appetite. 

denV. (srQ'j-o)&T, to eat. part, (macralfoio eaten. 

CV. cul.:a3iS^Doc/algj1^^ Bhr?. 
C!5TSa3(V)l asaniS. Thunderbolt. (grosi^cTTioiaj 

§sajl (So-josiej RC38. 
('S<ZC/d(6](€\ asariri S. incorporeal, (sracaralro) 

QjDces <2<S5§g(3Q_ios)£LiMR. a voice from heaven, 

groundless report which cannot be traced. oTl 

en^lt^iio'Tlrm (BTac/arolfolraicnoois ojaaijo Bhr. 


(©rcoslaeei see (tsi^C/bpOo. 

C®r2.C/9lQJo asivam S. Unlucky. 

(SrS^ asa 1. (C.Te.(m3CnS^) Thin, slender (loc.) 
2. Ar. haj, pilgrimage, Mecca, tgra^.ijlnrro 
(So_iOc&j KU. fBi3c^3jla*rai) in Mecca. 

aSTD^iijljCStt^faXJoasuji, — d'dhams. Un- 
clean. m>i^'^<Saoi2ao pollution KU. (sra^ 
J3jlftr)mo3irifolc0scm qrnl KR. 

(©f^^^o asubham S. inauspicious, evil. 
aSrOCgC/BcLGo asesam S. Perfectly, all. oraajca-.o 

c/asitsra (ffraSo-acaaQjo cruiaZfinlcQsiccri^ MR. do 

not allow at all. 

oraScora^irolgj^ai be wholly destroyed Vi. 
C©^CgC/90o&!o aso'yam S. (griefless) 1. Jonesia 

Asoca (sr^<Su'^:lts^S)<^n S)&>ocr^ KR5. Qjl^ca'O 

RC. (bleeding heroes). 2. in So. Ind. prob. 
Uvaria longifolia (aTa'(3i3)^J)nbo (Scutb Q_iawlrt)3 
(i_iejo amed. 

asr"oC/9 orb, CSf^OB DQJ asmah, — avu S. (G. ak- 
mon) Stone, (fftacg'^saraoib Nal 3. a kind 
of devotees, croocgcoeajrai) Asht. as if a stone 
was in the womb. 
(macgrallithiasis = <aigjSg_J, (Bra. ^oatsaoamed. 

CS'Z)^C/d)o asram S. Corner, hence .iii@rt>(C2)o, 
(®i(C3)o, (313(^0(^0 Gan. 

(Srsi^fUU asrad'dha S. Neglect. 
(KfS(^/B;(2o asramam S. Easy. o_jls)nD eacQjo m 
qces (Bra. PatR. easily, fsra. 6)^ocm AR5. 

(I5YZ)1,C/^ asri S. (=<sa((^o) Edge of sword, etc. 

(Si^(C/&i, asru S. (G. dakry)Tear.(STa'ca,6mK5i3c)o 

ojosga AR. dropping tears. (sratc^^cOsicX) 6)q_io 

CSftC/B^o — dSf^rOc^o 


(er^jcSan — (t5irZ)rrorjjirg? 

ipltsa Bhr. (ST3(c^coDrooe3£Uo Nal. stream of 

tears. i^e(^<Ss)cki KR. tears of joy. 
(®^C/9_Jo asvam S. (L. equus) Horse, cavalry. 

(5Tau>j<9)0roc9)fit) the chief of the horse Mud. 

(STac/Bj(aino=(5rarocfflorcA Ficus religiosa. 

(BTac/a-ia-jfO)^ 1. lord of horses, a title Vi. 
2. ScftoajfSiJ^fol KU. (because of the horse 
trade at Cannanur between Persia & the 
Rayar's country). 

(graw)jQ_jfol<etai Bhr. kncwledge of horses. 

(STac/aJ>TLjoajnb groom. 

(STOc^-isacoo sacrifice of horses KR. prov. 
the most meritorious act of a king. 

(gT3C'3J5)S)ajQjo veterinary art, 

(5rac;3_icroDf0fft©2nb Nal. clever about horses. 

(Htac/ajn, (gra'JDjlaicb the 2 charioteers oflndra 
celebrated as Gods of light & helpers, tgra 
c/3jla>c)o (SifSeroo a^5i"§ ajtmoib CG. (mac/aJil 
oolsea-inaoib ajomofob ooouj^teso the disease 
is too desperate for earthly physicians. 

(®f^C/3_l(^ asvabi Tdbh. (5ta'j3jlcTnl(seeprec.) 
The Ist constellation, head of Aries. 

(SYQcL^o, ((Sfi)6)rSci":) astam, — au s.(L.octo) 


ora:^s'cetQ-joaJi}i(b the guardians of the 8 
points, (sa(^B^^eissQ(h their 8 elephants. 
(5K)(^elc0s)OcSs&. disperse to the 4 winds (vu. 
(STOc^oroo (BTg)cass>). 
(313(^00 eighth. (gra.i^aeDajo, (arad^araocral 
;^Q„ fsra.^ac/aon^ a very dangerous time 
(arac^iai 8th lunar day, quarter of the moon, 
inauspicious (STa'sroooDlsTnlsonoay VetC. 
a feast in Chingam. 
(Star^oitoo a medicine of 8 drugs. (Q_joa o 

eoj^e^ (T)l(f3ajl^ (gra'cuo ^^ SG. 
(Srac^cnDlliJl the 8 miraculous attainments, as 

(StaoiriTla, aoola etc. 
(StDc^ooCOo 1. the 8 members, f.i. hands, feet, 
knees, elbows (?) (sroc^ooOD(o_j5mo0o, (sra 
c^oocooelojoao perfect prostration or adora- 
tion. 2. 8 parts f.i, (srac^oocoscmocoo 8 

kinds of meritorious exercises. (wZo, cnl 

caeio, (ST3)0romo, (a^D6TnocaD0o(Q_j'O)iOaoofOo, 

(jODfosm, cojDnoo, cruiaocJl). 
(BTat^oocoogscQ-'o a famous medical work. rsra. 

aQcm 555)010) o;(5t3'Qdlcnnao(b xiDiSflfisrulcJaao 

jjjlcsOtiJrocd^rab prov. 
(3T3:£g0cefi3roo the famous mantram aoocrxszo 

d3si Bhg6. <ST3!^D(Q£arol6)ca eaojlcOa, rara^ 

Qj|n:^oi^0(fTO)o YilvP. 
(STa^^oscsajfaosmo the 18 Puranas. 
t5T3v-:^oaj(^nt) Bhr. a humpbacked Rishi, prov. 

oraSr^ocoKJirao crafwo i&iO'aio Nal. = i08. 

(SiTDcSo 1 asti S. (orac/aooo) Food, (sra, c0>tplcQa to 

OS'tJc^'n^ asthlla S. ((sro^gl kernel) A hard 
tumor on the stomach, moelcaa (2nn5)ro (sro.^egl 
aj ((y^reglej Qjlaisoal Nidi2. 

CGr^fY>J61_)jo asakhyam S.l. Friendless; enmity 
Vi, 2. often for (gracruoOjO outrage, (sr^oyuo 
c9«os)fD (sracru^oTR, the violence of the war- 
riors, (Sislcaornoojra (sracro^aocesTl, (gr^sirocx^o 
(St3crv)aLUSig_j§.i5ra)as@ TR, molest, trouble, jS\ 
ai (STacrult^6!5Qc>3 aioernlcea, ojiP^dDsgg {sracru^ 
oJjiro) TR, insecurity of the road, (sas)Ud<^ 
6)g_j§<9i Vi, to be beside oneself from stupor or 
disgust {(sa'Jd&iO?) 

(STZ)rrOo61J,o asankhyam S, innumerable 

Siixjocmo n_!smcLjo5)c&3§roT3;Qnb mra'aocsT' Mud, 

(S^CVV^oCOfZyil asanga6iS, Causeless; accident, 
(5iaav)oO3(d?lc2,03ins@g oroodjfiTl MR. worthless 
evidence. igTacrooco.trTlcffiotsri suddenly, (srooroo 
coOTo calamity (STaOTarmo @S63i§2g5)(Tn RCs, 
mockery Vi, 

(SifSOTOfOYOi asattu S. Not good, pi. (grooroc:^ 
cflacb fem, (siaout^ unchaste, oraororj^caoornl 
S)cm onifoTl o^rrra SiJiiog^^ (sraolcffiDSifa) <0)Sn| clH 
qjoqDo 5)^(^ KR. mistook thee for a good 
wife, — In comp, (5Taaroci3b(^aOo ©^ (araoro 
(CTUoOSo ©gj KR. 

CS(QcrC(Do — CSYSrrODfDo 


a5YafY\51 — cGrscro Q 

(gTacrOfffiio untrue, untruth, breaking of an oath 

^cjilgj KR. canst not advise a perjury. 
oracrormj.ijDal liar. 

(SrscnjoOo, (TSr^JCTviloee^ asanam, asikka s. 

Throwing. [(^oa). 

aSi^OrO^o asabhyam S. Vulgar, indecent ora. 

(BiaxDSjfzn obscenity ersjesBcbcSa csra'aD^Tlsgg 

QjOc9aa)c)o n_iO(S)3^o TR. used foul language. 

CSr^irrOQo asamam S. Unequal, incomparable. 
(SfQcrCQi^Wo asamayam S. Unseasonable. 
(S^rroaDOOo asamanam S. Unequal; un- 
common, improper. 

(EYCrro3(cn-jcft^jda3or61ru^_io asampreksya- 

■J^aritvam S. Acting uncautiously PT. 
CC^rrOQCirCTl asammaSi S. Disagreeing. 5)^ 
"Q|0 @2gJ (Hia. Nal3. no objection. 

fSrcrrOoC/Bcaio asamsayam s. Doubtless. 
(G^rrooODca^o asahayam S. isolation, aos 

did) (TO)cruQDDCs2j3t3()o)a.jro3QJii^ ODScmaral) ChVr. 

(®^CY\)agio asahyam S. l. Intolerable, vex- 
atious BalojI.m^oco.-nralsancesiDcbmTa'aio SiP2. 
2. molestation, outrage, disgust. 
(aTacrv>Qn.5)g_j§t9) to be troubled, disgusted, 

abhor (see oracnj^o 2). 
(aracroaDlcto impatient. aasmacrcoo^oasfO) Asht. 

orta '■ i3 ana 

CGt^-mJou^ asadhu S. Not good, not valid, cry 
d3£p0(^:;r)Cru3cy:uoo VyM. (of documents). 

(©^Croor^ijo asad'dhyam S. Impracticable, 
unattainable, incurable. (sracU3a©£)263JraoNid. 
(Bajcotorannsi) 'sra'aocEjftSo grow unmanageable. 

(©^CYAJOfflOPOjo asamanyam S, Unusual = (gr3 

Q^cilo V2. 

(©^OTOarOo asaram S. l. Sapless, worthless. 
fo^ant) 0fol^ Qro3,-oro)5)(r) rocaeolcesiao (ara oro o 
fo oa o Bhr. even a mean person, oracroorasjcr) 
(SQ_io5iaj aTlsmaiPejcrra KR. like an imbecile. 
mraoroDraaj-srari (araum @gj KR. no meanness 
about him. 2. M. little, trifle. 'BraaroDroSa gl 
i@; 'sracruDfOo <&owiQ2i<20w^ TR. was some- 

what deranged, cusmo (Hracroarocnjorao ojoesal 

TR. by little ^.-Hraoruof^ljj. 
(GtZ)rr\51 asi S. (L. ensis) Sword. 

(gracrulairmos^o aDSSsl Mud. the vibrating sword. 
(S^<r\5](lTio asi5am S. Black. (gracnSltaiS^C'ao 

Nal. black hair. 

CSrZ)(T\^ asu S. (V^(5tan-o to be) Life, spirits; 

generally pi. (3iaaj5)(Tnoft)aryc9«)do, (macrgceach 

QcSffiO^o jaojot) KR. he is our whole life. 

(Ergcrv^iDOfb S.(inVed. living, spiritual) A 

Demon, <2Qii,Si|.o (5raaryraa->|.o Bhg. — A 

name given to monsters, tyrants S_aioan<95 

a20(b (srarrgroajot/ao KU. (granryfonf) cuDy TP. 
the fiendish baron. 

(Sr^OTOCSU S.(murmuring) Envy, malice. o_jfa 

^siT)o 6^0fi5T3)Dra!) i-grara3fai d)lmi (grarrn^z; ChVr. 

fsra. cuocai to slander. (uO'smuQjnaora^fsi) (sra 

crycaoajrorrb cjuot!3T3)fao(<girrf) Bhr. envious 
against them. 

(Sranr^ctKaio i^am>&>(S\M^ KR. envy incarnate. 

denV. 5)Q_iKSg_j^gga)nb o^nrnDailejo oracrycari 
cSao KR 5. envies, 
ctsrscn^cei^s^&noo asuksanam S. Disrespect. 
(S^or^cOt asrk S. Blood. reia(^CAJ03fO stream 

of blood. 

(&<^6)a\)"} asau s. He. 

(Sr06irrOfDQj,o asaukhyamS. Uneasine8s,want 
of health. ao^i.-oizJIvTn (HTasjaXJO^fO) rest- 
lessness in sleep. 

(iS'rs6^rrofT)a,cro_ifDo asaumyasvaram s. 

Dissonance, bad voice V2. 

I. (iSrcorOo astam S. (V'^fmacru to be) Ted. 
1. Home, hence sTarrjj J coa^(9» & (sracr^z^disi 
to go home, down, set. 2, evening, (ffrarruo 
g)at-^ ^I[ ooDipliai fooj^cfflocoi^ralcaao jud. 
mra niao galtSgjoao <Scnoo a med. till evening. 

II. OSrcrrOo astam S. (V'^ rara cru on o) Thrown, 
finished; inCompds.ataa^iWG AR. fearlessly. 
(BTafrjjjTOOTOo.xjo oroj.TUDiiocan 0033x^00:0)0 
ARl. she was comforted, o^gjoo (SiafT^0Qc9a 
(g-UDob en) CC. 

flSifaon^(2iCQ;o astamayam S. (I.fsran^o-i-v^gj 
to go) Evening, oiafT^aoz^ci'uacaiOiilairtii! AK. 


(Srarro ica^ — as^rooDlfDo 



(aran^aamo (fr. mranQjacsunno) vu. nightfall. 
(ara'sajTOiof @«s ©xTIsjs o^nsial TR. 

(BKOfTjjjzldte S. (see I. (Sianr^'O to set (sun); 
disappear, end; stand speechless, rtsionr^zl 
jgjool) KU. at sunset, (gran^al^ @ aooiplca) 
rooSi^gjScnJDcb TR. after sunset, (often 
superfluous (svoj rai"l^-a7l OTiJO^al^ cao^ 
oolral) cijai(0-;oeJ2iDai2^ocb TR.) (grarr^z) 
oiocTt) o- mo^plcQigiaiSaj TR. before night- 
fall. — aioeJo (sranryal^'l^o PT. — met. eo 
rolR.§8 6iis3)3ck> tmarrQa^^j CC. aioiajSomo 
cjCQjo scnojo (sra'^'s-oio Nal 3. cs^^uo qQ) 
magg croaajg^foio So-ioeja (BTs'^'^-ra Xal 1, 

(gra{Tjj5)0ces;2gSau, (marr^sia^ TR. [tain. 

(gracTOa iijejo CQ-. the fictitious -western moun- 
(EfSCTO orOTjfDo TR. = cionrgoororoo. 
(ETScrol asti S. (G. 'estl) Is. (BTOtT^iiD cnonr^ 

{gronr^cn-io existence Vi. [ation. 

(S^CTolQjDfOo astivaram t. c. SoM. Found- 

(t5if?)Cro astU S. (G. 'esto) I.Beit so, f.i. n\}6ii 

2(Tg, mSZOOrg etc. 2. (5t3(TOTJ0C!2jl<3Q_J0<S5 to 

become a beggar, be reduced to nothing (prh. 

CS^Xr\Qa astram S. ((giaxumo) Missile weapon, 

opp. c/3(nroo, arrow (3r3((TU0'3((T^aji3c>D AR. all 

sorts of arras. — 'BT3(nrg:yctol = (araxyaorol 

arrowshower. — (3ra(nryl archer. 
(©TQCTairi asthi S. (G. 'osteon) Bone ; the human 

body is said to have 360 bones, weighing 65 

Q_iajo Brhm P. c3Tan'ODlc2;03iriSxjD&>, tgraTUDlia 

cs2)o emaciation. 

(gra.TUDlsSso^ KN. alowSudra caste, per- 
forming funoral ceremonies for Nayars, also 

(gracTuol;^so skeleton. — (grarruol (3 _a)oro marrow. 

(gTan"UDlarD0gjsmo or (sra-TUiil a^aa commit 
the bones of the dead to the Ganges or 
the sea (in a eeiaaij). 

(BracTVifllnpo-xio, also ora. jifOiceafai, ota. ^§ 
CSraOTUDlrOo asthiram S. Unsteady. foTlglf (sa 

oruulroo SjjiiW, MR. to cancel the decision. 

dS^rn^ fQs^ o, ^fCrro So aspastam, asphudam 

8. Indistinct. 
(eif?)0ro fisb asmal S. (G. hemon) Of us. (srat^ 

s^Ofcfil Yu. Knanr^orm"! our caste. (aranf^o^iltSRCcb 

(Oioinm vu. 

(G^cf\)_irm,o§)o asvabantram s. Not controll- 
ing oneself tgTa.ixjJrning?l = a_if0.uc'3nb Vi. jS\ 
ft5T3)-3i3?ltm fsraTOJ^i'^'oiJo s;iTl^ AR2. his 
mind is come to a state of irresponsibility. 

asrecTojo^nraDfb asvapnanmar s. (sleepless) 

The Gods. 
csrorrujcruDfOT, (®r?;rro_i 30039,0 asvas- 

thaba, asvasthyam S. Feeling ill, indis- 
position MC. fMpl. 
(®^pO-5rb Ar. asara. 10 'SiaT^*^:^-! =Q_ifm\oo5l 
ClSlZ!CYV)(T5b Ar. asal. Original, primary, first 
sort ((srajfj;/^_§l etc. a fine child {gra^^ajDcSsa) 
do it quite well) oja^gjo tgra^ejo.uns'OTalsano 
c8oTl MR. original document = (5ia^ejDa;Droo. 

(S^^oDo aham S. (G. 'egon) I. ccsmjOoDoBhg. 
I am blessed ! 

(STaaDBjDfOo 1. the feeling of self, self conscious- 
ness (phil.) 2. egotism, Vednt. 3. pride, 
selfconceit. — boisterousness, gDsrasnn 
@@g (graoDSjoratTDi^orojo Nal 4. the whole 
pomp of a king's appearance. [ous. 

orarioaajDrol, f. — folsrnl. proud, presamptu- 
(BiaiDSJi fonb elated t3e3^_aj (5taaO») ^rooaTl 

co:mo sijijcm KU. 
denV. (BTaiD3hrt))d35i to be arrogant, pre- 
sumptuous. ciQ)!SinT)DS ora'^ flew out 
against me. 
(Sia.iDcro selfishness, pride. 
(STa.ifio,3oajo = fflra-iD3B3Droo, ewonb aQcm sono 
insolence, selfconfidence si^jDib o^om.-^. oQ 
631go @s®6SBoejSiPu. 

denV. (sra.iDoiso'xn^fWjaiDo ninlialtOTnaOfflofol 
^5(b Bhg 8. (SAaiDSTrflc'ant arsDonb oQcm 
QDofgoajl:£4 Mud 5. felt himself. 
(Sta iOZ2fznl selfconceit sia. ojaJIceso TR. they 
will become overbearing. 
(S^ODCYV) ahaSSU S. Day. ou.-nraioDjrjj 10 days. 
'HTa.iOfr^rrra daily. (sraoDg^ <0>iPlgjDrif) sisraas 
ce«o to live (to be hard up). 

CtSraoOoD — <^StZi 


(Sro^o — (GYO^TO 

(StaaDrooDS daily (gro.ToroaoraaD0Tai0d>e4X)3.'Tb 

6^-aJ3gJ(SaT)nb Bhr. day by day I recite. 
(SK)-^ihsrr>o a Calidate, astr. 

tgro.-iD^siio morning 

(eraSciODrDo;tg)o, fsr3iD'n^o'3o=:ftDg_j0)ft)l) f.i. cbtO) 

cjmodo (aio<SaDaQO®o aj"finnrVlQr^o«)ocB?l KR. 

for 6 full days. 
(BracS-ioacywroTl daily subsistence, livelihood. 

Q_ioe45)ie)Dsrg' (gra. aipicBs MC. live upon 

milk. [KR. Bhr. 

(S^qDoD ahaha S. Interj. of pain & sorrow 
(St^oDl ahi S. (G. 'ophis, 'eobis) Snake. 

(Bta:^-i^mftejso.uo mortal enmity as between 

ichneumon & serpent. 
(3Ta.uTle32^o dread of insidious persons, 
fsraiol ^jrruTl ::J'nt) a snakeplayer= (ftr^^untsMud. 

CE^oOlofOJ aMmSa S Not killing, the first 
law of Buddhism Bhg. — harmlessness. 

(TS^oOliTJ^o ahibain S. l. Unwelcome. (gra^J.'^m 
caosicaof^s Bi^ ojra^rrra KR. 2. >9iD§l5)32.oro 
cioIoto ac9s) aocSs.Do ChVr. wrongs. 

(&^ciD\(2i(QCr£\ ahimarasmi s. Sun (having 

not cold rays) (gra. oraajooloiazj asmnganm 

Gn_ioS)GJ KR. [Bhg. 

(SYSorflnOo ahinam S. Perfect (sraoDlcn a^ltoran 

(©^riT) Qjo abrdyam S. Not pleasant, med. GP. 

CSf^Qc^^ alie6u S. Unreasonable, a-snxuo a® 
moo B'CDo o^nrrao zsoosSroo (HTa(SaD^c96icX) 
oQj^taTl (sra:Qj<Ss> TR. vain excuses. (sraSaDgajo 
q£] a_iCi6T0T^ Q_)O^Qjlctte) TR take under false 
pretexts. (aralnDgojoaiTls siajgla^asiomD TR. 
unprovoked, — also accidentally. 

(®D(?ciOD aho 1. S. Interj. of surprise (groSnOO 
clHcS!) KR. fie. (graSoDOoixv^ Bhg. alas! 2. see 

(5TaaOjT:j^ ((3ra3aDorao;®o, — cyorcjn). 

(®^arn anha S. =:(m3aD:Tf^;(Bra:iCDD32; Soon, po. 

(&Z)^ ala T.M.(C. abdomen, \/^ (rnacb) Hole in 
trees, in the ground, (sa^^^zuon:^, (Brag, o^o 
(Si.wa^oi'aral) (S-oJi^ci^o (S^slaso prov. of snakes. 
(5rog.0S hole of birds, rats Vi. 

(5Tag.0S <9i^a 1- cave onro'i9>gjaca^ra^cnlnrra 
^os^ MR. 2. prov. = a^gjy^. 
CS^^o alam T. M. Tu. Salt marsh, saltpan Vl. 
(STS^dftio ala'Jfam S. (=(STJ)eja) Curl of hair <ft 

Qcbrnl.-^, ringlet (gToa>Sieocol, oniai'sajoejaa<3> 

ssB'-h KR5. 

(aroa'ftDajral Cubera's town, prov. for a rich city. 

tstaaiscdic'anb, (Btaa<9'ZnmT6 RC. Cubera. 
c^S<Zi^-^G(b alakkar aT. (=(Hralo) Sea (sraaan 

ojoTcnb Crishna RC. 

fSrti^aee^, cm alakka T. M. C Tu. (Te. ojoaj 
size) V^ orach To measure. ({|0^ (Sta^cm S)£r<o 
§(t^ TR. measured the ground. ofDoSroy <S£io 
aio rgTaa<SnDonb CG. who measured, compre- 
hended all worlds. o^iSifTr) (sraaTra (SooocSsil 
measured, tried me. 

CV. (ffiaag-J'^as) get measured, sim^ (era. TR. 
VN. (sraa-iSTao measurement, i^a^* ojolgji^ 

(HTaa-^^o ^sng TR. measured the pepper. 

(maa^^iSsiarDnt) the measurer (paid by 5 0^ o 

in kind). 
VN. arit!^OJ 1- Measure, capacity (ijiaaojoo, 
(SraacLngJ0'5i2^)(5raaciJ«<2^i unbounded. fsraaajQ 
(3® (^sonsnj) 6i6i(rofnj6SBc>aBhg. innumerable. 
(S«acul§ai to measure, define. (BTaa<^<S(95oraf) 
measuring rod, weighing beam, ^qja^i oQ 
oj3 aj so much, how much. — sraaS'iJ fully, 
all i^ca^jn^'O^o (aranra.uasia'Ji-xi Qjfrat^ojonb 
KeiN. — raafairL^-^^atS-ijOgjosTOrojoxai^oo CG. 
said too much. 2. measure of time. Qj«S0a 
Qjlfoiias he comes- ojnma^sajrat when he came. 
(Bia.^aoj RC. that moment. 3. till, as far as 
rnlc'dl-aifo.i-jrolcaaajo RC 9. = aoao. rry^oao 
-oJ'^oao gfiga^" (doc.) as long as. 
(S^83£2D6tml!:e6^ri_rit;'YO0Ofb TR. (see tgrasiaj 
0ornl) The German chief (M. Brown Esq.) 

(&l<^(^(Bi ? alaru-ya (aC. fear, alarm) .'maafSlcSno 
^cm.'mlnT) o^y^rnl oiSisai mantr. 
(B7aa<9« (= (ffiaaiQta)?) to lament, cry siojacsurtJiao 

o-i&j^o (Siaa<9s'3yo FT, (beggars). 
VN. (sraaii bellowing, (araag-l Vi shriek. 

(SrZ)^OJ — (Sra 6)^ So 


(Sr3Sfd93 — (GYSiPl 

(Sr^G^QJOrb alavah (soo mraa^ij above) 1. Measu- 
rer Vi. '_'. boaster, cxaggorator (corap. (Stooj 

I. (tSTZl£l all S. (stingod) Beo fijrai3^a)T3o Nal. 

II. (C^^l Secretion of eyelids, aisma^, oJla. 
(gtaa'c5^<£>) T. M. (=(m)s\(^, cmaipl, rBraaH) to bo 

overripe, decay cSismglsroro) (SojOfi'. 
a, V. roraalcOts) (^snaijlasi). 
VN, (maal;£jf3i) mellowness, decay. J- o 

(©fS^OSo alind'am S. Terrace before palace 

(©"S^COlOrb aliyail M.C. (Te,(gT3^ay) S. 00,0 
ainb 1. Brother in law. (SmSfO iHraaloZ/nb TP. 
real br. in law, not husband of a cousin, q 
roralnao i^s!sq'Somroo (ma. o-jls^ScSoismo aioid) 
prov. 2. hon. address f. i.of Puleyas amongst 
each other. 3. a showy but inferior ricegrain. 

(G<^£lcQ^d95 loc.=(5taiplc%s&', (may'tSxai, jjjlc3^<ei. 

(ST^^dOjo all'yam S. (opposite) Falsehood ; fore- 

dSr^a, (Sroacfi6i alu, — kku (V^orada) Small 
box of horn. Q-J^<ft ffia|.cSsriral) (Srgja^ MC. 

(ST5^d8ftd&), cGisTl alukku'yaCr. C.Te. quakes 
oraral)) To start, shrink, cramp of limbs = (a)lo 
crulSo-ioa. — 

VN. (5t3§.c9flo Vi. awe, fear. 
CSfQ^CC^ <& alumbu'Jfa So M. C. To bruise, 
squeeze; (ioc.)to swallow bad food (Sra3aajl ai 

(tSt^Oo al aT. Narrowness, whence (trraa, (Htaa 
QJ, 2. a T. sharpness ^OJcte. 3. T.M. C. Tu. 
termination of fem. (shortened from ot^cb). 

(®f30o 0(^ P. almcira, Wardrobe. 

I. C®^^ Ar. allah, God mraggosm, S)cr).ijl 
caosm Mpl. by God! (Hragg^nbo TR. 

II. CSyDgig>_C2;3CQJl(2Q_J0cfti ((TOcX) 2.) Become very 
thin & sharp (=(graeJ<S3). 

(sraggonfc loc. = gjOT^c>az@ari(). 
aSira^d6) allu-ya T. To take up with the hollow 
hand M, = (5T0|.CT2jai, SoM. to claw, scratch. 
(STa^ajnb the armadillo, Myrmecophaga, 

N. pr. The Rajah of NTleshvaram TR. hence : 
(BraggSK^ onD§, OTDSggonb cuoyrm cno§ KU. 

(SifStfofe ala-yu T. M. Beauty (a C. (gratP fond; 
comp. cratPfcA) fara^Pcagg jjdteoinfab .ajacalgj 
prov, aei^jtPAgg <9!0ofonaO(b Mud. cn'SJOj\cn 

§ Bhg. (gratPi^iOfai) nicely, fairly. 

(STaiP<&)nb m. — aTl f. 1. handsome. 2. 

Ilavars. rvi. 

(SK)<^<3)0 a mark put by females on their hand 
def.V. <9)0sn2DoniPa3f!nlgy RC27. 
adj. fsraiPcfihlcQ; fair (a_)^«j)lcqjo (SKi<^<^w ajra 

coaodo (stuti) (QTayaTlcaJ ajicjul VyM. tfftaiP 

<fi^3D (gra§l5)g_j(Soooaj (doc.) 
(Sit)tfCQjJ 065 alayU'jfa=tgTaii/Csy3i No. sraipsraisroi 
csi^ib Diluted curds, tsra. 0CT)mj relaxed. 
(E^5)tPoeei To loosen, slacken, dissolve (opp, 

(Gir'OtfcTjb alal T. M. Te. (Tu. (sraai =o®f51) 1. 

Heat, fire, heat of pepper. 2. brightness. 

5)Qj6nT^£joDiP6^aiy'oajsmo aj^asssl Bhr. the 
CTT) ^ sm 

moon shone most brightly. 3. inflammation, 
pimples caused by heat casmiPf3i),'BiaiP'3f) jS^aasq. 
4. grief (sraifra!) ojlsl.^ ajocs^o, gggyraii Bhr. 
orsiPajai, nrra 1. to burn as a wound, the eye 

from pepper, be chafed; ojcaoipeja) a med. 

(in fBceoiojItDrao). 2. to burn from grief ima 

t&.(aiO(b (BTO5f rra Bhr. ^rarmo (Bra. from envy 

o_jofB0ynrra5)@gora3ggQj0o:ffil CG. from lust 

am^tFcm aDOfola.c)o Bhg. 
VN. (sratP^ excessive heat, inflammation (=<& 

tciafs!), aQ^rols^a-joralcrosrauofBo). 
CV. (Hrayoci^i, ool to burn, as with pepper; 

to afflict Vi . 

(Gf^tfl ali T. M. C. l.=rgra^^ij Expense ajrasaj 
ooaosjjo (gra-pljnjKScSsi^a^o KR. tarasiroraiP. q. v. 
2. (T. aitfl) bar, rivermouth. 3. bars of 
bamboos, lattice, railing, trellis (graiplatl§i£h, 

(S)^£n TP. 

Cpds. (sraipl (Q'sm (1) putrid inflammation of the 
eye (sra. gDS)g.caso a med. 
oratflfnlfii (1) despair (sra. n^sng siroioy^ Qjlsna 
Bhr. quite undone, tgra. (ai§^ the troops were 
broken, defeated. 

(Si^tflefSrtDl— CSrStPlOJ 


(Ertys — (tS^^QJ 

(STOiFlg-ira (3) barred place, prison. 
(BTOip'artji^ (1) waste, lewdness, (Sto. Siosrnlrfis) 
So. to behave lewdly (gra'assioronb prodigal, 
profligate B. also ill breeding (loc.) 
(8raipl^auo(2) a seaport, river-harbour, (18 in 
Kerala KU.) tgra'ct^ (S^roaa^ to come to the 
(Biatf^caiiaio (Vi. (Broiflcaio) site of a habitation, 

a ruin; a garden. 
(HT3ipl32;o_ioso lowland capable of irrigation W. 
a5YSi:Pl5n5YS)lfTJb alinnil T. M. Alangium de- 

capetalum (grasaoejo. 
(SYStPlcQ^ i& aliyU'Jfa T. M. C. l. To become loose, 
be untied as (Saj-snTl, cnic!j\ CG. <ftrraS.o (srasfH 
erarg Nal. as^acs^o cufrroojo Mud. (in a scuffle) 
Ojlrosnaratnolrm tsraiplsraig) ollena (a ring) Mud. 
— 5)<0)§^pl6roi^ (Sojooin the connexion is severed, 
oafolfoo, (SZo.iOo (sra. pollutio nocturna Vi, — 
the mind to become tender aonocruo, ^.mna 
ipisroigjejlsroi^, 5)S)iac95)srnl0orolt3i) (sra. Bhr. (graaj 
alral oraajoa aooiziipla^i^aizacail Vet C, as he 
fell in love with her. tftraroraiplsraigi croo© 
0^-ai CG. coloio <2(9>§ (BraaKoioratplsraT^ UR. 
softened by music, oraiplsroigi ouosrargi Bhr. spoke 
softened; begged pardon Yi. 2. to go off, 
be sold, spent, destroyed o-jematflsrarg); (ScS)0§ 
caiiplsroig fhlscflsfrra Bhr. lies in ruins, c/^ojo 
QjlsmiplsTmg) (srarrUD^ the bones to which the 
corpse is reduced. siojoraiPlsiOT^ (a palace). 
e3D(^o crojoJtoralfa!) (sratflsjjo Tatw. the waking 
state passes into the sleeping state. 3. to be 
current afliP cnog^fai) (gT3iPlsroro)(ty(S)Oro0^D5);oi 
TR. unprecedented. moslfiA tgraiplcs^^rm a^oa 
KU. current customs. (BT3ajS)nfeo qjdcSs) (Hraipl 
csjjmo Vi. deserves credit, passes for good. 
VN. {gisLpl^rai) expense, waste, custom, de- 
mand for. QjloiQ.cto Q^go tarayn^rai) @3^, 
jijroce«l(Tn ora. gogj dull, heavy market. 
(G^tflCL^ 1. expense (esp. customary) c/oo 
(tTul^cboto (BTOiplojo 5)^aiajo cnsftJic^KU. <qi 
U>(S)(Ct3)iplQj KU. (for an ordeal) iStosflcul^ai 

Vi. to spend. 2. customary detraction, f. i. 
in paying for improvements under .fttflceao 
emo, when the Jenmi has not to pay for the 
10th plant. 3. tenderness oraipleajof <£f,a>etsi^ 
PT. bitterly. nnlcTnlrai) aipleraigiorolejo QQ)rnlce« 
65rt)i*lajl^ RC 129. love, aon^ojnbo oraiplcm 
(=:a_iyQj) Vi. repentance. rsraxitSonDS ota. 
<&.o§l showed contrition, begged pardon, 
a. V. aSrStPl:0& 1. To loose, 5)asiflc9ffl to untie. 
(2a)0§caiplc95)Bhr. to breach a fort, fmoajl tsra 
ipl-ai QOJcSs) to put off the marriage string, (cy 
foio ma. KR 4. to undo, solve a vow. cLjrrni 
5^CL)§1 (ffraiflgjoob MR. to cut up the hog. 
2. to waste, ffl^aiojiplas) to spend, r^c^-^ 
erol-^ caonjrajil^ Bhr. to destroy (as T.) 
CV. (sraiplajlcQffl get to untie or dissolve. (cy;mo 
(ffK)':^ aroj &cn,<a>e)W 5)cx>.o§(i23 KU. dis- 
pensed a Brahmachari from his vow. 

(®fOy, ((SfQi^Si alu, aluyu (see (srayaj) 1 . High 
wall of irregular stones around an orchard 
aigj^cftosrie (SToy= ai.TStJsl-g^ MR. also aigj^a? 
MR. (doc.) 2. (loc.)=(an)a mud wall. 

(©rs^dft), ^ alu-^a T. Tu. C. aM. To weep, cry 
(mayi-oi^fDaTODib RC. 

(©ro^dtedft., cfiTl alu'yiip T. M. C. 1. To rot, 
decay (=(STatpl) S)5)£nt3siOCi^ (Hia^toTl (Sn_io3il 
(of a leper). 2. fire to grow low. raTl (sa<^&cm 
ora^g-jK^ 5)ajcS5) prov. cooking over a dying 

a.v. (gray^tosiai, anl to putrify Vi. 
(sray<fia 1. dirt, filth tgra'^sml = ^ ^(fis. (sray 

cfls)Q,c9a to snuff a candle. 2. railcs^s^S ora^ 

e9s embers, slight remains. 
(Hta^ssi^, fsra^c05)aA (loc.) filth. 

GOTyiTPg) aluttu T.M. (tgra^ depression, whence 
(er2)!i'o) Full of dregs, strong texture, pregnant 
speech Vi. 

(®^^QJ aluva (prh.=(gTayj) A swelling at the 
mouth of the stomach Vi. 



I. CSfO) a 5. l.!=(ma That, (mp) roorao u that 
king, (SfOjrsjo&i that person. — bcf. Verbs (BT3) 
aTlbmvoVljinbo a.'HoScQi TR. after lying thus. 

2. intorj.ah! (S"t3)Q(])rrrao_)Osraini MR. — (HTOXimo 
ojoa^nrra (vu.) there ho runs (— (BratDO) 

3. T. a M. interrogative gDaacs^o i^g-Jo ^sn^o 
arc their Highnesses here? 

II. <JS^ a T. a M. (C. To. m^cii) Cow, in (BTJ) 
mo3iJ(b cowherd, also orgjcaib q. v. 

III. CST^ as. Hither, towards, till; in Cpds. as 
fSTDjv&ffgoc ^eS^cesi KR. up to the neck or throat 
(to eat one's fill) — (STrgjsenozcmnb UR. 

(Sf^cSn, a-ya Inf. & VN. of (ST2)<fl3ih (q. v.) Alto- 
gether, sum total, (ST^ax^sl & (a)slcs2/oai = ^ 
a., f. i. (STg)^c95iQ,r!3ia Sizrnl Anj. black all over. 
(S>3)3igj35=(STp)!&>@ ch sum total, f. i. a®y> 
tsralrai) (Srg) <9i5mc8si rsrjjSigios 5):U:£4 TR. 
the whole account. (Si3)i>)gio§ ffjuissg (Smo 
cS^ TR. the whole of the trees. (5T3)Siqjos 
n_ismo TR. the whole sum. (ST2)c9iqjoSs 
(STp)a)0onr)0O3Ds generally V2. 
<ST5)(Ao apm aM. (T, body, or = (Sf^so?) (Sf^ 
<9io <£hlanraaJxniP63QchRCii7. Splendid corals. 
^lf3)cfi,fDo a'yaram S. (org) III. cO <b) Accumula- 
tion = ani aroo, mine crojsmoarao; igcoraoai 
roo pearl-ground. ainodoeiOB^rocruDajsiSQi^ral) 
nolrrn (HrarDl^djs) KR2. 

C5rU)S^^pQCr)o a'yarnanam S. (a^gmo) Attend- 
ing to, hearing (po.) (BT2)c&>srn po.= (Sa§ls. 

CS^(&>cQ^&rno a'^arsanam S. ( ^(ai) Attraction, 
the art of summoning by enchantment. 
denV. (Sr3)Qicfi3^c0« to attract, f. i. a God from 
afar by mantrams. 

CSir5)ce5eJo aplpam S. (a>gjo) l. To the end 
of a Calpa. 2. attiring, ornament (po.) 

(St5)cft,orold&.o apsmi'Jfam S.((ST3a>c7goa3li) Un- 
foreseen. Gunrro 0<iooi_ioa_io (ST^jftfT^aio (Oi 

A . 

^ifO)d630 a'ya Neg. v. ((grgjaa^esp. ill) 1. Is not 
that. (913^ (uyfmoa.D is not in vain. 2. ought 
not to bo thus; tgtgiaiOtJi, (BT2)i>io^5r3) adj. part, 
bad, (tj)oab (srgja.osraso.Tji) prov. (Sir3)®ifl> is it 
not good? 

VN, (ST2)dioa; wickedness, (SiTOj^aiO'g §2^<^ 
g)5n| CrArj. I also shall be found fault 
with. (BT3)Siojj!, noli)5n cnna cunBR^S) Anj. 
3. is not serviceable, anrnlmoo (sr^S)0 good 
for nothing. 4. cannot ep/o moglrab <Sisl 
ainralgjonb tsr^fto prov. 

(SifO)c950ocB^ a'jfamksa S. (<a^o5&^) Strong 
desire. reT3).<S32/0§ c^jMhcQil^orais Anj. zealously. 

(ST^jd^OfDo a'Jfaram S. ((Si©,^) 1. The letter 
(SrO), (Sr2)iS)Oi'Doal with initial (grj) (gram.) 
2. shape, figure; (in comp.) = 0csz;o, cro-i^f^ojo 
f.i. 0oooeJOftO(X)n6 the blessed, or of happy 

(ST5)ce5DC/9o a'J^asam S. (&^oud, light) Sky, air. 
(STOj^ftoc/ao 6)0-1 o^eisTO) (aieJcoTlcai) ojlyo prov. 
(SQ) Q^0'JWDo(j2 milky way Bbg5. 
(ST2)S>DC/30o3y5, (BT3)aooa(S^(SS going through 

the air KU. 
(STD) 3i0c/3o(O)0ffi5Ql a bird (plover?). 

fsrg)3ioo'3ajgg^ a parasite, Cassytha filiformis 
or Menyanthes cristata. 

CSr^dSjde), COJl a'yU'ya T. M. C. Tu. (Te.& aC. 
also (5ra<9), from pron. \/^csn)). 

I. The Copula: to be that. 0^x^5)5 (Sr3)!ftcrrafi_jO(99 
(m@ where does he live ? = where is it that he 
lives? to become that. Auxiliary Verbs serve to 
distinguish the latter signification, f.i. ojejl^z; 
crosjS0O3i^(SQ_ioa3oTR. it will become a great 
grievance. <9i@g5)(D (Sojosai (gTgjQQjrrra Mud. 
became like a thief. Qa)nraoa3frro(vu. aQOTOOsrn ) 
what is it? <ft§la5i cnj^oo) oSsi' MR. what has 
happened to the child? <0jcTU6nj®lc8s foo^jo (grg) 
ca;(mi5)nbo Sca.-aio TR. devolved upon the 
C. — f06ri| QjiplstSs) (ST3)3iil got separated. 




Fut. (51(3)5)0, (5T3)n, (SrgjOJ it will be thus, just 
so (=(5TaS(ij)). Qjnmofsl) <z<^ oq^o^ (sra'Q_) 
<9)orocyo (SrOjo TR. Often with conditional 
Qg)^.^?! (HracsucGearTlejo (STgjo TR, I may write 
(or come in person). 

(Sl^jSojo I cannot tell, indeed? very possible 
(Srg)'Sajom^c93 «nlfol32;o HNK. — 

Inf. & VN. (STD-ai 1. so as to be (^T.) ancSl 
caocQ) oQ!^^ 5)a.o§ci2i TR.= (5T2)cail ; (g 
CTiiDcEh, i^auD®<9i 60 as to be before, rosnsosi 
QJS)(Oinro)orib RC, cut in two. N. oroDefiTlao 
Sfl) (doc.) in presence of witness N. 
2. being. m^'£hS)£t,osn^, {SY^QioiotA since it 
is 60, therefore. 3. altogether (also (srg) 
5)ao TR.), (irrag cnl (51(3)31^ (=S. iw-'oraaz 
cnS^) (ST2)a) ajSDnsiDo i^mo Tatw. these three 
meanings or words, viz. it, thou, art. (see 

Opt. tgT3)a<ss, (vu. (ST3)S§) 1. be it thus, 
well, probably, roaaTlsaj tsr^asg TR. be 
it in the morning. (grgjOTQJim (5T5)fl)luA (Bra 
raieoBSm (ffi3)<9)®§ CG. if thus, be it so! 

2. as for that (=S. ool, ^, S)5)aj)(at2) 5)a_i 
f!S0oc>o (gT2)B)<s§ KU. now as for that em- 
peror, he — 2ai23CTa° cryuiizocaTlsliolcaJD <iji 
S)cm (Sif2)aiS§ oolsnm (Ea_ios)ej gggoeocro 
naDib KR5.(=:aji3~)nmScQ,o how muchless). 

3. either, or CTy3jar)o.>.«g§ .iiJjaQcr)D3i(S§ 

Cond. (ergcmorDl, (BT^&^.iAif it be. (grgiOi^rai) (aro 
cysTOo Q^-na ffiza^oTOont) RC. "if so, be it 
so." (313,0)1(3!) a.-TK) (OsngoBTlaJDo VCh. there 
may be one or two (generally (STgd'^ejo 

Concessive (BTgcaoejo (argjanlejo though it be. 
arma aTlejo one at least. Q^njfDO sHejo whoso- 
ever. (TO.'!5t5jDsnGjooK)crc,'DT3)3,dnejo whether 
good or bad. 

(SigjOb Cond. & Cone, (from T. orS'sincTb if it be) 
0ooOii3s)O,'T{) AR. to any one else. Qg)^.uonb 
whatever it be. oQcna sjjijogjlsosaoijortt) 
CG. can one ever say? 

(SrOjOBo (=(sr3)S^e4o) f. i. (S<a)0§airi(ol) oQisroDcrao 
Bhr. somewhere about the fort. asnSl^so 
6)-jn (So_j032J0ia)l(^ ajrmoodo o^oKmorBj nnlsTT) 

Wo @5)5r§CTTli93 CG. ( = QJ(ol ^.02-010^33013). 

An incorrect adj. part, is formed from (Sr^nb 
f. i. Qg)CTO)0;)5rg0fO3.T5i3)-ib what sort of man? 
adj. part, (sr^-aicm, (Srgoi' (po. (srgjsTlazj), (513)0, 
fSiSiOJ 1. he who is (S_aJro2OT{)5)a_ias03ao 
(S!fm fooesoij KU. the king Ch P. Thus 
many appositions tsracijlajmoa^-aj (Sa.urtb, 
(i)?jj(D032?ls@g oj^ra^nb, ^'ijfao5ixio(on\j 
rO(b, L^eZDiajsrno, armoa the first, etc. 
2. (ST3)S2/ajnt) he, that one, (BT3)3i@ rosrgo 
those two. (BT3)32Jajofri(Ta(Sl^ Bhr. between 
them. (ST3):q-^ bT a- 51^ therefore. 3. after 
nouns they serve as a kind of definite article 
aiGjIi^ajmoaxKTti Bhr. the rogue Cali. q^ea 
mo^z-ajnb the wicked; esp. the neuter cd 

2^5)5 (aJOJmsraao^'S^O ®a-J03li2gLjO CG. 
as for our life, that is already gone, ojl 
(moajog3(nn{Talcao32;^ofao^ai(T)nbKR. Rama 
is to me f. & m. rooKOHoan^ fOirr^tSalc-aj 
ronb VC. the king is our Lord. 4. (graojg, 
(gi[3)xn^ (before a sentence) is as follows 
f.i. '^^•'^ -^'^^ cfl^o^zoxi^ (heading of 
letters) Cannan is herewith addressed to 
the following purpose, 
adv. part. (S%:si^ 1. forms adverbs, as oocmo 
dDwell., foaamaaj^DsnanrraaiOjTramTtn 
ac9s)<3yo KR 3. all I see seems to me Rama, 
I see him everywhere. maiiSidi r^i6u\u) 
c^ozov^ ^a'-:^ Bhr. saw them grieved (=q^ 
cm) (2ijaa*ra);'eoi)ro cro,3o,ijoarul.a>ao3in <b> 

g^Sc3fflbTno VyM. (=aQcm, (STOjcOsH, 80 as 

to be). (S;ua60i3o^g. onoD'oain a_icfl?(j^ Bhr. 
(BTaro^ijmo^iil (xioipl^ CG. Si^'sj^ioio^in oru 
laarznl^ MR. (=aQms}. 3. during a_i{i^ 
eoTueocaTl ealojl-gjKR. (ffrocolsiofliSio^soa 
ao^n nos(iJ®(rro MR. 4. with (=^0031^ 
f.i.(8Ta3JS)a ai^a^zoTuH <£h5n|) croo^ mazD 
aO dhST^fSg-jOcbTR. when we met. 5. be- 
cause a(03 (S)O^0Oiils (SajsmDsaisxotfla 




(Sa_i03i)l TR. 6. often mcro expletive cn^ 
6iQ. cnsf^omo-^^ tBT3)<£hrmfmlgy, {ST3)srra65sao 
caarij moo CO. (oh that we were men!) 
(OioroiSOODSOci^io 0D'aio®3JOf o CG. 
"With auxiliaries 1. (BT3):!0| = (BT3)3iri (but roo 
(®lcsj;DCxiris aisrglgy KR. in a causal sense) 
6)jiJ?aonno327l^ = 6)^^onb, 2. (STgiSig^j^osi^ 
chiefly after Datiyes (Braajoo35)igi,o5^ for 
II. The future has by itself the meaning ot possi- 
bility, which is then transferred to the whole 
verb. 6)j2J^oo I willdo, may do. (aTg)o oa^hirai 
if possible. {ffr2)0gj cannot. (gT3)(S9o ffla_iDQ,cfi5)0 
oj&i GP.; fSir3)<aoaj6rDo, {grg)<Q5!Bau3o5ai TR, 
(gr2)c9i(SfmS(S,-3iaoa.o, (SrgaTlsS.wraioao as far as 
possible. — in the past: £t)5'£2Z(s^cnozii(lf^§^ 
RC. could not pass. 6i«sajgrno (ST3)caig 5)iiitg 
5T3)onb Bhr. did somehow whatever was possible. 
Soj (i_josroialslcTO0c)o (STgcfflOjsrno CG. — pres. 
(BTg)(S3cm(mofi!ria!i) CG. if possible. — chiefly with 
Dat. & 2nd adv. part. on^aas^cBaDo, we can 
take up, or3.ijff)c9y.§dasiosojoao, Q-ia^fiJSfTt) (BT2) 
Sojoib sigj, CG. none able to praise, (Sc/acccio 
5)^oej_ioab ojIsod (Btojo Bhr. ojoojrai^aoocSs 
000^ Bhr. (but also Norn. 5)QJgjoo (STaaja^ 
§.0 Bhr.) 

(STgjQj, (srg)aj@ are esp. used with the signifi- 
cation of power. 5)ajsrro6i5i3<SS.o®s cnlcncSsn 
cmoai CG. you can but conquer women. 
QQ)nDorai) {5r3);u@ ff)-aJ(^ I tried my best. orO) 
Qjsifa)cW(BgJ3c>opo. •w'hat more can be done, 
how can it be helped? (grgjaJt^gjOaTuro) sc/a 
cfl3o having been foiled. (grgjOJOTTlgj oQcm 
6i3jcSa (sraSgjD a@^ TR. no remedy for it. 
(St2)nj(O)^gj0f!n cinlaj qqctto cnlcaadTl-^ rnl 
gjj^Oo TR. I shall resist it as an intolerable 
state of things. (SwrnlcTD 6T3)6SBc>oc6s (SrOji) 
rml^SgLjD TR. we can't do anything to it. 
(5t2)Sajoorn=:tgTg)aj^ f.i. (5T3)ie90olcao<sxi 3 on 
gj CG. not to be known by any one. 
III. to be the very thing (hence neg, fsrgj^&io). 
(S-Qjooooin the rice is what it ought to be, done, 

cooked (but 8^00331^ (2o_J33iil the rice is con- 

2nd fat. (ST3)3j it will be right, ought to be. 
(= 0fanc2)3Qj) ^o(S:sj ajaTlctesaj prov. pull 
merely the eaves! aQcm(2(m o_iocaoajMud. 
Q^SoT) o_ioai.'3:ij it must be said, cannot 
but be confessed, — chiefly with the 1st adv. 
part, of Verbs QjtScm (Sr^aj he must come, 
QjcTr)3:ij may he come, oh that he came!'^fmsaj Anj. aj(Tnocii55(a>(Tra 5)a)0tj)^-^ 
CG. wished that he might come; also with 
Inf. 00^ 0003^^5500 555)iJ)S)ce6)3Sc)o caocy e 
C2J3nnl(SCJU PP. may you! 
IV. It serves to form Compound Verbs: 

1.) with Nouns ca;3®ai/'3ai to set out, (2ee03B) 
to be healed etc. similar to the S. compounds 
with eallcea (s) ^ig;, is similarly used, corres- 
ponding with S. (3)^1 dsi). 
2.) with Verbs, 

a.) rarely in the form of the Verbal Noun 
ending in (sraral (rather T.) aiLD Sijiis^aiDo 
RC. (Sia.Tlo-roislsaiso PT. gDroi£9aaJ3o KU. 
(only with (srgio). 

b.) in the form of the old Inf. ge3l£fl5)330PT. 
came to eat, tOissmsa be able to see, be- 
come visible aosmscmfTiD, ©ceaosmoaz;^) 
ac8«(Sxi Bhr. (chiefly in a passive sense, 
compare 0oaonjnaDraDa)l) <0)O5msig_j§nT)go 
<2c9ic)oc9s)0C2Jgo n^rolcSa5igi§(m>go AR3. what 
is heard, can be heard) with Dat. ciQ)gjD 
QjtOgo <ss5c)oc8«3a2^ Bhr. Often in petitions 
6t2)Dab croao)ftno no30a?l(OTaooo o^si^^'S' 
emo, oo0t^fol(fls)3CHJnrnl<SssiT)o AR. may I 
be enabled to praise, worship. — in blessings 
e3csil(a5)oa2Jro)a) ool Bhr. chIssbcKxSb) mraru 
<sroo§ e33znceji3a2JaHoKTJ. s)t£hDgjoa2;«soBhr. 
(=5)a)3gjajDnb(TOoco,T:n^ajfiSo). "With poten- 
tial meaning. Q^B7lf3i)ajfK,73i^)3CS2?lro3rrra TR. 
in that case it might have been brought. 
ooT39^)Oolaj5reoi>ni'rf) Qj5)aai0«nl «nl«^ 6)<S)3 
ggscsOasmo CG. I might see this wish ac. 
complished if — 



CS^cQieam] — ■CSf^:Beo 

c.) in the form of the modern Inf., esp. at the 
close of the sentence (mostly with ^o, tsra 
2(0) etc.) eraissQcb .-^ismT •st'^ai^ agtcna o_i 

31 (STgjta^ TR. they confessed they were 
the thieves {=syjii(m) ojlrolsraro) (SQ_)3a>Q^o 
6)j^w, cruaa)55ig_j§3i3is;g) cSTOjii'^, rmrol 

d.) after the different tenses it stands with 
variously modified meanings, (mrosnmo-Oilejo 
fOKTBrml^ ci^rmDfiTlejo; (uggloiHrab ajroltSa 
(Tnoca^i'ranrra were sitting. — fCTirmDfnl(T!l) en 
071032^1 CG. siaio^.-aiaaa^rab KR. (if you 
shall have given = if you give). a3>SDQ3aao 
(SoLjDCSDDCcnfo^iaso he will have strayed some- 
where. fOToajcb S)ajnaa.ucTOD(gj' si CG. aQ)S 
e^cas oo§65Tg2Do(BrasaDD.TCo CG. a laughter 
that might shake the globe. jriOcajZoaTl 
oltes) be in a dying state nriCSiZOtB^cah etc. a 

1 have told no untruth. gsesBlcmlnSTra oQ 
afclrat) gjo cnd^o ojc^ ihQ£\g^o:iLi(mmo the 
loss would not have been so great. 
"With 2*feg. adv. rusmo ajlrolc2;Di),m (Brg^ffij 
mo TR. it has become impossible to collect 
the revenue, [in stead of .airarmDian.TjI), (oicmo 
(CrTlrai) etc. also t«he form of the part. Noun 
occurs in poetry ffj^Dejyejo fOKD^mofoioail 
ejo KR. (^(oirolihleio), roconajo <S)5n^«ji0327l 

aQ)65rach5)c95igjoo CG. gj fOiTrofmoaTlaA Ch]. 

(tS^cQ6b(&i, ce<5^ V. act. of prec. 1. To 
make to be that. (Bia.xio^m fooeaoajDcesil made 
him king, (in So. also onlsinT) raoe3Dajoc2)0<9s7l 
(Sojocsul KRi.) aD.TuTlaiJcSeri «a-,D5ng3nb & aa 
aiSlcaosTl ffij OJi^OiTb made her his servant. 
ScromD.-Lj^lcaiDdtel 6),u-^ & orauJln-j^Tlai-osn^ 
sioj^cib Bhr. rQ5r^3iar?l cuajcgs (generally ro 
sreocs^l o-jd3)(i^), eijjJCEJoooceaa' get one to do; 
with Neg. cul^osifm (aTfgjcSjI^ S)ajg_]ortb TR. pre- 
vent the sale. &ci_iQ:uo ^SDo)fm aisreoaalsicOiO 
§(05), contracted rooe3.toi3) gj rolcSsiasngOcOsriTo TR. 
(5Ta.ij5)m BDcrujo a2^oa)(a) (3i2)2d>fiSir)o Bhr. 

alsogDgjDtSsnm Qjlfoni) RC. destroying. 2. to 
place, put, employ. (SigjSi'H iSig^^ appointed. 
(& (srD)^g^:£j) oraojs^m o_j5TT)lce5)D:6sri, (^loslaia 
lSs^ Nal. banished. maj.-jsiaTlal; (argj^asTl S)5iO):9sA 
PTi. cn^ojlejocSsn, ecoojos^m ^.-aiainjTJnlaiDteal 
Bhg. let God dwell in his mind- ffj.Tuggo (ftsrsral 
aioasTl poured. 3. to do rnl o^cro orgjfteo TR. 
what can you do? 4. Compounds with Nouns, 
corresponding with those of (sr^&ih f. i. §tn 
S)cn siJiiDOTa cao(S)caocS«lslmonb CG. made to 
get out. Gssaocflo, cnrmocSsi to heal, mend. 
CV. (gY^aan^iayi cause to make Vi. f. i. (issajIraK 

(^'^- [&csidh CC.) 

CSl^A6t3ajl(Tr!o a-yunjiSam S. Bent, curled (as 

(!SfG)<&iCU)o a'yuSam Tdbh. (S. (3T3)'^(Wo) Inten- 
tion. (STg). Qjaiis^ih to gratify. rnlom3<Q!.'aiso 
coo cures tii^ajDnb AR. to disappoint thee. 

(ST^afeeJo a'^ulam S.(full) Confusion, perplex- 
ity, trouble. ^i,"raD<aej3 i<;yQl3 B,C, (5ir3)t9!aJ 
fflgisl^ cij:@,Tb Bhr. was frightened. (Sa-iD 
(oralrrn' (srgjaaJl^D.xio cuosmo Nal. {Si3)^eJ2l^ 
AR. no doubt. 

(Srg)<^i7r>o see (JSf^:Qi(^o. 

CST^c^roTl a'Jfr5i S. = (ST2)3^3rao Form, likeness. 
(STD)c^ca[^o a'^rstam S. part, of (3ira)*=tolafl 

Attracted; — a conjecture Vi. 
CSY0)CBc&3Dejl see (gr^SajDaTl, Pomphlet. 
(!Sf^:6eo akkam T. M. (v'"oTO)a!ihiii)i. What 

one puts (csrgjiaa^' 2.), layer rosngocSno (=n_i 

5 3, local: resting steps in wuUs). i^oDDcGao 
forwards Vi. 2. (T. prosperity) contentment, 
rest. (gT3)ces)<S0 ojosmrai^ih rule happily. (Sr3) 
asio 5)Q-jD§la2;Qjtib discontented. (sya.ijS)ra oj 

cm TR. made over her jewels to the chiefs, 
thus settling the case. 3. strength, persisten- 
cy, continuance; also relief, as througli medi- 
cine. (STOjcflao aiosroig aJlona Bhr. lost his balance 

6 fell. (STg)=9sio OTiS) jiTlo 5).ai§1 RC. strong 
dam. (sr^jdhno ^SDoifOi ail SjJdq (OTanDDl) Sil. 
negligently. (3T2)S«o cfl &Jm0O3(n^oQa§(i^Mud, 
dcterminately. aggOcOszli^y no fixed purpose. 


(!SrO)dB6id95 — CSi^COfTDo 


asf^cn^o — osT3)'S»oajo 

4. perhaps (=(QT3)fiO all, altogether. (Biosljy 
gyojo @Sdteajo (aT2)a9«io (SOODtfisi^l RC. viewed 
her from tlie solo all over. 
(ST^jcflfibofti see uiidca- (St^cdjc^. 

(iSt3)'^03o akrand'am s. ((eT^ili.) Weeping. 

(BT3). @S63i3l Nal3. 
(Sl^'^^Glo abramam S. Assault, invasion ora). 

crocoranaoib Si.ajgjjrra KR. 

denV. (3T3i!^0ld9« to attack, encroach, usurp 

KTJ. roo.^SSi^arcb ajaT)0@)i2l-2r'§° Nald. 
(mp5)CS2^, (6iijai2aruJS)A3i3) etc. to seize on, 
force. aceaCi^o 6io)a.xjo raiiscm (STg):^al'S® 
mflsaJDaio KR. fate subdues the world, 
(gr2)'^30iO)o seized, enji^c^crufnot^oaomoain 
Arb. (=ajc/3ab). 
C5T^(S(^0C/9o akrosam S. Crying against, re^g) 
©(^acol^och SiP-i. she lamented, 

(S^c&^D^eno aksarana s. imputation of 

• (Sif^cft^ I aksi Continuance of an evil @]'cn o^ 

ctTIcBs) iBrgjcatoloiiOcsTlf^ifisiGg Vi. let it remain 

as it is ! 
(Sir5)(2ca£!Aa_Jo aksebam S. Blame, reproach, 

objection rtnauossis (Sarab aisn^ o)fmoQ,ac>acS3 

a)^C£y (BT3)(S,fiaiajo MR. 

denV. (Sif2)Sje&io_j"lce« (part, fSTOjftar'a^o) to re- 
prove, confute, impugn, criticise (sratrTloJnbo 

ojlcss) MR. expose farther its invalidity. 
{S^eusnrooeJOfb akhand'alan S. (breaker) 

Indra CG. 
(SfQ)6U^ akkuS. (digger, sfeiMib) Mouse, ratPT, 
(SrD)CB5USo akhedam S. Hunting (po.) 
(Si^eiJj akhya S. ((S% III, V'^s^a) Name; in 

comp, (aig)2jjab named. 

(STg)^oa")o l,= (gTg)5Uj. 2. story, 

denV, csr2)5U.onnlcSffl to relate. 

(STOjajjO^o the finite verb (gram.) 
(S^COrjDo agabam S. (s/^udz) Arrived (BT2). 

S)jii^ Sk. come; (3if2)CO(ai(D3c9s)0o Sk,= ajro3 


(BT2)C02®.ao adventitious, not original (as dis- 
eases) (gT3)CO2®a)ea_if0o !Nid, (opp, (rn^eno, 

(S(!3)CnQ3)<Q'dy one passing by, KeiN i. 

(Sif3)CO0ono arrival, approaching. 

denV. a')l (gr^coalsg-joaajo a_ioejls^nb CG. 

till you returned. 
CV. (sraajoinn (gir2)C0(algJls>tS«n-nca:^ PT 4.= oi 

cSif2)!7)2)o (S. arrival, news, doctrine) Vedas & 
Shastras. (srgiCoacfisiOraiejDce; cnomnb Bhgs. 
Vishnu, the marrow of all knowledge. He 
is also called (5Ta)COZo foimsois aiDrtJiGjlfal) 
(2a_jD3J05roigi cnlsg-jonbCG. (srg)CO0d35>D>'aiejoo 
coaftiroajiiO'^ab YivR 1, (srajCoassssiaDOTazinb 
Bhr, most learned Brahman. 

(Srgjcooal, (sr^coDalaio future, (g-mo (BrgjCOoal 
<s-,o AR2. past & future. 

(ST2)C03^ offence, sin. eDgrooco^^ Bhr. 
(JSfO)(J~)<^o agalam S. (= (srgjaisroo see m^ III) 

OT3)Coao_^rol(inn{) aocno s^aiosng CG. Satiated 

with honour. 
(Si^CcODCaJo agneyam S. ((Statml) Referring 

to fire, the Agnipuranam, 

((5ir^(C9CQ;enoo agrayanam S. ((513490) First- 
fruit offering; =::aj,-i5i:!)rDl. 

CSY5)(C/)aDo agraham S. (seizing) M. Eager- 
ness, wish, (fftQ-SlaiCajlral) mO)Cf)aQo ^^rr^ a_iO«)o 

(gir3)'49aol desirous, 
denV. m^%/)ria\<ss> to wish, desire, 
CV. (ST^c^nDlgjlces). [hurt, 

(ST^o-ei^oDo agbaSam S, (\j^no±) A blow, 

(ST^CgO-eJjcLno aghosam S, {\J^ a^-m) Noise 
of a crowd, din of feast (srg)3:>aiD.:aiSi20d)S o-j(^ 
(Q_j(B.ijScy30(3i"uajo Nal2. festival entrance, (ST2). 
Q^Srm (i_)OajoQ3@^ Onap. 
denV. (3TO)'S-'>iaio.-a^cesi to feast, parade Vi, 

(ST^(2^3&noo agkranam S. Smell. 
denV. (ergj^osn^lces) to smell. 

(Si'D)99^D'Do T. M,=(giaaOffl,jroo. 

(St^(S»5Dejj see (Sr^csae^oeJo. 

(Sifg)ocolo65o — (Siro) jxjoroo 


CSif^iijltTDo — CS^^OJo 

CSTO)SS^|o, Movement of the body, gesture, 
attitude— beck ; ogling, coquetting. orO). <a)0§c9i 
to beckon. 
(ST^6S^6o annal & (^f^SS^^ (hon. plur.oftsrS) 
6n6) Brother, the term used by sisters (compare 
6)o_j6tsB'~k>)(Sn)StSB^ (U)S)cm oj I §)^C Or. she Called 
her br. o^ntooesaassra TP. my brothers! 
(hon. plur.) 

(Sir5)..Qj(03o65oeJo ajandra'^alam S. (tsro) III). 
As long as the moon exists, also (grgixUiaQacasio, 
(ST2)-QJing'O)0a)<S5o cuolp cn\ AR. rule as long 
as the world lasts- 

(!Sf^jU(2t(Do ajamanam S. (\^ ^0) Rinsing 

the mouth after meals m^. 6) ai^O^ Bhr. 

(fff^i-aJamojjadcegDmesiack) Bhr. 

denV. (STOjiJalctoKR. '^oci^orrxb^oroi) ihy><&'n 

(ST3)iil0l-a\ L^QJu\ QLirojSrtJl'JjSngl OJOBo KU. 

<!Sf^ju(b6<^oj <ST3)i2jrD|d86i ajaranam s. 

To engage in aline of conduct, practise, per- 
form, observe m^&sa)7)W (ST2) -a3folc2^otai3j(t>Mud . 


il nV.^ 

disobedient. afi;(S)icaiajlroaBo (sraj nicoi^iS 
cnO(b AR 6. presented arms (=(ST3),aJDfOo 2). 
cs^.lijsiSBcb ff) ^t^'j^o soj?jjcno3^0ifl)a^o(ST3)jii 
■ fol^onb CG. used to war & get himself caught. 
tBraajQirn ^gjD^' (gra)jijr^g_jonb CG. to annihi- 
late (=5)^1^). 

(ST^-OJOrOo S. (= walk) 1. Usage, established 
custom, chiefly of 5 kinds (5a ^-ao — , iC/)D0O — , 
ffidafi3(g)a — , oroeo — , croD0iDjiiDft)o)<S)ejDjiJDroo 
caste laws. — Brahminical m^. aou^ (as (grg) 
0niajcSi etc.) KM. — Royal ordinances, as the 
18 (gT2)^0(Xio of Polanadu, observed at Colicodu 
(cnlcszjZo^xisI, '^craa^ etc.) KU. — cyaD(rroDjiJD 
roo written laws, opp. to (3eJo<&>a aioroo practices 
now prevailing. — (srgjiiJOfca^ CG. that will 
not do, fie! shame! (BT2)-aJoro®ces!§ 5)jiJ'3j,^D«'oi) 
(ST3)a_is^ :§aj^^§o KR 5. — (SrCj-oJorooraTlfD^ao 
iTJiajnb rude Vi. 2. civility, reverence, orgj. 
S)j^(^ to bow. aQiycoloo (sr^j. ff)jiJ(^TP. m^. 
ouosror^ TP, saluted, (srgj^oroo aosroro) onl^, 
(5X3)' coral nb ojiplor)^^ KU. Niiyer fashions of 

saluting, ffl-raajsioo (acrulg m^. S)aic^ qjd 
6!3Qlrnl,Tra Mud. (in an audience). 3. customary 
gift 6)a_jssa5ia tST3)'-oo.-oo 5)3--o§^3nb TR. to 
restore sister's dowry (Mpl.) oOioinbo sis^dical 
(TTO crT'ari.ijil (ST3). ojO'SsgajD.'if) TR. the taxes. 
— honorary acknowledgement such as is given 
by the temples to those who pay a ^ojDcaCsal 
rarajo TR. [trance Yi. 

(BT2) oJaranjOfoilrol) temple door, principal en- 
denV. cST3)-aJ0'^(9yi to observe good manners Vi. 
(5T2)jiiD^nb (adeundus, or the man of obser- 
vances, the one who is to be imitated). 1. 
teacher, esp. of Vedas, Guru. 2. fencing- 
master, as (SQoemo^orgjib. 3. schoolmaster, 
(T. M. Tdbh. (gT3)^3nb, (ST3)'-'3onb hence 
igY^niOOTJOAioonoo office of schoolmaster). 
4. carpenter, vu. (STDjiiJorol, (Srgif/aDrol. 

(!5if3)^rtDo ajiSam S. (V^^iTO Heaped up — a 
cartload (po.) [(512)^00* CG. CC. 

CSf^s^] acci T. M. ((gY3)3iinb) Cowherd-woman. 
(5Ta)^c2/'0(b = s^oiajc^fDTOi Vi. 

(ST3)^ acCU (T. (Bra's),? (STS^raysi) Fitting time, 
favorable direction or circumstances, — favor- 
able tide (=fai5tajo) NoM. 
tBT2)^fh, ^ to lift, stretch. (= aoisiga, flojo 
<s®&>) Vi. [prov. 

(gi2)^(3l) (Scr)0c9sil(Sa2^ (Bj^ (al. 1^:^) 5)ai§oaj 
VN. (3X2)5^ a throw, hurl Vi. 

(!SfO)a^')^:B6^, (SY^ai93©ono achad'anam s. 
(^ifcia) Covering, concealment. <Q,o^o.aao3cr)o 
disguising a matter. 
(Sr^j^ifdrmo covered (part.) [milk, etc. 

(ST3)^o ajam S.((gTaBSo)Whatcomc8 from goats, 
(SiDjsaaio flock of goats (po.) 

(Sf^^OCfdSOJOaQ S. ((BtO) III.) Arras reaching 
the knee, a fooesajeftssmo. 

(STC)Ssfl aji I. S. (V^fBTO83, G. agon) War, 

II. Ar. hajji, A pilgrim to Mecca TR. (Sojeo 

e3)ca'D(b, (S.xiaDiplaiD(t)KU. (S^fBizoni) (ST^ej"! 
caorooccTl Mpl. 

(ST^SsflOJo ajivain S. Livelihood Vi. 

(ST3)e3lajcT)0(TO)o (mO) III.) to the end of life. 
(Big. gcnJoOLK^a RC. 


&^q)'^hv> — (STt^Si-oi) 


(SrO)Sl— CSYO)§d&. 

CST3)^rvTO ajnaS, (sstraD) Order, command (Tdbh. 

(Bl^sm). — rrT)rrr)(gT3)Z!'oTlral) (ftCrUSTO®! (S\'0)&sn3i OJ 
otbTR. government. (gi2j'<9*,c>3Sigjs being- under 
orders, obeying. 

{SifO)SSsro)oa5rDnb servant fODeaDSsraDfhronnocpJosna 
Mud. first minister. CR)m)COO&smo OyOxmo'Si^ 
UR. (aio.ojifhDESsiaDfhorolaid) AR-i. thy obedi- 
ent servants. 
(gT[2)es3ro)0Q_imo (5T2)E=iTO)Di\jlcOs) to order, com- 
mand ; with Soc. (sraajSano§, also (srgjSSro) 
c£yi^S55smn mgj cuiTlcto oQS)nr> Anj. 
(den V.) lead me aright, 
part. sTg)SS:TO)0,'n)o, (gi^saraDojlfOio (ncg. tsranno 

etooa^o AR.) ordered. 
(gT2)e*TO)DeocOo disobedience Mud. 
(Sr2)5S3TBioajaDnb, — cuc'anb (Blir.) servant, 
•^^^o %am S. ((5T2) +(51351®?) Ghee (for sac- 
rifice). jCC. 

(ST^ena^ Port. Aiijo, angel (grD)'<ac>a Genov. 

CS^ecs^S^ anjup T. m. (C. Te. (8^2)03 = g'o 
mo, T. Q®33 comp. rsrgj^ai) To bend for ex- 
ertion, spring forward, lift for throwing, try 
by shaking. (Bajrai) o^^csrc" (grQjstaTl (al. (3T3)^) 
(SojScom ^Dsl Bhr 7. 0foS)>tiT3) rsrojsmin ojeTl 
can — (ST3)5t2in!3mo.eal searching look. 

(STD)s^tD^ annali & cSTD)5<w»leJl SoM.= 

{5Tg)sr7i3;ejlc9aOfa)rai) prov. = ajlejo.ijl,Tb cS^oOTira'). 

aSf^S ada T. M. (si3)'ja-, what moves) Flowing 
garment, chiefly of women, children, idols 
(5r3)S aioinrroCC. ^oods children's holiday 
garments. S) jiJQ-Uos ajtfla_io§ a) aiDan^ajcrraTP. 
(for idols); see ajoxios, (SajalcszJDS etc. 

<^fQ)S(£ho adapm Tdbh. l. = isra)cupa5o. An oil 
measure, also m^So T. SoM. 2. = oD0S3io 
gold (STgSAo 6^<Si0S5n^sni3)Oi] RC. gilt arrow. 

(Sf0)5l B^■)SS:,o adalodapm (T. ^m^sDS.wos) 
Justicia adhatoda or bivalvis, (5T3)'o (Soj*, (sra' 
fSi'^lnb <Sx\(b MM. med. in bilious fevers, (gi^. 
'OioorDcnao'smo GP. removing cough. 

CSr^S'csb adal VN. ((SrOj^coO T. M. C. 1. Shaking, 

trembling m^. (Brafoca' (Sn_iD5)CJ Bhg 7. 
(grg)Sf3i)5)o_i§o trembles Blig. 2. agitation, 
grief (ST2). ci^er^j "a-aJCTra (po.) (S(S)(2smDslar)0(b 
{STgiS<SGJ05)S CC. (gir3)S(2ajo§ (^eno (Saio^orra 

Mud. 3. SoM. dancing -gi^jsejo ojosejo V2. 

(ST5)Sladi T. M. (S. tgrD):ajOTjoo) The month d>.<95) 
So; height of rainy season (sr^s^S)£K'.0'^<S2i<&>o 
^yaSrrnib 'sraaiQrrra RC. roars like the clouds 
in adi. 

I. CST^§ adu T. C. M. (Tu. ciffioy) 1. Goat, sheep 
(lit. frisky, from fSir3)§£h). 2. dewlap (from its 
perpetual motion). tSfQ)'§ iSiroa^^Tto to bleat. 5)n_i 
si-noslaioD csasl-oj PT. 

GIT; - =^ 

Kinds aiosos M. 0aJ32;os So. ojfiaiDS Palg. 
Ibex. (Si),oaJ:s & S)3J@23S goat. rLjggjs 
(Ex. 12,5) & (5) 111 :!Zifr'c»3S (ff>-aJo) sheep. 

(ST9)§0D§ cattle. [bractoata. 

(gT2)5'trr'm3n_ioaj, fSi:5f)§5i,-aiosog_joaj Aristolochia 

(gT3)§l8i§l, <Si5T3T3)0§ kid, lamb. 

(STOj^leigLj bezoar V2. 

(Srgjslnbojnycea goats' dung Vi. 

(3Tra)slo^ mutton. 

(gTP)SSioron{) shepherd. 

(gr2)S5)c9iDOont) ram. 

t5Tg)§5iSio§axioai a plant "ram's horn." 

II. CS^5)3=:nnD§ T. M. (perhaps from rei^^.'^' °'' 
OTO^a-) in (2ajsmo§ Travancore. a^oo§ or 0^0 
mo§, ajoa2;o§focr)o§ TR. 

III. (STD)§ce50(?5b see m^'^s^ 2. 

CSY9)§d93, sl adu-ya T. M. C. Te. Tu. 1. To wave, 
swing, rock. fsr^slitgasesslnnoab^nssiiasjgoCG. 
(Chishna with the s6^) — of ringing sound 
oicuDgl^osnT) (^^efoau-icnl CC. 2. to shake, 
totter, sink as hand from a blow ©otd 5)o-jooo'al) 
S)a_ismosl, 0srat aslstoioiOfa!) siroiesBDS^ prov. 
(S.TJojLQC/arolfomocsn org)§a.ora{)! ^scno Bhgi. 
3. to dance reT^jCnnsl^osl^osl ojDsna Bhri. 
hence frnlocno^ai (=ff>a^§^caaso) etc. act a 
play (ffijjSDjiloa^Oiti, prov. 4, different play- 
ful or regular movements, f. i. cnlroo§iJ) bathe 
(often merely oi^.^cS) MC.) ^okiaD^ih visit 

(ST^(SSDq_!o — (Sif^S 


CSifO)OjOo6YiJ— (S<^6rD 

holy baths (coococao§<S) Bhr.), coocoio^a) hunt, 
(ST3)slajlalcS5) beckon, ®aoj«n6o c/a^ro^roi (Brgi 
§a) pour milk, oil, cow's urine, cocoanut milk 
on an idol. 

CV. (ST3)S^ces! f.i. a.iDaxns)an (ST2)S1^ Mud. a 
juggler made the snake to dance, SsxiSim 
(gX3)5ld95) = e3ejofl^Sm<9io (see ■Brgj^.Si 4.) 
cue25)5)aQJo)tma (St^sI-oj sicSioggDo 8G. 
(a vow) theatrical play, oj^gj i?^:£^ 'Oj 
£iijDsm0osl^onf) AR, celebrated marriage. 
Der. (Sif2)§o, (ST5)S, (S(^^£f etc. 

(Slf^(SSOn_lo adobam S. l. Being inflated, flatu- 
lency GPg9. 2. ostentation, pride mracurailai 
§6)s (ftejsnjej.xrisajo aasisoj (sr^issoajsaosis 
o-ioararai (S<aic>oaJn«c9oi®&D Nal 2, 3. pomp oqjg 
aegigroojDSSocLjo Nal. adv. arautmossoo-io coal 

I. (S^3 atta T. obi. case of ST3)5n|; fgrggcto 
rrnl A cow that calves every year. (ST2)§gjlofm 
cioocfe yearly birthday. (srgjSOjlS'ja ft:o annual 
feast SoM. B. [sngssQ q. v.) 

II. (Sif^3 A bitter gourd (SrO;§s3Q med. (=t5T3) 
III.CSTD)^ C. Mahr. No. see cnjD^. 

(STfS)=o attam 5. VN. of tsraj^a. Moving play, 
dance, comedy, ruoso (STdj^Cijo ^sasra', 6ifDD 
scijo i-sr3cr)t9s)Qjo g3^ perfect silence. cstDjso ig 
§lc2;.')foii 5iiQ)D§fi3TO)S.'nia^f3l) prov, 

Cpds. jiJc05)O§o oil making. 
onlfODgo bathing, boating. 
(gT3)§(95>oront) dancer, actor — of a caste 
that play in temples. (17 in Taliparambu). 

(ST^S attu VN. of (ffr^i^ei 1. Swinging orS)^ 
aiglrab (5rg)§^. 2.= (gTD)So dance, play (ST3)sn 
ai CC. 3. hooting rosngDS (Sibc)od9s)0o prov. 

(3Ta-")J5)Cin (BTP)5o a-JD§0 55 3>0§K5^ fi-jDain_al<&.a. 

simn) drove him off by a sharp word. 4. hunting 

(SrOjSonocaj dog for chase. (sra)§<2<£>i§ a_ifrnl prov. 

act.V. CSif^Sc&i((5Yg,.<^(0i)l. To press oil ffftgi^rm 

cus^m s)mgijDnt) (Si^cesn prov. (B"r3>Sc3Bsi(55i- a 

mill B. 2. to hunt aroj goos^-Dra fSTO)il YilvP. 

(STa)5l(Srjslca/ab hunting name of jackal. 

3. to hoot (SirD)§6)cS5)0§i£bi drive off with abuse 
or r^Siorao, QQ)65iTn (SrD)§l cLjocCTraod}^! TR. 

4. to drive away o_jc^cSffl5)a fSrgjslsj.TSiaal'Ss;, 
(Sa^iOCgio (^fSlcS^o (ST2)§l5^<fiS)05r!| (3o_103iil TR. 
took our cattle. 

(ST3)ajOo6YX]fOo ad'ambaram s. (drum from 

(BT2)§i)0 1. Pride, pomp, show. aloDoeajraoouo 
cTxiroSojraio Bhr. s)C2;'3ajmoajDo6iuroo siaosng 
ff)5iaxi6ift5T3) culcOfflfol^ PT. 2. Celebration, 
asngomifTOo oru-ioiioQjroDaxiosnjrao, cro_ic2;oajrao 
aoofflurocroQocDKga Nal. — parade ; retinue Vi. 

(ST5)aA9d&!o adha-Jfam S. A measure = 4 g)S 

sjaDifl, a Marakal CS. 

(Sr^'VS-a^ S. Cajanus indicus (=@QJfO). 
CSr3)ajj),ab adhyan S. (V" fBroob?) Opulent, 

rich, aueJoaiTint) powerfal. 

(Sr^^r,^^(b 1. the chiefs, f.i. in war. 

2. title of a class of Brahmans, chiefly the 
(^r^).1|^(£)aDd35)0(b, leaders in the old aristo- 
cracy of Malabar. tstaairjTfci oncn^rmlfolcfls 
(Sf^&'T) ana 5. (Tdbh. (srajSto) l. Command. 

m^gs^s (ST3)iimcs«o oi^jgto-sjjo eaona>=e^, aicru 

eroigl (gr^jsm rd^ldtero^^TR. 2. oath, adjuration. 

fulcTaaocTOo QjftsxiDnb (srgjsm (TO<m|C4o oj^ic^ 

rairooo TR. QnjoalauosiT) perjury. 

(Br3)srr)airi§ai 1. to swear cLj^sica oj^bl^ , 
(maa-jSiCTO oJHsl^ (mjSmca^^J^ Vi. also 
with Ace. coraojlsioo (ST3)5m3i)l§Dnb swore 


CV. (ST2)Str)3in!^:ince5) to put on oath. 

2. to adjure, also cite, arrest. airmonraTlfSn-JtiJn 

fgrgjerndTls (ai§rai3)(a) mra.iJib (gj§oj?s)3S)rai TR. 

(Hraxiffinbo (Sarab fmifOJ.XJOsm'Oiri^ (formula: 

6m etc.) 3. by, f.i. agmoeiT), c^rajajoon, 
ogjnmosm aT^rmDsm (SanroosoBSa TP. foicrnD 
em STZDonfe aQ)mo5)S "^S^ rasreoism cn^ogo's 
ri20dS5)olcalc9«c2ngj CC. rnleuBaosm, ual.Tjit) 
«not) (i_ioa-t3i3)05mCG. raozo-ioaDGniaJaassiT^ 
AR2.— often shortened o'/inT)Oiiffn:)nn^dh)l 
^ (po.) I swear by thcc, I have it not. 

(SY^emOo — (S^ervl) 


(ST^Snt — (STf3)(TDQ_lo 

(St5)6'nOo anam T. M. l. Broth, soup. (SaiD'pl 
caosmo; a disli of Mnplas (BT2). 6)0j<ss). — 2. (C. 
(SrgioTtTl burst) (sr^. <q?1q.O) a field to burst by 
the heat of the sun = s) ^s^ oQ^s^'ScutO 0). 

<!SfU)enncU)_io anatwam (m^svib q. v.) Manli- 
ness, also (ergjAriTDTajfOo Mpl. 

(S^enol ani T. M. C. To. (also S. from (gT3)5n6) 
Pc^, nail, fsrgi. Sia^ib to strike it, (oiSi-Ocasi to 
drive in. (nuaroosrnl, ftn^fo^^ooTiSl, oJTlra'lca'Osrnl 
screw. Qj5ir§lc!i'DsnTl axlepin, cftscsioarr?) nail 
with a head (opp. o_joxi05n)l); also = cng)y),-oraio 
erni style. 

2. -what is like a nail or pin. 5)o_jormD'5nT^ a 
sample to mark the 0doq, Can S. (Sr3)5rnl 
^ofrif) irrigation channel Vi. (orgj^rrTl also 
bed for 4 plantain trees) — (ftfrajjlsinborsrO) 
ernl (= (&ggnti) the last bit of matter in a 
boil, considered as its seed. — (srOjsrnl (S0 
6)£J3d9s) comedones. — (STDjffnTlcBsismab a fish 
V2. — oQgJlnb (ST^jStitI head of bone. 

3. the peg on which all depends, prime mover, 
@ajn6 Qib (grgjsrnl n^n-nolai ogooajiSs 
Bhr 8. (said of Karna) 

(Sr3)srnl55^onD q®^dc20 noDsrnl^ <2a_joo tmnb 

cft'OaTOl <e.5rgoral) CG. finest gold. 
(ST3)6rnlaj)roo the choicest of any thing Vi. 
(ffra)srTTl®ai(b taproot. 

(Si^errb an 5. ((Sirs^nTl, (gra^rnnb?) Male. — old 
pi. fSTOjSrac);) (q. v.) brother. — mod. pi. (SW) 
enaessTA f. i. (Bt^enaemd^ (ST^ftlttA cijoff)ni§ta) 
ARg. (calling out the foe) ml (5T3)5nao ffxu 
sTOo (sra^os^'O^ <3a_i0(fl3o a nondescript (abuse). 

Comp. fST2)5mo§ ram. 

(SrD)5rnlgjo house of bridegroom (of castes 

below Nayers). 
(STgsrnlgjasiodi bridegroom's relations. 
rgr2)5i»lsoaj boy, manly fellow. [child 

(ST2)ffia3§l, (STg)a§l, (BTgjSnbsiQXxjrmra!) (song) male 
(ST2)5nf)a5fmlra horse, stallion. 
(Sr^srnO'§ 1. man's work. 2. male member Vi. 
(gt^jSobo-TlonDunb = (sr&isnb man. 

(St3)Srrf)ZfaT^ etc. 

f5Tg)5nz^o male tree (so (BT3)5rr6':n'0i6!ji3 , igrgem 
on, (ST2)5n6o_ig_j03Do etc.) 

(Sf^'Trr^jo\ the lower half of a cocoanut shell. 

abstr. N. 1. (SrgsmfmJo, manliness. (Htaojib qj 
Djlou (gT3)5n)'0iao (SrgiSiTl TR. they took it 
much amiss. (BT^smoraicSsioont) a hero (vu^) 
2. (STOjTna bravery. (sr^svi2fj£\ci^snsoosi cno 
r^6iin6 CG. 

I. CS<^SO% anda So. (Srgj^naoraL (prh. (S(^snb + 
S)S)V)) Young bamboo shoot aiDoaoiosirg. org,. 
6ia-)0sai = ^g. curaliS) of any strong shoots. 

II. (!SfO)6<y§, adj part, of (ST3)|.<&|, 
(iSrD)6n(§6g^ (fr. fgT2)5rT|?)& cSf^^GS^i (II. <ErO)^) 

Wild cucumber V2. 
(Slf^jS^nrg) andi T. M. C, Religious mendicant, 
worshipper of Subramanya, aPandaram, also 
called .o-jipnnlca'osrgl (a caste of Yogis Vi.) 
(grO)5rgla2;o§o a certain dance Vi. — hence -oTl 
aiaaJ05ireli},c>a. (grgj^Tglcas feasting Pandarams. 

CSl^60| anduT.M.(T. cs2;o5TTgTe.Q®ay)l.Year; 
prh. from (ST2)^(S:i comp. (ST^)^; (BT2)5r^0oa 
6300033 = 365A days. CanS. <S(Qsn^cu<Sai, (srO) 
s^sngorrnlonoa)!) (doc.) yearly. (STjj^TgttrilaiSisrotgjD 
as aj(®ob 1 year old, SiPu 2. (srgj^^Q,^ festival 
at the close of a year.Der. (Sljjgl. — 2. longer 
periods, a Jupiter cycle of 12 or 60 years rosr^oo 
(BT5)5)sngd9«fa)l(ti crLrTT|(ST3)o (sr^sn^ (Jew. doc.) 

CSfQ(U)dd^o aSangam S. ((ST3)III raisrau) l. Pain, 
grief; God is oolrDDOTis^nb Bhr. (grosiaaj^caDftj!) 
(5T2). aJongcruloaOo CG. 2. offence, hindrance 
(S^Oiflt&.cb m^. 5)o_j(m @S6!3b1 CG. by crowing 
unexpectedly. .nJo^m^nt) (srg). (erSjcail Mud. 
proved a curse to the innocent. 
(STO)(7D6TrjZLinOo S. "What causes to coagulate, 
whey (po.) 

(Sir5)(Tn(Tr)DCQJl a6a6ayi S. (^rT^ifaiOTio drawn bow) 
Threatening one's life, lelou (=CLicu.T3K0nT)§ 

(STD)firia_)o ababam S. (V'^rmoj) Sunshine s^ojo 
sliajgo CST3). i^sl turorrro oolroc6«(Saj SiPu. 




(Sr3)/2,fDo — (l5rD)QC/9o 

(S^(7Da_l(ro)o Umbrella Q^(9iorma_j(fg)C2Joa2|ona 
(gal Bhr. subject to one's protection (=n^^ 

-^®°)- [6Trn,gsejl. 

(SYO)fWfDo a6aram S. (^-oira) Fare, freight = <2(aiD 
(Sir5)(Tril a6i l. Duck (S. :gig;«^ Tardus). 2. Tdbh. 

= (5T3)al. , 
(!S(^fU)\(mgjo abithyam S. (tsratyilLi?) Hospitality 

(srgi. cutpliSQ-jOo^ej gDcuas S)^'^srr>o KR. olj 

(Sajai3^o (Si(3)^fo1^ CGr. — met. cin^a_ab a^^ 
aj^auofoil.Liirio KR3. 

(ST^fzfilfO a6ira t. m. & rn)\^cuoc^(^ (S. oip) 

(3d) The 6tli Asterism, star in Gemini. 
CSYS)^a)o aSuramS. (<gdj) l . Diseased. 2. agitated 

srrraiPma SoualeSs) SiPu4. a^srgo ^racs/ocml CC. 

?(Sl^^^ a5uli (T. (ST2):-moal) Noise, buzz Vi. 

(5^3)^0^^ atta 1. prob. Port. Anona squamosa 
& reticulosa (from America, in Ilayti language 
Anon) (SXg) Lnsajcto, (BTr^jrOKDcto Custardapple. 

(STQ) -CY^o attam S. ((sr2)+ a.israo) Taken, obtained; 
chiefly in adv. (BT2)'OT3)®0oao Mud. cheerfully 
(Birg)TJrai<2ojcQo 05ni^ODD<b CG. -with all haste; 
(Sr2)'0iJiCOC^o deprived of pride. 

?(ST3)fCYZr,fOo (=:(gra,@roo? T. (gT3)fOT^rt)o Te. 
'S^2j'®'?) Necessity of engaging in a work Vi. 

(Sl^TSYO.) atti prh. (aiadi.-ni'al or aeJarDin^n^. 
CSW):!^c£b attu'jfa (=(sr3)'£ ai) ajyccTlral) aosa 

(ST^'Wnlcg'^nTD TP. (=Ojl§) 

C5Tg)(S:;yK75-iO(^o attol (T. (srOj-oia, (grgj-Biaach mo- 
ther) also csrD)3,si:>3ab,— aiz2,— ejnao(b Nambii- 
tiri's wife (explained = ^73^9^ ."00)20, (srasiSiTJia 
cacuc>a). (c;^ Ga iJ~l(3i^j3.;jianaD(bMR.(in Chava- 

CSf^OSQiOCU altmavu S. {\'^manb, G. atmos, 

Athem in 1. Breath, life; soul, 
spirit, tijroaotataoaj the universal, efl.iJO(ai03 
Qj the individual spirit. (ST^warnld'Sing t&isrgo 
KJiaamo (Sr^raaono AR e. discover in the soul 
through the soul the one Soul of the world. 
(Br2)(ai0oaja(ai0DaJl5)cr)(8TOc$lcsj^oprov. 2. heart, 

breast or2)f3ia3Qj5)a)3ffrg ojfol^ sraorrfj Nal. 

crurmjo 6)jii(m KU. 3. self, chiefly in comp. 

hence: orgirDiei^o (3) consisting in (=0:ao) 
OTargnieaajogSQjDfaiaseoo (SaaOo KeiN2. 
(STgjal.WjOLD-ciiaTlmo ^(^aoiftrmg a^SfOD 
cujoaj«rrufoo(0iei<a)23cfi)lralgig. Bhg. 

(Srgj'Oiaeanb (3) son, (STgraiaK daughter. 

(Sr3)rai£iS3sTaomo, — seruocuo (1) metaphysical 

(BTg)(3i2)(a_ioa(>crD (3) boasting tBrg. zotemon^ 
o-iroo Bhr 1. worse than death. 

(STOj'Oiiaracafij (3) preserving oneself, ©r^. siJii!^ 
oaiosngizit s)^ailafa KR 5. 

(BT3i(ai0xr',^a , (ST^fOiesisranb (1) knowing the 
universal soul. 

(HT5)(i3i0QDrwi (3) suicide, vu. ora'oOTii^. 

fSY3,fOi0D(!5i£io (3) for one's own sake. 

?.3Tg,tnialaiaii03.?l§(Tn ojcon^ VCh. my own wife. 

f5r3)K5itfla2;o own (po.) 

(CTSragjo personal (Sr^(S^(^'^L\o Si Pus. 

(SY2)<SfiJiaDQ_j(Sao'ao metaphysics, explanation of 
(ST3j(ataD, (sraoooraieiD & a_jraD«5i2iD, the 3 consti- 
tuents of existence (phil ) 

CSf^QCOo adaram s. & CSf^G>(bCu T. c. Te. 

1. Respect, regard for. ^gyDrolcay.oara^l^ SG. 
no favor. (ST3)a«)(S;uoQis CC. honorably. tsTgia 
ro.ijlail) a^^aic)oc93 cn^ CG. kindly, (sr^afo 
Qjo.-ai) Anj. duly. 2. support, comfort oQCT)^ 
<Ssi 6ifb (era)a(Xixn^=::no protection, tgigjoifoa-i 
«i)^<£ho curml^ RC. no consolation (confounded 
with orgjcuoroo). 

deuV. fsrOjaro^cto 1. to regard, o)_aJ0TnfO) 
(SrgjQfolaSDDoXO^ AR. not minding ( = (ffi3m3 
g^); §mSl0l,-3ra«5B5ia orgjafoloa^Oa^.a) UR. 
(5TD,aan^(0'iCOio7l honorably. 2. to support, 
console. QQ)a^caajQ)ro oiO). Arb. (srO)ec^^ 
slmajotaizt) s,zm^ (Sroca-Tjo <3aj3d)fllcY)DcX) 
CG. comforted the child. 
Part. (ST2)gfmo honored (gro^g^rooosjjoiggaroofO 
STTxb CG. 
CS(0)Q>&do adarsam S. Looking-glass. 


. <SifS)G|f5)j 


CSf^QQCfdo— CJS^Uj]rr)o 

(St^QOPOo adanam S. ( V'^so) Taking to oneself. 
(SrO). 6).ni^ to receive. roozcTODrtii; eaajculscaos 
(BTO). 5)^^6igjs (gal BrhmP. received from 
the sea. 

CSY^GQOIlo ^- gfiin- (BTaeocBJ«a-j§cf>. to be 
advanced. (sragS)aiocng ©(b (erojSDCfiiajo (DiQa 
fijo ^gj MR. 
(Sroiaoaz; aSlcsTlfO?! income tax. 

(SY^gI S. 1. beginning.first — onzgsiss.oro 
(SbTnonaoib cnocb (Srgjalcfflocan^ 5)<0)Ogg5)c9sia^ 
c95)iO>c)o TR. the transactions of this dynasty 
since the days of my ancestors. (Srgalcaoa?!^ 
aoool TR. changed again. (ST^ola^aj^ral. 
from beginning to end, 2. in comp. et cetera 
f.i. ^foijOBl, 0eji^((3)osl©>c>a (=i5(ai£J0C5i;, @S 

hence: (gr^alcSiorosmo original cause. 
tST3)al i>.oajjofirstpoemin school8(Ramayanam). 
(grajal^axioti original God- 
(ST2)3l(§rainb the first c/a^g-iDala-chteaoi^ (giTJirtb 

(giaojroo (ffTlcoraanb KRs. 
(BTOjelroDKoaj 1. first king. 2. the Mapilla 

ruler of Cannanur (fhinorolral) rooKD aijlsiijl 

(Sira)el332-' again (=(sr3)Ql:ao3irls) (sra). rosngoa 

@ Sdio^oraam (sraca;^, org), sisjcuzoc'si 

ffiCDOtSsn^^j TR. 
(SrgjalcuojilcSio introduction (of a book) Vi. 
(gTgjB^Soa.-ft'.nb the serpent Ananta. 
(STD)e,(TO)o 1. beginning & end. Vishnu (gT3)3jnro) 

aj(TO-'Liocmlasi5Bl KR. G-od is (ergOjCTOraao' 

(Tjinb, the Vedas are called (St3)a,cTO)(c^m 

6!3i3o\3 CG. 2. from first to last taiorosiuo 

siJiio^monb (srg). KR. asmcOsfSaaJDcX) csraj 

coo a)^<99o (gT3). KR. from head to foot. 
(StgiSjo first. — adv. at first, at once; as at 

first, again (=(ST5)3l(232;) (HT2)8j<S0 aigjl-g^ 

(St2)a,Qjcruoaoo= (312)3^00)0 f.i. culnrjjDfOtBralrai) 

(gT3)gaEgl (Sira). noscrnlslgj MR. 

(!SlrS;Qlrg'C^ ad'ityan S. ((inaalraTi) i. Son of 
Aditi (7 or 12). 2. Sun. m^. aal-^aQ/f03cmgiSa-jo 

(j)tu ARi. (3T3)al^Srai.xinb RC. The circumfer- 
ence of the sun is compdted at 95,100,000 
Yojana, Bhg. (BY3,el(WjQr)ea2,'o a raantramARc. 
(5rg)al Wj SBjsrnlra'o oolibsyceJTl TP. (a ceremony 
in drawing water), 

Cl5TQ)<S/2.C/9o ad'esam S. (Vesica) l. Order, com- 
mand. — 2, substitute (gram.) 
denV. (srgiSavolces) Vi. to command. 

cSt^.o adyam s. see (Sif3)Ql. 

(ST^lQQjlcfiei adravikka S. ((g) Hasten towards, 
assault = •aTOia_io>'mo Vi. 

(Sr^OJDOOo adhanam S. (cod) Placing, deposit 

(ST3). ccral^folcfls) Vi, 

(ST5)UJ)3rDo adharamS. (cC(b) l. Support, prop, 
base (STg). ojlsles) Vi, to take refuge. <aiplxionb 
t8T2). §D^ TR. the country is too insecure. 
®sajoculajlg_jonb (srgjcuorao ^gj TR. we have 
not the means to pay. 2. the 6 or 12 chief 
regions of the human body, "location" of the 
ojo^ (=rn^ej) (st2). (sra)ol(Stboc|;5is oji^syqo 
ellajnb Anj. 3- M. document, bond, deed 
(also fST3)CU0fols), fQ_)i2io5mo, aismScSasfiJ) oq 
S)chn S)(U)£ioj (St2)CCDro(i3(2.i_)6m fBT^cSima MR. 
I prove my case altogether by documents. 
aTly:DCCDft)o,f3raslcaocuofOo documents of former 
transfer of property. 

(SY3)UJ1 adhi S.(cujo)l. Care, anxiety, longing. 
CTOogociTlcffioain homesick. OT^cula^o.xiiOculcij^o 
mental & bodily sufferings. 2. pawn VyM. 
csngjCC 'iiJinb suffering mentally. 

(ST^Ujld9jjo adllikyamS.(otacASla)o) Overabun- 
dance; pre-eminence, authority, power, (gal 
cali-oi) (sra'ojo miascfla^ijo ooleDBcXxssjDaiJlfolcOa 
(S§, <QiZZssB<hd3s) (STD). <Sc/Dcasl^xi(93 KU. you 
have the right to rule, they to sacrifice. 

cSr3)Uj;Q_i^o adhibatyam S, (fffracu^n.j.'ml) 
Sovereignty, supreme authority iSaajooSlaj 
(Wjo 6)<a)0§c9snrra Xal. (to heroes). 

(ST^uJloOo adhinam = (ara(julmof,i. roo^ooy 
^05)abo (BT2)CJulor)0o(Sg^oc£y), mrmjOiiro (Stq; 
(jjlan,i5i;slf(i)Cnlrrnls cnooTR. las subject of N. 



csf^cn — cST^ooDco' 

(ST^UUDOOo adhmanam S. (co o) Flatulence. 

I. (5^3)00 ana C. Tu. M. (T. cajono, Te. oQoa 
^, C. (ST3!a3 = Q®g2 to support) Elephant (sra) 
oo3j:y>,-ni3?lrot) (S--(Srool, — cSsiys-oTaol AR. tsr^cn 
©fisegasi, ooangjf^gjlcBs) (ia temples), odo 
§0(T)tame elephant (opp. d>D3om) ©moi3s ajejl 
g_jDnbox (510)01 TR. Often in prov. (ST^DcncSa 

05nT^ 61i>)<S§5rs etc. 

fST2)aO(anTOl, — cosngl C. M. Anagundi, residence 

of Crshna Rayer KU. 
(ST2)OOo9s)g^ children's play (o^ng^Seio) rnl 

cmDCiT) dialgjiTi^cnD CG.) 
{BT3)CT)i)siom' nj medic, plant, so also 

(5r3)Cncas(iT2CiJ§l a Hedysarum etc. 
(Sir3)T)tS5)oroni) elephant-keeper (grgjoocsjji^s o^ 

O-Tsra) (ST2). ^rolcBsScmacb prov. (Sf^onssiO^ 

(ST2)mtS5)0ra!) an instrument in makiaoj roads. 
(er^mcasrego elephantiasis. 
(grgjoOcSsif) pit to catch elephants. 
(5T2)ao5)cea2gl'i;i) elephant's house. 
(5T2)On5)(fisiOcr!j tusk, ivory. 
(3T3)OnScSs)0^ elephant's trappings. 
(STg)m(gtSsior3i) a measure of 4 kol = l Samy. 
(Srg)m^cTO)o 5)aj^ ciostSa stately walk. 
(STg)CT)Si^oolc5i;rtb diseased with a scab ((Sf^'X) 

(gv-oworaf), coe3^2Zio). 
(ffi2)noa3T3)eJS32.oao sicusro rmrooo (song) as much 

as an elephant's head. 
(SirDjCnmSiiJiaajo tai-mlrcgjD^ejo c/srol prov. 
ffigm^s, — g_]S;^So elephant's pen, alsotsirg) 

(ST3)OnaJ3."u training an elephant — orgjCTnguo 

Qjonb =(gYD)cr)c9aafonb. 
(ST2)CTng_jl5ngl elephant's dung. 
(STOjOnizej N. pr. of the jungle behind Palakadu. 

(Brgmqeiio 65,u<e5)TP. one of the 13 (ergjCsj^cos 

(5r3)m(S0r3?) egrranrflib the privilege of employing 

an elephant to convey earth, water (Syr. 


(ST2)on32,sl(S.X).ti, So. (ST2)cr)^:usl (S. nr;rrylti_iD 
©o) Elephantopus scaber (med.) 

f5ra)Cr)ca's1o)aj-2j@ the 5th stage of growth in 
a cocoanut palm, the stump 4 inches over- 
ground of the size of an elephant's foot fsrp) 
mcfflsl ajirolsraiB), (grgicns'isia^-aracach MR. 
(81^00311^08.-313)), — Qjltp , — i^cX) (Rh.) different 

(512)00 .oo32;gjafcl (=oost32JTb) fabulous bird, 
an elephant-lifter. rj^j^ 

tsrgjmajsmsnsl or — ajsmceiTl Casearia ovata 
II. (ST3)no aM. T. = (srD)aylao, (513)32; f. i. raiaxiCTUQ 

caonog (^(S3(2j@gs,-3rai(niol KU. 
(ST^OOce^o ana'yam S. Drum. (sro)(nosi§a§sl 

(Tycra CGr. Crshna, son of Vasudeva. 
(ST3)OOOno ananam S. (\/^OTanii) Mouth, (gi^cn 

notc/^fO'Oi martial mien. 
CSf^cnCQ:, anadnam S. (V'^onaa) Joy, delight. 
There are 8 joys (xTlcfiasi-o — , (SOjoiZiD — , QJ3 
OTDOOO — , (S13)ri31Z3 — , 15=^3 — , aols33 — ,(313 

S)5is_i(m3 — , &sfO)OcnocncBo Kei!N'2. (phil.) 

(5T3)cn-T35r2ji^ajo VCh. = a(ucruQo. 

(gra)rion3arD3pa:\o tears of joy. 

(512)0003000 friendly reception Yi. 

den V. (512)00 rraltss) to rejoice, eiuggo (si-sids) 

(512). a Nayer custom, sprinkling every 

morning 7 times the water of their tank 

into the face. fbow 

(SY^OOaOOo anamanam S. (.-nz) Reverence, 

(35^0)00001000 anayanam s. (ool) Bringing. 

(312)^^000 (512). 5)jii!^ Sk. brought, took. 
denV. (Bi2)ma0cesi l.^ajrasgssi (part, leigj f. i. cumr^o (Sijiooail^^ai ]S''al2. 

to solve, find. 6)5);(3)fn3O'o^tS)3(To^0)o Gan. 

found by the rule of three. 
CSif0)OO3CQ.'o S. Net ajsojlcailfab (Si2). oQ'gjoo 
rnl ro -oral on 3 (b PT. 

CST3)00DCQJ0rb anayah {(St^ 11. or2)nb I.) Cow- 
herd (gi2)on3csii03;m(b, — gjlggib, — (3_airol CG. 
(512)^0X1 young cow, (5T2)0O3a.j'^oonb calf 

(l5T3)OO0Cair5YoT|^ KU. The document by 
which Brabmans appointed kings for a period 
of 1- years each, (derived from -31 2 00 3 32. (b: 

(ST^nODoDo - CSW)C^jo 


(ST0).-i_!CO — CSTD)o_J 

since tho ogjoas^ajib, or cowherds are regarded 
as the ancestorB of tho Kolikodu dynasty). 

(Slf^OODoDo anaham S. (cDoO) Constipation 
(mi-'d.) [(UDfol etc. 

(St3)no]=r(gr3,3ilcr)i in N. pr. QajormDCTol, Q_jrro) i (!SfO)a^(Jl abaga S. ((grg^ajg ocean or mraci-jOD) 

day's work, day's liire or wages g^cni^aS'Cia 
ler^cn^wo (mrald) (vu.) 

(ST2)mj aos daily meals given to Brahnians 
at the Mai. temples. 

(BlfD);Td(^ejjoanU'Jfulyam S. ((grao9(«)aJo) Favour 

©irab o^DOCTdi^^o onstOigfTrD Nal. rules im- 

CSf^Cfb'Sej^Qjo anulomyam S. ]S\atural order 
(opp. (0^0(0) l<Saj3i^o unequal marriages, etc.) 

C5f3)rrg)Q_Jj anubam S. ({graogajo) Marshy 

I. (ST^OfO an T. SoM.= (3T2) Ox or cow, hence 
;3T3>cnoaj young cow. [ai q.v. 

II. (STS)Oft) T.M.= eiDjaflnfj Conditional of (gr^a? 

CS^PfW anSa (T. owl) A poisonous or unlucky 
animal aQiaranrnlgjDi'oiO) (grgjoro^iio prov. (B.— 
chameleon 'Vi.= (St^z). 

CST^nTJ^o an5am SoM. Spike to preserve fruit- 
trees from tiiieves. 

CSt^PfOfDo anSaram S- (.-srSiTOS) internal. © 

TK. the secret of the case. org). ©^OOTa-urrf) 
superficial mind. (Srg).^ has courage, de- 
termination, resources. 

CSr^C^O, (SY3)r^,^ Fief under 
Calicut, from which are derived the (grerjijao 
ooaai-niaib potters also ,'3rd)(TO),nt) KU. drsjo ^ 

6ngOi)snT) STOjCTTOjlcarViScb TR. 

©f^OBjc&jFire to burn & rise(=t5T3)eji>,)'Vi. 

(S(^\£<^o antram S. (isracrarao a. 'enteron) 

1. Entrails i-3T3)'^3mDaj, — 5);&,of,n:^, — ojDCxy. 

2. M.= ceT3)lQg);^3ajl, (ST2)iQ3)ajlteao a rupture, 
(5T2)aTOloajl<b'aralrf3s ootid a med. 

(SlfB)(S03D^d62 andoli'ya S. ((31330302) Swing- 
ing cot, litter = a) aiDslfoti. 

cST^rrty 10 andhyam S. ((gramu) Blindness. 

(SfQ)lcr\X^a andhram S. Telugu (Audhrae gens, 

(ST3)mjo anyam t. m. (Tdbh. oi^acnlaio) A 

I^'iver. ['BiaasBDsl. 

(SYD)Q_iennj abanam S. (cLjsnb) Market, shop 

cSirO)Q_irmnOo aba6anam s.(aj'm) Failing on. 
denV. ajDixjo rgrgjo-jitjilcSso CC. 

cSr3)Q_!-oW, (St^o-iOYQ?! abattu S. (>-ljq) 
Mishap, ruin, danger. rarD)n_i(ig3i^.Dejo opp. oro 
rmc^ prov. rgrgjOjE^ ajfCJo laoajj csrajo-KSrara 
scijl^lg KR. (sra)n_j^oajit^ §^°^^ soro.ijl 
cto KU. 
(St3)T-jcmo (part.) afflicted, affected by. 

(ffTTTi o ' ?Ao \ OjOo S. ({3T3) III) From head to foot 

(erg;, (gtaornlonra) m^sosmssed:) CC. 
(srga-joazrrgaio sonoajo Nid. idem 

CSrO).:i_J0Ql £^ abad'ikka S. (tua) To obtain a_ia 

<SifO)Q-j!o^o abinam s. (ojjo) Udder, «ajo«s 

nmra^j po. 

CST^Q-Jo aptam S. ('srg.o-j) part. Reached, ob- 
tained, attached, trustworthy. srgjOjjjajOcSa un- 
doubted declaration, as of Gods, authentic 
speech. BT3;aj^0'iT^ confident, (mcoliflsagg.ofos 
a^re!D<b YCh. g):ijl5)S STgicijjZiDcang ara (srg) 
«a (BT332;a35) TR. 032KcX)c9s oj^S)ca m^a^nij 
(= .ijlc.ojfrgnb). — (TC!zl>:i_io ergiajjajanb CC. 
came nigh. 

srgj.-i^S. 1. acquisition. (gra^c^ooJ^sxajSitVij. 
to gain my wish. mD-ftSaioaonjlcsiitai) a.o 
<^o gDSgj^fga CG. what do I care about 
going to heaven. 2. trust Vi. 

(SY^a_l appa Spoon, ladle Vi. (T, (sa&g^). 

(Slf^a_J appu T. M. C. 1. Wedge, plug, what 
stops a crevice. (STOjgjo dj^sl aiOJDSo cst35)S^ 
(po.) bolted the door. (sr3)g_jo -oilgjo gD^oh 
vu. — (hence (BizeJDgi, eiDOOgj) 2. wad of gun, 
also (BT2)g_jo Vi. 
(3r3)g_]nb N. pr. of men. 


(Si^'Sl^D — (ST^a £0) 

cSf^ci_^jo apyam S. ((sto^) Watery, ojl.-ai^JiOjo 
Sc/aosrnl'majo (Sggc^ojo s.tujso .-dotu (ffrojnu 
zocxjiggg YCh. — all drinkables, which di- 
gested produce i^ro)o. ro<flOn, (ryDsmnb (mcd.) 

(StD)cO QJo aplavam S. (gj) Bathing. 

(ST^Q_lfb E. Officer -sigiOjfOio c'slg_jO^;Dra3o TR. 

(Sif3)Q_Ql'Bt, iTSrCoiflTjb MR. E. Appeal 
(ST3)5iQj'lXJ3 abad'dham S. (stimu) Bound to, 

eonnecte 1— tiiMifyoke; rgi;g)OTJlij(gzoarr)33nCG. 
cS^6YXJD<-0 abadha S. (..tjjdcc) Segment of a 

triangle s base. Gan. 
(ST5)6Yijld95o abdipm S. (osrosq^o) Yearly — 

a Brahman ceremony sra). aiif^Qjonti TR. 


C5T3)^ abha S. (so) Light, brightness. (Srp.g <s> 
aJTn ft)for)6!5Bcb Mud. aTgoOocroDS Nal. 

(STD)/SfD6YV)o abharanam S. (S(fc) Decoration, 
ornaments, siz^osroemo, moj mgL)D;§ft)5m«3i3G\5 
RC. originally they were forbidden in Kerala; 
the most common are now: (r'aiDc)og. bracelet, 
(&)Sc;>io wrist-ring. ff)moolgj§o frontlet, cdIqUd 
iZtim! hairpin, ^a^DiTjilej or a^^rujejo or (ftsrracDf 
ear-ring, i^cesrotts^ nose-ring, eDSJ necklace, g-a ! 
ezlai finger-ring, r3>a, ankle-ring. ! 

(Sf^sorh^ery^o abhasanam s. (sDce^) Address- 
ing. asmooDroo (gT3)6ajeo(Sra3 CC. told his 

CSf^^jC<X>o abhasam S. (V ;^oaru splpndour, 

deceptive appearance). M. Low, vulgar aoo 
ora'aisaDLplcsj^oiS tgT2i:^ocrOj Arb. corruption 
(=(ni(CT3.'u<:-) (srgi. (Bt^il' o-jro MR. mcanbnilding. 
croo.efultSsiOfb fgTg)goarur;20(b MR. (fttu-iolanmo 
cs^(3@gDroo;§oGrDrtb QQ-tiTlasissaD Bhr. or^t^aav) 
<aejT^al&fol) ei-y^^ KR. — In phil. the indi- 
vidual soul is fstgiSDrroealunb. 
(STS)^.QJOfDo abllijaram S. (raraisl) Enchant- 
ment, sorcery (= 0Dro5m0:a^o)§gora3(il^D:Oo 
fgT3i.£ijrDlc85) CG.) looking for omens to accom- 
plish a sinister act. (SiajiS^-rUorooalfi-.c)^ aonriD 
csil ojolcOso cblcijaruo a iflgjocDDai^ Mud. 
(Sif2)(£l -!i3Droces)0ran5 sorcerer. 

! CSf^fi]^3fU)to ^oble birth Bhr. 5)W33_jlcal 

go.'iA eaoTnlotto m^ qj.tto, o_nTnlo2/(b @oiTlsaj 
^baJ^a2l5IT)!S9 (ST^elraoioiitSsoaj ojcrro Anach. 
<!SfO)fi]C^6U,o i. q. Simple (Sr^). eaajl::^^ Nal. 
faced her. eo.xil^sraraiajSrcos (srg). Sajoejo 
Bhr. (STOj'iS.Tsrao^ (^sSoj cruzzoaoleOsc Mud. 
in presence. 

CST3)^fQaD abhirail l. An SbhTra, people near 
the Sindhu (=0phlr). 2. cowherd <ST3)glro0 
-jmuejo ag)ejoo a^eoial AR. 

'^ (ST3)(g3D^ono abhojanam s. (gea) Water 

drunk by Brahmans out of their hands Vi, 
(ST3)(2) ama T. M. C. (Tu. a®5)Z) Turtle of 3 
kinds mD§o0 (either aifocaoiz. cQ.orooa or siaj 
ggaz, the latter in fresh water-) .SiOsoa, <&> 

-^^3^- [SCBio^o med.) 

-gigjZSmo^ tortoise shell ((Brgjmgjgjo (grgja 
(513)2 ^§<SQ_joo)aj (prov ) very soft. 
(ST3)2a-iOgJlcSs) to fly a kite. 
(gT3)Zg-jaJ35 KU. seat of Brahmans, made of 
^2>(S) wood, in shape of a turtle ('^?ZaJ>oo). 
imga^^sQiP bag for betelnut, etc. 

<SfS)Cbo amam S. 1.(G. '5mos) Raw, undressed, 
undigested, (srg)2^c^a2o stomach (opp. ojcDud 
cBca-'o). 2. sickness, chiefly slimy stools, (sr^ 
izesjroo diarrhoea with fever. 3. M. stocks 
for hands & feet ««§(!^ ff)a.D5n|<Sn_j03il orga 
i5Talf3l; ^s TR. (=<S(moao). 

ceirO)a&nod8a amanakku T. M. (& (st^cu — 
Te. orgj^cuoo, C. (araajcxD S. (srO)iZ6mvo) Cas- 
tor oil plant (STgjaffmcSsilej, — <ssnnb®aj(b a 

™®''- [eioiffOK)) (ST3).) 

Kinds: jiiiooo — Ricinus communis (the best 

fi)Qurala2J (STj)' Rio. inermis 

o)^)cyo — or n_)DS"i1 (sroj. Ric. africanus Rh. 

.ajojom tST2)- (whence lampoil). 

0eJ32;o— Ric. Tanarus. 

<S)Sejo, — aisn^aio, — <9.o§o Jatropha Cureas. 

oiiSiDslcaa — Tragia caraelia. 

cs<7y)(23^^errio amantranam s. (0105) Call, 

inviting cgr^. O^^ (groiroliij!) <aii2a)o1 Nal. bid 
farewell (with an invitation), 


(STB)Q)OGo — (SrO)CQjrnb 


csf^iQa — (Sif^cQ;Di?r)o 

dcnV. to invito, summon (tnaajSmos (ST^Zkjt^I 
-p\ 833fOO'5)3i''aa-i'n.ijlaTl032Jo Bhr. advised 
him to cxcliaiif^c. 

CSf^ChCQo amandam S. raaao) Slowly (gg) -stg). 

cSrLjDmTlajg lurrra CG. by & by she became a 

(SirD)aC2;o amayam S.((ST2)0o2.)Sickne8s, hurt. 
(Sl^aeJcfiio amalapm S. l. Phyllanthus em- 

blica, s^mi^p. 2. a temple '0rira35^nn(^^ 

Sab. e33io d^fO:wELiD2aj3-.zoa2Jro3o Mud. as 

easily held as a s^on^cea in the hand. 
(Sir9)Q)DS amada (also (sr^szos) — Veuetian or 

Moorish Zechiii::=ajl^oc^ Vl. gj^oisraaiasl 

(ST2)2osa^'o siojo.TiDo prov. 
(STD)(2l amiNoM,(=rd}.o)SCBRh.) A light timber 

tree, used for making yokes, the coals serve 

for gunpowder ( — ^roTl Odina?) 

(ST0)(2lc£no amisam S. (,^ao) riesh PT. 

fBT3)(al.ajDc-al flesheater. 
CSl^C^lcvb Ar. amin, Native police officer MR. 
(Sr9)£^fiyfc Ar.amiljCoUectortBraaoal (513)01,1*. TR. 
CSTD)(^ejD(C9o amulagram S. {m^ iii.) From 

top to bottom Vl. 

CSif^CSQDGo amod'am S. (^^s) l. Joy. (gT2)<S0oal 
^ CG. cheerfully. 2. fragrancy almoca/'.ij 
oo ojcmotsaoeo qIjokjij^^ cn\ (Diocrxsgjo CG. 
smelled them out? 

(STO)o am l.= (STg)ao(see(5Tf3)!93ei)It will be, also 
in S. interj. of agreeing, (gY2)0na)aTa§gaj(bGnP. 
those who can. 2. interj. of grief Vi. 

CST^a0CQ;o amnayam S. (^a) Tradition, holy 

scripture, po. 
(ST^CYUfZjl) ambal T. M. (otso T. wetness) A 

water-lily, which opens after sunset (grj). cijl 

rolsroinitmDain CG. (ST2)axia)l) aRltpsisig, med. (aigicnj 

ejlainbo (maral GP. Qg)n6^.-t5T3)0ocsj;ff)@gDfoocrurai) 

CG. my mind seeks the moonlight of thy smiles. 


ro<fK9)3CTural) Nymphea Lotos. 

6>ajggo — Nymph, alba. 

^OOD — Nymph, stellata. 

S^jiiq^ooo — Menyanthes cristata. 

Siorxj^ral) — Men. Indica. 

asCJ — Damasonium Indicum, 
(!SYS)(0o amram S. Mango tree, 0oxi'. 
CST3)^o amlam S. ((Biog) Tamarind tree, .%ja^. 

I. (STg)CG;o ayam S. ((STDj+aj) income. 
(gT5)'3i':iJo ojjcacijo receipts & expenses m^'sv 

6i3J3i«3rac>3 <2<X)0(Bs> vu. — (gTD):a6i3Qcb ojim 
el (oxjDSiej CG. revenues. 
(STDjTioia.s T. Tu. C. M. Settlement of land, 
register of assessment W. 

II. (ST9)CQJo M. 1- Either the prec. in ojrmosio, 

eCLn^O^i'o, f. i. gJcnlgJfDo n^SOBaXD QjcmDcao 

o^cm:Tl>>rai3lgy PT. how things will go with me 
(or from I'sratal, (arj)^ \/^{gT2)|.<Si). — aho in 
mort)DC2Jo, (&'oaJD3Do q. v. 2. lightness tsrg). 
Qjraasg^ alleviate, (gr^). <J)c&;D§ce5i make nimble 
^1.2. (B. slackness, comp. mro-f). 

OSK^CQJTDo ayabam S. (caz) Stretched, long = 
cnlsng. (si^j^Z/rtDiaoca Srzjiosrni AR. (grgjcasnalipl 
caocb Bhr. (STOjayrm iiJgra'^o Gan. oblong. 
(Srg)32.vcnl 1. length = (St3):2jo(2j. 2. futurity (srg) 
C2;:o9lAai0nti VCh. looking to future use. 

(STg)CQ; -OrCPo ayattam S. (cariA) Dependant, tra- 
ctable=(gi(2)a51mo ; (gT3)i2;OTa5)^§^ to be ready. 
(In So. (ST2)CrQDg_jO§ = arraofuo^ Yi .). Kings are 
described as ax)-i03ZJr5K»crulaulflic>oor cro-ajl.uo 
CE)m3;cnSlai)^S)<:>3 Mud. acting on their own 
conviction or on that of a minister. 

CSl^COJOfb ayail T. M, (Ot^ 2.) Cowherd, Veishya 

f. (5T3)Ca^ or (srgi-oj^. — (grgjSi'aieJ.iyiai^.'al ojlorrtD 

CC. (gT2)'aTiaoas onoLDfif) CG. — (Si[2)C2/<b!3<fl<o'T6 1. 

chief of cowherds CC. 2. Crshna Bhr. 

tsirgj^oxiasl, 5)Qg)cruosl, (srarnjosl 1. cowfold, 
village of herdsmen. 2. of Tamuri's 
palace, (ST3)'3i'-rx!03l ®;a)o:a?lej.0i(i:^ CT'gyosl 
KU- chief lady in his establishment (see 

C5Tf^C2;cY\:o ayasamS.('Bra32,8) Of iron ( 

tBr5)3l'®nLjo Bhr. iron frame. 
CST^caiorcTIo ayabam S.(qid) Happened =:(sra)Cn 
ro-,0 f. i. (Si^aiDi-a^ssacoorogciJ^ Nal. 

(eT^ca;Dcroo — (Sr^coTl^ 


(ST3)CQJ UUo — (SrB)CQ^ qro 

CST^CQJDCTOo ayasam S.(caoru) l. Exertion, (gira) 
cao.iTio feirrao g)S5Di3oa)'rolgj'nb CG. CC. over- 
work. 2. fatigue, trouble. ODaonooiocruoa 
0o Qjfwni^ CO. refreshed themselves. (S% 
CS2/0CTUO (SojOiesI CG. (=^tBrg)ej(mo) — org). (Srg) 

QlCaOfOJ raTlsTlSeJ n_lOcd/\al ff)o_lC2D3i?l (Sl!_10c9i20 

oo5)ceiao^33fai CG. don't drive her into despair & 
madness. 3. (compare (STOj^yo II, 2.) nimble- 
ness, (gTO'|jonro'ni3.o-ai) (ST^^aocroo cura-airaTl by 
fencing obtained full power of limbs; — oppor- 
tunity, QJ0K5g. 
CSr^COTlnol T.M. ayini (T. (grgjajlcnl core of 
tree)= {gif3)5rara)an Artocarpus pubescens or 
hirsuta, a strong timber, aiDSojleJo u . 
ajg^lcaocffi^OT^ Weberacorymbosa(its fruit £hO 


fST3)C2l^cnlg_j05 1. a mode of dunning, (prh. 
by sitting on a plank of Artocarpus v)Ood, 
or from tSTDjOOjo?) (srgi^iA.TTl oTlacnjoi to 
pay the expense of it. 2. meal given to 
bridegroom by bride's mother on marriage 
day (=o-jocs^oQ, No.) 
(S^coJlfDo ayiram T.m, (C. a-OD;ijlroo S. ccono 
ijtpo) 1000. (STgiailrao (SoisoeaaiD?^ cotiiDQ-jfiJ)^ 
(SnDO0o — (ffif3)calfos).-ore)ocnD mraficnac^jofao S. 
G. (sr2)C27lro5),'Si3)S <SiaJcra6!3Bc>o AR. for coro- 
nation. Q_)DOg(b ajga^icaioalcaDOSo (sr^o^litiajo 
<0i5ng (ftotgjo TR. letter to the chief men about P. 
(ST2)aiilro<Q«6rnl a dangerous ulcer, 
(ffi2)(3£lroa3Dg|:)nb thousand eyed, 
(STOjcaJlrocfifflOfal) 05raun_io hall of 1000 pillars, 

as at Kumbhakonam. 
(mgiaa^raaDoajaao ®r3)aj(m(B^o@ajonb CG. thous- 
and tongued. 
(gTf3)aiilfDgi(T3)o candlestick with 1000 lights Vi. 
(erOjoiJlfOcnjiOitn prov. thousand -witted. 
(gTS)CSiri(2reo:ib Lord over 1000 Nayer, (BTaaaSOTfffl 
ora). KU. also cBra)'32j''<B'^3msTawiQ, cr)3CQ;(t 1500. 

(STD)CQ?i^caJo ayiliyam (Tdbh. (&pj(sg^-cao) 

The 9th asterism, forefeet of Leo, auspicious 
for Niiga worship. 
(BT3)Csi(lgjlctto a med. 

CSt^CQjJUUo ayudham S. (cqjco) l. Weapon, 
arms (6i!ajJ(c/5SejnQ3 ^on_)(cL)ooro®finoafo^ej «> 
CQJ(^'j3d>rt»l-a^ralc9iosl<9ic)o AR 6.) rSTgjcajcuo 
og)§a5)i3T3icasiaj(t)TR. the adult males. ?ii)Da0siT) 
5)ro &>5ngo(i^(Sf^. ajy>o)633omoKTJ. presentarms. 
(5T3)'3?ico.i3TaD5m KumK. by my bow! 2. tool 
(3T2), Q^§c9sira)) installation by a sword conferred 
on each successive head of a family (also ^ 
fgrgjO^^'c JO rfte, 131071 Nayer 's war-knife 6)5)&>^as) 

(STO;. SliSiOoiTg gO^sroiSl TR. ((i®OD§roc6o>.tJral 

mod. ajl sa cBm -"gK^ • ) 

(grgjca^cocflsioranb sword-bearer, soldier. 

(Sirg)^cu<Sd3fflOoi armour, preparation for fight 
(Sr3)''^g-J35^s (Sojoai TP. 

(BT2)3^ciJo_iosnTl 1. fighting man. 2. title of 
the 36000 armed Brahmans, who performed 
Cshatrla duty in Kerala KU. 

(grgts^cua^^ (=CT)OLiroo(®^) feast in honour of 
the tools, which procure one's livelihood 
OrDi-DOrU-l.TJil 0^833^0 (gT2)'3?iUJo 5):U^ o^escs^jo 
(8th Kanni) TR. 

(5T2)'X^CO'7aoai arsenal. 

(BT^QS^^cxJoeiOcroo fencing exercise, taught by 
Panikkar (see <0;(ia_j). Of 18 kinds (^qjojlsj 
ojolcfla TP.) viz. 1. 6iO'!rnfDo2. <^.s£>^'0 3. ^ 
§ajo i. 05nu)aJo 5. c^Tsra^i^o 6. crga-.e&o^o 
7. cu1k:2;o 8. ojlc/a j(S0OaDano 9. (oil^^B smu 
£Lio ((srasonjoonjo) 10. coaiajoSoDSCO.-iOjrao 
11. L'dmerm'^sjo 12. Qoo^siao 13. rusajo 14, 
ajrooeacszjo 15, aiDCflJc^siTl 16. calojDoUTmjuo 
17. cosoc;30{(TOo 18. (ffK)Q3.T3T3)0o. Popular 
names are (STg)0ni^!9)oS):u-^o .n)cTa)oo>ajj^o 
(9!f!nlra^<0)0S)CiJ^n (^tT35rab5).X)^o etc. TP. 

(STO)CQ;c:y\0 ayussu S. (rargjqi, V^ (sraib, G. 
ilidn) 1. Life, long life a^sOBiia (Bi'OjS^Sfj^o^ 
(gjois (oQ-Josmo TR. I shall let you escape 
witl) your lives. fgraj'S^cj^j^o.'oraiajroiSgjD aral 
=ej, (siro)C%^ooojc>i eslijlgjlgj Bhr, (sr^. ra 
(Ssmifta'xyom esfvioib KR, <sfS). n^^dte, CTn1cas>^ 
dh-)^<&i TR. to execute one. (argjC^fr^oroffliiejo 
gsngoo, org)3£\'ni37lcTrarnn73a med. 2. lifetime. 

(BTD)^ca)0OJ — (SrafOeno 


<&"r3)fD2)0 — (Sr3)(tioou 

(STO). aj(?ijlo05) to live long, (St^cs^fj^oTa 
prov. org). aj'SirujleSsi to terminate one's life. 
Vi. cn\nb oraauocq^m^ Qc9)0§:ni3)0ft)l) Bhr. half 
thy destined lifetime (Si®. Q^rmajmaiinb aiasroTi 
jiD^oejo jiis<sh ©^. vu. 
(Sr3)3^rt)a0)o death. (grgVoionriA crojciDo [ya.xjl^ 

KR. (srgj's.-oraoao Nal 4. 
(Sr3)(SJj6ruaJo strong constitution. 
(ffTOjCqjeonjo (='5ra:^0igDX)o.) (cine). 

(STgjCS^OJfiijfno lengthening the life(f.i. medi- 
(St2)Q%<b cijlmDa3<9ioejo death (m^. (sr^cofoio AR.) 
(ST^CS^Sdjao medical science. 
tffrg)Cqj(S^-fl3o rest of lifetime raracuan (sragjo 

(ST3). tiSngocSicaiofs!) PT. 
(gr3)<3^Sr^o0o celebration of life, a sacrifice KR. 
(SrO)3%ic^ofTb (f. c^foTl) long lived— (srQ)'^^-^ocr)0 

&i Bhr. a blessing. 

<SY5)(ScQ;DOjnOo ayodhanam s. (c^jcu) Battle. 

(SrOj'.WJlma (3;9iOc^s Bhr. prepared to fight. 

(S^^t Sfrns^ ayj^a T. M. C. l. To select, cull 
(hence orgjroD^) gather, array ajlo£h (St^stmgi 
eiajces) heap up, (ftca^Q, ctgraixgrg). coil up. ts^q, 
<S) (ST3)sraigio)ajce5i put grass halms of equal 
length for a rite. 2.=(5ra5T3yai, to bend as 
for an exertion Vi. f^jfol^iaio tsrgjsroro) AR 6. 
swung. (S(tj)(b (srajsroi^ ojls'':^ coa^ia^o^i^sl-aj 
Bhr. pulled up. cljosojo gsoiajib toizalfiA <Sm 
55ft) fm2).^sms)06Tw^ RC. ciois^-mal^'^ aaDosra® 
sl^onti PT. lifting up the arm. axiJarmrrb 
(STgca; ojoot RC. fled eagerly. j 

a."v, tSl3)!gi, to swing (2) ojI^dcsP^ foi^.-ffiigsl 
aiTlfat) ©oanal rsraslcSiso VeY. 

CST3)fDo aram l. S. (Erz Ge.) Brass, also tgrg) 
(t>@5o — (ST3)rD S. an awl. — (srgjfotb S. Mars, 
G. ares. 2. Tdbh. ooarao string of pearls; ao j 
Ofi^a (2 oinssioDDrooftio CG. JuacaDiXKSzo.trilrDo j 

(Si^fDSo aradam NoM. = <mo.uo§ (prh. (gra,ijl i 

So from (ST3(^3; or ^tST^rsjotDc) j 

(STO)a)§o arattam S, 
famous for horses. 

(STr^fDe^TJab aranan(T. (Br^.-osm.. Vedam, prob. 
from S. siorasmnb stranger) Brahman, perhaps 

the name, by which they called themselves 
when entering the peninsula?. (srjj'Sffn'xb (ftsnxu 
nsralfab .BTac/77ld)>c)a CG. (srgirosmib (2<Q>onoo3D ma 
foartb, (STsraemoojlcyamoo cuonala^ E.M. also 
• hon. plur. (gT3)rasm.xi<S!3o (BraoacQaOo cnq^ CC. 

(!Sf^(QQiO arama A Venetian, = 5 Rupees Vi. 

? (ST5)rDnfUo arambara No.^ooznr). ((ST^cb III.) 

'3T3)nS'T)JZD3il Qja.<D3i>i, (2a_lOOQ<9i fondly. 

'STgjrccrucSsia' or -eig^roaxio d)glc95) children to 
coax parents. 

(ST2)^C50(b SiT-jooo^ioicaoib '5T3iracnjo)S)g_jtairal) on) 
(song) = sTgj'gQozii-ai). (girg)(0cnjc9Q§l etc. 
CSTD)rDo^o arambham S. (roig) Undertaking, 


den V. (ST^raos lcBs)=gS6!5§<Si, -with Ace. ajs (srg) 

roosl^ a?a^;^, (BTgjrooel^ aizaesedo TR. 

.rijajaDorao(eT5) MR. with Dat. (jyty.-malcte 
(SrS). MR. took up the -work. 

part. (srOji'Deigjo begun, ajla_is^m6!3Bg.orai) tgrg) 

roemaacs^ig ODa|Q-jaiajsc>o Nal. 

iSrajfoejo to betaken in hand {ST3)ft)ej0OS5caDfZ33 
6njosmc^aDo CG. 

(Sr2)f0o/36n") alacrity Vi. 

(gT2)fOoi|l diligent; clever workman Yi. 
(STO)fO,^ aral T. M. (T. also fire) 1. An eel (SoM. 

(ST2)'2fOon6) Clitoria ternatea. 2. (T. tgrD)ro) 

Marsilea quadrifoIia = CTflfD0foa3i); ajgricajorarafi 

Oxalis (in GP. oflrooora^, aja'ca/oorai)). 
(ST^rooJo aravam (Sr^fDDQJo S. («») Cry, 

noise o^'^jjorajjo etc. 

(Si2)roc!JOfOo T. M. Tu. clamorous multitude, 
(C (5T2)fOoajofOo retinue, train, prh. from 
tBi3)(tB(9)) feastly pomp orajroajo.'osraf.o crolo 
nOono3«5a|.o Nal. oJl.-ocb Sajorol^s (srg). 
aliiSi-Qj RC. warcry. 

(ST^rDQJo^ see cs^r^ceh. 

cST^roo^ce^, (STO)fDoslae6i arattu^^a No. (t. ©rg) 

rass =?coatraction of (xnaroof Winslow) ajglsia; 
isiO). To soothe or lul! a child to sleep, see isrg) 
^Bi & (STO)(b III. 

(SrOirDDUjoOo aradhanam s. (oouo) i. Gain- 
ing, performing. 2. (= Tr^dOLVm) worship, 
esp. with flowers 0aeji)3;y 5r3). 6)^^(gajlNaI. 

^T^fQDfflo — (ST^(f^ra5o 


(H)TD)(S(X)3C/) .0 . 


(ST3)«)acjocina>-aJigi, & orgjOouj^as) to worship. 
(araoj^m (srg). si-^x^ CartV. roozrrb ajli^ 
S)cn (Sf0)O0Oj^^ AR. (before using it). 
CSH^fDOQlo aramam S. (foei) Pleasure garden 
o^aooj; (STO). a^gjD22i (gra^oaroi^iPcro CG. 
(a grove.) 
(STD)fDDC§^, 0YW3J arayya T. M. C. Te. [Tu. 
10 rake together.] (prob. or^'gii -with luf. (STgro) 
To seek, search, examiae (ST2)i^o,^ Syr. doc. 
cinoraD^isms^oo (STS)raD5)ca;eiTr)o CG- (^(ZKo tsrg) 
fODsrora QjTnlsssmo VetC. to get a turtle. (STgj 
fOoig/iSajsng Bhr. sojQ'raBcb f3)5)nT)g_j5reora3staigi 
tfcrra CG. (BrajroasrorgiSmocSa to examine, — 
? (ST3)rao32-2."n3§o a certain divination Vi. 
CSi^(t)DfZ5b aral S. (Ved, distant) Near (Sf^. 

Qjlffna AR. 
(SYS)f<5id65, mr?) aru-ya (T. Te. to abound, have 
richly, prh. from \^ (513 «S) C Te. T. Tu. chiefly 
the Inf. (3rg)f0 Richly, satisfactorily. 515)3^.^d 
rocusmsusl, ii'^zaiS)(S)0^(^ RC. (with both 
hands) ofSooolj^nnnrrao ajcaoora nJi"!5mo cni^) 
RC. to vultures in battle — a belly-full for 
their offspring. (girajroajDib^ai full breast, 
hence orgifoajoitiigaJaiocb Bhr. rgirg'o.uotbigai 
cngjOcVj RC. 

adj. part. past. acyajDcro) o^ajlois RC. (=ruj 
sr^, ^@g.)cnlso;Tn (St^cXd CG. tall man. cooTn 
aomiajib the good. (sait8Smi'03rro):un6 RC. 
as high as Meru. (Saaao (5r3)5)rmyo ooaio 
the joy-giving fruit. (Ssiismocni croTUfigs 
overflowing wealth, fSTgjTra (sic.) ojjiia.Tnonb 
CG. decidedly, 
adj. part, fut (sroailiiionso 0)3)339), sratPSiDrao 

CTnlnbajDjaJi})o RC. 
fin. v. (eMa_i032,o ( CC. they died (='^o 

v. root in Coiiri. (=(Sr^(^o) ODOcooibZO^ Bhr. 
the Lotus-born lady Lacshmi .usl.xiDib. cu' 
g_j RC. Well shaped bow. 

CST^i'^B&nQjo arunyam S.=,erar!S5niia^, Of glow- 
ing anger i^sdo (StQ). o^'sng ^0srai^ CG. 
CST3)((TOaJL3o arudham S.(part. ra.oo) l- Ascend- 

ed. (HracajDjgnjc.Tb mounted. (STDjOAicreD*, 
(BT^jOaiDCTOaocjulAcb KeiN. perfect philoso- 
phers. ieT^(®aic®ao20f3i)Nal.(= eao.-ow). 2. Mai. 
a ruined house or family = ig2naj gjg2 'Oi"-' 

(gi^SfODCQjD arogyam S. (tgrasroooDo) Health, 
strength; also of trees ifly^sss^i^nbo (srg). <2.xjo 
«aj TR. 

(SirD)(ifDOa_Jo arobam S. ((^^.^o caus.) Laying 

on, imputation, charge, also isrgjoOooj^mo. 

denV. (sr^<2(zociS^<as>= ^2i(!^&) to inflict; av) 

g-jsroo (gr^). VCh. to attribute virtues. <Sao 

cfiao (gt^). to charge with faults. 

(STO)(£fD0(2i:3baromal((5Tg)*=i-S7af©) l. Darling 
(3T3)2raD2,c!) S)5)o_iz3',ralCG, 2. pleasantly, happi- 
ly (STTO). cryoiTl^fraisasmo PT. (grg;. cijrBono 
o).aJ!^ etc. (po.) 

(ST^CBfODdOo aroham S. (rar-D) Rising, ascent. 
fi-jroajroo (BTg). 5) oiQ^ionb KR. went up into (see 

fST3)'S.-D0aO5mo ascending (f, i. ovsi^o — the 

death of kings KU.); rise in singing MC. 

denV. (gi3)3fDDaDlc6o-) to ascend roLDo oTd). BR. 

I. (Sf^(b ar T.M. (^cao*) Who? pi. & ind.f. 
sing. ^^D ci^y>OT3) (srgjSirog (& tgrgj^ra^)) TR. 

■whose = {ST3)(t8o)S — (Bira.Ufo'lrtli) (gT2)ro3f036)5 SS)i 

blcSo) (argjSm' i^olsroisg MR. (repeated with 
distributive signification). fSTDjfffio gj^ there 
is none, I have no friend, (gr^rcao aorao ( = (gra 
Qjano) ^gj3.oraajnt) Vi. left alone in the world. 
(at3)^onb (fr. (ST2)t6, (913)31^106 see (srOjanTra) (stg) 
(^2Q3o whosoever, any one, the next best, 
(STgjSsoaso <saj5irTgo none wants it; also de- 
clined (gi2)'aoo>nbo, orgj'DaSi'no^KR. (grgfODnb 
(Srgjfoonb lOiStm prov. the who is it remains 
a who is it. 
Old forms (gra)Sractao (fr. o^rnlaao) & (gr^'SroGjj 
(a^aTlejo) (gT3)(S(te4o oicno .feer^oihlcsejo CG. 
— c^aDo (STg)fiaa)S ojDnb CC. whose can it 
n. dSf^'h !• (T. sharpness) Chip, splinter, as of 
bamboos ,^aca.3(b. djlfDejlvm (BT3)(ra>9)c)o o-io^ 

(!Sf^(b — CSif^jfCTOlo 


CSt^roYO^OJo — (S^Cgjo 

drove splinters between finger & nail m^ih 
<9irra)o, (aT9)rol(Tb<9)no)o spuar of Areoa wood; 
Hhaft of spear (=: (BTOdJai) tsr^ro^SaftiOft)!) pointed 
stake. 2. (T. splendour) (BTgjSraejo siojotto CG. 
shining gold. (Comp. (St^nsi-H'). 

HI. cSr3)(^=: (513(133 (bef. Vowels) fargrtaaTlib Bhr. 
The precious life, fsr^jroyrab tailro^iZDQ, Bhgc. 
love-sickness; prh. (srgjfSraoo'O (S^) Vi. con- 
tralto (?) 

IV. CS1'^>'^= (srajQ, f. i. &^fmalajDZ2iO(b oolejojla^jy 
Mud. (5T3)(bA],§o ^ooanb Siva crowned with 

(!S^cBQ>c&>, (^ arku'ya T.M.(T. also to fight 
comp. II (gro)(b) 1. To cry aloud, roar, shout. 
(gTO)t!^o-ioai to vociferate, i^nrroaTlaj (gTgjtm^ (in 
solemnities), (srgjfi^ajdi^nnooib AR. shout of 
triumph. 2. prh. to blaze up, rise (5T2)i")a3T3) 
ralcsjjTm (fftacrnl (po.) or roaring fire? 
VN. (8ig)(9s)ra!), (Sigigll in (STO). Qjla^tea, (ST3)jj^ 

§(e>; also (Si^gjroltSa to halloo. 
CV, (ST2);yl(9is) 1. make to shout. 2. s)a_iOsl 
(Srgjgjl^ Bhr. stirred up, raised dust. 

(ST3)Cg6I5>30§ arniiodu {(sr^lb T. Bauhinia tree, 
orgjib^SiSio^ its branch, symbol of the (SjiiOiP 
Raja) N. pr. The Valluvar dynasty, which had 
to celebrate the Maharaakham feast at Tiru- 
navai, until dispossessed by the Tamuri. (aigj 
(£6i3Qosaruaj23a_jo KU. (ST3)S6rao|ajs^OcS3 MR. 
by the A. measure. 

(Sf^&^Cr)o arjanam S. (gsg) Acquiring. 
denV. rngLj CDsmesiacX) (ST^s^Sceasmo PT. 

CSlfO)^^aJo arjavam S. (g^) Straightness, 
sincerit)-, justice. 

(ST^rrrfeio artam ((srg) + g) part. Afflicted (5T3 

cuda (3r2jrara):Q,ocsil CG. suffered (in childbirth). 

(3ra)OT3)m03{l Mud. despairing. 

(5i2)(nTannoao shriek, groan, alarm, lament. 

(gra)roT3);i_jroa3i5mcr)3ca) cnof^ocasmnb N. the help 
of the distressed. 

(STJjtBral S. 1. affliction oJissi'DCOOi'OTzin Nal. (BTO) 
tOT^Miftacj^nm fOilflsinoKR. a saving water. — 
vu. (3T2)T3Talairi^he is not poor. 2. chiefly 

thirst (STg). ojlald)!) pant after water, etc. 
3. (comp. m^&T)) cryii'.g' out. 

(Sf^(UrU)OJo artavam S. (g@) The menses. 
rerg). oijiJQajo, (gr^jtsroixioelsaoiSDo Nid. 

cST^xSo ard'ram S. i. "Wet. moist (2^aii).cb (st^ 
QfiSBaooP CG. by bathing, (gizl (grgjOcaoaO 
(by moonlight) refreshed. (Sr^QCOcnueiJana 
S)a50S>Tg (St^iSsi Nal. 2. soft, mellow, feeling 
(sa-Tucn^n^ Sfa_)0o(3eoajo siTlcflssao SiPus. 
are strangers pitied. <ans6rr)0(3oryaL\o AR. 
from compassion- 

(ST0)O'i3i compassion = (ST3)'3SDajo, o^nrrosjs §§ 
6110 <9)5r^of3i) (SY2)OtJi eajlsiansmo Nal, &> 
gjlofTDo org). g)Si^oo Bhr. even a stone would 

CST^Cgjo aryam S. (terasjVed. faithful, or V^rsraib 
ploughman) 1. Belonging to the Aryas, the 
conquerors of India, (opp. ao^, (C^ertb). (Srgi^ 
ce,0(Gi5)S BitDo 6)o)a.S)£>f,3 5n| Mud. the mountain 
prince embraced Hinduism (STOj^Sood^ ojfOJ 
cono £(331^0 a_ioa^rna Mud. a Brahman; but 
also Veishya, (ST5)^nb = o)jiJs> loc. 2. Sanscrit 
(BT2)2jajOcea pure Sanscrit. (ST^)^ ag)!^(^ the 
modern Mai. alphabet, as used for S. writing 

6lftB <ai5n")c93 TR. 3. suiting an Arya, noble, 
respectable roa^<Bsic>o croo•SQJoaoooii^,o5l^ oq 
6)nt)D ajoc-ao Q^ooo (gT2)^2oo KR. will be 
highly ennobled. (S.xjaoolca (srgjfo'ca rai.^jjTP. 
a noble parrot. (5Tg)2j2iiaTl Mud. magnanimous. 

hence: (gT3)^Parvatifgt2)^5)caj<2aroan^0(bCG. 
(Bigj^cemfomQ^ KU. ? 

QJScea (grgj^ma^ KU. the Talu country. 
(ST3)^a_iS(b & (3T2)^oa_)§(l> a kind of foreign 

(BY2)^g_j5lc9j:ral) palace entrance — N. pr. the 

residence at Cannanur = (graocSarai) KU. 
(Sr3)^0OTt) the Gayal ox, mistaken for a deer. 
(ST3)^oajoc)3 1. a foreign medicine. 2. a royal 

attribute, (3T3)"^o ruSajsajci^o KU. 
(ST2)SJ<*3ja Cleome viscosa. a med. 

as^cQ^o — cs^o^ 



(Srgj^D ijfnraj the gathering place of the Aryas; 

the country between Himalaya & Viudhya 

(HT2)'ol32;DHOT3)2Do aj5mj(§0Trriu5aJ SiPii3. 

from -whence the Kerala Brahmans were 

introduced KU. 
(Srgj^oayouo Sanscrit language? 6)S)->jwo£i'CO 

eiDfib QQ)aliiil) (grD). rrn^tSa q^'@3^3 Sii^i-og 

(Sf^c^o arsam S.(g3:&n) What originates with 
Rishis — what is revealed, plain (opp. asaa 
cajo invented, artificial). 
(SfQ) ciTinTiib arhatar S. ((graan:niTD) Jainas (po.) 

CSir5)q aru T. M. C. Te. (Tu. (mseal) VN. of (Bra 
Ci£b 1. Way=ajiP^. f3i2)Cicu33y,(SrD)OQ,QJo'V'i. 
the cry by which the road is cleared before 
a nobleman. Hence (srgj'So = ajipl 302; f. j.«^ 
tx^rsjoSo, ff)^3yo3n after having done. 

2. manner gjojOQ, thus. ora^tsra~lrrracngj (Srpjib 
£5^, mgj (ST3)S^o§ci^ -ojs^ well baked. — 
Esp. with adj. part. (BftnoTrarmuoo Bhr. the 
way it appears. £Jf£l^iJ3S)O53Q5)0O Mud. how 
did you get? (2ai§QLioooce«l^ TP. did as if he 
had not heard. §rD!ix>is5ac>Dc9s foicSflajaQ, Sab. 
according to each one's sins, ooosmzlgjo^xio 
S)r,6!SQS)cn CG-. how did you become so impu- 
dent? — Chiefly with future part. zcS^njorjO':^^ 
was about to die. iZoCoeAZOZoS^csi"m lived 
happily. rma_i^(m32Do)oy>5)<Tn@gl KU. retired 
for penances. d)D0-3ial0OQ0OS)O Bhr. to quench 
the fire of love. — The form ojRsaaoocsii^ "was 
about to come" — is often contracted in ojrao 
oodTl; hence arises the semblance of an Inf. 
(513-1113)5 (gT3)5m 5) nicm &^S'3s)0o MR. there we 
use to sleep ; (occasionally also the form of an 
Inf. tmroliftooodhsmo TR. may you be pleased 
to give). For particulars see grammar. — 
Many Cpds. ojcSsiajao ei&<osnsoo etc. explain- 
ed by phrases like (Siassg ffioOJOOJ^^cuaoo 
cslHs rocalrml 5)<£ho§(!29 TR. 

3. river T.M.(Te. a3}Q,)(ST9)Q,nr?l^o,(Bi[3)Oolfi5!) 
^(ftQjlejo prov. mdMD-j (grg^^o^i^ a^aTl UR. 
6iJiJolc32J (S(aio§a)cX) (5T3Scn<0io (ST2)Q,(3)cb (ovo^ai'D 

KR. crossed rivers — r3T0)33 through the river 

(more in So M.; No. ajy~.) 

4. (=(gTaQ,)sixT. M. C. Te. (Tu. (sr^sTl) (ST2)T3o 

sixth (gT2)Ooanb, — a.unt). (grgjODazTlroo 6000. 

(5T3)O0o 6X6. & each 6. (Sr2)Q,o onaejoC Shastras 

& 4 Vedas, or 6 mzho & 4 gtuDcaio. 
Cpds. (5rg)ry3§<3) (3) v. n. to bathe CV. (sraj'slcfls) 
f.i. an idol. 

VN. (BTgjODS bath, esp. of idols with pro- 
cession, (srD)nocarig_)D5)-m (sr^ooSso prov. 
(^c^wooo^ cattle-fair. eaD:Li'm^S)c6o 
(SrpjQOSoDOcX) (gra§-nraofal) s)S5(Q)I^o)6kji5o 
S.q30(^ djlsf ros^TP, no blood to be shed 
on any account. 

(Bi2)ODS<S)ao idol's bathing-tank, 

VN. (SYg)Oo§o bathing — met. fjnlgo S)<aD 
sirgo.Togo prov. = ajlrD^o. 
(Srg)::i3o QjDi^ (4) the side near the ribs. 
(ST5)T0^ (4) ceremony for finding out a hidden 

thing (grg). S)0a<3s) Vi. 2.= or)£Qo 5)ajste. 
(ST2)Q,3)0ral) (4) 1. insect =:xi5rr|. 2. like other 

names of the bee, the shrub aigjcrn^. 
(ST3)noa3Dro=:(BT2)')olnf)cijoo (3) bank of river. 
(gT3)nc)laBj(3b (3) residence of Travancore 


(gi2)^Q,<Si3rai) (3) river's channel. 

(Sr2)OQ (oTIrsk^ (3) regulation of streams. 

(gT3):^Q,e(§ (3) sacrificial grass ^^aic-o. 

(SrgjOCiSaoooQ, (3a_i3a) (3) to bo under a vow to 
bathe & fast. (gT3)':)QScn30.i1ti!5T35)m e)_'\Jfno 
Q_iO(^ Nal. went my way governed by one 
single thought, unmindful of hunger, etc. 

(ST3)OQ,ajoo (3) towards the river (coloB.iJsnBO 
S30Qajoo ffl^rra TP. 

(gr^jOQ cijiplajl J2\o.i>o (3) Tr P. superintendence 
of timber, floated from the jungles. 

(ST2)OQ,aj33U (l) = f3T2)Q,aj3an. 

(gT2)"Q,'S)CUgJ MR. land formed by river's sedi- 
ment; superior ground for fruit-trees (opp. 


CSrgiqdSj, 61 arup t.m. c. Te. (Tu. (STgra,) 

\^ (saq,3> V. n. l.To gooff, be extinguished. 


(Sr3)oQd95 — CSir5)ej 


(!SfO)B^o — csf^^ai) 

io,o|f3^1 (StgolcaDiub Bhr. j^s3oo3o^ gealcOa) 
Nid. foiDojo (BT5)Q,m3, (also fjnoo-i'OialnT) (srgjOa 
pQJtrnlg CG.) <Q>sTOonl(ti (ST3)Q,<22io Bhr. 2. esp. 
grow cool <2^05>ogyoo fSr^o^^iZevs^ CG. dinner 
waits. <&.o2:citoil (or aioao^^) (ST3)Q,zoq Bhr. 
to appease or satisfy the lust. 3. to dry up 
((BT2)olcaof3i) aroeTlml) g)§3i a med.) as land, 
washed hair, wounds ajsrnoo'ajraKoi. 4. to 
heal, be allayed, calmed §85110 (Sira). = C'3iald3s). 
(ST^ooTSTO) incurable. 

CV, (ST3)Tlcet.i, (BTO^ol^a) (esp. of clothes ^5ng 

<!Sfd)Oqc£b, 06] V. a. 1. To cool, allay, 

calm. (ST3)OoaS(a)0fa) gseiio RC. inconsolable. 

2. to dry (oiaimoib (Sigool; birds to trim 
their plumage, t^'sng (oiscul (ST3)^Q,3) to smooth- 
en king's cloth with hands instead of iron. 

3. V. n. (? = (srD)ro3ai or T. (BT^tboiiA (STrgajsi) 
to grow richly, thrive fmainooib fsrs")^^ Snjoai. 
VN. {gT2)OOf3l) see foil. 

CV. (srajoolcsa. 

(Sll^OOatta 1. A small bird, decoy-bird, sparrow 

Vi. 2. darling (ST0)OO5)S)^(aifQli, (ST3)Soo my 
dear! (ftghlcOsi ©ib {5Tg)005)car.Q,fyo {—coe:>) 
(S!^w\, 6i(b srajOOcealsDS.iJ ag^TP. (see foil.) 

(!ST5)OOi'sb VN. ((ST3)00,B> 3) 1. Growing; 
healthy, magnificent growth (gro)00<sejos' Sirro 
0i&)c)o as^ocsTl Bhr. a big girl. gggloA {gT3)r:)0 
eJOCQiaorozorai Anj. filling the soul. 2. activity, 
carefully looking after. 3. = (gT2)00 f. i. (STQ) 
oOi-oiKSffllsoxTlaian CG. 

CS^OOo 1. Much ^ansao^ (BY3)OOo o-ioscm 
arSgjTP. don't fly too high. 2. (= ajO^j.go 
fr. ojovgi to thrive) something, somewhat 
«3?"!cdn(SejD oi.xiggOTslsaia (ST2)::)Oo culysao lest 
he fall in fire or water (or any other danger) 
OT^nocSsioooolcijts^ngoTP. rn\ (srgooo (2aj05)a2.'0 
TP. did you perhaps go? 
(ST^ej ala T. M. C, Ttt. (Tdbh. of (ST2)eJ32,j or 
CjDEJ) Shed as for sugar-mill, workshop, cow- 
house. (STD)5iflJd35i((Arnlnrra o.joraixasl^o'at prov. 
o^tPoaiasiiTrao TP. the cows of 7 stables. Scuoa j 

<Bs>&i (Sr2)i5£JjO«eJ020Q, S)sticm> CG. in the even- 
ing. — oil-mill (Sa^o.-ab &c>^ (Stgjejcsyo ^ajaso 
ffboBsiDadga prov. — workshop of blacksmith 
n.7,ogji6 Q_i6ni^ Qg)§d3£cm (Bi^ajoinra!) <£hsrrro 
TR. (Br^5)QA(as)'Soq,&i Vi. go to shop or office. 
(mi^^C2/DDJ pit or shed to catch tigers. 
(Sif5)^o alam S. 1. Broad. 2. poison (Sr^i. ^si^n^o 
rarooicn eacormiLD Bhg. poison swallowing 

Siva. CUDf.0 (STgjEJ^iJo (5TO5ay-J)X)0«B «.9.0§^o 

RC. 3. M. (T. Dalbergia) a tree = <2(i_iy>, used 
to make mortars, isrgjaici^fnroii (STgjej.-tsrai^isat)::) 
<ai(Sirno, (gYg)eJ.T3Kn^aiairifai> gos a med. [Mpl. 
4. Ar. 'alam. world, (BTOjejo cus^sS^anb oragg 
tSirgajsisQD^ N. pr. (3). 

(e^ajoSYXJono alambanam s. (v^ aioeoj) 

Depending on, support mi^cSs) aib ot^jeJoffoj 

mo gjgj ARe. (lamentation of vyidows). 

(gir2)aioatxio the same (= (ST3)',C3)3io) (Sejos^ojo 
aulaic)o(3Ete (gT2)' aoocayo i^ajwojaTl CG. n_j 
S)^osl3^5)s (STO^o (3ir3)aiosnj0:a^^cTO 
Bhr 16. to stand on. 

denV. (3Tg)aJo5Qric9ffl. 1. rest on 0fo-Dc9«DcmDajo 
siiD-Qj cnl^Tra KR 5. to hold to. 2. to assume 
a form ((gjtuo (S13).), religion (0(0)0) seize 

(ST5)eJo^3 alainbham S.(ejs) Seizing, killing; 

violent death. 
(Sirg)ejCQJo alayam S. (eH) Dwelling house, f.i. 

<SQ.5Joej32)o, icn)aJ2DaJC2;o etc. a>roi5moai32;o 

merciful, etc. 
(ST3)ejQj=o alavattam T. M. C. Te. (S. (sr^ajo 

CLiujiJio from T. (grgjejs^ to move = (sraaJ) 1. A 

fan in shape of umbrella, made of peacock's 

feathers .xjgo anroTl^fm (argj'cLjo oiifayo KR. 

■^oq,o -ojipoTfl^o (ffr2)'fiJe|.o (Royal insignia 

& good omen). 2. a panka. 

(ST3)ejQJ:eJo alavalam S.((Hr3 3'jIII) Watering 
bed round trees (cmso). 

<J5fd)B^Cri\9A alasila M.(\'"(ST2)e4fiiT.tomove) 
Disquietude, trouble, cares. mS). (BraiiniTlgj 
how happy he is. fSTOj'tftcXa g2'0 rooeajSj® iso.ijl 

CS^^Cr^ji, — (ST^(S^a_J 


(ST^'CSeJDce^o — (ST^OJorol 

casifSliBs) TR, disturbances, rebellious at- 
tempts. ruBlgj((xri)5>nbo ci_iog.c2-o ajfTTo ono3 a 
<Qs:<s^o (grD)'ai032; croaoiE^ TR, general con- 

(ST^^CTOjo alasyamS.((graejTC)l. Weariness, 
fatigue. ((S.T)03cTUo:)o (grgjaJTUio a med. a 
symptom) Sjsraroil <a!sloa>iOj).i5T3)ortJO£iav)jo TP. 
being knocked up. cijajorra ^@ motflai S)^ 
nT)(?g_jOcb Sihoajoralfolsiemjinbo (gr^ajcrojo oj 
aul_^ TR. his Highness died. 2. idleness, 
fSTDjejCTCjUont) slothful Vi. 

(ST^e-SDC^cft), cum)] alattup To bawl, halloo 
Vi. (comp. (grajejlcaisi). 

CSTO)eJ0a_So alabam S. (oj-lj) Talk. (3ra-n,oai3 
o_jo (Scusr^o VCh. let her not talk with 

denV. tsra)ajDajlcea 1. tergjoocrasiaisroajl etc. roo 
coo (3TD). to hum a tune (Brahmans). 2. to 

[(ST2)aJ0.-aTO) Vi. No. 
<ST^eJDCY\| alas Ar.lahas, A large cable, also 

(STD)ail all T. M. C. ({gr2)'3l) III) 1 . = (gr^ejl^y o 
Rain's fruit, hail. (Sirg)ejl^iP,T3TQlnm (sra.^sm 
£r:ck) <Si-i_ioaJsaj KR. like the thanks of lizards 
for hail, also (S12)£JS)S Vi. 2. oyster NoM. — 

3. Ar. ali N. pr. (Mpl.) 

(^f^allaesi alikka aM. (T. (gT3)T_ejlantohuzza) 
General shout, as in war or feast Vi. 

CST5)£j1oOOOOo alinganainS.(eJloc;o) Embrace. 
(BT2). 5) iiJ^ to embrace. 

(!5TD)^£2ld95i^o Ar. 'alim, Learned men (Mpl.) 

CST^aTlaASo alldham S. (ejlao) Attitude of 
shooting (po.) 

(ST3)a^cft., rnrj) alu^^a i.(T. m.c. tomove = mTa 

ai, spread =: (5T3)Ooral)) v. n. (ml (SrDjejnrra The 
fire spreads Vi.z=(girg)^3). 2. to be spent, go 
to end. No. oaim, Qjloai cst^jTio (SajDaTl, 5)00 
csin(gt3)aio.TO^ajl2.<fl3 ceconomical lamp. 3. srg) 
ma ffijijon-nonb CG. = (gT3)CTro (see (srOj'^iO)). 

4. v.a. to heap up (past (srOjejl Vi.) (gjgl (stO) 
ejdi, ^Q, fSTg). to make a straw stack (Cocli.) 

i^f^CS^a-jnOo alebanam s. (gjItj) Paint, 
perfume (sr^'onosls-ch sid)^Oii"S£UftrolxL\ UR. 

CSf^QQMcSno alo'yam S. View, interview. 
ST^j'SaJD ->,o )o looking at . 
cgrgj'gejodj AR. having seen.ora ucnoralxgTgjSeiO 
<9^nt) CG. to be looked upon by him. 
ffffi1)^P\') o inn Investigation, reflection (T. con- 

denV. (BiS^eJD .ojlcfim to consider. ^<o (Braxin'Uti 
aic>3 snnoi3«l (srji'Sajo.ari^ari'D'j MR. on 
considering these circumstances. 
C5Tg)CgejDaJo alolam S. (cjajDaj) Shaky (sraj'iaD 
ai,ISa-j3S)=: 2irDlo_jooo.&> No. 

I. (ijT^fsi) al T.M.(Tu. aJD)=VN.{ST3)&fai>''Being 
there", by, through, ^^ojaiD^ arra Bhr, one 
of. oDDsoejo ouDitnl, ^.'siaijejo a.iooil TP. half 
of (see grani.) 

II. CST^Tsb T. CM. (,gi:2)ejai) Ficus Indica Sru 
raoriA, ciJSoS. The different kinds: tgra'Oia'cao'ji 
Fie. gloraerosa, (graroaDtuI) Fie. relig- ^rtsral^iDfiA 
Fie. Benjamina. a--osOi^ Fie. citrifol. ai^oro!) 
Fic.maisoren8i8(or Hibiscus populneoides) s^ 
o .oTil, -oj xioT) (Brgj-Tsb Fie. infectoria ((ma!n§0(ti?i 
black poplar tree Vi.) 

'STgejip'i its falling roots (Palg.) 
(51(3)013,032,', cBT3)ejnajyo its fruit. 
f5Tg)an,iba_jDf(A its milk. 

fSrgj'oli 3if3)0 o)a-5<9) to wall in a large banian 
tree (BrD)'szroi) (srascolrajTjaCG. rnlajoglai 
cDra') cgrg). AR 6. 

in. ,'Sr5)'-(3i) (waving = f5raej) aM. 1. Water (ftnrtTl 
n7S3 (srgjGjaso (graciTlajfoil KU. explanation of 
Tamuri's title (SinmaJ^ctoomo^ilfol. 2.{=(sa 
g^zh or (BiaiP^Tsli) trouble. (3i:2)ejli^ cijlsrra, cn^ 
ffiTias) (ST^ejo (sro^feji ©gj^gjo No. 

CST?)QJ&nOo avanam T. (Tdbh. (gta-usmo) 
Market, street. (?) 

(gt3)X)sn')tflff^ ("Vi. — 6rn\ — ) a trough near 

a well (woa)o_jlipl,ajDnb). 
(ST2)iJ5iT)g--|ejB) KU- Brahman's stool. @;5io 
crcnnc. (see (ST2)2). 
(ST^QJ&nOd96i see (S%zsrD<as in CG. (STDj^nsm 

o^itesm n')l (STS'SajDao Scrcijlasi castor oil. 
(Sro^QjerrSl avani C.T.Tc. (=(C3)0U5mo) 5th 
month, ^60Bo, 

cs^cunf]— cSYOjQjcgp 


CSrD)Qjrnjl _ csr&iOJDaD 

(gr2)X)5nTlajso KU. yearly change of the 
Brahminical string). 

CSf^CUafi] ava6i SoM. (=,'gT3)Cul) Breath, va- 
pour. (srO). g2%-^=<^-"^'fla Vi. 
CS^O-i^ see (srgj'fliBi II. (possibility). 
(STS)OjnODtPl avanali T.M. (T. also (sr^uoM. 

(STDjiJonDipliji) Quiver Sk. =:g35nT^. 
(Slf^OJfDenOo avaranam S. (cu*) l. Screening 

(=«^(SfOoauonr)o Vi). 2. obstructing (BT2) u 

ra&mo Qjl®i)fl5Q-jo g)g raD^i c;Dta«))l-£>.|.o HNK. 

raioaoxj^smo o. caca^caDSoTlrolsraisl^o KeiN. 

(namely (SigiXirosmi & Qjl(S££aa_io negative 

& positive activity). 
(ST^fUfCYOlo avartam S. C^-ma) l. Whirlpool. 

(Sr^sn^o SiQijrrao VCh. falling in love. — hair- 
curled (gT2)U«3ra)_aJ(^6m3C>3 ^^^O ^srr£\xiS)00(a^ 
Nal4. (horses) — the navel is compared to (srg). 
CG. 2. gathering of men ((srgjCgjDCijraTaio). 
(ST^Xicora)^ returning earaoxi-urailai oJrnoNal. once 
more. ((STScymTl better.) [regularly. 

(STgjUforamo revolving, repeating, observing 
denV. agjsm (5if3)iJfwal-^ a.osi^smo raed. again. 
(STO)'^ Q_ioai to repeat, oranoa raio)rm (St2)Xi 
cdW«k) CT)a_inb VyM. to revise the decree. 

CSf^CLSBJonf)] avala6i t. m. (So. — el & — uTl) 

1. Vexation (sr^'sig-.j^cSi Vi. to be distressed. 

2. grumbling, complaint (ST3)xDeJ0^<6s S)^ 
cmorat PT. (ST2)ijl£J0>'cnl (srasrorojOcaiKJBcb Si&cXj 

(5T3). croai563i3c>3 <S£ns fcnljan TR. 
(STrajXiaJDoSlcesiDfonb So. plaintiff, No. a vexer. 

©T^Qjejl avail S. Row, drove. 

CSt^QJlJb aval 1. (T. desire) hence (Bigjii&Jotcrn? 
2. a large bat So. (T. (STD)-ijoejo) (BTOiXi^ (S(^ 
Qjrai) QjlorjcTTa Qjrmoi'iA prov. — flyingfox = ajo 
ooont) (loc.) 3. a medic, tree (purgat-) st3io 
cural) OTO). 0C2nejo6rc2ri KR4. prh. = (gT5):ul,at). 

<SifD)QjC/§io avasyam S. ((maajco) 1. Necessity. 

cOQ- eQg_jlj')a>c9« (SrO). ^Sn^OWl VU. 0^5)00 

(Tgrolcte nnl cST3)CU<^!9-S5Qa'f?ii)SiPu3. in straits 
(word of a God). (STd). <SQ_iDaea5 Yi. to deliver. 

oroo (fbogjmaTlra') aTlcr^fflgjoob. (grg). <Q>^s o^gjo 
curao Arb. all who were 'deemed necessary 
for the enquiry. 2. needful, requisite (sraoj 

S)Cko (51f2).U(^o (a_^;0iOrao o_10o)32/6mo MR. 

speak as he dictates. — It often serves for 
"must'", either with the Nom. of the thing 
required (tiJigjan curoljjj cua5)ro (5r2)Uc^o TR. 
also with the old Inf. (S%-sji^ rmosjcb orao^au 
m^css ojas^ra rgrD;. understand: tsigjiirifo^cSa 
cno); or with the Dat. or 2nd Adv. (^gaxTl'Tia 
S)5>3ic9is)0i95) (ffr3). ^snsor£\ TR. Ch. wanted 
coolies ajlslgiant) tSTj). g3gj MR. Sruo.uonb 
OO^tSa (gt2). Qjma TR.) or with the addition 
of (Sajsmo (in different forms: (sra^iSiwisng (sr^) 

<3s) (sra). g)gLj I don't want to give away, ojo 
(Scsz^angftJ)" (STQ)'0Oc93rrro MR.) 
(gT3):iJ'-^cfi55oranfe mod. = zs@gCLinb. 
(gi2)ajc/ajS)g-j§ai mod. to want, wish for = (2aj 

(Sif2)CU''J3j0ocari(=:(saj5r§l for) (SioaDaK^ceeo sicu 

eg o <35S^g_]oaao (srg;. ifttplgjl^ <fts.o MR. 

(Sr^jQjrnjl^e© avasikka s. (xioru) To rest on 

as a God on a person ((gtmoajocroo) ; dwell in, 
sojourn for a time cunmofa!) (Sif2)'g-j;cnloma3n AR. 
(Sr3)ajDaroc/aoaj sia-^l asrgDiSrri Bhre. tents of 

army. (go_ifai^<3jj«s Jijyejajo (BrOj-uoarccBDej 

S)e-.§1 0n»ajl Mud 7. bivouacked. 
oro(y<S£Li3!&-Diioaro'Tb (po.) the Deity (panthe- 

istically viewed) as spread throughout the 

? (!SfO)CU0^c£h, Sl avadup v. n. To be aired, 

(gT3)Xi3^ai v. a. to air Vi. ((sr^in). 
CST3)QJ0aOnOo avahanam S. ( u:iD} invitation ; 
quickening an idol, stealing the presence of a 
God for a newbuilt temple, rn^ (gT2),x)Dci61_gjO(til> 
(S.xiDngo saajcBo* ojctsoBhr. 331035100 (gir2)':3^; 
(gcryrtineioralfal) a.^iOoSaxisxD (gcT\;ro(rr^3ialfi3!) 
njDC^'mlse3jl5>3i' (STjj^jooDnno e^jijcm SiPu3. 
worshipped Brahmans as if they were incar- 
nations of the 2 Gods. (M}\'^co.UCTlsi3D m^ 
Qjo:iolceis) KU. to make to come. oi^ojo.-idI^ 

(St^ojI — csf^cy rar&Tl 


CSf?^ ?QJC/9o — CS^C/3 

fflggofOi S) usnzyaj3fol) CG. on which he had 
invoked a Deity. 

den V. tSTDjTJOciolcSffl (see prec.), (grgjUoolcSsi, 
to enter, possess, as a demon. 
(ST3)Qj1 T. M. C. Te. 1. Breath, life, a M.{ST3) 
Qjl 5)-a)a^(Saa)dricn3nti RC. granted life. (grjjXil 
<3ycbo)cfl5iDS^3)aionr's<b aj -rasngocal RC. in the 
soul. (grgj-TjlcSs ^ouo (sra-ua?! o^^oajrooRC. 
(ST2)-'ij1 ©§'S' to yawn, sigh ((S^ogoojl see 

2. vapour, steam {3rg)ijl:05-,ejo 1. ley of ashes 

(aT2)'(!5TJn1rai) i^c8t3Si V2. to soak clothes in 
ley. (comp. (Sr^xi'a?.) 2. steamer B. 

3. T.M. tank (={STg)5ll) (srajiHcsiilrai) rmoaro. 

4. =(Srp):ijlro!!. csrOjXilcSara'rro, (srSjijla^sis (Soj 
(Szzcgai •j)(moejl ^maao GP. 

(Sr2)iJ^cs2/o§ = a kind of goat(s)^.orolcao§)(gir2)xn 
cao§ln6 ojorab gcaao, sisicrj gsajoo aia^ GP. 
CST^Qjl:e<5) aM. (T. Te. to gape) To desire 
"Vi. (see (5Yg).iJral)). 
(Slf3)ajlejQavilaiIl S.Foul (ST3)'zo32,' eaejjBrhmd. 
CSTD)Qj1 "si) avil Coesalpinia bonducella (Si^'aj 
fra.TTO 0ra3rmaO3j CG. (Sir2)3J^S£U5):3i3-oenamed. 
(=(Sira)xn 4.) 
(Sr3)Qjloro avis, CSrD)Qjl8 S. (=(sr^i2\B} 
Manifestly (grajOjlroomogo, m^'u^z^so Bhg. 
(SrgjxTleojlasi to come to the light, appear 
csrog s)-Qia2Jonb (sro). CTTlnb^.-orai^-jjioilral) Mud. 
part. (Stgnjligfoio; tsr^ijlc^'aio from otgjxTic^ 
fDlt95) to manifest, declare publicly. (Hraaj 
ro25)s qcrn'fal) (SirojijlfODaijlaA CC. = (aj,'mj 

(!5TD)Qjlcaa o avistam S. ((sr^^cucaldis) q. V.) 

CSTD)ajlrDo aviram M. Beng. (T. (sr^i^iro C.) 

Cassia auriculata. ff)Q_iD(mD.ijlroo Cassia occi- 

dentalis, (So. g^ojormDfoalli'ont)) ftajacma.ijl.'D 

<a)o gJSi^ a med. [Ah! 

(ST3)CLJ aVU 1.2ndfut. of (STOjaai q. V. 2. interj. 

CSf^CyaS^o avrSam S. (rsr^^jcoTmo) Covered 
jDro3ch?)305n^ rSTOj'moan cry^nb KR. 

CS^Cy rOYcl avrtti S. ((STSajmao) A turn, time 
ciD0fD<ag).T3ir) oQ'f^ (s%ysio^ t&aaioo Gan. as 

many times as. cLj^iyn^ornloiabo org). ^(S^clj 
nsraoQ, Gan. the double of. 

05YD)(SQJC/3o avesam S. (ojloa) Entering, pene- 
tration, possession by spirits, ((srOjSxic'asigj 
§c9i to be possessed, inspired) engagedness of 
mind Qjl§^Z260Bg3rab (sracucXsaa otO). (Srg)^ 
ce^Dfift PT. <nnlnmo0S!JQcb aocn^cn^tm aneiuDcranrro 
5)5 (ST2)Saji-'3aQg)Zio^,Tro ^sl CG. thy very 
names inspire her with love. 
.-srajScucaanofonb demoniac. 
denV. (Sir3|(SQJc;alc9s) to enter, be occupied with zo 
CToliTji) (3r3)'^^ J3jl -013)0 (Tcl5iai.S3 Bhr. usurp. 
(gra§ld3a onl«3Hcbi)5) m^''gj^<iy)\cm(Si^ TilvP. 
part. OTrajxTlc^ol. possessed, engrossed. 2.=(Si3) 
(S.ijcfao; 3c>aocnj (gzl^^ v9iejl>-a>nb (ST2)XiI 
c^-Braofa?) Bhr 3. [sure. 

CSY3)(2QJca[:i OOo avestanam S. (s.ijd^) Encio- 

(SifD)CcQJ3ejl avoli So. (ST2)'Sftoej^No. (Si[2)<sajan 
Vi. Pomfret; Stromateus P. 
SiOJig CST2). Str. candidus. 
<9>D(b (SrO). Str. niger. 

(Sif^C/3 asa S. 1. (V^tsraf./a reach) Quarter (=al 
cSs) 3®§oc-'3 5)n_io|oaj5rpo (8Ta§ciDoaroo5) jiit^AR. 

njrnra)a'.--30craa-!ooolosn= BhrmPT. 2. (sr^-.'sfTy 
Ted. = (srajcaocn:). a.)hope cunooomoo ,ai5)§o 
mao (Srgc-'a aj^so prov. oraftnlcm tsrajca ojI^o TR. 
shall not hope for it. ^am (n?2^S)S (Sr2)'.'3 «J?1 
crra TR. I have lost all hope. S)a)D§i3i:D S)S)£>^<as^ 
(BTgo'asyo 5)i9)0sni 5)o)cCb<S3 fUtiilcqjo prov. oroj 
fUTJitS^ralso-ioejo fBT3)C/a <ao5)sroro)0f:s aiocraaoa 
mo SiPu. a hope hardly nourished in dreams. 
CDOaOJ^o gsngao Q^(TraS)@a0«)0O3 SSiosejsrg CG. 
don't nourish the hope. a^Scyooja-oroi^sKSng) 
(J3 o_iosroi^ jijrarigjaj"rf) (ffracoZDCCanbKR. who 
deceives by raising false hopes, erg). 6)^o§ 
t9a«s^ prov. b.) desire, longing sxuOfmoc/a 
06m3C/8, 6)a_i6rnoc/a etc. ojl.ijiai.tna'fij!) <S(Q^ 
Q_joQS) GnP. o'TlcmDC'a <ei5nglo)^af!sajcS8o (Bra 
(S^joAnj. Alas none longs after thee. (8Tg)Cya rnl 
CSilCQIo ODOC/Bo QJf!B(iJ®0 — with Loc. fsra(ti>'((A 
(SfQ)Ud 6)aj_^ (also (BrajrHnD, (ffrau<sa3§ — igfOi 
^oc^ (i)ajf03(i^ Anj.) 
(gira):73o)g-J§ 3> to covet, fall in love. 

CSf^C/doCrO — (Slf5)olC/3nD.£Uo 


(Sif^OSUc^o — CSf^^^CSDo 

(STOjoaoojoc/ao aiosfh, ojoih to alluro. 

(ST^jC/aosocoo disappointment. 

denV. rgrDj-'olcOffl to desire, hope. 
(STg)C/3ooro asamsa S. = (bt5)'.'3 2. 

deiiV. fgT2)<j3ocurio8s) to wish Vi. 
CSf^Cfd^ asanga S. ((.■a©,) Misgiving Vi. 

denV. (ST3)'.'OM7l:t3s! to suspect. 
CS^Od^SVo asayam S. (cal) Receptacle, chiefly 

mind ijauaim (ST3)'m\ol) Sniw^ Bhr. (— cCjO 

cnl^) (eT^coscQ; ^crai^ pt. 
(STQ)a3rOOfb asarail S. (voracious) RSxasa mO) 

macd?! o_)rrmlfDosng cxio'ulsssi SiPu. 
(ST5)a33rYt) asah T. SoM. Schoolmaster (= (Brg, 

jjJOQOjab q. v.) 

(51(2)03 o.-fl T. M. carpenter, (fem. tgY2):/aD;'o^^) 

said to be of Brahm. offspring, sculptor of 

idols, also of stone. (SigcaDro^c^'jis s^j'^d ot^) 

eloj^o 6i§ajo c&c^o prov. also saaJoji-orolTP. 
(Slf^OQD^I So. Garden-cress, better tgra ^o£l. 

I. (ST0)C/b1 asi S. Serpent's fang. 
(5Tg)'-'jl.2jlceQnaO(ti Bhr, serpents. 

II. CS^CfS] Tdbh. = (5i[a)--i"l[T:^S. (caocro) Prayer, 
blessing. (alc9moc/3l3i|.o (ajolooibRC. c5ra)'jalcqjo 
5).nJ0gjl Bhr. OJO!^ oQcmOL'S] «xUogJI AR. csa 
cal^ob m^oimoraooalcsj^o o^sr^ CG. a.-mtne 
Q-ijijmssBch {STa)-i3jl;^ol RC. 

(Si2)fjalg^' & fgrgoalfrj; S. raia.XKBaosoL'a'Irrn o_j 

roli^/jaiiil^ Bhr. 
(ST3)C/a1djoao blessing (&(ST9)C'aldj^aoo) (Stgiiiio 
^®rnD5 t5i3). QJ065BI a-aED^smei^'c^Bhri. 
cru«^s<^o)5 (srO). S)S)£t^e^3^,o5n^ KR. their 
thanks. (gTaSm>a.o(gi:3)jaldj3a J TR.(=cruajoo) 
mroajalral 5)S)ai5)ajjj' (stD). s^jijogjl VilvP. 
den V. (grgjcalciialito to bless. g),-i3i:)5«)o (sro)'^ 
5)iiJonT)(Sg_joc)o Mud. (^rnl (sr^'^oz;.^ KR, 
<!Sf^(^ asu S. (G. '5kos) 1, Quickly, soon, (grg, 
^(S.xjDcalslooDnb. 2,=(STg)^(Qjl.:ii9l rice ripen- 
ing during the monsoon, [VCh 
(Srgt^&ofol resolute; {SiTOj^fliOi^limjo (Scusmo 
(5t3)^CQo swift (arrow Sk. wind) fgrgiC^coSOJ 

'^^•^ ^^''- [impurity, aj£J, 

(Sl^6^C/3fi9.QJo asaujam S. (^^) Ceremonial 

(Sir(3)agil'5jo ascaryam S. (nJifc) l. Wonderful, 
strange, welldone! 
(Sirg)C®J'Sjab a marvellous person. 
2. wonder, admiration f5T2,C@]3J^raaocs2; (mn_i 

ffw KR. astonishing. 
(5ir2)C®]SjS)gL_j^ai to wonder. 

(!SfS)[^/d)(2i3 asramam S. (r^z) l. Hermitage, 
<i_isn^',-D3ej f. i. <a)Dsl(iA (ST3). ro)lOT3 ojDtSy,, 2. the 
4 stages of Brahminical life, Brahmacari, 
Grhasta, Vanaprastha, Sannyasi (ST3). alsfn' 
cflffl KU. to observe the rules of each (srg). 

(!S^[^QQ)o asrayam s, ((t^) i. Support, to 

what one leans, refuge, (StV). fDgjOi-mruan ^o 
O'ajfonborg). prov. Mud. (ST^). fsra:uc9« o^gaAR. 
how are they to help themselves? (S^.orijilcg 
emsmgch oagjODolmao (Sf^. (fi^ajnti Bhg. the 
centre round which the stars revolve, axis = 
(!j)lroi(fi80ol. 2 protection & reliance rooeaa 
Qj Q^^tn^DSifm 0OO (SYO;. tSTOiicSnlgj KR. they 
rely altogether on the king. cftoaisTmslcanral) (srj)' 
003271 cni^ TR. to stand under the Government 
of the HC. foosso-xTlointiD fsrg). ojlsl-^ ajosa 
crosQUrolifisaTD TR. to remain abroad under the 
Raja's protection, ojaioso ajoiisroisl ST^). ojl 
sl-^ njaTOejl.-al) qjtto TR. resorted to the 
harbour under the HC.'s protection. 3. any 
dependence or relation, also adj. (sr^ izzzo a 
00)0^23)^003^1 MM. that vital spot is near the 
teeth; most of the izzZo are (gTan\Hfl(Si2)'^C2; 
GSBcb etc. bTuo^^eaora ajzaofc^az^o (tsiSod ggg 
Bhr. the Cshatrias' business is action. 
denV, (gKg);cg)cal(S5i (part. (Sf^'^~£]^ & (S% 
(c^-0j) 1. to seek support, have recourse to 
onliTbrLjoaa (gT9)'.c3)3ri^ AR. OTooao ca^^oj 
csais^'ara (3t2);c^..5jl2(mo Mud. has he join- 
ed the enemy? (ST2)'03)3il_^5rrarmiiab PTi. 
livingbyservice. 2. to trust, believe snjSX) 
3. to have some connexion with Steraomo (grO) 
(O^-oJ Scao^o <&;a-^-AR. to expel grief 
through philosophy. ^(i^o)cr)(BT2)'C3;cal-^n.j 
05rawiBhr.=:auo5aj(TL6'^,<aol^; rooeacuzzo 

(ST^l^QJo — cST5)rronOo 


(ST^cYV)>-Yr)o — cST^rroDDOOo 

(SfQj'^^M fglc^ib (sraolcdn^ Bhr. Bhishma 
explained about a king's duties, 
part. (5irD);c^(tr)nt) dependaut, client, believer 
(ST2)',6^(majrai'oeja6 loving his dependants 
(God, king) (5ira)';6^fOiX)3'5TO&iio Bhr. 

reoaofbCG. make them feel secure, nourish 
their reliance. 

<St^lC/d)Q_lo asravam S. (^) Promise. 

part. (gT3'(C;^(a)o promised. 

denV. (sr^'c^0J^<S5> to engage Vi. 
CST^CSCya cSno aslesam S. (9§l:a2) Embrace n_ic 

czo<2g^-B:\o SQjQlps PT. untied. 

denV. foisoaa^raf) (Sraj'S^.-fiTl-^Bhr. c/DDoiCo (SrO) 

part. (STDjg^vi^o embraced. 

(ST3)C/3_]CQj ^go, (Sir5)C/djnoOo asvayujam s. 

The month cS^^rrnl (Bracojlo^), 
CSif^C/3_icr\5l3&s. asvasikka S. (o-ajcro) To 

breathe up, recover from a fit, be relieved, 

consoled, rest (BajfDli5)i>.05ng rmg.nnocA)_icrul^ 

AR. oQnDOc-ojcrul-^ CC. flattered herself. 

part. (51^0-3-1.11^1(010, (grgjO-ajn^o. 

CV. (ST3)'J3Jcnrig_pc95i to refresh, comfort, 
soothe. (5T3)-'o-icrulg_jlnb q^ttd si-oiagj' cn\ 
cmowJcrol^^CG. <zz cijl.-oiDcSaasDQ^fD <srO) 
c-ajcnSlgjldfl col AR. console my bereaved 

(Stgjoajocruo 1. relief, comfort alnno (Hta.TODroo 

(ST2). asng, cuosrais) org). curojOTal TR. — 
also (gT3)L'ajnrj;j-!3i. 2. time for breathing, 
section fTjoflcajDcajacToo 3rd chapter. 
CSTf^^enocaSo asadham S. {(gra.^aoip from crco 

noco) Month '£>d>r,?9)0 or alMjCDo. 
CST^rnja&ra^al asaktah S. (crosms) Cleaving 
to, attached, devoted. 
(grgjcrucsWl attachment, zeal. rooscsTlral) (STJ). 

e)ai05n§ raa"!^ (SruDcail KR. 

(5T3)Croocoo l. = (gi2)XCc9<^. 2. uninterrupted. 

aSf^ciXXDo asanam S. (rsTOjTo) i. Seat, stool 

fD3S3D — . oijlotioa — throne. 2. fundament 

(ST2)'TDn')o gs'.caioa)!), (STgj'cSTJn^rab ajerrb prov. o^jq, 

■ crii (ST2)nocr).oio7lnb aflipli-<A5)aj£K) TR. (torture). 

part, (ergjcrolmn*) seated. 

(Sir&)rojnnno asannam s. (a-ca) Near, orgnxi 

cmBizeAo impending death. 

(Slf2)Croo3j o obtainable Vi. o_i3-aiDg.o (SrsorUDe. 
CC. going to Hades. 
(Sif3)rnj2f0o asaram s. (ix^ib) Shower (sro). @s 

63131= Ion ont) ;uoa"uajnb Bhr. Indra rained. 
(STO)Cnj(Oo asuram S. ((TOoyro) Diabolical, 

savage (as marrying by purchase). 

(gT3)CT\j:'ol 1. surgery. 2. the9th ajD.tio of the 
human body — gojiViDo VCh. 

CSif5)cron3lrmoaskand'i6ams. (t^rs) Gallop. 

(gTa)'Qjjn3mo attack, assault. 
(ST5)rro fCi&nOoastaranams. (n^*) Spreading 

mat. carpet ajr^Dn^'Dsmgfiiio AR. 

denV. (ST3)(Tgrol(fls) = aj'ralc95) Vi. 

CSTO)oru'l asti 5. (from fffianrv^i?) Property, 
substance, riches (Srgin^ .aicb cOfiaailgjl as, cu 
aul3_jlc95)(doc.); cLja^StSa fSTOjOAjlajfl. TR. the 
financial means for war (opp. (5T5)c)d, (SaiOiBs). 
(grgjnr^cSsioranb wealthy. 
{STg)(T^i>5nb S. (opp. monr^ainb) 1. believer in 
the reality of God & world. 2. M,= (gi3) 
m^=95)oranb, hence 

(3T2)Tyl^o 1. faith orgj'cszof ffi-ojo^, (aig)' 
g@a ea.TDo enj.T^zocnlcSso Bhr. 2. M. 
(SigjCT^i^o. ^gjoig!, cQiOfosmDra') SiPu3. 
from poverty. 
(ST0)2rrO aSte P. ahiste, Gently, slowly. 
(ST^COOD astha S. (orUDo) l. Regard for, care 
rm9mrroi<Tnl(jj@aocTUDa2^o®ej CG. cros^mojijo 
formalrab (SITO). ansrsasTlrai; SiPu. if you mind the 
laws of good breeding. 2. longing for ST^nxiiJ 
CQ'OQQJnrra cussultSsScnJOcVi CG. if determined to 
cheat. (5i5)TUQfaiy9_jl^ ajDcsracO/oraf) kindled the 
nflection afresh. 

(Sigj^ruDg-JO^ So. disposition, provision for PP. 

hence (srgjTUDZDaaa) to prepare for, get 

ready Vi. (= (ai^^J^-Tsraio) (3T3)aruQcr>3(3^@a 

ojl.'Dlsiaiint) CG. 

(ST3)Cf\iQQrino Assembly; hallof audience (sra) 

n'U£i3rnaj3oru^i).doCG. ministers, courtiers, etc. 

CSir^irajj Qo — (ST^oDD 


(STC)(2aDCQ;o — as^bo 

(Sr^. ojcSui Bhr. fsrgj'foralfa!) oolsimosl cu'TraCO. 
(Brahma surprised); generally: 
(aT2)rruDoania'jrm).T-io (also (grgjTOQomaaalrao 
CG.) Royal hall KU. (st^'Sclj rocnna^SlociDD 
crociDo (Q_joajl_a\ Bhr. (S%. ajcfi® 6)e(3)£\svsi^ 
arojxJlmDnt) SiPu. (a conqueror). 
(ffr3)n\iDD(nnl the saino (Vi. court-house). 

CSif^rn^Qo aspad'amS.(Q_jao+ org) Scat, place 
(= oruDDCDo) crooc/3C2j,-BT3)lrrn (gra^Qjo (sr^. gj 
^Drma MR. exempt from the slightest sus- 
picion. (srgjOjmailnDDgTjat) Bhr. occasion for. — 
God is called (Saaa&iao <QinsfflmDg[\]ao CG. 

CSTQ)(T\^,o asyam S. (otojTO L. os) Face, mouth 
(gTg)mjo(sic.) S)ia)Dck)£b toeastin theface, knock 
against one Vi. 

(J5^cro^Q\^& asvad'ikka S. (croja)To taste 
(^nrolfolssB (S)ci) noaJo(gTg)'c9(3nm S.xjosiej SiPu. ; 
met. (fryloicffi Bhr. (OunmazcTUSBflftsramo (grg). 
Anj. ajDa,ej(b, igej, gsdtaocnj etc. AR. 

(SirO)oro as P. ((ST2) ^ Vi.) Mill, (groj^^cearo!) (m^ 

-oJcesigj Vi.) pair of millstones. 
CSY3)QDrWo ahaSam S. (oont)) Beaten Vi. 

denV. <sscS\ (sr^aDoolcSo) to strike drum Bhr. q 

d^^ &fras^g_Jlsl:^ — (gra.ijnb ^-saoolcai^ral) (grpjoo 

rnl^onb CG. 
(SYS)QDfQ&nOo aharanam S. (ao*) Fetching. 

denV. (grdj-iOralcOffl to fetch. 

CSl^oODroo (takin g to one's self) Food ojl ejDQjl 

on^TR. (gT3)iDDr3eoi3§.o6D^cnle(3yo gigjKR. 
no meals. 

denV. aneji^aio orgjaODro^-^ AR 6. lived upon. 
(SirS)aDQJo ahavam S.(^=aoJD) Calling out, 

battle, fight. Bhr. 

(STg)^«j)i S. (i^) sacrifice 0Do(Too2£ifTfit9i§.o 

ffijij^ma Nal. m^. otsasi to offer up. gn 

5)rmDrao^f!j)l e^^^srmnb oQch ^sejo5)a-3 

(S^ns RC. 
part. tsf^nQtmo sacrificed. 

(Sl2)'a£^fO>o called. 

(Sf^oDO aha interj. (srOjoDo 6).'3i:ipl_^ .araeraro) 
6)-aJoaT)onb SG. 

(STO)(SaDca'o aheyam S. (tma-iol) Snakish m^ 

(S-iOH^oO 01310 12, ocX) Bhr. died from snakebite. 

CSifO)arnla65o anhi'yam S. ((gta^rinb) What is 

done daily, in a day or by day (f. i. &>zZio), 
Tdbh. (ST2)rn)^. 

CSfQqO'jfio ahladam S. (aoos) Gladness. 
CSY5)aD_i:nOoahvanam S.(aDJ0)Call, summons 

(grgj. 6)jiS'^=Qji£\<Bs,. [called Rama. 

(aT2)-a")J-2)o name. rooaD^iOJ^inii the person 

(SirQ)^0nOo alanam S. Post to which elephants 

are tied 5)^s<e30ol; fgtsaocnaajcTiu^rol HNK. 

I- CSTQ)^ all S. l. = (3r3)Xiejl Row (aTf2)al5>^§1 
msctte to march in procession. 2. S. ( (Bi(2)d)? 
female friend S) motpl pi. (gir3)C(ao(b, — eam 

11. CSrO)^ T. M. C. ({Br3)f <&>) Holder ojlgjoa^, 
eoiraoa'} n_jsc2.'Dg1, rolfSDa'' etc. 

I. (Sif^&oe), ^ alu'ya No. = a.o|.^ To cry out, 
roar (C. (Si^ej SoM. (SrojGjliSsi). 

(SrOjCgJ (loc.) an explosion. 

II. CSr3)^de5, en§^ T.M. C. Tu. (Te. Q^ej)l.To 
rule (BiafO^oin^ ^sasol Pay. cnosT^o gaajrib 
KR. Q-jscs2;oiS5r@0(b RC. officers; to tend <9)0fijl 
<aic)o STO)?^ oosma Bhr. 

2. to possess, have^smi2D5rs = 2@g ; soiaiaD 
§.0.xiab RC, <0irnlaj3|.fm CG. gracious aj 
a^nrSlajosng cn^aj.-zyTiaTo Swarg. to hold & 
show mercy. e3ca)iaD5ngaBf.a>; Qjinr^oraaDsrg 
KR. extensive, la^jtplcsiilrai) {ara)^ir@ ojip TR. 
the river at Mahe. <9i^05T^ajn6 he that 
has the power Vi. foissasa (StSiS^iTsonb CG. 
their lover (or Lord); with Ace. ^g ^5m 
esB5)§. m^^cm aj(g)n6 CG. 

— CV. in £)<^o£\<Bsi f.i. (STa,1jra36)S ojcSSKiji) 

c£h^oal-gj PP. delivered up to them. 
(Another modern (srgi^iTg see under (ST2)"rb in 


(Sf^ba al T. M, C. Tu. (in Tu. & Te. woman, 
hence the fem. term (ST0)c\3, (BTOcb) comp. prec. 
1. A person, sjo-ismocb a female, aasido ro 
sr^Dc>3 both sons, (STga o (Si@a^ajQ^o tp.-oiil TR. 



«ST^Lk3 0(6] — ctST^^cei 

garrisoned the forts. (sr^jSig. raraii'dSoi to soiul. 
ooDo cerOji^a (srasi'^xiaicD ojlsl^ TR. they 
seized my messeng-er. gjio ooaUjOraoib ^0 gD 
cosogQo ^0 cginacio (ST2)|.o aengDtSjcm (srajcb 
rcnsicm TR. (srg)f.ajlej (Siniajlaj prov. 2. an 
able person csrannb tsrOjas^tl has become a 
man. raionb {Sif2)3ocs£l ojOQgi^dh V2. to under- 
take a responsibility. With Dat. & 2nd adv. 
able, ml o^oxm foa£Qlg_jonb israjagj Lit. thou 
art not the wife to nurse me. gjg fl^cs^l^ 
Qjonb (SrojQ eraonb Mud. I shall do it. as)t9s) 
<fla0Dc)o qualified for all. (sra^ croaolgjonb (St^ 
g^oaicffilgj TR. it will be intolerable. 
(ST2)2ocein to bring up well; to appoint to an 

office ; to fit for. 
3. servant, slave. {aTa)c>o siJO^ogga to buy a slave 
Yi. 4. measure of a man ofOortocbnajggo, 
rosngocb ojoo 6>aj@go Q,sn^ MR. OT2)c)acijoo 

Comp. (STf^asIa (3) VyM. slave. 
(girOjasiiSsiogjl money (mankiller). 
(grgjao^' (2) capacity. So. 
(ST3)f.0o the wall surrounding a well. 
fcT3)'?)a35l battlement of fort B. 
{ST5)C>3cesiO§l a mockingbird (B. Job. = hawk?) 
(SrgcbcflsiOib (3) dependants ^e32jaj22!aso raos3 

aji20ra3o (ST3)c)oc95i03roD§ @sl (doc), 6iOQ,<a)0 

ronfa (BTOjcbcSaoib ig^eJ032;aj(b MR. hired 

(BY2)c)oc95)0C^a Venetian Vi.(a kind of (Sf^Z'iS). 
(Birgjch^olcanb a bird in Trav. 
(gira)c)o;£3ejl (3) slave's hire. 
(ST2)c)o j3jlfmo (2) fitting a man; proportions of 

a person. [another person, 

(STg)c)oQ_joso (3) rent of a slave lent out to 
(5irO)C>a0oooo disguising the person. (STD). OjIQj 

the art of assuming any form. tBT^'aacori 

(or — (mtDDffiai) aoetar^ Sojosii'i TP. made 

herself invisible. 
fST2)C>D'®o_)o imago (of gold, silver) aicalcOsi 

CSTS)L^0(O] almari Fort.z=(SKsd^oS\ Almeira. 

cSTa)i^oDrb alvar & cst^^qjq,'^ t. m. c. Te. 

("the rulers" or "the humble") Title of the 
12 Yishnu apostles, see (sr^^.UDrrb. 
(J5f^^cBe> alakku (T. C. (sr^'fO:a2) A handful = 
(So-jDSja (prh. from cgraro gyices) the 'r of a ma 
ipl = 5 r^£r,^ CS. 
a_iy>s3Q0tpaa a half alakku, ^'^r Nali. 


aS^'^o alam T. M. C (\^;aa<^ in (Biay'soig) Depth, 
deep place, (grg). (SmSiBs^ to sound a place, 
sift a person or matter. — met. (Sr0itf.^3s:iint) 
a deep man — (srg. o^stq saoao CG. (5ra)'f ^gg 
<Q3tflc9« etc. prov. 

(STgjtPOfoTl So. a class of Pagoda attendants. 
(erg)y ocrafat So.=a_iej a'gjgjam Bignonia Indica. 

OSrg);pl ali T. M. C. ((SY^'^PdJ.) l. The deep, ocean 
(STOjtplci^o gj^Dtplcq^o sea &land, moaiDiPi .ojool 
oimod) ^QtplKR. (gxg)tpl(Q)c)o the 4 oceans, (sraj 
iplsicai <&)SsraTg) CG. (ajoaio^pl eto.); tgr3)-plaj 
srntti, {8Tg)iil<Sm(bxi5]!nr,fa Crslina, black as the 
sea. (grgj^-plaooolml, (srgiplao^ Laxmi. (ST2)<fl 
aofOiD^rm eisio.jtm.'c)!) CG. (gTr3)tpl5ig_j5mD^nT) aio 
Qjemnb Laxmi's husband (or = (c^izDa6). 

2. reservoir mlrooipliSicb; ftojos^^oiplairii'aii 
j7)S Bhr. in a tank. 

f3T2)'=plcfflOQ N. pr. Codungulur KU. 

3. roundness (from 1. (sr^^S)W5)(SS)0sns (graro 
sraro)D5rnl§lrold}i2om giofFi PT.) fsrgjtpl Qjlg4 
RC. round bow, So. <So_iDfOOtpl = jii(^odisk, 
iG^omcao^ ring. — (SY3)Vp1 So. funeral pile. 

4. (ST2)!i^rooe3D3j' KU. the "seeking", title of 
Arakkal, as ruler of the LakkadTves (= (Sig; 
elfo'jsioaj & Ali RiTja). 

5. (STOjtplcestplcemO'imo (prh. = (mo!fl\i) a kind 
of mortgage W. 

(St^^oej, ercQ alu-^aT. M. C. (Te. oaioco) i\^(SO 
tp) V. n. Sink=,-aiD^>3i; vu. (SrgiJng sank to the 
bottom. eorosaosDsiTo & eo^o 6^s>osng raiosna 
Bhr 1. tgT2)5rra2n.j05)Cffi(263i3aao oJloismans ma 
el CG. (mark of pregnancy) (ST2)T)n3.XJDra1 
oTlrol) csrgim-fihisnno CG. §8ajTL-:gQOTJ^>'3!) aTl 
ffirjosrra Vil. 



CSif3)^QJD— 636(5^ 

Inf. (3T(0)'r, farajSLP deeply. orgjiPcOsi^cOs) as for 
plixiitinf>- eoeoanuts, rararocijloiiloy i^ol 
^orah MM. 

VN. (5T3)^ T. M, (T. (S^tf the same) 1. a sun- 
set, weekday (a)\°a>^o^ etc. 2. = (Sif5)\£|U§o 
a week. arao.^aLisOTal(3i) <n.o,ooi^<2ajonrnl§ 

(ST2)tf'i?odaily or weekly duty; regular bath 
with oil on "Wednesday & Saturday. 

(BTOi'P £>•, tP '^ V. a. to sink, immerse oihoiTD 
ajlrolftjii f5T9)'!3Ta?la.a<e.<s^(} «^c^ KU. 
raialta!) S)a^ (srgj'^ajoab esxiljxj TR. a 
CSTg)^QJ'jCB6tSUfDl (fST2):^anb) ^\ pr. of a Brah- 
man village, the head of which (gtg). ro>fnj3<9s;cb 
is the leader of the ti_icrnlcgj(t>igjQ (near Tiru- 
navay, in Adinatha) KU. 


go Found in Tdbh.'s: before initial ro, ai, s as 

goraacal, gjaixiocoo, gpSdSsi; — instead of ^ 
as 6DSajo; — inserted, as <£horalc2Jo, cura^-Qao. 
In Dravidian words it changes with a as in 
@.ns, garol — glides into oQ) before Cerebrals 
& Liquids, as go So, o<j)5o; ©ra, ^063i§, 332^) 
^acai etc. 

g]0 i 5. This, hence gDOjnb, @3@. — The follow- 
ing Consonant is doubled: ^(Saoejo this time. 
gjsi-ojcsy'^ (po-) tl^'S thing done. sprrnlscQcb 
(po.) you here. — It stands for the first person : 
^8^0063190)3 ojoaHsigflsmo (po.) preserve us. 
gJCSgoTIo I. 

^cftjOjt i'J/al T. M. (T. ^<0i, C. 82^93 put down, 
destroy) Fight. (grasiS^'J) ^n"nl a-.rat aiigSo^DSiZD 

^<aigj5,ao=:2a_iO(b(a5iaf) in RC. fD<aigj^g,on_j<a 

(TOonb 34 gjai^a.-sroTlcss 57. (also Mpl. 

song ^a^aDfiA siojonsag). [rmcnjroosicr)). 

g)<£hOQa.? = (3raaioci'di (po. i§8suo gajSiOQnT) 

©<9)ca«, K^ T. aM, gjtft 01a QO'^-arouQl RC. the 

conquering Rama. 

^(£6) ikka Ar.? Unele^a^DfiDsmajib (Mpl.) 

gpcfiCj) ikku aM. (gj<9i or gDqa2) = (ST3)T-j.Tna, 
OTiS in RC. ^(SfiOjlgjSiajmo said, there was no 


[(Ss)— also Vi, 

®(Sisi^ T. C. Tu. straits, difficulty (from ^q, 
^<9st£^(Bs> (T. a@<e®) to draw in the stomach B. 

gOiOnlal Y2.= flT'itS^a^ tickling. 

@3<fi6)1c>aS. aolcfl5)(No.QQ)c9siis)&g3t65i1sohickup 
Vl. — jDcesTli^ @ [a_)aiOro--3ralfiA Nid. 
^(Sje6ic5^l C. Tu. M. The residence of the Bednur 

Lingaite kings — ^(ScasioloroocruDOCDo their 

kingdom — ^SfKiolgJsmo, — cufoooDnb their 


gDScSiiolcaonb N. pr. the king, who subdued 
the North of Colauadu KU. 
gQcfttJ^ iksu S. Sugarcane (Te. gjoray from gDob) 

jiJtSjilfiA (gTas.s)g_ji)5Dit) ajdsajScLjooi&j CG. 

i^cftj^t^JOA 0. N. pr. First king of Ayodhya 
Brhm P. 

1^ 93^r^ rro iilginSU Ar. (from Inglese) English 
(KU.) giSBrTlrolain:^ 6)c9iogjt) the Christian era, 
A. D.(T.R.) [spark) Firefly B. 

^oCy:)6rDo inganam aC. (©.ib, £nsmo sweet 

^oCOl(7Doingi6am S. (^oco to move) 1. Gesture, 
shrug, hint ^ooS^mosyi^x^eisB^o s^c^cxj^o ora 
olscaismo VC. 2. intent, purpose (= ogdicot)) 
eoajo). gDocoiftno fiolioio ojosroi^PTs. gave the 
proper explanation. — ^ocolroio (SQ_i05)aj ge? 
sa9i = wSLn^o Sil. 

g3ocol(<yie%W)nbSk. knowing one's thoughts, God. 
@3 ocol(3i£SOT)neO(l) AR 6. whoknow to take hints. 

^o^'Sl ingud'i S. a med. plant (Terminalia 
Catappa?)— jDocoal i2«)-ni^nb ajlifaifoilitii) 6)jii 

•gSS^iiinuT.M. (3Do=3D@) l.Inthisdirection, 
here. 2. to me, to us. gjssgi^c&iasng.Tjrao TR. 

(^j^(6\ — i^etmj 


^etmlli'zib — ^s 

bring me them here. aj(ra)"it) ©(SssQSinb <Sa_io 

(Oio KR. (=Q®rnl(Ss). 

©(S63a32,'0c)o, ©(SsoQonb our man. 

^65Q®no ((srasno), g^ssBlsm 1. thus (=jD(9s; 

STDdSs, gornT3)f0o) — ca'OTXCio.iDDro.'iJiainT) ■^, 

QQ)rrnlgj Bhr, no rule as to how. 2. gjsoe 

Son (galro^saj coc2;i-^Nal3. just(r=o)ajQff)-3i) 

without any preparations. g}6S)3mcS,WTS such 
(gj. Zip etc.) 

jdrsqIss, gjestals here, hither (po.) 

©6!5g,T)3 (onlmo) 1. from here, hence. 2. from 

me or us. — Often Abl. for Nom. sjsag'rra 

crozzr^cSsi ^^ TR. we shall not agree. 

3. also the 2nd person, with whom the speaker 

identifies himself ^SDigonlnmaiitocesismo c-al 

c^rolfiA ^ejsiracsj^o AR. please send (from 

here your) disciples. [^j^-^ KU. to us. 

©<3s!3BDc9al ((SmocSsl) hither. /SY35i3grrr?lS6!5QDi3sil 

@D<E6C13DS (a_is) 1. hither, this way. 2. the 

1st person foSssoDS s^oal^ TR. asked 

me. g)<S6!3eDsajl(Sroocir'£haocaX)(b MR. my 

enemies. gD<S63S3S§@o gcuairolcaiDg KR. 

(=m^cag). 3. the nearer of two parties 

^Drab PTs. (ST3SS50D§ tgrau^.-ml 5).rU3J^ 

PT2. cuemo s><sio§'t5Taorai) q,swo ^sssaDS 
cxTls rmrooib MR. 

^S^(S\ icciri = ^rmalro"l Very little. 

(SDrJid iccha S. (V^aj.cfia seek, wish) Wish, de- 
sire (Bra Djsiobo g3.nr3(S.i_io6iej(Bra.xir)3on1^_DS)rai 
TR. g:.araca3^Dsi PTi. jumped lustily. 
gD-^ifS 'SsiOfonb, m.nib ooscTuorol 8elfwilled=(Scrc_i 

Cd UQ 

-^cssioronb. tone's ^jgh. 

gO-ara DQd^ejo, @ -aiB oaa( agreeable to 

@D.ni3 OQ.j'Oinjo diet according to the patient's 
liking (med.) [^Jrf^o). 

denV. g3.ao1cBa to desire, wish, will (part. 

gj-ora desirous (po.) 
^S) ijy^ S. (\/^ca^) Sacrifice (po.) 
gpetgU inja SoM. = oroo6!3i3, tmaOTra, Acacia In- 

tsia (\,^ gDStsy T. ^^ C. Te. be soaked, dry 

up) — g5 5Tsace3fD3nrm GP65. 

jDffsa^ T. M. green ginger. Amomum Zingiber 
(S. ^sraiioso? Zingiber = j3ri3Q!ri®aj(b) — 
o-j^staiD, aftTDdSsilsiffir' or ^aa. gDstail 
s^.-araoejl a med. — 
@15i2ul^o:^ the juice of ginger. — 
^srajilio^lnDXinb very angry, silly. — (kinds : 
<eiO§l6T3ul Zing. Zerumbet, eeJcaTletar' 
Alpinia Alleghas). 
^Gtmjld), 1^6^^ Ar. illjIl = EYangelium, 
the New Testament (Mpl.) 

i^ffrtnTl£l-. "\ iiijilippu (loc) Fear, awe, modes- 
ty. — ^. ^^oi)i3):i>nb who touches every 
thing, a bore, impudent. 

(^S, r^S ida 5. (\^^§) l- Place = ©So. 
hence (sa ijlss, ©xilss & the old Loc. 6)cn 
si^jlcss rmsiocfiso VC. in the heart, s^ojotploq^ 
rmiTlss (po.) where it rained. 

2. interval, place bstween ojlronb gaSSgjcaa^ 
(0® RS. rushed on. (S^ODfl^srno dhmjOcaiZoralceffll 
s (3 Qjro0oibmo§ KU. saioejo gsasal Cajsmo 
(8§os^scsPrab KU. aroOT^nb ^sca'lfai) aosrat^ 
(KR.) aoy^rsralnb ^Sceslss PTs. at intervals 
along the road. ;gsl(ScaJD5 oroslailssiaroeJaajfol 

^ Mud. {aiO5l(g32JD§'g5lS32J0Sls Anj. ^a9)C1\lD3 

ma_jo(ST3.oc£?j033i^§ Q®jg)^SSa_i3f03oTR. what 

3. interval of time — occasion, leisure <flj03i; 
alajorosrorei^s jisrgscdn TR. o. aliicrow^rab 
^S roirooo TR. modern ^ssflfol till then. 
or)oe4i2ocro<Sm3)c9is) ^5 qjssobI MR. a. 03TO 
(sralfiA ^5iSd&5s within 2 months. gotdwrrnliSS 
^0 alajcruoi^QcLiBiEgs within the last 10 days. 
■gl<o:£^^s somewhat before this. (grao-ajSacu 
(BiralaaffJS ^STi^.Tif) (S^3finl<2i2:i30o KR. after. 
oros^ca/fraroo (Oisplcsjjrmixnlfat ?p5)ScS8 TR. as 
long as the feast lasts. — 83(^01(3^1071 gDS 
curtSo, ®SS)a)D%(!^, ^S(D3C>5(3.T_i3oVCh. oppor- 
tunities will be lost. 

4. middle, waist. — what's internal ajscoJejo jd 
6ci ejo at home & abroad, jij s^go a_is C^^o KU. 

5. measure, chiefly weight. oJODgyls. a.) inter- 
stice of the size of a grain. b.) weight of a rice 




grain; so ng)g2^ri, tuerrjials lUKji?) >a)iP5Sii CS. 

©fflStSinls weight for weight, like for lilce (22 sis 

dSnls 0oci£h to barter goods Vi.) C0S3.iD(T^-ma7l 

(Smoslsncaoc^ ojlasinjo gsKRs. 
Cpds. SDSceisiS (4) middling; alternately (2). 

6DS(£hGJfD3ai (2) V. n. to be mixed together, — 
V. a. to mix well. VN, ^s>Siej-2i. 

S5c9s)§l (5) equal weights. 

©StSmrol o-jlsl::^ (dhsngo) cr>S(Ss) MR 215. an 
nuder-farm (?). 

@3Sa3a3rai) (2) post of rails. 

©sasiotpl (2) branch of river Vi. 

g2Sc9a^s = repeatedly, often. 

©Scaaslaz^o.tb, foSLasiosmasioroob an under- 

©S(^§ai (2). V. n. to mix with, intermingle, 
grow dense or full, (a^omejo aifcflaaQooJcrn^ 
si^slNals. c/3ra«5i3cba3S'^5l ARg. srucuy 
(3ejoS)o g3S(ajsl cnsrmofb CC- «a_j5TO6aQSg.o 
s ©5(^51 roorulss) SG. essiaomo aj,Tr?'S@ 
so ChR, is not to be fully obtained. a-s<2£JD 
sls@slm (gal ChVr. encompassed by. 

@DS@S(£h to occasion (Si1XIOa5^g_jO,l6 g3'<2§5m 

510 Genov. = oajocoraTl .■uRSK^^a-. 
^SS5cea^(4) a.) girdle = (HrafOS)tfiffl§. b.)en- 

closed passage B. 
g2&'2c95-i§ (3) unnecessary, indifferent. 
^5S)£KiO<^:unb (2) under-tenant B. 
SJS^rat^ (2) a bit of gold between beads B. 
@2S!S^fa<e)(2) V. n. tojoin, unite — v. a. g^i 5 

(S^cflfl to reconcile — g^sS^ij agreem3nt. 
©SS^rol barony in Cadattunadu TP. 33 

ss^ral <aa2c>3 KU. 
©5@ca3<ft (2) to fill up closely. 
gDS.-oiag (3) theft B. 
©Sforairoo (4) middling, inferior gjsrarairos.-nifa 

6!5e = QJcrnlsijQ — 
^s^aocSfflOi'Dnf) of the common sort of men. 
©Sffjcnrtsosng (4) ^. Qjlg^o-aj o)^onmoc>D KR5. 

©SOOOip) (2) passage between two rooms B. 
©srnlro (2) a partition, middle wall. 

®srnl^ (2) to be bail for one Vi. 

^SOfflfO)! (I0C.)=: jijlSSOGJ.' 

©SfflCDstai (4) (po.) heart. 

ggssmroo (3) the afternoon. 

@DSa_)Oa) (2) to speak for one, intercede. 61,t_j 
6n6 ff)Si&l(Tn p2Sa_ioai match making Vi. 2. 

g)Sci_iydtoo No. = <a5)0 n-jiPdDsio slight ac- 
quaintance. So. experience. 

g25o_)§ai, g:)S5)a_j§i)) (2) to be involved in 
an affair, fall in with, (srg) aiorgj-oreiliSnaraf) a 
moo gDSo_js^o (BTa^ TR. did not meddle 
with. aQ)0^5rao)^ oicn(26raiio5lsff)a_is RC31. 
happened to strike, fsrajjairo 5)a.jDraii-oi a 
vpl^jonb g2S'j)n-Ji2 q®6J2" RC125. all he 
undertook. — z^'^jjcroocoaf^ ?7JSajs cod.-idd 
C2?lc9s)0o will help in war. — cf>,Dgjo g^SS^jy 
§ 555)ajroo aaej3<^e4o (po.) anger on ac- 
count of business. (S oioo^os q^ooods oQ 
so_i§lsgg e\s^£h^<sei aj-iDa<9'c)o TR. 
gjSd-jos, jDSQJOS 1. business, affair, trans- 
action. S)a>0@aS)c6aO§ce5! gDSCUO^o gDfo' 

<mma (jud.) he trades also. aismcasTls 
ajD§ (^1(951 settling accounts. 2. quarrel, 
contention, gosojos^^'cb tucerai^ foTlfJ^ 
TR. cLjeTDo5id'05n| (HrauoazooiTl jDSiuo 
S^Ssr^aTR. 3. intercourse, acquaint- 
ance, No. 4. final adjustment of a price 
or business Vi. 
gDSaj0Sc9)Dftinti a dealer, quarreller. 
©SSajDcS® (2) acquaintance, experience B. 
©S<SQ.jof03<S) (2) to be distant, of sufficient 
width. a^DEjajo ®sSa_iorDo (3) the time is 
too short. Mud. 

fflSqs (VU. a^CS50s) = ^S'Xliplz;SQ-.. 

g;5i5oWo(S.'!J)(2.) uninterruptedly, gjcjcnj-ach 

©SZjolcaoS.oi Sn_iD(a, TrP. 
©Sca^iBi^Dtfo tlie first night of newly married 

gDSa2JD'3^cco gear, SfoiOibTlQinbo ^nscsz/oa^cu 

Gsedi TR, 
©scaocX) (2. 4) a middle person, intercessor 

(HramlnTo 6T3)3n6 stra g^sca^ocX) oias® TR. 




g^scaoso (2) So. doubt, also @scang.<9sio. 

@sc£ul§aj, @2S5)ajd35) (3) to discontinue — (2) 
to leave an interstice. 
©stsTlcss (3) again & again, repeatedly. 

gisscaos , o^Ssos potsherd put between the 
ricepot & the hearth. 

gjsajrocTU narrow & low ridge in ricefields. 

gDSOJipl (2) midway, byway, lane, ditch be- 
tween two walls, cijl^oiabo sitJiScesi ©5QJ 
ipl MR. 

^SOjI^B) (2. 3) to be interrupted, stop, inter- 
mit. tsr^jCS^cuo o^§,-QTaaj(b <S)Z0o gjsojl^o 
KU. give up. —, gjsetpl'a.'OSfm 
incessantly. — g^S-ijlso^j continuation. 

gisooral Vi. gjscroi'al regular change, as of 
beads & gold. 05rri~l^mc9io gDSTcrol a)ej 
CTOga aoaj Mud. (also called ^sasrnl). 

^So, fi^So, oQ^So idam 0.(\/^^§)l.Place, 
spot- f. i. ojorolso, eniTlso. jnso S)t&.o§d9si to 
give room. — tsraajlsiDi^rab there, o^j^nrnls 
rmailtsl) in, with me. nolsinbo oQSo &ip\^S)£ho&i 
mind thy station, duty, ^srsigi^ moo S>cS^5Z0 
w\ RC77. (=o_i3(tn)o). 

2. house, mansion of vassals, Naduvalis. oQ 
s:ijo 0Dsajo foTlrmg KU. afffi^joim a-.g.5)srora)0 
rolso ro£ftil®3fl5mo Bhr. preserve a house by 
the sacrifice of one person, ajtyranb gjsgjsrnl 
,TQ)§3jld33fT7D TP. to build a mansion, o^s-mal 
aojsl Nayer house (loo. aQ^^<^^raiS^). Also 
said of supposed mansions of ghosts etc. = rooc/al 
f. i. onoejoo @dso (={g.a)Si;i_)(moQl.9ido) (SeiO.-j-Tl 
jii, mrmacSsl s^ajcesi to undo evil influences 

3. measure, portion, also of time. (gra^^^iJSgg 
SS.'srajog.o TR. as far as he knows. sraolSoroirsso 
njo32;ooMud. (btocij^so 6isa_ir0gjlra')o_)O<2s;smo 
Bhri. on this head I must enlarge, i^td (^ 

Oold) 6i(b nQSo <Q<W^^ — -},. OolsoboSo ^iipi 

c95) pass thy days, gjojlso '3t^F\svst£\s ajfooo 
TR. (^gDS). ■a-ipl®5TOig)So <9im Mud. the former 
part of the story (opp. oJPiSrmso = aiiiLiitaoTl.^ 
(So^isajsoMud.) — ajOg_j03)cr)aiDomD3^'aiSooi^3 

srg TR. during all the father's absence, a^srai 
fOo QQK^ajlssmaoaSflSTOitBs TR. till an answer 
arrives asoTTlsR^ TR. og)frnlsE2^ (=2o_)0c>3). 
-- ojosrai^ CTol^o.Tb ©So ©gj TP. 
4.1eftside=®SG^nJOo, — SDCOo. — ©s-nrals 
mo.ij ajej.tiialslg'gj did no more speak, ©s 
cmJ^SScLjosi f.i. when meeting a dog, woman 
(superst.) gjss.-maos S)(cdoo^ MR. 
5. width, breadth. @isqg@.g spacious 6iro3 
(SSioral) a?la<^o cQ <Si>>ofat> iSSC^o e- ®<s>oraf) t&ion 
ajo CS. ©So Q^yo laDc^so RC26. broad chest, 
©snwcfto s,6Vib aiSfsi) RC io4. broad sea. 
Cpds. gosffljorat) (4) left foot. 
©So)3&s very bad, as cutpl, Qjoas Palg. 
©So ff)(&§ajnb (1) inconsistent — (5) narrow- 
©SSSBif T. SoM. inconsistency — contrariety, 

harm. — ©. c9'D§<a> to oppose, 
©ss^s^ab, ©SK® 6)S)a) (4) the left hand. — 

cas)DrO(b as"| TR. two factions, chiefly of 
Tamil low castes. ^ssiS)&mo^ macn^^^o 
TR. the complaint of the left hand caste. — 
©saaDajooao also gjsesjtb Chaliyars, that 
worship only Bhagavati (opp. cueJSjtb.) 

©s.-nraej left side. (SfoiDsn)^ ©swaej oio^ool 
went to the left. 

@2S:cranb left handed Vi. also ^ss^BjcSs^d 
orb, ©s5)5)Sft)CLjoa3g@a:ijnt), ©sa.Tioi-iitas) 

@3SS(BKn^ shield TP. 

©srorgs (4) left side. — the wife, as being 
the left hand of the husband, —opposition, 
what is inadmissible. — heresy Vi. ©s 
rjji^^ iflio^l aScSstSi to confute V2. 

g2S(!yigs^D(b heretics (Nasr.) 

£3 5®nra)0c>3 o)u§l KR. the left arm. 

©Sg_jce«)o (2) meal of king's attendants B. 

©Sgjoo left side -Broaj^s^s jDSfyofi® ^^ 
mo KR. 

©Sfflg_j5^(5)tobe wide. iOi5nb@iS5ig_js@ocnD 
(Saioite^ RCSG. (or ©S5)o_i§<a)? see under 

e^Soeei — g) 565*3 


^Sf^— ^SCQ^ 

5ns) — rr5)5rels(,sin_ij^ra1j9sfm <Sm'®o DM. 

broad eyes. 
5nS(fi_jg (2) a petty prince, of whom the 

KM. counts 1400 in Kerala (S. ijlroo?) also 

^.Scuoipl KU. 
ep50^S(b (5) difficulty of speech from joy or 

grief B. 
^bcnjlrol (4. ojfol) a shell with the spiral 

turning- from loft to right. — also = jpS 

Qji&io B. 

©SQJ(95 1. the principality of an §JS{aJg, 
f. i. ^if aTl a\) j®, <smo)q!jscas£2ic)o the 
2 chief vassals of C51atiri with 12 AO-oio 
land, 300 Nayer, 12,000 fanam yearly in- 
come KU. -njtfaD ^scuaicasifo <9>of3jo 
TR. 'gT3;o g3sajc9ical<c!() ^a. c&oro6Tn.Tj<b 
KU. 2. jurisdiction Vi. parish (Nasr.) 

©scuejo (4) both sides, noighbourhood, g)& 
ojejo iSn_io5iej migcOs) (srgjcssil raxsro'jmo. 
gDSOjeJo o)(Sio§c9so[a_)t£bDroo TR. according 
to the taxes paid all around. — (also sepa- 
rated). g3SG5® aiGJT!!^)' (maiflsTjig) c9)iflces)0'm^o 
TR. the tenure as observed in the country. 
rtnff>n6og5S(t^oajai!t2g0oc2i^ (Sci_iO-ijo.Tb TP. 
to go with friends, (wsiobo gDStna-.goajej-nro) 
@0o:s27l TP. with shield & sword. — adj. ^s 
cuejo roog)SJsalf(»TR. 

^sajoif|=:g2S(fyj, who has ^sajo^ KU. 
gJSciTlfmocno (1) space, air Vi. 

I. ^Scee^ idakka Tdbh. (ruD(fbi)Adoubledrum 

gDSc0a0§ao gJ^cSsOBobliO^o KR. 

II. ^Sa9Si, (^ aT. aM, To dig, split gjs 
oroaj (srasmaio @§o gjs ^sggRCTO. (said 
of arms). 

III. e^Scfi^, (B&\ (©So 5) To widen a place Vi. 

^565^ idaiinu C. T. Strait (=®s). 

gjSftSBDo (go 563a ) & g)SCB63BO q. v.— difficulty, 
contrariety, oppression, want, o^^o^cqj <&.o 
^iOralom @]RjB5)m gnsssGDo caigjifltftlcBJorafi 
TR. raise such difficulties about it. 

©£63t33iPl, ©SSramOipl, ©SSTOiPl (oDSfiSa : 

moiP^) a measure, 2' oj\coa3h deep, 5.^ 
broad, holding 4 Nali, ' or 57,600 grains 
of &>iP<zs)cng^ (its mark ox). The smaller 
kind Q-cUaixHseoratpl is used in houses, the 
n_iO§ls6aT3'iPl, larger by 10 or 20 pet. serves 
to pay the o_id§o. cuejlaz; gDSSSQOiP'cSs 
ago, S)m^ TR. ^OOO ©sesBO!*! siongjlfm 
(»0 gQgjlai ojlej c9)or^ TR. (in 1798). 

r^=gDSffl3B0oq.v (B. ©ssas?) — a 

a5iaift)ogDS<S6ss.'^gjD2(a) !&§0csulral) siiSio^OTra) 
cac05)TR. without harassing delays, m^csa 

o)a_iro3,tiTO; g35<26S13(^ong, nO(SZ0OS gD5SS!!13 

ooite^ TR. treated us harshly. o^nolcSals 

<S6!SBQ, 6ijJ<^ RC63. oQCmOcdi @3S(SS09Q 

[To walk with difficulty. 

<^sc^<£h, idanbu'ya ^scral cnscs« (§05 2) 

^Sq_1o see i^sQJo. 

i^Sn-J^'loOfnJlca'DrmlfDl N. pr. The chief 
of the 36,000 armed Brahmans, residing near 
Parur, endowed with Parasu Rama's sword 

(^Sm^d9) idambu-ya MC. i. = ©s^a> 2. To 
stumble, knock against, oppose. 
gJScnj'ai) contrariety B. 

i^scQJOru idayah (m. @)s^ f.) T. M. (©s 4) 
The middle caste of shepherds & cowherds, 
rather foreigners in Mai. Q^t9iO§0aic9aDfDn6 
ng)scainb rooanb TR. 

i^scQJcft., (5^75^3^ idayu-ya T. M. Te. (^5 2) 
1. To hit against, press against a,aj.:ijo (ftsajo 
(0)63132^ ii) gjsstmgi Vi. toratplsroi^ ScrogcSsicb 
@5ssroro) axiggo CC. mscsrid) ©scs^o &,(m Q_ts 
<&i§.5)S ©T-aiOfijoNal 2. 2. to fall out, quarrel, 
compete. 0Di'O3r!3>o fosco) ms^ RC 23. quicker 
than the wind, ajodo SDSsraro) aisrnodo RC 60. 


@]S^ gpscaJIrm siiiiofo!) RC63. — rsro.xnb <Saj3o 
Siifhosng gjssrai^ disputed about religion KU. 
rmzaifa!) @3S6roi^ (So-iocal (VLX,)©s?2/0Sf!j) peace- 
ably. 3. to converse Vi. gDS6ro©olca> = Q_irol 
-^dTltSsi V2. r3Ta;uS>-n3o gJSsrois^gj had no 
intercourse with him \2. 

^sfb — i^sl 


^slcft, — ^slae© 

VN. g)S-ai<^ 1. quarrel cmujooso OTDoaaocxiTi 
01] 5)<0)Ogjo g3S^aJD3iil cftiplsrai^ Qjfrarra MR, 
Qjom.uSroos gas^oA sijijcgonb RC93. to 
war. 2. family discord, separation @3S 
^nii (oTlan to reunite. 3. intercourse Vi. 

CV. g3Sca?liSa to disunite, separate, also g35iS(9r. 

^Sfb idar T. M. C. Te. (V^^^) 1. impediment, 
hindrance ^sib atplcoj unhindered, unchecked 
AR5. 2. trouble, grief (po.) (sra:tf)1anDrai) ^s 
(C3OO0(b Bhr 1. were troubled. dJ)ajlsc)o @33 
(2roD§ cuDsrow) a_)(i5)l^ (SitVij.) gGJihiTnalaicr) 
gDS(b SnjodJfTlma.TbRCsa. ^. ig si Bhg. perfect- 
ly satisfied. 
^Sqoft., 6] idaru-ya T. M.C. (and ^srtsai 
B.Pseeprec.) 1. To stumble, trip. msrmfhOfoi) 
^SQo (prov.) 2. to falter, hesitate. ^5ol 
§mo Qjo.a,ajo VyM. f^asamffj) g)'o TP. 
to waver, doubt. 3. to quarrel Yi, 
VN. g3sij 1. stumbling. 0oc£53i3cbScanf3o g) 
S^ Qjroo ^g_jossni3c>o'2c9si3 CG. 2. hesita- 
tion, blundering. (ScDDcfiao ojjijcnajo gos 
^(^SO'Sm cftsng. 3. quarrel igtrnfat 6)jiio 
^ SlS-ei VyM. disputes about money, o) 
aalrai) (srasajacso ^ssiraoso cuocasHs^ & 
sngocal TR. ^sij (mlc9j) to pacify Vi. 
^SOQ, stamm.ring from grief? ^ggsiaoiplgg 

^ai^xTl RC78. 

^S^ idala (@3§) A wood, burning very quickly 
gnsaj ^sff)iUi)s)oaiD(prov.) 

<^SQJo idavam T.M.Tdbh.(gfceo)l. Taurus. 
2. =235X151313)3 310 the 2nd month (May — June). 
?DSajn_io^ KIT. beginning of the monsoon, 

general armistice till giaiDojc^ffi. 
§Dsaj!0)o(S. giiJBo; the horn of the Himalaya 
bullock -a med. root. [„_jn ^j^nb RGn. 
g)sajnb Tdbh. ^liieaf) a hero. ^JSQjoooo ai 

?i^SQJrcfe idaval A butterfly Vi. 

6DSl idi T. M. C.Te.(\^^5)l. A stroke, blow, 
shock. (ftE^aic)^ ^h^&s^ (po. of animals) 
cu^-ffiO) gD^i (f-i- in road making). 2. bruis- 
ing, pounding, gosloiojos^cs^o (a_)£boroo (po.) 

3. thunderbolt gosloioj^lg OjSflio (So-iodTl (2a_i3 
caH MR. so ^_s^jT-i-jo ?..&), ■ftsiOeflsi, g3S^^y63i3l 
it thundered CO. gjsloin-io^cesKScn Vi. sudden- 
ly. @2^j'>ad5^ ^^" ^'^ happen suddenly. a)S^ 
@So't) «-aJ0:T5l) RC33. 
gislapj (2) a betel pestle. 
^slaiipojl) (2) a betel mortar, used by toothless 

persons. [qp gg. 

gDS^^dSsi (2) young jackfruit hashed & fried 
©S^.TjraTl (3) flash of lightning, 
^5^s>ci_ios\wo<os)\ reduced to dust, of furious 

combat, ruthless destruction. 
^slaroo (1) a rammer, gunrod. 
^slalcmra!) (3) flash of lightning. 
^S^(gtPc95)o (3) thunder, gDslo)3i'0iin RC 33. 
^5lc2ig_jo balls or cakes of ^slcmirni. 
gDS^(3^3TTl a kind of cake (also 2islcaj0"nl). 
gjS^cacrn^l a kind of vermicelli. 
^slcs^ratal mortar for husking rice, also a 

g)Slaj3c)o (3) fork of lightning. 
^slajog.0 (3) the lump of gold, supposed to 

be contained in the thunderbolt, and found 

when it strikes into cowdung. 
gDsloioJg (3) clap of thunder. 
gDslsxKb & ^§<2aj(b sioJOScSi the stone of a 

fruit to burst & emit roots. 
(^Slc65, easns^ idi-j^a T. M. C. Te. (go si) 1. To 
crumble, fall to pieces, be split as Zi-rn^.^^, j^ 
o, dbsaTlsinbo ojl^cnj — a^rati jDslsnjrgi of a 
cocoanut plant growing. — met. s)mst3Ll3io go 
slsTS^slsrai^ Bhr. 2. to be powdered. ZCOi 
(Tnlsla^(Tnlgj(med.) 3. to fall, be reduced, as 
price (Qjlai goslsrar^) degraded — gpslsrara eio 
(£\ rather a low caste. 

6£)Sia&6^ V. a. 1. To beat, bruise isrorolgpsl 
dto to pound rice Vi. (2(a.aj<n3i3c>3 gjs^iaso PT 2. 
(BTOb^cOaics^o aneroalfsl) i;g56)Si05nglsl<©s)Csyo eoja 
d>>cqjo (po.) 2. to demolish, break down. 
(sTlasiiJio.'SiaD §Dslc9s) MR. ajormlcoi^ ^ 
onno (robbers) TR. 3. to humble. @3sl^a_i 
Oc0) (po.)=:itJioip/^ ojoa) to abuse. 4. v.n. 
of palpitation S)cT)5raro) '^T)>1cO«o a mod. J»iJ. 

^SlCO)— ^^o6) 


^§d86i — eDsno 

VN. I. ^s^^ral) 1. demolition, ruins Vi. 2. de- 
jection. gDCiTO oziD3i,aj<flfl acSacs^o ^^^fai) 
(Sigcai^ Ti. (since Tippu's death). 

II. gOS^aJ ruination Vi. 

III. gDslaj demolition, despondency, degrada- 
tion. — (with (grgjiQi & oigjcea)- 

6]QSlciLI a pieceof wood, to beat the ground, 

or to stop a passage. 
6y)s1.qj1 (fern, of ^5lca'nb) ingjsl^aaj. 
^Sl6<WS)l(sti idiiinil T. SoM. Small earthen 

lamp V2. 
^SlcQJOrD idiyah (jbsIc*.) A Canarese caste 

(Braajlral) gjs^cflgnn @Sfb. 

^§d95, ^ idu-^a T. M. C. Te. 1. To put, place, 
plant, wear. (Siaj^o ^s Mud. put on, so 
(SrgjSfDsmo etc. — siajoolejsisiDsl, ojggltxTl^ 
planted MR. — g3ss>!a)S<S5 to lay up. 3Do^§§ 
gioi^ he trades without stock Vi. 2. to 
cast, throw. gDSSig.'S> f-i- iSiS^'tjl to throw 
away TR. ODDig,^ (S^ool§£h to give. @3SQj1§'3i 
to discharge, eD£sces)(5)ajcesi>) toabandon. 3. 
action in general mlsng aicaolscSoKSTra ^DSajob 
Pay. SfCTiDfijlg QLjDei6!3Sc)o leather instruments. 
o_i^§a) to divide, orgismain^iS) to swear, tgraiu 
6)a OJCUiejIreii) ^^ an^ TR. (=ff)aj_2^, oolrrro). 
4.aux.V. denoting a completed action. (Sojocffii 
s has gone; giving also active signification 
to a V. n. as (grgjol^ai. — The part. g2§ 
strengthens the 1st adverbial, by emphasizing 
the power of the past tense, o^oiim (mSiXjlrali 
^glg Q- 0ocrua3T3)ld) maa'tZiOCDiascm TR. it 
is nearly 2 months that I have been placed 
in arrest; stands before Negatives 6^jiJ(x^§1 
gjand 2nd futures 5)<SiD§f!5ral(2§ ggg; also with 
causal power gjoj^ois <&lsrra 0fal_2ps .s^o^ 
ojo ^gjSgjo TR.; ojOb-roraTls cnl@}j,onb ©so © 
gj TP. cannot stop for conversation; becomes 
meaningless (ST2)3in§ = {gTg)al;. 
CV. ^§Qjlc9s), gDslcSs) to make to put etc., also 
©§ces(0) (old) f. i. (Sijol^s^ RC23. 
Cpds. @D§a-.os burying place. 
g3§a!tpl a grave which sinks, supposed to cover 

a wicked person. — a trap-doorway B. 
@)§ajsl a gateway. 
^§ce6i idukku T. M. C. (Te. ©§?), comp. §os, 
@2S(b) 1. Narrow passage ©§!9®aJiP^ the 
space between two fingers Vi. 2. straitness. 
difficulty, poverty, also fD^eSoio. 3. claws 
of lobster. 
6]Q§6S^ a&) v.n. To be straitened, contracted, 
pinched. <&,sm\s)cbo (So-jaa. ms6!SBlc2):unt) with 


swollen eyelids. 

gD^tee^Si, cS«l V. a. to confine, press, pinch 
(as a crab). 
(^§o_Ji iduppu T. SoM. (©s 4) The hip. 
gD§ itta Tdbh. ojlregin (^<ae)^s Mucus of nose. 
"^§0 ittam Tdbh. ©rfjio, perhaps, hence: 

©gro^nb V2. and god^fO Qj."!b checkmate. 
^§0 ittara (©§) No. "Wooden block with a 

notch, used by carpenters to wedge in planks 

etc, in order to work them. [cake. 

i|D§an ittali T.M.(Te. C. ©^5m) A kind of 

i^§(?5ti ittal gjsgjoo, ©§(2nerali The terrace 
around the houseyard. — also compound = Qj — §Dsral) mglfolcSsma (loc.)— ©s^oS.'OTa) 
6if03 iZDojo 0osrai^nTlm3 TR. also go§S)cSsiogg. 

<^sl itti T. M. C. Tu. (Tdbh. Wc£^) 1. Stick, 
spear (S.uGjaich, g3§1a>cV) Mud. aratalgl RC28. 
(Bjorao (gol^' ©slca'o=9s)aH^ (prov.) 2. a 
Brahman girl B. 3. N. pr. of men So. &Palg. 
^sICg^etS'DnajlcQJ.^ab N. pr. The Raja 
of PalakaduTR. (^DsliSasiooin annunbPT.) — 
In a Palakadu inscription of Collam 430 he 
is called the nephew of 2D§lg_jST3ranc2;^nt). 

^§ld95 itti'^a Tdbh. ©c^ai Brick. 
©sliSicesigj laterite. 

^StP|, ittuli ^^ Qj1§|cQ;^ (©=) Un- 
reserved transfer of landed property KU- 
(= oraslsgjQ,). 

^OjO id'a S. & 6]Q^ Praiseof Gods— earth (po.) 

(^enoinaT.M. (C. Te. o^sm) l.Pair, couple. 
2. clothes in one woof. — (fnoejlsm, aisrnleTT), 
5)5)Siai^5m (po.) gjsmsia-ioo cn^.-ioeanb KR. 
twiu brother. §Dom(g3i3ff)S <ftmTlc2,'3eJg_j§ 

^&no^&o ~ ^GmGS^ 


^enocfia — (^rwo 

a®§u23 TP. 2. mate, companion, union §d 
emcalgj gsmcsiil^ (vu.) gDsm foiaalral) ajlfol.ij 
(O^ra!) (Mpl. song) lovers' parting, ^sni e>:stai 
(STarO;9Q35iT)o fijlralc2;05)(m VC. not leaving his 
mate for a moment. ^omcxin^o.WKJjajSonDS 
^sm (^slcQjD,-cA (prov.) 
Cpds. @Dsm(Sjii«aai to pair, as birds MC, be 
matched ^(a)D(rro«3i3c)o g)smi2ji\nT)orat gDfo 
(Q_)a_ist2Uo cnoo^ Cr Arj. if two come together. 
@Dsm ojlralai to be separated ijuem ajlrolaio 

61(0) msmo aitflgpsmnb KR. 
@3 6m0omo slight difference in accounts Vi. 
^smca/ocSs) to match. 

^eYTOoee^oinakkamT. M. (^smsDgSi) l. Con- 
cord, peace, union. ^ro3QJ5)roQ^o gDemcBno oj 
as.-oral reunited them TR. oJilomtSsio ^gj go 
smtasioiDSiTg Mud. @D6mc95)o cuosimslso croaafoi' 
<9«0o).T« Ti. rejected his proposals for peace. 
2. submission, tameness. b):y iijlaiilrai) (WXTDoroo 
gpSTDcSsio &ong TR. his mind is somewhat 
broken, weakened. 

6;0&00:86^ 1. Agreement. 2. certificates 
given by proprietor to mortgagee. o-iDg-sioTl 
moo <S5 0oTnT5iO)li-noo (^ol.^ ^5mcaa cuasiSQl^gg 
g3Sir)cQ3t3.c)o ro^jngo MR. certificate from owner 
to lessee, that he has let his estate gasmcfla 
igcSl — deed of notice of sale to a 3rd party — 
authority to lessee to transfer his interest in 
the property gosmas .ojls W.- — also counter- 
document given by occupant to the proprietor 
announcing his having transferred his inter- 
ests in the property. <i^>osmo qjossb] cn^Oio Qipl 
earn aisimcBa 'graaz^cea (=Palg. oi/laj^^ol) — 
gjsma^ajIs^-^a-jDstniilmDQjoasal — gjsn")^ 
(a°l(b fzJTirol:^ SiiSiO^K^ — MR. transfer of the 
family sword to the heir apparent (loc. = (5X3) 

^)6TOGS*^S^ 1. To agree aiem^oD ^sm 
6!5i3lcQ; aiDcra^ CG. pleasing to the eyes. coTno 
caTlsmssBlai cnoglfab g)(B@gD(b Mud. wore not 
overcontenteJ with the new ruler. dhoiiilQl) 
a)ombSi§o aO(£)Q CG. sleep so dear to the eyes. 

ggglixid g3 5ma3i3l(3(T)nb aQcm Qcnos^rm CG. 
2. to make peace, stand well with one rooe3o:ijo 
^ aajH^TOaQcal ^517163731 Ti.(a)iaal(ali^6rn6!5Bl — 
^■smeoBoSfO) aj^smecal (^sa prov. cosrnlai 
e3,T)S5a2aos'sn")«3Tdl VC. 3. to grow mild or 
tame Vi. 
gD&nO(£6^(3&i, oSeTl V. a. 1. To pacify, recon- 
cile, tame (gajo5im .n!;g3^ajjj<2rnos gjsmcsal 

^CUDob Mud. (fl3&lg_j(3) gDSmcBQih TP. 2, to 

rehearse, teach a drama ^>^ g3sn-)ifls)l ^^rairo 
err^l-Q^ Vi. 

6Y)6Y^6g*3 Relationship, those of the same 
caste. g3 6m£i5al(^ (SaicXjnjl^ TR. complained to 
thecaste. <3SD.ii:o (S)£\ ^smesigT gDgjoniaSjo PT. 
to lose caste. (gra^usiiD gDsmsosl.'nonjoc^S sioj 
djsi to suspend (for a time) from caste privileges. 
@D,6m6!5B(Tt), — (^3)1 kinsman = ^DTn^uot). 

^&nr)(32^ dfti, 6>T3V3j inayu-ya (^sm) i. To 
agree well, suit. fDoasnilazicosmsoraob gDsmsrora) 
CC. 2. to subside = go '5)2. tfi-^, as rain Vi. 
gQgl&nOcegi V. a. l.To unite, couple. (Qsn§ 
a>oi^«3ac>3 (o^zal.-o!) ^6Tn^§crr7la)ca) asi^ocesil 
KR4. (for a sacred purpose). ^oem-^S^cSs), 
5)aiS(9)etc. 2. gjoism^roltes) to be equal Vi. 

ggsnorfa inar (T. flower bunch) Fish-spawn 
(^folo^gg @D. roe. (m(TilailgjOi-ci3) gD. milt.) 
(^Sne (T. garland, C. clot) A swarm, cu 

tSra SxTUSl 05r@l CG. — 

gjsrgcan^ai to be thronged, 

^srsac)l(^ uproar fsro^o Qjlal5)Si05ni e>(b gDsr^ 

CT!»lrol TP. S)^5r@.'i5raoaoff)(9)a5r!g §J. etc. 
@)5re-3l>(& ^Sngib S) ni^CD COWCnSSBda "RC 19.) 

vexation, sorrow. yD5rgral)a)a_iro3-aioairi(^aj 

fiaogajicsirirat ::ijl|P^O(bRC 15. ©.sr^ejo o^ang 

^0sn5i§> CG. were affrighted, gosngrat on^o 

(po.) might make jealous. gDSKBitib g^sn^Ocfljo 

CDjjcOs PT 1. we shall rue it. 

^5Y^6~)QJ^ dOiDSdOj (loc.) To point at one 

with the middle finger bent (obsc.) 

6p(7Doi5amS. (go to go) Gone, reached (po.) 

2. Tdbh, oDlfOio fit, pleasant. jgD'^^*^'^ I'a_iD<a 


g)(7D8 — ^ri3Y^ 


^nyrznlro — ^roa 

<2tmnb(po.) willingly. eDSajDaKOsTl'tJK^ggQj-ai 
mo Mud. roo0crn'fnit3ocsu1 KR. gafoio ^^^(tiSfmib 
RC. well fitted chariot. 20,0' oa)§'Oi^§ ©o^o 
Snnocflsnra TP. tried whether the sword would 
fit him. gj-mfisrsra gQ,0l a suitable blade TP. 

^(TTlg iSag S. (@^ao) & 05^(^8 Hence (po.) 
g3fni8a_iroo CC. thereafter. 

gQ(7D i6a (T. new cultivation) 1. Sprout, shoot. 
2. a small fence Vi. 
^5)to)cSs), to sprout. (BTasajl g25^''0i:2r§° = Bhr5. 

= (313ff)<3ic9so. 

ggrzyifPo iSaram S. (pron.) Other, different, as 
in 0(2o3(t3iroo quickly (po.)@D«3iroe3Dnfn low caste. 
gDfgi(2ft>rg)fDo= n_irogrxjfPo. 

gQfZnCL^ ibavil aM. T.= ^fmo2. Pleasantness 
agjofoleealrtncijIiSooD^fflggoRS onacruD VC. — 
adj. ^fmcLTlco; aioaiocX) KC is. well appointed 

^fW^o iSal T. ^CU)'^, (CrCtTDy? (S. Qao?) 
Flower leaf, ovaria of fish. rtJiDizraj^ajlcna n_j 
(mlooocsiTlroo^tzDcbBhgs. ra)D0focsiJl(Wc>3(Sa_)Ooiej 
Qjlcooaiaoo Gaio0anricQ/Ona3i3c>3 KR4. 

^fWD i6a (T. ^Sfmo from ^^) Behold here. 
(Oil ©tJiD ajocflaorra PT i. (also ^g <S)Dajro3 
cmdi PP.) 

^foSl i6i S. (pron. ©) Thus. In quotations = 
©0)073 — ^-oO aJn(oTla2j{0)iQ3)o thus ends the 2nd 

^fziilaoocroo (^.-dil+aD+tSTgicro thus it happen- 
ed) legend, tradition, history 0nODSoraij)o 
^(jJilaDoaroo Bhr i. 

ggg) i5u ^rS^ 5. (©.) This thing. ©@,-uffiiiD 
hitherto, plur. gooj, also gjgaido (vu.) 

^fWT) itta (loc.) Slaver = oraotOTa. 

gpfgyg^fPo ittaram (roiron) This kind, thus — © 

mrarao ojosrai^ PT. ^iSrarDo cuocea TP. (often 

gic^roo vu.) 

ggrSYoTl itti gp (TTYSTICQ/Oa^ T. M. l. Waved 
leaved fig-tree, Ficus Venosa. gDayrajls.'oraofai) 
05131^0 a med. (Hiatal gjfsrjTl (ST3foca;oejo ®ci_iroo 
ejoKRi. 2. a parasitical plant gotoitQiSsigrD' 
Lorauthus coriaceus (=ajo!nrnl). kinds: 

ojejlca; gj. Lor. longiflorus. 
5)aj§.a5Ta ^. Lor. elaBticus. 
aimaTlffiafBi) go. Lor. globosus (Rh.); see ^ 
gOaWi)(t) ittira (jd, (d)lrL))So much, mod. ^ra). 
oanroTlaTl'® cuasira ojoo^mo GnP. gj'ig) oQ^g-j 
0OCS271 so easily. 

@3.T3T3)lrol (vu. ^^fol) very little — ^.'crffllrol 
smrao gjnrrao s)o_jDra3ro^laiS5mo Bhr. 
gQ/QYoTli^o ittil 1. Oyster shells, used as lime, 
vu. gjv-oialob. ougj' ^im^-^ozij^ cnoq,<3> I^id. 
2. Cpds. 

^. 1573)1 cbsitflaagl & ^:s(6)\s)<36:o£\ Epidendron 

tesseloid- ^ini?slc)o<Beso, ^E^tesso the 

same or another parasite (comp. ^:^^). 

^.•nraJlcbtunTTl (i)an armadillo MC. [such. 

gpfTOTlo ittham S.= @2'3^ Thus (po.) ^,:3iio (g.-mo 

i^rg. itya s.= cgrLj33in Veto. (^). 
gQrgjQOlityad'i S. (gniJil, fgrojsl), ^fWjoali&.cb 

6Y)(xo) itra (^.ijialro) So much, so many. ^((3) 
Q^gjDo ajoscsD5m<20D AR2. crfl ^s);®'rra (sra 
crc^jo Q_josroroi aQ)SEblf3l) YyM. only so much. 
fD:ra) ag)(Tngj innumerable. o^ssBoion onoo oja 
m7lg)32/Dsi3i'fmgo SioroasifO) SiPu2. — it is de- 
clined amTloinbo @2'tg)c2;ofDl) a.rra CS. a fraction 
of one by so much. ^^rajS-aiaDao until this 
time ^ra)S>-3T3)3SOjo TR. [■{„ eai^h. 

repeated: SiDSroofrnlrai) g^.-waJliO) (jud.) so much 

gQ(^.jrol itvari S.(^togo) Unchaste woman. 

gpQo id'am S. This (po.) a233cnlii now (po.) 

igpriJUj id'dham S. (©cu') Kindled, ^aoau 
(3cro)0.ii3o Nal2. adv. with flaming joy (po.) 
gD 3.0 o S. small sticks for fuel (po.) 

gDOniha No. ^nolSo. wing of building sitn 
asHmii^jra, tansfcSsilaSlcsinfai MR. (perhaps only 
a formation syllable as in si-aiapan etc.) qjs 
cEtelmcs^o a-jsl5T3ig)DOOci^o O- ojro (313)103 HTo MR. 

ggrOo inam T. aM. l. Class of animals ^0 o_j^ 
CngL) gjmo Vl. ciJggl(DK!T3(^ RC22. £n£\o6\ 

(Do RC3S. 2, = ^5rg swarm, cujnglmtg.-aia 
eJlai CG. 

^ooorb — ^(ogob 


^(031cq;o — ^rrn 

^nnorb iiiail S. (V^^nfcstrenuou8)Lord — sun 

(po.) ^cO(ftaJS3Df3)(T)Q-in2iO(b KR. 
e^OOOo Ar. (in'am) Gift, present, grant; also 

2DmD0,-Dialci7D (SOJSr^ MR. 

^noliiliT. M. (Y^g), Tu.^^tra) Henceforth, 
hereafter, yet, still, more, (with future) qQ)® 
aooc)og3anlQ_jDa9oPT3. ^ool^gjTR. thei-e 
is no more (to be given), ^onl <S0S)g_j§ — ^ 
col ©cssnga e3l."iIl^fDlgj9nb <Sa_io<S3rrro KR. — 
^ml 6ifolces)fLii once more. g)cnla2jSc3Ta (STg;!^ 
next week. — gD^^'^^'o- 1. again. Ecyaroao cumrai 
03mo gnnolot^o (g.iTTjocu^gJlceaDo TR. — gDonl 
Cijj@@ajnfO SfLJib TR. the names of the others. 
2. not yet ajf£l<fi3 SajDOiajnb g). curmigj Bhr. 

gpOOlca'imya (5. ^nb sweet) ^cr?w s^sioj 
cruoral), g2nr)l32/'5)_a2ora(>cnD32jl(2a> RC. g)rnlT3T3)on 
canb Sweet son. g^cn^ca a_i5 Bhr. fine ai-ray. — 
neuttr @203(TJ>C)3i^ RC 117. 

g_jQjo RC 37. — also ^ciola (mauDcr^ erases 
g)a5l0(S^(b tShiPcoh RC126.) 

^*^rR3 ^°^^^^ ^^'■- eflcTSl3^,alcnl3^)Kind, 

^C^ in5u Tdbh.(cn51aiy.) [cno^o.) 

§22^3-1 rocksalt from Sinde (med. =oi5)cro 

^gSKQ.tnlceaOib = Hindus. 

^gamjDDnoo ojocealfst TR. = Hindustani. 
^OQlrCi ind'ira S. = gj.o^. — ©oglraasmajo 

anf) Vishnu (po.) 

^o^fUrOo indlvaram s. Blue lotus (po.) ^ 

oIliiSrocSfL-.GQm Nal 4. 
^O^ indu S. Moon. 

g3Oga>ro60i3fte moon-rays CC. 
go^ti^f^nb Sk. Shiva. 

^o^goxnao*, gja^sa-)* (STOjOnonaoib CG. ^a^ 

smib m5caoc>3 Bhgs. [KM. 

|Da=(Svaoiiroab Shiva. ^N. pr. king of No. Mai. 

^(ogob ind'ran s. (=^mnb) 1. The king 

of the Gods (^as.uirgnb; gj'^osn'Tl his wife, 
gj'iOgfm-io, gDiOQa-iao his sovereignty. — ©ing 
ccnos eice2o au_i02l PTi. ^i^cemoOQ, east- 

wind Vi. 2. lord «no.i_j(2aru(n3nb the great 

devotee, <ao(Siei(agna3(b PT. etc. 

g2S3KiOGJo "Indra's net." — sorcery, superior 
juggling. §3(cige3oajce«o£UcQfflOfon6 ci^;®csyo 
Nal.i. e3C0(q® GOOnDltSso aSaDiajKoeJojo 
KR. (the grand deception of worldly lust.) 

§liQ^WQ^^, ©(^Qjl^ rainbow, [phire. 

^(CQrnlajcToioasralrol) KumK. sky-blue, sap- 

@2(n3®aJD:9)o ((a_)ooJil^) the heaven of the 
Gods & heroes. [(Scrooaojgal. 

gDiTQ-Uggl Cissus pedata, used in Mai. for 

g^ngsslaicb, gjicgoa^isanjiftch etc. KU, 

e;D(OQlcQJo S. (gDiognf)) 1. Male power, 
semen. aDcnaru^itplottjig ^(CQlc2ja"C ain^o ojcrra 
enjocuod Bhr i. = gD!a3l32Jo ojlya) (vu. oroosmo 
ollsrra TP.) emissio seminis. 2. organ, sense, 
a.) e*Ti»:isnn'^caio = iS(05)D'® raiJcOi -oicefg eal 
nD_nje)osmo, theirobject8(Qjl:a332;o)o35mgT^c^ 
(fO}o_i focro corauo. b.) <a®22i(g3lc2;o organs of 
action ajocflt ruosnTl o_joao ^nOj c^ao, their 
objects ajjiioDo aDooo cozcno oiaj-ncrao ojlcro 
^. c.)in Vedanta 4 (granro)fol(03lca)o (acins 

^i^rficsD^ooiao SJoTlcSa AR 6. to subdue the whole 
of the senses and organs, ^^caE332Jo, rnl 

©(nf^caeflitnnb, gjioglcsz^ajcaoonb sensual. 
gj.iojlcaaj.wal (1) carnality Yi. — 

<g2 ("i^^J^^^o indhanam s. (inflaming)=^?uo. 
also mot. gralaisn^caOiSftlacaoralnuxDo CG. 

^rm iiliia T. M. (C. ©oro from ^J pron. This, 
such, gjrm mocb gjrm aocroo date & month 
as may bo the case. — It is chiefly used for 
the indefinite what: (j;eD^S5Bc>3 jdod elcasilra!) 
gDnm.x) 0(3)0100 (sroo'Tlralj m^:)^smd3 gDon o^ 

cDoTlra?) @2flT^3J c<j)aTOo qQ)^3o fSraracb 6)-aJ^ 

Bhr. goan (Bmrosi.'maKTrao gofm-XiSraos o^jmoo 
gDODajSTDo ffiojsmo ^<2gj<g(S0 Bhr. (she does 
not care when, with whom, how, etc.) 

^rrn innu T. M. C. Tu. (jn) This day. © 
GnT)jft8 o_iq® al.uaroaDQol it's just 10 days MR. 

^rmo^o — ^61QJD/3 


^enjl^ — ^Q2;a^ 

gjsrmtoa i^cmoo al.ijoruo (fhosrrao Bhg. ^nrra 
6)(mo§ ^nrnl<S0(3i) Bhr i . henceforth, for ever. — 
@5.<S(Tn(Sror3) s> mm jjirrra PT i. for today's meal. 
(Srg, §8 6X10 aotoraiDral) g3(2nDSo (Tgaij0o)gj Bhr 3. 
the present time. ^Snmaz^g.'Scnmajo KU. till 
now. — Also = gDrrn1 henceforth o<j)3i6T3U0(3i) e> 
iplsroij) Q^@o (Sia.c)cnfi5)ail(>jlrrn~lQjnb CG. 
@)om(Scj (C. Te. rnlnr)) yesterday ^rmsajito 

(emph.) TR. 
gDODD "here"' (calling cows to feed, etc.) 

e^pnriDee^o iiihangam T. M. (t. ^ar)di^ = ^ 
srgfal)) Vexation, trouble. a-o^OTi^crn ^rmoEDjO 
6)aj(S5)05i(a) <£hsrg TR. without obstructing. 
^CTDoaaiaacffililfolcSarrro Nald. arc with diffi- 
culty kept under control. rj 

^nmD^o innal (ooDcb) l. = ©crn. 2.The past 

g^nnnl ihM = l. ^cn\ f.i.ajro0§®,:/^(rnln6 am 
3^ro!) ^(Tnlcs^'o jaRssmcalgjScao KR 2. 2.= ng) 
orrTl f.i. QjosizlfrnliScQ; RC. 

^nfba_Jo ihbam 5. (©.rnlca) Pleasure, delight 
(chiefly of 2 kinds ^oolouo short pleasures, 
(Snuroloojo bliss, po.) oiJiJajIcSa ^cmoa_joa^ Vi. 

^no_ice5c6^(^o inva-^^a'jfal Xdbh. ^aj_ia> s. 5 

stars in the head of Orion. 

^Q_jSl ippadi T. M. (ousl) Thus ^^jsHce^ 
(sraolcs^o croocefol (doc) also in letters idcljsI 

" TV AT '1 

(95) JN. JN. = Q^(Tn (a_)(£horoo=:I am yours etc. 

a med. 

gJa^gJglral) A pearl oyster Vi. 

i^a-^Oo ippuram T. M. (ajoo) 1. This side 
2. temporal |Dfa_)<9iarao cuflgj gD.mi'^ca'ffuaoairi 
crODOJCOomziocQsncffifmlainbo @3qjoo ojsScesio 
gjacb @§lca^o ^^ TR. never since the 
last peace, rug^ 5)=ho^(Sn3Ta ^gio^gg ^0 
wcm^crn MR. 

gQCBo^pglgJ <S jjJOTio Qjomoral) TR. = ^^ Gojoffjaj. 

^(Bg_jOOo ippol (<So_iOiP) Now, just, soon (vu. 
©g_jo) ^(Sg_jo(StfD aQcm (2^3.31^ CG. and 
how are you now? 

^ecU:Q(nrU\ Ar. 'ibadat. Service (of God) n_i 

e9sgg cnlfgjjoroo Mpl. 

^6YlJlejlcY\D Ar. ibllS Devil, rogue. Mpl. 
gg^o ibham S. Household. — elephant (in 


gDejOb wealthy person (po.) 
ggg) ima T. M. a C. (& ^0) Eyelash. — ^0 

caQj(b a M. Gods ^032/aj(t)a_)caicaajnbRC23. — 

@30cao§ia> to wink Vi. 

^zcnld^cS^'Q' smartness B. 

^S^0c8ato blink, twinkle j^jlfol^o (ftffn9o)0^o 

0lip)cffio5)(ai Bhr. ^5)a<e«0gnb RC. •^erp\6)Z 

tSsnm igs)cru KR. ^S)0g_jg.aj1ral; in a 

moment Vi. [Parvati. 

(gQQo imam Tdbh. (ni9zo) ^00ejZ5b RC 

^(2if0^c&) imarU'ya (T. to sound, C. to evaporate) 

Of acute pain, toothache, etc. (loc.) 

VN. g)0^. 
6Y)Q)D(n) Ar. see oroo0onb. Faith, honor. 
iSQCQJD imba A hunting call @aiJl gocruo © 

CTUO (huntg.) 
(gQQOl immi T. M. A fraction, = ^\ Ann ((sra 

5"a) o'" 4 9 4 8 2 °'' 21" 


^zalerr^ No. ever so little =:@3'm:n^fol ^?£\vn\ 

ouroiogfai) Pay. 
e^CQJiyaaT. aM. (=T. ©5)5)^) To agree, 
meet. ^ca5)0Dtfl0O(b RC U2. Stoioejl i^casraw) 
RC. were defeated, (grasl.-ora^o ^caeraio) was 
well beaten RC. 
^WGsr^£n T.M. (C. oQCmco) to move steadily. 

In grammatical usage f. i. a3Qljrai) S.=ff)^iT^l 

wstsqmn'^ — rajepn^cmeoignmajnt) (po.) = 

^cfflcnjai T. aM. sound o^n-n.'Of) acrnlcanxn 

oODfit) RC5. he said. 
6^<:2JB-\ cOi. crro T. a M. To agree, go fairly, 
be proper = @§a', (Sjismsh. — ffl^ogj^caejo 
famous CG. Gcraoaio, (Ojigaio (BTaa>fma^falral> @3 
canrra PT. or^saoao ^caeJSaj KR. joyfully, 
^ffsiiajo gjcaajos-m VCh. (3aoca:ia3ecb ojcSsilaii 
aiDSfoi GnP. ec2Jo ^caejsojoib ChVr. those 
■who fear. 
@3ca'f3!i l. = ^32,ej(Tn f-i. ti_isrro)S)jiJD^cfl'rai) rnl 

<fl3cnjnb RC. the far famed N. 2. what is 

^CQJ:tW — ^fD6'(7TYrS)l 


^fO§ — ^(Ddc/qI 

proper, ^carei israolazjoat RC7. Qja'Sic)^ fo 

oaSaios ©a<9'0 M!pl. song. 
^cfflOQSi to cause, induce. (sr^cn'So ggglral 

^csuoc^oajsrno, gjsog g 86110 ^caool CG. 

inflict, snjjsrnsniach g5:2/'Ool = (a_^Scaiocol^ 

CG. (S^'oiDOOo ^azioo cuaio RC 4. cozzo 

QQ)nrnlo)32; i)@a'a)lc2;5)003^ RC 30. do but 

what is lawful. 
^CQJTym" iyattu S. So mucli (po.) 
i^^SCOJlrrt) (^+^s3) Before this. 

I. ^fO ira T. M. C. Te. 1. Food of birds, snakes, 
infants, met. of arms. (graajS)on gDrocaocesTlPTs. 
ate him. raifrnlral) QQ)@^3i^ (Oirnlcealro (prov.) 
prey.QjochcBffllracaoc9ffllBhr. onlcSsicD^j^rocQjOcao 
PT. corocnloirocan ©ib goroca-'oasil RC31. 
2. livelihood. ^roo)<m5n£l otiojod ojcaejo aifl 
srai^ (Tir. Anj.) 3. bait, worms, Ascarides 
etc. ^rocml^iS) to bait. ajaDai'gjra^a-jocnjab. 
^^(gycSao helminthiasis (med.) 4. see ^ 

6)rac9S! II. 

II. gprP S. (=g5 CUD refreshment) also speech. — 
T. sound, whence gDo)f0c9a. 

^rDd06id6>, rnrz) irakku'ya t. m, To beg, ^ 

fDoTasTTg^ Pay. gjrooTa nnsasitoaskalms; with 
Soc. roogjo or9l3omo5lramo5>(S)!)ong Bhr.; also 
Ace oolo^om sraDnb ojcrnlfOcescna KR. s^OTioy 
(a)lfO(e8<2(mnbKR2. to beg hard, cs^lxjo^rama 
CC. called out. 
VN. g)rag_j 1. begging. stO) (Sao-a 3Talrt)g_jlgj. 

beggarly ©fDgia)0;Sjo. 2. bit of bridle 

(loc.) 3. see ^srocea. 

^ra^nb, g)ft)g_]3g1 beggar gDrogjoalcaD 
CaO.'Sl) (aaDO<S)c^o PT2. 

©rog_joglv-Dtamo, — a^foijo mendicity, ^ro 
g_j:cra)mo Sajoaicsiilgj (prov.) 

•^rOCSge-O-sb irangol and ^rOCS^D.Tsb Large 
stick (as of beggars?), club, distinct from ^ 
fOfobsaiorai). 6a(bQg)ro®B)3foi)DslMR. 2. pole of 
boatmen. ^raeajO"^ aiK^ai (loc.) 

gOfO-gJfZib "VN. of ^sifocssi. 

^f06YM5)l iranili M. C.Tu. = ©ejsroi3l f.i. i^cQ 
STOrajloicDraDeTl a med. ^rosro®^0D0GJ(b RC 116. 

^'ajjo xJ-T3aocijo (g.Tlsn TP. for burning a 

corpse. [qt^ aioraf) ^ra§o (prov.) 

gD(D§d6> iradu'ya (=^scit&.)To stumble CDS 

^(t)^ iratta T. M. (^rasng, ^rs) 1. Double. 

^ro§ S)a_iQ,i>,, ^ro§ ^asl^cb twins, ©rosgj 

^ grinders MC. ^a)§ cuacX) two edged Vi. a 

roo ^fogcaocml CG. ^rcgoiSaSn 2 betelnuts 

grown together. — @3ro§'0iaej^ the paradise 

flycatcher MC. (=5)ca)05r@ejo.-aTal) — ^ras.^jKD 

ajcanb o_iDcrii a certain viper. 2. odd (= ay 

cao) aooscao ©ra§S32/a Vi. ^ra§sigLj§g Gan. 

gDfDsl double, twice as much, (with Dat.) 

(3t3f!J)lm" or)Danro§> 4 times as much, (with 

Loc. (ST3) rooca^airifoi) g)f0§l3i'03ri Gan.) — aj 

cxTlrib CG. — adv. ao_id\ijl^3rai) ^ro§l(Snn3 
&i a med. 

^rogltas) V. a. & n. to double, multiply rasngl 
6^00§i^ no3ej Gan. eacrro 5)(a3§t!3ra3.T3l 
^«)§l<sao ©c9«Dejo (po.) aoTOtfia cnon^ gjrasl 
_ai rmcTTO TR. paid four times the amount 

VN. g^roslg-j f.i. «-aJaiij ©ro§lg_j3Cffil cuoso 

gDroglzcyroo Glycorrhiza glabra. [teal. 

^f0so§ iranda ^DrooOiaicftQcTl Wild duck, 
ggfPfTDo ira6am Tdbh. racruo Mercury, ^ajfoio 

-.^cflsiPsroii a med. 
(^0)00^ dft) irambuya (II. ^ra) To bluster, be 

loud (loc.)— [breathing Vi. 

^rocnii'cii) the roar of the sea, difficulty of 
(^roojraTl iravabi Tdbh. (sra^jft^ The 27th 

astorism. go. q_is Bocno KU. a ceremony. 

I. i^(DQ_J iravu T. M.C Te. (graces)) A thing 
lent. §2"^^ gjfOceo to borrow, ©raaj qjssosI 
(loc.) of clothes, ornaments, etc. ^roajf!JieJ32-0 
c95) loc. to endanger one's head. 

^rocufab T. So. Palg. ^. qjssjbI^ (STg^israsnio 
VyM. borrowed. 

II. ^fOCLJ T.M. Te. 6)roTu. ©c^n C. ^roch (© 
fO) II.) Night = ^ra3, ras. Inpo. gDroojojiSirab^ 
ro3aja>rab PT5. [^Pay. 

^fOOOB] irasi Tdbh. rasc-al f.i. sasa^roDC/al doc. 

^fDDOjJ dOs — ^fDloQJ 


^rolcQj — (^m 

^rODCLJcfti iravu'ya T.M.(=anarooaj<a))Tofile, 

vu. rootOidJi. 
(^(S]cB6bc£h, ^fWpnra irikku-ya (\/^ ^na T. 
M. C. To.) 1- To sit, remain, bo in a place, gnroj 
rm &afo\^, g5f03mDsn2:unb fTOxul tgraoicao, §d 
folcnjo Qiio^Diplejo gifolan 6)^§o(prov.) being 
unoccupied. — ^folcBacTDaJcfe maidservant. 
©rolcearmtaTaziaeiofiss^s ojortnlral) (SQ_io6)ai(prov.) 
unsteady. — go roji^mo cyao((TOo ^fiscrra (SojoaTl 
Srmo KR. are the 6 Shastras aboliuhed ? — Neg. 
IDfolcsioiSioi & ^rooSfO) (po.) 2. Aux. V, 
^rD3(Tnlro3rrra was sitting; often contr. rnloTV 
a9 = nTl(Tnlro3ma, (Sa_ioc2Jl(S3(Tri> etc. a^sngli-olasi 
(Sii crufyo c3)5ni1ai o^cmosTl even whilst look- 
ing at. — 

Inf. & VN. ^rolc9ffl 1. being (ongjlfoldOs) etc.) 
gDrolc85)<f>s)§lfiA a couch. gDroltSsTlso^^rolnTl 
So — g) folctom^trcnj callosity of the posteri- 
ors, as of monkeys MC. 2. gDralceaS-U, — 
Sceoi there being, whilst there is. 
YN. ^folg^ 1. sitting, residence, position, aoaj 
agj§lcailf(A rmocuDglral ^rolg-jsng MR. ^rol 
gi Qjsraialsiaiosrglrjnmislro!) ciolizal^ KR. a 
seat in the boat. 2. balance = rnlaj, @3 
ralgj (^roirai, ©.rolgJggg. 3. (loc.) aoooru 
tmalnfe ^f{ilg_j<a;t:)D flakes (B. Job 41.) 
^rolojlso residence, lodging, (from 2nd rel. 
part- fut. oo1ot3c)o ^roliSgJSK^TR. where 
you are) ^^racoisaosionces) ^ralgTlso 
(Sojfflo KR. @3rolg_jlso 55<9>§l<3c2; prov. (sra 
raiQo (BTg)ou,3i?5TinT)lrolQjlso Bhg. 

i^rolss^oslceas, ^folss^oenolcgaee- os 

A Brahman Gramam No. of Calicut TR. KU. 
^fDl&rOo irinam S. Desert, salt-soil aralsm 
§^0 KR. 

^fDlcnJ, ^fWoQj irimbu (jnrojlDT. M. C. 
Tu. (Te. gDCiag) Iron. — obi. case in g3ral5)g: 
<f6)£n (Qj®cffiocol-f!^ Bhg 6. RC. iron club. — 
@2f61crLio£i blacksmith's shop. — 
^ralcnj^o an iron — wood (Hopea. Buch.) — 
©folauaEblca^ejlgo ^ctol TP. hanging the 

body of a criminal in chains & letting it 
rot therein without burial — a severe 
punishment in former days. 

gDfolcDjaicSsiCs^iaDcal RC 34. a pestle=;5croaJo. — 

gjfolcnjaroo a Sideroxylon. — 

^roia2jf5)0tp n (anchor = ^cnl). 

^fOlCQ^oft), 6<TSrc^ iriyU'Jfa T. M. 1. To creep, 

(gzojliiAao^crn e><mz^o gofclcs^oro crawling sen- 
sation.— No. a_iocru , (S(U)d^, (Sjiirog, g)Q,(XU ?d. 
= go tPOj^Si. 2. (T. gDQ,) to wrench off, twist off, 
pluck (as fruits, branches) aoGJgDrolsroi^ <^^&>, 
(SiDCsinfoliai (a single plantain from the bunch) 

(SmSfD CG. (the mother, her infant from the 
breast). [picked. 

gDfolcaoocs^o aisltSoocsyo fruit purloined or 
VN. gD^:^'^ 1. prickling sensation. 2.pluck- 
^fOlcaTlaDfb DN. Tdbh. <Qc£^. ting. 

I. i^f?8, ^(S\ iru ofDofb before vowels, T. M. 
C. Tu. (Te. ^03) Two, whence ©rosr^, rasng . — 
^roaojtb two persons, ajorolfroojib 12. — many 
Compounds, as: 

@3ro3ca-,fO both shores. 

@Dro3@§ce5)orD3o PT3. both parties. 

g3fD3-aJorai) ploughing twice. 

gDfffifoiej i^aiin5 = @Dro§tBTaGJ q. v. 

^ro3m3eri(ral)g_jo§o "two measures out of four" 
equal division of the crop between proprie- 
tor & tenant W. 

@)ro3QgQ, 200. — ^rtSO§OQ,c95iO(b in Coch. R. 

sDfraoj'O) 20. [Cath. descendants of slaves. 

^aso-Jfolceacs^o, gDraeocOiSinocb MR. 

^t03o-jos<s-Ofb both parties. 

gDfroojOo both sides. 

^fOi06n^5)a_iQ,c9« B. gleaning. 

gjOHigan two-pointed, two-edged. 

gDfOBOJorai jiiotoranbNumidian crane (S. i0)<sra§). 

@D(03aj!Plmo§, gD fK!S)ff)ajo )3S N. pr. the district 

SE.of Tellicherry once governed by Nam- 

byar under Colattiri TR- 

II. ^ra To be dark. 

e^ff^rc?) — i^mbo 


^6)(b:B& — ^O 

VN. ^rooj, roo night. 

©«ss, ^rols T. M. darkness, = ^RSch. ^ra^ 
rols a_ioib o^gjoo ojroma CG. 
^fZ^raTl? iru6i (^rolB5i)In the phrase migtsanoo 
§1(3(> @jf51(a)l «a_ioQ,fd)lca;0(Ssl (a)Co\&> TR. allow 
me to reside unmolested. 

gQflBfg^o Sitting, staying. g^os.-maaDcs^ 
he is settled there, also ^frornrai . 
^rsjtoral 1. a seat, bench. 2. = ^fol<ssrm;uc>3 
a maid ^ro3>'3t3?l5)CS2; sioj^g (Sa_)05>ej(prov.) 
3. = g'gx)^ (med.) 
gQf?B,^riTr)o6^ CV. (of ^folcQs>) 1. To seat, place, 
detain, settle. 573)6i5Q5)a rooe3iff^^5)nD@)ro3a3ial 
fOc9fQ^g_jonf) TR. (=g)folgjooO(Sal) induce us to 
remain. rooesDo^.X) garosci^ajoni) KR. conoo oj 
rraroic^caoejo gjraci^ajoab ojsrnl KR. difficult 
to keep riches acquired. (BTgmdTlKSi'DTal KU. 
presented, gave. 2. v. n. to sink or settle as 
a load (loc.) — to walk (hon. loc.) 
^fCjfOKslces) 2nd CV. to cause to seat, present (gra) 
aDra)5)fm ^rra.tsial-^ 6)<9)Dgg3o SG. (as vow 
to a temple). QOS)§. laocalral ^mw^i^ai TP. 
^fffifYY^rjjb irunnal T. M. C. (II §jc^) Char- 
coal of blacksmiths (=cnlcSl(2aiajlc9scTn •s>fol). 
^rracm^oranb collier V2. 
^f^nj iruppa T. M. (C. Te. ^gj) Bassia lati- 
folia with an oilfruit ^fols)g_j5is a^.xilnbcnloo 
KR3. @3rolg_j55C2J5m GP. see ^ejl^. 
^(TBQJI iruvi A drug (T. panieum). 
^fC^QjlLks h'uvil vu. ©.'{a3c)o Dalbergia Sisu, 
red timber. 
@2®g0 a larpc spider. 

i^r?B(SQjn51, — an iruveri T. M. (Tdbh. ,091 

(Sojfo?) Andropogon muricatura, med. root and 
perfume; prh. 'Mouble rooted." gDonSajeTl 
<ScaD^ (HTsro^ ^namo Nid. GPtg. 

^f?BrrO0fZJt), (^rDlcr03.T5t) (Ar. irsal) Remit- 
tance. g^fOJauorai) (sazv(Ss, ca>ipisn3i2) ^fiscrooraii 

ffD(TO(^o irul 5. (II. ^rcs) Darkness, blackness. 
^Rsdornloo brown (loc.) — gDfracfeniDcsz^rali eso 
OD£hl, @3rolasrnl<0iipGJac)oRC. black luiired. — 
@3frac>30cac9«)o dusk. — obi. case gl^ig (= ch ). 

gjfScb , STB to grow dark. gDna^ngSsic/aoKR. 

©cC3cK cloudy weather = asoatii;. — a>5T7b 

^as6r^ = <e>o^ Sa_ioca) Vi. 
^«sst9i, to darken, obscure (loc.) 
gjrroaib "the black" a caste of jungle dwellers; 

also agrestic slaves. 
gDcraaont) Vi. a sparrow-hawk, see ©og.n{). 

I. ^e,(b^& irekka T. M. (II. ^ro) To pant, 
snore, bluster, roar as sea ajorola^ai^o ^5>fO 
^ 6itS5)S)aj diiaJsng.TTO Bhrs. (before a storm). 
^ai^'(^ 1. noise as of sea, bowels, hum, buzz, 

murmuring, also ©o)fOg_j • 2. the appea- 
rance of cracked, uneven wood (loc.) 

II. ^61{T)^ aiaiSBiNo, l.Tobind twococoanuts 
together (loc. = @3ral3>?) 5)^tairal ©ro^ (Oi 
6J3i3al'()l) S)^§^cs2;Dra!) a<b gj'^'S.'orasTOO. 2. co- 
ition of dogs. 

^O ira T. M. (V^^Q,) 1. The eaves of a 
house, also ^O(S)0eIl V2. g)ocaooo Vi. — 
a-jliri£-.a^s)s tBraacganT) ^oco/'.-^gs) ojlsrra (jud.) 
ariyScfio) ^oca.'ora) gDframo MR. ^o ojof^ 
(2<3)C>3i)sinrra an eaves-dropper, @30 n_joa^ cr)\ 
nnoib Mud. §30 tsrara^a^iei (after thatching). 
2. @DO = (oTlo taxes, tribute (old). 3. a certain 
fee for land-tenure B. 
Cpds. ^Oc9s)^ , §DO©jf3!) entrance stair. 
gDoaftorassra (3) freehold B. lands held by a 
small acknowledgement of superiority to 
a higher lord. ^DOtSjioraDsnzScsDDa] W. 
©o^gj5)aj<35) begin to thatch. 
@20ca/<o-;o, ijoowo veranda ®i0)oejoca; • 
i^nw 6)^Q0(b a low caste near Palakadu 
(allowed to draw near houses up to their 

®*^'^s • [services So. 

^ocaejl (3) grant, as of gardens for certain 
gjocs^.'oi^roc), ^jsoo.^0 the beam resting on 

the pillars of the veranda, 
^oojro^ 1. line of the caves. 2. (3) royal 

taxes So. W. 
gjoajofoo vcranila Yi. 
3306)ajgao cijlyoT) a"UDGJo 0d®o raraajaioi^o ^ 

@^ MR. i^o5)Xi§s,o og)QTJj)nrra crcgso prov. 

^OoSb — ^O-Syl 


^oi^ — ^qdBa 

^OdSi ira-JfU T. Te. M. 1. Wing, fia=.ajlo 
<a. QO)'j>nbo go 0.0) saslsroi^ Sojacml (iig. my 
protection is gone). 2. Trav. one flap of the 
binding=aj(T^<e)taral5)nbo orag. 

i^ocs^cfti iranini'^a T. M. (C Te. to bow) 
VN. To descend, go down (£t>S£Li\n^ ^oasg 
Qjonb PT 1 .), disembark, be swallowed. S)o_j6to 
(oioajoslnrn^osoal TR. ^gjK^rnlnrro ojororaTl 
O6013I MR. left the house, (rolaiisrailralj) ^osaial 
msg-jonfjiwatsicusmofSTSfinlranrraMR. permitted 
to cultivate a rice-field. «jirnlctelo65Blc2.ora!) 
prov. when eaten. ajDfnf) a_iiPo rni(b gDOOTQDtn 
mocV) (po. when dying). rHrasraTli'a!) gDOsaiaIca 
rosng Gan. = ?. (anoficjjloerao^ reluctancy V2. 
VN. &]QOa66^o 1. Descending, slope, abate- 
ment, ebb (=:<sajan gDOcSsio). @2- ojonaa) to 
ebb. alcioo idocQso S)u^ he is getting better. 
acncnna)!) ^OcSsio shaking of a resolution. 2. a 
disease beginning with headache & ending in 
boils etc. 


VN. g)Oc9s No. — esorro rosng @)Oc0s) s^ojigo a 

swallow of water. 
I. a. V. gQOdSadft), (£>&] To put down, unlade 
(-oiroiSn , (3it2)c)o), to expel (sio-ismlffjm), to svied- 
low(ajl.-Bao) rnlib^OcSaa) amed. eruoajc/aotuo 
g30cflsil(@so (prov.) gDO(Sce«5ng croacao as long 
as I live, aroo ^ol^ ojiPoilrai gDOcSs<9i, Qxi 
@gc95)05iro eajsloiaj-gj ^rao ^o(3ce«5mo TR. 
(drive down), (sni(S)'iS)cn '<^^'j§S^ ^Ocitei PT2. 
let it down. aT^aissaalra)) ojIk^o QLng.a^o ^o 
(SfTlMR. planted. ®rDQj5)m ^Oc0alcSag.6roTg) dis- 
possessed the tenant. (sa:iiSi^ ^Ocasjl (eaw<as) 
Anach. send out of the house. <a30eIlajcsL)lfai) 
aooncroo @DOotelononb Bhr3. became absorbed 
in. 5)5^acLio gjOcSalaiJ^ God's gifts. galcttHroi 
gjOtflsa) VC. (a dying man. superst.) 

2nd. CV. @3 0cfi«lc9S) f. i. Ojla ©.Oc8fll-al MR. 

II. ^Oce6icft>, CfTd irakku'J^a T. 1. To die — 
M. to become lean. mnDOsDomo (3,-i_iD3in (loc.) 
2. to burst, as flower, cocoanut bunch, breaking 
forth out of the spatha.^Qjlsfraa^. 

^0.^1 iracci T. M. Te. (^ra, in Te also 

gjo) Flesh, meat (gj. ^sih). g)0^a« 2n_jD 

ffiaiortb, gDO^ (Oj^naocisr^ '(prov.) [of Mpl. 

5DO(2g}0CYb Ar. Ramazan, the fasting month 

^OCTU irambu=:©n Eaves, brow of hill, 

edge. 5>jjg2'oi'3)loinb,') ^ocrulctii) gDOScTTo Arb. 

close to the tank. 

^Oca^cBi irambu'^a 1. To bluster =^51(0 

cOsai — gaonura*) panting Vi. 2. ^ooojl ^sl 

(fla to suck, sip (loc. — also @DQ,criil(ft.) 

^OCQJDf^ ii'ayal Port. Real, a dollar, i^m^ 

ocQjOfolSpanishdollar, also siajggl ^rocaoralMR. 

^OCQjJaQj irayu-^a (TC. to sprinkle, V^ §dq,.) 

®o)Oc9a To bale out. {grojipl (oisirm airaQaiosr^ 

o^sscngiil Q^ssgo eaaiacaaocOacuof) KR4. 

@30aj (=:g30ca>io) watershed. 

gioajnt), ^oajDS.(b hilltribe of basket-makers. 

@Do:u;9aan KU. (= aioajarg^). 
g^oajggoanb a hawk (also (ja^olQjggosnb 
& aggosnb) vu. gDoanb MC. 
<^O0OfD, OOOD irail (T. ^ocmnb king from 

@DO 2.) Sire, used in answering princes. 
6DO0f?5bffiaj^o=^O6^QJ§^o prov. 
^qcSb, Oq ii'up T. M. C. Te. 1. To drip, 
drop. gDOoloc^ ajlyo)nT)0«s (Oisroanlib Bhr. 
t3T3Xin"nloo^oQ Sjijora ojcuicm Bhr. in drops. 
2. of splitting pain. ffijiixH ojOfDo g)Q,nT)^ 
Nidsi. ^5iT| rooiTgo giQ,(Tnls sirODgg aTlo~i 
6Y)Oc51j9® (l)a. V. To dribble. 
^C^cQi^b, cfiTl irU'JfU'^a T. C. Te. ^Q,63i3lSa-jD 
ai M. To become tight, close. 
§dq,6!513515qJ Sudden darkness. 
5;qQ o96^o tightness (=i5Q,(ei!o), covetousness, 
6Y30cfi6i l.=^0(S«o2. crab's claws=g3§a9, 
^Q,cSsaiorab, goQcSaansralil. crab's claw MC2. 
2. a lobster. 

^QasioSasioralj a cleft stick for collecting 

the bones of a burnt corpse. — loc. also 

a stick bent into the shape of & used 

as fire-tongs. 

|^Qd96id&), cB6^ 1. To tie tight, catch as a 

crab, s)(9io§liai) 6)a.D?r@ ^Q,(9ai9>. .ajsng o)a>o 

^q cQj — ^^e(W»l 


^ejpf^ — ^ej 

comoonb S)&iOo)aii arcs &jOais>Si05n£\q^,asi\ qq 
§(Z|® KRs. «6)a)g3Q,aj)lo)c9s)Dc>oSi to be close 
fisted Vi . 2 . the river to have a narrow bed Vi . 
©QcSsTltSin denV. of ©Cices)o=:orooOolc9n q. v. 

^QOQJ ii'Umbu M. C. T. An ant, see ^Qcnj, 
qq — Q^otylfrnlQcrxj {= gOiPCS^rm) TP. 

^q(2£^d&3 irummup l. n_igjlQ,2ga) To gnash 
teeth, also gjocrurafi Vi. 2. to shiver B. 

^ocSl^ee^ see ^q^cSn. 

^o6\^e'&ryS] = ^(6m)\:6&^ryS\ Ooc.) 

gpOQ it'tu 1. Past of ^Qdi q. V. 2 a parti- 
cle (either from ^rai + t®i *"■ ©ro3)f. i. ora 
aiJ'nriOQnjft^ = 50X10. ^oasKoltBoisr^xnlooDfal) 
o-jOiffil <S)5ng TR. half of the assessed produce. 

^ej ila T. M. C. Tu. o^fo (perhaps fr. ^a) 
1. Leaf of trees, plants = jilgj • the leaf that 
serves for a plate, (in Malabar the plantain 
leaf), ^aicsj^o n_iaics?jo Qjro^.0)TP. preparation 
for meal ^ej3i!l<SsSK^ r!j)l(Trotm,iJiTb (S. crcg|iD 
crnlmnb who eats wherever he finds a meal, 
without caste scruples). 2. the betel leaf 
^aj3i;g@KU. ^ai32;gf0)fj^ fflc02O@^mDVi. the 
king chews betel. 3. spoke of wheel s^i^ 
(m^ab @3ej (see ^gj^). 4.= laraaja blade f. i. 
a).i5ra^cq^5)s ©ai jud. No. [eating off. 

^eJd9s)5>^o a piece of a plantain leaf used for 
^eJc8s)ol curry of green vegetables, ["plant, 
^aicefflggl So. = (0)lro3ce6)ggl the milk-hedge 
^aicesslsTOT^li^ a hermitage. 
©aj^no signet ring B. 
gasJ^'^ai; a sprig B. 
g^aj^ggjl the airplant (loc.) 
^ejajosnilcainb, — ^ green-grocer B. 

^^<&iS> ila-yu-ya T. aM. To shine, twinkle. 
majo^ejajo QLio^T)rDab,a)^)5rTilGj£r7lm&-!ji(bRC. 

•^ejjGe&nOo ilakkanam Tdbh. ajsaismo 1. 
Symptom (graoTlrm gDaiflsismo imenflibaDoDCUo 
amed. 2. the higher grammatical dialect (loc.) 

^ajoeeilcoioft) ilakkiyah N. pr. A low caste 
that bring plantain leaves for plates into the 
temples (Talip.) 

•^ejSYCiir®] ilanni t. m. ^(bsfm)] c. Tu. 

Mimusops elengi (S, eruaiao). ^ejoroial^jJ, 
^'(flaoa GP. med. 

^ejpfW ilanSa T. M. C. Zizyphus jujuba (S. 

i9iihn\y) ciorolii^ai.TO) a plant Vi. 
^ajQJo, ^ejQJ ilavam T. M. C. The silk- 

cottoc tree, Bombax peutandra (= rug.). — i^ 

§alej.u , ajsrelai u species of the same. — © 

ejucaJSKJO) its cotton, 

^^QjGS^o ilavaiinam (Tdbh. aixiowo?) 
"Wild cinnamon, Laurus Cassia @3ejii6iJBcnj§, 
^aiassiasiv-oraio^ (a med.) its bark GP. 

^eJDcBa ilakku Tdbh. ajocss,ajafiio Aim ems 
ejlajDO^rtjrruo gDajDcmaa^snti KR. 

^eJOQ-^dfti ilavu'jfa=r&ej:ajd.,Totakeawalk 
cSisi^rolgjoEgssxmeJDajrm^ TP. 

6Dejl ill (T. nonexistence) ^- aib maTi 

"=- ^ '21600 ^ 

6)tO503r>|^srnljgj3rai), ^ellsifflacasnTl^Gan.— 
used for a reis (j^-k Rup.) or GLricr)Otpl<ft (astr.) 

<^^o_i ilippa = ^«sg_]. gjejlgjjjjQjlmosreoo 
esjo KR.5. 

SPgJ Ar. 'ilm Science go P|o alodo (Bic^ooajo a 

v-QiaTlg cro ejonb Ti. as clever & religious as 

gpcm) il 5. (\^= acb, to beina place) 1. House, 
spot, in many Compounds as (SiaocoTlro!), qjd 
(w'l'sfi. 2. Loc. Qg)(Tnlf3{)inme, Cond. ff)^^i^ 
in case of doing. [(med. against poison). 

Cpds. go ^§0 roof, — ^gjScSsifol T. M. C. soot 
gDgjoo = c^aocjozao. ^gjOceaoi = ^^stesifol. 

^ai , ^(T^aj ilia t. m. c. (Tu. ^sfe"i=e pi , 

Te. (Sai) neg. fut. of ^(d>. Does not exist, 
there is not. — no, not. @^0c9snD ojlronbRC. 
destroying hero. — past ^gj05tmn». advl. go^o 
Soi without. g3gjDfO)0c8s) to annihilate. — rel. 
part, ^gjo (f. i. ©^DS)^D(7)i) aspersion, denial 
5)aj@@o^gjD§li08PTi.=@D^O(tJi), ^gjOfa)(with 
Qjsrno, Qjspl etc.) ^^o.tsia. 1. which is not. 
©gjo.-BracuDtflejftch, (graojrruoeicb, ©gjo^-rsrai § 
6raiaoca'63Qc)o (Sra.Tl.ijl^ TR. false insinuations. 
@3^o.-3i[3) -aol'Qsrocb ^6ngo<9s>\ (ot^as) TR. created 
wantonly new divisions. 2. in which there 
is not erygijl^gjOfBraxsaiDo. 
@,gj(2a2;o, orooa]3cB'3 (question) 1. in conveying 




gpQJOfb — '^^ < 

blame etc. 2. in surpriJse: <saislgj'2c2;o e 

ojonb Mud. ought you not have heard?! ml 

(sraolojlaiscao PT. 
@3ej®^3. ofOooJSgjO ((araej+ao) 1. strong 

negation. 2. negation implying regret, 

blame, etc. cnlojornlaJS^DKU. what a pity 

you did not then come. 
©gjg|l ((STagj+ofao) = g3^<scao2: (^ga tmo.^ 

Gjgjl CG. surely he cannot have run a 

thorn into his foot. 
§D<Sgj 1 = ©^<SC2-'D 1 — 2 = ^^<2gjol : sraiSSBcb 

a®@o cLjIiP^Sgj Mud. oh, we have done 

no wrong. 
VN. ^ejo;g, ©gjo^,©gjOOTo not existence, 

poverty, want (f.i. ©c^a^gjatgi,, (So^anal 

^0^ Mud). @2^o:gjS)^'gi=©^Dfa)oa5). 

gQgJ o illam T. M. (= ^rat) House, 5)o_jsmlgjo 

bride's house ©^ojoasejajoEsp. l.Brahmin- 

ical house, cno:j^nSl<3^5)S ^^o israsis^ 5)3>§1 

.ojs TR. ^gjo oj^fficnDcsiri fj_j5n^calc0s) PT5. 

2. title of a Siidra distinction, the it^c^W(!:^ 
(Doauib (941 in Kerala) or cnoeJDo ajl§ (C^e*- 

3. any of the 10 Pulayar classes. 4. Mulilsu- 
vas are oooeJ^gjcBaoiti. 

Cpds. gogji^o W. ^^^oolsaj ojai TR. 
private propertyof a Raja(opp. aiij^oj^Ci), 
which on his promotion he assigns to his heir. 
@D pernio o^nm^ cOjaejo <aig.ajo gggxusas 

(Siiong (prov.) a ceremony in the month 

of Cancer, to prepare for a rich harvest. 
©^SoJib family-name, 
©gjojiplanoib distant relations. 
©gja5)0(b do, (3) cnDoerucauo ^^ aos ©gj 

c96iO(b jud. not exactly a relation, only of 

the same lineage. Mpl. 

^ap illi (T. a leaf, prh. from jS^^) 1. Bam- 
boo, chiefly its small branches; the bamboos 
in shape of rays, which bear the roof of an 
umbrella; the spokes of weaver's wheel, ^gj^ 
■aj§ aiaigrnlib (Sojoaiai (5Ta)ce3) = (^QJcr)DC'3o. 2. 
Saecharum sara t-ara S. 3. a Goddess repre- 
sented in the play of Malayers. ^^ajjo acea 
^o 5)^§la9s) (med. for c-aVoio-icnl). 

Cpds. (1) ^^(^gfuraTirod aroj ^^^iSiXiarafi eioj 

^^^^- ' [cluster Vi. 

gDg5^g_j§^rol) = ©gjl^§o, ^gJ'lScDsiSs bamboo 

?D^cflǤ<fl4VI, go gjlajO(a'n''olj Venetian blind>jVi. 
(^QJOrbivail m. 60 f. 33aj(bpl.(g3)pron.dem. 


^3li pi. n. (obi. case ^ojoo ; of this a vulgar 
Plural is formed: gDOjOQaido, (sraajoc^ a cb 
So. ofOoocSlsoBcb, oitgi^DoolsoacX) No. Mpl. 
said of low castes & cattle); also vu. ggg; 

^xilso, ^oTltss (©So, ©5) 1. here ©xilss 
an hither, ©ajlsscnlorn , ©aj1§rrn hence. 
2. also temporal (©50 3) ©iTlso SiiplsToi^l 
S QjfODo TR. 
©cysmo, ©Qjao ((gra)0), ©gjipl thus. 
^QJ iva S. As croi^eo ©CD sealike (po.) 
i^C/Sd) isal aM. (T.^^i-al) Resistance Vi.= 

©5)03(65) (=©C2;) T, Te. aM. to join, as 

planks Vi. [cs^oal^ Ti. 

6£)C/dO(GTS^ (-^f. isharat) Sign. ©iiJo.'O.-ji^ddcSmI 

gQC^ issi ^^cS\ vu. ©^scnrao S)ci^oasi(S.n) 

<a>iplaioijBhr. ^SQjoiZoxio ©^gc^ o^yTTaGnP. 

"he is but a low Brahmin ^SiQainooxTls^l". 

also emph. = many, much (loc.) [ssado). 

gpcSOo isam S. Autumn cororaii (a^nrn^^ejozooro 

igQcSi^ isu S. {\f^^£a throw, G. 'ios) Arrow, 

garfijuJOd-joal ARg. 

©B^Ujl quiver. — 

gj.-fialsi reed (po.) 
^c^dSi ista^a S. (V^ca;^) Brick, also ^£\ 

(Qi. ^c^&di n-Ji3^:^D^f3)1 jiiol0 ^fi^ (KR. for 

^cfiD o istam S. (part, of ©Ai to wish) 1. "Wish- 
ed, acceptable, dear. g3,:^nbm. ©c^f. 2, wish, 
desire, love, ©-^o ©Sgj^o o^rnlsas onoaij 
6)focs^o DN. — ©r^o a_iosi to speak in order to 
please, — ©r^0o§(0) to flatter, be obsequious, 
Q_j(nni0O(&n ©c^zo§rm.ajnb SiPu. cnjsaz^ocono 
en Qg)S)^o ©c^o (grai^nm cySijnb Bhg. to 
indulge, truckle, go -^a^Doig^jerre Qrgio^al 3>gj3o 

^c^l ^^ 



<SjOOo, ^c^o ^olgjont (graraino ay) (prov.) ^ 
(^0 ajay>>Qi to gaia one's affections Vi. (vu. 

Cpds. ^ i^tesiDroTb agreeable friend- 
^d^<S■Sa^s displeasure. ^. ajro3«ggi>i to disgust. 
^)^;a_)anti who grants your wish. 
^i:^OTnl,igo likeil & disliked, g: i^Drn^^igiajD 
ci^-9s @ajiTt) equal to good & bad fortune. 
@2,:^oa3^ajo merriment V2. 
©.-:^oa3croort)o according to wish. 
@3r^0(SiDo the desired object. 

gpCLft I isti S. (caea). Sacrifice. mo§l<sej ajf^ 

ernl^o tsoooal^o (aa^Tb Bhg. i-jq iron. 
SD'Ofol (H. istrl) Smoothing iron. ^. ffl-nJig!, 
6]QCY\3£J0o (Ar. islam) 1. Islam, go^ejo.-) 03 

cdsiBitTiiud @ga 0^DQ TR. 2. the Mussulmans. 

aiDsnao TR. ojiinca ^ff^ejo,3aOib TR. converts 
(chiefly from the Mukkuvas). 
^oO iha S. Here. ©iDSaiojJ.o, ^lO^&.oaii, 
ff)ag)ialca'o, ^tDo this world (opp. ajfOo) ^aO 
o_j^6Z!i3£lrai) in both worlds. 

I. 1^^ ila S. = g3ajD Earth. ^acBo^asroigi-Jiggo 
cSl^ch Bhn. [Bhg 5. 
^S.o.'yiJio the central continent (see oj&io) 

II. ^^ ila 5. (Te. Q^aj, ffiej, Tu. ^al)adj. \^ 
To be tender, young, weak. — also noun in ©a 

S)-SnO!h-a', g3g.51g_j§<ai. 

YN. ^ao-J^slightness, worthlessness, disgrace. 
^, ruOiSj to abuse. mac9ffll@.g_jo ^^aiDo & 
eng MR. (= ajci^'Oi-io, (OiD^) ojSisaplggjo 
ojoTD Bhr. cn^<BQ ojcuicm ^^^:i^o ajejlg_j 
Qjo TR. my reputation.— @3aa-jt5'^''3')ba8ely. 

VN. g^aa 1. youth, tender age. 2. junior Raja, 
co-regent. gDaa3inf3l)nnlfrro cSigjI ^(=§5^0 
g_j§o, gja^Q), nr\jn)5)CTn 23a.0a2.Dcas) KR2. 
^aatSsiaf^rat) ©«s croo^ , gjaaaroo^oj 
a>cb TR. junior officer, assistant. 

denY. @3g.<a^=S4 Qjrolca to grow again as a half 
broken branch (loc.) — <»Q)?ffi gp.'^SojOTiri 

a mid. — foi^rragj a_io6^i tho me 1. oil has lost 
its virtue No. & So. 
adj. part, gjacaxinb young, younger, ^a^u 
@ n. 1. oraunb oyjrnlea.) o^a^i-'D) younger 
than I. ^a(m3a£l Bhg. Bhr. 2. lower 
class of Brahmans, who act as kings' cooks, 
Purohitas for Sudras etc. pi. @D2§.'aiDrKDit) 
Vi . 3. the 2nd minister of state at Calicut. 
fzr)lno^'(S5>2ilfO^ ^a^;^ KC 
Cpds. ^g.o)a)D@§a. 1. to sprout. agj-ms)Z oQ'i) 
0,TO:9sfiBgs foirrnlrai) ©Bs^Sioggo sis^a.-oTlejl 
RCi48. 2. = ^g.5)^§»itobe worsted, cud 
Qja'cra^aj ^a«fi>o@§3 (5ra^.xr!tT3fn3J-cr)D, <ft 

<rejD3 RC. 
g2g.S)fii)^(ti young ears. ^^ffljO^i etc, 
^aa&yaj o-ioo^ RCis. 
^g.89jDO(^ zephyr. 

©asba"l(b «3.D3ft, RC. [^a3D foicnjfaonb. 

©a^c^^-iDJjR the dignity of the 2nd prince, 
g23.^6rau,s lukewarm. 
SaorTlaJo bluish. 
i23.^TO^(b shipwrights (Pay.) 
gjaoraaJ the thin end, as of timber, cadjan 

(opp. 1^313) fo-ai). 
©a<2ora)6TO0 GP69. @2. <aoltSs)Di>)D prov. 
^anrnlib unripe cocoanut. go. <9!s1<j9s). ^a(irnl(b 

(Sivfcnj, 3Da<Tnlib ftnernloTlral) aisld^si amed. 

gaamTlib (ydloiao Q^Sjo CtP. 
g^a^'s-t^'Q' to be brought low, be worsted, 

disgraced, cn^crxisga ojl-aJD'ol^Dfii acnj(b 

(S£bDn{) ©aoig-jgo SP. ^asi^y^>T)D 

^f51<&PTi. [Shiva. Bhr. 

goaaidil young moon ^^(Zvi\ (arasrnlsnnsjajib 
©aacy fresh honey, Mud. 
^a0Dnb (Cbsajolc^D (prov.) 
^^cmSTi bivalve shell, Mytilus. ®a<nu<9s> 

(S,t3iWD§^(t!i) cnz-n cChcmol (prov.) 
g2an^'^=f^^'5'^^ slight fever, feverish feeling. 
goaouDiho 1. the upper part of something 

fried. 2.=5)0y>a_(Di^o. 
g^acnjgj 0DnnlnT) ^c^o Nail, fresh grass. 


^^£3©3 — (^^dB6i 


^|Q_JO— ^^COJ 

©a(rifyocQ;o tender age, also of trees. 
@Dao5njt^, ^§.2icn^ fickleness, 
^aaangaoocroo imperceptible smile Nal. 
@Di.c32/^-in6, — fjj^ father's younger brother, 

younger aunt's husband. 
@Qg.aii-al9 rtt) iftejj osmo Le virato marriage (loo. ) 
§2aca;2ia the wife of the above, younger aunt. 

ogjnnbo aQfi)§.22i6)CQ 0£hntl (Mpl.) 

^g.c2;roc/8 co-regent, tsraajsicn ^acaroo-aocsing 
(maelscfiatSio si^^gj, KR2. [XP. 

|Dg.cs^-2j: (SanrDo @2- tST2)5iSajDg.o almost noon 

gaacunbaocQ; young fruit, chiefly pumpkin. 

^g.ajog__j=^aa2^aj<Tb Mpl. 

^§.'^.■01^ f-i. 00(0)2. !3imTlg.:^(!@ KR3. 

6Dg,5)aj^fal opp. ai§oo)aj^c3t>' 

^ascuoronb LaxmanaRC25. (goaacxjjo cuoxj-. 
^-050 ^ejasismib). [the monsoon. 

^a<S^ib 5^Q_iD§B) fresh roots shooting out in 

gO^gQBoft', cBsl ila-yu-ya (T. to grow soft, ^a) 
n. V. To move, shake, fluctuate. 2DS.(93cm<3^o 
^g.<9i3'0T3)Q^o i^fzn.T!!) (doc. = .niroojiiroo). qjcsjoI 
Q.<9i&> to have amotion (med.) Qr)a32;o ^§.=93 95 
to be touched, feel inclined. q_j5 §^§.&>\ eisr£\ 
fled Mud. gca-'rai @3g.<a3ScnJ0c>D prov. to start 
a_i(Tnl gj^fl^ (^s^anDfol) (huntg.) be rousel. 
VN. ^i.c35io 1. shaking, fluctuation, irreso- 
lution. gD§.d96)0 gJ^O.-OTS) (a_)3iOC/30 (S.-LJO 

5)01 SidD. ^g.ces)i5T3)oejl a necklace TR. 

2. flux (S Jiioro ^aasio TR. 3. infringement 

c9>gj«ciDc9s) ^atSaal^ Bhri. 
a. V. ^^d96id&), oeffil i. To move, shake, stir. 
(Braocosoacb STrao gDa<fi33Jorib caceYZD^csTlgj Nal 4. 
amao gjatSsiOftJilralceffl Nal. to keep quiet, tgra u 
6)a S55)aa^o ^a=85i^ TR. let go. onoDDail 
ojOffTOT^ 0an-r^a<9«l Nal. touched her. (SYgjQ, 
cniDo s^aioing ano-r^ ^aasH KU. persuaded. 
roo^Si.-ora) ruosra® ^aasTl TR. seduced him. 
<2<e)0§ ©aiSsn forced the fort. (i_i6tj")o fDi.(esa 
to take out the purse. (sraSimJslsmOT!^^!^ ^g. 
ceiB«53(iJi 0-0)01 A TR. "the unshaken", title of 
faithful vassals, ojssan ojo-ara) ^^cBsuVimo 
(Stj) asngcu*, ^0 cnD§lfoi) ^acOsirao^sigjg.u* 

TR. chief inhabitants. 2. to disturb, interrupt 
rmn-iT^ jnatflS'S' KR.(=ajlne^o curroc^a^')- 
rmo 2 5)/iJ0rmitn ©a<6af'Sg Bhri. disobey do 
eiDo 6inrnla'95^3'3T3) (SaiOfgo Nals. not inter- 
rupted by any gift. — also to cast out: (sraaj 
5)S. n^orola'fis'S'sragUra'V. for caste-offences. 
3. V. n. to stir, cao® gssaslt^atfia' s^o-iroa 
oxis Mud. ((uocru) ^a'QsScmocXi t^slaso 
(prov.); even of plants rijilftHc^i ^^■an\ prov. 
CV. ^g.^Offl^'fls' to get into motion, set on f. i. 
a dog ojcao g3g.<9^^ ordered a purgative, 

gCoTltb gDac9s)lff)_2jO§c930 RC96. 

^^ajo ilappam VN. 1. Of ©a q. v. 2. of 

^g.^9« turn tgiasQillag-joo-jOsror^ 5 times (loc.) 
gO^QJ ilaVU VN. of ^5)acS5) Remission, holi- 
day B. (Siorabflfoomo ^aajlgjowa PP. un- 

gO^l (T. C.=:^a, ^lil) Contemptuous grin, 
^a'si, 6OT5 to fret, as children ^a^Soin^ooo 
^tpnrra ooliSfmnb Bhg4. (words of a boy) to be 
in rage, No,; ^alsTlfai (StQ^o)£'iO^&> cf^cm 

CQ-'o (po.) 

jDa^azjnb — aialcsiilftji) ^. ffiajsuad) oulslcant) 

prov. No. = (a)<S5f03<95)Dfon6 a cross person. 
VN. ^£\^aii to be roused, as a lion. 
^Q^l306ij J^ 1. To grin, as dogs, monkeys. 
m^(TiOziJ^£\-s^ Bhr. (^'aumoai^a~'^ ff)c&>05rs 
oQt^xiDnb asl ojfoa VC. gaaljj <a)0S3i toshow 
the teeth MC. 2.=z^£\&. 
©a^^aj03nb(l) monkeylike, insolent, fool ^ 
a~'=2i^3<32;ar)' tgrag^o aTlg^ca/fSixjaaiej (prov.) 
VN. @3a^gJ grinning, neighing, nonsensical 
*al'^- [0Oli). 

^^bYTjtrol'Tyti ilinnil A certain tree (aig^ib 
i^&1iJjoilibhyam = ^algi; in Vi. ^a'gj'cao 
An affront. ojDfOo ^£^.^j<zo<Qi(rn\m Q(j)gja.Uc99o 
Bhg4. all will mock. gigT'.SioiSiGJSrmonfeBhg 8. 
was offended, jd^^.^jo aiSJcno -aTlnDnnDiiri rnl 
ma xTlg^idl Bhg. a cross child = ^al:9i. 
@3ali|iTb a fool = g3^'"i_2j.ijo3un6. 
^^nriJ ilambu Fissure ai^5^T6o ©|.aajd.c)o, 
.Qjajfo^anbo ^^oiDrai) ©ra^gj MC. the centi- 

^ei^dsa — ofDo 



• ofDodBa 

^e\'^<Be>(£h. ^ ilekkup T. M. C. ^a> (V^^ 
a) 1. V. n. To slacken, subside, abate Sihoojo, 
elmo; o^rmDi'ab qQ)^d aJltflocijo ^6)§.<32o 
anied. s^flioy.-ora (Sa.iDo^iSiarel <S^^3*^TrD^R- 
to dwindle. cnl(igajip_ionb ^S5a<So9a5^, S^&ich 
Q_ionb oiiiJD^cuonb ^55g.c9si«sf!i) Mud. be not 
remiss, tired with. aOotaum (Smrao g3i)g,^5D 
S)<u\ ^S!3ueJ0oc}g@nT) S^inoraijgfDjinial KeiN. 
2. V. a. to remit, make to rest. aonOo ^sig.^ 
Mud 1. quenched it, also: bore it. ^ocBala^a 
cescQ^ to keep down the sleep, as in vigils, 
cacoioo ^3)^^ori) slackened Bhr. a^so ^o)a^ 
6)(ft)0§<fiffl to remit. iSjoqj rajocs^nmgo ^sig.^ 
RC 13. forgave. 3- ogral ^5)a=9s) to wind up 
thread (T. ^sitPcOsi), [^i.aj q v. 

VN. gDg.:5ifaii weariness, ^g.ajOQ,^ to rest Vi. 

^^ ila T. M. C. (©y^todraw) A single thread 
ogeTltr, long hair ©(b ^ip^sl TP. — plat of 
grass or straw, the line of a wound Yi. goy 

GcSaoroi knitting needle, 
^tPaJ5Tnl trellis work. 

^ifcsya^', stm^ 1. to trail, creep, crawl roceO) 
toraTld) cijlsrnliPCSj^o 5)ca)0sl;^o Bhr. ^ysim^ 

CG. infants, rmaaainb croo(g0l_Qpif6i!i^ 
Bhg8. QJ^rrna,()3 ^tPSTOi^ SojDcftnm^al^ 
KR. he does not drawl. 2. to draw together, 
rub as two branches Vi. 
^ipeaxijri reptiles (gjrala^frro). 
^6)tfia86», ^ T. M. C. 1, To drag, pull a^Dej 

<0)3mcn:3ra)lai3c0al SiPu4. ^000 <e'0.inoQQ)§>Bi3) 
(BToratesiOfOio @D5)y6)(fiis)0^(prov.) make difficult- 
ies about. 2. to patch, mend=:^5)y-^ ^5 

a^, as clothes, planks, ^aiy-^j ^Qasi to brace. 

3. (SfODZo ©3)iP^ ^^ ^2. (=ff)a>DcV30ori(b 


VN. gDif^m') creeping. 

VN. ^ygj propelling force of current etc, 

^tfoee^o ilakkam T. M. (^ydSa to lose) Loss in 
©g_piPa«)o inadvertance. 
gDyiTi!) VI. remissness, defect. 

^tflc65, stTSVBJ ili-ya T. M. C. To descend = c&Tltpl 
<S^&t. (SjS Qg)§,'aK»^5roro)Sgjoc>3 (jnd.) g&jail 
ylsnJi^^.BTdajfmral^ KU. 
a. V. ^Jfl^es), ^ To lower, ^f^cto ^. 
Pay. to land. ^iP^.^ 5)aj-^ took down a pot 
from fire etc. 

^^c©}, o6^ ilup (T. gD^^ = t^^g) 1. To 
daub, rub. siaiaa^^aeTlysTl RC i-is. <ajiJ0 
tij)li-3*> gD^^S'o <SiS3iao Nal2. SicSioaaj^ilra!) ^^a>'l 
§0 a>aso Bhr. 2- to soil = g)y^63i§a; o^crol 
ciolstsslya^ca; ajoucToo cjofolcBsmo Nal. 3.=:^ 
ip)c9) to fall, sink, aiarroaolib 'o^S}3° ^^a^s 

615131 CG. 

^^o&j ilu-ya the longer planks of a cot (loc) 

gOya&g^, t'J^ ilukka T, M. C. oroorra, oroog. Te, 
^cg — To draw, take off clothes, see ©tfi © 


igQyQr?o8i ilunnn'ya ©^ai 2, Qj(nr^o ©ysral 
Gi-LjDsO (i^:e2^sraTO)) Be soiled. 
gDyd96^o6i, ceeTj !• v.a. of^y<0iTosolderB., 
make dirty No. gD^tfis, vu. gj'OcSs dirty clothes. 
2. ^croejj ^D^ce«li^a6ra'''> UR, avoided, warded 
off (?). 
gj^cflsio rubbing, polish B. 


of^o 1 l.T.M.C.Te. =^This. oroocaocX) this per- 
son. ofOoStmoa^'mo Smrao KU. still. 2. T. = 
oit)o^ fly in oroocaoTUOOO moth. 3. interj. 
of pain, oroo o^nrro einiDgjJnmoib @2gJ^3''^° 


CG. — met. of disgust. f5r3)J)ra5)<esi35ng o(t>o 
mo cLjocsi^^gj vu. 
ofDod96i = ^y3dBffi. q. v. 

ofDocftSl^e^nOo — ofDo§ 


ofDo^dBi — olDofTSYfT) 

ofDooe^a^enOo iksanam S.(ora.i.^5fii) Seeing, eye. 
oroodafii5rnl<airib seer, fortuneteller (u^5ia:xj 


ofOo-o^tmo seen (po.)part, 

ofOooS*3 inna T. M. (^srgu So. ^osa) Mimosa 
Inga, Intsia, the bark of which is used in 
bathing (also (Hractgs) oa)oesBQ^'jaS)&>osn^ ®ffi 
^ ^^^' [^ IP. being soilnd. 

ofDoQ?? o&) = (^^eS^c&), a§-3i3) a§xjs oroosoral 

ofDoJ^ icca (T. ofoo, Te. orooco) Fly. aiogl^ gad- 
fly. (DrsqI^ No. = a--6Tnl^. (6a)QiaoajDalc52;ccsiri 

ofQojyiS.TSiTSDoi) the fibres of a reed, brought 
back from feasts in jungle temples. 

oroo^afOo No. a jungle-tree (the capsules of 

which when bursting are said to discharge 

flies. — orso. siajoslsingoiTl.'olcaao prov. 

accounting for swarms of flies). 

ofDo§ idu 5.(VN.of^§a,)Placing,hencea_rirrnl 

§. 1. stability, durability, strong, close texture. 

ofQo§ggcB>^ ojosTOoaj KU. (opp. (Sa§§g@). 

2, pawn, equivalent. oroo§fl«l§ n_irTTTlo)3i-' si^o 

§K^ So. barter. 3, what is equal, matches. 

4. So. bank, natural or artificial. 
Cpds. oroos§c95) (3. 1) two parties to close, cdd 
carvaoib ajmTls§«g9 TP. 

ofoosoo (asi^nlaick) KR.) incomparable. 

oraoSD«33cQi (l)tobesolid, strong, fine, oraosoib 
o_)SSt9s)Dg_j RC. Qjl§aic)o oCQosocno a^&s), 
ofOoSDcm SjsDcom po. oroosocrro ool.rrogg 
eJlai CG. capital story. rg^.^ y, 

ofDosl^ai (3) to fight as with fists, elbows, 

of0o§5)iftD§c&s) (2) to pawn, compensate. 

oroofiS(&)oro3(05 (4) to throw up a bank. 

oft)o§5ijijg^ma (1) to be durable as cljS'-U Vi. 

oroo§rnl^ (1) to be durable,(2j stand security B. 

ofOo^ao^ (4) a bank B. 

oroo§^^ (1.3) resistance, meeting of equal 
forces, encounter, (oiaalfaii ofOo'gocaU Suo 
(sA they fell out. oroo'gocsii^s 6>iislo)aJ::ai 
(as last resource). oroo'go<9i8S> to drive into 
a corner, 'oiaaellral) aisng orao§.?|§l TP. 
they closed. 

orao§5).Ugi treasury of state in Cochin, 
oOJoSlSKSiasQi (1) to last. 
o«)o6)sy>o l. = o«)oSDcm f. i. <2ai5c3)frnl5)S^o 
655ia_ira)f(:i CG. 2. comparable. BamaiojrBo 
gD-os^si^o cf^^03mo Nal. 
oft)o<2SQ,-£>) 1. to last. 2. to be happy. 

orooSsooo (everlasting bliss T.) ^niDS 
ruo^iflsia^cOsormosgo oroo. Xio^ooinn^ao 
coajo (or : for over) Ram. 

ofDo^cBs, 51 idu'ya (T. o-oosr^ a. to join fr. © 
6T7b) aux v. 1. V. n. To be 'sragjeTlsl aoslmoft 

RC.=g5r^Dcd?l, aJ-5n§. 0vTn:U3^3l5)OO3fD3CrDmo 

CG. — ^@g, jinamzls^mairrra CG. = -osaanoisa 
nrra. 2. v. a. to act. '!D0^is\'6)\r^-^'0S^(3^£\^ g 
SSijalCG. to do si^^s^m3at) = 5)jiJi^o'Tb(po.) 
ofDosoT. M. collection (=: gjii^) ofOo. '^sa> to 
heap up conically. (3^:too ojaul^oiTil QJ3 

&jj^(WDn6 oroogo (gsscrUDcX) Nid. accumu- 
orOo^l itti 5. (Tdbh. oj^c^?) Staff of spear — 

a pike. filTmulii_ioaifl5T3c)o oroo§^iSic)o SitVij. 

(comp. ^§1; ofOo^). 
o(t)jCVjOl(Ty!o TdiSam S. (o^oao, oraocb)Praised, po, 
ort):&nOo inam i.=^n3l32iovu.— 2.S0. Asinging 

noise, also orooemasio. 3. regularity B. ( = 

ofDofoTl l6i S. Public calamity (6, tsra^mlc^r^ 

ofDjrS) l6u =ajlaio in ogTlg etc. at the rate 

of 100. 
I. o(T)aaTi?yi itta So. oroo'-ro)-<A(oroogg T, Te. orao 

jiifjA C.Tu.) Phoenix dactilifera. fprov. 

ofDoayranitPodate GP. oroornragiiPo n_iy(0isScnJDc>3 

ofDoCTOO-ltPo Vl. =: ofDo.'OTap, I'-j^o. 

oroocTTOajm B. a species of date-palm, 
jiTloolrrro Boswellia thurifera (gra S.) 

oroorro),'oi) = orao.-ai:)i, kinds: [o_i^asiD3iri GP. 
^ool;TS)i3l) Phoenix farinifera. ^'ejloiobo 
<a)0§laO)'ai) Elate sylvestris Rh. 

ofOoi^ (Tu. 22.13) a Cycas (Todda Pana of 
Rh,)of5orrosDao0cyf:);> GP, ofDocK»lnba-j§ its 

ofDoiO^ — ofDofOlfCIo 


jfDofb — • ofOoOo 

branch or leaf. ofOocTtnliTboJxjDSl flour made 

from its fruit, food of the poor. 

kinds: .a.D§l>^, zeja'l^. [oroocora iUo^o Nid. 

11. ofOoTOYOi So. Spittle, also i^-uto) (= S-aiyiTii) Vi.) 

o(T)o gyg) Ittu C. o^o-aj, gDracrg S. orooaio? prh. 

go^ff^) The pole or shaft of a plough No. =: 

o(0oQC/3o id'rsam S. (^a+gya) Such (po.) 
orOoPOOClDOOlinamaili (§30000? oolmo?) Mean, 

oroomoo _aJo.-i3ia)l, ofOocnDo ojcSsii, ofOocr^Oj oJ^ 
ofDornoj Sq-j^ So. an evil spirit. 
ofDoCYO^ etc. see ofDoOSYZD. 
ofOoa_l ipsa S. (desid. of tergjcLj) Desire. 

^Qail>a)o part, desired. [^j^s^tgiSajo^n Mpl. 
ofOoClDOfb iman Ar. Faith, credit ma.iJoinbo Qio. 
ofOo(TL^c395 imbu";fa (see ^omjo. T. ^ff^ 
sweetness C. oroosr^ drink) To suck, lick, sip. 
(f.i, 03633, qaj, ojlcortit) etc.). rxjejiti gjfacnjo (Bra 
srr£\ (Oicinlsiceisiaai^/of) prov. anything very at- 

^oaiD =: (Saiosl miser. 
CV. ^'ocnjlte«. 
o^oCOJo lyam T. M. (Tdbh. ctuItdo) Lead = d>,D 
rolc2;o, 6).ijgglcao being pewter, (a^aroljio o)xi 
gglcaio Q^nrnliBTSiOo KR. aiQisra orojca'o dismlmo 
cncrro, 6)3Lj§.i-aT^lc2;o ajlsro^iianairoo GP. 
orao^SutooiA lead pencil. 
orDoCOiDCQJDOO lyampat'ta (orao 2.) Moth, 
winged termite; also grasshopper. [ajOjiPTi. 
ofOncaiiA (T. orooiiirai)) winged termite, oraooirai) 
ofDoCaJlCSS lyide (see @is 3) Quite lately. 
ort):)ft) iral. So. — (grasl-y.xjo". 2. Cyperus Iriallh. 
o(OofDo T. M. 1. Dirt, moisture, also oi-j)ooo. 
2. So. urinary passage oroorBg^jo^. 
orooft)S)aajO^, ofooroosaajogj^ T. M. washerman, 
oroofolcfia to grow damp V2. 
oraoro5)ajaiD:ao T. Palg. (B. small red onions) & 
ofiorragg^ T. Palg. (B, onion) = col osjga' No. 
allium cupa. 
ofDofDTjb iral T. M. (Tdbh. w^dk) Liver. 
olDorolrJDo iri5am S. (orooib) Emitted, as word, po. 

I. ofOofb ir T. M. C.Te. Two = §Dro3. oraoros 

Bhr. 1000, ofOofOnrig by twos, oraoraaaiifDo 

2000, oroofooQ, 6, oroort)D:)a 2 persons' depth, 

of0ofQliP3^@ac''olaj double threaded etc. ofooro 

slca;Daiann Anj. [ofOoiiajoch. 

n. ofOo^ Splitting, sawing T. M. ofoociiDAj saw= 

oraoraai 1. to saw, split, p. ofoomo f. i. ofOo.iT) 

ara •01^71 o) of) o <3--5rel CS. (BTa.tJjal.nTlfDlcSQCTn 

eacfflPTi. half sawn. oe>o(Sicm cuocXj stshi 

sn^ sia^ej.TOl-OjScruoch CG. in hell. 2. p. 

ofoorol (C. ofOo^ to comb out nits) to comb 

hair Vi. ajcSs to card MC. oooib to comb 

cocoanut fibres — CV. oa>o(S\<S5,. 

VN. ofQo aj sawing oroo ij gscrro PT. rrjijj 

of0ojajc9s!oranb sawyer, oroo'oOsiDdEo aycsaofrao 

ofoo^isiajosl sawdust. 

onDo^Ljojocb saw. 

HI. o(bo(h T. M. C. Te, (also oroo|. C. Te. & c/al* 

C.)Nit ofooib oa'^si-maajTlfabSturrt) (ajGjlsao prov. 

ofOosii)«Dgjl, oft)0(b.ui'n, (Sa-iOnlibajGjl a small 


ort>ooet?il'5t) irkil T. M. (T. o.-Do<e9, qS\s^ straw 
for picking teeth, Te. oraorala^ej bits) also 
oraoi£)5)lT3i), oraot0s)c)o, ofSocX) No. oroog.(Sc9isiDcb So. 
Stalk of cocoanut leaf, mid-rib of any palm 
leaf, used nno ij vXis^gjonf). (^(^ejo(j}(aw)\(^ oroo. 

<asss3Si a torture. o.'Oo. @jj1^^3):a) <&>^ 
(S.UQol Sil. 

oraocSsilejI^iZ'D^i^, broom (loc.) 
orOoQCl) irmam l. S. (fTO:5jo^) Wound. 

2. M. & o(0oZ2inb (orooroo) damp cloth oraoiZ0o 
aomoosiro) (S,-i_jDro3-no TP. without changing 
the cloth in which she bathed o'0c^,(2mo5 
(3T0§ci^ (S,i_joa> (in <Sf3fG;^cB) — also orao 
2Zab i^ong. 

ofDon^i irsya S. (^rocroj to be angry, L.ira) Envy, 
malice. (Sra.unr) oQScmj^gg oraooiij, 6Ta63B^o)S 
(2,T)jiiD csra.uteggg orooc^oi MR. 
oroocfriS^^'^^i to envy. 

ofDoOo li'aiQ (T. M. ofOoOo) 1. Moisture, damp- 
ness. 2. dirty as clothes ofOooaacfte to soil 
(comp. ofDotfla). 3. = orooonb wet cloth, ofco. 
00(^.3) to change it after bathing. 

o(T)oQ — o(t)oOOo 


o't)oaj — oft)oC/3-jro 

orooonb wet cloth moosraisajrrrao gjfoornl^g 
oolsroTsajcia §8 6iio^gj prov. (Vi. orooODOfb) 
= ofDoE52nb. [Elate palud.) 

ofDoocrjjno Caryotaurens (or marshy date tree, 

orooocnjcnl a cold fit, oal.nigajfOo. 
ofOjQ iru (T. end, fr. ©q) 1. So. orooo Anger, 

fury, from ^jjIqiOj or oroo,fi3j (which in Vi. 

is written oroool^ aM.) orooQeiOsai to be 

spiteful, in rag* Vi. 2. splitting pain (v. n. 

§20,(3) 2). 3. ruin Vi. 

ofOoQtQi, orooolsgjoi>) to be angry. 

VN. ofOood) f. i. siirpanakha o) oirrnloiSeJD 
osi-oralg-psl^ KRs. 

ofOooi^s) 1. to rage, be in a huff V2. 2, rice, 
plantations etc. to grow weakly Yi. 

CV. ofooolgjlcto to provoke Vit. 

oroo5)OcSs) So. (fr. orooo) to be angry. 

ofQoOOo 1. No. displeasure. 2. So. womb of 

o(DoOO it'ta 1. i<soQ,cm, C. oroofffi) to pull = 
©^<95i) Stinginess. 2. a miser. 

ofooooffiaioronb the avaricious Koran. 

ofOooonb, oroooo0D32jnb miser, also a_ism 
cBfflOfonb ofooooaLfib oQrrra prov. 
3. So. a reed, orooooa^.o^ a jungle of such, 

also ofOooocaipl — oroooocSayrai) a reed used 

as pipe. 
denV. ofOoonlcOffl to keep tenaciously, lay up. 

ofaoool;5J <Sm§o cocDo Anj. oroo'-^o @)q, 

cBs)^^° (i^'OTfai)) g5ire5c9ffl prov, 
ofDoOOo ittam (from oroooaai T. C. Te. to bring 
forth) The womb of animals. 
ofDoOOgiJej So. = ofOoOQ,ajej B. 
ofOooogiejl ffiojosai ajroarm.'oi oQ^ (Cochin, 

MC.) like a tiger with young (see foil.) 
ofOoOQ T. M. 1. Bringing forth ofoooolnrra 
<2aj«ngrm najsrossQcb SG. 2. the infant, young 
of animals. [a^fDloolmo (elephants). 

ofOoooloDo (2) RC. herd of young animals cSi 
oi^ooolgjo (1) the hut built near the house 

for lying in (gra(Ty<S)C)o ncSiSsrgajnb ^"o. ^ 

sngoce«l SG. also oroooQc^cioo ci-jtee. oroo 

OQc-DsaJaTlrei ojcsa id. (So, oreoociajra). 

orooOQ,©)Ofi3l So. nurse to a woman in childbed. 

ofOoOQSanonj (l) pains of 'childbirth, hence 
orooof^ojla', ofoooQSajam. 

ofOoOQo_j3(T5j = ^§3iilrati fflti_iorc3frnlfol<flsom n_io 
CTU ; orooOQojejl = fflajoc^ta^ScOanm oj. 
(comp. ofOoooo)(to exemplify ferociousness). 

ort)oOQ,fijaj uncleanness after childbirth otDo' 
cffilrai) (5K>830 ^gj TP. (a Nayer law). 

oCQooq^Z'^o aoga)(gajsmo SG. 

o«)oOQ|aj3fmlrai) os uteri (& ofoooo — ). 

oroosioo§tSs) l.So. to be in labour B. 2. mid- 
wifery, the work of Sojool KU. oroosjon 
§g_jDnb g)ro§ 6)n^oq, prov. (said of phy- 
sicians infected with the disease of their 

oroo5)oo§cSsfmajcX) No. = ofOoOQ,S)orol. 
ofDofiJ llai=g3^ often in po. & vu. 
ofDoC/Bot) isail S. (ofOoca to possess, rule) 1. 

Lord. 2, God; Siva. 3. able (sroxb <SiSg_jaib 

^■oaamocan CCh. 

ofaoc/3®c8s)D5T76 Gan. 1.= orooc/aomi^ej NE. 2. 
an angle (opp. oolg|f!nl(S(fls)Osnt)) in geome- 
try. Gan. 

oroocyaocnrrb (part.) ruler — ofOocoDooi^ai the 
NE. point, guarded by Siva. 

orooc/alfsn, ofOooalitnjo supremacy, f. i. CT\j(Sroaa 
(S)Ao the rule over the Gods. 

ofOoi^'mooj ruler (po.) 
o(t)oC/9_](T)ru) 1. Potent, ^jiiaH^sxaigjao cu 

RSCi^cuDnb oraoGojfoob Nal2. (able = (Stgjcfe). 

2. Lord, God; often interj. ofDooajronb aQ)2nm 

S) jiiD^XigJ CG. I can but say: it's God's doing. 

aiosmacariff)g_jsgg oroo'aao(b the Brahmans. 

Often of idols of0o'a3D5)ro .aisrgofoi) KU. when 

visiting temples. 3. esp. Siva = 03.-iOc/3_i 

ronb; ofOoaajranaDo>fo (cyz^.i^^ KU. built 

and restored temples. [God's favour. 

hence: oroocyajrodBiSOfifiatsraDrai) 63(11)1-^ TR. by 

oraoc/aJOJCLjrolafQQ^iS^jsmoPTi. get evidence 
from God, ordeal. [j^g^ ^oig. 

orooC'3_irotn_4fmlt:^^iplsi) TR. consecration of 

orooo3Jro(a_jO(TO£icr) prayer. oQ^ria crcDcycencb 
oroo. 5)jiJCSH5)Bi05nglral<S3fnB TR. 

ofDorOaf^ — ^ 


o(t)o^ ©366-0 

oroowsjfcggj (So, orDoMjre^ejl) Helicteres 

Isora. Rh. (= <s.rD(2g. 0^,0). 
orooCDjrascrunj divine (or Siva's) ■worship 

-oHaj oroo'cq^o cE>5iflgj1c9si TR. 

oOoc/ajracToajgj.^sraatcji), ofDoL/a_ifDoa3(^QOo5)c9)0 
lini, oroocajroosisiacffloro!) TR. by God's blessing 
or order, providentially. 

ofDoc/Djroo^smo see (ffia^smo. 

oOtoudjcS^ Goddess, Kali oraoc/ajfolaofoo^z; <Sa 
Qjtoiaoit) CG. 

oraoc/3_i3roo(i_)Dcrucr)o worship of God. 
olDoc&r^rub isal S. 1, Very little. ofOo.-eifiA oroo 

.fdral) by little & little, oOiofaq-Bao lukewarm, 

oroo:e3S§D.:a:io peccadillo, — (5ta2Q03rDO((n)60Qc)o 

<am orao'SigQo Bhg. days & nights nearly equal. 

oraoaa3^Doa6 Vi. stingy. 2. M. doubt, dis- 
pleasure (comp. ^iPiui)) oroocsafiA o^rrnlacQi 
Matsy. ooo, QjlnoD VivR. ag)rmroTlcrr?lcairal) 
gj^ KR5. [Bhg. don't doubt. 

denV. (sr^cuio Slcm\:£n^^sow^ab o^gsa 
oltloClO iha S. Longing, in rnlrol.^nt). 

part, orocoolfoio attempted, wished. 

orQo^ lla S. i. = o«>oajo Praise. 2, T. SoM, 
part. oraoa^iOTo praised. 

ofDo^l lli S. 1. A Turkish sword (C. a sickle) 

2. a cudgel; burnisher (loc.) 

^oglnoo.'DcS-.ajz^iPmo.'^aio KR4. 
ofOo^iaJ GQ_iDd95 (orooc>o=-oroo<9snfal)) f. i. eizn 

SOB etc. To shoot up & be slender No. 
ofDoyCSaeeorsb llakkol So. (=S. orao.-^) Shaft 

of plough Vi. also ofDoiflBi cartpole. 
offioSPo llam T. M. (Tdbh. of Pali SThala = Sim- 

hala, jjlsjQg.o) Ceylon. orooyocSisngaJib ©^o 

<&.3orr33i @j^ prov. 

craoy.unb, f. o«)oiPaj.-ni^(old orao(SsPo,'!5n^)N. pr. 
a caste immigrated from Ceylon, whence 
they are said to have introduced the cocoa- 
nut tree (=:(3fl.ijit, (3^a)aj(t)) KU. 

orocifasifolaij a red sugarcane. 

oro rip 35ms 6313' a cocoauut tree with orange- 
coloured fruits. 

orD;iP3^cT5j (vu. ^foSycry Vi.) a large yam. 

ofi)otF5)g_jfO30ocb Vi. a sovereign said to have 
come from Ceylon. 

I. ofOr^cfti, (£)&] llku'^a^^ydSaa) 1. To put 
ofif clothes Qjl <P ai. 2. to soil clothes oOoas. 

II. crOo^cQ), tf = i^y^cGei C. M. To drag, rmaj 
igslo-Tlsl^gj Qjejl^^o oCQo^p^o, ofOoidP^croe 
oiTlEBDral) Bhr. 


Found in Tdbh's before o, ej, as (roja_io ^ob.xio, 
iseJ3;d)o aej&, also c^zTi, 2.0,0^. Initial 2. is some- 
times lost, as gajo.i;!, .xjd.xj; aeJ33j£b, eJoaj£>. 
Before Cerebrals & Liquids, which are follow- 
ed by tgra, it glides into &,, as o-JS-iJ podava, 
aog-^ oirappu. 

^ aT, aC. Tu. A demonstrative V^, correlative 
with (BTO & ^ (1. the middle between two. 
2. -what is above. 3. that, yonder). Perhaps 
surviving in the adj. part. fut. siroiD^aj^, (SrO) 
04^, 5> ^ 3?j ^ & in the poet, forms of the finite 
Verb came, e^^^rra.-oiOcSi^raf) RC. 
Hence q.o. 


^c6>(2)fDo U'J^amaram (DiUenia speciosa) Careya 
arborea, oJlej. [ccana Rh. 

0eJcsys5 = S. (Sigsfiioso old diet. Aleuritesmolu- 

^d6)o uyam aM.T. = 0^030 World Vi. 

^de>D(Do Tl'yaram 1. The letter §)_. 2. = ^'0,c^ 
interj. dinsc!Jii^Tra>9i3f0o coroarmJo crying hu, 
(prov.) [the nail Vi. 

^dSblrb U'yir T. Te. C. Tu. Nail, the flesh near 

goeei ukka H. Ar. hukka. A pipe. 

gcBs^o ukkam T. M. (v'^a=<^§) ^- Mi*5<3ie, 

hip. j)(S5i5)-sra§(£te SG. to carry a child. acO«i^ 
aJgfg^a^OB prov. 2. side 
Q_iO(£)s) sit under one's jutting roof. 


^oesigo — ^(^o 


^863 — ^.^c 

a<9J'5>^DC)l (1) carbuncle boil. [^g. helpless. 
g)ifl«oo;Ljnb 1. hip-shot (thro' debauchery)- 
g(0noo^rold3s>(loc.) to sit resting out lie haunches 

(also ac£te^^f61c9s)). 
^e85irai) = @taflo T. M. 1. @c95)rai) toSria'TjL (U)£\ 
6)ces)05n| Bhr. ojajs^ra, jDSS^sra) a- 2. g)<£Ki 
Gjli^b Siojo^si'g stalks springing up from 
& near the root of some kinds of rice-plants 
& forming a .ftsr^. [night patrol Vi. 

©cfiS^^o ukkalam T. Te. aM. Advanced guard, 
©oee^^v'C^^) ukkaluttu (a) Women's neck-orna- 
ment, gold collar Vi. also ao)ce5i§ SoM. ^cSs) 
yogi ai^.tsralml) a^gj^gjonb altSsj^o (^ cT)Oipl<e) 

OTlDZCrOo po. 
©c66iukku(C. Te. steel, strength=:a'3<s«') arolc9«) 

(Scs)0£^ ajma TR. (letter of Codagu raja) Ammu- 

©de6id9), <B&\ ukku-ya (C. Tu. to boil up. T. 
^<ft to fall) 1. To start, lean to one side as 
one falling ouora q®§ atOsH (SojocsO (loc.) 
2. Vi. to rot in water as wood T. C. Tu. 

©c86isl ukkudi (a) Veranda or outside corner 
of a house, a'o^'^ o_io<9n to live homeless on 
the bounty of others. 

^o&O^o uktam S. (part, cu ^ ) Said, a saying. — 

^.Bioo gca-'iJ^onora!) ac&oicnoco; roDanb BrhmP. 

addressed, spoken to. — 

a<fl^word. d)5nj'afSX)naoraio^s&<&«))^ aJlsrraKU. 
the B. were defeated in argument. 

g.c9{Z)iaJonb, a'OjjTliJO.-ib po. having said. 

g)^<9)X)o a Vedic sentence. 
^Sis\o uksam S. & ^cft£s:l3Qj Bull. 

g.flfti^ii«o sprinkled roc&<3)-STJnlm3i'a1> Q_s£a\<(TiOoCO 
ooo^n PT. 

g.flBiio KR. the 2nd day of Asvamedham. 
@6U ukha S. Pot, saucepan. — also ^rarali. 
^(C/^o Ugram S. (ae3 = aje3) 1. Yehement, 

passionate, as ajOc9s. — ai^aasral terrible. 

2. heat of sun or pepper. 

ooDCUi^ S.%0" 3, complaint of the nose Vi. 

^i^fS) 1. vehemence. 2. intensity of heat, etc. 


a(5/)(c^ej a certain colic. ^'siaidJs ajfifflsmo 

o-ja^ fmsiScnJDcb o^^o SCDDSi amed. 
a'tQosmo 1. loftiness, pride Vi. jjc/joffrnldasi 

dcnV. (B. a(g)35mo crying from anger). 

2. T. C. Te. Tu. storehouse, granary, gjom?! 

moo ^(j/jDsiDftjrjQmao (^noj prov. foremost 

in the matter of provender. 

g^ ungu So. =^rD(fls Strength (C. Te. a<Ss). 

^863&nOo nngunam S. =^ra!,<ftsi-noBug, louse. 
^S(S^ uiinu = ojsiSTg Bauhinia variegata, yields 

^JlJ]iTS)o njiSani S. (part. ^.oJ, wont, suiting) 

1. Proper, suitable g3 ^(zncufDo rmiTSXinb Nal 2. 

crgaaralraciJno ejs^gjDnb a-oJ^'^f^^ deserving to 

get. (Oisrack) fDi6!JBc>oceajiriiwnaoa3 oa^i^^itBhr. 

aj3jl(aic9e§l fine, strong child. 2. M. manly 

feeling of honour. 

SjiTirmo 6)i0i§CLinf) a reprobate. 

^_Qjlf!j)<96)oron{) a man of honour Vi. 

^jiTlfmo 6)^^ to retaliate g. ms^siaoSiT^iKU. 

g-o^'S'i^ga cno-snib ^OT) Qcrrao gjgj TP. angj 

^CS^rOlo <&)0§1 (VU.) ^^,m.'3r3)ltTnlolg,^3^53 

^ (A-nj.) 
^j^ Ucca M. 1. (S, a=£io) Top. ^^coDfal) <ft§!a 
cs^o KU. (=2^) a^croej crown of the head Vi . 
@^6)^siT) see &^. 2. height of sun, noon 
as)^®c9«®(0t3)<2^oci 6>ijcft>) TP. to cook dinner, 
qS)^<3s)<3^<j:^ forenoon (srasic^ i^sl g.. exactly 

at noon, g^sj'^'^sim^ afternoon. — also 

height of age, g^caJDcsz^ he is above 50 years, 
g^^aejrol Pentapetes phoenicea, its flower 

£'^ GP. 
gSi^eTl a plant, also ©si^aD gsi.^ejlcoilnb 

(SrwDOil) jiipldJ) TP. a home remedy. 
&^0Dg.nb (0iOD^og.n6) a Paradevata. 
^^ U6cu (C. purging, Te. aro3.aj) 1. In g^ 
oj^slcasi also 2^ o_j1s1c9«) to become mouldy 
or slippery as after rain B. 2. Palg. = gglj 
c;b1, q_q^^. 3. No.= 6nj?X)l,uroc^ — a- ^ 
sl^.unb, g^fii'Tb a crack-brained man. 
^^o uccam S. (arati + tmaoou) High, height, 

^jy emjJo — ^ssflnOo 


^g^coTl — ^ses*^ 

AR. zenith or meridian. Esp. of sounds @^ 
roialrai) a_io§&, iftroai, cnlaJxTla':^ (33>yo CG. 
2- -ojlfol:^ Bhr. @.^'^os«3T3c>3 Brhm, 2^ 
0oa^'@g S^ieio.-ii3o loud. — ^^cinl jiirmjsnis^o 
Nal. ups & downs. 
g^'mjo (opp. nnl oloiJo) rising, superiority. 

^j^ffnOjOo UCCand'am S. (^dhjusmvo) Rash. 
^.i^COto UCCayam S. (joI) Collecting, knot of 

gown ;a)6matOT). 

denV. ajj^ffl5Q|.o g^oiil^ CC. 

^^fOlreei uccarikka s. (nj(b) ^^ofDerOo 

To utter, pronounce, as ajrjia g^folauosirm 
Bhr. So. (BajS3D^oroffmo, rnDSao, etc. 
g^orao excrements (po.) 
^j^OfOOfb, ^j^DfOTjb, gj^OtTjb Festival 
in honour of Bhudevi'smenstruationonMa-^ara 
Sankranti (end of Jan.); similar to the februa- 
tioas of the Romans, g.ajrasraigi cnl^ to keep its 
3 days of rest by abstinence from all work except 
hunting. g^DitA si.'TOOi Qjl(J^(S-i_)03i~l superst. 
(curse resting on work done during these days) 
2^ora aJpoonm3c)o (Bracra/scuo Qg)§asi MR. wo 
exTDOC^ ^:^oci>^ o-isiDo (oifrafScnJOcX) doc. (as 
on Quarter days). [spirits. 

^ja^osnOouccadanamS. (^s) Expelling evil 

^^1 ucci T. M. C. Te. = 2^ 1. The crown 
of the head a^c9Q§^2iCS^o KR. 06mcSs(ScnJOc>D 
^^ (msrtDcftBO KR. @^ gSiOtSn B. to pour oil 
on the head of children. &S)^6rn vu. oil poured 
on the head. 

g.^3-4 flowerlike ornament for the crown of 
the head. g^aiJlfali orasiT^lcs^o o-Jg^o Pay, 

^o)e)j^8 UCCeis S. (adv. instr. pi. @^o) Aloud, 
also gD5i5)^(Tj;j.'0o louder. 

^oiSlca^o UCChistam S. (uS\.-b^) Leavings of 
meal ScSOiSc/a.-fl^aDCi^'a^ggroj &, KR. 

6)2i3o6UeJo UCchrilklialam S. Unfettered. 

^r^ COlo UCchrayam S. (^) Rising, height. 
oj.oo'l 010 liiffh. 

^o^jcronOo Ticchvasanam, ^ar9_iornjo 

S. Breatliing up, sigh ffisioi-jajo g'ajo Qjj 
engo KR. (rage.) 

^^^CqTIpoI ujjayini S. (k^) Capital 
of Avanti, G. Ozene, Vicramaditya's residence. 

^0^-1^366^ Ujjvalikka S. (SSJoA) To flame 
up, shine forth jje^jaJ.ajlsjcnojTl ojo^mo 
Mud. brilliant courage, gs^jejl-^ 6)^3^ 
Blir. broke forth in rage. g.'^§o ajlscaocoo 
^^ ^^al- [break out. 

CV. mrassst^rm s^&iOfuo g'g_?lc9« Mud. to let 

^ssjTQujlfWo ujjlii6am s. (part. a8K>a)=&raf)+ 

oOd) Left, forsaken. gej'aujlfaieDST^SiggofDoar) 
CDo CG. 

I. ^S uda T. M. (3§) 1. Belonging to; hence 
a<SS postpos. of Genitive. n^nrTaSs or oQcms 
CBJ mine (see asca). 2, (C. as^^) cloth, 
dancer's pantaloons, esp. (inlfTOUjs royal or 
idol's garment. 
ascaos royal dress ojeulSrora-.O'iA &'<9)^o SiPu. 

(anasajsc2JDS jiJO(z^S) daily dressing of 
idol KU. 

g)SCU3c)3 royal sword (prh. from asra^)). 

aS'Siaiaoon (S^ib RC 89. (<a)£iio T. = (grs3fosmo) 
ornamented or ornamental? 

gi5onli.o full height of a person, whole length 
of a house, beam, etc. 
n. ^S 1. Groin, aj(T^ T-JiSai^-ao (C, Te. gsl lap = 

asl) aff>5c9® -!^^i S)Q^o^3^. 2. B. testicle 

of oxen. 
III. 6)5= ©SQ-j Breaking, castration. 
©SSS^ udaiinu (C Te. T. to be compressed). 

g3Sc9a 1. catch, latching, notch, mrarmlnb ©• 
incision in the arrow. 2. obstruction, dis- 
pute, dunning, quarrel. (=5nj'aul:g|, cn\ 
STXjcriOc) a. (SiO^cQ) Vi. to insist on. ©. 
S)<£hD?Tgairisoyoumay wring it from him. as 
cesi-orarao s oK^gSdaoisnggKIJ. (in ordeals). 
No. ^SiSSTnafOo a_i,")i9)=,'oiCiaiejfi_ioa). 3. 
obstinacy, war. asasHmoirirDls s^aig am 
tflfflOCTLnxcTno^ RC. with a mind intent upon 
revenge. [MC. harpoon. 

aSiflag) bearded dart. &'.c2,:nj, a'.iSirroo jiiDgl 

gjs<ss)nb troublesome, daring Vj. 

£S<08<&i, s^ to catch hold of, resist, wrestle. 
ro55)g_jnb QQTro5i)3<S.XJ0ib tsra)* RC. who 

^s^o — gsa 


^SfiQ^ — ^sca; 

will dare mo? 2<^ O-oJcmo.Tf) ^ScBsilcDg RC. 

tried to relate. (8o_)DKSSo9al§(e) Q^'2cmo§ 

@ss.xi KR. g)sa3snb !gi3(rir^o ^scSsTl ^lai 

(Smos^s CC. i^^ cucnSlan KR. 

^S^o udajam S. Hermitage, a_isrncyaoai ^. cn\ 

gSS'TCYOOerifi) udannan (C. Te. odyanam) Gold 

chain round the loins (fr. ^S or g^sn3k) = i^S(b. 

^SOb udan 5.(a§) l. Together with. 2. at 

once, forthwith coD^iDBlrm gjfJSiOCOo g)snb 

gsCTODfrf) CC. asnb (OKSnm aTl-oJofol.^ TR. (grj) 

&s2onMR. at that very moment, (graslaz^rraroo 

<Siiplsiaro)Cf3l) g)S®m TR. immediately after. — 

with adv. part. ff)nJ(^snb, & adj. part. Si^oi'i^ 

ascrasnb again & again. 
Cpds. ^sciosl So. at once. 
^setaioaj, ^srrms^ (or ^saa)§) a®Q,3i widow to 

be burned with her husband. asoTObl @s 

Qjoob aro3S)cnj§ochi VCh. 
&ss>cm%& to agree SoM. T. 
ascrusl 5. agreement, contract ^mshji£^<a-s)0 

RSo @. (tyaiofoo mscrra Arb. 
asna Vi. friendship; see &S0. 
^So—Jo udappam So. (^s I) Relation, connexion, 
friendship gSg-jo Q^'flgo (sroxira 203^1 Bhr. — 
aSg_j5)0OSlS 1. properly = as0®C2;o5)5. 2. (prh. 
fr. asceaaj) strongly. 6i§'Sceasn')o oQcm gs 
g_j5)0o§ cuo6TOtn)Og_p-Dj Bhri, contended that 
he must be killed. 

^Sa_jlOg_J udappirappu (T. @snbaM. gsfot) 
Uterine brothers (asgjlormajiib) & sisters, g 
Sgjlocm.TJcbcSs o-igji^K^RC. also aSgjlooTl 
B. brotherhood. [Moslems, 

^ni^ajoo gsgjlogi TR. the brotherhood of 

^Saudama 5.(asI)l.Property,jewels. 2. rela- 
tion, friendship (=gsna). 3. propriety. & 
sojsI gs0(2a;os Qa)§(i29 Mud, eca^scmxitb 
g'<2c32)D§ ®!i_i3«SQjlnb Bhr. quit only ! 4. simi- 
larity, culfosanos a. ©.oi^ojonb (gTa:|l(a^DC2jo 
Mud, wish to be like a hero, 
hence: gS0d3s)Dron{) 1. proprietor, owner, aisl 
@.S0t95iDroab MR. 2. natural protector, next 
relation. 0135 5)a_J3ra63QS)5 gS0(fi5)O(b TR. 

gS0iW)O"no (cruQomo) Vi. relationship. 

giS0a\iDnb owner, as of house, etc. (uomTlnnbo 
g,, a)2o g. MR. 

^Scn^ udambuT. M. (=asf3))) i.Body. gs-nj 

5)jiiol3iiajnb Vi. of small stature, gscnjlmo 

(S(U)£)a\ MM, aj)^fD3:ijsrnj5C5^Z3Q, RC. 2. anus 

g. ajoaga Qjrrra the rectum. 

ascTLio B. closet. 

denV, gscnjlcfisi (loc,) = cruj(r5)-ijla5i. ^0 o-i 

srno g'^ laid up. [i«snb PT. = @@a. 

^SCQ-) udaya .5. (as I) Possessing aaigsoi 

giSC52^onb Lord, in gS32;oibaj@g^ a medieinal 
creeper (amed.) = {gT2)Tn^cSfflfO- 

gsaiOjob 1. owner. With Nora. m:a6!3T3ch (Srg) 
0,0 g. KR. who has acquired the 6 N. o^ 
OTDSJS <Sa_j«33S2caioaa0Di3«l Mud. With Ace. 
6T3)S3i3J)g.(ST3)(bg5S32;D(bAR. whois to protect 
us, since father is dead? 2. elder relations 
(see gSooDib) with Gen. 6)Q_)6rnl-ii-tbo gs 
caajnb = as0c95)Drori6. oQcnlcSs <8xi5io ar^s 
g)'(b @3gj TR. no protector, g. aoTo ^ra 
sroisofs!) 0«yil (opp. sojrajj). 3. God, also g 
scnjroicnjraoab. — • gssoioife title of Maisiir & 
Codagu kings TR. 

asc2)@ 1. possessed cn\ nDSicm cn^s^i' @532j 
@ TR, art mine, 2. possessing, owner, 
lord; with Ace. {sro)* o^-iirm ©scsifs, oJ 
o^om (5T3)(li gg^ n4j)ff)nm gsca^fmoccy^ Brhm. 
no father! rnifii3i3c)o gscag fmcrjjrooSon TP. 
I have thee only, God, to look to; with 
Dative cn2^5)S ^tiTntnz^lmao ffiSD.tiJTsrailfrroo 
gscao^oaarolai TR, share my lot. 

gScaceaDfOot) No. owner jiirDcS-jTlaintio, ru^xil 

5)nf)o @. TR. 

gScai.Tjrao (itnjo) Lordship V2. 

^SCQ^cBj, snsYb^ udayu'ya T. M.Tu, ( 

comp, asl) 1. To break as pottery, nuts, etc, 
gSoisrarajDOB -aJsl SiPu. Soiib gssrastplsroi^ ciTl 
srra AR.; to be breached, (SaiO§ gssroi^ Ti.; to 
be broken as enemy ca,§cTuaiC2-cia^ Q®g)^(ScTU0c>3 
gSsTOTO) o_i5 (wli^snsroi 0sn£l KR. 2. to break 
as sea.^ ^ssv^ssq ajosrmg (Sa_iOt5)ej ruj 
S ajf51 .fifnta!) KR, i^Qaa g. to become untwisted, 

^sejo — ^^cejfzsb 


g§d86^ — ^eroGS^l 

t/arolfOo @. emaciated, goio^eg ^^'^ffS &sngo 
aOejo gssraro) Sojoo KR. broken mind, gj'o 
foio ^sQi^o •will fall to pieces. 
VN. asQJ (rare). = 111 as. 
a. V. ^o)S39& 1. To breakin pieces. ^ro§Q^ 
aTlejo aeisScSfflsmo prov. g§s)C2; 5)B>o§1 ^s^s 
^Dcb Bhr. (3.&)D§ @. SitVij. to breach, qroirai) 
nrgc9fi3l^55aj§^ nn^e^S-Qj TR. chest was burst 
open. 2. met. 0Dmcru.w:?nb iftoolonjo g^fm 
^sisScesismo CG. 3. So. to castrate. ^5)5^ 

MC. capon. 

^S^o udalainaM.=:&Sr3ii. @5aJS!5ac>oo3caiajs3i3a.o 
cdTi, ojgjsejo 0^)65130 (STDjerDsmaodtelmonfeRC. 
asroi)T.M.C,Te.(VN.ia§<9>)l.body,also trunk. 
aseTloA aycsQno rojojlfoejaiag ^s^s^^j 
Mud. on the tortured body, ^sraiuslojo 
(3rasq^5iaa>^o ^sca rlla.Tb Bhr. assaJ0§ 
Sjiicmoib jiDroicsiJlroi) Bhr. a Sati. 2. life. 
asgjgOOooao QjroDSitm Bhg. g)'of03o ^gj ©5 
£J° S2^ ■^u. neither influence nor security. 
3. texture of clothes. 4. gsftil) n-TloTrogg 
txjcb Bhr. prh,= asnb (see gS^Ogi). 
I- ^§ udu =aay Star? a kind of fish. 
II. @<^ (old \/^to have on, hence .as, @.sai>). 
a§@srnl clothes a'tO®" (ftslcssnm ffiajg^wB)^ 

orrao (gScSao gogj has to live. 
@§cijscu woman's garment. 2§fOTO) a§o_js TP. 
a.v. ^^a©6>j (C^ T.M. C To dress (also as v. n. 
(SrQ.aid5)?o <2a_iDS)aj ^§c9s(Snmnt) CG.) put on, 
chiefly the lower garment fmorj'§c0s) in the 
closer, ajls§c96) in the looser way. ngjaiaoo .u 

Qjnb naked, aas S)Q_isnTlmo gggjonb si^D^TSTa) 
(TOocu'ib, g§g_joab sie.o^tSsaDajnb temporary 
husband, (asnaanti sia)0§cSgrmnjnb theuncle\ 
a§g_]onf) (WfOSs eraonb TP. may I marry you? 
VN. iSfa-j dressing; clothes. 
CV. gj§jyldto (old a§(i23i>i "Vi.) 1. to dress 
another. 2. to marry o)ih§l a§ojl^ ffia.o 
6T^ ajroldh No. 
^§c6:fclj udu'yal aM. A time, turn (.^sl sudden- 

ly =ffia_io§ce6)3m, prh. crash, comp. @so%c&)) 
mora!) a. 4 times. o_iaj:ij§£bral) Vi.2.=: ji^ss. 
^§ :66^ udukka T. M. (& ^§dB6i C. Tu.) A tabor, 
resembling an Jiourglass^gsl. 0gg.o 2§rf3s 
>&.d) oOiijdftJiaTlral (^ro^ado ^aj ^tnral QQn"nlS3a; 
assngo YCh. 

^§q_Jl, ^§x-j (^OJ^Q-jjudupiT.M.C.Tu. Temple & 0OO in Canara. 
^§004 udumbu 5. 1. Iguana. Lacerta Monitor, 

used for wounds .oiforai &§CTulo)nb.o n_isrgo 

MM. g. QjomojliorajaDrao GF. 5)S)<9)c9is cr)gj§ 

nxHscraorai ^s S)cQ5§1 KR. gloves? @§cnj cddoj 

medicinal against scorbute. — Two kinds: <£ho 

(b — (So. 0srro, — aeJQ^ — ) & s^ojooto — (So. 

j3jloQ, — ). 2. the inner wooden bolt ((Oiy^, 


denV. ra^oxTlcSffl horripilation (loc.) 
^6)Sdd6\ udekka v. a. of ^SCQ^d&3 q. V. 
@§o rLg)§aee^ Uttam (Te. 25 C. gemg bubble, 

Beng. gs to rise up) The water to come up, 

as in well watered fields. 
^S^fTOs Utturuttu All the articles in a house 

(prh. @S = aSf^, af^®§)' 
^CO^Q-Jo ud'ubam S. Raft, crescent. 

g)ay star, gayru-ffTl moon AR. [o-iomorata. 

^ojL)o(3icU(Doud'umBaramS. (& ?>'^....) Ficus 

^Cu/lOOo uddmam S. (ojol) Flying, soaring. 

^enoes^(£b unannu-ya T. M. Tu. C (Te. o|) 

To dry, fade, heal as wound ; also mctaph. 
(0rarm o^nolifls (Oi^lca; cgnl o^tSa-jocXi oemsogo 
when shall I get over it! aemsoralca, asmajBO 
fO) (BTOScDs) TR. betelnut dry & fresh. 
VN. I. a6TnsoBrol) in gsmsosejrol riconot boiled 

in the husk (also affmdteajrol = n_i^rol opp. 


2. g)6maao dryness org) cf^ro^rad ^sngora!) gerr) 
cOsi0roo siojo^l n_)Oioi> ojrrao TP. dry wood 
would bo moved to tears. 

3. jismifia dryness g^smcSsilsQul^^iifStay a med. 
(ftDOornia £sm<eo)ai (uo<S€Souo<2aj TP. — 
asmcesalTb (opp. oj^alnb). f^j^j Qud.) 

CV. ^emeoaldSffl to hoal i^ol gjsmsoialgjanb n_ai 

^enoftj) — ^sog 


^eogq — ^6^ 

a. V. @5mceai>,, cesH T. M. to put to dry, air, 

dry (Qj(n^o, eiOTo,o, ooai etc.) 
^eno(tyic65, rnri) unaru-ya T. M, (C. ^m^ to 
come forth) 1 . To awake ^oano gsmarroSo-iDo 
c^ftsrij^aa Bhr. will be disturbed. (^SnmSaja 
6iaj gsmcTO Qjrrnl®S6mo Brhm. be resusci- 
tated, oasmo gsmcrra broke forth. 2. to watch, 
care fooasiD^onskio gsmm'TlfoliSffl AR. to be 
up for R. 6iria"nmocsj^smcTrosab sijiiogj^moTb 
KR. having collected himself. 3. to be 
conscious, perceive. God is roifrnlsejTsraonb ^em 
S)nT)^ooolcrrao izlajm Bhr. 
VN. 1. gsmiLi watchfulness. 
2. asmt^ intelligence, smartness @5mo)q!j^o 

RC. lively (monkey). gc^otSoDcrLDrai) gsmsglj 

ooo eeng Bhg. ^ggo mg^5m(i^®@ao(b @?. 

gjDfTOo AR. 

a. V. asmc^Si 1. to awaken, rouse coocaai 
neoib a_)@gl asTDfOT^ KR. 20<95;o &5irr'>OTD)^ 
Bhg. Q®nrros5)m ooIq asmti^iJDab KR. 
2. to inform arTO5mraral§<SaT)itb KR. oQcm 
aros Qjotnra &STr)tCTjQ CG. hinted that, qq<^ 
sinmcteajonb (gtaxisanos ^snifaran KR. ex- 
horted. orvcTjnlnaajslcBM arrasnismn^Tjo 
KR. with Dat. or Soc. 

CV. gsiTTiajrai^jgci to inform a superior, with 
double Ace; also Dat. ^aso^-nreilnT) g. 
gogj TR, The heading of letters from sub- 
jects to ministers: N. gsmnsTJslsajisr^o (Hia 
cucroQ TR. 

^6YTOl>?3t) unil (see C. ^stt^ in prec.) Eruption, 
vesicle as of itch. — also = cra5rnl^l). &■ sicno 
^c&i, <9)(!gBi9i to squeeze it. 
denV. aernleTl-^ ojrala) a vesicle to form. 

g6no|TjY(5?|(61 unittiri & ^e-nf^WTlfOlOD-^ 

(prob. gernl) N. pr. A caste of Ambalavasis 
(82 in Taliparambu). 

^6ng unda 5. (=aro35rg? C. Te. Tu. also CD 
6"g) Ball, globe, clot, bullet, g. aassgsmo 
TP. make balls, ^gj-oinb ffifmoaere CG. globule of 
nectar, gsr^cs^o afmrrrao 6)<aiBl_^KU. (for war). 
&snss><S<s)0&i gunshot-wound. 
aspECigtcli good thread. 

@.5i^g_jo^tii) distance of gunshot. 

£51^ Isoldes), §a5ld9s) to make bullets TP. 

asr^cuai small fishing net. (Daiifol(fi« 0^)0^1 

CT3 @. prov. 
^fi»^aTlgj pellet bow. 

^sn^ ffjUcasih to coagulate. 
QSOgQi^fil see under ^srrsd.. 
^Sniloft, & (^sneloB) undi'ya H. hundi l. Bill 

of exchange. 2. stamp. &. <ft{;^c£b to stamp Vi. 

^sngl 3,296^ aio (Coch.) money bags sent to 
Collectors = ;35lgJ. 

g5>T£l<&,c9DeJcy3o So. treasure-box. 

@.5irgla,g_j5mo So. money deposited, 

^Snf|undu 5. (old fut. of ^cXs) l. Thereis, exists 
(^). 2. is present (Sajsrranmrdilmo etaortf) 
@6"| CG. cTOOT'n<s>a^fof)^ it is written. 3. as 
auxVerb: a.) with VN. curola^ @6n§ I shall 
come. (9ioS6Tr)5n|ai a5T7| Bhr. we must see. 
C'3l.-fi^nb(ST2)9iC5^oa5rT=heis. — also part. Nouns 
(uOffKjrai.go 5)_a](sj|^@o asng I certainly said & 
did. (S ucoora!) Qjascrngsng sraonb VetC (sraoj 

ongo gsr^ TR. we shall, ojl^aj^sni CG. I 
shall fall, ^rrolgjigssrgs CG. will he re- 
member. i^Qjosngffni aiOsmoG^ ergionb Nal. I 
have not seen — cSiiflScasisng^sr^ TR. — with 
VN. in orars?). (Biaajsioo aioemra'j a^^ngoTR. are 
you in the habit of seeing him? s^o-igi gO(0s)ejo 
QQ)§ca5iOQ,o Q,sn^. MR. b.) with finite Verb, 
often adverbially inserted ajtSitfiDnb (sr^'Jd 
^snggg^rai) gisnaoaj.TTO EM. arrrasng s).a3DgjfnD, 
@5r^ ajfa3i'Tra Mud. he comes already, einrrosr^ 
(SajsngKU. e<&iO!i^o)c2^a5n|ajlslc9s(Tra is 
the fowls they seize. ag\rm S<9ic>a.T-j5n| 6t5)onf), 
Qg)maS5r@D cg-moiTTV CG. did you really fancy? 
<3 000,-313)1 ma (SsngD cn\o<S<esiS£r>S)g^^ AR. In the 
past chiefly with ^s: a^iSOJ ®a_iD3iJ^S5r^ 
Bhr. 4. by a sort of ellipsis it stands in some 
phrases for the Copula; so in measuring dis- 
tances : c/9lrolc£^5^s aQcmwjo ^co scaoeann ^eng 
KR. a_i06raroi^(SjiJ^ ^ffjin^^cs^o Nal.; esp. after 
^sm etc. (sraajob o^rnlj.^ ^srn &sn^; emaxj^, 
(^ssng 6T3on{), ofOoc/ajronb oroaOoc2;o asni etc. 




^STf^Sy — ^as) 


T. n. ^srgoaiai, cail to come into existence, exist 
SftB 5)Q_jsicB3gl a^ngoairi TR. was born, 
eflojnb a^ngoo Bhg. The other combinations 
as in £5^ f'i- (5:3X15)00 aiosnacD) fais^rm a 
sngocariasfrnlgj MR. ffj^ejijlrro (Woajsngo 
cdTlfDJaro TR. used to grant an allowance. 
^snga^iYO-) sscsacx^o a^sTTgo-sLTl TR. has hap- 
pened (& is no more to be changed). 

V. a. £5^Dc6-^c&i, (95)1 to bring into existence, 
create, make. 

CV. ^sngDoaalcSs) to get made, bring about <ft 
cniermglcSn Q^Snno^ SS Jcsao^ TR. 
6)jiA§lff)C2; 5)<a)0?Tg n-JQ_JSo a^rgocesl-^ (gj 
glcQ/OfiA Anach. 

ggnoodea unnakku So. (acb) = (5ra3Tnod9s. 
so asrnosi QjlaotSiao CG. = a^ooo5l. 

^Sy;^ unm l. T. M. C. Tu. (gsraa^ eater) 
^5*^0 ■ ■ ^ em ' 

Tick on cows, dog8(moc!;^6nfl). ajej3^5rnl large 
tick. ajoejsTTTl pimples on the face of infants. 
(SQ_i3,i5t<^(Snafsii @6rol<a>sl^^ prov. 2. suck- 
ling, young, infant, ^o, c^o. (ST2)6ngsrnla2/0ji~lso 
(ScuoaTl GnP. 

(ararrrogrnl son of one day's connexion fvu.) 
(Bro.TTOsnTl fiQaJsoQc)^ annual vegetables (opp. 
roDai i^raaasojo), for every day's consump- 

egfn1cSs)3ej^ Anach* [darlings. 

gsrnlcOsilsoKSQck) gossgnm ffimroc:^ CG. the 
®6rnlc83iaDfDmaxric2J0(b KU. the first minister 
of CoUkodu. [Parappanidu. 

@6nTl,-oicnJD,ib(&<S35T3i3)lfm....) a prince f. i. in 
@6rnl.-ora5n| = So. &Palg.=aj3iPasiocnd No. qjo 

iPCiJilsrel So. 

26n9'(0?ii'Dlifl> to assume the appearance of a 
babe. 0365B jsmlftnlfoletmg) the blossom has 
developed a fruit. CLiO^A SSfnl oiilfolstm^ milk 
spoiled (=6)Q_if03t9si). 

gsrnlzofiisQ young mango. 

(o^nb) g6TTol<5i5)iT_j(Di<2eJ endearing call. 

ffl6n^i2D(b 1. Brahman boys. 2. a class of 
Nayer in Travaucore or "Ambalavasis" 
(Coch.) 3. yolk of eggs. [^pj. infancy. 

Abstr. N. jjernlrm-iaoin a-.ipl^^o orajal^Dejo 

a<S5rnc9sn6 ( j^erploi-alcSanb) a weak slender man. 

^5^:65, 6nf| unnu-ya T. M. C. Tu. (jcb) 1. 
To eatojiral), i^ai ^sna^iCG. to suck. (SigjCO/.'nro 
<Seocoo j^6i»lf3?)KeiN. enjoy. 2. chiefly to eat 
rice, &5ng ©stdI aDsldSsaltSso prov. ^srg oTl 
§l.-al) etc. (see a)6n|5i&.Sc9). ^sngSjijoorTlrab <9) 
gjisros^ do not render evil for good. (Sraxi 
sintio (8^0Q,sn|(S(i_iD3n I am once indebted 
to him. iSisra^lajOti^srranmg prov. to make a 
meal on Canji. 100 SojcSg 2210000 3^1 Mud. 
VN. a'asnf), atg (old gjerrb in ^sa^(i£\csi&> 

Pay.) eating, meal. 
CY. asrnlces), s-osai. 

a5^Q,fiJ)l "end of enjojonent" deed of acquit- 
tance. £51^0,^1 (BTOjCOOfSoMR. a mortgage, 
in which the mortgagee occupies the estate 
at a fixed rent, out of which be pays the 
amount of the interest on his loan, & such 
proportion of the principal, as shall liqui- 
date it in a specified number of years W. 
aergcitdil.i-iogo or &,icmo a lease of grounds, 
paying the rent for all the years agreed 
to in advance. 

asngCirCTilfusmcajo deed assigning a property 
for a certain time, to enable the lender of 
money to pay himself the principal & inter- 
est from the usufruct. 

^ena Unma T. M. (ado) Reality, truth, extern 
5)s co^osiaTlnf) asnzs^^i (SiOonzomoca)! CG. to try 
the reality of thy justice. asnzfSaioiis corai(39s) believe firmly. 6iuoajrao<bs)jiio6)gjgjoo£ 
6na3i/03n QjnTTlsa CG. oQSOSch 6)(9iorn)1rf)a.Tnfni 
asnaco'oaj CO. be realized, g. curojc^a) Vi. 
to extract the truth. 

^(5©rY20fb unmor (part. fut.ofe|TTBa>)a'3rD/g3 

'Si" P"""^- [ful question). 

I. QCU) u6a S. (a=&o) And, also; or? (doubt- 

II. @(TD T. M. C. A kick, rebound. 

adDCsysi Vi. a«aj)ce6) to kick, rebound, offend, 

cheat Vi. 
VN. aioiQj Vi. striking against an offence. 

gfTDo — ^ra9|fW 


^rcSlrb — ^^mTiQ^o 

@i7Do u6am Tdbh. @ao. Water SjjJDai^infXif) a 
fmoTS'sob jiio^agjsl 6)jiiDfo^6)o_i<m RC. like 
springs. — sajDeJoaoio (aosnn^lslaoonb Mud 3. 

= gcflS (or gDfOlo?) 

@roicfec&), c£bl uba-JfU-ya 5. 1. To serve, be at 
hand & of use, help, conduce o^mUea araiaj 
(rnl^ "Vi. does not suit. nDSg^ctaraiQ.o-STafO) 
aQQm Bhr. §86110 (^gljonb croc^foi agg^Ai a 
(t3i(fl?l®S^ CrArj. Q_m&^siJO-ici) protector. g)rm 
<3^6>aj::^ (SjoIcSso KU. 2. (C. Te. as.ij) to 
prosper, thrive laaoarv^oryou^.-m^icr) aig.(®oPT. 
VN. I. @(WcS6iohelp gfoiasKcrailaT) (8raaa£ces)5n")c, 
aooJo ^foicasj^o 5)jiJ(g Ti. 

II. atwxilid.ajsis^ajnbaraixils^^c^Mpl. ^to) 
oHaicb 5)ji5(m SidD. 

III. mrogg a«(Wa_jo§ foiiia Goii helped (Mpl.) 

^rZDQdft), 61 ubarU'ya 5. 1. To be in hurry 
or confusion g^fwoloj.oa^ Vi. =:(ai(ra)g_j3§. 2. 
to shake off rais'cmasig'mola^o orusmo <2a_iO 
oTl KR. (a struggling cow dragged away). 

@(T7)^o u5alam Cerbera odollam, with round 
poisonous fruit nrysiigsauoal^cb 6)ajgg,-nial.i3i) 
©§ jD 13)2. 0313 Sa_j3S)ej prov. (always turning). 
g^iTJig"! (also^(3)a3'&i) bladder ^<OTf} culgjl^^j g 

rma^ (Bfuosiej Nid. = qj(TJ^ V2. 
denV. ^fmaldte to be inflated, puffed up. 

grZTM tl6i better af!j)l Odina pinnata, planted 
near pagodas. 

ataJ^tSs) So. (= gog?) to hiss, as snakes. 
VN. a(o'^ce5)f^)^= .ruloral) V2. 

^aj)\(U>,(£h, crrQ uSirup t. m. c. Tu. (Te. ^-o 

.aj) To fall, drop as fruits, leaves, moult as 
feathers, drip through a sieve. o_jgj&.c>D ^(^ 
moi2a_i3o VCh. aejras^csTldjao'naofmlfSo 55o-jo 
sla-,c>3 KeiN. 
VN. ^(£\^, (^fd^za B.) 
^fij)l206rnl grain dropped OTlfoijO ^. 5>a_iQc9«l 
S)<Q>03n§ ojrmail aiipl.^ Bhr. 

a. V. g(d)lan 1. to cause to drop (fftaucbcQs o_jgj 
(gK^ RC. (Ja:Lin_joQrLj6aHc>3 ajaaiib &_<^ 
tcnal^ Bhg. ^o^ &a^3o a^(i^ 6^ai05n| 

a med. (of a boiled fowl). 2. to shed 
tears T. gwjdjis) gSSSBllDOch, rgraxinb .nio 
ro.'js. 5)^nD5!5i§fgcefflqia>S63Qlmont) CG. 
CV. aisroocszTlfo-oiwIejo g.-tn^gj^^Aj cuofiga RS. 

^(T3?lfb u6ir (^.a-mltbTe. @gr^ low ridge) Little 
heaps of ground for planting rice in marshes. 

^^rOo u6iram Tdbh. rtsoulfoo Blood. @. <ft5l 
gjatb TP. gculroo €y.smS)<Bst ^glralcflso roc9<a 
<fljrego, (BTa'OT^rrro Si^o.-OTzQ ^culrao <B>g_&i a med. 
to bleed. f^itji ^lood oflFeringB. 

gny)lfDa;oa^ a Maya worshipped by Nayers 
grailrao OJoij bloody flux. 
gfiJilracesols^SoKU. a certain income of Rajas. 

^6)as):B6) see ^(TD ii- [_, ^g^_), 

^fZsi), ^Q ul, ud S. Fp, out(see3^ — , a-ara 
arataio S. longing for. 
arataso S. excessive, raging, a'aoca; (SQ_i0y, 

— (33-.oajo, a'tTr)33i.' aDmajnb CG. 
arafjiSisni S. regretting (with raised neck) g'o 

ajlScDDSmDoiDo Mud. to mitigate the grief 

of separation. 
aroixS'caioS. excellence £• cufTOR^^ to aggran- 
dize Vi. (fgSojo, — ^Ssma — Mud. 

denY. ^(A&^t&^ia^ to excel V2. 

af<A^(^o eminent oroSQliDrai^c^nzocb qQ) 
(Snm n_]OC2;3Qj KR4. rnl^c^03QS{^5)CT) 
a'aocsiJls Qjl-aJoral<eisi Arb. 
aral)!g)0o irregularity. 
ara')<Ssfi5(i-)STT)o S. throwing up. 
(gjotajDiTno S. dug up, eradicated. 
graijco.'mo S. come up. 
@^a^c9s) S. to drop forth. aiLOog-nio 01(^5) 

(Hialfsiirnl.Tra Brhm 1. [KR. 

ara'icoa.'maaj priest that sings the Sama Veda 

^fOYS^oCAJo uttamsam S. Head ornament <ft 
SGJD.-oraoorcnt) Mud. first of a tribe. t3raiji,fnia 
saoftJraoScro AR. (Voc. fem.) 

^fUYWao Uttamam S. (superl. of q_3) Highest, 
best, chief (opp. (HracjO0o); virtuous. 
af3i3i0a-dfO3:ainb 1. excellent man. a''2-fiJ0'3i3)o 
crurocono AR. 2. first person (gram.) 

^'■OYH fDo 


6)rwo (b — ^.-ctoJ 

^rai^agTint) (gsrno) creditor VyM. 
£f!jra0Docoo head- 
ea3TD)(S0D.oia0o best of the best. 

^^5Y0;rt)o Uttaram S. (comp. of aa) l. Higher. 
2. left, northern. 3. later, subsequent. 4. 
answer = (oj-ov rmaroo f. i. oQrm @. ag)^rcfil 
TP. wrote back, ^(oraroajo (a_)fcyna^o prov. 
5. command, letter. (m3a2Jg-jocro)ce«cu6TT)o @. 
ojmo, also snj'Sijl gosrairoo, a)g-jm &. TR. 
C. recompense, revenge, (sraoiinti g^cscnczio cijlg 
Qjonb PP. also adv. cnsir^^a^^utznmo croqljnnria 
(D^o Nasr. po. 7. preponderance gcoiDnzo-.-a 
(TOO 0oo(ScTuo,'oiarao, aarjao (Scoorascruo.'Bra'jroo, 
(5130000 GJii (3 am 0,1513)00 Bhr. 8. additional 
raraSc^o-mairoo c/armoNal. = 108. 9. beam, chiefly 
that which supports the lower roof (see goQ) 

-Ojillb, O-lO^). 10. =:g(t3)0. 

Cpds. ^fDi^nracSsigj (9) the stones which bear 
the roof. (i2^S)Cibo) gjrsrarocSsigglcu^ral) (9) 
5)X)^ TP. 

£,'!5i3)fD;^'lc!2J (3) obsequies = (2 W5:a3;rfp3i'. 

^rmaroajsmuo (2) the land from Cumbalam to 

CotTsvara river KM. 


^foiaroeDCDo (3) opp. o^qljigocoo; (2) aamlffm 
aiDiara(g(al (2) North country, Tulu etc. KM. 
^iTJiarao S)s)}<^ (4. 6) 1. to answer for, make 
amends for, pay penalty, give satisfaction. 
(Saio.S)(Sao.^:3(mliTn a. S)ji:<gi, PP. to atone 
for. 2. revenge. 6)&>:>crr>ca)\an 2- 5).riJ?ao 
nb eDxHs^osr^rolceeScTuocb TR. oj^ooocb 
(5Ta:unb jDroTlm") q,. gi-ai(^S)a^,oggo KR. 
©roiaroo Sjiiaolcesi id. i^scnj gp(a.jia)Oroo jjsnsa 
C2;0ra?) fuizalral (W5)nm a. SjaJoelgJoootftmD 
TR, used to fight it out among themselves. 
@,nji3)raajDao (4) responsibility, security. 
^>mD)roajoa1 1. defendant. 2. answerable 
for aismcOa^frra (a_)2(m,'i>'o a'®2)<sanonb, 
eanatSeooD.TOslnrrao rnl<ftf!nl<oso o^nmorai) 
&. (Brgjuonf) aiiplaj^rmnigy MR. 
^rsraroajoamJaosTl msciTO)^ (doc.) be re- 
sponsible for. 
^vTHSirooj C, T. (4. 5) command, leave. 

aroiaroocmsmo (2) sun's progress towards north ; 
the former half of the year (opp. eafol 

2tBTafQlc39ci>Vi. = @g.(jro1cea& 2(t5i:!)rao6>.aj!S!,TR. 
^istairalai'o (1) upper garment g'fisgcb oolcDal 

(Seaeamo VCh. 
^iBiasrao-tnaroo (1) more & more. 

^rOYC^roeYDo Uttaranam S.(fai*) Passing over. 
part, aroralgrjo crossed. ^^^^ ^ ^g.j, 

^g'OYJTiOD 366*0 Tdbh. roi.3D.9fG0 f.i. a'>Tjia1«nt)T 

g-OYCnonOo Uttanam S. (fmnb), Lying on the 
back. 2. met. M. gri3iaominj3^c9)c>Dd)a(2srg3 
culsajsaiojo PT. supine, shallow-brained. 

^^OYffiOeJo Uttalam S. (.'oiogjo) Eminent, quick. 

^^DY^orDo Uttaram Tdbh, l. T.^atntarooj Leave. 
2.= ^iau3roo debt, chiefly without interest, oj 
emo ^. 5);u_^ fm<Sra5mo, ^. osicgaga TR. to 
advance a sum. ^. 6)£h3§gjlc95i demand it back. 
3. C. Tu. land given by Govt, at a favorable 

^iWTlrol uttiri (^)=^cj\:£\(S^ Yi. 

^'^oCOo Uttungam S. High, tail. 

groiQOOOo Uthanam S, (axioo) Rising. @, 6)^ 
(^ Nal. (from bed), to get up (for fight), to 
pay respect to superiors. 
g:nLOo_j;T)o raising. 
2f3HjOrLji AR. having raised, 
g)fi!i^(3io part, risen, gfa^j^^foio (SaDo2cy^i-jo AR. 
@rml,^ (Imperative) arise! 

^(fC)o Utram, & ^rOYS?|(Do (Tdbh, ^fOTOifO no 
ajml) 12th asterism, tail of Leo. e(g)0Do m 
c9fii(f3)o s)<Oi05ngaj(ti ajlojoooo 6) niw UR 1. ^tsial 
fCCDflfiao.'OTJslrati sinj^tssi 'ajlajDaoo KR. a;g)D 
So (S. arffiaroo.HjDaic) 21st asterism, shoulder of 
Sagittarius. |i,eal of Andromeda. 

e(g)BOfari (S. ^'''Ji^^so'a.-Liao) 26th asterism, 

^-cbo-irrfilae© ulpa5ikka s. (-i_iai) To fly up, 

leap up, as monkeys KR. tmern ' (BTOtg^a .0 
S.-oraoao a'^ AR. rose to the sky. 
^njfcn_JT3^ ulpatti S. (o_ie) 1. Birth, origin. 
2. history (Bi^roSaoGJOiji^- 3. M. ricelands 


^ej^^o — ^ronj 


^ronjQJo — ^QCQJo 

TP. (graxKb^'a^ocLiocnjo e^csa ODSd^ffl:^^o o)_ai 

mimD TR. they cultivate low & high grounds. 

^. (SajsngtsajDao a^l^cs^o Bhr i. rooesiraro) a- 

mStflsiOigiiOQJDfDii TR. there being no cultivation. 

@. ^scaajnb landlord Vi. 

giraijojcmo (part.) arisen from, produced qq 
ornlrai) Q\ib gnxinb Bhr. ray child. ag-jnTi 
(SaasooDcal joyful. sfQtojrmKocoraa^cffiaj'nej > 
CG, tho' she was wide awake. 

denV. grabn-irrnliJ^cBoi to impregnate Vi. 
^ejeJoulpalam S. Lotus = 51 jiissatplnnlcb a7li4> 

6og; in comp. g3g-iejaifhc)a Bhg, =0ej(tii2i£hc)o 

Laxmi, 2gJ^'^''-d'^^^™^ Bhr. = (Scruo0Ho 

030 egjejoca^ blue eyed AR. 
^aj DODo ulpabam S. (©gj-oilcfls)) Jump, prodigy, 

portent Qih^gjoan &. cumo CG. 
^aJOQo ulpad'am S. (arot)o_jOTaTl) Birth. 

gjraljcLJoa.Tno procreating aj<S'4g)ogjoQcr)o. 

araia-iDaltOs) v.a. 1. to engender 0cSa5ia ojo 
((TolsigT'ra'i ^rato-joal^onb Bhr. 2. v. n. to 
be born cosojo ^'_^ Bhr. (of conception), 

CV. &fotouoi3lg_pc95) to engender ajrajjiro ao<S.t)D 
ottIidI) yfyoal^yl-p^ a_j.^g_j,-3i[:i)a.!n{) CG. 
^ftsbo-^^cftiDoCOo AR.= Q_^^(j9,(3 q. V. 
^(T5b(2^ce^ ulpreksa S. A simile. 
^fZ5t)(|-i (TDo ulplu6am S. Overflowing a'(Sa,D 

"-J° KR. [^chCG. 

^(CY^SOfb ulbhadail S. Excellent a'.'DD^z/ roca^ol 
^(J^OJo ulbhavam S. ((g) Coming into existence, 

birth. (Sa^rosa 0(3)2X10 KU. = g^raliaj cnal 2. 

denV. g)(5itg j^lcSs) to be conceived or born. 

(part. ^(^3)0 born, ©raisfoicaocail SiPu.) 

CV. g(S73 ijlg^jlifioi to engender. o_jiQ)o)ro Bhr. 
crojoaltes cruaiiSo g. PT. 
^(HyCI W ulbhittu S. (,£1.3) Sprout. 
^(^■xrcd)] ulbhran6i S.r^tgarraH Bhr. 

^ron^oCOo ulsangam s. Lap crol,w6)c2; qjdszo 
OTOoiScD (S-oJcma KU. a\-md)l(2l) (SjJti^ CG. 

^n5nj^^:e6>ulsarjikkaS. To dismiss, aban- 
don. JiKJTO (i^O part. = 'i3]jc9O)0. 

^fSnjQJo ulsavam S. (beginning) Feast day, 

also 'OirajrDO>;)7bo ^. onatJoTP. g. ffi-^aioajlcja 
Bhr. to celebrate a feast, iZTf^eracXji)® ^j. 
(SrgjSaflSTDo (by an innundation). (sra usicn g 01. 
cijroo (wnTTlrai) 2. (grgjasTl CG. =killed him. 
ooa^smoOTUuo, -0)3511)0^0x10 etc. CCh. 
^aSfXiOQCno ulsadanam S. Clearing out, ajo 
(ScyaoOTOOSCDo curajfiggo) PT, to destroy. 

^nyajDciOoulsahamS. 1. Energy a- a5)«^»7lrai) 

ora oraotPo ggrnDo prov. 2. strenuous exertion 
(D5S(fisi5n|o co,0(2jT5TalmD &• asrgoaio TR, 
^raruooiri zealous, persevering. 
denV. afljTUO.Tolcflffl to endeavour; to exert one- 
self a(OT03^=09<SoaiOc)a cSiOCGjOJo OTODCulcSso 


CV. araroOvio^g-jliOsi to excite, encourage aio^o 
cruDuyi^^.xiDnb Knaojoiro g^raTCaolgJlscOs) 
em.) (sic.) KR. 
^ron^ dftio ulsu'^am S. (= -^d)&>o) Anxious about. 
gCSro^njoBjo ulse'^am S. Flowing over, arrogance. 
^QcOt ud'ak i^^e + moem) Upwards, north. 
^Biowcno = gj ,-niaroocaiemo. 

^Qdftiouda'Jfam S. (V^aa to flow, wet; 1. "Water 

amaiCDOiti ii\sc2;ntiRC. Siva. 2. obsequies Sji^d 

fDcaTlrat) 00S3CT)i^.cr^e'^)o gjoDCD^ Mud. I shall 

perform. 3. = rni(b freehold <Sc6£c.{g)A3ral.ii) @. 

Sljijcsy CTnleJo TR. made over. 

^Gt^eDcno 1. giving water to travellers. 2.= 

^a&(^C2; obsequies. 3. S3n2aol<b KM. (see 

oQjseisaaio). [cmBhr. 

eeai;^3i.=:3'QDCDo. coocooTlaArn^nm ai.6)ni 

g) a £ho_ri5mjDo=a'e3cno. oro .uasa a)a-jl TmrssQcb 

aiiFl^ Bhr. funeral ceremony for relations. 

^©((/)o udagram S. (0^490) Prominent £849 

OiOo^gg {0^iS)\&SOi u) nJC^ KR. 

^Guul udadhi S. (^ao^^asio) Sea. 

^Gr(Tr;o udanbam S. (to the end) Report = aj 
raraoooo f. i. (5Toe3oial<2a2acro)o Bhg. story of A. 
g. (joool^orai) CC. 

^©Ca^o udayamS. (^' Rise, as of stars & sun, 
of recollections or thoughts; getting on. ^ 
CTO)!^ &23i6!5Qc>o aiOoafu^^ Mud. meditated 

^(3fDo — ^GDCOjI 


^q:oD — ^f3jur61 

on saving plans. &<i_j(Sac/acTy^ab g. (jysojl^ 


&aca;a-oeJo morning. 

gataajzeinb the first Colattiri Raja. 

der V. galcflsi (part, gelono) to rise. rsta'Jrrr) 
elmo g_el-g^KR. nryiajnb, -aJvcgob etc. as. 
S)cho (©(xjo ijisrn^ral) gBl_ai came up. 0ocn 
a\).T5ralrai) ^cTO) gisl.Wn^ RC. cnlnb (sraca 

rtJlDrolfol) £Bl^U051O6J5B3)nO Bhg. OODXjlrai 

&alc9s) cro^LD Anj. 

CV. gja^gjldte f. i. (BY2)'T)a3o ^s'gjlfy;® RC. 
create joy. fLiOQ>-Lj(m0o Qg)ma@glrai) g^alojl 
S^nb Bhg. called up the image of. 
^QrOo ud'aram S. l. Belly. 2. uterus (hence 

cro'STOoai'DTb). 3. dropsy. a'ft5ra)5)n6o giroig 

Qjo Nid. = 03(iDoaroo. 

^arosraocoo disease of the stomach (& g. 3). 

^afB(C[aej a med., a colic. 

gjertiocrnl digestive power =:e30rt)Dcml. 

^/SDPOOfb udanail S. (oro-ib) One of the 3, 5 or 

10 airs, cua:!^. 
^©D(Do udaram S. Excellent (^a + mrait); gene- 
rous, liberal. g)aDron6. ggg^rai 6)fma^5raw)smra 
(Sojsmo giaofOi^Srara (prayer). — adv. mcK\ 
QjiKmaorco CCh. 

^aDfOfOi 1. excellency, esp. generosity, munifi- 
cence. 2. M. negligence (=aa3aroivT)rm) 
— vu. gj'Sa9s§. gaDrorai'^SoSdn V2. dili- 
gently. Qjejlcsii gaoftKoanoronb most care- 
less. o-isttI 2.''32J0ci33) & ^aoromaocOsTra vu. 
neglects his work. 
^(2>0OjrmTr)o ud'avartam S. Obstruction of 
fluids, a class of diseases; also ssaDXicnraimo 

^G.Drroi,nnorb udasinaii s. (tgisTo .) Sitting 

aside, unconcerned, neutral Ud(^z\S)\^': Bocro^ 

cnQ&Qo @3^ Bhri. (in God). 

aa3Crul.T)fai neutrality, candessness, inat- 
tention. e3i'ldl£>f.ii)S a- S>a)D5ng CDSXm.Ojtm 
fijirolaao^gTlstOs) MR. by the owner's imliflTer- 

^/^DaDfOemOo ud'aharanam S. illustration, 


geooQrCTic) mentioned. — 

denV. 'ggiXio j^aDoOfol^i CCh. related. 
^Q\cU)o ud'i6am S. l. part, of aja, Spoken. 

2. gia + ^ see @,ecao, gal:Sffl. 
6)q1^jo udicyam S. (^BO:) Northerly. 

gelio-iireoit) KK. the Northerners. 
Qfi](6]cU)o udlribam S. (\^oraoft) Spoken. qJTI 

e^nm cig)2J^'^'^6rr>o Nal. why talk more! 

^alsiTio excited g;al6rn(ScSiD2a_im CC. 
@§o6YUf0o (old)= ^CU^o6iaJfQo (mod.) S. 

Ficus glom. 

©Qsn-UJCu) uddandail S. Whose stick is raised, 

tyrant ^^ro:)^^ ooBiOiisKh- 
^^o_iOOo uddlbanam S. Exciting. 
@(BgC/8o uddesam S. l. Pointing out, intention, 

aim. 2. gi. ofojai^^fiio So. = o^aiCSac/do. 

denV. @(S3C'dl(fl6i to point or aim at, have in 
view. &':fi-l oj^stoi^ hinted at, alluded to 
(part, gglr^o). 
©f^JUOTOU uddha6ah S. (nonb) Arrogant, rude 

PT. also of Ci^shna ^'00301^^ a^aiio igssaal 

(■DDibCG.— [aiCC. 

0l§diaTb oG).Tra-S)p5aDr33 "SJJ foi foi-i o mslsc9s)0 
^(Vo(6\m uddharikka s. (od*) ^fLUfOerOo 

1. To take out, get out caS^oaurosmo «.aJ<^ 
AR. pulled the arrow out. 2. to rescue, save, 
extricate, p surcsmoraino Nal. in order to 
deliver. rD3C0lsn^o)32j 5)^rrro.3.oral®i>n6n')20 
CG. (from a forced marriage) — part, a'au rmo. 
CV. q'^(S\q^^s)s) to effect the recovery, de- 
liverance etc. cvj6rr^^efu(S)o ^'.^ Brhm. 
get Parasu Rama to restore the inundated 
Goearna. tma U5)a &'=s^ Blir. brought safely 
ataurasn'Tl a small ladle. 1. of 'aiacrnlaaoo;®!. 
2. in sakti worship. [njraiarao. — 

a'ix)3i'0o l. = aSijrosnJo. 2. a loan, seo a 
a3ijofosTT)o=^auro6mo f.i. (6nj3a0'sm<Q3 g. 
<S)5)OcS5) KU. failed to protect duly the 
Brahman colonies. 

gf^JUOJo — ^^_iaD 


^(S/3_iC/)o — ^nrrio 

^r^jjojo uddhavam s. (o^) i. Feast. 2, jj'nb 

N. pr. a Yaclava2(tSt3)a'O0Ci^5)gSD(C3auaj(b, a'(b 
(OKSoDD^ i^"^ rnl^23aJl Aj CG. 3. influential, 
rich man Vi. 
^r?A^(7DoUddhu5amS. (cy) Shaken up, fanned 

UR. g^'iaoin^tri gqlp AR. 
gOilTDo udya5am S. (caa) Raised; ready, 
zealous Qiijcojonb lera w, rro)o &ajrtKaio:iI\ 

g)ei0o = ^raruo:iDo ; 

aUOSj0o <9)5ng AR, 

^^(■^ udyal S. (aelas^) The rising sun, ^QjO* 
(nJS3ocof3o AR. rising with the sun. 

^QjOOOo udyanam S. (oio) Going forth; 
park. ge.acn-gocooKRs. destroying the royal 
garden, gjOj ocn allLDl etc. 

^QjT&<?nnfb udyuktah S.(a^^) Endeavouring 
ricri.TDo OJc&^o gi. AR. trying to advise, ara 
(SffmDQjcEKZDnzotJoaP KR. resolved to die. 
^(EQjOC/Do 1. S. exertion, industry mDcao§lrm 
^. gsnnanb CC. orsT^'ilcrn 0(b ^. ajg.crra 
Mud. g^. g^^rgocsi'oral ara.i5TS)Dyo gsmoo prov. 
2. M. T. office, employment ana g. SiJiKgi, 
TR. to hold an office, g. (STSj^SsTl «nral-a to 
appoint to an office. cr\)(^oculd-02jasiO(t 
a(3)rnlc8si gDQ g. 6)(0)3§ci:2® TR. 
g^ffiSjOConxiDnt) (mod.) officer of Government. 
^SBjOcol also a<^Q)3COO'3oan Genov. active, 



denV. gSQjOCol(S5i to he strenuous, to en- 
CV. g)<2a,oco'gjld3si to rouse, instigate. 

^^G>j'^CU)o udyoSam S. (better ^(S3 Offfio) 
Brightness. gj(Sa|Dfmo-drolrt;no AR. 

^(Bo udram S. (gao) otter, ot1.ti-,o:2?1. 

^©JCnjljeiSi udvasikka S. (oucru) To change 

CV, g)3jcrulgj^cea see r^cya'uoao 3. — onzcTDD 
foojo Si^z^ g'^ AR. dislodged, killed. 
^^JODOrb udvahan S. (ajor")') Carrying on 
(the family), descendant cnrirauajiOOOD<S50 
crolrayScaasmnb Mud. 
deuV. gQ_iQDl=e5i to marry. 
g.ajD,iOo marriage =(Scijg^. 

^(2/3_lC/)o udvegam S. (ojl^') Excitement, 
perplexity, care. — ga Jlc/Dt^ part. 

^nrfn un6i T. aM. (see foil.) Ravel acTJold^fiA 
o{j)i/rro)Si^gjoo (huntg.) 

^C^<A unbuya T. M. Tu. (compare ^m) 1. v. n. 
To protrude, as proud flesh, ruptures, ^crolca 
iQ-srra, ojgu Vl. prominent. 2. v. a. to push, 
thrust, shove acral'Bmnola^Dra^) prov. njooTlra')»l.xjlslcSa to press against. kIoTIsicsz; ^ctoI 
(gracQiOQ CG. iijrrtsi ^gjo-oia-unb aors)^ cms 
C08O prov. 

VN. 1 . fgraajib (oiaald) p. OTO ej tuiggajo ;gT2iCSii^ vu. 
2. g^ngj a push, shove aifcarm <Sr3iooTi'^c9a aib 
t>23 prov. ggao (oig^o gsrgo^i^ TR. ^ga 
a^eu^sga^ B. to be muddy. 
CV. gcToTlcfisi to cause to push. 

^0[^f?B und'nru S. Mouse = Q^-jejl. 

^rma5)o unnaSam s. (^a +mi2) Elevated, 
high. g. 5^o_iralca(c^ejo RC. ^cma^a^owc^oib 
KR. giants. gmTaicruJeo-i-isiOTa) (Wje5^l-2^ CLHrnl 
OTimo3i?l SiPu. atrn'Oi^oail (SihsnaKR. (=a^ 


goTi^Ti 1. height ^. <3Q_ioroo6raro) CG. not being 
tall enough. ^. siai^Sroiooolilmonb Bhg. 
anriftnlejoDOToSk. the very highest. 2. ad- 
vancement g)fmr(^(Ss)oan^ (fycaccroo oi-oJ^ 
PT. (opp. rsrascooco.^ Nal.) 

ginna^iSs) to bow = nn2ldas). 

I. ^PnOo unnam (Te. ^rrnl, Tdbh. a'^giR'^) 
stuffing, the cotton of ^nm i^ral^iss or a^g.<ai-o 
oTlnbza^ (silk-cotton). 

II. 6)rmo (T. thought) So. Mark, butt, 
amaa, T. M. (C. &(i^, Tu gaiizsl) 1 . To think 

QQjrnasnTl RC. .-oin-nl "oi) ^nrnl^tfb g)gj@ cnl 
6rncaio Bhg 4. 2. to aim at, have in view. 
^frnlojOiSn to consider steadily. 
Freq. g)(rn^d>>) l.=a(Traa; n^masis ajcTul^P a 
n-nl-o^'j)5^.05r^ 5)i_jOQ®c96)6m6)0 CG. pardon 
me for(=ajl^Dfol-^). gjonlR^ 65c9io@g«s2 
0nmajS)aoRC. 2. to presume, doubt, si^ortb 
aornlc9aa73CG. I fancy, I may compare. 
a3ialg_jDn6 gn-nl^sfafo'ilnol CC. gigo 202.' 

^fYril(So — ^Q_j 


gQ_ld95 — ^(i_l.:3J0 

sdqI g).frnl^ SijiJDgjl CG. 3. = g)'ornlc9« to 
rise into existence acTOcSsiDernlrab g^riTTl^ 

l3DroD(nT3)l SiPu. {=QB^^S3i, ^Sn^DQi). 

^rrrtliQo unnidram S. Sleepless. afrnlecTna 
o)'j2JOf03 areLQob CG. ^aTTlQ<9>orn»l aiairm m 
(ODo PrC. (SaiDaib qQ)^oo a're)ora33iA saaj 
rra CG. 
^OaojrCJio unmattam S.(zi3)l. Mad, deranged; 
also g)f^^o Vi.=;6i:y^a2ria'Stfio. 2. (vu. q_ 
02(OTSio) Datura. 

^CKSo, an^ioso madness, extravagance, pre- 

sumptuousness. gnzao a^5ng§g cnsnaotpl 

0D<b CG. ladies in the height of passion. 

g^raoso o_io<a) Vi. talk madly, proudly. 

denV. ^reelcSsiSoiiD eajonf) Nal. 

©nQnOQTp unmanassu s. Excited. s^tjoij^Ti 

nTDOacnj^D^n CG. (=:^rol<9io). 
^Of2?lejOno unmilanam S.(ial'^) The opening 
of 83 es -nicQQjasaflejl mdiOGJo^ o^c^lcs^o AR. 
^rr^dftio unmU'J^am S. Firebrand. ©. ffljilrijl 
.aigl'-s!) aiStSsnm;^ SQ-jD5)ai Bhr. as^jejli}ao 
g.. 5i^,i!n a^<S)'Srmo CG. 
©CT^eUo UnmukliamS. Looking up, expecting. 
©OaeJOOo unmulanam S. Eradication. 
gnafiJ^ unrooted. Banacruoi^iJca'flfOia) graaionD 
cao s^jiJcm KeiN. asGJo af^aEJ^^'jao aj«8 
(!^(9) AR. Bhr. 
6)(202ic£no unmesam S. (aldw) i. Opening of 
eyes, twinkling. ^s.ia.-ajOnlisa.-ajStsscV), cLjaJj 
ganb (inrrK6^s &. CG. (opp. crcSEfcDjiio). 
2. cheerfulness = (o-jorDOQ3 f.i. of bright pro- 
spects, (sram^cm q., ^gj the business does 
not look up. ^fn)^<&>§.0glfab g. ajOstoigi Bhr. bad 
omen. ojocSsoiaioang agQ.tsialral) ja- 5)n_ia«3i3l^o 
nb CG. gladdened her. 

denV. g.f^.iinc9si f.i. aJlf^ocbxjaDib onzgss 
orjezu-stsi^ml Q_r\2^£a\^^-:>:nmo Bhg. to 
expand, shoot up. 
mod. a^na^oBsi f.i. oananoo (mmT^'Siai o_)j"| 
(Sna.^^ggoj ^snaSoiO CG. are my feelings 
of old truth? |-gtc. as ^ajsLn episode. 
^Q_l uba S. (G. upo, L. sub) Towards, under, 

©Q-JcftroeYDo ubakaranam s. implements, a' 
63ac>3 (ffilct^ Bhr. all the accessories. oOtS-.ej 
cao(3C/33a_i'633c>3 KR. materials, tools. rao3833 
Q_ia>rosmo royal insignia. 
gQ_ia>folc9« 1. to favour, benefit. (8TO;i_)!Q.orao 
5>-aJi3yofa!) a'r&j oQjnrra ajl.a]Drol<seo TR. shall 
consider it as a favour. a(TSt3i3)rtb o^roiooao 
a'^'!y>^<^(pJ'n^(^3i'6).ai^DS>'DiKR. not re- 
warding for obligations conferred. — With 
Dat. s)o_iOQaji.(malaD (gtasizzfiji g'^onb 
KR. to serve his mother ( = aa_i<S)OrDo S)^ 
(g^). 2. to be benefitted. Q<3)nmoral) a'fyo.ib 
rairoo Qjcrnlgj KR. could draw no profit 
from me (=ao_j<9)3ra0D<Si). 
CV. (wsn^lrm-DraTlnT)) aaj<&.ro1^c9a MC. to 

make to serve, use it for. — 
^o-ia^oroo service, benefit, favour (opp. tgra^j 
aiortjo) g. ^gjo.-crai aajrfte prov. useless, a 
rrnlnrrao g^. gD^J °f ^'-' ^*^* fTT's'SSa)^ S)£r-o 
Gng 6iiti g.. ©gjOffjfO) (So-iocsil TR. was left 
without any assistance from you. 
gtxjaiDras^roinb grateful. 
gruaiDfDfTg'Dsmo ingratitude. 
g^ojifliDrol benefactor, 
gojaio^ royal tent, n_i5c9ssl "Vl. 

(toIoto PT. 

@Q_J'^(2)o ubakramam S. Taking in hand, 
setting about, o^goiaiosre g. aiiJsfjiifls Nal. 
stratagem, plan. 

@q_JCO£2io ubagamam S. Acceding to. 

@aJ(09D2io ubagramam S. Suburb. 

6)Q_l.aJCQJo ubajayam Accumulation — (part. 
g^ collected). 

Qo_jiUDfOo ubajaram S. (Tdbh. aocyaD^o) i. 
Drawing nigh, civility, salutation. s.-QjoaoSo-DO 
o_i^3r06!3Qdo olibssrig n^eTlasiDM. IG modes 
of honoring & worshipping. — (i)ri_i iiJsraus 03 

compliment, thanks Lo'lQ.ffuajjijsrDSTOchaiioo 

fmenagJlfTra (2,iogaj3d)£rrnlgjNal. 2. practice, 

usage. — present, grant. 

donV. aa_i.^rilj>si to honor, serve (Bio.iJ«)CT) 

gQ_i£«f) — ^a_l(Q 


^q_1(JU0 — ^Q_5Q 

ool/yzOcOi0OQ,n_iiii(^^5lcr)oc>3 PT, treated 
her guest well. <fl!slojna3Srco§a_j-aJro^^ora') 
ChVr. have courteous intercourse. 
^Q-jSsflQjoOo ubajivanam S. (vu. ao-Ucno) 
1. Livelihood, subsistence. g).aiipld9s> to support 
life. 2. food & 6)a)fa)&Jo VyM. 
(claims of (maoonralrooj*). (ToosonoojeflximD 
cnrraroo Nal. after a bath & a meal, goj^l 
cDo <saj5r>sDig!,, ^o-jeal-TOo ororcaroiDS)^ g)ral(£b-i 
amed. no appetite. g@g (gTa'a^5)<Qio(83ng ^ejlnoo 
5)ajgjo,'Tb Mpl. song, 
^ajgflajl living upon, 

denV. ^.Tjsfloj^ceal.v.n. to subsist on. 2. v. a. 
to take food. caooifOiorrrao g)'^oroi (sraSgio 
(Slp g^a-je|l.xilt95)fS5^ amed. have no appe- 
tite, ocaio Sl'^ Bhr. ate. 

^Q_iGioC/9o ubad'amsam S. Condiment. cooJQJo 
(i_jBooa(S0D (^'^aio'sao Nal. (= (SirTl). 0cy(Sitio 
cu'o CCh. 

^o_jCgQQJ(7D ubad'evaSa l. Subordinate Deity. 

g!.'0Ofb (srO)Q'OC'30O(Scb o-jc&isrra ARe. 
^n_i(S/3C/9o ubad'esam S. l. Advice, 6T.aJ!^ on 
gjoj^Bcao PT. gj^cuejloinbo g.. raDi'al-^ 5):').o§ 
cga KU. c2;(Qg),-m3il5)nt)o ^.; tgra'dT'o^nbo a- "-> 
O6ID15 showed him the secret & use of the 
contrivance. ®.&.o§aiil6^ej g.; ^OCO a. &>oas)^ 
<2ej 5).nJo^ prov. (srasnmfao a. ^sreocal scoo 
o_j((Tul<Bs PT 1. she hit on a plan. 2. instruc- 
tion, doctrine e*ra)OSmoa_iS3C'3o etc. 
denV. gojiJecolasi 1. to advise, (HiaoTloiomoos 

ananm a. amed. to prescribe. 2. to inform, 

teach, ajejojo (sra.uiSnnos g'-^Mud.; with 

Dat. aQOoltfis aoj^o g. Nal. 
gja_iBlc^o part. rmo.xj®mocLjal..-^0oo 0(^o 

SiPu. etSonao-jelf^o. 
gaj<Sac^o-TJ teacher, also gajtsa'^al (mod. 

Christ, usage No. 2Jo_i<2ac^oaLi = So. q_i§c95io 

root) ordained minister ; ^ajSsoal catechist, 


ga_J(SO-Jo Ubadravam S. (iq) 1. Calamity, op- 
pression, <0!slaioaiD4>n jD. ff)aj(g^TR. lO-.ggaao 
crsas £. TR. nuisance of robbers, g. 0OOQd)i 
to remedy it. 2. (vu. go_jQo, eaoQo Yi.) = <Sajj 

(S'CT)0a_i6aLio possession by evil spirits, go-jtmalo 
CSDcajo a med. ' 

g)o-j©.uc05ioranb, aa_j©a!n molester, oppressor. 
dcnV. aa_iQajlc6is), vu. — (B Wj to molest, annoy, 
persecute — (part, gojio'mo). 

^a_iuJDOOo ubadhanam s. PiUow. aj|n_j'o 
KR. a.o^ejo rtnoifUiKejo mg^fu'ssQch Nal. — 
&ri_)tul fraud (po.) [(8asiD§ V2. 

^Q_iOOCOfOo ubanagaram s. Suburbs=ajo 
©a-iPOCiijnOo ubanayanam s. (bringing to 
the teacher) Investiture with theBrahm. string 
(8th — 16th year); also giti_imc2Jo f. i. mzgsis 

rnlcauccn^ralcesmD TR. 

denV. gajmcaTicEto, vu. go-jonlcfti) (onl V ) to 

invest gQ_iCTnl^@ (tnaioinb <fl30Dro5)m Bhg. 

^Q_jcTol_2j^g 5n_ioainaoo)ro AR. 
(gojoTlmnti part.) 
CV. gojoolgjlasi f . i. g.fi_irnl32,0(n^ gsrnlsjca; gn_i 

CT9gjli9si KU. royal custom of paying for 

the investiture of poor youths. 
^(i_SOOlULn ubanidhi S. Deposit. 

@Q_snnlc£Q1W5i ubanisattu S. (orce , sitting at 
the feet of another) 1. Esoterical doctrine o)03 
iflaicb a'fm^iDaicaofa!) Bhr. secret. 2. expla- 
nations of Vedas igg_jC^rt)6"|a_ior)^ lOac^o Tatw. 

eiQ_Ja_](TJ)l ubapa6i S. Paramour. 
^n_iaj(!3inl concubine. 

©o-jQ-JfnYcTl ubapatti S. (a_)a ) Coming to pass, 
convenience, ^ojlsscaii g). (3T3i<Q)fm^ c^ocroo 

Gan. mathem. demonstration. [Venial sin. 
@n_sn_j:(7Dd8:o, — o_iOQ_So ubapaba'yam S. 

@a_lQ_J QJo ubaplavam S. (g\) Assault, calami- 
ty (as eclipse) — onlaso-ig^ajab God CCh. 
ga-jgjcLi|0 capital of Matsyas. Bhr. 

Qq-JC) ubama S. (zo) Resemblance, compari- 
son, simile. — In Compounds (Bra0®rooQ_i0nf) 

godlike, etc. [g_]'ailcrro VetC. to compare. 

gto-i03Onc, gQ_]0l(ml thj same. ga_i0i(a)^ CCfOi 
denV. go_i0li£)5) to compare (part, (sraoaajzlttno 
YetC. incomparable). 

^Q_iaD — ga_jc/a 


^Q_j;C^ — ^Q_1DUU| 

^fLjS032Jo comparable. 
^Q_l2iO(7DOQJ ubamabavu S. Wetuurse. 
gQ_l(ScaiDCOo ubayogam S. (a?^^) Adlubition, 

use. 5)(nia^ajl(Sej^ g^'eio^iil MR. served for 

proving, ojlo^acan (Bit3)6)aj@goaa_)<23iioco5>g_j^ 

MR. was used for. 

denV. £o_iS3iDco^ic9s) l.v. be serviceable 
i5afin®ej.ijajliSfrniinolgftir3ig^'d)3oGan. the 
former species are of use in the later, sj^oi 
M^Xii(Se^cas) ^'cesnng MR. helped to sus- 
tain the plea. 2. v. a. = stacras.ijltots f. i. 
anel^ajo g^'^ KR. (=:(3croaj1^) drank. 
^Q-J(I)(7y?l ubaraSi S. (roa) Cessation (also ^oj 

oozo). ^. cujajaODro6m3§.o)5 (Ssjdlljo KeiN, 


^Q_srDOS?Daj ubarajaVU S, Viceroy. 
^Q-lfDl ubari S, (Gr. yper, L. super)Over, above 

= 'SZ((A; onlosrm^ ojomiKfcgDajfol aroc2lira3oBhr. 

fDoSaocLjral Sl-oj^y c/aQ_iLDo AR. sworn by R- 

g)o-jral nQScTDO futurity (=i§oajl). 

g.n-jral(^cujoro(3no KM. modus coeundi, also 
^a-jrolcroo!2eDODo Anach. 
gcL_lCBfDDUJj ubarodham S. (roiOO ) Obstruction 

QjiplcCin(3lj g). Q^rrnl(B3l' <S:lj3<& AR5. SL- S)JiS 

QS^oit) UR. forced the virgin. 

^Q-iajo ubalam s. stone. 

^Q_iQJOOo ubavanam S. Grove, park. 

ga_iQjra51j9ei ubavasikka s. To fast, also 

g.i2ajD :S3lc9s) (V^ ojcnj ). (sroglcno a"-i^^(-rol 

-^Bhg. e3ejo.iDDfDooo3i)l ^'^^Nal. otoisISou 

<S5n5i3)lnrTo ofl gnrm ^'6)c95)6mo KR. 

CV. ^aaojiT-jajcnTlj^jl-s^ KR. 

aa_i3JD(TOo fasting, of 2 kinds 2oSa'ODa_i:x)0 

aiSojafiDlgjnb AR. 
^q_1Qj1, aOo-jl Tlbavi Vi.2. Love ^o_j3jlc05) 
to love Vi. (see @,^<fi«>)- 

^Q_iQjlrtDo ubavi6ams. (\/^c^D)=a^5ma§ra(). 
^Q_jC/3(2inOo ubasamanam s. Putting to rest. 

Partic. gjcLJcaizlaio f. i. dhtuo (grasiridJo gjojca 
0lim0Oc9nl Nal. extinguished the race. 
^Q_ic/t)Orrc^ alleviation, antidote, artaai'rm 2ia_i 

c'sonror'aiZZesQcX) ^sssqI TR. to counteract 
the saD^Arujaij. 

^a_!;C/&)j(Tyil ubasru6i S. A word accepted as 
omen.mgj D'aic\)2j:>.§:e4oQ^-)oajoc^aaoKU. 
<S),:^033j,o_j(c;^;n)l (S<S)§1@ o_iGJ<oi«)o Bhg. 

^Q_*rro Wi" ubasattU S. (nua') a part of the 
jyotistoma sacrifice a'.^ialjim 6)jxicm Bhri2. 

^Q-SCTO.c^fuTl PT. = orOoc^rcTl. 

^a-iCnoOpo ubasargam S. Preposition, as (oj, 
goj etc. (gram.) 

6)Q_Jcro(DffrOo ubastarauam S. Sprinkling, 

strewing; condiments as ghee. 

denV, jij.Tsaonjo 6is^o§Kg3 gjaicsi'l.';!!! 2)a_iCT^ 
rol^ KU. gave curry and ghee. 

^a-jrroQa ubastham S. (lap) Pudenda. ^. a 

iplsi)) ■i>onj3)oaD.'n,i prov. 
^Q_lOrujQ]fIDo ubasthibam S. (nvino) Standing 

near, aioajo ^'aoain. 
^Q-JoDOfOj ubabaram S. Offering to superiors 

(=:a^S!0i3.ii) i) also .jn_)ar).inD Y>. 
^Q_J0a9:(2ao ubakarmam S. Preparation for 

VeJic study. ^. Sa.rtaccrslra!) ©gj. 

^o_jj6ij,onno ubakhyanam s. ((sr^^onno) 

Episode Bhr. 
^Q_J0Cr)i2o ubagamam & — QOOo S. Access. 
@Q_lDoCOo ubangam S. l. Appendix to larao 

coo. — (Brao(3OO0.-l_l0OCC6!JBC>S. g^fUOoCO COOdUOal 

(dich Bhri. 2. sectarial mark. 

go-lD^DOno ubadanam S. l. Appropriating 
a handful of rice given in charity j6Ti)0aj25mrtb 
^. Qg)§i<3® Arb. 2. cause £h35mo)g_j^i0^d3snT> 
OLjQotninsjBcXjtSQ acnmi g). Adw. S. (=^ofosmo). 

^q_j:UJ1 ubadhi S. (=&c_ia?l)l. Fraud, con- 
dition, supposition. gjssaSm @. ojCBOrgb (o-jaa 
6Tr)aQeJ6sacb fsrofoiiWaaii^s <s<gj^cSs)Do Gan. ac- 
cording to the case put. — Ace. to Vedantists 
(D)3(g^o.T_jDU3l (srgj^flirrro s|lajn6, curoj Siofossms 
n_j3ajl sD'O'ja-ifonb KeiN. 2. Maya, disguise 
of spirit, body iO-.mjl<SB)Oa_iO(Jul (Sa_i33l;0(!i 6Jl 
Qjnt) (BT3)(aia3ajl<Db SjiJitso KeiN. 
God is fnlaaaj3ori<Q)n<3CC. in\j(2C3!i3a_i3cu' AR. 

denV. i^mo aj3®OT»l(ab a';aj^-UAJ eijios^'^s 

6n| o^eJldte Bhg. 

^Q_50(^0 — g(2a_iaftai 


^(Bn_J(Trio — ^Q-4 

^Q-JDr^DCaiol) ubadhyayan S. Teacher oj 
laumoo g. KR. ( = ajGi-DOnolfmnf)) (hence cud 
rsial (T) barber of Ilawcrs. Trav.) 

^ci-JDrfQ^o ubanSam S. Margin, near; also ^ 
o-jocrols^rnlaTo PT. near. 

^ojofTOjo last but one ^. (StacTOj'iSijTlnr) (sra^ 
(013) a?lsyg Gan. 

^o-iDCOlo ubayam S. By what one roaches his 
aim, expedient, means, artifice. ^a_joai6aT3c>a <9iO 
5mo,:j7l«an7o AR. found no plan- rolajOStalcteD 
csiil 6i(b &. (cyt^woTl^ MR. tried a shift to 
I'emedy his case, ajooacb g)o_iDCQ;;fa3®n-Jsm 
(BracuoDfolcSs], ^o_iosa2;ro 5)ff)c9iajt/30Od9a~l MR. 
cunningly. S{b ^. ojoffisrarajScBJismo TP. Chiefly 
the 4 arts of dealing with enemies (oaozaam 

ao-iocaioSffloronb, gi^cLjoaiil artful, schemer, 
g.o-joco'OOo coming near ; gift aiomDaj^SCJUD 
n_aoa2;m6SBc)o <9iDtf^s)Cu^ AR. 
^Q-lDCnjnO ubasana S. Sitting near, waiting 
on, sefvice; chiefly i3aSjjO:i_i3Crom worship. 
g.Q_iocrucr)cid. ^i2g|faTa~lca>^s)S &. 6)aj3qj3o DM. 
denV. ^OLjocTulcea= Saruojltfisi f. i. (^cr?^6n,o 
AR. Q_iro0Df3i0omo ^ojDcnSlcS^nf) Bhg. oo 
omcsjjo a'^ KR. engaged in devotional 
£o_ioorujnb one to be served etc. 
aQ_jo(Tolfmnt) part, attended upon, served, etc. 
^(Sa_icBi^ ubeksa 5. (oroodJ^) Overlooking, 
disregard, neglect. calc^fDtSftismroTJsla^rai) q_ 
(Sa_i:9fijDeoajo Nal. remissness. av)c9sO(t) a^o^J 
njisjlrm ^. aiosn^cSs), crucOsioag oidJio^ScSsisng 
(tTilcna g^. QjOT .131^(33(0) Q^ms TR. not to delay 
satisfying Gov's demands. mraasaoralcOariTKoTl 
art Q_. ajrol<0)calgj shall not bestow in com- 
plying. iSiO^o S^rcnglaj Sia.aggjO.Tb &. 5)-al(^ 
neglected to prove. — g.(So_is&o(2so.«::ig(S@gso 
KU. a certain source of royal income. 
denV. g)(BQ_jfl£Qlce5i 1. to disregard fsrafO) &^^ 
Qjaul^O'al) Nid. to spread, being neglected. 
2. to reject, forsake, renounce i-maojsia aisi 
§l^@g(^S)m a. MR. to divorce her. 
part. ^Si-usful.TOnb Mud. forsaken. 

CV. (graeo'Wj'anD sg^oeicn siaasire ^(Stu-ofcl 
gjl-pj Mud. made the M'l. to dismiss him. 

^(So_JiTJ1o ubeSam S. (?D(mo) Come n3ar, fur- 
nished with, ccs.^osoj'oint) etc. 
^(?Q_J(030i) ubendrail S. (subordinate of ladra) 
Yishnu, N. pr of Brahmans. rajDcruo 

g'?Q_JDc£Q6rr)o ubosanam S. Fasting = ^fu 

denV. aG.5_io.i3a1c96)= cgcnogL. 

^"im° ^Pt^Ql S. part, (ojcu) Sown. [(Mpl.) 

^g— jO uppa (Ar. abu?) Father i^ri5ro)Q;j^g_jDuncle, 

^g-4 uppu 5. (\^ &aj to swell) 1. Salt ^g_j 

aja^cftsfijo prov. o-jls~l-3j alfolnm esrraoio ai 

gugJo ^ §5) to treat each in his way. Eight salts 

GP. etc, 1. aigjojrocksalt, also jijajfiSgi and 

©2®g_j Sindh salt. 2. CLTlacs^g-Ji cuac%'^ 

fel vitri. 3. ^oj ajlaj ^. 4, aisejgj. 5, goj 

OBgJ. 6. <S>'jaSgl, OnoSgl. 7, S)l2«Sgl. 8, 5)aj 
slcs^gj or S)ajDs1c!%gi.(inTogakuttam amed. 

ejs^gj.) 2. saltness, one of the 6 tastes ro 
cruo. 3. condiment, food oiausintjo ggjo S)aj 
ggojo aQ),T3i^§lgj (= f5T2)!2?^3:^ , tmariTionlao) vu. 
<aausrat^o^nt)0 ggjlsrora!) (2ODfO03il cnsg-jonb 
TR. be faithful to the C.'s salt, 
hence: ^ninb So. snakebird (jiiSiaoroo), 2g_j 
sinbo c&6rra(5.-uos5&J red. 


gg-jS-o saltmarsh. 

©gjogl N. pr. of Nayer women. roKS^oa^^ Q_ 

a_lo§l<a>f.o TP. servants? [fem. (prov.) 

gjgjoanb saltmaker. aso gogjo.'Dia ggjo§lc0a 
^gjlcOsi to be salty, 
2g_j^§a) to salt. (stoxsSicn ^gjl§o (threat)=kill 

& eat; also ggjleTlg^ prov. 
ggTlemlcesiDccri C. pickles (3ra_2jOO . 
ggjlo^ saltmeat. 
©g-jlgjOgjUDjo disusing salt. 
@Qj<ftT3ial, agjloj Avicennia tomentosa, the 

leaves preserve salt from damp. 
ggjceao.unb a Tamil thieving caster (2 a>0(TO 

Gjgolcainb, 5)aiOiP^t9i>ggrtf). 
ggj<fi30ol a salt measure; the heel, also gg_J 

o6\ Vi. = Q_jla}jOf3i) asmj. 

)Q_jl^— ^al 


^(£\ih — ^QQi 

2gjS)<a)0Ooa6 living upon salt manufacture, = 
eaj^ajnb; (So. salt-merchant); also N. pr. of 
a famous low caste sage. 

^Q^^cmi B. salt-cat, 

ggjsiraia^ (^g_jejlcs2J,'Tf) = a- sioia^icaib) Ruellia 
ringens, purifier of salt Rh. @gj si^a^ainb 
rnlfo^ral) a med. 

agJCnD;'D63Q, — SlCDgpcasiO, — 20658 pickles. 

ggjojscm saltmarsh, saltpan. 

agjaOTsTl, — 0fTa)jo, — alnb saltfish. 

ggj CLng,c%<9i salt to crystallize, a- cxn^ailces) 

to manufacture salt. 
^(Sg-jral acurry of fruits fried insalt = @gi<aol. 

a(S^folg_joaEbl Capsicum grossum. 

^q_j1^ uppili (ggj^ T, C. 2)on^ to swell, V^S 
Qj) Cuticle of snakes, g. atpic9a to slough it oif. 

^'SCOJo ubhayam S, (V^^s to connect) l. Both 
£,'332JXiosl.aic)o croza^cOarrro MR. both parties 
agree — ^scacrozzrmo B. covenant. 2. So. (as 
far as Kuttanadu towards the No.) ricefieldB = 
g)gj-3i^, consisting of several aisi^o Vi. ^s 
csi-eoBiig. cDSiisii^KSiflsisngfaiima S)^Q|2c9s)cb TR. 
&ecs2;.-ai^n,-(3i) arsa <a>5ngo rnlc9ai (B-,'a.iii^ga'g; 
s>^5iejfol 2)332-0 ^D ai5>Tg,ijo MR. 3. No. the 
4 fruit trees SifO^ssig, cSiOjasg. CLHeJoaj, ojggl 
(oishos^ the 5th) = (staaaeiJo f. i. ^ecasoscki 

Q_iocTi!n<Baj rolaTlfari' TR. — (Szaj§cao=0racK:i 
ejssQcV). Qjlglsej seej'o orascQal, S)ze4'o Qipl:£^ 
i^aiO) ScDDtSsH .oJOd^iSiTR. fruit trees excepted. 

I. ^(2> uma S. Parvati; her representative in 
sakti worship. — ^aDcucrri Siva. 

II. ^Ch So. =^2 Cough. [^) Vl_ 
g)ZCS^Si to breathe heavily (o^.-oiosng g). = diOQ 

^afOl umari T. M. Salicoruia (prh. = 2ajrol). 
^aiO(b Ar. Ulnar Lifetime aQS)ibo &. g^rnlcs^o 

(S0'3:fiilQj5i'>| Ti. 

^al umi 5. (what is spit out?) Husk, chaff, 
bran. £, dJiigaa. prov. [tooth-powder. 

galcSsifO^ burnt husks used for ajeQUajsroo & 
aialc^iai, sraig) T. Te. M. (Tu, ^^'^ = £^8-1) 

to spit out, ^(£i5rm)3)2.^. QjlyOTj) ojls.-m 
Q^o^alsrar^lgoBhg. [into water (superst.) 
&i2l=9a id. (BTBg_j^»>rai aalcflfflcs^o VCh. to spit 
^al old, gjalip spittle; aaloTI* id. 
aaltf , arra to spit, emit a^gfPS^Of^ RC oj 
narai) aa^^^^s™ weeping eye. aQcS\s(iZ\J' 
oj i>.ipla)c>oRC. fiery darts.— Of the Syaman- 
taka jewel, which daily produced gold. 5)a_jo 
m3iaiqTTi§nT)oinTi3nT)ff)3o»^ o)S>osng CG. 
^alrb Umir (loc.) The hair of the body. 
^QChQCUOCb P.ummedvar Expectant (of office), 

candidate, volunteer MR. 
^0 T. M. aC. (C. Tu. ^o, Te. 03) \^a Above; 
also, and (also S. interrog. interj.) csta uodo 
Qjrro he also, he even, (Braucrao 61310030 he & 
I. fZ)3r;^<£>>3rrao both eyes, 0(e«c)oQ_j(i^o all the 
10 sons. ©(tg)mD^o Nal. all these many days. 
a^'oi^nrosmroajo TP. Qjcmo303^'o, ojnmaej.), u 
olaTlejo though It marks also the finite Verb 
of a sentence cuTrai3a_j03>3^o a^-oitm, fjnlc^s) aJ 
ajjOJ^o (SajSTDo. Rarely with Adj. participles: 

?Da<9)0m3^o ^aa)0-3i:D3^o (^(S)C^h= JiiOOjiiOo. 

In set phrases the 2nd ^o is often left out 
(2T)ra3o 6rao3io (3:i_i05)aj, oj^gjo ^(•DS.Tjiaos^s TR. 
(from ajlgjo ^roajo), 

^OQJrb umbar T. M. (T. place between, height 

V^^) Gods ^cruib o^j^ofWo gsism^oib Bhr, 

gcru(Sroo§ Bhg. 

aaii(b®4J)0nb Indra, jj'fTi3§'<2fiJ iSrLjo<a5 CG. to 
die. jjj. oixjo^nb AR. Angada; also a^ru 
ralrai) i^oxinb Bhr. a^'^'^'^'^sif' etc. ^cnj* 
(S-ucraoa (oicnji RC. 

acruib ■01 si rnl AR. Ganga. 

g^cTU(bcr)o§ Q-Jcfta Bhr. went to heaven. 

^OUlbaJfOo id. 0QSglO<O5) £. Qjl5)fOntDlS0O 

caso aooBKj)!, (i)au(boinbcnl£Jaooo csn^i^ 

6):QiOCk> RC. 

I. ^cci Ar. umma 1. Mother ana a^a 0i>.at) 
MR. son of the same mother; also Syr. PP. 
a^aos^nbo aza TR. grandmother. 2. a Mappi- 
llacci, generally jDZZt^ Mpl. gza aojOOcSljo) 
(2ie)0ipl prov. Q^ni)(^^ij^S)6)2iTP. gzaD^aJcXi 
TR. (voc, g22s^). 3. the Cannauur BTbi. 


^Q£h— ^QQJO^ 



II. ^CQ umma So. Kiss (=^oau S. a?5g C.) 
g)Z2icSis)o aJ§£h No. to kiss. 

^QQiTTtlTi Ar. ummat People, (Doonfflnbo gaa 
mrJslia^cX) Mpl, those of the prophet's religion, 

6t3tO)iT6 CG.) 

^GQio, ^QQ'OYCD ummattU (Tdbh. gnamDo) 
1. Datura metel. ^aansraTl-ibihO'sri thorn-apple 
(S. 0ogaj -whence Metel). Kinds airol — & cn\ 
ai g^eamao Dat. fastuosa & oiruorrra^ojiao Dat. 
ferox, 2. golden fringe or tassel ojlsmjiD 
((3)g_jsa^o gi^fDT3)Qjo Bhr. 

^i2CirOo, ^(2QDfDo ummaram M.C. (alsoS. ^oenj 
fOo from a+aroo threshold or cuoroo?) Fore- 
port; esp. doorway, eastside, verandah in front 
of the house, gzaofc^ <£hlscSa MR. (SiJia.ijIfiA 
ai22io«)Kja onD§l TR. 
^zafDgjsl threshold. 
a^fOp-jgi foretooth (=i^cnjg4 V2.) ^. si<0iO5n§ 

sia^Sii jijlrolas) Nal 3. also ^(gcigs rasn^ 

ojg^o (jud.) 
a20«)g-a aocij garden before the palace, gj'.ijlral) 

&><b rBTDjej^io (ofltigg Bhr. a lodge in park. 

gQGiDCo ummal (loc.) Some days ago, = gjrmocX) 
{\r& pron.) 

^2dl§o ummittam (C. Tu. ubbe — ) Difficult 
breathing, o^tSsio S5<S5D§:t5i:»^s ^izz^o ojossq &> 
prov. — &. i^S-Q) also sobbing of children =:@, 
Q^5c9ffl, ae0lsgjo§ = ajl!2g<£h — see ^0 2. 

^(2Ql&nol ummini (V^&, ©o) 1. No. Much, 
opp. gD^alsrnl. 2. So. little (B. has also (gra 
02o6Tn1 & a^Eosrn^ bit) compare aiSnasriTl. 

^caJC^dfti uyan6u"Jfa (loc) To belch (^iP-). 

^cairDidSi, ora uyaru^ya T.M. (xT a high) 
1. To rise, as kite, birds. 0a3o 0n3o acacnll 
slooDfib jiJicgntiBhr.; to raise oneself <amao a^ 
§(i^32;(mon6 AR. 2. to be high, eminent, ^cm 
cm tall — Inf. acs2;ro, ^csifosaj also aloud. croDa 
SiiBaitnifa gcsDcsro eao-jlas-.csyo PrC. 3. to bo 
Iost = 5)o_j0<fl5)o f. i. <2aj3fO0§ (gjo^S ojolsroigi 
cama crorraomajo Bhgi. 

VN. I. gjcaroo (vu. oQcfhrao) height, tallness, 

pride Vi. ' 

II. acBJ^ elevation, ojocnj <ai^m^£\B>(dcn\cm 

(^(S2)sm o®i}iijCfl)0<fl3o MR, level raised 

through irrigation. 
a. v, I. g)cffi(9« rare, (c^gjo ^casifcrra^rairainjnb 

RC. oQ'S^'Tb'^ ^<SJ(^ ajls^c9so <fts Pay. 
n. mod. ^can^ai to raise, lift up, exalt. 
CV. GfoifoliTii) 5)ia)osl0roo ^ca^tnTal^ont) KR. 
g^canriTlejo (2) elevated ground (opp. fmosm). 
^CQJ1(7Do vu.^^-Q-JIiTDo Bravery. 
^COJlceei uyikka (T. ^^3^ to keep, see foil.) (SO 
QjS)cn g)aing_joaooairi RC32. 

^CoJli^ uyir T. M. (acroi<b, cn^oilib C Tu. Te. 
from g)(g!| T. to live, subsist, escape — vu. g 
(jSlib). Life, breath. ^calSfOD^ c3ajol§:i^ RC. 
killed. g^coTlfDOODnb died, o^fmm (moTocsulib g)0 
cnjlsiSiOini CG. j)csiil(b 6)c&,05»Tgonb Anj. killed. 
-aJfrnl-aiazTliti 5)ai3ir@1g ools^nmcsjjo Bhr. killed 
thee. — g.c£lc9n§Q_;o a wiry constitution. 
g.ccula« to live, revive, survive, a^csflaftca^iai 
(SrscyacaTlgj RC. (Biaajooloiriral) alcSaSOJCTOrb 

ojoftb RC. fled for life. 
VN. ^csilgli life, reanimation. 
CV. acailg!Jlc9« to quicken, raise to life. 

I. ^(b ura T. M. C. (Te. ao) Rubbing, a stroke 
wojgglcqjo 5)a_io.-nDo gro tsraolisajnb Pay. touch 
of metals. — g^ro^gj, ^foojiSigj touch-stone. — 
(WZalrai) aroool^ to resist, fight it out. 

V. n. ara(3^<9i, sroi^ T.M. C.Tu. to rub, as cows 
against a tree, wear by friction, asiaiassma 

gjo ^rosraroi sicuDglaisr^ MR. 
^raoj VN. rubbing; touch (g'^ai). 
gj-SiOifis) V. a. — q. V. 

II. 6)fD T. M. C. (prh. from prec. articulation) 
1. Expression, word. 03(gaolcqj5)S &«)3pmDSai 
RC. by his command. 2. prose explanation 
Vi. 3. fame, ^ro6)ajO65)§<0> = 5)jJo«gjya) to be 
celebrated. g^roGcaicjo (SQ_)0(b, @.ra5)a_ioo, ^o 
alcSio RC. 

^fDo — ^rorci) 


^(Ocr\^ — ^(6) 

aroo^-oJ^ to utter, speak, say; also ^sirocSs) 
q. Y. — a-jfD2iD(3iDo acSaSaj ^fOS)^^ Nal. 

I. ^fOo uram t. m. c. Tu. (=^oq\, ^<o<m) 

Strength, firmness. <a>y>,-Br51a73fDo ^^MC. oj 
iP a- 5)ajc92mDVi. swells. ojliTrorao Vi. rear- 
guard. arosmt>;o§ ciTla^^Ofati sachaao aloud. 
afOo o)nJtg|^ to stand firm, fight Vi. 
denV. g)rDa5i see below. 

II. ^(t)o Tdbh. ^fDOTQ S. Breast, ^romlsj.ifcoro 
6n| cLjofl^ azzo MM. gratoiejo osqsjb, grao 
ascsj^aoos^tc^ RC. g)ro(S.'3Tao§ o-joerara, taisoB 
a'fol) Blir. ran fiercely breast against breast. 
aro(c^aj — (gaj(832.o§ i^ejai/lsaiilrtji; (Soodo a med. 

^fDoeei, ,^ urakkaT. m. (^rao i.) i. To be 

strong. gralroisoHch @.rD5:5ig VilvP. prevailed, 
adj. grormacalai coarse, ^roajiacLDgJ Bhr. strong. 
g.o.'OTata-ggati a confirmed rogue, grororai a_i3 


g^fCDrai Qjsl prov. 

g^romant) (^rafOTaojnb) a strong man. 

2.=:gtS5rod3ffl II. to speak (poj^scao^ro.'oiBjDat) 
qqjojo og^gLjoo KR. ^formaocb Bhr. 
^fDCOo uragam S. (^roo II.) Reptile, serpent 

aroc2S)Q_i«S035)a s^a.-ora -grgjces)! CO. Ananta. 
^fDGae^Drob urailgol =§20... Pole of boatmen 

(g^roo I.). 
^fD6YDo uranam S. (aj(b) Ram, — ^ra sheep. 
^fOaJOfb urappail Currycomb {^Si(^<Si^) = sii 

^fDaDOOo uramanam (^ro I.) Rubbing, ^rozo 

mo (S-aJfsralggg 6T3)oaio a word that appears 

harmless, but rubs & tries deeply. 
^fD(2(^c62 urammu'ya 1. = grocnj^ (aro) To 

grumble, roar. Q-dau ^rocnjmD MC. also ^Q 

oyai V2. q. V. 2. ^(caz^&t to rub against, 

graze, also groK^a. Vi, 
^fDCQ^cft) see ^ro I. 
^ro-ob aral T.M.C.(Te. SfODej from &ro) Wooden 

mortar for beatingrice,alBOS)jiJcnjrorai) — &. a?! 

ipl'ob^ftHnmorai) (Sic^siaioggo prov. graejlsnarab 

((©lOjItpn) £hls(!^c9^ MR. a drowned person. 

arorabcSeipl TP. servant's room, ^roraigjfo. 

^rarnidaaool pivot, hinge, cusojilral) g. 6)fOiool 
(Qsmo TP. to xinhinge the closed door. 

^(bcr\^ Si urasU'Jfa T. M. C Tu. (a'O) 1. To rub, 
come in contact. a'^crv51<St5_ioS) = (BWSCTro. stica 
mo ^fDaiTl (=mrmo5) TP. 2. to contend. ^ 
rocrol (SmDsesD pressed against each other, ^ 
cu)nu'ar!(2caos arorryasaj AR.; to vie cuoaml 
(Sma§roorDl§o ajrDla>o KR. asmlaiaioslaich 
erooyo mauaoajsch CG. 3. v. a. to form 
into a pill. 
VN. grDcrcDl) friction, contest, rao^nsra gfocro 

aiDtiD S.xjo^n TR. disturbances, 
^rocnj uraSSU S. (&roo 11. fr. ^ra) Breast ^ro 
cnTl jia^niDJOOJOCnS^ CC. standing on the con- 
quered foe. 

&rO(nruo6Tno breastplate. 
^(6] uri T. M. 1. Skin. 2. half a Nali, or 2 ^y) 
cSs f. i. tftQteal a<^ca'33cTU0cb ojosjbI MM. ^ 
fo)ca)oy>c03 4 Nali. 3. (T. belonging to) word 
=@^ro II. 
gro^^ai, srawi 1. v. n. to be stripped, skinned, 

chafed. 2. v. a. to strip off. 
&ro^:9ffl v. a. to flay, skin a jackfruit, cocoanut 

o_iocnjS<t3iO!ti!) aro^^ etc. cast off the slough. 

VN. ^folgj, — ^ral) flaying; stripping. 
grolcao^ai to utter, speak = 0long(&>, to give a 

sound. ^rolcoosoS'W (Te. g)'oral<a)) = al5r^D 

Oil) s^y aHsm «'moyo Q^tSonos gralaio^RC. 

aQa6)^4 ^fo^aosot!^ TP. Q^<snmos ^(ora 

roo ^dTlcaosfrag Bhr. g^rolcaDSisSSs etc. 

hunting calls to game. 
VN. I. £rolcao§o talk. @rolcao§o @d^ not on 

speaking terms. o^jSomos Qmoo ofljcnlcOs 

rolcs2J0§o (gT3rD3@ RC. ^rolaogcijo alsn^og 

ojo prov. — i2tn§cgo ^folcaogojo (huntg.) 

hunters slang. 
II. ^roloiosid. (851X100)3(05 SDoDs g). @SoTR. 
^(5]n—i & gQoJ urippu Hopeft dccandra, 
strong timber (^cq\<S2= Q.(Sid32?) = ^(^cm 
aio Cal. 
^fOlcOJob uriyail a M. T. (arol3.)=(n)c8s)ajn*). 
f. i. ms(i^'.uon6 arolcaomo co/jnb RC. am I the 
proper person? 
@fol uri S. = (araocol; grorol Assent. 


^rw — ^f^Rcfe 


^'ffiSS^ — ^fOirrv^ 

I- ^r(SuruS.(ii,b, Gr.'eyrys) Wide, large; Comp. 
^(Oi oift)(), Sup'jrl. a oj j)0i3i®a_jo>rruGio AR. ^roj 
.uocai o)Z3tpl 5)c0iD?Tg rLjaisrra CG. afo^J^foaem 
Soaass Mud. (=ajejlcii). 
11. ^i^j ^f?BQ4 TJbh. (©ojo l.Form orgiacq^ 
a53S)cSsiOin| RC. Vishnu. 2. substance, arti- 
cle, piece as of cattle (=a0|rrio) (ST3)t0) g)«s 
a_j(inls)00| in all 18 numbers. 0iQg)rnTtOsn{).T 
@.ro3(a_)>9iOfDo tenor. 3. time o_jejajro3 repeated- 
ly. fffrast2yrts;a_)D(t3inl^ eroraorao (SsutI Bhr. 
4. vessels of any metal, chiefly 6)ij6ira)ajQ_jD'@ 
6nac)o. 5. vessel, ship @2f®^f® -> sro3 g^narijltil) 
(Sa_jOcsn TR. cnz^eis g.ro3d9iPc)o ojanorei!) TR. 
hence: ^RSeSsi^plceo (3). B. to repeat 
gascesiofonb (5) sailor. 
af03(^sc£h (2) to collect, amass caicXicueo acy 

^fOJ{^§l Bhr. the bee gathered honey. 

auosDro55Bd)af®'^i^PT. packed together. 
gasmtaroo (2) component parts. 
£nsfi3Tc3)lro§.<9) (1) V. n. to form itself. &,cei.-&io 

c^oculajjocsTl araji-rnlrosng gru)(S®o KR. sin 

shapes itself into disease. 
^ro3rDT3^<&i(S^a> (4 & 2) V. n. vessels & articles to 

be complete for sacrifice etc. 
afraf0i3i^(^cs^<&| '^. Q- to be shaped, as child in 

womb, become distinguishable, v. a. g^«s 

raralrolcBsi VN. ^fD3,'3Talrolaj. — 
&f03g_jsl (2) articles. 
ansQjsplstm^ Cnjo^n disappeared. 
@.aSQjOce8>ai (1) v. a. to form. 
&fC3.ijl§<Si (3) v. a. to repeat, rehearse. 
CV. ^Rsojl^ajlces) to impress on the mind. 

ejcnflsloo calcunb Anj. assumed a form. 
g^C!BS)CLi(!^cai to assume a shape zcr)cr>j\(!i> ^coi 

oiaj(DTa)l®ci_iocsiJl an impression fixed in the 

g)rc3(SajD§o (5) sailing. 

gtWcj&oQ), cfiTl uru-yu-^a T. M. (C. Te. Tu. ©(il 
heat) To melt, dissolve, be softened am^x , 
<9>rocX) ^. KR. — impers. (^CTol ^olnooj o^rndJra 
(amrtnsrglcijli ^moo afoJiSifirnliSfm RC. 

VN. ^(TOcOao 1. melting aQgjnscSsx) = -gracTUDl 
(£tpD,-U(i. 2. anguish ^g^roidteo f. i. g. <iI^ 

§1 a)',-?®. 

a. V. gro3t9s.9>, tas)\ to molt gcbcesiDcnjrwcftol 
^o50a9s)Digi| AR. don't unman me. 

VN. ^fojiSs 1. what is melted, g^rtscfliss^onsiil 
liquified butter. etPoixiggo Ga_jaaj,'ora;ro3iJ3 
simcal Qj^acTxriTP. 2. fused metal. jjfWicOa 
Qojorm' bullion. ^rajcOsa^nTlttteO'ro'ai ear- 
ring of cast gold. 3. T. M. C. Tu. steel ZjcS\ 
c0sralc06iooprov. grolc93^§l steel to strike fire. 
gfffi6S^c&) uruiinU"Jfa (a^) To rub, graze a^'-g 

gifts 63Bl(2o_iD^ the ball just touched in passing. 

^(t»^ uruttu T. M. C. (aro^ch) 1. What is round. 

2. fraud grojajgDiplsraicilgj araajoa Bhr. graso 
o-TlrDSo prov. 

ara3§ab deceiver. 

g.ro3^ih v.a. 1 . to roll, (fesraaffxr) Q_(i5i£\ a siTxmzQ 
TP.gfWgl ojlaldssi to awaken by tossing.gfai 
gliaTlmoai to eat rice, gcc^dcb q_us£\cs^o<^ 
c^^'C)oj2jf03^3^oVCh. so: <9ismro3§l,(grai)£o^ 
06n n 2. Mud. S50j@go QCUi^a^&n art practis- 
ed by Rishis' wives, anogTls^.ro^.-mt) a- TrP. 
a ceremony on Vishu. 2. to cheat Vi. 
^rO»6rr51 uruni Pan of bone feftscb). ihorA ^^s 

emlcsniiitrnlmo S);oiool dislocated, sprained. 
^(UiOf)] uru6i (Tdbh. rolfoTl) xiOcSgroBrtj'n Elegant 

words Vi. 

^fffiQI^ce5Urammup = g,ra2g^ l. To rub, touch 
Nid. di02^o§o)0mo2.fJS2goQJ6rnoCG. 51^3<t!J 
siOiDsrenb.xjlfaix&iy.-oralrai) ^asi^ CG. a play- 
ful gazel. (2a.-iai63HcX) fznaalra)) grajzal^'ScTicdo 
asngo^nm udlandocrnl Bhr. 2. =g(iplcajSi, 
aisosri'Hces) f.i. aistesisnts^a 5n|fzs<szz6i'nuCG. 

3. to vie ^,CLj05rauai3;Bra)3§ro3^al§(m Ofonaos 
63ac)o RS. 

^fffiOJo uruvam Tdbh. (rgojo (=:gfD3aj) T. «S)0 
(trilejl ffTlracijrTO.xiciRC.Form. g)ro3ajoa_jS:moPay. 

^ftBCO^cBj urusu-ya = 2racnja)M. C. Tu. i. To 
wear off, diminish; croa, ara3crul(Sa_iocdri came 
off poorly. 2. to glide down, fail ooso gas 
orul = (gtaejcnSl. 

^fJ8(^o — ^O 


^oay — ^6)OJ^ 

£f03(TOrsi) 1. tumult, quarrel. 2. failure mgj 
Q_. (OisinD (sro.&rm TR. all in confusion (see 

^(Uibo urul T. M. C. Tu. (^ra?) 1. Circular a 
rack) ^s RC. ^frasTT^oiio KR. aracbfoisl log. 
2. a wheel (Srm raraalnb (jaaioaio, ^roasiaDaH 
<s>|.o eanosoQcX) tBa-docanooKR. 3. rolling wave. 
aosani ca^g^5)<0,35ng (HTa^<ft, 1513)1 MR. bowlders, 

^(Si^£h, sng n. V. to roll (as s-oiosml), toss, 
revolve, tusn^icasiib Qjlsmoejo rosngns^o 
prov. ialsmDfD35r§oib CC. playing boys, gcoj 
sng ffiajocajl rolled in the dust, ^asi^n^ aS^co 
5n§ (Bo_)D3in aia<fb V2. to fly for life, tumble 
off anyhow. m^mcBZUTvr)o■s^ oJlsTTara 

SrgDTb AR. rrpj.p 

adj. part, ^fa^ng round, eaRSsr^cDoalsairoo 
Inf. ^fisa 1. so as to revolve. giRHagiejlaa inter- 
est from interest; also ^fracbojeTlcya VyM. 
2, a ball, morsel (S^iiooQfD^a Mud. oronn.o 

(Tol<a,c5od93 en. &. SnJDQ, PT. 

VN. g.fracb, rolling, roundness g,'c52JD^0ffi79nrra 
looks insecure (as promises). 

Q(Oi£\ caldron to boil 4-5 measures of rice, 
pan (sfTlsniliQicX) ^(Ui^s^cki Nal. aaBa^dnrat 
^^ QjCiC^araed. oQgrncs^raa^ (3TO§g_j-otaio 
tS&l TP. (for ordeal) — cuoejnaal ladle for 

a. v. art33§c9) q. v. 

I. ^6^^0:65. urekka 5. (^r:)) l. To rub, grate, 
polish, grind. 2. to try, assay metal. 

n. ^6)(b:6G\ = ^(b-e6^ 2. (^ro II ) To speak, say. 
g^c>off)(&.05ng5)roc6s) say to oneself. (BojsngD.'nra) ajo 
cflsi&.cX) 6aosroomo6)rOd9si; o^rrrasirooi 63mo Bhr. 

^C^ro Urvara Fertile soil, [^^^^n^ Nal4. 

^Q^l urvi S. (ara f.) Earth ac^iliOiaisraalral) 

^O ura T, M. C. Tu. (so, that which holds) 
1. Sheath, case of pillows, thimble, ononis? 
ajDa^orraocsiilgj Anach. ojoch aocgjfol Mud. drew 
Bword. — ffiongJO measure of 20 Para. S)S)<S)a^o 
gloves. <sioejn stocking, [maker = <^soronb. 
Q_ocuock> Royal sword Vi. aoajoanb scabbard- 

2. T. M. C.Te. power, sharpness; curd, what 
curdles (aiDjpcn ojoaDral) so qjI^p/^ctd <9> 
em^asi'Scn VCh. 

n. V. ^o'^'^Sf,, m\(^(3., ojlsltesi milk to curdle. 

SrgOo GP. 

a. V. a^@§^> @.oajl-£ &, o-j>9)ro3(&i, etc. 
V. n. 6)OC£2Jd&) 1. T. To be firm in, to stay. 
caioejoansajso, (srarroiS.nb afl§oaj(ailo6@@ <9o 
£jo RC. share death's abode. iQ:iDesB(h 6i<i»cxjjo 
(STaeJcfiaplcr)nT)Ocalsosnj®lfDlc9smo KR. 2. to 
be possessed eioual^oigjsoaj^di, a^'^srerojOJtb 
Demoniacs, (graruib ^06vsr^ they got into a 
strange spirit, behaved madly. 
VN. at^rajrai I- congelation. 2, devil's dance, 

frantic behaviour, inexplicable obstinacy. 

Q^nolceao g. m£\ I was under the same 

v.n. 6)6^030© To be firm, fixed, settled. S)cn 
srayo^raoDDejo jiTlfro) o^crnlsca' (SaxTl KR. be 
of good cheer! aoai3nsajnj3CQJcn<Si5n|o^TP. 
understood the contents. (SgQo^o ^. craortTOaal 
(Old) ojOOo S)jiJ(mo_2jl@ got by heart Bhr. (a^ 
fmla^5)S(S0ro!) aiooo as^o.^ charge is proved 
against. (Sn_iDajonb ano^^rai) £5)0-^ Mud. it is 
decided. Q^Tbarosmo asio^g CCh. aQrmsia 
(S« KR. believe me. qQcttooIO^o* & QQ)fmaj<98 
6)o^ CCh. Borrnlgj 2i!a)\w^(!ii cncmo^s^^o^ 
roltsarrra KR — ssnrnlejo aoayoio) saonsoacX) GP. 
— a5^^"';&J=2J'^'9s' 'o aspirate (as sii, .jyO etc.) 
Inf. aoSdji(=ao^) strongly, firmly, aloud 

KR. aOcOs) nol23(SoaJ0c>3 swam boldly. (sn> 
aj5)m 5)3i§lcr)D(b aO(S5i(Su firmly. 
VN. aogj. 1. firmness arOi'Cia'nT) a. Go-jofOD 
not strong enough, mgy aog_j(8OTC)a5)S S)0^ 
§l{Mpl.) enj^ijlcOaogjIgjotDai TR. too plia- 
ble, mtgas) g.. So-iofoo I don't venture, ima 
«j) (Bt8cr).oaieDCO(S>'oro)(95) g. MR. it speaks 
for the plaintiff. 2. stay, support Qj@glct>a 
oniaroo ojljiggaaogj sjmonl Anj. 3. as- 

gooeei — ^o6S^ 


^Ocfia — ^Qcfi> 

Burance. ojlro)^ ojasom 2.0gj <B^osmoS)m 
TR. without a sure prospect of realizing 
the collections. mraxKb @s &5ng n^ff)nmDfD3 
Ogi Bhr. tho comforting belief, aieaaocn 
naooifo aogi soismo, oruDcai a_i06rai2) aooJ 
<9icb, -ojlai &Ogj o^^fO)! (OirrraTR. promises. 
CV. aogJlc3a = @.og_jDc3a 1, to seize, hold 
firmly, make fast ^on_io (0-,ro coral fall &., 
CTOjcraaoo 2.'^ Qjoa063i3c)ci (@§lo)ces)§l get 
ready Nal. (galsicm a'^ KU. made firm. 
QJEJiT^, ®sa3ia &. KU. army to form on 
the right. fry^snjloSsaj (gm(fg)o a'^Bhg. 
fixed. (SQjac/so((Tgoal!0>f.o Q_iDooo)^<monjl 
^Bhr. Q_idl^OgJ1-^ SiPu. aooDocoJl aogjl 
^\a) ChVr. to remain firmly seated. 2. to 
resolve ^raixo cnl{2)ajl^ogJl^ Nal. jijlai 
(Srao§ o-joeroi^o. Mud. 3. to assure, con- 
vince o<jiTroogJlg_jon6, .SjOOo @.o. MR. prove. 

c£bcX> MR. to persuade, seduce. 

^Oc«6>, mZ) urakka (Te. &q leak, see ^^ocia,) 
To spring, ooze out (^so) a^gT^ial aormsiaj 
@g5)0o§ Mud. with tears, aliplairifat &. rnl(b 
Mpl. Qjo3^ara cijal5)^D«33 sicuggo aocSso a 
med, s^Qj^o oQinrra 6ijiiog|ls)rai siajggo ^osiim 
y)oQjoi3inroi,(aTa(SgjDt>3CG. mouth to water, (gal 
^onrnlgj not saturated by tho rains. 
VN. g^ooj 1. fountain, spring g^ooj So. T. 

2, superfluous water, g.. jiiojlsa, to remove 

it from ricefields. 3, originality tgragjocro 

0gj &. (ffiffxTn. 

aoainf) (3) genius. 
^oss^ceD uraiinu-ya t. m. (Tu. c. Te.tofaii, 
die) To sleep V^ aQ. — ^ossaliSa-ioain fell 
asleep. Nal, 
"VN. I, aodSs sleep ^oceolfrra a_iocuJl <B;u5i^o 

prov. <Si6rna30d9<a ojoolcsz; Gmroo TP. fast 

asleep &. aiplcs^ai to awake, watch. 

aO(95io bedroom TP. ^. fmnrnlejs5Q(9icryce« 


II. gtO(9Ko sleep. g^o<9iicoT3) in sleep, a, ^6)a 

ces), croaDlces) to keep awake. 6ajeja©(b g.. 

o-jc&n (ScracmoBhr, (opp.fflroijT'tfh), g.. ^ifiaS) 
to dose. 

a. v. aocSsei, ajTl 1. to put to sleep o^ncm 
csj^o a)3§lfi3))g.oc9al (Ehls.'oral oTjlNal 4. 2. to 
rock asleep, turn as the capstan Vi. 
^OdB6i -6^ urakkuttu Worm eaten, as aotesc^j® 

S3 0rt)o V2. from : 

goral) (=g.OcO«?) what oozes out, dust of de- 
caying tree, also g).oQgJ05l. 

gOgiy wood-worm (So. moth). 

go(!2g<S) V2. =ai(t@ajlsla95) tobe worm eaten, 
^OOq uravu l. & ^OQJ see goasi. 2, T. 

aM, Nearness, relationship, VN. of gc^ (^ 

acacusooDS gOQjlff)(D orasiemcf^ RC 9.) 

aoajnb 1. see under gocea. 2. (from gocal) 
a weevil B, 
^Oi^o ural (=aoraf)?) Spark. §_. <^£\ <q,§.<Q) 

to snuflf a candle, clear a torch (loc.) 

_gc51 uri 5. (V^gQ,) 1- Network for suspending 

pots = ^cS3ol; goi^ii^rai) aiaio siojcea, gola^o 

jajlroltfiiao prov. ^casilm ongiolraieBjltplrtii) si^rrra 

CG. 2. a running knot, loop, noose, golaj 

ai a kind of net Vi. [=^ocnja) No. 

^cSletmJ 065 urinjUT^a So. (T. golcq^) To sip, suck 

gC^ UrU Ar. ruli', Spirit, life (Mpl) 

^Qoft), OQ uru-J^a 5. 1. To be firm (=Q_nctTO 

ai). 2. tobe joiued. (HraolvTjQo (HrartJ^rtb RC. 

gQ,<S3ejl VI. 2. venomous spider (C. gasiej). 

VN. gQjfaTl firmness; @.'<95^ ^cSlooonb RC. 

encouraged, comforted (=giOg_j), gQ,fO)l0ia) 

SOJQo (Mpl, song), gQ|(!nlfi«a7lcr) Adj. 

aQjcSs (what fortifies) 1. amulet = rocafia, 2. 

hollow gold or silver ornament round the 

waist, containing amulets. (BrarocsiJlcBl) S)&<5 

cm 5)aj@glcfjjQ(SQTR. a®aj^Q,tSs, etc. 

aQ,g_j (5)5)0-1 bag) 1. large bag chiefly for 

clothes. ajsrn>i3iaonb Qjl§l.'cf) ©s^^&ifaV 

g6rnlc3?jQg-jailf(ji) (Sxismo prov. gQgjcoilrBli 

(Qiggo oJtfiQ prov. 2. testicles gQ,5)g_]eS8 

C'ojacr), g.Qg_jS)^ool. In VCh. esro o^rno 
5)@goasQ^3iilrai) the womb. 
gQgj 1. the breast with the shoulders. &Q, 

^q^ — ^OQ 


^ai — ^ejco) 

g-jSc9is)o seizing round the shoulders. 2. a 

heavy timber more durable than teak, Hopea 

decandra, (=aro^gj). 

^Qt^dft. uruttU-ya T.M.(C.&Ci,ijg^) To chafe, 

terrify by fierce look B. \qaOo PT. 

^Q o-Jicft uruppi'J^a IT. rupT S)CLjo<rK)q,r^£r>5)W 

^Q(2D-7!i) P. rumal, Plandkerchief, head-cloth. 

^COaDOb A. rummail, Pomegranate ^0,00011 

ipo. aQaocnjejl MC. tarantula. 
gQ GM Ar. rumi 1. Byzantine ©.(jal fOOKD iJ V2. 
Sultan of Turkey. 2. damascene blade «j) 

TP.^ej &. ^fmsjOJ a^dtosm (play), 
^qno^ ui'Umbu = Qa)Q,cnj Ant. aQcrurolca,., a 

Cia2j3)5r^(TK) ffifoionrrod)) Nid. Prickly feeling. 

Kinds: <0)^ — , cfljrnlcanb ; sitDroj — , cnl«s (rnl 

OQ) — , oaocnj — , ojalos^— , (jy ocroaa — , 

oaojocoTlnrnlcsjj — MC. also s^iJDsmnt) red ant. 

acioojaisni) MC. eyes as of moles. 

aQcnj«nlnol flycatcher. 
^qccLic£b urumbup (=&ronija. i). 

aQiOiirol) roar of tiger V2. (gj.Q,^ T. Te.) 
^fSlO;:6® 1. see @0. 2. So. to pour gently B. 

^00^ uftfal (seeprec.&@2Q^) -A- drop, i^ma 

oorab amed. 

As verb sxaialaTj® onl<b ^ o 61 cSaastoi^ a med. 

@.o61c95) to dribble = 22 ocSlcBffl. 
^Oq uftu past of 2.0, «i q.v. @5irn)gi0Dcdn g 

SifOcQsiral) ai^oortb RC. Began to speak. oracSloj 

OQ cnl22iaj0O3i)l ChR. grew. 

adv. part, near, closely, e,^ (SiSiSOO^osiz^sl 
Bhr. 2.. smoas), ScSidocSs); g.OQfa)aSl5)c9s)0,'m3) 
-Qj63i30(O)l. — in Compds. ailyoq n^yoQ, 
6) ji)2nT)oa.oCG. cringe & fawn around them. 

adj. part, gioo 1. close, dear. g.'^oaj(tg)a6 PT. 
a. 0onb Bhg. favourite, mob aoocusiro ^s 
fOff^o)<0)O6ng CG-. assembled his relations. 
g.®ooo«so g.s®ca3aso (sra^ctg® SG. g)oo 
Qjf!So g^scaiojOBo gggjDforai Vi. orphan, (sro 
cSlQJOOQj(b vu. acquaintances. 2-=g)@a 
in po- (Siaolojoo e3on6SQc)o, ojcnjooiO'Oanb, 
i^mjoo etc. 

^ej ala T. M. C. Tu. (\^ aej T. to agitate) 

1. Furnace in forge. aeJ3ii^«il -ojf (inlo)cafQlq^o 
oooraajiio KR. 5)^o^5)nbo ^oiaicSa ^qj1§1 
5)a_)oa^^ TR. 2. the bellows aQJaicuonrol 
^^<9) Vi. also g.aJ3.tiT3-jO.T)ii. 3. broth, gravy 
No.; aaisesigj currybroth Vi. 

^eJA ula-yu T. M.= ^GJi>.o, (SaJOcQio 1. World. 
(7 (S0G4. 7 dhly.) — oroosray&jaTlnrrao oraow>nb. 

2. earth aeJ^ifl3^<9> KU. = (Branimf£l(9s!. aaj 
<ar7le5 on the earth. 

^eJcee^ ulakka T. M. C. (Te. aroocSflejl fr. Q_o 
f^S S- &e;4,siJaJo) Pestle for pounding rice, mostly 
of Qjlgl, also ©rolcnjej(Qn = ig(TOQJo ((5T2)Or)>S)d) 
@3'(Scao§o (gra§(t^ Brhm.). gi. 5)i)iDisn| en. (arg) 

5)a"3^o «31-Oj TR. @.eJc9inSC2;3ao aiOitJlfOb pfOV. 

measure of thickness. 
acJiSnalnt) MC. pike. 

^ajcfiftdO), oeffT) ulakku-ja (T. ^ajaa to become 
reduced) To shrink up Vi. 

^ejCQ^ 062, (jfTTrCj ulayu-ya T. M. C. Te. (see a 
ai) 1. To be agitated, move, shake =<0!ejC!jja» 
f.i. 0fO65ac)Q (Sio.oolooDrob a. DN. ^aiaio (Siai 
srmgieji^o, eajotmaajj ©GJcsii RC. e.oajl;o_iD«aj 
g.aiC!,^5)aT)0«a ajo^0ocdn Mud. flexible- (Siforaig 
jjjos^caoral) g^aiaiD.'Oiag KU. a palm old enough 
not to be shaken by a monkey, ggjao g)ejoao 
onlq|p(f>)g-io KeiN. 2. to become loose, slack, 
tired Qjlgjaj. CCh. (ftnraao OTOi^srai^aJsra^Nal. 
agifsrai^aisraT^ aiHiplsroi^ oolaj^oiuoxuo Bhr. her 
garment gave way. iigsl^^rrotoi) Qjlonoejsic® 
iP^Cij^o KR. SiOjdTlro') ogjoQGJsraro), foiarrroaisrot^ 
CG. ig6n|aiST!!tgi (2n_iD3in bccamo crumpled ma 
s g)., 5)5)ciJ) JieJ.Vi. to be impoverished, ruined. 
v. a. g.5^fi.ii)<3(£h, ^ 1. to agitate, bend, soften, 
crumple paper, clothes, etc. stOjDsrnl foirrnl^ 
o)ej.9si05)((j) KK- without fail. 2. to destroy 

aeiaijjfwfog RC. 

VN. I. ^aj^fu!) 1. flexibility p. 5)q_joo <&)a-jl 
Qjlronb RC. agile. 2. agitation, discontent, 
ruin g. ©^ roara^roralroi. DN. [unshaken. 

II. also a^J^'m — ^oiiil^Oitn eaojorosmo RC. 

^ajfW — ^QJa6© 


6)CUfb — 6)c£nc 

III. aeJg-j (So. gjSiGJoi agitation) softening. 

^eJo)gj§rnking'3 bathing oil roDesaou a. aJ0(OTal 

KU. £. ajo63B^ (S-ois^a aejljigjarn. 

^ejf^Rcft, (TYd ularu-yaT.M. (?aej)n.v.Todry 

QjOCSJ^o jiJ^tIo^o ^aifOJo OiOlDSng ajo§.o VyM, 

^5(0) Nid. 

VN. ^ai oj dryness. 

a.v. @.GJ«^cai (B. also g)ai(99<a)) to dry, air = 

cmg Bhr, to reduce on the fire to proper 

^eJOCL^oft) ulavup T. M. (T. &ejD process- 
ion) V. n. 1. To take a walk ^oiscSa g). a hen 
to seek where to lay. (S^erraoQaiDQjnm qjIjiTI 
(Sich CG. majestic wave. n_iorta£LiD.iTlrr) orflroaD 
ojejl CG. clouds passing over earth (No. also 
wrongly @.eJoci^.S) f. i. lalrib siajgg-oiaTlrai), @.'fi5ro) 
nbSQ_joc£n vu. has taken a walk). 2. to attain 
jcolmo cf>.mi5eJD:ij~l, xijliT;ejo:ijo aej, (OiorraaiD 
Qjlm jiiDcajrai RC. (=23@a). rgtc. 

V. a. &eJO(tga)S) to take for a walk f. i. children, 

^E^QJ uluva Ar. hulba. Fenugreek, Trigo- 
nellafoeuum grsec. ^ejxK^io^iej a med. 
ejej^:^ = cco^d>, S. ^^^ ^-^ ^^^ ^^^ 

^e^QJDOfb uluvail Ar. luban Frankincense 

^ej ce^o ulu'jfam s. (l. uiuia) Owi pt. 
^e^euGJo ulukhalam s.^araraf, cc. 
^6^^ — see ^ejc22^ 

^^ ulp S. Meteor, firebrand. 

[for the other Q_q^ — ^^ — aej see acsti — ] 

gaJo^^OOo ullailghanam S. (^ralj) Over- 
stepping (rO(2^3^oaai(T)o S)^l(g)^UR. 
^ej OOrOo S. Exultation, g.'60i3|.o aosl co 
ial_oi CrArj. his spirits forsook him. g^gjormo 
(SjiJ* (anmajft RC. gay; so: [cheerful.— 
g,^oauc;3Dejl SiPu. ^^oooc/aoejlrnl fem. Nal. 
denV. ^gjcrulcsm to be delighted, expand. 
part, ^gjcruloio. 
^(jejDaJo S. Surge, wave. 

gojaeffi, rrrd uvakka 5.(\/"&.) i. To jump 
up, exult (S^^ 0D^rnlQj(b aajga RC. 2. to 

love srasoBch &.u:n.-moro3 !Sac/a;unb CO. era 
firacb a-^frnxnb, (aiffinn loojTrajggDtb qq 
Ujooo au^rmroD^Iil CG. his friends- (BIOBj ffi^im 
^DOtfilranb aTJaroamb RC. helped; with Ace. & 

Loc. ^.ij©)f(3() aojfm 5)^069) CG. Q^nom e.'^ 

5)g_jDrm Q^g Pay. 

VN. aojgj gladness, love B. 

a. mal. acuCiTl (Vi . gcxjojl q. v.) : oQjSSBckxSS) a 

fmlejo a. ^roj65Qo, ^'-uajl o^mosancab^gj 

RC. inclination. 

^aj(^ uvar (=&gj) vu. aoib T. M. (C. Te. Tu. 

acO(b) Salt taste, brackishness. 

giaLiro~l sea @.X)rolca)le4gg fai~lf02oaj RC. 

&ajro3gj GP. = 06rroQi. 

gJOJibaioell bufifalo-cows that prefer to lie in 
salt water — aoanDGjlaimcai^ tftslan. 

acuibrnlejo brackish, barren soil. rgtg_ 

^ojibzsnb soil impregnated with salt, urine, 

&Qj(bo)aj@go salt water aoiba^cuggrsrailafibo 

esjoai (U)£\ MR. in ricefields, also (£h6i^o 

aaibgjalcaoraloosanoraiMR. when infectol 

by brackish water. [^33^ f^^,l ^00^^ 

^QJD uva T. Fullness, M. @.ajoaj V1.2. mod. 

^(^ UVVa So. (Te. ao umph, well xTo.-) Yes, 

yea = No. oto2(0) f. i. mraoj^sis ^(Ssnso — &(y 

(OPP- ffigj)- 
^C/SnOorv) usanas S. sukra, planet Venus. 
^C/dlfQo usiram S.i:=foo55^oCuscus grass Q_<ji\ 

rao£l (SejcuTio VetC. 
^r£r^ USa, & ^cgDCro S. {\r^-&r,L.uro) Dawn. 

@.ce2 8aioeJ:i22!, ^aiiaol in the morning. 

denV. g)5):fijoe6) to dawn @.ff),-fi3cesSaiiDc)D, a 

a Q3C&30 OjlalCCQ Bhr. ^a)^<£B> Vl. 

^ca[^aDoUsidamS.(aj^u)Fixed = .rr)lc®ua;oVi. 
^(c^o UStram S. Camel (Ved. bull). 

g) ((gi Sinu'oa'(mj^)sao3S! of a people, 
^r^o USnam S. (^.^bum) l.Heat. 2. hot cry 

•^rh qQ)'® a^ SifonnosulrtsnDaejo Arb. heating. 

&T93nDDtpl<9) see fnQj(SaD.-a3o. 

denV. g)^nlo9s) to be hot. g.'^ si^onmDnb ajl 

ma2;o @so55ra) Mud. g.':^ cn^cm cooorcmo 

^gcQs — ^bo 


^^Inffio S. turban, diadem. &. c^coiow ^-b^ 
smo CG, Bhr, 
^^ce3 ula-yu & ^&CLj A chief guard, prime 
in (3itO)Ci^cU3jj0crooVi. warding off a blow. © 
a<3i 5).'U§lc2;ooiO <Sisao 5)ajsl prov. 
^^CQ^dSi ulayup (T. to suffer a dragging pain 
— Winsl.) Qjotp Q^rrn^aj ^acaSg-josicaa RC. 
^6^^<^i 1, (a T. sounding, writhing) <9)y<S) 
(S^Dfol galgraacai^KSl RC. 2. to play at 
tennis Vi. 

^%qcB=, 6] (& mrs) ularu'ya T. M. Babbie, 
indistinct noise, as in stomach. FaSib. 

6)^CLjjulava i. = aa<93. 2. vn. ofac>3=g,arrt), 

^^1 uli 5. (V^acX)? entering) Chisel, burin (see 
astssal) a.roj^ broad ch., (ifi\asiSi£^ scoop, j^Tl 
gjalplancaalsiaooni ous^l ^^flsroi^oidJ-ochVi. 
aalcs^d), sroi^ saooifiai}) So. to stoop, peepVi. 

No. jijo^5ituj1 etc. (Saiiajs curai^ojib a'si^ig) 

(Sm3:flsn-ra (=a)5n6aliplcaj)); ojocnjiab 6^(i_)3 

asTsTlfai etc. 
@.a^caog(b (T. ^gl32;o=(airosl) oiajrolcro^rtb 

N. pr. a famous low caste sage called g.^^ 

fljra^ab KN. 
g^oeei, .-^ ulukka (T. to writhe, Te. to start j To 
start, be unnerved g.f-S^2vT_iDA; &§.K^ tS^aiJ 

g.^gj 1. shamefacedness; &, 6ii>.§c:^3i = (mo 

STDo 5)3i.; a^gJl^D si'J) Impudent (i= ^.ajl.-oi 

al^). 2. feeling; ^. o^aiSSn-iDcdJl become 

callous. — 2.'<2ce5)§ loss of 1 & 2. 

a§.(Ss)rali T. M. C. Tu. a sprain. 

g^(fie<i>> tSsH (T.) to be dislocated, (graiJc)33s) 

o^ooo ^oaj^oa^tfn§§.c9rn carolraojo VetC. 

@,§.ceal5)iPd0a to set a dislocated joint. 

£f.c9s(T.)&£^d3sioNo. = a|.dtefal. [moth. 

^^CYlJ ulumbu (T. gi|. wood-worm) No. A grain- 

@Oo ul 5. (V^g..) To be within, be there, exist, 

whence g.^^ <!• v ; ggig 2nd fut. f. i. rQio.xicb 

fflojOQ,®! auDq|i5iS'D0!Tb Bhr. from her was 

born S.; Often with qqj. — <s^al®c2' £@g .©isrel 

s^gjBhr. it is but a report. ^oajS«j) g@a I 

shall surely die. 6)<S)3S^ ggaTP. (ftzaon^oang 

^■ix)^ aj«535^(S<9) gg^KU. must. sanoaslcaStoi 
2.2^ I only looked, aflnfasirnls.ucom^ g.@^Nal. 
adj. part, ggg (old ga f.i. >avaJ<3jjaojQ,(i^ RC.) 
1. existing, true, real. gg23-iSC?° according 
to truth, gggoioionrroo'Oigj — gggznlcrra 
ooacaal^ — g.@g>'!3Tz»lu)nbo ggglrai) gQ^r^orcj 
ig-oiaaJcaJDoaggg phil. ggg^ cLjoeimsD^ 
prov.gggin ©^oroiO-SsoBhr. gggrroo, gSgg 
SSv-sraioao thro' life. 2. in which, to which 
there is. enjliSlo^gg sensible, ojrosacati^ 
@g;sa)Oaiasm<b, Q_?fgiS«c>DcS®@a <9)So, acmii 
c3« (5t3iJSiO'j3^@g noD5 (ST3:s2;S5) Bhr. to give 
it up to those, who have a claim on it. 
3. often auxiliary. ogoocaTlfOo qc:^c&>c)3Sai3 
a^gS .nfd:cs)o KR. crccra'cnl ajgjosraigigg oro 

OTOOQ-io, 6)^3^0g@g cQiLQ Bhr. QJfOBBI'al^ 

03 iQioroemo, QjfD3xiDaa33, cro3Co:rol; ramcrn 
^iTsroisral giggojcruQ (Sa_jOa)ej Mud. as when 
a mother has died. 

g.a'Sajanb fut. part, as: (o_)36mc2Jo g.S.<Sajonb 
ChVr. those in whom love arises. 

aggxinb 1. relation, a>3ro6n").ijn{). 2. rich g' 

Suemo prov. 
VN. gg.aj 1. coming into existence. g.§.CLi33j 
(also g.aoo3©i, gara3<Qi Bhr.) to be born. 
(3Taaj(-rrog.Qj33i"lgj = (2ft5i3cTnl§lgj. ga^jocoa 
= g5rg3cS®; QjlcajsoBcb Q^gjoo gaaJOtS«l 
i^cmo CC. 2. tier, turn, (gT3)'ija3j"lra!) then 
V2. ga^Tlo o_i3ajo (=^05 woof) stones laid 
crossway above each other. 

^§^ ullu g.c>3 5. 1. Inside (Tu. C. ac)3 Te. s^ejo), 
whatever is inside. a@232J3a'u^i5§2 <^'^<^ 
6)ai3§K23TR. as much as they had. raraxiaa 
@g33insg@gi5/).^Tld3s)f332TR. inmost thought. 
g.S)@g3<^c9a(mAnj. fascinating. gcbSaJfOJo a-.s 
qSiCBOibCG. dear to the heart, ecoajoiim g 
gglrai) {Si2)£al Bhg. ma.le his heart God's abode, 
set it on him. 2. it serves as Loc. ca'ej 6)5)<9) 
cs^c>D Q^nral RC. (S3-D3i§c9agglfi)'> ia>cao'. fsra 
staij alajcrunsra^rai) gggirab within (=(QTaS)o) igta 





g^ggo (& g)ggQ)o) 1. inside @.'ojo clJOOJo rml 
rolerorgi oolnrra TP. turned right & left. 2. 
mind, esp. 'Oilraa^iggo king's heart, a' 
(Oioilraii QgjQa or o_iOQ,a)a thought to rise, 
think. g.\Dra)lral) q^oq, c- to convey a thought, 
Cpds. @.®sn20,-iOo CC. deep-seated lust. 

aig'Sio see under (Siasio. 

geaffiporab sole, @.@go)5)a3j palm. 

aggo closet, division in a box, 

aeaolaj inward knowledge. 

ggaotOa Vi. roar of bear g^' cSiTl^B'. 

g@ao5iT6 a hunter tribe at the base of the 
Cochin Ghauts, a- S-aiaoiiibo (sraxicTUD 
prov. hence @30Qjgg3Sn6 a bird Scolopax. 

g.@gogi nb 1 . a caste of rice-measurers in Calicut, 
a_i@al£j3a23it. 2. = a^3snb. 

g g3 fro a9s)o devouring grief. ^'iBiffilnrrD .aTiailOTO 
gD^ prov. (=^ggiPra'), at>o=gA§ Bhr.) 

g gaea , saajo Bhg. sincerity. 

a@grol B. soft inner skin. 

a.c>3cSsisrrb eye of mind g.chne«ffl^3sna0DQ KeiN. 

g.c)o£S6)CDo courage = g.'^ctofS^'^M!- &• "^S "S' 

resroi^ Bhr. 
g.o\3ce5ifDc>3 Mud. Q_ch<36)06m, {& gcbcSiKorm ) g. 

cbasizaio, Bhr. mind. 
^ckxS&osfno Vi. ^c>o2citootp B. bribe. 
g.chifia«sm3, g.cXj.-maa'fb mind. 

g.c)35)51c9a help. §.. 51i).0§OT3 a-@g5)Cr)a^lQ,.'I513)l 

02;orol) TR. lent assistance. 
g.c)oS)ds)0c>3iQi to put on, have, (Baoao, ecmo, s)5)co 

^o e.C>3Qc9®D5ng. 

g.cX>^(nn cnl6)moeacs^o Bhg. trick, feint. 

^do^apral mischievous joy. 

&c>oo_ica) grudge, resentment. 

acbcij<asi to enter all§lf<3i) ach-ijcfiQ PT.>a^ mind acXsg-l^-'ai cul^esg.xinb Bhr. 

g.cbsig_j§a5 5. (=t3Taa-.o)gj'^a>) to get into, 
meddle with, partake in fBTfa'ornsi) @.'§ ^'^ 
soQcb TR. adherents. tDiOJ^ca^rat) g.. was 
concerned in, cySlaaiccylfol) g. MR. became 

liable. <fl!g.o cr)lai3-Dra)c0«ck)5)(i_is MR. m<o 
-a '=^ 

(gal m2Ego)5 rf>,g-i3)cr)ce« a.c>D5)o_js@ TR. 
belongs to. rnlis^ tail calrab ac)o5)a_i§ ajono 
subject to taxation. (BTaaj5)nbo <B)D^60Bcb 
BdteO^o g)ajld)S ^\'S)0<a>rm TR. ^.dosi^s, 
ec)og_j«s inclusively (doc.) i^roirat) g).c)3g_j(2s 
including a sum. 
gLdo6)Q_j§ti^<t>. to cause to be in c/a^cefiaoTlrafc 
a'toiraiDnb MR. (sraxisifo calo^aftotasi gchsio-j^ 
asTaitjiaces) ffjroig/l^ijlgj jud. subject to punish- 
ment, (saojsicn {^sl (gra.x)<9)0c/al aQmo cro 
aaroTl^ gcX)5)g_j§rDio7lfolrrD TR. managed 
the property with him. 
gLc)o(Sg_jsl ci^sn^ CG. alarmed. 
g).c)o5)gLjonac>a hidden meaning. 
g).cX)Sg_jO(b grudge = g.c)oa_ia). 
g.G\>35njDCOo consciousness; conviction. 
@.c>3S)ajs deceit. 
^g^uiliS. (V'^ado) 1. Onion, oroofmgal (& J\ 
era. Vi.) also _ajloQ,ggl, (DOS — ; garlic 5).u 
g^ggp Allium sativum. Other kinds oddoo g.; 
0(jmg_josa3=:cnlfragg^ onion; aiD=@^, <ftO(TO) 
6ST3 g. Pancratium ceylanicum. 2. a sand- 
^iP ula T. 1. Place esp. about a king (V'^gy?) 
2. gyaj q. V. [royalty, 

gyaiajo Vi. insignia & paraphernalia of 
g.iFajoa'Tl'ai) B. gate. 
g^a^aonti porcine deer = cy.-iMi-aio diet, 
^y^o ulamSo.(g)y3) Hill-land, CLiltivated,orgtf2ga. 
^^m^, mrz) alakka T. M. To be wearied; des- 
pair Q^(ra)rf)3c>o (gT3Lfg-j:§li-3b ojlsmsijgtfcSaarra) 

etc. (see @.55iPi9n & @.y>ejei). 
VN. giPgisrgosicalgj no trouble. 

^\P(W> ulakku T. M. 1 Nali, or 2 (ST3)tp<Ba; <^ 
cpc93 = 3 g. In boiling @.^Pci3j)D«^c95iDte«l MM. 
gyJiSsyma amed. prh. from: 
^^65^ Vi. 2. Empty cocoanut, husk of cocoa- 
nut; box made from cocoanut shell. 
g.yce«n6,ija Vi. striped bracelet = ajlfQ)a2;n6. 

^tfO) see ^^. 

^tPno^ — ^ifl 


^tflS'fBYO) — ^^065 

^y>(n^ 061, ulambu-ya gtfa_Jd95 (loc.) To hasten, 

^tPCQ^c©? ulayup (g.y = @.y'Qj labor T.?) To 

labor (ZO£t.^{d\i g5yc%o i50r^cn5m6O3ck>RCii4. 

^0iPc06)T. 1. to work hard, labor, (graxinrosioj 

ror3)3<b RC. 2. to roll on the ground (= 
gifd)). 3. to be inclined to vomit 0cr) 
VN. &if^ 1. labour. 2. nausea. 

^tfQd65, 61 ularU'ya (Te.arosl)Tobeiuhurry 

ajD'-oTlnA @.tPol gocBsi SiPu. fsrgjfojo gjyoocdTlnb 
Bhg. all quiet ! gjyolsi^mD Bhr. Ti. g)yol 
(ffro^moyinb RC. g)yola_jOcQ) to utter rapidly. 
oQch S)^?ij^6hch gjSgjocb arrnlnr7DyQ,rrra Bhr. 
itch for something. 
VN. ^yoQ, haste, agitation =6T2J.S^)ojo§, g.y 

(2ooD§ i^5)S (BTO^nsiaartb AR. ^lijrol^y 
g.yZ2fflgi§(ei Vi. to hurry. [(S00D2IS Bhr. 
ayoQ,ei 1. B. to urge on. 2. T.= g^yejlc95). 

^tpe^ce^, onra ulalu-ya t.m. Tu. 1. (^.ajyfA) 

To rove, ramble, err about, (3a_jsl^ynDS!5igo 
^ssigo cusm Nal. gcmzoo (SwosrnI fnlrrrolg 
g.yG4rm'g KR. gcosi'sia rnlg.fBK51rasrota)yrrra 
Bhr. jiTifcrao g^ynmcjsimgi KeiN. 5)jiJDgj&c>3 g. 
yaTO<Sa_jooVCh. -wandering. 2. to be fatigued, 
perplexed (=@^y<fl5)) ^i-ni^ssracb oaSfmo^ onl 
g.'(Tng) TP. nurse indefatigably. tOierroeiosnza'Tb 
Qjc;30gjosioro)yrrra Nal. (BTSUcb aomoruo @.y 
nrrornlma CG. like a leaf in the breeze. qqctoO 
m\rh dJiDrosTDo ng)moy(monb CG. asked himself 
doubtingly. ^fDjajDcSijo gjena o^nrraocao^nin g. 
yejo 0SmDSD.uo Kei N. definition of o'OoC'aca 
g^yai circular flaw in timber. [eoajm. 

VN. @.y^ f. i. a'c9si3fonb B. vagabond. 
CV. gyejlaft to vex Qg)5)rm asyeTl^ocX) Brhra. 

^tpcu, see g^. 

@iPl uli (T. side, C. state) 1. Circumstances, in 
gyl ^oensiS) to inquire from the astrologer =i'a-) 
OB o 6>x)ces). 2. thin rafter of bamboos & 


Kalungu between the larger wood- & Tennu- 
rafters gylcojo ouoso^o (SjiIcSs. 3. falling 
roots of fig tree B. — (SiQejyl Palg. 

^tfl6Y?ra) ulinna T. M.= ^(ogajigl. Used for 
Soma sacrifices; Cissus pedata, Cardiospermum 
halicacabum or Sapiodus laurifolius (see OJ 
(Sasio) Rh. g'oicSsiDsl, g'sojib amed. 

gtPl 917^5) fTib ulinnal \l.=:&'06m'^1il.A swing; 
also gylsKn2)3fati. 2. swinging bed = n(aiD^f3l); 
compared with earrings 5)a_iofnDyl5rai2)Dfai) 6).too 
y^o <955TnjL>ejo, S)ajD.Tro'ilsrora)D32.ejo tS^srnaD^cm 
^o CC. 

I. ^tflcQ^ ofti TlliyU'ya T. M. 1. To rub, stroke, em- 
brocate. aLjC2,'Q,yl it'. KTJ. Tamuri's shampooing. 
2. to scrape; polish round bodies; ajsl, ojleiy^ 
<9i KU. the work of AmbucoUan. 3. to pass 
rice & other articles over the chest & throw 
it with the sins transferred to it into the 
(ftroirtjTl (superst.) gylsroro)D§^, g.ylsroroi -aio^ 
Scnjocb 5)a-jQ,(2(fia5n^ prov. esjfOo ojlejl g.yl 
erow) c/3 0ln?ljyoa6 Mud. (3CO0aJ.arao g.. CG. 
as remedy. This ceremony is gyl^fcl) met. 
6T3)0Tb aigjylsTOT^I have foresworn never to do 
etc. 4. to touch slightly, as wind, regard- 
bJjiicraDzrogjajylffiurojoejo (srajsl^ &>o(soooq, 
Bhr. e>aToy^5>i)iffl)(3i rnlosTl^saly^a^^nrafal) o^Qio 
eng, og)<srBral) amoyisazjsmo (sroribSajD^ CG. 
aismgma)a)05n|ipl6raig) CG.=: aisoafulcSs). 

CV. giFlcsirit95) = @.^c93 OjlslgjIoSS). 

II. gtPlcQ^d63 = ^alcQ^o95 (& gci^cs?^<ft), .aej^ 
ylcx^iSi To spit out after rinsing the mouth mo 
(S^oQ,yl5roiBi TP. 

^^dft., ^ ulu'ya T. M. (C. Tu. gib, g^) To plough, 
airalaDsiSiOdng .aiynnlaindji gy^ CG. gy^@@a 
ejiTio gyDS^TO KR. g25n205ira gowjo g^Stmso 
&osmoo prov, cnlejo gy.-oil^i&ics^o fl.oit^ TR. 
Qjlagy^^S-sroigMR. ploughed up the growing 
rice; metaph. aamoajoo iSisrso ajl.'OioajSBgy 
@ Anj. [.uoal-sncq^o TP, 

CV. gyoTlcSs) (vu. gylazHiSji) -Uisrgo gylctocsj^o 
VN. I. gy in gysig-joa* furrow, gysigjoglcan^ 

<sh to plough V1.2. — No. also gy^Df3l) = 

gyoj ^arab. 

II. gyic^ in gy>-!ji(slso. 

III. gyoj 1. tillage, also a.y0 Vi. 


^fOeftiOfDo — ^fOd9ffl 


^ffCTft — ^^% 

^irocesiofonb Va. farmer. Also @.<P32;ajnt) 
VyM. cultivator (opp.jjscszjajrtb landlord). 
g.tPOL)0;a) to be ploughed. 

&y>ajoa«), essfocea to prepare land for sowing. 

2. a piece of ground assigned for temporary 
use(a_iocnj3year8, c&isrgol year). The owner 
reserves to himself the right of planting the 
4 g,SQa;o, leaving the g)LPa^<0>oront) to make 

the best of it by sowing grains & (nranrragrn'aQ 
aiOTQch. The owner's share' is called gJiPajD 
fOo & consists in j^ of the rice crop (oQSi^ocm) 
& some select fruits (SroioscSsai). 
g^mra ulunnu (T. ay^C.Te. Tu. ^g) Pha- 
seolus radiatus, kidney bean, used for n-jQ_i 
So. g^yrrra ojlaoTls MR. g^jf o-ron_)ai(b GP. — 
a.osymo Phas. maiiraus, Rh. med. root GP. 

^ff)tfde& see ^tpco^ces. 


^"Dc&iDfDo U'yaram S. The sound & letter ^-o 

(cSiKSrmalcngicSioroo ^osfTDJo prov. see &<fl-.oroo) 

^"S-i°*erj. [nb. see a^oii-' . 

^")£)&0(^C^ ukkaran No. .aol ^ojaJlcSsonxi 

^")<m> ukku T. M. (T. Tu. C. height, fr. \/"@) 

= 2% 1- Strength, exertion ^QcBsjcSlcsz/OSi'm ^ 

ialtfflool) prov. gfoScesio^asngoTO, gifotScSsiQiO roo 

caaicrunb AR. gfocSisga aannbBhr. caoaajnao 

roirai) (Oicn2)ceis)1o)(D t&Dgl CG. used his force 

against the Y. g)'oc93 S'jajoiple^srai^oraj ajlfTr)C2;o 

CG. f!>(23c9s)1rrro, 1^01^(95^1-03 ^ycSa jiiagooo a 

roa\51 TP. 2. iron point of a top Vi. 

gfoaflo id. S):iJSlc9ja)S a'0<fl«5)(S)D5n| (SaiOg £ 


^fDceanb strong 02jnriyc9s)(gg.c9«oc>a e-o. CG. 
Kama. afDcSsiib ajiploi'OtaiQJOQ RC. so as 
not to be blamed by the brave. 

^fiQcets^, (^ ukka (T. C. ga^cesi S. ^caai) 1. To 
spill, shed gjoeoigl c3igl_Q\ c^Bhg. an elephant. 
Chiefly of blood in battle ojcne^G^ RC. (ffracu 
caajssgch raraof^cQarm (3-iiiofo aancesaoro Bhr. 

2. to perform the morninglibation, vu. gjfoces^ipl 
e9s);fromInf. ^'Oc8aasj5ajOa2i5msinbO(9)g1(S^o&o 
cssics^ocftiplg^-ajKU. (Q^oeejasa^-^K^KN. oru 

fcfnaT)D5)<g^osn|(SS)0f5lBhr. — met. of the breeze 
5)a_ioigi,calro>) (grgjOfxira?) (oinb o^sxniosl afOR^CG. 

3. to vomit 6iOd95)Drnl(S^os) a'3o96)(J®S65i3lcno(b 
^eng <2j^oq,o CG, 


^f^^QJOOfb ujivail S. (ajj^)=2<s/a)XJorrf) 

Having saidPT. [cr51c£yo ©(©^Sgjo (song). 
^"^j^ uccu No. =rg26m, ^soiaoiuH — sraooao 
^fTQgraUfTjfe unjal T. M. Te. ^rosrorajoral V2. (=2ipl 

6roTO)orol) A swing, gj'ostairai) <£hglrai) swinging cot. 

gfQgraigjogjggl Acacia digitata Rh. 

@'06t3)Jf3i) (Sif2)§<9) to swing, old gi'oca'raii (T. ^0 

Qj^p^ @D3<ftcTro sS\0(Qi RC. with Ace. csas 
^g.0 e'o'go oraaioumnb RC. 

^fD§ udu T. M. (a§=:acb) 1. Inside. goSfSI 

(S6roiS)6ioaiQJoaiilc9is)0ajVi. the drift. arDSO^Tl qj 

od), <2moi95i, (Sc93c)ocesi to communicate a secret, 

watch, listen curiously. a'osDcs^, ^'^^^ ^i^ 

cjiiDcail having a previous understanding. 

2. place between, through. (HTDJsa^ by that way, 

there; 15^50 all over. 3. time, turn, resrg^ 

twice. [cs^o o_ioajo. 

Hence: ^'35 T. M. the woof, cross thread gfos 

a<oS5 adv. 1. inside, gnjas ooroo o)<9)0jn|KR. 

aQjcnaiSsajio ofOocoarat (i_jCSiiD:nT3)oajo gepgo 

csiTl Bhg. in my heart. sfoJs toilrosroi^ Bhr. 

to seek closely (or all over), csoojocuo Q<j;nrnl 

(Scoi cocDo atJiSS o_io1c9is VCh. secretly. 

2. through. (ST2)Siot730D^(mg5)5 KU. through 

the air. ^'o'SS<S(xjo&i to pass through the 

house. caiosSSo-JOC32;Ooprov.CL zoy^(S\oi\n^^'o 

(Sscs^o <S ^o(D QJOTo Nid. a'D(SSQjlc»c&s>AR. all 

over, thoroughly. (sraocosJBasJS ^cu &if\ 



^fDOJieo — ^"^^^pf^^ 


cBinop nogsioOsi^oo Bhr. we oan pass these 
rings over our bodies, or the bodies through 
them. 3. time raangiamsiss Bhr. n_jejcu 
(Ss V2. goiSS aoss <s-.5nglso Bhr. again & 

gfosoioj real, thorough Icnowledge. [again. 

goSD^ca, to pass through, as wind, waves ; be 
loose, flabby. (Stdj^so^o a)DSDai3 anarsniib 
^Q. mo53(&io prov. (sranainbo ajlslfiA goso 
SOtnroinjnb unacquainted with him. 

<&>oo(^S — a draught; to be airy. [insight. 

VN. g.'oso^o passing through, frequenting, 

gfOSOSTTTl B. loose nail. 

gosDcal (loc.) = tsira):£?;cuc9«-ara^. 

grj^cnsces) to pierce, enjoemsjiach RC. 

^fo^fuc^ 1. through orasD^ao aioj^^sis co^^ti 
(Ojg.sroisrirDloaso. g'o^fxj:^ aiDsmao a med. 
2, all over m^cn rnlaOTal(alrtrtai§a_)o<SSD 

(Sracalcal Bhg. crCfyOaCOo gg. 65ro3'Sa_l051GJ 

uniformly stout. 3. knowledge, practice. 

eo^o-jotoi So. & Palg. gro^ojtpl M. (grj^tSn-jO 

ce<8) cross path, intricate bypath. 

^")^ Uttu T. M.C. {^osnb) 1. Giving rice, esp. 

to Brahmans go. <Sca^§ ti_is(b prov. a-o^lrrro 

Q-JOff)g_jS @§oSiPu. gOg (05)0^^ Ai'I^cBSi 

Mud. a high officer's duty. gDgjsOBcXi Stddqo 
msrm afoglejo i'SiTg ojcru^lcSis) Bhr. live on 
charity. 2. welding iron, degree of ignition 
required for steel; metaph. (Hiaajob ongj go 
§trai) a^cm born most auspiciously. 
a'OS<a'0(b cooks. 

gtjgojro place where Brahmans are fed for 
3 days etc. ojsneioib ga <Scno<as)\ a-.c32JQ,o TP. 
gtosisiMcUZirru Jo fund set apart for that charity. 
gfosai, §1 T- M. 1. to feed, feast GodsA Brah- 
mans; with Dat. oQ^olsraDroDcbcesog'DglTP. 
2. to temper iron "Vi.==qtS<8 0>; 3. No. to 
steel tools (STg)<2JiCtJS0i35>a ©'osoj^nb ChYr. 
for war. 
CV. g'oslasnmQjnb the feast giver; ^'O^gjonb 

Qj(^(Sh feast at first menstruation, 
VN. g'osnb (^srraai) food, boiled rice, meal. 
^QSirrao gOcSao atpltSsi to leave off; met. 
ciJOcXjdJjsmotSscQ) Bhr, (=tg)rt>). 

@5lcffi5nf) a feast of Brahmans when closing 
investigation into a breach of caste <SS3 
rfvin siipl^5)aioc>3Uon<) (aj. KN. 
(S-aJjQ|5ms^cacrart)o first meal of an infant (jud.) 
arost^oront), gfoernl great eater, gfosrnla^cXicaa 
foemo oQcno (S<0iSDra') Bhr. 
@<T)rvJl5o udham S. (part, qjod) l. Carried. In 
adv. gJOoicSaoao, g'orucStiis^ -^I^- joyfully, 
mournfully, gocucoso (SoJoroostsgo CG. goow^ 
a_i0ocr)0oa2; qj^ooo Bhr. a reproach. 
2. married, ^<0(xis a wife. 
©fDfTD.Tjb u6al (C. Te. ^r:}^-a) = ^Kirm) Wooden 
posts in a hedge for the passage of men qo 
foifiA aiStS« prov. 
gnr)rc9l u6i S.(V^(5i3;ij) Enjoyment, exertion, (TO 
rLiarQj^otDo foi(Tnlrai)a'0'm*a>c>3«^Dgjo)gJ^Bhg7. 

^fO^dSi, af)\ u6u-ya 5. (Te. Tu. also a-ona) 1. 
To blow as fire, wind instrument gogo .fljiPro?) 
flute, 000)0 gQ., 0'{T^^., ejo-Tl^g'Q' to blow 
away diseases, hiss (cul,a3fOTalnrtg)g<S) etc.) 
(superst.)— a'otRlceff.'Tltfjsitorefiue, as (Oi©) -Nal. 
g-Dml <0^tplc9s0g<Scnj<3^@g 0OOQ, CS. (=(S'y80a31 
000-^); also afOcassinjgglcqjo oj-oiaotSso s'^S*^ 
rnTlTro SI ^ejojTR. to melt bullion, e^nb a'S@'9i 
(with m-e^a^yrsl) by blowing pellets & small 
arrows). 2. to puff, be puffed up, swell. 
go^aigl T. = 0OOQ§g 5)aj@al silver of the 
purest kind (Rs. 30 are said to contain 

Rs.29 a^o.) 

a'0fai5)nt>oalono a swelling of children's bodies. 

CV. aofdilefloi (0(5]^^«)9lc9s) etc.) 

VN. ^oa^ 1. blowing ^^^^(aitPrali pipe, tube 
(cn_ai<S3iPf3!)), blowpipe, a-omalnrro cuocstl. 
2. hissing. a'O'Oi^i^tTTD Qj0j^sl32jnb hunting 
name of snakes. 3. swelling greatness 
ao. S)dis®o_jo:£ri he is dishonored, ^oc^ 
ajcQJonb potbelly. 

aai5iaocnjl§t9(8 bladder &= -i^cJ^. [go. 2. filth. 
@")'0YO^ utta T. M. 1. Fishing season (see S'onb) 

ao-TSvarai) a small fish Vi. 
^fiQUOprv^ udhaSSU S. (G. 'outhar) Udder g-o 

CJUmjloToralgj'mascsiA KE. 

£nr)poo — ^fonr^oft. 


^fDaJ — ^fDfO 

^fDOOo unam S. l. insufficient co^ssca/al ©D 
ooaocaTl (2fi_jo3il Anj. 2. -want, defect ^om 
6!3i3cb Qjrmofali go-joausrodj (S;ijsrr)o prov. go 
CDo oorrnloiai) ajrooo PT. without fail. (Sidj^j 
(cralcm 2'3. (^sos)ftn TR. without injury to 
the cause. crVtssed^tB^ Sbcb^o. curalihcdil^ shall 
not suffer by it. (Sd>osa)d) gocn ZDQpjnrra AR. 
defences crumbling under the siege. ScronnD 
6njai6Di3cb a-onnaD^P eajlcesi Sk. destroyed. 
3. flaw as in timber, cloth, etc. 
©"om^^ B. offensive language. 
@'om«j) maim, hurt, blemish, also ^omaocDo. 

g'omrtb maimed, lame. 

&'3mo)g_j^ai to be hurt. eraiDfib ejlejDajosrotg) 
(oTl.TD gj'omSigj^ <Sd>,iPo20o CG. wounded 

^y ^ j°^e- [TR. blinded her. 

g.'omoQjf03ti23)d^ to hurt, destroy. a^6m gg. (oroil 

gomojIocaraTl (L. undeviginti) 19. (po.) 
^fr)nO)c66> unikka^sm^cflffiS. To arise, shoot, 

appear ^06rr>AuCBo .oiiCQ^ci^aao raisjaa'fal) 

©Qonljyl^ S)S).uaio Mud. 
^'Dob uh (T. Te. all kind of flesh) 1. Gums 

a'onyirrra o^o(f^gg ojgj prov. ©■ortb tftcggs) 

toothache. gJoSriirol) i^sia^ '^"'03 Sojosiai CG. 

like a gumboil. 2. proud flesh B., roots of 

nails T. M. 

^"DOnr?icfti uililU-ya Te. M. (T. ^'o-6q,Ta.C. g-o 
fOs) V^£Q. 1. To be fixed, firm Saj^rrnl 
©ralcSffl well rooted. ©onTTl 'Scno<m£n, <2e-.c>3c9si 
— ©OQ,V2. ijniipsmfrnlsiajces, to plant bulbs, roo 
arnl.-Dii am^nrao KR. love him alone. 2. to 
lean, rest, rely upon 2'omTls)^o<:>a(&i; aiyxScesiorob 
gfonrnl (feK^a^ (boatmen), aislcs^aDcaTlg'orrnla-jl 
sl:^, ftnggojlfcrai) gtorml (ga_iDif>) walkon tiptoe. 
aoTTld) ©fDfrnlno ruoassQch CG. ©■ocrnl mscsa 
to walk with a stick, or carefully. — Vishnu's 
«nl«sao(y^f3i) gjorrroo rnlroDanai RC. STta. ©o 
fm' tuoiiilcBs',, ajocflai gomoiSi to spell through, 
read laboriously, a'orrnl aTl(f3o_ian Vi. contem- 
plation, rmnb o_ioasDT35)g. gcXjtSsiosrnlrcii) ©idctttI 
(dIoto CG. meditated. 

Inf. ©fjom Ad^'S^'f aj55ro(S5) etc. to press hard 
with a style etc. = a'omTl.' [buildings). 

VN. gonmrab prop, stay. go. atflio^iSs) (to trees, 

CV. grjarTicSsi f. i. mra'orisnBfai) a^oratxTirorod go 
rrnl-^ CG. put firmly. 

gtonrra support, prop. fCT)6iaJc9s) g-orrroo n(&>D§«^ 
Bhr. @fD(Tro flje^eitSsicsQgj prov. gejcft^rmoo, 
gej<Si6TOc>3 (^rrnlcrrao gonmjcsiilflmoroaajnf) 
RC. (Rama) ^siroionrroo a-onrnDcSaOBg RC, 
gorrraaioronb B. boatman. 
gonnosiD'^, — (feool a fixed post, stake. 
gfomaStftorab staff, stilts, crutches. 

^f^lg-J uppu (T. gr) = a'ont)) Flesh, the 18 pieces 
into which sportsmen divide their game a_jfaO 
SimsoJ huntg. 5)5)d>)C5j/oi, •3)ti^.,i^crroi,,oS^cna). 
foreleg, hindleg, etc. gogLjSSsoB oj^sl^ seized 
by the chest, disarmed. [children) So. 

©■nojlsl a-ogcS) Vi. to frighten, threaten (as 
gfOgJ B. a very small fish; g-og-j'sralrol B. a 

^(DaOfb umail T. M. C. l. Dumb. stupid = 
s^ruognb. goarolfiAsi^'DstiTtginb orcqlietonb prov. 
— also gj^a, which is likewise fem., as goz 
^. 2. (={ganfe, ^(9inb) owl. 3. gQanb a 
ejib parched rice, g-a. Qjlc^oe,^d) GP. 

6)'DrQ^d&> umbu'ya = ^'ocnj!9i To suck, eat 
(ffraaj§5)5 gccHib gfocruloicSiosng eflojooo asn| 
Bhr. — loc. coitus. 

^ocma^ a certain pollen or dust on fading 
flowers, ©"o. g06roi®ls i^crS^ acasmgrn (ST3) 
oiifolj CG. (ST3)CTxiSaj ofl Q^trolcngjoxjejostm^ 
@S6!3bI contract at daybreak? 

e)":)CQJci^ uyal=g'05t3Uf(A RC. 

©f^COTl uyi interj. of pain siojsloisiosre gocaH 
oQcm n_i05rarai MR. eroccO oiBoa^aJ TP. 
g-ocailc&ioroo, gooiioroo loud noise, confused 
voices = (^ooofOo. 

^"Drt) ura (S. @>3ro3?) Hinder part of thigh, 
buttocks, ham. gogjo gona^o aTlso (huntg.) 

caDo prov. oic'3'OJincefflOST!jra)orat) 2'ofOonoQ|<S<0i gga. 

^"i(bo ^(^^f^'^ 




aoro <Sit3it»^ oj^yai V2. animals to fall on their 

g.'Droff)(QDO§.a^ Vi. joint of thighbone. 
gfofocmoslnjaeul^ (ftgcSeejcOsn lapwing. 

^"IfDo, uram ^"QfDOfb, ^"JfbdSho (loosening? 
V^ g'0(03c&)) 1. Several Malvaceae, So. -^o 
QjOjCsp.UrenasinuataRh.s^ nJCicufOoMelochia 
chorifolia, &1OSO0 Sida cordifolia, ojsfDo Sida 
rhomboidea; S)aj^ran6 Sida populifolia, &>o^ 
o)aj. Hibiscus vitifolius. 2. 5):xj@g«)o V2. a 
fish, carapao. [(fr. @<o«s<e)). 

^f^rotPl urali Loose rails, ^'orossm^ B. loose nail 

©fDfOl 1- see mlimjral. 2. S. = (gTaoc/f1 consent 
{Q_'0C§\<3>({^cBS>). [ aJoraa_iossoB|.o Nal. 

^'UfZB uru S. Thigh, loins a'0i'D3c9)03mjU60B3o. 
^'oroajiob, afofraeinb the Vaisya, born of 
Brahman's thigh. 
@.'0(TSta--jScsi)3CO."> sodomy. 
aorranrgoeo lameness, g'ofOj.isiJDanjo a med. 

I. ^fDrZ5)d&3, mr& urU'ya T. aM. To creep as 
snake Vi. ride. mscosoBMlrat ^'ocrroo cufomao 
(2n_jonmgRC. Yishnu. ^'Ofra'Tn saga) i^cXa Yednt. 
reptiles. gforJl^y (T. ^o-Licn) reptiles Vi. 

II. ^fDfOio65, (6] 1. T. M. To glide down, slip, 
crawl g)CTOlc95)3iOolcao'3^) ^'orolsojorjso prov, 
g^fo"! Qjl^rm jiDajmj KR. sijiifolg-jrolsa-iotfto 
drop off. 2. (T. C. ^ob) to draw off or out, 
unsheathe Qjodo aocgrcTl AR. t/aroi^fol aJTlsl-^^ 
AR. ij/)aijOo Q-risl^ro^ KU. to take the leaves 
out of the string. (Si2o:r£\cQo OJ\a>i^fo^v^^ TP. 
slipped on. (S:uQjrm n-js)raifla ^ocmcm aiy 
(SiS5)0raij tST^esai'o prov. 3. (= ^ro, jiral) to strip 
off, flay, polish, cua &'^^ •■''Qi^'Ss', vOJsl gi'0«scm 
-aTlg-ja' (— gJiplcSJjSi). 0fDo o_lc51^eJC3gfOl (S(Q 
cxjjCU0O(0sn Bhr. 

VN. g^foforai) — also friction (=: Q_(t>), 
aiD^aroo B. Palg. a sort of rake drawn by 

oxen, ato^ Tjlb^dte to level the ricefield. 

gfo^ajajai a similar implement. 
2'0-2j0ocutpl narrow path through jungle. 
^^(TO^Bb urul (prh. fr. giocoo) A med. leaf 
ao^oii igol.^ fm§l^@ao(i3t3)naotSa ^smo GP 6I. 
(or = 2i'0'MioOra)> if rubbed?) 

©'D^ ur 5. (\;^a'3.Tro or aforaa^) 1. Village, town, 

al8O = ^^D0o (in >D)5rnog(b, jijloq,* etc.) 

2. parish (=(aio) gfooso i^c^oaajo state & church. 

aorog ^sajfab (in title-deeds) of the parish M. 

gfOfb (3i3.'^5TOra)ajsm SiDGJ aj03ricfi6iO:ijprov. 

ggroD^fb patrons or founders of temples (oi 
(Q^), proprietors or managers of fanes (4 — 
8), representatives of village (Sa.xjorO-io 
^'Dfooa.nb MR. aoroocb iil§ i^<ssio«ib 'iis;?^ 
prov. gnsraoacbsa un\)_io atemplebelouging 
to a village (Coch.) 

g'Ofoajra, aiofoag their office, EtoTlaiSio^g gfo. 
a_j~siOTg)5)<aDc)oxiDnbTR. duty of a Brahman 
Tangal, ('OJ>-i3Tal<S6JcBs) a'oraoM^cSoio.'Ocb 
Qj mcq^TJilrolaoib (S%<Bicm> TR. o_igglQi^5)S 
g^fOfDom; Yi. ownership of a church. 

gtoroogl, f. ^'^'^s^^eT' TP, 1. lower Sudra caste 
(a^co3i2Dab, <s>Sgjralnr)Dai(b No.) their work 
aemsn^, cSiajsrnl. gioroo^id)® cutpli-oiiral^ 
@ (Sa_i35)ej prov. 2. a forest tribe W. 
3. = grofObl predial slaves W. 

g^ralSfiJ txjrol.iaa lower class of Brahmans in 
foorusmma^, who serve Subrahmanya KU. 
(see i^g^S). 

a'OcSai'Dl^ehlfai sparrow. 

gfoglinrnl tame pig. 

QaJaal privileged building for the hunters 
of a parish (afo'eilrat furrnlaiajsais MR.) 
to divide their game, gjg roioxiogliiA sn). 
cruQoono.x)i&)Ocy3o gang hereditary guardian- 
ship of the same. rnl63Q5^a S'Ofbajgglgicrnl 

TP. in your hunting district. 

^f^^^iTDo urji5ain S. (^tosi—Q. 'orgao) 
Vigorous gfOS^iOKrajn-infa CG, 

g':)gnoo urnam S. (v^cuib) Wool. 

grosTnooD/^o also gfosromDi^ Bhg. spider. 

^f^fUJJo urdhvam S. (OjUj) 1. High, tending 
upwards, as gioau jcooiil ; godij-i'xua&so Nal. 
enscnafomo g^'aDtSoil^tflaiSft Sil. too high 
(=5)a_i3otoo). 2. met. beyond reach, success- 

^^0^ — ^"^qd^ 


^"OOOo — ^")r£t\ OQJ 

less Q_'0&V-i2iOVj\ 05n£l2g_j3aSo PT. Q,'0(SV^Z0 

cstlcgjocoTl So. = najQ,(2.m. [head BrhmP. 

goialo-icijmTiio perpendicular mark on fore- 
a-ooij-i-ijocs^, — c/a jocroo last breath, f. i. ^'O'^J-'-i 

c/a_io. ollci^snb g)'oau_iS£JOS)o coa^cSa KR. 

also a^aojo QjELTltesi FT. to expire, ^n 

oijcDo (sic.) Qjfrra oJlaso (Sooroo Stuti. 
g'oejj-isajaaio heaven, atfai (o-joojp etc. going 

to heaven. 

^•Dnl-i urpu (afo* or a^a-J, acigJ?) Claim, right 
a'o. S)£t'0^<S!Ss)'snscu.ib the chief person at a 
marriage, hunt. 

Q<^ci£\ urmi S. (.u* to roll) "VVave nnlib Gzsai 
(20 snsej 3^2121 ^glfiA a_i:sromi CG. — 
aoZZliQ) fingerring. 

^':)qce5, c51 uru-ya i. t. m. c. Te. aooj, To 

spring, ooze cuaaj; goQiBi the mouth to water 
= Q_o<3st. 2. (C. Te. Tu. ©oolj) to sink into, 
penetrate iao<saicai^oQ)Q,o 0dq„ fi_jDslro^OQ,Q,o 
6)aioaBj CG. 3. (V^aQ) tosink to the bottom, 
subside, settle ^cuglra?) q_'o6\ £f^s<Mcm, 5):u 
@go aool gDralas)£§ Vi. let it settle. 
£■00 tanning matter a'05)nc9«l§a> (No. (^5)o 

cBffll§c&) & SiOO g3. to tan. 
anjorali sediment, lees, dregs, precipitate a_i'^ 

onA 10 consecutive starches, as of o-jDrat 

i^foicQ® etc. med. 
aoo^osl, ©"socfloias^ 1. M. vsrarol <&>y<fiOcQ; s)aj 

@g'ni3)l(Saia'DOfai)= <&)Oini. q.v.(<0)O^(Sntp 

e3DOTn(eisiO(b ajslcsao). 2. So. = (Si*as So., 

jijcBsi Palg., -ojcOfflomo No, 
aoci, aooQ, sediment etc. 

^fDOOcnjej) tarantula B. [tressed. 

a<3Q SJ'fhS Sdjocsijl he is unsettled, dis- 

a'ooci6)aj@ao= iSioslsiajggo. 
V. a. aooc^cQ) to pour out carefully, strain, 

filter. S^DQ,. to take the water from the 

cooked rice, 
gi'oool asngOiSs to make starch, arrowroot, etc.; 
S'oool QQ§as5 to take butter out of buttermilk, 

oil from the water in which oilseeds were 

boiled, taoocroo oj^ksqI aoools Q^,§a«(m 
5)5)nnajcro Nid. 

^fDOOo utt'am T.M. (a'oa6Q,=a'onrro) 1. Strength, 
power (ftDOolo^obo Q,'0. V2. gust of wind ^o' 
0D32; S;Tj3iD.-aao KR. loud, — ojlsrocesio hard 
struggle, — s^macTuejo SG., — caltno KR. ^noo 
(Sroocoo Anj. a-o'^siggaos 5)ti_irolaBjDOQ, KR. 
a'oooao^n ojloaaTl VCh. 2.'o'''3i^rai) ctsry^^; 
also adv. 2^^<^o S)ajcalc6s) Anj. to eat plenty. 
eooooQjlsl-Qjoaisl-QjoBhr. a'ot^oosialejnigo 
033 <iyUj(S<a)3ejoaoaio SiPu. a'S^oo cuo^ to 
boast, threaten, (ftoca; (sraslcmooo ^vt^ TR. 
they feel themselves stronger, firmer. ^'SOOo 
S)a_jro3:aia, a'3- siajoo, ^o'SiiZJ^o RC. mighty. 
Hence: g'oooanDo aOcraaOiTb KR5. mighty. 
a'oooc9s)oronbid. aiooOdBsioraoo elc^3ali9'c)aCr. 
Arj. a'0OO(S5)0(bPT. the noble & wise, ^'3 
oocesiOfOOTaTl a clever lady. 
a'ooOfOiJo (loc. a'oooosmo) great power, speci- 
fic attribute of a Paradevata. 

^nOQJ75b uval & ^fi3tf«jt) ^^<0> To whistle (loc.) 

^fDC/dCYD usail (prh.a'o^ = fTy-':>J^) 1. One who 
has a sparing beard. 2. simpleton. 

a'oc/3cmoc35ricfe;ata> So. = OQlmjof0002c9s:, ooasrni 


aocaDOffiosI short beard, as ScftoaJoglmD MC. 
©'ocaDCTOOS^cSsiDibloc. the French. 

^fDcSao USam, ^fDc£nfDo S. (iS:^) Saline soil 
g'o.-earosoru ^Scn cuoojlas) Anj.=acij(Ti'^ej(i@ 
ajlo)faic95i a foolish attempt. 

a'0:fi3ro<2fl&i(i2)o VilvP. a kind of temples to 
which higher efficacy is ascribed than to 

^^.■^cu)_io see ^")tfOfb. 

^f^Dra^ OQJ USmaVTl & 6)"Dc£n S.(a c^ ) 1 . Heat 
aOilc^sBS Cnliteo QjaB5),-3iaogjO Bhg. 2. a^ 
cajOtSoich the sibilants (gram.) co, caa, cro, oO. 
Hence: elas^nbo ^.-oroio ^ot^zowcna CG. 
aOt^OlSliftOiT^ CG. 

a>3(^anb ardent cioanb ao. Nal. 

^")aDo — ^enoo 



^")CiDo uham S. (\'^1. to push. 2. to observe) 
Guess, conjecture, a* g.'a. <3a_iosiaj ojoa^oTO 
MR. I merely suggest. 
a'OaDan (gfmDrrroa) Vi. to suspect. 
denV. g^ooDlcas) to guess, infer. lable. 

^.'SoDlroio part, guessed; q_ooO,o Mud. guess- 

CV. (BTOg5)(Q)05r)g — Q^Gn3)aDlg_jl^0c)o VetC. by 

that sign she indicated, led to infer. 

^"3g ula 1. T. M. C. (6io£l, ^a) To howl ^-oa 
csD^cS). 2. T. So. rottenness, mucus. 3. bristle 
= a'3u3nb. [wind. 

©.foanb T. So. jackal, Q_'o^^jOoq, cold blowing 
?3ca.'oanl (S0gj5 g.'DS^acflso Nid43. to bend? 
^'o£\ qQ'%<3si Vi.=:aoal howl of dog, jack- 
al, chatter of monkey, cai^w^al og)§cqi3 
S)aj:^i^cTraajla'cS5)(huntg.)— ajfcsilra)) (srO) 
em ^'Da'cang Vi. No. swam under water 
(=(^a'; offlscasioejl <Sa_jo^, (^cSagi ^§:0i). 

^'^iP ul (T. = ay)CLiral) destiny, old usage; C. Tu. 

Te.service)g.'oyj cSaoranb Undertaker of a lottery. 

— ^<dii> Q-jOcnjDa2jl aiiScQaiTm MR. {=m(u^c^). 

a-oiPol. experience gj'S'i-JsrnliSn (Hraajcr) g.'cyo 

@.o>Tg Vi. 2. turn of duty, g^oyals cufDOo PT. 

by turns. 3. term. (73c/33TJn1cna)ipoiimD PT. 

his turn came. (ftcSlsjajg-j'iflsfmg.'oipo. ^lotpo 
03Q(&)to change turns. ^<o ^loip.-aralfal) mo 
smleo ojlfolstnig aj«snrnl^TR. (=:coajy). a 
©tprm^roi) sifiiDgjoo Mud. once. qQ)'® gj^toiPo 
how often, rosr^ipo Vi. (=ajso, ajol). 

g.'otfo a3(Sj®i3i, g.'3tPOT3irol No. see (^(f o. 

a^iPcb in So. M. chiefly servant of kings 
(doomed slave? fool?) ^o^cow) Sinioro lao 
i^DQjlnb coeimlc^o o§5)iPD^D onoo CG. 

a^Ofiam-io (=^r)ip^aiJo) folly, shame, OT^.-ijlsiCBJ 
(^S)cm^o a'o. (STf5)Oj0a)fa> oiosobI CG. 

a-otfrai Vi. dirt as of a plate (T. filth). 

@.'0iPen§<9) = a'0-'i-if<3!) to whistle. 

aw"! (T. lifetime; ^ifl place) T. M. 1. earth 
(ST3)iFl^^o a'Diplcal»,rai) KU. asTnlmiDO^iPl 
ajtfl^ (sooroo aolcul gj-H^ AR. ^'o<£)&^ 
esial (ST^jLpl aiejdaigl Bhr. g.'oiplc/acyaDS) Si Pu 3. 
thou moonlike man!=(g0lcaa -oJmta-jD 
canb. 2. world ^o^ oQ^o^o cn^s)ocm RC 
3.= aiPl2 rafters of i^a & -fryo^ placed 
between the stronger ones (loc.) g>oiplayo 

aotflc2;oT.SoM.Tu.C.(Te. arjojolcao) service. 
a^iPlcsz^cesDronbT. So M. Palg.=(saj£Jc95)3fQnb. 

^ In S. Tdbh. replaced by ^ros, gorol as Ojlos 
raiJ^l, tanrolc2;o (ajforail, cpciDo); or dropped gas 
Q_io, jxisoBai (Qi^so, (g)oai&i). InM. arriK^, 
(ptma) for acyrolff^, cnlQ-aiB)^; (gTO0CBofi:5!3 = 
orag^; &s fsrai CG. = <af.n5r3). 

^cea rkku, ^.OJ S. Verse (V'^oraiij".) 
gcgoo-iao the 1st Veda. 

^ce^o rksam S. (G. arktos) 1. Bear, Ursa 
minor. 2. constellation in general mmidiSaB^ 
mo Bhg, 

^^ U^ S- Straight, whence (gtSB^Uo; Q^ 
SSoDo Bhr. ^rtBc^(^UDa^o g^-mjo Q<])(Tnl 
oj KR. uprightness. [g^^„ ^^^ pr„^._ 

p^errjo rnam S. (L. reus) Debt a^smo ^soejo 


gsmaDOTiooj creditor. 
g5m(S0Ojiimo payment of debts. 
^(TTio r5am S. (L. ratus) Right, truth. 6)^®^ 
erno i^olajoKsol s^cu^.xi.ife g-oio VyM.= cruoijo 
to swear. 
Q^ S. 1. season, esp. of 2 mouths gg rao 

£306 spring, aoc^cmg in all seasons AR. 

2. menstruation, g.gajooz; ff"i-J§rra a girl of 

age. sraiido Q!^vo?Zo (a-^aojl^ Bhr. 
g3@o_i<9)jj influence of the diff"erent seasons 

on one's health. 
gSwbesides, except. OTigStw Bhg. without him. 
g3T3ijl<S(, (\^gDS3) pi. hon. g.wjloSfflcb KR. & 

gta)jl:ea(9',c>3 Bhg. family-priest. 





^fUj] rddhi S. ((Btacb) Prosperity, wealth, 
^g rbhu S. (clever) 3 deified artists. 
Jr^D'So rsabham S. =ajiaiSo l. Bull, Taurus. 
2. med. root eflojaxflassracXj GP. (= ^sajs^o). 

^rml rsi S. (gjij?) Singer, sage. In 4 classes 
(Sa.xicQal asNarada, (6a)a2latol, fooeacsal, 0nDc^. 

Ursa major is (TCajj|rol.fEn<S)d) Bhg7. s>oc/?io_inb 

@ Bhgs. 

gfi3l®'^0(&f3)o an old saying, 

Q£c,o(^Zo AR. hermitage. 


irn; -- ) 

are no Mai. letters. In alphabetical songs: 
^(SsOv-ainb HNK. contemptible fool. 

SY3 LI & SV^ Ll 

sraogoal HNK. mantras such as lisma. 
6T3)a)0fDo HNK. a mantram. 


E (YE) 

Is found in Tdbh's for w (og)anb), changes with 
initial © & @,(Q^Q,a3j, ©Q,a2j, &Qcnj), rarely 
with (sta (o®m, (siaism). 

fi^ ye 5. Interr. pron. q^^sj oaJo Vi. "When? oQ) 
g_j5l how? oaiSgjroao, oQq^^o etc. 

n^cftifDo yepram^accrao Height (vu.) C. Te. 

o^ceTlQ ye^ii'U T. M. (aQ<£\q,). l. Tooth, 
fang 5)a'D§a_i5^gj;S)lci RC. (igjd^ i^SrsTZDOOo 

sicaja^c^nnoej KR, ojcnjl-^nolnrro a-ig.5)srara)£nlci 
CG. hence oj^rosiajanlonb RC, 2. B. wing. 

n^ddeo ekkam T, Te, (to ascend) 1, Best time 
for buying, hitting = vWcflsio ; o^arn QjlanDoglral) 
ag)<as)o (Sa_io5)ej TR, aQ<QT,{o-)£nO(ao = (sacmcm 
@a Qjlej'ajaofOo. Q^o95)fi5K»lf3i! Qjoasi^-3) in the 
very nick of time. qQ. (SnoDdBsil^Si.xi^; 
o<]). S)aJ:^Vi. last stage of disease, 2, turning 
for fight. qQ)cS5)o g)§Bi to turn to charge again, 
as cocks Vi . 

ag)o96^§, a^ce<f]6o see foil. 

ag)ce6iae3^ ceeTl ekku-ya l. T. So, To come up, 
stand on tiptoe. 2, T,M. to contract the stomach , 
cucaJQiO aQasH (SjO§1 TP. showed an empty sto- 
mach. o_i^ Q^t95)l<9ig,6roi^ will not give milk. 
3. M, C, Te, T. to card cotton rurosruKal Qg)tas 
rm Qjlftj bow for cleaning cotton, also aQ<ss 

Qjigj MR. 4, (C. Te. q®^) ©o^, izlnfe qq 

itolSojocsiJ^ begin to smell. 

VN. og)<asi(A (sand cast ashore by rivers "W. T.) 

o^cSa irregularly globular; sand Vi.=: 

Q5)ces>frf), [doubt, 

aQ<Bsi.^!Ss)o & — cSs T, M. confusion, 

og^oe&^ceo To hiccough. 

o^dSslcb. Q®c9al§ 1. hiccough (M, Te. nD^cSo 

S.) Q^asi^cftCS^o (S2DQ.ol(9sa^o ag)dtel§ qQ)§<^ 

cs^o MM. Q^tfls^s gys a.fosnnsoejo Anj. 
sobbing. 2. = a^c95)0 last breath aj03^o 
igso i-m.-i^erno ngjcesilgca^o VCh. 
oQ^rst) engil Cond. of qQC^. 
o^SS^t^ ennal T.M.=sra63Bcte, Our, we. Chiefly 

in obi. cases o^oiTneoBcbcaa (gfOiDTrarrra AR. ^ 

onlajD3)5ns63ec>3 cnjaso twlan CG.; also Nom. 

o®63sc>3 jDo)aT)6!Ji33)rn croaso roTlasnra CG, 
ag)6g^ eflUU T, M, (\'^ qQ correl, ©Sisg, (sa 

esq) "Where? 

ag)ffl5§o anywhere, everywhere. rgraonoalrtA 
aQSs^o crfl cuornlgj TP, on none of those days. 

o^sraooso anywhere roiocaMra!) 0^)6580030 ans 
ofViDaJo siplg^tea TR. cnDs^oA o^sraocrao 
&>asi sac/aoMud. ooo§ &>5crn o^sDBonb CSoja 
(ftcrra TP. — mod. adj, o^saQDo^irgoraj qJ1§. 

oQSOigsm ((mason) how? also rel, aassQSi-nsiaDii) 

ci^^o— a^§a& 



tgraai'cesnrro ora'.a-jBiorQo ansamorai) 
TR. if you do as I advise. a®65SSCTOCX^o 
however, at all events. 

n^jsogonlma, n^eognrra whence? 

Q^6!iiga_is, Q<])®6!3t33S whither ? 

oQSssBOdo asrglnnonb CG. = a^sseoaao. 

oQ)iS6!5Q3nb= Qg)<S63i3C2Jajnb f. i. oraijib QQ)(S«5Q0ib 
Bhr. where at home? 

ixg).^o eccam (T. remainder, \/^Qg)6t3y)So. Ex- 
crements of lizards, flies. ng)^-DiJ?®ajgjy V2. 
ag)^ajo:ui anus Vi. 

oQ^cA T. M. (C. aQjSPSiai, Te. aQ)oco\(d) re- 
mains & refuse of victuals, oq. o^§R^ >tii 
al(9n to restore purity after meals. oQ. oQ^ 

to pollute by contact with the mouth, as hand 
etc. Q^^ra!) ffijiJOQ, ojcssga^ KU. duty of 
Panan. (Si3intiaaa>s5.iT)^ejDQ!y3Stijt;Q^oCG. 
the refuse of bees serves for idol worship- 
oQi^ejo a^Qj^xj^o ^s TR. gave the meanest 
food. Q^5)nbo ojl§lrai QQ).<Sig_j3^0oaiil we are 
reduced to greatest poverty. 

QQj^ai.-DraaltSermQ-i^TP. thecowwith whose 
dung I daub the floor after meals. 

Q^^i-(Ac9sf!sn7oamed.pIant. o®. gjfolojlslMM. 

Qg)^ralnr)cj9sri eater of refuse (abuse). 

qq^oAojos a song after meals. 

aQ).^ eCCU (C. o)aO^ = (2Q_i(I^) in oQ^^^eTl 

^o Vi. Increased pay. 
n^^fflonoOfb yejamanaii Tdbh. w — in ;lj1qs 

eazonnnb Ilouselord. 
o^S, ti^So, rLg)SQJo, (C. Tu. Te.)— see g^- 
n^.SD eda (C. oaGJO, T. (BiaSD & a®SD friend!) 

Hey! addressing male inferiors (also ag)o^o)s) 

contr. QJ050 come, fellow! f. o^sl, q®sI, vu. 

OJDS^, <Sa_ios~l. — Q^sso hon. for both genders 

Qjrol5)<ftS)50 po. Q^5inboS50 TP. my friend! 

also for pi. ai6iTg5)aoc>a5>aitnso onlaracb Nal. 
(vg)§ce6>, (6^ edukka t.m.(C. Te. q^e^)i.To 

raise, lift, take up. «aj@go q®§(!^ ^Oj^£\((^ 
gjl cLjoejo oQ^ro^ (QjsI-^ TP. to take. mO)^ 

cuo Qg)SO!STJ) KU. not taking arms. qQ)§ot^ 
(Sn_iools)a2) 0OS>c9s)Ogjo prov- the midwife, qjo 
csiHralrnlmo Qjlsmoral) o^^raigso cannot be re- 
tracted. QjodDral! 0^. to mention; vomit, oooaiaj 
§a9s) to speak. Often to raise, build a house. 
Qjlas^R^ TR. in pittoresk phrases nearly 
superfluous Q^§-oial§ai to put down, cro^a 
oi6!ja§OTfJn^(S§nb Bhr. oQ^a^ siii^aio.TA asifiai 
OJSSSBOSifjn KR. not stepping back an inch. oQ 
§c^ S)&>o^<Bs> KU. to hand over arms with a 
blessing (work of Qjoc)o 5) ^Dgynb). ruegs cusmo 
Q^§cfia5ic05)D§cS3) prov. 6>ff)3)cqjo a^oejo 0058® 
oocalasi to work with hands & feet. 

2. to assume, undertake, bear. rn)5)5re§<es), -oja 
§ etc. ojsrnl o®. to do work. OLjOrfiasmiTl 
0(t»o ag)§rniT^slsmnf) VCh. held heretical 
views, ro^fia^ces) OTlsssdo aQ30(®cjoe!26)fsi3) o® 
§2^ KR. according to Cshatria fashion. 

3. to take out, choose, buy. cuocnj oQ. to ac- 
quire a garden, ojoodj q_ioo1 o^^iSi'craDl. 
cftcsjjo 5)^(^ TR. resumed. rolaTltrol q^§ 
(g.i5T3)05T^ (=6iai05n§) SajonfTD tocollcct taxes. 
i^rnc!^ aroocruDOfne.-Btates) o^^K^a TR. con- 

4. V. n. to become raised, visible, prominent; 
often impers.cofoli-o-oialsnarai) oQ^ q(3). looks 
bony, maslmromjo n^^cSsiSoj KR. (S0f><3io 
n^^cQsnrra (=(&)0(b siajtSsma). foiGJ aQ^<B2cna 
to come to a head. Sojcnifal) aQ. it is very hot. 
6)Ji^^.<m oQ, to become like gills, burst, etc. 
OTao-jOf^Oi'Oo, (ftrtsiaraf), njai^ral, ^§g_jo^ra!) 
oQ. to suffer from. 

VN. I. old. oQB in na)§5iaj§ai to be taken, 
II. ag)§gi 1. raising, taking up. o^^gjloacb onl 
crn^oessl RC. litter. (sra.xiff)ibo oQ. aQ)§K^ 
Souosi^ all that is portable of him = he is 
dead. 2. harvest, produce. OTDanOfOiSaJtSsi 
a@§<Siflia5n=om ^imsiai^pj TR. revenue, ^o 
^orasiobo aQ. gain. 3. time, turn gjcr? 
cx^o ©(b aQ- CT?1 (5K)aj5ino (srgjCoalg-JlScas) 
emo PT. once more. 
CV. i54i)§gjl<ss) 1. to get to take up. Qa)§gj1^ 




a0)&nrfc — o^Cl5) 

ay.^orai) MR, if you sond mo by palaakin. 
Qg)'^6>se&l£yo curcjo TR. even if not able 
to walk. a_ig(3(fi«) nQ)'-^ 6)<S)05i^ (SculOS)a> 

emo let yourself be borne slowly, ojodo oq. 

2. to make to finish, get built, set to work. 

emo Q^ -^Mud. got up decorations. 3. to 
collect revenue, as Govt. o_jsmonfl), TR, qtu 
6i3ac)off)ai§i Qg)'<Q5ia^o j3i^aj(b VCh. princes. 

affigtrg^ciQJSl vu. Nayer-house, see ^so, n^So. 

fx^§lcQJDOa) ettiyan = 5i^§l3a.3nb; (^si-nraglcmD 
nb TR. 

a0)| ettu T.M.(C. o®-5n^ from na)5n6 = 5) Eight. 
Q^sDa^ajonra J-. roigonti sitwogorai) qQ). prov. 
oQgslaonb a fabulous animal of the Himalaya 

(ag)gslgODa3i3ck) Nal.) cg^. QQ)gjDo aj§rniali-?1) 

cnlcTK)y>(Tra CG. 
qQ)§Oo, aQsoznb eighth. oQ)^ooqQ!^S)':s\'J) ea^T-Tl 

cSsi Anj, (a>Dom<3!20(nnoroo3ZJ6mD3Z;), 
QQ§lfai)ff)Q_ioo 5)a_j35nb born in the 7th month, 

supposed to be perfect in body (n^s^Sai 

(!jil<0)5roi®l§o VCh.), but deficient in mind. 
ogisa^oairr!) spider. agi'<S)d)0 0s, ojai V2. also 

aQ)SS)c9s)0nf7D(^g_jo rate of tax levied in Travan- 
core (3 in 10 out of riceland & 1 in 8 upon 
produce of gardenland) W. 

Qa)sa"lcss=:fst3dgaldi)a. [s)a,o§(r^ KU. 

oQSa_j(cnloooQ,o offerings to Gods (Jaxic&n oQ. 

QQ)5T76<e>ain((j{) 8 spoonsful, amed. 

Qg)(35i^05rrb octangular. 

oQsmSlud (a^c/^) the 8 points. Bhg, Qg)5rifljiJ 

cs^o (SaoocesTl RC. looked everywhere for 

o^smoa 8X4. Q®srr:g,,Tro 8X3. 

Q(3)6mD3infDo 8000. 

>=(J)SEDO^ 8 Nali. oflisn^Q, 800. 
agjoP^rosngoctrifOo 16000 (Anj.) 

oQem^ eighty aQ)6mOTjflfQliSa96)Dral) ojro prov. 
oQjemeJo 8 palam (a mod.) 

Qg)5nZ(b 8 persons. Q^cnzibSjJjocoo the Royal 
council inColauadu, 7 persons with the Raja. 

fi^&rri) en M. T. Number; thought. a^^jroQ 
o)QJDfJSi o_iroej3aoa3o RS. very high. 

"^'irv^ enna T. M. C. Tu. (0^)00, s)cnw^) 1, 
Sesam oil, gen. nn55gj5mj o^^ejgg '^IfR >* 
smScaji <58nD65B5)S @@ale4§glc/ajraab Anj. 
2. oil. qq. i>-0-^cai, ®ra)<a9c9i. 
QQsrncsaro N. pr. a tree. (No.) 
ng)5rn^5l a cake Vi. 
o®§fj3^§l frying pan. 
Q^sTDQiD.-aial vessel for anointing the sick. 
oQjemgjD^inrab (o_iDC/al) Rotala verticillaris.Rh. 

ag)gnno ennam VN, of foil. 1. Number, coun- 
ting, qq. <3ooocesa> to count, o^. 6ig_j^ces) to 
settle an account. og).^gj03'aiog.o, Q^.(gT30oCG. 
innumerable. oJPsl oQ. (Sojo^csirigj stunted 
fruits are not counted. 2. number, piece, 
article, even of persons. ^fola_ii^ro«5rgsmo 
nr)oa2;raD(b TP. gODca^sgg oQ. o_ios«5ro)5r^3anl 
TR. proffered calumnies, oolracroo @.5r@oajDnb 

ffficSaQjsmo 6i(t) n<j)srns5i3c)o eraorrb msma Scuo 
cm ^'sm 

fflcama TR. as if I had committed any thing 
to displease you. sijiKS^jsng oQjsrnffirack) duty. 
Qg;6rnQjsmo particular account. 

ojT.enri}(£h ennuva 5.(Te. o^mov^o^snt)) i.To 

count, number "©ap'naSH?' 'aQ,<anT)l(TJioCS?^^o 
GnP. 2. to esteem. QQ)srns)g_j§cu* influential 
persons. oaSPo'ajS or^se-cbTR. (opp, oruiacy 
cBacb), Q^srn&jfb enemies (po.) 3. to recount, 
relate o^srnla-joa) to speak diffusely. riQeracrn^ 
@ ^a_iej.) gDmo ©iSigofoi CCh. this sad tale. 
Qg)srnlc9ffl 1. CV. to get counted. 2. VN. oQ 

6roljOs)S)Sio§i95) to account for, qQ). <SonO(Sg 

a. to take a list Vi.(T. C.) 

n^^^enojeino] enmani=aQ)6o(2&nr51, 
n^eoarb, og^enarnfo see o^s. 

ag)fZy) e6a (C, Te, Q^§ to lie over against, ready 
for) 1. Boundary, limit o^oitoicea* c:^, m=ng).'m, 
qjSiSr cig)(ffi(Ecaog.ajo MR. 2. end, crisis a($ 



ag)(crjg)d&) — 0^(15) 

fi^fTDo e6am No. & So. = 0^0* 2. 3, (sr^<Bs,o 2. 3. 

OLg^fSMfb eSir (n/^oq^ see Qg)'a)) 1. Opposite, 
adverse. 2. match, comparable o^rnlcflsiOib 
Q<3)«p(b oQcna SnJssI^ KR. gJSfsii (SaasoLneinD 
fg(b i^yo® RC. like Meru. aioai-aollnt) eej* 
rnlroiScaasiSfoi^* (SoLjc^oa^Dcaio Bhg. to vie with. 
Hence: o^^-DilfDoa' opponent, rival; also oQ^fdi^rfl. 
n^tyDro^S equivalent, copy. 
Qa)0)lro1§a) to oppose, resist. 
oQjraTlfSraQ.cai id. caifiStoiaiSfODS o^foilisraQo RC. 
Q^'dilsra^ to advance to meet, oppose. 
ng),'Q'n®c9Jorai) spike B. 
QQ)(Zjil5icSs)0c>a to come against (graaaj (Oianloi-asi 

rgi5ia.0o)5insoro3 (smroo RS. 
o^'tJilrara&J enemy. 
oQjfiKlfb (Oifala^ to meet in battle Qg)'!3^(b ftnrD 

<8Q_jOS)c95)fgfm3S)i)m3 RC. ry^^ 

QQ)(rol(bS)a_i§a5 to meet, oppose; to be opposed 
Q^)OT)l(bo)OLjoro3<e) to fight (BraiiSmos ag)'Tj)l(b 

6)Q_)0«a@ Bhr. 
Q@ren1<b^6iio = Qg)fml(!5T3i ajoo Vi . 
Q^f!i)l(t)(5^ breastbone. 
Qg)(o7l(b5)0Oipl = QQ)'a)l(l)Q_iO(9> Vi. 
Q^foilibojocSSQ-iOffiaiogj, Q^nj)l(b(3a_jS)oaogj Anj. 
agjroTlfTOdfti, n^ (old) <Sn_ioroooo1sm5ias)(ri)l 
(ranrnlunt) o^nmol KR. — Inf. aQjirolrocsaj, qQ) 
rtjHfSra 1. Against. tarafmlsioo'drifSfD ajRSOjai) tgra 
^rora ainoo Bhr, (= (SmSro) 2. early o^mlsra 
cs^o (gracra^cSso og^y^oi, ag^r^Tlaxs.u (ScruciT'cSs) 
a med. every morning (=cLjejib(&iD^ej VI.) 

aQ(^<9S), n^ 1. to attack ag)«3lltI23 612)0030 

o)jijfrro KR. ogj-oialsicargtcgasrife Mud. 2. to 
face, resist Qg)fml«2a(SmocSisn!^50. • — adv. oq 
(S)t<2nsKn straight, entirely. Qg)(di)(S(aTOi o_)_gj 
rn^oo Ti. quite green. 
VN. QQ)fd)lgli opposition; what crosses one's 
way, phantom, bad omen Vi. 
<^'^ e6u (see aQro)) Limit? or end? (grO) autfl 
6)!Ss) ojossiB^ o^g (inlroD^aa)Ojri| ajlsna (jud.) 
being too exhausted to reach home. 

ti^t^dO? ettU'ya (T. orac^, C. T. Q@|, Te. 
Q®g, \^nQ!^) 1. To stretch as far as, reach, 
arrive ojlslsiiSiasi Qg),i3ial, with Dat. oraslcaJl 
<2£Ut05) or (maslcfloi ugj-isral MR. dived to the 
bottom, (a'onejisnzrobnnlfn" Q^coKBlsmDasTl TR. 
peeped over. o^ijraiOfnTa afffima prov. not to be 
found. ^aj6iro ojljiioroo qycunt) Q(3).tg3:&iQi~lgy 
TR. will not be accomplished. (grarTsVlrm Q^rorao 
<^mh Bhr. if I fail to fulfil the vow. eralgio>Tb 
o^(!^S0D (TQ^'oi^tSoTfyoSfa) KR. only a virtuous 
man can rule such a land (=@§cSi). QQ)«^a) 
^5)gjmoo^0(b Bhg. we shall not conquer, o^ 
rnlcfto tgiaxi5^an Qi3i05r@ Qg)K^c9)CQn^ no profit. 

(=a^ss-).aQ).T5ia"lso fainoajaraemo SG. (= ajrol 
<0i). 2. V. a. to reach, obtain, (graojoig. q^tjitO 
csTlgj cacao (uTl as o Bhri. could not come up 
with her. (Tnl5)nm g^o^fiSQisrci^caji^'jsjraoas'^o 
ciOo Bhg. providentially I met thee, (nrulaiffjg. 
nQ)fon51 ajlsl55n_j§ Mud. (generally with Soc.) 
aQ)(Snro5 Q^(!^<9iaiJ^^ Bhr. shall not overtake 

VN. I. qQ)1513)o reach, length. 
II. ag)WS)f3}), Q^(!5®1. reaching. Q^(;^6io_j§(8najo 
cfeSah. when within reach. aQK^^'oflrao'^ 
ffjajOong ajlerra jud. fell before I could reach, 
6aro3 Q®Rg3n_io§o gigjSo. there is no getting 
at him. 2. halting. 
CV. I. Q^-Di^ceffl 1. to make to reach. (STg)?)^ caTl 
§icajo;^ crorrnlccom.'nialaa.ra^ o^OTJJ^cego TR. 
shall send up, (gTacSlsrm^ojfmoitjtiQ^.'aiiTlcesioo 
report, o_js q^. to gather a host, onac^oroo 
(Smj\ aQ. to perform, o-jsmoo^). to spend. 
2. freq. iftorob o^-sralcfis) to walk with diffi- 
culty, halt, oQ)fora)l^ oasoss), aQroij^^oasiT* 

II. a^>-OTalg-jlo9S) id. o®'(S(fiS)®5r^5 •ma Qg)'(OsiOO 

TR. jjrocfls cncoraeosalffl!) oQ. to transport to. 

a^((5) etra, old a^rOYO?|fD (q^+otTI'd) What 
quantity? how much, how many? q^(®^, qQ 
5)njt3)(g) (distributive) how much to each? qQ)® 
^ <Sn_ioaso what measure? QQ)<S((g)a3s for how 

0^)00 _ag)nnnl 



much? Q<])(S(ra)oso, ag)(®Stnaoao how far? o^ 
(2(jg)D§ QjfDjmo MR. how far do you venture! 

aQ)(g)C£j|o how muchsoevci', very much ci<]](g)!3^o 
n^ooo ff)(aoi3)lo^^ons cxj;ro)Tti CG. long de- 
sired. Q^({g)5)a2;3 aro9ftiS<S«5raj05)S iftfoerawjoejo 

a0)PO see II. o^mro. 

o^jPOl often = i^nnl. 

n^)Ofb en T. M. Tu. aC. (=canb) Obi. case of 

caortb, etsjoib T. aQ)cTn3sm I swear by myself 

(Dat. Q^onlcSa & Q^cnas). 

Q^nbcijraoab 1. my Lord. 2. o^'gajDotjaclass 
of sacrificing Brahmaus at NTleswaram etc. 
og)'QajDo)nbo Qjia'Sf'KSa cuoro^'asi.Tbo mraisiao 
yo prov. 063Bej"3iJ) a(])ayoaT»lrol TR. 

og)nb 5^ixjajj0onb B. a low Brahman class. 

ag)C^ enSu T. M. Te. C. (a<3)o + ^) 'What? 
also=:Q®rn»^>"na why? 00)5)00X350 fmo;Tb oDsra 
Son ajDcegrrro PT. ag)o)rro)n7B, n^nrcnls why? 
S)-QJ213$ffl3f^ Q0)<Srr7n Bhr. why not do? ag)rro)0 
ccul QjoTo TP. why did you come? (sra5)anS)S)CV}) 
what for? Yi. onlaBl^Dra!) ag)®cT3) oq&jo Bhr. 
iffra<2g_jDit nQcmlcm ajo<s^cm better leave it 
undescribed. — 

oQcrolfOo, Qg)T0)Oo, QO)("ramo, aO)nmsmo; 0^)0^ 
fDo& oQccma'io 00^ vu. No. aO)tTOg_jnno?^ 
Cott. — used for the name of something 
unknown, unremembered etc. (erg) a^a^oio 
s^fiiosng cuo that "thing" there — Q0)(7TOlro 
imznosm loc. = what have you come for? 

ag)nnn| enni, rHg)nnnl'5cai, ^^^"Sn^ (fr. 

fgiO'Srn., or gDonl) 1. Without, jijlnraoioi/ 
(Snmj KR. (=8DgjOS.m). ^iies^a-jiJi^nmoo cro<s<2nl 
ag)(rn\ Bhg. i§8 5ii5)2irrnlS32J Bhr. 2. except 
(=(BTagjO'S^) earraojib tT)D5>xi(Tnl (S.ijsrigo HNK. 
nothing required but one's tongue. <fifi3(®l 
ccurolra!) ag)nrn> (aoQggajrolfai g^gj Bhr. — As 
conjunction with Inf. 6Ta)553c>3 qQ^ctooIstoi^ onl 
ssQch S)^oart^ <S £id^<Bs)S>wrm^ Bhr. or with 

finite Verb. s,ar)\^cS\iS25icm<rf^<2w gorolcesi 
cmlgj sraDnb KR. raraoJSiro ajcul'i)jjrrn1(8cBJ a^ 
moo trysiialgj KR. Absolute: Q^nrnlscaj aotiiio 
OJjnaDib (SfOiooooraf) KU. on the other hand, if 

— .Braajls<3.i5ra (gTa^na:<2roo§o ogjornlfficsz; jagg. 
rooe3oasinao(2roo§o TR. (=:(Scy3A:'^@g). 
oO)<Tnlsc2JO ag)fTra Goioal^ any thing besides? 

I. n^rrra eniiu (C. t. aQchq, \f o^) What 

day? when? 5i3)Dnb aal^ojoo ogjrrra a>6r§ AR. 

Q^trnlrnl aiosnamo Bhr. oQcrra (So-iorab aca'ocijono 

(SrDjScna^ CG-. 

oQcmo, oQSirmcflao always. Qg)5)aT)nrwo Qjrol<o> 
oiJIgj, ojlc/ajDcroaocsiJl col^nrrKO) Qg)5)cm 
(SnDcSso mmaTR. for ever and ever, 

II. ,xQ)CrRs T. M. C. (C. Te. Tu. (Staod, see (sra 
SO)) past tense of def.V. aQjoa 1. To sound, 
say, think, ^.sil oOjODDib they called it a cheat. 
<3n_iD Qg)rmoc)3 etc. the present obsolete; fut. 
uQCiz. 2. auxV.= (ST2)t0), to sound thus, appear 
thus, be such. 

adv. part. Q0)Tral.=2r)r;j)l,g3,3iiio, ogjojo S.— (Scu 
rmao cn\ otI nrfl oQma rnlidl^ Bhr. abused 
him, saying : thou !; so : i^nrra o-josroro, (StOiS, 
aon^, SiTDOTTDrrro & other Verbs of speaking, 
showing (OTO ag^cm ^snal Mud.) or percep- 
tion & resolution. — also before Nouns: 
uS^(S^£n ciQcna (oiSoT) (2Q-j(b f5Taajc>3c9« Bhr. 
crulfo) ag)e)rmrrms)s moao KR. mgj^ ajnso 
n(j)rno anlg7i32;o, QQ)nno crol auo, orczatiso, oQ). 
Qg)5)nbo ZftDo, ojdaaio etc. ^c^ So-ioo o^ 
mo o'osiSo SG. ^rolcSa aQmo raoasinbo 
5)j3Jogj^mofc)i) ^nsnrra KR. 
Often with gjsrasoo, etc. Q0)nrnl6sa®an, qQ) 
(2m^aJo, ag)cTnl ohjo. Also cs^i'giji'aralrab aroltea 
oQom rmonf) C'sc^cesKag. Q^an aQnno toionb 


2. = Qg)mno«!b or f.i. Qjlg^^oral QQ)mo croooroo 
fol^orat (S<S)c)oc9emr)(ra) arao jud. 

Comp. with Verbs (sragj f.i. aO)mo (WSimi (5ragj 
moreover; (STg<s> f.i. jo^ 5)>xjoQ,(Tiri n^jmioai 




Cffiof^b there being no hope of pardon, cnlejo 
(Sracus^nbo 6555>0iajc/as)0rmoc9«l MR. declared 
it to be his. QQ5)cm ca^CTaiajnmoctSsn PT. (SKi^A 
ernZio)gjrmoc9axiDn6 tst^aoib AR. who can alter 
it? Gejo^fiOBcb g.5)5ngTrao g^oi^Trao (sr^a^cm 
go eojonb SiPu. thou makest worlds & des- 
troyest them- 

— ^%<9^ f. i. ononis considering that, in 
consequence thereof aiaf^jas^^crniscBxjSfcl-gj 
Nal. seeing its uselessness, he dropped it. q^ 
orn^So nevertheless. 

— ^folcesif.i. aQi'(0) oQcrn^ro^^Qioin whatever 
measure. n^mTlrQlcflsiScnJocfe when it happens, 
that — ;also: ag)cm\co^c82S)cmonsi slcOsPi-^, qQ 
frnlfol<ScSn under such circumstances. 

— S?gj, g.5ng f. i. (Hraczsa^-aioTilgj Bhr. I can- 
not say: no. ajasojnrmmissr^o, fSajsiDo n^nrnlgj. 

SiPu. it matters not of what caste you are. 
@5rmg ff>^'3?,^SDaj Qg)rrnlgjO-5i3).xnt> SiPu. 
unconcerned about any law. 

— QJfol^ f. i. (ftft)6!513l5)m (gra32,'(fl5l5)S>05r@ (ffTO 

Qj(b (sragjnaoib o^ma ojotd KR. their sending 
a monkey proves that — crybry 1x71 gj^ aQTra 
QjfSo, oQfflnbo frycaczsno aol^ajo qqoto oj.'^ks 
@ it must not turn out vain labour. S)S)CjUgy 
Qjoob oQfm Qj«53i'nial§ajorT6 g2<2o)0 cngj Nal. 
is this the way to prove your courage? 5)3J 
Q,crnlai523 a^5S)<95)rrro Qjftsroral 5)5iQuo Bhr. 
God brought it about, that we must. 

— ffiojtfim f.i. (§r£gnb Q(j)Tra 0x1^ S)&iOcm {— 
ononis), oncnj) Orb ag)orra eraascno ffi-UcflsiOingj 
TP. I shall no more dub you X. mo^Oib o^nrra 
eicu^ora!) 0025555 aoa (a4(y,-3ial<soorom3<am3 
TR. as for the N. he is but my servant (= oQ) 
cmoral). croog^"Uca.«a '^g^cn oQcm s).ij^of(A 
cnao Qjrol!0:.a^o sijiigjooTR. Often with rela- 
tives iS)g-jm o^g (ty^jOfOo dJKBcrro qqctto s^cu 
^orai siaffTl.Tb.xisnjo (2<&>s oossteoo TR. 

'^=' 5TT) ^ 

— (B.ijsmo f.i. (2-iogo)aj5>oro)m3 iscu5m05)gjo 
KU. you wish to hear, why. 

— S.ojsng f. i. arol^onb oQ'Srm Siiir^ Bhr. 
it must be said at last: he died. i§i^nb i:®6)cm 
<Saj5n| truly a bad man! o^tto Sojaingo "in 

"With Nouns : oQSnm xTlSc-oconSZionnrnloifmSso 
croSaU Bhr. indeed well done ! q^Sht) cnQSu 
5)Z, oQiSvrr) c9)d^<S0 etc. that's a joy ! what 
a grief ! o^Snm ^smo ajig} Mud. thus only can 
you be saved. oQ^cm ^^^ 2@§ PT. 
Cond. (jQ^(^, o^Tnorai) 1. if so, then = (313) 
caooil), (5T3)fl^(^f. i. oolgJCToloigjaaol.-aisraonb 0)^)3 
girm^sTTi KR. if you are for fighting, sacoo 
^^ Qg)a&7lra!) cQ-iO<Siz Sa_ioaao Bhr. Qg)Sh^tzA 
ajfo^a) well then come! o^rmorai) (3T5aj5)m cu 
fJBfL^aiVetC. — ©jiiosl-gj aQjEEblseja whatif you 
did ask ? perhaps you should ask. — Amplified 

Bhr. StSfJsl g555ng(mo3^~ls~l-i:ii AR. oQcna ojnrTa 
(3a.j33iO(t)b Mud. if unfortunately. — 2. .T^jfrnofob 
& Q^a&TlfiA stand often in the beginning of 
treatises Q^anfal)2ai5«,a>o§g-ai, o^ailcgfijo ffiib 
§Dejo Bhr. hear then ! raosjaajajctbcNiiSQ cro 
ajoo Qg)(mDro!) TR. what 1 have to say is as 
follows (heading of letters). Also at the close 
before the date ogjrmo.^ ff)a-.ogjo ais)0 etc. 
"so done in the year etc." 3. o^anoTft is often 
connected with Interrog. pronouns 013)1^ oG)V!S) 
Sidonsrgcmorab MR. the reason for this is as 
follows. qQ)'® 0srrSlca3.xi,tiorrt) <fl.g-jaa Qg)OT)DftA 
ojraoj TR. at the hour you wish- 4. in that 
case, but. f^t^crUDlfoTlnxjonDDfoasl Jch o)ii3o 
^ (^fCTTltSsioo Q^nmofs!) rgrag i^-ffTlcaDtgnTai^so 
VilvP. I mightattenipt to praise, but it could 
hardly be called praising. 5. viz. that is 
to say or «jil§ o^n-Dro!) roT'emsarai), onoo raraoj 
aaoQ). Q-j§<sa S)350§e8«Do, iSis^Sjeijg^ rtnglcng 
qQ). s)<O)0^cmg 6T3ont) •s^snp, ajfiS'sijJ^ aQcmora?) 
oj^S^i;^ jud. No. 

Concessionals : o^oDatyo, aQSo^ejo even if so, 
although. <fl>6ri| Q^jfrnoejo d>,|5)a>oir^ s.xja 
■Qiari^PT, though I should find something. 
oQaHoiS ag)ascnG4f> wheresoever. gQ-s^nmasTlejo 






this time at least, (sra^l'zit) o^rmDejo a^^o 
KeiN. even at night. (SQjsmo o^a^ejo 
Qjroog however much wanted. Amplified 
QQ)aD0£f^e4o,n^mo ajtmoejo etc. double: (Sf^ 

0fQCS^o orcza(!nl^«so^o "fliosnoajoab KR. 
permit neither men nor women. aQ)S)cm oQ) 
aDoeTlejo o®rrras)S ScuDoaranb (msxm o^nmo 
(felejo ©K^ s e3> (05) ool DN. eat either me or 
my brother, 
adj. part. oQcm, aanmgg (fut. o^ng) such, that 
si3)orib oQcm eoxio the thought of I, of self. 

ajonb g.5ngoS)CQj(TK)gg (ro(3aa)0:Qacsro)0fai) KR. 
the joy of having a son. QQ)(TnCBa_io5)eJ in 
like manner as, afl)nm smroo, ci®(Tn®g_jCc>a 
qQodxiosjo whereupon. QQ)(8naso, oQmasxz 
so RC. when he said. o^sreiDao Ojlronb CG. 
so bold as to say. 
part. Nouns a., rraos o^(Tnajnb Bhr.= (C3f03 
mo2oxj the person called Ruru. orag oQ) 
OT).^ ajronb Tatw. the word "it" signifies 
God. Qj{rnlrac9s(Tn:u(b aQ)nmaJ5)faayo sia^og^ 
(gaoKR. does one also kill suppliants? 5)^o 
mom BSgacOfflS^a S)ce)Og^o)S--fm(Srai a.i(@ Bhr. 
dangerous beasts are of course killed, b., n® 

tm^ = (STJlCa'g. QQ)(mgS)(Q)Oir^ <S5Sl^ 6T3)D 

nb Nal. consequently I drank, o^rm^ <So_jo 
foo VCh. and what is more. QQrmOTTlffjnbo 
(Bc/scano after that etc. 
adv. part. fut. n^ciaDnb (rare) (grafTO-ai , n^nao 
(T)a»c)o5)jii(^Bhr.(=Q®ma). s^cSiog^o o^naa 
oao @D^ KR. nor does it follow that. (srO) 
jiJDfO(25)gjraont) Q®23i^eJo CG. rosng cssfia 

<S3am@ Gan. the reason why both figures 
are equal. 
Inf. n@cn = (sraSiT) 1. forms many Adverbs -oJi 
6)(S6)0n, Qj§or)i 6^jiiQ,6^6i3i3cr) etc. 2. it 
serves for hypothetical affirmation, (HT3:unb 
@D<s^Dc>3 j)S)5i^a^'<''> foiajsojoScaism it 
would have cost him his head. (vu. o_iO 

6i!3®lcT)oaiilro3Tra = o-joS-JTrrajScr) — (Srg;.) 3. 
with past part, a kind of Imper. tuof!«tral) 
@05)nmm TP. open ! 
oQ^j^Oo eppuram What side? (qO)) Vi. 

(xg)(Sci_jf05o epperum (oO)) Every one, Q^Sfysigli 
§go, aQ(Sn\(S\<Ti> 6)ci_>§@o of whatever descrip- 
tion, all included (doc.) nJT3(Da3m:a3gg(oi£)T)a 

''L0)<Sa_JOl^ eppol (SajDip') What time, when? 

also QQ)(2g_jDS'f cBe, Q®®g-joy>@ ; with ^o always. 

OLg-jtZiOfb email Tdbh. caaob f. i. swsnaxnosiwo 

S)ro0S)onSgjo5iej KR- 

-•^^(CYijOOfb embrah see o^nb-groDnf), [po. 
fi^ifCYXJOSGOi^ Port. Emperador, emperor. Nazr. 
agjQaOfbdeblsoClj (cl^^2lcb = o^z2'Jc)o) N. pr. Mi- 
nister of Colattiri. 

aQ)C^d&), COTI eySu-ya T. aM- To get, obtain 
(= QQ)(qQc& 2.) oQjTjiejoo gjaiaizoancorao, qQ) 

ai^o Qa)'Sjp (performed) RC. 

o^c^^cSi, c^ eyyu^a t.m. (C. Te. a®, n®^, 

aQ)^-Qj) To shoot an arrow, 6a\06moS)Q>asrs 
(!m>:iJ5)CD n^:^, >9i^,:5T3Tl((A oQ^sjj^DnbBrhm.; also 
with double Ace. ogoo^i^roo carao o^cxj^Dob ^ 
foiooooim UR. fig. (a6TT^ooo)(tJiB)gus)a)35rs oa)<^ 
rrrinmocb SiPu- — 

CV. Q^^lces). [^to practise archery Vi. 

VN. Q^aii shooting, also oQca o_ic2;OQ<ei 

o^gjib (C. Te. Q^g) porcupine, hedgehog MC. 

aQ)^cn-ifnTl — its quills Qg)^ngg§. 
a(j)'3]mjg^ see o^ros^o. 

ag)fD|c8e) erikku T. M. (Tdbh. rroasio, or o^rol 
foil.) Calotropis gigantea. sirusi^roljBs white 
flowered swallow wort, Siva's flower, Anj.nQfol 
dteldj a med. Qg)ro~lc85riaba^ GP. oQfolceaaoaj 
wreath of Siva. 

og^rol eri & 6^.6^3)^61 T. M. Te. (C. Tu. g.rol) Heat, 
burning, pungency, ojroo o^ra Iff) jijciytm 'ma 
Bhr. Qg)(^ jajlfoiolcnialipl RC. 
oQ)rolc957ly;63g green ginger ©6t3!il. 
Qg)rals)(fiis)0@@l firebrand. 

o^fDlcQ^ — c^r^^ 

16 L 

ag)f?j^r^ — ci^oq 

Q^fol SiaTI burning flame. 

o^cricijgl hot curry Avitli buttermilk. 

QQ)ralj^a_io al extreme heat of body oQ. ix^g^ngDj 

Nid. oQ. cn:€<s>iooo oJTlt^*! mud. 
ciaifol0a)o = aQ) alaoteisaal. also wood which 

ignites easily. 
tiQfolalob a fish Vi. 

.xgjfDlcsy 065 V. u. To burn i^.-olcq^aca')! KR. 
^"00)1:2,310?) Qg)rcl<3^S2o PT. o^i^oTorajSajDCOi' it 
is consumed; too pungent, tig. rryoiiijli'DaO 

,-313)3ral) a^folci^ 170 0000 KR. 

beast of burden auDZamo Q^«SiTJ)l6)nbo cxjo 
qta a)32jool TR. 6)xioiggf03(inlnb i^^S^iol AR. 
fig. o^rojg ^ocussBh ^acrnisj oJ^snT) <S)fDism 
^so5)Tj) (sras^'agSirmatolTra KR. a^jroafoioas) to 
geld; to unman. So. 2. red?(aT. Te. q®«S — 
oQfol) oQ)fS<2fai So. early in the morning. 
aQ(^(^<ai)OC^di bullock driver. 
iig)f03.-5t3)li7)i) bullock house (from obi. or compos, 
case 0^)082^). 
'i^'WC^ erunSu T. M. & fi^;fOlc^ Shellfish in 

rivers oQ. .^i^ScnjDch rr^lai 0)0100^ MR. 

VN. I. Q^rolaj(Q^ra3vu.) 1. pungency. wga'S^l I n^^CSlDD.-ii Port. Europe in N. pr. of plants qq' 
crn qQ. 5).iJ^ ripe for pickles. 2. zeal.o^ ! S)Si£t>(!xi, oQ)'K83naJ, o^'g-^g.; also oq,. j2|fora^ 
rDlojao-OTb vehement, zealous Vi. ' weaver's reed TR. 

II. aQ<T3^-2-if(A id. of eyes, mouth burning from j aff)0 see 5]QO. 

pepper. aQ(S\^a'r^ (vu. ag)'^S^rol) a very 1 a^c51 eH T. M, A throw = Q^Q f. i. a^cSlcxTl^a^; 
hot curry. 
ag)rt)l:&6i V. a. 1. To kindle fire, as smith; 

QQcSloSsismni) frowning, coquetting. 

;jg),Tla^^ to throw, fling (Bioro^ oQ^lbiarojOfiA 
coOCO a)3;Ss) prov. ajada osiosi^g as^nDOl 
siijig) Bhr. with Ace. of the person hit q_i30 
5);a)35T^ oQ). cniralSGJ ra^SjcX) o^3cm CG. en 
S)22i QQol5rot§li^asraI5, aio^lfsb aQjolSotoig)^ 
CG. abandon, o^j^lsrot^i.-i-jo-a- Vi. to talk as 
ifthrowing stones at once. 6i§cfl5)o)|n^..il5rai^ 
(Sar)3c9sri Bhg. an angry Raxasa. — 

VN. qQJQ, q. V. [hawk. 

o^olcarai), V2. o4j)ola)ajga3snb=©oajg23anb 

CV. oQcSlca^ss, as ^laR»li)^oian^3ab Mud. 

ignite iron. 2. to burn ggiroo aQ)rol^,"un!) 
Siva. cT)3a33 a)5)^^ rtKl^i^fal o^jrols^ atoH 
caacuPT. 3. to hiss as rocket, snake. oQrol^ 
<ai(t2g^ to go oflf like wee gunpowder. 
VN. Q^-olgu Vi. flame; torch. 

CV. a®(^l^1d}5) Vl. 

aQ(SiZ5mo (ag)rolaj) smell as of pepper, ob- 
served in some soils, unfavourable to cocoa- 
nut planting. 

oQ^fOla erima ag}(tRl2 T. M. C. Te. (Tu. o^fW i ag)Ol396i eiikka T. M. l. (No.) To protrude, 

m., aQsifl fern.) Buffalo, chiefly the cow = a 3an , 2. B. to shine as sun(=QQ)f£l?). 3. to remove 

(m. S.xj3.tg2)). Q^roj0gjO«'o (er<>.i^cocsicS\s)^o the bark from timber, rough hew for sawing 

msciao Q^ooQjo GP. Vl. i^olasrrro arao o^olasaTD .oiiaiib KR. 

0ajff)3i'rola 1, jungle buS'alo. 2. med. moon- ! aQQori^ erunbu T. M. (C. g3.ij, see 52 — & a 

plant on Himalaya (cu'^aj'O?! S.) I — ) Ant. 

n^fffii2c95'@£l a milkplaut Ericyne Vl. also o^ | aQ)0,S)axi3^c95)rat) line of hair on the belly (loc.) 

n»eT3i3,3al Rh. '^^Q, et't'u T. M. (from oQ)^, at^cy, C. Te. q®%) 

nQ)roji2j95)0fDnt> buS'alo driver or keeper. ! 1. A blow, chiefly beating clothes = (oraaiaOs). 

Qg)fO;ZDrrti (prh. qQB bullock?) N. pr. a caste ! 2. sprinkling of water (o^Ojgao laia'^Ss)) a cere- 

of masons (2988 in the Taliparambu Taluk 

esnb-ajojib «.ij<0s(Tn.i.i(b) = 2i>i3GJ3i-Dnb. 
<i^)fW^ eru6u T. M. C. Te. (Tu. o^ra like prec.) 
1. Bullock, ox = CT)gjfli3^, '^ou chiefly as 

mony performed by ajsnD3nb 3rd day after birth, 
7th day after death; & followed by change of 
raiment aQr>q,o aaofjo KU. 3. trap, snai-e 
aa)CQ,Q).ijces) V2. (see a^oci 4). 





n^OQc&i ]. To throw, as with sling, fillip, 
propel, spirt (=<as3^ai) c/ds S)o)3-€M>^0'ns a® 
oolcD'jnb Bhr. dJiS^gj^aroraoolcs^o.'oigj^Ci^o Anj. 

<a)6TTg{@so KR. 2. to beat hard B. 

ag)eJ06tJn^ d&) elailjU'ya To be agitated as water 
inahalffillodves8el(©-r3,stsy Ov),alsoaoaosT3y:a. 

(i0)ejl eli 5. (C. gjejl) Rat, mouse; a-oo^saTI^ 

6ia_)roljyo^, -ajsiJ^aTl small mouse. 

Q^ejlcesiforaTlrol, n(j)ano95i5r!)^ rat-trap (of irom. 

Q^aHifbrac^ gnawing of mouse. 

oQEjlcOsiOso (saDcego) used med. MM. 

a@ej):^aj§ a perfume, oso'^meuo. 

o^aTloi^ajl (=i^.^ricS5Q_)6nT^)Evolvulu8 emar- 
ginatus or Salvinia cucullarisRh. 

aQjeJl-was^ Pothos pertusa Rh. [roof. 

aQ)ejlao5'S-c>D, n^ejlScSsiorai), oQejlojos parts of 

Q^aHg^jy Tantr. a plant. [arsenic. 

ogjaHgiScflDOSimo, — 0ro3:Tra, — ajl.iL'joratsbane, 

og)ejl06Sii, Q^ejlgjtoiaoazjo rat-trap (of wood). 

oQjejIas rat-hole, also Q<j)ejlg_jozy,oao- 

Q^ejl^gs Spinifex squamosus Rh. 
ag)£jlQjlCH)a_iC/9 see g^eJijl.TbcLJc-a med. 
c^B^£\.aJ elumicca T.Palg.Lemon tree, med. 
ag)ai CYl^ elumbu T. M. C (C. Te. aQ)!^ d>0 Bone. 

oQgjo Q^ejaojo ajOoigj§lfDl^nrra very lean, 

cn^aajeTlay spine. 

oQejcmti)) small bone. [23j5n-)o Bhr. 

Tu. M. bone ciol^nbo aQS)§^§^oo adci<3^&> 
- a.ifcnj marrow = OK>?rvxria'ooroo. 
jjgo skeleton V2. [whites. 

iro3<sao, Q{5)gjfi53c95?lajoi\ gonorrhoea, the 

ag)ej ella (So. Qg)(^^)T. M. C. Te.Limit=og)Tii. 

og)5)gjcSsc)Q55a-i§(t23^ to circumscribe (diet.) 

qQ)^oo, oagjoajo (neg. of oQgj) unbounded, all. 
adj. noun, adv. og)gjOOQ, obi. also aQ)gjo 
csilejo gDacaTP.youngest= Q^gjDOolfijo. — 
(Br5)(b oQgjoo who all? ^i^s^crogjoo -sio^sioj 
^ KU. ci^gjDo5)ai05n|o anyhow. 

pers. n. o^g^DxiOBo, — ra-o. 

o^^D (CLn)SCijo everywhere. [daily. 

na)^o<Sgl\o^o (old r.(j)^33fyoy;o Vi.) always, 

^^Irao T. aM. you all (Pay.) [a^yrfo^ TR. 
c4j)(B^D ell6 = fgra3gj3 Is it no(? a<3)-nao <^<Bg^-i 
rLg)Qj3C/)ari:Eca!D0rb Syr. Gospel Vi. 
rLg)Qjlsv^, n^QjlJS evide (i®) Where? 

Dat. Q^ ij.l SStSs, — s® oWjcSs whither? 

aaxHescs^o anywhere. [bhr. 

o^xHss-OTZDOTb (vu. ogjiri^S-nraanb) = aQSKJaonb 

iQOjlso what place, passage? I'cozo'tt'jm.aTaTlfa!) 
aQjopso a'.m 00^ KU. 

^^ffR° liow? 

aa)Tj<i1 CG. whither? [(Sc/303(Syo CG. 

ciq)(SCfdOQ esod'a Tdbh. caSLooa f.i. fO)Da35)e 

ci^'^cw) elan5a, oq&otd a plank Vi. 

I. 00)^ eli So. Loin3=asl; ^^^Qg)£\caj\:A ra>\ 
rojiSicai So. = g§<Bffl; o^jal SiS^Bi break the 
back Vi. (=rthin part). 

II. n^£\ T. M. (comp. ©a) To be light, slight, 
adj. iiQa^a-ajib in prov. opp. to aiejl^iajnb; 
dno^ioi) Q(])al(2caDf03o ajeTlscQ-Drajo ojo^cmnocSs 
TP. high & low came to woo me. (2'Li5r§anra') 
o^alcc/go S)-ai^oo prov. what is mean; o^g^ca 
(Se'OaDZo^^oolcfis KR. not a small desire. 
Neuter 0^2^ 1. mean, slight fmonb a5>5§.(aio 

CQ.3(-3t) prov. (Hra.ijfnbo cTy^-mo o^a oigj Nal. 

no small luck, tsra trraroi, <2zidqo c<j). KR. 

2. easy CLjoaDoj-aTlrrro, nnnmO(9sxiDn6 a^SZ 

ag)f.faigj, oiafnTlmi o^jf-gnnl^aJii^DiAMud. 

So often with Dat. i^<B{£\o)£r::iS)sn?:iif\smj 

oQ^rtDgj (SaocSfLvnT^ilrrra. 
VN. o^a^a lowliness. [a oom-^o RC. 

QQ)'s)^§i}> to humble oneself Vi. o^aza-igjgtp 
ag)g^0(0yiO('anb humble. 
VN. o^tgjo (also aa)a'3TJ Vi.) 1. facility, 

brevity; easy. aQ)3Q_ji5rali-(A rmrooo easily. 

aanrn (5Taolaj3a3Sir§ .ajlej o^^gyo Gan. afl 

5)^^ o_irailg_joaBo oQ)'g)a^o QQ)3g_j0oo PT. 

2. also = o®3l0 f-i. ajglcftd) (SS)|.aj1cn 

aQ)^gjo Qjlal^ TP. joked at K. 
oQOo el 5. (what is slight) Sesam. o^^o q_)32; 
Qo o^ol^j to sow, Sixisai to reap. o.j'imjluA 
og)§^5i-§3aml MR. ogjob-u^ xPfrntPa)!; ^^ onsTul 
5^^,(B5i afyo ojroD^cQ/o^) Prahl. 



o^j^c^ — og)^^ 

Q®£§g3a.o gJgj not a bit. aQdo is prov. i'or 
every thiug slight oQ^ (S jiiO(Si(m(^, a® 
(3@gDg.o (TrTinTiDrai), aQ)@^o @@go prov. 

aQ)sn26nTl(p_)oaio (=J of smnc^isnTl) smallest 
measure c/aro6!5sg.0f3i) rara.ijffloo aQ''<zo<aS\ 
AR. = osQcSiO (also oQcki'p-iZoTino). 

aQi@£^^&> offering of Sesam to the dead. 

Q^S)gg§m = 0O(ng.jsni Sesam oil. 

Kinds: .ojle^oocb, the oil used for the body. 
<&iOff)rocX5 for common oil. 
5)snjomJDoiau^ -white variety. 
<0.D5^s@^ wild Sesam. 
acsinoiejcb a tree yielding- no oil. 

I. n^^ elu (VN. of foil.) T. M. 1. Height 
(5rg)!i^airii^ aQf^(U)\ro Sa_joral) RC. rising -wave. 
2. prominence <^<Bs)\mo oogj o^^ajsng Vi. 
right size. ag)yaj(a aronb -well made. 3. by- 
gains Vi. produce B. i.^oQ^tOi club (Xji®nb 

cDooorafi ojs RC. 

II. 0^)^ = 005^ Seven, o^ycu* 7 persons, a®y> 
fOong 7X2 see (graxionl. oQf^ t^cvo 7X3. qQi<^ 
o_)@70. gjgjS.-Draices) aQjy^ prov. 
oQ^nolaJZoso house of 7 stories. 
o®yagoon20<b Rom. Catholics from Nayer 
castes, Coch. 

a^'^Si, CCfd elu-Jfa T. M. C. (Tu. qQO), ajc9« 
Te. aQ)«s, o)Cj) 1. To rise tyiosm (O.srgroTJnlral) 
■:iQ^cm >.xila, t^ynm anjasTlnrTa @g@")caJ3rol) prov. 
igrgimnBajorolsylt^nnlmD ff)0o)gj5ifmy(TK> civ&t 
cm CG. acmTjit) (S.-xjoroirsI) aQf^mo cijrS\&^a^ 
Bhr. ftojos* Q^^frnlrDl(6eo a med. (in leprosy). 
Inf. o^eanr^'rtnD'Sno o^ipcc^SffiSBl CG. S)m£} 
6>cuy>a!nooajl RC. asked clearly. 2. to come. 
(i(3)y>froTl forest fire, spontaneous. ajO'a):nra)Dral) 
oQ^-XJonb jj(jn= Vi. (hou.) 3. to bo high oQff 
S)sm<^o o_jOaj ea_io5)Cj RC. tall big bird. As 
hon. auxil. in S) aioo^gjy^o celebrated Qjooiam^o, 
o^ooo >T(j)y(Tn o-jlox) CG. 3uas)3_jD«saoca'^ 
og)'fn7a^ajrtb Vil. almfO) aiFls)sroi2)y>o cnsroacaj 
onich (Mat8J.)=:g@a- 

oajy^oij.-ab (3) large grass B. Q^y>cnjgj^(t)l) ©a" 

VN. (T. aQff^) o_i(ml(Sg_joao Saoroo qQ'F^j^ 
6i0(gg-iS KR. = rising, also aQ<^2> RC. 

ag)^aei elu'^U = ci^^jy^ 4. q. v. 

ci^yagjdfti eluSu'^a T. M. (fr. prec.= jijocao 
c0)C52;OQ,€h) 1. To paint ^{t3)63Bcb oQ^foTlaa; 
(|1,BT3?I VCh. igasi'^'V^^ atorture. ■3i<^cmo<asii 
d6rn)(c)i) qq^. mm. dJia^^^oiDoaKl i^aig_joejlrai) oQ). 
a med. (into the eyes). 

2. to write; a native book is to be written 
according to the rule o^^S, 6)cr)gp5, S)X)gjo, 
o>m^ leaving a sesam width between the 
letters, a rice grain's distance between the 
lines, making the left hole of the leaves square, 
the rio-ht round. With Dat. <Sa-j03i> QJtmaona 
rma^m" o^^foi^ wrote to me about his having 
o-one. Double Dat. orO) oraxjsiaxixices (2cnoo<Bi 
n^yj'aVl TR. wrote to me about it. sianasiza 
Qia-05ng gggjo'sra (HraajcruDaicb croooruDomBrajl 
(SOJdte o^y'tml (3TJ)TO:^ reported falsely about 
me. (STg) a.agjjo oitoios qQ. 

o^y^ioH (gracacto, Qj1§^ to write to one. So^ 

TR. in the letter sent. 

ag)^.-n?i castBtalcBJfg = .■waiacays®. 

.-ia)^'a>1«<fi6)0§(Ss) to give on lower tenures TR. 
©ajjWalmD a®'K® TR. obtained money 
by mortgaging, so msgjlnm oQ. 

.iQ)y>fOT^aj06si§fii (— aQ'f<TS^<ii&) to take land on 
lower tenures aiiplcanoern.'OiaTlfm a®'63T3^ 
MR. but also aQ')3nT)D§ aQ)^^7> cuosoqI jud. 
took down my deposition. 

,,^y:rm^,uro^a5 to be written. Qa)nT)^(26DQ03 qQ)' 
cm TR. they wrote to me that. (Oio.ijl^m-) 
o^'oD (ojfliDroo as I hear from thence. 

,^<^(£\S)OJ<as, to write deliberately, sign m> 

3. to learn. oQ)yj(oVlcas)3J/ol (.uanaiali coming home 

from school. 
CV. o^yJtoiloeal. to cause to paint or write, teach 

•BTO'o^sinrab oQ. first lesson. 2. to obtain a 



c^^rm — aq)^cn^ 

document, aoolcffioa^ o®'^ 5)<S)D5rgonb TR. 
purchased the house on OtVi tenure, ojsiaj 
-oi noloJo Q^. tortured him till he gave up 
the field. (3T0ZZ3aj5)m ndiosng ^scastss^o 

eJsPral) n(j)'_gj TR. made him to sig^n away 
my property etc. ng)y:<3)l65dB'jiO§a5i3) 5)0(g^o 
QQ)^ta)l-e^ 6)<3->o-sns S)0^o mraolo^o avJOcaeTl 
ag)^(^ 1. picture, painting. t9jS)6TT5y:cgs po. 
2. writ, letter. (=(5raflfiaroo, (Sejaumo) aQ)^: 
(i^o (ftciggo ^a^o^-DTacii'cBsiprov. n^josi.may 
Rgg the address. 3. learning, aisiorajsim 
o^y.malmai^^Si to take as pupil. ci(j)^8^o 
c'ao(rroojo cudlces) (prov.) 
Hence: o^ymtD^af) schoolmaster, teacher =0^) 

oQjy.'oranb 1. writer — Q^y>(!@<a)oro.ib, aoaj <&>a 
(goTJisDnb o^^.-aianb prov. 2. adj. painted, 
5)o_)05i(Tny>i5T3)nt)Sjij£j, s^sicSisica. etc. CG. 

og)yOT3)05rnl style, iron pen. qQ. ff)<eio§d95) to 
raise to the dignity of Menon. I 

ag)'(^aijnb poisonous snake in houses, with ' 

white rings (= ■j^u@glo)c9s)§l). 
ag)'ajoejab the (3 ojro snake (huntg.) [ 

<Srms>if . an ornamental style. 

Qg)y«^<93ol, qQ). (50I letter =; Jills. 

Qa).^ff^aj@al, vu. Q^yroi.jggl school. 

a(j)y>«g^a_j1if, Q^' <^^, writing fault. 

^^^^^' elunilka (old) ag)<^rrn]^ \ 
prob, = aa)y=mon')'l^, past o^yooloQ (RC. a® 1 
y>rnl(Tr7o) o^yecnoQ, Mud. & So.; vu. ag35rnl|, 
oQjsnTl^orozcao MR. To stand up, rise, jjsm 
ti)nT<y>frnioQBhr. return to life. — gaTlsfnTa^ 
rnl^ to rise from the dead — Christ. 
VN. Qg)y>OTleji. rising. jJccDsforaiycnlej resur- 
rection — Christ. 
CV. Q^yrn^g^cea to raise; also with shorty; 
ajls^o>^yanlg^^f03,'aTj»lm3(bKR. arol^cu 

folraioo^nm Q<]).to raise up from the dead — 
n^^rmm^cBi elunnaruluya t. m. (c>q\^&>) 

gen. a®'fS(m@§a^(alrcadyRC.)Togoor come, 
proceed (hon. of Gods & kings), o^yrrngg* 
cDoch CG. in Bhr. o_i@glc8,-u«Sfl9a o^y'oifmgai 
a-)onb & nQjifrmftsa"! (o^'^oiar:cfe.x;onb KR.) ag) 
^oicmgi.W (^TUDflS) 6) oJCTK) TP. camc before 
the king. 

aa")y5)nm@al3caso the presence of the kiug, the 
king. His Majesty =:(n)ifDj;5cry. mg/s.-oiai udi 
TR. property of your Majesty. o^'riJi ^sm 
forailscesjTngofgTa.xjnuD letter to HM. o^'j-sia, 
d3« 6i!&.o§(o;®. The Abl. is hon. used as Nom. 
qQ ii^cn\ona a^gjl^ (doe.) the king com- 
manded, o^'d^mozacs^gg c}iorgj6!5Qc)r) our 
concerns with the Raja. (Oiisigjs <Sa_jD3i 
Q^'.^nsTlma aprolifisiscnjocfe TR. in the time 
of the late Raja ! Other forms aQi^cmcsi^^ 
§®rmS(!^nnl(nj, ag)<f6)cm^^'-3Dmi(mc^^^ 
SrmsR^on^mo TR. (hon. amplified). 
Q^y^oirrngj^ li2a2JSi-3i3)rt50(b; vu. a®al3ca'SOTT5i 

ri23(b Brahman class at Taliparambu. 

.iig)^nT!ro3§.Kga, ci^j^oinngaesg 1. procession. 

ixjfoojocTu'eamo oQ. Sa^s Bhr. 00)5)6013^! 

o)<m@g(!^ UR. whither do you go? 2. 

king. ariu>StS5)SSi.-Di3,y^6iaT)@g:52)o mssc&.o 

fojo @sl TR, aay^sinmga.-OTjj 6ig_jroo ai'ipl 

iJijrora.D^nb TP. come with me. o^'c2i3ira)D§ 

(^5)=. TR. with the king. oQ. -ujwoijyjnrnl 

gj TR. the Raja will not set out. 

CV. o45)y^(m@^ ces^, — sinm^csw to carry in 

procession, as an idol co)i5mj. (BTOosnioica', 

a sword. ^Qa) aQ)'-^oS)iJ)05'7g Sajoranrro TP. 

(ST^TiniOi'aro) oQ. also on car or Brahman's 

shoulder. Isn^rol Q®'a?^oa^caaj(bRC. 

(i^jy^a eluma T. M. (VN. of o^y^a.) Height a^l 

0^)^004 c&> elumbu-ya T. SoM.= nQ^Sr. only in 



I- Og^ e5. A particle, which 1- forms local ail verbs 
(20(2&;, ojlsnm; (ffrarnii33Oo30ff)^Tro Nal. — 
temporal adv. igscnj etc- others (^5<S(Z, m 
Sod, S',t)S;0 truly, rrysuSZ'. 2- serves for 1 
composition ig-rulsai a_!^o first chapter, <Zid 
Gjlsai CLri(iCyscfia6!5i3c)o Bhr.; hence the Gen. oQ 
(Srh~)etc. 3. emphatic, (grjjrosejisa curoD Bhg. 
by none whatever. aQ'2^asi^<z Mud. eojoej 
aaod) ac9fflCt?^(S0 SGr. and Q-95<Sajc%'oKR. s^a^o 
ej<22j g^Qjnb Bhr. Interj. a_j5ua^c)a an^jOJrtDO t 
•2f3 moLD Bhr. (ftgi^ss ng)rraD'SCQ; MR. 4. res- | 

trictive a_iDa,i20 djiorosmo CG. sin is the only ' 


cause, gD(tg)(Saj ff)ja\Dgyoo KR. but somiich. 5)iiJ ! 
Q,aJ.i5TaliSeJ already in infancy, •s^'gjnn gsisr^ | 
afc^csai ajro3o TR. Esp. with 2nd futures ras^rs ; 

Qj KU. igs^dasHisej <Sd} oojo rati® CG. 5. com- | 
manding sioJS^smSa (also prayer) S)jii^ra3 1 
(Srm, 6)iijgj<3gj, (5r3)aro^^5isogjO(2ca' Nal. 6. ; 
interrogative after Neg. tsraSgj is it not? tj 
nrro i^^s cannot? CTolsmcS-s mooDo ?"^i(Sgj Bhr. 

II. CiQ, 5- interrog. pron. (= nQ) What? q^.Xj 
gnjo TP. how? (=aa)X!&:|T3o) q®@ q. v. 

fi^dSio eyam S. One; single, unic, united, oyj 
dj.0Di3l tiQ^g-Ji^aiQjs^" (doc ) all & each pro- 
perty, aQ> a aoaTl jointly; singly. — feni. qQJ d. f.i. 
Q^ff>ca'c6s;ff)ajfolc95)oeyo, (also a4)3a '-jDb ff)o_iro3 i 
froai) KR. |animous. | 

o® ih iiTl .TSianb thinking only one thing; un- ! 
oQH.jiiSi^o etc. see ji!3((g)o.etc. 
.1^3(0), Q^a.roiJo oneness = 0)0^ i>j . 
ogjc&foiomrif), ogjarnlcitonb having the mind | 
fixed on one object. i 

a^i) ffO) in one place, o^ifi^aD once. 

Q® Gacao one side of a thing; about, almost. ] 

(@oo oQj'aocsijI (Sais indistinctly, o^ 'fry oft i j 

aocsiils TR. sufficiently accurate. qQj'Otjo > 

«(S)0§iz^ nearly all. (ScrooisionaiCEacBo ©so i 


(TO KR. rnloiJi\cq;^6njaii,'mjm3^^nT) o4ij'j):i5i3) 

5) jiJCaoof) Mud. do something corresponding 

to the friendship shown. [^j„ bazar (med.) 

o^jaionaoiainb monarch, o^'o medic, root sold 

a^eajcorTl only one wife; faithful wife, n^'iw 

ff)S (.0/00 o^flirLJcoioliwjn, 0^3 a>(i-jrar) i,o_) 0)0 

o^rnlcflQggrijicplgjo.Tb gS6ni§'S0O KR. 

aQ&>sociJQ one-mindedness o^. eajl^l^ai orj) 

(Srmo§ AR- o^. a^5n| SiPu. 

aomorufoo^n Bhr. 

[(Siinb Nal. 

(i^±hft)0(S)o one day oOJ. 6>i^'Do^g (ji(Q)D5n|(2n_jO 

QgjaiQj.^fr)o the singular (gram.) 

oQj&Qjsrnoof one colour or caste — a^'gnTl^sj' 
f^lcfla denV. 

o^aiajmroo having only one cloth. q^S)QJ((T^ 
ojorh said of Nala, his wife a®^^\l(V^wo 
cs^ Nal 3. [cQ>oa51nLj(oi\ 

Q^jj,c/30orucTn sole rule, monarchy as of a o^ 

Q^aoo a certain confectionary from foreign 
materials o^. cLnfi)bt5gj>. Vi. 

a@£ro<Q^ alone, hermit o^gjOo'sroi^ crc 
cr),cnSl<2^diOiSh)caD^^o5)-m i5<e<a)'ajnrnl§i)i 
dTlgj oQrii:) .aTlai* KeiN. — fern. qQ5Q-o:>) 
<3j^o m?xcs^Z03iMR. inpo. Q^jd^oc&nrnHJR. 

o®(&>o<4Qo aiming at one point, exclusively de- 
voted; simplicity, singleness of heart ^1 
foiao Q^'0Oc66Tl Bhg. — Q^s-OvCi.<fleKal etc. 

n^-oofioig satin, silk Vi. (S. oQja ootoo one 
member?) [csp. by women. 

n^'&oa'^ol nth lunar day, a^'<snr)Dcnj observed 

Q^a.orroo 1. solitude. 2. exclusiveness a^fi'O 
oro)e<fl<ai (=0^3)0-^-). ml QQ)iinbo :uo£t 
cm aQQ>o(v:)<S:^d&icriZ'jWCSia AR. sole aim. 
3. independent position a®ooaWTLj3§ Vi. 

Q(g:} ocanoo direction towards one. 
Q^ijiocamco^TOnb = (i^ai_an:oi3;n6. 

a^iJD^ao see majSsocQio. 

Og^dei&nol — 0^096^0 


cuSi^SGi — o^^So 

agj<3ii(fhra)c05i to unite. rmzsJlral) qQj'^ became 

Q®&ieajlec» to become one. o®'^ croanDo to 
be absorbed ODDroocasmnolrai) q®'^ (St2)fOif!D 
Bhr. — CV. samaunb ««o)rmo%o cnaS)^ 
oajQil/SQjlgJl^ Bhr. 

<j^5)o)aic);o (o^ai, Q^c9)o) each singly = ©DSfOo 
<SfDD f.i. Qgj5i5)a^.d>^.QgODCSinroo AR. a 100000 
in each direction. iS.i^Bems)^ o^'aDcasTl o_) 
aiftgs Bhr. (=Qji&>aj&rmlrol^). 

a®33jO(oi3xn^ Trav. = o^fl^lsxil^, arrnl^. 

o^S;a>oac9io (see ^Qi3>o) 1. giving the water 
only once, not thrice (a form of tenure 
below g3,'\3CTnl(b). 2. freehold granted to a 
company. (2&ra^o is qQJ. of the 64 Gra- 
mams KIT. indivisible property. 

Q^3c9ioajlc9s) T. M. to be united, agree 
Q^'Sa-.oojo a compromise, 
n^c^enol epni Pleasing but deceitful words. 

n^. a_iO^, Q^fiisrnlgi Vi ,(fr. Q^aja, o^.-finsn^l). 

o^cfet^, 0^1 e-yup (T.C.Te. to go, accomplish) 

1. To give, bestow (S;a£t\5mo QQjrfl§,-T7o PT. 

yields food. (Branfc®a_ioroo ogjib aonorol HNK. 

(= a®3<aib-mo?) 2. (T. o^oj command) to 

say, command QL!(TLisms<as0OQ ig-gStmaTlRC. 

^sng ajo3c95!<9)ajonb cnxioauo n_jo Vil. (giaaorzrj 

smoSsaTl Mud. toilan a@Q^aj^g.^<fia to call 

out, so as to show the position of each hunter 

(huntg.) — to reprove Vi. 3. (C.) to get « 

raojcnnos ara.ijab ear^oo^ao eo-aocaoo VyM. 

when one buys a freehold. 

VN. Q^aifot 1. command (srag ajoraa^uonb a®. 

?o3^go ■-fDS)S)(Ss>Q«ikyjd9. CGr. no permission. 

2. blessing. (Sieggoinboc^'o 6im.i7l5)nboci^o 

(^foiejloiniocsj^o (aoieul) oq. S)&.d^'^ TR. — 

hence destiny, luck. ag)Tro6)S c&ic^oSei -aJod< 

a^nTn«raJ)iT) •^(vn'SZi g.5"-glaj3an&H-<A CG. 

oQJ. ®gjD^CaO|-3t aQl^d.^^ prOV. (=S3 
C^o, oTlcul). 

o^cee^o ekkam T. M. (compare ag,<ss)'ch) Hard 
breathing, asthma, dyspnoe; o^. 5)i>.o§(t5Tal§ 
,iiJ43so Qjoeoija) prov. 

Also o^tauHtii) f.i. a^cOsSejaa-iJoru.-orilaTo nnmo. 
a med. o^cfisiooo in o^afflOOroKTliTro fiooan 
6T^^ prov. — VN. of: 

Q^fflsgiJ) to breathe with difficulty, breathe 
audibly (as tiger); sigh, growl i^<rsn)&&i 
@j fD3(J;an63i3l <ej'j)i^^cn_i.iOo Anj. Qg)nmo<ai) 
Q^ssigoD^o ^TiZcflgnmgo g3Sig.tflso a med. 
oQjasignm rmozK prov. 

VN. q^sTOitA — q^'gjo ^0C%o Nid. a med. 

Q^osa.Tt) asthmatic V^. 

fi^.c66i ekku 1. (Q®^i>< 2.)Sharpword8Yi. — 2. 
(n^cossi 3.) carding cotton agg£aaj'&i MR. 

a^id86ioft>, ^ ekku-ya (T. oQ^'St^, see o®^) 
1. To join so as to fit, to patch. ?. B. to 
deceive T. 

VN. Q®aJ a joint, juncture, patch. 5)5)S^Q@gi 
joined hands n^^s^m q^jj1£JDiSkI V2. set 
a bone. 
CV. n^ojlctte to get fitted together. — 
CL^Q?^06<^'£& eiigonikka (o^onb, (Sc9>asrrb) 

M. a^'_gi5)ajc96i To place different articles so 
as to offer many angles. tj^'_^£rTiscSo-) to lie 
with hands and feet drawn in. (^rolaido Q®'-gp 
oliSa Vi. not to pull together. ajl§ etc. q®'^ 
(Sgioail = 0§o o)(Oiool^ angles, walls being 
bevel . 
riff>,6iy^d95 see ruS^ddCo. 

fiff-jn^Si eju'ya aM. = Q^^3. 

VN. aQi^ 1. Tie, connection, q®^ <&S'^ to 
entangle. i^^oSn_j^o go gjO.iSiraajnbVi. non- 
sensical. 2. bail. a^. i0iiplt9>, Oji^tfli, fcnlas-i 
to terminate the bail. 
nQ^^ah (a^crsi^) a med. leaf rubbed on the 
cut spatha of palms to prevent the wound 
from closing (also <ft(TOrrra). 
n^S eda Stunted or maimed (o^aunb?) a^zits 

j3so (S03o)iPtStgo ^aajo ©gj prov. 
agiSo edam = s5o l. Place asrasff^o any- 
where. SiSgso Bhr. some part, ais^a-a; 6)a> 
§l®c2;So o_)^ oijiigjo prov. wherever, fos^rg 
scijo o)jiJmD CC. 2. time gDro^iiSsSrmsci^ 
whilst. rnl®n6oso cgraijiiis AiPlcSa KD. thy 
lifetime; also measure n(i)3n05o ©-alD^manb 

fig^so^ — fi^enol 


oQ^bO-O — Ciffi,15^0dd6 

RC. he said so much. 3. breadth n^S'Siaisib 
aaonlool Laxmi CG. 4. mansiou, palace en 

ca-0oTR. fixed palace-expenditave. a^^oooQ. 
as)<2crr) ajfolnjoit) 16000 a>mjSi0Oo)fO <£>-Groo;^ 
CG. 7th story, Harem ( = ag)yrn^leJ2JDSo) or 
rather astrologically 7th sign (see o^tPOo). 
5. king QQ\^fo)cm^S:iiSo, also .uy^cdnnTa 
5)ti_iralai;3inr^ Qjnrra ojos.-sraiss.tsra^ anm ojQ) 
^fffil TR. wrote to the Raja of Pychi, then at 
Peria. i^S si^So aipi-^ l)a<S3iJSo).'0ra) oraftDcan^ 
ajotTl^ KU. (=:Raja). 

o^SD^So eda-yudam M. T. (C. Te. oojsosao 
s)Opposition, porverseness csrafio-itnlrtii) [mai^o 
Qjlfi®o oQ^n^coyaA a^soS<a>oso prov. o^. {^ 
sfli to raise a mutiny, qqj. diDsajanb eo.xD-ai 
showed a rebellious spirit. roo&iiS^ ^£j a^' 

soach CTjSti^ajont) TR. to organize resistance 

to Government. 

o^SO'^ScSaoronb promoter of strife, rebel. 

n^§ edu T. M. (C. ag)S plantain leaf) 1. Palm- 
leaf nQ)^(0^a-3i3) Q^§. 2. leaf of books, book 
o^^irtA i3>5i^ofDlj 2o_iora3 (9io§~l ■s>a(Ssn:;6mo prov. 
add practice to theory. q^§ aol.^ SooDtSa turn 
the leaves. 3. flowerleaf o^sejib'jsrant) Bhg- 
^^^^- [to strengthen (=o®d9sca>?). 

n^^cSi, SiedU'^a Vi. To join by sewing in order 

a6^§ etta l. Tdbh. <S^-eQ Goddess of distress, 
Q@§a{)= 3e3i r^nb. 2. (o^5i73)a kind of sheat 
fisli, with dangerous spines, -ojgglsais. 

cUiiCuJ^bo ed'a-^^am S. (Tu. o^^^-ai^^) Ram. 

OjJlCUJOfb edail S. (sec prec. & C. Te. o^^x^block- 
head) Deaf. 

ag^&nOo enam S, l. Deer, fawn. Q^snri f. hind. 

(SaiDjiJcr), oQ55irnlgcSi = 0onbagrn1. — 
o^smoBjit) moon. Anj. o^nDOBjsrjj^oenj^oin 

l2D(b CC. 
2. aM. T. steadfastness o^smo gjrrnl xifrarmo5(m 

rnldesTlg^RC.,Palg.So. seeo^nno. 

aQ^&nol 6ni 5. (Tdbh. (S;c5)5rr)l?) 1. Ladder, 

bamboo used as ladder, o^. ff),U_ai a>CQ;o^, o^. 

.nlofol aiSTO MR. (SjroOTTalnm oQ. .aiD5)roogy 

prov. 2. (T. boundary) jjipljasKSauSs)' e>h a^. 
gDrolanSg may he meet with opposition. 
0^6<^ enu (T. firmness) C. M. Edge, chiefly 
the 3 edges of the cocoanut ^T. sSjiIoTitI). ^ 

Q^srra .xj^.tskd Soisob a cocoanut of 8 months' 

o^fW.lstebalS. (neuter of n^ a:)This. o^w^DSai 

now,n^u)raS^ meanwhile, o^oiaol now(po.) 
o^fZyil'ot) eSil a T. Neighbourhood (o^m); hence 

Q^oiaiib (T. a@3?laJD(b) enemies o^.-oiaijio) cuach 

d*>?lra32jDd3al RC. 

I. o.g^^ Tdbh. = Cg(iD^, 

II. o^^ eb\X T. M. C. (II „^.) What, which? 
o^g.uSfO ^osmo how long? o^^oig '^S^M 
Bhr. Q^Srrrogajonb oaTTO tzst?^ SiPu. a®5);ai 
6ioro)Sso (ST3)C/)iiOo CC. — adj. oq^ o_js5mo 
what town? o^S.tDg ru)6)Diis) (STjjSi.Tra ffiauo 
culcuooi^ TR. name the several parishes that 
are discontented. — also for o^Dnb f. i. ei?£\ 

MR. which of the parties. — n®tnlooo?A in 
wliat proportion. 

0^310030 some, any o^tJiDoao gaisTgasTl'iA (Sf^ 
roooao gong prov. o^crooBo .iil^aub some 
few. <S5S'cao,Ti3(ba®a)3a©o, 0^^316 n_i0^'3io 
TR. some troops, (sraticruado n^oionb (Sf^z^ 
tOdasiD'JSo etc. — mod. adj. o^uiDDTTg; tsramiD 

c2/d3s)Dconb ch5wo:jj-?t3-!6 (loc.) what sort of 

o^go any. o^oilseja^o a_jD3?^oprov. anywhere. 
Q®3it5)aao some, any o^. ^:sr,£\:n:, !j)jiJ:gJXiortt) 

eoijIcBs'Tra CG. 
O^^TJYSlo ettam M. Te. (=q^ooo) l. a machine 
to draw water aQ. i-rnggih, — ajaD-^aai)) MR. 
in order to prevent irrigation. Q^tii3)5)cfls)0§ 
wooden bucket of the same. = gej:ff)<05-,o§ 
2. painful mode of getting up & down, a school- 
punishment ogfi og3o:oT3;o ms1can3g_jO(b a® 
S)cm Anj. 

ti®inauDy> B. = (Sm:(T5),xj3if. 
fi^^fGYWQ^ee-i^o ettakkal (fromT. n^^VN. of 
0^ 75ia to praisi?, worship & T. plur. of (gT3:c)o= 
fSirajS aicb, vu. M. -grpjarcb) Praiscrs, singersB. 

n^^OYO OaJ • — n^f; (6\ 


a^,rb ■ — fiQ>Q d&) 

n^('J3YO)0aJI ettappu (So.) Breast-cloth of women. 

o^UulODo edhibam S.(q^' u ) Grown, thriving. 

nJ^-.COo enani SoM. Readiness, Ktness (o^a'i) 

Q®. CST3) ^v to b(! neat, fit ; a^. (grgjoan to prepare !>. 

aj5^nocYV)' enas s. (i^± x^") Sin (po > 

I. n^'ot) ea= c32Jorib, 6W)0ib T. M. C. in raro-l 
<2canb, o>a^D§dBs^nmVj. etc. 

II. n.(pfu)=t^">'T^''^ a Cond. of a^*it) f. i. a®3fm 
ciao, Q^ssTOoao (-(ST2)Tb). fmnb ?grnl Pay. 

III. affiOfb T. aM.C. What? ( = q®^) agjtb tf) nj 
a^C^365 enSu'^a T. M. (C. (er^Tj) l. To take 

up, wiokl. <B)iiio n^Twloi^Oo'Tg took from fire. 
-aJZZsl s^sjai^Diti)) Q@. KR. tSioraisTOcb q^.tiM 
ojI'tTi^ Mud. si,u5nz^s.ijrnnla2; rootzrh Parasu 
Rama, also called (g)q2j!aye-uaai igcT9 RC. <9)fOo 
Q@awlm ;i^5im RC. 2. to rise g^cij^caSgliora)! 
0) CD DrsDi") on CG. sweetly perspiring. o^.toI 
5i3i/y^")nmofoo$0D3o, o^nreolm ajl^i::^c)o CG. 
(2aio.T_j3crnl Q^rrd)! e3_iejlaf! ChVr. =aQq,M). 
3. (Qg)i'rns9>) to reach, stretch arms or legs 
Q^offil a®§'^' took with difficulty, o^nwl o^ 
n^i5id9s)0 5ri§ mstSa with evident pain. 
VN. Q^crafot, aici5)§jj,oit) oQjTffl lameness. 

n^i^Ogjo eutram TdbU. 'sj'Q^o l. Machine euro 
20i)3i03«)'Q5> nnl^ai.'o KR. Q^:Qig;g_joejo draw- 
bridge. 2. Q^!Qa)6TO<:>3 bulwarks KR. 3. de- 
ceit. Q^$TC;g_j'5mic6flD.'3ab cunning. 
oQCiUiiZo, Q^rra.'Ocesif itA M. necklace, amulet. 

o^Q_J eppu, see a^ce6id6>. 

oQ^aD^ email coll. T., So. Palg. (prh. of T.n^ 
gj^ to be puzzled, bewildered) Beggar, silly 

n^iOOJot embal (T. oq^o) Belch. Q^. g3 5^ 
also ogjcruejo gD§c9) amed. (symptom in mo,^! 
(C^ej) SoM. agjaucx)sio 2a§£bVi.2. Nid. eruct- 

ag^^fOddso era"^am S. a grass of the seashore 
used for arrows (u^Sjcnjgj), said to be grown 
out of iron dust, o^'asifgsmo Bhr. o^i^id-njei 
CC. CG, 

a^ro5'<'^a^o erand'am s.Ricinusc (ST^usmcBa. 

o^ifOleri (T. tank. C. bank of tank} 1. Stakes 

to support banking work; bank. 2. gums 
li. 3. No, a kind of fish. '4. No. = jlti^/ol in 

n^.Cb er T. M. C. Te. (Tu. Q®rro= or^fTO^, o^rroa) 
1. A yoke of oxen. 2. plough with draught 
oxen. Q^ oiiA a4S-i(So. a^'iiciA.) to yoke to 
the plough. ^U5n|l<s^5is QgibaoTj)) pole of cart. 
,oOcno^(b3iDeri6^j3>^ ix^£\ TP. ploughed with. 
S}(b oQ^) (^'O^Z^o o)<9i§1 TR. a^S§(b SJ.'Lis' (Bia 

Q>'W: Q®"'^3tiJ^ 6i.:>)03ial (SiaQci:^ MR. TP. 
cat off the team to prevent ploughing. Q®3n 
03 ploughing apparatus. 

I. o^jQ eru =Q^* T. Tu. Bullock; hence: 
o^TO^, o^ocr)D§the province of Calicut, with 

the original chief place ^mslcsrirolni (Jew. 
Syr. doc.)Q®oo3i>.<SfO, ogoonosairocQaDfb, Q^ 

OODC^fhSOiq^gg 03g_p@gZO(t TR. Q^:^CT)0§o 


a@oosl0D(li (inS. Ker. Mah. called 'jooiojoaitb 
cowherds) the family of the Calicut rulers, 
their palace called orgjiicnjo^l KU. the 
.5th & 6th prince of the dynasty are called 
i^ai?. , gDg.'^i Q^03:ri;wiro3(gral).T-i2§. 

q®-:)OS20(S,-oo.t6 Samuri'.s secretary with 5000 
Nayers KU. 

Q^rao^nb (T. hero) in o®. a^.r3i^ a war knife, 
also QQjTDsnb cD^ iijT) & Q^^DsQ^-)'3ial( see 
tsrgi^coo) inhabitant of the Q^ooacTio§ ; o^ 
ODck)3J3§rooe33aj TR. one of Samuri's family 
(a^"jDc>3^g-jD^the junior Raja Y-2.) 

II. o^iQ T. M. (VN. aQ)-?3^-9i) A throw, cast. 
S)'T3ias"T§3)a^^o5n3 o®Q,5)Sia§R^ (mark of con- 
tempt). Q®Q,3 igsiiojo s>5inT)0(tg3 Qj.-na prov. 
hit most inopportunely. a^SsrpQ, fOj^lSv-Lja^Tl 
superst. (=:gi^(S3D.-aLo). (Sm2«!i3Q, cocoanut- 
day. (ScjioSaiQ, rustling of leaves (huntg.) (2,gio 

Q®"5^§S) B. to cast up. 

ogiqaBi, 61 eru-ya T. M. C. (C. also o^a from 
Q^^) 1. To rise, increase, be much, nnla^o? 
Q®'')liinrra, j^oa^ Q®5l-2g_j0ai^ TR. too high. 




ajs^az^onaoroltal) ao^ggao* QQ}ol.ij(Tro TR. — 
i^d^Sic^ n^:i^^fa) 6i®§ol (Sa_]D<Q)nrra CG. aao 
o®Q,o i^oipnb PT. (ST3)'^'a®ca;Q,o(2aoaaca>c)o Veto, 

a'OS;SaQ,0 B)Oa etc. (Si'3)rt)0glacbQ^g@§'5ra)lra{) 

aQjQ,o Bhr. which party has more charioteers? 
2.toarise=:aBl(95) chiefly in the hon. expressions 
(0)1 ro3a^@g,'Di^aA,(aiQ(yl 0)1)0^0,010 to know,learn. 
3. to ascend (mod. c9>i2roQ|C&i, £)>WQ,^) csz^oooo 
o@ol CG. cnSlooDoaximo Bhr. (Sfo^Dsrnl KR.; 
chiefly to mount cocoanut trees. o^Q,aD oj^ 
gi = si(i5isi53 Q^QOT) Qjocrsj, Q^QOT) cTOoaomo 

Inf. Q^o, a^So 1. much, more, too much, a^ 
(SOt9s)DGJ0oiiJ1 for a long time. 6i<SnT)0 S)^ 
^ CG. to doitonce more, aalojoruo o^o 
(S.xis)^ Qjorra (SruDoilTR. 2 days more, o^ 

prov. too far- 2. beyond 6nj06imo aioSw 
o ojaTlK^ RC. 
QgO(flao 1. difference, more or less. anrnlcTrao 
oQocs^o a3oc3^o curoosi'm oosrmzsl^ TR. so 
that all got their due. o^OcSaocai a^si^ 
(ST2)f.ia>c>3 many people. 005:^2930 •aisng i^fO) 
fa})6)^Dj'"i§ (ga_)oai1 took nearly all the pro- 
perty. (oioD ajDca«lrm o^oojso cuRSci^a^ g) 
jjj TR. (=c^OTj3cruo). ruclgjojloinbo (Sf^% 
003^15 Q^Oc930C%(§JJo o)^tm fought several 
times with T's. troops. 2. assault. (Sf^fS^o 
S n^'5)^(m TR. (=019:0)1(^)01^) a-J§oao 

ojcTiD (Oicryrooan o®. e^^mf will attack 
the Raja ; also with Ace. 5)Q-)onbajl@g0D 
oiro oQ}. o^iiii^ ill-treated. 

Q^OcSsoaj id. 1. 2Dro)l'j)rmoa» o®. ajnmo.isl) in 
failure thereof. 5)jajg2inr)(dilnD af03 o^. -Sio 
snav&icsyo ^gj nothing shall be wanting. 
gD(0)~lrah o^'ajl^ ^(3)®® O_JfO03R51Da TR. no 
exaggerations or evasions. 2. ojgj a®o 
(Saooj 5)jii(3j^oro()TR. assault. aj§oacas)3<3rao 
s 6i(03 Q^. (0)O5rnlcSsi to offer resistance. 

o^ocQaiSo^Oceaoaz) No. id. qQ}. ^0 (St^jcb 
about 10 men. [q£^ etc. 

Q^olca; adj. part, much, many. o®. elajaro03 

VN. Q^noo l.rise, increase; adv. much, a^oo 

ojo 0Tasl-2j (opp. (Sioaj). 2. rising, ascent. 
(SojaHscoiooo high water (opp. wod3s,o). 
a®. S);9)S<a) to fasten a string to creepers. 
3.=Q^0Q, climbing palm trees. There are 2 
ways of drawing the toddy: cnsicns^ooo 
(& — oq) from Kudakkadavu northwards 
& from Chavakkadu southwards — the aiGJ 
being washed, ojsls^ooo (& — oq) bet- 
ween Kiidakkadavu & Chavakkadu, the 
<9iej beingscraped. 4. pulling up=a^'OiO)o 

f. i. n^OO51c86)05. (STaciQr's)(T)5>|-3)0§g_jOrtb <3fQ 
(Sajoao a®. 5)-aK^ KR. 5. iftCijjlrai o^'ig 
ggcunb, Q^ooo g'5i^Dca« to be intimate with 
a prince (a®Q,a) 2). 6. what is too much, 
(1^.00003^1 you did too much. cijoS<Os)OOo 
excess in words. ajO(fl«l(SeJoooVyM. abusive 
language. — 7. assault o^'soBcb taosnTl^orat) 
TR. (513)8^05 ,ono§l(3!)nQ}.S)jii(^ devastated 
the country. ogooaiOOoMR. S)S)£n(S:2jOOo 

VyM.= (Sra;!nl(^0o: o^. a)^^(Tn (3Tg)<3Jj(JUo 
offensive weapon Vi. d^g-jSajas oQj'sBBcb (a_) 
iT)iJK»lc9« TR. to act on the offensive against 
T. a^.Si<9^o^&i to be ofifended, attacked. 
8. embarkation=(9)(Sraooo f. i. n^oo0O)l Vi . 
dues for embarking (So. n^oQ,0>ti)l). 

a^OQl.=(,^ooo3. mounting palm trees. q®oq 
(9)D(b those who climb up. Qg50Q,a)f3K?l (So. <S Jii 
OQ,<9ir3ial; also ajSJaem.'iJial, (0)ro<S5)(nis?l) toddy 
drawer's knife. ng50Q,5^3>ra) palm tree tapped 
several times. 2. (=0^000 2.) n^oolo 
<Ss)o ebb & flow of tide ; up & down spot. 
3. (=a@OOo 8) osoolodte ^Bjo ojosiral TR. 
4.= n®OQ4. snare o^OQXio,?^((AV2. trap- 
door. 5. adv. part, of o^gj^ja). 

n^OQcOia. v.T. M. 1. to raise cLiOgo o^oolcs^o 
<QjS)0-^o to increase & lower. 2. to put 
on, (0)00)0 Q@. to fix the blade into the spear. 
(8Toaj5)cr) roLD,-3T3)l(8r0(a!) aQo6^S)&t:^i^§ KR. 
3. ^emc^ o^. (tnlra^^-jga.'OTailfol), (ftOg^iXi!) oQj. 
a. to inform, suggest. b. to talk, speak 
(hon.) 4. to embark (^^■o^ o®")Q;uo.Tb 
SQiD, jiirocSb" aQOCiaiO^o goot^Ci^o TR. 


ag^eja — ti^a^cfe 


^§^— ^^f^ 

5. to multiply S)a.jQ:uo5)a oS^^<Sii^CiA o^ool 
(Oiggaz^Ofsli £hlyncQffiCS.rule of three. iQ>Daj:ijo 

a^sraoolcaofa') VyM. 

I. o^^o elam 5. S. Cardamoms org) aaicfiJlrai 
Qjlacs^cTD Q^. gajoo anrra (rev.) ^rDroTalridl 
(Cicirai o®eJZi5)aj<9s ®a_jD3i^ (Oicrnlayo 0d.rQQ-jo 
is@9 o®. fmo^p^ v9) TP. jijliSooejo a med. 
Q@GJ^f0i93 the produce 2^B^£»^(iAcn\<^m (flilsan 

o^. TR. 
o^aj^fOo <&lip1^ TR. = Q®ej0ej. ftaria). 

Q^GJ.'orara'i Card, seed (hence the name Elet- 
o^ejgjlgrai), — g-Jg^rai) Card, pods. 
o^aiaJDEj S. bark of Ferouia, med. 
Q^ajoa_ii2)o a Niiga oQ}. Qmoyig Bhr. 

II. aQ^^o=<3^^o Port. Leilara; auction, 
n^ejoro elas, a^ejl^ (=(S)0^) a waist 

ornament, containing silver coins (^QcSs) also 
(Soiejg^f. i. ff)ajggl,i230g_jnb o®.— Q^aimtSg, jh 
ytorz^ral) s^c&scma®. (Mpl.)s)aj§al(i335ralc8nar(A 
fS-Q^. MR. Kinds: gssroaj^', a nJtssngeJjf^'. 

oQ^^O ela 5. (=00)50?) Cry to encourage one 
another in hard work. 

n^iTjb el T. M. 1. Possibility, reach o^eja^sngajTl.Tj)) 
s^ajsl o)ajd9ffl = a_i060B. 2. preparation, re- 
sponsibility. Q^ajocsiri nicely done, o^ejo o_i3§o 
cug.5)ro 5)a-is (ai3-Uo)or) aja.«3ro)l vu. 3. comfort 

nggej 6)a)sl(t)lcS5) to be uncomfortable. 
a®5)gj§f)v (T. C. Te. Tu. SoM. a^S)^<^Q) en- 
gage in, be responsible for. VN. Q^gjD§. 

oQ^j^ 065, mre T. M. 1. To suit, fit (qcS\(S\ 
(Sgejo ®g_jorij)Dao CG. (SaJ3c9)an o^ejrm oxo) 
Q_iK^, (Saioa^aa oQjejo aoccA CG. (^^ajoc^si). 
2. po. = a5reoa) to have (sraaoaasujGJo o^ejo 
(c^foob RC. aosooejo ia,5n^, — alsplaa*; ^d 

^aj32J3c>3 Bhr. etc. 

Q^ejo old Concess. (=Q®ejlejo) siSiaigJ^s^gjD 

mocaiDSfoejo 5^ ^gjiScniDch CG. any one = 


{^^i^, OC^ 1. To hit, take effect, ansor) 
Q^Of^ has worked. Neg. ogejo'fLjejaso 22^ Bhr. 
(=aciailc9«D@;; (Sufob eal^ojlorn oggejofltm 
Mud, — (^ola^cfo, i955fs, c/aoo_jo u^oq o^noltS® 
Bhr. (STOs)s)Qj^a^.c)o o^ejejo Nid. altuo dho 
ffioooQ <So_iocai1 CG. 0iPO£^o asroi^o d)0OQ,o aaj 
aPeio Q^OQ Bhr. oozzaoajofoissscX) q®. Brhm. 
2. to meet in battle. roiZii^ral) q@oq, fell out. 
(gcTulrai) (2a_i33iD Q^^^ ojlsom ojoipld) Sroia 
Qj,^ to engage, attack, ^ojffifoos q®"Q, Siois 
o(i KR. rooc2;t8«)0§ o_is Q^oQ, OTODBirai q^^o 
aonoonnlgjKU. q^dq arolcSsi, a®aJD5)fa) aol-no 
6)<9)0do Mud. 3. to receive, take in charge 

aV)^S032,o qQJOQ, OJOoOI^Oi, esp. 6^S)ft Q®^ q. V. 

Q^nbcro^oroo a^gjDob accept my services. cSTj) 
oolihli^ aj(uf3)c£hn6 Q^OQ TR. undertook to 
advance it, Q^iQ,Qjo5rnliSo selling for another, 
petty merchandise. ci^OQ,n_io§(&) to sing with 
or after. 4. to admit, confess, (Saoa^o o^OQ, 
o-jOiSi to acknowledge the fault, o^oo g^rmarao 
saying yes, auoaa^ a^. to attest. 5. to multiply 
6)a_iQ,xi03 0f3l) ojlggs^ca; Q^OQ, CS. multiplying 
the second term with the first (=6)a_jro3cfl5)). 

VN. Q^gj f.i. .ojla^o^OTOdis Q®. g.5n| effect 
(=:nnaio) — oQjaisi.iJsl a volley Vi.2. 

CV. n^gjlces) in all significations 1. (^f51 qQ. 
to wound. aojD5moajocx^aj®ff)cr)a@'-^ AR, 
2. onosiloior) o^g^.^ ojlg^csa to make a 
dog to attack or seize. 3. aainoo^ (Sa 
(Sajiogsim q®'^ KU. committed to Indra. 
a\iaejo sajaio (Stgsia a®'=^ msfOT3)ljj_j3.T6 
MR. So esp. erasag^cSo, sjsiiS) Q^. to make 
over to, entrust with. 4. (Qild q^. to tell a 
story, deliver a speech. 5. o^o^cBsraiggjlces) 
a.= (3i(VS)o 6)&to^«^ (flj.walcea prov. to come 
to grief thro' one's own fault, carelessness, 
etc. b. ^foiDob astpl^'Cnifal) (m3!Tb.!Donb prov. 

ciffiOJ eva S. Thus; indeed. 
Q^ojo thus (po.)=aQ)Tro. 

a^OJOfu evan T. M. (a^ II.) f. ri^cubo, pi. 
ci^QJcb, og^OJ Who? cru-^033a5)@g3«s eras 

o^cq — n^ca^enol 



coocavoi Q^ojrrf) CG. which of these two is my 
real self? ajso6ss3C!j^@gaj<b Q^ojfb CG. — 
Q^xioao every one, q^ojoso all, 

n^fl^ eVU better q^ozj Shooting. 

fig^C/9 esa (Ar. asa) First nightwatch, prayer 
after twilight. 

fiQ^.^cej esup (old ogj-ojcSi q. V. T. o^ig!,) To 

unite, fit, meet, take effect (= ojocjai, o^gj^ 

a ) ojDcasiSBcX: @d/o <20rnl(S3LOS Q®^(ScaJOc)o CG. 

come in contact, (graiinb sacinlsca'OSSC'alnnDnt) 

Q_ioaja)nb aof03Sajo6iscm Sojosiaj fight, mem 

g^raf) Q^sicoDgj no intercourse, S^caeroch aQ 

^nm n-jO(jiS!SB(h a^t-iocmorh CG. Q^aalcaTlgj 

prov. fBTaiJi^iSnrDOSo q^c/do helps nothing, enj 

(g^cai^fab Q4gc/30,-ma inconceivable, o^c/aoeacmo 

cn^sTDcSsnOTnrai) KR. (=:ajroo). 

"VN. Q^-^ q. V. also o^c^ in rooeaDtfisiraoGroos 

aQij^S)ri_is g)(&iDggc&i KU. to meet in war, 

attack. ftiilnBmDajDarifab 6)5)ajeJDfDii oQ'^ 

Qjrtai-DToil KU. (= ojcaejlrai — oQm^a^ or oq 

aio Qj«SfiJ«fl?) 


o^.ceQ&noo esanam S.(\/^a2 -0^)866^05, wish- 
ing. Q®.-fi26Tn cLiO'^oKSBcb ass Saj eusmjul^ Bhr. 
i^sojcfiaemc KeiN. Q^:a3sm(@cQ,'6SQ^o Bhg. tsn 
culBjoajc/atDralraf) ojoraTlcaso efl^unf) si^mo (n_) 

oDa&jDfOo) KeiN. 

o^ffi^&nol esani (Vi. o^ysnil, n^ftsrnl; T. 
Q®^ rail, Te. o^ai defame, C. Tu. Q®(rolc9> 
disgust) Backbiting, talebearing oQ. (^^<a, 
(a_i(BcaJDc61c65, PT. Q^. (Sais Nal. heard his 
exaggerating tale, n^'cea 6if035)axi§ i§^6iinaO(b 


[as Narada. 

Q®-aj5m icSsjOfortb calumniator ; set on mischief. 

den V. Q^'raasrnlcSsi V2. to breed discord, 

o^qDI ehi S. ((3T3)+3D imp.) Come, o^oolsz 
Bhg. come to me. 

065,^(77)0 eliSam T. SoM. (Tdbh. Srioai, <25U 
aj) Contempt, mockery; also o^artJi-io n_io<9) 
to sneer. (Calic.) 
og^^cfij. ^ elu-ya C. M. (ag)^<a>) To rise, used 
hon. of Raja's moving =: o^yjoiang^ai, but 
applied to lower dignities, o^wilsfo^cft to 
meet Vi, 2. 
Q^glscascsrantioib a class of Brahmans at Tali- 

parambu; o^sasn^ (SSiocs2?laj«)o, (sr^ai 

ssBOsnrra fa?l6)g_j§ o^jsao foicnjroaafe TR. (q^ 

(Sao = Qffif-CU) N. pr. of Cottea-yattu rulers. 

foTlns^cTLnm Q^a^ctti(Sa5T3ioao & o^a^ScsiJS 

(Si3i:3)oacijo KU. 
o^g. in aioSfOg q. v. 
Q^alcea V2. to walk with arms akimbo. 
cx^'S' ela (a®y) Fine, penalty, exacting presents, 

Q®<pc3^o (SaiotPOjjo KU. Yi. 
oQ^tPl eli (Q®y>) N. pr. Mount eli (Heili of Marco 
polo, d'Eli) oroaJjOiacaaio in KM. rather "the 

Q^tfloig-jOsaodo N, pr. a Colattiri king KU. 
a^!^ elu T. M. (C. Tu. o^f. Te. a®ay; VN. of 
o^^ai height, growth) Seven; the 7th day 
after death (o^ii^nrro (Scuoca) a ceremony) Q^y> 
Qjoumjajcfecss TP. entering her teens. 
Q^tpoo 7th, Q®. aoglai Vi. = Qg)^cn^aj0oalc9i 

a tower, fort. o^. o^So the 7th sign of the 

Zodiac from that of one's nativity; one's 

wife (astrol,) 
o^tP^sjrruoaj the 7 leaved milkplant Echites 

scholaris, & Jatropha manihot KR, a^' 

(S,-0t3)3rai) MM. 




EI (At) 

6)aQ changes often with (srdw\ f. i. ^(©coJlsaioaijo 
KR. = 5)S)(f3). s)5)foi(b CG.& foiatriib, Sis^cSi & £n 
^; passes into a® as (tntiJ^, rmoiaj^s (from 
T. termination iu «oQ), in M. palatinal ora), 
or into (gra as, 6)Q(j)cnj^ — (sn>aii<^; (Ergjaicnjosl, 
siQ^ouosl — tsracnjDs'. 

I. 5)00) ei, ai S. etc. luterj. Aye, hey! 

II. 6\a^ 5 . = (BTOS^ (T. SioQiQ^ Tu. 3)00)03 C. Te. 
o)ag)§) in 5)Q^cij(b, also S)aQo in (BtasrmQ, 500 etc. 
rgT3)C3iriros)5)i'OT3)caoo 1005th (doc) 

6)n6)aft> district of 5 Cos.& s)QQ)c8fflo.'0)o qcesiD 

(010 Q^nm 6iismjjl-o\ KU. 
oioaasl the 5 tribes of Cammalar, also called 

o)QQ)3)»)0gjri2D(b loc. 
o)QQ)®ffiD03rrf) 5 cornered. 
5)00)000^ 5X4. 
S)QQ)a3)ej mocoo VCh, 5 headed serpent igrgjro^ 

qd 6^aQ)'srDT3)0§ a.g^iSiaaTa prov. KR. 
6)ag)cnJ@ 50 (=(gT3CTU.g) oio^ooj^o amao ajo^ 

as; Anj. learn the letters. 
S5o®S)nnuomD 5 chief metals, [as also ig^ai). 
65aQ)zgej cow with 5 teats (claimed by Rajas, 
6)QQ)oaisl 5 feet, g)^ foilfolsnn^ 5)aQ. 00032,0 

about 3 P.M. 
SioQirsjo^, OT35J0Jn| 5 years. 
oJoQcsnocdnrao, (sa'Si^zi^oo 5000. 
5)aa)caJ^rD6ngocr)noiTti=sc/a^aLJnb Ram. 
55QQ)ajlforot) Ricinus c.=Q_j6i2U0o^ejo. 
?eiag)d95Dfflb ei'yal An ant that makes a nest 

Vl. (S)o^9i,3ra))?) 

6)n^Si(Z^j3 ei'yamatyam S. (Q^<a0(tn^) Una- 
nimity, (vu. oio^szarrg o Vi.) oIqQ). aonrn^siSD 
gj Nal. our friendship. 
6)QQ)<S)0(WjS)gj§ KU. of one accord. 

5)ag)c9iOi49.o S.=:ag3(S)0iJ£)«D. 

e^a^oee^ej eikkala or csirscaJloeeej (Syr.?) 

Nave of church Vi. 
5)(^^jo eikyam S. (o^caio) Unity, union. ^11 
rosni (Sa_i(b fsrasmjocnjo «)qQ). siiaosngoft KR. 

felt particularly drawn together. S)Qgi£f>,o anml 
Gjo gDgjormlrolceso (ar^faieooj ChR. the disen- 
gaged spirit. 

S)aQ3,fiy> id, (a)20l(tii) 5)ng). @Dgj no harmony. 
(er2)(Oi0o;2jl(Tn am9i<2mo§o sioQ). gogj 5)^ 
OQ,o ChR. remains perfectly uninfluenced. 

e^o^roTlc^o ei6ihyam S. (©foVlaO) Traditional 
or Purana lore. 

6^ci^rr^,36TQJDOO0fDl Sk, Siva, see ro.o*. 

e)ag)(Snf^0^o einbolam Tdbh. , -macs laoao Mar- 
riage litter s)a^. n^o^ooDch Nal. 

6^ag)(a3o amd'ram S. Belonging to Indra 5)ag) 
(ogaocs^gg oogj oO-xTlff^ KR. ff)a®23>i-J3aul 
Indra's place & dignity. [(Big^ajadoKeiN. 
6)aQ)i23eaoejl;9)ab juggler. 5)ag).' oeas ajlaji&cb 

5)ag)anJ0S| = (ST^CQJaU0Sl CC. CG. 

6)ag)6^nQJ(?BCiD6oeim-peruinal(S)ag). T. C. Tu. 
= (gras3 lord) iu old diet. = (Sexiejob Husband's 

fflo^CQ/'o eyyam (Sio®. I. crying out) = (HTaSJo 
1. Alms 6)qQ). ^raoDOJib Anj. 2. doubt, grief 
5ici®C2;0OOQJTb God (Anj.) 5)qQ. rBraaiool (sra 
aavCQoOo majjO Anj. 

5)a0)CQJrifu eiyail = (BTa^nbGod. s>aQi. esfts-srainb 
Brahma (SidD.) ffioQ). o^rragg o_ia.'ni3)l3)nbo 


S)ag)c»gjnb=(gTg^gj"it), noDcao- ajrasaxi w KU. 
5>nQ)ca(b T. M. Gods, Brahmans. 
ffio^roo eiram =6)S)3jOo (loc.) Noise. 
6^ag)(0D&flOl eirani (T. C. Tu. from S. oio^fOD 
aj6T7Tl = @3(CT305rr?) A plant, auma'; also=^.o 
s<ft(TSmoTrichilia spinosa; also=ca)OSo_jlsrnDc8s. 
o)oQ)f^osrn^^f ,— c9a5,— ®ano§N. pr.agramam 
once representing one of the 4 Brahmanical 
divisions (see a>ifc9io) KU. 

e^n^fDDQJfZTio eirava6am S.(^roD3Jf3l) refresh- 
ing) Indra's elephant. 
iSQQ)raocijf!«l N. pr, of river, lightning (po.) 

61a^f61 — 6idB6id&. 


6)n^Gi\Sio — S^o^^QjI 

ff)ag)f6l eiri Hayrick, cijs^si^rol No. (^rraooj 
So.) straw stack. 

6^ag)fb eir =(ST3cail(b Iron ore- 

ff)ag)aj eila^tgraoinai A fish. 

eiog^QJrb eivar T. M. C. Tu. (II. sio®) Five per- 
sons 55a®xiil5o_jraffiaajfm KIT. o^sinbo oraiSici^ 
sngliTJ^ T)n^ajiti Anj. (5 sins). 

6)<xQ)Gdo eisam S. (orooca) Lordly, belonging 
to Siva. 5)0^)00000 ffirtJiS3m) Bhg. 
ff)ag)'-«oroo (orooc/aoroo) adj. N. eastern. 
6)a^C'3J'gjo 1. =ofOoc«_irDfm-io. 2. glory, super- 
natural power. QQ)«5)gc/B_i^ajo (orasrnla, 

ZaO\2s, COf^la, GJ'^Z, ofQoOalfniJo, QJC^^rJDJo 

(fyoci^, (Q_)o<a)O0|O or (tyoaioc^o KR. (HT8 
6rnl0Da,ff)ff)c^c/D_i^ oxSlaul KeiN. 3. gran- 
deur, wealth. 
6)aQ)(j'dJ<^uorh chiefly wealthy. 

6)CLQ)Gd\<&>o eisi"^ara S. (gjcmltoi) sin®. (STa(rroo 

Reed-arrow AR. Bhr. 
fflo^oDldSio eiM'yam S. (©no) Of this world, 
of this life (opp. ajOfBv@l(Sio) SloQ). <S0Oid1_^ 
VCh, S)ag). (mrrnlfai) (Tg6)jl^ Anj. 

6)o^gQJl^ eilavili S. (©a) Cubera 6)aQ^o 
raiDo nol2al(m0DC2;>xjroo siaag^aTlajcmDo (sic.) 


a is sometimes changed into ^ (as 6>(tJ)0§, gsssi^, 
@sas<9i) and vice versa ; now & then = oj, as 

6i intcrj. Oh! 

6iS&> okku B. Palg. Hip, loins; = ^cSsio. 

65d86icfi5, i-grg) okka'ya 5. (whence 6i(Tra, arro) 
1. To be the same, one; be like, tally, earra) 
cSffld) Qg)gjoo acflQo acnao S)<9)0gjro3@ Bhr. cruo 
co(d)ls>ce«)Da5ra)@ Sojos^aj ajoai Nal. in keeping 
with the circumstances. 2. to be together. 
(BTaojib abifmoffgs (^sl CG. moo ©(t^ nntsigjj, 
5mo ready for help, ac^ croCoCTOo^:^ Mud. 
3. to please cnlsms^ceaoSi-nraisc^ Bhg. where 
you like, ojosroraxo) Qg)rnlca« arsialgj did not 
seem acceptable. 4. to agree, (oisssa'ral) oj 
O6)sro®oc!^ came to an agreement, covenanted, 
aig^icsjjo ouiaTlcsjjaocsiri goiggon^ Mud. 5. to 
be fulfilled, oaotuo asigon^ cuoTa Bhr. 5)_aio 
oTxm aasics^o aaonlces) ac;^ KR. came to pass. 
6. v. a. to compare, promise 5)3j6rn5iC52;o)nmorDr37l 
s ajfirnlQ^an ojoaTlajosicfisiogj CG. mistaking it 
for butter.— (3i(03QjDnb^sl^.go aSOTSinbPay.I 
grant it at last, a(!^«i9io@^<S) to admit. a_i 
emo at!^ promised money, sia-jsnb atflm to 
dispose of a daughter in marriage Vi. 
VN. aiBsirafj espousals V2, 

Inf. ac05i (Te. one) 1. together; ag)5int)0 atStem 
g@gaj(b, oQSinbo a^aci^g^^oood) often 

SxSsi'^'SS, ac9s)g_jO®S, G!i<8s>(Sai<SS) aTOtOT?) 
nb TR. one of my people. 0s1^ejQqj5)5 a 
cSS) 6)<£h0§t!^ Qjls<ai(t^. 2. all, a<SmC£^o, 
aceaSoj, acSsiSojcxjjo the whole, (sira)* a<eis) 
g^5iT§ocsulf!snrK) MR. aosraosiomo^eacs^os^^^ 
applied every imaginable means. — Often 
adv- ac0«C!^o ^emaocsiJls (c^a^cSsioo he 
would do all for me. ?Donl acesiCQ^o TR. 
moreover in every thing etc. — Sometimes 
rather meaningless, ^ai QjcTycfls)c>3 aan 
TR. certain property, ^airoi aceaCS^o (= 
(sragjo aas). 

acDsiOO^, — eg No.= a:yo(g discord. 

e,<BsiOsmo Vi. promised gift, also acSaoao, (?> 
<Ssto£\<asi (old). [right. 

atcra adj. part, equal, consistent, agreeable, 

aforsxQjffmdBa a closed, correct account. 

a«5ra)55S)c£h a practised hand for measuring 

at5V3MLja?iwl equal share. 

a'Oiro)o_io common measure (doc) 

atmaffig-jofflGJ, atDtaQjarno according to. o^^oo 
cnlffmcte a.i3i3)Qj|rno curoo Mud. according 
to your wish. 




65dB6id9> — 6iJ^ 

eaOTraoal^ a corresponding paper, receipt, writ 

of compliance, 
amaoca C.T. help Vi. 

aTjrajlfolcSs) to be in one line, consistent, correct. 
eatmssonDcOsfJi to compare, examine, contrast, 

asiforaiaosa union, 
fut. part. eg_jaj(b. S>g-j(b equals Vi. eho)a\om 

emo CG. (see a,-nra)SiS)£b). 
6ia_io VN. 1. Equality, harmony fflgJo CLiroo<gi| 
Prahl. to remain behind, unlike a. ®§a>, (Srg) 
c9Qc£b to equalize, smooth. asnTl cro-isrnsjnaalfsb 
n-jl^a<Sces)Ogi sitSiosTTg a. ajfiSK^iSaDoNal. — 
adv. alike gi5rnanaj(SmD5 a^o (c/jciolcSs, tgra 
cusraas ag-jo ©rolcflanD@ (3cffiocq,0gj Bhr. 
arrnloionDnT) a. aQ)iyonb AR. met each arrow 
with one. a. o_iO6Tnra)0f3i) ojlsl.^ enjoool^ 
<Sa_ioo SiPu, if you speak again thus. — 
double ag_jo ag_jo 5ii9io§(i^ cryalsKOcas AR, 
as)g_]3gjo distributing alike oQjgjoajcfigo agJ 
g_jo (sic.) c/arolcaJl^ MR. 2. being together 
ag_jo Q^ogama MC. to overtake, keep up with — 
@f!5t3)0<s.xiDS ag_jo STJsonb i^s\ (Sojorojo Bhr. an 
ooj i0O(9go rmnnlceso raioxios aoJo (doc.) — adv. 
(graxitnatio ag_)o agg (BT3)|.aic>3, £n<S(mnos a. 
S)U^ TR. 

ajjrao id. 1. 0OO5)3^Og_jroo ®gjoBt3) 830^0 dis- 
united. 2. QQ)5)rtbo agjrao (gracm^ TR. 
with me. — Even with Instr. ergsraaorai a. 
>aD§lf(3fi Qg)y5)rm@gl TR. 
ag_jorol comparison, a. clj:-)<0i to flatter, defend, 

praise and lament the dead Vi. 
VN. agj (5.) 1. conformity, a^Djiioroo con- 
federacy Vi. agjlgjDOTa incomparable, a 
gjliPcSsioinadvertance {= (ojaaao). 2. signa- 
ture, agreement, e,. &n^&, @3§<ai to sign, 
aoejcmlrai) rroa^cm s><Q>osng agjl§oj'-^ MR. 
made to sign, 
agia^osmo fee given to Janmi on signature 

of documents (4 fanam). 
agj^ol agreement, asigj^ grant Vi. cn^ 

5>5 S)5)<Q)6)c2;ogjlsoOT3)g ajcjorooonjoaoqgg 
@ <f) orosmo TR. the RsTj^ does not sign 
in mourning time. 

CV. ag-pc9is) 1. to equalize, o^gyoolc&silejo arts 
(Sa-ios)CJ aojl^ jiion^<a) TR. to assess 
equally, c&isrgrij) a. V2. to mimick — also to 
compare. 2. to adjust aiai ogeT's^cioogjloBs) 
(in building), chcnj 6)^>'Sia1 Sc&iDSoejlcSsi a 
gjl^s Arb. fitted the handle to the axe. 
aiaejo aira6i3i3§.o agjl-oi eicaigl Bhr. 3. to 
please, persuade 0oofr» a. to satisfy Vi. 
iaai5o;oi2iO'9ti^o)aagj''g-joCTnoi3iri AR. to deceive 
simpletons. 4. to prove ag^rvrt aitfifioemo 
aiD§l a., aipa-jao(rro63ao)g. aiogl agj^g_j 
cunb Nal. to prove by praxis. c0O((TOo £r>s 
§^ a. to demonstrate from the Shastras. 
5. to settle agjl^ (mlg!_ion6 a-.iplsraslgjMR. 
come to a settled agreement, aiji^ont) 
(sras^jlaio (sraSoOo a-.iplsmTa) o^auooiijo CC. 
closed the sum of past joys, a-.ernoicSfflOgjl 
-oifoifoao KU. deliver over, ssmuaroo ag)|rno 
agjl^5)(a)0§«^Mud.gaveover the treasure 
exactly. ^clcOO o_iomo a. KU. to pay a 
tribute of. <&>a>o, tOigJo, Smij a, to pay in 
full, fulfill a3jl:£^aj(SrDori|nm ooltaTltml TR. 

Neg. V. aojo 1. is not like, (sra) <2cLj3(b eaio 
ejlcryif^ajcaj^^urnitirifm axjo AR. snroeoado 
ojcroTlcanral) e>-^o<S(iy) ojotd t^^o CG. 2. can- 
not. a,lj0.';31^=<2.jJfO3tI3T3). 

a;yocg discord. 

11. eidBadOs, 066^1 okkU"Jfa(Tu. todig, C.totread 
out) To indent nooaiTl a^s^^ acSsTltSsiasro^, 

6^.^ OCCa = aoco 1. Sound, noise, voice Qg)rrra 
6)s a^5)C2; (Sti_iD«aj ajlal^ojnb KR. a^5)gj 
^(Qy to be loud, audible a^sioJSOCSTO o_iost3i^ 
oolcrro CG. qoloj a^o)g_j§iSicsyo MM, a breast- 
wound, g^^roralraboQ^ormo ajyaoBRDggoOjerno 
ScSisrra, a^oGjltflsiy.-maliitu oonasrnlsjcsz/'o^cs^o 
(B<S)c)o(S5)0aiJl CG. a^ «ce.s<9> (huntg.) to tie 
a bell (jiTlaJcTy) to dog'o neck. a^cBO^SgJ 
hoarseness, a^aaJScSwo MM. from wound iu 

6^.Sl — 65Slae& 


6i§ — 6iSo 

throat, a^cail§£b to make noise. (3o_Jslaj(TO0D 
Q, S>.^&i:i£\ Genov. (in huntg.) a^o) j Dggl 
^ RS. made a fine noise. 2. name, fame o_j 

Bhr. a£io)gj§ajnb famous Vi. 6i^i5)g_]§,'aifal 

61S] odi (=as II.C.Te.) 1. Groin Qjcaoolsinbo 
6iS^ = cuejl the 3 lines or folds on the abdo- 
men, foisi^aifliob asloo^^^jo (Hraslaaiojio Nal. 
2. side oQo^ntio asl, (Bt3aii5)eJosl q. v., rmcajraa 
Sjnboosl.'oraisicm Qjoy? TP. to be favourite. 
Chiefly piece of ground, = g^tpaj ; ai'sngajBf.o 
cLjO(TJj<&)g.o iSios)gosli»^o TR. division or 
range of ricefields. o_isl6roio)0(BO as^cxiTifai) (S0 
(Sai (fhsr^o MR. (=cL_i05o) — what is aslceso 
eroigrroirol^ KU. (lifetime?). 3. sorcery, to 
break the enemy (in Madagascar "odi" witch- 
craft) asls)ajc6s) to use & as^itnlas) to counter- 
act enchantment. 4. a hunter's hut (also ag/1) 
a. 5)ia>s<ft, Jii6)2i<ss>. 
asliflsioronb (-2) the comrade mraii'Siajosltflsio 

a>nb & oJlffjgyDslcSaD^ab (huntg.). 
aslcSaita, — (S^cdo (1) bubo, rupture. 
aslcSsipl B. (4) draught of privy, 
as^gjra (4) privy; (3) charms buried to maim 

him that paises over tliem Vi. 
aslaoso (4) hut. 
aslcffiot) (3) sorcerer, esp. of low castes as Na- 

yadi, Parayan. — ^osiajoslcoinb lame (loc.) 
aslojloi (3) witchcraft. 
6iSlciy d9> T. M. C. (= g.S(S?jd.) To break, (sra 

ejl nt) 5) Oiaaij asloraratplcajlral) ^ijlona KR. a 

SioroTOiODc broken back. @@a(flTlra!i aiDS)ejD5^ 

srarrpScLjoo MM. <& oej fQ6n|o aslOTrgi aiom 

(ScSs) orgjo a med. 
aS'csDO'maig a bracelet of one piece. 
VN. asl.ij . a breach, brake. 
6^51:65) V. a. l.To break, as oarjshaft.xrigyl'iim 

a., m§ a. Vi. cucmo a. beggars to exhibit 
an empty stomach. .ijl6)ra)^ a. to plough 
after sowing. 2. to use witchcraft KU. — 

CV. aslgjlao to cause 1. & 2. v. a. 
6i§ odu T. C. Tu. po.M.(=at; 1. With 

ajlQijla)mD§, short = ^506, a:)§. 2. place 

(sra5)6!5BD'bls)«JSD§'f>a7a Bhr. AR. 
6i§ce3 odu-ya (obs. \r"of as), a§60T5) To come 

to an end. VN. a§aj end. e>'§<Q,Yi.—s,^ 

1. groin. 2. a timber tree; a§ihlagoi. 

65§65^ce5 odunilU-^a T. M. Te. Tu. (see prec.) 
1. To come to an end finjDsmo a§63i3D.'oia oUSTtTI 
UR. (siacTu a'oroTS) (gr2).umoiplc9i KR. ajo 
6raro)scat a^ssigSaD Bhr. too long to relate. 
(SoiDo a§6og^o)cnj Mud. ^o. croocutsrurao 
S)cai05ng a^ssi^nm cffiooDo Bhr. eora.oio a§6SB3 
S)iwo,Tnoihlc2; iftLQ interminable. 2. to die, 
esp. of smallpox. 

VN. a§ci3s)o 1. end=:a§aj; (Hra^rat (sa&xrro 
QjosrnlsDo a'«^ Prahl. at last. 2. adv. 
finally 0fai)a_ioa<2ii5T3)O§ Szurooo agctoo cnlem 
o)ceis)S50 Prahl. 
a. v. 6i§ce6ia&5, cB&l 1. To finish, destroy, ora 
tmno a. Anj. to spend. 6)^iD5)(mo§ceal, tara 
CTyf50a5).-oira (arascSal a^cttel CG. aceaci^o 
5)ij>DBral a. TP. 2. B. to pay taxes. 
6i'^(£bo Otta-j^am T. M. (C. Te. Tu. asisrg) Camel 
^g^gg (ij gaiSOBdo a'ltnalnrnl.fgo Nal. 
agi&gjsaTl ostrich. 
a§Sigj§a)|20T6 giraffe MC. 
6h'^cb Ottar, (Si§lcQ;{^ 5. Orissa people, acuT' 
cac, acuSlcao, chiefly of the tank-digger's caste. 
6i§o Ottam T. M. 1. What holds together (as 
picture-frame Vi.), stops a leak. 2. wager, 
stake at play. a. 5i3)Sc&., flOjcfln, ajO-> to bet. 
a§® 3T3)Gg,o Q®(!^s>ain^ he will not reach 
the lists, the natural term of life. 
S>^£t> T. M. Tu. C. 1. to adhere, stick, 
a^nii) adhesion. 

a§eJO(b (T. a§otb) enemies RC. — 
CV. aglas) to paste, glue ajc>oajlrot^ a. 
2. to give in, be lean (a§l opp. o-ogaD^ MC.) 

cOjTajosDQcX) agl^sl VetC. my cheeks have 
become hollow; so lOinjlcfeigdUo, s^jiicnj (see 

6i§l6ifa)3 — 6h^dd&o 


6^^d96i — 6im?) 

ffl<flS(Si II.); to be wrinkled (like asl) iS.o 

agral) flaw in wood Vi. 

asaiocrurab Ottalia or Damasonium Ind. Rh. 

agl a kind of cake. 

a§ 1. glue Vi. 2. bruise, impress orai^ral) 
fflib &. <ft§63Bl o_iO(^. 3. C. T. Te. union, 
the wliole (=aoo) agotSa, asdBsiOefls), asl 
§(Q) to sum up. agcfis in all ergisora^o oirgjCffi 
QjfiSo (^sl a^(fls O-S) (BT3i|.<a|.o (jud.), also 
ascsao. — a§o(8^., asn^a sum total. 
4. Neg. aso gjgjnotat all, not the least, not 
for a moment; hence pos. as a little, some 
as asro — as soorao, asooocb aiiplsTmo) 
SoJOcb CG. a®§So a little way. a5)§o^ 
CDSceaooocsnoraliTR. as soon as I can walk 
a little, c-arao as rrycBgiaDo Gan. the versed 
sine will be pretty accurate (math.) a§§t0ao 
V2. about so much. asasesBl, as§o®g_jo 
ma cLjlodBsicaa.'al) CG. as^ajfb ScuooiOib 
as^ej<bail^lsiono(bMud. 4. No. clamp 
of a door etc. ajaffHejloTa a§ faioiocaa. 

6i§l6Y3)06rri), ei^lcoioenrt) ottiyan (Tu. C Te. 

from ^serargosnb) Cutaneous eruption on the 

loins, a. aiP^cajo med. 
6^6*^ onda No.=iijroc69§<0« Filled with water 

for 005)00(8^000 — a5i^a?^o <ftOO^C£^o Q®§(!^ 

OK»folcs^3Jont) (2.i_j0(93crra (loc). see sy&osns. 

616^2 onma T. aM. (VN. of acb) Beauty, 
splendour asnbi&iSfal), &>snbni(Qo, asi^rosm 
fifccb, aoTTzoarao, asnticijoora!) ff)jiioralrro)0(t)RC. 

6i(75)\ ohl = ^(!£\ Odina. 

B^SS^dft) obuiinu'ya T. M. (Te. C. a«^=a 

OQ,Si) 1. To give way, step aside, shrink, yield. 
leraro^thlfai) agssal oo^cno KR. stood humbly 
before his father, ana ScSissrnlra!) a. 6)<9-,o5iTg 
PT. hid himself. ^siaioO) 6)0(22jO5 a. RC. 
2. to be contained, adjusted. (Hraoj^nbo Qjorg 
cuai rmnolces? agSsrasrs^ he ought to succeed 
to the deceased's property (jud.) 
VN. 6^rg) 086^0 1. Being settled & compressed. 
Q^gjoooloroo <&ow a. <9)5n|(gS65Bl matters 

are somewhat smoothed down, aigjlnm a. 
gjgj no elasticity, yielding q'uality, soft touch 
(=0lo3crco, Q_iTno). 2. subjection, contents 


agdha shelter; stairs Vi. 
a. V. 6i^dB6id&), <A6] To compress, restrain 
((3T2)0O5):si'), subdue (={gTa5d)3a) 'V2.). izcnr^ 
a. to humbleVi . dEh^rai a. to enclose. Qjoa (Stoi 
^5>z^ agceisl TP. to soften by bathing, foo^o 
agcSsTl <&:8rl° '^^3° TR. give up the land to 
Tippu. <9io^o qQ)^oo a. Arb. to settle. 

6i(iyr(ji adj. part, of acSa I. q. v. 

6i.^25)c&) ottU'ya To jump, skip, dance aj^om 
egfOo HNK. frog, atJialoosaa MC. snakes. 
(gal (ftejesigaoo a'srajl ajly>(S)Cqjo Bhr. fencers. 
^^srnlnrra «0S^ a:!Jiffil amo ^clHsI Bhr. dnogi 

mlfd) a., ^gJlSialg, 5)<3)05ng SiagjSOJ «J)3a 
iZOS)Wo:m'^ aW^ CG. whilst playing on the 
flute indicate the tact by moving the eyebrows. 
aoiaocao, a:Bi3;o:aj a play with cudgels, wrest- 
ling, a. o_Jo)ari, Q_jl5lc0«, o_jC2iOQ,c&) Vl. 
eifWTOOOb Ottail, 6irrv)D0fb (Ar. hajjam?) A 
Mappilla barber (& circumcisor) laoel — (Oiosi 
cs^o 'oiejooorojo caiacscasngfoTlorr) a'i20OD§ oTlai 

eiCTR, onha (T. anb^ C. Te. Tu. V^ a) 1. One, 

neutr. ofaRS. also for masc. <ftsla2;3n23o)ra a 
orroo <ai06rr3crnl^, srsjasBcX) amaggmoo TR. as 
long as one of us is alive. 2. adv. anrrayarro, 
arms'l^, ag)S)rm arra (SooDSceasTDSa etc. once. 
3. something (emph.) ota.usioo qJTis^-^ 5)<&>05r§ 
cufooo (3ras)gjffiblral> a. rsractaeojl^ oiraDo TR. 
tho' it may cost us something (our lives), ^oia 
OolcsyofaiO:mCT3o aJ993Ci^o a.TTOialgjOoJfO) QJfJSo KR. 
will be destroyed. Emphatically repeated, asnm 
ara aoDca6)ra aisng, aSfmara oiDcBg ojocssroig) 
iSsismoTP. 4. a part. cndS)eAocno a quarter. 
anrra forms also participial nouns f. i. cnS5)aJ3 
ftro=oosg-j^, asQg)5)craorrra = Qg)5)ao)OfiKa5 0^o. 
acTDfOXiosnb, anmrooso every other day. a'nb 

o_innl tertian fever. 
armoS) to be united, joined, armosai alto- 
gether, anmoo first, anmoanf) m. — aoiDai 

e^ooj^ — ■ 6^0^085 




— 6^fO) 

amoiT' ^gatroTP. jumped down at once. 
earmDiin aTlyssgnTB MC. ©ttoo afmD3Ln§ 
(srarrag^ii^c^ saidocesio^bTSiosng TR. as 
they got no decisive answer from the king. 

arnlsans nrgT3i'£l(2D(SfO0f a^a^-gj Anj. quite 
one with them. 

anrnlnm armDCCul ojoai to leave uo point un- 
answered. anrnljlnDOTnlgj rm iSlitA Anj. e, 
nrnlaT) armlgya'OTa) (gsjao discordant, arrnl 
cm armO(fie<&) to malce more weight (by 
taking from one & adding to the other.) 

©Tnlma 5)a_iDai to make water (opp. rosr^rrro.) 

fiarrnlfali in one case. a. — ora^caoig^rai) RC. a 
fiTTlsaiD — oraoigj QQ)&lro!) TR. — also ©titI 
rolcasiifDi) a_j6mo sicSio^tSaoo (grafoigy aQrmcu 
rolsTloil) n_iocnj crozzrir)^^ sisio^sanooTR. 
mod. cond. ffl-nofi^fai^ cs^eJjo i^sssr^a^ iSn_ia 
c95iro35^fniaBol(SejD mrmocpjcmasigca) UR. also: 

arrplcBsrii-at) — mrosjgjg^lral TP. 

arra aia^Dsngo (Sxjoaica^^) on no account. 

ascmaioral, 1 1. [:.^^ou51<3^o) VCh. 

as^cmofi^ajfo icS) to come together (as ergcijlcx^o 

denV. armlas) to join, unite, agree anrnlgjanb 

(sraad'ioaoara') Bhg. q^cttos^s a>5n^ajo (arasjg 

@a ajo920327l arrnl^ ojcmo'cii) Mud. come 
in contact. — 

adv. part. Sicm^-g^ together (=ara30~l^) f. i. 
anrnl^§ agjroo (Sn_jorol<9i TP. with Soc. 
& Gen, ora'o'riiinbo a. aro3 aii-nro) orao^ces), 
foiaxiDSiabo a. (8a_iDairi TR. g)5T^<&) §2.'^ <^ 
g-jnn a. (sra^i'-g; MR. along with. 
CV. arrnl|ylce5) = aro30lgjlan Vi. 
6icnA^ oilbabu T. M. C. Tu. (Te. S) moo fr .6i(oioc)o) 
Nine, one before ten. anrTlaD a. cljosw^, arm 
gj a. 0) nj^ TP. not one offence only but many. 
6?.a_inO oppana Mpl. (T. a^«5)nn adorning) 
agjcT) igsai, rLjD§v&i in aj^mjyo§. sung by 
Maplichis at rtj^rasa^aiiosmo etc. 
e^cxJo, 6io_J see 6^:65'. 

6ip-ld&) oppU'ya To touch softly Vi., sponge, wipe 
(a wound); clean rice by taking up the grains 
with a (fliliil etc.; aQjo<a)seJocry & agjtea. 
blotting-paper (mod.) 

VN. axJf?A. sponging. 
6i(a_l ^Q oprusuma, 6i^q^a Vi.(Syr.) 

Blessing. qcnjlai^i-OTZJ) a. confirmation; a^tSsi 

Siyra) a. extreme unction. Nasr. Rom. Cat. 
6if?8 om 5. iV" e,) 1. One, the same e>^ otoza 

5),-i_jOoxi(b. 2. No. Indef. Num. = <s>S)D some 

a^ i^g.'fl' f»-iol'i*'>30©5P|vu. 3. Indef. Article. 

>T_j5ng a(b{srg)c>3a_i06raia<Sn_iDS)ajprov. 4.(inpo.) 

Def. Art. (9136013^100 ©f51s53_j0fO3 coaajroo^o^jrif^ 

KTJ. (3iruDCO0l^os>'5T3)O5ifD(Snm Vil.— Even with 

pi. 00^000 ro3a_iral.aj<Qic>aBhr. rjj_ aTra. 

m. arra.ijnti. arojOT^Jtb; f. arcj'mal, atraxicb, 

afD3c95iDf3t), vu. afolcesifcA once. [rim). 

af035i^aiTlc9an^ headache on one side (meg- 

a 053 0)^4x^311.16 a med. plant. 

aroSTSK^ 1. f. one woman. 2. one & the same 
place sraiooao mraxicrao a'caHrol) mragj ojoaa 
nm^ MR. 3. any place <9ig^an- a'cszTlrak ro) 
6io-i^, 05)000053 tsralcaHrai croaiSo ojoajocrao 
@2gjTR. caiggnaoaa ao33t5ralnr7oo(abl.)aisroi3l 
5) ijggo 5)xi-oJ 5)ie)D§c^ — also aft53:wocaM 
ejo cQiDsnanrnlgjTP. (gras>s)OTaoa53,T5Ta)ainoii) 00^ 
cm is>-i_j03!?l KU. 

ar® ono^o ^^ never. 

ara ai^aj, aros ff)3)Si. 

a;!S(Ba_)05)eJ 1. alike (po. aTro<S.-uoJ)GJ)orofrnl 
coocDm37l©)(gej:e3(a_)e3a)c>aaQ)gyoo a«sea_io 
6)aj (ffigjairrro MR. 2. as sure as possible 
acnjg 6)<siog^o Q^mlcBs) a. Anj. 

a«530an0D3nrali}si 1. to be of one mind. 2. to 
be determined, fully resolved. 

VN. araa 1. union tgroxiffionDS a'<S3Z)0§ ajo 
ymo Mud. 2. harmony araja g^6)5>^8BblnA 
prov. (gro.'mlfoi) a'®3i o§ cSi sng Mud. saw it tally 
with. a. <a)aj,TnaSfol) Anj. well proportioned. 

aro30a_jo§ l.= aa8cnjD§f. i. Sii_joajDnbajog_jD 
s a. TP. got ready for starting. 2. agreeing, 

denV. ara0lc05)T. M-Te. 1. to join acSsi ojom 

afTO0l^D(b AR. (t^foi^cjingsjrai) ara0l(S3(Tr; 

(2<i_i05)aj HNK. 

— adv. part. aro30l^ = aiTnl;^ together jiTl 

(Oiol (3ti_JDca'iB)S)6aQ0OS(?rij^ (gj§l KR. with 




eicsejossfl — e^oq d&. 

Gen. (OTcryroosinb.T ea. (So-iaoiri TR. 
2. to be reconciled igrarryroaiSaos 6iro3ia^d3s> 

ojonb (HrauorufOoojDcasnrroMud. 3. to be re- 
solved, prepared QfOj .fho'^j'sialfmocail a'-g^xint) 
KR. (2a_)0(flfl a. Bhr. 

CV. giQ^o^o (sr3)ca)073Qjo arajalgjl^ Bhr. 
mixed eartb and sky. (gtaajs^ro (Sojsan a' 
gjl^^o Bhr. persuaded to join. cucTDvazjlral) 
a'gJ1-^CTa)l3iiffl3i3ajfflrari3iO"i6 Bhg. Vishnu as 
tortoise lifted it altogether. 
6SnS5)au§iS) 1. to join, agree, be confederate. 
2. to resolve, prepare. 5)a_i5n6 a'gofafc^aia 

oao (a)§f!^ (@5 prov. g)OToajitsralfm 61. Mud. 
(Saj(2§tSsVilv. to go hunting. 

CV. 6ara5iaxi§cSffl Vi. — §«^t9) to get ready. 

VN. art8auD5 1. concord, a'sscea to appease. 
2. preparation, starting isrrum a. (aj^l oj 
Oo>g_jS KR. (=oro(TnDaDo). (oiann (Scrom 
ff)C2J Q_iosn3ra)Odcrural^ ©'§51^0(0^ a^o^nas) 
QSXJU^ojo KR. gave a fresh impulse. 

atrc cu<&ccJ03ilr^cei5) to be something indescrib- 

©f^Qunb, — ch, — (b (hon.) one person. 

atSrasQjo, — n^o anywhere. 
6ifJB6e^d&) orunnu-ya T. M. (Te. C. ac^) i. To 

be ready. o_ismo arrassslcffll^ etc. 2. to 

yield, be settled (=a§65gai) aio^o aosstngo 

will right itself, get ordered. 
a. v- 6if?B(fiftd9) 1. To prepare, get ready. 

(SsoSicno Qajgjo.tb a'ojlnb Nal. e9-,og_j-&.c)a 

a. KR. o^axjfcirailmo, fcnlnb a. 2. to settle. 

atSaCSjjo 65-&.otsrcjil afTOcSsn TP. finished them 

oflf (=a§c0sn). 

VN. anSc9s)o 1. preparation; CT)lf00So_i@glc9s) 
a. @§^ TP. prepared the bath. o_ismo 
a'algjotg^cszjotzib MR. cash not being ready. 
2. order, tsra^o arolcesiia^ (Hraoaja^ RC. 
it is not right. <s(^ aolcrjQjcnloimn^folgj 
fO) afS3ce«(S0o RC. cuslsinisiooociinrai) a. a 
ro3(flffl1 TP. arrange the room. 

arojcas id. arald9i8 se^^ gytw® RC. dissension? 
afiSceaaomo B, articles. 

arojgj (=aas0, arroasio) 1. croo'^a^ajajao'^ 
(Saj sngnm a. adancs^o aisroernoTR. ordering. 
2. a. QjfDJ'Di^ reconciled (=CTnlrogi). 

e^CSeLlDSsfldft) Port, relogio. Watch, clock. 

6iOO otta T. M. (anrro, anbQ) 1. One, single, 
a'ojsmo a single fanam. ro^ng aoos^cai (Oi 
sngoftjt) (huntg.) two boars. 2. Tu. M. a certain 
cake a?)ooc6a gjaissi c&Ocay/O.ib ©ojoScaoib 
prov. 3. odd. aood7lfB§C5^o a>g3c9si with dice, 
a::)O5igjS@gal0Oo aJftS.:Q2{a^E33l'oaio VCh. ( = 
aoearoDC'al opp. a^oaroo-'al). 4. fencing posture 
oj-mlcnooso a'ioc^oajca'oolai'ru.ibprov. asioo 
cSao <s>«s0ff)nocei3oor)S<SaDO^oKU. seedirazoo. 
aoocS5)5rnnb one-eyed. 

e,-)O!S^0^ak cn^^ a tapas. [year. 

a:^o<esioca^ a cocoa-palm in its 8th — 10th 

aOOff)5)c6iJ)3i7lrai) 5D§<SCTU0C>3 0(S ^05)5^c9S) f^ Sr^ 

^ (Scai^o CG. [of boar, cattle. 

anooicSsionurtb ((ST3)nn) MR. single tusked ; also 
aooajsojob one-hooded snake. 
a^osgjo^sint) last scion of a family. 
aooizroi-Bialraf) airoasg prov. 
aooc55n|o a§t!^ KR. for battle. 
aoo^ej^gjl (song) said of a Paradevata. 
6iOO(m Ot'tal 1. Net of pack-thread, basket for 
holding pots; weel. 2. fishing with weels 
(T. agjcB) braid net). 
aoonb Vi. spy; PP. traitor. From: 
6iOO Private intelligence; treachery, secret 
information, jaJoacCLTl^ ojaiccOaJ ^Sisr^cm 
a. asTgDcd^ (jud.) a. (BTar^ai to spy out, a. 
(S&><hcB6) to overhear. (gTa:U(b ffiz.^ a. new 
proofs against them, 
(aoooch) aoQicEhjOfOtb spy, secret emissary. 

aigg-oli-Tanoo ojlslgjonb a. MR. 
6iOO Si (to be single?) 1. to step aside, 
retire, cringe. 

aoolcSgQ a hide-&-seek play. 

aoolnj cssia^casi No, to act the spy. 

aool QJiPesi^Bi Vi. to conspire. 

aDolajifssQ^tdD'Vi.todraw into conspiracy. 

— as v, a, Q(])6inm a^olcai udm PP. my 

6iB^(yu) — 6hB^\ 


6iB^ ccL^ — e^cr^DoaDrb 

betrayer. 2. to make room for another, a 
ool5).iJ(fl<>i to mortgage T. M. (C. Tu. 
6i.-nia, Te. a^). 
aool T. M. a pawn. 

fflOfTlceaasmo a tenure in ■which the Janmi 
yields to the tenant all the produce of the 
field in lieu of interest for his advances 
(ooolscaioaiceafoemo, aoolco/SiSi QQ)yfO)l 
sices)0§>'m3)Dnb doc.) 
aoolo)ia)05r@ajnb a mortgagee. 
6)5)a)Qjl§o e,r)o\ a higher tenure which leaves 

to the Janmi merely nominal rights. 

aocSltSso cLjo<S03jj'gg f))06Tr)o a still higher 

tenure by which the <9i5lc2;onb acquires even 

I of the Janmi rights, also aoolcfiecrufBo, 

aooltSeipltenosmo a mortgage in which either 

the occupant has to relinquish or the owner 

to retain the estate W. [mortgao-e W. 

aool ec^o money advanced on usufructuary 

CV. aoolcan to cause to spy Vi. [^gQ_ 

aoolcffionb single elephant, leader of the herd 

6iajpfW olanSa, eJCrOI Holland, Dutch. KU. Vi. 

eieJODfOl olamari (Port, almadia) A kind of 

ship a. aig_jd) 5)Ojg^_2j6mcs^o KU. 
6iejQj|fSb = 6i^ncairt5b q.v. — f.i. (aimjfoacna. 

(BraaicesnT) ajsro.-ai^rionb TP. 
6iBA\ oli T. M. (C. Tu. aeJ^) Sound. aejla)C2;tP 
(Qiaaiol RC. a)OraiijineJS)cnJoano)a-i36oa2Qj CCh. 

g.fCSSig.OEJ^'&'cX) KR, noise of wheels, 6r3)Do)omD 

ej), (ao6ioooejl etc. 

denV. aejlcSs) 1. to sound, as running water. 
— ring bell Vi. 2. (Te. aeja3 = ay>iSi) 
to flow, run as water, blood of wounds dh 
srrocTnl(b aaHcesjiSaj or ay<9)<Saj KR. S)(Z<^ 
(ft a'^ o_jOK^ Sojocsiil Mud. 6)a_iO§l aejl 
^ i2cy Bhg. ajDCfi?l(T]!) (gjS~l aol(b a. 3. to 
float. (graoajssBcb jiifi^ rocaoicnsl ^-alrali a 
<9s) aGjl<fiQa-TD AR. [looseness of bowels. 

aailgi flowing aejlgjlrab cft-mi^im foiol prov.; 

aaHcs^a) id. oracunt) Sjoioro a£iri6TOiB)55<0)D5n| 
o-ioa^fTtD, (saral) atssics^o (Sjiioro aeJlcsjjma 

VN. aejlojgg oujgao running water; fountain 

Vi. aejlajgg cttIooIctd (Biac^:Sjjl @gj 


CV. aejlojlces) as fOcSOio a. B. to bleed. 6in_i6na 
1-3 era 

6Di3c>o aiorracnlib aejlgjl^ a_i3roo SG. PT. 
KR. shed tears. 

65^0fl^ olumbu (Port, plumbo) Plummet. 

eia^OOJdfti olumbu-J^a (T. a^ C olyiidu, see 
gj^aics^a^.) To move from side to side. Qj(rm6!5a 
5)g. a. to wash clothes by shaking them in 
the water. aejcrLHceag.'ft to rub, shake ofi", as 
rice sticking to the hand, (rooal (S(S)^ taej a 
ejoijl TP. cleansed the head. 

6hBA S) ollu-ya T. M. C. Te. To consent, love — 
to be fit, possible. — Only in Neg. a^o=ajgjD 
must not, ought not (in prayers, rules, prov.) 

6)Jil5)Qa3gyD & ©S)^^(1T)5)(3)OgjO, CG. CTUDoD 

croo 5)-aiaii2j!,Dgj, <So_jo5)c£hogj Q_)§l(Scffl Bhr. — 
past (SxiO^S (Sa_iD5)(aiOgjDsroT^ CG. ought not 
to have separated. — adj. part. agjOvTSia un- 
becoming, (oion^as) a'foVloT) o^o (ao)i2^S)iBsio§^ 
Anj. indecent, bad. a^OTJi <S)Z06!J8c>o UR. agjo 
toifOileiJBSiCT) 6^^3^061:01 ^9A CG. — r(mantr.) 
VN. a^3:aj = (aTaKS(3)o;H, also agjsig!, coTlso 
agjl Te. C. Tu. M. sheet, cover 5 yds, by 3,=a_j 
(tngj f-i. a^coTlrai) (Stmooo^ Scftssrnlctrirai) 

oQ)§flBS) prov. 6T3)3n6 aJ5)(a)^S@g a. 5)(S)3 
sng QQ6)aT> 6)tS)§l TR. a^ o^nD o^QJggl 

aj((T^o (vu.) m33z?l a^mo(agj^csinfi3!)fnlcTra) 
aoai ce)sl5)^§t!^ TP. 
agj^ca^ici) Royal cloth, = gsca^os Vi. (i_i6ig3^ 
wmh silk gown. a. 5)Xic9a Rajas to marry 
Sudra women, take concubines ; (S<9)3tpl(S(65iD 
s ^aiiSiraTa a- 6iaj(Sd)5)STr)o KU. (vu.aai 

6iOJDa3YO') Ar. awat. Sorrow,= ^o_iG.iJo (Mpl.) 
Bf^D OYVa l.Nog.of aiJsiS), q. V. 2.=©(y Vi. 
6iC/3lnOo OSinam Tdbh. gjn^efljJOOo q. v. 

aLolao®d3ffl3(al) iron crow-bar, ojsro, in thieves' 


denV. ac«lcnlc05i to live on, eat. 

6hO^^ Ar. vazir, Vizier. 

6iCr\^j(75Ytri Ar. vasiyat, Testament, gff)cxj(®l^. 
6iCY\3onaDfb OSSah see a Diasnb (Mpl.) 


gj^ofe — 6ii£\ 


6iy>d96i — 6iiflC£y 

6b^<Qi Vi. see ^^(flj Back stroke (fencing). 

I. 6i£loliT. M. (C, Tu. Te. e,(h=^ck>) 1. Concoal- 
ment ; secret dealings. 2. ambush, hunter's 
hut. a. s)a>§a), also aalg_jgg\ — 00, — caa 
sl^li; aalg-jgal roDCijmoOTo^aiDd&a (huntg.) 

Hence: eaa'daacalfoi) QQ)aT)<2ajoo)&j 5)xi^ <Sajo 
o6\ KU. (Col.) like a bird in a cage. 
6ail5)o_j§£h to hide itself. arofoicSKasigjinf) s> 

alcij aa'oioj^o a£\csiS)5)i2<SuiO!S Bhr.=con- 

cede superiority. [mour. 

a^Q^jfKAjnb No. (ag^ci^canb vu.) a para- 
agl6nj(§.uo amour. asTlsiuonriUiidteororrtj a para- 
aalcacnj arrow-shot from ambush. a'o)au(^ 

s)d>)D(m;d) araasTEScao KR. 

aa^caoojob a Paradevata. 
aalc/332/Cno forbidden coitus, also agn<2(X0aLi 

adultery etc. 
aa)<a> T.M. to be hidden Vi. Z(Uicms)So^ng 

e>d)emsi GojDOSo TP. come off unscathed 

from ordeal (= aiplsraio)?). 
TN. aa^cul. ambush Vi. 2. hiding, aa^oj 

(K^ 0j^b,<3i\(^ SiPu. 
aa'cSin (C. e>w Te. aajo) 1. v. n. to hide one- 
self. rj_i3caricT3) aal'tsrailg elc/ao-i.-oiai'ejoRC. 

fugitives. 6to,och agl^ So-iOcfecmajmgj TR. 

abscond, 6bd)M sxios^<2a-ij<:£\ escaped, a' 

<ao s)ajal^523 S)CLjQ,o prov. &£\^ c-bIc^ 
tO)-ioSiPu. disappeared. (BraooassBcX) (sraoco 
SBsaiitii) aa'cearm^ (Sajasiaiggaul-mttyeJo 
Q_jl^ocb KR. 2. V. a. aa^-^5)ajs« to 
conceal, suppress. 
CV. aa'ojltSffl to conceal. ccnej^slcsiAral) a'^ 
TP. covered him with her hair. 

II. 6i^ (ack)=a5n6 T. C. beautiful, good. Te. 
aej)aj=6)ajcb) Splendid, bright; the light, ojl 
g.tfi«l6)nT)3al ®(i_io5)ej crooojjn ia)o KeiN. 
aal0a9)2io<b beauties (Mpl.) 

as^aroo (loc.)= oafolaroo. 
aa^aloDi'si) and alrmoiejoa' KR. 
VN. aa^cy 1, brightness, also ag^a. — ai^ 
i2ajolcns)crnl'aic>i (Mpl.) a^anraaa^oixiy 

shining brightly, tft-jnlraajsionaa'.ij s^roio 

(araa)cnLii)nib RC. aalsojc/^ (gs)S msnaa 

Bhr. 2. ambush {e>£\ I.) 

eiiPdSa olakku = a(fdjsi (a. 5i^O(b5)-ao5ra aroj 

ojoa'C(XO;T5)o ijsflcoso (arasTBiJOQ, iann608c>-j CC.) 

6itPlCQ^d65 oliyup 1. (=a^a.) To run ofif as 

water, ojia.roooxn) ooliflo^Drcb s^oroDnto) a^pl 

c%o prov. 2. T. M. (C. Te. a^l, Tu. a^) to be 

off, leave off, be free from, empty, ctuddodo a^pl 

sroi^lralcflanno vacant, unoccupied. ,-Htog5)<&'D5n| 

cijsm aiplc!%o MM. will heal. <Q)5n6auocul a 
<*1<S{(0 a med. 

Inf. ayr>(2ai except, et^onb atpl^) (po.) g.'oraa 

Qjcrgaj^ (aras<9so TR. as they die off, the 
others. — With Ace. 2(^5)fo asplcasoj 0OQ 
^ (g.-aissacb KR. — 
adv. part, besides, except, orfl aiP^srai3(0(C^a2,o @2 
^Nal. (Smrbaif Iffisima.go gagjMud. nothing 
but truth. i2^n3D<d« aiflsrorajREg VCh. to 
none but men. — "With Ace. (S(ao.QfiDS).^a a 
^stOTg/aflfm Q^^aoHV. all gifts short of. — 
"With Inf. aj§o 6)(Si5<Q) a. oalrocrul snam 
c^iaiasciilgj Mud. adv. part. Si^oeamo (Si 
if^simoj a. ScLjOiJifffi^Bhr. 3. v. a. to give 
up. (S)Ocmori) asisotplsroialso axicrq^coaoia 
o\i<Sao)OceilgJicas) <&)D^o (5i2;a)nmg Mud. 
with some sacrifices; hence a55S0iFlcai05)(a) 
without any exception, altogether. as,iP' 
aiplsro^ 6)<SiO§<sao TR. evacuate & cede M. 
to the French. sraissBchcas) asa as^srai^ lOi 
roDaifO) TR. making no allowance or de- 
duction, onlejo ear^lan a^Flsrai^ aifl(gol 
5ij5)0§(ig3 MR. 

VN. I. aipl^rai) vacancy, freedom, means, ex- 
cuse, foicnlcssa. a.gS'Sa-jacXjArb. when dis- 
engaged, in leisure hours. 

II. aiplt^l. water-course Q-jOajoi^c^risraiSDcataifl 
ojleaj prov. 2.= aipl£jrai. §8 5Liaialar) atpl 
QJcS^cb 6)-!iiOQ®0 <9)06mD^KR. no escapes, 
a. Q_iOi}i subterfuge. 3. (from a^plS.) 
giving up. (aslcao-ib earaDraliSs atfl.^ 
oa@) TR. 

6itflce<S> — 6iD 



aiploj^ol = fflspligol MR. 
6iiPla66> 1. To pour, (ftornlrai) zmcin ffl.; to 
void, as i^(®o s>. 2. to give up. ajtp' eigjonb 
©ipl^ '■'^^ ^I^' 's* lii™ pass. (Sia ij6)g. a. 
dismissed, forsook. aipl-^Sojoa, cSi^Si, 5)c9>3 
§c9o-) to return grounds held under c9.05mo ; 
@<SejDo aipi-oi foifooo TR. to vacate. 3. to 
quit, roDga.o St. to emigrate. oQgjo.xjfiaoroo^o 
aspl-^souocml, cijfoajjo aislcsjjo a. <Ba_iD3i)\ a. 
Qjceoaio-joc!^ TR. in war. 4. to escape, tara 
QJSiroa'^So-JomoTR. got away from tiiem. loTl 
foleroi^o acSlsim^o atpl^onbKR. avoided arrows. 
ajsrosrgio) a^iltfvs: 02(20 Blir. a to parry 
ablow. aQS)crr) S>^^'3)£t::i&iA.K. defend thyself. 
5. to evade <2Q:u&^(U)o a. Bhr. cn.mzo^ 
<Sci_)oaj(U) a. Bhr. to prevent ruin. 6. to make 
to cease, drive away. ajocSaOfsb (Sroocoo a. PP. 
s>Q_ig3c%o qscm ^y a. amed. (a>so a. CS. 
to pay debts. 7. to free mraajsion (aT3crnl(Q_)2aj 
Lz^u^&cm a. Mud. prevented his suicide, co 
ajlcLJo)(OiOiPl^na^>0i Bhr. to prevent. 8. v. n. 
to give way (from 3.) (maxubatfl^ ojosse^, rara 
folajOoolool a. Bhr. to retreat, ca^cesicb 2o_j 
bl^ aipl-gj SiPu. CLJ5 asi^^ (Sn_iomo KU. 
(mS<S(S)§5rE0a)S)a;05ng asisoiplt&jics^o Mud. 

CV. aiplgjieSs) 1. chiefly to dispossess 6)q_ioo 
aofoi^folsicsz; aiplg_j^g_jonb KU. gjsxwotplg-jl 
(Bd3ffl5re TR. must not be vacated. 2. to 
make to retire, ojoacao ai:p'g^:5jKU. drove 
back. oro;you51<S)OfBo aiflgjl^ & (gta:iJo)nD 
(3Tacul3.ofD'3i:Jlaftifrn a. Mud. (even merely 

aipl^) dismissed the minister. 3. to get 

back (gals^cB/' a':3J .oTIsajonb MR- 
VN. e,^^ discharge etc. [remedy. 

Hence: atP^Sitflaj expedient, escape, excuse, 
atplzr)! deed of giving back onlaisoacX; <S)Sl 

c2/or0ooi':)S)<3iO5ng a'^ z^oa o-^aiOfOo a. 

ojdsbbI MR. las^OiJaTR. 

aipl.TUDEJa unoccupied land a'fOTS) jDi'^cassBcb 

S^.-ejaft), d8bl olu-jfUpT. M. C. (Te. aej to flow, 

C. Te j)(t13^ to leak) To flow, run down or off 

(=aeT)cB5)) of blood, water (Srcn.Tb a'fmQj0J34; 

of ships ayaimi SoioaiDcBsi s><b ags prov. 

Qjasicm: ay>.Qri5ii^'03n^ cnRSTc TR. drives by 

stress of weather. £>^S)^o)^o^^ oj^^cogjo. 

aysifiA VN. flowing, being adrift. 

a^cSi So. side of wall, boundary. 

a^cuofOo So. side-room. 

a^dJa 1. current, stream, assajoa^^ tergjOol 
ff>nt)0 a. g)@g; a'e^sUggo running water, to 
be drunk by all castes- 2. (T. ay^^^i^ order) 
natural, smooth, plain a^cSsinb n_jonTi, a^ 
cssiob ojQ. etc. a'cno^s^as. 

a^cSsio 1. running, floating, aosojo ay^d}s)a^,o 
<&.g^-^ KU. regulated all about shipping 
& timber floating. 2. plainness (ay'as 2). 

ay 63^3) T. to keep within bounds. ay^sssofOTO) 
Qxijo unbounded wealth ^or a^eoBD ura?). 

a. V. ay<esai 1. to pour >&>6iipi'oi) o.^ vU§o a. 
MM. 2. to inundate. 3. to set afloat, float 
o)aj§loi32; a_jipcsn«ii) a^cealcg^arro TP. aroj 
SJO^oonVlcsTlisl) o5.uo)-gjoy=<i)silm3nb Bhg. 


6iO 5 T. M. C. Te. Chiefly interrogative particle 
1. in simple question, eraonb (sra.xi<2cno am I he? 
Often with negative power (sra o^siSBSon ojrojom 
<2(O)0 PT. that is impossible. Imperative qQ^ 
R^S^uo take it at once. 2. in disjunctive 
question (^c9<alo);&0(25rgo vSizaooi^oSSTgo ca;aj 
fOT^ ajfOio HNK. (STas<a)o m^gj, ^Stoio on^!^. 

^Q'S.-ni7)0 si-u^SftsKDO (rD-i;23a_i(2m3 Nal. 3. in 
disj. affirmation aSnmo fOSsnso one or two. (Ot 
a-oralsejo <!L.06moolsejo Ojlsna ^oaio; with 
Condit. QSjjfauo ^SfiOBJ'g^saio gtov nn^caucji'o ay 
(kjco i^nTleraoosTliseJograv cruocracaoPT. 4. with 
advers-itive power 0aOoS0(O3 — (BTOitnlainbo Q,w 
rosaoScttoej.T) ogooaDrooBhg. as for its height. 

6iOo — 65066^, oQj 


6iO-Q-J — eiOSDCoTl 

<2(e)C>3dte0oag)nTnrolceD-n(2aJ3 s)-aJDgjooKR.butif. 
Qg)nDD(Sejo ersasma sicOiogjoo Bhr. (SaDgiSojo 
si3)on6 o_jo(2ca;omo o^rmloigjtggjo AR. 5. em- 
phatical acc^nrro.^gj dj.srraonlsrooCG.; often with 
interrog. ojsmjo Q^S)rro)0<STno soc^o oQjfSaiD 
KeiN. what a wonderful luck! Quite interj. 
in (BiaSfmo, (sras^o, o^^scao etc. 

6iDooni S. (=(5T3)7) 1. aDo aQ)nT)0(ti(3iaiJca2|LoKR. 
Yes! hence aD33j3fOo the syllable om, greeting 
& concluding Amen! 2.=: a: f.i. q^^Sojoo 
aQ)'nTlg (po) whatever it be, yet. 

ShOcBi O'ya, SiO^ee^ (C. aoDOjy, (cg^) Awn, beard 
of some grains = (c/5Q>o. 

6iQo63pro ops S. (V'^a^) Home, house (po.) 
eiOcQi o'JfU, SiDOj (, prh. from ay;) 1. Flood- 
gate, sluice, drain PT. 2.— 3>o^ f.i. S>^£ni 
gjo.-nra S)cn^, aoajgg simgj CS. 
e^Doee-onOo okkanam t. m. c. Te. Beng. (aasog 

<3i) Retching, nausea, qualm, ao'ojo -araglcx^o 
med. ao. o-jDcrurrb fais)cm amed. — fig. aoAio 
cr)o|)5)5reffi^;-3b ojoanSijsmo CG.if indifferent 
or squeamish about it. 

denV. aDasisrnltSsi 1 . to retch, feel nausea aa'^ 
j^a^; aocSsiDrnl^ o^gjorsjo aD5^cg9563Bl 
noDitiCG. 2. to vomit ao'c9Q(Sauo5)ej Sil. 

6iOfi^o Ogham S.(ajao) Flood; mass arujs)^^!^ 
QiSio etc. CG. 

6i03ft>3(Oo Oilgaram S. (aoo q. v.) The syllable 
aao — Vi. a3«583fOo songs or cries to drive out 
demons (prh. from foil.) 

6iD65*§c63 oriilU'ya T. M. (>/^aQJ high) 1. To 
lift up, as band, Qjs^, 6usmulg_jfJ«la7D ajoc>oBhg. 
6)<9)0^ cjorols.-oraosoal RC. cuDtSsTlRA (Sicuci^ 
6)5)«i aosDol Sa-jDaTlfsl Anj. 2. to threaten 
with finger, prepare to strike, aim at. QQ)S)nT) 
aoossl foigglglgj; s^aiogjajDnb aossigstmroo 
Bhr. to attack, (c^aiajo QsicSictriajDiiri aiD(3ligTi 
^maosoBlCG. — to appear resolved to (sraajsicn 

Qjla'ad^''^ ®^'' ®'*^^3nb aDS!JI§3(TU0c)o CG. 

being about to weep. eo^ScS) aDSsel cuoarnlrai) 
(sras^cesicq^o Sk. aimed at. 
VN. aoesQrai threat etc. 

SiO-CLJ oja mod. aoja V2. RC 

6iO^(b OCCar (T. a Kali worshipper C. Tu.= 

a-DiJj.mb Beng. a.^uj snake-catcher) A class of 

Maran Sudras, who beat the drum in temples 

(0§ao 6^i>.o§rat, (ftifratiQjla'as) fr. ao^iA? T. 

aD^fsi) to drive away. 
6iO^DnOo OCCanam (No.) Reverence; the 

humble answer ao given to Guru with the 

proper gestures. 

denV. ao^Dcnl-tti rnl^. Palg. to stand or rise 
before seniors & superiors. 
SiOS^io ojam S. Unequal, odd fgio^^crODOonasBcX) 

or ao&an\iDDmo Gan. aoo5)g_JSf!inrm ao. o^ 

ma (2a_i(b (opp. Q^cao), (^nrro gsfisalcsygg fflosj 

cruoaUjacX) Gan. 
6iDSS?CY\3i ojas S. (ojes) Vigour, vitality (2«JiK 


^10 aD63f}MiaDail Nal, 

6iOS!flQjl:e6>, even 6iOCQJlce6i = ^Q_JS^Qj|'3e6^ 

6iOS 6da 1. T. aM. Water-course (ao§ei) Vi. 

2. a large reed (Brag a^.sniOi'iA aDSi^g. sia_io§l 

S)ajggo ajfceo TP. even a bamboo would be 

touched to tears. 3. see aDScestprak 2. 

aD5dB3iProi) 1. flute of cowherds ao. QjlalcSfl 

CC. 2. pipe of goldsmiths ao3)Sc9sa)ajc35) 

to fuse. Qg)cTalmorab ^RsnmsiaJ ao5)Sc9® 

s)aj^§(Tro, ao. 5)aj<9s<SafO)3Q,o aooc^aicb 

Q^olc95i35Trao Nasr. po. [^oicmggi KU. 

a3smo§= ao§m3§ f. i. e)oscnosihs)co<ss> oQ) 

6iDSo odam 5. (as^i&i) l. Boat, ferryboat aos 
raralrali o^s^ejo <a:g_janf3i) oQ^ejo TR. ao-ao 
soig^ <SQ_jO(ft<ScTU3c>3 prov. o_i@gi(Scao5o VI. — 
weaver's shuttle ^3ejl3ii5)nbo ao. <Sn_iofflai 
prov. ao. -oJo^ai to weave. 2. = a3ao term, 
^<2(g)osc, @oig)<2.OT3)DSoso far. 3.(Port. horto? 
garden a35roi371aA TR. also ajc2,ejiOi§.o a3§ 
ai^o TR. vegetable gardens. 

6iDSfol) odal (So. aos) Med. root (=2D ocas' Termi- 
nalia cat.) asssiejgrD (ftOSjsroisorrro cft-^g^GP. 

63,0S2nQJ.l3b odambal (a3=;a))Bolt, barVi. No. 

6^DSDCQJ1 odayi (T. aM. — clH) A kind of 
carpenters, ship builders (aoso) aosocsOaion 
(@§1 a_i6rr)^ ^S63bI TP. 

630S1— 6iD§d9) 




65051 odi 1. (6So§S)) A large seaboat, long & 
narrow chiefly from the Laccadives slojlnrn 
©(b eaoslccylfoi), jiifOcSaa-cJo eaDslcaJlfoi) aicaool 
TR. aos^o^o iS(mo6rnlc£?^o SiPu. 

orgjCniSaz^osl the largest kind, brig(Cann.) 
2. = 6aa§, (^sl f. i. 6r^o(Sg.osl a^rao, (oicnjroo 

(Snbooslajon^, (Sojonrra TP. 

6iO§ odu. 1. (asla^Si) Potsherd, tile, 5><Si0S<fiinD§ 
small flat tile. jiflSniog id. without a point; 
0O(SSD§, tuo.-araTlscQ/O^ hollow tile. roiajScQio^ 
skull, aas g3§si,6i03^<&)totile. ao^t&'iplcesiNo. 
= <SiW6!5a J3jlra§ai1fai)onl>'rro (BTasK^Si. 2. shell 
tgT3)a<SC2;0'5; rind of fruits oJ^kjqI aD§ <£btri^ 
<9ig.<Q5 a med. 3. M. bellmetal (21- parts zinc, 
10 copper) sao^ajoasi etc. aajc8@@o§, aiDSroo^^. 
ao§fracesnc2;i^c-3Drol5^a2J<So_io5iejprov. 4.T.M. 
(a§) being alongside, with @Somo§ 5)sy;£\ 
TP.; = Q_'dS)S f. i. g)sc2) (ZOj^s^tmsocBs (srau-Qj 
TR. through the ricefields. <Qi5<SeJ0§ (SajooTl; 
in fixing boundaries: X 6io§ Y ao^ Z aos 
gDsaTiej^ (D0§ KU.; in comp. aQ)(raaj<Srao§ 
Cnl63Bc)o? <S)S(SGJ05 af03 ( po. — a Loc. 
cnocasroosrara (srgjSig. (sraaz^^ to the N. (ST3)®a.D 
SK^o orarnjoca o'OSjSo Qg)^(a)lj)aj^ TR. — 
adv. ao<ssas cryeiisaDiss, — (S.^jtaoss happily. 
Hence: ao^noD^, aDSmo§ N. pr. the 9th or 
16th mo§, No. of (2,u5n")D§, with the capital 
<9i03i^S.o, allotted to the (SjiiODiil cru_i(r33 
n_io Syr. doc. KU. 
ao§s, aosgjo (1) pancake. 
aos«>aJo, — Q_)0(ra)o (3) vessel of bellmetal. 
a3Sa_j6nTl<95iofont) (3) = i^c/3Drol. 
aoso-jfo (1) tiled roof (opp. acaigira). 

650§o63, Sl odu-ya 5. (Bong, to fly) 1. To run 

as men, animals, roots, etc.; ships to sail. 

2. to flow easily, meet with no impediment 

a<3)o)nbo qjDcSs) (gra.xirrn aD^rmlgj. 

CV. aDblcQs) 1. to drive, chase aD5lc2;fmO(b o^ 

fTTDo aDS^^ajfxnotb oQrroo Bhr. who fled, who 

pursued. — cftOTTlfOoJoagg (2i>iol aaslettalfai) 

Nid. (rjlsrmDcSflo cuejl-aiaiaiDSTTg asslg-jor.b 

Nal. 2. to steer, navigate tSig^jrab ao. 

2d CV. aoslgjlcesi id. iScooces)S)a sooSfos^aio 
sirg aslojl^ Anj. against us. ruc^gjxTlsinn 
aoslojItflsiCS^o 6)jiJmjo TR. we shall beat 

CV. aDS<a) rare. csft^cSsisia aogltesiastsig, roo 
eaoaTlcui^ (o-joxHsim ao§ls)cfiirD5i-^ Arb. 
chased, nnosnm e>o£\<o^^stmi^ KR. 

VN. aoso T. M. C. Tu. 1. a course, run, <3iru)\ 
fO(Scaio§o race, (eig_)(gaJD§o navigation; ou 
ernlceis) ao. (Sojsmo Vi. haste. 2. quick 
apprehension snjliyicSsi ao. ^sn^ Anj. 

ao§c9aofonb shipowner ao'cm ajo§o(8^fwa> 
coH^ prov. 

ao§^^<9rg^ a kind of ballet. 

ao§og.<Tt) runner, messenger, spy, certain 
huntsmen ao§og.(2cS5i <S!ii5Knl(^5 (huntg.) 
6iD3, 6iD0 otta T. M. C. Tu. (Te. to split, 

asls^Bi) 1. Crack, leak, hole. 2. B. dullness. 

ao§c9s)ajo leaky vessels, prov. 

aice®if032jnti (2.) half witted. 

aogs^sitfla empty handed, squandering. 

ao§(St5Ta)Osrnla^fai) Si<f<m&> to try & get rid 
of one. 

aos5)g_j§<9i to be perforated Qg)5>^^oo ao§ 
5)Qj§c9' a med. ogjO-oTli^o ao'§o prov. — 

(931513)1 aO§51g_j§:T5tiSl a. V. 

aogigal porous soil; Malayalam country. 
6iO§l otti (ao§o, aosBi) Ship's captain Vi. 
65D§loB6i 5ttikka(ao§. 2.) Shell. 

e,o£\^<Sa^o£t' to feel empty, nauseous, con- 
ceive aversion. 
6iOff)§rolG) otterima (n^raa) A kind of bug. 
6i06YDo onam T. M. (Tdbh. (J3)DXJ5n-)o) 1. The 

22nd constellation, Aquila, see org) U'snil. 2. 

the national feast on new moon of Sept. 

lasting 10 days, when Parasuriima is still 

said to visit Kerala. aosmia'j'ZSTO) jijoejlcamb, 

a^oomo Qj^oQo ao. g.®|n3«Tr)o prov. 

ao6mce«o^ Vi. some old feen and taxes eana 
a9(no5foos aoemo ojIcfiaQio^ s^oaldjsicffilgj; 
aosm.Tsralrrrao ojl.-fagajl.Trao mnmoej rusrno 

mrofol «n<SfOsrr)o q^ctto eanaoroliOicte qgl^TR. 

6i j&nOD§ — eiD'OY^rTl 


eiD^nOo — 6iO(20C2Jo 

aD5m,T3ra)g^ = a)C5j099jg^. a rustic game of 

aosTDajo^ a song. [bridegrooms. 

©DsmgiSii feast-cloth, given to inferiors, to 
esasm^J Impatiens ojejlan — I. latifolia, S)^ 

olsy — I. Rheedii, (TyHej — I. Balsamina. 
aosm.ijlgj f. i. ©Dgo a_jli)@St9« a* ao. (Pay.) 
6i06rY-)o§ onadu T. M. & assmma^ = ao§ 

ao5m(t5E;S).xjroj0o:)o a Samanta=: c».032,a^g.G^ 

6iD(7Do 66am T. M. Beng. 1. Dampness in rainy 

season aooi;g@g crunejo MC. 2. B. hernia (T.) 

eiOfcSl 66i Share, part (loc.) = ojaj-aTl? 

e^DrD^fDo o5iram (Tdbh. of ^ojeuo) l. Prime 

(pass in fencing— S. al^c; see (gT^^CJJo^ocrco 

18) plain cut, ao. fluglcB/Diio ^a<0i3T-^slprov. «3.§liZK-ria^ TP. (in <&iaral). 2. B. play 

at summerset. 3. a3((C)o=:&ajeaj> in ^(3SD(ro)o. 

6iD^ o6u S. ((Hra.jj?) Cat. (po.) 

6^0^062 obu-^a, T. M. C. Tu. 1. To recite, read 
as (SrjuBo, aajeja aoi^a^oesio^i^Mpl., whisper 
as Mantrams. cs.uo ao-oTl a.^gjl^ TP. (2a_jD 
SotjjO^ (S.x.Bo aDf^jioreA prov. aDtnlgJol-ai 
6)<aodo=>> Anj, to learn. aDto^i^OcSsi to expel 
poison by formulas, aDrziTlioia^cBa etc. 03«nl_u 
jisci~)smch aotsTlnnlnmoib CCh. 2. to say (po.) 
sound aiD.ii^^o aD(0vnoo(b CG. 
CV. aoiovcSs) to teach, = fgra^tjOtumo mngcn^ 

aojirao^o aD-ffT'-gjfS-ijorojrm mongaiinb CG. 
(BT3)g03io ao. 

— part. fut. a 0.^71(3 :0a Dnf) teacher, chiefly of 

Nambutiris aD§o @S6J5ig®ar)onb aooi^Scaso 

fTTi^gfl CG. 

VN.aoii^ 1. reading, chiefly of Scriptures, ao 
figs gslsraTOj^CG. g^32^5)S aisloi'lrafi aoc!^ 
CLjol^onbMR. (Mpl.) 2. using formulas 
aocqisomib consecrated water (S3.T_il_ai S)&o 
%TSi3;@). See also ^sooorcgs ^rolcSacb. 

ao.-citj)n0O(b l.Veda Brahmans, the instructors 
of their caste. 2. students at Tirunavai, 
Trsivaperur, etc. 

eiOfOYoTl otti (see ao<9i) Open gutter, dram ao 
nsiiilcsirii-jjii ollsno (jud.) aotjizsloiiu^ PT. 

eiof^CTjo odanam s. (aa) Pap, food ao. oj^a 

rm'moch CG. 

SionOjCoTl onay T. SoM. Woif Vi. mc. 

ShZC^ onSu (T. C. aoorol) 1. Chameleon. 2. the 
bloodsucker, lacerta cristata MC. aoaro)Q,f!^o 
(S-aiofO ajltpong TP. (during tgrgjoos). ao. a^ 
engocA <s.oio<X) <Qislc9so superst. — o_jo2do33 = 
<fl^1rDoe9?lrol (diet.) — fhawk. 

aooirrooool, aogssi 3)0,-!5Tal = (tyogjlslca/ob a 

6iDa_Jl6bi, 6iDOj| = 2a_iaji (see ^ojcea) Love Vi. 

6iDoio oppam, 6?.0Q_i M. C. Tu. (aocnj<&>) 
Smoothing. ao^cDrgj =£ro<Syigj fig. ajffrajTlfol 
m^0-maint) aog_jc6sigjo5ic2Joas (Sjiioro^ajD CG. 
aoQjl§a to polish. — 

610(21 oma B. Base of pillar. 

6iO£2io omam b.(=<S:iaoiZo)S\son!sn>'SJ'S0O(U)&>o. 

aoam^ernl vu. Omum-water. 


6^D(2)nO omana (aajtsaor aomjei) 1. Fondness, 
tenderness with children; darling, ao'caosicao 
rolS5)5icnjaif()l) Stuti; often aoaoD CG. 2. nicety, 
beauty aoacncaojz; ceifoffijock) DN. Hence : 
aoaoriceaoranb playful with children. 
aoam5)c9ii05^canb hunting name of civet cat 

aoanoiw^^auo, ao0moi5)g_jfaifal), aoanrngjaaa, 

aoamojotoraisx^ aofoil CG. [palace KTJ. 
ao0co ajfrnlcojSi^.osinejSio N. pr. Travancore 
ao0cr)3>g_j9TT3 (o_isrnlc05ioa.) prov. 
denV. aoacnItSa (V2. @.o_iiaor9lceffl = ajoglcSffl) 

to fondle, caress <S<3^ozg.S)cn ■a-osrraScnjocb 

ao0CT9l^§ojonb (S^niofrroa®® CG. 
6iD2)?jb 1. Fondness=aoam, darling aozajo 
enojo (Hra?i5)g_j'ni.-()i)CG. 2. neatness. 3. adv. 
nicely, gently (whence (STgjSrooaaA) aoasai oi 
(ola., a-.LOco; aoasu Bhr. 
ao0ra!) a&l^zjnt hunting name of (SSiy> (huntg.) 
ao0^ipl a dimple in the loins ao'as S\sm 

<S(^oen^ms5e^o)5 (3ra§K@ MM. 
6i2(£\dd& Smikka Vi.^g^ouzlcflei. 

6iD£25DCQJo Fine speeches (Stoe^c^ cua^fO ao 
00010 <2^(t^ <&>nmo 6)c9)§l ajosroi^ Ti. tried 
to explain most plausibly. 

6iOCri^d9> — 6iOd^ 


6^000 d95 — 6ioej 

65.300^085 ombu'jj'a t. m. (Te. ag, c. ovu, opu) 

1. To stroke, as in embracing, blessing (ftsitWD 

TP. (tnosl aa. to caress. ^oiaK^sl aDcnjlsiaiga^ 
to smoothen. 2. to cherish, take care of. 

e^OrO ora B. a tree in marshes (I. aocb). 

SiD^o Oram T.M.C.Te. Bang. Margin, brim, side 
= ajcSia f.i. cig(SoofO0osy5)@gor!B@^5n6CG. rnlaj 
cDTaltab ©Dfoalsy^ VyM. aaroo ftii^i;Slfai 5)a)0c)o 
lO-, ao. n_jo^ to run against each other as 
men, boats, aorao 5)SiD(^cai = aoroo32Jo 2. 
aofCDao. 1.= aofOo (loc.) 2. imperceptible 
joining of 2 boards, stones, etc. aoroo^iio)^ 
rma ,—o)ca5)S,—gjsiT)l. (commissure, rabbet.) 

6iOf51 ori (Te. = aDC/3) l.T. Howler, jackal, mo 
(^ ^c!^STf) aDralcQ/'OCgjg^DftTTa GnP, (in V2. 
axiral, Vi.aaH (^ijsnrra, cSiroo^.Tra) 2. howl, 
yell(aDfo1 ^§a.). ao.'^cd/lsorai) arosmosuperst. 
aofolces) a small bivalve shell. 

i- SiDiT) or Saltues8(=: g)^'iJ* q-v.) aofisgg oolej 
soBglroi) aorol lacu^nm So_jD5)ej PT. 
aoib <9)Dan= ^cD(b a^oeTl. 
ao(t)(ei§o5a{>, aonDrmaiTlazj.Tb etc. loc. kinds of 
paddy grown in brackish soil. frooa^lfOo 

II. 6h')(b T. M.C. = afi33, bef. Vowels 
aDiD05rela> the first anniversary of a death, 

Nasr. Vi. 
ao(o1ai(S. cyLOc0(,-i_i5n^) Hemionites cordifolia. 
aoroliiJaraoafQ Viola suffruticosa, mod. root 

aorol&J igdjicf)® Convolvulus palmata Rh. 
aoSfOO, aosroo3f0o each one, ao5)fOO>Tra, aoSroo 
asTSKDnt) etc. aosrooroltSoifab aoS'^DSfOD .iTlajo 
aQ)^.-cnl TR. (graiisifQ ai^tal) aosro ojsl a 
6ir>| MR. ( = aoSrao). 

III. 6iDfb T. M. = igT9.U(b; also a title. Lord (loc.) 
6iDa9l?i, ;I^6rka( To think, remem- 
ber, expect Q^^o ao,W3)^ &,£\zu<$^ Bhr. not 

j intentionally. oi.uiTgffiruoo o^Srmosiforaora il^oVl 

1 Bhr. aoroo^fmlma cnl don't hope, af^ctteo ao 

SforaDSfOTaoSfODiTJirao gjgj1m'a)(£iftOS<Sk3 Mud. o_j 

er^^cQjoai <s.xieji)c£2j siiii^<ScTuoc>3 (Htaxioao ao 

:95)Saismo CG. let him ponder. ao-oraofDi) (po. 

explet.) well considered! aorooSraSmonrrao tsra 

foTinmczaDo Anj. will explain itself. 

VN, I. aoAi rare ; 3,cb ao 4i ^^ f^^-"^^ Bhg. one 
thought, goon) atb ao4i a^rtg hope. cnl63Bc>o 
QQ)TiDgg^o aQ)maggOT»lf3!) a<85»^o jjCG. re- 
gard for you. 

II. aoza 1. thought. 2. recollection, memory oQ) 
cnlces) ao^2i SoiOTrorrnlgj MR. I don't re- 
member, (2a)g(m ao20ca)l^i2cQ,o? (Stg crooto 
(C)^ag)0olc8a ao^^eng. 3, interj, attention, 
take care! 

aoZ0(ScSs)§ inattention, forgetfulness, o^nra ci_i 
O6rora).-0) ao'soama MR. slip of the tongue. 

ao2Zi6iQ:§(i^Si to put in mind, 

aozia Qjls<Saj03in forgot. 

denV. aozzliSs) to remember largj^z^^ sraoob 
ajlsiOD aoZzl;^TR. 
6iDOQd6) otfU'ya The act of the civet cat in 

yielding civet siiarce ao^QoTD. 

I- 6i2^ 6la = agjO, gs<26!jBoaj CO. etc, 
11, sioajT. M.C,Tu.(Port.olla) 1. A leaf of palms 
or grasses aoejo^^ajo aiscnjo. S)mgjlo)"ibo 
ao. Vi. aoaiajXi^l MR. from trees. Stages of 
growth: <£hlal(Scffioaj, <S3ro3(S.oiaoej, o_iiS^oaj, oj 
yxs.oiaoaj. — ajrorsTbaoai .ij(Q3.-3ial5)-9)§l^ TR. 
forthatching. 2. writing leaf (o^ojSggoai un- 
written), writ, aoib ao&J Qg)§,wa)orai), aoai3)aca;o 
(STjKDonb mo§ &>q.<s^o prov. cncrulcaoaifo <e>^ofoi) 
aoej TR. heading of letters. S)^<2a2JDej, a_i 
(S§oej etc. 3. steel spring, a)a-i02nnoaj gold 
leaf as earornament etc. 
Hence: aoeJc9s)srnl single palm leaf. 
aoaJc85isrnlg_jO(Ty(o)B)ODTTg (Sxjs^gJlcOn) prov, 
aoaJcOsifOsmo a document. 
aoeJo)a9ia§ thatch to cover boats (prov.) 
ao&J(g(fls)§ (wlcSn partial reparation of thatch 

(=:g3S(Bc2;oaj ajejlcBad).)- 
aoajsj^ojlcfflnb huntg. name of hare, 
aoejgjra thatched house. ao'cSao aDSa-jS)fO(68o 
cruDomo anrro prov. [sideways B, 

aoaigioo i2ola?^-&i to tumble heels over head 
aoGJflaj^l box to keep documents ao. ti_io 

(£3)63139.0 Mud. 


e^oejo — 6ioc/Bo(Qo 


eiooackuJl — 6>,o<^o 

aaaiasrai palm branch, 
aoaja^mo swordfish MC. — aoaialib Vi. 
aoej0Osl = a)O3fBa •weaver-bird. (Coch.) 
aoajgolcaiab a bird, kind of nJD-ataiTb. 
aoeJS)ca)y>t5Tant) Vi. secretary. 
6iDaJo olam l. aT. aM. (3,(n\)Crj for help. 51 m 
§.s):wa aoajal^nmg !Sib| RC. 2. (aDeJa^) a 
kind of seasoning broth; aoainb g)<2Qiral (so 
(Sfijoejib B. No.) curry strongly salted. 3.= 
ffiajoajo, (5t3gjo (loc.) 

6iOej:eeo olakkam (T.C.Te.Tu. durbar, assem- 
bly of kings & states, ao'af) C. to meet. comp. 
acX)) Splendour, majesty, ao. cSiOsmS^ ono'oo 

CSDSmStuti. ao. (BTgjai^gg O_jl@gn33ia032?l, — etXJO 

OJOBoib; ^oaiaj^assolnD ao- fsigjsr^gg cSioScli 
smlaoib CG-. Anj. 

6i0^9&!o olangam (a3aji&')0ilmeasure in shape 
of a spoon made of <StJi63B55.-3raiD5i^, holding 
from i — 1^ (ftool. 

BDejGiDrol see olamari. 

6iD^cfi3,£jl olup (^aaHcasi) To flow, ooze. -aJ 
ejo ao. Nid. cnlsfooajo (^nrmra^CG. (after ba- 
thing). aDejoT) <9isrrarnl(b Bhr. Esp. Gaiabao 
ejo, o_)03ejDe4o, asgoejo siaoiplcaod) Bhr. cu 
Scmoajo Qjosrnlaotb CG. — 
Inf. aooi in drops aosaioaj aflynm aisnacTTirb. 
aoaH 1. collection of oozing water, temporary 
well. 2. see aofiTl. 

6iO(SeJf61 oleri Place for flying a kite? KU. as 
(2&jralg_j3^f3l> races of Nayers KU. 

eiDCSeJDcee'o olokkam (^ai) Blacksmith's forge 
ao. aocqio ^ajl§l Sjojoa^.^ TR, 

65Drat) 6l =(313X1*, ao*, in oio^iSrma.iA, (^(Sinaoi-al). 

6iDCLJD 5va ( = aoo?) Sire! aoiio nJHoaj QQ)5).Tbo 
raioajrooSin TP. 

6iOC/9 5sa T. M. (T. alsoao'oi, aoraij; Te. arol) 
Sound, noise, =a^, hence (STgjSroocya (iBTOjfb III.) 
(fiinsrooajlsnaaac/atsyosiaisprov. aac/Dcangjo.-mffl 
cnosrnlcao counterfeit coin, 
aDC/adBaofOiTb, — 6ig_]§ajab famous Vi. 
aoc/3c0i8y>ral) large pipe Vi. [coronation. 

aoc/asiajsloyo sixigj):^ KU. guns fired at a 

650C/9D(Do OSaram Tdbh. a^-J ^aroo Mark of atten- 

tion, complimentary gift. (BrgiTiaiaigl ao. (opp. 
aiD'^jo or <a)5mdBs). jJgrraSouodo ao. ^gj (2.0 
iQsvtiro) (STD) oioroo ©gj), gigjosrotsofo!) ao. go^ 
prov. (BT3)niD(^ajo aocyaoreajo KU. [Matsy. 

6iDc£QLOl osadhi S. Annual plant, med. herb. 
aD.-maJlyant) moon. 

6iD^o ostham S. Lip (upper — fsraiJcaiDoopp. 
taraojrao) aDf^sroch 00-^ cnlnrnl§o arroeracb 
CG. ao'cijo a)f06SB3 o qolsrai^ ojlsrra SiPu. (from 
leprosy). aoc^grusrnlorDTOo, ao.-figcniogros 
iStsrao^ Bhr. lips opening. 
aoi^ o labial, (gram.) 

6i3aD(^ ohari (P. bahri, V2. has &(xj£r,c5), Vi. 

aoftrol) Share, part, portion- ^raiejloinbo ao 

oDfoliSicX) S):u-ai (robbers dividing the spoil). 

o-jooijlrab (S^if Sd3o) ao. MR. aQnasis aD.,oooro}) 

ao'ca/DcaH ajlaoiH Bhr. — 

aoaoralceiBoronfj partner. 
6iD(3aD3 oho interj. Oh! 
6iO<^o olam (aC. ac>3=i a^(fl3)l. Wave, surf, ao 

a63Bc>3 fai@glcijanm,-3ialail) CC. fnsgjoa0o§.o 

<a)0gln3l CG. — ao. Sio^oest^mo, aQ)§(Ssnrro, ao. 

(Sra5is^ exjooaTl rough, boisterous sea. aip^ssio 

Q,Sl<S505ng ao^SSBch SlQjOSSsl SiPu. ao^o aQo\ 

§0 (a_ig.caoosnjcul Matsy. — fig. (Btag aiosrra 
(Scruock) ao. aQ'§<s&,cn®'U) Q^-ragglfo'), ao. @^ 
cnyrrra aooocrorsia'fiA CG. 

2.= aosothe term until (also aoa'^i^i'TrTD, ao 
g.S'OTacQa) a., with Nouns o_i§5mS^3T3,og.oas far 
as. (6iijoaiZi6Tr)3«)oao aoorojjo ^^odSgsa Bhr. 
as great as they. aQ)'2ano§.o uocn^co^g^ CG. 
a_ic^<2roo06sasaoao QjcQ3ax).iDijrps3Bc>o; Qgcj a 
QQjn.Si<sc2Joao saj5irelcu«so TR. as much as. 
Q^5TT)<Sa2;og.o o-joejo siaiocbiS) a med. rasr^ 00 
(rD(3(ora)oa0oc!ii1 MR. — with Loc. o^^ajsi.Tjraio 
(mo0(Tj)l<seJ3ao S6Txio(Julgjl^ TR. paid up to 
the 971st year. QJC2;ano§lroi) aog.o (2a_j03i^. — 
b., with adj. part. SiSsnso^o as far as visible; 
the more one looks, oraxjof) aoSasroioao a®'® 
0^0 a-ucftb, (SGruajl<s^og.o ojaul^ ojoso <S)0 
00 Bhr. (2<9)(2§oa,o ®<SicX)a_ionb (S.tnonrroo Bhg. 
aa-iss'aj'sft-joao ffionoo a med. at every meal. 

6iD^D8e:o — eif^fDOTO 





(ST2)3Qjog.o, QjfMSQjoao etc, (asTTUjl^dnlsnnD 
@.o (@ejl a^lso Vi.) — with the addition of (Son 
a>o f. i, fu3er)®g_joao (Smrao (ojcszJCBno si-oirao 
KR. ^000 cucsTorao fa)^(95(Sajog.o <S)DeJo Bhr. 
3, aDg.0 <B,£^cBsi, aog.0 ^§©j to live in plea- 
sure or grand style (see aoaicesio, eaoaoEfco). 

BO^DSS'o olangam B. (aoao 3., eaoaictoo) Vo- 
luptuousness, haughtiness. So. 

6iD^ oli 1. = aorol, ffloejl, ^foa Howl, eaoa^csin 
§^V2. 2. No. of Payyanadu term of respect, 

at the end of conversation with princes, as 
ajojo at the beginning. e,o^ fOioajfOoScr) TP, 
(sras^oal 5i3)Dnb (So-iDaima. 3. So., vu.T. = 
(rrolesocol salacious man. 
6iOOo, 6i3<^ ol = (sra-ucfo She, wife. (sa:uS)dbo 
e>o3, 6afD9>T5ras)nbo ff)(0i§lc52; aoa TR. ^oinb ©o 
6>g. Q®§fOTal§lgj vu. he is still unmarried. 

6i':i^<^ olu'ya (aDsj, a^(a3<si)Toflow. rnlsraoyo 
(B)0 njcSssnb Anj. aoyo Sj^orol RC. 
aoyajnt) V2. foot of a mountain. 

6in[)cftai3ft>o auksa'yam S.(gtt0fKnfc) Herd of oxen. 
6i":iSLA\CU]p aujityam S.(a^w) Propriety, fit- 
ness. a'o'Koa'^gg SiiaiSicfe CG. a'o'iaocaxs-'m 

5)-il<^ (@§ Mud. lS)aQUOAi)o a'o. KR. 

6in)!92_iej>o aujvalyam S- (as^JaJ) Splendour 

e^fDron^^jo aulsukyam S.(&(OT9S^)Zeal, anxi- 
ety, gfl ijlg_j'zrn(m Nal. ©tooonosraDfad a'Oflsry 
■Sysoojo ajnrro KeiN. 

6i"Di3o65o aada'^am S. (@.q<9>o) a'o'aoaica/OKa ojl 

emuojo c9iZ0c\jo CG. 


6i"0'2>DCgJo aud'aryam S. (aao.-o) Munificence, 

a'oao'jnt) liberal. 
Si'^f^oGfUCOo HNK. = ^§c6YUfDo. 
6ifTDf?JUrn)jo auddhatyam S. (giaufm) Arrogance. 

6i")rmcu),o aunnatyam s. (anrxoi) Height. 
6l")^jo aunyam S. (a'onoo) Disaster Vi . 
6i^Q-j^jo aubamyam S. (©.oja) Equality, osra 

QJCbd*2(S5ngO eiCO'!S\V)\?&,(A G><0. KR. 

e^ix) n-JocoTloe^o aubayi'yam s. (aa-joca) Fit, just, 
e^nrirooroau aurasan s. (aro^^') Legitimate 

child, lawfully begotten a'o'naoraoo aj(ro)riao 

5)0) Qg)(Tn@ (Saj05)ej DM. 


(5ifD?^D^ aulobu ((sraaTla)}.) A kind of rice- 
a'DSajOiT^'Sf^ a cake Vi. 

6i"^CL^ anvu aM. Swelling? 0^15^16 rBraojlcS) 
foifoo aiQ-oramnb (grgjtploica^'OQj^^can RC. 
a^nj swelling of the stomach, disease of jungle- 
dwellers {loc.)=Qjcaool(Sai cTol(bi9y§). 

eifDQJgnQo auvannam, 6i")Qjnno, 6i")ajtfl 

etc.= (gT3:3j — in alphabetical songs. 

eiiiO-inol^etsiS auvanikkada Brahman 

family KR. 

6i^C/dmc(X)o ausanasam S. (acamona ) Beiong- 
. ing to Sukra. afa'aoQ^ig cuoDo KR. 

6i"iCf^(bo ausiram S. (ac/j)ra) = rooz^o etc. 

e^ifT^cenSinOo ausanam S. (acaasm pepper) Pun- 

ei'DoSnUJo ausadham S. (aDnmoTi) vu. oracijl 
cfiii^o, {sraoj^iffino Medicine, drug e>ic£n(X}Z 
iQro)6!5Bg.0f3ii f0'j9fi3i9)c>3 o)^(^ Bhr. 
ao.facul id. ^fj s)jiJonm OTDOjliPtinl <8croQji:SJ 
.aDiSi^(i)i>'nia*ce5) a med. 

6ifiOf^|0 ausnyam s. (e^) Heat. 

(^^o AM 

follows in alph. songs on Sanscrit models, f. i. (BTOoSSOSa — HNK. 



In alph. songs after Sanscrit fashion as well as 
in those, which follow Tamil precedents ; the 
13th vowel, an aspiration represented by double 

(T. ;.) AH 

consonants, f. i. fBraceoi(CTrifoa.jnb, (srodjs.<s>n^; 
gjO(b etc. 

€03 ka represents in Tdbh. the other gutturals 
(-oia fr. c/aoSLio, csTlfslcaio fr. c^iOo, (Sicno fr. 
oeimo; (2&'0o, Q_i<95)o fr. (Ssaaaiao, ojofeo; cu 
fooanb aM. fr. curootiont)). a> in the middle of 
words slides into c2J (rmaroliSiG^, (SYarolcffis^), 
Qj ((813(91, (sraaj), qD (tst3)5)aD, QjoO TR.) or dis- 
appears (ajra3;fi3c9>orao — ojrrocQaoroo, (sr^&o — 
(ST3)o, a®§E235ia.o@§— Q®§(StoTe)of , QQ]oaoo^ 
<9)ro — §ro, s)jiiroigice3.i3Tj?l — Qj.ural.). 

dS^o kaiQ S. Well, wonderfully. — water (po.) 

oftjoCOJo kamsam S. (C. Te. Tu, .sisray) Bellmetal, 
a3§. — (Qiocronb N. pr. Crshna's uncle & mortal 
enemy ; prov. tyrant, Herod, also (9>6SUtTb CG. 

c&>8ka8S. (quis) Who? in aicaiHrai etc. 

dft.c©3(sb, d9)c63©o ka'JfudamS.(L.culmen)Buirs 
hump, a^sro® . [Terminalia. 

iSKftSo cacumen, top; = alc9a. (ft,<fee(gzio CCh. 

<Bi£)e< kakka (ca^o:a?Tu. ^b^casi) Shell, coc- 
kle =gj.'!5iJ5lc)o. a-cSsi QJorol Qjloc^ Anj. — 
<&ic95iajgg^ (see c&.Ocesi). 

dboee^o kakkam=f)^o T, M, Sediment of oil 

<fi5(^ffiS kakkada (loc.) A dagger !S)c9as iftrro 

603^0 po. 
c&)c66iD§ <d)0«)5mg_j3§ (ia,ra4-teiso§) The 

Punatur Raja, of Nambidi caste, by whom 

Chavakadu was ceded to the Tamuri. 
c&jdBft kakku 1. Gizzard, ^c9ao <ejo<gi^§.o vu. 

2.= (S)rolcaa what is young. 3. the fruit of 

<9)cSs)ajggl, seed used in med. and for play. 

4. see cQ)d9s<Q) I. vomit ; stammer. No. 

(ftcflarol T. SoM. (Sioaslfol No. (S . (Oiansl) Cucumis 


8ativa = i5@grTtioiaj@gfQl Rh.; the fruit cSicea 
(iTlceao GP. 

I. dfticeadft), ce^ kakku'ya 5. l. To vomit, esp. 
animals oQffnTl aicSsTl.T) iijiAio KR. also of 
men roc90)ajo ans^nnonb KR. jiKolrtij aisl.^ 
55.iJggo <e>ces<203 prov, 2. No. to stammer 
iBirftei n_iOd>. = (St3)5rajlo_iO(&i. 

aicSsiob stammerer. 
(QicesnoaD cackling mouth. 
.eicSsTlces) 1. v. n- to vomit. 2.=:S)S-05m£\<esi'V. 
freq. 3. CV. to make to regorge. 

II. deod86id95, <^6oim,S^, ^ T. C.Tu.To steal 
(fr- aic)o)fut. a-giDob & (Siceaojonb. <&i§Qj(Sono§ 
iS^goral, cQic9sQjon*) a_jdl^O(iA prov. ngjosi^ ■s^s 
(SrLjocdil was stolen, srame ai§ .Sia.^o^nbo 
(gracucTUDTR. theft committed. &.<35iO'^ Bhg. 
refraining from theft. a^cesiocOTO) roiltanb prov. 
(SiSSooocflaoCG. look stealthily, wistfully. — 
fig. Q^nrros)? aioarolsicai <Si£3o CG. deprive of= 
surpass. [^R. 
CV. aicLj^cesi; 0d9s)S'ora)ls)m5)3iO3ri| <frnjl^Dnt) 

dB5(^6i,Onj Dutch kakhuis. A privy. 
d85(SceeoeJo63o kakkola'Jfam S. a perfume = (^ 

(Sc9ir,Dai.i. [flank. 

oftcS^&lo kaksam S. Hiding place, armpit; side, 

aicSfiTl M. 1. opposite side or party. 2. peril 

ai. ojlsmstoi^ was endangered cd^. (BT9)2CQ^3 
oTl = rffrasiui'gJJo. 
ceice&ntSsioranb 1. party — ^sousl o>ji)cj^ ai^fe^ 
<95iDib(jud.).^foji&.caea^(6sio«soMR. o^icnlib <9>. 
the opponent. 2. a cunning, dangerous man. 

tOxfi^ 1. girdle, enclosure. 2.= (Qidaftijo — 
(jyLoa tSice^arii'Di) i&isorra KR. 

0&58e:o <fi5-^ 


Si^(bo — dQjCS^D 

(eicft^o S. wall & the court enclosed (pQ.j(gaD 

raTJ»is)nbo ajirt^l3ii iSi'.TjraTlrtiii KR. (z'^v, <ei. 

(ojSajCB^^ AR. [^ajo)., arrow. 

c6599:o kangam S. Heron, (9iS)0_i((g)o = (fliy)a)lnb 

(£)99:6inOo kanganam S. Ring, bracelet s,a)STn3 

ejOsrosmssBcX) Mud. a-.focrulanrflaiaBosmfinBch 

(S^c^ mTarocal.T?!) csOsblonTlcsjjo jii'jc^ CCh. 
<A)9a^(TDo kaiigabam S. Comb j^Tlajrao o:)(Tno:98o 

^n.mizoo a^. KR. [;53njn Pay. a.s.oanbSlva. 
t6598:0^okangalamS. Skeleton aiSioasojcfiao, — 
c3636l99iOS = ff)o)c&.<3=95',os Hoe. 
c65ffl8&i0a5Y37l=:c&'ra})«<s-.D,-t5ral Stonecutter. 
d6?o^ kailgu S. Panicum, (n)^cn. 
dftieS^Oe-nol kaiinani i&snb, aoosml) A present, 

first fruits of the harvest given to fanes o)S ogjo 

*i°°- [quarrel B. 

(SisraDsrnlasi 1. to entrust =aer.?9>. Vi. 2. to 

dBjW^ d95 kaiinU'yaTo be singed, burn in cookiug ; 
to be overdone ggo ^gi^o^it) aioSoliScLJOaiTl. 
VN. I. (ftesarc)!) 1. being burned. 2. darkness Vi. 
3. casting net Vi. ^^ggsgl y^^ 

II. aiSOQo i-ijlsliStn rice to adhere to the cooking 
<&6i3B3aooVi. cooking pan. r^^ qq 

cBi.aJo kajam S. Hair of the head toiaja)_aia^onn 
tfiijy kacca Tdbh. a^jse^ (C. Te. Tu. ■& j^<9i to 
bind) 1. Hem of the garment tucked into the 
waist-band (3cfto(OTa5^3)5s5mo di. prov. — ScDio 
ctga Qjejl^ iSi. unwillingness to give — -ai^ 
QjDfa!) ojlsl^RS. 2. girdle, waist-belt. <ai_3jC5^'o 
ajiajowlftA S5©iso5)c9>§lKU. got ready for fight- 
ing— ojStSsi^tSich Nal. &. jajoQc&i Vi'. 3. long 
cloth, coarse cloth— siajgg <9i. the finer sort — 
ajojlsrnl &>. also 0sraro)c9si^ of Maplichis, sioi 
(Qsicii (0). (from asmgjD^). 4.= s^iosmo loc. 
c;aciJ(BK»lmo <9i. g^^ojlcSso jud. 
Hence: cSi^tSasmcfis bill of sale of cloth (3). 
<95^<95\C32,Ci girth of elephant (2) = ,a^-of\j. 
iS>^5)<S>S <&>ipltS5> to begin the art of fencing in 
<0ig.fo1. moejoiro &i^ s)cai§liSsnT) Vi. (the 
king) orders 4 Nayers to devote themselves 
to death (old) ; to teach the use of weapons 

(Si^gjoo (2) royal girdle or zone. 
(Si^ajSo (3) commerce in clothes T., trade in 
general <9)(S^oso 6^_ij(^; ai^ajstemafanb 

merchant; <9i^aj5g-jO§ commercial con- 

cSi^ai war-girdle (oizialrab 6)aj§l5)ce5)DgJlg_jDnb 

igi,, o_ios)aio:ao <a>, TP. (see <fl>^). 
065^ (Do kaccaram S. (c&ie-jijr&o) Dirty, ^s^el 

cs^o <&)^oc%o prov. No. sweepings, offal. 
dBj^ (D§= ffifficft..^ fD§ KR. 
c&jj^OOCoJIrsb MR. 52. A row of shops (f.i. ^ 

o65J^ Dob kaccafl cSi. a^ooQ (T. the SW. wind) 
The long-shore wind blowing in Jan. &Febr. 
from NNW. (Vi. ■Q^Oj^ori) the hot N. wind). 

c65J^1 kacci (C. Te. cftcro, cn^.) 1. Straw, 
stubble, rubbish. <Si^a^o CT)5m60Q3 o PT. for 
kindling fire (also (Si^eTloA S)&>0§£^ S)Xi^ 
PT.) 2. preserved mango-juice (better of ai-^ 
bitter q. v.) 
<9i^c6gy^ro') a neck-ornament. 

I. d&^j^n^kaccilS. (as -^fzji)) Interrogative 
particle (L. num). 

II. d&)j3_n(S^3&6ntf6g*? a med.= <Si<S^Daio. 
ai^.Tj)) a_)§5mo N. pr. former emporium to the 

N. of Q^iplzej; aTlfsittlalsicSioi^yo <si^rai> 
o_i§lral) Pay. (Cavay?) 

S^SL^ kaccu po. M. 1. Tape, bodice to confine 
the breast. <9i^sTTTl5)a>0395, (^eJasi^^aiOjaJfolxera 
ipltfia CG. — !&i(S^ejo^tiic2J0GV>Bhr. i&)®jjrat)(^ej 
5is>,t5ro)csirai) Bhg, woman with well girded breast. 
2. a., past tense of siaaicSsi to be bitter.; b., 
in aoKSQcBs):^ sun-dried mango-juice; <S)^ 
s^ai§lca;Qjnb a sloven = (Sji)Q6><S)§l'32-ajn6. 

o65(S^ (6\ kacahri H. a public office — <&.. cn'rul 
a class of palace-officers in Calicut, the lowest 
dignity in Curumbanadu TR. 
&>. mocaib oil-merchants, cuosnTlcBib. 

d95(S.^D kacco (or ai^oj?) The figs of Arayal? 


c9)CS^ DfDo — o&39fW»l 




■ c&jSo 

dQjCS^OfDo kaccoram GP. (S. a.(£3roo)and a. 
(S^DGJo Curcuma zerumbet or Kcempfcria 
galanga. (£b_ajrDcSs)ly6!3igaiif6T3!jamed.— various 
kinds: aiosih., ff)^Q,<0)., oj^cSsi., 55aj6ic9). 

d95aI9o kaCham S. shore, — <S).Qraa_io turtle PT. 

dSbO^ kachu S. Itch, scab. 

t^^^go kajjalam S. Lamp-black, used as coUy- 
rium. ai. rgrajSisi^oroj (a'srraorflA. CG. 

d6)6t2ilOfb kaiijan=:a;oaun6, also (SjeaUfOTaDrtb 

^^■— [rambu. 

<0)6Ta2Joronb A class of silversmiths, at Talipa- 

ceiStauoOJ kanjavu t. M. (S. couTwla.) Hemp 

Cannabis sativa; the bang prepared from it— <&. 

onj^xTldea mnrra GP. £n. ojejlt&j, to smoke hemp. 

i9i6!2ilotSt95^oro a med. Ocimum, Rh. 
cftiSta^ c£ho kanju'yain S. Armour, tight garment, 

slough. <ei5ray,ei63ia§.o (ftcroojo, fig. eraoaostai 

0o5)a2JO«s a^. CG. 

!&5ray£rn attendant on women, eunuch, po. 
d&e^o kanjam S. Lotus (waterborn). 

aiSTSseaiDiSfcl, <a^sm^iscnh i^aul AR. 

<&>5i®>t£ho, t9>6i!jro)<0io an Ocimum (rgraraaoj); 
6^Qj5n6 <9>. and asrnl <Si. kinds. 
dfefffOOrat kannal (loc.)Badly cooked rice, from 

foil, (or &6ITQ!^?) 

S)6asm?\ kanni (C. Te. Tu. Dakh. ganji) 1. Canji, 
rice-gruel <Si. cft^aca^ral) (srpjaio TP. — ^. 5>qj 
(95) to prepare it, sr^. <aslc9« to breakfast, .a'a^o 
ffijiioQo ojooxK^ma TP. his meals, &!.>&if) 
6im§) having eaten, aisrotgl cSsi gggjosii'm cuglern^ 
afTlscesfno TR. are starving. — ojotora) aisinisl, 
<9)oaiicS5i., aicfcDca^cesi. GP. ojyeai., (Oiojlg <0). 
etc. Vi. <3>os^ce«sroial or o.Tlft)c0ffl. half fer- 
mented rice-water, food in scarcity. 
2. starch. i&>, ^§Qj(nroo, ai. ajliplc%<9i etc. 
Hence: (SisroisoocTl a sort of brass dish on which 
Mappillas put their plates. 
(ftSTmglceffleJo 1. pot to keep canji. 2. a girl at 

her first menstruation (&icn,?); (S). ^rolefls) to 

serve her during that time. 
cS)6i!5®l(^anlro!) sage. Salvia. 
<e)5ro®iaJC/3 glue from starch. 

<9)6rj®l®g_|0KS® polype (of gelatine consistency) 
or ^om^. q. v. '^^f eaiaTlsrajl. 

<£h6tm^^^ (and <&imTlg§) aScitamineum, sort 
(e)6roran5)CL)@go 6)a)0§c9s) TR. to give food. 

oftiS»Tyvtn6Y;Y5|j <0)Si6roi5)srn, better <a6roro)aTTl, <& 
^nrnl (T. a^rojyajt&ornl) Eclipta prostrata 
(a mod. 6)S>ie)(Qint>ol, 6i5^ai5)oaimTl). 

cfi)S kada 5. (\/^a)§) l. What is ultimate. .Sirol 
cnDot) aiso^o (oiajos^o @s)s (grgiSSouocb GP. 
(= (^ro§ foot of tree f. i. sxaiesTglsinbo a^. @o<ftn). 
^Sc85)So-jOc&i, tSislcesi alternately, continually. 
2. way ora^^gglcw <Si5 <fe§los^o @g^o prov. — 
<S0g}j|S, tfi^l ifS transactions of this year and 
the last. 3. T. market, aiS&Jjroajlmao aaiuro 
Qjirrrao <&iSiS)do siojgjlasi KR. — SoM. shop, 

arrack shop. jiioTO<eic)a aisa^^o KR. 4. see 

Hence: t&Sc&isrra 5. a., outer corner of the eve. 

<0)ScD5i(S6rahosrnl(2ejD i^atolcmrolaig^gg eaio 

enSlSGJo Nid. c&Scec.isrro -ojtpool KR. CQ&aStSs) 

srro Si_aioQ-ajnjm3 Bhr. (in anger), b., friendly 

glance = <siS0:afi3o. 

<9)5car>5n^ ('^fin? 3) last fruit-stalk of clusters. 

&)ScBsi6nso = m^a^&i thinner end. 

(0iSd9siOfOTb So. shop-man. 

aiSiSsiorai), <9i5S5 0f3lagy<9>(ob6c.)=ie)sm»3or3li2. 

<a5Sc0ۤl (opp. ignb-) the chicken which last 

chips the shell. 
<9!S5)<Sigajnf) B. (2) worthless (or aHs). 
■a>S^Qj, <0)S^rau last comb of a plantain 

bunch (opp. gnb^^lg^). [Tantr. 

(Q-SfOiai beginning and end. &>. eoolgj^s^-pj 
cSiSgujoro T. (Palg. to Cal.) crowbar = ^ralcnj 

a_ioro No. 
<9iSQJcaQ, lower stomach (opp. (garat qj. V2.) 
dJiSQJipl = cftSOOiJ^ q. v. 
<9)Saj@go a boat's partition at the stern. 
<95Sajocail corner of the mouth (T)Dces5)<ei05ng ais 

QjocdTlfiA siOTO^ai VyM. mark of perplexity. 

I. oB^So kadam S. Elephanfs temples. 

n. cQiSo 5- (c£hScan)l. Debt, obligation; also <£bsnb 

TR. <s^. S)^^ to make debts, <S). ffjiftodg to 

borrow, Siifeo^cSfl to lend, ^SiS.<8s>, S)cljoq,<Ssi 

(B)SSio — C65S0861 


06)5(2366^3 — oftiSOrb 

to remit, Stplasv, Qll|a> to pay debt CS. £n. 
Qjl§la2J3rai) cunoo prov. 2. <a,so a_io=9> to tell 
riddles, oJlgs, to solve them. 
Hence : ajScSaaronb 1. debtor ^3 ajsmtsialsinbo 
(S)ScS«ofamocsiil. 2. creditor, also &s<ss)ocS); 

<ftScBS)D(b Qja7D(l_l0^c9iS) tO duD. 

<9)S(wej capital <qi, ^ra§lc98o VyM. 

'^^° °®Q)3) ^2. to bind oneself. 

<S5S5)axi§<0) to fall into debt, tft'eigj^^rolcto (en) 

63i3c)ofi9s g)ff)Q)cSs) to owe. 
<9)So(20sl(S5) to borrow, (gTO3J®(T)D§ Qg}olc32;a_j 

smo &>. (saeTl^ TR. so <ftSo ojassial ^so 

6)-al^gj prov. 
<9>Soajogj borrowing. <3>. orgjOuaroo bond for 

loan given beyond the amount advanced for 

obtaining a lease ai, ojosaalcaj cubmo MR. 
c6)Sc65o kada'Jfam S. 1. Bracelet, ring &>. oja vu.; 
brow of hill, encampment <9). fffraroTlfaloTlmo co 
0lg_jon6Mud. to leave the army, <si. <&iOffg3 S)£r<o 
ch to defend it. 2. a feint in fencinsr (striking be- 
low the waist?) Qo-ij)lfOo c9)S<SiQdo(BT0S6SBaso ^ 
SesBogo Q@OQS)u§lono(bSiPu. a^<=pl<95isa)o 
olsroigi a_ifrnlo)3ZJ S)aj§ls5cOs)3mo TP. as^r^o co 
S)a<m i9).Bhr.; also <ft.S'Si,Ti)(ffras^cS«iTP. a feint 
or pass. 3.= (Sioeo astr. cSisS) roo:.'3lcsinrai)KR. 

S)Sd&e<, cfri kadakka 5.(Te. coojd) i.To pass 

over e-oio^o a^ii>£t^^o ^05! cOi. Nal. atoi^roi) 
«iS^ 5)jiJ(Tr)0(b RC. 0(^<a(Tnl,T)3 (asfmotji 
(huntg.)of game. ftjiaJtSsisanlranrroRC. begged 
with outstretched head. 2. to enter roo i^soolitii) 
a!sl<9>al(3i) <&jS(Tra aiojcrra TR. broke into — 
eruoaj'mJo (ftscm^^jodo KR. 3. to pass out mo 
§ (SiScrra S^xjD^n, also simply a35l<3>c>o a^o<se>s 
cm (2Q_)D3iil TR. deserted the country. <a>s 
5)S5i3gj og)5)ribo cu^cno Bhr. ojlfgoj 31)61,1373) 
<9)Sce5)CSiJlgj KR. transgress — fig. 6t3)omoca)l^ 
<S)S<9s)Cqjo cn1{g3ajlce5)Qajo o^^nmg TR. act 
or devise any thing by myself. 4. to surpass 
<Shooo^s>cn sajoDoffiaiosng aiSg-jajab RC. ogj^o 
0cy)fO5)roi3)CS^o dhso9so etc. 
CV. ie,S(t^fl)T. M. 1, to make to pass Sfoioffrnl 
(Sisn^rm sisiaiQJtnranb Bhr. aooorcofoojl 

(g0(S^oa2;&-fos),i5ia (ft. Bhg. (nrJlaisia foo 
^-oralaBiTra, ;xi^xi3>3>c)3 aos-oo elcSalrtA 
a5S,t5ra)l TR. transported, removed; fno§ aj. 
tobanish; <9>5mala_)Od) to insult. 2. to in- 
sert, introduce. 

2nd CV. ,s,s-t5rjnlc9« f.i. (m<€ii^s a)S:oiald^ qj 

fojnrro TR. to get transported — oJlslaicesKzA 

<9)^ fm<SnT)c9ffl MR. 
VN. I. (ftsti^ transporting, conveying, dsffj® 

aiofoot) boatman, (S)S«^{^ejl freight (= a) 


II. (ftSgj 1. passage, tgrasngz^ssgo aisg-jlgjosroi^ 
Sk. no passage or opening in the opposed 
army. 2. passing the bounds of propriety, 
transgression ^osmcftjSinbo casnjaido a 

^o61o_JOQ,cflQ(S0DMud. — aiSg-l '^05)§Dgj <S) 

tplaj5ri53c9aajnb Bhr. don't despair. &. ojo 
(93 harsh, insulting words. 3. a)SaJftofonb 
Vi. debtor (cSiSo). 

III. (Q5Sf3T3)f3i) = (HTaml(g)0o f.i. Qj)o332032;6)0B; <9). 

cnlasri Bhg. encroachment. 
<^S(S:fit5iDSl kadakkodi B. Fishermen (T. a>s 
ca.if) lowest class, or •ft'S^ aosi). 
tOiSScSsiosI 0^08 No. custom of fishers (Law). 

ce3S6Sr2D6rrflkadannani(<a)s2.+ a>osml)M. A 
large-meshed rope-net set between 2 boats to 
drive fish into a twine-net attached to it. 

ce5S.::^f^ kadaccal VN. of aiso^ai. 

06)5-^1 kadacci (f. of a>so) Heifer, young cow, 
calf. eft. (^(€]s)w 6a<95ii3^o (graQcq® TR. <fts^^ 
a)ZD 5)cft§l(23iSo Q_)^ ol^gjo, <ft.jyosmcfto 

prov. — ift. mO(b B. = s)o)ftiOT) aoej3^ois mocb. 
09)5 5YCr-,r03§, <a>s,-3ra)0§ old. aisti^ii, (fts«^ 
ojifl noo^ TP. The district of the Qjoy>(2(TnO(b 
from Mahe to Wadagara, given by Colattiri 
to the S)o_jooaO'^rol of the Adiyodi caste, or 
taken from him by the latter A. D. 1564 (3 
Cadam, 3000 Niiyer, capital (ftoolguOo) KU. 
(ft's^oji) 00.000 cDocoiaso (& (S(ftoo£uiaj& 

onocarBooso ©'oocooxj^gg iftS^oscSaororajo an 
oajosftorooHo (ftslco/onaoib ag)^oijfoao TR. 
d6)SCu) kadail = a)So q. v. a>. aj^ B. Scleria 

(BESOTS) — ae>Sfcb 


flftisaio— cOisajQ 

cQiSCfU) kadanSa (chs) Thorny branch as of 

SiSrmi^ kadannal C. m. So. £h%<yn(^ Wasp, 

hornet, eji. £^s\cna S)5igj§.-aTa o^olfi). prov. 

a wasp's nest. I^l^o^^ 

a&)S,T_i6Yno kadappaua ( cEhSgj) Post of weaver's 

d9>saoab kadamaii M.c.Te.T.(cd)5-zortb)Eik, 

fallow deer MC. Sambre, Rusa aristotelis? 

d&jSOfU kadamba ( <9isauoain So.=<a^sajifl) stile, 
gate barfmcnjont) £ftSS)cnA o^BraTlcariroliSsmD TR. 
d^SoioutBts cnoudo prov. 

cesSaoJOfu kadambaii (<a)Sgj) Unruly T. Vi. 

a&)ScYiJ kadambu i.=S. d-,ao6ixio, Nauciea 
Cadamba, nolcSnScnj CG. oraoj^f^^TiDj aiscry 
(mSrarabCCh. 2. Eugenia racemosa tgasascnj 
^sl^ ojltplsroig cnl(b amed. (g<9sscnj a>scnj 
<S5C>3 KR. rinlfij<fi«. Phyllanthus Maderasp. siaj 
51^. a variety. 3. (= a.s) ends and bits of olas 
cutfor writing, of pounded rice ete.(see eaoejl.) 

d6)SCQ^oft) kadayu-^a T. M.Tu. C. l. To churn 
sim^iil, (oicsinib .si.; ajaa51<S)S5)sii3T3§Gg3i Sk. 
produced fire for sacrifice. 2. to turn, lathe, 
polish. (ST5)Cs^aoo (S^ssrai^ 5)aj|.g_jlces)KU. aQ 
iaalc9).TP. to whet; <Si5^ ^osm MR. (taxed) — 
to masturbate V2. 3. acute pain. cS^sl <9). to 
smart. a.y:{ig3 .Sissot^ qHsssI MM. aisstsio) ajl 
sogan^ a disease jcaofsl) lOiSsrargi f rom walking. 
CV. a-.§ofDo aiscaH-e^ TP. 
VN. I. a)S churning in .ftsSaasoral) churning 
stick CCh. and aisaiOiKb KR. [^rai 2. 

II. a>s^ (f.i. <SZ(d> £nS5)^<a& amed.)=:;S)S 
III. cQiS^fsil. turning. cSiS^gjejal turning chisel; 
<fts^§i„o'Bnb TR. a^s^^Q,3jab V2. a^s^^ 
cOaralcfiack), ais^siasio^nb KU. furbisher, who 
has to give the arms with his blessing ((Srgjts^ 
(jooa@§(i^5)ia>o§ce5)). — ■ <0)S£j((3i:g_jsml turner's 
work. 2. pains, as oalfinajoancSffl. rheumatism, 
<&,o^ etc. 

dB>Sfsb kadal 5. (djisess)) l.Sea — ea^. outer 
sea. cr)^s(S&JO§ SojoaiJOdi Pay. by sea. 2. in 
comp. what comes from foreign parts. 3. what 
is spread out, reaches far. aisrabsie^.-ora, <S)S 

ral)S)aj^@ stage in the growth of jack trees 
and palms. ^g^^^ ^^ ^^^ j^^^^ 

Hence: aisej M.T.Bengal gram,Cicerarietinum. 
c&iSfiJo^id) to bathe in the sea (prov.) 
aisejosl Achyranthes aspera, med. root. GP. 

ojeJl^zj <3i. (3^0 sijiiolca <a~.. o^o amed. MM. 

(the latter Ach. prostrata Rh.) ai^ai. SoOO 

alcSs) a ceremony to counteract charms (in 


<a)Sajoi2i, a)SajDaj6mc0s see (sr^ — 

aisejlsojODo B. Aristolochia Indica. 

(fhsejgi sea salt GP. 

<a)SS)aj§gi boisterous sea^sxura^a&Sfa'). 

aiSSEUs^ Mapl. = tfhSgjnrnl. 

cSiSSeJDgo navigation. 

ais^rrnl CG. Laxmi, (srg)'-s^<20^. 

<S)Sg^ro seashore, = <a)Sejoo, &>s<S^O(^o. 

■SiS^oso) sea-gull. 

ais^DOQ, aiScesiDOQ, sea breeze. 

c&iSf^ral sturgeon, MC. Silurus. 

aiSfiAsay.osl = <0)S<S(SaO5^ q. V. 

(SiseiracSa goods imported by sea. 

aiS(fi*).mDCUg. polype (loc.) [^rj,},) Lodoicea. 

(£bS((zA)<Si3Ta63BD the Seychelles cocoanut (ceia 

<9iS^i 0:9sGP. <9iSfioaj amed. aisro!)aara cuttle 
en nn ^ 

fishbone, os sepiae (S. (srasi^aiaQo). 
<a)Sf?'03il seal MC. 
<&5g-jniTl porpoise, Platanista gangetica (<a)S 

aiono, (fts^trTlo etc. whales, etc.) 
<S)S(ral))g_jOcry a sea-snake, ^ serpent. 
(SiSgjocal, — Q_ja32Jit!l) sea weed. 
<QiSaiOo coast a>s(n_)o.ijl(3) I (O)O£!||,t0st&ck) MR. 

along the coast. 

ias(ral))3-4^ No. a small fish. 

aisaj ^si MC. cod. 

&S(ii>2i<Q)ch sea-maid or Laxmi ift. oje^o 

srnlajsrDfinDLD Bhr 16. 

aisrabojsiTifTt) Crshna CG. 
aiSaiJ"/! by sea. 
dBjS^Dpro kadalaS(V2. a^^^a^T. Ar.kartSs, 
L. charta) Paper, letter. 

daiSCU3rs9l«5b kadavabil (shsoih?) A bat. 



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Xa 001 370 435 


University of California Library 
Los Angeles 

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