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Published by the Session. 







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IIanford A. Edson. 

William N. Jackson, Clerk*. 
William S. Hubbard. 
Enoch 0. Mayhew. 
8am u kl P. Smith. 
John 8. Spann. 
En win J. Peck. 
Thomas A. Morris. 


Moses II. Barnard. 

Edward S. Field. 
George \Y. Crane. 
PviciiAKD M. Smock. 
SaNeord Morris. 
Clements A. Greeni.eae. 
Willis M. Pkttit. 
David W. Coffin. 

John S. Spann. 
Asa G. Pettibone, 
William P, Fishrack. 
J A M ES M . IJRA dshaw. 
William Mansuu. 
William M. Wheatltsy. 







Tiik Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, was 
organized with fifteen members, November 1 9, 1838, 1>\ 
the Rev. James II. Johnston, in the Marion County 
Seminary, a small brick 1 -u i 1- i i n u;, s i m 1 1 . 1 i n v until L80o, 
mi thi! sou lli-wesl corner of University Square. The 
Rev. Henry Ward Beeeher, the ( pastor, entered 
upon Ills work, July 31, 1839. Worship was continued 
in tlie Seminary for a year; afterward, the congrega- 
tion removed to their own edifice, on the north-wesl 
corner of Circle and Market, streets, occupying, at first, 
the lecture room in Lhe basement. This house was dedi- 
cated October 4, 18-10. On the nineteenth of September, 
1847, the pastorate of Mr. Beecher closed, and lie removed 
to Brooklyn, New York. lie was succeeded by the Rev* 
Clement K. Babb, at lhe time a student in Lane Semi- 
nary, now associate editor of i lie Herald and Presbyter, 
Cincinnati. He commenced work May 7, 1848, and con- 
tinued in the pastorate until .January 1, 1853. It was 
under his supervision thai a colony, now lhe Fourth 
Presbyterian Church, was established with twenty-four 
members. This occurred November 30, 1851. The third 
pastor, the Rev.- Thornton .\. Mills, began his work 
January I, 1854, and remained with the church three 
years, the relation between pastor and people being dis 

2 Manual of the 

solved by Presbytery, February 9, 1857. Dr. Mills, I. liv- 
ing' been elected Secretary of the General Ah embly's 
Committee on Education, went :tt once to Now York. 
He is the only one of the pastors of the church not now 
living. He died suddenly, June 19, 1807; The Rev. 
George P.. Tindull was his successor, called to the pas- 
torate August 6, 1857, and continuing in the lield until 
September 27, 1803. During his ministry, in L858 and 
1859, large numbers were added to the church. The 
present pastor 1 as occupied the place since January 17, 
1804. Oh thu fifteenth of May of thai year a building 
was dedicated, corner of Michigan and Blackford streets 
for a mission Sabbath-school \\ hich had 1 i en , Mai li-hed 
by members of the Second Church, and which has now 
grown into the Kiiih Presbyterian Church. November 
20, 1807, another colony, the Olivet Presbyterian Church) 
was formed with twenty-one members, a house of worship 
having been dedicated for them a month previous. On 
the eighth oi May, 1870, MemoriaKChapel, south-west 
corner of Christian avenue and Bellefontaine street was 
dedicated, where a Sabbath-school and other religious 
services have since been maintained by members of the 
church. Per the present house of worship, corner of 
Pennsylvania i\nd Vermont streets, ground was broken 
in the spring of 1804. The corner-stone was laid May 
14, 1800; the chapel was first occupied December 2?, 
1807; and the eon pleted edifice was dedicated January 
9, 18 70. 

Second Presbyterian Church, J 



You have presented yourselves tlms publicly before 
God, to enter into covenant Him and to jinn yonr- 
selves with His visible people. We trust you have well 
considered the nature of these engagements. The trans- 
action is solemn, and will lie attended with eternal con- 
sequences. God i- looking on. STour vows will b< 
recorded in h. -I \ I'n to he exhibited on your trial at the 
last day. 

You will attend to the Confession of Faith. 

You believe that there is one God, the Father, Son 
and Holy Ghost, infinite, eternal and unehangable in 
wisdom, power and love. 

You believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New 
Testaments are the Word of God, and the only infallible 
rule of faith and practice. 

You believe that man is sinful by nature and practice, 
and that he needs to be born again of the Spirit of God. 

You believe that Jesus Christ by His sufferings and 
obedience atoned for the sins of the world, and that we 
are justified by faith in Him. 

You believe that there will be a resurrection of the 
body; that the Lord Jesus Christ will descend from 
heaven to judge the world ; and that He will receive 
the saints to His heavenly kingdom, and doom the 
wicked to everlasting fire. 

All this you heartily believe. 

Manual of th 

(Baptism will here be administered to those who have 
necer duly received the ordinance.) 

And now, in the presence of God and this as-embly, 
you do solemnly dedicate yourselves to God the Father, 
us your rightful Sovereign and Chief Good ; to God the 
Son, as your IVophet, Priest and Ming; and to God the 
Spirit, as your Sanctiiier, Couiforter and Guide. To 
this one God you do, in humble depe rule nee, heartily 
»'ive up yourselves in an everlasting covenant, to walk 
in all His commandments and ordinances blameless. 

You do now cordially join yourselves to this, as a 
Chureh uf Jesus Chri-t, engaging to submit to it- disci- 
pline, itnd .••■ lemnl v cov 'minting to strive, as mueh as in 
you lies, for its peace, edification and purity; Lu walk 
with its members in Christian love, faithfulness, circum- 
spection, meekness and sobriety; and abandoning the 
sinful pleasures and amusements of the world, to prove 
what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

Thus yon covenant and engage. 

(The members of the Church will here 'rise.) 

And we do now affectionately receive you into our 
fellowship. We agree to watch over yon with the 
meekness and fidelity becoming saints, and as we wel- 
come you to the privileges and holies ot our high calling 
in Christ Jesus, so do we pledge you our sympathies 
and prayer.-, while you share with us the toils, trials and 
temptations of the Christian life. 

Do not forget, beloved in the Lord, that you have 
entered into solemn relations from which you can never 
c-cape. Wherever you go, and whatever you arc. these 
vows will be upon yon. They will folkiv. you to the 
bar of God, and in whichever world you may be lived 
they will abide upon you to eternity. Hereafter, the 

Second Presiy (erian Ch arc /< . 

eyes of the world will be upon you, and as you demean 
yourselves, so religion will b< honored. or disgraced. If 
y,m walk worthy of your profusion you will be a credit 
1 and u eomfui-1 to us; but if it be othor\vi,e, you will bo 
to us a grief of heart and a vexation. And if there i- a 
woe pronounced on him who lays a stumbling block 
before one of Christ's little ones, woe, woo to the person 
who dors this to a whole church. "But, beloved, we 
are persuaded better things of you, and things that 
accompany salvation, though we thus speak." May the 
Lord guide you till death, and at last receive you and us 
to ihai biased world wlwiv «>ur lovo and joy shall bo 
forever perfect. Amen. 

Let us I'vur. 

Manual of the 


We desire to remember that we are "stewards,' not 
proprietors, and that ii is our duty, as it certainly is a 
privilege and an honor, in all the use of God's property 
entrusted to our care, to have chiefly in view the glory 
of our I'odeemer and the welfare of our fellow-men! \\ e 
believe that every Christian ought to enjoy the blessed- 
ness of L'hecrful, considerate systematic, prayerful <riv- 
nig, ••!!- Clod hath prospered him. ' A- memb . - of the 
I'lYshylcri.m Church, WO wish loyally I" support tlii 
benevolent worli which theGeneral Assembly, .so largely 
guided l>\ ( ln-i wisdom and experience, has de- 
vised. That benevolent work includes: 

I. Porkigx Missions. — "Go ye, therefore, and 
teach all nation., baptizing them in the name of the 
Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." Matt, 
xxviii; 19. The Kingdom of our Lord is to become 
universal through the labors of His people. Of these 
labors, He claims from us our share 

II. IIomk Missions. — "Beginning at Jerusalem.' 
Luke xxiv : 47. Every consideration of patriotic m and 
Christianity requires us to aid in the Evangelization of 

our own land. 

III. Fricedmtcn's Causjb. — "Blessed is be that con- 
sidered the pool-." Psalms xli: 1. The peculiar 
condition and special wants of the freedmen call for 
special attention and care. 

IV. Education. — "Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of 
the harvest, that lie would send forth laborers into Ilis 
harvest." Lukex: 2. Ft is intended that no properly 

Second Presbyteiiun ('/ crch. 

qualified young man desiring to educate, himself for the 
ministry, shall be obliged to relinquish thai purpose for 
lack of means. 

V. Publication. — "Let there be light.' (! in i 
i: :s. Papers, tracts and books, printed by our Pui In n 
tion Board, in behalf of evangelical religion, and in 
illustration of Presbyterian history, polity and doctrine, 
upon proper application, arc gratuitously distributed in 
needy Holds, at home and abroad. 

VI. (Jiiuuoii KiviiOTioN. — "He loveth our nation, 
and He hath built us a synagogue." Lukeyii: 5. Without 
a hoii.-e, the congregation languishes. It is economical 
ami wise to secure l he rapid ;i owl h and earl \ independ- 
ence ol mission churches by aiding ihem to build. 

VII. Si; stent at ion. — "For the laborer is worthy 
of his hire." Luke x : V. The salaries of settled past- 
ors, serving generous but small and feeble churches, are 
supplemented to prevent suffering and secure a degree 

of comfort. 

VIII. Ministerial LIki.ikf.— " But if any provide 
not for his own, and especially for those of his own 
house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an 
infidel." 1 Timothy v : 8. Men left without means of 
support, after a life's service of the church in the min- 
istry, and needy widow- and orphans of deceased clergy- 
men of our church, arc aided upon the recommendation 
of Presbytery. 

In order that we may better advance this Benevob nl 
Work in its various departments, according to tin prin- 
ciples stated above, the Session have adopted, foi future 
use, the follow ing 

I' I. \ N . 

I. A collet lion hall be ta! i n on the Ihinl Sabbath of 
,,:-li month, of which nine-lent hs shall be distributed to 


Manual of th 

the eight brunches of our Benevolent \V r orl< described 
above, -prorata, (in proportion to the Severn I amounts. 
appropriated by the ' General AsmihUy, for the current 
year,) unci the remaining tenth shall be reserved for 
appfopi i;il ion by the Session, to miscellaneous! charities 
deserving our aid. Thu contributions of individuals puo- 
ferring a different distribution of their gifts, shall t>u 
appropriated according to their wishes, whenever made 
known. Any balance subject to the Session's order, 
remaining in the treasury, on the first day of May, in 
(•neb year, shall then be distributed prorata as before. 
'I. On the second Sabbath of January in each year, 
cards ami envelopes shall be distributed in the pe\\s ex- 
plaining this plan, and inviting all member^ of the 
congregation to designate the several amounts ihey de- 
sire to contribute monthly during the year. These 
cards and envelopes, with the first month's contribution, 
shall be collected on the following Sabbath. On the 
Sabbath previous to each succeeding monthly collection 
envelopes shall also be distributed to be returned as be- 

Second Presbyterian Church. 


Fok the Government ok the Second Presbyterian 

Ohuim u ami Congregation, Indianapolis. 

Adopted January 5, 1871. 



At the first Annual Election succeeding the adoption Number, 
of these rules, there shall be elected six Trustees, who terms of 
.hull be. divided into three equal classes. Those of the scrvice ' 
tir.-t ela.-s lo mM'vh for one year; I hose of the second 
class to serve for two- years ; and those of i lie third ela>s 
to serve for three year.-, and until their successors arc 
duly elected and qualified. 

At every annual meeting thereafter, there shall he 
elected two Trustees to serve for the term of three years, 
and until their .successors are duly elected and qualified. 


The Trustees shall have the entire control and charge Control of 
of all the church property, building and grounds. propei y. 

They shall have the control and management of rent- 
ing pews or sittings, shall determine the price of rental, 
the time of payment, and attend to the collection of the 

They shall superintend and direct all repairs and ini- Repairs 
provements to the church buildings, furniture or fixtures ; p" ov " m 'ts. 
shall contract for and provide all supplies needful for 
the comfort and proper accommodation of the various 
meetings of tin church and congregation. 


Manual of th, 

Employes. The_\ aliall appoint, contract ivitli and pay sill em- 
ployes needed for the proper conduct of worship or tin 

Insurance, comfort of the congregation; and, according to theii 
judgment, shall keep the church buildings and fixtures 
at all time? w ell insured. 

Estimates. They shall, within seven day- after the Annual Me. t- 
ing of the congregation, ascertain what sum uf monej 
will la: necessary to provide fur Payor's salary, other 
salaries, insurance, furl, lights, and all uther incidental 
expenses, together with the expense for collection w Inch 
sum, unless otherwise provided for, shall be raised from 
rents of church pews. 

Keating of They shall, on or before the said time named in the pre- 
ceding paragraph, li\ the minimum price, at which pew» 
may he rented I'm' the year, so as to meet t he demands 
of the treasury, and shall appoint and cause to be pub- 
lished, some convenient day within three week- next 
succeeding the Annual Meeting, and on ibis appointed 
day, shall offer the pews to the highest bidder. No 
bid shall be received at such sale, unless the sum offered 
is to the minimum rate tixed by the Hoard of 
Trustees. Should any pews remain un rented at the close 
of the public offering, the Trustees may rent the same at 
the iixed price, from time to time; but shall have power 
to modify the price id' pews so remaining unrentetb 
when, in their judgment, the circumstances ol the case, 
ami the interests of the congregation, require it. 

Payment They shall require the rents for pews to be paid quar- 

fents. terly, uU ()1 ' before the first days of April, July. October 

and January, and make such regulations as will insure, 
as nearly as may he, promptness in the payment of 

Second Presbyterian Church. 11 

They shall audit all claims against the church, and Auditing 


the Treasurer shall pay the same on the presentation 01 
a warrant signed by the Chairman, and attested by the 

They shall report at each annual business meeting, Financial 
the financial condition of the church, presenting a state- re i J0 «- 
tnent in detail, of all the receipts and expenditures for 
whatever purpose and on whatever account, specifying 
the donations and disbursements for charitable and be- 
nevolent purposes, and whatever else may impart to the 
meeting a full knowledge of the financial condition of 
the church, which report, when made, shall be tiled and 
n reserved in I he archive:? of the church. 

Tin v shall, at their lirst meeting succeeding their Officers of 

• i m ' i n i Hoard of 

election, appoint a Chairman, ( lerk, treasurer ami Lot- trustees. 

lector, who shall hold their respective offices for one 

year, unless sooner excused from service by the Hoard. 

.MIA I KM \ S. 

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the |>„|j,. s . 
Hoard, sign all warrants, a- chairman, and make (art and 
sign the annual repori to the church and- congregation. 

The Clerk shall attend all meetings of the Hoard, all r>uti. 
public business meetings of the church and congregate n. 
and keep a record ol the proceedings .if such meetings 
in a hook to be kept for that purpose, and shall sign such 
record as Clerk ; and it shall also be his dut\ to attend 
to recording such of the proceedings as are required by 
law. to be recorded; and it shall further be his duty to 
prepare a notice to be read from the pulpit, at least two 

eeks before the annual election, making known the 

J 'i Manual of the 

number and term of service <>t' all officers to be ^hosen at 
•~ 1 1 1* 1 1 election . 


duties. The Treasurer shall safely keep all money.-! which he 

may receive belonging to the church, and shall pay out 
the same only on the warrant of the Trustees, which 
shall he a sufficient voucher for such payment. Jit: 
shall keep a record of his proceedings, and shall report 
the same to the Hoard of Trustees at least one week pre- 
ceding the Annual Meeting, and at such other times sis 
the Trustees may require; and be shall deliver to his 
successor, or to tin; Trustees, when required, all books, 
papers and moneys in his hands belonging to tin- 
church, and shall faithfully account to the Trustees for 
all receipts and disbursements. 



Number, At the first election of Deacons, succeeding the adop- 

ter m^f tin " ul " tlle3e rul ''-' Ll "''' sl,:i11 ,H! c,1( ' Hl '' 1 eight Deacons, 
service. w ] 1() ghall be divided into two equal classes, those oi the 
first class to serve for one year, and those of tin- second 
class to serve for two years, and until their successors 
arc duly elected and qualified. 

At every Annual Meeting thereafter, there shall be 
elected four Deacons, to serve for the term of two years, 
and until their successors are duly elected and qualified. 

DtlTl rcs. 

Henevo- '''"' Paeons sluill take charge <d all moneys con- 

tent funds, tributed for benevolent purposes, and for the home 
charil ies of the church. 

Second Presbyterian Church. lid 

They shall acquaint themselves with, and relieve, as The poor. 

faT as thoy are ena-blcii to do, the poor of the church. 

They shall make the preparations necessary for thopou»»iwi- 
..... . " ion and.. 

communion and the baptismal services, baptism. 

They shall sec thai strangers arc made welcome; that Strangers. 
. . . . beating the 

the congregation is comfortably seated; and, to this congrega- 

end, they shall bo present in the sanctuary a reasonable 

time before the services commence. 

They shall have the direction ami control of the Sexton. 
services of the Sexton, the better to enable them to dis- 
charge the duties heroin mentioned. 

Thej shall keep a record of their financial proceed- lteeord?. 

... . ,., I'm a nrial 

ings,and report the same annually to the hoard ot Irus-yeport. 

tees, at least one week before the Annual Meeting. 


At the first election oi Klders, succeeding the adoption Number, 
of these rules, there shall he elected nine Klders, who termV»f 
shall he divided into three equal classes, those of the service, 
first class to serve for one year; those of the second 
class to serve for two years; and those of the third class 
to servo for three years, and until their successors are 
duly elected and qualified. 

And at every annual meeting thereafter, there shall 
he elected three Klders to ^r\-\tt for the term of three 
years, and until their successors are duly elected and 

I ]>UTLI>. 

The Klders shall perform such duties as the Porn; of Meeting. 
Government and these rules may require. They shall 
leet in Church Session at such time and place as may 

I I Manual of. the 

be designated by the L'astor, who shall always convene 
the Session when required to do so, by any two of the 



\ isiting. The Session shall visit and become acquainted with 
the different members of the church »nd their families; 
inquire as to their spiritual condilion; encourage them 
in Christian activity, usefulness and growth in grace; 

Spiritual and devise ways and means' to call out and cultivate 
the Christian energies of th« membership. They shall 

[Minimis determine and appoifil the number and kind of religious 
services and meetings of the church ; and shall, in Ihe 
absence of the pastor, take charge of'and conduct thesame, 
or cause it to be dune by some person of their appoint- ' 
m'ent. They shall have the care and control of all tliu 

Christian Christian work conducted in the name of the church; 
and when it shall seem advisable, may invite the Dea- 
cons and Trustees to consult in reference to tin- interests 
of the church and congregation. 

cruonu m. 

Five members of Session shall he necessary to consti- 
tute a Quorum for the transaction of business, exci pt in 
cases of emergency for the reception of members, in 
w Inch case a smaller number shall be competent to act 


The Pastor, when present^ shall be the Moderator; but 
in his absence, the Senior Rider may preside, and the 
Session when thus constituted in the absence <f the 

Second Presbyterian Church. 

Pastor, shall be competent to transact any and all 
business, Tor which the Form of Government does nut 
require the presence of the Pastor, or of some other 


The Session shall appoint one of its own members, Term of 
Clerk, who shall serve during (he pleasure of the Session, 
or until he shall resign his position. 

It shall In' the duty of the Clevis to keep a careful and Duties, 
complete record of the proceedings of the Session, an 
alphabetical list of the church membership a record ufReconls. 
all marriages and deaths in the families of the church, 
and of all baptisms and admissions to the church, and 
such other matters as the Form of Government requires. Notices. 
He shall, when practicable, notify, either personally or 
otherwise, each member of the Session not absent from 
the city, of the time and place of every meeting that 
may he called, and make full report of the proceedings 
of Session, whenever required to do so l>_\ the Form of 

M FET ING-S < > F T 1 1 E C< )NG E E( t ATIO X 

The business Meetings of the church and congrega- Time. 
lion, shall be held on the first Thursday in January in 
each year, between the hours of 7 and in oxdoo.k, p. m. 

Special -Meetings of the church and congregation may s l)ec ial 
be called at an\ time upon the written request of five mootll)gs " 

Each meeting shall appoinl its own Chairman, and Chairman 
shall proceed to the transaction of such business as these 
ales or the necessities of the congregation ma\ require 


Manual of the 

Heading of At the request of any two member* of the church, the 
Clerk shall read to the .Meeting rule.--. 

Notices. Notices of all Meetings of the church and congrega- 

tion, whether annual or special, .-hall he prepared by 
the clerk, which notices shall specify the kind of meet- 
ing, time and place of holding the same, and the business 
proposed to be transacted, and shall be read to the 
public congregation at least two weeks before the time 
appointed for holding the meeting. 


Time and The Officers herein provided for shall be elected by 

n ""''' ol l-n , . , ^ i i i 

choosing ballot, at the Annual Meeting in .la unary, L\ a majority 

(,|lll( >'*• of those present of the adult members of the church, and 
such members of the congregation as may lie pew-hold- 
ers; provided, that the Klders and Deacons shall be 
elected only b) the votes of the adult members of the 

Vacancies. Vacancies in office may occur either by the death, 
resignation, withdrawal from the church, or removal 
from the parish of the incumbent, and any vacancy may 
be tilled by ballot at any annual meeting, or special 
meeting called i\<v the purpose; and the person or 
persons so elected, shall serve only to till the vacancy of 
t he unexpired term. 

Sacra- A collection shall be taken Up Oil each COlJllUUllioil 

collection ( ' !l . y ' a "^ a1, "'"'' (l, '"' r times as may be desirable to pro- 
vide for the relief of 1 he pool' of the church. 
Systematic Collections for the benevolent objects of the church 
cence." shall he taken up at such time and in such manner ;b 
the Session shall prescribe; and all money'.-- so collected 
shall be paid to the Boardol Deacons, for proper distri- 
hul ion. 

Second Presbyterian I'/.io'cJi 


All subscriptions or solicitations of money to promote Subscrip- 
1 , turns. 

the work- uf benevolence of the church, or the interests 

of the congregation shall, before being presented to the 

members of the congregation, be submitted to, and 

approved by, either the Session or Board "1 Trustees, or 

both; and all solicitations in the name of the church, 

not so approved, should be discountenanced. CongrcKa- 

All other moneys collected or received for the pur- tional funds 
pose.-- of the church or congregation, and not specified in 
the two next preceding paragraphs, shall be paid to, and 
received by, the Board of Trustees, to he by them ex- 
pended for the purposes intended. Araeud- 

Amendments or addition, to then' rules may be made uieiits. 
}>\ a two-thirds vote- of any Annual Meeting; but any 
proposed amendment or addition shall be reduced to 
writing and read to the public congregation at least one 
week before action can be taken thereon. 


Manual of the 



18.'! 9 



184 8 























18 70 















Henry W. Beecher, 

Sept. 19, 


Clement E. Babb, 

•January I 


Thornton A. Mills, 

Feb. ' 9, 



George P. Tindall, 

Sept. 27. 



Hanford A. Edson, 




Uetlmel l«\ Morris. 


Daniel Yandes, 


Luke Munsell ( 1 i 


David V. Culley (4) 


John L. Ketcham ( 2 i 


John .J. McFarland, 

18 51' 

Horace Bassett, 


A lexander Graydon, 

185 1 

Samuel Merrill, 


Henry S. Kellogg, 


Robert 11. King. 

185 ! 

Thomas II. ( !ase ( 3 i 

18 52 

William S. Hubbard, 

William \. Jackson (5 i 
Enoch (J. Mayhew . 

Hubert Nicol. 

Samuel IA Smith, 
Edwin J. Pe.-k, 
•luliii S. Spann, 




Second Presbyterian Church. 

Francis II. Kingsbury, 
Thomas A. Morris, 
Frederick W. Chislett, 
Moses K. Barnard, 


U) The numeral denotes the succession of Clerks. 

A lexander 11. Davidson. 
William S. Hubbard. 




is it; 

lei hi 

id 1(5 



J 1851 





> 1866 

Albert G. Willard, 
Jacob J. W i.-eman, 

1 ,a\\ iviirt: M . \ alli-c, 

Daniel Carlisle, 
Jacob S. \\ alkor, 
Thomas 11. ( !ase, 
Isaac Wood, 
James M. Yandes, 

Kdwin R. Llosford, 

Howard Mills, 
Lycurgus Railsback, 
Joseph B. Wilson, 
Kzekiel Boyd, 
George W. Meikel, 
Alfred i) Clarke, 
William 0. Smilli, 

William 15. Yii'ki-rs. 

John L. Fish, 
Charles P. Wilson, 
Francis II. Kingsbury 
Edward S. Field, 
George W. Crane, 










186 4 
186 1 
18 70 


Manual of the 



( 'hai les A. Parsons, 
William W. Went/.. 
Richard M. Smock, 

Sanibrd Morris, 

Clements A. Greenlcaf, 
Willis II. Petti t, 
David W. Collin. 


I 870 


Adkins. Mai tin V. 15. 
Aikin, Sarah Mrs. 
Aikin, Melissa Miss. 

Allen, Robert. 
Allen. Mary Mrs. 
Alwanl, Lydia Mrs. 

Baldwin, M. It. 11. Mrs. 
Baldwin, llosa J. Mi-. 
Barbour, Alice Mrs. 
Barker, William W. 
Barker, Eliza D. Mrs. 
Barnard, Moses K. 
Barnard, Marg't E. Mrs. 
Barnard, Sarah Miss. 
Barnard, Carrii' Miss. 
Barnard, Eugene E. 
Barnard, Mollie C. Mi.. 
Bartb, Amanda Mrs. 
Basey, Elizabeth Mrs. 
Bisbing, Jacob .1 . 
Bisbing, Emeline M rs. 
Bisbing, Emma M . M iss. 
Bowker. Harrison. 

Anderson, Harriet Mrs. 
A nderson,. Samuel S. 
Anderson, Elizabeth Mis 
A nderson, Caroline Miss. 
Anderson, Fidelia Miss. 
Arthur, Elizabeth Mrs. 

Bowker, 11. Maria Mrs. 
Bowkev, Sarah M rs. 
Bowker, Clarence l». 
Brackebush, F. Mrs. 
Brackebush, Charles, J. 
Brackebush, E. A. Mr.. 
Bradley, Lydia E. M iss. 
Bradshaw, Adeline Mrs. 
Bradshaw, .lames M. 
Bradshaw, Esther M rs. 
Bradshaw, Catharine Mis 
Bridges, \\ illiam dames. 
Bronson, Anna E. Mrs. 
Brown, Sarah A . M iss. 
BroA\ n, Hannah M rs. 
Brown, Lillie Eludge M is 
Brown, Kate Morris M rs 

Second Preabyie-rian Church 


Bungur, Michael R. Hulls, John C. 

Hunger, Arm M . Mrs, Butts, T. W. Mrs. 

Burroughs, G. Francis. Byrd, Sarah Miss. 

Burroughs, Annie ].. Mrs. Byrd, Margaret M. Miss. 

Caldwell, Andrew II. Clippinger, Mary Miss. 

Caldwell, Sarah Mrs. Coburn, Mary A. Mrs. 

Carlisle, Margaret A. Mrs. Coburn, Henry 1'. 

Carlisle, Sarah A. Miss. 
Carney, Squire. 
Carpenter, I ra Hanford. 
Carpenter, John S. 
Carpenter, Llattie Mrs. 
Carson, Lett} Mrs. 
Car-oii, Sarah EI. Miss. 
Carter, Vinson. 
( 'alter, Kinma T. M rs. 
Carter, John Beaity. 
Chase, Helen B. Miss. 
Chi I- Is, Moses. 
Chikls, Cleinine \V. Mrs. 
Chislett, Frederick W. 
Chislett, Maggie I). Mrs. 
Chislett, Bichard Edwan 
Chislett, John. 
Claflin, Dana B. 
Claflin, Clara 1). Mrs. 
Clark.', Alfred I>. 
Clarke, Mary VY. Mrs. 
Clarke, Sarah Mrs. 
Clippinger, Anna M rs. 

Dame, Eliza Mrs. 
Dark, Charles K. 

Coburn, Mary A. Miss. 
Coder, Eleeta Mrs. 
Cue, Charles li. 
Coe, A del la S. Mrs. 
< '..tiin, David Worth. 
Collin, Annie II. M rs. 
Coiningoro, George. 
Comingore, Mary C. Mrs. 
Connelly, Robert. 
( Jonnelly, Anna M . Mrs. 
Co} ni'i'. Martin Luther. 
Coyner, Aliee Wilson Mrs. 
Crane, George \\ . 
Crane, Sarah L. Mrs. 
Cran--, .lames T. 
. Cubbison, Marv Mrs. 
Culley, Margarel A. Mrs. 
Culley. Charles 1'. 
Culley, Alma Mi.-s. 
Cummins, Frances A. Miss 
( 'nr/.nii, Joseph. 
t Uirzon, A nn M rs. 
Cutting, Margaret Mrs. 

Do- lee, Anna R. Miss. 
Douglass, Ellen Miss 

Manual oJ\ tlie 

Drake, Edward B. 
Duzan, Ada A. Mrs. 

Earl, Simeon. 
Kind, Augusta S. M iss. 
Eekert, Eliza Mrs. 
Kelson, Helen it. Mrs. 

Duzan, Ada Miss. 
Duzan, Jennie J nlia M iss. 

Elliott, Helen A. Mr.-?. 
Elliott, Helen J. Miss. 
Elliott, Byron K . 
Elliott, Harriel Mrs. 

Elder, Margarctta S. Miss. Elvin, William II. 

Elliott, John B. English, Mahala .Mrs. 
Elliott, Thomas 15. 

Fahnestoek, Missouri Miss. Fish, Jennie Boss Mrs. 

Fahnestoek, Texy Miss 
Ferguson, ( .lenmni A . 
Ferguson, Ellon Mr-. 
Ferguson, Bailie Miss. 
Ferguson, John I rwin. 
Ferry, .lano M rs. 
Ferry, Gertrude Miss. 
Ferry, Caroline M iss. 
Field, Jul ward S. 
Field, Sarah M. Mrs. 
Kinney, Elmer Edson. 
Fish, Edith Mrs. 
Fish, Frank Owen-. 
Fish, William Smith. 

Garner, Llewellyn W. 
Gaston, Ann M rs. 
Gibson, Mary I'. Mrs. 
Gibson^ Louis Henry. 
Gibson, John K. 
Cibson, Mary E. Mrs. 
( londrieh, Jennie M iss. 

Ki- h, Jennie Merrill M rs. 
Fi>hback, Willium V. 
Fishbaek, Sallie E. Mr,. 
Fishbaek, Mary L Mrs. 
Fishbaek, ('hark- il. 
Ford, Sarah .Jane Miss. 
Foster, Alinira M rs. 
Fester, Robert M. 
Knend, .Mary F. Miss. 
Frit/, Charles L. 
Fritz, Emma M rs. 
Frost, Fidelia M. Mrs. 
Fry, William II. 
Fry. Clara A. Mr-. 

i < runt, John M . 
( i raves, ( diaries F. 
Graves, Mary 11. Mis. 
Greenleaf, Clements Allen. 
Greenleaf, Caroline I''. M r. 
Greenleaf, Timothy 1'. 
Greenstreet, Jason S. 

Second Preshyi, Ellen Mrs. 
Grecnstreet, Flora \ r . Miss. 

Hackney, Josephine M rs. 
Hackney, Elizabeth Miss. 
Ilager, Fid ward < !. 
Hall, Nathan S. 
Hamilton, Fayette Mrs. 
Harlan, Susan Mrs. 
Harvey, Harrison II. 
Harvey, Sophia .Mrs. 
Higdqn. Harriet Mi.--. 
Hildebrand, Eliza C. Mr-. 
llolbrook, I'reslon. 
Holbrook, Louisa (;. Mr. 
Holland, Finih .Mi.-, 
llolinan, Isaac W. 
Holman, Mary L. Mrs. 

1 ngalls, Fannie M is. 

Jackson, William N. 
James, Mary Ellen Mrs. 
Johnson, Laura B. Mrs. 
Johnston, < leorge \V . 

Korfoot, Ella Miss. 
Kirby, William. 
Kirby, Elizabeth Mrs. 
Kirby, William L. 
Kirby, Ella I). Miss. 

Lack, Caroline F. M rs. 
Land is, Ann C. Mrs. 
Nandis, Katie Cora Mis 

ruin ( 'hurch. 2 

riffith, Caroline Mrs. 
riggs, A nnie S. M iss. 

nlnies, Sophia M iss. 
olstein, Maggie N. Mrs., J aines L. 
ubbard, William S. 
ubbard, .Mary Mrs. 
ubba'rd, William II. 
ubbard, Leyis Mills. 
u l.h a id. Mary E. Mis.s. 
ubbard, ( harles Walcott. 
nine M ary F. M rs. 
1 1 1 1 1 j ► 1 1 1 1 ■ \ - , Joseph A . 
iiin|)hre\ -. E. C. Mrs. 
tint, John I!. 
hint, Angeline .Mrs. 

igrigg, Julia Mrs. 

ahnston, ('. A. Mrs. 
ohnston, Ella L. Miss. 
mes, Eleanor Miss. 

vitehen, .Mary Mrs. 
v reider, Reuben ( >. 
\ reider, Clarinda Mrs. 
Cyle, John. 
Cyle, Elizabeth Mrs. 

iaughlin, John. 
,.arh, Maria I>. Mrs. 
■ewis. A melia M rs. 


Ma/wal of ihe 

Lewis, Frank Coleman. 

Lewis, James. 

Lex, Jaeob. 

Lloyd, Charlotte Miss. 

Lodge. Ilurriot N. Mrs. 

McCormick, S. A M rs. 
MeGreii. Rollin Hall. 
McCrea, Frank F. 
McEntee, Thomas Kills. 
McEntoe, Sarah F. Mrs. 
McFarland, M. J. Mrs. 
MeGill, Margaret Mrs. 
M> (Jill. KiIhhm a Miss. 
MeCJill, Elizabeth Miss. 
MeGilliard, Martin V . 
MeGilliard, Lizzie Mrs. 
McGrew, M. A. Miss. 
MePherson, William M. 
MePherson, John K. 
Mansur, \\ ill him. 
Mansur. I lannali A. Mrs. 
Marsh, David N. 
Marsh, MargaretMrs. 
Mather, Ann < '. Mi.--. 
Maxwell, John M. 
Mayhew, Enoch ( ■. 
May hew, Liu v W. Mrs. 
.Means, Mollic LI.uu*e Mrs. 
Meikel, Carrie M. Miss. 
Meikel, Marj K. Mrs. 
Melville, llobort Bowie. 

Longsdorfl', William 11. 
Lowder Samuel 'J'. 
Lowder Charity, P. M r.- 
Luoiiey, A manda Mrs. 
Luoney, Laurence I>. 

elvi'lle, Mary A. Mrs. 
Melvilh-, Robert .) . 
Melville, Matilda Mi.-s. 

Melville, llebeeea Mi.-. 

Miller, Eliza A. Mrs. 
Miller, Ozias. 
Miller, John A. 
Monroe, John. 
Monroe, Elizn Mrs. 
Monroe, Lucy A. Mis-. 
Moore, William G. 
Morris, Thomas A . 
Morris, Rachel Mrs. 
Morris, John 1 ruin. 
Munis, Eleanor 1. Mi--. 
Morris, M ilton. 
Morris, John D. 
Morris, Martha Mrs. 
Morris, dame- Wiles. 
Morris, Nannie M Miss. 
Morris, San ford. 
Morris, Ernest. 
Morrison, Juhn 1 . 
Mothershead, C. E. Mrs. 
Mothershead, John 1.. 

Newland. Robert A 

Nichols, Alvina \' . Miss. 


Second Presbyterian Church. 2 

[Norwood, Eliza Mrs. Nutting, William (I 

Nutting, M. I,. Mrs! Nutting, Charles C. 

Nutting M. M. Miss. Nulls, Albert l'». 
Nutting, C. M. Miss. 

O'Ncil, Nannie Mrs. Ovens, Emma Miss. 

Orbison, William li. Owen, Mary E. Miss. 

Parry, Mary A. Mrs. Pettibone, E. W.Mrs. 

-Paul, Julia A. Miss. Pettit, Willis H. 

Pock, Edwin J. Pratt, Mary Smith Mrs. 

Peck, Mary A. Mrs. Pyburn, Emma Miss. 

Pettibone, Asa G. Pyle, .lobn. 

Ruder, Lizzie A. Mis.-. Rockwood, William O. 

Ramsey, Mary E. Miss. Roekwood. Helen M. Mrs. 

Randall, Hiram P. Rogers, Emeline M. Miss. 

Randall, Lucy Mrs. Rogers, .lames Newell. 

Rayiner, Louis A. Rogers, Florence W. Mrs. 

Record, John William. Ronton, Adeline (). Mr.-. 

Rentfrow, Prances E. Miss. Ruddell, 1!. M. Y. Mrs. 

Richardson, Benjamin A. Rudolph, Jane C. Mrs. 

Richardson, Estelle Mrs. Rumell, John A. 

Richardson, Lewis S. Russell, Elizabeth Mrs. 

Robinson, E. Y. Mrs. Russell, Jennie Mrs. 
Robinson, Martha A.. Miss. 

Salomons Allen. Shover, James E. 

Sammons, Maggie (i. Mrs. Shover, Emily T. Mrs. 

Sedgwick Roderick, Shover, Garrett 11. 

Sedgwick, Sarah J. Mrs. Shover, Martha Ellen Mrs. 

Sedgwick, M. S. Miss. Sloane, Lima II. Mrs. 

Sewall, Elmer O. Smith, Samuel P. 

Sharpe, Temperance Miss. Smith, Lizzie S. Mrs. 


Manual of the 

Smith, Brainerd B\ 
Smith, Charles II. 
Smith, Marcius C. 
Smith, William Martin. 
Smock, Richard M. 
Smock, Jennie E. M rs. 
Snyder, Frederick M. 
Spann, Jubn S. 
Spann, [Tester Mrs. 
Spann, Thomas II. 

Thayer, Lettie T. Mr.-. 
Thompson, .J times. 
Thomps >n, Mary Mi - 
Thompson, ^ i rail •! . Mi s. 
Toles, William C. 

Vickers, WilliaiuB. 
Vickers, Margaret M is. 

Spann, John M. 
Spann, Mary S. Mi v s. 
Stagg, John K. 
Stagg, Rebecca Mrs. 
Stag--, William .J. 
Stagg, Jennie Mi-s. 
Stevens, Ann E. Mrs. 
Stoher, Emil. 
Strong, Melville. 
Strong P. Y. Mrs. 

Tucker, Hannibal S. 
Tucker, Robena S. Mrs. 
Turner. A itd row 1 1 
Till aer, StarU'ii M is. 

V inton, Theresa Mrs. 
Vinton, Merrick E. 



Walker, Mary II. Mr: 
Walker, Jacob L. 
Walker, Edwin J. 
Walker, Lewis A. ' 
"Walker, Thomas R. 
"Walker, Alice L. Mr 
Wallingford, C. Mrs. 
Wallinaford, Charles 

Week ley, Margaret Mrs. 
Weekley, Roberts Perry. 
Welch, A. li. Mrs. 
\\ heatley, William M. 
Wheatley. Jane Mrs. 
\\ heatk-y, Kate C Miss. 
Whipple, Isabella Mr 
A. White, Sarah Mrs. 

Wallingford, Ida ('. Miss. White, Agnes 0. Mrs. 

Wands, William. White, Joel H. 

Ward, P. .swell. White, Sarah Mrs. 

Ward, Josephine II. Mrs. White, Elizabeth Mrs. 

Ward, Mary Mrs. Williams, Charles. 

Warner, Amanda M. .Mrs. Wiles, Rhoda J. Miss. 


Second Presbyterian Church. 


Wiles, Elizabeth Mrs. Winslow, Adonzo B. 

Wiley. Kliasu G. Mrs. Wiseman, Barbara Mrs. 

Williamson, Marshall D. Wiseman, Maggie Miss. 

Williamson, Frances Mrs. Witt, Lucy C. Mrs. 

Wilson, Mary T. Mrs. 
Wilson, Grace D. Miss. 
Wilson, Franklin. 
Wilson, Mary A. Mrs. 
Wilson, William. 
Wilson, Susan Mrs. 
Wilson, Lizzie Mis-. 
VV ilson, Thomas K. 

\\ itt, Elva Miss. 
W ood, Augustus J). 
Wood, Elizabeth I). Mrs. 
Wood, Daniel L. 
Wood, Martha E. Mrs. 
Wood, Marcia M. Miss. 
Wright, J .Van Dorcn, Mrs 

dos, Dunit 

Yandos, Simon. 



.Sabbath morning and evening at the usual hours. 


Communion of the Lord's Supper, lirst Sabbaths of 
February, April, June, October and December. 
, Preparatory Service, Friday evening previous, 

Infant Baptism, Sabbath morning succeeding each 
Communion Sabbath. 


Home School, at 2\ P. M. 

Memorial Chapel School, at 9 a. m. 


Sabbath morning, at !• a. m., in Session Room. 
Thursday evening, at the Home Chapel. 
Wednesday evening, at Memorial Chapel,. 

First Tuesday evening of each month. 

Alternate Saturday evenings. 


First Monday evening of each month 


Every third week during the winter months at the 

skwi no CIRCLES. 

Two societies of the ladies, for preparation of mission- 
ary boxes, and similar work, meet upon call, as circum- 
stances require. 

Third Sabbath morning of each month. 
Collections for the poor in connection with the Sacra- 
nent of the Lord's Supper. 


First Thursday evening m January after the stated 
/"ravnr Meetimi. 


^259 1