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KMfyright, UDCCCLX. hy OUtw Ditstn »• c«. 
b»tyritlU. UDCCCLXXXVUl, h Oliver Dilum 6r C». 

Printed in U* S. A. 

Cherubino. WTien the Count and Countess 
returned and the Count had wrung from his 
wife the confession that the page was there, 
half undressed, the sudden appearance of Su- 
sanna in the door of the apartment took both 
completely by surprise. But the Countess 
quickly gained her composure, and the two 
women now turned the tables upon the Count, 
who ruefully asked his wife's forgiveness for 
his unjust suspicions. The Countess granted 
it in good grace. Figaro came in, to accom- 
pany Susanna to the wedding. A little while 
after him, as his unlucky stars would have it, 
Antonio, the gardener, half intoxicated, carry- 
ing a couple of broken flower-pots, made his 
appearance in the room. ^ He insisted he must 
see his master. He wanted to lodge a com- 
plaint against some one who had jumped out 
of the window from the Countess' room, broken 
some of the flower-pots, and escaped through 
the garden. Figaro with great difficulty quieted 
the Count's newly arisen suspicions, by avow- 
ing himself the culprit. 

At this moment ^larcellina, duly accompa- 
nied' by her counsel, appeared and lodged a 
complaint with the Count against Figaro for 
breach of promise. Almaviva, inwardly re- 
joicing at the turn afl"airs took, and thinking 
to profit by it, evinced great interest in the 
case. When it came to the trial, however, it 
was discovered that Figaro was the child of 
Marcellina and Doctor Bartolo, by which 
timely discovery every obstac le to Figaro's and 
Susanna's union was removed. 

Accordingly the festivals took thtlr course. 
In the meanwhile Susanna, upon the advice of 
the Countess, and without the knowledge of 
her betrothed, carried on the intrigue originally 
plotted by Figaro. She sought an interview 
with the Count, and expressed her willingness 
to conform to his wishes. Afterwards she 
\\Tote a note to him — dictated by the Countess 
— appointing time and place of a meeting. Of 
this appointment Figaro — through the sim- 
plicity of a peasant girl, entrusted with the 
Count's answer to Susanna — got wind, and 
forth\nth collected a number of ^out villagers, 
who were to administer to the Count a sound 
cudgeling under cover of the darkness. 

When evening came round, the two ladies 

— the Countess dressed as Susanna, and Su- 
sanna as the Countess — repaired to the spot 
appointed in the letter, a secluded part of the 
park with a pavilion on either side. Figaro 
lay already in waiting, of which the ladies were 
well aware. Susanna then withdrew into the 
shade of the thicket, leaving her mistress alone 
waiting for the Count. 

Suddenly Cherubino came in, who, it seems, 
had made an appointment with Barbarina, the 
gardener's daughter, on the same spot. Mis- 
taking the Countess for Susanna, he dallied 
with her, kissing her much against her will, till 
at last the Count interfered, when the boy ran 
into the pavilion to the left, where Barbarina 
was already waiting for him. The Countess 
now received graciously the passionate words 
of her husband, intended for Susanna. Figaro, 
who was duped as much 'as the Count, then 
made a noise, and the Count sent the supposed 
Susanna into the pavilion on the right, expect- 
ing to join her ere long. Susanna mantiged to 
meet P'igaro. But the cunning barber soon 
looked through her disguise, and then took an 
active part in the joke, by addressing her as 
the Countess, in passionate language. This 
was well done, for the Count overheard him, 
and seized him l)V the collar. Susanna ran 
into the pavilion on the left. The Count then, 
without releasing his hold on Figaro, called 
his servants and guests, who came in large 
numbers with lights and torches, and bade 
them to be witnesses of his dishonor. After 
dis[)osing of Cherubino and Barbarina, who 
were also in the left-hand pavilion, he dragged 
out the suj)posed Coimtcss, who fell down on 
her knees ])efore him, im])luring his forgiveness. 
But the Count acted the enraged husband in 
good earnest. Suddenly the real Countess ap- 
peared from the pavilion on the right. Before 
the Count could fully realize his awkward 
j)osition, the Countess, with the assistance of 
Susanna and Figaro, hushed matters up, and 
hurried the witnesses of this most extraordinary 
denouement off to the festivities in honor of 
Figaro's marriage, which were ^oing on in the 
castle. The Count must be supposed to be 
forever healed from his jealousy, and become 
more faithfully attached than ever before to 
his Rosina. 




BCENA h-^Camera quasi tmobiUata em mm magiaktm md 
■McsD. FiaABO tta mintrando con wna eeama u pammmio 
ptr Im^o € ptr larpo. Susahna ti aggiuMta davtmii «no 







Cinqne— dieci — Yeati — treat*— - 

Trentaiei — qoarantatre. 
Oim s\ ch'io bod contenta, 

Sembra fatto in yer per bm. 

Ooarda on p6, mio caro Figaro. 

Gnarda nn pernio, caro I^garo. 

Oaardann p^ 

Goarda on pb, gnarda adeno U nk) 

Gnarda adeeso U mio capaUo. 

Gnarda nn p6, mio caro Figaro! 
Gnarda adesso, il mio capeUo. 
Si mio core or h piii bello,— 

Sembra fiatto in ver per me. 
Ah 1 il mattino aUe none Ticfaio, 


Qnanto k doloe al ~^ tenero apoao^ 


I Qnesto bel cappellino >< 

^ ** Che SuMnna, ella steasa mfhlT 

Cosa stai misnrando 

Caro il mio Figaretto ? 

lo gnardo se qnel letto, 

Che ci destina il Conte, 

Farii bnona fignra in qneato kwft. 

In q lesta stansa f 

Cerl), a noi la cede 

Geiksroao il padrone. 

lo per me te la dono. 


Perch% tanto ti ipiaoe 

La ptti comoda itama del 

PercA'io son la Soaanna, 

£ tn Mi pasro. 

Graxie, non tanti elogi I 

Gnarda nn poco» le polria 
Btaro im. alflo loeo 


BCKNE L— >A Boom mdg half Jwrmaked ; maar He cmHi « 
iorye orai-eAair. Fioaso tt diwoimend, m& Mmrimg md a 
tpaea intt a rule, wkik Susakna tteoidi Mbnalargt ghm^ 
dyin^ en the CountetM't hat, and admiring nendf. 

SuaANNA and Fioabo. 

Fig, Fourteen — sixteen — twenty — thtitj. 

Siz-and-thirty — ^ree, jee, 'twill do. 
Alt. Ah 1 the mirror tella me clearlj, 
That the hat becomes me, too. 
FHg, Fonneen. 

si. Pray admiro it, deareat Figaro. 

Fig. Sixteen. 

8u§. Praj admire it dearest Figaro. 

Fig, Twen^. 
iSiis. Praj admins. 

Fig, Thirty. 

iStis. Pray admiro ; it gitea me pleasnw. 

Fig, Six-and-thirty. 
Sua, Pray admire ; it giTea me pleaian. 

Fig, Yes, yes, 'twiU do. 
Sua, Only see this hat, dear Figaro I 

Pray admire ; it giTea me pfoasnro. 

Yes, I see it plain, my treasure,—- 
How the hat sits well on yon. 

Oh 1 the happy and beantifnl motnlngf 
When the heart with delight is bealiiig. 
At the altar of love repeating — 
** Dearest one, I am ever now thine.'' 

What makes yon there so bnay weatnringt 

Dear Figaretto ? 

I'm seeing if the conch, love. 

The Count intends to give ns. 

Is suited well to stand in this same conier. 

In this apartment f 

Truly, his Lordship gires the roon 

To ns, dear Susanna. 

Ill have naught to do with it. 
Fig I do not nndenrtand 

Why yon should thus oUect 

To the pleaaantost chamher in the palMib 
Ant. Why, because I'm Susanna, 

And Tov'ro a booby. 
Fig. Thank you ; bui sparo your flatteiy < 











Duano. — SmAmwA 4 Wmmmo 

8e a easomadaiiui 

La notte ti chuuna ; 

Din, din 1 In doe ftmi. 
Da quelU pnoi gir. 

Vien poi I'oocaaione, 

Che Tiioinii i1 padrone, 

Don, doc I in tre salti, 
Lo m*{o a Banrir. 

Coel ; 89 il mattino, 

II caro Condno, 
Din, din I 

E ti Dianda tn miglia lontaBt 
Din, din ! Don» don I 

A mia porta 11 diayolo porta, 
Ed ecco in tre salti— 

Sosanna, pian plan. 

Afioolta, in tre salti, 
Din, din 1 Don, dM I 

Aeoolta — 

Fa presto. 

8e odir brami U resto ; 

Discacda 1 vospetti die lorlo al 

Udir bramo 11 resto ; 

I dnbb{, i sospetti galare mi.ta. 

Discaccia i sospetti, i sospetti. 

I dahbj, i Hospetti gelajm mi ta. 

Or bene, aaoolta, e taci. 

ParU, che c'^ di nnoTO t 
n Signor Conte, 

Stanco d'flodar, caoctando la 
Bellesia foreetiere .'— mole aneor 
Nel castello, ritentar la toa sorta. 
N'^ gik di sna oonsorte, 
Bada bene, appetito jj^li riMm I 
£ di chi donqne S 
Delia toa Snsannetta. 
Di te? 

Di me, medesma. £ mcvedavi, 
Che fofise la uiia dote 
Merto del too bel mnao ! 
Men^ra losingato. [ Jiboaa 

Che sQona t—La Contesaa. 
Addio — addio^addio— 
Figaro hello. 
Coraggio ; mio tesoro. 
£ tn cervello. I 

[Ai t sfetsD.] BraTo, Signor Padrona 
Ora inoomindo a capir U nustero; 
E a veder schietto, 
Tntto il Tostro progetto. 
A Londra ^ Toro f voi ministRH- 
lo corriero^-e la Snsanna 
Secreta ambaMiatriea. 
Non sark — ^non 
Figaro U dice 1 



Thswt4 — SuftAim A ana Ftoaaa 

#V. Br night, if mj lad j 

Bhoold want jon, joo're raa^; 
Ding, dongi a few paces. 

And Too're doee at hiuid. 
Or, if tnat the ease be, 
His lordship shonld need dm^ 
Ding, don^ I in three paces 
Biefore him I stand. 
Sms No donbt ; and some raorniti^, |lmaMi 

Without any warning, 

Din^, dong t 
And his lordship will send 70a ^m mk^ 

Ding, dong I 
llien me devil will lead him to oaa 

In less than three paces. 
Ssaanna, eooogh. 
But hear me. In a minata. 

Ding, dong I 
Bat hear me— 
#%. Bfake haste, then. 
Am. Well 1 mark, now, what (Ulowt ; 

And leaTe me by eril snspicmns uif«x'd. 
¥%g. Let's hear, then, the sequel ; 

And jet I cannot get me rid of these doabli. 
8m, Abandon yonr doobtings, abandon misgiriBgii. 
f\§. I cannot get free from sospidon and doobt 
^as. Bat now, sir, attend, and mariL me. 
f\§. Speak, then ; Fm all attention. 
8m^ It seems his lordship, 

Weary of roammg forth in search of beaaty. 
Has come to this oondnsion : — it were betmr 
To seek it at home, in his castle. 
His wife is ont of qnestion ; 
Only gncss, then, who has now caught his fenry* 
Fig, It passe s gnessing. 
Ais. Wny, your own Busannetta. 
Fig. Notyoul 

Bm, Tes, I, so please you. Do you iMtteve now 
That bis lordship gives my dowiy 
Iferoly to pay your serrice I 
#\y. I realfy dia suppose it \A Asff 

Who rings theref 'Tis the Countess. 
Sum, Farewell — ferewell^-larowell^ 

Farewdl, Figaro dearest 
#\y. Fear nothing ; be of courage* 
iSms. And you too, madcap. 
Fig, \To hxmMdf\ Bravo, my lord and matter. 
I do begin, sir, to perodve your purpose; 
I'm blind no longer. 
But see through all your plotdngs. 
You go to London with oespatchea— 
I'm your couner— «nd our Susanna 
Ambassadress m secret 
It shan't be— it shan't be : 
Figaro defies you ! 

8E VUOL Piirr.ilffig— WAFTtT TOUB LOBDSHIP. Fiaabo. 

8e Tuol bal • la - re 81-gnor Oon-tl - no» So tuoI bal - la - re 81 - gnor Con - ti - no, 
Bap^ Wtmr imd - wUp Jfoy&s fir Ameto^, Bap^ pmar lord - §k^Mapb§ fir dmmeimg. 

no le ano-Da-i6; rii. 
inQt J%v libs 0Mf - inp * Mr« 



to rao • ne*i6; t^ It ■«o • IM - 16; 

8a Tiiol V6 -nl - n 
ITaifU yM Ml oa - pert, 



nal - 1ft mift MO-la, la cft-pri-o-la It In-te - gut - ro 

Omm to My toacMny, Apoii II# atn rmekmg^ Pttftd worn 

It too! vt-Bl > rt 
ITMilfl yM otf ea - per*. 

Ml - la miateo-la, la et-pri-o-la ltla-ifsiit-i6, tl, Itfai-M- gii0-i6, 

Ohm to «y tooc/uMy, 0mm to mtf toodUay, Amh tfbi ate rateUay, Ptrftet you ar$. Sir, Prnfiet yta ara. 

e6, %\ le in-ft-gat -toT 

SapnS, «qM6, M|M^ iapi6, lapi^^* 

Ma piano, piaiio, piaao, piaaa» piaaa, piaaa» 

If egtio cgm araaao, 



L'arte ichermando, 

L'arte adopmndo, 

Di mA pngDando, 

Di la scnenando, 

Tatto la macchiae 


BiLaTOU> < MAaoaLLiMA, em «a 
mfuUi da Stmmrn^ eht mtooUa al JhmJk, 

Ed aspetlate il gionio fluato par It 
Bii di q aesto ? 

lo Don mi perdo, dottor mio, di oonaggio ; par nna- 
per dei sponsali piii aTansali di qoatlo— baalb 
•pesso an pretasto ; ad pgli ha mao6, otea qaarto 
oontratto oerti impagni — so io b aata! OooTian 
aon arta imponti, gliarla a riilataia U Goata, ^gll 
par Tandicani, prendari il Bio partila, a Figaio 
oosl fia mio laarilo. 

Bane, io lotto faib I 
•ata. {A parte,] 
la mia sanra aatica, 

riiarra, tatto a mt pala- 
par gaUo di dar ia OMgHt 
chi mi fcot Wk dl 



AaiA— Baetolo. 

La Taadetta! O, la yeadaCta 1 
E on piacar •arbato ai saggi, 
Obbliar I'onta gl'oltraggi 
Obbliar I'onta grdtraggi, 
E basseiza ^ ognor tU^ 

Coir astiuia, ooU' argailap 

Co! giadisio, ool critMio, 
8i potrebbe, li potrabba, 
B latto h eario, 
Ma credete si sardL 
8a tatto il codica doTatti Tolgva^ 
Sa tatto rindice doyaesi la|[gara, 
Goa on eqaiyioo, oon an sinoniiaOi 
Qualcha garbugllo si trovark 
Tatta Siviglia oonoaoa Bartolo- 
B birbo Figaro yinto larb. [ 

\3eia.\ Tatto anoor aon ho pano ; ad itfta la 

mia. Ma Saaaaoa li ayaaaa. [SvtAHMA 

mdidro, ton wmi cuffia da aottiu im nadr^, 

mda da camera m laoaa.] Io fo 

tm di aoa yadarla. B qatUa baoaa Mria la 


I kaow, I ftaow, I know, I kaow, 1 kDow;^ 

Bal piMio, piano, piano, piaao, piaao, piaao, 

I ahall laam battar, 

AU tothalattar. 

If I am MiU. 

Jaating and laoghiag, 

9^aating and aaafflng, 

Staging and pfayhig, 

Oompbmanti P*7hig» 

All ma eioaa Btratagaau 

I ihall find oat,— jaa. 111 find oat 

MtHar Bastolo oacf MABoaujaA, with a Cmtraa m km 
koML JhOowBd fty iSofCMaa, ax4a lutoM at lAa ^w^ 

Bmt, Bat whj haya yon awaitad tha daj fizad ibr thi 
marriaga wn jovl mantion thia mattarl 

Mm» Tia of t& latast, doctor— that maat ba grantad ; and 
jat what signifiaa iti I haya brokan a mairiM 
mach mora adyanoad than thia ia; for alanaar 
oftan, if well aimad, can worit wondan. 'Ejum, 
thia contract if not all— baata 1 Lat'a flzat get tha 
brida into diagraoa. Ware aha bat onoa penaadtd 
to Moni Almayiva'a loye^ipproaehaa, he than, flraai 
diaappointmanty woald aaaut me, I'm certain, aad 
Figaro compel to be my hoaband. 

Bari» Brayo, good Marcellina ; I'll be jonr second, hot 
ftom ma joa'll keep nothing. [Jmi.] Whatplaa^ 
ara ihall I find in foisting oar craaa aatiqnadaenaa 
apon tha knaya who robbed me of m j miatraaa. 

Aim.— Babtou>. 

Yangaaaoa alorioaa t oh, yaogeanet gkKioat I 
There is noming half so plaaaaa^ 
In tha past or for the present ; 
None bat folks of little merit 
Tamely saffv a wionj^ ftom ama. 
lutfk'd and smihng, 
AU beguiling, 
I can manage greatar mattaiw, 
Than tha iSoi who idl j chatten, 
In my anra and qaiet way. 
rn itc^ at nothing my parpoae ta eany. 
And braak down me hope of the fools who woold manyt. 
With tricks and finesse all their prefects UmAm^g^ 

AM laagh, ia the ead, at what people say. 

Boon shall we see, then, wfaoll yictor be, than ; 

Bartolo— Figaio— I, air, or yoa. [ExU Bartoia 

Jliar. [Almm.] Thinga look fiuiw ttaa eyar : lyet hc^ ta 

defeat them. Bat Baaanna ia eoouiw. [Soaanu 

apptan bekutd, wUk a n flooaj raea aaa hnd^bfWB m 

WAoadi.] Now, than, ta ti7 hsr piaawidltort 

obaaiia her. Ah I what a 













O — 







[AvwutmniUm.] GhaHiigiiat ICuioo malt eh'ogni 
sa qnanto raid. 
Bny* 1 qneato h gindurio I— con Wgl' oeeU 

efld I— con quell' aria pialoia I S poi— 
Meglio h partir. 
[Ironiea,] Cbe cairn spoaal 

DuxTTo. — ^Maboslldta « 8inu»A. 

Via raati lemta^ madama brillaata 1 
Non Bono si arditar— madama 
No; prima a ki toeca. 
No, no' tocc' a lei. 

tL> lo i doTer miai ; 
Non fo indTilitlu 
La spofla novella I 
La dama d'onore I 
Del Contelabellal 
Di Spajpia Tamoral 
I menu t 
Per Bacco predpita. 

Be anoor, m aneor milo 
Bibilla deccepttay 

Da rider mi fk, 
Yiareetiy &e. 
L'efck» I'etik I'M* I 

Da rider, da rider mi fk 

Ya Vkt vaocUa pedanle I dottoreaia airofaate I 

[Chita laimkt mi 



Enttra CBmuBnro. 

Bvaanetla, lei to f 

Bon io ; cosa Toletel 

Ah, cor mio 1— che accidenle I 

Oor TOfltro I Ooea aTrennc f 

D Oonta ieri, percfa^ troTommi aol eon BariiailBa, fl 
eongedo mi diede ; e le la CanPwiiiie, la mia bella 
oomare, maa non m'interoede, io Tado ▼!% io 
son ti Tedo pih, BiiMuma mia. 

Non ?«dete pili mel BraTo! ma dmM|ne non 
pih, per la Contean aegretamenle U Toetro oor 







Ooa' hai llf dimmi on poeo. 

[Satirieammle.] Ah, il Ta^ naacio • la BOttnraa coflla 

di oomare si bella. 
Deh, dammeio, Borella : dammelo per piolk 

[(XUo Hr^fpa a noMbf di 
Presto quel nastro 1 
O caro 1 — O bello, O forCimaio naalio I Io non tel 

rendero che colla Tita 1 
Cos' h quest' insolenia. 
Eh, Tia ! sta cheta, In ricompensa, poi, qneam mia 

canzonetia io ti t6 dam. 
E che ne debbo fan 1 
Logeila alia Padron a lyg ila ta, medes m a l e ggi la 

a Barbarina, a MarroHina l^ggila ad ogni donna 

PoToro Cbembino, siele Toi paaao f 

Mmr. After all, he's a barimr, and what eln OMOd ha fapyad 

for f— " L'amnt Ait toot" 
8m, [ililMMciii^.] The serpent! Beally, madam, 71W 

grow worse tiian ever. 
Mmr. BraTO I how mighty dnl I— with that air io aflhc^ 

ed 1— that assumption of Tirtoe I In troth. Ma'am— 
8m. Better to go. 
Mmr. [IromeaBji,] What a nice wife 1 





8m. i 













Go firtt, I entreat 70a, Miss, model of beaatyl 

Bespeet to the aged, Ma'am — ^I know m> Ugr. 

No ; first, if roa please, ICss. 

I oonld not, mde^. 

I well know good mannon ; 

And pray jon, proceed. 

Of maidens the fairest 1 

Of old ones the rarest I 

His Lordship's Susanna I 

Bo polished m manner I 


Bo noble I 


A form! 

I burst with Tezatkm ; 

If here I longer shooU 
Mt dearest old woman. 

Don't Tex yourself, pray! 
Gofirsty Ac 
Ha,luL ha! ha, ha! 

Don't Tex yourself, toz 


Vlwewell, spiteftil old pedant— arrogant old doctor. 
{8k» ihroSm the drtn aarem ^ 

Etder Chbbubivo. 

Ck$. Susanna, is it too 1 

8m. Yes, I ; but whaf s the matter 1 

C%s. Ah, Susanna ! — how unlncky ! 

8m. Unlucky 1 What has happened f 

Ck$. His lorofihip found me alone this momiog with oor 
Barbarina, and dismissed me his serrioa. Unless 
the gradous Countess, my beloTed protectress, 
grants me her intercession, I'm lost for ever, and 
ne'er again shall see my own Susanna. 

Sm. Ton will see me no more f BraTO I then no mors 
▼ou bum, sir, for the Countess 1 Ton breathe no 
longer your sighs for her in secret ? 


Ck$. What hast there f pray, now, teU me. 

8m. [SaroaMieaUy,] Only the ribbon and oq> that ia IIm 
night time binds the bead you respect so. 

Ck$. Ahf give it me, Susanna: in pity give it me. 

[onaiAmg tk$ nbbm Jrtm imr. 

Sm. Restore the ribbon. 

Che. Dear ribbon I—oh lorely, oh happy, happy ribbon t 
ne'er will I giye thee back ; no, not for millions I 

Sm» Upon my word, tou urchin ! 

Ck$. On, be contented. In recompense, my dearest, I will 
giye you this song of my composing. 

Sm. And how am I to use itf 

Ck$. Bead it unto the Count e ss re ad it yourself, Susanna 
~ it to eyery damsel in the palace. 

8m. Fdor 

, you haye lost your senses. 


NoQ so 

plh eo - aa 

iOB, eo 

' m ite -do! Or di 
^m- mm wmt Pttia.lhal 


eo, o ■ ra 




{Ll-Aoclo,— O • (cni <ion - na can-glar di co-19-re. O-gal don - na ml fk pal • pi 
bUtt aw,— Tm, Fm hum - img, Fm frtt94ngy Fm trembUng, Now 'tit tee, now 'tu /< - 

tir; 0-g:iii don -HA 
Juais Now'Hm ice, now 

^^^]^^ ^^^m ^^^^^ 


fa pal - pi - tar; O Kni don • na mi fk - ^al • pi • tar. 
ft W€r*$ heai ; Now *tii ice, now 'tis fe - -vert hecU. 

So • loai no -ml dVmor. dl dl • lat • to. Mi •! tor-bt 

p=i~ ^S if=\ 


80 - lo ai no - ml d'a-mor, di di - let • to, 
At the word of iotw, a fed - ing 

•I tnr • lM» mi t'al • te - ra 1! pet - to. 
AB unknoum i» o'er nte tteal-ing. 




par- la - re 

J JOB**** 




d'armo - re, Un de - ti - o, im de • si - o— Gh'io 
> Ip maiden, Bow mp piib-« wHd • lif beat ! Akt 



poe • so spie-gar, Un de - si • ol 
how Owp wOd'lp then boatl" 

vn de 

ti - of— Ch*io non poe - so spie • Karl**** 
boat I— Ahl-^ witd - jr beat!...* 

Parlo d'amor vegliando, 

Parlo d'amor sognando, 

All' acqaa, all' orobra, ai monti, 

Ai fiori, all' erbe, ai fonti, 

All' acqaa, all ombra, 

Ai monti, ai flora, 

AU' eco— ttir aria — a venti, 

Che il saon de vani aooenti, 

Portano via con se. 
B te non ho chi m'oda. 

Parlo d'amor con me. 

Ted I yieneente! [Chendnno it 
eeggioione!] II Conte ? — Oh I me meflcfaina I 

Entra U CoNTn Atji atita. 

n C Bwanna ! tu mi sembri agitata e conlnsa. 

Sm. Signer, io chiedo scoaa. Ma se mai qa\ sorpreea 
per earitk, partite ! 

il C Un memento, e ti lascio. Odi. 
Sm, Non odo nalla. 

U C Dne parole. Ta sai che ambaaciatore a Londra, fl 
Be mi dichiaii>, di condor meco Figaro deetinai. 

3tm. Bignor, m ossassi — 

O Parla, parla, mia cara ! E con auel dritto ch'oggi 

prendt so me, finche m yivi, cniedi, imponi, pres- 

S^ Laedate mi, Sienor ; dritti non prendo, non me t6, 

non ne intenuo. Oh me, infelice ! 
D C. Ah nb, Susanna, io ti y6 far felioe. Tn ben aal 

qvanto io t'amo ; a te Basili) tutti giA dime. Or 

aenti: se per pochi momenti, meoe in giardin, 

icll' imhmnir del giomo, ah per qneak %Tora k> 

Bm, ]Fnon.] W osdto poco Ik 
nr Cbiparia« 

Whatsoe'er I am doing. 

Whatsoe'er I'm pursning, 

In sunshine or in showers, 

At home, or midst the flowers. 

In noontide bowers, 

Midst April flowers, 

I sigh — 1 pant— I langnisli. 

In bliss that throbs like anguish, 

Waiting through night and daj. 
Alas 1 I die with pleasure. 

Dreaming my life away. 

BOenee! there's some one. [Ckerubino Aides 
the chair, \ His lordship ?---Oh me, unlucky 1 

Enter Couirr Almavita. 

Coimt, Susanna ! whence this terror ? why this sudden con 

fksion 1 [Seate kimeeif. 

Sue, [Agitated.] My lord, I pray excuse me. But snppoei 

we are surprised now---for goodness' sake away 

away, sir. 
CsMNf. But a moment, Susanna. Hear me. 
Alt. I've ears for nothing. 
Cbuftf. Don't be silly. I'm made ambassador to London, 

by the royal grace, and intend taking Itgaio 

thither with me. 
Sue. Might 1 presume, sir — 
Count. Surely, surely, my charmer ! My greatest pleasm 

is to grant your' requests, what form soeyer taking. 

Then speak them, my dearest ! 
4S11S. Pray leave me to myself; favor I ask not, nor Iuitv 

I claims upon you. Ah me, unhappy ! 
CounL No, no, Susanna. I tiish to make you happy. Tcm 

well know how I love you ; surely. Basilio of this 

has told 70U. Now, mark me : say you'll 

me, my clearest, when day is o'er, within the onuMi 
bower, and your kindness shan't go without reward 

Alt. [Wiikout,] He's out, then f— never mind. 

CtMHe. Who speaks there « 



G, I>ei 

41 C Efld ; ed Alcan non entri. 
6W. Ohio Ti lasd qui solo. 
Bat. [#Wn 1 Dr madama sarik, Tado a 

f J C Qal, dietro mi porro f 
Sua Non vi celate. 
W C. Tad— e cerca, ch'ei parta. 
Ohim^ ! che fate ! 

{U Conte va a ceiarn dietro tl 

pone dettramenU avanii dt lm~; e Jh eemd a Ckerur 
hino U quale gira ieetamente qiHm earpone e m getba 
rannichiato nd eeggvolone. Summna la oapre coUa 
veeta, dke ha reoata. 

Enira Basiuo. 

Snsaima, il del vi salvi 1 Avieste a caao Teduto U 
Am. B coaa deve far meco il Conte !— animb, nsdte. 

Aspettate ; sentite ! Figaro di loi oerca. 
Sm, Oh delp I [Aparie.] £i cercha dii, dopo Toi, pft 

ti C. [Aparte, dietro Q mgffiolone,] Yediam oome mi 

Bat. lo non ho mai nella moral sentito, di'ano di'ami 

la moglie odii il marito. Per dir die il Conte 

▼'ama ! 
(km. Sortite ! tU ministro de raltmi sftenateKsa, io non 

ho d'aopo della Tostra morale, del Conte, del tno 

Boa. Non c'^ alcun male : ha dascun i snoi gnsti. Io mi 

rrede a che preferir doveete per amante^ come fan 

tutte qnante an signor liberal, prodente, e aaggio, 

a' uu giovinastro, a an paggio. 

&u$. A Cherabino * 

Bom a Cherubino— Chernbin d'amore— «h'oggi <nl fiu- 
del giorno pasneggiava qn) intomo per entrar. 

8ta. (Tom maligno, an impostnra h qne<«ta. 

Baa. E an maligno eon voi ch' ha gli occhi in testa ? E 

rlla canxonetta ! — ditemi in confidenza. [ Coi^fi^ 
e. I Io Bono amico— ed altmi nulla dico. E 
per voi, per Madama 1 

Hue. \Aitarte.\ Chi diavol gliel' ha dettol 

fios. A proposito, figlia, instmitelo meglio. Egli la gnar- 
iu a tavola si spesso— e con tale immodestia, the 
s'il Conte 8'accorge, e sal tal pnnto— Bapete---^]i 
h ana bestia. 

Am. Bcellerato I— e perdie andate voi tai meniogne spar- 

fiat. Io 1 che ingiustisia ! qnel che compro vendo ! a qnel 

che tutti dicono io non aggiongo on pelo. 

[// Ccnte ti kva, turbaio. 

H C. \Avvoin»andsm\ Come ; che dicon tntd ? 
fiat. \ApaTtt.\ Ohbellal 
Sat. Oh Cielo 1 

Tkszbtto. — CoMTK, SuaANXA, c Basilio. 

V, C Coea sento ? — Tosto, andate 
£ scacdate il sednttor t 

\Aparie.] In qaal panto son qa\ gioBlo 

Pordonate, O mio Signor. 
[^iporte.) Che raina I me meachinal 

fio«i oppreasa dal dolor. 

Oh, HiMf«Bal 
Coma, Qaickly; give none admiaskM. 
Am. ShaU I leave Ton alone, sir f I f WmMuT 

Am. [WOMotd,] With mj lady, periiaps ; ten ttIB I 

Comt. Now, where to hide myself f 
Am. Pray, no concealment 
ComiL Silence— «nd send him off quickly. 
Sub, Ah me ! Fm rained ! 

[7^ Count attempU to conceal Umadf behind tk$ 

chair, vhen Sxteanna iwterpooee, and m lAt 

wkiU Cherubino dipt round and glidee into it, A^ 

aamia then throwe the dreaa ever the latter. 

Enter Basiuo. 

Bos. Susanna, I salute you. Pray, have you met wttk 

my lord this morning ? 
Sue, And what have I to do, then, with his lordship f— 

leave me, yon booby. 
Bob, Tes, directly ; bat learn that Figaro seeks him abow 
Am. Indeed, sir! |ilt»(is.] He seeks his graatest fbt^ 

then, poor fellow. 
Covmt. [Aside, oehind the cAotr.] IH see now how be serves 

Bae. There yon are wrong ; it follows not in logic that In 

who loves the wife is foe to the husband. And 

how his lordship loves yon I 
Am. Away, thou odious pander to the vice of another, 

for I despise you ; preach your morals and logic 

to people like yoantelf. 
Bae, No anger, beauty ; we've all our fancies. I took for 

granted that yoa'd your sex's likings and imprea- 

sions, and would prefer for lover one of birth, in 

the prime of life and manhood, to beardless pages 

and striplings. 
Sue, ToCherubino? 
Bae, Tes, Cherabino— <cherubim of goodness — who was 

observed this morning slily luning in the passage 

to this room. 
Am. Ton malicious wretch ! 'tis the grossest slander. 
Bae. Is't slander, then, with yon to use one's senses 1 And 

then our page's song, too. [Speaking in coi{^ 

dence.] Come, let me share the secret, i on know 

my friendship — I would never reveal it. Was*! 

for vou or the Countess ? 
Sue. [Atide.] Who told him that, I wonder ? 
Bae. Apropos of the Page, now ; he is much too inca»> 

tious. Often at table his looks betray his passioD 

— understand, for the Countess. Should his hud' 

ship observe it — he's 808piciou8 — you know him» 

he'd play the devil. 
Sue. Wretched sland'ror ! — tell me what delight you find 

in spreading such gross falsehood. 
Bae. Nay, what injustice ! I but say as others ; nor dA \ 

add a syllable to what is talked on all sidet. 

[The Count rues v^ith a fyjubled lean 

Count, [ Coming/crward. i Well, sir ; what's talked on all sides • 
Bae, [Aeide,] Delightful! 
Am Oh heavens 1 

Tkkzktto. — CouHT, SuSANMA, and BAaiuo. 

Cowtf. How ! what hear I ? — no delay, then ! 

Go and drive bim, the rascal, hence ! 

No delay, then, but drive him quick fircs» nenoe ! 
fios. [./Ituis.] Let Basilio mercy pray, ibeu ; 

Youth excuses such light offence. 
Am, [ilsidis.] What rnufortune ! how onlucky I 

flanly w# are at the worst. 

. {Pf^tmtde to b^ 



liC Ah! gftfTienkpovwiMl 
Opnw, o Dio» It batts il eor. 

Bm, FUm, piMiin m qnetto iacgfe- 



Sm, [L» napuigt em Jbrwa.] 

DoTe loiio f Com v«nio I 

Che insolenin andte wor I 
Ba$. ) Siamo qui, per ly'ataiti, 
/I C ) B licuro il Tostro onor. 
fitw. Ah I del paggio qoel ^ht ho 

En lolo un mio toepetto. 
Am. B nn' iiuidia t— Una peifldia I 

Non credele a I'impoetor. 
H C, IHirta, parta, il damerino. 

^^ |PoTeruiol poTerino! 

n C. l/roMOD.] PoTwinol pofwlaol 

Ma da me lorpreio ancoi^— 
8m. Cornel 
Bm. Che! 
H C. Da toa cnghia, 

L'lucio Jer trorai rinehiiiio ; 

Picchio, m'apre Barbarina 

Paoroaa faor dell' nio, 

lo dal mate insoapettato. 

Qnardo, cerro in o^ nto, 

Ed alcando, pian, piaafaio 

n tappeto al tarolmo, 

Vedo il paggio. 

[Alaa^ in inuiasiom, la 
KopTt Cnemniio. 

Ah, 000a reggio I 

Ah, erode stoUe I 

Ah, meglio anoora ! 
II C. Onentissima Signora I 
8m, Accader non pob di pe|*glo. 
A C Or capisco ooroe tA. 
8m, Gtnflti Dei, che mai larh 1 
Bm, Cofll fan totte le beUe» 

Non c'i alcana noiitlL 

[ChenJbimo ch' i Jin q^ rimmj 
n leva fu, gumi a aeden, 

n C. Baailio, in traocia toslo di Figaio roiam : lb ib 

Am. Bd io che senta. Andata^ [Cm 

ale mfn d 


n C. \A BmSw,] Bestate. \A 5iiMMia.] Che 
quale scosa, le la oolpa k eTidente ? 

I • 

Am. Non ha h nopo di icosa on'innooente. 

12 C' Ma oostni qaando venne ? 

Am. Bgli era meoo qnando voi qui ginngeete ; e ml efai^ 
dea d' impegnar la Padrona a interceder gli cn^ 
lia, ii vostro arriro in loompiglio lo poeie ; ed Mlor 
in quel loco si nasooee. 

il C. Ma g'io stesso m'aasiai, qnando fai camera entni f 

Cke, Bd allora di dietro io mi oelaL 

17 C B qaando io Ih mi post 1 

CAc Allor io pian mi Tolsi, e qui m'aaeod. 

n C, Oh cielo I dnnque hai leotito qnello chio ti 

Om, Feci per non lentir, qnanio potea^ 
a a lA Smamuu] Oh t perfidia! 
"" {Arrmtamdoloi] Frenateyi; 

EtUra FittABO. 

D C [Pfwtik per mm UaetM CkmMm, « k wmm m pimk.] 
B v«>i vestale qui, piecM lerpeBta. 

CiMiit Ah I poor girl, ihe's reall j fiunting ; 

Bm boeom thioba aa if 'twould borit. 


Gently, gentlj ; ait jnm down there. 

lEndeavering to plaee Kerima 
\wUfim&m§ tkaii\ 

Hear'ns 1 where am 1 1 what preaomptioL f 

Have yon dar'd — bat hence, awaj ! 
/iot. \ Tmst me, we are come to help 70a ; 
CpMNt. (po, Snsanna, be quiet, pray. 
Boi. What I hinted of the page here 

Tnmi out nothing, I now engage, dear. 
Am. Oh 1 insidions I — oh ! man perfidioai I 

Don't believe what he can say. 
GmmC. No, he goes ; in yain yon clamor. 

2JJ } Poor young fellow ! 

OMit UrmmaXi^.X Poor young fbDcw I 

xeBterday, I caught the Iniaye— 
Am. How, then ? 
Bm. Howl 
CmoiC Why, at your cousin's. 

Tes ; the door was locked and bolted. 

Gently then I knock'd, when Barbarina 

Most unwilling open'd. 

This awak'd suspicion sleeping,^ 

All around me I go peeping,^ 

Then I gently raise the corer 

Fh>m tM table, and there discoyer— 

\ln wmng this, he imitatet the atHrn deearibed h^ IMm^ 
the dreujrom the arm-chair, whm he dimmenAeFape, 

Chembino ! 

Fm all amasement I 
Am. We're lost f6r ever I 
Bos. Well, sure, I never 1 
Cowtf. 80, my modest, chaste Signora \ 
Am. Everything to-day goes crossly. 
Cmat. Now I understand, my friend. 
Am. Gracious pow'rs ! how will it end I 
Bos. That is still the way with women, 

Bver faithless, fall of wiles. 

[Chembino, who hna till now remaimd rrmtehed m m 
chair, raieee himedf up, mi/ eecmd therein, 

CcwU, Basilio, now hasten ; say to our Figaro I want him. 

I'd have him witnesa— 
Am. [ With a confident air,] And so would I, too. Away, 

Cbwtf. [ToBaeaio.] Remain, sir. [To Smatma,] WlM 

excuse now 1 or what evasions, when the prooft 

are so pregnant 1 
Am. Oh, sir, innocence needs not an evasion. 
Cemi, But how, then, came he hither 1 
Am. Why, he was here aheady, ere yon appeared, iw; 

and came to beg me to solicit my lady's friendh 

intercession, when your approach oonina'd aaa 

alarm 'd him. In his terror he hid then where joa 

found him. 
CsMH<. I myself sate me down there when I eater'd tLt 

Che, Gliding qnick from behind, I then conceal'd me. 
Cmad, And when I came round there, too 1 
Che, I slipp'd back then annotlc'd, and hid again, sir. 
Count. You scamp 1 it seems, then, you listen^ lo att thai 

I was saving. 
Che, Beally, I did my best, sir, not to listen. 
Cemd, 17*0 5iMaNfia.1 Oh I you traitram. 
Bos. [Jnierrtipting am.] Bestraia yoanelf;— oar bfM» 


Enter FiOAao. 

as{^.l DoaV dare lo mofa a alep, yea little 



Qloviuii Uela, 
Flori tMigele, 
VmfwaA tTiMMb, 

Nofltro SigfDor: 
n BOO gran core 
Yi terba intatto, 
D'an pih bel flora 

L'almo candor. 

[A mgm dad CmUe, parkmo Cptv, Barbarma. Sm- 
ttmrna, Ckembino, Batilia, Figaro 11 CokU^ rm- 

Sw. >£TTiTal eTTiyal erriTal 


fSg, [A Ckentbim, ehe tta qgUUo,] B Toi noa applaadhi f 

&M, R'aflSitto, poTcretto, perche fl {Mditm lo icMda dal 

Fig, lAl ConteA Ah I in an giorno si beUo f 
Sub, \AI ConU. In an giorno di noaw f 
fW. (AI CONI0.J Qaando ognano r'ammiim f 
Cm, [S* inginoecMa.] Perdon, mio Signor. 
n C. Nol meritate. 
Su», Effli i ancora fandallo. 
n C lun di qael cbe ta credL 
Cke, E Ter mancai ; ma dal mio labbio alfin»— 
n C, Ben, bene, io vi perdono ; Ann fai^ di ptk ; Tocaate 

^ an posto d'nmzial nel i-eggimento nuo ; io lealgo 

Toi. Partite tosto, Addio. 


Ah I fin domani loL 


n C No; noitatosto. 

Che, A aboidirvi, Signer, ion g& dispoato. 

n C, [Iromeo a C^emStiM.] Via, per Tnltima volta U So- 

•anna abbracciata. [ApiaU a BaaUio.\ Inatpettato 

^ il oolpo. 

\Pariono U CmU e Bomtim, 
Fig, llnterrompeMio CherubinOf cki va per badan Stuamia.] 

EU, capiumo ; a me pare la mano. Io to pflu> 

larti pna che ta parti. [Con gioia Jbtta.] Addio. 

piodolo Cherabino ; cx)me cangia in on panto il 

too destino 1 

greet Uni with nowen, 
Tom from Maj bowen, 
Wet with tlie summer show^ 

Children of Spring ; 
IVeolj he givei 70a 
Bloeeoms mach dearer, 
Br'rj heart nearer — 

Dance, then, and sing. 

[Jtamgn from the Comi, Barbanm^ md At Ckinm m 
offlwkiU Suoanna, CkenAimo, Baoaio, F^am, mi 
' tm Cownt r em ain . 

Sue, } BTTira I erriTm ! erriTa I 

Fig, [To CherMno, wKo looh oad,\ And whj don't JM 
apphmd, sir ? 
Poor fellow, he is grienng becaose his tordship bUs 
him qoit the castle. 

— ' 1 How I on a morning like this, loof 
On the morning of oar wedding f 
When all join in joar praises f 
^KneeUng.] Tour pardoo, good mj lori 
Count. Toa don't deserve it. 
Sm, He is yet a mere stripling. 
Comi, Not BO yoang as yoa fkncj. 
Cke, I own mj fanit, siry^praj hear my now jiiriiniihii 
Comi, Well, well, yoa are foigiren. Nay, mora than tSn 
111 do : ft post is yacant in my own regiment— 
the post of ensign^^'tis yoors, my friend Awo^. 
and qaiddy. Adiea. 



To the CVwfif . 
To the Count. 
To the Count. 

^ > Give till to-morrow, sir. 

Comd, No ; off directly. 

Che, To obey yoa, my lord, I'm ever read; 

GponI. [Ironicauy, to Cherubino.] Come— now, then, for the 
last time, embrace your dear Snsanna. [J^art, As 
BaeiUo,\ This blow was anexpected. 

[Exeunt Count and BatHiB, 

Fig, [Intercepting Cherubino, a§ he goet to lau Siisaiiiia.] 
Hold, sallant captain ; tn me, now, pra^ addreos 
yoa. 1 wish to give a word of advice, sir. [ fTikl 
J^g*^ jof'] Farewell, my excelleot Chembfaio ; 
What a coange a moment makes in all yonr for» 


Non plh andrai, far • fkl • lo • ne a - mo - ro • 
Play no mortt boy, the part ^ a loo 


Not - te gior-no din 
Nor a ' bout beau - ty 

tor - no gl 

fod-iek - ly 


















Del • le bel - le tor - ban-do 11 ri - po - so, Nar -el - set • to, A - don • d 
In Hhe war* you'U mere pleature die - coo • sr. When your heart beatt to glo 








•I Del-le bel-le tnr-ban-dofl ri - po 
ftmet In Ae ware yo^ mere pleaamre die- 

Nar- d • set - to, A-don - d - no d'a - morl 
When your heart beaU to glo - ry and fame? 

Non pih a yrai qnes-ti bd pen-nnedii -nl, Qnal cap - pd - lo, leg-ge -roe ga - Ian - ta, Qod-la 

Now m lona - or in oQke ymtlSl te^ronetag, ' WiA yomrjUUUing, andpip-ing, and daneina* At Iks 



ahto a>,ai>U' a » fk bril - Ian - 1>, Qnd Tor-ml • idio don-iM - mo eo-lor; Qnal Ter-ml - ]^ don-T« • tea eo - 
ijfefcid - 9if gkuteimg, WkiU Aa haulbamdMQrtwpakai yomr mmm, WWh tk$ hiabund§ grow paU M ^tmr 

^r * y"^ fir y y G~^^ ^^j^^^^^ 






quel pennte^hl-ni, Qael eap-pel-Io, qaells chio-ma, Qaeir a • rla bril-lan • ta 
I'a watint prandng, With your piping, JIddUng, dandng, At young maidtmi glancing 

g g^ fS ^ 









l^gMRfld-ri pof-fltfbaooo, 

^^T^ ^ 

Qran miutaccl^J, ftretto taceo ; 8chl oppo in 8palla,8ciabla al flanoo, Co! - lo 
MtghtifwhiAm^ taking pridtin^ Tpmci'gnro§ grandip gmoking, S9m&4imm 






dril-to» m«'M fhiiioo, Un gran caseo,0 an gran tortan-t^— Moltoo-nor, po-oo contan-ta, po-«o eoo- 

Bwmring, wm^wtot joking, OoBar atiffonod, Lnoo on ohonldor^ Them wiU tnako iko perfect ooidior, the perfod 

^^j^^^fTr^ ^ 

tan - te, po - eo eon • tan - tal Ed in • to - ea del flin-dan -go, C - na mar-cia per U fkn - go, 
mt-dior^tho per -foct $ol - dior t And, in-otmd ff waUting gai-iif, Mar^eg nigkllif, marehm dai-ly. 

Per mon-ta - gne, per yal • lo • ni, 
O ' oer mountain high and woa-ry. 

Oon la ne - Ti a i loMio - ni, Al eon • cer • to di 
Hiro^ tht vai4eif9 dark anddroary. To the oound qf can 

bo-ni, Di bombarde, di can-no - ni, Che la paOa In tat - ti tno-ni. All' o-rec-chle fan fla • chiar. Non pid 
p i thing, A fif ^ ^ 'gainet hroaet-plaie daahing, AJUogetk - or oneh a mntie. It may wdt nigh make you deaf. Now a* 


T^^: C r -^^ f jjL ; ^ "^ "^-3^ 

^^ - -^ 





qoelpenaochi • ni,— Kon pib aTral qoel ea • pel • lo, Kon pib arrai qnel - la 

<a Mlia praaetay,— Ther^tanend to oongandto dancing, Thermo an end to eghng and 

^ ( Tj-yf^Tg^a ^^:^^^}?^ 


' J ' yi U '^ i;-^ 

chkNna, Non pib avrai qnell' aria bril • Ian - ta. Gba-m-bi-no, alia Tit - to - fla; 
^kmting, Thermo an end tommgandto dancing. Che-nM-no, on to gh'fy; 

Alia gk>-ria mi-U- 
Oo, where honour eaOo yon 

^£^^§ M^ ^j3S i^^Bgg|^^f r-: ::^^i^ 

J C9ie-m • bi-no, alia rittoria; AMa glo-ria mi-li - tar I Al - U '•v^ria mi - li - tar I Ai-la gloria mi-li - tarf 
m! CkerMnoontoglory; Qo, wherohmoureaUe you now f Oo,wherokknowr eeUia you nowIOo.whero honour eaik you newt 

0CENA n. — Magmfiea Camera eon alcova da lotto aijbndo, 
AUato all' aloooa, ma umetra degfi attori porta pratSedbile 
di un gabimHo ; daUa parte oppoeta Jmedtra praUieabiU, 
A eimetra, alia quinta di meseo, porta di eniraia , dai late 
epooeto, oB* ukima quiefki, porta di m gabtneHo Varie 

SCENB n.^^ magni/icent Chamber, with 
the tide of the ofeoML oa the right hand, an 
to a cabinet; oa the left, a window ; mttke 
which leade to an tamer chamber ; oa the 
door of a cabineL Vt 

an ahem, M 

end, a 
eum. Hi 




^^fe^ l| ^=^ 

Fot^ R - mor, 

XfOM. <ko« ho 'Ip 

qnal die rli - to - lo, «1 mio duo - lo, 
pu ' rmi im'pmiMt, Ot rt - iCor« n« 

heart a gaim t 

^^^ {l-^EJ^i^^^S ^^ ^ ^ 



Im - d' Al-men mo - rlr, O ml 
MM ' rp of this paim, I 0m 


O ml ran • dl 11 mio te • w • ro; 
Bring him back, «r fat a« p«r • <ik ; 

iM - d' ahnen mo - lir; Por-gi a-mor, qiud-che rii -to-ro, al mfo '^Molo.a'miei sospir: O ml len-di il mio te - 
ton 'rp qf Odi pmin ; Bring him back, or Ul wu peritik ; 1 ry of this pain : O rmtore his Joti t^f 


O ml Vi 
0/ r« • florc 

•da almen mo - rlr, 
hiM hMTt a • gain^ 


Aeorl « 



rfrl O mi ren dill mio te • eo • ro; 
f/amt Bring him back, or Ui wto por - M; 

•da al-men mo - rlr. 

ry ^ an ' 

Emra SutAinrA. 
la C. [Siede.] Vieni, cara Stuanoa, Oniidmi Tutoria. . 

8ao, B gUk finita. 
La C. Dnnqoe ToIIe aednrti 1 

Sm. O, il oigDor Coote oon fa lai oomplimenti eoUedomw 
mie pan ; egli venne a oonnatto di danaii 

Va C. Ah, il cnidel pih dod m'ama 1 

Sao, S come poi h geloso di vol 1 

La C. Oome lo sono i moderni mariti. Per rittema liile> 
deli, per ffenio capricdosi, e per orgoelio, poi tatti 
gelosi. Ma se Figaro t'ama, d lol pna. — 

Entra FiOARO, eatUatUa, 

Fig. La, la, la, la, la, la ! 

8m. Booolo. Vieni, amico — madama e Impadente. 

A roi non tocca, stara. in pena per qaesto I Alfin 
di che si tratta ? AI Si^or Conte piaoe la epoaa 
Ed hai ooraggio di trattar sdieraando on neg^osio li 

fSg. Noo vi basta, che scherzando io d penai ! Eeoo 11 
progetto. Per Ba>iilio on biglietto io gli fb capi- 
tar, che 1' awertiHca di oerto appantamento, cbe 
per Vyra del hallo a an' amante voi deste. 

La C\ O del i die seoto 1 ad on nom si geloso I 

f^> Ancora meglio, cosi potrem pih presto imbaraoarlo, 

oonfbnderlo, imbrogliarlo, roTesdargU i progettL 
Sao, B Ter, ma m <ti lol Teoe s' opporra Muoellina. 

9%, Aipetta: al Cbnte farai sabito dir, die Teno ten 
atteodati in giardino; il picciol Cbembino, per 
win eonalKUo non ancor partito, da fommina 





Enter SutAirvA 

I. [Seating kerte^.] Hither, my good Sosaima, amk 

finish now 3roar story. 
TIs told alreadj-. 

Si. He sought, then, to sednce toq * 
Oh, no ; his lordship would ne'er oonfiBr such fiiwii 

on the lowljand simple : but he means to be praii 

ent at our marriage. 
u Ah, he loves me no longer I 
Then whence his jealonsj, always on the watch ? 

Tour modem husbands all act in this foshkm. 

Thej are on system faithless, changefbl from di^ 

position, while from their pride, child, they are ne 

less jealous. But, if Figaro lores thee, by hk 

Enter Fioaeo, nngtng. 

Fig. La, la, la, la, la, la ! 

Sm. Here he is. Now, my dear est my lady's impatient. 

Fig. There's no occasion — no, not the least, my jewel I 

But let's discuss the matter. His gracions lordship 

is pleas'd to love Susanna. 
Sm. And you've the courage to go on joking with a ma^ 

ter so serious ? 
Fig. Never mind me ; 'tis my nature to be joking. Boi 

mark mj project : through Basil', I sent m^ lord 

a letter, in which I gave oim iioace of a certain as* 

signation made by you for the ball of this evening*. 
OiiaiCBit. (Sood Heavens 1 what madness 1 — to one whoi 

still so jealous I 
Fig. Tis all the better ; for thus we hope che sooner tt 

confound him, embarrass him, and delude him. 
Sm, TIs well ; but in my lady's stead t$eiid old Maroel- 

Fig. Ooateated ; so be it Meanwhile, then, I'll toll my 

lord that at nightfall you'll meet him in the gar 

Am ; and Httle Chenibino, my ready pnpil. roi 



llio, fkniDO che inmM TM0 hri loi vada. QMrt» 
h V nnica strada, onde woOMt, ■orprao dm mad- 
MM, eia coetretto a ftv poi <iiial che ti bnuna. 

ta C [A Suaatma.] Cba ti par 9 

Sm. Nan c' h mal. 

£« C. Nel Dottro cano— 

ftit. Qoand' egli ^ peraoaso-^ dova ^ fl tempof 

i\^ lu>h\\ CoDte alcacda a par qoaleh 'ora nan 
ritomo ; io Tado, a tosto Cbambiiio Ti 
kicio a Toi la eora di TMtirlo. 


am BpQi« 

#V- Bpoil [Cofiteiite.] 

8a Tuol ballare, ilgnor CbotiiKs 

n chitanino la suooarb— 

Si, la goonarb. [Porti Figan. 

im C, Qnaato daoimi, Saianna, cha qnesto gioTinatto alK 

bia del Conta la stravagaiua ndito 1 Ah 1 ta son 
■fia— ma per qoal cansa mai da na itesia ai son 
Tanna 1 Dor^ ^ la canxooetta 1 

JBcaola aponnto, facciam cba si la cantL Zitto— Ytoa 
gaata--a dessol 

Enbfu Chbbubuio. 

ATaati, ayanti, Signor offlsiala I 
Ckt. Ah 1 non chiamanni oon noma ti frtala ; ai ml ram- 

menta, cha abbandonar degg* io oomare taalo 

Sm, B tanto balla 1 
ChB. [Strnpimndo,] Ah I 8\ !— certo I 
SmB. [Chitn^acendolo.] Ah! s)!— carlo. Ipocritona! Via 
. pmco la . caniona, cha stamana a ma datte a 

madama cantata. 
LaC. Chi n' ^ ranter ? 
Sm. Guaidate ! egli ha doa braoda di roMor tolla finda I 

/xi C» Ftandi la mia ehitarra, a I'aooompagna. 

Cka. Id Bono si tremante 1 — ma sa Madama mola— > 

Sm. ICoHtniijffaemdolo.] Lomolasii — lornol; manoo pa- 




tine off Us Jooma^, and mask'd in femala habile 
shiul m yonr placa so thithar, dearest Sosamm. 
Tmst ma, there is no bettar way. Onca snrpris'd 
and canght in his misdoings, hall ba glad to ooM- 
plj with all onr wisbes. 
. [iTo iSutoaiia.] What think yon f 
Not amiss. 

'MB. Perplex'd as wa ar»— 
If wa can parsnada him— tha tima for action T 
Whj, the Connt is gone bunting, and until nigfatlUl 
will Bcarce think of returning. I'm off now, and 
qnicklj Cherabino will sand yon; for to jtm I 
leave it to disguise him. 
And what next 1 
Why, then — [Siftging,] 
If you're for dancing, trast me, good master, 
I'll to TOur prancing play up a tuna- 
Yes, pfa^f up a tuna, sir — [Exit ^fmwk 
Commtta. How it pains me, Susanna, to think that Cner» 
bino should have o'erfaeard the Count thus himsalf 
axposing. I wonder wherefore our Page oomas 
not to seek me ; he's full of youthful fandas. Btt 
Where's bis cansonetta ! 
Sm, Here it is ; and, when he appaais. 111 make him nng 
it Gently— a footstep— ne's coming ! 

Emer CHSRUBiiro. 

Approach, approach now, most chiralroos oommandar! 
C&s. Ah, nerer give me that tiUa so datatled ; it still va 

minds me that I most needs abandon my dsai 

and kind protectress. 
Sm. And one so lovely. 
C%e, [Siahing.] Oh yes I— anrely ! 
Sm. [Afodb'r^^'jn.JOh yes!— aurelr! Ah, yon dalodar* 

But now, sir, for the ballad which this monim 

you gave ma— sing it, pray, to the Coontess. 
CbNntesf . Who wrote the song 1 
Sm. Oh, look, now, my lady ! only see how paga4ika ha 

blushes 1 
Cbaafsss. Take my goitar, and play to onr minstrol'i lii^ 


Cki. Fm all in such a tremble! — but, ff madam oom- 

Smb. [Moekmg him.] Poor little boy !— Oh yes, mj kdf 
wills it 



Vol che sa- 
Wkai IB thia 

• pe - te Che 
fsel ' ing Makea 


sa ^ a - mor? 
sa aadf 

Don - na ve - da - ta 
What iB tkU fad • ing 

S'lo llw 


Don - na va - da 
What U (hiB fta 


S'io I'ho 
Makm sis 


Quel - Io ch'io 
Pain ihat da • 


Yl-ri-dl-rb? £ oerma nuo - vol— Ca • pii 


VI - ri • dl - rb? 
can it bef 




nuo - vol— 
pai9u flw/— 


pir nol so den • to on 

Ur^d^Qwugkfrm! WhencB^tm, 


fet to. Plan ( 

Plan dl 
Strcmge Ca 


star? Ch'o - n ^ 

BB{f.f TbU aM 


la aan 


Ch'o - ra k 




w r r~F S 

fit - k) ^ pol ten - to? L'al 

Wk^ am J hmn-itigf Wkp ito / JUemf 

ma ftTTftmpar? S In an mo • men • to. Tor - ao ft at • 

In an mo • mon • to, 

MM J^ " 

Tor -BO ft 

Nf9 - AT 

Ri - car-oo on 

Att iB m 

too - It di 
- Urtd, Notk-imftB ai 

me; Hon 

reit; Or 

Non 10 oot' %? 8oi-pi -ro,e ge-mo, 8en-ift to -lor; 
But in my brmut f Oeniler th$ 6rM»«t, Day i§ wtan hri^fht ; 

^^zgzj B g^zt J:B g:^ £g^j^ 

Pal-Iit-toe tre-mo. 8en-ift m 
Fair-ar QiBmoonheamM Shumam Om 


per; Non tro-ro pa 
mipM; Orrnn-er Oe for 

oe, Not - to n^ dl. Ma par ml pia - oe Lan goir eo - tl. 
M(, Qrmik'tr iht hiU, Soft too the mm ' ne Fhtm fi^m mdk rOL 

8m. Presto a noi, bd aoldato ; Figaro rlnfonn^— 
Ck$, Tntto mi diflie. 

8m. Lasciatemi Toder. [Onervando ChenAim.] Siam 
d'eguale statara. bill quel manto. 

I GU Una U matdo. 

La C. Che fai « 

Sm. Niente paara t 

^ C E 86 qnalciino entrasse ? 

Syia. Entri, cha mal facciamo * ^ ^ porta chiadei^. [ Va 

a chiudert la porta.] Ma me poi aocsondaiigli i 

capelli ^ 
La C. Una mi cnffia prendi oel gabwietto— >pretto. [ii Cho- 

rubinOj come Sutanna aUra nd qaJbineUo,] Cne carta 

^ qnella f 
Ckt. La patente— 
La C. Che soilecita ^nte ! 
Cks, h' ebbi or da Basilio. 
La C. Delia fretta obbliato hanno il riglllo. 

[Rende ia paiade a ChmyAino. 
Sm. [Con una cuffia.] 11 sigillo di che f 
Ui C. Delia paten te. 

8m. Cotf petto ! che preraura 1 Ecco la colBa ! 
La C. Spicciatt ! — Va bene ; miserabili noi, w U Conte 


t^tMBfuw ti^ vicino alia Comteua ; CkenMao te k m- 
yiNuecAiia dduaafi, e Summna gli mdte la cnffia. 

Ami A. — SuAAinrA. 

Venite, ingiiiocchiateTi, 

Reatate fermo 11 ; 
Pian, piano or via giratevi ; 

Braro ! va ben co0\. 
LA faccia ora volgetemi ; 

01k I qnegli occhi a me ; 
Drittissiino, {^uardatemi. 

Madam a (|u\ non k. 
Restate fermo 11. 
Kb alto quel rolletto^ 

Quel cit^lio un p6 piil baiso : 
Le mani sotto il peito, 

Vedremo poscia 11 paiio f 
Qoando aarete in pi^ ; 

Vedremo poscta il passo f [Aiia 

Mirate 11 bricconoeuo, 
Mirate qaanto i bello ! 

Cba f^Tba gnardatara ) 

Sm. Come 70a hither, mj soldier ; Figaro hae told 

Cka, Every thing, Snsan. 

8m. That^s well Now let me aee. {Stemimy 

hack with ChienMno.] 'Twill do to a nicelj. 

are equal in statore. Doff your manUe. 

[Taha off ku 
CnmCeM. What mean joa f 
Sm. Oh, don't be frightened. 
Counteu. If any one should enter ? 
Sm. Well, ma'am, what does it matter? Ill 

thoogh, the door. [6^om to tAttf lAedbsr.] 

how to trim up our ladj with nnglets 1 
ComUem. Why, you can take a head-dreu of mine 

vonder closet. { To Chenibmo^ a$ Smamta 

the cabirtei.j What paper's that, sir * 
Che, Mj commission — 
Counteu. They're in a marvellous hurry. 
Che. From Basilio, this moment— 
Counteu. In their haste, too, they have quite ibraot to 

it. [Giviny ulatk$9 

Sue. [Re-entering.] .Have forgot to seal what f 
CounteM. Why, the commission. 

Sue. Cospetto I — But no matter. Here ia the 

CohmCsm. Behold it ! — be speedy ; if the Count 6Bd 

here, he'll ne'er forgive us. 

[Smamia taku a uat by the Comdem ; OmrMk 
before her, and Sueanna piaou the cap oa km 

Asia. — Susaitha. 

Come hither, page, and kneel yon down. 

And look me in the face ; 
Bat keep jrou still — ^you'd better, tir,— 

Bravo ! he mends apace. 
Once more I'd have you look at. 

Come, this way turn your head ; 
Tou little rogue, weMl drive yoa 

Unles8 you rnind what's said. 
Still,! advise you, sir— bravo I 
Now let me view you nearer. 

Thi8 cap shows off your graoes ; 
But, when yon move, remember 

To moderate your paces. 
Now rise and walk about ; 

The ro^ looks so demorely. | IV Aa 

Hell win each maiden soraly, 
His eyes so full of lustre I 

Bmile that never missee. 




CIm rtuo, oIm flgim ! 
86 famano le iimimiiie, 
Han oerto Q lor perch^ 
im C. flalam le ngauate ; or qoelle Dumiche oltro I g<h 
■lito eli all a, onde pi)i agitatamante I'alMto fli d 
3m. Eeeo. [Amcmi 

^ C Pl^ indietio oobI Cha nastro ^ aaeUo 1 

9m E qoal eh' aaio mTolommi. 

[ParU Smama eol mmIo A 

C%§ Allorehe an naBtio legb la ehioma, omt loeeb le 

pelle— d' oggetto. 
Lb C. Son tola — ^Ah »\ son tola. 

[Si pietkim Jkon. 
RC. ^Dijwi,] Perch^chinsaf 

LmClXuuo spoao— [5i o^aono agiiall] Oh Dell Son 
moita I Voi qa\ senxa mantello— In qneato alale I 
rioeTUto roglio — ^la ma gran gekiaia t 

Oa [Difton,] C9oaaindiigiate« 
La C Son sola^Ah a) son sola. 
HC. Achipariate? 
£a C A Toi oerto, a Toi steno. 

Ckt, Dopo <l<wl ch'^ saooesso— 11 aiio ftirore I Non toOTO 
utro oonsigUo. 

[CWm a eJani nd jiiWwrfiit 

J^ C Ah I mi defenda il cielo in tal perigUo I 

[Lmn la chiam dal^abimelt^ « oorrv ad aprim U Omts, 
ehe entra, 

n C Che novith 1 Non fh mai Toetra aanaa dl linehln- 

derri in stania. 
Lb C. Wrer ! ma io— io stara qnl metlendo— 
R C. Via mettendo 1 
Lb C. Certe robe. Era neoo la Sosann*— che hi ana 

camera h Xndata. 
il C. Ad ogni modo toi non siete tnuianilla. [i^a aaM wa i ^ 

dda, tnoilrafKMa tma IttUra aa Figan,] Qna^ 

dale qnesto fbglio. 
Lb C. Nvmi ! e ii foglK>, che Figaro gli icriaie. 

[Sija rumon nd gedimetto daf k Cksmkym. 

R C. Cofl' \ ooteato strepito f In gabinetto qvalcfaa 

e cadnta. 
Lb C. VPvk opfi/itfa.] lo non intesi niente. 
R C. Conyien che abbiate i gran pensieri *n menla. 
ImC. IM che 1 
77 C La r'e qnalcnno. 
Lb C Chi Tolete che sia f 
il C. Lo chiedo a Toi, io Tengo in qneeto panto. 

Lb C. Ah si ! Susanna appnnto— 

n C. Che passb, mi diceste, alia soa stanaa. 

Lb C. Alia soa stanxa, o qui — non ndl bene. 

il C. Soianna ?— e d'onde riene che aieto d tvbato 9 

La C Per la mia cameriera. 

R C Jo non so nolla, ma torbata sena' altro. 

Lb C. Ah, qnella senra, pih che non tuba me, tubn fol 

n C K' rero, h vero. £ la Tedrele adeeao, 

SirAAJiirA «aee daila tua tam e m Ttn 

9 C Soaanna, or ria sortite ; 

Sortite coal ^^ 

And lipa all jnade for hiaaee,— 
So lovinglj they pont. 

CbwftM i. Complete his transformaticn. Tnck np hie sleoTea, 
now, above his elbowa, I pray joa, so that die 
dreea may sit upon him with grace and lightneaa. 

Sm, Tea, Ma'am. (^^^isaasia does as dmmd 

ComOtu, A little higher. [Smt a ribbm rmmd hu oror.) 
What ribbon's that» sir f 

Sm, The one he stole from me, sue. 

\Smanna gam off Mfiik Chend>mt^§ mmdk* 

dm. Oh, when a ribbon has bound the hair up, or on^ 

tooch'd the skin of-— of 9ome one. 
OsHaCaet. This is folly ; I reqaest you'll give over. 

CbHRt. [fPicAoMe.] Why shat in thus ? 
Cmwl— . My hosbandl \Thaf cohm firwmd, Jlmrmd.\ 
Good heaTcns I rm min'd— }^a here, stripp'd ol 

a mantle— in such condition — that moat nfr 
letter — he so prone to snspioion. 
ng,] Why don't yoo open 9 
Csiwinp. What IS it f I'm by myself here. 
Ctmi. Too spoke to some one 9 
C saa fH w. To yon, sir— only to yoorself, dx, 

Oh. Oh, his race wiU be dieadfnl— whaf s 
now 9 This way alone is left me. 

(CftsmUao nau to kiiU kimtdfrn At 

O m mi e u . Into what peril has my foUy ran me 1 

[Tabtt the keg out ^ tko eabuiet,mid goa to opm tk» 
to the CotmL' 

Cfmrnt, [Eniering,] What fancy's this 9 yon were not 
till now, Ma'am, thus to lock yonraelf in here. 

CbwiCssf . 'Tie tme ; bat then I was busy, sir, airmnging. 

CobbL Arranging what 9 

Omafais. Certain drosses. And Snsanna waa aseJiliiig 
she's now gone to her chamber. 

Comd. And yet it seems, Ma'am, ^n do not Ibel too eoay. 

1 Eyeing her keenig, and giving her Figard$ letkr.] 
L pray yon read that letter. 
Oemieu. Heayens I the letter that FSgaio wonld send hfan. 

[Cherubino tq)eetM a ehair in the odmmL 
ComU, What noise is that in ^nder room 9 I'm sore ■ 

table, chair, or somethug has fidlen. 
CNMtaf. [If ors eois^Maai. 1 Fallen, air 9— I did not hear It 
Comd. Ton most hie thinking most profoimdly, 
CmiaiaM. Of what9 
CbHRt. Him that is yonder. 
ComOen. May I ask who it la, Bir9 
CotaU. That yon most answer, sinoe I haTt Jnel 

CbwiCssf. Oh yes; why not, sir 9 — flnsanna 
Count Who, yoa told me, went this moment to hm 

Counteu, Yes, her own chamber, or that— I cpnl bt 

Count, Susanna ! — and why, then, eeea yon in anch 

turbation 9 
GwalMs. 'Tis for her I'm flnrried. 
CMfltf. I'm m the dark stUl. Bot tie plain ymiVi 

Comdeu. Truly, it seems that my maid distmha yon i 

than she does me, sir. 
ComL Toa're right, precisely. And mm tUa 

Efder Susavva, with a dreee 

Coum, Come Ibrdi, come forth. 

Come forth, I aaj again. 

Mflv CVhm IW 



EmC Sosaonal — son mortiit 

II fiato mi manca ! 
Sub. Pih lieta, pih fraaca ; 

In salvo h di gia. 

n C, [Aparte.] Che sbaglio mal pnd I 
Che sbaelio mai pnd l— 
Appena lo credo ! 
Be a toito t' ofiiMi, 

Perdono yi chiedo, [ABm 

Mm far bnrla simile 
B poi cradeltk. 

la a 



















LeTostre follie 
Nod mertan pietk 

lo t' amo. 

Nol ditt. 



Son r empla, 1' inilda, 

Che ognora r* ingaima. 

Qaeir ira, Saiaimay 

M' aita a calmar. 
Cos\ si condanna 

Chi pub sospettar. 
Ah I doB^nelafede 
jy an' anima amante^ 
Si fiera meroede 

DoTeva sperar. 
Co8\ si condanna 

Chi pa5 sospettar. 
Signora I 

Cmdele 1 plh qnelbi noa 
Ma U mfeero oggetto 
Del Tostro abbandono, 
Che avete diletto 

Di far dtsperar. 

Confnso, penttto, 
E troppo panito, 
Son troppo pnnito, 
Abbiate pieuu 





[Mmlra h UtiercL 

Sofirir si gran torto 

Qneet' alma non sa ! 

Ma U paggio rinchinao 1 

Fa sol per provanri. 

Ma i tremiti, i palpiti f 

Fn sol per bnrlam ? 

Ma an fogUo si barbaro f 

Di Fig^ ^ il fo^io, 

£ a voi per Basilio. 

Ah, perndi ! io vogUo.— 

Perdono non merta chi agli altri non dk ; 

Perdono non merta ehi agli altri non dL 

Ebben, se vi piaoe. 

Commune h la pace. 

Bosina inflessibile con me non 

Ah 1 qoanto, Snsanna, 

Son dolce di core I 

Susanna ! — Fm rtio'd 1 
What ficrion to use now f 
Be bolder — no terror — 
He's od' now, the Page. 

Count, [iliiitle.] How Strang is mj enor I 
I cannot conceive it-^ 
I scarce can believe it 1 
Bat, if I've offended, 

It ne'er was intended ; [Totke C 

Sneb jokes, thongh, maj jostiiy 
Suspicion and rage. 

{ Your conduct indeed, sir, desenres aU job'tc 
J met; 

( Toqr iiidmM «id J^neVe- fet«M. 

I love yon. 

Ton mock me. 
Just now yon proteeted, 
My sight yon detested. 
Susanna, pray aid me ; 

My wit IS too sliehL 
Oh no ; for my laify 

Is all in the right. 
Tis thus I'm rewarded 
For all my devotion. 
With constant commotion 

From morning till night 
For once, thongh, my udy 

Is all in the right 
Pray, Madame I 

. Ah, cmel ! don't call me Boffaia : 
That name is the token 
Of vows that are broken. 
Of love and affection 

That long since are dead. 
Ah, cruel ! I once was peiibction ; 

Bat those days are fled 1 
Repentant sincerely. 

Ton ose ^™ severely ; (PsrsMosMy 








As OmmAsbs 


Di donne al Auore 
Chi pih crederik I 

Cogl' uomin, 

Gixate, volgete ; 

Vedrete, che ogoora 
Cade poi Vk. 

















(PBMfMf As tie teB» 


Tour tales of that urchin 1 
Were fictions to vex yoa. 
Your tremors so mannest 9 
Assnm'd to perplex yoa. 
That letter so horrible 1 

Bv Figaro invented, 

Torough Basil' then presented. 

he scoundrels 1 I'll reauite them. 
He merits not pardon who cannot foigive : 
The proverb holds good here, to live and m Ih*. 
To all whoVe offended 
Be grace then extended ; 
Rosma no longer Is resentfU, I hopeu 
Ah I gentle Susanna, 
How feeble our sex is ! 

When most anger vexes. 

How prone to give way 1 
If man'l the offender, 
In vain we resist, Ma'am; 
He coaxes, persists, Ma'am* 

And gains the day. 
Fragive me, dear I 

kar hmJ m tke Ckmd 




Sua. i 
LaC. < 
lie. { 











Sua. 6 








11 C. 






La C, 



Guardatemi ! 
Ho torto, e mi pento. 
Da questo momento, 
Quest' alma a conbscerla, 
Apprender potrd.. 

Bntra Fioabo. 

Slgmore, di fuori, 
Son gid. i suonatori; 
Le trombe eentlte, 

I pifEeri udite; 
Tra canti, tra balli, 
De' vostri vassalli. 
Corrlamo, voliamo, 
Lie nozze a compir. 

[Partendo, il Oonte lo ferma. 
Plan, piano — men f retta ! 
I«a turba m' aspetta ! 
Piano, piano— men fretta! 
Un dubbio toglleteml 
In prla di partir. 

Lia cosa ^ scabrosa. 
Com' ha finir? 

Con arte le carte 

Convien qui scoprlr. 
Conoscete, Slgnor Figaro. 
Questo fogllo. Chi verg6? 

IMoatra la lettera a Figaro 

Nol conosco 
Nol conoeci? 

Nol conoscl? 

No, no, no! 

E nol destl a Don Basllio? 

Per recarlo? 

Tu c'lntendi? 

OIb6! oibft! 

E nol sai del damerino— 

Che sta sera net giardino— 

Gift caplsci. 

lo non lo sa 

Cercl in van difesa e scusa. 

II tuo ceffo gii t' accusa. 
Vedo ben, che vuol mentlr. 

Mente il ceffo, lo g\k non mento. 
I II talento aguzzi in vano, 
< Palesato abbiam 1' arcano, 
\ No v'6 nulla da rldir. 

Che rispondl? — 

Niente, niente. 

Dunque accord! ? 

Non accordo. 
rEh, via, chetatl. balordo, 
\ La burletta ha da finir. 

Per flnerla lletamente, 

E aH'usanza teatrale, 

Un azion matrlmoniale 
Le faremo ora seguir. 
Sua. Fig.fDeh, Signor, nol contrastatte. 
La C. \ Consolate i miei desir ! 
n C. Marcellina ! Marcellina ! 

Quanto tardi a comparir? 

Viena Aktonio mezzo uhhriaco, portando un vaao 

di viole, CO* gambi achiacciati. 

Ant. Ah, Slgnor' 

Count. I'm wrong, I fear; 

But, then, I do repent me 
AuA A (I'm glad, sir, to hear It. 
So«nt««.i Though etlll much I fear It. 

{ Yet hope for the best. 
Count. I pray you believe me, 

I would not deceive thee, 
And hope for the best. 







Enter Figaro. 

So please you, they come, sir. 
With horn and with drum, sir; 
The trumpets are screeching. 
The little fifes squeaking. 
With dances and singing. 
And bells gladly ringing. 
Proceed, sir, with speed, sir. 
The marriage to bind 

[Aa he ia departing, the Count atopa him 
Piano — ^less prating. 
The people are waiting! 
Before we set eut, though, 
Resolve me this doubt, do, 
Which comes to my mind — 

Oh, this is a poser, — 

We've match'd him at last! 

Oh yes, 'tis a closer, — 

They've got me now fast ! 
Pray you tell me, Signor Figaro, 
This same letter do you know? 

IShovHng a letter to Figaro 

No; not I, sir. 
That's a lie, sir. 

/own It — ^fle, sir! 
Counteaa. \ 

Fig. No — no — no ! 

Sua. But you gave it to Basillo? 

Counteaa. To deliver? 

Count. Can't you answer? 

Fig. I scarcely know. 

Rus. Sure, we've heard an assignation— 

Counteaa. For this evening is intended? 

Sua. d 

Comprehended ? 
'Pon honor, nay. 
'Tis in vain that you denied it ; 
Spite of all your tricks to hide It, 
Blushes still the truth betray. 
liooks may lie, but I speak truly. 

s the use of riddles weaving, 
soul of us deceiving ; 
y give up your idle Jest. 
Do you own it? 
Not at all, sir. 
They accuse thee. 
Pray excuse me. 

but now give o'er Joking, 
the thing grows too provoking; 
Knd the farce, the curtain fall, 
make an end dramatic. 
After these our ways erratic, 
'Tis a custom most emphatic, 
Marriage now should wind up all 
Sua. Fig. r Laying now aside your anger, 
Counteaa. \ To our wishes yield I pray. 
Count. lAaide.'l Marcellina! Marcellina! 

What so long can make her stay? 

Antonio entera, intoxicated, carrying in hia hand a 
flower pot of violeta, vyith their atam^ 

Ant. Oh, my lord! 









liOOKs n 
i What's 
< Not a 
( Praj 
Do you 
Not at 
They a( 
Pray ej 
i Nay, 1 
<For tl 

i ^^^ 
But, to 



n C, . Com ft stelo 1 

Am, ChAinsoleittftf Chi fl fsM ' efal fli • 

^ftrig, I ^"'^ did ! oofl' lud f COM ^ nirtoi 
4"(* Aflcoltafee ! 

ilsrt. Dal baloone, che gnarda in giardino, 
Mille ooae ogni d' gettar reggio, 
£ poc' anai pii6 darai di pesgio. 
Vidi on aom, Signer m&liettar 0k 

nC. Dalbalcone! 

Afd, Vedete i garo&nL 

n C. In gtardino ? 

Ami. &\\ 

^^- I [A Fiffon,] Flgaio aU' erta. 
AnL Coaa sento ? 

Fiff r ^^^ briaoo che yeone a fiv qal 

iZ C [Nom mtervandogii.] 

Donqne- nn nom, ma dor* % f 

DoT'^gito! lAd 

A^ Ratto, ratto il hirbone h ftigghe« 

E ad nn tratio di lista m'oad. 
Sm [Pian a Figaro.] Sai 1 che U pi«gk>. 
Fig, So tntto, lo ridi. 

Ah, ah, ah, ah I 
RC. Tadlh! 
AM. [A Figaro.] Coaa ridil 

. \Ad AwtaMo.] To sei cbcto dal aoiK« del di 

il C. [Ad AitionioA Or ripetimi, ripeUmi, 
Un nom dal baloone f 


Dal- baloone. 
B C. Jn giardlno f 
AmL In (^Wrdino. 

f #V^ ^' I ^ 8«»Me, ae i a hd peila III vteo f 

U (JC [iSsnaaybrs affg n riom a lorv.] 

Segni pnre, segvi pnie f 

N^ il Tolto U redeati I 
^fll. No, nol yidi. 
Am. « La C. Ola! Figaro, aaeoltAl llgMO^Meollat 

a a Si? 

AM. Nol yidi. 

fVy. [Ad Antamo.] Vis piagnone s A iHto 
Per tre loldi tur tanto tnmaho . 

Giaoch^ il fiuto non pnh ftv 

Sono io steaio laltato di A. 

Chi 1 Toi stesso f 

Che stupor f 
8m. € La C. Che teata 1 che ingegno ! 
n C. GSk creder nol poaao. 

Come mai diyentaale ti groMO * 

Oik creder nol poaao, nolpoaia 

IX»po il saito non Ibste ooal 

A chi salta ancoedi oos). 

Chi U direbbe 1 
Aaa. e Lc C Ed inaista quel paaaol 
il C. Tn che did 1 
AmL E a me panre H ragaaao. 
il C. Cherubin 1 
9m. € La C. Maledetto I maladetio I 

f^ (/mMuoo.l Esso apponto, eaao appoottK 
Da Biyiglia a cayallo qa\ gmnio ; 
Da Siyiglia or d forM mtA. 






Camt. Whafs the matter f 

AM. Who has done it 1 That* a whal I woald kjow. 

Sm. Countess, i What's the meaning, fenootfai of tkli cta^ 

ComUf i'Fig. \ ter ! 

AM, Giye attention I 

Am. From that window, upon all mj flowws. 
ThejjT are flinging, still, mbbiah in ahoweri ; 
Bnt jnst now, which I take mora ankindfy, 
They haye thrown down npon me a man. 

ComU. From that window * 

Am. Tes. Only see these gilliflowers. 

Coml. In the garden 1 

Am. Tes. 

Cowitesf 1 1^^ Figaro.] Be on jonr goard now. 

Am. What haye I done 1 

Sus. ( 

r^tmumm ) ^**' '"^ ^ dctoct MoL. 

j^g^ i Bnt this dnmkaid— what doea be wmH banf 

Cewil. [Noi notidnQ them.] 
Bnt, if this be tme, 

Where has he got to 1 [7% 

Oh, in donble qnidc time be rtm off, air- 
In the twinkling of an eje be was gone. 

8m. [Aside to Figaro.} 'Twas our page, tEent 

Fig. I know it — I saw him 1 

Ha,ha,ha,hal [1 

ComU. Quiet, there ! 

AmL [ToFigaro.] What! yoasawhimf 

Fig. [To AnUmio.] Hold joiir toogna, tbe, fcr 
jou're wise. 
Ton are drunk, and know nol what yoa aaj. 

ComU. [To AnUmio.] Just npaal In bm jomr fid 
He leap'd from the window* 

Am. From the window. 

ComU, On joor flowers 9 

AmL On m j flowers. 

^[jV^ ^ I Tis the wine that ipMka ons of Iht Mmt 

ComU. [Not attertdiMg to Cfton.] 

Tell OS ftirther, did yoa knofw Um 9 

Let's haye no eonceahng 1 
Am, No,— «h, no, dr. 
am.4r ComUms. Now, then, ndnd waA be 
ComU. Yeal 
AmL Oh, no, sir. 

Fig. [To AMtmo.] Was then ew, mw, m 
boob J f 

[PsMfMlf la 

111 be honeat, the trvth now i«?naUng. 

'Twaa myself that yon saw leaping dofwn. 
ComM. How I yonraelf. man ! 
Fig. Yea ; wny not ? 

Sm. ir ComUmt. How deyer I what qokkneaa I 
ComU. I cannot belieye it : 'tb Action. 
Am Yon'd a different lock when yon Jno^^d. 
ComU. I cannot believe it 
Am You haye grown sinoe yon leaped, then. 
Fig. Yes : when jumping, I make myaelf aninL 
Am. Well! Ineyer! 

8m. ir ComUsm. Why, you anin^ am flnotlBf 
ComU. Now, what say yoa f 
AmL Why, he aeem'd bnt a boy, iir. 
Comsi. Was't the Paget 
Sm. 4r ComUess. What a question I how 

Fig. [IromoaUg.] Yea, in sooth, dr, 
That's the truth, sur. 
He ftnm Seyille's remm'd here on 
• At n galop, no doubt, he kaa eona 




li c. 






Qaetto DO, qa«ito no, dM fl eaTallo 

lo non Tidi saltare di lA. 

Cbe paaensal 

« 8Mi. Come mai ! 

Fmi&m (jnesto ballo 1 

€ Sui. Oinsto del fimik 1 
{A Figan.] Dnnqtie to f 

Saiui fifih ? 

Ma perch^ f 

li timer. 

Che timor? 

TA rind^iosoy [Motinmth U gMmM^] aspetUuido 
quel caro Tisetto, tippe tappe im ramuro foor d' 
wo ; roi gridaste—io sciitlo biglietto, saltal gift, 
•lal terrore confuso ; • straTolto m' ho an nerro 

del pie. 
Am. [Cavajii9ri tbIU carte, € U 

[Fnmdom iijrieik* 
a Figaf.] Yottn 

dnuqiie saran qaeste carte, die perdeate f 
il C, [StrappoMdole giieb da,] Oik 1 porgile a me. 
Fig, lAparte.]Sono in trappola, soao in trappola. 
Sm. %UkC. Figaro al'erta : 
li C Dite QD p6, qoeato foglio ooa' h ? 


Fig. ToHto. uwto, ne bo tanti, aspettate 1 

Sark forse il aommario dd debiti f 

No ! la liflta deffl' osti. 
il'C, Pariate; [Ad Antonio.] etalaadalol 
Sm, 9 La C Lasdami, e parti 1 
Fig. Lasdalo e parti I 
Am. Parto b), ma se tomo a troTard t 
Fig. Vatane, ranoet non temo di te. 

{AMonio parU; ii Conie moitrv OMorv U Jbg Hm, § la 
CoiUe$aa vede eh* € ia ptxtenii, 

RC. [Ad Figaro.] Dnnqne? [Tromeo.] Ooraisgfol 

[La ConU$$a guardtfmpra U ipaOt dd Conk, 

Ifl C, [Piam a Smaatma,] O, cid 1 1* pateote dd paggio. 

Sm. lAaam a Figaro,] Gioiti Dd I U patnte I 

Fig. Ah, ehe fiesta 1 ah, cbe teita 1 Qneata % la paieaia 

che poG* and il fimdnllo mi dft. 
RC. Ptodi4fare1 
Fig. Vi manca— 
RC. Vimanca« 
La C. LI Figaro.] H BOggello. 
Sm, Il raggello. 
R C. \A Figaro.] Biapondi 1 
Fig, B r iuanaa. . 
R C. Su ria, li oonlbndi I 
Fig. E r Qsaoia di ponri il anggeUo. 
R C. Questo birbo mi toglie il cenrello. 
^- i 1 .4.w^^ 1 ^ nai salTO d* qoeato lei 
La C. } l^P^'^i Kh non arn naoftagio 


R C. Tiitio, tntto ^ on misterc per me. 

[QiiaWwi Ufiglio, 

Fig, Sbvfti invano, i la terra cdpeita 1 
P6Terino ! ne sa men di me. 

Butrano Mabcbluna, Babiuo, « BasmA. 

Mm. fiu. ( Voi, Signor I die glnsto tieia, 
( C^ dorece ora asooltar. 
[Aparie.] Son yennti a Tendicarmi, 


mi sento a oonsolar. 
Sm, S I M„„ ^ , 1 Son tvnuti a sconoenarmi, 
^^^\AparU,\ QMi rimedio ritTOTar. 

AfU. No, not bo, fir ; jon're wrong altogether r 
Thev flung Irom the window no horse. 

CowHt. Too absurd, sir. 

Counteu fr Sua. We are lost ! 

Count. Tm tired of these follies. 

Cbunlesf jl* Sm. Heavens I how will it end f 

Count, ITo Figaro. | Then, 'twas yon — 

Fig. Took the leap. 

Count. And fur why 1 

Fig. 'Twas thrrjugh fear. 

Count. Why through fear ? 

Fig. I was hidden there, [Pointing to tht Chamber,] awnii- 
ing till she was done, sir, when tip, tap, tip^ 1 
heard voices murmuring ; you call'd ont thei^« 
and, dreading your anger, down I leap'd, all con- 
founded by terror ; in tho tumble I 8pr&<n'd, loo, 
my foot. [Prrtending to rub hi$ ankU. 

Ant. [Showing to Figaro a Jbldea vafier. ] I soppoee, then, 
these papers haye fallen from jour pocket * 

Count. [Snatemng them.] Indeed ) give them to me. 

Fig. fiifidSs.] I am canght at last — I am caught at last 

Sm. gr Countem. Figaro, caution. 

Count. Now explain. What's cootdn'd in this note ? 

[Showing it to kirn, at a diilamm. 

Fig. I'ye so manj that reallj I am puisled. 

[Figaro taket moeral paper»Jrom )ua pocket, ami pnttmtdi 
U> teek what is watUed. 

Ant. Oh, perhaps 'tis the list of your creditors. 

Fig. No 1 the names of our gnests, nr. 

CcmnL Speak ont, then. [ To Antomo. ] Don't jon wortr Urn. 

8m. 4- Cmmteu, Yes, be off, old babbkr. 

AnL Wdl, I go ; but if once more I catch yoiH— 
Fig, Yes, he off; /on cannot frighten me. 

[Antonio goee ; the Count again tkowe the paper, and tki 
Countem $em that it is the commission. 

Comd, [To Figaro.] Well, drf [IronieaUg.] Takeoovngal 

. [The CbihiIiis looks ooer the Counts shoeidar, 

Countem. [Aside to Susanna.] Oh, heayeosl the paga'k 

commission 1 
Sm. [Aeide to Figaro.] Ail 76 saints, the oommisskm 1 
Fig. How fbrgetfnl! what a memory I Why, ia iIm 

commission which at parting he left, sir, wttli mm. 
CounL What the object ? 
Fig. It wanted^ 
ComU. It wanted? 

ONMlsBf. [Prompting him,] Sealing seaHi^ 
iSMS. Sealing. 

ComU, jTo F^fon.] Beplj, dr. 
Fig, n[*is the custom — 
CmmL Why this hedtationf 
Fig. Snch commission's are ^aal'd whan tramaiilml 
Csuitf. Oh, this nMcal win aena BM dietnelad. 
«. ( • If this lempest I addj 

gV^ \ [Aside.] weather, 

^'^^^ r IwiUneyeragniBtraatthetM. 

Comst. All remains still a riddle for me. 

[Twisting and rumpkng the 

Fig, Yon ma^ raye, and may pull ai joor letber, 
Bnt stiU yon are no maleh, sir, for ma. 

Enter Mabobluna, Bauuo, and BAsroftO. 

Mar. Bae, i Gndoos Lord, and noble 

Bar. ( At your hands we Justice pnj,' 

OmhiC. [AsmIb.] They are oome now all o«r plott to 

Scarodj kiiow I what to saj. 
Sm, Fig, \ i^i^^i They are coma onr ploii la 
CsimCsBs fl-"^J I am piiwlsd what la sijy. 



f(f. Son TBAOtl « Moneerlumii^ 
Qoii rimedio ritroTtr. 
Son tre stolidi, tre pan! 1 
Com mai Tengono a fivl 
il C Flan pUain, Mosa acfaiamaai 
Dica ognim quel cbe gli par. 
Un impQffno nosiald 

Ha eostoi oon me contratto^ 
B preteodo che il eontratto 
DeTa meoo effetaar. 

r^. (7 } Come ! eome ! 

BC, Ola 1 tUensio, iflenzio 1 
lo ion qa) per gindicar. 

Bob, Io com' nom al mondo fofilo^ 
Vengo qal per teftunonio 
Dal promeMo matrimonio^ 
Con prastanaa di danar. 

Fig. S 



CmmL Ola I sileniio, Tediemo. 
B eontratto iQsgerenus 
Tntto in ordin dere aadar. 

Son oonfnsa. 
Son Btordita. 

Jfir. Bom, BC.€ Bar, Che bd oolpo» die M 
Sub, La C* Fig. Disperata, sbalonlita. 
Mar. Bai. n C, € Bar, B croicinto a tntti fl M 

^JV ( Certo on diayol deU' inftrao 
yy^' i Qa) li ha fiMi capitar. 

£-. ) 

Bat. (. Qoalcbe nnme, a not propiiio, 

ComU. f Qn) a ha fiuti capitar. 

wum dux' atto nana. 


8CE1IA L— CXoNMCto.— il Cown, tU 

/IC (F«faiSKMfUMB.] BSnaannal CU m ch' eOa tradilo 
abUa il sesreto mio ; oh te hapailalo^ gli fb apo- 
Bar la Tecdiia. [A Summm,] Uoinhnaalal 

Sa». Mi par che siete in oollera. 
il C. VoMtb qnalche com ! 

JSiu. Siffnor, la rostra tpoaa ha i aolW vapori • ^ cUadi 
u TaMtto degli odori 

ilC. Frendete. 

Am. Or rel riporto. 

n C Ah, no : potete ritanerio per woL 

Sm. Per met Qoeati non ton mali da doont trirlalL 

n C. l/romioD.] Un amanta che penil Q onm ipoao ml 

panto d' ottenerlo— 
9m, Fagando Maroellina colla dote che rd nd 

R C. Ohio Ti promisi ! qnando V 
dm. Cradead'aTerlo-inteio. 

Fi^, Ton are three egiBgions boooiea ;•» 

What the plague do yon want here * 

CmmL Gently, gendj, I oommaDd jon ;— 

Let them make their pnrpose dear. 
JTor. [Tb the Count, $peaking of Piffaro.\ Nobia 
ask for jnstic&^ 
'Gainst this traitor who has broken 
Here to-day the marriage token. 
Which Mfore he gave to me. 

oL^ \ ^*^" *^' what's this! 

Comd, Hb la I Be silent I— attendon— atlealioa I 

I am here to jndge the case. 
Bbs. I hare come, my Ix>rd, to offior 
In this case my testimonial 
Of a promise matrimonial. 
By defendant made to her. 
8a$. ) ^Tis too bad, sir ; 
Omwf ai s . > They are mad, str,-* 
Fig. 2 Very mad, sir. 
OioHL Stflll— 4et me read the eontraet nwrn; 
Then the truth I shall discoTer; 
111 be jnst to one and alL 

&»», ) T», 

#W. )^ 

Mar. Ba$, Cemd ir Bar. What a lucky hit ia tliii 
Sm. Couatem, |* Pig. Desperate, I fear, ov eaaa la. 
Mar. Bob. Count, fr Bar. How it lengthens att Ibdr 

^|V_^ r Sure some derii cross and ¥icioM 
j^. * i Does his best to ruin aO. 

Mm. ) 

Boo. I Sure some genfaia, moat piopMow, 

Comd. r Comes to hdp ns al cor caU. 

'm astounded ! 
'm confounded I 



SCENB L— a CbftuMt.— aib Omnrr 
wp and down, wUk an air of tronbU and 
WAatthe Jurtkor md. 

Comi. \PoroBioing Smanna.] TIs Susanna I— who knom f 
may-be she's told the Countess of my iatrigaaf x 
if she's betraVd me, her lorar wida moU 
woman. ITo iS>ii8aiiiia.J What bringi job UllHrY 

I fear'd that you were angry, sir. 

There's something that yon want, now. 

My Lord, yonr noble Countess haa got h« 
Tapors, and has dispatoh'd me for her 

Then, take it. 

Ill soon return it. 

Oh, no : if yon require it, keep it younelt 

Myself? Vapors, air, bdong hot to ladisB of 









[IronieaiUi.] But a damsel who's Hki to 
husband upon the day oi mnnlsgn 

8m. By giving to Maroellina tfie dowiy yon 
Susanna — 

Count, When did I make andi proadaal 

Am. I thought IhAaMToaaarM. 







dovm • qMl di 

• 11 

Orndell percbe flnom 

Farmi luigiiir ocm\ t 
8ignor, U donna ogiMfa 

Tempo ha di dir di ft 
DmqiM in giaidin Twrai f 

06 l^aoQ a Tol, Twrtii 
B Bon mi manelMnU 9 

Bo, Bon ▼! maijchart^ I 



Tm^ oa eoaditlM that yon UfHan to n j « 
Oh, that's mj dntj; bat, sooth, I do Mt 
il is jov do wiih. 

DsOT. — CouiiT omI SutAiniA. 

Too hmg joo ha?* deoeiTed mo ; 

Hope, weary, bids fkrewell. 
What passes in her bosom 

A maiden dreads to telL 

Toali meet me in the g^ro^e^ 
When snnsef s on tiM lea. 

And do not mean it fidsel j f 
Oh no; rely on mol 


uinn* OovsT 

•OlAllirA. (IMi.) 

sen-to**>« dal eon - ten • to. Fle-ao di (io-lafl eor 

Wkai §nm» - poH 

t =!:::e=i: 

-r-i H ^ 

g —p—y ::: 



nan-to, Yol eho inten-de-m a - mor, 
trp'img. Bring oB la jmocs and rsff , 

Sen - sa - to • mi, Yoi ch'inwn-4e - to a • 
BringaU »9 peae$tmdrmi, to ptam amd rmif 

MB n to 

jf f , ,P^^^^~TrTiiriXrjiJ!zg 

dal eoB- ten • to< 
M» is /r 

Plo-aodi gto-iail eor. 
img Tkr^ iki$ m ' fop ' imnd brmat 

DoMiM in giafdln tw - ra - i? 
Thm,bif Iks 9or-dm bom-wf 


ii pie oe a toI, f«r rh. 
MtwiMgH I wsa U. 

S wm mi 
raallasl far -9^ Ifts 

?vni-i? VoB aaaete - ra-i? Dumibs ?v • nl7 

Ymmw&iM '9^^ 

JW-gH Aa hsvrf 



HOi Sty**** 
Nol Nof... 


MO, 4$ 




i-^'-jLJ_JjJ= ^=^ ^ 

K<m nuuielie - rm - 1? 
Tkt gar'dtn bow -cr 

I>ii]iqiw rer -n - 17 
Foii'OmI /or • 0iet 

i:^"ng ^ ^^~^ * "^ 

Hon nuuieh* - n - i? 

•on • to*»»««* <UU ooB 
What tratu • porf mw u 

M • te - inf. w men-tot 

may Cft« icftoM I'm trp - ^t 

Td eboin-toB-de-toa- mor, Scn-sa-to-mi, le 
Bring ail to peaet and rvl/ OftMaytiWacfteBBerm 



Pie - no dl ieIo - la il oor; 
Tkn^ IhiM M - tx^ - tarttf ftrvoK, 


Ml ien-Co..«* del 00a 

Wkai tram - - porf mam io 

m'=f j\': i Oi ;^ ^ 

men-to, 8ca-«a to - mi, to! ch'inton-do to a-mor.. Yol che in-tan-do-te a - mor, 

try-ing^ Bring all to peaeeandrui^ to poamamdreH, Bring off to poaco and root. 

V U I 



Flo-nodi glo-iail oor Pie - nodi gto-la II oor 

ing TknffkiomroipUroA hrootdl Thro^ tUf m - rap ' twrtd brrntt, Tkr^ 


Vol clieln-teD • do - to a - mor, Vol ebe in-ten - do - to a-mor, Yoi choln-ten - do - to a -mor. 
aU to poaeo and rut. All, all to peaet and root, AS, all to poaeo and 





^ S^ T TB 

Pie • DO di gfc) - la U oor, Pie - no di gio - ia II oor, Pie - no di gio • la oor. 
tkio «a • rap • fMrod broaot, Tkr^ Olio on - rap-iarod broatt, Thro^ tkio on - rap tmrod broaot. 

It €. E porcM Ibeti mooo fta matlina d 
am. Col Peggio— chlri c'onL 

n C. B Toro, Toro ; ndpromotti poL 8e ts mandii, O 
cor mio— Ka la ConteMa attenderk fl Twetin. 


E f tt on pretewo, parieio io non 
tt C. BraTiittma ! 

Clptoii. Bat what made yoa 10 croat and lo disdainfld tiiii 

morning ? 
Stto. The Page, sir — ^jon foiget him. 
Count. Bat then Basilio, who spoke in mj behalf f 
Sm, Why shoald we need to employ a BasOio 9 
Count, Well thought of—- well thoogfat of; and, tlieD, vo« 

tml J promise we shall meet in the gaiden 9 Bn^ 

now, the OonntoM waits for the smeUing>4iottlt. 
Sm, That was pretext, sir, and meant to bffaig abonl tUi 

OmnC. Brariasimal 



BO IBUnrnM BmkMi'allm. 




Bhi, Boniuut, o^n val f 

tM ! MOM a?ocaio^ hai gia vinta k 

tafitm; Piganlategm; II ftirti, «Ai As «»• 

' Hai gia Tinta la causa I" Coaa wmo t Li qnal 
laeoo cadea I PBrfldi I io Toglio, di tal modo pv- 
aiiTi ; a placer mio la ■ e n i a n ia MriL Ma t'oi pa- 
gaiM la reechia prelandeiite 1 Pagarla I— in qoal 
maniflfB f B do r'e Antonio, che a vn inoor^aito 
fWaio ricnsa di dan ana nipole in matrinioiiio. 
OiMliTaadol'orffogliodiqiieitoiiMnlecatto. Tallo 
giova a an ragg&o ; il colpo I fiuio. 

AmiA.— 'Il Com. 

Vedrb, mentr' io ■otpiio, 

Felice an senro mio f 

B an ben, che in ran defla^ 

Bi ^oseeder dorii f 
Vedro per man d'amore, 
Unita a an rile oggetto, 
Chi in mi destb an affettOi 

Che per me poi non ha I 

Ah no I laaciarti in pace, 
Non v5 qnesto contento, 
Tn non naacestt, andaca, 
Bv dare a me tormento; 
B forse ancor per ridere, 

Di mia inftucitk 
Gi4 la sperann sola 
Delle vendetta mie 
Qaett' animo oooaola ; 

B giabilar ml fit 
Ahl chel laidarti, Ae. 

Am> a fooMep I 

' \Am At rt^m.\ I have mbdned liar. 



] Well, canning as yon an, air, tkli luM w% 

Enkr Fioabo. 

Dov CinuEio, aeoam pag maio da § 


Dm C B dedsa la lite : o pagaria, o tpoaaria. 

n C» B giofta la sentenia : o pagar, o ■posar. Bravo, 

uoa Coiaio. 
#% 8(MB gentiliiooio ! E tensa 1' aiienao da* miai nobiU 

H C. Uore sono ? chi sono 1 

Dm C n tettimonio « 

Fi§, L'oro, le gemme, e i ricamatl panni, che ae pii 
teneri anni ml ritroraro adoflso i mamadien — 
8ooo gl' indiii reri di mia nasdta Hlnftre 1 B, 
g« «««,«.«.. U mio b«cdoimp«-g««. 

Mm, Una fpatola, impreaso ai braccio tecro V 


2. Bavoiehl'ldiMat 
r. Ohdiol ^deiiof 
#%. B ver ton k> I 
Dm C. cut 
UC Chi! 
flbr. Chif 
Urn'. Bafcettol 

/Vf Vfm, mr dear, whither go joa f 

Am. Silence f without aid tS>m joo, know the 

#%. What hag happened « 

[i ftun aii H rmu awa^ , FiganJbUow$her;th$C9umi,wkQkm 
htardfrom tkB hack of the ttage tke kut wardM, retwrm. 

OmmL ''Know the caase l» victorioas I'^ Is it so, ma'aaf 
In what a snare had I fallen ! Infamous I tha 
traitora ! — bat, trust me, both of jou shall ragial 
H; Tour sentence Til give as mj anger dinwia 
But, if he's able to paj oar Marcellina f — lo pay 
her l^nd in what manner ? Then there's Anto- 
nio, who to Figaro angrily refuses to give Ui 
niece's hand at all in marriage. Ill 
this feeliner, and fim the fool's ambitioa. Do 
worst, 1 duiy jou ; you're fairly beaten. 

Air. — Tbb Covnt. 

Shall I, then, be rejected * 
My rank and name neglected f 
^Hiile he, a lowly vassal, 

Her maiden heart beguiles ! 
Oh, well they paint love's blindness, 
Bjr fkncy roov^d, not kindness, 
fuB arrows dipp'd in venom. 

And falsest when he smiles. 
Beware, beware, beware f 

Beware, my treach'rons beauty ; 
Tdo long you've promis'd du^ ; 
Too long yoa've both deoeiv'd ma. 
And, fool-like, I believ'd ye ! 
Now comes my torn for glory I 
Soon shall the traitor Figaro 

Begret the part he play'd. 
Through Marcellina's story. 
Sure is my triamph o'er ye ; 

For love and faith betray'd — 
Beware, my treach'rons beaaty, Ae. 

Mi t N r Don Ouxiiq, odbo mp cmied hjf amd tpeakmg mM 
OBLLivA, Baktolo, OOld FiaASO. 

Dtm C. The dispute is thus settled : he must pay tisr, v 
wed her. 

CmaiL The sentence is j^dlcioas : pay you musty or ain 
wed her. Bravo, Carsio. 

Fig, But I'm well bom, sir ) — without permission of both 
my illustrious parents^ 

Cbuat. Parents, traitor! who are they? 

Dtm C. Tour testimonialb ? 

Fig, Many — the jewels, the rich embroider'd garmenla. 
wmch, in my earliest childhood, were by tha ioIk 
hers taken from my person— Are Uiey not prooA 
decisi^'e 1 — proofs of noble extraction 1 And, 
more than all the rest, on rav arm's impress'd s 
hieroglyphic, too. f7*uniiiw i^ Lit dmm. 

Is't a spatula, on the right arm printed 9 


How know yon of it 1 
Te powers 1 'tis he, ~ 
TIs I, most certainl 


DmC, Who* 

OmM. Whof 

Bar. Whof 






Kooo tiu maidre I 


No, tua madre I 
Dm Cell C. [Aparie,] Sua madre 1 
fW. [Aparie,] CoMMnto! 
i&r. IMpttrmda Bartolc.] ] 


.] Booo toA |Mi4ra 1 

TOU>, « FlOABO. 

Mar. RioonoAci in qaesto ampletto 

Una madre, amato figlio I \/9i 

Padre mio 1 Fatelo steMo 

Non mi fate pth anxMiir. 
Resistenza la oo«tcienxa 

Far non iaseia al too daiir. 
Am C. Ei BOO padre ? ella sua madrt f 

L'imeneo noa pll^ eegnir. 
Mar, Figlio amato 1 
Fig. Cm madre I 
Bm. Caro flglio 1 
fW. Amato padre I 
n C. [A^tB,\ Maglio » ami di qiii pwtir 
Bair, iTIglio amato ! 
Fi§, Parent! amaci i [U 

Smira SutAinr a, om tma harm di d m mt m 


Am. Alto, alto, Signor Conte ; 

Mille doppie son qn^pronte : 
A pagar Tengo per Figaro I 
Ed a porlo in libertd 1 

[Acoamando Figaro ahbraeeit^ 

J§m C. Non sappiam com' h la oota. 
7 C. Non sappiam com' h la cosa ; 

Osservate un poco Vk 1 
9¥M. Qik d'accordo colla spoea f 
Ginsti Dei ! che infedeltdl 
Lascia iniqoo I [ Vuol partirt ; Figmm If 
f^. No, t'arresu ! 
Senti, O cara ! 
1m. [GU da uno 9ehiaffo.] Senti qaetl 
liar. £ on effetto di boon core ! 
Tntto amore h quel che fii f 
C. Fremo, smanio. dal ftirorel 

n destine a roe la fa I 
Om C. Fremo, e smania, dal flnora I 
Ddestino gliela fk! 
Fremo, smanio, dal ftuoral 
Una vecchia a me la fa ! 
E nn effetto di bnon core I 
Tntto amore ^ qnel die fii I 
liO sdegno calmate, 

Mia cnra Hglinola I 
Sua madre abbracciate, 
Che or rostra sari. 
8m. \A Bartolo.] 8na madre! 
Ad il CofUe.l Sua madre 1 
A Don Curzio.] Sna madre 1 
A MarceUina.] Sna madre 

Sua. [A Figaro.] Tua madre? 
fHg. E qnello h mio padre 

Cbe a te lo duri ! 
Sm. 8oo padre « 

Bar. R C. i a-o iMulia ! 
liW C. i#4ir. J *"* P*™ ' 


Bar. \ 

#V« Hmt to a caede. 

Bm. Behold joor mother I [j 

Fi§, Mjnune, airl 

Bat. Na jovr mocher I 

DmC.t' CUk. [Amde.] Hit mother 1 

/W. Gbaitbe,ib? 

MUr. [PsMiy lo Bor*^] Be if 70W lhtib« I 


TOLO, aad FiOABO. 


Oh, let diis embrace diseoTter 
That I am in tmth Tonr modi 
Father, mre 1 Tonll now give awtt 

That I am in tmth Tonr motliar. [2Vif 
ftther, mre 1 Tonll n 
Playing tricu npon your own. 

flay no more, eon ; that ii o'er» mb ; 

ToB m mine, and mine alone. 
Dm C. If it 10, iir ? then too know, fir, 

TUf fame mariiage canH take nlMi^ 
Mar. Vm delighted 1 
Fif. Dear mother ! 
Bar. Deareonl 
Fig. BeloTed&ther! 
CboHt. Ubido.] I had better ba gone. 
Bar. r m daligfated 1 
Fig. I now am righted. [7^ Cmat 

Etirr Sviavva, wM a moie ta Aer hmd^ 

ana tliopptag aua. 

Sob, ' Stop, mj noble maa ter, praj yo« • 
I the marriage fine wUl paj joo. 
Here the daeiUf are for Figaro, — 
He, sir, once again is free. 

[Oboervm MarotOuta 

Dm C. Thing! seem strangely now penrerted— 
Caaat. Thinst seem strangely now penrerted. 

Only look, and yon will see. 
Sua, Am I, then, for her deserted! 
And is this your faith to me * 
But I leaTe thee. [Gmng ; 

Fig. No ; beliere me— 

Hear me, my deareat I 
8m. [BHrn^Atseon.] Thoa I hear thee. 
Hor Jot inspires me, pleasore firee ma ; 
Now, indeed, I*m truly blflsf '4. 

df Omh^ 

Dm C, 





Baffled, nging, well nifh flmatie. 







Oh, what anger illlf 

Let'f lore one another, 

My daoghter, my 
For I am his motbier. 
And soon will be yoora. 
T^BarUdo,] His mother? 
To the Comt.] His mother? 
To Don Cwrtto.] His mother? 
To MarodUna.] His mother? 

^•gJJ;.} His mother? 

\ToFigixro,] Tonr mother? 
And here is my fother, 

80 long sought in 
His fother? 


Tour fotheri 







Che A te to dlriu 
AI doloe oonteato 
Di qnesto momeiito I 
Qiutt' aDiniA appcoA 
Rwitter or 8ft. 

Am C. } A1 fiero tormenlo 

f Di qnesta, Ae. [ AO0M 71 CmH « /ten 



Pnndi— qiufllo ^ fl bigltotto, dal 

deri ; ed e toa dote. 
A«nd0 anoor, qnesta bona. 
B qaesta ancora. 

BraTi I gittale pur, eh' io piglio ognora 1 
Voliamo ad imbnnar d'c«ni aTyentura 
BOttro Zk). Chi al par di ma ooDtonta 1 
Av. « Mar, Io I 
. Bar. % Fig. E cchiatti il Sagnor Conta al gnato 


la CoirnuSA, gmardimd» 

RaoiTATiTO • Asia.— La Oomwmk, 

B Svaanna non rien f 

Bono ansiosa di saper ooma il Oonfta 

Aooolse la proposta. AlqaantJ avdito» 

II progetto mi par. 

B ad ano spoao si Tiraoe 

B geloio 1 Ma che mal 0*0 f 

Cangiando i miei Testiti 00a qoelB 

Di Snsanna, e i snoi oo'miei : 

Al fiiTor della notte. Oh, deto 1 

A qiial amil stato fatale 

Io son ridotta da an oonsorte cmdal 1 

Che dopo ayermi con on miito 

Inandito d'infedelth, 

Di f;eloaia, di sdegni, prima amata, 

Indi offesa, e alfin traaita, 

Flammi or oercar da nn mia Nrra aba I 





And htn if mj 
Idaap haragafaL 

Oh, foftone I oh, change nnezpeeted I 
Who could haTe anipMtfld 
A moment like thia f 



[Exeami CowU and Dam Cmwm, 

Take II— 'tii a receipt, ion, for the gold that yea 

owe me— joar marriage portion. 
Take 'this pnrse, too ; jes, take it 
And this from me, son. 
BraTi I as man j as Ton plef ise — ^111 take all I 
Let's flj and tell the Cooatess and mr nncb iht 
whole as it happen'd. Oh, I'm so glao, so happj 
Fig. Bar. f- Mar. I too. 

8m. Mar. Bar. f- Fig. And only think the paaahm tiM 
Count will be in! [E% 

Emkr tAs Couimaa, laoktng abond anxioaiig. 

*SnoxTATiTn and Am. — Commas. 

Still Bnsanna not come 9 

I am anxious to hear bow my hosband 
BeoeiTes the propositi 
And I fear the resnlt. 

w m J i 
, — the 

jest's a bold one^ 

The Count is hastj and suspicious — 

He'll be furious — j9i where s the harm 9 

I merely change m j garments, and take tfaoee 

Of Bnsanna ; each pTajs the other, 

And the darkness protects us. Oh, heaTena I 

To what paltry tricks am I driven, 

Of me unworthy, by my husband's fimlt 

Was ever lot so hara as mine, 

And so Utile desenr'd by me 1 

A husband faithless; yet jealous and suspieiocM. 

Bven while he the most betrays me 1 

Ah, what a change, ere yet a year is over I 


■r. i r; f!nu:= fci£f::=fcj 

Do • TB 

Tktg ar% 

a - 


1 hel mo - mei 
lAa hap - py wm 


ti, Dldol-cea-aa^e di pis 

/ I muBt Aenes - ybrtA mgk in 


Do-Toan-da-no i gin-rs- man - ti 

I§ <A«ri ^fi ais no ekarm fo Iwn Mai 

Di quel lab - bro men - so < 
Tq tka9% Uw - ing arm§ a - 

g ^=g?^^ 

gncr? DI quel lab 
gaSmf 2V Asas km 

bro men - so - gner? 
ing arwu a - gain f 

Per-chi mai; se in plan -ti, ate - 
Have I, then, for - a» - sr 

i^'-A jj t 

al ean-gi5 Per me tut - to si 

k&Mri ao dear, Lett Io me ^ heart m 

W ^i^^^ ^ 

gib, Ia me 
/ Cbfi it 

mo - ria dl quel be 
be Uial lam m 

ne Dal mio sen 
dsaf Pass • <s Uke 

tra • pas - ab? 
A ' prQ tearf 




fte dl «wl 




Do ' 1% 

i^illS i ^^^S ^ 

Do-TVftn-da - lo I ffin. 
Mi than 10 im «• 

Dl qsel lab • teo 
2b Ami Iov - liy 

Ah I M ahnen U mia 

Nel kngnire unaado ognor, 
MipoTtasie jam spemiua 

Vi cangiar I'mgrmto eor I 

BHtra U CovTB, M^Mtto da Ajttovia enf ea fy wBi db tf^lMli 

dl C%eni6tiio maoaw. 

Am. Lo ti dico, Signor, cho Cherabino ^ Muxifa nal «•»> 
tello, e redete per prora il boo cappeUo. 

II C. Ma oome te a qaeat' ora aiser gianto a Stfig^ cgli 

AmL Scnsate, oggi Siviglia h a casa mia ; la, TattiMi da 

donna, e li lasdaU ha' gl' altri abiti MoL 

AC. l^Aparte.) Pdrftdit 

^frt. Andiam, e li Tedraia Toi \Pmtmm, 

Emtrtmo la CoKTBsaA e SuaAVHA, dhc nai^ioiia iMMnt. 

£• (7. Com mi narri f B cha n« diaie a Oonte f 
9m, GU ai leggera in fronte, 11 dbpeuo, la rabbU. 

Im C. Piano, che meglio or lo porramo in gabbia I Dor* b 
r appnntamento, che A gU proponaiti I 

Sm. Ingiaidiso. 

Jm C FlMiamo^lL nn loco. Serin — 

Alt. Ch'k) Bcnra, ma ti^ora — 

£a C Scriyi dico e tatto lo prendo sn me 

a Suaonna, cAe at BMtts a fooafai a 


So ; ^ bat as a paaiinf ibadow, 

fikidi aa donda the rammer-daj: 
He again wiU Iotb more tmty. 

That hia heart haa been aatraj. 

JBbtr lit Coun, fiO/mmd bg .Anmnck mil darattM^a 

Am. Take m j word, good m j loid, that CbarabiM »- 

maina atill in the caatle, and the proof of k ii 

h e re h is hat and Ibather. 
Cmud. I aeareehr can belioTe it : he ia aarelT te awsf. m 

A»i. If he's at Serille, then Senile ia in mj eotti^ * 

tbeie, in a woman's garments, I tow, tney diaw^ 

him, and there be left his dothea. 
CmnI. {Andt,\ What deceit ! 
A»i. Thia waj, and you'll be sue to eateb hioL [BammtL 

Enter CouvTBaa amd SvaAVVA, lyrtsr. 

Cnawiiii. How did he take it f what did he aaj abovtil t 
Smb. Oh, he lo^k'd fiill of fliij, and he mattai«d of 'mt^ 

CbiMCaM. Better i^nd better; now we ahall aveljr eMoh 

himl What plaoe did 70a appoint Uaaf ht% 

hear, mj good Sosaon*. 
Am. In thegaraen. 

Cmmltm. That be the apot, then. Write now^ 
8m. But onlj think, Signora— 
GhmAm. Write, write, I tell job— in take the blaoM wm 

myself, child— [Z^Ktodf^ to Smamia^ via Am 

Imndf at tk$ taMe]-^ aong to thia 

SULL'ARIA t^THE ZKKUXH! Dunr. SuAunr a an</ CouHTMa. 



. lUaANHA. 

Soil' a • rial 
Tks wtphiyrt 

Che so - a - ¥0 


aef-fl - ret 



Ones- ta 
WhMTti the 



ra spi - rs 
amd aor-lis 


p--^77nuiL^ ^ 

Qnea-ta se 

IA spi - ra- li. 
Hg Haul, 




bo * si^sttol 
mm wt'Hutt 

"' ggP ^ 


BoMoi pl-nlt 8ol-tol pi- Bl del bo^ehet • tot 
WdmmwIOm! Do mai Ui 0^9 hv^dmet wi ^ Om I 


BoMol pi -nl 

dd bo-fchetto! II gU U i« - tto ea - pi • ri^; Oer-to, oer - to ea • pi - 
ht^dmmmAtrl Hi^Om rmtwiUttm -prthmd; Hatht rmi waieom^pf 

Oar - to, oer^to il ea-pl-riu 

■o • « - TB Mf - i- 

Atr, (fen • lb « -Mir» 

^^ ^:^-|Ji.J»| ^ M Y I H J j L -j^:^:^^^ 

ClAUio*tto ea-pi-riu 

fl«.«** At rat «0 

CamooiMt-ta aiill' « - ria. 

pfft^f^j j^ ^g 

001 - lot pi - 111 dal bo^hetto! 
Do moi l0i th9 ht^d mte$ wither t 



Qoflg - -tate-ra fpi-io-ri^l 
Wktn A« roMOiMl Myr- lb UomI. 


Btglail FM-to ca-pl 
Hoths rml uriUeom'pro- 


• li; Oar • to, eer-to 11 ca • pi - ri^; Cer - to, 

• kMd :Bi» Om roai will oompr^ktf^d; Hi ik$ 

gi ^ami 


* w* 

I U U"t 

Ho.-: tkormtwa comprehend ; Ho the 

m - to cftrpi - ii,ilca-pi-ik; 
root Witt cooitprekondtWitt eom p rohond ; 

nea-pl-ra, il ea-pi-rik, fl ca-pi-ri. 
Tit, ho Oio roei witt oomprthend, untt comprthmd. 

^j^g^^^ ^jgFF^^ ^^^^f^^ 

to il ca-pi - tk; 
root witt eomprehend ; 

Dea-pl - Ti,ii capi-H; 
Ymthetho roei witt coni^iirehmd; 

D ca-pi -rik, 11 ca-pl- ra. 
Ym, ho the root witt comprohond. 

.^.^ PSegato eH foglio, or oome d riglio ? 
Ui C Soeo t PreoS nno spillo ; semrik di lijiUo. At- 
tend!; acriTi snl riTeno del fogiio, ''Kimandate 
il ngillo. 

B pib biauuo di qael pella patente. 
fm C Rmo Baeoocdi — io sento renir ffoote. 

iSuoamm naeeendoJm Utton m mm 

Cf — 


The letter's folded ; and now witb what to leal it« 
Sealiti Here's a needle; rare, 'twill aonperthf 
pnrpoee. Now mind me, write on the oatrtdo ol 
the Wter, <' Send the seal beck directly." 

ISuoauM wriho. 

A seal much stranger than that on ine oommissioa. 
How bide it quickly — ^I bear the sounds of ' 
MHM. fSmmm Udm Ao loUer mkerk 



eki pofioKQ tU 

yitm CHUUBiiro (a 

mmnanBobre Contadute^ 
§k ffnaatUmo aUa dx^Leua 

DiTVTTO. — Chxrvbivo e BAJumorA. 

Bicerete, O padrondna 

Qneste rose e qnesti fior, 
Che abbiam colti stamatdna, 

Per moRtranri il nostro amor, 
fiiamo tante contadine, 
E siam tatta poyerine, 

Ma qael poco che rechiaoM 

Velo diamo di bnon oor 1 

tM C Venite aa\, datemi i Toetri fiori ; \Ptmi% % fmi 4s 
Omwim • bada la maa /ranief] oome aweri 
Susanna, • non ti i»are, eh'e aomigU ad aleono f 

Urn, Alnataralel 

Swinmo U Covtb «/ Asroino, cU tirm CHnuBnio dUb 

VtUemdU • gU km h cuffia; h eap o e llatwa jK eodb 
M& tpaOe. Dmqm gU pom U eapith db mjfmak in 

dm. Eh, Cofpettaodof k qveeto Tnflbitbl 
Im C. O, stelle 1 

AC. Ebben,HadMUL [AOa 

[A CkenMm.] BfmM Bonpwtafdl 
CSW. Bignor!-^ 1 

RC. 8apri» pnnira k toa dicnbbidiMM. 

Etdn FiOABO. 

Ay. Bignor, se timtteneta tatta qoatle ngaoe^ addlo 

168 tf, addio dania. 
nC, £ cbe • vorread ballar ool pie* atniTolto f 

FSg, Ehy non mi dool piU molio. Andiam, beUa fim- 

£• C. [AparU a Smanma.] Coma d caTera daU' lab*- 

^Hf. La«date fare a lui. 
A C. l^iegnatamenu a Fiyaro.] Per baona iorti I Tad ana 

di creta. 
FSg. Sensa fallo— andiamo dhuqna ; andiamo I 
Jad, Ed intanto a aavallo di galoppo a Shrig^ aadATB U 

Fig* Di gdoppo o di paMo: bnon Tlaggbl Vanita, O 

belle giorani I [iSSi* ienli la mania m ionlcna. 

f^. Eooo la marcia 1 andiamo ; 

Ai Tostri posti, o belle, ai Toetri poad I 

\U9ekm0 k Paaam, Sta Cherubim oon db' aooli' oUoa* 
wati, 11 QmU Ja tegnaU a Figaro m riiatanL 

Soaanna, dammi il braodo 1 

Sm, Eocolo. [PartmotaUieooMaUOmlfh 

n C. Temerari ! 

£a C lo son di ghiacdo I 

n C. Contawa— 

£a C Or non parliamo ; 

Ecoo qni le doe none I 

Rioeyerle doriam, alfin ri tratta 

D'ana Tostra protetta. 
AC. Seggiamo— [Prmdom 

[AparU,] S meditiam rendatta 1 

8GKNA IL— .Sd^ ricco, em trma, 


il CoiTTB k Kopert9, feduto fid t\ 

gmtmUf mU imh 

Emkt Pbabant OimLa, Chbevbiho 
lAeai, and BAsaARiHA. rhof all carrg 
Atg jprmad to the CamimM, 

DuBT.— CHBEUBtiro imd Babbauva. 

Gentle lady, take these garlands, 

YHiich in humble lore we brinff ; 
Vilets sweet, and blosbing roees, 

That aioand their sweetness fling. 
Tliongh they're only simple flowers, 
GammM with morning's early showers. 

They are all we have to gire ; 

Long and happy may yon live ! 

Come hither, child ; gire me yonr flowers ; (TWav 
the flowen from Chmdkmf and kUoet iit Jbm^ 
head,] no cause to blush — Susanna, Is sha not Mki 
Oh, Tery like, Ma'am. 

Enkr tk$ Couirr ami Ahtobio. Tko loiter mJk C%ar^btm 
from omonMl the girU, and taheo off hu bommt^ idbi 
km hair Jalk down about hio tkoukkrg. Ho thm 
wuntarg cap on kio hood. 

Aat. Ah, oospetto ! behold your gallani soldier I 

CsiMfssB. Good heavens 1 

Sm, [Aiido.] Mischief-maker I 

GMNd. [To M< Cbiiiil6«.1 How now, Signoia? 

(To Cherabim.] And why have jou remafe'd, 
Cfti. My Lord— [A 

CoohL I now will teach you that I can be indignant. 

Enter Fioabo. 

Fig, My Lord — my Lord, if y6u detain these piat^ 

maidens, fimwell feasting, farewell dancmg. 
CeaaL Ton dance 9 I thought yon had sprained your Ibal 
sarardyf [ijewinaffly. 

Fig, Oh, now I do not fed it Coma on— this way, my 

beauties 1 
GnmCms. [Aoide to ^usoNiia.] How will ha aztricala him- 
self, I wonder ! 
Hell manage it, no fear. Ma'am. 
[Pointedlg to Fig::To.] 'Twas very lucky tha flflniar> 

pots were but earthen. 
Vei^— very — now, then, my fdr ones ; coma fillow. 
I thmk that yon told us Cbambino was off Ibr 8» 

Yille, at fiill gallop! 
At a gallop or an amble, luck be with him I Coom an, 
mv pretty rillagers 1 [A match heard m lAe dMtBMai 
Hark to the marcn there 1 — awa^, girls 1 
Take up your places — my beauties, tt> your plaoea. 

[7^ Peaoant'Girk go out. Cherubim otando with 
mot ogoo. The Count oigm to Figaro to 

Tour arm to me, Susanna. 
Sao, Here it is! [Exeunt all 
Coant Oh, the trutors ! 
CpMNfssB. My fears confound me. 
OoomL Now, Countess— 
GnmCsm. I pray, be silent ; 

Hare comes the double wedding ! 

Becdve them as you ought, and Duka 

Cswd. Let us be seated-- [7^ Ml tab 

[.ddds.] And here 111 brood on rangaaoaa 1 (, 

m it, wra 






varie OontadineUe, chiportam U aMfpeOino anpnufa^ 
di pt time bianche^ il veto, 1 gmmti. 

BCERB n.— il opkndid Sakon, wOk a 
pared Jbr a wedding frotiatd, 

Tko Couirr, ootOfd m the tkroao, 

Bator a part^ of Countrg Girk, bearing a Utdo 
adorned w%th whiio /eihero, tko vdZ, tko ' 



iuiTOirio amduet SutAniA dinamm a/ • 

dia if mjii^mA\i^^ Mentre tl Cc$Ue U pom in tmim 
f t Oi mOf if '7 vtU^ €hdk iguanti ed U moxaiMB^ iri 
..Mi/ina dk al Gmte JurdvamenU im 

M Jo pOttB M AfllO con dtttmUL JrWCtfO VM.._ _ . 

ma dalU wuMm del Ciofite, e tt riiura doff tdtra 
' o M£orctUuttL Stoue inlofite wm ^mIs 

oo^s, ^ 5iiMiima oim/ MareeUima. Thm Baktolo iHk. 
^ OABO loM(A«r. iVexf, Airrovio, wAo leads SutAirvA 
^fwB tiU C?oun/, and the kneeU. WhiU the Comt p¥t» tli 
Acrt on her head, and preeenU the veil, the oAmw* , and ill 
noeegajf, the Chanu ia nm^. Suaanna iliUf ^ve$ the Cemd 
a nUe, and he puts it deaetenmelg into his watstcoat, Pigmn 
flpwit to raeetM Suaanna from the hands of the ComMt, and 
wUhdrams on the other siae, near MareeUina, Then Jvlhws 
a ■■'If 


A - BUA - ti eof - tan - ti, Se • gnA-d d'a-mor, Gan-ta -te, lo-da-teSl lagglo Siffnorl A-maa - ti eoa - 
Ye h o er s t/hr w kem now The al4ar i»drmi^d,Qimprmimtnkte g s9dnm § wkowiakeepemsoNes^dl TekV'en^fsr 

tuHit 8e-cna-el d'a-mor, Can-ta - te, la - da4t tt Mggio fil^iiior, Oan-ta - te, Ic - da - te 8i aag^o 8i-giior! 
Tks al-iar is dreetfd^ Oinepraiee to his geodnese wkowtakeepom m hUsefd^Qivepraies toHsgoodmots teke makos yon wo 


A on diitto eedoido, 
Cbe oltraggia, die oflbada 
Bi caste Ti node 

Ai Toetri amator ! 
Cantramo, lodiamo 

Sasagipo Signer 1 

eki BMtts Mifia fronie di lei la gkuianda muiab. Bin tira 
tegtetmnente la wnmiea di lui per anrare Is svm aneneione, e 
dnm^wsjingando agginelare laghirlandajdi da nd tnano U 
kifbetto, A qnale awmta U Conte ed amttamdad apriro U 

12 C. Sh gi^ eolita Tiisaaaa ! la donne floran ^li acU in 
0|^ looo. [Leggendo U dirmone di nmandnm U 
sagiOo,] Ah, an 1 csfkco i\ giooo. 

[Ceroa lo spiUo enOa 

Fig, [A Susanna,] Un IngKetto amoroso die gM die nd 
passar qvaldie galante— ed era ligillato d'nno 
tpillo : ond' ei si punse & dito— 11 Hardso or In 
unta o h, die stordito ! 

[n Conte trooa lo spiUo, e lo prmde^Jbutea U haOo. 

a C. Andate, amid, e sia per qnesta sen 
Disposto Tapparato nnsiaae 
Oolla pih rioca pomoa ; 
Id lb die sia magninca la lesta 1 
E canti, e fnodii e gran oona, 
B gran ballo, e ognnno impari eon' 
lo ttntto 3el >r, cA a me son end 1 


Wm fiune Uts for erer. 
His happiness nerer 
Bj shadow be darken'd, 

That oomes o'er his rest 
Long life to the master 

Who makes ns so bless'd ; 
May sorrow and troable 

If e'er break on his rest I 

[IFUt the last teres is being snng, Susanna kneeb Is Iks 
Comd, who piaess upon kier head the bridal wreath. As 
seeredg puBs him bg the d s e o e , to call his attention, and llflL 

pretending to adjust the wreath, dive a note into 

7%s Comd eomee to the Jront, and, in his harry to open Iks 

Comd, Zonnds ! 'tis erer sore to be so ; one eaa't 

near these women for their needles. [Reading the 
direelion to return the needle.] Bnt bold! I rsnd 
the riddle. 

[He s e ar c hes on ths ground jar As nsadb. 

Fig. [7b Susanna.] Ah I no donbt a Ioto epistle, that some 
one on the sir has giTon to him — and, wonderfiil, 
'twas fiuten'd with a needle, too. Ah I it bai 
pridEed his lordship's finger — and now he's look* 
mg for it— ah, how stupid 1 

[71s Comdjhds the pin, and picks it*qt,asthe danos ends, 

CounL Awaj, mj friends, now, and inake y%mc pnpeam 
I wish the marriage feast to be splendid. 
And a thmg to be talked of, 
lia times to oome, b j the diildreo of yoar diiMwa, 
With singisv* with dandng, and with feastiog. 
And with drinking, be all as happ j 
As joor hearts ean desiza, or loVe eaa wish jtm f 

Chokoi [rmmed ] 





Ahl dU Mdo?«Mi)^f 

Bon la troTo— e mia 





Lo ipillo cfae « OM 4i6dt 11 padiOBi fm mmt ft 0n- 

A BnsaiuuiY — lo ipino f 
AftiC|& nieote prana. 
Oh, mente, nioDte 1 
Addb, miobelcagiaal Vb da 

Son morto 1 
Calmati, figlio alio I 
Son morto— dioo 1 
Flomina, flemma— a poi ^mamm ; II flitto h Mrio» a 

pensard oonTlan ; nia goaida an poaa cha aaoor 

non sai di cfae si prenda gkwo. 
Ah qnello spillo, o fludre, a qaaDo ilHW aha poe* 

ansa ei racoolia. 
Brrer ; ma qoaito al pill ti poifa an dritto dl itaia 

in gnardia a ▼!▼«« m focpetto ; bm nan Mi aa in 

f^. Ce I'arta dnnqaa. II kwo dal ctmg n mQ » do?* h 

Mar. DoTe Tai ilfflio mio f 
Fif. A Tandioar tatti i maiUL Addial 

Oil Ml 




Tntto ^ dispteto; Ton dombba 
Yidna. lo fenio g a n ia > ~ 
Non ^ alcan. Biya ^ la 
Bd io oomindo onnai I- 
A fiua U sdmnnito 
Hfifltiere di marito I 
Ingratal nd momanio daOa 
Onamonia I Bi godera ' 
B nd Taderlo— 4o ridara 
Di ma, tenia saperio. O 8i 
Sosanna I <}nanta panar mi 
Oon qnall' inganna fitoda 
Oon qnegli ood\| innocMrtIt 
Chi oadnto Tania f 


8CBNB m.— ^ OUm^ ai «#liaL 



OIL, nnlttckj littk naedlal 

Bow I wonder where yoa'fa gal I 
Ahl was arer giri forlonar f 
I liaTB Kmght JOB in eadi 

Bat itiU ean ilnd yon not 








Airiw FiOABO ami Mabguuv A. 

Whafttha matter f wfaateadcyonl 

I hata lost it» good ooodn. 

Loft iti 


The naadla whidi hii Lordahip dediad ma la 

to Snaanna. 
To Saaanna t— a naadla « 
Thia in no way can ooncam 70a. 
Of ooane not, dearaal ! 
Adiaa, mj luindaoma eoaaini Npw Ibr 

and than for Charahino. L 

I'm djing I 

Calm Toanalf, I entraas joa. 
I can't— I'm dying I 
Oooln e aa eoom e aa alwaya coolneaa; tba 

leriooa, and raqnirea job to tldnk ; re m amba r, 

aon, yon do not know aa jet tba aecrat objaet. 
I know the needle, dear mother, in trath'a tba 

aama I aaw with the latter. 
Ferliapa ; but thia, at moat, givaa jo« a ifght^ 

to fa« aaapidooa, and take in time preeaalion 

baa taught nothing certain. 
80 be it, mother. If o fear of m j fngattlBg 

thej'Ya fix'd for the meeting. 
Whither, aon, are jon going f 
To Tindicale tfaa dgbta of baabanda. Adiaal 


IT.— A Gardm, wHk m 


Odor VlOABO^ 

#%!. AU, than, ia readj ; nor can the 

Be diataaL Some one ia comings— 'tia ah% 

Ho, I'm wrong. How dark tba night ia 1 

A piettj part I'm piaTing I — 

A part I naed to mock— 

The poor, aaaptdoaa, cheated haaband t 

Tba traitraaa 1 on the erenine of oar narriaga 

Thna to aae me I He laneVd, too, aa ba laad k. 

And I hingfa'd with him— 4ittla tboaght 

That 80 neaii J it oonoem'd ma. Oh, flnaaaaa 1 

Bnaanna ! wfaiat deapair joa ha^a aaaa'd ma I 

Ah, who would not hsra tr 

To aneh innocent ieatarea f 

To a amile ao enchantingf 

To pat one'a faith in a 

Baj, downrigbl 





£z|± 8J=l£^ 




T*mm,ml»wttmfk$rrUaim, Qu i mh n tmi mm JUl u g , Ok, enHg turn tto mm aiJdHd , 

f^'f^-if fr^\r "^ ' 1 ^ 



dft - to eo-MMB, 0«MdA-to eo • m ton, Qnwdft-te, i^mriU - to eo - m tonl QnM-to «iri»' 

ma - to d« - e, Dagr In - gan • da - ti mb - d, A cal til - Imu la - cen -fi,lA de-1>o*le ra 
madgn''Wia'em,TkeirknrUfBtl§B€u^uir/^''9m, And barn ftrwmm'§di$'gra'em,N0 mai^Ur yomngw 

^gy^^ff -f-^ 

^ - tr? ? 





gfcm, lAde-bo-l« IB- Klon. Lb da-bo-lt ib- gkm. 
M, No waKmr pmmg w M, No mai4mr jfonmg or old. 

Son atregne cba inean^ - no— Par 
TkeifoatAuB bif wiiek-o - rjf—Nom 

flu* - ci pe - nar; 
MfuAuitf, Bdv oaid ; 


; tf^-c-r r ■-u^ ; ^:f;4=£3 £3 ^^ 

^ ^ 33^^ij^zm =^^ 

le • na che Ma - t* • ito— Par Ut • d affo>Kar. 01 •▼*!•(• ak'al 
mmg it Ihe $f • mt'»—B$ wh» Stl • tiu it told. lAkt aati l)k«|reMi 


^5 —% — £-H 


tot - to - no Per tiar - el le plh - me. Go - me - to» cbe bril - la - no, per 
eatd tkmr elawOtAnd purr (ho wkUo to ctUek yon, Ton'rs leaq»t -ed to friuf dkeai C)to», tort 

to - - gUer-d U hi - me. 8ob io- -te api*no-ae» Bob toI - pi ipbb 
fmd too iaio tho^ oeratekpeu. Uko ro • ooo aro Atif toM - ly, To yba-cy a» 4t- 

nl, A - ml • die d'af - ton - ai, Che fla • go - no men - to - no, A - mo 
dmU4ng, Your pro -joeU do foot - ing, atiU htnt om b^ - guU - img, Wkm 

«K CMr*! 







£. J_f f ^^T-^ 


n MB - ton pto • ik. 


ton pto - tl^ No, no, bo. boI 
ey iVlf i*0Vt il^o, ■•, na^ mot 


fM « 

fl ma - to Bd 
to «af - liat to 

• eo, QtoO-gBB-BO gto OgBB'BO to BBb 

- dffi. For oV..**** At iBBrU 



[FtffCH^ fiOfv td ^ndo. 

Aftv BuBAMVJi M Mto ddta Cmmmm. • la Col.. 
oMd di Smaama, §egmtaia da MAmomuJMA* 

Ai0. Signora, ella mi disse che Flffaro Twrdbbe I 
Jfor. Ann h Tenuto : abbassa on jm la Tooe 1 

Sm, Dnnqae no d aacolta— e Taltio dee rmtt a 

mi; inoominciam. 
Mar, lo TOglio qal eelarmi. 

[Si ritira at padigUam a 
Au. Madama, Toi tromete ! avreste neddo. 
La C. Panni umida la notte : io mi ritiro. 

[Si ritira al padidimm a 
Fig, Wi <&^.| Eoood della crisi al grande utante ? 
8m, \Con alta voce,] Io sotto qaeste piante, te madama 

permette, resto, a prendere il fteeoo vna 

Fig.Wi dietn.] II fitssoo— U Amoo f 
La C. [Di diebn,] Bestad in boon ora. 
Sm. lAparte,] H birbo k in fentinellal dhrertiMMl 

not. Diamo gli la mero^ de dabbi saoi 1 

Rboitatito ed AuA. — SirtAmrA. 

GinnM, alfin, U momento che godr6 m 

AiFano, in bracdo all' idol mio 1 

Timide core, oBdte 

DaF mio petto 1 a torba non 

Yenite il mio diletto I Oh, oome per. 

Che all' amoroso fooo, 

L'ameoiU del loco ; la terra, 

E il del risponda I Come la notti, 

I ftirti m*^ Moonda I 






Cf — 

\F\garo nUrm op ike uage 

SuiASVA, dimiaai m Urn CamUm^ and the CouvTMe 
ntywiW m J»imima,Jbttow6d bg Makobluva. 

Signora, hold I she infonnt me that Figaro is oominjip 
Hash! Icanieehim — ^mora gentlj, child — in whit 

If one is watching, the other will be here, loo, dl> 

ractlj ; so we'L begin. 
Then here 111 lie in ambosh. 

* [She retirm io Uft-hattd pamUm 

SiffBora, how yon tremble I the cold has stmck you 
e. The pight is damp and chilly : I will retire me. 

[She retirei to right-hand patrOim, 
[Behimd.] So Ae important crisis is at hand, then 9 
|.^/oim/.] Ill rest me 'neath these lindens, if my l^y 
will permit me ; I would fain enjoy the bweaes m 
the evening. 
[BsliW.] The breeses— the breeaes f 
te. [BMid,] SnrelT, if yon wish it 
[iUios.] Onr sentiyni at his post, theof well have 
rare sport, beiiere me. Now to increase the Jeal- 
oos fit npon him 1 

Rboitatitb and An. — Suiahva. 

Here, at length, is the moment so impatiently 

Long'd for, when I may call thee mine, love I 

Doubt and suspicion, away now ; 

Hence for erer ; internipt not 

The joy that fills my bosom. All seems to 

A cheerfol aspect ronnd me ; 

Blighter than wont the moonbeams ; the fkif 

BrMthe sweeter perinmes. Come, my belor'd, 

Sroaing's shade is o'er oa. 


N fflJ I'J.i-^^ m 


\ f '" ^ r\ 

Deh Tie - ni, non tar - dar? o gio * Ja bel - Ui! Vie - df o - rem -mo -re pergo*der t'ap 

Ah, whg m long de ' lagfipoed,ipoed Am M-tterJ WkHe gon^n m » wag, aO na - lire assns le 

pel - la. 
101 • Ifter. 

Fin - che non iplen-de In del not • tv-na nT- oe: 

Fin - che non ipAon-de In del not • tv- 
TW bright the aiOMi, and brigkt ds 

Fin - chi Tariae 

M ^#f {^^^ ^^^r 7tt;J-^ia?a:=^: fe 

e 11 mon - do ta- 
ils ehade i» iBirommg, 


ry gm -lis 

4vl eeher-n I'aa-n^ 
war ^ As rAp*«r« 

'^i-j.3 j- | /ip.^ ^ n ;i 

Che t4il dol-ee soa-suMoil 
Ma de nm Uag reedethat 


Qoi il-do-Bol to ' iet-tl,erer-bt% 
A watea to In* ia - wttss. As te - aHa 

:i-^ J|iJ JT 

flrea-ca> Al pia-oa-ii, d'a- 

q&k tak-toa- 

■1 Ihb wk * o**- 



Jr JTjtlfT Pt^t^-^i-i^ 


fBM-ltpiiiileM - w- m! Yto • nit Ht'iri, tl to' U fkon-te; In - eo - ro • nir 

|.>J * ^jJ'JU'iTjJ ^Vr r. J3 f f fffffi^J^ -rr^Yg ^^ai 

n WU I h mU f b-w- lo - mUf—* In-co-ro- nar****** dl m - m. 
>••• WiWwtwiHiiiribMrf^Xtt—iiwtwftfc iVMf MidiiMr JUorf,.... XtffaMwttll n - ««• frtiMl imw your Aad 

/v. [BdmdA Honiblel Iieareelyean 
I AWAka or dreMning 1 

f%. [^>Mii.] BBrtdA! e in qMlU 
BOB to flo TBgli o donuf 


Etuhu Chmkumixo, 


lAwammdom.] D piodol paggio I 
Id MBlo gentel kntrUao of* 

Oh Tedo qui, am donna I 
Abiak meschina 1 
Mlnganno t a quel ea|ipello,€lie 

panni Susanna I 
B M U Oonte ora Tien 1 aorta 

Plan, pianin la andrb nih p 

Tempo peno non larft 9 

Ah ao il Conta airi?a adeaao, 

QnalGha imbroglio aceendaih! 


Kon rispond^— 

OoUa mano II toIIo 

Or la borla^ 

Or la Irarla come nu 


AfditelkH-efiMxiateUo ! 
lie praato Ha di qoh 1 
Bmoffiofla- maliiioaa 1 
lo gih ao pifchk aei <inL 



n C Soeo I qnl la mia Bnaannal 
8m, a Fif, Boon rnccelUtore I 

per k pofH dijkfi of 

Cfm. (IVntendb a bacian la Conteua,] 

Kon far meco la tirauna I 
tm C. \A CkenAinoA Via, partite, o cUamo 
CKa. Dammi an oacio — o non fai niente. 
Ahl Fig, ellC. AlU vooe e qnegli il PagKiot 
(m G. Anche on bacio, che oorrag^ I 
8m, Fig. tUC. Temerario, temerano I 
de. B perche far io aon posao 

Qoalche il Conte ognor (ark % 

Teh, che smorfie I 
8ai ch'io fai dietro il lorh I 

8m, ImC. } 8e il rihaldo ancor sU saldo, 
l7C.e/W. { La fa 
CIm, I'm detennined 1 

facenda goaeaark. 

(17 Cbnte A mette fra loro, 9 rieevt U 
la OfNitetaa. 
iMC,% Cfta. O delo ! il Conte ! 

(Conw ChenAino n rdiru. 
Fig, Vo Toder cosa fan Ih. 
n C. Perchi voi non ripetete. 

[Da ti Figmr9 w» aeUq^ 

Bioereaa qoeato qoh I 

Emitr GnntUBiiro, $uigmg, 


Ommimt. | CMiy /orwanl,] Hia little pageaMp I 

Ck§, I hear a looiatep I Bat now for m j dear Baihtttaft 

— -A nettiooat, b j heaTena I 
Cmmitm. Ah, now nnlnckjr I 
Cy, What fortune ! bj that hat now, if I aee aifgh^ ft 

oar Saaannal 
Cmmttm, If the Ooont ahoold approach, I ahall be rafaied. 


Geotly, loTe ; wh j all thia terror f 

Toa ara not amud of me ? 

If the Connt find na together, 

What conftision thera will be I 
Baaanetta t \8U 

Well, that's dyU ! 
Troabled with a ailent deril ! 
Mightj fine, now ! — 
Domb, and will not show yoar face. 
Why am I in snch disgrace? \Takm ker bg tk» 
~^. This Is shamefhl — ^past all bearing ; 
Take Tonrself awaj ftom here. 
Ckt. Boaanna, bow malidoas ! 

Come onto these anus, mj dear I 


tkB CouvT, ateaiikOg, through the trea ooIh^ 
being at fit back mUkl^ Figaro m Ma right 

OomL Ha ! 'tis aoraly mj Sosanna I 

Am. tr Fig. Here be oomea, oar linnet caachar. 

Cki. IStryg^ing toloMthe CinmlMS.] 

' Do not plaj the prude with oae, lore I 
CowUm, [To CherubiMO,] Hence, or 1 wiU eaU 
Cho, One kiaa onlr-- no resistance. 
8u». Fig^ir ComU, Bj the ^>;oe, *tte Cherabino I 
CeoNteM. How f a kiss f on, what asanraaoe 1 
Am. Fig^ Coma. 'Tis an ontrage past eodanoH 
Cko. why to me a kias den j 1 

With the Connt 70a ars not ihj I 

Come, come, giye o'er, then, 

And strive no more, then ; 
One kiss to yonr little friend. 
Am. Ceimlen, ) If he chatters thas mnch longer, 
Ommi 4r Fig. ] To my plan he'U pat an end. 

Chs. I'm determined I 

[7^ Cowu Otpo between them, and 
tended /or the Counteee. 
Comtemir Che. The Connt ! good hearena I 

[Am Cherubino dtaum bade, Figaro 
Fig. 1 most see the end of this I 
Comd. Take that, 70a little rascal I 
\He giwee a box on the ear to Figaro, 
TIa fai pajmeol for Ike Uea. 








II c. 



Ah I d bA Iktto 

Un bol goadagno— 
Colla saa temeritk 

Ah I d ha fiiitto 

Un bel goadagno— 
Colla mia coriotitik. 
[RUim Figaro aneora, 9 Chentbim 

AC. [ParlmdoatJa CmOeBtainvmrnd 

Partito h alfin Taiidaoo ; 

Aoooatati ben mio. 
Lm C [Imitcmdo ia voce di 8u»amia,\ 

Oiaoch^ oosi ri piaoe— 

Ecoomi qa\ signor I 
f%. [AjnrtB,] Che compiaoente 

Che spoea di bnon oor ! 

Poigimi la manina. 

lo TO la do. 

Carina f 

Che dita tenereUe I 
Che delicata pelle 
Mi pizsica, mi stusaica, 
M'empie d'an nnoTO aider! 
£0 (7. ) La deca prevenzione f 
8m» / I>Dlade ia ragione 
t^, J Inganna i sensi oenor. 

[U Cbnte prmd» dal mm mio wi tmd l o ^ 
Oltre la dote, O cara, 
Rioeri anco un brillante, 
Che a te porge on' 

Impegno del too amor. 
Tatto SoMUinapiglia 
Dal BOO beneiatsor. 
Sm. Fig. \ Va tntto a mamviglia, 
XI C, \ Ma il meglio manca 
Signor, d' aocese fiaooolo 

10 Teggio il balenar. 
Entriam, mia bella VeDeva, 

Andiamoci a oelar. 
Marit sdmoDiti 
Venite ad imparar. 

Al bojo, Signor mio ? 
£ quello che rogl'io ; 
To eai die Ik per leggere 
lo non desio d'entrar. 
I ftirbi sono in trappolap 
Comincia ben Tanar. 



Fig, j 






La perflda lo se^i Ih, 
E rano il dabitar. 

il C. [Acutamenie.] Chipassa? 
Fig. \A»prament«.\ FuMSi ^nto. 
Im C, E Figaro ! men vo. 
12 C. [Jndicaruio il padigiione al detira,] 
Andate, andate : io poi ▼en^. 

[La Contram entra nd padigUom a 

[SJo.] Tntto ^ tranqnillo, e pladdo ; 
Entr6 la hella Venere 
Col Tairo Marte prendere, 
NttOTO Valcao del seoolo, 
In rete la poirb. 

Ehi, Figaro ;—tacete 1 
Ob ! qnesta h la Conteiaa I 
A tempo qni ginngete, — 
Vediele da rw steMa 
D Conte, e ia mia tpoaa ; 




Ah, he^a goi it; that's fiw prytag ; 
Omadm, ( For the fhtara hell be wiaer, 
Looking to himself aloae. 
Ah, I've got it ; that's Ibr piyfaig ; 
Vbr the fhtnre I'll be wiser, 
Looking to myself alone. 
[F^igaro reUrm again, and Chmvtim 
left-hand paviUon, 
Cmmt. [Addrmting the CamUan m wttoUdrnfir 
He's gone, and none can hear^ 
No jealous ere is near ns. 
GmnCsm. [InUiating Sntanna^i oosos.] 

I wait yonr lordship's pleesttre^ 
And with a heart of lofe. 
#V. [BMnd,] Kow that I call qnite oon; 

Oh, what a faithful dore I 
CoaaL Give me your hand, Susanna. 
Qwiwr—. With pleasnra, sir. 
Ommt, [Kituiuher hand.] My dear one I 
Fig, ffis dear one ! 
Cmn(. What smooth and taper llngeis t 
like those with whien Anram 
Lifts up the yell of twilight 
When first on earth she sadlas. 
GnmCsm. ) Was ever snch delusion ? 
Sao, > Hell find, to his oonfnsion, 
JF^. ) How deep are woman's wilM- 
[7^ CpiMf taheaa dianumd ring from km 
gwm it to the tmpaaed SttMonna. 
CmmL Mow then, besides your dowry. 
This ring take, fuid beUere rao, 
Who neyer can decdye the e ' 
My heart, my heart is thine. 
OSMuiiflM. Thanks, thanlcs unto your loidiUp 

This gift I'll ne'er resign. 
Su§, Fig. \ All goes as I expected, 
Comt. ~ 



Cf — 


If lis 

But stOl the best's to 
see thdr torches gleaming ; 
They seem this way to moye. 
There, come with me, my angel t 

We're safe in yonder groye. 
Oh, poor deluded women, 

Come and learn to know the 
Oh, poor deluded husbands, 

Come, learn the truth of wi fea. 
But then it looks so lonely. 
I like it all the better; 
'Twas made for loyers only,— 
No cause to be afhud. 
CMortess. 1 The fox is timpp'd secmrehr iiow,<^ 
Am. i The snare was ably laid. 
Fig, What treachery ! she Allows him t 
'Tis certain I'm betraj'd. 

CamL [Sharph.]Wbo goes there f 
Fig, idrH^y.fWhy, 'tis some one 
Coameu. Ah, Figaro I— I'm off. 
CMnt [Pointing to the rigkt-hand paoOion.] 
Tea, go ; m follow— TO ibUow 

[She goee into the- pavilion, and he retirm snip lis 

Fig. [Alone,] So, asain all's quiet now. 

Tour timels come, my Venus 

A second Vulcan I am hers. 

Bearing my honors on my brow. 

And anger at my heart 
Am. [ C o uun gjonvard, aid tpoaJemg m a/mgnoi setef 

Hush, Figaro ; be quiet. 
Fig. Ho, ho I here then's the Coontesi 1 

To« come most opportunely ;«• 

I icaroe can speak for fiur y-^ 

Bosanna is with his ioidsUp ; 


Dl proptift nuui. la com 
Tioear k) Ti fiuo. 
Fltfkils nn p6 pib huao 

Vi qak Don maoTo u 
Ma Te&dictnni t6 i 

fV- I'^ir**^] SiiMiinal (Font.] 

Aif St 

Fi0, OoaM 1 oome potria hak f 

Am. Lliiiqao io rb sorprendira ; 
Fbi to quel che larb. 

#lf . La Tolpe Tool sorpreodamii, 
E Noondarla tb. 
Pace ! pace mio doloe twofol 
lb oonobbt la Toca cfaa adoio I 
E dia impraua ognor terbo Btl 

Entra U Coiras. 

n C Kon la troTO, ^ gini tntlo il boMO. 

F9§^Shm, Ctamto ft il Ooote, alia nm U 

]&i, Smanna— Mi lorda f tei mate f 
Bella, beUa I noa Ilia ooBOtdnla. 





La oommadia, idol mio, 
G6iitoliamo il bimaio amator I 
a^moooAsancMfi araiili o oiitflWMi> 1 
B\, madama, Toi tieta il btn mio I 
AC. La mia tpota I Ah tcna' arma ton io I 


/% . Uii rittdo al mio oor conct d oit 1 
8m. Io ton qa\, facdo qml cfaa Toleta 9 
n a Ah, ribaldi ! ribaldi 1 
#%. I Ah conriamo, oorriamo, mio bona, 
I B la |)ene oompenti il piaoar. 
[Xoteiano inwiemt il ieatn wia U Cmtl§ 

itOo db' 


€ S\ 

nc Game ! i^te 1 aU' armi I aU' rnmi 1 

Fk§. Ohimil il padrone I 

n C. Oenml gentei ijirto! tifimt 

#%. Son peranto 1 

Babiuo, Ahtovio, Dov Crasio^ 

StnH € PtuBtun eta Imv^. 

* I Oota aTemie f oota avanaa f 

U toellerato m' ha ttadtoo 
IC' ha infamato, 
S con chi ttate a 
( 6oo ttoidito I 
_ C. { Sbaloidito 1 
Aiil. ( Non mi par, che dh da 

( Son itorditi 1 
f^ ISbaloxdhi! 

( O, che toena, che piaoar I 
(il ConCt tafro tayroawta ig w lt nd , 
ybras Cherubif», traemUo daOa 
Barberima • ManeBina. 
In mn resitte, nscite, Madama ; 
II premio or aTerte, di TOttro onetlh. 

[Soapaadb dht CwM 

[Chttdo U Conte, t epm oneoro nd 
Miaflgliaf [A 

#%. Miamadrat 

lil Govts ritoma, i ra md » SuaaniA, tki 

kmdma ' 

Bnt yon thall tee, mj ladj» 

And Jndge then fot /onraelf. 
8m. Bat only tpeaii more toftlj — 

[Fmttting hendf, .mc w... «• 

I ttir not hence till I bave been Ttndicaled 

No — ^I ttir not hence-— no, no I 
IV {^^^^^ Sotannal [Akmd.\ Vindicated Y 


U O Scoperta ^ la 

La pertda h qaA 

#Vy. Beailjt howcanitbeefleetedf 
9m, III be no more totpected ; 
I well know what to do. 
#V* The plot, it teemt, it thickening : 
And I matt help it, too. 
Ptaoe be t ween ot, m j charmer, I praj 70a ; 
Why, thete tonet bj their i^ieemem betmj yoa 
Tee, I knew joa long lince bj the TCMce. 

i^Mter Os CouoT. 

OmmI. She hat Taalth'd— 1 teek to no pnipota. 

Fig, 8m. Hnth ! be tileat— the Ooont, Tm certam. 

Cmntf. Witt I Sotanna— Sutanna, where are 70a Y 

8m. Famooa 1 nuurk, he hat not reoogniied Imt. 

Fig. Whom 9 

Am. The Ooontettf 

Fig, The Ooontett? 

Am. The Coontettl 

Fig, J On oor pk>t well toon let fall the coitaln ; 

Am. I Oh, how foolidi hit lordth^ wiU kmk ! 

Fig. [M^Mthna to Smmma.] 

Ak, I lore 70a, patt all ezprnmioo I 
Cmmt, Tit the Oonntett 1 S'deathl rmherean 

Fig, May I hope m; lote with k>Te it antwer'd 9 
Sm, Tat, rm yoort ■ ah, why deny it f 
Cbanf. Ah, the tnutort I the traitort I 
Fig, \ Long I'to trembled to niake thit confettiog ; 
Am. (Now I lite bat, my dearttt for thee. 
[Tktg anjfoing off togethor. MAta tAt ComU 

of FSaaro bg Ae doak,emd Smmmm 

rigkt-Mtnd pamiim. 
OmmL Help there— help there, Tattale— tenraatt I 
Fig, Tit hit lordthip! 
CfomL Hoi without thart— hither, hither I 
Fig. AUitow! 

Mtdtr Basiuo, Avromo, Cimsio, Basvolo, 

ami PomimtM micft Itraltt. 

^ ^' I Whaft the matter 9— what's the 

OmmL Lo 1 now the traitor, who to need ■•, 
And abated oie, 
Who he it, yoa plainly tea. 
( What cooAiaion I 
C. } IT v» delation! 
f No, Vm tare it cannol bab 
( What confation t 
} What delatioo I 
/ Oh, it it a ifmx fiw bm. 
[Tat OtHMf fiM^ Mto cAe ^opilita, aa</ 
him, takmg km fir tAt Ctoateit. 

At latt you're deleoted, no longer tnqMeled; 
Thaee Itrron afiected arail yoa no motOi 

rAtotnvMy Ite At tat ^ iUtf qT 

[Z>BtAti Aua ojft mtdrmkm agaim ml 
_ Mydaoghlerl IBmbarvmm 

Fig. My motter 1 

[Tht Comt rammt, dragging m SvaAVVA, 

Cfomd, Tim plot it ditooTer'd,^ 


ZHk MAUBACa oat ffMlA^. 

il C. Ko, no 1 BOO ipmla 
#%. tadono, pOTdono 1 
fi C No, no ! non to' dnrlo I 
VW&i. Perdono, panlooo I 
/* C. No, no, no I 

{Jm OMitMM flrrwiw nflffL erf 






Almeno io nor loio perdoao 

OCMof chefvggiot 
Cho creder, che cradar bob 
Nob 80, non lO. 

XAKkwun, pewionp I 
IMono! pefdoBOt 
Fib docile Bono, 

B dioo di bL 
Ah I tntti ooMBDli 

QMilo ffiorao di tonMOll 
ft o^ffoci di fbllk, 
b eoolenti, e in aQ|^(K 

Soloaaior pabtvBiMV. 
BMi, nmid, ai bnUo, «l 
JJlsBiino diklo Ammo^ 
M al MMNi dl Um 





Am. Voiflfo 
Cpmt rmdetf ID 

OmmC. Ho, ^ 

il& Vorgif auan t ibigi' 

OmmL Ho, no, no I 

[Tit Cnimim mmm fitm tk$ 
Cmmi wUk m^ tSr ^ plagijfid 
Win not SnauuM/t praj'ii jov 
^niMamantl la tidi nal, or it il 
Jirt. } What to baliamt I do noi know,' 
No, no, no 1 

Voiflfa ma^ mj annak,— 
VIomva Biy toanagnttiiMi ! 
Bo flnuHk a oonfatMoa 

Tkan lovo and eomeni 

Tba bridal wiU bkaa 1 
Itea a aaaa of wild 
M «r donlMB aad of iDMkM, 





Standard Opera Librettos 

All librettos have English text Additional texts are indicated by Italic letters, as 

follows: /y Italian; C, German; F, French. Those marked with (*) contain no 

music All the others have the music of the principal airs. 


with single ezoepticm of **Die Meisteraiiiger^— 40 cents 





G— Z 


Grand Dvcli«w of 
GoroUtein, Tlio 

Jewess, The 

Konigia Ton Snbn 
(Queen of Sheba) 


Lily of Killarney, The 

Linda di Chamounix 

^LoTely Galatea, The 

Lnda di Lammermoor 

Lncresia Borgia 
^Madame Favart 



Marriage of Figaro 


iflasaaiello (Damb 
Girl of PortJci) 
^Mascot, The 

Masked Ball 

Meistersiageri Die 
(The Masterslngera) 


Merry Wives of 
Windsor, The 


Mikadot The 




F. Jacques Offenbach 

Ambraise Thomas 

L Jacques F. EaUvy 

Q. Karl QoldTnark 

L L^o Delibes 

Sir Jules Benedict 

L Chietano DonUteiti 

0, Richard Wagner 

1. do. 
Franz von 8up^ 

L Oaetano Donizetti 
L do. 

Jacques Offenbach 

F. Jules Massenet 

Win. Vincent Wallace 

L W. A. Mozart 

L FriedrichvonFlototo 




D. F. B. Auber 

Edmond Audran 

Giuseppe Verdi 

Richard Wagner 
Arrigo Bdto 

Otto Nicolai 

J. Ambroise Thomas 

Bir Arthur 8, Bullivan 

Richard Gen6e 

L Vincenzo Bellini 

Edmond Audran 

O. W. von Gluck 



Pagliacci, I 

Pinafore (H. M. S.) 
Proph^te, Le 
Pnritaniy I 
Rheingold, Das (The 
Robert le Diablo 
Romeo et Juliette 
Romeo e Giulietta 
Samson et Dalila 


Sonnauibttlar La 
*Sorcerer9 The 
* Spectre Knight, The 


TraTiata* La 

Tristan vnd Isolde 

TroTatore, II 

Ugonotti, Gli (The 

V^rkaufte Braut, Die 
(The Bartered Bride) 

WalkUre, Die 

WUliam TeU 

Zanberflote, Die (The 
Magic Flute) 

J. (Huseppe Verdi 

L R. Leoncavallo 

G. Richard Wagner 

Bir Arthur B. Bullivan 
/. Giacomo Meyerbeer 
I. Vincenzo Bettini 

G. Richard Wagner 

I, Giuseppe Verdi 

L CHacomo Meyerbeer 
F. Charles Gounod 

L do. 

Bir Arthur B. Bullivan 

F. Oamille Baint-BaSns 
I, Gioacchino A. Jtossini 

G. Richard Wagner 
L Vincenzo Bellini 

Bir Arthur B. Bullivan 
Alfred Oeflier 

Friedrich von Flotow 
G. Richard Wagner 

L Giuseppe Verdi 

G. Richard Wagner 

L Giuseppe Verdi 

L Giacomo Meyerbeer 

G. Friedrich Bmetana 
G. Richard Wagner 

/. Gioacchino A. Rossini 


W. A. Mozart 


Made is U. 8. A.