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Full text of "Marriage licenses, Volusia County, Florida, 1856-1889"

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V L U S 1 A Q U K 'i' Y 

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Page 1 

J03 -^H .. ;L yRT^V.SS'C to llnry Emanuol, Feb. 20, 1856 
by jaaieal Znicht, J. r, Book rr4iC»-'''0nt p 241 

L;',.VI3 WILUAIO to Ohnrlty Oraveo, J.5arch 15, 1856 

by ^nvid i;. :!irtiay, J. P. book i'rag-.ru3nt p 242 

JOHN G. ITiWaMf to /Ifrod A. Oainn, Msiy 22, 1056 

by A. J. Baicor, Wlnistor of tho rjospal jooic FraRmont p 243 

JOHN 'iV. S?r.t7AHT to Mary Oorlllo, Aug 3, 1656 

by A» J. Baiter, Uinlst ar of the Oospal boolc irYafynent p 244 

V. R. Din^Olt? to ..lias tiarah Knl^^ht, llov. 2:^, 1656 

by Ja3. li. Chandler, y.iinister of the Ooapel ijoolc Fragment 
p 248 

JA M 30ID to :;lii:aboth Hlrier, Aug. 3, 1057 

by A. J. Baker, I'.inlster of the Gospel Book: Pragtoent p 249 

HKNRY SMITH to tiargery noddln??, Feb. 18, 1858 

by A. J. Baicor, lilnlstar of the Dospel Book Fragment p 251 

Ja:.!1:S SANEQ to Martha Ilinshew, Ifarch 25, 1058 

by A. J. Baker, Mini* or of tho Oospel JJook Fragment p 253 

WILLIA]* V.'. ATJJLMJD to Franoos Dhepherd, July 6, 1858 

by A. J. Baker, llinistor of the 5ospol Book ifragment p 255 

v;iIiLlA-*T miiryin-V,V to llrjaay Michael, Oct. 18, 1858 

by John ?>, 'Jinnona, Ordained llinlater Book Fragnient p 256 

'VILLIAII F. DOiaJEl tO l-lan Ilinix, Feb. 27, 1059 

by Jaa. H. Chandler, Ifiniater of tho Goa .el Book Fragnent 
p 250 

ARCHIBALD HIIISHAV; to I.'artha Jane Hlcka, Oct. 6, 1859 

by Jarae3 K. Chandler, Ulniator of the Gospel Book Fragment 
p 259 

JAlITiS n» RIOH.Uiai to I'arintha Htory, both of Brevard County 
(License issued, but no return or date given) Book 
Fragttient p 260 

J. A. F^KiililiL to Knncy VarneSt Kov. 3, 1859 

by Liam Ordbarry, J. P. Book Fragment p 263 

Page 2. 

Jomi 3. lim'dAP.i) to LLortha D. Provatt, llov* 24, 1859 

by Jas. H. Ohandler, Ulnlatar of tha 'joaiJel Book Pra/nnont 
p ^64 "" 

AjUQU iSHdlOKUdiJ to I'iiry Ilorrison, Ilaroh 30, 1860 
IV Pranols Duaton, J, f. boolc Fragment p 265 

JOHli HOUliTOH to Susan Kliaabath Stuwart, aopt 5, 1660 
by Fransia IXiaton, J. P, Booic i-'ragraont p 266 

IIo further entriaa in remaining blanic paf^es of this fragmont of 
the first liarria^e Boole of Volusia Ooonty. a number of the raraes 
recorded in this Booic were re-inscribed in Book k of the Volusia 
Oounty l&rrlage Records, thougji not in quite the same sequence given 
in the original record book. This fragrant ar/ book is kept inside tb 
the cover of Book A in the Coorthouae. 

GLORGL f . COLLINS to Caroline Eolland, July 26, 1661 
by lloBe H. Brown, J. P« Book A p 15 

RCSiirvT BOLER to ILiea Cella Paget (spelled Padgett in return) 
March 17, l&Sl by J. S. Heenfen, J. P. Book: A p 16 

BLL'JAWIN nC}LAroi:CN to Mrs. Zllpha Brownlee, Jan. 17, 1662 
by Jaisea H. Prwatt, J. P. Book A p 17 

WILLIAM McILVAlNL to Elizabeth Gaakina, Sept. 7, 1662 
by Jamea H. Prevatt, J. P. Bock A p 16 

KATHAN I. TfvOWELL (given as NATHAN T. RG*ELL in return) 

to^iaa Sa3«na C. Hart, Nov. 15, 1661 

by A. J. Baker, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 19 

DAVID A. DUOGEf to VIbb Vary Parrott, Sept. 11, 1662 

by A. J, Baker, Minister of the Gospel Bock A p 20 

J. 1^. KUMAK3 to Mi83 Harriet Dyall, April 26, 166^ 
by James H. Prevatt, J. P. Book A p 21 

DANIiil H. CAUSLT to Liom C. Cateen, I'ny 25th, 1666 
by James H, Prevatt, J. P. Book A p 12 

WILLIAM A. SIU;CK3 to Mary A. Curr/, Aug. 25, 1666 

by Nathan Poberte, Minister .of 'the ^ospal, BooK A p 2.T 

DAVID A. i:iDDLLTCN to to rtha J. Oaueey, Sept. 6, 1666 

by James H. Haytnan, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 24 

JCHU VAn.'LS to Trinity Col Una, Aug. 25, 1666 

JamfS H. Haytnan, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 25 

JAMES P. HULL to Saiah E. Smith, Oct. 4, 1666 

by Nathan Roberts, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 26 

PPAKCIS D. GAIKEY to Jane Minishew, Sept. 27, 1666 

by Nathan Roberts, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 27 
(t'r. Roberts in his return gives the bridegroom's 
name as ?. D. Kaiper. ) 

J.-.CKSOM BROOKE to Kancy M. Prevatt, NqV. 1, 1666 

by Jas. H. Chandler, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 27 

JOHN }j. CHANDLER to Elizabeth f. Prevatt, Jan. 17, 1667 

by Jas. H. Chardler, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 26 

P. M. OLIPTOH to Ph?by Roberts, James H. Prevatt, 
by Jaaee H. Prevatt, J. P. Book A p 29 

IM. CA3ID1' to Viiiy Arm Campbell, Nov. 28, lf66 
by Jam SB H. Prwatt, J. P. Book A p 29 

RUFUS D. BFCOKfc to ZenobU Sauls, Va ich 17, 1567 
by Jaa. H. Chardler, 1^. 0. Book A p JO 

AVC5 fcl^AKUtL to Juliann Otendl«r, Warch 7, l£67 

by L. U, Idchardaon, Julge of Probata Book A p Jl 

imtiii: JOUivS to l.Aticf ii. Htara, Oct. 25, 1&56 
by James H. Prwatt, J. P. Bock A p 51 

JOHiM VAFOffia. to Trinity Cdlina, Aug. 25, 1866 

by James H. Hayuan, l^iniater, Goepel Book A p 52 
(i'arked in red ponoil, Duplicate from pace 25 this bookQ 

KCSi^ t. BAhBi:.ft to Susan L. Oook, Sept. 26, li66 
by Jaa. il. Prevatt, J. P. Book A p 55 

His. T. YATiiS to Saxeh Oook, Dec. 12, 1665 

by Jaa, K, Prevatt, J. P. Bock A p 55 

JAtlLS SCOIT to tory fcoanuel, June 27, 1667 

by James K. Chandler, Minister of the Gospel Book A p 5A 

JOSEPH Oi^iLN to Zena Lewis, Itey 5, 1667 

by C. 0. Sutton, J. P. Book A p 55 

RICWFD &LAOK to, Ltwy Brown, Maroh 2, 1667 

by James H. fowler, Clftrgyman Book A p 5^ 

JAL!L2 J. fOUKTAIN to ISinda Tates, Aug 20, lf67 

by Levi Wothershod, Crdainrd Jk'inlster of the Cloapel 
Book A p 57 

PHILLk'CH M. BWAN to Louieiana 0. tluriy, Aug. 15, 1667 

by Levi llotharshad, Ordained li'inleter of the Gospel 
Book, a p >c 

L£ftIS U. WGHAIOSOK to Margaret F. Kail, (fiiven aa Hull in return) 
Oct. 5, 1667, by Jaa. H. Haynan, Linieter of the Ooepel 
Book A P 59 

JAWtS a; AmOh to Almedl* 0. Oarliele, Deo. 4, 1667 

by J. U. Field, iiiniator of Gospel Book A p AO 

PB.TW> hOBIKSOK to Cornelia Garelera, Deo. 10, 1667 

by Cupit Hilson, Minister of the Ooapel Book A p Al 

Book A p ^2 

DAVID I. n:K«. to ».ry ^;J-J>f J; t^^'or^-a'^^Lo. * p "6 

by Levi k-otherohod, l^iinieter o. 

j^St 3.Lf to «A..B/.H '*'»./P''l ^J;i^7 p ,7 
by Jsmes H. PrwaU, J. S^' '■'=-' " * 

jo™ MOhA,D.C» to .;Mh^ Tonl«r ..n.^.. U6e 
by Jaaiee Foi»ler, J. P» *ouk. «i * 

-- -UtVJ^rA'^S: ^Tooh"^. 

- %-!!1.^:.;.n: S^I^lo^S ?^n.rZ, .00. * P ». 

by L. I'. hlchHrdeon, l^ OtTici- t^u s. 
Book A p 55 

by L. v. flchariBon, Judge of frouax.t 

.. „. puf.u. to "^»5."r^iTo:£-A'p» " ""' ''''' '' 

jBB. R. layman, V. 0. Book A P =" 
by td*ard A. Uol/eniel, c. f. 
Hti^ TOL.IVU. to '^^12'Tl- toU: Tsr. 

ftige 6 

JOW'l FAhhOTT to ilizabAh Boyd, Cot. 21, l£6e 

by James H. Fre/att, Oounty Judge Book A p 56 

DANIli GLI?TCK to tllzabeth Co«art, Aug, Jl, l£6e 
by rhad. J. Vaaa, J, P. Boole A p 59 

RICHAI^D Lf.t.IS to Sarah V.alker, Oct. 29, 1^6^ 

by tdviard A. I.'cDanleL, J. V, iiooA A ? 60 

JACOB ROamCIvCUQB (also given as RCSIOOhO) to I'&r/ llaal. 

Cot. 29, lf66, by tdwa rf A MoUanieL, J. P. Book A p 61 

JACXSO?^ TAYLOR to Harriett Walker, Nov 2, 1666 
by Miaid A. i'oDaniel, J. P. Book A p 62 

DAVID MCRhia to lianrah Forest, Kov. 5, 1£66 
by E. A. JiJcDBriel, J. F, Boolt A p 6? 

tDWAhD i'.OhhIS to Kitty Pranltlln, Hov. 5, ie6£ 
by L, A. I'.Gii&nld , J. P. Book A p 6A 

WILLIAM KCLLLBSCH to Sarah L'orria, Jiov . 3, lt6e 
by i, A. .V'oLarlel, J. P. Book A p 63 

EH'MOND HiMT to ILUJ; iFhta'-A,^, Nov. 16, 1166 
by H. 0. Lungeen, J. P. Book A p 66 

GAIL BfAWrN to Sally Hatcher, Deo. 1, lt6e 
by Cupid «ilaon, V, Q. Book A p 6? 

JULT JQfKIInS to hirrA SAUNDihS, DfO. 5, lf-60 
by hev, Cupit fcilaon 

RIOH.'iKD CHAPhLflN to VArJ Gfcean, Deo. Ik, ItSt 
by Cupid «llacn U. 0, Book A p 65 

AUGUST LANL to roily Ann Gore, iept. 17/ Ifct 
by John v., ?uld, M.Q.G. Bock A p 70 

TITU3 BIKL5 to I'aria Thocpeon, Feb. 6, 1669 

by Jas, v.. Gher-dler, Ordained Mnieter iook A p 71 

Bt«JAKiI?i &-AF*KALL to i^rab t'. fvoseetter, i^eb. 9, 1665 

by J. l\. Chandler, Ordelrisd J-inister Bock A p 72 

HWiBT ThCVFSOK to Gency Atiana , Apri 1 16, U65 

by Jar CO H. prCTfitt, County Judge Book A p 75 


J. *. EMViY to Vary £. Stewart, l/arch 5, 1666 
by John iV. /ille, .V. 0. Book A p 7A 

HL'iF.i' wlUGIN toCarolinc Davis, Feb. 7, lt6? 

b/ Jaaea H. Chandler, Crdalred J.iniater 3ook A p 75 

GAr>iil;ih S. hCfiliiB to uEily J. iteiart, .-fet. 2^5, 1669 
By John .V. ?llle, ft. G. 0. bock A p 76 

ISAAO KSINSOK to Jai e Woflurney (iLScJlrriey In return) 

Apii 1 16, 1E69 by Jama H, Frfvatt, Oounly Jul£e Book A p 77 

JANUARY GUIuN to tlizab^'th Holfflea, f*. 21, 1£69 

by JaaeB H, Chandler, Crdainrd Llnitt er book A p 7^ 

HAY«ARD MOaihNiff to J/ar£«r rt Sloan, Apn 1 If., If 69 
by 0, C. Suttona J. P. aook A p 79 

CliATLtS GAKY to Llary terrle, April 16, If 69 

by James H. Prevatt, County Judge dock A p 60 

PIxAKK STAI.KE. to Jennio Grem, April 27, li^9 
by C. ftilson L. G. dook A p 61 

Cl'ArLi^ H'Lhtl to !.!ary Gocdwin, April 29, 1£69 
by CupiA ^ilscn, i... G. dook A p £2 

liAitK A^Th()KY to I^ad^©l Heath, April 26, 1£69 
by C. feilsG, {/. 0. Book A p tj 

KiLHAU S. NOr.mCCD to .Visa Lmna f ?Q0t er, i:a/ IJ, l£69 
by David N. Carlile, J. P, dock A p fVt 

JUlf BEO*K to Bebeoto Goodrin, June 6, lf.69 
by Cubit Kilson, J^. G, Bock A p es 

JAl'.LS h. iv'»n'AK to Acanda Kail, Juno 7, lf-69 
by 0. 6? Long, I!. C. Book A p £6 

OLLLlSCIi P. hCBhi-.TS to iarah Sonnett, June 9, If 69 
by Hmjamir i<ich|^rdaon, J. P. Bock A p C7 

JAUl^ E. mtmiTi to Sarah Ann Tedder, July 22, ifop 
by Benjamin hiohardson, J. P. Bock A p £6 

JAKiS J. HALL to itortha t. Griffin, Jul/ 29, If 69 
by SenJaain r.iohardson, J. P. Bock A p f9 

Pfag« 8 

JC:DAN D^LGCCRS to .-"erir-y Suoanra Long, Sept. 3, lt69 
by Jamca H. frevatt. Count/ Judge, Book A p 90 

pr.AVK v.. .':Ar3 to Zplla Ch^ldcn, i ct. 5, 1669 

by JajtpB H. Chandler, Ordained fjinioter Boole A p 91 

JCIC: L. CASPti-. to ».ary \' . tJucLan (daocands in return) 

Cct, 1, ie69 by David h, Cdrlile, J. t\ liook A p 92 

EILLIA- l'<. DCI.L1K0 to Caroline A. Centar, uot. 25, 1£69 
by lienJeicin Idchardeon, J. ^* j3ock A p $^ 

IhUAC. LIO.':IvHlLL to iiao Sarah Jlifton, f;ov . 4, 1£69 
BenJaain l.ichardaon, J. P. Book A p JA 

IKILLlAl-i B. *ATSCr; to riirrlet I., aroolc, Larch 15, 1£6A, 

by Jiiciea H. Chariiler (heoorded &e o».orn etatesimt of 
nerriuge ocfore William J. Ihayrr, Uient ox* circuit Court 
Cct. 2£, lf69, and entered in reocrd book L«, £, 1669) 
Book A p 9^ 

JCiaTH/.K CLin'CN to Sarah Ann Ccwart, Jan 10, 1670 
by T. f. Kelly, J. P. Bock A p 96 

THCl.'A. £., CAVAGL to £-5 ran aii45rM.gQ (given in return ae Sarah 
I I. Savage), Jan ZZ, 1170 by Jaa, ti. Oi;ar.alcr, Crd<|ined 

r.:lnleter dock A p 97 

AUOUaTUi.' T. FiCKHAU to l^ea I'aria A. ^eckhare, Jan. 27, lt70 
by David N. Carlile, J. i-. Book A p 9t 

a, f'. H/.CillJ to K'iea L. L^. Itardec, Jaji 27, 1^70 
by David N, Carlile, J. t. Book A p 99 

l(iXL:iAM A. £(.'ITH to i-ydne/ J. D. Bryan, liarch 22, 1C70 
by C. C. Sutt-on, J, F. book A p IOC 

ALfhtU v.. IrALSTIKN to h^rriet Brown, torcn Iti, 1£70 
by Cubit id'ilidBon, I.:. 0» book A p 101 

RILLIA," If. SUGKlsLB to Kellen Lewis, iarcn 17, lc70 

by Geo. ?/. i-rioe. Judge Gevcnth Judicial biatrict Book A p 102 

DLCiCAi; VCGAICHLIH to G o rr i nth ia B. Arbett, iarch 26, l£70 
by Julimn i . i->iiEon ;;ook A p 105 

CILLJIB. CCLi. to Asxinda l>'ie80Qri Croy, ^pril y , IbJO 
by 3 S. I Cook, J. P. dock A p 10^* 

rage 9 

jOhDAN ICCALLU),' to Susanm Victoria Brown. April 6. WO 
by C. C. Sutton, J. I'' -"'^ A p IC. 

OdChui. r'HAai^ to Loulea Taylor. Jun. 8 1|70 
by 0. G. Sutton. J. P. ^ook A p ICo 

PK.U.I)i.- STLtKLY to Adalinr Oroov.r Jun. 25. U70 

by T. f. KeU;/, J. i^'. ^^'^^ ^ ^ ^^' 
WILLIAM I. JOHKSCN to ^-ary L. k'cDanl ^1, Jul/ 4. UTO 

byO. C. Sutton, J. P. Book A p lOf 

SIVVCNS Dif^WT to Victoria Voes July 12. 1^70 
by JohnC. Va]e7, J. ^ 'l^^'^ ^ p ICS 

MACK SHtALLr to Varrarrt fyl-^' ^^^ 20 UTO 
by John C, L'alr/, J. I'- ^°^^^ ^ p UO 

THCyA;i I. VOiiS to Susan A. Davla July 2t. I'^O 
by JohnG. i.ale7, J. t. Book A p Ul 


HUUttv '^m^.^ to Kartha L. L. 1. Morris. Cct. 15. 1570 
by B^rJamin Mct..rdBon. J. P. Book A p UA 

IJAJGii CLAhK to I.onlver Wheat, Kog. 5, 1^70 

by J. C. J. ?feetpr, J. P. l^ock A p 115 

jomi W. HIIF^ to Lli^abrth J°"^«' '^°^- ^^' ^^^° 
by T. P. Krllr, J. P. >^o^^ * P ^^^ 

FtTtE STCML to Annie liinieohfn, Dec. ^^.1^0 
byB. Richerdecn, J. P. "i^^.k A p li6 

«y. W. aUTLtB to Ijucy Clifton. D«:. '^^^ 1^70 
by T. P. KeUy. J» P* '^^^^ -^ P ^^ 

JAWLS «. COCM to I/artha Ann Clifton, !Je«- ^' 1^^° 
by T. P. Kelly. J. P. 80^*^ * P ^^^ 

PiLL WILLIS tc-ne^a King. Dec. 25. If70 
by 'f. P. Kelly, J. P. ^^°^-^ P ^^° 

S?;AF.T JAGKSC.N to vary A. f crrle, Jen 22, lf71 
by Q. G, Sutton, J. P. Soolc A p 122 

ANIihiJ FFASHtiv to Invlnla I. ??^Bt<»r, FfD. 26, 1671 
by J. 0. 0. Fmeter, J. P. Book A p 12^ 

JCSLPK KCSS to Varg^jy Hcdg*e, i,aroh 16, 1671 
by r. P. Kelly, J. P, dock A p 12A 

UIChALL J. l.Chi.15 to Very C. W^lkrr, Larch 15, 1671 

by JamPB fi. Ghfirdlcr, Ordain«i ^linleter Bock A p 125 

JCaiPH liintL to iUzfao^h Pickham, April 5, 1671 
by J. C. 'J. Tflaatrr, J, F. Bock A p 126 

KlLLIAlx- 'fU>ilii^ to KKte Hudaon, 6^ 9, lf7X 

by Cupid *ilecn; M, G, Book A p 127GiChGi- BCfiD to Uarriet L. An 

OILUjLBOH D to Harriet L. Andrew*, Jurn- 1^, 1671 
by Jchr *'. . Larvey.J. P. Uook A p 126 

htlMia ST'^^ki^a to Jennett ^rke, July 5, 1671 
by Cupid iilscn, V . C. book A p 12i. 

F.CDii^IUK GALLSPIi. to hannah Oook, July |6, 1671 

by Saujuel J. Cook, J. P. LocR A p IJC 

laAUKOXON PIQUi. to i-iety Devonia Stratton, Aug. £, 1671 

by T. i. Kelly, J. P. bock k p 151 

ftlLLIAll J. PUBDU; 1,0 Dellah George, Cot. 1, 1671 
by h. C. LunJgren, J. P. book A p 1J2 

QRAJWILLi BtaiL to tUza Hiera, Deo. 19, 1671 
by £amu<9l J. Cook, J. P. l3ock A p IJJ 

FRdDiRICK B. flSiiih to ilnnle P. Hiokwlre, Jan 6, 1672 
by Jamos K. frfvatt. County Judgr Book A F IjA 

OMAI.TiC QUAKTthKAN to Catherine Burnham, Jan. 17, 1672 
by J. 0. C. feast er, J. P. Book A p 155 

SAVUiL LO«iiHi and Joaephine S. WoLean, Nov, 25, 1671 

by Jamee H. ChandlT, Mlniotcr of thf" Ucspel dcok A p 156 

li. W. JiCUNt to J7i«br Ollfton, Oea. 25, 1671 
by Samuel J. Cook, J. P. riooK A p 157 

ISAAC iiJ-.OtK to I«*»rgurH A. Dnivtdy, Jan. 11, 1672 
by K. G. Lundgren, J. P. Book A p I56 

Rȣe 11 

JCStPR F. BAKih to PermelU Foberto, Jan. IP, 1672 

by Jaoet H. Chandler, Crdain^ Lilnistrr Book A p I59 

lAUL ht-L to Amwlia Harks, Jan. 2P, IP7? 

by i^rifliUD Ucwens, Grdilned k'lni0t«r Jock A p lAO 

Al.DiiiJ. JACXSGH to teto Duwpit, J'aroh 2C, lf72 
by J. 0, J. t^metnt, J, P. Bpok A p lAl 

JGdi|)h VaUghStftCatherlnr 0. Drejrore, Varch 2l8t, I972 
by John C. Dr/BOn, J. P. Book A p IA2 

*t!!IlAM KIKO to leabpl VoSaulry, }>!arch 7, 1^72 

by L. ¥.pbb, 'l-^iEtfr cf th?Cc£pfl Bo-.c A p lAj 

A. C. Mcar.CRT to lira. D. K, Gamp.-on, llarch 27, 1C72 
by J. C. C. Poaster, J. F. 3ook A p lAA 

CiCKGLBCTJD +0 I'artha Jane Senders, April 11, 1£72 
by John 'A. Vavjct, J. P. 3ook A p lAS 

THADICU3 GCTDaiN to Jane Boberoon, toy 12, 1C72 

by frinrje Cowrne, Crdalnrd I'inlot^r Book A p IA6 

jeSLPH '^ILIIAI'£ to Lllfn Strphora, April 2h , 1672 

by Priffius Gc»pr.e, Crdainrd rinietT Jc.k A p IA7 

Phimj? lebhariiy to -liza i^auls, April 2?, 1^72 

by Jce, F;. Chardlcr, CrdaJupd Mr.lst-^r Jook A p 146 

QhLLli CHlAL to Jane Ourloj, h'&y It, 1^72 

by FrlauD Gcwens, Ordained Ji'lnistrr liock A p IA9 

SIL'CK b, aUC/.i. to i-hebe Ann ulifton, July l£, lt72 

by Ja3. H. Cmrilrr, '-rdair.rd Mnia ter Book A p 150 

UilJiE •rdClWSCr. to 4:ully arannua;, Aug. 26, 1172 
by Lev. rrlttus :^owpnB 3ock A p 151 

£A?.Uii J. PILLD to Julia A. ^5oCrorey, Cept. ZA, l£72 
by J. C, C. Ppiolrr, J. I, Bock A p 152 

e. F. CT.uii:r to Allc>* Csteen, Dfc. 1, 1172 

by Ju9. K. -vhundlrr, Crdainrd Minister Bock A p ISJ 

JAML3 ycBW.KLr to to ly Curlpy, r>ec. 2, 1L72 

by l-ridus Gowpre, Crdainrd friniater iock A p 15^ 

AC\ bdsliurT: to Dorian 3 lack^ielder, Lrc. 29, lf:72 
by U. ?:. Bennett, J. F, licck A p 116 

i=ag? i2 

JOSiFH WFIiMtf to Luoinda lift on, Deo. 26, 1672 
b/ U, J.;. Beinrtt, J. P. aoolc A p 156 

SALUi-L -. COIBithT to Vary Arabella Ohandler, Jan. 16, 1675 
by S^acurl J. Cook, J. T. dock A p lb7 

r;iJ,J.;MXI-. }.U';.;tLL to f.ftrah Sparknan, i-'eo. 25, 1^75 

by } rlnua Uo'Aft:aq! Crdainpd Midatrr iiocic A p 1S£ 

J(Hr. K, iiMTli to lifltlv K. Sikea, f'eb. 7, 1675 
by U.>.^ Brnnrtt, J. I, B^ckA p IE;'/ 

riLli.AV ..TCI.'tJR. to Jane t. hioherdeon, IJarch 15, 1675 
by L'. I, , Ba-inftt, J. P. uoci£ A p l6C 

U\ U, QUncW to Loui«iona George, faroh 6, l£75 
by U. !'.U iJmnetL, J. P. Joca. A p l6l 

ALf^r>£L Khl^Ttllf to imma 3arwiell, i'ay 19> lt75 

by i.rv, Pritr.UB aovi(;i.o, d.inieter of the Coopel 3ook A p 162 

CHAhLiLj: liAUf-'AN to Lucy Cottrell, Jwna.^;v.lf75etr-r, J. P. 
by J, 0, 0. ff«8trr, J» P. •ioOA A p l65 

V, ILl.iAt.' OCCUV.IK tc Sarah Finknfy, Juna 17, 1^5 

b/ Johij W. Price, Judge cf 7th Judicial w-lrouit 
Book A p 16A 

IDfeAFD 0. .'lUlfJ^.LIH to ?,i«B Polly Ami Oetpen, Aug. 1£, l£75 
by Jacjrs K. Chandler, L:inicter iJooiC A p 16S 

JAMLS ftlLLIAt'S to Angellm Qilbrrt, 5fpt. 21, 1675 
by Saniurl J. Go'k, J. F. boc/k A p l^^o 

JC.H.\' LUJii to r<^ary An-) trlt^siaa (Lrlgc^se) » Srpt. 23, 1675 
by Henr/ 6. Uir^ran, C. i. .-ioclc A p 167 

JCHTi F^\hlLlLtc L(7ttip Goodwin, Get. i. If 75 

by James h. C'iiandler, Crdaincd tiniater iiook A p toB 

DCTKA D. !.^ILDL^C!J to Capolins Uizabrth Mart, Oct. 15, 1675 
by Jenirs h, Ch'-ndl'^r, Crdaincd iinietfr oook A p 169 

i^AAI.: S,Al,£:TIili to Uliaa Starkp, Cct. 20, 1675 

by Jno. t. iricp, Judgf of 7th Judicial ^iicuit, 
IVook A p 170 

3Ai.rC'i :". tfl.CCXa to hne-* rlla Urorgf!, April 2^, 1(75 
by U. K'. Brnnfett, J. P. Bock A p 171 

Bage 15 

JAV.i£ h, HOUSTON to r.:ar/ Drap-r Frwatt, Kov. 6, 1^75 

by J. Horner :"inlth, Ordainrd Minister Book A p 172 

hnl.:>' KoOLCK to LlizAuriYi hie herd oon, f.ov. t, lt75 
oy U. 'I, Brnr.ftt, J. ?, liook A p 175 

3.-.i.xhLL Ui;iG to CV-arlcttf £a-.ith, J ov . It, 1675 

by leaac Ilurlin Parkinacn, J, jr. iovk A p 17^> 

Ll3i}.T BiJvrUT to fer.ry ?urerll, Dr<j. 1^;, U75 
by L'. :. timrctt, J. F. bocic A p 173 

^IM'l'ilb i.r;r^rr tc Icadcre Wlllhite, Dfc. 1£, l£75 

by .'i. J. jjJcer, MnietfT oi' thr Ccopd jiook A p 176 

U/'nAhD FA.'L-T to Louloa ,'^itifrB, D re . Jl, If 75 

by Jno« «. ^rlcp, Judgr, &c i^ook A p 177 

WF.ICi; A. Dr>J^';.Oh£ to ;:arah rratioea Garrott, July 17, 1£75 
by G. 0. Pc».rl, l', G. boolc A p 17t 

ttlLLIAli iIViJ,S to Lizett hatcher, Jan. 50, 1674 

by jHUf-e h. Cl-iuridl<>r, Uinistor of tup Gospel Book A p 179 

hCBii.i LAI-O'Hl.'^ to Louian Dimmptt, Pcb. 8, 1C7A 

by i. Dunlin larklrson, J. r. Book A p l£0 

U.-V.Yi.n.- GOLD to >5iis«y Lavlo, i'<'b. 7, 187^ 

by l.rnry C. hun^-Tfn, J. P. book A p 161 

JLSLl-ii VChGAN Fl>r/'TT, to ^ylantha Jane Lc-pflls, Feb. 25, IfifTA 
by C. B, Bi'Okror, County Judge Jock A p l£2 

ALVn: ;t.3TCN DAY to Oath-'rlne C. JiioOarth-y, Peb. 19, 167^ 
by lauao Lunlli! Parklrecri, J, P, lioc^: A p 185 

C. P.. BAKiR to Uiza Coreen Brnnrtt, Jan. 1£, lfc7A 

by A. J, dakcr, filinict^r of the Goaptl Book A p l£A 

Hciifidhcl J3 BtflricSg to Caroh L. Gorrmn, i^eb. 21, Itjk 

hy A. J. bzkcr, Mnletcr of th.= (JcapeJ Book A p 1© 

CiiAlvLl:5 LAtthlMOi. PABiH to Clare Luetta Norton, Feb. 27, 1£7A 
iy loaac_ Dunlin Farkinion, J. P. Joc*c A p lt6 

VilLLJAM 'if LI^CK ZAV\C'k (glv-n altjo as SAVAlWi.), to f^ary Ann Dugger, 
i>b. 10, 15.7^1 by ."J. 3. Mchola, '.iniotpr of the Goepel 
Book A p 1^7 


JCSIIH FALAIT to Mice Florida Dlllard, I^Siroh lA, lllk 
h^j ilriiry G. l,uni?rrn, J» P. Book A p 1£6 

iilLLlAM L. l!cDANli.L, uarry M. Koixaire, iarch Jl, ICJA 

by Jis. H. '/hanilrr, Crdainfd liiinleter iiook A p i£9 

JAJCd a« /^'.aTiih tc Vra, J. l.. TrtUia, iar;:n U, 187^ 
ty ;j. J. k^lll^rd, J. t. Ucuk A p ]>0 

A:rrhCNif i'■'huJ/A^ to Urgurrt Cveratrert, i.iy 2'::>, ItjA 
cy *^iitr !,. t. Icr.n, J. I- . Udok A p IS 1 

JAl:tS TKC.VSOW to Uliitle Ueby, June 6, \L'{k 

by .''■ar'.url Jac. son, Crdaiiud L'inietfr cock. A p lj'2 

Hftiry Alexander toAoflDda Cvorutreet, Junf 16, l£7A 
by .iij;,ar W.]rcr., J. f. iiook A p l^^J 

Vinc-t^iT C. 2nV«0ij. to iaui-a D. uuggcra, July IC, l£7^ 

by ^iiP.rlrfl o. Trllick, Crdalnwd jKinieter in thp his. Church, 
ir. '/oluale v";:© at/, Florida (iook A p 19^ 

/I..-.KK tJLlIi to t,3tKX« Vary Ohapttan, July 22, 18?^ 

by ^^^in-u*"! Jeckf^on, Oriainrd ivinieter 3ooSc A p 195 

JCHi; ,',. V. I1.LIS to Very A. »ir.gatp, July 19, U74 

by A, J. Bakfr, Minister oT M\( Jcapc-l j^ook A p 19^ 

ri-.-.\.ZV^ \ . CLlJfTCN to UiB8 lavility Bpnn'tt, July 11, Itlk 
by U. V. 3rrj>ett, J. P. ;jock. A p 197 

UlLmK HSV.l to Sarah Kir.ohfn, Aug. 17, Hl^ 

by Ceni;rl Jackeon, Crdein ,'Jinioter dook A p 196 

JAV^ .'', '.iCCDV-ChTl! to Annie JohriB cai, AUfi. 15, U7A 

by '^has. G. Trliiok, Ordain A.iniettr aook A p 199 

CALLBhAWlKG to fylvia F>oll<-rBon, ilrpt. S, Itlk 
by J. noracr 5.nilth, V. 0. dock A p 200 

KdA{ L. HC.AU.L to Oathf rine Stmglo, O-pt. IJ, l£7A 
by C;. i3 . buokroT, County Judgp L,ook .. p 201 

ECljCLi-hUS T. ShflH&ii to kiss Wattle ?. hoaaetter, Oot. 7, 1^7^ 
by }. V. VcKay, Jv^Bbyn. [Uniotfr Jock A p 102 

ASA BirGATt to H'argarrt Vlnahen, ^:ov. 5, lfc7A 

b*y V,uj, Stor.*, J. V. Bork A p 20^ 

Page 15 

OLCl.CL KCCDVfAlvD to !.=.r/ tllzau fth Cook, Kov . If, 1£7A 

by Jarara L. Clardlrr, Vinlater or th^ Coopel oook A p 204 

Vh. 01 t.Ii ffflU^ Q. l-','i.T to ?^le9 Miae Pinkpt (FinkP/ In return) ?. 
Frrvatt, t'sy 12, 1P99 B/ A. J. 3aker, iinistpr of the 
Goeprl Book A p 2C6 

nxr.lLL OijCi^Ci. !o ?:am)»nn Clifton, D-^o. It, Klh 
by I'. I.:. flpnr.»-tt, J, P. i3ouk A p 2C6 

Jamfs Bennftt to Mbh !artha liarrla, Jan. li, U75 

by J. florae f Catth, Mniat^r of the- Gcepel Jook A p 2C6 

JAV.tS Cl.CVii. to t'ies ?loranc<- Brownlee, Jei.. lA, U75 
by H. MoGlon, M. G, Book A p 206 

Li.Vl il. rK::V«TT to Vide Vargarott Uizacfth l.pasrr, Dec. 25, 107A 
by U. V, Bennft^-, J. F. Book A p2DS:^ 

Htl»;>T VC:.. IG to i.arolin.' Oowart, Ut-o. 2^, i(7A 
by U. V. Brnrrtt, J. Ft Jooii Ji p 210 

WILLIAM B. Kaa'AN tc Varrgaret Ann tllzabtn Frrvatt, Jan. 26, 197S 

by U. ^. Btin-'tt, J. i^, dcok A p 211 

GiJlHGL^^. Ar.ri'L- to M^llnda 0. Frrvatt, /'f-b. A, 1£75 

by JC6. H. Oh?ndler, Mni3t<r of ttif- i oaprl Book A p 212 

h. K. £T*Vlitig toVartha Jolly , Ja. . 7, U/o 
by V.c. Stonr, J. I, Jcc/k A p 215 

jAti5 TuJK-i' to Jarr Beddp-tt (giv<°r. a leo hedditt), torch lA, l£75 
by J. h. Chandler, Minister iiook A p 2lA 

hCSiUT h. GILBJ.T to Vls6 Janr harning, i^roh 16, 1675 

by C. B. bucknor, Oour.t/ Judge cf Voluoia ijounty Book A p 215 

CijChGi./;. 2i^'N-rr to h'lee ZusAnsiT/an, torch 16, 1£75 

by Charlca A. Selllok, Crdein iinlatfr cf thf Gospel 
cf the rrr^bytrrlsn Church dool: A p 216 

SCLCiXIs S, ChiUi \o Hiaa Ami CaubBCy, 11, l£75 

'jy -^r dfric, rr«'6ldir^r^ Llfd*»r V.^.C. cl. Book A p 217 

JCStli. f', Ch^l'J to t.'iaa Jemica 'ifatcn, April 22, 1^75 

by. Jen. H. Ch'^rril'^r, VinlatfT of thf (joeprl Book A p 216 

rXAH l.CJ: :i:'S to ^Hi«h Allc' tulttl'-n, : u/ 1^, 1^73 

by J, h. Koblnnon, Crdadn .'inietpr uock A p 219 

y&ge 16 

ISAlAh aCkty to Cclia tlark, Vey 6, 1£75 

by J. K. Robinson, Miniattr of the Gospel Bokk A p 220 

CHAI^LiiS i-. JAOK^Oli to ii3B Nora !.'.OLioriald toy 27, l^S 

by Char If B 0. Selilok, .ini8t<^r of tn<* Ooopcl of the Prea- 
byt-^rlan I/'".nomin<iui^^n Book A p 2£ 1 

IilCSiS liAhQli to Ulaa OoWaaeyBraoy, May 25, 1175 

by Hfnry Lrov.n, .Viniatrr of the Co^jjel oojJc A p 222 

KCBlivT U. COCK to Louanz* U. Ball, fcay 27, 1675 

by flardy McGIurii, Minloter Jabtibt. Church bock: A p 225 

GiCKGi-HUl.T to SuBgn Barmtt, June 25, 1*:75 

by Chas . U. iieliii:;<., (rdainnl oleTgyn^tm 1:; the Preabyterlan 

Ohurah oo^k A p <J24 

CHAI-LtS KIl.G to B<?t^y Zixrirr, Jun- 2~^ . U.15 

by Olias. G. Selliok, Clergyman of th>^ p/ab Church In U S C 
Book A p 221^ 

WILLIA/ ThOY to ^ary I'aranda Siokfllre, June 'd'j. 1675 

by CheB. C, ii<ulick. Clergyman of Pree Church in U.S.A. 

J/\Ui,S L, a'Jr.MJ?T to ?,'i8a Sjvaniiah Crockp, i-iy 21, 1675 
by U. i;. Beiaiatt, J. P. Bock V* p 227 

tiim J0Kh3 to^ Dom /airi Clifton, Aug. 51, 1^75 
by U. l., 3«in»-tL, J. 7. 3ouk A p 22'C 

Daniel DlackK^lder to Vise ,1a rah Tqw line, ipt. 2, 1675 
by U, L.. Bfnnftt, J. F. Book A p 229 

JCm: SH'CrsCi; to r<»r£ar -n Delfour, Aug. 6, 1675 
by fvobPit t. hoach, D. D. Book. A p 250 

IILLIAUT. L-!i:\NLTT to I.ucindc Gruvrr, £<pt. 10, 1675 
by tilllt.m Stcr,-, J. P. dClY. A p 251 

JGHIi A. NtL,SCi;, CUn iJloomcr, Oct. 10, 1675 
Dy £. J. Cook, J. r. Bofk A p ^52 

AWL>JCU,-3 K^JJ (RUD in ieti.:>-:i) fecxd^'itang L'.n^, Cct. 6, 1^75 

by Jaiucs h. Chfcr.aler, Kliniater of ti.f Goep'?! Liook A p 235 

GijOi.G-I,;. 'it\l-j\aL to Iv'.ieo Vary Boot rom, Oct. 1^*, 1675 
by ui^:ar N. Waldron, J. P. ^ook A p 2jA 

tnge 17 

JAL 1.. PL''C;H to iiuean ie«i*Ha ( murn stv^a It Suaan Selth) 

Cct. 26j li-JZ> tyL. o. UieffiPld, t. G. Bcok. A p 255 

(;a.J'.i- Fi.^xl/.:* to *iu.a c'1/^l■utr'^tJ tct. 21, U75 

by John i.. KcbLr.L'OD, iiriiei-rr took A p 256 

G. r. s-I'."') to .nna Luotw, f pt. r-^S-, if/S 

b/ r. !). entry, >-. Ooupwl JcUc A p 25o 

t'^"'\v JaO'.'CI. to Vlua i.adi»»Un» Vale/, cot, £c, lt75 
^^"hy OtJ^rlr-e (i. iial^ak Mnist(r of Uv Cospf-l In Coosiunlon 
v.ithJr'-^jytTy :^ook A p i'i)7 

C-'i^l-- i!. Pi':Ki-.u' to kra. Jturriet (i.ivtn b Hanmh in return) 
' "iiu^hn, Vov. 1, ir,'5 by vlftu. ;.. v;riUnaler, kinlfltrr 

of th" Gcdpfl .<jok ; p 25^ 

l,'AlV.O!t^ I-. SAS'tH to ;.nr UllhUe, Nov. 21, IC/S 
by I, ' . f T/.ry, t, 0, Book A p 25t' 

1 '^I'- ". B'i^'>^' tft OiCKOii At:?{ Ga-.lJf.IJh, t»ov. 2Aj> lETS 

br Jh'vrl'O C, C-lUoic, i'.riBt:r of U'l*" Goepfl in oob- 
BTJSlon with thr i-Tffi. church o<x-k A p 259 

»j.::. :.. r.i,-^i to :.dr/ .\ v-ail-r. ^«-?t. 2t, lefS 
by l-frv. C, b, Curtle bock A p 240 

Q'i? u'. -Uf.'Ml. to taiL^a J. /.Uand, Cat. 5, 1^75 
by H. ko'-lon, K'.. 0. Eoolc ii pi 

O-C;.' . •. . LA'^'A- to h'r.rto-asi Joyd, L'c, 2^, 1^75 
by f!, H, Hayiran, l-, (J. 'Jook. .i p 1 

J. •■?•.• .-. G . ■■:: to iary .■^r.uls, I-^^c. 2a, lt?5 

b-/ Jnm^B H. Gh„ttiicr, hLinlatcr of Uj« lioepel rfook B p 2 

a;:iCi. ri. ,.:l... :c.T5, to Jiir;'- a, hall, u^c r^5, 1^75 
by silllf.i Stouf, J. i-« iiock li p 2 

AliJ'T .:'u..';.I. tc f:£ fiur.t, Jan. 2-:, Ulo 

O. d'. uuokncr, .JouTity Judc Jotic u p 5 

JC! % ".;aiii.S to -itn£ lor^,f, ?eb. f', IU& 

oy -dr,ur L. s^aUrcn, .i . J. :i"'.-'^ >> P 5 

ftigft le 

STtPhU'* 1' AI.M:-G tc L:L99 J.llpa hobTte, DfC. 2J, ief6 

(Dote probably ir. rrror Dro. i£75 ncfant aa liornae nae 

leaufd Ufc, ?.l, IfTt), ni.d tht '/o rrocic; it) jus-t bf'guc. ) 
by U, ;'. Bfisnett, J. f. BooL D p A 

IGJ^JCli DCUGiiKlT to Jane Jonro, Kov . 16, 16?^ 
by V, > , bem.ftt, J. i. Jook li p A 

tllitW w. GhAi>VA^■ to i'i-rtha £. Uoar, Jin. 27, li;76 
by *. illitr :ulc\:>-, J. P. Jook j3 p b 

OAI/SDa- L. L.-TaUI' to Winnie Fleher, Jan. 2t, lt76 

by Ulma, G, L;rl Irok., t'tnlattr of whriut in coiuTunlon 
with Frr?9oyt '^rikiii Uhuroh i)ook. B p 5 

B«f;JAk:IK GCCK to iatj-lcla i-urdanj, TeU, 6, ic/o 

U^ff b'btiWoGlonJfiixak? Vinistfr oftth' Goupel laaok B p 6 

JAWiiS P. B^Ujili to ^a rah ii. StHler, ?eo. 2A, 1£76 

by Ghas, G. SpIIpcIc, Jriinistcr of thf Go&pcl 3oo5c B p 6 

JOm< il. hlLiOH to Kioa Lurar.a Ytlviiigtonj i.ov . 5, 1676 
by U. M. Bfv.n»i.t, J. P. Uook a p 7 

«. P. Brown tp i'iae hat*" fiale iiorden, rfpb. 9, l£76 
oy fifv. C. B. Ourtla Book B p 7 

LOJ.'.IS C. DA'f to ijdly V.. Aileon, torch 2, 1676 

by C. 0, Srllrck, ;/inict<r of th»=- .ojjpfl Book B p 8 

ilLLI.U: hCBIM^GN to Lrttl' .^url'»y, /eu. Vy , U.76 

by Jae . H, Chandler, Minister of tnt (iospel Book B p 6 

SAMUtL JfJ^AilsS to isry Jsn* hich, Pet). 2>, U76 

by Jn. *, Friop, Judge 7tn Judioial -.ircult Book B p 9 

GiXhCA.B. BAlLi-T U- uiily ii. Futoh, tarch 26, U-76 
by iujigcr N. V.aldron, J. P. tiook J p 9 

SAkua, jLii.uj^ haeit^ i'UrirC ^prii '^6, ia6 

by hill| "S^oik^ J./f . Book B p 1 

CHAhLii IuwlL to Ja:-i>^!>,&jul6, April 15, 1^6 
by „. ti> Bfiir.ctt, J. P^ — -dock dpi 

iage 19 

SAi'Ui- J, JCfJ,-ii to G^ori^lana LuPi^oan, April 5, 1576 
by .illiLin Stoii', J. I', Book b p 11 

Sft^■UiJ JO-i-K to DPlflrii ?Urn, April 26, IU6 
by '-i Ilium f.tor'-, J, P. 13 or K a p 12 

ChAi-Li.3 r;lC;/.S Tc Jenr L. v'=;aula, April 15, 1''76 
by LI. -;, O'-.a.-tt, J.. I, t-ook ii p 12 

R'i.LA:. I-. Difi-- to kmir L. Hoovry, i.CLy lA, 1176 

/.Ifr'd ". hleccck, an oidaln Wiiiictfr o: the L<oQpfl 
dock D p 15 

SA.!.:Ui.L iILr.02- to I.r.Kl, •, Counta, i^y i:6, lL'l6 

by John } . ; obii:6r,r.,, Crdain tiniot-r ->u^.ic d p IJ 

HuNhx' J, Liiikli to li.f-b>'cc9 .'.yora, Jun^^' 1, if) 6 
by ;^£ar l-., V.aldron, J . i . uook o p lA 

I\C3^.T ; . '-/iJil-, to J ii.a ArjTii'" •^uIe* •J'-'"'' 1^* 1^76 
by Hfnr/ S. Llbt'-Te, J. i-. Book b p iA 

tlLLlAJ,' A, i;.;r:i; to '"Knry C. »ini',ate, Junr 11, lf:.76 
by Denifl t3. ShffPi'ld, V. G. Jcok n p lli 

B.-KJAM!: h. i,JL'::CI: to i.tJilund ii . .•v^e^'-r, July 10, 1676 
by A, li. iani'^tt, Ci^'r^yman jook d p 15 

OHARLi-£. :.rAlS to VL-:-/ Dlllard, i^ot. 7, U7o 
by Viilliaa Stor.f, J. F. Jooic B p 16 

Jeaaff- 'f - Iv In^to': to HIbb iluten Jonfs, Aug 5> 1^76 
by Li. a. Sh«'fri'-ld, y. G. Jo-k ri n l6 

AliBU^T SAVAGi; to uiith '.sin/'atF, Cot. 11, U i'6 
by cdgar N, V.>,ldrcn, J. p. liook ri p 17 

a^VA.-.ii, J.iri.i:;- tc J.-o«phirc l.ovp, Uro. 6, l£76 

by Chae, 3, f^llpok, j'iniotrr Oi? the i,;t>pfl aooic B p 17 

iLAAi.'j I: KK to Janf- _v0n8, June 2'-y, ]i7'!j 

by Jaa. h. ChaiTJltr, Oraaiiifd i-iniottr dccic B p 16 

JCH:, C. LICKrAf; tc ;.:i.udatrii A Csf.Tr, f«'pt. 5, lt76 
by i L LiHaid. J. ?. bock j p U 

ISAAC T.^CrAhb^iK to V'ise I.Urty ^nn llf tor., Si..?, . 51, 1^76 
&y L-'nr.le :r, rno^r, ?.'.. (> . ^iook d j' Iv 

JACK.O. JCi.^ to FanniP \inch«i, U'ki, 2A , ir,'6 
by .dt'ar ! . lij.lCTc.n, J, 1, Sock L p IS 

i«ge 20 

FKAliK L'TAlCClf.'O to Carrie F. hoaetter, D»»o. 26, 1176 
by ; . rj, Tel'crd, U. G. liock B p 20 

I£A.-.C InAh^ to Iklty aiipp'r, L'c. 2;5, U7^''> 

by Johr h, l-obireor, cirlair^d i. iniatfr iock B p 20 

Ui-CiG^A. :;uh»j;C^ i'^U't ir.kilCL ir, r'^um) tr ..aruh h.. Kelme 
Nov. l^., 1''.76 1/ U. V. £<r.ri^t, J. i . iJof.k B p 21 

JvCdU.T 0'. Eiii-H.'littD Licorglar A. Cduxn, D;a. ?1, lt76 
by U, V. orr.r.ftt, J, I-, Dr. v!c d 1^ ^1 

JAL:.-; iiALIL'IGN tol.isc i'QrLha r^'dd^r, Dec. Jl, lc76 
Dy U. J . B-r.n-'^tt, J, E. iicclt a p 2£ 

V*}.'. C. TUx.:;-:t to 'ulua lAoh^'i Olark Jovnrr, Jan. !?, li.77 
by A. '.' . HiscocV-, At. crdaii.''J iini..ufj cf thr OoBpt'l 
Bck E: p i^2 

Jtiti^ H. LlcGLOUG to .^.llzaiJrth£, Jcv. 26, 1^76 

by t. J, Bi.^:'i, fJniGt<-r of the G cap d uook B p 2? 

Ff^iTC:; iUIlJ. to Martha Kir.chfr., Jan. JO, U77 
by C, 'i. uultot; J. P. IlooL b p 2J 

OiXBQ^ oAhr'^.O-L to IrrorttP. ColTran, ' Vb . 1, U77 
by Jo'-.n i\. h'Jbiiucn,''r Bov-.:-: i2 p 2^ 

liML S, r\Ci}~i to laabella f.uatrle, t'^b. It, ir/7 
by .4--.V I., uacron, J. P. bock - p 2-^ 

KAhivl^CM •■.QCL.i. tu t.ury JiCwio, /'b. 26, 1677 

by Anthouy -. i'rfdiuin, J. T. Jouk i3 p 25 

SSEOTHa. QALHCU; to tpary t<rovvn, Mich 'y, lijl 
by Jchr Ti;of.u8, .'. . Q. ^ock d p 2:5 

ABnAM P4.1\ua to ;<iiri3/ hcblnatn, i.r-rch 10, Ic// 

Dy f'rfd J. lajf r.otierf., ;our.ty Judge ai/d J. f . Book B p 26 

J. H. L, :;otffL'rtr. to T&nny oarpfnx*5^r, .-iprxl 1, 1L77 

b/ Fred J. Lat.fnotierr, OoMnty Judt^e Jooi o p 26 

HliOVi' ALh-H to Folly Ann jfarUaa, A;n-il C, 1C77 
by l.<^. DFRnie iij.'-ncer doof- b p 2/' 

JOHN OR^iiL tj) Ann Uiza taith, April 1^, WH 
■py i,aul J. Cook, J. *• Book 3 p 27 

Page 21 

DAUIfcL BC.nhlGKT to Boele Brown, April 28, 1677 
by uigar N. ialdron, J. P. Book B p 26 

hlLty OVijSa to Idlee to ly K. Draudy, April 26, 1677 

by A. J. Baker, Winiotcr of the Ooepel Book B p 28 

HU^T JACKSOH KIRKLAKD to Oelia Batrrentine, Uay J, 1877 
by Samuel Downpy, J. P. Book B p 29 

JOHN F. BO*'UAN to Rhoda h, Zagon, May lA, 1877 

by George J, Aldoi, Notary Public Book B p 29 

ifilABD WALSTIta to flortroe Adaaa, Kay 26, 1677 

by 1. John Thonaa, Klnieter Gospel Book B p JO 

Ji-FfiitSON lARt to i^tild* Posey, June J, 1677 

by fclden Bingain Wright, U, Gospel Book B p JO 

JOHN A, MolilLUN to Annie U. P. Margwiff, iSay JO, 1877 
by Henry T. Titus, Notary Public Book B p Jl 

Wood Hanilton to 7annie Lewie, July 7, 1877 
by Samuel Lewis, J. P. Book B p Jl 

-^i^MAl CASSADAT to Luand ^imi^r., Jauly 17, 1677 
by fifth I. Bennett, V.D.M. Book B p J2 

jAldiLS U, itNIGHT to Mias Wary Burnham, July 19, 1877 

by A. V. Hisoook, ordain liinister Book B p J2 

Ponapey FBrgereon to Julia Albert, Aug. ik, 1677 

by John Thomas, Minister of the Gospel Book B p JJ 

CHAhLi:5 0ATi3 to Uiss Hary A. Thursbey, Sppt, 8, 1877 
by Seth «. Bennett, V, D. M, Book B p JJ 

KOBii^T ARiJSTRONG to Florence L. Swings' Sept. 29, 1877 
by Samuel Lowrie, J. P, Book B p j4 

ilLLIAW A. McBRIDiuto Mary L. Levone, Sept. 27, 1877 

by A. J. Baker, Minister of the Gospel Book B p jA 

Bi^JAWIN GADSOH to Julia Ann Watson, Sept. 22, 1677 
by A, 1.. Freeman, J. P. Book B p J5 

yOStS »^ BARBiO^ to Mary P. Garrett, Oct. lA, 1877 
by Saml, Lowrie, J. p. Book B p J5 

Pag? 22 

BtilJAVi:^ £^. GOLGCi-J) to Anra S. Kirk, Nov. 12, l£77 
by I.. £. Lert, i^lnietpr book B p 56 

ISAAC TfLiii to L'ary Jackson, Nov. 12, 1677 

by A. i.. PrPffcan, J. P. Book B p 56 

ADKUIti^ BhADY to Wles tva G. nnrs, S'-pt. 27, 1677 
by Thos. A. Rosefr, J. P. Book 3 p 57 

AUGUSTU2 DILUFO to Was Henrietta Purdum, Nov. 12, l£77 
by H. McGlon, Llnister Go0p«»l Book B p 57 

GiXfi3fa h, FAKKt ( Rirfcer in r«lum) to Lydia A» C. Saxon 

by JamfB i", Lfaton, Minister of the Gospel Book B p 56 

CiWI'.LtS UCa.L ai'ITH to lATgarn Bertha l.orieka Smith (given 
in return VargarPt Bertha Koriska caith), ?co. 17, 1676 
by SilllBin T. Pierson, factor U.fc. Ohuroh, Daytona, i-'la. 
Book B p AO 

TKOK'AS h. OBOkt, to i-Uza H. Batten ?eb . 2A, 1176 
by ThoB. Bartleo, J, P. Book B p Al 

KOihf P. SAVAOi:. to KiBB Honoriene M, Lorrain, h'«roh 21, 1678 
by W. H. Garter, DD., LID,, Clergyman at Holly Hill, r'la. 
Book B p Al 

RiaJ\ R. OCLLI'S to Josephinr F. FlFming, April 16, 1678 

by R. H. Carter, DD. ND , Olergyman Prota. iips. Ohuroh 
• Book B p A2 

Pi-Ti* HChN to iiliza D. Pootcher, torch 26, 1676 
by Barton P, Brooks, J. P, Book B p A2 

KARhlSCN n, OLAhKfc to liiee Helen H. Telfair, April I6, 1676 
by M. Black, i'lnieter Book B p A5 

BUTLiJ^ CAK'PBtLL to Lucy Warren, Jan. 22, 1676 
by Thoa. A. Rosstr, J. P. Book fl p A5 

JOHN T, TAYLOK to Ida J. Prieat, April lA, 1676 

by Daniel B. Sheffield, &?. 0. Book B p AA 

BILLIAM S. TttJKJiR to iJias N. A. Bennett, April 25, 1676 
by B. b., PRijrATT, J. P. Book B p AA 

GtChOfcM. QUABTii-J^AN to Mies Anm D. Burnham, Way l6, 1676 

by A. V. Kisoock, Wlniatrr of the Goapel Book B p A5 


ft^ge 25 

hICHAhD hOBIIlSON to Allc«« wiiiards, June 12, 1676 

by Ohao. K. Katooan, r^otary mblio liook ri p ^5 

tlLLIAM hJ^iAS to I^aohael Dellla Futoh, June ^. 1^7£ 
by Ohas. H. Kauran, I^otary hPpubUo iiook B p A6 

HAYiOCD MoBUKHiiY to Mclvim UUlame, i^roh 2% IpE 

by John ThoMB jdost . Mniet^r of Goopel Book: B 

ABhAHAKl Pf.IKCiu to Harriet Or^fn, July 7, 1676 
by Z. K. Bmnftt, C M. Q. Book B p A7 

ViASHIKGTOH PUKG^HSOW to hacha'^1 Qurley, July 15, 1676 
"by John ThOR^a, Linister of OoBpcl oook B p A7 

hICHARD S. KtffflthSai to Mies tlizabrth Duncan, Aug. 10, 1676 
by ?. J. Lap^notlPre, County fludge Book B p ^t 

ALLISON 0. OLOVi* to Marietta Conley Aug. <5. 1678 

by A. V. Hleoock, a I/inlet rr of the Ooepel Book B p AC 

Jhl-t& AhCHIi. Ti:WvY to tliza Freraan, F.rpt. 1, U7e 

by John Thomas, MiniBt^r of the Ooepel Bock B p A9 

?r•JlSia^ U OIGhrr to i^m^^etlne S. SpUEbcr, sept. 15, 1676 
by Seth S. E^nn'^t, V. D. U. Book 3 p ^9 

JAMM H. PRd/ATT to franoea Lrnora Akins, Sept. t. 1676 

by Jae. H. Chandler. ^'Iniet^r of the Gcaprl Book B p SO 

by Jas. H. Ohardler, ULnlater of the Qoap*-! Book B p 50 

JAMi^ H. OHARDLi-ft to Mrs. Caroline H. Dyall. Srpt. 19, 1676 
byJ^m^B T. Lct^n, kilnlet er of the Goapel Book B p 51 

JOHN F. DITSOK, to tery EKt-VATT, Sept. 22, 1676 » „ 31 

by Jaa. h. Chaniler, Minister of the Goeprl, Book B p 51 

CHAKLW. ik. WILLAW) to tllZABWH THUhSB^-Y, Sept. 2h , 1676 
by S^h B^-nnH-t, V. D. M. Bock B p 52 

by Ghaa. H. Naumn, Notary Fubllo Book B p 52 

JAOCB BILLIA^iS to lanoy Wdugton, Cot. 5» ^^76 
by Daniel J. Oook, J. P. ^0°^ ^ p 55 

Page 2A 

JLKW i!l:^£f.:AN to Liazie Ann ?itBgerald, Oct. 21, lETE 
by Seth Bennett, V, D, U. Book B p SJ 

JAV.tS LAK'B to Kanoy T-oldT, Cot. 19, lf7P 
by Saral. Lowri^, J. P, Boot B p 5^ 

VlhOIL llAhPii\ to ;.u3tella t.'orriaon, Jiov . 21st, lilt 

by A. J. Bakrr, Mlnietfr of th? Goapel Boole B p 5A 

SA.VUi-L KU.Ti^ to ?njno'-B Falany, llov . 21, lilt 
by h. K. Dillard, J, P. i3ook b p S5 

hICIiAhD XMGiiT to *nii ly Moore, Kov . 11, Itlt 
by Ch&e. l!. Jlaunan, J. P. tJook B p 5ti 

Hi4>ihr BKCADhAL: to Coria clkfQ, Dfo. 20, U7^ 
by ThPo. Barf, J. F. liook 3 p 56 

LLISHA AKDi^-SCN to Crorgia SlKons, Dec. 2t, lt7£ 

by John Thomaa, African W. a^. Churoh, --ntfrFrlae Book B p 56 

THC!.!AS CKA«iPCf£ to liary Ann hunter, Dec. 2A, 1676 
by Km. H. Butlcr, J. P. Book 3 p 57 

iiCGAK i;. V.ALDhCN to >^na. is. Cross, Jan 15, U79 

by Chae. G. SPll^ok, Faetor Church of Chrlet, Snyrna, ?la. 
Book B p 57 

WILIIAII «ATTOH to LSargarrt Yelvlngton, Jahy. 9, l£79 
by Barton F. Brooks, J. P. Book 3 p 59 

JAMii5 CASV-fcLL to Carrie h. Kitch<»ll, Jar.. 1, lfc79 

by «. ii. CartfT, DD. LID., Clergyman dock B p 59 

TIVCTKY AW.S3CCD to i).lla Farley, Jan. 11, lf79 

by H. K', Glon, Crdaln'd Mnieter Book B p 60 

WfcP.WT J. SiiATTUOK, to Mies Sal lie U. Jordan, Jan, 2S, 1879 

by Jas. H, Chto'chill, l!lnister of thf Qoepel Book B p 60 

DAVID A. THOWfSCI^, to Fheby Ann Boyd, feb. 16, 1679 
by K, H. Dillard, J. I', Book fl p 61 

JtENlC. IM IliaCKhTtotbaimnA Pf tflv tngton, yuffch. 10)?, 11??9 
by Shf*oaaiftl3«9oa, ff, P.Booitobk 1^ 6p 61 

JChlJ D. BAKiih to Virginia Qalcchat «ioode, April 1, U7$ 
by B. &. Prfvatt, J. P. Book 3 p 62 

fage 25 

JCHN VoLMN to iiary hhittam, April 27, 1£7S; 
•iy P. IJ. Bryj^n, J. p. Book B p 64 

THCrAS llAYS to Kora Lee, April 1? If 79 

by Ufo. D. Kulot, Cl-rgjrman ' Book S p 63 

CTF.US tlCRSi. to Dora 6arn«ell, toy 5 1^75 

by John Ihoiiias, .sinister oP CiosFcl Book a p 6S 

by A. -L. Frf'can, J. i. ,^ock d p 66 

O^hGu AMi^S to Lucy Walker, llay 6 lf.79 
by fiaail. Lo».rir, J. p. ^oot fl p 66 

H^ihY h AhCHU< to Corn.lia fobinson, V.rcn 6, 1679 

by John Ihcmaa, Minister of the Qoapel ^^ok B p 67 

JOH^ L. Sanderlin to i.lizabnh Oetem, ;ay l?, U79 
by henry T. Titus, .Notary Public 3ook 3 p 67 

JCHi; I., MWLINS to Sarah S. Prrvatt, June IC, 1679 

by Jac. H. Chandler, ;-i„ieter of Go.pei 'boT B p J^O 

OhAKLha H. COHKS to Corr^lia P. c^.pnan, toy 7. 1679 

by ^. r. Pink^ton, Miniater of Christian Ohur oh Book B p 66 

JACOCB (JACOB in r^u^)SU,imiN to Ui.a Josephine Sik^o, 

Bock B p 6e ^ ' ^' ^^"'^'^' ^'°^^y ^^li°' ^t-te'at Larg«, 

UASTCN ^. QDUL! to Sarah J. Gone, liay 29, 1£79 

by A. J. Baker, l-iniet.r of Gospel 'sookB p 69 

JOaW a*,LL*^s to Annie MoMilland, 2/^y 29 U79 

by Henry T. Titus, Kotary a^blio Book B p 69 

JCHK *l. hAi-.LlNS to SAhAH S. Prevatt, June 10, 1679 

by Jaa. h. Chandler, Minister of Goapel' Book B p 70 


Hi»NhY SILLIAL'S to DeaUmory Courtney, June 12, U79 

by a. 0. Johnson, his X (Oglored tiiniater) Book B p 70 

I2KA-L SMITH to I.'^bf'oa (^Iv^n also Reb'-<jQa) Cunspale, July 11, 
.1C79 b/ John Thorwe, .Vinlafr o? Gospel Ooclc B p 71 

JOKi R. JT-O'. to Htirlf^tta BllBon, Junp 5, 1679 

b/ A. V, Hiacock, Orrialnrd liinlotfr of th'^ Go3pf»l 
Book B p 71 

JOHIJ U FACt. to 'Jrs. iilla A. Brantloy, Jul/ 15, 1£79 

by Rev, ThoB. D.. Latimer, iastor of trcabytf rien Church 
iJook B p 72 

Qi^f^tW. DYALL to Charity i^wlins, July ih, 1679 

by JaG. A. Ohanclrr, MrjiutT of thP Goopel Book B p 72 

JAliiS' S. Bt-LL to ii«ailyL4«@9w , July 2A, 1679 

by ?.m. S. Abbott, Kotar/ i\jblic Book B p 75 

JACK TIIJJOKS to Famlf Hern, July Jl, lt79 

by Cubit nileun, I'lniat^r of Goapol Uook. B p 75 

JOfii; C. BWUlt/rr to J^art^ia liingatP, Aug. 19, U79 
by Charles I'o^iiry, J. P. Book 3 p 7A 

H«;ivr ALSTON to Louisa lalBlfciffl, Aug. 2t5, 1^79 

by John Thoxds, VinlBfer of OoapPl Book 3 p 7^ 

JOHIJ PHHILIPS to V&Tj yranole (iTrano^^s) Alaobrooks, Oct. 1, 1679 
by fvufua A, hueerll, '„:inl3ter of Gospel Bock B p 7S 

iLI BAKiJUIKL to yartha Held, Oct. ^, 1879 

by Jas. R. Chandler, Liiniat^r of Goapd Book B p 75 

mi\k amiwiT tc cavid m. o>x)m\ oct. s, 1^79 

by T. H. Bennett, 0. t* 0, Bock B p 76 

WILLIAM r. L£A1EITT to Mies Hattle Vrmch, Nov. 21, 1679 

by Jani^'c T. L^Bton, I'lnlstPr of tho Goepel Book B p 76 

ALi^AfBiR H. DAVIS to Sarah Sauls, Cot. 26, 1679 

by Hao. H. Chandler, Llnlet <-r of Gosp<»l flock B p 77 

FCSTiJ% VAUfil!!? to Frsnoia (franoFfl in r«turn) Jackson, Dco. 2^, 
1679 by J. H. i-ldridge, J. p. Book B p 77 

FBge 27 

Gl^ROt. ALLtN to Kanoy INllllama, D^o. 2A, 167? 
by L. n, bldridge, J. ?. Book B p 76 

SAVUikL PUhDUM to lartha A. Mlnahe», D»n3. 25, 1679 
by L. h. tldridgc, J. P. Book fl p 78 

JOHN S. SMITH to Svaan 0. Lan^, Jan 1# ISCO 
by Charl^« HoMry, J. P. Book 3 p 79 

VW^CH S. Sl'ITH to Nancy B<nn<tt, Jan. 5, UEO 
by Charlpe JoCl\ary, J. P. Bock B p 75 

JOHN LCBO to AEiandasT Blaokw elder, 

by Jae. h. Ghandltr, Miniot'r of Goepfl 3ook B p 80 

H*^Z*KIAK hAV<LINS to Wary Oatepn, Jan. 15, lePO 

by Jaa. H. Chandler, Liniet^r of Gc&pd Book: li p CO 

JOHt'i DAVIS to Jane L. Thomas, Jan. 23, 1660 

by A. J. baker, MLnleter of the Gospel Book. B p CI 

OUDW (Gucmiu^in return) OOSilSBS {CC}ii:^S in return), to 
iiattle Jay lor, Jan. it, letO by A. fc.. ^reesian, J. P. 
Bock B p CI 

IMIS PO**.LL to Mary S. Oowart, t'^b, ^S;, lECO 

by D<^nl9 Sp^no^r, kiniet^r of Ooepc-l Book B p ti2 

BiJ^JAUro F. GHILTC:J to Mary *. Tucker, Feb. J, l£fcO 

by Oha». sell* ok, K!lni»st«r o."- Christ, K^m Snyrm 
Book B p 62 

FFATOIS ks, KIIvKLAiy} to ftlwlnu BoO«?rt8, f'^h, 16, ICCO 
By T. U. Bftinnt, 0. k. 0. Book B p CJ 

JOSi-P'rl BUOKLi^ to Hulda Sf^iomrdaon, 8^0. 19, l£EO 
by H. iSc&lon, filiniatcr Book B p £J 

JOHN tlChi^Ll. to AUBabath 3. TilUe, iieroh 16, l£eO 
by L. h. i-ld ridge. Notary Public Book B p cA 

STUHtJJ QOis^ to Amand lay lor, Uec. 22, If'tO 

by John Thomaa, Miniet«Jr of Ooept'l Book B p 64 

JCHIs VAUIiOr to H«^e «. U^o^h, April 15, 1G£0 
by I.. D. Kuatcn, J. P. Book B p 65 

THADIUS M. BAK^A to «*althy A. I^uahint, ?^ii* 5, 1660 

by U. W. Bennett, yiniator o? th^ Go9p<--l Book 3 p to 

. ,. *^^ 'a' 12, If 60 

Book B P 91 

Page 29 

JOHJJ U. CAhhABAT to ^^rtha aennett, Sept. 9, IftO 
by uiiarl«B L. i;ci:ajy, J. r-. iit^ok b p iA 

OU)hG*- tt. i'ODArai.Lto Belle h. Ladore, SCpt. 2^, l£fO 
by *-. U. i-inkOton, Vlriiei«-r Ucok ':i p Tb 

FtfiPOS ^ff.D&Ofeftht^TT to ktortha t. Drawdy, ^i^pt. 12, iceo 
by Saiiil, I.owric, J. T. book B p S'^ 

IHLLIAM H. TiiDDi4^ to Kancy Y^lvlngton, £«^pt. 2. ItlO 
by iiilliasE A. autl^r, J. I. i^cxk B p 5/6 

WILLIAM LASTING^ to I'ary Ann Tedder, Sfpt. 2, le^O 
by williaa U. riutl^r, J. i, 

JCKN 0. HALL to Itory Laatlng'^r, S^pt. 2, If^O 
by «illiats «. liull^^r, J. P. iiock 3 p >7 

William Sr-PH-;^ to Vary Child ere, icpt. 2^, lEfO 

b/ ^red J. Lai-enotifre, Go. Judge, Voluaia Go. Ifla, 
book B p 57 

THCUA: J. i'l/hhAiT to Ailiaa lilclionicl, Oct. IJ, iCtO 
by Ohas. G. u«llcok, I'iniatcr of thf Gospel 
in Glcncoi, Volusia Co., Kls, Book B p 9£ 

». J. GI.i-i^l to HioPbP iPst bi-oGk, S^pt. 2£, iCtO 
by *illiam ». Butler, J. P. Book B p $€ 

tlLLIAW hOBi-hT BAW::!AKT to fianay -manual, u'pt. 20, 1££0 
by Jas. H. Olvandler, WinietPr of Clc'jp<^l oook B p 9f 

JCStPH C. PRiVATT to Florida /ord, tot. 2C, UIO 

by Ktv. r«"ni;ifl Sp<"ncPr, J.lniatcr of GoBpt"! book B p 99 

BO^JAUINL GEIfi'lN to I'ary Jauc IWgnt, liov . IJ, iCfcO 

by Jas. il. Chandler, I'lniafr of the Gospel dock B p 100 

Umm A. WAWI*A to *fflr A., Kov. 20, ir:PO 

b/ Jaaee T. Lawton, VinlatfT of Gospel Book B p 100 

JAU^a J, D. RIC:i'iivI>SCK to Laura D. Cduin, Lto. 12, 1610 
by L. 1.!. RiohaySon, J. P. Book B p 101 

WILLIAM STCKJ"- to Didamtl OufsaCDidenn/ in return), Jan. 9» l££l 
by A. J. Bak«r, .Vini9t*r of Gospel Jook B p 101 

J, P. FJ^NSOi;, JR. to Laura Llnaic, Dfo. 2^, l££0 

by Jamte T. Luton, J^it.ietfr of Goep^l, Book B p lOJL, 
(Jamea T. Lenton on lioensc) 

FBgo 50 

WWILLIAM Aia}a\SCN to 0. A. A. Davie, Jan. 2A, Ittl 
b/ J, «. becks, t\, Q, Book B p 102 

iL'. H. FC*iiLL to Ar^eline Stirling, Dec. 25, lefO 
by tin. W. iutUr, J. P. :jiyok l» p lOJ 

K. B. C0K«IJN to tUza A. Baldron, Jan. 6, 1661 

by C. f. £lr>(;hi>ui, iaotor Congl, Church, mytcr^, 

^ooic b p 105 

SiMOK HUS^a to i-lizabcth TrocjrAn, Ja. . IJ, letl 

by ^rPd J. lapfnoti^rc. County Jud^e, Volusia Co, 
Book B p 104 

ABKAHAi; f'. T3rf<*' to .'.argar*^- A. hichardaon, /eb. J, lt£l 
by 2, K. Bfnnett, C. U. G. Bock ii p 1C4 

JOiSK ^. PAhhi-TT (PAr.iCTT in rrturn) to Aufrica Ann i.ichardecn, 
Feb. 24, 16£1 by L. f^. Fvichardson, J. F. Book B p 105 

J. ?, *IL£ON to Julia Ncebitt, i^&rch 5, Utl 

by Jas. h. Chandler, lliniater of Goepri Book B p lOS 

K«a\r KOiNin to tolly K N^sbit, l&rch Zh, Utl 

by fifth S. Bmnctt, ^VinistPr of the Church Chriat 
Bock U p 106 

GtOFOi-v.. BAK4i to L'iao rlargar^t A. Fouth, I'ftrch IG, 1661 
by £fth S. 3«?mett, Vinister of thf Churoh of Chriet 
Book a p 1C6 

H^5h? P. Fridfiftux to Diana Z. Bfnnnt, larch Jl, IfCl 
by Fi ^4. Bryan, J. i« Book B p 1C7 

iO«AFl3 COLOIAK t Ida tlleby, Jiarch 25. 1661 

by Jee. li, Chand ler,VJ.nlat er of Xht (jospcl Book 3 p 1C7 

SilLLIAll *.. SlKGCiL to Anni« KI. ?oazard, April 10, 16£0 

by G. L. And«T8on, J. P., Volusia Co., fla. Book 3 p 106 

SAi:Ui4. SUravLY to Arjile PolitP, April 9, lf6l 

.by if'rPd J. Lapcnotiere, Notary Fublic, Florida Booh B p 106 

flLLlAy K BALLOL'GH to MlsB Uzzie Sharth, April 5, 16£1 
by i-. Y. Pi-nkn-ton, Vinietfr Book B. p 109 

JAf.'i-S P. TCftNStND to J,!arift J. i-'itte, April 11, 1661 
by Seth £. BfrjQCtt, V. D. ii. Book B p 109 

*ALTi* 0. HADDJJ^ to Miao terlon J. I, Moai^r, April 21, 1661 
by John H. Griffith, Japtiet Church Book B p 110 

f^g< 51 

Hj-KKY L. Ut.i-^ to Sancrtha Janf- fountain, April 25, l6tl 
by i.obt. ft. iburdervant, J. P. BOOK B p 110 

LC\'D /tU.TAIH to >'«llrela iTatfrs, L'ay 10, Utl 
by hev, t,, R. Johnaon Beck B p 111 

JJ)KIK I!. SKCVi to Aliof i. Lcr^e, Sjay 15, ILCl 
by L, D, Huston, J. f» Boole ii p 111 

Htlihf A. J. JAKOi to Zilpha Ktgieter, t'ay 19, l£fcl 
by A . J, Ual:er, winiu^e"r of Ccapcl book ti p 112 

MILi^ Di^S to Caroline Gardn^T, Jun« 6, Iff 1 

by Vt., C. uot.:s, i.otary i'ublio. Vol. o'o, dooK p 112 

ISAAC hlCiA'AN to Mizaonh buggCr, Jun'= 26, 16£1 
by *., C. Suiirafrlin, J. h. Bool: b p UJ 

WILLIAM HONT^ to iatline Billiams, Jun» 2h, 1561 

by K^v, Qfo. Johnaon, Administrator book 6 p llj 

TITUS BAT*^ to J^nerva Simpkina, Jun** 17, IPfl 

by Jc&. [1. Chardlfr, li^ini8t«=r of the Gospel Bo&k B p llA 

Oi^. v.. P'UTCH to Suean Hckwire, July 5, Iffl 

by C. G. SflUck, Klinister of tne Church of Chriat 
Book 3 p nh 

ORSON J. HILL to Addi^ riinkl«, July 2fc, Ui'l 

by Jea. T. L'wton, L'lnioter of Goepei Book 3 p 115 

KAYMCND MaDY to DoroUiy Uuggf'r, Jyly 2£, lEfl 
by L. !. . ^ich£rdson, J, F, Book d p 115 

JCH2J Y-LVn.UTCK to ^nr.ic Jontg, July 2fc, Itf'l 
by S. i. BdcGor/clc, J, P. Book B p 1 16 

ANDRWS C. BAKi^x to I>csey A. Koocrtf ,>.ug. 25, ICfl 

by L. i:oGlon, i!ini3tcr of UiC Gcapci tJooK. a p 116 

JOHN A. WILLIAVS to i-llcn H<nry, Aug. 2A, l£fl 
by. Rcv. G. ». . Johi.aon Book B p 117 

PHILLIP FLFBUxSOK to June Soott, Stptcniber 1, ICei 

by Seth 6. B«nnrtt, Mnalttr of Goaptl Uook B p II7 

ROBi*T ». STUFDi-LVANT to Kathrine Bock^r, Sept. 15, l££l 

by Jas. T. L'wton, Mniottr of tht Gospel jjook fl p 116 

Page 32 

EU.rARD REIMER (RIEMER) to Jennie Routh, Sept. 29, 1881 
by L. H. Eldrlge, J.P. Book B p. 118 

E, T. LANE to Adel© Prarch, Oct. 12, 1881 

by Jas. T. Levjton, Minister of the Gospel, Book B p. 119 

LAURENCE BATES BKO>'^N to Bettle Washington, Sept. 29, 1881 
by U. U, Bennett, Minister of the uospel. Book B poll9 

THOMAS SELLERS to Lydia Carter, Oct. 27, 1881 

by E, 0. Summorlln, J. ?• Book B p. 120 

LEVIN ARMWOOD to Margaret Brlnley, Jan. 18, 1B82 

by John ThOKias, Minister of Oosuol, Book B p,120 

JOHN MITCHELL to Idelle Btirthlow, Nov. 25, 1881 

by L, H. Eldrldge, J.P, Book B p. 121 

TONY FURGEKSOH to Louisa H. Roach, Nov. 26, 1881 

by John Thomos, Minister of Gospel, Book B p. 121 

R. S, BENNETT to Miss M, P. Dean, Dec. 22, 1881 
Witness G. A, Dreka and 0. M. Jordan 
by O. Gordon, Book B p. 122 

EDUAN DAVIS to Ida Taylor, Dec. 6, 1881 

by L. H. Eldrldge, J. P. Book B p, 122 

HENRY L. OKll.N to Morlj^h Clark, Dec. 12, 1881 

by Jas. H. Chandler, Minister of the OospelBook B p,123 

JAMES F. LEAKE to Mary A. Taylor, Dec. 8, 1881 

by Rev, 0. W. Johnson, DcLand,Pla. Book B p. 123 

SAMUEL J. JOHBS to Laura Lake, Dec. 9, 1881 

by John Thomas, Minister of the Gospel Book B p. 124 

SAtdUEL JjiMES to Hi»ncy Peters, Doc. 21, 1881 

by 0, W. Johnson, Minister of the Gospel Book B p, 124 

D, 0. H. BRADSHAW to Elizabeth Coalman, Deo. 25, 1881 

by A. J. Bnker, Minister of the Gospel Book B p. 125 

KALPH MITCHELL to Ella Cromer, Dec. 28, 1881 

by Jtraes T. Lewton, Minister of the Gospel Book B p, 125 

EDGAK A. WATSON to June Dynll, Jan. 10, 1882 

by Robt. W. Sturdevant, J. P. Book B p. 126 

Poge 33 

OLIVEh N.^wTON to Kifiry Jeno bills, Februory 11, 1882 

by John Thomfis, luinlster of ti.e Gospol, Book B p, 126 

JOHN I. ALiiXAWUEK to Mi^ry Mvirsh, Februj.ry 9, 1882 

by G, Gordon, Minister of Gospel, Book B p. 127 

KOBl.KT RBID to Minerva MoKenzie, February 25, 1882 

by James H. ChCindler, Minister of Gospel, p, 127 

GEORGK DITHMaN to Mrrla Anna Schstetter, March 16, 1882 

by Williura J. ReraincRcher p. 128, Jr. Moricua Ch, Platka,Fli 

CARL F. PIEKSON to tisry Anna Rogers, April 6, 1882 

By T. Bishop, Pt^stor M. E. Church South p, 128 

GENL. GEORGE V» . MILLER to Maria A. Mitchell, Msrch 16, 1882 
by J. Y. Puree, J .F • p. 129 

FRANK M. CONE to Mary A. Willis, March 20, lK82 

by Ch? rlos McNar-y, J. P. p. 129 

JAMES CASMEY to Josephine Green, March 26, 1882 

by L. H. Eldridge, J. P. p. 130 

THOMAS M. BANDY to Li lis M, Richards, March 30, 1882 

by Seth L, (S?) Bockwith, iain. of the 0. p. 130 

ROBT. ANDERSON to Mary Hall, April 8, 1882 

by G. VV, Johnson, Min. of 0, p. 131 

LAURENCE COACHMAN to Hattie Gardner, April 12, 1882 

by Jas. H. Chandler, Min, of G, p. 131 

SAMPSON JEFFERSON to Eliza Rosier, May 3, 1882 

by John F. Palmer, min, of G, p. 132 

ALKXANDEh PhEVATT to Ida Elizabeth Morton, May 11, 1882 
by Geo. W. Lefncn (?) J, P. p. 132 

EDV»ARD MOORE to Lnura Jane Clark, May 23, 1882 

by H. B. Stewart, (Mason?) Priest p, 133 

ANDREW DEMPS to petience Viilson, June 5, 1882 

by James T, Lofton, Min, P» 133 

LEVI COLLETT to Rachel Green, June 11, 1882 

by A. L. Farr, Baptist Minister p. 134 

Page M 

GIDKUN D. VAN DYKK to Lorena Reld, June 13, 1B82 

by Wm. .;, Hulat, J. P. p. 134 

JAMiiS A. TEDDER to Martha Groover, June 21, 1882 

by Churles Mo Nary, J.Pt p. 136 

ROBERT G, V.ALESBY to Bona Oedelmen, June 27, 1882 

by John T, Palmer, Uin, of M.E. Church, Orange City 136 

PliANK A uHlTE to Jennie L. V.'ilkinson, Jtme 29, 1882 

by C. M« Bingham; pastor of Cong, Church, Daytona p»136 

PRANK BAlLLy to Mery Lodore, July 1, 1882 

toy C, M. Bingham, pnstor Cong, Church (7 ough) p,l36 

CHARLES F. GATES to Easter Reid- July 7, 1882 

by (minister's name not given) p. 137 

BENJAMIN HYMES to Anno Morgan, July 21, 1882 

by A, L, Farr, Min. of the G, p. 137 

OTTA (OITO?) VOSS to Ella R, Ardell, August 4, 1882 

by Soth 3, Bennett, Min. of the Ch. of Christ p,l38 

ELI ROCHELLE to Florence Proctor, September 9, 1882 

by C. B. Buoknor (C ?), J.F, p,13B 

CH/iHLES PEARCE to Mlnorva Livingston, Septortibor 7, 1882 
by Horace A, GBines, J.P# p,139 

JAMES PAULING to Mnhaley Higgins, September 11, 1882 

by Robert W. Sturdevont, J. P. p. 139 

ISHAM HALL to Darcus Cow lias, October 19, 1682 

by M, H.Bridge, J. P. Volusia Co, p. 140 

GEORGE B. BENNETT to Polly Futch, September 26, 1882 

by J. Edwards, Min, M.E. Church, Florida Conf, p. 140 

VrtC. H, EDMONDSON to Luna Eastman, December 3, 1882 

by ChBs, M, Binghom, Pastor Church Cong, Dnytona p,l4l 

ROLLA N. SEYMOUR to Eliza J, Builey, December 18, 1882 
by 0. Gordon, Min. of the G, p,14l 

ItjAhG Cl MONROE to Arnbelee M. Josaelyn, December 27, 1082 
by John P. Palmer, Postor M.E. Church, Orange City 142 

^■L^i^^ti. '-X 


Page 55 

ALBERT TUHNER to Currle V. Sands, Januory 7, 1883 

by L, E, Eldridgo, J, P. p. 142 

CIIAKLt-S A, BALLOUGH to Dora A. Dayton, Jonuary 7, 1883 
by L. D, Huston, J, P. (Huston) p. 143 

CHAhLiiS R. BLOOMiJi to Mortho A, Munger, Jtmuary 25, 1883 
by Jrmes T, Lewton, KLn. of the Gospel p, 145 

JOHN ELOF BEMGST'Oll (BEliGTON ) to Mrs. Elizabeth S.Ekenburg, 
Jan. 23, 1883 by John h\ Pt^lmer, Portor M,E, Church 144 

J.J, AYDELOTT to Bet tie J. Jamison, Februfiry 1, 1883 
by James T, Low ton, Min, of the 0, p. 144 

JAMES R. STAT-FORD to Nettie Moore, February 7, 1883 

byL. H. Eldridge, J. P. p. 145 

AlBiiRT W, CH/.TTUCK to VJilllo Lee Conovor, February 20, 1883 
by Jainca T. Lev. ton, Min. of G, p, 145 

JAMES A.MITCHELL to Delia Doisey, February 22, 1883 

byL. D. Huston, J .P . ^03!^Zkit^ P* ^^^ 

WILLlAf^ V<. STAPLER to Alice M. Rossetter, March 7, 1883 
by G, Gordon, Min, of G. p. 146 

ISAIAH B. LIBBY to Fsinnie B. Smith, March 8, 1883 

by A. L. Farr, Bnptist Min, p. 147 

HENRY H. MITCHELL to Mrs. Victoria H. McAlpin,Mor.l9,1883 
by Jds, H. Chandler, County Judge p. 147 

ISRAEL DOUGHERTY to Georgia Long, March 15, 1883 

byjas, H. Chandler, Min, of the G, p. 148 

WILLIAM KINO to Sallie Armstead, March 15, 1883 

by D, Moore, Clergyman p, 148 

JOSEPH SILAS to Carrie B. Loe, Mar. 15, 1883 

by W. M, Bennett, Min. of G, p. 149 

GEORGE '.V, BOYER to Bertha L. Longo (Gouge) return,Mor.27,1883 
by C. M, Binghp.m, Pastor Congl. Ch. Daytona p. 149 

GEO}vGE*'.V. /.KINS to Florida A. Prevatt, March 28, 1883 
by Jco. H. Chandler, Min. of the G. p. 150 

Pff£:e 36 

EDViARD H. HOPKINS to Susan Alexander, April 3, 1883 

by Seth S. Bennett, tilnister of the Chuich of Christ p,l50 

WILLIAM 0. MOOHE to Snrah Clifton, Mnrch 8, 1883 

by Uilllca W, Butler, J. P. p. 151 

CLAIIETJCE M. GOKDAN TO Phoebe 0. Dt.rke, April 5, 1883 

(Drake in return) 
by G. Gordan p. 151 

THOMAS R. BYRD tc Sinthey L, McS'.valn, Ap, 8, 1883 

by L. H. Bennett, 0,.-.G. p,152 

AARON \;ILJON to Matilda Taylot, May 9, 1683 Ap,9 in lloense 
by Duvid Moore, Clergynan p,152 

BOfllllO (?) TAYLOR to Lldia Thompson, May 14, 1883 

by Soth S. Bennett, Min, Ch of Christ p. 153 

Wtl, L. CROUSOH GROU.^EH, to Mrs. Uory Lewis, May 15, 1883 
by v.m. W. Hulst, J.P, p,153 

ISMEAL JACKSON to Doroas Ann Cooper, May 10th, 1883 

by Joseph C. Crora&ck, Mln. of G, p. 154 

ADAM (ADAI.IS) OVERSTRELT to Alice Anderson, May 26, 1883 

by L. D. Huoton, J.P, p. 154 

HUJRY MITCHELL to Annie Sirrns, June 10, 1883 

by Seth S, Bennett, Mln. of the Ch. of C, p. 155 

CHARLES \;. liARVIH to Annie M, Swing, June 12, 1883 

by Jas, H. Chandler, County Judge p.l55 

OSCAR JGNSON to Mary Miller, July 6, 1883 

by Seth S, Bennett, Min. of the Ch. of C. p. 156 

HE14KY PAUL C. LONG to Uartho Jane Oateen, Jul 10,1883 

by Jas. H. Chtmdler, Min. of the G. p. 156 

HARRY B. CUTLER to Laura J. Beck, July 8, 1883 

by Chas, M, Binghnm, Mln. of the Gospel p. 157 

Ja3. a. HUFi-LAN to Mrs. Ell abeth A. Pudgor, July 10, 1883 
by Robt, B, Violseley, Poster of St, Barnabas 

Mission Church DeLand p.l57 

AARON YELVINGTOH to Jocnah V. Hall, June 24, 1883 

by U. M. Bennett, kin. of Go p. 158 

i-oge 37 

CHKIl^TUrHi^h C. SUTION to Mary June Sutton, July 12, 18)33 
by Geo. W. Lefman, J. P. p. 158 

OEO. W. CHaNDLKR to Louise Davison, July 11, 1883 

by Jnraes F (T?) Lewton, Mln. of G p. 159 

lAhUUi-ii LIBBY to Aug-usta Jolvnson, July 15, 1883 

by U. M. Bennett, Mln. of G. p. 159 

JOHN H, GAhRON to Dora E. McDaniel, July 18, 1883 

by C. C. Sutton, J. F. p. 160 

ISAAC '..ILLIAMS to tflary Wiggins, July 14, 1883 

by Rev. B. M. vUley, Enterprise, Fir. p. 160 

REV. E. B, P003ER to Annie L. Finney, Aug, 6, 1883 

by Gas, A, Pulwood, Or, Mln. p. 161 

HKZEKIAH LAlviB to Kachel W, Register, Aug 12th, 1883 

by Z. H. Bennett, (as Is) p. 161 

WILLIAM KOCK to Morgprett MoDougoll, Aug, 19, 1883 

by Jas. U, Chandler, Ordained Minister p,162 

OLIVm JOHNSTON to Cecilia Oorey, Sept, 3, 1883 

by Seth S. Bennett, Mln, of Gh, of C, p. 162 

ADAM GOHKELL to Tillie Palmer, Sept. 5th, 1883 

by W. Hulst, J. P. p. 163 

FhhNK D, BURM^STiiJi to Augusta F. lUlmaen (also Willnsen) 
by L. D. Huston, J,P, Sept. IG, 1883 p, 163 

D, C« SAVAGE TO Victoria C. Sutton, Sept. 16, 1883 

by Geo. W. Lefman, J. P. p. 164 

EDWARD W. GREGOR to Mary J, Williams, Sept, 23, 1883 

by Chas. M. Bingham, Past. Cong. Church, Dr^ytona p. 164 

JOHN YOUNG to Clonh Davis, Oct. 30, 1083 

by U. M, Bennett, fdln of G p. 165 

ALONZO AiQNS to Frances M, Prevett, Oct, 14, 1883 

by James H. Chandler, Minister Gospel p. 165 

LEiiLIE'L. vtELLilAN to Florence V. Jones, Oct. 11, 18M3 
by James W. She&rcr, Mln. of the G p.l6« 

Page 38 

REDD^ D. GREEN to Marie Scott, Oct, 17, 1883 

by Chas, *. Bingham, Pustor Cong. Church, Daytona p. I6fi 

MAT MILINER to Florida Da via, Oct. 14, 1883 

by Seth S. Bc-rniett, V.D.M. (I don't Icnov; vihut it me ana) 167 

EfmU LARKINS to Delio Anderson, Oct. 1?, 1883 

by Seth S. Bennett, V.D.M. p, 167 

DAVID F. ftiOKRISON to Mery A. McBride, Oct, 24, 1883 

by L. H. Eldrlde, J. P. p. 168 

wILLIAVi MITCHELL to Jonnna McCoy, Oct. 28, 1883 

by Robt. ¥v, Sturdevant, J. P. p. 168 

v.Ii.LlAk H. HiiN>MAN to krs. Missouri Boyd, Sept. 18, 1883 
by U. M. Bennet, kin of G p. 169 

liENRY H, FATANY to aartha C. Dryden, Nov. 4, 1883 

by U. H. Bridge, J. P. p. 169 

CHARLIE M. Bingham to Julia Helen Ma ley, Nov. 8, 1883 

by Chas. M. Binghamson Pustor Cong Church, Doytona,Pla, 170 

DAVID MACKEY to Lucy Lamb, Nov. 10, 1883 

by Seth S. Bennett, Verbl Del Minister p. 170 

JAMES SIf.U-iONS to Rouis Roule Manning, Nov, 14, 1883 

by U, M, Bennett, Minister of 0, as is p. 171 

HEj<RY F, QUACKENBOS to Clara Sauls, Nov. 21, 1883 

by W. N. Chndoln, Mln of the 0. p. 171 

ISRAEL 8MIj.lI to Katie Chestnut, Nov. 19, 1883 

by C. C. Sutton, J. P, p. 172 

PERRY EVAMS to Maggie Watkins, Nov. 25, 1883 

by Jas. H. Chandler, Kin of the 0, p. 172 

THOMAS 3. ANDERSON to Maggie Scott, Dec. 9, 1883 

by Jag, H. Chandler, Kin, of 0. p. 173 

i.ILLlAM S, JAMISON to Hat tie Cooper, Deo. 17, 1883 

by C. B, Buckiior,ir, p, 173 

LEE PATTON to Henrietta Haywood, Dec. 16, 1883 

byM, A, Tanner, J. P, p. 174 

P«ge 39 

E, D, BliADDOCK to Josephine Robinson, Dec, 20, 1883 
by Horace A. Ttinner, J, F« p, 174 

EAlilLTON CLIi'TON to K&rtha A. Brynn, Deo. 22d 1883 
by Villliam W. Butler, J, P, p. 175 

jAUiiS L, EDLKFIELD to Luella Botts, Dec. 26, 1883 

by L, M, Rlchsrdson, J. P, p, 175 

VJILUAM PAULiiKSON to Mnrie Jonos, Jan. 20, 1884 

by U. M. Bennett, Minlstor Gospel p. 176 

J£RH;IIAH KELLY to Mary Elizabeth Guess, Nov. 4, 1883 
by A, Enloe p, 176 

jOSUt'li E, BROOKLK to Doi-a Ann Jones, Jan. 13, 1884 
by William W. Butler, J. ?, p. 177 

JACOB G.HUBi'.K to Martha L. Smith, Fob. 13, 1884 

by L. Moreton Murray, J. P. p, 177 

Haywood WCBUKNLY to Mary Nichols, Feb. 18, 1884 

by B. W. Wiley, Pnst of A.M.E. Church p, 178 

MONROE BhOhSON to Colestine Modesta Sewall, Feb. 14, 1884 
by Rev. B, v.-, V'iloy, Pastor A.t,:.i;. Church p. 178 

DAVID V«, AhLINE to Holen L, Smith, Feb, 19, 1864 

by Rev, CM. Binghan, Pastor, Cong. Ch, Day, Pla. 179 

MOSES M^KSH to Mary Blackwater, Feb, 21, 1884 

by S. P. McCorklo, J. P, p. 179 

MORRIS G. MUNN to Annie B. Kobb, hlhvch 3, 1884 

by Seth S. Bennett, U,D,LU p, leo 

J. B, SANBOFvU to Margaret A. Boguo, Merch 4, 1884 

by Jemes W. Shearer, Min, of the G p. 180 

IRAM AILLlAJflS to Violet Roberson, Merch 1st. 1884 

by Rev, W. B. Riley, Pastor Union Baptist Church 181 

JOSEPH OOLLINS to Julia Griffin March 4, 1884 

by L, D. Huston, J, Po p, 181 

ASA BifMN to Rachel Bleke, March 9, 1884 

by Horace A, Tea nar, J. P. p, 182 

Ptfie 40 

NOIU'LLT LONDON to Ann Robinson, March 20, 1884 

by Rev. W. B. Klllax Killix p. 182 

DANIi;L L. BEIOjETT to Mrs. Elizabeth TJnderhill, March 20, 1884 
by U. M. Bennott, ilin, of tlie 0, p. 183 

i'lifrm LOHMAN PAUL to Mtiry C, Ml or, March 31, 1884 

by George J. Alden, J. P. p. 183 

CHARLES B. BUCxQIER to Olive D. Lleffler (Leffler) April 7, 1884 
by C. 0, McLean, Uin, of the G,,Jf okaonville,Fla, Book B,184 

JOHN J. ALiOUNDER to Miss Nannie Shields, April 25, 1884 
by James G. GruhBin, U of tho G, 

W/iSHINGTON HOU;iTON to Rosa V.illiams, May 2, 1884 
by Jamos H, Chandler, laln. of the G, 

MACK DAVIS and Mnry Lsrkins, Apl. 30, 1884 
by L, D. Huston, J. P. 

OFCANDISON jmES to Minnie Burges, May 6, 1884 
by W. H. Bridce, J. P. Volusia Co. Fla. 

CHARLES RYALS to Rosetta Eliot, May 7, 1884 
by Rev. k. . B. Killix, DeLand 

A. Q, GOODRICH to Annie C, Wilson, April 28, 1884 

by VKllliam C. iiovves, Notbry Public p, 187 

COLUMBUS COX to Hester Robinson, Mny lo, 1884 

by Soth S. Bunnett,, V, D. M. p. 187 

S. S. BUELL to Lula Svuumerlin, May 14, 1884 

by Soth a. Bannett, V. D, M, p. 188 

GEO. A HUNT to Deborah Louisa Evans, Mny 13, 1884 

by George J, Alden, J. P. p. 188 

HARRY V. BRYAN to Roena Clifton, May 8, 1884 

by S. T, McCorkle, J. P. p. 189 

WILLIAM RIVERS to Hannah Robinson, May 17, 1884 

by C. B. Bucknor, J. P. p. 189 

I/.BAN L. HANSCOM to Mnry Schildrith, May 20, 1884 

by Scth S. Bennett, V. D, II. p. 190 











Page 41 

JOSEPH JOimSOU to Allcu Dunber, hay 19, 1884 

by 0, Gov/orn, 11. of G. p. 190 

R,R. ?OSTON to XrlQ h, iTlco, May 8, 1884 

by G, Grovor, Miii. o, 0, p. 191 

MaTT E, LAFOLLlvi'T to Lnura H. PurdBiu, May 27, 1884 
by Jfimes G. OrvlioUy k. of tht G, p. 191 

CHAKLi^S MAKTLNSOK to Ellon Brown, May 16, 1884 

by L. D. Hu8to;i, J . i' . p, 192 

JACOB hOSiBON (KOSiBOivN on cer,) to Lizzie Clarke, June 4, 188-. 
by Soth 3. D^^miott p. 192 

LKE B. liORKIS to idattie Finney, Jun, 18, 1884 

by Jomc3 G, Gi-ohaL'i, Moth, Min, p, 194 

Everett L. Hi l?:;. rdson to Eva G, Mecconn, Jun. 19, 1834 

by Robt, B, Wolseley, Koctor 3t. BarnabjiB Church, DeLond, 194 


SiuIUEL I,i, CI-UL3LKLIK, to Nellie V. Jones, M.oy 27, 1884 
by 3. V. MCDUFFiil^, Min. of t.G. p. 195 

HHIKY HAKHISOII to Henrietta Freoman, July 3, 1884 

by Robt. W. Sturtevant, J. P. p. 195 

TIIOI.IAn J. HEATH to Msrthb A. Young, July 15, 1884 

by S. W. Stownrt, J. P. p. 196 

CH hLIJS A. COCP'uIi to Acldie Ketchell, July 27, 1884 
by Rev, Chna, M. Bingham, Pas, Con. Ch, Daytonap, 196 

\aLLIAM fiTJUTLTi to Hiss Emnia Pollard, July 7>0 , 1884 
by George J, Aldon, J. P. p. 197 

JAMES M. ARITOLD to Louisa M. Owens, Aug, e, 1884 

by C, G. Sutton, J. P. p. 197 

PERRY .JlilAMS to Martha To liver, Aug. 10, 1884 

by Rev. W. C. Wilson, Or. Min. p. 198 

TIi::oD01.E L. CUliKINCHAlv! to S&rah Ann C. Clinton, Aug, 14, 1884 
by Emerson W. V;icks, Min, of G, p. 198 

DANIE];, CLIlrTON, JR., to Minnie Cosmer (or spelled nnd 
pronounced in Polia langua^';©. Me Morzmeckoneoh) 

Aug, 10, l;)84 
by V.m. Vi/ Butler, J. P. p. 199 

Page 42 

JOilH JOiriiS to Lula Lair.b, Aug. 15, 1G84 

by Horace A, Tanler (Tomer) J. P. p,199 

MtiCK SLlftiOUh to fciergaret Gtrnet, Jun, 20, 1684 

by J. G. Grlmoa, li.G, (tibb, ns Is) p,200 

Qsi.Oii(}E hKOm to Mottle Grirfin, Aug. 24, 1834 

by Jolrn n-iomos lUn. fs Ir. p»200 

JOmi G, HALL -.0 Harriett Sylvlo Burma ster, Aug, 28, 1884 
by J. C. Bnk^i', J. P. p. 201 

CiL ivLl'S G. SMILli to Kiss Annie Phillips, Aug, 26, 1084 

byB. I'., rdller, lsOo;.i-y rubllo of the Sttt o of Florida, 201 

CapuS U, VOUGiiT (CAi'Ijl.S on orig.) to Llllle IIankerson,Sp.3, 188' 
by Jos. B. Hfarikcr2on,I.Ilni3tGr U.L.Bethel Baptist Churoh 202 

MAlvSliALL JOKS to Ella Williams, Str, 6, 1084 

by C. B. B-ucluior, J. ?• p. 202 

Ohlliai W. BObTiKOUGHS to Alice Phillips, Str 7, 1884 

by L, G. Grin-.cs M, G, as la p. 203 

GOE, W. CLiri'OM to Istibelle Tedder, Str 14, 1884 

by Wiii. u. Butler, J. P, p. 203 

EOBEHT L. CLIIYON to Lucindo Tedder, S. 14, 1884 

by Wm, W, Butler J, P, p. 204 

IRA V«. WHITGOLiB to lllnnle Drake, S. 10, 1884 

by D. V. McDuffuo. M.G, p, 204 

W. JOHi,S to Nancy Futch, S. 24, 1884 

by J, P. Wllklnaon,Lluer Moth.lrot Church,01enoo,Fla, 205 

BEN JAIiNIN GKEEM to Annie e Edward Aug. 9, 1004 

by J. G, Grimes M. G. p. 205 

UnUiY T. liOUrH to fcury Tyler S. 30, 1084 

by J, C. Baker, J. P. p. 206 

MILES LAlvriNGER to Matilda Hunter, Oct. 7, 1884 

by Wm. W. Bui^lhr, J. P. p, 206 

DE^.UIS H. LOVihY to Isabella Morris, Oct. 2nd, 1884 

by Jchn Thomaa, k. Gf^spol hs is P» 207 

Pago 43 

CHAlwiJS W. OUUDKICH to Uester C. Wilson, Oot. 8, 1884 
by Wrii, C, Ho^aea, Hotavy Public p, 207 

JiilPE R, OlviiOORY (Jept,?) to Lizzie Henry, Oot. 9, 1084 
by Ji^jnea W, SliMi'or, y, G, p, 208 

ALFRED FORCE to Surah Ann Green Oct. 8, 1804 

by Oeo, tt. Lifiuun, J. F, p. 208 

SAMUEL H. DARE to Norma P. Brf*oy, Oct, 19, 1064 

by 0. Go PCI) n, i.i . G, p» 209 

HEIiHY ?RI*JE to Mnrioh Rendolph, St-pt . 20, 1884 

by Rv. «rf. 3. KillijJ, DeLsmu, Fla, p. 209 

hOLAirO ROGKLEY (RO..LAN KECLLT, cor.) to Mary Rhodes, July 22,18< 
by J , A. Ball, Cong, Liniatcr iiS is p. 210 

Jacob v. GILL/vSPKK (OILLISIIE) to Georoeanne Brown (GetinclaraanL 
by J. C. Bf'ker, J. P. Hov. 3 p. 210 

COLONEL DaVIS to Julia Miller, Oct, 28, 1884 

by L. D, Hunter, J, P. p. 211 

La.«REWOE I"«\Yl<10hK to Francis ThoriBS, Nov, 8, 1384 

by hv. fc. B. Kiliix of DeLand , Fla. p, 211 

S/vMULl, H. RAY to Maria h.A, Smith, Nov. 12, 1884 

by Tho3, J, Sookohutt, iJotury Public p. 212 

HENRY *;Ii.LIAMS to M&ry Turner, Nov. 26, 1884 

by Horace A. Tanner ? J. P. p. 212 

J. D. HUPBAHD to Sf^rah Tucker, Nov. 26, 1884 

by James H, Chnndler, M. G« p, 213 

THOMAS K. ESTIS to Margaret C. Crov/ell, Nov. 26, 1884 
by Soth S, Bennett, ailn, of the Ch.of Christ, p, 213 

AARON CLIFTON to Eraallne Peeton, Hov. ^;6, 1884 

by D. F, Morrison, J. F, p. 214 

EUGENE A, BRANCH to Borber Borboe Odum, Aug. 3, 1884 
by J . D, Bohonnon (Bohamon) Baptist Minister p. 214 

J, U^VID JONES to Phely Boll (Beely) Dec. 25, 1884 

by C, C. Sutton, J, P, p. 215 

Pa£,e 44 

JOHN L. JONES to Mnry F,. m^lte, Jan. 10, 1885 

by L. Mrf Richardson, J. P. p. '^.15 

JAMES F. VASS to liarlfi A. SKxlth, Jan. 8, 1886 

by Clios, M, Blnghcjn, PusoOf Cont,l.Chvu ch Dpytona,Fl8,216 

PLTini SMITH to Hattie Koid, Jnr.. 13, 1885 

by S, V. MclXiffcs, I' . G . p. 216 

smaiEivS MCCKUli to H^ttle T. Hortwoll, Jen, 4, 1885 

by E. 0. V;icl:c, Goiig, minister p. 217 

KDV; liD D. CHAMBLHC to Addlo Jones, Jan. 6, 1885 

by iJeth S. Bcnnott, V. 1). h, p. 217 

lAVihjiUCY. COLCKo (GOLOSS?) to Cst.hei-lne kcBurney, Jon. 6, 1885 
by Seth G. BenncLL, V. D. fci, p. 218 

aNDI'.RSON carter to ClareEoa Harris, Jen. 20, 1885 

by C, B, Bucknor, J . i\ p. 218 

BLIJ,.H BALL to Ann H. Herring, Jn. 27, 1885 

by Rv ♦ Jos. 3. Hankerson, Port Ui-an^o, Fla, p, 219 

SALTJEL F. SMART to Wattle t. Harrie, Fb . 2nd, 1885 

by J. H. Grimth, PsatorB^pt. Cl.urch p. 219 

JOHN S. BUCKLES to Eliza G. Slkes (Sjkes) on cert. Fb. 15, 1885 
by L. JJ, Richardson, J. P. p. 220 

EDWIN 3. STILUIAN to Jessie M, Heldebrand, Fb . 3, 1885 

by E. L. Turquend, Church Eplscl. church of all Srints 220 

EDV/IN H, PERRY to Oro Ann Buckles, Fb, 3, 1885 

by Rv, Joseph Brotker (Bivakcr( p. 221 

DAVID liERKI to Lizzie Berry, Feb. 25, 1885 

by Rv. J. B, Hsnkerson, Dtytona ,Florid(^ p. 221 

P.M. STRAKD to Sf'.r;;h Bennett, Mar. 8, 1885 

by A. Kiiinell, M. G, p. 222 

F. A, V.HKELEJi to Haria F. Pullerton Smith, Mor. 25, 1885 
by E. Edvuerda, Babt. Minister p. 222 

HENRY DOliN TO Margaret J. Sloti^h, Mar. 26, 1885 

by Chunoy M, Bingham, P«stor Goni.Ch.DHytona,Fla.p.223 

Page 45 

S. D, PEACOCK tc Wnrtha Doughnrty, Apr. 15, 1885 

by L. Mcc Dane la, J. F. P» 223 

AlLLIALI raVKKS to Sophrcnla Lenon, Apr. 13, 1885 

by C. B, Buckr.or, J. P. T. ^^4 

b". G, AUr'i'IN to K-lttle Lonkeetor, Apt, 17, 1835 

by E. h, Turquand, In chi^rgo of t 11 S&ints Chui-*ch, P24: 


JaML^ MOKGAK to Isabella Ruth, Apl, 19, 1885 

by Rv. Jaa, Gchofield, Orariije Cicy p. 225 

0. 0, G'w.i-i-'OhU CO Goorgle L^stlngor, Apl. 21, 1885 

by QJ'l. M. Butler, J, ?. P. ^25 

GEOhaK JOillJSON to, Delia Randolph, Apl. 22, 1885 

by Horaco A. Ttuinor, J. P. p, 2£6 

HiJJKY H. SThV.'AuT to M-ry S. Steunton, Apl. 22, 1885 

by E, 0. Plnkerton, GbrlBtipn Minister p. 226 

vaLUAJ-l E. — -CK to Therese Achstettor, Oct. 1, 1885 
by Rv, B. C. Keilly P« 227 

HARRY 0. GAilAOK (GAMADGL) to Fenny Ellsiibeth Jones, Apl. 8, 1885 
by U. M. Bennett, M. G. P» 227 

CATC CMIPBEKL (C/aiBELL,ln cer.) i.o Roea Sutty, M»y 5, 1885 
by D. F. llorrlson, J. F. P. 228 

WATT JOIILG to Mary Glsps, Mt>y 7, 1885 

by J. L, Fragret, M. G. P» 228 

OSBOIJH MAY to Ccncia Hopkins, May 6, 1086 
by T. T. Grino:;, M. 0. 


\iU, &. CLIFTON to laabol Cliiton, Hay 13, 1085 

by D. F, Uorripon, J. P. ?• 229 

JOSiiPH E. COULTLR to Belle DeYaiman, tiny 15, 1805 

by Jar.GS Schofleld, i't^ctor I.I . L. Chu] ch p.230 

MOAH MOOiUil to Florida Robinson, May 10, 1685 

by J. C. Bf^ker, J. ?• P» 2'^0 

R. t/gRAY to Katie B. Jordan, May 14, 1085 

by J. H. Griffith, Glorgynian P« '^•^l 

Pa^ro 46 

R. r. . r.HOOK to Lulona Alnan, Mny 14, 1885 

by Goo, V;. Dickson, J. P. p. ^31 

STEPHAIJ SPAROIAU to J. T. , HcHnll (Winn), Mny 20, 1885 
by Robt. V/. Sturdevfint, J , P. p. 23;^ 

'./ILLIAM JOHNSOII to Anna Harris, May 23, 1885 

by Pred Wllllons, Henry Jaokaon belov? line, p, 23^ 

J, L. NICKOLS to Ura, J. H. Andornon {\iidov) May 29,1885 
by Rv, U. B, Youn^, Minister Clijijtisn Church p. 233 

ARIEL P. GAns to Isabella D. P. Smith, Jun. 4, .1885 

by J, 11, Gri filth. Pastor 1st Bipt.lst Church, DeLrod 233 

HKKUY SIMMONS to Elvira Jackson, Jun. 4, 1885 

by E. Mocy, Mln, p. 234 

JJii.iiMY BAKElv WARD-^ELL to Grace Amelia Penfield, Jun 10, 1885 
by E. 0, Plnkerton, Minister p. 234 

WILLIAlri C, C0^4PT01J to Dora A. Jones, Jun 15, 1885 

by D. F. Morrison, J. P« p. 235 

JAJilEH B. TAYLOk to Clara F. Burrell, Jun 19, 10B5 

by Jnnes Schol'ield, Oranf';Cf City p, 235 

GRAHAM THOMpnoH to Hery E. Muthotvs, koy 25, 1385 

by Gaoc W. Jones, Clorfc-yman P.^. Cb^Mch p. 236 

WARRH^I JOKES to Erarao Hill, Jun 18, 1305 

by b. M. Miller, Notsry Public, Florida p. 236 

CHARLr^S GXIFFIN to Emma Buckner, Jun. 19, 1885 

by 'i'. T. Gj>inG3, n , G. p. 237 

U\, W. CAKl'iix to Clara Vrf. Mitchell, Jun, 17, 1885 

by W. H, Ct.rter, Rector St. Jolms, Ts'llehasseo, Florida 
M&rriod at Holly Hill, Florida p. 237 

V.TLLlAi.i V/. ALCOTT to Lizzie J, Parrcc, July 8, 1885 

by 1/. B, Yo\ing,Ps:'tor Christian Church, DeLand, Volusia Co. 

Fla, p. 238 

TUOiaiTOU B. SThlllGJ ELLO.v to A. Krnc.itine Browne, July 23,1885 
by H, W. Gelaton, Clergymen, DeLi^nd, Fla, p» 238 

BElIJ/u\l-H HAi-Ki::. to Surah Ann Tho.npson, Aug. 3, 1885 
by Rv. J. L. Prazlor, M, 0. P. 239 

Page 47 

a. T, FUDGLK to Laura C. Dean, Aug. 11, 18^5 

by KoLl., B, MosolejjPriest of the Prot.Ep. Church, 

DeLand, Fla, p. 239 

JOHil H. AbBUl'i' Lo Grace B. >»ilklnson, Au^;. 17, 1885 
by O^orge J, Aldtn, J , i- . ' p. 240 

V, W. LOCKwOOD CO Garrio Babingtcn, Aug. 18, 1885 

by Chi'O, Chu3 . M. Elni^haai,Potit,Con{cl, Church, Daytona, Fla, 240 

JOHIJ GAKDEH to Gnraphina Pacettl, July 30, 1885 

by J Sim A, Baj.1, Gon2i-e£:aT,ional Minister p«241 

JOHN WILSON BLALKwLLDiiR to Mijry E, Tlioinaa, ang, 30, 1Q85 
by Wm. ^, Biitlcr, J. j. , p, 241 

GUST JOnN:::ON to Augusta Green, Aug. 30, 1885 

by Gfcto, w. Lei man, J, P. p, 242 

W, Mm PARGii to iiiary L, Holbrook, Str, 8, 1835 

by H. iii, Gelsuon, Presu. Cloj-g-jnian, DoLan, Fla, p, 242 

iilLLLi'iK BU.VjiiAii to Betsy Llicklns (ena) Sep, 15, 1885 
by iiiaer V< . B . Klllix p. 243 

JOliN V.YLLIE to Leila Angelina IJorthrop, Oct. 6, 1885 
by Chu3. li, binghi*ra,i-'t.&uor Congl, Ch. D^ytona p. 243 

PKED GliUMl^ to iritnta (Mlnter) Bresly, Oct. 8, 1885 

by Horace o. Tanner, J. P. p. 244 

JALIE3 J:J. i'JcTLiiGON to Tulle Tyre, Oct. 1, 1885 

by L, U, Klciuruaon, J, T, p. 244 

jAMiiii MiiiAL to Alice C. Kuslilng, Oct. 14, 1885 

by T, N. Jonkina, J. P« p. 245 

WILLlAlvI A. PhlKLT to Mary I'., Bennett Oct. 15, 1885 
by Jac, Carnell, Hoti.ry i'ublic p. 245 

J/J-iES BMNELT to Haggle Bennett, Oct. 15, 1885 

byJaa, Garnoll, H. P. p. 246 

HLlhvy C. PACETTI to Lulu K. Yatoa, Oct. 22, 1385 

by L. L>, Hufci'ton, .i . P. p. ,246 

MASOW HOLD to Francis Vau^es, Oct. 23, 1886 

by Rv. w. B. iViJLilx, pastor Union Bapuitat Church, DeLuixi , 

Fla. p. 247 

Page 48 

ROBT. MCCTJLLERB to Eliza Msrahall, Nov, 5, 1885 

by Kv, John Thomas, Enter prise, Pla, p. 247 

mos JOrj)AN to Lydia Glass, Nov. 5, 1P85 

oy Rv. Jno, Thomas, Knterpri?e, PI". p, 248 

A. h, ^iHLKUX to HaLtie A. Chenery, Nov. 9, 1885 

hy J. H, Grirnth, ClercryTiian p. 248 

»*IbLlAi>l BUKNj-.Y Lo fJury Gory, Nov, 25, 18R5 

hy E, Mecy Minister p, 249 

i«IN3T0H AMBhor.E to H'Jrtha Thigpon, Nov. 21, 1885 

by Rv. John Thonas p. 249 

\t, H. BAILEY to iiarah L. Wingate, Dec. 13th, 1885 

by L, Moreton Uurra-j, Notary Pi^.blio p. 250 

C. U, GRaKhM to Julio HpII, Doc. 16, 1885 

by Rv. T. T. Giiinen, M, G, p. 250 

JAliKS V.ILI.IAM uINGATE to Lnura Jsne Haynoa, Dec. 20, 1885 
by Chtis, M, BlnThon, I', G, v.nci P-r^or of Congl.Churoh, 

Drytonn, Fla , p. 251 

SaIHUEL Bhm to Anna Dell £towe, Deo, i:5, 1385 

by Geo. Stov/o, I'l . G, p, 251 

CDLLi£iB. JOHNSTON to Anne C. Hinl'wle, Dec. 23, 1885 

by Ho none given as to cerenory porfoi-cTS d,no date on oer» 

T. B, RICHARDSON to Kiss A. D, Cnrter, aamo as above, 

p. 252 
SAtWEL B. './ILSON to Susan M. Berbo)-, Jrn. 5, 1886 

by J. T. Conard, Mln, Proa. Church, p. 253 

J. W, JOHNf/roN to Dorallna De Prctta (Do?elind Deprattor) 

Jan. 7, 1886 
by ff. H. Jenkins, .T. r. p. 253 

A. P. MCCORIJIGK to Anna C. Scarlett, Deo. 31, 1885 
by Edv;ard 'i' . CnrT^ick, Kinioter p. 254 

PMITH W. BAIffiLhrr to Abble L. Green, Jan. 14, 1886 
by Chrn, J/ , 'Plnslioia, rnc. Congl.Chu,Daytona,Fla, 254 

GEORGE R. ROBIiRTS to Jennie Blocker (Block on cort.) Jan. 14, 1^ 
by Rv. J. B, Hcnkorcon, Dry tone, Fla, p, 255 

Page 49 

EDV.ARD DELAINY TUCKEli to Lulie Waterfall, Jon. 29, 1886 
by Jyrfieg H, Chandler, County Judge p, 255 

J, R. TURNER to Llllle E. V/eavor, Fob. 1, 1886 
by ChGS, M. Bingham, M.O. p. 256 

J. W. WINN to E. J. Wlngate, Fob. 2, 1886 

by L. Moreton SSurr&y, K. P» p. 256 

PHILLIP SIMMONS to Catharine Long, Feb. 7, ai886 

by T. T. G&ines, a m of the G. p. 257 

VaLLAlM M. DUNN to Nellie Mellette Feb. 9, 1886 

by J. H, Griffith, C, DeLand, Fla, p. 257 

THOMAS ALLEN to Currie Peterson, Feb. 6, 1886 

by H. liV. Gelscn, Presbyterian Clergyman p. 258 

R, M. CARTER to Martha A. Dixon, Feb, 11, 1886 

by David Moore, M. 6. p. 258 

080AR H. BRYAN to Mary F. Clifton, Feb. 11, 1886 

by D. F, Morrison, J. P. p. 259 

ANDRE;i/ CARTER to Georgia Berry, Feb. 18, 1886 

by T. T. Gaines, a M. of the 0, p. 259 


A. S, OSTEEH to{Georgle in cer.)Dugger, Feb. 19, 1886 
by Geo. W, Dickson p. 260 

JOHN B. CAI^PBELL to Christiana MoRae, Feb. 11, 1886 
by A , L. Loder, Pastor Pres.Ch., Sonford, Fla. p, 260 

W. H. STOWE to Lucy A. Richardson, Feb. 24, 1886 

by L. H. Eldrldge, N. P. p. 261 

F. M, NICHOLAS to M. J. Veres, Dec. 5, 1885 

by H. McGlon, M. G, p. 261 

DAVID D. HALL to Mary Lou Drew, Jan. 27, 1886 

by R. MoGlon, M, G, p. 262 

THOMAS N. PAGE to Ida Hardman, Mar. 11, 1886 

by J. H. Griffith, Clergyman p. 262 

BOAT'.RIGHT BKOV^ll to Henrietta Jackson, Mar. 18, 1886 
by J. F, Frezer, M. G, p. 263 

Poge 50 

J. V/. WATSON to Mory Self, Mar, 20, 1886 

by J. Q» Quartman p« J^eS 

JOSKFH LEVIKOTON and Susan Ooodvjln, Mbt. 24, 1886 
by Rev. T. T, Orines p. 264 

H« G. HOWAKD and Rebooca Drake, Mar. 30, 1886 

J. H. Griffith, poBtor 1st Baptist Church, DeLand 264 

WILLIAM WIGGINS and Earns Buck, April 8, 1886 

Burton K, Barrs, n, p. Stfte of Florida p, 265 

WILLIAM HENRY MORTEN end Habashom C. Dorman, Ap, 5, 1886 
A. T. Llnbarger, J. P. p. 265 

FREDERICK LESTER and Maggie Thurley, Murch 24, 1886 
James H, Chandler, County Judge p. 266 

ALEXANDEfi REID and Mary H. Carter, Ap. 6, 1886 

James Russell, Pastor of M. E. Church South p. 266 

BEHJAiilN JEUNINGS and Precllla Carter, April 8, 1886 
H. W. Gelston, Presbyterian Clergynan p. 267 

R, M. GODHIN end Elizabeth Bennett, April 11, 1886 
Rev. James Russell, Pastor M. L. Church South p,267 

WILLIAM F. HORMAN and Josephine Achat etter, April 14, 1886 
M. F. Foley, Catholic Priest p. 267 

Q. F, BAKER and Laura Thornton, Apr. 20, 1886 

D. Moore Minister of Gospel p. 268 

EDWARD Vv. JAI.aSON andGrace E, Gray, Apr, 25, 1886 
Mengo S. Leote H. ofG. p, 269 

0« A HATCHER and Miss Eva Hanoock, Ap, 25, 1886 

Patillo (ChRS.) Pastor Volusia Circuit M.E. Church South 

p. 269 

C. F. FIERSON and Clara P. Blake, Ap. 29, 18B6 

J. T. Leon&rd Minister of Presbyterian Church p«270 

W. T, SMILET end Liba Gory, Ap. 29, 1886 

Rev. James Wallace p. 270 

JAMEs'h. BARRON and Irene Allyn, May 13, 1386 

S, V, McDuffie, U, of Q, p. 271 

Page 51 

MAC HOU.STu!^ and Sorah Peteraon,Bay 9, 1886 

by tho Revont Elder James Welle c-e p, 271 

JOIiH PETER POLLITZ and F.liza Wltr.el, June 6, 1886 
E, L. Turquand, Enterprise p. 272 

GEORGE vy, FISHER end 0. Gertrude Lancaster, June 8, 1886 
M, F. Foley, Acting Rector St, Peters R.C. Church, 
DeLnnn, Fla, p, 273 
C. H, PALLIER and Lou Stong, June 8, 1886 

U, M. Babcock Poster of S.D.B, Church, Day tona, Plo, 

p. 273 
CURT BENTON and Hsrrlet Moore, June 12, 1886 

H, V;, Oolston Presb, Clergyman p. 273 

HARRY ANDERS nnd Laura M. Novle, June 15, 1886 

H. V». Gelaton, Presb. Clergynmn p. 274 

EDWARD MCDONALD end Cora Brown, June 18 

Rev. W. B. Killix p, 274 

ALFOKD E, JONES and Rosa Lee Green, June 14 

C. C, Sutton, N. P. p. 275 

JOHN DOUGHiJiTY anclHf^ncy Florence Jones, June 17 
U. M, Bennett, J. P. p. 275 

Fl^AKK W. TAYLOR ond Susan S. Clarke, June 5 

U. M. Bennett, J, P, p. 276 

J, H, 0. QUINN and Lech Lucinda Bennett, June 20 
John V» . Price, H. P, State at Lurge, p. 276 

BALAM MORGAN end Luella Hicks, July 1 

Rev, 0?. T. Gaines, i«i.G. (actual) p. 277 

EDWARD HURRY ondEvelyn Mary Cox, Hay 6, 1886 

C. F, A. Blelby, Priest of Protestant Episcopal Church 

In tho U.S. 

HENRY JONES and Nancy Sanders, July 7, 1886 
T. T. Gains M. G. 

GRAHAM STEPEEiUiUN and Rosa Mosely, July 12 
JuB McCoinb Jr N.P, Volusia Co., Fla. 

Fi^NK STEPHENSON and Julia Vihite, July 12 
Jus. McCoiab Jr, N.P. Volustt. Co,, Flo, 









Pogo 52 

LEVI iiAKN and Jtno McDuffle, July 11 

H. W.Celston, Prcsb. Clergyman p. 279 

JOHU T. MOODY snd Kile J. Pievett, July 16 
- T. K. Jenkins, J. P. U Instead of N? p. 280 

BAhNEy DILLA.RD and Alice G. Sherrill, July 18, 

D. V,. OllsBon D.D. p. 280 

JEJ'PMiSON DAVIS and Mattle J. C# Gould, July 20 

L. M. Richardson, J. P. p. 281 

HENKY MOORE endMartha Drayton, July 29, 1886 

J. W. Ctirnoll, N. P. p. 281 

CALEB WARE and Hnttie Jones, Aug. 9 

J. L. Prazier M. G,. p. 282 

CHARLIE S. FLOV/ERS and Missouri Hares, Aug. 11, 

T, N. Jenkins, J. P. p. 282 

ROBERT R. TAYLOR and Pauline Jundon, Aug. 4, 1886 

Rev. Felix P. Sviembergh Catholic Pri( st p. 283 

THOI^S SUWdERLIN end Viney Rye la, Aug. 26, 

J, C. Bi-ker, J. P. p. 283 

TITUS BENKS and Elizabeth Rosenborough, Aug. 30 

J, A. Quurterman Clergyman p. 284 

LAURExlCE H. ROBERTS and Victoria Bis son, June 28, 1886 
A, L. 3, Bslerman Pastor M. E, Church, Orange City, Fla, 

p. 284 
C. F, bPAULDIHO and Martha L. Sutton, Sept, 9, 

W. B. Yovmg, Pnter Chriatian Church, DeLand, Fla. 

p. 285 
CHARLES H. PAYIJE and Fanny M. Moore, Sept. 1, 

Rev, W. B. Klllix Fr.stor of DeLand, Fla, p, 285 

ERD AKDERSON and Sarah Williams, Sept, 19 

L. McDonald J. P. p. 286 

GEORGE BAIiI^VvELL and Lou Anderson, Sept. 28 

J. A. Quarterman Minister p« 286 

WILLIaM SMITH and Cornelia E. Denny, Sept. 28 

Menzo S. Leete, k. G. p. 287 

Page 53 

W, Vv', PAWXl\ £ridHenrletta Livingston, Sept, f.8, 
T. N. Jenkins J. P. p. 287 

FRiiNK T. PECK ftnd Ida A. Alford, Sopt. 29, 

ChDS. M . BlnghfiL;, Pastor Cong. Church Dry tons 

Florida p. 288 

JOHN KUKPHY ond Chi.ilty Row 11ns, Oct. 4, 1886 

Jumea H. Chandltr County Judge p, 288 

B, W. PHILLIPS ond Hester Brown, Oct, 5, 

Rev. T. T. GalneE M. G, p. 289 

JAijES G, GhAHAW ax'd Josle Price, Sept. 8 (License Issued Ap,21 
John B. Lee ? Ley M. 0. p. 269 

RICHARD J, MCCAKThT find Annie Msry Moellcr, Oct, 27, 
Wm, C. Howos, II. P. p. 290 

GEOROL H. COIJUT and Mrs. Erma M. McLonn, Oct. 28 
3. V, McCorkle, M. 0. p. 290 

MILLAKD B. JPJirNINGS «ndMallnda Davis, Nov. 6 

H. W, Gels ton Presbyterian Clergyman p. 291 

R. H, HULL end H&ttle E, Imcrson, Nov. 10 

E. W. Gelston, Prea. Clergy p, 291 

FivED EONE'£lifELL and Cella Chesner, Sept, 14 (1, Issued 13 Nov.) 
Rev, M. Holnan Baptist Minister p. 292 

JOHN C. BALL and Ida P. Swift, Nov. 25, 

Chas, L. Puttlllo, M. 0, p. 292 

EDMRL L, SMITH and Nancy Elizabeth Bennett, Nov. 30 
J, P. Wilkinson, Elder Meth.Proteatant Church 293 

FREDERICK W. J.'JiLLY and Alice M, Mathews, Nov, 25, 1886 
Chas, W, Bingham, Pastor Cong, Church Daytona Plrp-^^da 

p. 293 

LINCOLN ROBINSON and Eliza Gerry, Nov, 50 

Robert W. Stxxrdevant J, P, p. 294 

CHARLY H, MANSFIELD and Mary E. Guthrie, Nov. 30 
Rev. Geo, G, Jones, ClGrgymen, P,E, Church p, 294 

S. H, KIRJ and Mattle Roblnetto, Dec. 22 

Chas. L. Pattillo, M. G, p. ^95 

Ptge 54 

JOHH IcmJi^'fl. and E3sie M. Wilson, Dec. 23 

J. L. Pinkorton, Poster of Church of Ormond Golu3la Co.Fla 

V.ILLlHf.' FAQAII and LiUion Msud Smith, Dec. 5 (Ir:.Hon.29) 
J. L. Pinkorton P« '^^ 

Vi. B. yo\ing, Pf,3tor of Dei,^n<J Christian Church ^96 

WILLIS SAVAGE and Charity Perry, Jn. '^ , 1807 
■ H, Y.', Goiaton, Pi^es. Glerg^^Ttien P. ^^^ f 

COTOTK'A'D BUGKK1AN and Mamie A. Berne, Jan. 5, 1887 
C. C. r-'oLeen Pnstor M. E . Church St:. Augustine, Fla. 

p. c,y I 

PAUL BENH^.-l'T &ndl..pry J. Thompson, Doc, 30, 1886 
Eoraco A. Tonner, J. P. Volusia Co. Flo. p. 298 

THOlfAS H. AD/vMS snd K. A. Lpnier, Jan. 9, 18B7 
Z. H. Bennett M.G. P« '^^^ 

KOBUIT SMiaS pno Luler Oorey, Jen. 1^, 1887 

Geo. Rovraan, Minister of the Gosr.ol,L9ke Helen FU. ^99 

ED-iARD -^IIOMAS KING and Susan Clifford Fo:s, Doc. 12, 1886 
J. A. Ball Congref:atlonal Minister p. ^^y«-^ 

D. 0. CtTA'ING and Mary Butler, Jpn. 27, 1887 

T. K. Jenkins J. P. p. ^uu 

LAKGE WATSON end Eniina Rivers, J^*^,^^,,. ^v ^ 300 
O^vene PhlollyB H. Devls M. G. (Phillys) p. 300 

V/ESLEY CLIFTON findEllon Pop^jell, F^J?- J; „ , 

J. L. Plnkerton Cliurch of Ormond Lnlon p. <50X 

FPANKLIN BENJAMIN DAVIS and Erana Berry, Fob. 6,^ 
J. Di Qaarterman P* '^ 

JOSHUA VULTOH end Fannie Y/oshlngton, Feb. 17 

J89. McCorib Jr N.P. Volusia Co. Fla. P. 302 

C. 3. VIHILAN and Clnra Euroth, Feb. 15 

Jno. F. Lundell M. G. p. ou<; 

Y-TLLIAIA E, HEDGECOCK and V. V. Thlgpen, Feb. 19 
John ff. Price N.P. State at Large p. '^uo 

Page 55 

DAVID BUFJROUGH;: and Emmo Tillman, Feb. 21 

Horace A. Tanner, J, ?• for Volusia Co, Fla. p. 303 

J. F. SHIELDS and Mrs. Medora Brunch, Fob. 27 

Chna, L. Pattlllo, M. G. p. 304 

ALLKN J. ODWi fmd Mrs. Emily Topley, Feb. 26 

John II, Burton, N. P« Stato of Floriati p, 304 

BRYAHT MORRIS and Mary 0. Manning, Murch 7 

Geo, W, Lifnsn, J. P. p. 305 

jor.ErH LICHTEIISTETK and Mrs . Lucrotla TJndorhlll, Mar, 9 
D. F. Morrison, J. P. p. 305 

M/iRIAK DEPRATTA end Mary Ann Pierson, Mar. 10 

T. A. Jenkins, J. P. p. 306 

.ANDREW VVALSLEIH and Georgianna Foster, Mar, 10 

L. D, liuston, N. P, . p. 306 

E. K, LOViD JR. and Anna Leonore Putch, Mar, 15 

Robert L. Wilson N. P. p. 307 

NATHAN COLLINS and Allco Jenkins, Msr, 20 

Robt. W. Sturdevant, J. P. p, 307 

IRA L. DOHALD and Clemrals J. Vnndegriff, Mor. 16 

Seth L. Bennett, M. 0. p. 308 

JOHN K. DEDRYSDALE and Mary A, Bennett, h'cr, 20 

Janes A, Oruver, J, Pt p, 300 

JASPJJl STlsVJART and Annie Thurman, Mar. 26 

T. N. Jenkins J. P. p, 309 

J, W. CLARK and Susan Baker, Har. 23 

D.L.S. Bateman M.O, p. 309 

W, L, KATZ end Jennie Giddings, Feb, 20 

A.L.S. Bnteman Pi'stor of M.L.C, p. 310 

B. WlLoGN and Bessie Rankin, Mar. 31 

H. W. Gelston, Preeb, Clergyman p, 310 

JACK GRICE and Fanny Nunrue ? Mar. 31 

Rev. Philip H. Davis M. G, p. 311 









I'sge 56 

mOS> H. ^.IliKn''. und Ell£\ Simmons, Ap. 5, 
Kev, J. R, Frof.ior M. Q, 

JOHK .V. SIuIIH nnd Bc-tty 'Mnn, Ap, 7 
L, Soroton Murray, N, P, 

JAMI'S L, HI'.Ni:Y eri'I Norah Tdraons, Ap, 18 
R, S. Quavter;nan M. G, 

K, H, HILL sn;l Mrs, Llzzl© f.'.onroo, Ap. IQ 
Kev, v/. B. Klllix 

T, R, HATCIiKi and I'&ry St e them, "5 Ap. 

M. S. Leote M. G. p, 313 

AhTEMA3 ELEvaOHTH COLBURII and Asoneth Druallla Vjalton,Ap,28 
Jos, B, Beldvjln, R,F. St&to of I'iorlds 

S._B. BROOKE f^nd Ellen M. Clifton, t/oy 1 
D, F. Korrlson, J, P. 

J. Vv. TV.INE and Mnllnda Patterson, Ap. 24 
J. B. Heukerson DrnVld Rolnes 

CHA?:TJ-:n HA-.-KINS nnd Martho Woodward, Mny 3 
T.N. Jenkins J . i' . 

TILMAi! JOirWSOlI and Amy Carter, Mriy ?0 

H. K. Qelston. Presti, Clorgyratm DeLund PlD,p, 316 

JAMl-^S SAl-'PAKD and Lucy Hogans, Key 10 

Geo, H, Count K,P, Stute at L«^:rrre p, 315 

THOMAS E. DAV]^?OKT andPlorida Dnyition, May 10 

Rev, H. Ho]jar.n Baptist Minister p, 317 

JOHH E. STILLIUN ond Martha E, Deycrraen, Ap. 13 
A , L, S. Dateman Minister p. 317 

KKIRy Y. THOMPSON and Lena Marsh, May 11 

Ghas, ?i, Blnghfim 3t, Pastor Cong.Ch, Daytona Fin. 318 

DANIj-I. haze end Francis Edwards, May 10 

Rev, M, Stephens p. 318 

CHx^JSTIAN L. DOHK and Mary A, Havjley, May 18 

J. A. Ball Congregational Minister p» 319 









Pf.gG 57 

FivliDUIIIO Mlilii;?^. Hjiu Chi'i'lotte P.o^Tnoiir, Way 24 

Rev. W. P, Killi^; Pj'ator, DeLend Flo. p. 319 

jOini CliANOh Jiiid Lvn Vihitrann, Moy 25 

H. V<. Golatcn, Proat). 01. p. 320 

jA?!Ii:3 Si'QCKTOK m d I/ia^iglc He.ll, M^^y r:4 

Rev. Jr.iies Wallace Mlnistor p. 320 

D.iVID NEL301] and Hnttlo Kay, M^y '^e 

Soth S. Bonnott V. D. M. p. 321 

ALr::>^AND!i:K DYAL : nd llin3 B, Cromer, K:ny 2Q 

A. L. S. Boteium, minister p. 321 

SrUlUEL uI].LI.U:3 nnd Lleo Wotsoxn, Juno 2 

Rev. K. Yatos, M. O. P. 322 

F. I". PI'i"I!/UvN ^nd Mary Ann W»re, Juno 5 

Rnv. M, D. iaiUx, DeLand, Pla. p. 322 

PSPJiY MEltPY fin"^ Sarah Androws, Juno 10 

Jo-hn Vi. Prlf^.e, J. P. P» ^^3 

H£.'Ni:Y L. KAW:ui:.Y ynd Ell?.tfbeth Faliy, June 15 
M. P. Foley Acting Hector St. Pators Church 

(C^tiiolic) DeLand, Fie. p, 323 

JOSI'l'H M. GhAUVlH. and Mina Cella ?. . Cordfts, June 18 
S. V. McDuffio, M, a, p. 324 

EE!IRY AETISH nnd Annie Taylor, J\me 22 

C. J. B. Jackson, J. P. P. 324 

GEORGE ULYSSKS PELLSTi' find Merta InQ I/IanBflQld, June 21 
Ghas, M, Elnchan Pop tor Con. Church D«ytone,Flp, 325 

ROBERT VillJLI.UiS and Hennph Hr,ri-3 s, June Ji7 

Rev. H. Holnian Brpti st preacher p. 325 

SA?.!IIi!:L A. D01;aLD and Hrs . Wtry J. ^:8lkon, June 25 
Seth S. Bfc.nnctt, P. L> . M. P. 326 

JE5BE ■nODGEEKl'Y and Grfc© D. Undtr-vfcod, Juno 30, 
T. H. Jenkins J, P. P» 326 

Vies Vlrcinla Da Una Bi-ytn >.nd MILTON BRYATvT, June^30 
K. L. Foley, Acting Rector, etc, p. 327 

Pti ge 58 

ELTJI'iY K. DH30IG and Florence E. Bracey, July 6 
B, M. Beadln, Hector nt.BarnabBS, Church, DoLaad, 

Voluslr, Co. P^la. p. 327 


BOOK. C« r.AJ.KI/iCiiJ hx.COhDo VuLuL^A COUN'xT, FLOhllM, 

JOIlN TIDLkW una btttiG Kail, July 7, 1387 

Hev. 'j!'. T. Gf.ina M.G. p. 1 

C. G, L:ij.."i01I nr.'. Si roh Saundorson, July 20, 1887 
u allies II. Ohiiiic-ler, Miiilster of tine Gospel p. 1 

SAiailE A. BALi:^AuD and rnnnio Dolaur;htor, July £6 
F. T. Cuinet, L. G, p. 1 

JGIill 3. ,4i^itiBLE. und Lllns Suo Vvliitncy, July HS 

Charleu N. Blnghaa, i'astor Congl»Chui-ch, Dtytona,Flo, p«2 

JAo, TUCKEIc nnd WI23 Suo Ellen L'lCLean, Aug, 2 

Benj. i;. Miller N .i' . Stft c of Florida p. 2 

AKTIICliy CTi-.KKE (Clvy:E) In one uluce f-nd Sarah l/iorrlson,Aug.7 
J , L. Frasior M . G. 

S/JJUEL :;AVIS und E-uja Turner, Aug. 10 
W. B. Killlx, iJnptlut Klnlster 

O/AllT GiilFillT und Anno Ivy, Auguijt 17 

James II, Chandler, ulnlster of tha Gospel 

JOJEi"!! HAYli.X OITTEIiS i.n d Luclla Lcn^-fr, Aug. 
J . 3, Beelcuun 

JC^EI'II jOIIEi; tn'iEully tIcGrlff, Aug. 17 

KcV. W. B. Klllix p. 4 

jClill LI, LV.VIS i.nd Agatha lUiWlina, Copt. 1, 

Jcian »;. Price, J . P, p. 4 

■..ILLIa:.. J. hA.pAi i.nd Liics Us-ry E. Eoniiott, Aug. 18 
S. E. Bennett O.M.O, p. 4 

L_VI MLLIAES and Fanny LuT;iE, Sopt. 8 

T. N. Jenkins, J. P. p. 5 

p. ^ 
p. 3 
p. 3 
p. 3 

Pofre 59 

a:iBK0L'1J IlAlLciir* ana Uico ir-nma L, ;-illl!..r;m, Sept. 8 
S. A . Scott, U. G, p. 5 

30111] M, v'.OI.'i^LB find iinno Ei'l'^kson, Sopt, 12 

T. J. Iloo^ti n. D. p. 5 

MITCHSIJ. A. BKO. lILLi: and An^s-llnc G, Cclline, Sept. 11 
Jeino'5 A, Gannt^r, J. f . p. 6 

\.ILLIi\K B. KILLIX and. Anna Donal^on, Sept. 15 

Kev. H. Holijun, CM. P. 6 

JOIIK P. BLSSLNT and K.s. .^>rchD, Alns, Sept, 16 
Jpjner, H. Chanclljjr, /a. G, p. S 

Ii£V. 1, . ii. QUAhTLr„..Ai\ Jnc kiss Sarnh A , Hopor, Sept. 12 
.Kev. T. T, Gams, C. k, P. 7 

AUiJlIJ 3. llA^Oli end Franccc A, Ciuith, Gopt . 19 

Ghc3. K. Blnshan M.G, p. V 

S, V.i:lLL1. JGIi:;i:ti; (oIgo given sc ;.ellor Johnson) and Mis 
Doi'tha Bennett, Sept. 21 
L. B. Plvimer, M. Q. P. 7 

JA'iT..3 M. IIIRl-'i and Aricrica Hires, 3cpt. 17 

By Hf.rdy McGlon, Ordained M.G, p. 8 

SHEARILCN S, llOGIiiiS tn\C Carrie II. Marsh, Sept. 24 
James H. Chandler Co, Judge p. 8 

WIlXI/Jl G. \t» JOmrjCJJ and Phoby Snily, Sept. 22 

Ghas . J, B. Jackson J. P. p. 8 

M. li. lYOK'Y and Susan McCoy, Sept. 2S 

H. P. Burrlll, M . P. P. 9 

V^ALES STAKLj.1 unc' Annlo Day, Oct. 2 

L, Moreton Hourry (Kurry) ?• 9 

\\U, II. iMO'JtExtS and Sallle McFall, at DeLand Fit.. Oct. 4 
H. W. Oelston, Prea, Clergyman P. 9 

CHARLES 1^. LA'x'iiiiii and Francis E. Betts, Sept, 28 

Set^ 3. Bennett M. 0, P« ^0 

ELSi^/OiiTH LOilGii and Louiea &.nn Hodoon, Oct. 12 

Charles M. Bingham, M, G. P. 3-0 

Pag© 60 

HENRY MGCLOER and Emma Delane, Oct. 12 

Rev. Jaa, B. Hankerson p, 10 

WASHINGTON RANSOM and Alice Hill of the town of Seville, 
Volusia Co, Fla, Oct, 15 
P. S, Jonkins, Mayor of Seville p, 11 

A. W, SILENCER and Mazsene Littleton, Oct, 17 (also Mazalner) 
Rev, U, R, Kc^ilix p. 11 

WILSON DRAKE and Ellen A. Vandovm (Vandolne) Oct. 23 

C. H. Bingham Sr,, Pflstor Congl. Churoh,Dtiytona,Pl8 , 11 

H. F, LUNOREN and Nancy Dougherty, Oct. 9 

Eld. U. M, Bennett p, 12 

A, 0, SHEPPARD and Jennette Cortez, Oct. 27 

Goorge H. Count N. P. p. 12 

MASON HOLT and Enily Pitman, Oct. 27 

Rev. M. B. Kellix p, 12 

^AMES HOWARD and Letty Robenson (Robinson) Nov. 7 
James H. Chandler Co. J, p. 13 

JOHN B. SMITH end Auguster Burma ster, Nov. 21 
James H. Chindler M, G, ^ p. 13 

GEORGE PARKER end Anna Mitchell, Nov. 24 

Rev. S. A. Scott, M. G. p. 13 

REV, A.J. BhOt«N and Mary J. E. Bacon, Nov, 24 
Rev. ff. B, Killix, DoLfind p. 14 

ELIE MIRON and Mattl© Smith, Nov. 5 

Rev, 3, M. Gibba Minister p. 14 

JOSEPH VVILLIAI'IS and Miss Oeorgeanna (Georgana) Dozier, Nov. 26 
Rev, James Walls ce M, p. 14 

CHARLES E. VtlLLIAkS and Susie Manning, Dec 
S. V. McDuffie, M. 0, 

R. D, SMITH and Amanda E. Smith, Dec. 17 
Alrnqn Taylor Clarke M. G, 

VJ. L, POTER end Miss Mary Moaley, Deo. 18 
Rev. A. A. Scott, M. G, 







Pace 61 

AAhON Gll£SS and Uiss Mary Jane Stone, Dec. 22 

A, J, Jorrogan, M, (>• p. 16 

Mil, iiU, B, Li:.\KlS and Mlr,a Jane Olive Yoting-ue (Yon zuo) Dec. 20 
H. \i » Oelaton, Clorgym.- n, DeLond, Fie. p. 16 

MR. GhjihLKS UILLIAMS ARNOLD and Miss Nancy Ellen Chase, Deo. 28 
George H. Count, N. ?. Sttt e of Florida p, 16 

MR. RAUKEN3 (RAUiaNS) CHERRY and Miss Mny 0«Connell,Dec. 27 
James H. Chimdler M, G« p. 17 

WILLIAM P. LEFFLER and Mary J. Hairraond, Jen. 4, 1888 
S. V. McDuffee Li. G. p. 17 

EZRA P. HATCH and Grace A, Poppleton, Jon. 5, 1888 
Robert 3. Nelson, K. P. ot Large p. 17 

R. G. HALL and Miss Carolina Allen, Jan. 12, 1888 
George P. Gould Baptist Minister p. 18 

ANTHONY BRIGHT and Rachel Morlck, Jan. 12, 1888 

No ministers namo given, recorded by Jos, H. Chandler 

Co, Judge p, 18 

GEORGE K. DENNIS and Mary Jane Edwtjrds, Jan. 15 

S. A, Scott, U. G, p. 18 

ROBERT GA^fflLE end Mary Margaret Sumner, Jan. 12 
E, L, Linquand, Minister p. 19 

HENRY TYUS and Hattie Higdon, Deo. 15, 1888 (evidently 
meant J&n, as record filed Jan. 25, 1888 
A, L. 3. Batonan, M, p, 19 

T.J. NEVvMAN end Victoria Rushing, Jan. 24, 1888 
T. J. Jenken (Jenkeres) Mayor of Seville p, 19 

FRED R, \;aT30N and Annie James, Jan, 25 

Rev. Jemos ftollace p. 20 

ELIJAH F. MCDANIEL and Moniga Hardymnn, Jan. 29, 1888 
Gcorge P. Lefman J. P. for Dist. No. p. 20 

GEORGE UlLLIAi-IS and Delia Johnson, Jan. 30 

Georg,e W. Johnson M. G. p. 20 

SAMUEL MAYNOR and Emma Wilson, Dec, 28, 1807 

Seth S. Bennett, V. D. U, p. 21 

Page 62 

JOSlii^H SCII/iERDI (3CHKARDI) and Helena Ochotetter (Achotetter) 
U. F, Foley, Cothollc Priest Feb, 14 p. 21 

CHAKLLS J. SIHGLE'i'Oil end Lizzie L. Wingute, Fob. 19 
Kugeno Marolle N. P« p. 21 

\^. R. SCKIBNER and Georgianna Durfeo, Feb. 9 

J, A. BeII, Cong. Ulnistor p, 22 

ROBiJftT H. IIYMAN and Texas McKinzle, Feb, 23 

Jas. H, Chandler Co. J, p. 22 

GEORGE F. CARLILE and Ellen Sauls, Feb. 23, 1888 
v;. H, Chaudoin M. G. p. 22 

M, J. MCLENDOH t'nd Mrs. Permella Baker, Jan. 25, 1888 
Charles Pattlllo, M.. G, p, 23 

JAIdiiS V<EBSTER O.STEEN and Lizzie G. Pattlllo, Feb. 29, 1888 
Charles L. Pattlllo, M. G, p. 23 

JAMES DOUGHlJiTy and Matilda Anderson, March 8, 1888 
T. H. Jenkins J, P. p, 23 

MODUM R. COX and Hnttlo Flynnd ? Mr.r, 11 

Geo. W. Lefman J, P. p, 24 

JOHN M. DOUGHERTY and Dicy Guess, Mar. 13 

Charles L. Pattlllo, M. G# p. 24 

JOKM LONDON end Annie Oliver (also given ns James London )Ma, 11 
L. Moreton Murray N.P» p. 24 

M. E. HALL and S. V, Braddock, tear. 20 

Chas, L. Pattlllo, M.G, p. 25 

JOHK SPENCER and Laura A. V/infield, Mnr. 28 

Frederick Towers, Rector of St Mcry Episcopal Church, 

Daytona, Fla, p, 25 

JOHN MITCHELL and Mossuorl Peterson, Ikiar. 22 

J, C, Baker, N, P, p. 25 

PRANX GREEN and Amanda Bell, M&r. 24 

E. Macy Minister p. 26 

James M. BEI^NETT and SidaUne Harris, Mar. 29 

Z. H. Bennett M. G, p. 26 

Pago 63 

CIUS, A. i^KINDLE and lirama V^atts, Mar. 29 

S. \;. McDuffee, LI. G, p, 

CISERO Sx'EVY and Hattie Hervin, Apr. 4 

R, L. Quart erman M. G. p. 27 

2 erroneously entered rest of page cancelled, having been 
entered at 18b and 15o respectively, 

JOSEl'H K. UUhKY iind Dora E, Cowls, June 6, 1888 

J. C, Bakur, Notary P, State of Florida, p, 28 

J. M. SMITH and May E. Banghort, Juno 6, 1888 

E, V/, Gelaton, Presb, Clergyman p. 28 

RALPH KIUQ and Morion Olivia Pickett, Of Daytono, Fla,,June 10 
M, Binghampton, Pastor Congl, Ch. Doytona, Flo, 29 

JOHN ailTH -end Leah vailirms, Juno 12, 1888 

G, W, Williams, M, G, p, 29 

MARTIN \;ILLIAMS and Mary Baldwin, June 12 

Minister* s name not given, license recorded June 14 by 

Ezeklel Clifton Co. J, 

Mli. G, VJ. BEIIKETT and Miss Leytha E. Bennett, March Seventh, 188G 
Z. H, Bennett, V, M. G» p. 29 

BAKTOLA J. P^iCETTI and Berths E, Rouleuske, April 7, 1888 

Robert S. Nelson, N.P, Filed for record taar,10,18B8 E.C. Co. J 

p. 30 
i»ILLIE MITCHELL of Orange City, Fla, end Mary Wiggins of 0,0, 
A, L. S. Bateman June 23, 1888 

Filed for record 22 June, 1888 E.C. Co. J, 30 

ED^/ARD JOIINSON(colored)and Salllo Dorsey (colored) June 18, 1886 
Rev. J. B, Hankerson 

CHiiRLES A. MAT3IN0EK and Eula M, Jones, June 18, 
A, L. S» Bateiuan p» 31 

ISHAM MORGAN and Alice Jenkins, June 20 

D. V/. Gillespie, Minlcter p. 31 

So third entry P. 31 

AVERY JOHNSON and Mary Glass, Aug. 14, 1888 

R. 3. Quartormcn, M. 0, Field Aug. 23 p. 32 

PRANK MOHGAN and Mary Adelaide Sutton, 27, 1888 

No minister's name given, record filed Aug. 23 by Ezekiel 

Clifton Co. Judge 

Pcge 64 

C. B, lilCCAh'i'HY and Julio Stevens, July 26 

Rev. A.J. Brown Filed Aug. 24 P. 32 

HECi'OR S. SMITH and Linrinh Phillips, Aug, 2, 1888 
Rev. Ao J, Brovm p. 55 

CIIA]cLi::S STIJUART KARRIS and Sarah Alice Ct-rter, June 28, 1888 
No nlnlator'a name. Piled Aug. 24 by Ullfton Co, J, 

p. 33 
JALIES '..ILLIAMS and Rasia Cook, Jime 21, 1888 

D. F. Morrison, K. ?• Field Aug. 24 p. 33 

MARTIM J. GREELY and Hottie Heisler, July 1, 18R8 

M, T. Foley, Acting Rector St. Peter's Church, DeLond 

p. 34 

ALBERT CUBEI'i and Lucy Stewart, July 22 

0. W. Gillislle, tuiniater p. 54 

J. T. JEFFRIES and liottie Rolinson, Juno 28 

Field by K. Cllltcn Co. J, July 25, 1888 p. 34 

WILLI/u.1 OLIVi^R and Charity Woodsrds (colored), July 25 
J. A. Ball, Cong. Minister p. 55 

WAL'i'ER DAVIS and Hannah Caalin, coloiod, July 21 
Mo minister named. Filed by E. C. Co. J, 

CHARLEY TAl^KER and Elor Mitchell, colored, July 26 

E. May p. 55 

JOini DA.iSON and Lizzie A. Weaver, oo lored, July 26 
Roert 3. Melson N.P, (State) p. 36 

E. D, KELLY and Clf.riasy (Clarsa also given) colored (Clarisa) 

July 26 
Filed by E. Clifton July 27, no minister given p. 36 

GEORGE LA/iGON and Mollle Richardson, colored, July 26 
No minister given. Filed by Co. J, July 27 p. 36 

AARON YELVINGTON and Barbosie Cowart, Aug. 2 

No minister given, filed Aug. 28 by Co. J. p. 37 

G, H, ANDERSON and Hizell Leadf&il, Aug, 6 

Silas 'B, Wright, N. P. p. 37 

^'.ILLI/Ji JONES and Ema (olso given Enirna ) Robertson, colored Aug.l' 
No minister numed. Filed by Co. J. Aug. 28 p. 37 











Page 65 

JOim J. HOLTON and Mr ry E, Bennett, A\if , 18 

L. Morton Murray, N. P, p, 38 

CHARLES D, SVJEET arc Anna J. VValkor, Sept, 6, 

Proderlck Towers, Roctor St. Mary's Kplscopnl Church, 
Dtiytono, Fla, 

J, R, COLE nnd Sarah J. Odum, Aug, 26 
J. J, W, Plooo, a Bi.ptlat Clergyman 

HARKLESS V-TLLIAMS and Lizzie Fisher, Auc . 30 
Ezoklol Clifton, County Judge 

JAIAES H. JEJIKINS and Emily J, Davis, Sep. 17 
L. Moretoii Murray, N. P, 

W. A, BRYAN ondBulahA, Perrls, Oct. 1 
Samuel Lomrle, J, P, 

ISAAC H, PO'*.KLL nnd Martha J. Andoraon, Oct. ?0 

Z, H. Bennett a M, G, p, 40 

DUNCAN DRADY and Elizabeth Henderson, Dec. 18 

Rov. J. A, Klromons p. 40 

3d entry name as C,P59 

HENRY ALEXANDER and Mat tie Humphi-y, Deo. ?3, 1888 
A. L. S. Bntemf.n (Minister) p. 41 

Entry B. P# 39 repeated as B. 41 

HENRY \K HEALET and Jonephlne A, Gorden, Aug. 28, 1888 
Emory J. G. Mcthlcs, Minister p, 41 

WILLOUGIIBY MINSPIEN and Mary Jane Bennett, Aug. 23, 1888(Mlnshew? 
. Z, H. Bennett, a M.G, p. 42 

WILLIAM A. ALLEN and Laura Tanner, Dec, 19, 1888 
M. T. Foley p. 42 

UK. GEORGE V<ARNOCK and Eliza L. Bennett, Deo. 25, 1888 
Z. H, Bennett, A. M.G, p. 42 

SHEijTON HATGHiili Jind Uyrlck VJynn (nlso given Lizzie Myrlck 
'jynn) Nov, 15, 1888 
L, Morton Murray, N. P. p. 43 

Pace 66 

SLATLR JAMUS and Sharlott Cooper of Benr-sford, Hov. 8 
0, VV, Joimson M, 0. p» 43 

CHAS, F, HALS (alco £:lveri ns Caa) Aiinie L, Eujes (Hogss) Dec,26 
E, Macy, Minlstbr ^ p, 43 

P. OB Li* T BALL and Lucy (Louisa) Rt-ndull, Colored, Oot. 6, 1888 
Eugone Marslle H.P. p, 44 

J, R, COOK end Llnr^^rot Smith, Juno 29, IBBB 

W. Vv', Golcton, Pato Glorgyuon p, 44 

COLQIAJI ..ILLI.>L^S find Rutho Sponcer, Dec. 28, 1888 

Rev, G, W, Johjison, Minister Prirat, Baptist p. 44 

ELI WOimiY snd Amr.nda Urilkor, Nov. ;^6, 1388 

EzeMel Clifton, G. J, p. 45 

HARVEY SMALL nnd Charity Morris, colored, Oct. 4, 1888 
By Eugene liarcGlll N, P, (Mancelll?) p, 45 

HORACE H. O..EN and Ella A, Rotors, Doc. 6 

John McKlnney, Paator Bnptiat Church p, 45 

First item repeat of 45 A. 

LITT JAMES and Louisa Anderson 

No minister's name, filed by E, Clifton, G.J, Oot, 28, 1888 

JOHN K. BLIVEN (BLIVIN) and Flora L. Becker, Sept. 21 
No minister named. Filed by E. C. Co. J, Oct. 1, 1808 

Po 46 

HORACE S. ALLETIIE (SLLY) and Macile E. Smalley, Dec. 24 
Ezekiel Clifton, Co. J. p. 47 

FRED 0. GhAlLUl and Georglanna Burrlll, Nov. 14 

Ezekiel Clifton, Co.J, p, 47 

Item C cancelled p. 47 

JOHN V;. MOORE and Malinda A. palmer, Jan. 12, 1889 
A.L.S. Batoman, Minister p. 48 

Item B. repeat Of above p. 49 

HORACE F. STEWART and Uay L. Livingston, Jen. 21, 1889 
Vta. P. Stewart U. G, p. 48 

Page 67 

JOIffl MC; LAWK and Mary Relaford, April 9, 1808 

E. Msay Minister p. 49 

JO^L^U JOIJP^ nnd Eially McCrirf, Aui?. 10, 18L'8 

Revd. W. D. Kelly p. 49 

CHARLES w. BALL and Jennie L. Hainilton (Mnnsfleld Mesa, 
Uv33, and Orniond, Fl.) Unr. lb, 1088 
By I . L, Plnkerton, M. G« p, 49 

FRED C. LOWGE rmd Gertrvide E, Mosalnger, April 28, 1888 
J. H, Stoney, M. G« p. 50 

HORACE G, MMN i.nd Miss Lee Ella McCormick, Mcy 1st, 1888 
Charles M. Bingham, M, G. p. 50 

LOUIE G. WILLIAMS and Hsttie M. Coieman, Jan. 19, 1888 
J. H. Stoney V.D.M, p. 50 

W. C. COMi^TON and Kannle Yolvington, Dec. 25, 1887 
U, M. Bennett, K. G, p. 51 

B. 51 rci,.e£it of 6-A 

JNO. F. LEITLR Wid Kettle K. Lent, April 4, 18^8 
S. V, iicDuffeo, H. G. p. 51 

HENRY ».ILLIAMS and GrQce Manning. No certificate of marriage 

FhEDEi\lCK MERCLIi nnd Dorcas Pov.'ell, Jan. 16, 1889 
Rev. A, J, Brovjn p, 52 

F. G. CLIiTOU i.nd Lizzie Bonks, Jan. i^7, 1880 

Z. H. Bennett O.M.G. p. 52 

JOliU AKIiJ'S nnd Ellen Fults (also FultrJ on return, Jan, 27, 1889 
Geo, W. Dickson, 3,Pt for the State of Florida at Large 53 

SAMUEL H. JOKES and Clara Davis, Jan. 27, 1889 

Chas. L, Pattlllo, M, 0, p, 53 

AlTDRi^'.. >.. l-iiiURY (MAUi.LY) and Lotta A. Oilman, Fob. 2, 1889 
E, R, Richardson, Pastor St. Barnabas Ch. 

CII-.ULi.S. M. CLINTOK and Annie E. Rossio, Feb, 16, 1889 
Co\inty Judge (nnno not given) p, 54 

BUTLER COi'EL/iilD and tenny Laine, Feb. 16, 1009 

Isaac Stone, Co. J, p. 54 

Pa^e 68 

I. V. TAL-Vira and Emia Harris (Hunis?), Fob. 19, 1889 
John llcKlnney, Pnstor Bopt, DeLand p. 54 

KIKG I.AHLt.y end JoiJison, Fob. 25, 1089 

Geo. \' , Dickson, N, i' , .p. 55 

JILLIAtl B, loblSIiUhE (LoShunc?) and Jennie V/arnock, Feb, 26 
T. M. Vjhlte H, p. 55 

CHAKLES LOVING and i^nk (Pinky) Hawkins, Feb. 29, 1889 
Fvev. A. J. Bi'ovn p. 55 

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PHge 70 



^arly history of Voiasla Joancy, as ia tnac of nil Florida, bo- 
foro tho whiC'3 man jfinia, ia aztromaly fri^nmoncary. .;roJii»eologist8, 
havo not yet boon faliy ;-ibie "to road rojords written in 3ond and stone 
and in gront 'iioanas loft by a peaoefai and, apparently, naTioroaa people, 
uo.v viiniahodi. 

From pottery, war .voapona, articiea of domoatl:: isa, sicujlia and 
bones foand in the mounds, bariai and othorwlao, the saiontiscs dQda3a 
that the anoiont aborigines Aore n tali, accivo poopie, with 3rade, 
if any, idoas of oqjriciilt are, who lived Tiainiy b^/ hinting and fisning. 
Frofn ashes .nd other contents of the mounds, lapses of tiiio a^^poar be- 
tAean oitinot and inoitincjc habitations, showing life hero for a period 
of at l3ast soveral Cintarlos. 

Jartlo ::jand, in tho 3oath-o«at p^rt of what is now Voiusla 
Jointy, highest point ^long the .'.tlMntio ^oaat of Florida, so great 
it loa somo early oiplorers to C'lli it a swiij. mjintain, was the first signtod by i^onoj do j.eon wnjn ho dis^ovored Florida in 
..;ar ;h, lol3. 

Da Laoxi a9em3 to hti7Q aotixea into whcit is now Mo3qaito Inlet anfl 
sent n booitxciid of man tishorQ to explore. GeogrAphera of tod.<»y 
eqaaca his chronialer'a description of tne "Rio da la Craze" wltn the 
aonfla.c of the Halifax and Indl^tn Rivera K. with Spraca Crealc. 

rha««, aaually daaoritjea by early explorers hs pe^icefui, 
greeted Le Loon and his man with a shower of tirrowa and tha Spjciiards 
thO'jgh unharmed, withdrew in disgust, and Soiiea farther ap tha -^oast 
to maxe their first real landini^ in friendlier t«rriCory near where 
St< Aagastina now stauaa. 

The next white man to visit tha section were members of Rene de 
Laiidonniere's expedition, in loo4, who Duilt Fort Caroline on tha St. 
John's Rivar. DfErlach, French chronicler, called t-he land "macchleas", 
yet soft and pleasant of be»uty . . . giant forests grow on high elevations, 
shore low . . . Beach one of the finesc in the woria, hard and broad 
anoogh for « lurga army to ranrcn over . . . and tnoagn tha ami shine aver 
30 brightly, moistened with the tlaes and cooled by the sea winds, it 
is seldom hot or anconfifortabio." 

Of tha Indiana, D'firlacn dasorioea tnara as "mealum in height, weix 
proportlpnad, vary sappie.'* Kot as dari a.8 the trioea beyonn the 3c. 
Jjnn's River, nor as savage in mien and speech, with "fiua, regular 
featured, hign forenaaud, lustrous eyea, spiritaa facaa, pieisAiig marmera, 
not excelxea oy bast gonulemeu of Prance. Good to oe in thoir company." 

3p»-nisni Meuauao^ explorea through the country in iJtu Lryiue' to 
iiiid an outiei ly tne Gulf of Maxico, out I'aiied. He left io men, tha 
first white sat tiers tnereabouts, to teach the Mayuca Indiana Cnrlsfcian- 
Ity. Thay were not vary succaasfui. Lo-cer, some Franciscan Friars 

convercaa r.airj of tno iLfxtivea «na oailt rn«re h Viisaion of ann sai- 
vaaor uo /fiHyaOc*. Kiins of two ot or Missions Dalle oy the bpaniarua, 
■nay stiii. bo 3-i«ii, ono ncnr Ko.v ojiyrim, t ;0 other nonr tho TomolCH Rivor, 
bat tho ona on tho Jt. John'3 Blvor hus cli3r»ppQnroa wlt-houc a crrt.-,o, 
jniesa u wiia oron^o -jrovs. probably dosoondea fron plantings by the 
^r'iniis^aaajTiHy bo jjnslaered as aicn. 

For Tioro tn^n lUO yo^ro tho Fran.::i3ctin3 nnO. the :.aya3*%ns flourish- 
ed. Than j07. ;.'oyro, od JoJtn ^nrolina Joiony, Invaded Pioridti ana 
turnea SaVogo Jrooa. hIIIos loose on the poM^ofai Florida trioea, who 
wora no mat oh for them nor for Jimnigaiirtt ion v<ith tnoTi rinl other war- 
iiice trloos infiltrating from Saorgia. fhoy toOtc refuge under Spnn- 
isn proto-^tion during tho yoixrs of sximrilshing .vhich foilowea. Tno 
last of thoso poaoa-iiindoa auoriginoa, it is said, vveretaicon to 3ut)a 
when ripain jedea Floridci to ingiana around xlb-t, 

Poaoe between En.^^iana, Frjinja and 3pain at this t im« gave ':iii^lHnd 
an unbroKon xino of ooioniab on the entire seaocnsc for the northern 
half of l.ort-h Tiorica. 

Florlaa flojrisne»a. (jBoves of oranges wore planted; sueiar oane, 
indigj, hemp and ootton wore planted. Tho Tarnbuil aottloinnt of Now 
jn^rna .vas started. "'"iny lana gri»nt3 were Tiaau in whatiiis now Voiusii. 
Jounty, 'iiostly for lar";e plitntations. rh.) Kinf^'s Highway was biilt 
froTi a fow miles souta of F.ew Smyrna to 3t. lU-^istine and beyona it 
to Jowford (later 5Jao.C3onvlxle) , and on to th'3 ileorgia lino. Tho growth 
"in .veait<h and population not eqjallod ngain for a hindred y^ars." 

The Indians, who haa not li^ed tho Spaniards, Tiade friends .vith 

kiik English to aach an axcent cna,t wnen Florid,* was re-ceded to Spain 
i7tt3, tneir sniefs naiced the British Governor to requeat his King to 
sand tt grortt 3«no9 to ta.-vo them away nlong with the British settlers. 
.'rhen taJtfally tola that woald be impossioie, the Indij^ns vowad that 
they woaid make aonstunt war on "any Spanlara who stacslt his nose out oi 
St. Aagiistine", or any other city. 

The .ngiish had done mors to develop the coantry in twenty years 
than Spain had in two hundred. Tru.ce3 of tneir ocaapancy oan still 
be fouma todtty in t^laca nr.mes and ot:ier ways, though when they went so 
did prosperity. Volusi^k bounty again beca,'tie a wilderness. except 
for a trading post or two and a scattering of Indian villages no record 
is foana of anyone living in the S'^otion for many years. 

The tremendous embarkation of British settlers back to England, the 
Bahtutfas, Bermuda, Novu. Scotia, and even former Tories back to the new 
United States of America, left the trading firm of Panton, Leslie and 
Forbes, lacar Juc»n Forbes U Co., as the last of British-born prosper- 
ity. Gov. ^espedes, awaking finally, to the fact of rhe firms* gre^t 
influence with the Indians, offered them special grants and inducenents 
to remain. Further, he begija offering land grants to Englishmen to 
re-3ettle along the Haliftja and Hillsboro rivers. 

Under this mora liberal policy, settlers began coming into the 
territory. Followed by Qvon more liberal policy by Zespedes' succes- 
sor, by 1818 cotton, sugar and indigo plantations were again flourish- 
ing. The treaty ceding Florida to the United States of America con- 
firmed all such grants mad? before January, lolb by Spain, consequently: 

tltio to Tiaih liLnd in Voiusla County, wost of tno Uf,iif3.>c i^iver, r93ts, 
co^Hy, apon tnoao oii .punisli arrancs. 

AndroA- J;i:K3on, firac -nilit^-iry j07crnor of r.ho Territory of ?loridH, 
dlvilod th.' rorritory into tvi-o hs^ Jointioa, ^acja-nbln, wit;i Jojnty ijoat 
tiC ?on:i;-icolo; '.It. .Jphu':3, -irh Dt. .la^istino as its dojnty Jear. All 
pripor3 of tho roaont Volasln Ooanty .vara iopc nt ot. «agu3tlr.o antii. ici4<i. 

Indian affairs qaioiciy boamg ^tn a.^/ite probloii. ?ho wurllKO jreoKa, 
Jaminoles .'ind ochor triboa that j-i^no down fion 3..iorgi<i tha middle of 
the Ibth contary hiid , ns boforo montlonod, i.rctjt ii^lly dostroyea or 
£ib3orDad hho peH-jefii abori^inoB, and rcepc tho .iponish population, nfter 
the ena of tho -ni^lish Oacapation, pretty ■nuch ^onfinod to coastHi towns. 

Pinntotions ore jsjaily ran by overseers, ..hilo tho ownors livod 
in 3c. AJiTUstlne. J 3 i.mani-jHt ions -Aero poar. Tl:a King's Road, disasea, 
was ovori>ro7;n; brid,^3 ov t strenras wore wreskod by Indians. I'jtil, asaal- 
ly broaf^ht in by boat 3 oarrylnf* hinting or fishinf* parties, was Infr.aQUGnt . 

iiftor th.3 ''nlted :tnce3 tooiC ov r, there WrtS a strong detiand by set- 
tlors, f r removal of tho Indians to their former hinting f^roands. Tho 
troHtlQiJ of P-iyno*3 1 ndinp;, 1B3^ .ind Fort illbson, 18,53, tribal chiefs 
Hi^roea to exohitn'^ tiioir I'loridi* homos for others farther .Vest promlsoa 
thorn by tho ''.overnrnonc. Bat thi yoanij chiefs and their adherents refus- 
ed to 30T.j,iy .vith tho «^-^reoT..5nts. Efforts of tho 'Jhitod :3tatGS to en- 
force treaty conditions broa'j;ht on th 3 mlnolo '.»'Ar, iastiug from 183ij 

, and costing many lives and more monoy than the amounc that wos 
to 164i; 

paid to Spwln for Florida. 

PtigQ 76 

?h030 In liina a.-tj raaaf^J to osjape frunaportnt Ion to OKlahoma, fled 
Intc rho sv.MT^s. Thfe T:;vorn'Ti2nt lot rhom stwy th .ro. 

"n? rivoi of th:; prossry '/oDueirt ;o mty hnd been u v-arltHbla batlAe- 
iToinc " h-i:,co ::('.^ic, |)lHnter? aloni' th^^ JlKllfai '~i7 ir nad ajffer- 
•u too .rrf;ati.:r .ntl ^jr:- i 50 i'Mpov-^r Itihea to r is n/j vofx In tualr leaoiti^ 
ta 1 fioicl.3. )re.'it pi:-x;.t.'Cior3 faas,.! baax to prl .i-)\/ril ,vl Idarneaa." 

I'htj dlstanioo in i.orlJiM's sc^mtlly sittlrcL co:intr,y xoro so <»reat 
it aa r.:on I'ja.ii tnjit t.-:^ j ilf^os or .>j ;nty c:)uld hnrdly carry on the 
Io^hI oiic. .ibOi tlij jtitQrr.HtG 'ijo tiLir;3 of ti.o j offisint ive 3ojnoll 
\\2ro hjavy birdoiia to r iomajntat iroa living fur from PonsHiola ono ye ir 
anl Jt. ..i!?iitir:o, the noxt. ^ -iite for a no.v jaf.ltal «h3 chosen T.ia- 
■WHy!on tho t.vo oltloft •> jMnwhila, tr.o f-vo 'juorffloua Ooanties bosjan to 
hfive s'a.-ilitjr ones jhxvou fi ua tho-n. 

rh'j nroa of the proiijnt '/iiasla Joiiity ajrved 'jn>lQr several -O'lntles 
airini? tho fonstti/j yoars of .Uorivia. H,-r firat treinsfer was fron tho 
origir^Hi SSe .Jp^;.a_,to *t 'Scjilto ;ainty. i'!i.ct sii--;^ o'trt of Orana^ Zo» 
ia idw>4, ..ic.i 'i j^'iTt ji' -/iiat 1j nj/; orava^-d Jo., Volusia Oo. waa orpan^ 
Izoa and i^amed. in ^870, Jrovard was subtraatsl into h 3op*xr;ite Coanty. 

A*. uQ.v ::)natU-acod, 1966, Voii'Jii* " ^-'ibf^'jeg tnnt territory 
vvhi ;h lies botwjon tno " O'iean on tne ansc, 'md tho St. John(s 
riivor on tiio «-03t, 3otioc1'iw3 iuiown «3 thi ^t. John's iUvor PeninS'iift, 
pcirciy in th ~':/th nnd p«rciy In ch'=r ,''Jtfi a^p;ree of i.:tr lt'Aa«. It is 
bounded on tne nortn by Si.^i^ior Jo. »Jid in rho 30-itn by drv7.*rd ana 
J'-j^raiiolQ Jojntiua. 

i?ho nH'.« I'or the ne.v Jo rnt ji t^M^im frou Vi>iaslt» ;,.inain{; on tne 

Psge ?6 

3t. Jonn'3 Hlv)r vvht3ro, d.irin(; t-ho English Oofyipwtlon, a Swlaa by name 
of Voijala or Vnj.acr,9 hcvi oscabilsh^a a thriving baalngss. .'.arllor a 
trlDo of ;'«yao« Indincs hud n vlllago thare» una shoii moiinds towgring 
6u fyet abovo t-ho river btuiK ahtoac fo tnolr ione ocjcap&nny in former 

Tm L->f^iFlitC ivo *',t , ■iroHtins; tha Joauty, .;-h3 paasea jy the Mouse 
of tho ?lorMjt I«f»i3ldt jra, EDsaiiber IB, iba4; by zha Oonate Deoembor 
ii.'inu ^ni slgnea Dy Tov. Jc-njs S. Brouiius, i oooiiOT i;Jch, i{;54« 

"SntGrprise, n art.-fii tO'm on LHk^ i.'ionroe "an etpringlon of tho 3t. 
John's Rlvor nt rh^t olnt", was nMmad as the Coanty .3wat« 

Not tiiany settlors livod in tha nroa at thii timo. '/scept ttt the 
to'.vna of rJnt3rpri33 ani Ke* Hrnyrna, cho -sopio uorw sjactaroci around the 
-ounry on th? coiJtr«ii '-indth-iJiSt -^nd woot aiaas. O-i-ttl' raising, cut- 
ting tiTiDsr f.nd farning snail patches w-jre the rrialn oaoapatlona. Thousjh 
thore .vn3 little popalation Inoraaso, It *tts E^ood .<yiitie oo'intry und a good 
hotel 'It iiitjrpriS'O fiO'irlahea In hunting and fishing sensons. 

In iboi Tt tho oitbroak of tha '.VHr Beiwyen tho Dcates only about 
t\7ency-fi76 fiT.lll'ja llvoA ihoro rQ,<2;alo.riy. 

Trx'i w-»r toa.ihgi th-J dointy llf^htly. Kaiu^roas inlics nlong the sea- 
co.iot offoi-aa e'cjoilont m'^icjis for blo^icane rjnning. In pirsalng one 
su ;h votjboi, fJ.S. Hcwy ships bO'abnrded now ati^/rn^ fmd barnod homes thor*. 
A small ImhI engagQMOnt toox pljiuo nnar V'^liala;. rnr. i3attle 
ralslnf» in :-)nrrfi.l nnd Routh Florida proviuol nst of tne bjof that reach- 
ed tho Jjnfoaerate c ora-ulnaary , '-nd Voiusla County did its share both 

in pro7iaing tho doof ana in the "Ouw O^bairy', men una boys who 
were extjmpted from nonsoription becaase beeaea so bnaiy for raising 
th9 OHtti-a rtnil drlvlnf? tnom ovorlM.nd at aarcf*ln suosons Co points in 
G«orgl& or elsowhora to f^itn tho-n over n tno 0onft9dorrtco -\3ay«rnment . 

i<ow iTiiii.'^rrtCion Hfcor tho .,ar iiet'.vgsn tfte St-itea bosjan vihen Gnaries 
and .inarew Boat ram SMiind down froin :ib. -igi3Cine, -ip Mutanaaa Bay as far 
as possiblo, Chen h«ulod thoir boat ovorlnnd to tho H.-iilffix Uvor. 

Aooit t'lO 3'imi tlT.o, 13r. Hr.witg una soveriil Arny offlcors starcod 
Che FiorldM l^ud nnd LuTiDor dopttny, nnd boaght ImhI n^^r what is now 
Port Oranma. ?h;^y Dro ii?ac 60U famiiles of fraolman to soctlo th'3re. 
?he sot tiers aialllcoa the ganay soil and iiost of that) movod away. In 
lH6i) Dr. Hrtvlca bought "Spanish Trant" two -niles so'ith of !Iqw 3tT^7rna and 
foundaa tho vli 1.150 of Hawica Pnri'.o, no-.v ^(iffowator. 

In ia7i ? colony ::a'no dov.Ti from 'niisfloia, Oaio nnd boif^hc nn old 
S'jf^r piftnt«tlon which hud been desortaa darinsj tho Sominoio ',V«r, and 
haraea it r-aytona, 'iftsr T'^thi'is ^y^ leader of th: noiony. Ithad slow 
s^rowtn «c firt, chon b -nrnn to spread r'.uldiy. In lb7L h colony from 
No . aritain, Oounejt lo'ic, boas^nt land five iiiies north of l^^ycona ana 
foianaed Kow dric«in, now Omond. 

Kew Siiymrt basjan a^nin to flourisn. Onk Hiii, Port Or«n^Q, Hoiiy 
Hiii arose. Lc»nd drained by largo oinais i^^s piitntecit usually with 
orange gro7e8 or as tr'Jolc farms, Tnose along tho 3t. John'i River, 
'riain stream of the west part of the Cointy, dovgiopod most rapidly, 
jintorprlse af&'s anile Dat reT.oval of the Ooancy 3e<*r to IciLand in 16«7 
nnd slowing doATi of riv::r tr<4ffio jpon wdvent of railroais ^batod its 

Paga 78 

vrograas. Higu piaB-riaf^« i^na east oi" St. Joim's Riv jr ia fartiie 
c»na well oaaptoa to citrua crowing. oovliiw, .mporla, anrDorviiiQ, 
l)0^«nu, Dt* iGon 3prln^3, Laico Helen, Or«n*»9 Jlty waro Tjanlea and grow, 
surroonlad oy gooa mrai popaitations, 

Doiaad grew thd qalalceat. In 1875 a log caoin, owned by Cwpt. 
Jonn Bion whs the only home thera. Dwelve jonrs, inter, there was a 
t'lrivln^ town import&nt enox'jn to have the Jo'inty "Jent ro-looMtod thera* 

Locrttea H f.jw Mllos from the 3t. John's River, In high, rolling 
pineiand, in pi*ije3 sixty foet aDova sea level, it whs an ideal site to 
develop nnd a ioli?htfjl and ha*ilthfial plwoa in whi :h to 11 ;e. 

Atfte time, steaTiboat trips up the 3i, John's Hiver and back to 
JtiOitaonvllle wore popular with winter tourists. 7ak:in^ such an exjur- 
aion, Henry voiuna, wealthy, ratirod .ii.inuf«3turer of P^irport, Now Yoric, 
loft tne boat «t a landing in cent ml Floridti anu tooK m leisurely 
drive tnrough tho surroundinf^ country, was dellghtod with it ana went 
homo t»na uroagnt some twenty frienas, so report Sfiya, to 3o:> and -.ettle 
there if it lrnpro3t»eo ^h<l/,'i as favorably as it h«d him. 

Thoy came, thuy 3»w, thay were conquered, thoy sottlod, thoy naraod. 
the,7f sottlomont, Btn-nnd. 

CJrontly intorostea in eduoHtion, Mr. Doxond o&ny started an Academy 
on .toodltina Boulevard, the town's main street. Tae first sessions were 
h«id in tne nowxy butlt Fapcist -inarch. Later, Dei,?ind built h second 
struct are for tho school, which was called DoLnnd Haii in his honor. 
Considered except lonnlly Inrgo when cons traction was uniGr way, tho 
building was outgrown by tho ond of tho first school year. 

Page 7y 

At first Honry DoAwntt mot ttll sahooi lefloita out of his o'.'m poo»- 
ot« then, as expenses p^ro.v, friends, nocabiy Joto B» iltacson , jolnod 
in contribiit ln?» boch monoy, titio ana litbor. 

jloro nnd mora scadonrs pourea in, from oatside tho city, from odt- 
3iu9 the 3tUe. ?.!ore dopartmants wora aaaod. five thousand acrea were 
donnced to It. A librnry whs balit with h thousand booics bought as a 
beginning for its ahaivaa* 2he Oolies* grew wnd grow. In the spring 
of iOa? it Aas chart orod by the ioglnxatare as h University. 

xJesHUsa of cho interest , attention and -lonoy givon it by John B. Stdt- 
son, ttho bna no.v become the hotivlGst sontribafcor to it, .r. i:eiand insisted 
the UHTie of tho 'Aiiversity bo chimf^ed to becorna the John B. Stetson Uni- 
versity. i.J*. stetson doraarrea, bat was porsaitdad ^.nd as the Jojjm B* 
'Jtetson Univ -rslty it hns groAn enormoaaly in size, infiaenoe and ijreatige 
and continues to do so, 

The oity of i^i nd and Volusia Gooiity have gro'ia 5:roatly too, but 
nwnes of the original settlers atlli linger on m.-jny of the streets — 
'xtpt. John Rich and his family gave their n&mos to nttny of thom -- and 
"flHny of the original nHmes pro still v.orn proadly by th3lr dos^oninnta 
in Volusia i)oanty bodny, ilexander, Alien, Bracy, duroh, Campbell, 

Jannon, Jodrlugton, f^do, Dreica, Howry, Hull, Jordan, i^ete, Putnam, 
Painter, Boseboroi^h, Stewart, Stith, Svift, riilis, ?aten, Voorhis, 
.Vllson , to n-cime Just a few. 

Oov. James K. Broome, who signed the act creating Volusia wms 
the .'^randfatner of Jait^o James 1). Broomo, for "-any years an honored 
citizen of l-eLana, whose daut^hter and her faodiy still live there. 

P<tf:e 80 

Long ainjo tha shoaclu.'; wnd tho taraiit aioa. :ho japColns fina. In 
this QtiSQ, the Jnljfa UQ^^iirtotl. 'i'h© Jomlnoiea who fled to the awarapa 
to dSOHpo sarrondor, hn/e, by cronty, obtained deed to the lnna where 
they oho 30 to iivo. 

Florida buR m>Tib9r3, doaoondHnts of mon iho foaght saocossfally 
for freedom und the rit^hc of self-govornnentt reash oat holping hams 
t 5 an eq lolly dnd dGcerminadiy froedora-iov ing people, iontribatlng 
in many ways to thoir ;jroje3ts, Incladlng scholarships for jollego stu- 
dents. 3illy Jypr633, holaor of 8ii::h a sahoiarship, f^raaaatad, 
with a fl.iu da^re© f ro u 3totson Uuiverslry, in Jjno, lybo. 
Today, Lieut, cllly Jypreaa is in Viet liam, h iplng the South Viet 
Nanwse atra'jgia to iceep thair oountry free. 

There are L.AH mombors in /oliaia «oanty, too, who, faelin^T the 
tu^ of the l.tnd on them, looic with sympatny on tho young ohiafa and their 
follov/era , Ailiinf^ to flight to tho death for the right to live in their 
own l«md . ^spjclally at Ooacooohee (v.lldcat), who fou'^^jut valiantly, 

lea wisely, and \\a,3 clavar enouf^h whan wounaod nnd oaptared, to os- 
japo from a sappoaodly inbrealcable prison, aid find his way to Mesioo, 
to live and die a free aai , rathor than where thoso ho oonsideral ty- 
rants dcnanaed that he dAOii. 

And, 80 looKin"?, thoy feel a oercaln priao that Coaooochee -.vai a 
sou of Voiusia, born and bred thore, ana also, that the Oounty oan t*iJCd 
a justifiou priae in him as a native son. 



Page 1'. 6i 

Achstetter, Josephine 
Achstetter, Therese 
Adams, Florence 
Adams, Gency 
Aiken, Elizabeth 
Aklns, Frances Lenora 
Albert, Julia 
Alexander, Susan 
Alford, Ida A. 
Allen, Carolina 
Allyn, Irene 
Alman, Lulana 
Almand, Emma J, 
Almond, Sally 
Alsobrooks, Mary Franc 
Anderson, Alice 
Anderson, Delia 
Anderson, Mrs. J. H, 
Anderson, Lou 
Anderson, Louisa 
Anderson, Martha J. 
Anderson, Matilda 
Andrews, Harriet L. 
Andrews, Sarah 
Ardell, Ella R. 
Armstead, Sallle 
Arnett, Corrlnthla B. 

Babington, Carrie 

Bacon, Mary J. E. 
Bailey, Eliza J. 
Bailey, Mrs. Emma 
Bailey, Roxy 
Baker, Mrs. Perraella 
Baker, Susan 
Baldwin, Mary 
Balfour, Margaret 
Ball.(Beely), Phely 
Banghart, May E. 
Banks, Lizzie 
Barber, Susan M, 
Barker, Ana 
Barnett, Susan 
Barnwell , Dora 
Barnwell, Err.rra 
Bari-entlne,* Cella 
Barthlow, Idelle 
Beck, Laura J. 
Becker, Flora L. 
Beddett (Reddltt), Jai 


Bell, Amanda 




Amelia G. 








Diana Z. 



Bennett , 

Eliza Coreen 




Eliza L. 








, Emma 




, Lavlllty 




, Leah Luclnda 




, Leytha E. 




, Maggie 




, Martha 



Bennett , 

, Mary A. 


Is 26 


, Mary E. 



, Mary E. 




, Mary E. 




, Mary Jane 




, N. A. 




, Nancy 




, Nancy Elizabeth 

t 53 



, Roxcey A, 




, Sarah 




, Sarah 




, Sarah K, 



Berne, 1 

Sarnie A. 



Berry, 1 



Berry, ( 




Berry, J 




Betts, : 

Frances E. 



Blackwater, Mary 



Blackwelder, Amanda 



Blackwelder, Dorian 



Blackwelder, Martha 








Clara P. 








(Block), Jennie 




, Clara 




Marp-aret A. 








Kate Hale 




, Mary 







Boyd, Elizabeth 



Boyd, Henrietta 



Boyd, M 

rs. Missouri 



Boyd, Pheby Ann 



Bracey , 

Florence E. 


ne 15 





Page A 8ii 

Bracy , Norma F. kj 

Braddock, Mary L. 28 

Braddock, S. V. 62 

Brannum, Sally 11 

Brantley, Ella A. 26 

Bresly, Mlnta (Mlnter) h7 

Brlnley, Kargaret 32 

Brock, Harriet M. 8 

Brooke, Savannah l6 

Brooks, Annie 68 

Brown, Cora 51 

Brown, Ellen ^1 

Brown, Epsey 20 

Brown, Georceanna kj 

Brown, Harriet 8 

Brown, Hester 53 

Brown, Lucy 5 

Brown, Rosle 21 

Brown, Susanna Victoria 9 

Browne, A. Ernestine 46 

Brownlee, Florance 15 

Brownlee, Zllpha k 

Brunch, Mrs. Medora 55 

Bryan, Martha A. 39 

Bryan, Martha C. ^a 

Bryan, Susan 15 

Bryan, Sydney J. D. 8 

Bryan, Virginia Dallas 57 
Buchan (Buccands) ,Mary M. 8 

Buck, Emma 50 

Buckles, Ora Ann kk 

Buckner, Emma h6 

Burges, Minnie 40 

Burraaster, Auguster 60 

Burmaster, Harriett Sylvia kZ 

Burnham, Anna D. 22 

Catherine 10 

Clara F. k6 

Burrlll, Georglanna 66 

Butler, Mary 5^ 

Burnham, Lucy 
Burnham, Mary 

Cameron, Mrs. D. K, 11 

Campbell, Kary Ann 5 

Carllle, Mkry 1 

Carlisle, Almedla C. 5 

Carpenter, Fanny 20 

Carter, A. D. kQ 

Carter, Amy 56 

Carter, Betty I6 

Carter, Lydla 32-; 

Carter, Mary H. 50 

Carter, Precllla 50 

Carter, Sarah Alice 6h 

Caslln, Hannah (col.) 6^^ 
Causey, Martha J. 4 

Caussey, Ann I5 
Centar, Carolina A, 8 
Chandler, Jullann 5 
Chandler, Mary Arabella 12 

Chapman, Cornelia F, 25 

Chapman, Mary 14 

Chase, Nancy Ellen 6I 

Chenery, Hattle A. 48 
Cheseborough, Marie J. 69 

Chesner, Cella 53 

Chestnut, Katie 38 

Chllders, Mary 29 

Clark, Laura Jane 33 

Clark, Marlah 32 

Clarke, Lizzie 41 

Clarke, Susan S. 5I 

Clifton, Dora Ann I6 

Clifton, Elizabeth 5a 

Clifton, Ellen M. 56 

Clifton, Isabel 45 

Clifton, Luclnda 12 
Clifton, Lucy 9 

Clifton, Lucy Ann 19 
Clifton, Martha Ann 9 

Clifton, Mary F. 49 

Clifton, Phebe 10 

Clifton, Phebe Ann 11 

Clifton, Rhoda 69 

Clifton, Roena 40 
Clifton, Sarah 8 

Clifton, Sarah 36 

Clifton, Sarahann I5 

Clinton, Sarah Ann D. 41 

Clipper, Hetty 20 

Coalman, Elizabeth 32 

Coleman, Hattle M. 6? 

Coleman, Precetta 20 

Collins, Angallne C. 59 
Collins, Trinity 4 

Cone, Sarah J. 25 

Conley, Marietta 23 

Conover, Willie Lee 35 

Cook. Hannah 10 


Page %X b-6 

Cook, Mary Elizabeth 
Cook, Rasla 
Cook, Sarah 
Cook, Susan L. 
Cooper, Dorcas Ann 
Cooper, Hattle 
Cooper, Sharlott 
Cordes, Cella E. 
Cortez, Jennette 
Cosmer, Minnie 
Cottrell, Lucy 
Counts, Louisa 
Courtney, Destamony 
Cowart, Barbasle 
Cowart, Caroline 
Cowart, Elizabeth 
Cowart, Mary S. 
Cowart, Sarah Ann 
Cowllas, Darcus 
Cowls, Dora E, 
Cox, Lucy 
Cox, Evelyn Mary 
Cromer, Ella 
Cromer, Nina B. 
Cross, Emma E. 
Crowell, Margaret C. 
Croy, Amanda Missouri 
Curley, Jane 
Curley, Mary 
Curley, Rachael 
Curry, Mary A, 

Darke, Phoebe G. 
Daugharty, Sallle 
Davis, Annie L. 
Davis, Caroline 
Davis, Clara 


, Emily J. 

Davis, Florida 
G. A. A, 
Susan A. 
'VI It ham 

Dawson, Louise 

Day, Annie 

Daymon, Florida 

Dayton, Dora A, 

Davis , 
Davis , 
Davis , 
Davis , 













Dean, Laura C, 
Dean, M. P. 
DeLane , Emma 
DeLaughter, Fannie 
Denny, Cornelia E, 
DePratta, Dosallna 
DeYarman, Belle 
Deyarman, Martha E. 
Dlllard, Annie D. 
Dlllard, Florida 
Dlllard, Vlney 
Dixon, Martha A, 
Donalson, Anna 
Dorman, Habasham C, 
Dorsey, Delia 
Dorsey, Sallle (col.) 
Dougharty, Martha 
Dougherty, Nancy 
Dowllng, Elizabeth 
Dozler, Georgeanna 
Drake, Minnie 
Drake, Rebecca 
Drawdy, Margaret A. 
Drawdy, Martha E. 
Drawdy, Mary F, 
Drayton, Mn.rtha 
Dreggors, Catherine C, 
Drew, Mary Lou 
Drlgglss, Mary Ann 
Dryden, Martha C. 
Dugger, Amadatha A. 
Dugger, Dorothy 
Dugger, Elizabeth 
Dugger, (Georgle?) 
Dugger, Mary Ann 
Duggers , Laura D. 
Dummett, Louisa 
Dummlt, Kate 
Dunbar, Alice 
Duncan, Elizabeth 
Durfee, Georglanna 
Dyall, Caroline H. 
Dyall, Harriet 
Dyell, Jane 

Eastman, Luna 
Eaton, Clara 
Eddlngton, Nancy 
Edward, Alice 
Edward, Annlce 
















Edwards, Alice 
Edwards, Frances 
Edwards , llary Jane 
Ekenburg, Mrs .Elizabeth 
Eleby, Mlntle 
Eliot, Rosetta 
Elleby, Ida 
Ellis, Hary Jane 
Emanuel, Ilary 
Emanuel , Mary 
Emanuel , Nancy 
Erlckson, Anna 
Euroth, Clara 
Evans, Deborah Louisa 
Evans , Jane 
Everett, Julia 

Fahy , Elizabeth 
Falany, Frances 
Farless, Polly Ann 
Farley, Ella 
Feaster, Ethland B. 
Feaster, Emma 
Feaster, Lavlnla H. 
Finney, Annie L. 
Finney, Hat tie 
Fisher, Lizzie 
Fisher, Winnie 
Fltsgerald, Lizzie Ann 
Fltts, Maria J. 
Fleming, Joseohlne F. 
Fllnn, Delflna 
Fllnn, Delflna 
Flynnd, Hattle 
Foote, Ada C. 
Ford, Florida 
Fordam, Mary E. 
Forest, Hannah 
Foster, Georglannn 
Fountain, Samantha Jane 
Fox, Susan Clifford 
Fozzard, Annie M. 
Franch, Adele 
Franklin, Kitty 
Frazler, Maggie M, 
Freeman, Betsy 
Freeman, Eliza 
Freeman, Elizabeth 
Freeman, Ellen 
Freeman, Henrietta 





















Page % 84 


French, Hattle 


Fudger, Mrs. Elizabeth A. 


Fults (Fultz), Ellen 


Furley, Lettle 


Fuss ell, Fanny 


Futch, Anna Leonore 


Futch, Emily H. 


Futch, Nancy 


Futch, Polly 


Futch, Rachael Dellla 


Futch (Smith?), Susan 


Gardner, Caroline 


Gardner, Hattle 


Garnet, Margaret 


Garrett, Mary P. 


Oarrott, Sarah Frances 


Gasklns, Elizabeth 


Gedelman, Bona 


George, Dellah 


George, Louisiana 


George, Rose Ella 


Gerry, Eliza 


Glddlngs, Jennie 


Gilbert, Angelina 


Gilbert, Ella 


Gllman, Lotta A. 


Glass, Lydla 


Glass, Mary 


Glass, Mary 


Goodrich, George Ann 


Goodwin, Lettle 


Goodwin, Mary 


Goodwin, Rebecka 


Goodwin, Susan 


Gorden, Josephine A, 


Gore, Polly Ann 


Gorey, Cecilia 


Gorey, Luler 


Gorman, Sarah L. 


Gorrle, Ella 


Gory, Llba 


Gory , Mary 


Gould, Mattle J. C. 


Graves, Charity 


Gray, Grace E. 


Green, Abble L. 


Green, Augusta 


Green, Eliza 


Green, Harriet 


Green, Jennie 


Green, Josephine 


Page :S 65 


Green, L^ary 
Green, Rachel 
Green, Rosa Lee 
Green, Sarah Ann 
Griffin, Julia 
Griffin, Liartha E, 
Griffin, Mattle 
Groover, Adaline 
Groover, ilartha 
Gruver, lucinda 
GuesB, Dicy 

Guess, Didanni (Didenn 
CuesG, I.:ary Elisabeth 
Gumpsie, Rebeca (Rebec 
Guthrie, I'ary E. 

Hacans, Lucy 
Kail, Amanda 
Hall, Bettle 
Hall, Jane A. 
Hall, Joanah V. 
Hall, Julia 
Hall, Louanza M. 
Hall, . ap-';'le 
Hal 1 , ( Hul i ) , Margar .-t a 
Hall, Mary 
h'amilton, Jennie t. 
Haminond, Mary J. 
xiancock, Eva 
HankcrBon, Lillio 
Hardee, L. M. 
Hardnan, Ida 
Hardy man, J.';oniga 
Hares, iiissourl 
Harrlfi, Anna 
Harris, Claressa 
Harrl s , ( Huml s ) , ^na 
Harris, Hannah 
Harris, Martha 
Harris, Hary 
Harris, J.iattie E. 
Harris, Sidaline 
Hart, Caroline tllizab 
Hart, Catherine Franc 
Hart, Susana 0. 
Hiartv?ell,*Hattle T. 
Harvln, Hattle 
Hatcher, Llzett 
Hatcher, Sally 
Hawkins, Pink (Pinky) 


Hav/ley, Mary A. 



Hayes (Hoses), Annie L. 



Haynes, Laura Jane 



Haywood, Henrietta 



Heath, Rachel 



Helsler, Hattle 



Heldebrand, Jessie M. 



Helms, Sarah E. 



Henderson, Elizabeth 



Henry, Ellen 



Henry, Lizzie 


iy) 29 

Hern, Fannie 



Herring, Ann H, 



Hlars, Nancy E. 



Hicks, Luella 


Hicks, I.^lartha Jane 



Hicks, lAartha Jane 



Hlers, Eliza 



Higdon, Hattle 



Hlgglns, Mahal ey 



Hill, Alice 



Kill, Duma 



Kinkle, Addle 



Hinkle, Anno C. 


i. 5 

Pllres, America 



Hodges, Margery 



Hodgson, lucinda 



Hodson, Louisa .Inn 



Holbrook, Kary L. 



Holmes, Elizabeth 



Hopkins, Cenda 



Hoover, Annie E. 



Hubbard, Hart ha E. 



Hudson, Kate 



Humphry, Hattle 



Hunt, Hancy 



Hunter, Annie J, 



Hunter, Mary Ann 



Hunt or, Matilda 



Hunter, Virginia 




Imerson, Hattle E. 


eth 12 

Ivy, Anna 


es 3 


Jackson, Elvira 



Jackson, Franci^ (es) 



Jackson, Henrietta 



Jackson, Mary 



Jainer, Mary 



James, Annie 


Page 6x 86 


Jamison, Bettle J. 


Larklns, Mary 


Jenkins, Alice 


Lastlnger, Georgle 


Jenkins, Alice 


Lastlnger, Mary 


Johnson, Annie 


Leadfall, Mlzell 


Johnson, Augusta 


Lee, Carrie B. 


Johnson, Cella 


Lee, Nora 


Johnson, Delia 


Leeflls, Wylantha Jane 


Jolly, Martha 


Lemon, Sophronla 


Jones, Addle 

Lent, Nettle K. 


Jones, Annie 


Levone, Mary L. 


Jones, Dora A. 


Lewis, Fannie 


Jones, Dora Ann 


Lewis, Fanny 


Jones, Elizabeth 


Lewis, Hellen 


Jones, Eula M, 


Lewis, Julia Ann 


Jones, Fenny Elizabeth 


Lewis, Mary 


Jones, Florence V, 


Lewis, Mrs, Mary 


Jones, Hattle 


Lewis, Zena 


Jones, Jane 


Lleffler (Leffler )01lveiD.Ub 

Jones, Marie 


Llg ? ,, Emily 


Jones, Nancy Florence 


Llnlg, Annie 


Jones, Nellie V. 


Llnzle, Laura 


Jones, Susan 


Littleton, Mazaene 


Jordan, Katie B. 


Livingston, Henrietta 


Jordan, Sallle M. 


Livingston, May L. 


Josselyn, Arabelee M. 


Livingston, Minerva 


Joyner, Rachel Clark 


Lodore, Mary 


Joynes, Barbara 


Long, ? stang 


Jundon, Pauline 


Long, Catherine 


Long, Fanny Susanna 


Ketchell, Addle 


Long, Georgia 


Klnchen, Fannie 


Longe, Alice S. 


Klnchen, Martha 


Longe (Gouge) , Bertha L. 


Klnchen, Sarah 


Longe , Emma 


King, Rosa 


Longer, Luella 


King, Mrs. Sarah D. 


Lorraln, Honorlene M. 


Kirk, Anna S. 


Lory, Amanda 


Kitchen, Carrie E. 


Love, Josephine 


Knight, Sarah 


Lowd, Emma Jane 


Luff man, Georglana 


Ladore, Belle R. 


Lalne, Penny 


McAlpln, Mrs. Victoria H. 

. 35 

Lake, Laura 


McBrlde, Mary A, 


Laraar, Martha S, 


McBurney, Catherine 


Lamb, Lizzie M. 


McBurney , ( McBlrney ) Jane 


Larab , Lucy 


McCarthy, Catherine C. 


Lamb, Lula. 


McCarthy, Isabel 


Lancaster, G. Gertrude 


McCormlck, Lee Ella 


Lang, Susan C. 


McCoy, Joanna 


Lanier, E. A. 


McCoy, Susan 


Lankester, Kittle 


McCrorey, Julia A, 



Page ^ 87 

McDanlel, Dora E. 3? 

McDanlel, Eliza 29 

McDanlel, Mary E. 9 

McDonald, Nora l6 

McDougall, Margarett 37 

McDuffle, Jane 52 

McFall, Sallle 59 

McGrlff, Emily 58 

IlcGrlff, Emily 6? 

McHall, J. E. 46 

Mclntlre, Carry M. 1^ 

McKenzle, Minerva 33 

McKlnzle, Texas 62 

McLauchland, Nancy 3 

McLean, Mrs. Emma M. 53 

McLean, Josephine S. 10 

McLean, Sue Ellen 58 

McMllland, Annie 25 

McRae, Christiana ^9 

McRae, Kate C. 68 

McSwaln, Slnthey L. 36 

Macconn, Eva C. hi 

Malken, Mrs. Mary J. 5? 

Maley, Julia Helen 38 

Maley, Madeline 1? 

Manning, Eliza E. 28 

Manning, Grace 6? 

Manning, Jane 15 

Manning, Roule 38 

Manning, Mary 0. 55 

Manning, Susie 60 

Mansfield, Merta Ina 5? 

Margraff, Annie M. P. 21 

Mark, Cella 16 

Marks, Amelia 11 

Marks, Jennett 10 

Marsh, Carrie H, 59 

Marsh, Lena 56 

Marsh, Mary 33 

Marshall, Eliza ^+8 

Mathews, Alice M. 53 

Mathews, Mary E. ^+6 

Mellette, Nellie ^9 

Mendell, Sarah E. - 23 

Merlck, Rachel 61 

Messer, Margaret Ellz. 15 
Messlnger, Gertrude S. 6? 

Michael, Nancy 1 

Mlcklns, Betsy 4? 

Mler, Mary C. kO 

Miller, Julia ^3 

Miller, Mary 36 

Mines, Eva G. 22 

Mlnlschew, Annls 9 

Mlnlshew, Jane ^ 

Mlnlx, Elan 1 

Mlnshew, Margaret 14 

Mlnshew, Martha 1 

Mlnshew, Martha A. 2? 

Mitchell, Anna 60 

Mitchell, Clara W. 46 

Mitchell, Elor (col.) 64 

Mitchell, Hannah 5a 

Mitchell, Maria A. 33 

Moeller, Annie Mary 53 

Monroe, Mrs. Lizzie 56 

Moore, Emily 24 

Moore, Fanny M. 52 

Moore, Harriet 51 

Moore, Nettle 35 

Morgan, Anna 3^ 
Morris, Charity (col.) 65 

Morris, Isabella 42 

Morris, Mary A. 10 

Morris, Nartha L.E.T. 9 

Morris, Sarah 6 

Morrison, Austella 24 

Morrison, Mary 2 

Morrison, Mary 3 

Morrison, Sarah 58 

Mosely, Rosa 51 

Mosler, Marlon J. I. 30 

Mosley, Mary 60 

Munger, Martha A. 35 

Muntrle, Isabella 20 

Murdock, Julia 69 

Murry, Loulsana C, 5 

Myers, Rebecca 19 



Neal , Mary 

Nesblt, Emily A. 

Nesbltt, Julia 

Nichols, Mary 

Northrop, Leila Angelina 4? 

Norton, Clare Luetta 13 

Norton, Ida Elizabeth 33 

Novle, Laura M. 51 

Nunrue , Fanny 55 

Ochotetter(Achotter), Helena 62 


Page jft 88 

O'Connell, May 61 

Odura, Barber Barbee ^+3 

Odura, Georgian A. 20 

Odum, Laura D. 29 

Odura, Sarah J. 6? 

Oliver, Annie 62 

Osteen, Allmy 11 

Osteen, Elizabeth 25 

Osteen, P. S. 5a 
Osteen, Llona C. k 

Osteen, Martha Jane 36 

Osteen, Mary 2? 

Osteen, Polly Ann 12 

Overstreet, Amanda li^ 

Overstreet, Emma 17 

Overstreet, Margaret 1^ 

Owens, Louisa M. kl 

Pacettl, Saraphlna hy 

Padgett, Mary Jane 29 

Paget (Padgett ),Gella k 

Palmer, Ava N. 28 

Palmer, Mallnda A. 66 

Palmer, Tlllle 37 

Parrott, Mary ^ 

Patterson, Mallnda 56 

Pattlllo, Lizzie G. 62 

Pearce, Lizzie J. ^6 

Peckham, Maria A. 8 

Peeton, Emallne ^3 

Penfleld, Grace Amelia k6 

Perrls, Bulah A. 65 

Perry, Charity 5^ 

Peters, Nancy 32 

Peterson, Carrie ^4-9 

Peterson, Mossuorl 62 

Peterson, Sarah 51 

Phillips, Alice ^0 

Phillips, Annie ^4-2 

Phillips, Marlah 6^ 

Pickett, Marlon Olivia 63 

Pickham, Elizabeth 10 

Plerson, Mary Ann 55 

Plnkney, Sarah 12 

Pitman, Emily 60 

Polite, Annie 30 

Pollard, Emma ^1 

Pootcher, Eliza D. 22 

Poppleton, Grace A. 61 

Popwell, Ellen 5^ 

Posey, Matilda 21 

Powell, Dorcas 67 

Frevatt, Catherine D. 28 

Prevatt, Elizabeth F. ^ 

Frevatt, Ella J. 52 

Prevatt, Florida A. 35 

Prevatt, Frances N. 37 

Prevatt, Mallnda 0. I5 

Frevatt, Martha E, 2 

Prevatt, Martha E. 3 
Prevatt, Marg.Ann Ellz, 15 

Prevatt, Mary 23 

Prevatt, Mary Draper 13 

Prevatt, Nancy M. k 
Prevatt, Flnkey (Plnkey )P.15 

Frevatt, Sarah S. 25 

Price, Frances 69 

Price, Ida E. ^4.1 

Price, Josle 53 

Priest, Ida J. 22 

Proctor, Florence 3^ 

Purdam, Laura N. ^1 

Purdum, Henrietta 22 

Purdam, Matilda 18 

Qulnn, Alfred A. 1 

Randall, Lucy (Loulsafcol. 66 

Randolph, Delia ^5 

Randolph, Marlah ^3 

Rankin, Bessie 55 

Rawlins, ngatha 58 

Rawlins, Charity 26 

Rawlins, Charity 53 

Rawlins, Sarah lo 

Ray, Mattle 57 

Rector, Lucy 28 

Redding, Margery 1 

Register, Rachel M. 37 

Register, Selemma 25 

Register, Zllpha 31 

Reld, Easter 3^ 

Reld, Hattle '4'^ 

Reld, Lorena 3^ 

Reld, Martha 26 

Relaford, Mary 6? 

Rhaln, Olive 69 

Rhodes, Mary '4.3 

Rich, Mary Jane 18 

Richards, Lllla M. 33 

Page 9x 89 


Richardson, America Ann 30 

Richardson, Elizabeth 13 

Richardson, Georgia 68 

Richardson, Hulda 2? 

Richardson, Jane L, 12 

Richardson, Lucy h. i+9 

Richardson, Margaret A. 30 
Richardson, ."lolly (col.) 6U 

Richardson, Nancy L. 5a 

Rimer, Elizabeth 1 

Rivers, Emma 5^ 

Roach, Louisa M. 32 

Robb, Annie B. 39 
Robenson( Robinson) ,Letty 60 

Roberson, Jane 11 

Roberson, Violet 39 

Roberts, Eliza 18 

Roberts, Elwlna 2? 

Roberts, Permella 11 

Roberts, Pheby h 

Roberts, Rosey A, 31 

Robertson, Emma (col.) 64 

Roblnette, Mattle 53 

Robinson, Ann ^0 

Robinson, Cornelia 25 

Robinson, Florida ^5 

Robinson, Frances 28 

Robinson, Hannah kO 

Robinson, Hester 40 

Robinson, Josephine 39 

Robinson, Nancy 20 

Rogers, Ella A. 66 

Rogers, Mary Anna 33 

Rollnson, Nettle 6^ 

Rolland, Caroline k 

Rollerson, Sylvia Ik 

Rollins, Mary J. 5a 

Roper, Sarah A, 59 
Rosenborough, Elizabeth 52 

Resetter, Carrie P. 20 

Rosier, Eliza 33 

Rossetter, nlice H. 35 

Rossetter, Ilattle F, Ik 

Rossetter, Sarah F. 6 

Rossle, Annie E, 6? 

Rouleuske,* Bertha E. 63 

Routh, Jennie 32 

Routh, Margaret A. 30 

Rushing, Alice G. k7 

Rushing, Victoria 6I 

Rushing, Wealthy A. 2? 
Russell , Susan Washington 3 
Ruth, Isabella k<, 

Ryals, Vlney 52 

Sanders, Louisa 
Sanders, Martha J-ane 
Sanders, Nancy 
Sands, Carrie V, 
Sarelers, Cornelia 
Sauls, Clara 
Sauls, Eliza 
Sauls, Ellen 
Sauls, Jane L, 
Sauls, Jane L, 
Sauls, Mary 
Sauls, Sarah 
Sauls, Zenobla 
Saunders, Rltta 
Saunderson, Sarah 
Savage, Sarah I. 
Saxon, Lydla A. C. 
Scamraell, Mattle A. 
Scarlett, Anna C. 
Schlldrlth, Mary 
Schstetter, Maria Anna 
Scott J Anna 
Scott, Jane 
Scott, Maggie 
Scott, Marie 
Self, Mary 

Sewall ,Celestlne Modes 
Seymour, Charlotte 
Sharth, Lizzie 
Sheely, Margaret 
Sheldon, Zella 
Shepherd, Frances 
Sherrlll, Alice G. 
Shields, Nannie 
Slkes, Corla 
Slkes, Dellly H. 
Slkes, Eliza C. 
Slkes p Eliza Josephine 
Simmons, Ella 
Slmms, Annie 
Simons, Georgia 
Simons, Norah 
Slmpkins, Manerva 
Sloan, Margaret 
Slough, Margaret J. 

ta 39 







Page iO 90 

Smalley, Mamie E. 66 

Smiley, Pheby 59 

Smith, Amanda E, 60 

Smith, Ann Eliza 20 

Smith, Charlotte 13 

Smith, Fannie B. 35 

Smith, Frances A. 59 

Smith, Helen L. 39 

Smith, Isabella D. F. kS 

Smith, Lillian Maud 5^ 

Smith, Margaret 66 
Smith, Marg. Bertha Norlska22 

Smith, Maria A. 


Smith, Maria F.Fullerton U^ 

Smith, Maria H. A. 43 

Smith, Martha L. 39 

Smith, Mattle 60 

Smith, Sarah E. k 

Smith, Mrs. Susan 3 

Sparkman, Sarah 12 

Spencer, Rutha 66 

Sperber, Earnestlne S. 23 

Sperry, Mary R. 68 

Starke, Louisa 12 

Staunton, Mary S. 45 

Stengle, Catherine 14 

Stephens, Ellen 11 

Sterling, Angellne 30 

Stethera, Mary 56 

Stetler, Sarah A. 18 

Stevens, Julia 64 

Stewart, Emily J. 7 

Stewart, Lucy 64 

Stewart, Mary M, 3 

Stewart, Mary S. ? 

Stewart, Susan Elizabeth 2 
Stewart, Susan Elizabeth 3 

Stone, Mary Jane 6I 

Stong, Lou 51 

Story, Marlntha 1 

Story, Marlntha 3 

Stowe, Anna Dell 48 

Stratton, Piety Devonla 10 

Sulton, Mary Adelaide 63 

Summer, Mary Margaret 6I 

Summerlln; Lula 40 

Sutton, Martha L. 52 

Sutton, Mary Jane 37 

Sutton, Victoria C. 37 

Sutty, Rosa 45 

Swift, Ida P. 53 

Swing, Annie M. 36 

Swing, Florence L. 21 

Sylvester, Matilda 5a 

Tanner , Laura 65 

Tannin, Luand 21 

Tapley, Mrs. Emily 55 

Taylor, Amand 27 

Taylor, Annie 57 

Taylor, Hattle 27 

Taylor, Ida 32 

Taylor, Louisa 9 

Taylor, Margaret 9 

Taylor, Mary A. 32 

Taylot, Matilda 36 

Tedder, Isabella 42 

Tedder, Luclnda 42 

Tedder, Martha 20 

Tedder, Mary Ann 29 

Tedder, Nancy 24 

Tedder, Sarah Ann 7 

Telfair, Helen H. 22 

Teston, Jemima 15 

Thlgpen, Martha 48 

Thlgpen, V. V. 5^ 

Thomas, Francis 43 

Thomas, Jane L. 27 

Thomas, Mary E. 47 

Thompson, Harriet Y. 25 

Thompson, Lldla 36 

Thompson, Maria 6 

Thompson, Mary J. 5^ 

Thompson, Sarah Ann 46 

Thornton, I^ura 50 

Thurley, Maggie 50 

Thurman, Annie 55 

Thursbey, Elizabeth 23 

Thursbey, Mary A. 21 

Tlllls, Elizabeth B. 27 

Tillman, Emma 55 

Tollver, Martha 41 

Tolllver, Synthla 5a 

Trellis, Mrs. J. E. 14 

Tucker, Mary E. 27 

Tucker, Sarah 43 

Turner, Emma 58 

Turner, Mary 43 

Tyler, Mary ^2 

Tyre, Tulle ^7 

Page n 9i 


Underbill, Elizabeth 40 
Underhlll, Mrs.Lucretla 55 

Underwood, Grace D. 57 

Vandegrlff, Clemmls J. 55 

Vandoun, Ellen A. 60 

Vares, M. J. 49 

Varnes, Nancy 1 

Varnes, Nancy 3 

Vaughes, Francis 4-7 
Vaughn, Mrs. Harriet 

(Hannah) 17 

Voss, Victoria 9 

Waldron, Eliza A, 30 

Walker, Amanda 66 

Walker, Anna J. 65 

Walker, Harriett 6 

Walker, Lucy 25 

Walker, Mary G, 10 

Walker, Sarah 6 

Waller, Mary F, I7 

Walstlen, Louisa 26 

Walstlen, Sarah Alice 15 
Walton, Areneth Drusllla 56 

Ware, Hannah 5a 

Ware, Mary Ann 57 

Warner, Effle A. 29 

Warnockj Jennie 68 

Warren, Lucy 22 

Washington, Settle 32 

Washington, Fannie 5^ 

Waterfell, Lulle 49 

Waters, Mellnda 31 

Watklns, Maggie 38 

Watson, Julia Ann 21 

V/atson, Liza 5? 

Watton, Eliza H. 22 

Watts, Emma 63 

Weaver, Llllle E. 49 
Weaver, Llssle A. (col.) 64 

Weber, Barbary 68 

Westbrook, Phoebe 29 

Wheat, Lonlver 9 

Whipple, Sarah Annie 68 

White, Jul-la 51 

White, Margaret 69 

White, Mary E. 44 

Whitman, Eva 57 

Whitney, Sue 58 

Whlttam, Mary 25 

Wlckwlre, Martha Jane 3 
Wlckwlre, Mary Maranda I6 

Wlckwlre, Susan 31 

Wlckwlre, Winnie F, 10 

Wiggins, Mary 37 

Wiggins, Mary 63 

Wilhlte, Ann 17 

Wilkinson, Grace B, 47 

Wilkinson, Jennie L. 34 

Willhlte, Isadora 13 

Williams, Ella 42 

Williams, Emellne 31 

Williams, Emma L, 59 

Williams, Leah 63 

Williams, Mary J, 37 

Williams, Melvlna 23 

Williams, Nancy 27 

Williams, Rosa 40 

Williams, Sarah 52 

Willis, Mary A. 33 
Wllmsen (Wi.llnson) 

Augusta F. 37 

Wilhlte, Ann 17 

Wilson, Annie C. 40 

Wilson, Emily W. 18 

Wilson, Emma 6I 

Wilson, Essie M. 54 

Wilson, Henrietta 26 

Wilson, Hester C. 43 

Wilson, Patience 33 

Wlnfleld, Laura A. 62 

Wlngate, E, J. 49 

Wlngate, Edith 19 

Wlngate, Lizzie L, 62 

Wlngate, Martha 26 

Wlngate, Mary A. 14 

Wlngate, Nancy C, 19 

Wlngate, Sarah L, 48 

Winn, Betty 56 

Wltzel, Eliza 51 
Woodards, Charity (col.) 64 
Woods, Virginia Galechat 24 

V/oodward, Martha 56 

Wright, Fanny 69 
Wynn, Myrlck (Lizzie) 65 

Yates, Lulu E. 47 

Yates, Manda 5 

Yelvlngton, Larena 24 

Page as 9-d 

Yelvlngton, Lurana 18 

Yelvlngton, Margaret 2^ 

Yelvlngton, Nancy 29 

Yelvlngton, Nannie 6? 

Young, Martha A. U-l 
Youngue (Yonzue) Jane 

Olive 61 

Zagon, dhoda E, 21 


Page .93 

Abbott, John H. 
Adams, Thomas H, 
Aklns, Alonzo 
Akins, George W. 
Aklns, George W. 
Aklns, John 
Alcott, William '..'. 
Alexander, Henry 
Alexander, Henry- 
Alexander, John I. 
Alexander, John J. 
Allen, George 
Allen, Hlrara 
Alien, Thomas 
Allen, William A. 
Alieyne, Horace 3, 
Altaand, William W. 
Alston, Henry 
Ambrose, Winston 
rtmes, George 
Anders, Harry 
Anders, Lewis 


C. H. 

Anderson, Erd 
Anderson, John Adair 
rtnderson, Robt. 
Anderson, Thomas S. 
Anderson, William 
Anthony, Mark 
Archer, Henry H, 
Arllne, David W. 
Armor, James A, 
Armstrong, Robert 
Arnold, Charles Williams 
Arnold, James M. 
Armwood , Levin 
Arrawood, Timothy 
Artlsh, Henry 
Austin, F. C. 
Aydelott, J. J. 

Bailey, Frank 
Bailey, George B, - 
Bailey, W. H. 
Baker, Andi^ew C. 
Baker, G. F. 
Baker, George W. 
Baker, Henry A. J. 
Baker, John D. 










Baker, Joseph P. 11 

Baker, Malcolm L. 17 

Baker, Thadlus M. 27 

Baker, W. R. 13 

Baker, William B. 25 

Ball, Charles W. 67 

Ball, Elijah 44 

Ball, John C. 53 

Ball, Robert (col.) 66 

Ballard, Sammle A. 58 

Ballough, Charles A. 35 

Ballough, William E. 30 

Bandy, Thomas M. 33 

Banentlne, Ell 26 

Barber, Moses E. 5 

Barber, Moses W. 21 

Barber, William J. 5^> 

Qarblett, Smith W. 48 
Barnhart, William Robert 2Q 

Barnwell, George 20 

Barnwell, George 52 

Barron, James H. 50 

Bates, Titus 31 

Belden, James P. 18 

Bell, Frank 14 

Bell, George N, 3 

Bell, James 3. 26 

Benes, Titus 52 

Bengston, Johji Elof 35 

Bennett, Asa 11 

Bennett, Daniel L. 40 

Bennett, Elbert 13 

Bennett, G. W. 63 

Bennett, George W. 15 

Bennett, George W, 34 

Bennett, George W. 68 

Bennett, Herchel J. 13 

Bennett, James 15 

Bennett, James 47 

Bennett, James M. 62 

Bennett, John C. 26 

Bennett, Paul 54 

Bennett, R. S. 32 

Bennett, Shepperd 13 

Bennett, Simmons 9 

Bennett, William T. I6 

Benton, Curt 51 

Bessent, John P. 59 

Bevel, Granville 10 

Beverly, Samuel 30 


Page y* 

Bines, Titus 

Bingham, Charlie M, 
Black, Richard 
Blackwelder, Danle] 
Blackwelder, John '. 
Blew, Jamuel 
Bllven(Bllvln), Jol 
Bloomer, Charles H, 
Bloomer, Charles R, 
Boatwrlght, Daniel 
Bold, James 
Boler, Robert 
Bond, Georp;e 
Bond, Georp-e 
Boreland, John 3, 
Botefurte, J. H. L. 
Bourroughs, Green ' 
Bowman, John P. 
Bowman, l;llliam 
Boyer, George '.i , 
Braddock, E. D. 
Bradshaw, D. G, H. 
Branch, Eugene a.. 
Brannon, Gall 
Braunlng, Gale 
Breland, Eocert C. 
Brlprht, Antriony 
Broadham, Henry 
Br on son, I-ionroe 
Brooks, Bartow F. 
Brooke, Jackson 
Brooke, Rufus D. 
Brooke, o. B. 
Brooke, olmcn 3. 
Brooker, Joseph E. 
Brown, Rev. A. J. 
Brown, Boatwrlght 
Brown, George 
Brown, July 
Brown, Laurf:nce Bal 
Brown, V/. P. 
Brownlee, iMtchell 
Bryan, Harry V. 
Bryan, Heni^y B. 
Bryan, Lewis 1!. 
Bryan, i'lllton 
Bryan, Oscar H. 
Bryan, Philemon r; , 
Bryan, W. A. 


Bryant, Gadsden 0. 



Buchan, Joseph D. 



Buckles, John 3. 



Buckles, Joseph 


11 son k7 

Buckman, Courtland 



Buckner, Charles B, 


a ti. 66 

Buckner, V.'llllam F. 



Buell, 3. 3. 



Bunn, Asa 



Burmaster, Frank D. 



Burmaster, Frank D. 



Burnett, James L. 



Burney, William 



Burroughs, David 



Butler, Preston 



Butler, Wm. W. 



Byrd, Thomas R. 




Calhoun, 3trother 



Campbell, Butler 



CamobelKCambell), Cato 



Camnbell, John 3. 



Carllle, George F. 



Carllle, Robert W, 



Carlln, Charles 



Carraway, John M. 



Carron, John H. 



Carter, Anderson 



Carter, Andrew 



Carter, R. fl. 



Carter, William Henry 



Carter, Wm. V,'. 



Casldy, V.m . 



Casmey, James 



Casper, John L. 



Cass, Hrlel P. 



Gassaday, Daniel 



Caswell , James 



Gates, Charles 



Gates, Charles F. 


es 32 

Causey, Daniel H. 



Causey, L. E. 



Charaberlln, Samuel M. 



Chambers, Edward D. 



Chandler, Geo. V/. 



Chandler, James H. 



Chandler, John L. 



Chanman, Dunter C. 



Chapman, Richard 



Chauvln, Joseoh M. 



Page 95 

Cherry, Raukens (Rauklns ) 6l 

Chilton, Benjamin 
Chilton, F. 
Clark, J. VJ. 
Clark, Major 
Clarke, Harrison W, 
Clifton, /laron 
Clifton, Daniel 
Clifton, Daniel, Jr. 
Clifton, F. C. 
Clifton, F. T'l. 
Clifton, Francis M. 
Clifton, Goe. W. 
Clifton, Hamilton 
Clifton, Henry 
Clifton, Henry J. 
Clifton, Jonathan 
Clifton, Robert L. 
Clifton, './esley 
Clifton, '/m. D. 
Clifton, Wm. E. 
Clinton, Charles M. 
Coachman, Laurence 
Colbert, Samuel F. 







Colburn, Artemas Elswcrth 56 
Colcord, Benjamin F. 22 
Cole, George 8 

Cole, J. R. 65 

Coleman, Sdv;ard 30 

Collett, Levi 33 

Collins, George W. 4 
Collins, Heber R. 22 
Collins, Joseph 39 

Collins, Nathan 55 

Colors, Lawrance ^§- 
Comines, (Commens ) ,Georg 27 
Compton, W, C. 67 

Corapton, William C. h6 
Cone, Frank F', 33 

Cook, Benjamin 18 

Cook, J. R. 66 

Cook, Robert M. I6 

Cooper, Charles A. ^1 
Copeland, Butler ' 67 
Corns, Charges K, 25 
Correll, Adam 37 

Corwin, H. B. 30 

Cottral, David 5a 

Coulter, Joseph '•'.. I45 

Count, George H. 53 

Cowin, James 28 

Cox, Columbus '4-0 

Cox, Hodum R. 62 

Cozart, Slmmeon W. 28 

Cranor, John 57 

Crawford, 0. C. ^5 

Cravjford, Thomas 2h 

Creel, John 20 
Crouson(Crousen) , i*'m.L, 36 

Crowe, Thomas R. 22 

Crump, Fred ^7 

Curamjng, D. G. 5k 
Cunningham, Theodore L. ^4.1 

Curry, Joseph E. 63 

Cutler, Harry B. 36 

Davis , 

Dare, Samuel H, 
Davenport, Thomas E 
Davis, Alexander H. 
Davis, Colonel 
Davis, Edman 
Dav^s, Franklin 3en 
Davis, Jefferson 
Davis, John 

John H. 


Davis, V/alter (col. 
Dawson, John (col.) 
Day, Alvin Weston 
Day, Lomis G. 
Daymore, Lawrence 
Dean, J. Elmer 
Deas, Miles 
Debois, Henry K. 
DeDrysdale, John E. 
Demps , Andrew 
Dennis, George E. 
DePratta, Marian 
Dillard, Augustus 
Dlllard, Barney 
Dilzer, Charles P. 
Dithman, George 
Ditson, John P. 
Dohn, Christian L. 
Donald, Ira L, 
Donald, Samuel h. 
Doup-herty , Ichabod 
Dougherty, Israel 
Dougherty, James 


Jamln 5^ 

) 6h 






Page J6 

Dougherty, Jesse 5? 

Dougherty, John 51 

Dougherty, John M. 62 

Dougherty, Rufus P. 29 

Dowlln.T, \'illl'im N. 8 

Downey, V.'llliaai F. 1 

Drady, Duncan 65 

Drake, Wilson 60 

Dreggors, Jordan 

Dreggors, Harlon A. 13 

Dugger, David «. 4 

Dunn, '.iilllam II. kQ 

DuPont, V. R. 1 

Duren, Robert L, 28 

Durence, George V,'. 20 

Duval, Albert" 1? 

Dyal , Alexander 57 

Dyall, George >/. 26 

Dye, Harlan P. 19 

Sarley, .^Ing 68 

Sdenfield, Jameij L. 39 

Edmonson, V/m. H. jh- 

Smig, Barthel 13 

■ilmanuel , Amos 5 

Evans, Perry 38 

i'.veret, Charles 7 

Estls, Thomas R. ^3 

Faber, /Albert 9 
Faber, Charles Lav;rance 13 

Fagan, '..'llliam 5^ 

Falany, Joseoh 14 

Farley, 'i^dward 13 

Fatany, Henry H. 38 

Fearllle, John 12 

Feaster, Jacob W, 1'^ 

Field, Samuel J, 11 

Fisher, Frederick B. 10 

Fisher, George W. 51 

Flowers, Charlie S. 52 

Force, Alfred 43 

Fountain, James J. 5 

Fountain, Loyd • 31 

Frasher, Andrew 10 

Frazer, GeoVge 9 

Freeman, Anthony 14 

Freeman, George 1? 

Fudger, G. T." 47 

Fulce, James 5a 

Furgerscn, Phillip 31 

-'ergerson, rompey 
Furgerson, Tony 
Furgerson, Washington 
Fussell, C. C. 
Fuss ell, J. A, 
Fussell, J. A, 
Futch, Geo. W. 
Futch, James W, 

Gadson, Benjamin 
Gainey, Francis D. 
Gains, James S. 
Galespje, Roderick 
Gamage, Harry G. 
Gamble, Robert 
Garden, John 
Gary, Charles 
George, Daniel 
George, David H. 
Gilbert, Robert R. 
Glllaspee, Jacob V. 
Gitt-'ns, Joseph Haynes 
Glover, Allison C. 
Godhin, R. X. 
Gordan, Clarence M. 
Gold, Lafayette 
Goodrich, A. Q. 
Goodrich, Charles \1, 
Goodvi/in, Thadious 
Goodwin, I'/illiam 
Gorey, Stephen 
Goway, Isaiah 
Graham, C. G. 
Graham, Fred C. 
Graham, James G. 
Gray, Edward V.'. 
Gray, R. T. 
Gregor, Edv;ard W. 
Gregory, Jepe R. 
Greely, Kartin J. 
Green, Ben Jannin 
Green, Prank 
Green, Henry L. 
Green, Henry H. 
Green, Joseph 
Green, Joseph F. 
Green, Beddy D. 
Green, V.'. J. 
Grio.e, Jack 
Griffin, Ben.lamine 










Page if 

Griffin, Charles 
Griffin, Grant 
Grover, James 
Gruber, Jacob 
Guess, Aaron 
Guess, Riley 
Gunn, January 

Hadder, Walter G 


, B. F. 


Chas. F. 


David D. 


I sham 


James J. 


John C. 


John G. 


H. E. 


R. C. 

Hamilton, James 
Hamilton, V/ood 
Hanscom, Laban L. 
Hardy, Coleman 
Harper, Virgil 
Harris, Ambrose 
Harris, Benjamin 
Harris, Charles Stewart 
Harrison, Henry 
Hart, Christopher C. 
Hart, John 
Harvey, J. W, 
Haskell, William H. 
Hatch, Ezra F. 
Hatcher, 0. A. 
Hatcher, Shelton 
Hatcher, T. R. 
Hawkins, Charles 
Hayman, James H, 
Hays, Thomas 
Haze, Daniel 
Healey, Henry W. 
Heath, Thomas J. 
Hedgecock, William E, 
Heirs, John M, 
Henderson, Richard' S, 
Henry, Erampnd 
Henry, James L. 
Hickman, Isaac 
Hickman, John C. 
Hill, M. H. 
Hill, Orson J. 

^6 Hires, James M, 59 

58 Hold, Mason ^7 
15 Holt, Mason 60 
39 Holton, John J. 65 

61 Honeywell, Fred 53 
21 Hopkins, Edward H. 36 

7 Horder, Gardner S. 7 
Herman, William F. 50 

30 Horn, Peter 22 

8 Houston, James R. 13 
66 Houston, John 2 
h<) Houston, Mac 51 
"^h Houston, Washington hO 

7 Howard, H. G. 50 

29 Howard, James 60 

U2 Houston, John 3 

62 Howell, Henry L. 14 
61 Hubbard, J. D. h^ 

20 Hubbard, John D. 2 

21 Hubbard, John D. 3 
UO Huffman, Jas. A. 36 

68 Huger, Simon 30 
2h Hull, James F. k 

59 Hull, R. H. 53 
46 Hull, William W. 5a 

64 Hunt, George I6 
41 Hunt, Geo. A. 40 
15 Hunter, James E, 7 
5a Hunter, Samuel 24 

7 Hunter, William 31 

69 Hunter, William 41 
61 Hurry, Edward 51 
50 Hyman, Robert H. 62 

65 Hymes, Benjamin 34 

56 Ivory, M. L. 59 


25 Jackson, Andrew 11 

56 Jackson, Charles E, I6 

65 Jackson, Ismeal 36 

41 Jackson, Smart 10 

54 Jackson, William 17 

9 James, Grandlson 40 

23 James, Samuel 32 

6 James, Slater 66 

56 Jamison, Edward W. 50 

31 Jamison, William S. 38 

19 Jefferson, Samoson 33 

56 Jeffries, J. T. 64 

31 Jenkins, James H. 65 


Page ?fi 


Jenkins, July 
Jenkins, Samuel 
Jennings, Benjamin 
Jennings, Millard F. 
Johnson, Avery 
Johnson, Edward (col.) 
Johnson, George 
Johnson, Gust 
Johnson, Joseph 
Johnson, S. Weller 
Johnson, Tllman 
Johnson, William 
Johnson, William E. 
Johnson, William G. W. 
Johnston, Cullen B, 
Johnston, J. W, 
Johnston, Oliver 
Jones, Alford E, 
Jones, Evln 
Jones, George 
Jones, Henry 
Jones, J. David 
Jones, Jackson 
Jones, John 
Jones, John E. 
Jones, Joseph 
Jones, Joseph 
Jones, Robert 
Jones, Samuel J. 
Jones, Samuel H, 
Jones, V/, 
Jones, Watt 
Jones, Warren 
Jones, William (col.) 
Jons, Marshall 
Jonson, Oscar 
Jordan, Amos 
Joyner, Samuel 
Joyner, Samuel 
Joyner, Samuel J. 

Katz, W. L. 
Kawley, Henry L, 
Kelley, Jeremiah 
Kelly, E. D. (col.) 
Kllllx, William B. 
King, Charles 
King, Edward Thomas 
King, Ralph 
King, William 


King, William 



KlrJ, S. H. 



Klrkland, Francis M. 



Klrkland, Henry Jackson 



Knight, Fraser L. 



Knight, James M. 



Konlg, Henry 


Lafollett, Matt E. 



Lamar, George W. 



Lamb, Hezeklah 



Lamb, James 



Lane, August 



Lane, E. T. 



Larklns, Esau 



Lastlnger, Miles 



La stinger, William 



Latham, Charles F. 



Lawson, George (col.) 



Leake, James F, 



Leavltt, William F. 



Lee, Merrill 



Lee, Paul 



Leffer, Jno. P. 



Leffler, William P. 



Leonardy, Phllllo 
Leshure (LeShune), Wm.B, 



. 68 


Lester, Frederick 



Levlngton, Joseph 



Lewis, Richard 



Lewis, Wm. B. 



Llbby, Isaiah 



Llbby, Tallman 



Llchtensteln, Joseph 



Lltt, James 



Lockwood, V. N, 



London, John 



London, Norflet 



Long, Henry Paul C. 



Long, John 


Longe, Elsworth 



Longe, Fred C. 



Loving, Charles 



Lowd, E. K., Jr. 



Lowrle, Samuel 



Lowry, Dennis H, 



Luce, John 



Lungren , H . F , 


McBlrney, Hayward 



Page ?y 

McBlrney, Haywood 
Mc3rlde, William A. 
Kc3urney, Haywood 
Hc3urney, James 
McCallum, Jordan 
McCarry, John H. 
McCarthy, C. B. 
McCarthy, Richard J. 
McCarty, Arthur L. 
McClellan, Jeremiah 
McCloer, Henry 
McCormlck, A. F. 
McCreery, Atrum J. 
McCrum, Summers 
McCullers, Robt. 
McDanlel, Elijah 
McDanlel, George W, 
McDanlel, Wllllara L. 
McDonald, Edward 
McGauchlln, Duncan 
McGlon, Hardy 
McGloug, Jesse H, 
McGrory, h. C. 
Mcllwalne, Wm. 
McLane, John 
McLane, H. M. 
McLean, John 
McLendon, H. J. 
McMillan, John A. 
Maass, Hugo C. 
Mackey, David 
Maley, Frederick W. 

Mann, Horace G. 

Mann, Levi 

Manning, Stephen 

Mansfield, Charly H. 

Marsh, Moses 

Marsh, Moses 

Marshall, Benjamin 

Martenson, Charles 

Martin, James 

Marvin, Charles W. 

Mason, Alman E. 

Matslnger, Charles A. 

Mauloy, John 

Maury (MauV-ey) , Andrew 

May, Osborn 

Maynor, Samuel 

Mendel, Joseph 

Mercer, Frederic 


Mercer, Frederick 



Mercer, Isaac 



Merry, David 



Merry, Perry 



Messman, John 



Mlchell, John 



Mlddleton, David A. 



Mlddleton, Dotha D. 



Mlllner, Mat 



Miller, Abert(Albert) X. 



Miller, Genl. Geo. W. 



Mlnshaw, Archibald 



Mlnshen, Wllloughby 



Mlnshew, Archibald 



Mlnshew, W. B. 



Mlnshew, William 



Mlron, Elle 



Mitchell, Henry 



Mitchell, Henry H. 



Mitchell, James A. 



Mitchell, John 



Mitchell, John 



Mitchell, Ralph 



Mitchell, WUlle 



Mitchell, William 



Monroe, Isaac C. 



Moody, John T. 



Moody, Raymond 



Moore, Edward 



Moore, Henry 



Moore , Henry 



Moore, John W, 



Moore, Noah 



Moore, William G. 



Morgan, Balam 



Morgan, Frank 



Morgan, I sham 



Morgan, James 



Morgan, John G. 



Morris, Bryant 



Morris, David 



Morris, Edward 



Morris, Henry 



Morris, Lee B. 



Morris, Michael J. 



Morse, Cyrus 



Morten, William Henry 



Mowers, Vim. H. 



Morrison, David F. 



Munn, Morris G. 




Murphy, John 


Peck, Frank T. 


Murray, Thomas J. 


Peckham, Augustus T. 


Myer, John W. 


Pellet, George Ulysses 


Perry, Edwin N. 


Nauman, Charles 


Peters, nbram 


Neal, James 


Peterson, James E, 


Nelson, David 


Peterson, George W, 


Nelson, John h. 


Phillips, B. W. 


Newman, T. J. 


Phillips, John 


Newman, William B. 


Pierson, Carl F. 


Newman, '.Vllllam H. 


Pierson, G. F. 


Newmans, J. M. 


Pierson, Peter 


Newton, Oliver 


Pierson, Tue 


Nicholas, F. M. 


Pigue, Malangton 


Nlckols, J. L. 


Pinkham, Gyrus H, 


Norwood, William S. 


Pittman, F. M. 


Point, John Peter 


Odum, Allen J. 


Pooser, Rev. E. 3. 


Odum, Leaston E. 


Post on, R. R. 


Oliver, William (col.) 


Poter, W. L. 


Oneal, Green 


Powell, Isaac H. 


Odum, James W. 


Powell, Lewis 


Osteen, A. S. 


Powell, Wqj.H. 


Osteen, James V/ebster 


Prevatt, Alexander 


Osteen, John 


Prevatt, James H. 


Osteen, Marlon P. 


Prevatt, Joseph C. 


Overstreet, Adam 


Prevatt, Joseph W. M. 


Owen, Horace H, 


Prevatt, Joseph Morgan 


Prevatt, Levi M. 


Pace, John E. 


Price, Henry 


Pacetti, Bartola J. 


Pride, Abram B. 


Pacettl, Henry C. 


Prideaux, Henry F. 


Pacetty, 3artolo C. 


Priest, V/llllam A. 


Page, Thomas N. 


Prince, Abraham 


Palller, C H. 


Prindle, Charles A. 


Palmer, John J. 


Purdum, J. H, 


Palmer, T. V, 


Purdum, Samuel 


Parce, W. W. 


Purdum, William J. 


Parke, George H. 


Prior, Edward 


Parker, George 


Quackenbos, Henry F. 


Parker, W. W. 


Quarterman, George M. 


Parrett, John A. 


Quarterman, Orlando 


Parrott, John 


Quarterman, Rev. R. S. 


Patton, Lee 


Quinn, J. H. 0. 


Paul, Peter Lohman 


Paulerson, 'William 


Ransom, J. P., Jr. 


Pauling, James 


Ransom, V'ashington 


Payne, Charles H. 


Raulerson, James 


Peacock, S. D. 


Raulerson, Wade Hampton 


Pearce, Charles 


Rawlins, Benjamin 



Page ioi 

Rawlins, Hezeklah 


Rawlins, John M. 


Rawlins, John M. 


Hay, Samuel H. 


Heed, Araericus 


Held, alexander 


Held, Robert 


Relmer (Rlemer) , Edward 


Revels, William 


Richards, James R. 


Richards, James R. 


Richardson, Benjamin 


Richardson, Everett L. 


Richardson, Hllllard 


Richardson, Isaac 


Richardson, James J. D. 


Richardson, John 


Richardson, Lewis M. 


Richardson, T. B. 


Rivers, William 


Rivers, William 


Rivers, William 


Robblns, Noah 


Roberts, Clemson P. 


Roberts, George R. 


Roberts, Laurence H. 


Roberts, William R. 


Robinson, Isaac 


Robinson, Lincoln 


Robinson, Peter 


Robinson, Richard 


Robinson, William 


Rochel , Edward 


Rochel, Isom 


Rochelle, Ell 


Rock, William 


Hockley, Roland 


Rodes, Levi F. 


Rogers, Shearman S. 


Rollerson, William 


Rosebon, Jacob 


Roseborough, Jacob 


Ross, Joseph 


Routh, Henry T. 


Russell, BeJiJamln 


Ryals, Charles 


Ryals, Charles 


Sams, Frank W. 


Sanborn, J. B. 


Sanchey, Robert 13 

Sanderlln, John L. 25 

Sanders, William R. 17 

Sands, James 1 

Sappand, James 56 

Saunders, Samuel J, 68 

Savage, Albert 19 

Savage, D. C. 37 

Savage, Henry P. 22 

Savage, Thomas A, 8 

Savage, Vincent C. 14 
Savage, William Wilson 13 

Savage, Willis 54 

Saxon, William A. 28 

Schaerdl, Joseph 62 

Schlappi, John 54 

Scott, James 5 

Scrlbner, W. R. 62 

Self, Jesse 5a 

Sellers, Thomas 32 

Seymour, Mack 42 

Seymour, Rolla N. 34 

Shattuck, Albert W. 35 

Shattuck, Everett J. 24 

Shealey, Mack 9 

Sheldon, Rudolphus T. 14 

Sheppard, A. G. 60 

Shields, J. F. 55 

Shook, R. S. 46 

Slkes, Henry D. 23 

Slkes, Jno. D. 28 

Silas, Joseph 35 

Simmons, Henry 46 

Simmons, James 38 

Simmons, Phillip 49 

Simmons, William A. 4 

Slmonson, John I6 

Sincoe, William E. 30 

Singleton, Charles J. 62 

Small, Harvey (col.) 66 

Smart, Samuel F. 44 

Smiley, W. T. 50 

Smith, Charles C. 42 

Smith, Charles Lacell 22 

Smith, Edward L. 53 

Smith, Hector S. 64 

Smith, Henry 1 

Smith, Israel 26 

Smith, Israel 38 

Smith, J. M. 63 

Pae;e 10a 





John B. 


John H. 


John 3. 


John 'a'. 




R. D. 

Smith, Robert 
Smith, Vernon 3, 
Smith, .Vllllam 
Smith, William A. 
Smith, William a. 
Snow, Rdwin >'■".. 
Solomon, S, Green 
Somers, John 
Souber, Permlllous 
Sparkman, Stephen 
Spauldlng, C. F, 
Spencer, A. W. 
Spencer, John 
Spevy, Clsero 
Stafford, James H. 
Standing, Frank 
Stanley, ..'ales 
Stapler, William '..', 
Starke (Sarke), Anthony 
Starke, Frank 
Starling, R. H. 
Steeley, B. F. 
Stephens, William 
Stephenson, Frank 
Stephenson, Graham 
Stevens, Reubln 
Stewart, Henry H, 
Stewart, Horace F. 
Stewart, JasTier 
Stewart, John V/, 
Stlllman, Edwin 3. 
Stlllman, John E. 
Stockton, James 
Stone, Peter 
Stone, William 
Stone, William, Jr. 
Stowe, W. H. 
Strand, P. ^M. 
Strickland," Aaron 
Strickland, Aaron 
Strlngfellow, Thornton 
Stuckey, Plnckney 
Sturdervant, Robert W. 



















Suber, Albert 64 

Suramerlln, Erlward C. 12 

Summerlln, Jaccob( Jacob) 25 

Sumnerlln, Thomas 52 

Sutton, C. C. 58 

Sutton, Christor^her C. 37 

Sweet, Charles D. 65 

Tanner, Charley (col.) 
Tanner, James 
Taylor, Boring 
Taylor, Frank W. 
Taylor, Jackson 
Taylor, James 3, 
Taylor, John T. 
Taylor, Robert R. 
Tedder, Hug-hy 
Tedder, James A, 
Teddar, Williara H. 
Terry, James Archie 
Thomas, Charles 
Thomas, Charles 
Thomas, Elbert 
Thompson, David A. 
Thompson, Graham 
Thompson, Henry 
Thompson, Henry Y. 
Thompson, Sylas 
Thomson, James 
Tillman, William 
Tllman, John 
Timmons, Jack 
Toliver, John H. 
Tolliver, Henry 
Townsend, James F. 
Trowel 1, Mathan I. 
Troy, William 
Tucker, Edward Delalny 
Tucker, Jas. 
Tucker, James 
Tucker, William 3, 
Turner, Albert 
Turner, J. R. 
Turner, Owen 
Turner, Wm . C. 
Turner, William 
Twine, J. W. 
Tyre, Abraham F. 
Tyus , Henry 
Tyler, Isaac 







Page 1U3 

Underbill, Thomas 

Van Dorn, Henry 


Van Dyke, Gideon D. 


Vandegrlff, Edward 


Varnes, John 


Varnes, John 


Vass, James P. 

Vaughn, Foster 


Vaughn, Joseph 


Vlehlan, C S. 


Voss, Otta (Otto) 


Voss, Thomas I. 


Vought, Capus (Caples)M. 


Waldron, Edgar N. 


Walesby, Robert G. 


Walkley, a. H. 


Wallace, George M. 


Walsteln, Alfred 


Wal stein, Andrew 


Walstlen, Alfred W. 


Walstlen, Edward 


Walstlen, Edward 


Walton, Joshua 


Waltz, John V. 


Wamble, John S. 


Wardwell, Jeremy Baker 


Ware, Caleb 


Ware, Isaac 


Ware, Jefferson 


Warner, Lauren A. 


Warnock, George 


Watson, Alexander H. 


Watson, Edgar A. 


Watson, Fred R, 


Watson, J. W. 


Watson, Large 


Watson, William B. 


Watton, William 


Wellman, Leslie L. 


Westall, Chrlstonher 


Wheeler, F. A. 


Whltcomb, Ira W. 


White, Frank A. 


Whitney, Jose-oh 


Wlckham, David L. 


Wlckwlre, D. T. 


Wlggln, Henry 


Wiggins, William 


Wilcox, C. P. 17 

Wilkes, Amos H. 56 

Wlllard, Charles E. 23 

William, Louie G. 67 

William, Oseola 28 

Williams, Charles E. 60 

Williams, Coleman 66 

Williams, George 6I 

Williams, Harkless 65 

Williams, Henry 26 

Williams, Henry ^3 

Williams, Henry 67 

Williams, Iram 39 

Williams, Isaac 37 

Williams, Jacob 23 

V/llllams, James 12 

Williams, James 64 

Williams, John A. 31 

Williams, Joseph 11 

Williams, Joseph 60 

Williams, Levi 58 

Williams, Lewis 1 

Williams, Martin 63 

Williams, Perry 41 

Williams, Robert 57 

Williams, Samuel 57 

Willis, John W. 14 

Willis, Pell 10 

Wilson, Aaron 36 

Wilson, Aaron 69 

Wilson, B. 55 

Wilson, Benjamin H. 19 

Wilson, J. P. 30 

Wilson, John G. 24 

Wilson, John W. 18 

VUlson, Samuel 19 

Wilson, Samuel B. 48 

Wlngate, Asa 14 
Wingate, James William 48 

Winn, J. W. 49 

Womble, John M. 59 

Wooden, Harrison 20 

Woodward, George 15 

Woodworth, James F. l4 

Worthy, Ell 66 

Wright, Richard 24 

Wyllle, John 47 

Yates, Nordham 3 

Yates, Wm. T. 5