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Full text of "Marriage notices in the South-Carolina gazette; and country journal (1765-1775) and in the Charlestown gazette (1778-1780)"

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The South-Carolina Gazette; 
And Country Journal 



The Charlestown Gazette 



A. S. SALI.EY, Jr. 

From the files in the library of the Charleston I^ibrary Society, 
Charleston, S. C. 

Printed for A, S. Salley, Jr., by 

The Walkkr, Evans & Cogswkll Co, 

Charlkston, S C 




The South-Carolina Gazette; 
And Country Journal 

(i 765-1775) 


The Charlestown Gazette 

^ (1 778-1 780) 


^. v-^^*-,. BY 

aY s/SALLEY, Jr. 

From the files in the library of the Charleston Library Society, 
Charleston, S. C. 

Printed fob A, S. Salley, Jr., by 

The Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co, 

Charleston, S C 




The fourth and last paper of the Provincial period of 
South Carolina^ was The South-Carolina Gazette; And 
Country Journal, the first issue of which appeared December 
17, 1765. This first issue was entitled The South-Carolina 
Gazetteer, And Country Journal, but after the second issue, 
"Gazetteer" was changed to "Gazette" and the comma fol- 
lowing changed to a semi-colon. At this time the Stamp 
Act agitation was at its height, and at the top of the first 
page of the first six issues was printed in conspicuous letters : 
"No Stamped Paper to be had." The proprietor of the new 
venture was Charles Crouch, a young man, who had re- 
ceived his training under Peter Timothy, of The South- 
Carolina Gazette^. For ten years he successfully conducted 
the Country Journal in Charles Town, although durmg 
that whole period there were two flourishing contempora- 
ries in the town. 

In his paper of August i, 1775, Crouch gave notice 
of the temporary suspension of his paper during his 
absence, announcing that he would complete his advertising 
obligations by issuing several supplements after the last 
regular issue of August ist. On the 24th of August he 
embarked for Philadelphia and the vessel whereon he set 
sail was lost at sea and all on board perished. 

'See Marriage -Notices in The South-Carolina Gazette, 1732-1801 (by 
A. S. Salley, Jr.), and A Century of The Courier (by the same writer) 
in the Centennial Edition of The Nezi's and Courier, 1904. 

'Crouch had formerly been an apprentice to Peter Timothy. In 
The South-Carolina Gazette of February 19, 1753. Timothy advertised 
for his apprentice, Charles Crouch, who had run away, and gave his 
age as "about 18". 

The following numbers are missing from the Charleston 
Library Society's files : 

No. 52., Tuesday, December 9, 1766. 

No. 53., Tuesday, December. 16, 1766. 

No. 60., Tuesday, February 3,1767. 

No. 82., Tuesday, June 30, 1767. 

No. 107., Tuesday, December 22, 1767. 

No. 139., Tuesday, August 2, 1768. 

No. i63.,Tuesday, January 17, 1769, the first page con- 
taining the marriage notice section. 

No. 171., Tuesday, March 14, 1769. 

No. 179., Tuesday, May 9, 1769. The paper is missing, 
but the supplement is not. 

No. 189., Tuesday, July 18, 1769. 

No. 236., Tuesday, June 12, 1770. 

No. 246., Tuesday, August 21, 1770. 

No. 251., Tuesday, September 25, 1770. 

N0.266., Tuesday, January 8, 1771, second page contain- 
ing the marriage notice section. 

No. 269., Tuesday, January 29, 1771. 

No. 270., Tuesday, February 5, 1771. 

No. 273., Tuesday, February 26, 1771. 

No. 285., Tuesday, May 21, 1771. 

No. 288., Tuesday, June 11, 1771, has part of the first leaf 
cut oflF, but the marriage notice section is intact. 

No. 289., Tuesday, June 18, 1771. 

No. 297., Tuesday, August 6, 1771. 

No. 299., Tuesday, August 20, 1771. 

No. 318., Tuesday, December 31, 1771. 

No. 423., Tuesday, January 4, 1774. 

No. 429., Tuesday, February 15, 1774. 

No. 451., Tuesday, July 19, 1774. 

The supplements (?) issued after August i, 1775. 

In 1778, Mrs. Ann Crouch, widow of Charles, revived 
her deceased husband's paper, under the title of The Charles- 

town Gazette, and for nearly two years successfully con- 
ducted the venture, but the siege of the town in 1 780 put an 
end to that gazette's career. 

Only a few copies of The Charlestozmi Gazette are known 
to be in existence, and they are in the Charleston Library 
Society's collection, and are as follows : 
Supplement to Tuesday, November 3, 1778. 
No. 23., Tuesday, January 26, 1779. 
No. 61., Tuesday, November 2^, 1779. 
No. 67., Tuesday, January 11, 1780. 
No. 68., Tuesday, January 18, 1780. 


Married.] Dec. 23. Lieut. William-Ward Crosthwaite, to 
Miss Sally Hartley, an agreeable young Lady, with a hand- 
some Fortune. (Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1765.) 
Married.] Jan. 13. Mr. Andrew Hibben, Watchmaker, to 
Mrs. Elizabeth Wingood, an agreeable Widow Lady with a 
good Interest. (Tues., Feb. 4, 1766.) 
Married.] April 24. Robert Hume, Esq; of Goose-Creek, 
to Miss Susannah Quash. Daughter of Robert Quash, 
senior, Esq; of St. Thomas's Parish, an agreeable young 
Lady, with a handsome Fortune. 

Mr. John Harleston, of St. John's Parish, to Miss Elizabeth 
Faucheraud, Daughter of Charles Faucheraud, Esq; de- 
ceased ; a young Lady of Merit and Fortune. 
27. Barnard Elliott, Esq ; to Miss Mary Elliott, Daughter of 
Thomas Law Elliott, Esq ; deceased ; a young Lady of great 
Accomplishments, with a very large Fortune. (Tuesday, 
April 29, 1766.) 

Married.] June 5th. Mr. Thomas Jones, Merchant, to 
Miss Abigail Townsend, Daughter of Mr. Paul Townsend, 
Merchant. (Tuesday, June 10, 1766.) 
Married.] July 7. Captain Alexander Gillon, to Mrs. 
Mary Cripps, a very agreeable Widow Lady, with a hand- 
some Fortune. (Tuesday, July 8, 1766.) 
Married.] Aug.24. Lionell Chalmers, Esq; M. D. to Miss 
Elizabeth Warden. (Tuesday, Sept. 2, 1766.) 
Married.] Sept.7. Thomas Fuller, Esq; of St. Andrew's 
Parish, to Mrs. Elizabeth Miles, Relict of Mr. Edward 

In Charles-Town, Sept. 9th. Mr. Alexander Michie, Mer- 
chant, to Miss Henrietta Carrol. (Tuesday Sept. 16, 

Married.] Sept.29 , Capt. John Moncrieff, to Miss Polly 

Fley. October 5, Mr. Alexander Chisolme, jiin. to Miss 

Christiana Chisolme. (Tuesday, Oct. 7, 1766.) 
Married.] Octol:)er 9. Mr. Samuel Prioleau, jun. to Miss 
Catharine Cordes, Daughter of John Cordes, Esq; deceased. 
(Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1766.) 

I\Iarried.] Nov. 16, in Charles-Town, Mr. Francis Clay- 
ton, Merchant, to Miss Polly Colcock, a very accomplished 
young Lady. (Tues., Nov. 18, 1766.) 
Married.] Dec. 30. The Hon. Thomas Skottovve, Esq; 
Secretary of this Province, Clerk of the Council, and As- 
sembly under several Patents, and also Member of his 
Majesty's Honourable Council in this Province, to Miss 
Lucy Bellinger, one of the Daughters of Edmond Bellinger, 
Esq; of St. Andrew's Parish. (Tues., Jany. 6, 1767.) 
Mairied.] Jan. 4, at Ponpon, Mr. Andrew Cunningham, 
of tlis Town, Merchant, to Mrs. Margaret Cochran, Relict 
of Dr. John Cochran.— Dec. 11, in Charles-Town, Mr. 
Will am Somersell, of St. Christophers, to Miss Sally Le- 
gare. Daughter of Mr. Thomas Legare. (Tuesday, Janu- 
ary 3, 1767.) 

Marued.] Feb. 10, the Hon. Robert Catherwood, Esq; 
of St Augustine, to Miss Jenny Chads, lately arrived from 
Engknd. (Tuesday, Feb. 17, 1767.) 

M/RRIEd.] Feb. 22. Mr. Thomas Netherclift, Merchant, 
to Mss Anne McQueen, Daughter of the late John Mc- 
Queei, Esq ; deceased.— A young Lady of genteel Accom- 
plishnents, and a handsome Fortune. (Tuesday, Feb. 24, 

1 767.1 

Marked.] February 15. Mr. Robert Swainston, of Wat- 
boo, o Miss Deborah Sabb, of St. John's Parish.— Feb- 
ruary 19. Mr. John Lord, Carver and Gilder, to Miss 
Margiret Broun, Daughter of the late Dr. Robert Broun, 

deceaed. Feb. 22. Mr. John Matthewes, Son of James, 

to Mis Nancy Harvey. (Tuesday, March 3, 1767.) 

M/rried.] March 8. Anthony la Motte, Esq; (only Son 


of Mesire Rene Douin de la Motte, one of the French 
King's Councellors, and chief-Secretary to the Ministry) 
to Miss Dorcas Randall, the only Daughter of the Honor- 
able William Randall. Esq ; Surveyor-General of his 
Majesty's Customs in the Southern District of America ; a 
most accomplished young Lady. — Mr. William Cattell, to 

Miss Lynch, Daughter of Thomas Lynch, Esq; a 

very agreeable young Lady, with a handsome Fortune. 

Lately. James Hasell, jun. Esq; of North-Carolina, to 

Miss Susannah Foissin. — Dr. Barnet Wait, to Mrs. Martha 

Urquhart. (Tues., March lo, 1767.) 

In our last, by Mistake, we mentioned the Marriage of Mr. 

Benjamin Huger, instead of Mr. John Huger, to Miss 

Charlotte Motte. (Tuesday, March 24, 1767.*) 

Married.] April 23. Dr. John Delahowe, to Mrs. Bojd, 

Relict of the late Capt. Robert Boyd. (Tuesday, April 28, 


On Tuesday the 21st ult. was married at Savannah, in 

Georgia, Thomas Savage, Esq ; of this Town, to Miss R)lly 

Butler, Daughter of Wilham Butler, Esq; deceased; an 

accomplished young Lady, with a considerable Fortme. 

(Tuesday, May 12, 1767.) 

On Friday the first of May, Ralph Izard, Esq ; of this 

Town, was married in New- York, to Miss Alice De Lan- 

CEY, second Daughter of Peter De Lancey, Esq; of "V^'est- 

chester. (Tues., June 9, 1767.) 

Married.] Mr. Francis Rose, to Miss Betsey Liiing, 

Daughter of the late Dr. John Lining. (Tuesday, 

July 7, 1767.) 

Last Thursday Mr. James Graham. Merchant, lafc of 

Georgia, was married to Miss Sally Stuart, Daughtc of 

John Stuart, Esq. (Tues., July 14, 1767.) 

Married.] July 19, Benjamin Huger, Esq; to Miss lolly 

Golightly, Daughter of Culcheth Golightly, Esq; — A /ery 

* The marriage announcement section of the paper for Mara 17, 
1767, has been cut out of the Charleston Library Society's file. 

accomplished Lady, with a Fortune of Ten Thousand 
Pounds Sterhng. (Tuesday, July 28, 1767.) 
Married.] Mr. Francis Verambaut, to Mrs. Anne Lataw. 
—Dr. John Anderson, to Mrs. Gordon, Relict of the Rev. 
Mr. Charles Gordon. (Tuesday, August 4, ^7^7-) 
Married.] Mr. Daniel Price, to Miss Eleanor Jones, Sis- 
ter of Mr. Edward Jones. — Mr. Anthony Toomer, to Miss 
Nancy Warham, Daughter of Mr. Charles Warham.— At 
Georgia, Mr. John Holman, of this Province, to Miss Pris- 
cilla Jones, of that Place. (Tuesday, August 11, 1767.) 
Married.] Mr. Edward Thomas, of St. John's Parish, to 
Miss Anne Gibbes, Daughter of Mr. William Gibbes. 
(Tuesday, Sept. 29, 1767.) 

Married.] Mr. Andrew Rittledge, Merchant, to Miss 
Elizabeth Gadsden, Daughter of Christopher Gadsden, 
Esq. (Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1767.) 

Married.] Mr. John Baker, Merchant, to Miss Amy Le- 
gare. Daughter of Mr. Thomas Legare. (Tuesday, Oct. 
20, 1767.) 

Married.] The Hon. John Burn, Esq; to Mrs. Anne 
Baron, Relict of the late Rev. Mr. Baron. (Tuesday, Oct. 
27, 1767.) 

Married.] David Guerard, Esq; to Miss Judith De St. 
Julien. — James Stanyarne, Esq; to Mrs. Henrietta Raven, 
Relict of the late William Raven, Esq.— Mr. Alexander 
Alexander,to Miss Rachel Anderson.— Mr. Peter Valton, to 
Miss Elizabeth Timothy, Daughter of Mr. Peter Timothy. 
(Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1767.) 

Married.] Mr. John M'Call, jun. to Miss Charlotte 
Glen, Daughter of Mr. William Glen. (Tuesday, Nov. 17, 

Married.] Mr. George Blakey, to Mrs. Elizabeth Roffe. 
Relict of the late Captain John RofTe. (Tuesday, Nov. 
24, 1767.) 

Married!] Mr. Gabriel Capers, to Miss Martha Withers- 
ton. — Mr. Edward Grififith, Merchant, to Miss Patty Miles, 



Daughter of Mr. Thomas Miles, deceased. \( Tuesday, 
Dec. I, 1767.) 

Married.] Thomas Bell, Esq; to Miss Anne Murray, 
Sister of Dr. John Murray. — Mr. James Sands, Merchant, 
to Miss Hannah Dewick, eldest Daughter of the late Dr. 
Dewick.— Mr. Robert Beard, to Miss Mary Colles.— Mr. 
Daniel Stephens, to Miss Patience Norton. (Tues., Dec. 
8, 1767.) 

Married.] Mr. George Greenland to Miss Charlotte 
Hartley. — Captain Willson Cook, to the Widow Newton. 
(Tuesday, Dec. 15. 1767.) 

Married.] Mr. Richard Nicholls, to Miss Anne Macgaw. 
(Tuesday, January 19, 1768.) 

Married.] Daniel Horry, Esq; to Miss Harriette Pinck- 
ney. Daughter of the Hon. Charles Pinckney, Esq; de- 
ceased. — Mr. Charles Shepheard, Merchant, to Miss Eliza- 
beth Radcliffe, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Radcliffe.— Mr. 
David Dott, Merchant, to Miss Sally Baker, of St. An- 
drew's Parish. — The Reverend Mr. Thomas, to Miss Polly 
Lamboll, Daughter of Thomas Lamboll, Esq. (Tuesday, 
February 23, 1768.) 

Married.] Mr. John Richardson, of St. Augustine, Mer- 
chant, to Miss Amy VVelshuysen, Daughter of Daniel Wel- 
shuysen, Esq; deceased. (Tuesday, March 29, 1768.) 
Married.] John Bull, Esq; to Miss Purry. (Tuesday, 
April 5, 1768.) 

Married.] Mr. Roger Smith, Merchant, to Miss Polly 
Rutledge, Daughter of John Rutledge, Esq ; deceased. — Dr. 
William Brisbane, to Miss Stevens, Daughter of the Rever- 
end John Stevens. (Tuesday, April 12, 1768) 
Married.] Mr. Nathaniel Fuller, to Miss Anne Fuller, 
Daughter of Thomas Fuller, Esquire. (Tuesday, April 19, 

Married.] Mr. Thomas Osborn, of Jacksonborough, to 
Mrs. Catharine Spry, Widow of Joseph Spry. (Tuesday, 
May 3, 1768) 


"On Sunday the 24th of April last, was married in Beau- 
"fort, by the Rev. Mr. Sumner, :\Ir. Nicholas Slidell, to 
"Miss Polly Hyeth. The Bridegroom to celebrate the 
"happy Union, gave an elegant Entertainment, to which 
"those of the first Consequence were invited." (Tuesday, 
May 10, 1768) 

Married.] Mr. Francis. Roche, to Miss tVjlly Jennings, — 
Charles Motte, Esq ; to Miss Elizabeth Roche, Daughter of 
Francis Roche, Esq; deceased. (Tuesday, May 17, 1768.) 
Married.] At Beaufort, Port-Royal, Mr. Jacob DeVeaux, 
to Miss Elizabeth Barnwell. (Tuesday, June 21, 1768.) 
Married.] Mr. James M'Kenzie, to Mrs. Ann Imer, Re- 
lict of the Reverend Mr. Abraham Imer. (Tuesday, July 
5- 1768.) 

Married.] Reverend Mr. John Tonge, Rector of St. 
Paul's, to Miss Susanna Perry, Daughter of Edward Perry, 
Esq. — Mr. Francis Baker, to Miss Nancy Sinkins. (Tues- 
day, Sept. 13, 1768.) 

Married.] Mr. Robert Dillon, to Miss Christiana Chif- 
felle.. (Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1768.) 
^ Married.] Mr. William Richardson, Merchant, to Miss 
Anne Guignard, Daughter of the late Mr. Gabriel Guignard. 
—Mr. Thomas Doughty, to Miss Mary Legare, Daughter 
of Mr. Daniel Legare, sen. (Tuesday, Oct. 18, 1768.) 
Married.] Mr. James Cook, Provincial Surveyor, to Miss 
Sally Millhouse. of Cambden. (Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1768) 
Married.] Mr. Samuel Thomas, Grand-son of Edward 
Thomas, Esq; to Miss Jane Douxsaint, Daughter of Paul 
Douxsaint, Esq. — John Colcock, Esq; to Miss Millicent 
Jones, Daughter of \\x. John Jones,* deceased. (Tuesday, 
Nov. I, 1768.) 

Married.] Mr. Richard Waring, to Miss Nancy Bran- 
ford, of Dorchester, a very agreeable young Lady. (Tues- 
day. Nov. 22, 1768.) 

*John is wrong. Joseph was his name 


Married.] Mr. James Christie, of Stono, to Hephzibah 
Rose, Daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Rose.— Mr. Nehe- 
miah Rivers, to Miss Bulah Law. (Tuesday, Nov. 29, 

Married.] John Scott, Esq; Attorney at Law, to Miss 
Sarah Peronneau, Daughter of Samuel Peronneau, Esq; 
dec. (Tuesday, Dec. 20, 1768.) 

Married.] Lately on John's-Island, Mr. Nathaniel Barn- 
well, to Miss Elizabeth Waight; Mr. Thomas Ladson, to 
Miss Mary Cole. — At Dorchester, Mr. Isaac Droze, to Miss 
Elizabeth Dowse. (Tuesday, Dec. 27, 1768.) 
Married.] Mr. John Webb, Merchant, to Miss Polly 
Doughty, Daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Doughty. — Mr. 
John Amory, to Mrs. Elizabeth Cantle. (Tuesday, Janu- 
ary 10, 1769.) 

Married.] Mr. Benjamin-Lewis Merchant, of the Island 
of Antigua, to Miss Frances-Claudia Timothy, Daughter of 
Mr. Peter Timothy. (Tuesday, January 24, 1769.) 
Married.] Mr. William Skirving, to Miss Anne Hutch- 
inson, Daughter of Thomas Hutchinson, Esquire. (Tues- 
day, January 28, 1769.) 

Married.] Stephen Drayton, Esq; to Miss Elizabeth 
Waring. (Tuesday, January 31, 1769.) 
Married.] William Wragg, Esq; to Miss Henrietta 
Wragg, Daughter of the late Joseph Wragg, Esq. (Tues- 
day, Feb. 7, 1769.) 

Married.] Captain George Higgins, of the Snow Port- 
land, in the London Trade, to Miss Elizabeth Collis. (Tues- 
day, Feb. 14. 1769.) 

Married.] John Savage, Esq; of Ninety-Six, to Miss 
Anne Gaillard. (Tuesday, Feb. 21, 1769.) 
Married.] Mr. William Lee, Clock and Watch-maker, to 
Miss Anne Theus, Daughter of Mr. Jeremiah Theus, a very 
handsome and agreeable young Lady. — Mr. John Horl- 
beck, to Mrs. Elizabeth Gallman, Relict of the late Major 
Henry Gallman. (Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1769.) 


Marjiied.] Mr. Arnout Schermerhorn, to Miss Polly 
Mackey, Daughter of tl^ late Captain John Mackey. — 
Lately at Georgia, Mr. Basil Cowper, Merchant, to Miss 
Polly Smith, Daughter of John Smith, Esq. (Tuesday, 
March 7, 1769.) 

Married.] James Skirving, sen. Esq; to Mrs. Charlotte 
Matthews, Relict of the late Mr. James Matthews. (Tues- 
day, March 21, 1769.) 

Married.] Mr. Telfair, of Georgia, Merchant, to Miss 
Elizabeth Bellinger, Daughter of Edmund Bellinger, Esq. 
— Mr. James Harvey, Merchant, to Miss Mary Gibbes, only 
Daughter of Culcheth Gibbes, Esq; of Ponpon. (Tuesday, 
March 28. 1769.) 

Married.] Roger Pinckney, Esq; to Mrs. Susannah 
Hume, Widow of Robert Hume, Esq. — Mr. Thomas Wal- 
ter, Merchant, to Miss Anne Lesesne, Daughter of Mr. Isaac 
Lesesne, of Daniel's Island. — John Mackenzie, Esq ; to Miss 
Sally Smith, Daughter of Thomas Smith, Esq; of Broad- 
street. (Tuesday, April 4, 1769.) 

Married] Alexander Wright, Esq ; Son of his Excellency 
Governor Wright, of Georgia, to Miss Elizabeth Izard, 
Daughter of the late John Izard, Esq; with a Fortune of 
Thirty Thousand Pounds Sterling. — This young Couple are 
Natives of this Province. — Captain Turner Vardell, to Miss 
ElizalDeth Tucker. (Tues., Apl. 18, 1769.) 
Married] Mr. John Perkins, to Miss Sarah Cozzens, of 
Georgia. — Mr. William Johnson, to Miss Sally Nightingale, 
Daughter of Mr. Thomas Nightingale. (Tuesday, May 
16, 1769.) 

"On the nth Instant, Dr. Alexander Fitzgerald, late of 
Cape-Fear, was married to the Widow Beatty, of Ponpon." 
(Tuesday, May 23, 1769.) 

Married] Dr. William Remington, to Miss Anne 
Eaton, of Edisto Island. (Tuesday, May 30, 1769.) 
Married] Lately at George-Town, Paul Trapier, Esq; 
to Mrs. Waties, Widow of the late John Waties, Esq. — Mr. 


Matthias Hutchinson, to Miss Jane Pedrieau. (Tuesday, 
June 6, 1769.) 

Married.] Mr. Thomas Corbett, Merchant, to Miss Mar- 
garet Harleston, Daughter of John Harleston, Esquire, de- 
ceased. (Tuesday, June 13, 1769.) 

On the 15th Instant was married, Charles-Augustus 
Steward, Esquire, first Captain in his Majesty's 21st Reg- 
iment, to Miss Sally Powell, Daughter of George-Gabriel 
Powell, Esquire, of Prince-George's parish. (Tuesday, June 

27- 1769) 

Married] Mr. Peter Boquett, jun. to Miss — M'Laugh- 

ling, Daughter of Mr. William M'Laughling, of Ponpon. 

(Tuesday, July 4, 1769.) 

Married] Mr. John Bull, to Miss Sarah Philips, late of 

the Island of Jamaica. (Tuesday, July 25, 1769.) 

Married] Mr. Godin Guerard, to Miss Anne Matthewes, 

Daughter of the late John Matthewes, Esq. (Tuesday, 

Aug. 27, 1769.) 

Married] Dr. Archibald MacNeil, to Miss Elizabeth 

Postell, Daughter of Elijah Postell, Esq. (Tuesday, Sept. 

26, 1769.) 

Married.] Mr. William Miles, of Ashepoo, to Miss Mary 

Elliott, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Elliott, of Wappoo 

Mr. John Prue, to Miss Townsend. (Tuesday, Nov. 21, 

Married] Mr. George Ancrum, Merchant, to Miss Cath- 
arine Porcher, eldest Daughter of Isaac Porcher, Esq. 
(Tuesday, Nov. 28, 1769.) 

Married.] Mr. Eli Kershaw, of Rockingham, to Miss 
Mary Cantey, Daughter of Captain John Cantey, of Cam- 
den. (Tuesday, Dec. 5, 1769.) 

Married] Mr. John Brailsford, Merchant, to Miss Eliza- 
beth Muncreef, Daughter of Mr. Richard Muncreef. (Tues- 
day, Dec. 12, 1769.) 

Married] Mr. Barnard Beekman, to Mrs. Elizabeth 
Scott, Widow of Mr. Joseph Scott Mr. Robert 


Hawie, to Miss Susannah Lesesne Both of those 

Ladies .are Daughters of the late Mr. James Lesesne, of 

Daniel's-Island Mr. John Wilson, to Miss Polly 

Rivers, Daughter of Mr. George Rivers, of James's-Island. 
(Tues., Dec. 19, 1769.) 

Married.] Mr. Edward Lightwood, Merchant, to Miss 
Elizabeth Peronneau, eldest Daughter of Mr. Samuel Peron- 
neau, deceased.— Mr. William Morgan, to Miss Mary 
Chanler, Daughter of the late Reverend Mr. Isaac Chanler. 
— Mr. John Jones, to Miss Mary Sharp, Daughter of Mr. 
James Sharp. (Tuesday, January 9, 1770.) 
Married] Mr. Daniel Bourdeaux, Merchant, to Miss 
Patty Smith, second Daughter of the Rev. Mr. Josiah 
Smith.— Mr. William Carson, Merchant, to Miss Rebecca 
Lloyd, Daughter of the late John Lloyd, Esq.— The Rev. 
Mr. Hugh Alison, to Miss Dolly Smiser, Daughter of Mr. 
Paul Smiser. — Mr. Nathaniel Green, of Hilton-Head, to 
Miss Sarah Chanler, Daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Isaac 
Chanler. (Tues., Jany. 16, 1770.) 

Married.] — John Matthews, Esq; to Miss Sally Scott, a 
Daughter of Mr. Joseph Scott, of Boston, Merchant. (Tues- 
day, January 23, 1770.) 

Married.] Mr. John Blott, Upholsterer, to Mrs. Anne 
Parkes.— Mr. Robert Cripps, Taylor, to Miss Mary Trail. 
(Tuesday, January 30, 1770.) 

Married.] Mr. Elias Jaudon, to Miss Mary Dixon, 
Daughter of the late Captain Thomas Dixon, of James's- 
Island. (Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1770.) 
Married] Mr. William Doughty, Merchant, to Miss 
Rachel Porcher, Daughter of Isaac Porcher, Esq. (Tues- 
day, February 27, 1770.) 

Married.] Mr. Thomas Screven, to Miss Nelly Hart, 
Daughter of the Rev. Mr. Oliver Hart. (Tuesday, March 

Married.] Mr. Benjamin Matthews. Merchant, to Miss 


Sally Sams, Daughter of Captain Sams, deceased. (Tues- 
day, March 20, 1770.) 

Married.] Mr. William Glen, jun. Merchant, to Miss 
Martha Miller, Daughter of Stephen Miller, Esq. — Mr. 
James St. John, to Miss Elizabeth Boomer, Daughter of 
Mr. Michael Boomer. (Tuesday, April 17, 1770.) 
Married.] Thomas Heyward, Esq; Commander of his 
Majesty's Sloop the Martin, to Miss Ann Sinclair, Daugh- 
ter of the late Mr. John Sinclair, Merchant. (Tuesday, 
May I, 1770.) 

Married.] James Carson, Esq; to Mrs. Ann Stuart, Wid- 
ow of Francis Stuart, Esq. — Mr. Brian Cape, Merchant, to 
Mrs. Mary Hetherington, Relict of Mr. John Hethering- 
ton, and daughter of Stephen Miller, Esq; of Cainhoy. 
(Tuesday, May 8, 1770.) 

Married] Mr. John Robert, of Indian Land, to Miss 
Elizabeth Dixon, of James's-Island. (Tuesday, May 15, 

"Last Sunday Night, was married, Mr. Thomas Rose, Son 
of Francis Rose, Esq; of St. Andrew's Parish, to Miss 
Mary-Anne Clark Saunders, Daughter of the late Joshua 
Saunders, Esq; of St. Bartholomew's Parish. (Tuesday, 
May 22, 1770.) 

Married.] Captain Edward Darrel, to Miss Nancy Smith, 
Daughter of the Rev. Mr. Josiah Smith. — Mr. Robert Rose, 
to Miss Rebecca Rivers, Daughter of Mr. John Rivers, de- 
ceased. (Tuesday, May 22, 1770.) 

Married.] Mr. David Gillespie, A. B. to Mrs. Mary Rog- 
ers, Widow of Capt. James Rogers. (Tuesday, May 29, 

Married.] Mr. Samuel Hopkins, to Mrs. Frances Dan- 
dridge, Widow of Mr. William Dandridge. — Mr. Ulysses 
MThenson, to Miss Sarah Laird, only Child of the late 
Mr. John Laird. — Mr. John Chesnut, to Miss Sarah Cantey. 
— Mr. Charles Johnston, Merchant, to Miss Mary M'Ken- 


zie, only Daughter of Captain Robert M'Kenzie. (Tues- 
day, June 19, 1770.) 
Married.] Mr. Jonathan Sarrazin, to Mrs. Sarah Prio- 

leau, Widow of the late Elijah Prioleau, Esq Mr. 

George "^Flagg, to Miss Mary Anderson, Daughter of Mr. 
John Anderson. (Tuesday, July 24, 1770.) 
Married.] Mr. William Air, to Miss Polly Stephenson, 
Daughter of the late Mr. Charles Stephenson, Merchant. — 
Mr, Thomas Jervey, to Miss Grace Hall, Daughter of the 
late Mr. William Hall. (Tuesday, August 7, 1770.) 
Married.] Mr. William Hopkins, to Miss Elizabeth 
Welch. (Tuesday, August 14, 1770.) 
Married.] Stephen Miller, Esq; to Miss Polly Roche, a 
Daughter of the late Francis Roche, Esq. — Mr. David 
Guerard, to Miss Martha Barnwell, Daughter of John 
Barnwell, Esq; of Port-Royal. — Mr. James Taylor, Book- 
binder and Stationer, to Miss Anne Choppard, Daughter of 
Mr. Daniel Choppard, deceased. (Tuesday, October 2, 

Married.] Peter DeLancey, Esq; his Majesty's Dep- 
uty-Postmaster-General for the Southern District of North- 
America, to Miss Elizabeth Beresford, Daughter of Richard 
Beresford, Esq. — Dr. James Weems Moore, to Miss Susan- 
nah Jones, Daughter of the late Mr. Charles Jones, sen. of 
Ponpon. (Tuesday. Oct. 9, 1770.) 

Married.] Mr, John Wilkie. Cooper, to Mrs. Jane Hext, 
widow of Mr. Alexander Hext, deceased. — Mr. Joseph Bee, 
of James's-Island, to Miss Elizabeth Sandaford, of the same 
Place. (Tuesday. Oct. 30, 1770.) 

Married.] Elias Horry, jun. Esq; to Miss Elizabeth 
Branford, Daughter of the late William Branford, Esq. — 
Mr. Edward Kirk, of New-Providence, Merchant, to Miss 
Charlottes Bennett. (Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1770.) 
Married.] Alexander Mazyck, Esq: to Miss Charlotte 
Broughton, Daughter of Nathaniel Broughton, Esq. 
(Tuesday, November 27, 1770.) 


Married.] Mr. Andrew Lord, Merchant, to Mrs. Anne 
Gadsden, Widow of Thomas Gadsden, Esq. (Tuesday, De- 
cember 4, 1770. 

Married.] Mr. George Greenland, Factor, to Miss Patty 
Simmons, Daughter of Mr. George Simmons, of St. James's 
Santee. — Mr. Wilham Sheppard, to Miss EHzabeth Steel. 
(Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1770.) 

Married.] Mr. Peter Simmons, of St. James's, Santee, 
to Miss Mary Greenland. (Tuesday, December 25, 1770.) 
Married.] Major Pierce Butler, of his Majesty's 29th 
Regiment of Foot, to Miss Mary Middleton, Daughter of 
the late Col. Thomas Middleton. — Mr. Andrew Broughton, 
jun. to Miss Sally Glaze. (Tuesday, January 15, 1771.) 
Married.] Robert Williams, jun. Esq; to Miss Anne 
Roper, Daughter of William Roper, Esq. (Tuesday, Feb- 
ruary 12, 1771.) 

Married.] Mr. Arnoldus Vanderhorst. to Miss Elisa- 
beth Raven, only Child of the deceased William Raven, 
Esq. (Tuesday, March 19, 1771.) 
Married.] In St. Stephen's Parish, Rene Peyre, Esq; to 
Miss Elizabeth Cantey, Daughter of Charles Cantey, Esq. — 
In Charles-Town, John Nevin, Esq; to Miss Nancy Baker. 
(Tuesday, March 26, 1771.) 

Married.] Mr. William Scott, jun. to Miss Elizabeth Le- 
gare, Daughter of Mr. Daniel Legare, sen. — Mr. Nathan 
Tart, to Miss Frances Garden, Daughter of the Rev. Mr. 
Garden of St. Thomas's Parish. — Dr. Peter Spence, to 
Miss Brown, Daughter of Joseph Brown, Esq ; of George- 
Town. (Tuesday, April 9, 1771.) 

Married.] In St. George's Parish, Dorchester, Mr. 
Michael Mackinfuss, aged J2>^ to Mrs. Susannah MoUoson, 
aged 51. (Tuesday, April 30, 1771.) 
Married.] William Roper, jun. Esq; to Miss Hannah 
Dart, Daughter of Benjamin Dart, Esq. (Tuesday, May 

7. 1771-) 

Married.] Mr. John Eraser, to the agreeable Miss Sally 


Stobo, Daughter of James Stobo, Esq; of Will-Town. — 
Dr. Benjamin Willply, to Miss Sally McGaw. (Tuesday, 
July 2, 1 771.) 

Married.] Colonel Christopher Rowe, to Mrs. Chevillette, 
Widow of Col. John Chevillette. (Tuesday, July 16, 

Married.] Mr. Francis Bayle, to Miss Frances Minott. 
(Tuesday, September 3, 1771.) 

Married.] Daniel Heyward, sen. Esq; to Miss Eliza- 
beth Simons, Daughter of Benjamin Simons, Esq. — Mr. 
Charles Emerie, to Mrs. Elizabeth Russel, Widow of the 
late Mr. Alexander Russel. (Tuesday, September 10, 
1771.) ^ 

Married.] Mr. William Swallow, to Miss Sarah Prince. 
(Tuesday, October 29, 1771.) 

Married.] Mr. Edward Simons, to Miss Lydia Ball, a 
Daughter of the late Elias Ball, Esq. (Tuesday, November 

Married.] Mr. Robert Porteous, of Beaufort, Merchant, 
to Miss Ann Wigg, of the same Place, Daughter of the late 
Colonel Wigg. (Tuesday, Nov. 26, 1771.) 
Married.] Paul Trapier, jun. Esq; to Miss Elizabeth 
Foissin, Daughter of the late Elias Foissin, Esq. — Mr. Ed- 
ward Jennaine, to Miss Sarah Cahusac. — Mr. James Wake- 
field, Merchant, to Miss Sarah Cannon, Daughter of Mr. 
Daniel Cannon. — Mr. John Miot, to Miss Frances Harden. 
(Tuesday, Dec. 3. 1771.) 

Married.] Mr. Wilham Garner, to Miss Sarah Murray. 
(Tuesday, December 24, 1771.) 
Married.] Captain Benjamin Darrell, to Mrs. Kezia 

Boone, Widow of Mr. Samuel Boone Mr. William 

Wilson, Merchant, to Miss Polly Harvey. Daughter of Wil- 
liam Harvey, Esq. (Tuesday, January 7, 1772.) 
Married.] Mr. William Hort, to Miss Alice Gibbes, only 
Daughter of the late Mr. Robert Gibbes; a young Lady of 
great Merit, with a handsome Fortune. (Tuesday, Janu- 
ary 14. 1772.) 


Married.] Dr. Peter Fayssaux, to Miss bally Wilson, 
Daughter of Algernon Wilson, Esq. (Tuesday, Feb. 4, 


Married.] Mr. John Screven, of James's-Island, to Miss 

Patience Holmes, youngest Daughter of Mr. John Holmes, 

of Johns's-Island. (Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1772.) 

Married.] Lately at Augusta, Mr. Robert Mackay, to 

Mrs. Chilcott, late of Rhode-Island In this Town, 

Andrew Johnston, Esq ; to Miss Sally McKewn, Daughter 
of the late Robert McKewn, Esq. (Tuesday, March 3, 

Married.] Mr. Samuel Maverick, to Miss Lydia Turpin, 
Daughter of Captain Joseph Turpin. (Tuesday, March 

10, 1772.) 

Married.] Mr. James Ballantine, Merchant, to Miss Sally 

Buchanan. (Tuesday, March 17, 1772.) 

Married.] Robert Quash, jun. Esq; to Miss Constantia 

Hasell* Dr. Edward Gunter, to Miss Patty Melli- 

champ, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Mellichamp, of St. An- 
drew's Parish. (Tuesday, April 7, 1772.) 
Married.] Mr. Blake Leay White, to Miss Elizabeth 
Bourquin. (Tuesday, April 14, 1772.) 
Married.] Mr. John Smith, Merchant, to Miss Susannah 
Richardson, Daughter of the late Mr. Edward Richardson. 
(Tuesday, April 28, 1772.) 

Married.] Mr. Joseph Hunt, of Godfrey's Savannah, to 
Miss Martha Gray, of the same Place. (Tuesday, May 
12, 1772.) 
Married.] Thomas Lynch, jun. Esq; to Miss Betsey 

Shubrick, Daughter of Thomas Sliubrick, Esq 

James Brisbane, Esq: to Miss Sally Stanyarne, Daughter of 

the late Mr. John Stanyarne Mr. William Price, 

Merchant, to Mrs. Ann Nicholls Mr. John Wood- 
bury, Merchant, to Miss Sally Anderson Mr. Joseph 

* "Robert Quash, jun. Esq; is not married to Miss Constantia Hasell, 
as mentioned in our last." (Tuesday, April 14, i772.) 


TarpiiL jun. to Miss Hannah Calfskiii In Georgia, 

George Macintosh, Esq; to Miss Nancy Houstoun, Daugh- 
ter of Sir Patrick Houstomu BarL deceased. (, Tuesday. 
May 26. 1772.) 

Married.] StqAcn BulL Esq: of Shddon, to Mrs. Anne 
Middieton! Relict of the late Colonel Thomas Middletoo. 

Mr. Joseph Slann, to Miss Jane Bairor- ^^' A^'ill- 

town. (Tuesday. June 2. 1772.) 

SLURRIED. j Alexander Moultrie, Esq; to Miss C^mannc 

Lennox, Daughter of Mr. James Lennox. (Tuesday, June 

9^ 1772) 

3,L\RRIED-] Tbonaas Horry, Esq ; to Miss Ann Brandford, 

Second Daughter of the bte Wiiliam Brandford. Esq. 

(Tuesday, Jiine 16. 1772 ) 

Married.] Mr. James Stan>-ame, to l^fiss Susannah Scott, 

Daughter of WiUiam Scott Esq: of St. .\ndrews Parish. 

Mr. John Sommers, to Miss Patty Roper, Daughter 

of the late William Roper. Esq. (Tuesday, Time 30, 


Married.] The Rev. Mr. James Se^Tiiour, rector 01 the 

Parish of St. Paul to Miss Nelly Delegall, Daughter of 

Cokmel Philip DelegalL a ven a^eesble yojng lady. 

(Tuesday, July 14, 177-2-) 

M-\RRiED.] Mr. Tboojas Asliby, 10 Zvliss .Ann Pe}Te, 

Daughter of the late Rene Peyre, Esq: of St Stephens 

Parish. ( Tues.lay , July 21,1 772. ) 

Mr. Benjamin Catteil, of .\shky-River. w^s lately mar- 
ried in Philadelphia to Miss Polly McCall. of that Cit)'. 
(Thursday, July 30. 1772 — SupplemenL) 
Married.] "Mr. William Hull, of Euhany. to Mrs. Sarah 
Field, of Chehaw, a Lady endowed vnth ever\- social Virtue 
capable of rendering the Marriage State happy." '"^^>^^- 
day, August 25. 1772) 

Married.] l^Ir. Robert Hurst, of Goose-Creek, to Miss 
Jane Egan. Daughter of John Egan. Esq : of Black-River. 
Mr. James Strickland, to Miss Elizabeth Henning- 


ton. Sister to Mrs. Holliday, of this Town. (Tuesday, 
September 8, I772-) 

Married.] Mr. Richard Shtibrick. to Miss Susannah Bul- 
line, Daughter of the late Thomas BuUine, Esq. (Tues- 
day, October 13, 1772.) 
Married.] Mr. Wilham Bower, to Mrs. Katherme Lmd, 

Widow of Mr. Thomas Lind Mr. PhiHp Tidyman, 

to Miss Hetty Rose, Daughter of Mr. John Rose 

Mr. Wilham Burnside, to Miss Mary Carter. (Tuesday 

October 20, 1772.) 

Married.] Richard Proctor, Esq; to Miss Anne Vinson. 

Mr. Robert Miles, of Stono, tp Miss Elizabeth 

Smith, youngest Daughter of the late Thomas-Rigdon 

Smith. (Tuesday, October 27, 1772.) 

Married.] Mr. John Ruberry, to Miss Betsey Wilkins, 

Daughter of Captain William Wilkins, deceased 

Mr. Stewart Nicholas, to Miss Betsey Frederick, Daugh- 
ter of Mr. Jeremiah Frederick, deceased. (Tuesday, No- 
vember 10, 1772.) 

J^Iarried.] Hopson Pinckney, Esq; to Miss Elizabeth 
Quash, Daughter of the late Robert Quash, Esq; of St. 
Thomas's Parish; an agreeable young Lady, wnth a gen- 
teel Fortune. (Tuesday, November 24, 1772.) | 
Married.] Mr. Alexander Chovin, to Miss Polly Tart, ) 
daughter of Mr. Nathan Tart. (Tuesday, December i, 
Married.] Dr. John Wells, of John's-Island. to Miss 

Polly Winburn, of the same Place Mr. Leonard 

Askew, to Miss Sarah Ellis Mr. Samuel Stent, to 

Miss Rachael Rivers. (Tuesday, December 8, 1772.) 
Married.] Benjamin Huger, Esq; to Miss Polly Kinloch, 
only Daughter of the late Francis Kinloch. Esq. (Tuesday, 
December 15, 1772.) 

Married.] Josiah Perry, Esq; to Mrs. Sarah Lowndes. 
Relict of the late Charles Lowndes, Esq The Hon- 
ourable Charles Mathews Cosslett, Esq ; one of his Majes- 


ty's Assistant Judges of this Province, to Miss Anne 

Grimke, Daughter of John Paul Griiwke, Esq John 

Dart, jun. Esq; Attorney at Law, to Miss Henrietta Som- 
mers, eldest Daughter of Humphry Sommers, Esq. (Tues- 
day, December 22, 1772.) 
Married.] Dr. Alexander Baron, to Miss Betsey Clei- 

land,* Daughter of Dr. John Cleiland Mr. Charles 

Harris, Jeweller, to Miss Betsey Christie. (Tuesday, Jan- 
uary 12, 1773.) 

Married.] Mr. Matthew Roche, jun. to Miss Nancy Tu- 
bear, daughter of Mr. David Tubear. (Friday, January 
15' 1773— Addition.) 
Married.] Mr. Peter Stephenson, to Miss Mary-Jones 

Snelling, Daughter of the late Mr. John Snelling 

Mr. Samuel Johnston, to Miss Mary Pickling. (Tuesday, 

January 19, 1773.) 

Married.] Mr. Thomas-Crafton Karwon, of Pedee, to 

Mrs. Mary Marion, of St. Thomas's Parish Mr. 

James Shannon, to Miss Mary Florry. (Tuesday, January 

26, 1 773-) 

Married.] The Honourable Rawlins Lowndes, Esquire, 
Speaker of the late Commons House of Assembly of this 
Province, to the amiable Miss Sally Jones. (Tuesday, Feb- 
ruary 2, 1773.) 

"Married, on Edisto Island, Mr. Joseph Hamilton, aged 
68 years, to Miss Elizabeth Dunmire, a maiden Lady, aged 
61 years." (Tuesday. March 9. 1773) 
Married.] Thomas Bee, Esq; to Mrs. Sarah Mackenzie, 

Widow of the late John Mackenzie, Esq _ Mr. Robert 

Ladson, to Miss Sarah Fleming, only Child of the late 

Thomas Fleming. Esq Mr. James Smyth, to Miss 

Anne Thomas, Daughter of Samuel Thomas, Esq. (Tues- 
day. March 23. 1773.) 

Married.] Mr. Thomas Eveleigh, Merchant, to Miss 
Anne Simmons, Daughter of the late Ebenezer Simmons, 

* A mistake. Dr. Baron married Sally Cleiland. 


Esq Mr. William Johnston, to Miss Anne Smith, 

Daughter of William Smith, Esq. (Tuesday, ^^larch 30, 


Married.] Benjamin Smith, Esq ; of Goose-Creek, to Miss 
Catharine Ball, Daughter of John-Cuming Ball, of St. 
John's Parish. (Tuesday, April 13, 1773-) 
Married.] At New-Providence, Ensign Sewall Mansell 
of his Majesty's 29th Regiment, to Miss Elizabeth Brown, 
Daughter of the Honourable John Brown. Esq; of that 
Island. (Tuesday, April 20, 1773.) 

Married.] Thomas Heyward, jun. Esq; to Miss Eliza- 
beth Mathews, Daughter of the late John Mathews, Esq. 
(Tuesday, April 27, 1773.) 
Married.] Alexander Inglis, Esq; to Miss Mary Deas, 

eldest Daughter of Davis Deas, Esq James Cusack, 

Esq; to Miss Ann Broun, Daughter of Robert Broun, Esq; 
deceased Dr. Thomas Elder, of St. Thomas's Par- 
ish, to Miss Charlotte Hartley, of the said Parish. (Tues- 
day, May 4, 1773- ) . 
Married.] Mr. James Jamieson, Merchant, to Miss Re- 
becca Simons, Daughter of Benjamin Simons, Esq; de- 
ceased Captain Richard Estes, to Mrs. Mary Hickey. 

Tuesday, June i, I773-) 

Married.] Mr. Andrew Hewat, to Mrs. Catharine Elliott, 

Widow of Joseph Elliott, Esq Mr. George Mullins, 

to Miss Sarah Cattell. (Tuesday, June 22, 1773.) 
Married.] Mr. George Swadler, to Mrs. Mary Balfour, 
Widow of Mr. George Balfour. (Tuesday, June 29, 


Married.] On Sunday Evening last Mr. Alexander Hogg. 

of this Town, to Mrs. Brisbane, Widow of the late Dr. 

William Brisbane Mr. Oliver Cromwell, to Miss 

Betsey Warham. (Tuesday, July 20, I773-) 
Married.] Last Saturday, the Rev. Mr. Jenkins, to Mrs. 
Susanna Reid, Widow of Dr. James Reid. (Tuesday, 
August 3, 1773.) 


MAiiRiED.] At Camden, in St. Mark's Parish, Mr. John 
August, to Miss Polly Cook, Daughter of Captain John 
Cook. (Tuesday, August 17, 1773.) 
Married.] At St. Augustine, John Kenward, Esq; Store- 
keeper of his Majesty's Ordnance there, to Miss Maria- 
Elizabeth Welshuysen, Daughter of the late Daniel Wel- 
shuysen, of this Province. (Tuesday, September 7, 1773.) 
Married.] The Rev. Mr. James Stuart, Rector of the 
Parish of Prince-George, Winyaw. to Mrs. Anne Waties. 

Mr.. David. Gaillard, to Miss Joanna Dubois - 

Mr. Lewis Lestarjette to Miss Elizabeth-Burnham Elliott. 
Mr. Jehu Wilson, to Mrs. Anne Stevens. (Tuesday, 

September 21, 1773-) 

Married.] Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Esq; to the 
amiable Miss Sarah Middleton, Daughter of the Honourable 
Henry Middleton, Esq. (Tuesday, October 5, 1773-) 
Married.] John-LeAvis Gervais, Esq; to Miss Polly Sin- 
clair. Daughter of the late Mr. John Sinclair, Merchant 

.Mr. William Milligan, Merchant, to Miss Rebecca 

Stoll, Daughter of Mr. Justinus Stoll. (Tuesday, October 

Married.] Mr. Thomas Powell, Prmter, to Miss Mary 

Brown Mr. John Wilson, Merchant, to Miss Polly 

Bonneau, Daughter of the late Anthony Bonneau. (Tues- 
day, Oct. 19, 1773.) 
Married.] Mr. Samuel Fley, to Miss Eleanor Lmthwaite. 

(Tuesday, October 26, 1773-) 

Married.] Mr. Thomas Farr, the youngest, to Miss Eliz- 
abeth Waring. (Tuesday, Nov. 23, 1773.) 
Married.] At Beaufort, Mr. John Edwards, jun. to Miss 
Mary Barksdale, Daughter of Mr. George Barksdale. 

(Tuesdav, Dec. 7, i773-^ 

Married.] Mr. William Ladson, to Miss Jane Freer, 

Daughter of John Freer, Esq Mr. Joseph Stan- 

yarne,' to Mrs. Mary Hartley, Widow of Thomas Hartley. 
(Tuesday, December 14, 1773) 


Married.] Mr. Robert William Powell, Merchant,, to 
Miss Alice Hopton, Daughter of William Hopton, Esq. 

Mr. Alexander McQueen, to Miss Elizabeth Fuller, 

Daughter of Thomas Fuller. Esq. (Tuesday, January i8, 


Married.] Mr. William Somarsall, to Mrs. Sarah 

Crosthwaite, Widow of William-Ward Crosthwaite, Esq. 

Mr. John Prioleau, to Miss Jane Broadbelt 

Mr. James Neilsou, to Miss Esther Singletary. (Tuesday, 

February i, 1774) 

Married.] Captain Arthur Clarke, of his Majesty s 

Packet Diligence, to Miss Catherine Inglis, Daughter of 

George Inglis, Esq Mr. James-Green Williams, to 

Mrs. Elizabeth Thomlinson, Widow of Mr. Thomas Thom- 
linson, of John's Island. (Tuesday, February 8, 1774-) 
Married.] The Reverend Robert Smith, Rector of St. 
Philip's Parish, to Miss Sarah Shubrick, Daughter of 

Thomas Shubrick, Esquire Mr. John-Allen Walter, 

to Miss Jane Oliphant, only Daughter of David Oliphant, 
Esquire Mr. Donald Bruce, to Miss Margaret Lock- 
hart. (Tuesday, February 22, 1774-) 
Married.] Charles Drayton. Esq; M. D. to Miss Esther 
Middleton, Daughter of Henry Middleton, Esq. (Tuesday, 

March 1. 1774-) 

Married.] Edward Rutledge. Esq; to Miss Henrietta 

Middleton, Daughter of Henry Middleton, Esq. (Tuesday, 

March 8, 1774-) 

Married.] Mr. Jacob Milligan, to Miss Margaret Ben- 
nett. (Tuesday, March 29, 1774) 
Married] Mr. Nathan Legare, to Miss Elizabeth Daniel, 

Mr. Samuel Warnock, to Miss Elizabeth Lochon. 

(Tuesday, April 5, I774-) 

Married.] Mr. John Creighton. at the Quarter-House, to 

Miss Mary Murray Mr. John Remington, jun. to 

Miss Sarah Donavan. (Tuesday, April 12, 1774.) 
Married.] The Reverend Mr. Oliver Hart, to Mrs. Anne 


Gi-imball Mr. John Hall, to Mrs. Mary-Anne Dodd. 

Mr. Thomas Oliver, to Miss Elizabeth Scistrunck. 

At Beaufort, Nicholas Lechmere, Esq; to the amiable 

Miss Catherine DeVeaux, Daughter of William DeVeaux, 
Esq.* (Tuesday, April 19, 1774-) 

Married.] Edmupd Cossens. Esq; to Miss Jones, only 
Daughter of the late Capt. Thomas Jones, of the Horse- 
Shoe. (Tuesday, April 26, 1774-) 

Married.] Mr. Benjamin Reynolds, to Mrs. Sarah 
Smelie, Relict of Mr. Edward Smelie. (Tuesday, May 3, 

1 774-) 

Married.] Nicholas Eveleigh, Esq; to Miss Mary Shu- 
brick, Daughter of Thomas Shubrick, Esq. (Tuesday, 
May 10, 1774.) 

Married.] Mr. James Rantowle, to Miss Elizabeth Ives. 
(Tuesday, May 17, 1774.) 

Married.] The Reverend James Henderson, Minister at 
Edisto, to Mrs. Hannah Sands, Widow of Mr. James 
Sands, Merchant. (Tuesday, May 24. 1774-) 
Married.] At Skidaway, in Georgia, Henry Preston, Esq ; 
to Miss Jane Delegall, Daughter to Colonel Philip Delegall. 

In this Town, Mr. Keating Simons, to Miss Sarah 

Lewis Mr. Thomas Bennett, to Miss Anne Warnick. 

(Tuesday, June 14, 1774.) 

Married.] James Donnom, Esq; to Mrs. Jane Pepper, 

Widow of Daniel Pepper, jun. Esq. (Tuesday, June 21, 

1 774-) 

Married.] Mr. Charles Ramage, to Mrs. Frances Swal- 
low. '(Tuesday, July 5, 1774-) 
Married.] Thomas-Tuder Tucker, M. D. to Miss Esther 

Evans, Daughter of George Evans, Esq Mr. Richard 

Lushington, Merchant, to Mrs. Ball, Widow of Mr. Wil- 
liam Ball. (Tuesday, July 12, 1774-) 

* A mistake. She was a daughter of Andrew DeVeaux and Catherine 


Married.] Mr. Benjamin Coachman, jiin. to Miss Rebecca 
Singelton. (Tuesday, August 2, 1772.) 
Married.] Thomas Ferguson, Esq; to Mrs. EHzabeth 
Rutledge, Widow of Mr. Andrew Rutledge, Merchant, and 
Daughter of Christopher Gadsden, Esq. (Tuesday, Aug- 
ust 9, 1774.) 
Married.] In St. Helena's Parish, Mr. Wilham Hanna- 

han, to Miss Mary Rippon Mr. Joseph Scott, aged 

18 Years, to Miss Catharine Adams, aged 12 In this 

Town, Mr. John Boomer, to Mrs. Ehzabeth Cleator, Widow 
of Mr. John Cleator. (Tuesday, August 23, I774-) 
Married.] John Dutarque, Esq; to Miss Lydia Gaillard, 
daughter of Theodore Gaillard, Esq. (Tuesday, August 

30, 1 774-) 

Married.] At Savannah, in Georgia, Nathaniel Hall, 

Esq ; to Miss Nancy Gibbons, Daughter of Joseph Gibbons, 

Esq; deceased In this Town, Mr. Thomas Cochran, 

to Miss Sarah Clifford.* (Tuesday, September 6, 1774.) 
Married.] Mr. Jeremiah Brower, Merchant, to Miss Chris- 
tian Miller, Daughter of Stephen* Miller, Esq Mr. 

David Saylor, to Miss Nancy Leber At Edisto, 

Mr. John Wilson, aged 18. to Mrs. Mary Rake, aged 76. 
(Tuesday, Septemljer 13, 1774) 

Married.] Mr. Josiah Bonneau, Merchant, to Miss Su- 
sannah Eberson Mr. Patrick Murray, to Miss Oats, 

Daughter of Mr. Edward Oats In Georgia, th€ Hon- 
ourable Henry Yonge. Esq; to Miss Christiana Bulloch, 
Daughter of James Bulloch, Esq. (Tuesday, September 

27^ 1 774-) 

Married.] Captain John Ashburn. to Miss Mary Walker, 

Daughter of Mr. Joseph Walker. (Tuesday, October 4, 


* "By Mi<?take we mentioned in sowe of our last Papers a Marriage 
between Mr. Thomas Cochran, and Miss Sarah Clifford, which was not 
discovered 'till a Number were printed and dispersed, was ^the sole 
Reason that Paragraph appeared in some, and not in others. — Tues. 
Sept. 13, 1774- 1 


Married.] "Mr. William Easton, to Miss Susannah 
Knowlin, of George-Town, a very amiable and agreeable 
young Lady, endowed with every Accomplishment to ren- 
der the nuptial State happy." Mr. John Imrie, to Mrs. 

Margaret Esmond, Widow of Mr. George Esmond, late 
Printer in Barbadoes. (Tuesday, October ii, 1774) 
Married.] Mr. Joseph Atkinson, Merchant, to Miss Mary 

Burrows, Daughter of William Burrows, Esq Mr. 

Thomas Rose, to Miss Mary Blake, Daughter of Captain 
Edward Blake. (Tuesday, October 18, 1774.) 
Married.] Thomas Middleton,Esq; to Miss Mary Gibbes, 

Daughter of Robert Gibbes, Esq Captain John Som- 

mers, to Miss Martha Perry, Daughter of Edward Perry, 

Esq; deceased Mr. Thomas Broughton, jun. to Miss 

Elizabeth Lessesne, Daughter of the late Mr. Isaac Lessesne. 

Mr. Charles Cogdell, to Mrs. Jane Wilkie, Widow of 

Mr. John Wilkie Mr. Job Palmer, to Miss Sarah 

Morgan. (Tuesday, Noveml^er 8. 1774.) 
Married.] Mr. Thomas Karwon, of St. Thomas's Par- 
ish, to Miss Catharine Bonneau. (Tuesday, Dec. 20, 1774.) 
Married.] David Rhind, Esq; to Miss Elizabeth Cleiland, 

Daughter of the late Dr. John Cleiland Mr. William 

Webb, to Miss Margaret Doyley, Daughter of the late Dan- 
iel Doyley, Esq. (Tuesday, December 27, 1774.) 
Married.] William Elliott, Esq; of Beaufort, to Mrs. 
Mary Cuthbert, Widow of James Cuthbert, Esq; of Geor- 
gia. (Tuesday, January 10, 1775.) 

Married.] Capt. Isaac Burton, to Miss Anne Remington, 
Daughter of John Remington, sen. Esq. (Tuesday. January 

17. I775-) 

Married.] Mr. Jacob Ion, to Miss Mary Ashby 

Mr. George Heriot. Merchant, in George-Town, to Miss 

Sarah Tucker, Daughter of Capt. Thomas Tucker 

William Allston, jun. Esq; to Miss Rachel Moore, Daugh- 
ter of John Moore, Esq. (Tuesday, January 24, 1775.) 
Married.] Richard Howley, Esq; to Mrs. Sarah Fuller. 
(Tuesday, January 31, 1775.) 


Married.] John Purves, Esq; to Miss Anne Pritchard 

Mr. Andrew Gumming, to Miss Mary Tucker. (Tues- 
day, February 7, I775-) ^ ^ ^^. ^ , . 
Married.] David Ramsay, A. M. M. B.* to Miss Sabma 

Ellis Daughter of the late Mr. William Ellis Mr. 

George- John Fardo, to Miss Elizabeth Godfrey. (Tuesday, 

February 14, 1775- ) a at 1 ^ 

Married.] Mr. James-Hampden Thomson, A. M. late 
Tutor of New Jersey College, to Miss Elizabeth-Martha 

Trezevant Mr. Daniel Hall, Merchant, to Miss 

Susanna Matthews, Daughter of the late William Matthews, 
Esq. (Tuesday, February 28, I775-) 

Married.] Mr. John Linton, to Miss Polly Runnels 

Rowland Rugeley, Esq; to Miss Hamilton Dawson, 
Daughter of the Rev. Mr. Dawson, Rector of St. John's 

Parish, Colleton-County, deceased Mr. Plowden 

Weston, to Miss Mary-Ann Mazyck. (Tuesday, March 

21, I775-) 

Married.] The Honourable John Drayton, Esq; to Miss 

Rebecca Perry, Daughter of the late Mr. Benjamin Perry. 

The Reverend James Latt, to Miss Sarah Wilson, 

Daughter of the late Mr. Hugh Wilson Mr. Daniel 

Holmes, to Miss Elizabeth Freer, Daughter of Mr. Solo- 
mon Freer. (Tuesday, March 28, I775-) 
Married.] Mr. John Bradwell, to Miss Elizabeth Lloyd, 
Daughter of the late Mr. William Lloyd. (Tuesday, April 

A T '7*7 C ^ 

Married.] Mr. Benjamin Webb, to Miss Ann Doyley, 
Daughter of the late Daniel Doiley, Esq; Mr. Rob- 
ert Muncreef, to Miss Mary Dewar, Daughter of Mr. 

Charles Dewar Mr. Hext Prioleau, Son of Samuel 

Prioleau, Esq; to Miss Williams, Daughter of Robert Wil- 
liams, jun. Esq; a most accomplished young Lady. (Tues- 
day, April II, 1 775-) ^ -/ 
Married.] Mr. Edward I^gge, of Ashley-Ferry, to Mrs. 



Waldren, Widow of Mr. Patrick Waldren ^Mr. Wil- 
liam Burt, to Miss Anne Jones. (Tuesday, May 9, 1775.) 
Married.] Mr. John Cordes, to Miss Judith Banbury 

Daughter of Mr. William Banbury Dr. William 

Clarkson, to Miss Anne Hutchinson Mr. David Tay- 
lor, to Miss Jane Kelsey. (Tuesday, May 16. 1775.) 
Married.] Mr. Paul Porcher, jun. to Miss Jane Jackson.^ 

Mr. Samuel Eaton, to Mrs. Providence Jenkins, 

Widow of the late Mr. Samuel Jenkins, of Edisto f 

Mr. Hamilton Stevenson, to Miss J. Murray Mr. 

Jacob Tobias, to Miss Rachel De Costa. (Tuesday, May 

30. I775-) 

Married.] Mr. James Bentham, Merchant, to Miss Polly 

Hardy Mr. David Burger, to Miss Catharine 

Cleator. (Tuesday, June 6, 1775-) 

Married.] "John Frierson, Esq; to the amiable Miss 
Polly Walne Davis, eldest Daughter of the Rev. William 
Davis, deceased, a young Lady of great merit." (Tuesday, 
June 13, 1775.) 

Married.] John-Raven Mathewes, Esq; to Miss Elizabeth 
Holmes, Daughter of Isaac Holmes, Esq; deceased. (Tues- 
day, June 20, 1775.) 

Married.] John Glaze, Esq; to Mrs. Margaret McNeil, 
Widow of Dr. Archibald McNeil. (Tuesday, July 4, 1775.) 
Married.] Lately at Kingston, in Jamaica, Mr. John Ray- 
nard, to Miss Ann Hallam, of the American Company of 

Comedians The Reverend Mr. Moses Allen, to Miss 

Elizabeth Odingsell, Daughter of Charles Odingsell, Esq; 
deceased Mr. Samuel Jaudon, to Miss Elizabeth At- 
kinson. (Tuesday, July 11, 1775.) 
Married.] Col. Pearce Pawly, to Mrs. Coi\stant Michau, 

Widow of Mr. Peter Michau, deceased Mr. Robert 

Sutton, to Miss Margaret Guerry. (Tuesday, July 25, 


Last Thursday Alexander Rose, Esq; of this town, was 
married to the amiable Miss Peggy Smith, daughter of the 
Honourable William Smith, Esq; deceased, late Chief 
Justice of New-York. (Tuesday, January 26, 1779.) 
The same evening Mr. Francis Bonneau was married to 
Miss Hannah Elfe, only daughter of the deceased Mr. 
Thomas Elfe. (Ibid.) 

Last Thursday Evening Thomas Broughton, Esq; was 
married to the amiable Miss Susanna Donnom, Daughter 
of the deceased James Donnom, Esq;-— a young Lady 
endowed with every accomplishment requisite to render the 
Connubial State happy. (Tuesday, November 2^. I779-) 
Thursday se'nnight Capt. James ^tedman, of the 4th 
Georgia Battalion of Continental Troops, was married to 
Miss Sally MacLean, Daughter of the deceased John 
MacLean, Esq; of Georgia. (Tuesday, January 1 1, 1780.) 
The Saturday following, Mr. George Buckle, Ship Car- 
penter, was married to Miss Betsey Wood, Daughter of 
the deceased Mr. George Wood, Bookbinder. (Ibid.) 
Married.] Mr. Thomas Russ, to Miss Nancy Blakely, 
of this. Town. (Ibid.) 


Adams, Catharine, 28. 

Air, William, 17. 

Alexander, Alexander, 9. 

Alison, Rev. Hugh, 15. 

Allen, Rev. Moses, 31- 

AUston, William, Jr., 29. 

America, 8. 

American Company of Comedians, 

Amory, John, 12. 
Ancrum, George, 14. 
Anderson, Dr. John, 9. 
Anderson, John, 17. 
Anderson, Mary, 17. 
Anderson, Rachel, 9- 
Anderson, Sally, 20. 
Antigua, 12. 

Ashburn, Capt. John, 28. 
Ashby, Mary, 29. 
Ashby, Thomas, 21. 
Ashepoo, 14. 
Ashley Ferry, 30. 
Ashley River, 21. 
Askew, Leonard, 22. 
Assistant Judges, mentioned, 22- 

23 (Cosslett). 
Atkinson, Elizabeth, 31. 
Atkinson, Joseph, 29. 
Attorneys, mentioned, 12 (Scott), 

23 (Dart). 
August, John, 25. 
Augusta (Georgia), 20. 
Baker, Francis, 11. 

Baker, John, 9. 

Baker, Nancy, 18. 

Baker, Sally, 10. 

Balfour, George, 24. 

Balfour, Mrs. Mary, 24. 

Ball, Catharine, 24. 

Ball, Mrs. Charity. 27. 

Ball, Elias, 19. 

Ball, John Coming, 24. 

Ball, Lvdia, 19- 

Ball, William, 27. 

Ballantine, James, 20. 

Banbury, Judith. 3i- 

Banbury, William, 31. 

Barbadoes, 29. 

Barksdale, George, 25. 


Barksdale, Mary, 25. 
Barnwell, Catherine, 2T, note. 
Barnwell, Elizabeth, 11. 
Barnwell, John (1711-17— ), I7- 
Barnwell, Martha, I7- 
Barnwell, Nathaniel (1746- 1798), 

Baron, Rev. Alexander, 9- 
Baron, Dr. Alexander, 23. 
Baron, Mrs. Anne, 9. 
Barron, Jane, 21. 
Bayle, Francis, I9- 
Beard, Robert, 10,- 
Beatty, Mrs., I3- 
Beaufort, n (2), 19, 25, 27, 29. 
Bee, Joseph, 17. 
Bee, Thomas, 23. 
Beekman, Barnard, I4- 
Bell, Thomas, 10. 
Bellinger, Edmund, 7, I3- 
Bellinger, Elizabeth, 13. 
Bellinger, Lucia, 7. 
Bennett, Charlotte, I7- 
Bennett, Margaret, 26. 
Bennett, Thomas, 27. 
Bentham, James, 31. 
Beresford, Elizabeth, I7- 
Beresford, Richard, 17- 
Black River, 21. 
Blake, Capt. Edward, 29. 
Blake, Mary, 29. 
Blakely, Nancy, 32. 
Blakey, George, 9- 
Blott John, 15. 
Bonneau, Anthony, 25. 
Bonneau, Catharme, 29. 
Bonneau, Francis, 32. 
Bonneau, Josiak, 28. 
Bonneau, Polly, 25. 
Bookbinders, mentioned, \^ (Tay- 
lor), 32 (Wood). 
Boomer, Elizabeth, 16. 
Boomer, John, 28. 
Boomer. Michael, 16. 
Boone. Mrs. Kezia (Rivers), 19- 
Boone, Samuel. 19. 
Boquet, Peter, Jr., 14. 
Boston, 15. 
Bourdeaux, Daniel, 15. 


Bourquin, Elizabeth, 20. 

Bower, William, 22. 

Boyd, Mrs. Anne, 8. 

Boyd, Capt. Robert, 8. 

Bradwell, John, 30. 

Brailsford, John, 14. 

Branford, Ann, 21. 

Branford, Elizabeth, 17. 

Branford, Nancy, 11. 

Branford, William, 17, 21. 

Brisbane, James, 20. 

Brisbane, Dr. William, 10, 24. 

Brisbane, Mrs. William, 24. 

Broad Street, 13. 

Broadbelt, Jane, 26. 

Broughton, Andrew, Jr., 18. 

Broughton, Charlotte, 17. 

Broughton, Nathaniel, 17. 

Broughton, Thomas, Jr., 29, 32. 

Broun, Ann, 24. 

Broun, Margaret, 7. 

Broun, Dr. Robert, 7, 24. 

Brower, Jeremiah, 28. 

Brown, Elizabeth, of New Provi- 
dence, 24. 

Brown, Frances, 18. 

Brown, Hon. John, of New Prov- 
idence, 24. 

Bjdwn, Joseph, 18. 
^Zfrown, Mary, 25. 
/Bruce, Donald, 26. 

Buchanan, Sally, 20. 

Buckle, George, 32. 

Bull, John, of Prince William's, 

Bull, John, of Charles Town, 14. 

Bull, Stephen, of Sheldon, 21. 

Bulline, Susannah, 22. 

Bulline, Thomas, 22. 

Bulloch, ChristianJi, 28. 

Bulloch, James, 28. 

Burger, David, 31. 

Burn, Hon. John, 9. 

Burnside, William, 22. 

Burrows, Mary, 29. 

Burrows, William, 29. 

Burt, William, 31. 

Burton, Capt. Isaac, 29. 

Butler, Major Pierce, 18. 

Butler, Polly, 8. 

Butler, William, 8. 

Cahusac, James, 24. 

Cahusac, Sarah, 19. 

Cainhoy, 16. 

Calfskin, Hannah, 21. 

Camden, 11, 14, 25. 

Cannon, Daniel, 19. 

Cannon, Sarah, 19. 

Cantey, Charles, 18. 

Cantey, Elizabeth, 18. 

Cantey, Capt. John, 14. 

Cantey, Mary, 14. 

Cantey, Sarah, 16. 

Cantle, Mrs. Elizabeth, 12. 

Cape, Brian, 16. 

Cape Fear, 13. 

Capers, Gabriel, 9. 

Carrol, Henrietta, 6. 

Carson, Jame.s, 16. 

Carson, William, 15. 

Carter, Mary, 22. 

Carver and Gilder, 7 (Lord). 

Catherwood, Hon. Robert, 7. 

Cattell, Benjamin, 21. 

Cattell, Sarah, 24. 

Cattell, William, 8. 

Chads, Jenny, 7. 

Chalmers, Dr. Lionel, 6. 

Chanler, Rev. Isaac, 15 (2). 

Chanlcr, Mary, 15. 

Chanler, Sarah, 15. 

Charles Town, 6, 7 (2), 18. 

Charleston Library Society, i, 4, 
5, 8, note. 

Charlestozvn Gazette, The, i, 4-5, 
32 ; sketch of, 4-5, list of num- 
bers of in the Charleston Li- 
brary Society's collections, 5, 
marriage notices from, 32. 

Chehaw, 21. 

Chesnut, John, 16. 

Chevillette, Mrs. Anne, 19. 

Chevillette, Col. John, 19. 

Chief Justice of the Province of 
New York, mentioned, 32 

Chiffelle, Christiana, 11. 

Chilcott, Mrs., 20. 

Chisolm, Alexander, Jr., 7. 

Chisolm, Christiana, 7. 

Choppard, Anne, 17. 

Choppard, Daniel, 17. 

Chovin, Alexander, 22. 

Christie, Betsy, 23. 

Christie, James, 12. 

Clarke. Capt. Arthur, 26. 

Clarkson, Dr. WHliam, 31. 

Clayton, Francis. 7. 

Cleator, Catharine, 31. 

Cleator, Mrs. Elizabeth, 28. 

Cleator, John, 28. 

Cleiland, Elizabeth, 29. 

Cleiland, Dr. John, 23, 29. 

Cleiland, Sally, 23 (there called 

Clerk of Commons House of As- 


semhly of South Carolina, men- 
tioned, 7 (Skottowe). 

Clerk of H. M. Council of South 
Carolina, mentioned, 7 (Skot- 

Clifford, Sarah, 28. 

Coachman, Benjamin, Jr., 28. 

Cochran, Dr. John, 7. 

Cochran, Mrs. Margaret, 7. 

Cochran, Thomas, 28. 

Cogdell, Charles, 29. 

Colcock, John (1744-1782), n. 

Colcock, Polly, 7. ^ 

Cole, Mary, 12. 

Colics, Mary, 10. 

Colleton County, 30. 

Collis, Elizabeth, 12. 

Commons House of Assembly of 
South Carolina, mentioned, 7, 

Comedians, American Company 

of, 31. 
Continental Soldiers, 4th. Geor- 
gia battalion of, mentioned, 32. 
Cook, James, Provincial Surveyor, 

Cook, Capt. John, 25. 
Cook, Polly, 25. 
Cook, Capt. Willson, 10. 
Cooper, mentioned, 17 (Wilkie). 
Corbett, Thomas, 14. 
Cordes, Catharine, 7. 
Cordes, John, 7. 
Cordes, John (2d.), 3i- 
Coslett, Hotv Charles Mathews, 

Cossens, Edmund, 27. 
Council, His Majesty's for South 
Carolina, member of, mentioned, 
7 (Skottowe). 
Courier, A Century of The, 3, 

note I. 
Cowper, Basil, I3- 
Cozzens, Sarah, 13. 
Creighton, John, 26. 
Cripps, MlTs. Mary, 6. 
Cripps, Robert, I5- , „. , 
Cromwell, Oliver, of Charles 

Town, S. C, 24. 
Crosthwait, Mrs. Sarah (Hart- 
ley), 26. „, ^ ^ r 
Crosthwait, William Ward, 6, 2O. 
Crouch, Mrs. Ann, 4. 
Crouch^ Charles, 3 (2), 3, note 2 

(2); 4- 
Cnnmiing. Andrew, 30. 
Cimn Ingham, Andrew, 7- 
Cusack (See Cahusac). 

Customs, Surveyor General of His 
Majesty's for the Southern Dis- 
trict of America, 8. 
Cuthbert. James, 29. 
Cuthbert. Mrs. Mary, 29. 
Da Costa, Rachel, 31- 
Dandridge, Mrs. Frances, 16. 
Dandridgc, William. 16. 
Danicll, Elizabeth, 26. 
Daniell's Island, 13, 15- 
Darrell. Capt. Benjamin, 19. 
Darrell. Capt. Edward, 16. 
Dart, Benjamin, 18. 
Dart, Hannah, 18. 
Dart, John. Jr., 23. 
Davis, Polly Walne, 31- 
Davis, Rev. William, 31- 
Dawson, Hamilton, 30. 
Dawson, Rev. William, 30. 
Deas, David, 24. 
Deas, Mary. 24. 
De La Howe, Dr. John, 8. 
DeLanccy, Alice, 8. 
DeLancey, Peter, 8. 
Del.anccy, Peter, Jr., 17. 
Delegall, Jane, 27. 
Delegall, Nelly, 21. 
Delegall, Col. Philip, 21. 27. 
Deputy Postmaster-General, H. M. 
for Southern District of North 
America, mentioned, 17 (De- 

DeVeaux, Andrew, 27 (there given 

DeVeaux, Catharine. 27. 

DeVeaux, Jacob, n. 

Dewar, Charles, 30. 

Dcwar, Mary, 30. 

Dewick, Dr., (O. 

Dewick, Hannah, 10. 

Diligence, H. M. packet boat, 26. 

Dillon, Robert, 11. 

Dixon, Elizabeth, 16. 

Dixon, Mary, 15. 

Dixon. Capt. Thomas, 15. 

Dodd, Mrs. Mary Anne, 27. 

Dona van. Sarah, 26. 

Donnom, James, 27. 32. 

Donnom, Susannah, :^2. 

Dorchester ( S. C), n, 12, 18. 

Dott, David, 10. 

Doughty. Polly, 12. 

Doughty, Thomas, 12. 

Doughty, Thomas (2d.), ti. 

Doughty. William, 15. 

Douxsaint, Jane. n. 

Doiixsaint, Paul, n. 

Dowse, Elizabeth, 12. 



D'Oyley, Ann, 30. 
D'Oyley, Daniel, 29. 30. 
D'Oyley, Margaret. 29. 
Drayton, Charles, M. D., 26. 
Drayton, Hon. John, 30. 
Drayton. Stephen, 12. 
Droze, Isaac, 12. 
DuBois, Joanna, 25. 
Dunmire, Elizabeth, 23. 
Dutarquc, John, 28. 
Easton, William, 29. 
Eaton, Anne, 13. 
Eaton, Samuel, 31. 
Eberson, Susannah, 28. 
Edisto Island, 13, 23. 
Edisto River, 27, 28, 31. 
Edwards. John Jr., 25. 
Egan, Jane, 21. 
Egan, John, 21. 
Elder. Dr. Thoma.s, 24. 
Elfe, Hannah, 32. 
Elfe. Thomas, 32. 
Elliott, Barnard, 6. 
Elliott, Mrs. Catharine, 24. 
Elliott. Elizabeth Burnham, 25. 

Elliott, Joseph, 24. 

Elliott, Mary, daughter of Thomas 
Law, 6. 

Elliott, Mary, daughter of Thomas, 

of Wappoo, 14. 
Elliott, Thomas, of Wappoo, 14. 

Elliott, Thomas Law, 6. 

Elliott. William. 29. 

Ellis, Sabina, 30. 

Ellis. Sarah, 22. 

Ellis, William, 30. 

Emerie, Charles, 19. 

England, 7. 

Esmond. George. 29. 

Esmond. Mrs. Margaret, 29. 

Estes. Capt. Richard, 24. 

Euhany, 21. 

Evans, Esther, 27. 

Evans. George, 2"]. 

Eveleigh, Nicholas, 27. 

Eveleigh. Thomas, 23. 

Fardo. George John, 30. 

Farr. Thomas (third). 25. 

Faucheraud, Charles, 6. 

Faucheraud. Elizabeth, 6. 

Fayssoux, Dr. Peter, 20. 

Fear, Cape. 13. , 

Fereruson, Thomas, 28. 

Fickling. Mary. 2},. 

Field, Mrs. Sarah, 21. 

Fitzgerald, Dr. Alexander, 13. 

Flagg, George, 17. 
' Fleming, Sarah, 23. 

Fleming, Thomas, 23. 
Fley, Polly, 7- 
Fley, Samuel, 25. 
Florry, Mary, 23. 
Foissin, Elias, '19. 
Foissin, Elizabeth, 19. 
Foissin, Susannah, 8. 
Eraser, John, 18. 
Frederick, Betsy, 22. 
Frederick, Jeremiah, 22. 
Freer, Elizabeth, 30. 
Freer, Jane, 25. 
Freer, John, 25. 
Freer, Solomon, 30. 
French King, Councellor of, men- 
tioned, 8 (la Motte). 
Frierson, John, 31. 
Fuller, Anne, 10. 
Fuller, Elizabeth, 26. 
Fuller, Nathaniel, to. 
Fuller, Mrs. Sarah, 29. 
Fuller, Thomas, 6, 10, 26. 
Gadsden, Mrs. Anne (Gascoigne), 

Gadsden, Christopher, 9, 28. 
Gadsden, Elizabeth, 9. 
Gadsden, Thomas. 18. 
Gaillard, Anne, 12. 
Gaillard, David, 25. 
Gaillard. Lydia, 28. 
Gaillard. Theqdore. 28. 
Gallman. Mrs. Elizabeth, 12. 
Gallman, Major Henry, 12. 
Garden, Rev. Alexander, of St. 

Thomas's Parish, 18. 
Garden, Frances, 18. 
Garner, William, 19. 
Gazette, The Charlestown, i, 4-5, 

Gazette, The South-Carolina, 3, 
3, notes I and 2 ; Marriage No- 
tices in, referred to, 3, note i. 
Gazette, The South-Carolina: And 
Country Journal, i, 6, sketch of, 
3-5. of numbers of missing 
from the Charleston Library So- 
ciety's file, 4, marriage notices 
from, 6-31. 

Gazetteer, The South-Carolina, 
And Country Journal, change in 
name of, 3. 

George Town, 13, 18, 29 (2). 

Georgia, 8 (2), 9, 13 (4), 21. 28 
(2), 29, ,32, Governor of, men- 
tioned. 13 (Wright), 4th. batta- 
lion of Continental troops of, 
mentioned, 32. 

Gervais, John Lewis, 25. 


Gibbes, Alice, 19. 
Gibbes. Anne, 9. 
Gibbes. Culcheth, 13. 
Gibbe;^ Mary, daughter of Culc- 
heth, i^: 
Gibbes, Mary, daughter of Robert 

(2d.), 29. 
Gibbes, Robert, 19. 
Gibbes, Robert (2d.>, 29. 
Gibbes, William, 9. 
Gibbons, Joseph, 28. 
Gibbons, Nancy. 28. 
Gillespie, David, A. B., 16. 
Gillon, Capt. Alexander, 6. 
Glaze, John, 31. 
Glaze. Sally. 18. 
Glen, Charlotte, 9. 
Glen, William, Q. 
Glen, William, Jr., 16. 
Godfrey, Elizabeth, .10. 
Godfrey's Savanna, 20. 
Golightly, Culcheth, 8. 
Golightly, Polly, 8. 
Goose Creek, 6. 21, 24. 
Gordon, Rev. Charles, 9. 
Gordon, Mrs. Charles, 9. 
Graham. James, 8. 
Gray, Martha, 20. 
Greene, Nathaniel, i5- 
Greenland, George, 10, 18. 
Greenland, Mary, iS, 
Griffith, Edward, 9. 

Grimball. Mrs. Anne, 26-27. 

Grimke. Anne, 23. 

Gfimke, John Paul, 2},. 

Guerard, David, 9, 17- 

Guerard, Godin 14. 

Guerry, Margaret, 31. 

Guignard, Anne, n. 

Guignard, Gabriel, 11. 

Gunter. Dr. Edward, 20. 

Hall, Daniel, 30. 

Hall, Grace, I7- 

Hall. John. 27. 

Hall, Nathaniel 28. 

Hall. William, 17. 

Hallam, Ann, 31- 

Hamilton, Joseph, 23. 

Hanahan. William, 28. 

Harden, Frances, I9- 

Hardy, Polly. 3i- ^ ^ , 

Harle-ston. John (1708-1767), M- 

Harleston, John (i7.'^3-i79o). 6. 

Harleston, Margaret, I4. 

Harris, Charles. 23. 

Hart, Nellie. 15- 

Hart, Rev. Oliver, 15, 26. 

Hartley, Charlotte, marries George 

Greenland, 10. 
Hartley, Charlotte, marries Dr. 

Thomas Elder, 24. 
Hartley, Mrs. Mary, 25. 
Hartley, Sally, 6. 
Hartley, Thomas, 25. 
Harvey, James, 13. 
Harvey, Nancy, 7. 
Harvey, Polly, I9- 
Harvey, William, I9- 
Hasell, Constantia, 20. 
Hasell, James, Jr., 8. 
Hawie, Robert, 14- 1 5- 
Henderson, Rev. James, 27. 
Hennington, Elizabeth, 21-22. 
Heriot, George, 29. 
Hetherington, John, 16. 
Hetherington, Mrs. Mary (Miller), 

Hewat, Andrew, 24. 
Hext, Alexander, 17. 
Hext, Mrs. Jane, 17. 
Heyward, Daniel, Sr., 19. 
Hcyward, Thomas, of H. M. S. 

Martin, 16. 
Heyward, Thomas, Jr., 24. 
Hibben, Andrew, 6. 

Hickey, Mrs. Mary, 24. 

Higgins, Capt. George, 12. 

Hilton Head, IS- 
Hogg, Alexander, 24. 

Holliday, Mrs., 22. 

Holman, John, 9. 

Holmes, Daniel, ?,o. 

Holmes, Elizabeth, 31. 

Holmes, Isaac, 31. 

Holmes, John, 20. 

Holmes, Patience, 20. 

Hopkins, Sarrp.iel, t6. 

Hopkins, William. 17. 

Hopton, Alice. 26. 

Hopton, William, 26. 

Horlbeck. John, 12. 

Horrv, Daniel, 10. 

Horry, Elias, Jr., 17. 

Horry. Thomas, 21. 

Horse Shoe, 27. 

Hort, William, 19- 

Houston, Nancv. 21. 

Houston. Sir Patrick, Bart., 21. 

Howley. Richard, 29. 

Huger, John, 8. 

Huger, Benjamin (1746-1779). « 
C2), 22. 

Hull, William, 21. 

Hume, Robert, 6, 13- 

Hume, Mrs. Susannah (Quash), 

1 13- 



Hunt, Joseph, 20. 

Hurst, Robert, 21. 

Hutchinson, Anne, marries Wil- 
liam Skirving, 12. 

Hutchinson, Anne, marries Dr. 
William Clarkson, 31. 

Hutchinson, Matthias, 13-14. 

Hutchinson, Thomas, i:\ 

Hyeth. Polly, 11. 

Imer, Rev. Abraham, 11. 

Imer, Mrs. Ann, 11. 

Imrie, John, 29. 

Indian Land, 16. 

Inglis, Alexander, 24. 

Inglis, Catherine, 26. 

Inglis, George, 26. 

rOn, Jacob, 29. 

Ives, Elizabeth, zy. 

Izard, Elizabeth, daughter of 
John (1730-1754), 13. 

Izard. John (1730-1754), 13. 

Izard, Ralph (1742-1804), 8. 

Jackson, Jane, 31. 

Jacksonborough, 10. 

Jamaica, 14, 31. 

James's Island, 15 (2), 16, 17, 20. 

Jamieson, James, 24. 

Jaudon, Elias, 15. 

Jaudon, Samuel, 31. 

Jenkins, Rev. Edward, 24. 

Jenkins, Mrs. Providence, 31. 

Jenkins. Samuel, 31. 

Jennings, Polly, it. 

Jerman, Edward, 19. 

Jervcy, Thomas, 17. 

Jewellers (Watch-makers), men- 
tioned, 6 (Hibben), 12 (Lee), 
23 (Harris). 

John's Island. 12, 20, 22, 26. 

Johnson, William, 13. 

Johnston, Andrew, 20. 

Johnston, Charles, 16. 

Johnston, Samuel, 23. 

Johnston, William, 24. 

Jones, Miss, daughter of Capt. 
Thomas, 2^. 

Jones, Anne, 31. 

Jones, Charles, Sr., 17. 

Jones, Edward, 9. 

Jones, Eleanor, 9. 

Jones. John (1749-1779), 15. 

Jones, Joseph. 11 (printed "John"). 

Jones, Milicent, ri. 

Jones, Priscilla, 9. 
'Jones, Sally, 23. 

Jones, Susannah, 17. 

Tones, Thomas, 6. 

Jones, Captain Thomas, 27. 

Judge, His Majesty's Assistant 
for South Carolina, mentioned, 
22-23 (Cosslett). 

Karwon, Thomas, 29. • 

Karwon, Thomas Craftoii, 22,- 

Kelsey, Jane, 31. 

Kenward, John, 25. 

Kershaw, Ely, 14. 

Kingston (Jamaica), 31. 

Kinloch, Francis, 22. 

Kinloch. Polly, 22. 

Kirk, Edward, 17. 

Knowlin, Susannah, 29. 

Ladson, Robert, 23. 

Ladson, Thomas, 12. 

Ladson, William, 25. 

Laird, John, 16. 

Laird, Sarah, 16. 

Lamboll, Polly, 10. 

Lamboll, Thomas, 10. 

la Motte, Anthony, 7. 

la INIotte, Rene Douin de, 8. 

La taw, Mrs. Anne, 9. 

Latt, Rev. James, 30. 

Law) Bulah, 12. 

Leber, Nancy, 28. 

Lechmere, Nicholas, 27. 

Lee, William, 12. 

Legare, Amy, 9. 

Legare, Daniel, Sr., ti, 18. 

Legare, Elizabeth, t8. 

Legare, Mary, 11. 

Legare, Nathan, 26. 

Legare, Sally, 7. 

Legare, Thomas, 7, 9. 

Lcgge, Edward, 30. 

Lennox, Catherine, 21. 

Lennox, James, 21. 

Lesesne, Anne. 13. 

Lesesne, Elizabeth, 29. 

Lesesne, Isaac, 13, 29. 

Lesesne, James, 15. 

Lesesne, Susannah, 15. 

Lestarjette. Lewis, 25. 

Lewis, Sarah, 2"]. 

Lightwood, Edward, 15. 

Lind. Mrs. Katherine, 22. 

Lind. Thomas. 22. 

Lining. Betsy, 8. 

Lining, Dr. John, 8. 

Linthwait. Eleanor, 25. 

Linton, John, 30. 

Lloyd, Elizabeth, 30. 

Lloyd, John, 15. 

Lloyd, Rebecca, 15. 

Lloyd, William, 30. 

Lochon, Elizabeth, 26. 

Lockhart, Margaret, 26. 


London, 12. 
Lord, Andrew, 18. 
Lord, John, 7.' 
Lowndes, Charles, 22. 
Lowndes, Hon. Rawlins, 23. 
Lowndes, Mrs. *Sarah, 22. 
Lushington, Richard, 27. 
Lynch, Sabina, 8. 
Lynch, Thomas, 8. 
Lynch, Thomas, Jr., 20. 
Macgaw, Anne, 10. 
Macgaw ("McGaw"), Sarah ("Sal- 
ly"), 19- 
Macintosh, George, 21. 

Mackay, Robert, 20. 
Mackenzie, John, 13, 23. 

Mackenzie, Mrs. Sarah (Smith), 

Mackey, Capt. John. 13. 

Mackey, Polly,'. 13. 

MacLean, John,' 32. 

MacLean, Sally. 32. 

MacNeil, Dr. Archibald, 14, 31- 

MacNeil. Mrs. Margaret, 31. 

Mansell, Eneign Sewall, 24. 

Marchant, Benjamin Lewis, 12. 

Marion, Mrs. Mary, 23. 

Martin, H. M. S., 16. 

Mathewes, Anne, 14. 

Mathewes, Benjamin, 15. 

Mathewes, Mrs. Charlotte, 13. 

Mathewes, Elizabeth, 24. 

Mathewes, James, 7, I3- 

Mathewes, John, 14, 24. 

Mathewes, John, son of James, 7, 

Mathewes, John Raven, 31. 
Mathewes, Susannah, 30. 
Mathewes, William, 30. 
Maverick, Samuel, 20. 
Mazyck, Alexander, 17. 
Mazyck, Mary Ann, 30. 
McCall, John, Jr., 9. 
McCall, Polly, 21. 
McKenzie, James, 11. 
McKenzie. Mary. 16-17. 
McKenzie, Capt. Robert, 17. 
McKev^n, Robert, 20. 
McKewn, Sally, 2». 
McLaugliling, Miss, 14. 
McLaughling, William. I4- 
McPherson, Ulysses, 16. 
McQueen, Alexander, 26. 
McQueen, Anne, 7. 
McQueen, John. 7. 
Mellichamp. Patty, 20. 
Mellichamp, Thomas, 20. 

Michau, Mrs. Constant, 31. 
Michau, Peter, 31. 
Michie, Alexander, 6. 
Middleton, Mrs. Anne (Barnwell), 

Middleton. Esther, 26. 
Middleton, Henrietta, 26. 
Middleton, Hon. Henry, (1717- 

1784), 25, 26 (2). 
Middleton. Mary, 18. 
Middleton, Sarah, 25. 
Middleton, Col. Thomas (1719- 

1766), 18, 21. 
Middleton, Thomas (175 — 1779>- 
son of Hon. William (1710- 
1785), 29. 
Miles, Edward. 6. 

Miles. Mrs. Elizabeth, 6. 

Miles, Patty, 9. 

Miles, Robert, 22. 

Miles. Thomas, ID. 

Miles, William, 14. 

Miller, Christian, 28. - 

Miller, Martha, 16. 

Miller, Stephen, 16 (2). 17, 28. 

Millhouse, Sally, 11. 

Milligan, Jacob, 26. 

Milligan, William, 25. 

Minott, Frances, 19. 

Miot, John, 19. 

Molloson, Mrs. Susannah. 18. 

Moncrief, Elizabeth (Polly). 14. 

Moncrief, Capt. John, 7. 

Moncrief, Richard, 14. 

Moncrief (Muncreef), Robert, 30. 

Moore, Dr. James Weems, 17. 

Moore, John, 29. 

Moore, Rachel, 29. 

Morgan, Sarah, 29. 

Morgan, William, 15. 

Motte, Charles, 11. 

Motte, Charlotte, 8. 

Moultrie, Ale.xandcr, 21. 

Muckenfuss, Michael, 18. 

Mullins, George, 24. 

Muncreef (See Moncrief). 

Murray, Anne, 10. 

Murray, J., 31- 

Murray, Dr. John, 10. 

Murray, Mary, 26. 

Murray, Patrick, 28. 

Murray, Sarah, 19. 

Naval officers (British). 16 
(Heyward), 26 (Clarke). 

Neilson, James, 26. 

Netherclift, Thomas, 7. 

Ncvin. John, 18. 

New Jersey College, 30. 


New Providence, 17, 24- 
New York (Towr\), 8. 
New York (Province), 32. 
News and Courier, The, Centen- 
nial Edition of, mentioned, 3, 
note I. 
Newton, Mrs. 10. 
Nicholas, Stewart, 22. 
Nicholls, Mrs. Ann, 20. 
Nicholls, Richard, 10. 
Nightingale, Sally, 13. 
Nightingale, Thomas, 13. 
Ninety Six, 12. 
North America, 17. 
North Carolina, 8. 
Norton, Patience, 10. 
Oats, Miss, 28. 
Oats, Edward, 28. 
Odingsell, Charles, 31. 
Odingsell, Elizabeth, 31. 
Oliphant, David, 26. 
Oliphant, Jane, 26. 
Oliver, Thomas, 27. 
Ordnance, Storekeeper of His 

Majesty's, mentioned, 25. 
Osborn, Thomas, 10. 
Palmer, Job, 29. 
Parkes, Mrs. Anne, 15. 
Pawley, Col. Pearce, 31. 

Peedee River, 23. 

Pepper, Daniel, Jr., 27. 

Pepper, Mrs. Jane, 27. 
Perdriau, Jane, 14. 
Perkins, John, 13. 

Peronneau, Elizabeth, 15. 

Peronneau, Samuel, 12, 15. 

Peronneau, Sarah, 12. 

Perry, Benjamin, 30. 

Perry, Edward, 11, 29. 

Perry, Josiah, 22. 

Perry, Martha, 29. 

Perry, Rebecca, 30. 

Perry, Susannah, 11. 

Peyre, Ann, 21. 

Peyre, Rene, 18, 21. 

Philadelphia, 3, 21. 

Phillips, Sarah, 14. 

Pinckney, Hon. Charles (Chief 
Justice of South Carolina), 10. 

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, 
son of above, 25. 

Pinckney, Harriott, 10. 

Pinckney. Hopson, 22. 

Pinckney, Roger, 13. 

Pon Pon, 7, 13 (2), 14, 17. 

Porcher, Catharine, 14. 

Porcher, Isaac, 14, 15. 

Porcher, Paul, Jr., 31. 

Porcher, Rachel, I5- 

Port Royal, 11, 17. 

Porteous, Robert, 19. 

Portland, snow, 12. 

Postell, Elijah, 14. 

Poslell, Elizabeth, 14. 

Powell, George Gabriel, 14. 

Powell, Robert William, 26. 

Powell, Sally, 14. 

Powell, Thomas, 25. 

Preston, Henry, 27. 

Price, Daniel, 9. 

Price, William, 20, 

Prince. Sarah, 19. 

Prince George's Parish, Winyah, 

14, 25. 
Printers, 3 (Crouch 4, Tim- 
othy 3), 4 (Crouch), 25 (Pow- 
ell), 29 (Esmond). 
Prioleau. Elijah, 17. 
Prioleau, Hext, 30. 
Prioleau, John, 26. 
Prioleau, Samuel, 30. 
Prioleau, Samuel, Jr., 7. 
Prioleau, Mrs. Sarah, 17. 
Pritchard, Anne, 30. " 
Proctor, Richard, 22. 
Provincial Surveyor, mentioned, 

II (Cook). 
Pruc, John, 14. 
Purry, Eleanor, 10. 
Purvis, John, 30. 
Quarter House, 26. 
Quash, Elizabeth, 22. 
Quash, Robert, Sr., 6, 22. 
Quash, Robert, Jr., 20. 
Quash, Susannah, 6. 
Radcliffe, Elizabeth, 10. 
Radcliffe, Thomas, 10. 
Rake, Mrs. Mary, 28. 
Ramage, Charles, 27. 
Ramsay, Dr. David, A. M., 30. 
Randall, Dorcas, 8. 
Randall, Hon. William. 8. 
Rantowle, James, 27. 
Raven, Elizabeth, 18. 
Raven, Mrs. Henrietta (Smith), 

Raven, William, 9, 18. 
Raynard, John,. 31. 
Regiments, His Majesty's 21st., 

14, 29th., 18, 24. 
Rcid, Dr. James, 24. 
Reid, Mrs. Susannah. 24. 
Remington, Anne, 29. 
Rcininglon. John, Sr., 29. 
Remington, John, Jr., 26. 
Remington, Dr. William, 13. 


Reynolds, Benjamin, Z]. 
Rhind, David, 29. 
Rhode Island, 20. 
Richardson, Edward, 20. 
Richardson, John, 10. 
Richardson, Susannah, 20. 
Richardson, William, 11. 
Rippon, Mary, 28. 
Rivers, George, 15. 
Rivers, John, 16. 
Rivers, Mary ('Tolly"), I5- 
Rivers, Nehemiah, 12. 
Rivers, Rachel, 22. 
Rivers, Rebecca, 16. 
Robert, John, 16. 
Roche, Elizabeth, 11. 
Koche, Francis, 11, I7- 
Roche, Francis (2d.), 11. 
Roche, Matthew, Jr., 23. 
Roche, Polly, i7- 
Rockingham. 14- 
Roffe, Mrs. Elizabeth, 9. 
Roffe, Capt. John, 9- 
Rogers, Capt. James, 16. 
Rogers, Mrs. Mary, 16. 
Rooer, Anne, 18. 
Roper. Patty, 21. 
Roper, William, 18, 21. 
Roper, William, Jr., 18. 
Rose, Alexander, 32. 
Rose, Francis, 8, 16. 
Rose, Hephzibah, 12. 
Rose, Hetty, 22. 
Rose, John, 22. 
Rose, Robert, 16. 
Rose, Thomas, 12. 
Rose. Thomas (2d.), 16, 29. 
Rowe. Col. Christopher (or Mi- 
chael Christopher), 19- 
Ruberry, John, 22. 
Rugeley, Rowland, 30. 
Runnels, Polly, 30. 
Russ, Thomas, ,32. 
Russel, Alexander, 19. 
Russel, Mrs. Elizabeth, 10. 
Rutledge, Andrew, 9- 28. 
Rutledge, Edward. 26. 
Rntledge. Mrs. Elizabeth ( Gads- 
den \ 28. 
Rutledge. Dr. John, 10. 
Rutledge, Mary ("Polly"), 10. 
Sabb, Deborah, 7. 
Salley, A. S., Jr., i, 3. note i. 
Sams, Capt., 16 
Sams, Sally. 15-16. 
Sandiford. Elizabeth, \1. 
Sands, Mrs. Hannah (Dewick) 

Sands, James, 10, 2T. 

Santee River, 18 (2). 

Sarrazin, Jonathan, 17. 

Saunders, Joshua, 16. 

Saunders, Mary Anne Clark, 16. 

Savage, John, of Ninety Six, 12. 

Savage, Thomas. 8. 

Savannah, Georgia, 8, 28. 

Saylor, David, 28. 

Schermerhorn, Arnout, 13. 

Scott. Mrs. Elizabeth, 14. 

Scott, John, 12. 

Scott, Joseph, 14. 

Scott, Joseph (different man), 28. 

Scott, Joseph, of Boston, 15. 

Scott, Sally, I5- 

Scott, Susannah, 21. 

Scott, William, 21. 

Scott, William, Jr., 18. 

Screven, John, 20. 

Screven, Thomas, 15. 

Secretary to Ministry of France, 

mentioned, 8 (la Motte). 
Secretary of the Province of South 
Carolina, mentioned, 7 (Skot- 
Seistrunk, Elizabeth, 27. 
Seymour, Rev. James, 21. 
Shannon, James, 23. 
Sharp, James, 15. 
Sharp, Mary, I5- 
Sheldon, 21. 
Shepheard, Charles, 10. 
Sheppard, William. 18. 
Ship Carpenter, mentioned, 32 

Shubrick. Elizabeth ("Betsy ), 20. 
Shubrick, Mary, 27. 
Shubrick, Richard, 22. 
Shubrick, Sarah, 26. 
Shubrick, Thomas, 20, 26, 27. 
Simmons, Anne, 23. 
Simmons. Ebenezer, 23. 
Simmons, George, r8. 
Simmons. Patty, 18. 
Simmons, Peter, 18. 
Simons, Benjamin, 19, 24. 
Simons, Edward, 19. 
Simons. Elizabeth, I9- 
Simons. Keating, 27. 
Simons, Rebecca. 24. 
Sinclair, Ann, t6. 
Sinclair. John, 16, 25. 
Sinclair. Polly. 25. 
Singellton, Rebecca. 28. 
Singeltary. Esther, 26. 
Sinkins. Nancy, n. 
Skidawav (Georgia), 2.7. 


Skirving, James, Sr., 13. 

Skirving, William, 12. 

Skottowe, Hon. Thomas, 7. 

Slann, Joseph, 21. 

Slidell, Nicholas, 11. 

Smelie, Edward, 27. 

Smelie, Airs. Sarah, 27. 

Smiser, Dolly, 15. 

Smiser, Paul, 15. 

Smith, Ann ("Nancy"), daughter 
of Rev. Josiah, 16. 

Smith, Anne, daughter of Wil- 
liam, 24. 

Smith, Benjamin, 24. 

Smith, Elizabeth, 22. 

Smith, John, of Georgia, 13. 

Smith, John, of South Carolina, 

Smith, Rev. Josiah, 15, 16. 

Smith, Patty, 15. 

Smith, Peggy, ^2. 

Smith, Polly, 13. 

Smith, Rev. Robert, 26. 

Smith, Roger, 10. 

Smitli. Sarah ("Sally"), 13. 

Smith, Thomas, "of Broad 
Street", 13. 

Smith, Thomas Rigdon, 22. 

Smith, William, 24. 

Smith, Hon. William, of New 
York, 32. 

Smyth. James, 2},. 

Snelling, John, 23. 

Snelling, Mary Jones, 2},. 

Somersall, William, 7, 26. 

Sommers, Henrietta, 23. 

Sommers, Humphry, 23. 

Sommers, John, 21. 

Sommers, Capt. John, 29. 

South Carolina, 3. 

South-Carolina Gazette. The, 3, 
3, notes I and 2; Marriage 
Notices in, referred to, 3, note i. 

South-Carolina Gazette; And 
Country Journal, The, i, 6, 
sketch of, 3-5 ; list of numbers 
of missing from the Charleston 
Library Society's file, 4; mar- 
riage notices from, 6-31. 

South-Carolina Gazetteer, And 
Country Journal. The, 3. 

Speakers of the Commons House 
of Assembly of South Carolina, 
mentioned, 2^ (Lowndes). 

Spence, Dr. Peter, 18. 

Spry, Mrs. Catharine, 10. 

Spry, Joseph, 10 

St. Andrew's Parish, 6, 7, 10, 16, 
20, 21. 

St. Augustine, 7, 10, 25. 

St. Bartholomew's Parish, 16. 

St. Christopher's, 7. 

St. George's Parish, Dorchester, 

St. Helena's Parish, 28. 

St. James's Parish, Santee, 18 

St. John, James, 16. 

St. John's Parish (whether Col- 
leton or Berkeley not stated), 9. 

St. John's Parish, Berkeley 
(County), 6, 7, 24. 

St. John's Parish, Colleton 
(County), 30. 

St. Julien, Judith de, 9. 

St. Mark's Parish, 25. 

St. Paul's Parish, 11, 21. 

St. Philip's Parish, 26. 

St. Stephen's Parish, 18, 21. 

St. Thomas's Parish, 6, 18, 22, 23, 
24, 29. 

Stamp Act, 3. 

Stanyarne, James, 9, 21. 

Stanyarne, John, 20. 

Stanyarne, Joseph, 25. 

Stanyarne, Sally, 20. 

Stedman, Capt. James, 2>^. 

Steel, Elizabeth, 18. 

Stent, Samuel, 22. 

Stephenson, Charles, 17. 

Stephenson, Peter, 2^,. 

Stephenson, Polly, 17. 

Stevens, Miss, 10. 

Stevens, Mrs. Anne, 25. 

Stevens, Daniel, 10. 

Stevens, Rev. John, 10. 

Stevenson, Hamilton, 31. 

Steward, Capt. Charles Augustus, 

Stobo, James, 19. 

Stobo, Sally, 18-19. 

Stoll, Justinus, 25. 

Stoll, Rebecca, 25. 

Stono, 12, 22. 

Strickland, James, 21. 

Stuart, Mrs. Ann, 16. 

Stuart, Francis, 16. 

Stuart, Rev. James, 25. 

Stuart, John, 8. 

Stuart, Sally, 8. 

Sumner, Rev. Mr., 11. 

Surveyor General of His Majes- 
ty's Customs in the Southern 
District of America, mentioned, 


Surveyor, Provincial, 'mentioned, 

II (Cook). 
Sutton, Robert, 31. 
Swadler, George, 24. 
Swainstcwi, Robert. 7. 
Swallov^, Mrs. Frances, 2T 
Swallow, William, 19. 
Tailor, mentioned, 15 (Cripps). 
Tart, Nathan, 18, 22. 
Tart, Polly, 22. 
Taylor, David, 31. 
Taylor, James, 17. 
Telfair, William, 13. 
Theus, Anne, 12. 
Theus, Jeremiah, 12. 
Thomas, Anne, 23. 
Thomas, Edward, 9, 11. 
Thomas, Rev. John, to. 
Thomas, Samuel, 21. 
Thomas, Samuel (2d.), 11. 
Thomlinson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 26. 
Thomlinson, Thomas, 26. 
Thomson, James Hamden, A. M., 

Tidyman, Philip, 22. 
Timothy, Elizabeth, 9. 
Timothy, Frances Claudia, 12. 
Timothy,^ Peter, 3, 3, note 2 (2) ; 

9, 12. 
Tobias, Jacob, 31. 
Tonge, Rev. John, 11. 
Toomer, Anthon}', 9. 
Townsend, Miss, 14 
Townsend, Abigail, 6. 
Townsend, Paul, 6. 
Trail, Mary, 15. 
Trapier, Paul, 13. 
Trapier, Paul, Jr., 19. 
Trezevant, Elizabeth Martha, 30. 
Tubear, David, 23. 
Tubear, Nancy, 2},. 
Tucker, Elizabeth, 13. 
Tucker, Mary, 30. 
Tucker, Sarah, 29. 
Tucker, Capt. Thomas, 29. 
Tucker, Thomas Tudor, M. D., 

Turpin, Capt. Joseph, 20. 
Turpin, Joseph, Jr., 20-21. 
Turpin, Lydia, 20. 
Upholsterer, mentioned, 15 

Urquhart, Mrs. Martha, 8. 
Valton, Peter, 9. 
Vander Horst, Arnoldus, 18. 
Varambaut, Francis, 9. 
Vardell, Capt. Turner, 13. 

Vinson, Anne, 22. 

Waight, Elizabeth, 12. 
Wait, Dr. Barnet, 8. 

Wakefield, James, 19. 

Waldren, Patrick, 31. 

Waldren, Mrs. Patrick, 30-31. 

Walker, Joseph, 28. 

Walker, Mary, 28. 

Walter, John .A.llen, 26. 

Walter, Thomas, 13. 

Wappoo, 14. 

Warden, Elizabeth, 6. 

Warham, Betsy, 24. 

Warham, Charles, 9. 

Warham, Nancy, 9. 

Waring, Elizabeth, marries 
Stephen Drayton, 12. 

Waring, Elizabeth, ma.rries 
Thomas Farr (3d.), 25. 

Waring, Richard, 11. 

Warnock, Anne. 27. 

Warnock, Samuel, 26. 

Watboo (barony), 7. 

Watchmakers (Jewellers), men- 
tioned, 6 (Hibben), 12 (Lee), 
22, (Harris). 

Waties, Mrs., widow of John, 13. 

Waties, Mrs. Anne, 25. 

Waties, John, 13. 

Webb, Benjamin, 30. 

Webb, John, 12. 

Webb, William, 29. 

Welch, Elizabeth, 17. 

Wells. Dr. John, 22. 

Welshuysen, Amy, 10 

Welshuysen, Daniel, 10, 25. 

Welshuysen, Maria Elizabeth, 25. 

W'estchester (New York), 8. 

Weston, Plowden, 30. 

White, Blake Leay, 20. 

Wigg, Colonel, 19. 

W^igg. Ann, 19. 

Wilkie, Mrs Jane, 29. 

Wilkie, John, 17. 29. 

Wilkins, Betsy, 22. 

VViIkins, Capt. William, 22 

Williams, James p«*n^..26. 

Williams, Peggy, .30. 

Williams, Robert. Jr., 18, 30. 

Willply,* Dr. Benjamin, 19 

Willtown, 19, 21. 

Wilson, Algernon, 20. 

Wilson, Hugh, 30. 

Wilson, Jehu, 25. 

Wilson. John, 15, 25. 

Wilson, John (different man), 28. 

Wilson, Sally. 20. 

W'ilson, Sarah, 30. 



014 418 289 3 

Wilson, William, 19. 
Winborn, Polly, 21. 
Wingood, Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 
Witherston, Martha, 9. 
Wood, Betsy, 2>2- 
Wood, George, z^. 
Woodberry. John^ 20. 

Wragg, Henrietta, 12. 
Wragg, Joseph, 12. 
Wragg, William, 12. 
Wright, Alexander, 13. 
Wright, Sir James, Bart., Gov- 
ernor of Georgia, 13. 
Yonge, Hon. Henry. 28.