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By Truster 



Marriage Records, 1665-1800 

Edited, with an Historical Introduction on the 
Early Marriage Laws of New Jersey, and the 
Precedents on which they were Founded, 

by william nelson. 


The Press Printing and Publishing Co., 269 Main Street. 


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It is not' ndtf^'^fV'^o nterest and import- 

ance of the contents of this volume. The lawyer will often 
turn to these marriage records to solve obscure questions of 
title to land. The historian will find here much information 
throwing light on obsolete laws and customs of the past. The 
student of sociology will discover many odd facts bearing on 
questions of race, heredity, social usages and other problems 
affecting the development of society. To the genealogist of 
course the book will be invaluable. 

This work had its beginning in a resolve to print the man- 
uscript index, in the office of the Secretary of State at Trenton, 
to the marriage bonds on file, and the records of marriage li- 
censes, in that office. The origin of these bonds and of these 
licenses seemed to deserve explanation, out of which grew the 
Historical Introduction on the Early Marriage Law of New 
Jersey, which follows. In order to expand the volume to a 
suitable size it was concluded to add the other marriage rec- 
ords which will be found succeeding those in the Secretary of 
State’s office. 

These exhaust the extant marriage records prior to 1S01 , for 
the counties of Bergen, Hudson and Essex, so far as the editor 
has been able to learn. The early Dutch churches as a rule 
were scrupulously careful to keep and preserve in the chinch 
archives registers of baptisms and marriages. The churches 
of other denominations not only were not so particular, but 
when the records were made they were often regarded as the 
private property of the pastors, and were carried away by 
them on their removal to other charges. 

The first Reformed (Dutch) church in New 'Jerfgjgy w^ 
that at Bergen, dating back to 1660. Its marriS^e v records 
are well preserved, and are reproduced dpvvn to iSof, in 



this volume. This was in 1S00 the only church within the 
present Hudson county. 

Bergen county had a number of churches in 1S00, as fol- 
lows : Hackensack, established in 16S6; its marriage records 
are well kept and are given herewith. Schraalenburgh, 1724 ; 
printed here. Ponds (Oakland), 1710; records destroyed about 
1SS0, by fire. Paramus, 1725 ; no marriage records have been 
preserved before 1S00. English Neighborhood (now Leonia), 
1770; no records prior to 1S12. There were two or three Lu- 
theran churches in the Saddle River valley, some of them dat- 
ing well back toward 1700, and there may be early marriage 
records kept by their pastors, but the editor has not been able 
to find them. There was a French Reformed church near 
Hackensack before 1700, but its records are not known to ex- 

In Essex county there were these churches previous to 1S00, 
in the chronological order given : First Presbyterian, of New- 
ark, 1667; Reformed (Dutch), at .Second River (Belleville), 
1700; Orange Presbyterian, about 1719; Reformed (Dutch), 
at Fairfield, 1720; Trinity (Episcopal), of Newark, about 
1743; Christ (Episcopal), Belleville, about 1735; Lyons 
Farms Baptist, 1769; Caldwell Presbyterian, about 1 7S0 ; 
Bloomfield Presbyterian, 1798- The writer has been unable to 
discover any marriage records of these churches except the in- 
complete registers of the Belleville Reformed church, and 
those of the Lyons Farms Baptist church. All the records of 
the First Presbyterian church existing at the time of the Revo- 
lution are understood to have been lost or destroyed in that 
troublous period, and the writer has been informed that the 
church possesses no marriage records earlier than iS^o. The 
records of the Fairfield church are believed to have been de- 
stroyed in a fire which consumed the parsonage about 1875. 
The records of Trinity church in the eighteenth century were ex- 
amined some years since by the writer, who found them to be 
very fragmentary, with no marriage registers among them. 
The session records of the First Presbyterian church of Orange 
are understood to have been destroyed by fire in 1S02. Those 
in existence begin January 30, 1803. 

It is a monotonous history of disaster to church records thus 


VI 1 

enumerated— “destroyed by fire,” and emphasizes the import- 
ance of a work like this, which multiplies and so preserves 
such records beyond the chance of destruction. By a singular 
irony of fate, however, a large collection of copies of other 
cluirch records, which had been procured during a long period 
of years by the editor with infinite labor and much expense, 
for a second volume like this, went the way of so many origin- 
als, in a single night, in the great Paterson fire, February S-9, 
1902. If time and opportunity permit perhaps the efiort to 
gather another volume of such material may be renewed. But 
vita brevis est ! 

In this connection the work of the Holland Society, 111 New 
York, and of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania is wor- 
thy of commendation. I he former has caused copies to be 
made of all the records of the old Reformed Dutch churches in 
New Jersey, and has published those of the Hackensack and 
Schraalenburgh churches to 1800. It is expected that others 
will follow. The latter Society, organized so late as 1S92, has 
procured copies of the records of a large number of churches 
of various denominations in the southern part of New Jersey, 
and has them bound in stout quarto volumes, well indexed, 
which are preserved in the fireproof rooms of the Historical So- 
ciety of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. It is intended to pub- 
lish shortly the records of St. Mary s Ghuich at Builington, 
which dates back to 1704, and which numbered among its 
members many of the most prominent men in New Jersey, 
in the Provincial era. These records were copied for the 
New Tersey Historical Society, but for the purpose of publi- 
cation were placed at the disposal of the sistei I ennsylvania 

The following records of New Jersey churches have been 
published : 

Belleville Reformed ( Dutch) —baptisms, births, marriages 
and membership, 1794-1827. Proceedings N. J. Historical 
Society, Third Series, I., 178—196; IF? 65— 7-b I 3 I — * 44 ’ * 77 “ 

Bergen Reformed (Dutch)— marriages, baptisms, deaths, 
1665-1S50. Winfield’s Land Titles of Hudson County, 
I., 329-419. 8°. New York, 1S72. 



Elizabeth — Inscriptions on Tombstones and Monuments in 
the Burying Grounds of the First Presbyterian Church and St. 
John’s Church, 1664-1S92. New Haven, Conn., 1S93. 8° Pp 

355 * 

Hackensack Reformed (Dutch) — marriages, baptisms, com- 
municants, officers, 1686-1S01. Collections Holland Society, 
Vol. I., pp. 349. 8° New York, 1S91. 

Hanover (now Whippany) Presbyterian Church — com- 
municants, marriages and baptisms, 1746-179 6. Morristown, 
1S93. 8° Pp. 32. 

Inscriptions on the Tombstones and Monuments in the 
Graveyards at Whippany and Hanover. Morristown, 1S94. 
8° Pp. 93. 

Lyons Farms Baptist — proceedings, baptisms, marriages, 
1769-1S01. Proceedings N. J. Historical Society, Third 
Series, I., 162-177; 57—64, 119-130, 15S-168. 

Monmouth County — Tombstone Inscriptions Presbyterian 
Burying Ground, Middletown ; Hendrickson Burying Ground, 
Middletown ; Tallman Burying Ground on Pumpkin Point, 
Shrewsbury ; Baptist Church Burying Ground, Middletown ; 
Topanemus Burying Ground, Marlboro; ChristChurch (Epis- 
copal) Graveyard, Middletown ; Golden Burying Ground, 
Middletown ; the Ancient Lippit or Taylor Burying Ground, 
Middletown ; the Hartshorne Burying Ground, Middletown — 
in the Town Book of Old Middletown, 8° [Freehold, 1SS3], 
pp. 39—133 - The Quaker Records of Shrewsbury, 1674-1731, 
pp. 55-66; some baptisms, 1659-1 73S, pp. 66-70. 

Old Tennent Church, Freehold — History of the Church, by 
the Rev. Frank R. Symmes. Freehold, 1S97. S° Pp. 144. 
Baptismal records, 1735-1760, and early burials in neighboring 
cemeteries, pp. 118-143. 

Morristown — Bill of Mortality, being a register of all the 
deaths in the Presbyterian and Baptist congregations, 1768- 
1806. Morristown, 1806. 8° Pp. 112 (actually 1 1 6) . 

Record of the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown. 
History and Records of the Trustees and Session, 1742-1S82, 
pp. 240. 192, 16S. Combined Registers, of births, marriages, 



deaths and communicants, 1 74 3- 1 SS5 , pp. 328. Morristown, 
1SS1-1SS5. Large So. 

Newton Township— Friends’ records of Marriages at Burl- 
ington, Salem, Newton (now in Camden county), Haddon- 
field, Chester (Moorestown) , Evesham, and Woodbury Creek— 
particularly of members ot Newton families aie gi\en in 
Sketches of the First Immigrant Settlers ot Newton Town- 
ship, Old Gloucester County, West New Jersey, by John 
Clement. Camden, 1877, pp. 387-411. 

Orange Presbyterian— baptisms, 1756-62, 1765-1784. In 
History of the Oranges, by Stephen Wickes, M. D., Newark, 

Passaic Reformed (Dutch), formerly the Acquackanonk— 
the records have been published in part in a parish periodical. 

Paterson — History of the Old Dutch Church at Totowa 
(now the First Reformed, Paterson), 1755-1827. By Wil- 
liam Nelson. Baptismal Register (in the original Dutch), 
1756-1S0S. Paterson, 1892. S° Pp. 170. 

Second Reformed— the registers, in substance, are given in 
a recent history of the church. 

Preakness Reformed (Dutch)— the records of baptisms, 
1831-1902; marriages, 1S42-1902, deaths, 1S37-1902, and 
tombstone inscriptions in neighboring burying grounds, pp. 
252—315, in a History of the Church, by the pastor, the Rev. 
George W. Labaw. New \ ork, 1902. S° Pp. 344 * 

Schraalenburgh Reformed (Dutch) —Records of baptisms, 
marriages, communicants and officers, 1724" 1S01. Collec- 
tions Holland Society, Vol. II., pp. 387- 8 ° New York, 1891. 

Church records of baptisms and marriages have a quasi- 
public character, especially as they are required by statute, and 
in view of this fact there has been legislation in some quarters 
making it the duty of the churches to provide safe receptacles 
for such records, to protect them against loss by fire, damp, or 
other exposure. In England, Ireland and Scotland the 
churches must either make such provision, or deposit their rec- 
ords in the Public Record Office, at London, Dublin or Edin- 
burgh, respectively. In Massachusetts, the Public Record 


Commissioner has been impressing on the church authorities 
the importance of protecting their records, with much success. 

A word as to the Index to Marriage Bonds and Licenses. 
The bonds were printed blanks, which were filled in by the 
officers of the locality where the parties lived, so that there is 
no standard of handwriting by which the names can be deci- 
phered, and as for the signatures, no man is compelled to write 
his name legibly. So there may easily be errors in the index. 
Moreover, the chirography of the index itself is not exactly of 
the copperplate order, and so the difficulty of getting the 
names of the licensees correctly into print has been considera- 
ble. In cases of doubt reference was had to the originals, and 
the expert skill of Alexander II. Rickey, the former Assistant 
Secretary of State, or of John R. B. Smith, the present Assist- 
ant Secretary, was called into requisition, and always placed at 
the editor’s service with unfailing readiness and courtesy. 


The names printed as Stiles, from Cape May county, on 
pages 3=59-360, and 3S4-3S5, should be Stites. 

There is an error in the foot-note on page 592. Susan 
Kean was a daughter of Philip Van Brugh Livingston, a broth- 
er of Governor William Livingston ; she was born April 5, 
1759; married John Kean, September 27, 1 7S6 ; he died in 
1795. Governor Livingston’s daughter Susannah was born 
174S011749; married Judge John Cleves Symmes, Septem- 
ber 10, 1794. 


The Early Marriage Laws of New Jersey, and the Precedents on 


I. Introduction. Primitive Marriage Customs, is. Roman Marriage 
Law, is. Ecclesiastical Regulation of Marriages, xii. 

II. Formative Influences as to the Law of Marriage in New Jersey. 
I. The Dutch Law of Marriage, xviii. II. The Swedes, xxvii. III. 
Marriage Rites in England, xxxiv. IV. Scottish Marriages, xlviii. 
V. New England Marriage Customs, lvii. VI. Friends’ Marriage 
Customs, lxi. VII. Early New York and Pennsylvania Marriage 
Laws, lxix. 

III. Marriage in New Jersey. The Sovereign Power in the Colony, 
lxxi. Marriage Licenses by Gov. Carteret, Ixxvi. Earliest Marriage 
Laws in New Jersey, Ixxviii. Some Early Divorces, Ixxix. Second 
Marriages, lxxxi. More Colonial Marriage Laws, lxxxiii. Some 
Burlington Marriages, 1680-1681, lxxxv. Protecting Unwary Maid- 
ens, Ixxxvii. An Ante-Nuptial Contract, 1686, lxxxviii. A Mar- 
riage that was a Failure, xc. The Colonial Practice as to Marriage 
Licenses, xci. A Marriage License in 1695, xciii. Lord Cornbury’s 
Instructions, xciv. The Laws of England Applicable to the Colo- 
nies, xciv. Some Peculiar Marriage Customs, xcvi. A Word as to 
“ Bundling, ” xcviii. J he Marriage Act of 1719 xcviii. The Prac- 
tice Regarding Marriage Licenses, cv. Prof. Kalin’s Description of 
the Practice, cvi. A Swedish Criticism, cviii. Hostility to the Mar- 
riage License System, cx. Objections of the Episcopal Clergy of 
New Jersey, cxii. Bishop White, of Pennsylvania, on Marriage 
Licenses, cxiii. Decay of the License System, cxvi. The Marriage 
Act of 1795, cxvi. Later Legislation, cxxi. Divorces by the Leg- 
islature, cxxiii. Divorces by the Court of Chancery, cxxiv. 

Index to Marriage Bonds and Marriage Records in the office 

of the Secretary of State at Trenton, 1 

Hackensack Reformed (Dutch) Church Marriage Records, 1695 - 

1800, -------- 467 


1724 - 1801 , 




Bergen County Clerk's Marriage Records, 1795-1800, - - 553 

Bergen Reformed (Dutch) Church Marriage Records, 1664-1801, 555 

Essex County Clerk’s Marriage Records, 1795-1801, - - 582 

Lyons Farms Baptist Church Marriage Records, 1795-1800, - 599 

Second River Reformed (Dutch) Church Marriage Records, 1730- 

1774, 1794-1800, ------- 605 

Christ Church, New Brunswick, Marriage Records, 1758-1778, - 620 

New Brunswick Reformed (Dutch) Church Marriage Records, 

1794-1799, 625 

Middlesex County Clerk’s Marriage Records, 1795-1800, - - 629 

Scotch Plains Baptist Church Marriage Records, 1758-1761, - 641 

Chesterfield (Burlington County) Friends’ Monthly Meeting 

Marriage Records, 1686-1800, ----- 650 


Fac simile of a Marriage Bond, 1768, - Front 

Fac simile of a Marriage Bond, 1772, - - Opposite page 1 


Early Marriage Laws 



Influences Bearing upo\ their Formation. 

By william nelson. 

The Marriage Ceremony. 



The earliest writings in relation to marriage indicate that 
the bride was captured from another tribe, or was purchased, 
either by gifts to her tribe or her parents, or to herself . 1 Under 
such customs there would be little or no ceremony accompany- 
ing the transaction, and the records are silent as to the exist- 
ence of any special forms. The Old Testament contains many 
accounts of marriages, but in no instance refers to any particu- 
lar usage that was observed. Homer shows that marriage 
was merely a matter of capture or purchase, without any cer- 
emony . 2 fjrom that wonderful collection of ancient folk- 
lore, the Arabian Nights, we get the same impression. The 
folk-lore of other peoples, ante-dating their historic period, is 
invariably silent as to the performance of any marriage ritual. 
This universal recognition of marriage without any fixed 
formula or ceremony, antedating, as it does, any existing 
municipal or canonical law on the subject, may be regarded as 
the universal common law ot marriage, based upon the actual 
fact of continuous, public cohabitation as husband and wile. 
As Grotius puts it : “ We find Marriage (taken naturally) to 
be nothing else, but such co-habitation ot a man with a 
woman, as placeth the Woman, as it were, under the eye (that 
is) under the safeguard of the Man.” 


For the evolution of the law in relation to marriage, we 

1 The most recent investigations of anthropologists do not bear out the claim 
of M’ Lennan (•• Primitive Marriage ”) that this was the universal, or even the 
most general, practice in prehistoric times, or among the most primitive peo- 
ples, or in all savage tribes. See •■Ancient Society,” by L. II Morgan. New 
York,- 1878, Chap. V; Westermarck’s *• History of Marriage',” London, 1900. A 
discussion of this phase of the subject is, however, foreign to the purpose of this 

2 Homer's Iliad. Book ix. 




are accustomed to look to the Roman law, and its gradual de- 
velopment into the modern municipal, civil and canonical law 
of marriage. 

Among the Romans no special ceremony was required to 
establish the relation. It was enough that a man and a 
woman, to whose union there was no legal impediment, from 
nearness of kin or from any other cause, lived together as hus- 
band and wife, giving themselves out as such : the law recog- 
nized the consent of the parties thus expressed as sufficient to 
constitute the legal obligation of matrimony. There were, 
however, formalities specially designed and frequently used for 
this object : 

1. The cor/farreatio , a religious rite; 

2. The co-emptio , a higher form of civil marriage ; and 

3 The usus , the lower form of civil marriage. 

i. Confarreatio was solemnized in the presence of the Pon- 
titex Maximus or the Flamen Dialis (priest of Jove) and ten 
witnesses. The pontiff offered a sacrifice of an ox, or of 
fruits, in the presence of the attending witnesses. The con- 
tracting parties were seated on the same sheepskin. Certain 
customary forms of words were uttered, and a salt cake of far 
or rice was presented as an offering, and tasted by the couple. 
From this the ceremony had its name, con farreatio, Uom far- 
rcus , i. e., farreus panis, cake of meal or flour. This rice cake 
indicated the ancient food of Italy, and served as an emblem of 
their mystic union of mind and body. Or, it may be more 
correct to say that this was a trace of an ancient usage, by which 
the wife, partaking of the food of her husband’s tribe, became 
adopted into the tribe, to some extent, while remaining under 
the tutelage or guardianship of her husband d as the Romans 

1 When the Navajos [of Arizona and New Mexico] desire to marry. “ they sit 
down on opposite sides of a basket, made to hold water, filled with atole or some 
other food, and partake of it. This simple proceeding makes them husband and 
wife.” We have the like in the old Roman form of confarreatio — marriage con- 
stituted by jointly eating a cake. These indications that the earliest marriage 
ceremony was simply a formal commencement of living together, imply a preced- 
ing time when the living together began informally . — Principles of Sociology , by 
Herbert Spencer. New York, 1880, I.. 633. ”It is manifest that monogamy has 
long been growing innate in the civilized man” — Tbid., 704. But may not this 
communion in eating have had a ceremonial signification as a propitiatory sacri- 
fice to the tribal god? 



expressed it, covenire in inanurn viri — to come under the hand 
of her husband. Her position was thus much the same, in 
fact, as later under the English common law. 

2. Co-emptiu was the solemn binding of the wedding 
couple to each other, by giving and taking a piece of money. 
The wife fulfilled the co-emption by purchasing, with three 
pieces of copper, a just introduction to her husband’s house 
and household duties. Co-emptio was a sort of symbolic pur- 
chase of the wife by the husband, from the family to which she 
belonged, per ces et libram , in the presence of five witnesses, 
and a sixth as libripens , or balance-holder. The precise words 
and actions used in the co-emptio are not known, but doubt- 
less they resembled those used in the form of sale called man- 
cipatio. The effect of this ceremony was the same as in the 
confarreatio , in bringing the woman under the hand or power 
of the husband. This was the more frequent marriage custom 
among the Romans, and was still in use in the time of Gaius, 
but gradually disappeared. 

3. Usus , the third and lowest form of marriage, was with- 
out any ceremony, being founded, as the word implies, on pre- 
scription, by the woman co-habiting with the man as her hus- 
band for a whole year, without having been absent from his 
house for three whole nights in succession. The uninterrupted 
possession of a wife for one year gave the husband the same 
rights he would have acquired at the outset if married with 
confarreatio or co-emptio. The privilege reserved to the wife 
of defeating the usus and avoiding the husband’s power by a 
three nighcs’ absence in each year was expressly granted by the 
Twelve Tables. 1 From being thus constantly evaded usus 
gradually declined, and although Cicero alluded to it as still 
subsisting in his day, Gaius, two centuries later, describes it as 

The Roman principle was that the consent of the parties 
was required, not only for contracting marriage, but for con- 
tinuing it, and that hence it could be terminated at any time by 

1 The existence of this marriage custom, and of the trinoctium, can hardly 
have dated hack to the fifth century B. C., and this particular provision of the 
Twelve Tables is probably at least a century later. See La Storia <U Roma , by 
Ettore Pais, Rome, 1S93, Vol. I. 



either party, by the simple announcement of the fact. In the 
case of the confarreatio , however, a religious rite, called diffar- 
eatio , was requisite to dissolve the obligation. The result was 
that the freer form of marriage was resorted to — what might 
be called the common law form — dispensing with all rites and 
ceremonies, and this prevailed in the time of Justinian. This 
practice, of course, did away with the husband’s control over 
the person and property of his wife, and secured to her great 
independence as regards both . 1 


While it is not unlikely that the Christian church looked 
with great disfavor upon the increasing laxity of the marriage 
relation in the Roman Empire, it does not appear that any at- 
tempt was made by the church to assert or to exercise any au- 
thority in the matter. “Marriage was celebrated in the presence 
of the priests,” we are told, “ and was confirmed by some ob- 
lation,” in the first three centuries of the new era , 2 but this was 
apparently a survival of the pagan custom. In the false de- 
cretals (said to be unknown to all the ancient fathers, to all 
the popes, and all the ecclesiastical authorities that wrote be- 
fore the ninth century), a letter attributed to Pope Evarestus 
relates to clandestine marriage, and several ceremonies con- 
nected with that “sacrament,” all of which by no means agreed 
with the avowals of Evarestus . 3 St. Ambrose, cir. 3S0, held 
that “it is the actual consent of the parties, that makes mar- 
riage, though it were never consummated .” 4 Pope Nicholas, 

1 Maine’s Ancient Law, p. 148. 

Introduction to Roman Law, by James Hadley, New York. 1876, pp. 255, 138-143. 

Early History of Institutions, by Sir Henry Maine, N. Y.. 1875, pp. 310-315. 

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Wm. Nelson, of the Middle Temple, Esq., London, 1732. p. 416. 

Studies in History and Jurisprudence, by James Bryce, New York and London, 
1901, pp 786-793. 

Dr. M. Winternitz, on Indo-European Marriage Customs, Journal of Interna- 
tional Folk-Lore Congress, London, 1892, pp. 273-289. 

- Du Pin's Ecclesiastical History, London, 1696-9, I., 182. 

3 lb., I., 176. 4 lb., 212. 


XI 1 1 

A. D. SSS-S67, directed that after the betrothing the priest 
ought to cause the persons to come into the church with their 
offerings, and there give them his benediction. But it was 
still held that “consent, according to the laws, might suffice ; 
if that be wanting, the rest signifies nothing.” 1 * Numerous 
canons concerning marriage were prescribed during the ninth 
century, showing the disposition of the church to regulate the 
matter, but it does not appear that any special form or ceremo- 
ny was prescribed or suggested.” The Emperor Leo the Phil- 
osopher, A. D. SS6, declared ecclesiastical benediction neces- 
sary to marriage, but his constitution was in force only in the 
Eastern Empire. In the History of Gregory of Tours, mar- 
riage is treated as a civil contract. 3 In 944 King Edward of Eng- 
land held an assembly of prelates and lords, in which he made 
laws for the regulatingof marriage solemnities. 4 This was a qua- 
si recognition of the rights of the clergy in considering so impor- 
tant a subject, but it also seems to indicate that he regarded it 
as a matter for civil regulation. At the Council of Rouen, A. 
D. 1072, it was decided that “no marriages shall be solemnized 
privately, nor after meals ; but that the bridegroom and bride 
being fasting shall be blessed by a priest in like manner fasting, 
and that before he proceed to marry them , inquiry shall be 
made, whether the parties be in relation in the seventh degree 
of consanguinity.” 5 Here it is plainly indicated that the cere- 
mony was celebrated by a priest. Ivo, Bishop of Chartres, 
who died Dec. 23, 1 1 15, wrote 2S7 letters, which are published. 
One of them (cxxm) refers to a priest who had made use of 
other ceremonies and words “than are prescribed in the form 
of marriage.” 6 The annals of the church are increasingly full 
of orders, canons, discussions and controversies on the subject, 
but are singularly lacking in particulars as to the actual relig- 
ious ceremonies observed at marriages. Particularly is there 
manifest a growing hostility to clandestine marriages, by which 
are obviously meant any contracted without the authority of 

1 lb., VII.. 177. 2 lb., VII . 115. 116. 125. 126. 12S, 131-8. 183-1. 

3 Mackenzie's Roman Law, 1870, p. 105. 

1 Du Pin, VIII., 63; Pollock and Maitland’s Hist, of English Law. 2ded., I.. 397. 

5 lb., IX., 117. Clb., X , 12. 



the church. In the thirteenth century such marriages were for- 
bidden in some ecclesiastical jurisdictions. Pope Innocent 
III., 119S-1216, was greatly interested in the subject, and 
wrote many letters on various points that were submitted to 
him regarding marriage and divorce. 1 “What punishment 
ought to be inflicted on those priests who celebrate marriages 
during Lent? The priests ought to be punished, but the mar- 
riages are lawful,” was the decision of Manuel Charitopula, 
Patriarch of Constantinople, A. D. 1221-1226. 2 This again 
shows that it was quite usual, at least, to have marriages cele- 
brated by the priests The fourth John Lateran council, A. 
D. 1215, prohibited (51st canon) clandestine marriages, and 
ordered that the priests should publish the banns in the church- 
es, and prescribed penalties for those countenancing or author- 
izing “insidious or clandestine marriages.” 3 The Council of 
Chateau-Gonthier, held by the Archbishop of Tours, A. D. 
1231, prohibited under pain of excommunication the contract- 
ing of marriages until after the banns had been published “in 
the usual manner,” that so “an encouragement to marry may 
be granted and given in the face of the congregation.” 4 The 
Council of Bourdeaux, in 1262, decreed that those who con- 
tracted clandestine marriages, both ministers and witnesses, 
should be excommunicated and suspended by officio and benefi- 
cio, and that “those marriages shall be reckoned clandestine, 
which are not contracted (celebrated) by the proper curate or 
pastor of the husband or the wife, with the consent of the oth- 
er curate.’” In the fourteenth century numerous councils in 
Europe and England pronounced against clandestine marria- 
ges, without the publication of banns, and in some instances 
decreed the excommunication of “all persons who procured 
them, or were present at them.” 6 Clandestine marriages, and 
the obligation of publishing banns of intended matrimony, 
were the subjects of decrees by various local councils in the 
fifteenth century.' The fact of this continuous legislation by 
the church, century after century, indicates that civil marriages 
were very generally in vogue, if, indeed, they were not the 

1 lb., XI.. passim. 2 lb., XI., 86. 3 lb., XI.. 101. 4 lb., XI.., 108. 

5 lb., XI., 119. 6 lb., XII.. 93-5, 97, 110, 111. 7 lb., XIII.. 113-114. 



rule; but it is also evident that the jurisdiction of the church 
was gradually and steadily extending over the subject, and that 
ecclesiastical forms were coming into use, and especially the 
practice of public ceremonies, by the piiest, “in the face of the 
church” or congregation. The Council of Trent, 1^37-1 ^64, 
took a decisive step on November ir, 1563, in anathematizing 
those who should teach that marriage was not one of the seven 
sacraments 1 instituted by Jesus Christ, and declared that after 
that date all marriages not contracted in the presence of a priest 
and two or three witnesses should be void. 2 It also provided 
that “Before the consummation of the marriage, three publi- 
cations of banns must be made in church, so that if there be 
any impediment, it may be more easily shown ; unless the or- 
dinary judge should deem it expedient to omit the said banns, 
which is, therefore, recommended to his good care.” 3 The 
Dean of Sorbonne in opposing the decree quaintly argued that 
the first marriage, between Adam and Eve, which was the pat- 
tern for all others, was contracted privately, without witnesses 4 

This, then, was the canon law throughout Western Europe, 
wherever the sway of the Roman church was recognized. 
The spread of the Reformation hindered the acceptance of the 
canon in Sweden, in the Protestant states of Germany, in Hol- 
land, and largely in England and Scotland, although it was 
later accepted by the English church, according to eminent au- 
thorities. Aside from the dogma that marriage was a sacra- 

1 John Calvin, it is said, was elected or at least proposed as a delegate or rep- 
resentative to the Council of Trent, in 1546, but refused to attend. He says that 
matrimony was first held to be a sacrament in the time of Gregory. — Calvin's ‘ In- 
stitution of the Christian Religion,” London. 1634, Book iv., Cap. 19. Sec. 34, p 730. 
“ By calling it a sacrament the priests drew to themselves the hearing of causes 
of matrimony, for it was a spiritual matter, which profane judges might not med- 
dle with.” Calvin wished marriages to be celebrated with great solemnity : he 
directed the bridal party “to proceed to the church without the beating of drums 
or music, but seriously, as became Christians, as soon as the bells ceased; and 
the ceremony was to be performed before the sermon, in the presence of the 
whole congregation.”— Life and Times of John Calvin , by Paul Henry, New York, 
1854, I., 472. 

2 Studies in Roman Law, with Comparative Views of the Laws of France, Eng- 
land. and Scotland, by Lord Mackenzie, Edinburgh and London. 1870, p. 105; His- 
tory of the of Trent, by L. F. Bungener. New York, 1855, pp. xxviii. 481. 

6 Van Leeuwen's Roman-Dutch Law. p. 103. 

4 Mackenzie, as cited, 105. 



ment, the insistment that the ceremony should take place in 
public, before the congregation, by a priest, and in the pres- 
ence of two witnesses, and only after the publication of the 
banns, undoubtedly commended itself to the clergy of all 
countries, and to right-thinking persons generally. 

Running all through the church regulations on the subject of 
marriage is manifest a constant disposition to recognize the 
binding force of the marriage contract, or betrothal — probably 
a trace of the Roman respect for mutual obligations , 1 of what- 
ever kind. A contract or engagement of marriage was regard- 
ed as having almost the binding force of a marriage itself. 
This suggests a survival of the idea that the mutual contract be- 
tween the parties actually constituted the marriage, and the func- 
tion of the Roman pontifex, or later of the priest or the church, 
was merely to sanctify or sanction the union by its blessing, 
or by other ceremonies, added to from time to time. When 
Henry VIII. ot England had been married twenty years, and 
wished a new wife, he suddenly bethought him that his spouse 
had been previously engaged to his older brother, and although 
her betrothed died before marriage, nevertheless that contract 
constituted him virtually her husband, whereby she became as 
a sister to Henry VIII., wdiose marriage to her was therefore 
incestuous. And of course the royal monarch found many 
learned schoolmen, ecclesiastics and others, to argue in his fa- 
vor, and to adduce countless citations from the fathers of the 
church to support his and their contentions, many of which are 
set forth at great length in the Appendix to Bishop Burnet’s 
History of the Reformation in England. Illustrations of the 
importance attached to contracts of marriage will be found 
further on in these pages, especially among those people most 
accustomed to the Roman, and later to the Roman-Dutch law. 

The history of the Christian, and especially of the Roman 
church, indicates a steadily-growing disposition to elevate the 
character ot the marriage tie by throwing about it the icgis of 
its authority ; by discountenancing private marriages ; by en- 
couraging, by urging, and finally by commanding that all mar- 

1 Juvenal, in Satire vi„ speaks of the conventum (the first overture), the pac- 
tum (contract), and the sponsalia (betrothing). 



riages should be celebrated publicly, by its authority alone, and 
bv its ministers. Its recogirtion of the sacredness of private 
contracts, even without subsequent consummation, weakened 
the force of its contentions to some extent. 

Consistent with its position regarding the sacredness of the 
marriage tie was its attitude, expressed in the seventh canon of 
the decree concerning matrimony and divorce, adopted by the 
Council of Trent, that marriage, being a sacrament, was in- 
dissoluble, for any cause whatsoever. In practice, however, 
it was permitted to annul a marriage, when it could be shown 
that it had been improperly or unlawfully contracted. As this 
was a difficult and expensive process, it was available only by 
the rich and powerful.' 

Such was the sentiment of the strongest and most repre- 
sentative Christian body in the world, in the middle of the six- 
teenth century, as crystalized into the enduring decree of the 
Council of Trent. It has been steadily adhered to by that 
church, and its influence has been felt ever since throughout 
Western Christendom, for the conservation of the sacredness 
of the marriage tie. 


In the settlement of New Jersey four nationalities were 
prominent and influential in this chronological order: 

I. The Dutch. 

II. The Swedes. 

III. The English. 

IV. The Scotch. 

Moreover, the views of the English settlers were modified 
by the fact that many of them were 

V. New Englanders ; or 

VI. Quakers ; or 

VII. Settlers from New York or Pennsylvania. 

All of these were Protestants, and hence dissenters from 
the dogmas promulgated by the Council of Trent; and al- 
though agreeing in the main on the subject of marriage and 

i Hist, of the Council of Trent, as cited, p. 420. 



divorce, approached the matter on different lines, as we shall 
proceed to show. 

I. The Dutch Law of Marriage. 

The system of jurisprudence prevailing in Holland in the 
sixteenth century was a highly-artificial modification of the ad- 
mirable Roman system, and was known as the Roman-Dutch 

Grotius recognizes the fact that in Holland, as in other 
countries, “in olden times marriage was contracted without 
much ceremony ; in some places by mere cohabitation (concu- 
bitus) with the knowledge of the nearest relations on both 
sides.” This, however, frequently proved troublesome and 
dangerous, as it sometimes happened that persons contracted 
marriages in violation of former promises, or within the pro- 
scribed degrees of blood or affinity, or without the previous 
consent of those who should have been consulted in the matter. 
In order to obviate all this, the States, in 15S0, adopted certain 
regulations (a Political Ordinance) on the subject, which also 
agreed with the ecclesiastical law. The essential requisites 
thus prescribed were as follows: 

All persons who desired to marry must appear before the 
court of justice or the minister of the church of their place of 
abode, where they had had their last fixed residence for a year 
and a day, and there request the publication of the banns on 
three successive Sundays or market-days, in the church, or court- 
house (or other place where the court was held), so that those 
who wished to raise any objections might do so in the mean- 
time, on pain of forfeiting their right to object. It was under- 
stood that “the three publications of the banns being simply to 
protect the rights of a third party, and that marrying in the 
church was but a mere outward ceremony, by way of public 
confirmation,” that provision could be dispensed with, with 
“the previous consent of the Government, after inquiry into 
the circumstances ; the third party, however, retaining his right, 
if any, so far as the three publications of. banns were con- 
cerned.” It was regarded as uncertain whether the ordinary 
(or ecclesiastical) judge could remit the banns, as authorized 
by the Council of Trent, Holland being a Protestant country, 



especially as the Political Ordinance provided (Art. 3) for the 
punishment of those who violated the regulations therein pre- 
scribed, and ignored the jurisdiction of the ordinary in the prem- 
ises. The law was very strict on these points, so much so that 
if there were the least deviation therefrom the transaction was 
not regarded as a marriage ; without prejudice, however, to the 
right of anyone, acquired by previous promise of marriage, to 
prosecute the same at law. Such promise had to be as clearly 
proved as any other contract, without the defendant being bound 
on the mere accusation of the plaintiff to clear himself on oath. 
On the other hand, a marriage in the church or before the civil 
authorities, completed as above, had its full force, so that all 
rights arising out of the marriage vested and took effect at once, 
although not followed by concubitus ; as was understood of a 
newly-married couple who, on their way home from their wed- 
ding, were both drowned. 

Other wholesome provisions of the same Ordinance were 
to the effect that no banns should be granted to young men un- 
der the age of twenty-five, or to young women under the age of 
twenty, until proof given of the voluntary consent of the pa- 
rents, or the survivor of them, such consent being of the es- 
sence of the marriage ; so that a marriage contracted without 
the parents’ consent was per se void. If the parties were of 
the ages specified, the parents were obliged to give their con- 
sent, or to show good and lawful grounds for their refusal. To 
that end they could be summoned before the consistory of the 
church, or the civil authorities, to state their reasons. If they 
did not appear their silence was considered as consent; if they 
did appear and their reasons were not held to be good and law- 
ful, the banns were granted. Then, if no objection was made 
in the meantime, the petitioners could and must be married in 
church, or before the court of justice, in a lawful and public 
manner. The consent of guardians or relatives (other than 
parents) was not requisite. 1 

The power of annulling or dissolving marriages or mar- 
riage contracts was reserved to the civil authority. 

1 Grotius' Dutch Jurisprudence, I.. Cap. v.. Secs. 16-17. pp. 23-24 ; Van Leeu- 
wen’s Roman-Dutch Law, I.. Cap. xix. pp. 100-104, 107; Lord Stair's Institutes of 
Scottish Law. I., 27. 



The Political Ordinance of 15S0 was in line with the laws 
and customs of Holland from time immemorial, particularly in 
so far as it recognized the civil power in the regulation of mar- 
riages. Hence, the Hollanders who came to New Netherland 
brought with them the manners and customs of the Vaderland, 
as crystalized into statutes, the law being sufficiently elastic 
to be readily adapted to novel conditions in the New World. 

The earliest recorded instance of a marriage contract in 
New Netherland is that of Jan Jacobsen and Maritje Pieters, 
found in the New York Colonial Manuscripts, Vol. I., page 
153, for the translation of which the writer is indebted to the 
courtesy of the late George R. Howell, Archivist of New York. 
It bears date, fifteenth of August, 1639, and reads thus: 

In the name of God, amen. Be it known unto all men that on the 15th of August 
in the year 1639, before me Cornelius van Tienhoven ; Secretary residing in New 
Netherland on the behalf of the Incorporated West India Company, and the un- 
dersigned witnesses, appeared the worthy Jan Jacobsen from Vrelant, future 
bridegroom, assisted by Maritje Peters from Copenhagen, his future bride, on 
the other part, and they the appearers declared that they had mutually resolved, 
engaged and agreed to enter together the holy state of matrimony, and that under 
the following nuptial contract, praying the Almighty God that his divine Majesty 
would be pleased to bless their future marriage and let it redound to his honor. 

First, in regard to the property which he, the bridegroom, shall leave behind, 
in case he come to die, whether movable or immovable, or such as may rightly 
belong to him, it shall belong in free propriety to Marritje Peters aforesaid, with- 
out any of Jan Jacobsen’s blood relations having any claim thereto. On the 
other hand if Marritje Peters, the future bride, first happen to die. Jan Jacobsen 
shall, in like manner, own all her means and goods, whether movable or immov- 
able, in free propriety, without his giving any account thereof to any of her 
blood relations. Provided always that he, the bridegroom, or she, the bride, 
aforesaid, whichever of them both come to live the longest;, shall not possess the 
property longer than to the day of his or her death, and then be partitioned and 
divided by the brothers or lawful heirs of him. the bridegroom, and Teuntje Jeu- 
riaens of Amsterdam, or Jacob Bronc, her present husband, as heirs of Maritje 
Pieters aforesaid, each the just half. 

Thus done and executed in the presence of the undersigned witnesses in Fort 
Amsterdam, this day and year aforesaid. 

This is the -|— mark of 
Jan Jacobsen above named. 

This is the M mark of 
Marritje Peters above named. 

Claes van Elsant, witness. Harmanus A. Booghardij, witness. 

I lie earliest recorded marriage, and which antedates the 
Records of the Dutch Church in New York, is that of Thomas 
de Coninc and Marritje Frans van Betts, and bears date 22 
September, 1639. It * s found in N. \ . Colonial Manuscripts, 

new netherland marriage contracts. xxi 

Vol IV., p. 50, and is as follows (we give both the original 
and translation, as furnished by Mr. Ilowell) : 

Op 22 Septem (1639) 

Ter ve reader inge syn gecompaereert en verscheenen tomas de Coninc en 
Marritjen frans van beets de welcke versocbten wettelyck in liouelycken staet 
bevesticht te worden. 

Soo syn de vooren persoonen op haer versoeh op dato in heyligen liouwelychen 
staet bevesticht ter vergaderinge-int fort Amstm. 


Thomas de Coninc and Marritje Frans van Beets appeared in court and re- 
quested to be legally united in marriage. 

The above named persons are therefore this day at their request united in 
holy wedlock in court at Fort Amstm. 

The importance of a marriage contract was recognized by 
the authorities of New Amsterdam in a proceeding brought 
before the Burgomasters and Schepens, February 24, 1653, by 
Peter Kock, an unmarried burgher and inhabitant of that city, 
against Annetie Cornelissen van Vorst, spinster, living at Ahas- 
imus (now a part of Jersey City). Jacob Stoffelsen, stepfather 
of defendant, appeared before the court and the litigants handed 
in some writings, presenting their respective sides of the case. 
The court ordered copies to be furnished to the parties, and that 
defendant appear in person, which she did March 10, and put in 
her answer. Various pleadings were presented to the court 
from time to time, and that body finding the subject too grave 
for their decision, referred it, on Feb. 19, 1654, to the Director 
and Council of New Netherland. They remitted the matter, 
May 4, 1654, to the Burgomasters and Schepens, with their 
solemn decision that “suit having been entered, judgment must 
follow, and if either party, after the decision, feel aggrieved by 
the judgment of the Burgomasters and Schepens, such person 
may appeal to the Supreme Council.” The case was now re- 
ferred to a committee of three, who reported two weeks later: 
that a marriage contract or an oral promise of marriage had 
been mutually entered into between the parties, and in confirm- 
ation thereof certain gifts and presents were made by the de- 
fendant ; but in consequence of certain misbehavior (on his 
part?) the defendant was in no wise disposed to marry said 
Pieter Kock, and proved by two witnesses that Pieter had re- 
leased her, with promise to give her a written acquittal to that 
effect. The Court thereupon adjudged : that the promise ol 



marriage having been made and given before the Eyes of God, 
should remain in force, so that neither plaintiff nor defendant 
should be at liberty, without the knowledge and approbation of 
the magistrates and the other one of the interested parties, to 
enter into matrimony with any other person, man or woman. 
And by way of encouraging a reconciliation, the Court further 
adjudged : “that all the presents made in confirmation of the 
promise of marriage should remain in the possession of defend- 
ant, until the parties, with the pleasure, good will, content- 
ment and inclination of both, shall marry together or with the 
knowledge of the magistrates release each other.” 1 2 

There having appeared a tendency to ignore the law of Hol- 
land requiring the publication of the banns in the place of dom- 
icile of the parties, the Director and Council of New Nether- 
land passed an Ordinance, January 19, 1654, regulating the 
publication of Banns of Matrimony, as follows: 

The Director General and Council of New Netherland, 

To all who hear or see these presents read. Greeting, Make known. 

That we understand and are certainly informed by the report of our fiscal and 
others as well as by letters from Gravesend dated 18 January, 1654, that the Mag- 
istrates there have presumed and undertaken publickly to post notices of Mar- 
riage in regard to persons both of whom are, and for a long time have been domicil- 
iated in and about this city of New Amsterdam, far beyond the district of the afore- 
said village, and whereas such is in direct contradiction to both the Civil and Ec- 
clesiastical Law of the United A ether lands, which not only the abovementioned 
Magistrates of Gravesend but also all other Colonies within this Province are by 
contract and oath bound to observe; Therefore, the abovementioned Director 
General and Council order and notify the aforesaid Magistrates of Gravesend and 
all others within this Province, to annul such posting of intentions of Marriage, 
and on sight hereof to withdraw the same, and in all cases to proceed with and 
confirm no such Marriages, either privately or publickly. before and until such 
persons, according to betherlm.d style, have entered and received their bans and 
proclamations of marriage where they are dwelling and have resided the last 

Thus done in the Assembly of the Director and Council of New Netherland, 
this 19 January, A. D. 1654, New Amsterdam .2 

An instance of the violation of the law of Holland requir- 
ing the publication of the banns in the place of domicile of the 
parties was brought to the attention of the New Amsterdam 
authorities on January 26, 16^4, when 

Cornells van Tienlioven as Schout of this City appeared in Court and made an 
ex officio complaint of the illegal proceedings of the Court of Gravesend in setting 

1 Records of New Amsterdam, I., 54, 57, 61, 64, 76, 80, 97, 143, 154, 167, 192, 197; 
Winfield’s Hudson County, 428-30. 

2 Laws and Ordinances of New Netherland, page 152. 


up and affixing the bans of matrimony between Johan van Beeck and Maria Ver- 
leth, both of whom have their domicil in and about this City, and which bans 
are not published, in accordance with correct practice of the ecclesiastical and 
civil order, in this City, so that the aforesaid proceedings greatly tend to the in 
fringement on the good policy of our Fatherland and the privilege and jurisdic- 
tion of this City, and prepare a way, whereby hereafter some sons and daughters, 
unwilling to obey their parents and guardians, will contrary to their wishes, se 
cretly go and get married in such villages or elsewhere; he requests, that the 
Court give heed hereunto and take such action, as their Worships shall deem 
proper, to maintain jurisdiction and prevent unlawful marriages. 

Thereupon this courteous note was dispatched, February 9, 
1654, to the Court at Gravesend : 

Kind Friends: Whereas by petition presented to our Court this day by Johan- 

nes van Beeck, he requests, that his bans with Maria Verleth may be entered and 
properly proclaimed here, and we have understood that the said parties have pre- 
viously made proclamation of their bans through your Court at Gravesend, which 
(under correction) is contrary to the style and laws of our Fatherland, it is our 
request to your Honbie Court, in case such a circumstance should hereafter occur, 
that we may be informed thereof in order to prevent all improprieties, which we 
on our part engage to do in like manner, especially as it is usual, according to the 
custom of our Fatherland, that everyone shall have three publications at the 
place where his domicile is and then he may go and be married where he pleases. 

Arent van Hattem. 

New Amsterdam. 

While these formal proceedings were going on with great 
deliberation the young people became impatient, and on Feb- 
ruary 16, 1654. appeared in Court and “ prayed most earnestly 
that a disposal may be made ot the petition and remonstrance 
concerning the marriage between said van Beeck and Mary 
Verlet, presented to the Court.” 

Three days later Johannes van Beeck requested as before, 
“that action may be had on his petition, offering furthermore, 
if necessary, to affirm under oath what he has stated in his pe- 
tition respecting the private conversation with Hon blr Petrus 
Stuy vesant.” 

•• The Court having seen and examined the petition, presented on the 10th and 
16th last, regarding the marriage bans of Johan van Beeck and Maria Verleth, it 
is noted 

1 st. Who in the beginning instituted marriage; also what the Apostle of the 
Gentiles teaches about it. 

2d. The age resp. attained by Joh. van Beeck and Maria Verleth. 

3d. The consent of the girl's parents. 

4th. The distance and remoteness of this place from the Fatherland and the 
quarrels between Holland and England. 

5th. The danger that in such circumstances a long delay might disclose mat- 
ters between these .\oung people, which would bring disgrace to both families. 

'Tis true, that our Theologians correctly say that we must not tolerate or per- 
mit lesser sins, in order thereby to avoid greater ones. Therefore we think (with 
due submission), that by a proper solemnization of marriage the lesser and great- 



er sins are prevented, for the Apostle to the Hebrews calls the marriage-bed hon- 
orable and the Court opines, that the proper ecclesiastical proclamations of the 
aforesaid young people ought to be made at the earliest opportunity, to be follow- 
ed by their marriage. 

The would-be bridegroom did not care a tig for the theol- 
ogical or moral disquisition, and two weeks later advertised 
by a poster, that his marriage, contracted not only without his 
father’s knowledge, but contrary to his express prohibition to 
marry abroad, had been declared lawful and proper by a reso- 
lution of the Burgomasters and Schepens of this City of New 
Am"'.” Of this resolution it seems the Director General and 
Council were ignorant, and they therefore requested “an authen- 
tic copy thereof and at the same time in writing the reasons, why 
said resolution was not communicated to us and approbation 
thereof applied for, according to the Instructions given to the 
Inferior Court of this City.” 

A curious sequel to this tempest in a teapot appears in the 
following entry, under date of February S, 1656: 

Maria Verleth v.s. Joost van Beeck. Pltf. demands her letters, deposited yes- 
terday with the Secretary. Deft, maintains, as the marriage between Jonhannes 
van Beeck (now deceased), and Maria Verleth is not yet declared legal, the let- 
ters are not hers, until the marriage be legalized But if the marriage be declared 
lawful by the Court. Supreme Council and Consistory, he consents she should 
have them. He desires them now only as his legal right and requests that guar- 
dians be appointed. Maria Verleth declares, that not being a Burgher here, but 
a stranger, an inhabitant and Burgher of Hartford in New England, she is not 
bound to accept guardians here. She requests quick dispatch, unless the Couit 
will declare her marriage either lawful or unlawful. 

Inasmuch as the Court has never been informed, that the marriage between 
Johan van Beeck and Maria Verleth is declared illegal, but on the contrary, this 
Court has by order of Febr. 19, 1654, considered that respect must be paid to the 
proclamation of the church and consequently to the marriage tie between said 
young people, they cannot then pronounce the marriage illegal. 1 

Other irregularities concerning marriage were aimed at in 
the following 

Ordinance of the Director General and Council of New Netherland to oblige 
parties to Marry after the publication of their Bans, passed 15 January, 1658. 

Whereas the Director General and Council of Veto Netherland not only are in- 
formed, but have even seen and remarked, that some persons, after the proclama- 
tion and publication, for the third time, of their Bans or Intentions of Marriage, 
do not proceed further with the solemnization of their Marriage as they ought, 
but postpone it from time to time, not only weeks, but some months, which is di- 
rectly contrary to, and in contravention of the good order and custom of our Fath- 
erland, wherein being willing to provide, in order to prevent the mischiefs and 
irregularities which will flow therefrom; 

Therefore the Director General and Council aforesaid do hereby Ordain that 
all published persons, after three proclamations have been made and no lawful 

1 New Amsterdam Records, I., 155, 159, 163, 164, 173; II., 36. 



impediment occurs, shall cause their Marriages to he solemnized within one 
month at furthest, after the last proclamation, or within that time, appear and 
show cause where they ought, for refusing; and that on pain of forfeiting Ten 
guilders for the first week after the expiration of the aforesaid month, and for the 
succeeding weeks 20 guilders for each week, until they have made known the rea- 
sons for refusing. 

Furthermore, no Man and Woman shall he at liberty to keep house as married 
persons, before and until they are lawfully married, on pain of forfeiting One hun- 
dred guilders, more or less, as their quality shall be found to warrant, and all 
such persons may be amerced anew therefor every month by the Officer, accord- 
ing to the order and the custom of our Fatherland. t 

The Burgomasters and Schepens of New Amsterdam, sit- 
ting as a court, frequently exercised jurisdiction in divorce 
cases. It does not appear that such cases were regarded as com- 
ing within the authority of the church. A tew extiacts will 
suffice : 

November 4, 1659.— Nicolas Velthuysen is asked by the Court, why he has 
turned his wife out of the house and why he will not live with her? He answers, 
he has not done so, but gave her a blow, because she took his money, that he had 
laid away in his chest. — — — Aaltye (Lubbertsp denies having taken the 
money. Nicolas replying says, that he gave her child money to buy one thing or 
another to eat. as the child would not eat what was put on the table and what 
they ate; he requested separation from bed and board. Whereupon he is told, 
his wife is pregnant by him and the child will require maintenance. Answering 
he offers to maintain the child, when it comes, and to send her home a fat hog of 
100 pounds weight two skepels of wheat, one skepel of maize and then nothing 
more. He is asked, if he cannot resolve to live again in love with his wife, and 
answers, his inclination and will do not tend that way, and he has no disposition 
towards her. — — Nicolas Velthuysen and his wife having been heard in 

Court, it is decided, whereas Nicolas cannot resolve to live any more in love with 
her, he shall provisionally supply her with one fat hog, 2 skepels of wheat and one 
of maize, according to his own offer for her support, and further disposition shall 
be made for the maintenance of her and her child by him. 3 

December 9, 1659. — The Sellout, Nicasius de Sille. requests by petition divorce 
and separation of marriage, in such manner as the law allows, between himself 
and his wife Catharina Croegers on account of her unbecoming and careless life, 
both by her wasting of property without his knowledge and her habitual public 
drunkenness. Decision: Regard being had to the position of the petitioner, he is 
referred to the Director General and Council^ 

June 22, 1665.— Lodowyck Pos(t' his wife and daughter, wife of Arent Juriansen 
Lautsman, entering, said Lautsman's wife requests to be divorced from her hus 
band, as she cannot keep house with him. Decreed to postpone the matter until 
next Court day. when said Lautsman is to be heard, and Lodowyck Pos is allowed 
to retain his daughter during that time. 

June 24, 1665.— Lodowyck Pos and his daughter Beletje, wife of Arent Lauts- 
man. appear; said Beletje producing a remonstrance, wherein she demands that 

1 Laws and Ordinances of New Netherland, page 328. 

2 He had married Aaltye Bickers, or Lubbers, widow, in June, 1659, five months 
before this proceeding. 

3 New Amsterdam Records. III., 73. 

4 New Amsterdam Records, III., 90. 




she be not obliged to go back to her husband; whereupon it is apostilled: Copy 
hereof is on request ordered to be given to party to answer in writing next Court 
day and to appear himself in person, and Arent requests copy of whatever papers 
his wife may file. Decision: Petitioner’s request is granted 

July 4. 1665. —Lodowyck Pos vs. Arent Lautsman. Pltf. complaining as father 
of Beletje Lodowycx. maketh known the unchristian and insufferable treatment 
and behaviour of deft, towards said Beletje, deft’s lawful wife, exhibiting divers at- 
testations, etc., and demanding that deft, shall be condemned in such penalty as the 
Magistrates may deem proper, and further that his said daughter Beletje Jacobsen 
be not constrained to return again to her husband against her will. Deft, answer- 
ing denies, that he has improperly treated his wife, but says, they had some differen- 
ces, whereof said Lodowck Pos and his wife were the principal causes, exhibiting 
a declaration to that effect, requesting that his wife be obliged again to return to 
him and he promising to live henceforth with her as man and wife ought to do. 
Pltf. replying says, that he has now been three times before the Court concerning 
improper treatment of his daughter by the deft., who each time promised amend- 
ment, but never kept his promise; therefore he persists in his suit. The Deputy 
Mayor and Aldermen having heard the debates of parties on both sides— post- 
pone the decision of the Court to next Court day and meanwhile their Worships 
shall authorize some honorable and fitting person to reconcile, if possible, the 
parties to love and friendship -if not, to report. 

July 11, 1665 -Arent Lautsman communicates by petition in substance, that he 
and his wife were, pursuant to order of July 4, with Rev- Ministers D' Johannes 
Megapolensis and D 1 ' Samuel Driesius, but that his wife's parents would not come 
to any agreement nor listen or submit to the advice of the Ministers. He requests 
therefore, that the Court would please to order his wife to return to him, as he no 
longer could live without a wife, again promising to live with her as an honest 
man ought to do. Whereupon Arent's wife appearing, assisted by her father, and 
the request having been read to her, she was asked, if for this time she would not 
go with her husband on the promise of amendment given by him; she answers: 
No, as he had already repeatedly promised the same, but never kept it. The 

Mayor and Aldermen, , declare, they had contributed all in their power, as 

well through the clergymen as otherwise, to reconcile the parties in love and 
friendship, but all in vain, and whereas by divers declarations it is sufficiently ap- 
parent, that the parents, Lodowyck Pos and his wife, are the chief and principal 
cause of the trouble, which has arisen between the parties, they therefore order 
the said Lodowyck Pos not to detain the above named Beletje, wife of Arent 
Lautsman, in his house beyond 14 days, within which time parties 'shall have to 
be reconciled to each other or in default thereof they must again make joint ap- 
plication to the Court; and further said Arent Lautsman is hereby notified, that 
if again any complaints should be made of his improper behaviour, then he shall 
be delivered over to the Governor General for punishment, whether by separa- 
tion from bed and board, imprisonment or otherwise, as his Honour shall deem 
proper as an example to other evil householders. 

July 25, 1665.--The petition of Arent Lautsman was read and considered, 
making complaint, that his wife still evinces her unwillingness, contrary to the 
last judgment of the 11th inst., to come home to him; also that his father-in-law. 
Lod. Pos. is entertaining her contrary to said judgment, and requesting the Court 
to order and constrain the said Pos not to entertain his wife any longer and 
order her to return home to the petitioner; the Mayor and Aldermen direct, that 
the matter be placed in the hands of the jury. The aforesaid judgment of the 
11th together with the other papers having been considered by the jury, they de- 
cide that Beletje Lodowycks. wife of said Lautsman, shall return to her husband 
and that Lodowyck Pos shall no longer harbour her without the consent of her 


XXV 11 

husband, or allow others to harbour her, and he is to pay costs in this case. The 
Court approves the jury’s verdict. 1 

As in the case of the young couple who went from New 
Amsterdam to Gravesend to have their banns proclaimed, ap- 
parently to avoid anticipated objections, — so young lovers re- 
sorted to other expedients to evade the salutary restrictions 
framed to secure due deliberation and protection in entering 
the marriage state. Witness this somewhat complicated 
affair : 

February 23, 1674.— The Fiscal, pltf. vs. Ralph Doxy, deft. Pltf. alleges that 
Deft, did on the 5th inst enter, in an unlawful manner, into the married state 
with Mary van Harris, making use for that purpose of a forged certificate and 
that Deft, has still a wife alive residing in New England; therefore concludes, 
that the Deft ought to be conveyed to the place, where justice is usually exe- 
cuted, severely whipped and furthermore banished the country forever, with 

Deft, denies ever having been married to a woman before; acknowledges his 
guilt as regards the forged certificate, says that through love for Mary Harris he 
had allowed it to be executed by a certain Englishman, now gone to Barbadoes 
and prays forgiveness. 

Whereas parties, on both sides, expect further proofs, the case is continued to 
next Court day. 

March 1, 1674.— Same case. The Gov General and Council of New Netherland 
having read and considered the papers, etc., declare the marriage of Deft, with 
Mary van Harris to be unlawful, as it was solemnized by Jacobus Fabricius [a 
Lutheran minister], who had no legal power so to act. and without his engage- 
ment having been published three times according to the laws and customs of 
the government; but finding the charge against him of having a second wife in 
New England unfounded, he is therefore permitted to confirm himself in wed- 
lock with said Mary, according to the laws; in regard to the forged certificate, 
exhibited to Fabricius, he is pardoned for this on his promise of improvement 
and request for forgiveness; finally they condemn the defendant in costs. 2 

II. The Swedes. 

In the early times in Sweden “a purchase concluded with 
the father or the nearest relative (though it was rather a sym- 
bolical expression for contract generally), was the legal form 
of matrimony, and made the children legitimately born (lag- 
fodda) . The legally married spouse, as distinguished from 
the woman who had been seduced or stolen away in war, was 
said to be won ‘by gifts and speech’ (medh mundok medh 
tnaffi — Law of West Gothland, Arf. B. f. 7), or was, as in 
Homer, bought with presents (mundi-keypt) . The gods took 
to themselves wives after the same fashion. Thor’s hammer, 

1 New Amsterdam Records, V.. 262, 263, 271, 275, 282. 

2 N. Y. Colonial Documents, II., 691. 

XXVI 11 


laid upon the knee of the veiled bride, inaugurated her into 
her new destiny.” 1 

In 1614 a compilation of laws was made in Sweden for the 
direction of the whole kingdom, deficiencies in the code being 
supplied or explained by the aid of the civil law. It was this 
compilation that governed the Swedes first seeking the shores 
of the New World. 

By the charter of the Swedish West India (or Southern) 
Company, granted by Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, 
on the application of William Usselinx, the grant being dated 
December 21, 1624, and the company incorporated June 14, 
1626, it was provided that the company should be authorized 
to “ accommodate differences between the citizens of the coun- 
try and the natives, .... and preserve everything in good 
condition and under good order.” 2 

This was the germ of a European system of government on 
the shores of the Delaware. Doubtless the officers of the 
Company were expected to conform to the laws and customs 
of Sweden, but doubtless, also, there was a tacit understand- 
ing that in new surroundings justice must be administered in a 
rude way, as required by circumstances. The civil law pre- 
vailed in the home country, except as modified by the compila- 
tion of 1614. In religious customs the Augsburg Confession 
was the basis of ecclesiastical law and usages. But neither the 
civil law, nor the statutes nor even the “ Unaltered Augsburg 
Confession” could always be made to fit the novel situations 
in the little colony on the Delaware. 

In granting permission, January 24, 1640, to a colony of 
IIoll anders to settle in New Sweden, Sweden gave them 
“ the right of exercising in their district high and low justice, 
of founding there cities, villages, and communities, with a 
certain police, statutes, and ordinances, to appoint magistrates 
and officers. . . . The statutes and ordinances which they in- 

1 History of the Swedes, by Eric Gustave Geijer. London, p. 31. 

2 Hazard’s Annals of Pennsylvania, 1850, p. 20; A Short Description of the 
Province of New Sweden, etc., by Thomas Campanius Holm (Memoirs Hist. Soc. 
of Pennsylvania. III.), 63-64; Hist, of the Colony of New Sweden, by Carl. K. S. 
Sprinchorn, Stockholm, 1878; Acrelius' New Sweden, 20; Bancroft’s Hist. U. S., 
II. (ed. 1846), 284. 



tend to establish, to be communicated to the governor for ap- 
probation and confirmation, in order to discuss and execute 
with him in all which may most contribute to the advantage 
and welfare of the whole country.” “ As regards religion, we 
are willing to permit that, besides the Augsburg Confession, 
the exercise of the pretended reformed religion may be estab- 
lished and observed in that country, in such manner, however, 
that those who profess the one or the other religion live in 
peace, abstaining from every useless dispute, from all scandal 
and all abuse.” 1 2 

When Queen Christina appointed, August 1 6, 1642, John 
Printz to be governor of New Sweden, she instructed him “ to 
render justice without distinction, so that there shall be injury 
to no one. If any person behave himself grossly, he must pun- 
ish him in a convenient manner. . . . But above all. whatever 
regards the political government and administration of justice, 
must be done in the name of her majesty. Detailed and per- 
fect instruction cannot be given, therefore it is left to the dis- 
cretion of the governor, according to circumstances.” All con- 
troversies were to be decided by the laws, customs and usages 
of Sweden, and in other things be was to “ adopt and follow 
the laudable customs, habits and usages of Sweden.” “Above 
all things, the governor must .... take proper care that 
divine service be zealously pertormed according to the unaltered 
Augsburg Confession, the Council of Upsala, and the cere- 
monies of the Swedish church, having care that all men, and 
especially the young, be well instructed in the articles of their 
Christian faith, and that a good church discipline be duly ex- 
ercised and maintained.” 3 

In the articles of capitulation between John Rysingh, 
Director of New Sweden, and Peter Stuyvesant, Director : Gen- 
eral of New Netherland, September 25, 1655, it was provided 
that those who chose to remain should “have the liberty ot 
adhering to their own Augsburg Confession.” 3 

1 Hazard’s Annals, 52-53. 

2 Aorelius’s New Sweden. 30-40; Hazard’s Annals, 63-68. 

3 Hazard's Annals, 188; Acrelius’s New Sweden, 77; History of New Netlier- 
land, by E. B. O'Callaghan, New York, 1S55. II., 2SS-2S10. 



The Augsburg Confession, which embodied Luther’s 
views, and the Catechism, explanatory thereof, did not recog- 
nize marriage as a sacrament, and while the Lutherans were 
quite strenuous in requiring the publication of banns, and the 
performing of the marriage ceremony by a clergyman, they 
nevertheless admitted the validity of civil marriage. 

As observed above, Director-General Stuyvesant guaran- 
teed the Swedes on the Delaware their “ liberty of the Augs- 
burg Confession.” Their local officers were also retained, and 
even the English conquerors continued the Swedish officers for 
a time . 1 We have no instances of marriages, etc., under the 
Swedish rule, but there is no doubt that Swedish customs pre- 
vailed in that region to a considerable extent until well on into 
the eighteenth century . 2 The sanctity of marriage contracts 
was recognized by the Swedes as well as by the Dutch, and 
the latter enforced the same on all occasions. Here is an in- 
stance : 

To-day. date as below, appeai’ed before me, A. Hudde. Secretary at Fort Casi- 
mir on the South-River, appointed by the Honhie Mr. Peter Stuyvesant and High 
Council, residing at the Manhattans, in presence of the undersigned witnesses, 
the worthy Jan Picolet. a native of Bruylet in France with the maiden Catrine 
Jans, born in Elsenburgh in Sweden. Together and each for him or herself they 
have made, of their free, preconsidered and unbiased will and deliberate opinion, 
a promise of marriage, under the condition that on account of special reasons the 
marriage solemnization should be delayed, until a preacher came here. And Jan 
Picolet promises faithfully to Catrine Jans to keep the aforesaid engagement un- 
broken, likewise Catrine Jans promises in the same manner to adhere steadily, firm- 
ly and inviolably to the promise of marriage made to Jan Picolet, to which end we, 
the engaged, submit ourselves, each individually, to such punishment, as is ordered 
by law for convicted adulterers, if one of us or both should retract the foregoing 
promise or violate or break it. We bind us. for the vindication and satisfaction 
of justice, to keep ourselves pure and undefiled in our engagement, until the com- 
plete consummation of the marriage, as decency and the laws of our magistrates 
require it. We declare, by signing this, that we, for further confirmation of this 
our foregoing promise, place our persons, goods, movable or immovable, now be- 
longing or hereafter coming to us, all under the control of the pertinent laws. In 
attestation of the truth we have signed this without reservation or deceit. 

Done at Fort Casimir, this 24th of February of this Year 1656 on the South- 
River of New-Netherland. 

Jan Nicolet 


Catrine — |— Jans 


i N. Y. Hist. Soc. Collections, First Series, I., 236. 

2Kalmsays: ' Before the English settled here, they (the Swedes) followed 
wholly the customs of Old Sweden.”— Travels, II.. 123. In some of the New 
Jersey villages as late as 1749, “not a single Englishman, or people of any other 
nation,” lived in them.— lb.. II., 168. 



On the 24th of the following May the contracted couple ap- 
pear before the Council, when Jan requests in writing and ver- 
bally, that he might be discharged from his promise of mar- 
riage, made to the aforesaid Catrine Jans on January 24, 1656, 
and that the same be declared null and void. lie had asked 
her, he said, “with serious intention, upon honor and faith, to 
be his wife, and that he did not know else, but that she was a 
virtuous girl.” About a month after, to. his direct question, 
she assured him to that effect, and “they would have been 
married if a preacher had been at hand.” It subsequently be- 
came evident that she was not as she pretended to be. Catrine 
then confessed to the Council that in the fall of 1655 she had 
been engaged to a soldier, who was responsible for her condi- 
tion. The Commissaries adjudged that she had gone “outside 
of her first betrothal, from which she had not been released, 
neither by the death of the bridegroom nor by other lawful rea- 
sons, and had by her second betrothal deceived the plaintiff, 
contrary to the written law,” and they gave judgment that the 
aforesaid Ficolet be released from his betrothal and marriage 
contract aforesaid and they declared the same null, ineffectual, 
of no value and as if the same had never been made, passed, 
written nor signed.” They moreover condemned Catrine to 
appear in Fort Casimir, and there, before the Council, to re- 
lease the plaintiff’ and with bent knees to ask the pardon of 
God and justice and promise henceforth to behave as a virtu- 
ous woman.” 

On June 1 6th the couple once more appeared before the 
Council, and having heard the above judgment, “the parties, 
giving each other the right hand, discharged one the other 
legally before the Council of the promise of marriage.” 1 

The strict observance of the rule as to the publication of the 
banns in what was formerly New Sweden is illustrated by these 
citations : 

December 29. 1655.— Appears Toms Broen. as father and guardian of his daugh 
ter, Jannetje Tomas, and consents to the marriage between her and Willem 

1 N. Y. Col. Docs., XII., 114-146. On November 25 following, Lawrence Pieters, 
bachelor, from Leyden, about 23 years old, and the fickle Catrine Jans, from 
Gottenburg, about 19 years old, appeared before the Council and announced their 
desire to enter into matrimony. They were confirmed in marriage by the Coun- 
cil on December 24. “ after proclamation of the banns on the previous Sunday.”— 
jV. T. Col. Dues., XII., 154, 156. 



Mauri ts here present and requests that their legal bans might be published; the 
names being, of the bridegroom Willem Maurits. bachelor, from Walle Schier, 
about 33 years old, of the bride Jannetje Tomas, spinster, born in New-Nether- 
land. about 16 years old. Witness Stuyte Andries.i 

July 7, 1656.— Desiring to enter into matrimony Jacob Crabbe, bachelor, born in 
Amsterdam, and Geertruy Jacopsen from Immenes, widow of the late Roeloff de 
Haes, ask to have their matter attended to and declare besides, that they have no 
engagement with any body else. 2 

The Swedish Lutheran clergymen found it difficult to com- 
ply with the regulations of the Dutch rulers, and probably did 
so with an ill grace, that was resented by the new government. 
A curious case was that of the Rev. Lners Caerlsen (Lokenius), 
who was brought before the court at Altena, April 14, 1662. 
From the proceedings it appeared that his wife had eloped in 
September, 1661. As he had “several children and a large 
house-hold, and so was in need of another wife, and thought that 
all that was necessary was to find one,” and although “pursuant 
to the laws of our Fatherland he ought to have first asked and 
obtained a decree of divorce from the superior authority,” he 
had not only waived that formality hut had married himself to 
another woman. He protested that in this matter he “had 
proceeded lawfully therein and consent was given. I have fol- 
lowed the same custom, which others have followed here, who 
have not been called up on that account. I declare on my 
conscience, that it was not done with any bad intention ; had I 
known, that this self-marriage would be thus interpreted, I 
would have willingly submitted to the usages of the Reformed 
church, which were not known to me.” 1 2 3 During the period ol 
his suspension Director-General Stuyvesant granted him a 
divorce and validated the second marriage, after which Mr. 
Laers was again invested with his gown. 

Again, in 1 674 , another Lutheran minister, the Rev. Jaco- 
bus Fabricius, was suspended from his ministerial functions for 
one vear, by the Governor-General and his Council, for hav- 
ing married a couple “ without having lawful authority thereto 
and without publication of the bans.” 4 

1 N. Y. Col. Docs., XII., 137. 

2 Ibid., XII., 149. 

3 Ibid.. XII.. 366-7; Acrelius's New Sweden, 101. 

3 N. Y. Col. Docs., XII.. 512. For other notices of Mr Fabricius, see Acrelius's 
New Sweden, 177-180; Penn. Col. Records, I., 348. 


June 4-5, 167S, at New Castle. — Mr. Walter Wharton, a 
Justice of the Peace, was presented “ for marrying himselfe 
or being married directly contrary to the Knowne Lawes of 
England & alsoe contrary to the Lawes and customes of this 
place and Province.” 1 

June 30, 1679, Whoorekill. — Complaint was made to Gov. 
Andros regarding the conduct of Capt. John Ayrey, a local 
Magistrate, president of the Court, and this pathetic incident 
was related, disproving the sarcastic incredulity of Rosalind : 

“ HeeTooke vpon himselfe to Marry the widdow Clament to 
one Bryant Rowles, without publiquecation noth withstanding 
she was out aske at Least a Month to another man, namly 
Edward Cocke ; The which when the said Cocke hard that she 
was marryed to another man said that it would be his death 
And presently went home fell sick and in forty eight hours 
dyed ; he left it on his death that her marrying was the cause 
of his dyeing.” 

Furthermore, it was alleged of Capt. Aurey : 

“ Ilee took upon him to grant a Licence to Marry Daniel 
Browne to Sussan Garland widdow, without any publiqueation, 
which Marrige was effected, notwithstanding it is Generally 
knowne or at Least the said Daniel confesses that he knows no 
other but that he haue a wife living in England.” 2 

The following simply-worded entry in the record of Holy 
Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Wilmington, Del., by the re- 
tiring pastor, Ericus Biorck, in 17(3, gives a picture of a mar- 
riage in those early times, which was doubtless a type of sim- 
ilar occasions in the region formerly known as “ New 
Sweden,” and a suggestion, as well, of the changing customs : 
“The fourth Sunday after Easter the 3d of May, as with the 
church, Christ’s prepared spiritual bride, so did Magister Hes- 
sellius enter matrimony with Jonas Walraven’s daughter Vir- 
gin Sarah Walraven, which after three times publishing took 
place in Christina church, the above named Sunday when I 
preached the marriage sermon over them from John 3rd Chap., 
29th verse: He that hath the,Bride, is the Bridegroom, etc., 
and Mr. Sandall, from Wicacoe, performed all the rest with 

1 N. Y. Col. Docs., XII., 596. 

2 Ibid., XII., 624. 



the speech to the bride at the house and the marriage cere- 
mony, etc., which I would not do on account of my love for 
and adherence to the customs of my Fatherland and its old cus- 
toms which I see are being done away with, such as crowning 
the bride, etc., through the introduction of these English cus- 
toms.” 1 

A few weeks later (May 30), at a meeting of the same con- 
gregation it was enjoined upon them, as to 

“ Regulating espousals and marriages that they are not al- 
lowable according to church law before mature age, and not 
without consent of parents, and must be without compulsion 
or secrecy, and not before being well instructed in Christian 
doctrines.” 2 

By the middle of the century, as the country became more 
generally settled by people of English descent, there was 
much falling away from the quaint Swedish customs, espec- 
ially among the young people, as will be noted hereafter. 

III. Marriage Rites in England. 

Sundry provisions in the Anglo-Saxon statutes, frequent al- 
lusions in early English literature, and passages in the prayer 
book, appear to indicate that the earliest marriages in England 
were by capture, consented to or condoned by the bride ; or 
more generally by purchase, sanctioned by the village or 
gens, the bride’s father selling or giving the bride, 3 and perhaps 
in later times performing some sort of ceremony on the occa- 
sion. 4 In the language of the old prayer book of the time of 
Edward VI. : 

1 Records of Holy Trinity Church, 1890, 153. 2 Ibid., 178. 

3 In “The History of English Law before the time of Edward I.,” by Sir Fred- 

erick Pollock and Frederick William Maitland, Cambridge. 1899, II.. 365, a some- 
what different view is taken : “ When light begins to fall upon the Anglo-Saxon 
betrothal, it is not a cash transaction by which the bride’s kinsmen receive a 
price in return for rights over their kinswoman ; rather we must say that the 
bridegroom covenants with them that he will make a settlement upon his future 
wife. He declares, and he gives security for. the morning-gift which she shall 
receive if she ‘chooses his will’ and the dower that she shall enjoy if she outlives 
him.” Th's practice, however, indicates an earlier custom of simple bride- 
purchase, as stated above in the text. 

4 It is not unlikely that this practice in a public place is the real origin of the 
tradition attaching to the singular group or circle of stones called “The Wed- 
ding,” described in Camden's Britannia, London 1695 col. SI. 



I M. take thee N. , for ray wife, 

to have and to holcU 

from this day forwards 

for better, for worse, 

for richer, for poorer, 

in sickness and in health. 

to love and to cherish, 

till death us do part. 

and thereto I plight thee my troth. 

With this rynge I the wed 

And this gold and silver I the geve3 

and with my body I the worshipe, 

and with all my worldely catheH I the endowe. 

In that quaint satire on “the degeneracy of the times” — 
theme ever-old, and ever-new — published in London, in 1604 
(reprinted in 1S44), entitled “A Piece ot Friar Bacons 
Brazenheads Prophesie,” the writer tells us: 

When I was but a boye 

.... When wooers met, 

It was a sport to see 
How soone the match was set, 

How well they did agree: 

When that the father gave the childe , 

And then the mother sat and smilde. 

Dr. Lushington, in the House of Commons, March 17, 
1835, thus explained the history and principles of the law of 
England in regard to marriage: “ By the ancient iaw ot this 
country as to marriages, the marriage was gootl, if celebrated 
in the presence of two witnesses, though without the interfer- 
ence of a priest. But then came the decision of the Council ot 
Trent, rendering the solemnization by a priest necessary. At 
the Reformation we refused to accept the provision of the 
Council of Trent ; and, in consequence, the question was re- 
duced to this state — that a marriage by civil contract was valid ; 
but, there was this extraordinary anomaly in the law, that the 
practice of some of our Civil Courts required, in certain in- 
stances, and for some purposes, that the marriage should be 
celebrated in a particular form. It turned out that a marriage 
by civil contract was valid for some purposes, while for others 

1 Habendum et tenendum— words essential to a conveyance. 

2 Words of the present tense -verba deprccsenti. 

3 Evidence of bride-purchase, with the ring, and gold and silver. 

4 Cathel, or catel: goods, property, possessions, treasure, or money.— HalliwelV s 
Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, 10th ed., London, 1881, I., 235. 



— such as the descent of real property to the heirs of the mar- 
riage — it was invalid. Thus, a man in the presence of wit- 
nesses, accepting a woman for his wife, per verba presenti, 
the marriage was valid for some purposes ; but for others, to 
make it valid, it was necessary that it should be celebrated 
in facie ecclesice. This was the state of the law until the 
passage of the marriage act in i 7^4.” 

In the prayer book of Edward VI. ( 1553), it is ordered : 

“ First the banns must be asked three several Sundays or 
holy days, in the service time, the people being present, after 
the accustomed manner .” 

The old ballad of Robin Hood and Allen a Dale refers to 
the same ancient custom : 

That shall not be. the bishop he said, 

For thy word shall not stand; 

They shall be three times askt in the church, 

As the law is of our land. 

The rule was that the banns, or intention of marriage, 
should be published, or “called out,” in facie ecclesice , or in 
front of, or before, the church; in other words, in the most 
public place in the village, to ascertain if the proposed mar- 
riage met with the approval of the people — apparently a sur- 
vival of an earlier custom, when the consent of the bride’s gens 
was requisite, to permit of her surrender to another gens or 
tribe. The rule was still further modified in time, by having 
the banns “called out” from the pulpit, before the congrega- 
tion, and, as education became more general, by simply post- 
ing the notices of intended marriage on, or at, the church door, 
which might be construed as a compliance with the ancient 
custom of publishing the banns in facie ecclesice. Various 
ceremonies “ at the church door,” as of espousals, 1 dowry and 
the like, have been regarded as relics of a pagan sacrificial cere- 
mony ; and the marriage at the altar, within the church, is 
thought to be a trace of a primitive sacrifice at the domestic 
altar. Certain it is, that the church was many centuries in se- 
curing an influential part in the celebration of marriages in 

1 A case of espousals at the church door was tried in 1254. See N. Y. Gen. and 
Biog. Record. III., 89. 



England. 1 One of the earliest descriptions of a church wed- 
ding in England is this, from Chaucer: 

I trow it were to longe yow to tarie. 

If I yow tolde of every scrit and bond, 

By which that sche was feoffed in his lond; 

Or for to herken of hir riche array. 

But finally y-comen is that day, 

That to the chirche bothe ben thay went. 

For to receyve the holy sacrement. 

Forth comth the preest, with stoole about his neeke, 

And bad hir be like Sarra and Rebecke 
In wisdom and in trouth of mariage; 

And sayd his orisouns, as is usage. 

And crouched hem, and bad God shuld hem blesse 
And made al secur ynough with holinesse. 

Thus ben t hey wedded with solempnite.2 

Another account of a wedding that actually took place sixty 
or seventy years later than the date of the Canterbury Tales, is 
described with an interesting minuteness in depositions made 
July 6, 1472, in which it is related that in 145 1 or 1 45 3 ■> S ir 
William Plumpton and Joan Wintringham were privately 
married one morning before sunrise, in the parish church at 
Knaresburgh, by John Brown, perpetual vicar of that parish. 

“Very early in the morning of the said Friday came the said 
Sir William and Joan to the parish church ot Knaresburgh, 

and, they standing at the door of the chancel of the said 

church within the said church, the aforesaid John Brown came 
from the high altar in his vestments and solempnized marriage 
between them in the presence of the deponent, the said Sir 
William taking the said Joan with his right hand and repeat- 
ing after the vicar, Here I take the Jhennett to my wed- 
ded wife to hold and and to have , att bed and ait borcf , for 
fa rcr or lather , for better for worse , in sicknesse and in hele , 

1 ‘'In the seventh century in England the church was making her voice heard 
about marriage.” “By the middle of the twelfth century ... it was law in 
England that marriage appertained to the spiritual forum.” ''In 1200 Archbishop 
Hubert Walter . . . published in a council at Lambeth a constitution which 
declared that no marriage was to be celebrated until after a triple publication of 
the church’s ban.” "At the Lateran Council of 1215 Innocent III. extended over 
the whole of Western Christendom the custom that had hitherto obtained in 
some countries, of ‘ publishing the banns of marriage.’ "—History of the English 
Law. by Pollock and Maitland, as cited, II., 366, 367, 370: Thrupp's "Anglo-Sax- 
on Home,” 50-57; Palgrave’s Hist, of the English Commonwealth, II., cxxxvi. 

2 Chaucer’s Marchaundes Tale, 453-165 [Chaucer's Works, edited by Richard 
Morris, London, 1882, Vol. II., 332], 



to dede us depart , and thereto I plight the 7 iiy trouih , and 
the said Joan making like response incessantly to the said Sir 
William — that the said vicar, having concluded the ceremony 
in the usual form, said the mass of the Holy Trinity in a low 
voice in the hearing of the deponent.” 

A vivid touch of realism is imparted to the narrative by 
the additional information that “ Sir William was clad in a 
garment of green checkery, and Joan in one of a red colour,” 
she also having on “a grey hood.” 1 

Although the church through hundreds of years was contin- 
ually seeking to gain entire control of the marriage ceremony, 
nevertheless marriage was still regarded as primarily a civil 
contract, until the passage of the Marriage Act of 26 Geo. If., 
and the ecclesiastical ceremony was largely subsidiary to the 
civil contract or espousals, which often preceded the actual mar- 
riage by a considerable period. A pre contract of this kind 
was, till 32 Hen. VIII., and again after 2 and 3 Edw. VI., 
considered an impediment to marriage with any other person. 

In the early Chancery proceedings, formerly in the Tower 
of London, there are numerous bills of complaint grounded on 
alleged contracts of marriage, some of which date back as far as 
1452. In these proceedings, however, the plaintiffs seek only 
to recover the actual losses and disbursements, without making 
any claim for blighted affections. 

Maister Walter Leinster, Doctour of Phisik, complains of 
Maister Richard Narborough, Doctor of Law Sivill, for that 
he in the moneth of May in the ix. yere of the reigne of the 
Kyng oure soveraigne Lord (Edward IV.) affianced one Lucy 
Brampston, the daughter-in-lawe of the said plaintiff, to have 
her to wile, and immediately thereafter informed her that he 
would “ depart over the see unto Padowe, there to applye his 
stodye for the space of ij yeres,” at the end of which time he 
promised to return to England and to “espouse the said Lucy 
according to the law of Holy Churche,” at the same time es- 
pecially desiring the plaintiff to maintain the said Lucy and a 

1 Plumpton Correspondence. A series of Letters, chiefly domestick, written 
in the reigns of Edward IV. Richard III. Henry VII. and Henry VIII. London, 
printed for the Camden Society, 1839, pp. lxxvi-lxxvii. 



maidservant to attend upon her, providing them with meat, 
drink, clothing, and all things necessary, until his return from 
beyond the sea, when he promised faithfully to repay the 
plaintiff all the costs and charges which he had incurred in 
that behalf. He did not return for ten years, and then refused 
either to marry Lucy, or to reimburse the plaintiff, “ to the 
greate perell and jopardv of soule of the same Maister 
Richard.” The complainant therefore brought suit: 

For bedcle and boorde for Lucy and hir mayde by the space of 
x. yere by his agrement and special desire, paying by y« week 
iijs. iiijd. for them twayne cxxx marks 

Item: For hir arayment yerely delivered to hir, to buy gownys, 

kirtells, smokkis, &c. xx - li- 

Item: For arayment of hir servande. yerely delivered xiiijs. iiijd. x. marks 

Item: For necessary expences made uppon hir in tyme of hir 
sore and gret sekenes caused thrugh his onkyndnes and 
chaungeablenes. ful hard to escape with lyiffe. as al the cun- 
trey knowith wel; and as yet apperith on her. for evir sith 
she hath ben sekele thrugh sorowe and pensyffenes whiche 
she toke for his newfanglesi xiijli. xiijs. iiijd. 

The feudal laws, which gave the lord the control of the 
marriage of his ward, were manifestly opposed to the church’s 
claim over marriages. True, the law of Normandy was to 
the effect that “ if a woman be in wardship, when she shall 
be of an age to marry, she ought to marry by the consent and 
license of her lord, and by the counsel and consent of her rela- 
tions and friends, according to what the nobleness of her line- 
age and the value ofher fief shall require.” But within a short 
period after the Norman conquest tiie English lords asserted 
absolute control over their wards, male as well as female, an 
abuse so notorious that it called for restrictive enactments, as 
Henry I.. cap. i, cited in Bracton ; Magna Charta 1 2 ; the Stat- 
ute of Merton, 20 Hen. III.; 1 Westminster, cap. 22; 2 

Westminster, cap. 35. This control of wards and their estates 
by the feudal lords continued for centuries, despite adverse en- 
actments. A remarkable instance of this happened so lately 
as the time of Charles I., in the case of the earl, afterwards first 
duke of Ormond. “ A long suit had subsisted between the 
lady Preston, grand-daughter and heiress at law of Thomas 
earl of Ormond, and her cousin, the heir male of the family, 

1 The Antiquary. IV. (London, Nov. 1S81). 186-7. No decision is recorded. 

2 Particularly articles vi, vli and viii. 



for that part of the estate her grandfather had entailed to go 
with the title. At length the relations on both sides thought 
the best expedient to end this intricate dispute, was by uniting 
the young relations, who likewise had conceivedji strong affec- 
tion for each other ; yet, although the king approved highly 
thereof, did the earl of Warwick, who was grantee of the 
young lady’s wardship, extort ten thousand pounds before he 
would consent to a marriage on every account so desirable .” 1 

The primary interest of the lords in asserting control over 
the marriage of their wards must have interfered not a little 
with the church’s claims to a supremacy in all that pertained 
to the marriage ceremony. It was evidently to the advan- 
tage of the feudal lords likewise to attach great importance to 
the idea that marriage was a civil contract. Not so much in 
their interest was the underlying principle, recognized in Eng- 
land from the earliest times, that consent by and between the 
parties was of the very essence of a valid marriage . 2 This, 
again, was a recognition of the idea that marriage was a civil 
contract, between the two parties most interested, which not 
even the church could lawfully abrogate . 3 Herein was the 
basis of what has always been known as the English “ common 
law marriage.” 4 * If a man and woman agreed forthwith ( per 
verba de prcesefiti ) to take each other as husband and wife, it 
was a good marriage by the common law . 4 “ In general, 

1 Lectures on the Constitution and Laws of England, etc., by Francis Stough- 
ton Sullivan, LL. D. Second Edition. London: M, DCC, LXXVI. pp. 129-133. 
And see Co. Litt., 7S-79. 

2 “Marriage being a divine Institution, to which only a full and free Consent of 
the Mind is necessary.”— Moor, 170. 

3 It was held by the schoolmen to whom Henry VIII. referred the question, in 
1530: “ A Marriage is compleated by the Marriage Contract, though it be never 
Consummated." “ Since Marriage was a Sacrament of the Church, its Essence 
could only consist in the Contract; .... so Marriage is compleat, though its 
effect never follow.” The canonists did not agree to this, regarding the consum- 
mation as essential. — Burnet's History of tfie Reformation of the Church of Eng- 
land, I., 100. 

1 Co. Lit. 34 a; Dy. 369, a. R. ; 6 Mod. 155; Sal. 437; Carth. 99. So if a contract 
per verba defuturo be afterwards executed by consummation. Semb. Sal. 438; 2 
Comyns’s Digest, ed. 1793,68. ” The Dutchesse of Barr was married in a closet, 
without a Masse, by words onely of the Present tense, as I believe, I have read in 
the Historie of Thuanus.” See letter of the Lord Keeper to the Duke of Buck- 
ngham. 22 March 1622. given in "Cabala. Mysteries of State, in Letters of the 
great Ministers to K. James and K. Charles," London, 1654, 106. See Pollock and 
Maitland, as cited, II., 388, 371. 


common reputation, anti cohabitation as man and wife, or the 
acknowledgment of the parties, may be admitted as evidence 
of marriage in the temporal courts.” 1 2 “ This Marriage is not 
a meer Nullity, because by the Law of Nature the Contract is 
binding; and though the positive Law of Man ordains Mar- 
riage to be made by a Priest, yet that Law only makes this 
Marriage irregular , but not void , unless the positive Law of 
Man had expressly ordained it to be void.”- 

The authority of the church in the celebration of marriages 
was first generally recognized in the time of Innocent III. 3 The 
canon law was introduced in England in the reign ot Llenry 
I., and was gradually extended in its power and scope as the 
influence of the church became more firmly established. The 
canons of the Church of England threw many safeguards 
about the ordinance, prohibiting marriages without publishing 
the banns, or without a license, under heavy penalties. 4 The 
privilege of granting licenses dispensing with the publishing 
of the banns for three Sundays, and other requisites of the 
canon law, was highly prized by the church, and especially by 
the Pope and his prelates. One of the first acts of Henry VIII. 
and his Parliament, after his breaking away from Rome, was 
to deprive the Pope of any power in relation to marriages in 
England, 5 by the enactment of a statute (25 Hen. VIII., A. D. 

1 Comb. 202; Cowp. 232,241; Rep. S77; Espin. Ni. Pr. Cases, 213; 7 Bacon’s 
Abridg. 571. 

2 Cases cited in William Nelson’s Abridgement of the Common Law of Eng- 
land, London. 1726, II., 1163. 

3 “Before the time of Pope Innocent III. there was no solemnization of mar- 
riage in the church; but the man came to the house where the woman inhabited 
and led her home to his own house, which was all the ceremony then used."— 
Moor. 170. 

4 Rubrick, Canons 62, 63. 101, 102. 104; 2 Burn’s Ecc. Law. 427. “These Canons 
were made in Convocation, and confirmed by Letters Patent, and are become Part 
of the Law of the Land, for the Government of the Church.”— The Eights of the 
Clergy, etc., by,Wm. Nelson, London. 1732, 416-422. 

■* 5 ,\s the clergy were formerly the only educated persons, they arrogated to 
themselves the legal profession in all its branches. As to the practice temp. 
Hen. II., see Pollock and Maitland, I.. 125-131. Later the claims of the clergy 
were much broader. The English Parliament in the sixteenth century objected 
particularly to these two provisions of the canon law: " All manner of Causes, 
whatsoever they be. Spiritual or Temporal, ought to be determined and judged 
by the Clergy.” “ Whosoever teacheth or thinketh of the Sacraments otherwise 
than the See of Rome doth teach and observe, and all they that the same See 



1534, cap. 21 ), which contained these among other provisions : 

III. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That neither your 
Highness, your Heirs nor Successors, Kings of this Realm, nor any your Sub- 
jects of this Realm, nor of any other your Dominions, shall from henceforth sue 
to the said Bishop of Rome, called the Pope, or to the See of Rome, or to any 
Person or Persons having or pretending any Authority by the same, for Licences, 
Dispensations, Compositions, Faculties. Grants, Rescripts, Delegacies, or any 
other Instruments or Writings of what Kind. Name. Nature or Quality soever 
they be of, for any Cause or Matter, for which any Licence, Dispensation. Com- 
position. Faculty, Grant. Rescript, Delegacy, Instrument, or other Writing, here- 
tofore hath been used arid accustomed to be had and obtained at the See of Rome, 
or by Authority thereof, or of any Prelates of this Realm; (2) nor for any manner 
of Licences, Dispensations, Compositions, Faculties, Grants, Rescripts, Delega- 
cies, or any other Instruments or Writings that in Causes of Necessity may law- 
fully be granted without offending of the Holy Scripture and Laws of God; (3) 
but that from henceforth every such Licence, Dispensation, Composition. Fac- 
ulty. Grant, Rescript. Delegacy, Instrument and other Writing afore named and 
mentioned, necessary for your Highness, your Heirs and Successors, and your and 
their People and Subjects, upon the due Examinations of the Causes and Quali- 
ties of the Persons procuring such Dispensations. Licences, Compositions, Fac- 
ulties, Grants. Rescripts, Delegacies, Instruments or other Writings, shall be 
granted, had or obtained, from Time to Time, within this your Realm, and other 
Dominions, and not elsewhere. (4) in Manner and form following, and none other- 
wise; that is to say, The Archbishop of Canterbury for the Time being, and his 
Successors, shall have power and Authority, from Time to Time, by their Discre- 
tion. to give, grant and dispose, by an Instrument under the Seal of the said Arch- 
bishop, unto your Majesty, and to your Heirs and Successors, Kings of this Realm, 
as well all manner such Licences, Dispensations. Compositions, Faculties, Grants, 
Rescripts, Delegacies, Instruments and all other Writings, for Causes not being 
contrary or repugnant to the Holy Scriptures and Laws of God, as heretofore hath 
been used and accustomed to be had and obtained by your Highness, or any your 
most noble Progenitors, or any of your or their Subjects, at the See of Rome, or 
any Person or Persons by authority of the same; (5) and all other Licences, Dis- 
pensations, Faculties, Compositions.' Grants, Rescripts. Delegacies. Instruments, 
and other Writings, in, for and upon all such Causes and Matters as shall be 
convenient and necessary to be had, for the Honour and Surety of your Highness, 
your Heirs and Successors and the Wealth and Profit of this your Realm; (6) so 
that the said Archbishop or any of his. Successors, in no manner wise shall grant 
any Dispensation. Licence, Rescript, or any other Writing afore rehearsed, or any 
Cause or Matter repugnant to the Law of Almighty God. 

IV. Be it also enacted by Authority aforesaid, That the said Archbishop and 
his Successors, after good and due Examination, by them had, of the Causes and 
Qualities of the Persons procuring such Licences Dispensations, Compositions, 
Faculties. Delegacies, Rescripts, Instruments or other Writings shall have full 
Power and Authority by themselves, or by their sufficient and substantial Com- 
missary or Deputy, by their Discretions, from Time to Time, to grant and dis- 
pose, by any Instrument under the Name and Seal of the said Archbishop, as well 
to any of your Subjects, as to the Subjects of your Heirs and Successors, 

doth judge Hereticks, be Excommunicate.” The clergy in general held that of 
the seven sacraments then generally recognized, matrimony was the only one ex- 
pressly mentioned in scripture. — Burnet's History of the Be formation of the 
Church of England, I., 116, 262, 263, 330; Collections. 203, 206-7. And see ‘ The 
Constitutional History of England.” by William Stubbs, Oxford, 1880, III., 351 , 
372, 374, 379. 



all manner Licences, Dispensations, Faculties. Compositions, Delegacies, Re- 
scripts, Instruments or other Writings for any such Cause or Matters, whereof 
heretofore such Licences, Dispensations, Compositions, Faculties, Delegacies, 
Rescripts, Instruments or Writings, have been accustomed to be had at the See 
of Rome or by the Authority thereof, or of any Prelate of this Realm. 

V. And that the said Archbishop and his Commissary, shall not grant any other 
Licence, Dispensation. Composition. Faculty. Writing or Instrument, in cases un- 
wont, and not accustomed to be had or obtained at the Court of Rome, nor by Au- 
thority thereof, nor by any Prelate of this Realm, until your Grace, your Heirs 
and Successors, or your or their Council shall be first advertised thereof, and de- 
termine whether such Licence. Dispensations, Compositions, Faculties, or other 
Writings in such Cases unwont and not accustomed to be dispensed withal, or ob- 
tained, shall commonly pass as other Dispensations. Faculties, or other Writings, 
shall or no; ( 2 ) upon Pain that the Grantors of every such Licence, Dispensa- 
tion, or Writing, in such Cases unwont, contrary to this Act shall make Fine at the 
Will and Pleasure of your Grace, your Heirs and Successors; (3) and if it be 
thought and determined by your Grace, your Heirs or Successors, or your or 
their Council, that Dispensations, Faculties, Licences, or other Writings, in any 
such case unwont, shall pass, then the said Archbishop or his Commissary, hav- 
ing Licence of your Highness, your Heirs or Successors for the same, by your or 
their Bill assigned, shall dispense with them accordingly i 

The somewhat belated scruples of Henry VIII., as to the 
validity of his marriage to Catharine of Arragon, because she 
had been espoused to his elder brother more than a score of 
years before, having been appeased by the annulment of the 
marriage, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, notwithstanding 
the denunciation of Rome, after a variety of new matrimonial 
ventures 1 2 the exigencies of his crown and the interests of his 

1 Statutes at Large, London, 1770, II., 191-5. And see Burnet’s Hist, of the 
Reformation. I., 141. The fees attached to the various services of the clergy 
formed a lucrative source of wealth to the church. The fee for a marriage license, 
at first 4s., by the middle of the eighteenth century was about £1, 5s., and of 
course more could be exacted, according to the urgency of the prospective bride- 
groom. The cupidity of the clergy led to many abuses and scandals. John Eve- 
lyn notes in his diary: “ [1635] 14th [July] No sermon at church; but after pray- 
ers, the names of the parishioners were read, in order to gather the tax of 4s. for 
marriages, burials. &c. a very imprudent tax. especially this reading the names, 
so that most went out of the church.” The clergy found it profitable often to 
ignore the law requiring the publication of banns or a license, and permitted mar- 
riages to be performed in their churches or chapels without either, by strolling 
ministers, having no benefices or settled habitations; and marriages were also 
celebrated by parsons in prison, without licenses. These irregular practices 
were prohibited under severe penalties in 1688 by act of 1 W. & M., cap. 35; in 
1696. by act of 7 and 8 William Til., cap. 35; in 1711 by act of 10 Anne. cap. 19. sec. 
176; and in 1753 by act of 26 Geo. II., cap. 33. See Statutes at Large. HI., 358. 634; 
IV., 563; VII . 5 ’5. An interesting deseriiRion of the manner in which the law 
was very generally disregarded by the English clergy, from the highest to the low- 
est, is given in a little pamphlet printed in 1691, and reprinted in the Harleian 
Miscellany, London, 1810, IX., 500-507. 

2 His fourth marriage, to Anne of Cleves, in 1540, was celebrated ''publicly, with 
great pomp, in the face of the church,” writes Richard Hilles to Henry Bullinger- 


subjects demanded the legitimization of the issue of marriages 
made despite previous contracts, and accordingly a new stat- 
ute (32 Hen. VIII., A. D., 1540, cap. 3S) was enacted, “ For 
Marriages to stand notwithstanding Precontracts,” as follows: 

Whereas heretofore the usurped Power of the Bishop of Rome hath always 
entangled and troubled the meer Jurisdiction and regal Power of this Realm of 
England, and also unquieted much the Subjects of the same, by his usurped 
Power in them, as by making that unlawful which by God's Word is lawful, both 
in Marriages and in other Things, as hereafter shall appear more at length, and 
till now of late in our Sovereign Lord s Time, which is otherwise by Learning 
taught than his Predecessors in Times past of long Time have been, hath so con- 
tinued the same, whereof yet some Sparks be left, which hereafter might kindle 
a great Fire, and so remaining, his Power not to seem utterly extinct: 

II. Therefore it is thought most convenient to the King’s Highness, his Lords 
Spiritual and Temporal, with the Commons of this Realm, assembled in this pres- 
ent Parliament, That two Things specially for this Time be with Diligence pro- 
vided for, whereby many nconveniences have ensued, and many more mought 
ensue and follow: (2) as where heretofore divers and many Persons, after long 
continuance together in Matrimony, without any Allegation of either of the 
Parties, or any other at their Marriage, why the same Matrimony 7 should not be 
good, just and lawful, and after the same Matrimony solemnized and consummate 
by carnal Knowledge, and also sometime Fruit of Children ensued of the same 
Marriage, have nevertheless, by an unjust law of the Bishop of Rome, which is, 
That upon Pretence of a former Contract made, and not consummate by carnal 
Copulation (for Proof whereof two Witnesses by that Law were only required) 
been divorced and separated, contrary to God's Law. and so the true Matrimony, 
both solemnized in the face of the Church and consummate with bodily Knowl- 
edge, and confirmed also with the Fruit of Children had between them, clearly 
frustrate and dissolved ; (3) Further also, by reason of other Prohibitions than 
God’s Law admitteth. for their Lucre by the Court invented, the Dispensations 
whereof they always reserved to themselves, as in Kindred or Affinity between 
Cousin-Germanes, and so to third and fourth Degree, carnal Knowledge of any 
of the same Kin. or Affinity 7 before such outward Degrees, which else were lawful, 
and be not prohibited by God’s Law; (I) and all because they would get the Money 
by it. and keep a Reputation to their usurped Jurisdiction, whereby not only 
much Discord between lawful married Persons hath (contrary to God's Ordinance) 
arisen, much Debate and Suit at Law. with Wrongful Vexations, and great Dam- 
age of the innocent Party hath been procured, and many just Marriages brought 
in doubt and Danger of undoing, and also many Times undone, and lawful heirs 
disinherited, whereof there had never else, but for his vain-glorious Usurpation, 
been moved by such Question, since Freedom in them was given us by God’s 
Law, which ought to be most sure and certain; (5) but notwithstanding. Marriages 
have been brought into such an Incertainty thereby, that no Marriage could be so 
surely knit and bounden. but it should lie in either of the Parties Power and Ar- 
biter, casting away the fear of God, by Means and Compasses to prove a Pre con- 
tract, a Kindred and Alliance, or a Carnal Knowledge, to defeat the same, and so 
under the Pretence of these Allegations afore rehearsed, to live ail the Days of 
their Lives in detestable Adultery, to the utter Destruction of their own Souls, 
and the Provocation of the terrible wrath of God upon the Places where such 
Abominations were used and suffered; (6) Be it therefore enacted by the King 
our Sovereign Lord, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in this 

in loll, shortly 7 after the event. See "Original Letters relative to the English 
Reformation,” etc., 1537-1558. Parker Society Publications. Cambridge, 1846, 201. 



present Parliament assembled, and by Authority of the same, That from the first 
Day of the Month of July next coming in the Year of our Lord God 1540, all and 
every such Marriage as within this Church of England shall be contracted 
between lawful Persons, (as by this Act we declare all Persons to be lawful, that 
be not prohibited by God’s Law to Marry) ; (7) such Marriages being contracted 
and solemnized in the Face of the Church, and consummate with bodily Knowl - 
edge, or Fruit of Children or Child being had therein between the Parties so mar- 
ried. shall be by the Authority of this present Parliament aforesaid deemed, 
judged and taken to be lawful, good, just and indissoluble, notwithstanding any 
Precontract or Pre contracts of Matrimony not consummate with bodily Knowl- 
edge, which either of the Parties so married or both shall have made with any 
other Person or Persons before the Time of contracting that Marriage which is 
solemnized and consummate, or whereof such Fruit is ensued, or may ensue, as 
afore, and notwithstanding any Dispensation, Prescription. Law, or other Thing 
granted or confirmed by Act, or otherwise; (8) and that no Reservation or Prohi- 
bition, God’s Law except, shall trouble or impeach any Marriage without the 
Levitical Degrees; (9) and that no Person, of what Estate, Degree or Condition 
soever he or she be. shall, after the first Day of the said Month of July aforesaid, 
be admitted in any of the Spiritual Courts within this the King’s Realm, or any 
of his Grace’s other Lands and Dominions, to any Process, Plea or Allegation, 
contrary to this aforesaid Act.i 

Th is statute was repealed in 154S (2 and 3 Edw. VI., cap. 
33), the repealing act naively setting forth as the reason 
thereof : 

Sithence the Time of which Act, although the same was godly meant, the Un- 
ruliness of Man hath ungodly abused the same, and divers Inconveniences (intol 
erable in manner to Christian Ears and Eyes) followed thereupon. Women and 
Men breaking their own Promises and Faiths made by the one unto the other, so 
set upon Sensuality and Pleasure that if after the Contract of Matrimony they 
might have whom they more favoured and desired, they could be content by Light- 
ness of their Nature to overturn all that they had done afore, and not afraid in 
Manner, even from the very Church Door and Marriage-Feast, the Man to take 
another Spouse, and the Espoused to take another Husband, more for bodily Lust 
and carnal Knowledge, than for Surety of Faith and Truth, or having God in their 
good Remembrance, contemning many Times also the Commandment of the Eccle- 
siastical Judge. forbidding the parties having made the Contract to attempt to 
do anything in Prejudice to the same:2 

An act passed in 1604 (2 Jac. I., cap. 11) made bigamy 
by any persot.1 living in England or Wales, a felony, punish- 
able by death, the penalty to be enforced in any country 
where the offender might be apprehended. The act was not 
to extend, however, to any person or persons whose husband 
or wife should be “■ continually remaining beyond the seas 
by the space of seven years together, in any parts within his 
majesty’s dominions, the one of them not knowing the other 
to be living within that time;” nor to persons lawfully di- 

1 Statutes at Large, London, 1770, II., 298. And see Burnet's Hist, of the Ref- 
ormation in England, I.. 2S3. 

•> Statutes at Large. London, 1770, II., 422. 



vorced, or whose marriage should have been annulled ; nor 
to any person who had married within the age of consent. 1 2 

One of the earliest acts of the Commonwealth Parliament 
was to deal a blow at the supremacy of the church, in its most 
intimate relations with the people, by providing that marriages 
should be celebrated o?i/y by a justice of the peace. The ex- 
cellent existing provisions of the canons and of the statutes for 
the publication of banns were preserved, and a careful system 
was prescribed for keeping a register of births, marriages and 
burials. 2 This was the protest of England’s Puritans and other 
dissenters against the Roman dogma that marriage was a sac- 
rament, that could be celebrated only under the sanction of the 
church. Milton and other leaders in the Commonwealth in- 
sisted that it was a civil contract, and this legislation was the 

The act (passed August 24, 1653) provides: 

Be it Enacted by the authority of this present Parliament. That whosoever 
shall agree to be married within the Commonwealth of England, after the Nine 
and twentieth day of September, in the year One thousand six hundred fifty 
three, shall (one and twenty days at least before such intended Marriage) deliver in 
writing, or cause to be so delivered unto the Register (hereafter appointed by this 
Act) for the respective Parish where each party to be married liveth, the names 
surnames, additions, and places of aboad of the parties so to be married, and of 
their Parents, Guardians or Overseers; All which the said Register shall publish 
or cause to be published, three several Lords-days then next following, at the 
close of the morning Exercise, in the publique Meeting-place commonly called 
the Church or Chappel; or (if the parties so to be married shall desire it) in the 
Market-place next to said Church or Chappel; on three Market-days in three sev- 
eral weeks next following, between the hours of eleven and two; which be- 
ing so performed, the Register shall (upon request of the parties concerned) 
make a true Certificate of the due performance thereof, without which Certifi- 
cate, the persons herein after authorized shall not proceed in such marriage: And 
if any Exception shall be made against the said intended Marriage, the Register 
shall also insert the same, with the name of the person making such Exception, 
and their place of aboad. in the said Certificate of Publication. 

And it is further Enacted, That all such persons so intending to be married, 
shall come before some Justice of Peace within and of the same County, City or 
Town Corporate where publication shall be made as aforesaid; and shall bring a 
Certificate of the said publication and shall make sufficient proof of the consent 
of their Parents or Guardians, if either of the said parties shall be under the age 
of One and twenty years: And the said Justice shall examine by witnesses upon 
Oath, or otherways (as he shall see cause) concerning the truth of the Certificate, 
and due performance of all the premises; and also of any exception made or aris- 
ing; And (if there appear no reasonable cause to the contrary) the Marriage shall 
proceed in this manner: 

1 Statutes at Large. London. 1770, III., 9. 

2 No registration of this kind was required by the canon law. and no such sys- 
tem was known before the Reformation. 


The Man to be married, taking the Woman to be married by the hand, shall 
plainly and distinctly pronounce these words: 

I A. B. do here in the presence of God the searcher of all hearts, take thee C. D. 
for my wedded Wife, and do also in the presence of God, and before these wit- 
nesses, promise to be unto thee a loving and faithful Husband. 

And then the Woman, taking the Man by the hand, shall plainly and distinctly 
pronounce these words: 

I C. D. do here in the presence of God. the searcher of all hearts, take thee A. 
B. for my wedded Husband, and do also in the presence of God. and before these 
witnesses, promise to be unto thee a loving, faithful and obedient Wife.i 

And it is further Enacted, That the Man and Woman having made sufficient 
proof of the consent of their Parents or Guardians as aforesaid, and expressed 
their consent unto Marriage, in the manner and by the words aforesaid, before 
such Justice of Peace in the presence of two or more credible Witnesses; the said 
Justice of Peace may and shall declare the said man and woman to be from 
thenceforth Husband and Wife; and from and after such consent so expressed, 
and such declaration made, the same, (as to the form of Marriage) shall be good 
and effectual in Law; And no other Marriage whatsoever within the Common- 
wealth of England, after the 29th of September, in the year One thousand six 
hundred fifty three, shall be held or accompted a Marriage according to the Laws 
of England: But the Justice of Peace (before whom a Marriage is solemnized) in 
case of dumb persons, may dispense with pronouncing the words aforesaid; and 

with joining hands in case of persons that have not hands And the 

said Justice of Peace (if it be desired) shall give unto the parties so married a 
Certificate in Parchment under his hand and seal, of such marriage, and of the 
day of the solemnization thereof, and of two or more cf the witnesses then pres- 
ent; and the Justices Clerk for this Certificate may receive Twelve pence and no 
more: And if such Certificate shall be produced to the Clerk of the Peace for that 
County, and request made to him to make an Entry thereof, then the said Clerk 
of the Peace is hereby required to enter the same in a Book of Parchment to be 
provided for that purpose, and kept amongst the Records of the said Sessions, 
and to restore the said Certificate: for which Entry, the Clerk of the Peace may 
receive Four pence and no more. 

Other provisions raised the marriageable age of the man to 
consent unto marriage to sixteen years, and of the woman to 
fourteen years, instead of fourteen and twelve respectively. 2 
Another important clause vested the jurisdiction of all matters 
and controversies touching contracts and marriages in the court 
of general quarter sessions of the county, instead of in the 
ecclesiastical courts. 3 

Immediately after the Restoration, the authority of the 
clergy in respect to marriages was revived (1660, 12 Chas. II., 
cap. 33), but “all marriages had or solemnized in any of his 

1 This was the usual form of a common law marriage. 

2 By the civil and the common law the age of consent of the man was fourteen, 
and of the woman twelve years. 1 Rol. 342. But by the common law persons may 
marry at any age. Co. Litt. 33 a. 

3 Scobell’s Acts and Ordinances; Nelson's Abridgement of the Common Law; 
Hallam's Const. Hist, of England (N. Y., 1865), II., 235; Hume's Hist, of England. 
V., 442; 3 Bacon's Abridgement. 575. 



Majesty’s dominions since May ist, 1642, before any justice of 
the peace, or reputed justice of the peace of England, 01- 
Wales, or other his Majesty’s dominions, and by such justice 
pronounced or declared, and all marriages within any of his 
Majesty’s dominions, since May ist, 1642, had or solemnized 
according to the direction or true intent of any act or ordi- 
nance, or reputed act or ordinance of one or both houses of 
parliament, or of any convention sitting at Westminster, under 
the name, stile or title of a parliament, or assuming that name, 
stile or title ; shall be, and shall be adjudged, esteemed and 
taken to be, and to have been of the same, and no other force 
and effect, as if such marriages had been and solemnized ac- 
cording to the rites and ceremonies established, or used in the 
church or kingdom of England.” All pending suits for and 
concerning marriages had and solemnized, as aforesaid, were 
to be tried by a jury of twelve men, as at the common law. 

Such was the law of England in 1664, when New Jersey 
was granted to Berkley and Carteret. 1 * * * * * 

IV. Scottish Marriages. 

The very scanty information we have regarding the earliest 
inhabitants of Scotland indicates that they preserved the tribal 
system of government some centuries later than the Teutonic 
peoples. We may dismiss the statement of Caesar that the 
Piets (supposed to be the earliest, and possibly non-Aryan, 
dwellers in North Britain) were polyandrous, as a conclusion 
derived from imperfect observation, or based on misinforma- 
tion. As to the later invaders — the Brythones, the Gaels, and 
finally the Dalriadic Scots, who swept over from Scotia (or 
the North of Ireland) about A. D. 500 into Alba or Albany, 

1 Lord Chancellor Hardwicke's act. passed in 1753. 26 Geo. II.. Cap. 33, went 
further than previous statutes in checking common law marriages, by providing 
that “ all marriages solemnized after March 25th, 1751, in any other Place than a 
Church or Publick Chapel, unless by special license, or that shall be solemnized 
without Publication of Banns, or License of Marriage from a Person or Persons 

having Authority to grant the same first had and obtained, shall be null and void 

to all intents and purposes whatsoever. 7 ’ See Statutes at Large, VII., 525. Lord 
John Russell's Dissenters’ Marriage Act. passed Feb. 12th. 1836. authorized mar- 

riages of dissenters to be solemnized in their own chapels, registered for the pur- 

pose, after due notice to the registrar of the district. Dissenters desiring no re- 

ligious ceremony were enabled to enter into a civil contract before the superin- 

tendent registrar. See May’s Const. Hist, of England (N. Y., 1885), II , 395. 



settling in Kintyre — we have somewhat clearer knowledge. 
They retained their tribal customs well on to the twelfth or 
thirteenth century ; and indeed there are traces of the primi- 
tive rule of the tribe or clan to this day among the Celtic- and 
Gaelic-speaking villages and hamlets, stronger in their influ- 
ence over the minds and habits of the people than church or 
state, although they have professed Christianity for fifteen cen- 
turies or more, and have been civilized ” by rude acts of Par- 
liament prescribing the cut of the beard and hair, the length of 
the coat, and even the family names thev must bear. Exogamy 
seems to have been the prevalent custom, as among primitive 
tribes elsewhere. , This, of course, indicates that marriage was 
a matter of bride-purchase, or of capture, with various modi- 
fications, according to circumstances . 1 Readily as the people 
adopted Christianity, as early perhaps as the third or fourth 
century, it was with reluctance that they acknowledged to any 
degree the control of the church over marriage. The Ger- 
manic and Scandinavian settlers in later times in the Lowlands 
of Scotland were at one with their predecessors in this matter, 
so that the primitive idea that marriage was a private contract, 
to be arranged between the two parties most interested, with 
possibly the sanction of the family, the clan or the tribe, was 

i Lang's History of Scotland. I.. 77-82. 

Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down. Connor, and Dromore, etc., by the Rev. 
William Reeves, Dublin. 1817. 319-321; citing the annalist Tigernach, MacPirbis. 
and Keating. 

The earliest Irish laws recognized three legal relations between men and 
women: “ a first lawful wife;” “ a first lawful ad altrach- woman;” and “ an adal- 
trach-woman of abduction” ‘‘AH were legal relations, and could not be dis- 
solved except by the will of both parties or by legal process. These relations are 
not defined; but I believe that the first was the only one that had a religious sanc- 
tion, and that the second and third were merely civil relations, the third being 
distinctly stuprous and of itself scarcely conferring any right.” “According to 
these laws a man might purchase a wife.” See “The Brehon Laws,” by Laurence 
Ginnell London. 1894, 211-211. 

Chronicon Scotorurn. A Chronicle of Irish Affairs, from the earliest times to 
A. D. 1135. etc. Edited, with a translation, by William M. Hennessy. London, 
1866. As to the invasion of •• Britain” (now Scotland) by the tribe of Dal Riada. 
see p. 35. The evidences of tribal rule, with petty chieftains, or rUjh, or “ kings,” 
are apparent on nearly every page of this valuable work. 

Annals of the King of Ireland, by the Four Masters, from the earliest period to 
the year 1616. Dublin. 1851. passim. 

Burton's History of Scotland. I., chap. i. 

Acts of Parliament, temp. Hen. VIII.. passim. 

Sir Walter Scot’s novels are full of allusions to ancient tribal or clan customs 


most deeply seated among the inhabitants of this land, from the 
earliest times.' 2 

Immediately after the Reformation the Scottish Parliament 
began to exercise jurisdiction over the subjects of marriage and 
divorce, passing acts in 1551 “ Anent them that maries twa 
wives or husbandes;” and in 1567 “Anent them that commit- 
tis incest,” and “ Anent lawful mariage of the awin blude, in 
degries not forbidden by God his Worde.” The following is 

2 It is said that in ancient times the Scottish nobles had gradually acquired the 
juris primes noctis, so low had the people been abased. But when Malcolm was 
declared King of Scotland at Scone. April 25t’n, 1057, having with the assistance of 
Macduff driven off the throne the spoiled Macbeth, “ it is reported that his wife 
obtained from him a decree that the degrading custom should be altered, and the 
husband have liberty to redeem it by paying half a mark of silver, which payment 
is yet called mar cheta mulerium."— Buchanan's Hist, of Scotland, London, 1722, I.. 
290. It should be noted, however, that Buchanan in this as in many other rela- 
tions follows closely the imaginative and rather unreliable Hector Boethius 
(Boyce or Boece), whose Scotorum Histories Libri was written about the middle of 
the fifteenth century; whereas such writers as Roger of Wendover. in his “Flow- 
ers of History," written prior to 1235 (Bohn's ed., London. 1849. I., 334. 363-4), An- 
dro of Wyntoun. in his "Orygynale Cronykil of Scotland.” written 1420-1424; and 
John of Ferdun, "Chronicle of the Scottish Nation." writing at the close of the 
fourteenth century, although all speaking warmly of St. Margaret, make no ref 
erence to this remarkable incident. "The Chronicon Scotorum,” written proba- 
bly before 1127. merely mentions her death, p. 301. In John Hill Burton’s exhaus- 
tive History of Scotland, there is an account of Margaret, I.. 380 fol. ; and also in 
Andrew Lang’s History of Scotland, I.. 90-98, but neither writer deems the story 
worth a reference, although it is just the kind that would appeal to the imagina- 
tion of Mr. Lang, with his fondness for and keen insight into ancient customs and 
folklore. It is probable that the legend arose from a misconception of the mean- 
ing of the term mercheta mulierum, which was really a fine paid by vassals or vil- 
leins to their chieftains or lords on the marriage of their daughters, a custom that 
seems more characteristic of the feudal system of Normandy, introduced a gener- 
ation later.— Lang’s Hist. Scotland, I., 153; Villainage in England, by M. Vinogra- 
doff, 153; Tribal Custom in Anglo Saxon Law, by Frederic Seebohm, London, 
1902, passim; Select Charters and other illustrations of English Constitutional Histo- 
ry, ... by William Stubbs, Oxford, 1870, 168. Traces of the custom in the sense 
used by Buchanan above are or were formerly found in certain manors in England, 
as mentioned in Thomas Blount's quaint little book: “ Fragmenta Antiquitatis. 
Antient Tenures of Land, And Jocular Customs Of some Mannors.” .London, 
1679, 143, 153. 159. There were indications of the custom in Scotland in the seven- 
teenth century, as appears by a small pamphlet, "A Modern Account of Scotland. 
... by an English Gentleman,” printed in 1670, and reprinted in the Harleian 
Miscellany. London, 1810, VII , 440, 442. But the writer seems to have fallen into 
low company, and to have been intensely prejudiced against everything Scottish, 
so that his statements carry little weight. In that powerful work. La SorcU-re: 
The Witch of the Middle Ages, by J. Michelet, London. 1863. pp 63-65, the writer 
gives a terrible picture of this shocking custom in France. He fancifully ascribes 
to it the development of the abused woman into the witch. The efforts of the 
church to assert the sanctity of marriage, under the claim that it was a sac- 
rament. found a powerful justification in these revolting practices. 


the text of the latter act, which is given herewith to show r the 
view Parliament took of the marriage ceremony : 

ITEM. Our Soveraine Lord, with advice & consent of my Lord Regent, and the 
three Estates of this present Parliament hes statute, and ordained, that the halie 
band of mariage made be all Estaites and sorts of men and women, to be als law- 
ful and als frie, as the Lawe of God hes permitted the samin, to be done, without 
exception of person or persones. And hes declared, and declares, that secunds In 
degrees of consanguinitie, and afflnitie, and all degries outwith the samin, con- 
tained in the word of the Eternal God. and that are not repugnant to the said 
word, might, and may lawfully marry at all times sen the viii day of March, the 
zeir of God ane thousand five hundreth fif tie aucht zeiris, notwithstanding ony 
Law. statute, or constitution maid in the contrare. And ratifyis and apprevis all. 
the said mariages done sen the said day. And the bairnis gottin. or to be gottin, 
in silc Mariage to be as lauchful, asweil toward their succession to landis, her- 
itages, or ony other liberties, as ony bairnis gottin in Mariage, and to be refute 
and esteemed, in all times to cume, lauchfullie gottin, in lauchful Mariage, not- 
withstanding any Lawes, statutes, const) futionis, or Actis, maid or to be maid, in 
the contrare. 1 

An act passed in 1573, “ Anent them that divertis fra- 
uthers, being joyned of befoir, in lauchful mariage,” enacts 
“ that quhat-sumever person, or persons, joyned in lauchful 
Matrimonie, husband or wife, divertis frauthers companie, 
without ane reasonable cause alledged, or reduced befoir a 
Judge, and remainis in their malicious obstinacie, be the 
space of four zeires, and in the meantime, refusis all privie 
admonitions,” the wronged husband or wife could apply to the 
Lords of Session, and on due proof the offender should be 
“ denounced rebel, and put to the hone;” whereupon the in- 
jured party could apply to the lawful archbishop or other spir- 
itual authority to direct privie admonitions to the offender, and 
in case of disobedience by him or her, the offender should be 
excommunicated, “ quhilk anis being pronounced, the ma- 
licious and obstinate defection of the partie offender, to be ane 
sufficient cause of divorce, and the said parties offender to tyne 
and lose their tocher, & donationes propter nuptias.” 

The Kirk of Scotland was quite as ready as its predecessor 
to regulate marriage, condemning in 1560 “ secret joining in 
marriage ;” and in 1372 the commissioners appointed “ to treat 
and conclude anent all matters tending to the ordering and es- 
tablishing of the Policie of the Kirk,” concluded among other 
things: “that ther be readers specially appointed at every 

speciall kirk, where it may be done conveniently, who, being 

1 Scots Acts, Fifth Parliament. James Sext., I., 365 . 


found qualified by the Bishop or Superintendent, and entering 
hy the lawfull order of the true Reformed Kirk, shall minister 
the sacrament of baptisme, and solemnize mariiage after law- 
ful and orderly proclamation of bannes, as effiers.” About 
1630 one of the criticisms upon the new Bishops was “ that 
hereunto they grant liberty to solemnize marriage without ask- 
ing of banns.” 1 

The “ Book of Geneva,” based upon the order of service 
drafted in 1554 by John Knox and others, for the use of the 
English congregation at Frankfort, was published at Geneva 
in 1556, and on Knox’s return to Scotland in 1^9, this book 
began to come into general use in that country, the General 
Assembly in 1562 enjoining its use in the “solemnisation of 
marriages,” etc. With some slight modifications this “ Book 
of Common Order,” as it was called, embodied the law of the 
Scottish Church as to worship from 1564 till 1 64 q , and was 
frequently recognized in acts of Parliament. It required the 
publication of the banns or contract for three several days in 
the congregation, at the expiration of which the parties were 
to assemble at the beginning of the sermon, whereupon the 
Minister would read the Exhortation, and ask for objections, if 
any. If none, then he would say to the man : 

Forasmuch as no man speaketh against this thing. You N. shall protest here 
before God and His holy Congregation, that you have taken, and are contented to 
have M. here present for your lawful Wife, promising to keep her. to love and in- 
treat her in all things, according to the duty of a faithful Husband, forsaking all 
other during her life; and briefly, to live in an holy conversation with her, keep- 
ing faith and truth in all points, according as the Word of God, and His holy Gos- 
pel doth command. 

Whereto the man was required to answer as follows : 

Even so I take her, before God, and in the presence of this His Congregation. 

The Minister was then to say to the woman : 

You M. shall protest here before the face of God, and in the presence of this 
His Congregation, that ye have taken, and are now contented to have N here 
present for your lawful Husband, promising to him subjection and obedience, for- 
saking all other during his life; and. finally, to live in an holy conversation with 
him, keeping faith and truth in all points, as God’s Word doth prescribe. 

To which she was required to answer thus: 

Even so I take him, before God. and in the presence of this His Congregation. 

1 An Apologetical Narration of the State and Government of the Kirk of Scot- 
land since the Reformation, by William Scot. Edinburgh, printed for the Wodrow 
Society, 1846. 9. 23. 323. 


The Minister was then to read from St. Matthew xix., add- 
ing: “ If ye believe assuredly these words . . . then may ye 
be certain, that God hath so knit you together in this holy es- 
tate of Wedlock;” following with a blessing. 1 2 3 

In the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 1643-4, in dis- 
cussing the subject of marriage, it was objected that the fore- 
going ritual gave too much authority to the Minister, inasmuch 
as he uttered the promises of the contracting couple, who 
merely assented thereto ; objection was also made to his pro- 
nouncing the final blessing, instead of praying for them. Ac- 
cordingly, in the Directory of Worship, adopted by that body in 
December, 1644, and accepted by the General Assembly of the 
Kirk of Scotland, and by the Scottish Parliament, in Febru- 
ary, 1645, it was expressly declared : 

Although Marriage be no Sacrament, nor peculiar to the Church of God, but 
common to mankind, and of public interest in every conlmon wealth; yet, because 
such as marry are to marry in the Lord, and have special need of instruction, di- 
rection and exhortation from the Word of God at their entering into such a new 
condition, and of the blessing of God upon them therein, we judge it expedient 
that Marriage be solemnised by a lawful Mipister of the Word, that he may ac- 
cordingly counsel them, and pray for a blessing upon them. 

The Directory provides for the customary publishing of the 
banns by the Minister three several Sabbath Days, in the Con- 
gregation, at the place or places of their most usual and con- 
stant abode, respectively, and finally prescribes this ritual : 

The Minister (if no impediment be acknowledged) .shall cause first the Man to 
take the Woman by the right hand. Saying these words: 

I N. do take- thee N. to be my married Wife , arid do, in the presence of God. and 
before this Congregation, promise and covenant to be a. loving and faithful Husband 
unto thee, until God shall separate us by death. 

Then the Woman shall take the Man by his right hand, and say these words : 

/ N do take thee N. to be my married Husband, and I do in the. presence of God, 
and before this Cony ega lion, promise, and covenant to be a loving, faithful, and obe- 
dient Wife unto thee, until God shall separate us by death. 

Then, without any further ceremony , 2 the Minister shall, in the face of the Con- 
gregation. pronounce them to be Husband and Wife, according to God's ordi- 
nance. 3 

1 The Book of Common Order of the Church of Scotland, commonly known as 
John Knox's Liturgy, and The Directory for the Public Worship of God. agreed 
upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, with Historical Introductions, 
etc., Edinburgh and London. 186S, xiii-xvi, xlv. lxii. 132. 

2 That is, omitting the use of the ring, to which the Scottish Refonners were 
always opposed. 

3 The Boole of Common Order of the Church of Scotland, as cited. 264-6. 312- 
313, 358-361. The Parliamentary recognition of the Directory in 1645 was annulled 
by the Act Rescissory, at the Restoration. “The [Scottish] Church, however. 



The Parliament of Scotland in 1 66 1 passed an “ Act 
against clandestine and unlawful marriages,” as follows : 

OUR Sovereign Lord, and the Estates of this present Parliament, considering 
how necessar it is, that no Marriage be celebrat. but according to the laudable 
order and constitution of this Kirk; and by such persons, as are by the Authority 
of this Kirk warranted to celebrat the same. And notwithstanding hereof, sun- 
dry, either out of disaffection to the Religion presently professed in this King- 
dom, or being desirous to eschew the Censures of this Kirk, or to satisfie their 
promise of Marriage formerly made to others, or to decline the concurrence and 
consent of their Parents or others having interest, or out some other unlawful 
pretext, do procure themselves to be Married, and are Married either in a Clan- 
destine way, contrary to the established order of the Kirk, or by Jesuits Priests, 
Deposed or Suspended Ministers, or any other not authorized by this Kirk. 
Therefore His Majesty, with advice of His said Estates. Statutes and Ordains, 
that whatsoever person or persons, shal hereafter Marry or procure themselves to 
be Married in a Clandestine and inorderly way or by Jesuits, Priests, or any other 
not authorized by this Kirk; that they shal be imprisoned for three moneths, & 
beside their said imprisonment shal pay, each Nobleman, one thousand pound 
Scots, each Barron and landed Gentleman, one thousand merks, each Gentleman 
and Burgess, five hundred pounds, each other person, one hundred merks; and 
they shal remain in prison, ay and while they make payment of these respective 
penalties above-mentioned, which are hereby ordained, to be applyed to pious 
uses, within the several Paroches where the said person dwells. And that the 
Celebrator of such Marriages be banished the kingdom, never to return therein, 
under the pain of death. Likeas His Majesty, with advice foresaid. Prohibits 
and Discharges all men and women, having both their ordinar residence within 
this kingdom, to get Marriage to themselves with others within the Kingdom of 
England, or Ireland, without Proclamation of Bannes here in Scotland, and 
against the Order and Constitution of this Church, or Kingdom, under the pains 
following, viz. For each Nobleman so Married, one thousand pounds, for each 
landed Gentleman, one thousand merks; for each Burgess, live hundred pounds: 
and for each other Substantious person, five hundred merks; for an Yeoman, one 
hundred pounds; for each person of inferior quality, one hundred merks; the one 
half of the which penalties, shal belong to the Kings Majestie, the other to the 
Paroch, or Paroches where the Married Parties did reside; and Ordains His 
Majesties Advocat, and the Procurator for the Kirk, to pursue before the civil 
Judge, the Parties Contraveeners of this Act, or either part thereof, for payment 
of the penalties respective above-mentioned; And in the case of the poor con- 
dition of any man, married in manner of foresaid, Ordains him to be punished 
with Stocks and Irons : which pains corporal and pecunial. shall no ways be preju- 
dical to, or derogst from, the Order and Censures of the Kirks, to be inflicted 
against the Delinquents.! 

The real object of this act was to discredit the Presbyterian 
ministers who had signed the Solemn League and Covenant, 
and to require marriages to be celebrated only by ministers of 
the Established, or Episcopal, Kirk. This not proving effec- 
tive, another act was passed in June, 167 2, providing that per- 

1 Scots Acts, Chap. 14, First Parliament. Charles II.. 193. 

though not rigidly conforming to the Directory, has never treated it as an obsolete , 
statute.”— Ibid., 268-271. 


sons married by ministers not ordained by the Bishops should 
“ amit and lose any Right or Interest they may have by that 
Marriage, jure viariti, vel jure relic tee, and by and attour 
the Fains and Penalties provided by the Act of Parliament in 
anno i-66i, against disorderly and clandestine Marriages.” In 
1679, at the suggestion of Lauderdale, and with the approval 
of the Privy Council, the King’s officers were instructed to 
prosecute vigorously all recalcitrants against the Established 
Kirk, including those “guilty of illegal marriages,” and on 
August 31, 16S1, an “ Act anent Religion and the Test” was 
passed, for the more vigorous enforcement of the laws against 
conventicles, religious services in private houses, and “ disor- 
derly baptisms and marriages,” meaning such as were not cele- 
brated by the Episcopallv-ordained clergy. 1 

Nevertheless, it will be observed that these several statutes, 
although prescribing the requirements of a lawful marriage, 
scarcely went so far as to declare irregular marriages null 
and void, and they went on very much as before, being 
contracted privately by and between the parties, with- 
out any intervening priest, preacher or other officer, or by 
priests or preachers not of the Kirk of Scotland, or by civil 
magistrates, as had been the custom from time whereof the 
memory of man knew not to the contrary. For, by the com- 
mon law of Scotland nothing further was necessary to con- 
stitute a man and woman, husband and wife, than a mutual dec- 
laration of consent by the parties, before witnesses, to constitute, 
as at that date, the relation of husband and wife Or such 
declaration in writing, without witnesses, constituted a mar- 
riage, wdiich was considered binding in all respects. 2 

Or, as Lord Mackenzie has stated the law, more explicitly : 

“ In Scotland marriage is a civil contract, constituted by 
the mutual consent of the parties. The consent to marriage 
must be to a present act; a promise or engagement to marry 

' The History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland, from the Restaura- 
tion to the Revolution, etc . by Mr. Robert Wodrow. Endinburgh. 1721. I.. 350, 
Appendix, 135; II.. 10. 12. IS. Appendix. 36, 60. 

- Institutes of the Law of Scotland, by Lord Stair. I.. 26; 1 Rol. 342. Wilkie 
Collins's novel. ‘The Law and the Lady." is an exposition of some of the intri- 
cacies of this apparently very simple Scottish law of marriage. 

1 v i 


at a future period, however formal, where no sexual inter- 
course has followed upon it, may be retracted, though the per- 
son retracting may be liable in damages for breach of promise. 
To the marriage of minors the consent of parents or guardians 
is not necessary. 

“ The law of Scotland recognises four different modes by 
which marriage may be constituted ; (ist) A public or regular 
marriage celebrated by a minister after proclamation of banns; 
(2d) The deliberate exchange of matrimonial consent by words 
de prcesenlij without the nuptial benediction or concubitus; 
(3d) Promise of marriage followed by copula , at least when 
declared a marriage by an action of declarator in the Court of 
Session; (4th) Cohabitation as man and wife, and being held 
and reputed as married persons. 

A public or regular marriage is one celebrated by a cler- 
gyman, in presence of two or more witnesses, affer due procla- 
mation of banns according to the rules of the Church. All 
marriages entered into in any other form are clandestine or ir- 
regular ; but if the matrimonial consent has been seriously and 
deliberately interposed, they are equally effectual with regular 
marriages, though they expose all concerned in them to certain 
statutory penalties, which, however, are seldom if ever en- 
forced in modern times. 

k ‘ As to irregular marriages, and the evidence by which they 
may be established, we cannot do better than lay before our 
readers a short exposition of the law in the words of Lord 
Moncreiff, whose authority in consistorial questions is justly 
entitled to the greatest weight : ‘ The governing rule of law is 
unquestionably that marriage is constituted by the consent of 

1 In accordance with the general principle that a m arr i ape per verba de prmsenti. 
without religious or other ceremony, if valid where celebrated is valid every- 
where. it has been held by the English courts that such marriages in Scotland, 
prior to 19 and 20 Viet. chap. 96 between persons domiciled in England, would be 
recognized in England, notwithstanding that they would have been invalid if cele- 
brated in England. Ilderton v. Ilderton, 2 IT. Bl. 145: McAdam v. Walker 
G813), 1 Dow. 14S, where the whole subject of Scottish marriages was care- 
fully considered by the House of Lords; Dalrymple v. Dalrvmple (the 
leading case). 2 Hagg. C. R 95; Bell v. Graham. 13 Moore. P. C. C. 242. 1 L. T. 
N. S. 221. 8 Week. Rep 98; Dysart Peerage Case (1881). L R. 6 App. Cas. 489, 512; 
Lovat Peerage Case. L. R. 10 App Cas. 763. The same general principle has been 
repeatedly affirmed in New Jersey. Clark v. Clark. 52 N. J. Eq. 650 (1S94). 30 
Atl. 81: Smith v. Smith. 52 N. J. L. 207 (1889), 19 Atl. 255. 



the parties alone ; and that upon legal and satisfactory evidence 
that such mutual consent has been seriously and deliberately 
interposed, the Court will declare such marriage, though it 
should be clear that no formal ceremony or celebration has 
taken place.’ ’ n 

And this was the idea of marriage brought to New Jersey 
by the Scottish immigrants and refugees who fled or were 
banished from Scotland in 1685 and thereafter, to escape the 
persecutions of the prevailing ecclesiastical power in that 
country. 1 2 

V. New England Marriage Customs. 

New Jersey was settled so largely by people from New Eng- 
land that they exercised a marked influence in the new colony 
on public sentiment and legislation, marriage regulations in- 
cluded. The Pilgrims and the Puritans who left England to 
found new homes in America were especially determined to 
assert their independence of the authority of the church over 
their domestic affairs — at least, when that authority did not co- 

1 Studies in Roman Law with comparative views of the Laws of France. Eng- 
land and Scotland. By Lord Mackenzie. Edited by John Kirkpatrick. Fifth edi- 
tion. revised. Edinburgh and London, 1880, 115-116. 

Gretna Green (just over the Scottish border, and only nine miles from Car- 
lisle), as the scene of runaway marriages came into prominence in 1754, when 
Lord Hardwicke’s Marriage act discountenanced common law marriages in Eng- 
land. They were still valid in Scotland, but as marriages by civil magistrates 
were also lawful many runaway couples from England preferred the apparently 
more regular form of marriage by the blacksmith who was also a justice of the 
peace, and therefore authorized to celebrate marriages. The following is a copy 
of a certificate issued by one of these officials at Gretna Green a century or more 
ago: “ This is to sartfay all persons that may be consernid that A. B from the 
parish of C. and county of D. and E. F. from the parish of G. in the county of El- 
and both comes before me and declayred themselves both to be single persons and 
now mayried by the form of the Kirk of Scotland, and agreible to the Church of 
England, and givine undre my hand, this 18th day of March, 1793 .” — The Topo- 
graphical , Statistical and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland, Glasgow, 1841, I., 716. 
In the case of Crompton v. Bearcroft, Dec. 1, 1768, the appellant and the respond- 
ent, both English subjects, and the appellant being under age, ran away without 
the consent of her guardian, and were married in Scotland; and on a suit brought 
in the spiritual court to annul the marriage, it was held that the marriage was 
good. See Buller’s Nisi Prius, 113, cited in 7 Bacon, Appendix, 101. 

2 For an account of the persons banished from Scotland because of their re- 
ligious belief, and who sailed -with George Scot. Laird of Pitlochie, on the ill- 
fated •' Henry and Francis,” which finally arrived at Perth Amboy, in East New 
Jersey, in December, 1685, see Wodrow’s "History of the Sufferings,” etc.. II., 
4S4-6. 565-7. 




incide with their own views. As many of them had fled fiist 
to Holland, they had there found it very agreeable to their 
ideas that marriage was regarded as a civil contract, and not as 
a sacrament. They brought the same thought with them to 
America, where, moreover, they were confronted with novel 
conditions that would have made it difficult, it not impossible, 
to conform to the law and the ecclesiastical requirements ot 
the mother country. Writing under date ot 1631, Governor 
William Bradford, of the Plymouth Colony, says: 

May 12 [1621] “ was ye lirst marriage in this place [Edward Winslow to Susan- 
nah White, widow of William White, who died Feb. 21', 1621] which, according to 
ye laudable Custome of ye Low-Cuntries in which they had lived, was thought 
most requisite to be performde by the magistrate, as being a civill thing, upon 
which many questions aboute inheritance doe depend, with other things most 
proper to their cognizans, and most consonante to ye Scripturs, Ruth 4. and no 
\Vher found in ye gospell to be layed on ye ministers as apart of their office. This 
decree of law about mariage was published by ye State of ye Low-Cuntries An« 
1690. ‘That those of any religion, after lawfull and open publication, coming be- 
fore ye magistrate in ye Town or Stat-house, were to be orderly (by them) mar- 
ied one to another.’ Fetet’s Ilist.J'ol. 1029.1 And practiss hath continued among 
not only them but hath ben followed by all ye famous Churches of th Christ in 
these parts to this time Aid 1648. ”2 

Winslow being in London in 1635, was brought before the 
Lords Commissioners of Plantations in America, and was 
asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury about the practice con- 
cerning marriage, in Plymouth. “ He confessed that haveing 
been called to place of Magistracie, he had himself maried 
some. Further he tould their LordP y fc mariage was a civille 
thinge, & he found no wher in y e word of God y l 2 3 it was tyed 
to ministrie, again, they were necessitated so to doe, having 
for a long time togeather at first no minister ; besides, it was no 
new thing, for he had been so maried him selfe in Holand, by 
y e magistrates in their Statt house. 

The General Court of Plymouth Colony enacted, November 
k, 1636, that “ none be allowed to marry that are under the 
covert of parents but by their consent and approbation, but in 

1 La Grande Clironique Ancienne et Moderne. de Hollande Zelande, West- 
friese, Utrecht, etc., by Jean Francois le Petit, 1601 and 1611. 

2 Hist, of Plymouth Plantation, by William Bradford, the Second Governor of 
the Colony. Collections Mass. Hist. Society, Fourth Series, Boston, 1856, III., 101. 

3 Ibid.. 330. And see “The Story of The Pilgrim Fathers, 1606-1623 A. D.,"’ . . . 
edited by Edward Barber, London, 1897, 164, 365, 366. 



case consent cannot be had then it shall be w th the consent of 
the Gove 1 2 ', or some assistant to whom the persons are knowne 
whose care it shall be to see the marriag be fitt before it be 
allowed by him.” The same act also required that notice of 
the intended marriage “be three severall times published be- 
fore solemnising of it,” in meeting, or where there was no meet- 
ing place, then by “a writing thereof made and set vpon the 
usuall publike place for the space of fifteene days. Provided 
the writing be vnder some majestrats hand or by his order.” 1 

In an act passed June 4, 1645, the General Court defined a 
lawful contract of marriage (preliminary to the marriage itself ) 
to be “ the mutuall consent of two parties w th the consent ot 
parents or guardians (if any there be to be had) and a solemme 
promise of marriage in due tyme to eich other before two com- 
petent witnesses.”' 

Other acts provided for the registration of marriages, etc., 
with the town clerk 3 — a provision continued in the laws of New 
Jersey to this day. 

The General Court of Massachusetts Bay passed an act, Sep- 
tember 9th, 1639, “ for prevention of all unlawful marriages.” 
which provided : 

Henceforth no persons shall be joined in marriage, before the intention of the 
parties proceeding therein hath been three times published, at some time of 
publick lecture or town meeting, in both the towns w T here the parties or either of 
them do ordinarily reside, or be set up in writing upon some post of their meet- 
ing house door in public view, there to stand so as it may be easily read, by the 
space of fourteen days. 4 

As some of the clergymen retained their old-world notions 
of their prerogative in the celebration of marriages, and occa- 
sionally exercised the same, the General Court enacted in 

That no person whatsoever in this jurisdiction shall join any persons together 
in marriage, but the magistrate, or such other as the general court, or court of 
assistants, shall authorize in such place, where no magistrate is near. Nor shall 
any join themselves in marriage but before some magistrate or person author- 
ized as aforesaid. Nor shall any magistrate or other person authorized as afore- 
said, join any persons together in marriage, or suffer them to join together in 

1 Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England, . . . edited by 
David Pulsifer. XI. Laws, 1023-1682. Boston. 1S61. 13, 190. 

2 Ibid., -46. 3 Ibid., 52, 189, 190. 

4 Charters and Laws of Massachusetts Bay, Boston, 1814, 151; Records of the 
Colony of the Massachusetts, I., 275. 


their presence, before the parties to be married have been published according to 

The foregoing statute, it will be observed, virtually prohib- 
ited clergymen from celebrating marriages, and also prohib- 
ited common law marriages. The civil control over marriage 
was again asserted in May, 1656, when it was ordered by the 
General Court : 

That from henceforth any one of the three commissioners for ending small 
causes in the several towns where no magistrate dwells shall and hereby are au- 
thorized and empowered to solemnize marriage between parties legally published, 
provided two of the said commissioners be presents 

The first settlers of Connecticut closely followed the Massa- 
chusetts precedents regarding marriage as a civil ceremony, to 
be performed by a magistrate. The General Court of the 
Colony of Connecticut enacted, April 10th, 1640: 

That whosoeuer intend to joyne themselues in Maridge Couenant shall'cause 
that their purpose of Contracte to be published in some publike place & att some 
publike meeting in the seuerall Townes where such persons dwell, at the lest, 
eight dayes before they enter into such Contracte. whereby they ingadge them- 
selues ech to other; and that they shall forbeare to joyne in Maridge Couenant at 
lest eight dayes after the said Contracte. And also the Magestrate who solem- 
nizeth Mariedge betwixt any, shall cause a record to be entered in Courte of the 
day & yere thereof. 3 

The act passed in Massachusetts Bay in 1647 was adopted 
by the Connecticut Colony in 1675, with some slight changes, 
as follows : 

No person whatsoever in this Jurisdiction, shall joyn any persons together in 
Marriage, but the Magistrates, or such other as the General Court or Court of 
Assistants shall Authorize in such places where no Magistrate is near, nor shall 
any Magistrate or other person as aforesaid, joyn any persons together in Mar- 
riage before the parties to be Married have been published according to law. 

One of the earliest laws of New Haven Colony was closely 
in line with those of her sister New England Colonies, being 
in these words : 

No persons shal be either contracted, or joyned in Marriage before the inten- 
tion of the parties proceeding therein, hath been three times published, at some 
time of publick Lecture, or Town meeting in the Town, where the parties, or 
either of them dwel, or do ordinarily reside; or be set up in writing, upon some 
post of their meeting house door, in publick view, there to stand so as it may be 
easily read by the space of fovrteen daies; and that no man unless he be a Magis- 

1 Ibid. Parson Hobart, of the church at Hingham, Mass., having had the te- 
merity to perform a marriage ceremony, was incontinently haled before the Gov- 
ernor and Council for thus brooking their authority. 

2 Ibid. ; Records of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, III., 398; IV., 255. 

3 Colonial Records of Connecticut (1636-1665), 47. An act similar in effect was 
passed in 1673. See Laws of Connecticut, 1673 (Brinley Reprint. 1865), p 46. 

friends’ marriage customs. 


trate in this Jurisdiction, or expresly allowed by the General Court shall Marry 
any persons, and that in a publick place, if they be able to go forth, under the pen- 
alty of five pounds fine for every such miscarriage. 1 

Tims the New England settlers who began to pour into 
New Jersey in 1665 and 1666, came from communities that 
had become thoroughly imbued with the idea that marriage 
was a civil contract, sanctioned, it is true, as a Divine ordi- 
nance, but not a sacrament, and that, so far from a clergyman 
being required for the performance of the ceremony, that func- 
tion was or ought to be vested exclusively in the magistrates 
or other civil officers. 2 

VI. Friends’ Marriage Customs. 

Still another potent influence in New Jersey legislation was 
that exercised by the Friends, who so largely settled West Jer- 
sey, under the auspices of William Penn and his associates, 
and who were so prominently concerned in the government 
and settlement of East Jersey. Their manner of life was a 
protest against the excesses which had become insufferably ob- 
noxious during the rejgns of James I. and Charles I. During 
the consequent political and religious turmoil of the revolt 
against Charles I. many men sought to evolve new systems of 
religion, which were merely modifications of the old, and were 
clearly man-made. George Fox alone attempted to lead the 
way back to primitive forms and beliefs, seeking to guide men 
not by the declarations of councils, assemblies, convocations 
and other ecclesiastical bodies of men, but by the in-dwelling 
spirit of truth, which should lead all men aright, and make 
them all Friends. Like all other religious reformers, or lead- 
ers, he soon gave his attention to the subject of marriage, which 
lies at the foundation of society, and all social life. As early 
as 16 ^'3 3 he began to advise thereon, and by 1659 his deliver- 
ances had assumed this tentative form : 

If any friends go together in the Power of the. Lord, or find a necessity there- 
unto to joyn in marriage, after the thing hath been made known between them- 
selves, before anything be concluded, let it be declared to Friends who are able, in 
the Wisdom and Power of God to s^e and feel into it: & if they see the thing in 

1 New Haven Colonial Records (1653-1665), II.. 599. 

2 See Palfrey's New England, I.. 114. 194; and N. Y. Col. Docs.. IV., 793. 

3 Journal of George Fox, London, 1891, II., 8S. 

friends’ marriage customs. 


the light and power to stand, it may be declared to friends in the meeting or Meet- 
ings, to which the parties do belong, towards the end thereof as they are moved, 
by the parties themselves, or some other friends as they are moved, both of the 
parties being then present, that it may be by friends felt and seen in the light, 
and enquirie may be made touching any other engagement, to stop scandals, and 
things kept sweet, so that you take time in it, and you may be clear, and feel it 
as it was in the beginning, that no hardness of heart get up; But if the parties 
who are first acquainted with such a marriage, or any friend or friends have any 
thing against it, and if any thing be resolved other wise, that then the matter be 
laid before friends the next General meeting that may be appointed, to consider 
of things relating to friends, and there to be seen into and ended; If in conven- 
ient time after the thing is declared nothing appear against it by the parties who 
are first acquainted with such a marriage, nor by any Friend or Friends; and 
after things are all sweet and clear, and Friends have unity with it, they may as 
they are moved, declare it in the end of the General Meeting to which the parties 
do belong, before the departure of Friends, or as they are moved, they may de- 
clare it in the mid-time of the Market, on the Market-day in the next Market- 
town, to such parties outward dwelling as they are moved, or they may not as 
their freedom is by the Parties themselves, or such other as the Parties do see fit 
as they are moved; then after a convenient time, and the thing be seen, felt, and 
had unity with, and an Assembly about twelve Friends met together, they may 
speak their Testimony (that all may take notice who are the persons) as they are 
moved, how the Lord hath joyned them together in Marriage, and then a certifi- 
cate by Friends then present may tie given of the Day, Month, and Tear, that it 
may be recorded, and as they are moved, they may declare it to the Magistrate, 
an they will, or they may not; And that those things that cannot be owned by 
all Friends, & have unitie with all in the Power and Spirit of God, may not be re- 
corded, and Unrighteousness, and Filthiness. Fornication, Whoredom, and Adul- 
tery may be shut out. that the witness of God in all Friends may in that which is 
done be answered, and Righteousness, and Purity, and Holiness, that all things 
may be done in the Power. Life, Truth, and Wisdom of the Lord God, and in Unity, 
and you preserved in Unity, that you may serve God in a Aew life, and one heart, 
and holy Seed, and glorifie him in your Souls, Bodies, and Spirit which are his, 
that your Conversation may be ordered a right, that you may see the Salvation of 
God, and know the Marriage that is sanctified by the Word, that you may be the 
peculiar people, the holy Royal Seed and Generation; and that nothing be record- 
ed for Money in these things, but freely, a free people and in love serve one an- 
other. . . . Whom God joynes together let no man put a sunder; and that you 
be a Royal seed, a peculiar people zealous of good works, and to know God joyning 
together, which is over and above mens putting a sunder.' 

This interesting document is fortified with numerous .Scrip- 
ture texts, to show that marriages among the Jews were not 
celebrated by the priests, but merely by the voluntary consent 
of the parties, declared in the presence of witnesses. 

The first formal endorsement of these recommendations con- 
cerning marriage, of which we have any record, was by a 
meeting of Friends of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, 

' Concerning Marriage, etc., by George Fox, London, 1661, 1-7. See also Works 
of George Fox, VII.. 79-80: also A Collection of Many Select and Christian Epis- 
tles. Letters and Testimonies, written by ... . George Fox: Philadelphia 
and New York, 1831, I., passim. 

friends’ marriage customs. 


England, third month, 1659, w^ 10 thus tersely voiced their tes- 
timony : 

That all Friends intending marriage, or witnessing a motion of the Lord unto 
that thing, (before they go outwardly together,) bring it to the body or that 
church to which they are joined; that all in the power of the Lord may feel, and 
in that particular nothing be done hastily or rashly, but in the fear of the Lord; 
and in the presence of many witnesses they may be united, according to the ex- 
ample of the holy men of God in the Scriptures of truth recorded; so that no 
scandal or blemish may be laid upon the Truth, but all to the light may be 
brought, which maketh manifest deceit; and that a record in writing of the day. 
place, and year of such things be kept within that meeting, whereof one or both 
are members; under which the witnesses may set their names, or some of 

This form of marriage was simply the common law mar- 
riage of England, constituted by the consent of the parties, and 
duly witnessed. The plan of bringing the matter before the 
Meeting was practically the same as the publishing of the 
banns. The Long Parliament in 1653 had legalized marriages 
before civil magistrates, instead of by a “ hireling priest- 
hood George Fox went a step further in reverting to the 
earlier and simpler form of marriage without the intervention 
of other than the parties themselves, with certain prudent reg- 
ulations to secure due deliberation, and proper publicity, in the 
celebration of the rite. 

So early as 1 66 1 there was an adjudication as to the valid- 
ity of Friends’ marriages, when the Court (Arthur, J.) told 
the jury that “ There was a Marriage in Paradise, when Adam 
took Eve, and Eve took Adam ; and that it was the Consent of 
the Parties that made a Marriage. And as for the Quakers, he 
did not know their Opinions, but he did not believe, they went 
together as Brute Beasts, as had been said of them, but as 
Christians; and therefore he did believe the Marriage was law- 
ful.” “ And the better to satisfy the Jury, he brought them a 

Case to this Purpose : A Man that was weak of Body, and 

kept his Bed, had a Desire in that Condition to Marry, and did 
declare before Witnesses, that he did take such a Woman to 
be his Wife; and the Woman declared, that she took that Man 
to be her Husband. This Marriage was afterwards called in 

1 A Journal, or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings. Christian 
Experiences and Labour of Love in the Ministry of that Ancient. Eminent and 
Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ. George Fox: London. 1709, I., 587-588; Journal 
of George Fox, London, 1891, I , 520 


friends’ marriage customs. 

Question ; and (as the Judge said) all the Bishops did at that 
time conclude it to be a lawful Marriage.” 1 

In 1666 George Fox attended a marriage of Friends at 
Oram, when, as he says, he was “ moved to open to the Peo- 
ple the State of our Marriages, declaring; How the People of 
God took one another in the Assemblies of the Elders : and 
how that it was God that did Join Man and Woman together 
before the Fall. And though Men had taken upon them to 
Join in the Fall, yet in the Restoration it was God’s Joining, 
that was the right and honourable Marriage ; but never any 
Priest did Marry any, that we read of in the Scriptures, from 
Genesis to the Revelations.” 2 3 

The following is one of the earliest Quaker marriage cer- 
tificates extant, May 17, 1667: 

These are to certifie all whom the same may concern, that whereas the agree- 
ment of marriage betwixt William Dewsbury of Durker in the County of York & 
Alice Meades of the Borough of Warwick & in the County of Warwick single 
woman, hath been published in the respective churches amongst which they have 
had their conversations, according to the order of the Spirit of the Lord, for the 
satisfaction of the Children of Light, who rest satisfied & have unity with them 
in their proceedings & coming together— Know ye therefore, that upon the sev- 
enteenth day of the month called May in the year of our Lord one Thousand six 
hundred sixty & seven, they the said William & Alice did openly & solemnly as 
in the presence of the Lord & before his people give up themselves in the holy 
Covenant of God, & did take each other in marriage to live together according to 
God’s holy ordinance & appointment. Gen: ch. 2’d, Ver : 24th & Ch. 24th, Ver. 14th 
to the end of the chapter. 

“And that they were this day openly & solemnly married according to the order 
of the Church of Christ & the good examples of God’s peoples in times past men- 
tioned in the Holy Scriptures 1st Tim. Ch. 5th Ver. 14th, 1st Corinth: Ch. 7th, 
Ver. 2nd. Ruth Ch. 4th, Ver. 13th, Gen: Ch 24th Exod: Ch. 2d, Ver. 1st. 

And now we whose names are here underwritten being eye & ear witnesses of 
the Marriage aforesaid & having unity with them in the light & Truth of God do 
hereby give in our testimonies for them & with them, to remain upon record unto 
future Posterities, as witnesses for God & his people against all the works of 
darkness & such as go together therein; out of which God hath called us to bear 
witness of his everlasting light & Truth upon the earth; in which stands the 
honourable marriage, whereunto we bear record for the full satisfaction of all 
people, that in any wise may be concerned therein 3 

Robert Barclay, another eminent expounder of Friends’ 
doctrines, thus explained their views concerning marriages: 

1 The History of the Rise, Increase and Progress, of the Christian People 
called Quakers, etc., by William Sewel, third edition, Burlington. 1774, 332; The 
Friends’ Library. Philadelphia, 1847, XI., 410. 

2 Journal of George Fox, London, 1709, II.. 90-91; London, 1S91, II., 75. 

3 Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, XVIII,, 256-257, The 
names of twenty-four witnesses are appended. 

friends’ marriage customs. 


These Meetings take Care in the Case of Marriages, that all things be clear; 
and that there may be nothing done in that Procedure, which afterwards may 
prove to the Prejudice of Truth, or of the Parties concerned; which being an out- 
ward Thing (that is acknowledged in itself to be lawful) of the greatest Import- 
ance a Man or Woman can perform in this World; and from the sudden, unwary, 
or disorderly Procedure whereof, very great Snares and Reproaches may be cast 
both upon the Parties, and the Profession owned by them; therefore it doth very 
fitly, among other things, when it occurs, come to be considered of by the People 
of God, when met. to take Care to preserve all Things right and savoury in the 
Household of Faith. We do believe, our Adversaries, that watch for Evil against 
us, would be glad how promiscuously or disorderly we proceed in this weighty 
Matter, that so they might the more boldly accuse us, as Overturners of all 
human and Christian Order ; But God hath not left us without his Counsel and 
Wisdom in this Thing; nor will he, that any should receive just Occasion against 
us his People: And therefore in this weighty Concern, we, who can do nothing 
against the Truth, but all for, and with regard to the Truth, have divers Testi- 
monies for the Lord. And— 

First, That we cannot Marry with those that walk not in. and obey not the 
Truth, as being of another Judgment, or Fellowship; or pretending to it, walk 
not suitable and answerable thereto. 

Secondly, Nor can we go to the Hireling-Priests, to uphold their false and 
usurped Authority, who take upon them to marry People without any Command, 
or Precedent for it from the Law of God. 

Lastly, Nor can we suffer any such kind of Marriage to pass among us, which 
either as to the Degrees of Consanguinity, or otherwise, in itself is unlawful, or 
from which there may be any just Reflection cast upon our Way. 

In that we deny the Priests their Assumed Authority and Power to marry, it is 
that which in no wise we can recede from, nor can we own any in the doing of it; 
it being Part of our Testimony against the Usurpations of that Generation, who 
never yet, that I ever heard of. could produce any Scripture-proof, or Example 
for it. — - And seeing none can pretend Conscience in the Matter (for they them- 
selves confess that it is no Part of the Essence of Marriage) if any pretending to 
be among us, should, through Fear. Interest, or Prejudice to the Truth, come un- 
der. and bow to. that Image, have we not Reason to deny such slavish and ignoble 
Spirits, as mind not Truth and its Testimony ? 

Lastly, Seeing if any walking with us. or going under the same Name, should 
hastily or disorderly go together, either being within the Degrees of Consanguin- 
ity, which the Law of God forbids, or that either Party should have been former- 
ly under any Tie or Obligation to others, or any other vast Disproportion, which 
might bring a just Reflection upon us from our Opposers; can any blame us for 
taking Care to prevent these Evils, by appointing that such as so design, make 
known their Intentions to these Churches or Assemblies, where they are most 
known, that if any know just Cause of Hindrance, it may be mentioned, and a 
timous Lett put to the Hurt, either by stopping it, if they can be brought to con- 
descend; or by refusing to be Witnesses and Concurrers with them in it, if they 
will not? For we take not upon us to hinder any to marry, otherwise than by Ad- 
vice. or disconcerning ourselves; neither do we judge, that such as do marry con- 
trary to our Mind, that therefore their Marriage is null and void in itself, or may 
be dissolved afterwards; Nay, all our meddling is in a holy Care for the Truth. 
For if the Thing be right, all that we do, is to be Witnesses; and if otherwise, 
that we may say for our Vindication to such as may upbraid us therewith, that we 
advised otherwise, and did no ways concur in the Matter; that so they may bear 
their own Burden, and the Truth and People of God be cleared. i 

i The Anarchy of the Ranters, etc., by Robert Barclay. London. 1674; Phila- 
delphia, Re-printed, 1770, pp. 51 54. 



friends’ marriage customs 

A very clear and temperate account of the Friends’ practice 
in this important matter is that given by William Penn : 

Their Way of Marriage is peculiar to them; and shews a distinguishing Care- 
above other Societies, professing Christianity. They say that Marriage is an 
Ordinance of God, and that God only can rightly join Man and Woman in Mar- 
riage. Therefore they use neither Priest nor Magistrate; but the Man and 
Woman concern’d take each other as Husband and Wife, in the Presence of 
divers credible Witnesses, promising to each other, with God's Assistance, to be 
loving and faithful in that relation, till Death shall separate them. But antece- 
dent to this, they first present themselves to the Monthly Meeting for the Affairs 
of the Church where they reside; there declaring their Intentions, to take one 
another as Husband and Wife, if the said Meeting have nothing material to ob- 
ject against it. They are constantly asked the necessary Questions, as in case of 
Parents or Guardians, if they have acquainted them with their Intention, and 
have their Consent, etc. The Method of the Meeting is, to take a Minute thereof, 
and to appoint proper Persons to enquire of their Conversation and Clearness 
from all others, and whether they have discharged their Duty to their Parents or 
Guardians; and to make Report thereof to the next Monthly Meeting, where the 
same Parties are desired to give their attendance. In case it appears they have 
proceeded orderly, the Meeting passes their Proposal, and so records it in their 
Meeting-Book. And in case the Woman be a Widow, and hath Children, due Care 
is there taken, that Provision also be made by her for the Orphans, before the 
Meeting pass the Proposals of Marriage: Advising the Parties concerned, to ap- 
point a convenient Time and Place, and to give fitting Notice to their Relations, 
and such Friends and Neighbours, as they desire should be the Witnesses of their 
Marriage: Where they take one another by the Hand, and by Name promise re- 
ciprocally, Love and Fidelity, after the Manner before expressed. Of all which 
Proceedings, a Narrative, in Way of Certificate, is made, to which the said Par- 
ties first set their Hands, thereby confirming it as their Act and Deed; and then 
divers Relations, Spectators and Auditors set their Names as Witnesses, of what 
they said and signed. And this Certificate is afterwards registred in the Record 
belonging to the Meeting where the Marriage is solemnized. Which regular 
Method has been, as it deserves, adjudged in Courts of Law, a good Marriage; 
wdiere it has been by cross and ill People disputed, and contested, for want of the 
accustomed Formalities of Priest and Ring, &c. Ceremonies they have refused: 
Not out of Humour, but Conscience reasonably grounded; inasmuch as no Scrip- 
ture-Example tells us, that the Priest had any other Part of old Time, than that 
of a Witness among the rest, before whom the Jews used to take one another: 
And therefore this People look upon it, as an Imposition to advance the Power 
and Profits of the Clergy: And for the Use of the Ring, it is enough to say, that it 
was an Heathenish and vain Custom, and never in Practice among the People of 
God, Jews or primitive Christians: The Words of the usual Form, as with my 
Body I thee worship, &c., are hardly defensible. In short, they are more careful, 
exact and regular, than any Form now used; and it is free of the Inconven- 
iences. with which other Methods are attended: Their Care and Checks being so 
many, and such, as that no clandestine Marriages can be performed among 
them i 

It appears by the Records that the hist Yearly Meeting of 
Friends for New Jersey and Pennsylvania was held at Burling- 

i A Brief Account of the Rise and Progress of the People called Quakers, etc. 
By William Penn. Philadelphia: Re-printed by Joseph Crukshank, 1770, p. 27. 
A terse summary of Friends’ views on this subject is also given in Sewel’s His- 
tory of the Quakers, as cited, 777. 

friends’ marriage customs. 


ton, New Jersey, in the house of Thomas Gardner, 31st of 6th 
mo., 16S1, old style. In 16S2 it was by the Meeting advised, 
‘‘ that all young and unmarried people in membership with us, 
previously to their making any procedure in order to marriage, 
do seriously and humbly wait upon the Lord for his counsel 
and direction in this important concern; and when favored 
with satisfactory clearness therein, they should early acquaint 
their parents or guardians with their intentions, and wait for 
their consent ; thus preservation from the dangerous bias of 
forward, brittle, and uncertain affections would be experienced, 
to the real benefit of the parties, and the comfort of their 
friends. And it is earnestly recommended to Friends, that 
they tenderly and carefully watch over the youth, and extend 
reasonable caution and admonition, as occasion may re- 
quire.” 1 

One of the earliest deliverances on the subject by the Year- 
ly Meeting was the following : 

“When they understand or hear of any y 1 Intends to offer 
their proposals of Marriage to y e Monthly Meeting which 
seems manifest to them cannot pass there, that they then ad- 
vise (tho’ not forbid) them to forbear troubling y e said meet- 
ing therewith till y e said preparative Meetings Objections be 
removed And that the Man at least before he propose his In- 
tended Marriage to y e Monthly meeting Do by himself or some 
friend at his request lay y e matter before y e said preparative 
Meeting he belongs to And if the Woman belong to another 
Meeting that she lay it after y e same manner before y e Women 
friends to which she belongs. And if the Man belong to an- 
other Monthly Meeting that then he produce from thence a 
Certificate of his clearness from all others & of his Conversa- 
tion to y e Monthly Meeting where the Woman belongs before 
he have the said Meetings final approbation. 

“ Inasmuch as neither Children nor Orphans ought to 
marry without Consent of parents or Guardians, theretore they 
often advise that no man so much as propose his Intentions of 
Marriage to any young Woman before the Consent of such be 
first had and obtained. 

1 Rules of Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of Friends for Pennsylvania, New 
Jersey, Delaware, and the Eastern Parts of Maryland. Philadelphia, 1893, p. 50. 


lxviii friends’ marriage customs. 

“ . . . . And that y e Care of Marriages in the above 

respects may be the particular Concern of some It’s advised 
that v e Monthly Meeting do always appoint two friends to be 
at the said marriages to take inspection thereof anti that they 
be appointed as aforesaid at the same monthly meeting where 
the Couples receive their final approbation ; and that one or 
both of the said two friends do acquaint y e next monthly Meet- 
ing after such Marriage is consummate whether it was carried 
on as above advised or not. Anti that the appointment of the 
said two friends as also their answer as above be entered upon 
record to prevent mistakes and shortness of memory.” 1 

The Yearly Meeting for Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 
1702 atlvised “that none making profession of Truth, and 
would be accounted of us, do take one another in Marriage, 
or join in Marriage any other way, than by the Consent and 
Approbation of the monthly Meeting belonging to the place 
where they live ; And if any should proceed, any other way, 
that they be dealt with according to Truth.” 2 

The same body advised in 1733 “that Friends being Jus- 
tices of the Peace do not by Pretext of their Office undertake 
to marry people by Virtue of Licenses obtained to that end, it 
being in the Sense of the Yearly Meeting inconsistent with our 
Principles, & not any part of their duty as magistrates so 
to do ” 3 

The following is the form of a marriage certificate agreed 
upon by the same Yearly Meeting in 1 7 r 9, and again approved 
in 1 762 : 

Whereas A B of C. in the County of D in the Province of E & F G'of H &c hav- 
ing declared their Intentions of Marriage with each other before several Mon: 
Meetings of the People called Quakers, at H aforesaid, according to the good 
Order amongst them, (where the Parties are under the Tuition of Parents, or 
Guardians, add) and having the Consent of Parents (or Guardians as the case is) 
concerned, their said Proposals of Marriage were allowed by the said Meet- 
ing. — - 

Now these are to certify whom it may concern, that for the full accomplishing 
their sd Intentions this day of the Month in the Year of our 

l MS. Book of Discipline, of 1704, belonging to George Vaux, of Philadelphia, 
to whose kindness the writer is indebted for permitting the above extracts to 
be taken. Mr. Vaux believes this is the oldest Book of Discipline of the Phila- 
delphia Meeting. 

- Rules of Discipline, 1762. 

3 Ibid. 

friends’ marriage customs. 


Lord They the said A B & F G appeared in apublick Meets of the sd Peo- 

ple (for that purpose appointed if it be so,) at H aforesaid. & the said A B tak- 
ing the sd F G by the hand, did in a solemn Manner openly declare, that he took 
her the s<i F G to be his Wife, promise with the Lord’s Assistance to be unto her, 
a loving & faithful Husband untill death should seperate them. & then, & there in 
the same Assembly, the sd F G did in like manner, declare that she took the sd a 
B to be her Husband with the Lord’s Assistance, jtromiss to be unto him a faith- 
ful. & loving Wife until Death should seiierate them: — - And moreover they 
the said A B & F G (she accords to the Custom of Marra assuming the Name of 
her Husband) as a further Confirmation thereof, did then, & there to these Pres- 
ents set their Hands; And we whose Names are hereunder also subscribed, 

being prest at the solemnization of the sd Marra & Subscription have as Wit- 
nesses thereunto, set our Hands the Day, & Year above written - - i 

VII. Early New York and Pennsylvania Marriage 


Immediately on the conquest of New York bv the Eng- 
lish, and while the Duke of York, under the grant of his 
brother, Charles II., held sway over New York, New Jersey 
and Pennsylvania, there was a general meeting held at Hemp- 
stead, Long Island, on March first, 1664, at which a code of 
laws, “ collated out of several laws in force in his Majesty’s 
American Colonies, and Plantations, and digested into one vol- 
ume,” was published, known as “ the Duke of York’s Laws.” 
These laws were re enacted from time to time, with some mod- 
ifications, but remained substantially unchanged for twenty 
years or more. They went into effect immediately in New 
York, and were subsequently 2 extended to the shores of the 
Delaware. They were also in effect in New Jersey, during 
the brief period that elapsed before the transfer of that territory 
to Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkley, and again 
after the surrender by the Dutch in 1674, until the new grant 
by the Duke of York and Charles II. to the Proprietors of 
New Jersey. The Long Island people who afterwards 
migrated to New Jersey found but little change in the mar- 
riage laws to which they had been accustomed under the 
dominion of the Duke of York. 

The first act on the subject recognized the impracticability 
of attempting to follow the English ecclesiastical regulations, 

1 Ibid. This deliverance in 1762 was “ on Account of the frequent Transgres- 
sions of our discipline in respect to Marriages," and “ the Increase of Marriages 
accomplished contrary to the good Order established in the Society.” 

2 In 1676. See Record of Upland Court, Memoirs Hist. Soc. Penn . VII.. 39 10 


and sanctioned marriages by a justice of the peace, but re- 
quired the publication of banns. The act, reads thus : 

Whereas by the Law of England no Marriage is lawfully Consummated with- 
out a Minister whose office it is to join the parties in Matrimony after the Banns 
thrice published in the Church or a Lycence first had and obtained from some 
person thereunto authorized, all which formality cannot be duly practiced in 
these parts. 

Yet to the end that a decent rule therein may be preserved It is Ordained that 
from henceforth the names and surnames of each Party who sue for Marriages 
shall be Publiquely read in their Parish Church or place of usuall Meeting, w’here 
they both then Inhabit three severall Lords days successively. 

And where no Church or Meeting place shall happen to bee. a publication in 
writing shall be first fourteen Days before Marriage upon three doors of each 
parish whereof the partyes Inhabit (viz) one on the Constables the other two 
upon any two Doors of the Overseers of the Parrish Unless they produce a 
Lycence from the Governouri in both which Cases, and not otherwise, it shall be 
Lawfull for any Minister or for any Justice of the Peaces to joyne the Parties in 
Marriage, Provided that the said Partyes do purge themselves by Oath before the 
Minister or Justice that they are not under the Bonds of Matrimony to any other 
Person Living, and if it shall be after proved, that either or both of the Parties are 
perjured, and thereby attained a Double Marriage, for the said Perjury the par- 
ty or parties offending shall bee boared through the tongue with a read hot Iron 
and moreover proceeded against as in Case of Adultery is provided; But if either 
Party be approved Innocent as to him or her Self and Ignorant of the others 
wicked fraud (he innocent Person shall recover damage against the nocent; and 
be sett at Liberty as if no such Marriage had been made. 3 

In the Frame of Government or Charter of Liberties of the 
Province of Pennsylvania, dated April n, 16S2, by William 
Penn, with alterations agreed upon in England, it was pro- 
vided : 

Nineteenth. That all marriages (not forbidden by the law of God, as to near- 
ness of blood and affinity by marriage) shall be encouraged; but the parents or 
guardians shall be first consulted, and the marriage shall be published before it 
be solemnized, and it shall be solemnized by taking one another as husband and 
wife, before credible witnesses, and a certificate of the whole, under the hands of 
parties and witnesses, shall be brought to the proper register of that county, and 
shall be registered in his office.-! 

This was enacted into law by the Pennsylvania Legislature, 

1 The justices of Newcastle on Delaware, on July 27th, 167S, asked “whether 
the commander hath power to grant licenses for marriages, as to several persons 
he hath done, whereby the common course of three proclamations in the church, 
or banns set up, is laid aside .”— Newcastle Records , 311, cited in Hazard's Annals 
of Pennsylvania, 456. 

2 Gov. Andros, of New York, having been asked by the Board of Trade and 
Plantations to report the number of marriages in that Province, -wrote a reply, 
received April 18, 1678: “ Scarcity of Ministers,and Law admitting marriages by 
Justices no acct eann be given of the number marryed.”— V. T. Col. Docs., 
III., 261. 

3 Duke of York’s Book of Laws, Harrisburg, 1879, p. 36. 

4 Ibid., 101. 


on December 7 ? 16S2, the Quaker practice being more clearly 
embodied in the statute : 

All marriages not forbidden by the law of God, shall he encouraged; but the 
parents and guardians shall be, if possible, first Consulted; and the parties clear- 
nes from all other engagements assured by a Certificate from some Credible per- 
sons where they have lived; And by their affixing of their intentions of Marriage 
on the Court, or Meeting-house Door of the County where in they Dwell, one Month 
before the solemnizing thereof ; And their said marriage shall be solemnized by 
taking one another as husband and wife, befor Sufficient Witnesses; And a cer- 
tificate of the whole under the hands of parties and witnesses, (at least twelve.) 
shall be brought to the Register of the County, where they are Marryed, and be 
Registered in his office. 1 

A similar act was passed 10th of 3d Month, 1684, but with 
the modification that the certificate referred to might be pro- 
duced to “ such Religious Society to which they relate ; or to 
some one Justice of the peace of the County in which they 
Live.'*’ 2 This was still further amended by an act passed in 
1693, which inserted the proviso: “ that there be at least one 
Justice of the Peace of the County where such marriage shall 
be, at the Solemnization thereof.” 3 



In tracing the laws and customs concerning marriage in 
New Jersey in the Colonial period we may find it instructive 
to review briefly the origin of the sovereign power in the Col- 
ony, and the agencies through which it was exercised. 

By the patent of King Charles II. to his brother James, 
Duke of York, March 12, 1663-4, f° r vast territory ex- 
tending from St. Croix to the Delaware, there was not only 
conveyed the territory, but “ full & absolute power & author- 
ity to correct punish pardon governe & rule all such the Sub- 
jects of vs our heires and Successors as shall from time to 
time adventure themselves into any of the parts or places 
aforesaid or that shall or doe at any time hereafter inhabit 
within the same according to such Lawes Orders Ordinances, 
directions & instruments as by our said dearest Brother or 

1 Ibid., 151. 2 Ibid., 171. 

3 Ibid.. 229. A similar act was passed November 27, 1700, which was reenacted 
October 28, 1701, and has remained unrepealed ever since. By an act approved 
June 23, 1885, licenses are required as a prerequisite to marriages. See Statutes 
at Large of Pennsylvania, II., 21; Pampli. Laws of 1885. p. 146. 



his Assignes shall be established And in defect thereof in 
cases of necessity according to the good descretions of his 
deputies, Commissioners Officers or agents respectively as 
well in all causes and matters Capitall & Criminal! as civill, 
both marine & others 1 Soe alwaies as the said Statutes ordi- 
nances & proceedings bee not contrary to but as neare as con- 
veniently may bee agreeable to the Lavves Statutes & governm’t 
of this our Realme of England. . . . And alsoe to make, or- 
deyne & establish all manner of Orders Lawes directions In- 
structions formes & ceremonies of Governin' & Magistracy ffit & 
necessary for & concerning the Governin'- of the Territories & 
Islands aforesaid ; Soe alwaies as the same be not contrary to 
the Lawes & Statutes of this our Realme of England but as 
neare as may be agreeable thereunto ; and the same at all times 

i Closely following the language of the first patent from the Crown of England 
for lands in America, granted by Queen Elizabeth, June 11. 157S, to Sir Humphrey 
Gilbert, wherein she gave him, his heirs and assigns, forever, “full Power and 
Authority, to correct, punish, pardon, govern and rule, as well in Causes capital 
or criminal, as civil, all such her Subjects or others, as should adventure them 
selves in the said Voyages, or should at any Time thereafter inhabit the said 
Lands,’’ etc. The patent to Sir Walter Raleigh, in 1584, was in similar terms. 
By the Virginia Charter of May 23. 1609. the London Council of the Virginia Com- 
pany was authorized to appoint Governors, and "to make, ordain, and establish all 
Manner of Orders, Laws, Directions, Instructions, Forms. & Ceremonies of Gov- 
ernment & Magistracy, fit & necessary, for & concerning the Government of the 
said Colony & Plantation.” The Governors so appointed, or at least some 
of them, exercised the most absolute sway, ruling as by martial law . — Hack- 
luyt's Voyages , III.. 174-6,297-300; Hazard’s State Papers , I., 26, 36; St i til's History 
of Virginia, Williamsburg. 1747, 5, 294. 305, 322, Appendix, 17; Chalmers, I., 9. 11. 
The patent of Charles I., to Sir Edmund Plowden, for New Albion (including 
New Jersey in great part), followed the precedents established by Elizabeth in 
granting ample powers of government — Pennsylvania Mag. of Hist, d Biog., VII., 
55. In like manner, the Dutch West India Company, authorized under its char- 
ter to appoint a Director-General and Council, to administer the affairs of New 
Netherland. delegated large powers to that officer, who. moreover, interpreted his 
commissions and instructions withi the utmost liberality. — O' Callaghan's New 
Netherland, I.. 400; II., 18. The charter of Nova Scotia, granted by James I. to 
Sir William Alexander. September 10, 1621, and the Novodamus of Charles I., July 
12, 1625, for the same territory, confer the same powers of government as the ear- 
lier English patents for lands in America. See the patents to Alexander set but 
" in full in “ Narrative of the Oppressive Law Proceedings, and other measures, 
resorted to by the British Government, and numerous private individuals, to over- 
power the Earl of Stirling, and subvert his lawful rights. Written by Himself,’’ 
etc., Edinburgh, 1836, 55, 79. The foregoing recitals are instructive in the light of 
the commission to Gov. Philip Carteret, of New Jersey, hereinafter quoted. The 
Governors of New England had power which “differed little from that of the 
other magistrates,” and they were more subject to the popular will than those 
in the other Colonies. — Palfrey's New England, I., 67-68; II., 9. 


hereafter to putt in execution or abrogate revoke or change 
not only within the precincts of the said Territories or Islands 
but alsoe upon the Seas in goeing & comeing to & from the 
same as he or they in their good discretions shall think to bee 
fittest for the good of the Adventurers Inhabitants there.” 1 
Even at this early date the practical English mind recog- 
nized the fact that laws made in and for England might not 
be exactly adapted to strange conditions in the new world, and 
that much latitude must be conceded to the “ inhabitants and 
adventurers” of the distant territories in framing laws for their 
government, who would find it impossible to conform always 
to the laws and customs ot the home country. 

When the Duke of York, by his lease and release of June 
23-24, 1664, conveyed to John Lord Berkley and Sir George 
Carteret the present territory of New Jersey, the grant em- 
braced not only the lands but “ their and every of their appurte- 
n’nces in as full and ample manner as the same” were granted 
to the Duke himself, “and all the Estate Right Title interest 
benefitt advantage clayme & Demand of the said James Duke 
of York,” etc. 2 This was understood to confer upon the 
Duke’s grantees full powers of government. 

In “ the Concessions and Agreement of the Lords Proprie- 
tors of the Province of New Cassarea or New Jersey, to and 
with all and every of the Adventurers and all such as shall settle 
or plant there,” it was carefully provided that all and every 
person anti persons should “freely and fully have and enjoy his 
and their judgments and consciences in matters of religion 
throughout all the said Province . . . any law, statute 01- 
clause contained, or to Ire contained, usage or custom ot this 
realm of England, to the contrary thereof in anywise notwith- 
standing and liberty was granted to the General Assembly 
to provide for the maintenance of a ministry. 3 

The General Assembly, moreover, was empowered “ To 
enact and make all such laws, acts and constitutions as shall be 
necessary for the well government of the said Province, and them 

1 N. J. Archives. I., 3-4; Learning and Spicer’s Collection of the Grants. Conces- 
sions and Original Constitutions of New Jersey, etc., Philadelphia [1758], 5. 

2 N. J. Archives. I., 12-13; Learning and Spicer. 9 10. 

3 N. J. Archives, I., 30; Learning and Spicer. 14. 


governor carteret’s powers. 

to repeal ; provided, that the same be consonant to reason, and 
as near as may be conveniently agreeable to the laws and cus- 
toms of his majesty’s kingdom of England.” 1 “ Lastly, to en- 
act, constitute and ordain all such other laws, acts and constitu- 
tions as shall or may be necessary for the good, prosperity and 
settlement of the said Province.” 2 In the same broad way the 
Governor and his Council were authorized and directed “ To 
Act and doe all other thing or things that may conduce to the 
safetie peace and well Government of the said Province, as they 
shall see fitt, soe as they bee not contrary to the Lawes of the 
said Province.” 3 

The Lords Proprietors, in their commission (February io, 
1664-=;) to Governor Philip Carteret empowered him “ to do 
all and every other thing and things which unto the Share and 
Office of Governor doth belong or hath accustomed to belong, 
as fully and freely as any Governor hath ever had ;” 4 and in their 
instructions to the Governor authorized him, with the advice 
and consent of the Council, “ to make, do, perform and exe- 
cute all and every Act and Acts, Thing and Things, Powers 
and Authorities whatsoever, which we ourselves, may, can, 
ought or could do in, for, relating or concerning the Govern- 
ment both Civil and Military of the said Province Pro- 

vided also, That all the Executive Part of all the Powers 
hereby made and given, shall be made and exercised by our 
said Governor, to and with the advice of the Major Part of our 
Council,” etc. 5 

Governor Philip Carteret wrote (February 25, 1665-6) to 
some persons who proposed settling on the Delaware that 
those coming three years after them, and settling in any other 
county, “ must be conformable to such Laws and Customs as 
are there Established, Excepting in matters of Judgment and 
Opinion in Religion.” 6 

1 N. J. Archives, I., 32; Learning and Sjiicer, 15. 

2 N. J. Archives, I.. 34-35; Learning and Spicer, 18. There are some verbal dif- 
ferences between these authorities. 

3 N. J. Archives, I., 36; Learning and Spicer, 19. 

4 N. J. Archives, I., 21. 

5 Ibid., I., 23-24. 

C Ibid., 53. 



Alter the brief Dutch interregnum, 1673-4, the Duke of 
York, by his indentures of lease and release, July 28-29, 
1674, made a new conveyance to Sir George Carteret for East 
Jersey (Lord John Berkley having conveyed West Jersey to 
John Fenwick, March iS, 1673-4), 1 * “in as full and ample 
manner as the same is granted vnto the said James Duke ot 
Yorke” by the patent of his brother the King, June 29, 
1664, 3 and Sir George confirmed the Concessions of Feb. to, 
1664-5. 3 Carteret’s widow and the trustees under his will (dated 
December 5, 167S) by lease and release, February 1-2, 16S1-2, > 
having conveyed East Jersey to the Twelve Proprietors, 4 and 
thev having divided with twelve others, the Duke ot \ ork for- 
mally released to the Twenty-four Proprietors any and all in- 
terest retained by him in East Jersey, March 14, 16S2-3, 5 and 
the King, on November 23, 16S3, enjoined upon the inhab- 
itants “ That they do submit and yield all due Obedience to 
the Laws and Government of the said Grantees, their Heirs 
and Assigns, as absolute Proprietors and Governours thereof 
. . . and also to their Deputy or Deputies, Agents, Lieuten- 
ants, and Officers lawfully Commissionated by them, accord- 
ing to the Powers and Authorities granted to them.” 6 

By the quintipartite deed of July r, 1676, West Jersey 
passed into the ownership of William Penn, Nicholas Lucas, 
Gawen Lawrie and Edward Byllynge (John Fenwick being 
considered as having taken title as trustee for Byllynge). The 
new West Jersey Proprietors in a letter of June 26, 1676, de- 
clared : “We put the power in the people, that is to say, they 
to meet, and choose one honest man for each propriety, who 
hath subscribed to the concessions ; all these men to meet as 
an assembly there, to make and repeal laws, to choose a gov- 
ernor, or a commissioner, and twelve assistants, to execute the 
laws during their pleasure.” 7 The Proprietors, Freeholders 
and Inhabitants of West Jersey, in their Concessions and 
Agreements, dated March 3, 1676-7, provided for the govern- 
ment of the Province by commissioners appointed by the Pro- 
prietors, until March 25, 16S0, after which the inhabitants were 

1 Ibid., 205. 2 Ibid., 166. 3 Ibid., 175. 1 Ibid., 366. 

5 Ibid., 383. 6 Ibid., 438; E. J. Records. Liber A, f. 1. 

7 Ibid., 228. 


to choose annually, by “ ballating Trunks,” the commission- 
ers, “ to govern and order the Affairs of the said Province {pro 
tempore ) for the good and welfare of the said People,” 1 who 
were guaranteed the right “ from Time to Time, and at all 
Times, freely and fully [to] have, and enjoy his and their judg- 
ments, and the exercise of their Consciences in Matters of relig- 
ious Worship throughout all the said Province. By the same 
instrument provision was made for the election of a General 
Assembly with power “ To Enact and make all such Laws, Acts 
and Constitutions as shall be necessary for the well Govern- 
ment of the said Province, (and them to repeal) provided that 
the same be, as near as may be conveniently, agreeable to the 
primitive, antient and Fundamental Laws of the Nation of 
England,” and not against the Concessions. 3 The title of the 
Proprietors of West Tersey was confirmed by the Duke of 
York, by indenture dated August 6, 16S0J but in the mean- 
time Sir Edmond Andros, Governor of New York since 1673, 
had been exercising jurisdiction over West Jersey, and, to a 
limited extent, over East Jersey also, endeavoring to adminis- 
ter the Duke of York’s Laws. 5 


The sovereign power over New Jersey, granted by Patent 
from King Charles the Second to James Duke of York, and 
by him granted to Lord John Berkley and Sir George Car- 
teret, was now to be exercised on the ground by the Governor 
appointed by the two Lords Proprietors. Thus, Governor 
Philip Carteret had vested in his person all the powers that the 
King himself could have exercised, had he not parted with his 
sovereignty over New Jersey. The long struggle of Ilenry 
VIII. with the Church of Rome had determined the question 
that the Church of England was a National Church, independ- 
ent of Rome, and having the King for its head, instead of the 
Pope. Hence, the King had supreme jurisdiction in all mat- 
ters ecclesiastical, including marriage and divorce. That be- 
ing so, the Lords Proprietors of New Jersey had like juris- 
diction here, to be administered by their Governor. Pursuing 

2 Ibid.. 253. 3 Ibid.. 266. 

■5 Ibid., 179-188. 230-238, 270-322. 333-3.47. 

1 Ibid.. 243-4, 251. 
4 Ibid.. 324. 



this line of argument, and acting under the authority conferred 
by his Instructions, Governor Carteret followed the pre- 
cedents of earlier American Governors, sanctioned by the 
Duke of York’s Laws, and readily granted marriage licenses 
to those wishing to dispense with the delay and the notoriety 
of a publication of the banns for three weeks. The earliest 
known of these licenses was in this form : 

“ Whereas I have Received Information of a mutuall In- 
tent and agreement betvvene Daniel Perrin of Elizabeth Towne 
in the Province of New Jersey and Maria Thorel — ot the same 
Towne Spinster to solemnize Mariage together for which they 
have requested my Lycence and there apearing no Lawfull 
Impediment for y e Obstruction thereof These are to Require 
you or Eyther of you to Joyne the said Daniel Perrin and 
Maria Thorel in Matrimony and them to pronounce Man and 
Wife, and to make record thereof according to the Lawe in that 
behalfe provided for the doing \\ hereof this shall be to you or 
Eyther of you a sufficient Warrant. Given \ nd r my hand 
and Seale the twelfth day of February An 0 1665 and in the iS th 
Yeare of his Ma ties Raign King Charles the Second & c &c 
To any of the Justices of the Peace Phi : Carteret ’ 
or Ministers Wffiin the Government 
of the Province of New Jarsey ” 

Appended is the entry : 

“ These Couple where Joyned to 
gether in Matrimony the iS feb 1665 
by me J. Bollen 

Licenses in the same form were granted April 30, 1666; 
August 31, 1667; April 21, 166S, and frequently thereafter. - 
As the marriages in these cases were performed by James 
Bollen, the Secretary ot the Province, who entered them on 
the records, it is very probable that many more licenses were 
granted of which we have no record, where the ceremony was 
performed by other Justices ot the Peace. 

1 E. J. Records. Liber No. 3. fo. (5. 

2 Ibid., folios 8. 11. 15. et seqq. 



The marriage customs of a people are as endpring as those 
relating to burials. It could not be expected that the first 
settlers of New Jersey would in their new home adopt prac- 
tices on this most important subject differing from those to 
which they had been wont in their previous places of resi- 
dence. When the Assembly of East Jersey met, in 166S, it 
was dominated by the eight English members from Elizabeth- 
town, Newark, Woodbridge, Middletown and Shrewsbury, 
Bergen having the other two Dutch members. They were 
mainly from New England (some of them having for a time 
sojourned on Long Island), and as was to have been expected 
they brought with them New England ideas, which, after all, 
were not so different from Old England’s practices, save as 
modified by novel situations in a new country. This East 
Jersey Assembly enacted, May 30, 1668, respecting mar- 
riage : 

“ For the preventing of unlawful Marriages, it is ordered 
and enacted, that no person or persons, Son, Daughter, Maid 
or Servant, shall be Married without the consent of his or her 
Parents, Masters or Overseers, and three Times published in 
and at some publick Meeting or Kirk, where the Party or Par- 
ties have their most usual abode ; or set up in writing their 
Purposes of Marriage, on some Publick House, where they 
live, and there at least to abide for the space of Fourteen Days 
before Marriage, which is to be performed in some publick 
Place, if possible may be, and none but some approved Min- 
ister or Justice of the Peace within this Province, or some 
chief Officer, where such are not, shall be allowed to Marry or 
admit of any to join in Marriage, in their Presence, and under 
the Penalty of Twenty Pou?ids for acting contrary hereunto, 
and to be put out of their Office, according to the Liberty of 
Conscience granted by the Lords Proprietors in their Conces- 
sions : Always provided, That it is and may be lawful for the 
Governor to Grant his Licence, under his Hand and Seal, to 
any Person or Persons that are at their own disposing, or to 
any other under the Tuition of their Parents, Masters or Over- 
seers, to join in Matrimony; Provided, that the Parents, Mas- 



ters or Overseers are present and consenting thereunto, or that 
their consent be attested by some publick Officer, and present- 
ed to tbe Governor before the granting thereof, and the others 
to clear themselves by Oath or by Certificate.” 1 

This combined tbe essential features of tbe Massachusetts 
Bay act of 1639 ; the statute of New Haven Colony, of 1653 or 
earlier; and the Duke of York’s Laws. 


As the Governor’s jurisdiction in licensing marriages was 
recognized by the foregoing statute, so, conversely, he was ad- 
mitted to have power in granting divorces, as appears by this 
instrument, in 1669: 

“ These are to Give Notice to all persons Whorae It may 
Concerne that Whereas I am Informed that Hopewell Hull 
hath VnLawfully taken to Wife the Daughter of John Martin 
of Woodbridge, Without Observing the Lawes and Customes 
of England Or these parts of America, I the Governor of this 
province doe declare that the Mariage & that all others that are 
or shall be Comitted In the same Manner to be null Void and 
of none Effect, And they that doe Live In that VnLawfull Es- 
tate of Matrimony May be Prossecuted as such as doe Live In 
the Estate of fornication, And that the Children begotten by 
them are to be accompted Bastards and not Capable of Inher- 
itance. Given vnd r my hand and Seale the 29 th day of De- 
cemb 1 ' 1669.”- 

The following form of divorce by the mutual consent of the 
parties was regarded as valid x : 

“ Know all p r sons Whom It may Concerne That Marma- 
duke Potter now living w lnn the Corporation of Woodbridge 
In tbe province aforesaid Apearing before mee James Bollen 
one of his Ma ties Justices of the peace & Secretary of said 
Province hath declared Vpon his Corporall Oath that hee never 
was Legally married to one Mary Roade now Liveing at the 

1 Learning and Spicer, 81. This was re-enacted Nov. 24, 1675. — Ibid.. 107. 

2 East Jersey Records, in office of the Secretary of State, at Trenton. Liber 3, 
p. 32. It is probable that Hull remarried his wife, Mary Martin, with all due cer- 
emony. for John Martin, in his will. March 17. 1687-S. names his “son” Hopewell 
Hull as one of the overseers and assistants of his executrix. — E. J. Deeds, Liber B. 
f. 220; and see N. J Archives. XXI., 107. 10s. 194. 



hoare kills vpon Delaware River or Bay And that hee, the said 
Potter doth acquit and discharge the said Mary from any In- 
gagement, promise, Contract, or any Otherwise pretending 
her the said Mary Roade to be his Lawfull Wife and that shee 
hath his free Consent to dispose of herselfe In mariage to 
Whom shee shall think fitt, On condition that shee the said 
Mary Roade shall give vnder her hand atested by some Magis- 
trate and Entred vpon Record the like discharge to him the 
said Marmaduke Potter that then this discharge of him the said 
Marmaduke to be Authentick and remain in force, Otherwise 
to be Accounted void and ot none Effect Dated at Woodbridge 
In the province of New Tersey the 2S th 7tember 1676. 

Here is another instance : 

“ To all Xpian people to whom these p r sents shall come 
and to whom the p’misses Do or may Concerne I Thomas 
Davies of Woodbridge in the County of Middx and in the 
province of East New fersey gent Send Greeting Whereas 
there was a Mariage formerly had and Solemnized in the 
Island Barbados beyond the .Seas, between me the said 
Thomas Davies and one Margaret Blew then both of the par- 
ish of St. Peeters in the Island aforesaid on or about the sec- 
ond day of October in the yeere of our Lord One Thousand 
six hundred and Seventy and Three, Now know yee That I 
the said Thomas Davies as well for divers good causes and 
weighty Considerac’ons me therevnto moveing as also att the 
speciall Instance and request ot the said Margaret Have and 
Do by these p r sents acquitt Release Exonerate and Discharge 
the said Margarett of and from the said Bonds tyes and obii- 
gac’ons of Mariage made as aforesaid as much as in me Lyes 
giveing her the said Margeret full power and liberty to Dis- 
pose of herselfe as she shall thinke fitt Witnesse my hand this 
24 th day of August Anno D m 16S3 Thomas Davies. — Signed 
and Delivered in the p'sence of John Baker Sam” Winder 
James Emott. August 24 th , 16S3. This Day came before me 
Sam 11 Winder and James Emott and did acknowledge they saw 

1 Ibid., Liber 3. p. 128. This appears to be a divorce from matrimony, rather 
from a mere engagement or contract of marriage. Mary Roade doubtless gave 
her consent, for on November 2V 1677. Marmaduke Potter was married to Mary 
Bingla. at Woodbridge. after banns set up on November 8. 1677. 



the abovenamed Thomas Davies signe the above written In- 
strument, who afterwards did deliver the same as his Act and 
Deed. Tho. Rudyard .” 1 

This manner of divorce was apparently based on a clause 
of the Duke of York’s Laws, providing that in case of the 
involuntary absence of a husband or wife for five years, on his 
or her return tk it shall and may be lawfull for the said man or 
woman to Challenge his or her pre-marriage, and obtain an 
order for their Cohabiting as formerly, but if neither shall 
sue for such an order, They may by mutuall agreement Enter 
a Release to each other in the office of Records, and both re- 
main free from their former obligations .” 2 


The Friends steadily enjoined upon their people the emi- 
nent propriety of those entering upon second marriages pro- 
viding properly for their own children by previous marriages. 
George Fox by way of example details at length the pains he 
was at when about to marry Margaret Fell, to see that she had 
secured her own children by her former marriage, and to as- 
sure himself that they were satisfied . 3 The following docu- 
ment illustrates how this injunction was carried out in one in- 
stance in Fenwick’s Colony (Salem), New Jersey : 

“ To all people to whome the p r sent Writting shall 
come Ann Craven late of Lyme-house in the ^ish of Stepney 
in the Countie of Middx w th in the kingdome of England and 
now of the Towne of New Salem in Fenwicks Colony w th in 
the Province of New Caesaria or New Jersey Widowe sendeth 
greeting Whereas Tohn Fenwick late of Bynfeild in the 
Countie of Berkes w th in the said Kingdome Esq. one of the 
Lords or Cheife Propriet rs of the said Province and ^ticulerly 
of Fenwicks Colony lying w th in the same By his deed poll 
dated the tenth day of the seaventh mo th last past in this p's- 
ent yeare Did graunt bargaine sell alien enfeofte and confirme 
Unto her the said Anne Craven her heires and assignes forever 

1 Ibid., Liber A. p. 40. 

2 Duke of York's Laws, 36. 

3 Journal of George Fox. London. 1891. II.. 117. The date of this marriage in 
the Bristol Register of Friends, is 27th of 8th Month, 1669. 




All that tract of three hundred Acres of Fast Land Marsh and 
Swampes then and hereafter to be called Cravens Choyce w th 
the Rivers Rivoletts Quaries Woods Comodities advantages, 
and hereditam ts w t soever in the said Deede Poll 'pticulerly 
menc’oned As in and by the same being Enregestered w th in the 
said Colony Relac’on being there Unto had Doth and may ap- 
peare Now Know yee that for and in Considerac’on of a Mar- 
riage shortly to be solemnized betweene her the said Ann 
Craven and Charles Bagaley late of Choptanke in the Countie 
of Talbott w th in the Province of Mary-Land Tanner As alsoe 
for diverse other good Causes and Considerac’ons her the said 
Anne Craven hereUnto moveing Hath given graunted bar- 
gained sold aliened assigned and Confirmed, And by these 
p r sents Doth give graunt bargaine sell alien enfeoffe assigne 
and Confirme Unto him the said Charles Bagaley and Unto his 
heires and assignes for ever All that the said Tract of three hun- 
dred Acres of fast land marsh, and swampes called or knowne 
by the name of Cravens choyce aforesaid Together with the 
River Rivoletts quarries woods Comodities Advantages and 
other hereditam ts whoever Unto the said Cravens choyce and 
Tract of three hundred Acres of Up-Land Marsh and Swampes 
belonging or in anywise ap^taining and alsoe all the Estate 
Right title interest pro tie clayme and demand whoever of her 
the said Ann Craven of in or too the said Cravens Choyce and 
tract of three hundred Acres of fast Land Marsh and Swampes 
and all and singular other the ^misses herein before menc’oned 
or intended to be given graunted bargained sold and assigned 
or any <$>>te or ^cell thereof And the Reverc’on and Reverc’ons 
Remainder and Remainders thereof To have and to hold 
the said Cravens Choyce and tract of three hundred Acres of 
fast Land Marsh and Swamps w lh thapprtenances herein and 
hereby bargained and sold enfeoffed assigned and Confirmed 
and every ^t and ^cell thereof!' Unto him the said Charles 
Bagaley his heires and assignes forever To the only Use 
and behoofe of him the said Charles Bagaley his heires 
and assignes forever Upon Condic’on notw th standing And 
to and for the Uses intents and purposes in manner 
and forme following (that is to say) to the Use and 



behoofe of her the said Anne Craven during her naturall life if 
it shall happen that she survives him the said Charles Bagaley 
and from and after her decease : Then to the Use and behoofe 
of the heires and assignes of him the said Charles Bagaley for- 
ever Provided that if he the said Charles Bagaley his heires 
execrs administrate or assignes shall well and truelv paye or 
satisfie or cause to be well and truely payd or satisfied in Star- 
ling money or Goods Equivalent the sum of Eighteene pounds 
Unto Ann Craven when she shall attaine to the Age of sixteene 
yeares Unto Thomas Craven the sum of thirteene pounds 
when he shall attaine to the Age of one and twentie yeares and 
Unto Peter Craven the sum of thirteene pounds when he shall 
attaine to the Age of one & twentie yeares or w th in one month 
after that thev the said three Children of her the said Ann 
Craven ^tie to these p'sents doe attaine Unto their generall 
ages aforesaid or if two or any of them attaine (by being sur- 
vivor) Unto her or his age aforesaid And that then the said 
porc’on or porc’ons be not then payd to them twoe or one of 
them so surviveing as aforesaid That then the said Cravens 
Choyce and three hundred Acres of Land Marsh and Swampes 
shall be and envre to the Use and behoofe of them the said 
Thomas Craven Peter Craven and Anne Craven to be divided 
Amongst them or the survivor or survivors of them and to 
the heires and assignes of them or the survivor of them forever 
and not otherwise. In Wittness whereof she the said Anne 

Craven hath hereunto set her hand and seale the day 

of the Eleaventh mo th in the yeare by the English Acct 1679 

“ Signed sealed and delivered Ann Craven 

in the p r sence of 

“ Samuell Hedge Secry (?) 

“ Fenwick Ada mss 

“ Richard Tyndall 1 


Returning to the subject of legislation concerning marriage 
in New Jersey, it may be noted that in the Fundamental Con- 

1 Liber Salem B, Records in office of the Secretary of State, at Trenton, p. 68. 


stitutions for the Province of East New Jersey in America, 
Anno Domini 16S3, it was provided: 

“ XX. That all Marriages not forbidden in the Law of God, 
shall be esteemed lawful, where the Parents or Guardians be- 
ing first acquainted, the Marriage is publickly intimated in 
such Places and Manner as is agreeable to Mens different per- 
swasions in Religion, being afterwards still solemnized before 
creditable Witnesses, by taking one another as Husband and 
Wife, and a Certificate of the whole, under the Parties and 
Witnesses Hands, being brought to the proper Register for 
that End, under a Penalty if neglected.” 1 

The influence of the Quakers was clearly shown in the 
foregoing provision, and also in the following act of the East 
Jersey Assembly, in March, 1682 : 

“ That all Marriages (not forbidden by the Law of God) 
shall be lawful, Parents or Guardians shall be first consulted, 
and consenting thereto, and the Intention of Marriage shall be 
published at least three weeks before it be Solemnized by tak- 
ing one another as Man and Wife, the Publication shall be En- 
tered and Registered by the Clerk of the Assembly, or publick 
Place where it shall be Published, and the Solemnization shall 
be performed by and before some Justice of the Peace or other 
Magistrate within the Province, unless the Justice of the Peace 
or Magistrate refuse to be present, and the Certificate thereof 
entered in the Register of the Town and County where it is 
finished.” 2 

About the same time (May 2-6, 16S2) the West Jersey 
Assembly enacted as follows : 

“ That justices of the peace have power, and are hereby 
authorized, within their Jurisdiction, to solemnize Mar- 
riages ; 3 both Parties so to be Married having first published 
their intent of Marriage, Fourteen Days in some publick 
Place to be appointed for that Purpose; and that the Parents 
or the Trustees manifest and show no lawful reason against it. 
And if any Justice shall presume to join a Couple in Matri- 

1 Learning and Spicer, 164. 2 Ibid., 236. 

3 Lord Bellomont wrote, October 19, 1700, that in “ the Jerseys ” marriage by a, 
justice of the peace was “their way of marrying there.”— .V. Y. Col. Docs., IV., 



mony, without the Consent and Knowledge of the Parents or 
Trustees of such Persons so Married (if such Consent can 
reasonably be obtained) then such Justice so offending shall be 
fined according to Discretion of the General Assembly : After 
which Marriage the Clerk or Register is hereby appointed and 
authorized to enter the Day and Year whereon the same Mar- 
riage was solemnized into the Publick Register.” 1 

This act was clearly on its face opposed to the Friends’ 
view that Marriage should be a simple agreement between the 
two parties most interested, testified in the presence of wit- 
nesses, and without the mediation of priest or magistrate. 
However, the Friends of Burlington seem to have effected an 
ingenious compromise, by which it was the practice to have a 
Justice of the Peace present as one of the witnesses before 
whom the ceremony took place. The following entries in the 
early records of Burlington apparently bear out this con- 
jecture : 


“ The Marriage betweene Charles Baggley and Elizabeth 
Stephens being first published according to order, was solemp- 
nized the 27th of May 16S2 before Elias ffarre, Justice, and 
Thomas Gardner Commission 1- and other witnesses and Tho. 
Revell Regist 1- . 

“The Marriage between Thomas Sharman and Frances 
Ward being first published according to order, was solemp- 
nized the 1st day of November 16S2, Before Mahlon Stacy 
Justice Tho: Revell jun 1- Tho. Scholey, Martha Brumley and 
Tho. Revell Regist r . 

“ The Marriage betweene Walter Reeve and Anne Howell, 
being first published according to order, was solempnized the 
nth day of December 16S2, Befote Robert Stacy Justice John 
Wh ite and Thomas Revell Regist 1- . 

“The Marriage between William Barnes and Martha 
Bromley being first published according to order, was solemp- 
nized the 13th day of ffebruary 16S2 : Before John Cripps Jus- 
tice, Samuel Tayler, Susanna ffarnsworth, Alice Newbold, 
Elizabeth Revell and Tho : Revell Regist 1- . 

1 Learning and Spicer. 446. 



“The Marriage between ffrancis Beswick and Priscilla 
Pacock being first published according to order, was solemp- 
nized the 19th day of ffebruary 16S2 Before Robert Stacy and 
Elias ffarre Justices, Tho. Revell Regist 1 ' Godfrey Hancock 
Tho : Wright and sev r all other witnesses. 

“ The Marriage betweene William Lee and Joan South 
being hist published according to order, was solempnized the 
23th day of the Seaventh Moneth called September 16S3 : Be- 
fore Tho: Gardner, Jn° Cripps, Jn° Dewsbury, . Tho : Revell, 
Jn° Haynes, Margrett Haynes and Mary Cockayne. 

“ The marriage betweene Richard Boyes and Mary Dodson 
being first published according to order, was Solempnized the 
first day of y e nyneth Moneth called November 16S3, Before 
Thomas Gardner Justice, Tho: Revell Record 1 ', Godfrey 
Hancock, Thomas Tyndall, Rich d Harrison, Charles Brig- 
ham, Thomas ffoulkes jun 1 ', Joshua Wright jun r , Mary Wright, 
Elizabeth Revell Hellen Stacy and Isbell Chapman. 

“ The Marriage betweene John Woolston Jun r and Lettice 
Newbold being hrst published according to order, was Solemp- 
nized the Sixth day of the Tenth Moneth called December 
Anno 16S3 Before Elias ffarre and ffrancis Collins Justices and 
Thomas Revell Record 1 ' And John Shinn Sen 1 ' John New- 
bold Godfrey Hancock Jun 1 ' John Shinn Jun 1 ' and Jane Garr- 

“The Marriage betweene George Elkincton and Mary 
Bingham, being first published according to Lawe, was Sol- 
empnized the one and Thirtieth day of the Eleaventh Moneth 
called January Anno 16S3, before Sam 11 Jenings, Governo 1 ', 
Thomas Gardner and Tho: Budd Justices and ffrancis Collins 
Justice Isaac Marriott, Wm. Brightwen, Jn° Budd and sever- 
all others. 

“The Marriage betweene Peter Jennings and Anne Nott, 
being first published according to Lawe : was Solempnized the 
Twentieth day of y e first Moneth called March 16S3-4; before 
John Gosling Justice \ And Thomas Revell Record 1 ', John 
Cripps, Walter Pumphary, Timothy Brandreth, John Tulye, 
Philip Creeke, Joseph Blowers, John Renshawe, John 
ffleckne, Onesiph : Aughwick Godfrey Hancock jun r JoAnna 



Pryor, Sarah Basnett, Mary Dimsdale, Sarah Collins, Sen 1 ' 
and Jun r , Mary Cripps and Margrett Collins. 

“The Marriage betweene Jodia Higgins and Mary New- 
bold being first published according to Lawe, was Solemp- 
nized ye Twelveth day of y e Third Moneth called May 16S4, 
before Elias ftarre Robert Stacy Justices and Thomas Revell 
Regist 1 ', Joseph Wood Eliakim Higgins, Tho : Higgins, Mar- 
grett Newbold Mary Peirson Elizabeth Hull Sarah Higgins 
Elizabeth Revell, Elizabeth Stacy Hellen Stacy. 

“ The Marriage betweene Robert Ingall and Joan Horne 
being first published according to order, was Solempnized y e 
Fourth day of y e ffifth Moneth called July 16S4: before Rob- 
ert Stacy Justice Tho: Revell Regist 1 ', Tho. Butcher Jn° Dav e 
and Elizabeth Daye.’’ 1 


At a time when a new and sparsely settled country was 
likely to be overrun with adventurers, it was manifestly ad- 
visable to protect the young and unwary against such gentry, 
as the West Jersey Assembly did by the following act of 5th 
of 7th mo., 16S3, which, moreover, was strictly in line with 
the prudent regulations of Friends, in securing their youth 
against hasty marriages with unknown strangers : 

“Whereas it hath pleased God to commit this Country and 
Province, into the Hands of such who (for the generality of 
them) are fearing God, and painful and industrious, in the 
promoting and improving the said Province ; and for the bet- 
ter preventing of such as are Prophane, Loose, Idle and 
Scandalous from settling amongst us, who are, and will not 
be only unserviceable, but greatly burdensome to the Province. 
It is therefore hereby e 7 iacted by the Authority aforesaid, 
that all Person and Persons, who shall transport him, or them- 
selves, into this Province, shall within Eighteen Months after 
he or they shall arrive in said Province, procure and produce a 

1 Burlington Records, in the office of the Secretary of State, at Trenton, sub 
annos. This practice anticipated the law of Pennsylvania, of 1693. cited above, 
requiring the presence of at least one Justice of the Peace at the solemnization 
of every marriage. It was said that thirteen marriages had taken place in Bur- 
lington from its settlement to 1681.— Proud's Hist. Pennsylvania , I., 159; Hazard’s 
Annals of Pennsylvania, 456. 



Certificate under the Hands of such of that Religious Society 
to whom he or they did belong, or otherwise from two Magis- 
trates (if procurable) or two Constables or Overseers ot the 
Poor, with three or more creditable Persons of the Neighbour- 
hood, who inhabit or belong to the Place where he or they did 
last reside, as may give satisfaction (that is to say) that he or 
they came not clandestinely away, and (if unmarried) that he 
or she are clear from former Engagements, in that particular, 
and also that he or she, are such as live soberly and honestly 
to the best of their Knowledge. And that no Justice shall pre- 
sume to Marry any such Person or Persons, who shall come 
into this Province before such Certificate be Procured, or that 
it be laid before the Governor, and two Justices, and give 
them sufficient satisfaction concerning their clearness. And 
that all such Person and Persons who shall settle in the said 
Province, and shall refuse or neglect to procure such Certifi- 
cate as aforesaid, within the said Eighteen Months, shall be 
fined at the Discretion of the Governor and Council of the said 
Province, not exceeding Twenty Pounds; the same to be lev- 
ied by distress and Sale of the Offenders Goods, and to be paid 
into the hands of the Treasurers of the said Province.” 1 


Herewith is given an interesting ante-nuptial contract, of 
16S6 : 

“This Indenture wittnesseth that at Woodbridge in y e 
province of East New Jersey the twentieth and sixth day ot 
January in y e year of our Lord one thousand Six hundred 
Eightie and Six It is appointed aggreed and finally contracted 
Between Mr. James Dundas ot Amboy Gent, of y e one part and 
Mrs. Jannet Riddell Eldest Daughter to Mr. Archibald Riddell 
Minister of y e Gospel at Woodbridge afores d and y e s d Mr. Archi- 
bald Riddell for his Interest and Takeing the Burden upon him 

i Ibid., 474. Similar legislation obtained in New England, where an act of this 
kind was objected to by some of the Ministers and vestrymen of the Church of 
England. Lord Bellomont, November 28, 1700, explained the object of such leg- 
islation: “ The truth is, as I have been informed, some loose people have some- 
times come from England and married in New England, though they had left 
wifes behind them in England and this law was calculated cheifly for prevention 
of such marriages.” — IV. T. Col. Docs., IV., 793. 



for his s d Daughter and they both with one Consent and assent 
on y° other part In Maner forme and Effect as hereafter followes 
That is to sav the s d Mr. Dundas shall accept and take and 
doth hereby accept and take the s d Mrs. Jannet Riddell for his 
Lawfull Spouse and y e s d Mrs. Jannet Riddell with Consent as 
afores d shall accept and take and doth hereby accept and take 
y e s d Mr. James Dundas for her Lawfull Husband And both 
of them are Joyntly obleidged to Solemnize and Compleat y e 
s d marriage in a due and Right Maner In Contemplation of w ch 
marriage the s d Mr. James Dundas Doth hereby obleidge him- 
self his Heires Exrs and Adminstrs w th his Estate moveable or 
Immoveable to have in readiness betwixt this and tenth day 
of December next in y e year of our Lord one thousand six 
hundred and eighty-seven y e sume of seven hundred pounds 
Sterling or y e value in goods or merchant wares to be Im- 
ployed upon Lands or other suitable Improvements for y e use 
and behoofe of him the s d Mr. James Dundas and Mrs. Jannet 
Riddell his future spouse and y e Children to be procreate be- 
tween them w ch failing to be disposed of as is after appointed 
in consideration whereof y e aboves d Mr. Archibald Riddell 
doth hereby obleidge himself his Ileires and Excrs well and 
truely to pay or Cause to be payed unto y e abovenamed Mr. 
James Dundas betwixt y c date hereof and y e first day of June 
Next Ensueing y e sume of one hundred and eighty pounds ster- 
ling w ch sume is to be accumulate in y e afores d sume of 
seven hundred pounds and to be Imployed as afores d 
and so often as y e s d Mr. Dundas does uplift y e s d ac- 
cumulate sume or any part thereof that as oft he 
obleidges himself of New to Imploy it to y e best advantage for 
y e proper Use of him y e s d Mr. James Dundas and his future 
spouse and y e children to be procreate betwixt them w ch fail- 
ing to be disposed of in Maner following y fc is to say If it so 
happen that at y e time of y e s d Mr. Dundas his deceass there 
shall be noe Childreen alive of y e Marriage nor his s d spouse at 
y e time w th child That then two third parts of all y e afores d 
Estate of Lands Money Bonds Accompts Merchant Wares or 
other moveable or Immoveable Estate whatsoever pertaining to 
y e s d Mr. James Dundas at y e time of his deceass in this province 
or anywhere Else shall belong unto and Immediately become y e 



proper Right and Inheritance of y e s d Mrs. Jannet Riddell her 
Heires Exers or assigns, but in Case ther shall be Children of 
y e Marriage one or more alive at y e time of her s d Husbands 
deceass that then she and her aforesds shall have Right 
to one third part onely of y e whole Estate as is above named as 
her or their Inheritance with her Life-rent of one sufficient 
dwelling house and three hundred acres of good arable ground 
about it as her dowrie and to have y e Charge and overseight of 
y e Child or Childreen with a suitable and sufficient allowance 
for their board Cloathing and Education so long as she contin- 
ues unmarried And if it should happen that y e Child or Chil- 
dreen of y e marriage should die dureing y e time of her Wid- 
dowhood that then and in such Case she and her aforesds are 
to have right to two thirds of all y e Estate moveable and Im- 
moveable as is above Expressed as if there had been No Chil- 
dreen alive at y e time of her s d husbands deceass And in Case 
y e s d Mrs. Jennet Riddell should die before her s d husband 
leaveing behind her one or more Childreen of this Marriadge 
that then y e one Moitie or half part of all y e Lands Chattells 
moneys bonds merchandize or other Estate Moveable or Im- 
moveable above Expressed that they or any of them have a 
right unto at y e time of her deceass shall belong unto y e s d 
Child or Childreen then Livei ng as their right and due patri- 
monie and that all y e Articles abovenamed be duely performed 
the Nearest of Kine on both sides are hereby Impowered by 
Consent of.all parties to see y e same take Effect Either in an 
amicable way or by Course of Law if Need be. In witness 

“ James Dundas, Jannet Riddell 
“ Arch. Riddell 
“ Witnesses 

“Neill Campbell, Archibald Campbell, And: Hamilton, 
“ Patrick Falconar, Wal: Riddell, George Ilenrie, James 
“ Scott.” 


That marriage (at least of the common law kind) was 
sometimes a failure two hundred years ago is evident from a 

i East Jersey Records, ut supra, Liber F, p. 675. 



post-nuptial agreement made March 7, 16S9-90, by James Sea- 
tovvne, of Woodbridge, with Rebeckah, daughter of Thomas 
and Rebeckah Adames, and her said father, which sets forth 
that James and Rebeckah having lived together as man and 
wife under civil contract, they agree to separate, James giving 
to Rebeckah the dwelling house with furniture, on the south 
side of Cedar Cove, Woodbridge, and thirty acres adjoining, as 
described in deed of gift from said Thomas Adames, to said 
James Seatowne. 1 


The practice of the day regarding marriage licenses is thus 
set forth in a petition to the Governor and Council, November 
27th, 16S4 : 

“The humble Request of James Emott Dept Secretary of 
this Province being then Read setting forth that whereas it has 
bin the Laudable Custome and practice as well in this Prov- 
ince as all other Neighbouring Adjacent provinces that vpon 
applicac’on made for a License for Solemnizeing Marriage the 
Secretary vpon taken Security of such p r sons as Request the 
same that they are vnder noe other obligac’on or pAontract of 
Marriage immediately to make out a License pAureing the 
same to bee signed by the Governor and given vnder the seale 
of the province — praying an Order of Counci 11 may bee passed 
for the Conti nueing y e said Custome — After the same were 
Considerably Debated the whole Councill was Consenting to 
passe an Order for the Continuac’on of the said Custome, but 
the Deputy Governor- Desired that the same might be Differ’d 
till the next setting of this Councill ” — 8 

The subject of this petition engaged the attention of the 
Legislature in 1693, whether for curing irregularities in mar- 
riage, or to increase the revenue of certain officials from 
license fees, does not appear. The proceedings are thus 
minuted in the Journal of the Governor and Council : 

Oct. 30, 1693 — “ A Message by Thomas Gordon to y e 
house of Deputyes w tb 3 bills past by this board viz : . . . . 

1 N. J. Archives, XXI., 184. 2 Gawen Lawrie. 

3 N. J. Archives, XIII., 138. 


one for regulate of Lycences for publick houses & marriages 
and take off’y e Excise &c. 

Oct. 31, 1693 — “A Message by John Reid & Sam 11 
Dennes w th 2 bills past y e house viz : a bill for regulateing of 
marriages & another for takeing off y e Excise & Impower- 
ing y e Gover 1 ' to grant lycences to ordinary keepers & y e Bill 
sent yesterday returned & by this [board] devided into two. 

Nov. 2, 1693 — “A Message by Thomas Gordon Clerk of 
this board to y e house of Deputyes to Informe them y l y e bill 
for Regulateing of marriages .... are past this board.” 1 

The act passed was as follows : 

“ Whereas There hath been great Irregularities, committed 
in joining Persons in Marriage, 2 without either their Banns be- 
ing published, as provided by a former Act, or a Licence from 
the Governor or Deputy Governor for the Time being; for the 
preventing which abuses and irregularities for the future, Be 
it enacted by the Governor, Council and Deputies in General 
Assembly now met and assembled, and by the Authority of the 
same, that after Publication hereof, no Minister, Justice of the 
Peace, or other shall join any Persons in Marriage unless their 
Banns be published, or by a Licence from the Governor, or 
Deputy Governor for the time being, under the Penalty of 
Ten Pounds for each such Offence.” 3 

It occasionally happened that a marriage license was ob- 
tained in vain. For example, in the case of that granted J u ly 
7, 1673, to Thomas Williams, “ of Exmouth in the county of 
Devon, now of this Province,” and Honnor Justice, “ bornd ” 
in Ireland. Opposite the record of this license is the marginal 
note : “ This is null and not allowed of by the Deputy Gover- 

1 N. J. Archives, XIII.. 200, 201, 202. 

2 This was the confession embodied in many of the early statutes of the Col- 
onies, showing how impossible it was found in practice to compel the people to 
conform strictly and always to any law which interfered with their natural rights 
in assuming this most important relation. The Virginia legislature even went 
so far (4th and 12th Acts of the Assembly) as to prohibit all marriages to be sol- 
emnized without “ a lawful Minister ” (that is, of the Church of England), and 
“ imposing the punishment due for fornication on the parties and making their 
children illegitimate.” But the Bishop of London was constrained to admit, in 
1(578. that there was a great defect in the execution of those” laws, which he 
considered “ wholesome.”— A’. T. Col. Does., III., 253. 

3 Learning and Spicer, 332. 



nor.” 1 Another instance, due to the fickleness of human na- 
ture, was when a license was issued to Samuel Moore, of the 
town of Woodbridge, and Mary Higgins, widow of Richard 
Higgins, of New Piscataway, September 6, 167S, a marginal 
entry informing us : “ This is null one of the persons recant- 
ing the agreement.” 2 The record is silent as to whether it was 
the anxious bridegroom or the coy widow who “recanted” even 
after the license had been obtained. 3 


The following is the oldest New Jersey marriage license 
known to be in existence : 4 

“ Tiie Governour and Proprietors of the Province of 
East New Jersey, To Any of his Majesties Justices of the 
peace In the sayd Province, to whose hands these presents shall 
come, Greeting Whereas Application hath beene made 
unto us In behalfe of Grasham Mote and Sarah Clayton both of 
Middletoun In the Countie of Munmouth to bee Joyned In 
Marriage, And Wee being certainelie Informed that the sayd 
Grasham Mote and Sarah Clayton are free and unmarried per- 
sones These are therefore to Authorize and Impower you to 
Joyne the sayd persones In the holy bond of Matrimonie In 
usuall forme, for which these presents shall bee your warrant 
Given under the Seale of the sayd Province the twelth day of 
ffebruarie Anno Dorn : 1696. And. Hamilton.” 

This document is written on white paper, both ink and 
paper excellently preserved. In the upper left hand cor- 

1 E. J. Deeds. Liber No. 3. f. 92. It is possible that this license had been issued 
by James Carteret, President of the Province by appointment of the General As- 
sembly, and who had usurped the powers of Gov. Philip Carteret during the lat- 
ter’s absence. James Carteret sailed for Carolina the latter part of June or the 
first part of July. If the license had been issued by him, that of itself would be 
sufficient reason for its revocation by John Berry, who had been commissioned 
Deputy Governor by Gov. Carteret when leaving for England a year before, with 
Secretary James Bollen. It is quite probable, however, that the license had been 
signed in blank by Gov. Carteret, and issued on the day it bears date by the act- 
ing Secretary of the Province, and that it was annulled for good cause coming to 
the knowledge of the Deputy Governor. 

2 Ibid., 149 . 

3 One Samuel Moore, of Woodbridge, married Sarah Higgins, Oct. 26, 1693. 

4 Original in the writer's possession. 



ner is affixed the seal of East Jersey, still quite legible; it is 
protected from exposure by four paper flaps which fold over it, 
joining in the centre to form a perfect cover. 


The Proprietors of East Jersey and those of West Jersey 
having surrendered their rights of government to Queen Anne 
and her successors, on April 15, 1703, New Jersey thereupon 
became a united Royal Province, subject to the English crown. 
The Queen appointed her cousin, Edward Hyde, Viscount 
Cornbury, to the post of Governor of New Jersey, and gave 
him his Instructions, dated November 16, 1702, which con- 
tained these clauses : 

“ 75. And to the End the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the 
Lord Bishop of London, may take Place in our said Province, 
so far as conveniently may be, we do think fit that you give all 
Countenance and Encouragement to the Exercise of the same, 
excepting only the collating to Benefices, granting Licenses 
for Marriage, and Probate of Wills, which we have reserved 
to you our Governor, and the Commander in Chief of said 
Province for the Time being. 

“ 76. And you are to take especial Care that a Table of 
Marriages established by the Cannons of the Church of Eng- 
land, be hung up in every Orthodox Church, and duly ob- 
served, and you are to endeavour to get a Law passed in the 
Assembly of our said Province, (if not already done) for the 
strict Observation of the said Table.” 1 


As New Jersev was now under the government of Great 
Britain it became important to have it decided just how far the 
law in force in England was obligatory upon the inhabitants of 
this Province. 

In 1720 Mr. West gave an opinion on the extension of the 
common law to the colonies, in which he said : 

1 N. J. Archives. II.. 529; Learning and Spicer, 639; Smith's Hist N. J.. 230. 
These Instructions were the same as those given to Gov. Thomas Dongan. of New 
York, in 1686; and to Col Henry Sloughter, Governor of New York, in 1690.— K. 
Y. Col. Docs.. III.. 372, 688. In the case of the former, the Archbishop of Canter- 
bury was recognized as the ecclesiastical superior. 



“The Common Law of England is the Common Law of 
the Plantations, and all statutes in affirmance of the Common 
Law passed in England antecedent to the settlement of the col- 
ony, are in force in that colony, unless there is some private 
Act to the contrary ; though no statutes made since those set- 
tlements are there in force unless the colonists are particularly 
mentioned. Let an Englishman go where he will, he carries 
as much of law and liberty with him, as the nature of things 
will bear.” 1 2 

In 1729 the Attorney-General Yorke gave an important 
opinion upon the statute law in the following words : 

“ I am of opinion that such general statutes as have been 
made since the settlement of Maryland, and are not by express 
words located either to the plantations in general or to the 
Province in particular, are not in force there, unless they have 
been introduced and declared to be laws by some Acts of As- 
sembly of the Province, or have been received there by long 
uninterrupted usage or practice.”- 

In a report to the Lords of Trade, June 1 1, 1 7 74 ’ 011 ^ ie 
condition of the Province of New York, Governor \\ illiam 
Tryon wrote : 

“ The Common Law of England is considered as the 
Fundamental Law of the Province, and it is the received Doc- 
trine that all the Statutes (not Local in their Nature, and which 
can be fitly applied to the circumstances of the Colony) enact- 
ed before the Province had a Legislature, are binding upon the 
Colony; but that Statutes passed since do not affect the Col- 
ony, unless by being specially named, such appears to be the 
Intention of the British Legislature.” 3 

1 Opinions of Eminent Lawyers concerning the Colonies and Commerce of 
Great Britain, collected by George Chalmers, London, 1814, I., 206. 

2 Ibid., 208. 

3 N. Y. Col. Docs.. VIII.. 441. And see discussion on the validity of a Court of 

Chancery, in N. J. Archives, X.. 156. The doctrine enunciated in the text has pre- 
vailed ever since in England. Its application to the American Colonies was 
affirmed in the Lauderdale peerage case, in 1885, relating to a marriage per- 
formed in New York in 1772: ‘ When English settlers go out to a colony and set- 

tle there they carry with them, so far as may be applicable to the purpose, all the 
immunities and privileges of the law of England as the law of England was at 
that time.’’ See 10 App. Cases. 693, 746. 




The popular application of certain well known principles of 
law often leads to quaint and curious customs, and marriage is 
no exception to such interpretation of the law. Bv the com- 
mon law “the marriage is an absolute gift of all chattels per- 
sonals (of the wife) in possession of her own right, whether 
the husband survive the wife or not.” 1 2 Conversely, “a hus- 
band was to be charged for all debts of his wife, dum solo.” 3 
These laws led to a peculiar custom in England, which was 
transplanted to America, and was practiced in New Jersey, as 
appears by the following entry in our public records: 

“ Thomas Holmes of Woodbridge brickmaker and Lucra- 
cia the widow of John Pierce of New \ ork [marriage li- 
cense issued July 14, 1679] were married at Mr. Moor’s house 
in Woodbridge Thursday 17 July 1679 by James Bollen. 

“ The said Holmes disclaymed any of ye Widow’s Estate, 
but took her naked only her shift.” 3 

The observant Professor Kalm thus entertainingly explains 
the custom and its practice in New Jersey in the middle of the 
eighteenth century : 

“ There is a peculiar diverting custom here, in regard to 
marrying. When a man dies, and leaves his widow in great 
poverty, or so that she cannot pay all the debts with what little 
she has left, and that, notwithstanding all that, there is a per- 
son who will marry her, she must be married in no other habit 
than her shift. By that means, she leaves to the creditors of 
her deceased husband her cloaths, and every thing which they 
find in the house. But she is not obliged to pay them any 
thing more, because she has left them all she was worth, even 
her cloaths, keeping only a shift to cover her, which the laws 
of the country cannot refuse her. As soon as she is married, 
and no longer belongs to the deceased husband, she puts on the 
cloaths which the second has given her. The Swedish clergy- 
men here have often been obliged to marry a woman in a dress 
which is so little expensive, and so light. This appears from 

1 Co. Litt. 351. 

2 1 Rol. 321, 1. 25; 3 Mod. 186. 

3 E. J. Deeds, Liber No. 3, f. 158. 



the registers kept in the churches, 1 and from the accounts 
given by the clergymen themselves I have likewise often seen 
accounts of such marriages in the English gazettes, which are 
printed in these colonies; and I particularly remember the fol- 
lowing relation : A woman went, with no other dress than her 
shift, out of the house of her deceased husband to that of her 
bridegroom, who met her half-way with tine new cloaths, and 
said, before all who were present, that he lent them his bride, 
and put them on her with his own hands. It seems, he said, 
that he lent the cloaths, lest, if he had said he gave them, the 
creditors of the first husband should come, and take them from 
her ; pretending that she was looked upon as the relict of her 
first husband, before she was married to the second.” 2 

When a Jersevwoman took up her residence in a neighbor- 
ing Province she seems to have taken this peculiar custom with 
her, if we are to believe a veracious newspaper of the day : 

“ Annapolis in Maryland June 4. About a Fortnight ago 
there happened in Frederick County in this Province, as com- 
ical a Wedding, as we remember to have heard of: A 

Couple, with their Guests, (having obtain’d a License) came 
to the House of a reverend Clergyman, late in the Evening, 
after he had been in Bed some time with his Wife, and desired 
to be married ; he willing to oblige them, got up and dress’d 
himself in order to perform the Ceremony; but the Bride- 
groom having imbib’d a Notion, that if he married a Woman 
with any thing, he should be obliged to pay all her Debts, and 
not otherwise, and as she came from the Province of New Jer- 
sey, he was doubtful about her Circumstances; the obliging 
Bride, to remove all incumbrances, stripped to her Buff, and 
two Women held a Sheet between her and the Clergyman 
while he performed his Office; but she having forgot her Cap 
at undressing, in the midst of the Ceremony it came into her 
Mind, and she pulled that off too, and Hung it on the Bed, and 
was married to her Spouse (if not in a Wedding Suit) in her 
Birth Day Suit : After the Ceremony was over, the Bride- 

1 No entry of the kind appears in any of the records of the Dutch churches of 
New Jersey or New York, which the writer has examined. 

2 Kalm, as cited, II., 29-30. 



groom put on her one of his own Shirts to cover her — This Ac- 
count the Reader may perhaps look on as improbable and un- 
true, but he may be assured, it is a certain and naked 
Truth.” 1 2 

In this connection a word may be expected regarding that 
singular custom known as “ Bundling,” where young people 
carried on their courting under circumstances calculated to 
hasten the wedding. The usage is an ancient one in the 
rural districts of England, was introduced into New Eng- 
land by the early settlers, was very generally practiced by the 
original Dutch inhabitants of New Jersey and their descend- 
ants so late as 1S30, and was much in vogue among the New 
England settlers in West Jersey down to the Revolution, if 
not later. The writer has been assured by persons of the 
highest respectability that they “bundled” when courting, 
and that the practice was never, to their knowledge, attended 
with ill consequences.- 


The origin of this Act does not appear. No petition for it 
is mentioned in the journals of either branch of the Legisla- 
ture. It may have been politics of a certain questionable sort, 
as the law was to the pecuniary interest of the numerous jus- 
tices of the peace throughout the Province. Perhaps it was 
designed to correct the growing abuses of the existing system. 
It shows much care and artificial skill in its drafting — so much 
so that it remained unchanged on the statute books for three- 
quarters of a century. The bill is first mentioned in the pro- 

1 Pennsylvania Journal. June 13, 1753, No. 500, quoted in N. J. Ai’chives. Vol. 
XIX., pp. 164-165. It will be remembered that when Benjamin Franklin was con- 
templating marriage with his future wife, one of the difficulties in the way was 
the fact that her former husband ‘-had left many debts, which his successor 
might be called upon to pay.” See Sparks’s Franklin, I., 96. 

2 Bundling; its Origin. Progress and Decline in America, by Henry Reed Stiles, 

M. D., Albany. 1871. For some account of the practice in New Jersey, see History 
of the City of Paterson and the County of Passaic, by William Nelson, Paterson, 

N. J., 1901, 396-7; The Plain-Dealer, 1775-1776, the First Newspaper in New Jer- 
sey, now first printed from a unique manuscript copy, with an introduction and 
notes by William Nelson, privately printed. 1894, 12-17; Records of the First Pres- 
byterian Society of Paterson, compiled and edited, with notes, by William Nel- 
son, Paterson, N. J.. 1893. sub “ Discipline,” 1821-30. 



ceedings of the House of Representatives, February 9, 171S-- 
19, when “ Coll. Bass 1 presented to the house a Bill Entitled 
An Act to prevent Clandestine Marriages,” which was dis- 
cussed again and again, repeatedly amended by both houses of 
the Legislature, and finally received the approval of Gov. 
Robert Hunter on March 27th, 1719.” 


“ Sect. i. WHEREAS of late Years several Young Per- 
sons have been, by the Wicked Practices of evil disposed 
Persons, and their Confederates, inticed, inveigled and de- 
luded, led away and Clandestinely Married, which has often 
been to the Ruin of the Parties so Married, as well as the great 
Grief of their Parents and Relations. In order therefore to 
prevent the like as much as may be, for the future; Be it 
Enacted by the Governor , Council and General Assembly 
of this Province , and it is hereby Enacted by the Author- 
ity of the same , That from and after the Publication of this 
Act, no License shall be given to Marry any Person under the 
Age of One and Twenty Years, until such Person have had 
the Consent of his • or her Parent or Parents, Guardian or 
Guardians, or Person or Persons under whose Care and Gov- 
ernment he or she shall be, signified by a Certificate in Writ- 
ing, under the hand of the Parent or Parents, Guardian or 
Guardians, of him and her intended to be Married; or in case 
any the said Persons intending to be Married have no Parent 
or Guardian, then by a Certificate in Writing under the hand 
of the Person or Persons under whose Care and Government 
the said Person intending to be Married, at that time, shall 
be ; which Certificate shall be filed in the Secretary’s Office of 
this Province, and Registered in a Book to be kept for that 
Purpose ; for doing of which it shall be lawful for the Secre- 
tary of this Province, or his lawful Deputy, to receive the Sum 
of Three Shillings as a Fee or Reward. 

1 Col. Jeremiah Basse was Governor of East Jersey and also of West Jersey. 
1697-1699; Secretary of the Council of New Jersey. 1709-1715; and a member of the 
House of Representatives, 1716 1721. He was appointed Attorney-General, March 
2S, 1719, serving more than four years. It is not unlikely that he drafted this act. 
No precedent for it has been found; New York and Pennsylvania had no such leg- 

2 N. J. Archives. XIII., 84. S6, 91, 97, 103. 111. 



“2. Any Person or Officer that now is, or hereafter shall be 
appointed by the Governor or Commander in Chief, for the 
Time being, to give out License of Marriage within this 
Province, who shall give or issue the same to any Person or 
Persons contrary to the Directions, true Intent and Meaning 
of this Act, or any Part thereof, shall forfeit the Sum of Five 
Hundred Pounds lawful Money of His Majesties Plantations 
in America , to be Recovered by Action of Debt, with cost of 
Suit, by the Parent, Guardian of (or Person under whose 
Care) any Person Married by Virtue of such License, shall be, 
in the Supream Court within this Province, in which there 
shall be no Essoyn, Protection or Wager of Law, or any more 
than one Imparlance. And any Minister or pretended Min- 
ister of the Gospel, Justice of the Peace or other Person, hav- 
ing or pretending to have Authority to joyn Persons together 
in the holy Bands of Matrimony, who shall joyn any Persons 
together in Marriage not having a License mentioning such 
Certificate had, as by this Act is directed and intended, or 
without having been published, as in and by this Act is ap- 
pointed and intended, or contrary to the true Intent and Mean- 
ing of this Act, or apy part thereof, every such Minister or pre- 
tended Minister of the Gospel, Justice of the Peace or other 
Person, having or pretending to have Authority to joyn Per- 
sons together in the holy Bands of Matrimony, shall tor every 
such Offence forfeit the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds , lawful 
Money of His Majesty’s Colonies and Plantations in America , x 
the one half thereof to his Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, 
the other half thereof to the Parents or Guardian of such Per- 
sons who shall prosecute the same to Effect, to be recovered 
by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information in any of His 
Majesties Courts of Record within this Province. 

1 At a meeting of the Governor’s Privy Council, Feb. 21, 1772: “A Complaint 
being exhibited agt Thomas Walker Esq'- One of the Justices of the Peace in the 
County of Middlesex for Marrying Persons without Licence or Publication ac- 
cording to Law, His Excellency was pleased to order the Depy Secretary to write 
to the said Thomas Walker, and give him an Opportunity to answer it.’’— A”. J. 
Archives, X., 352; XVIII.. 275. The offender probably made his peace with the 
Governor, as no further record has been found in relation to the matter. Had he 
not done so, the Governor would probably have issued a supersedeas, removing 
him from office. 



“3. And for the more effectual preventing Frauds in the Ob- 
taining Licenses for Marriage, Be it enacted by the Author- 
ity aforesaid , That every Person under the Age of Twenty- 
one Years, as aforesaid, praying a License to be married, and 
producing a Certificate as by this Act is directed, shall, before 
he or she obtains such License, take an Oath upon the Four 
Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, or if really of tender Con- 
science, shall make a solemn Affirmation and Declaration in 
such Form and Manner, as in and by the Act or Acts of the 
General Assembly of this Province is or shall be prescribed 
and directed, That the Certificate by him or her produced is 
True and Genuine, and Truly and Bona Fide signed by the 
Person or Persons said to sign the same ; which Oath, Affir- 
mation or Declaration, the Person or Officer Empowered to 
give out Licenses, as aforesaid, is hereby Impowered, Directed 
and Required to administer. ' And the Person or Persons, so 
praying a License as aforesaid, shall also, before the obtain- 
ing such License, enter into Bond to His Excellency Brigadier 
Robert Hunter , Esquire, now Governor of this Province or to 
the Governour or Commander in Chief of this Province for the 
Time being, with two sufficient Sureties, dwelling and hav- 
ing real Estates within this Province in the Penal Sum of Five 
Hundred Pounds , lawful Money of His Majesties Colonies 
and Plantations in America , on the Conditions following, 

“4. The Condition of this Obligation is such , That 
whereas there is a mutual Contract of Marriage between 
A. B. of on the oive Party , and C. D. of 

on the other Party , and Certificates having been 
produced and sworn to, or having taken a solemn Affirma- 
tion, according to one Act of General Assembly of this 
Province , made in the fifth Year of the Reign of our 
Sovereign Lord George, by the Grace of God King of 
Great-Britain, France and Ireland, and the Territories and 
Dominions thereunto belonging, entituled , An Act to pre- 
vent Clandestine Marriages. Now if it shall hereafter ap- 
pear that the said Certificates , or either of them, have been 
fraudulent, or that either of the aforesaid A. B. of 



or the aforesaid C. D. of had not the 

Consent of their Parents , Guardians , or Persons under 
whose Care they were , signing the said Certificates , or 
that the said A. B. and C. D., or either of them , some 
lawful Let or Impediment of Pre-Contract , Affinity or 
Consanguinity , A hinder their being joyned in the Holy 
Bands of Matrimony, and afterwards of living together as 
Man and Wife , then this Obligation to stand and remain 
in full Force and Virtue , otherwise to be void and of none 

Which Bond shall be and remain in the Secretaries Office 
of this Province, to be produced as Occasion shall require. 

“5. In case it shall so happen that any Person under the 
Age of Twenty one Years aforesaid, shall be deluded and 
Married, contrary to the true Intent and Meaning of this 
Act, that then, and in such Case, it shall and may be lawful 
for the Parent or Guardian of such Person, under the Age of 
Twenty one Years, so Married by Virtue of such License, 
as aforesaid, or the Person under whose Care and Govern- 
ment such Person so Married as aforesaid, shall have been, 
to put the Bond, before in this Act mentioned, in Suit, in 
the Superior Court of this Province, and recover to his, her 
or their Use the Sum therein mentioned, the said Parent or 
Parents, Guardian or Guardians or other Person or Persons, 
by this Act impowered to put the said Bond in Suit, first 
giving sufficient Security with two sufficient Sureties, dwelling 
in this Province, in the Sum of Twenty Pounds to pay the 
Costs of Suit in case they become Non-Suit, Discontinue, or 
Verdict be given against them, or Judgment be given against 
them, on Demurrer, any thing in this or in any other Act to 
the contrary hereof in anywise notwithstanding. 

“6. And for the better and more effectually Preventing Pri- 
vate and Clandestine Marriages to be made contrary to, and to 
defeat and elude the true Intent and Meaning of this Act, or 
any Part thereof by fraudulent and deceitful Practices in the 
Publications of the Intentions of Marriage between any Per- 
sons, hereafter to be Married within this Province, Be It En- 
acted by the Governor , Council , and General Assembly , 



and it is hereby Enacted by the Authority of the same , 
That every Person and Persons under the Age before-men- 
tioned, not taking a License, but intending to publish their 
Intentions of Marriage, in order to their being lawfully joyned 
together in the holy Bands of Matrimony shall, before any 
such Publication be made, repair to the Clerk of the Peace, 
or County Clerk of such County within this Province in 
which the Parent or Parents, Guardian or Guardians, Person 
or Persons under whose Care or Government each Person, so 
intending to be Married, does usually dwell and reside, and 
shall produce to such Clerk of the Peace such Certificate, as is 
herein before directed, and make oath or Affirmation, to be ad- 
ministered by the said Clerk, and enter into Bond accordingly, 
with Sureties, in the Sum and Manner directed, which Bond 
shall be carefully kept in the Clerks Office of the said County, 
and the Certificate enregistered in a Book to be kept for that 
purpose, upon which the said Clerk, within Fourteen Days 
thereafter, shall affix a Writing in a fair legible Hand, in 
the English Tongue, at three the most publick Places in the 
said County, setting forth the Persons Names, Places of 
Abode, and Intentions of Marriage, to be between them ; for 
all which Certificate, Bond and Publication, the said Clerk 
shall receive as a Fee or Reward, from the Person desiring 
such Publication, the Sum of Twelve Shillings , Money afore- 
said ; And if the said Writing so affixed stand and remain 
Publick, for and during the Space of One and Twenty Days, 
from the Time of setting up the same, and no Objections made 
to it, and signified 7 by Writing to the Clerk aforesaid, by the 
Parent or Parents, Guardian or Guardians, of either of the 
said Persons mentioned' in the said Publication, or Person or 
Persons under whose Care and Government the said Persons, 
or either of them, so intending to be Married, shall be, then 
upon Certificate thereof made by the said Clerk, it shall and 
may be Lawful for any Person, having Authority so to do, 
to joyn the said Persons together in the holy Bands of Matri- 
mony, and not otherwise. And in Case it shall so happen that 
the Parent or Parents, Guardian or Guardians of any such 
Person under Age and published as aforesaid, or that the Per- 



son or Persons under whose Care, Tuition or Government any 
such Person under Age shall be, at any Time, during the 
Space of One and Twenty Days, after the Time of such Pub- 
lication set up, as before is Directed, signify his, her or their 
Dislike or Disapprobation of such Marriage so intended to be 
consummated, by Writing under his, her or their Hands, to 
the Clerk of the Peace aforesaid, that then, and in such Case 
the said Clerk shall not give them the Certificate before-men- 
tioned, of their being lawfully published, nor shall any Per- 
son presume, without such Certificate, to joyn the said Persons 
together in the holy Bands of Matrimony, unless the said Per- 
sons, so Intending to be Married and published as beforesaid, 
produce a License legally obtained, as by this Act is directed ; 
and every Clerk of the Peace offending contrary to the Direc- 
tions, true Intent and Meaning of this Act, or any Part there- 
of, shall, for every such Offence, forfeit the Sum of Five 
Hundred Pounds , lawful Money aforesaid, any thing in this 
or any other Act to the contrary hereof in anywise notwith- 

“7. If any Persons published as before directed, shall be 
joyned together in the Bands ot Matrimony without first hav- 
ing had the Consent of their Parents or Guardians or Persons 
under whose Care they at that Time shall be, it shall and may 
be lawful for the Parent or Parents, Guardian or Guardians or 
Person or Persons under whose Care such Minor shall at that 
Time be, to put the said Bond in Suit in the Supream Court 
of this Province, or in any the Inferior Courts of Common 
Pleas in any County within the same, where the Cause of Ac- 
tion shall arise, and recover to the use of such Parent, Guard- 
ian or other Person before-mentioned, empowered, by this Act, 
to sue for the same, the Penalties in such Bond contained, 
such Parent, Guardian or other Person having first given Se- 
curity for the Paying the Costs of Suit, as in and by this Act 
is before directed and appointed. 

“8. Neither this Act, nor any Part thereof, shall be con- 
strued to be meant and intended to prohibit the Marrying with- 
in any Degrees of Affinity or Consanguinity, but such only as 
by the Laws and Statutes now in Force, or hereafter to be in 



Force, within his Majesties Kingdom of Great Britain , are or 
shall be prohibited. 

“9. It shall and may be Lawful for all or any Religious So- 
cieties in this Province, to joyn together in the holy Bands of 
Matrimony, such Persons as are of the said Society, according 
to the Rules and Customs of the Society they appertain to, 1 
provided they have the Consent of Parents, Guardians, or of 
such Person under whose Care and Tuition they are, signified 
in Writing, under the Hand or Hands of such Parent or 
Parents, Guardian or Guardians, or such Person or Persons 
under whose Care and Tuition the said Persons so to be Mar- 
ried are, any thing in this Act to the contrary, in anywise not- 
withstanding.” 2 


Although the Act of 1719 in terms relates only to the mar- 
riage of minors, it is evident from the records that the cus- 
tom of “ marrying by license,” as it was called, became more 
general from this time. This fact may have been due to the 
impression that licenses were required in all cases where there 
had been no publication of the banns — which, indeed, public 
sentiment required among church-going people — but largely, 
no doubt, because of the rapidly increasing population of an 
unsettled character, and the growing reluctance of amorous 
swains and maidens to have their intentions proclaimed from 
the pulpit, or published at the church door. 

The practice seems to have been this : the blank bonds and 
blank marriage licenses (the latter signed by the Governor) 
were distributed to certain public officers — usually the county 
clerks. Upon the execution and delivery to them of a mar- 
riage bond they would fill out and issue the license to the anx- 
ious bridegroom, who would take it and his prospective bride 
before a minister or a justice of the peace, who was thereby 
authorized to perform the marriage ceremony without proof 

1 This preserved Friends’ customs. And see the Acts of East Jersey and of 
West Jersey, in 16S3, p. lxxxiv, infra. 

2 The Act as above given has been transcribed carefully from the compilation 
of New Jersey statutes known as Kinsey's Laws. Philadelphia. 1732. pp. 96-101. It 
is also found on pp. 53-57 of Allinson’s Laws. 1776. 


of the publishing of banns, or the consent of parents or 
guardians. The license was retained by the person celebrat- 
ing the marriage, and ultimately went the way of waste paper, 
as very few have been preserved. The bonds were filed 
with the Secretary of the Province, and seem to have been 
kept with much care. Ultimately, they were brought together 
from Perth Amboy and Burlington, the depositaries of the rec- 
ords of East Jersey and of West Jersey, respectively, and were 
filed in the office of the Secretary of State, at Trenton, about 
1 790 - 

Prof. Kalm, writing at Raccoon, New Jersey, under date 
of December iS, 1748, thus describes the usage as to marriage 
licenses : 

“ All persons who intend to be married, must either have 
their banns published three times from the pulpit, or get a li- 
cence from the governor. The banns of the poorer sort of 
people only are published, and all those who are a little above 
them get a licence from the governor. In that licence he de- 
clares that he has examined the affair, and found no obstacles 
to hinder the marriage, and therefore he allows it. The licence 
is signed by the governor; but, before he delivers it, the bride- 
groom must come to him in company with two creditable and 
well known men, who answer for him that there really is no 
lawful obstacle to his marriage. These men must subscribe a 
certificate, in which they make themselves answerable for, and 
engage to bear all damages of, any complaints made by the re- 
lations of the persons who intend to be married, by their 
guardians, their masters, or by those to whom they may have 
been promised before. For all these circumstances the gov- 
ernor cannot possibly know. They further certify that nothing 
hinders the intended marriage, and that nothing is to be feared 
on that account. For a licence they pay five and twenty shil- 
lings in Pennsylvania money, at Philadelphia. 1 The governor 
keeps twenty shillings, or one pound, and the remaining five 
shillings belong to his secretary. The licence is directed only 
to protestant clergymen. The quakers have a peculiar licence 
to their marriages. But as it would he very troublesome, es- 

1 This in Pennsylvania, hut the account applies to New Jersey. 



pecially for those who live far from the governor’s residence to 
come up to town for every licence, and to bring the men with 
them who are to answer for them, the clergymen in the coun- 
try commonly take a sufficient number of licences and certifi- 
cates, which are ready printed, with blanks left for the names ; 
they give them occasionally, and get the common money, one 
pound, five shillings, for each of them, besides something for 
their trouble. The money that they have collected, they de- 
liver to the governor as soon as they come to town, together 
with the certificates, which are signed by two men, as above 
mentioned ; they then take again as many licences as they think 
sufficient; from hence we may conceive that the governors in 
the English North American colonies, besides their salaries, 
have very considerable revenues. 

“ There is a great mixture of people of all sorts in these 
colonies, partly of such as are lately come over from Europe, 
and partly of such as have not yet any settled place of abode. 
Hence it frequently happens that when a clergyman has mar- 
ried such a couple, the bridegroom says he has no money at 
present, but would pay the fee at the first opportunity : how- 
ever he goes off with his wife, and the clergyman never gets 
his due. This proceeding has given occasion to a custom 
which is now common in Maryland. When the clergyman 
marries a very poor couple, he breaks oft’ in the middle of the 
Liturgy, and cries out, Where is my fee? The man must then 
give the money, and the clergyman proceeds; but if the bride 
groom has no money, the clergyman defers the marriage till 
another time, when the man is better provided. People ot 
fortune, of whom the clergyman is sure to get his due, need not 
fear this disagreeable question, when they are married. 

“ However, though the parson has got licences to marry a 
couple, yet if he be not careful, he may get into very disagree- 
able circumstances; for in many parts of the country there is a 
law made, which, notwithstanding the governor’s licence, 
greatly limits a clergyman in some cases. He is not allowed 
to marry a couple who are not yet of age, unless he be certain 
of the consent of their parents. lie cannot marry such stran- 
gers as have bound themselves to serve a certain number of 



years, in order to pay off their passage from Europe, without 
the consent of their masters ; if he acts without their consent, 
or in opposition to it, he must pay a penalty of fifty pounds, 
Pensylvania currency, though he has the license, and the cer- 
tificate of the two men who are to answer for any objection. 
But parents or masters give themselves no concern about these 
men, but take hold of the clergyman, who is at liberty to prose- 
cute those who gave him the certificate, and to get his damages 
repaid. With the consent of the parents and masters, he may 
marry people without danger to himself. No clergyman is al- 
lowed to marry a negro with one of European extraction, or 
he must pay a penalty of one hundred pounds, according to the 
laws of Pensylvania .” 1 

Acrelius gives a somewhat similar account, but in a bitter 
spirit, regretting the Swedes’ departure from their ancient cus- 
toms : 

“Marriage is cpiick, and not according to rule. To be 
published three Sundays and then married is only for poor peo- 
ple. The law of the land permits a much shorter way, which 
is more agreeable and more used, except that it costs money. 
The Governor has a right to license marriage without the pub- 
lication of the banns. In every county office marriage licenses 
are issued in this wise ; that the bridegroom gives his bond to 
pay to the Governor from five to ten thousand dollars copper, 
according to the ability of the applicants, if it should be found 
that the marriage of the persons named therein is not lawful. 
Thereupon a Manifest is issued, which is called a License, in 
the name of the Governor, to some Protestant Minister to per- 
form the marriage ceremony. And as this gives the Governor 
a considerable income, so he quite willingly allows the Minis- 
ters themselves to keep such a license in blank with his name 
subscribed, for which payment is made when the bonds are 
handed in. The abuses of this are indescribable. Yet such a 
marriage license is usual throughout the whole English govern- 
ment, although now much more restricted than formerly. Our 
Swedish people, as naturalized Englishmen, dance to the same 
tune, and our .Swedish men who settle here find an equal 

i Kalm, as cited, II., 25-29. 



pleasure, or are compelled thereto to gratify their brides, who 
would rather break off their engagements than be proclaimed 
in church. But when such a license comes to the bridal pair, 
in season or out of season, even if it be in the middle of the 
night or early in the morning, if they so please with more or 
less company, then the marriage immediately takes place. The 
bride is in her usual dress, so that in that respect she cannot 
be distinguished from any of the company. Very few cele- 
brate their marriage with a meal and entertainment. Plays 
and dancing are but little in use, and are usually counted as 
among loose and disreputable sports. Seldom do the Minis- 
ters prevail upon any bridal parties to go to church ; but if this 
is done, the marriage takes place after service. The old speak 
of the joy with which their bridal parties formerly came to 
church and sat during the whole service before the altar; but 
when it comes to the time for their own children to do so, then 
they either run off to some English Minister with a license, or 
the parents are afraid of this, or get some other reason for it, 
and so it is impossible any more to root out such an inveterate 
abuse.” 1 

It may be added here, that about 1880 the then Secretary of 
State — Henry C. Kelsey — caused the marriage bonds in his 
office to be arranged and bound in thirty-two stout folio vol- 
umes, and an index of the same to be prepared, in two volumes 
— one of the men, and the other of the women. The index 
also includes the names of persons to whom licenses were is- 
sued prior to the Act of 1719, as shown by the entries in the 
records in the same office. 


The quotations from Kalm and Acrelius indicate the char- 
acter of the opposition to the system of requiring marriage 
licenses. It was for the rich, rather than the poor. A license 
cost a man a month’s wages or more. When the Stamp Act 
was passed, in 176", this was regarded as so unconscionable an 
additional burden that by common consent it was not enforced 
so far as marriage licenses were concerned, in New Jersey, 2 

1 Acrelius’ New Sweden, 356. 

3 N. J. Archives, XXIV., 687. 



The clergy of the Church of England viewed the practice — 
coupled as it was with provisions for marriage by civil magis- 
trates, as an unwarrantable attack on the church and on their 
own prerogatives. The Rev. Richard Backhouse, writing 
from Chester, Penn., May 14, 1730, to the Secretary of the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 
says : 

“ We live in a Government which is a stepmother to our 
Church, who can’t rest contented only with taking away our 
properties and perquisites and giving them to others. But now 
has struck even at constitution itself bv making an Act* which 
not only prohibits us to publish but to marry lawfully accord- 
ing to the constitution of the Church of England without the 
license of Parents, Guardians, Tutors, Masters, &c., &c., first 
had and obtained in writing under hand upon the penalty of 

The Episcopal clergy of Pennsylvania and the three coun- 
ties upon Delaware, under date of 16 April, 1730, represented 
to the Society that this had “a manifest tendency to extirpate 
the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England out of the 
said Province. That it is arbitrary and tyrannical ...” and 
they therefore urged that this “ odious and tyrannical Law” be 
repealed “ at the King’s Council Board.” 1 2 3 

The. clergy of the Church of England in New Jersey 
memorialized the Bishop of London on the subject, who at 
their request sent this representation to the Lords of Trade, 
under date of November 12, 1765 : 

“ The Bishop of London at the request of the Clergy of 
the Province of New Jersey begs leave to represent to the 
Lords of Trade and Plantations, that by an old Law the 
licences for Marriages are directed to any Protestant Minister 
or Justice of the Peace, which however necessary at the first 
Establishment of the Colony to facilitate Marriages, when there 

1 ‘A Supplement to the Act Entituled An Act to prevent Clandestine Mar- 
riages,” passed Feb. 13, 1739-30. See Penn. Col. Records, III., 379-80. The act was 
much the same as the New Jersey Act of 1719. 

2 Historical Collections, relative to the American Colonial Church, edited by 
William Stevens Perry. D. D. Pennsylvania. 1881, 167. 

3 Ibid., 173-5. 


were few Ministers in the Country, seems at present not only 
prejudicial to the Clergy, who are depriv’d of a considerable 
part of their Income, but gives occasion to many Inconven- 
iences and abuses. 

“ It appears by a letter from New Jersey dated Dec : 20th 
1 760, that the Clergy of that Province petitioned their Gov- 
ernor (Mr. Boone) to alter the Direction of the Licences. By 
his Answer He did not think himself authoriz’d by his Instruc- 
tions to comply with their Petition, as He thought such an Al- 
teration must take place by Order of the Lords of Trade upon 
the Bishop of London’s Application. 

“The Clergy of New Jersey have repeated their request to 
the Bishop of London, who hopes, that the Lords of Trade 
and Plantations will take the matter into Consideration, and if 
they see no particular Objections will give their Instructions to 
the Governor of that Province, that for the future Marriage 
Licences may be directed only to a Protestant Minister of the 
Gospel.” 1 

For some reason, the Lords of Trade preferred to shift the 
responsibility upon Governor Franklin, to whom they wrote 
the following letter, dated Dec. 12th, 1765 : 

“ The inclosed Memorial stating the propriety of Licences 
for Marriages in New Jersey being directed to the Clergy only, 
has been presented to Us by the Bishop of London. 

“ It there is no Law in force, by which the Civil Magistrate 
is authorized to perform the Marriage Rites, or if long usage 
and custom has not established such a practice ; We see no ob- 
jection to what his Lordship purposes: But as it does not ap- 
pear to Us from any Information we can collect here, how the 
case stands in respect to this matter, we desire you will by the 
first opportunity acquaint Lis, whether the civil Magistrates in 
New Jersey do or do not perform those Ceremonies; and if 
they do; whether it is by virtue of any declared Law, or by 
usage only ; and if the latter, whether such practice may in your 
opinion be altered in the manner proposed by the Bishop of 
London without Inconvenience or Complaint.” 2 

Nothing came of these memorials. Civil marriage had 
been too long established by law and custom in New Jersey to 

1 N. J. Archives, IX., 504. 

2 Ibid., 520. 



make it worth while for the politic Governor — .steadfast 
Churchman though he was — to even suggest a change, espec- 
ially in a Province where the Dutch, the Presbyterians and the 
Quakers formed so large a proportion of the population. We 
do not find that he even replied to the Lords of Trade on the 


The Rt. Rev. William White, Bishop of Pennsylvania, 
doubtless voiced a very general sentiment regarding marriage 
licenses in this forcible and comprehensive letter (November 
or December, 17SS,) to the Governor of that State: 

“ When I had ye Honor, yesterday, of stating to your Ex- 
cellency my Objections to ye present system of Marriage 
Licenses, & you condescended to recommend to me ye pro- 
moting of a clerical Representation of ye Subject ; I expressed 
my Doubts as to ye Expediency of such a Measure. My Reason 
is, that I do not think ye Clergy, as such, materially interested 
in the correcting of ye Evil. We marry whom we please, un- 
der no other Restriction than what should prevail in every 
Line of Life, if not Invading of ye Rights of others. It is 
True, a Stranger may be imposed on, by his imagining that a 
license from Government is something more than a blank 
Paper. But to prevent this, I have made it my Business to 
advertise every such, of ye Church under my care, of ye State 
of ye Case & of his own Responsibility. ' 

“ It was as a Citizen that I introduced ye Subject to your 
Excellency ; And ye evils which, as such, I reprobate in ye 
present System are as follows: 

“1. The Practice of issuing Licences is, as I apprehend, 
without any Foundation of Law. The only Passage in our 
Acts of Assembly that can be supposed applicable, & this can 
be so by Implication only, defines a lawful Licence to be one 
which contains ye Consent of the Parent or Guardian ex- 
pressed in ye Body of it. But such a Licence I never saw, nor 
do I know of any Clergyman who has. 

“ 2dly. It seems to me (I speak it with submission) Dis- 
reputable to Government, to be in ye Exercise of an Act of 



Authority, disregarded (as far as I can hear) & that with Im- 
punity, by the most respectable Clergymen in this City ; who, 
instead of thinking themselves under any Obligation, either of 
Law or of Morals, to ask for ye Licence, consider it rather as 
a Snare, against which they are to be on their Guard. 

“ 3dly. The Licenses, as issued, are a most cruel Invasion 
of domestic Rights. For, as if it were not enough, that ye 
Citizen has ye Peace of his Family exposed to ye acts of ye 
desperate Adventurer, ye Villain robs him of his Child under 
a warrant with ye Seal of ye State annexed to it, & signed by 
ye first Magistrate. 1 I hope your Excellency will not mistake 
me ; I am as much an Enemy to domestic Tyranny as to ye 
civil ; And I know that there sho’d be a certain Age when 
young People may dispose of themselves without the Consent 
of their Parents. What I contend for is, that there should also 
be a Period, during which ye Parent should have an uncon- 
troulable Authority over ye Child, in ye Article of preventing 

As to ye Bond of Tioo taken at the office, I think noth- 
ing of it. To my Certain Knowledge it has been taken, both 
before & since ye Revolution, from persons not worth 100 
pence ; And besides, there are Doubts as to ye Recovery of ye 
Penalty. I should be sorry to be understood, in this Part of 
ye Subject, as reflecting either on ye worthy Gentleman who 
has, nominally, ye Administration of ye Licences, or on his 
Deputy, wdio is supposed to do his Business. On ye contrary, 
I declare that I believe ye Fault to be, not in them, but in ye 
System, which while it prevails, must involve ye present 
Consequences, let who will have ye Administration. And be- 
sides, I have not seen above one or two Licences during Col. 
Biddle’s Secretaryship, nor long before. 

“qthly. It may be of Importance to mention that ye Prac- 
tice has been stigmatized as illegal by ye Council of Censors. 
I speak from Report, not having seen their Resolves on ye 

i So early as June 6, 1709. the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania rep- 
resented to Lieutenant Governor Gookin that Uie granting of marriage licenses 
was “of an Evil Tendency, whereof many Istances may be given, particularly that 
of Israel Taylor, whose Daughter had like to have been stolen by Colour of a 
Lycense lately granted to one James Barber, of Chester County, this Province.” 
— Penn . Col. Records, II, . 455. 




Subject. But my Authority is such that I cannot doubt ye 
Truth of it. 

“And now, Sir, if your Excellency is disposed to listen to 
my Proposal of a Remedy, it is as follows : 

“i. In regard to all Persons marrying agreeably to ye 
Notifications required by their respective religious Societies, ye 
Clergyman celebrating ye Marriage sh’d be responsible in a 
pecuniary, or, if you please, on repeated Transgression, in a 
corporal Penalty. If meer publication be made sufficient, it 
will amount to Nothing ; because it may be made (& is made in 
some congregations) in such a Manner as to be a meer Eva- 
sion . 

“ 2dly. As to Persons who may not come within ye Rules of 
any religious Society, some Mode of Publication sh’d be pro- 
vided for them. There is one indeed, but it is thought insuffi- 

“ 3dly. The License sh’d be considered as a Dispensation 
from ye Notoriety of Publication ; And accordingly, Govern- 
ment sh’d assume ye Responsibility. The dispensing Officer 
should have a Reward proportioned to his Trouble & Risque. 
He sh’d be liable to a Penalty according to ye Damage sus- 
tained, at ye Discretion of ye Court, within certain Limits. Pie 
sh’d, therefore, be ye Judge of ye Amount of ye Security to be 
required; And if he take insufficient bondmen, it sh’d be at his 
Peril. The most material Difficulty that can occur in ye above 
Plan is ye discretionary power of ye Court. But I know no 
other Substitute for ye English Mode, which is ye taking of 
Oaths that there is no legal Impediment. 

“ Your Excellency’s desiring of me to state my Sentiments 
in writing has occasioned you ye Trouble of reading this long 
Letter. I am not tenacious of any Advice I have presumed to 
offer; But am fixed in my knowledge of ye Fact, & I hope ye 
Freedom of ye Citizen will justify my declaring it, that ye pres- 
ent Practice makes Government contribute to ye sacrificing of 
ve Peace, Honor & Fortunes of Families.” 1 

Two years later (Dec. 22, 1790) the Bishop, who was very 

Penn. Archives, XII., 311; 2d Series, II., 8-11; Penn. Col. Records, XV., (ill, 



much in earnest on this subject, returned to the attack in an- 
other letter to Gov. Mifflin : 

“ In Compliance with your Excellency’s Intimation, I am 
emboldened to lay before you briefly, the Substance of what I 
formerly delivered to you more at large, on the present State of 
Law and Practice, on ye Subject of Marriage. 

“ The Objections which I had the Honor to state to you 
against ye Marriage License, were that it is a taking of Money 
out of ye people’s pockets, without even ye Colour of Law, 
that it had been stigmatized on this Acct. by the Council of 
Censors; and that to my certain Knowledge, it Prostitutes ye 
chief Magistrates Name & invades Domestic Rights, by the 
Sanction it gives to clandestine Marriages. 

“ It is true, the Abuse is considerably lessened, by ve intire 
neglect which is shown the License, by ye greater Number of 
the Clergy of all Denominations; who depend on their own 
Precaution against what they think the Snares of ye govern- 
mental License. But I submit to your Excellency whether it 
be not a great, Evil to leave Matters on this Footing. 

“.It is now so well understood that no Man takes out a 
licence, but either thro’ Ignorance or for a Cover to an illegal 
Transaction, that we may presume the Doing without them 
will more and more prevail. It must be obvious to every Man 
how much this subjects the Happiness of families to the sudden 
Determination of very young people. Linder such a Dispensa- 
tion from all preparatory Measures, would it be surprising to 
hear, that a Girl of the Age at which Matrimony may be con- 
tracted, were induced by a Toy or by a Sugar Plumb, to put 
an artful Man into ye possession of a Fortune ; out of which he 
would only have to pay £50 for ye Irregularity of ye Manner. 
Impositions may happen far short of this, yet very distressing 
to Families and ruinous to the Peace of ye parties. 

“ So far as ye Clergy in particular are concerned, it sub- 
jects ye conscientious to great Difficulties ; It gives those of ye 
opposite Description unbounded License ; and it subjects to ye 
Determination of either (and that in situations of great Deli- 
cacy) a Question involving Property and Character and Hap- 



“ In what Manner an evil of so great Magnitude is to be 
remedied, I presume not to say. But I will hint what I think 
ye great Outline of ye Business; viz. : That in Favor of these 

who either cannot, or who, from conscientious Scruples, will 
not pay for a License, there should be pointed out an unequiv- 
ocal Mode of Publication ; and that a License being a Dispen- 
sation from ye Notoriety of Publication, the Officers issuing it 
should be accountable and should receive a Fee proportioned 
to ye Trust and to ye Vigilance required in it.” 1 2 

Wm. White. 


Bishop White’s statements as to the prevalent disregard of 
the law requiring marriage licenses are significant. They are 
borne out by the marriage bonds on file in the office ol the Sec- 
retary of State at Trenton. There are about 10,000 such 
bonds. Of 488, taken at random, S3 were given in the decade 
1751-60; 1 1 3 in the decade 1761-70; 107 in the years 1 77 1 — 
So, and only 38 in the next ten years, there being but two in 
1790. While this examination may be inadequate for accurate 
generalizations it sufficiently indicates the rapid decay ot the 
system. It seems to have fallen into disrepute directly after 
the Revolution. Perhaps it was regarded as a relic of royal 
privilege, pertaining to the Governors appointed by ‘die crown, 
and so to be ignored with the passing of the royal authority. 
The Marriage Act of 1719 remained on the statute books, how- 
ever, until 1795, although a dead-letter for several years before 
its repeal. 

By an act passed December 16, 1 7 ^ 4 ’ 111 relation to the Or- 
dinary, etc., it was provided that his authority should extend, 
inter alia , to the granting of marriage licenses. 3 The Govern- 
or was also the Ordinary under the new constitution, but this 
act was the first to define his powers in the latter capacity, as 
it was the first to engraft upon our system ot jurisprudence a 
court tli e functions of which in the mother country had always 
resided in the ecclesiastical tribunals. The power to grant li- 

1 Penn. Archives, XII., 31 ; 2d Series, II., 10-11, 

2 Paterson’s Laws, 59, 



censes was taken from the Ordinary by an act passed June 13, 


William Paterson having been engaged by the Legislature 
to revise the existing statutes and prepare new ones, a bill com- 
piled by him, entitled “An Act concerning Marriages,” was 
laid before the Legislative Council, November 7, 1794, taken 
up the following Monday (November 10), and ordered a sec- 
ond reading, and was again considered on November 13, 1 ^ 
and iS, most of the last-mentioned day being spent in discuss- 
ing it, after which it was ordered to be engrossed. It was 
passed on the 26th, and sent to the House of Assembly, whose 
concurrence was requested. As the Legislature was about to 
take its usual recess the bill went over until February iS, 1795, 

“ Mr. Elmer from the committee to whom was referred the 
Bill entitled, An Act concerning Marriages, reported the same 
with sundry Amendments ; which Bill, with the Amendments, 
were read, and after some Time spent thereon 

“Ordered That the further Consideration thereof be post- 

Feb. 24. — “The House resumed the Consideration of the 
Bill, entitled “ An Act concerning Marriages; and, after some 
Time spent thereon, 

“ Ordered, That the said Bill be re-committed to Messrs. 
Elmer, Peck and Clement.” 

The next day Mr. Elmer, from the committee, reported 
the bill “ with sundry amendments,” which were agreed to, 
and the bill ordered to be read a third time. On the day fol 
lowing the bill was passed, and sent up to the Council the same 
day, and their concurrence asked in the amendments. On the 
following Monday, March 2, the bill was taken up in the 
Council, read a second time, and ordered to be re-engrossed 
with the Assembly’s amendments, and on Wednesday (March 
4’ 1795) die bill was finally passed. 1 

The following is the text of the Act of 1795: 

1 Journals of the Council and of the Assembly. 

cxviii THE MARRIAGE ACT OF I 795 ' 

“ I. No man or woman shall intermarry, within the de- 
grees hereafter named that is to say, No man shall marry his 
Grandmother, [etc., etc .]. 1 

II. Every justice of the peace of this State, and every stated 
and ordained minister of the gospel, shall be, and hereby is au- 
thorized and empowered to solemnize marriages between such 
persons as may lawfully enter into the matrimonial relations . 2 

“III. No justice ot the peace, minister of the gospel, or 
other person having or pretending to have authority to join 
persons together in the holy bands of matrimony, shall marry 
any male under the age of twenty-one years, or female under 
the age of eighteen years, unless the parent or parents, guard- 
ian or guardians or person or persons under whose care and 
government such minor or minors shall be, be present, and give 
their consent thereto, or until the minor applying to be mar- 
ried, whether male or female, shall have produced a certificate 
in writing, under the hand of the parent or parents, guardian 
or guardians, or if such minor, so applying to be married, 
have no parent or guardian, then under the hand of the per- 
son or persons, under whose care and government he or she 
may at that time be ; 3 which certificate shall be proved to be 
genuine by the oath or affirmation of at least one person, of 
full age and discretion, who was present at the signing of the 
same, and affixed his or her name as a witness thereto; which 
oath or affirmation any justice of the peace, or minister of 
the gospel, authorized to solemnize marriages as aforesaid, is 
hereby authorized to take, and shall enter upon the back of 
the certificate . 4 

“ IV. Every justice of the peace, minister of the gospel, or 
other person, having or pretending to have authority to join 

1 This list of prohibitions was usually found in the opening pages of the King 
James version of the Scriptures, as well as in the Prayer Book of the Church of 
England. It had not been incorporated before in the laws of New Jersey. See 
Par. 76, of the Instructions to Lord Cornbur.v. p. xciv, ante. 

2 Compare this with the Act of the East Jersey Assembly, May 30, 166S, forbid- 
ding marriages except by “some approved Minister or Justice of the Peace within 
this Province, or some chief Officer, where such are not.” p. lxxvi, ante. 

3 See the Act of the West Jersey Assembly. May 2-6. 1682, p lxxxiv. ante; and 
the Act of the East Jersey Assembly, Nov. 2, 1693, p. xcii. ante. And compare 
with Secs. 1 and 2 of the Act of 1719, pp. xcix-c, ante. 

4 Compare with Sec. 3 of the Act of 1719. p. ci, ante. 



persons in marriage, who shall marry any minor or minors, 
by virtue of a certificate had and proved as above directed, 
shall register the same, or cause it to be registered in a book 
by him to be kept for the purpose of registering of marriages, 
and within three months after, transmit the original certificate 
to the clerk of the county, in which the marriage was solem- 
nized, to be by him filed in his office. 

“ V. If any justice of the peace, minister of the gospel, or 
other person, having or pretending to have authority to join 
persons together in the holy bands of matrimony, shall marry any 
minor or minors, without the consent of the parent or parents, 
guardian or guardians, person or persons, having the care and 
government of such minor or minors, had and obtained, ac- 
cording to the direction of this act, and contrary to the true 
intent and meaning thereof, every such justice of the peace, 
minister of the gospel, or other person, having or pretending 
to have authority to join persons together in the holy bands of 
matrimony, shall, for every such offence, forfeit three hun- 
dred dollars, to be recovered, with costs of suit, by action of 
debt or information, in any court of record of this State, by the 
parent, guardian, or person having charge of such minor, as 
shall be so joined in marriage as aforesaid, the one half of the 
said forfeiture to be paid to the treasurer of the State, for the 
use of the State, and the other half to be for the use of the 
parent, guardian, or other person, having charge of such 
minor, who shall prosecute the same to effect . 1 

“VI. Every justice of the peace, and minister of the gos- 
pel, shall make and keep a particular record of all marriages 
solemnized before him, and transmit a certificate of every par- 
ticular marriage (containing both Christian names and sir- 
names) within six months after the solemnization thereof, to 
the clerk of the court of common pleas for the county, in which 
the marriage was solemnized. 

“VII. If any justice of the peace, or minister of the gos- 
pel, shall neglect, omit, or refuse to make return to the clerk 
of the county as aforesaid, of all the marriages by him pro- 
nounced, he shall, for every such offence, forfeit the sum of 

i Compare with Sec. 2 of the Act of 1719. p. c. ante. 



fifty dollars, to be recovered, with costs, by the clerk of the said 
court of common pleas, or any other person, who shall prose- 
cute for the same, by action of debt or information, in any 
court having cognizance thereof. 

“ VIII. The respective clerks of the courts of common pleas, 
in and for the several counties of this State, shall register and re- 
cord all such returns of marriages at large in a book to be kept 
for that purpose, and no other, within the space of one calendar 
month after receiving the same, for which service the said 
clerks respectively shall be allowed and receive, for each and 
every entry aforesaid, the sum of twelve cents, to be paid by 
the persons married to such justice of the peace, or minister, 
who shall perform the ceremony, and by such justice or min- 
ister, with the certificate thereof, be transmitted to the clerk ; 
and if any such clerk shall refuse, neglect or omit to register 
and record, within the said time, any such return so to him 
made or any part thereof, he shall forfeit the sum of one hun- 
dred dollars, to be recovered, with costs, by any person, who 
shall prosecute for the same, by action of debt or information, 
in any court having cognizance thereof. 

“IX. It shall and may be lawful for every religious soci- 
ety in this State to join together in marriage such persons 
as are of the said society, according to the rules and customs 
of the society, to which they belong provided, that the clerk 
or keeper of the minutes, proceedings, or other book of the 
religious society, wherein such marriages shall be had and 
solemnized, shall make a true and faithful register of all mar- 
riages solemnized, in the society, in the book by him kept. 

“ X. Such books of marriages, so kept by the respective 
clerks of the court of common pleas, and by the clerks of such 
religious societies, as are authorized to solemnize marriages 
by the preceding section of this act, shall be admitted as evi- 
dence in all courts of law and equity in this State. 

“ XI. If any justice of the peace, or minister of the gos- 
pel, shall wilfully and knowingly make a false return of such 
marriages, or any of them, to the said clerk of the court of 
common pleas, or if the said clerk of such court shall wil- 

1 Substantially the same as the first part of Sec. 9 of the Act of 1719. 



fully and knowingly make a false entry, register and record of 
any return of marriages, so to him made, in the said book by 
him before directed to be kept; or if any clerk or keeper of 
the minutes, and proceedings of such religious societies, as are 
authorized to solemnize marriages by this act, shall wilfully 
and knowingly make a false entry, register and record of such 
marriages, or any of them, then every such person, so offend- 
ing, shall be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on con- 
viction, shall be punished by tine or imprisonment, or both, at 
the discretion of the court. 

“XII. The act entitled, “An act to prevent clandestine 
marriages,” passed the twenty- seventh day of March, in the 
year of our Lord, one thousand, seven hundred and nineteen, 
be, and the same is hereby repealed.” 1 

The several provisions in this act, requiring registers of 
marriages to be kept by the justices or ministers officiating, 
were taken from the English Marriage Act of 1754. The East 
Jersey Assembly had passed an act at the session begun at 
Elizabethtown, November 5, 1675, requiring registers of mar- 
riages to be kept by the town clerks, and the Fundamental 
Constitutions of East New Jersey, 16S3, provided for a regis- 
ter in each county for births, marriages and burials. The 
West Jersey Assembly enacted, May 2-6, 16S2, that marriages 
should be registered in a public register, and by act of March, 
1682-3, required certificates of marriage to be entered in a reg- 
ister of the town and county, “ where it is finished.” 2 Thus, 
the sections in the act of 1795 providing for public registra- 
tion of marriages were re-enactments of laws which had exist- 
ed in New Jersey for more than a century. 


The act of 1795 was drawn with such artificial skill, and so 
accurately reflected public sentiment, that it remained on the 
statute-books without change for exactly sixty-one years. Then 
a supplement was passed (approved March 4, 1S56), evidently 
to cover some particular case of recent occurrence. This legal- 

1 Paterson’s Laws, 1799, folio ed., 15S-160. 

2 Learning and Spicer, 100, 163, 236, 446. 



ized a marriage, acknowledged by any religious society in this 
state, where either of the parties had belonged to the society at 
the time of marriage, the same as if both parties were mem- 
bers thereof. 1 

Ten years later a second supplement was enacted (ap- 
proved April 4, 1S66), which in effect amended Sec. III. of 
the act of 1795, by adding this clause : 

“ Should the person called upon to solemnize the marriage 
not be satisfied with the declarations of the parties desiring 
marriage, that they are of lawful age, he shall administer an 
oath or affirmation that they are of lawful age, of which oath 
or affirmation he shall make a certificate and file with the rec- 
ord of the marriage in the office of the clerk of the county, 
which certificate shall he his justification should said parties de- 
ceive him as to their age.” The second section re-enacted Sec. 
V. of the former act. 2 

The next supplement to the act of 1 795 merely “extended 
to and conferred on the mayor of every incorporated city, town 
or borough of this state,” the powers conferred on justices of 
the peace by the second section of the original act, to solemnize 
marriages. 3 

The Marriage Act of 1795, amended as above, was consol- 
idated with various other statutes, in “An act concerning mar- 
riages, births and deaths — Revision,” approved March 27, 
1S74, the essential features of the original act being retained, 
with but slight changes. 4 

A general revision of the marriage laws, entitled “An Act 
concerning marriages [Revision of 1902],” approved April 3, 
1902, embodied all the existing statutes on the subject, includ- 
ing a requirement for a marriage license to be issued by the 
countv clerk, where both the parties are non-residents of New 
Jersey ; where the male applicant for a license is under twenty- 
one, or the female applicant is under eighteen, the consent of 
the parents or guardian of such minor is requisite to the issu- 
ing of the license. 5 

1 Laws of 1856, p. 129. 2 Laws of 1866, p. 960. 

3 Laws of 18T2. p. 27. * Gen. St., 2003. 

e Laws of 1902, p. 490. The Marriage License Act was approved May 18, 1897 
(P. L. 1897. p. 378.) . 




For more than a century after the conquest of New Neth- 
erland by the English, divorces were granted in New Jersey — 
if granted at all — only by the Governor. 1 Otherwise there 
lav an appeal to the ecclesiastical courts in England. In 1772 
there was a unique departure from this practice, when the 
Legislature passed an act entitled “An Act to dissolve the 
Marriage of David Baxter with Margaret his Wife late Mar- 
garet McMurtrie.” There is nothing to explain why the 
Governor had not granted this divorce. Perhaps the evidence 
adduced before him satisfied him of the essential propriety of 
a divorce, but was legally insufficient. The bill originated 
in the House, was promptly concurred in by the Council, and 
received the assent of Governor Franklin on September 26, 

1772. But when it was laid before the King in Council for the 
royal approbation it was promptly disallowed, September 1, 

1773, and instructions were at the same time issued to all the 
Governors in North America to withhold their assent to any 
bills “ for the divorce of Persons joined together in holy Mar- 
riage” — so shocked were the King and his advisers at this ex- 
traordinary departure from all precedents.” 2 

Although the so-called constitution of 1 77 ^ was silent on 
the subject of divorce, it so far modified the powers of the 
Governor as to vest in him judicial powers only in his capac- 
itv as chancellor, as ordinary or surrogate-general, and as a 
member of the court of appeals, in the last resort, in all 
causes of law, as theretofore. This seemed to leave it optional 
with the Legislature to exercise the divorcing power, 3 but that 
body was slow to act in that direction, and from 1776 to 1780 
onlv three couples were divorced by legislative act. From 17S1 

1 From a letter to Brigadier Hunter, Governor of New Jersey and New York, 
bearing date March 27. 1T11, it may be inferred that the practice in divorce eases 
was by petition, of which notice was given to the defendant, and the matter re- 
ferred by the Governor to a magistrate of the vicinage to investigate, perhaps 
taking depositions. See N. Y. Col. Docs.. V., 215. No records of the New Jer- 
sey Court of Chancery prior to 1744 are known to exist. The published reports 
begin with the January Term. 1S30. 

2 N. J. Archives. XVIII., 334-5, 338, 371; X.. 410-412: N. Y. Col. Docs.. VIII., 402. 

3 The constitution of 1776 vested “f/te government of the Province” in the 
Governor, Legislative Council, and General Assembly, the legislative depart- 
ment thereby appearing to be supreme. 


to 1790 but two such acts were passed; during the next ten 
years there were eight; in 1S01-1S10 there were only four, 
while in the ensuing decade the number jumped to twenty- 
five, increasing to forty-seven in 1S21-1S30, and to 109 in 1831- 
40, and in the next four years no less than sixty-two acts 
were passed by the Legislature, divorcing as many couples 
from the bonds of matrimony. In the nature of things there 
could be no judicial investigation into the reasons for the 
divorces asked for, and they were granted through the favor 
and influence of some member of the Legislature friendly to 
the petitioners. During the period from 1776 to 1S44, while 
this practice prevailed, there were two hundred and fifty-nine 
divorces granted in this way, one hundred and fifty-two of 
them being of women from their husbands, and one hundred 
anti seven of men from their wives; figures which suggest that 
the “ weaker sex” was either less patient with matrimonial 
woes, or had a greater proportion to bear than men ; or that 
they exercised more persuasive powers with the legislators. 
The abuses of the system were becoming so alarming that 
when the new constitution was framed, in 1S44, there was em- 
bodied in it the provision, “ No divorce shall be granted by 
the Legislature.” 1 


Curiously enough, while the Legislature, from 1776 to 
1844, asserted its authority in the granting of divorces, it never- 
theless sanctioned the judicial method, by an act passed De- 
cember 2, 17941 entitled “An Act concerning divorce and 
alimony.” This was evidently one of Mr. Paterson’s, and 
doubtless embodied in statute form the existing practice. It 
provided: 1st, that the court of chancery should have jurisdic- 
tion of all causes of divorce by this act directed and allowed ; 
provided the parties were inhabitants of the state. 2d, that the 
like process and course of practice and procedure should be 
had and pursued in causes of divorce, as in other equity 
causes, except that the answer of defendants should not be un- 
der oath. 3d, that divorces from the bond of matrimony should 

1 Art. IV., Sec. VII., PL 1. 



be decreed in case the parties were within the degrees prohib- 
ited by law ; in case of adultery in either of the parties, and 
also for wilful, continued and obstinate desertion, for the term 
of seven years. 1 4th, divorces from the bond of matrimony 
were also authorized where either of the parties had another 
wife or husband living at the time of such second or other mar- 
riage. Divorce from bed and board was authorized for ex- 
treme cruelty in either of the parties. 2 By a supplement, 
passed March 4, 1795, provision was made for service on an 
absent defendant, bv publication. 3 The law was revised, Feb. 
3, 181S, the jurisdiction being extended to causes where the 
parties are or should be inhabitants of this State at the time of 
the injury, desertion or neglect complained of, or “where the 
marriage shall have been solemnized or taken place witbin this 
State, and the complainant shall have been an actual resident 
in this State, at the time of the injury, desertion or neglect 
complained of ; and at the time of exhibiting the bill.” The 
other provisions were much the same as the act of 1794, 
which act, and the supplement of March 2, 1795, were re- 
pealed. 4 Another revision was passed February 16, 1820, 
which amended the first section by providing that the com- 
plainant should annex an oath to the bill of complaint that the 
complaint was not made by any collusion between the par- 
ties. 5 By an act passed Dec. 13, 1S24, it was provided that 
suits in the court of chancery, for divorce, might be by petition, 
instead of by bill, and the practice in that method was pre- 
scribed. 6 An act passed February 22, 1S43, amended the 
first section of the act of 1820 by adding the requirement that 
where a divorce was prayed for on the ground of desertion, 
“the complainant or defendant shall have been a resident of 
this State for the term of five years, during which such deser- 
tion shall have continued.” 7 By a supplement, approved Feb- 

1 Reduced, by act passed February 22. 1813 (P. L. 1843. p. 4S), to five years; by 
act approved March 20, 1857 (P. L. 1857, p. 399), to three years; and by acts ap- 
proved March 7, 1889 (P. L. 1889, p. 48), and March 5, 1890 (P. L. 1890, p. 34), to two 

2 Paterson’s Laws, 143. 

4 Laws of 1818, p. 20. 

0 Elmer’s Digest, 1838, pp. 139, 141. 

3 Ibid., 160. 

5 Laws of 1820. p. 43. 
7 Laws of 1843, p. 48. 



ruary 21, 1S71, the court was authorized to make and enforce or- 
ders in regard to the care, custody, education and maintenance 
of infant children of parents bringing suit for divorce, and where 
they are divorced. 1 The Revision, approved March 27, 1S74, 
provided (Sec. 4) that divorces might be decreed in cases of 
physical and incurable impotency at the time of marriage, 
“such marriages to be invalid from the beginning and abso- 
lutely void.” 2 By an act approved May n, 1SS6, it was pro- 
vided that the court should have “jurisdiction of all cases of 
divorce in case of adultery committed out of this state, where 
the complainant or defendant was or shall have been a resi- 
dent of this state for three years next preceding the time when 
said bill was or shall hereafter be filed.” 3 An amendment, ap- 
proved March 7, 1SS9, gave the court jurisdiction of all causes 
of divorce and of alimony and maintenance, where either of 
the parties should be resident of this state at the time of the 
injury, desertion or neglect complained of, or where the mar- 
riage shall have been solemnized in this state, and the com- 
plainant shall have been an actual resident in the state at the 
time of the injury, desertion or neglect complained of and at 
the time of exhibiting the bill ; or where the adultery was com- 
mitted in this state, and either of the parties reside in this state 
at the time of exhibiting the bill; or where either of the par- 
ties shall be a resident of this state at the time of filing the bill 
of complaint, and either party shall have been a resident of 
this state for the term of two years, during which such deser- 
tion shall have continued. 4 

The several statutes on the subject in 1902 were revised 
and consolidated into one, entitled “An Act providing for di- 
vorces and for decrees of nullity of marriage and for alimony 
and the maintenance of children [Revision of 1902].” 5 

1 Laws of 1871, p. 15. 

2 Revised Laws. 1S74, pp. 3-14; Gen. St., 1267. The Court of Chancery. May T., 
1873, had refused to annul a marriage for impotence. 24 N. J. Eq., 19. Hence this 

3 Laws of 1S86, p. 345. 

4 Laws of 1889. p. 4S; Gen. St.. 1273. 

5 Laws of 1902, p. 502. 


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Aaronson, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Folwell 1736 Aug. 25 

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Alexander, David, Salem, and Catharine Duuu, Salem 1762 Dec. 19 

Alexander, George, Hunterdon, aud Mary Fleming, Hunterdon.. .. 1766 Nov. 29 

Alexander, Joseph, Burlington, aud Mary Sevill, Burlington 1774 Mar. 22 

Alexander, William Somerset, aud Janet Aikman, Somerset. 1750 Dec. 3 

Alford, Benjamin, Woodbridge, and Deborah Martin, Woodbridge. . 1754 May 1 

Allaways, John, Burlington, and Dorothy Hughes, Burlington 1740 Jan. 1 

Allen, Daniel, Gloucester, aud Mary Steelman 1728 Dec. 25 

Allen, Benjamin, Burlington, and Elizabeth Allen, Burlington 1730 Mar. 27 

Allen, Benjamin, Burlington, and Patience Borden, Burlington 1737 Dec. 8 

Allen, Jedidiah, Monmouth, and Mary Chamless, Monmouth. 1740 Jan. 26 

Allen, William, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Walsh, Bucks, Pa 1740 Feb. 5 

Allen, Joseph, Monmouth, and Desire Rogers, Monmouth 1742 Feb. 18 

^ Allen, Benjamin, Burlington, and Deborah Sharp, Burlington 1744 Oct. 25 

Allen, Nathan, Monmouth, and Sarah Salter 1743 Oct. 6 

Allen, Joseph, Monmouth, and Sarah Jackson, Monmouth 1740 Mar. 2 

Allen, Ralph, Monmouth, and Mary Bond, Monmouth ....1742 May 16 

Allen, James, Monmouth, aud Catherine Newman, Monmouth 1747-8 Feb. 2 

Allen, George, Monmouth, aud Lydia Parker, Monmouth 1748-9 Mar. 21 

Allen, David, Monmouth, aud Sarah Van Dike, Monmouth.. 1748 July 19 

Allen, Jedidiah, Monmouth, aud Mary Allen, Monmouth 1749 May 23 

Allen, Johu, Somerset, and Isabel McCullough, Somerset 1749 Aug. 8 

Allen, William, Somerset, and Sophia Slover, Hunterdon 1749 Sept. 26 

Alley, Benjamin, Burlington, and Rebecca Sherwiu, Chester 1749 Dec. 7 

Allen, Joseph, Salem, and Haunah Eldridge, Salem 1750 June 18 

Allen, Peter, Lit. Egg Harbour, and Elizabeth Wheeler, Lit. Egg Har. 1751 Aug. 16 

Allen, James, Burlington, and Hannah Phillips, Burlington 1754 Jan. 1 



Allen, Richard, New York, and Marak Cox, Shrewsbury 1754 Mar. 25 

Allen, John, Monmouth, and Ruth Howlan, Monmouth 1755 Feb. 26 

Allen, David, Monmouth, and Sarah Cook, Monmouth 1759 Dec. 4 

Allen, Jeremiah, Burlington, and Margaret Mairs ... 1760 Jan. 5 

Allen, William, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Allen, Monmouth 1760 July 28 

Allen, Samuel, Burlington, and Martha Braning 1760 Nov. 12 

Allen, Jedidiah, Salem, and Mary Thompson 1761 Nov. 25 

Allen, Samuel, Burlington, and Theodosia Ellton, Burlington .. . .1762 May 4 

Allen, Nathan, Salem, and Deborah Lipincott, Salem .1764 Mar. 22 

Allen, Elisha, Salem, and Mary Smith, Salem 1765 Oct. 16 

Allen, Chamless, Wilmington, Del., and Lydia Stewart, Wilmgtn, Del. 1766 Sept. 29 

Allen, David, Salem, and Sarah Kent, Salem 1767 Mar. 2 

Allen, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Brindley, Monmouth 1767 Mar. 21 

Allen, Nathan, Monmouth, and Patience Bills, Monmouth 1767 Dec. 24 

Allen, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Iradell, Burlington 1768 Jan. 6 

Allen, John, Sussex, and Jean Dunlop 1768 Sept. 29 

Allen, Elisha, Salem, and Hannah Smith, Salem 1771 Oct. 18 

Allen, John, Bergen, and Anne Earle, Bergen.. 1772 Mar. 28 

Allen, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Jones, Burlington .1772 Aug. 31 

Allen, Samuel, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Allen, Bucks, Pa 1773 May 4 

Allen, John, Burlington, and Anne Herbert, Burlington. 1774 April 13 

Allen, John, Somerset, and Sarah Edmunds 1775 Nov. 10 

Allen, Charles, Cumberland, and Rebecca Dare 1778 April 8 

Allen, Samuel, Morris, and Hannah Beach, Mendom 1779 July 3 

Allen, Samuel, New Jersey, and Nancy Anderson 1780 April 29 

Allen, Robert, Middlesex, and Ann Boggs, 1780 Oct. 27 

Allen, Gabriel, Bordentown, and Lydia Trench 1782 July 16 

Allen, Abraham, Burlington, and Sarah Pitman, Burlington 1782 Oct. 28 

Allen, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Prickett 1783 Jan. 14 

Allen, Joseph, Chester, and Rachel Cline 1783 Dec. 12 

Alter, Joseph, Little Egg Harbour, and Sarah Crammer ... 1783 May 19 

Alleson, James, New Brunswick, and Anne Wells, New Brunswick 1739 Mar. 11 

Alley, William, New Jersey, and Elizabeth Moore 1779 April 8 

Allgor, William, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Havens, Monmouth 1763 Jan. 7 

Alliger, Benjamin, Redingtown, and Cisley Bartron 1780 Mar. 23 

Alim, Andrew, Monmouth, and Marak Crammer, Monmouth 1754 June 3 

Allinder, Joshua, Burlington, and Mary Nixon 1733 Dec. 17 

Alloways, Abraham, Burlington, and Hannah Lanning, Burlington. .. 1773 July 29 

Alloways, Isaac, Burlington, and Christian Davidson, Burlington. ... 1773 Nov. 20 

Alloways, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Shinn, Burlington 1774 June 13 

Alman, Joseph, Salem, and Catherine Lambson, Salem 1763 Mar. 10 

Almond, John, Salem, and Rachel Brown 1785 Aug. 15 

Alricke, Wessell, New Castle, Del., and Rebecca Hancock 1757 Mar, 21 

Alward, John, Woodbridge, and Ruth Cawood, Woodbridge 1754 Jan. 9 

Alyea, Peter, Orange, N. Y., and Marrity Bertkolf, Orange, N. Y. . . . 1773 Mar. 1 

Amack, John, Middletown, and Sarah Carman, Middletown 1757 Mar, 12 

Marriage licenses. 


Amack, Stephen, Monmouth, and Mary Hejivilon, Freehold 1767 Nov. 7 

Ammarman, Jacobus, Somerset, and Marica Harder, Somerset 1746 May 7 

Anderson, Joshua, Trenton, and Mary Wood, Burlington 1745 Nov. 27 

Anderson, Tunis, Monmouth, and Abigail Reid, Monmouth 1746 Dec. 4 

Anderson, George, Jr., Somerset, and Matie Van Wickle, Somerset. .. 1748 Nov. 22 

Anderson, Elias, Monmouth, and Catherine Chamberlin. 1761 Mar. 30 

Anderson, James, Cumberland, and Theodosia Elmer. . . .... 1761 Aug. 1 

Anderson, Ezekiel, Hunterdon, and Mary Combs, Middlesex 1761 Nov. 19 

Anderson, Andrew, Burlington, and Martha Brock, Burlington 1762 Feb. 1 

Anderson, John, Freehold, and Anna Loyd, Middlesex 1763 Mar. 7 

Anderson, John, Essex, and Martha Freeman, Middlesex 1763 April 1 

Anderson, John, New York, and Mary Stilwell, Middletown. 1763 Dec. 16 

Anderson, David, Bergen, and Jane Stuart, Bergen 1768 Mar. 5 

Anderson, Josiah, Burlington, and Sarah Anderson 1769 Dec. 26 

Anderson, Benjamin, Hunterdon, and Ann Bird 1772 Oct. 22 

Anderson, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Thomson 1773 Mar. 9 

Anderson, Andrew, and Phoebe Williamson 1775 Aug. 28 

Anderson, James, Burlington, and Elenor Toy 1777 Oct. 17 

Anderson, James, Morris, and Hannah Backhover 1779 Jan. 24 

Anderson, John, Hunterdon, and Rebeccah Yannoy 1779 Mar. 30 

Anderson, Simon, Somerset, and Mary Van Haugliu 1781 Oct. 11 

Anderson, Thomas, Sussex, and Esther Hughes 1781 Nov. 13 

Anderson, David, Burlington, and Emelia Briggs 1783 Sept. 5 

Anderson, Jacob, Hunterdon, and Catherine Hunt 1785 Feb. 25 

Anderson, Thomas, Sussex, and Hannah Ewen 1786 Mar. 19 

Anderson, Aaron, Burlington, and Elizabeth Williamson 1786 July 24 

Anderson, David, Bergen, and Ruth Weed 1786 Dec. 20 

Anderson, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Stevenson 1787 Feb. 10 

Anderson, Andrew, Burlington, and Patience Stockton 1791 April 9 

Anderson, John, Bergen, and Catherine Zabrisky 1792 Feb. 23 

Andrews, Edward, Burlington, and Sarah Ong, Burlington 1694 Feb. 8 

Andrews, Jacob, Burlington, and Keziah Rider, Burlington 1764 Mar. 10 

Andrews, Isaac, Gloucester, and Hannah Johnson, Gloucester 1767 Dec. 24 

Andrews, John, Amwell, and Rachel Chamberlin 1773 Oct. 19 

Andrews, John, Burlington, and Hannah Parker, Burlington. 1776 Feb. 7 

Andrews, Peter, Gloucester, and Hannah Cook 1779 Sept. 1 

Andrews, Peter, Gloucester, and Mary Cripps 1785 Mar. 14 

Androvet, John, Richmond, N. Y., and Zipporah Wright, Rich’d, N. Y 1747 Jan. 14 

Androvet, Peter, Staten Island, and Catherine Nichols, Staten Island.. 1756 Nov. 30 

Angelo, Charles, Salem, and Katherine Nose, Salem 1690 Oct. 6 

Annin, William, Somerset, and Sarah Ross, Middlesex 1749 Jan. 25 

Annin, William, Somerset, and Sarah Davison 1777 Sept. 23 

Ansley, Thomas, Monmouth, and Rebecah Cocke. .. 1760 Nov. 1 

Antonittus, John, Monmouth, and Sarah Vaudom, Monmouth 1761 Nov. 23 

Antram, Thomas, Jr,, Burlington, and Margaret Lamb, Burlington. .. 1757 Mar. 25 
Antram, Daniel, Burlington, and Susanna Weaver ,1758 Jan. 30 


Antram, Isaac, Burlington, ami Ruth Webb, Burlington 1/73 Jan. 26 

Autram, David, Burlington, and Rebecca Bryan, Mount Holly 1773 Feb. 8 

Antram, Joseph, Burlington, and Anna Merret, Burlington 1773 Nov. 18 

Antram, Samuel, Burlington, and Charlotte Hawk 1781 Nov. 10 

Antram, Thomas, and Anne Hancock 1783 Nov. 25 

Applegate, Benjamin, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Parent, Middlesex ..1/29 July 18 

Applegate, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Pettitt, Middlesex 1736 Oct. 6 

Applegate, Ebenezer, Monmouth, and Mary Imlay, Monmouth 1713 July 9 

Applegate, James, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Buckalew 1714 Feb. 21 

Applegate, Daniel, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Hulet, Monmouth 1745 Jan. 31 

Applegate, William, Monmouth, and Hannah Potter, Monmouth 1747 Oct. 28 

Applegate, John, Monmouth, and Mary Cotterell, Monmouth 1748 Sept. 27 

Applegate, William, Middletown, and Elizabeth Ogborne, Middletown. 1758 Mar. 6 

Applegate, Ezekiel, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Smock, Middlesex 1760 Oct. 6 

Applegate, Jacob, Monmouth, and Catherine Manlees, Monmouth ...1763 Aug. 8 

Applegate, George, Burlington, and Sarah Fenton, Burlington 1763 Nov. 14 

Applegate, Obadiah, Monmouth, and Bethena Vaughn 1772 June 26 

Applegate, Samuel, Burlington, and Jaue Scroggins 1777 Jan. 20 

Applegate, Silas, Burlington, and Lydia Ivins 1777 Sept, 18 

Applegate, John, Burlington, and Sarah Johnston 1785 Oct. 22 

Archer, George, Monmouth, and Diadame Droman, Shrewsbury 1762 Nov. 27 

Archer, Benjamin, New York, and Margaret Brown 1784 June 14 

Archer, John, Gloucester, and Anne Ong .1785 May 26 

Archibald, David, Bergen, and Antje Van Houten, Bergeu .. 1774 Aug. 13 

Areyansen, Resolvert, Bergen, and Deborah Verveelen, Orange, N. Y.1773 Aug 1 

Arden, Edward, Burlington, and Elizabeth Morton, Burlington 1730 Sept. 5 

Arden, 1 John, Burlington, and Margaret Keen, Pa 1774 June 4 

Arden, John, New York, aud Sarah Thurston, Woodbridge 1758 Sept. 4 

Arell,2 Peter, New York, and Hannah Shakeshaft, New York 1764 Aug. 30 

Arrison, Ashford, Hunterdon, and Euphemia Petenger, Hunterdon . .1769 May 9 

Armourer, Edward, Philadelphia, and Ann Walker, Philadelphia 1733 Jan. 5 

Armstrong, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Shinn, Burlington .... 1764 July 11 

Armstrong, Henry, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Harvey, Monmouth 1766 Sept. 5 

Armstrong, John, Middlesex, and Johanna Patten.. 176S Feb. 15 

Armstrong, William, Amwell, and Catherine Johnson 1776 Jan. 19 

Armstrong, William, Burlington, and Joanna London, Burlington . ..1776 Mar. 26 

Armstrong, William, Orange, N. Y., and Catharine Lawrence 1777 Nov. 26 

Armstrong, William, Sussex, and Elizabeth Swayze, Oxford 1778 Nov. 19 

Arnell, James, Burlington, and Mary Mott 1739 Jan. 3 

Arnold, William, Monmouth, and Jaue Lane, Monmouth 1746 April 14 

Aronson, Aaron, Burlington, and Rebecca Scattergood, Burlington. . . .1730 Dec. 11 
Aronson, Joseph, Burlington, and Anne Marriott, Burlington 1749 Nov. 20 

1 In the body of the bond this name is written Harding, but the principal signs his name 

2 Entered in the body of the bond as Earle, which is probably correct, hut signed Peter 


Aronson, Benjamin, Burlington, and Hope Folwell, Burlington 1767 Mar. 13 

Arthur, William, Burlington, and Sarah Biggs, Burlington ...1741 Nov. 23 

Arven, James, Perth Amboy, and Catherine Myers, Perth Amboy 1755 April 4 

Asa, Jacob, Burlington, and Elizabeth Lee, Burlington 1780 Feb. 12 

Asay, Samuel, Burlington, and Sarah Atkinson 1779 Aug. 3 

Asay, Michael, Burlington, and Bethenia Simons .1783 Dec. 16 

Ash, George, Burlington, and Sarah Bates 1759 Sept. 24 

Ashbourn, Martin, Philadelphia, and Catharine Clark, Philadelphia. . 1728 Feb. 20 

Ash, William, New York, and Mary Montanyes 1783 Aug. 19 

Ashbrook, John, Gloucester, and Hester Hamilton 1732 July 21 

Ashbrook, John, Gloucester, and Mary Elwell, Greenwich 1736 June 28 

Ashbrook, Thomas, Gloucester, and Ann Gibson 1779 Feb. 4 

Ashburn, William, Chester, and Hannah Hugg, Chester 1750 July 21 

Ashbury, Ebenezer, Salem, and Margaret Deffose, Salem . . 1694 July 19 

Ashfield, Lewis M., and Elizabeth Bedford 1748 Feb. 4 

Ashead, Amos, Burlington, and Cecilia Cheeseman, Burlington 1728 Aug. 14 

Ashley, John, Monmouth, and Prudence Maxen, Middletown .1765 July 1 

Ashton, Isaac, Bucks, Pa , and Dorothy Carr, Bucks, Pa. ... 1736 Nov. 30 

Ashton, Joseph, Monmouth, and Mary Stillwell, Monmouth 1740 Feb. 5 

Ashton, John, Monmouth, and Catharine Taylor, Monmouth,... .. 1741 June 2 

Ashton, Robert, and Hannah Farnsworth 1747-8 Feb. 15 

Ashton, John, Monmouth, and Katherine Taylor, Monmouth 1742 Aug. 19 

Ashton, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Susannah Nutt, Bucks, Pa 1765 Jan. 26 

Ashton, John, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Fenton, Burlington 1765 Feb. 13 

Ashton, Joseph, Burlington, and Anne Helson, Burlington 1770 June 19 

Ashton, Thomas, Gloucester, and Hannah Hugg, Gloucester 1771 June 19 

Ashton, Eden, Hunterdon, and Margaret Londibank 1780 Aug. 17 

Asken, James, and Judith Anders 1774 June 13 

Aspinwall, Thomas, Piscataway, and Hannah Hull, Piscataway . . . 1743 July 28 

Asson, William, Burlington, and Mary Platt 1746 Feb. 9 

Asson, Thomas, and Margaret Clevenger . . . 1746 Feb. 9 

Atchley, Nathaniel, Middlesex, and Keziah Hull, Middlesex.. 1764 July 2 

Aten, Dirck, Hunterdon, and Judick Van Yliet 1745 Dec. 24 

Aten, Derrick, Hunterdon, and Ariantie Longstreet, Hunterdon 1749 Aug. 16 

Aten, Gerardus, Reading Town, and Dinah Johnson, Reading Town. . 1756 Aug. 28 

Atkinson, William, Burlington, and Mary Bishop, Burlington 1731 Feb. 3 

Atkinson, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Aaronson, Burlington 1731 Feb. 10 

Atkinson, John, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Yaets, Bucks, Pa 1735 July 28 

Atkinson, Isaac, Burlington, and Elizabeth Reeves, Burlington 1736 Jan. 12 

Atkinson, Walker, Burlington, ana Rachel Wallis, Burlington 1746 Sept. 10 

Atkinson, John, Burlington, and Sarah Folwell, Burlington 1754 Jan. 21 

Atkinson, James, Burlington, and Sarah Arison, Burlington 1756 May 11 

Atkinson, Moses, Burlington, and Rachel Shreve, Burlington 1761 Feb. 22 

Atkinson, John, Burlington, and Sarah Berry, Burlington ...1761 Feb. 25 

Atkinson, Job, Burlington, and Mary Arison, Burlington 1761 Sept. 21 

Atkinson, John, Burlington, and Mary Cooper, Burlington. . 1761 Nov. 12 


Atkinson, John, Burlington, Elizabeth Clevenger, Burlington 1764 Feb. 8 

Atkinson, Jonathan, Burlington, and Mary Hillyer, Burlington 1767 Dec. 7 

Atkinson, Samuel, Burlington, and Hannah Chester, Burlington 1774 Aug. 18 

Atkinson, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Lippiucott 1779 April 22 

Atkinson, Samuel, Burlington, and Mariam Norton 1779 May 25 

Atkinson, Amos, Burlington, and Mary Bishop 1779 Nov. 17 

Atkinson, Job, Gloucester, and Esther Sharp, Burlington 1780 Aug 17 

Atkinson, Joseph, Burlington, and Rebecca Garwood. . 1780 Dec. 20 

Atkinson, Isaac, Burlington, and Rosity Beats 1784 Mar. 17 

Atkinson, Moses, Burlington, and Elizabeth Powell 1784 Oct. 21 

Atkinson, Moses, New Jersey, and Sarah Abbot 1786 Oct. 31 

Aumack, Tunis, Shrewsbury, and Aune Killey, Shrewsbury 1758 Oct. 17 

Aurijanse, Aurie, Bergen, and Elizabeth Yerveelen 1782 Nov. 1 

Austin, Amos, Burlington, and Esther Haines .1736 Sept. 27 

Austin, Edward, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Bower, Philadelphia ...1737 Sept. 27 

Austin, Francis, Burlington, and Deborah Allen, Burliugton. . 1748 May 11 

Austin, Edward, Philadelphia, and Sarah Wetherby, Salem 1748 May 6 

Austin, Jacob, Burlington, and Hannah Austin, Burlington 1764 Sept. 20 

Austen, Seth, Burlington, and Lydia Nailor, Burlington 1770 Mar. 7 

Austin, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Ballenger 1782 April 19 

Autor, Derick, Mortis, and Hannah Quick 1778 Jan. 16 

Aves, George, Gloucester, and Sarah Whitall, Gloucester 1730 Mar. 15 

Avis, George, Gloucester, and Hannah Rumford, Gloucester 1761 Jan. 30 

Avise, John, Gloucester, and Agnes Holmes, Gloucester 1765 April 8 

Avise, James, Gloucester, and Mary Guest, Gloucester . 1773 May 18 

Avise, 1 Joseph, Salem, and Sarah Rates 1781 Dec. 10 

Axford, Charles, and Rebecca Beekes .... 1735 Oct. 13 

Ayar, Moses, Cumberland, and Sarah Pettet, Cumberland. 1777 July 16 

Ayars, John, Cumberland, and Susannah Jerman, Hopewell 1751 Nov. 17 

Ayars, Joshua, Salem, and Zerviah Ayars.. 1764 Mar. 13 

Ajdelow, Caleb, Richmond, N. Y., and Ann Raccow, Richmond, N. Y.1763 July It 

Ayers, Moses, Somerset, and Jane Chambers, Somerset 1739 Nov. 13 

Ayers, Obadiah, Somerset, and Dorothy LandoJ 1746 Feb. 12 

Ayers, Frazee, Middlesex, and Phebe Bloomfield, Middlesex .1749 Feb. 24 

Aj'ers, Enos, Woodbridge, and Martha Gold, Woodbridge 1749 May 8 

Ayers, Obadiah, Middlesex, and Mary Wessels, Peith Amboy 1750 Dec. 5 

Ayers, Bargin, Salem, and Susannah Gilman. 1754 May 28 

Ayers, Caleb, Cumbeiland, and Amy Dunn .... . .. 1760 July 30 

Ayers, Robeit, Perth Amboy, and Ann Jackson, Perth Amboy 1763 Dec. 31 

Ayers, James, Woodbridge, and Hope Bloomfield, Woodbridge. .... 1743-4 Mar. 13 

Ayers, Samuel, Middletown, and Martha Wilson, Middletown 1760 Nov. 7 

Ay rs, Valentine, Burlington, and Elizabeth Parker, Burlington 1749 April 3 

i Thus sig-ned'to the bond, but entered in the body of the instrument as Evas. 

Marriage licenses. 



Aarison, Ann, Burlington, and David Kockbill, Burlington 1758 Aug. 30 

Aaronsou, Sarah, Burliugtou, and Joseph Atkinson, Burlington. . . ... 1731 Feb. 10 

Aastley, Bershaba, and Nicholas Hight, Middlesex 1771 April 5 

Abbit, Catherine, and John Akers, Huuterdou 1780 Oct. 14 

Abbit, Sarah, and Enoch Launing, Huuterdou 1785 Mar. G 

Abbot, Sarah, and Moses Atkinson, New Jersey 1786 Oct. 31 

Abbott, Jaue, and Edward Srnout. 1691 Feb. 16 

Abel, Elizabeth, Salem, aud John Burgin, Cumberland. . 1761 Mar. 2 

’ Abraham, Hannah, South Amboy, and William Jolly, South Amboy.. 1759 May 12 
Abrahams, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, aud Enoch Davis, Middletown. . . 1754 Nov. 22 
Abrahams, Margaret, Middlesex, and Thomas Erickson, Middlesex. . . . 1761 April 9 

Abrahams, Mary, Perth Amboy, and John Combs, Perth Amboy 1748 Dec. 23 

Abrahams, Sarah, Perth Amboy, and John Combs, Jr., Perth Amboy. 1753 Dec. 24 

Ackerly, Sarah, aud Richard Thomas, Windsor 1778 Oct. 25 

Ackerman, Altje, Hackensack, aud William Wright, Hackensack.. ..1761 Aug. 17 

Ackerman, Altie, and Cornelius Van Horn, Bergen 1790 July 24 

Ackerman, Dorcas, and Joseph Feighte, Bergen 1790 Mar. 3 

Ackermau, Elizabeth, aud John Pulishfalt, Bergen. 1780 Feb. 9 

Ackerman, Mary, Bergen, and John Jones, Bergen 1764 April 12 

Ackerman, Rachel, Bergen, and Peter Earle, Bergen 1767 Aug. 7 

Ackerman, Wyntye, and John Van Buskirk, Bergeu 1789 Sept. 17 

Ackermon, Rachel, Bergeu, and Albert Vandene, Bergen 1753 Nov. 12 

Ackerson, Rachel, New York, and David Blauvelt, New Y T ork 1765 Oct. 12 

Ackley, Sarah, and William Watson, Gloucester 1783 Jan. 16 

Acres, Elizabeth, aud Daniel Graaf, Hunterdon 1768 July 4 

Adams, Abigail, Egg Harbour, and John Steelman, Egg Harbour 1755 Jan. 25 

Adams, Ann, aud John Doughten, Burlington 1762 April 29 

Adams, Barbara, Gloucester, and Stephen Morris, Gloucester. . . .... 1731 April 24 

Adams, Diadame, and Benjamin Brightwell, Burlington 1764 Jan. 18 

Adams, Dinah, Gloucester, and Alexander Fish, Gloucester.. 1737 Dec. 12 

Adams, Elizabeth, Salem, and Anthony Windsor, Salem 1683 Aug. 23 

Alams, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and John Felgelder, Gloucester.... ...1729 May 22 

Adams, Else, Hunterdon, aud Thomas Russell, Middlesex 1768 Dec. 23 

y Adams, Esther, Gloucester, aud Silvanus Smith, Gloucester 1740 Dec. 6 

Adams, Ester, and Thomas England, Gloucester 1782 Jan. 1 

Adams, Hannah, Egg Harbour, and Isaiah Willey, Gt. Egg Harbour .1750 July 15 

Adams, Hannah, Philadelphia, and Arthur Hamilton, Philadelphia. .1762 Sept. 15 

Adams, Hannah, aud Thomas Freeing, Burlington 1778 July 20 

Adams, Irene, and Lynch Gray, Trenton 1778 June 4 

Adams, Martha, Burlington, aud James Walne, Burlington 1746 Oct. 13 

Adams, Martha, and Ezekiel Price, Mansfield.. 1781 Feb. 14 

Adams, Mary, Salem, and Hugh Hutchings, Salem 1686-7 Feb. 3 

Adams, Mary, Gloucester, aud Richard Manring, Gloucester 1749 Nov. 6 

Adams, Mercy, Burlington, and Joseph Force, Burlington 1774 Jan. 11 

io New jersey colonial documents. 

Adams, Pbebe, Egg Harbour, and George Steelman, Gt. Egg Harbour. 1737 Dec. 12 

Adams, Pbebe, and Richard Davis 1756 Nov. 24 

Adams, Racbel, Gloucester, and Abrabam Matson, Gloucester 1762 Mar. 4 

Adams, Racbel, and Job Key, Gloucester 1773 Mar. 3 

Adams, Sarab, Gloucester, and Matbias Steelman, Gloucester 1730 Sept. 14 

Adams, Sarab, and David Finlaw, Salem 1771 Aug. 27 

Adams, Sarab, Alloways Creek, and Richard Ware, Stow Creek 1775 July 25 

Adams, Sarab, and William Shute, Woolwich 1783 Feb. 23 

Adams, Sarab, and John Garwood, Gloucester 1784 Mar. 9 

Adare, Margaret, Burlington, and Adam Parker, Burlington 1757 Dec. 6 

Addams, Margery, Burlington, and Arthur Booradaile, Burlington ...1731 April 27 

Addis, Ann, and James Ellison, Burlington 1758 Feb. 11 

Addiss, Bridget, and William Peacbee, Burlington .... 1733 Dec. 19 

Adington, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, and Andrew Golloway, Pa 1727 Oct. 30 

Adman, Esther, Gt. Egg Harbour, and James Robertson, Gloucester .. 1 736 Mar. 14 

Agnew, Lylia, Salem, and John Walker, Alloways Creek 1768 Aug. 2 

Aikman, Agnes, Somerset, and Samuel Niblak. Somerset 1746 May 8 

Aikman, Janet, Somerset, and William Alexander, Somerset. ... ..,.1750 Dec 3 

Aikman, Margaret, Morris, and John Brown, Somerset 1753 Jan. 17 

Aikman, Sarah, and Lefferts Haughawout, Middlesex 1747 May 29 

Akers, Elsie, and John Abbit, Hunterdon 1779 Feb. 12 

Akelar, Barbara, and Samuel Hixson, Hunterdon 1777 April 5 

Akin, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, and Andrew Kelly, Perth Amboy 1752 Aug. 18 

Akin, Lydia, and Kraghead, Ryle 1779 Mar. 27 

Alberson, , Burlington, and Thomas Hackney, Burlington. . . . 1748 Sept. 19 

Alberson, Augee, Bethlehem, and Daniel Okeson, New Jersey 1748 Feb. 11 

Alberson, Aun, Gloucester, and Richard Chew, Gloucester, 1766 Oct. 3 

Alberson, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and William Beakley, Gloucester .... 1768 July 18 

Alberson, Hannah, Gloucester, and Joseph Thackery, Gloucester 1731 June 1 

Alberson, Judith, Gloucester, and Joseph Bate, Gloucester 1768 Mar. 14 

Alberson, Letitia, and Charles Day, Gloucester 1759 Sept. 25 

Alberson, Patience, Gloucester, and John Collins, Gloucester 1766 Oct. 3 

Albertis, Elizabeth, Trenton, and Jonathan Davice, Hunterdon 1740 May 12 

Albertson, Auua, Bucks Co., Pa., and Joseph Severns, Bucks Co., Pa.. 1776 Sept. 30 

Albertson, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Aron Albertson, Gloucester.,.. 1756 April 23 

Albertson, Hannah, and Thomas Ellis, Jr., Gloucester . . 1759 Sept. 25 

Albertson, Keziah, Gloucester, and Josiah Ward, Gloucester 1750 Mar. 1 

Albertson, Mary, and Joseph Albertson, Gloucester 1773 Aug. 23 

Albertson, Sarah, Gloucester, and Abraham Albertson, Gloucester .... 1764 June 22 

Alburtice, Sarah, Burlington, and Hugh Wilcocks, Burlington 1727 June 5 

Alburtis, Sarah, and Stephen Humphries, Hunterdon 1769 Mar. 6 

Alcot, Hester, Burlington, and John Borton, Burlington 1754 Sept. 16 

Alcott, Aun, Burlington, aud Joseph Rozell, Burlington 1737 Dec. 29 

Alcott Elizabeth, Burlington, and James Rosell, Burlington 1745 April 24 

Alcott, Elizabeth, Burlington, aud James Logan, Burlington G780 May 20 

Alcott, Rebecca, Burlington, and Joseph Farrington, Burlington 1(01 Feb. 24 

Marriage licenses. 

i i 

Aiders, Mary, Middlesex, and William Cheesman, Jr., Middlesex. 1747 Feb. 19 

Aldridge, Michael, Burlington, and William Smith, Burlington 1761 Oct. 28 

Aleu, Mary, and William Van Fleet 1748 Aug. 24 

Alexander, Eleanor, and John Mott, Trenton 1784 June 15 

Alexander, Mary, and John Nutt, Mansfield 1781 May 13 

Alford, Margaret, Woodbridge, and Richard Turner, Perth Amboy ... 1762 Dee. 6 

Alford, Sarah, Woodbridge, and David Herriot, Jr., Woodbridge 1741 Sept. 9 

Alison, Mary, and George Githens, Gloucester 1774 Oct. 29 

Allan, Mar)’, Middlesex, and Joseph McDaniel, Somerset 1768 Oct. 1 

Alleott, Elizabeth, Northampton, and James Rosele, Northampton ...1745 April 24 

Allen, Agues, Evesham, and Joshua Parker, Burlington 1750 Sept. 5 

Allen, Ann, and Robert Newell, Monmouth ... 1759 July 5 

Allen, Catharine, Burlington, and David Budd, Burlington 1738 Feb. 6 

Allen, Catharine, Monmouth, and William Yard, Monmouth Ii56 May 29 

Allen, Deborah, Burlington, and Francis Austin, Burlington 1748 May 11 

Allen, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Benjamin Allen, Burlington 1730 Mar. 29 

Allen Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Josiah Cramer, Monmouth 1750 Sept. 24 

Allen, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Jeffery, Monmouth 1751 April 25 

Allen, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and William Allen, Monmouth 1760 July 28 

Allen. Elizabeth, Salem, and Peter Smith, Salem ... 1760 Sept. 30 

Allen, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Michael V. D. Haef, Monmouth. . . . 1760 Dec. 18 

Allen, Elizabeth, and John Kerby, Greenwich 1774 Feb. 1 

Allen, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Alexander McDowel, Burlington .. . 1782 May 8 

Allen, Exercise, Shrewsbury, and Uriah Curlies, Shrewsbury 1746 May 23 

Allen, Hannah, Burlington, and Richard Fenimore, Burlington 1759 Nov. 13 

Allen, Jane, Bedminster, and Ephraim Herriot, Bedmiuster 1756 Dec. 11 

Allen, Kesiah, and Andrew Hoffman 1735 Dec. 11 

Allen, Margery, and Job Rogers, Burlington 1769 Jan. 16 

Allen. Margrett, and Nathaniel Hodgson, Middlesex 1783 Dec. 11 

Allen, Martha, and William Wilson 1782 Mar. 23 

Allen, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Stevenson, Burlington 1684 July 17 

Allen, Mary, Gloucester, and Andrew Blakeman, Gloucester 1733 July 25 

Allen, Mary, Middlesex, and John Buckerlow, Middlesex 1745 June 12 

Allen, Mary, Monmouth, and Jedidiah Allen, Monmouth 1719 May 23 

Allen, Mary, and Edward Hancock, Salem. 1757 Dec. 17 

Allen, Mary, Burlington, and John Shinn, Burlington 1763 June 11 

Allen, Mary, Shrewsbury, and Alexander Rose Kraus, Shrewsbury ...1715 Feb. 21 

Allen, Mary, Burlington, and David Fisher, Burlington 1766 Feb. 5 

Allen, Mary, and Benjamin Ware, Salem 1773 Nov. 9 

Allen, Mary, and Guisbert Sutphiu, Roxbury 1778 Sept. 10 

Allen, Mary, and Daniel Severus, Bucks Co., Pa 1 1 <9 Oct. 25 

Allen, Miry, Burlington, and George Chumard, Burlington 1782 Nov. 21 

Allen, Massey, and Joseph Gale, Burlington 1783 Mar. 16 

Allen, Mercy, Monmouth, and Joseph Hulit, Monmouth 1750 Mar. 7 

Allen, Mercy, Monmouth, and Thomas Jefferey, Monmouth 1750 April 30 

Allen, Naomi, Monmouth, and Darius Li ppincott, Monmouth 1743 July 30 


Allen, Rachel, Philadelphia, and John Hat kinson, Philadelphia 1750 June 27 

Allen, Rachel, and David Cramer, Burlington 1767 June 8 

Allen, Rachel, and Isaac Perkins, Hackensack 1769 July 21 

Allen, Rebeckah, Gloucester, and Benjamin Lodge, Gloucester 1762 Nov. 17 

Allen, Sarah, Shrewsbury, and William Brower, Shrewsbury 1751 Mar. 25 

Allen, Sarah, Salem, and John Longlee, Salem 1761 May 13 

Allen, Sarah, Shrewsbury, and Daniel Woolley, Shrewsbury .1763 Feb. 23 

Allen, Sarah, Bucks Co., Pa., and Samuel Allen, Bucks Co., Pa 1737 May 4 

Allen, Sary, Shrewsbury, and Samuel Scott, Shrewsbury. 1758 Sept. 13 

Allgur, Mary, Middlesex, and Thomas Walker Middlesex. 1764 Dec. 18 

Allin, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Jacob Harvey, Monmouth 1776 Nov. 17 

Allin, Hannar, Shrewsbury, and Peleg Slocum, Shrewsbury 1755 Jan. 13 

Allin, Lydia, Shrewsbury, and Jacob Stookey, Shrewsbury 1755 Nov, 19 

Allinson, Elizabeth, Mount Holley, and William Chew, Gloucester.. . .1774 April 21 

Allison, Ann, and Robert Spencer, Hunterdon 1733 Feb. 19 

Allison, Anne, Piscatawav, and James Walker, Piscataway 1754 April 17 

Allison, Phebee, Burlington, and John Ely, Hunterdon 1731 May 3 

Alloways, Elizabeth, Northampton, and James Penn, Northampton. .. 1749 Nov. 3 

Alloways, Judith, and Michael Chemaly, Burlington 1783 Aug. 28 

Alloways, Sarah, Sand Plains, and John Roy, Sand Plains. 1745 Jan. 16 

Alloways, Sarah, and Josiah Stratton, Evesham. 1784 Feb. 20 

Allward, Rachel, and John Harned, Middlesex 1768 Sept. 20 

Almon, Rebecca, Burlington, and Arney Lippincott, Burlington.. . . 1761 Mar. 21 

Alston, Hannah, Woodbridge, and William Wright, Perth Amboy .. 1773 Aug. 20 

Alston, Mary, and George Brown, Middlesex 1745 Aug. 24 

Alston, Mary, Rahway, and Michael Hays, Elizabeth Town 1758 May 18 

Alstone, Rhode, Middlesex aud John Morris, Essex. 1763 Nov. 26 

Alton, Sarah, Burlington, and John Condrick, Burlington. ... 1763 May 5 

Alyea, Jannetye, and John Blauvelt, Bergen 1783 Mar. 6 

Alyea, Rachel, aud Jacobus T. Post, Ramapo 1783 Mar. 11 

Alyea, Susannah, and Henry Berry, Morris ... 1785 Sept. 17 

Amack, Mary, Monmouth, aud John Honson, Jr., Monmouth 1754 Dec. 10 

Ambler, Grace, and William Acton, Salem 1776 Nov. 18 

Ambruster, Elizabeth, and John Cove, Burlington 1778 Dec. 3 

Ammermon. Jenny, and Michael Murphy, Burlington 1781 June 9 

Amock, Apham, Monmouth, and Joseph Davis, Monmouth 1754 Sept. 14 

Anders, Judith, aud James Asken 1774 June 13 

Auderson, Auua, and Tallmau Smith, Chesterfield .... 1756 April 27 

Anderson, Anna, Monmouth, and James Johnston, Middlesex 1756 May 3 

Anderson, Anne, Hunterdon, and John Braines, Hunterdon 1728 July 30 

Anderson, Catherine, and John Tindall, Trenton 1768 June 1 

Anderson, Eleanor, Hunterdon, and Cornelius Pollemus, Monmouth 1741 June 3 

Anderson, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Cornelius Wychof, Somerset ....1740 June 9 

Anderson, Elizabeth, Bergen, and John Heaton, Bergen 1765 Oct. 30 

Anderson, Elizabeth, Hunterdon, and Benjamin Stout, jr. , Hunterdon. 1765 Dec. 11 

Auderson, Elizabeth, and John Davison, Middlesex .1774 Feb. 1 



Anderson, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Boyd, Burlington 1775 Nov. 8 

Auderson, Elizabeth, and Samuel Hendry, Burlington 1785 Mar. 2 

Auderson, Elizabeth, and John Bispham, Gloucester 1787 Oct. 8 

Anderson, Hannah, and Joseph Bowne, Monmouth .. 1763 Jan. 18 

Auderson, Jameminah, Somerset, and Simon Wickoff, Hunterdon. . . 1770 July 27 

Auderson, Lydya, Newcastle, Del., and Isaac Stathem, Cumberland. .. 17G9 Nov. 27 

Auderson, Martha, Hunterdon, and John Roland, Hunterdon 1710 June 16 

Auderson, Mary, and Cornelius Rappalje, Somerset 1743 Oct. 17 

Auderson, Mary, Freehold, and John Cook, Pa 1761 Nov. 17 

Auderson, Mary, Hackensack, and Christian Van Horn, Hackensack .1768 Mar. 5 

Auderson, Mary, and Samuel Borland, Morris. 1778 Nov. 28 

Auderson, Mary, and Francis Vannoy, Hunterdon 1781 Jan. 12 

Anderson, Nancy, and Samuel Allen, New Jersey 1780 April 29 

Anderson, Pamela, and Edmond Palmer, Hunterdon 1782 April 20 

Auderson, Penelope, and Ralph Hart, Hunterdon 1770 Sept. 5 

Auderson, Rachel, Hunterdon, and David Frazer, Hunterdon 1771 * Sept. 28 

Anderson, Sarah, Maidenhead, and Andrew Willson, Bucks Co. , Pa. ..1769 Jan. 31 

Auderson, Sarah, and Josiah Auderson ... 1769 Dec. 26 

Andrews, Amy, Burlington, and Ebeuezer Borden, Burlington 1748 Oct. 18 

Andrews, Dorcas, Burliugtou, and Abram Miers, Burlington 1757 Nov. 14 

Andrews, Elizabeth, Middletown, and Thomas Farnum, Middletown ..1750 June 15 

Audrews, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Myars, Burlington 1766 Mar. 6 

Andrews, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Levi Haines, BuL'lington 1767 Sept. 7 

Andrews, Esther, and Joseph Silver, Mannington 1784 Mar. 2 

Andrews, Patience, Burlington, and Joseph Hancock, Burlington ... . 1751 May 2 

Audrews, Prudence, and John Bevy, Burlington 1764 Feb. 6 

Andrews, Phebe, and Joseph Holmes, Jr., Monmouth 1758 Nov. 4 

Andrews, Rebecca, Monmouth, and David Gorden, Monmouth ....1746-7 Feb. 13 
Andrewsou, Catherine, Hunterdon, aud Joseph Hudnut, Hunterdon.. 1761 Feb. 4 

Andrewvet, Rebecca, aud John Story, Staten Island. 1744 Mar. 8 

Andriss, Catherine, Burlington, and Samuel Em ley, Jr., Burlington. . .1763 May 21 

Andriss, Mary, and Solomon Wardell, Shrewsbury 1767 July 11 

Augle, Judah, and Peter Ten Eick, Somerset 1768 Oct. 25 

Auuis, Elizabeth, and Samuel Hall, Philadelphia. . . 1732 Jan. 31 

Ausley, Anne, Monmouth, and Moses Robins, Monmouth 1761 Nov. 13 

Ansley, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Jacob Morris, Monmouth 1765 Feb. 13 

Ausley, Mary, Monmouth, and Job Morris, Monmouth 1760 May 17 

Anthony, Anne, Huuterdon, and Francis Bowes, Hunterdon 1728 Nov. 18 

Anthony, Clara, and John Brand, Hunterdon... 1779 Apl. 17 

Anthony, Mary, and John Paradis, Hunterdon 1778 Aug. 25 

Autill, Mary, Middlesex, and Richard Cochran, Middlesex 1764 Oct. 15 

Antonides, Barbara, Monmouth, and Samuel Lougstreet, Monmouth .. 1756 Oct. 30 

Autram, Hannah, and William Stratton, Burlington 1777 July 28 

Autram, Hannah, and Samuel Norcross, Burlington. ... ... 1789 Mar. 2 

Autram,- Mary, and James Webb, Burlington 1783 Dec. 16 

Autram, Patience, and Moses Haines, Burlington 1747 Dec, 11 



Antram, Rachel, Mansfield, and William Talbot, Mansfield 1767 Feb. 13 

Autram, Sarah, Burlington, and William Evan Hughes, Burlington.. .1775 Oct. 28 

Antram, Sirsannali, Burlington, and Samuel Steward, Burlington 1774 May 7 

Antrim, Sarah, Mansfield, and Edward Church, Bristol, Pa 1765 Feb. 1 

Antrum, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Joseph Garwood, Burlington .. 1732 Mar. 27 

Antrum, Margaret, and Howell Davis, Burlington 1761 April 18 

Antrum, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Biddle, Burlington 1728 Oct. 30 

Antrum, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Eldridge, Burlington 1744 Sept. 12 

Anvey, Mary, Salem, and Edward Harvey, Salem 1749 May 1 

Apleu, Mary, Gloucester, and Noah Harris, Cumberland 1761 July 23 

Appleby, Mary, and Jonathan Duel, Trenton 1779 April 28 

Applegat, Hannes, Middletown, and Jonas Solomon, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 27 

Applegat, Sarah, Monmouth, and Richard Francis, Monmouth 1766 July 3 

Applegate, Betheney, and William Throp, Upper Freehold 1773 Mar. 26 

Applegate, Catherine, Monmouth, and Levy Hart, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 9 

Applegate, Elizabeth, and William Hutchinson, Middlesex ...1767 Jan. 3 

Applegate, Hannah, Perth Amboy, and George Watwood, Perth Arab. . 1745 Mar. 25 

Applegate, Hannah, Middlesex, and Henry Johnston, Middlesex 1760 June 12 

Applegate, Jemimah, Burlington; and Isaac Morris, Burlington 1759 April 14 

Applegate, Joanna, Middlesex, and John Feavil, Monmouth .1737 Mar. 11 

Applegate, Mary, and John Thomson, Middletown 1746-7 Mar. 2 

Applegate, Rebecca, Middletown, and Samuel Bray, Middletown 1753 Oct. 2 

Applegate, Rebekah, Monmouth, and John Tilton, Monmonth 1744 Aug. 14 

Applegate, Sarah, Burlington, and Isaac Boulton, Burlington 1745 July 15 

Applegate, Sarah, and Samuel Ivins, Burlington 1779 Jan. 11 

Appleget, Elizabeth, and Isaac Potter, Shrewsbury 1761 Dec. 16 

Appleton, Auu, Burlington, and George Bass, Burlington 1767 Aug. 3 

Appleton, Mary, Burlington, and Samuel Smith, Burlington 1685 Nov. 25 

Applyn, Elizabeth, and Samuel Lippincott, Gloucester 1758 Jan. 7 

Arason, Elizabeth, and Hugh Hunter, Hunterdon 1769 June 3 

Archad, Christian, and William Guest, Gloucester 1735 Feb. 1 

Archer, Mary, Burlington, and Isaac Field, Burlington 1772 April 10 

Arey, Mary, Burlington, and James Fagens, Burlington 1769 Dec. 23 

Arey, Rachel, and Restore Morton, Burlington 1779 Nov. 2 

Arison, Hannah, Burlington, and Cornwell Woolston, Burlington. . . 1762 Apriltoi 

Arison, Mary, Burlington, and Job Atkinson, Burlington 1761 Sept. 21 

Arison, Sarah, Burlington, and James Atkinson, Burlington 1756 May 11 

Arkley, Catharine, and John Thompson, Bucks Co., Pa 1778 April 24 

Arnal, Mary, Egg Harbor, and William Carney 1750 May 3 

Arnal, Mary, Gt. Egg Harbour, and Jonas Addams, Gt. Egg Harbour 1750 May 3 

Arned, Elizabeth, and Daniel West, Burliugton 1736 June 5 

Arnel, Arney, and John Linuing, Burlington 1777 Nov. 12 

Arnell, Elizabeth, Burlington, and James Pearson, Burlington 1767 Feb. 9 

Arney, Mary, and Samuel Lippincott, Burlington 1737 Oct. 20 

Arney, Mary, Burlington, and John Linnington, Philadelphia 1766 Mar. 13 

Arnold, Betsy, Burlington, and Jacob Force, Burlington 1781 April 27 



Arnold, Martha, and Nicholas Foster, Burlington 1778 Nov. 18 

Arnold, Phebe, Morristown, and Jonas Phillips, Morristown.. 1786 Dec. 18 

Arnold, Rebecca, Burlington, and Andrew Conerow, Burlington 1727 Mar. 29 

Armitage, Sarah, and Benjamin Van Kirk, Hunterdon 1769 Nov. 23 

Armour, Sarah, and Samuel Peterson, Cape May 1775 July 5 

Armstrong. Agnes, Hunterdon, and William Little, Hunterdon 1770 July 5 

Armstrong, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Craddock, Monmouth. . . 1719 Oct. 30 

Armstrong, Hannah, and Alexander Linn, Sussex 1779 April 17 

Armstrong, Mary, Sussex, and Robert Beavers, Sussex 1773 May 3 

Armstrong, Mary, and Jesse Haines, Burlington 1783 Aug. 2 

Armstrong, Sarah, Essex, and John O’harah, Somerset 1752 Oct. 13 

Artepe, Sarah, Somerset, aud Vincent Dye, Eastern Division 1746 Sept. 1 

Arvin, Elizabeth, Middlesex, aud John Stewart, Somerset. 1753 Nov. 5 

Arvine, Hannah, Staten Island, aud John Lee, Middlesex 1741 July 21 

Ash, Mary, Burlington, and John West, Burlington 1728 Oct. 19 

Ashbrook, Hannah, Gloucester, aud Jeremiah Chew, Gloucester 1745 Oct. 22 

Ashbrook, Mary, Gloucester, and Benjamin Cheesman, Jr., Gloucester. 1753 June 13 

Ashbrook, Haunah, Gloucester, aud James Gibson, Gloucester 1768 Jan. 8 

Ashburn, Elizabeth, and Joseph Newton, Burlington 1775 Nov. 29 

Ashburne, Sarah, Jr., Bucks Co., Pa., aud John Thornton, Bucks Co., Pa. 1756 Oct. 28 

Ashbury, Hannah, aud Alexander Smith, Salem 1687 Aug. 8 

Asheton, Susanna, Philadelphia, and , Philadelphia 1740 Dec. 14 

Ashfield, Isabella, Monmouth, and Samuel Hunt, West Chester, N. Y..1749 Nov. 27 

Ashlee, Anne, and Richard Cook, Hunterdon 1783 May 13 

Ashmore, Elizabeth, and Hugh Smith, Nottingham 1778 June 9 

Ashmore, Hannah, New Jersey, aud William Gifford, New Jersey 1727 May 8 

Ashton, Aun, Salem, aud John Breding, Salem ... 1764 Dec. 12 

Ashton, Coziah, and Thomas Starkey 1761 May 23 

Ashton, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Joseph Taylor, Monmouth 1743 May 12 

Ashton, Elizabeth, Burlington, aud William Hill, Burlington 1749 Sept. 9 

Ashton, Elizabeth, Backs Co., Pa., aud William Shallcross, Bucks Co. ,Pa. 1764 Dec. 4 

Ashton, Hanuah, aud David Newburn, Bucks Co. , Pa 1733 Dec. 4 

Ashton, Hannah, Hunterdon, and Thomas Burrowes, Hunterdon 1772 Feb. 18 

Ashton, Jemima, and John Harris, Burlington 1750 April 25 

Ashton, Lidia, and John Horner, Monmouth 1773 Jan. 20 

Ashton, Margaret, Salem, and El well Moore, Salem 1765 April 9 

Ashtou, Mary, Philadelphia, aud Benjamin Wood, Gloucester 1727 Mar. 30 

Ashton, Mary, Monmouth, aud William Willson, Burlington 1730 Aug. 29 

Ashton, Sarah, Monmouth, and Daniel Stillwell, Monmouth 1741 Nov. 7 

Aslrtorf, Sarah, and Thomas Potts, New Hanover.. . . 1777 Nov. 20 

Ashton, Susannah, Middletown, and Gabriel Vanhorn, Middletown. . .1767 Nov. 17 

Asson, Hannah, Monmouth, aud Joseph Morris, Burlington 1741 Aug. 21 

Asson, Mercy, aud William Clevenger, Burlington 1750 Aug. 17 

Atan, Judith, aud Joseph Moorhead, Hunterdon 1770 April 6 

Aten, Yaunetie, Somerset, and Rike V. D. Bilt, Middlesex 1749 July 26 

Atkinson. Abigail, aud Isaac Pierson, Burlington 1773 Dec. 25 


Atkinson, Ann, and Rickard Jennings, Salem 1734 April 18 

Atkinson, Anna, Burlington, and William Shaw, Burlington 1713 Nov. 1G 

Atkinson, Anne, Burlington, and John Scott, Burlington 17-54 April 29 

Atkinson, Christian, Burlington, and Ezekiab Willson, Burlington . . 1727 Feb. 1 
Atkinson, Elizabeth, Burlington, and George Farrell, Burlington. ... 1766 Sept. 23 
Atkinson, Hannah, Burlington, and Hugh Coppertkwaite, Burlington 1737 April 19 

Atkinson, Hannah, Essex, and Benjamin Kelsey, Essex 1741 July 1 

Atkinson, Hannah, Hunterdon, and Joseph Hankiuson, Hunterdon . 1770 April 3 
Atkinson, Hester, Northampton, and Joseph Rogers, Northampton .. . 1783 Aug, 25 

Atkinson, Hope, Burlington, and Zebedee Robbins, Burlington 1766 Oct. 23 

Atkinson, Hope, and Nathan Folwell, Burlington. . . 1785 Feb. 4 

Atkinson, Lydia, Burlington, and John Lavenner, Burlington 1729 Aug. 20 

Atkinson. Lydia, Burlington, and Chris Kale, Burlington 1767 Mar. 5 

Atkinson, Mary, and James Smith, Burlington .1756 Jan. 17 

Atkinson, Mary, and Job Deacon, Burlington 1784 Mar. 14 

Atkinson, Sarah, Burlington, and William Hariis, Burlington 1731 Jan. 5 

Atkinson, Sarah, and Samuel Asay, Burlington 1779 Aug. 3 

Atkinson, Sarah, and Samuel Mullen, Burlington. 1784 May 13 

Atkinson, Sibilla, Northampton, and Samuel Parker, Northampton. . .1772 April 15 
Atkinson, Susanna, Evesham, and William Ridgents, Northampton. . . 1776 Jan. 5 

Attmore, Susannah, and William Clark, Jr., Gloucester 1763 Mar. 28 

Attwood, Susannah, Gloucester, and Edmond Lord, Gloucester 1736 Dec. 5 

Aumack, Garcha, Shrewsbury, and John Sutphen, Freehold 1757 Mir. 28 

Aumerman, Anne, and Christopher Herder, Somerset. 1779 Aug. 17 

Austin, Abigail, Burlington, and Samuel Downs, Burlington. 1783 Nov. 24 

Austin, Ann, Burlington, and William Walker, Gloucester 1773 Sept. 20 

Austin, Esther, and John Wright, Northampton 1772 July 23 

Austin, Esther, and Isaac Barber, Burlington 1773 Sept. 24 

Austin, Hannah, Burlington, and William Sharp, Burlington 1735 May 5 

Austin, Hannah, Evesham, and Thomas Talman, Evesham 1763 Aug 18 

Austin, Hannah, Burlington, and Jacob Austin, Burlington 1764 Sept. 20 

Austin, Hannah, and Thomas Buzby, Burlington. 1795 Mar. 2 

Austin, Jane, and Thomas Shinn, Evesham . . 1782 April 15 

Austin, Martha, Burlington, and John Hughston, Gloucester 1740 Nov. 1 

Austin, Marthew, and John Reeves, Cumberland. ... 1777 Nov. 19 

Austin, Mary, Evesham, and -John Somers, Evesham .. 1761 April 1 

Austin, Patience, Burlington, and John Mott, Burlington 1771 Sept. 15 

Austin, Rebecca, Evesham, and John Sharp, Evesham 1782 April 23 

Austin, Sarah, Burlington, and Jacob Haines, Burlington. ... 1770 April 5 

Austin, Susannah, and Enoch Sharp, Evesham 1783 Jtfn. 4 

Austin, Tamar, Chester, and Benjamin Sharp, Chester 1773 Jan. 11 

Austin, Yesti, Burlington, and John Rogers, Burlington 1754 Aug. 6 

Austin, Zilpa, Evesham, and Levi Prickett, Evesham 1775 Feb. 27 

Auten, Tyne, and William Wilson, Somerset 1781 Sept. 3 

Autrurman, Alitia, and John Degrave, Middlesex 1779 May 23 

Aves, Sarah, and Isaac Farra, Philadelphia 1759 Jan. 6 



Ayars, Darkis, Cumberland, and David Randolph, Cumberland 1775 Nov. 8 

Ayars, Rachel, Alloways Creek, and Daniel Rumsey, Piles Grove 1772 April 1 

Ayeres, Zeruiah, and Joshua Ayars, Salem 1764 Mar. 13 

Ayeres, Esther, and William Guest, Jr., Gloucester 1771 Nov. 19 

Ayers, Hume, Middlesex, and Peter Knap, Middlesex 1743 Feb. 15 

Ayers, Johanna, Woodbridge, and William Tappen, Woodbridge 1762 Jan. 26 

Ayers, Mary, Woodbridge, and George Herriot, Woodbridge 1750 Dec. 24 

Ayers, Mary, New York, and John Parry, Sussex .. 1778 Nov. 26 

Ayers, Rachel, Middlesex, and Mulford Martin, Middlesex 1741 Jan. 23 

Ayres, Anne, Middlesex, and John Dunn, Middlesex 1764 Jan. 11 

Ayres, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and Thomas Martin, Middlesex 1762 Feb. 15 

Ayres, Esther, Somerset, and Joseph Prudden, Morris 1770 Nov. 26 


Babbit, Daniel, Morris, and Sarah Beach, Morris 1779 May 26 

Babcock, George W., Gloucester, and Elizabeth Roe 1784 Oct. 13 

Babcock, Nathaniel, Burlington, and Levina Bishop, Burlington 1760 Nov. 12 

Babcock, Simeon, Monmouth, and Jane Greggory, Monmouth 1757 Aug. 20 

Bachman, John, Hunterdon, and Ketrina Pickel 1775 Aug. 30 

Bacon, Amos, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Mills, Cumberland 1769 Nov. 22 

Bacon, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Mary Davis ...1775 April 18 

Bacon, David, Cumberland, and Sarah Barker 1786 Mar. 7 

Bacon, Edmond, Cumberland, and Mary Eldredge, Cape May 1766 Mar. 28 

Bacon, Isaac, Cumberland, and Mary Sayre, Cumberland 1764 Feb. 29 

Bacon, Jeremiah, Monmouth, and Eunice Culver, Monmouth 1762 Nov. 6 

Bacon, Jeremiah, Jr., Cumberland, and Rachel Shepherd 1757 April 10 

Bacon, Jesse, Salem, and Sarah Pairpoint 1773 Oct. 20 

Bacon, John, Salem, and Elizabeth Smith, Salem ....1688 Oct. 17 

Bacon, Joseph, Salem, and Elizabeth Pancost, Salem 1693 Aug. 11 

Bacon, Phillip, Cumberland, and Sarah Ward, Cumberland 1768 Mar. 1 

Bacon, Richard, Cumberland, and Martha Devine, Salem 1774 Feb. 24 

Bacon, Richard, Cumberland, and Rebecca Marshall ...1779 Dec. 1 

Bacon, Samuel, Cumberland, and Mary Fitzgerald, Cumberland 1767 April 2 

Badcock, Gideon, Gloucester, and Rebekah Townsend 1768 Aug. 23 

Badcock, Gideon, Gloucester, and Pheby May 1772 Nov. 14 

Badcock, Gideon, Gloucester, and Margaret Bright, Philadelphia 1773 Feb. 23 

Badcock, John, Gloucester, and Rebecca Somers, Gloucester 1750 Aug. 11 

Badcock, John, Cape May, and Abiah Badcock 1778 Nov. 16 

Badcock, Joseph, Cape May, and Phebe Mackey 1780 Feb. 1 

Badcock, Return, Cape May, and Abigail Cresse 1733 Feb. 22 

Baester, Rrbert, Burlington, and Mary Doren, Burlington 1774 July 23 

Baggley, Charles, Burlington, and Elizabeth Stevens, Burlington . . . 1682 May 27 

Baggs, Isaac, Burlington, and Sarah Lanning, Burlington 1763 Aug. 13 

Bailey, Elias, and Mary Garretson, Middletown 17-59 Feb. 8 

Bailey, James, Philadelphia, and Sarah Marsh, Perth Amboy 1759 May 12 

Bailey, John, Burlington, and Rachel Harris .... 1759 Aug. 31 


Bailey, Joseph, Monmouth, and Mary Walling 1771 Jan. 5 

Bailie, Henry, Hunterdon, and Isabella Reading 1767 Dec. 8 

Bailler, Michael, Hunterdon, and Mary Bunyan 1771 Jan. 19 

Bain, Samuel, Gloucester, and Sarah Gerrard, Gloucester 1739 May 26 

Bainbridge, John, Hunterdon, and Sarah Daughty, Somerset 1710 Jan. 21 

Bainbridge, John, Hunterdon, and Frances Philips 1715 Sept. 18 

Bainbridge, William, Hunterdon, and Hannah Hunt 1777 May 21 

Baird, Andrew, Monmouth, and Sarah Heldridge, Monmouth 1762 Oct. 27 

Baird, David, Monmouth, and Sarah Compton, Monmouth 1711 Oct. 27 

Baird, John, Somerset, and Catharine Deboise 1779 Mar. 6 

Baird, Samuel, Monmouth, and Susannah Rogers, Monmouth 1762 Aug. 6 

Baird, William, Somerset, and Margaret O’harah, Somerset 1751 Oct. 11 

Baird, William, Morris, and Margaret Riley, Monmouth 1758 Dec. 1 

Baird, Zebulon, Monmouth, and Lidy Hildreth, Monmouth .1765 April 11 

Baites, Will, Gloucester, and Rebecca Tomlinson, Burlington 1711 Aug. 6 

Bake, John, Hunterdon, and Ellenor Slaught, Hunterdon 1772 Dec. 15 

Baker, Henry, Bucks, Pa., and Patience Rose, Hunterdon 1761 April 13 

Baker, Jacob, Salem, and Elizabeth Lippincott 1785 Oct. 18 

Baker, John, and Mary Peachee.. 1696 Nov. 16 

Baker, John, Middlesex, and Ann Swim, Middlesex 1736 Nov. 1 

Baker, John, Burlington, and Barbara Sheydecker, Burlington 1712 Mar. 7 

Baker, John, Cape May, and Elizabeth Scull, Cape May. 1760 Jan. 9 

Baker, John, Burlington, and Hannah Price 1779 Feb. 10 

Baker, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Martha Clarke, Burlington 1717 Nov. 30 

Baker, Joseph, Burlington, and Rachel Kimble, Burlington 1751 Oct. 17 

Baker, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Getty Bullman ... 1785 Aug. 13 

Baker, Michael, Burlington, and Rebecca Middleton, Burlington. .. 1758 May 22 

Baker, Michael, Burlington, and Leah Bishop 1768 Dec. 17 

Baker, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Hazelton, Burlington, 1719 Oct. 5 

Baker, Timothy, Hunterdon, and Jemima Nox, Somerset 1761 Sept. 19 

Baker, William, Monmouth, and Mary Borden, Monmouth 1731 Nov. 27 

Baker, William, Burlington, and Catharine Corken, Burlington 1739 Oct. 3 

Baldwin, Caleb, Essex, and Jemima Taylor, Essex 1717-8 Jan. 19 

Baldwin, David, Hunterdon, and Martha Cornel, Hunterdon 1775 May 30 

Baldwin, James, Bucks, Pa., and Catharine Gaththius, Bucks, Pa . ..1751 June 21 

Baldwin, John, Middlesex, and Cornelia Thomson, Middlesex 1761 Nov. 30 

Baldwin, Matthias, Elizabeth, and Mary Ross, Elizabeth 1716 May 12 

Baldwin, Jonas, Middlesex, and Mary Fitzrandolph, Middlesex 1763 Oct. 18 

Bale, John, Burlington, and Sarah Roads .- 1711 Feb. 12 

Ball, John, Chester, Pa., and Sarah Thomas, Philadelphia 1717 April 22 

Ballaugy, Ewy, Cape May, Susanna English.. . 1738 April 18 

Ballinger, John, Burlington, and Sarah Jones, Burlington 1781 Feb. 9 

Ballinger, Jonathan, Cumberland, and Rachel Conner, Cumberland. . . 1769 Dec. 26 

Ballinger, Joseph, Gloucester, and Sarah Cheesman, Gloucester 1760 Nov. 8 

Ballinger, Joshua, Burlington, and Rebecca Moore 1788 Nov. 17 

Ballinger, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Coffin, Burlington 1712 Nov. 3 


Ballman, Gersham, Monmouth, and Mary Ann Browne, Monmouth. . .1761 Nov. 9 

Bancroft, David, Cape May, and Abigail Stiles, Cape May 1752 Nov. 6 

Bancroft, Ephraim, Cape May, and Sarah Mathew, Cape May 1760 Dec. 20 

Bancroft, Elisha, Cape May, and Susannah Hughes, Cape May 1773 April 7 

Bancroft, Miller, Cape May, and Jane Hand 1787 Oct. 1 

Bancroft, Ephraim, Cape May, and Elizabeth Crowell, Cape May 1763 June 8 

Banks, James, Jr., Newark, and Catherine Johuson, Newark 1758 Oct. 17 

Banks, John, Gloucester, and Deborah Castle 1779 July 13 

Banks, Joseph, Salem, and Susannah Barber, Salem 1762 Nov. 24 

Bankson, Andrew, Philadelphia, and Mary Webb, Philadelphia 1731 Dec. 17 

Bankson, Andrew, and Elizabeth Ford 1778 Feb. 24 

Banta, Abraham, Bergen, and Geertye Ryerson 1782 Dec. 26 

Banta, Abraham, Bergen, and Hilletye Van Sise 1786 Sept. 8 

Banta, Aury, Bergen, and Altje Van Bushkirk, Bergen 1773 July 17 

Banta, Cornelius J., Bergen, and Hentsje Outwater, Bergen 1763 Nov. 26 

Banta, Hendrick, Bergen, and Elizabeth Lake, Long Island 1769 Aug. 2 

Banta, Hendrick, Bergen, and Margaret Dedricks, Bergen 178i July 1 

Banta, Jacob, Bergen, Aaltje Dedricks, Bergen 1773 Jan. 3 

Banta, Jacob, and Catherine Lambert 1788 Jan. 22 

Banta, Jacob C., Bergen, and Weyntie Zabriskie 1788 Oct. 10 

Banta, Jacob, Bergen, and Hester Hopper 1789 April 17 

Banta, John Hendrick, Bergen, and Cornelia Helm 1769 April 12 

Banta, John, Bergen, and Rachael Van Horn 1781 Mar. 26 

Banta, Sieba, Bergen, and Rachel Loots, Bergen 1763 Dec. 15 

Banta, Thomas, Bergen, and Gertrude Terhune 1766 Sept. 5 

Banto, Jacob, Bergen, and Claushey Van Wiucle, Bergen 1754 Sept. 26 

Barbar. Nathaniel, Hunterdon, and Anne Walton 1784 Dec. 15 

Barber, Daniel, Gloucester, and Margaret Hampton, Gloucester 1738 Dec. 8 

Barber, Elijah, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hoppman, Salem 1772 April 13 

Barber, George, Bucks, Pa., and Martha Blackshoe, Bucks, Pa 1729 July 29 

Barber, Isaac, Burlington, and Esther Austin 1773 Sept. 24 

Barber, James, Bucks, Pa., and Rebecca Morford, Bucks, Pa, 1770 May 22 

Barber, Joseph, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Morford 1772 July 24 

Barber, Samuel, Salem, and Barbara Hugins, Salem 1764 May 16 

Barber, Thomas, Salem, and Hannah Jennings 1770 Feb. 16 

Barber, William, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Parmer 1766 July 21 

Barbur, James, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Mitchell, Pennsylvania. . 1728 Sept. 16 

Barculow, David, Monmouth, and Rebecca Polhemus 1779 June 24 

Barclay, David, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Walker, Monmouth 1749 Mar. 3 

Barclay, John, Balkenridge, and Catherine Crawford, Elizabeth Town. 1749 April 6 

Barclay, Samuel, Hunterdon, and Auue Reid, Freehold 1750 April 9 

Bard, Dr. John (license), and Susannah Valeau 1741 Feb. 5 

Bard, Dr. .John (bond), Philadelphia, and Susanna Valleau, Phila . . . . 1741 May 29 

Barger, Benjamin, Philadelphia, and Rebecca Sprogle 1732 Mar. 17 

Bargue, James, Morris, and Hester Berry, Morris 1744 May 12 

Barkalow, Dirrick, Monmouth, and Ann Baird 1772 Jan. 28 



Barkelow, Daniel, Middlesex, and Mary Miller, Middlesex 1752 Aug. 11 

Barker, Isaac, Cumberland, and Phebe Tomlinson 1778 May 19 

Barker, John, Cumberland, and Abigail Scott, Cumberland. 1770 Eeb. 20 

Barker, Richard, Monmouth, and Charity Hadden, Monmouth. .... 1742 July 0 

Barker, Richard, Cumberland, and Mary Scott 1782 Jan. 30 

Barker, Wade, Cumberland, and Hannah Sayre 1768 Aug. 18 

Barker, Wade, and Phebe Shepherd 1774 Sept. 21 

Barker, Wade, Cumberland, and Hannah Sears, Salem .... 1779 Feb. 23 

Barker, William, Salem, and Elizabeth Gregory, Salem 1739 Jan. 7 

Barker, William, Cumberland, and Hannah Fithiau, Cumberland . . 1766 April 10 

Barnes, John, Burlington, and Catherine Ebert. 1781 Dec. 17 

Barnes, Levi, Cumberland, and Sarah Cleves, Cumberland 17o0 May 20 

Barnes, Samuel, Salem, and Sarah Hollinshead 1738 May 20 

Barnes, Thomas, Jr., Burlington, and Sarah Watson 1732 June 10 

Barnes, William, Hunterdon, and Catharine Cock, Hunterdon 1742 Feb. 11 

Barnes, William, Burlington, and Martha Bromley, Burlington 1682 Feb. 13 

Barnet, John, Burlington, and Mary Conaro 1788 Mar. 20 

Barnet, Joseph, Elizabeth Town, and Sarah Rolph, Elizabeth Town 1751 June 6 

Barnhart, Jacob, Burlington, and Mary Eslon, Burlington 1773 Jan. 30 

Barns, John, Cumberland, and Rebecca Haynes, Cumberland 1759 Jan. 25 

Barns, Jonathan, Cumberland, and Damaris Garrison, Cumberland. .. 1762 Mar. 24 

Barrett, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Downes 1767 Jan. 7 

Barricklo, Hendrick, Middlesex, and Leonora Davie 1771 Jan. 25 

Barris, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Barbara Siler, Bucks, Pa 1740 April 10 

Barron Samuel, Woodbridge, and Johanna Campton, Woodbridge.. .. 1749 Jan. 16 

Barry, David, Monmouth, and Willimpe Truax, Monmouth 1774 Sept. 17 

Barry, Richard, Perth Amboy, and Hannah Runyon, Perth Amboy ..1751 Nov. 12 

Barry, Thomas, Perth Amboy, and Anne Crayton, Perth Amboy. . . . 1750 Aug. 15 

Bartholf, John, Bergen, and Lydia Lydecker 1787 Sept. 8 

Bartholf, Yelles, Bergen, and Sarah Zabriskie 1779 Aug. 6 

Bartholomew, Benjamin, Burlington, and Mary Murrell 1777 Dec. 10 

Bartleson, William, Salem, and Mary Peterson 1773 June 15 

Bartlett, Joseph, Monmouth, and Phebe Havens, Monmouth 17 7 Oct. 12 

Bartlett, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Gifford 1766 April 5 

Bartlett, Nathan, Monmouth, and Mary Willis 1778 Dec. 2 

Bartley, Richard, Monmouth, and Hannah Horseman, Monmouth . . 1744 July 13 

Barton, Andrew, Somerset, and Mary S wage, Somerset 1771 June 18 

Barton, John, Hunterdon, and Sarah Pettet, Hunterdon 1775 Nov. 25 

Barton, Stephen, Somerset, and Rachel Stout, Somerset 1747 Dec. 22 

Bartrom, John, Bergen, and Angenitje Bsem 1762 April 9 

Bartson, John, Cape May, and Rhoda Gaudy, Cape May 1763 Nov. 30 

Basley, John, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Watson 1783 April 7 

Bass, George, Burlington, and Ann Appleton, Burlington 1767 Aug. 3 

Bass, Thomas, Middlesex, and Mary Lawrence, Middlesex 1761 Sept. 14 

Bass, William, Northampton, and Rebecca Ewan, Northampton 1784 April 13 

Bassett, Jeremiah, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Simpson 1782 May 30 



Bassett, Elijah, Salem, and Agnes Rea, Salem 1770 Nov. 19 

Bate, Joseph, Gloucester, and Judith Alberson, Gloucester 1768 Mar. 14 

Bate, Thomas, Gloucester, and Mary Shivers, Gloucester 1732 Mar. 6 

Bateman, Amos, Cumberland, and Jane Mechesney 1779 Oct. 15 

Bateman, Daniel, Cumberland, and Amey Bryant 1779 Sept. 28 

Bateman, John, Salem, and Sarah Luptin 1746 Aug. 21 

Bateman, John, Cumberland, and Judith Hand, Cape May. ........ 1771 July 27 

Bateman, William, Cumberland, and Victorinia Saunders 1780 Aug. 15 

Bates, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Sarah Hugg, Gloucester 1766 Dec. 24 

Bates, Beujamiu, Gloucester, and Mary Thackery 1777 Sept. 6 

Bates, Benjamin, Burlington, and Sarah Hammell 1777 Oct. 5 

Bates, Daniel, Gloucester, and Sarah Higbie, Burlington 1746 April 4 

Bates, Daniel, Gloucester, and Tamzen Williams 1784 April 20 

Bates, Ephraim, Monmouth, and Zelpha Chamberlain, Monmouth. ... 1755 May 30 

Bates, John, Burlington, and Sarah Collins, Gloucester 1747 Sept. 19 

Bates, John, Burlington, and Abigail Stratton, Burlington 1782 Mar. 20 

Bates, John, Gloucester, and Laitetia Hillman 1783 Mar. 29 

Bates, Richard, Freehold, and Agnes Thompson 1745 Nov. 7 

Bates, Samuel, Gloucester, and Eleanor Davis 1781 Nov. 12 

Bates, Thomas, Gloucester, and Mary Clemmer 1746 April 16 

Batlin, Francis, Gloucester, and Anne Chrisman, Gloucester 1730 Dec. 7 

Batten, Francis, Gloucester, and Deborah Hofrnan, Salem 1763 Dec. 22 

Batten, John, Gloucester, and Ann Scott, Burlington 1766 Mar. 23 

Batten, Richard, Gloucester, and Eleanor Hoffman 1763 Dec. 15 

Bavis, John, Burlington, and Abigail Norcross 1777 Oct. 3 

Baxter, Charles, Sussex, and Ann Westbrook, Sussex 1755 May 11 

Baxter, John, and Elizabeth Collier . . .1778 Sept. 7 

Baxter, Samuel, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Burk, Gloucester 1780 May 25 

Bayles, Samuel, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Wilson 1779 Nov. 13 

Bayley, John, Middlesex, and Susannah Burtis, Middlesex 1747 Mar. 30 

Baynton, Peter, Burlington, and Mary Carpenter, Burlington 1739 Jan. 8 

Beach, Isaac, Morris, and Mary Bigalo, Morris ... 1768 Sept. 14 

Beach, Israel, Essex, and Mary Pool 1781 Nov. 3 

Beach, John, Morris, and Sarah Chivers 1776 Mar. 2 

Beach, Joseph, and Catherine Ogden 1779 Nov. 15 

Beadle, Benajah, Middletown, and Sarah Orchard, Middletown 1750 July 21 

Beagle, Silas, Staten Island, and Phebe Wood 1743 Nov. 26 

Beakley, William, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Alberson, Gloucester . . 1768 July 18 

Beal, Alexander, Gloucester, and Esther Butterworth 1746 Dec. 11 

Beal, Jacob, Hunterdon, and Sarah Barbar 1784 Mar. 18 

Beam, Anthony, Bergen, aud Catherine Bush 1783 Jan. 27 

Beam, Anthony C., Bergen, and Vrautye Demarest 1788 Feb. 5 

Beam, Jacobus, Bergen, and Adriange Hopper.. . . 1790 Oct. 16 

Beans, Thomas, Bucks, Pa , and Jane Sands, Salem 1739 April 9 

Beard, Zebulon, Monmouth, and Anne Smith, Monmouth 1749 Feb. 1 

Beasley, John, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth George, Philadelphia 1738 Mar. 24 

22 new Jersey colonial documents. 

Beaty, Charles, Bucks, Pa., and Ann Reading, Hunterdon 1746 June 13 

Beaumont, Hammond, and Elizabeth Trotter 1768 Nov. 17 

Beavers, George, Hunterdon, and Sarah Lanning 

Beavers, Robert, Sussex, and Mary Armstrong, Sussex 1773 May 3 

Bechtolde, John Vaite, Burlington, and Rachel Taylor, Burlington.. . .1742 Oct. 4 

Beck, Aaron, Burlington, and Hope Shinn, Burlington 1774 July 11 

Beck, George, Burlington, and Mary Griffith, Burlington 1750 Nov. 2 

Beck, John, Burlington, and Deborah Wood, Burlington 1747 Feb. 22 

Beck, John, Burlington, and Polly Ferris, Burlington 1780 June 20 

Beck, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Scattergood 1779 April 24 

Beck, Raworth, Burlington, and Hannah Gibbs, Burlington 1743 April 8 

Beck, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth McGallard 1777 Aug. 22 

Beckett, John, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Jolly, Bucks, Pa 1732 July 17 

Becstolzseimer, George, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Weyerly 1769 Aug. 19 

Becstolzseimer, George, Amwell, and Margaret Spence 1772 Oct. 27 

Beech, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Jane Smout, Philadelphia. 1732 May 27 

Beekman, Abraham, Hunterdon, and Ann Guest 1745 June 14 

Beekman, Adrian, Middlesex, and Mary Brunson, Somerset ...1740 Jan. 5 

Beekman, Charles, Jr., New York, and Catherine Brown, Somerset. .. 1742 Mar. 12 

Beekman, Christopher, Middlesex, and Sarah Cox, Middlesex 1741 Nov. 12 

Beekman, James, New York, and Sarah Lefferts 1775 May 30 

Beekman, Samuel, New York, and Jane Van Horn, Bergen 1761 May 22 

Beers, Nathan, Middletown, and Sarah Warne, Perth Amboy 1749 Nov. 25 

Beesley, John, Jr., Salem, and Hannah Beesley, Salem. ... 1776 April 2 

Beesley, Morris, Salem, and Mary Whetherton 1755 Feb. 20 

Beesley, Joseph, Burlington, and Susannah Crosby, Burlington 1766 Nov. 20 

Belange, Joshua, Cape May, and Mary Champion, Gloucester 1751 April 15 

Belangey, Newlass, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Morris 1777 Dec. 6 

Belcher, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Woolston 1754 May 31 

Bell, James, and Michael Johnson 1783 Jan. 11 

Bell, James, Gloucester, and Rachel Rudnow 1784 May 3 

Bell, Johannes, Orange, N. Y., and Margaret Remsen, Orange, N. Y..1761 Aug. 15 

Bell, John, Bucks, Pa., and Priscilla Dyer 1732 Sept. 22 

Bell, John, Hunterdon, and Sarah Hunt 1769 May 5 

Bell, Thomas, Shrewsbury, and Deborah Roberts, Middletown Point .. 1759 May 14 

Bellanger, William, Burlington, and Dorothy Stockton 1781 Mar. 20 

Bellenger, Thomas, Burlington, and Brazilla Carson 1768 May 28 

Belles, Joseph, Gloucester, and Susannah Fish, Gloucester 1741 Jan. 11 

Beilis, Adam, Hunterdon, and Anna Sutphin 1778 July 18 

Bellton, Jonathan, Gloucester, and Mary Champion, Gloucester 1728 April 19 

Bellville, Nicholas, New Jersey, and Anne Brittan 1780 Jan. 10 

Belton, Hezekiah, Salem, and Sarah Bassall 1756 June 3 

Benam, Peter, Middlesex, and Hannah Clayton, Monmouth 1759 April 2 

Benam, Peter, Freehold, and Catherine Wesel, Freehold 1761 Feb. 24 

Beney, James, Cape May, and Priscila Eldridge, Cape May 1751 April 12 

Benjamin, Herrick, Morris, and Mary Stout, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 6 



Bennet, Abraham, Cape May, aud Levice Stevens 1759 Nov. G 

Bennet, Abraham, Gloucester, and Mercy Bates 1782 Nov. 23 

Bennet, David, Cumberland, aud Dillilah Thompson 1780 April 12 

Bennet, Edward, Monmouth, and Auna Bolesberry, Monmouth 17G7 Oct. 27 

Bennet, Frederick, Monmouth, and Nely Colwells, Monmouth 1762 Jan. 12 

Bennet, Garret, Monmouth, and Mary Tilton, Monmouth 17G0 Sept. 10 

Bennet, Henry, Burlington, and Abigail Borden, Burlington 1774 Jan. 29 

Bennet, Jacob, Monmouth, and Uphame Davis, Monmouth 17G4 Aug. 10 

Bennet, James, Burlington, and Susannah Danally, Burlington 1770 Nov. 21 

Bennet, James, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Yoorhies 1779 June 22 

Bennet, Jeremiah, Monmouth, and Anne Randolph 1780 Sept. 26 

Bennet, John, Burlington, and Mary Kindel, Burlington 1741 June 8 

Bennet, John, Monmouth, and Sarah Smock, Monmouth 1749 Jan. 16 

Bennet, John, Monmouth, and Aultie Covenhoven, Monmouth 1761 Aug. 10 

Bennet, John, Bristol, Pa., and Lydia Carr 1778 Dec. 16 

Bennet, John, Hunterdon, and Abigail Furman 1779 Sept. 6 

Bennet, John, Jr., Somerset, and Jane Van Middleswarth 1783 Jan. 25 

Bennet, Joseph, Burlington, and Martha Rogers 1764 Mar. 21 

Bennet, Joshua, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Smith 1768 Mar. 28 

Bennet, Michael, Burlington, and Charity Fitz Randolph, Burlington.. 1774 Nov. 14 

Bennet, Samuel, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Reeves 1783 Mar. 8 

Bennet, William, Monmouth, and Sarah Curtis, Monmouth 1746 Jan. 29 

Bennet, William, Cape May, and Hannah Hand 1752 Sept. 8 

Bennet, William, South Amboy, and Catherine Warne, South Amboy. . 1760 July 24 

Bennet, William, Monmouth, aud Margaret Perce, Monmouth 1763 July 29 

Bennett, Jeremiah, Burlington, and Rebecca Brown 1746 Jan. 27 

Bennett, John, Burlington, and Sarah Gaskell, Burlington 1772 May 30 

Bennett, Thomas, Jr., and Jamima Duffy 1778 Jan. 14 

Bennit, William, Middletown, and Margaret Smith ... 1751 Dec. 10 

Benuit, William, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Vanmater, Monmouth. ... 1766 Nov. 7 

Benson, James, Cumberland, and Abigail Wkitecar, Cumberland.. .. 1774 May 13 

Benson, William, Hunterdon, and Mary Price 1778 Aug. 20 

Berdan, Jacob D., Bergen, and Catherine Bilyer 1783 Jan. 10 

Berdan, Jacob, Bergen, and Elizabeth Post 1788 Nov. 18 

Berdan, John I., Bergen, and Mary Degray 1792 June 20 

Bergen, George, Somerset, and Maritie Probasco, Somerset 1744 Sept. 10 

Bergen, James, Somerset, and Mary Voorhies 1779 May 15 

Bergen, Simon, Long Island, and Gasha Dehart, Middletown 1767 May 16 

Berkinshew, Thomas, Burlington, and Margaret Bliss 1738 Nov. 11 

Berrien, John, and Margaret Eatton 1759 Aug. 16 

Berry, Henry, Morris, and Susaunah Alyea 1785 Sept. 17 

Berry, James, Hunterdon, and Mary Kelly, Hunterdon 1773 July 19 

Berry, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Lefletveau 1734 Nov. 27 

Berry, John, Bergen, and Phebe Van der Beck, Bergen 1753 Mar. 13 

Berry, Joseph, Gloucester, and Catherine DeGraw, Bergen 1772 Nov. 25 

Berry, Paul, Sussex, and Sarah Clawson, Morris 1769 Nov. 14 

24 new jersey Colonial documents. 

Berry, Peter, Morris, and Susannah Jones 1751 June 15 

Berry, Philip, Bergen, and Helen Degraw 1743 Nov. 2 

Berry, Phillip, Bergen, Catherine Van Winkle, Essex 1761 April 15 

Berry, Samuel, Morris, and Catherine Berry, Morris 1749 Oct. 39 

Berry, Sidney, Hunterdon, and Catherine Waldron 1768 Oct. 10 

Berry, Thomas, Somerset, and Jane Hernolt, Woodbridge 1758 Feb. 8 

Berry, William, Salem, and Rebecca Thompson 1768 May 27 

Berryman, John, Springfield, and Margaret Mariolt 1749 July 3 

Bertholf, Jacob, Bergen, and Leah Dobbs 1786 Jan. 14 

Beschever, John, Morris, and Mary Robertson, Monmouth 1784 May 4 

Bessonet, John, Bucks, Pa., and Joyce Bramsford, Bucks, Pa 1765 Dec. 21 

Best, Cornelius, Hunterdon, and Jane Garrabrant 1784 Dec. 15 

Beton, Daniel, Middlesex, and Nelly Bordman 1752 May 10 

Betts, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Fort . . 1763 Jan. 23 

Bevan, Charles, Philadelphia, and Mary Kemble, Burlington 1772 July 9 

Bevan, George, Trenton, and Ann Cleayton 1763 Feb. 3 

Bevan, William, Cumberland, and Alisa Moon 1781 Mar. 27 

Bevis, Denmore, Little Egg Harbor, and Bloomey Garrish 1784 Feb. 21 

Bevis, George, Burlington, and Mary Sooy 1771 Jan. 6 

Bevis, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Draper, Burlington 1737 Nov. 18 

Bevis, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth Brackney, Burlington 1741 June 24 

Bevy, John, Burlington, and Prudence Andrews.... 1764 Feb. 6 

Bibb, Thomas, and Ruth Kettle 1693 July 20 

Bibby, Richard, Burlington, and Mary Radford, Burlington 1730 May 11 

Bibby, Robert, Philadelphia, and Bridget Jackson, Philadelphia 1730 June 11 

Bice, Dennis Van Den, Middlesex, and Ann Sebring 1765 Nov. 26 

Bickerton, Benjamin, Gloucester - , and Sarah Kimble 1778 Dec. 4 

Bickerton, George, and Rachel Kimble ... 1780 Jan. 29 

Bickham, Caleb, Gloucester, and Rachel Scull, Gloucester.. 1762 Jan. 1 

Bickham, John, Burlington, and Deriah Jolley, Burlington 1761 Aug. 5 

Bickle, Coonrad, Hunterdon, and Anna Sharpenstein, Hunterdon 1752 April 11 

Bickley, William, Burlington, and Mary Willis.. 1734 July 18 

Biddle, Arney, and Abigail Ogden 1754 Jan. 3 

Biddle, Joel, Bordentown, and Mary Walling, Middletown 1748 Jan. 4 

Biddle, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Rogers, Burlington 1745 Jan. 6 

Biddle, Joseph, Jr., Burlington, and Sarah Shreve, Burlington 1763 Nov. 7 

Biddle, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Antrum, Burlington 1728 Oct. 30 

Bidgood, William, Burlington, and Esther Burroughs 1733 Feb. 5 

Biggerlee, John, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Hotchson 1755 Jan. 16 

Biggins, John, Burlington, and Rachel McVay 1765 June 28 

Biggs, George, Hunterdon, and Jane Bartson, Hunterdon 1773 Sept. 24 

Biglow, Samuel, Burlington, and Eleanor Conrow, Burlington 1767 July 28 

Bilderback, Albert, Salem, and Sarah Bartleson, Salem 1762 Sept. 15 

Bilderback, Charles, Salem, Sarah Vickery, Salem 1764 Sept. 4 

Bilderback, Isaac, Salem, and Rebecca Vickery 1772 Mar. 26 

Bilderback, Isaac, Salem, and Lydia Wright 1784 Mar. 24 


Bilderback, Jonathan, Salem, and Ann Sullivan, Salem 1771 Sept. 30 

Bilderback, Peter, Salem, and Catherina Gill 1756 April 15 

Bilderback, Peter. Salem, and Mary Murphy, Salem 1761 Dec. 17 

Biles, Charles, Pennsylvania, and Maria Baker, Pennsylvania 1728 July 28 

Biles, John, Huuterdou, and Elizabeth Carpenter, Hunterdon. 1738 Oct. 13 

Biles, Stephen, Hunterdon, and Keziah Hunt, Huuterdou 1737 Mar. 7 

Biles, William, Hunterdon, and Mary Opdike 1768 Nov. 25 

Biles, William, and Sarah Mott 1780 Oct. 4 

Billings, Joshua, Cape May, and Prudence Cresse 1787 Jan. 10 

Billings, William, Cape May, and Charity Ingram, Cape May .. ....1736 Feb. 19 

Billings, William, Cape May, and Rhoda Hand 1763 Feb. 20 

Bills, Daniel, Monmouth, and Deborah Denman, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 7 

Bills, Gersham, Monmouth, and Margaret Chamberlin, Monmouth.. .. 1755 April 7 

Bills, Richard, Monmouth, and Hannah Rennals, Monmouth 1753 Sept. 4 

Bills, Silvanus, Monmouth, and Bachel Lippincott, Monmouth 1744 June 9 

Bills, Sylvester, Bucks, Pa., and Elenor Blackwell 1782 Aug. 12 

Bim, John, Burlington, and Mary Sile, Burlington 1763 Sept. 12 

Binar, Isaac, Cape May, and Lydia Corson, Cape May 1740 June 20 

Binge, Jacob, Hunterdon, and Hetchel Smith, Hunterdon 1728 April 9 

Binge, William, Hunterdon, and Sarah Drake 1780 Jan. 27 

Birch, Jeremiah, Gloucester, and Mary Jones .... 1736 April 20 

Birdsal, Uriah, Burlington, and Elizabeth Webb, Burlington 1767 Oct. 29 

Bishop, Barzilla, Burlington, and Ann Jess, Burlington.. 1776 Sept. 2 

Bishop, Daniel, Cumberland, and Rhoda Platts, Cumberland. . . . v . . . .1762 Feb. 9 

Bishop, David, Hunterdon, and Ann Schenck, Hunterdon 1775 Oct. 16 

Bishop, Ever, Burlington, and Mary Crispin, Burlington 1782 Feb. 23 

Bishop, Isaiah, Gloucester, and Rebecca Burr 1782 Aug. 29 

Bishop, James, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Shotwell, Middlesex 1748 June 11 

Bishop, John, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Meade, Bucks, Pa 1737 Jan. 31 

Bishop, John, Burlington, and Rebecca Matlock, Burlington 1737 Oct. 22 

Bishop, John, Woodbridge, and Mary Marsh, Elizabeth Town 1747 Sept. 5 

Bishop, John, Gloucester, and Mary Hubbs 1778 Nov. 30 

Bishop, John, Burlington, and Mary Stockton... 1783 Nov. 24 

Bishop, Joseph, Burlington, and Aune Reeves, Burlington 1754 May 28 

Bishop, Joseph, Cumberland, and Anna Harris 1757 Mar. 3 

Bishop, Joseph, Cumberland, and Priscilla Loyd, Salem 1761 April 21 

Bishop, Joshua, Burlington, and Martha Lanning 1739 Jan. 29 

Bishop, Joshua, New Hanover, and Sarah Eslow 1780 Feb. 26 

Bishop, Noah, Burlington, and Thankful Bennet. Burlington 1772 Nov. 3 

Bishop, Peter, Burlington, and Ann Wetherill, Burlington 1731 Sept. 15 

Bishop, Breston, Cumberland, and Ester Woodruff, Cumberland 1761 May 19 

Bishop, Robert, Burlington, and Mary Hall 1727 Aug. 19 

Bishop, Robert, Burlington, and Jane Hanes 1759 Jan. 18 

Bishop, Robert W., Burlington, and Lucy Ridgeway 1793 Jan. 3 

Bishop, Thomas, Burlington, and Elipha Prickett, Burlington 1733 Dec. 20 

Bishop, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Lanning, Burlington 1739 Aug. 1 


Bishop, Thomas. Burlington, and Sarah Garwood 1754 Mar. 5 

Bishop, Thomas, Burlington, and Lucretia Furnace 1779 May 18 

•Bishop, Timothy, Burlington, and Sophia Brock, Burlington 1761 Mar. 13 

Bishop, William, Burlington, and Mary Indicott, Burlington 1729 Nov. 13 

Bishop, William, Burlington, and Ann Richards 1734 Sept. 9 

Bishopp, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Smith, Burlington 1730 Dec. 29 

Bispham, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Hope Fortune 1783 Feb. 6 

Bispham, John, Burlington, and Margaret Reynolds, Burlington 1754 Sept. 16 

Bispham, John, Gloucester, and Hannah Foster 1785 July 27 

Bispham, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Anderson 1787 Oct. 8 

Bispham, Samuel, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Bispham, Burlington. . 1781 Aug. 21 

Bispham, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Hinchman, Gloucester 1754 Feb. 18 

Bispham, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Haines 1784 Sept. 21 

Bisset, Andrew, Perth Amboy, and Anne Jolly, Perth Amboy 1758 Mar. 11 

Bisset, John, New Jersey, and Jane Delap, New Jersey 1742 July 24 

Bittle, William, Salem, and Rebecca Hoffman 1781 April 11 

Black, Hugh, Sussex, and Elizabeth Flatt, Sussex 1773 Aug. 23 

Black, Jacob, Monmouth, and Jannet Lippincott, Monmouth 1742 Dec. 9 

Black, John, Philadelphia, and Amye Borden, Bordentown 1746 Sept. 3 

Black, John, Burlington, and Mary Lippincott, Burlington 1770 Sept. 22 

Black, John, Burlington, aud Lydia Newbold 1784 Feb. 10 

Black, William, Burlington, and Mary Gibbs, Burlington 1754 Aug. 14 

Blackham, Josiah, Burlington, and Elizabeth Stoakes, Burlington 1729 Feb. 1 

Blacklege, Thomas, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Randall 1730 April 15 

Blackman, David, Gloucester, and Mary Clark 1769 April 10 

Blackmore, George, Burlington, and Mary Merrit, Burlington 1728 July 26 

Blackwell, Elijah, Hunterdon, and Martha Lanniug 1781 Mar. 20 

Blackwell, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Mary Brewer, Monmouth 1764 Dec. 4 

Blackwood, John, Salem, and Hannah Stretch, Salem 1778 April 28 

Blackwood, Joseph, Salem, and Rebecca Moss, Salem 1770 Aug. 27 

Blaen, Hendrick, Somerset, and Catalintie Lineson, New York 1748 June 1 

Blain, James, Perth Amboy, and Hannah Dennison, New Brunswick. . 1748 Jan. 28 

Blair, Abraham, Burlington, and Elizabeth Leech 1781 May 22 

Blair, David, Essex, and Beeltye Freeland 1783 Mar. 17 

Blair, James, and Eophram Colbraeth 1760 Mar. 7 

Blair, Robert, Burlington, and Ann Walker 1780 Nov. 4 

Blake, William, Monmouth, and Rhode Smith, Monmouth 1769 July 17 

Blake, Thomas, Burlington, and Anne 1728 July 29 

Blakeman, Andrew, Gloucester, and Mary Allen, Gloucester 1733 July 25 

Blakeney, William, Bergen, and Mary Moore, Bergen 1771 Mar. 2 

Bland, James, and Elleanor Obriau 1760 Dec. 13 

Blauvelt, David, New York, and Rachel Ackerson, New York 1765 Oct. 32 

Blauvelt, Jacobus, Bergen, and Catrina Smit 1763 Oct. 1 

Blauvelt, Johannis, Bergen, and Fammetie Vander Beck, Bergen 1773 July 26 

Blauvelt, John, Bergen, and Jannetye Alyee 1783 Mar. 6 

Blauvelt, Joseph, Bergen, and Johanna Demorest, Bergen 1769 April 29 

marriage licenses. 27 

Blauvelt, Richard, Bergen, and Sally Van Dalsen 1781 April 7 

Bleuchfill, James, Morris, and Margaret Ferver, Morris 1774 June 8 

Bligli, Patrick, 26th Regt. Foot, and Abigail Seolse, 26th Regt. Foot.. 17(58 Mar. 25 

BINs, George, Bordentown, and Susannah Preston, Mansfield 1751 June 26 

Blizard, John, Jr., Cumberland, and Susannah Taylor, Cumberland. . .1776 June 4 

Blond, Gabriel, Burlington, and Susanna Yard, Burlington 1739 April 18 

Bloodgood, Aaron, Middlesex, and Abigail Carman, Middlesex 1763 Mar. 31 

Bloodgood, Francis, Middlesex, and Margaret Buckelow, Middlesex. .. 1764 Dec. 15 
Bloodgood, Gach, Woodbridge, and Susannah Shippey, Woodbridge. . 1755 Nov. 15 

Bloom, Abram, Hunterdon, and Mary Pickle 1780 Sept. 20 

Bloomer, John George, Salem, and Catherine Ullrich \ ..1771 May 21 

Bloomfield, Ezekiel, Middlesex, and Margaret Forster, Middlesex ....1744 Oct. 18 
Bloomfield, Jeremiah, Burlington, and Elizabeth Cowan, Burlington. . 1773 June 28 
Bloomfield, Nathaniel, Woodbridge, and Abigail Elston, Woodbridge. 1748-9 Mar. 14 
Bloomfield, Thomas, Woodbridge, and Sarah Morris, Woodbridge , . 1758 Jan. 3 
Bloomfield, Thomas, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Morris, Middlesex. . . 1772 Aug. 4 
Bloomfield, Timothy, Jr., Woodbridge, and Sarah Foord, Woodbridge 1749 May 22 

Bloomfield, William, Woodbridge, and Jane Ross, Woodbridge 1758 Oct. 23 

Blue, Frederick, Somerset, and Elizabeth McNeal 1784 Oct. 7 

Blue, Michael, and Nelly Hollinsett 

Board, Burgin, Somerset, and Mary Robinson, Hopewell ... 1734 April 2 

Board, Cornelius, Bergen, and Annas Board .1785 Aug. 27 

Bockitt, Josiah, and Mary Johnson 1784 Dec. 11 

Bodine, Francis, Middlesex, and Rachel Wilson, Middlesex 1755 Jan. 29 

Bodine, Francis, Burlington, and Mary Rose, Burlington 1768 Mar. 20 

Bodine, Peter, Somerset, and Mary Wartrebe, Somerset 1749 Oct, 5 

Bogart, Peter, Somerset, and Mary Yanmiddleswart 1742 April 26 

Bogart, Roelof, and Jannet Banta 1756 Aug. 19 

Bogart, Stephen, Bergen, and Maritie Hammond, Bergen 1761 July 6 

Bogert, Cornelius, Somerset, and Mary Van Scaick 1742 Jan. 22 

Bogert, Cornelius, Somerset, and Catherine Van Nest, Somerset 1752 Jan. 22 

Bogert, Isaac, Bergen, and Antie Van Horn, Bergen 1761 Feb. 26- 

Bogert, Jacob, Bergen, and Geesie Kipp, Bergen 1771 Aug. 1 

Bogert, Stephen, Bergen, and Geesje Westervelt 1770 Nov. 21 

Bogert, Jost, Bergen, and Mary Zabriskie 1772 Sept. 12 

Boggs, Samuel, Salem, and Rebecca Boggs 1730 Jan. 18 

Boggs, Samuel, Gloucester, and Margaret Holloway, Gloucester 1762 April 21 

Boice, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Jane Campbell 1767 June 5 

Bollinger, Jacob, Gloucester, and Anne Stiner 1784 April 20 

Bolton, Joseph, Burlington, and Rachel Matson, Burlington 1771 Nov. 6 

Bolton, Nehemiah, Bucks, Pa.j and Susanna Orchard, Perth Amboy .. 1754 April 12 

Bomen, George, Burlington, and Mary Thompson 1760 June 9 

Bond, Elijah, Trenton, and Mary Biddle, Trenton 1742 Dec. 13 

Bond, James, Salem, and Sarah Richmond 1758 June 15 

Bond, James, Salem, and Sarah Dickinson, Salem 1768 July 31 

Bond, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Mary Cain 1784 June 15 


Bond, Joshua, Monmouth, and Mary Corlies, Monmouth 1745 June 2 

Bond, Levi, Cumberland, and Rebekah Burr 1782 Jan. 7 

Bond, Richard, Cumberland, and Tamon Howell 1781 Dec. 28 

Bond, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Sarah Weyman 1742 Oct. 31 

Boner, Robert, Salem, and Hannah Peck, Salem 1761 Dec. 23 

Bongart, Johannis, Bergen, and Mary Zebrisco, Bergen 1754 July 8 

Bonham, Jeremiah, Shrewsbury, and Margaret Cock, Shrewsbury. ... 1758 May 24 

Bonham, Samuel, Burlington, and Ruth Bowyer, Philadelphia 1747 May 29 

Bonnel, Aaron, Morris, and Ann Brotherton 1772 April 13 

Bounel, Abraham, Burlington, and Mary Shinn, Burlington 1731 Nov. 23 

Bonnel, Joseph, Monmouth, and Rachel Pittenger, Monmouth 1767 May 9 

Boody, John George, Gloucester, and Lydia Giberson 1773 Jan. 4 

Boon, Thomas, Salem, and Mary Fitz, Salem 1767 Feb. 17 

Booradaile, Arthur, Burlington, and Margery Addams, Burlington. . . 1731 April 27 

Booram, Aaron, Somerset, and Mary Lane, Somerset . 1749 Dec. 4 

Booth, Edward, Maryland, and Hannah Flat 1779 Feb. 28 

Booth, Robert, Trenton, and Agues Braithwaite, Trenton 1772 Nov. 5 

Booz, Peter, Bristol, Pa., and Mary Cooper, Bristol, Pa 1774 May 3 

Borden, Ebenezer, Burlington, and Amy Andrews, Burlington 1748 Oct. 18 

Borden, Francis, Monmouth, and Solos Johnston 1790 Jan. 7 

Borden, Jacob, Burlington, and Margaret Barbiss, Burlington 1775 June 26 

Borden, John, Monmouth, and Lydia Worthley, Monmouth 1767 Jan. 28 

Borden, John, Burlington, and Content Chayton 1783 Jan. 13 

Borden, Jonathan, Monmouth, and Mary Earle, Burlington .1730 Nov. 26 

Borden, Jonathan, Jr., Burlington, and Rebecca Homer, Burlington. . 1743 Sept. 14 

Borden, Jonathan, Gloucester, aud Martha Holme, Gloucester 1754 Mar. 25 

Borden, Jonathan. Burlington, and Lydia Mason 1781 Jan. 4 

Borden, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Beunet, Monmouth 1757 Jan. 25 

Borden, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Baker, Burlington 1762 Feb. 13 

Borden, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Lippincott 1783 Sept. 22 

Borden, Richard, Middletown, and Esther Layton 1747 May 28 

Borden, Richard, Burlington, and Catherine Taylor, Burlington.... 1772 Sept. 21 

Borden, Richard, Burlington, and Catheiine Deberd 1780 Nov. 23 

Borden, Richard, Gloucester, and Sarah Hopper 1788 Dec. 1 

Borden, Thomas, and Mary Coulton, Monmouth 1746 Jan. 29 

Borden, Thomas, Monmouth, and Massey Jackson ... 1751 Nov. 19 

Borden, Thomas, Monmouth, and Hannah Wooly 178U Jan. 12 

Bordine, Nicholas, Somerset, and Ann Webster 1781 Jan. 19 

Borradaille, William, Burlington, and Jerusey Jordon. 1782 Sept. 14 

Borraidell, William, Burlington, and Sarah Rockhill, Burlington 

Borrowe, Crawley, Perth Amboy', and Catherine Weekes, Perth Amb’y . 1754 Aug. 3 

Borton, Abraham, Burlington, and Margery Kirkbride 1764 Sept. 15 

Borton, Jacob, Burlington, and Jemimah French 1790 April 21 

Borton, John, Burlington, and Hester Alcot, Burlington 1754 Sept. 16 

Borton, Joshua, Burlington, and Rachel Boston 1781 Sept. 24 

Borton, William, Burlington, and Martha Owen, Burlington 1760 April 7 


Bosenbark, Abram, Hunterdon, and Anney Vanhorn, Hunterdon 1703 Nov. 4 

Bosser, Christopher, Burlington, and Anne Mason, Burlington 1774 Oct. 29 

Boswick, Francis, Burlington, and Priscilla Pacock, Burlington 1682 Feb. 19 

Botfield, Frederick, and Sarah Delaney 1787 April 12 

Bouker, Michael, Burlington, and Mary Collins 1741 Sept. 9 

Boulton, Henry, Northampton, and Hannah Davis, Northampton 1746 Nov. 3 

Boulton, Isaac, Burlington, and Sarah Applegate, Burlington 1745 July 15 

Boulton, Isaac, Burlington, and Mary Warrick, Burlington 1773 Aug. 6 

Boulton, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Scott, Burlington 1774 Mar. 31 

Boulton, William, Burlington, and Hannah Campbell, Burlington.... 1766 May 28 

Bourdett, Oliver, Bergen, and Catherine Lydecker, Bergen 1769 Feb. 15 

Bourdett, Peter, Bergen, and Rachel Bones, Bergen 1762 June 18 

Bourdett, Samuel, Bergen, and Rebecca Smit, Bergen 1764 Dec. 29 

Bourdett, Stephen, Bergen, and Nelly Bauta, Bergen 1764 Mar. 1 

Bourne, Jonathan, Bucks, Pa., and Susanna Jackson, Bucks, Pa 1734 Dec. 28 

Bouttenhouse, Joseph, Gloucester, and Rachel Buckston 1762 May 3 

Bouynten, Robert, Bergen, and Mary Maloney 177 Jan. 10 

Bovee, Martin, Essex, and Sukey Jones, Bergen 1749 Oct. 16 

Bowden, John, Burlington, and Margaret Shepherd 1789 July 27 

Bowen, Dan, Cumberland, and Sarah Stiles, Cape May J 7 6G Mar. 28 

Bowen, Dan, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Kelsay 1780 Dec. 20 

Bowen, Dan, Cumberland, and Ruth Swinney 1785 April 6 

Bowen, David, Cumberland, and Lucy Shepherd, Cumberland 1763 Sept. 15 

Bowen, David, Cumberland, and Zeruiah Hughes, Cape May 1775 Nov. 11 

Bowen, David, Jr., Cumberland, and Jane Potter /..1788 Dec. 5 

Bowen, Elijah, Cumberland, and Rachel Harris, Cumberland 1771 Feb. 18 

Bowen, James, Hunterdon, and Prudence Yard 1779 Jan. 13 

Bowen, James, Hunterdon, and Mary Biggs 1785 Aug. 24 

Bowen, Jeremiah, Cumberland, and Sarah Slatham, Cumberland 1769 Dec. 20 

Bowen, John, Burlington, and Susanna Britain, Burlington 1774 July 19 

Bowen, Jonathan, Cumberland, and Rebecca Shepperd 1758 Dec. 4 

Bowen, Jonathan, Cumberland, and Rachel Pennington 1760 Nov. 8 

Bowen, Joseph, Cumberland, and Mary Bacon, Cumberland 1761 Dec. 22 

Bowen, Samuel, Cumberland, and Anne Chester, Cumberland 1768 July 11 

Bowen, Samuel, Cumberland, and Rebecca Glaspey, Cumberland 1771 Oct. 30 

Bowen, Seth, and Charity Billins 1778 May 27 

Bowen, Smith, Cumberland, and Mary Hand 1786 Jan. 24 

Bowen, Stephen, Cumberland, and Rhoda Stratton 1786 May 13 

Bower, Edmond, Burlington, and Mary Foster, Burlington 1765 Oct. 22 

Bower, John, Hallafax, and Elizabeth Hoff mire, Middletown 1767 Feb. 25 

Bower, Joseph, Monmouth, and Sarah Mayple 1769 June 15 

Bower, Robert, New York, and Elizabeth Rickey, Somerset 1760 Dec. 2 

Bowers, Ebenezer, Salem, and Prisilla Burrows (?), Salem 1730 May 1 

Bowers, Michael, Cumberland, and Catherine Sleesman 1779 Aug. 3 

Bowes, Francis, Hunterdon, and Anne Anthony, Hunterdon 1728 Nov. 18 

Bowin, George, Salem, and Charity Davis, Salem 1738 Aug. 26 


Bowker, Barzillai, Burlington, and Hester Minyon, Burlington 1774 Mar. 4 

Bowker, Charles, Burlington, and Alice Falks, Burlington 1770 Oct. 5 

Bowker, John, Burlington, and Jemima Mills, Burlington 1738 Aug. 28 

Bowker, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Lame 1784 Jan. 5 

Bowker, Joseph, Burlington, and Grace Garwood, Burlington 1746 May 15 

Bowker, Laban, Burlington, and Rlioda Gaskill, Burlington. 1784 Feb. 24 

Bowker, Levi, Burlington, and Anne Mount, Burlington 1773 Oct. 16 

Bowker, Lot, Burlington, and Ann Glasby, Burlington 1777 May 12 

Bowker, Richard, Burlington, Joanna James 1741 May 13 

Bowker, Richard, Burlington, and Esther Gwin, Burlington. . 1750 Sept. 26 

Bowlby, George, Burlington, and Elizabeth Tonkin, Burlington 1737 Aug. 17 

Bowlby, Thomas, Morris, and Catherine Fitzrandolph 1745 June 10 

Bowlby, Thomas, Morris, and Mary Tuley, Burlington 1749 June 12 

Bowman, Edmond, and Margaret Watson 1781 Sept. 18 

Bowman, George, Hunterdon, and Sarah Jewell, Hunterdon 1768 July 15 

Bowne, Abraham, Bucks, Pa., and Grace Jones, Bucks, Pa. . . 1749 Nov. 1 

Bowne, Andrew, Monmouth, and Mary Barcalow, Monmouth 1765 Oct. 11 

Bowne, Henry, Hunterdon, and Charity Hoff 1784 June 30 

Bowne, James, Middletown, and Elizabeth O. Hartshorne 1743 Aug. 17 

Bowne, John, Monmouth, and Catherine Disberry, Amboy 1752 May 27 

Bowne, John, and Francis Bowman 1692 Dec. 26 

Bowne, Joseph, Monmouth, and Sarah Schanck, Monmouth 1757 June 13 

Bowne, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Anderson 1763 Jan. 18 

Bowne, Obadiah, and Anne Reid, Freehold 1749 Dec. 12 

Bowne, Obadiah, Monmouth, and Susannah Debowe 1770 April 3 

Bowne, Phillip, Burlington, and Mary Taylor, Burlington. ... 1765 Mar. 11 

Bowne, Phillip, Burlington, and Sarah Wilson 1778 Jan. 10 

Bowne, Safety, Monmouth, and Phebe Worden, Monmouth 1743 April 22 

Bowne, Samuel, Middletown, and Mary Layton, Middletown 1751 Nov. 28 

Bowne, Samuel, Monmouth, and Patience Covenover, Monmouth 1754 Sept. 3 

Bowne, Samuel, Monmouth, and Margaret Debowe, Monmouth.. .. 1763 April 16 

Bowne, Thomas, Monmouth, and Helen Read, Monmouth 1747 Dec. 26 

Bowne, William, Monmouth, and Phebe Davis, Monmouth 1755 July 28 

Bowne, William, New York, and Sarah Newbold 1791 May 11 

Bowman, Ichabod, Monmouth, and Lydia Petty, Monmouth 1744 Oct. 18 

Bowye, John, Gloucester, and Mary Nixon 1731 June 19 

Boyce, George, Somerset, and Lena Sydam, Somerset 1751 Nov. 5 

Boyce, Jacob, Middlesex, and Mary Rappleye 1744 Sept. 7 

Boyd, Robert, New York, and Mary Vanderpool, Essex 1753 Feb. 19 

Boyd, William, Somerset, and Esther Par kison 1775 June 27 

Boyd, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Anderson, Burlington 1775 Nov. 8 

Boyer, David, Monmouth, and Margaret Hardin, Monmouth. 1761 Mar. 5 

Boyes, Richard, Burlington, and Mary Dodson, Burlington 1683 Nov. 1 

Boyle, Hugh, New Jersey, and Catherine Sampson 1777 July 14 

Boyle, John, Somerset, and Hannah Frasie, Middlesex 1761 Aug. 7 

Boyle, Joseph, Morris, and Ketrin Cross, Somerset 1776 May 1 



Boylston, Edward, Bergen, ami Catey Boudet 17G3 May 2 

Boys, Elias, Gloucester, and Sarah Shaw, Cumberland 1760 July 14 

Boys, Nathan, Jr., Gloucester, and Mary Reynolds, Gloucester 1763 Oct. 17 

Boyse, John, New Jersey, and Sytie Van Winkle, Somerset 1749 May 27 

Boyse, Leonard, Middlesex, and Mary Suidarn, Somerset 1752 Aug. 22 

Bozorth, Andrew, Burlington, and Mary Bishop, Burlington 1756 May 21 

Bozorth, Zebulon, Burlington, and Margaret Regens, Burlington 1768 April 7 

Bozworth, John, Burlington, and Innocent Borden 1734 July 13 

Bozworth, Samuel, Burlington, and Sarah Symonds, Burlington 1747 July 14 

Brachman, Mathias, Burlington, and Isabella Wair. . 1760 May 9 

Brackney, Joseph, Burlington, and Abigail Borden, Burlington 1657 Feb. 24 

Brackney, Joseph, Burlington, and Rachel Middleton 1782 May 6 

Brackney, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Smith 1787 Mar. 10 

Braddock, Robert, Burlington, and Elizabeth Bates, Burlington 1737 Nov. 24 

Bradford, William, Philadelphia, and Rachel Budd, Burlington 1742 Aug. 18 

Bradhurst, Samuel, and Mary Smith 1778 Dec. 16 

Bradshaw, Samuel, Burlington, and Jane Newell, Burlington 1776 Mar. 26 

Bradway, Aaron, Salem, and Mary Walden, Salem 1742 Oct. 10 

Bradway, Joshua, Salem, and Hannah Wiggins, Salem 1739 Mar. 8 

Biadway, Nathan, Salem, and Deborah Thackerv, Pennsylvania 1771 Dec. 24 

Brady, Hugh, and Hannah Halee 1744 May 28 

Brady, John, Reading Town, and Elizabeth Vanetta, Reading Town. . 1749 Jan. 6 

Braines, John, Hunterdon, and Anne Auderson, Hunterdon 1728 July 30 

Braithwaite, William, Salem, and Ann Worlidge, Salem . . 1702 July 2 

Bralesford, Abrrn, Bristol, Pa., and Frances White, Bristol, Pa 1739 April 19 

Braman, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Drussilla Tomlin, Gloucester. .. . 1768 Feb. 27 

Braman, Jonathan, Burlington, and Anna Starkey 1779 Jan. 11 

Bramar, Robert, Gloucester, and Martha Bright, Gloucester 1741 Jan. 7 

Bramiu, Benjamin, Burlington, and Elizabeth Pointzell, Burlington. . .1741 Sept. 14 
Brand, William, Monmouth, and Deborah Lawrence, Monmouth. ...1767 Feb. 20 

Brandreth, Timothy, Cape May, and Elizabeth Hughes 1776 Dec. 11 

Branin, Michael, Burlington, and Elizabeth Norcross, Springfield 1730 Nov. 24 

Branin, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Tlrooks, Burlington 1771 Oct. 1 

Brannin, Cornelius, Burlington, and Amelia Neven, Burlington 1773 Nov. 30 

Brannin, Luke, Monmouth, and Joice Hance, Monmouth 1762 Oct. 7 

Branson, John, Gloucester, and Abigail Graisbury ....1788 Nov. 18 

Branson, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Edge, New Hanover 1745-6 Mar. 18 

Branson, Moses, Burlington, and Sara Borrodail, Burlington 1766 Dec. 5 

Brant, John, Hunterdon, and Clara Anthony 1779 April 17 

Brasee, Christophel, Somerset, and Jane Vannest, Somerset.. 1748 April 8 

Brass, Elias, Burlington, and Rachel Ony, Burlington 1742 Jan. 24 

Bratt, Aaron, New York, and Petertie Marselis, Bergen 1760 May 21 

Bray, Andrew, Hunterdon, and Cornelia Traphagen 1780 Dec. 3 

Bray, Daniel, Hunterdon, and Mary Woolverton 1772 May 2 

Bray, James, Monmouth, and Catherine Winter, Monmouth 1756 Feb. 23 

Bray, James, Morris, and Mary Fitz Randolph, Middlesex 1771 Oct. 3 



Dray, Samuel, Middletown, and Rebecca Applegate, Middletown 1753 Oct. 2 

Brayley, Benjamin, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Cook, Hunterdon 1732 Mar. 24 

Brayman, Jonathan, Burlington, and Sarah Wilson, Burlington 1742 Nov. 1 

Brayman, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Lyeans 1783 Jan. 14 

Breasley, Samuel, Hunterdon, and Rhoda Mershon 1783 Dec. 8 

Breaser, James, Cumberland, and Sarah Dare 1754 Aug. 22 

B reding, John, Salem, and Ann Ashton, Salem 1764 Dec. 12 

Brees, John, Jr., Somerset, and Hannah Gildersleeves, Morris 1769 Jan. 30 

Brelford, John, Bucks, Pa., and Mary White 1734 April 13 

Brelford, John, Bucks, Pa., and Rebecca Brown 1760 Nov. 13 

Brelsford, John, Bucks, Pa., and Catherine Weaver, Bucks, Pa 1771 April 18 

Brelsford, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., Rebecca White, Bucks, Pa 1742 Sept. 21 

Brewer, Abraham, Bergen, and Catey Funk, Bergen. 1763 April 2 

Brewer, Abraham D., Bergen, and Elizabeth Devoe 1788 Feb. 15 

Brewer, Adam, Monmouth, and Catherine Mitchell, Monmouth 1742 Jan. 12 

Brewer, Adam, Monmouth, and Mary Curtise, Monmouth 1761 Aug. 28 

Brewer, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Mary Lane, Monmouth 1767 Jan. 16 

Brewer, Elazarus, Monmouth, and Frances Morris, Monmouth 1755 June 25 

Brewer, Elias, Burlington, and Rebecca Wickers 1786 Sept. 25 

Brewer, George, Monmouth, and Lidy Clark, Monmouth 1764 Jan. 25 

Brewer, Hendrick, Monmouth, and Abigail Hunt, Monmouth 1763 Nov. 12 

Brewer, John, Monmouth, and Ann Hulse, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 1 

Brewer, John, Hunterdon, and Mary Wickoff 1783 April 5 

Brewer, Lias, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Palmer, Monmouth 1753 Jan. 27 

Brewer, Peter, Somerset, and Margaret Melow, Somerset 1780 Mar. 23 

Brewer, Theodorus, Bergen, and M ary Berry 1790 Sept. 28 

Brewer, William, Monmouth, and Lydia Herbert 1742 May 19 

Brewer, William, Reading Town, and Margaret Van Sickle, Rd’ng T’n. 1748 Sept. 30 

Brewster, Daniel, Cumberland, and Prudence Reeves 1780 April 10 

Brewster, Francis, Cumberland, and Rebecca Peck 1758 Jan. 6 

Breyan, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary White, Burlington 1746 Aug. 16 

Brian, John, Burlington, and Mary Manus 1733 Dec. 6 

Brian, Joseph, Salem, and Martha Vaughn. 1774 Dec. 6 

Brian, Richard, Burlington, and Hannah Crockford, Burlington 1754 Jan. 23 

Brian, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Connaro .1782 Mar. 25 

Briane, Thomas, Gloucester, and Sarah Dunn, Gloucester 1727 Jan. 5 

Briant, Robert, Gloucester, anl Rachel Ware, Gloucester 1758 Dec. 7 

Briarly, John, and Mary Lloyd 1768 Sept. 6 

Brick, Ephriam, Cumberland, and Ruth Gallasby, Cumberland 1764 Mar. 14 

Brick, Ephriam, Monmouth, and Mary Tilton 1765 Sept. 9 

Brick, Joseph, Salem, and Elizabeth Cairle 1736 April 1 

Brick, Joshua, Salem, and Ruth Rumsey, Salem 1737 July 25 

Brick, Joshua, Cumberland, and Lydia Peters, Cumberland 1771 Aug. 5 

Brick, Joshua, Cumberland, and Mary Fithian 1786 Mar. 28 

Brick, William, Salem, and Rachel Elwell, Salem 1731 June 1 

Brick, William, Salem, and Rachel Dare, Cumberland 1768 Jan. 14 





Bright, Thomas, Gloucester, and Ellen Vaneman, Gloucester. 

Brightwell, Benjamin, Burlington, and Diadame Adamg 

Brimley, Thomas, Shrewsbury, and 1 Samh. jj^ogarc} . |£ ^ g.y . 
Brinckerhoff, John, Bergen, and Sally ^mith, Bei^g^|, , 

Brinkerhoff, Cornelius, Bergen, and 

Brinley, Sylvester, Monmouth, and Margaret Woolley, Moumoutl 
Britain Samuel, Staten Island, and 1 lary De Young, New ¥ork. . 

Jannetite Kipp, Bergen . 

Brittan, Abraham, Monmouth, 

Britton, William, Long 







































. 1762 

































, . 1762 







































. . 1751 






. . 1782 






. 1783 

















Brooks, David, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Parker 1778 Dec. 11 

Brooks, Isaac, New Brunswick, and Mary Dotie, New Brunswick 1739 Feb. 27 

Brooks, Isaac, Burlington, and Margaret Parker 1778 Nov. 25 

Brooks, John, Chester, Pa., and Mary Clark, Chester, Pa 1749 May 10 

Brooks, John, Cumberland, and Mary Jenkins 1778 Dec. 15 

Brooks, John, Burlington, and Susannah Garwood, Burliugton 1781 Sept. 7 

Brooks, Jonathan, Cape May, and Mary Kimme 1778 Nov. 16 

Brooks, Joseph, Sussex, and Dorothy Lander alias Palmer 1769 July 24 

Brooks, Oliver, New Jersey, and Anne Wetherel 1791 April 19 

Brooks, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Parker, Burlington ... 1782 Dec. 7 

Brooks, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Ann Knowles, Trenton 1778 May 1 

Brooks, William, Salem, and Isabel Furier 1745 Aug. 27 

Brooks, William, Burlington, and Hannah Guinnell, Burlington 1758 Sept. 26 

Brooks, William, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Hibbs 1782 Oct. 3 

Broom, John, Pennsylvania, and Sarah Isdall, Burlington 1775 June 19 

Broom, Thomas, Bucks, Pa., and Grace Stackhouse, Bucks, Pa 1740 Sept. 23 

Broom, Thomas, Bristol, Pa., and Mary Scattergood. .... 1782 Dec. 30 

Brotherton, William, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Riddle 1776 April 2 

Brower, William, Shrewsbury, and Sarah Allen, Shrewsbury 1751 Mar. 25 

Brown, Abia, Burlington, and Margaret Sharp, Salem . 1765 Mar. 12 

Brown, Abraham, Chesterfield, and Susanna Richardson, Chesterfield. 1749 July 26 

Brown, Abraham, Burliugton, and Jane Ridgway, Burlington 1774 Aug. 22 

Brown, Alexander, Trenton, and Anne Bickham, Burlington 1774 June 8 

Brown, Andrew, Middlesex, and Hannah Reed, Middlesex 1744 April 23 

Brown, Andrew, Monmouth, and Sary Frances, Monmouth 1767 Nov. 24 

Brown, Andrew, Hunterdon, and Mary Burt 1778 Jan. 16 

Brown, Andrew, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Laboyteaur 1783 Mar. 12 

Brown, Arthur, Jr.. Monmouth, and Jane Robertson, Monmouth 1746 Nov. 3 

Brown, Caleb, New York, and Phebe Burge, Middletown 1752 Oct. 18 

Brown, Carlisle, Middlesex, and Ann Williams, Essex 1762 Feb. 16 

Brown, Clayton, Burliugton, and Mary Robins 1749-50 Mar. 8 

Brown, Daniel, Virginia, and Grace Thompson, Alloways Creek 1750 June 26 

Brown, Edward, Burlington, and Anne Wilkinson, Burlington 1750 May 30 

Brown, Elias, Oxford, Pa., and Elizabeth Duugan, Oxford, Pa 1774 Dec. 5 

Brown, Elias, and Mary Spence 1781 Jan. 9 

Brown, Elisha, Philadelphia, and Mary Randolph ,1783 April 12 

Brown, George, Middlesex, and Mary Alston 1745 Aug. 24 

Brown, George, Monmouth, and Margaret Woolley, Monmouth 1755 Oct. 4 

Brown, Henry, and Ann Richardson 1735 Jan. 22 

Brown, Isaac, Philadelphia, and Sarah Harrison, Philadelphia 1737 Oct. 22 

Brown, Isaac, Essex, and Fythe Willis, Essex 1754 June 5 

Brown, Jacob, Monmouth, and Sarah Parker 1777 Oct. 16 

Brown, Jacobus, New York, and Catharine Leasear, New York 1754 Oct. 5 

Brown, James, and Agnes Hay, Woodbridge. 1743 May 25 

Brown, James, Gloucester, and Alice Wood, Gloucester 1754 April 23 

Brown, Japhet, Burlington, and Rachel Brayman, Burlington ..... .1773 Nov. 27 



Brown, Jereraiab, Monmouth, and Rachel Hulit, Monmouth 1756 Oct. 18 

Brown, John, Burlington, and Mary Gordon, Middlesex 1729 July 9 

Brown, John, Monmouth, and Barbery Thomson, Monmouth 1743 Jan. 23 

Brown, John, Burlington, and Margaret Robins, Monmouth 1750 Dec. 4 

Brown, John, Somerset, and Margaret Aikmau, Morris 1753 Jan. 17 

Brown, John, Woodbridge, and Esther Frazee, Elizabeth Town 1754 Aug. 5 

Brown, John, Burlington, and Alice Coward 1759 Feb. 7 

Brown, John, Burlington, and Deborah Olaypoole, Willingborough — 17G6 Oct. 13 

Brown, John, Jr., Essex, and Catherine Devoisuee, Essex 17G7 Feb. 5 

Brown, John, Cumberland, and Hannah Scott, Cumberland 1774 May 4 

Brown, John, Burlington, and Mar 3 r Norcross, Burlington 1775 July 25 

Brown, John, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Patou 1777 Nov. 21 

Brown, John, Burlington, and Mary Page, Burlington 1780 Mar. 27 

Brown, Jonathan, Burlington, and Hannah Bulong, Notingham 1748 April 13 

Brown, Joseph, Burlington, and Anne Higgs 1759 Aug. 14 

Brown, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Tucker 1772 April 15 

Brown, Joseph, Burlington, and Jane Esdel 1786 Mar. 15 

Brown, Mathew, Sussex, and Anne Rankins 1768 June 20 

Brown, Nicholas, Monmouth, aud Grace Jacocks, Monmouth 1741 April 9 

Brown, Peter, Philadelphia, and Priscilla Parrock, Philadelphia 1738 April 7 

Brown, Peter, Middlesex, and Hannah Scoby, Middlesex .....1760 Mar. 26 

Brown, Peter, Gloucester, and Amy Middleton, Gloucester 1767 Nov. 23 

Brown, Preserve, Burlington, and Mary Dawson, Burlington 1742 Nov. 3 

Brown, Robert, Middlesex, and Sarah Evelmau, Monmouth 1745 Jan. 28 

Brown, Robert, Gloucester, and Rachel Denney, Gloucester 1772 Mar. 25 

Brown, Samuel, Somerset, aud Mary Dunham, Somerset .1/62 July 26 

Brown, Samuel, Monmouth, and Ellen Cutler 1762 Aug. 7 

Brown, Samuel, Pennsylvania, and Martha Brelsford, Pennsylvania. . 1768 May 16 

Brown, Solomon, Monmouth, and Mary Craft. 1/62 Dec. 29 

Brown, Thomas, Woodbridge, and Frances Moores 1746 Feb. 12 

Brown, Thomas, Woodbridge, and Mary Hadden, Woodbridge 1754 April 4 

Brown, Thomas, Cumberland, and Batlinithcoth Ogden, widow 1760 April 1/ 

Brown, Thomas, Cumberland, and Martha Peck, Cumberland 1762 Dec. 28 

Brown, Thomas, Cumberland, and Rebecca Fithian 1780 May 29 

Brown, Timothy, Hunterdon, and Desire Freeman, Middlesex 1763 Feb. 23 

Brown, William, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Heddon, Monmouth 1738 Feb. 15 

Brown, William, Monmouth, and Anne Watson, Monmouth 1741 Dec. 12 

Brown, William, Salem, and Sarah Vanneman 1758 Sept. 28 

Brown, William, Middlesex, aud Catherine Jolly, Middlesex 1765 Aug. 7 

Brown, Zabulon, Burlington, and Bathsheba Moll 1759 Jan. 17 

Browne, Caleb, Eastern Division, and Mary Browne, Burlington 1/ >1 Nov. 17 

Browne, James, Burlington, and Sarah Lindon, Burlington 1737 Jan. 25 

Browne, Joseph, Bergen, and Catharine Devinne 1/82 July 4 

Browne, Thomas, Newark, and Sarah Carter 1/ /8 Aug. 21 

Browne, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Burrodail, Burlington.. . . 1758 Mar. 11 
Browning, Edward, Gloucester, and Grace Oldale, Burlington 1/51 July 8 



Browning, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Vandergrift 1782 Oct. 9 

Bruce, James, Middlesex, and Winifred Franklin, Burlington 1768 Sept. 19 

Bruce, John, Monmouth, and Catherine Cook 1747 May 5 

Brumby, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Clark 1777 Dec. 26 

Brundridge, Thomas, Monmouth, and Jemima Wood 1737 Dec. 22 

Brush, Timothy, Jr., Hunterdon, and Catherine Lain, Somerset 1769 Dec. 16 

Bruton, Joseph, Bristol, Pa., and Bridget Kelley, Bristol, Pa 1767 Aug. 30 

Bryan, Aaron, Burlington, and Martha Hopewell 1783 Dec. 26 

Bryan, Benjamin, Burlington, and Nancy Richardson 1780 Oct. 18 

Bryan, Daniel, Philadelphia, and Anne Pugh, Philadelphia 1748 July 25 

Bryan, Haran, Burlington, and Johannah Sikes, Burlington 1751 Aug. 21 

Bryan, Heron, Burlington, and Jane Pratt, Burlington 1758 July 24 

Bryan, Heron, Burlington, and Rebecca Green, Northampton 1761 Nov. 28 

Bryan, Jacob, Burlington, and Mary Ritchie, Allentown 1758 May 26 

Bryan, James, Burlington, and Ann Wilson, Burlington 1741 Oct. 14 

Bryan, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Pancoast, Burlington .1764 Dec. 18 

Bryan, Thomas, Gloucester, and Martha Middleton, Gloucester 1729 Jan. 26 

Bryan, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Cox, Burlington 1730 Nov. 22 

Bryan, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Haines, Burlington .... 1745 July 17 

Bryan, Thomas, Burlington, and Fanny Coxe, Burlington 1760 Dec. 31 

Bryan, William, Monmouth, and Margaret Watson, Monmouth 1750 April 2 

Bryant, Valentine, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Hervy 1784 April 17 

Bryant, John, Gloucester, and Mary Dennis, Gloucester 1739 Aug. 8 

Brynbery, Christian, Salem, and Ann Wright 1777 Aug. 11 

Bryon, John, Monmouth, and Mary Mount, Monmouth 1760 June 7 

Buchanan, Arthur, Lancaster, Pa., and Dorcas Holt, Philadelphia ...1738 July 22 

Buck, Aaron, Shrewsbury, and Margaret Dillon, Shrewsbury 1759 Sept. 28 

Buck, Enos, Cape May, and Elizabeth Crawford, Cape Maj 1773 May 3 

Buck, Ephraim, Cumberland, and Abigail Ogden, Cumberland 1769 Sept. 27 

Buck, Ira, Cape May, and Sarah Hand, Cape May 1760 Jan. 14 

Buck, John, Cumberland, and Lorainia Whitticar 176 1 June 27 

Buck, John, Cape May, and Elizabeth Wheaton 1766 Jan. 25 

Buck, Joseph, Cape May, and Elizabeth Eldridge, Cape May 1759 July 10 

Buck, Joseph, Cumberland, and Ruth Dalen 1779 Mar. 15 

Buck, Lot, Cape May, and Barsheba Foster 1783 May 9 

Buck, Lot, Cape May, and Edmunds,! Cape May 1787 Aug. 15 

Buck, Stephen, Cape May, and Judith Hewet 1780 July 4 

Buck, Thomas, Jr., Cape May, and Judith Edmunds, Cape May 1771 Jan. 9 

Buckalew, David, Pennsylvania, and Pricilla Waslack, Pennsylvania. . 1771 Aug. 7 

Buckalew, Frederick, Perth Amboy, and Mary Rose, Perth Amboy 1750 Feb. 17 

Buckalew, James, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Watson, Middlesex 1747 Dec. 9 

Buckalew, James, Perth Amboy, and Ann Brittau, Perth Amboy 1751 Oct. 15 

Buckalew, John, Amboy, and Isabell Dove, Lower Freehold 1731 Dec. 25 

Buckalew, John, Middlesex, and Hester Praal, Staten Island 1762 April 14 

i The bond is signed Jeremiah Edmunds, 


Buckalew, Obadiah, Middlesex, and Martha Ellison, Middlesex 1746 Feb. 14 

Bnclialew, Peter, Middlesex, and Mary Bears, Middletown 174!) Feb. 2 

Buckalew, Peter, South Amboy, and Catherine Bowne, Middletown. .. 1759 Aug. 20 

Buckerlew, John, Middlesex, and Mary Allen, Middlesex 1745 June 12 

Buckerlew, Peter, Middlesex, and Nautchy Cornell 1784 April 3 

Buckhard, David, Burlington, and Mary McGuire, Burlington .. . -....1749 Oct. 21 

Buckle, Richard, Gloucester, and Sarah Johnson, Gloucester 1729 July 1 

Buckler, Reuben, Sussex, and Elizabeth Haggerty, Sussex 1768 Dec. 17 

Buckley, Richard, Gloucester, and Mary Curtis, Gloucester 1733 July 4 

Budd, David, Burlington, and Catherine Allen, Burlington 1738 Feb. 6 

Budd, Eli, Burlington, and Auue Carman, Burlington 1774 April 2 

Budd, George, Gloucester, and Deborah Jones. . 1780 Feb. 1 

Budd, Isaac, Burlington, and Ruth Woolston, Burlington 1775 Dec. 6 

Budd, John, Burlington, and Hannah King, Burlington 1750 Dec. 31 

Budd, John, Salem, and Rosanna Shivers 1758 Sept. 7 

Budd, John, Burlington, and Hannah Lippincott, Burlington 1764 July 28 

Budd, Jonathan, Burlington, and Ann Saxton 1777 Oct. 15 

Budd, Joseph, Burlington, and Abigail Shinn 1778 Aug. 6 

Budd, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Fox 1781 Oct. 27 

Budd, Levi, Burlington, and Mary Woolston, Burlington 1774 Sept. 1 

Budd, Samuel, Burlington, and Hannah Gile, Northampton 1766 April 14 

Budd, Stacy, Burlington, and Sarah Munrow, Burlington 1763 May 20 

Budd, Thomas, and Jemima Leeds 1735 Jan. 5 

Budd, William, Burlington, and Susanna Coles, Gloucester 1738 Mar. 28 

Budd, William, Burlington, and Lititia Hoff, Burlington 1767 July 18 

Buddell, William, Burlington, and Hannah Clarke, Burlington 1731 Mar. 13 

Budden, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Carter, Burlington 1746 May 10 

Buddin, Joseph, Burlington, and Rebecca Packer, Burlington 1741 Mar. 27 

Bulkeley, Richard, Philadelphia, and Mary Dennis, Philadelphia 1767 Aug. 13 

Bull, Andrew, Salem, and Prudence Morris, Salem 1745 Jan. 24 

Bullman, Joseph, Monmouth, and Mary Bard, Monmouth 1762 Nov. 18 

Bullman, Thomas, Jr., Monmouth, and Mary Crage, Monmouth 1765 Nov. 22 

Bullock, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth Stewart 1767 Feb. 14 

Bullock, Thomas, Burlington, and Acsah Rockhill 1772 Dec. 19 

Bullock, Thomas, Salem, and Susanna Logan, Salem 1763 Feb. 26 

Bullus, Francis, Burlington, and Elizabeth Winnick 1791 Jam 8 

Bullus, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Toy, Burlington 1775 July 29 

Bully, Edward, Salem, and Ann Brooks, Salem 1736 Dec. 3 

Bunn, Jonathan, Hunterdon, and Mary Shinn, Hunterdon 1776 June 3 

Bunn, Reuben, and Rachel Place, Woodbridge 1714 June 18 

Bunn, Thomas, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Griggs, Perth Amboy. . . 1773 Aug. 31 

Bunnel, Moses, Monmouth, and Alice Imlay 1 749 Dec. 12 

Bunnell, Isaac, Perth Amboy, and Grace Fox, Perth Amboy 1763 Dec. 3 

Bunting, Aaron, Burlington, and Ann Stephenson 1770 Feb. 21 

Bunting, Benjamin, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Logan 1758 Dec. 4 

Bunting, Benjamin, Burlington, and Elizabeth Steward 1772 Sept. 8 



Bunting, Daniel, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Clayton 1767 April 29 

Bunting, Daniel, Burlington, and Nancy Lovit 1779 July 12 

Bunting, David, Bucks, Pa., and Martha Houghf 1757 Feb. 24 

Bunting, John, Burlington, and Mary Carter, Burlington 1740 Dec. 16 

Bunting, John, Jr., Burlington, and Patience Tillton 1768 Mar. 4 

Bunting, Jonathan, Bucks, Pa., and Rebecca Johnston, Bucks, 1’a 1772 Jan. 10 

Bunting, Joshua, Burlington, and Amy Nutt 1768 Sept. 23 

Bunting, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Willitts, Monmouth 1739 May 11 

Bunting, Thomas, Burlington and Sarah Harvey, Burlington. 1755 April 17 

Bunting, William, Burlington, and Sarah Terrey, Burlington 1743 Feb. 29 

Bunting, William, Burlington, and Anne Stewart 1779 Nov. 15 

Burch, James, Cumberland, and Sidnea Scott .1789 Feb. 3 

Burch, Jeremiah, Monmouth, and Jane Young. 1768 June 25 

Burck, James, Cumberland, and Sarah Elmer 1785 May 9 

Burdg, David, Middletown, and Patience Woolley, Shrewsbury 1746 Nov. 14 

Burdg, Jonathan, Middletown, and Mary Morris, Middletown 1746 Nov. 14 

Burdg, Richard, Monmouth, and Susannah Wall, Monmouth 1743-4 Mar. 24 

Burdg, William, Monmouth, and Joice Hance, Monmouth 1755 Nov. 28 

Burdge, David, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Davis, Monmouth 1753 Aug. 22 

Burdge, John, Middletown, and Ann Smith, Middletown .1754 Feb. 18 

Burdge, Joseph, Monmouth, and Zelpha Gifford, Monmouth 1765 Jan. 21 

Burdsal, Elijah, Burlington, and Mary Wills, Burlington 1765 June 18 

Burdsall, Jacob, Burlington, and Elizabeth Coles, Burlington 1730 April 4 

Burdsall, Nathan, Monmouth, and Abigail Willess, Monmouth 1752 Dec. 13 

Burdsell, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Cox 1783 Nov. 20 

Burgean, Abraham, New York, and Mary Fox, Perth Amboy 1764 June 13 

Burges, Samuel, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Done, Bucks. Pa ....1764 April 9 

Burgess, Daniel, Bucks, Pa., and Lydia Leysum, Bucks, Pa 1751 June 17 

Burgin, John, Salem, and Margate Steele, Salem 1728 July 31 

Burgin, John, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Abel, Salem 1761 Mar. 2 

Burgin, Joseph, Cumberland, and Sarah Morgan, Perth Amboy 1761 April 13 

Burgin, Joseph, Salem, and Jane Silver, Salem 1691-2 Mar. 23 

Burgin, Reubin, Cumberland, and Deborah Bowen 1787 Nov. 28 

Burgis, Benjamin, Burlington, and Abigail Easslaud, Burlington 1731 Nov. 20 

Burgis, Daniel, Bucks, Pa., and Lydia Scyssum, Bucks, Pa 1751 June 17 

Burk, Alexander, Burlington, and Mary McDonald, Burlington 1765 Feb. 6 

Burk, William, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Gregory, Pennsylvania 1730 Jan. 1 

Burke, John, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Kidd, Bucks, Pa 1732 Nov. 6 

Burke, Ruth, Burlington, and Mary Roe 1776 Jan. 16 

Burne, WTlliam, Burlington, and Mary Robertson, Burlington 1765 Jan. 18 

Burnet, Charles, Middlesex, and Mary Devall, Piscataway 1750 Mar. 13 

Burnet, Peter, and Margaret Edwards, Shrewsbury 1756 Jan. 17 

Burnett, John, Monmouth, and Joyce Irons, Monmouth 1763 July 26 

Burns, David, Cape May, and Sarah Long 1789 July 1 

Burns, James, Cumberland, and Abigail Haze 1778 Dec. 7 

Burns, John, and Mary Cold, Staten Island 1745-6 Mar. 18 



Burns, William, Trenton, and Elizabeth Smith 1733 Sept. 25 

Burnside, James, Burlington, and Mary Hendricks, Burlington 1727 July 19 

Burnsides, James, Burlington, and Mary Seed, Burlington 1729 Oct. 22 

Burr, Aaron, Bergen, and Theodosia Prevost 1782 July 4 

Burr, Henry, Burlington, and Mary Owen, Burlington 1736 Jan. 10 

Burr, Henry, Burlington, and Abigail Bishop 1793 Nov. 14 

Burr, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Davidson, Burlington 1738 Sept. 4 

Burr, Joseph, Jr., Northampton, and Mary Mullen, Northampton 1749 May 15 

Burr, Robert, Burlington, and Christiana Gregory, Burlington 1770 Sept. 25 

Burrough, Isaac, Gloucester, and Rebecca Nicholson, Gloucester 1767 Oct. 2 

Burrough, Isaac, Waterford, and Abigail Marshall 1771 July 12 

Burrough, Jacob, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Gill 1775 Mar. 6 

Burrough, Thomas, Gloucester, and Rebecca Fish 1777 Sept. 8 

Burroughs, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Hannah Wilkins 1783 Oct. 28 

Burroughs, John, Bucks, Pa., and Lydia Baker 1746 April 8 

Burroughs, William, Backs, Pa., and Mary Wright, Bucks, Pa 1763 Sept. 9 

Burrow, John, Perth Amboy, and Mary Webb, Perth Amboy 1743 Feb. 20 

Burrowes, Stephen, Hunterdon, and Charity Mullady 1771 Mar. 4 

Burrowes, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Hannah Ashton, Hunterdon 1772 Feb. 18 

Burrows, Edward, Middletown, and Deborah Shepherd, Middletown. . 1750 April 2 

Burrows, Israel, Hunterdon, and Alice Stillwell 1777 Dec. 29 

Burrows, John, Middletown, and Hope Watson, Middletown 1749 Dec. 2 

Burrows, Michael, Burlington, and Mary Carter, Burlington 1764 May 1 

Burrows, Michael, Burlington, and Isabel Jack, Burlington 1784 May 28 

Burrows, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Mercy Moore 1733 Aug. 9 

Burtis, William, Monmouth, and Anne Longstreet 1764 Mar. 15 

Burton, Charles, Chesterfield, and Anne Medcalf, Chesterfield 1731 Sept. 17 

Burton, Jesse, Monmouth, and Catherine Myers, Monmouth 1772 June 2 

Burton, Samuel, Gloucester, and Barbery Steelman ....1777 Dec. 11 

Burwell, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Mary Robins, Hunterdon 1771 Oct. 29 

Busb} 7 , Isaac, Burlington, and Rachel Sharp, Burlington 1743 April 5 

Busby, John, Burlington, and Sarah Ellis, Burlington. ... 1758 May 9 

Bush, George, Easton, Pa., and Mary Van Campen 1786 April 8 

Bush, Oswald, Gloucester, and Christine Strechery 1782 Jan. 25 

Bush, William, Somerset, and Esther Horton ..1777 June 18 

Bushkirk, Joris, Bergen, and Elizabeth Die, Bergen 1748 Mar. 29 

Busson, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Cunningham 1766 Dec. 31 

Bustido, John, New Brunswick, and Katherine Wetherall 1744 Nov. 14 

Bustill, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Tonkan, Burlington 1687 Jan. 3 

Butcher, Aaron, Cumberland, and Mary Ireland, Cumberland 1762 July 23 

Butcher, Aaron, Cumberland, and Phebe Moor 1778 April 2 

Butcher, John, Jr., Burlington, and Mary Ridgway, Burlington 1738 Feb. 23 

Butcher, Jonathan, Bucks, Pa., and Anne Browne, Bucks, Pa 1771 June 6 

Butcher. Samuel, Philadelphia, and Susanna Marple 1736 Aug. 12 

Butcher, Thomas, Bucks, Pa., and Anne Bisnett, Bucks, Pa.. .1765 June 19 

Butler, Abel, Burlington, and Sarah Marett, Burlington 1776 Feb. 14 


Butler, Daniel, Monmouth, and Rachel Borden, Monmouth 1746-6 Feb. 4 

Butler, Henry, Staten Island, and Belitie Johnson, Staten Island 1752 Oct. 30 

Butler, James, Staten Island, and Susannah Johnson 1745 Sept. 12 

Butler, James, and Elizabeth Stull 1749 Sept. 13 

Butler, John, Cape May, and Elizabeth Sommers 1762 Aug. 5 

Butler, John, Burlington, and Susannah Kimpson, Burlington 1767 Oct. 6 

Butler, Thomas, Staten Island, and Mary Coo, Staten Island 

Butler, William, Morris, and Joanna Bruen 1780 Jan. 11 

Butterfield, John, Burlington, and Rebecca Wood, Burlington 1740 July 29 

Butterworth, Benjamin, Burlington, and Anne Ogburn, Burlington.. .. 1729 Sept. 11 

Butterworth, Benjamin, Burlington, and Ann McCarty, Burlington.. .. 1736 Nov. 18 

Butterworth, Benjamin, Burlington, and Sarah Likins, Burlington ...1757 July 26 

Butterworth, John, Gloucester, and Esther Evens, Gloucester 1729 Mar. 10 

Button, Philip, Bucks, Pa., Mary Mason, Bucks, Pa 1739 Oct. 27 

Buxton, James, Burlington, and Hannah Tallman, Burlington 1773 May 20 

Buzby, Daniel, Burlington, and Mary Wells 1784 Aug. 9 

Buzby, Isaac, and Naomi Pevon (?) 1776 Mar. 15 

Buzby, Jabez, Burlington, and Grace Lippincott. .1768 July 17 

Buzby, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Austin 1795 Mar. 2 

Buzby, William, Gloucester, and Sarah Burroughs. 1779 July 21 

Byram, Francis, Cumberland, and Christian Liester, Cumberland 1773 Mar. 19 

Byrne, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Dobson 1778 Mar. 4 

Byrne, Patrick, Burlington, and Mary Ballenger, Burlington 1727 May 5 

Byrne, Patrick, Burlington, and Mary Murrell, Burlington 1741 Aug. 13 


Backhover, Hannah, and James Anderson, Morris 1779 Jan. 24 

Backow, Hanuah, Cape May, and William Camilton, Cape May 1742 Sept. 24 

Backover, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Henry Stevens, Bridgewater.. .. 1779 June 26 

Bacon, Dorcas, and Daniel Eldridge, Cumberland 1789 Jan. 30 

Bacon, Elizabeth, and Benjamin Greese, Salem 1766 Oct. 25 

Bacon, Elizabeth, and Abbit Sayre, Alloways Creek 1780 Oct. 16 

Bacon, Esther, Alloways Creek, and David Stretch, Alloways Creek. . . 1759 July 24 

Bacon, Mary, Cumberland, and Joseph Bowen, Cumberland 1761 Dec. 22 

Bacon, Phebe, and Norton Ludlern, Cumberland 1779 Nov. 8 

Bacon, Prudence, Cumberland, and Micajah Irelan, Cumberland 1776 May 1 

Bacon, Rachel, Greenwich, and Jonathan Walling, Greenwich 1774 Mar. 2 

Bacon, Rachel, and John Howard, Salem 1774 Dec. 5 

Bacon, Rachel, and Jacob Harris, Cumberland.. 1780 Feb. 29 

Bacon, Sarah, Greenwich, and William Waithman, Cumberland 1775 Oct. 11 

Badcock, Abiah, and John Badcock, Cape May 1778 Nov. 16 

Badcock, Abigail, Gt. Egg Harbour, and Daniel Scull, Gt. Egg HarbY.1768 Jan. 5 

Badcock, Lydia, and Christopher Smith, Cape May 1774 Oct. 24 

Badcock, Mary, Cape May, and Peter Corson, Cape May 1761 Jan. 15 

Badcock, Melicent, and Jacob Endicott, Gloucester 1769 Nov. 10 

Badcock, Phebe, and Joseph Corson, Jr 1760 Sept. 22 

marriage Licenses. 41 

Badcock, Rachel, Cape May, and Jacob Richards, Cape May 1751 Sept. 26 

Badcock, Sarah, Gloucester, and Nehemiah Nicholson, Gloucester 1739 June 1 

Bailerjan, Jean, and James Chunn, Hunterdon 1763 Nov. 22 

Baillie, Mary, Alexandria, and John Sherrard, Alexandria 1774 Jan. 18 

Bainbridge, Sarah, Maidenhead, and Theophilns Severns, Trenton. . . . 1738 Nov. 23 

Baird, Ann, and Derrick Barkalow, Monmouth .1772 Jan. 28 

Baird, Eleanor, and Abraham Voorhees, Somerset 1779 Aug. 14 

Baird, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Henry Crusee, East Div. N. J 1755 Dec. 1 

Baird, Phebe, and John Hoagland, Somerset 1780 July 15 

Baird, Rachel, Monmouth, and Daniel Logan, Monmouth 1747 Oct. 24 

Baird, Sarah, and James Tapscott, Upper Freehold 1772 Jan. 28 

Baker, Agnes, Middlesex, and John Tomson, Middlesex 1749 July 17 

Bakehone, Hannah, and James Keer, Hunterdon 1775 Nov. 25 

Baker, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Hugh Hutchin, Burlington 1730 July 6 

Baker, Frederick, Bucks, Pa., and James Shaw, Bucks, Pa 1742 Feb. 7 

Baker, Hannah, Burlington, and William May, Burlington... 1741 Sept. 12 

Baker, Hannah, and John Clevinger, Burlington 1742 Mar. 17 

Baker, Hannah, Burlington, and Patrick Fox, Burlington 1772 June 19 

Baker, Lydia, and John Burroughs, Bucks, Pa 1746 April 8 

Baker, Maria, Pa., and Charles Biler, Pa 1728 July 28 

Baker, Mary, and Caleb Cramner 1760 July 29 

Baker, Mary, Woodbridge, and Charles Wright, Woodbridge 1760 Aug. 21 

Baker, Phebe, Essex, and Henry Vail, Morris 1779 Nov. 15 

Baker, Rachel, Burlington, and William Jewell, Burlington 1763 Dec. 12 

Baker, Sarah, Burlington, and Joseph Borden, Burlington 1762 Feb. 13 

Baker, Sarah, and Stacy IVright, Burlington 1768 June 8 

Baldwin, Elisabeth, and Samuel Titus, Hunterdon 1778 Feb. 13 

Baldwin, Jemima, and Joseph Hoff, Hunterdon 1781 Nov. 21 

Baldwin, Mary, and Cornelius Disosway, Staten Island 1765 Aug. 13 

Ball, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Smith, Burlington . , . 1685 Aug. 30 

Ball, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Aaron Hibbard, Philadelphia 1746 July 18 

Ball, Elizabeth, and Edward Haswell, Perth Amboy 1763 Mar. 31 

Ballenger, Rebecca, Burlington, and Nathan Haines, Burlington 1756 May 21 

Ballenger, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Henry Sparks, Gloucester 1750 Jan. 31 

Ballenger, Elizabeth, and Joseph Austin, Burlington ... . 1782 April 19 

Ballenger, Mary, Burlington, and Patrick Byrne, Burlington 1727 May 5 

Ballenger, Rebecca, and David Price, Evesham 1777 May 23 

Ballenger, Bathsheba, and John Moore, Burlington 1777 May 1 

Ballinger, Charity, Burlington, and Joseph Eayre, Burlington 1767 Sept. 5 

Ballinger, Mary, and William Dickinson, Gloucester 1776 Nov. 6 

Bancraft, Anne, and John Elberson, Cape May 1780 June 22 

Bancraft, Martha, Cape May, and Silas Church, Cape May 1770 Aug. 1 

Banks, Elizabeth, Pa., and Edward Hill, Pa... 1728 Aug. 6 

Banks, Anne, and John Tilt, Mount Holly 1784 Sept. 16 

Bankson, Mary, Philadelphia, and John Clifton, Philadelphia 1740 Sept. 10 

Bankson, Rebecca, Bucks, Pa., and Claus Johnson, Bucks, Pa 1734 Mar. 30 


Bant, Willemyntje, Bergen, and Samuel Demarest, Bergen 1767 July 27 

Banta, Angenietie, and John Eckersen, Bergen 1774 April 2 

Banta, Annatie, Bergen, and Hendrick Haring, Bergen 1763 July 5 

Banta, Cornelia, 1 Hackensack, and Gozer Adrianz, Perth Amboy 1743 June 11 

Banta, Hannah, Bergen, and John Aldington, Bergen 1770 Dec. 13 

Banta, Hannah, and Richard Vreelandt, Hackensack 1783 Dec. 1 

Banta, Hester, Hackensack, and Joseph Prinn, Hackensack 1750 Aug. 8 

Banta, Jan net, and Roelof Bogart 1756 Aug. 19 

Banta, Jenne, and Jacob J. Westervelt, Bergen 1768 Oct. 13 

Banta, Margaret, Bergen, and David Ackerman, Bergen 1749 Mar. 31 

Banta, Mary, and Isaac N. Kipp, Bergen .... 1779 Nov. 22 

Banta, Nelly, Bergen, and Stephen Bourdett, Bergen 1764 Mar. 1 

Banta, Wijntie, Bergen, and Samuel Durye, Bergen, 1744 Aug. 2 

Banta, Vrowtje, Hackensack, and Jacobus Van Buskirk, Hackensack. .1765 Oct. 24 

Barbar, Sarah, and Jacob Beal, Hunterdon 1784 Mar. 18 

Barbary, Mary, Hunterdon, and Gershom Lambert, Hunterdon 1776 Jan. 15 

Barber, Ann, Sussex, and David Philips, Sussex 1770 July 12 

Barber, Elinor, and Owen Gilman, Salem 1731 Jan. 18 

Barber, Keziab, and James Shepherd, Cumberland 1778 Sept. 23 

Barber, Margaret, Hunterdon, and Isaiah Hudnutt, Hunterdon 1774 Aug. 27 

Barber, Mary, Bucks Co., Pa., and Edmund Sands, Bucks Co., Pa. . .1770 April 5 

Barber, Mary, and John Garrison, Jr., Hunterdon 1780 Mar. 29 

Barber, Sarah, Perth Amboy, and Samuel Ellison, Perth Amboy 1750 Jan. 17 

Barber, Sarah, and Joseph Shut e, Gloucester 1776 Jan. 25 

Barber, Susannah, Salem, and Joseph Banks, Salem 1762 Nov. 24 

Barberice, Susannah, and John Johnston, Jr., Middlesex 1767 Feb. 16 

Barbiss, Margaret, Burlington, and Jacob Borden, Burlington 1775 June 26 

Barcalow, Helena, Freehold, and Isaac Voorhees, Freehold 1754 May 29 

Barcalow, Mary, Monmouth, and Andrew Bowne, Monmouth 1765 Oct. 11 

Barclay, Anne, Perth Amboy, and John Craig, Freehold 1749 Nov. 21 

Bancroft, Elizabeth, Pa., and Charles Morgan, Pa 1727 Sept. 25 

Bard, Mary, Monmouth, and Joseph Bullman, Monmouth 1762 Nov. 18 

Bard, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Hunloke, Burlington 1771 April 8 

Bargin, Matilda, and Luke Covenhoven, Middlesex 1774 Nov. 12 

Barenhof, Anne, and Peter Ward, Burlington 1763 Dec. 14 

Barhyt, Margaret, Somerset, and Joseph Rose, New Jersey 1749 Jan. 10 

Barkelow, Jane, Freehold, and Isaac Sutphen, Freehold 1753 Sept. 24 

Barker, Elizabeth, and Latin Ware, Cumberland. 1782 July 30 

Barker, Hannah, Cumberland, and David Mulford, Cumberland 1771 Dec. 19 

Barker, Mary, Cumberland, and Lewis Mulford, Cumberland 1773 Oct. 4 

Barker, Sarah, and David Bacon, Cumberland 1786 Mar. 7 

Barkley, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Andrew Hunter, Somerset 1779 April 18 

Barkolo, Jane, Monmouth, and Derrick Conine, Monmouth. . . 1762 Aug. 2 

Barlow, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Michael Hinshaw, Cape May 1769 Jan. 30 

1 Cornelia Pie terse DeGroot, widow of Jacob Banta, of Hackensack. 



Barlow, Mary, Cape May, and Joseph Field, Cape May 1765 April 19 

Barncraft, Thankful, and Robert Edmunds, Cape May 1781 Feb. 27 

Barnes, Ann, and Arthur Micklevane, Gloucester 1772 Dec. 2 

Barnes, Deborah, Woodbridge, and Abraham Johnson, Woodbridge. . .1765 April 3 

Barnes, Elizabeth, Freehold, and Samuel Rogers, Freehold 1763 Oct. 7 

Barnes, Sarah, Amwell, and Jacob Snider, Amwell ... 1771 Oct. 3 

Barnwell, Jane, Middlesex, and William Carnogh, Perth Amboy 1744 Aug. 2 

Baron, Mary, Woodbridge, and Jonathan Clawson, Woodbridge 1760 May 27 

Barrass, Ruth, Bucks, Pa., and Henry Cherry, Bucks, Pa 1731 Oct. 20 

Barratt, Edith, and Reuben Newcomb, Fairfield 1779 June 9 

Barrett, Sarah, and Richard Webster, Trenton 1778 April 18 

Barris, Margaret, Bucks, Pa., and John English, Burlington 1744 Sept. 10 

Barrit, Esther, Gloucester, and John Little, Cape May 1769 Aug. 29 

Barrit, Marcy, Gloucester, and Joseph Gee, Gloucester 1762 April 22 

Barrot, Rebeckah, Cumberland, and Ephraim Sheppard, Cumberland.. 1778 April 3 

Barry, Alice, Burlington, and James Moon, Burlington 1744 June 18 

Barry, Mary, Burlington, and Alexander Ferguson, Burlington 1757 April 18 

Bartholf, Annatje, Bergen, and Jacob Van Winkle, Bergen 1769 June 2 

Barthney, Elizabeth, Middletown, and Abraham Vengalden, Mid’t’n . . 1759 Jan. 8 

Barthson, Sarah, Salem, and John Linnsbury, Salem 1761 Nov. 18 

Barthson, Sarah, Salem, and Albert Bilderback, Salem 1792 Sept. 15 

Barton, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Thomas Down., Gloucester. ...... 1761 Jan. 29 

Barton, Euphen, Monmouth, and Benjamin Lawrence, Monmouth. ... 1779 May 25 

Barton, Martha, Middlesex, and William Rives, Middlesex 1739 July 17 

Barton, Mary, Somerset, and William Carson, Somerset 1743 Dec. 8 

Barton, Rebecca, Amwell, and Benjamin Runyon, Amwell 1764 Jan. 21 

Barton, Susannah, Middlesex, and Zebulon Morford, Middlesex 1746 Jan. 12 

Barton, Cisley, and Benjamin Alliger, Redington 1780 Mar. 23 

Barton, Jane, Hunterdon, and George Biggs, Hunterdon 1773 Sept. 24 

Barton, Margaret, and Thomas Lee, Sussex 1781 Oct. 10 

Barwis, Rebecca, and Thomas Race, Bristol, Pa 1779 Oct. 26 

Basnett, Elizabeth, and Richard Dell 1698 Aug. 11 

Bass, Anne, Burlington, and Joseph Pidgeon, Penna 1727 June 26 

Bassall, Sarah, and Hezekiah Belton, Salem 1756 June 3 

Bassett, Elizabeth, Salem, and Peter Keen, Salem 1747 June 20 

Basset, Mary, Acquackanonk, and Martinus Schooumaker, Acquac’nk. 1761 June 5 

Basset, Nancy, Essex, and Nicholas Vreelandt, Bergen 1760 Nov. 2 

Bassett, Hannah, and John Roberts, Gloucester 1791 April 2 

Bassett, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Middleton, Burlington 1761 Aug. 12 

Bassett, Rebecca, and William Waters, Pilesgrove 1752 April 27 

Bassnett, Mary, and Edward Hunloke 1691 Nov. 10 

Bate, Ann, Gloucester, and Josiah Shivers, Gloucester 1729 Feb. 9 

Bate, Rebecca, and Isaac Matlack, Gloucester 1733 May 28 

Bateman, Mary, Fairfield, and David Ogden, Fairfield 1759 Sept. 13 

Bates, Achsah, and Marmaduke Fort, Burlington 1777 May 29 

Bates, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Robert Braddock, Burlington 1737 Nov. 24 


new Jersey colonial documents. 

Bates, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Silas Lord, Burlington 1774 Dec. 5 

Bates, Hannah, Gloucester, and Lippincott Remembrance, Gloucester. 1732 Nov. 29 

Bates, Hannah, Moorestown, and Joseph Pearson, Moorestown 1772 Sept. 29 

Bates, Mary, Gloucester, and Benjamin Hartley, Gloucester 1762 April 12 

Bates, Mercy, and Abraham Bennet, Gloucester 1782 Nov. 23 

Bates, Polly, and Job Stockton, New Jersey 1780 Feb. 28 

Bates, Priscilla, Gloucester, and Simeon Ellis, Gloucester 1760 Mar. 24 

Bates, Rachel, Burlington, and John Rudderow, Burlington 1747 Sept. 12 

Bates, Rachel, Gloucester, and David Clark, Gloucester , 1764 Mar. 12 

Bates, Sarah, and George Ash, Burlington 1759 Sept. 24 

Bates, Sarah, and Isaac Collins, Gloucester 1772 Feb. 17 

Bathe, Anne, Burlington, and James Somerville, Burlington 1740 July 19 

Bath, Mary, Pa., and Henry Edwards, Pa 1736 Dec. 11 

Bathford, Elizabeth, and William Grinding. Hunterdon 1769 Aug. 25 

Batten, Ann, Gloucester, and Nathan Horner, Gloucester 1762 Dec. 14 

Batten, Zillah, Gloucester, and John Gill, Gloucester 1765 April 8 

Batten, Zillah, and Thomas Flick, Gloucester 1784 Sept. 6 

Batton, Deborah, and John Somers, Upper Penns Neck 1783 Mar. 7 

Bauer, Lydia, and Uriah Gandy, Cape May 1767 Feb. 23 

Bayles, Amy, and Samuel Potts, Cranberry 1776 April 23 

Bayles, Ann, and James Chambers, Middlesex 1775 Dec. 13 

Bayles, Isabella, and John Davis, Middlesex 1784 May 1 

Bayles, Mary, and Joseph O’Neale 1777 July 23 

Bayley, Margaret, Orange, N. Y., and William Graham, Orange, N. Y.1776 May 16 

Bay liffe, Jane, and Robert Rigg 16S8 Aug. 22 

Baylis, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Samuel Radford, Burlington 1730 May 11 

Bayly, Ann, Bucks, Pa., and Nathan Gumley, Burlington 1731 Oct. 5 

Bayly, Mary, Pa., and Andrew Ellet, Pa 1727 Sept. 2 

Beach, Hannah, Mendom, and Samuel Allen, Morris 1779 July 3 

Beach, Mary, Essex, and Ebenezer Foster, Essex 1750 Aug. 24 

Beach, Sarah, Morris, and Daniel Babbit, Morris * 1779 May 26 

Beagle, Martha, Morris, and Robert Carson, Morris 1771 July 10 

Beakes, Mary, and Job Kirby, Monmouth 1790 Mar. 10 

Beakes, Susanna, and Edward Southwood, Bucks, Pa 1734 May 30 

Beans, Elizabeth, Bucks Co., Pa., and Richard Sands, Bucks Co., Pa. .1749 Nov. 2 

Beans, Rachel, Bucks, Pa., and William Hough, Bucks, Pa 1775 June 22 

Beam, Elsey, and William Kitchen, Hunterdon 1782 May 23 

Beaman, Ann, Penns Neck, and Thomas Pennington, Penns Neck... 1749 Oct. 26 

Beaman, Ann, and John Dunkin, Salem. . . ... 1772 May 7 

Beard, Avie, Monmouth, and George Egger, Monmouth 1749 July 4 

Beard, Elizabeth, and Hendrick Brokaw, Somerset 1782 Nov. 4 

Bears, Mary, Middletown, and Peter Buckalew, Middlesex 1749 Feb. 2 

Beats, Rosety, and Isaac Atkinson, Burlington.. 1781 Mar. 17 

Beaty, Jane, Middlesex, and John Myer, Middlesex 1742 Jan. 1 

Beauman, Margaret, Salem, and James Casey, Salem 1762 Dec. 30 

Beaver, Hannah, Philadelphia, and Patrick Quin, Philadelphia 1736 July 15 


Beaver, Margaret, and Abel Everitt, Hunterdon 1782 May 12 

Beavers, Sarab, Sussex, and Abraliam Oxford, Sussex 1762 June 29 

Bebout, Elizabeth, Staten Island, and John Winants, Staten Island. ..1755 Sept. 6 

Bebout, Sarah, and James Chappie 1779 Sept. 2 

Beck, Amy, New Jersey, and Joseph Norcross, New Jersey 1778 May 23 

Beck, Mary, and Asher Williams, Chesterfield 1763 Nov. 10 

Becket, Mary, Burlington, and Daniel Hopewell, Burlington 1754 July 27 

Beekes, Rebecca, and Charles Axford 1735 Oct. 13 

Beekman, Anne, New Brunswick, and Benjamin Dassigney, New Bwk. 1750 Oct. 1 

Beekman, Charity, and Isaac Snedeker, Middlesex 1776 June 7 

Beern, Angenitje, and John Bartrom, Bergen 1762 April 9 

Beenson, Catharineah, Gloucester, and Thomas Moor, Cape May. ... 1740 May 15 

Beers, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Samuel Thomson, Monmouth 1743 May 24 

Beers, Hannah, Monmouth, and John Nickerson, Monmouth 1747 June 11 

Beesley, Hannah, Salem, and John Beesley, Jr., Salem 1776 April 2 

Beesley, Elizabeth, Salem, and William Tuft, Salem 1763 Jan. 2 

Beesly, Gertrue, and Daniel Lithgow, Salem 1771 July 11 

Beets, Mary, Gloucester, and Lazarus Canning, Gloucester 1758 Aug. 18 

Beettle, Sarah, Upper Penns Neck, and George Peterson, Up. Penns N. 1761 Nov. 20 

Begele, Lydia, Monmouth, and Richard Cole, Monmouth 1766 Dec. 6 

Beinet, Mary, Shrewsbury, and Matthew Roberts, Middletown Point. . 1759 Jan. 19 
Belford, Hester, Bucks Co., Pa., and John Siddall, Bucks Co., Fa... 1765 Feb. 15 

Belford, Martha, and Joseph Vanschuyver, Burlington 1776 Oct. 29 

Bell, Abigail, and John Suiter, Gloucester 1783 June 2 

Bell, Mary, and Isaiah Co venover, Gloucester 1774 Nov. 11 

Bell, Pricilla, and Nicholas Hoyle, Burlington 1777 Dec. 14 

Bell, Sarah, Springfield, and Francis Shinn, Springfield 1763 May 24 

Bell, Tabitha, Burlington, and Isaac Harbert, Burlington 1765 Aug. 15 

Bellanger, Mary, Cape May, and Adonijah Reeves, Cape May 1781 Feb. 21 

Belles, Ester, Gloucester, and Daniel Martin, Gloucester 1730 Jan. 11 

Bellows, Mary, Gloucester, and John Ervin, Gloucester 1746 May 1 

Belmer, Elisabeth, and John Wilson, Somerset 1749 May 2 

Belton, Mary, Gloucester, and John Eastluclr, Gloucester 1737 June 24 

Belton, Lydomia, Gloucester, and John Dickinson, Salem 1747 Oct. 27 

Bender, Catherine, Gloucester, and Isaac Hoffman, Gloucester 1765 Sept. 14 

Benezet, Mary, and Joseph Wood, Georgia 1773 July 29 

Benham, Hendrica, and Jacob Vandike, Bucks Co., Pa 1768 Nov. 10 

Benham, Mary, and Jonathan Clayton, Freehold 1759 Dec. 6 

Benmire, Amy, Monmouth, and James Feagin, Monmouth 1767 June 2 

Bennem, Elizabeth, Monmoutb, and Garret Covenhoven, Monmouth. .1759 Feb. 26 

Bennet Antie, Middlesex, and Frederick Vanlewen, Jr., Somerset 1750 Oct. 11 

Bennet, Aurionche, Monmouth, and Ezekiel Ellison, Monmouth 1762 Oct. 6 

Bennet, Charity, and William Penn. 1785 Jan. 22 

Bennet, Eleanor, Monmouth, and John Schenck, Monmouth 1750 June 14 

Bennet, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Samuel Clark, Burlington 1747 May 4 

Bennet, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and David Curtis, Jr., Monmouth. . . . 1747 May 26 

4 6 


Bennet, Eve, and Abraham Hand, Middlesex 1772 Aug. 3 

Bennet, Ghertie, Monmouth, and William Cook, Monmouth 1743 Sept. 21 

Bennet, Hanna, Woolwich, and Job Thomas, Woolwich 1774 Jan. 20 

Bennet, Hannah, Monmouth, and Joseph Borden, Monmouth 1757 Jan. 25 

Bennet, Keziah, Monmouth, and Thomas Letts, Monmouth 1771 June 27 

Bennet, Mary, Monmouth, and William Pearce, Monmouth 1742-3 Feb. 7 

Bennet, Sarah, and John Fish, Monmouth 1752 Jan. 13 

Bennet, Sarah, Fairfield, and Philip Shepherd, Fairfield 1761 July 6 

Bennet, Sarah, Burlington, and Daniel Toy, Burlington 1756 Dec. 29 

Bennet, Sarah, and John Torn, Burlington 1778 April 19 

Bennet, Susannah, Burlington, and John Edwards, Burlington 1746 May 6 

Bennett, Mary, Burlington, and David Evan Keece, Burlington 1733 Mar. 21 

Bennett, Mary, Burlington, and John Rogers, Burlington 1768 April 12 

Bennett, Mary, Monmouth, and Jonathan Lankins, Burlington 1779 Dec. 17 

Bennett, Sarah, aud Robert Edwards 1701 Nov. 20 

Bennett, Thankfull, Burlington, and Noah Bishop, Burlington 1772 Nov. 3 

Bennit, Artilly, and Christopher Vanpelt, Monmouth 1751 Dec. 2 

Bennum, Ann, and Jesef Taylor, Lower Freehold 1762 Sept. 25 

Benton, Elizabeth, Cumberland, and Francis Dixon, Cumberland.... 1763 July 11 

Berdan, Cornelia, and John Gomez, Bergen 1786 Mar. 27 

Berdett, Mary, Bergen, and John Loazear, Bergen . .1768 May 6 

Berdett, Sarah, and Benjamin Westerfelt, Bergen 1768 Oct. 27 

Bereman, Sevia, and Johnson Reeves, Cumberland 1777 Dec. 8 

Bergen, Alice, Somerset, and Conrad Ten Eick, Jr., Somerset 1757 Dec. 7 

Bergen, Sarah, John Hoagland, Somerset 1784 April 7 

Berger, Jane, Reading Town, and Andrew Johnson, Reading Town. . .1755 May 10 

Berndrow, Mary, and John Mack Collurn, Somerset 1763 Jan. 13 

Beroote, Bariche, Bergen, and Abraham Tures, Bergen 1749 Feb. 12 

Berry, Catherine, Morris, and Samuel Berry, Morris 1749 Oct. 30 

Berry, Elizabeth, and Thomas Thompson, Hunterdon 1768 Oct. 22 

Berry, Hanah, and Thomas Wilson, Burlington 1759 May 4 

Berry, Hannah, Hackensack, aud Thomas Veil, Hackensack 1760 Nov. 17 

Berry, Hester, Morris, and James Bargue, Morris 1744 May 12 

Berry, Isabel, and Abram Yantugh, Tewksbury 1781 Dec. 22 

Berry, Margret, and Harp Van Riper, Essex 1762 April 22 

Berry, Mary, Somerset Co., and James Lockhart, Somerset 1752 Mar. 7 

Berry, Mary, and Theodorus Brewer, Bergen 1790 Sept. 28 

Berry, Polly, Essex, and John Degray, Bergen 1774 Jan. 21 

Berry, Sarah, and William Freeman, Woodbridge 1749 Dec. 7 

Berry, Sarah, Morris, and Peter Roome, Morris 1752 Mar. 25 

Berry, Sarah, Burlington, and John Atkinson, Burlington 1761 Feb. 25 

Berry, Sarah, Salem, and John Mecom, Salem 1763 Feb. 27 

Bersherer, Catherine, Somerset, and John Hall, Somerset 1750 Jan. 12 

Bertholf, Marrity, Orange, N. Y., and Peter Alyea, Orange, N. Y....1773 Mar. 1 

Bertholf, Mary, and Henry Wanmaker, Bergen 1780 Dec. 12 

Bertron, Sarah, Hunterdon, and Peter Keney, Somerset 1758 Mar. 30 



Beryman, Hannah, and Joseph Vanmetre, Pilesgrove 17G0 Oct. 31 

Besby, Virgin, Salem, and Benjamin Cross, Salem 1739 Sept. 25 

Bessonett, Elizabeth, Bucks, Pa., and Nicholas Luzillier, Bucks, Pa. ..1741 Mar. 28 

Best, Eleanor, Gloucester, and Peter Young, Gloucester 1761 Sept. 30 

Best, Elizabeth, and William Cimeter 1768 May 7 

Beswick, Priscilla, and Abimelech Hudson 1690 Mar. 25 

Betron, Rebecca, Morris, and Samuel Wills, Morris 1758 Mar. 7 

Betts, Elizabeth, and David Clark, Burlington.. 1756 Sept. 16 

Bevan, Anne, Pa., and John Sisom, Pa 1727 Mar. 27 

Beverlin, Ann, and Timothy Dempson 1731 July 27 

Bevers, Elizabeth, and Samuel Kennedy, Jr., Sussex 1768 Oct. 8 

Bickham, Ann, Salem, and Peter Justice, Salem 1764 Feb. 13 

Bickham, Anne, Burlington, and Alexander Brown, Trenton 1774 June 8 

Bickham, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and William Hamton, Gloucester 1755 July 3 

Bickham, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and William Curutkers, Gloucester .. 1761 June 22 

Bickley, Hannah, Philadelphia, and John Fordham, Philadelphia 1730 Sept. 27 

Biddle, Mary, Trenton, and Elijah Bond, Trenton 1742 Dec. 13 

Biddle, Sarah, and William Righton 1695 Oct. 21 

Biddle, Sarah, Burlington, and John Monrow, Jr., Burlington 1767 June 3 

Bidgood, Sarah, Bucks, Pa, and Joshua Headley, Bucks, Pa 1748 Dec. 27 

Bigalo, Mary, Morris, and Isaac Beach, Morris 1768 Sept. 14 

Biggar, Ann, Bethlehem, and James Wilson, Bethlehem 1768 Nov. 7 

Biggs, Betsy, and Nahor Yard, Trenton 1784 Mar. 19 

Biggs, Mary, and James Bowen, Hunterdon 1785 Aug. 24 

Biggs, Sarah, Burlington, and William Arthur, Burlington 1741 Nov. 23 

Bilderback, Levenah, and John Crebs 1769 Feb. 23 

Bilderback, Margaret, and William Philpot, Salem 1774 Nov. 24 

Bilderback, Margeth, and Andrew Senexon, Jr., Salem 1769 Dec. 23 

Bilderback, Sarah, Salem, and Moses Hill, Salem 1764 Nov. — 

Bilderback, Susanna, and Edward Test 1770 Jan. 30 

Biles, Elizabeth, Bucks, Pa., and Abel Jenney, Maidenhead 1740 June 5 

Biles, Phebe, Philadelphia, and John Plasket, Philadelphia 1733 Oct. 11 

Biles, Ruth, and John Watson, Jr., Nottingham 1771 April 23 

Billings, Charity, and Joshua Smith, Cape May 1770 Dec. 3 

Billings, Judith, and Elihu Smith, Cape May 1774 Sept. 20 

Billings, Temperance, Cape May, and Daniel Johnson, Cape May 1763 May 5 

Billins, Charity, and Seth Bowen 1778 May 27 

Bills, Content, Monmouth, and Samuel Trafford, Monmouth 1749 Dec. 29 

Bills, Deborah, Monmouth, and Charles Matthews, Monmouth 1760 Feb. 22 

Bills, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Samuel Corlis, Monmouth 1745 Aug. 17 

Bills, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Stoffell Longstreet, Monmouth 1748 Dec. 17 

Bills, Elizabeth, Freehold, and Carvel Wells, Freehold 1767 Nov. 24 

Bills, Hannah, Monmouth, and William Jackson, Jr., Monmouth . ...1757 May 19 

Bills, Johanna, Monmouth, and Benjamin Roogers, Monmouth 1740 Dec. 10 

Bills, Lydia, Monmouth, and Moses Mount, Monmouth 1739 May 15 

Bills, Marah, Shrewsbury, and Silas Woolley, Shrewsbury 1754 Nov. 21 


Bills, Margaret, Monmouth, and William Garmon, Monmouth 1755 July 12 

Bills, Patience, Monmouth, and Nathan Allen, Monmouth 1767 Dec. 24 

Bilson, Sarah, and John Nefius, Somerset. . 1782 April 9 

Bilyer, Cathriue, and Jacob D. Berdan, Bergen 1783 Jan. 10 

Bingham, Mary, Burlington, and George Elkincton, Burlington 1683 Jan. 13 

Birch, Dorothy, Gloucester, and William Smith, Gloucester 1728 Aug. 13 

Bird, Aun, Gloucester, and Isaac Gibson, Burlington 1750 Nov. 29 

Bird, Ann, and Benjamin Anderson, Hunterdon 1772 Oct. 22 

Bird, Elizabeth, Essex, and Jonathan Hampton, Richmond 1740 Feb. 21 

Bird, Lavina, Monmouth, and Richard Ridgeway, Monmouth 1751 May 21 

Bird, Mary, Perth Amboy, and Solomon Delgrass, Perth Amboy 1758 June 19 

Birdine, Mary, Amwell, and George Taylor, Amwell 1774 June 20 

Birdsall, Jane, Willingborough. and Robert Taylor, Willingborough. .1751 April 11 

Birdsell, Mary, Burlington, and William Jones, Burlington 1749 Aug. 10 

Birdsill, Hannah, Northampton, and Joshua Woolstou, Northampton. 1767 May 18 

Biset, Jane, Staten Island, and Nicholas Hillyer, New York 1771 Aug. 6 

Bishop, Abigail, and William Payday, Cumberland 1754 Aug. 6 

Bishop, Abigail, and Henry Burr, Jr., Burlington 1793 Nov. 14 

Bishop, Ann, Burlington, and Ralph Smith, Burlington 1740 Nov. 3 

Bishop, Anna, Burlington, and John Martin, Burlington 1772 Nov. 26 

Bishop, Aune, Northampton, and Joseph Powell, Northampton 1765 Nov. 9 

Bishop, Diadema, Burlington, and John Davis, Burlington 1762 Mar. 8 

Bishop, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Hezikiah llossell, Burlington 1761 Oct. 1 

Bishop, Esther, and William Sink, Stow Creek 1 (84 Nov. 18 

Bishop, Hannah, and Jacob Prickett, Burlington 1733 Sept. 20 

Bishop, Leah, and Michael Baker, Burlington 1768 Dec. 17 

Bishop, Levina, Burlington, and Nathaniel Babcock, Burlington 1760 Nov. 12 

Bishop, Martha, Burlington, and Edward Stiles, Burlington 1761 Mar. 14 

Bishop, Mary, Burlington, and William Atkinson, Burlington 1731 Feb. 3 

Bishop, Mary, Burlington, and Andrew Bozorth, Burlington 1756 May 21 

Bishop, Mary, and Amos Atkinson, Burlington 1779 Nov. 17 

Bishop, Rachel, Burlington, and Philip Michart, Burlington 1758 Mar. 29 

Bishop, Sarah, and William Foster, Burlington 1779 Oct. 11 

Bishop, Sarah, and Jeremiah Vangildan, Cape May 1780 Aug. 1 

Bishop, Selma, and Joshua Stokes, Gloucester 1777 Mar. 3 

Bisnett, Aune, Bucks, Pa., and Thomas Butcher, Bucks, Pa 1(65 June 19 

Bispham, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Samuel Bispham, Philadelphia. . 1781 Aug. 21 

Bispham, Sarah, Mount Holly, and Buddell Shinn, Burlington 1780 June 15 

Bisset, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and John Jolley, Jr., Perth Amboy 1756 April 27 

Bissit, Mary, and John Slover, South Amboy 1778 June 16 

Bittle, Lydia, Burlington, and Michael Howard, Burlington 1756 Sept. 9 

Black, Achsiah, and Joseph Aaronsen, Burlington 1782 Oct. 9 

Black, Ame, and Jonathan Kirby, Burlington 1768 June 11 

Black, Effey, and John Langford 1732 July 14 

Black, Elizabeth, and George Smith, Monmouth 1765 Aug. 28 

Black, Sarah, and Thomas Aaronson, Burlington .1787 July 24 



Blackbourn, Sarah, and Michael Willson, Burlington 1730 May 4 

Blackburn, Elizabeth, and Joseph Spavin, Philadelphia 1739 Jan. 20 

Blackham, Jane, Philadelphia, and Isaac Dawson, Philadelphia 1738 May 25 

Blackledge, Eleanor, Essex, and Abraham Hetfield, Essex 1746 Sept. 17 

Blackless, Hannah, and Joseph Greenwood 1759 May 19 

Blackley, Mary, and Hezekiah Woodruff, Morris 1776 May 11 

Blackshoe, Martha, Bucks Co., Pa., and George Barber, Bucks, Pa... 1729 July 29 

Blackwell, Amy, Somerset, and Samuel Leigh, Somerset 1774 Dec. 10 

Blackwell, Elenor, and Sylvester Bills, Bucks Co., Pa 1782 Aug. 12 

Blackwood, Margaret, and John Sell, Gloucester 1775 April 7 

Blackwood, Mary, Gloucester, and David Morgan, Gloucester 1768 June 20 

Blackwood, Sarah, and David Morgan 1780 Jan. 10 

Blain, Elizabeth, P#rth Amboy, and David Gosling, Perth Amboy. .. .1756 June 23 

Blair, Elizabeth, and Hendrick Fisher, Somerset 1783 Oct. 12 

Blair, Mary, and Elias Streaker, Burlington 1779 Oct. 14 

Blake, Margaret, Bucks Co., Pa., and Joseph Dempsey, Bucks Co., Pa.1740 Sept. 20 

Blakeley, Elizabeth, and Thomas Poole, Middlesex 1747-8 Jan. 28 

Blanchard, Mary, New Brunswick, and John Gifford, Perth Amboy ... 1743 Jan. 3 

Blanchard, Maryan, and John How, Burlington 1782 Nov. 16 

Blane, Mary, Middlesex, and Thomas Leadlie, Middlesex 1749 Dec. 29 

Blauvelt, Braelie, Orange, N. I 7 ., and Abraham Ackerman, Bergen. ... 1763 May 5 

Blauvclt, Elizabeth, Orange, N. Y., and Wm. Feshie, Orange, N. Y. ..1762 Aug. 15 

Blauvelt, Maria, and Peter Valentine, Orange, N. Y 1784 Sept. 8 

Bleth, Margaret, Evesham, and Peter Paringer, Evesham 1763 Aug. 31 

Blew, Elizabeth, and James Voorhees, Somerset 1778 Dec. 17 

Bliss, Margaret, and Thomas Bsrkiushew, Burlington 1738 Nov. 11 

Blizard, Naomi, and Thomas Gandy, Cumberland 1779 Feb. 23 

Blizard, Phebe, Cumberland, and David Gandy, Cumberland 1761 Sept. 3 

Blonk, Ann, and Samuel Witchell, Burlington ... .1779 July 9 

Bloodgood, Martha, Middlesex, and William Lorton, Middlesex 1760 Oct. 2 

Bloodgood, Mary, South Amboy, and Ewbanks Rathbone 1758 April 1 

Bloomfield, Dorothy, Woodbridge, and John Jacquess, Woodbridge. . . 1751 Dec. 5 

Bloomfield, Hope, Woodbridge, and James Ayres, Woodbridge 1743-4 Mar. 13 

Bloomfield, Margaret, Woodbridge, and Thomas Hadden, Woodbridge. 1750 July 21 

Bloomfield, Mary, Middlesex, and John Pierson, Middlesex 1747 Dec. 1 

Bloomfield, Mary, Middlesex, aud Robert Martin, Middlesex 1758 Nov. 29 

Bloomfield, Phebe, Middlesex, and Frazee Ayers, Middlesex 1749 Feb. 24 

Bloomfield, Rachel, Middlesex, and David Kent, Middlesex 1744 Aug. 15 

Bloomfield, Ruth, Middlesex, and Silas Walker, Middlesex 1762 Jan. 4 

Bloomfield, Sarah, Woodbridge, and Dugel Campbell, Woodbridge. ..1756 Jan. 31 

Blue, Jane, and Matthias Hullfish, Middlesex 1780 April 22 

Blumer, Gwyn, and Solomon Stinger, Alloways Creek 1771 June 15 

Boar, Ann, and Joseph Kees 1762 April 30 

Board, Annas, aud Cornelius Board, Bergen 1785 Aug. 27 

Board, Elinor, and Peter Dey, Bergen .... 1786 May 9 

Board, Elizabeth, and Henry Post, Pumpton 1780 June 12 

4 ' 


BoCaw, Phebe, and John Field, Middlesex 1781 Jan. 22 

Bodice, Ruth, Gloucester, and Garet Vanaman, Gloucester 1748 June 18 

Bodine, Elizabeth, Lebauon, and Edward Willett, Lebanon 1752 June 19 

Bodine, Margaret, Hunterdon, and Piter Schamp, Hunterdon 1744 April 7 

Bodoine, Mary, and John Edgar, Bucks, Pa 1776 Nov. 28 

Bodyne, Elizabeth, and Staples Thompson, Bristol, Pa 1777 April 12 

Bogar, Mary, Burlington, and William Flittraft, Burlington ....1770 Aug. 7 

Bogart, Elizabeth, and John Van Antwerp, OraDge Co., N. Y 1780 Mar. 20 

Bogart, Helen, and William Strachan, Saddle River 1782 Mar. 20 

Bogart, Jane, and Willett Tayler, Somerset 1783 May 29 

Bogart, Levina, Northampton, and Barnard Yanhorne, Northampton.. 1767 Dec. 29 

Bogart, Lydia, and Isaac Ecret, Burlington 1778 Aug. 24 

Bogart, Margaret, and William Campbell, New York * . . . 1788 June 30 

Bogart, Mary, Bridgwater, and Cornelius Simonson, Somerset 1779 Oct. 12 

Bogart, Mary, and Abraham Garrison, Bergen . . 1780 Jan. 

Bogart, Rachel, Burlington, and Jonathan Campbell, Burlington 1776 Feb. 5 

Bogart, Sarah, and James Stryker, Somerset 1779 Oct. 18 

Bogart, Willempje, Paramus, and Jacobus Rutan, Paramus 1765 June 1 

Bogert, Ann, and James Van Antwerp, Jr., Orange, N. Y 1783 Sept. 29 

Bogert, Annetje, and Abraham Wright, New Barbadoes 1788 Oct. 18 

Bogert, Antye, and Peter Demarest, Bergen 1784 May 20 

Bogert, Cornelia, and John A. Zabriskie, Bergen 1788 April 16 

Bogert, Eleanor, and William Leaycraft, Orange Co., N. Y 1783 Oct. 16 

Bogert, Elizabeth, and Adoniah Schuyler, Pompton 1783 Aug. 27 

Bogert, Margaret, and Abraham Haring, Bergen 1787 Nov. 20 

Bogert, Polly, Bergen, and Thomas Van Dien, Bergen 1764 Nov. 24 

Bogert, Sarah, and Isaac Rose, Bergen Co 1788 Nov. 15 

Bogert, Wellemtje, Bergen, and Henry Zabriskie, Paramus 1771 Dec. 16 

Boggs, Ann, and Robert Allen, Middlesex 1780 Oct. 27 

Boggs, Rebecca, and Samuel Boggs, Salem 1730 Jan. 18 

Bohanuan, Mary, and William Kennedy, Philadelphia 1764 April 6 

Bohert, Mariah, Bergen, and Stephen Terhuen, Bergen 1744 Nov. 1 

Boice, Elizabeth, and Adam Peace, Monmouth 1769 May 31 

Boice, Siche, Middlesex, and Luck Voorhes, Middlesex 1746 June 9 

Boice, Trintie, Middlesex, and Nicasius Van Wikele, Somerset 1749 May 27 

Bolesberry, Anna, Monmouth, aud Edward Benuet, Monmouth 1767 Oct. 27 

Bolsworthy, Patience, Monmouth, and William Deney, Burlington 1761 July 11 

Bolten, Mary, Burlington, aud Abel Kemble, Burlington 1768 Mar. 14 

Bolton, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Abraham Jones, Burlington 1773 Aug. 31 

Bolton, Sarah, Burlington, and James Siddol, Burlington 1727 Aug. 31 

Bond, Anne, Somerset, and Cornelius Vanderbek, Somerset 1752 Oct. 19 

Bond, Mary, Monmouth, and Ralph Allen, Monmouth 1742 May 16 

Bond, Sarah, Somerset, aud Levi Garish, Somerset 1751 May 23 

Bond, Susannah, Monmouth, and Nathaniel Slocum, Monmouth 1749 Dec. 29 

Bonell, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Joseph Gregory, Salem 1727 Jan. 6 

Bones, Rachel, Bergen, and Peter Bourdett, Bergen 1762 June 18 



Bong, Ruth, Middlesex, and Henry Guest 1748 Dec. 19 

Bonhaui, Ann, Shrewsbury, and Obadiah Wortlily, Shrewsbury 17G6 Oct. 25 

Bonham, Else, and Stephen Reed, Hunterdon 1782 May 4 

Bonham, Hester, Middletown, and Andrew Wilson, Jr., Middletown. .. 1751 Dec. 22 

Bonham, Mary, Shrewsbury, and William Sears, Shrewsbury 1758 Nov. 27 

Bonham, Mary, and Joseph Smith, Hunterdon 1769 Nov. 4 

Bonham, Mary, and John Davison, Hunterdon 1779 Feb. 16 

Bonham, Margaret, and Thomas Man, Gloucester .1776 Jan. 20 

Bonham, Sarah, and Albert Covenhoven, Hunterdon 1779 May 21 

Bounel, Hannah, and John Rogue, Morris Town 1781 Jan. 1 

Bonuell, Mary, Somerset, and William Tatem, Gloucester 1730 Jan. 14 

Bonuel, Sarah, Essex, and Samuel Roberts, Morris 1761 Sept. 28 

Bonuell, Heue Maria Moreten, and Cryten Foster, Gloucester 1769 Nov. 20 

Bonquett, Judith, New Brunswick, and Nathaniel Ogden, Elizabetht’wn. 1740 Dec. 24 

Bonsell, Sarah, and Aubrey Harry, Chester 1754 Jan. 14 

Boogart, Autie, Paramus, and John Van Voorhesse, Paramus 1765 Oct. 30 

Boone, Ann, and Thomas Dodd, Burlington 1754 May 8 

Boone, Jane, Elizabethtown, and David Thompson, Elizabethtown . . . 1740 Nov. 29 

Boorn, Mary, Middletown, and James Willson, Middletown 1757 June 30 

Booth, Elizabeth, and Daniel Huddy, Salem 1732 June 24 

Booth, Sarah, Salem, and William Drake, Salem 1774 Nov. 2 

Boram, Phebe, and Peter Young, Hunterdon 1784 Feb. 25 

Bord, Sarah, Bergen, and Walter Erwin 1751 Aug. 26 

Bordau, Eva, and James Connoor, Bergen 1765 May 15 

Borden, Abigail, Burlington, and Joseph Brackuey, Burlington 1757 Feb. 14 

Borden, Abigail, Burlington, and Henry Beunet, Burlington 1774 Jan. 29 

Borden, Achsah, and Elijah Chapman, Burlington 1783 Mar. 27 

Borden, Amy, Hunterdon, and Philip Flick, Burlington 1754 Oct. 24 

Borden, Amye, Bordentown, and John Black, Philadelphia 1746 Sept. 3 

Borden, Elinor, and Henry Oldacres, Burlington 1732 Oct. 11 

Borden, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Thomas Douglass, Monmouth 1734 Jan. 9 

Borden, Hannah, Burlington, and John Lawrence, Monmouth 1731 April 26 

Borden, Hannah, Burlington, and William Mills, Burlington 1778 Dec. 5 

Borden, Hanuah, Burlington, and Samuel Swain, Burlington 1780 Mar. 30 

Borden, Hester, Middletown, and Benjamin Cooper, Middletown 1754 April 12 

Borden, Innocent, and John Bozworth, Burlington 1734 July 13 

Borden, Martha, Penns Neck, and George White, Deerfield 1772 Nov. ' 7 

Borden, Mary, Monmouth, and William Baker, Monmouth 1731 Nov. 27 

Borden, Mary, and Thomas Copperthwaite, Burlington .1733 Feb. 19 

Borden, Mary, Bordentown, and Thomas McKean, Newcastle, Del 1763 July 21 

Borden, Mary, Burlington, and Jeremiah Vausciver, Willingborough. . 1781 Mar. 28 

Borden, Patience, Burlington, and Benjamin Allen, Burlington 1737 Dec. 8 

Borden, Phebe, Hunterdon, and Benjamin Gardiner, Burlington 1737 May 18 

Borden, Rachel, Monmouth, and Daniel Butler, Monmouth 1745-6 Feb. 4 

Boardman, Nelly, and Daniel Beton, Middlesex 1752 May 10 

Borrodail, Hester, Burlington, and Thomas VenaTole, Burlington 1756 Aug. 2 



Borrodail, Sarah, Burlington, and Moses Branson, Burlington 1766 Dec. 6 

Borrowe, Jemima, Perth Amboy, and Robert Wallace, Perth Amboy. .1749 May 6 

Bortori, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Seth Thomas, Burlington 1774 Feb. 28 

Borton, Martha, and John Hollinshead, Burlington 1782 Mar. 18 

Borton, Mary, Burlington, and John Lord, Gloucester 1750 Jan. 23 

Borton, Mary, Burlington, and John Lord, Gloucester 1750 Feb. 12 

Borton, Prudence, and Joseph Ridgway, Burlington 1786 Mar. 18 

Borton, Rachel, and Joshua Borton, Burlington 1781 Sept. 24 

Borton, Sarah, Burlington, and James Spencer, Burlington 1737 Aug. 1 

Boss, Sarah, Hunterdon, and William Lair, Hunterdon 1776 Jan. 31 

Bostedo, Elizabeth, and John Reichards, Monmouth ....1756 April 17 

Bostedo, Judith, Monmouth, and Thomas Earl, Burlington 1736 Sept. 30 

Botenhouse, Mary, and William Smith, Burlington 1780 Aug. 26 

Boudet, Catey, and Edward Boylston, Bergen 1763 May 2 

Boulton, Mary, and Isaac King, Burlington 1768 Nov. 4 

Bound, Anne, Freehold, and John Craig, Monmouth 1762 June 1 

Bourke, Sarah, and Thomas Dikes, Burlington 1732 June 19 

Bourne, Sarah, Chester, Pa., and Nathaniel Pennock, Chester, Pa.... 1754 May 28 

Bourton, Sarah, Gt. Egg Harbour, and Lenard Wescot, Gt. Egg Harb’r. 1761 May 30 

Bowen, Abigail, and Nathaniel Clement, Gloucester 1768 Dec. 5 

Bowen, Ann, Cumberland, and Jonadab Lockwell, Fairfield 1762 June 5 

Bowen, Deborah, and Reubin Burgin, Cumberland 1787 Nov. 28 

Bowen, Mary, and William Cafferty, Burlington. 1771 Nov. 7 

Bowen, Prudence, New Town, and Simeon Roberts, Philadelphia 1762 June 14 

Bowen, Rebekab, and Elisha Smith, Deerfield 1778 May 2 

Bowen, Sarah, and Benjamin Moore, Burlington 1788 Nov. 17 

Bowen, Temperance, Cape May, and Eli Stiles, Cape May 1769 July 22 

Bower, Anne, Monmouth, and Thomas Walton, Chesterfield 1766 June 14 

Bower, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Edward Austin, Philadelphia .... 1 737 Sept. 27 

Bowerd, Leah, and Daniel Holmes, Monmouth 1752 Feb. 11 

Bowers, Elizabeth, and Thomas Scott, Bristol, Pa 1779 Jan. 19 

Bowers, Susannah, and Jonathan Pitman, Burlington 1771 Mar. 5 

Bowert, Catherine, Bergen, and Johannes Terheun, New Barbadoes. .. 1766 Dec. 8 

Bowes, Theodosia, Trenton, and Andrew Reed, Trenton 1740 Oct. 22 

Bowger, Grace, Burlington, and Robert Fenton, Burlington 1762 Jan. 19 

Bowiu, Hannah, Salem, and Nehemiah Hogben, Salem 1744 Dec. 6 

Bowker, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Thomas Adams, Burlington 1771 Aug. 9 

Bowkar, Hannah, and Jacob Ward, New Hanover 1784 Dec. 3 

Bowker, Margaret, and William Gard, Burlington 1779 Jan. 29 

Bowker, Mary, Burlington, and John Malsberry, Burlington 1736 Sept. 18 

Bowker, Tamar, and John Christian, Burlington 1778 Mar. 13 

Bowlby, Mary, and Newbold Woolston, Mansfield 1775 April 7 

Bowler, Sarah, and Thomas Cunningham, Burlington 1748 Mar. 15 

Bowman, Elizabeth, New Hanover, and Thomas Hendry, Gloucester. .1774 Nov. 14 

Bowman, Frances, and John Bowne 1692 Dec. 26 

Bowman, Isabella, Burlington, and John Langford, Burlington 16S6 Oct. 30 



Bowms, Anne, Somerset, and James McCreedy, Somerset 1742 Jan. 22 

Bown, Catherine, Monmouth, and John McClese, Monmouth 1739 Dec. 21 

Bowne, Easter, Monmouth, and Thomas Morford, Monmouth 1752 April 20 

Bowne, Anna, Middletown, and Wall, Middletown 1753 June 15 

Bowne, Aune, Bucks, Pa., and Jonathan Batcher, Backs, Pa 1771 June 6 

Bowne, Catherine, Middletown, and William Crawford, Middletown. . 1756 Dec. 7 

Bowne, Catherine, Middletown, and Peter Buckalew, South Amboy. ..1759 Aug. 20 

Bowne, Catharine, Hunterdon, and Joseph Mattisen, Hunterdon 1768 May 5 

Bowne, Deborah, Monmouth, and John Patterson, Monmouth 1744 Oct. 31 

Bowne, Lydia, Monmouth, and John Worthlv, Monmouth 1747 Oct. 5 

Bowne, Lydia, Monmouth, and James Grover, Jr., Monmouth 1752 Nov. 29 

Bowne, Mary Anne, Monmouth, and Gersham Ballman, Monmouth. .. 1761 Nov. 9 

Bowne, Rachel, Middletown, and John Wall, Middletown 1751 April 30 

Bowne, Lydia, Middletown, and John Whitlock 1758 Aug. 7 

Bowyer, Ruth, Philadelphia, and Samuel Bonham, Burlington 1747 May 29 

Boyce, Hannah, Amwell, and Andrew Sterling, Amwell 1773 Dec. 18 

Boyce, Lydia, Middlesex, and John Funtine, Middlesex 1759 July 4 

Boyd, Martha, and James Ewing. Cumberland 1778 Oct. 15 

Boyle, Jane, and Joseph Dalrymple, Morris 1745 May 24 

Boyles, Susannah, and Allan Simpson, Bernardstown 1781 Mar. 12 

Boytenla, Mary, Piscataway, and Jobs Briggs, Piscataway 1742 Nov. 20 

Bozorth, Bathsheba, Evesham, and Ihomas Simmons, Burlington .... 1746 Jan. 6 

Bozworth, Elizabeth, and John Springer, Burlington 1733 Sept. 24 

Bozworth, Mary, Burlington, and Richard Laugercan, Burlington 1741 April 29 

Brackenridge, Anne, and Mark Thomson, Sussex 1768 Nov. 1 

Brackenridge, "Martha, and Hugh Hughes, Philadelphia 1764 July 25 

Brackney, Abigail, and Thomas Middleton, Burlington 1784 Oct, 6 

Brackney, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Thomas Bevis, Burlington 1741 June 24 

Brackney, Janet, and Jacob Keeler, Burlington 1777 April 17 

Brad berry, Elizabeth, Essex, and Abram Vaureype, Essex 1747 Nov. 28 

Braddock, Hannah, Evesham, and John Painter, Evesham 1735 June 9 

Braden, Anne, Sussex, and James Crooks, Sussex 1773 Aug. 4 

Bradford, Anne, Middlesex, and William Mersgen, New York City. . . . 1742 Oct. 23 

Bradfield, Ruth, Nottingham, and Benjamin Robins, Nottingham 1771 Mar. 19 

Bradgate, Anne, and John Reeve 1695 July 22 

Bradshaw, Rachel, Burlington, and Richard Cox, Burlington 1775 Oct. 12 

Bradway, Sarah, and William Adams, Jr., Salem 1764 Aug. 18 

Bradway, Sarah, and Jonathan Bradway, Mannington 1777 Nov. 13 

Brady, Mary, and Josiah Stratton, Evesham 1777 Sept. 15 

Braideu, Elizabeth, and Steward Martin, Sussex 1772 Mar, 1 

Braitliwaite, Agues, Trenton, and Robert Booth, Trenton 1772 Nov. 5 

Bralesford, Lydia, Bucks, Pa., and Joseph White, Bucks, Pa. 1731 Aug. 13 

Bramsford, Joyce, Bucks, Pa., and John Bessonet, Bucks, Pa 1765 Dec. 21 

Brand, Rebecca, Monmouth, and James Davis, Monmonth 1765 July 1 

Brandenburg, Margaret, Burlington, and George Hoffee, Burlington. . . 1775 Sept. 21 

Brandros, Hannah, and James Hughes, Gloucester 1768 Oct. 16 


Braning, Martha, and Samuel Allen, Burlington 1760 Nov. 12 

Brannagan, Rebecca, Middlesex, and Patrick Magee, Somerset 1778 July 22 

Branniu, Catheriu, Monmouth, and Benjamin Hance, Monmouth 1762 Feb. 6 

BranniD, Martha, and Thomas Alcott, Builington 1780 Dec. 25 

Branson, Lydia, and Daniel Wood, Deptford 1773 Jan. 7 

Branson, Sarah, and David Hurley, Monmouth. v 1757 Dec. 8 

Brant, Susanna, Elizabethtown, and John Oliver, Elizabethtown 1748 Dec. 8 

Brass, Rachel, Burlington, and Thomas Kindell, Burlington 1750 Sept. 13 

Brass, Sarah, and Michael Hans Smith, Essex 1741 Jan. 8 

Brathwaite, Mary, Salem, and John Fry, Salem .. 1727 May 4 

Bray, Anne, Middlesex, and Reune Runyon, Jr., Middlesex 1765 June 8 

Bray, Elisabeth, Monmouth, and Thomas Laquar, Monmouth 1747 Oct. 9 

Bray, Mary, and Reuben Kellogg, Cumberland 1781 Jan. 1 

Bray, Susannah, Monmouth, and John Smalley, Piscataway 1742 Feb. 7 

Bray, Sarah, and Joseph Leonard, Monmouth 1773 Oct. 12 

Brayding, Ann, and Elias Marsh, Jr., Middlesex 1773 Mar. 19 

Brayman, Mary, Burlington, and Solomon Watkins, Burlington 1734 Mar. 20 

Brayman, Eliza, and Samuel Herd, Burlington 1768 Feb. 23 

Brayman, Rachel, Burlington, and Japhet Brown, Burlington 1773 Nov. 27 

Brayman, Sarah, Gloucester, and William Zane, Gloucester 1762 Aug. 30 

Brazinton, Olive, Burlington, and John Fullingsby, Burlington 1774 Dec. 5 

Breach, Ann, Gloucester, and Samuel Estlack, Gloucester 1733 Oct. 29 

Breach, Sarah, Gloucester, and Edward Hampton, Gloucester 1741 Aug. 8 

Breasor, Margaret, Gloucester, and Hezekiah Lee, Gloucester 1755 May 26 

Brelsford, Esther, Middletown, and John Harvey, Bucks, Pa 1774 May 11 

Brelsford, Martha, Pennsylvania, and Samuel Brown, Pennsylvania. .. 1768 May 16 

Brelsfoard, Rachel, Bristol, Pa., and Jesse Lewis, Bristol, Pa 1764 Aug. 8 

Bremen, Catherine, and Henry Flinner, Burlington : 1784 July 14 

Breton, Elizabeth, and John Clayton, Burlington 1746 June 21 

Brewster, Anne, Cumberland, and John Hunt, Cumberland 1779 May 28 

Brewer, Anney, Monmouth, and James Johnson, Monmouth 1761 Mar. 24 

Brewer, Deborah, Shrewsbury, and Jeremiah Pearce, Shrewsbury... 1755 Nov. 25 

Brewer, Margaret, Monmouth, and Philip Marks, Monmouth 1760 May 3 

Brewer, Mary, Monmouth, and Edmund Lafetra, Monmouth 1744 Oct. 20 

Brewer, Mary, Monmouth, and Thomas Blackwell, Hunterdon 1764 Dec. 4 

Brewer, Patience, Somerset, and Joseph Stilwell, Somerset 

Brewer, Rachel, Monmouth, and James Lippincott, Monmouth 1750 June 22 

Brewster, Deborah, Greenwich, and Samuel Ward, Cumberland 17 

Brewster, Ruth, Greenwich, and Ladis Walling, Cumberland 1775 Sept. 25 

Brian, Elizabeth, .and John Plummer, Salem. .. 1778 May 19 

Brian, Margaret, Burlington, and Michael Cowen, Burlington 1763 Aug. 10 

Briant, Ann, Gloucester, and William Parker, Gloucester 1766 June SO 

Briant, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, and William Roberson, Elizabeth 1751 Oct. 17 

Briant, Mary, and Robert Fr’d Price, Gloucester 1784 Jan. 14 

Briant, Rachel, Gloucester, and William Hewitt, Gloucester 1745 Jan. 15 

Briant, Rebecca, Philadelphia, and John Cresson, Philadelphia 1736 Aug. 7 



Brick, Ruth, and Jiunes Marshall, Cumberland . 1791 Nov. 21 

Briggs, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Benjamin Ilollden, Cape May 1739 Dec. 18 

Briggs, Emelia, and David Anderson, Burlington 1783 Sept. 5 

Briggs, Hannah, Gloucester, and John Leeton, Gloucester 1730 Sept. 21 

Briggs, Hannah, Burlington, and John Briggs, Burlington 1766 Aug. 9 

Briggs, Rebecca, Burlington, and John Croshaw, Burlington 1771 April 25 

Briggs, Theodocia, and Samuel King, Burlington 1(5/ Jan. 28 

Bright, Catherine, and Jacob Hugg, Gloucester 1778 Dec. 8 

Bright, Margaret, Philadelphia, and Gideon Badcock, Gloucester 1773 Feb. 23 

Bright, Martha, Gloucester, and Robert Bramer, Gloucester 1741 Jan. 7 

Bright, Sarah, and Nicholas Ridner 1785 July 5 

Brigs, Ann, and Michael Leonard, Burlington 1/82 June 20 

Brinckerhoff, Antie, Bergen, and John Durie, Bergen 1774 Aug. 27 

Briukerhoff, Lenah, Bergen, and Jacob De Groot, Bergen 1771 Nov. 9 

Brindley, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Allen, Monmouth 1767 Mar. 21 

Brindley, Euphauie, Monmouth, and John Morris, Monmouth 1/63 April 29 

Bringley, Kezia, and Samuel OBborn, Monmouth 1751 May 18 

Brinley, Elizabeth, and John Mount, Jr., Monmouth .1745 Aug. 27 

Brinley, Hannah, Monmouth, and Joseph Wardell, Monmouth 1749 July 8 

Brinn, Arney, Gloucester, and Michael Chew, Gloucester 1753 Dec. 29 

Bristow, Catharine, Burlington, and John Miller, Burlington 1/66 April 29 

Britain, Susanna, Burlington, and John Bowen, Burlington “••••17 74 July 19 

Brittain, Abigail, Burlington, and Thomas Nugen, Burlington 1772 April 29 

Brittain, Anne, Monmouth, and John Guinness, Burlington 1749 May 24 

Brittain, Lydia, and John Titus, Perth Amboy 1742 June 30 

Brittain, Rachel, Kings Co., N. Y. , and Samuel Dorsett 1739 Oct. 2/ 

Brittain, Sidney, Bucks Co., Pa., and Robert Smith, Bucks Co., Pa... 1/71 Oct. 28 

Brittan, Ann, Perth Amboy, and James Buckalew, Perth Amboy 1751 Oct. 15 

Brittau, Anne, and Nicholas Bellville, New Jersey 1780 Jan. 10 

Britton, Elisabeth, Monmouth, and Mindert McClean, Monmouth .. . 1762 May 4 
Britton, Hannah, Bucks Co., Pa., and Nicholas Larzelen, Bucks Co., Pa. 1766 Mar. 11 

Britton, Mary, and Benajali King, Burlington ,1781 Jan. 29 

Britton, Rebeckah, Monmouth, and Abraham Warrick, Upper Freehold. 1750 Dec. 29 

Britton, Sarah, Middlesex, and Lewis Morris, Middlesex 1/50 Aug. 10 

Britton, Sarah, and William Williams, Upper Freehold 1762 Jan. 19 

Britton, Sarah, and John Robinson, Somerset 17/9 Dec. 11 

Broadgate, Sarah, Philadelphia, and John Greeu, Philadelphia 1/38 May 6 

Broadhome, Venah, Springfield, and Joseph Nutt, Mansfield 1/50 Sept. 25 

Brocaw, Jaunetje, Somerset, and Teunis Middagh, Somerset 1750 July 26 

Brock, Martha, Burlington, and Andrew Anderson, Burlington 1762 Feb. 1 

Brock, Mary, Burlington, and Ralph Woodward, Burlington 1758 May 18 

Brock, Sophia, Burlington, and Timothy Bishop, Burlington 1764 Mar. 13 

Brockney, Mary, and John Brock, Burlington .1779 leb. 9 

Brokaw, Catherine, and Jeremiah Fisher 1769 Dec. 9 

Brokaw, Magdaline, and Tunis Van Middleswarth, Somerset 1781 June 18 

Brokaw, Mary, Somerset, and Benjamin Taylor, Somerset 1742 Nov. 29 


Brokaw, Mary, and William Lane, Somerset 1781 Nov. 3 

Bromley, Martha, Burlington, and William Barnes, Burlington 1682 Feb. 13 

Brookes, Lucy, and Josiah Garlick, Cape May 1738 Sept. 14 

Brookfield, Elizabeth, and Matthias Johnston 1746 Dec. 8 

Brookfield, Mary, Burlington, and Isaac Prickett, Burlington 1739 Feb. 21 

Brookin, Sarah, and Johu Frizilier, Perth Amboy 1757 Dec. 10 

Brooks, Ann, Salem, and Edward Bully, Salem 1736 Dec. 3 

Brooks, Catherine, and James Freeman, Middlesex 1768 Sept. 15 

Brooks, Elizabeth, and Nicholas Taylor 1747 Dec. 21 

Brooks, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Branin, Burlington 1771 Oct. 1 

Brooks, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Joshua Topping, Burlington 1773 Nov. 11 

Brooks, Garthvey, Evesham, and Abraham Merit, Evesham 1785 Feb. 12 

Brooks, Hannah, Philadelphia, and Stephen Simmons, Philadelphia. . 1738 April 11 

Brooks, Jane, Woodbridge, and Francis Walker, Woodbridge 1744 April 30 

Brooks, Judeth, and William Mason, Cape May 1766 Nov. 10 

Brooks, Mary, and Obadiah McClutch, Burlington 1784 May 3 

Brooks, Phebe, and Moses Harris 1779 Nov. 26 

Brooks, Phebe, and Isaac Jenkins, Cumberland 1730 April 4 

Brooks, Temperance, Cumberland, and Joseph Shepherd, Cumberland. 1768 May 1 

Brotherton, Ann, and Aaron Bonnel, Morris 1772 April 13 

Brouyn, Elena, and Jacobes Myer, Bergen 1765 Jan. 31 

Brower, Leah, Hackensack, and James Stagg, Hackensack 1765 Oct. 11 

Brower, Mary, Bergen, and John Heten, Bergen 1785 Sept. 23 

Brower, Tanuica, Middlesex, aud Cornelius Tunison, New Jersey 1719 April 29 

Browers, Jane, and James Ennis, Bergen 1782 May 23 

Brown, Agnes, Middlesex, and Daniel Moores, Middlesex 1747 Dec. 2 

Brown, Ann, Burlington, and Andrew Cunningham, Burlington 1754 June 12 

Brown, Ann, Burlington, and Thomas Stiles, Chester 1772 Oct. 19 

Brown, Anne, Burlington, aud Robert Pidgeon, Monmouth 1783 Dec. 24 

Brown, Barsheba, Monmouth, and Samuel Morrell, Middlesex. 1761 April 24 

Brown, Bartha, Fairfield, and Thomas Whitecar, Fairfield . .1761 Nov. 12 

Brown, Catherine, Somerset, and Charles Beekman, Jr., New York. . . .1742 Mar. 12 

Brown, Catherine, Monmouth, and John Holmes, Monmouth 1761 Aug. 3 

Brown, Christina, Woodbridge, and John Cutler, Woodbridge 1752 Nov. 22 

Brown, Elizabeth, New Brunswick, and John Geddeman, New Brwk. .1751 July 5 

Brown, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Nathan Maxson, Monmouth 1764 April 27 

Brown, Elizabeth, and Elias Coleman, Hunterdon 1786 Mar. 3 

Brown, Hannah, Burlington, and John Ridgway, Burlington. 1727 May 5 

Brown, Hannah, Philadelphia, and Henry Finney, Philadelphia 1739 Oct. 25 

Brown, Hannah, and Gabriel Swain, Mansfield 1778 Mar. 12 

Brown, Hannah, and Abijah Moore, Hunterdon 1780 Aug. 25 

Brown, Hiley, and John Lamb, Essex 1792 Aug. 30 

Brown, Isabell, Evesham, and Samuel Swain, Evesham 1765 Oct. 3 

Brown, Jane, Burlington, and William Nutt, Burlington 1757 Mar. 1 

Brown, Jane, Monmouth, and Daniel Morgan, Middlesex 1759 May 3 

Brown, Jane, and Cornelius Carr, Bucks, Pa 1768 Aug. 26 



Brown, Keziah, and Thomas Reeves, Gloucester 1777 Nov. 18 

Brown, Leab, and Francis Ellis, Burlington 1754 Oct. 7 

Brown, Margaret, New Brunswick, and Henry Davis, New Brunsw’k. . 174G July 14 

Brown, Margaret, Burlington, and Job Clevenger, Burlington 1772 Mar. 4 

Brown, Margaret, and Ebeuezer Flick, Gloucester 1783 Feb. 27 

Brown, Margaret, and Benjamin Archer, New York 17t4 June 14 

Brown, Martha, Burlington, and Jonathan Teel y, Burlington 1758 June 22 

Brown, Mary, Bucks Co., Pa., and Daniel Thompson, Bucks Co., Pa. .1757 Aug. 2 

Brown, Mary, Middlesex, and Moses Groom, Middlesex 17G5 Feb. 7 

Brown, Mary, Cumberland, and John Fithian, Cumberland 1765 Sept. 26 

Brown, Mary, and John Dancer, Middlesex 1769 June 13 

Brown, Mary, and Andrew Gautier, Jr 1772 Oct. 6 

Brown, Mary, and John Warne, South Amboy 1773 June 9 

Brown, Mary, Fairfield, and Philip Walters, Cumberland 1777 Oct. 18 

Brown, Mary, and John Pencock, Evesham 1784 July 14 

Brown, Neomv, Burlington, and James Killgore, Burlington 1730 Dec. 14 

Brown, Prudence, Burlington, and Samuel Cooper, Gloucester 1767 Feb. 2 

Broxvn, Rachel, and John Almond, Salem 1785 Aug. 15 

Brown, Rebecca, and John Brilford, Bucks, Pa 1760 Nov. 13 

Brown, Rebecca, and Jeremiah Bennett, Burlington 1746 Jan. 27 

Brown, Rebecca, Northampton, and Job S breve, Northampton 176 1 Aug. 11 

Brown, Rhoda, and Joseph Champion, Gloucester 1784 Jan. 15 

Brown, Sarah, Monmouth, and Josiah Steward, Monmouth 1740 Mar. 8 

Brown, Sarah, Burlington, and John Gibbs, Burlington 1765 Mar. 10 

Brown, Sarah, Shrewsbury, and Robert Potter, Shrewsbury 1765 April 17 

Brown, Sarah, Freehold, and Andrew Reed, Freehold 1767 Sept. 28 

Brown, Sarah, Monmouth, and Andrew Moore, Monmouth 1772 Jan. 18 

Brown, Sarah, and William McNeil us. 1780 Dec. 20 

Brown, Susannah, Hackensack, and John Rickman, Hackensack. 1760 June 12 

Brown, Theodosia, Monmouth, and Joseph Grover, Monmouth 1742 Mar. 4 

Browne, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Thomas Knight, Burlington 1686 Aug. 12 

Browne, Margaret, Monmouth, and Marcus Hedden, Monmouth 1738 July 27 

Browne, Martha, Burlington, and Josiah Steward, Burlington 1728 Jan. 21 

Browne, Martha, and Abraham Thomas, Shrewsbury 1732 Sept. 9 

Browne, Mary, Burlington, and Caleb Browne, Eastern Div 1731 Nov. 17 

Browne, Mary, Gloucester, and Bower Brooks, Gloucester 1761 April 4 

Browning. Elizabeth, Gloucester, and John Green, Gloucester 1737 July 9 

Browning, Mary, Chester, and John Chambers, Chester 1733 Feb. 25 

Brucar, Catharine, Somerset, and Josiah Pattison, Trenton 1728 May 21 

Bruen, Joanna, and William Butler, Morris 1780 Jan. 11 

Bruen Sarah, and Alpheus Haws 1779 May 22 

Bruing, Rachel, Essex, and John Gwinness, Morris 1772 Feb. 28 

Brundidge, Jemima, Burlington, and Benjamin Inman, Burlington. . .1739 Sept. 11 

Brunson, Anne, Somerset, and William Davidson, Middlesex 1744 Nov. 17 

Brunson, Mary, Somerset, and Adrian Beekman, Middlesex .1740 Jan. 5 

Brush, Keziah, and John Stout, Jr., Hunterdon 1782 Dec. 7 


Bruyn, Helena, and John Lines, Bergen 1779 Nov. 27 

Bruyn, Hyntje, Essex, and Francis Mintrose, Essex ,1741 Dec. 1 

Bryan, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Jonathan Hough, Burlington 1741 May 30 

Bryan, Esther, Burlington, and Cornelius Morford, Burlington 1761 Dec. 21 

Bryan, Johanna, Sussex, and William Craty, Sussex 1769 May 18 

Bryan, Mary, and Ihomas Raynolds, Burlington 1769 Jan. 4 

Bryan, Rebecca, Mount Holly, and David Antram, Burlington 1773 Feb. 8 

Bryan, Sarah, Burlington, and Philip Kenny, Burlington . 1736 Feb. 3 

Bryant, Anne, Somerset, and Michael Higgins, Somerset 1727 Nov. 8 

Bryant, Auny, and Daniel Bateman, Cumberland 1779 Sept. 28 

Bryant, Drewsilla, Gloucester, and Henry Gamer, Gloucester 1765 April 30 

Bryant, Jane, Deptford, and David Shrane, Deptford 1752 Oct. 19 

Bryant, Mary, Gloucester, and James Marriage, Gloucester 1762 Mar. 17 

Bryant, Rachel, and Josiah Ketcham, Hunterdon 1784 Dec. 4 

Bryant, Sarah, Burlington, and John Fennimore, Burlington 1730 Dec. 3 

Bryant, Sarah, Deptford, and Samuel Leeds, Deptford 1737 Feb. 25 

Bryant, Sarah, Gloucester, and William Cosens, Gloucester 1761 May 13 

Buchanan, Elizabeth, and John Inskeep, Burlington 1758 June 26 

Buchanan, Margaret, and John Case, Hunterdon 1780 Aug. 8 

Buck, Abigail, Cape May, and Samuel Crowell, Cape May 1763 Dec. 29 

Buck, Lydia, Cape May, and Ananias Osborne, Cape May 1738 June 9 

Buck, Lidia, and Azariah Hewet, Cape May 1775 June 12 

Buck, Marcy, and John Taylor, Cape May 1759 Dec. 29 

Buck, Mary, Cape May, and Hope Willets, Burlington 1730 June 20 

Buck, Mary, Cape May, and John Hand, Cape May 1769 July 28 

Buck, Sarah, and John Hand, Cape May 17 — April 17 

Buckalew, Anne, Perth Amboy, and Barney Carney, Perth Amboy 1754 Sept. 9 

Buckalew, Elizabeth, and James Applegate, Middlesex 1744 Feb. 21 

Buckalew, Mary, Perth Amboy, and George Johnson, Perth Amboy. .1759 July 4 

Buckalew, Mary, and Daniel Hollinshead, Monmouth 1762 Jan. 25 

Buckalew, Priscilla, and John Roberts, South Amboy 1757 Dec. 24 

Buckalew, Susannah, Middlesex, and Walter Carr, Middlesex 1747 Dec. 28 

Bucke, Abigail, and Abiah Shaw, Cumberland 1778 June 23 

Buckelew, Ann, and Gilbert Sherrer, Middlesex 1780 Sept. 19 

Buckelew, Margaret, Middlesex, and Francis Bloodgood, Middlesex. .. 1764 Dec. 15 

Buckelew, Rachel, Perth Amboy, and Richard Clawson, Perth Amboy. 1764 April 5 

Buckley, Martha, Salem, and John Hues, Salem 1690 April 24 

Buckman, Phebe, Pa., and Joseph Kelley, Pa 1768 April 9 

Buckston, Rachael, and Joseph Bonteuhouse, Gloucester, 1762 May 3 

Budd, Anne, Burlington, and Benjamin Stringer, Burlington 1731 Dec. 29 

Budd, Catharine, Morris, and David Gould, Morris 1761 Jan. 6 

Budd, Elizabeth, NorthamjAon, and Thomas Reynolds, Northampton.. 1759 June 23 

Budd, Elizabeth, New Hanover, and Vincent Shinn, New Hanover.. . . 1772 Sept. 5 

Budd, Hannah, Burlington, and Jonathan Reeves, Burlington 1736 Mar. 18 

Budd, Lydia, Burlington, and Moses Gaskill, Burlington 1774 Sept. 1 

Budd, Mary, Morris, and James Adkins, Morris 1751 May 4 


Budd, Rachel, Burlington, and William Bradford, Jr., Philadelphia. .. 1742 Aug. 18 

Budd, Rebecca, and Joseph Lamb, Burlington 1738 Mar. 28 

Budd, Rebeckah, and James Sterling. Burlington 1785 Nov. 9 

Budd, Sarah, Burlington, and John Gosling, Burlington 1736 Dec. 13 

Budd, Theodosia, and William Keeler, Burlington 1785 Jan. 17 

Baffin, Anne, Mansfield, and Moses Nutt, Mansfield 1772 Feb. 3 

Buffin, Grace, Burlington, and Thomas Kyrlin, Burlington 1741 Mar. 29 

Buftiu, Mary, and Edward Rockhill, Mansfield 1763 Sept. 10 

Bull, Dorothy, Salem, and Brian Conelly, Salem 1731 July 27 

Bulleu, Mary, Evesham, and Isaac Strattan, Evesham 1782 Dec. 25 

Bullers, Ann, and Joseph Ellis, Burlington 1785 Jan. 17 

Bullman, Gitty, and Joseph Baker, Hunterdon 1785 Aug. 13 

Bullman, Sarah, Philadelphia, and William Rider, Philadelphia 1730 Sept. 11 

Bulong, Hannah, Nottingham, and Jonathan Brown, Burlington 1748 April 13 

Bulmer, Magdalen, Somerset, and John Kastner, Somerset 1748 June 15 

Bumstead, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Joseph Durborn, Philadelphia. 1736 July 8 

Bunn, Aune, and John Vroom, Somerset 1783 May 18 

Bunn, Rachel, and Abraham Owen, Evesham 1784 Jan. 14 

Bowling, Mary, and John Woodmansee, Upper Freehold 1778 April 27 

Bunting, Phebe, Bucks Co., Pa., and Frances Wasley, Bucks Co., Pa. . 1749 Dec. 5 

Bunting, Rachel, Burlington, and William Miller, Burlington .1735 May 31 

Bunting, Sarah, Burlington, and Benjamin Thorne, Burlington 1740 April 14 

Bunting, Sarah, Burlington, and John Howard, Philadelphia 1749 Oct. 16 

Bunting, Sarah, Bucks, Pa., and Lawrence Johnson, Bucks, Pa 1751 Mar. 25 

Bunting, Sarah, and Benjamin Gilbert, Burlington 1772 Mar. 14 

Bunyan, Mary, and Michael Bailler, Hunterdon 1774 Jan. 19 

Burch, Margaret, and Abraham Reeves, Cape May 1769 Nov. 25 

Burck, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and John Duffill, Gloucester 1754 May 15 

Burck, Sarah, Gloucester, and John Duffill, Gloucester 1755 May 12 

Burdell, Ruth, Burlington, and John Collins, Burlington 1771 April 4 

Burden, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Corlies, Monmouth 1767 Jan. 28 

Burden, Hannah, Gloucester, and John Green, Gloucester 1774 Mar. 24 

Burden, Hannah, and John Hankins, Burlington 1778 Oct. 23 

Burden, Mary, Salem, and John Lewis, Salem 1730 Nov. 18 

Burden, Mary, Monmouth, and Samuel Pintard, Monmouth 1761 April 23 

Burden, Mary, and John Doughton, Gloucester 1770 May 17 

Burden, Ruth, Philadelphia, and George Noarth, Philadelphia .1737 May 14 

Burdge, Hannah, Monmouth, and Joseph Dorset, Monmouth 1771 Jan. 21 

Burdge, Lidia, Monmouth, and John Gifford, Monmouth 1767 April 7 

Burdsal, Avis, and Samuel Fort, Burlington 1768 Aug. 29 

Burdsall, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Benjamin Cooper, Gloucester 1734 Feb. 25 

Burdsall, Sarah, and William Pettit, Bucks Co., Pa 1770 Oct. 2 

Burdsell, Mary, Stafford, and Timothy Willets, Shrewsbury". 1762 Sept. 28 

Burge, Deborah, Middletown, and James Pew, Middletown 1741 Jan. 21 

Burge, Phebe, Middletown, and Caleb Brown, New York 1752 Oct. 18 

Burge, Rejoice, and Francis Harris, Burlington 1774 Oct. 17 



Burge, Sarah, Shrewsbury, and Jonathan Conrey, Middletown 1759 May 5 

Burger, Sarah, and Andries Ten Eick, Somerset 1781 Feb. 15 

Burges, Rebecca, Pennsylvania, and Joseph Church, Pannsylvauia . . .1736 Nov. 17 

Burges, Sarah, and Samuel Price, Sussex 1770 Oct. 13 

Burgess, Anne, Burlington, and Joseph Guerrat, Burlington 1765 July 4 

Burgess, Margaret, Pennsylvania, and Joseph Jackson, Pennsylvania. . 1728 Sept. 9 

Burgis, Sarah, Pennsylvania, and Mathew Johnson, Pennsylvania. ...1756 May 22 

Burk, Anne, Gloucester, and John Chambers, Burlington... 1767 Oct. 8 

Burk, Catharine, Shrewsbury, and John Race, Middletown 1766 April 23 

Burk, Dorsa, Monmouth, and Thomas Emans, Monmouth 1760 July 19 

Burk, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Samuel Baxter, Gloucester 1780 May 25 

Burkin, Catharine, Burlington, and John Mathes Sberso, Burlington. .1742 Mar. 21 

Burleigh, Abigail, Bucks, Pa., and Thomas Simson, Bucks, Pa 1741 Mar. 25 

Burne, Abigail, Gloucester, and Robert Turner, Gloucester 1738 Jan. 8 

Burne, Mary, Gloucester, and John Price, Gloucester 1737 Nov. 8 

Burne, Mary, Hanover, and Peter Stevensen, Springfield 1774 June 8 

Burnes, Sarah, and Job Lippincott, Burlington .1779 Mar. 29 

Burnet, Marcy, and Philip Snalbaker, Gloucester 1758 April 25 

Burnett, Mary, Morris, and Stephen Jackson, Morris 1768 Dec. 19 

Burns, Anna, and Peter Welsh, Nottingham 1778 June 3 

Burns, Elinor, and Job Shinn, Springfield.. 1776 Nov. 4 

Burns, Hannah, and Mark Minsei 1 , Burlington, 1784 Mar. 10 

Burns, Margaret, Middlesex, and Amaziab Davidson, Middlesex 1761 May 25 

Burns, Sarah, Northampton, and William Reeves, Northampton 1747 Nov. 21 

Burr, Ann, and George Deacon, Burlington 1757 Jan. 29 

Burr, Beulah, Burlington, aud Reynold Wharton, Builington 1782 May 27 

Burr, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Abraham Hewlinge, Burlington 17 7 4 Sept. 5 

Burr, Martha, and John Clapp, Burlington 1779 Mar. 17 

Burr, Mary, Burlington, and Isaiah Shinn, Burlington 1770 Aug. 2 

Burr, Mary, Burlington, and George Harris, Burlington. 1774 May 2 

Burr, Priscilla, Burlington, and Thomas Kemble, Burlington 1773 Nov. 5 

Burr, Rebekah, and Levi Bond, Cumberland 1782 Jan. 7 

Burr, Rebecca, and Isaiah Bishop, Gloucester 1782 Aug. 29 

Burr, Susannah, Philadelphia, and Uriah Woolman, Philadelphia 1769 Mar. 2 

Burrodail, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Browne, Burlington 1758 Mar. 11 

Burroughs, Esther, and William Bidgood, Burlington 1733 Feb. 5 

Burroughs, Hannah, Gloucester, and Samuel Parr, Burlington 1733 July 16 

Burroughs, Hannah, Bucks Co., Pa., and James Thornton, Bucks Co., Pa. 1764 June 27 

Burroughs, Hannah, and Joseph Mickle, Gloucester 1771 Dec. 23 

Burroughs, Mary, aud Henry Cook, Hunterdon 1782 June 29 

Burroughs, Priscilla, Gloucester, aud James Cooper, Gloucester 1768 Dec. 12 

Burroughs, Sarah, Gloucester, and Isaac Mickle, Gloucester 1746 Sept. 19 

Burroughs, Sarah, and William Buzby, Gloucester 1779 July 21 

Burroughs, Susannah, and Abraham Hazelton, Burlington ..1756 June 7 

Burrows, Elizabeth, aud George Leawert, Cumberland 1778 Oct. 27 

Burrows, Martha, and Stephen Moore, Hunterdon 1781 Feb. 13 


Burrows, Priscilla, Salem, and Ebenezer Bowers, Salem 1730 May 1 

Burt, Mary, and Andrew Brown, Hunterdon 1778 Jan. 16 

Burt, Sarah, and John Rulon, Fairfield 1782 Dec. 10 

Burtis, Ann, and John Martin, East New Jersey 1763 May 23 

Burtis, Mary, Burlington, and Robert Worthington, Philadelphia 1729 July 31 

Burtis, Mary, Hunterdon, and Job Sager, Hunterdon 1770 Mar. 31 

Burtis, Sarah, and Henry Wagman, Chesterfield ..1767 June 20 

Burtis, Susannah, Middlesex, and John Bayley, Middlesex 1747 Mar. 30 

Burtis, Susannah, and John Ewan, Burlington 1770 Feb. 28 

Burton, Elizabeth, and Arthur Maguineas, Monmouth 1763 Nov. 14 

Burton, Mary, and John Hutson, Burlington 1794 Dec. 11 

Busby, Elizabeth, and Richard Painter, Philadelphia 1732 Sept. 15 

Bush, Catherine, and Anthony Beam, Bergen 1783 Jan. 27 

Bush, Martha, Bergen, and Morris Earle, Bergen 1751 Aug. 23 

Butcher, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Peak, Burlington 1760 Dec. 18 

Butcher, Elizabeth, and Joseph Hancock, Cumberland 1785 April 25 

Butcher, Esther, and John Snode, Waterford 1773 Dec. 4 

Butcher, Mary, and Joseph Morgan, Jr., Burlington 1789 Feb. 23 

Butcher, Prudence, Gloucester, and Joseph Kaighin, Gloucester 1767 Mar. 2 

Butler, Anne. Burlington, and George Hulrne, Burlington 1774 May 31 

Butler, Barbory, and Joseph Scott, Penns Neck 1777 May 17 

Butler, Bellitje, and Isaac Lewis, Richmond Co., N. Y 1767 Nov. 17 

Butler, Betsy, and Edmod Rainier, Burlington 1781 Aug. 4 

Butler, Eleanor, Staten Island, and John Slaght, Staten Island 1764 April 2 

Butler, Elizabeth, Staten Island, and Charles Leforge, Staten Island. .1757 Oct. 25 

Butler, Elizabeth, and Benjamin Jones, Burlington 1759 Jan. 16 

Butler, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, and Stephen Pricket, Perth Amboy. .1768 Jan. 11 

Butler, Margaret, and Joseph James, Cumberland 1748 Feb. 1 

Butler, Margaret, and Daniel Simpking 1748 Feb. 1 

Butler, Mary, Burlington, and Joseph Roberts, Philadelphia 174S Sept. 21 

Butler, Mary, and John Horner, Burlington 1758 July 8 

Butler, Mary, and Gilbert Totten, Staten Island 1769 Jan. *23 

Butler, Mary, Burlington, and Joseph English, Jr., Burlington 1769 Oct. 27 

Butler, Rachel, Burlington, and John Scrogg, Burlington 1748 Aug. 17 

Butler, Rhodes, Shrewsbury, and William Pottet, Shrewsbury 1766 Dec. 26 

Butler, Sarah, Burlington, and James Hammell, Burlington 1742 Oct. 23 

Butler, Sarah, Burlington, and Thomas Kelsej r , Burlington 1782 Oct. 16 

Butterfield, Ann, and Samuel Radford, Burlington 1768 Feb. 24 

Butterfield, Sarah, Burlington, and Aaron Mires, Burlington 1771 Aug. 10 

Butterworth, Anne, Burlington, and John Cross, Burlington 1784 Dec. 5 

Butterworth, Esther, and Alexander Beal, Gloucester 1746 Dec. 11 

Butterworth, Hannah, New Jersey, and JobnMackie, Philadelphia. . . . 1770 Aug. 6 

Buttler, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and Isaac Collen, Bucks, Pa 1729 Mar. 26 

Battler, Mary, and Joseph Hollinshead, Burlington 1787 Mar. 1 

Buzby, Hannah, and Miles Evens 1783 June 18 

Byard, Rody, and James Leeds, Gloucester 1785 Feb. 28 

6 2 


Byram, Ann, Morris, and Peter Condit, Morris...... 1768 May 19 

Byram, Pbebe, and Edward Mills, Morris 1778 May 9 

Byram, Rebeka, and Pbineas Chidester, Morris 1780 Mar. 20 

Byrme, Mary, Mount Holly, and Joseph Porter, Mount Holly 1781 Oct. 31 


Cafferty, William, Burlington, and Mary Bowen 1771 Nov. 7 

Caffery, Daniel, Hunterdon, and Catharine Sinclair 1783 Jan. 19 

Cabalin, James, Salem, and Rachel Howell, Salem 1761 Sept. 9 

Cahill, James, Burlington, and Jane Taylor, Burlington 1768 June 29 

Cahoon, Samuel, Gloucester, and Hannah Davis, Gloucester 1770 May 9 

Cail, Daniel, Burlington, and Thankfull Fanning, Burlington 1770 June 1 

Cain, Edmund, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Peirson 1780 Feb. 14 

Caldwell, Hugh, Gloucester, and Jane Cox 1736 April 29 

Caldwell, William, Gloucester, and Nancy Chew 1778 Dec. 17 

Calkins, Abner, Sussex, and Sarah White 1786 April 27 

Callahan, John, and Elizabeth Kidd 1765 June 1 

Cambel, Cornelius, Salem, and Rachel White, Salem 1764 May 5 

Cambell, John, Perth Amboy, and Hester Weller, Perth Amboy 1731 Mar. 29 

Camburn, William, Monmouth, and Sarah Crammer, Monmouth 1763 Oct. 13 

Camel, Charles, Gloucester, and Susanna Francis, Gloucester 1750 Jan. 22 

Cameron, John, Essex, and Jane Chambers, Essex 1763-8 May 17 

Camilton, William, Cape May, and Hannah Backon, Cape May 1742 Sept. 24 

Camong, Lazarus, Gloucester, and Mary Beets, Gloucester 1758 Aug. 18 

Camp, John, Gloucester, and Elender Ingersoll, Gloucester 1740 Aug. 19 

Camp, John, Gloucester, and Jane Goldin 1780 Oct. 31 

Campbell, Alexander, Perth Amboy, and Hannah Leigh, Perth Amboy. 1742 Jan. 7 

Campbell, Arthur, Philadelphia, aud Mary Esdall, Burlington 1764 Sept. 11 

Campbell, Charles, Salem, and Jane McKnight 1732 Dec. 1 

Campbell, Christopher, Bergen, and Dirreckie Verveele, Orange, N. Y. 1766 Aug. 23 

Campbell, Dugel, Woodbridge, and Sarah Bloomfield, Woodbridge.. . . 1756 Jan. 31 

Campbell, George, Bergen, and Anuatie Outwater, Bergen 1767 Dec. 8 

Campbell, George, Bergen, and Johannah Singer 1732 Sept. 17 

Campbell, George, Hunterdon, and Catherine Smith 1779 Mar. 23 

Campbell, Jacob, Bergen, and Altche Westervelt, Bergen 1774 April 23 

Campbell, James, Sussex, and Mary Johuson, Sussex 1772 Mar. 2 

Campbell, John, Jr., Monmouth, and Rachel Walker, Monmouth 1746 Jan. 22 

Campbell, John, Gloucester, and Jane Dickson, Gloucester 1754 Oct. 9 

Campbell, John, Woodbridge, and Mary Eastwood, Piscataway 1758 July 5 

Campbell, John, Monmouth, aud Hen Irica Covenhoven 1761 Nov. 30 

Campbell, John, Burlington, aud Mary Eyre, Burlington 1765 June 10 

Campbell, Jonathan, Burlington, aud Rachel Bogart, Burlington 1776 Feb. 5 

Campbell, Neil, Middlesex, and Jaunet McDaniel, Woodbridge 1760 April 2 

Campbell, Neil, Middlesex, and Rachel Cothiel, Middlesex 1763 Jan. 10 

Campbell, William, Somerset, and Sarah Harris 1781 Sept. 29 

Campbell, William, New York, Margaret Bogart 1788 June 30 


Canady, Patrick,! Salem, and Juditli Morrison, Salem 1771 Mar. 23 

Cane, John, Gloucester, and Hauuah Tice, Gloucester 1761 Sept. 24 

Cann, John, Gloucester, and Hannah Sherrin 1789 Jan. 17 

Canuaday, John, and Ruth Howell 1780 Nov. 2b 

Cannon, David, Staten Island, and Altie Prall, Staten Island 1749 Nov. 14 

Cannon, William, Philadelphia, and Sarah Jackson, Philadelphia.... 1738 Aug. 19 

Capped, Charles, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Guyaut 1778 Feb. 3 

Car, Joseph, Jr., Freehold, and Eles Hamton, Freehold 1756 Feb. 18 

Carbines, Francis, Somerset, and Mary Stout, Somerset 1770 Mar. 14 

Card, William, Perth Amboy, and Anne Fleming, Perth Amboy 1739 Nov. 9 

Carhart, Philip, Hunterdon, and Elenor Thompson, Perth Amboy .... 1757 July 25 
Carhart, Samuel, Middletown, and Elizabeth Dorsett, Middletown ...1764 June 30 

Carkhuff, Henry, Hunterdon, and Catherine Fenner 1767 Nov. 23 

Carl, Uriah, Monmouth, and Judith Hunn, Monmouth.. 1755 July 9 

Carlile, Robert, Readingtown, and Abigail Geddes, Woodbridge 1757 April 26 

Carlile William, Monmouth, and Hannah Taylor, Monmouth 1764 April 16 

Carll, Constantine, Cape May, and Sarah White 1762 Dec. 15 

Card, Phineas, Cumberland, and Rachel Mills, Cumberland 1760 Oct. 7 

Card, Phineas, Salem, and Elizabeth Ilarneck 1757 May 18 

Card, William, Cumberland, and Sarah Ewing, Cumberland 1773 May 24 

Carly, Owen, Gloucester, and Esther Watson, Burlington 1742 Aug. 20 

Carmack, David, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Parker 1773 July 3 

Carmack, David, Salem, and Hannah Lecroy 1775 Jan. 18 

Carmalt, Jonathan, Philadelphia, and Rebecca Richardson, Phila 1727 Nov. 23 

Carman, Aaron, Burlington, and Elizabeth Stevenson, Burlington 1759 April 7 

Carman, Benjamin, Middletown, and Susanna Jhomson, Perth Amb. .1/63 Oct. 10 

Carman, Elijah, Hunterdon, and Jane James 1780 Nov. 3 

Carman, Jacob, Burlington, and Sarah Heritage, Burlington 1771 Oct. 5 

Carman, James, Middlesex, and Margaret Presmeal, Middlesex 1742 Nov. 1 

Carman, James, Perth Amboy, and Mary Thompson, Perth Amboy. . ..1756 May 12 

Carman, John, Burlington, and Anue Stockdon, Burlington 1744 Feb. 15 

Carman, John, and Catherine White, Middletown 1748-9 Feb. 25 

Carman, Richard, and Abigail Fitz Randolph 1742 July 21 

Carman, Samuel, Middlesex, and Margaret Moores, Middlesex 1740 Dec. 12 

Carman, Samuel, Middletown, and Mary Wilson, Middletown 1748 Dec. 10 

Carman, Stephen, Woodbridge, and Isabell Moores, Woodbridge 1748 Aug. 16 

Carman Stephen, Middlesex, and Margaret Carman 1769 Sept. 6 

Carmau, William, Monmouth, and Anna Walker, Monmouth 1767 Sept. 29 

Cam, Leonard, Morris, and Catherine Hill. 1778 Oct. 17 

Carney, Barney, Perth Amboy, and Anne Buckalew, Perth Amboy 1754 Sept. 9 

Carney, Cornelius, Hunterdon, and Bridget Scautlin, Hunterdon 1769 April 16 

Carney, Philip, Hunterdon, and Rebecca Thompson 1777 Nov. 16 

Carney, William, and Mary Arnal, Egg Harbor 1750 May 3 

Carnogh, William, Perth Amboy, and Jane Barnwell, Middlesex 1744 Aug. 2 

1 So signed, but in the body of the bond the name is entered as Kennedy. 

6 4 NEW jersey colonial documents. 

Carpenter, John, Gloucester, and Mary El <3 ridge 1784 Dec. 6 

Carpenter, John, Trenton, and Sarah Smith 1785 Jan. 26 

Carpenter, Joshua, Philadelphia, and Bridgett Rambo, Philadelphia. . 1738 April 17 

Carpenter, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Tonkin, Burlington 1774 April 12 

Carpenter, William, Salem, and Elizabeth Thompson 1767 July 29 

Carr, Adam, Burlington, and Elizabeth Yard, Burlington 1740 July 25 

Carr, Cornelius, Bucks, Pa., and Jane Brown 1768 Aug. 26 

Carr, John, Hunterdon, and Mary Manley 1779 Jan. 1 

Carr, John, Hunterdon, and Sarah Reed 1779 Mar. 2 

Carr, Peter, Bergen, and Esther Schuyler 1786 Sept. 23 

Carr, Walter, Middlesex, and Susannah Buckalew, Middlesex 1747 Dec. 28 

Carrathurs, Obadiah, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Venables, Cumb’l’d..l768 

Carruthers, James, Bucks, Pa., and Rachel Clarke, Bucks, Pa 1733 July 24 

Carruthers, James, Salem, and Lydia Roberts, Cohansie ...1733 Dec. 6 

Carson, Daniel, Cranberry, and Rachel Richards, Perth Amboy 1755 Sept. 27 

Carson, Robert, Morris, and Martha Beagle, Morris 1771 July 10 

Carson, Thomas, Cape May, and Elizabeth Murray, Caps May 1730 April 26 

Carson, William, Somerset, and Mary Barton, Somerset 1743 Dec. 8 

Carslake, William, Burlington, and Abigail Rockhill 1782 Nov. 28 

Carstlake, David, Burlington, and Anne Thomas, Burlington 1774 Jan. 29 

Cart, Goodson, Middlesex, and Deborah Knewling, Middlesex 1765 July 27 

Carter, Barnaby, South Amboy, Catherine Starkey, South Amboy 1760 Oct. 3 

Carter, Daniel, Salem, and Rebecca Van Meter, Salem 1752 May 20 

Carter, Jeremiah, Gloucester, and Ann Dilks, Jr 1757 Mar. 3 

Carter, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Luallen 17sl June 18 

Carter, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., aud Catherine Duncan, Pennsylvania 1731 Nov. 16 

Carter, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Gaskill 1757 Jan. 2 

Carter, Martin, New Castle, Del., and Jane Sherron, Salem 1759 June 11 

Carter, Micajah, Burlington, aud Elizabeth Saint 1741 Nov. 7 

Carter, Micajah, Burlington, and Susannah Ewan, Burlington 1744 Feb. 12 

Carter, Mijah, Burlington, and Elizabeth Saint 1741 Dec. 7 

Carter, Robert, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Thomas, Bucks, Pa 1733 Aug. 30 

Cartey, Charles, Burlington, and Hannah Caskey, Burlington 1 7' 6 Sept. 18 

Cartey, Daniel, Burlington, and Hope Shivers, Gloucester 1775 Nov. 16 

Cartey, Daniel, Burlington, aud Ann Shivers 1777 Nov. 4 

Carty, Owen, Gloucester, and Esther Watson, Burlington 1742 Aug. 20 

Caruthers, James, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Saunders 1785 May 12 

Carutbers, Richard, Cumberland, and Mary Ewing.. 1780 Dec. 16 

Carver, Jacob, Philadelphia, and Sarah Townsend, Philadelphia 1753 July 14 

Carver, Seth, Egg Harbor, and Mary Smith 1766 June 21 

Cary, John, Jr., Morris, and Hannah Lyon 1778 Dec. 28 

Case, J. Wheeler, Dutchess, N. Y., and Mary Evertsen, Woodbridge.. . 1763 June 10 

Case, John, Hunterdon, and Margaret Buchanan 1780 Aug. 8 

Case, Thomas, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Rue, Bucks, Pa 1734 Aug. 22 

Casey, Henry, Hunterdon, and Jane Frazier 1768 Feb. 24 

Casey, James, Salem, and Margaret Beauman, Salem 1762 Dec. 30 


Casney, Peter, Somerset, and Margaret Compton, Somerset 1776 Feb. 1 

Casparsou, Anthony, Salem, and Elizabeth Redstreak, Salem 1739 Oct. 15 

Casseday, James, Burlington, and Iiachel Dennis 1758 May 23 

Casseday, John, Bergen, and Hannah Peterson. 1781 Feb. 10 

Cassey, John, Middletown, and Catherine Mclntire, Middletown Point. 1747 Nov. 14 

Cassler, George, Middletown, and Anne Van Skiack, Freehold 1700 Sept. 10 

Cassoday, Thomas, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Rhaney, Monmouth .... 1768 Jan. 4 

Castle, Edward, Gloucester, and Ann Norton, Gloucester 1746 July 7 

Castner, Daniel, Jr., Somerset, and Mary Thompson, Somerset 1775 May 8 

Castuer, John, Somerset, and Sarah Compton, Somerset 1754 Nov. 11 

Castner. John, Somerset, and Katherine Reemer, Somerset 1783 June 16 

Cathcart, John, Gloucester, and Susannah Skinner 1779 July 27 

Caton, Robert, Burlington, and Ann Tuckniss, Burlington 1760 Dec. 9 

Cattell, James, Burlington, and Ann Rogers, Burlington 1738 May 18 

Cattell, James, Gloucester, and Hope Gaskill, Gloucester 1763 July 27 

Cattell, James, Gloucester, and Mercy Middleton 1774 Feb. 26 

Cattell, Jonas, Burlington, and Mary Pratt, Burlington 1740 Jan. 10 

Cattell, Jonas, Gloucester, and Sarah Stevenson, Gloucester 1750 July 10 

Cattell, Nathan, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Marshall 1780 Mar. 14 

Cauten, Isaac, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Buttler, Bucks, Pa 1730 Mar. 26 

Cavalier, Peter, Burlington, and Ann Tearney, Burlington 1739 Feb. 11 

Cavalier, David, Little Egg Harbor, and Mary Cramer 1782 Sept. 19 

Cavanagh, John, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Horn 1779 Jan. 2 

Cawley, John, Bucks, Pa., and Ellenor Earl, Burlington 1729 April 26 

Cawood, Thomas, Perth Amboy, and Anne Letts, Perth Amboy 1751 July 7 

Cayler, Henry, Burlington, and Charity Southard, Burlington 1767 Aug. 25 

Chadwick, Francis, Monmouth, and Huldah Faber, Monmouth 1764 Nov. 1 

Chadwick, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Light 1688 May 10 

Chadwick, John, Monmouth, and Patience Johnson, Monmouth 1763 Nov. 7 

Chadwick, William, Monmouth, and Peacable Tabor, Monmouth 1761 Jan. 7 

Challener, Richard, Burlington, and Elizabeth Powell, Burlington 1728 Nov. 12 

Challoner,! John, Burlington, and Ann Lucking, Burlington 1762 May 5 

Chamberlain, John, Monmouth, and Mary Gant, Monmouth 1749 Dec. 1 

Chamberlain, Thomas, Monmouth, and Catherine Gant, Monmouth. .. 1747 May 4 

Chamberlain, William, Monmouth, and Catherine Longstreet, Mon... 1746 Dec. 22 

Chamberlin, Godfrey, Hunterdon, and Mercy Moore 1779 Aug. 17 

Chamberlin, Joseph, Middlesex ...1769 May 30 

Chamberlin, Lewis, Hunterdon, and Mary Hagerman, Somerset 1773 Jan. 18 

Chamberlin, Richard, Gloucester, and Melesent Risley 1772 Dec. 23 

Chamberlin, Uriah, Amwell, and Mary Pipinger, Reading Town 1773 Jan. 2 

Chamberlin, William, Hunterdon, and Anne Parks, Hunterdon 1771 Mar. 6 

Chambers, David, Allentown, Pa., and Sarah Sloan 1768 April 13 

Chambers, James, Middlesex, and Ann Bayles 1775 Dec. 13 

Chambers, John, Chester, and Mary Browning, Chester 1733 Feb. 25 

1 Query: Chalmer. 




Chambers, John, Philadelphia, and Mary Meickles 1736 Dec. 14 

Chambers, John, Trenton, and Susannah Carter, Trenton 1746 July 31 

Chambers, John, Monmouth, and Charity Patten, Monmouth 1750 April 12 

Chambers, John, Burlington, and Anne Burk, Gloucester 1767 Oct. 8 

Chambers, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Shores, Burlington 1736 Nov. 17 

Chambers, Joseph, Monmouth, and Azenbeth Wing, Monmouth 1757 July 18 

Chambers, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Welsh, Burlington 1761 Oct. 21 

Chambers, Nicholas, New Jersey, and Susanna Wolcott, New Jersey. . . 1743 July 19 

Chambless, Jacob, Salem, and Rhodi Wheltall 1750 Jan. 15 

Chamless, James, Salem, and Jane Cluney 1772 May 26 

Chamblin, William, Monmouth, and Zilpha Dennis, Monmouth 1763 July 18 

Champion, Elias, Gloucester, and Mary Steelman, Gloucester 1735 Dec. 15 

Champion, Joseph, Gloucester, and Mary Engersol, Gloucester 1755 Mar. 5 

Champion, Joseph, Gloucester, and Rachel Collins, Gloucester. ...... 1770 Dec. 17 

Champion, Joseph, Gloucester, and Rhoda Brown 1784 Jan. 15 

Champion, Nathaniel, Gloucester, and Catharine Scull 1762 July 24 

Champion, Peter, Gloucester, and Hannah Thackera, Gloucester 1740 Oct. 14 

Champion, Peter, Gloucester, and Anne Ellis, Gloucester 1746 June 14 

Champion, Samuel, Gloucester, and Sarah Dilks, Gloucester 1746 Dec. 18 

Champion, Thomas, Gloucester, and Abigail Townsend, Gloucester. .. 1763 May 5 

Champion, Thomas, Gloucester, and Phebe Smith 1784 June 11 

Champneys, William, Salem, and Ann Watson, Salem 1772 Jan. 9 

Chandler, Amos, Monmouth, and Dorothy White, Monmouth 1739 April 30 

Chandler, Solomon, and Margaret Evoll 1779 Sept. 18 

Channen, Isaac, Burlington, and Elizabeth Furniss 1780 Mar. 11 

Chapman, Abraham, Burlington, and Margaret Imlay. 1767 Aug. 1 

Chapman, Edward, Burlington, and Bathsheba Heulings, Burlington. 1741 Oct. 22 

Chapman, Elijah, Burlington, and Achsah Borden 1783 Mar. 27 

Chapman, James, Trenton, and Mary Fulford 1777 April 23 

Chapman, Joseph, Burlington, and Martha Stewart 1757 Mar. 24 

Chapman, Lewis, Burlington, and Hannah Giberson 1777 April 16 

Chapman, Robert, Jr., Burlington, and Susanna Ireton, Burlington. . .1728 Jan. 14 

Chappell, John, Philadelphia, and Mary Mason, Philadelphia 1730 Dec. 24 

Chappie, James, and Sarah Bebout 1779 Sept. 2 

Chappie, Thomas, and Mary Godwin ... 1779 June 24 

Chappie, Thomas, Bergen, and Mary Hopper 1787 Dec. 6 

Chasey, John, Monmouth, and Adray Mount, Middletown 1760 Mar. 27 

Chatlin, Abishai, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Chester .1785 May 30 

Chatliu, Abraham, Gloucester, and Jane Caldwell, Gloucester 1746 Feb. 2 

Chatlin, Abraham, Gloucester, and Dorcas Hughes, Gloucester 1752 April 28 

Chatlin, Abraham, Gloucester, and Phebe Ward 1756 Mar. 31 

Chatlin, Abraham, Jr., Gloucester, and Ruth Wood, Gloucester 1760 July 22 

Chatlin, Francis, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Clarke, Salem 1760 July 22 

Chatlin, John, Gloucester, and Priscilla Hugg, Gloucester 1740 May 15 

Chatlin, Nixon, Gloucester, and Hannah Cox, Gloucester 1749 May 23 

Cheasey, Pearce, Middletown, and Martha Walling, Middletown 1753 Jan. 29 


Cheeseman, Elijah, Gloucester, and Hannah Warrick 1779 April 19 

Cheeseman, Joseph, Gloucester, and Sarah String 1782 Dec. 18 

Cheeseman, Thomas, Gloucester, and Sarah Colemans, Gloucester. ... 1727 May 11 

Cheeseman, William, Salem, and Sarah Newman 1772 Aug. 12 

-•Cheesman, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Kasiah Lawrence, Gloucester. . 1730 Sept. 19 

Cheesmau, Benjamin, Middlesex, and Auna Vantiue, Middlesex 1751 Oct. 8 

Cheesman, Benjamin, Jr., Gloucester, and Mary Ashbrook, Gloucester. 1753 June 13 

Cheesman, Joseph, Middlesex, and Lydia Parent, Middlesex.. 1710 Mar. 11 

Cheesman, Joseph H., Gloucester; and Mary Vannemau 1790 Mar. 23 

Cheesman, Peter, Gloucestei-, and Martha Hedyer, Gloucester., 1760 Jan. 30 

Cheesman, Reuben, Gloucester, and Sarah Ogden, Cumberland 1759 Nov. 29 

Cheesmau, Richard, Gloucester, and Deborah Hedyer, Gloucester .... 1763 July 18 
Cheesman, Thomas, Gloucester, and Marabeth Hedyer, Gloucester ... 1771 Mar. 27 

Cheesman, Uriah, Gloucester, and Hannah Rowand, Gloucester 1719 May 11 

Cheesman, William, Jr., Middlesex, and Mary Alders, Middlesex 1717-8 Feb. 19 

Chemalj', Michael, Burlington, and Judith Alloways 1783 Aug. 28 

Chemard, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Jones, Burlington 1771 Oct. 30 

Chemelar, Michael, Burlington, and Elizabeth Mineau, Burlington, .. 1762 Feb. 12 

Cherry, Henry, Bucks, Pa., and Ruth Barrass, Bucks, Pa 1731 Oct. 20 

Cheseman, Richard, Gloucester, and Hannah Cheseman, Gloucester .. 1716 June 11 

Cheshire, Samuel, Burlington, and Ann Robins, Burlington 1710 Sept. 13 

Chesnut, John, Pennsylvania, and Catherine Greg, Woodbridge 1718 May 11 

Chester, John, Cape May, and Sarah Lane, Cape May. 1711 April 13 

Chester, John, Cape May, and Sarah Vanluden, Cape May 1761 Aug. 11 

Chester, Joseph, Cape May, and Mary Regains 1773 June 30 

Chester, Samuel, Gloucester, and Young, Gloucester 1718 Jan. 5 

Chester, Samuel, New Jersey, and Fanny Johnson 1777 Aug. 2 

Cbeston, John, Hunterdon, and Amy Walker 1769 April 13 

Chew, Aaron, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Wood 1775 Feb. 11 

Chew, Aaron, Gloucester, and Hannah Gardner 1783 Oct. 4 

Chew, Constantine, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Leonard, Gloucester ... 1763 Mar. 18 

Chew, David, Gloucester, and Hannah Stilly, Gloucester 1767 Sept^ 29 

Chew, Jeffery, Gloucester, and Amy Driver, Gloucester 1732 Aug. 15 

Chew, Jeremiah, Gloucester, and Hannah Ashbrook, Gloucester 1745 Oct. 22 

Chew, John, Gloucester, and Ann Jennings, Gloucester 1739 April 3 

Chew, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Elinor Holt 1742 Dec. 13 

Chew, Michael, Gloucester, and Amey Brinn, Gloucester 1733 Dec. 29 

Chew, Richard, Gloucester, and Ann Alberson, Gloucester 1766 Oct. 3 

Chew, Robert, Gloucester, and Ann Tice 1778 Dec. 23 

Chew, Samuel, Gloucester, and Margaret Turner, Gloucester, 1765 Aug. 26 

Chew, Thomas, Gloucester, and Rachel Maniage 1778 Nov. 28 

Chew, William, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Allinson, Mount Holly 1774 April 21 

Cbidester, Phineas, Morris, and Rebeka Byram 1780 Mar. 20 

Child, Thomas, Bucks, Pa. , and Mary Kirkbride 1785 Nov. 3 

Chivers, James, Burlington, and Rebecca Doster, Burlington 1741 April 1 

Christian, John, Burlington, and Tamas Bowker ..1778 Mar. 13 


Christie, Andrew, Bergen, and Abigail Hopper, Bergen 1768 Mar. 20 

Christie, Daniel, Bergen, and Heyltie Erhert, Bergen 1770 Oct. 9 

Christie, John, Bergen, and Elizabeth Laroe 1780 June 16 

Christie, Joseph, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Wakefield 1776 Dec. 10 

Christopher, Barret, Hunterdon, and Phebe Moore 1763 Dec. 13 

Christopher, Daniel, Hunterdon, and Deborah Hunt. ... .1785 Sept. 18 

Christopher, Jesse, Hunterdon, and Massey Guiles 1779 Feb. 13 

Chubb, Thomas, Burlington, and Susanna Owen, Burlington 1758 April 12 

Chubb, Voicall, Philadelphia, Sarah Peace, Trenton 1745 Sept. 5 

Chum, Matthew, Hunterdon, and Mary Skillman 1768 April 2 

Chumard, David, and Mary Sharp 1784 Feb. 4 

Chumard, George, Burlington, and Mary Allen, Burlington 1782 Nov. 21 

Chumard, William, Burlington, and Jane Kendall, Burlington 1773 Oct. 4 

Chumard, William, Burlington, and Mary Winton, Monmouth ...1776 Jan. 12 

Chunu, James, .Hunterdon, and Jean Barlenjau 1763 Nov. 22 

Church, Edward, Bristol, Pa., and Sarah Antrim, Mansfield 1765 Feb. 1 

Church, John, Philadelphia, and Mary Bay, Gloucester 1784 July 15 

Church, Joseph, Pennsylvania, and Rebecca Burges, Pennsylvania. ... 1736 Nov. 17 

Church, Samuel, Gloucester, and Dorothy Edwards, Gloucester 1737 Aug. 9 

Church, Silas, Cape May, and Martha Bancroft, Cape May 1770 Aug. 1 

Church, William, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Grant, Philadelphia. ... 1730 Mar. 18 

Chrissoriw, Abraham, Long Island, and Jannetie Nefies, Somerset 1747 May 1 

Cimeter, William, and Elizabeth Best 176S May 7 

Ciser, John, New York, and Mary Scigolet, Middletown. .... 1764 Sept. 12 

Clap, John, Burlington, and Mary Grimes, Burlington 1784 Oct. 16 

Clap, John, Burlington, Martha Grimes, Burlington 1782 Dec. 19 

Clap, William, Burlington, Rebecca Wright 1768 Jan. 30 

Clapp, George, Burlington, and Rebecca Shinn, Burlington 1761 Sept. 23 

Clapp, John, Burlington, and Martha Burr. ... 1779 Mar. 17 

Clark, Alexander, Monmouth, and Mary Hoff, Monmouth 1763 Nov. 7 

Clark, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Susannah Mean, Monmouth 1746 Jan. 5 

Clark, Charles, Cumberland, and Ruth Scott, Cumberland 1769 Nov. 21 

~Clark, Cornelius, Salem, and Elizabeth Reay 1758 June 20 

Clark, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Mary Grandin 1769 Jan. 13 

Clark, Daniel, Cumberland, and Auna Holmes, Cumberland 1761 Aug. 11 

Clark, David, Burlington, and Elizabeth Betts 1756 Sept. 16 

Clark, David, Gloucester, and Rachel Bates, Gloucester 176L Mar. 12 

Clark, Elijah, Gloucester, and Jane Larduer, Gloucester 1756 April 29 

Clark, James, Salem, and Catherina Carney 1755 Nov. 20 

Clark, James, Cumberland, and Sarah Ogden, Cumberland 1769 June 20 

Clark, James, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Totterson, Hunterdon 1775 Oct. 14 

Clark, James, Salem, Elizabeth Van Lear 1784 Oct. 28 

Clark, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Green 1747 Dec. 22 

Clark, John, Bucks, Pa., and Amy Merriott, Bordentown 1774 Dec. 13 

Clark, John, Burlington, and Sarah Hamilton 1778 Jan. 29 

Clark, John, Gloucester, and Mary Daniels 1783 Dec. 19 



Clark, Joseph, Bristol, Pa., and Elizabeth Knight, Bristol, Pa 1749 April 25 

Clark, Joseph, and Rebecca Floyd 1775 Mar. 23 

Clark, Joshua, Cumberland, and Eunice Derail 1759 Oct. 24 

Clark, Josiah, Gloucester, and Phebe Early 1775 May 1 

Clark, Levi, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Spencer, Gloucester 1764 Dec. 14 

Clark, Levi, and Nancy Oar 1776 Mar. 13 

Clark, Richard, Monmouth, and Eleanor Smith, Monmouth 1750 July 26 

Clark, Noah, Essex, and Patience Lamb 1769 June 5 

Clark, Robert, Salem, and Sara Mecum 1786 April 15 

Clark, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Bennet 1747 May 14 

Clark, Samuel, Monmouth, and Uphame Carman, Monmouth 1767 May 17 

Clark, Stephen, Cumberland, and Tabitha Nixon, Cumberland 1761 Oct. 28 

Clark, Thomas, Gloucester, and Ruth Hutton, Gloucester 1746 Aug. 20 

Clark, Thomas, Salem, and Sarah Noah, Salem. 1773 Jan. 28 

Clark, Wheeler, Bucks, Pa., and Frances Morgan, Bucks, Pa 1759 May 22 

Clark, William, Monmouth, and Katharine Romine, Monmouth 1745 April 12 

Clark, William, Jr., Gloucester, and Susannah Attmore 1763 Mar. 28 

Clark, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Funner 1778 April 10 

Clark, William, Burlington, and Mary Donnell 1779 Dec. 16 

Clarke, Henry, Chester, Pa., and Mary Hood, Chester, Pa 1731 Nov. 18 

Clarke, Thomas, and Margaret Duehurst 1692 Nov. 2 

Clarkson, James, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Kelley, Philadelphia. .. 1727 June 19 

Clarkson, James, Middlesex, and Margaret FitzRandolph 1743 Dec. 26 

Clarkson, James, Woodbridge, and Elizabeth Coddington 1744 Feb. 5 

Clarkson, John, Middlesex, and Maryan Noe 1768 May 28 

Clarkson, Robert, Woodbridge, and Rebecca Fitz Randolph, Woodb’g. 1758 Aug. 7 

Clauts, Jacob, Springfield, and Sarah Farmer 1779 June 3 

Clava, Benjamin Moses, Gloucester, Sarah McDonald 1773 Jan. 26 

Clawson, Jonathan, Woodbridge, and Mary Baron, Woodbridge 1760 May 27 

Clawson, Richard, Perth Amboy, and Rachel Buckelew, Perth Amboy. 1764 April 5 

Clawson, William, Piscataway, and Elizabeth Van Sickle 1745 June 17 

Claypool, David, Burlington, and Rebecca Ward, Burlington 1780 Nov. 28 

Claypool, Wingfield, Burlington, and Mary Pool .1782 Feb. 21 

Claypoole, Abraham, New Hanover, Hope Fennimore, Springfield 1774 Dec. 7 

Clayton, David, Jr., Monmouth, and Rebekah Taylor, Monmouth .. (?) 1746 
Clayton, David, Jr., Monmouth, and Rebekah Tompson, Monmouth. . 1745 Dec. 24 
Clayton, Edward, Monmouth, and Sarah Throckmorton, Monmouth .. 1765 Dec. 4 

Clayton, James, Burlington, and Rebecca Hutchins 1771 Aug. 8 

Clayton, John, Monmouth, and Hannah Compton, Monmouth 1743 Mar. 29 

Clayton, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Breton 1746 June 21 

Clayton, John, Freehold, and’ Anne Clayton, Freehold 1764 May 22 

Clayton, Jonathan, Freehold, and Mary Benham 1759 Dec. 6 

Clayton, Joseph, Freehold, and Sarah Combs, Middlesex 1761 April 25 

Clayton, Joseph, Burlingtou, and Aun Stevenson 1769 Jan. 4 

Clayton, Pamel, Burlington, and Content Woolley, Shrewsbury 1731 Dec. 9 

Cleador, Itchecomb, Staten Island, and Alice Sealoff, Staten Island. . .1748 July 23 



Clear, Jasper, and Susannah Peterson 1784 Nov. 24 

Cleaveland, George, Burlington, and Hannah Rogers, Burlington 1756 Sept. 20 

Cleaver, John, Cumberland, and Jemima Draper 1780 Nov. 11 

Cleyton, David, Monmouth, and Mary Scothorn 1759 April 6 

Clement, Jacob, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Tyley 1741 Oct. 17 

Clement, Jacob, Gloucester, and Charity Kaighin, Gloucester 1769 Sept. 9 

Clement, Nathaniel, Gloucester, and Abigail Bowen 1768 Dec. 5 

Clement, Thomas, Gloucester, and Mary Tyley 1737 May 30 

Clement, Thomas, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Rolf 1774 Nov. 1 

Clemer, Conrad, Burlington, and Mary White, Burlington 1735 Mar. 2 

Clevenger, Abraham, Monmouth, and Mary Pitman 1760 Mar. 9 

Clevenger, Job, Burlington, and Margaret Brown, Burlington 1772 Mar. 4 

Clevenger, John, Monmouth, and Mary Horner 1760 Mar. 9 

Clevenger, Thomas, and Nellie Larkins 1762 Aug. 7 

Clevenger, William, Burlington, and Mercy Asson 1750 Aug. 17 

Clevinger, Abraham, Burlington, and Jane Platt, Burlington 1742 July 26 

Clevinger, George, Burlington, and Deliverance Homer. 1737 July 19 

Clevinger, John, Burlington, and Hannah Baker 1742 Mar. 17 

Clevinger, Zachariah, New Hanover, and Mary Gaskell, New Hanov’r.1778 Nov. 9 

Cleverley, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Pierce 1730 May 28 

Clifton, John, Philadelphia, and Mary Bankson, Philadelphia 1740 Sept. 10 

Clifton, Nathan, Burlington, and Mary Robinson .1780 Nov. 21 

Clifton, Samuel, Burlington, and Susannah Castle 1761 Feb. 6 

Clinhuff, Ephraim, Burlington, and Rebecca Strallein, Burlington .... 1762 Jan. 13 

Cliver, John, and Mary Warren 1781 Mar. 8 

Cliver, Peter, Springfield, and Sarah Collins 1781 Aug. 26 

Clouts, Jacob, Northampton, and Susannah Chemilly 1782 April 15 

Clymer, Christopher, Philadelphia, and Deborah Fitzwater 1734 Feb. 3 

Coahlan, Patrick, Burlington, and Catharine Sill, Burlington 1750 July 23 

Coakley, James, New Jersey, and Mary Flannagan 1778 April 27 

Coate, Daniel, Burlington, and Sarah Mills, Burlington 1766 Nov. 8 

Coate, John, Gloucester, and Milisent Maps 1774 Jan. 3 

Coate, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Leek, Burlington 1754 Jan. 2 

Coats, Henry, Burlington, and Rachel Jones, Burlington 1783 Jan. 14 

Coats, John, Hunterdon, and Esther Doughty, Hunterdon 1729 July 22 

Coats, William, Hunterdon, and Leanah Low 1781 Sept. 13 

Cob, Jacob, Burlington, and Catherine Mitchel, Burlington 1741 Nov. 23 

Cobb, Samuel, Morris, and Sarah Southard, Morris 1773 Nov. 17 

Cochran, John, Essex, and Mary White, Bergen 1740 Oct. 20 

Cochran, John, Hunterdon, and Phebe Henderson, Monmouth 1763 Sept. 1 

Cochran, Peter, N. Brunsw’k, and Elizabeth Vannorden, N. Brunsw’k. 1739 Mar. 19 

Cochran, Richard, Middlesex, and Mary Antill, Middlesex 1764 Oct. 15 

Cock, Jacob, Somerset, and Abigail McClow 1780 May 15 

Cock, Jacob, Somerset, and Blandena Jarolamon 1782 Nov. 8 

Cock, Henry, Somerset, and Mary Hall, Somerset 1759 April 12 

Cock, Peter, Gloucester, and Beata Lock, Salem 1738 Jan. 5 


Coddington, David, Woodbridge, and Ann Stone, Woodbridge .1750 Oct. 11 

Coddington, James, Middlesex, and Experience Randolph 1781 July 9 

Coddington, Samuel, Woodb’dge, and Mary FitzRandolph, Woodb’dge. 1756 Oct. 16 

Codington, Joseph, Woodbridge, and Margaret Lewis, Woodbridge .... 1756 Feb. 19 

Coffey, Joseph, Burlington, and Patience Tatem, Gloucester. 1768 Jan. 20 

Coffing, James, Gloucester, and Mary Whitehall 1732 July 2 

Colcott, Robert, Burlington, and Mary Ewing, Burlington 1771 Jan. 7 

Cole, Andrew, Northampton, and Mary Mitchell 1773 July 29 

Cole, Benjamin, Hunterdon, and Charity Coursen, Hunterdon 1752 Aug. 11 

Cole, David, Hunterdon, and Beula Yansant 1775 Oct. 24 

Cole, John, Hunterdon, and Maritie Low, Hunterdon 1749 Mar. 19 

Cole, John, Burlington, and Rebecca Lippincott, Burlington 1767 Jan. 7 

Cole, Barent, Bergen, and Mary Demarest, Bergen 1767 Aug. 10 

Cole, Joseph, Gloucester, and Mary Wood, Gloucester 1731 Dec. 2 

Cole, Richard, Monmouth, and Lydia Begele, Monmouth 1766 Dec. 6 

Cole, Thomas, Somerset, and Leentye Vanetta, Somerset 1751 April 3 

Coleman, Elias, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Brown 1786 Mar. 3 

Coleman, Nathaniel, and Nancy Evans Smart 1777 July 4 

Coles, Job, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Tomlins, Gloucester 1771 Feb. 7 

Coles, Richard, Philadelphia, and Sarah Shepherd, Cumberland 1759 Jan. 22 

Coles, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Matlack, Burlington 1767 May 4 

Coles, Thomas, Gloucester, Hannah Stokes, Burlington 1732 July 29 

Coles, William, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Smith, Monmouth. 1767 Jan. 14 

Colfax, William, Bergen, and Esther Schuyler 1783 Aug. 27 

Collard, John, Monmouth, and Sarah Woolley, Monmouth 1743 Aug. 20 

,Collen, Isaac, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Buttler, Bucks, Pa. . 1729 Mar. 26 

Collinge, Joseph, Middletown, and Mary Roberts, Middletown 1749 Jan. 3 

Collins, Abijah, Gloucester, and Hope Coles 1785 July 15 

Collins, Abraham, Burlington, and Alley Smart 1787 Mar. 19 

Collins, Amos, Gloucester, and Ann Stiles 1771 Nov. 29 

Collins, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Aune Hedges, Gloucester 1735 May 17 

Collins, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Desire Rulon, Stafford 1756 Jan. 12 

Collins, Charles, Burlington, and Ruth Starkey, Burlington 1748 Sept. 29 

Collins, David, Middlesex, and Margaret Clawson 1745 Dec. 7 

Collins, David, Burlington, and Ann Harding, Burlington 1775 Dec. 16 

Collins, Ebenezer, Monmouth, and Ann Woodmansie, Monmouth 1748 Dec. 27 

Collins, Ebenezer, Piscataway, and Rachel Folsom, Piscataway 1751 July 29 

Collins, Edward, Gloucester, and Phebe Matlack 1791 Feb. 10 

Collins, Edward Johnston, Gloucester, and Jane Collins 1783 Aug. 6 

Collins, George, Burlington, and Joanna Roche, Burlington 1731 Oct. 30 

Collins, Isaac, Gloucester, and Sarah Bates 1772 Feb. 17 

Collins, Isaac, New Brunswick, and Mary Robinson, New Brunswick. . 1774 Sept. 23 

Collins, James, New Brunswick, and Margaret Vanzant, New Brw'k. . . 1748 Dec. 26 

Collins, Job, Burlington, and Mary Haines, Burlington 1774 Mar. 17 

—Collins, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Moore, Burlington 1737 Feb. 27 

Collins, John, Middletown, and Anne Johnson, Middletown 1758 Dec. IS 



Collins, John, Gloucester, and Patience Alberson, Gloucester 1766 Oct. 3 

Collins, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Harbert, Monmouth 1767 Nov. 4 

Collins, John, Gloucester, and Mary Rifflin 1769 Aug. 14 

Collius, John, Burlington, and Ruth Burdell, Burlington 1771 April 4 

Collins, Johu, Gloucester, .and Catharine Champion 1777 

Collius, Jonathan, Burlington, and Mary Cole. 1781 May 31 

Collins, Joseph, Gloucester, and Susannah Hutchinson 1784 May 4 

Collins, Richard, Burlington, and Sarah Griffith 1759 Aug. 27 

Collins, William, New Jersey, and Susanna Gordon 1778 May 21 

Collins, Zebulon, Middlesex, and Mary Johnston, Middlesex 1746 Oct. 30 

Colman, Charles, Monmouth, and Catherine Lippincott, Monmouth. .. 1764 July 11 

Colsher, Matthew, Somerset, and Ann Huff 1768 Nov. 14 

Colver, Nathan, Stafford, and Phebe Stockaw, Stafford 1749 June 15 

Colvin, Philip, and Grace Holeman 1739 Dec. 1 

Comback, Peter, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Rue 1784 Mar. 22 

Combes, Robert, Woodbridge, and Margaret Loofbourrow, Woodb’dge.1753 Sept. 4 

Combes, Robert, Middlesex, and Hulda Combes, Pennington 1772 Mar. 25 

Combs, Coleman, Hunterdon, and Mary Peirce 1770 Feb. 10 

Combs, Johu, Perth Amboy, and Mary Abrahams, Perth Amboy 1748 Dec. 23 

Combs, John, Jr., Perth Amboy, and Sarah Abrahams, Perth Amboy . 1753 Dec. 24 

Combs, Jonathan, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Reed, Freehold 1741 June 3 

Combs, Jonathan, Perth Amboy, and Sarah Tilton, Monmouth 1743 June 9 

Compton, Cornelius, Middletown, and Lydia Crawford, Middletown. .. 1756 July 30 

Compton, Cornelius, Jr., Middletown, and Hannah Mount, Mid’twn. . 1756 Dec. 23 

Compton, Daniel, Woodbridge, and Rachel Paine, Woodbridge 1758 Aug. 11 

Compton, Gabriel, Middlesex, and Mary Carrington .1760 Dec. 20 

Compton, Ichabod, Monmouth, and Ann Gordon 1773 Aug. 20 

Compton, Jacob, Monmouth, and Valuriah Clayton, Monmouth 1763 Jan. 6 

Compton, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Morgan, Middlesex 1763 Jan. 28 

Compton, Richard, Jr., Monmouth, and Elizabeth Cox, Monmouth 1727 Jan. 15 

Compton, Richard, Monmouth, and Mary Deboogh, Monmouth .1747 July 27 

Compton, Richard, Somerset, and Sytie Hoglen, Somerset., 1749 July 11 

Compton, Richard, Somerset, and Lenty Eoo, Somerset . 1775 Aug. 31 

Compton, Richard, Middlesex, and Sarah Clear 1781 July 23 

Compton, Samuel, Woodbridge, and Mary Kemble, Woodbridge 1748 Feb. 13 

Compton, Samuel, Piscataway, and Sarah Tharp, Piscataway 1753 July 31 

Compton, William, Freehold, and Mary Smith, Perth Amboy 1749 June 15 

Compton, William, Middletown, and Sarah Sweed, Middletown 1762 Mar. 2 

Compton, Zebulon, Somerset, and Sarah Tunison 1764 Dec. 14 

Conarro, Joseph, Burlington, and Valaria Moore, Burlington 1761 Oct. 3 

Conarroe, Jacob, New Jersey, and Sarah Johnson 1782 Aug. 24 

Conarrow, Andrew, Jr., Burlington, and Keziah Johnston, Burlington. 1756 May 10 

Conawey, James, Cape May, and Susannah Corson, Cape May 1741 May 14 

Condict, Zenus, Morris, and Joanna Person 1779 Feb. 6 

Condit, Peter, Morris, and Ann Byram, Morris 1768 May 19 

Condon, James, Burlington, and Isabella Pittman, Burlington 1762 Jan. 21 


Condrick, John, Burlington, rind Surah Alton, Burlington 1763 May 5 

Couelev, John, Gloucester, and Rebecca Seeds, 1 Gloucester 1765 Jan. 22 

Conelly, Brian, Salem, and Dorothy Bull, Salem 1731 July 27 

Conerow, Andrew, Burlington, and Rebecca Arnold, Burlington 1727 Mar. 29 

Congleton, Henry, Salem, and Ann Peterson 1777 May 15 

Couine Derrick, Monmouth, and Jane Barkolo, Monmouth 1762 Aug. 2 

Conine, Jacob, Somerset, and Mary Clover, Somerset 1764 May 29 

Conine, Philip, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Dally, New Brunswick. . 1742 Dec. 15 

Conklin, Stephen, Jr., Morris, and Rachel Lindsley 1778 May 7 

Conklin, William, Morris, and Rebecca Whitaker, Somerset 1778 Dec. 7 

Conn, Samuel, Springfield, and Pamelia Carter, Springfield 1771 April 6 

Connel, John, Cape May, and Sarah Simkins 1763 Sept. 28 

Connelley, John, Philadelphia, and Ann Little, Monmouth 1780 Mar. 30 

Conner, George, Monmouth, and Rachel Knox 1780 Mar. 

Conner, James, Monmouth, and Mary Smith, Monmonth. 1739 Aug. 25 

Conner, William, Cape May, and Sarah Eldridge ...1789 Feb. 5 

Connet, James, Somerset, and Ann Harris, Middlesex 1761 Nov. 12 

Connolly, Alexander, New Brunswick, and Mary Longfield, New Bwk.,1747 July 31 

Connor, Timothy, Piscataway, and Mary Folsom, Piscataway 1750 Jan. 31 

Connove, James, Bergen, and Eva Bordan 1765 May 18 

Conover, Elias, Monmouth, and Anna Fish 1780 Oct. 14 

Conrey, John, Middletown, and Mary Morris, Middletown 1751 Sept. 14 

Conrey, Jonathan, Middletown, and Sarah Burge, Shrewsbury 1759 May 5 

Conrey, Peter, Freehold, and Margaret Strickling, Freehold 1760 Oct. 13 

Conrow, Darling, Burlington, and Sarah Elkinton 1778 Aug. 24 

Conrow, Darnel, Burlington, and Deliverance Stoakes, Burlington 1733 Mar. 16 

Conrow, George, Burlington, and Naomy Tomlinsun 1783 June 11 

Conves, John, New Brunswick, and Sarah Roberts, Middletown 1743 Jan. 19 

Converse, Conrad, Somerset, and Esther Parsell, Somerset 1750 Oct. 27 

Cook, Abiel, Jr., Monmouth, and Mary Thomson 1765 June 17 

Cook, Asher, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Green, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 31 

Cook, Edward P., Monmouth, and Lidy Chandler, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 12 

Cook, George, Monmouth, and Susannah Reece 1762 April 15 

Cook, Henry, Hunterdon, and Mary Burroughs 1782 June 28 

Cook, Job, Burlington, and Mary Warrick 1772 May 17 

Cook, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Woolley, Monmouth 1749 Dec. 29 

Cook, John, Pennsylvania, and Mary Anderson, Freehold 1761 Nov. 17 

Cook, Joseph, Monmouth, and Sarah Green, Monmouth 1748 April 29 

Cook, Michael, Monmouth, and Sarah Tallman, Monmouth 1757 Feb. 28 

Cook, Richard, Hunterdon, and Anne Ashlee 1783 May 13 

Cook, Silas, Monmouth, and Mary Russell, Monmouth 1746 Oct. 15 

Cook, Silas, Monmouth, and Patience Sheareman, Monmouth 1761 May 25 

Cook, Stacey, Burlington, and Jaue Deacon 1782 April 9 

Cook, Syvanus, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Rulong 1777 Aug. 14 

1 Query: Leeds. 


Cook, Tessher, Monmouth, and Mary Ribet, Monmouth 1764 Feb. 22 

Cook, William, Monmouth, and Ghertie Bennet, Monmouth 1743 Sept. 21 

Cooke, Benjamin, Burlington, and Elizabeth Webb.. .. 1759 May 31 

Cooke, John, Sussex, and Elizabeth Crooks 17G8 June 18 

Cooke, William, Philadelphia, and Sarah Driver, Burlington 1730 May 12 

Cool, Isaac, Somerset, and Mary Corle 1781 Aug. 25 

Coole, John, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Rose 1743-4 Mar. 6 

Cooper, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Hannah Carlile, Philadelphia 1729 June 10 

Cooper, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Burdsall, Gloucester .... 1734 Feb. 25 
Cooper, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Catherine Heaviland, Monmouth. ,1753 Oct. 31 

Cooper, Benjamin, Middletown, and Hester Borden, Middletown 1754 April 12 

Cooper, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hopewell, Burlington. .. 1759 Mar. 6 

Cooper, Daniel, Jr., Morris, and Catherine Hankinson, Freehold 1751 April 13 

Cooper, Daniel, Morris, and Grace Manning, Essex 1768 Mar. 11 

Cooper, Daniel, and Deborah Middleton, Burlington 1797 July 28 

Cooper, Ebenezer, Perth Amboy, and Margaret Williams, Perth Amboy. 1751 June 22 

Cooper, Ezekiel, Monmouth, and Sarah Layton, Monmouth ...17 66 A Sept. 4 

Cooper, Henry, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Sherman, Bucks, Pa 1732 July 8 

Cooper, Henry, Burlington, and Elizabeth Curtis, Burlington 1735 May 13 

Cooper, Jacob, Burlington, and Rachel Peppit, Burlington 1767 Mar. 10 

Cooper, James, Middletown, and Catherine Vandeventer, Middiet ’n.. 1743-4 Mar. 21 

Cooper, James, Gloucester, and Sarah Erwin, Gloucester 1761 Mar. 27 

Cooper, James, Gloucester, and Priscilla Burroughs, Gloucester 1763 Dec. 12 

Cooper, John, Monmouth, and Mary Jacobs, Monmouth 1743 Oct. 31 

Cooper, John, Burlington, and Rebecca Eayre, Burlington. 1783 May 1 

Cooper, Jonathan, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Tharpe, Monmouth 1767 Mar. 19 

Cooper, Joseph, Monmouth, and Deborah Taylor, Monmouth 1741 Dec. 

Cooper, Joseph, Bristol, Pa., and Hannah Lovett 1731 May 30 

Cooper, Nathan, Morris, and Elizabeth Marsh, Essex 1749 Jan. 20 

Cooper, Nathan, Morris, and Martha Dickenson, Perth Amboy 1751 June 4 

Cooper, Richard, Bergen, and Hannah Cooper 1787 May 11 

Cooper, Samuel, Gloucester - , and Prudence Brown, Burlington 1767 Feb. 2 

Cooper, Thomas, Monmouth, and Priscilla Wright, Monmouth 1749 Nov. 6 

Cooper, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth Cooper 1758 Sept. 13 

Cooper, WilliamS., Gloucester, and Mary Cheeseman, Gloucester 1749 Sept. 21 

Cooper, William, Gloucester, and Ann Folwell, Burlington 1768 May 4 

Cooper, William, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Fenimore, Burlington. . 1774 Nov. 12 

Cope, John, Salem, and Mary Richardson 1775 Feb. 10 

Copner, Cornelius, and Margaret Peterson, Salem 1732 June 15 

Copperthwaite, Hugh, Burlington, and Hannah Atkinson, Burlington. 1737 April 19 

Copperthwaite, Joseph, Monmouth, and Sarah Spicer 1778 Nov. 29 

Copperthwaite, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Borden 1733 Feb. 19 

Coppock, Bartholomew, Burlington, and Amy Cox, Burlington 1730 Aug. 4 

Coppock, Moses, Bucks, Pa., and Martha Lester, Bucks, Pa 1740 Sept. 22 

Corammore, William, Jr., Egg Harbor, and Miriam Stoakham 1746 Nov. 21 

Corbett, Joseph, Salem, and Susanna Philpot, Salem 1769 Dec. 28 



Cordeary, Isaac, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Jonston 1755 Aug. 2 

Cordery, Clement, Gloucester, and Mary Parker 1784 June 14 

Core, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Sutts 1780 Dec. 20 

Corey, John, Cape May, and Johannah Hand, Cape May 1762 June 14 

Corey, Peter, Burlington, and Martha Walker, Burlington 1784 April 29 

Corlies, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Burden, Monmouth 1767 Jan. 28 

Corlies, Timothy, Monmouth, and Hannah Williams, Monmouth 1762 July 14 

Corlies, Uriah, Monmouth, and Anna Dunham, Amboy 1752 June 22 

Corlis, George, Salem, and Margaret Watson, Salem 1762 Dec. 21 

Corlis, John, Monmouth, and Rachel White ... 1779 May 31 

Corlis, Samuel, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Bills, Monmouth 1745 Aug. 17 

Corlis, William, Burlington, and Ann Cox, Middlesex 1756 June 3 

Corliss, Jacob, Sale'm, and Deborah Stretch 1791 Mar. 28 

Corliss, William, Burlington, and Ann Davis, Burlington 1767 July 13 

Corn, Lawrence, Cumberland, and Mary Smith 1781 Nov. 27 

Cornel, Cornelius, Middlesex, and Gerrabratie Gulick, Somerset 1751 June 12 

Cornel, Jacobus, Bergen, and Lenah Hartie, Orange, N. Y 1761 Mar. 21 

Cornel, Job, Shrewsbury, and Sarah Worden, Shrewsbury 1755 May 30 

Cornel, William, Somerset, and Sarah Wykoff 1781 Jan. 7 

Cornell, Albert, N. York, and Sarah Dirgroot 1763 Jan. 26 

Cornell, Jacob, Somerset, and Elizabeth Kennade 1779 Nov. 27 

Cornell, Nathaniel, Hunterdon, and Sarah Cook 1785 Sept. 18 

Cornell, Peter, Middlesex, and Nelly Terhoon 1780 Nov. 29 

Cornwell, William, Gloucester, and Berthena Tiler 1782 May 13 

Cony, John, Salem, and Elizabeth Haines, Salem. .... 1770 Sept. 20 

Corry, William, Philadelphia, and Sarah Marriott 1733 July 4 

Corry, William, Burlington, and Martha Roy, Burlington 1766 Jan. 11 

Corsen, Rem, Cape May, and Hannah Stillwell 1759 Jan. 17 

Corshan, Joshua, and Margaret Willson 1764 Dec. 19 

Corshun, Joshua, Somerset, and Mary Probasco 1779 June 21 

Corson, Abner, Cape May, and Mary Smith, Cape May 1773 April 5 

Corson, Christian, Staten Island, and Hannah Kidney, Essex 1761 July 10 

Corson, Darmenas, Cape May, and Rachel Wilits 1778 Oct. 26 

Corson, Darius, Cape May, and Martha Mackey 1778 June 4 

Corson, Henry, Cape May, and Elizabeth Young 1788 Eeb. 21 

Corson, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Mary Creasey 1763 Sept. 24 

Corson, John, Jr., Cape May, and Mary Goff, Cumberland .1761 Dec. 19 

Corson, Joseph, Cape May, and Rachel Corsen, Cape May 1759 Jan. 22 

Corson, Joseph, Jr., and Phebe Badcock 1760 Sept. 22 

Corson, Levi, Cape May, and Margaret Hand, Cape May 1766 Dec. 23 

Corson, Promenas, Cape May, and Mary Lea 1774 April 12 

Corson, Promenas, Cape May, and Priscilla Cresesse 1774 Nov. 1 

Corson, Peter, Cape May, and Martha Edwards, Cape May 1757 Feb. 10 

Corson, Peter, Cape May and Elizabeth Godfrey, Cape May 1763 July 20 

Corson, Peter, Cape May, and Mary Badcock, Cape May 1761 Jan. 15 

Corson, Philip, Cape May, and Lydia Cawson 1784 Aug. 20 


Corwin, Joseph, Morris, aucl Mary Wcrtman 1778 Mar. 27 

Corwine, Richard, Hunterdon, and Sarah Snider 1779 Jan. 14 

Cosseboom, Nathaniel, Burlington, and Anne Venables 1761 Aug. 24 

Cossinan, John, Monmouth, and Margaret Front, Monmouth ...1756 June 9 

Costigin, Francis, Jr., Trenton, and Jean Carr, Hunterdon 1769 Mar. 2 

Costill, Hugh, Burlington, and Hannah Hilliar 1787 April 2 

Costive, Joseph, Burlington, and Anna Sharp 1759 Aug. 29 

Cosure, Benjamin B., Gloucester, and Nehomy Shaw 17S4 Nov. 16 

Cotauck, William, Sussex, and Sarah Williamson 1773 Dec. 8 

Cotheal, Alexander, Middlesex, and Eliles McDaniel, Middlesex 1764 Oct. 11 

Cothell, Henry, Middlesex, and Sarah Crew, Middlesex 1763 Feb. 10 

Cotter, William, Phila., and Kathrina Price, alias Miller, Phila 1737 Aug. 20 

Cottnam, Abraham, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Ann Pearce .*..1764 June 11 

Cotterell, Nicholas, Middletown, and Anne Roberts, Middletown 1752 Nov. 29 

Cotterell, Gershom, Freehold, and Catherine Layton, Shrewsbury 1757 Sept. 12 

Cottrel, John, Middletown, and Elizabeth Herbert, Middletown 1749 April 10 

Cottrell, John, Monmouth, and Hester Layton, Monmouth 1762 Jan. 6 

Cottrel, Robert, Monmouth, and Rachel Rogers, Monmouth 1766 Jan. 22 

Coughleton, Allen, Salem, and Sarah Vickery, Salem 1761 Feb. 12 

Couke, George, and Lena Leek 1778 Oct. 31 

Coulten, Zacheriah, Middlesex, and Ann Cox, Monmouth 1750 Dec. 25 

Coulter, James, Gloucester, and Ann Parsons, Gloucester .1771 Nov. 1 

Coulton, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Mary Williams, Philadelphia. .... 1771 Oct. 15 

Courson, Christian, Staten Island, and Ann Clandenning 1747 May 7 

Couvert, Isaac, Sussex, and Margaret Shaver 1768 Oct. 22 

Cove, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Ambruster 1778 Dec. 3 

Covell, Samuel, Monmouth, and Jane Cahale 1784 Mar. 29 

Covenhoven, Albert, Monmouth, and Mary Vandorn, Monmouth 1745 May 22 

Covenhoven, Albert, Monmouth, and Patience Covenhoven, Monm’th.1765 Nov. 21 

Covenhoven, Albert, Hunterdon, and Sarah Benham 1779 May 21 

Covenhoven, Benjamin, Freehold, and Catherine Wycoffe 1750 Feb. 5 

Covenhoven, Cornelius, Freehold, and Anne Williamson, Freehold 1750 May 28 

Covenhoven, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Elenah Williamson, Monm’th. 1756 June 5 

Covenhoven, Cornelius, Middletown, and Jane Denise, Freehold 1758 Dec. 5 

Covenhoven, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Mary Hendrickson, Monm’th . 1767 Jan. 12 

Covenhoven, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Mary Logan 1770 July 10 

Covenhoven, Daniel, Monmouth, and Helena Taylor, Monmouth 1757 Aug. 15 

Covenhoven, Garret, Monmouth, and Nelly Schanck, Monmouth 1744 July 17 

Covenhoven, Garret, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Bennerse, Monmouth. 1759 Feb. 26 

Covenhoven, Isaac, Freehold, and Hannah Morford, Freehold 1756 Mar. 9 

Covenhoven, John, Monmouth, and Mary Vandorn, Monmouth 1750 Nov. 5 

Covenhoven, John, Middletown, and Nelly Wyckoff, Freehold 1755 Dec. 8 

Covenhoven, John, Middlesex, and Lydia Predmore, Middlesex 1752 Aug. 14 

Covenhoven, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Hankinson, Monmouth. 1756 Feb. 3 

Covenhoven, Luke, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Johnson, Somerset 1739 Oct. 26 

Covenhoven, Luke, Middlesex, and Matiha Bargin 1774 Nov. 12 


Covenhoven, Matthias, Middletown, and Williamtic Covenhoven, Mid. 1749 July 27 

Covenhoven, Peter, Monmouth, and Anue Davis, Monmouth 1749 Feb. 5 

Covenhoven, Peter, Middletown, and Catherine Dehart, Freehold ... 1749 July 27 
Covenhoven, Peter, Monmouth, and Hannah Forman, Monmouth. .. ,1756 June 9 

Covenhoven, Roelf, Somerset, and Elizabeth Johnson 1778 June 17 

Covenhoven, William, Monmouth, and Anne Covenhoven, Monm’th. 1743-4 Mar. 16 
Covenhoven, William, Monmouth, and Sarah Suydam, Monmouth .... 1754 May 28 

Covenhoven, William, Middlesex, and Catherine Dye, Middlesex 1764 Aug. 25 

Covenhover, David, Monmouth, and Ida Wyckoff, Monmouth 1753 Aug. 18 

Covenover, Isaah, Gloucester, and Mary Bell 1774 Nov. 11 

Covencver, Micajah, Cape May, and Deborah Stanton, Gloucester. . 1750-1 Jan. 29 

Covenover, Peter, Gloucester, and Priscilla Smith, Gloucester 1761 Sept. 4 

Covenover, Peter, Gloucester, and Rebecca Woodward ..1773 June 16 

Covert, Francis, Monmouth, and Sarah Read, Monmouth 1744 Nov. 3 

Covert, Morris, Hunterdon, and Christina Seins 1773 Mar. 11 

Covert, Peter, Essex, and Mary Clawson, Middlesex 1753 Jan. 18 

Cowell, Joseph, and Catherine Case .1769 Jan. 19 

Cowen, Michael, Burlington, and Margaret Brian, Burlington 1763 Aug. 10 

Cowgill, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Sarah Ward 1754 May 31 

Cowgill, Edmund, Burlington, and Mary Johnson, Burlington 1736 Aug. 3 

Cowgill, George, Burlington, and Elizabeth Sowden, Burlington 1776 Jan. 24 

Cowgill, Jacob, Burlington, and Parthena Imley 1777 Nov. 15 

Cowgill, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Ridgway 1761 Nov. 12 

Cowgill, Nehemiah, Burlington, and Esther Davis 1738 Aug. 1 

Cowl, Jacob, Hunterdon, and Rachel Warrick 1780 Jan. 7 

Cowman, John, Essex, and Antie Van Winkle, Essex 1760 Feb. 13 

Cownover, John, Gloucester, and Letishew Clark 1778 Oct. 3u 

Cowperthwaite, John, Monmouth, and Ann Potter 1758 Aug. 23 

Cowperthwaite, William, Burlington, and Hope Shreve, Burlington. ..1767 Feb. 4 
Cowro, Darling, Perth Amboy, and Sarah Compton, Middletown .... 1761 Sept. 16 

Cox, Andrew, Gloucester, and Mary Lock, Gloucester 1760 June 30 

Cox, Asher, Monmouth, and Rebecca Holmes 1768 Sept. 28 

Cox, Charles, Gloucester, and Rebecca Vaneman, Salem... 1761 Jan. 6 

Cox, David, New York, and MaryLiveton, Middlesex 1762 Sept. 30 

Cox, Gabriel, Salem, and Sarah Elvill 1779 Jan. 31 

Cox, James, Monmouth, and Hannah Robins, Monmouth 1745 Nov. 1 

Cox, James, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Cox, Monmouth 1769 Feb. 25 

Cox, John, Burlington, and Abigail Ellis, Gloucester. 1744 Sept. 30 

Cox, John, Somerset, and Phebe Lindly, Essex 1751 July 31 

Cox, John, Middlesex, and Mary Pileon, Middlesex 1757 April 28 

Cox, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Holman 1768 Jan. 1 

Cox, John, l Monmouth, and Margaret Morris, Monmouth 1769 Oct. 29 

Cox, John, Burlington, and Hannah Smith, Burlington 1780 Oct. 25 

Cox, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Haines, Burlington 1761 Aug. 31 

i John Cox Minor. The bond is bound up in Book M, and not in Book C, 


Cox, Joseph, Middlesex, aud Elizabeth Chamberlain 1768 Feb. 18 

Cox, Joseph, Monmouth, and Sarah Wardell 1770 Jan. 6 

Cox, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Charity Forman 1775 Oct. 30 

Cox, Lougfield, Shrewsburj', and Anne Sears, Shrewsbury 1751 Dec. 5 

Cox, Morris, Monmouth, and Catharine Hutchinson 1773 June 21 

Cox, Moses, Gloucester, and Letitia Fisher, Gloucester 1754 Oct. 18 

Cox, Moses, Gloucester, and Mary Nale 1774 Mar. 10 

Cox, Nathaniel, Monmouth, and Rachel Yahan 1761 Feb. 18 

Cox, Nathaniel, Monmouth, and Mary Evans 1772 Dec. 19 

Cox, Richard, Burlington, and Elizabeth Newbury 1730 June 18 

Cox, Richard, Monmouth, and Mercy Taylor, Monmouth 1750 Jan. 19 

Cox, Richard, Burlington, and Rachel Bradshaw, Burlington 1775 Oct. 12 

Cox, Samuel, Burlington, and Barbara Salar. . 1756 Dec. 10 

Cox, Samuel, Middlesex, and Sarah Coleman 1764 May 31 

Cox, Samuel, Jr., Burlington, and Sarah Emley, New Hanover 1774 Oct. 17 

Cox, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Hopewell, Burlington 1775 Nov. 2 

Cox, Thomas, Shrewsbury, and Elizabeth Corlis, Shrewsbury 1749 Sept. 20 

Cox, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Ward, Burlington 1750 Mar. 21 

Cox, Thomas, Monmouth, and Deborah Taylor 1767 Nov. 4 

Cox, William, Burlington, and Rachel Mason, Burlington 1761 Dec. 15 

Cox, William, Middlesex, and Lytie Selover, Middlesex./ 1752 Sept. 25 

Coxe, William, Jr., Philadelphia, and Rachel Smith 1789 April 4 

Coyll, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Delaney, Middlesex 1749 Jan. 1 

Coyne, John,! Gloucester, and Rebecca Turner 1775 April 18 

Cozens, George, Gloucester, and Ellena Chester, Gloucester 1727 Jan. 17 

Cozens, George, Gloucester, aud Barbara Downs 1783 Oct. 22 

Cozens, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Cassell, Philadelphia . . 1768 Aug. 27 

Cozens, Samuel, Gloucester, and Hannah Cheesman, Gloucester 1753 April 23 

Cozens, Samuel, Gloucester, and Catherine Cox, Gloucester 1754 Mar. 2 

Cozens, Samuel, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Richards 1760 Sept. 15 

Cozens, William, Gloucester, and Sarah Bryant, Gloucester 1761 May 13 

Craddock, David, Burlington, and Sarah Nammock 1759 Dec. 17 

Craddock, John, Monmouth, aud Mary O’Daniel, Monmouth 1745 Dec. 21 

Craddock, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Armstrong, Monmouth. .. 1749 Oct. 30 

Craddock, William, Monmouth, and Hannah Hamson, Monmouth... 1745 Nov. 11 

Craft, George, Burlington, aud Mary Lanuiug .... 1760 Jan. 14 

Craft Gershom, Burlington, and Lydia Hancock 1741 Nov. 25 

Craft, James, Jr., Burlington, and Mary English, Burlington 1740 Oct. 21 

Craft, James, Burlington, and Margaret Roekhill.. .... 1758 July 19 

Craft, John, Mansfield, and Sarah Roekhill, Mansfield 1772 Mar. 19 

Craft, Samuel, Burlington, and Hannah Lanning, Burlington 1763 Dec. 29 

Craft, William, Salem, and Mary Morgan, Salem.. . . 1739 April 6 

Craig, Elias, Salem, and Mary Dunlap 1773 May 25 

i So signed, but entered in the body of the bond as John Kine, and the bond is bound up 
in Book K. 




Cramer, Josiah, Little Eg 

Cramer, Seemon, Burlington, and Plrebe Devinny, Burlington . . , 








. 17G2 



























. 1750 






. 1757 












. 1749 









. 1774 


















. 1772 
































. 1766 








l 1751 




















Creby, Hugh, Burlington, and Abigail Smart .1765 June 19 

Creek, James, and Francis Churches 1688 Aug. 20 

Creighton, Hugh, Gloucester, and Mary French 1759 Aug. 10 

Cremer, Hendrick, Middlesex, and Mary Wright 1761 May 23 

Cresan, Joshua, New Brunswick and Sarah Grigs, New Brunswick. . . . 1752 Oct. 21 

Cresse, David, Cape May, and Patience Stiles, Cape May 1769 Sept. 27 

Cresse, Israel, Cape May, and Hannah Goff, Cape May 1761 Nov. 3 

Cresse, John, Cape May, and Beulah Ludlam, Cape May 1739 May 18 

Cresse, Jonathan, Cape May, and Naomi Hand, Cape May 1763 July 1 

Cresse, Josiah, Cape May, and Mary Holding 1737 Sept. 26 

Cresse, Lewis, Cape May, and Elizabeth Lirdlam, Cape May 1740 Sept. 1 

Cresse, Nathan, Cape May, and Anne Erexison 1774 Dec. 24 

Cresse, Zebulon, Cape May, and Rkoda Goff, Cape May 1764 Sept. 14 

Cressie, Philip, Cape May, .and Experience Smith 1763 Feb. 20 

Cresson, John, Philadelphia, and Rebecca Brian t, Philadelphia 1736 Aug. 7 

Creveliug, Henry, Hunterdon, and Sarah Weller, Sussex 1770 July 12 

Crim, Peter, Gloucester, and Sarah Hamilton, Gloucester 1769 Aug. 28 

Cripps, Nathaniel, and Grace Whitten 1694 Jan. 9 

Crispen, Joshua, Burlington, and Rachel Lippincott 1779 May 10 

Crispin, Benjamin, Burlington, and P.achel West, Burlington 1784 Feb. 16 

Crispin, Jacob, Burlington, and Ann Chub 1781 July 18 

Crispin, Jonathan, Burlington, and — Hewlings, Burlington 1770 May 14 

Crispin, Seth, Burlington, and Hannah Strattan 1779 Dec. 8 

Cristy, William, Sussex, and Sarah Caldwell . N 1768 Oct. 22 

Crockett, John, Burlington, and Catherine Grapevine 1779 Sept. 20 

Crolius, George, New York, and Catherine Coolbagh, New York 1763 May 7 

Cromwell, John, Cape May, and Ruth Hand, Cape May 1737 April 22 

Cronders, Nathan, Burlington, and Dorothy Easely 1786 Nov. 30 

Cronin, James, Bristol, Pa., and Catharine Murry. 1787 June 12 

Crooks, James, Sussex, and Anne Braden, Sussex 1773 Aug. 4 

Crooks, Richard, Burlington, and Sarah Voto 1783 Feb. 26 

Crosbie, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Grace Cannon 1778 Sept. 26 

Croshaw, Isaiah, Burlington, and Ann Leeds, Northampton 1779 April 3 

Croshaw, John, Burlington, and Rebecca Briggs, Burlington 1771 April 25 

Croshaw, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Whitton 1783 Mar. 18 

Crosier, John, Pennsylvania, and Ruth Rannals, Pennsylvania 1776 Mar. 8 

Cross, Benjamin, Salem, and Virgin Besby, Salem .......1739 Sept. 25 

Cross, John, Burlington, and Anne Butterworth, Burlington 1784 Dec. 5 

Crothan, Thomas, Burlington, and Dorothy Weaver, Burlington 1765 Mar. 7 

Crow, David, Middlesex, and Sarah Laforce, Pisoataway 1765 April 16 

Crow, John, Middlesex, and Martha Thornton, Middlesex 1765 Jan. 25 

Crosv, Samuel, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Tusley, Middlesex 1751 Aug. 21 

Crow, Samuel, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Potter, Middlesex 1764 Mar. 5 

Crowell, Jacob, Cape May, and Jane Edwards, Cape May 1731 Jan. 15 

Crowell, Jacob, Cape May, and Rachel Edwards, Cape May 1764 April 9 

Crowell, James, Woodbridge, and Francis Fitz Randolph, Woodbridge.1759 Jan. 17 


8 I 

Crowell, John, Cape May, anil Experience Hughes, Cape May 1770 Feb. 13 

Crowell, Josiah, Cape May, ami Sarah Eldridge, Cape May 1704 Feb. 28 

Crowell, Samuel, Cape May, anil Phebe Smith 1759 Nov. 7 

Crowell, Samuel, Sussex, anil Mary Woolverton, Sussex 1702 Oct. 2 

Crowell, Samuel, Cape May, ami Abigail Buck, Cape May 1703 Dec. 29 

Crowell, Thomas, Middlesex, aud Christian Presgrove 1740 Feb. 14 

Crowell, Thomas, Cape May, and Sarah Schilliuks, Cape May 1771 Jan. 15 

Crowford, Henry, Gloucester, aud Elizabeth McColloch 1754 April 6 

Crozer, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Jane Schuyler 1787 Dec. 19 

Crum, Benjamin, Cape May, and Martha Matthews 1780 Oct. 5 

Cruse, Abraham, Staten Island, and Elenor Stouten burg, Staten Island. 1768 Nov. 21 

Crusee, Henry, East Div. N. J., Elizabeth Baird, Somerset 1755 Dec. 1 

Cubberly, Isaac, Burlington, and Anne Hooper, Middlesex .1749 Dec. 7 

Cubberly, James, Burlington, and Anne Minging, Burlington 1745 Oct. 31 

Cubberley, James, Burlington, and Anne Ford, Burlington 1777 Nov. 8 

Culver, Nathaniel, New Brunswick, and Elsie Letts, Perth Amboy ... 1761 Feb. 6 

Cuming, John, Trenton, aud Susannah Loveland, Trenton 1742 Nov. 19 

Camming, Robert, Monmouth, and Mary Noble, Monmouth 1746 Jan. 8 

Cunningham, Andrew, Burlington, aud Aun Brown, Burlington 1754 June 12 

Cunningham, Archibald, Philadelphia, and Mary Reynolds, Middlesex. 1771 Sept. 18 

Cunningham, George, Burlington, and Sarah Vandergrift 1788 Feb. 20 

Cunningham, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Ervine 1781 Dec. 31 

Cunningham, Joseph, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Jones, Monmouth. .. 1746 Jan. 12 

Cunningham, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Bowles 1748 Mar. 15 

Cunningham, William, Bordentown, and Elizabeth Ridgeway, Bdtwn 1757 April 29 

Curlies, Uriah, Shrewsbury, and Exercise Allen, Shrewsbury 1716 May 23 

Curbs, Samuel, Monmouth, aud Lavina Harbert, Monmouth 1758 May 17 

Currie, Robert, Gloucester, and Jane Mcllvaue 1769 Mar. 6 

Currev, William, Burlingtcn, and Martha Rogers 1749 Dec. 8 

Currey, William, Salem, and Ruth Smith 1786 Feb. 8 

Curry, John, New York, and Ann Montgomerie, Perth Amboy 1763 Dec. 27 

Curry, John. Salem, and Gene Lowderback 1775 Jan. 30 

Curtis, David, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Price, Monmouth 1766 Jan. 8 

Curtis, David, -Jr., Monmouth, and Elizabeth Bennet, Monmouth. .. 1747 May 26 

Curtis, John, Monmouth, and Mary Davis, Monmouth... 1746 Mar. 31 

Curtis, John, Capt. Boumaus C ■., and Sarah Wood, Burlington 1781 Feb. 5 

Curtis, Obadiab, Hunterdon, and Ann Yard 1789 Dec. 17 

Curtis, Robert, Burlington, and Jane Carter, Burlington 1776 Feb. 5 

Curtis, Samuel, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Taylor, Monmouth 1766 Mar. 4 

Curtis, Thomas, Burlington, and Abigail Conrow, Burlington 1767 Sept. 1 

Curnthers, William, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Bickham, Gloucester. ..1761 June 22 

Cutler, John, Woodbridge, and Christian Brown, Woodbridge 17' 2 Nov. 22 

Cutler, Joseph, Woodbridge, and Ann Contain, Woodbridge 1752 July 7 

Cutler, Richard, Woodbridge, aud Rachel Vandeventer, Somerset. . . . 1757 Aug. 10 
Cutler, Richard, Jr., Woodbridge, and Elizabeth Foord, Woodbridge 1750 April 3 
Cutler, Thomas, Burlington, and, Martha Thomson, Burlington .... 1766 April 29 



Cutting, Leonard, New York, and Ann Frances Gombauld, Monm’tli. .1761 Sept. 21 

Cuyper, Thomas, Orange, N. Y., and Pietertye Van Houten 1781 Feb. 2 I 


Cadmus, Jane, and Garret Van Riper, Saddle River 1790 Sept. 2s 

Cadmus, Jannetje, Bergen, and Jacob Vreeland, Bergen 1770 June 16 

Cadmus, Preyntje, Bergen, and Isaac Van Giesen, Bergen 1776 Dec. 15 

Cahale, Jane, and Samuel Coved, Monmouth 1784 Mar. 29 

Cahoon, Ann, and John Steacy, Burlington 1787 April 12 

Cain, Esther, Oxford, and William Reynolds, Newton 1769 Jan. 27 

Cain, Hannah, Bucks Co., Pa., and Robert Morris, Bucks Co., Pa 1765 April 2) 

Cain, Hanah, Sussex, and John Snider, Sussex 1773 Oct. 6 

Cain, Mary, and Joseph Bond, Hunterdon ,.1784 June 15 

Cairle, Elizabeth, and Joseph Brick, Salem 1736 April 1 

Calaharn, Mary, Philadelphia, and James Steet, Philadelphia 1728 April 23 

Caldwell, Jane, Gloucester, and Abraham Chattin, Gloucester ..... 1746 Feb. 2 

Caldwell, Mary, and John Rhodes, Burlington 1738 Oct. 30 

Caldwell, Sarah, and William Cristie, Sussex 1768 Oct. 22 

Calfus, Mary, and William Downs, Gloucester.. 1779 Mar. 29 

Callahan, Margaret, Pennsylvania, and Jonathan Powell, Pennsylvania. 1763 May 23 

Callender, Abijah, Middlesex, and Robert Hude, Middlesex ...1765 Feb. 13 

Cambel, Mary, Shrewsbury, and Francis Panton, New York 1761 Aug. 3 

Cammell, Elizabeth, Salem, and Anthony Dixon, Salem. . 1683-4 Jan. 8 

Caramel, Susannah, and James Wilson, Galloway 1784 Dec. 1 

Camp, Abigail, Essex, and John Griffith, Essex 1761 Feb. 3 

Camp, Mary V., and Martin Voorhees, Middlesex 1780 April 22 

Campbel, Jennet, New Brunswick, and Tobias Van Norden, N. B’wk..l740 Sept. 22 

Campbel, Rebecca, Cumberland, and Isaac Mills, Cumberland 1762 Mar. 1 

Campbdl, Aune, Woodbridge, and Jacob Sutton, Piscataway. . 1756 Sept. 27 

Campbell, Charity, and Rufus Crane, Essex . 1779 Mar. 13 

Campbel], Elizabeth, Somerset, and John Tunison, Bridgewater 1772 Nov. 16 

Campbell, Elizabeth, Hackensack, and Casparus Westervelt, Hack’nsk. 1774 April 1 

Campbell, Elizabeth, and Nehemiah Sexton, Hunterdon 1779 April 15 

Campbell, Esther, Burlington, and William Lannin, Burlington 1783 Jan. 6 

Campbel], Hannah, Newark, and John Sandford, Newark 1760 Feb. 19 

Campbel], Hannah, and James Letts, Middlesex 1774 Dec. 24 

Campbel], Hannah, Burlington, and William Boulton, Burlington . . 1766 May 28 

Campbell, Jane, and Cornelius Boice, Monmouth... 1767 June 5 

Campbell, Januet, Monmouth, and John Watson, Monmouth 1744 Sept. 29 

Campbell, Mary, Monmouth, and Hugh McCall urn, Monmouth 1748 April 11 

Campbell, Mary, Princetown, and Benjamin Plum, Princetown 1763 Feb. 18 

Campbell, Mary, New York, and Israel Read, Middlesex 

Campion, Keturah, and Thomas Matthews Gardiner, Burlington 1777 Sept. 7 

Campion, Sarah, and Job Jones, Burlington. ... 1775 Nov. 23 

Campton, Johanna, Woodbridge, aud Samuel Barron, Woodbridge.. 1749 Jan. 16 

Camtaiu, Ann, Woodbridge, and Joseph Cutler, Woodbridge 1752 July 7 



Cannady, Jane, Somerset, and David Scott, Somerset 1735 Aug. 18 

Cannan, Sarah, Burlington, and John King, Burlington 17G5 Oct. 8 

Canneman, Jane, Penns Neck, and John Yourneen, Penns Neck 1762 Dec. 1G 

Cannon, Grace, and Joseph Crosbie, Hunterdon 1778 Sept. 26 

Cannon, Ann, and Samuel Jones, Hunterdon 1780 Mar. 30 

Cannun, Anne, Reading, and Garret Van Sickle, Reading 1772 Jan. 1 

Cardiffe, Mary, Burlington, and Nicholas Leonard, Gloucester 1743 Aug. 30 

Cargil, Mary, and George Titler, Orange Co., N. Y 1784 June 4 

Carhart, Mary, Monmouth, and William Robertson, Monmouth. .. .1*41-5 Mar. 22 

Carhart, Phebe, Middletown, and James Roberts, Middletown 1758 Aug. 29 

Carle, Sarah, Morris, and Alexander Kirkpatrick, Somerset 1771 May 3 

Carley, Alice, Bucks,. Pa., and Joseph Yates, Bucks, Pa 1742 Sept. 20 

Carlile, Hanuah, Philadelphia, and Benjamin Cooper, Gloucester 1729 Jfune 

Carl], Hannah, Salem, and Isaac Evans, Salem .1774 Oct. to 

Carl], Mehitabel, Cape May, and Barlow Williams, Cape May 1776 Dec. 5 

Carll, Sarah, Cumberland, and Samuel Smith, Stow Neck 1760 Sept. 29 

Carll, Sarah, and Noah Harris, Cumberland 1781 April 18 

Carman, Abigail, Woodbridge, and Henry Freeman, Woodbridge 1739 Sept. 8 

Carman, Abigail, Middlesex, and Aaron Bloodgood, Middlesex 1763 Mar. 31 

Carman, Ann, Burlington, and Peter Risley, Cape May 1736 Jan. 22 

Carman, Anne, Burlington, and Eli Budd, Burlington 1774 April 2 

Carman, Annie, and George Taylor, Springfield 1785 Oct. 10 

Carman, Deborah, and Gershom Mott, New Jersey 1751 April 23 

Carman, Deborah, Middletown, and George Taylor, Jr., Middletown. . 1752 Nov. 30 

Carman, Elizabeth, Cape May, anti Samuel Richardson, Cape May.. . . 1731 June 4 

Carman, Hannah, Burlington, and Samuel Rose, Lit. Egg Harbour. ... 1765 June 18 

Carman, Lucy, and William Silver, Burlington.. 1783 Mar. 18 

Carman, Margaret, and Jeremiah Dunn, Piscataway. 1747 May 14 

Carman, Margaret, and Stephen Carman, Middlesex 1769 Sept. 6 

Carman, Margaret, Bordentown, and John Steward, Bordentown 1773 May 12 

Carman, Martha, Monmouth, and Richard Herbert, Monmouth 1742 June 2 

Carman, Mary, and Elias Davis, Middlesex 1767 Sept. 5 

Carman, Mary, and Stephen Kent, Middlesex 1768 July 26 

Carman, Mary, and John Oliver, Bordentown 1771 April 24 

Carman, Mary, Burlington, and Daniel Heisler, Burlington 1779 Sept. 23 

Carman, Sarah, Middletown, and John Amack, Middletown 1757 Mar. 12 

Carman, Uphame, Monmouth, and Samuel Clark, Monmouth .. ....1767 May 17 

Carmichael, Elizabeth, Morristown, and James Pitney, Jr., Morristown. 1780 Dec. 4 

Carmine, Deborah, and John Howell, Hunterdon 1/80 April 1/ 

Carmstring, Jane, and Jeremiah Risley, Gloucester 1739 Mar. 6 

Carney, Cathrina, and James Clark, Salem 1755 Nov. 20 

Cams, Sarah, and Daniel Day, Morris 1782 Dec. 24 

Carpenter, Abigail, and Edward Hancock, Salem 1/86 Mar. / 

Carpenter, Elizabeth, Hunterdon, and John Biles, Hunterdon 1738 Oct. 13 

Carpenter, Mary, Burlington, and Peter Baynton, Burlington 1/39 Jan. 8 

Carpenter, Mary, Perth Amboy, and Henry Richards, Perth Amboy. 1763 Nov. 19 

8 4 


Carpenter, Mary, aud Thomas Craven, Hunterdon 1781 Feb. 6 

Carpenter, Sarah, Gloucester, and Thomas Elliot Marsh, Gloucester. . . 1764 Mar. 5 

Carr, Catherine, Monmouth, and Garratt Wall, Middlesex 1740 Oct. 24 

Carr, Dorothy, Bucks Co., Pa., and Isaac Ashton, Bucks Co., Pa 1736 Nov. 30 

Carr, Hannah, Northampton, and John Winner, Northampton 1776 April 1 

Carr, Jean, Hunterdon, and Francis Costigin, Jr., Trenton 1769 Mar. 2 

Carr, Lydia, and John Bennet, Bristol, Pa 1778 Dec. 16 

Carr, Margaret, Middlesex, and Thomas Story, Middlesex .1739 Oct. 25 

Can 1 , Margaret, Burlington, and Robert Frazer, Burlington 1767 Mar. 9 

Carre, Agues, and Daniel Sutton, Burlington 1688 April 10 

Carril, Sarah, Pennsylvania, and John Price, Pennsylvania 1728 Sept. 9 

Carrington, Mary, and Gabriel Compton, Middlesex 1760 Dec. 20 

.Carroll, Elizabeth, and Abner Fitzpatrick 1779 July 30 

Acify, 'Elizabeth, Burlington, and James McKnight, Burlington 1765 Jan. 15 

Carson, Brasilia, and Thomas Bellenger, Burlington 1768 May 28 

Carson, Deidamia, and Archer Skinner, Middlesex 17S0 Aug. 1 1 

Carson, Rachel, Burlington, and John Fenimore, Jr., Burlington 1775 Oct. 1 

Carson, Sarah, and William Hepbourn, Hunterdon 17 — Sept. 11 

Carswell, Sarah, Freehold, and Moses Thomson, Freehold 1765 July 18 

Carter, Ann, Trenton, and Benjamin Woolsey, Trenton 1764 July 6 

Carter, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Buddeu, Burlington 1746 May 10 

Carter, Hannah, Burlington, and John Davies, Burlington 1736 May 11 

Carter, Hannah, and Ralph Hart, Trenton. 1780 Dec. 7 

Carter, Isabel!, Shrewsbury, and Emanuel Woolley, Shrewsbury 1752 May 28 

Carter, Jane, Burlington, and Robert Curtis, Burlington 1776 Feb. 5 

Carter, Johannab, Gloucester, and Henry Fackston, Gloucester 1763 Feb. 3 

Carter, Mary, Burlington, and John Bunting, Burlington 1740 Dec. 16 

Carter, Mary, Burlington, and Michael Burrows, Burlington 1764 May 1 

Carter, Pamelia, Springfield, and Samuel Conn, Springfield 1771 April 6 

Carter, Phebe, and Neill McGill, Hunterdon .1769 June 25 

Carter, Rachel, Bucks, Pa., and Andrew Wright, Bucks, Pa ... 1735 Aug. 6 

Carter, Sarah, Burlington, and Samuel Wheatcraft, Burlington 1736 May 7 

Carter, Sarah, and Thomas Browne, Newark 1778 Aug. 21 

Carter, Susannah, Trenton, and John Chambers, Trenton ... 1746 July 31 

Carter, Sarah, and Joseph Kirby, Burlington .. 1783 Mar. 3 

Carty, Ester, Gloucester, and John Holmes, Gloucester 1748 Jan. 23 

Carty, Sarah, Burlington, and James Dobbins, Jr., Burlington 1779 Jan. 12 

Carvill. Grace, Monmouth, and Andrew Neilson, New Jersey 1743 Mar. 28 

Case, Catherine, and Joseph Cowell. ... 1769 Jan. 19 

Case. Catherine, Hunterdon, and Andrew Mershon, Hunterdon 1773 Juue 12 

Case, Rachel, Arnwell, and John White, Amwell 1773 Feb. 11 

Caseby, Temperance, and Howell Smith, Salem 1786 Feb. 5 

Caskey, Hannah, Burlington, and Charles Cartey, Burlington 1756 Sept. 18 

Casperson, Elizabeth, Salem, and Frances Maharr, Salem .... 1745 Dec. 11 

Cassaway, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Scott, Burlington. 1738 Nov. 4 

Cassell, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and John Cozens, Gloucester 1768 Aug. 27 


Cassidy, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Thomas Golbom, Philadelphia. . 1731 Nov. 7 

Casson, Elizabeth, and Jacob Gibbs 1701 May 10 

Castle, Deborah, and John Banks, Gloucester 1779 July 13 

Castle, Mary, Philadelphia, and Francis Jervis, Philadelphia 1735 Jan. 5 

Castle, Susannah, aud Samuel Clifton, Burlington. . . 1761 Feb. 6 

Cathcart, Phebe, Monmouth, and Obadiah Lippincott, Monmouth .... 1752 July 2 

Catte, Anu, and James Wood, Deptford. 1765 Jan. 8 

Cattell, Mary, Gloucester, and John Haritage, Gloucester 1760 Dec. 20 

Cattell, Mary, Chester, and Thomas Haines, Chester 1766 Nov. 12 

Cawood, Phebe, Woodbridge, and Jacob Islestine, Perth Amboy 1749 May 23 

Cawood, Ruth, Woodbridge, aud John Alward, Woodbridge .. .1754 Jan. 9 

Cawson, Lydia, aud Philip Corson, Cape May 1784 Aug. 20 

Chaliner, Jane, Springfield, and Nathan Folwell, Springfield 1748 July 21 

Chamberlain, Amy, and Peter Tenbrook, Hunterdon 1782 July 4 

Chamberlain, Elizabeth, and Joseph Cox, Middlesex * 1768 Feb. 18 

Chamberlain, Mary, and Amos Dey, Monmouth 1778 Feb. 2 

Chamberlain, Philena, Monmouth, and -Jediah Stout, New Jersey .. 1744-5 Jan. 13 

Chamberlaiu, Rachel, and John Audrews, Arnwell. . 1773 Oct. 19 

Chamberlain, Rebecka, Good Luck, Samuel Worden, Good Luck 1755 Oct. 10 

Chamberlain, Zilpha, Monmouth, and Ephraim Bates, Monmouth ...1755 May 30 

Chamberlin. Catharine, aud Elias Anderson, Monmouth 1761 Mar 30 

Chamberlin, Dorcas, and Isaac Decker, Sussex 1769 April 12 

Chamberlin, Margaret, Monmouth, and Gersham Bills, Monmouth .... 1755 April 7 

Chamberlin, Penelope, and John Lawshe, Hunterdon 1779 Sept. 3 

Chambers, Amy, Monmouth, and George Mount, Monmouth 1744-5 Jan. 18 

Chambers, Ann, and Timothy Jackson, Burlington 1778 Mar. 12 

Chambers, Audrey, Monmouth, and Daniel Jones, Monmouth 1740-1 Mar. 18 

Chambers, Hannah, and William Vasse 1741 Jan. 4 

Chambers, Jane, Somerset, and Moses Ayers, Somerset 1739 Nov. 13 

Chambers, Jane, Essex, and John Cameron, Essex 1763-8 May 17 

Chambers, Margaret, Trenton, and Peter Machett, Middlesex 1739 Jan. 3 

Chambers, Margaret, aud Garret Snedekar, New Brunswick 1775 Jan. 10 

Chambers, Martha, Burlington, and Patrick Jones, Burlington 1741 Feb. 16 

Chambers, Mary, Burlington, and David Lippincott, Burlington.. ...172s June 26 

Chambers, Rebecca, Burlington, and Abraham Walker, Burlington.. . .1736 July 15 

Chambers, Rose, and John Wright, Trenton 1778 Aug. 14 

Chambers, Sarah, Burlington, and James Irwin, Gloucester 1744 Nov. 1 

Chambers, Vallaria, Monmouth, and Uriah Lippincott, Monmouth. ... 1752 Aug. 17 

Chambless, Mabel, aud William Hancock, Jr., Salem 1745 Nov. 28 

Chambless, Sarah, Alloways Creek, and William Smith, Manniugton. .1765 Oct. 26 

Chamless, Mary, Monmouth, and Jedidiah Allen, Monmouth. 1740 Jan. 26 

Chamliss, Sarah, Salem, and Erasmus Felters, Salem 1750 Oct. 26 

Champion, Auue, Gloucester, aud John Stokes, Gloucester 1751 July 8 

Champion. Catherine, and John Collins, Gloucester 1777 

Champion, Mary, Gloucester, and Jonathan Belltou, Gloucester 1728 April 19 

Champion, Mary, Gloucester, aud Joshua Belauge, Cape May 1751 April 15 


Champion, Sarah, Philadelphia, and Thomas Nightingale, Phila 1749 April 10 

Chandles, Christian, Salem, and Robert Raines, Salem... . .. 1729 Dec. 25 

Chandler, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Thomas Morris, Monmouth ... 1767 June 19 

Chandler, Hannah, Philadelphia, and Benjamin Davies, Philadelphia 1766 April 29 

Chandler, Lidy, Monmouth, and Edward P. Cook, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 12 

Chandler, Man 7 , and Jacob Ewens, Salem 1750 Feb. 25 

Chandler, Rebeckah, Monmouth, and William Mount, Monmouth. .. .1763 Dec. 6 

Chandler, Sarah, and Oeldiick Richmond, Salem 1745 June 3 

Channel, Elizabeth, and Joseph Stiles, Cumberland 1785 May 2 

Channell, Lydia, Burlington, and Lott Evans, Burlington 1756 Aug. 18 

Channell, Sarah, and Robert Doughty 1732 Oct. 7 

Chapman, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Patrick Lynch, New Jersey. .. 1743 July 18 

Chapman, Mary, Burlington, and Nathaniel Warner, Burlington 1756 Nov. 13 

Chapman, Mary, and Thomas Peacock, Northampton 1782 April 27 

Chapman, Patience, and Henry Wayman, Mansfield 1763 June 20 

Charleston, Hannah, Essex, and Thomas Morris, Middlesex 1753 April 7 

Chasy, Elleauor, Monmouth, and Matthew Ely, Monmouth 1761 April 22 

Chattel, Anne, Salem, and John Eaten, Salem 1770 May 8 

Chatteu, Hannah, and William Sharp, Gloucester 1773 Nov. 29 

Chattin, Alice, and William Zane, Gloucester 1775 Nov. 16 

Chattin, Lettice, and John Stetser, Gloucester 1784 Jan. 15 

Chayton, Content, and John Borden, Burlington 1783 Jan. 13 

Cheed, Hannah, Burlington, and Aaron Pancoast, Burlington ... . .. 1764 June 9 

Cheeseman, Catharine, Middlesex, and Joseph Drake, Jr., Middlesex .1752 Aug. 31 

Cbeesemau, Cecilia, Burlington, and Amos Ashead, Burlington 1728 Aug. 14 

Cheeseman, Hannah, Gloucester, and Henry Roe, Gloucester 1729 Feb. 16 

Cheeseman, Letisha, and Joel Hillman, Gloucester 1748 Mar. 7 

Cheeseman, Mary, Gloucester, and Daniel Eastlack, Gloucester 1740 June 28 

^Cheeseman, Mary, Gloucester, and William Southerbe Cooper, Gl’c’st’r. 1749 Sept. 21 

Cheeseman, Naomi, Gloucester, and Henry Jones, Gloucester 1728 April 6 

Cheesman, Ann, and Richard Powell, Gloucester 1783 Dec. 1 

Cheesman, Charrite, and John Gaston, Monmouth.. 1760 Feb. 4 

Cheesman, Deborah, Gloucester, and Archibald Jolly, Gloucester 1737 April 7 

Cheesman, Deborah, Gloucester, and Richard Smallwood, Gloucester 1756 April 2 

Cheesman, Drusilea, and Joseph Hillman, Gloucester 1763 July 18 

Cheesman, Hannah, Gloucester, and Samuel Cozens, Gloucester 1753 April 23 

Cheesman, Isabel, and John Thorne, Gloucester . . . . 1772 Cct. 9 

Cheesman, Jemima, and William Warwick, Gloucester 1780 Jan. 25 

Cheesman, Lydia, Monmouth, and Charles McCleau, Middlesex 1751 July 11 

Cheesman, Lydia, South Amboy, and Benjamin Ward, South Amboy. 1759 June 30 

Cheesman, Martha, and Talman Smith, Burlington 1760 Sept. 24 

Cheesman, Mary, Monmouth, and John Vaughn, Monmouth 1764 Nov. 13 

Cheesman, Mary Ann, and Thomas Jackson 1780 Mar. 7 

Cheesman, Rhoda, and Jacob Rowand, Gloucester 1782 May 4 

Cheesman, Sarah, Gloucester, and Joseph Ballinger, Gloucester 1760 Nov. 8 

Cheesman, Sarah, and Samuel Riley, Piles Grove 1785 Jan. 6 



Cheesman, Tamar, Gloucester, and Isaac Jones, Gloucester 1767 Mar. 11 

Cheevers, Abigail, Gloucester, and Thomas Weaver, Gloucester 1756 Dec. 24 

Chemaly, Anne, Northampton, aud Michael Woolstou, Northampton. . 1774 Mar. 5 

Chemilly, Susanna, and Jacob Clouts, Northampton 1782 April 15 

Cherry, Martha, Bucks, Pa., and John Oliver, Bucks, Pa 1756 Oct. 18 

Cherry, Rebecca, Phila., and Daniel Desborrow, Phila 1729 Aug. 20 

Cheseman, Hannah, Gloucester, and Richard Cheseman, Gloucester ... 1746 June 14 

Cheshire, Ann, Burlington, and Aaron Ivins, Burlington 1764 May 7 

Cheshire, Experience, and Thomas Stevenson, Burlington, 1733 Sept. 17 

Cheshire, Sarah, Burlington, and John Morris, Burlington 1746 April 30 

Chesney, Mary, and Samuel Mills, Cumberland 1779 April 27 

Chesom, Jane, and William Hutton, Gloucester. . 1772 Nov. 12 

Chester, Anne, Cumberland, and Samuel Bowen, Cumberland 1768 July 11 

Chester, Eleanor, Gloucester, aud Joseph Lord, Gloucester 1750 Mar. 13 

Chester, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Aaron Dilkes, Gloucester 1770 July 12 

Chester, Elizabeth, and Abishai Chattin, Gloucester .1785 May 30 

Chester, Elena, Gloucester, and George Cozens, Gloucester 1727 Jan. 17 

Chester, Hannah, Burlington, and Samuel Atkinson, Burlington 1774 Aug. 18 

Chester, Jane, and Hugh Drake, Salem . 1775 Dec. 1 

Chester, Mary, Gloucester, and John Scott, Gloucester 1738 Aug. 12 

Chew, Alice, Gloucester, aud William Hampton, Jr., Gloucester .1753 Mar. 5 

Chew, Anne, Gloucester, aud David Paul, Gloucester 1765 July 12 

Chew, Deborah, and William Sell, Gloucester 1761 Sept. 16 

Chew, Elizabeth, and David Robinson, Gloucester 1774 May 6 

Chew, Elizabeth, and Samuel Stiles, Gloucester 1783 April 2 

Chew, Hannah, and John Dilks, Gloucester ... 1733 Jan. 16 

Chew, Keziah, Gloucester, and Ephraim Albersou, Gloucester 1741 May 12 

Chew, Nancy, aud William Caldwell, Gloucester 1778 Dec. 17 

Chew, Patience, Gloucester, and Jacob Albersou, Gloucester 1731 April 16 

Chew, Sarah, Gloucester, and John Wild, Gloucester 1740 Dec. 3 

Chew, Sarah, and Patrick Flanigan, Gloucester ^.1762 Aug. 27 

Chew, Susannah, Gloucester, and Seavil Willson, Gloucester (. 1756 Dec. 1 

Chew, Susannah, Gloucester, and Isaac Flaningam, Gloucester... . \.1761 May 10 

Chisam, Ruth, and Thomas Langley, Gloucester 1775 Aug. 22 

Chisman, Anne, Gloucester, and Francis Batlin, Gloucester 1730 Dec. 7 

Chivers, Sarah, Gloucester, aud Joseph Hillman, Gloucester 17 -j 8 July 22 

Chivers, Sarah, and John Beach, Morris 1776 Mar. 2 

Christee, Sarah, and John Demarest, Bergen 1788 May 10 

Christie, Magdalena, and J. Henry Von Goetschius 17 73 Dec. 9 

Christopher, Rebecca, and John Williams, Burlington 1734 Oct. 22 

Chub, Ann. and Jacob Crispin, Bui lingtou 1781 July 18 

Church, Lydia, Cape May, and Thomas Paige, Cape May 1766 Aug. 7 

Church, Martha, and Recompense Hand, Cape May 1762 Nov. 15 

Church, Patience, Cape May, and Silas Hand, Cape May 1746 Mar. 28 

Church, Prudence, and Henry Schillinger, Cape May 1 1 60 Jan. 21 

Church, Rebecca, and William Price, Burlington Ii36 Mar. 9 



Church, Rebecca, Cape May, and Thomas Johnson, Cape May 1741 Dec. 3d 

Church, Susannah, and Jeremiah Richardson, Cape May 1774 Sept. 8 

Churcher, Frances, and James Creek 1688 Aug. 20 

Churmely, Cat' arine, Burlington, and John Pettit, Burlington 1774 Sept. 5 

Cumming, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Mount, Monmouth 1748 Feb. 8 

Clancey, Catherine, Woodbridge, and Jeremiah Sopers, Woodbridge. . . 1770 Aug. 11 

Clandening, Anne, and Christian Coursen, Staten Island 1747 May 7 

Clandenuin, Jane, and Thomas Preston, Somerset 1750 Feb. 28 

Clap, Anne, and George Briggs, Philadelphia 1779 Jan. 23 

Clark, Ann, and David Smith, Monmouth 1768 April 25 

Clark, Anna, Bucks Co., Pa., and Joseph Worrall, Bucks Co., Pa 1765 June 4 

Clark, Catharine, Philadelphia, and Martin Ashbourn, Philadelphia. . .1728 Feb. 20 

Clark, Elizabeth, Freehold, and Cornelius Peas, Freehold 1758 July 10 

Clark, Hannah, Burliugton, and John Farquar, Burlington 1750 July 28 

Clark, Hannah, and Robert White, New Windsor 1768 Dec. 10 

Clark, Hannah, and Joseph Brumby, Burlington 1777 Bee. 26 

Clark, Letishew, and John Covvnover, Gloucester .1778 Oct. 30 

Clark, Lidy, Monmouth, and George Brewer, Monmouth 1764 Jan. 25 

Clark, Margaret, and Frederick Fredericks, Morris 17<“4 Aug. 21 

Clark, Mary, Chester, Pa., and John Brooks, Chester, Pa 1749 May 10 

Clark, Mary, and Joseph Gibbs, Burlington 1757 June 18 

Clark, Mary, Burlington, and George West, Burlington 1768 Feb. 1 

Clark, Mary, and David Blackman, Gloucester 1769 April 10 

Clark, Mary, and Ebeuezer Seeley, Cumberland 1783 Mar. 30 

Clark, Matilda, and Joseph Griswold, Middlesex 1778 Mar. 31 

Clark, Phebe, Hunterdon, and Amos Hutchinson, Middlesex. . 1779 Aug. 2 

Clark, Rachael, Pennsylvania, and Richard Glover, Pennsylvania 1728 May 10 

Clark, Rebecca, and John Walker, Middlesex 1769 Sept. 6 

Clark, Rebecca, and James Vanuxen, Philadelphia 1779 Mar. 26 

Clarke, Aune, Burliugton, and John Snape, Burlington 1685 May 12 

Clarke, Elizabeth, Salem, and Francis Chattiu, Gloucester 1760 July 22 

Clarke, Hannah, Burlington, and William Buddell, Burlington 1731 Mar. 13 

Clarke, Martha, Burlington, and Joseph Baker, Bucks Co., Pa 1747 Nov. 30 

Clarke, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and Francis Titus, Bucks, Pa 1734 June 19 

Clarke, Rachel, Bucks, Pa., and James Carruthers, Bucks, Pa 1733 July 24 

Clarke, Susannah, and Ezekiel Harding 1735 Nov. 1 

Clarke, Susannah, Burlington, and George Taylor, Burlington 1745 Dec. 14 

Clarke, Susanna, and Jonathan Dolles, Cumberland 1787 June 1 

Clarkson, Abigail, Middlesex, and Abraham Freeman, Middlesex 1763 June 29 

Clarkson, Christian, and Isaac Stelle, Piscataway 1740 April 22 

Clarkson, Cornelia, Somerset, and Gilbert Tenuent, New Brunswick. . 1741 Feb. 9 

Clarkson, Experience, Woodbridge, and William Edgar, Woodbridge 1751 Mar. 30 

Clarkson, Mary, Middlesex, and Nathaniel Martin, Middlesex 1756 Dec. 16 

Clarkson, Polly, and Manning Shotwell, Middlesex 1781 Feb. 27 

Clawson, Keturah, Woodbridge, and Thomas Gack, Woodbridge 1759 Dec. 24 

Clawson, Margaret, and David Collins, Middlesex 1745 Dec. 7 

Marriage licenses. 


Clawson, Mary, Middlesex, and Peter Covert, Essex ... 1753 Jan. 18 

Clawson, Naucy, Middlesex, and Jacob Rowland, Middlesex.. ... ...1766 Sept. 20 

Clawson, Pliebe, Middlesex, and Drake Dunn, Middlesex 1762 April 19 

Clawson, Rachel, and Stepbeu Horn, New Jersey 1775 Sept. 16 

Clawson, Sarah, Morris, and Paul Berry, Sussex . . . . 1769 Nov. 14 

Clay, Ann, Pennsylvania, and Hugh Ross, Horse Neck, Conn. 1771 Sept. 13 

Clay, Hannah, Burlington, and Samuel Thorne, Burlington. . 1730 Oct. 22 

Claypoole, Deborah, Willingborough, and John Brown, Burlington.. 1766 Oct. 13 

Clayton, Amey, Freehold, and Jacob Smith, Morris. ... 1767 Sept. 3 

Clayton, Amy, Monmouth, and Joseph Mathews, Monmouth. 1748 July 9 

Clayton, Ann, Monmouth, and Cornelius Driscoll, Monmouth 1773 Aug. 27 

Clayton, Anue, Freehold, and John Clayton, Freehold 1764 May 22 

Clayton, Catharine, Burlington, and Richard Hellson, Burlington ...1731 Jan. 12 

Clayton, Catharine, Burlington, and Samuel Gibson, Burlington. ... . 1782 Mar. 3 

Clayton, Catrine, Monmouth, and Stephen Cooper, Middlesex 1767 Mar. 31 

Clayton, Deborah, and Thomas O’Kison, Upper Freehold 1768 Sept. 1 

Clayton, Elizabeth, and Daniel Bunting, Pennsylvania 1767 April 27 

Clayton, Elizabeth, Burlington, and I'homas Oakley, Burlington 1773 Sept. 1 

Clayton, Hannah, Monmouth, and Garret Hulsesart, Monmouth 1752 Sept. 18 

Clayton, Hannah, Monmouth, and Peter Benam, Middlesex 1759 April 2 

Clayton, Mary, and Henry Sevingler, Freehold 1746 Feb. 24 

Clayton, Mary, and Amos Johnston, Monmouth 1762 Feb. 13 

Clayton, Sarah, Monmouth, and Joseph Robins, Monmouth 1732 Mar. 29 

Clayton, Sibella, and James Harpiu 1699 June 25 

Clayton, Valm'iah, Monmouth, and Jacob Compton, Monmouth 1763 Jan. 6 

Clear, Elizabeth, and Jacob Hawk, Middlesex 1780 Nov. 28 

Clear, Sarah, and Richard Compton, Middlesex 1781 July 23 

Clayton, Ann, and George Bevau, Trenton 1763 Feb. 3 

Cleayton, Katherine, Monmouth, and Cornelius Tomson, Monmouth. . 1747 Jan. 5 

Clem, Saviuah, Burlington, and Jacob Fislear, Burlington 1744 Jan. 2 

Clemans, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Jonathan Kirnsey, Gloucester. . . . 1760 Nov. 26 
Cleminger, Mary, Monmouth, and Thomas Hankins, Monmouth.. .. 1728 Sept. 12 

Clemmen, Mary, and Thomas Bates, Gloucester 1746 April 16 

Clemens, Hannah, Burlington, and Richard Lippincott, Burlington. . .1751 May 1 

Clement, Ann, and Andrew Hudson, Gloucester 1773 Nov. 17 

Clement, Anne, Gloucester, and Joseph Harrison, Gloucester 1749 Sept. 21 

Clement, Anne, and Baddle Reves, Gloucester ... 1759 Nov. 12 

Clement, Mary, Gloucester, and John Shivers, Gloucester 1736 July 9 

Clevenger, Catharine, Burlington, and Charles Miller, Burlington 1732 June 26 

Clevenger, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Atkiuson, Burlington. . . 1764 Feb. 8 
Clevenger, Hannah, Burlington, and William Duckworth, Burlington.. 1731 Aug. 21 

Clevenger, Margaret, and Thomas Asson 1746 Feb. 9 

Clever, Elizabeth, Stow Creek, and Benjamin Thompson, Cumberland. 1778 Dec. 4 

Clever, Sarah, Cumberland, and Levi Barnes, Cumberland 1780 May 29 

Clews, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, and Hezekiah Rogers, Pennsylvania. . 1728 June 11 
Cliff, Margaret, Philadelphia, and Robert Saunders, Burlington 1733 Oct. 13 


Clifford, Mary, Hunterdon, and Alexander White, Sussex 17G9 Jan. 25 

Clifton, Ann, and Edward Pleadwell, Philadelphia. 1733 Aug. 29 

Clifton, Ann, Burlington, and Jonathan Taylor, Burlington 1740 Feb. 12 

Clifton, Hannah, and Robert Johnson 1735 Nov. 4 

Clifton, Susannah, and Joseph Packer, Northampton 1759 May 31 

Clindinen, Ann, Pepack, and John Van Schaiack, Pepack 1747 Aug. 11 

Cline, Mary, Somerset, and John Farley, Somerset. . 1775 Jan. 30 

Cline, Rachel, and Joseph Alleu, Chester 1783 Dec. 12 

Closon, Hannah, and William Wosten, Salem 1733 Nov. 12 

Clothier, Elizabeth, Springfield, and Robert Smith, Springfield 1764 April 24 

Clover, Mary, Somerset, and Jacob Conine, Somerset 1764 May 29 

Clowes, Rachel, Bucks, Pa., and Edmond Sands, Bucks, Pa 1740 July 23 

Cluney, Jane, and James Chamless, Salem 1772 May 26 

Clunn, Mary, and John Yard, Trenton. 1779 Jan. 18 

Clutch, Martha, Burlington, and Michael Tenbell, Burlington 1767 May 22 

Clutch, Sarah, and Robert Hutchinson, Burlington 1769 April 3 

Coar, Ann, and Peter Kister, Hunterdon 1733 Dec. 24 

Coates, Milicent, and John Webb, Gloucester 1779 June 11 

Cobner, Esther, Salem, and Alexander Gilmore, Salem 1775 Jan. 5 

Cock, Catharine, Hunterdon, and William Barnes, Hunterdon 1742 Feb. 11 

Cock, Catherine, Somerset, and Edward Hall, Somerset 1744 Oct. 22 

Cock, Lydia, Gloucester, and Samuel Morton, Gloucester 1736 Sept. 1 

Cock, Margaret, Reading Town, and Henry Schamp, Reading Town .. 1750 May 14 
Cock, Margaret, Shrewsbury, and Jeremiah Bonham, Shrewsbury .... 1758 May 24 

Cockafare, Sarah, and Jacob Voorhis, New Brunswick 1772 Nov. 9 

Cocke, Rebeccah, and Thomas Ausley, Monmouth 1760 Nov. 1 

Codds, Helena, and James Stillman 1782 Feb. 13 

Codds, Mary, and Hance Halmes, Gloucester, 1782 April 11 

’ Coddington, Elizabeth, and James Clarkson, Woodbridge 1714 Feb. 5 

Coderry, Ruth, Gloucester, and Joseph Ireland, Gloucester 1727 Sept. 18 

Codington, Phebe, and John Ellison ...1774 Oct. 17 

Codman, Margaret, and Anthony Waters, Essex 1767 Feb. 26 

Coeymans, Johanna, Somerset, and Dr. John Neilson, New Brunswick. 1741 Mar. 9 

Coffee, Hannah, and John Miers, Gloucester 1779 May 11 

Coffey, Sarah, Gloucester, and Jacob Ickle, Gloucester 1763 Mar. 28 

Coffin, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Ballinger, Burlington 1742 Nov. 3 

Cogall, Rachel, Burlington, and John Hall, Burlington 1764 Sept. 3 

Colbraetb, Eaphram, and James Blair 1760 Mar. 7 

Colbraetli, Esther, Northampton, and James Vernon, Northampton. . .1756 Nov. 13 

Cold, Mary, Staten Island, and John Burns 1745-6 Mar. 18 

Cole, Bersheba, and Seiley Keen, Salem 1760 July 28 

Cole, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Jacob Vansciver, Burlington 1754 May 17 

Cole, Hannah, Gloucester, and John Gosling, Jr., Gloucester 1750 Oct. 27 

Cole, Lydia, and Frederick V. Dike, Somerset 1778 Dec. 15 

Cole, Margaret, Monmouth, and Jonathan Gordon, Monmouth 1748 Dec. 5 

Cole, Martha, Monmouth, and Michael Erickson, Monmouth 1746 June 13 


Cole, Mary, and William Ogborne 1G98 Nov. 17 

Cole, Mary, Gloucester, and Edward Tonkin, Burlington 1733 May 7 

Cole, Mary, Monmouth, and Richard Matchet, Monmouth 1757 April 16 

Cole, Mary, Gljucester, and John Heudrixsou, Gloucester 1759 April 2 

Cole, Mary, and Jonathan Collins, Burlington 1781 May 31 

Coleman, Amy, and Matthias Par, Morris 1779 Feb. 3 

Coleman, Mercy, and Robert Quigley, Nottingham 17G7 June 18 

Coleman, Phebe, and David Robertson 17-15 June 12 

Coleman, Rachel, and David Sellers, Philadelphia 1779 Dec. 23 

Coleman, Sarah, and Samuel Cox, Middlesex 1761 May 31 

Coleman, Sarah, Hunterdon, and Obadiah Evins, Hunterdon 1772 19 

Colemaus, Sarah, Gloucester, and Thomas Cheeseman, Gloucester 1727 May 11 

Coles, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Jacob Burdsall, Burlington 1730 April 1 

Coles, Hannah, and Daniel Lippiucott, Burlington 1756 Nov. 12 

Coles, Hope, and Abijah Collins, Gloucester . 1785 July 15 

Coles, Mary, and William Kain, Gloucester L7/ Sept. 6 

Coles, Susannah, Gloucester, and William Budd, Burlington 1738 Mar. 28 

Coley, Elizabeth, Bergen, and Gerrit Lydeker, Bergen 1770 Aug. 6 

Collens, Sybillo, and Samuel Gaskill, Burlington 1759 Dec. 19 

Colliek, Catharine, and Abraham Whittbank, Cape May .1758 Aug. 31 

Collier, Elizabeth, and John Baxter, New Jersey 1778 Sept. 7 

Colliugs, Elsy. and Abel Sulb, Great Egg Harbour 1784 Feb. 23 

Collins, Abigail, Burlington, and John Lippiucott, Burlington 1770 Mar. 12 

Collins, Abigail, and William Williams, Virginia 1779 July 24 

Collius, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Ishmael Kent, Burlington 1731 Dec. 2G 

Collins, Elizabeth, and Bernard McCormick, Monmouth 17 1 9 Mar. 29 

Collins, Esther, Burlington, and Isaac Evans, Burlington 1782 April 1 

Collins, Hannah, Burlington, and John Mullen, Burlington 1754 Aug. 17 

Collins, Jane, and Edward Johnston Collins, Gloucester 1783 Aug. 6 

Collins, Lydia, Sussex, and Jacob Dodderer, Sussex 1763 Feb. 12 

Collins, Mary, and Michael Bouker. Burlington 1711 Sept. 9 

Collins, Mary, Monmouth, and William Britton, Long Island 1713 Nov. 30 

Collius, Mary, and Gershom Walling, Monmouth 1762 Nov. 15 

Collius, Mary, Perth Amboy, and Benjamin Van Pelt, Staten Island.. 1763 Aug. 24 

Collius, Mary, Gloucester, and Samuel Hugg, Gloucester 1764 July 9 

Collius, Patience, Gloucester, and George Flaniugau, Gloucester 1769 Feb. 17 

Collius, Priscilla, Gloucester, and James Mulock, Gloucester 1757 April 16 

Collins, Priscilla, aud Aaron Haines, Gloucester 1772 Nov. 24 

Collins, Rachel, Gloucester, aud Joseph Champion, Gloucester 1770 Dec. 17 

Collins, Sarah, Philadelphia, and Caspar Fish, Gloucester 1742 Jan. 3 1 

Collins, Sarah, Gloucester, and John Bates, Burlington 1747 Sept. 19 

Collins, Sarah, and Peter Cliver, Springfield 1781 Aug. 26 

Collins, Susanna, and Bryan Donnolly, Burlington 1738 May 10 

Collins, Susanna, Philadelphia, and Samuel Tew, Gloucester 1739 July 23 

Collwell, Rebecca, Salem, and Aaron Loper, Salem 1751 Oct, 28 

Colson, Hannah, Salem, and Richard Kirby, Salem 1769 Nov. 6 


Coltou, Lydia, Philadelphia, and Isaac Warner, Philadelphia 1757 Aug. 25 

Colwell, Marthew, Middletown, and John Smith, Freehold 1763 Jan. 5 

Colwells, Nely, Monmouth, and Frederick Bennet, Monmouth 1762 Jan. 12 

Colyer, Mary, Salem, and John Wetherby, Salem ...1719 Mar. 19 

Combes, Dinah, Monmouth, and Benjamin Hutchinson, Monmouth. .. 1771 May 30 

Combes, Hulda, Pennington, and Robert Combs, Middlesex .1772 Mar. 25 

Combien, Hannah, Philadelphia, and Edward Hatton, Philadelphia. .. 1731 Sept. 4 

Combs, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and James Gilleland, Middlesex 1752 Sept. 19 

Combs, Hetty, and Abraham Schureman, Middlesex 1781 Mar. 8 

Combs, Jane, and Gallon Ockarman, Middlesex 1786 July 3 

Combs, Iveziah, and John Lanning, Monmouth 1757 Oct. 31 

Combs, Mary, Middlesex, and Ezekiel Anderson, Hunterdon 1761 Nov. 19 

Combs, Rachel, Middlesex, and John Lorton, Jr., Middlesex 1752 Dec. 23 

Combs, Sarah, Middlesex, and Joseph Clayton, Freehold 1761 April 25 

Comes, Mary, Piscataway, and John Dowden, Piscataway 1747 July 9 

Commiuger, Elizabeth, and Absalom Howell, Trenton 1782 Dec. 5 

Commons, Catherine, Sussex, and James Hazlett, Sussex 1771 Nov. 21 

Compton, Elizabeth, and John Debow, Freehold 1751 Sept. 21 

Compton, Hannah, Monmouth, and John Clayton, Monmouth 1743 Mar. 29 

Compton, Hannah, Middlesex, and Nicholas Monday, Middlesex 1757 May 21 

Compton, Judith, Middletown, and Skelton Johnson Middletown 1752 July 3 

Compton, Margaret, Somerset, and Peter Casney, Somerset. 1776 Feb. 1 

Compton, Mary, Burlington, and William Smith, Burlington 1728 Feb. 2g 

Compton, Rachel, and William Preston, Jr., Freehold 1745 June 18 

Compton, Rachel, Somerset, and Isaac Vail, Somerset 1762 Feb. 8 

Compton. Rebecca, Monmouth, and Matthew Dean, Monmouth 1749 Aug. 12 

Compton, Sarah, Monmouth, and David Baird, Monmouth 1744 Oct. 27 

Compton, Sarah, Somerset, and John Castner, Somerset 1754 Nov. 11 

Compton, Sarah, Middletown, and Darling Conro, Perth Amboy 1761 Sept. 16 

Compton, Sarah, and William Ferril, Monmouth 1780 Aug. 12 

Comton, Alice, Freehold, and Legget Smith, Freehold 1743 Sept. 5 

Conaro, Mary, and John Barnet, Burlington 1788 Mar. 20 

Coucleton, Bridget, Salem, and Jonathan Rogers Barber, Salem. . . .1745-6 Mar. 28 

Concklin, Hannah, and Samuel Hankinson, Hunterdon 1787 Feb. 27 

Conder, Susannah, Evesham, and Salaways Warner, Evesham 1760 Dec 5 

Condict, Abigail, Morristown, and Benjamin Pirson, Jr., Morristown.. .1779 Dec. 20 

Condict, Rebekka, Morris, and Isaac Lyon, Morris 1779 June 28 

Condon, Elizabeth, Salem, and Thomas Johnson, Salem 1766 Oct. 2 

Condon, Rains, Salem, and James Halladay, Salem. .1749 June 29 

Conger, Dorcas, Piscataway, and Daniel Waldron, Perth Amboy 1750- Feb. 22 

Coningham, Sarah, Cumberland, and William Mulford, Cumberland. . 1763 April 11 
Conklin, Charity, Orange Co., N. Y., and Nicholas Lozier, Bergen . 1771 Aug. 27 

Conklin, Sarah, Essex, and Nathaniel Rusco, Essex 1747 Feb. 16 

Conkling, Ruth, Morristown, and Stephen Whitaker, Bernards 1779 Jan. 24 

Counaro, Elizabeth, and William Brian, Burlington 1782 Mar. 25 

Connarro, Sarah, Burlington, and Abel Inman, Burlington 1750 July 23 



Conner, Mary, and Joseph Swain, New Windsor 1772 Feb. 10 

Conner, Rachel, Cumberland, and Jonathan Ballinger, Cumberland. . . 17G9 Dec. 2G 

Conniway, Ledy, and Azariah Pain, Cape May 17G8 Sept. 29 

Connolly, Dorothy, Gloucester, and William Wallis, Gloucester 1739 Mar. 17 

Conover, Deleh, and David Ivins, Burlington 1783 Jan. 8 

Conoway, Nelly, Hunterdon, and -Peter Drew, Hunterdon 1765 Sept. 18 

Conrad, Catherine, and William Abbett, Bucks, Pa 1761 Feb. 18 

Conrow, Abigal, Burlington, and Thomas Curtis, Burlington 17G7 Sept. 1 

Courow, Eleanor, Burlington, and Samuel Biglow, Burlington 17G7 July 28 

Conrow, Sarah, and Thomas Haines, Burlington 1778 Mar. 23 

Conrow, Sarah, and Nathaniel Middleton, Burlington 1790 Jan. 21 

Cook, Catherine, and John Bruce, Monmouth 1747 May 5 

Cook, Catherine, Monmouth, and Oliver Hicks, Monmouth 1775 Mar. 10 

Cook, Cliffy, Shrewsbury, and Benjamin Walcott, Shrewsbury 1753 Feb. 27 

Cook, Eleanor, and William Ryersou, Essex 1789 Sept. 15 

Cook, Elizabeth, Hunterdon, and Benjamin Brayley, Hunterdon 1732 Mar. 24 

Cook, Elizabeth, Shrewsbury, and Samuel Osborn, Shrewsbury. 17G4 Mar. 16 

Cook, Faith, Shrewsbury, and David Falkinbridge, Lt. Egg Harbour. .1767 Mar. 18 

Cook, Francis, and Samuel Mount, Monmouth 1755 June 20 

Cook, Hannah, and Peter Andrews^ Gloucester 1779 Sept. 1 

Cook, Jean, and Edward Dennis, Cumberland 1786 Mar. 22 

Cook, Keziah, and John Morris, Morris 1779 Feb. 4 

Cook, Lydia, Monmouth, and Samuel Slocum, Monmouth 1743 Dec. 9 

Cook, Mary, Monmouth, and Jonathan Lippincott, Monmouth 1767 Dec. 16 

Cook, Pheby, and Feter Dewitt, Monmouth 1757 Feb. 25 

Cook, Phebe, Cumberland, and Levi Heaton, Cumberland 1777 Nov. 19 

Cook, Rachel, and Nathaniel Leve, Cumberland 1778 Sept. 28 

Cook, Sarah, Hunterdon, and John Stephens, Middlesex ...1729 April 30 

Cook, Sarah, Monmouth, and Aaron Mattisou, Monmouth ... 1745 April 17 

Cook, Sarah, Monmouth, and David Allen, Monmouth 1759 Dec. 4 

Cook, Sarah, and Nathaniel Cornell, Hunterdon 1785 Sept. 18 

Cook, Susannah, Monmouth, and George Howland, Monmouth 1758 Jan. 21 

Cook, Tabitha, Sussex, and Thomas Hunt, Sussex 1770 April 13 

Cook, Tabitha, and Abner Rozell, Maidenhead .1782 Feb. 27 

Cooke, Abigail, Burlington, and Amos Willetts, Monmouth 1743 Aug. 17 

Cooke, Hannah, Monmouth, and Thomas Humphries, Monmouth. ... 1750 Oct. 23 

Coolbagh, Catharine, New York, and George Crolius, New York. . . . 1763 May 7 

Ooole, Asabelah, Philadelphia, and William Segrave, Cape May 1740 

Cooley, Catharine, and John Christopher Hedrick, Bergen 1777 April 3 

Coon, Anna, Somerset, and Thomas Ormston, Somerset 1751 Nov. 11 

Coone, Anne W., Pennsylvania, and John Purcell, Pennsylvania 1761 May 21 

Coonrad, Elizabeth, and John Derrick, Burlitfgton 1780 Nov. 27 

Coons, Mary, Somerset, and Henry Harpentine, Somerset 1742 Jan. 12 

Cooper, Abigail, and William Kaighin, Gloucester 1737 Feb. 16 

Cooper, Charity, Bristol, and Samuel Wright, Bristol 1781 May 30 

Cooper, Elizabeth, and Thomas Cooper, Burlington 1758 Sept. 13 



Cooper, Elizabeth, Morris, and Henry Wick, Jr., Morris 1760 Feb. 4 

Cooper, Hannah, and Richard Cooper, Bergen, 1787 May 11 

Cooper, Mary, and Abraham Lyddon, Gloucester 1731 May 11 

Cooper, Mary, Burlington, and John Atkinson, Burlington 1761 Nov. 12 

Cooper, Mary, Bristol, Pa., and Peter Bdoz, Bristol, Pa 1774 May 3 

Cooper, Mary, and John Holmes, Gloucester 1780 Jan. 1 

Cooper, Mehitable, Morris, and William Davison, Somerset 1770 Dec. 22 

Cooper, Pliebe, Monmouth, and Patrick Fuy, Monmouth 1748 Mar. 30 

Cooper, Providence, Morris, and Joseph Manning, Morris 1768 June 8 

Cooper, Rachell, Gloucester, and James Wood, Philadelphia 1745 Jan. 14 

Cooper, Rachel, Gloucester, and James Wood, Jr., Philadelphia 1745 Jan. 14 

Cooper, Rebeca, and Amos Winner 1779 May 1 

Cooper, Ruth, Pennsylvania, and Dennis Pm cell, Pennsylvania 1728 Sept. 18 

Cooperax, Mary, Middletown, and Daniel Robinson, Middletown 1764 Mar. 7 

Coopper, Phebe, Freehold, and Benjamin Wolley, Shrewsbury 1758 May 31 

Coorson, Sarah, Monmouth, and Peter Harvey, Monmouth 1767 Nov. 18 

Coperthwait, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Jacob Vanmeter, Salem.. . . 1770 Mar. 17 

Copperthwaite, Rebecca, Burlington, and David Garrison, Salem. . ..1770 Mar. 17 

Copperthwaite, Mary, and Joseph Griggs, Monmouth 1778 Dec. 14 

Copner, Abigail, and Ebenezer Dunn, S ilem.. 1772 June 11 

Copner, Sarah, and Matthias Lambson, Salem 17 8 Dec. 14 

Copper, Mary, Freehold, and Charles Reid, Freehold 1767 Aug. 29 

Coppiuger, Mary, Sussex, and William Foot, Sussex 1772 July 4 

Coppuck, Sarah, Burlington, and James Miller, Burlington 1761 Aug. 19 

Cordery, Sarah, and Jonathan Steelman, Galloway.. 1783 Jan. 8 

Cordry, Rebecca, Burlington, and John Leeds, Burlington 1737 June 7 

Cordury, Elizabeth, and Amos Ireland, Gloucester 1781 July 2 

Core, Elizabeth, Burlington, and James Robius, Burlington 1737 Nov. 2 

Corin, Lydia, and Samuel Cramer, Burlington ........ 1784 June 16 

Corkaran, Sarah, Gloucester, and Isaac Dilks, Gloucester 1753 Mar. 7 

Corker, Elizabeth, Bucks, Pa., and William Hawkins, Philadelphia ..1742 Aug. 14 

Corkell, Sarah, Gloucester, and William Homan, Gloucester 1745 Aug. 24 

Corkiu, Catherine, Burlington, and William Baker, Burlington 1739 Oct. 3 

Corle, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Samuel Furman, Somerset... 1718 May 24 

Corle, Mary, and Isaac Cool, Somerset .1781 Aug. 25 

Corle, Sarah, and Daniel Mauning, Somerset 1781 Aug. £5 

Corless, Exercise, Monmouth, and William Shinn, Burlington 1739 June 6 

Corlies. Mary, Monmouth, and Joshua Bond, Monmouth .. .1745 June 2 

Corlis, Elizabeth, Shrewsbury, and Thomas Cox, Shrewsbury 1749 Sept. 20 

Cornel, Margareta, Somerset, and Roleph Vorhuyse, Middlesex 1745 Dec. 5 

Cornel, Martha, Hunterdon, and David Baldwin, Hunterdon 1775 May 30 

Cornelinson, Mary, Salem, and Isaac Zaue, Gloucester. 1769 Mar. 7 

Cornelinson, Ann, Penns Neck, and Daniel Nelson, Piles Grove 1762 Nov. 21 

Cornell, Jemima, Upper Freehold, and Robert Vaughn, Lip. Freehold 1763 Sept. 5 

Cornell, Nautchy, and Peter Buckerlew, Middlesex 1784 April 3 

Cornell, Maria, Somerset, and John Van Nortwick, Somerset 1747 Sept. 11 


Cornell, Maria, Somerset, and Simon Van Nortwick, Somerset 1751 April 12 

Cornell, Martkew, and Moses Moore 1783 Feb. 25 

Cornell, Sarah, and Samuel Howell, Hunterdon 1782 Dec. 5 

Cornelly, Mary, and David Ogden, Middlesex 1768 Mar. 28 

Cornish, Elizabeth, and Joshua Palmer, Pennsylvania 1766 Nov. 2G 

Cornish, Hauah, Nottingham, and Joseph Smith, Nottingham 1764 Aug. 1 

Cornwill, Meire. and James Lie, Bergen 1766 Nov. 29 

Corry, Sarah, Philadelphia, and Hugh Ross, Philadelphia 1732 June 4 

Corshuu, Catharine, and John Stevenson, Amwell 1782 June 11 

Corson, Ann, Cape May, and John Leonard, Cape May 1732 Dec. 29 

Corson, Deborah, and John Drummond, Gloucester 1772 Feb. 9 

Corson, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Jotham Townsend, Cape May 1776 May 21 

Corson, Judith, Cape May, and William Eldridge, Cape May 1778 Dec. 10 

Corson, Lydia, Cape May, and Isaac Dinar, Cape May 1740 June 20 

Corson, Raamab, Cape May, and Richard Tomson, Cape May 1741 Dec. 19 

Corson, Rachel, Cape May, and Joseph Corson, Cape May 1759 Jan. 22 

Corson, Rachel, Cape May, and Isaac Dole, Cape May 1761 Oct. 28 

Corson, Roada, Cape May, and William Robinson, Cape May 1754 Aug. 13 

Corson, Susannah, Cape May, and James Conaway, Cape May 1741 May 14 

Corson, Zabiah, Cape May, and Joseph Hildreth, Cape May 1748 Feb. 16 

Corwine, Rachel, Amwell, and Jacob Williamson, Amwell 1775 Dec. 11 

Coryell, Amelia, and John Prall, Amwell 1785 Feb. 7 

Cosby, Grace, and Thomas Freeman, New York 1733 June 14 

Cosier, Lidia, Gloucester, and Solomon Manning, Gloucester 1747 June 12 

Cotheal, Rachael, Middlesex, and Neil Campbell, Middlesex 1763 Jan. 10 

Cotterell, Mary, Monmouth, and John Applegate, Monmouth 1748 Sept. 27 

Cottrile, Rebekah, Shrewsbury, and Thomas Romine, Shrewsbury .... 1752 Nov. 23 
Couenover, Sophiah, Gt. Egg Harb’r, and James Steelman, Gt. Eg. H. . 1772 Dec. 23 

Congal, Elizabeth, and William Perkins, Gloucester 1784 Nov. 11 

Coulton, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and William Lewis, Monmouth. .. 1749-50 Jan. 26 

Coulton, Hannah, and John Russel, Shrewsbury 1749 Jan. 23 

Coulton, Marry, Monmouth, and Thomas Borden 1746 Jan. 29 

Couper, Elysabeth, and James Van Emburg, New Barbadoes 1769 Feb. 28 

Coursen, Catherine, Hunterdon, and Peter Perine, Hunterdon 1 746 Aug. 22 

Coursen, Charity, Hunterdon, and Benjamin Cole, Hunterdon 1752 Aug. II 

Cousins, Mary, Springfield, and Marmaduke Fort, Burlington 1738 Dec. 2 

Cousins, Mary, Essex, and Moses Ogden, Essex 1746 Oct. 29 

Cov, Mary, Staten Island, and Thomas Butler, Staten Island 1758 May 22 

Covenhoven, Anne, Monmouth, and William Covenhoven, Monm’th. 1743-4 Mar. 16 

Covenhoven, Anne, and Cornelius Quick, Amwell 1771 Dec. 11 

Covenhoven, Aultie, Monmouth, and John Bennet, Monmouth 1761 Aug. 10 

Covenhoven, Catharine, Middiet ’n, and Nicholas Van Brunt Shrewsb’y. 1767 Jan. 15 
Covenhoven, Coboacha, Freehold, and Cyrenius Van Mater, Jr., Mdn 1766 Mar. 31 

Covenhoven, Elenor, and Richard Sansbury, Amwell 1764 July 19 

Covenhoven, Hendrica, and John Campbell, Monmouth 1761 Nov. 30 

Coveuhoven, Hester, Bergen, and Reynier Vaugiese, Bergen 1743 Mur. 20 



Covenhoven, Jane, Monmouth, and Peter Longstreet, Monmouth 1765 Dec. 19 

Covenhoven, Jean, Monmouth, and Peter Schanck, Monmouth 1747 Dec. 26 

Covenhoven, Lenah, Monmouth, and Benjamin Yancleeve, Jr., Mon. .1741 Aug. 1 
Covenhoven, Mary, Monmouth, and John Schanck, Monmouth. . . . 1752 Dec. 19 

Covenhoven, Mary, Freehold, and Peter Schanck, Freehold 1753 June 11 

Covenhoven, Mary, Middletown, and Daniel Van Mater, Monmouth .. 1754 Dec. 27 
Covenhoven, Mary, Freehold, and Cornelius Yauderveer, Freehold. ... 1764 Sept. 17 
Covenhoven, Patience, Monmouth, and Albert Covenhoven, Monm’th 1765 Nov. 21 
Covenhoven, Sarah, Middletown, and Garret Schanck, Middletown. .. 1762 Jan. 5 
Covenhoven, Sarah, Monmouth, and Benjamin Van Cleeve, Monm’th 1763 July 11 
Covenhoven, Sary, Freehold, and Joseph Thompson, Freehold 1767 Feb. 19 

Covenhoven. Williamtic, Middletown, and Matthias Covenhoven, Mid. 1749 July 27 
Covenoven, Catharine, Freehold, and Daniel Vanderveer, Freehold. .. 1765 Feb. 28 
Covenoven, Margaret, Middletown, and Philip Wynkoop, Philadelphia. 1735 Mar. 9 

Covenoven, Mary, Burlington, and Beddock Townsend, Burlington. . . 1736 Dec. 9 

Covenover, 'Mary, and Elias Gaudy, Gt. Egg Harbour. ...... ... .1764 Sept. 26 

Covenover, Patience, Monmouth, and Samuel Bowne, Monmouth. . ... 1754 Sept. 3 

Covenover, Sarah, and Jacob Eldridge, Gloucester 1764 Aug. 21 

Covenover, Sarah, Gloucester, and David Adams, Gloucester. 1774 April 18 

Covert, Tainche, Monmouth, and George lie id, Jr., Monmouth 1743 July 18 

Covinoven, Ledy, Monmouth, and Hendrick Hendrickson, Monmouth. 1757 Mar. 7 
Cowan, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Jeremiah Bloomfield, Burlington .. 1773 June 28 

Coward, Alice, and John Brown, Burlington 1759 Feb. 7 

Coward, Deliverance, and James Randolph, Monmouth 1760 Mar. 15 

Coward, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Thomas Sill, Jacobstown ... ... 1765 May 20 

Coward, Rebecca, and Tobias Hendrickson, Monmouth 1762 Mar. 6 

Cowenhoveu, Katherine, and Adam Jobs, Somerset 1782 April 1 

Cowgill, Beulah, and John West, Springfield 1784 Nov. 10 

Cowgill, Rachael, Burlington, and Samuel Woodward, Burlington. ... 1728 Sept. 16 

Cowgill, Sarah, Burlington, and John Munyon, Burlington 1738 April 25 

Cowgill, Susannah, and John King, Monmouth 1737 Sept. 24 

Coueman, Marget, 1 Essex, and Thomas Vanrypen, Essex 1750 April 17 

Cownover, Rebecca, and James Scull, Gt. Egg Harbour 1783 Sept. 11 

Cowperthwaite, Hannah, and Benjamin Stockton, Burlington 1779 Nov. 29 

Cowvenoven, Sarah, Middletown, and Jacob Wikoff, Shrewsbury 1754 Jan. 7 

Cox, Abigail, and Hezekiah Kemble, Gloucester 1780 Jan. 29 

Cox, Amy, Burlington, and Bartholomew Coppock, Burlington 1730 Aug. 4 

Cox, Aun, Monmouth, and Zachariah Coulten, Middlesex 1750 Dec. 25 

Cox, Ann, Middlesex, and William Corlis, Burlington 1756 June 3 

Cox, Anne, and John Hendrickson, Burlington 1763 Nov. 14 

Cox, Bythinia, and John Wills, Willingborough * 1763 Aug. 19 

Cox, Catherine, Gloucester, and Samuel Cozens, Gloucester 1754 Mar. 2 

Cox, Catherine, Upper Freehold, and Thomas Van Kirk, Freehold .. 1761 Jan. 7 

Cox, Catherine, Monmouth, and Benjamin Loxley, Philadelphia 1761 Sept. 1 

i One of Hie sureties (probably her father) signs his name ” Hendrick Coeymans of Essex 


Cox, Deborah, and Thomas McCurtain, Monmouth.. 1771 Jan. 19 

Cox, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Richard Compton, Jr., Monmouth. ... 1727 Jan. 15 

Cox, Elizabeth, and Samuel Mead, Monmouth 1760 Nov. 1 

Cox, Elizabeth, Willingborougb, and Elisha Read, Willingborough.. . . 1765 July 3 

Cox, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and James Cox, Monmouth 1769 Feb. 25 

Cox, Ellinor, Burlington, and Benjamin Perkins, Burlington 1731 June 13 

Cox, Hannah, Gloucester, and Nixon Chatlin, Gloucester 1749 May 23 

Cox, Hannar, Freehold, and John Reynolds, Freehold 1762 Jan. 23 

Cox, Hannah, and Joseph Burdsell, Monmouth 1783 Nov. 20 

Cox, Jane, and Hugh Caldwell, Gloucester. 1736 April 29 

Cox, Katherine, Gloucester, and Andrew Long, Gloucester 1730 Dec. 2 

Cox, Marah, Shrewsbury, and Richard Allen, New York 1754 Mar. 25 

Cox, Mary, New Brunswick, and Nathaniel Stillwell, New Brunswick .1710 Aug. 28 

Cox, Mary, Freehold, Thomas Newton, Freehold... . 1743 May 20 

Cox, Rachel. Bloomsbury, and John Stevens, Jr., Trenton 1782 Oct. 15 

Cox, Rebekah, Monmouth, and Joseph Norcross, Monmouth 1748 Aug. 1 

Cox, Rebekah, and John Morris, Middlesex 1763 Feb. 24 

Cox, Rebekah, and William Mount, Monmouth 1775 Nov. 20 

Cox, Robena, Pennsylvania, and John Vansant, Pennsylvania ...... 1728 Aug. 19 

Cox, Sarah, Burlington, and Thomas Bryan, Burlington 1730 Nov. 22 

Cox, Sarah, Middlesex, and Christopher Beekman, Middlesex 1741 Nov. 12 

Cox, Sarah, Hunterdon, and John Shaw, Shrewsbury 1770 Feb. 20 

Coxe, Fanny, Burlington, and Thomas Bryan, Burlington 1760 Dec. 31 

Coxe, Grace, and Le Kay de Chaumonti 1789 July 17 

Coxe, Mary, Monmouth, and William Enelman, Monmouth 1729 April 28 

Coxe, Mary, Monmouth, and John Liming, Monmouth 1740 Nov. 4 

Coxe, Mercy, Upper Freehold, and Ephraim Robins, Upper Freehold. .1746 April 21 

Coxe, Mercy, and Thomas French, Burlington 1769 April 22 

Coxe, Phebe, Cape May, and Charles Stilmau, Gt. Egg Harbour 1761 Dec. 18 

Coxe, Sarah, Philadelphia, and William Monington, Burlington 1772 Feb. 14 

Cozens, Anne, Burlington, and Joseph Norton, Burlington 1727 Feb. 3 

Cozens, Hannah, Gloucester, and Jacob Horner, Gloucester 1764 Dec. 29 

Cozens, Mary, and Richard Maffet, Gloucester, 1785 Feb. 24 

Craford, Elizabeth, Salem, and Andrew Paget, Salem 1727 June 10 

Craford, Elizabeth, and John Richardson, Cape May 1756 Dec. 17 

Craford, Rachel, Cape May, and Jeremiah Hand, Cape May 1739 Mar. 17 

Craford, Sarah, Cape May, and Ezekiel Eldridge, Cape May 1741 April 14 

Craft, Ann, Burlington, and John Loveless, Burlington 1742 Nov. 15 

Craft, Catherine, Monmouth, and Francis Harbert, Monmouth 1752 Nov. 10 

Craft, Grace, Burlington, and John Lanuing, Burlington 1761 Nov. 11 

Craft, Margaret, and John Renier, Burlington 1734 Dec. 23 

Craft, Mary, and Solomon Brown, Monmouth 1762 Dec. 29 

Craft, Mary, Burlington, and Amos English, Burlington 1765 Mar. 6 

t So he signs the bond. In the body of the instrument the name is entered as James 

Donatien Le Ray de Chaumont. 


Crage, Mary, Monmouth, and Thomas Bullman, Jr., Monmouth 1765 Nov. 22 

Crager, Martha, Woodbridge, and Joseph Haviland, Perth Amboy .... 1752 Sept. 30 

Craig, Catherine, and John Loyd, New Jersey 1745 Aug. 10 

Craig, Mary, Monmouth, and Peter Gordon, New Jersey 1742 Dec. 13 

Craig, Rebecca, Somerset, and William Hutton, Somerset. ... ...... 1758 Oct. 2 

Craig, Susannah, and Anthony Shank, Bucks Co., Pa 1783 Dec. 13 

Craige, Gertrude, Monmouth, and William Hamton, Monmouth 1747 Sept. 30 

Craige, Elizabeth, Freehold, and William Van Kirk, Freehold 1757 Aug. 23 

Cramer, Sarah, and Joseph Gaskill. .. . 1768 Dec. 5 

Cramer, Dinah, and Daniel Johnson, Egg Harbor 1747 May 14 

Cramer, Lydia, Burlington, and Abel Gale, Burlington 1740 June 16 

Cramer, Mary, and David Cavalier, Little Egg Harbour. 1782 Sept. 19 

Cramer, Phebe, and John Mott, Burlington 1738 Aug. 7 

Cramer, Zuby, and Benjamin Pridmore. Monmouth 1778 Oct. 8 

Crammer, Ann, and Abraham Gaskill, Burlington 1784 Aug. 18 

Crammer, Barthial, Burlington, and Robert Webb, Jr., Burlington.,. 1751 May 9 
Crammer, Marah, Monmouth, and Andrew Allin, Monmouth ...... .1754 June 3 

Crammer, Marcy, and John Mathis, Little Egg Harbor .. 1781 Aug 16 

Crammer, Sarah, Monmouth, and William Camburn, Monmouth. ...1763 Oct. 13 

Crammer, Susannah, and Joel Westcoat, Galloway ... .... 1784 Dec. 8 

Crane, Abigail, and John Wiggins, Trenton .. . ... 1784 Mar. 22 

Crane, Ann, Newark, and Ebenezer Davis, Newark.. ...1750 Mar. 18 

Crane, Fanny, and Lawrence Johnson, Hunterdon 1778 June 8 

Crane, Hannah, and John Gifford ........ 1779 April 7 

Crane, Katerine, Essex, and Stephen Ward. Essex 1779 Mar. 22 

Cranford, Margaret, South Amboy, and James Price, South Amboy. . . 1760 Sept. 2 

Cranford, Elizabeth, Middletown, and John Smith. Middletown 1766 April 24 

Cranmer, Sarah, and Joseph Aller, Little Egg Harbor. . . . 1783 May 19 

Cranson, Ann, Bristol, Pa., audLovit Streaker, Bristol, Pa 1776 June 20 

Craven, Anne, and Benjamin Ruge, Salem 1731 Mar. 20 

Craven, Grace, Salem, and John Owen. Salem 1758 April 26 

Crawford, Caturah, and John Patten, Freehold 1766 June 5 

Crawford, Catherine, Elizabeth Town, and John Barclay, Balkinridge. 1749 April 6 
Crawford, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and William Payday, Gloucester ...1750 Oct. 24 

Crawford, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Enos Buck, Cape May 1773 May 3 

Crawford, Elizabeth, and Anthony Warrick, Gloucester 1775 Oct. 5 

Crawford, Lydia, Middletown, and Cornelius Compton, Middletown. . 1756 July 30 

Crawford, Mary, and Benjamin Gibbons, Monmouth 1754 Mar. 12 

Crawford, Sarah, and James Simpson, Gloucester 1772 Jan. 7 

Crawford, Zeruiah, Freehold, and Stephen Vanbrackel, Monmouth.. 1748-9 Mar. 22 

Crawley, Judah, Somerset, and John Pechet, Somerset 1742 Sept. 27 

Crayton, Anne, Perth Amboy, and Thomas. Barry, Perth Amboy 1750 Aug. 15 

Creasey, Mary, and Jeremiah Corsen. Cape May 1763 Sept. 24 

Creaton, Sarah, Bucks, Pa., and David Johnson, Bucks, Pa 1775 Aug. 5 

Creeger, Christian, aud Andrew Thompson, Hunterdon 1780 July 22 

Creesey, Comfort, Gloucester, and Elias Steelman, Gloucester ... . . .1732 Dec. 16 


Cregeir, Martha, Staten Island, and John Stevens, Staten Island 1741 Sept. 8 

Creidock, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John McCaffarty, Monmouth.. .. 1744 April 21 

Cresey, Rachel, and Jothain Townsend, Cape May. ... 1768 Nov. 14 

Cresse, Abigail, and Return Badcock, Cape May ....1783 Feb. 22 

Cresse, Esther, Cape May, and Richard Edmunds, Cape May 1763 June 21 

Cresse, Hannah, and Thomas Matthews, Cape May 1768 Jan. 8 

Cresse, Hannah, Cape May, and Thomas Pratteu, Cape May 1769 June 21 

Cresse, Priscilla, and Permenas Corson, Cape May 1775 Nov. 1 

Cresse, Prudence, and Joshua Billings, Cape May 1787 Jan. 10 

Cresse, Rachel, Cape May, and Nathan Godfrey, Cape May 1780 Sept. 11 

Cresse, Sarah, Cape May, and Thomas Smith, Cape May 1739 Nov. 15 

Cressey, Hannah, and Isaiah Stiles, Cape May. .• 1770 Dec. 19 

Cressey, Marcy, Cape May, and Reeves Iszard, Cape May 1761 Jan. 12 

Creveling, Christina, and Jacob Waller, Sussex 1769 Nov. 27 

Crtbbs, Jane, and William Stebins, Burlington 1770 Dec. 7 

Crigh, Catherine, and bhilip Young, Somerset 1779 Jan. 19 

Crippe, Sarah, Burlington, and Thomas Kingston, Burlington 1741 Mar. 23 

Cripps, Martha, Burlington, and Jasper Moon, Burlington 1773 Sept. 1 

Cripps, Mary, and Peter Anderson, Gloucester 1785 Mar. 14 

Crispen, Sarah, Burlington, and William Eldridge, Burlington 1772 Jan. 20 

Crispin, Abigail, and William Lecouey, Burlington 1787 Oct. 31 

Crispin, Hannah, Burlington, and Richard Stockton, Burlington 1768 April 28 

Crispin, Hannah, and James Lippincott, Burlington 1777 Sept. 20 

Crispin, Margaret. Burlington, and Richard Prickitt, Burlington 1756 April 9 

Crispin, Martha, Evesham, and David Wills, Evesham 1750 Jan. 21 

Crispin, Mary, Burlington, and Eber Bishop, Burlington 1782 Feb. 23 

Critch, Mary, and Philip Wickart, Northampton . . 1781 Feb. 27 

Crocher, Ann, Salem, and William Price, Salem 1686-7 Aug. 10 

Crockford, Hannah, Burlington, and Richard Brian, Burlington 1754 Jan. 23 

Croney, Ann, Burlington, and George Mitchell, Burlington 1782 Mar. 2 

Crooks, Elizabeth, and Thomas Twining, Kingwood 1781 Sept. 27 

Crooks, Elizabeth, and John Cooke, Sussex. 1768 June 18 

Crosby, Sarah, Burlington, and Benjamin Marriatt, Burlington 1739 May 12 

Crosby, Susannah, Burlington, and Joseph Beesley, Burlington 1766 Nov. 20 

Croshaw, Sarah, Springfield, and Abraham Zilley, Springfield 1773 Oct. 19 

Cross, Deborah, Somerset, and Henry Simson, Sussex 1754 June 25 

Cross, Ketrin, Somerset, and Joseph Boyle, Morris 1776 May 1 

Cross, Mary, Burlington, and William Foster, Burlington 1779 Dec. 9 

Cress, Susannah, Burlington, and John Poiused, Burlington 1746 Sept. 28 

Crossley, Martha, Burlington, and John Adair, Burlington 1774 Dec. 5 

Croston, Eleanora, and Robert Wilson, Gloucester 1783 Sept. 30 

Crow, Elizabeth, Salem, and Edward Sanghurst, Salem 1733 May 16 

Crow, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and Joseph Drake, Jr., Middlesex 1764 Mar. 27 

Crow, Sarah, Middlesex, and Henry Cothell, Middlesex 1763 Feb. 10 

Crowe, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and Kezia Runyon, Middlesex 1761 Dec. 29 

Crowel, Experience, Cape May, and Jacob Hand, Cape May 1748 June 8 



Crowell, Abigail, and Levi Eldridge, Cape May 1776 Aug. 7 

Crowell, Agnes, Middlesex, and Eli Potter, Middlesex 1763 Jan. 31 

Crowell, Annabel, Woodbridge, and Thomas Hadden, Jr., Woodb’ge. . 1758 Nov. 15 

Crowell, Catherine, Woodbridge, and Reuben Evans, Woodbridge ...1751 Oct. 21 

Crowell, Catherine, and Joshua Wright, Richmond, N. Y 1781 Oct. 31 

Crowell, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Ephraim Bancroft, Cape May 1763 June 8 

Crowell, Hannah, Cape May, and Jonathan Whilden, Cape May 1772 Nov. 16 

Crowell, Phebe, Cape May, and Ezekiel Eldridge, Cape May 1768 Oct. 18 

Crowell, Rhoda, Cape May, and Isaiah Stites, Cape May 1738 April 29 

Crowell, Rhoda, and James Schillinger, Cape May 1780 June 27 

Crowell, Ruth, Cape May, and Abraham Reeves, Cape May 1775 Oct. 22 

Crowell, Sally, Monmouth, and George Taylor, Monmouth .1766 July 29 

Crowell, Sarah, Cape May, and Silas Hand, Cape May 1751 April 22 

Croxson, Elisabeth, Monmouth, and Richard Mitchel, Monmouth. .... 1763 Sept. 23 

Crum, Sarah, Filesgrove, and Ephraim Vanmeter, Pilesgrove 1760 April 21 

Crusea, Mary, Bergen, and Nicholas Lozier, Bergen 1768 Sept. 2 

Crusee, Helenah, and Samuel Stout, (minor), Somerset 1779 April 24 

Crussie, Alice, and Samuel Hunt, Morris 1780 Sept. 30 

Cruzee, Catharine, and Rynear Mene, Somerset 1780 April 1 

Cubberly, Mary, New Windsor, and William Tindall, New Windsor . .1770 Mar. 28 

Culver, Eunice, Monmouth, and Jeremiah Bacon, Monmouth 1762 Nov. 6 

Cummin, Ann, Bucks, Pa., and Jacob Wurtz, Bucks, Pa 1762 Mar. 31 

Cumming, Catharine, Freehold, and Philip Stockton, Somerset 1767 April 9 

Cumming, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, and John White, Perth Amboy.. 1757 Oct. 3 

Cumminge, Esther, and Joseph Smith, Middlesex 1764 July 27 

Cumpton, Hannar, Middletown, and David Stout, Middletown 1759 April 9 

Cumpton, Lydia, Monmouth, and Benjamin Morris, Monmouth.. ...1767 June 1 

Cunningham, Ann, and Amos Shinn, Springfield 1777 April 5 

Cunningham, Catharine, Monmouth, and Preserve Potter, Monmouth 1742 July 22 

Cunningham, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Richard Green, Burlington. . 1764 July 2 

Cunningham, Elizabeth, and Joseph Busson, Burlington 1766 Dec. 31 

Cunningham, Jemina, and Andrew Farmer, Burlington 1763 Dec. 17 

Cunningham, Mary, Monmouth, and Daniel Robins, Middlesex 1767 Oct. 3 

Cunningham, Rachel, Mannington, and William Smith, Manniugton. . 1761 Dec. 11 

Cunningham, Sarah, Springfield, and Amos Shinn, Springfield 1774 Mar. 11 

Cuntryman, Mary, and Adam Snook, Sussex 1768 Dec. 8 

Curlis, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Jonathan Herbert, Monmouth 1760 Dec. 30 

Curlis, Hannah, Monmouth, and Ebenezer Wardell, Monmouth 1753 Sept. 27 

Curlis, Jane, Monmouth, and John Willgus, Monmouth 1741-5 Mar. 16 

Curlis, Mehitabel, Monmouth, and Caleb Shinn, Monmouth 1739 Jan. 2 

Currant, Margaret, and William Adaire, Bristol, Pa 1759 July 13 

Currey, Juliana, and Robert Ha rberson, Salem 1785 Dec. 21 

Currey, Marget, and George Peterson, Upper Penns Neck 1782 June 19 

Curtin, Mary, and William Hay, Burlington 1770 Aug. 3 

Curtis, Abigail, and John Paine, Jr 1699 Aug. 8 

Curtis, Diadama, Burlington, and Adin Pancoast, Burlington 1762 April 22 


Curtis, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Henry Cooper, Burlington 1735 May 13 

Curtis, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Thomas Merritt, Burlington 1770 June 28 

Curtis, Hester, Burlington, and William Hancock, Burlington 1732 June 5 

Curtis, Jerusha, Burlington, and Samuel Goldy, Burlington 1765 Feb. 2 

Curtis, Lidy, Shrewsbury, and William Pearce, Shrewsbury 1766 Jan. 28 

Curtis, Margaret, Bridgetown, and Zachariah Rosell, Bridgetown 1718 Jan. 25 

Curtis, Margaret, Shrewsbury, and Michael Price, Shrewsbury 1760 May 21 

Curtis, Mary, Gloucester, and Richard Buckley, Gloucester 1733 July 4 

Curtis, Mary, and Ashfordby Orrason, Hunterdon 1784 Sept. 7 

Qurtis, Myrtilla, and Thomas Platts, Alloways Creek 1781 May 3 

Curtis, Rachel, Monmouth, and Samuel Tallman, Monmouth 1765 June 26 

Curtis, Rebaccah, and John Mead, Pompton 1785 Mar. 17 

Curtis, Sarah, Monmouth, and William Bennet, Monmouth 1746 Jan. 29 

Curtis, Sarah, Kingwood, Edward Taylor, Kingwood 1774 April 16 

Curtis, Mary Monmouth, and Adam Brewer, Monmouth 1761 Aug. 28 

Cushlow, Elizabeth, Salem, and John Kelley, Salem 1768 Dec. 24 

Cutler, Charity, and John Kent, Middlesex 1769 Feb. 8 

Cutler, Christina, Woodbridge, and Edward Potter, Woodbridge 1761 Dec. 28 

Cutler, Martha, Salem, and John Kidd, Salem 1729 May 1 

Cutler, Sarah, Burlington, and Joseph Rockhill, Bucks, Pa 1736 April 8 

Cutler, Ellen, and Samirel Brown, Monmouth 1762 Aug. 7 

Cuypher, Catherine, Bergen, and David Ackerman, Bergen. . 1769 April 22 

Cuyper, Elizabeth, Bergen, and Lambert Smith, Orange Co., N. Y ...1761 Jan. 26 

Cyphars, Mary, Evesham, and John Smith, Evesham 1774 Oct. 22 

Cyphers, Elizabeth, and Joseph Lee, Hunterdon 1766 Nov. 29 


Dabzell, Kennedy, Somerset, and Elizabeth Mayhew 1769 Feb. 

Dalles, 'Alexander, New York, and Margaret Dalles, Perth Amboy 1764 Jan. 20 

Dailey, John, Somerset, and Hannah Stoll, Hunterdon 1772 Mar. 3 

Dailey, Philip, Reading Town, and Mercy Jones, Reading Town ... .1748 Jan. 12 

Dally, Henry, Middlesex, and Sarah Gifford, Perth Amboy 1739 Nov. 9 

Dalton, Henry, Burlington, and Hannah Hammock 1777 Dec. 13 

Dalton, Miles, and Catherine Milligan 1762 Mar. 7 

Dalrimple, Joseph, Morris, and Jane Boyle 1745 May 24 

Dancer, John, Middlesex, and Mary Brown 1769 June 13 

Danford, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Groom 1737 Sept. 12 

Dangerfield, William, Burlington, and Esther Foster 1778 April 6 

Daniel, Aaron, Salem, and Margaret Watson, Salem 1766 Nov. 29 

Daniel, Aaron, Salem, and Martha Stretch 1791 Mar. 29 

Daniel, John, Hunterdon, and Catherine McDaniel 1778 June 5 

Daniels, Aaron, Salem, and Melissa Hancock ... 1 787 Oct. 9 

Daniels, Clement, Cape May, and Deborah Yoimgs 1737 Oct. 24 

Daniels, Eli, Cumberland, and Polley Woolson, Cape May 1776 Mar. 20 

Daniels, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Sarah Sear 1 780 Sept. 22 

Daniels, John, Morris River, and Lydia White 1759 Aug. 22 



Daniels, John, Cumberland, and Mary Newcomb, Cumberland 1770 Jan. 30 

Daniels, Jolm, Gloucester, and Pbebe Stilwell 17S8 Nov. 10 

Daniels, Thomas, Cape May, and Mary Golding, Cape May 1740 July 2 

Danilson, William, Somerset, and Dorothy Kenney, Somerset 1750 Oct. 25 

Darby, Joseph, Monmouth, and Mary Hamton, Monmouth 1762 Dec. 20 

Darbyshire, John, Burlington, and Elinor Gregg, Burlington 1731 Aug. 12 

Dare, Amos, Salem, and Rachel Wood 1775 July 25 

Dare, Benjamin, Cumberland, and Mary Dare, Cumberland. 1773 April 7 

Dare, Benone, Cumberland, and Clemens Withneau, Cumberland . . 1760 May 9 

Dare, David, Cumberland, and Ruth Feck . .. . 1778 Dec. 15^ 

Dare, Reuben, Cumberland, and Rhoda Stevens, Cumberland 1760 Dec. 6 

Darmon, Jesse, Gloucester, and Abigail Pew 1783 May 7 

Dassigney, Benjamin, New Brunswick, and Anne Beekman, N. B\vk..l750 Oct. 1 

Daugherty, Michael, Salem, and Martha Edwards, Salem 1763 Nov. 12 

Davan, John, New York, and Anne Marshall, Elizabethtown 1757 Dec. 15 

Davenport, Jacob, Morris, and Hannah McLain, Morris 17S4 Nov. 1 

Davenport, Joseph, Gloucester, and Catherine Halton, Gloucester ...1771 April 17 

Davenport, Samuel, Burlington, and Ruth Price, Burlington 1765 Jan. 10 

Davenport, William, Perth Amboy, and Sarah Langworthy, P’th Am. .. 1762 Jan. 1 

Davice, Jonathan Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Albertis, Trenton 1740 May 12 

Davidson, John, Burlington, and Amy Hay 1772 April 23 

Davidson, John, Burlington, and Ann Shinn. 1778 Dec. 7 

Davidson, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Eastlack 1777 Aug. 4 

Davidson William, Burlington, and Lacey Holden, Burlington. . . .1746 Oct. 4 

Davies, Benjamin, Philadelphia, and Hannah Chandler, Philadelphia. 1766 April 29 

Davies, David, Burlington, and Jane Stackhouse, Pennsylvania 1731 Aug. 9 

Davies, John, Burlington, and Hannah Carter, Burlington 1736 May 11 

Davies, John, Burlington, and Martha Ward, Burlington 1765 Sept. 10 

Davis, Andrew, Burlington and Mary Hatkinson 1781 May 1 

Davis, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Mary Woolley, Monmouth 1749 Dec. 11 

Davis, David, Burlington, and Jane Philips 1759 Sept. 14 

Davis, David, Gloucester, and Rachel Pine 1781 Sept. 29 

Davis, Ebenezer, Newark, and Ann Crane, Newark 1750 Mar. 18 

Davis, Elias, Middlesex, and Mary Carman 1767 Sept. 5 

Davis, Enoch, Middletown, and Elizabeth Abrahams, Perth Amboy. . . 1754 Nov. 22 

Davis, Enoch, Monmouth, and Anna Swindon, Monmouth. . . 1762 Oct. 20 

Davis, Henry, New Brunswick, and Margaret Brown, New Brunswick. 1746 July 14 

Davis, Howell, Burlington, and Margaret Antrum 1761 April 18 

Davis, Isaac, Cumberland, and Mary Anna David, Salem 1767 Sept. 23 

Davis, James, Monmouth, and Rebecca Brand, Monmouth 1765 July 1 

Davis, James, Burlington, and Jane Richardson, Burlington 1774 May 9 

Davis, John, Burlington, and Deadeina Bishop, Burlington 1762 Mar. 8 

Davis, John, Middlesex, and Isabella Bayler 1784 May 1 

Davis, Jonathan, Cumberland, and Ammi Davis 1783 Jan. 8 

Davis, Jonathan, Chester, Pa., and Martha Garwood, Burlington. ... 1783 Mar. 17 

Davis, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Reynolds 1737 Mar. 31 


Davis, Joseph, Monmouth, ami Jane Tyson, Monmouth 1739 Sept. 28 

Davis, Joseph, Monmouth, and Upham Amock, Monmouth 1754 Sept. 14 

Davis, Joseph, Burlington, and Abigail Havens, Burlington 1756 Sept. 23 

Davis, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Davis, Burlington 1766 Mar. 20 

Davis, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Sarah Phillips . . . 1779 Aug. 25 

Davis, Nathan, Monmouth, and Anney Gifford, Monmouth ....1761 Jan. 20 

Davis, Richard, Somerset, and Mary Fitchel, Somerset 1740 Sept. 28 

Davis, Richai’d, and Phebe Adams ... 1756 Nov. 24 

Davis, Samuel, Bergen, and Nancy Harrison 1750 July 25 

Davis, Samuel, Cumberland, and Mary Ferry, Hopewell ..1759 Jan. 11 

Davis, Samuel, Philadelphia, and Alice Hampton 1781 April 23 

Davis, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Kelly 1783 Nov. 7 

Davis, Samuel C., Gloucester, and Ann Rowand 1790 Dec. 6 

Davis, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Sarah Price 1733 Jan. 16 

Davis, Thomas, Piscataway, and Anne Smalley, Piscataway 1750 Aug. 24 

Davis, Thomas, Somerset, and Anne Probasco 1779 Oct. 16 

Davis, William, Perth Amboy, and Honor Mack Dowall, Perth Amboy . 1740 Feb. 10 

Davis, William, Burlington, and Sarah Stockton, Burlington. ...... .1761 Jan. 9 

Davis, William, Gloucester, and Sarah McNeal, Gloucester 1763 Jan. 12 

Davis, William, New York, and Mary Nicolson 1766 June 21 

Davis, William, Sussex, and Ann Merlet 1772 Dec. 31 

Davis, William, and Phebe Ward 1779 Feb. 26 

Davison, Amaziah, Middlesex, and Margaret Burns, Middlesex 1761 May 25 

Davison, Andrew, Monmouth, and Catherine Pew, Monmouth 1741 July 27 

Davison, John, New Brunswick, and Sarah Wilkins, Somerset 1740 Mar. 25 

Davison, John, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Anderson 1774 Feb. 1 

Davison, John, Hunterdon, and Mary Bonham 1779 Feb. 16 

Davison, Robert, Monmouth, and Anne Higgins, Middlesex 1742 Jan. 25 

Davison, William, Middlesex, and Anne Brunson, Somerset 1744 Nov. 17 

Davison, William, Somerset, and Mehitable Cooper, Morris .1770 Dec. 22 

Davison, William, Middlesex, and Catherine Van Pelt 1780 April 29 

Dawson, Aaron, Gloucester, and Tracy Munyon, Gloucester.. 1771 Dec. 9 

Dawson, Isaac, Philadelphia, and Jane Blackham, Philadelphia 1738 May 25 

Dawson, Jeremiah, Burlington, and Anne King. — . . .1778 July 29 

Dawson, John, Burlington, and Mary Skidmore. 1732 Aug. 31 

Dawson, John, Pennsylvania, and Grace Searle, Pennsylvania 1768 April 5 

Dawson, Michael, Sussex, and Sarah Gerrard, Gloucester 1763. June 22 

Day, Aaron, and Mary Telf . . 1779 Jan. 16 

Day, Charles, Gloucester, and Letitia Alberson. ... 1759 Sept. 25 

Day, Daniel, Morris, and Sarah Cams 1782 Dec. 24 

Day, David, Bergen, and Sarah VIoore, Bergen 1769 Nov. 11 

Day, Jacob, Bergen, and Sarah Stien Branner, 1 Bergen 1773 Oct. 30 

Day, John, Bergen, and Catey Stillwel 1772 

Day, William, Bergen, and Aukie Nash, New York 1762 May 28 

1 Steenbrander. 


Day, William, Bergen, and Auney Vanriper 1761 Oct. 27 

Day, William, Bergen, and Mercy Lie 1766 

Dayton, David, Gloucester, and Barbara Tyre, Gloucester 1761 Sept. 9 

Dayton, Ephraim, Salem, and Sarah Ogden, Salem 1747 May (9) 29? 

Dayton, Ephraim, Cohausie, and Buhamah Eliner, Cohansie 1747 Dec. 29 

Dayton, Jonathan, Esses, and Elizabeth Hull .1746 April 5 

Deacon, George, Burlington, and Ann Burr 1757 Jan. 29 

Deacon, Job, Burlington, and Mary Atkinson 1784 Mar. 14 

Deacon, John, Jr., Burlington, and Hannah Elton, Burlington 1748 Mar. 16 

Deacon, John, Burlington, and Hannah Eayres — 1787 Nov. 20 

Deacon, Samuel, Burlington, and Mahitabel Rogers, Burlington 1762 Mar. 20 

Deacon, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Rogers. 1764 Jan. 25 

Dealy, William, Somerset, and Elizabeth Durragh, Somerset 1744 Jan. 14 

Dean, Ichabod, Middlesex, aud Rachel Predmore, Middlesex 1745 April 16 

Dean, Matthew, Monmouth, and Rebecca Compton, Monmouth 1749 Aug. 12 

Deane, Jonathan, Perth Amboy, and Francis Phillips, Maiden Head.. 1775 Sept. 9 

Dear, Benoni, Salem, and Kezire Stedman, Salem 1745 Nov. 8 

Deare, Stephen, Middlesex, and Hannah Loofbury, Middlesex 1763 Sept. 19 

Dearou, George, Burlington, an t Joan Fennimore, Burlington 1728 Jan. 1 

Debow, Isaac, Middlesex, aud Mary Morgan. 1774 Nov. 12 

Debow, John, Freehold, and Elizabeth Compton 1751 Sept. 12 

Debow, Vaubrok, Monmouth, and Rebecca Smith, Monmouth 1759 June 30 

Debow, William, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Stout 1779 Feb. 17 

Debowe, Frederick, Middletown, and Margaret Johnson, Middletown. 1748 May 27 

Debowe, John, and Alice Johnson 1744 Aug. 20 

DeCamp, Gideon, Middlesex, and Christian Giddeman, New Brunsw’k. 1750 Nov. 3 

DeCamp, Gideon, Hunterdon, and Charity Hunt 1773 Sept. 11 

Decamp, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Thomas, Elizabeth 1755 June 6 

DeCamp, Joseph, Middlesex, and Grace Moore, Essex ,.1761 Dec. 16 

de Chaumond, James LeRay Donatien, aud Grace Coxe 1789 July 17 

Decker, Isaac, Sussex, and Dorcas Chamberlin 1769 April 12 

Decker, Nicholas, Burlington, aud Lydia Minion, Burlington 1765 Nov. 7 

DeCow, Francis, Burlington, aud Sarah Walsh, Burlington 1731 Nov. 26 

Decow, Jacob, aud Elizabeth Newbould 1699 Dec. 21 

DeCow, Jacob, Burlington, aud Jane Duncan 1736 Sept. 20 

Dederer, Christian, Hackensack, aud Elizabeth Vail, Hackensack 1760 Nov. 17 

Degrave, John, Middlesex, and Alitia Autuerman 1779 May 23 

DeGraw, Cornelius, Orange, N. Y., and Leah Demaree, Bergen 1765 Aug. 26 

Degray, John, Bergen, and Polly Berry, Essex 1774 Jan. 21 

Degray, Richard, Bergen, and Auu Schuyler 1786 Aug. 1 

De Groot, Jacob, Bergen, and Lenah Brinkerhoff, Bergen 1771 Nov. 9 

Degroot, Joseph, Bergen, aud Elizabeth Williams, Orange, N. Y 1764 Aug. 22 

De Heart, Matthias, Essex, and Catherine Kingsland 1746 Mar. 31 

Dehart, Samuel, Elizabeth, aud Abigal Merrill, Elizabeth 1749 Sept. 28 

Deheart, Simon, and Mary Taylor 1764 April 9 

Delaney, Samuel, Gloucester, and Dinah Read 1774 May 8 



DeLancy, Stephen, New York City, and Esther Rynders, N. Y. City.. 1761 Aug. 24 

Delatush, Henry, Burlington, and Rebecca Thompson 1761 Dec. 15 

Delatush, Johu, Burlington, and Elizabeth Garwood, Burlington 1759 April 18 

Delgrass, Solomon, Perth Amboy, and Mary Bird, Perth Amboy 1758 June 19 

Dell, Richard, Burlington, and Elizabeth Decow 1695 June 5 

Dell, Richard, Burlington, and Elizabeth Basnett 1698 Aug. 11 

Dell, Nathaniel, Gloucester, and Ann Rush, Gloucester 1763 June 24 

Demaree, David and Mary King 1782 Aug. 31 

Demaree, Jacob, Essex, and Rachel Seckor* 1748 Jan. 10 

Demarest, Abraham, Bergen, and Peggy Demarest, Bergen 1763 Oct. 22 

Demarest, David, Bergen, and Catherine Secker2 1748 July 5 

Demarest, David, Bergen, and Mary Vau Bushkirk, Bergen 1748 Aug. 1 

Demarest, David, Bergen, and Lena Van Voorhees, Bergen 1760 Nov. 29 

Demarest, Daniel, Bergen, and Euppy Westervelt 3 1762 Aug. 22 

Demarest, Jacob, Bergen, and Gesche Hopper 1788 Dec. 16 

Demarest, John, Bergen, and Sarah Christie 1788 May lo 

Demarest, Nicholas, Bergen, and Elsie Demarest, Bergen L 48 July 5 

Demarest, Peter, Bergen, and Annatie Derye, Bergen 1764 Sept. 26 

Demarest, Peter, Bergen, and Antye Bogert 1784 May 20 

Demarest, Samuel, Bergen, and Willemyntie Bant, Bergen 1767 July 27 

Demorest, David, Bergen, and Margaret Vau Voorhees, Bergen 1771 June 25 

Demorest, John, Bergen, and Rebecca Ryerson 1764 Oct. 18 

Demott, Derrick, Hunterdon, and Martha Snedeker 1<80 Nov. 11 

Demott, Deverick, Hunterdon, and Lenah Pippenger 1 r“(2 Oct. 14 

Demott, Isaac, Hunterdon, and Abigail Hoogland, Hunterdon 1770 Aug. 29 

Demott, Johaunis, Bergen, and Cyntie Roelofse, Bergen 1769 April 29 

Demott, Lawrence, Somerset, and Dorothy Vanderbeck, Somerset ...1749 April 25 

Demott, Michael, Hunterdon, and Phebe Schermerhorn, Hunterdon. . 1749 Mar. 5 

Dempsey, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Blake, Bucks, Pa.. 1740 Sept. 20 

Dempson, Timothy, and Ann Beverlin 1731 July 27 

Demun, Edward, Sussex, and Hannah Thornell, Morris 1773 April 9 

Deney, William, Burlington, and Patience Bolsworthy, Monmouth 1761 July 11 

Dening, Philip, Monmouth, and Rachel Mitchell, Monmouth 29 

Denise, Denise, Monmouth, and Margaret Francis 1768 April 11 

Denn, John, Salem, and Susanna Fitz Gerrald, Elsinburrough 1772 Feb. 15 

Dennes, Johu, Essex, and Martha Moore, Essex 1/48 Jan. 21 

Dennis, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Hannah Little, Monmouth 1<64 Jan. 6 

Dennis, Edward, Cumberland, and Jean Cook 1786 Mar. 22 

Dennis, Jacob, Monmouth, and Sarah Johnston, Monmouth..., 1751 Jan. 23 

Dennis, Jacob, Monmouth, and Margaret Prise, Monmouth 1755 Feb. 22 

Dennis, James, Burlington, and Sarah Elmore, Burlington 1738 Mar. 20 

1 Jacob De Moree, y. m. [young man, or bachelor] . and Rachel Siaker, y. d. [young daugh- 
ter, or spinster], were married at Schraalenburgh. Bergen county, Jan. 12, 1749 [N. S]. 

2 Married at Schraalenburgh, Bergen county, July 10, 1748. 

3 Daniei Demarest, y. m., born at Schraalenburgh, and Sophia Westervelt, y. d., born at 
Kendergemak, were married at Schraalenburgh, April 26, 1762. 

io6 new Jersey colonial documents. 

Dermis, John, Gloucester, and Mary Germain, Gloucester 1731 Jan. 7 

Dennis, John, Middletown, and Sarah Thorn, Middletown 1757 June 27 

Dennis, Joliu, Monmouth, and Abigail West, Monmouth 1763 June 4 

Dennis, John. Monmouth, and Rebecca West, Monmouth 1766 Feb. 15 

Dennis, Philip, Burlington, and Elizabeth Skirm 1761 Nov. 27 

Dennis, Samuel, Monmouth, and Mary Vanderbelt, Monmouth 1765 Mar. 13 

Dennis, William, Burlington, and Mary Rogers, Burlington 1737 June 1 

Denny, Henry, Bergen, and Mary Young 1780 Sept. 21 

Denny, Thomas, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Rambo, Gloucester 1745 Jan. 2 

Denny, Thomas, Gloucester, and Faithy Year 1782 Sept. 27 

Dent, Charles, Salem, and Rebecca Peterson, Salem 1762 Dec. 18 

Denton, Robert, Burlington, and Jane Moon, Burlington 1738 Feb. 13 

Denyse, Jaques, New York, and Canbachia Emons, Monmouth 1755 May 0 

De Peyster, Gerardus, New Brunswick, and Eve Miller, New Bruusw’k. 1743 Aug. 31 

De Pue, Isaac, Orange, N. Y., and Bractye Smith, Orange, N. Y 1765 Oct. 28 

Depuy, Jacob, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Gearhart 1784 Jan. 15 

Derborrow, Daniel, Philadelphia, and Rebecca Cherry, Philadelphia. . 1729 Aug. 20 

Derrick, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Coonrad 1780 Nov. 27 

Derrickson, Tice, Freehold, and Mary Tice, Freehold 1755 Mar. 14 

Deul, John, Gloucester, and Mary Davis 1782 Mar. 4 

Devall, William, Monmouth, and Mary Simason, Monmouth 1748 June 4 

De Vausene, John, Essex, and Hester Vreland, Essex 1745 April 29 

Devenport, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Gibbs 1757 May 11 

Devier, William, Gloucester, and Sarah Ellis, Gloucester 1750 Nov. 28 

Devine, William, Gloucester, and Sarah Ellis, Gloucester 1750 Nov. 28 

Devo, Conrad, Burlington, and Sarah Stratton, Burlington 1765 Oct. 23 

De Voisne, John, Newark, and Siechie Van Winkle, Newark 1766 Dec. 20 

Devoor, William, Morris, and Catharine Schoonmaker, Morris. ...... 1740 June 13 

Devorix, Peter, Trenton, and Patience Davix. 1778 Nov. 11 

Devos, Mathias, Salem, and Elizabeth Johnson, Salem 1746 Oct. 16 

Devwiu, Jekiel, Salem, and Esther Paullin 1750 Feb. 4 

D’Wandelaer, John, Jr., and Garretie Gansevoort 1777 Mar. 3 

Dewitt, Peter, Monmouth, and Pheby Cook 1757 Feb. 25 

Dey, Amos, Monmouth, and Mary Chamberlain 1778 Feb. 2 

Dey, David, Bergen, and Sarah Neafie. 1789 Feb. 21 

Dey, James, Monmouth, and Margaret Rue, Middlesex ....... 1760 Nov. 24 

Dey, Peter, Bergen, and Elinor Board 1786 May 9 

Dey, Phillip, Bergen, and Jane Post. . . 1780 Sept. 7 

Dey, Tunis, Bergen, Hester Schuyler, Bergen 1749 Dec. 12 

Dey, William, South Amboy, aud Hannah Priue, South Amboy 1756 July 1 

Dey, William, Middlesex, and Jane Mason, Monmouth 1764 Jan. 16 

Dey, Vincent, Middlesex, and Pliebe Hooglaud, Sussex 1775 Oct. 12 

Dick, Samuel, Salem, and Sarah Sinuickson, Salem. . . 

Dickards, Peter, Burlington, and Salamy Lawrence 1759 Feb. 6 

Dickason, William, Salem, aud Abigail Ward, Gloucester 1749 Nov. 21 

Dickens, Thomas, Monmouth, and Hannah Race, Monmouth 1760 April 11 



Dickeson, John, Salem, and Martha Wallace 1767 Sept. 3 

Dickeson, Thomas, Salem, and Hannah Hudson 1773 Oct. 19 

Dickinson, George, Philadelphia, and Rebecca Leader, Philadelphia. . 1730 Nov. 13 

Dickinson, George, Salem, and Elizabeth McCallister, Salem 1762 Oct. 27 

Dickinson, George, Salem, and Margaret Smith, Salem 1769 Nov. 14 

Dickinson, John, Salem, and Lydomia Belton, Gloucester 1747 Oct. 27 

Dickinson, Joseph, Salem, and Hannah Smith, Cumberland 1765 July 18 

DickinsoD, William, Gloucester, and Mary Ballinger 1776 Nov. 6 

Dickson, Clement, Gloucester, and Sarah Moore, Gloucester 1760 July 13 

Dickson, Thomas, Morris, and Hannah Stephens, Morris. ... 1751 Dec. 11 

Diffedofey, Henry, Monmouth, and Hannah Mires, Monmouth 1753 Dec. 13 

Dikes, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Bourkee 1732 June 19 

Dildine, John, Somerset, and Mary Rosecrauts 1780 Feb. 7 

Dilkes, Aaron, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Chester, Gloucester 1770 July 12 

Dilkes, Andrew, Gloucester, and Joanna Turner 1777 April 1 

Dilkes, John, Gloucester, and Ann Gayard, Gloucester 1750 Aug. 30 

Dilks, Isaac, Gloucester, and Sarah Corkoran, Gloucester 1753 Mar. 7 

Dilks, Jeremiah, Gloucester, and Catherine Peirce 1780 Dec. 25 

Dilks, John, Gloucester, and Hannah Chew 1733 Jan. 16 

Dilks, John, Gloucester, and Anne Peas 1780 Feb. 1 

Dilks, Joseph, Gloucester, and Lydia Jones, Gloucester.. — 1748 Jan. 4 

Dillen, Peter, Somerset, and Polly Vactor 1779 Nov. 13 

Dilley, John, Hunterdon, and Martha Lish 1768 June 4 

Dillon, James, Salem, and Mary Dillon, Salem 1739 Sept. 20 

Dillon James, Burlington, and Catherine Vaughan, Burlington 1779 June 5 

Dillworth, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Alice Eaton. . . 1734 Nov. 25 

Dilmore, William, Salem, and Elizabeth O’Hara . 1772 June 4 

Dingwell, Philip, Burlington, and Mary Daily, Burlington 1750 Nov. 7 

Dingwell, Philip, Bordentown, and Mary Dailey, Bordentown 1751 Nov. 7 

Dingwell, Philip, Bordentown, and Mary Dailey, Bordentown 1750 Nov. 7 

Dinlap, James, Gloucester, and 8 edney Smallwood 1782 Feb. 14 

Disbrow, Elijah, Perth Amboy, and Phebe Letts, Perth Amboy 1771 June 15 

Disbrow, Henry, Middlesex, and Cathrine Van Mart ry 1774 Aug. 12 

Disbrow, John, Perth Amboy, and Sarah Sharp, Perth Amboy 1743 Oct. 6 

Disbrow, John, Perth Amboy, and Mary Montgomerie, Perth Amboy. 1774 Dec. 23 

Disbrow, John, Hunterdon, and Alice Reed 1778 July 25 

Disbrow, William, Middlesex, and Angeltie Shaw, Middlesex . . 1769 Jan. 23 

Disosway, Cornelius, Staten Island, and Mary Baldwin 1765 Aug. 13 

Ditmars, Johanes, Somerset, and Margaret Whitenack 1778 Sept. 14 

Ditmass, Rem, Somerset, and Helena Van Lowe, Somerset 1739 Aug. 6 

Dixon, Anthony, Salem, and Elizabeth Camell, Salem 1683-4 Jan. 8 

Dixon, Francis, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Benton, Cumberland. . . 1763 July 11 

Dixon, Thomas, Burlington, and Catherine Myers 1778 April 28 

Dixson, Daniel, Cumberland, and Ann Dayton, Cumberland 1770 Oct. 30 

Doan, George, Monmouth, and Lucy Kinnan, Monmouth 1756 Oct. 27 

Doan, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Esther Delun, Bucks, Pa. 1751 June 3 


Doan, Samuel, Bucks, Pa., and Martha Paxton, Bucks, Pa .1757 May 21 

Dobbin, James, Burlington, and Anne Fox, Burlington 1767 Sept. 7 

Dobbins, James, Somerset, and Anne Hayarman, Middlesex 1739 Nov. 28 

Dobbins, James, Jr., Burlington, and Sarah Carty, Burlington 1779 Jan. 12 

Dobbins, Joab, Burlington, and Elizabeth Iredall 1777 Aug. 4 

Dobbins, John, Jr., Burlington, and Mary Murrel, Burlington 1779 Dec. 23 

Dobbins, Mycajah, Northampton, and Hannah Eayres 1781 June 25 

Dobbins, William, Burliugton, and Mary Eldridge, Burlington 1774 Mar. 24 

Dobson, Moses, Salem, and Elizabeth Jones 1768 Mar. 12 

Dockerty r , John, Hopewell, and Catherine Van Noy 1773 Nov. 24 

Dodd, Thomas, Burlington, and Ann Boone 1734 May 8 

Dodderer, Jacob, Sussex, and Lydia Collins, Sussex 1763 Feb. 12 

Dohady, Patrick, Hunterdon, and Jane Temple, Hunterdon 1764 Mar. 26 

Dolbon, Amariah, Gloucester, and Lydia Tailor, Gloucester 1774 Feb. 22 

Dolbow, William, Salem, and Elizabeth Peterson 1781 Nov. 10 

Dole, Isaac, Cape May, and Rachel Corson, Cape May 1761 Oct. 28 

Dolles, Jonathan, Cumberland, and Susanna Clarke 1787 June 1 

Don, Johannes, Essex, and Elizabeth Joralemou, Essex 1740 Dec. 1 

Donaldson, Andrew, Philadelphia, and Hannah Wheaton 1775 Feb. 11 

Donally, Daniel, Burlington, and Mary Thomas 1777 April 4 

Dondlesbeck, Frederick, Salem, and Barbary Elwell 1766 Dec. 9 

Done, Joseph, Upper Freehold, and Esther Delan, B icks, Pa 1751 June 3 

Donelson, Joseph, Cumberland, and Temperance Fithian, CumbeiTd. .1774 May 23 

Donham, Renew, Woodbridge, and Mary Heath, Perth Amboy 1757 Aug. 1 

Donham, Elisha, Woodbridge, and Elizabeth Freeman, Woodbridge. .. 1752 June 20 

Donham, Ephraim, Woodbridge, and Abigail Morgan, Perth Amboy .. 1750 Feb. 18 

Donham, Isaac, Woodbridge, and Anne Gacli, Woodbridge 1759 Aug. 22 

Donham, John, and Sarah Dennis, Woodbridge 1744 June 25 

Donnell, Nathaniel, Jr., Cumberland, and Sarah Faress 1784 June 25 

Donnelly, William, Burlington, and Catherine Johnson, Burlington. .. 1775 April 11 

Donnolly, Bryan, Burlington, and Susanna Collins 1738 May 10 

Dooremus, George, Bergen, and Jenny Ryerson 1783 Dec. 3u 

Doran, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Leeds, Burlington 1777 Dec. 13 

Doramus, Henry, Sussex, and Catrina Terhune 1771 Jan. 8 

Doremus, David, and Lea DeBrevort 1779 Feb. 26 

Doremus, Hendrick, Morris, and Margaret Van Winkle, Morris 1760 Sept. 25 

Doremus, Jorris, Bergen, and Margaret Westervelt, Bergen 1768 Oct. 1 

Dorinward, Robert, Burlington, and Elizabeth Otway, Burlington .... 1767 Oct. 5 

Dorland, Cornelius, Hunterdon, and Mary Walker, Burlington 1738 Sept. 18 

Dorland, Samuel, Morris, and Mary Anderson 1778 Nov. 28 

Dorn, Nicholas, Monmouth, and Sarah Smith, Monmouth 1761 Aug. 27 

Doron, John, Burlington, and Mary Steward, Burlington 1773 Sept. 7 

Dorsett, Andrew, Middletown, and Catherine Truax, Middletown. .. 1757 July 21 

Dorsett, James, Monmouth, and Francis White, Monmouth. . 1766 Feb. 21 

Dorsett, Joseph, Monmouth, and Christian Smith, Hunterdon 1764 Oct. 2 

Dorset, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Burdge, Monmouth 1771 Jan. 21 


Dorsett, Samuel, and Rachel Brittain, Kings Co., N. Y 1739 Oct. 27 

Dory, James, Burlington, and Ann Mcllvaine 1778 Dec. 9 

Dotey, Ebenezer, Burlington, and Margaret Woolston, Burlington . . . Sept. 21 

Dotey, Ebenezer, Burlington, and Meliitabell Shinn, Burlington 1770 July 10 

Dotey, William, Burlington, and Rachel Murphy, Burlington 1776 Jan. 6 

Doty, Isaac, Long Island, and Margaret Thomson, Berth Amboy 1717 Oct. 2 

Doty, Moses, Staten Island, and Ann Disisway, Staten Island 1761 Aug. 7 

Dongan, Edward V., and Frances Lagrange 1 / / 3 Mar. 13 

Dougherty, Bryan, Monmouth, and Jane Lee, Monmouth 1(56 Mar. 16 

Doughten, John, Burlington, and .Inn Adams 1762 April 29 

Doughten, John, Gloucester, and Mary Burden. 1770 May 17 

Doughty, Abner, Gloucester, and Christian Johnson, Gloucester 1762 Oct. 28 

Doughton, Samuel, Gloucester, and Susannah Pitcock 1773 July 12 

Doughty, Benjamin, Middlesex, and Lydia Mundin, Middlesex 1717-8 Feb. 13 

Doughty, Edward, and Millicent Sommers, Great Egg Harbour 1719 Nov. 16 

Doughty, Robert, and Sarah Channell 1(32 Oct. i 

Douglas, George, Burlington, and Atalanah Wood, Burlington 1711 Sept. 28 

Douglas, Joseph, Burlington, and Benjamin Walker 1768 Sept. 23 

Douglas, Thomas, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Borden, Burlington 1731 Jan. 9 

Douglas, William, Monmouth, and Rebecca Lawrence, Monmouth. ... 1731 Jan. 9 

Douglas, William, Gloucester, and Hannah Harper 1773 Nov. 16 

Douglass, John, Burlington, and Rachel Pearson, Burlington 1739 Sept. 21 

Douglass, Robert, Burlington, and Lucy Stout 1778 Nov. 16 

Douglass, Thomas, Monmouth, and Rachel De Bow 1773 Aug. 20 

Douglass, William, Hunterdon, and Catherine Vautile, Staten Island .1759 Dec. 21 

Doun, Thomas, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Barton, Gloucester 1761 Jan. 29 

Douw, Volkest, Somerset, and Altie Polhemus, Somerset 1713 May 7 

Dove, John, Woodbridge, and Eunice Dennis, Piscataway 1751 Aug. 10 

Dow, Adrian, Essex, and Mary King, Essex 1718 Feb. 9 

Dowden, John, Piscataway, and Mary Comes, Piscataway 1717 July 9 

Dowdney, John, Bristol, Pa., and Mary Priestly, Bristol, Pa 1765 Feb. 11 

Dowdney, John, Cumberland, and Sarah Howell 1773 Nov. 20 

Dowdney, Nicholas, Cumberland, and Sarah Worrel, Cumberland. ... 1771 Dec. 18 

Dowdney, Samuel, Cumberland, and Martha Reed 1783 Oct. 27 

Downing, Timothy, Burlington, and Sarah Little ' 1783 Dec. 30 

Downs, James, Burlington, and Elizabeth Earl, New Hanover 1759 Jan. 27 

Downs, Samuel, Burlington, and Abigail Austin, Burlington 1783 Nov. 24 

Downs, William, Gloucester, and Phanny Lattymore .1778 Mar. 23 

Downs, William, Gloucester, and Mary Calf us 1779 Mar. 29 

Drago, Peter, Sussex, and Margaret M cCafferty 1768 Nov. 1 

Drake, Abraham, Morris, and Anne Young, Morris 1763 Feb. 23 

Drake, Benjamin, Hunterdon, and Sarah Wood 1769 April 7 

Drake, Daniel, Hunterdon, and Phebe Reeder 1777 July 8 

Drake, Garshom, Middlesex, and Rachel Drake 1740 Aug. 25 

Drake, Hugh, Salem, and Jane Chester 1775 Dec. 1 

Drake, Isaac, Essex, and Ruth Martin, Middlesex 1743 Feb. 23 


Drake, James, Middlesex, and Mary Ross, Middlesex 1765 May 8 

Drake, John, and Mary Munde. 1748-9 Mar. 8 

Drake, John, Hunterdon, and Charity Hunt 1779 Feb. 20 

Drake, Joseph, and Mary Davis 1749 May 9 

Drake, Joseph, Jr., Middlesex, and Catherine Cheeseman, Middlesex. . 1752 Aug. 31 

Drake, Joseph, Jr., Middlesex, and Elizabeth Crow, Middlesex 1764 Mar. 27 

Drake, Nathan, Piscataway, and Ruth Drake, Essex 1752 Nov. 8 

Drake, Nathan, Hunterdon, and Tamar Jones 1770 May 21 

Drake, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Reeder 1785 Mar. 1 

Drake, William, Bucks, Pa., and Lydia Drake 1746 Jan. 27 

Drake, William, Salem, and Sarah Booth, Salem 1774 Nov. 2 

Drinker, Henry, Philadelphia, and Mary Gottier, Philadelphia. ..... 1731 Nov. 26 

Driscall, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Ann Clayton, Monmouth 1773 Aug. 27 

Driskel, Dennis, Monmouth, and Hannah Wilson, Monmouth 1762 Sept. 27 

Driver, John, Burlington, and Mary Sparks, Burlington 1749 May 13 

Drue, Thomas, Somerset, and Phebe Ditmus 1781 Aug. 24 

Drummond, Gavin, Monmouth, and Abigail Knott, Monmouth 1759 Mar. 21 

Drummond, John, Gloucester, and Deborah Corson 1772 Feb. 9 

Drummond, Matthew D., Cumberland, and Temperance Taylor 1784 Jan. 3 

Drummond, Robert, Monmouth, and Rebecca Edge, Monmouth . . 1732 Dec. 24 

Du Boys, Abraham, Somerset, and Jane Vandike, Somerset 1747 Oct. 22 

Du Bois, Abraham, Salem, and Elizabeth Preston, Cumberland 1761 Dec. 1 

Du Bois, Anthony, Richmond Co., and Martha Morgan, Richmond. ... 1747 Aug. 4 

Dubois, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Phebe Denise, Monmouth 1765 Oct. 15 

Dubury, James, Gloucester, and Jane Hodges, Gloucester 1727 June 19 

Duche. Andrew, Philadelphia, and Hannah Shords, Burlington 1731 June 21 

Duckmannee, John, Gloucester, and Hannah Davis, Gloucester 1741 May 28 

Duckworth, George, New Jersey, and Jamima Williamson, New Jersey. 1739 June 26 

Duckworth, John, Burlington and Sarah Hankins, Burlington 1734 Mar. 20 

Duckworth, Joseph, Burlington, and Esther Ong, Burlington. ....1737 June 1 

Duckworth, William, Burlington, and Hannah Clevenger, Burlington . 1731 Aug. 21 

Duckworth, William, Burlington, and Mary Wright, Burlington 1731 Dec. 6 

Duel, Jonathan, Trenton, and Mary Appleby 1779 April 28 

Duer, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Dane, Bucks, Pa .1768 Aug. 15 

Duffel, Jacob, Cumberland, and Ann Ireland, Cumberland 1773 Dec. 16 

Duffel, William, Gloucester, and Hannah Hauer 1784 Aug. 2 

Duffil, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Burck, Gloucester 1754 May 15 

Duffil, John, Gloucester, and Sarah Burck, Gloucester 1755 May 12 

Duffil, John, Gloucester, and Amey Dilkes, Gloucester 1760 Mar. 3 

Duglass, Richard, Monmouth, and Lidia Salter 1739-40 Mar. 10 

Dugles, Thomas, and Mary Odonoghue . . . 1695 June 6 

Dukemanere, John, Gloucester, and Hannah Topham, Gloucester ...1749 May 15 

Dumfe, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth White, Burlington 1739 May 28 

Dummer, Robert, and Martha Wearon 1699-1700 Jan. 22 

Dumodt, Michael, Morris, and Mary Mandeville 1783 July 5 

Dumore, Abraham, Somerset, and Maritie Voorhees. 1732 June 10 


I I 1 

Dumont, Henry, Middlesex, and Mary Traverrie. Monmouth 1743 Dec. 20 

Dumont, Henry, Raritan Landing, and Catharintie Outlrout, New Bwk.1749 Nov. 25 

Dumont, John Baptist, Somerset, and Mary Van Dine 1745 Nov. 0 

Dumont, Peter, Somerset, and Brachie Vroom, Somerset 1748 May 16 

Dumont, Peter J. B., Somerset, and Susannah Van Middlesworth ...1782 April 13 

Dunbar, Lott, Hunterdon, and Mary Justice 1762 Oct. 23 

Duncan, John, Middlesex, and Ann Dey 1773 Jan. 15 

Dunfee, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Jervis, Burlington 1763 Sept. 6 

Dunham, Azariah, Piscataway, and Mary Ford, Morris 1753 May 17 

Dunham, Benjamin, Burlington, and Jane Ogden, Burlington 1772 June 27 

Dunham, David, Middlesex, and Mary Dunn, Middlesex ,1766 Dec. 17 

Dunham, Elijah, Piscataway, and Mary Sharp, Piscataway. 1751 April 6 

Dunham, John, Morris, and Margaret Miller, Morris 1780 Mar. 7 

Dunham, John, Morris, and Anne Sherard 1780 May 22 

Dunham, Lewis, Morris, and Jennie Tuthill 1777 May 3 

Dunham, Nehemiah, Hunterdon, and Antye McKinney 1768 Oct. 25 

Dunken, John, Middlesex, and Violet Newell, Middlesex. 1753 teb. 23 

Dunkin, John, Salem, and Ann Beaman 1772 May 7 

Dunlap, Edward, Sussex, and Sarah Helme 1768 Sept. 23 

Dunlap, James, Salem, and Elizabeth Worthington 1731 Mar. 29 

Dunlap, James, Salem, and Ann Hunter, Salem 1746 Jan. 24 

Dunlap, James, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Snodgrass 1790 April 26 

Dunlap, Samuel, Perth Amboy, and Margaret Sargeant, Perth Amboy. 1762 Jan. 25 

Dunn, Benjamin, Piscataway, and Rachel Stelle, Piscataway. ... . . 1757 June 1 

Dunn, Benjamin, Piscataway, and Edith Davis, Cohansie 1758 Mar. 28 

Dunn, Berujoh, and Sarah Dunham, Piscataway 1744 Mar. 29 

Dunn, Dennis, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Kelly, Perth Amboy. .. .1753 April 28 

Dunn, Drake, Middlesex, and Phebe Clawson, Middlesex 1762 April 19 

Dunn, Ebenezer, Salem, and Abigail Copner 1772 June 11 

Dunn, Ephraim, Middlesex, and Isabella Dunn 1766 Aug. 14 

Dunn, Jeremiah, Piscataway, and Margaret Carman, Salem 1747 May 14 

Dunn, Jeremiah, Piscataway, and Mary Fitz Randolph, Piscataway. . 1765 April 16 

Dunn, John, Salem, and Elizabeth Wheaton 1733 Jan. 18 

Duun, John, Middlesex, and Anne Ayres, Middlesex 1764 Jan. 11 

Dunn, Jonathan, Somerset, and Nettie Van Peth 1777 Dec. 10 

Dunn, Justus, Middlesex, and Experience Stelle, Middlesex 1760 Oct. 3 

Duun, Phiueas, Piscataway, and Elizabeth Manuiug, Piscataway 1755 July 31 

Dunn, Reuben, Middlesex, and Sarah Fitz Randolph, Middlesex 1770 Oct. 9 

Duun, William, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Davis, Bucks, Pa 1729 Dec. 18 

Durboru, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Bumstead, Philadelphia. 1736 July 8 

Durell, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Fenimore 1777 Aug. 21 

Durell, Martin, Burlington, and Sybilla Leeds, Burlington 1784 Aug. 13 

Durham, Andrew, Somerset, and Jane Pierson, Morris 1779 Dec. 21 

Duri, David, Bergen, and Margaret Van Horn. 1762 Nov. 16 

Durie, John, Bergen, and Antie Brinckerhoff, Bergen 1774 Aug. 27 

Durlaud, Lambert, Somerset, and Styntie Voorhees 1747 May 5 

I 12 


Durye, Samuel, Bergeu, and Wyntie Bauta, Bergen 1744 Aug. 2 

Duryee, Joost, Lang Island, and Maritie Van Low, Somerset 1750 June 5 

Dusenbery, Henry, Hunterdon, and Lidia Sweesey 1784 Mar. 29 

Dwyer, Denis, Woodbridge, and Jane Insby, Essex 1758 Mar. 11 

Dye, Daniel, Middlesex, and Abigail Hutchinson 1773 Mar. 24 

Dye, James, -Jr., Monmouth, and Margaret Perrine, Monmouth ... 1749-50 Jan. 17 

Dye, Nehemiah, Middlesex, and Rachael Wetherell, Middlesex 17G5 Sept. 18 

Dye, Vincent, East. Division, and Sarah Artepe, Somerset 1746 Sept. 1 

Dye, Henry, Bucks, Pa., and Ann Gregg, Bucks, Pa .1761 Nov. 11 

Dyer, John, Salem, and Elinor Short 1730 Mar. 26 

Dyer, John, Burlington, and Margaret Glass, Burlington 1730 July 28 

Dyre, Edward, Bucks, Pa., and Charity Dyer, Bucks, Pa 1766 Feb. 6 


Dagworthy, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Fargusori, Burlington. .. 1730 Feb. 10 

Dagworthy, Sarah, and John May, Essex 1746 April 10 

Dahlbo, Magdalene, and Jonathan Simkins, Upper Penns Neck 1785 July 30 

Daily, Frances, and William Tate, Salem 1733 Aug. 11 

Daily, Mary, Burlington, and Philip Dingwell, Burlington ...1750 Nov. 7 

Dalen, Ruth, and Joseph Buck, Cumberland 1779 Mar. 15 

Dalles, Margaret, Perth Amboy, and Alexander Dalles, New York 1764 Jan. 20 

Dally, Ann, New York, and William Kingsland, Bergen 1742 Oct. 18 

Dally, Elizabeth, New Brunswick, and Philip Conine, Perth Amboy. . . 1742 Dec. 15 

Danalds, Mary, and John Gogin, Cape May 1771 Dec. 17 

Danally, Ruth, and Jacob Gaskill, Burlington 1779 May 12 

Danally, Susannah. Burlington, and James Bennet, Burlington 1770 Nov. 21 

Dane, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and Joseph Duer, Bucks, Pa 1768 Aug. 15 

Danice, Sarah, and Abraham Alberson, Gloucester 1742 July 15 

Daniels, Martha, Cape May, and Joseph Savage, Cape May 1742 Sept. 21 

Daniels, Mary, and John Clark, Gloucester 1783 Dec.' 19 

Daniels, Rachel, and Thomas Whitecar, Fairfield 1780 Feb. 16 

Dans, Mary, Monmouth, and Zephaniah Morris, Monmouth 1765 Jan. 25 

Dare, Elizabeth, Stow Creek, and James Robinson, Stow Creek 1759 May 29 

Dare, Hannah, Deerfield, and Henry Seely, Deerfield 1762 Oct. 6 

Dare, Mary, Cumberland, and Benjamin Dare, Cumberland 1773 April 7 

Dare, Rachel, Cumberland, and William Brick, Salem 1768 Jan. 14 

Dare, Rebecca, and Charles Allen, Cumberland 1778 April 8 

Dare, Sarah, and James Breaser, Cumberland. ...1754 Aug. 22 

Dare, Sarah, Bucks Co., Pa., and Andrew Young, Bucks Co., Pa 1761 Aug. 24 

Dare, Sarah, Deerfield, and Samuel Wood, Alloways Creek 1767 Oct. 27 

Dare, Sarah, and Daniel Shepherd, Cumberland 1778 April 27 

Darets, Sarah, Burlington, and Jacob Hooker, Burlington 1744 Oct. 10 

Darkin, Hannah, Salem, and Joseph Rolfe, Salem 1741 

Darkin, Hannah, Salem, and Josiah Rolfe, Salem 1742 May 6 

Darkin, Jale, Salem, and David Fitz Randolph, Salem 1740 May 25 

Darkin, Sarah, Salem, and John Hunt, Salem 1743 Sept. 6 


Darling, Mary, Burlington, and Jacob Force, Burlington .... 1774 June 21 

Darndt, Sophia, Middlesex, and Charles Vandine, Middlesex 1751 Nov. 14 

Darnsell, Sarah, Middlesex, and John Jobs, Middlesex 1764 Jan. 13 

Darvin, Unis, and Roger Sherron, Salem 1754 June 12 

Daton, Hannah, Salem, and David Ogden, Salem 1745 June 13 

Daughty, Sarah, Somerset, and John Bainbridge, Hunterdon 1740 Jan. 24 

Davenport, Mary, and Elias Marsh, Middlesex 1745 May 11 

David, Mary Anna, Salem, and Isaac Davis, Cumberland 1767 Sept. 23 

Davidson, Christian, Burlington, and Isaac Alloways, Burlington. ... 1773 Nov. 20 

Davidson, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Burr, Burlington 1738 Sept. 4 

Davie, Lenora, and Hendrick Barnicle, Middlesex 1771 Jan. 25 

Davies, Catherine, Monmouth, and Henry Harrison, Monmouth 1739 May 1 

Davies, Elizabeth, and Samuel Morgan, Salem 1731 Sept. 10 

Davis, Ammie, and Jonathan Davis, Cumberland 1783 Jan. 8 

Davis, Amy, Monmouth, and Elisha Johnston, Monmouth 1755 Oct. 28 

Davis, Ann, Philadelphia, and John Miles, Bristol, Pa 1739 Feb. 12 

Davis, Ann. Burlington, and William Corliss, Burlington 1767 July 13 

Davis, Anna, Monmouth, and John Havens, Monmouth 1745 Jan. 21 

Davis, Anne, Monmouth, and Peter Covenhoven, Monmouth 1749 Feb. 5 

Davis, Charity, Salem, and George Bowin, Salem 1738 Aug. 26 

Davis, Dorothy, Salem, and Nicholas Winton, Salem 1699-70 Jan. 16 

Davis, Edith, Cohansie, and Benjamin Dunn, Piscataway 1758 Mar. 28 

Davis, Eleanor, and Samuel Bates, Gloucester 1781 Nov. 12 

Davis, Elizabeth, Burlington and Charles Sheepy, Burlington 1695 Nov. 2 

Davis, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Lyndon, Burlington.. .. 1730 Dec. 23 

Davis, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and David Burdge, Monmouth 1753 Aug. 22 

Davis, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Ephraim Maxson, Monmouth 1764, April 27 

Davis, Esther, and Nehemiah Cowgill, Burlington . 1738 Aug. 1 

Davis, Hannah, Gloucester, and John Duckmannee, Gloucester 1741 May 28 

Davis, Hannah, Northampton, and Henry Boulton, Northampton .. 1746 Nov. 3 

Davis, Hannah, and William Gray, Burlington 1760 Mar. 26 

Davis, Hannah, Gloucester, and Samuel Cahoon, Gloucester 1770 May 9 

Davis, Hester, and Isaac Fourat, Middlesex . 1768 May 9 

Davis, Jane, Northampton, and Samuel Richardson, Springfield 1770 April 10 

Davis, Judith, Somerset, and Abraham Brokaw, Somerset 1787 Aug. 26 

Davis, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Samuel Hutchins, Elizabeth 1749 Mar. 17 

Davis, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and William Dunn, Bucks, l’a 1729 Dec. 18 

Davis, Mary, Monmouth, and John Curtis, Monmouth 1746 Mar. 31 

Davis, Mary, and Joseph Drake 1749 May 9 

Davis, Mary, Burlington, and Joseph Davis, Burlington ...1766 Mar. 20 

Davis, Mary, and Benjamin Bacon, Gloucester 1775 April 18 

Davis, Mary, and Daniel Taylor, Bridgeton 1778 Feb. 21 

Davis, Mary, and Charles Hamilton, Somerset 1779 June 17 

Davis, Mary, and John Deul, Gloucester 1782 Mar. 4 

Davis, Pations, and Robert Livingston, Cumberland 1754 Sept. 26 

Davis, Phebe, Newark, and Andrew Pierce, Newark 1750 May 3 


I 14 NEW jersey colonial documents. 

Davis, Phebe, Monmouth, and William Bowne, Monmouth 1755 July 28 

Davis, Sarah, and Jonathan Hutchinson, Middlesex 1765 Oct. 29 

' Davis, Sarah, and David Thomas, Pennsylvania 1783 Jan. 8 

Davis, Sarah, and Solomon Mason, Burlington 1788 April 4 

Davis, Tabitha, and Joseph Wliitecar, Cumberland 1780 Mar. 4 

Davis, Uphame, Monmouth, and Jacob Bennet, Monmouth 1764 Aug. 10 

Davison, Anne, Monmouth, and James Nixon, Middlesex 1740 Aug. 18 

Davison, Anne, Middlesex, and Aron Vantine, Perth Amboy . . .1746 May 17 

Davison, Catherine, and William English, Burlington 1785 Dec. 3 

Davison, Hauuah, and James McCalester, Hunterdon 1780 Oct. 16 

Davison, Margaret, Monmouth, and John Fenton, Jr., Monmouth ...1741 Oct. 23 

Davison, Margaret, and John Green, Gloucester 1779 Mar. 3 

Davison, Margaret, and Hendrick Schenck, Penns Neck 1780 Sept. 20 

Davison, Sarah, and William Annin, Somerset 1777 Sept. 23 

Davix, Patience, and Peter Devorix, Trenton. . . 1778 Nov. 11 

Dawson, Mary, Burlington, and Preserve Brown, Burlington 1742 Nov. 3 

Dawson, Mary, Northampton, and Daniel Still, Chester 1783 Nov. 4 

Day, Rebecca, Gloucester, and Thomas Spicer, Gloucester 1740 Dec. 29 

Dayton, Ann, Cumberland, and Daniel Dixson, Cumberland.. 1770 Oct. 30 

Deacon, Catharine, and Ziba Wescote, Great Egg Harbour 1759 Dec. 17 

Deacon, Deborah, and Daniel Brock, Burlingtou ....1784 Mar. 16 

Deacon, Jane, and Samuel Gammel, Burlington ... 1734 April 10 

Deacon, Jane, and Stacey Cook, Burlington . . 1782 April 9 

Deacon, Jane, and Benjamin Jefferies, Philadelphia. 1785 May 23 

Deacon, Meriam, and Pearson Hancock, Burlington. 1779 Sept. 8 

Deacon, Rebecca, and Isaac Wetherill, Burlington 1776 May 16 

Deacon, Sarah, and Anthony Payne, Burlington ... 1768 Aug. 31 

Dean, Charity, Middlesex, and John Fardon, Middlesex 1763 Jan. 19 

Dean, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Yocam Wessem, New Jersey . . 1741 April 22 

Dean, Elizabeth, Williugborough, and Joseph Taylor, Williugboro’gh.1751 May 8 

Deau, Hannah, Monmouth, and Joshua Gifford, Monmouth 1740 April 5 

Dean, Susannah, and Isaac Scarbrough, Bucks, Pa 1763 July 14 

Deberd, Catherine, and Richard Borden, Burlington . . . . 1780 Nov. 23 

De Blow, Mary, aud Martin Fredericks, Morris 1779 Jan. 26 

Deboise, Catharine, and John Baird, Somerset 1779 Mar. 6 

Debois, Margaret, Staten Island, and John Thompson, Staten Island. . 1757 July 27 

De Bon Repos, Hannah, Woodbridge, and John Stelle, Piscataway . . 1768 Dec. 19 

Deboogh, Mary, Monmouth, and Richard Compton, Monmouth.. .. 1747 July 27 

Deboys, Elizabeth, and Stephen Gano, Somerset 1747 May 23 

Debow, Elizabeth, aud John Imlay, Middlesex 1773 Feb. .24 

Debow, Frances, Freehold, and Lawrence Fenelen, Freehold 1760 Dec. 29 

Debow, Rachel, and Thomas Douglass, Monmouth.. .. 1773 Aug. 20 

Debowe, Margaret, Monmouth, aud Samuel Bowne, Monmouth 1763 April 16 

Debowe, Sussanuah, and Obadiah Bowne, Monmouth. . . 1770 April 3 

DeBrevort, Lea, and David Doremus. . 1779 Feb. 26 

Dickendendon, Elizabeth, Burlington, aud John Stapleford, Phila . . . 1743 Jan. 27 


Decou, Rebecca, Burlington, and George Morris, Burlington 1731 Oct. 19 

Decow, Elizabeth, and Richard Dell.. 1695 June 5 

Dedericks, Aaltje, Bergen, and Jacob Banta, Bergen 1773 Jan. 3 

Dedricks, Margaret, and Hendrick Banta, Bergen 1784 July 1 

Deffose, Margaret, Salem, and Ebenezer Ashbury, Salem 1694 July 19 

Defrees, Catharine, and John Van Noorstrand, Somerset 1768 July 16 

Deforest, Margaret, New York, and Harmains Rutgers, New York . .1739 Sept. 17 

DeGraw, Catherine, Bergen, and Joseph Berry, Gloucester 1772 Nov. 25 

DeGraw, Helen, and Philip Berry, Bergen 1743 Nov. 2 

DeGraw, Jane, and George Van Iderstine, Essex ... 1794 July 4 

Degray, Mary, and John I. Berdan, Bergen 1792 June 20 

Degray, Reynshe, Orange Co., N. Y., and Abram Quackenbos, H’kens’k. 1771 April 20 

Degroat, Frances, and John Vanderhoof, Bergen 1750 Dec. 26 

DeGroff, Mary, New Brunswick, and Martin Sollom 1744 Oct. 6 

Degroot, Margaret, Somerset, and Benjamin Field, Middlesex 1750 Dec. 5 

DeGrow, Hannah, Middlesex, and Peter Moon, Middlesex . 1741 Nov. 18 

DeHart, Catharine, Freehold, and Peter Covenhoven, Middletown . . 1749 July 27 

Dehart, Gasha, Middletown, and Simon Bergen, Long Island 1767 May 16 

Delan, Ann , and Jacob Skaver, Burlington. 1759 Sept. 27 

Delan, Esther, Bucks, and Joseph Doan, Bucks 1751 June 3 

Delany, Margaret, Monmouth, and Patrick Leonard, Monmouth 1765 Feb. 15 

Delaney, Sarah, Middlesex, and John Coyll, Middlesex 1749 Jan. 1 

Delaney, Sarah, and Frederick Botfield 1787 April 12 

Delap, Jane, New Jersey, and John Bisset, New Jersey 1742 July 24 

Delaplain, Mary, and Thomas Gittinge, Burlington 1768 April 2 

Delatusb, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Forrester, Burlington. ... .1776 April 16 

Delatush, Sarah, and William Glisson, Burlington 1778 Jan. 14 

DeLavoe, Rebecca; and Samuel Paul, Gloucester 1758 Oct. 6 

Demarie, Leah, Bergen, and Cornelius DeGraw, Orange Co., N. Y... 1765 Aug. 26 

Demarest, Auuatye, and Gerrit Zabriskie, Bergen 1786 Oct. 6 

Demarest, Elizabeth, and Peter Van Voorhis. Bergen 1785 April 28 

Demarest, Elsie, Bergen, and Nicholas Demarest, Bergen 1748 July 5 

Demarest, Peggy, Bergen, and Abraham Demarest, Bergen 1763 Oct. 22 

Demarest, Rachael, and Areut Schuyler, Bergen 1788 Aug. 1 

Demarest, Salome, Bergen, and Henricus Schoonmaker, Bergen 1765 June 22 

Demarest, Vroutye, and Anthony C. Beam, Bergen 1788 Feb. 5 

Demon, Catharine, Somerset, and John Lawrasou, Somerset. . .... 1750 June 18 

Demorest, Johanna, Bergen, and Joseph Blauvelt, Bergen 1769 April 29 

Demorest, Mary, Bergen, and Barent Cole, Bergen 1767 Aug. 10 

Demott, Auu, and John Vanhorne, Bergen .... 1751 May 2 

Demott, Elizabeth, and John Gulick, Somerset .1778 Dec. 31 

Demott, Margaret, Monmouth, and John Mead, Bergen 1770 Jan. 1 

Demott, Morritje, Bergen, and Johanes Van Wagener, Staten Island. . 1757 Oct. 5 
Denford, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, and Andrew Mason, Pennsylvania. . 1728 Sept. 28 
Denice, Catherine, Monmouth, and Garret Hendrickson, Monmouth .. 1755 Dec. 8 
Denise, Anne, Monmouth, and David Forman, Monmouth 1757 June 9 


Denise, Jane, Freehold, and Cornelius Covenhoven, Middletown 1758 Dec. 5 

Denise, Phebe, Monmouth, and Benjamin Dubois, Monmouth 1765 Oct. 15 

Denisse, Mary, Freehold, and John Schanck, Freehold 1767 July 30 

Denman, Deborah, Monmouth, and Daniel Bells, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 7 

Dennes, Elizabeth, Elizabethtown, and Nathaniel Vail, Elizabethtown 1748 May 3 

Dennis, Deborah, and John Kinnan, Middlesex 1780 Dec. 4 

Dennis, Eunice, Piscataway, and John Dove, Woodbridge 1754 Aug. 10 

Dennis, Hannah, and John Lambert, Hunterdon 1781 Oct. 6 

Dennis, Increase, and Anthony Woodward, Jr., Monmouth 1760 Oct. 13 

Dennis, Mary, Monmouth, and Benjamin Gaskill, Burlington... ... 1738 Jan. 16 

Dennis, Mary, Gloucester, and John Bryant, Gloucester 1739 Aug. 8 

Dennis, Mary, Philadelphia, and Richard Bulkely, Philadelphia 1767 Aug. 13 

Dennis, Rachel, and James Casseday, Burlington 1758 May 23 

Dennis, Ruth, Piscataway, and Hartsh orne Fitz Randolph, Woodb’dg. 1746 Aug. 16 

Dennis, Sarah, Monmouth, and Thomas Platt, Burlington 1739 Nov. 1 

Dennis, Sarah, Woodbridge, and John Donham. 1714 June 25 

Dennis, Sarah, Monmouth, and Thomas Shepherd, Monmouth. .... 1747 Sept. 8 
Dennis, Zilpha, Monmouth, and William Chamberlin, Monmouth . . 1763 July 18 
Dennison, Hannah, New Brunswick, and James Blain, Perth Amboy .. 1748 Jan. 28 

Denny, Bajali, and Isaac Vaoneman, Woolwich. .. 1781 Mar. 15 

Denny, Rachel, Gloucester, and Robert Brown, Gloucester 1772 Mar. 25 

Denny, Rachel, and William Thomas, Gloucester 1781 April 24 

DeNormandie, Louisa, and Moses Van Court, Pennsylvania 1780 Feb. 1 

Denton, Sarah, Cumberland, and Ebenezer Kiging, Cumberland 1759 Nov. 27 

Denyce, Susanna, and William Heritage, Gloucester 1771 Aug. 13 

Denyke, Anne, and Garret Schenck, Hunterdon ... 1780 Sept. 26 

Denyse, Nelly, Monmouth, and John Forman, Monmouth 1752 May 2 

Denyse, Helena, Monmouth, and Samuel Forman, Monmouth ... ... 1752 May 2 

Deremer, Leah, and Thomas Holcomb, Hunterdon . . 1778 June 25 

Derickson, Mary, and William Vanlier, Woolwich .1787 Mar. 8 

Derrick, Elenor, and William Gearkart 1770 Oct. 1 

Derrickson, Margaret, Middletown, and Andrie Watre, Freehold 1763 April 18 

Derye, Annatie, Bergen, and Peter Demarest, Bergen 1764 Sept. 26 

Desha, Margaret, Newark, and Peter Game, Newark 1750 Feb. 20 

Devall, Ann, Salem, and John Hampton, Gloucester 1736 Jan. 12 

Devall, Eunice, and Joshua Clark, Cumberland 1759 Oct. 24 

Devall, Mary, Piscataway, and Charles Burnet, Middlesex ... 1750 Mar. 13 

Devanport, Parnell, Hunterdon, and William Kirkpatrick, Hunterdon 1761 July 1 

Devaul, Elizabeth, and Samuel Garwood, Gloucester 1779 Mar. 8 

Deveney, Margaret, Monmouth, and Brian Golloughar, Monmouth. . 1743-4 Mar. 14 

Devie, Mary, Monmouth, and Aaron Havens, Monmouth 1762 Aug. 21 

Devine, Martha, Salem, and Richard Bacon. Cumberland 1774 Feb. 24 

Devinne, Catherine, and Joseph Browne, Bergen. .. . 1782 July 4 

Devinney, Mary, Freehold, and Richard Pettinger, Freehold 1751 Nov. 19 

Devinney, Phebe, and John Leek. 1735 Jan. 12 

Devinny, Leah, Burlington, and Joseph Garwood, J., Burlington 1757 Oct. 30 


1 1 7 

Devinny, Phebe, Burlington, and Seemore Cramer, Burlington 17C6 June 12 

Devisene, Catherine, Essex, and John Brown, Jr., Essex. . 1767 Feb. 5 

Devoe, Elizabeth, and Abraham Brewer, X). , Bergen 1788 Feb. 15 

Dey, Ann, and John Duncan, Middlesex 1773 Jan. 15 

Dey, Barshabe, Monmouth, and James Jobs, Monmouth. 1762 Oct. 16 

Dey, Dinah, Monmouth, and William Hillyer, New York 1755 April 21 

Dey, Esther, and Aaron Schuyler, Burlington ....1784 Oct. 9 

Dey, Lena, Bergen, and John Neafie, Bergen 1762 June 18 

Dey, Marj’, Cranberry, and Lewis Pearces, Cranberry ....1759 Mar, 29 

DeYoung, Mary, New York, and Samuel Britain, Staten Island 1764 Nov. 17 

Diament, Hannah, and Parsons Lummis, Cumberland 1779 July 5 

Dicker, Catherine, Burlington, and John Jacobs, Burlington 1774 Mar. 26 

Dicker,! Catherine, and Hugh Jacobs, Burlington 1781 Jan. 29 

Dickerson, Margarett, and Samuel Morgan, Salem 1760 Sept. 4 

Dickerson, Martha, Perth Amboy, and Nathan Cooper - , Morris 1751 June 4 

Dickery, Bachel, Mannington, and William Petersou, Mannington... 1765 Aug. 11 

Dickey, Margaret, and George Fling, Salem 1735(?) Jan. 22 

Dickey, Margaret, and Jacob Nixson, Salem 1776 Mar. 26 

Dickey, Mary, Salem, and Edmond Nix, Salem 1728 Dec. 7 

Dickinson, Margaret, and William Creay, Salem ........... 1754 Aug. 19 

Dickinson, Sarah, Salem, and James Bond, Salem 1768 July 31 

Dickinson, Susannah, and Curtis Trenchard, Salem 1778 July 20 

Dickson, Jane, Gloucester, and John Campbell, Gloucester - 1754 Oct. 9 

Dickson, Mary, Gt. Egg Harbor, and Hezekiah Ireland, Gt. EggHarb.1758 July 24 

Dickson, Mary, and Caleb Robinson, Woolwich 1786 Mar. 6 

Dickson, Rachel, Salem, and Thomas Ilewins, Salem 1745 Aug. 13 

Dickson, Susannah, Salem, and Charles Rumsey, Salem 1739 Nov. 1 

Die, Elizabeth, Bergen, and Joris Bushkirk, Bergen 1748 Mar. 29 

Die, Jain, Bergen, and John Yarick, Bergen 1749 May 23 

Dildine, Abigail, and Enos Goble, Sussex 1778 Jan. 1 

Dilks, Ann, Jr., and Jeremiah Carter, Gloucester. 1757 Mar. 3 

Dilks, Hannah, and William Sharp, New Jersey 1779 Oct. 23 

Dilks, Rachel, Gloucester, and Joshua Moore, Philadelphia 1750 Dec. 31 

Dilks, Sarah, Gloucester, and Samuel Champion, Gloucester.. ... ... .1746 Dec. 18 

Dilkes, Amey, Gloucester, and John Duffill, Gloucester 1760 Mar. 3 

Dilks, 2 Catherine, and Hugh Jacobs, Burlington 1781 Jan. 29 

Dillen, Susanna, Cape May, and William Goff, Jr., Cape May 1764 Oct. 18 

Dillon, Mary, Salem, and James Dillon, Salem 1739 Sept. 20 

Dillon, Margaret, Shrewsbury, and Aaron Buck, Shrewsbury 1759 Sept. 28 

Dillon, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and Harman Enock, Bucks, Pa 1711 Nov. 12 

Dilts, Anna, and William Lyons, Hunterdon 1783 Mar. 24 

Diu, Sarah, Monmouth, and Abijah Merrill, Morris 1763 July 29 

Ditmus, Catherine, and Jacobus Van Nuys, Somerset 1781 Jan. 16 

! Query: or Dilks. 
2 Or Dicker. 


Ditmus, Mary, and Peter Voorliese, Somerset 1779 Feb. 1 

Ditmus, Pbebe, and Thomas Drue, Somerset 1781 Aug. 24 

Disberry, Catherine, Amboy, and John Bowne, Monmouth 1752 May 27 

Disbrow, Anne, Middlesex, and Joseph Rue, Middlesex 1752 Dec. 2 

Disbrow, Deborab, South Amboy, and James Nowlau, Middletown. . . . 1758 April 3 

Disbrow, Hannah, Perth Amboy, and Samuel Warne, Perth Amboy. . . 1755 Nov. 3 

Disbrow, Hannab, Maidenhead, and Benjamin Oppie, Somerset 1764 Jan. 9 

Disbrow, Mary, Middlesex, and Elisha Letts, Middlesex 1772 Mar. 12 

Disbrow, Meleny, South Amboy, and Joshua Warne, South Amboy. . . 1762 Oct. 28 

Disisway, Ann, Staten Island, and Moses Doty, Staten Island 1764 Aug. 7 

Disosway, Charity, Staten Island, and Isaac Prall, Staten Island 1775 Oct. 12 

Dixon, Anne, New Jersey, and Mathias Miller, New Jersey 1743 Dec. 27 

Dobbins, Rebecca, Gloucester, and Joshua Hopper, Gloucester 1768 Feb. 15 

Dobbins, Sarah, Burlington, and John Hollinshead, Burlington. . . ... 1767 Aug. 25 

Dobbs, Leah, and Jacob Bertholf, Bergen. . . . 1786 Jan. 14 

Doble, Phebe, and Thomas Fenton, Bucks, Pa 1784 June 26 

Dobson, Mary, and Joseph Bryne, Burlington 1778 Mar. 4 

Dodson, Mary, Burlington, and Richard Boyes, Burlington 1683 Nov. 1 

Doele, Margrit, and Adam Vanorde, Hackensack 1762 Mar. 1 

Dole, Hannah, Gloucester, and Benjamin Ingerson, Gloucester 1728 Jan. 28 

Dole, Hannah, and Daniel Ingersol, Gloucester 1773 Dec. 27 

Dole, Rebecca, and Joshua Garwood, Gloucester 1769 Nov. 29 

Donaldson, Margaret, Darby, and Gustavus Hamilton, Philadelphia. . .1760 Feb. 2 

Done, Sarah, Bucks, Pa., and Samuel Burges, Bucks, Pa 1764 April 9 

Donham, Hannah, Somerset aud Henry Vennest, Somerset 1751 June 5 

Donnell, Mary, and William Clark, Burlington 1779 Dec. 16 

Donnelson, Huldah, Pennsylvania, and John Underwood, Pennsylvania. 1728 July 29 

Doremus, Fytie, Bergen, and John Hopper, Bergen 1766 Dec. 6 

Doremus, Catharine, Bergen, and Jonathan Traphagen, Bergen 1770 Sept. 23 

Doremus, Margaret, and William Tearman, Bergen 1788 Oct. 18 

Doremus, Alche, and Peter Riker, Pequanock . 1783 May 31 

Doren, Mary, Burlington, and Robert Baester, Burlington 1774 July 23 

Dorland, Lenah, and Rulif Van Arsdale, Somerset.. .. 1779 Oct. 18 

Dormau, Jane, and Thomas Hooten, Burlington 1778 Jan. 1 

Dorn, Nelly, Monmouth, and Hendrick Willson, Somerset 1751 Nov. 7 

Dome, Catherine, Monmouth, and John Tipples, Monmouth 1762 July 17 

Dorset, Rachel, Middletown, and Gisbert Van Brackel 1743 April 30 

Dorsett, Elizabeth, Middletown, aud John Willims, Freehold 1761 Mar. 4 

Dorsett, Elizabeth, Middletown, and John Vanderbelt, Middletown .1761 Dec. 15 

Dorsett, Elizabeth, Middletown, and Samuel Carhart, Middletown .... 1764 June 30 

Dorsett, Mary, Middletown, and Peter V. D. Hoef, Middletown 1761 Mar. 11 

Doster, Rebecca, Burlington, and James Chivers, Burlington 1741 April 1 

Dote}', Anne, Burlington, and Job Kiudell, Burlington 1775 Sept. 28 

Dotie, Mary, New Brunswick, aud Isaac Brooks, New Brunswick.. . . 1739 Feb. 27 

Doty, Anne, Somerset, and Benjamin Lewis, Somerset 1768 Feb. 11 

Doty, Mary, aud Zebedee Totten, Staten Island 1770 May 26 


I 19 

Doubleday, Marcy, Cape May, and Archable Mickle, Cape May 1762 Feb. 12 

Doud, Desiak, Sussex, and Owen Owens, Sussex . . ! 1768 Nov. 8 

Dougan, Aud, and Simon Ludwick, Hunterdon 1780 May 30 

Doughty, Anna, Somerset, and Zeali Lewis, Somerset 1760 June 17 

Doughty, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Ellison, Burlington 1758 Mar. 23 

Doughty, Elizabeth, and Enos Lippincott, Burlington 1779 Sept. 18 

Doughty, Esther, Hunterdon, and John Coats, Hunterdon.. . 1727 July 22 

Doughty, Margaret, Egg Harbour, and John Rislev 1758 May 4 

Doughty, Mary, Gloucester, and Abel Lee, Gloucester 1761 Feb. 7 

Doughty, Sarah, and John Humphreys, Burlington 1758 May 8 

Doughty, Sarah, Monmouth, 'and John Fenton, Monmouth 1781 Feb. 27 

Doughty, Susannah, Middlesex, and Daniel Leonard, Middlesex 1761 Nov. 20 

Douglass, Ann, and Charles Simms, Trenton. . 1778 Dec. 15 

Douglass, Anne, Sussex, and James McCollough, Sussex. 1770 June 25 

Douglass. Damarus, Trenton, aud William Till, Philadelphia 1746 Oct. 24 

Doutie, Elizabeth, Amwell, and David Bimbo, Amwell 1749 Dec. 29 

Douw, Anna, Somerset, and Samuel Minor, Somerset .... 1740 Mar. 9 

Dove, Elizabeth, and Michael Layer, Middlesex 1758 Mar. 13 

Dove, Hannah, Monmouth, and Joshua Lee, Middlesex 1739 July 28 

Dove, Isabell, Lower Freehold, and John Buckalew, Amboy 1731 Dec. 25 

Dowdney, Sarah, and Jeremiah Young, Cumberland 1783 April 1 

Dowe, Elizabeth, and Francis Van Winkle, Essex 1785 Feb. 3 

Dowers, Mary, and Enoch Willson, Great Egg Harbour 1785 Feb. 7 

Down, Jemima, Deptford, and William Smallwood, Gloucester 1736 Mar. 15 

Down, Martha, Chesterfield, and Joseph Stewart, Chesterfield 1756 Nov. 12 

Downes, Elizabeth, and Benjamin Barrett, New Jersey 1767 Jan. 7 

Downey, Mary, Staten Island, and John Stogdill, Staten Island. 1750 June 9 

_Downs, Barbara, and George Cozens, Gloucester 1783 Oct. 22 

Doz, Martha, and Benjamin Flower .1778 Sept. 24 

Drake, Anne, Piscataway, and Lambert Sickles, Piscataway. . 1749 July 21 

Drake, Catharine, Middlesex, and Henry Molleson, Middlesex 1749 Mar. 12 

Drake, Christian, Piscataway, and John Webster, Middlesex 1744 Oct. 13 

Drake, Lydia, and William Drake, Bucks, Pa 1746 Jan. 27 

Drake, Lydia, and Matthew Williamson, Sussex. 17S4 Nov. 4 

Drake, Martha, Middlesex, and William Jones, Somerset . . 1751 Aug. 13 

Drake, Mary, Hopewell, and Charles Woolverton, Amwell 1763 Aug. 8 

Drake, Mary, Middlesex, and Moses Frazee, Middlesex 1764 Mar. 17 

Drake, Mary, and Samuel Titus, Hunterdon 1784 Dec. 15 

Drake, Patience, Middlesex, and John Jones, Somerset 1763 Dec.' 12 

Drake, Rachel, Middlesex, and Gershom Drake, Middlesex 1740 Aug. 25 

Drake, Bebecka, New Brunswick, and Daniel White, New Brunswick.. 1740 April 28 

Drake, Butb, Essex, and Nathan Drake, Piscataway. ... 1752 Nov. 8 

Drake, Sarah, Piscataway, aud Henry Sharp, Piscataway .. . 1758 Feb. 8 

Drake, Sarah, and James Everingham, Monmouth 1762 Mar. 20 

Drake, Sarah, and William Bings, Hunterdon 1780 Jan. 27 

Drake, Ursula, Hunterdon, and Jeremiah Manning, Essex 1758 Sept. 23 



Dramme, Anne, Shrewsbury, and Martin Reet, Shrewsbury 1759 April 21 

Draper, Jemima, Burlington, and Peter Renier, Burlington. . 1741 Feb. 19 

Draper, Jemima, and John Cleaver, Cumberland . 1780 Nov. 11 

Draper, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Bevis, Burlington 1737 Nov. 18 

Draper, Mary, and James Thompson, Lower Penns Neck 1784 Feb. 18 

Drinkwater, Ann, Middlesex, and Anthony Ham, Middlesex 1747 July 8 

Driver, Ann, Gloucester, and Jeffery Chew, Gloucester 1732 Aug. 15 

Driver, Anne, Burlington, and Henry Tradeway, Burlington 1685 Dec. 8 

Driver, Rachel, Gloucester, and William Middleton, Gloucester .1735 July 9 

Driver, Sarah, Burlington, and William Cook, Philadelphia 1730 May 12 

Drollinger, Margaret, Salem, and Philip Kelch, Salem 1764 Nov. 23 

Droman, Diadame, Shrewsbury, and George Archer, Monmouth 1762 Nov. 27 

Drommon, Mary, and Abijah Smith, Shrewsbury ...^ 1751 Nov. 29 

Drum, Mary, and Richard Harding, Sussex 1775 Dec. 8 

Drummond, Mary, and Thomas Ford, Burlington 1782 Feb. 19 

Drummond, Ruth, Monmouth, and Joseph Kinnan, Monmouth 1752 July 23 

Drummond, Susannah, Saddle River, and Garret Vanderhoof, S. R. . .1779 Dec. 20 

Dubelday, Joan, and Daniel Schellinger, Cape May 1758 July 4 

Dubois, Sarah, and Henry Wyncoop, Pennsylvania 1782 April 20 

Duckworth, Anna, Burlington, and Samuel Rose, Burlington 1739 Feb. 26 

Duckworth, Mary, Burlington, and Hugh Hartly, Burlington 1740 Dec. 29 

Dudin, Mary, and Henry Moore, Middlesex 1747 May 27 

Duehurst, Margaret, and Thomas Clarke ........ 1692 Nov. 2 

Duell, Mary, and James Toy, Chester 1788 Mar. 27 

Duffey, Jamima, and Thomas Bennett, Jr. . 1778 Jan. 14 

Dugless, Mary, Burlington, and Judiah Lippincott, Burlington 1762 Mar. 27 

Dugless, Mary, and William Hendrickson, Monmouth 1762 April 22 

Dugroot, Sarah, and Albert Cornell, New York 1763 Jan. 26 

Duley, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Daniel Goodbody, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 31 

Duley, Marah, Monmouth, and William Lawrence, Monmouth 1753 Mar. 19 

Dumarest, Elisabet, and Cornelius Van Saen, Bergen 1765 Jan. 9 

Dumont, Arianche, and Nicholas Williamson. Somerset 1778 May 5 

Dumont, Charity, Somerset, and George Vroom, Middlesex 1741 Jan. 25 

Dumont, Jannetje, Middlesex, and Peter Vroom 1750 Aug. 20 

Dunbar, Prudence, Trenton, and John Wells, Trenton 1746 Nov. 5 

Duncan, Catherine, Pennsylvania, and Joseph Carter, Bucks, Pa 1731 Nov. 16 

Duncan, Jane, and Jacob Decow, Burlington 1736 Sept. 20 

Dunfee, Mary, Springfield, and Anthony Roads, Springfield 1765 April 27 

Dungan, Elizabeth, Oxford, Pa., and Elias Brown, Oxford, Pa 1774 Dec. 5 

Dungworth, Esther, and Joseph Kennard 1735 Dec. 6 

Dunham, Anna, Amboy, and Uriah Corlies, Monmouth 1752 June 22 

Dunham, Anne, Essex, and Isaac Hull, Somerset 1751 Nov. 25 

Dunham, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Martin, New Jersey 1782 Jan. 3 

Dunham, Hannah, Middlesex, and Joseph Mitch el, Middlesex 1753 June 20 

Dunham, Isabella, and John Rattoone, New York 1768 June 14 

Dunham, Martha, Perth Amboy, and Edward Griffin, Perth Amboy. . . 1758 June 20 



Dunham, Mary, Somerset, and Samuel Brown, Somerset 1762 July 26 

Dunham, Sarah, Piscataway, and Benajah Dunn 1744 Mar. 29 

Dunham, Sarah, Hunterdon, and Adam Hope, Hunterdon .1765 Oct. 30 

Dunham, Tabitha, Middlesex, and Lambert Merrell, Middlesex.. 1763 Nov. 28 

Dunkins, Mary, and George Miller 1731 July 27 

Dunlap, Barsheba, Piles Grove, and John Stephens, Piles Grove .... 1776 Mar. 11 

Dunlap, Elizabeth, and Alexander Hill, Salem 1756 Mar. 16 

Dunlap, Isabella, and John Bead Strek, Salem 1752 April 8 

Dunlap, Mary, and Elias Craig, Salem. 1773 May 25 

Dunlapp, Jane, and John Kidd, Salem 1757 Mar. 8 

Dunlop, Jean, and John Allen, Sussex 1768 Sept. 29 

Dunn, Amy, and Caleb Ayers Cumberland 1760 July 30 

Dunn, Catherine, Salem, and David Alexander, Salem 1762 Dec. 19 

Dunn, Elizabeth, Staten Island, and Alexander Galt, Essex 1739 Feb. 18 

Dunn, Elizabeth, Piscataway, and Thomas Fitz Randolph, Piscataway. 1755 May 26 

Dunn, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and Mashek Hull, Middlesex 1764 Mar. 3 

Dunn, Isabella, and Ephraim Dunn, Middlesex 1766 Aug. 14 

Dunn, Mary, Burlington, and William Leeds, Burlington 1739 Dec. 19 

Dunn, Mary, Middlesex, and David Dunham, Middlesex 1766 Dec. 17 

Dunn, Nancy, and Hendrick Van Nortwiclc, Somerset. 1781 Dec. 17 

Dunn, Rachel, Middlesex, and Michael Moor, Middlesex 1756 May 25 

Dunn, Sarah, Gloucester, and Thomas Briani, Gloucester 1727 Jan. 5 

Dunn, Sarah, Pennsylvania, and Thomas Evans, Pennsylvania .. . .. 1728 Aug. 27 

Dunneberger, Elizabeth, and Alexander Quarrin, Philadelphia 1783 Jan. 1 

Dupere, Maria, Morris, and James Hyndshaw, Pennsylvania 1746 Aug. 30 

Durell, Sarah, Burlington, and John George, Burlington 1765 Mar. 2 

Duremes, Leah, and Peter Vreeland 1763 April 16 

Duremus, Maritje, Bergen, and Albeit Van Vorhis, New Barbadoes. . .1769 April 25 

Durie, Wyntje, Bergen, and Jacob Vreland, Hackensack 1769 Dec. 15 

Durragh, Elizabeth, Somerset, and William Dealy, Somerset 1744 Jan. 14 

Durye, Sarah, and Rynier Quackenbos, Hackensack 1765 Mar. 20 

Duryee, Catherine, and Peter Wilson, New Barbadoes 1781 Feb. 3 

Duryee, Dinah, and Denise Vanliew, Somerset 1782 Mar. 4 

Dusenbery, Mary, and Joshua Opdycke, Hunterdon 1782 Feb. 10 

Dusoswa, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Jonathan Hutchinson, Middlesex. 1737 Oct. 7 

Dutton, Priscilla, and John James, Burlington 1778 Dec. 22 

Devier, Mary, and James Earwin, Gloucester 1774 Jan. 4 

Dye, Catherine, Middlesex, and William Covenhoven, Middlesex 1764 Aug. 25 

Dye, Jamathy, and Benjamin Vanderbeck, Windsor 1771 Dec. 11 

Dyer, Charity, Bucks, Pa., and Edward Dyre, Bucks, Pa 1766 Feb. 6 

Dyer, Comfort, Bucks, Pa., and Humphrey Stringer, Bucks, Pa 1734 April 29 

Dyer, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Joseph Furnis, Philadelphia.. . 1736 May 21 

Dyer, Margaret, Burlington, and Phillip Nold, Burlington 1774 July 25 

Dyer, Priscilla, and John Bell, Bucks, Pa 1732 Sept. 22 

Dykins, Catherine, Tewksbury, and Joseph Van Kirk, Readingtown. . . 1773 Mar. 15 


I 22 


Eagles, William, New York, and Ann Mackel, Monmouth 1763 Nov. 27 

Earick, John, Burlington, and Sarah Gibson, Burlington 1756 Sept. 15 

Earl, Edward, Bergen, and Claucy Vreland, Essex 1747 Oct. 20 

Earl, John, Burlington, and Esther Hall, Burlington 1761 Nov. 16 

Earl, Thomas, Burlington, and Judith Bostido, Monmouth 1736 Sept. 30 

Earl, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary McLeary. 1785 Feb. 5 

Earl, William, New Hanover, and Mary Warren 1783 Sept. 12 

Earle, Laurence, Bergen, and Anne Moore .1762 Dec. 14 

Earle, Morris, Bergen, and Rebecca Hastier 1746-7 Mar. 7 

Earle, Morris, Bergen, and Martha Bush, Bergen 1751 Aug. 23 

Earle, Peter, Bergen, and Rachel Ackerman, Bergen 1767 Aug. 7 

Earle, Robert, Bergen, and Mary Smith, Bergen 1763 Dec. 12 

Earling, Daniel, Burlington, and Rebecca Herber, Burlington. 1768 Feb. 23 

Early, Jacob, Burlington, and Hannah Prickett, Burlington 1757 April 16 

Earwin, James, Gloucester, and Mary Devier 1774 Jan. 4 

Eastburn, John, Middlesex, and Mary Higgins 1769 April 22 

Eastburn, Robert, Charleston, S. C , and Abigail Ingles, Perth Amboy. 1768 May 6 

Eastburn, Thomas, Cumberland, and Abigail Jones 1779 Aug. 23 

Eastlack, Daniel, Gloucester, and Mary Cheeseman, Gloucester 1740 June 28 

Eastlack, John, Gloucester, and Margaret Hillman 1735 Nov. 8 

Eastlack, John, Gloucester, and Mary Bilton, Gloucester 1737 June 24 

Eastlack, John, Jr., Gloucester, and Elizabeth Read, Salem 1751 May 29 

Eastlack, John, New Jersey, and Jerusa Parks, New Jersey 1770 May 22 

Eastwood, Abraham, Middlesex, and Jemima Potter 1738 Nov. 8 

Eaten, Benjamin, Salem, and Sarah Vandike, Salem 1765 July 13 

Eaten, John, Salem, and Anne Chattel, Salem 1770 May 8 

Eaton, Joshua, Salem, and Sarah Swing 1779 June 12 

Eaton, William, Pennsylvania, and Ellen Tillington, Pennsylvania... 1728 Aug. 4 

Eayre, Habakkuk, Northampton, and Mary Jones, Burlington 1747 May 24 

Eayre, John, Burlington, and Rebecca Rogers, Burlington 1756 Sept. 20 

Eayre, Joseph, Burlington, and Charity Ballenger, Burlington 1767 Sept. 5 

Eayre, Richard, Burlington, and Sarah Garwood, Burlington 1732 Dec. 1 

Eayres, Hosea, Burlington, and Hannah Leeds 1773 Aug. 2 

Eckerson, Garret, Orange, N. Y., Derrickie Springstien, Orange, N. Y. 1763 June 11 

Eckesen, John, Bergen, and Angonietie Banta 1774 April 2 

Ecret, Isaac, Burlington, and Lydia Bogart 1778 Aug. 24 

Eddey, James, Woodbridge, and MaryGach, Woodbridge ... .1743 May 29 

Eddis, Thomas, Cumberland, and Ann Johnson. 1780 June 12 

Edgar, Alexander, Middlesex, and Mary Smith, Middlesex 1746 Mar. 3 

Edgar, Charles, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Moon, Bucks, Pa 1759 Mar. — 

Edgar, David, Woodbridge, and Hannah Rolph, Woodbridge 1743 Feb. 22 

Edgar, John, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Bodine 1776 Nov. 28 

Edgar, William, Woodbridge, and Experience Clarkson, Woodbridge. . 1751 Mar. 30 

Edgar, Thomas, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Knaps 1769 Mar. 25 



Edgarton, Thomas, Gloucester, aud Elizabeth Saint 1759 April 27 

Edgemau, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Thimble, Burlington. .. 1754 Jan. 7 

Edman, Samuel, Burlington, and Dorothy Powell .1779 Aug. 12 

Edmiston, David, Salem, and Mary Peterson, Salem 1765 Mar. 26 

Edmiston, Hugh, Cumberland, and Margaret Yeates 1780 April 14 

Edmonds, Aaron, Cape May, and Lydia Eldridge 1790 June 21 

Edmons, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Jane Whilden 1780 July 17 

Edmunds, Dounes, Cape May, and Experience Hand, Cape May 1752 Aug. 10 

Edmunds, Dounes, Cape May, and Mary Hand 1774 Jan. 18 

Edmunds, Richard, Cape May, and Esther Cresse, Cape May. .... 1769 June 21 

Edmunds, Robert, Cape May, and Thankful Barncraft 1781 Feb. 27 

Edsall, Jacobus, Sussex and Hannah Post, Sussex 1777 May 28 

Edsall, Richard, Sussex, and Mary Seward, Sussex 1770 Nov. 29 

Edward, Robert, Pennsylvania, and Susannah Harvey, Pennsylvania. . 1728 May 11 

Edwards, Daniel, Salem, and Ruth Ireland. 1771 Nov. 4 

Edwards, David, Cape May, and Deborah Thomson, Cape May 1772 Jan. 20 

Edwards, Hummel, Pennsylvania, and Ellen Scaife, Pennsylvania. . .1730 July 31 

Edwards, Henry, Pennsylvania, and Mary Bath, Pennsylvania 1736 Dec. 11 

Edwards, James, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Heddy. 1763 May 24 

Edwards, JohD, Burlington, and Susannah Bennet, Burlington 1746 May 6 

Edwards, John, Burlington, and Letitia Moon, Burlington 1756 Aug. 17 

Edwards, Jonathan, Cape May, and Phebe Osbon 1766 May 31 

Edwards, Joseph, Cape May, and Elizabeth Ingersol, Gloucester 1752 Aug. 1 

Edwards, Joseph, Cape May, and Susanna Ingerson. 1776 Dec. 9 

Edwards, Joseph, Salem, and Mary Hancock 1777 July 7 

Edwards, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Tallman, Burlington 1782 May 16 

Edwards, Owen, Burlington, and Susannah Farnsworth, Burlington. . .1732 April 11 

Edwards, Owen, Burlington, aud Hannah English ...1733 Jan. 8 

Edwards, Philip, Monmouth, and Margaret West, Monmouth 1764 April 4 

Edwards, Richard, Philadelphia, and Jemima Wiseheart, Philadelphia. 1736 Nov. 6 

Edwards, Robert, and Sarah Bennett « 1701 Nov. 20 

Edwards, Samuel, Monmouth, and Margaret Hulit, Monmouth 1749 Oct. 2 

Edwards, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Anna Williams, Philadelphia. . .1731 Sept. 21 

Edwards, Thomas, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Vaughan 1770 June 19 

Edwards, Webley, Monmouth, and Margaret Woolley, Monmouth. .. 1742-3 Mar. 3 

Egbert, Daniel, Staten Island, and Sarah Frost, Staten Island 1746 June 18 

Egbert, John, Hunterdon, and Mary Smith, Hunterdon. . 1775 May 

Ege, Samuel, Hunterdon, and Anna Titus, Hunterdon .1774 May 28 

Egger, George, Monmouth, and Arie Beard, Monmouth 1749 July 4 

Eggmen, Bartholomew, Burlington, and Elizabeth Tatum 1759 Nov. 26 

Eglington, Edward, Bullingsport, and Sarah Hoult 1685 May 11 

Eick, John, Hunterdon, and Sarah Hutchen 1782 Oct. 27 

Eicke, Paul, Hunterdon, and Catherine M’Cerns 1785 Feb. 7 

Elbersen, John, Cape May, and Anne Bancraft 1780 June 22 

Eldredge, Aaron, Cape May, aud Elizabeth Stillwell 1761 Jan. 25 

Eldredge, Daniel, Cumberland, and Dorcas Bacon 1789 Jan. 30 



Eldredge, Ezekiel, Cape May, and Sarah Craford, Cape May. „ 1741 April 14 

Eldredge, Ezekiel, Cape May, and Pkebe Crowell, Cape May 1768 Oct. 18 

Eldredge, Robert, Cape May, and Esther Edward 1776 Jan. 11 

Eldredge, Silas, Cape May, and Elizabeth Eldredge 1778 Nov. 17 

Eldredge, David, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Johnson, Monmouth. ... 1748 Aug. 22 

Eldredge, Eli, Cape May, and Priscilla Learning, Cape May ... .1761 June 20 

Eldridge, Elisha, Cape May, and Phebe Ludlam, Cape May 1729 Sept. 20 

Eldridge, Enoch, Gloucester, and Prudence Irwiu 1785 Jan. 2 

Eldridge, Jabus, Burlington, and Esther Reeves, Northampton 1746 Nov. 12 

Eldridge, Jabez, Burlington, and Mary Hopewell, Burlington 1776 Dec. 30 

Eldridge, Jacob, Gloucester, and Sarah Covenover 1764 Aug. 21 

Eldridge, James, Burlington, and Ester Rodgers, Burlington 1729 June 4 

Eldridge, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Lydia Learning, Cape May 1775 Sept. 8 

Eldridge, Jesse, Burlington, and Mary Reese 1778 May 2 

Eldridge, Jonathan, Burlington, and Mary Antrum, Burlington 1744 Sept. 12 

Eldridge, Levi, Gloucester, and Sarah Pongard, Gloucester 1763 July 26 

Eldridge, Levi, Cape May, and Abigail Crowell 1766 Aug. 7 

Eldridge, Noah, Burlington, and Margaret Haines 1779 July 31 

Eldridge, Obadiah, Jr., Burlington, and Ann Wilson, Burlington. ...1740 April 21 

Eldridge, Obadiah, Burlington, and Achsah Haines, Burlington . . .. 1764 Nov. 28 

Eldridge, Reuben, and Susanna Perkins . . 1735 Dec. 17 

Eldridge, Reuben, Burlington, and Ann Eudicott, Burlington 1751 April 29 

Eldridge, Solomon, Burlington, and Elizabeth Fort 1744 Dec. 31 

Eldridge, William, Burlington, and Sarah CrispeD, Burlington 1772 Jan. 20 

Eldridge, William, Cape May, and Judith Corson, Cape May 1778 Dec. 10 

Eldridge, Jabez, Burlington, and Hannah Forker, Burlington 1771 Jan. 7 

Elexander, John, Cape May, and Jane Gollachar, Cape May. 1768 Dec. 20 

Elkincton, George, Burlington, and Mary Bingham, Burlington 1683 Jan. 13 

Elkinton, George, Burlington, and Sarah Perrine 1748 Feb. 18 

Elkinton, George, Burlington, and Beulah Wells 1783 July 24 

Elleson, James, Burliugton, and Ann Addis 1758 Feb. 11 

Ellet, Andrew, Pennsylvania, and Mary Bayly, Pennsylvania 1727 Sept. 2 

Ellicott, William, Essex, and Mary Vanwinkle 1751 April 1 

Ellis, Aaron, Burlington, and Susannah Edison, Burlington 1754 May 7 

Ellis, Francis, Burlington, and Leah Brown 1754 Oct. 7 

Ellis, George, Gloucester, and Sarah Wild 1735 Feb. 12 

Ellis, Isaac, Gloucester, and Sarah Hillman 1785 July 14 

Ellis, Jeremiah, Chester, Pa., and Mary Hugh, Chester, Pa 1734 Oct. 7 

Ellis, Job, Burlington, and Mary Gard 1769 Mar. 23 

Ellis, Joseph, Gloucester, and Mary Hinchman, Gloucester 1760 Jan. 1 

Ellis, Joseph, Burlington, and Ann Bullers 1785 Jan. 17 

Ellis, Levi, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hillman 1783 Mar. 13 

Ellis, Samuel, Gloucester, and Hannah Gilbert 1772 Oct. 31 

Ellis, Simeon, Gloucester, and Priscilla Bates, Gloucester 1760 Mai\ 24 

Ellis, Thomas, Burliugton, and Margery Hutchins, Burlington 1740 July 12 

Ellis, Thomas, Jr., Gloucester, and Hannah Albertson 1759 Sept. 25 


Ellis, Thomas, Gloucester, and Anna Humphries, Burlington. 1765 April 9 

Ellis, William, Gloucester, and Amy Matlack, Gloucester 1756 Dec. 30 

Ellis, William, Burlington, and Mary Taylor 1779 Oct. 15 

Ellison, Amos, Burlington, and Elizabeth Ellison, Burlington 1760 Nov. 11 

Ellison, Ezekiel, Monmouth, and Awrion Chel Bennet, Monmouth. . . .1762 Oct. 6 

Ellison, James, Burlington, and Hannah Ireton 1778 April 19 

Ellison, John, Monmouth, and Catharine Vandyk, Burlington 1756 Mai’. 1 

Ellison, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Doughty, Burlingtou 1758 Mar. 23 

Ellison, John, and Phebe Codington 1774 Oct. 17 

Ellison, Lewis, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Price, Monmouth 1766 Jan. 27 

Ellison, Samuel, Perth Amboy, and Sarah Barber, Perth Amboy 1750 Jan. 17 

Ellison, Samuel, Middlesex, and Mary Holmes, Monmouth. 1762 Feb. 9 

Ellison, Thomas, Middlesex, and Rachel Ellison, Middlesex 1748 Aug. 4 

Ellison, Thomas, Monmouth, and Margaret Mitchell, Monmouth 1764 May 15 

Elliss, John, Middlesex, and Mary Shores 1770 April 17 

Ellwell, Johu, Salem, and Rachael Garrison, Salem 1727 Mar. 24 

Elmer, Daniel, Cumberland, and Mary Shaw, Cumberland ..1761 Sept. 28 

Elmer, Eli, Cumberland, and Jane Thompson, Bridgeton 1781 Feb. 13 

Elmer, Philimon, Essex, and Catherine Slight 1781 Nov. 

Elmer, Theophilus, Cumberland, and Abigail Lawrence, Cumberland.. 1765 Sept. 3 

Elston, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Pike 1768 Nov. 17 

Eltinge, Jacobus, New York, and Elizabeth Hall, Somerset 1742 June 12 

Elton, Anthony, and Elizabeth Revell .... „ 1688 Feb. 20 

Elton, Robert, Burlington, and Sarah Woolman, Burlington.. 1737 April 18 

Elton, Thomas, Burlington, and Margaret Griffin .. 1769 July 7 

Elvertson, Nicholas, Burlington, and Phebe Taylor 1777 Dec. 8 

Elwell, Israel, Salem, and Margaret Tansey ... 1773 Dec. 15 

, Elwell, Samuel, Salem, and Margaret Phil) pot, Salem 1761 Dec. 31 

Elwell, Samuel, Salem, and Annetha Morgan, Salem 1773 May 17 

Ely, Allison, Middlesex, and Hannah Hammell 1771 Nov. 9 

Ely, George, Jr., Amwell, and Susannah Farle, Amwell 1768 April 27 

Ely, John, Hunterdon, and Phebe Allison, Burlington ...1731 May 3 

Ely, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Warford, Hunterdon 1762 June 18 

Ely, Joshua, and Rachell Lee 1699 Nov. 9 

Ely, Matthew, Monmouth, and Elleanor Chasy, Monmouth 1761 April 22 

Ely, Noah, Essex, and Perah Merrey, Essex 1748 Sept. 6 

Ely, William, Trenton, and Jemima Hunt 1734 Mar. 25 

Ely, William, Middlesex, and Mary Hutchason 1767 Mar. 17 

Ely, William, Essex, and Hillitie Radcliff 1781 May 19 

Etnans, Abraham, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Weaver, Monmouth. ...1762 Feb. 20 

Etnans, Abraham, Monmouth, and Hannah Lane, Hunterdon 1 768 Nov. 4 

Etnans, Andrew, Hunterdon, and Sarah Van Duyn, Somerset 1752 Nov. 13 

Emans, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Johannah Layton, Monmouth 1763 Jan. 13 

Emans, Elisha, Monmouth, and Zilpha Emans, Monmouth 1759 Sept. 26 

1 This is an English-speaking clerk's attempt to reproduce phonetically the name Ari- 
aantje, the Dutch for Ariana. 


Emans, Jacob, Monmouth, and Margaret Ernans, Monmouth 1755 Jan. 19 

Emans, Thomas, Monmouth, and Dorsa Burk, Monmouth . . .1760 July 19 

Emens, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Mary Emans, Monmouth. . . . 1747 Dec. 26 

Emeus, John. Monmouth, and Esther Ketcham, Monmouth 1747 May 4 

Emerson, James, Jr., Hunterdon, and Naucy Reed 1788 Feb. 20 

Emley, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Steward, Monmouth ... 1767 Feb. 13 

Emley, Joseph, Burlington, and Phebe Mills 1772 Nov. 23 

Emley, Samuel, Jr., Burlington, and Catharine Andriss, Burlington. .. 1763 May 21 

Emley, Samuel, Monmouth, and Ann Kirby, Burlington 1775 Nov. 21 

Emley, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth Wardell, Monmouth 1753 Nov. 14 

Emley, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Saxton, Freehold 1746 July 15 

Emley, William, Monmouth, and Esther Wright, Monmouth 1775 Sept. 29 

Emmans, Abraham, Hunterdon, and Margaret Schenck, Monmouth .. 1750 Dec. 12 

Emons, Jonathan, Monmouth, and Saray Holstead, Monmouth 1767 Sept. 9 

Emons, Nicholas, Sussex, and Catherine Westbrook, Sussex 1765 Mar. 8 

Enclman, William, Monmouth, and Mary Coxe, Monmouth 11729 April 28 

Endicot, John, Burlington, and Ruth Matlock, Burlington ....1749 Oct. 19 

Endicott, Barzilla, Burlington, and Anne Morton, Burlington 1775 April 12 

Endioott, Jacob, Gloucester, and Melicent Badcock 1769 Nov. 10 

Endicott, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Welsh 1759 June 19 

England, Edward, Burlington, and Elizabeth Moran, Burlington 1741 Nov. 4 

England, Poole, 47th Regt. Foot, and Ann Sarjant 1774 Sept. 1 

England, Thomas, Gloucester, and Ester Adams 1782 Jan. 1 

Engle, John, Burlington, and Haunah Middleton 1737 Nov. 1 

Engle, Samuel, Burlington, and Sarah Myers, Burlington 1775 Aug. 21 

Euglehart, John, Burlington, and Mary Marian 1779 Sept. 23 

English, Abraham, Burlington, and Mary Eddis, Burlington 1744 Aug. 11 

English, Abraham, Burlington, and Elizabeth Price 1774 Sept. 24 

English, Amos, Burlington, and Mary Craft, Burlington 1765 Mar. 6 

English, Benjamin, Burlington, and Lydia Vandyke, Burlington 1761 Oct. 5 

English, David, Monmouth, and Jane Robinson, Monmouth 1751 Dec. 14 

English, Isaac, Burlington, and Rebecca Warner, Burlington 1764 Jan. 13 

English, John, Burlington, and Margaret Barris, Bucks, Pa 1744 Sept. 10 

English, John, Jr., Gloucester, aud Anne Inskeep, Burlington 1749 Sept. 30 

English, Jonathan, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Laird, Monmouth 1763 May 21 

English, Joseph, Jr., Burlington, aud Mary Butler, Burlington.. 1769 Oct. 27 

English, Joseph, Burlington, aud Abigail English, Burlington 1770 June 2 

English, Robert, Monmouth, and Elinor Newell, Monmouth 1739 Dec. 8 

English, Robert, Monmoutb, and Jane Montgomerj^, Monmouth. .... 1761 Aug. 25 

English, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Hammel, Burlington ..1761 Nov.. 13 

English, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Rockhill 1783 Aug. 28 

English, Thomas, Burlington, and Ann Smith 1733 Feb. 17 

English, Thomas, Jr., Burlington, and Ann Rockhill, Burlington 1768 Mar. 10 

English, William, Burlington, and Catherine Davison 1785 Dec. 3 

Ennis, James, Bergen, and Jane Browers. 1782 May 23 

Enoch, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Haines 1759 Oct. 16 


Enock, Hannan, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Dillon, Bucks, Pa 1741 Nov. 12 

Ent, Peter, Hunterdon, and Sarah Kent, Hunterdon 1776 Jan. 27 

Eoff, Garret, Morris, and Sarah Heyer, Morris.. 1778 Nov. 20 

Erickson, Michael, Monmouth, aud Martha Cole, Monmouth 1746 June 13 

Errickson, Michael, Jr., Freehold, aud Mary Francis, Freehold 1751 Oct. 18 

Erickson, Thomas, Middlesex, and Margaret Abrahams, Middlesex . . 1761 April 9 

Ernest, Daniel, Burlington, aud Sarah Lame 1779 Mar. 13 

Ervin, John, Gloucester, and Mary Bellows, Gloucester 1746 May 1 

Erwin, Walter, and Sarah Bold, Bergen 1751 Aug. 26 

Erwin, William, Sussex, aud Achsah Rockhill 1782 June 5 

Esdall, Edward, Burlington, aud Mary Kinison, Burlington . . . . 1774 Mar. 14 

Esdall, John, Burlington, and Sarah Ellis, Burlington 1768 Jan. 2 

Esdall, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth Palmer, Burlington. . . ... 1738 July 1 

Esdall, Thomas, Burlington, and llachel Mullikan, Burlington 1764 June 28 

Esler, Henry, Morris, and Lenah Ryerson, Pumpton 1782 Nov. 1 

Estell, Dauiel, Burlington, and Hannah Ford, Burlington 1761 Nov. 13 

Estell, Samuel, Burlington, and Anne Fort 1759 Dec. 24 

Estell, Thomas, Monmouth, and Lucia Killam, Amboy 1751 Jan. 1 

Esterby, Peter, Bergen, and Catey Freisinger, Bergen 1770 Oct. 22 

Estlack, John, Gloucester, and Patience Hugg, Gloucester 1741 Aug. 1 

Estlack, John, Jr., Gloucester, and Elizabeth Read, Salem 1751 May 29 

Estlack, Samuel, Gloucester, aud Ann Breach, Gloucester 1733 Oct. 29 

Estow, Godfrey, Burlington, and Lettis Symons, New Hanover 1785 Jan. 9 

Estwood, Abraham, Monmouth, and Amy Matson 1758 July 22 

Ettinger, John, Burlington, and Theodosia Watson, Burlington 1775 Nov. 18 

Evans, Evan, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Salman, Philadelphia 1736 June 14 

Evans, Isaac, Salem, and Hannah Carll, Salem 1774 Oct. 18 

Evans, Isaac, Jr., Burlington, aud Mary Smith, Burlington,. 1777 April 28 

Evans, Isaac, Burlington, and Esther Collins, Burlington 1782 April 1 

Evans, John, Philadelphia, and Sarah Evans, Philadelphia. ....... 1739 Aug. 30 

Evans, Lott, Burlington, and Lydia Channell, Burlington ...1756 Aug. 18 

Evans, Nathan, Burlington, and Hannah French 1792 Mar. 7 

Evans, Thomas, Pennsylvania, and Sarah Dunn, Pennsylvania 1728 Aug. 27 

Evens, Evan, Burlington, and Sarah Middleton, Burlington 1777 June 30 

Evens, Jacob, Gloucester, aud Abigail Middleton, Gloucester. 1757 Feb. 14 

Evens. Miles, and Hannah Buzby 1783 June 18 

Evens, Reuben, Woodbridge, and Catherine Crowell, Woodbridge.. .1754 Oct. 21 

Evingham, William, Burlington, and Abigail Sherrard, Burlington. . . .1773 Feb. 2 

Everett, Israel, Somerset, and Mary Mershon 1777 May 8 

Everingham, Cornelius, Monmouth, aud Sarah Robins, Monmouth . . . 1728 Aug. 8 

Everingham, James, Monmouth, aud Sarah Drake 1762 Mar. 20 

Everingham, Jeremiah, Monmouth, and Dinah Lisning, Monmouth ... 1746 Jan. 8 

Everingham, John, Monmouth, and Hannah Giberson, Monmouth ...1761 July 11 

Everingham, Joseph, Monmouth, and Mary Vaughn, Monmouth.. ...1750 Oct. 29 

Everingham, Joseph, Mansfield, and Mary Gilbert, Mansfield ... . . 1751 April 19 

Everingham, William, Burlington, and Lydia Jones 1777 Sept. 30 



Everitt, Abel, Hunterdon, and Margaret Beaver 1782 May 12 

Everitt, David, Hunterdon, and Catherine Ease 1786 Mar. 10 

Everitt, Zenas, Northampton, Pa 1769 Dec. 

Evins, Obadiah, Hunterdon, and Sarah Coleman, Hunterdon 1772 19 

Evirit, Able, Hunterdon, and Bridget McMurty 1781 Sept. 12 

Ewan, Absalome, Burlington, and Rachel Grant, Burlington ...1764 July 1 

Ewan Ambrose, and Ame Trenton, Burlington 1739 April 30 

Ewan, Evan, Burlington, and Mehitable Weaver 1770 June 5 

Ewan, John, Burlington, and Martha Enochs, Burlington 1737 Nov. 23 

Ewan, John, Burlington, and Susannah Burtis 1770 Feb. 28 

Ewan, Julius, Burlington, and Anna Motte 1733 May 23 

Ewan, Levi, Burlington, and Sarah Shaver 1784 Mar. 29 

Ewan, Moses, Burlington, and Rebecca Stokesberry. 1782 May 1 

Ewans, Barzilla, Burlington, and Elizabeth Hays, Burlington 1764 Mar. 2 

Ewen, John, Salem, and Mary Pledger, Salem 1745 Aug. 21 

Ewen, John, Salem, and Margaret Fogg, Salem 1758 Oct. 7 

Ewens, Jacob, Salem, and Mary Chandler 1750 Feb. 25 

Ewetse, Cornelius, New York, and Elizabeth Latham, Monmouth 1743 Aug. 20 

Ewing. Absalom, Burlington, and Kesiah Taylor 1778 Mar. 6 

Ewing, George, Cumberland, and Rachel Harris, Hunterdon .... ...1778 Aug. 7 

Ewing, James, Cumberland, and Martha Boyd 1778 Oct. 15 

Ewing, Remington, Cumberland, and Phebe Ewing 1784 Jan. 30 

Ewing, Samuel, Cumberland, and Mary Miller, Cumberland 1763 Feb. 19 

Ewing, Thomas, Cape May, and Latitia Raney, Cape May 1780 Nov. 7 

Eyre, George, Burlington, and Rebecca Shreve, Burlington 1754 April 10 

Eyre, George, Burlington, and Mary Lippincott .1789 Sept. 30 

Eyre, Nathan, Philadelphia and Sarah Key 1791 Mar. 3 

Eyres, George, Burlington, and Mary Smith, Burlington 1729 May 15 

Ezdall, James, Burlington, and Elizabeth Fordham, Burlington 1764 Sept. 27 


Earl, Dorothy, Bergen, and Hassel Ryerson, Bergen 1771 Dec. 11 

Earl, Elizabeth, New Hanover, and James Downs, Burlington 1759 Jan. 27 

Earl, Elizabeth, Bergen, and Thomas Cutwater, Orange Co., N. Y . . .1774 July 23 

Earl, Hannah, Hackensack, and Albert Rose, Hackensack 1772 Nov. 18 

Earl, Hannah, New Barbadoes, and William Sorrel, New Barbadoes ..1774 May 13 

Ear), Hanuah, and Daniel Vau Horn, Bergen .... .1782 Mar. 18 

Earl, Mercy, Springfield, and Samuel Gibbs, Springfield 1764 April 17 

Earle, Anne, Bergen, and Job u Allen, Bergen 1772 Mar. 28 

Earle, Elizabeth, Bergen, and Robert Gren olds, Bergen 1765 July 29 

Earle, Ellenor, Burliugton, and John Cawley, Bucks, Pa 1729 April 26 

Earle, Eltie, Hackensack, and Gerret Hopper, Hackensack ... 1748 Nov. 18 

Earle, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Borden, Monmouth 1730 Nov. 26 

Earley, Nancy, Middletown, and Josiah White, Shrewsbury.. 1762 April 10 

Early, Phebe, and Josiah Clark, Gloucester 1775 May 1 

Early, Sarah, and James Payne, Hunterdon 1779 April 22 


I 29 

Easely, Dorothy, and Nathan Cronders, Burlington. .*. . 1786 Nov. 30 

Easley, Mary, and William Haines, Burlington 1778 Jan. 8 

Eastlack, Elizabeth, and William Haines, Burlington ... ... 1777 Aug. 4 

Eastlaelt, Mary, Gloucester, aud Chaides Hubbs, Gloucester 1749 Dec. 15 

Eastland, Abigail, Burlington, aud Benjamin Burges, Burlington 1731 Nov. 20 

Eastwood, Mary, Piscataway, and John Campbell, Woodbridge 1758 July 5 

Eastwood, Mary, Springfield, and John Shnte, Waterford. 1763 May 23 

Eaton. Alice, and .Joseph Dillworth, Philadelphia 1734 Nov. 25 

Eaton, Aun, Salem, and Hans Rudolph, Philadelphia 1736 June 3 

Eaton, Ann, Salem, and Erasmus Kent, Salem 1747 Feb. 17 

Eatton, Elizabeth, Shrewsbury, and 'lhomas Richardson, NewPort.. 1755 April 4 

Eatton, Joanna, Monmouth, and Elihu Spencer, Essex 1750 Oct. 15 

Eatton, Lydia, Shrewsbury, and John Wanton, Jr., Rhode Island. . . .1750 Aug. 10 

Eatton, Margaret, and John Berrien 1759 Aug. 16 

Eatton, Sarah, Shrewsbury, and Richard Tole, New York ...1761 June 23 

Eayre, 'Elizabeth, Burlington, aud Nehemiah Leeds, Burlington 1774 April 4 

Eayre, Hannah, aud William Woolston, Northampton... 1771 Feb. 11 

Eayre, Martha, Burlington, and John Haines, Burlington . 1766 July 29 

Eayre, Priscilla, Burlington, and Enoch Haines, Burlington 1767 April 6 

Eayre, Rebecca, and Phillip Streakes, Jr , Pennsylvania .... 1779 Oct. 20 

Eayre, Rebecca, Burlington, aud John Cooper, Burlington.. . . 1783 May 1 

Eayres, Anne, Burlington, and Aaron Haines Burlington 1776 Jan. 14 

Eayres, Hannah, and Mycaj ah Dobbins, Northampton 1781 June 25 

Eayres, Hannah, and John Deacon, Burlington 1787 Nov. 20 

Eayres, Mary, aud Joseph Woolston, Northampton 1781 June 25 

Eayres, Sarah, Burlington, and Uriah Hiller, Burlington 1746 July 21 

Ebert, Catherine, and John Barnes, Burlington 1781 Dec. 17 

Ebzery, Frances, Philadelphia, and Samuel Foster, Philadelphia 1754 April 19 

Eckhart, Willimyntie, Bergen, and Ephraim Marcus Y. Rhode, Bergen. 1786 Nov. 21 

Eddis, Mary, Burlington, and Abraham English, Burliugton 1744 Aug. 11 

Eddy, Sarah, and Thomas Heath, Middlesex. 1768 Nov. 29 

Edgar, Catherine, and Abraham Laiug, Middlesex 1769 Sept. 27 

Edgar, Jennet, Woodbridge, and Jeremiah Randolph, Woodbridge .. .1755 July 10 

Edgar, Rebecca, Bristol, Pa., and Robert Patterson, Bristol, Pa 1765 Jan. 29 

Edge, Mary, New Hanover, aud Joseph Branson, Burlington .1745-6 Mar. 18 

Edge, Rebecca, Monmouth, and Robert Drummond, Monmouth 1732 Dec. 24 

Edmond, Ann, and Stephen Lane, Burlington 1777 Sept. 8 

Edmond, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Abraham Fort, Burlington 1761 Sept. 7 

Edmunds, Agnis, and William Abbot, Jr., Hunterdon 1778 April 4 

Edmunds, Judith, Cape May, aud Thomas Buck, Jr., Cape May 1771 Jan. 9 

Edmunds, Louisa, aud John Parsons, Cape May 1775 May 30 

Edmunds, Mary, Cape May, and William Simkius, Cape May 1759 Dec. 10 

Edmunds, , Cape May, and Lot Buck, Cape May 1789 Aug. 15 

■Edsal, Aune, Bergen, and Abel Smith, Bergen 17 3 Oct. 22 

Edsall, Charity, and Abel Smith, Hackensack 1783 Nov. 14 

Edsal], Sarah, Bergen and Job Smith, Bergen 1748 May 27 



Edward, Esther, and Robert Eldredge, Cape May 1776 Jan. 11 

Edwards, Dorothy, Gloucester, and Samuel Church, Gloucester 1737 Aug. 9 

Edwards, Amy, and Samuel Randolph, Somerset 1762 Mar. 5 

Edwards, Elizabeth, Burlington, aud John Mulliu, Burlington 1729 Sept. 14 

Edwards, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and George Smith, Monmouth. 1741 Jan. 22 

Edwards, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Ezra Hand, Cape May .1772 Jan. 2 

Edwards, Elizabeth, and Joshua Smith, Penns Neck 1779 Dec. 8 

Edwards, Hannah, MiddletowD, and Peter Tilton, Middletown.. . . ... 1765 June 8 

Edwards, Jane, Cape May, aud Jacob Crowell, Cape May 1731 Jan. 15 

Edwards, Jane, Gloucester, aud William May, Jr., Gloucester 1731 June 19 

Edwards, Jane, Cape May, and David Hildrith, Cape May 1769 April 21 

Edwards, Nancy, Cape May, aud Edward Gogin, Cape May 1748 June 1 

Edwards, Margaret, Gloucester, aud John Flatcher, Monmouth 1749 Oct. 12 

Edwards, Margaret, Shrewsbury, and Peter Barnet 1756 Jan. 17 

Edward*, Martha, Cape May, and Peter Corson. Cape May 1757 Feb. 10 

Edwards, Martha, Salem, and Michael Dougherty, Salem 1763 Nov. 12 

Edwards, Mary, Cape May, aud Ezekiel Mulford, Cape May ... 1762 May 4 

Edwards, Neomy, and Frederick Steelman, Great Egg Harbour D73 Oct. 4 

Edwards, Rachel, Cape May, and Jacob Crowell, Cape May 1764 April 9 

Egbert, Catharine, Hunterdon, and James MattisoD, Hunterdon 1774 Aug. 2 

Ege, Elizabeth, Hunterdon, and Andrew Hart, Hunterdon. . . 1771 Nov. 19 

Ege, Sarah, Hunterdon, and John McKinstry, Hunterdon 1775 Jan. 10 

Eglington, Elizabeth, Salem, and Samuel Read, Salem 1727 May 4 

Elbertson, Mary, and Levi Stout, Somerset 1782 Jan. 26 

Eldredge, Bathia, Cape May, and Constantine Foster, Cape May 1773 June 1 

Ehlredge, Charlotte, Cape May, and Persons Learning, Cape May 1782 Oct. 21 

Eldredge, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Joseph Buck, Cape May 1759 July 10 

Eldredge, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Reuben Swain, Cape May 1772 May 12 

Eldredge, Elizabeth, Burlington, aud Patrick Gamble, Burlington .. 1774 May 12 

Eldredge, Elizabeth, aud Silas Eldredge, Cape May 1778 Nov. 17 

Eldredge, Esther, Cape May, and Abraham Hand, Cape May 1760 Aug. 18 

Eldredge, Esther, and Charles Read, Cumberland 1788 Jan. 11 

Eldredge, Hannah, and Adam Morris, Cape May 1761 Dec. 15 

Eldredge, Hester, aud Timothy Matlack, Evesham 1785 Dec. 19 

Eldredge, Jane, Cape May, and Rynear Holliushead, Cape May 1772 June 5 

Ehlredge, Judith, and Jonathan Mills, Cape May 1767 Dec. 30 

Eldredge, Lydia, Cape May, and Henry Stiles, Cape May 1759 Jan. 17 

Eldredge, Lydia, and Aaron Edmonds, Cape May 1790 June 21 

Ehlredge, Mary, and Nathaniel Foster, Cape May 1754 Mar. 19 

Ehlredge, Mary, Cape May, and Edmond Bacon, Cumberland 1766 Mar. 28 

Eldredge, Mary, Cape May, and John Shaw, Cape May -. . 1771 Jan. 4 

Ehlredge, Mary, and Samuel Holliushead, Cumberland 1785 Sept. 13 

Ehlredge, Prescila, Cape May, and James Beney, Cape May 1751 April 12 

Ehlredge, Sarah, Cape May, and Josiah Crowell, Cape May 1761 Feb. 28 

Eldrege, Hannah, Cape May, and Nathan Hand, Cape May. 1742 Mar. 23 

Eldridge, Charity, Springfield, and Melintus Woolston, Springfield.. .. 1761 May 30 


Eldridge, Hannah, Salem, and Joseph Allen, Salem 1750 June 18 

Eldridge, Hannah, and Henry Wood, Gloucester 1779 Dec. 17 

Eldridge, Lydia, Cape May, and Elisha Hand, Cape May 1736 Aug. 30 

Eldridge, Mary, Evesham, and Samuel Wilkins, Evesham 1783 Oct. 16 

Eldridge, Mary, Middletown, and Henry Strickland, Middletown. ... 1752 Mar. 14 

Eldridge, Mary, and John Carpenter, Gloucester 1784 Dec. 6 

Eldridge, Sarah, Cape May, and Stiles, Cape May 1727 Oct. 30 

Eldridge, Sarah, Burlington, and John Harris, Burlington 1737 Mar. 24 

Eldridge, Sarah, and William Conner, Cape May 1789 Feb. 5 

Eldridge, Sibella, Northampton, and Jaconias Warner, Northampton. .1770 Mar. 1 

Eldridge, Susannah, and Ezekiel Hutchinson 1749 June 5 

Eldridge, Zilpau, and Ellis Hand, Cape May 1777 July 25 

Eldrige, Elizabeth, and Anuanias Sayre, Salem. ... 1779 Mar. 22 

Eldrige, Mary, Burlington, and William Dobbins, Burlington 1774 Mar. 24 

Eldrige, Amy, and John Macklatche, Burlington 1742 June 19 

Elkington, Ann, and Siinuel Lanning, Burlington 1732 Sept. 20 

Elkinton, Ann, Burlington, and Stephen Brookes, Burlington 1740 Aug. 19 

Elkinton, Ann, Burlington, and George Hall, Cumberland 1775 June 20 

Elkinton, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Wilcox, Burlington. 1728 April 3 

Elkinton, Hannah, Burlington, and William Stockton, Burlington ...1775 Sept. 5 

Elkinton, Jemimah, Burlington, and Thomas French, Burlington. .. 1746 May 8 

Elkinton, Sabillah, and John Hartman, Burlington 177 1 April 6 

Elkinton, Sarah, and Darling Courow, Burlington 1778 Aug. 24 

Elleket, Anne, Bucks, Pa., and George Wall, Bucks, Pa 1744 Aug. 22, 

Ellis, Abigail, Gloucester, and John Cox, Burlington .... 1744 Sept. 30 

Ellis, Anna, Shrewsbury, and Asher West, Shrewsbury 1756 April 6 

Ellis, Anne, Gloucester, and Peter Champion, Gloucester 1746 June 14 

Ellis. Margaret, Burlington, and Fretwell Wright, Burlington 1738 Aug. 2 

Ellis, Margaret, and William Vanhorn, Burlington 1780 Aug 17 

Ellis, Mary, and Abel Nicholson, Gloucester 1786 Jan. 23 

Ellis, Rachel, Pennshauken, and Andrew Loy, Pennsylvania 1775 Sept. 29 

Ellis, Sarah, Gloucester, and Jonathan Thomas, Gloucester ... 1738 Nov. 15 

Ellis, Sarah, Gloucester, and William Devier, 1 Gloucester 1750 Nov. 28 

Ellis, Sarah, Gloucester, and William Devine, 1 Gloucester 1750 Nov. 28 

Ellis, Sarah, Burlington, and John Busby, Burlington 1758 May 9 

Ellis, Sarah, Burlington, and John Esdall, Burlington 1768 Jan. 2 

Ellis, Sukey. Burlington, and Jacob Ridgway, Burlington 1780 Mar. 29 

Ellison, Catherine, Monmouth, and Robert Stout, Monmouth 1761 April 6 

Ellison, Elisabeth, Shrewsbury, and Henry Worth, Shrewsbury 1750 Dec. 3 

Ellison, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Amos Ellison, Burlington 1760 Nov. 11 

Ellison, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Robert Morris, Monmouth ... 4 . . 1762 Feb. 10 

Ellison, Hannah, Monmouth, and Micajah Ketcham, Monmouth 1754 Aug. 21 

EllisoD, Margaret, Middlesex, and James Ross, Middlesex 1762 Mar. 19 

Ellison, Margaret, and John Higbee, Middlesex 1780 June 26 

1 Apparently a duplication. 


Ellison, Martha, Middlesex, and Obadiak Buckalew, Middlesex 1746 Feb. 14 

Ellison, Rachel, Middlesex, and Thomas Ellison, Middlesex 1748 Aug. 4 

Ellison, Ruth, Shrewsbury, and John Stout, Shrewsbury 1750-1 Jan. 24 

Ellison, Ruth, Freehold, and John Stout, Shrewsbury 1753 Nov. 28 

Ellison, Sarah, Middlesex, and Cornelius Lamberson, Middlesex.. 1752 Dec. 23 

Ellison, Sarah, Burlington, and Stephen Havens, Burlington 1784 June 1 

Ellison, Susannah, Burlington, and Aaron Ellis, Burlington 1762 May 4 

Ellton, Theodosia, Burlington, and Samuel Allen, Burlington 1754 May 7 

Ellwell, Mary, Salem, and John Crayne, Burlington 1727 Feb. 19 

Ellwell, Sarah, Salem, and Henry Vanmeter, Salem 1727 Sept. 4 

Ellwood, Mary, and Aaron Sharpless, Bristol, Pa 1783 May 7 

Elmer, Buhannah, Cohansie, and Ephraim Dayton, Cohansie 1747 Dec. 29 

Elmer, Mary, and Manoah Lummins, Cumberland 1779 Aug. 5 

Elmer, Polly, and Edward Lummis, Cumberland 1786 April 15 

Elmer, Sarah, and James Burk, Cumberland 1785 May 9 

Elmer, Susannah, Fairfield, and David Westcote, Fairfield 1758 Jan. 6 

Elmer, Theodosia, and James Anderson, Cumberland 1761 Aug. 1 

Elmor, Margaret, Salem, and Edward Lummis, Salem . 1737 

Elmore, Sarah, Burlington, and James Dennis, Burlington 1738 Mar. 20 

Elston, Abigail, Woodbridge, and Nathaniel Bloomfield, Woodbridge. 1748-9 Mar. 14 

Elstone, Ayres, and Thomas Force, Woodbridge 1759 Jan. 23 

Elton, Anna, and William Rogers, Burlington 1777 Dec. 20 

Elton, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Lippincott, Burlington 1782 Aug. 1 

Elton, Hannah, Burlington, and John Deacon, Jr., Burlington 1748 Mar. 16 

Elton, Mary, Burlington, and George Kimball, Burlington 1739 Nov. 27 

Elton, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Kendall, Burlington 1684 Dec. 25 

Elton, Susannah, Burlington, and Thomas Gardiner, Burlington 1748 June 16 

Elvill, Sarah, and Gabriel Cox, Salem 1779 Jan. 31 

Elweel, Elizabeth, Salem, and John Holton. Salem 1745 Jan. 25 

Elwell, Barbara, and Frederick Dondlesbeck, Salem .1766 Dec. 9 

Elwell, Esther, Piles Grove, and Adam Ruderford, Piles Grove 1761 Aug. 24 

Elwell, Mary, Greenwich, and John Ashbrook, Gloucester 1736 June 28 

Elwell, Rachel, Salem, and William Brick, Salem. 1731 June 1 

Elwell, Rhoda, Pitts Grove, and Henry Rickman, Pitts Grove 1770 May 18 

Elwill, Johanna, Pilesgrove, and William Simons, Easthampton .1759 Jan. 31 

Ely, Elizabeth, Trenton, and James Price, Hunterdon 1737 April 19 

Ely, Elizabeth, Hunterdon, and Joseph Higbee, Jr., Hunterdon 1742 Dec. 24 

Emans, Asene, Monmouth, and Asher Layton, Monmouth 1762 April 16 

Emans, Jokannak, Shrewsbury, and John Romine, Shrewsbury 1763 Jan. 13 

Emans, Margaret, Monmouth, and Jacob Emans, Monmouth 1755 Jan. 19 

Emans, Margaret , 1 Monmouth, and John Mathews, Monmouth 1755 Feb. 4 

Emans, Mary, Monmouth, and John Vannest, Monmouth 1739 Jan. 21 

Emans, Mary, Monmouth, and Benjamin Emeus, Monmouth 1747 Dec. 26 

Emans, Rebecca, Hunterdon, and Dirck Low, Hunterdon 1747 June 1 

Emans, Rebecca, Middlesex, Joachim Gulick, Somerset .1751 Nov. 30 

Emans, Zilpka, Monmouth, and Elisha Emans, Monmouth 1759 Sept. 26 


Etnbly, Sophia, Monmouth, and John McGhee, Monmouth 1727 June 5 

Emeus, Phebe C., and Alexander Rowand, Gloucester 1785 Aug. 2 

Emley, Ann, and Aaron Forman, Hunterdon 1769 April 27 

Emley, Ann, Atnwell, and William Reading, Amwell 1775 Dec. 6 

Emley, Hannah, Hunterdon, and Richard Holcombe, Hunterdon. . . . 1774 April 23 

Emley, Mary, and George Holloway, Burlington 1761 July 25 

Emley, Parthenia, Burlington, and Tobias Polemus, Monmouth 1748 Dec. 7 

Emley, Rebecca, Upper Freehold, and Stephen Pangborn, Middlesex.. 1742 Nov. 29 

Emley, Rebecca, Kingwood, and Daniel Potts, Kingwood 1766 Aug. 8 

Emley, Sarah, New Hanover, and Samuel Cox, Jr., Burlington 1774 Oct. 17 

Etnmens, Mary, Readiugtown, and George Schamp, Reading 1775 Feb. 2 

Emtnins, Rebekah, Hunterdon, and Daniel McKienzy, Hunterdon ...1747 April 17 

Emmons, Catharine, and Ralph Schanck, Amwell 1779 Aug. 18 

Emmunds, Sarah, and John Allen, Somerset 1775 Nov. 10 

Emons, Caubachia, Monmouth, and Jaques Denyse, New York 1755 May 9 

Emons, Elizabeth, Shrewsbury, and David Starkey, Freehold 1764 Mar. 16 

Emrie, Abigail, Pennsylvania, and Charles Townsend, Pennsylvania. .. 1730 May 18 

Endicott, Anne, Burlington, and Reuben Eldridge, Burlington 1751 April 29 

Endicott, Sarah, Burlington, aud Benjamin Gaskill, Jr., Burlington. .. 1767 June 18 

Engersol, Dinah, and Jonathan Read, Great Egg Harbour 1764 Sept. 26 

Engersol, Jane, and David Sayres, Gloucester 1764 Dec. 28 

Eugersol, Mary, Gloucester, and Joseph Champion, Gloucester 1755 Mar. 5 

England, Mary, and Robert Letford, Gloucester 1785 Jan. 13 

England, Rebecca, Burlington, and John Webb, Burlington 1740 June 5 

England, Sarah, Philadelphia, and Hermann Aldridge, Salem 1733 Oct. 1 

Engle, Charity, aud Amos Willits, Springfield 1778 May 9 

English, Abigail, Burlington, and Joseph English, Burlington 1770 June 2 

English, Ann, and Nathaniel Imlay, Burlington 1771 April 5 

Euglish, Anne, Burlington, and Thomas Addis, Burlington 1749 July 10 

English, Esther, and Addam Marckall 1741 June 8 

English, Hannah, and Owen Edwards, Burlington 1733 Jan. 8 

English, Isabel, Gloucester, and Samuel Paul, Gloucester 1757 Jan. 18 

English, Jane, and Emer Jackson, Monmouth 1772 Dec. 17 

Euglish, Margaret, and Jeremiah Smith, Alloways Creek 1778 July 8 

Euglish, Margaret, and Francis Wood 1781 Oct. 16 

Euglish, Mary, Gloucester, and Elias Gandy, Cape May 1737 June 17 

English, Mary, Burlington, and James Craft, Jr., Burlington 1740 Oct. 21 

English, Mary, Monmouth, and Coonradt Hendrickson, Monmouth. .. 1759 June 18 

English, Mary, and Isaac Hancock, Burlington 1782 Feb. 6 

English, Sarah, Burlington, and Edward Hancock, .Burlington 1742 Jan. 23 

English, Sarah, and Andrew Frambus, Gloucester 1783 Jan. 5 

English, Susannah, and Euyi Ballangy, Cape May 1838 April 18 

Ennis, Mary, Bergen, and Jonathan Grimes, Bergen 1761 Oct. 1 

Enoch, Anne, Springfield, and James Vernon, Springfield 1783 April 12 

l Query: Hughey. 


Enochs, Mary, Burlington, and Samuel Gaskill, Burlington 1748 Nov. 16 

Enochs, Abigail, and Robert Fargnson, Burlington 1784 Oct. 9 

Enochs, Martha, Burlington, and John Ewan, Burlington 1737 Nov. 23 

Ent, Ann, Amwell, and John Tyson, Arnwell 1772 June (5 

Ent, Susanna, Amwell, and Thomas Ruchman, Kingwood ...1774 April 5 

Eov,l Lenty, Somerset, and Richard Compton, Somerset 1775 Aug. 31 

Erexison, Anne, and Nathan Cresse, Cape May. 1774 Dec 24 

Erhert, Heyltie, Bergen, and Daniel Christie, Bergen 1770 Oct. 9 

Erickson, Christian, Freehold, and Peter Tice, Freehold 1750 Feb. 23 

Erie, Tammisin, and Thomas Frost, Newark 17Gt Nov. 1 

Ernest, Mary, and John Stackhouse, Chester 1783 June 2 

Ernest, Sarah, Burlington, and David Gaskill, Burlington 1774 Nov. 9 

Errixson, Rebecca, Cape May, and William Goff, Cape May 1770 Oct. 3 

Erskine, Elizabeth, and Robert L. Hooper, Jr., Trenton 1781 Oct. 13 

Ervin, Elisabeth, Gloucester, and Matthew Tomlins, Gloucester 1772 Mar. 20 

Ervin, Mary, and Elias Leonard, Burlington 1779 Feb. 18 

Erviue, Elizabeth, and John Cunningham, Burlington 1781 Dec. 31 

Erwin, Jane, and John Hewson, Burlington 1779 May 14 

Erwin, Mary, and John Pricket. Burlington 17G8 Dec. 4 

Erwin, Patience, Gloucester, and Gabriel Hugg, Gloucester 1728 April 10 

Erwin, Sarah, Gloucester, and James Cooper, Gloucester 1761 Mar. 27 

Esdaile, Lydia, and S unuel McCulley, Burlington 1787 Nov. 29 

Esdall, Mary, Burlington, and Arthur Campbell, Philadelphia 17G4 Sept. 11 

Esdel, Jane, and Joseph Brown, Burlington 1786 Mar. 15 

Esdell, Sarah, and Thomas Meyers, Philadelphia.. 1788 July 17 

Eslo, Catharine, and John Willson, Burlington 1778 Sept. 11 

Eslon, Mary, Burlington, and Jacob Burnhart, Burlington 1773 Jan. 30 

Eslow, Sarah, and Joshua Bishop, New Hanover 1780 Feb. 26 

Eson, Catharine, Monmouth, and Julius Sutton, Monmouth 1741 July 17 

Estill, Hannah, New Hanover, and James Watson, New Hanover 1774 Jan. 5 

Estill, Mary, Burlington, and Samuel Mullen, Burlington 1775 Mar. 19 

Estill, Rhoda, and Philip Johnson, Burlington 1776 Aug. 10 

Estill, Sarah, Burlington, and William Murril, Burlington 1783 Dec. 4 

Estlack, Hannah, Gloucester, and John Norton, Gloucester 1737 July 23 

Estlack, Sarah, and James Mickell, Gloucester 1732 Dec. 30 

Esturgans, Martha, Burlington, and William Rogers, Burlington.. .. 1754 Aug. 19 

Eustace, Rachel, and Jonathan Fitbian, Cumberland 1780 Mar. 25 

Evans, Bathsheba, and Job Lippiucott, Burlington 1794 Feb. 24 

Evans, Elizabeth, and Arney Lippi ncott, Burlington 1779 Jan. 2 

Evans, Hannah, Salem, and William Adams, Salem 1762 Feb. 16 

Evans, Hannah, Cape May, and Neri Hand, Cape May 1775 Sept. 15 

Evans, Jemima, and John Hurley, Gloucester 1784 Jan. 30 

Evans, Jernsha, and Joseph Leigh 1775 Mar. 21 

Evans, Martha, Burlington, and Benjamin Watson, Evesham 1767 Feb. 11 

l Usually written Eoff. 

Marriage licenses. 


Evans, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and Bartholomew Young, Bucks, Pa 1730 Feb. 26 

Evans, Mary, and Frauds Philpot, Lower Penns Neck 1772 April 9 

Evans, Mary, and Nathaniel Cox 1772 Dec. 19 

Evans, Rebecca, Cape May, and Thomas Scott, Cape May 1776 Nov. 2 

Evans, Sarah, Philadelphia and John Evans, Philadelphia 1739 Aug. 30 

Evans, Susannah, Burlington, and James Lippiucott, Burlington 1771 Jan. 28 

Evelman, Sarah, Monmouth, and Robert Brown, Middlesex 1745 Jan. 28 

Evens, Elizabeth, Huuterdpu, and Jonathan Furman, Trenton 1764 Oct. 13 

Everingham, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Solomon Ivius, Burlington. . . 1742 Nov. 22 

Everingham, Hannah, and Joseph Ivins, Burlington. 1741 Oct. 22 

Everingham, Mary, Mansfield, and John Watson, Mansfield 1766 Aug. 16 

Everitt, Phebee, and Matthew Hixson, Hunterdon ... 1728 June 3 

Everly, Ann, anti William Hugg, Jr., Gloucester 1773 May 10 

Everugham, Charity, and Cornelius Rowe, Middlesex 1767 Sept. 28 

Evertsou, Mary, Woodbridge, and Wheeler J. Case, Dutchess Co., N. Y. .1768 June 10 

Eves, Anne, Burlington, and Jonathan Lippincott, Burlington Co 1746 Mar. 13 

Eves. Anne, Burlington, and John Lippincott, Burlington 1746 Mar. 13 

Eves, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Jacob Heulings, Burlington 1775 Jan. 16 

Eves, Mary, Evesham, and Samuel Pine, Gloucester 1775 Jan. 16 

Eve3, Rachel, Burlington, and John Himmit, Burlington 1774 Feb. 1 

Ivins, Esther, Gloucester, and John Butter worth, Gloucester 1729 Mar. 10 

Evis, Rebecca, and Joseph Harker, Gloucester. . .... 1782 Nov. 27 

Evoll, Margaret, and S alomon Chandler 1779 Sept. 18 

Evouts, Elizabeth, Middletown, and William Woolley, Middletown ... 1754 July 25 

Evingham, Amy, Mansfield, and Asa Page, Mansfield .. 1773 Jan. 20 

Evvingham, Rachel, Monmouth, and Richard Harrison, Jr., Burl’g’n.1736 June 21 

Ewan, Letitia, Burlington, and Joseph Johusou, Burlington 1775 Nov. 27 

Ewan, Rebecca, Northampton, and William Bass, Northampton 1784 April 13 

Ewan, Susannah, Burlington, and Micajah Carter, Burlington 1744 Feb. 12 

Ewen, Hannah, and Thomas Anderson; Sussex 1786 Mar. 19 

Ewing, Anna, and John Laning, Cumberland 1785 Mar. 10 

Ewing, Aune, Burlington, and John Lame, Burlington 1758 April 26 

Ewing, Anue, Alio ways Creek, and Daniel Smith, Alloways Creek 1779 Feb. 18 

Ewing, Martha, Springfield, and Richard Watkinson, Springfield 1771 April 18 

Ewing, Mary, Burlington, and Robert Colcott, Burlington 1771 Jan. 7 

Ewing, Mary, and Richard Caruthers, Cumberland 1780 Dec. 16 

Ewing, Phebe, and Remington Ewing, Cumberland .1784 Jan. 30 

Ewing, Sarah, Cumberland, and William Carll, Cumberland 1773 May 24 

Ewing, Sarah, and Bartholomew Rudulph, Cumberland. ....1779 Sept. 20 

Ewing, Sarah, and Jonathan Learning, Cape May 1780 Nov. 6 

Ewing, Tamar, Burlington, and Joshua Woolston, Burlington 1770 Sept. 29 

Eyre, Elizabeth, and Uriah Wilkins, Burlington 1792 Oct. 18 

Eyre, Hope, and Shinn Oiiphant, Burlington 1787 Nov. 12 

Eyre, Martha, Burlington, and William Gordon, Burlington 1765 Aug. 17 

Eyre, Mary, Burlington, and John Campbell, Burlington 1765 June 10 

Eyre, Rachel, aud Robert Marland, Burlington 1769 Mar. 6 


Eyres, Ann, ancl Thomas Adams, Burlington.' 1785 May 30 


Fagen, James, Burlington, and Mary Quigley, Burlington 1772 June 27 

Fagens, James, Burlington, and Mary Arey, Burlington .1769 Dec. 23 

Fagins, William, Burlington, and Patience Jervis, Burlington 1768 Jan. 7 

Fairchild, Nathaniel, Pequanock, and Elizabeth Munson, Pequanock. .1779 June 23 

Faitoute, George, Monmouth, and Euphamia Titus . . . 1779 Nov. 4 

Falkerson, Derrick, Somerset, and Sarah Falkerson, Somerset 1752 Jan. 28 

Fall, Philip, Perth Amboy, and Hannah Howgon, Perth Amboy 1757 Nov. 9 

Falkinbridge, David Little Egg Harbour, Faith Cook, Shrewsbury ..1767 Mar. 18 

Falkner, Jess, Burlington, and Isabell Jones, Pennsylvania 1741 Aug. 25 

Fanyurk, Mathias, Hunterdon, and Susannah Fansiles -.. ,1735 Mar. 5 

Fardon, John, Middlesex, and Charity Dean, Middlesex 1763 Jan. 19 

Farguson, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Dagworthy, Burlington — 1730 Feb. 10 

Farguson, Robert, Burlington, and Abigail Enocks 1784 Oct. 9 

Farguson, Shadrack, Burlington, and Lydia Nicholas 1786 Nov. 3 

Farley, John, Somerset, and Mary Cliue, Somerset 1775 Jan. 30 

Farmer, Andrew, Burlington, and Jemima Cunningham 1763 Dec. 17 

Farmer, Jasper, Perth Amboy, and Susanna Skinner, Perth Amboy. .1771 Nov. 7 
Farmer, John, Bristol, Pa., and Ann Olive Grager, Pennsylvania. ... 1732 Aug. 29 

Farney, Patrick, Morris, and Catherine Grosse 1772 Nov. 13 

Farnsworth, Ameriah, Burlington, and Elizabeth Whitecraft, Burl’g’n. 1776 June 4 

Farnsworth, John, Hunterdon, and Deborah McCarty Sussex 1768 Sept. 14 

Farnum, Thomas, Middletown, and Elizabeth Andrews, Middletown. . 1750 June 15 

Farquar, John, Burlington, and Hannah Clark, Burlington 1750 July 28 

Farra, Isaac, Philadelphia, and Sarah Aves 1759 Jan. 6 

Farrell, Robert, Burlington, aud Rebecca Lucus 1734 April 20 

Farrell, James, Freehold, and Mary French, Freehold 1751 Sept. 11 

Farrell, George, Burlington, and Elizabeth Atkinson, Burlington 1766 Sept. 23 

Farrill, James, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Sheckels. 1780 July 24 

Fay, Edward, and Hannah Van Horne. ... 1772 July 20 

Farrington, Joseph, Burlington, and Rebecca Alcott, Burlington 1761 Feb. 24 

Faulkiugburg, Jacob, and Phebe Southard, Burlington 1764 Mar. 8 

Feagan, James, Burlington, and Alice Kirby, Burlington 1740 Feb. 6 

Feagin, James, Monmouth, and Amy Benmire, Monmouth... 1767 June 2 

Feasch, John Jacob, and Susan Lawrence 1790 April 21 

Feavel, John, Monmouth, and Joanna Applegate, Middlesex 1737 Mar. 11 

Feighte, Joseph, Bergen, and Dorcas Ackerman 1790 Mar. 3 

Feild, Benjamin, Middlesex, and Margaret Degroot, Somerset ...1750 Dec. 5 

Feilds, William, Hunterdon, and Sarah Furman 1780 Sept. 13 

Felgelder, John, Gloucester, aud Elizabeth Adams, Gloucester 1729 May 22 

Feneler, Lawrence, Freehold, and Frances Debow, Freehold 1760 Dec. 29 

Fenimore, Benjamin, Burlington, aud Mary Hutchins, Burlington. ...1774 Mar. 4 

Fenimore, Caleb, Burlington, and Elizabeth Fenimore, Burlington. ... 1774 April 28 

Fenimore, Charles, Burlington, and Ann Laquard, Gloucester 1744 Sept. 20 


Fenimore, Jopbet, Burlington, and Charity Parker, Burlington 1780 Oct. 23 

Fenirnore, John, Burlington, and llebecca Fennimore, Burlington ,...1773 May 2+ 

Fenimore, John, Jr., Burlington, and Rachel Carson, Burlington In5 Oct. 1 

Fenimore, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Vanhorne 1777 Sept. 3 

Fenimore, Pearson, Burlington, and Mary Williamson, Burlington . 1775 Oct. 24 

Fenimore, Richard, Burlington, and Sarah Newell, Burlington 1736 Nov. 2 

Fenimore, Richard, Burlington, and Hannah Allen, Burlington 1759 Nov. 13 

Fenimore, William, Burlington, and Rachel Humphreys 1742 Sept. 18 

Fenimore, William, Burlington, and Mary Wilkinson, Burlington 1757 Aug. 22 

Fennel, Patrick, Piscataway, and Ann Jones, Piscataway 1748 April 26 

Fennimore, James, Burlington, and Elizabeth Scattergood, Burlington 1775 July 20 

Feunimore, John, Burlington, and Sarah Bryant, Burlington 1730 Dec. 3 

Fennimore, John, Monmouth, and Mary White, Monmouth 1765 Oct. 31 

Fennimore, Joseph, Burlington, and Ann Perkins, Burlington 1766 July 22 

Feunimore, William, Burlington, and Joyce McFanlin, Burlington .. 1739 July 16 

Fenton, Eleazer, and Elizabeth Stacy 1690 Feb. 2 

Fenton, Ephraim, Bucks, Pa., and Hannah Pearson, Bucks, Pa 1736 April 12 

Fenton, George, Jr., Burlington, and Elizabeth Scroggy 1777 Mar. 12 

Fenton, John, Jr.. Monmouth, and Margaret Davison, Monmouth .. 1741 Oct. 23 

Fenton, John, Monmouth, and Sarah Doughty, Monmouth 1781 Feb. 27 

Fenton, Joseph, and Hannah Knowles 1786 Nov. 4 

Fenton, Robert, Burlington, and Grace Bowyer, Burlington 1762 Jan. 19 

Fenton, Samuel, Burlington, and Rebecca Kent 1769 Nov. 17 

Fenton, Thomas, Bucks, Pa., and Phebe Doble 1784 June 26 

Fenton, William, Burlington, and Hannah Hughes ... 1773 July 29 

Fenton, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Kindall, Burlington 1773 Aug. 9 

Ferdon, Jacob, Bergen, and Ellenor Vanblercum, Bergen ... 1748 April 22 

Ferguson, Alexander, Burlington, and Mary Barry, Burlington 1757 April 18 

Ferguson, Charles, Gloucester, and Hannah Wilkins, Gloucester.. . 1761 April 28 

Ferguson, John, Burlington, and Eleanor Willson, Trenton 1768 Dec. 8 

Ferncel, Peter, Monmouth, and Susannah Tilton, Monmouth 1742-3 Mar. 4 

Ferrill,! Moses, Sussex, and Rachel Featherby 1773 Dec. 7 

Ferril, William, Monmouth, and Sarah Compton 178U Aug. 12 

Feshie, William, Orange, N. Y., and Elizabeth Blauvelt, Orange, N. Y.1762 Aug. 15 

Fetters, Erasmus, Salem, and Sarah Chambers, Salem 1750 Oct. 26 

Feust, John, Jr., Middlesex, and Margaret Wall 1780 Nov. 9 

Few, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Sarah Smith ....1779 May 20 

Field, Derk, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Smock, Middlesex 1749 Nov. 15 

Field, Edward, Bucks, Pa., and Grace Smith 1784 Aug. 13 

Field, Elijah, Burlington, and Mary Gibbs, Burlington 1771 Jan. 28 

Field, Isaac, Burlington, and Mary Archer, Burlington . . .1772 April 10 

Field, Jeremiah, Middlesex, and Servia Sebriuy 1770 Oct. 1 

Field, Job, Philadelphia, and Mary Lyons, Burlington 1770 July 2 

Field, John, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Fisher, Somerset 1744 May 4 

i Query: Terril. 


Field, John, Middlesex, and Phebe BaCiw 1781 Jan. 22 

Field, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Newberry, Burlington 1741 Nov. 24 

Field, Joseph, Cape May, and Mary Birlow, Cape May 1765 April 19 

Fiell, Nathan, Pennsylvania, and So, rah Thomas, Pennsylvania 1770 July 23 

Field, Patrick, Burlington, and Elizabeth Kindall, Burlington 1740 July 16 

Filer, John, Jr., Cumberland, and Sarah Worton 1759 Mar. 6 

Fine, John, Somerset, and Anne Marsh, Somerset 1717 Nov. 7 

Finlaw, David, Salem, and Sarah Adams 1771 Aug. 27 

Finlaw, James, Salem, and Mary Thompson, Salem. 1762 June 7 

Finlaw, John, Salem, and Sarah Worthington, Salem 1759 Sept. 11 

Finley, William, Gloucester, and Mary White, Gloucester 1762 April 28 

Finney, Henry, Philadelphia, and H mnah Brown, Philadelphia 1739 Oct. 25 

Finnegan, Christopher, Burlington, and Deborah Lawrence 1746 Mar. 28 

Firestone, John, Salem, and Susanna Sivil. . . .1774 Nov. 20 

Fish, Alexander, Gloucester, and Dinah Adams, Gloucester 1737 Dec. 12 

Fish, Caspar, Gloucester, and Sarah Collins, Philadelphia ... 1742 Jau. 31 

Fish, John, Monmouth, and Sarah Bennet 1752 Jan. 13 

Fish, Michael, Gloucester, and Diana Fish, Gloucester 1737 Aug. 12 

Fish, Robert, Somerset, and Ann Johnson.. 1786 May 30 

Fisher, David, Burlington, and Mary Allen, Burlington. . 1766 Feb. 5 

Fisher, Fulcard, S unerset, and Elizabeth Smyth, Monmouth 1763 June 7 

Fisher, Hendrick, Somerset, and Elizabeth Fontine. . 1764 June 7 

Fisher, Hendrick, Somerset, and Elizabeth Blair 1783 Oct. 12 

Fisher, Henry, Cranberry, and Rebecca Vaughn, Freehold. . . 1756 Oct. 11 

Fisher, Jeremiah, and Catherine Brokaw 1769 Dec. 9 

Fisher, John, Hunterdon, and Mary Hoogland. . . 1778 Nov. 28 

Fisher. Jonathan, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Walker, Perth Amboy . 1740 Aug. 6 

Fisher, Joseph C., Philadelphia, and Mary Learning 1782 Sept. 17 

Fisher, Michael, Gloucester, and Patience Flaunigan, Gloucester 1771 June 21 

Fislear, Jacob, Burlington, and Savinah Clem, Burlington 1744 Jan. 2 

Fister, Philip, Hunterdon, and MaryWorner 1780 June 2 

Fisyuer, Peter, Bergen, and MaryLeziere, Bergen. . 1760 Feb. 2 

Fitch, James, Hunterdon, and Rachel Stout, Hunterdon. 1764 July 25 

Fitch, Samuel, Middlesex, and Jane Johnson, Middlesex 1739 Jan. 19 

Fitchet, George, Staten Island, and Hester Pearce, Elizabeth Town. .. 1759 Jan. 5 

Fitchett, James, and Christantia Yancarrick .. 1735 Nov. 5 

Fithian, Ejehraim, Cumberland, and Atheliah Gaston ] 780 Sept. 4 

Fithian, George, Cumberland, and Sarah Mulford 1782 Feb. 9 

Fithian, Joel, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Fithian 1730 Feb. 2 

Fithian, John, Cumberland, and Eunice Johnston 1759 Dec. 10 

Fithian, John, Cumberland, and Mary Brown, Cumberland 1765 Sept. 26 

Fithian, Jonathan, Cumberland, and Rachel Eustace 1780 Mar. 25 

Fithian, Jonathan, Salem, and Sarah Hollingshead 1786 Nov. 28 

Fithian, Josiah, Salem, and Mary Johnson, Salem 1733 June 2 

Fithian, Samuel, Cumberland, and Abigail Moore 1750 Oct. 25 

Fithian, William, Cumberland, and Mary Tomlinson 1785 Nov. 17 

Marriage licenses. 


Fitz Garrald, Thomas, Salem, and Ann Tracy, Salem 1767 Mar. 4 

Fitzpatrick, Abner, and Elizabeth Carroll 1779 July 30 

Fitz Randolph — see also Randolph. 

Fitzraudolph Benjamin J., Somerset, and Elizabeth Redmore, Som’rs’t 1727 Mai - . 9 
Fitz Raudolph, Beuj., B'd Br’k, and Jane Margaret Long, F’th Amb’y 1759 Dec. 8 

Fitz Randolph, Daniel, Monmouth, and Margret Stewart 1760 Feb. 25 

Fitz Randolph, David, Salem, and Jale Darkiu, Salem 1740 May 25 

Fitz Randolph, Ephraim, Piscataway, and Rachel Stelle, Piscataway . . 1752 July 11 
Fitz Randolph, Hartshorue, Woodbridge, and Ruth Dennis, Piscat’w’y. 1746 Aug. 16 

Fitz Randolph, Jacob, Middlesex, and Anne Webster 1780 Nov. 4 

Fitz Randolph, James, Woodbridge, and Elizabeth Lane, Woodbridge 1775 May 3 
Fitz Raudolph, Nathaniel, Woodbridge, and Ursula Stewart, Woodbge. 1748 Oct. 18 
Fitz Randolph, Reuben, Piscataway, and Mary Herriot, Woodbridge 1757 Feb. 8 
Fitz Randolph, Thomas, Piscataway, and Elizabeth Dunn, Piscataway 1755 May 26 
Flanagan, Patrick, Hunterdon, and Mary Thomson, Philadelphia. .. .1773 July 30 

Flanegan, Thomas, Salem, and Elizabeth Smith, Salem 1739 Dec. 1 

Flaningam, George, Gloucester, and Patience Collins, Gloucester.. ...1769 Feb. 17 
Flaningam, Isaac, Gloucester, and Susannah Chew, Gloucester... ...1761 May 10 

Flaningam, Patrick, Gloucester, and Sarah Chew 1762 Aug. 27 

Flaningam, Samuel, Gloucester, and H tnnah Woolston, Gloucester. .. 1768 Oct. 15 

Flaningam, George, Gloucester, and Sarah Jennings, Gloucester 1736 Dec. 9 

Flannery, John, Perth Amboy, and Abigail Loofburrow, Perth Amboy. 1749 April 4 

Flatcber, John, Monmouth, and Margaret Edwards, Gloucester 1749 Oct. 12 

Flego, John, Burlington, and Susanna Leonard, Burlington 1775 Mar. 1 

Fleming, Alexander, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Pensiler 1765 July 17 

Fleming, Richard, Gloucester, and Catharine Fisher, Gloucester 1759 Sept. 1 

Fleming, Joseph, Jr., Gloucester, and Susanuah Sickles 1784 Aug. 20 

Flen, William, Monmouth, and Mary Vangrelt, Monmouth 1749 Nov. 13 

Flen, William, Monmouth, and Sarah Lambertson, Monmouth 1762 Oct. 28 

Flick, Ebenezer, Gloucester, and Margaret Brown 1783 Feb. 17 

Flick, Philip, Burlington, and Amy Borden, Burlington 1754 Oct. 24 

Flick, Thomas, Gloucester, and Zillah Batten 1784 Sept. 6 

Fling, George, Salem, and Margaret Dickey 1735 Jan. 22 

Flinner, Henry, Burlington, and Catherine Breman 1784 July 14 

Flitcraft, Francis, Cumberland, and Jemima Leeds 1784 Jan. 28 

Flitcraft, Henry, Burlington, and Rhoda Johnson. Burlington 1766 Sept. 16 

Flitcraft, Isaiah, Burlington, and Lucretia R ikestraw 1773 May 27 

Flitcraft, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Meredith, Burlington 1762 Mar. 13 

Flittraft, William, Burlington, and Mary Bogar, Burlington 1770 Aug. 7 

Flower, Benjamin, and Martha Doz 1778 Sept. 24 

Flowers, William, Burlington, and Martha Norton, Burlington 1739 Feb. 26 

Floyd, Perry - , Hunterdon, and Mary McBride 1778 Feb. 21 

Foerd, Samuel, Jr., Woodbridge, and Charity Frazee, Woodbridge ...1757 July 5 

Fogg, Daniel, Salem, and Grace Ponton 1769 Nov. 4 

Fogg, Joseph, Salem, and Mary Streat, Salem 1775 May It 

Folks, Isaiah, Burlington, and Alice Lawrence, Burlington 1728 Mar. 22 



Follwell, William, Burlington, and Anne Potts, Burlington 1727 Dec. 6 

Folwell, John, Burlington, and Mary Gibbs, Burlington 1771 Sept. 13 

Folwell, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Warren, Burlington ...1766 June 16 

Folwell, Nathan, Springfield, and Jane Chalmer, Springfield 1718 July 21 

Folwell, Nathan, Burlington, and Catharine Spike, Burlington 1761 April 6 

Folwell, Nathan, Burlington, and Hope Atkinson .1785 Feb. 1 

Foot, William, Sussex, and Mary Coppinger, Sussex 1772 July 1 

Forbes, Alexander, 42d Regt., and Christeiu McKensey 1762 Nov. 19 

Force, Benjamin, Woodbridge, and Anne Scudder, Elizabeth Town 1758 April 2 

Force, Jacob, Burlington, and Mary Darling 1774 June 21 

Force, Jacob, Burlington, and Betsy Arnold, Burlington 1781 April 27 

Force, Jonathan, Middletown, Pa., and Susannah Rossell 1782 Dec. 17 

Force, Joseph, Burlington, and Mercy Adams, Burlington 1774 Jan. 11 

Force, Matthew, Burlington, and Jane Sidman, Burlington 1772 Aug. 15 

Force, Samuel, Woodbridge, and Sarah Freeman, Woodbridge 1754 July 4 

Force, Samuel, and Mary Freeman, Woodbridge 1750 Jan. 15 

Force, Thomas, Woodbridge, Agnes Elstone 1759 Jan. 23 

Ford, Benjamin, Chester, Pa., and Sara Key 1782 Oct. 11 

Ford, Benjamin, Chester, Pa., and Henrietta Hooff 1784 May 6 

Ford, Charles, Burlington, and Elizabeth Shinn 1768 Dec. 12 

Ford, Gabriel W., Morris, and Frances Gualdo 1790 Jan. 25 

Fordam, John, Philadelphia, and Hannah Bickley, Philadelphia.. 1730 Sept. 27 . 

Ford, John, Hunterdon, and Anna Vanhess. 1782 Jan. 13 

Fordham, Richard, Philadelphia, and Susanna Poinsett 1733 Mar. 6 

Ford, Thomas, Burlington, and Rachel Leek, Burlington 1747 July 2 

Ford, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Drummond 1782 Feb. 19 

Ford, William, Essex, and Margaret Mathews, Monmouth 1740 June 23 

Ford, William, Middlesex, and Ann McColm, Middlesex. , 1762 Dec. 29 

Ford, William, Burlington, and Sarah Wills 1783 April 19 

Foreman, Jonathan, Cape May, and Anna Hand, Cape May 1771 June 15 

Forest, John, Gloucester, and Catherine Miller, Salem 1771 Feb. 21 

Forker, Adam, Burlington, and Hannah Gaskill, Burlington 1749 Aug. 25 

Forker, Samuel, Burlington, and Sarah Knight 1781 Mar. 17 

Forman, Aaron, Hunterdon, and Anu Einley 1769 April 2 / 

Forman, Aaron, Morris, and Rebecca Potts 1780 Jan. 26 

Forman, David, Monmouth, and Anne Denise, Monmouth 1757 June 9 

Forman, George, Somerset, and Lidia Gordon, Monmouth 1753 Nov. 7 

Forman, John, Monmouth, and Rebecca Taylor, Monmouth 1750 Mar. 21 

Forman, John, Monmouth, and Nelly Deny^e, Monmouth 1752 May 2 

Forman, John, Hunterdon, and Charity Hunt 1770 June 10 

Forman, John, Jr., Burlington, and Pliebe Matther 1783 Nov. 25 

Forman, Lewis, Middletown, and Alley Van Emburgh, Middletown . . 1756 Sept. 28 

Forman, Peter, Monmouth, and Eleanor Williams, Monmouth 1742 Dec. 7 

Forman, Samuel, Monmouth, and Helena Deuyse, Monmouth 1752 May 2 

Forman, Samuel, Monmouth, and Margaret Forman, Monmouth 1772 Jan. 19 

Forman, Thomas, Monmouth, and Jane Throgmorton 1769 Oct. 31 



Forquer, William, and Elizabeth May, Gloucester 1763 July 25 

Forrester, John, Burlington, Elizabeth Delatush, Burlington 1776 Mar. 16 

Forrester, William, Philadelphia, and Susanna Lowuer, Philadelphia. .1731 Oct. 5 

Forsith, Johu, Burlington, and Alice Herd, Burlington 1756 Dec. 31 

Forsyth, John, Burlington, and Lncretia Taylor, Burlington .1768 Jan. 5 

Fort, Abraham, Burlington, and Elizabeth Edmond, Burlington 1761 Sept. 7 

Fort, Johu, Burlington, and Hannah Marriott, Burlington 1731 Nov. 3 

Fort, John, Jr., Burlington, and Elizabeth Woolston 1756 Dec. 27 

Fort, John, Jr., Burlington, and Martha Gaskill, Burlington 1779 July 5 

Fort, Joseph, Burlington, and Hester Nailer 1784 Jan. 2 

Fort, Marmaduke, Burlington, and Mary Cousins, Springfield 1738 Dec. 2 

Fort, Marmaduke, Burlington, and Elizabeth Marriot, Burlington 1775 Oct. 23 

Fort. Marmaduke, Burlington, and Achsah Bates ...» 1777 May 29 

Fort, Roger. Burlington, and Joanna Lebby, Burlington. ’ 1733 April 12 

Fort, Samuel, Burlington, and Avis Burdsal 1768 Aug. 29 

Fortenberry, Johu, and Elizabeth Murphy 1(73 Oct. 2( 

Fortiner, Daniel, Gloucester, and Bathsheba Trench, Gloucester. ... 1748 July 28 

Foster, Amariah, Burlington, and Mary Prickett, Burlington 1748 July 15 

Foster, Benjamin, Piscataway, and Martha Sutton, Piscataway 1751- July 8 

Foster, Charles, Cape May, and Abiah Townsend 1764 Oct. 16 

Foster, Christopher, Cape May, and Lydia Hand 1732 Jan. 18 

Foster, Constantine, Cape May, and Bathia Eldridge, Cape May 1773 June 1 

Foster, Cryten, Gloucester, and Hene Maria Moreter Bonnell 1769 Nov. 20 

Foster, Ebenezer, Essex, and Mary Beach, Essex 1750 Aug. 24 

Foster, Henry, Cape May, and Rhoday Smith . . 1777 Sept. 18 

Foster, Jeremiah, Cumberland, and Sarah Smith, Cumberland 1778 Oct. 19 

Foster, Jeremiah, Burlington, and Sarah Peterson, Egg Harbor 17-2 Nov. 16 

Foster, Jeremiah, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hewes 1783 Oct. 1 

Foster, Jeremiah, Jr., Cumberland, and Priscilla Preston 1784 Dec. 15 

Foster, John, Cape May, and Patience Foreman 1761 Aug. 5 

Foster, John, Monmouth, and Easter Vaughn, Monmouth 1766 Dec. 8 

Foster, John, Burlington, and Anna Gibbs, Burlington 1776 May 27 

Foster, Jonathan, Cape May, and Hannah Willden, Cape May 1759 July 28 

Foster, Nathaniel, Cape May, and Mary Eldredge 1754 Mar. 19 

Foster, Nicholas, Burlington, and Martha Arnold 1778 Nov. 18 

Foster, Reuben, Freehold, and Mary Throckmorton, Freehold 1750 June 21 

Foster, Salathiel, Cape May, and Judith Hudges 1787 Oct. 5 

Foster, Samuel, Philadelphia, an:l Frances Ebzery, Philadelphia 1754 April 19 

Foster, Samuel, Cape May, and Mary Smith 1774 April 25 

Foster, Stephen, Cape May, and Abigail Stevenson 1762 Oct. 4 

Foster, Uriah, Burlington, and Aune Lord, Burlington 1770 Nov. 12 

Foster, William, Burlington, and Sarah Bishop 1779 Oct. 11 

Foster, William, Burlington, and Mary Cross, Burlington 1779 Dec. 9 

Foster, William, Burlington, and Anna Haines 1788 Jan. 17 

Foueserits, Jean Baptist, Gloucester, and Hukln Falkner 1776 Dec. 10 

Fourat, Isaac, Middlesex, and Hester Davis . . 1768 May 9 



Fowler, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Miriam Wright, Burlington 1736 Dec. 29 

Fowler, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Alice Steward 1749-50 Feb. 19 

Fowler, Jacob, Burlington, and Sarah Jormau 1781 Dec. 24 

Fowler, John, Bucks, Pa., and Hannah Murfy, Bucks, Pa 1754 Feb. 26 

Fowler, Jonathan, Burlington, and Hannah Lawrence, Chesterfield.. . .1742 Sept. 20 

Fowler, Matthew, Sussex, and Catharine McCormick 1768 Aug. 6 

Fox, Gunnar, Gloucester, and Magdalena Seeley ... 1758 April 24 

Fox, Henry, Cumberland, and Barbary Ruff, Cumberland 1767 Nov. 26 

Fox, John, Hunterdon, and Catherine Hummer. 1778 May 22 

Fox, Jonathan, Burlington, and Sarah Forman 1763 May 12 

Fox, Patiick, Burlington, and Hannah Baker, Burlington 1772 June 19 

Foy, Patrick, Monmouth, and Phebe Cooper, Monmouth 1748 Mar. 30 

Frambes, Peter, Gloucester, and Elsey Somers 1784 Mar. 9 

Fi'iiynbus, Andrew, Gloucester, and Sarah English 1783 Jan. 5 

Francis, Richard, and Mary Majore 1694 July 8 

Francis, Richard, Monmouth, and Sarah Applegate, Monmouth 1766 Feb. 3 

Francis, Robert, Monmouth, and Susannah Throckmorton, Monmouth. 1765 April 8 

Franklin, James, Gloucester, and Sarah Lord 1770 Mar. 1 

Franklin, John, Gloucester, and Mary Graisbury, Gloucester 1743 June 22 

Frazee, Aaron, Middlesex, and Hannah Ross 1768 Nov. 8 

Frazee, James, Middlesex, aucj Rachel Frambles, Elizabeth Town. . . 1770 Sept. 3 

Frazee, Jonathan, Woodbridge, and Labell Freeman, Woodbridge . 1762 Jan. 16 

Frazee, Moses, Middlesex, and Mary Drake, Middlesex 1764 Mar. 17 

Frazee, Stephen, Monmouth, and Hannah Gifford, Monmouth 1765 May 16 

Frazer, David, Hunterdon, and Rachel Anderson, Hunterdon 1771 Sept. 28 

Frazer, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Foster, Burlington 17S0 Jan. 23 

Frazer, Robert, Burlington, and Margaret Carr, Burlington 1767 Mar. 9 

Freas, Frederick, Salem, and Catherine Miller 1775 April 17 

Freas, George, Salem, and Catherine Halter ... 1772 Oct. 30 

Fredericks, Frederick, Morris, and Margaret Clark 17c4 Aug. 21 

Fredericks, Martin, Morris, and Mary DeBlow 1779 Jan. 6 

Freeing, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Adams 1778 July 20 

Freeland, Enoch, Bergen, and Marritie Terhune 1788 June 5 

See also — Vreeland. 

Freeman, Abraham, Middlesex, and Abigail Clarkson, Middlesex.. .. .1763 June 29 

Freeman, Alexander, Middlesex, and Grace Randolph, Middlesex. .. 1748 Jan. ll 

Freeman, Asahal, Monmouth, and Mary Morris, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 7 

Freeman, Edward, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Tharp . . 1746 Sept. 30 

Freeman, Henry, Woodbridge, and Abigail Carman, Woodbridge. ...1739 Sept. 8 

Freeman, Henry, Jr., Woodbridge, and Mary Read, Woodbridge 1742 July 1 

Freeman, Isaac, Woodbridge, and Sarah Tappeu, Woodbridge . . ... 1742 Nov. 23 
Freeman, Isaac, Jr., Woodbridge, and Phebe Fitz Randolph, W’dbdge. 1759 June 19 

Freeman, James, Woodbridge, and Elizabeth Pain, Woodbridge .1759 May 16 

Freeman, James, Middlesex, and Catharine Brooks 1768 Sept. 15 

Freeman, Jesse, Cape May, and Rachel Lee, Great Egg Harbor 1760 Feb. 27 

Freeman, John, Hunterdon, and Martina Johnson, Hunterdon -...1735 Sept. 15 


Freeman, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Sutphin 1772 June 16 

Freeman, Jonathan, Middlesex, and Mary Perkins, Middlesex 1760 April 12 

Freeman, Joseph, Jr., Middlesex, and Deborah Rowling, Middlesex. . . 1763 Aug. 23 

Freeman, Thomas, New York, and Grace Cosby 1733 June 14 

Freeman, William, Woodbridge, and Sarah Berry 1745 Dec. 7 

Freeman, William, Woodbridge, and Charity Taylor, Woodbridge 1750 Dec. 5 

Freeman, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Hews 1758 Sept. 25 

Freestone, John, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Mitchell, Bucks, Pa 1760 Jan. 5 

French, Benjamin, Bordentown, and Martha Hall, Bordentown 1742 Jan. 29 

French, Charles, Gloucester, and Sabella Stoakes. 1783 May 27 

French, Jackson Brown, Burlington, and Catherine Lawrence 1790 .Oct. 1 

French, James, Burlington and Sarah Ferguson 1779 Oct. 12 

French, Joseph, New Jersey, and Hannah Horn, Raritan Landing 1749 Jan. 3 

French, Thomas, Salem, and Isabel Mason, Salem 1733 July 13 

French, Thomas, Burliugtou, and Jamimah Elkenton, Burlington .. 1746 May 8 

French, Thomas, Burlington, and Mercy Coxe 1769 April 22 

French, Thomas, Cape May, and Hannah Peasner 1774 Nov. 14 

French, Uriah, Burlington, and Rachel Ingersall, Burlington 1771 June 29 

French, William, Middlesex, aud Antie Seabring, Middlesex 1742 Dec. 28 

French, William, Burlington, and Lydia Taylor, Bordentown. 1748 Sept. 20 

Frent, Morgan, Cumberland, and Dorcas Moore, Cumberland 1762 June 9 

Fresneau, Peter, New York, and Agnes Watson, Monmouth 1750 Mar. 12 

Friend, Ephraim, Salem, and Bridgitta Snecks, Salem 1731 June 5 

Frizilier, John, Perth Amboy, and Sarah Brookin 1757 Dec. 10 

Frohock, John, Bucks, Pa., aud Elizabeth Parker 1732 July 4 

Frost, John, Bucks, Pa , and Grace Senile, Bucks, Pa 1732 June 6 

Frost, Thomas, Newark, and Tammisin Erie 1764 Nov. 1 

Fry, John, Salem, and Mary Braithwaite, Salem „ 1727 May 4 

Frj'er, John Casparus, Morris, aud Helena Van Etteu, Morris 1742 June 18 

Fulkerson, John, Morris, and Catherine Slaught 1781 April 13 

Fulkerson, Fulkerd, Morris, and Sarah Schellenger 1780 Jan. 12 

Fulkison, Cornelius, Somerset, and Frinche Van Dyke, Somerset 1764 Dec. 1 1 

Fuller, John, Salem, and El lenor Lewis, Salem 1683 July 16 

Fullingsby, John, Burlington, and Olive Brazinton, Burlington 1774 Dec. 5 

Fulper, Jacob, Hunterdon, and Catherine Hoppock, Hunterdon 1774 May 7 

Fulton, Robert, Burlington, and Cathriue '■parburn, Burlington .... 1756 Oct. 4 

Fulton, Robert, Burlington, and Mary Rogers, Burlington .. ... 1765 July 19 

Fundrau, William, Perth Amboy, and Deborah Islestine, Perth Amboy. 1752 Dec. 18 

Funk, Peter, Monmouth, and Mariah Rogers, Monmouth 1753 Mar. 5 

Funk, John, Middlesex, and Charity Hageman, Middlesex 1748 April 15 

Funtine, John Middlesex, and Lydia Boyce, Middlesex 1759 July 4 

Furman, John, Jr., Princetm, aud Zenali Letts, Middlesex 1768 May 14 

Furman, John, Hunterdon, and Phebe Hunt 1779 Mar. 30 

Furman, Jonathan, Freehold, and Sarah Throgmorton, Freehold. . . 1745-6 Feb. 11 

Furman, Jonathan, Trenton, aud Elizabeth Evens, Hunterdon 1764 Oct. 13 



Furman, 1 Richard W., Trenton, and Sarah Rickey 17S6 Oct. 19 

Furman, Samuel, Somerset, and Elizabeth Corle, Somerset 1748 May 24 

Fumes, Benjamin, Burlington, and Dorothy Higginbottom, Burlington. 1745 Aug. 23 

Furnis, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Dyer, Philadelphia 1736 May 21 

Fve, Nicholas, Gloucester, and Rose Repert, Gloucester 1761 Aug. 4 


Faber, Huldah, Monmouth, and Francis Chadwick, Monmouth 1764 Nov. 1 

Fagan, Elinor, Mansfield, and Urah Thompson, Mansfield 1771 Sept. 28 

Fagen, Jean, Bucks, Pa., and Francis Titus, Jr., Bucks, Pa.. . 1763 Aug. 17 

Fairchild, Jane, Morris, and Silas Goble, Morris ... 1744 Aug. 22 

Fairchild, Mary, Morristown, and Caleb Tuttle, Morristown 1779 Nov. 30 

Fairchild, Pheby, Morristown, and Abraham Talmage, Morristown 1768 Dec. 2 

Fairly, Mary, Burlington, and Hugh Middleton, Burlington 1744 Sept. 25 

Fairman, Elizabeth, and John Palmer, Philadelphia ... 1743 June 7 

Falkeson, Sarah, Somerset, and Derrick Falkeson, Somerset.. ..... 1752 Jan. 28 

Falkner, Huklu, and Jean Baptist Foueserits, Gloucester 1776 Dec. 10 

Falks, Alice, Burlington, and Charles Bowker, Burlington 1770 Oct. 5 

Fanger, Bathiah, Middletown, and Joseph Wilson, Middletown 1765 Aug. 21 

Fanning, Thankfull, Burlington, and Daniel Cail, Burlington 1770 June 1 

Fansiler, Susanah, and Mathias Fanyurk, Hunterdon 178o Mar. 5 

Faress, Sarah, and Nathaniel Donnell, Jr , Cumberland 17£4 June 25 

Fargie, Alida, and Cornelius C. Roosevelt, Orange Co., N. Y. 1781 Oct. 17 

Faris, Elizabeth, Windsor, and William Vaughn, Windsor 1759 Feb. 5 

Fariss, Sarah, Bucks, Pa., and Edward Adaire, Bucks, Pa 1732 Aug. 1 

Farle, Susannah, Amwell, and George Ely, Jr., Amwell 1768 April 2/ 

Farlee, Molly, Hunterdon, and Simon Wyckoff, Hunterdon 1770 April 28 

Farley, Ellenor, Amwell, and Peter Ruuk, Amwell 1774 Mar. 30 

Farmar, Elizabeth, and Peter Goelet, New York 1775 Oct. 26 

Farmer, Margaret, and John Smith, Hunterdon 1733-4 Jan. 28 

Farmer, Mary, and George Greenfield, Philadelphia 1730 April 24 

Farmer, Sarah, and Jacob Clants, Springfield 1779 June 3 

Farnsworth, Hannah, and Robert Ashton 1/47-8 Feb. 15 

Farnsworth, Sarah, Bordentown, and John Opdike, Burlington 1744 Oct. I 

Farnsworth, Susannah, Burlington, and Owen Edwards, Burlington. . .1732 April 11 

Farril, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and James Johnson, Bucks, Pa 1763 Sept. 13 

Farrow, Martha, Burlington, and Solomon Leeds, Gloucester 1765 Jan. 30 

Farrow, Sarah, and Peter Grapevine, Gloucester 1779 July 19 

Faucett, Mary, and Charles Lock 17 

Faulkerson, Elizabeth, and Barnaby McGraw, Morris 17 / / Aug. 5 

Faulkinburg, Hannah, Lt,. Egg Hbr, and John Southard, Lt. Egg Hbr. 1767 Mar. 25 

Favio, Sarah, Burlington, and James Warner, Burlington 1767 Aug. 29 

Fawsett, Ester, Gloucester, and John Holm, Gloucester 1732 July 22 

i A pencil note in the manuscript index says: “His first wife was Hannah Middleton, 
born 1755 ; died 1782.” 


Fearne, Rebecca, Gloucester, aud Joliu Gitliens, Gloucester 1741 Nov. II 

Featherby, Rachael, and Moses Ferrill, Sussex 1773 Dec. 7 

Feedling, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Johaunes Ott, Philadelphia. ... 1751 June 25 

Fegans, Elie, and George Morris 1783 Dec. 17 

Fell, Mary, and Richard Meredith 1769 July 22 

Fenimore, Hanuah, Burlington, and Amos Hutchins, Burlington. . .. 1772 April 4 

Fenimore, Elizabeth, Burlington, aud Caleb Fenimore, Burlington. . . .1774 April 28 

Fenimore, Elizabeth, Burlington, and William Cooper, Pennsylvania. . 1774 Nov. 12 

Fenimore, Elizabeth, and John Durell. Burlington 1777 Aug. 21 

Fenimore, Hope, Springfield, and Abraham Claypoole, New Hanover. .1774 Dec. 7 

Fenimore, Rachel, aud John Pittinger, Burlington 1778 Oct. 24 

Fenimore, Rebecca, and Paul Wilmerton, Burlington 1778 April 30 

Fenimore, Sarah, Burlington, and Benjamin Stevenson, Burlington. . .1763 May 4 

Fennell, Sebina, Sussex, and William Kelley, Sussex 1769 Feb. 20 

Fenner, Catharine, and Henry Carkhuff, Hunterdon 1767 Nov. 23 

Fennimore, Anne, Willingborow, aud Joseph Mullen, Bridgetown 1748 Dec. 24 

Fennimore, Joan, Burlington, and George Dearon, Burlington 1728 Jan. 1 

Fennimore, Mary, Burlington, and William Morrell, Burlington 1730 Oct. 28 

Fennimore, Rebecca Burlington, and Robert Lucas, Burlington 1730 May 18 

Fenuimore, Rebecca, Burlington, and Benjamin Moor, Jr., Burlington. 1730 Oct. 27 

Fennimore, Rebecca, Burlington, and John Fennimore, Burlington. .. 1773 May 24 

Fennimore, Sarah, and Daniel Newton 1781 June 5 

Fenton, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Joseph Hoye. Burlington. 1763 Jan. 15 

Fenton, Hannah, and John Johnson, Burlington 1779 Nov. 9 

Fenton, Mary, Burlington, and John Ashton, Bucks, Pa 1765 Feb. 13 

Fenton, Pamela, and Henry Still, Burlington 1777 Dec. 9 

Fenton, Phebe, and Thomas Quicksatl, Burlington 1748 Oct. 15 

Fenton, Rachel, and Nathaniel Wilkinson, Burlington 1735 Dec. 1 

Fenton, Sarah, Burlington, and Jacob Johnson, Burlington .. 1733 July 19 

Fenton, Sarah, Burlington, and George Applegate, Burlington 1763 Nov. 14 

Fenton, Vashti, and Obadiah Ireton, Burlington .. 1754 Jan. 21 

Feorigin, Elizabeth, and Jacob Lawrence, Jr., Burlington 1767 Oct. 14 

Ferguson, Anne, Burlington, aud Joseph Muriel, Burlington.. 1758 April 4 

Ferguson, Jennet, and George Peinter, Burlington 1789 Aug. 13 

Ferguson, Margaret, and George Painter, Burlington 1785 Oct. 5 

Ferguson, Mary, and Simon Simonson, New York 1786 Oct. 25 

Ferguson, Sarah, and James French, Burlington ... 1779 Oct. 12 

Fergueson, Jane, and Joseph Thornton, Philadelphia 1787 June 7 

Ferris, Polly, Burlington, and John Beck, Burlington 1780 June 20 

Ferry, Mary, Hopewell, and Samuel Davis, Cumberland 1759 Jan. 11 

Ferver, Margaret, Morris, and James Blenchfill, Morris 1774 June 8 

Field, Abigail, Mansfield, and James Peters, Mansfield 1773 Aug. 26 

Field, Charity, Bucks, l’a., and James Pierson, Bucks, Pa 1749 Oct. 30 

Field, Hannah, Middlesex, and John Gerish, Somerset 1749 Mar. 28 

Field, Mary, Hopewell, and Ezekiel Rose, Amwell. 1772 Nov. 18 

Field, Mary, and Thomas Read, Philadelphia 1779 Aug. 27 



Field, Phoebe, Burlington, and Abijah Watkins 1773 Oct. 1 

Field, Rebecca, Burlington, and Samuel Taylor, Jr., Burlington 1741 Oct. 3 

Field, Sarah, Middlesex, and John Pool, Somerset 1748-9 Mar. 9 

- Field, Sarah, Burlington, and Micajah How, Hunterdon 1770 Jan. 22 

Fielding, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and John Oat, Philadelphia .1751 June 25 

Fight, Catharine, and Daniel Packer, Greenwich 1771 Sept. 21 

Findlaw, Sarah, Cumberland, and Ebenezer Smith, Cumberland 1772 Nov. 17 

Fine, Mary, and Peter Kinuan, Bergen 1780 June 20 

Fine, Rachel, and William Nicoll, Bergen 1788 Dec. 27 

Finley, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Nathan Paul, Gloucester 1761 June 20 

Finley, Jane, Gloucester, and James Miller, Gloucester 1765 Oct. 28 

Finley, Jamsen, and Nathan Paul, Gloucester 1784 Sept. 28 

Finnise, Ma'garet, and Isaac Rinnerson, Somerset 1779 Dec. 25 

Firks, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Richard Scarrum, Monmouth. . . 1728 Aug. 15 

Fish, Anna, and Elias Conover, Monmouth 1780 Oct. 14 

Fish, Diana, Gloucester, and Michael Fish, Gloucester.. 1737 Aug. 12 

Fish, Hannah, Gloucester, and George Gilbert, Gloucester 1728 Oct. 24 

Fish, Lydia, Monmouth, and John Pearce, Monmouth 1746 Oct. 17 

Fish, Rebecca, and Thomas Burrough, Gloucester 1777 Sept. 8 

Fish, Susannah, Gloucester, and Joseph Belles, Gloucester 1741 Jan. 11 

Fisher, Catherine, Gloucester, and Richard Fleming, Gloucester 1759 Sept. 1 

Fisher, Elizabeth, Somerset, and John Field, Middlesex 1744 May 4 

Fisher, Elizabeth, and Henry Kauaday, Somerset 1781 April 28 

Fisher, Hannah, Burlington, and Daniel Stockton, Burlington 1728 July 1 

Fisher, Letitia, Gloucester, and Moses Cox, Gloucester... 1754 Oct. 18 

Fisher, Margery. Philadelphia, and David McMurtrie, Philadelphia. . . 1754 Mar. 18 

Fisher, Mary, Monmouth, and Guisbert Lane, Monmouth 1746 Mar. 26 

Fisher, Mary, Amwell, and Thomas Willson, Amwell 1768 May 14 

Fislrear, Mary, and John Ryer, Bergen 1784 Feb. 27 

Fisher, Neeltie, Somerset, and Hendrick Suvdam, Somerset 1751 June 1 

Fisher, Sarah, Gloucester, and Benjamin Lodys, Salem 1742 Oct. 15 

Fitchet, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Peter Yredenburg, New Brunswick.. 1746 Dec. 17 

Fitchet, Catharine, and Robert Gibbs, Burlington 1756 April 15 

Fitchel, Mary, Somerset, and Richard Davis, Somerset . . 1740 Sept. 28 

Fithian, Abigail, and Nathan Shaw, Cumberland 1754 July 17 

Fithian, Ann, Cumberland, and Latin Ware, Cumberland 1768 Feb. 15 

Fithian, Elizabeth, and Joel Fithian, Cumberland 1780 Feb. 2 

Fithian, Esther, Cumberland, andThomas, Cumberland 1768 Mar. 27 

Fithian, Hannah, Cumberland, and Nathan Leek, Cumberland 1761 Dec. 1 

Fithian, Hannah, Cumberland, and William Barker, Cumberland 1766 April 10 

Fithian, Mary, Jr., Cumberland, and William Sayres, Cumberland. . . 1762 May 25 

Fithian, Mary, and Joshua Brick, Cumberland 1786 Mar. 28 

Fithian, Rebecca, and Thomas Brown, Cumberland 1780 May 29 

Fithian, Temperance, Cumberland, and Joseph Donelson, Cumberl’nd. 1774 May 23 

Fits Raudell, Mary, Monmouth, and Thomas James, Monmouth 1764 June 6 

Fitz, Mary, Salem, and Thomas Boon, Salem 1767 Feb. 17 


Fitzgerald, Bridget, Burlington, and James Thomas, Burlington. 1731 Aug. 21 

Fitzgerald, Elizabeth, Greenwich, and Jacob West, Sussex 1773 Dec. 9 

Fitzgerald, Mary, Cumberland, and Samuel Bacon, Cumberland 17G7 April 2 

Fitzgerald, Mary, Sussex, and David Johnson, Sussex.... 1778 April 2 

Fitz Gerrald, Susanna, Elsinburrough, and John DenD, Salem 1772 Feb. 15 

Fitzhuge, Mary, Chester, and Jeremiah Hinds, Burlington 1739 May 29 

Fitz Randolph— see also Randolph. 

Fitzpatrick, Mary, Monmouth, and Marmaduke Horseman 1744 Mar. 16 

Fitz Randolph, Abigail, and Richard Carman 1742 July 21 

Fitz Randolph, Catharine, and Thomas Bowlby, Morris 1745 June 10 

Fitz Randolph, Catherine, Piscataway, and Israel Thornell, Middlesex. 1753 Jan. 1 

Fitz Randolph, Catherine, and Nathaniel Martin, Middlesex 1758 May 30 

Fitz Randolph, Catherine, Perth Amboy, and Gilbert Sherer, N. York. 1763 Dec. 28 

Fitz Randolph, Catharine, and William B. Jelf, Morris .1776 April 6 

Fitz Randolph, Charity, Burlington, and Michael Benuet, Burlington.. 1774 Nov. 14 
Fitz Randolph, Frances, Woodbridge, and James Crowell, W’dbridge. . 1759 Jan. 17 

Fitzrandolpli, Grace, Somerset, and Stephen Jones, Somerset 1728 June 22 

Fitz Randolph, Johanna, Woodbridge, and James Rowland, W’db’dge. 1756 Nov. 9 

Fitz Randolph, Johanna, and Jacob Thorn, Middlesex 1769 Dec. 30 

Fitz Randolph, Margaret, and James Clarkson, Middlesex 1743 Dec. 26 

Fitz Randolph, Margaret, Woodbridge, and William Waller, W’db’dge. 1750 Sept. 1 
Fitz Randolph, Mary, Woodbridge, and Samuel Coddington, W’db’dge. 1756 Oct. 16 

Fitzrandolph, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and David Pinkerton, Bucks, Pa 1757 May 12 

Fitzrandolpk, Mary, Middlesex, and Jonas Baldwin, Middlesex 1763 Oct. 18 

Fitzrandolph, Mary, Piscataway, and Jeremiah Dunn, Piscataway... 1765 April 16 

Fitz Randolph, Mary, Middlesex, and James Bray, Morris 1771 Oct. 3 

Fitz Randolph, Phebe, Woodbridge, and Isaac Freeman, Jr., W’b’dge. 1759 June 19 

Fitz Randolph, Rachel, Woodbridge, and Nicholas Shotwell 1744 June 2 

Fitz Randolph, Rachel, Piscataway, and Thomas Holton, Piscataway 1750 Aug. 25 
Fitz Randolph, Rebecca, Middlesex, and Thomas Mattis, Middlesex. . . 1749 June 2 
Fitz Randolph, Rebecca, Woodbridge, and Robert Clarkson, W’db’dge. 1758 Aug. 7 

Fitz Randolph, Rebecca, and John Stockton, Somerset ...1780 June 24 

Fitz Randolph, Sarah, Monmouth, and William Haywood, Monmouth. 1761 Nov. 13 

Fitz Randolph, Sarah, Middlesex, and Reuben Dunn, Middlesex 1770 Oct. 9 

Fitzwater, Deborah, and Christopher Clymer, Philadelphia 1734 Feb. 3 

Fitzwater, Rebecca, Philadelphia, and Thomas Hogg, Philadelphia. ..1734 Feb. 6 

Flanningam, Amy, and David Peterson, Gloucester 1785 Mar. 14 

Flanningam, Patience, Gloucester, and Michael Fisher, Gloucester.. .. 1771 June 21 

Flanningam, Anne, Gloucester, and James Jayard, Gloucester 1760 Feb. 2 

Flannigham, Ann, and Benjamin Weatherby, Gloucester 1783 Dec. 1 

Flannigan, Priscilla, Gloucester, and Arthur Hamilton, Gloucester .... 1769 Mar. 23 

Flanigin, Jane, Burlington, and Patrick Welsh, Burlington 1734 Mar. 11 

Flannagan, Mary, and Thomas Johnson, Salem 1776 Mar. 14 

Flannagan, Mary, and James Coakley, New Jersey 1778 April 27 

Flanningham, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Jacob Albertson, Gloucester. 1770 Mar. 12 
Flanningham, Sarah, and William Wilkins, Gloucester 1773 May 27 


Elat, Hannah, and Edward Booth, Maryland 1779 Feb. 28 

Flatt, Elizabeth, Sussex, and Hugh Black, Sussex 1773 Aug. 23 

Flatt, Mary, Woodbridge, and Edward Wilkison, Woodbridge 1763 April 30 

Flatt, Sarah, and John Myers, Middlesex.. 1783 Feb. 20 

Fleming, Agnes, and Timothy Wood, New York 1767 Dec, 28 

Fleming, Anne, Perth Amboy, and William Card, Perth Amboy 1739 Nov. 9 

Fleming, Christian, Monmouth, and Safty Layton, Monmouth 1765 Jan. 4 

Fleming, Elizabeth, Hunterdon, and John Sherrerd, Amwell 1764 Jan. 2 

Fleming, Esabella, and Jacob Servas, Amwell 1766 Nov. 29 

Fleming, Mary, Hunterdon, and George Alexander, Hunterdon... 1766 Nov. 29 

Flemming, Christian, Monmouth, and Samuel Romine, Monmouth ..1760 April 28 

Flewellin, Hannah, Gloucester, and Tatum Williams, Gloucester 1761 Feb. 11 

Flewelling, Ruth, and Humphrey Owen, Gloucester 1756 Dec. 8 . 

Flick, Catharine, and Ellet Howell, Trenton 1777 Dec. 27 

Flint, Margaret, and John Adams, Burlington 1769 Nov. 19 

Flood, Jane, Somerset, and John Steel, Somerset 1738 May 11 

Floyd, Rebecca, and Joseph Clark. 1775 Mar. 23 

Fluellin, Phebe, and Benjamin Holme, Gloucester 1772 June 25 

Fogg, Hannah, Alloways Creek, and Samuel Stretch, Alloways Creek. 1762 May 22 
Fogg, Hannah, Alloways Creek, and William Walker, Alloways Creek. 1767 Feb. 23 

Fogg, Margaret, Salem, and John Ewen, Salem 1758 Oct. 7 

Fogg, Margaret, Upper Al. Creek, and John Walker, Upper Al. Creek. 1772 Dec. 22 

Folke, Rebecca, Burlington, and Samuel Horseman, Monmouth 1727 Feb. 9 

Folkei’son, Elizabeth, and Jacob Merrill, Morris 1781 Jan. 23 

Folsom, Mary, Piscataway, and Timothy Connor, Piscataway 1750 Jan. 31 

Folsom, Rachel, Piscataway, and Ebenezer Collins, Piscataway 1751 July 29 

Folwell, Ann. Burlington, and William Cooper, Gloucester 1768 May 4 

Folwell, Elizabeth, and Abner Page, Burlington 1782 Sept. 9 

Folwell, Hannah, and Joseph Aaronson, Burlington 1736 Aug. 25 

Folwell, Hope, Burlington, and Benjamin Aaronson, Burlington 1767 Mar. 13 

Folwell, Sarah, and Daniel Harvey, Burlington 1777 Aug. 11 

Folwell, Sarah, Burlington, and John Atkinson, Burlington 1745 Jan. 21 

Fonk, Catherine, and Peter Johnson, Middlesex 1781 April 9 

Fontine, Elizabeth, and Hendrick Fisher, Somerset 1764 June 7 

Fontine, Lydia, Middlesex, and Adrian Laforge, Jr., Staten Island . 1763 Dec. 8 

Foord, Elizabeth, Woodbridge, and Richard Cutler, Jr., Woodbridge. . 1750 April 3 
Foord, Sarah, Woodbridge, and Timothy Bloomfield, Jr., Woodbridge. 1749 May 22 

Foord, Sinty, and Jacob Halenbeck 1762 Mar. 16 

Ford, Anna, and Isaac Larowe, Hunterdon 1780 April 23 

Ford, Anne, Burlington, and James Cubberly, Burlington 1777 Nov. 8 

Ford, Elizabeth, and Thomas More, Salem 1732 Jan. 17 

Ford, Elizabeth, and Andrew Bankson 1778 Feb. 24 

Ford, Esther, and James Silver, Allentown 1745 Nov. 1 

Ford, Hannah, Burlington, and Daniel Estell, Burlington ... 1761 Nov. 13 

Ford, Mary, Woodbridge, and Nathaniel Heard, Woodbridge 1752 Feb. 14 

Ford, Mary, Middlesex, and James Manning, Middlesex 1752 Mar. 21 


ford, Mary, Morris, and Azariah Duuham, Piscataway 1753 May 17 

Ford, Sarah, Woodbridge, and Samuel Parker, Jr., Woodbridge 1761 Mar. 1 

Ford, Sarah, and William PattisoD, Maidenhead 1780 Mar. 6 

Ford, Tabitha, and Vanroom Robins, Nottingham 1783 Nov. 8 

Fordham, Elizabeth, Burlington, and James Ezdall, Burlington 1761 Sept. 27 

Fordon, Mary, Bergen, and Thomas Moore, Bergen 1718 April 22 

Foreman, Mary, Cape May, and Aaron Learning, Jr., Cape May 1738 Feb. 13 

Foreman, Patience, and John Foster, Cape May 1761 Aug. 5 

Foreman, Patience, and Jacob Hand, Cape May. . 1771 Feb. 22 

Forester, Susannah, and Francis Van Winkle, Essex 1777 Oct. 2 

Forgisou, Ellener, Cumberland, and William Love, Cumberland 1763 May 5 

Forker, Hannah, Burlington, and Jabez Eldridge, Burlington 1771 Jan. 7 

Forman, Charity, and Joseph Cox, Hunterdon 1775 Oct. 30 

Forman, Elizabeth, and Kenneth Perine, Monmouth 1769 Feb. 1 

Forman, Hannah, Monmouth, and Peter Covenhoven, Monmouth 1756 June 9 

Forman, Hannah, Upper Freehold, and Edward Tayler, Up. Freehold . 1762 May 21 

Forman, Lydia, Alonmouth, and Jonathan Rhea, Monmouth 1753 Oct. 8 

Forman, Margaret, Monmouth, and Samuel Foieman, Monmouth 1772 Jan. 19 

Forman, Mary, Monmouth, and Robert Rhe, Monmouth 1711 Dec. 18 

Forman, Mary, Monmouth, and Joseph Throckmorton, Jr., Monmouth. 1747 May 4 
Forman, Phebe, Middletown Point, and Hartshorne White, Middletown. 1759 J uly 1 1 

Forman, Priscilla, Monmouth, and George Walker, Alonmouth 1717 Oct. 22 

Forman, Sarah, and Jonathan Fox, Burlington 1763 May 12 

Forman, Susannah, and Thomas Woodward, Jr., Upper Freehold. .. 1762 Oct. 13 

Forrest, Barbara, Salem, and William Hampton, Salem 1764 Dec. 5 

Forster, Margaret, Middlesex, and Ezekiel Bloomfield, Middlesex. ... 1741 Oct. 18 

Fort, Anne, and Samuel Estell, Burlington 1759 Dec. 24 

Fort, Aune, New Hanover, and Henry Shinn, New 7 Hanover 1770 Nov. 13 

Fort, Anne, Burlington, and Daniel Mitchell, Burlington 17o3 Oct. 27 

Fort, Edith, Burlington, and Thomas Price, Burlington 1747 Alar. 4 

Foit, Elizabeth, and Joseph Betts, Burlington 1768 Jan. 23 

Fort, Esther, Burlington, and Stephen Murphy, Burlington 1729 Sept, 18 

Fort, Johanna, Burlington, and John Lee, Burlington 1727 Jan. 4 

Fort, Lettice, and James Kelley, Burlington 1777 Nov. 4 

Fortiner, Bathsheba, and Thomas Smith, Gloucester 1763 Oct. 1 

Fortune, Hope, and Benjamin Bispham, Gloucester 1783 Feb. 6 

Fortune, Alary, Gloucester, and Richard Saunders, Gloucester 1763 Sept. 30 

Foster, Abigail, Cape Alay, and William Jonson, Cape Alay 1742 April 19 

Foster, Barsheba, and Lot Buck, Cape Alay 1783 May 9 

Foster, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Joseph Frazer, Philadelphia 1780 Jan. 23 

Foster, Esther, and William Danger-field, Burlington 1778 April 6 

Foster, Hannah, and William Wilgus, Upper Freehold 1769 Sept. 11 

Foster, Hannah, and Butler Thomson, Cumberland 1779 Jan. 26 

Foster, Hannah, and John Bispham, Gloucester ...1785 July 27 

Foster, Jemima, Hunterdon, and Tunis Johnson, Hunterdon 1752 Aug. 18 

Foster, Lettice, Burlington, and Nehemiah Lamb, Burlington 1772 Sept. 12 


Foster, Martha, Ringwood, and Samuel Ruckman, Ringwood 1772 July 4 

Foster, Mary, Burlington, and Robert Gilliam, Burlington 1737 Aug. 10 

Foster, Mary, Cape May, and Ephraim Stratton, Cape May 1763 July 20 

Foster, Mary, Burlington, and Edmond Bower, Burlington 1765 Oct. 22 

Foster, Susannah, Burlington, and Henry Murphy, Burlington 1775 Nov. 7 

Foster, Tabittha, and John Robertson, Ca 2 ie May 1786 June 17 

Foulks, Elizabeth, and Richard Kirby, Burlington 1749-50 Jan. 30 

Fowler, Freelove, Or’geCo., N. Y., and Thomas Simonds, Or. Co., N. Y. 1771 Oct. 19 

Fowler, Elizabeth, and Robert Rogers, Monmouth 1780 Sept. 16 

Fowler, Emil} 7 , and Uriah Nail, Greenwich .1779 Oct. 18 

Fowrman, Mary, and Jonathan. Smith, Maidenhead 1779 Nov. 24 

Fox, Abalon, and John Miller, Pennsylvania 1786 Mar. 20 

Fox, Anne, Burlington, and James Dobbins, Burlington 1767 Sept. 7 

Fox, Deborah, Cape May, and George Morton, Cape May . . 1764 Mar. 26 

Fox, Grace. Perth Amboy, and Isaac Bunnell, Perth Amboy 1763 Dec. 3 

FoY, Mary, Gloucester, and John Hoffman, Gloucester 1749 Nov. 1 

Fox, Mary, Perth Amboy, and Abraham Burgeau, New York 1764 June 13 

Fox, Mary, and Joseph Budd, Jr., Burlington 1781 Oct. 27 

Fox, Rachel, and John Lewis, Bucks, Pa 1780 Sept. 12 

Frame, Martha, and Nathaniel Skinner 1770 June 19 

Frances, Anne, Gt. Egg Harbor, and David Patton, Gt. Egg Harbour.. 1760 June 5 

Francis, Ellinor, Freehold, and Alexander Steward, Middlesex 1757 Oct. 25 

Francis, Margaret, and Denise Denise, Monmouth 1768 April 11 

Francis, Mary, Freehold, and Michael Errickson, Jr., Fi'eehold 1751 Oct. 18 

Francis, Susanna, Gloucester, and Charles Camel, Gloucester 1750 Jan. 22 

Francis, Valleriah, and Elisha Hornor, Monmouth 1773 April 6 

Franklin, Mary, and Jacob Shup, Springfield 1775 Nov. 4 

Franklin, Winifred, Burlington, and James Bruce, Middlesex 1768 Sept. 19 

Frances, Sary, Monmouth, and Andrew Brown, Monmouth 1767 Nov. 24 

Fraser, Abigail, Cumberland, and Foster Wescote, Cohansey 1748 May 31 

Frasie, Hannah, Middlesex, and John Boyle, Somerset 1761 Aug. 7 

Frasier, Catharine, Monmouth, and Richard Porter, Hunterdon 1749 Nov. 17 

Fraze, Mary, Essex, and John Moore, Middlesex 1751 Nov. 13 

Frazee, Charity, Woodbridge, and Samuel Foerd, Jr., Woodbridge .. 1757 July 5 

Frazee, Esther, Elizabethtown, and John Brown, Woodbridge 1754 Aug. 5 

Frazee, Jane, Bordentown, and Amos Willis, Burlington 1747 Aug. 16 

Frazee, Mary, Woodbridge, and William Runalls, Woodbridge 1758 Max - . 15 

Frazee, Posthumas, Middlesex, and Michael Moore, Middlesex 1740 Dec. 31 

Frazie, Catharine, and John Southard ,1761 Oct. 26 

Frazier, Jane, and Henry Casey, Hunterdon. . 1768 Feb. 24 

See Vreeland. 

Freeland, Antye, and Jerry Van Riper, Bergen 1787 Jan. 20 

Freeland, Beeltye, and David Blair, Essex 1783 Mar. 17 

Freeland, Catharine, and Thomas Post, Essex 1784 July 23 

Freeman, Charity, Middlesex, and William Kent, Middlesex 1756 May 1 

Freeman, Desire, Middlesex, and Timothy Brown, Hunterdon 1763 Feb. 23 


Freeman, Elizabeth, Woodbridge, and Elisha Donbam, Woodbridge. . 1752 Juno 20 

Freeman, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and Thomas Morris, Middlesex .... 1755 June 2 

Freeman, Isabel), Woodbridge, and Jonathan Frazee, Woodbridge .. . 1762 Jan. 16 

Freeman, Lucretia, and James Willson, Hunterdon 

Freeman, Martha, Middlesex, and John Anderson, Essex 1763 Apiil 1 

Freeman, Mary, Woodbridge, and Samuel Force 1750 Jan. 15 

Freeman, Mary, Woodbridge, and John Pain, Woodbridge 1758 Sept. 30 

Freeman, Sarah, Woodbridge, and John Smith, Woodbridge 1739 Feb. 0 

Freeman, Sarah, Woodbridge, and Samuel Force, Woodbridge 1754 July 4 

Freisinger, Caty, Bergen, and Peter Esterby, Bergen 1770 Oct. 22 

French, Ann, and George Peacock, Burlington.. 1788 Feb. 25 

French, Bathsheba, Gloucester, and Daniel Fortiuer, Gloucester. .. 1748 July 28 

French, Hannah, and Nathan Evans, Burlington 1792 Mar. 7 

French, Hester, Gloucester - , and Vespasion Kemble, Gloucester 1774 July 2L 

French, Hope, Gloucester, and Isaac Kay, Gloucester 1748 Feb. 23 

French, Hope, and Titan Leeds, Burlington 1759 Jan. j!l 

French, -Jemima, Gloucester, and Francis Kay, Gloucester 1743 July 7 

French, Jemimab, and Jacob Borton, Burlington 1790 April 21 

French, Lydia, and Gabriel Allen, Bordentown 1782 July 16 

French, Margaret, Burlington, and William Hooper, Burlington .... 1744 Dec. 24 

French, Mary, Burlington, and Nathan Middleton, Burlington 1736 April 15 

French, Mary, Burlington, and Abraham Sharp, Burlington 1735 Mar. 9 

French, Mary, Freehold, and James Farrell, Freehold... 1751 Sept. 11 

French, Mary, and Hugh Creighton, Gloucester 1759 Aug. 10 

French, Mary, Burlington, and John Reily, Burlington 1771 April 4 

French, Mary, and William Ivins, Burlington 1773 April 7 

French, Mary, Burlington, and Nathaniel Parker, Philadelphia 1773 June 1 

French, Rebecka, Monmouth, and David Parker, Monmouth 1761 Sept. 23 

French, Rebeckah, and John Peirson, Maidenhead 1782 Oct, 5 

French, Sarah, Burlington, and William Shinn, Burlington 1756 June 24 

Frenet, Ann, Burlington, and Thomas Robinson, Burlington 1757 Aug. 15 

Fresneau, Agnes, and James Kearny, Monmouth . . 1771 June 5 

Friend, Ann, and Nicholas Roberts Robinson, Pennsylvania 1773 Dec. 6 

Fries, Deborah, and Michael Sholts, Monmouth 1772 Mar. 7 

Fritson, Mary, Freehold, and John Huggin, Freehold 1746 Nov. 1 

Frost, Hester, Monmouth, and Marcus Hedden, Monmouth 1779 Mar. 31 

Frost, Margaret, Essex, and Stephen Salmon, Essex 1751 April 2 

Frost, Sarah, Staten Island, and Daniel Egbert, Staten Island 1746 June 18 

Fry, Elizabeth, Middletown, and Samuel Poling, Middletown 1755 Mar. 11 

Fry, Margaret, and John Warrick, Gloucester 1781 Sept. 11 

Fry, Mary, Middletown, and John Poling, Middletown 1755 Mar. 11 

Fulford, Mary, and James Chapman, Trenton ... 1777 April 23 

Fulkarson, Anne, Somerset, and Leonard Smock, Somerset 1749 July 19 

Fullerton, Elizabeth, Elizabethtown, and George Nieolls, Elizabetht’n . 1740 April 3 

Funk, Catey, Bergen, and Abraham Brewer, Bergen. 1763 April 2 

Furier, Isabel, and William Brooks, Salem 1745 Aug. 27 



Furman, Abigail, and John Bennet, Hunterdon 1779 Sept. 6 

Furman, Anne, Cape May, and Joshua Shaw, Jr., Cape May 1773 May 17 

Furman, Elizabeth, and Levi Stout, Hunterdon. ... 1778 Dec. 1 

Furman, Jane, Freehold, and Thomas Tomson, Freehold 1770 Oct. 22 

Furman, Martha, Cape May, and Jacob Schellinger, Cape May 1772 Jan. 22 

Furman, Sarah, and William Fields, Hunterdon ....1780 Sept. 12 

Furman, Zelika, Cape May, and Josiah Hand, Cape May 1787 June 26 

Furnace, Lucretia, and Thomas Bishop, Burlington 1779 May 18 

Furnis, Mary, and Henry Yanhook, Cumberland 1784 May 3 

Furniss, Edith, and John Potts Neide, Cumberland 1790 Jan. 26 

Furniss, Elizabeth, and Isaac Channen, Burlington . . . 1780 Mar. 1 1 

Fury, Catharine, and Abraham Gifford, Burlington 1771 Oct. 16 


Gack, Thomas, Woodbridge, and Keturah Clawson, Wood-bridge . . .. 1759 Dec. 24 

Gage. Thomas, The Hon. Brig. Genl., and Margaret Kemble . . 1758 Dec. 7 

Gagard, John Gloucester, and Mary Porch, Gloucester 1735 Dec. 22 

Gaimon, William, Monmouth, and Margaret Bills, Monmouth 1755 July 12 

Gaith, Samuel, Perth Amboy, -and Elizabeth Smith, Perth Amboy .. 1749 June 13 

Gale, Abel, Burlington, and Lydia Cramer, Burlington,. . . 1740 June 16 

Gale, Abell, Burlington, and Mary Gale, Burlington 1749 May 19 

Gale, David, Burlington, and Mary Wain wright, Burlington 1741 July 3 

Gale, Isaac, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Powell, Burlington 1747 Nov. 4 

Gale, James, Little Egg Harbor, and Hannah Gaunt 1784 Mar. 3 

Gale, John, Pennsylvania, and Mary Plumley, Bucks, Pa 1732 July 4 

Gale, John, Bristol, Pa., and Alice Vanhorn 1782 Nov. 4 

Gale, Joseph, Burlington, and Massey Allen 1783 Mar. 16 

Gale, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth Kille, Burlington 1739 Oct. 8 

Gallogher, John, and Elizabeth Shadaker 1764 April 5 

Galpiug, Thomas, Cumberland, and Ruth Gland, Cumberland 1749 Jan. 15 

Galt, Alexander, Essex, and Elizabeth Dunn, Staten Island 1739 Feb. 18 

Gamble, Patrick, Burlington, and Elizabeth Eldridge, Burlington. ...1774 May 12 

Gamble, Samuel, Burlington, and Rachel Johnson, Burlington 1765 Sept. 13 

Gamble, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Talman, Burlington. ...1776 June 15 

Gammel, Samuel, Burlington, and Jane Deacon 1734 April 10 

Gandy, David, Cumberland, and Phebe Blizard, Cumberland 1761 Sept. 3 

Gandy, Elias, Cape May, and Mary English, Gloucester 1737 June 17 

Gandy, Elias, Great Egg Harbor, and Mary Covenover 1764 Sept. 26 

Gandy, John, Cape May, and Lydia Williams 1774 Aug. 30 

Gandy, Thomas, Cape May, and Elizabeth Yong 1768 Dec. 12 

Gandy, Thomas, Cumberland, and Naomi Blizard. . . 1779 Feb. 23 

Gaudy, Uriah, Cape May, and Lydia Bauer ... .1767 Feb. 23 

Gandy, Zebulon, Gloucester, and Anne Lee, Gloucester 1757 Mar. 25 

Gano, Stephen, Somerset, and Elizabeth Deboys 1747 May 23 

Gano, Stephen, Orange, N. Y., and Cornelia Vavason 1782 Oct. 21 

Gansvoort, Leonard, Jr., Albany, N. Y., and Mary Van ranselear 1777 Mar. 3 


Garcl, William, Burlington, and Margaret Bowker 1779 Jan. 29 

Gardenner, James, Gloucester, and Rachel Ilowel 1781 Feb. 16 

Gardiner, Benjamin, Burlington, and Phebe Borden, Hunterdon 1737 May 18 

Gardiner, Thomas, Burlington, and Susannah Elton, Burlington 1718 June 16 

Gardiner, Thomas M., Burlington, and Keturah Campion 1777 Sept. 7 

Gardiner, William, Burlington, and Mary Jourdan 1779 Mar. 17 

Gardner, Gsorge, Gloucester, and Rachel Scott 1771 Oct. 28 

Garlan, John, New Jersey, and Katherine Sanford .. 1782 Feb. 16 

Garlick, Josiah, Cape May, and Lucy Brookes 1738 Sept. 11 

Garner, Henry, Gloucester, and Drewsilla Bryant, Gloucester. 1765 April 30 

Garno, Peter, Newark, and Margaret Desha, Newark 1750 Feb. 20 

Garrabrants, Cornelius, Bergen, and Lena Van Horn 1781 Oct. 21 

Garrabrants, Garrabrant, Essex, and .Catherine Pier, Essex. . .. , 1717 Oct. 28 

Garrat, Valentine, Staten Island, and Martha McKissock, Staten Isl’d 1716 May 21 

Garrebrance, Mindert, Bergen, and Lybetie Post, Bergen ... 1707 Dec. 19 

Garretson, Daniel, Cape May, and Mary Osborn, Cape May 1761 June 19 

Garretson, Elijah, Cape May, and Tabitha Godfrey 1777 May 6 

Garretson, Jacob, Bergen, and Catharine Post, Bergen 1761 Jan. 21 

Garretson, James, Cape May, and Sarah Goldin 1760 April 28 

Garretson, Joshua, Cape May, and Phebe Scull, Cape May 1763 Nov. 23 

Garrisse, Gerret, Essex, and Caty Van Bussen, Bergen 1771 Mar. 26 

Garrison, Abraham, Monmouth, and Mary Hartshorne, Monmouth ... 1711 Nov. 29 

Garrison, Abraham, Bergen, and Mary Bogart 1780 Jan. 

Garrison, Abraham, Bergen, and Mary Eyerson 1781 Aug. 12 

Garrison, Abraham T., Bergen, and Jane Hennion 1788 June 19 

Garrison, Daniel, Staten Island, and Antie Wooglom, Staten Island. ..1713 June 11 

Garrison, David, Salem, and Sarah McCall, Salem 1761 Aug. 18 

Garrison, David, Salem, and Rebecca Coperthwaite, Burlington 1770 Mar. 17 

Garrison, David, Salem, and Elizabeth Rially 1773 April 9 

Garrison, Gemaliel, Salem, and Christiana Keen, Cumberland 1762 Oct. 8 

Garrison, George, Hunterdon, and Mary Prall 1751 Sept. 26 

Garrison, Henry, Essex, 'and Jane Post, Essex 1761 Mar. 11 

Garrison, Isaac, Salem, aud Elizabeth Lawrence, Salem 1727 Mar. 21 

Garrison, John, Salem, and Mary Graves, Salem . . 1768 Feb. 22 

Garrison, John, Jr., Hunterdon, and Mary Barber 1780 Mar. 29 

Garrison, Seger, Salem, and Susanna Huckings, Salem.. 1738 May 30 

Garrison, Samuel, Salem, and Mary Morgan, Salem 1768 July 28 

Garrison, William, Salem, and Catherine Newkark, Salem 1758 Jan. 16 

Garrison, William, Salem, and Elizabeth Powell, Cumberland 1769 Jan. 28 

Garritse, Hendrick, Essex, aud Hillegont Van Wincle, Bergen 1771 April 24 

Garritson, GarritR., Somerset, and Anna Terhune 1778 April 10 

Garritson, John, and Nancy Tours 1783 April 24 

Garritson, Marinus, Essex, and Nautie Lisk 1778 May 19 

Garritson, Noah, Cape May, and Mary Golden 1737 Nov. 1 

Garritson, Rem, Cape May, and Esther Hand ....1761 Oct. 13 

Garvey, Alexander, Monmouth, and Catharine Hardin, Monmouth .. 1759 July 31 


Garwood, Abraham, Burlington, and Amey Haines, Burlington 1776 Sept. 25 

Garwood, Hezekiah, Burlington, and Gaitree Hammel, Burlington ...1765 Jan. 11 

Garwood, James, Burlington, and Hannah Horner, Burlington 1756 May 22 

Garwood, James, Burlington, and Bethia Webb, Burlington 1766 Mar. 4 

Garwood, John, Burlington, and Hester Haines, Burlington 1764 Mar, 6 

Garwood, John, Gloucester, and Sarah Adams 1784 Mar. ‘J 

Garwood, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Antrum, Burlington. .. .1732 Mar. 27 

Garwood, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Pancoast, Gloucester 1766 June 1) 

Garwood, Joseph, Jr., Burlington, and Leah Devinuey, Burlington 1757 Oct. 20 

Garwood, Joshua, Gloucester, and llebecca Dole 1769 Nov. 29 

Garwood, Obadiali, Burlington, and Mary King, Burlington 1756 Aug. 17 

Garwood, Samuel, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Devaul 1779 Mar. 8 

Garwood, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Sharp, Burlington 1763 Nov. 12 

Garwood, William, Burlington, and Charity Gaskill, Northampton. .1766 May 17 

Garwood, William, Burlington, and Bridget O’Donely 1787 Aug. 7 

Gash, Martin, Burlington, and Auu Johuson, Burlington 1766 Dec. 27 

Gaskel, Josiah, Burlington, and Mary Weaver, Burlington 1754 Aug. 19 

Gaskill, Abraham, Burlington, and Ann Crammer 1784 Aug. 18 

Gaskill, Benjamin, Burlington, and Mary Dennis, Monmouth 1738 Jan. 16 

Gaskill, Benjamin, Jr., Burlington, and Sarah Endicott, Burlington. . . 1767 June 18 

Gaskill, Caleb, Burlington, and Hope Rossell, Burlington 1765 July 15 

Gaskill, David, Burlington, and Sarah Ernest, Burlington 1774 Nov. 9 

Gaskill, Ebenezer, Burlington, and Elizabeth Wood, Burlington 1731 June 21 

Gaskill, Ebenezer, Burlington, and Hester Gould 1769 Jan. 14 

Gaskill, Edward, Burlington, and Elizabeth Harker, Burlington.. .. 1766 Sept. 23 

Gaskill, Edward Jr., Burlington, and Elizabeth Lippincott, Burlington. 1732 Aug. 1 

Gaskill, Jacob, Burlington, and Ruth Donally 1779 May 12 

Gaskill, James, Burlington, and Abigail Stockton, Burlington 17o4 Oct. 30 

Gaskill, Job, Burlington, and Elizabeth Haines, Burlington 1758 Mar. 6 

Gaskill, Job, Burlington, and Lois Prickett. .. 1768 June 9 

Gaskill, John, Burlington, and Martha Parker, Burlington 1764 June 7 

Gaskill, John, Burlington, and Mary Walling, Burlington 1779 Aug. 19 

Gaskill, Joseph, Burlington, and Rachel Grant, Burlington 1767 Aug. 4 

Gaskill, Joseph, and Sarah Cramer 1768 Dec. 5 

Gaskill, Joseph, Burlington, and Ann Pointset 1777 Jan. 4 

Gaskill, Josiah, Burlington, and Martha Gaskill, Burlington 1760 Jan. 9 

Gaskill, Lev', Burlington, and Lydia Powell, Burlington 1767 Dec. 11 

Gaskill, Moses, Burliugton, and Lydia Budd, Burlington 1774 Sept. 1 

Gaskill, Samuel, Burlington, and Mary Enochs, Burlington 1748 Nov. 16 

Gaskill, Samuel, Burlington, and Sybella Collins 1759 Dec. 19 

Gaskill, Samuel, Burlington, and Susannah Garvey 1781 Jan. 6 

Gaskill, Stephen, Burlington, and Lavinah Gaskill , ■ 1748 Jan. 30 

Gaskill, Zorobabel, and Marby Jones 1783 Nov. 13 

Gaston, James, Monmouth, and Lydia Toyrscott. . 1773 April 20 

Gaston, John, Monmouth, and Charity Cheesman. 1760 Feb. 4 

Gaston, Joseph, Somerset, and Margaret Lines, Somerset 1772 Nov. 2 

marriage licenses. 


Gauntt, Asher, Burlington, and Mary Stockton 1787 June 26 

Gautier, Andrew, Jr., and Mary Brown 1772 Oct. 6 

Gearhart, William, and Elinor Derrick 1770 Oct. 1 

Geberson, James, Monmouth, and Hannah Lemmon 1771 July 30 

Geberson, Joseph, Middlesex, and Christian Sutton 1774 Mar. 3 

Geddeman, John, New Brunswick, and Elizabeth Brown, New Bwk. . . 1751 July 5 

Gee, Joseph, Gloucester, and Mary Barrit, Gloucester 1762 April 22 

Gelbert, George, Burlington, and Hannah Hays 1783 Sept. 10 

George, John, Burlington, and Sarah Durell, Burlington 1765 Mar. 2 

George, John, Burlington, and Sarah Perry, Burlington 1772 Dec. 31 

George, Thomas, Monmouth, and Rachel Sheppard, Monmouth 1758 Mar. 2 

Gerbrantse, Gerbrant, New Jersey, and Wyntie Van Winckle, Bergen 1739 Nov. 6 

Gerish, John, Somerset, and Hannah Field, Middlesex 1749 Mar. 28 

Gerish, Levi, Somerset, and Sarah Bond, Somerset 1751 May 23 

Gerrebrants, Gerrebrant, and Mercy Winne 1769 Oct. l8 

Gervan.l William, and Katherine Kingsland 1779 May 14 

Gethens, Daniel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Proud 1784 Mar. 25 

Gethens, John, Gloucester, and Rebecca Fearne, Gloucester 1741 Nov. 3 

Gezell, Wentzell, and Elizabeth Scoggin 1758 May 29 

Gibbins, Jacob, Monmouth, and Hannah Taylor, Monmouth 1737 May 4 

Gibbin, Nicholas, Salem, and Anne Hodge, Salem 1731 Mar. 16 

Gibbon, John, Cumberland, and Esther Seeley, Cumberland 1761 Mar. 31 

Gibbon, Nicholas, Cumberland, and Ann Thompson 1786 April 27 

Gibbons, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Mary Crawford 1754 Mar. 12 

Gibbs, Benjamin, Burlington, and Phebe Ridgeway, Burlington 1748 Sept. 7 

Gibbs, Edward, Gloucester, and Hannah Matlack. . . 1758 Au". 21 

Gibbs, Francis, Burlington, and Martha Hall, Burlington 1748 Oct. 22 

Gibbs, Jacob, and Elizabeth Casson 1701 Mav 16 

Gibbs, John, Burlington, and Sarah Brown, Burlington 1765 Mar. 10 

Gibbs, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Clark 1757 June 18 

Gibbs, Joseph, Springfield, and Rhoda Harker, Springfield 1770 Aug. 28 

Gibbs, Lucas, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Smith, Gloucester 1762 Dec. 13 

Gibbs, Mahlon, Burlington, and Mary Wilson, Burlington 1776 Sept. 30 

Gibbs, Robert, Burlington, and Catherine Fitchett 1756 April 15 

Gibbs, Samuel, Springfield, and Mercy Earl, Springfield 1761 April 17 

Gibbs, Seth, Burlington, and Alice Stevenson 1788 Oct. 20 

Gibbs, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Phagens 1781 Jan. 16 

Gibson, Caleb, Gloucester, and Hannah Sloane 1774 Nov. 7 

Gibson, Isaac, Burlington, and Ann Bird, Gloucester 1750 Nov. 29 

Gibson, James, Gloucester, and Hannah Ashbrook, Gloucester 1768 Jan. 8 

Gibson, John, Burlington, and Aun Morton, Burlington 1741 Nov. 23 

Gibson, John, Burlington, and Sarah Marriott, Burlington 1749 April 8 

Gibson, John, Gloucester, and Hannah Tice 1782 April 8 

i In the records of the Second River (Belleville) Reformed (Dutch) Church appears the 
baptism of Anachua (Annatie— Hannah), child of William Gevan and Catrina Kingsland. 
Nov. 15, 1779. 


Gibson, Samuel, Burlington, aucl Catharine Clayton, Burlington 1782 Mar. 3 

Giese, Reynier V.,1 Bergen, and Annatie Vau Winkle, Essex 1760 Oct. 31 

Giffing, Francis, Hunterdon, and Margaret Sermon, Hunterdon 1731 Jan. 7 

Gifford, Abraham, Monmouth, and Katharine Linch, Monmouth 1741 Aug. 1 

Gifford, Abraham, Burlington, and Catherine Fury 1771 Oct. 16 

Gifford, Amariah, Monmouth, and Mary Harbert, Monmouth 1758 Nov. 13 

Gifford, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Mary Johnston 1774 June 16 

Gifford, John, Perth Amboy, and Mary Blanchard, New Brunswick. . . 1743 Jan. 3 

Gifford, John, Monmouth, and Lidia Burdge, Monmouth 1767 April 7 

Gifford, John, and Hannah Crane 1779 April 7 

Gifford, Joshua, Monmouth, and Hannah Dean, Monmouth 1740 April 5 

Gifford, William, New Jersey, and Hannah Ashmore, New Jersey .. .1727 May 8 

Gifford, William, Burlington, and Catherine Taylor.. 1734 May 16 

Gifford, William, Monmouth, and Margaret Miers, Monmouth 1763 Feb. 11 

Gifford, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Smith, Burlington 1774 April 12 

Gilbert, Benjamin, Burlington, and Mary Scott, Burlington 1761 Aug. 18 

Gilbert, Benjamin, Burlington, and Sarah Bunting 1772 Mar. 14 

Gilbert, George, Gloucester, and Hannah Fish, Gloucester 1728 Oct. 24 

Gilbert, Samuel, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Spencer, Middlesex 1741 Aug. 27 

Gilbertson, John, Jr., Monmouth, and Margaret Robins, Monmouth. . 1750 Oct. 29 

Giles, Lewis, Burlington, and Margaret Wissing, Burlington 1771 Aug. 28 

Gilliam, Robert, Burlington, and Mary Foster, Burlington ... 1737 Aug. lu 

Gilkyison, Andrew, Shamong, Pa., and Edith Gilbert 1776 Nov. 26 

Gill, James, Gloucester, and Hannah Hinchman, Gloucester 1747 May 28 

Gill, John, Gloucester, and Zillah Batten, Gloucester 1765 April 8 

Gill, Matthew, Jr., Gloucester, and Elizabeth Tailor 1785 Aug. 15 

Gill, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Hollinshead, Burlington. . . .1743-4 Jan. 9 

Gill, Thomas, Gloucester, and Mary Wallis 1762 May 18 

Gillam, Robert, Burlington, and Grace Pedrick, Springfield 1745 Mar. 21 

Gilleland, James, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Combs, Middlesex 1752 Sept. 19 

Gillham, Lucas, Burlington, and Ann Indicott, Burlington ...1740 Feb. 10 

Gillespie, James, Morris, and Jane Marsh, Morris 1771 May 9 

Gilman, Daniel, Burlington, and Mary Higings 1762 Dec. 18 

Gilman, Owen, Salem, and Elinor Barber. 1731 Jan. 18 

Gilman, William, and Sarah Gilman . 1743 June 14 

Gilmore, Alexander, Salem, and Esther Cobner, Salem 1775 Jan. 5 

Ginkins, Benjamin, Burlington, and Susannah Wright, Burlington ...1754 Oct. 19 

Githens, George, Gloucester, and Mary Alison 1774 Oct. 29 

Githens, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hurst . .1774 Oct. 31 

Githings, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Delaplain 1768 April 2 

Giveson, John, Burlington, and Lydia Giveson 1759 Feb. 3 

Glackon, John, Monmouth, and Catharine Stelle 1738 Nov. 14 

Glauville, Marius, Hunterdon, and Hannah Smith 1747 April 16 

Gleeson, John, Gloucester, and Mary Scott 1786 Jan. 9 

1 See Van Giese. 


Glew, Richard, Burlington, and Ann Mills 1778 Jan. 10 

Gliff, Richard, Bucks, Pa., and Isabel Yates, Bucks, Pa 1729 Feb. 17 

Glisson, William, Burlington, and Sarah Delatush ... 1778 Jan. 14 

Glover, Richard, Pennsylvania, and Rachel Clark, Pennsylvania. . . . 1728 May 10 

Goble, Enos, Sussex, and Abigail Dildine 1778 Jan. 1 

Goble, Silas, Morris, and Jane Fairchild, Morris 1744 Aug. 22 

Goble, Timothy, Morris, and Rebecca Morris, Morris 1779 Nov. 15 

Godfrey, Andrew, Cape May, and Abigail Smith 1770 Jan. 5 

Godfrey, Elijah, Cape May, and Martha Swain, Cape May 1769 Nov. 8 

Godfrey, James, Cape May, and Phebe Towuseud, Cape May 1765 Feb. 26 

Godfrey, Nathan, Cape May, and Rachel Cresse, Cape May 1780 Sept. 11 

Godfrey, Philip, Cape Ma 3 r , and Ruth Osborn, Cape May 1748 Oct. 19 

Godfrey, Philip, Cape May, and Phebe Smith 1775 Feb. 4 

Godfrey, Thomas, and Martha Wheaton 1786 Nov. 13 

Godley, Edward, Kingwood, and Hannah Mulford, Kingwood 1770 Dec. 17 

Godwin, David, Bergen, and Catherine Waldron 1791 Mar. 17 

Goelet, Francis, New York, and Elizabeth Leonard, Perth Amboy 1752 June 20 

Goelet, James, Burlington, and Sarah Lawrence 1788 July 19 

Goelet, Peter, New York, and Elizabeth Farmar . . 1775 Oct. 26 

Goetschius, Mauritius, Bei'gen, and Elizabeth Monaneiy, l Bergen 1749 Feb. 23 

Goff, Nathan, Cape May, and Marcy Shaw 1780 Jan. 19 

Goff, William, Cape May, and Rebecca Errixsou, Cape May 1770 Oct. 3 

Goff, William, Jr., Cape May, and Susanna Dillen, Cape May 1761 Oct. 18 

Goffe, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Assinah Wheaton, Cape May 1739 May 14 

Gofforth, William, Gloucester, and Rebecca Roberts 1774 June 1 

Goforth, Thomas, Gloucester, and Martha Stratton, Burlington... ...1762 Oct. 9 

Gogin, Edmond, Cape May, and Marcy Edwards, Cape May 1748 June 1 

Gogin, John, Cape May, and Mary Danalds 1771 Dec. 17 

Goheene, Thomas, Bucks, Pa., and Bridget Johnsou, Bucks, Pa 1732 Aug. 22 

Golborn, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Cassidy, Philadelphia. . 17ol Nov. 7 

Golden, Elias, Monmouth, and Nelle Hendrickson, Monmouth 1761 July 30 

Golden, Joseph, Middletown, and Catherine Johnson, Middletown ...1754 Dec. 30 

Golden, Joseph, Jr., Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Lain 1752 Feb. 4 

Golden, William, Hunterdon, and Christian Hortman 1777 June 28 

Golder, Johu, Cumberland, and Abiah Teel 1777 Dec. 6 

Goldin, Isaac, Cape May, and Hannah Mickell 1772 Nov. 2 

Goldin, Nathan, Cape May, and Hannah Lord, Cape May 1730 Feb. 17 

Golding, Joseph, Cape May, and Phebe Garretson 1760 Sept. 12 

Goldtrap, Johu, Somerset, and Catharine Marlat, Somerset. . . 1750 July 14 

Goldy, John, Burlington, and Mary McCulley 1784 Oct. 16 

Goldy, Samuel, Burlington, and Jerusha Curtis, Burlington 1765 Feb. 2 

Goldy, Samuel, Burlington, and Anu Toy, Burlington 1770 Sept. 29 

i In the Scraalenburgh (Bergen county) Reformed (Dutch) Church records, under date 
of Feb. 24. 1750. is entered the marriage of Mauritzius Goetschius and Elsje M'Connel, 
which is doubtless correct. Elsewhere her name is given as Mackenelt. Mekandely, etc. 


Gollougkar, Brian, Monmouth, and Margaret Deveuey, Monmouth. .1743-4 Mar. 14 

Golloway, Andrew, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Adington, Pa 1727 Oct. 30 

Gomez, John, Bergen, and Cornelia Berdan 1786 Mar. 27 

Goodberlet, Oswell, Somerset, and Agnis Mungal 1786 May 31 

Goodbody, Daniel, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Duley, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 31 

Goodenough, Samuel, Monmouth, and Catharine Leppett, Monmouth 1755 July 11 

Goodown, Evans, Hunterdon, and Abigail Roberts, Hunterdon 1772 Jan. 10 

Goodwin, Lewis, Salem, and Rachel Nickerson 1779 April 20 

Goodwin, William, Salem, and Mary Morris, Salem ...1744 Feb. 13 

Goold, Thomas, Middlesex, and Martha Williamson, Middlesex 1744 Dec. 5 

Gordeu, David, Monmouth, and Rebecca Andrews, Monmouth 1746-7 Feb. 13 

Gordon, Archibald, Middlesex, and Siche Van Wicklen. . 1779 April 12 

Gordon, Charles, Monmouth, and Mary Newell, Monmouth 1739 Dec. 4 

Gordon, Charles, Monmouth, and Jerusha Walker, Monmouth .... .... 1747 Oct. 22 
Gordop, Charles, Monmouth, and Catherine Morford, Monmouth. ...1761 Nov. 2 

GordoD, David, Monmouth, and Hannah Lloyd, Monmouth 1740 Aug. 6 

Gordon, David, Monmouth, and Easter Parent, Monmouth ..1767 April 13 

Gordon, John, Essex, and Elizabeth Main, Bergen 1742 Aug. 11 

Gordon, John, Hunterdon, and Susanna Lane 1778 Mar. 19 

Gordon, Jonathan, Monmouth, and Margaret Cole, Monmouth 1748 Dec 5 

Gordon, Robert, Monmouth, and Patience Mount, Monmouth 1742 Dec. 18 

Gordon, Peter, New Jersey, and Mary Craig, Monmouth 1742 Dec. 13 

Gordon, William, Burlington, and Martha Eyre, Burlington 1765 Aug. 17 

Gorman, John, Hunterdon, and Lydia Schanell. 1768 Dec. 2 

Gorrell, James, Cumberland, and Sarah Jackson, Cumberland 1768 Oct. 27 

Gosling, David, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Blain, Perth Amboy .... 1756 June 23 

Gosling, James, and Phebea [Warren?] 1775 April 7 

Gosling, John, Burlington, and Sarah Budd, Burlington 1736 Dec. 13 

Gosling, John, Jr., Gloucester, and Hannah Cole, Gloucester 1750 Oct. 27 

Gosling, Richard, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Green 1777 Mar. 29 

Gould, Anthony, Cumberland, and Phebe Lummis 1 18 I Mar. 6 

Gould, David, Morris, and Catharine Budd, Morris 17(>1 Jan. 0 

Gove, William, New Brunswick, and Catherine Miller, New Brunswick. 1739 Jan. 8 
Governeur, Bernard, Bergen, and Eleanor Ryerson, Reading Town. ... 1763 Sept. 19 

Goyon, William, Monmouth, and Wyntie Longstreet, Monmouth 1742 Oct. 1 

Graaf, Daniel, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Acres 1768 July 4 

Grace, Philip, Cumberland, and Suria Morris 1782 Oct. 12 

Graham, Thomas, Newton, and Deborah Morin 1/ / 1 Nov. .) 

Graham, William, Somerset, and Sarah Manfort, Hunterdon 1744 Dec. 7 

Graham, William, Orange, N. Y., and Margaret Bayley, Orange, N. Y.1776 May 16 

Graisbnry, Benjamiu, Gloucester, and Lydia Matlack, Gloucester 1767 Dec. 17 

Graisbury, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Letitia Shivers 1775 Dec. 26 

Grandin, Daniel, Monmouth, and Sarah Throckmorton, Monmouth. .. 1749 Sept. 20 
Grandin, Lewis, Staten Island, and Catharine Vandike, Staten Island 1749 Nov. 16 

Grandin, John, Monmouth, and Abigail Lippincott, Monmouth 1747-8 Mar. 19 

Grandine, Amice, Monmouth, and Patience Throckmorton 1732 Sept. 23 


Grandiue, Samuel, Monmouth, and Susannah Johnson, Hunterdon.. .. 1752 Dec. 22 

Graudon, Bernard, Burlington, and Sarah Pointsway, Burlington 1740 Dec. 29 

Grant, Alexander, New York, and Rebecca Stout, Middletown 1763 Oct. 5 

Grant, David, Somerset, and Elizabeth Yantile, Somerset ... 1762 Sept. 28 

Grant, James, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Philips, Philadelphia 1736 Mar. 6 

Grant, John, Monmouth, and Sarah Irons, Monmouth 1750 Nov. 3 

Grant, Joseph, Burlington, and Susanuah Gaskill, Burlington 1770 Dec. 22 

Grant, Josiah, Burlington, and Mary Letts 1778 April 18 

Grant, Thomas, Burlington, and Hannah Hatber 1778 Oct. 24 

Grapevine, Peter, Gloucester, and Sarah Farrow 1779 July 19 

Graten, Christian, Monmouth, and Anna Palm mar, Monmouth 1762 July 19 

Grave, John, and Abigail Pierson, Middlesex... 1744 Oct. 15 

Graves, Joseph, Monmouth, and Lydia Woodmansoe, Monmouth 1741 April 13 

Graves, Joseph, Salem, and Elizabeth Yaneman, Salem 1750 May 8 

Gray, Arthur, Hunterdon, and Mary Reading ...1778 April 3 

Gray, John. Gloucester, and Esther Gilcott, Gloucester. 1739 Feb. 8 

Gray, John, Salem, and Mary Rose, Salem. 1762 April 14 

Gray, Lynch, Trenton, and Irene Adams .1778 June 4 

Gray, Samuel, Philadelphia, and Mary Harman, Philadelphia. 1740 Nov. 12 

Gray, William, Burlington, and Hannah Davis 1760 Mar. 26 

Greaves, Robert, Burlington, and Elizabeth Martin 1778 Mar. 17 

Green, Ambrose, Middlesex, and Jemima Smith, Middlesex. 1758 Feb. 13 

Green, Benjamin, Salem, and Elizabeth Bacon ... . 1766 Oct. 25 

Green, Charles, Kent, Del., and Sarah Skeer 1764 April 9 

Green, Daniel. Burlington, and Mary Johnston 1750 June 1 

Green, George, Burliugton, and Ann Thomson 1750 Oct. 15 

Green, Gilbert, Burlington, and Rosanna Parks, Burlington 1771 Oct. 9 

Green, Henry, Monmouth, and Catherine Wall, Monmouth 1755 June 30 

Green, .John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Browning, Gloucester 1737 July 9 

Green, John, Philadelphia, and Saran Broadgate, Philadelphia 1738 May 6 

Green, John, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Jackson, Jr., Bucks, Pa ... 1758 Mar. 4 

Green, John, and Charity Stanton. ... 1765 Mar. ' 

Green, John, Gloucester, and Hannah Burden, Gloucester 1774 Mar. 24 

Green, John, Burlington, and Rebecca West, Burlington 1776 Feb. 5 

Green, John, Salem, and Ruth Proctor 1778 Mar. 27 

Green, John, Gloucester, and Margaret Davison 1779 Mar. 3 

Green, Joseph, Trenton, and Elizabeth Marshon, Hunterdon 1738 June 15 

Green, Richard, Burlington, and Elizabeth Cunningham, Burlington. . 1764 July 2 

Green, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Stockton 1786 April 27 

Greenfield, George, Philadelphia, and Mary Farmer 1764 Oct. 2 

Greenman, Thomas B. , Salem, and Elizabeth Yanmeter. 1784 Jan. 3 

Greenman, William, Salem, and Elizabeth Vanmeter, Salem 1730 April 24 

Greenwood, Joseph, and Hannah Blackless 1759 May 19 

Gregg, Robert, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Taylor, Bucks, Pa. 1737 Nov. 2 

Greggs, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Yocamencha Sutfin, Monmouth. .. 1763 June 11 

Gregory, James, Burlington, and Elizabeth Willson, Burlington 1776 Sept. 8 



Gregory, Joseph,, Salem, and Elizabeth Bonell, Philadelphia 1727 Jan. 6 

Gregory, Reuier, Salem, and Hannah Wade 1731 Feb. 10 

Grenolds, Robert, Bergen, and Elizabeth Earle, Bergen 1765 July 29 

Gridley, Judah, Morris, and Catharine Vangelder 1779 May 17 

Griffin, Edward, Perth Amboy, and Martha Dunham, Perth Amboy. . 1758 June 20 

Griffin, James, Burlington, and Bridget Maxfield, Burlington ... , 1740 Jan. 21 

Griffiug, Moses, Cape May, and Sarah Stillwell 1770 Oct. 17 

Griffith, Abel, Salem, and Rebecca Miles, Salem ... 1771 June 6 

Griffith, John, Essex, and Abigail Camp, Essex 1761 Feb. 3 

Griffith, Morgan, Burlington, and Mary White, Burlington 1740 Aug. 7 

Griggs, Joseph, Monmouth, and Mary Copperthwaite 1778 Dec. 14 

Grimes, George, Salem, and Mary Rodgers, Burlington 1743 Aug. 29 

Grimes, Jonathan, Bergen, and Mary Ennis, Bergen.. 1761 Oct. 1 

Grinding, William, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Bathford 1769 Aug. 25 

Griscomb, Samuel, Philadelphia and Rebecca James, Philadelphia ..1741 Feb. 6 

Griscom, Samuel, and Rebecca George 1741 Feb. 6 

Griswold, Joseph, Middlesex, and Matilda Clark 1778 Mar. 31 

Groff, Garret, Salem, and Amy Stratton, Burlington 1764 Nov. 15 

Groff, John, Gloucester, and Keziah Treadway 1773 July 17 

Groff, Richard, Gloucester, and Hedy Reeds 1779 Jan. 18 

Groom, Moses, Middlesex, and Mary Brown, Middlesex 1765 Feb. 7 

Grover, James, Jr., Monmouth, and Lydia Bowne, Monmouth 1752 Nov. 29 

Grover, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Robins ... 1773 Dec. 20 

Grover, Joseph, Monmouth, and Theodosia Brown, Monmouth. ... . 1742 Mar. 4 

Grover, Silvanus, Middletown, and Valeria Tilton, Middletown 1757 Dec. 1 

Grubb, Adam, Gloucester, and Lydia Robnett 1773 April 12 

Gruffytb, John, Gloucester, and Susannah Young, Gloucester 1754 June 29 

Guest, Henry, and Ruth Bong, Middlesex.. 1748 Dec. 19 

Guest, Henry, Gloucester, and Jane Simians, Salem 1775 Sept. 15 

Guest, John, Bergen, and Sarah Van Embirrgh 1740 Jan. 6 

Guest, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Jordan 1767 Oct. 14 

Guest, Joseph, Gloucester, and Sarah Vanneman. . 1773 Dec. 24 

Guest, Lewis, New Brunswick, and Neeltje Van Cleve, New Brunsw’k. 1743 June 27 

Guest, Lewis, Monmouth, and Jane Lawrence. 1747 May 5 

Guest, William, Gloucester, and Christian Archad 1735 Feb. 1 

Guest, William, Gloucester, and Hannah Lurich, Gloucester 1764 Mar. 12 

Guest, William, Jr., Gloucester, and Esther Ayres 1771 Nov. 19 

Guerrat, Joseph, Burlington, and Ann Burgess, Burlington 1765 July 4 

Guild, John, Hunterdon, and Abigail Howell 1780 Dec. 29 

Guinnop, John, Burlington, and Anne Brittain, Monmouth 1749 May 24 

Gulick, Abraham, Somerset, and Anne Rider 1760 Feb. 11 

Gulick, Abraham, Somerset, and Aylle Probosco ... 1781 Mar. 3 

Gulick, Hendrick, Hunterdon, and Mary Williamson 1754 Sept. 26 

Gulick, Joachim, Somerset, and Rebecca Emans, Middlesex 1751 Nov. 30 

Gulick, John, Somerset, and Elizabeth Demott 1778 Dec. 31 

Gulick, John, Middlesex, and Margaret Vaudike. 1780 Nov. 10 


Gumal, William, Salem, and Susannah Haller 1777 May G 

Guyont, David, Bristol, Pa., and Margaret Gilmore, . . . 1779 Nov. 2 

Gwin, Johu, Trenton, and Keziah Olden 1784 Aug. 21 

Gwinness, John, Morris, and Rachel Bruing, Essex 1772 Feb. 28 


Gach, Anne, Woodbridge, and Isaac Donham, Woodbridge 1759 Aug. 22 

Gach, Elizabeth, Woodbridge, and Elisha Inslee, Woodbridge 1741 Aug. 18 

Gach, Esther, Woodbridge, and Jacob Shotwell, Woodbridge 1754 April 3 

Gach, Martha, Woodbridge, and Samuel Raudol, Woodbridge 1750 Oct. 20 

Gach, Mary, Woodbridge, and James Eddey, Woodbridge 1743 May 29 

Gacb, Sarah, Woodbridge, and Nathaniel Pike, Woodbridge 1747 Sept. 16 

Gaidden, Elizabeth, Woolwich, and Henry Weever, Woolwich .... 1772 Mar. 2 

Gale, Dinah, and John Staunton, Burlington 1732 Oct. 6 

Gale, Katherine, Little Egg H’b’r, and John Sheene, Little Egg H’b’r 1745 Mar. 3 
Gale, Margaret, Pennsylvania, and Joseph Thornton, Pennsylvania.. . . 1729 Dec 24 

Gale, Mary, Burlington, and Abell Gale, Burlington 1749 May 19 

Gale, Sarah, and Benjamin Stackhouse, Bristol 1782 Nov. 4 

Gallagher, Elinor, Burlington, and Richard Singleton, Burlington .... 1739 Sept. 20 

Gallahaughn, Ann, and Charles Hamilton, Salem 1767 Aug. 6 

Gallasby, Ruth, Cumberland, and Ephraim Brick, Cumberland 1764 Mar. 14 

Galligher, Catharine, and Oliver Paterson, Somerset 1781 Feb. 26 

Gandy, Deborah, Gloucester, and Reubin Ireland, Gloucester 1744 Dec. 15 

Gandy, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Hugh Hathoru, Cape May 1761 Aug. 13 

Gandy, Mary, Gloucester, and Thomas Lee, Gloucester 1757 Mar. 25 

Gandy, Rhoda, Cape May, and John Bartson, Cape May 1763 Nov. 30 

Gand} 7 , Susannah, and Gabriel Reagain, Cape May.. 1749 July 8 

Ganneau, Jane, Hunterdon, and Alexander Vanpelt, Somerset 1751 May 6 

Ganno, Elizabeth, Hunterdon, aud Abraham Pettinger, Somerset 1738 Oct. 2 

Gano, Elizabeth, aud Garret Nafles, Middlesex 1780 Mar. 8 

Gansevoort, Garretie, and John D’Wandelaer, Jr 1777 Mar. 3 

Gant, Catherine, Monmouth, and Thomas Chamberlain, Monmouth. . . 1747 May 4 

Gant, Caty, and Hezekiah Steelnyan, Egg Harbour 1785 April 8 

Gant, Mary, Monmouth, and John Chamberlain, Monmouth. 1749 Dec. 1 

Garabrants, Catherine, and Hendricus Kuyper, Bergen 1750 May 24 

Gard, Mary, and Job Ellis, Burlington. .. .. 1769 Mar. 23 

Gardener, Hellenah, Salem, and Thomas Taylor, Salem . 1769 Aug. 11 

Gardiner, Sarah, and Joseph McCully, Burlington 1781 Mar. 28 

Gardiner, Rebecca, and George Kiudall, Burlington ... 1740 Dec. 25 

Gardiner, Bathsheba, Burlington, and Timothy Thomas, Burlington. . 1774 Aug. 18 

Gardiner, Hannah, and Samuel Stockton, Burlington 1784 June 11 

Gardiner, Sarah, and Abraham Perkins, Burlington 1733 Dec. 4 

Gardner, Catharine, Middlesex, and James Oldden, Middlesex 1746 April 3 

Gardner, Elizabeth, and Moses Warner, Evesham ...1782 Feb. 4 

Gardner, Hannah, and Adam Chew, Gloucester 1783 Oct. 4 

Gardner, Jane, and James Morrow, Sussex. ... 1770 Nov. 13 



Gardner, Mary, and John Stockton, Burlington . . 1777 Oct. 11 

Garish, Bloomey, and Denmore Bevis, Little Egg Harbour 1784 Feb. 21 

Garitson, Martha, and Samuel Oram, Cape May ... 1778 Nov. 16 

Garner, Phebe, and Jacob Matthews, Gloucester 1772 Feb. 25 

Garrabraut, Jane, and Cornelius Best, Hunterdon 1784 Dec. 15 

Garrason, Kachael, Salem, and John Ellwell, Salem 1727 Mar. 24 

Garrebrance, Freyntje, Bergen, and Joost Meebe, Orange Co. , N. Y. 1769 Mar. 18 

Garretse, Frontie, Bergen, and Jacob Van Winkle 1719 Dec. 6 

Garretson, Hannah, Salem, and J obn Loper, Salem ... 1757 Dec. 10 

Garretson, Mary, Middletown, and Elias Bailey . ... 1759 Feb. 8 

Garretson, Mary, and Hugh Holmes, Cape May 1789 Sept. 7 

Garretson, Phebe, and Joseph Golding, Cape May . 1760 Sept. 12 

Garretson, Sarah, Somerset, and Aereys Vanarsdalen, Somerset. .... . 1747 Mar. 22 

Garribrant, Jane, and John Vanborne, Bergen 1785 Mar. 24 

Garrison, Amy, Cumberland, and Benjamin Lupton, Cumberland .. .1761 Aug. 25 

Garrison, Barbara, and John Voorhees, Somerset 1778 Mar. 21 

Garrison, Catherine, and William Ker, Middlesex .. 1770 Oct. 5 

Garrison, Damaris, Cumberland, and Jonathan Barnes, Cumberland. . 1762 Mar. 24 

Garrison, Esther, and Daniel Hand, Cape May 1774 Oct. 8 

Garrison, Hannah, Cumberland, aud William Hand, Cape May 1775 Nov. 17 

Garrison, Jane, and Garrabrant Van Houten = 1791 Jan. 18 

Garrison, Maria D., New York, and Samuel Reid, Freehold 1775 Dec. 29 

Garrison, Phebe, Stow Creek, aud Abraham Vanwincle, Stow Creek.. 1774 Mar. 9 

Garrison, Phebe, and Thomas Vickery, Lower Penns Neck . . 1780 Feb. 11 

Garrison, Rebekah, and Samuel McCliutock, Cumberland . . 1779 Jan. 12 

Garrison, Rebecca, and William Williams, Pennsylvania 1782 Nov. 3 

Garrison, Roda, and Stephen Lupton, Cumberland.. 1778 Oct. 21 

Garrison, Sarah, Amwell, and John Sutphin, Amwell 1773 Dec. 18 

Garritse, Catharine, and Hendrick Kip, Bergen. 1790 Nov. 22 

Garritson, Jerusha, and Richard Shaw, Cape May 1764 June 19 

Garritson, Mary, Hunterdon, and John Kelsey, Hunterdon 1774 Aug. 16 

Garvey, Susannah, and Samuel Gaskill, Burlington 1784 Jan. 6 

Garwood, Ann, Burlington, and John Hopper, Gloucester 1737 Dec. 5 

Garwood, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Delatush, Burlington.. .. 1759 April 18 

Garwood, Grace, Burlington, and Joseph Bowker, Burlington. 1746 May 15 

Garwood, Jane, Evesham, and John Priekett, Evesham 1750 July 12 

Garwood, Lydia, Burlington, and James Milton, Burlington 1761 Aug. 1 

Garwood, Martha, Burlington, and Jonathan Davis, Chester, Pa 1783 Mar. 17 

Garwood, Mary, Burlington, and Samuel Jones, Burlington 1775 April 18 

Garwood, Mary, Burlington, and Barzillai Scott, Burlington 1776 May 7 

Garwood, Persilla, and John Wright, Burlington 1772 April 4 

Garwood, Rebecca, and Joseph Atkinson, Burlington 1780 Dec. 20 

Garwood, Rosemond, Burlington, and Samuel Heuliugs, Burlington. . 1763 June 22 

Garwood, Ruth, and Thomas Kemble, Burlington 1772 Mar. 5 

Garwood, Sarah, Burlington, and Richard Eayre, Burlington 1732 Dec. 1 

Garwood, Sarah, and Thomas Bishop, Burlington 1754 Mar. 5 


Garwood, Susannah, Burlington, aud John Brooks, Burlington 1781 Sept. 7 

Garwood, Tabitha, Evesham, and Walter Beeves, Evesham 1765 Feb. 9 

Gaskill, Abigail, and Joseph Richardson, Burlington 1788 Feb. 15 

Gaskill, Amy, and David Loofbourrow, Burlington 1779 Nov. 29 

Gaskill, Charity, Northampton, and William Garwood, Burlington . . 1766 May 17 

Gaskill, Beulah, and William Mann, Mount Holly.. 1784 Nov. 3 

Gaskill, Hannah, Burlington, and Adam Forker, Burlington 1749 Aug. 25 

Gaskill, Hannah, and Isaac Thackray, Gloucester 1783 Mar. 11 

Gaskill, Hope, Gloucester, and James Cattell, Gloucester 1763 June 27 

Gaskill, Hope, and John Wills, Burlington 1778 Mar. 4 

Gaskill, Keziah, Springfield, and Beriah Taylor, Springfield.. . ... 1767 Mar. 12 

Gaskill, Lavinah, and Stephen Gaskill, Burlington 1748 Jan. 30 

Gaskill, Martha, Burlington, and Josiah Gaskill, Burlington 1760 Jan. 9 

Gaskill, Martha, Burlington, and John Fort, Jr., Burlingtou. 1779 July 5 

Gaskill, Mary, and Joseph Carter, Burlington 1757 Jan. 2 

Gaskill, Mary, New Hanover, and Zachariah Clevinger, New Hanover. 1778 Nov. 9 

Gaskill, Provided, Burlington, and Samuel Shinn, Burlington 1737 July 4 

Gaskill, Rachel, Burlington, and Abraham Merrit, Burlington. 1757 Sept. 28 

Gaskill, Rhoda, Burlington, and Laban Bawker, Burlington. . 1784 Feb. 24 

Gaskill, Sarah, Burlingtou, and John Bennett, Burlington 1772 May 30 

Gaskill, Susannah, Burliugton, and Joseph Grant, Burlington 1770 Dec. 22 

Gaskill, Theophilus, and James Rogers, Burlingt n 1786 Oct. 10 

Gaskin, Elizabeth, and Thomas Walker, Evesham . 1783 Aug. 8 

Gaston, Atheliah, and Ephraim Fithian, Cumberland 1780 Sept. 4 

Gaston, Prosilla, Somerset, and Daniel McCain, Somerset 1771 Sept. 24 

Gaston, Margaret, Somerset, and Thomas Moffat, Middlesex 1750 Nov. 8 

Gathins, Catharine, Bucks, Pa., and James Baldwin, Bucks, Pa 1751 June 24 

Gaunt, Hannah, and James Gale, Little Egg Harbour 1784 Mar. 3 

Gaunt, Jane, Philadelphia, and Henry Richards, Philadelphia 1762 Feb. 4 

Gayard, Ann, Gloucester, and John Dilkes, Gloucester 1750 Aug. 30 

Gayard, Sarah, Gloucester, and John Jones, Gloucester 1728 July 29 

Gayhudd, Deborah, Middletown, and George Thompson, Middletown. 1753 Aug. 1 

Gearhart, Elizabeth, and Jacob Depuy, Hunterdon 1784 Jan. 15 

Geddes, Abigail, Woodbridge, and Robert Carlile, Reading Town 1757 April 26 

Giukins, Hannah, Gloucester, and James Ord, Cumberland 1754 Oct. 30 

George, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and John Beasley, Philadelphia .... 1738 Mar. 24 

George, Rebecca, and Samuel Griscom 1741 Feb. 6 

Germain, Mary, Gloucester, aud John Dennis, Gloucester 1731 Jan. 7 

Gerrard, Mary, Gloucester, and Samuel Kaign, Gloucester 1768 Jan. 8 

Gerrard. Sarah, Gloucester, aud Samuel Bain, Gloucester 1739 May 26 

Gerrard, Sarah, Gloucester, and Michael Dawson, Sussex 1763 June 22 

Gerritson, Anne, and Dnl Van Wincle, Essex .1751 June 15 

Gevison, Lydia, and John Gevison, Burlington 1759 Feb. 3 

Gebbius, Margaret, Great Egg Harbour, and Peter Scull, Gt. Egg HT. 1762 Nov. 10 

Gibbins, Sarah, Burlington, and James Vaughn, Burlington 1765 June 27 

Gibbon, Anne, Salem, aud Edmond Wetherby 1769 Oct. 3 


Gibbon, Esther, and Benjamin Holms, Salem 1778 Oct. 28 

Gibbon, Hannah, and Aulay McCalla, Cumberland 1787 April 9 

Gibbons, Mary, Middlesex, and Henry White, Middlesex 1762 June 12 

Gibbons, Rachael, and James Hulse, Burlington 1769 May 13 

Gibbons, Rebeckah, Monmouth, and James Yahan, Monmouth 1739 Feb. 11 

Gibbs, Anna, Burlington, and John Foster, Burlington 1776 May 27 

Gibbs, Elizabeth, and Joseph Deveuport, Burlington . . 1757 May 11 

Gibbs, Hannah, Burlington, and Raworth Beck, Burlington 1713 April 8 

Gibbs, Mary, Burlington, and William Black, Burlington 1754 Aug. 11 

Gibbs, Mary, Burlington, and Elijah Field, Burlington 1771 Jan. 28 

Gibbs, Mary, Burlington, and John Folwell, Burlington 1771 Sept. 13 

Gibbs, Sarah, Burlington, and John Hutchin, Burlington 1742 Nov. 9 

Gibbs, Susannah, Burlington, and John Henry, Burlington . 1761 Jan. 6 

Giberson, Hannah, Monmouth, and John Everingham, Monmouth .... 1761 July 11 

Giberson, Hannah, and Lewis Chapman, Burlington 1777 April 16 

Giberson, Jamima, Monmouth, and Fuller Horner, Monmouth. ....... 1762 Jan. 13 

Giberson, Mary, and John Harrison, Monmouth 1759 Sept. 21 

Giberson, Miribah, and Thomas Robins, Monmouth..., 1758 Oct. 9 

Gibeson, Elizabeth, Shrewsbury, and William Preston, Shrewsbury ..1767 April 11 

Gibeson, Lydia, and John George Boody, Gloucester. . 1773 Jan. 1 

Gibison, Mary, Monmouth, and Zachariah Robius, Monmouth 1769 April 20 

Gibson, Ann, and Thomas Ashbrook, Gloucester 1779 Feb. 4 

Gibson, Elizabeth, and Robert Sparks, Gloucester 1783 Nov. 24 

Gibson, Jemimy, Perth Amboy, and John Richardson, Perth Amboy . . 1763 Oct. 28 

Gibson, Mary, Gloucester, and James Hanesey, Gloucester 1754 Mar. 23 

Gibson, Sarah, Burlington, and John Earick, Burlington ...1756 Sept. 15 

Giddeman, Christian, New Brnnsw’k, and Gideon DeCamp, Middlesex. 1750 Nov. 3 
Giddeman, Lena, New Brunswick, and Cornelius Teal, New Brunsw'k. 1750 Dec. 19 

Gififer, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and John Leeds, Gloucester 1760 May 12 

Gifting, Margaret, and Joseph Price, Hunterdon 1756 Jan. 26 

Gifford, Anney, Monmouth, and Nathan Davis, Monmouth 1761 Jan. 20 

Gifford, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Thomas Rewbury, Monmouth .... 1748 Oct. 29 

Gifford, Elizabeth, and John Tilton, Shrewsbury 1766 July 23 

Gifford, Esther, Monmouth, and Daniel Littleton Ketcham, Mcnm’th..l760 July 14 

Gifford, Hannah, Monmouth, and Stephen Frazer, Monmouth 1765 May 16 

Gifford, Hanuab, and Joseph Bartlett, Monmouth 1766 April 5 

Gifford, Hester, Monmouth, and Thomas Matthews, Monmouth 1743 Sept. 6 

Gifford, Margaret, Monmouth, and John Martin, Monmouth. ... ... 1760 Feb. 5 

Gifford, Mary, Perth Amboy, and John Thompson, Rhode Island 1743 Nov. 26 

Gifford, Sarah, Perth Amboy, and Henry Dailey, Middlesex 1739 Nov. 9 

Gifford, Zelpha, Monmouth, and Joseph Burdge, Monmouth 1765 Jan. 21 

Gifford, Zilpha, Monmouth, and William Lea, Monmouth 1763 June 1 

Gilbert, Edith, and Andrew Gilkison, Shamong, Pa 1776 Nov. 26 

Gilbert, Hannah, and Samuel Ellis, Gloucester 1772 Oct. 31 

Gilbert, Mary, Mansfield, and Joseph Everingham, Mansfield 1751 April 19 

Gilbert, Temperance, Perth Amboy, and Jonathan Risbett 1741 July 9 


I6 5 

Gilcott, Esther, Gloucester, and John Gray, Gloucester 1739 Feb. 8 

Gildersleeves, Haunah, Morris, and John Brees, Jr., Somerset 1769 Jan. 30 

Gile, Hannah, Northampton, and Samuel Budd, Burlington 1766 April 14 

Gill, Cathrina, and Peter Bilderback, Salem 1756 April 15 

Gill, Christantia, and Jechonias Wood, Pdesgrove 1772 July 4 

Gill, Elizabeth, and Jacob Burroughs, Gloucester 1775 Mar. 6 

Gillam, Ann, and Joseph Indicott, Burlington 1736 May 12 

Gillet, Sarah, Morris, and William Throckmorton, Morris 1759 Dec. 15 

Gillingham, Grace, and Moses Wright, Alloways Creek 1768 Oct. 20 

Gillingham, Margaret, Alloways Creek, and James Suethen, CumbTd.1766 Sept. 29 
Gilljolinson, Aun, Penns Neck, and Abraham Philpot, Penns Neck. . . 1761 Oct. 29 

Gillman, Lettitia, Cumberland, and David Platts, Cumberland 1763 Jan. 4 

Gillman, Rachell, Cumberland, and Job Shepherd, Cumberland 1765 May 18 

Gillum, Anne, Burlington, and Robert Hill, Burlington 1749 Nov. 1 

Gillum, Grace, Springfield, and John Norton, Springfield 1749 Aug. 29 

Gilman, Sarah, and William Gilman 1743 June 14 

Gilman, Susannah, and Bargin Ayers, Salem 1754 May 28 

Gilmer, Mary, Hunterdon, and Joseph Hunter, Burlington 1764 Sept. 15 

Gilmore, Margaret, and David Guyout, Bristol, Pa 1779 Nov. 2 

Giriee, Elisabeth, Gloucester, and David Trueman, Gloucester 1730 Oct. 19 

Girty, Catherine, and Frederick Hartsough, Somerset 1779 Mar. 30 

Given, Esther, Burlington, and Richard Bowker, Burlington 1750 Sept. 26 

Gland, Ruth, Cumberland, and Thomas Galping, Cumberland 1749 Jan. 15 

Glasby, Ann, Burlington, and Lot Bowker, Burlington 1777 May 12 

Glaspey, Rebecca, Cumberland, and Samuel Bowen, Cumberland. ... 1771 Oct. 30 

Glaspy, Mary, Staten Island, and Israil Hilton, Staten Island 1745 Jan. 31 

Glass, Margaret, Burlington, and John Dyer, Burlington 1730 July 28 

Godden, Elizabeth, Newark, and John Johnson, New York 1748 Dec. 2 

Godfrey, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Peter Corson, Cape May 1763 July 20 

Godfrey, Mary, Burlington, and Henry Waterman, Burlington 1727 April 12 

Godfrey, Tabitha, and Elijah Garretson, Cape May 1777 May 6 

Godfrey, Prissillab, and Enoch Smith, Cape May 1780 Sept. 5 

Godown, Katharine, Amwell, and Albartus Ringo 1745 Sept. 19 

Godown, Katharine, Amwell, and Daniel .Thatcher, Amwell 1771 April 27 

Godwin, Margaret, and Abraham Yanderbeck 1779 Aug. 15 

Godwin, Mary, and Thomas Chappie 1779 June 24 

Goecheus, Elizabeth, Bergen, and Henry Zabriski, Bergen 1767 Aug. 20 

Goetschius, Helena, and John Van Dalsem, Tappan 1784 Sept. 21 

Goetschius, Hester, Hackensack, and Jacob Van Saan, Hackensack. . . 1760 Dec. 9 

Goff, Hannah, Cape May, and Israel Cresse, Cape May. . 1761 Nov. 30 

Goff, Hannah, Cape May, and Thomas Shaw, Cape May 1770 July 5 

Goff, Presila, Cape May, and Daniel Hildreth, Cape May 1761 May 2 

Goff, Mary, Cumberland, and John Corson, Jr., Cape May 1761 Dec. 19 

Goff, Rebeckah, and Hance Peterson, Cape May 1773 July 21 

Goff, Rhoda, Cape May, and Zebulon Cresse, Cape May 1764 Sept. 14 

Gofogy, Jane, Burlington, and John Reid Burlington 1764 April 4 


Goggiu, Marey, aud Joseph Vauschuyver, Cumberland 1779 June 28 

Golieen, Mary, and George Hicks, Bucks, Pa 1763 Oct. 11 

Gold, Martha, Woodbridge, and Enos Ayers, Woodbridge 1749 May 8 

Golden, Mary, and Noah Grrritson, Cape May 1737 Nov. 1 

Golden, Mary, Middletown, and Harmon Snyder, Middletown 1767 Sept. 24 

Golden, Mary, and John Snook, Hunterdon 1783 Feb. 5 

Golden, Sarah, Cape May, and Ephraim Kent, Cape May 1774 May 13 

Golden, Sarah, and William Jewell, Hunterdon 1782 Oct. 29 

Golder, Mary, Monmouth, and Roelef Sckenck, Monmouth 1749 June 21 

Goldin, Deborah, aud Ezekiel Hand, Cape May 1737 Dec. 12 

Goldin, Jane, and John Camp, Gloucester 1780 Oct. 31 

Goldin, Rebecca, and Seth Whildin, Maurice River .1776 Nov. 4 

Goldin, Sarah, and James Garretson, Cape May 1760 April 28 

Golding, Mary, Cape May, aud Thomas Daniels, Cape May 1740 July 2 

Goldy, Elizabeth, and Samuel Parker, Burlington . 1741 May 11 

Goldy, Margaret, and Hezekiah Morton, Burlington 1781 Feb. 4 

Goldy, Sarah, Burlington, and Jonathan Haines, Burlington.. 1773 Nov. 17 

Gollachar, Jane, Cape May, and John Elexander, Cape May 1768 Dec. 20 

Gombauld, Anu Frances, Monmouth, aud Leonard Cutting, New York. 1771 Sept. 21 
Gombould, Magdelon, Monmouth, and Joseph Leonard, Monmouth. .1766 Sept. 11 

Gomer, Margaret, and John McMurtry, Somerset 1781 Jan. 26 

Goodwin, Mary, and Thomas Hancock, Salem 1775 Oct. 31 

Gorden, Mary, and Reuben Runyon, Hunterdon 1767 Dec. 24 

Gordon, Ann, and Ichabod Compton, Monmouth .... 1773 Aug. 20 

Gordon, Anne, Middlesex, and John Van Kirk, Middlesex 1750 Sept. 27 

Gordon,! Betsey, and Resolve Waldron, Bergen 1782 Jan. 27 

Gordon, Cattron, and James Stevenson, Middlesex 1779 April 24 

Gordon, Elizabeth, and Henry Shaw, Upper Freehold 1768 Dec. 21 

Gordon, Epenetus, Perth Amboy, and John Sorier, Somerset 1753 Dec. 24 

Gordon, Lidia, Monmouth, and George Forman, Somerset 1753 Nov. 7 

Gordon, Lydia, Monmouth, and Timothy Loyd, Jr., Monmouth 1740 Aug. 6 

Gordon, Lydia, and David Mortman, Middlesex 1770 Jan. 10 

Gordon, Margaret, Monmouth, and John Yatman, Monmouth 1744 Dec. 31 

Gordon. Mary, Middlesex, and John Brown, Burlington .1729 July 9 

Gordon, Patience, and John Walton, Crosswicks 1778 Sept. 5 

Gordon, Susannah, and William Collins, New Jersey 1778 May 21 

Gosling, Mary, Burlington, and John Indicott, Burlington 1728 Mar. 22 

Gosling, Sarah, Burlington, and Jacob Woolston, Burlington 1759 Feb. 27 

Gottier, Mary, Philadelphia, and Henry Drinker, Philadelphia 1731 Nov. 26 

Gottier, Elizabeth, aud John Tomkins, Chester, Pa 1733 Apiil 11 

Gouger, Jean, and Jacob Plumly, Amwell ... 1780 Jan. 26 

Gould, Hester, and Ebenezer Gaskill, Burlington 1769 Jan. 14 

Gould, Mary, Freehold, and John Tice, Freehold 1758 Oct. 17 

Gouverneur, Gertrude, and Peter Kemble, Jr., Morris 1784 June 5 

Governour, Eleanor, Readingtown, and Jasper Smith, Amwell 1765 Oct. 25 

i Godwin. 


Governeur, Hauuah, Sussex, and Charles Ogden, Sussex 1779 July 23 

Grace, Elnor, Maurice River, and Benjamin Parker, Maurice River. . . 1775 Feb. 4 

Graff, Hannah, Amwell, and John Ruukel, Lebanon ... 1775 Dec. 2 

Grafton, Catherine, Salem, and William Miller, Salem 1761 Aug. 15 

Graham, Anne, Somerset, and Daniel McEowen, Somerset 1744 Dec. 7 

Graham, Mary, Monmouth, and James McCrea, Monmouth .. 1740 April 8 

Graisbury, Abigail, and John Branson, Gloucester 1788 Nov. 18 

Graisbury, Mary, Gloucester, and John Franklin, Gloucester 1743 June 22 

Grandin, Mary, and Cornelius Clark, Monmouth 1769 Jan. 13 

Graudin, Mary, Hunterdon, and John Vought, Hunterdon 1772 Nov. 21 

Grandin, Sarah, Roxbury, and John Wurts, Tewkesbury 1773 June 8 

Grant, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and William Church, Philadelphia. ... 1730 Mar. 18 

Grant, Rachel, Monmouth, and Aaron Inman, Monmouth .. .1747 June 1 

Grant, Rachel, Burlington, and Absalome Ewan, Burlington 1764 July 1 

Grant, Rachel, Burlington, and Joseph Gaskill, Burlington 1767 Aug. 4 

Grant, Sarah, Monmouth, and Stephen Simons, Monmouth 1756 Dec. 29 

Grapevine, Catherine, and John Crockett, Burlington 1779 Sept. 20 

Gravat, Martha, Freehold, and Samuel Runyon, Freehold 1752 Oct. 23 

Graves, Mary, Salem, and John Garrison, Salem 1768 Feb. 22 

Graves, Prudence, Salem, and Daniel Long, Salem 1768 Oct. 6 

Gray, Ann, Hunterdon, and William Pierson, Hunterdon 1763 Oct. 1 

Gray, Rachel, Woolwich, and John White, Woolwich 1781 Sept. 11 

Grayer, Ann Olive, Pennsylvania, and John Farmer, Bristol, Pa 1732 Aug. 29 

Greeley, Eunice, Cape May, and Job Sommers, Gloucester 1732 Jan. 2 

Green, Ann, Salem, and Charles Hopkins, Salem 1736 June 12 

Green, Ann, Hunterdon, and Joshua Updike, Hunterdon 1738 July 15 

Green, Ann, and Simon Lamberson, Middlesex Co. . 1745 Oct. 14 

Green, Charity, Shrewsbury, and Thomas White, Shrewsbury 1758 Dec. 18 

Green, Elizabeth, and John Clark, Burlington 1747 Dec. 22 

Green, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Asher Cook, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 31 

Green, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, and John Hillier, Burlington 1772 Jan. 9 

Green, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Jonathan Southwick, Burlington. . . 1772 Aug. 20 

Green, Elizabeth, Evesham, and William Sharp, Evesham 1776 May 27 

Green, Elizabeth, Evesham, and Job Sharp, Evesham 1784 Dec. 5 

Green, Eunice, Cape May, and Job Sommers, Gloucester 1732 Jan. 2 

Green, Hester, and Thomas Hancock, Burlington 1788 April 3 

Green, Jane, Burlington, and Joseph Sharp, Burlington 1774 Aug. 8 

Green, Katherine, and Isaac Stelle, Middlesex 1780 Jan. 5 

Green, Marah, Shrewsbury, and William Pearce, Shrewsbury 1755 July 11 

Green, Margaret, and Richard Gosling, Bucks, Pa 1777 Mar. 29 

Green, Margaret, and Edmund Whetherby, Salem 1784 June 12 

Green, Martha, and Samuel Zilley, Northampton 1781 Mar. 6 

Green, Mary, Evesham, and Isaac Sharp, Evesham 1766 Sept. 23 

Green, Rachel, Shrewsbury, and Vincent White, Shrewsbury 1759 April 4 

Green, Rebecca, Monmouth, and Benjamin Jackson, Monmouth. ...1760 Dec. 1 

Green, Rebecca, Northampton, and Heron Bryan, Burlington 1761 Nov. 28 


Green, Sarah, Hunterdon, aud Benjamin Severns, Hunterdon 1730 May 28 

Green, Sarah, Monmouth, and Joseph Cook, Monmouth 1748 April 29 

Green. Sarah, Hunterdon, and Thomas Smith, Hunterdon 1764 Jan. 25 

Green, Sarah, and Henry Shellenbirg, Bucks, Pa 1778 Jan. 27 

Green, Sarah, and Samuel Moore, Hunterdon 1781 Sept. 24 

Greg, Catherine, Woodbridge, and John Chesnut, Pennsylvania 1748 May 11 

Gregg, Ann, Bucks, Pa., and Henry Dyer, Bucks, Pa 1761 Nov. 11 

Gregg, Elinor, Burlington, and John Darbyshire, Burlington. ... .. 1731 Aug. 12 

Gregorey, Jane, Monmouth, and Simeon Babcock, Monmouth 1757 Aug. 20 

Gregory, Christiana, Burlington, and Robert Burr, Burlington. .... . 1770 Sept. 25 

Gregory, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, and William Burk, Bucks, Pa. .. .1730 Jan. 1 

Gregory, Elizabeth, Salem, and William Barker, Salem ,.1739 Jan. 7 

Gregory, Mary Ann, Gloucester, and Isaac Kay, Gloucester 1738 April 2 

Gregory, Rebecca, Hunterdon, aud Thomas Winder, Hunterdon 1731 April 1 

Gregory, Sarah, Middlesex, aud Joseph Richards, Perth Amboy. .... 1761 Sept. 4 

Grey, Elizabeth, Bucks Co., Pa., and William Race, Bucks Cu., Pa. . . 1764 Aug. 1 

Griffin, Margaret, and Thomas Elton, Burlington 1769 July 7 

Griffin, Rebecca, Salem, aud David Wiggius, Salem 1727 Nov. 23 

Griffin, Sarah, Middlesex, and John Monday, Middlesex 1749 Oct. 10 

Griffith, Martha, Gloucester, and Hezekiah Hopkins, Gloucester 1789 Oct. 31 

Griffith, Mary, Burlington, and George Beck, Burlington 1750 Nov. 2 

Griffith, Sarah, and Richard Collins, Burliugton 1759 Aug. 27 

Griffith, Sarah, Upper Penn’s Neck, and Caleb Pedrick, Up. P’ns N’k 1764 Dec. 27 

Griffy, Mathew, and Isaiah Hankins, Burlington 1771 Sept. 23 

Griggs, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, and Thomas Burns, Perth Amboy. . .1773 Aug. 31 

Griggs, Mary, Somerset, aud Abram Van Middleswart, Somerset 1744 Nov. 26 

Griggs, Martha, Somerset, and William Tillyer, Somerset 1714 June 6 

Grigs, Sarah, New Brunswick, and Joshua Cusau, New Bruusw’k. 1752 Oct. 21 

Grimes, Martha, Burliugton, and John Clap, Burlington 1782 Dec. 19 

Grimes, Mary, and Thomas Thomas, Burlington 1783 Feb. 20 

Grimes, Mary, Burlington, and John Clap, Burlington 1784 Oct. 16 

Grimes, Rachel, and Job Shinn 1783 July 3 

Grimes, Sarah, Burlington, aud John Nilley, Burlington. . 1742 Aug. 19 

Griscomb, Elizabeth, and John Ross, Philadelphia 1773 Nov. 4 

Gromo, Sarah, New Jersey, and Thomas Lawler, Fauquier Co., Va. . . . 1779 Jan. 12 

Groom, Ann, Middlesex, and Richard Kara, Middlesex 1712 April 22 

Groom, Elizabeth, Chesterfield, and Edward Page, Chesterfield 1741 May 11 

Groom, Lena, and William Horn, Middlesex 1781 Sept, 22 

Groom, Mary, and Samuel Dauford, Burlington 1737 Sept. 12 

Groom, Susannah, and John Morgan, Monmouth 1771 Nov. 30 

Grosse, Catharine, and Patrick Farney, Morris 1772 Nov. 13 

Grover, Katherine, Monmouth, and David Hance, Monmouth 1743-4 Mar. 8 

Grubb, Mary, and Seth Hill, Burlington 1785 May 8 

Gruber, Margaret, and John Weydeman, Bergen 1767 Aug. 1 

Gruff, Sarah, Alloways Creek, and John Smith, Cumberland 1767 July 23 

Gualdo, Francis, and Gabriel W. Ford, Morris. 1790 Jan. 25 

MARRIAGE license^. 


Oudjon, Mary, and A lam Thrasher, Philadelphia 1769 Mar. 27 

Guest, Aun, and Abraham Beekman, Hunterdon 1745 June 14 

Guest, Mary, Gloucester, and James Avise, Gloucester 1773 May 18 

Guest, Sarah, New Brunswick, and William Nixson, Middlesex 1746 Jan. 27 

Guibisou, Rachel, and Joshua Homer, Jr., Monmouth 1759 Aug. 13 

Guild, Mary, aud John Howell, Trenton 1778 Feb. 14 

Guile, Easter, and John Walling, Jr., Hunterdon 1768 Feb. 3 

Guiles, Massey, and Jesse Christopher, Hunterdon 1779 Feb. 13 

Guilham, Anue, Burlington, and Matthew Willson, Burlington 1728 Sept. 12 

Guinn, Naomi, and Joseph Stratton, Evesham 1765 Mar. 30 

Guiunall, Hannah, Evesham, and John Wilkins, Evesham 1761 May 19 

Guinuell, Hannah. Burlington, and William Brooks, Burlington 1758 Sept. 26 

Gulick, Anne, aud Angleburt Hartaugh, Somerset. 1779 Mar. 6 

Gulick, Cataliutie, and Jacobus Wyckoff, Long Island 1745 Mar. 25 

Gulick, Charity, and David Merrell, Hunterdon 1777 Aug. 2 

Gulick, Eleanor, and Samuel Williamson, Middlesex 1782 Mir. 12 

Gulick, Gerrabratie, Somerset, and Cornelius Cornel, Middlesex 1751 June 12 

Gulick, Maritie, Simerset, and Nicholas Johnson, Middlesex 1750 Aug. 3 

Gulick, Mary, Somerset, aud Elbert Hogland, Long Island 1748 June 9 

Gurtjea, Mandliua, and Henry Michal, Salem 1759 Aug. 15 

Gurton, Elizabeth, and Richard Jones, Trenton 1778 Sept. 12 

Gurtricho, Sarah, Bergen, and Hilbrunt Van Lazer, Bergen 1 1760 Dec. 31 

Guthridge, Elizabeth, Gloucester, aud Joseph Holmes, Gloucester . ..1762 Aug. 2 

Guyant, Margaret, aud Charles Cappell, Bucks, Pa 1778 Feb. 3 

Gwin, Mary, aud Jonathan Ireland, Gloucester 1777 Dec. 13 

Gwinu, Elizabeth, and Mathew McCarty, New Jersey 1760 July 30 

Gybertson, Hester, Monmouth, aud David Vaughan, Monmouth 1748 April 26 

Gyge, Catharine, and Michael Tolyn, Gloucester 1774 Jan. 17 


Hack, Philip, Burlington, and Susanna Hurtsman, Burlington 1783 Jan. 6 

Hacket, David, Salem, aud Elizabeth Nickerson 177 J Mar. 2 

Hackney, Edmund, Burlington, aud Rachel Ivins 1789 May 8 

Hackney, Thomas, Burliugton, aud (?) Alberson 1748 Sept. 19 

Hackuey, Thomas, Burlington, aud Elizabeth Tomliuson 1788 April 16 

Hackuey, William, Burlington, and Sarah Ingle, Burlington 1770 April 16 

Hadden, Thomas, Woodbridge, and Margaret Bloomfield, Woodbridge.1750 July 21 

Hadden, Thomas, Jr., Woodbridge, and Annabel Crowell, Woodbridge. 1758 Nov. 15 

Haelderon, Andriec, and C itrinaTerp 1771 Sept. 14 

Hagamen, Aaron, Somerset, and Catharine Voorhies 1779 Feb. 20 

Hagamau, Adrian, Hunterdon, and Ann Hall 1781 Oct. 15 

Hageamau, Roeleff, Somerset, and Catherine Holmes 1780 Sept. 9 

Hagemun, Adrian, Jr., Somerset, and Sarah Wycott, Somerset 1744 May 14 

In the records of the Schraalenburgh Reformed (Dutch) Church, Bergen county, is the 
entry, under date of Dec. 27, 1761, of the marriage of Hillebrand Logier [Lozier], widower, 
born and living at Schralenburg, and Sara Gurtrich. y. d.. born at Hakkensak. 


Hageman, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Crese Van Brunt 1766 May 3 

Hagernan, Denys, Hunterdon, and Prudence Vaudike 1773 April 22 

Hageman, James, Somerset, and Anne Skillman 1778 Aug. 13 

Hagerman, Adrian, Hunterdon, and Margaret Van Vliet, Hunterdon. 1772 Feb. 28 

Haight, John, Middlesex, and Mary Van Kirk 1773 Jan. 23 

Haines, Aaron, Gloucester, and Priscilla Collins 1772 Nov. 21 

Haines, Aaron, Burlington, and Anna Eayres, Burlington 1776 Jan. 11 

Haines, Abraham, Burlington, and Hannah Rukestraw 1772 Dec. 28 

Haines, Edmund, Burlington, and Charlotte Leeds, Burlington 1782 Dec. 17 

Haines, Enoch, Burlington, aud Priscilla Eayre, Burlington 1767 April 6 

Haines, George, Burlington, aud Margaret Lamb, Burlington 1731 June 7 

Haines, Isaac, Burlington, and Keziah Woolmar 1788 Jan. 15 

Haines, Jacob, Burlington, and Sarah Austin, Burlington 1770 April 5 

Haiues, Jesse, Burlington, aud Mary Armstrong 1783 Aug. 2 

Haines, John, Burlington, and Martha Eayre, Burlington 1766 July 20 

Haines, John, Burlington, and Ann Taylor 1781 Oct. 6 

Haines, Jonathan, Burlington, aud Sarah Goldy, Burlington 1775 Nov. 17 

Haines, Joseph, Burlington, and Patience Prickett, Burliugton 1741 Aug. 25 

Haines, Joseph, Gloucester, and Anne Jones, Gloucester 1748 Sept. 29 

Haines, Joseph, Burlington, and Hope Reeves, Burlington 1719 Nov. 2 

Haines, Joseph, Elizabeth Town, and Sarah Watkins, Elizabeth Town. 1751 April 16 

Haines, Joseph, Burliugton, and Mary Reeves, Burlington 1771 Mar. 19 

Haines, Joseph, Gloucester, and Drusilla Middleton 1777 Nov. 21 

Haiues, Lovi, Burlington, and Elizabeth Andrews, Burlington 1767 Sept. 7 

Haines, Levi, Burlington, and Mary Jenkins, Burlington 1774 Jan. 21 

Haiues, Mose3, Burlington, and Patience Antram 1717 Dec. 11 

Haiues, Nathan, Burlington, and Rebecca B illanger, Burlington.. ..1756 May 21 

Haiues, Robert, Burliugton, aud Rachel Vinncomb, Burlington 1766 May 17 

Haines, Simeon, Burlington, aud Mary Stratton 1766 May 28- 

Haiues, Solomon, Burlington, and Rebecca Sharp, Burlington 1749 Oct. 17 

Haines, Thomas, Burlington, and Elizabeth Mulliu, Burliugton 1761 Oct. 10 

Haines, Thomas, Chester, and Mary Cattell, Chester 1766 Nov. 12 

Haines, Thomas, Burlington, and Lucretia Pettit, Burliugton 1767 Nov. 23 

Haines, Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Conrow 1778 Mar. 23 

Haines, William, Burlington, and Mary Earley 1778 Jan. 8 

Haiues, William, and Lydia VVetheringtou 1782 May 24 

Hains, George, Burlington, and Elizabeth Sharp, Burlington 1771 June 4 

Hains, John, Gloucester, and Mary Leonard, Gloucester 1771 Sept. 14 

Hair, Thomas, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Randall 1768 Aug. 19 

Halenbeck, Jacob, and Siuty Foord 1762 Mar. 16 

Haley, Jacob, Burlington, and Elizabeth Mauris 1786 Mar. 7 

Haley, John, Burlington, and Abigail Marice, Burlington ...1782 Mar. 7 

Hall, Abner, Cumberland, and Sarah Shepherd, Cumberland 1774 Aug. 15 

Hall, Clement. Salem, and Margaret Morris, Salem. 1745 Feb. 10 

Hall, Daniel, Monmouth, aud Johannah Hyer, Monmouth 1746 Dec. 3 

Hall, Edward, Somerset, and Catherine Cock, Somerset 1744 Oct. 22 


Hall, Francis, Burlington, and Naomi Middleton, Burlington 1740 June 9 

Hall, George, Somerset, and Nelly Marlett, Middlesex 1751 June 13 

Hall, George, Cumberland, and Aun Elkinton, Burlington. 1775 June 20 

Hall, H^zekiah, Middlesex, and Mary Stevenson, Middlesex 1771 Feb. 1(5 

Hall, James, Burlington, and Elizabeth Stockton 1784 April 6 

Hall, John, Salem, and Ann Johnson, Salem 1741 June 11 

Hall, John, Somerset, and Catherine Bersherer, Somerset 1750 Jan. 12 

Hall, John, Burlington, and Rachel Cogall, Burlington 1764 Sept. 3 

Hall, Richard, Somerset, and Elizabeth Ten Eyck, Hunterdon 1741 Aug. 12 

Hall, Samuel, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Auuis 1732 Jan. 31 

Hall, Samuel, Northampton, and Elizabeth Newbury, Vorthamptou . . 1746 April 29 

Hall, Thomas, Mansfield, and Mable Shoemaker 1750 Dec. 17 

Hall, William, Salem, and Elizabeth Pyle, Salem. . . 1684 May 21 

Hall, William, Philadelphia, and Jane Tren chard, Salem 1773 Nov. 1 

Hallaiay, James, Salem, and Rains C mdon, Salem 1749 June 29 

Hallsted, Thomas, Salem, and Martha Lawrence, Salem 1764 Jan. 3 

Halmes, Hance, Gloucester, and Mary Codds 1782 April 11 

Halstead, Daniel, Monmouth, and Sarah Nichols, Monmouth 1749 May 3 

Halstead, Josiah, Monmouth, and Zilpba West, Monmouth 1740 Jan. 27 

Halstead, Josiah, Monmouth, and Anna Throckmorton, Monmouth. . . 1755 May 30 

Halstead, Josiah, Monmouth, and Lidy Worthley, Monmouth ... ...1766 Sept. 27 

Halsted, Timothy, Monmouth, and Elizabeth West, Monmouth 1746 Nov. 22 

Halsy, Joseph, Jr., Essex, and Anne Willis, Essex 1768 June 15 

Halter, Peter, Salem, aud Dorcas Irelan, Cumberland 1770 Feb. 17 

Halyard, Jacob Salem, and Susanna H iffman 1767 Nov. 27 

Ham, Anthony, Middlesex, and Aun Drinkwater, Middlesex 1747 July 8 

Hambleton, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Kester 1786 April 3 

Hamilton, Arthur, Pittsburg, Pa, and Hannah Adams, Philadelphia.. 1762 Sept. 15 

Hamilton, Arthur. Gloucester, and Priscilla Fiauingan, Gloucester.. . . 1769 Mar. 23 

Hamilton, Charles, Salem, and Ann Gallabaughn 1767 Aug. 6 

Hamilton, Charles, Somerset, and Mary Davis 1779 June 17 

Hamilton, Gustavus, Philad’p’a, and Margaret DoualdsoD, Darby, Pa.. 1760 Feb. 2 

Hamilton. James, Perth Amboy, and Margaret Peterson, Perth Amb’y. 1762 Nov. 20 

Hamilton, William, Somerset, and Elizabeth MeCollougb, Somerset. .. 1752 Feb. 11 

Hamilton, William, Salem, and Elizabeth Helms 1783 May 15 

Hammel, Felix, Burlington, and Elizabeth Langley 1770 April 26 

Hammell, James, Burlington, and Sarah Butler, Burlington 1742 Oct. 23 

Hammell, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Kelly 1778 Aug. 5 

Hammet, John, Gloucester, and Sarah Hilyer, Gloucester 1745 Dec. 12 

Hammett, George, Burlington, and Rhoda Packer, Burlington 1731 Feb. 21 

Hammett, John, Gloucester, and Sarah Hilyery, Gloucester 1745 Dec. 12 

Hammit, John, Burlington, and Rachel Eves, Burlington. 1774 Feb. 1 

Hammitt, Abraham, Gloucester, aud Mary Hillyard, Gloucester 1747 June 7 

Hammitt, Elias, Burlington, and Anna Lippincott 1779 Jan. 6 

Hammitt, George, Gloucester, and Hannah Sharp, Burlington 1757 April 28 

Hampton, Edward, Gloucester, and Sarah Breach, Gloucester 1741 Aug. 8 


Hampton, Johu, Gloucester, and Ann Devall, Salem 173G Jan. 12 

Hampton, John, Monmouth, and Lidy Hankinson, Monmouth 1761 Mar. 9 

Hampton, John Thomas, Salem, and Marcy Harris, Salem 177.7 Jan. 1 

Hampton, John, Gloucester, and Auu Hugg 1782 Oct. 15 

Hampton, Jonathan, Richmond, and Elizabeth Bird, Essex 1740 Feb. 21 

Hampton, William, Jr., Gloucester, and Alice Chew, Gloucester 1753 Mar. 5 

Hampton, William, Salem, and Barbara Forrest, Salem 1764 Dec. 5 

Hamton, William, Monmouth, and Gertrude Craige, Monmouth.. . 1747 Sept. 30 

Hamton, William, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Bickham, Gloucester 1755 July 3 

Hance, Arthur, Monmouth, and Catherine Vandeveer, Monmouth.. .1755 Mar. 3 

Hance, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Catherine Brannin, Monmouth . .. 17C2 Feb. 6 

Hance, David, Monmouth, and Katherine Grover, Monmouth 1743-4 Mar. 8 

Hance, George, Middlesex, and Margaret Willson, Middlesex 1760 July 3 

Hancock, Arnall, Pennsylvania, and Susannah Phillips, Pennsylvania 1727 July 31 

Hancock, Daniel, Burlington, and Rhoda Lippincott, Burlington 1774 Mar. 1 

Hancock, Edward, Burlington, and Sarah English, Burlington 1742 Jan. 23 

Hancock, Edward, Salem, and Mary Allen ...1757 Dec. 17 

Hancock, Edward, Salem, and Rebecca Ward, Salem 1774 Feb. 28 

Hancock, Edward, Salem, and Abigail Carpenter ...1786 Mar. 7 

Hancock, George, Burlington, and Hannah Perkins. 1779 Oct. 12 

Hancock, Godfrey, Burlington, and Aun Tuly, Burlington 1754 June 25 

Hancock, Isaac, Burlington, and Mary English 1782 Feb. 6 

Hancock, Joseph, Burlington, and Patience Andrews, Burlington 1751 May 2 

Hancock, Joseph, Cumberland, and Elizabeth Butcher 1785 April 25 

Hancock, Pearson, Burlington, and Meriam Deacon 1779 Sept. 8 

Hancock, Thomas, Salem, and Mary Goodwin 1775 Oct. 31 

Hancock, Thomas, Burlington, and Hester Green 1788 April 3 

Hancock, Timothy, Burlington, and Rachell Sirman 1684 Nov. 6 

Hancock, William, Burlington, and Hester Curtis, Burlington 1782 June 5 

Hancock, William, and Ellen Kimball 1735 Oct. 15 

Hancock, William, Jr., Salem, and Mabel Chamhless 1745 Nov. 28 

Hancock, William, Salem, and Sarah Thompson, Salem 1765 Oct. 30 

Hand, Aaron, Cumberland, and Ann Lowring 1777 May 10 

Hand, Abraham, Cape May, and Esther Eldredge, Cape May 1760 Aug. 18 

Hand, Abraham, Middlesex, and Eve Bennet 1772 Aug. 3 

Hand, Daniel, Cape May, and Esther Garrison . . 1774 Oct. 8 

Hand, David, Cape May, and Mary Hand, Cape May 1764 July 2 

Hand, David, Cape May, and Martha Yeates, Cape May 1769 May 16 

Hand, Elias, Cape May, and Mary Page, Cape May 1762 May 3 

Hand, Elijah, Cape May, and Rachel Hand, Cape May 1758 Jan. 24 

Hand, Elisha, Cape May, and Experience Smith, Cape May. 1731 Jan. 22 

Hand, Elisha, Cape May, and Lydia Eldridge, Cape May 1736 Aug. 3u 

Hand, Elisha, Cape May, and Lydia Matthews 1766 Aug. 16 

Hand, Elisha, Cape May, and Ruth Taylor, Cape May 1774 Jan. 26 

Hand, Ellis, Cape May, and Zilpah Eldridge 1777 July 25 

Hand, Ezekiel, Cape May, and Deborah Goldin 1737 Dec. 12 



Hand, Ezra, Cape May, arul Elizabeth Edwards, Cape May 1772 Jan. 2 

Hand, Ezra, Cape May, and Mary Hand 1774 Dec. 20 

Hand, George, Cape May, and Sarah Ingram, Cape May 1771 June 3 

Hand, George, Cape May, and Silvia Mills, Cape May 1773 May 7 

Hand, George, Cape May, and Naomi Smith 1774 Aug. 1 

Hand, Henry, Cape May, and Elizabeth Page, Cape May 1759 Dec. 26 

Hand, Isaac, Cape May, and Marsey Thomson, Cape May 1730 April 3 

Hand, Jacob, Cape May, and Experience Crowel, Cape May 1748 June 8 

Hand, Jacob, Cape May, and Patience Foreman. 1774 Feb. 22 

Hand, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Deborah Hand 1734 Mar. 27 

Hand, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Rachel Crawford, Cape May .1739 Mar. 17 

Hand, Jeremiab, Cape May, and Martha Townsend . 1763 July 12 

Hand, Jeremiah, Cape May, and Sarah Townsend,, Cape May 1790 Jan. 21 

Hand, Jesse, Cape May, and Mary Smith, Cape May 1759 Nov. 7 

Hand, Jesse, Cape May, aud Sarah Learning, Cape May 1763 Jan. 26 

Hand, John, Cape May, and Elinor Peterson 1737 Oct. 29 

Hand, John, Cape May, aud Mary Buck, Cape May 1769 July 28 

Hand, John, Jr., Cape May, aud Sarah Newton, Cape May 1774 May 5 

Hand, John, Cape May, and Sarah Buck . . 17 — April 17 

Hand, Jonathan, Cape May, aud Rebecca Yates, Cape May 1776 Mar. 25 

Hand, Josiah, Cape May, aud Zelika Furman, Cape May 1787 June 26 

Hand, Levi, Cape May, aud Zebish Scull, Cape May 1772 May 10 

Hand, Levi, Cape May, and Esther Hewit 1774 Nov. 8 

Hand, Ludlam, Cape May, and Elizabeth Jenkins 1768 July 5 

Hand, Matthew, Cape May, and Elizabeth Hand, Cape May 1775 Jan. 31 

Haud, Nathan, Cape May, and Hannah Eldrege, Cape May 1742 Mar. 23 

Hand, Neri, Cape May, and Hannah Evans, Cape May 1775 Sept. 15 

Hand, Recompence, Cape May, and Martha Church 1762 Nov. 15 

Hand, Recompence, Cape May, and Achsah Hand 1790 Mar. 1 

Hand, Shamgar, Cape May, and Lydia Smith, Cape May 1761 Sept. 5 

Haud, Shamgar, Cape May, and Priscilla Hildreth, Cape May 1772 Feb. 27 

Hand, Silas, Cape May, and Patience Church, Cape May 1746 Mar. 28 

Hand, Silas, Cape May, and Sarah Crowell, Cape May 1751 April 22 

Hand, Thomas, Cape May, and Jerusha Johnson, Cape May.. 1773 May 19 

Hand, William, Cape May, and Catherine Mackey, Cape May 1731 Jan. 28 

Hand, William, Cape May, and Hannah Garrison, Cumberland 1775 Nov. 17 

Handbey, John, Gloucester, and Susannah Tompson, Gloucester 1735 Jan. 13 

Handcock, John, Burlington, and Martha Richardson, Burlington 1739 Jan. I 

Hanesey, James, Gloucester, aud Mary Gibson, Gloucester 1754 Mar. 23 

Hankerson, Robert, Monmouth, and Sarah Taylor, Monmouth 1734 Jan. 8 

Hankins, Daniel, Middlesex, and Constant Yanvroome 1737 April 27 

Hankins, Isaiah, Burlington, and Mathew Griffy 1771 Sept. 23 

Hankins, John, Burlington, aud Hannah Burden 1778 Oct. 23 

Hankins, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Signet, Burlington 1754 Sept. 3 

Hankins, Thomas, Monmouth, and Mary Cleminger, Monmouth.. ...1728 Sept. 12 

Hankins, •William, Jr., Middlesex, and Jane Ireland, Middlesex 1751 Dec. 2 



Hankinson, Aaron, Hunterdon, and Mary Snyder, Hunterdon 1764 Feb. 9 

Hankinson, James, Monmouth, aud Elizabeth Throckmorton, M’nm’h. 1757 May 25 

Hankinson, James, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Lain, Monmouth 1761 July 11 

Hankinson, Joseph, Jr., Hunterdon, and Hannah Atkinson 1770 April 3 

Hankinson, Richard, Somerset, and Sarah Veal 1769 Nov. 3 

Hankinson, Samuel, Hunterdon, and Hannah Concklin 1787 Feb. 27 

Hankinson, Thomas, Monmouth, and Hannah Throckmorton 1748 Dec. 17 

Hankinson, Thomas, Jr., Monmouth, and Elizabeth Mackferrel, M’th.'l761 April 13 

Hankinson, William, Monmouth, and Nelly Thompson, Monmouth . 1761 Aug. 23 

Hanlon, Barnard, and Honor Thompson 1777 Nov. 5 

Hannah, Preston, Cumberland, and Bathsheba Moore... 1777 Sept. 6 

Hannah, Samuel, Cumberland, and Lydia Sayre, Cumberland 1768 Jan. 19 

Harberson, Robert, Salem, and Juliana Cursey 1785 Dec. 21 

Harbert, Edward, Gloucester, aud Priscila Wiley 1770 Mar. 17 

Harbert, Francis, Monmouth, and Catherine Craft, Monmouth 1752 Nov. 10 

Harbert, Isaac, Burlington, and Tabitha Bell, Burlington 1765 Aug. 15 

Harbert, Robert, Monmouth, and Johanna Parker, Monmouth 1759 April 19 

Harburt, Timothy, Monmouth, and Rachel Robins 1768 Aug. 18 

Harden, Joseph, and Mary Rowen 1775 Mar. 2 

Hardenburgh, Abraham, Ulster, N. Y , and Jane Varick 1784 Jan. 22 

Hardenburgh, Garradus, Ulster, N. Y., and Ann Rverson, Readington. 1766 April 28 
Hardiug, Francis, Monmouth, aud Aune McCoy, Perth Amboy... . 1750 June 25 

Harding, Ezekiel, and Susannah Clarke 1735 Nov. 1 

Harding, Richard, Sussex, and Mary Drum 1775 Dec. 8 

Harding, William, Burlington, and Bridget Killday 1784 June 14 

Hardwick, Johaunis, and Rachel Sobriske 1750 Aug. 25 

Hardy, James, Trenton, aud Ann Witcraft 1780 Feb. 24 

Hargrove, John, Burlington, and Catherine Miller, Burlington 1763 Sept. 10 

Haring, Abraham, Bergen, and Margaret Bogert 1787 Nov. 20 

Haring, Hendrick, Bergen, and Anuatie Banta, Bergen 1763 July 5 

Haring, John, Bergen, and Elizabeth Vanimburg. . .. 1763 Nov. 25 

Haring, Peter T., Orange, N. Y., aud Regnsee Haring, Orange, N Y..1774 June 11 

Harker, Abel, Burlington, and Damaras Zelley, Burlington 1782 Dec. 23 

Harker, Edmund, Monmouth, and Rhoda Lippincott, Monmouth. 1765 Jan. 23 

Harker, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Marrow 1779 Nov. 29 

Harker, Joseph, Gloucester, and Rebecca Evis 1782 Nov. 27 

Harket, Walter, New Castle, Del, and Margaret Ross, New Castle, Del. 1730 June 4 

Harlenbeck, Isaac, Bergen, and Effie Sloot 1763 April 8 

Harmer, Samuel, Waterford, Elizabeth Hedges, Waterford . ... .. 1735 July 28 

Harned, John, Middlesex, and Rachel Allward 1768 Sept. 20 

Harp, Michael, Salem, and Margaret Moyr, Salem 1717 April 3 

Haipeutine, Henry, Somerset, and Mary Coons, Somerset 1742 Jan. 12 

Harper, Henry, Philadelphia, and Mary Jackson, Monmouth 1771 May 28 

Harpin, James, aud Sibella Clayton 1699 June 5 

Harrell, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Mary Lawrence, Monmouth. . . 1743 Oct. 7 

Harrington, Edward, Hunterdon, and Jane Kenney, Hunterdon 1750 July 16 


Harris, Abel, Salem, ami Ruth Lewis, Salem 1746 June 21 

Harris, Daniel, Cumberland, and Martha Ogden, Cumberland 1770 Feb. 28 

Harris, Daniel, Cumberland, and Mary Worthington 1781 Nov. 9 

Harris, Edmund, Monmouth, and Eleanor Schauck, Monmouth. .. . 1765 Jan. 2 

Harris, Elijah, Piscataway, and Amy Kelly, Woodbridge 1757 June 15 

Harris, Francis, Burlington, and Rejoice Burge 1774 Oct. 17 

Harris, George, Burlington, and Mary Burr, Burlington 1774 May 2 

Harris, Isaac, Salem, and Anne Moon, Cumberland 1772 Aug. 27 

Harris, Jacob, Cumberland, and Rachel Bacon 1780 Feb. 29 

Harris, James, Middlesex, and Anne Van Buskirk, Middlesex 1748 June 21 

Harris, John, Gloucester, and Susanna Searle 1732 Feb. 1 

Harris, John, Burlington, and Sarah Eldridge, Burlington 1737 Mar. 24 

Harris, John, Burlington, and Jemima Ashton 1750 April 25 

Harris, Moses, Cumberland, and Phebe Brooks 1779 Nov. 26 

Harris, Noah, Cumberland, and Mary Aplen, Gloucester. . . . . : 1761 July 23 

Harris, Noah, Cumberland, and Sarah Carll 1781 April 18 

Harris, Samuel, Cumberland, and Rachel Hood, Cumberland 1761 Aug. 25 

Harris, William, Burlington, and Sarah Atkinson, Burlington 1731 Jan. 5 

Harris, William, Cape May, and Elizabeth Iszard, Cumberland 1750 Oct. 27 

Harris, William, Burlington, and Jane Richardson 1772 Mar. 18 

Harris, -William, Burlington, and Hannah Wilson 1783 April 9 

Harrison, Henry, Monmouth, and Catherine Davies, Monmouth 1739 May 1 

Harrison, Henry, New Jersey, and Anne Winaus, Somerset 1742 May 17 

Harrison, John, Monmouth, and Mary Giberson 1759 Sept. 21 

Harrison, Joseph, Gloucester, and Anne Clement, Gloucester 1749 Sept. 21 

HarrisoD, Joseph, Burlington, and Martha Walton, Burlington 1776 Feb. 7 

Harrison, Miles, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Sellers, Bucks, Pa. 1731 June 22 

Harrison, Oussa, Middlesex, and Mary Van Emburgh, Middlesex. . . . 1748 Oct. 8 

Harrison, Richard, Burlington, and Rachel Everingham, Monmouth. . 1736 June 21 

Harrison, Richard, Monmouth, and Hannah Wheatcraft, Burlington. .1763 Oct. 1 

Harrison, Richard, Burlington, and Edith Wright, Burlington 1765 Aug. 14 

Harrison, Samuel, Gloucester, and Mary Preston, Philadelphia 1730 May 30 

Harrison, Samuel, Jr., Gloucester, and Kezia Talman, Gloucester .. 1761 April 10 

Harrison, William, Gloucester, and Abigail Thorne, Gloucester 1759 Mar. 6 

Harry, Aubrey, Chester, and Sarah Bonsell 1754 Jan. 14 

Hart, Andrew, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Ege, Hunterdon 1774 Nov. 19 

Hartwick, George, Middlesex, and Eleanor Marshall, Middlesex 1748 Jan. 7 

Hart, Henry, Salem, and Elizabeth Russel], Salem 1767 Sept. 29 

Hart, Jesse, Hunterdon, and Martha Mattison 1770 Jan. 13 

Hart, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Franky Phillips, Hunterdon.. 1764 Mar. 28 

Hart, Legg, Monmouth, and Catherine Applegate, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 9 

Hart, Nathaniel, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Stout 1770 May 2 

Hart, Nathaniel, Hunterdon, and Abigail Scudder 1778 Nov. 14 

Hart, Noah, Hunterdon, and Rachel McKnight, Monmouth 1764 Aug. 17 

Hart, Phillip, Hunterdon, and Hannah Palmer 1780 April 16 

Hart, Ralph, Hunterdon, and Penelope Anderson 1770 Sept. 5 


Hart, Ralph, Trenton, and Hannah Carter 1780 Dec. 7 

Hart, Timothy, Hunterdon, and Sarah Hart 1784 Dec. 14 

Hart, Titus, Hunterdon, and Rebecca Scudder 1770 Jan. 11 

Hartaugh, Angleburt, Somerset, and Anne Gulick 0 

Hartley, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Mary Bates, Gloucester 1762 April 12 

Hartley, Henry, 47th Regt. Foot, Mary Paxton 1773 Sept. 14 

Hartley, Hugh, Burlington, and Mary Duckworth, Burlington 1740 Dec. 29 

Hartman, John, Burlington, and Sarah Radford, Burlington 176L April 6 

Hartman, John, Burlington, and Sabillah Elkinton 1771 April 6 

Hartshorue, Esech, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Salter, Burlington . . 1764 Nov. 22 
Hartshorne, Richard, Monmouth, and Mary Van Emburgh, Monm’th 1766 Aug. 2 

Hartshorne, Robert, Monmouth, and Sarah S altar, Monmouth 1743 Dec. 21 

Hartshorne, Samuel W., Burlington, and Ann Mount, Burlington. .. 1779 May 8 

Hartshorne, Thomas, Monmouth, and Marah Smith, Monmouth 1754 Jan. 22 

Hartshorne, William, Monmouth, and Mary Reid, Monmouth 1711 Dec. 21 

Hartsough, Frederick, Somerset, and Catherine Girty 1779 Mar. 30 

Harvey, Daniel, Burlington, and Sarah Folwell 1777 Aug. 11 

Harvey, Edward, Salem, and Mary Aurey, Salem. . . . 1749 May 1 

Harvey, Jacob, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Alliu, Monmouth . 1767 Nov. 17 

Harvey, John, Bucks, Pa., and Esther Brelsford, Middletown 1741 May 11 

Harvey, Peter, Burlington, and Mary Hancock, Burlington. . ...... 1748 April 8 

Harvey, Peter, Monmouth, aud Sarah Coorson, Monmouth 1767 Aov. 18 

Harvey, Robert, Monmouth, and Hannah White, Monmouth 1764 Jan. 2 

Harvey, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Rachel Merrill 1784 April 10 

Harvey, William, Salem, and Sarah SI ape 1771 Dec. 12 

Harwood, Eaton, Salem, and Margaret 'Valker 1768 Feb. 17 

Haswell, Edward, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Ball 1768 Mar. 31 

Hatcher, William, Pennsylvania, and Aune Vansant, Pennsylvania.. . .1727 Nov. 13 

Hatfield, George, Philadelphia, and Mary Moses, Philadelphia 1739 July 4 

Hatheway, Isaac, Morris, and Sarah Y'ouug. Morris 1769 Dec. 2 

Hathorn, Hugh, Cape May, aud Elizabeth Gandy, Cape May 1761 Aug. 13 

Hatkinson, John, Philadelphia, and Rachel Allen, Philadelphia 1750 June 27 

Hatton, Edward, Philadelphia, and Hannah Combieu, Philadelphia .1731 Sept. 4 

Haughawout, Lefferts, Middlesex, and Sarah Aikm'on 1747 May 29 

Haughawout, Peter, Hunterdon, and Leah Van Camp, Hunterdon ..1763 Dec. 31 

Havens, Aaron, Monmouth, and Mary Devie, Monmouth 1762 Aug. 21 

Havens, John, Monmouth, and Anna Davis, Monmouth 1745 Jan. 21 

Havens, Joseph, Burlington, aud Susannah Vreeland.. . ...1757 Sept. 13 

Havens, Stephen, Burlington, and Sarah Ellison, Burlington 1784 June 1 

Havilaud, Benjamin, Monmouth, aud Catrine Right, Monmouth 1754 Dec. 4 

Haviland, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Rebecca Stillwell, Monmouth .1764 April 9 
Havilaud, Joseph, Perth Amboy, and Martha Crager, Woodbridge ...1752 Sept. 30 
Haviland, Stephen, Monmouth, and Sarah Throckmorton, Monmouth. 1748 April 30 

Hawk, Jacob, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Clear 1780 Nov. 28 

Hawk, Joseph, Burlington, and Margaret McKi! ley 1(80 June 5 

Hawkins, George, Gloucester, and Jemima Risley, Gloucester 1758 July 31 


Hawkins, Isaac, Philadelphia, and Susanna Marpole, Philadelphia. . . 1748 July 28 

Hawkins, William, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Corker, Bucks, Pa 1742 Aug. 14 

Hawley, Peter, and Charity Jacobus 1782 June 15 

Haws, Alpheus, and Sarah Bruen 1779 May 22 

Hawthorn, Isaac, Cumberland, and Hannah Smith 1786 May 18 

Hay, David, Monmouth, and Margaret Newell. . . . 1781 .Jan. 16 

Hay, Morris, Burlington, and Eleanor Hutton 1758 Sept. 13 

Hay, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Thorne, Burlington 1746 May 20 

Hay, William, Monmouth, and Valeriah Tilton, Monmouth 1761 Mar. 27 

Hay, William, Burlington, and Mary Curtin 1770 Aug. 3 

Haybiu-n, James, Philadelphia, and Mary Hopewell, Burlington 1781 Dec. 24 

Hayes, Jacob, Burlington, and Deborah Westervelt, Burlington 1744 Nov. 1 

Hayes, James, Gloucester, and Margaret Magloughliu, Gloucester 1738 Aug. 2 

Hayes, Samuel, Monmouth, and Marah Williams, Monmouth 1754 Jan. 12 

Hayes, William, Burlington, and Lydia Meyer, Burlington 1740 Dec. 4 

Hayes, William, Sussex, and HannaS. Rathstoue 1770 Nov. 17 

Hayle, Andrew, Burlington, and Pbeby Nichols 1783 June 25 

Haynes, John, Salem, and Rebecca Smith, Salem 1745 Nor. 4 

Hays, Daniel, Monmouth, and Jeney Van Cleve, Monmouth 176 5 Jan. 13 

Hays, John, Burlington, and Rhody Vaughn. . . 1782 Nov. 19 

Hays, Joseph, Cape May, and Lydia Johnson, Cape May 1771 Dec. 16 

Hays, Michael, Elizabeth Town, and Mary Alston, Rahway 1758 May 18 

Hays, William, Burlington, and Rebecca Ring 1777 May 13 

Haywood, William, Monmouth, and Sarah Fitz Randolph, Monm’th .1761 Nov. 13 

Hazelton, Abraham, Burlington, and Susannah Burroughs, ... 1756 June 7 

Hazelton, Henry, Pennsylvania, and Alice Jessop. . . 1779 April 13 

Hazleton, Jarvis, Perth Amboy, and Anne Haywood, Perth Amboy ... 1740 Feb. 9 

Hazleton, William, Philadelphia, aud Miriam Richison, Philadelphia. . 1737 July 9 

Hazleton, William, Burlington, aud Abigail Wi-igbt, Burlington 1775 April 22 

Hazlett, James, Sussex, and Catharine Commons, Sussex 1771 Nov. 21 

Hazlit, Samuel, Sussex, aud Margaret Hazlet 1777 July 14 

Headley, Joshua, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Bidgood, Bucks, Pa 1748 Dec. 27 

Headley, Solomon, Pennsylvania, and Sarah Sulwaut, Pennsylvania. . 1761 May 22 

Heady, Thomas, New Jersey, and Rebecca Stillwell 1749 June 24 

Heard, Elisha, Gloucester, aud Mary Lukis, Gloucester 1767 Sept. 19 

Heard, John, Woodbridge, aud Margaret Hadden, Woodbridge 1757 Nov. 11 

Heard, Nathaniel, Woodbridge, and Mary Ford, Woodbridge 1752 Feb. 14 

Heard, Richard, Burlington, and Mary Rulius 1777 Feb. 25 

Hearthy, Roger, Pennsylvania, and Rebecca Parker, Burlington. . . . 1727 June 21 

Heath, John, Perth Amboy, and Anne Lewis 1746 Feb. 21 

Heath, John, Somerset, aud Neighomy Lee 1780 Jan. 5 

Heath, Thomas, Middlesex, and Sarah Eddy •. 1768 Nov. 29 

Heaton, James, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Kidd, Bucks, Pa . .’ 1776 June 5 

Heaton, John, Bergen, and Elizabeth Anderson, Bergen 1765 Oct. 30 

Heaton, Levi, Cumberland, aud Phebe Cook, Cumberland 1777 Nov. 19 

Heaton, Robert, Burlington, and Ann Horner 1795 Jan. 8 


Heaton, Samuel, Cumberland, and Rboda Terry 1783 May 12 

Heavens, Daniel, and Rebecca Waiuright, Burlington 1759 Feb. 1 

Heaviland, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Johnston, Monmouth.. .. 1763 Aug. 9 

Hedden, Marcus, Monmouth, and Margaret Browne, Monmouth 1738 July 27 

Hedden, Marcus, Monmouth, and Hester Frost, Monmouth 1779 Mar. 31 

Hedger, John, Gloucester, and Ann Sparks, Gloucester 1769 April 25 

Hedges, Thomas, Cape May, and Mary Lupton 1762 Feb. 16 

Hedrick, Christopher, Bergen, and Catherine Cooley 1777 April 3 

Hegbe, Edward, Gloucester, and Jemima Risley, Gloucester 1738 May 4 

Hegeman, Adrian, Somerset, and Francis Wickoff 1778 May 29 

Hegeman, Benjamin, Somerset, and Sarah Snydam 1778 Nov. 2 

Height, Joseph, Monmouth, and Hannah Rodgers 1778 Aug. 18 

Height, Thomas, Middlesex, and Rachel Wilson, Middlesex 1767 Jan. 30 

Heister, Daniel, Burlington, and Mary Carman, Burlington 1779 Sept. 23 

Hellson, Richard, Burlington, and Catharine Clayton, Burlington 1731 Jan. 12 

Helm, Robert, Somerset, and Sarah Linn 1769 Jan. 16 

Helmes, Israel, Salem, and Mary Peterson, Salem 1729 Dec. 14 

Hemmety, Henry, Hunterdon, and Ann Lomason, Hunterdon 1763 Sept. 9 

Henary, David, and Mary Rosebrook 1751 Dec. 9 

Hendershot, William, Sussex, and Catherine Hunter, Sussex 1773 Dec. 24 

Henderson, John, Monmouth, and Jane Laird, Monmouth 1761 Jan. 29 

Henderson, John, Hunterdon, and Mary Vandervoort, Sussex 1770 Mar. 27 

Henderson, James, Somerset, and Sarah Kennedy 1768 Aug. 17 

Henderson, Michael, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Reemer, Somerset . . 1764 Jan. 24 

Henderson, Samuel, Monmouth, and Margaret Rhea, Monmouth 1767 April 20 

Hendricks, Abraham, Monmouth, and Mary Wyckoff, Monmouth 1754 Dec. 17 

Hendricks, Coonradt, Monmouth, and Mercy Knott, Monmouth 1763 June 17 

Hendricks, John, Monmouth, and Phebe Smith, Monmouth. 1759 Oct. 31 

Hendrickson, Abraham, Kings, N. Y., and Anna Van Kirk, Monmouth. 1759 May 23 
Hendrickson, Albert, Monmouth, and Joanna Mills, Monmouth . ..1755 Jan. 3 
Hendrickson, Coonradt, Monmouth, and Mary English, Monmouth.. .. 1759 June 18 

Hendrickson, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Mary Thorn ... 1767 Jan. 28 

Hendrickson, Daniel, Middlesex, and Elleuor Vanmeter, Monmouth. . 1758 Nov. 14 
Hendrickson, Daniel, Jr, Monmouth, and Mary Schenck, Monmouth. 1767 Sept. 2 
Hendrickson, Garret, Monmouth, and Catherine Denice, Monmouth. . 1755 Dec. 8 
Hendrickson, Hendrick, Middletown, and Sarah Thomson, Middlet’n.. 1751 April 3 
Hendrickson, Hendrick, Monmouth, and Ledy Covinoven, Monmouth. 1757 Mar. 7 
Hendrickson, Jacob, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Mount, Monmouth. ..1771 May 2 

Hendrickson, John, Burlington, and Aune Cox 1763 Nov. 14 

Hendrickson, Tobias, Monmouth, and Rebecca Coward 1762 Mar. 6 

Hendrickson, William, New Jersey, and Charity Robinson, Monm'th. 1756 Dec. 21 

Hendrickson, William, Monmouth, and Mary Duglass 1762 April 22 

Hendrickson, William, Monmouth, and Rachel Longstreet, Monmouth. 1768 Feb. 22 

Hendrixson, John, Gloucester, and Mary Cole, Gloucester 1759 April 2 

Hendry, John, Burlington, and Sarah Lovett, Burlington 1764 Nov. 24 

Hendry, Samuel, Burlington, and Elizabeth Auderson 1785 Mar. 2 


Hendry, Thomas, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Bowman, New Haven. . . . 1774 Nov. 14 

Henery, William, Sussex, and Hannah Rose, Morris 1773 Dec. 11 

Henuion, Cornelius, Bergen, and Adriana Vender 17S1 Nov. 17 

Henry, John, Burlington, and Susanna Gibbs, Burlington .. 1764 Jan. 6 

Henry, John, Middlesex, and Phoebe Taylor, Monmouth 1768 Mar. 23 

Hentou, George, Burlington, and Abigail Rodgers 1743 Sept. 23 

Hepbourn, William, Hunterdon, and Sarah Carson 17 — Sept. 11 

Hepburn, John, Somerset, and Margaret Salton 1771 Dec. 18 

Hepburne, James, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Montgomerie, Monmouth. 1738 Jan. 26 
Hepherd, William, Gloucester, and Deborah Hinchman, Gloucester. .. 1735 Mar. 1 

Heppard, Thomas, Gloucester, and Rhoda Zane 1761 Feb. 13 

Herbert, Daniel, Monmouth, and Amey Megee 1745 Oct. 2 

Herbert, David, and Margaret Lyon, Monmouth 1744 July 2 

Herbert, Felix, Somerset, and Catherine Karr 1778 Dec. 14 

Herbert, Isaac, Monmouth, and Freelove Woolley, Monmouth 1742-3 Feb. 7 

Herbert, James, Middletown, and Margaret Mount, Middletown . . 1739-40 Mar. 24 
Herbert, James, Monmouth, and Mary Vandeventer, Monmouth. ...1767 Oct. 15 

Herbert, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Smyth, Monmouth 1749 Aug. 5 

Herbert, Jonathan, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Curbs, Monmouth 1769 Dec. 30 

Herbert, Obadiah, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Warne, Middlesex 1765 Mar. 21 

Herbert, Richard, Monmouth, and Martha Carman, Monmouth 1742 June 2 

Herbert, Richard, Monmouth, and Mary Seabrook 1767 May 19 

Herbert, Samuel, Monmouth, and Rehaner Parigan, Pennsylvania .. . 1752 April 2 

Herbert, Thomas, Monmouth, and Hannah Winter, Monmouth 1751 Oct. 21 

Herbert, Walter, Monmouth, and Phebe Mount, Monmouth .. .1741 Jan. 13 

Herd, Samuel, Burlington, and Eliza Brayman.. 17 8 Feb. 23 

Herd, Thomas, Burlington, and Alice Smith, Burlington 1741 Jan. 18 

Herder, Christopher, Somerset, and Anne Aumerman 1779 Aug. 17 

Heritage, John, Burlington, and Ann Hugg, Gloucester. 1741 Aug. 22 

Heritage, John, Jr., Gloucester, and Ruth Hains, Burlington 1746 Oct. 14 

Heritage, John, Gloucester, and Mary Cattell, Gloucester 1760 Dec. 20 

Heritage, John, Gloucester, and Susannah Marple, Gloucester 1768 Dec. 7 

Heritage, William, Gloucester, and Susannah Denyce 1771 Aug. 13 

Herkins, John, Burlington, and Mary Whitaker 1765 May 3 

Herliky, Denis, Monmouth, and Lidy Rogers, Monmouth. . 1760 Mar. 11 

Herriot, Alford, Woodbridge, and Christiana Wortmau, Somerset. . . 1774 Nov. 26 

Herriot, Ephraim, Bedmiuster, and Jane Allen, Bedminster 1756 Dec. 11 

Herriot, George, Woodbridge, and Mary Ayers, Woodbridge 1750 Tec. 24 

Herriot, Samuel, Somerset, and Mary Kerr, Monmouth 1759 Jan. 29 

Herriott, Asher, Somerset, and Catherine Leferty, Somerset 1755 Jan. 6 

Herriott, Asher, Sussex, and Mary Lockheart, Somerset 1763 Oct. 24 

Herriott, David, Jr., Woodbridge, and Sarah Alford, Woodbridge 1741 Sept. 9 

Herritage, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Whiteall, Gloucester. ... 1730 Mar. 17 

Heslip, David, Burlington, and Catharine LArkius 1778 June 18 

Hess, Abraham, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hammit, Gloucester. ... 1746 Jan. 6 

Hetfield, Abraham, Essex, and Eleanor Blaekledge, Essex 1746 Sept. I 7 


Heton, John, Bergen, and Mary Brower, Bergen 1785 Sept. 23 

Heuliugs, Abraham, Burlington, and Sarah Perkins 1757 Aug. 18 

Heulings, Israel, Burlington, and Ann Tantum, Burlington 1740 Oct. 10 

Heuliugs, Jacob, Burlington, and Elizabeth Eves, Burlington 1775 Jan. 16 

Heulings, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Wood, Gloucester 1741 May 12 

Heulings, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Hammick, Gloucester.. .. 1756 June 14 

Heirlings, Samuel, Burlington, and Bosemond Garwood, Burlington. . 1763 June 22 

Heustis, John, Burlington, and Mary Higbev, Burlington 1765 Jan. 29 

Hewes, James, Salem, and Sarah Page, Salem ^ 1770 July 18 

Hewet, Azariah, Cape May, and Lidia Buck. 1775 June 12 

Hewins, Thomas, Salem, and Rachel Dickson, Salem 1745 Aug. 13 

Hewit, Thomas, Jr., Cape May, and Hannah Hand, Cape May 1764 Dec. 4 

Hewit, Shamgar, Cape May, and Elizabeth Smith. . . 1778 April 24 

Hewitt, Caleb, Gloucester, and Mary Howton, Gloucester 1763 May 31 

Hewitt, Daniel, Cape May, and Mary Holden, Cajre May 1764 Feb. 1 

Hewitt, Elijah, Cape May, and Naomi Young, Cape May 1763 June 14 

Hewitt, Henry, Salem, and Rachel Summered 1773 Feb. 27 

Hewitt, Thomas, Monmouth, and Sarah West, Monmouth 1746 Dec. 25 

Hewitt, Thomas, Gloucester, and Mary Smith, Gloucester.. . . 1768 Jan. 15 

Hewitt, William, Gloucester, and Rachel Brian t, Gloucester 1745 Jan. 15 

Hewlings, Abraham, Burlington, and Anne Mary Hay 1758 July 29 

Hewlings, Abraham, Burlington, and Elizabeth Burr, Burlington . . . 1774 Sept. 5 

Hewlings, Isaac, Burlington, and Anu Ware, Burlington . . 1763 Oct. 19 

Hewling', William, and Mary Lovett 1695 July 23 

Hews, Henry, Perth Amboy, and Dorcas Hagewout, Perth Amboy . . . 1755 July 9 

Hews, William, Burlington, and Prudence Thomas 1757 Oct. 10 

Hewson, John, Burlington, and Jane Erwin 1779 May 14 

Hewson, Joseph, Burlington, and Rachel Haines, Burlington 1770 April 5 

Heyer, Peter, Monmouth, and Altse Yan Pelt, Monmouth 1739 Nov. 30 

Hibbard, Aaron, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Ball, Philadelphia 1746 July 18 

Hibbits, James, Middlesex, and Isabella Van Schaick. 1767 Feb. 25 

Hibbs, Jacob, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Johnson, Pennsylvania.. . . 1727 June 15 

Hickman, Francis, Burlington, and Jane Moon, Burlington 1742 Nov. 3 

Hickman, John, Gloucester, and Esther Robertson, Gloucester 1745-6 Feb. 1 

Hicks, Augustus, Philadelphia, and Mary Jones, Bucks, Pa 1763 Nov. 5 

Hicks, George, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Gorheen 1763 Oct. 11 

Hicks, Oliver, Monmouth, and Catherine Cook, Monmouth 1775 Mar. 10 

Higbe, Edward, Gloucester, and Mary Smith 1782 Jan. 3 

Higbee, Isaac, Gloucester, and Saviah Somers 1785 Feb. 28 

Higbee, Jeremiah, Gloucester, and Ester Smith .. 1773 Oct. 13 

Higbee, John, Gloucester, and Mary Smith, Gloucester 1758 May 22 

Higbee, John. Middlesex, and Margaret Ellison 1780 June 26 

Higbee, Joseph, Jr., Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Ely, Hunterdon 1742 Dec. 24 

Higbee, William, Burlington, and Ruth Middleton, Burlington 1756 June 21 

Higby, Absalom, Gloucester, and Rachel Scull 1784 Jan. 7 

Higby, Edward, Gloucester, and Sarah Leeds. ... 1781 May 20 


1 8 1 

Higgins, A zariah, Hunterdon, and Sarah Stout 1779 Jan. 20 

Higgins, Bryan, Burlington, and Sarah Warrick, Burlington 1737 Aug. 17 

Higgins, Bryont, Monmouth, and Micil Stillwil, Monmouth ...1750 Oct. 29 

Higgins, Edward, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Stockton, Middlesex .... 1763 May 14 

Higgins, Jedidiah, Hunterdon, and Mary Hill, Hunterdon 1774 May 17 

Higgins, Jodia, Burlington, and Mary Newbold, Burlington 1684 May 12 

Higgins, John, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Letts, Middlesex 1765 May 11 

Higgins, Michael, Somerset, and Anne Bryant, Somerset 1727 Nov. 8 

Hight, Nicholas, Jr., Middlesex, and Bershaba Aastley 1774 April 5 

Hilboru, Robert, and Christian White 1761 Aug. 17 

Hildritli, Daniel, Cape May, and Prisila Goff, Cape May 1761 May 2 

Hildrith, David, Cape May, and Jane Edwards, Cape May 1769 April 21 

Hildreth, Joseph, Cape May, and Zabiah Corson, Cape May 1748 Feb. 16 

Hildreth, Joseph, Salem, and Lydia Street, Salem 1759 Nov. 1 

Hildreth, Joseph, Cumberland, and Alice Shaw 1777 Nov. 12 

Hildreth, Joseph, Cape May, and Martha Stilwill 1789 Jan. 28 

Hill, Alexander, Salem, and Elizabeth Dunlap.. 1756 Mar. 16 

Hill, Edward, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Banks, Pennsylvania 1728 Aug. 6 

Hill, Isaac, Hunterdon, and Mary Hunt 1781 Dec. 3 

Hill, John, Salem, and Margaret Smith ... 1760 May 30 

Hill, John, Middlesex, and Ruth Stockton, Middlesex 1765 May 21 

Hill, John, Burlington, and Ann Hodgins 1770 June 2 

Hill, Joseph, Bucks, Pa., and Auue Hull, Mendham 1783 July 19 

Hill, Moses, Salem, and Sarah Bilderback, Salem 1764 Nov. 

Hill, Robert, Burlington, and Anne Gillum, Burlington 1749 Nov. 1 

Hill, Samuel, Hunterdon, and Sarah Trout 1787 June 6 

Hill, Seth, Burlington, and Mary Grubb 1685 May 8 

Hill, Smith, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Nut 1780 Nov. 12 

Hill, William, Monmouth, and Mary Harbour, Monmouth 1742 Nov. 3 

Hill, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Ashton, Burlington 1749 Sept. 9 

Hill, William, and Hester White, Hunterdon 1762 June 12 

Hiller, Edward, Burlington, and Sarah Haines 1733 Jan. 21 

Hiller, Uriah, Burlington, and Sarah E ay res, Burlington 1746 July 21 

Hillegas, Samuel, and Mary Milnor 1778 Nov. 16 

Hillier, Jacob, Burlington, and Martha Robinson, Burlington 1762 April 17 

Hillier, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Green, Pennsylvania 1772 Jan. 9 

Hillman, Daniel, Gloucester, and Lydia Pratt 1774 Jan. 25 

Hillman, James, Gloucester, and Mary Smallwood, Gloucester 1754 Oct. 8 

Hillman, Joab, Gloucester, and Mary Mattlacke, Gloucester 1761 April 18 

Hillman, Joel, Gloucester, and Litislia Cheeseman 1748 Mar. 7 

Hillman, Joseph, Gloucester, and Sarah Chivers, Gloucester 1758 July 22 

Hillman, Joseph, Gloucester, and Drusilea Cheesman 1763 July 18 

Hillman, Joseph, Gloucester, and Rebecca Sparks 1784 Nov. 18 

Hillman. Josiah, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Pancoast, Gloucester 1761 April 18 

Hillyer, John, Richmond, N. Y., and Mary Richoff. 1768 Feb. 2 

Hillyer, Nicholas, New York, and Jane Biset, Staten Island 1771 Aug. 6 

i 82 


Hillyer, William, New York, and Dinah Dey, Monmouth 1755 April 21 

Hilman, Job, Salem, and Rachel Plummer, Salem. . ... 1778 Nov. 7 

Hilton, Israel, Staten Island, and Mary Glaspey. Staten Island. .... .1715 Jan. 31 

Hettzheimer, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Theodocia Imlay 1792 Oct. 15 

Hinchman, Isaac, Gloucester, and Lettice Woolst on, Gloucester 1753 Dec. 31 

Hiuchmau, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Smith, Gloucester 1717 Jan. 6 

Hinchman, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Weiley 1789 Dec. 30 

Hinchman, Joseph, Gloucester, and Sarah Kaign.. 1771 Nov. 15 

Hinchman, William, Gloucester, and Jane Murphy 1783 Aug. 12 

Hinds, Jeremiah, Burlington, and Mary Fitzhuge, Chester 1739 May 29 

Hinds, Richard, Monmouth, and Margaret Remine, Monmouth 1736 Jan. 10 

Hines, Jeremiah, Salem, and Mary Hmu, Cumberland 1775 April 26 

Hines, Thomas, Burlington, and Elly Stuart 1781 July 31 

Hinshaw, Michael, Cape May, aud Elizabeth Barlow, Cape May 1769 Jan. 30 

Hirby, William, Burlington, and Ann Taylor, Burlington 1735 Apiil 18 

Hires, Walter, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Yanbelt 1752 Feb. 24 

Hireton, Obediah, Burlington, and Mary King. Burlington 1728 July 29 

Hitchcock, Joseph, Philadelphia, and Ann Jackson, Philadelphia. . ..1734 July 27 

Hixon, Mathew, Hunterdon, and Phebe Everitt 1728 June 3 

Hixson, James, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Wombok 1779 Dec. 7 

Hixson, Matthew, Hunterdon, and Catharine Hogg 1779 Mar. 8 

Hixson, Nathaniel, Hunterdon, and Temperance Sixton, Hunterdon. .. 1775 Feb. 25 

Hixson, Samuel, Hunterdon, and Barbara Akelar . . 1777 April 5 

Hoadley, John, Salem, and Deborah Hand 1779 April 27 

Hoagland, Abraham, Somerset, and Mary Probosco 1781 Feb. 22 

Hoagland, John, Somerset, aud Phebe Baird 1780 July 15 

Hoagland, Peter, Middlesex, and Mary Van Cleef 1780 Dec. 16 

Hobson, George, Burliugton, and Hannah Kinnison, Pennsylvania. ... 1732 Aug. 8 

Hodge, Bernard, Salem, and Elizabeth Prague, Salem 1688 Jan. 1 

Hodge, Joseph, Salem, and Sarah Shaw, Salem. 1746 April 5 

Hodgson, Nathaniel, Middlesex, and Margaret Allen 1783 Dec. 11 

Hodson, William, Monmouth, and Esther Patterson, Monmouth 1743 Jan. 7 

Hodson, William, Burlington, and Elizabeth Taylor 1777 Sept. 2 

Hoel, Isaac, Gloucester, and Mary Sharp, Gloucester 1727 Jan. 29 

Hoff, Charles, Jr., and Hannah Tuttle 1778 Sept. 5 

Hoff, Daniel, Hunterdon, and Laura Titus 1769 Sept. 19 

Hoff, John, Monmouth, and Helen Stout, Monmouth 1758 May 2 

Hoff, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Jemima Baldwin 1781 Nov. 21 

Hoffe, Daniel, Burlington, and Mary Worley, Burlington 1741 Mar. 4 

Hoffee, George, Burlington, and Margaret Braudenburg, Burlington .. 1775 Sept. 21 

Hoffman, Audrew, and Kesiah Allen 1735 Dec. 11 

Hoffman, Charles, Gloucester, and Mary Reeves, Gloucester 1761 July 13 

Hoffman, Isaac, Gloucester, and Catherine Bender, Gloucester 1765 Sept. 14 

Hoffman, John, Gloucester, and Mary Fox, Gloucester 1749 Nov. 1 

Hoffman, John, Salem, and Sarah Wright, Salem. 1769 July 22 

Hoffman, John, Hunterdon, and Ann More, Hunterdon 1776 Feb. 6 

MARRIAGE licenses. 


Hoffmer, Isaac, Monmouth, and Alice Stilwell, Monmouth. . . 1755 Aug. 4 

Hoffmire, William, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Rogers, Monmouth .... 1740 Nov. 11 
Hoffmire, William, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Vandyk, Monmouth. ... 1762 Jan. 9 

Hogben, Neliemiab, Salem, and Hannah Bowin, Salem 1744 Dec. 6 

Hogbin, Amariah, Cumberland, and Mercy Simpkin 1757 Aug. 16 

Hogbin, Joseph, Salem, and Latitia Noblitt, Salem 1767 April 14 

Hoge, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Fenton, Burlington 1763 Jan. 15 

Hogeland, Abraham, Middlesex, and Hannah Stoothoff, Somerset .... 1741 May 9 

Hogeland, Garret, Somerset, and Jacomintie Hogeland, Somerset 1742 Aug. 30 

Hogeland, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Else Slack 1779 June 26 

Hogeland, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Jane Jewell, Hunterdon 1771 Feb. 16 

Hogg, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Rebecca Fitzwater, Philadelphia. .. 1734 Feb. 6 
Hoggins, Timothy, Burlington, and Katharine Hamilton, Burlington. .1745 Aug. 21 

Hogland, Elbert, Long Island, and Mary Gulick, Somerset 1748 June 9 

Hogland, Isaac, Hunterdon, and Susannah Skelton, Bucks, Pa 1772 Oct. 26 

Hoile, Nicholas, Burlington, and Priscilla Bell. 1777 Dec. 14 

Holcomb, Samuel, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Stevenson 1768 Oct. 26 

Holcomb, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Leah Deremer 1778 June 25 

Holcombe, Richard, Hunterdon, and H mnah Emley, Hunterdon 1774 April 23 

Holcombe, Thomas, Hunterdon, and Mary Holcombe 1783 May 21 

Holden, Benjamin, Cape May, and Abigail Leonard 1746 April 5 

Holder, Daniel, Cape May, and Sarah Iszard, Cape May 1754 Sept. 4 

Holder, John, Burlington, and Joanna Tindall, Burlington 1736 Feb. 9 

Holder, Samuel, Burlington, and Tacey Jones, Burlington 1736 Nov. 1 

Holland, Daniel, Burlington, and Mary Smith, Burlington 1739 Aug. 20 

Holland, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Veneball 1790 Mar. 31 

Hollden, Benjamin, Cape May, and Elizabeth Briggs, Cape May 1739 Dec. 18 

Holliday, James, Salem, and Elizabeth Smith 1780 Feb. 9 

Holliushead, Benjamin, Burlington, and Jerusha Oliphant, Burlington. 1759 Nov. 27 

Hollinsheal, Daniel, Monmouth, and Mary Buckalew.. . . 1762 Jan. 25 

Holliushead, Edward, Gloucester, and Susannah Shivers, Gloucester .. 1748 Nov. 23 
Holliushead, Hugh, Jr., Burlington, and Miry Mullen, Burlington.. .. 1782 Sept. 11 

Hollinshead, Jacob, Salem, and Hannah Scoggin, Salem 1766 Dec. 9 

Holliushead, Jacob, Cumberland, and Sarah Rice 1779 April 17 

Hollinshead, James, New Jersey, and Mary Ireland, 1765 April 22 

Holliushead, John, Burlington, and S Irak Dobbins, Burlington 1767 Aug. 25 

Hollinshead, John. Burlington, and Martha Boston 1782 Mar. 18 

Holliushead, John, Burlington, and Zelas Hollinshead 1787 Dec. 5 

H olliushead, Joseph, Burlington, aud Jerusha Hollinshead 1759 Aug. 30 

Holliushead, .Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Battler 1787 Mar. 1 

Hollinshead, Morgan, Burlington, and Rebecca Matlack, Burlington. . 1775 Sept. 30 

Holliushead, Bvnear, Cape May, and Jane Eldredge, Cape May 1772 Jiyie 5 

Hollinshead, Samuel, Burlington, aud Ann Rosell, Burlington 1736 July 9 

Holliushead, Samuel-, Cumberland, and Mary Eldredge 1785 Sept. 13 

Hollinshead, William, B udingtou, aud H tunah Ruderon, Burlington.. 1727 April 1 
Hollinshead, William, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Marvey, Phila 1748 Feb. 26 


Holloway, George, Burlington, and Mary Emley. . . 1761 July 25 

Holloway, George, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Lawrie 1768 June 22 

Holloway. Isaac, Middlesex, and Sarah Pulliner 1779 Sept. 29 

Holloway, John, Trenton, and Mary Smith 1733 Mar. 23 

Holloway, John, Burlington, and Constant Handcock 1758 Mar. 28 

Holloway, Tobias, Gloucester, and Mary Ludd, Gloucester .1732 Mar. 8 

Holloway, William, Burlington, and Aun Martin, Burlington 1756 April 21 

Holm, John, Gloucester, and Ester Fawsett, Gloucester 1732 July 22 

Holman, Aaron, Staten Island, and Anne Story 1745 July 18 

Holman, Robert, Monmouth, and Margaret Johnson, Somerset 1741 June 3 

Holman, William, Monmouth, and Upbamea Reynolds 1761 Sept. 14 

Holme, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Hannah Roberts, Gloucester .... 1735-6 Mar. 3 

Holme, Benjamin, and Jean Smith, Salem 1/50 Dec. 24 

Holme, Benjamin, Jr., and Hannah Holme, Salem 1/50 Dec. 24 

Holme, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Phebe Fluellin. ..... 1772 June 25 

Holme, John, Salem, and Dorcas Smith.. . . 1749 Jan. 11 

Holmes, Daniel, Monmouth, and Leah Bowerd 1752 Feb. 11 

Holmes, Hugh, Cape May, and Mary Garretson 1789 Sept. 7 

Holmes, James, New York, and Eleanor Lawrence, Monmouth 1765 May 30 

Holmes, James, Gloucester, and Leah Risley 1774 July 5 

Holmes, John, Gloucester, and Ester Carty, Gloucester 1748 Jan. 23 

Holmes, John, Monmouth, and John Keehan, Monmouth 1753 Mar. 20 

Holmes, John, Monmouth, and Catharine Brown, Monmouth 1764 Aug. 3 

Holmes, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Leonard, Monmouth 1765 Aug. 28 

Holmes, John, Gloucester, and Mary Cooper 1780 Jan. 1 

Holmes, Joseph, Monmouth, and Sarah Mott, Monmouth 17o2 June 24 

Holmes, Joseph, Jr., Monmouth, and Phebe Andrews 1758 Nov. 4 

Holmes, Joseph, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Gutteridge, Gloucester 1762 Aug. 2 

Holmes, Obadiah, Monmouth, and Sarah Ogborn. Monmouth 1747 Nov. 2 

Holmes, Samuel, Middletown, aud Mary Stout, Middletown 1749 Jan. 27 

Holmes, Thomas, Monmouth, and Susannah Slocum, Monmouth 1739 May 10 

Holmes, William, Gloucester, and Rebecca Jones, Gloucester 1730 Oct. 2 

Holmes, William, Burlington, and Mary Venable 1768 Feb. 25 

Holms, Benjamin, Salem, and Esther Gibbon 1778 Oct. 28 

Hololway, Richard, Monmouth, and Mary Hoff mire, Monmouth 1758 Feb. 10 

Holsaert, Matthias, Monmouth, and Anne Matthews, Monmouth.. ..1740 Mar. 7 

Holsart, Peter, Monmouth, aud Williamkey Hains, Monmouth 1757 April 11 

Holson, John, Salem, and Martha Hughs 1777 Mar. 24 

Holsten, Andrew, Salem, aud Elizabeth Royall 1736 Aug. 21 

Holsten, John, Salem, and Susanna Scott, Salem 1770 Feb. 8 

Iloltey, Henry, Hunterdon, and Susan Laf ten 1773 Sept. 24 

Holton, John, Salem, and Elizabeth Elweel, Salem 1745 Jan. 25 

Holton, Thomas, Piscataway, and Rachel Fitz Randolph, Piscataway. .1750 Aug. 25 

Homan, Peter, Burlington, and Mercy Harding, Burlington 1739 Oct. 25 

Homan, William, Gloucester, and Sarah Corkell, Gloucester 1745 Aug. 24 

Hooman, William, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Van Reamar 1786 Sept. 19 

Marriage licenses. 


Homman, William, Gloucester, aud Bridget Holton 1756 Dec. 16 

Honce, Cornelius, Monmouth, and Mary Vankerk, Monmouth 1766 April 9 

Honge, David, Monmouth, and Anne Hendrickson, Monmouth 1761 Dec. 21 

Honson, John, Jr., Monmouth, and Mary Amack, Monmouth. 1754 Dec. 10 

Hoock, Samuel, Trenton, and Hannah Mount, Burlington.. 1764 June 25 

Hood, Jonathan, Pennsylvania, and Dorothy Hogsfiesh, Pennsylvania. 1727 Oct. 31 

Hoogland, John, Somerset, and Sarah Bergen 1784 April 7 

Hooker, Jacob, Burlington, and Sarah Darets, Burlington 1744 Oct. 10 

Hooks, William, Piscataway, and Mary Boyse, Piscataway 1749 April 25 

Hooper, Abram, Burliugtou, and Priscilla Southrick, Burlington 1767 Sept. 28 

Hooper, Daniel, Gloucester, and Sarah Shin 1785 May 4 

Hooper, Robert L., Jr., Trenton, and Elizabeth Erskine 1781 Oct. 31 

Hooper, Stephen, Middlesex, and Catrine Clayton, Monmouth 1767 Mar. 31 

Hooper, William, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Jones, Bucks, Pa ... 1739 Sept. 17 

Hooper, William, Burlington, and Margaret French, Burlington 1744 Dec. 24 

Hoopper, * William, Bergen, and Anne Kipp, Bergen 1767 Dec. 11 

Hooten, Thomas, Burlington, and Jane Dorman 1778 Jan. 1 

Hootten, John, Burlington, and Sarah Kay, Burlington 1737 April 23 

Hope, Adam, Hunterdon, and Sarah Dunham, Hunterdon. 1765 Oct. 30 

Hopewell, Daniel, Burlington, and Mary Becket, Burlington 1754 July 27 

Hopkins, Charles, Salem, and Ann Green, Salem 1736 June 12 

Hopkins, Edward, Monmouth, and Rebecca Martin 1772 Sept. 3 

Hopkins, George, Monmouth, and Sarah Smith, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 29 

Hopkins, Hadden, Gloucester, and Hannah Stokes, Gloucester 1766 Nov. 21 

Hopkins, Hezekiah, Gloucester, and Martha Griffith 1789 Oct. 31 

Hopkins, Joseph, Burlington, and Ann Shippey, Burlington 1745 Mar. 20 

Hoppe, Albert, Bergen, and Rachel Vreland, Bergen 1765 Feb. 3 

Hoppe, Audries. Bergen, and Catharine Hoppe, Bergen 1773 Aug. 19 

Hoppe, Garrit, Bergen, and Rachel Poulese, Bergen 1770 Dec. 5 

Hoppe, Hendrick, Bergen, and Elizabeth Terhuue, Bergen 1770 Nov. 5 

Hoppe, John, Bergen, and Aaltie Hoppe, Bergen 1771 July 20 

Hopper, Audries, Bergen, and Rachel Romine, Bergen. 1762 June 17 

Hopper, Garret, Bergen, and Margaret Hopper 1780 Mar. 17 

Hopper, Gerret, Hackensack, and Eltie Earle, Hackensack 1748 Nov. 18 

Hopper, John, Gloucester, and Ann Garwood, Burlington 1737 Dec. 5 

Hopper, John, Bergen, and Fytie Doremus, Bergen 1766 Dec. 6 

Hopper, John A., Bergen, and Mary Kuyper 1779 Sept. 9 

Hopper, John G., Bergen, and Esther Van Der Linde 1783 Mar. 29 

Hopper, Joshua, Gloucester, and Rebecca Dobbins, Gloucester 1768 Feb. 15 

Horder, Thomas, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Wallace 1773 June 21 

Hore, John, Burlington, and Lydia Hort, Burlington 1736 Dec. 27 

Horn, Charles, Hunterdon, and Mary Stout 1787 June L2 

Horn, John, Gloucester, and Margaret Wooly 1761 Nov. 20 

Horn, Simon, Middlesex, and Helen Sisby 1743 May 26 

1 Hopper. 


Horn, Stephen, New Jersey, and Rachel Clawson 1775 Sept. 16 

Horn, William, Middlesex, and Lenah Groom 1781 Sept. 22 

Horncastle, Richard, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Manson, P’th A’b’y.1746 Sept. 3 

Horner, Content, Monmouth, and Sarah Hutchin, Burlington 1738 Oct. 31 

Horner, Fuller, Monmouth, and Jamima Giberson, Monmouth 1762 Jan. 13 

Horner, Heath, Burlington, and Pleasant Haigue, Burlington 1728 Feb. 25 

Horner, Isaac, Burlington, and Agnes Sesen, Burlington 1730 Aug. 4 

Horner, Jacob, Gloucester, and Zubelte Wright, Gloucester 1740 Feb. 28 

Horner, Jacob, Gloucester, and Hannah Cozens, Gloucester 1764 Dec. 29 

Horner, Jeremiah, Monmouth, and Rebecca Morford 1761 Sept. 28 

Horner, Joseph, East Div. N. J., and Margery Hallis 1748 Aug. 29 

Horner, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Taylor, Burlington 1763 Jan. 3 

Horner, Joshua, Jr., Monmouth, and Rachel Guiberson .....1759 Aug. 15 

Horner, Nathan, Gloucester, and Ann Batten, Gloucester 1762 Dec. 14 

Horner, Thigh, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Herbert.. 1773 Feb. 26 

Hornor, Aser, Monmouth, and Anne Parker 1770 Dec. 26 

Hornor, Elisha, Monmouth, and Valleriah Francis 1773 April 6 

Hornor, John, Burlington, and Mary Butler 1758 July 8 

Hornor, John, Monmouth, and Lidia Ashton 1773 Jan. 20 

Hornor, Joseph, Monmouth, and Rachel Roberts 1768 Sept. 26 

Horseman, Marmaduke, and Mary Fitzpatrick, Monmouth 1744 Mar. 16 

Horseman, Samuel, Monmouth, and Rebecca Folke, Burlington 1727 Feb. 9 

Horsfull, Richard, Monmouth, aud Sarah Jackson, Monmouth 1772 Sept. 14 

Horwood, John, Salem, and Rachel Bacon 1774 Dec. 5 

Hosier, Robert, Hunterdon, and Jane Naery 1767 Oct. 1 

Hoshel, Adam, Cumberland, and Phebe Parviu, Cumberland 1763 Oct. 6 

Hoshel, Michael, Cumberland, and Rachel Peck 1773 May 14 

Hosier, Abraham, Hunterdon, and Mary Surrell 1768 Jan. 20 

Hough, Jonathan, Burlington, and Elizabeth Bryan, Burlington 1741 May 30 

Hough, William, Bucks, Pa., and Rachel Beans, Bucks, Pa 1775 June 22 

Houghton, Aaron, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Sexton 1780 Feb. 23 

Hougland, Adrian, Somerset, and Catherine Hagewoudt, Somerset . . . 1740 May 12 

Houldin, Joseph, Cape May, aud Hannah Jonson 1690 Oct. 11 

House, Abraham, and Francis Rankins 1771 Mar. 18 

Houshell, Peter, Hunterdon, and Mary Wilson, Hunterdon 1774 April 18 

Housler, Joseph, Burlington, and Sarah Ranier ... .1781 Aug. 29 

How, John, Burlington, and Maryan Blanchard 1782 Nov. 16 

How, Micajah, Hunterdon, and Sarah Field, Burlington 1770 Jan. 22 

How, Thomas, Monmouth, and Margaret Moore, Monmouth 1737 May 14 

Howard, Alexander, and Elizabeth Miller 1768 Nov. 23 

Howard, John, Philadelphia, and Sarah Bunting. Burlington 1749 Oct. 16 

Howard, Michael, Burlington, aud Catherine Roche, Burlington 1731 July 24 

Howard, Michael, Burlington, and Lydia Bittle, Burlington 1756 Sept. 9 

Howard, Thomas, Middlesex, and Margaret Smith, Middlesex 1754 Dec. 9 

Howell, Aaron, Gloucester, and Mercy Iiille, Gloucester 1760 Jan. 8 

Howell, Absalom, Trenton, aud Elizabeth Commirger 1782 Dec. 5 

Marriage licenses. 


Howell, Daniel, Hunterdon, aud Debro Rose .1763 Aug. 10 

Howell, Ellet, Trenton, and Catharine Flick 1777 Dec. 27 

Howell, George, Philadelphia, and Lydia Patterson, Philadelphia. .. 1736 Aug. 21 

Howell, George, Monmouth, and Abigail Hedden, Monmouth 1765 July 1 

Howell, Henry, Morris, and Elizabeth Parrott, Morris 1769 May 20 

Howell, John, Hunterdon, and Mary Stout, Hunterdon 1772 June 5 

Howell, John, Trenton, and Mary Guild 1778 Feb. 14 

Howell, John, Hunterdon, and Deborah Carmine 1780 April 17 

Howell, Obadiah, Trenton, aud Mary Jones 1779 June 8 

Howell, Samuel, Hunterdon, and Sarah Cornell 1782 Dec. 5 

Howey, William, Burlington, and Anne Hewit 1783 Aug. 4 

Howard, Peter, Burlington, and Elizabeth Middleton 1784 Nov. 3 

Howard, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Edith Newbold 1786 Dec. 13 

Howland, George, Monmouth, and Susannah Cook, Monmouth 1758 Jan. 21 

Hoy, John, Chesterfield, and Achsah Kindell, Chesterfield 1782 Mar. 31 

Hubbard, James, Monmouth, and Rebecca S wort, Monmouth 1765 Oct. 24 

Hubbell, Nathaniel, Essex, and Elizabeth Marsh, Essex 1750 Jan. 10 

Hubbell, Zachariah, Elizabeth Town, and Elizabeth Hamton. ........ 1747 April 14 

Hubbert, James, Cape May, and Isabell Little 

Hubbord, James, Middletown, and Elizabeth Maddocks, Burlington. . .1732 May 13 

Hubbs, Charles, Gloucester, and Mary Eastlack, Gloucester 1749 Dec. 15 

Hubbs, David, Perth Amboy, and Hannah Lette, Perth Amboy 1760 Jan. 26 

Huddleston, Williams, Pennsylvania, and Dorothy Welsh, Pennsyl’nia.1727 Nov. 14 

Hudley, Daniel, Salem, and Elizabeth Booth 1732 June 24 

Hudley, Daniel, Salem, and Agnes Haynes. . . .' 1771 Oct. 17 

Huddy, Daniel, Salem, and Grace Owen, Salem 1776 Sept. 23 

Huddy, Hugh, Burlington, and Martha Hunloke 1701 May 6 

Hude, Robert, Middlesex, and Mary Moores, Middlesex 1746 Aug. 6 

Hude, Robert, Middlesex, and Abiah Callender, Middlesex 1765 Feb. 13 

Hudnut, John, Hunterdon, and Anne Rosegrants 1*769 Dec. 30 

Hudnut, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Catherine Andrewson, Hunterdon. . 1764 Feb. 4 

Hudnutt, Isaiah, Hunterdon, and Margaret Barber, Hunterdon 1774 Aug. 27 

Hudson, Abimelech, Burlington, and Priscilla Beswick 1690 Mar. 25 

Hudson, Andrew, Gloucester, and Ann Clement .... 1773 Nov. 17 

Hudson, Isaac, Salem, and Rachael Weaten, Salem 1733 June 11 

Hudson, Obed, Cumberland, and Phebe Miller 1786 May 23 

Hues, John, Salem, and Martha Buckley, Salem 1690 April 24 

Huestis, Joseph, Burlington, aud Euphamia Jobs, Burlington 1776 Aug. 6 

Huestis, Moses, Burlington, and Ann Rogers, Burlington 1771 Dec. 17 

Huff, Isaac, Burlington, and Mercy Leeds, Burlington 1771 Dec. 2 

Huff, Isaac, Hunterdon, and Kettine Waldron. . 1783 Oct. 4 

Huff, Moses, New Jersey, and Elizabeth Haudly 1780 April 16 

Huffman, John, Hunterdon, and Rebecca Rounsavell, Hunterdon. . . . 1774 Aug. 6 

Hugan, William, Monmouth, and Mary Mottison, Monmouth 1756 Feb. 6 

Hugg, Barzilla, Gloucester, and Mary Wood, Waterford 1771 Dec. 23 

Hugg, Gabriel, Gloucester, and Patience Erwin, Gloucester.. 1728 April 10 


Hugg, Jacob, Gloucester, and Catherine Bright. 1778 Dec. 8 

Hugg, John, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hughes 1779 April 27 

Hugg, Joseph, Gloucester, and Sarah Smith, Gloucester 1761 Mar. 24 

Hugg, Samuel, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Thorne, Gloucester 1761 April 15 

Hugg, Samuel, Gloucester, and Mary Collins, Gloucester 1764 July 9 

Hugg, William, Gloucester, and Sarah Harrison, Gloucester. ... 1737 May 30 

Hugg, William, Jr., Gloucester, and Ann Everly 1773 May 11 

Huggin, John, Burlington, and Hannah Martin, Burlington . 1736 Nov. 30 

Huggiu, John, Freehold, and Mary Fritson, Freehold 1716 Nov. 1 

Hughes, Constantine, Cape May, and Elisheba Hand, Cape May 1769 Feb. 1 

Hughes, Elisha, Cape May, and Judith Spicer, Cape May 1773 Oct. 26 

Hughes, Ellis, Cape May, and Mary Willden, Cape May 1761 Oct. 2 

Hughes, Ellis, Jr., Cape May, and Elenor Whilldin, Cape May 1768 Sept. 21 

Hughes, Ellis, Cape May, and Judith Hudyer 1786 Dec. 7 

Hughes, Hugh, Philadelphia, and Martha Brackenridge 1764 July 25 

Hughes, Isaac, Hunterdon, and Mary Warner 1764 Mar. 13 

Hughes, James, Burlington, and Bachel Lord, Burlington 1737 Mar. 7 

Hughes, James, Gloucester, and Hannah Brandsor . . . .1768 Oct. 16 

Hughes, Jesse, Cape May, and Mary Hughes, Cape Maj r 1763 June 14 

Hughes, John, Cape May, and Martha Iszard, Cape May 1760 Dec. 24 

Hughes, John, Perth Amboy, and Mary Lee, Perth Amboy 1763 Jan. 6 

Hughes, Memucan, Cape May, and Martha Hughes 1761 Mar. 4 

Hughes, Thomas, Cape May, and Lydia Page 1788 Dec. 3 

Hughes, Uriah, Bucks, Pa., and Jennet Hartley 1733 June 14 

Hughes, William Evan, Burlington, and Sarah Antram, Burlington.. . . 1775 Oct. 28 

Hughs, Elijah, Cape May, and Hannah Stites, Cape May 1740 Oct. 28 

Hughs, Jerret, and Elizabeth McCarty 1774 June 29 

Hughs, Thomas, Salem, and Mary Pedrick 1727 May 11 

Hughston, John, Gloucester, and Martha Austin, Burlington 1710 Nov. 1 

Hulings, Samuel, and Priscilla Welch, Gloucester 1773 April 15 

Hulit, Joseph, Monmouth, and Mercy Allen, Monmouth 1750 Mar. 7 

Hulit, Michael, Monmouth, and Margaret Tabert, Monmouth 1757 July 19 

Hulit, Thomas, Monmouth, and Anna Lipincott, Monmouth 1755 Dec. 23 

Hull, Isaac, Somerset, and Anne Dunham, Essex 1751 Nov. 25 

Hull, Mashek, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Dunn, Middlesex 1764 Mar. 3 

Hull, Ragan, Monmouth, and Ann Smith, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 29 

llullfish, Matthias, Middlesex, and Jane Blue 1780 April 22 

Hullit, George, Monmouth, and Phebe Price, Monmouth ...1760 July 21 

Hulme, George, Burlington, and Anne Butler, Burlington .... 1774 May 31 

Hulme, George, Burlington, and Tennel Neale 1781 Nov. 8 

Huls, Cornelius, Hunterdon, and Sarah Mash, Hunterdon 1764 Jan. 11 

Hulse, James, Burlington, and Rachael Gibbins 1769 May 13 

Hulse, Thomas, Monmouth, and Deborah Johnston, Monmouth.. .. 1750 Dec. 31 

Hulse, William, Monmouth, and Margaret Sutfin, Monmouth 1763 June 11 

Hulsecart, Garret, Monmouth, and Hannah Clayton, Monmouth 1752 Sept. 18 

Hulst, Richard, Monmouth, and Mary Williams, Monmouth 1751 May 27 


Humber, Billingham, and Ann Mariott, Bucks, Pa 1759 May 1G 

Humphreys, John, Burlington, and Sarah Doughty 1758 May 8 

Humphreys, John, Hunterdon, and Actia Larison 1776 Nov. 29 

Humphreys, William, Bucks, Pa., and Ann Salcker 1760 Nov. 12 

Humphries, Stephen, Hunterdon, and Sarah Alburtis 1769 Mar. 6 

Humphries, Thomas, Monmouth, and Hannah Cooke, Monmouth... 1750 Oct. 23 

Hunloke, Edward, and Mary Bassnett 1691 Nov. 10 

Hunloke, Thomas, Burlington, and Mary Bard, Burlington 1771 April 8 

Hunu, Thomas, Monmouth, and Catharine Van Emburgh, Monmouth. 1763 May 20 

Hunnywell, John, Sussex, and Rebecca Kelly . . .. .1768 Jan. 26 

Hunsinger, George, Burlington, and Alice Jennet, Burlington 1764 June 4 

Hunsinger, Peter, Gloucester, and Mary Tice 1780 July 25 

Hunt, Abram, Hunterdon, and Theodosia Pearson, Burlington 1764 Feb. 2 1 

Hunt, Bartholomew, Cumberland, and Eleanor Whitenack 1782 Jan. 5 

Hunt, Benjamin, Somerset, and Eleanor Palmer, Somerset 1748 Jan. 16 

Hunt, Isaiah, Burlington, and Hester Stratton, Burlington 1766 May 28 

Hunt, Jesse, Hunterdon, and Sarah Hunt ... 1781 June 30 

Hunt, John, Salem, and Sarah Darkin, Salem 1713 Sept. 6 

Hunt, John, Hunterdon, and Martha Horsfield 1768 May 18 

Hunt, John, Jr., Cape May, and Mary Swain 1773 Feb. 13 

Hunt, John, Cumberland, and Anne Brewster, Cumberland 1779 May 28 

Hunt, John, Hunterdon, aud Rhoda Reed 1784 Feb. 16 

Hunt, Jonathan, Jr., Hunterdon, and Sarah Stout 1778 Dec. 30 

Hunt, Mansfield, Hunterdon, and Mary King, Hunterdon 1736 Sept. 25 

Hunt, Mansfield, and Nelly Vaudoren 1778 Dec. 3 

Hunt, Nathaniel, Hunterdon, aud Mary Phillips, Hunterdon 1763 Sept. 26 

Hunt, Nathaniel, Hunterdon, and Hannah Jones 1769 Feb. 9 

Hunt. Ralph, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Phillips, Hunterdon 1768 May 7 

Hunt, Richard, Hunterdon, and Hannah Phillips 1783 May 21 

Hunt, Robert, Burlington, and Abigail Wood, Gloucester 1733 Dec. 19 

Hunt, Samuel, WestChester, N. Y., and Isabella Ashfield, Monmouth. 1 749 Nov. 27 

Hunt, Samuel, Morris, and Nancy Ricky. . . 1777 May 6 

Hunt, Samuel, Morris, and Alice Crussie 1780 Sept. 30 

Hunt, Stephen, Hunterdou, and Ruth Hunt 1787 May 12 

Hunt, Thomas, Sussex, and Tabitha Cook, Sussex 1770 April 13 

Hunt, William, Salem, and Ann Kent, Salem 1772 Jan. 9 

Hunt, Wilson, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Ivins 1778 June 11 

Hunter, Audrew, Cumberland, and Ann Riddle, Cumberland 1775 Oct. 2 

Hunter, Andrew, Somerset, and Elizabeth Barkley, Somerset 1779 April 18 

Hunter, Hugh, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Arason.. 1769 June 3 

Hunter, James, Maryland, and Rachel Murphy, Burlington ...1775 Nov. 21 

Hunter, John, Burlington, and Mary Stratton, Burlington 1773 Nov. 3 

Hunter, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Gilmer, Hunterdon 1764 Sept. 15 

Hunter, Samuel, Salem, and Katherine Skeeue, Salem 1695 Oct. 31 

Hunter, William, Monmouth, and Christian Robinson 1770 Dec. 9 

Hurley, David, Monmouth, and Sarah Branson 1757 Dec. 8 


Hurley, Edward, Burlington, and Frauces Warwick, Monmouth 1729 Nov. 3 

Hurley, John, Gloucester, and Jemima Evans 1784 Jan. 30 

Hust, John, Gloucester, and Mary Wilson 1782 April 1 

Hutchinson, Richard, Middlesex, and Mary Karson 1769 Mar. 22 

Hutcheson, John, Gloucester, and Rachel Richmond 1774 June 9 

Hutchin, Hugh, Burlington, and Elizabeth Baker, Burlington 1730 July 6 

Hutchiu, John, Burlington, and Sarah Gibbs, Burlington 1742 Nov. 9 

Hutchin, Samuel, Burlington, and Sarah Tucker ' 1758 Oct. 10 

Hutchings, Hugh, Salem, and Mary Adams, Salem 1686-7 Feb. 3 

Hutchins, Amos, Burlington, and Hannah Fenimore, Burlington 1772 April 4 

Hutchins, George, Burlington, and Elizabeth Hall, Burlington 1746 Oct. 6 

Hutchins, Hugh, Burlington, and Ann Nutt 1769 Jan. 23 

Hutchins, John, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Olden, Middlesex 1718 July 22 

Hutchins, Joseph, Burlington, and Grace Richards, Burlington 1745 May 1 

Hutchins, Samuel, Elizabeth, and Margaret Davis, Elizabeth 1749 Mar. 17 

Hutchinsou, Amos, Middlesex, and Phebe Clark, Hunterdon 1779 Aug. 2 

Hutchinson, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Dinah Combs, Monmouth. . .1771 May 30 

Hutchinson, Ezekiel, and Susannah Eldridge 1749 June 5 

Hutchinson, John, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Pearson, Burlington 1730 Mar. 24 

Hutchinson, Jonathan, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Dusoswa, Monmouth. 1737 Oct. 7 

Hutchinson, Jonathan, Middlesex, and Sarah Davis 1765 Oct. 29 

Hutchinson, Jonathan, Burlington, and Elizabeth Hill. . . 1771 Feb. 25 

Hutchinson, Robert, Burlington, and Sarah Clutch ...1769 April 3 

Hutchinson, William, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Applegate 1767 Jan. 3 

Hutchinson, William, Burlington, and Ann McCabe 1770 Nov. 12 

Hutchinson, William, Middlesex, and Sarah Wilgus 1781 Mar. 9 

Hutson, John, Burlington, and Mary Burton 1794 Dec. 11 

Hutton, Samuel, Monmouth, and Lena Kipp, Monmouth 1754 Feb. 4 

Hutton, William, Somerset, and Rebecca Craig, Somerset 1758 Oct. 2 

Hutton, William, Gloucester, and Jane Chesom 1772 Nov. 12 

Huysmeu, James, Bergen, and Letitia Terhune 1782 Dec. 12 

Hyer, Abraham, Middlesex, and Mary Ouke, Middlesex 1748 May 25 

Hynds, Silvester, Burlington, and Catherine Kearns 1759 Feb. 8 

Hyndshaw, James, Pennsylvania, and Maria Depue, Morris 1746 Aug. 30 

Hyrlin, Peter, Burlington, and Mary Smith, Burlington 1740 Sept. 29 


Hackett, Elizabeth, Salem, and Joseph Kidd, Salem 1769 Jan. 18 

Hackley, Rebecca, and John Kay, Gloucester 1762 April 12 

Hadden, Charity, Monmouth, and Richard Parker, Monmouth 1742 July 6 

Hadden, Margaret, Woodbridge, and John Heard, Woodbridge. . . ... 1757 Nov. 11 

Hadden, Mary, Woodbridge, and Thomas Brown, Woodbridge 1754 April 4 

Hadley, Abigail, and Daniel Ruckhow, Barnegat 1762 Oct. 4 

Hagerman, Aun, Middlesex, and James Dobbins, Somerset 1739 Nov. 28 

Hageman, Charity, Middlesex, and John Funk, Middlesex. 1748 April 15 

Hagerman, Catriuche, and Gerrit Van Yliet, Readington 1772 May 11 


Hagermnn, Mary, Somerset, and Lewis Chamberlin, Hunterdon 1773 Jan. 18 

Hagerman, Mary, and Andrias Whitenack, Somerset 1778 Mar. 19 

Hagerwoudt, Catherine, Somerset, and Adrian Hougland, Somerset . .1710 May 12 

Hagerwout, Dorcas, Perth Amboy, and Henry Hews, Perth Amboy. , .1755 July 9 

Haggerty, Elizabeth, Sussex, and Reuben Buckler, Sussex... 1768 Dec. 17 

Hagins, Mary, Middletown, and Benjamin Tilton, Middletown 17(57 Feb. 19 

Hagin, Pleasant, Burlington, and Heath Horner, Burlington 1728 Feb. 25 

Haines, Achsah, Burlington, and Obadiah Eldridge, Burlington 1761 Nov. 28 

Haines, Amey, Burlington, and Abraham Gar.wood, Burlington 1776 Sept. 25 

Haines, Anna, and William Foster, Burlington 1788 Jan. 17 

Haines, Catherine, Burlington, and John Mullen, Burlington 1776 Mar. 25 

Haines, Charity, Burlington, and Leonard Vandergrift, Bucks, Pa . . 1750 Oct. 23 

Haines, Deborah, Burlington, and Amos Sharp, Burlington 1751 May 1 

Haines, Edith, Northampton, and Barzillai Ridgway, Springfield. ... 1775 Dec. 28 

Haines, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Job Gaskill, Burlington 1758 Mar. 6 

Haines, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Thomas Lippincott, Burlington. . .1767 Aug. 15 

Haines, Elizabeth, Salem, and John Correy, Salem ... 1770 Sept. 20 

Haines, Esther, and Amos Austin, Burlington 1736 Sept. 27 

Haines, Hannah, and Thomas Bispham, Burlington 1781 Sept. 21 

Haines, Hester, Burlington, and John Garwood, Burlington 1764 Mar. 6 

Haines, Lavina, Springfield, and James Shinn, Springfield 1768 Mar. 7 

Haines, Lucretia, and Thomas Moor, Burlington 1783 July 29 

Haines, Margaret, and Noah Eldridge, Burlington .. 1779 July 31 

Haines, Mary, Burlington, and Richard Newman, Burlington 1740 Mar. 23 

Haines, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Brian, Burlington 1745 July 17 

Haines, Mary, and Thomas Enoch, Burlington 1759 Oct. 16 

Haines, Mary, Elizabethtown, and Thomas Thornton, Middlesex 1761 Mar. 23 

Haines, Mary, Burlington, and Job Collins, Burlington 1774 Mar. 17 

Haines, Phebe, Burlington, and Job Sharp, Burlington 1780 Aug. 26 

Haines, Rachel!, Burlington, and Vespasian Kemble, Burlington ....1746 Mar. 15 

Haines, Rachel, Burlington, and Joseph Hewson, Burlington 1770 April 5 

Haines, Rebecca, Burlington, and John Pettit, Burlington 1746 Sept. 3 

Haines, Rachel, and Thomas Lippincott, Burlington 1779 Jan. 6 

Haines, Rebecca, Bucks, Pa., and William Wetherill, Bordentown .. .1748 Nov. 2 

Haines, Sarah, and Edward Hiller, Burlington .1733 Jan. 21 

Haines, Sarah, and Amos Wilkins, Burlington. . 1756 June 17 

Haines, Sarah, Burlington, and Joseph Cox Burlington 1761 Aug. 31 

Haines, Sarah, and Isaac Pine, Salem.. 1791 April 16 

Hains, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Samuel Nicholson, Gloucester 1770 Aug. 29 

Hains, Ruth, Burlington, and John Heritage, Jr., Gloucester 1716 Oct. 14 

Hains, Sarah, Greenwich, and Azariah Shinn, Gloucester 1760 Feb. 13 

Hains, Williamkey, Monmouth, and Peter Holsart, Monmouth 1757 April 11 

Hair, Sarah, Bucks, Pa., and William Stephens, Bucks, Pa . . 1775 Nov. 2 

Haldau, Frances, and Thomas Smith, Northampton 1778 Nov. 4 

Haldren, Susannah, and Noah Ridgway. Northampton 1779 April 8 

Hale, Sarah, Salem, and Thomas Wetherill, Salem. 1748 Jan. 1.9 



Halee, Hannah, and Hugh Brady 174.1 May 28 

Halenbeck, Tamise, Bergen, and Hendrick Van Alen, Bergen 1761 Jan. 20 

Hall, Abigail, Burlington, and Philip Marriott, Burlington 1716 July 28 

Hall, Ann, Alloways Creek, and Jonah Scoggin, Salem 1748 Feb. 25 

Hall, Ann, and Adrian Hagaman, Hunterdon 1781 Oct. 15 

Hall, Elizabeth, Somerset, and Jacobus Eltinge, New York 1742 June 12 

Hall, Elizabeth, Burlington, and George Hutchins, Burlington 1746 Oct. 6 

Hall, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Joseph Spana, Middlesex 1765 May 11 

Hall, Esther, Burlington, and John Earl,. Burlington . .. 1761 Nov. 16 

Hall, Hannah, and John Turner, Salem 1783 Sept. 1 

Hall, Jane, Monmouth, and Frederick Helmen, Monmouth 1762 Aug. 12 

Hall, Jecou, and Samuel Scotteu, Deptford 1775 Mar. 20 

Hall, Martha, Bordentown, and Benjamin French, Bordentown 1742 Jan. 29 

Hall, Martha, Burlington, and Francis Gibbs, Burlington 1748 Oct. 22 

Hall, Mary, and Robert Bishop, Burlington 1727 Aug. 19 

Hall, Mary, Salem, and John White, Salem 1728 Mar. 4 

Hall, Mary, Somerset, and Henry Cock, Somerset 1759 April 12 

Hall, Mary, and Joseph Smith, Manniugton. 1765 June 14 

Hall, Rebecca, Burlington, and John- Scott, Burlington 1740 Dec. 13 

Hall, Sarah, Cumberland, and John Jones, Cumberland. ........ . 1777 Oct. 28 

Haller, Susannah, and William Gurnal, Salem 1777 May 6 

Hallis, Margery, East Div. N. J’sey, and Joseph Horner, E. Div. N. J. 1748 Aug. 29 

Halloway, Mary, and Samuel Taylor (minor), Burlington 1760 Feb. 6 

Hallstead, Byer, Monmouth, and Isaac Mitchel, Monmouth.. 1764 June 14 

Halsted, Abigail, Shrewsbury, and Joseph Price, Shrewsbury 1762 Nov. 6 

Halter, Catbrine, and George Treas, Salem. 1772 Oct. 30 

Halton, Cathrine, Gloucester, and Joseph 1 avenport, Gloucester. . . . 1771 April 17 

Hambleton, Mary, and Stephen Morford, Somerset 1779 Mar. 17 

Hambelton, Sarah, and Thomas Wood, Chesterfield. 1761 May 11 

Hambilton, Sarah, Gloucester, aud Samuel Ladd, Gloucester 1754 Oct. 2 

Hameck, Elizabeth, and Phiueas Carll, Salem 1757 May 18 

Hamilton, Cathariue, Salem, and David Penton, Salem 1740 Nov. 1 

Hamilton, Elizabeth, Deptford, aud Hezekiah Wheeler, Deptford 1761 April 21 

Hamilton, Chester, and John Ashbrook, Gloucester 1732 July 21 

Hamilton, Judith, Salem, aud William Moore, Salem 1769 May 6 

Hamilton, Katherine, Burlington, and Timothy Hoggins, Burlington 1745 Aug. 21 

Hamilton, Sarah, Gloucester, and Peter Crirn, Gloucester . ... 1769 Aug. 28 

Hamilton, Sarah, Salem, aud William Moore, Salem 1770 Mar. 17 

Hamilton, Sarah, and John Clark, Burlington 1778 Jan. 29 

Hamock, Judith, aud Gilbert Hurrell ... 1691 Dec. 30 

Hampton, Alice, and Samuel Davis, Philadelphia .... . ... 1781 April 23 

Hampton, Margaret, Gloucester, and Daniel Barber, Gloucester 1738 Dec. 8 

Hampton, Mary, Gloucester, and Ebenezer Zenes, Gloucester 1731 Aug. 26 

Hampton, Rose, and Joseph Alberson, Gloucester 1737 April 16 

Hamson, Hannah, Monmouth, and William Craddock, Monmouth .... 1745 Nov. 11 

Haroton, Elizabeth, and Zachariali Hubbell, Elizabeth Town 1747 April 14 



Hamton, Elies, Freehold, and Joseph Car, Jr., Freehold 1756 Feb. 18 

Hamton, Mary, Monmouth, and Joseph Darby, Monmouth 1762 Dec. 20 

Hammel, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Samuel English, Burlington... 1761 Nov. 13 
Hammel, Gaitree, Burlington, and Hezekiah Garwood, Burlington.. .. 1765 Jan. 11 

Hammel, Hannah, and Jafcob Adams, Burlington 1784 May 22 

Hammell, Deborah, and Abraham Kelley, Burlington 1786 Mar. 22 

Hammell, Hannah, and Allison Ely, Middlesex ...1771 Nov. 9 

Hammell, Theodosia, and Daniel Ivins, Burlington 1777 July 25 

Hammell, Sarah, and Benjamin Bates, Burlington 1777 Oct. 5 

Hammett, Mary, and William Whilton, Burlington 1738 Mar. 27 

Hammick, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Joseph Heuliugs, Burlington 1756 June 14 

Hammit, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Abraham Hess, Gloucester 1746 Jan. 6 

Hammit, Sybilla, and John Prickett, Northampton ... ... 1784 Jan. 7 

Ham mitt, Doshia, Gloucester, and Thomas Mannering, Gloucester 1761 Aug. 28 

Hammock, Abigail, Gloucester, and Samuel McCleain, Gloucester . . 1773 Aug. 10 

Hammock, Hannah, and Henry Dalton, Burlington 1777 Dec. 13 

Hammoch, Susannah, Burlington, and James Simson, Burlington. .. 1774 June 17 

Hammond, Maritie, Bergen, and Stephen Bogart, Bergen 1761 July 6 

Hance, Catherine, Freehold, and William Voorhees, Freehold 1763 July 5 

Hance, Hannah, Monmouth, and James Lippicotte, Monmouth. ... ..1757 Nov. 14 

Hance, Hannah, Burlington, and Isaac Jobs, Burlington 1775 Jan. 19 

Hance, Jane, Freehold, and Tunis Vanderveer, Freehold 1759 Mar. 26 

Hance, Joice, Monmouth, and William Burdg, Monmouth 1755 Nov. 28 

Hance, Joice, Monmouth, and Luke Brannin, Monmouth 1762 Oct. 7 

Hance, Margaret, and James Robinson, Middlesex 1751 Nov. 29 

Hance, Tenty, Monmouth, and Thomas Tone, Somerset. 1775 Nov. 2 

Hancock, Ann, Burlington, and Samuel Swift, Burlington 1738 May 20 

Hancock, Anne, and Thomas Antram 1783 Nov. 25 

Hancock, Esther, Salem, and John Stretch, Salem 1751 May 7 

Hancock, Hannah, Burlington, and Joseph Scott, Burlington, 1770 May 30 

Hancock, Jane, Burlington, and Henry Scott, Burlington 1728 Aug. 10 

Hancock, Lydia, and Gershom Craft, Burlington 1741 Nov. 25 

Hancock, Mary, Burlington, and Peter Harvey, Burlington 1748 April 8 

Hancock, Mary, and Joseph Edwards, Salem 1777 July t 

Hancock, Mary, and George Shrevin, Burlington 1778 Feb. 10 

Hancock, Melissa, and Aaron Daniels, Salem 1787 Oct. 9 

Hancock, Rebecca, and Wessell Alricke, New Castle, Del 1751 Mar. 2 

Hancock, Sarah, Alloways Creek, and Thomas Sinnickson, Salem 1769 July 4 

Hancock, Sarah, and Joseph Stout, Burlington 1771 Oct. 28 

Hancock, Sarah, and Robert Lucas, Burlington 1782 Nov. 22 

Hancock, Susannah, Alloways Creek, and Edward Test, Salem 1765 Mar. 4 

Hand, Abiah, Cape May, and James Townsend, Cape May. ... 1740 Jan. 7 

Hand, Acksah, and Recompence Hand, Cape May 1790 Mar. 1 

Hand, Amelia, Cape May, and Christopher Ludlum, Cape May 1776 Mar. 26 

Hand, Anna, Cape May, and Jonathan Foreman, Cape May 1771 June 15 


194 NEW jersey colonial documents. 

Hand, Deborah, and Jeremiah Hand, Cape May 1734 Mar. 27 

Hand, Deborah, and Jonathan Jenkins, Cape May 1768 April 13 

Hand, Deborah, and John Hoadley, Salem 1779 April 27 

Hand, Elisheba, Cape May, and Constantine Hughes, Cape May 1769 Feb. 1 

Hand, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Matthew Hand, Cape May 1775 Jan. 31 

Hand, Esther, Cape May, and James Willits, Cape May 1740 

Hand, Esther, and Rem Garritson, Cape May 1761 Oct. 31 

Hand, Eimas, and Francis Irons, Cape May. .... 1774 Oct. 5 

Hand, Euuice, Cape May, and Nathaniel Norton, Cape May 1733 Nov. 20 

Hand, Experience, Cape May, and Downes Edmunds, Cape May 1752 Aug. 10 

Hand, Experience, Cape May, and John Robertson, Cape May 1756 Nov. 23 

Hand, Hannah, and William Bennet, Cape May 1752 Sept. 8 

Hand, Hannah, Cape May, and Thomas Hewit, Jr., Cape May 1764 Dec. 4 

Hand, Hannah, and Dan Perry, Cumberland 1780 Jan. 6 

Hand, Hannah, and John Newton, Cape May 1789 Aug. 22 

Hand, Jane, Cape May, and Nathaniel Ogden, Fairfield 1761 April 24 

Hand, Jane, and Miller Bancraft, Cape May 1787 Oct. 1 

Hand, Jemimah, and Elijah Shaw, Cape May 1768 April 12 

Hand, Jerusha, Cape May, and William Shaw, Cape May 1762 Mar. 8 

Hand, Joannah, Cape May, and John Corey, Cape May 1762 June 14 

Hand, Judith, and Jonathan Learning, Cape May. . . . , 1766 Aug. 14 

Hand, Judith, Cape May, and John Bateman, Cumberland 1771 July 27 

Hand, Lydia, and Christopher Foster, Cape May 1732 Jan. 18 

Hand, Lydiah, and Asbury Smith, Cumberland. 1757 Mar. 8 

Hand, Lydia, Cape May, and Benoni Mills, Cumberland 1769 April 10 

Hand, Margaret, Cape May, and Levi Corson, Cape May 1766 Dec. 23 

Hand, Martha, Cape May, and Amos Townsand, Cape May 1745 Oct. 10 

Hand, Martha, Cape May, and Abraham Yangelder, Cape May 1757 Aug. 22 

Hand, Martha, Cape May, and Jonathan Love, Cumberland 1769 Sept. 5 

Hand, Martha, Cumberland, and Jonadab Shepherd, Cumberland .... 1770 April 16 

Hand, Mary, Cape May, and David Hand, Cape May. 1764 July 2 

Hand, Mary, and Downes Edmunds, Cape May 1774 Jan. 18 

Hand, Mary, and Isaac Matthews, Cape May 1774 Dec. 17 

Hand, Mary, aud Ezra Hand, Cape May 1774 Dec. 20 

Hand, Mary, Cape May, and Thomas Ross, Cape May 1782 Jan. 14 

Hand, Mary, and Smith Bowen, Cumberland 1786 Jan. 24 

Hand, Naomi, Cape May, and Jonathan Cresse, Cape May . 1763 July 1 

Hand, Rachel, Cape May, and Richard Smith, Cape May 1737 Dec. 1 

Hand, Rachel, Cape May, aud Elijah Hand, Cape May 1758 Jan. 24 

Hand, Rachel, Cape May, and William Smith, Cape May 1762 Aug. 2 

Hand, Rachel, Cape May, aud James Watt, Cape May 1770 Oct. 22 

Hand, Rhoda, and William.Billings, Cape May 1763 Feb. 20 

Hand, Ruhannah, Cape May, and Henry Ludlam, Cape May 1772 Jan. 8 

Hand, Ruth, Cape May, aud John Cromwell, Cape May 1737 April 22 

Hand, Sarah, and Richard Stillwell, Cape May 1736 Jan. 1 

Hand, Sarah, Cape May, and Benjamin Ingram, Cape May 1759 Oct. 25 


Hand, Sarah, Cape May, and Ira Back, Cape May 1760 Jan. 14 

Hand, Sarah, and Constant Somers, Gt. Egg Harbour 1790 Aug. 20 

Hand, Susanna, and James Whildin, Cape May 1766 Jan. 13 

Haudby, Sarah, Gloucester, and Thomas Pedrick, Gloucester 1753 Mar. 1 

Handcock, Constant, and John Holloway, Burlington 1758 Mar. 28 

Handley, Sarah, and John Outgelt, New Jersey 1781 Feb. 24 

Handly, Elizabeth, and Moses Huff, New Jersey 1780 April 16 

Hands, Rebecca, and John Swain, Cape May . 1780 June 6 

Hands, Sarah, and Benjamin Stiles, Jr., Cape May ... 1779 Jan. 14 

Hanes, Jane, and Robert Bishop, Burlington 1759 Jan. 18 

Haner, Hannah, and William Duffel, Gloucester 1784 Aug. 2 

Hankins, Jannet, Middlesex, and Joshua Nichols, Hunterdon 1751 July 7 

Hankins, Jemima, and David Rulon, Burlington. 1781 Feb. 12 

Hankins, Rachel, and Matthias Swaim, Jr., Middlesex 1760 Dec. 28 

Hankins, Sarah, Burlington, and John Duckworth, Burlington 1734 Mar. 20 

Hankinson, Anne, Monmouth, and Joseph Taylor, Monmouth 1747-8 Feb. 26 

Hankinson, Catherine, Freehold, and Daniel Cooper, Jr., Morris. ... 1751 April 13 

Hankinson, Elinor, and Gilbert Longstreet, Monmouth 1777 Nov. 22 

Hankinson, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Lane, Monmouth 1763 Jan. 24 

Hankinson, Hannah, Monmouth, and Joseph Covenhoven, Monmouth. 1756 Feb. 3 

Hankinson, Ledy, Monmouth, and John Hampton, Monmouth 1761 Mar. 9 

Hankinson, Mary, Monmouth, and John Taylor, Monmouth 1750 April 3 

Hankison, Elizabeth, and John Reading, Amwell ....1772 April 7 

Hann, Lenah, and Philip Wise, Morris 1769 July 17 

Hann, Mary, Cumberland, and Jeremiah Hines, Salem 1775 April 26 

Hanna, Martha, and Philip Molesberry, Sussex 1768 July 23 

Hannah, Ruth, and Joseph Peck, Cumberland 1773 Dec. 24 

Hannion, Mary, Bergen, and Garret Post, Bergen 1759 Oct. 15 

Harber, Hannah, and Thomas Grant, Burlington 1778 Oct. 24 

Harbert, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Collins, Monmouth 1767 Nov. 4 

Harbert, Lavina, Monmouth, and Samuel Curlis, Monmouth 1758 May 17 

Harbert, Mary, Monmouth, and Amariah Gifford, Monmouth 1758 Nov. 13 

Harbour, Esther, Monmouth, and John Youngs, Middletown 1741 Nov. 10 

Harbour, Hester, Monmouth, and Andrew White, Monmouth 1743 Sept. 15 

Harbour, Margaret, New Brunswick, and Matthew Rue, Middlesex. . . .1749 Oct. 11 

Harbour, Mary, Monmouth, and William Hill, Monmouth 1742 Nov. 3 

Harbour, Mary, and Jacob Starkey, Upper Freehold 1761 Aug. 29 

Harbour, Sarah, Monmouth, and Edward Patterson Worth, Monm’th . 1742 April 17 

Harbur, Hope, and Solomon Reeves, Northampton 1784 Aug. 24 

Harbut, Rebecca, and Benjamin Lawrence, East Jersey 1758 Feb. 11 

Harden, Elizabeth, and John Abbott, Gloucester 1784 July 8 

Harder, Marina, Somerset, and Jacobus Ammarman, Somerset 1746 May 7 

Hardiman, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Robert Sutton, Burlington ... 1729 Mar. 24 

Hardin, Catharine, Monmouth, and Alexander Garvey, Monmouth. ..1759 July 31 

Hardin, Margaret, Monmouth, and David Boyer, Monmouth 1761 Mar. 5 

Harding, Ann, Burlington, and David Collins, Burlington 1775 Dec. 16 


Harding, Elizabeth, Salem, and Michel Pedrick, Salem 1748 Aug. 25 

Harding, Mary, Salem, and James Murphy, Salem 1765 Sept. 2 

Harding, Mary, and Jacob Samson, Cumberland 1778 Sept. 24 

Harding, Mercy, Burlington, and Peter Homan, Burlington 1739 Oct. 25 

Harding, Sarah, Burlington, and Daniel Jones, Burlington ....1754 Oct. 16 

Hare, Jane, Bucks, Pa., and David Williams, Bucks, Pa 1731 Dec. 6 

Haren, Mary, Bergen, and Hendrick Zabriscy, Bergen 1753 Aug. 22 

Haring, Reynsee, Orange, N. Y., and Peter T. Haring, Orange, N. Y 1774 June 11 

Harison, Dameras, Newark, and Amos Prudden, Newark ... 1767 May 15 

Harker, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Edward Gaskill, Burlington. 1766 Sept. 23 

Harker, Rhoda, Springfield, and Joseph Gibbs, Springfield 1770 Aug. 28 

Harker, Sara, and David Johnson, Chester, Pa 1785 June 2 

Harman, Mary, Philadelphia, and Samuel Gray, Philadelphia 1740 Nov. 12 

Harmon, Ruth, and Henry Masking, Bucks, Pa 1778 Aug. 10 

H irper, Hannah, and William Douglass, Gloucester 1773 Nov. 16 

Harriman, Phebe, Morris, and Daniel Mead, Morris 1780 Mar. 11 

Hairing, Charity, and William Van Dalsem, New York. . 1786 July 20 

Harring, Rachel, and David Taulmau, Orange Co., N. Y 1781 Sept. 30 

Harriot, Mary, Woodbridge, and James Pike, Woodbridge 1747 Mar. 7 

Harriot, Sarah, Gloucester, and John Pearson, Burlington 1736 Jan. 3 

Harris, Agnes, Bristol, Pa., and Garret Vandergrift, Philadelphia. .. 1767 Aug. 14 

Harris, Amy, and John Louderback, Salem 1776 Jan. 12 

Harris, Ann, Middlesex, and James Connet, Somerset 1761 Nov. 12 

Harris, Anna, and Joseph Bishop, Cumberland. . 1757 Mar. 3 

Harris, Anne, and James Stratton, Cumberland 1779 July 15 

Harris, Hanna, and Jonathan Simpkins, Upper Penns Neck 1781 Oct. 25 

Harris, Marcy, Salem, and John Thomas Hampton, Salem. 1775 Jan. 1 

Harris, Margaret, Burlington, and Henry Jenkin, Burlington 1728 Feb. 26 

Harris, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Whisler, Gloucester 1770 Mar. 19 

Harris, Mercilah, Burlington, and Aaron Killey, Burlington 1766 Jan. 28 

Harris, Rachel, and John Bailey, Burlington 1759 Aug. 31 

Harris, Rachel, Cumberland, and Elijah Bowen, Cumberland 1771 Feb. 18 

Harris, Rachel, Hunterdon, and George Ewing, Cumberland . . 1778 Aug. 7 

Harris, Sarah, and William Campbell, Somerset 1781 Sept. 29 

Harris, Violetta, Fairfield, Thomas Ogden, Fairfield. . . 1760 Aug. 6 

Harrison, Edith, Hanover, and Joseph Roberts, Hanover . . 1770 Nov. 13 

Harrison, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John McKinstry, Monmouth ,. . 1739 Aug. 11 

Harrison, Elizabeth, Bergen, and Isaac Ringsland, Jr., Bergen; 1753 Jan. 19 

Harrison, Gannitte, and James Neilson, New Brunswick. 1768 July 19 

Harrison, Hannah, Gloucester, and William Alberson, Gloucester. 1747 June 9 

Harrison, Ilauuah, Gloucester, and William Albertson, Gloucester. ... 1747 June 15 

Harrison, Lydia, Newark, and Jonathan Sayres, Newark 1761 Jan. 22 

Harrison, Nancy, and Samuel Davis, Bergen 1750 July 25 

Harrison, Ruth, and Benjamin Wright, Burlington 1759 Jan. 17 

Harrison, Sarah, Philadelphia, and William Price, Philadelphia 1731 Mar. 7 

Harrison, Sarah, Gloucester, and William Hugg, Gloucester 1737 May 30 


Harrison, Sarah, Philadelphia, and Isaac Brown, Philadelphia 1737 Oct. 22 

Harry, Wilmeth, Pennsylvania, and Giles Lawrence, Pennsylvania — 1738 Nov. 23 

Hart, Abigail, Hunterdon, and Moses Stout, Hunterdon , 1773 Mar. 17 

Hart, Eleanor, and John Robinson, Toms River 1768 July 26 

Hart, Hannah, Hunterdon, and Lott Philips, Hunterdon 1770 Jan. 17 

Hart, Louisa, Hopewell, and James Stout, Amwell 1775 April 25 

Hart, Mary, Falls Township, Pa., and Jasper Terry, Falls T'nship, Pa. 1735 July 29 

Hart, Mary, and John Vancleave, Hunterdon 1780 Nov. 20 

Hart, Mary, and John Welling, Trenton ... .1786 Oct. 11 

Hart, Sarah, and Timothy Hart, Hunterdon. . 1781 Dec. 14 

Hartie, Lena, OraDge, N. Y., and Jacobus Cornell, Bergen 1761 Mar. 21 

Hartley, Jannet, and Uriah Hughes, Bucks 1733 June 14 

Hartshorn, Elizabeth 0., and James Bowne, Middletown 1743 Aug. 17 

Hartshorne, Lena, Burlington, and Samuel Kirby, Burlington .1766 April 19 

Hartshorne, Mary, Monmouth, and Abraham Garrison, Monmouth ..1744 Nov. 29 
Hartshorne, Mary, Freehold, and Thomas Kearney, Middletown. . . . 1749 Dec. 30 
Hartshorne, Rachel, Middletown, and Thomas Robinson, P’th Amboy. 1751 Nov. 4 
Hartshorne, Rebecca, Middletown, and George Wright, Burlington ... 1729 Mar. 17 

Hartt, Jane, Salem, and Alex. Alexander, Philadelphia 1750 June 16 

Harvey, Catherine, Monmouth, and Laughlin Mackintosh, Monmouth. 1757 Dec. 21 
Harvey, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and William Hollingshead, Phila. . . . 1748 Feb. 26 
Harvey, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Henry Armstrong, Monmouth ... 1766 Sept. 5 

Harvey, Margaret, Monmouth, and John Lone, Monmouth 1742 May 1 

Harvey, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and Joseph Simcoc.k, Bucks, Pa 1741 Mar. 5 

Harvey, Sarah, Burlington, and Thomas Bunting, Burlington 1755 April 17 

Harvey, Susannah, Pennsylvania, and Robert Edward, Pennsylvania. . 1728 May 11 

Haselton, Ann, Burlington, and James Page, Burlington. 1754 Oct. 2 

Haselton, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, and Isaac Penrose, Philadelphia. .. 1768 Oct. 22 

Hassam, Sarah, and Daniel Pahlman, Kensington, Pa 1788 Feb. 7 

Hastier, Rebecca, and Morris Earle, Bergen 1746-7 Mar. 7 

Hatcher, Mary, Bucks, Pa., and Stephen Sands, Bucks, Pa 1747 Oct. 27 

Hatlieway, Roday, Middletown, and James Pew, Middletown 1764 Mar. 9 

Hatkinson, Mary, and Andrew Davis, Burlington 1781 May 1 

Hatton, Barbary, Salem, and Garret Vaneman, Salem 1773 Dec. 5 

Hausemau, Mary, and Christian A. Zabriskie, Bergen 1789 Nov. 23 

Havens, Abigail, Burlington, and Joseph Davis, Burlington 1756 Sept. 23 

Havens, Anne, Monmouth, and William Newbury, Monmouth 1748 April 25 

Havens, Dorothy, and Thomas Van Norte 1771 Dec. 10 

Havens, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and William Allgor, Monmouth 1763 Jan. 7 

Havens, Phebe, Monmouth, and Joseph Bartlett, Monmouth 1737 Oct. 12 

Havens, Phoebe, Monmouth, and Job Inman, Monmouth 1774 Dec. 15 

Havins, Christin, Shrewsbury, and Jacob Shibely, Shrewsbury 1756 Mar. 15 

Haw, Lydia, Bristol, Pa., and Henry Wilson, Bristol, Pa 1763 Aug. 31 

Hawk, Charlotte, and Samuel Antram, Burlington 1781 Nov. 10 

Hawke, Elizabeth, Haddonfield, and Samuel Packer, Haddonfield 1748 Dec. 7 

Hawthorn, Margaret, and David Taylor, Salem 1773 Feb. 2 


Hay, Agnes, Woodbridge, and James Brown 1743 May 25 

Hay, Amy, and John Davidson, Burlington , 1772 April 23 

Hay, Anne, Burlington, and John Lyne, Burlington 1748 Jan. 19 

Hay, Mary, Middlesex, and Nisbit Mount, Middlesex 1744 Aug. 9 

Hay, Mary Aune, and Abraham Hewliugs, Burlington 1758 July 29 

Hay, Nelly, Middlesex, and Isaac Willson, Middlesex 1780 Nov. 14 

Hayes, Mary, and Charles Smith, Bristol, Pa 1778 Dec. 21 

Haynes, Agnes, and Daniel Huddy, Salem 1771 Oct. 17 

Haynes, Rebecca, Cumberland, and John Barns, Cumberland 1759 Jan. 25 

Hays, Amiryllis, Amwell, and Robert Mursin, Hunterdon 1740 Mar. 17 

Hays, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Barzilla Ewans, Burlington 1764 Mar. 2 

Hays, Hannah, and George Gilbert, Burlington ...1783 Sept. 10 

Hays, Ruth, Monmouth, and Adam Woolley, Monmouth 1742 Oct. 13 

Hays, Susanna, Penns Neck, and Amariah Reeves, Alloways Creek .. 1762 Oct. 4 
Haywood, Anne, Perth Amboy, and Jarvis Hazleton, Perth Amboy. . .1740 Feb. 9 
Haywood, Elizabeth, Piscataway, and Benjamin Randolph, Piscat’w’y.1750 May 26 

Haywood, Isabella, Stafford, and Hull Randolph, Stafford 1767 Oct. 26 

Haywood, Martha, Mount Holly, and Thomas Paxson, Mount Holly.. 1764 May 21 

Haywood, Mary, Burlington, find Joseph Randolph, Burlington 1761 Oct. 10 

Haze, Abigail, and James Burns, Cumberland .1778 Dec. 7 

Hazelton, Abigail, Burlington, and Joseph Kerlin, Burlington 1763 Dec. 20 

Hazelton, Anne, Monmouth, and Lines Pangborn, Monmouth 1761 Nov. 5 

Hazelton, Sarah, Burlington, and Thomas Baker, Burlington. 1749 Oct. 5 

Hazlet, Margaret, and Samuel Hazlit, Sussex 1777 July 14 

Headley, Rebecca, Bridgton, and Joseph Shelden, Bridgton 1747 Dec. 29 

Heard, Ann, Middlesex, and Ephraim Terrill, Essex . . 1763 Mar. 17 

Heard, Deliverance, Woodbridge, and Robert Stone, Woodbridge 1757 Feb. 17 

Heard, Susanna, Middlesex, and Asa Morris, Middlesex 1764 Jan. 2 

Heath, Mary, Perth Amboy, and Renew Donham, Woodbridge 1757 Aug. 1 

Heaton, Abigail, and Abraham Lake, Cumberland 1781 Mar. 19 

Heavilon, Mary, Freehold, and Stephen Amack, Monmouth 1767 Nov. 7 

Heaviland, Catharine, Monmouth, and Benjamin Cooper, Jr., Mon’th.1753 Oct. 31 

Hedden, Abigal, Monmouth, and George Howell, Monmouth 1765 July 1 

Hedden, Elizabeth, and Aaron Robarts, Newark 1778 Sept. 1 

Heddon, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and William Brown, Monmouth 1738 Feb. 15 

Heddy, Elizabeth, and James Edwards, Monmouth 1763 May 24 

Heddy, Catura, Monmouth, and Benjamin Parker, Monmouth 1760 July 16 

Hedge, Rebecca, Salem, and Pile Smith, Salem 1745 Nov. 4 

Hedge, Rebecca, Salem, and Thomas Thompson, Salem. 1770 May 30 

Hedger, Anne, Gloucester, and Benjamin Collins, Gloucester . ... 1735 May 17 
Hedger, Deborah, Gloucester, and Richard Cheesman, Gloucester . . 1763 July 18 

Hedger, Elizabeth, Burlington, and David Morphett, Burlington 1735 Aug. 18 

Hedger, Elizabeth, and Michael Morgan, Gloucester 1791 Mar. 23 

Hedger, Marabeth, Gloucester, and Thomas Cheesman, Gloucester ...1771 Mar, 27 

Hedger, Martha, Gloucester, and Peter Cheesman, Gloucester 1760 Jan. 30 

Hedges, Elizabeth, Waterford, and Samuel Harmer, Waterford 1735 July 28 


Hedges, Mary, Cape May, and John Taylor, Cape May 1777 Mar. 26 

Heed, Diana, and Richard Johuson, Bucks, Da 1739 Dec. 13 

Height, Mary, and Rein Vauderbeck, Windsor 1773 Dec. 30 

Heins, Sara, and John White, Woolwich 17 — Oct. 4 

Heldreth, Lidy, Monmouth, and Zebulon Baird, Monmouth 1765 April 11 

Heldrege, Sarah, Monmouth, and Andrew Baird, Monmouth 1762 Oct. 27 

Helldreth, Susannah, Middletown, and William Wolley, Shrewsbury .. 1755 Aug. 15 

Hellene, Mary, and Robert McQuown, New Jersey 1745 June 28 

Hellens, Mary, and Jacob Sevens, Mauningtou. 1783 May 1 

Helling, Elizabeth, Bucks, Pa., and Jacob Winner, Bucks, Pa 1774 Sept. 29 

Helm, Cornelia, and John Frederick Banta, Bergen 1769 April 12 

Helm, Magdalen, Up. Penns Neck, and George Somervell, L T p. P. N’k. 1771 May 11 

Helm, Margrit, Bergen, aud Abraham Moorasje, Bergen 1760 April 1 

Helme, Sarah, and Edward Dunlap, Sussex 1768 Sept. 23 

Helms, Elizabeth, and William Hamilton, Salem 1783 May 15 

Helms, Margarett, and Archibald Stewart, Sussex 1772 Aug. 29 

Helson, Anne, Burlington, and Joseph Ashton, Burlington 1770 June 19 

Hemones, Hulden, Monmouth, and Obadia Laton, Monmouth 1758 Mar. 22 

Henderson, Margaret, and Abraham Montague, Morris 1779 Feb. 25 

Heuderson, Phebe, Monmouth, aud John Cochran, Hunterdon 1763 Sept. 1 

Henderson, Phillis, and Alexander McCrea, Hunterdon 1774 Jan. 8 

Hendricks, Mary, Burlington, and James Burnside, Burlington 1727 July 19 

Hendrickson, Anne, Monmouth, and David Honge, Monmouth 1761 Dec. 21 

Hendrickson, Elizabeth, Salem, and John Manuring, Salem 1727 Mar. 14 

Hendrickson, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John VanderBilt, Sta’n Isl’d. 1754 May 20 

Hendrickson, Hannah, and Robert Spratt, Perth Amboy 1772 April 8 

Hendrickson, Hannah, and John Reeder, Trenton 1783 May 19 

Hendrickson, Jannetie, Somerset, and Mical Vaubueren, Somerset . . 1750 Oct. 15 

Hendrickson, Katharine, Monmouth, and Jacob Ramsen, Sr., N. York. 1749 Aug. 11 

Hendrickson, Mary, Monmouth, and Cornelius Covenhoven, Monm’th. 1767 July 12 

Hendrickson, Nelly, Middletown, and Jacob Yanmater, Middletown. .. 1756 June 19 

Hendrickson, Nelle, Monmouth, and Elias Golden, Monmouth 1761 July 30 

Hendrickson, Pamelo, aud Joseph Robinson, Gloucester 1782 April 25 

Hendrickson, Sarah, Bergen, and Egbird Yanzile, Paramus ..1754 Aug. 30 

Hendrickson, Sarah, and Hezekiah Young, Trenton 1778 Dec. 19 

Henion, Brechie, and Frans Post, Essex 1750 June 1 

Hennyon, Antje, Bergen, and George Ryerson, Bergen 1760 June 21 

Henuion, Antje, Bergen, and Roelef Van Houten, Bergen 1772 Dec. 18 

Hennion, Antje, Bergen, and Cornelius Van Houten, Essex 1773 May 11 

Henuion, Effe, Bergen, and William Norcross, Bergen 1778 Nov. 16 

Hennion, Jane, and Abraham T Garrison, Bergen. ... 1788 June 19 

Henry, Elizabeth, Middlesex, and Paul Le boyteulx, Middlesex. ...... 1749 Nov. 9 

Henry, Elizabeth, and James Taylor, Trenton 1779 Mar. 10 

Henry, Mary, and Samuel Porch, Gloucester 1785 Feb. 23 

Hensley, Mary, Bristol, Pa., and Thomas Watson, Bristol, Pa 1764 Jan. 2 

Hepburn, Sarah, and Francis Tautum, Windsor 1762 Mar. 19 



Heppard, Mary, Gloucester, and Jacob Mills, Gloucester 1761 Nov. 14 

Heppard, Sarab, Gloucester, and Jonathan Knight, Gloucester 1756 May 4 

Hepperd, Ann, Waterford, and Jacob Rowand, Gloucester 1771 May 22 

Iierber, Rebecca, Burlington, and Daniel Earling, Burlington 176S Feb. 23 

Herbert, Amey, Monmouth, and Janies Mott, Monmouth 1752 May 8 

Herbert, Anne, Burlington, and John Allen, Burlington 1774 April 13 

Herbert, Elizabeth, Middletown, and John Cottrel, Middletown 1749 April 10 

Herbert, Elizabeth, Upper Freehold, and Abraham Stout, Shrewsbury. 1755 Sept. 27 

Herbert, Elizabeth, and Thigh Horner, Monmouth. . 1773 Feb. 26 

Herbert, Hannah, and James Whitlock, Monmouth. .. 1 1769 Dec. 11 

Herbert, Lydia, and William Brewer, Monmouth 1742 May 19 

Herbert, Mary, Middletown, and George Pool, Middletown 1760 April 10 

Herbert, Mary, Northampton, and John Norcross, New Hanover 1776 Jan. 2 

Herd, Alice, Burlington, and John Forsith, Burlington 1756 Dec. 31 

Herd, Mary, Middlesex, and Cyrinius Van Mater, Middletown 1759 Dec. 19 

Herdon, Rachel, Bergen, and Jacobus Van Norstrand, New Jersey 1747 Aug. 8 

Heritage, Sarah, Burlington, and Jacob Carman, Burlington 1771 Oct. 5 

Herriman, Hannah, and James Walker, Piscataway . 1745 Dec. 21 

Herring, Terissa, and Phillip Smith, Maidenhead 1786 Oct. 10 

Herriot, Isabela, and Norris Thorp, Perth Amboy 1765 April 9 

Herriot, Jennet, and Gershom Vanderberck 1750 Feb. 4 

Herriot, Margaret, Woodbridge, and Jonathan Sharp, New Brunswick 1772 Oct. 8 

Herriot, Mary, Woodbridge, and Reuben Fitz Randolph, Piscataway. 1757 Feb. 8 

Herriot, Jane, Woodbridge, and Thomas Berry, Somerset 1758 Feb. 8 

Herritage, Martha, Deptford, and John Williams, Gloucester 1755 May 25 

Ileruug, Margaret, and Isaac Britton, Hunterdon 1778 April 25 

Hervy, Elizabeth, and Valentine Bryant, Hunterdon 1781 April 17 

Heulings, Bathsheba, Burlington, and Edward Chapman, Burlington. 1741 Oct. 22 

Heulings, Hester, Burlington, and John Newman, Philadelphia 1738 Sept. 12 

Heulings, Hetty, Burlington, and James Smith, Burlington 1772 Jan. 13 

H ewes, Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Foster, Gloucester 1783 Oct. 1 

Hewes, Jemimah, Penns Neck, and Benjamin Thomson, Piles Grove. .1764 Sept. 3 

Hewes, Patience, and Robert Johnson, Gloucester 1775 July 20 

Hewet, Jemimy, and Jeremiah String, Gloucester. . . 1782 Mar. 20 

Hewet, Judith, and Stephen Buck, Cape May 1780 July 4 

Hewet, Rachel, Cape May, and Francis Taylor, Cape May 1770 June 1 

Hewett, Rebecca, and Azariah Orin 1776 April 17 

Hewit, Ann, Gloucester, and Laban Longstaff, Gloucester 1744 Dec. 10 

Hewit, Anne, and William Howey, Burlington 1783 Aug. 4 

Hewit, Esther, and Levi Hand, Cape May 1774 Nov. 8 

Hewit, Susannah, Gloucester, and John Richards, Greenwich 1770 Mar. 7 

Hewitt, Abigail, and Benjamin Southward, Cumberland 1773 April 21 

Hewitt, Elizabeth, Bucks, Pa., and Robert Stretchbury, Bucks, Pa. ...1729 Oct. 16 

Hewlett, Rachel, Middlesex, and Joseph Shreve, Monmouth 1771 Sept. 14 

Hewlings, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Isaac Merritt, Burlington 1782 Mar. 21 

Hewlings, Esther, Burlington, and Seth Lucas, Burlington 1760 Nov. 24 



Hewliugs, Hannah, and Benjamin Lippincott, Burlington 1783 Aug. lu 

Hewling-, Mary, Burlington, and Moses Lippincott, Burlington 1778 Oct. 3 

Hewliugs, Mary, Burlington, and Joseph Moore, Burlington 1783 May 12 

Hewliugs, , Burlington, and Jonathan Crispin, Burlihgton 1770 May 14 

Hews, Elizabeth, and William Freeman, Burlington 1758 Sept. 25 

Hews, Louisa, and James Mackafferty, Gloucester 1785 Jan. 13 

Hewstice, Hannah, Evesham, and Samuel Beeves, Burlington 1747 

Heyer, Anne, Middletown, and Honues Vanpelt, Middletown 1755 Jan. 13 

Hever, Sarah, Morris, and Garret Eoff, Morris 1778 Nov. 20 

Hibbard, Elizabeth, and Thomas Smith 1701 June 17 

Hibbard, Martha 1730 Mar. 19 

Hibbard, Rachel, Blockley, Pa., and John Pearson, Darby, Pa 1735 July 9 

Hihbs, Ann, Bucks, Pa., and Ralph Smith, Bucks, Pa 1701 Dec. 10 

Hibbs, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, and Charles Watts, Pennsylvania 1735 June 5 

Hihbs, Elizabeth, and Patrick Kelly 1742 Feb. 14 

Hibbs, Elizabeth, and William Brooks, Bucks, Pa 1782 Oct. 3 

Hickbee, Sarah, Egg Harbor, and John Smith, Gt. Egg Harbor.. .. 1758 Oct. 7 
Hickles, Susannah, New B’nsw’k, and William Williamson, Middlesex 1739 Jan. 22 

Hickman, Mary, and Henry Jeanes, Salem 1778 Feb. 3 

Hickman, Ruth, Gt. Egg Harbor, and Samuel Scull, Gloucester 1745 Nov. 14 

Hickman, Theodosia, Burlington, and feter Kester, Burlington 1773 Dec. 4 

Hicks, Elizabeth, Bucks, Pa., and Augustin Willett, Bucks, Pa ..... 1770 Oct. 2 

Higbee, Alice, and Thomas Land, Burlington 1763 Nov. 28 

Higbee, Mary, Hunterdon, and Robert Fearson, Burlington 1764 April 12 

Higbee, Sarah, Burlington, and Daniel Bates, Gloucester 1746 April 4 

Higbey, Mary, Burlington, and John Heustis, Burlington 1765 Jan. 29 

Higby, Alice, and Thomas Somers, New Jersey 1780 Jan. 3 

Higginbottom, Dorothy, Burlington, and Benjamin Furnes, B'lington.. 1745 Aug. 23 

Higgins, Anne, Middlesex, and Robert Davidson, Monmouth 1742 Jan. 25 

Biggins, Bridget, Burlington, and John Rhodes, Burlington 1733 Oct. 16 

Higgins, Mary, Middlesex, and Isaac Lyons, Charles Co., Md 1757 Dec. 6 

Higgins, Sofiah, Essex, and David Oliver, Essex 1760 April 19 

Higgs, Anne, and Joseph Brown, Burlington 1759 Aug. 14 

Higings, Mary, and Daniel Gilman, Burlington 1762 Dec. 18 

Hilderbrand, Elinor, Salem, and Erasmus Kent, Salem 1770 April 23 

Hildreth, Phoebe, Cape May, and Matthew Whildin, Cape May 1771 April 22 

Hildreth, Priscella, Cape May, and Shamgar Hand, Cape May. ....... 1772 Feb. 27 

Hildreth, Prissilla, and Benjamin Southard, Cape May 1789 May 22 

Hile, Rebecca, Salem, and Joseph Zane, Salem 1750 Dec. 17 

Hill, Ann, Chesterfield, and Samuel Wheatcraft, Chesterfield 1773 May 26 

Hill, Catherine, and Leonard Cam, Morris 1778 Oct. 17 

Hill, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Hutchinson, Burlington 1771 Feb. 25 

Hill, Mary, and George Willhouse, Burlington 1685 Nov. 9 

Hill, Mary, and Samuel Reeves 1735 Jan. 2 

Hill, Mary, Monmouth, and Joseph Roberts, Monmouth .1764 Jan. 3 

Hill, Mary, Hunterdon, and Jedediah Higgins, Hunterdon 1774 May 17 


Hill, Rebecca, Salem, and Joseph Zaines, Salem 1750 Dec. 17 

Hill, Sarah, and Joshua Thompson, Salem 1733 April 13 

Hill, Sarah, Amwell, and Benjamin Thompson, Amwell 1774 Nov. 15 

Hillard, Catherine, Richm’d, N. Y., and Thomas Totten, R’m’d, N. Y. .1760 Nov. 22 

Hillegas, Mary, and John Jennings, Philadelphia 1754 Sept. 3 

Hilliar, Hannah, and Hugh Costill, Burlington. 1787 April 2 

Hilliard, Rachel, Burlington, and Levi Sharp, Burlington 1777 Oct. 28 

Hillier, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Prise, Evesham 1770 Dec. 6 

Hillman, Amy, and Joseph Crawford, Gloucester 1777 July 23 

Hillman, Elizabeth, and Levi Ellis, Gloucester 1783 Mar. 13 

Hillman, Laetitia, and John Bates, Gloucester 1783 Mar. 29 

Hillman, Margaret, and John Eastlack, Gloucester 1735 Nov. 8 

Hillman, Mary, and James Robeen, Gloucester 1779 April 9 

Hillman, Sarah, and Isaac Ellis, Gloucester 1785 July 14 

Hillyard, Mary, Gloucester, and Abraham Hammitt, Gloucester 1747 June 9 

Hillyer, Mary, Burlington, and Jouathan Atkinson, Burlington 1767 Dec. 7 

Hilman, Susanna, and Frederick King, Salem 1751 Oct. 7 

Hilyery, Sarah, Gloucester, and John Hammet, Gloucester 1745 Dec. 12 

Hinchman, Abigail, and John Kaighin, Gloucester 1732 Nov. 28 

Hiuchman, Ann, Evesham, and Israel Small, Evesham 1763 Oct. 13 

Hinchman, Ann, and John Scull. Waterford 1773 Nov. 8 

Hinchman, Deborah, Gloucester, and William Hepherd, Goucester. .1735 Mar. 1 

Hinchman, Hannah, Gloucester, and James Gill, Gloucester :1747 May 28 

Hiuchman, Liticia, Gloucester, and Thomas Thorne, New York 1727 July 29 

Hinchman, Mary, Gloucester, and Joseph Ellis, Gloucester 1760 Jan. 1 

Hinchman, Sarah, Gloucester, and Thomas Bispham, Burlington 1754 Feb. 18 

Hinds, Mary, and Patrick Mellon, Bucks Co., Pa 1778 April 3 

Hinds, Priscilla, Morris, and Robert Willson, Morristown 1780 Aug. 31 

Hingerson, Hannah, Salem, and Thomas Rowse, Salem 1746 Mar. 17 

Hisher, Mary, Chester, and John Worinton, Chester. 1772 April 11 

Hisson, Sarah, and John Scott, Shrewsbury 1779 May 22 

Hivenor, Margaret, Hopewell, and Philip Snook, Amwell 1773 April 1 

Hixson, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Rose, Hunterdon 1779 Jan. 8 

Hixson, Sarah, and George Reed, Hunterdon 1781 Jan. 29 

Hoar, Catharine, and John Land, Burlington 1778 Feb. 5 

Hockley, Mary, Philadelphia, and John Shubart, Philadelphia 1733 Nov. 24 

Hodge, Anne, Salem, and Nicholas Gibbin, Salem 1731 Mar. 16 

Hodge, Phoebe, Salem, and Joseph Vanneman, Salem 1769 Oct. 4 

Hodges, Jane, Gloucester, and James Dubury, Gloucester 1727 June 19 

Hodgins, Anne, and John Hill, Burlington 1770 June 2 

Hodgkinson, Elizabeth, Burlington, and John Smith, Burlington 1780 Sept. 28 

Hodson, Auue, Burlington, and James Kernings, Burlington 1727 July 21 

Hoff, Abigail, Monmouth, and Benjamin Britten, Middlesex 1762 July 15 

Hoff, Ann, and Leigh Amos, Hunterdon .... 1782 Oct. 23 

Hoff, Charity, and Henry Bowne, Hunterdon 1784 June 30 

Hoff, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Andrew Main, Monmouth 1759 Mar. 20 



Hoff, Elizabeth, and Noah Reed, Hunterdon .... 1780 Dec. 9 

Hoff, Frances, and Stacy Taylor, Backs, Pa 1785 Jan. 1 

Hoff, Hannah, Sussex, and Abraham Vanhorn, Sussex 1763 Dec. 9 

Hoff, Lititia, Burlington, and William Budd, Jr., Burlington 1767 July 18 

Hoff, Mary, Monmouth, and Alexander Clark, Monmouth 1763 Nov. 7 

Hoff, Patience, and Timothy Titus, Hunterdon 1779 Feb. 6 

Hoff, Rebecca, and Peter Brokaw, New Jersey 1783 Dec. 12 

Hoff, Sarah, Trenton, and Thomas Pearson, Burlington 1739 Jan. 29 

Hoff, Theodosia, Kingwood, and Joseph Stout, Hunterdon. . . 1765 Dec. 11 

Hoffener, Mary, Shrewsbury, and Hannes Jacob Redecker, Shrewsb’y 1751 Dec. 10 

Hoffham, Margaret, Salem, and Andreas Walty, Salem 1745-6 Mar. 10 

Hoffman, Elianor, and Richard Batten, Gloucester 1763 Dec. 15 

Hoffman, Mary, Hunterdon, and Abraham Lane, Hunterdon 1773 Feb. 1 

Hoffman, Mary, and Daniel Keen, Salem. . . . 1784 Nov. 7 

Hoffman, Rebecca, and William Bittle, Salem 1781 April 11 

Hoffman, Sarah, and Philip Prost, Hunterdon 1778 Feb. 24 

Hoffman, Susanna, and Jacob Halyard, Salem 1767 Nov. 27 

Hoffman, Susannah, Gloucester, and Isaac Shute, Gloucester 1763 Aug. 3 

Hoffmire, Elizabeth, Middletown, and John Bower, Hallafax 1767 Feb. 25 

Hoffmire, Lidy, Monmouth, and Lewis Morris, Monmouth 1763 May 30 

Hoffmire, Mary, Monmouth, and Richard Holoway, Monmouth 1758 Feb. 10 

Hoffmire, Mener, Middletown, and Benjamin Thorpe, Middletown.. .. 1761 Sept. 30 

Hoffmire, Rebecca, Monmouth, and James Rice, Monmouth. ... 1736 Nov. 22 

Hofman, Deborah, Salem, and Francis Batten, Gloucester .1763 Dec. 22 

Hofmire, Mary, Middletown, and Martin Vandyk, Shrewsbury 1759 Mar. 14 

Hogben, Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Sneathen, Alloways Creek 1747 June 13 

Hogeland, Agnes, Amwell, and Aaron Warford, Kingwood 1773 Nov. 29 

Hogeland, Jacomintie, Somerset, and Garret Hogeland, Somerset ... 1742 Aug. 30 

Hogeland, Magdelin, Somerset, and Denis Stryker, Somerset 1746 Dec. 1 

Hogg, Catharine, and Matthew Hixson, Hunterdon 1779 Mar. 8 

Hogg, Mary, Philadelphia, and James Wharton, Philadelphia 1754 Nov. 2 

Hogland, Rebekah, Alexandria, and John Tomson, John. 1784 Mar. 23 

Hogland, Anne, Amwell, and Roleff Schanck, Amwell 1764 June 14 

Hoglen, Lytie, Somerset, and Richard Compton, Somerset 1749 July 11 

Hogling, Leah, Amwell, and John Pettinger, Amwell 1774 Oct. 10 

Hogsflesh, Dorothy, Pennsylvania, and Jonathan Hood, Pennsylvania. 1727 Oct. 31 

Holbard, Mercy, Burlington, and Ezekial Wright, Burlington 1739 Nov. 1 

Holcomb, Sarah, and Isaac Leech, Pennsylvania ... 1781 Feb. 6 

Holcombe, Mary, and Thomas Holcombe, Hunterdon 1783 May 21 

Holden, Hannah, Cape May, and Benjamin Taylor, Cape May 1768 Oct. 3 

Holden, Mary, Cape May, and Daniel Hewitt, Cape May 1764 Feb. 1 

Holder, Tacey, Burlington,, and William Davidson, Burlington 1746 Oct. 4 

Holding, Mary, and Josiah Cresse, Cape May 1737 Sept. 26 

Holeman, Grace, and Philip Colon 1739 Dec. 1 

Holley, Sarah, and Nicholas Simkins, Great Egg Harbour 1775 April 29 

Hollinshead, Sarah, and Jonathan Fithian, Salem 1786 Nov. 28 


Hollinsett, Nelly, and Michael Blue 

Hollinshead, Agnes, Burlington, and Samuel Treat, Burlington 1774 Oct. 13 

Hollinshead, Eleanor, Salem, and Francis Palmer, Philadelphia 1742 Feb. 10 

Hollinshead, Hannah, and Thomas Gill, Burlington 1743-4 Jan. 9 

Hollinshead, Hannah, Chester, and Peter Ward, Chester 1745 Feb. 28 

Hollinshead, Jerusha, and Joseph Hollinshead, Burlington 1759 Aug. 30 

Hollinshead, Martha, and Aaron Peterson, Cumberland 1779 Mar. 25 

Hollinshead, Sarah, and Samuel Barnes, Salem 1738 May 20 

Hollinshead, Zilas, and John Hollinshead, Burlington 1787 Dec. 5 

Holloway, Ann, Chesterfield, and Robert Rogers, Middlesex 17G3 Dec. 28 

Holloway, Margaret, Gloucester, and Samuel Boggs, Gloucester 1762 April 21 

Hollt, Catharine, Shrewsbury, and George West, Shrewsbury 1759 May 15 

Holm, Phebe, Gloucester, and Aaron Ward, Gloucester 1732 July 22 

Holman, Catherine, and Peter Sunderland, Somerset 1778 May 25 

Holman, Elizabeth, and John Cox, Monmouth 1768 Jan. 1 

Holman, Jane, and Henry Vantilbury, Kingston 1778 July 14 

Holme, Hannah, Salem, and Benjamin Holme, Jr., Salem 1750 Dec. 24 

Holme, Martha, Gloucester, and Jonathan Borden, Gloucester 1754 Mar. 25 

Holme, Ruth, Bucks, Pa., and William Shallcross, Bucks, Pa 1733 April 11 

Holmes, Agnes, Gloucester, and John Avise, Gloucester 1765 April 8 

Holmes, Alice, Freehold, and John Vanbrakle, Freehold 1749 Feb. 28 

Holmes, Alice, and Daniel Ketcham, Monmouth 1771 Mar. 27 

Holmes, Anna, Cumberland, and Daniel Clark, Cumberland 1761 Aug. 11 

Holmes, Catherine, Freehold, and Hendrick Schenck, Freehold 1749 Feb. 28 

Holmes, Catharine, and Roeleff Hageaman, Somerset 1780 Sept. 9 

Holmes, Deliverance, Middletown, and William Owen, Middletown. . .1759 April 6 

Holmes, Eleanor, and William Terry, Bucks, Pa 1756 May 26 

Holmes, Hannah, Shrewsbury, and David Yanschaick, Freehold 1757 May 23 

Holmes, Mary, Monmouth, and Peter Imlay, Monmouth 1762 Jan. 25 

Holmes, Mary, Monmouth, and Samuel Ellison, Middlesex. 1762 Feb. 9 

Holmes, Rebecca, and Asher Cox, Monmouth 1768 Sept. 28 

Holmes, Rebeckah, Middletown, and Gisbert Tice, Freehold 1756 Mar. 2 

Holmes, Rhode, Middletown, and John Schanck, Middletown 1772 Dec. 25 

Holmes, Sarah, Monmouth, and John Throckmorton, Monmouth 1739 Dec. 24 

Holmes, Sarah, Monmouth, and Joseph Saltar, Monmouth 1756 April 3 

Holmes, Sirsanna, Middlesex, and John Tillyer, New Jersey :. 1745 April 18 

Holmes, Alice, and Richard Perry, Northampton 1757 Sept. 14 

Holstead, Easter, Shrewsbury, and Layton Romine, Shrewsbury 1762 Dec. 4 

Holstead, Saray, Monmouth, and Jonathan Emons, Monmouth 1767 Sept. 9 

Hoisted, Rebeckah, Shrewsbury, and Thomas Wainright, Shrewsbury. 1762 Jan. 26 

Hoisted, Abigail, Monmouth, and James Russell, Monmouth. 1741 Sept. 5 

Holston, Margarett, Pilesgrove, and Robert Plummer, Pilesgrove 1769 Oct. 24 

Holt, Dorcas, Philadelphia, and Arthur Buchanan, Lancaster, Pa 1738 July 22 

Holt, Elinor, and Joseph Chew, Philadelphia 1742 Dec. 13 

Holt, Sarah, Bucks, Pa., and Isaac Walton, Philadelphia 1737 Aug. 25 

Holton, Bridget, and William Homman, Gloucester 1756 Dec. 16 


Hohvey, Mary, Middlesex, and Henry Lake, Middlesex 1740 Feb. 21 

Homan, Mary, Gloucester, and Jeremiah Adams, Gloucester 1738 Jan. 5 

Homer, Peggy, and Nicholas Lundbek 1783 Nov. 13 

Horice, Allet, Freehold, and William Adudell, Freehold 1767 Aug. 29 

Honce, Phebe, Freehold, and Joseph Wood, Freehold 1766 July 24 

Hood, Deborah, Philadelphia, and John Johnson, Philadelphia 1732 July 21 

Hood, Mary, Chester, Pa., and Henry Clarke, Chester, Pa 1731 Nov. 18 

Hood, Rachel, Cumberland, and Samuel Harris, Cumberland 1761 Aug. 25 

Hooff, Henrietta, and Benjamin Ford, Chester, Pa 1784 May 6 

Hooghland, Mary, and Peter Montfort, Somerset 1783 May 9 

Hoogland, Abigail, Hunterdon, and Isaac Demott, Hunterdon.. 1770 Aug. 29 

Hoogland, Jenny, Somerset, and Cornelius Nevius, Somerset 1783 Nov. 14 

Hoogland, Mary, and John Fisher, Hunterdon 1778 Nov. 28 

Hoogland, Phebe, Sussex, and Vincent Dey, Middlesex 1775 Oct. 12 

Hoogland, Phoebe, and John Simonson, Somerset 1781 Mar. 9 

Hooper, Anne, Middlesex, and Isaac Cubberly, Burlington 1749 Dec. 7 

Hooper, Anne, and Henry Perine, Middlesex . . 1769 April 19 

Hooper, Isabella, and John Johnston, Perth Amboy. 1768 Jan. 30 

Hooper, Lucretia, Northampton, and John Pippit, Northampton 1784 Jan. 26 

Hooper, Mary, and Robert Thompson 1779 Sept. 17 

Hooper, Rachel, Burlington, and Samuel Murrell, Burlington 1749 Mar. 29 

Hooper, Sarah, Kingsbury, and William Pidgeon. Trenton 1758 Oct. 6 

Hoper, (?), and Abraham- Ackerman, Bergen . 1764 Oct. 18 

Hopewell, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Benjamin Cooper, Gloucester ... 1759 Mar. 6 

Hopewell, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Samuel Cox, Burlington 1775 Nov. 2 

Hopewell, Martha, and Aaron Bryan, Burlington 1783 Dec. 26 

Hopewell, Mary, Burlington, and Jabez Eldredge, Burlington 1776 Dec. 30 

Hopewell, Mary, Burlington, and James Hayburn, Philadelphia ..... 1781 Dec. 24 

Hopewell, Sarah, Gloucester, and Jeremiah Jones, Gloucester 1759 May 3 

Hopkins, Martha, Salem, and John McKoan, Salem 1764 Jan. 13 

Hopkison, Margaret, Burlington, and Thomas Wright, Burlington . . 1729 Sept. 18 

Hoppe, Aaltie, Bergen, and John Hoppe, Bergen 1771 July 20 

Hoppe, Catharine, Bergen, and Audries Hoppie, Bergen 1773 Aug. 19 

Hopper, Abigail, Bergen, and Andrew Christie, Bergen 1768 Mar. 20 

Hopper, Adriange, and Jacobus Beam, Bergen 1790 Oct. 16 

Hopper, Ann, and John Van Nortwick, Somerset 1783 Aug. 2 

Hopper, Charity, and Garret A. Ackerman, Bergen.. 1790 June 23 

Hopper, Gesche, and Jacob Demarest, Bergen 1788 Dec. 16 

Hopper, Hester, and Jacob Banta, Bergen 1789 April 17 

Hopper, Margaret, and Garret Hopper, Bergen 1780 Mar. 17 

Hopper, Maritie, Hackensack, and Isaac Van gieson, Hackensack 1744 Aug. 2 

Hopper, Mary, and Thomas Chappie, Bergen 1787 Dec. 6 

Hopper, Polly, Bergen, and Joost Zabriskie, Bergen. 1772 Jan. 19 

Hopper, Sarah, Deptford, and Charles West, Deptford . . 1772 June 16 

Hopper, Sarah, and Richard Borden, Gloucester 1788 Dec. 1 

Hoppman, Elizabeth, Salem, and Elijah Barber, Gloucester 1772 April 13 

20 6 


Horn, Hannah, Raritan Landing 


Horner, Rebecca, Burlington, and Jonathan Borden, Jr., Burlington 

Hornor, Charity, and Jacob Grigling, Monmouth 

Horsefield, Mary, Monmouth, and Emir Jackson, Monmouth 

Horseman, Hannah, Monmouth, and Richard Bartley, Monmouth . 

Horsley, Mary, Salem, and William Pope, Salem. . . . 

Hort, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Solomon Eldridge, Burlington.. 

Hort, Lydia, Burlington, and John Hore, Burlington 

Hort, Mary, and Gabriel Puneo. 

Hortmann, Christian, and William Golden, 'Hunterdon 

Hosel, Sarah, Salem, and William Lot 
Hosher, Barshabe, and Cumlass String 

Houghf, Martha, and David Bunting, Bucks, Pi 
Houghton, Alee, and Abraham Stout, Hunterdo 
Houghton, Eve, and John Schenck, Middlesex. 

Hoult, Sarah, and Edward Eglington, Byllingsport. 







































. 1760 









. 1743 


























. 1702 















. 1777 












. 1772 






. 1759 



. 1755 



. 1757 









. 1779 
















20 7 

Houseman, Christian, Springfield, and Peter Slim, Burlington 1759 April 12 

Houseman, Mariche, and Michael B. Terliuue, Bergen 1790 July 24 

Houvsmau, Mary, Bergen, and Cornelius Taleman, Bergen 1760 April 7 

How, Martha, Burlington, and Abell Scull, Gloucester 1749 April 16 

Howard, Mary, and Richard Watson, Burlington 1756 Aug. 13 

Howard, Rebecca, and Joseph Soper, New Jersey 1779 Feb. 2 

Howe, Martha, Trenton, and William Lowrey, Hunterdon 1779 Dec. 31 

Howel, Baphel, and James Gardenuer, Gloucester 1781 Feb. 16 

Howell, Abigail, and John Guild, Hunterdon 1780 Dec. 29 

Howell, Aune, Burlington, and Walter Reeve, Burlington 1682 Nov. 11 

Howell, Aune, Woodbridge, and William Walker, Woodbridge .... 1741-42 Mar. 23 

Howell, Mary, and George Pasco, Jamaica, West Indies 1773 July 5 

Howell, Pheebe, and John Scudder, Trenton .. 1733 Feb. 2 

Howell, Pheebe, Hunterdon, and Job Phillips, Hunterdon 1764 April 13 

Howell, Rachel, Salem, and James Cahaliu, Salem 1761 Sept. 9 

Howell, Ruth, and John Cannaday 1780 Nov. 28 

Howell, Sarah, and John Sparks, Deptford. . 1773 Jan. 28 

Howell, Sarah, and John Dowdney, Cumberland 1773 Nov. 20 

Howell, Tamon, and Richard Bond, Cumberland 1781 Dec. 28 

Howgen, Hannah, Perth Amboy, and Philip Fall, Perth Amboy 1757 Nov. 9 

Howlan, Ruth, Monmouth, and John Allen, Monmouth 1755 Feb. 26 

Howie, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Wood, Burlington 1685 Nov. 3 

Howton, Mary, Gloucester, and Caleb Hewitt, Gloucester 1763 May 31 

Hoyle, Michael, Philadelphia, and John Read, Philadelphia 1737 July 30 

Hubbell, Elizabeth, Elizabethtown, and Thomas Skinner, Perth Amb’y. 1750 Feb. 2 

Hubbs, Mary, and John Bishop, Gloucester 1778 Nov. 31 

Huber, Rebecca, Burlington, and John Reeves, Burlington 1770 Sept. 29 

Huckings, Mary, Salem, and John Alen, Salem 1686 Aug. 10 

Huckings, Susanna, Salem, and Seger Garrison, Salem 1738 May 30 

Hude, Ann, and Ravaud Kearney, Middlesex 1766 Dec. 31 

Hudger, Judith, and Ellis Hughes, Cape May 1786 Dec. 7 

Hudges, Judith, and Nathaniel Foster, Cape May 1787 Oct. 5 

Hudleson, Elizabeth, Bucks, Pa., and George Walker, Bucks, Pa. ... 1761 Dec. 2 

Hudnot, Rachal, and James Larason 1783 Oct. 11 

Hudson, Ann, Salem, and Samuel Woodhouse, Salem 1699 Jan. 22 

Hudson, Hannah, Philadelphia, and Abel Preston, Philadelphia 1731 Sept. 29 

Hudson, Hannah, Salem, and Thomas Dickeson, Salem 1773 Oct. 19 

Hudson, Sarah, Philadelphia, and John Langdale, Philadelphia 1737 Dec. 30 

Hues, Ann, and William Shute, Gloucester 1750 April 21 

Hueston, Agnes, and Patrick Story, Sussex L77 Dec. 6 

Huff, Ann, and Matthew Colsher, Somerset 1768 Nov. 14 

Huff, Rachel, and Abraham Prall, Amwell 1772 Sept. 9 

Huffmire, Catharine, Middletown, and Samuel Romine, Shrewsbury. . 1762 Dec. 9 

Hugg, Ann, Gloucester, and John Heritage, Burlington. 1741 Aug. 22 

Hugg, Ann, and John Hampton, Gloucester 1782 Oct. 15 

Hugg, Hannah, Burlington, and William Ashburn, Burlington 1750 July 1 

208 new jersey colonial documents. 

Hugg, Hannah, Northampton, and Lawrence Webster, Evesham 17G4 Mar. 22 

Hugg, Hannah, Gloucester, and Thomas Ashton, Gloucester 1771 June 19 

Hugg, Lizy, New Jersey, and Robert F. Price, New Jersey 1766 Aug. 6 

Hugg, Patience, Gloucester, and John Estlack, Gloucester 1741 Aug. 1 

Hugg, Priscilla, Gloucester, and John Chattin, Gloucester 1740 May 15 

Hugg, Sarah, Gloucester, and Benjamin Bates, Gloucester 1766 Dec. 24 

Hugh, Mary, Chester, Pa., and Jeremiah Ellis, Chester, Pa 1734 Oct. 7 

Hughes, Dorcas, Gloucester, and Abraham Chattin, Gloucester. ..... 1752 April 28 

Hughes, Elizabeth, and William Peterson, Salem 1746 June 12 

Hughes, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Andrew Kind, Gloucester 1768 April 18 

Hughes, Elizabeth, and Timothy Brandreth, Cape May 1776 Dec. 11 

Hughes, Elizabeth, and John Hugg, Gloucester 1779 April 27 

Hughes, Esther, and Thomas Anderson, Sussex 1781 Nov. 13 

Hughes, Experience, Cape May, and John Crowell, Cape May 1770 Feb. 13 

Hughes, Hannah, and William Fenton, Burlington 1773 July 29 

Hughes, Judith, Cape May, and Jacob Spicer, Cape May 1738 June 10 

Hughes, Judith, and Richard Matthews, Cape May 1772 July 10 

Hughes, Martha, and Memu cam Hughes, Cape May 1761 Mar. 4 

Hughes, Martha, Cape May, and Reuben Swain, Cape May 1766 Nov. 3 

Hughes, Martha, and John Holson, Salem 1777 Mar. 24 

Hughes, Mary, Cape May, and Jesse Hughes, Cape May 1763 June 14 

Hughes, Mercy, and Asbury Smith, Cape May 1789 Nov. 9 

Hughes, Rachel, and John Lip pincott, Burlington 1779 Sept. 20 

Hughes, Sarah, and John Stotesbury, Sussex 1783 July 12 

Hughes, Susannah, Cape May, and Elisha Bancroft, Cape May 1773 April 7 

Hughes, Zeruiah, Cape May, and David Bowen, Cumberland 1775 Nov. 11 

Hughs, Dorothy, Gloucester, and John Allaways, Burlington 1740 Jan. 1 

Hugins, Barbary, Salem, and Samuel Barber, Salem 1764 May 16 

Hulet, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Daniel Applegate, Monmouth. . .. 1745 Jan. 31 

Hulet, Hannah, Monmouth, and Elias King, Monmouth 1757 Jan. 27 

Hulet, Margaret, Monmouth, and Samuel Edwards, Monmouth 1749 Oct. 2 

Hulett, Mary, Monmouth, and Christopher Jones, Monmouth 1745 Dec. 7 

Hulit, Johanuah, Monmouth, and Joseph Morris, Monmouth 1755 Aug. 2 

Hulit, Rachel, Monmouth, and Jeremiah Brown, Monmouth 1755 Oct. 18 

Hull, Anne, Middlesex, and William Jewell, Middlesex 1745 Feb. 7 

Hull, Anne, Mendham, and Joseph Hill, Bucks, Pa 1783 July 19 

Hull, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Dayton, Essex 1746 April 5 

Hull, Esther, Middlesex, and John Story, Middlesex 1741 Aug. 1 

Hull, Hannah, Piscataway, and Thomas Aspinwall, Piscataway 1743 July 28 

Hull, Keziah, Middlesex, and Nathaniel Atchley, Middlesex 1764 July 2 

Hull, Lydia, Middlesex Co., and Awry Lougstreet, Middlesex 1754 May 6 

Hull, Mary, Middlesex, and John Predmore, Burlington. 1767 Jan. 20 

Hull, Rhoda, Middlesex, and John Martin, Middlesex 1752 Apiil 22 

Hulse, Ann, Monmouth, and John Brewer, Monmouth 1764 Mar. 1 

Hulse, Phebe, Monmouth, and William Yannest, Monmouth 1740 Sept. 22 

Hummer, Catharine, and John Fox, Hunterdon .1778 May 22 



Humphreys, Rachel, and William Fenimore, Burlington 1742 Sept. 18 

Humphries, Anna, Burlington, and Thomas Ellis, Gloucester 1765 April 9 

Hunloke, Martha, and Hugh Huddy 1701 May 6 

Huuloke, Mary, and Nelin Randall, Burlington 1734 July 18 

Hunn, Judith, Monmouth, and Uriah Carl, Monmouth. . ....... 1755 July 9 

Hunt, Abigail, Monmouth, and Hendrick Brewer, Monmouth 1763 Nov. 12 

Hunt, Ann, Salem, and Mark Reeve, Salem 1686 Dec. 3 

Hunt, Catherine, and John Marsh, Middlesex 1767 April 22 

Hunt, Catherine, and Jacob Anderson, Hunterdon 1785 Feb. 25 

Hunt, Charity, and John Forman, Hunterdon 1770 June 10 

Hunt, Charity, and Gidion De Camp, Hunterdon 1773 Sept. 11 

Hunt, Charity, and John Drake, Hunterdon 1779 Feb. 20 

Hunt, Deborah, and Daniel Christopher, Hunterdon 1785 Sept. 18 

Hunt, Elizabeth, and Enoch Northrop 1769 Oct. 9 

Hunt, Elizabeth, and James Johnston, Cumberland 1778 Sept. 23 

Hunt, Hannah, and William Bainbridge, Hunterdon 1777 May 24 

Huut, Hannah, Maidenhead, and Joseph Smith, Trenton 1778 Sept. 28 

Hunt, Jemimah, and William Ely. Trenton. 1734 Mar. 25 

Hunt, Keziah, Hunterdon, and Stephen Biles, Hunterdon 1737 Mar. 7 

Hunt, Margaret, and James Wilson, Amwell 1779 Jan. 25 

Hunt. Mary, and Isaac Hill, Hunterdon 1781 Dec. 3 

Hunt, Mercy, and George Jones, Essex 1768 Mar. 17 

Hunt, Penelope, and John Leahy, Hunterdon ...1784 Jan. 7 

Hunt, Phebe, and John Furman, Hunterdon 1779 Mar. 30 

Hunt Ruth, and Stephen Hunt, Hunterdon .... 1787 May 12 

Hunt, Sarah, and John Bell, Hunterdon. 1769 May 5 

Hunt, Sarah, and Jesse Hunt, Hunterdon ... 1781 June 30 

Hunt, Susannah, and Pallmer Phillips, Hunterdon 1783 May 21 

Hunter, Ann, Salem, and James Dunlap, Salem 1746 Jan. 24 

Hunter, Catherine, Sussex, and William Hendershot, Sussex 1773 Dec. 24 

Hurff, Ursulla, Gloucester, and David Roe, Gloucester 1767 July 24 

Hurley, Susannah, and Joseph Perry, Gloucester 1785 Feb. 24 

Hurst, Elizabeth, and John Githens, Gloucester. 1774 Oct. 31 

Hurst, Elenor, and Wilmou Whildin, Cape May 1764 Aug. 8 

Hurtsman, Susanna, Burlington, and Philip Hack, Burlington 1783 Jan. 6 

Husbands, Catherine, Monmouth, and Benjamiu Woolley, Jr., Mou'th. 1750 April 2 

Husbands, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Daniel Jefferies, Monmouth 1743-4 Feb. 1 

Husbands, Margaret, Shrewsbury, and Silas Woolley, Shrewsbury.. .1752 April 27 

Hussey, Rebecca, aud Owens Lemuel - , Staten Island 1745 Jan. 13 

Husted, Elizabeth, and Richard Whitecar, Cumberland. . .. 1756 Dec. 7 

Huston, Elenor, and William Smith, Trenton 1778 May 31 

Hutch, Elizabeth, Mansfield, and Joseph Shreve, Mansfield . 1750 Aug. 28 

Hutchason, Mary, and William Ely, Middlesex 1767 Mar. 17 

Hutchen, Sarah, and John Eick, Hunterdou 1782 Oct. 27 

Hutchin, Mary, Burlington, and Benjamin Fennimore, Burlington . . . 1774 Mar. 4 

Hutchin, Sarah, Burlington, aud Content Homer, Monmouth 1738 Oct. 31 



Hntchius, Margery, Burlington, and Thomas Ellis, Burlington 1740 July 12 

Hutchins, Rebecca, and James Clayton, Burlington 1771 Aug. 8 

Hutchinson, Abigail, and Daniel Dye, Middlesex 1773 Mar. 24 

Hutchinson, Anne, and William Updike, Middlesex 1761 Nov. 10 

Hutchinson, Anne, and Joseph Wood, Upper Freehold 1768 Nov. 30 

Hutchinson, Catharine, and Morris Cox, Monmouth 1773 June 21 

Hutchinson, Elizabeth, and William Stout, Burlington 1780 Dec. 27 

Hutchinson, Margaret, and Andrew Sim 1700-1 Jan. 21 

Hutchinson, Mary, Greenwich, and John Oriu, Greenwich 1747 May 2 

Hutchinson, Mary, Alloways Creek, and Philip Penton, Alloways Cr’k. 1749 Jan. 16 

Hutchinson, Mary, and John Robins, Upper Freehold 1768 Aug. 23 

Hutchinson, Rachel, and John Kinnan, Monmouth 1770 Feb. 28 

Hutchinson, Rebecca, and Timothy Merrick, Bristol, Pa . . 1783 April 5 

Hutchinson, Susannah, and Joseph Collins, Gloucester. . . 1784 May 4 

Huton, Elizabeth, Cape May, and Benjamin Laughton, Cape May . 1739-40 Feb. 23 

Huttoin, Ruth, Gloucester, and Thomas Clark, Gloucester 1746 Aug. 20 

Hutton, Eleanor, and Morris Hay, Burlington 1758 Sept. 13 

Hutson, Rachel, Cumberland, and Enoch Moore, Cumberland 1762 Nov. 22 

Huysman, Agnes, Bergen, and Hendrick Vangieson, Hackensack. . . . 1768 May 19 

Hyde, Martha, and Josiah Smith, Hunterdon 1782 Dec. 8 

Hyer, Johannah, Monmouth, and Daniel Hall, Monmouth 1746 Dec. 3 


Ichmormeau, John, Hunterdon, and Rachel Lennord 1780 Aug. 15 

Ickle, Jacob, Gloucester, and Sarah Coffey, Gloucester 1763 Mar. 28 

Imlay, Isaac, Monmouth, and Mary Lawrence 1781 Oct. 10 

Imlay, John, Hunterdon, and Jane King, Hunterdon 1764 Oct. 24 

Imlay, John, Middlesex, and Elizabeth De Bow . . 1773 Feb. 24 

Imlay, Nathaniel, Burlington, and Ann English . . 1771 April 5 

Imlay, Peter, Monmouth, and Mary Holmes, Monmouth 1762 Jan. 25 

Imlay, Peter, Monmouth, and Euphemia Reading 1772 April 13 

Imlay, Robert, Monmouth, and Margaret Starkey, Monmouth 1741 Jan. 26 

Indicott, John, Burlington, and Mary Gosling, Burlington 1728 Mar. 22 

Indicott, Joseph, Burlington, and Ann Gillam 1736 May 12 

Ingall, Robert, Burlington, and Joan Horne, Burlington 1684 July 4 

Ingersol, Daniel, Gloucester, and Hannah L>ole 1773 Dec. 27 

Ingersol, Ebenezer, Cape May, and Mary Scull 1761 April 24 

Ingersoll, Joseph, Gloucester, and Miry Risley, Gloucester ...1743 June 13 

Ingersol, Joseph, Gloucester, and Mary Townsend 1766 Feb. 15 

Ingerson, Benjamin, Gloucester, and Hannah Dole, Gloucester 1728 Jan. 2,8 

Ingerson, Benjamin, Gloucester, aud Susannah Steelman 1738 June 23 

Ingerson, Isaac, Gloucester, and Jemima Read 1775 April 12 

Ingledew, Blackston, Philadelphia, aud Mary Mickle, Gloucester. ... 1736 Dec. 9 

Ingliedue, Blackstone, Bucks, Pa., and Anne Rue 1761 May 20 

Iuglis, Thomas, Perth Amboy, and Elizabeth Louf berry, Perth Amboy. 1740 Dec. 10 

Inglish, Benjamin, Burlington, and Sarah Wetherill 1741 May 10 


2 I I 

Ingram, Benjamin, Cape May, and Sarah Hand, Cape May 1759 Oct. 25 

Ingram, John, Cape May, and Hannah Woodruff 1780 Dec. 26 

Ink, Peter, Bucks, Pa., and Zibyah Wilkinson, Bucks, Pa. . 1769 Nov. 28 

Innman, Stephen, Monmouth, and Charity Spragg 1782 April 8 

Inman, Aaron, Monmouth, and Rachel Grant, Monmouth 1747 June 1 

Inman, Abel, Burlington, and Sarah Connarro, Burlington 1750 July 23 

Inman, Benjamin, Burlington, and Jemima Brundidge, Burlington. .. 1739 Sept, 11 

Inman, Job, Monmouth, and Phoebe Havens, Monmouth . 1774 Dec. 15 

Inskeep, Abraham, Gloucester, and Sarah Ward, Gloucester 1740 Dec. 10 

Inskeep, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Buchanan 1758 June 26 

Inskeep, James, Gloucester, and Mary Pattison, Evesham 1747 Sept. 22 

Inskeep, Joseph, Burlington, and Mary Matlack, Burlington 1728 1 ec. 19 

Inskeep, Joseph, Salem, and Hannah McCulloch, Salem 1756 Oct. 5 

Inslee, Elisha, Woodbridge, and Elizabeth Gach, Woodbridge 1744 Aug. 18 

Inslee, Jonathan, Jr., Woodbridge, and Grace Moore, Woodbridge. . . . 1742 Nov. 23 

Inslee, Joseph, Hunterdon, and Elizabeth Liscomb 1779 Feb. 4 

Irelan, Joseph. Cumberland, and Judith Johnson, Cumberland 1776 April 24 

Irelan, Micajah, Cumberland, and Prudence Bacon, Cumberland 1776 May 1 

Ireland, Amos, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Cordwry 1781 July 2 

Ireland, Daniel, Gloucester, and Phebe Steelman 1771 July 15 

Ireland, Hezekiah, Gt. Egg Harbour and Mary Dickson, Gt. Egg H'r.1758 July 24 

Ireland, John. Gloucester, and Elizabeth Price 1778 Dec. 3 

Ireland, Jonathan, Gloucester, and Mary Gwin 1777 Dec. 13 

Ireland, Joseph, Gloucester, and Ruth Coderry, Gloucester 1727 Sept. 18 

Ireland, Joseph, Cumberland, and Phebe Ireland, Cumberland 1762 Nov. 9 

Ireland, Joseph, Gloucester, and Mary Townsend 1767 April 21 

Ireland, Reuben, Gloucester, and Deborah Gandy, Gloucester 1744 Dec. 15 

Ireton, Bedkar, Hunterdon, and Abigail Stockton, Hunterdon 1765 Mar. 29 

Ireton, John, Burlington, and Hannah Stockton, Burlington 1762 May 23 

Ireton, Obadiah, Burlington, and Vashtie Fenton 1754 Jan. 21 

Ireton, Samuel, Burlington, and Achsah King 1779 April 3 

Ireton, William, Burlington, and Anne Reynolds, Burlington 1764 Oct. 1 

Irick, John, Burlington, and Mary Sailor, Burlington 1761 Feb. 28 

Irick, John, Burlington, and Mary Shinn 1781 Feb. 26 

Irons, Francis, Cape May, and Eunas Hand ...1774 Oct. 5 

Irons, James, Jr., Monmouth, and Nelle Longstreet, Monmouth 1752 May 23 

Irvin, Edward, Gloucester, and Sarah Woodath, Gloucester 1727 Nov. 23 

Irwin, Arthur, 29th Reg. of Foot, Sarah Simmons 1770 Nov. 9 

Irwin, James, Gloucester, and Sarah Chambers, Burlington 1744 Nov. 1 

Irwin, Thomas, Princeton, and Francis Paterson, Princeton 1768 Aug. 30 

Islestine, Jacob, Perth Amboy, and Phebe Cawood, Woodbridge 17l9- May 23 

Iselstine, Matthias, Jr., Perth Amboy, and Aun Wilson, Perth Amboy. 1759 Sept. 25 

Iselstine, Robert, and Hannah Loofbourrow, Woodbridge 1756 April 27 

Iselstine, Samuel, Middlesex, and Martha Nevill, Middlesex 1763 July 23 

Islow, Isaac, Northampton, and Anne Shinn, Northampton 1784 Sept. 15 

Iszard, John, Cape May, and Mary Smith 1770 Dec. 11 


Iszard, Reeves, Cape May, and Marcy Cressey, Cape May 1761 Jan. 12 

Iszard, Simeon, Cape May, and Margaret Tompson .1774 Jan. 26 

Ital, John George, Monmouth, and Mary Williams, Monmouth 1761 Jan. 12 

Ivins, Aaron, Burlington, and Ann Cheshire, Burlington 1764 May 7 

Ivins, Barzillia, Burlington, and Margaret Trendwell, Burlington. .. 1767 Oct. 8 

Ivins, Daniel, Burlington, and Theodosia Hammell 1777 July 25 

Ivins, David, Burlington, and Deleh Conover 1783 Jan. 8 

Ivins, Isaac, Burlington, and Sarah Johnson 1711 April 26 

Ivins, John, Burlington, and Mary Lovett, Burlington 1776 Mar. 26 

Ivins, Joseph, Burlington, and Hannah Everingham 1741 Oct. 22 

Ivins, Samuel, Burlington, and Sarah Platt 1766 Dec. 20 

Ivins, Samuel, Burlington, and Sarah Applegate 1779 Jan. 11 

Ivins, Solomon, Burlington, and Elizabeth Everingham, Burlington. . 1742 Nov. 22 

Ivins, Solomon, Burlington, and Susannah Rockhill, Burlington. .... 1770 May 25 

Ivins, William, Burlington, and Priscilla Page, Burlington 1767 Aug. 1 

Ivins, William, Burlington, and Mary French 1773 April 7 

Izburn, John, and Ann Smallwood 1767 Nov. 9 


Imlay, Alice, and Moses Bunnel, Monmouth ....1749 Dec. 12 

Imlay, Margaret, Monmouth, and Peter Tilton, Monmouth 1745 Jan. 29 

Imlay, Margaret, and Abraham Chapman, Burlington 1767 Aug. 1 

Imlay, Mary, Monmouth, and Ebenezer Applegate, Monmouth 1743 July 9 

Imlay, Theodocia, and Thomas Hittzheimer, Philadelphia 1792 Oct. 15 

Imley, Lucy, and William Taylor, Upper Freehold 1/68 Dec. 3 

Imley, Parthena, and Jacob Cowgill, Burlington 1777 Nov. 15 

Ingersall, Rachel, Burlington, and Uriah French. Burlington 1771 June 29 

Ingersol, Elizabeth, Gloucester, and Joseph Edwards, Cape May 1752 Aug. 1 

Ingersol, Hannah, Gloucester, and Andrew Steelman, Gt. Egg Harb r .1747 June 3 

Ingersoll, Elender, Gloucester, and John Camp, Gloucester 1740 Aug. 19 

Ingerson, Mary, and Jonathan Addoms, Gloucester 1774 Oct. 21 

lugerson, Mary, and Andrew Lake, Gloucester.. 1 / < / Dec. 11 

Ingerson, Susanna, and Joseph Edwards, Cape May 1776 Dec. 9 

lugerson, Suzanah, and Elijah Townsend, Great Egg Harbour 1774 Oct. 24 

Ingle, Hannah, Evesham, and Josiah Sharp, Evesham 1770 Aug. 16 

Ingle, Sarah, Burlington, and William Hackney, Burlington 1770 April 16 

Ingler, Elizabeth, and Moses Adams, Mansfield 1772 Sept. 12 

Inglis, Abigail, Perth Amboy, and Robert Eastburn, Charlestown, S. C.1768 May 6 

Inglis, Anna, Perth Amboy, and Samuel Noe, Perth Amboy 1761 Oct. 3 

Iuglish, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Moses Laird, Monmouth 1765 Sept. 4 

Ingliss, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, and John Smith, Perth Amboy.. . . 1742 July 29 

Iugosol, Jean, Gloucester, and Nicholas Soey, Gloucester 1743 Nov. 9 

Ingursoll, Elisabeth, and Ruddack Townsend, Gloucester 1765 July 25 

Ingram, Sarah, Cape May, and George Hand, Cape May 1771 June 3 

Ingnum, Charity, Cape May, and William Billings, Cape May 1736 Feb. 19 

Inman, Phebe, and John Sanders Stratton, Evesham 1779 June 14 



Insby, Jane, 1 Essex, and Denis Dwyer, Woodbridge 1758 Mar. 11 

Inskeep, Anne, Burlington, and John English, Jr., Gloucester. . .... 1749 Sept. 30 

Inskeep, Elizabeth, Burlington, and Samuel TonkiD, Burlington 1765 May 10 

Inskeep, Hope, and Samuel Jaggard, Gloucester. . . 1785 Aug. 4 

Inskeep, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Wright, Burlington 1747 June 15 

Inskeep, Mary, and George Sparks, Gloucester 1779 April 13 

Inskeep, Priscilla, and Benjamin Pine, Gloucester 1773 Nov. 10 

Inskeep, Sarah, Gloucester, and John McColloch, Gloucester 1749 May 24 

Inskeep, Sarah, and Jacob Lamb, Burlington 1777 April 28 

Inskip, Agnes, and Aquila Lippincott, Burliugton 1784 Jan. 15 

Inskoop, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Wright, Burlington 1747 June 15 

Inslee, Sarah, and Jacob Phillips, Burlington 1778 Sept. 1 

Indicott, Aun, Burlington, and Lucas Gillham, Burlington 1740 Feb. 10 

Iudicott, Mary, Burlington, and William Bishop, Burlington 1729 Nov. 13 

Indicott, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Matlock, Burliugton 1754 July 25 

Iradell, Hannah, Burlington, and Joseph Allen, Burlington 1768 Jan. 6 

Iredall, Elizabeth, and Joab Dobbins, Burlington 1777 Aug. 4 

Irelan, Dorcas, Cumberland, and Peter Halter, Salem 1770 Feb. 17 

Irelan, Lydia, Deerfield, and James White, Pittsgrove.. 1773 Nov. 3 

Irelan, Phebe, Cumberland, and John Miller, Cumberland. 1777 July 31 

Ireland, Ann, Cumberland, and Jacob Duffel, Cumberland 1773 Dec. 16 

Ireland, Debourah, and Nehemiah Nicholson, Great Egg Harbour ...1737 Sept. 3 

Ireland, Deborah, and Owen Shepherd, Cumberland 1778 Nov. 25 

Ireland, Jane, Middlesex, and William Hankins, Jr., Middlesex 1751 Dec. 2 

Ireland, Jemima, and Steven Morress, Gloucester 1774 Oct. 13 

Ireland, Mary, Gloucester, and John Smith, Gloucester 1732 July 28 

Ireland, Mary, Cumberland, and Aaron Butcher, Cumberland 1762 July 23 

Ireland, Mary, and James Hollinshead, New Jersey 1765 April 22 

Ireland, Mary, and Joshua Smith, Cape May 1777 Mar. 5 

Ireland, Phebe, Cumberland, and Joseph Ireland, Cumberland 1762 Nov. 9 

Ireland, Rebeccah, and Richard Addams, Gloucester 1784 June 26 

Ireland, Ruth, Gloucester, and Henry Woodward, Gloucester 1746 22 

Ireland, Ruth, and Daniel Edwards, Salem 1771 Nov. 4 

Ireland, Sarah, Great Egg Harbour, and Elias Smith, Gt. Egg Harb’r. 1760 Aug. 11 

Ireland, Sarah. Cumberland, and Wittock Paulin, Cumberland .1778 Dec. 4 

Ireton, Elizabeth, Springfield, and David Stockton, Springfield. .... .1761 Mar. 7 

Ireton, Hannah, and James Ellison, Burlington 1778 April 19 

Ireton, Mary, Burlington, and Jonathan Wright, Burlington 1754 Mar. 18 

Ireton, Susanna, Burlington, and Robert Chapman, Jr., Burlington. . .1728 Jan. 14 

Iron, Sarah, Monmouth, and John Grant, Monmouth 1750 Nov. 3 

Irons, Elizabeth, Monmouth, and John Jeffery, Monmouth 1758 Aug. 7 

Irons, Ellinnar, Shrewsbury, and Benjamin Smith, Shrewsbury 1767 Oct. 20 

Irons, Deborah, Shrewsbury, and Thomas Whie, Shrewsbury 1762 Sept. 4 

Irons, Joyce, Monmouth, and John Burnett, Monmouth. 1763 July 26 

1 Query: Insley. 


Irvine, Prudence, and Enoch Eldridge, Gloucester 1785 Jan. 2 

Irwin, Hannah, Burlington, and John Page, Burlington 1741 April 6 

Isdall, Sarah, Burlington, and John Brown, Pennsylvania 1775 June 19 

Iselstine, Mary, Perth Amboy, and Lawrence Wessells, New York 1747 Dec. 26 

Islestiue, Catherine, Perth Amboy, and James Willson, Perth Amboy.. 1750 April 18 
Islestine, Deborah, Perth Amboy, and William Fundrau, Perth Amboy. 1752 Dec. 18 

Iszard, Elizabeth, Cumberland, and William Harris, Cape May 1750 Oct. 27 

Iszard, Jane, Cape May, and James Whildin, Cape May 1761 July 20 

Iszard, Martha, Cape May, and John Hughes, Cape May 1760 Dec. 20 

Iszard, Sarah, Cape May, and Daniel Holden, Cape May 1754 Sept. 4 

Iszard, Sarah, Cape May, and William Yates, Cape May 1762 Aug. 24 

Ivins, Acshah, Chester, and John Sharp, Chester 1781 Mar. 19 

Ivins, Anna, Springfield, and William Shreve, Springfield 1756 May 8 

Ivins, Anne, Mansfield, and Levy Nutt, Burlington 1748 Sept. 19 

Ivins, Elizabeth, and Wilson Hunt, Monmouth 1778 June 11 

Ivins, Sarah, Burlington, and Richard Kelly, Burlington 1776 Feb. 28 

Ivins, Lydia, and Silas Applegate, Burlington 1777 Sept. 18 

Ivins, Mary, Burlington, and Thomas Scattergood, Burlington.. . . ... 1766 Feb. 10 

Ivins, Rachel, and Edmund Hackney, Burlington 1789 May 8 

Ivins, Sarah, Burlington, and Moses Pippit, Burlington 1775 Mar. 8 

Ivins, Sarah, Burlington, and Samuel Wardelle, Burlington 1777 Jan. 27 

Ivins, Susannah, and John Sutton, Mansfield 1784 Mar. 27 

Izard, Priscilla, and Daniel Peterson, Fairfield . 1760 June 30 

Izard, Rhoda, Cumberland, and John Banning, Cumberland 1773 May 20 

Izzard, Jane, Cape May, and Henry Stevens, Cape May 1764 Aug. 8 


Jackson, Benjamin, Monmouth, and Rebecca Green, Monmouth. .. .1760 Dec. 1 
Jackson, Emir, Monmouth, and Mary Horsefield, Monmouth. ....... 1739 Oct. 19 

Jackson, Emer, Monmouth, and Jane English 1772 Dec. 17 

Jackson. Hugh, Monmouth, and Mary Wolcott, Monmouth 1715 Nov. 7 

Jackson, James, Monmouth, and Mary Horsman, Monmouth 1749 May 26 

Jackson, John, Chester, and Mary Moreton, Chester 1748 Jan. 10 

Jackson, Joseph, Pennsylvania, and Margaret Burgess, Pennsylvania. . 1728 Sept. 9 

Jackson, Joseph, Burlington, and Margaret Moone 1734 Oct. 29 

Jackson, Joseph, Pennsylvania, and Mary Robinson.... 1737 May 10 

Jackson, Stephen, Morris, and Mary Burnett, Morris 1768 Dec. 19 

Jackson, Thomas, and Mary Ann Cheesman ... 1780 Mar. 7 

Jackson, Timothy, Burlington, and Ann Chambers 17 7 8 Mar. 12 

JacksoD, William, Monmouth, and Athaliah Slocom 1....1751 Nov. 23 

Jackson, William, Jr., Monmouth, and Hannah Bills, Monmouth 1757 May 19 

Jackson, William, Burlington, and Anne Kennedy, Burlington 1773 June 12 

Jacobus, Peter, Essex, aod Leah Van Riper, Essex 1753 Mar. 13 

Jacobs, Hugh, Burlington, and Catharine Decker, alias Dilks 1781 Jan. 29 

Jacobs, Jacob, Monmouth, and Hannah Johnson 1761 Jan. 14 

Jacobs, John, Burlington, and Catherine Decker, Burlington 1774 Mar. 26 



Jacobson,! Adrian, Essex, and Mary Paulison, Essex 17G1 Sept. 8 

Jagard, James, Gloucester, and Ann Flaninghano, Gloucester 1760 Feb. 2 

Jagard, Thomas, Gloucester, and Anne Lodge, Gloucester 1743-4 Jan. 4 

Jaggard, Samuel, Gloucester, and Hope Inskeep 1785 Aug. 4 

James, David, Cumberland, and Philathea Watson 1784 Dec. 6 

James, John, Burlington, and Priscilla Dutton 1778 Dec. 22 

James, John, New Jersey, and Sarah Watley 17 — July 28 

James, Joseph, Cumberland, and Margaret Butler 1748 Feb. 1 

James, Joseph, Gloucester, and Elizabeth Lawrence 1764 Jan. 26 

James, Thomas, Monmouth, and Mary Fitz Randell, Monmouth 1764 June 6 

Janney, Samuel, Gloucester, and Dcbora Paul 1785 Nov. 12 

Janvier, Richard, Cape May, and Elizabeth Stiles, Cape May 1761 Dec. 24 

Jaquess, John, Wood bridge, and Dorothy Bloomfield, Woodbridge .. . 1751 Dec. 5 

Jaquett, John, Pennsylvania, and Mary Peirson . 1782 Oct. 10 

Jeanes, Henry, Salem, and Mary Hickman 1778 Feb. 3 

Jefferey, Thomas, Monmouth, and Mercy Allen, Monmouth 1750 April 30 

Jefferies, Benjamin, Philadelphia, and Jane Deacon 1785 May 23 

Jefferies, Daniel, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Husbands, Monmouth.. 1743-4 Feb. 1 

Jefferis, Asa, Salem, and Elizabeth Stretch 1788 May 

Jefferis, John, Gloucester, and Letitia Wood, Gloucester 1736 Feb. 24 

Jeffery, Francis, Monmouth, and Mary Longstreet, Monmouth 1757 Dec. 12 

Jeffery, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Allen, Monmouth 1751 April 25 

Jeffery, John, Monmouth, and Elizabeth Irons, Monmouth 1758 Aug. 7 

Jeffery, Lewis, Monmouth, and Lidy Jeffery, Monmouth 1765 Oct. 12 

Jeffery, Richard, Monmouth, and Rebecca Wall, Monmouth 1761 Jan. 17 

Jelf, William, Morris, and Jane Ross, Essex 1771 Dec. 21 

Jelf, William, Morris, and Catherine Fitz Randolph 1776 April 6 

Jenings, Peter, Burlington, and Anne Nott, Burlington 1683-4 Mar. 20 

Jenkin, Henry, Burlington, and Margaret Harris, Burlington 1728 Feb. 26 

Jenkins, Isaac, Cumberland, and Phebe Brooks 1780 April 4 

Jenkins, John, Essex, and Elizabeth Wilson, Essex 1761 Aug 27 

Jenkins, Jonathan, Cape May, and Deborah Hand 1768 April 13 

Jenkins, Nathaniel, Salem, and Ruth Sayre, Salem 1743 April 21 

Jenkins, Nathaniel, Cape May, and Esther Stiles, Cape May 1755 May 15 

Jenkins, Nathaniel, Cape May, and Willeramina Stiles, Cape May .. 1765 Aug. 15 

Jenney, Abel, Maiden Head, and Elizabeth Biles, Bucks, Pa 1740 June 5 

Jennings, John, Philadelphia, and Mary Hilleyar 1754 Sept. 3 

Jennings, Levy, Gloucester, and Sarah Robeson 1759 Feb. 26 

Jennings, Richard, Salem, and Ann Atkinson ... 1734 April 18 

Jerrard, John, Sussex, and Mary Parke 1785 Feb. 15 

Jervis, Francis, Philadelphia, and Mary Castle, Philadelphia 1735 Jan. 5 

Jervis, Francis, Philadelphia, and Catharine King, Burlington 1737 Dec. 28 

Jess, James, and Kesia Leeds 1782 May 8 

Jewel, Robert, Philadelphia, and Sarah Parker, Philadelphia 1735 Nov. 8 

1 Adrian J aeobussen. 


Jewell, John, Jr., Hunterdon, and Sarah Warford 1769 Nov. 7 

Jewell, Joseph, Newton, and Margaret Jones 1772 Jan. 11 

Jewell, William, Amboy, and Anne Hull, New Brunswick 1745 Feb. 7 

Jewell, William, Burlington, and Rachel Baker, Burlington 1763 Dec. 12 

Jewell, William, Hunterdon, and Sarah Golden 1782 Oct. 29 

.Tiler, Henry, Salem, and Ann Waling, Salem 1766 Mar. 6 

Job, George, Monmouth, and Elizabeth James, Monmouth 1744 May 26 

Jobes, Ezekiel, Burlington, and Rebecca Smith 1779 May 18 

Jobs, Adam, Somerset, and Katherine Cowenhoven 1782 April 1 

Jobs, George, Jr., Burlington, and Sarah Johnston 1759 Aug. ,20 

Jobs, Isaac, Burlington, and Hannah Hance, Burlington 1775 Jan. 19 

Jobs, James, Monmouth, and Barsheba Dey, Monmouth 1762 Oct. 16 

Jobs, John, Middlesex, and Sarah Darusell, Middlesex 1764 Jan. 13 

Johues, Daniel, Middlesex, and Alice Runion. . . 1773 June 21 

Johnsen, John, Monmouth, and Williamtie Kipp, Monmouth 1739 Sept. 28 

Johnson, Abraham, Woodbridge, and Deborah Barnes, Woodbridge. .1765 April 3 

Johnson, Abraham, Monmouth, and Mary Zutphin, Monmouth .1767 Jan. 2 

Johnson, Andrew, Reading Town, and Jane Berger, Reading Town. . . 1755 May 10 

Johnson, Benjamin, Essex, and Elizabeth Troup, Morris 1767 Dec. 12 

Johnson, Claws, Bucks, Pa., and Rebecca Bankson, Bucks, Pa 1734 Mar. 30 

Johnson, Daniel, Egg Harbor, and Dinah Cramer 1747 May 14 

Johnson, Dauiel, Cape May, and Temperance Billings, Cape May. .. 1763 Mar. 5 

.Johnson, Daniel, Monmouth, and Phebe Rewlong. . 1765 Jan. 11 

Johnson, David, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Creatou, Bucks, Pa .1775 Aug. 5 

Johnson, David, Sussex, and Mary Fitzgerald, Sussex 1778 April 2 

Johnson, David, Chester, Pa., and Sara Harker, 1785 June 2 

Johnson, Ezekiel, Burlington, and Hester Scott, Burlington. 1782 April 1 

Johnson, George, Perth Amboy, and Mary Bnckalew, Perth Amboy. . . 1759 July 4 

-Johnson, Harman, Monmouth, and Phebe Rose, Monmouth 1767 Feb. 3 

Johnson, Isaac, Hunterdon, and Phebe Se veins, Hunterdon 1771 Aug. 13 

Johnson, Isaac, Bucks, Pa., and Elizabeth Perkins 1777 Apiil 12 

Johnson, Isaac, Bucks, Pa., and Charity Lawrence 1783 Dec. 27 

Johnson, Isiah, Cumberland, and Lettitia Miller 1781 Oct. 4 

.Johnson, Jacob, Burlington, and Sarah Fenton, Burlington 1733 July 19 

Johnson, James, Essex, and Sarah Van Tilburgh 1746 Dec. 31 

Johuson, James, Monmouth, and Anney Brewer, Monmouth 1761 Mar. 24 

.Johnson, James, Bucks, Pa., and Mary Farril, Bucks, Pa 1763 Sept. 13 

Johnson, Jeremiah, Cumberland, and Rhoda Townsend 1789 June 2 

Johnson, Jesse, Bucks, Pa., and Catharine Vanzandt 1785 Mar. 25 

Johnson, John, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Jolly, Bucks, Pa 1729 May 27 

Johnson, -John, Philadelphia, and Deborah Hood, Philadelphia 1732 July 21 

Johnson, John, and Mary Rodman. . . 1737 July 17 

Johnson, John, New York, and Elizabeth Goddeu, Newark 1748 Dec. 2 

Johnson, John, Middletown, and Ida Wilson, New Brunswick 1749 July 5 

Johnson, John, Monmouth, and Hosannah Worden, Monmouth 1760 June 4 

Johnson, John, Middlesex, and Dorithy Jaquas, Middlesex 1760 Dec. 23 


Johnson, John, Middlesex, and Jane Ried, Middlesex 1765 Mar. 27 

Johnson, John, Burlington, and Hannah Fenton 1779 Nov. 9 

Johnson, Jonathan, Burlington, and Mary McCollum 1779 May 29 

Johnson, Joseph, Burlington, and Gertrude Lykens, Burlington 1745 July 25 

Johnson, Joseph, Burlington, and Letitia Ewan, Burlington 1775 Nov. 27 

Johnson, Lambert, Monmouth, and Itcha McCleas 1745 July 22 

Johnson, Lawrence, Bucks, Pa., and Sarah Bunting, Bucks, Pa 1751 Mar. 25 

Johnson, Lawrence, Hunterdon, and Fanny Crane 1 1 <8 June 8 

Johnson, Martin, Hunterdon, and Anna Trout 1 m 9 Sept. 18 

Johnson, Mat, Middlesex, and Mary Wctherill, Middlesex 1742 Dec. 8 

Johnson, Mathew, Pennsylvania, and Sarah Burgis, Pennsylvania .. 1766 May 22 . 

Johnson, Matthias, Middlesex, and Neiltie Lake, Middlesex 1739 June 9 

Johnson, Mathlayas, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Wainans 1740 Mar. 23 

Johnson, Mathias, Staten Island, and Sarah Johnson, Staten Island. 1743 Dec. 26 

Johnson, Mathias, Middlesex, and Mary Jolly 1768 May 2 

Johnson, Mathias, Burlington, and Dorothy Parker 1779 Feb. 18 

Johnson, Nicholas, Middlesex, and Maritie Gulick, Somerset. 1750 Aug. 3 

Johnson, Nicholas, Middletown, and Elizabeth White, Perth Amboy. .1752 May 9 

Johnson, Peter, Monmouth, and Elie Vanderbilt. 1772 Nov. 21 

Johnson, Peter, Middlesex, and Catherine Fonk 1781 April 9 

Johnson, Phillip, Burlington, and Bhoda Estill 1776 Aug. 10 

Johnson, Richard, Bucks, Pa., and Diana Heed, late Hirelings 1739 Dec. 13 

Johnson, Robert, and Hannah Clifton 1735 Nov. 4 

Johnson, Robert, Gloucester, and Patience Hewes 1775 July 20 

Johnson, Skelton, Middlesex, and Judith Compton, Middletown.. .. 1752 July 3 

Johnson, Thomas, Cape May 7 , and Rebecca Church, Cape May 1741 Dec. 30 

Johnson, Thomas, Perth Amboy, and Damaris Noe, Middlesex 1747 Feb. 24 

Johnson, Thomas, and Catherine Loofbourrow, Middletown