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Full text of "Marshall family record, with Haskell, Boutwell, Barrett, Wadsworth, White, Read, Maurice, Kingsbury, Holbrooke, Stevens, Carpenter, and allied families. Dedicated to mother, Ellen Maria (Carpenter) Kingsbury .."

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Of an edition 0/200 copies 
this took is No. ^ ^--^ 


€Uen iWaria (Carpenter) Einggburi^ 






In 1887, twenty-five years ago, Willis Augustus Chapman (No. 285), editor of 
St. James, (Minn.) Journal, published an 18 page, 5%x8|4^, Haskell-Marshall 
Family Record, from data gathered by Martha Marshall (No. 86) and a few other 
members of the family. That book traces incompletely the descendants of David 
and Sarah (Haskell) Marshall of Tewksbury and Lunenburg, Mass. For some 
years I have been endeavoring to complete and supplement that record, and have 
also traced to some extent their ancestors. In 191 1 I decided to put the result of my 
researches into print, and, while getting it ready for the press, have found many new 
branches. Hence, the Marshall Family Record which I offer is not strictly a 
Marshall genealogy, but a record of that family and many more allied families. 
Such names as George Sewell Boutwell, L.L. D. , Gov. of Massachusetts, 1851 
and 1852 ; Gen. John Meredith Read, Consul-General of the U. S. for France 
and Algeria ; Samuel Eliot, historian, educator, philanthropist ; Josiah Thompson 
Marshall, pioneer merchant and tradesman with China, the Sandwich Islands and 
the Pacific Coast ; George Otis Holbrooke, poet and missionary, I find among, 
or, allied with the Marshall family, and, in tracing their branches, I have gone be- 
yond the original scope of my book. To all descendants who have generously and 
cordially aided me in securing accurate statistics I render thanks. Like all similar 
works, errors and omissions doubtless appear, and additions and corrections will be 
gratefully received. To Aunt Martha Marshall, our 1st Historian, to Willis 
Augustus Chapman, our 1st Publisher, descendants of the Marshall family should 
accord high praise. May their work and this book prove an incentive to some inter- 
ested descendant, at the end of another quarter of a century — in 1937, to compile a 
better and more complete record. 

Copies of this book may be secured from the compiler at the following prices, 
IK.stpaid : cloth, $2.00, paper, |-1.75. 

Proctor, Vermont, Dec. 25, 1912. 

Abbreviations used : 
b.= born 
m.= married 
d.= died 

ch.^ child or children 
res.= residence or resided at 
bu.= buried 
-|-= carried forward 




1. JOHN> MARSHALL* of Boston, New England, 1635, the 
emigrant ancestor of the family, was born in England in 1621 and came 
to America in the '' Hopewell " in 1635, in company with his brother 
Christopher, but the latter remained in this country only a few years, 
then returned to England. For a time after his arrival here, John' 
Marshall was in the service of Edward Hutchinson ; he was admitted 
inhabitant of Boston, Feb. 24, 1639-40, and was one of the proprietors of 
that town. This John^ Marshall was descended from John Marshall 
of Southark, England, whose son founded Christ Church at Southark, 
and to whom was given the coat-of-arms which some of his descendants 
still bear. John^ Marshall was a husbandman and he and one William 
Marshall had shares in Plum Island. He died in Boston in March 1715. 
His wife, Sarah, born 1623, whom he married in 1645, died Sept. 28, 
1689. A Marshall family of eight children, according to " C. H. Pope's 
Pioneers of Mass. (1900)," are their children. Some authorities agree 
with Pope while others do not. We are unable to either confirm or 
deny, but give Pope's list of births, the first of which is, 2. Sergeant 
John- Marshall, the positive ancestor from which we are tracing our 
Marshall family recDrd, b. in Boston, Dec. 10, 1645; rn. three times, d. 
Nov. 5, 1702; 3. Joseph', m. Elizabeth; 4. Sarah"-, m. Mr. Royal; 
5. Samuel', m. Ruth Rawlins ; 6. Hannah"-, m. Mr. Parrot ; 7. Thomas', 
b. May 17, 1656, m. Dorcas ; 8. Benjamin"', b. May 12, 1660, m. Rebecca; 
9. Christopher', b. Aug. 18, 1664. The first five were baptized in 
First Church, Boston, March 6, 1655. Thomas was baptized May 11, 
1656; Bemjamin, Feb. 17, 1660. 

Note. Hazen's History of Billerica, Mass., should be consulted for descendants of above. We trace only 
the descendants of 2. Sergeant John Marshall. 


2. SERGEANT JOHN "-^ MARSHALL, b., Dec. 10, 1645, is found 
in Billerica, Mass., in 1657, when he is granted a six-acre lot. He was 
also granted a twenty-acre lot, lying partly on the township and partly 
on the "Commons." This lot was on the old Andover road, and when 
the location of that road was changed in 1660, he was allowed a private 

* .\lso spelled Martial, Marshal, Marchall. 


way from his house to the road. Later he received a grant of land on 
Lowe's plain, and he sold his first grant to Dr. Samuel Frost. The road 
on Lowe's plain was known as Marshall's lane. His house was stand- 
ing in 1885. He d. Nov. 5, 1702. He m. ist, Nov. 19, 1662, Hannah 
Atkinson, who d. Sept. 7, 1665 ; m. 2d, Nov. 27, 1665, Mary Barrage, 
baptized in Charlestown, Mass., May 8, 1641, dau. of John Barrage. She 
d. Oct. 30, 1680 ; m. 3rd, Nov. 30, 168 1, Mrs. Damaris Waite of Maiden, 
Mass. After his death she m., July 14, 1703, Lieut. Thomas Johnson of 
Andover, Mass. She d. in Andover, Apr. 5, 1728, aged 'j'] years. There 
were no ch. by ist and 3rd wife. Children of John and Mary (Bur- 
rage) Marshall : 

10. JOHN-\ b. June 7, 1657, d. June 9, or July 7, 1667. 

11. MaryS, b. Oct. 2, 1668, d. July 11 or 17, 1669. 

12. Joanna^, b. Apr. 1, 1670, m., Aug. 9, 1695, Peter Cornell of the " CorneU Tav- 

ern'' on the Wilmington road in Billerica. She d. Dec. 1^, 1704. 

13. JoHN-^, b. Aug. 1, 1671, m. Eunice Rogers, d. Jan. 2,S, 1713-14. -|- 

14. MARY^ b. Oct. 14, 1672, d. Oct 18, 1673. 

15. HANNAH••^ b. Feb. 18, l(,73-4, d. June 21, 1674. 

16. THOMAS'", b. Nov. 10, 1675, d. Nov. 20, 1675. 

17. ISAAC^, b. Jan. 31, 1677-8, d. Apr. 28, 1678. 

18. Mehitable'\ b. Aug. W 1680, d. Aug. 15. 1680. 


13. JOHN^ MARSHALL lived in Billerica, Mass., m. Dec. 8, 
1695, Eunice Rogers, b. Aug. 27, 1676, of John and Mary (Shedd) 
Rogers of Billerica. They had ch. b. in Billerica : 

19. MARY^ b. Oct. 28, 1696, m. , June 27, 1734, Nathan Cross of Hudson, N. H. 

20. John', b. Jan. 19, 1698-9, m. , Aug. 15, 1722, Abigail Parker, d. in Tewkshuiy, 

Mass., Oct. 6, 1762, dau. of Benjamin Parker. 

21. Daniel-*, b. May 13, 1701. 

22. Eunice^ b. Oct. 16, 1703. 

23. ThomasS b. Mar. 28, 1706, lived in Tewksbury, d. Sept. 8, 1778. His wife, 

Ruth, d. July 5, 1741 ; 2d wife, Mary, dau. of )ohn and Hannah (Flint) Tar- 
bell, d. July 7, 1770 ; 3rd wife, Phoebe, d. Jan. 15, 1779. 

24. Samuel-', b. June 23, 1708. 

25. William', b. July 28, 1710, m. Elizabeth Richardson. 

26. Isaac*, b. Dec. 18, 1712, d. Mar. 3, 1797, Billerica, Mass. 4- 


26. ISAAC ' MARSHALL was a Selectman in Billerica, Mass., in 
1759; m., Feb. 10, 1735-6, Phoebe Richardson; b. in Billerica, Mar. 4, 
1 7 16-17, of Andrew and Hannah (Jefts) Richardson. She d. June 9, 
1745 ; he m. 2nd, Feb. 17, 1746-7, Rebecca Hill ; b. in Billerica, Oct. 12, 
1711, of Dea. Samuel Hill. She d. Dec. 13, 1789. Four ch. by first 
wife and one or two by second, all b. in Billerica : 



27. Isaacs h. Ian. ,>l, 173:)-7. d. May 14, 18L5, liillerica, ^L^ss.4- 

JS. PiiKBF.'"', li. Jan. 12, 1738-9, m. June 27, 1765, Benjamin Jaquitli, b. in Billerica, Feb. 

2S, 1737-8, i)f Abraham and Hannah (Farley) jaquith. Tliey moved to Jaffrey, 

X. H., where he d. Feb. 11, 1810. 
2'). Samuel", b. Oct. 2, 1742, d. June 6, 1812, Lunenburo-, Mass.+ 
3(1. J(1HN^ b. May 3, 1745, d. JVIay 5, 1745. 

31. Jacob*, b. .Apr. 1, 1748, d. Oct. 29, 1830, Lunenburt^, Mass. 4- 

32. Rebecca", b. m. , May 28, 1789, Benjamin Dows of Billerica, j)robal)ly 

was a dau. of 26. Isaac. 


27. LIEUT. ISAAC ^ MARSHALL responded to the Lexington 
alarm under Captain Moses Parker, and continuing in the army, fought 
at the Battle of White Plains, Oct. 28, 1776, in Capt. Zaccheus Wright's 
company. In 1777, he served in Rhode Island, and ni 1780 was lieuten- 
ant in the Middlesex County Militia. He m., Jan. 6, 1762, Abigail 
Brown ; b. in Billerica, Apr. 14, 1740, of Samuel and Mary (Dav^is) Brown. 
Ch. b. in Billerica : 

Si. Isaac**, b. Dec. 8, 1762, d. before 1768. 

34. Abigail^', b. Jan. 31, 1764. ; 

35. Rebecca", b. Mar. 2, 1767. 
.56. Isaac'', b. June 17, 1768.4- 

37. JoSIAH^ b. Jan. 17, 1773, d. Nov. 22, 1841, Providence, R. 1.4- 
.-8. Hannah'', b. Oct. 24, 1778. 
30. Allice«, b. May 26, 1780. 

29. SAMUEL^ MARSHALL lived in Tewksbury, Mass., moving 
to Lunenburg in 1778 or 1779, where he lived on the farm later owned 
by his son (42) David. He m. Sarah, dau. of John and Mary (Kittredge) 
French of Tewksbury. She d. Jan. 18, 1811 ; he d. June 6, 1812. Both 
were buried in the *North grave-yard in Lunenburg. Their headstones : 




JUNE 6, 1812, IN THE 


Upright in his transactions with his 
fellow creatures ; industrious in busi- 
ness ; a kind husband ; a tender par- 
ent ; a generous friend and neighbour ; 
he endured a long and painful sickness 
with Christian forbearance, and died 
in the firm hope of enjoying eternal 
happiness thro the merits of an all- 
atoning and gracious Savior." 






JAN. i8th, 1811, 



Blessed are the dead who die in the 
Lord; for they rest from their labors 
and their works do follow them." 

* Most of the early Lunenburg Marshall.s were buried in this cemetery. 


They had children b. in Tewksbury and Lunenburg : 

40. SALLY^ b. in 1766, m. Seth Lewis, d. Nov. 7, 1834. He d. June 22, 1833. 

41. SAMUEL^.b. 1768, m. Betsey Whitney, d. July 17, 1841. Shed. Aug. 22, 1850. 

42. David«, b. Mar. 27, 1772, d. June 13, 1831, Lunenburg, Mass.+ 

43. Mary^, b. 1774, m. — Hart, d. Dec. 1854, Lunenburg, Mass. -(- 

44. JoHN^ b. 1787, m. Abigail Turner, d. March 15, 1854. 

45. Hannah", b. , m, James Bicknell. 

46. Nancy*^, b. , m. Jannes Giddings. 

31. JACOB^ MARSHALL was a farmer and settled in Lunen- 
burg in 1779, m., Nov. 23, 1771, Mary Richardson, b. 1745, d. Aug. 31, 
1804. He m., Mar. 27, 1805, Bridget Foster, b. 1759, d. May 31, 1837. 
Children by ist wife : 

47. MoLLY^ b. Sept. 30, 1772, d. Sept. 28, 1777. 
AS. jACOB«, b. Dec. 14, 1773, d. Oct. 19, 1777. 

49. Ira6, b. Sept. 25, 1775, d. Oct. 8, 1777. 

50. Timothy^, b. Feb. 16, 1777, m. Hepsibeth Brooks, d. June 3, 1862. 

51. MoLLY^, b. June 26, 1778, m. Abel Butters, d. Dec. 4, 1871. 

52. Jacob", b. Mar. 1, 1780. d. Nov. 24. 1846. + 

53. Joseph", b. Aug. 2, 1781 , d. Oct. 6, 1782. 

54. James", b. April 19, 1783, d. July 27, 1807. 

55. Rebecca", b. Nov. or Dec. 23, -1784, d. Mar. 4, 1863. + 

56. Olive", b. July 28, 1786, d. July 6, 1811. 
,57. Nathan", b. July 1, 1788, d. Aug. 9, 1811. 

58. Micah", b. Sept. 30, 1792, m. Patty Ames, d. Nov. 3, 1863. No cliildren. 


36. ISAAC MARSHALL m., July i, 1793, Hannah Jaquith, 
dau. of Ebenezer Jaquith. Their children : 

59. CYKUS^ b. Feb. 11, 1794, d. Apr. 11, 1796. 

60. HANNAH^ b. Oct. 13, 1795, d. July 23, 1815. 

61. SoPHkONiA^ b. July 7, 1797. 

62. Cyrus', b. June 15, 1799. 

63. Isaac", b. Dec. 19, 1801. 

64. Albert", b. Apr. 23, 1804. 

65. Eliza", b. Apr. 14, 1806, d. Apr. 19, 1808 

66. Eric", b. July 15, 1808, d. July 17, 1808. 

67. Eliza ANN^ b. May 25, 1809. 

68. MARTHA^ b. Dec. 25, 1811. 

69. Nathaniel", b. Jan. 15, 1814, d. Mar. 11, 1831 . 

37. JOSIAH" MARSHALL m. in Halifax, Mass., Nov. 10, 1798, 
Priscilla Waterman, b. May 16, 1782, dau. of Freeman Waterman of 
Halifax. She d. in Providence, R. L, Apr. 27, i860, and was buried 
beside her husband in Swan Point cemetery. Josiah' Maksh.all was 
an East India merchant of Boston, and one of the pioneers of the Amer- 
ican trade with Canton, the Sandwich Islands, and the Pacific Coast. 
His ships took the first missionaries to the Sandwich Islands ; the 


frames of the first houses erected there ; carpenters to put them up, and 
other furniture. Children b. in Boston, Mass. 

70. Sabina', h. Apr. 1801, d. 1808, bu. in Copp's Hill Cemetery, Boston. 

71. JosiAH Thompson", b. Mar. 22, 1803, d. Nov. 23, 1875, Buffalo, N. Y. -f 

72. Almika'^, b. Nov. .S, 1805, d. Apr. 5, i863, Providence, R. L + 

73. E.MILV", b. June 27. 1807, d. Aug. 17, 1836, B(jston, Mas^-|- 

74. Pkiscilla", b. Dec. 19, 1808, d. Apr. 18, 1841, Piiiladelpliia, Pa. -f- 

75. Henrv', b. Dec. 1?<, 1810, d. May 8. 183:), Philadelpliia, Pa. + 
7(). MarianI b. Oct. 7, 1812, d. Dec. 17, V)S), Athens, Pa. -I- 

77. Charlotte', b. May 17, 1819, d. Feb. 11, 19i)l, aliens, P.i. -|- 



42. DAVID" MARSHALL was a farmer and carpenter. His 
farm in Lunenburg was owned by his father (29) Samuel^ Marshall, 
and is situated about 2^2 miles northwest of Lunenburg village, on the 
old "Northfield road," and is now owned by *Herbert A. Eaton. The 
present house (see frontispiece) is said to have been built about the 
time of David's marriage; the first house stood on the opposite side of 
the road, and was destroyed many years ago, David Marshall m. at 
Lunenburg, by Rev. Zabdial Adams, Jan. 7, 1794, Sarah Haskell, b, 
at Lunenburg, Feb. 18, 1775, of Dr. Abraham and Sarah (Green) 
Haskell. Dr. Haskell was an eminent physician in Lunenburg and 
Leominster, Mass.t Both David Marshall and his wife died in Lun- 
enburg and their headstones in North cemetery read thus : 




Died June 

J3, I83t. 




Relict of 


Apr. i, 1848. Aged 73. 

Their children b. in Lunenburg, Mass. : 

7A. X.wcy'', b. Aug. 2.\ 1794, d. July 7, 1869, Townsend, Mass. -|- 

>9. Sally Grren^ b. Aug. 8, 1795, d. Oct. 10, 1823, Ashby. Mass. + 

SO. Abigail', b. June 12, 1798, d. Nov. 4, 1871, Surry, N. H. + 

81.- Sophia", b. Feb. 18, 1800, d. Aug. 7, 1853. -f 

82. pkviD', b. Apr. 3, 1802, d. Apr. 16, 1879, Sewickley, Pa, + 

8S. Abraham', b. July 11, 1804, d. Apr. 21, 1875, Bernaidston, Mass. + 

84. \Villia.\j', b. Sept. 24, 1806, d. Mar. 6, 1857, Fitcliburg, Mass. + 

85. Ja.mes Haskell', b. Dec. 9, 1808, d. Feb. ,3, 1886, Leominster, Mass, + 

86. Martha?, b. Feb. 4, 1811, d. Feb. 5, 1892, Sewickley, Pa. + 

S7. Joseph'^, b, July 22, 1813, d. June 2, 1904, No. Leominster, Mass. + 
88. Benjamin', b. July 2o, 18](), d. Dec. 24, 189,5, Philadelphia, Pa. -f 

43. MARV MARSHALL m. — ~ Hart. It is possible it was 
Daniel Hart, who died May 9, 1812, and was buried in the North bury- 
ing ground in Lunenburg. We have no record of their children ; two 
grandsons, Edwin D. Hart and Albert Marshall Hart li\-cd in 
Montana about 1905; William Hart lives in Saginaw, Mich., Georc;e 
Hart in Northboro, Mass., Samuel in Ayer, Daniel in or near Arling- 
ton ; John Hart died over thirty years ago, and the only sister died in 

* This farm of about '^7^4 acres was owned bv Joel B. Richardson for about forty years. He obtained it 
from the Marshalls, and Herbert A. Eaton purchased it from his heirs, 
fFor Dr. Haskell sketch see Appendix, Note i. 


52. JACOB" MARSHALL was a farmer; a Selectman of 
Lunenburg in 1824 ; m. Polly Harrington, b. Sept. 5, 1783 ; d. Apr. 26, 
1869. Both are buried in North cemetery, Lunenburg. Children b. in 
Lunenburg: » 

8'>. James', b. Alii,^. 8, 18i)<>, d. Feb. or D.^c. 8, 1894. + 
'){). OLIVE^ b. Oct.- 28, 1811, (I. Apr. 4 or 14, 1841. + 
')1. F:li[.\h H.'', b. Apr. 5, 1814, d. Dec. 17, 18S3, unmarried. 
'>2. Jacob', b. Mar. 20, 1816, d. June 7, 1838, Lunenburg-, Mass. 
•'.X Aaron", b .May 15, 1818, 'd. Apr. 29, 1895, m. Lucy A. Snow. No ch. 
<4. Martha .\.^ b. Aug. 11, 1820, d. May 5, 1857, m. H S. NeAton. No ch. 

95. Silas', b. Mar. 22, 182.^, d. Apr. l'-^, 18'-^6, Lunenburg, Mass. + 

96. Hannah', b. Jan. 11 or 31, 182{), d. Feb. 28, 1840, Lunenburg, Mass. 

55. REBECCA'' MARSHALL m., Mar. 23, 1815, * Sewel 
Boutwell, b. July 5, 1784 at Reading, Mass., of Jonathan and Abigail 
(Eames) Boutwell. He was a soldier in the War of 181 2, and represented 
the town of Lunenburg in the Legislature ; was also a member of the 
Constitution committee of 18—. Children (all but ist) b. in Lunenburg : 

97. George Sewell', b. Jan. l)i, 1818, Brookline, Mass., d. Feb. 21, 1905, Groton 

Mass. + 

98. Jacob Marshall", b. Apr. 8, 1820, d. Oct. 6, 18'j6, Lune iburg, Mass. + 

99. Olive Rebecca', b. Apr. 29, 1822, d. Jan. IZ, 190:), Lunenburg, Mass. + 

100. Abigail Eames'. b. June li, 1824, unm., d. Mar. 25, 1904, Lunenburg, Mass. 

101. MiCAH Marshall", b. Aug. 6, 1826. Res. Lunenburg, Mass. 


71. JOSIAH THOMPSON' MARSHALL was educated in 
Boston, Mass., but did not graduate at Harvard, because of an early de- 
velopment of the " wander-lust." His father being owner of many ships 
engaged in the Eastern trade, he early went, as owner's son, on the long 
voyages made to the Orient, being one of the first white men to ever 
land at the Sandwich Islands. He visited China five times before he 
was 21 years of age; being one of the first party of Americans to dine 
with the Emperor ; the table on that occasion being spread not with a 
cloth, but with rjse petals one foot deep. His travels were, for those 
days, remarkable ; round the world six times, and he could truly say, " I 
have seen the sun rise in every quarter of the globe." He organized in 
America the Bethel Movement ; was active with John B. Gough in tem- 
perance work ; with Garrit Smith and others in the Underground Rail- 
road and Anti-slavery movements. An accomplished writer, and for 
years, foreign correspondent of the New York Herald ; m. at Utica, 
N. Y., Oct. 26, 1826, Mary Sheldon Stocking, dau. of Samuel Stocking 
of Utica, N. Y., b. at Utica, Sept. 2, 1807, d. at Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 27, 
1887. Their children : 

* Named for Parson Sewell of Wilmington, Mass , but always spelt his name Sewel. His son George 
wrote his Sewell. 


102. Samuel Stocking*, b. Sept. 5, 1827, Utica, N. Y., cl. Sept. 5, 1853, New Or- 

leans, La.-j- (Date of his death also given Sept. 8, 1854.) 

103. John JoNES^ b. Aug. 30, 1828, Oswego, N. Y., d. Oct. 11, 1828, Oswego, N. Y. 

104. Henry*, b. Dec. 18, 1829, Oswego, N. Y., d. June 5, 1904, Buffalo, N. Y.-f 

105. Mary*, b. Apr. 30, 1831, Oswego, N. Y., res. Fort Erie, Ontario. + 

106. Benjamin Sheldon*, b. Mar. 31, 1833, Boston, Mass., d. Sept. 9, 1834, Utica, 

N. Y. 

107. Emily Otis*, b. Aug. 7, 1836, Morristown, N. Y., res. Buffalo, N. Y.+ 

108. Charles Gutstaff*, b. Jan. 18, 1839, Morristown, N. Y., d. 1862, Africa. + 

109. Priscilla Read*, b. May 18, 1842, Utica, N. Y., res. Oak Park, Ill.-f 

110. JosiAH*, b. Apr. 29, 1848, New York, N. Y., res. Buffalo, N. Y.-f 

No. 71. 


No. 71. 

-]!. ALMIRA ■ MARSHALL m. at Boston, Mass., Dec. lo, 1823, 
Rev. Alva Woods, b. at Shoreham, Vt., Aug. 13, 1794, of Abel Woods; 
d. in Providence, R. L, Sept. 6, 1887. He was president of the Uni- 
versity of Alabama. Both he and his wife were buried in Swan Point 
cemetery, Providence, R. \. Their children : 

111. Marshall*, b. Nov. 28, 1824, B:)ston, Mass., d. July 13, 1899, London, Eng.+ 

112. Priscilla Marshall*, b. Oct., 1826, Providence, R. L, d. Mar., 1827, Provi- 

dence, R. I. 
73. EMILY' MARSHALL, b. in an old historic house on Brattle 
Square, Boston, was known as the White House daughter of Josiah 
Marshall. She was a celebrated beauty ; there is a chapter on her, with 
portrait, in V. T. Peacock's " P'amous American Belles" ( 1901 ), and 
much about her in Josiah Ouincy's " P'igures of the Past." She m. in 
Hoston, May 18, 1831, William Foster Otis (i 801- 1858) son of Harrison 


Gray and Sally (Foster) Otis. He was a lawyer, orator, churchman ; 
Harvard 1821. Their ch. b. in Boston : 

113. Emily Marshall^, b. Mar. 13, 1832, d. Mar. 6, 1906, Boston, Mass. -f 

114. Mary Alleyne**, b. Oct. '), 1833, res. Lawrence, Long Island. 4- 

115. George HARRISON^ b. July 11, 1833, d. Oct. 24, 1848, Boston, Mas5. 

74. PRISCILLA' MARSHALL m. at PVanklin Place, Boston, 
Mass., Mar. 20. 1828, Chief Justice John Meredith Read of Philadelphia, 
Pa., b. July 21, 1797, at Phil., of *Hon. John Read ; d. Nov. 29, 1874. He 
was Chief Justice of the state of Pennyslvania. Both he and his wife are 
buried in Christ Church cemetery, Philadelphia. They had children : 

116. Emily Marshall*, b. Jan. 5, 1827, B )st )n, Mass., d. Mar. 15, 1854, New 

York, N. Y. 4- 

117. Mary**, b. , 1831, d. young. 

118. Mary*, b. , 18.33, d. young. 

119. Priscill.'\*', b. , 1835, d. young. 

120. John Meredith^, b. Feb. 21, 1837, Philadelphia, Pa., d. Dec. 27, 1896, Paris, 

France. + 

75. HENRY" MARSHALL, b. at Boston, Mass., Dec. 25, 1810; 
d. at Philadelphia, Pa., May 8, 1836; buried in Old Christ churchyard, 
Philadelphia. The reproduced picture is from 
a miniature loaned by (107) Mrs. George 
Wadsworth of Buffalo, N. Y. 

76. MARIAN' MARSHALL m., at 
Providence, R. L, July 2, 1844, John George 
Holbrooke ; b. at Jamaica Plains, Mass., Feb. 
14, 1814, of Amos Holbrooke d. at Athens, 
Pa., Dec. 26, 1897. They had children b. in 
Roxbury, Mass. : 

121. Charlotte Marshall'' b. Apr. 11, 1845, d. 

Sept. 4, 1909, Athens, Pa. + 

122. Stephen*, b. Aug. 7, 1846, d. Apr. 22, 1902, 

Oswego, N. Y. -|- 

123. Margaret M. R.*, b. June 19, 1849, d. Sept. 17, henry Marshall Xo 75 

1852, Halifax, Mass. 

124. George OTIS^ b. Aug. 20, 1850; res. Deccan, India. + 

^^. CHARLOTTE' MARSHALL m. at St. Paul's Church, New 
York City, June 10, 1846, Horatio Bridge, Paymaster General, U. S. N., 
b. Apr. 6, 1806, of Hon. James Bridge of Augusta, Me. He died at 
Athens, Pa., Mar. 18. 1893, and both he and his wife are buried in Tioga 
Point Cemetery in Athens. They had, b. in Boston, Mass.: 

125. Marian*, b. Oct. 3, 1851, d. Mar. 22, 1855, Washington, D. C. 

* For Read ancestry see Appendi.x, Note 2. 


78. NANCY" MARSHALL m. at Lunenburg, Mass., by Rev. 
David Damon, Jan. 7,1817, Benjamin Barrett, b. in Mason, N. H., Sept. 
7, 1792; d. Apr. 22, 1890, in Townsend, Mass. When fifteen years old 
he removed to Lunenburg, Mass., and Hved there nearly fifteen years, 
and during that time bought some land adjoining (42) David Marshall's 
farm on the east and built a house, now known as the Hastings farm. 
Here he set out an elm tree, the " Barrett Elm," which is now over 2;^ 
feet in diameter and over 100 feet high. He removed to W. Townsend 
in 1819 ; was a farmer, and at the age of 95 yrs. had one of the best 
kitchen gardens in the town. He was honored with several of the 
prominent offices in town, and he and all his family were noted for 
musical talents, and they did much for the church in that part of the 
service. The children, ist b. in Lunenburg, and rest in W. Townsend, 
Mass : 

126. NA^;cY^ b. Oct. 28, 1817, d. Aug. 4, 1883, W. Townsend, Mass. -f 

127. MaryS, b. Feb. 5, 1819, d. Sept. 2, 1848, W. Townsend, Mass. + 

128. MARTHA^ b. Oct. 18, 1820, d. Oct. 22, 1904, Ashby, Mass. + 

129. William Marshall^, b. Oct 7, 1822; res (1898) Westboro, Mass. + 

130. Charles Benjamin^, b. Sept. 12, 1824 ; res. (1898) Boston, Mass. + 

131. Otis Bailey«, b. July 3, 1827 ; res. (1898) Westboro, Mass. 

132. Ambrose*, b. Aug. 12, 1837, d. Feb. 18, 1871, Boston, Mass. 4- 

79. SALLY GREEN" MARSHALL, m. at Lunenburg, Mass., 
by Rev. Josiah Stearns, May 28, 1816, Curtis Stevens, a miller and far- 
mer. He d. at Townsend, Mass., Jan. 5, 1839. They had children : 

133. Sally«, b. Mar. 18, 1817, d. May 25, 1860. + 

134. A SON**, b. and d. May 18 — . 

135. CHARLOTTE^ b. Aug. 13, 1820, Ashby, Mass., d. Jan. 17, 1910, Gardner, Mass.+ 

80. ABIGAIL" MARSHALL m. at Lunenburg, Mass., by Rev. 
David Damon, *Nov. 10, 1818, Samuel White of Fitchburg, Mass., a 
tanner by trade, b. in Warren, Mass., Dec. 28, 1791 ; d. June 24, 1870- 
of fW'illiam and Ruth (Merritt) White. During their married life of over 
50 years they lived in Fitchburg, Mass., Acworth, Gilsum, Marlow 
Alstead and Surry, New Hampshire, and Shrewsbury, Vt. They moved 
from Gilsum, N. H., to Shrewsbury, Vt., about 1834, and settled in that 
part called Northam, now North Shrewsbury. Here he bought land Oct. 
I, 1838, built a tannery and mill to grind bark, and they became members 
of the christian church, but they moved a mile farther into the Gould, 
Pierce and Baxter neighborhood, where he bought land, Sept. 15, 1847, 
of his son-in-law, Sumner C. Clark ; this property he sold, Mar. 14, 1864 
to Lyman Aldrich for $475.00, and moved to Grafton, Vt., and after a few 
months to Surry, N. H., where they lived in the house owned by his 

*Nov. 9, 1818, Fitchburg Records. 

t For ancestry of William White see appendix, Note 3. 



son-in-law, William Carpenter, now the property of Mrs. Marietta C. 
(Carpenter) Wright. They both died at this place and are buried in 
the village cemetery. Of Abigail it is said she was a faithful and true 


«'^\r' ^^^^^H 






SmL i^H 


Ko. 80. 


Xo. 80. 



help-meet and strong in christian graces. She was an unusually smart, 
capable woman ; a milliner by trade, and followed the business in a 
small way most of her life. Their children : 

136. William Marshall*, b. Sept. 1, 1819, Fitchburg, Mass., d. Sept. 14, 1896, 

Bennington, \'t. + 
Abigail*, b. Dec. 25, 1S2J, Acworth X. H., d. July 20, 1887, Surry, X. H. + 
SopHiA«, b. Feb. 9, 1823, Alstead, X. H., d. Feb. 22, 1823, Alstead, X. H. 
Uary Ann \V.\tts*. b. SepL 17, 1824,* Alstead, X. H., d. Mar. 9, 1903, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 4- 
Caroline AL\ria*, b. Feb. 23, 182S, Marlow, X. H. ; res. Clayton, Illinois. + 
Harriet CoRDELIA^ b. Aug. 7, 1830, Gilsum, X. H., d. Dec. 19, 1850, Grai- 

ton, \'t. + 

81. SOPHIA" MARSHALL, m. at Lunenburg, Mass., by Rev. 
David Damon, July 17, 1821, Otis Bailey. He d. May, [840 or 1842. 
They had children : 

142. HENRIETTA^ b. Feb. 17, 1829, d. June 17, 1886, in Boston, Mass.4- 

143. T\VINS^ b. Feb. 19, 1832, d. Feb., 1833. 

144. Charles Otis', b. 1839, d. May, 1840. 

82. DAVID" MARSHALL, JR., when a young boy, was appren- 
ticed for a book binder and learned every branch of the trade, and be- 
came very proficient in his trade. In Dec, 1853, he moved to Ohio to 

*" Gilsum, N. H. History" transposes birthplaces of 139 and 14c. 



take charge of a bindery there. He had charge of various large binderies 
and did some excellent work. He was fond of music, a good singer and 
violinist, and while living in the New England states, taught singing 
schools and drilled choruses to perform oratorios. He m. at Lunenburg, 


Mass., by Rev. Calvin Lincoln, May 29, 1828, Lucy Harrington Jones, 
who d. Oct. 15, 1830. He m. 2nd, at Brattleboro, Vt., by Rev. Charles 

Walker, 1833, Orissa Hill Wood, who d. May 17, 1867; dau. of 

David and Anna ( Kendall) Wood. Children : 

145. A SoN«, b. Oct. 11, 1830, Lunenburg, Mass., d. Oct. 11, 1830. 

146. Haydn Mozart^, b. Dec. 4, 1835, BraUleboro, Vt., d. Feb. 12, 1836. 

147. Lucy Jones*, b. Dec. 14, 1838, Hartford, Conn., res. Hudson, Ohio.4- 

148. Sarah Haskell*, b. June 8, 1841, Nashua, N. H.-f- 

149. Clifton Gregory*, b. May 1, 1844, Franklin, N. H.+ 

150. Eveline Kendall*, b. Apr. 9, 1847, Franklin, N. H., d. Sept. 26, 1847. 

151. Francks Ann*, b. Mar. 29, 1849, Nashua, N. H., d. Dec. 6, 1852. 

83. ABRAHAM' MARSHALL was a painter by trade, and 
lived in various towns in Massachusetts and Vermont and taught singing- 



school of the old-fashioned kind for many years; he m. at Lunenburj^^ 

Ma^s., b\- Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard, in 1827, Charlotte Turner, who d. 

in \Vhitin,<;ham, Vt., Dec. 27, 1863. I^oth are buried in Whitingham, Vt. 

They had chikh-en ; all but youngest probably b. in Lunenburg. 
("iiARLFS Gkanville*, b. Oct. 7, 1827, d. prubal)ly Brooklyn, X. Y.4- 
George EDWARD^ b. Feb. 17, 18.^0, d. Apr. 2, 1910, Fitzwilliam, N. H.+ 
FIenry Augustus^ b. Dec. 10, 18,^1, d. Mar. 14, 1911, Athol, Mass.4- 
Mautha'*, b. and d. young-. 

J(<SKFH TrRNER\ b. Nov. 21, 1835, Brattleboro. Vt., d. May 29, 1911, West- 
minster, Mass.-j- 


MARSHALL was a brick 
mason and contractor in 
Fitchburg. Mass.- (see page 
103, "Fitchburg Past and 
Present, 1903" by \Vm. A. 
P2merson ) from 1835 till 1857. 
He built American House, 
First Baptist church, Trini- 
tarian churcli, City Hall, Dr. 
Palmer house, and many other 
buildings ; taught many ap- 
prentices, among them Myron 
W. Whitney, the famous 
singer. A thoroughly good, 
honest, upright man ; deacon 
in P'irst Baptist church, un- 
derground railroad conductor; 
emigrant to Kansas in March, 
1855, but business compelled 
his return in the autumn. 
He m. at Mason, N. H., by 
Rev. Bela Wilcox, Dec. 30, 

1828, Dorcas Hill, b. in Mason, N. H., July 14, 1808; d. in Lunenburg, 
Mass., Aug. 6, 1834. He m. 2nd, at Fitchburg, Mass., by Rev. J. W. 
McDonald, July 2, 1835, Fiorina Weeks-Barrus, b. in Warwick, Mass., 
Aug. 3, 1810; d. in Fitchburg, May 7, 1891. She was adopted when 
very young by a family named Barrus, living in Richmond, N. H., 
her father having been killed by an explosion. Her mother, Mrs. 
Weeks, and the older children, moved to New York State and settled 
in the Schroon Lake region among the Adirondack mountains, and 
she knew very little of the family afterwards. 




Children of Wm. and 
Dorcas (Hill) Mar- 
shall : 

157. William Alfred*, b. 
Aup. 19, 1831. Lowell, 
Mass., d. July 14, 1832, 

1,58. Ellen DoRCAS^ b. June 
3, 18.^3, Lunenbury-, Mas':., 
l'.. Sept. 29, 1852, yitchburg. 

Children of W.M. and 
Florina (Weeks) Mar- 
shall, b. in Fitch burg, 

159. William Appleton^ b. 
Apr. 2, 1836, d. Mar. 18, 
1838, Fitchburo;, Mass. 

160. James Appleton*^, b. 
Apr. 28, 1838, res. No. 
Leominster, Mass. + 

161. William Isaac*, b. June 
25, 1840, d. Oct. 30, 1906, 
Chicago, 111. + 

162. Sakah Harriet*', b. Jan. 
7, 1843, d. June 18, 1894.+ 

163. Marv Elizabeth*, b. May 15, 1846, d. Aug. 19, 1847, FitcUburg, Mass. 

164. Edward Tracy*, b. Jan. 22, 1848, d. Mar. 28, 1911, Chicago, Ill.-f 

165. Mary Jane*, b. June 7, 1850, d. Apr. 3, 1851, Fitchburg, Mas>. 

166. F:mma Florina*, b. Apr. 9, 1852, d. Feb. 12, 1854, P^itchburg, Mass. 

A letter of (84) Dea. Wm. Marshall to his son (161) William 
Isaac Marshall, written Mar. 22, 1855, is interesting reading and we 
print it entire. 


Missouri, March 22d, 1855. 

To Wni I. Marshall, Ashby, Mass. 

Dear Son : 

I promised to write you after I arrived in Kansas, but I have concluded to 
commence while on the way, and conclude when I arrive there. I am now on board 
the steamboat about 130 miles above St. Louis, and for your amusement I will give a 
brief detail of this tedious journey. We left Fitchburg I)e]io about 8 o'clock Tuesday 
evening the 13th, arrived at Keene at 10^ and left at 11, went very well until we be- 
gan to ascend the high land in Mt. Holly, Vt., there it had snowed and blowed furi- 
ously the forepart of the night, and it being high grade, deep cut and circuitous, we 
found ourselves at a dead stand, and we had to send out several hands to shovel away 
snow, and then start one Engine ahead as far as it would go and then run back and 
hitch on and go up to the men that were shoveling out, thus we du'i" along and arrived 
at Rutland at about 8 o'clock a. m. the 14th, 5 hours behind time, and thereby lost one 


tniin. Left at 111 '4 Icir Albanv, \vc went very slow, haviiv;' a \cTy liea\y train, and 
only one small Engine, which snnic of nur ])arty called the l)iinkey, and heiii.u' behind 
regular time, we had tn run hack several times2 or.^ miles, and turn out for the comini;- 
trains to pass us, which reminded us of the fro,^' jumping- out of tlie well, we arri\ ed 
at Albany about dark the 14th, here a^ain we were so far behind time that we lost 
anotlier train. Left Albany at 11 >^ o'clock that exenin;^-, bein:^ assured by the con- 
ductor that we should arrive at Suspension Bridoe to take the forenoon train through 
Canada for I)etn)it, but again we were disappointed, having but one Elngine our long 
and heavy train m )\ed slowly. We passed Syracuse about daylight the 15th, arrived 
at Rochester at 10 a. m. and left at IIX, saw several fine fields of winter w^heat where 
the snow was gone. Arri\ ed at Suspension Bridge at F> \). m. Many of our party 
walked across the bridge on purpose to look at it, truly it is a beautiful and wonderful 
piece of work, as we stood upon it we could plainly see Niagara Falls, though they were 
2 miles distant, here all our baggage, and such as did not chose to walk were carried 
across the bridge in wagons, and landed in the great Depo in Canada, there was with 
us all the way from Boston, a young man from Virginia, who had left his master, and 
was pressing liis way to a land of freedom, we took up a collection for him in the Cars 
of 15.$ and we were glad to see him safe in Canada, free from the chains, the blood- 
hounds, and soul drivers of America. We left the Depo at Suspension Bridge at 11>^ in 
the evening, and as we had several whole families, in our party, and a large number of 
small children, we had plenty of musick, though there were some discords. That part 
of Canada through which we p.asseJ in the night contains m:my good farm?, as a man 
told me, who passed it the next day, biit that we went through in the day tiqje looked 
like p.)or land, le\ e! and wet, and the houses were ven,- poor and shabby, and the 
people I should think, were like those we sometimes see in Fitchburg wih an old 
horse and cart. 

There is one place called London about midway as we passed through Canada which 
was quite a town, with large and good buildings, but most of the houses I saw were 
small and poor, many of them built of logs, and some of them have chimneys that 
would make you laugh. They are built outside at the end of the house, with sticks of 
wood about 3 feet long, laid up in cobhouse fashion, and plastered with mud. I did 
not feel very desirous to k)cate among them. There is a large amount of land there 
that is not occupied. Some of our party said the Irish in Xew England were talking 
of leaving there and going over to settle on these lands, and we thought it would be a 
good plan. We presume the R. N's and some others, would vote to have them go, 
with a hearty good will. We arrived at Windsor, opposite Detroit at 2 p. m. the J 6th, 
having passed through Canada 230 miles. Here we crossed the Detroit river and 
landed in Detroit, but too late for the day train to Chicago. There we again took the 
niglit train, at 10 in the evening. (Music by the juvenile Choir again.) The conduc- 
tor told us he would put on 2 Engines and put us into Chicago at 9 in the morning, 
but when we had proceeded about 50 miles, he left one Engine, and we again went 
dragging along and arrived in Chicago at 4 p. m. the 17th. Chicago is laid out finely, 
with wide straight streets, and I suppose in dry weather is a fine place, but now it is 
detestable, or rather its streets are, for they are nothing but black mud and water, 
from 2 to 10 inches deep. It was now Saturday, and near night, and we did not want 
to tra\el on the Sabbath. If the several Conductors had done their duty we should 
have been in St. Louis now, knowing the boat was ready for us, and fearing it would 
be gone if we waited until Monday, and being assured if we went that night we should 
arrive in St. Louis about noon on the Sabbath, and could then go on board the boat, 
and rest and be quiet, we concluded to go, but here again we met witli the same 


treatment as before, and did not arrive in St. Louis until 4 o'clock Monday m jrniny, 
the 19th. Plenty of music by the juvenile band. Our train all the way from Fitch- 
burg- consisted of 2 baggage cars full of baggage and freight, and fnjm 6 to 9 
Passenger Cars, well filled. St. Louis is a great place for business. The levee is 
about 3 miles long and 6 or 7 rods wide, and is occupied for loading and unloading 
steamboats, and there were about 60 steamboats there loading and unloading, and a vast 
number of men and teams engaged in the work. The teams are mostly of 2 mules, 
one before the other, and they drive them very adroitly. There are so many of them 
driving hither and thither, that they sometimes get blocked for an 8th of a mile, so 
that they cannot get one way or the other, only at each end, then they jabber away 
at each other in rough style. I walked on the street about 1% miles and counted 330 
teams. I noticed they did not stop even to feed their teams at noon, but dn:;ve them 
all day, and many of them seemed intent on doing as much as possible in the day. 
Left St. Louis Tuesday the 20th, at 11 a. m. , and proceeded up the river to Kansas 
City which is in Missouri, 457 miles from St Louis. 

April 6th. The Missouri river was very low and our boat stuck on the sanJ 
bars, which delayed our progress. One day we were so delayed with sand bars that 
more than 100 of us went ashore and walked 5 miles on the bank. We saw million, 
of wild geese, on the banks as we passed up the river, and when walking 2 of our men 
caught each of them one, that had a wing wounded so they could not fly. We had (Mi 
the boat more than 300 passengers, so that more than half of us had to sleep on Mat- 
tresses on the cabin floor. We arrived in Kansas City, Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, 
having travelled night and day, all the time since we left home and had not seen a bed 
or undressed since I started. Kansas city is a small town, most of the houses are 
poor and small, with one small meeting-house. I attended meeting there on the 
Sabbath, but there were but few present except those of our p,\rty. Tlie Emigrant 
Aid Com. have a large Hotel here that accommodates Emigrants. 

Monday morning all the teams were engaged to carry families, and 9 of us 
started on foot to Lawrence 50 miles distant. At noon 4 of our party became too 
weary to keep up. We pressed our way on until dark, then called at an Indian hut, 
(having walked 30 miles) and enquired if we could stay over night, and being told we 
could, concluded to stay. The hut was about 16 feet square, and contained 6 persons. 
The Indians were very kind and pleasant to us. We talked with them, and sung and 
prayed with them, and they retired, and 3 of our party laid on the floor, on their 
blankets, and myself and the others sat up all night. I did not sleep any, though I had 
no fear, but we had not only 1 1 of us in that small room, but 3 dogs in the room, and 
3 or 4 more outside who kept up an almost continual yelping. After breakfast we 
started on our way, and arrived in Lawrence at 1>^ o'clock p. m., Tuesday, 2 weeks 
from the time I left home. Though the journey has been tedious, yet no 
accident has befallen any of our party, and I feel that I have great reason to praise 
God for his merciful care and protection. Lawrence is yet but a small town, but I 
think will become a large place. Tlie location of the City is truly beautiful, but most 
of the houses are only such as the Irish build when making railroads, but they have 
one saw-mill at work, and are now building frame houses, and 1 think if lumber could 
be obtained fast enough there would be an immense number of houses built 
here this year. There are several men preparing to make l)rick, Ixit the greatest 
call here is for concrete, or gravel buildings. I am now engaged in building a store in 
that way. Much of the land here is beautiful and rich, though there is a scarcity of 
wood and timber. It is now very dry here, there has been no rain scarcely for S or 9 


EmiL'rants are rushinj^- in nt an astunisliinu' rate, and many of them return im- 
mc'tliatcly liome. There are nmre nr less indians in the City every day, but tliey are 
l^erfectly harmless. It is now late and I am weary and must therefore close. 1 do 
not know wliether I shall stay here tlirough the season, or not, it will depend very 
much on what word I ^et from home. I trust you will be faithful and obedient to Mr. 
and Mrs. Aldrich, and remember your Creator now in the days of your youth, before 
the evil day3 come, and the years draw ni'^h in which you shall say I have no pleasure 
in them. Remember me to Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich. May the blessinf^ of Gf)d rest 
I p,)n y(.u, that your life may be preserved, that you may become a K<"'d and useful 
man. My health is j^ood except a little lameness in my back. 

From your affectionate father, 

\Vm. Marshall. 
P. S. 

Last evening I attended the first wedding that was ever attended in this place. 
It took place in the house where I lodge, which is about 16 feet square. There is 
often (> or 7 lodge in this room, and 4 or 5 in the garret, which is attained by climbing 
a ladder. 

• 85. JAMES HASKELL" MARSHALL, m. at Leominster, 
Mass., by Rev. C. G. Hubbard, July 3, 1833, Elizabeth Brown, who d. 
Feb. 8, 1843. He m. 2nd at Leominster, by Rev. C. G. Hubbard, — 1844, 
Elizci Hartwell, who d. May 3, 1847. He m. 3rd at Leominster by Rev. 
C. G. Hubbard, Nov. 25, 1847, Almira Rurrage, who d. Nov. 10, 1872. 
He m. 4th at Leominster, by Rev. W. J. Batt, Mar. 12, 1873, Rhoda 
Heyvvood, who d. Sept. 16, 1876. Children by ist and 3rd wives b. at 
Leominster, Mass. : 

]()7. Charles Augustus*, b. Dec. 31, 1839, d. Apr. 10, 1846, Leominster, Mass. 
1(8. James Edward*, b. Jan. 27, 1843, d. May 12, 1864, Spottsylvania, Va. + 
169. Charles Su.mner'^, b. Oct. 27, 1851, res. Leominster, Mass. + 

86. MARTHA' MARSHALL was unmarried. For many years 
.she lived with her brother (84) Dea. Wm. Marshall in Fitchburg, 
Mass., and in the early seventies she went to live in the home of George 
H. Christy in Sewickley, Penn. The Fitchburg Sentinel says of her: 
"'Aunt Martha' was a gentle, lovable woman of most exemplary charac- 
ter, who quietly and unobtrusively labored to make the world better for 
her being in it, and was a ministering angel, full of good deeds and 
kindly words in the various families where her lot was cast." She d. 
at the home of relatives in Sewickley, Pa. 

In one of her letters to a niece she says : " Our honorable John 
Marshall came over in the 17th century and I think that there is no 
doubt but those who came later belonged to the same original family, the 
the Southern Marshalls disclaim relation to the Eastern, but they have 
the same family name as John, Benjamin, Thomas, and a striking resem- 
blance in face." In another letter she says, " Of Zachariah Marshall, 
his father and my father were brothers. He married Caroline Putnam, 



sister to Mary Putnam, a much prized school teacher ; another sister, 
Martha, married Samuel Crocker, brother of Alva Crocker of Fitchburg, 

Mass. Cousin Zachariah 
with his family lived in 
Kansas some years; don't 
know where his wife died, 
but he had three daughters, 
one was standing at the 
door when a flash of light- 
ning struck her dead. Two 
daughters came back from 
Kansas ; they were school 
teachers, and one was es- 
pecially handsome. Cousin 
Zachariah's father's name 
was Samuel." This Sam- 
uel referred to is Number 
41 in our record, and his 
son Zachariah referred to 
in above letter was twice 
married. Mis obituary no- 
tice appeared in Fitch burg 
Sentinel, Nov. 12, 1891. 
He was born Nov. 12, 1807; 
by his first wife, Caroline 
Putnam, had two sons and 
two daughters. But one 
child, his daughter Annie, 
survived his death. He 
was a paper maker, and his 
sons George and James 
were also paper makers. Albert S. Marshall, b. in Lunenburg, Mass., 
May 31, 1828 ; d. in Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 16, 1910, was probably a broth- 
er of Zachariah and son of Samuel. Alkert S. Marshall left four sons, 
one, Albert A. resided in Somerville, Mass., in 1910; the others were liv- 
ing in Los Angeles. We have no complete record of (41) Samuel, and 
would be glad of any records or other information that our readers can 
furnish us. Our first information was gained from letters in (86) Martha 
Marshall's own handwriting ; to these letters the compiler of this 
book is indebted for some of the valuable material in this book. 

87. J0SP:PH' MARSHALL carried on bu.siness with his son 
(170) James Carter Marshall in Boston, but had a farm in North 


She was the First Historian of the Marshall 
Family, giving much time and thought to hunting 
up records and dates. 



Leominster, Mass., where he Hved nearly forty years, and where he cHed. 
He was an extremely active man. Shortly before his death, he took the 
compiler of this book to the old Marshall homestead in Liuitnburg, tell- 
ing; many interesting stories of his early life on the farm and describing 
the country as it was then ; he told of their |)lanting corn when a boy, 
and then having to plant potatoes on same land because the bears came 
and got the corn. His land is about 60 rods northwest of the present 
Herbert A. Eaton house and is now covered with a heavy growth of tim- 
ber. (87) Joseph" Marshall, m. at Brattleboro, Vt., by Rev. Charles 
Walker, Sept. 17, 1835, Caroline Virginia Carter, who d. in l^oston, Jan. 
1892. Their children : 

17ii. IamI'-.s C.\ktkk'\ h. July Id, IS.^d, d. Jan. 1, r>()5, Boston, Mass. + 

171. Fkank Kkndai.i/, 1). Sept. 4, 1S4.S, res. No. Leominster, Mass. 

172. CAKTKK^ b. July .\ IS47, d. May (>, LS(),5. 

88. BENJAMIN'" MARSHALL was a silversmith and for many 
years had a jewelry store in Brattleboro, Vt. From there he went to 

Philadelphia and then to 
Marietta, Ohio, in i860, 
where he kept a jeweler's 
store and where he died Dec. 
24, 1895. He m. at Philadel- 
phia, by Rev. J. H. Alday, 
Aug. 4, 1858, Sarah N.Wil- 
liams, b. Aug. 12, 1840, of 
Thomas and Ann (Gorman) 
W'illiams; d. Sept. 27, 1907. 
They had children : 

17.x Fke.mont\ b. Aujc. 22, 
1S()1, res. Marietta, Ohio. + 

174. Frank Haskell**, b. Auv;. 
14, 1864, re.=. Canton, ()liiu.+ 

175. Edward BALLENTINE^ b. 
Dec. 5, 1870, res. unknown. + 

89. JAMES' MAR- 
SHALL m. Mary G. New- 
ton and had children : 

176. F:d\ b. 18—, (1. yoiuiy". 

177. Ja.mes H.**, b. 18 — : un- 
married ; res. Boston, Mass. 

178. George F.^ b. , res. 
NLilden, Mass. + 

90. OLIVE^ MAR- 
SHALL m. Hamor Lewis, 
and had : 

BENJAMIN MARSHALL. No. Ss. j -,^ AlOrSTA H.«, b.-d. unm. 


95. SILAS ' MARSHALL was a farmer in Lunenburg, Mass. ; 
m. at Lunenburg, by Rev. Babcock, Nov. 30, 1848, Mary Winchester 
Snow, b. Aug. 24, 1826, in Brookline, Mass., of Silas and Lucy (Winches- 
ter) Snow ; d. Nov. 11, 1903. They had b. in Lunenburg : 

180. Edwin Silas^, b. Aug. 26, 1857, res. Lunenburg, Mass. + 

97. GEORGE SEWELL^ BOUTWELL, L. L. D., the first com- 
missioner of internal revenue, Secretary of the Treasury under President 
Grant and for four years one of the leading international lawyers, and 
Governor of Massachusetts. He attended the public school and became a 
clerk in a general store in Lunenburg at 13 ; at 16 he taught school in 
Shirley, Mass. His early dream was to become a lawyer. In 1842 he 
became a member of the lower house in the Mass. Legislature, and 
served till 1845 and from 1847 till 1850. He was also at different times 
a railroad and bank commissioner, and a member of various other com- 
mittees of the Commonwealth. In 185 1 he became Governor of Massa- 
chusetts and in 1852 was re-elected. He was a leading member of the 
Mass. constitutional convention of 1853,. and in '855 he was chosen Sec- 
retary of the Mass. Board of Education. In 1862 he was admitted to the 
bar. Scarcely had he begun to practice before he was made commis- 
sioner of internal revenue and organized the department under the act 
of 1862. He began with three clerks and had 140 when he re-organiztd 
in 1863. In 1873 he was chosen United States Senator from Mass., and 
hecontinued in the Senate till 1877, when he was appointed by President 
Hayes to revise the statutes of the Ll^nited States. This work was com- 
pleted by the publication of the volume in 1878. In 1880 he was made 
counsel and agent of the United States before aboard of international 
arbitrators for the settlement of claims of citizens of the United States 
and France against the two governments growing out of the Ci\'il War. 
His was a long and varied career and helped make important history. 
July 8, 1 84 1, he married Sarah Adelia Thayer, born Oct. 13, 1813, in 
Hollis, N. IL, of Nathan and Hannah (Jewett) Thayer. She died Mar. 
8, 1903. Both are buried in Groton, Mass. 

Their children b. in Groton, Mass. : 

181. Georgianna Adelia", b. May 18, 1843, res. Groton, Mass. -|- 

182. Francis MARI()N^ b. Feb. 2(,, 1847, d. Sept. 4, 1910, Groton, Mass. + 

98. JACOB MARSHALL' BOUTWELL was a farmer ; m. Dec. 
14, 1843, Plooma Farnsworth, b. July 9, 1823 at Shirley, Mass., of Calvin 
and Plooma (Adams) Farnsworth ; d. Oct. 20, 1907. They had children 
b. in Lunenburg, Mass. : 



Governor of Massachusetts, 1851 and 1852. 



183. Martha FRANr•IS^ b. Dec. Tl, 1845, unm. ; res. Leominster, Mass. 

184. Anna ELLEN^ b. May I, 1848, unm., d. Nov. 29, 1879. 

185. George SEWELL^ b. Feb. 23, 185), unm., d. Feb. 20, 1876. 

186. Sarah Abby^ b. July 31, 1852, unm., res. in Leominster, ^L^ss. 

187. GRANVILLE^ b. Nov. 6, 1855, res. in Worcester, Mass. '- 

188. Charles Marshall'\ b. Feb. 12, 1857, res. Leominster, Mass. + 

189. Ida REBEf•CA^ b. July 12, 1859, d. Nov. 4, 1833. 

99. OLIVE REBECCV BOUTWELL was a life member of the 
Fitchburg, Mass. Home for Old Ladies and took an active interest in 


the Baldwinsville Hospital Cottages. During the Civil War she was one 
of the patriotic ladies who aided the soldiers in many ways. She m. 
Nov. II, 1847 in Lunenburg, William Baker, b. Sept. 2, 1821, at Lunen- 
burg, of Jesse and Sophia (Wetherbee) Baker; d. Sept. 18, 1896. Both 
are buried in the North cemetery in Lunenburg. He was the successor 
of Silas Holman in the insurance business in Fitchburg. in 1879; an 
original trustee of the Worcester North Savings Institution, and mem- 
ber of board of investment. 



They had children b. in Lunenbuiijj : 

I'A). William Herbert*, b. Mar. 21, KS4'J, unm., d. Ai)r.20, l')07. 
I'M. Cn.AKLES Kr.'^ncis*, b. Dec. 4, 1850, res. Lunent^urg, Mass. + 
\'>1. Edith B()ut\\ ell*^, b. .Nov. 19, 1860, res. Fitchburg, Mass. 

loi. MICAH MARSHALL' BUUTVVKLL, m. Jan. 5, 1855, 
Charlotte Farnsvvorth, a si.ster of (98) Jacob Marshall Boutwell'.s wife. 
She was b. Sept. 26, 1829, at Shirley, Mass., and d. Apr. 13, 1907. They 
had b. at Lunenburg : 
1''3. Flint H.alowell*, b. Dec. 7, 1856, res. West Acton, Mass. + 


102. SAMUEL STOCKING^ MARSHALL prepared for the 
medical profession in London; after receiving his degree, went to New 
(Orleans, La., and died in a hospital there the victim of yellow fever 
epidemic. He was unmarried. 

104. HENRY^ MARSHALL was a great traveller ; a remarkable 
linguist ; member of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco. He was a 

member of Walker's fili- 
bustering scheme to Nic- 
aragua, and had some re- 
markable experiences at 
that time. He was un- 

105. MARY' MAR- 
SHALL was educated in 
Utica and Boston ; m. 
Dec. 8, 185 1, James W. 
Bond, b. Feb. 13, 1824, 
of Isaac Bond of Utica, 
N. Y. ; d. in Buffalo, 
N. Y., Nov. 20, 1882. 
They had children b. in 
Utica, N. Y. : 

194. Alice^, b. Sept. 17, 
1852, res. Buffalo, X.Y.-f 

195. Henry M.\rshall", b. 
Nov. 3, 1856. -f 

196. James Wadsworth^, 
b. Jan. 14, 1868, res. 
Fort Erie, Ont. -|- 

MARSHALL has lived 
in Buffalo, N. Y., since 
1852; was a member of 
class of 1854 of Buffalo 

henry MARSHALL. No. 104. 



Seminary, and the class of 1912 dedicated their " Seminaria " to her. 
She rn. in Utica, N. Y., by Rev. H. S. Dickson, June 9, 1858, George 
Wadsworth, b. at Litchfield, Conn., Mar. 10, 1830,0! James Cowles and 
Lalley (Cooke) *Wadsworth ; d. Mar. 19, 1907, in Buffalo, N. Y. Mr. 
Wadsworth was a lawyer, and for nearly half a century was engaged in 
active practice of his profession in Buffalo ; was twice nominated judge 
of the old superior court of Buffalo ; was at one time city attorney, and 
was a member of the commission which gave the city its present charter. 
He was a lover of old books, fond of gaining instruction by travel, reso- 
lute in all his convictions. He was a member of the First Presbyterian 
church, and of the Sons of the American Revolution ; was a Mason, 
and past master of the Lodge of Ancient Landmarks. He belonged to 
the Buffalo and Ellicot clubs, and in politics was a staunch republican. 
The Wadsworth home on Franklin St. has been the scene of many brilliant 
social events. It is .said of (107) Mrs. Emily Marshall Wadsworth 

Emily Otis (Marshall) Wadsworth. 
No. 107. 

No. 107. 

that she has come as near as any woman in Buffalo to maintaining some- 
thing that might be termed a salon. Children and grandchildren have 
been nurtured and reared in an environment of culture, intellect, and 
refinement, and have given to the world and society brilliant results of 
their early training. Mrs. Wadsworth has been much interested in the 
preparation of this record, and has generously provided both cuts and 
biographical sketches on her branch of the family- Children b. in Buf- 
falo were : 

197. Elizabeth Whiter b. Mar. 30, 1860, d. Nov. 10, I'XX), Buffalo, N. V. 

198. Henry Cowles^, b. Aug. 31, 1861, d. Oct. 21 , 1907, Buffalo, N. Y. + 


* For Wadsworih ancestry see Appendi.x, Nute 4. 



io8. CHARLES GUTSTAFF* MARSHALL went to Africa in 
i860; died probably of jungle fever in 1862; unmarried. 

109. PRISCILLA READ^ MARSHALL m. in Buffalo, N. Y., 
June 7, 1866, Samuel Robbins l^rown Lord, of Chicago, 111. ; b. at Mon- 
son, Mass., June 7. 1839; d. at Oak Park, 111., Dec. 19, 1887. He was 
associated with Marshall F'ield in Chicago. Children b. in Chicago : 

IW. John Elliott^ b. Sei)t. 16, 1S)7. 

200. Elizabeth Stocking", b. May 25, 18 ,') ; res. Oak Park, III. -"- 


SHALL is a confidential 
agent of Dun & Co. of 
Butfalo, N. Y., and much 
of the time is travelling. 
He is unmarried and re- 
sides with his sister, (107) 
Mrs. Wadsworth in Buf- 

WOODS m. at Spring 
Green, Warwick, R. I., 
July 12, 1 848, Anne Brown 
Francis, b. at Warwick, 
of Hon. John Brown Fran- 
cis, Apr. 23, 1828, d. at 
Providence, R. L, Aug. 
24, 1896. They had chil- 
dren b. in Providence : 
20\. Abbv Francis'-', b. May 

27, 1849, d.Mar. 10, 1805, 

Providence, R. I. 4- 
202. John Carter Brown'', 

b. July 12, 1851, res. 

Providence, R. L -|- 
113. EMILY MAR- 
SHALL^ OTIS, m.June 
7, 1853, at St. Stephens 
church, Boston, Mass., Samuel P21iot, b. Dec. 22, 1821, at Boston, of 
William Harvard and Margaret B. ( Bradford) Eliot ; d. at Beverly Farms, 
Mass., Sept. 14, 1898. Both he and his wife are buried in Mt. Auburn 
cemetery in Cambridge, Mass. Samuel Eliot was a graduate of Harvard 
in 1839; historian, educator, philanthropist, Pres. of Trinity College, 
Supt. of schools in Boston. Ch. : 

Xu. Hd. 


203. William SAMUEL^ b. Mar. 16, 1854, Boston, Mass., d. Nov. 1,5, 1874, Boston. 

204. Emily Marshall^, b. Feb. 14, 1857, Hartford, 0)nn. ; res. Boston, Mass. + 

205. George Otis^ b. , 1861, Hartford, Conn., d. , 1864. 

114. MARY ALLEYNE^ OTIS m. at Hartford, Conn., Dec. 4, 
i860, Alexander H. Stevens, b. at New York, June 13, 1834, son of 
Byam Kerby Stevens. He is a graduate of Yale College ; N. Y. banker, 
Pres. Astor Trust Co. Children b. first'and last three in New York city, 
others in Astoria, L. I. 

206. Mary Otis^, b. Sept. 18, 1861 ; res. Lawrence, Long Island. 

207. Frances Gallatin^, b. May 6, 1863, d. Dec. 24, 1910, Torquay. Eng. + 

208. Emily Louise^, b. Dec. 24, 1864. + 

209. William Alexander'', b. July 4, 1857, d. Sept. 16, 1859, Astoria, L. L 

210. Elizabeth Gray'-', b. Oct. 20, 1869, d. Oct. 20, 1893, Kabondages, France. 

211. Eben^, b. Feb. 7, 1871 ; res. Lawrence, L. L + 

212. Alexander Eliot^, b. Jan. 8, 1873, d. June 17, 1883, New York. 

213. Francis Kerby», b. June 8, 1877. -\- 

116. EMILY MARSHALL « READ m. in Philadelphia, June, 
185 1, William Henry Hyde of N. Y. They had b. in N. Y. : 

214. Emma Habicht'-', b. Nov. 18, 1851 ; res. Italy. + 

120. GEN. JOHN MEREDITH « READ received his education 
in a military school. He commanded a corps of National cadets, which 
furnished 127 ofificers to the LTnited States army during the Civil war; 
was aide-de-camp to the governor of Rhode Island ; won the rank of 
colonel in 1855; graduated M. A. at Brown University in 1858, and 
LL. B. at the Albany Law School in 1859; ^^^ studied civil and inter- 
national law in Plurope. 

He was engaged actively in the Presidential campaign of 1856; organized 
important political movements in the Presidential campaign of 186)0; accepted 
in November of tliat year the office of Adjutant-General of the state of New York 
and won the rank of Brigadier-General at the age of 23. He was chairman of 
the Government Commission which welcomed Pre.'^ident Lincoln at Buffalo, and 
escorted him to the capitol (Feb., 1861); chairman, two months later of the commit- 
tee of three to draft a bill appropriating $3,0iJ0,000 for the purchase of arms and 
equipments ; and received the official thanks of the War Dej)artment of tlie United 
States for his energy, ability and zeal in the organization and equipment of troops dur- 
ing the war. He took a leading part in the Presidential campaign of 1868, which 
resulted in the election of General Grant, who appointed him Consul-General of the 
United States for France and Algeria, to reside at Paris. General Read likewise 
acted as Consul-General of Germany during tlie Franco-German war, and afterwards, 
for nearly two years, directing all tlie consular affairs of that empire, including the 
protection of German subjects and interests during the first and second sieges of 
Paris (1870-71). Both sides acknowledged that General Read's consenting to con- 
tinue to act as Consul-General, with the thirty-five Consuls and Consular agents under 


liim, prexcntL'd lliL- po-isihility of a rL-iit-vval of tlie conflict between tlie two countrie;^ 
by renderin<j; unnecessary tlu- i)resence in France of German consular otticials, at a 
time when the mind of the Krencli ])e()])le was highly excited against all (Germans. 
At this period the German ambassador, in a letter to General Read, said : " I ( ann:)! 
omit to express to you once more, the sentiments of gratitude with which I am ins[)ired 
by the persevering solicitude which you have never ceased to manifest in procuring 
for my compatriots the protection of the laws." For this service he received the 
commendation of the President of the United Stales in his annual message to Con- 
gress; the repeated thanks of the German Government, and the olificial and personal 
thanks and compliments of Prince Bismarck. In 1872 he was invited by General de 
Cissey, French Minister of War, to form and preside over a commission to examine 
into the expediency of extending the study of the English language in the French 
army, and for his successful labours in this direction he received the thanks of the 
French (iovernment. In recognition of his various distinguished services he was 
promoted, in November, 1873, to be the United States Minister resident in Greece. Since 
then he has received the thanks of his Government for his ability and energy in secur- 
ing the release of the American ship "Armenia," and for his successful efforts in 
obtaining from the Greek Government a revocation of the order prohibiting the sale 
and circulation of the Bible in Greece ; he also received the thanks of the Board of 
Foreign Missions of the Southern Presbyterian Church, and of the British and Ameri- 
can Foreign Bitle Societies, for the latter important service. General Read revisited 
his native country in 1874, and was received with the warmest demonstrations of 
welcome by all political parties, banquets being given in his honor at New York, 
Albany, Philadelphia, and Washington. For his literary and scientific services he 
has received the thanks of the State Department of the United States, of the National 
Academy of Design, of the English F2ast India Company, of the Russia Company, of 
the Society of Antiquaries of London, of the Archaeological Society of Greece, and of 
the French Academy. In 1867 he was named Founder of the Royal Society of 
Northern Antiquaries by the Prince Royal of Denmark. He took a deep interest in 
the foundation of the French Association for the Advancement of Science. He was 
President of the American Social Science Congress at Albany in 1868, and a \'ice- 
President of the British Social Science Congress at Plymouth in 1872. He is an hon- 
orary Fellow or member of a great number of learned bodies in Europe and America, 
and the author of several learned works which have achieved a high reputation, and 
of many public addresses and official repcjrts. General Read received the thanks of 
his Government for his prompt and efficient protection of American persons and in- 
terests in the dangerous crisis in Greece in February, 1878." From Biography pub- 
lished in " Men of the Time," 10th edition, 1879, George Routledge & Sons, London 
and New York, i)rinters. 

He m. at Albany, N. Y., Apr. 7, 1859, Delphine Marie Pumpelly, 
b. at Oswego, N. Y., in 1834, dau. of Harmon Pumpelly; d. at Pari.s, 
France, May 29, 1902. Both she and her husband are buried in St. 
Germain, Paris, France. They had children : 

215. Harmon Pr.MPELLV^, b. July 13, 1860, Albany, N. Y. ; res. Albany, N. Y'. + 

216. Emily Meredith", b. Jan. 7, 1863, Albany, N. Y. + 

217. John Meredith, 3rd^ b. Jan. 1869, Paris, France; res. France, -f 

218. Delphine Marie Meredith^ b. May 7, 1873, Paris, France; res. France. -f 



her parents in Boston until about five years old, when they removed to 
New York city, and later to Chappaqua, N. Y., where they were the 
friends and neighbors of Horace Greeley and his family. In youth she 
enjoyed great social advantages, not only at home, but from the age of 
twelve years until her marriage, she was a frequent visitor, often for 
long intervals in the home of her aunt, Mrs. Horatio Bridge ; sometimes 
in Washington, and sometimes elsewhere, as the duties of a navy 
officer demanded change of residence. In this home she was associated 
with the most cultured Americans and the honored representatives of 
many foreign courts, gaining an ease of manner and a breadth of senti- 
ment, which, added to her natural charms, made her a welcome guest in 
any company. She was much interested in genealogical matters, and 

made many notes on all 
branches of her family ; 
she became a member of 
the Colonial Dames of 
America through twenty- 
six ancestors; a member 
of the Mayflower Society, 
eleven of her ancestors 
coming on that ship ; also 
a member of the Society 
of " P'ounders and Patri- 
ots," Jan., 1909. She was 
the Founder and Regent 
of Tioga Chapter, D. A, R. 
of Athens, Pa., and a me- 
morial booklet printed 
after her death shows in 
what love and esteem she 
was held by her associ- 
ates. Her life was full 
of good deeds, generous 
counsel, loving sympathy 
and sweet comradeship ; 
she was a leader, a work- 
er, an inspiration always. 

No. 12L 

A little poem in the memorial pamphlet expresses much, and we 
copy it entire. 


C. M. M. 
"The sacred faith of old heroic days ; 
The eye that slione as steadfast as a star ; 
The heart which held the griefs of lives that are, 
That were, and shall be. Hers the faithful ways 
Of toil and v)eace, unknown to human praise, 
But leading from the cares and thoughts that mar 
Earth's harmony of light to homes afar. 
The sacred hand of tranquil Autumn lays 
Its wreath of oak upon the blessed grave 
The stars watch calmly, as they watched of old 
The mighty souls she reverenced ; and the wave 
Of whispering rivers keeps her name of gold 
Linked with the names of dearest, wisest, best 
Of women, shrined in love's eternal rest. G. O. H.' ' 

She m. at St. George's church, N. Y., April 28, 1869, Charles 
Stewart Maurice of Briar Cliffe, Ossonning, N. Y. ; son of Charles Frazier 
Maurice, b. at Perth Amboy, N. J., June 29, 1840. They had children : 

219. Archibald Stewart", b. Apr. 25, 1870. Ossonning, N. Y. 

220. George Holbrooke^ b. Mar. 18, 1871, Ossonning, N. Y. + 

221. Marian Bridge", b. June 4, 1872, Ossonning, N. Y. 

222. Charles Frazier", b. Nov. 5, 1873, Ossonning, N. Y. -f- 

223. Cornelia", b. Dec. 12, 1876, Ossonning, N. Y. -f 

224. Charlotte Marshall", b. Sept. 12, 1880, Athens, Pa., d. there, Oct. 3, 1881. 

225. Margaret Stewart", b. Jan. 29, 1883, Athens, Pa. 

226. Albert Touzalin", b. Feb. 6, 1885, Athens, Pa. 

227. Emily Marshall", b. June 4, 1887, Athens, Pa. 

122. STEPHEN « HOLBROOKE m.atRoxbury, Mass., Mar. 21, 
1 87 1, Josephine Williams Dudley Rumrill, of Roxbury, dau. of Ebenezer 
Rumrill, b. at Roxbury, Dec. 26, 1851 ; d. at Roxbury, June 5, 1897. 
They had children : 

228. Dudley", b. June 22, 1872, Brady's Bend, Pa. , d. Feb. 18, 1873, Philadelphia, Pa. 

229. Marshall", b. Aug. 2, 1873, Boston, Mass., d. Mar. 21 , 1902, Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

230. Margaret Dudley", b. Jan. 6, 1875, Philadelphia, Pa. + 

231. Ethel Whitney", b. Nov. 4, 1876, Philadelphia, Pa. ; res. Lawrence, L. I.+ 

232. Henry Morton", b. Aug. 26, 1878, Boston, Mass. 

233. Florence Chapman", b. Sept. 16, 1881, Bryn Mawr, Pa. + 

234. Josephine", b. July 28, 1883, Bryn Mawr, Pa. + 

124. GEORGE OTIS« HOLBROOKE was educated most care- 
fully at private schools and by tutors in Boston ; was a remarkable 
scholar, especially proficient in languages, and, after graduating from col- 
lege at 18 years of age, was offered and occupied the chair of Modern 
Languages at Trinity College (Hartford). He early began to write both 
prose and poetry for periodicals ; has been a great traveler, spending 
much time in Europe. A few years ago he lost the greater part of his 


right hand ; caught in machinery in Harpers Brothers vv^orks. This 
accident, together with increasing years and broken health, would have 
laid many men upon the shelf, but not so for George Otis Holbrooke. 
The Methodist Episcopal Mission at Vikarabad, Deccan, India, needed 
just such a man, and he resolutely put aside all thought of self and gave 
himself to this work. There he is accomplishing marvels, not only as a 
teacher and leader in the schools for boys, but in almost every line of 
mission activities, even to editing their papers, typewriting their letters, 
composing their songs and hymns and leading their choirs. To see all 
this done by a man with but one hand, seems to these simple ICast Indian 
people a true miracle, performed daily under their own eyes, and they 
call him, " Brother of Christ the man of the One Hand." Exceedingly 
handsome, an unusual elegance of manner, and a high degree of 
personal magnetism, combine to make him an attractive personality. 
For such a man to give up his luxurious home and go to far away India ; 
live as they do there ; give not only himself, but nine-tenths of his in- 
come to the work, is indeed a Christ-like self-sacrifice. The Marshall 
family has reason to love, honor, and admire George Otis Holbrooke. 

126. NANCY^ BARRETT m. June 8, 1841, Eben Flint Martin, 
b. Oct. 28, 1814 ; d. at Jacksonville, 111., July 27, 1866. They had: 

235. John Pierce^, b. Sept. 3, 1844, W. Townsend, Mass.; res. Somerville, Mass.-|- 

236. Charles Barrett^, b. July 7, 1852, *Fitchburg, Mass. ; a carpenter, res. 

Fitchbur^, Mass. 

127. MARY« BARRETT m. May 5, 1838. Levi Sherwin, b. Feb. 
13, 1816; d. Feb. 27, 1889. They had children b. in West Townsend, 
Mass. : 

237. Mary AdelaS, b. 1838, d. Jan. 19, 1848. 

238. Henry Clay", b. Aug. 10, 1840 ; res. Ayer, Mass. -f 

239. Martha Victoria*, b. Oct. 2, 1841, d. July 22, 1886, Ashby, Mass. -f 

1 28. MARTHA^ BARRETT m. Nov. 28, 1844, Stephen S. Adams, 
b. in Ashby, Mass., June 25, 1826 ; d. June 27, 1866. He was a farmer. 
Children b. in Ashby : 

240. Martha Frances'', b. Oct. 13, 1846 ; res. Ashby, Mass. -f- 

241. Mary Adela", b. Apr. 21, 1849, d. unm. Feb. 17, 1877, Ayer, Mass. 

242. Stephen FRED^ b. Mar. 19, 1859, res. Ashby, Mass. 

1862 in the U. S. army ; was commissioned as assistant surgeon of the 
53rd Reg. Mass. Vol., and served with that rank for a period of nine 
months ; after which he was appointed medical examiner of colored 
recuits in New Orleans, La., and was still later appointed surgeon in the 
87th Corps d'Afrique for three years. He m., fNov. 24, 1847, by Rev. 

* Bom in house where present RoUstone church now stands, which his grandfather, Benjamin Barrett, owned. 
I Westminster History (1893) gives date Nov. 26, 1846. 


1408285 35 

Jonathan K. Forbush, at Westminster, Mass., Lurincla B. Forbush, b. 
Apr. 20, 1 8 19, in Grafton, Mass. Mrs. Barrett was in later life one of 
the promoters of the W. C. T. U. movement ; holding a high ofifice in 
the Massachusetts organization, and becoming an able and efficient ad- 
vocate of the Cause. She died before 1885. He m. 2nd in July 1885, 
Mrs. Sarah H. W. Jones, widow of Isaac PVancis Jones of Cambridge, 
Mass. She was b. in Boston, Mass., Oct. 20, 1826, of John Whiting and 
Sarah (Marshall) Donallon. Sarah (Marshall) Donallon was a dau. 
of Capt. Samuel Marshall of Gloucester, Mass. Dr. William and 
Lurinda Barrett had children : 

243. Emma Caroline^ b. Sept. 11, 1848, Baldwinsville, Mass. ; res. \V. Somerville, 

Mass. + 

244. Alice Marion'', b. June 20, 1854, Baldwinsville, Mass. ; res. N. Y. city, 1897. 

245. WILLIE^ b. 1858, Fitchburo;, Mass., d. 1858. 
24(). Bertha^, b 1863, Ashland, Mass., d. 1863. 

130. CHARLES BENJAMIN^ BARRETT was a merchant in 
Boston, Mass. in 1897. He m. Anna Rawson and had children : 

247. Clara Anna^, b. Jan. 6, 18 — at Townsend, Mass. , m. Albert Wood ; res. Boston. 

Xo children. -|- 

248. Charles", b. , m. ; res. Chicago. Two children. 

13L OTIS BAILEY^ BARRETT m. Mar. 15, 1849, Sarah 
Elizabeth Clark, b. Feb. 11, 1829, New Ipswich, N. H. ; d. Feb. 8, 1888, 
at Worcester, Mass., buried in Townsend, Mass. A farmer, Westboro, 
Mass., 1897. Children b. in Townsend: 

249. Ella Ianette'', b. July 10, 1851 ; res. Worcester, Mass. + 

250. Sarah Medoka^, b. July 12, 1854 ; res. Worcester, Mass. + 

251. George Arthur^ b. Oct. 12, 1857 ; res. Worcester, Mas:. + 

132. AMBROSE^ BARRETT m. in Manchester, N. H., April 
1859, Anna M. M. Howard, b. Aug. 27, 1838, in Ashby, Mass., of Ben- 
jamin and Phebe (Damon) Howard ; d. Jan. 26, 1866. They had born 
in Charlestown, Mass. : 

252. LiLLA Anna", b. Jan. 12, 1866; taken when 4 montlis old by her aunt, Mrs. 

Cornelia Southwick of Fitchburg, Mass., with whom she lived and where 
she died unm. , June 1 , 1900. 

133. SALLY ' STEVENS m. Loring Nichols and had : 

253. A Son", b. 1848, d. 1849. 

254. Edice H.", b. Sept. 1851, d. unm. 1881, Warren, Pa. 

135. CHARLOTTE^ STEVENS m. in Fitchburg, Mass., Oct. 5, 
1847, Hiram Wood, b. Oct. 3, 181 1, probably in Hardwick, Mass., of 
Abel and Polly (P'enno) Wood. They lived in Livermore Falls, Me., 
and removed to Gardner, Mass., about 1861, where he d. Feb. 1891. 
They had b. in Livermore Falls, Me. : 

255. Herbert Clifton", b. Aug. 31, 1852 ; res. Gardner, Mass. + 



136. WILLIAM MARSH ALL« WHITE was a farmer in Shrews- 
bury, Vt., where he built a saw-mill on Cold river and a dwelling house 
and was m. by Rev. James 

Hudson, Nov. 20, 1842, to 
Sarah Jane Clark, b. Mar. 28, 
1821, in Walpole, N. H., of 
Richard and Sally (Thornton) 
Clark ; d. in No. Bennington, 
Vt., May 15, 1898. Their 
first seven children were b. in 
Shrewsbury, Vt., the next two 
in Somerset, Vt., the next two 
in Argyle, N. Y., and the last 
in White Creek, N. Y. : 

256. Celicia Sarah", b. April 7, 
1844, d. Sept. 16, 1860, Argyle, 
N. Y. 

257. Sophia Abigail^, b. Sept. 
14, 1845, res. Greenwich, N. Y. 


258. CoRiNNA Frances^, b. Dec. 
7, 1846, res. Shushan, N. Y. + 

259. Elsie Jane^, b. April 19, 
1848, res. Chicago, 111. + 

260. Sabra Adalissa**, b. Dec. 
24, 1849, d. July 14, 1910. + 

261. Harriett ANN'^.b. Aug. 21, 
1851, res. Chicago, 111. -f 

262. Loorsa Cordelia", b. Apr. 29, 1853, d. April 14, 1854. 
William Harvev^, b. Aug. 8, 1854, d. Dec. 9, 1901. + 
LuMAN Samuel^, b. May 18, 1857, res. No. Bennington, Vt. + 
Julia Clementine^, b. June 23, 1860, res. Mechanicsville, N. Y. -f 
Horace Franklin", b. Sept. 24, 1862, res. Troy, N. Y. + 

No. 136. 


Merrill Clark^, b. Oct. 19, 1864, d. Feb. 8, 1865. 

137. ABIGAIL' WHITE did not go to Vermont with her parents, 
but worked in the family of Willard Carpenter in Surry, N. H., and at- 
tended school at the north end of the town, where her future husband, 
William Carpenter also attended. They were married in Walpole, N. H., 
by Rev. Mr. Burnham, May 2, 1838, and were the parents of fifteen 
children. Their entire married life of over 49 years was passed in his 
native town, Surry, where she died July 20, 1887. A Surry item in the 
New England Observer of Keene is a worthy tribute to a noble woman, 
and we copy it entire : " The many friends in Surry and elsewhere will 
hear with profound regret and sincere sorrow of the death of Mrs. Abi- 
gail Carpenter, which occured last week Wednesday. She leaves to 


mourn her loss a husband in feeble health and fourteen children. They 
were all but two (Jasper and Myra) present at the funeral which occurred 
last Saturday. Rev. G. H. DeBevoise ofificiated. Those whose privile"-e 
it was to be admitted to the circle of friends will lonj; remember Mrs. 
Carpenter and will recall to memory very often her pure and beautiful 
character, as a noble woman, a refined and cultivated lady, and a true 
Christian. We may say of her without undue praise, ' she was the white 
flower of an unsullied life,' and with reverent hearts and faith we believe 
she has already received from the divine Master, the welcome ' Well 
done, good and faithful servant,' and that her entrance into heavenly 
rest is gracious and complete." 

One of her children's memories of her mother is of often hearin'>- 
her sing about her work the beautiful song by Phebe Cary : 

" One sweetly solemn^ht comes to me o'er and o'er : 
I'm nearer my home to-day, to-day, than I have been before." 

She was a regular attendant of the Congregational church in Surry 

Of this family of fifteen children, one only died in infancy ; the 
rest lived to manhood and womanhood and thirteen are still livino- (Dec. 
1912). On Nov. 15, 1873, all, but one, met in Keene, N. H., and were 
photographed. They were never all at home together at the same time, 
the older ones being married and with children of their own before their 
younger sisters were born. 

William Carpenter was born in Surry, Jan. 26, 1814, of Ezra and 
Betty (Chapin) * Carpenter. He was a tall and well-built man, six feet 
in height, weighing about 160 pounds ; strong and well adapted for a 
farmer, which occupation he always followed. He was fond of a joke, 
keen of wit, and his conversation was often mingled with humor. On 
March 29, 1837, he bought of his father, Ezra Carpenter, the Carpenter 
homestead on Surry hill. This farm consisted of about 150 acres. He 
also bought the buildings, stock, and tools, and one-third of pew No. 28, 
in Surry meeting-house, paying $2,000 for the entire purchase. 

They lived on this place till about Feb. ist, 1850, when they moved 
to a farm in Surry village which he had bought of Elijah Holbrook, now 
owned by William Martin. On April 2, 1850, he bought of Caleb Wright, 
the farm of 104 acres adjoining on the south side, and this was their 
home from 1871 till shortly before his death. His daughter (276) Mari- 
etta C. (Carpenter) Wright now owns his last home. 

* See Appendix, Note 5, for Carpenter record. 



Tlie old liouse was torn down by William Carpenter (No. 137) and his sons, 
Jasper H. and Mason A. in fall of 1864, and the followinff winter was sledded into the 
village where the timber and boards were used in building new buildings upon Wil- 
liam's new property. The cider mill, shop, and barn, also, which stood some ten rods 
south of the house, was bought by HoUis Wilcox, who tore them down. He used a 
horse and a sweep for power in his cider mill. The above cut is reproduced from memory. 
The large maple trees on side of the road between his two 
village homes were set out by Wm. Carpenter and his .sons in 1857. He 
was Selectman of Surry in 1846-7, and 185 1-3. At the time of his death 



he was probably the best informed man anywhere on history of Surry 
and vicinity ; in this he was especially interested. While reading with 
his favorite glimmer — the candle — one evening in 1886, the light got 
into a squabble with his long, flowing, dark beard which he prized, and 
"after the battle was over and the smoke had rolled away," he found his 
whiskers had been badly licked. He stated to the compiler, " he would 
rather give a dollar than have it happen." He died at the home of his 
daughter (275) Mrs. Harriet R. (Carpenter) Emmons, near the Four 
Corners in North Keene, N. H., Oct. 8, 1890, three years after the 
death of his wife. 


No. 137. 

No. 137. Taken before he had a beard. 

Children b. in Surry, N. H. : 

■ LuMAN Marshall^, b. April 21, 1839, d. July 24, 1901, Surry, N. H. + 
Josephine Angeline'', b. Dec. 24, 1840, res. Surry, N. H. + 
Ellen Mari.-v^, b. Apr. 23, 1842, res. Keene, N. H. + 
Jasper Hazen^ b. Apr. 5, 1844, res. Bowne, Michigan. + 
Mason Adams^, b. Dec. 5, 1845, res. Surry, N. H. -|- 
Frank DeWitt", b. Feb. 12, 1848, res. Keene, N. H. + 
Eugene Roscoe**, b. Sept. 1, 1849, res. Westmoreland, N. H. + 
Harriet Ruthenia^, b. July 25, 1851, res. Keene, X. H. + 
Marietta Caroline", b. April 27, 1853, res. Etna and Surry, N. H. -f- 
Flora Abigail^ b. July 1, 1855, res. New York city. 4- 
Merrill Dudley", b. March 24, 1857, res. Keene, N. H.4- 
LaForest John", b. July 10, 1859, res. North Shirley, Mass. + 
Fred Arthur", b. Aug. 14, 1862, d. Aug. 9, 1863, of cholera-infantum. 
Myra Ann", b. May 8, 1864, res. Wilton. N. H. + 
Martha Eva", b. July 4, 1867, res. Los Angeles, Cal. + 


139. MARY ANN WATTS ^ WHITE married at Shrewsbury, 
Vt., by Rev. James Hudson, Jan. 2, 1842, Sumner C. Clark, b. in Christian 
Hollow, Walpole, N. H., Nov. 6, 1818, of Richard and Sally (Thornton)* 
Clark, and a descendant of the Richard Clark who came over in the 
Mayflower and whose name is found engraved on Plymouth Rock monu- 
ment. At the age of 19 Sumner Clark graduated with high honors from 
Ludlow Academy at Ludlow, Vt. He married (139) Mary Ann Watts 
White in 1842 and they lived in Shrewsbury and West Dover, Vt. till 
1857, when they went to Minnesota. He owned some mill property and 
was Justice of Peace while living in Shrewsbury. In 1870 they moved 
to St. James, Minn., and both are buried there. Of Mrs. Clark, at her death. 
The St. James Journal says, " In the death of Mrs. Clark, this city loses 
one of its earliest settlers, and a gentle, lovable woman, whose every 
acquaintance loved her, and who numbered her friends from the gray 
head to the little child. Kind-hearted she always was and unselfish, 
the world is better that she lived in it." 

Sumner C. Clark built the first building erected in St. James on 
the site now occupied by Gibbs Hotel. He held many offices of trust 
and honor ; was county surveyor and county commissioner of Blue Earth 
County for a number of terms. In 1868 he was admitted to the Bar, 
and was at one time Judge of Probate of Watonwan County. He was 
Justice of Peace in both Vermont and Minnesota. He d. Oct. 28, 1895, 
at St. James. 

Children of Sumner and Mary (White) Clark : 

283. Merrill Milan^, b. Aug. 30, 1843, Slirewsbury, \'t., d. May 10, 1912, West 

Duluth, Minn. + 

284. Abbie Ella^ b. July 30, 1850, West Dover, \'t., res. Wenas, Wash. + 

285. LiLLA May», b. Jan. 14, 1859, Garden City, Minn., res. St. James, Minn, -f- 

286. Rosa Adella Baker^, b. Jan. 18, 1864, d. March 26, 1864. 

140. CAROLINE MARIA « WHITE was born in , 

N. H., and went to Vermont with her parents. She left school at 16, 
and worked with her sister (141) Harriet for a tailor in Wardsboro, Vt. 
She m. April 28, 185 1, Rev. Oscar Dunreath Gibson, who married ist 
her sister (141) Harriet. Mr. Gibson was born in Grafton, Vt., P^eb. 10, 
1826, son of John Gibson. He was a clergyman of the 2nd Adventist 
Faith and had charges in Vermont and Illinois. Later in life he followed 
the carpenter's trade ; m. in Shrewsbury, Vt., and went West in 1865 ; 
located in Amboy, Illinois, for two years, and then went to Clayton, 111. ; 
lived in Palmer, 111., two years, and then moved back to Clayton, where 
Mr. Gibson died April 12, 1884. Since his death, his widow has lived 
with her children in Iowa, Chicago, Oklahoma, Indian Ter., and at the 
present time lives with her son Alden in Clayton, 111. She has the dis- 
tinction of having seen Halley's Comet in 1835 and again in 191 2. 

* For Thornton record see Note 6 in Appendix, 


Although in feeble health, she has a good memory, and has shown much 
interest in the compiling of these records. Children : 

2S7. Hakki-^t LoriSA**, h. Ket). 15, ]85,\ Grafton, Vt., d. June9, KS87, Claytnn, 111.4- 
288. Alden Marshall", b. Apr. 14, 1856, Hardwick, Mass., res Clayton, 111. + 
2^^). Collins Pettengill'', h. Dec. 20, 186.^, Grafton, \'t., re^. Dade City, Fla. -f 

141. HARRIET CORDELIA « WHITE m. May 28, 1849, in 
Shrewsbury, Vt., Rev. Oscar Dunreath Gibson. See sketch 140. 
(141) Harriet died Dec. 19, 1850. No children. 

142. HENRIETTA « BAILEY m. S. Henry Leathe and had : 

290. Sa.muel'\ b. Dec. 18, 1859, St. Louis, Mo. 

147. LUCY JONES « MARSHALL m. in Pittsburg, Pa., by 
Rev. Herrick Johnson, July 16, 1863, William Isaac Chamberlain, b. in 
Sharon, Conn., Feb. 11, 1837. William Chamberlain's parents moved to 
Hudson, Ohio, in 1864; he graduated from Western Reserve College 
of Hudson in 1859; taught school till 1865, when he became a farmer and 
writer for Agricultural papers. In 1880 he was chosen Secretary of 
the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, and he moved to Columbus. His 
most important work has been the organizing of the Farmers' Institute 
in the various counties of the state, and widely adopted elsewhere. In 
1886 he was elected Pres. of the Agricultural College of Iowa, but he 
resigned this office in 1891 and returned to his farm in Hudson, where 
he still lives. From 1892 to 1908 he was Associate Editor of the " Ohio 
F'armer." He is now connected in the same capacity with the " National 
Stockman." Mrs. Chamberlain made a trip abroad in the winter of 
1908, visiting London, Paris, Marseilles, Monte Carlo, Rome, Naples and 
Pompeii, Venice, Genoa, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Oxford, 
and many other places of interest. She has written most entertainingly 
of her travels and we wish there were space to copy her letters entire. 
She has shown much interest in this Marshall Family Record and 
given valued assistance to its compiler. 

Children of Wm. and Lucy (Marshall) Chamberlain b. in Hudson, 
Ohio : 

291. JE^■^■IE^ b. Mar. 12, 1855, res. Crete, Nebraska. -|- 

292. Herbekt William^, b. Dec. 21, 1857, d. May 26, 1899, Siena, Italy, -f 

293. Joseph Scudder^, b. Mar. 7, 1870, res. Amherst, Mass. -f 
294.. Clifton Marshall"', b. Jan. 29, 1875, d. Mar. 22, 1891. 

295. A Son8, b. April 6, 1878, d. April 6, 1878. 

296. Carroll Cutler^, b. Feb. 10, 1880, d. Dec. 20, 1881. 

148. SARAH HASKELL^ MARSHALL married at Pittsburg, 
Pa., Feb. 20, 1867, George H. Christy, born at Kinsman, Ohio, Jan, 22, 
1837, of ScotchTrish ancestry. He graduated from Western Reserve 


College in Hudson, Ohio, in 1859, and went to Pittsburg, Pa., where he 
engaged in journalism. He was one of the faculty of University of 
Pittsburg for a year or two and in 1863 he enlisted in Civil war for 90 
days service ; he re-enlisted and was commissioned an officer in a regi- 
ment of colored troops, and served till about six months after the war. 
He was in the siege of Richmond, and after the assassination of Pres. 
Lincoln his regiment was detailed to share in the hunt for Booth. The 
regiment was immediately recalled to Washington and given a place of 
honor in the funeral procession. In the fall of 1865 Mr. Christy returned 
to Pittsburg and resumed the study of law; was admitted to the Bar in 
1867, engaging in the practise of patent law. He was for several years 
counsel and vice-president of the Westinghouse Air-brake Co. He died 
in Sewickley, Penn., Sept, 27, 1909. 

Children born in Sewickley, Penn. : 
296>^. A Son, b.. Jan. 3, 1868, d, young. 

297. Marshall Andrews^, b. Jan. 12, 1871, res. Sewickley, Penn. -\- 

298. Bayard Henderson®, b. April 21, 1872, res. Sewicl<ley, Penn, 

299. Lucy Haskell®, b. July 4, 1874, res. Sewickley, Penn, -f- 

300. Ethel Wood®, b. Dec. 5, 1875, res. Sewickley, Penn. 

301. Percy Kendall^, b. Oct. 25, 1878, d. July 16, 1879. 

302. Abby Fuller", b. Apr. 10, 1880. 

149. CLIFTON GREGORY « MARSHALL m. in New York, 
June 20, 1890, Fannie Florence VVorstell, of New York city. They have 
no children. Clifton Marshall graduated from Western Reserve College 
in 1867, and went to New York to perfect himself in music, and has 
lived there ever since as a teacher of piano. No children, 

152. CHARLES GRANVILLE** MARSHALL lived for many 
years in or near New York city, but all trace of him has been lost by his 

relatives. He married Annie of N. J., and in 1896 they lived in 

Brooklyn, N. Y. No children. 

153. GEORGE EDWARD » MARSHALL was about 5 years 
old when his parents went from Lunenburg to Boston to live ; they soon 
moved to Colerain, Mass., and lived in that vicinity and Brattleboro, 
Vt. for many years. George Edward Marshall went to Fitchburg, Mass., 
Dec. 31, 1850, and lived there till within a few years of his death. He 
enlisted in Co. D. (or B,) 53rd Reg. Mass. Vol., Aug., 1862, under Capt. 
Jonas Corey and Col. John W. Kimball. His service in the war was in 
the engineering corps and his time was spent in bridge building and 
other engineering work on the Mississippi river and in Florida. He was 
discharged at Camp Stephens, Ayer Junction, Mass., Aug., 1863, and 
returned to Fitchburg where he became a stationary engineer ; being 
with the Fitchburg Machine Co. for thirty-three consecutive years, till 
1902, when he gave up active work and went to live with his son (305) 
Henry N. Marshall. The last six years of his life he made his home 


with his brother (156) Joseph Turner Marshall at Marshall's Corner, 
Westminster, Mass. His death came after a short illness of pneumonia, 
while on a visit to his son (307) Fred A. in Fitzwilliam, N. H. He was 
a man known and respected by a wide circle of friends and acquaint- 
ances, quiet, peaceable and agreeable at all times ; he was much inter- 
ested in the Marshall Family records. He married first, Oct. 7, 1856, in 
Fitchburg, Mass., by Rev. Marvin, Lydia A. Henshaw of Fitchburg, 
who died June 24, 1872. He m. 2nd, by Rev. Harding of F^itchburg, Apr. 
I7> 1873, Mrs. Elizabeth Cutting (Manning) Woods, born in Templeton, 
Mass , Mar. 22, 1841. (She m. ist Wm. Heald, 2nd Charles E. Woods, 
3rd George E. Marshall). 

Children by ist wife, born in Fitchburg, Mass. ; 

303. Frank A.9, b. Dec. 29, 1S5S, d. June 17, 1877. + 

304. Ella9, b. May 8, 1859, d. June 15, 1859. 
Children by 2nd wife b. in Fitchburg : 

305. Henry Xewton'', b. Dec. 9, 1873, res. Fitchburg, Mass. + 

306. Charlotte Bukbank®, b. June 10, 1876, res. Fitchburg, Mass. -\- 

307. Fred Arthur^ b. Nov. 6, 1879, res. Leominster, Mass. + 

154. HENRY * AUGUSTUS* MARSHALL enlisted July 19, 
1 86 1, in 2 1 St Reg. Co. A. Mass. Vol., and was discharged Aug. 30, 1864. 
He married, Dec. i, 1869, in Fitchburg, Mass., Sarah J. Morse, b. in 
Petersham, Mass., May 3, 1839, of -^sa and Elizabeth (Goulding) Morse. 
She died in Athol, Mass., Jan. 26, 1899. He continued to live alone and 
was found dead in his chair March 14, 191 1. Death was due to heart 
disease. He was a vise maker in the euiploy of the Athol Machine Co., 
where he had been employed twenty-five years. They had no children. 

156. JOSEPH TURNER* MARSHALL enlisted as a private 
in Co. D. 2ist Reg. Mass. Vol., from Aug. 3. 1861, till Sept. 25, 1862. 
He took part in Burnside's Expedition and fought in the Battle of Roan- 
oke Island, at which time he came near being shot. As he had his arm 
raised, ramming a charge in his gun, a bullet passed under his arm, and 
hit his file closer. At the battle of Newburn he was detailed as bugler, 
and while on duty had both his canteen strap and bugle straps shot off. 
On account of sickness, he was sent to Beaufort hospital in North Car- 
olina, but joined the regiment in time to witness Pope's retreat. He was 
present at the opening of the battle of Chantilly, but fainted, and was 
taken from the field. He had been so feeble that Captain Kelton of 
Holden had carried his gun for him during the previous march, and after 
this he was not able to do service and was discharged from the Mt. 
Pleasant hospital in Washington, Sept. 23, 1862. He was an invalid 
nearly 15 years owing to a fractured hip, which he received by a fall, and 

* While in Athol he always signed his name " Henry J." Marshall. 



the last three years of his lile he was not able to step on his feet at all, 
but in spite of suffering and pain, was always cheerful and happy. He 
died at his home at " Marshall's corner," in Westminster, Mass., May 29, 
191 1, where he had lived over 26 years, and it seemed beautiful and fitting 
that he should answer the bugle call above at Memorial time. He was a 
machinist when a young man, but a farmer while in Westminster. He 


**"■ ■ y 






married, Aug. 15, 1861, just one week before he started for the front, to 
Julia Lamb, born Nov. 3, 1843, ^t Westminster, Mass., of Augustus and 
Amanda (Partridge) Lamb. Mrs. Marshall is ex-President of Woman's 
Relief Corps of Westminster. They had no children. 

160. JAMP:S *APPLP:T0N« Marshall, a farmer at No. 
Leominster, Mass., enlisted at Worcester, Mass., in the 36th Reg. Mass. 
Vol., and was discharged the next year because of sickness. He re- 

* Named for Rev. Appleton Morse, beloved pastor ot the Baptist church in Fitchburg, Mass., who d. (Jet. 
24, 1838, aged 33 years. 


enlisted in 1863 in the 57th Reg. and served through the War. He was 
engaged in the Battle of the Wilderness and in the Battle of Fort Sted- 
man, and was wounded in the battle of the Wilderness. He married in 
Lunenburg, Mass., by Rev. A. E. Higgins, April 29, i860, Mary Ann 
Conant, born March 25, 1837, in New Ipswich, N. H., of Andrew and 
Emily (Farnsworth) Conant. They had ten children, seven of whom 
were living in 1910 when their parents celebrated their golden wedding 
in No. Leominster, Mass., where they had liv^ed for 44 years. An origi- 
nal poem written by Mrs, James Appleton Marshall is a happy souvenir 
of that occasion. In it she says: 

" We were married in Lunenburg', down on the farm, 
On a Sunday afternoon, and thought it no harm. 
Ten brothers and sisters, with their companions beside. 
Witnessed the ceremony and saw the knot tied." 

Their children : 

308. Mary JEN^'IE^ b, Nov. 29, 1860, Lowell, Mass., res. Leominster, Mass. 4- 

309. Georgianna JuDS^N^ b. June 23, 1862, Worcester, d. July 21, 1909, unm. 

310. William Lincoln*, b. July 22, 1864, No. Leominster, Mass., res. Fitchburg.4- 

311. Florina Appleton*, b. Oct, 2, 1866, No. Leominster, Mass., res. Fitchburg. 4- 

312. James Edward", b. Mar. 5, 1868, No. Leominster, Mass., d. Mar. 23, 1870, 

313. Clarkson Russell', b, Apr. 8, 1871, No, Leominster, res. Revere, Mass.+ 

314. Hattie Emma", b. Feb. 11, 1873, No. Leominster, res. Westboro, Mass. -\- 

315. Henrietta Jewett', b. Sept. 29, 1874, No. Leominster, Mass., res. No. 

Leominster, Mass. 

316. EsTELLA Lizzie^, b. Jan. 2, 1880, No. Leominster, Mass., res. No. Leominster. 

317. Della Louise', b. Jan. 2, 1880, No. Leominster, Mass., d, April 30, 1883. 

161. WILLIAM ISAAC^ MARSHALL began teaching at the 
age of eighteen ; in 1859 ^^ taught school in Conneaut, Ohio. He, later, 
became owner of the Capital City Business College in Columbus. Ohio, 
but sold out and went to the Montana gold field in Virginia city where 
he combined mining with his school teaching, also a Supt. of schools and 
meanwhile studying law. In 1875 he visited the gold mines of California, 
and on his return to Montana was admitted to the Bar and to the United 
States Courts. Returning in 1876 to his birthplace, Fitchburg, Mass., 
he began a series of illustrated public lectures. To him belongs the 
credit and distinction of being the original lecturer with illustrations on 
American subjects. He began his course of lectures in Jan., 1876, his 
itinerary covered almost the whole of the United States and some of 
Canada, and for a period of twelve years he gave his entire time and 
effort to the lecture platform. In 1887 he located in Chicago, and was 
in business with his brother (164) Edward Tracy Marshall. In 1894, 
he again became a teacher in the public schools, and at the time of his 
death was principal of the ''Wm. E. Gladstone school " in Chicago. 



While residing in the West he became interested in and finally drawn 
into the controversy as to the truth of the claim which for many years 

passed unchallenged that 
one, Marcus Whitman, an 
early missionary to the 
West, and for whom W^hit- 
man College is named, had, 
by an adventurous and 
hazardous journey in the 
rigors of midwinter, crossed 
mountain and plain, and 
spanned our continent to 
inform the chief magistrate 
of the U. S. at Washington, 
D. C, of a conspiracy un- 
der way by the Hudson 
Bay Co., and English Gov-' 
ernment to obtain posses- 
sion of Oregon Territory, 
about one twelfth of the 
entire area of the United 
States. It is through ( 161) 
William I. Marshall's 
labors in refutation of this 
historical error that he will be known to readers of history in generations 
to come. Four large volumes of type written manuscript show the re- 
sult of his research and investigations. He was a member of the Ameri- 
can Historical Association and of the National Geographical Society. 
He died Oct. 30, 1906, in Chicago, 111. Aug. 20, 1864, he married in 
Fitchburg, Mass., Ellen Porter Foster, b. May 10, 1843, in Ashby, Mass., of 
Joseph and Harriet Eliza (Gibson) Foster. Mrs. Ellen Foster Marshall has 
shown deep interest in the Marshall Family Record and has given 
most valuable assistance to the compiler. Her daughter, also, was much 
interested, and, before her illness, gathered together many items and 
dates for this book. The only child of William and Ellen Marshall, 
b. in Ashby, Mass. : 
MS. Ellen F()STER^ b. Apr. 2(), 1866, d. Dec. 17, ]<)02, Mentone, Cal. -f 


No. 161. 

162. SARAH HARRIET" MARSHALL m. Waldo B. Sampson, 
and had children ; ist b. in Boston, 2nd Fitchburg, Mass. : 
.M9. Waldo Warren'', b. Nov. 26, 1862, d. Feb. 2, 1864, FitcliburK, Mass. 
.^20. Waldo Edward^, b. Apr. 20, 1864, d. Sept. 27, 1867, Charlestuwn, Mass. 


164. EDWARD TRACY" MARSHALL enlisted as a drdmmer 
in the 4th Mass. Heavy artillery. For many years he was an insurance 
broker; m. in 1869 at Columbus, Ohio, Annie Ellen Jones, who d. June 
17, 1907. He d. of pneumonia in Chicago, Mar. 28, 191 1. Their children : 

^21. Winifred Florina", b. June 14, 1870. 

M2. William", h. and died in infancy. 

U3>. Randall Edward", b. July 4, 1873. 

^24. Richards, ^ g^pj 28, 1874, d. Sept. 1875. 

>25. Annie Louise^, b. Au":. 1, 1881. 

^26. Jennie^, b. July 27, 1883, d. Mar. 4, 1913, Los Ano-eles, Cal. 

U7. A Daughter", b. Apr. 1886, d. Apr. 1886. 

>28. Ernest Lithc;row«, b. Dec. 28, 1890, d. Apr. 22, 1891. 

168. JAMES EDWARD^ MARSHALL was killed before 
Spottsylvania Court House, May 12, 1864 ; a soldier in the Civil War. 

169. CHARLES SUMNER^ MARSHALL m. Love D. Swift. 
He has been in the Livery and Feed Stable business in Leominster, 
Mass. for over fifteen years. No children. 

170. JAMES CARTERS MARSHALL m. in Brookline,, 
by Rev. Dr. Putnam, June i, 1866, Emeline R. Walker, b. in Boston, 
May 25, 1838, of Samuel Augustus and Mary Cecila Thompson (Thayer) 
Walker. (170) James was a merchant in Boston. 

Child b. in Boston : 

329. Ida Walker", b. Nov. 1, 1870, "a talented young lady," d. in New York city, 
1900, unmarried. 

173. FREMONT « MARSHALL m. at Cincinnatti, Ohio, Sept. 3, 
1883, Elizabeth McGlaughen, b. at Wheelersburg, Ohio, Oct. 15, 1862, of 
Thomas and Elizabeth McGlaughen ; d. June 5, 1891 ; he m. 2nd, Ruth 
Waterman Babcock, at Marietta, Ohio, by Rev. Finley R. Crooks, Apr. 
28, 1895. She was b. in Marietta Ohio, Mar. 26, 1862, of William Winslow 
and Lucy Edna (Waterman) Babcock. Children all b. in Marietta, Ohio. 

By 1st wife : 
MO. Mary'-', b" July 6, 1884, res. Marietta, Ohio. -|- 
331. Benjamin Harrison", b. Apr. 5, 1886, d. Nov. 18, 1911, unm. 

By 2nd wife : 
^52. Albert Fremont", b. Nov. 29, 1899. 

174. FRANK HASKELL « MARSHALL m. at Marietta, Ohio, 
June 27, 1887, Dora May Evans; dau. of Merrian and Edith Evans. 
Their children b. in Marietta, Ohio : 

.«3. Maud", b. Apr. 29, 1888. 

334. Edith Haskell", b. Mar. 28, 1892. 


conductor; m. May 27, 1890, at Marietta, Ohio, by Rev. G. D. Davidson, 
Eva Mae McCalister, b. Jan. 6, 1873, of Charles Alden and Amanda 
McCalister. She d. Dec. 30, 1899. He went to North Dakota and has 
never been heard from and is probably dead. Ch. b. in Marietta, Ohio : 

335. MiNA Louise", b. Mar. 2, 1891, res. McConnelsville, Ohio. -|- 

336. Owen Dkan» b. Mar. 18, 1893, res. Meigs, Ohio. 

337. Marie^, b. July 29, 1895, res. Meigs, Ohio. 

178. GEORGE F.« NEWTON m. Lizzie J. Lewis and had ch. : 

338. One died in infancy. 

339. Chester F.^, b. 

340. Beatrice L.», b. 

180. EDWIN SH.AS^ MARSHALL m. in Lunenburg;, Mass., 
by Rev. Horace Parker, Jan. 24, 1884, Addie E. Goodrich, b. May 4, 
1858, in Lunenburg, of Charles A. and Martha (Bailey) Goodrich. He 
is a farmer in Lunenburg, and has no children. 

181. GEORGIANNA A.« BOUTWELL graduated from Salem, 
Mass. Normal School in 1861 and taught school for one year in Lunen- 
burg, and for one term, as a substitute, in a preparatory class of the 
Ro.xbury Latin School, In Dec. 1862, she went to Washington with her 
parents, and thereafter spent the whole or some part of thirty winters 
with her father in the National Capitol. On June 27, 1877, she was ap- 
pointed by the Gov. of Massachusetts as a member of the Advisory 
Board of Women for Inspection of the Institutions at Tewksbury, Mon- 
son and Westboro. In 1879 she became Trustee for Tewksbury, and 
served two years. She has also served as a member of the Groton 
school committee. She resides on the homestead in Groton, and her 
interest in the social and civic welfare of the town is unflagging. She 
recalls most vividly the great events which took place in Washington 
during and after the war, and among the societies of Groton there is a 
constant demand for her reminiscences. She is unmarried. 

182. FRANCIS MARION « BOUTWELL attended a military 
academy in Leicester, after graduating from the Groton High School, 
and in 1864-65 he was a pupil at Lawrence Academy in Groton. He 
was with Burrage Bros. & Co. in Boston for four years, going from there 
to Chicago, where he was employed in the woolen department of John V. 
Farnell & Co. In 1871 he returned to Groton. He began the study of 
law in his father's office, and became a solicitor of patents ; was a clerk of 
the Senate Committee in the revision of the laws of the United States in 
the winter of 1876-77, and assisted his father in the preparation of the 
Index of the Statutes of the United States. He was also one of the 


Junior Council for the Government before the French and American 
claims commission. During the last years of his life he had charge of 
his father's farm ; was a member of the Groton Farmers and Mechanics 
Club, and for some years Master of Groton Grange ; served on the 
school committee, and for several years was Superintendent of Schools. 
He was one of the founders of Groton Historical Society and served as 
a vice president or acting president from its beginning until the time of 
his death; was the author of three phamphlets, " Homesteads of Groton," 
"Old Highways and Landmarks of Groton," " People and their Homes." 
He married, Feb. 28, 1900, by Rev. Joshua Young. Caroline Eleanor 
Taylor, born in Newburyport, Mass., Apr. 21, 1866. No children. 

187. GRANVILLE^ BOUTVVELL settled in Worcester, Mass. ; 
ni. June 28, 1900, Annie Capman Remiley, b. in Hamingford, Canada, 
July 5, 1870. 

188. CHARLES MARSHALL « BOUTWELL m., Jan. 4, 1882, 
in Leominster, Mass., Caroline Mason Harris, b. July 21, 1855, in Salem, 
Mass. ; a real estate dealer, residence, Leominster, Mass. 

Their children : 

.^41. Harris Marshall^ b. Dec. 20, 1886, Greenfield, Mass. 
."42. Carrie Elsie-', b. Apr. 20, 1891, Boston, Mass. 

191. CHARLES FRANCIS « BAKER graduated Fitchburg 
High School 1868; a member of the law firm of Baker and Baker; 
graduated from Harvard 1872; Assistant District Attorney of Fitch- 
burg, Mass., 1882-85 ; Counsel of Fitchburg and Leominster Street Rail- 
way Co. He m. April 24, 1879, ^^ Swampscott, Mass., Henrietta Woods, 
b. Feb. 21, 1846, in Winchester, Mass.; res. Fitchburg. 

Child b. in Fitchburg : 

343. Emerson Woods, b. Feb. 28, 1882, res. Fitchburfj^, Mass. + 

193. FLINT HALOWELL^ BOUTWELL m. in Leominster, 
Mass., by Rev. J. D. Miller, Apr. 15, 1883, Nellie Florence Whittemore, 
b. in Groton, Mass., Aug. 26, 1864, of George A. and Martha Ann 
(Robinson) Whittemore. He was a farmer in Lunenburg till 1887, when 
he was made Postmaster and held this ofifice 14 years ; also kept a gen- 
eral country store. In 1901 moved to W. Acton where he was engaged 
in grocery and meat business. He returned to Lunenburg in Apr. 1913. 
No children. 




No. 191. 




194. ALICE-' BOND m. in Utica N. Y., June 6, 1877, Walter 
Langdon Curtiss, b. at Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1836, of Peter Curtiss. 
They have ch. b. at Buffalo : 

344. Walter Langdon^", b. 

Sept. 20, 1881, d. May 3, 
1885, Buffalo, N. Y. 

345. James Bond", b. May 1, 

.^46. Emily IVL\rshall^'^, b. 
June 16, 1885. 

347. ^L\RGAKET'^ b. Aug-. 13, 

195. HENRY MAR- 
SHALL-' BOND m. in 

Utica, N. Y., in 1882, Har- 
riet Church, dau. of Alva 
Church of Utica. He is 
now divorced. Children : 

348. Marshall'", b. Oct. 20, 
1883, Utica, N. Y. 

.349. Walter Curtiss'", b 
Sept. 17, 1885, Charleston, 
W. \'a. 

WORTH « BOND m. at 
Bridgebury, Ont., Oct. 16, 
1901, Jessie Riseley, b. at 
Bertie, Ont., dau. of Cram- 
mer Riseley. Res. Fort 
Erie, Ont. 

WORTH m. in Buffalo, 
N. Y., Feb. 10, 1892, Rob- 
ert Hall Williams, b. in Bradford, Pa., May 14, 1857, son of Frank 
Williams. Mrs. Williams was the first grand-daughter of the Buffalo 
Seminary ; she was long active as a Daughter of the American Revolu- 
tion ; an untiring worker in church and Sunday School. Though frail 
and delicate in health she accomplished much ; as wife, mother, daughter 
and friend she was faultless, giving to each that special sympathy that 
each especially required, and receiving in return a love that was little 
short of adoration. Her husband's death came but a few weeks after 

Four Gexeration.s of Eldest DArcHXERS. 



hers. His life has been spoken of as one of spotless integrity and un- 
selfish love. He d. in Buffalo, Dec. 13, 1906, One daughter was born 
to them in Buffalo ; 
350. Emily Marshall'", b. July 2S, 1894, res. Buffalo, iM, Y. 

198, HENRY COWLES« WADSWORTH was Major of the 
Fourth Brigade of the National Guard in Buffalo until ill health made 
his resignation necessary. He m., Feb, 17, 1892, at Springfield, 111., 
Mabel Isabel Miller Vredenburgh ; dau. of John Gibbons Miller and 
adopted dau. of J. Vredenburgh ; b. in Natchez, Miss., Nov. 7, 1867, 
Children b. in Buffalo, N. Y. : 

,15L George'o, b. Apr. 3, 1893, res. Buffalo, N, Y. 

352. John Vredenburgh", b. Sept. 10, 1894, res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

353. Henry Cowles'«, b. July 8, 1899, res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

No.s. 198, 3 )1 , 3o2, 353. 

200. ELIZABETH STOCKING^ LORD m. in Oak Park, 111., 
Nov. 23, 1897, Charles W. Austin, b. at Cherry Valley, 111., May 12, 1871, 
of Ale-xander Austin. Child b. in Oak Park, 111. : 

354. Sa.mi'el Lord'", b. Dec. 21, 1898. 

201. ABBY FRANCIS « WOODS m. at Providence, R. I., Oct. 
15. 1873, Samuel Appleton Brown Abbott, of Boston, b. in Lowell, Mass., 
Mar. 6, 1846, son of Judge Josiah Abbott. He m. 2nd, in Rome, Italy, 
Apr. 16, 1896, Maria Elizabeth De.xter. Children of Abby (Woods) and 
Samuel Abbott, b. in Providence, R. I. : 



355. Helkn FkancisI", 1). July 2'>, 1,S74, res. Providence, K. L -f 

356. Madklaink Livekmokk^*^, 1). Nov. 2, 1876, res. Proxidence, I\. I. + 

357. Anne Francis'", h. Sept. S, KS78, res. Providence, K. I. + 

358. Caroline Livek.more'", h. Apr. 25, 1880, res. Providence, R. I. 

202. *JOHN CARTER BROWN'' WOODS graduated from 
Brown University with degree of A. B. in 1872; from Harvard with degree 


L.L. 1^. in 1874 ; received degree of A. M. from Brown University 1875 ; 
admitted to the Bar 1874, and has since been in practice in Providence, 
R. I. ; a member of Providence Common Council 1877-85 (president 
18S1-5) ; member school committee 188 1-5 ; of Rhode Island House of 
Representatives 1881-7 ; Senate 1891-2, 1894-7; trustee of Brown Uni- 
versity since 1884; clerk Charitable Baptist Society 1888-91 ; moderator 
1891-1900; president Rhode Island Sons of American Revolution 1892-3; 

*See ''Who's Who in America," 1912-13. 


member of R. I. Historical Society, Archaeological Institute of America, 
Society Mayfiower Descendants, and belongs to various Clubs in Provi- 
dence, New York and Boston. He is interested in genealogical matters, 
and has aided the compiler of this book in gathering material on his 
branch of the family. He is unmarried and lives in Providence, R. I. 

204. EMH.Y MARSHALL^ P:LI0T m. at Trinity church, 
Boston, Mass., June 26, 1886, John Holmes Morison, (1856-1911) of 
Baltimore, son of Nathaniel Holmes and Sidney Buchanan (Brown) 
Morison. Children b. in Boston, Mass.: 

359. Samuel Eliot'", b. July 9, 1887, res. Boston, Mas?. + 

360. John Bradford"^, b. Nov. 19, 1889, res. Boston, Mass. 

207. FRANCES GALLATIN « STEVENS m. in New York, Apr. 
22, 1893, Harington Swann, of England, son of John Bellington Swann 
of Catthorp Rectory, near Rugby, Leicestershire, England ; b. at Wey- 
mouth, England, April 1861. Child b. in Chester, England: 

.3r.l. Mary'o, b. Mar. 21, 1894. 

208. EMILY LOUISE-' STPZVENS m. at Lawrence, Long 
Island, Nov. 4, 1884, Adolf Ladenburg, b. at F'rankfort, Germany, of 
Emile Ladenburg, Jan. 1854; drowned at sea, Feb. 1896. He was a 
banker in N. Y. city. Child b. in N. Y. : 

362. Eugenie Mary'", b. Jan. 31, 1895. 

211. EBEN^ STEVENS is a graduate of Yale College; N. Y. 
stockbroker. He m. at New York, Dec. 2, 1896, Evelena Babcock Dhxon^ 
b. at New York, Jan. 7, 1873, dau. of William Dixon. Children b. in 
New York : 

.363. Byam Kerby'o, b. Nov. 16, 1897. 
3S4. William Dixon'", b. May 17, 1901. 

213. FRANCIS KERBY^ STEVENS m. in Washington, D. C. 
May 26, 1908, Elizabeth Shaw Oliver; dau. of Robert Shaw Oliver. 
Child b. in N. Y. : 

.365. Elizabeth"', b. 1909. 

214. EMMA HABICH P HYDE m. at Florence, Italy, George 
W. Wurts, Sec. U. S. Legation to Italy. 

215. MAJOR HARMON PUMPELLY" READ m. at Hartford, 
Conn., Aug. 24, 1889, Catherine Marguerite DeCarron D'Allondany of 

216. EMILY MEREDITH •' READ m. at Newport, R. I., Aug. 
21, 1884, Francis Aquilla Stout, of New York. He died, and she m. 
Edwards Spencer of Cherrington Park, Eng., and he died at New York, 
Dec. 30, 191 1. 


217. JOHN MKRKniTH '■' READ, 3KD, was Col. of the Albany 
Rangers durinij; the Spanish-American War ; m. Countess Alix de Foras 
b. at Thonon, Hoiite Savoie, l^'rance. 

church St. Philippe de Poule, Paris, F'rance, Nov. 5, 1895, Count Max 
de Foras, brother of (217) John Meredith Read's wife. Children : 

366. HUGETTE1^ b. 

367. Delphine'", b. 
3j8. Joseph^'^', b. 

220. GEORGE HOLBROOKE « MAURICE m. at Falls Church, 
Va., Dec. 12, 1898, Ethel FZglin, b. at Lewinsville, Va., Oct. 23, 1875, of 
Benjamin Eglin, res. Eagle Springs, North Caiolina. Ch. : 

369. Ellen Perkins'^ b. Sept. 29, 1899, Athens, Pa. 

370. Charles Stewart"^, b. Aug-. 8, 1902, Xew York, \. Y. 

371. Charlotte Marshall!", b. Jan. 15, 1909, Xew York, N. Y. 

222. CHARLES FRAZIER« MAURICE m. at Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., July 6, 1904, Emily Cooke Wilkinson, b. at Poughkeepsie, Sept. 
lO, 1871, dau. of Robert F. Wilkinson. Ch. b. in Poughkeepsie : 

372. Charles Frazier'^', b. Aug. 23, 1905. 

223. CORNELIA" MAURICE m. at Athens, Pa., May 22, 1902, 
Robert Wilkinson, b. at Poughkeepsie, Sept. 14, 1873. Ch. : 

373. AUrlan Maurice'o, b. Apr. 16, 1903, Bronxville, N. Y. 

374. Robert'^', b. Dec. 26, 1905, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

226. ALBERT TOUZALIN« MAURICE m. Dec. 2, 191 2, Eleanor 
F'owler, res. Rye, N. Y. Ch. b. in Rye, N. Y. : 

375. Soxi'\ b. Feb. 16, 1913. 

227. EMILY MARSHALL « MAURICE m. Dec. 19, 1912, 
Charles Whitney Dace, res. New York city. 

Wash., Nov. I, 1899, Edward Simpson, of Hamilton, Ont. ; b. F^eb. 11, 
1876, son of James Simpson. Ch. : 

376. Margaret Dudley'", b. Oct. 15, 1900, Tacoma, Wash. 

377. Edward Hoi brodke'", b. Feb. 8, 1910, Dawson, Yukon Territory. 

231. ETHEL WHITNEY" HOLBROOKE m. at Athens, Pa., 
July II, 1903, Norton Perkins of New York, b. at New York, Feb. 17, 
1876, of Edward H. Perkins, Jr. 


Rockaway, L. I., Apr. 21, 1908, Edward Sampson Thurston. He is 
Prof, of Law at University of Minnesota. 


234. JOSEPHINP:^ Holbrooke m. at Lawrence, L. T., Nov. 
28, 1906, Trafford Eckley Smith, of Philadelphia. 

235. JOHN PIERCE^ MARTIN m. in Hosto.i, Mass., Dec. 2j, 
1871, Esther M. Robins, b. Oct. 3, 1848, in Bedeque, Prince Edward Isle, 
of Thomas and Isabel (Barstow) Robins. He enlisted in 1^64 in Co. A, 
6th Mass. Reg. and served 100 days. Ch, b. in Chelsea, Mass. : 

378. Alice Lsabel'o, b. Mar. 20, 1874, d, Feb. 3, 1910, Som.^rville, Ma-,s, f- 

379. Earl Robins'", b. Oct. 15, 1876, re\ Stoneham, Mass. + 

380. Lula'o, b. Feb. 4, 1881, res. Milton, Mass. + 

238. HENRY CLAY« SHERWIN enlisted Nov. 2, 1862, at San 
Erancisco in the California Hundred, afterward as Co. A., 2nd Mass, 
Cavalry. Discharged at close of war, Aug. 29, 1865, Vienna, Va. He 
was Deputy Sheriff of Middlesex County 1883 to 1907 ; has held various 
town offices in Ayer, Mass., where he has lived since 1868, and at the 
present time is county court ofificer ; m. at New Boston, N. H., Nov. 17, 
1866, by Rev. D. C. PVink, Mary Abbie Whipple, b. in New Boston, 
May 7, 1846, of John and Philastha (Reed) Whipple. Their child b. in 
Ayer, Mass. : 

.?81. Paul HenrvI*^. b. Oct. 14, 1882, unmarried, res. Bcjston, Mass. 

239. MARTHA VICTORIA « SHERWIN m. at Ayer, Mass.. 
Jan. 3, 1868, William Ames Green, b. Dec. 3, 1829, of Wm. and Sally 
(Whitcomb) Green. Children b. at Ashby, Mass. : 

382. William Sherwin'", b. Dec, 21, 1871, res. Ashhy, Mass. + 

383. Esther Jane'", b. Nov. 20, 1873, res. Ashby, Mass. + 

240. MARTHA FRANCES^ ADAMS m. Oct. 12, 1869, Edwin 
Augustus Hubbard, b. Nov. 26, 1848, of Augustus J. and Elizabeth 
(Wellington) Hubbard. Children b. in Ashby and Pltchburg, Mass.: 

384. Oscar ADAMS^^ b. Oct. 11, 1870, res. Braintree, Mass.+ 

385. Guv Augustus'", b. May 21, 1875, res. Ashby, Mass. + 

386. Bernice Frances^", b. Sept. 20, 1883, d. Oct. 23, 1902. 

243. EMMA CAROLINE « BARRETT m., by Rev. Geo. F. 
Pentecost, in Boston, Dec. 17, 1873, George O. Cutler, son of Joseph 
and Delia Chapin (Hill) Cutler; b. Sept. i, 1846, in East Thompson, 
Conn. Children b. in N. Y. and Mass. : 

.^87. Florence G.'*, b. Sept. 10, 1876, unmarried, d. May 9, 1897. 

388. Myron F.^o, b. April 6, 1879, unmarried. 

.389. Homer'", b. Oct. 30, 1881, unmarried. 

.390. Beula'", b. Sept. 9, 1883, unmarried. 

247. CLARA ANNA« BARRETT m., by Rev. Minot Savage, 

D. D., in Boston, Mar. 29, 18—, Albert N. Wood, b. June 22, , d. 

Feb. 22, 1912. No children. 


249. ELLA JANETTK'-' BARRETT m. Ered Hlanchard. No 
further record. 

250. SARAH MEDORA" BARRETT m. Erank Chamberlain 
and had ch. : 

391. Marel'" 

392. Otis" 

251 GEORGE ARTHUR-' BARRETT m. in Worcester, Mass., 
by Rev. E. T. St. John, Nov. 12, 187S, Sarah Barnes Elvvell, b. Oct. 21, 
1856, at Dudley, Mass., of Charles Barnes and Mary (Prince) Ehvell. 
They had b. in Worcester, Mass. : 
^>3i. Walter Benja.min", b. Dec. 8, 1879, re^. Worcester,'^s. 

255. HERBERT CLIETON^ WOOD is a chairmaker in Gard- 
ner, Mass. ; m., at New Ipswich, N. H., June 28, 1S93, Mrs. Lucy Ann 
(Moore) Curtis, widow of PVank Curtis, and daughter of James Darling 
and Lucy Wilder (Briggs) Moore. 

257. SOPHIA ABIGAIL « WHITE m. in N. Bennington, Vt., 
Jan. 19, 1869, David Dwellie Roberson, b. in Greenwich, N. Y., Oct. 13, 
1829, of Erancis and Almira (Dwellie) Roberson. Children born in 
Greenwich, N. Y., except Charles F., who was born in E. Salem, N. Y.: 

394. Etta May"', b. July 12, 1870, unmarried, res. Greenwich, X. Y. 

395. Julia Alice", b. Jan. 26, 1872, unmarried, res. Greenwich, N. Y. 

396. Leona Adella'", b. Sept. 30, 1873, unmarried, res. Greenwich, N. Y. 
3^j7. Charles Francis'", b. Sept. 26, 1879, res. Saranac Lake, N. Y. + 

398. Harvey Dwellie^'', b. Nov. 29, 1881, res. Leominster, Mass. 

258. CORINNA FRANCES « WHITE m. at Cambridge, N. Y., 
Sept. 9, 1866, Hosea A. Pierce, b. at White Creek, N. Y., June 22, 
1844, of William and Jerusha Pierce; d. at White Creek, June 12, 1869; 
m. 2nd, Eeb. 18, 1885, John W. Dobbin, b. Apr. 10, 1835, of Joseph and 
Martha S. Dobbin. Ch. b. at White Creek : 

399. Grace Isadore", b. Sept. 11, 1867, res. Cambridge, N. Y. + 

400. Minerva Ann"', b. Feb. 1, 1869, res. New York, N. Y. 4- 

259. ELSIE JANE« WHITE m. at Keene, N. H., by Rev. 
Winchester, Oct. 19, iS/r, Elbridge Ware Britton. b. Aug. 3, 1849, ^^ 
Surry, N. H., of Bradley and Betsey Calista (Ware) Britton. He has 
resided in Chicago for past 30 years and was in the bakery business some 
years. Ch. b. in Surry, N. H. : 

401. Jennie Betsey", b. June 12, 1873, d. Feb. 13, 1911, Chicago, 111. + 

402. Delbert William"', b. Aug. 17, 1875, res. Chicago, 111. 4- 

260. SABRA ADALISSA^ WHITE m. at White Creek, N. Y., 
Aug. 29, 1878, George Andrew Cole, b. Jan. 31, 1855, in Arlington, Vt., 
of Warren and Sarah Ann (Andrew) Cole. Ch. b. in Vt. and N. Y. : 

403. Luman Darwin'o, b. Feb. 25, 1883, d. July 29, 1883, Arlington, Yt. 

404. Xella Hannah'", b. May 26, 1885, res. N. Adams, Mass. 


261. HARRIETT ANN« WHITE, m., in W. Hoosick, N. Y., 
Nov. 16. 1873, by Richard L. Harrison, William Riley Worthington, b. 
in North Adams, Mass., March 7, 1854, of Shalor Winchell and Sarah 
Lizett ( Estee) Worthington. He d. in Chicago, Jan. 11, 191 1. Children 
born in Vermont : 

405. Etta Adell\1'', b. March 10, 1876, No. Bennington, res. Chicago, 111. + 

406. A DaushterI', b. Dec. 12, 1877, No. Bennin-^non, d. Dec. 12, 1877. 

407. Rena Sarah'", b. Sept. 29, 1884, Rutland, res. Chicago, 111. 

263. WILLIAM HARVEY^ WHITE m., at Center White 
Creek, N. Y., by Rev. Joseph Caine, Jan. 15, 1888, Ella Jane Nugent, 
b. Aug. 21, 1859, in Turlough, Ireland, of Henry Wood and Margaret 
(McLean) Nugent. Children b. in No. Bennington, Vt. : 

408. Hexry DAVID'^ b. May 18, 1891, d. June 23, 1908. 

409. EhSiK Susan", b. Aug. 27, 1892, res. N. Bennington, \'t. 

410. Mabel Luella", b. Dec. 6, 1894, res. N. Bennington, Vt. 

411. Marshall Harvey", b. Jan. 12, 1898, res. Saxtons River, Vt. 

264. LUMAN SAMUEL-' WHITE m., at Manchester, Vt., by 
Rev. A. C. Reed, Dec. 23, 1880, Mary Abba Gleason, b. Aug. 11, 1850, 
in Manchester, Vt., of Alonson and Paulina L. (VVoodard) Gleason. 
Their children : 

412. George Riley1'\ b. Mar. 19, 1882, White Creek, N. Y., res. N. Bennington. + 

413. Harry Martin'", b. Apr. 21, 1884, White Creek, N. Y. , res. N. Bennington. -|- 

414. William Alonson", b. Feb. 2, 1887, White Creek, res. Bennington, \'t. 

415. Lewis Su.mner", b. July 1.5, 1888, Shaftsbury, Vt. , res. N. Bennington, Vt. 

416. F2arl Elbridge"\ b. Jan. 7, 1892, White Creek, N. Y., res. N. Bennington. 

265. JULIA CLEMENTINE ^-^ WHITE, m., at Shushan, N. Y., 
by Rev. Wm. Onderdonk, Nov. 14, 1893, John Benjamin Ames, b. Oct. 
8, 1871, in Shaftsbury, Vt., of Alvah and Henriette (Bennett) Ames. 

266. HORACE FRANKLIN-' WHITE, m. in Troy, N. Y., by 
Rev. Zwifell, May 21, 1884, Sarah Wilson, b. in Troy, N. Y., of Samuel 
Wilson; d. in March, 1897; m. 2nd, at Glenville, N. Y., by Rev. 
Reynolds, Nov. 30, 191 1, Alice B. Anselment, b. in Troy, N. Y., of 
Gustavus A. and Hannah Jane (Clark) Goodrich. Ch. b. in Troy, N. Y. : 

417. Horatio Franklin", b. Apr. 9, 1885, res. Troy, X. Y. + 

418. Harvey Lester'", b Dec. 10, 1887, res. Troy, N. Y. 

419. Lillian May", b. Oct. 16, 1892, res. Troy, N. Y. 

420. Arthur Earl", b. Nov. 28, 1895, res. Troy, N. Y, 

421. Clarence Edward'", b. Oct. 21, 1896, res. Chicago, III. 

268. LUMAN MARSH ALL« CARPENTER was b. on Carpen- 
ter hill in the north-west part of Surry, near where his greatgrandfather 
*Jedediah Carpenter settled about 1777; m. at Saxton's River, Vt., Mar. 

* For Carpenter Ancestry see Appendix, Note 5. 


14. i860, *Mi-s. Lucy Maria Murdock, b. at Leroy, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1836, 
of David and Rhoda (Grain) CushinLjj, formerly of Surry, N. H. She 
was the widow of Hiram Murdock of Hiram, N. Y. After her marriage 
to (268) Ll\ma\ Marshall Carpenter, they went to Millbury, Mass.^ 
but returned in a short time to Surry, N. H., where he was a merchant 
for a few months, when he moved to the David Gushing farm (now 
Everett Wilbur's). Later he bought his father's north farm in the 
village (now \Vm. Martin's), and afterwards he was interested in the 
" village store." He served as town treasurer; as selectman twelve 
years ; postmaster ten years, and also member of school committee. His 
widow resides in Winchester, N. H., and Springfield, Mass. Gh. b. in 
Surry, N. H. : 

422. Ernest William"', b. Sept. 7, 1865, res. Springfield, Mass. + 

River, Vt., Mar. 14, i860, t George Henry Joslin, b. May 16, 1837, in 
Surry, N. H., of George and Elizabeth S. (Hills) Joslin. They lived in 
Millbury and Ouinsigamond, Mass.; Munsonville, So. Acwoith and 
Walpole, N. H., and July 4, 1882, they moved to Ouincy, Mass., where 
they were employed in the Adams Academy boarding house. They 
remained in Ouincy till 1910, when they came to Surry, where they now 
reside. Their children : 

423. Charlks HeiNRY^", b. Sept. 24, 1860, Millbury, Mass., res. Winchendon, Mass.+ 

424. Edith Luella'", b. Sept. 23, 1867, Worcester, Mass., d. May 16, 1897, Ouincy, 

Mass. She was a graduate nurse, from Maiden Citv Hospital ; buried in 
Surry, X. H. 

270. ELLEN MARIA « GARPENTER was b. on the old Car- 
penter homestead in Surry, N. H., and can relate most interesting stories 
of farm life and childhood days. The cider mill where her father made 
cider, using a horse on a sweep to do the grinding; the building where 
there was always plenty of butternuts ; the old barn, and the sugar-house 
nearby, made a happy environment for her younger days. While here, 
she went to school in the same building that her parents had attended. 
Later they moved to the village and .she attended the village school, 
where one winter term there were over seventy scholars packed into the 
little school house later destroyed by fire ; after leaving school, she 
worked in Surry and Keene, and Millbury, Mass., till her marriage. She 
has been much interested and most diligent in procuring records and 
hunting up information for this book, and, to her, the compiler is grate- 
fully indebted for the reproduced cut of the Ezra Carpenter homestead 
on page 38. 

*She in. ist, about 1854, Hiram Murdock. formerly of Winchester, X. H., who was killed in a railroad ac- 
cident at Buffalo. N. V. No ch. 

t For Joslin Record see Appendix, Note 6. 



She m. in Keene, N. H., by Rev. John A. Hamilton, June 29, 1864, 
Edward * Appleton Kingsbury, b. in Surry, N. H., Feb. 14, 1839, of 
Josiah and Sarah (Baker) t Kingsbury. He was reared on his father's 
farm and attended the public schools at the south part of the town and 

in the village. In 
i860, he worked on a 
farm for Mr. Hawes 
on Blossom St., Fitch- 
burg, Mass., and in 
1 86 1 on a farm in Wil- 
ton, N.H. He enlisted 
at Keene, Nov. 5, 1861, 
in Co. E, 6th Regt., 
N. H. Vol. as a private 
and was discharged 
Jan. 29, 1863, at Con- 
valescent camp, Alex- 
andria, Va.; re-enlisted 
Sept. 2, 1864, and was 
corporal in ist N. H. 
Heavy Artillery. He 
participated in several 
hard fought battles ; 
in one of which his 
regiment lost nearly 
half its members. 
During the last 
months of the war, his 
regiment was near 
Washington, D. C, in 
the defences about 
the city; he saw the 
body of Pres. Abraham Lincoln as it lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda. 
In March 1866, he moved his family to Georgetown, Ottawa Co., Mich., 
and settled on an 8c -acre farm,! — in the Michigan woods. Here he 
cleared the land, built a plank house 18 ft. x 26 ft. (standing in 19 12); 
rafted logs down the Grand River to the Haven, and ran a threshing 
machine. The first year in Michigan they lived in a small log house on 
a neighbor's land. They returned to Surry, N. H., Nov. 25, 1870, and 

* Named for the Rev, Appleton Morse of Fitchburg, Mass., who died Oct. 24, 1838. 

t For Kingsbury Ancestry see Appendi.v, Note 8. 

I This farm is now in township of Allendale, Mich., and is owned by John F. Sheridan. 




in Feb. 1871, he bought the Dea. Zenas Slader farm in Ac worth, where 
they lived till Oct. 25, 1887, when they moved to Keene, their present 
home. Has been Selectman ; Justice of Peace ; Treas. of Grange Fair 
Association; member of city school board; assistant assessor; elected 
councilman in city government 1896-7, and representative to N. H. State 
Legislature in 1905-6. Has written sketches of the 6th Reg. and is in- 
terested in the G. A. R., historical and other matters ; is now retired. 
Their children : 

425. Eddie IMiles^", b. Mar. 14, 186,5, Surry, d. Mar. 22, 1879, Acworth, N. H. 

426. Lizzie Ellen", b. Oct. 22, 1866, Georgetown, Mich., res. Keene, N. H. + 

427. Twin Sister", b. Oct. 22, 1866, Georgetown, Mich., d. Oct. 31, 1866. 

428. Frank Burnside'", b. Feb. 20, 1868, Georgetown, Mich., res. Proctor, \'t. + 

429. Delia Florence", b. Nov. 16, 1869, Georgetown, Mich., res. Keene, N. H.4- 

430. May Daniels", b. Aug. 7, 1871, Acworth, N. H., d. Dec. 28, 1874, Acworth. 

431. Charles Arthur", b. June 12, 1876, Acworth, X. H., res. Keene, N. H. -f 

432. Bessie Elva", b. May 6, 1878, Acworth, X. H., res. Keene, X. H. -f 

271. DR. JASPER HAZEN« CARPENTER worked in a 
stave shop in the village of Swanzey Factory, N. H., from Mar. i to 
June I, 1865. On Monday, Aug. 14, 1865, he and George B. Kingsbury 
of Surry, N. H., started for Michigan 
and arrived in Grand Rapids Aug. 16. 
His first work as a wood turner at 
Turnum & Buddington furniture shop 
brought him $20 per month, while he 
paid ^4 per week for board at the 
Michigan House. He went to the 
town of Bowne in July, 1866, and was 
employed as a wood turner in the shop 
of David Ruckel, which stood about 
ten rods south of the present grist mill 
of George Nagler & Son, on Little 
Thorn Apple Creek, near the village 
of Freeport. May 31, 1867, he settled 
on a*40-acre farm which he purchased 
of his father-in-law, John Roush, and 
which he has since owned and where 
he now resides. At that time this 
land was covered with a heavy growth 
of hard wood timber, except about one 
acre, which had been cut down by Perry McCarty, who had lived there a 
short time and built a small hut 12 x 14 feet. Jasper H. Carpenter 
built a new dwelling 14 x 20 ft., in the summer of 1868, a few feet south 
of the old hut, and in 190 1 a modern house was erected some 5 rods 

No. 271. 


north of his first dwelling. In 1870, in company with Samuel and 
Michael Roush, his brothers-in-law, he built a saw mill on Little Thorn 
Apple Creek, near the present Freeport Creamery building. They dug a 
long canal to get head for this mill. The old ditch is still visible in many 
places. He soon sold this property, moved to Morgan, Barry Co., and 
became interested in another mill, but both mills were lost by fire, and 
he returned to his farm in Bowne. During the summer of 1867, he 
worked in his father-in-law's cornfield, which was where the village of 
Freeport is now built. 

In Sept. 1887, at the age of 43, with only a common school education, 
he entered the Chicago Homeopathic Medical College, from which he 
was graduated Mar. 18, 1890, with the degree of M. D. He returned to 
Michigan, and has practised his profession in Morgan, Manistee, and 
Benzie counties, and in 1893 located in Saginaw, where he was asso- 
ciated with Dr. John F. Ruckel for one year, when he returned to 
Freeport, where he had a large and successful practice and also served 
on Board of Health till ill health caused him to retire, and he returned to 
his old farm again in 1906, where he still lives. He m. Nov. 27, 1866, 
in Bowne, by Rev. Ira Jones, Lydia Ann Roush, b. Feb. 7, 1840, in 
Scott, Sandusky Co., Ohio, of *John and Mary Magadelena(Roush) Roush. 
She came to Michigan with her parents in 1866, and settled near 
the present village of Freeport. Dr. Carpenter's only visit to his birth. 
place and boyhood home was made in Oct. and Nov. 1873. Their dau. 
b. at Bowne : 

433. Sarah Ann'^, b. Oct. 12, 1868, res. Bowne, P. O. Freeport, Mich. + 

272. MASON ADAMS« CARPENTER t is known in Surry, 
N. H., and vicinity, as a most reliable contractor and builder. He has 
built new or made extensive repairs upon many buildings in Surry, 
and has also done work in Acworth, Alstead, Gilsum, Walpole, Keene, 
Nelson, Sullivan, Chesham, Dublin, and Hanover, N. H. For more than 
twenty-five years he has sold wood and timber from the west side of 
Surry Mt. He has been a large owner of real estate, but has found 
time, notwithstanding heavy business responsibilities, to serve his town 
in various capacities ; was Selectman six years, town treasurer one 
year, on school board four years, member N. H. State Legislature, 1889, 
1897, 1898. He is one of the leading and influential citizens of his native 
town; m. at Keene, N. H., by Rev. Dinsmore, Sept. 17, 1867, Mary 

*John and Mary were 2nd cousins. John, son of Andrew and Catherine (Shonk Roush, b. Mar. 8. 
1799, in Penn., d. Aug. 17^ 1871, Bowne. Mary, dau. of Martin Roush, b. in Westmoreland Co., Penn., May 23. 
1802, d. Irving, Mich., Feb. 26, 1888. Had 12 ch. The grandfather of Andrew Roush is said to have come from 

t He was named for his uncle, John Mason Adams of Walpole, N. H., who died Nov 8, 1857. 



Eliza Poole; b. in Lowell, Mass., Sept. 8, 1S47, oi * Samuel Hale and 
Susan Jane ( Heath ) Poole. 


Children born in Surry, N. H.: 

-134. Arthur Mason^", b. Oct. 19, 1868, res. Wakefield, Mass. + 

435. Maud Lena^", b. Jan. 24, 1872, res. Springfield, Mass. -f 

436. Gertrude Jane'", b. Aug. 1, 1874, res. Surry', X. H. -f 

273. FRANK DeWITT^ CARPENTER when a young man 
found employment of various kinds in Hartford, Conn, and Providence, 
R. I., but finally returned to his native town of Surry, N. H. He later 
bought the Isaac Brown farm at the foot of Meeting-house hill. Here 
he lived till 1901 when he bought the Alvin Foster house on Court St. 
in Keene, where he now resides. He was Selectman of Surry in 1885 

* Samuel Hale Poole, b. Julj- 30, 1816, probably at Haverhill, N. H., son of Jonathan Poole. He was a 
blacksmiih in Lowell, Mass., for a few years, and Oct. 9, 1854, settled in Surry, N. H., where he died Feb. 16 
1873. He m. Nov. 26, 1843, to Susan Jane Heath, who d. in Surry Nov. 13, 1890. 



and a special policeman there for three years. He owns considerable 
real estate in Keene and vicinity. He m. in Fitchburg, Mass., by Rev. 

S. B. Grant, June 19, 1873, 
Harriet Martha Britton, b. in 
Surry, N. H., March 25, 1851, 
of *Bradley and Betsey Ca- 
lista (Ware) Britton. 

Ch. born in Surry, N. H.: 

437. Fred Eugene'°, b. May 1, 
1874, res. Keene, N. H. + 

438. Mabel Harriet^"', b. Aug-. 
18, 1878, res. Keene, N. H. -f 

439. Florence Marion^'^, b. 
Apr. 8, 1887, res. Keene, N. H. 
Tel. operator, Keene. 

440. Harry Lester'", b. May 
13,1890, res. Springfield, Mass., 
and now at Port Byron. N. Y., 
where he is employed in the 
optical, watch and engraving" 
business. He entered the Phil- 
adelphia (Pa.) College of Hor- 
olog"y in Oct. 1911, from which 
he was graduated. 

441. A DaughterI^ b. Apr. 10, 
1897, d. Apr. 11, 1897. 

learned the trade of a black- 
smith in Surry in 1870 and 
later worked at his trade in 
the old Cheshire Railroad repair shops in Keene, and in 1877 moved to 
Gilsum. On Nov. 8, 1884, he moved to Manchester Center, Vt. (for- 
merly called Factory Point). During the big fire on Dec. 21, 1893, his 
home was destroyed. In April, 1900, he moved to East Westmoreland, 
N. H., and settled on the old " C. Cook Inn" farm, a well known tavern 
in ye-old-stage-coach days. He is a member of Taft Commandery of 
Bennington, Vt.; Past High Priest of Adoniram Chapter of Manchester 
Center, Vt.; Past Master of Adoniram Lodge A. ¥. & A. M. of Man- 
chester Center; and a member of the Order of Eastern Star. He m. at 
Westmoreland by Elder Barker, Apr. 19, 1876, Elizabeth Annette Craig^ 
b. June 9, 1852, at Westmoreland, N. H., of Almon and Harriet Ellen 
(Cook) Craig ; d. in Westmoreland, Oct. 31, 1908. Their children : 

* Bradley Britton, b. Aug. 17, 1809, in Westmoreland, N. H., d. in Surry, N. H., Aug., 1864, of Samuel and 
Abigail [Walden] Britton. He m.,Jan. 3, 1849, Betsey Calista [WareJ Smith, b. Sept. 19, i8i9,in Gilsum, living 
in Surry [1912], of Capt. Benjamin and Martha [Chapin] Ware, and widow of Stephen Smith. See Gilsum, N. H. 




442. Agnes Elizabktii'", h. Kd). 12, 1,S77, Keene, N. H., d. Sept. 2, I.S77, (iilsum. 
44,^. Blanche Iola^", 1). Dec. ,^l, 1S7S, (iilsum, N. H., res. Westmoreland, .\. H.4- 

EuGENE R. Carpenter has just returned (May, 1913) from Morida 
where he had spent the winter in work and recreation. 

began teaching at 16, and 
taught more than forty full 
terms in Keene, N. H. ; m. 
Feb. 16, 1880, in Walpole, N. 
H., by Rev. Fred L. Allen, 
Joseph Frank Emmons, b. in 
East Douglass, Mass., Oct. 31, 
1848, son of Dow and Mary 
(Hathaway) Emmons. His 
mother moved to Keene, N.H. 
and he attended schools there 
with a commercial course in 
Boston. He was at one time 
part owner of the Keene Glue 
Co., and was especially inter- 
ested in the chemical study 
and experimenting itrequired; 
later he became superintend- 
ent of a large glue factory in 
Newark, N. J. He twice 
visited the Pacific coast in the 
interests of the glue business. 
The last thirteen years of his 
life, except the last, he was 
city messenger and superin- 
tendent of the fire alarm telegraph in Keene. 

He died in Surry, Sept. 25, 1906, after a year's trying illness. A local 
paper says of him : " He bore his suffering with unusual patience and 
cheerfulness. He was possessed of a particularly cheerful and hopeful 
disposition and was famous for his bright and original sayings which 
came to him so often when a word was needed to enforce an argument, 
make a point stand out more clearly, or stimulate conversation and en- 
liven the spirits of his companions. He was a man who had many friends 
and but few if any enemies, and was kind-hearted, and not addicted to 
fault-finding and quarreling, generous and as willing to do for others as for 



himself." His widow resides in Keene. Ciiildren b. in Keene, N. H. : 

444. Guy Herbert"', b. Jan. 25, 1881, d. July 26, 1883, Keene. 

445. Marteile MarshallI", b. Aug. 29, 1884, d. Feb. 13, 1900, Keene. 

I, 1870, in Hartford, Conn., Dr. Albert C. Daniels, b. May 30, 1846, in 
Plainfield, N. H. He d. May 22, 1897, at Arlington Heights, Mass. 
She m. 2nd, July 23, 1899, Edward H. Wright, b. June 20, 1855, in 
Canaan, N. H. Dr. Daniels was the founder of the widely known " Dr. 
A. C. Daniels Veterinary Medicine Co., of Boston, Mass." No children. 

277. FLORA ABIGAIL « CARPENTER m. Oct. 22, 1887, in 
New York city, Charles O. Garvin, b. May 2, 1849, in Shapleigh, Me. 
He is associated with the Garvin Milling Machine Co. in New York city, 
where they reside. They have no children. 

278. MERRILL DUDLEY 9 CARPENTER has been a farmer, 
weaver, tray maker, merchant, blacksmith, carpenter and jobber in Gil- 
sum, Acworth, Surry, and Keene, N. H. He was a merchant in Keene, 
also in the Surry village store, where he was interested for a time. On 
Oct. 21, 1882, he settled on George W. Potter farm, near " Five Points " 
in Acworth, N. H., but removed to Surry in Apr. 1894. He m. in Keene 
by Rev. Joseph A. Leach, Nov. 8, 188 1, Bertha Adell Wilbur, b. Aug. 12, 
1862, at Walpole, N. H., of Henry Livingston and Abbie Eleanor (Wil- 
kins) Wilbur. Their present residence is Keene, N. H. Their ch. : 

446. Myrtie AliceIO, b. Dec. 20, 1883, Acworth, N. H., res. Keene, N. H. + 

447. Earl Ralph'o, b. June 28, 1890, Keene, N. H., res. Norfolk Downs, Mass.-*- 

448. RENAi«,b. May 19, 1892, Surry, N. H., res. So. Ashburnliam, Mass. + 

449. RoBERji", b. Oct. 5, 1894, Surry, res. Keene, N. H. 

279. LA FOREST JOHN« CARPENTER received the degree 
of B. S. from N. H. Agricultural College in 1882 ; was a .student a short 
time in medical college at Ann Harbor, Mich. In 1883, Postmaster at 
Morgan, Barry Co., Mich., also station agent of Michigan Central R. R., 
and in grocery business. Spent the year 1884 in Scurry, Kaufman Co., 
Texas. In 1886, returned to Surry, N. H., and was elected town clerk 
in 1889, a member of the firm of " Carpenter Bros." (with Mason A. Car- 
penter) at Cold River, N. H., in 1890 ; supervisor in the Insane Asylum 
at Concord, N. H., in 1892 ; was employed in Dr. Channings Private 
Sanitarium in Brookline Mass., for a time. Removed to Moncton, New 
Brunswick in 1893, returned to Boston, Mass., same year; was a pro- 
fessional nurse between 1894 and 1898, in Maiden, Mass. In the em- 
ploy of the Mechanical Fabric Co. in Providence, R. I., till 1900. In 
1904, he settled on the Stephen Barrett place in the north part of Shir- 
ley, Mass. Here he resides at the present ; was elected Town Assessor 
in 191 1. He m. in Concord, N. H., by Rev. J. E. Robins, P"eb. 29, 1892, 
Mary Annetta Kinraid, b. in Moncton, N. B., of Thomas and Hannah 



(Tuttle) Kinraid, a sister of the noted electrical inventor, Thomas Bur- 
ton Kinraid of Boston. La Forest J. Carpenter is a member of Nash- 
ville (Mich.) Lodge No. 255 A. F. and A. M. and of Maiden (Mass.) 
Lodge No. 201 L O. O. F. Children : 

450. Lillian Tilton'". b. in 
Bost()n,Mass.,ALir.23, 1893,d. 
Sept. 17,1893, Moncton, N. B. 

451. Rachel STANLEY'^ b. in 
Maiden, Mass., Oct. 1, 1894. 

452. Ethel White^", b. in Ja- 
maica Plains, Feb. 5, 1908. 

281. MYRA ANN« 
CARPENTER married at 
Lyndeboro, N. H., Sept. 15, 
1 88 1, George Hervey Butler, 
b. in Lyndeboro, N. H., 
Mar. 19, 1858, of Olney Page 
and Hannah Whipple (Lang- 
dell) Butler. Mr. Butler was 
employed on Surry mountain 
at the gold mine in 1879, and 
later worked on railroad at 
Nashua, N. H. He is now a 
farmer and lives in Wilton 
N. H. Children born in 
Lyndeboro, N. H. : 

453. Hervey Langdell", b. 
Dec. 22, 1884, res. Wilton, 
N. H. ; f:r.ner. 

454. Hakold Alphene^'', b. 
Feb. 14, 1889, ^^raduated from 
Gushing Academy. LA FOREST JOHN CARPENTER. Nu. 279. 

282. MARTHA EVA« CARPENTER m. in Woburn,, 
Oct. 9, 1895, George A. J. Crawford, b. Dec. 4, 1867, in New Brunswick. 
After their marriage, he was a confectioner in Woburn, Mass. In 1908, 
they moved to Los Angeles, Cal., where he is in business at the present 
time. No children. 

283. MERRILL MILAN « CLARK enlisted Nov. i, 1861, and 
took part in the principal battles of the army of the Cumberland till Jan. 
I, 1864. He re-enlisted and was with Gen. Sully in the Dakotas fighting 
Indians. After the war he engaged in business in Gardner City, Minn.; 
was a member of State Legislature from Blue Earth County in 1876-7 ; 
moved to Duluth, Minn., March 10, 1892, and for eight years was private 
secretary of Leonidas Merritt ; then engaged in real estate and mining 
business till his death. He was one of the promoters and original stock 



holders in the Western State Bank of Duluth ; was a member of Gor- 
man Post G. A. R. of Duluth and a Past Commander of Heywood Post, 
Northfield. He was one of the organizers and enthusiastic members of 
the West Duluth Commercial Club and served as its President four 
years. He m. in St. Peter, Minn., by Rev. S. C. Kerr, Feb. 7, 1867, 
LavinaM. Fall, b. May 10, 1845, in Tuftonboro, N. H., of John and 
Nancy Fall. She d. Oct. 30, 1910. He d. at West Duluth, Minn., after 
a long and painful illness. Children b. in Garden City, Minn. : 

455. Harry Earl'", b. Jan. 24, 1868, d. Jan. 13. 1893, Duluth, Minn, 

456. Louis Kavmond1«, b, Feb, 18, 1870, d. June 1, 1912, West Duluth, Minn, + 

457. Frankie H.i", b. July 27, 1873, d. Sept, 4, 1875, Duluth, Minn. 

458. Roy Sumner'", b. Jan. 12, 1876, d. Aug. 13, 1877, Duluth, Minn, 

284. ABBIE ELLA« CLARK m. m St. James, Minn., by Rev, 
R. A. Clapp, Feb. 18, 1874, P>i Benjamin Evans, b. May 21, 1850, in 
Charlestown, Mass., of Eri Perkins and Sophronia Hubbard (Powers) 
Evans. Children : 

459. Mary Sophronia", b. Dec. 
11, 1874, St. James, Minn., res. 
Wenas, Wash, 

460. George Woodbury ^o, b. 
Nov. 25, 1876, Garden City, 
Minn., res. Wenas. + 

461. Eri Clark'o, ^ Feb. 24, 
1880, Garden City, Minn., res. 
Seattle, Wash. + 

285. LILLA MAY« 
CLARK m. in St. James, 
Minn., by Rev. R. A. Clapp, 
Dec. 21, 1880, Willis Augustus 
Chapman, b. Sept. 19, 1853, at 
Paradise, 111., of Newton Wil- 
lis and Mary Jane (Bragg) 
Chapman ; d. in St. James, 
Minn., Jan. 8, 1890. He was 
editor and publisher of the St. 
James (Minn.) Journal. Ch. 
b. in St. James, Minn. : 

462. WiNTHROP Sever AN(•El^ b. 
Sept. 27, 1881, res. Raymond, 
So. Dakota. + 

46.3. Lawrence Haskell'", b. 

Oct. 8, 1885, res. San Francisco. 
464. Merrill Clark i", b. July 

7, 1888, d. Aug. 8, 1890, St. 

]ames, Minn. 

W ILLI.S AlGUSTL>s ( HAPMAN. No, 2aj. 


As compiler and printer of the first Marshall Family Record he should 
be gratefully remembered by all descendants of the Marshall family. Just a quarter 
of a century ago, in 1887, he issued an 18 page pamphlet and freely distributed copies 
among those interested ; his records date back to 1632, were carefully gathered and 
compiled from Martha Marshall's M.S.S., and are usually reliable and accurate. 
For his work as genealogist we owe his memory kind and grateful tlioughts. As a man 
and citizen, there is no doubt of the high place he held, and we wish it were possible 
to print entire the eloquent words written in memoriam of his death. From the Busi- 
ness Men's Association of St. James, we quote briefly: " He was a man whom it was 
an honor to know ; he was an honor to his profession, and his life was such as to make 
him an exemplary citizen and a valuable member of society. His presence was 
everywhere welcomed, and his personal modesty and retiring disposition could not 
prevent his true merits from being discovered and properly estimated. He was ever 
ready to assist in helping any public enterprise, and much bears the impress of Jiis 
energetic push as an efficient manager. His probity, courtesy and kindness endeared 
him to a large circle of friends. His character was manly, his life was true, and a 
painful death admitted him to heavenly rest. To his afflicted family we extend our 
sincere sympathy, and to his little ones we can point out no more worthy example than 
the manly, independent record made by their father." 

287. HARRIET LOUISE « GIBSON m., April 20, 1876, Samuel 
McBratney, son of Robert and Elizabeth McBratney, b. at Clayton, 111., 
in 1858, d. there June 9, 1898. He was in the grocery and general mer- 
chandise business. Children b. in Clayton, 111. : 

465. William Marshall'", b. March 22, 1877, res. Weiser, Idaho. 4- 

466. Elmo Gibson'", b. June 30, 1878, d. May 9, 1883. 

288. ALDEN MARSHALL « GIBSON has lived in Clayton, 111., 
since 1868 ; he was a blacksmith from 1874 to 1883, when he went into 
partnership with his brother-in-law, Samuel McBratney ; after his part- 
ner's death in 1898, he bought interest in sheep business and moved two 
miles out on a farm. His wife's death in 1899 made it necessary for him 
to return to Clayton. He has held several public offices : township clerk 
two years, clerk and member of Board of Education of Clayton public 
schools twelve years; m, at Clayton, 111., May 6, 1882, Effie Connor, b. 
July 25, 1856, at Morgan, Vt., of C. C. and Electa Connor; d. Feb. i, 

1899, Clayton, 111. ; m. 2nd at Mt. Sterling, 111., by N. M. Rigg, May 3, 

1900, Mary Electa Beckman, b. Dec. 10, 1869, at Mound Station, 111., of 
Wm. and Mary Ann Beckman. Ch. by ist wife b. in Clayton, 111. : 

467. Elsie Connor'", b. July 16, 1884, res. 

468. Ada Luella^", b. Sept. 17, 1886, res. Deccan, India. + 

469. Harriett Pearl^", b. Oct. 28, 1888, res. Aurora, 111, + 

470. Everett Dunreath^", b. Dec. 19, 1890. 

471. Walter Haskell'", b. Nov. 19, 1894. 


Ch. by 2nd wife b. in Clayton : 

472. Irma Blanche'o, b Nov. 16, 1905. 

473. Alden Merrill'o, |,_ ^pr. 29, 1907. 

289. COLLINS PETTENGILL« GIBSON was employed by 
the C, R. I. & P., R. R. for some years and in 1900 was station agent at 
the Longwood station on that road — a suburb of Chicago. Moved about 
1902 to Chickasha, Indian Ter., where he was still in railroad employ. 
After the purchase of the Panama Canal by the U. S. Government he 
was instrumental in enlisting men to go there, and went himself to Canal 
Zone, and, in 1908 was Asst. Supt. of the Culebra division till the canal 
was nearly completed. In the spring of 191 1 he settled in Florida where 
he now resides and is vice-president of a company which has bought and 
is developing a tract of land 40 miles north of Tampa and near Dade 
City. He m. at Centreville, la., May 23, 1888, Luella M. Caudle; b. at 
Salem, N. C, Feb. 9, 1864, of Patrick D. and Ruth (Crowe) Caudle. He 
is interested in genealogical work and assisted in compiling the Gibson 
Genealogy. Their children : 

474. Marcia'", b. Apr. 22, 1889, Centreville, Iowa, res. Rudell, Fla. + 

475. CarolineIo, ^ Mar. 30, 1891, res. Caryville, Fla. + 

291. JENNIP:^ CHAMBERLAIN m. Aug. 26, 1892, in Hudson, 
Ohio, Henry Hallock Hosford ; res. Crete, Neb. They had ch.: 

476. Caroline Austin'^, b. July 6, 1893, Hudson, Ohio. 

477. Herbert Chamberlain'", b. Nov. 3, 1894, Crete, Neb. 

478. Donald Mason"', b. Dec. 21, 1896, Crete, Neb. 

479. Hallock Clifton'", b. Nov. 4, 1899, Crete, Neb. 

292. HERBERT WILLIAM^ CHAMBERLAIN inherited arti.s- 
tic and architectural tendencies and tastes. In 1885 he won the Ohio 
prize for best architectural drawing by any High School pupil in the 
state. After graduating with high rank from the Iowa State college of 
Agriculture and Mechanic Arts he found employment in the ofifice of 
the great Chicago architects, Burnham & Root. From Mr. Root's brain 
sprang "The Great White City" (The World's Fair) in all its chief 
details just as it was finally realized. It is a proud memory that this 
greatest of architectural originators since Bell & Richardson once said to 
young Chamberlain's father, " Your son, sir, is a young man of remark- 
able promise as an architect." 

After the close of The World's Fair, he went to the Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology and took the four years in two years, taking the 
honors representing his class in architecture on the commencement stage 
at graduation and winning the architectural scholarship which made pos- 
sible a post-graduate year's work. In September, 1898, he married Miss 


Marian L. Lewis, a fellow-graduate in architecture, and on Oct. ist, they 
sailed for Europe under an honorary foreign fellowship from the Insti- 
tute, intending to spend a year or two in higher study in art and archi- 
tecture. After not quite seven months abroad, on May lo, 1899, he was 
taken ill and on May 26, died in Siena, Italy, and the bright promise of 
a life of distinguished service in his chosen profession was at an end. 
He left no children. 

293. JOSEPH SCUDDER« CHAMBERLAIN m., at Baltimore, 
Md., by Rev. Donald Guthrie, June 23, 1903, Mary Cole Brauns, b. at 
Salem, N. J., Dec. 27, 1867. Child born at Amherst, Mass.: 

480. Lucy Marshall "', b. Sept. 1, 1909. 

297. MARSHALL ANDREWS » CHRISTY m. at Sewickley, 
Pa., by Rev. W. O. Campbell, Apr. 21, 1897, Irene Butler McVay, b. at 
Sewickley, Mar. 16, 1867, of Charles B. and Annie (Jones) McVay. They 
reside in Sewickley, where their children were born : 

481. Sarah MarshallIo, b. Dec. 21, 1898. 

482. Annie Huntingdon'^, b. Nov. 24, 1900. 

299. LUCY HASKELL « CHRISTY m. at Sewickley, Pa., by 
Rev. W. O. Campbell, June 10, 1903, Frank Scott Willock, b. at Alle- 
ghany, Pa., May 30, 1868, of John and Josephine (Hays) Willock. Res. 
Sewickley, where their children were born : 

483. Virginia", b. Mar. 24, 1909. 

484. Ruth'", b. July 31, 1911. 

303. FRANK A.« MARSHALL was corporal and trumpeter in 
the regular army and was killed by the Indians, June 17, 1877 at White- 
bore Creek, Washington Ten, and was buried near the place he fell in an 
unmarked grave. 

305. HENRY NEWTON « MARSHALL has always lived in 
Fitchburg, Mass. ; has been clerk in grocery stores and markets, till 
1902, when he joined the Fitchburg Fire Department as a permanent 
man. He is now stationed at the Summer St. station ; m. in Fitchburg:, 
by Rev. C.M.Addison, Nov. 27, 1893, Annie Alice Kent, b. at Charles- 
ton, S. C, Dec. 15, 1874, of James F. and Julia (Casgrove) Kent. 
Ch. b. in Fitchburg, Mass. : 

485. Lloyd Kent", b. July 22, 1894, student Mechanics Institute, Rochester, N. Y. 

486. Clifton Newton", b. June 13, 1897. 

Geo. S. Butters, May 17, 1894, Robert Knight * Bryce, b. in Scotland, 
of George and Elizabeth Bryce. Ch. b. in Fitchburg, Mass. : 

♦Also spelt Brice. 



487. Everett Earl", b. Nov. 26, 1894, d. Aug, 1,5, 189.5, Fitchburg, Mass, 

488. Walter!", ^^ j^^^ i^ ig^ 

489. George Marshall^", b. Feb. 10, 1901. 

MARSHALL has been a 
clerk in Fitchburg, Mass., 
also in the comb shop in 
Leominster, Mass., and in 
fish business in Fitzwilliam, 
N. H. ; m. at Fitchburg, by 
Rev. F. Rector, Apr. 7, 1897, 
Maude M. Hillock, b. in 
Jaffrey, N, H., July 4, 1879, 
of George H. and Addie F. 
(Page) Hillock, res. Leomin- 
ster, Mass. Ch. : 

490. Forest Edward'*", b. Feb. 
14, 1900, Leominster, Mass. 

491. Alice'" ,b. Fitchburg, Mass. 

308. MARY JENNIE'-* 
MARSHALL m, in Fitch- 
burg, Mass., by Rev. Dr. 
Geo. Gardner, Oct. 28, 1885, 
Farwell Nichols Thomas, b. 
Apr. 17, 1856, at Shutesbury, 
Mass.,of Alonzo J. and Louisa 
(Nichols) Thomas. Their 
ch. : 

492. Edward William'", b. 
Sept. 8, 1886, Fitcliburg, Mass. 

493. Roy M'\rshall", b. Dec. 25, 1891, Worcester, Mass. 

494. Waldo Fakwell", b. May ,5, 1893, Worcester, Mass, 

495. Harold Nichols'", b. Dec. 7, 1894, Worcester, Mass. 

496. Holland Roosevelt'", b. June 17, 1900, Worcester, Mass, 

497. Marion Jennie"', b. Apr. 15, 1903, Worcester, Mass. 

310. Wn.,LIAM LINCOLN" MARSHALL m. at Leominster, 
Mass., April 18, 1888, by Rev. J. B. Robinson, Cora Mabel Fernald, b. 
Mar. 17, 1866, in Shirley, Mass., of Horace Francis and Martha (Jones) 
Fernald. He is a paper hanger and decorator in Fitchburg, Mass., 
where their children were born : 

498. Ralph William'", b. Mar. 6, 1889 ; draftsman for Simonds Mfg. Co. , and witli 

Vt. Marble Co., Proctor, Vt., since Mar. 11, 1913. 

499. Helen Cora'", b. Sept. 9, 189.^ res. P'itchburg. 

.500. Rachel Martha'", b. Mar. 16, 1897, res, Fitchburg, 



ster, by Rev. A. E. Harriman, June 27, 1899, George S. Conant, b. Aug. 
4, 1862, in Petersham, Mass., of Ebenezer and Nancy (Dudley) Conant. 
They settled in Flagg Staff, Arizona, July 1899, where he died Oct. 16, 
1899, and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster, Mass. 
Mrs. P'lorina Appleton Conant m. 2nd, in No. Leominster, Nov. 28, 
1901, James Lewis, b. Sept. 26, 1863, in Newton, North Wales, county 
of Montgomerisha. They had b. at Leominster: 
501. Fl^kina Sumner'o, b. Nov. 11, 1902. 

inster, Mass., by Rev. James M. Bell, Mar. 11, 1896, Patience Emma 
Hone, b. in England, Jan. 17, 1875, of James Henry and Anna (Stevens) 
Hone. He is an agent and collector. Ch. b. in Wilkesbarre, Penn. : 
592. Leland McKinley'^ b. Dec. 12, 1897, re^. Revere, Mass. 

314. HATTIE EMMA« MARSHALL was married at same 
place and on same date — a double wedding— as her brother, (313) 
Clarkson Russell. Her husband, Richard Elnathan Daniels, was b. 
Mar. 25, 1869, in Dickson City, Penn., of Asahel and P"annie Elizabeth 
(Biddleman) Daniels. Ch. b. in Westboro, Mass. : 

503. Merle Asahel1«, b. Jan. 3, 1899. 

504. George Conant^", b. June 23, 1902. 

505. Richard Elnathan, Jr.^'^, b. Nov. 28, 1905. 
505>^. Hattie Emma", b. Apr. 29, 1913. 

318. ELLEN FOSTERS MARSHALL when two years of age 
went with her mother to Montana by the Mississippi River route (then 
requiring six weeks of steamboating from Sioux City, Iowa, to P'ort 
Benton, and thence 300 miles of stage-coach travel). Her parents later 
lived in Fitchburg, Mass., and she graduated from the High School there 
in June 1885. In 1887 they moved to Chicago, where for four years she 
was secretary of the National Society of Household Economics ; western 
director of the Women's Unitarian Alliance, and secretary of the Chi- 
cago Branch of the Alliance, and for ten years in charge of the postoffice 
mission work. So widespread was her philanthropic and charitable 
work that the news that her loving heart and active brain and willinsf 
hands had ceased from their earthly labors brought bitter sorrow to 
many a family she had helped, not only in Chicago, but on the prairies 
in Illinois and Oklahoma and Nebraska and the Dakotas ; in the mighty 
forests of fir along Puget Sound and in the pine woods of the Carolinas; 
on lonely ranches in California, and in mining camps of Wyoming and 
Montana. The compiler of this book here records his appreciation of 
most generous and helpful assistance in gathering material and data for 
this book. 


330. MARY^ MARSHALL m. at Marietta, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1906, 
LeRoy Hoffman. He was killed by a gas explosion at Laurenceville, 
111., Aug. 26, 1907; son of John and Mary E. Hoffman. Their ch. b. 
at Marietta : 

506. Burton LeRoyIo, b. June 25, 1907. 

335. MINA LOUISE^ MARSHALL m. at McConnelsville, 
Ohio, May 11, 1910, by Mr. Graves, Carol Dean Johnson, son of Charles 
and Edith Johnson. They reside in McConnelsville, Ohio. 

343. EMERSON WOODS « BAKER graduated from Harvard 
College in 1904 with degree A. B. cum laude ; Harvard Law School 

1907, with degree L.L. B. He is a member of the Law firm of Baker 
& Baker, in Fitchburg, Mass., July 2, 1907 ; he m. in Fitchburg, Char- 
leen D. Johnson, b. Sept. 27, 1886, in Richmond, Arkansas. He was 
chosen Selectman of Lunenburg in 191 1. Their ch. b. in Lunenburg: 

507. Charles Britton'o, b. Sept. 22, 1908. 


355. HELEN FRANCIS" ABBOTT m. in Providence, R. L, 
June 8, 1897, Maurice King Washburn, of Providence, b. in Pawtucket, 
R. I., Oct. 3, 1872, of Roscoe Stetson Washburn, Ch.: 

508. Maurice King", b. May 18, 1898, Providence, R. L 

509. Francis", b. Dec. 12, 1902, Providence, R. I., d. Aug. 24, 1903- 

510. John Carter Brown", b. Dec. 11, 1903, East Greenwich, R. 1. 

dence, R. I., Nov. 27, 1900, John Ormsbee Ames, b. Jan. 9, 1872, in 
Providence, son of William Ames. 

357. ANNE FRANCIS '' ABBOTT m. in Providence, R. I., Dec. 
2, 1903, Charles Alexander Kilvert, b. Jan. 14, 1874, in Chillicothe, Ohio, 
son of Samuel W. Kilvert. Ch. b, in Providence, R. I. ; 

511. Elizabeth Francis", b. Feb. 27, 1905. 

512. Anne Woods", b. May 13, 1908. 

513. Jean Dun", b. Mar. 16, 1910, d. Sept. 27, 1910. 

514. Priscilla Marshall", b. Feb, 19, 1912. 

359. SAMUEL ELIOT" MORISON is a Harvard graduate 

1908, Ph. D. 191 2 ; m. May 28, 19 10, Elizabeth Shaw Greene, b. in Paris, 
France, Mar. 18, 1886, of Wm. Batchelder and Sarah (Austin) Greene. 
Ch. b. in Boston : 

515. Elizabeth Gray", b. Mar. 29, 1911. 

378. ALICE ISABEL^" MARTIN m. at Somerville, Mass., Nov. 
1899, Ernest Tracy Mander. No ch. 

379. EARL ROBINS" MARTIN m. Mary Pearson. 


380. LULA^° MARTIN m. at Somerville, Mass., by Rev. Max- 
well, June 1906, John Jacob Wakefield, born April 13, 1878, at Reading, 
Mass., of Charles and Mary (Kidder) Wakefield. Ch. b. at Milton, Mass. : 
51(). Virginia Alice'^, b. April 19, 1910. 

382. WILLIAM SHERWIN^^ GREEN m., at Nashua, N. H., 
Dec. 21, 1899, Minnie Lizzie Searles, b. Jan. 5, 1880, at Townsend, Mass., 
of Leonard and Mary Searles. He has been in Fire Co. in Townsend 
and Ashby; Master of Ashby Grange; on School Board; now clerk in 
general store. Children b. in Ashby, Mass.: 

517. Maude Louise", b. June 16, 1902. 

518. Florence Eva^', b. Sept. 1, 1910. 

383. ESTHER JANE " GREEN m. at Townsend, Mass., Dec. 23, 
1896, George Henry Brooks, b. Feb. 29, 1864, at New Ipswich, N.H., of 
Albert N. and Clementine (Hale) Brooks. Children b. in Ashby, Mass.: 

519. Ruth Elizabeth", b. Nov. 16, 1904. 

520. Clara Helen", b. Nov. 8, 1906 

384. OSCAR ADAMS" HUBBARD m. June 26, 1896, to 

He has been employed by the state of Massachusetts in gypsy moth 
-work, and tree warden in Braintree, where he resides. 

385. GUY AUGUSTUS" HUBBARD m. in Woburn, Mass., 
by Rev. Henry C. Parker, Dec. 31, 1896, Edith Irene Foster, b. Aug. 18, 
1876, in Billerica, Mass., of Charles Henry and Henrietta (Richardson) 
Foster. Children : 

521. Arthur Stephen'^, b. Sept. 15, 1897, in Billerica, Mass. 

522. Mark Keith", b. April 30, 1900, in Ashby, Mass. 

397. CHARLES FRANCES i« ROBERSON m. Nov. 18, 1909, 
Mila Adele O'Brian. She d. Dec. 27, 1910. 

399. GRACE ISADORE" PIERCE m. at Greenwich, N. Y., 
Nov. 27, 1884, George H. Weisbach, b. June 30. 1864, in Shushan, 
N. Y., of Paul and Harriett (Taylor) Weisbach. Children : 

523. Edith Katharine", b. Sept. 10, 1885, Shushan, N. Y. 

524. Pauline", b. Aug. 9, 1892, Greenwich, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 30, 1893, Troy, N. Y. 

525. Vera Haskell", b. Feb. 18, 1894, Troy, N. Y. 

400. MINERVA ANN" PIERCE m., in N. Y. city, by Dr. 
McManus. June 24, 1906, Joseph Reynolds. Child born N. Y. City : 

526. Joseph Pierce", b. Apr. 10, 1907. 

401. JENNIE BETSEY « BRITTON m. John Atkinson, resided 
in Chicago, 111. Children b. in Chicago, 111. : 

527. James Ware", b. Feb. 17, 1908, d. Feb. 24, 1908. 

528. Elsie Ware", b. July 31, 1910. 


402. DELBERT WILLIAM '' BRITTON m., Jan. i, 1902, at St. 
Joseph, Mich., by F. W. French, (405) Etta Adella, dau. of Wm. Riley 
and Harriet Ann (White) Worthington. Child b. at Chicago, 111. : 

529. Marjorie Irena", b. Oct. U, 1908, d. Oct. 15, 1908. 

405. ETTA ADELLA" WORTHINGTON m. (402) Delbert 
William Britton. See record. 

412. GEORGE RILEY" WHITE m. at No. Bennington, Vt., 
by Rev. L. A. Cooney, Jan. 6, 1909, Rosetta Bronson, born in Benning- 
ton, Vt., May 30, 1887, of PVank H. and Henrietta (Bowen) Bronson. 
Child b. at No. Bennington, Vt. : 

530. Lillian May", b. March 28, 1911. 

413. HARRY MARTIN" WHITE m.. in Manchester Centre, 
Vt., by Rev. J. S. Brown, Sept. 11, 1905, Dora Rolla Bartlett, born May 
II, 1882, in South Shaftsbiiry, Vt., of Clark Joseph and Sarah (Fisher) 
Bartlett. They live in No. Bennington, Vt. He is lens inspector. 

417. HORATIO FRANKLIN" WHITE m., Dec. 17, 1907, 
Sarah Sophronia Miller, b. at Ossing, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1882, of Abram 
Charles and Emily Elizabeth Miller. They live in Troy, N. Y. He is 
employed in a collar factory. Child b. at Troy, N. Y. : 

531. Leonard Horatio", b. April 12, 1909. 

422. ERNEST WILLIAM " CARPENTER, a constable in 
Surry in 1897, moved to Keene, and was a carpenter for several years. 
About five years ago moved to Springfield, Mass., where he now resides 
at 15 Centre St., and is still in the carpenter business ; m. in Putney, 
Vt., Jan. 13, 1890, Mabel Minnie Smith, b. Mar. 24, 1871, at Chelsea, 
Vt. Children b. in Surry, N. H. : 

.532. Ruth Garvin", b. Oct. 1, 1890, res. Springfield, Mass. + 
533. MvRTiE Louise", b. Sept. 20, 1894, res. Springfield, Mass. 

423. CHARLES HENRY " JOSLIN was employed on the farm 
of Charles H. Barnes in Walpole, N. H., for several years, and in 1890 
was employed in Keene. After his marriage he moved to Cardiff, Tenn., 
but soon returned and settled on a farm in Winchendon Center, Mass., 
which has since been his home. While blasting rocks on this farm, Nov. 
30, 1908, he was rendered totally blind by an accidental blast. The fol- 
lowing item appeared in a local paper : " He was in the act of blasting 
rocks, a charge having failed to go off as he expected, he returned and 
was bending over the rock when it exploded, blowing him some fifteen 
feet, destroying the sight of both eyes. He was also badly cut about 
the face and right hand." He m., in Northfield, Mass., by S. R. PVee, 
Oct. 5, 1889, Cora Emogene Lewis; b. in W. Swanzey, N. H., Aug. 4, 
1872, of Alonzo * Andrew and Lucinda Elizabeth (Breed) Lewis. Ch. : 

* Alonzo A. Lewis was from Chesterfield, N. H. Lucinda E. Breed, dau. of John A. and Lucy [Nash] 
Breed. See History of Swanzey, N. H. 



534. Charles Lewis", b. Apr. 11, 1891, Cardiff, Tenn. 

535. JosiE Is.xbelle", b. Aug. 21, 1892, Wiiichendon, Mass., d. May 25, 1911. 

536. George Henkv", b. Dec. 15, 1896, Winchendon, Mass. 
^?>1 . LoRNA Elizabeth", b. Dec. 20, 1898, Winchendon, Mass. 
5,18. Marie Muriel", b. Juiy I'h, 1905, Winchendon, Mass. 

539. Henrv Goodridge", b. April 13, 1907, Winchendon, Mass. 

426. LIZZIE ELLEN ^» KINGSBURY worked in Keene, 
Nashua, Marlboro, N. H., and Boston, Mass. She m., at Keene, N. H., 
by Rev. \V. H. Alexander, Aug. 13, 1891, Clarence Adolphus Chase, b. 
July 28, 1871, in Keene, of * Alvin Bolton and Sarah (Burnett) Chase, 
of Marlboro. He has been a painter, electrician, insurance agent, and is 
now in the real estate business in Keene, in company with Herbert C. 
Aldrich under firm name of " Keene Realty Co." They have resided in 
Marlboro and Dover, N. H. ; Fitchburg, Mass.; Waterbury, Conn., and 
now live on Court St. in Keene. Their ch.: 

.540. Madalene Kingsbury", b. July 23, 1893, Fitcliburg, Mass. , d. Dec. 15. 1893, 
in Keene. 

541. Hazel Katharine", b. Jan. 29, 1896, Keene, N. H. 

542. Mildred Sarah", b. Feb. 10, 1898, Waterbury, Conn. 

543. Alvin Edward", b. June 2, 1900, Keene, N. \\. 
,544. Pearl Estelle", b. Nov. 17, 1903, Dover, N. H. 


No. 4-JS. 

Mabel hope [kingsbi'ry] kingsbury. 

No. 42S. 

428. FRANK BURNSIDE^" tKINGSBURY, the compiler of 
this book, was with Albert B. Read in East Swanzey, N. H., as clerk 

* Alvin Bolton Chase was a piivate in Co. B., 53rd Re;;t. Mass. Vols, in Civil War. His death Mar. 20. 
1855. was caused by a fall from a ladder, at Marlboro. 
f See Appendi.x, Note 8, 


and assistant postmaster from April i, 1889 to June i, 1893 ; clerk for 
George G. Davis in Marlboro, N. H., till March 23, 1891, and went to 
Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 3, 1891 ; was with Fitchburg Gas and Electric 
Co., eleven years, and draftsman for Simonds Manufacturing Co. several 
years. Since Oct. 4, 1909, has been employed as draftsman for the Ver- 
mont Marble Co, in Proctor, Vt. In 1895, became interested in genea- 
logical matters and published in 1904 a 63 pp. book of the descendants 
of the daughters of Nathaniel Kingsbury (1739-1803) of Keene, N. H. 
June 29, 191 2, m. at Braintree, Mass., by Rev. Harry Grimes, Mabel 
Hope Kingsbury, b. July 19, 1874, in No. Reading. Mass., of * Rev, 
Josiah Ware Babcock and Mary Hill (Jackson) Kingsbury. She is a 
graduate of Thayer Academy 1893 ; was Fin, Sec. of the Kingsbury 
Family Association ; has been interested in genealogical matters for 
over fifteen years, and has assisted her husband in preparing this book 
for the press. 

429. DELIA FLORENCE" KINGSBURY taught school in 
Keene; m. at Keene, N. H., by Rev. G, H, DeBevoise, Nov. 4, 1890, 
Wilder Frank Gates, born Sept. 29, 1863, in Fitchburg, Mass., of Frank- 
lin B. and Ilvia (Austin) Gates. He has worked in Walpole, Surry, and 
Keene, N. H. In the milk business some years. In 1902, they bought 
the (270) Edward A. Kingsbury farm, which has since been their home. 
He is interested in real estate, especially that which has wood and timber 
on, and has dealt in it to some extent. He has been a selectman of the 
city three years and road agent in his part of the town for some years ; 
elected councilman in City Government, 191 3. Children b. in Keene: 

545. Marion Ellen", b. May 2, 1892, residence, Keene, N. H. + 

546. Ray Austin^', b. Nov. 1, 1896, residence, Keene, N. H. 

431. CHARLES ARTHURS" KINGSBURY worked in Keene, 
N. H. and Waterbury, Conn. Has been clerk in store and market and 
is now employed as a shoe cutter in Keene, He was elected a super- 
visor in Ward 4 in 1910, which office he still holds ; is also an officer in 
Sons of Veterans. He m. at Keene, by Rev. C. B. Elder, Jan. i, 1902, 
Ida Mary Allen, born Mar. 11, 1874, in Keene, of Benjamin Franklin 
and Nellie Irene (Webster) Allen of Surry and Gilsum, They live on 
Court St. in Keene. Their ch. b. in Keene : 

547. Arthur Allen", b. May 3, 1905. 

548. Florence Louise^', b. Aug. 2, 1908. 

*See Appendix, Note 9. 



KINGSBURY taught school 
in Keene and Gilsum, N. H. ; 
m. in Keene, N. H., by Rev. 
G. H. DeBevoise, Aug. 26, 
1896, * Archie Coburn Gillis, 
b. Jan. 9, 1871, in Danville, 
Vt., of Archibald Leitch and 
Martha Elizabeth (Jones) Gil- 
lis. He was with B. E. Havi- 
land, a dealer and trainer of 
horses in his native town from 
1887 to 1891. Dec. 10, 1891, 
he settled in Keene, N. H., 
which has since been his 
home. In 1895, he began 
business for himself as a horse 
trainer, and in Oct. 1905, he 
entered the Ontario Veterin- 
ary College at Toronto and was 
graduated Mar. 28, 1907. Dr. 
Gillis nowhas a practice which 
includes all of Cheshire and 
parts of Hillsboro counties. 
They reside at j?, Emerald 
St., Keene, N. H. Child b. 
in Keene : 

549. Frank Coburn^', b. April 9, 1900, d. Jan. 28, 1912, Keene. 

433. SARAH ANN 1" CARPENTER, b. in the house built by 
her father in 1868 in Bowne, Kent Co., Mich., married, at Odessa, Mich., 
by Rev. I. W. Mourer, June 17, 1889 or 1890, Clarence Milton Benedict, 
b. at Campbell, Mich., Dec. 7, 1868, of t Horace Sylvester and Caroline 
Elizabeth (Orsborn) Benedict. He is a farmer and lived on the farm of 
his father-in-law. Dr. Carpenter, from July 1888 to April 1905, and here all 
their children were born. In April 1905, he bought the next farm south, 
of John L. Roush, and this is their present home. He was elected on 
Freeport High School Board in 1909. Children b. in Bowne, Mich., Post- 
ofifice Freeport : 

550. Bessie Ruthena^', b. Jan. 21, 1891, student, \'ali)araiso (Ind.) University. 

* John Gillis, grandfather of Dr. A. C. Gillis, was born in 1802 in Greenock [a seaport town near Glasgow] 
Scotland ; m. Mary Leitch abt.ut 1826 and came to America via Quebec, in 1829 or 1830; settled in Bamet, Vt., 
where their son Archibald Leitch was born Aug. 22, 1830. d. June 8, 191 1 : was a farmer and settled in Danville, 
Vt., and was in Co. E, 6th Vt. Regt. from Oct. 4, 1861 to Oct. 28, 1864. 

t Rom in Canada, son ot Sylvester Benedict. Caroline E. Benedict m. 1st a Mr. Banks. 

AND FAMILY. No. 431. 



551. Dora Marietta", b. June 3, 1892, res. Bowne, Midi, -f- 

552. Daughter", b. Feb. 11, 1896, d. in three hours. 

553. Daughter", b. Nov. 23, 1903, d. in one hour. 

PENTER was graduated from East- 
man's Business College, Poughkeep- 
sie, N. Y., in i888. March 19, 1889, 
he began work in Carpenter Bros.' 
grain store at Cold River, N. H. He 
has been a farmer, merchant and 
street car conductor ; has lived in Sur- 
ry, Keene, and Wilton, N. H., West 
Boylston and Wakefield, Mass. ; in 
1894, was elected supervisor of Surry. 
He married in Walpole, N. H., Aug. 
9, 1890, Eva Lydia Edgell, b. July i, 
1873, in Chester, Vt., of Dexter 
Aaron and Annette Almira (Howe) 
Edgell. They live in Wakefield, 
Mass., where he is an electric car 
conductor. Their children : 


554. Helen Annette", b. Nov. 20, 1892, Surry, N. H. 

555. A Son", b. Aug. 23, 1893, Keene, N. H., d. youn^, Keene, N. H. 

556. Isabel Mary", b. Oct. 29, 1895, Surry, N. H. 

557. Laura Edgell", b. Oct. 11, 1898, Keene, N. H. 

558. Mildred Florence", b. Jan. 26, 1904, Wihon, N. H. 

559. Lucile Eva", b. Aug. 13, 1906, Wilton, N. H. 

560. Mason Dexter", b. Sept. 15, 1908, Wilton, N. H., d. Dec. 28, 1908. 

435. MAUD LENA^« CARPENTER m. in Surry, N. H., by 
Rev. W. E. Renshaw, Dec. 5, 1893, George Nelson Conley, b. Jan. 8, 
1870, in Danville, Province of Quebec, of John William and Elizabeth 
(Polter) Conley. George Nelson Conley came to Surry, N. H., in 1889, 
and has since lived there except the first year after his marriage when 
they were on his father's farm in Danville. He owned Surry village 
store between 1894 and 1900 ; the first two years in company with (434) 
Arthur M. Carpenter. The past twelve years he has been a farmer and 
butcher. He removed to Springfield, Mass., Oct. 191 2. Children b. in 
Surry, N. H. : 

561. Gertrude Hazle", b. Nov. 19, 1894. 

562. Rov Nelson", b. Feb. 21, 1896. 
56.3. Charlie Henry", b. May 31, 1898. 

564. Raymond", b. Nov. 23, 1899. 

565. Richard Arthur", b. June 27, 1902. 

566. Mason Carpenter", b. Dec. 5, 1910. 


436. GERTRUDE JANE" CARPENTER m., by Rev. Eaton of 
Walpole, N. H., Sept. 27, 1890, Herbert Roberto Grain, b. in Walpole, 
N. H., May 24, 1868, of Frederick Roberto and Melissa Caroline (Wil- 
bur) Grain, who removed from Walpole to Surry, N. H., in 1870. Her- 
bert R. Grain has been a farmer, butcher and merchant. Resides in 
Surry, N. H. Children b. in Surry, N. H. : 

567. Maude Carpenter'\ b. June 30, 1891, res. Spring^field, Mass. A nurse. 

568. Robert Mason", b. July 24, 1893. 

569. Grace Mary", b. Sept. 29, 1895. 

570. Guy Herbert", b. Sept. 30, 1897, d. Jan. 6, 1899. 

571. Gladys Melissa", b. Aug. 11, 1899. 

572. Harold Fred", b. Oct. 24, 1900. 

437. FRED EUGENE^" CARPENTER went to Chicago, 111., 
Mar. 15, 1903, and entered the employ of his uncle, Elbridge W. Britton, 
in his bakery business. In April 1904, he went to the Pacific coast with 
his uncle. La Forest John Carpenter, and, after visiting Seattle, Bellino-- 
ham, and Herman, Washington, returned the following Aug. to Keene, 
N. H., where he has since been with the Newburyport Silver Co. and in 
a market. He m. in Keene, by Rev. H, S. Mitchell, May 18, 1910, Nel- 
lie Medora Pickering ; b. in Holyoke, Mass., May 22, 1885, of John 
Ouincy and Lucina Hannah (Perham) Pickering, formerly of Gilsum 
and Acworth, N. H. 

438. MABEL HARRIET '' CARPENTER was a telephone 
operator in the Keene Exchange several years. She married, in Keene, 
by Rev. T. E. Cramer, Nov. 12, 1907, James Leland Perry, b. Mar. 20, 
1877, at Warwick, Mass., of John Leland and Martha (Chapin) Perry. 
He lived in Pltzwilliam and Troy, N. H., and settled in Keene about 
1900. Proprietor of Carriage Repository, Vernon St., Keene. Child b. 
in Keene : 

573. John Carpenter", b. Apr. 11, 1911. 

443. BLANCHE IOLA^° CARPENTER graduated from Burr 
& Burton Seminary at Manchester, Vt., June 15, 1897; m. at Surry, 
N. H., by Rev. W. F. Whitcomb, Sept. 23, 1903, Herbert Earl Hall, b. 
in Westmoreland, N. H., July 28, 1878, of James and Lodema (Pratt) 
Hall. He is R. R. Station Agent, Tel. Operator, and Post-master at 
Westmoreland Depot, N. H. 

446. MYRTIE ALICE" CARPENTER m. in Keene, Nov. 
8, 1904, by Rev. J. E. Robbins, Clifford Willis Martin, b. in Richmond, 
N. H., Aug. 5, 1879, of Danford Willis and Emma J. (Starkey) Martin. 
He came to Keene in 1902 and entered the employ of Hoi brook Gro- 
cery Co., where he is still employed as shipper in wholesale department. 
Their children : 


574. Phyllis Wilbur", b. Sept. 5, 1905, Richmond, N. H. 

575. Charlotte Irene", b. Aug. 12, 1907, Keene, N. H. 

576. Marion Frances", b. Aug. 15, 1909, Keene, N. H. 

447. EARL RALPH '' CARPENTER has been in employ of 
Gen. P21ec. Co. in Lynn, Mass., and Boston Gear Works, Norfolk Downs, 
Mass., 191 2. He m., by Rev. Joseph Walther, June 5, 1910, Marion 
Garfield Stoddard, b. Jan. 16, 1892, in Ouincy, Mass., of Willey K. and 
Clara N. (Stetson) Stoddard. Ch. b. in Ouincy, Mass.: 

577. Ralph Merrill", b. Mar. 23, 1911. 

578. Ellsworth Noyes", b. Jan. 24, 1912. 

579. 1913. 

448. RENA '' CARPENTER m. in Keene, N. H., by Rev. Elwin 
Hitchcock, July 3, 1909, Charles Giffin Dana, b. Nov. 7, 1891, at West- 
moreland, N. H., of Marshall Ezra and Etta Eudora (Giffin) Dana. 
They live in Ashburnham, Mass. He is a chair maker. Children : 

580. Morris Jean", b. Jan. 25, 1910, Keene, N. H. 

581. Ruth Evelyn" b. Nov. 8, 1911, Ashburnham, Mass. 

456. LOUIS RAYMOND" CLARK m. in Chicago, Nov. 14, 
1892, Flora Mary Lindsay Hoar, b. in Nova Scotia, Dec. 13, 1869, of 
Miles and Elizabeth Chipman (Hazen) Hoar. Children : 

582. Harry Merrill", b. Sept. 8, 1893, Mountain Iron, Minn. 

583. Margaret Raymond", b. Jan. 11, 1895, Mountain Iron, Minn. 

584. Edwin Hasen", b. Aug. 11, 1900, Lexington, Neb. 

585. Millicent Mary", b. luly 28, 1909, Duluth, Minn. 

460. GEORGE WOODBURY" EVANS m. in St. Paul, Minn., 
Feb. 18, 1901, Grace Lucille Barker (Brigham), b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Aug. 6, 1877. Mrs. Evans' legal name was Brigham, but she has never 
known any other name than Barker, her stepfather's. Children b. in 
St. Paul, Minn. : 

586. Gladys Graham", b. Oct. 9, 1903. 

587. George Woodbury", Jr., b. June 26, 1905. 

461. ERI CLARK" EVANS m. in Seattle, Wash., June 19, 1907, 
Helen Minnie Whitaker, b. in Fergus Falls, Minn., June 2, 1885. Ch. 
b. in Seattle : 

588. Eri Richard", b. Mar. 20, 1909. 

graduated from Rush Medical College in 1907 ; was interne in Chicago 
Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary for six months ; then house physi- 
cian in Chicago Baptist Hospital for eighteen months ; located in 
Raymond, So. Dakota. He m. in Chicago, June 8, 1910, Jessie Alice 
Meeker, b. in Reedsburg, Wis., Feb. 4, 1884, of Dr. Henry and Harriet 
(Greene) Meeker. Res., 191 3, Arnegard, No. Dak. 


465. WILLIAM MARSHALL 1" McBRATNEY has been twice 
elected to the Idaho Legislature ; is trustee of Lewiston State Normal 
School at Lewiston, Idaho; trustee of Methodist Church at Weiser, 
Idaho, for past eight years. M. in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Rev. 
Henry, Aug. 8, 1901, Anna Slagle ; b. Nov. 17, 1877, in Fisher, 111., of 
Rev. Peter and Cordelia (Bean) Slagle. Sheepman. Res. Weiser, 
Idaho. Ch. b. in Weiser, Idaho: 

.S8*). Kenneth Robert'^, b. Oct. 26, l'X)4, d. Apr. 14, l'«S. 
590. Edward William'^, b. ¥eh. l.S, 1907. 
501. Fred ", b. July 16, 1010. 

468. ADA LUELLA" GIBSON m., Aug. 31, 1907, Frank 

D. Campbell, of Arthur and Myra ( ) Campbell. They 

sailed April 20, 1910, from New York for Bombay, and have been mis- 
sionaries of the Methodist Episcopal Mission since that time. Are now 
located in Jagdalpur, C. P. Deccan, India. Their ch. : 

592. F^LEANOR Louise", b. May 29, 1009, in Ehxtmington, III. 

469. HARRIETT PEARL »» GIBSON m., at Geneva, 111., Feb. 
26, 1910, Otto G. Reed, b. at Camp Point, 111., Feb. 15, 1886, of Ray. 
mond and Amanda Reed. He is an electrical lineman, res. in Aurora, 111. 

474. MARCIA^" GIBSON m., at Tabernilla, Canal Zone, by Rev. 
Henry Collins. Apr. 27, 1908, Robert Marcena Sands; b. Oct. 5, 1876, 
in Mobile, Ala., of Charles Dorrance and Isabella Annette Sands. 
Robert M. Sands entered office of Capt. J. M. Falkner, Dist. Attorney 
L. & N. R. R. as stenographer in July 1893. In Jan., 1905, he became 
private secretary of the mayor of Montgomery, Ala. He resigned this 
position in Aug. 1905 to enter service on the Isthmus of Panama as 
stenographer. Became chief clerk of the Atlantic Division of the Isth- 
mian Canal, which position he held until Sept. 22, 191 1, when he resigned 
to become secretary and treasurer of the Terrell Land and Development 
Co. This position he now holds, residing in Rerdell, P. O. address Ter- 
rell, P'la. Ch. b. Gatun, Canal Zone : 

593. May Annette", b. July 1,3, 1909. 
,594. Robert Gibson", b. Aug. 16, 1911. 

475. CAROLINE^" GIBSON m., at Rerdell, Florida, Nov. 5, 
19 1 2, Dr. Lila Hazelton Paul. Res. Caryville, Fla. 


532. RUTH GARVIN" CARPENTER m., in Springfield, 
July 20, 1910, P'rank William Livingston; b. July 27, 1883, in Spring- 
field, Mass., of James O. and Mary (O'Brien) I.ivingston. Ch. b. in 
Springfield, Mass. : 

595. T30R0THY Arlene^^^ b. Dec. .51, 1910 or 1911. 

596. 191.3. 



545. MARION ELLEN" GATES m., by Rev. T. E. Cramer, 
Oct. 21, 1908, George Emery Eraser; b. Jan. 25, 1887, in St. Martins 
(Greer Settlement) St. Johns Co., N. B., son of Wm. and Emma 
(Shaw) Eraser. He came to the United States and located in Keene, 
N. H., Dec. 15, 1905, where he is a farmer, residing on the Surry road. 
Ch. b. in Keene : 

597. Leslie James'^, b. Oct. 28, 19n. + 

598. Eleanor Patriciai^, b. May 2, 1913. 

551. DORA MARIETTA" BENEDICT m., by Rev. Leonard J. 
Dunne, Apr. 20, 1912, Glenn Arthur Miller ; b. June 30, 1893, in Lacey, 
Barry Co., Mich., of Arthur J. and Olive (Case) Miller. A farmer, re- 
siding in Bowne, Mich., near Freeport Village, where their daughter 
was born ; 

599. Elinor RuthenaI*, b. Feb. 6, 1913. 



597. LESLIE JAMES ^-^ ERASER. A great-^grandson of Ellen 
Maria (Carpenter) Kingsbury, No. 270, to whom this book is dedicated. 




HASKELL. WILLIAM ' HASKELL (Hascall-Hoskell) b. in England about 
1617; d. Aug. 20, 1693, probably in Gloucester, Mass. ; m, , Nov. 6, 1643, Mary Tibbets 
(Tybbot-Tibbots), dau. of Walter Tibbets of Gloucester, Mass., a selectman 1642-45. 
William Haskell came to America in 1632 and settled first in Beverly, Mass., but re- 
moved to Gloucester on or before 1642. His wife d. Aug. 16, 1693, and he d. Aug. 20, 
1693. His will was proved Sept. 4, 1693 ; in it he willed to his wife Mary, the use for 
life time of the north-east end of his dwelling house ; all his household goods, except 
his fire arms and edge tools, and all other tools and utensils that are used for husbandry, 
ten (10) pounds yearly ; two (2) cows, and sufficient wood. To his son, William^, one 
half of his farm in Bradford, Mass., and various tracts of land in Gloucester. Estate 
was £548-12-6. His children were : William", b. Aug. 26, 1644; d. June 5, 1708, 
Joseph^, Benjamin*, John*, Ruth*, Mary^, Sarah*, Mark^, Elinor^. 

WILLIAM* HASKELL, Jr., m. July 3, 1667, Mary Brown (also, called Mary 
Walker, after her step-father, Henry Walker) b. July 28, 1649, at Gloucester, of Wm. 
and Mar)- (Robinson) Brown, who came from England in the ship " Love'' in July 
1635, d. Nov. 12, 1715. He left an estate of £666-6-3. Ch. were : Mary^, William^ 
Joseph", Abigail^ Henry", b. Apr. 2, 1678 ; d. Apr. 17, 1739, Harvard, Mass., 
Andrew", Lydia", Sarah^, Elizabeth", Hannah", Jacob", Sarah". 

HENRY" HASKELL, m. Jan. 13, 1703, Ruth (York, perhaps) and was dis- 
missed to the church in Harvard, Mass., in 1735. His wife died there June 16, 1749, 
aged about 67 years. They had ch. : Ruth^ Mary*, Henry*, Jr., b. June 5, 1706, at 
Gloucester, d. Apr. 1, 1779, Ruth*, Sarah*, Samuel*, Lydia*. 

HENRY* HASKELL, JR., m., 1731, Huldah Smith, and they were dismissed 
from church in Gloucester to Harvard in 1737. He was buried in Lancaster, Mass., 
his headstone reading "in ye 73d. year of his age." Their ch. were : Huldah*, John', 
Ruth^, Abraham^, b. Nov. 16, 1745, in Lancaster, Mass., d. Dec. 13, 1833, in Ashby, 

DR. ABRAHAM* HASKELL studied under Rev. Mr. Harrington of Lan- 
caster, Mass., and Israel Atherton, M. D., the latter one of the most noted practi- 
tioners in the county at that time. Dr. Haskell began practice in Lunenburg under 
the patronage of Dr. John Taylor, and remained in Lunenburg till Dec. 1810. In 
these years he was frequently called in consultation 15 and 20 miles and even farther. 
From Lunenburg he went to Leominster where he continued in practice till he was 
nearly 80 years old, and he even retained a good share of his business till he was 87, 
when he was induced to go and live with his son, who had some time before removed 
to Ashby, Mass. He was above the ordinary stature and size, five feet and ten inches 
in height, well proportioned, rather muscular, but considered a handsomely formed 
man ; his walk easy and portly ; his head a little inclining forward, indicative of his 
contemplative and deep thinking mind. His physical constitution was robust and firm. 
He could endure watching and fasting beyond the ability of most men ; it seemed a 
matter of indifference with him whether he slept none or several hours during the 


night, or ate one or three meals in 24 hours, provided he was professionally engaged. 
The great object of his life was to alleviate the sufferings and subdue the diseases of 
his fellow creatures. " To do good and to communicate" was his governing principle. 
He was a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society and received the honorary 
degree of M. D. from Harvard College. He was married three times: 1st Sarah, 
dau. of Peter and Abigail Green of Lancaster, Mass. ; b. May 29, 1752 ; d. Apr. l.S, 
1795 ; m. 2nd, Dec. 24, 1795, Miriam, widow of Capt. James Patterson of Lunen- 
burg, Mass. ; d. May 12, 1804; 3rd, Experience, dau. of Samuel Jackson, and widow 
of John Cotton of Plymouth, Mass. : d. at Ashby, Mass., Dec. 13, 1835. 

Sarah Haskell, the first born child of Dr. Abraham and Sarah (Green) Haskell, 
was born Feb. 18, 1775, and was the wife of David Marshall, No. 42. 


READ. The Read family sprang from a younger son of the very ancient Berk- 
shire, Hertfordshire, and Oxfordshire house, seated, says Sir Walter Scott, a thousand 
years ago in Northumbria, to which belonged the Reads (now extinct), baronets of 
Brocket Hall, and from which descended the baronets of Shipton, and the Reads of 
Ipsden House. The first American Ancestors, whose father, a staunch cavalier, took 
an active part for King Charles L in the Civil wars, purchased a manorial grant in 
the province of Maryland from Lord Baltimore. It is a remarkable fact that this 
family contributed three signers of the Declaration of Independence, and four 
framers and signers of the Constitution of the United States. General Read's (No. 
120) great-grandfather, the Hon. George Read oi Deleware, one of the fathers and 
founders of the American Republic, originally held office under the Crown, as Attorney 
General, and afterwards wasoneof the six signersof the Declaration of Independence, 
who were also framers and signersof the Constitution of the LTnited States. His 
grandfather, the Hon. John Read, was a Senator of Pennsylvania, the American 
diplomatic agent under the Treaty of Amity with Great Britain in 1794, and the 
author of " British Debts." His father, (No. 74 of this book) was one of the most 
distinguished jurists that America has produced, and at one time was prominently 
named as a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. From " Men of the 
Time," 1879. 


Edward' Read, Lord of the manor gf Readon and High Sheriff of Berkshire, 
Eng. , 1439 and 1451. 

Sir Thcmas" Read (1540-1605). 

Richard'* Read (1572-1659) The Cavalier. 

Sir Charles'^ Read (1622-1674). 

Henry'' Read, Esqr (1662-1725). 

Col. John" Read (1688-1725). 

Hon. George^ Read (173.3-17%). 

Hon. John« Read (1760-1854). 

Hon. John Meredith^ Read (1797-1874) N<i. 74. 

Gen. John Meredith^'' Read (1837-1896) No. 120. 

John Meredith'' Read, 3rd. (1869- ) No. 217. 


WHITE. WILLIAM' WHITE is said to have come from England; wa.s 
living in Warren, Mass. , 1760 to 1780, and probably earlier and later ; m. Janet (Moss, 


possibly), and had the following children : Martha", Mary-, Jane'-, Hannah-, Saralr, 
Susie-, William, Jk.-, Joseph'-, Robert'^. 

WILLIAM'^ WHITE, jR.,b. in Warren, Mass., Feb. 17, 1767 (or Feb. 7, 
1766) ; d. Dec. 12, 1824, in Alstead, N. H. ; m. Nov. 25, 1790. Ruth Merritt, b. in 
Charlton, Mass., Apr. 4, 1767, of Samuel and Hannah Merritt. They lived in 
Warren till 1806, when they moved to Petersham, Mass., where they lived till 1814, 
when they moved to Alstead, N. H. She died July 5, 1840 ; both are buried in Alstead 
Centre cemetery. They had seven children born in Warren, and one in Petersham ; 
the oldest, Samuel'' White, b. in Warren, Dec. 28, 1791 ; m. Abigail Marshall, No. 
80. Samuel^ had one brother. Porter' White, who settled in Troy, N. H. 


WADSWORTH. GEt)KGE Wadsworth, (No. 107) was a lineal descendant of 
William Wadsworth, who came from England in the ship " Lion," landing at 
Boston in 1632. William Wadsworth was one of Parson Hooker's company that 
traveled through the wilds of Massachusetts and Connecticut to Hartford in 1636. 
Joseph W^adsworth of Charter Oak fame was a son of William Wadsworth. 
One of.GEORGK Wadsworth's great grandfathers was a colonel in the Revolutionary 
war, and an intimate friend of Washington and Lafayette. 

CARPENTER. (Submitted by request of members of the family.) 
WILLIAM! CARPENTER, b. in England about 1540. 
WILLIAM2 CARPENTER, IR., b. in England 1576, resided in London. 

WILLIAM^ CARPENTER, 3rd, b. in England 1605, came to America in 
1638, in the ship " Bevis " with wife, Abigail, and settled in Rehoboth, Mass. Had 
seven children. 

SAMUEL* CARPENTER, b. pn.bably in Rehoboth, Mass.. 1644; m. Sarah 
Readway of Rehoboth, May 25, 1660. Ten children : 9 sons and 1 daughter. 

SAUMEL" CARPENTER b. in Rehoboth, Sept. 15, 1661 ; m. Jan. 8, 1683, 
Patience Ide, who d. Oct. 28, 1732. He d. Jan. 17, 1736-37. Thirteen children. 

CHARLES « CARPENTER, b. in Rehoboth, Apr. 15, 1702, d. Jan. 17, 1744; 
m. 1731, Hannah Bosworth, who d. Feb. 13, 1747-48. Four ch. 

JEDEDIAH^* CARPENTER, b. in Rehoboth, Oct. 8, 1732; d. in Surry, 

N. H., Mar. 26, 1815; m. 1st, Sept. 5, 1754, Hannah , b. May 25, 1734, d. May 

26, 1759; m. 2d, Jan. 10, 1760, Mary Peck, b. Oct. 20, 1738 ; d. in Surry, May 10, 
1823. He was a farmer: removed from Rehoboth to Keene, N. H., where he bought 
land June 10, 1756, said to have been in Ash Swamp. In 1777, he moved to Surry, 
where he settled on a large tract of land, with a wilderness all about him. This land 
was on the highland west of the valley and about three miles north-westerly of the 
present village. After his sons became of suitable age, he deeded them portions of 
his farm, as will be seen by Book 28, page 62, of the Register of Deeds, Keene, where 
he sold on May 5, 1796, " for and in consideration of the love, goodwill and affection 
that I have and bear to my son Ezra^ Carpenter, of Surry, yeoman, the one half of the 

* His name also spelled Jedidiah. 


farm I now live on, lying and being in Surry * * * except what I have here-to-fore 
conveyed by deed to my sons, Charles and Aaron Carpenter and Henry Schovel, all 
of Surry," etc. Eleven ch. 

EZRA* CARPENTER, b. in Keene, June 9, 1774, of Jedediah and Mary 
(Peck) Carpenter, *d. in Surry, Dec. 3, 1854 ; m. 1st, Dec. 28, 1797, Betty Chapin, 
b. May 16, 1777, in Surry, of Justus and Johannah (Fuller) Chapin. (Justus Chapin 
was a direct descendant of Dea. Samuel Chapin, said to be the founder of Spnngfield, 
Mass.) d. in Surry, Sept. 14, 1819; Ezra Carpenter m. 2nd July 9, 1820, Mrs. Sibyl 
(Haywood) Smith. He was a farmer and settled on a portion of his father's home- 
stead in Surry ; on which land was built the Carpenter buildings shown on page 38 of 
this book. He and both his wives were members of the Christian Hollow church in 
Walpole, N.. H. His eleven children, by 1st wife, were ail born in Surry, N. H., and 
are : 

1. Luman^, b. Nov. 8, 1799, d. June 27, 1825. 

2. RuTH^, b. Apr. 6, 1801, d. Apr. 19, 1882, in Zearing, Iowa, and buried near 
Illinois Grove, Iowa ; m. Oct. 27, 1824, Dea. John Mason Adams of Walpole, N. H., 

son of John and Adams, b. Mar. 5, 1799, d. Nov. 8, 1857 in Walpole. They had 

ten children b. in Walpole: I. George">, b. May 7,1826; d. Aug. 27, 1826; II. 
Charles'o, b. July 13, 1827, d. June 4, 1835. III. Artemas'«, b. Mar. 31, 1830, d. Mar. 
17, 1874, Belle Plains, Wis. IV. Harriet^", b. Feb. 28, 1832, d. Feb. 28, 1835. 
V. John^'', b. May 25, 1834, res. Minneapolis, Kansas. VI. Mary Louisa"', b. June 

II, 1836, d. Nov. 15, 1868, Rockford, 111. VII. Frances Sophiai", b. May 26, 1839, 
m. D. S. Grant, res. Baxter, la. VIII. Julia^", b. Apr. 12, 1840, d. Apr. 6, 1844. 
IX. Martha^^ b. Oct. 3, 1842, d. Apr. 4, 1844. X. William Carpenterio, b. Oct. 17, 
1846, res. Glade, Kansas. John Mason and Ruth (Carpenter) Adams have had over 90 
descendants ; some of them went west before 1864, and Mrs. Adams and the rest of 
the children removed from the east in April 1864. Their descendants are now scattered 
through the middle west. John Roscoe Adams, a son of V. John, was mayor of 
Delphos, Kansas, in 1909. 

3. Hannah^, b. Apr. 7, 1802 ; d. young. 

4. WiLLARD^, b. Nov. 1, 1804 ; d. Jan. 27, 1875 ; m. Aug. 7, 1823, Sarepta 
Smith, b. May. 31, 1803. 9 ch. b. in Surry and Alstead, N. H. 

5. Betsey^, b. July 13, 1806, d. May 22, 1885; m. Mar. 5, 1844, Sylvester 
Smith of Surry, a soldier in war of 1812. No ch. 

6. Harriet®, b. Sept. 6, 1808, d. young. 

7. JOHN^, b. Apr. 23, 1810, a farmer, went to Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1837 or 
1838, and soon went to Fentonville, Genesee Co., where he bought a farm which he 
sold before Mar. 1839, and removed to Daysville (Watertown) Ogle Co., 111., where 
he bought a farm, now owned by his son-in-law, Virgil E. Reed, and where he died 
Dec. 19, 1874. He returned to N. H. but once ; m., Apr. 29, 1841, Louisa Chamber- 
lain, b. at Byron, N. Y. , Sept. 28, 1825, of Maj. and EHzabeth (Shedd) Chamberlain. 
They had five ch. b. at Daysville, 111. : 1. Francis DeWitt'^b. Aug. 10, 1842, d. Sept. 
2, 1843. II. Harriet Delilahio, b. Apr. 3, 1844, m. Virgil E. Reed ; d. Jan. 15, 1910. 

III. Francis Delos'*, b. Nov. 2, 1845, d. Nov. 11, 1845. IV. Betsey De Lana'", b.Sept. 
6, 1847, d. Oct. 19, 1847. V. Frank D. Willis'^, b. June 15, 18S2, m. Alice C. Bates. 
Res. Daysville. 

* Death date, Jan. 4, 1849, Gilsum History ; Dec. 2, 1854, Town Records ; Dec. 3, 1854, gravestone record; 
Dec. 4, 1854, Family Record. We take gravestone record. 



8. Marv», b. Jan. 21, 1812; d. Oct. 8, 1838, in Surry, m. June 1840, Willard 
Streeter, son of Jesse and Polly (Stocker) Streeter, b. Apr. 4, KS17, d. Apr. 26, 1878. 
They liad : I. Herman Oswell'", b. May 15, 1843; m. Hattie E. Kidder ; is a farmer 
and land surveyor in Surry, \. H. II. Harriet Arvilla^'^, b. July ,% 1851 ; m. Fred A. 
\Vri>;lit, a farmer and real estate dealer in Alstead Center, N. H. 

9. \VlLLlA.\i», b. Jan. 26, 1814 ; d. Oct. 8, 1890, in Keene, N. H.; m. May 2, 
1838, Abigail White. For record oi their children see page 39 (jf this l)ook. 

10. N.AN-cv ^:.^ b. Oct. 13, 1816, d. Apr. 25, 1890, at E. Alstead, X. H. ; m. 
May 17, 1856, James J. Hamilton, who d. Apr. 13, 1874, in Keene. No ch. 

11. AKVILLA^ b. Feb. 14, 1819, d. Sept. 6, 1848, in Keene ; m. William W. 
Sawyer of Keene. No ch. 

1 2 3 4 5 


1. Congregational church, where No. 137, Abigail [White] Carpenter and descendants attcndtn'. 

2. Village school house. 

3. Present residence of No. 269, George Henry Joslin and wife. 

4. The horse sheds. 

5. The Town Hall and village store, where several members of the Cariieiiter family liave liecn 
interested during the past 2-5 years. 


THORNTON. From Mrs. Lilla May (Clark) Chapman, St. James, Minn., and 
History of Acworth, N. H., 1869. 

RICHARD CLARK, said to be a direct descendant of Richard Clark wlio 
came over in the "Mayflower," and Sally (Thornton) Clark had Sumner C. Clark 
(Xo.139) b. in Walpole, X. H., Nov. 6, 1818, and Sarah Jane Clark (Xo. 136) b. 
Mar. 28, 1821. 

SALLY THORXTOX, b. Dec. 5, 1783, (probably) in Acworth, N. H., of 
Stephen and Elizabeth (Rogers) Thornton. 


STEPHEN THORNTON, b. Apr. 30, 1759, at Gloucester, R. I.; came to 
Acworth, N. H., probably from Ashford, Conn., previous to 1785 ; m. 1st at Acworth, 
Mar. 13, 1783, Elizabeth Rogers, b. Dec. 8, 1760 at Londonderry, N. H., of Lieut. 
John and Jane (Ewins) Rogers ; m. 2nd, Zilpha Havens, Aug. 4, 1805, at Ashford, 
Conn. Stephen and Elizabeth (Rogers) Thornton had ch. : Sally, b. Dec. 5, 
1783; John, b. May 18, 1785 ; Jesse, b. Jan. 22, 1787 ; Baptist, b. Aug. 27, 1788 ; 
Stephen, Jr., b. Apr. 18, 1790 ; Dorcas, b. Mar. 29, 1792; Arial, b. Dec. 17, 1793, 
Calvin, b. July 30, 1795 ; David, b. Mar. 19, 1797 ; Lucy, b. Mar. 12, 1800 ; Elizabeth, 
b. July 23, 1802. 


JOSLIN. From Page Genealogy. 

THOMAS' JOSLIN, at 43 years of age, in 1635, came to America in the 
" Increase " from London, England, and landed in Hingham, Mass., with him came 
his wife, Rebecca, of same age, and children: Nathaniel, age 8, Rebecca^, age 18, 
Dorothy^, 11, Elizabeth"-^, 6, and Mary"-^. They removed to Lancaster, Mass. 

NATHANIEL ^ JOSLIN, b. about 1627, in England ; m. Sarah King, dau. of 
Thomas King ; d. in Marlboro, Mass. , Apr. 8, 1694. 

NATHANIEL'' JOSLIN, b. Apr. 21, 1658, in Lancaster, Mass. ; d. Mar 5, 
1726, in Marlboro ; m., July 20, 1682, Hester Morse. 

JOSEPH^ JOSLIN, b. Nov. 23, 1699, in Marlboro, d. 1762, in N. Y. City ; m. 
Dec. 6, 1725, in Marlboro, Catherine Reed, b. 1702, in Marlboro ; d. 1779. 

PETERS JOSLIN, b. Dec. 13, 1730, in Westboro, Mass. ; d. 1802, Winchen- 
don, Mass. ; m. in Bolton, 17.54, Elizabeth Greenlief, b. 1731, d. 1807. 

PETER" JOSLIN, jR.,b. Oct. 12, 1759, Shrewsbury, Mass., d. Dec. 12, 1837, in 
Surry, N. H. ; m. at Winchendon, June 1, 1786, Sarah Kidder; b. Aug. 30, 1764, at 
Leominster, Mass. ; d. Feb. 17, 1848, Surry, N. H. 

GEORGE^ JOSLIN, b. July 5, 1804, Walpole, N. H., d. there, Sept. 28, 1877; 
was a farmer in Walpole and Surry, N. H. ; m. 1st, June 7, 1827, in Surry, Elizabeth 
S. (also called Betsey) Hills ; b. in Surry. Sept. 7, 1808, of Samuel and Lucy (Thomp- 
son ?) Hills. They had nine ch. ; m. 2nd, Oct. 15, 1849, Catherine Marsh and had 
five ch. 

GEORGE HENRY« JOSLIN, b. May 16, 1837, in Surry ; m. Mar. 14, 1860, 
Josephine Angeline Carpenter. For record of their descendants see No. 269. 



JOSEPH 1, b. in England, m. Millicent Ames in England ; came to America, 
1628 ; made a freeman in Mass. Colony, June 2, 1641 ; settled in Dedham, Mass., 
1636; d. May 1676; had Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, Jr., John, Eleazar, 

NATHANIEL", b. Mar. 26, 1650, in Dedham; d, Oct. 14, 1694; m. Mary 
Bacon, Oct. 14, 1673 ; hadch. , Nathaniel, James, Timothy, John, Daniel, Millicent, 


DKA. DANIEL^, b.Nov. 11, U.SS, in i )r(lli,nn ; d. Apr. 27, 17.S4, in Wrentham, 
Mass.; m. , Dec. 29, 1713, P:iizahL'tli Stc\ ens (or Stephens); had cli. : Daniel, 
Steplien, Klizahetli, Mary. 

DAXIEL\b. Mar. 11, 171.^, in Wrentham, d. Mar. 2.^ 1 7S3, in Franklin, 
Mass.; m. 1st, Now .\ 1737, I5eriaii Mann, b. Apr. 27, 1719 ; d. May 12, 17.5.S; m. 
2nd, Oct. 19, 1755, widow Abigail Adams, who d. Oct. 22,1759. Cli. were : Na- 
thaniel, Lydia, Daniel, Samuel, John, Timotliy, J.\,\iK.s, John, Theodore, Twins, 
Peter, Benjamin. 

NATHANIELS, b. Feb. IS, 17.^9, in Wrentham, d. Jan. 26, 1803, Keene, N. H. ; 
m. 1st, Apr. 25, 1765, Mehitable Johns(jn, who d. in Keene, Feb. 29, 1768 ; m. 2nd, 
Mar. 16, 1769, Hannah Ware of Wrentham, who d. in Keene, Sept. 25, 1785; m. 
3rd, Jan. 20, 1791, Rebecca Bij^elow of Framingham, Mass., who d. in Keene, Mar. 
16, 1824. Ch. : Abigail, Jerusha, Nathan, Hannah, Abial, Abijah, Ciiloe, Nathaniel, 
Samuel, Cyrus. 

ABIJAFI '', b. ]\Iar. 5, I77S, in Keene, d. Oct. 7, 1860, in Keene ; m. Sept. 12, 
1803, Abigail Wilder ; had ch. : William, Charles, JosiAii, Abijah Wilder, Albert, 
Julia Ann, Mary, George, Abigail Ivlartha, Sarah, Elizabeth. 

JOSIAH ", b. Nov. 6, 1807, in Keene, d. Nov. 19, 1893, in Keene ; m. 1st, Mar. 
22, 1838, Sarah Baker, who d. Apr. 25, 1843 ; m. 2nd, Sept. 6, 1843, Cynthia Baker, 
who d. Feb. .5, 1854; m. 3rd, Feb. 7, 185.5, Delilah H. Dickinson, who d. Dec. 11, 
1870; m. 4th, Mar, 24, 1874, Eloisa Taft, who d. July 1, 1897. He was a farmer, set- 
tled in Surry, about 1838 (on the large farm now^ owned by Jasper N. Keller of Bos- 
ton) and where he lived till 1866, when he removed to Keene. Ch. by 1st wife : 
Edward Appleton, George Bradley. 

EDWARD APPLETON^, b. Feb. 14, 1839, in Surry, N. H. ; m., June 29, 
1864, Ellen Maria Carpenter (No. 270), where records of their ch. are given. Their 

FRANK BURNSIDE " (No. 428) is the compiler of this book. 


Descent as above to Daniel ' Kingsbury, b. Mar. 11, 1715. 

JAMES ^ b. Jan. 3, 1748, in Franklin, Mass., d. May 28, 1821, in Franklin; 
m., Aug. 10, 1790, Mary Walker and had Samuel. 

REV. SAMUEL^, b. May IS, 1798, in Franklin, Mass. ; d. Nov. 8, 1867, in 
Tamworth, N. H. ; m. Dec. 16, 1829, Mary Babcock and had : Josiah Babcock, Wil- 
liam Henry, James Mills, Susan Mary, Josiah Weare Babcock, Harlan Page, 
Edward Pavson. 


KP:\'. JOSIAH W. B.', 1). in UiKlcrhill, 
Vt. , Oct. 2, 1838 : d. Jan. 14, I'AK), in Brain- 
tree, Mass. He was a graduate of Dart- 
mouth College, 1862, and a student for two 
years at Princeton, (N. J.) Theological Sem- 
inary, leaving before the course was com- 
pleted to enter the service of the United 
States Sanitary Commission in the Civil War. 
fn 1866 he was ordained as Congregational 
minister in Oueeche, \t. A faithful minis- 
ter of the gospel for over thirty years. He 
was m. (3ct. 2, 1865, to Mary Hill Jack- 
son, and had : William Josiah, Joseph Jack- 
son, Samuel, George Dean, Mabel Hope, 
Mary Elizabeth, Noah Jackson, Grace Ethel. 

^. /a /tt>i^t^^"^~i^Ayy:. 

Usually wrote his name as above. 

MABEL HOPE« m. Frank Burnside Kingsbury (No. 428). 
End of Appendux. 

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22. 1! 


No. 88, place of death changed fnjm " Philadelphia' ' to Marietta, Ohio. 

No. 101, add the -f after " Mass." 

No. 131, add the + after ' ' Mass. " 

No. 226 and 227, add the -f after " Pa." 

No. 149, change date of his marriage from "June 20, 1800," to June 

to George F. Mar- 
to Lunenburg. 

Page 48. No. 178, change name of "George F. Newton 
shall, also his children to Marshall. 

Page 49. No. 343, change res. of E. W, Baker from " Fitchliurs. 

Page 59. The Joslin foot-note "6" should be changed to 7. 

Page 61. In I9th line from top of page change June " 1 " t(.) June 21, 1865. 

Page 12). In 25th line from top change " Mississippi" to Missouri River. 

Page 61. After an absence of almost forty years (No. 271) Dr. Jasper H. Car- 
penter expects to visit his old New Hampshire birtliplace, in July, 1913, accomjianied 
with his grand-daughter (No. 550) Bessie R. Benedict. 


Aaron, 11 

x\bi<rail, 7, 10, 14, 8/ 
A])raham, 10, 16 
Albert, 8 
Alhert A., 22 
Albert F., 47 
Albert S., 22 
Alice, 72 
Allice, 7 
Almira, '), 12 
Annie, 22 
Annie L. , 47 

Beatrice L. , 48 
Benjamin, 5, Id, 23 
Benjamin ^ ., 47 
Benjamin '^., 12 


Calvin C, 23 
Charles A., 2! 
Charles G., 12, 17, 29, 42 
Charles S., 21, 47 
Charlotte, 9, 13 
Charlotte B.,43, 71 
Chester F., 48 
Christopher, 5 
Clarkson R., 46, 7i 
Clifton G., 16, 42 
Clifton X., 71 
Cyrus, 8 


Daniel, 6 

David, 7, 8, 10, 14, 86 
David, Ir., 15 
Delia L". , 45 

Ed, 23 
Edith H., 47 
Edward B., 23, 48 
Edward T., 18, 45, 47 
Edwin S., 24, 48 
Ella, 43 

Ellen F., 46, 73 
Ellen D., 18 
Elijah H., 11 
Eliza, 8 
Eliza A., 8 
Elizabeth, 5 


PZmily, 9, 12 
Eimily ()., 12, 27 
E^mma F. , 18 
Eric, 8 
Ernest L., 47 
Estella L. , 45 
Eunice, 6 
PIveline K., 16 

Fiorina A., 45, 73 
Fiorina W., 18 
Forest E., 72 
Frances A., 16 
Frank A., 43, 71 
Frank . ,23, 47 
Frank K. , 2i 
Fred A., 43, 72 
Fremont, 23, 47 


George, 22 
George E., 17, 42 
George F. , 23, 48 
Georsianna J., 45 


Hannah, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1 1 
Hattie E., 45, 73 
Haydn M., 16 
Helen C, 72 
Henrietta J., 45 
Henr>', 9, 12, 13, 27 
Henry A., 17, 43 
Henry N. , 42, 43, 71 


Ira, 8 
Isaac, 6, 7, 8 

acob, 7, 8, 1 1 
ames, 8, 11, 22, 23 
ames A. , 18, 44 
ames C, 22, 2i, 47 
ames E., 21, 45, 47 
ames H. , 10, 21, 23 
ennie, 47 
oanna, 6, 
ohn, 5, 6, 7, 8, 21 
ohn I., 12 

oseph, S, 8, 10, 22, 23 
useph T. , 17, 43 

losiah, 7, 8, 12, 29 
Jobiah T., 9, 11 


Leland M. , 73 
Ll(;vd K., 71 
Lucy J., 16,41 


Marian, 9, 13 

Marie, 48 

Martha, 8, 10, 17, 21, 22 

Martha A., 11 

Mary, 6, 8, lo, 12, 27,47,74 

Mary PI, 18 

Marv J., 18, 45, 72 

Maud," 47 

Mehitable, 6 

Micah, 8, 

Minna L. , 48, 74 

Mollv, 8 


Nancy, 8, 10, 14 
Nathan, 8 
Nathaniel, 8 

Olive, 8, 11, 23 
Owen D. , 48 


Phebe, 7 
Phoebe, G 
Priscilla, 9, 13 
Priscilla R., 12, 29 


Rachel M., 72 
Ralph W., 72 
Randall E., 47 
Rebecca, 5, 7, 8, 11 
Richard, 47 
Ruth, 6 

Sabina, 9 
Sally, 8 

Sally G., 10, 14 
Samuel, 5,6, 7, 8, 10,22,35 
Samuels., 12, 27 
Sarah, 5, 10 

Sarah H., 16, 18, 41, 46 
Silas, 11, 24 
Sophia, 10, 15 
Sophronia, 8 



Tlicimas, ,S, 6 
Timothy, 8 


William, 5, 6, 10, 47 
William A., 18 
William, Dea., 17, 18, 21 
William I., IS, 45, 46 

William L. , 45, 72 
Winifred F., 47 

Zachariah, 21, 22 



Anne F., 53, 74 
Caroline L., 53 
Helen F., 53, 74 
Judge Josiali, 52 
"Madelaine L., 53, 74 
Samuel A. B., 52 


Abigail, 91 
Artemas, 88 
Charles, 88 
Frances S., 88 
George, 88 
Harriet, 88 
John, 88 

Dea. John M., 88 
John R., 88 
lulia, 88 
Martha, 88 
Martlia F. , 34, 56 
Mary A. , 34 
Mary L. , 88 
Stephen F. , 34 
Stephen S. , 34 
William C, 88 

Lyman, 14 


Benjamin F., 78 
Ida M., 78 
Nellie I., 78 


Alvah, 58 
Henrietta, 58 
J(jhn B. , 58 
John O. , 74 
Millicent, 90 
Patty, 8 
William, 74 

Elsie W., 75 

Hannah, 6 
James W., 75 
John, 75 


Alexander, 52 
Charies W., 52 
Samuel L., 52 


Lucy E., 47 
Mary, 92 
Ruth W., 47 
William W., 47 

Mary, 90 


Charles O., 15, 17 
Henrietta, 15, 41 
Otis, 15 


Charles B., 74 
Charles F. , 11 , 49 
Cynthia, 91 
Edith B., 18, 11 
Emerson, 18, 49, 74 
Jesse, 26 
Sarah, 91 
Sophia, 26 
William, 26 
William H., 27 

Mr., 79 


Alice M. , 35 
Ambrose, 14, 35 
Benjamin, 14 
Bertha, 35 
Charles, 35 
Charles B. , 14, 35 
Clara A. , 35, 56 
Ella J. ,35, 57 
P2mma C, 35, 56 
George A., 35, SI 
LillaA., 35 
Lurinda, 35 
Martha, 14, 34 
Mary, 14, 34 
Nancy, 14, 34 

Otis B., 14, 35 
Sarah M., .^5, 57 
Walter B,, 57 
Willie, 35 
William M., 14, 34, 35 

Fiorina W., 17 


Dora R., 76 
Joseph, 76 
Sarah F., 76 

Alice C, 88 


Mary A., 69 
Mary E. , 69 
William, 69 


Bessie R., 79 
Caroline E., 79 
Clarence M., 79 
Dora M., 80, 84 
Horace S., 79 


James, 8 

Rebecca, 91 

P^red, 11 


Alice, 27, 51 
Henry M., 27, 51 
Isaac, 27 
James W., 11, 51 
Marshall, 51 
Walter C. , 51 

Hannah, 'il 




Abigail, 1 1 
Abigail E., 11 
Anna E., 26 
Carrie E., 49 
Charles M.,26, 49 
Flint H., 27,49 
Francis M., 24, 48 
Georges., 11, 24, 26 
Georgianna A., 24, 48 
Granville, 26, 49 
Harris M., 49 
Ida R., 26 
Jacob M., 11, 24, 27 
Jonathan, 1 1 
Olive R., 11, 26 
Martha F. , 26 
Micah M., 1 1 , 27 
Sarah A., 26 
Sewel, 1 1 

Mary C. , 71 


John A., 76 
Lucinda E. , 76 
Lucy N. , 76 


Horatio, 13 
Mrs. Horatio, 32 
Hon. James, 13 
Marian, 13 

Grace L. B., 82 


Betsey C, 57, 64 
Bradley, 57, 64 
Delbert W., 57, 76 
Elbridge W., 57 
Harriet M., 64 
Jennie B., 57, 75 
Marjorie I., 76 


Frank H., 76 
Henrietta B., 76 
Rosetta, 76 


Albert N., 75 
Clara H., 75 
Clementine H. , 75 
George H. , 75 
Hepsibeth, 8 
Ruth E., 75 


Abigail, 7 
Elizabeth, 21 
Mary, 7, 85 
Samuel, 7 
Wm., 85 


Almira, 21 
John, 6 
Mary, 6 


Abel, 8 


George H. , 67 
Hannah W., 67 
Olney P. , 67 
Harold A., 67 
Hervey L. , 67 


Elizabeth, 71 
Everett E., 72 
George, 71 
George M., 72 
Robert K. , 71 
Walter, 72 


Arthur, 83 
Eleanor L., 83 
Frank D., 83 
Myra, 83 


Aaron, 88 
Abigail, 36, 87 
Agnes E., 65 
Arthur M., 63, 80 
Arvilla, 89 
Betsey, 88 
Betsey D., 88 
Betty, 37 
Blanche I., 65, 81 
Charles, 87, 88 
Earl R., 66, 82 
Ellen M., 39,59,60, 91 
Ellsworth N. , 82 
Ernest W. , 59, 76 
Ethel W., 67 
Eugene R., 39, 64, 65 
Ezra, 37, 87, 88 
Flora A., 39, 66 
Florence M., 64 
Francis D., 88 
Francis D., 88 
Frank D. W., 88 
Frank DeW., 39, 63, 64 

Fred A., 39 

Fred E., 64, 81 

Gertrude J., 63, 81 

Hannah, 88 

Harriet, 88 

Harriet D., 88 

Harriet R., 39, 65 

Harry L., 64 

Helen A., 80 

Isabel M., 80 

lasperH., 37,38,39, 61,62 

Jedediah, 58, 87, 88 

John, 88 

Josephine A., 39, 59, 90 

La Forest J., 39,66, 67,81 

Laura E., 80 

Lillian T., 67 

Lucile E., 80 

Luman, 88 

Luman M. , 39, 58, 59 

Mabel H., 64, 81 

Martha E., 39, 67 

Marietta C, 39, 66 

Mary, 89 

Mason A., 38, 39,62,63, 

Mason D., 80 
Maud L. , 63, 80 
Merrill D., 39, 66 
Mildred F. , 80 ' 
Myra A., 37, 39, 67 
Myrtie A., 66, 81 
Myrtie L., 76 
Nancy E., 89 
Rachel S.,67 
Ralph M., 82 
Rena, 66, 82 
Robert, 66 
Ruth, 88 
Ruth G. , 76, 83 
Samuel, 87 
Sarah A., 62, 79 
Willard, 36, 88 
William, 15, 36, 37, 38, 

87, 89 


Caroline V., 23 


Luella M., 70 
Patrick D., 70 
Ruth C, 70 


Carroll C, 41 
Clifton M., 41 
Elizabeth S., 88 
Frank, 57 
Herbert W., 41, 70 
Jennie, 41, 70 
Joseph S., 41, 71 




Louisa, 88 
Lucy M., 41, 71 
Mabel, 57 
Major, 88 
Otis, 57 
William L,41 


Betty, 88 
Johannah, 88 
Justus, 88 
Dea. Saniue} 


Lawrence H. , 68 

Mary J. , 68 

Merrill C. , 68 

Newton W., 68 

Willis A., 68, 69 

Dr. WinthropS., 68, 82 


Alvin B., 77 
Alvin E., 77 
Clarence A., 77 
Hazel K. , 77 
Madalene K., 77 
Mildred S., 77 
Pearl E.,77 
Sarah B., 77 


Abby F., 42 
Annie H., 71 
Raymond H.,42, 72 
Ethel W., 42 
George H., 21, 41, 42 
Lucy H., 42, 71 
Marshall A., 42, 71 
Percy K., 42 
Sarah M., 71 

Alva, 51 
Harriet, 51 


Abbie E. , 40, 68 

win H., 82 
Frankie H., 68 
Harry E. , 68 
Harry M., 82 
Lilla M., 40, 68 
Louis R., 68, 82 
Marg-aret R., 82 
Merrill M. , 40, 67, 68 
Millicent M., 82 
Richard, 36, 40, 89 
Rosa A. B. , 40 

Roy S., 68 
Sally, 36, 40 
Sarah E., 35 
Sarah J., 36 
Sumner C, 14,40, 9,1 


George A. , 57 
Luman D., 57 
Nella H., 57 
Sarah A., 57 
Warren, 57 


Andrew, 45 
P^benezer, 73 
P^mily F., 45 
George S., 73 
Mary A., 45 
Nancy D., 73 


Charlie H., 80 
Elizabeth P., 80 
George N , 80 
Gertrude H., 80 
John W., 80 
Mason C, 80 
Raymond, 80 
Richard A., 80 
Roy N. , SO 


c. c.,6g 

Effie, 69 
Electa, 69 


Capt. Jonas, 42 

Peter, 6 

John, 86 


Almon, 64 
Pllizabeth A., 64 
Harriet E., 64 


Frederick R., 81 
Gladys M., 81 
Grace M., 81 
Guy H., 81 
Harold F., 81 
Herbert R., 81 

Maude C, 81 
Melissa C. , 81 
Robert M., 81 

George A. J. , 67 


Alva, 22 
Samuel, 22 

Nathan, 6 


Frank, 57 

Mrs. Lucy A., 57 


Emily M., 51 
James B., 51 
"Margaret, 51 
Peter, 51 
Walter L., 51 


David, 59 
Rhoda C, 59 


Beula, 56 
Delia C, 56 
Florence G., 56> 
George O., 56 
Homer, 56 
Joseph, 56 
Myron F., 56 


Charles W., 55 


Catherine M. D. , 54 


Charles G. , 82 
Etta ?:., S2 
Marshall E. , S2 
Morris J., 82 
Ruth E.,82 


Dr. A. C, 66 
Asahel, 73 
Fannie E., 73 
George C. , 73 
Hattie E. , 73 
Merle A., 73 
Richard E., 73 




Geurj^-cG., 7::^ 


Count Max, S5 
Countess Alix, SS 
1 )elphine. 55 
Hugette, 55 
Joseph, 55 


Maria E., 52 

Evelena B. , 54 
William, 54 


John W., 57 
loseph, 57 
Martha S., 57 


John W. , 35 
Sarah M. , 35 


Benjamin, 7 


Herbert A.. 10, 23> 


Annetta, 80 
Dexter A. , 80 
Eva L., 80 


Benjamin, 55 
Ethel, 55 


Emily M., 30, 54 
George O. , 30 
Margaret B., 29 
Samuel, 29 
William H., 29 
William S. , 30 


Charles B., 57 
Mary P., 57 
Sarah B., 57 


William A., 17 


Dow, 65 
Guy H., 66 
Joseph F., 65 
Harriet R. C, 39 
Marteile M., 66 
Marv H.,65 


Dora M., 47 
Edith, 47 
Eri B., 68 
Eri C, 68, 82 
Eri P., 68 
Eri R., 82 
George \V. , f;8, ^2 
George W. , Ir. , ^2 
Gladys G., 82 
Mary S., 68 
Merrian, 47 
Sophronia H., 68 


John, 68 
Lavina M., 68 
Nancy, 68 


Calvin, 24 
Charlotte, 27 
Plooma, 24 


Cora M., 72 
Horace F., 72 
Martha J., 72 


Marshall, 29 


Lurinda B., 35 


Bridget, 8 
Charles H., 75 
Edith I., 75 
Ellen P., 46 
Harriet E., 46 
Henrietta R. , 75 
Joseph, 46 


Eleanor, 55 


Anne B., 29 
Hon. John B. , 29 


Eleanor P., 84 
Emma S., 84 
George E., 84 
Leslie J., 84 
William, 84 


John, 7 
Mary, 7 
Sarah, 7 


I )r. Saimiel, 6 

Charles 0., 66 


Franklin 1^., 78 
Uvia A., 78 
Marion K., 78, 84 
Ray A., 7S 
Wilder F., 78 


Ada L. , 69, S.^ 
Aldcn M., 41, 69, 70 
Caroline, 70, H^ 
Collins P., 41, 70 
Elsie C, 69 
Everett D. , 69 
Harriet L.,41, 69 
Harriet P., 69, 83 
Irma B., 70 
John, 40 
Marcia, 70, 83 
Rev. Oscar D., 40, 41 
William H.,69 


James, 8 


Archibald L. , 79 
Dr. Archie C. , 79, 80 
Frank C, 79 
lohn, 79 
Martha E., 79 


Alonson, 58 
Mary A. , 58 
Paulina L. , 58 


Addie E., 48 
Alice B., 58 
Charles A., 48 
Martha B., 48 
Gustavus A., 58 
Hannah J., 58 

John B., 11 

D. S., 88 

Horace, 32 




Abigail, 86 
Esther J., 56, 75 
Florence E., 75 
Maud L., 75 
Peter, 86 
Sally W., 55 
Sarah, 86 
William, 56 
William A., 56 
William S. , 56, 75 


Elizabetli S., 74 
Sarah A., 74 
William B., 74 


Elizabeth, 90 


Herbert E., 81 
James, 81 
Lodema P., 81 


Polly, 11 


Caroline M., 49 

HART. 8, 10 

Albert M., 10 
Daniel, 10 
Edwin D., 10 
George, 10 
John, 10 
Samuel, 10 
WiUiam, 10 


Eliza, 21 


Abigail, 85 

Dr. Abraham, 10, 85, 86 

Andrew, 85 

Benjamin. 85 

E:iizabetli, 85 

Elinor, 85 

Hannah, 85 

Henry, 85 

Henry, Jr., 85 

Huldah, 85 

Jacob, 85 

John, 85 

Joseph, 85 

Lvdia, 85 

Mark, 85 

Mary, 85 

Ruth, 85 

Marshall, 33 

Samuel, '85 

Stephen, 13, 33 

Sarali, 10, 85, 


William, 85 


William, Jr., 85 

Anna S., 73 

James H., 73 


Patience E. , 73 



Caroline A., 70 


Donald M., 70 

Hallock C.,70 

William, 43 

Henry H. , 70 
Herbert C, 70 


Lydia A., 43 


Anna M. M., 35 


Benjamin, 35 
Phebe, 35 

Rhoda, 21 



Arthur S. , 75 

Dorcas, 17 

Augustus J., 56 

Rebecca, 6 

Bernice F. , 56 

Dea. Samuel, 


Edwin A., 56 
Elizabeth W., 56 


Guy A., 56, 75 

Addie F., 72^ 

Mark K. , 75 

George H., 72 

Oscar A., 56, 75 

Maud M. , 72 



Edward, 5 

Betty, 90 


Elizabeth, 90 

Lucy T., 90 
Samuel, 90 

Emma H., 30, 54 
William H.,30 



Patience, 87 

Elizabeth C, 


Flora M. L., 



Miles, 82 

Experience, 86 
Mary H.,92 


Samuel, 86 

Burton L. , 74 


John, 74 


LeRoy B., 74 

Abraham, 7 

Mary E., 74 

Benjamin, 7 
Ebenezer, 8 


Hannah, 7, 8 

Elijah, 37 



Carol D., 74 

Amos, 13 

Charles, 74 

Charlotte M. , 

13, 32 

Charleen, 74 

Dudley, 33 
Ethel W.,33 

Edith, 74 


Mehitable, 91 

Florence C, 

33, 55 

Lieut. Thomas, 6 

George 0., 12 

, 33, 34 

Henry M., 33 


John G. ,13 

Annie E., 47 

losejihine, 33>, 


Isaac F.,35 

Margaret D. , 

33, 55 

Lucy H., 16 

Margaret M. 

R., 13 

Mrs. Sarah H. \\ 




Charles H., ^'_K ^U 
Charles L., 77 
Dorothv, '),) 
p:dith L., 5'> 
Elizabeth. 'iO 
Elizabeth S. . 59, 90 
Georjje, 59, 90 
George H., 59, 77, 90 
Henry G., 77 
Joseph, 90 
Josie 1., 77 
Lorna E., 77 
Marie M., 77 
Marv, 90 
Nathaniel, 90 
Peter, 90 
R ebecca , 9( ) 
The, mas, 90 

Jasper X., 91 

Capt.. 43 


Alice A., 71 
James F., 71 
Julia C. , 71 


Hattie, 89 
Sarah, 90 


Anna \V. , 74 
Charles A., 74 
Elizabeth F., 74 
Jean D., 74 
Priscilla M., 74 
Samuel \\ . , /4 


Col. John W., 42 

Sarah, 90 
Thomas, 90 


Ahio-ail, 91 
Abijah, 91 
Abijah W., 91 
Albert, 91 
Arthur A. , 78 
Benjamin, 91 
Bessie E., 61. 79 
Charles, 91 

Charles A., 61, 78, 79 

Chloe, 91 

Cyrus, 91 

Daniel, 90, 91 

Dea. Daniel, 91 

Delia F., 61, 7'i 

Eddie M., 61 

Edward A., 60, 61, 78, 91 

Eleazar, 90 

Elizabeth, 90, 91 

Ellen M. C, 84 

Florence L. , 78 

Frank B., 61, 77, 91,92 

George, 91 

George B.,6I,91 

George D., 92 

Grace E., 92 

Hannah, 91 

Harlan P., 91 

James, 90, 91 

James M., 91 

ferusha, 91 

John, 90, 91 

Joseph, 90 

Joseph, Jr., 90 

Joseph J., 92 

Josiah,60, 91 

Josiah B., 91 

Rev. Josiah W. B., 78,91 

Julia A. , 91 

Lizzie E. , 61 , 77 

Lvdia, 91 

Mabel H., 77, 78,92 

Mary, 90, 91 

Mary E. , 92 

Mary H., 78, 92 

May D. , 61 

Millicent, 90 

Nathan, 91 

Nathaniel, 78, 90, 91 

Peter, 91 

Samuel, 91, 92 

Rev. Samuel, 91 

Sarah, 90, 91 

Sarah B. , 60 

Stephen, 91 

Theodore, 91 

Timothv, 90, 91 

William H., 91 

William J., 92 


Hannah, 66 
Mary A., 66 
Thomas, 66 
Thomas B., 67 


Adolf, 54 
Eugenie M., 54 
Emile, 54 


yXmanda P.. 44 

Augustus, 44 
Julia, 44 


S. Henry, 41 
Samuel, 41 


Alonzo A. , 76 
Augustus H., 2i 
Cora E., 76 
Fiorina S. , 73> 
Hamor, 23 
James, 7cr 
Lizzie J. , 48 
Lucinda B.. 76 
Marion L., 71 
Seth, 8 


Dorothv A., 83 
Frank W., %2, 
James O. , 83 
Mary O. , ^i 


Elizabeth S. , 29, 52 
John P:. , 29 
"Samuel R. B., 29 


Ernest T. , 74 

Beriah, 91 


Catherine, 90 


Alice I. , 56, 74 
Charles B., 34 
Charlotte I. , 82 
Clifford W., 81 
Dan ford W., 81 
Earl R., 56, 74 
Eben F., 34 
Emma J. S., 81 
John P. , 34, 56 
Lula, 56, 75 
Marion F,. 82 
Phvllis W., 82 
William M., 37, .59 


Albert T., 3?y, =>r> 
Archibald S., ?,3> 




Charles F., 33, 55 
Charles S., 33, 55 
Charlotte M. , 3i, 55 
Cornelia, 33, 55 
Ellen P., 55 
Emily M., 33, 55 
George H., 33, 55 
Margaret S., 33 
Marian B., 33 


Elizabeth, 69 
Edward W., 83 
Elmo G., 69 
Fred, 83 
Kenneth R., 83 
Robert, 69 
Samuel, 69 
WiUiam M., 69, 83 


Amanda, 48 
Charles A. , 48 
Eva M., 48 


Elizabeth, 47 
Thomas, 47 


Annie J., 71 
Charles B., 71 
Irene B. , 71 


Harriet G. , 82 
Dr. Henry, 82 
Jessie A., 82 


Hannah, 87 
Ruth, 87 
Samuel, 87 


Abram C. , 76 
Arthur J., 84 
Charles, 76 
Elinor R.,„84 
Emily E., 76 
Glenn A., 84 
John G. , 52 
Ohve C, 84 
Sarah S. , 76 


James D., 57 
"Lucy W., 57 


Elizabeth G., 74 Dr. Lila H. , 83 

John B., 54 

John H., 54 _ PEACOCK. 

Nathaniel H., 54 -^^ -p p 

Samuel E., 54, 74 

Sidney B., 54 PEARSON. 


Mary, 74 

Rev. Appleton, 44, 60 
Asa, 43 

Elizabeth G. , 43 
Hester, 90 
Sarah J., 43 


Mary, 87 


Edward H., Jr. , 55 
Norton, 55 

Janet, 87 

Hiram, 59 

Mrs. Lucy M., .59 



James L. , 81 
John C. , 81 
lohn L., 81 
Martha C, 81 

E. S., 11 
Mary G., 23 


Edice H. , 35 
Loring, 35 


John 0., 81 
Lucina H., 81 

Nellie M., 81 



Ella J., 58 
Henry W., 58 
Margaret, 58 

Grace L, 57, 75 
Hosea A. , 57 
lerusha, 57 
Minerva A., 5/, 75 
William, 57 



Mila A. , 75 


Elizabeth S„ 54 
Roberts., 54 

Mary E., 63 
Samuel H., 63 
Susan J., 63 



Emily M., 13^ 
George H. , 1.3^ 
Harrison G. , 13 
Mary A., 13, 30 
Sally, 13 
William F., 12, 13 

Delphine M., 31 
Harmon, 31 


Caroline, 21 
Mary, 22 



Josiah, 12 

Abigail, 6 
Benjamin, 6 
Capt. Moses, 7 


Ruth, 5 



Mr. , 5 

Anna, 35 


Capt. James, 86 
Miriam, 86 


Albert B. , 77 

Charles, 86 




Delphiiie M. M., 31, S5 

Edward, 86 

Emily M., 13,30, 31, 54 

Hon. George, 86 

Harmon P., 31, 54 

Henrv, 86 

Hon.'lohn, 13, 86 

Gen. John M,, 13, 30, 86 

Gen. Jolm M. , 3rd, 31 ,,55, 

Mary, 13 
Priscilla, 13 
Richard, 86 
Thomas, 86 

Sarah, S7 


Amanda, 83 
Otto G. , 83 
Raymond, 83 
N'irgil E., 88 


Annie C, 4'J 


Joseph, 75 
Joseph P., 75 


Andrew, 6 
Elizabeth, 6 
Hannah, 6 
JoelB., 10 
Mary, 8 
Phoebe, 6 


Crammer, 51 
Jessie, 51 


Almira, 57 
Charles F., 57, 75 
David D., 57 
Etta M. , 57 
Francis, 57 
Julia A., 57 
Harvey D., 57 
Leona A. , 57 

Esther M., 56 
Isabel B., 56 
Thomas, 56 


Eunice, 6 
John, 6 
Mary S., 6 


Andrew, 62 
Catherine, 62 
John, 61, 62 
Lydia A., 62 
Martin, 62 
Mary M., 62 

Mr., 5 


David, 61 

Dr. John F., 62 


Ebenezer, 33 
Josephine W. D., 33 


Waldo B. , 46 
Waldo E. , 46 
Waldo \V., 46 


Charles D., 83 
Isabella A., 83 
May A., 83 
Robert G., 83 
Robert M., 83* 


Heniy, 88 


Leonard, 75 
Mary, 75 
Minnie L., 75 


Henry C, 34, 56 
Levi, 34 

Martha V., 34, 56 
Marv A., 34 
Paul H., 56 


Edward, 55 
Edward H., 55 
James, 55 
Margaret D. , 55 


Anna, 83 
Cordelia B., 83 
Rev. Peter, 83 


■ Garritt, 1 1 
Huldah, 85 
Mabel M., 76 
Sarepta, 88 
Mrs. Sibyl H., 88 
Sylvester, 88 
Trafford E., 56 


Lucy, 24 
Uicy A., 1 1 
Mary W., 24 
Silas, 24 


Mrs. Cornelia, 35 


Edward, 54 


Alexander E. , 30 
Alexander H., 30 
Byam K. , 30, 54 
Charlotte, 14, 35 
Curtis, 14 
Eben, 30, 54 
Elizabeth, 54, 91 
Elizabeth G., 30 
Emily L., 30, 54 
Frances G., 30, 54 
Francis K., 30, 54 
Mary O. , 30 
Sallv, 14, 35 
William A., 30 
William D. , 54 


Mary S. , 1 1 
Samuel, 11 


Clara N. , 82 
Marion G., 82 
Willey E., 82 


Francis A., 54 


Harriet A., 89 
Herman O., 89 
lesse, 89 
Polly S., 89 
Willard, 89 


Harrington, 54 
John B., 54 
Mary, 54 




Love D., 47 


Eloisa, 91 

Hannah F., 6 
John, 6 
Mary, 6 


Caroline E., 49 


Hannah, 24 
Nathan, 24 
Sarah A., 24 

Alonzo J., 12 
Edward W., 72 
Farwell X,, 72 
Harold N., 72 
Louisa X., 72 
Mation J. , 72 
RoUand'R., 72 
Roy M., 11 
Waldo F.,72 


A rial, 90 
Baptist, 90 
Calvin, 90 
David, 90 
Elizabeth, 90 
Elizabeth R ., 89,90 
Jesse, 90 
John, 90 
"Lucy, 90 
Sally, 89, 90 
Step^hen, 89, 90 
Stephen, Jr., 90 

P2d\vard S., 55 


Mary, 85 
Walter, 85 


Abi.y-ail, 8 
Charlotte, 17 


I., 52 

ALibel I. M., 52 


Elizabeth W\, l)i, 51 
Emily M., 28 
Georcre, 28, 52, 87 
Mrs. Georg-e, 13, 28 
Henry C, 28, 52 
James C, 28 
John v., 52 
|(jseph, 87 
"Lalley, 28 
William, 87 


Mrs. Daman's, 6 


Charles, 75 
John J ., 75 
Mary K.,75 
Virg-inia A., 75 


Emeline R., 47 
Henry, 85 
Mary, 85, 91 
Mary C. T., 47 
Samuel A., 47 


Hannah, 91 


Francis, 74 
John C. B., 74 
Maurice K. , 74 
Roscoe S., 74 


Freeman, 8 
Priscilla. 8 


Edith K. , IT) 
George H., 75 
Harriet T., 75 
Paul, 75 
Pauline, 75 
Vera H. , 75 


John, 56 
Mary A., 56 
Philastha R., 56 

Helen M., 82 

Abigai!, 15, 36, 89 
Arthur E., 58 

Caroline M., 15, 40 
Celicia S. , 36 
Clarence E., 58 
Corinna F., 36, .57 
Earl E., 58 
Elsie J., 36, 57 
Elsie S., 58 
George R., 58, 76 
Hannah, 87 
Harriet C. , 15, 40, 41 
Harriett A., 36, 58 
Harry M., 58, 76 
Harvey L. , 58 
Henry D., 58 
Horace F., 36, 58 
Horatio F., 58, 76 
Jane, 87 
Joseph, 87 
Julia C, .%, 58 
Leonard H., 76 
Lillian M., 58, 76 
Loorsa C, 36 
Luman S., 36, 58 
Mabel L., 58 
Marshall H., 58 
Martha, %1 
Lewis S., 58 
Mary, 87 

Mary A. W. , 15, 40 
Merrill C, 36 
Porter, ^61 
Robert, 87 
Ruth, 14 
Samuel, 14, 87 
Sabra A., 36, 57 
Sarah, 87 
Sophia, 15 
Sophia A. , 36, 57 
Susie, 87 

William, 14, 15, 86, )M 
William A. , 58 
William H., 36, 58 
William M., 15, 36 

Marcus, 46 


Betsey, 8 
Myron W., 17 


George A., 49 
Martha A., 49 
Nellie F., 49 


Abl'ie E., 67 
Bertha A. , 67 
Everett, 59 
Henry L., 67 




Hollis, 38 




Emily C, 55 
Robert, 55 
Robert F., 55 
Marion M., 55 


Ann, 23 
Emily M., 52 
Frank, 51 
Robert H., 51 
Sarah N., 23 
Thomas, 23 


Frank S., 71 
John, 71 
Josephine H. , / 

Ruth, 71 
X'irjiinia, 71 


Samuel, 58 
Sarah, 58 


Abel, 35 
Albert N., 56 
Anna, 16 
Uavid, 16 
Herbert C, 35, 57 
Hiram, 35 
Orissa H., 16 
Polly, 35 


Abby F., 29, 52 

Abel, 12 

Rev. Alva, 12 

Charles E., 43 

Mrs. Elizabeth C. M., 43 

Henrietta, 49 

John C. B., 29, 53 

Marshall, 1. 
Priscilla M. 

, 2') 

Fannie F. , 42 


Etta A., 58, 76 
Harriet A. , 76 
RenaS., 58 
Sarah L., 58 
Shalor W., 58 
William R., 58, 76 


Caleb, 37 

Capt. Zaccheus, 7 

Edward H., 66 

Mrs. Marietta C, 15, 37 


George W. , 54 


Ruth, 85 

The End.