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Mary Baldwin Seminary 

Alumnae Association 



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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Officers and Committees 

President : 

Miss Annie Cobb, '17, Durham, N. C. 

First Vice-President: 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hanger-Chalenor, '91, (Mrs. L. E. Chalenor) 

848 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Second Vice-President : 

Mrs. Annie Hotchkiss-Howison, '76, Staunton, Va. 

Corresponding Secretary : 

Miss Louise RawHngs, '10, Staunton, Va. 

Recording-Secretary : 

Mrs. Janet Stephenson-Roller, '05 (Mrs. Chas. Roller) 

Ft. Defiance, Va. 


Miss Fannie B. Strauss, '12, Staunton, Va. 

Missionary Scholarship Committee: 

. Miss Elizabeth A. Bell, '14, (Chairman) Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Annie Hotchkiss-Howison, '76, Staunton, Va. 
Miss Margaret McChesney, '79, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Kate Nelson-Stout, '74, Staunton, Va. 

Publication Committee: 

Miss Fannie B. Straugs, '12, (Chairman) Staunton, Va. 

Alumnse Scholarship Committee : 

Miss Nannie Tate, '66, (Chairman) Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Annie Hotchkiss-Howison, '76, Staunton, Va. 

Miss Margaret McChesney, '79, Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Bessie Adams-Caldwell, '84, (Mrs. C. R. Caldwell) 

Staunton, Va. 

Auditing Committee: 

Miss Nannie Tate, '66, Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Lizzie Wilson-Timberlake, '75, (Mrs. R. E. Timberlake) 

Staunton, Va. 

Chairmen Organized Chapters: 

Birmingham, Ala. —Mrs. Rosa Munger-Earle, 400 Cotton Ave. 

Washington, D. C. — Mrs. Catherine Shuey-Kappler, 

4001 Connecticut Ave., N. W. 

Knoxville, Tenn. — Mrs. Mary Andes-Dooley, 1618 W. Clinch Ave. 

New York City— Mrs. Roselle Mercier-Montgomery, 

Riverside, Conn. 

Charleston, S C. — Mrs. Nellie Hotchkiss-Holmes, 16 Legare St. 

Atlanta, Ga. — Mrs. Elizabeth Hanger-Chalenor, 

848 W. Peachtree St. 
Staunton, Va. — Miss Margaret McChesney. 
Mrs. Bessie Adams-Caldvi^ell. 


The year 1919-1920 has been a glorious one for the Sem- 
inary. As we, the Alumnge go back to our Alma Mater our 
hearts are filled with gladness, as we see the splendid work 
which has been" done. 

The Alumnse Association under Mrs. Chalenor, too, has 
made splendid progress during the past year. The Mission- 
ary Scholarship is no longer a dream, it has become a fact. 
It is with grateful hearts that we shall throughout the com- 
ing year strive to carry on this work which has been so hb- 
erally supported by Baldwin Girls. 

The Association shall make a great effort each year to 
hold and develop the interest of each girl as she leaves 
school. It is well that in this great land of ours, each Bald- 
win girl should be ever ready to tell to those around her the 
work of our Alma Mater. For over three quarters of a Cen- 
tury she has stood forth as a great Home School for girls, 
where they are 'taught what is best in life. We have the 
right to be proud of Her. It is our privilege as Baldwin girls 
to support Her and through united love guard Her interests. 

Shall the year 1920-1921 be a great one in our Associa- 
tion ? Even though the days are filled to over flowing, isn't 
there a little time for Baldwin interest ? 

Commencement 1921 will be the time for many Class 
Reunions. Shall we not go back in great numbers to live 
again for a few days in our "'House Beautiful"? There is a 
royal welcome awaiting each girl, and the doors of the Sem- 
inary are standing open to those who will come. 



Annual Meeting 

The annual business meeting of the Mary Baldwin Sem- 
inary Alumnae Association was held in the Girls' Parlor of 
the Seminary, on the morning of May 21st, 1920, at 10:30 

The president and vice-president both being absent, Miss 
Strauss occupied the chair and called for nominations for a 
chairman for the meeting. Mrs. Annie Hotchkiss-Howison, 
who had served as president several years ago, was nominat- 
ed and unanimously elected. The meeting was then regu- 
larly opened by a prayer by Mrs. Howison. 

As the office of recording secretary was left vacant by 
the death of Miss Janet Woods, a secretary pro tern had to 
be chosen and the chairman asked Mrs. Sallie Hamilton- 
McCormick to serve in that capacity. 

Minutes of the last m-eeting read and approved. 

The chairman read the president's report; 

Presidents Report 

Members of the Alumnoe Association: 

The interest in the Scholarship Fund has been the domi- 
nant factor in the work of 1919-1920, though no efforts have 
been spared to renew activity in the Chapters, arouse inter- 
est in the Bulletin and getting new members. I trust there 
will be many new members on the list, as one of the objects 
the Association was working for, was that each member 
bring in a new member. One hundred and fifty letters have 
been sent out and 25 postals in the interest of the Associa- 
tion : 

Stamps, $3.00 

Stationery, .75 

Postals, .25 

$4.00 amount expended. 


I am returning a few membership slips, copies of the 
constitution, etc., which I trust will reach the new president 
in good condition. 

I wish to express to the Association my most grateful 
appreciation of the co-operation and interest of the members 
in the work undertaken in my regime, and though the sum 
total may not stand out in large numbers, I feel glad that we 
have survived the war a united Association, certainly strong- 
er than when I went into office. 

To the new president and the executive officers I extend 
my heartiest greetings and best wishes— hoping that their 
skill and abihty will avail much for the growth and develop- 
ment of the Association, and assuring them of my continued 
interest in Alumnge affairs. 

Respectfully submitted, 

E. H. CHALENOR, President" 

A motion was made and carried that a letter be written 
Mrs. Chalenor thanking her for work done in behalf of the 

The treasurer's report was read and a motion was made 
that it be accepted with thanks. This carried unanimously. 

Treasurer's Report 


Balance in Bank, May 23, 1919 $257 57 

Received from Initiation Fees, Annual Dues, and Bonds, from 

May 23, 1919, to May 18, 1920 383 74 

$641 31 
EXPENSES (May 23, 1919 to May 18. 1920) 

May 27 Robert Johnson, Banquet expenses $ 5 00 

May 28 Hamrick & Co., Flowers Miss Tate, Miss Rid- 
dle, Miss Streit 10 00 

May 28 The Timberlake Dry Goods Co., Banquet deco- 
rations 2 80 

May 28 Beverley Book Co., Banquet decorations 30 

May 28 Cash — Gold, Banquet expenses 10 00 

May 31 W. W. King, Banquet expenses 75 00 

June 9 Cash— Postage 100 

Aug. 15 J.J. Prufer— Printing Bulletins 129 75 

Aug. 15 Cash— Postage on Bulletins 10 00 

Nov. 3 Beverley Book Co. —Alumnffi pupil's books 7 15 

Nov. 6 Cash— Postage 2 00 

Dec. 3 Hamrick & Co. — Flowers for Miss Riddle's 

and Miss Shawen's funeral 13 17 

Jan. 9 Elizabeth A. Bell— Money given to Mrs. Chal- 
enor to be used for Missionary Scholarship 

Fund and deposited in regular account 50 00 

Jan. 9 Elizabeth A. Bell — Money toward Missionary 
Scholarship Fund in memory of Miss Janet 

Woods 10 00 

Jan. 29 Cash— Postage 1 00 

Feb. 18 Cash — Postage for Annual Notice cards 5 00 

Mar. 1 Beverley Book Co. — Alumnee pupil's books 6 85 

Mar. 8 J" J. Prufer— Printing Annual Notice cards 1 50 

May 3 Beverley Book Co. — Alumnee pupil's books 3 00 

May 10 Cash— Postage 1 00 

May 15 Cash— Postage 150 

May 17 Mrs. L. E. Chalenor— President's exp's '19-'20 4 GO 

May 18 Hamrick & Co. —Flowers sent Miss Weimar 8 16 

350 18 

Balance in Bank $291 13 


Cash in National Valley Bank(checking account) $291 13 

Interest Account— National Valley Bank 98 35 

Scholarship Bonds— 

Vanfossen Bond— six per cent 100 00 

Morris Bond— six percent 300 00 

Second Liberty Loan — 4^ per cent 500 00 

Second Liberty Loan— 4J per cent 100 00 

Endowment Fund- 
Fourth Liberty Loan— 4i per cent 100 00 

Fourth Liberty Loan — 4i per cent 100 00 

[Bonds in L. G. Strauss' Safety Deposit Box, Augusta National Bank, Staunton, Va.] 

New Members May 23, 1919 to May 19, 1920. Fifty-six: five of these are 

Life Members. 

Respectfully submitted, 

May 19th, 1920. Treasurer. 

We have examined this account and have found it correct. 

M ay 19th, 1920. LIZZIE W. TIMBERLAKE. 


The chairman of the Missionary Scholarship Committee 
made a full report which was most interesting and was en- 
thusiastically received. The report was accepted with the 
recommendation that the Association appropriate $25.00 to 
the work of this committee. 

Report of Missionary Scholarship Committee 

When our president asked me last October to become 
chairman of the Missionary Scholarship Committee, I accept- 
ed under protest, feeling that one of the Alumnse who had 
known and loved Miss Baldwin and had felt the impress of 
her noble character should serve in that capacity, since the 
committee was to work for an end so dear to her heart. 
However, the very able committee appointed last May— Mrs. 
Annie Hotchkiss-Howison, Miss Margaret McChesney and 
Mrs. Kate Nelson-Stout— has supplied the needed inspira- 
tion and has supported the chairman most ably. 

Feeling that the Staunton Chapter would set the pace 
for all others, a meeting of that body was called for Nov. 17, 
1919, at the Seminary. The question of the Scholarship was 
presented and fully discussed and before the meeting closed 
over $75.00 had been pledged to the Scholarship Fund by in- 
dividual members present. This amount has since been in- 
creased to $163.75. 

Early in December the Atlanta Chapter sent in $50.00 — 
the gift of an interested friend— to be used by the Missionary 
Scholarship Committe for the necessary expenses of print- 
ing, postage, stationery, etc. This was soon followed by a 
contribution of $100.00 from this— our youngest Chapter — 
and this amount has since been increased to $105.00. 

Appeals have been sent to all of the organized Chapters. 
New York, Knoxville, Charleston, Atlanta, and Staunton 
have responded to date, and the Committee is still hoping to 
hear from Washington and Birmingham. Considering the 
interruptions of the v;ar period, we feel that the Chapters 
have done remarkably well. 

In February the Committee sent out 850 copies of a let- 
ter, presenting the cause of the Missionary Scholarship, and 
pledge cards for this year and ensuing years until an endow 
ment is established. These letters were sent to all members 


of the Alumnae Association and to many "old g-irls" not in 
the Association. Many of them carried a personal message 
from a member of the Committee. The response has been 
most satisfactory— as our financial report shows — and annual 
pledges amounting to $100.00 have been signed. Just here 
the Committee would Hke to remind the Alumnae that such a 
response as we have had this year will be necessary each 
year if our Endowment Fund is to be made possible. 

Several articles telling of the Scholarship Fund have 
appeared in church papers. One from the pen of Dr. Egbert 
W. Smith of the Foreign Mission Committee of the Presby- 
terian Church in the U. S., was especially helpful in reach- 
ing and interesting Alumna who had been out of touch with 
the Seminary for many years. 

The Committee has not only arouse i interest in the Mis- 
sionary Scholarship Fund but in the Alumnae Association as 
well for we have five new members and two Hfe members to 
our credit. 

The letters that have come to us have been most inter- 
esting, showing so clearly how noble a character was Miss 
Baldwin's and how deep was the impress of it upon those 
with whom she came in contact. The response from Alumna 
of more recent years has also been noteworthy since it shows 
that her principles are still taught in the Seminary. The 
following extracts from letters may be of interest. One 
Chapter wrote: ''We all discussed it (the Missionary Schol- 
arship Fund) at our recent annual luncheon and think it is a 
very wonderful undertaking. " An alumna of 1869 writes: 
"I cannot think of anything that would so appeal to dear 
Miss Baldwin as helping to educate a missionary's child." 
Another: "Every girl who went there knows how dear the 
cause was to Miss Baldwin's heart and had her own heart 
warmed by hearing her talk." Still another: "Remember- 
ing those days with Miss Baldwin and dear Miss Agnes 
McClung in charge, and such teachers as Miss Strickler, 
Misses Mattie and Nannie Tate, Miss Kemper and others, 
and what their Hves and training have meant to me always. 
I wish to share in a small way in the good work." 

At a joint meeting of the Executive Committee and the 
Missionary Scholarship Committee o.i February 27, 1920, it 


was unanimously decided that we request that oar first Mis- 
sionary Scholarship pupil be Virginia Bull, the eldest daugh- 
ter of Mrs. Libbie Alby Bull, an honor graduate of the Semi- 
nary and principal of the Mary Baldwin School at Kunsan, 
Chosen, Japan. Mrs. Bull's appreciative letter of accep- 
tance is as follows: 

Kunsan, Chosen, Japan, April 13, 1920 
My dear Miss Bell: — 

Your kind letter of February 29th has been re- 
ceived. I hasten to reply, hoping that my letter may reach 
you before the May meeting of the Alumnae Association. 

Mr. Bull and I cannot express to you and through you to 
the other members of the Alumnae Association, how much 
we appreciate this generous offer made to our daughter, Vir- 
ginia. It was always my wish to leave her at Mary Baldwin 
but, after some correspondence and careful consideration, 
found that we could not afford to do so, so I placed her at 
Flora McDonald,, Red Springs, N. C. 

I was very much impressed with Mrs. Chalenor's article 
in the Missionary Survey and by her keen appreciation of the 
conditions attending the education of the children of mis- 
sionaries, conditions that could not be borne but for the 
faith that is in us. 

I feel very unworthy of the kind words in your letter 
and thank you for the generous way in which you have made 
this offer to us. I am writing to Virginia to tell her of her 
good fortune. 

As I am at such a distance, I shall have to leave her ma- 
triculation to you good friends. Her address during the 
summer will be: "Virginia Bull, care of Mrs. F. F. Priest, 
19 Hanover Ave., Larchmond, Norfolk, Va." 

Virginia received her diploma from the R. E. Lee Gram- 
mar School, Norfolk, Va., in June, 1917; entered the High 
School of Flora McDonald in September, 1917, and finishes 
Third Year High School work there in May. She has had 
three years of music. 

Let me express again to you and to all who have made 
this good work possible, my own and Mr. Bull's deep appre- 
ciation and gratitude. Most cordially yours, 



The correspondence that the Committee has had with 
Virginia has been most satisfactory and we feel sure that the 
Alumnse Association will find in her a pupil of whom it will 
have reason to be proud. We quote the following from a let- 
ter from her. ' 'I appreciate so much being chosen to be the 
first scholarship pupil for my sweet mother's sake as well as 
mine. I am looking forward with so much pleasure to being 
at Mary Baldwin next year, and hope I shall be able to prove 
myself worthy of this lovely offer." 

The financial report is as follows: 












May 18. 

Expense Account 

Received from Fannie B. Strauss, Treas., 

from Atlanta Chapter, 

To postage and record book $ 1 15 

To J. J. Prufer for printing 13 00 

To postage 10 00 

To postage 1 85 

To postage 1 00 

$50 00 

May 21. Balance in Augusta National Bank 


Received from Staunton Chapter 

Atlanta Chapter 
New York Chapter 
" Knoxville Chapter 
" '' Charleston, S. C, Chapter 

Total receipts from Chapters 

Total receipts from Alumnae at large 

Interest on deposit Jan'y 1, 1920, 

Grand total May 21, 1920, in Augusta National 
Bank, Staunton, Va., 

37 00 
$23 00 

$163 75 

105 00 

50 00 

31 00 

10 00 

359 75 

397 50 

$757 43 

We have examined this report and find every thing 
correct. Nannie L. Tate 

Lizzie W. Timberlake 

Auditing Committee. 


In submitting this report the Missionary Scholarship 
Committee makes the following recommendation: — 

That the sum of $25.00 be appropriated annually 
from the treasury of the Alumna Association for the 
necessary expenses of the Missionary Scholarship 

We wish to acknowledge contributions from the follow- 
ing individual members— 

Staunton Chapter: 

Ast, Mrs. Hattie Timberlake 
Bear, Mrs. Bessie Stickley 
Bell, Miss Elizabeth A. 
Bell, Miss Mary Lou 
Bumgardner, Miss Minnie 
Caldwell, Mrs. Bessie Adams 
Callison, Miss Mary Wallace 
Christian, Mrs. Ellen Howison 
Clanton, Mrs. Margie Hardie 
Coiner, Mrs. Viola Long 
Crawford, Mrs. Lytie Parkins 
Earman, Mrs. Mary Young 
Eraser, Miss Margaret M. 
Eraser, Miss Nora 

Miller, Mrs. Effie Burnett 
Quick, Mrs. Fay Blackburn 
Rawlings, Miss Louise 
Riddle, Miss Anne 
Ruckman, Miss Annah 
Russell, Mrs. Margaret Kable 
Rutherford, Miss Lottie 
Shanholtzer, Miss Blanche 
Smith, Mrs. Emily Pancake 
Sterrett, Mrs. Janet Wilsan 
Stout, Mrs. Kate Nelson 
Strauss, Miss Fannie B 
Tate, Miss Nannie 
Timberlake. Miss Elizabeth 

Hogshead, Mrs. AnnabelleTimberlakeTimberlake, Mrs. Lizzie Wilson 

Hollar, Mrs. Letitia Young 
Howison, Mrs. Annie Hotchkiss 
Leftwich, Miss Bessie 
McChesney, Miss Margaret 
McCormick, Mrs. Sallie Hamilton 
McFarland, Miss Abbie 
McFarland, Mrs. Jessie Bowling 
McFarland, Mrs. Lutie Moore 
McFarland, Miss Nancy 

Tribbett, Mrs. Sallie Ott 
Turk, Mrs. Nannie Walker 
VanMeter, Mrs. Fannie McChesney 
Weller, Miss Bessie 
Williamson, Miss Helen 
Woods, Miss Janet K. 
Wysor, Mrs. Sarah James Bell 
Yarbrough, Mrs. Mary McChesney 

Non-members of the Alumnae Association: 

Allen, Miss Jane 
Braxton, Mrs. Mary Miller 
Leftwich, Mrs. Kate Herr 
Templeton, Miss Mary Osborne 

Templeton, Mrs. Willie Antrim 
Timberlake, Miss Josephine 
Walker, Miss Lucy 

Charleston (S. C.) Chapter: 

Holmes, Mrs. Nellie Hotchkiss 


Xnoxville Chapter: 

Dooley, Mrs. Mary Andes 
■Green, Mrs. EUie McClung 
McClung, Mrs. Anna Gay 
Moffatt, Mrs. Blanche Dempster 

Alumnse At Large: 

Atkinson, Mrs. Esther Thomas 
Austin, Mrs. Ida Smith 
Barrett, Mrs, Nettie Pratt 
Baylor, Miss Flora 
Baylor, Miss Nell • 

Bell, Miss Bess K. 
Black, Miss Mary 
Buchanan, Mrs. Julia McCoy 
Buckner, Miss Elizabeth Jackson 
Buckner, Miss Mary Harding 
Burkholder, Mrs. Cornelia Switzer 
Burnett, Mrs. Agnes West 
Caldwell, Mrs. Mary McFaden 
Cobb, Miss Annie 
Cone, Mrs. Lina McChesney 
Cooke, Mrs. Fannie Royster 
Cooper, Mrs. Fannie Smith 
Davis, Mrs. Martha Williamson 
Dempsey, Mrs. Lena Lawson 
Easley, Mrs. Nannie Owen 
Finks, Miss Blanche 
Garden, Miss Gertrude 
Gary, Miss Maude 
Gilkerson, Miss Martha 

Pate, Miss Emma 

Peck, Mrs. Jennie Folsom 

Prather. Mrs. Minnie Newman Bell 

Griggs, Miss Rachel M. 
Heard, Mrs. Ella Paris 
Henderlite^ Mrs. Nell Crow 
Inglesby, Miss Mary Powell 
Irvine, Mrs. May Sterrett 
Kent, Mrs. May Walton 
Ketcham, Mrs. Musette Newsom 
LeFils, Mrs. Margaret Morton 
Lockridge, Mrs. Ethel Gibbs 
Loth, Mrs. Lizzie Hogshead 
Miller, Miss Ora E. 
McAllister, Mrs. Mary Coalter 
Noel, Miss Mary Virginia 
Plummer, Miss Doris 
Robinson, Miss Margaret 
Smith, Mrs. Nina Ravencroft 
Snodgrass, Mrs. Sue Stribling 
Somerville, Miss Fannie 
Somerville, Miss Jennie 
Steagall, Mrs. Daisy Lightfoot 
Taylor, Mrs. Agnes Montgomery 
Vedder, Miss Virginia 
Weil, Mrs. Lilly Bell Fox 
White, Mrs. Mary Royster 

Non-members of Association: 

Baldwin, Mrs. Mattie Frazier 
Black, Mrs. Mary Lou Bell 
Burke, Miss Fannie A. 
Crane, Mrs. Ann A dele Hicks 
Fletcher, Mrs. Jennie Rhodes 
Fishburne, Miss Annie 
Francis, Mrs. Permele Elliott 
Hicks, Mrs. Sallie Spears 
Jennings, Mrs. Dixie Buford 

McClintic, Miss Mary 
McElwee, Mrs. Fannie Simonton 
Meyers, Mrs. Mary Waddell 
Nelson, Miss Evelyn 
Sampson, Mrs.' Annie E. Woods 
Tennent, Miss Mary Lindsay 
Whitaker, Mrs. Jessie Parks 
Woodrow, Miss Marion W. 
"A Friend of the Seminary" 

Respectfully submitted, 

Chairman and Treasurer. 


Since the report of the Missionary Scholarship Commit- 
tee was submitted May 21, 1920, contributions have been re- 
ceived from the follovv^ing A-lumnse— 

Staunton Chapter: 

Tabb, Miss Argyle Wilson, Mrs. Jennie Mays 

Charleston (S. C.) Chapter: 

Wickenberg, Miss Helen 

Alumnae At Large: 

Dechert, Mrs. Laura Ward Wise Kenriedy, Mrs. Elizabeth McCue 
Overlock, Miss Frances Van Devanter, Miss Annie 

The Washington (D. C.) Chapter on July 22nd, 1920, 
sent through Mrs. Lizzie Firor-Trimble, the representative 
of the Committee in that Chapter, a check for $28.00 which 
we hereby gratefully acknowledge. 

Total amount in the Augusta National Bank, Staunton, 
Va., August 1st, 1920, $806.03. 

Chairman and Treasurer. 

The PubHcation Committee reported 600 copies of the 
Mary Baldwin Seminary Alumnge Association Bulletins pub- 
hshed in August, 1919; 500 postals for annual notices printed 
in March, 1920. 

Interesting reports were heard from the following Chap- 
ters:— Atlanta, Washington, New York. 

Mrs. Jeanette Baker-Felter, the Chairman of the New 
York Chapter, resigned this year and a motion was made and 
carried that a m'essage of appreciation for faithful work done 
and of encouragement to the Chapter, be sent to Mrs. Felter. 

Miss Nannie Tale received quite an ovation as she ap- 
peared on the stairway and made her httle "speech" to us. 
We are glad indeed that she is still "on the job" and tri st 
she may remain so for many years. She then read a letter 
from Katherine Bear, the Alumnse Scholarship graduate, ex- 
pressing her appreciation of this assistance in securing her 
education. The secretary was authorized to write Miss Bear 
a note thanking her for the good work done at the Seminary. 

The chairman read a telegram from Miss Weimar, who 
is ill in a hospital in Washington, thanking the Association 


for flowers sent her, A prayer for her recovery was offered 
by Miss Irene Haislip. A motion was carried that the Sec- 
retary write a letter to Miss Weimar expressing the Associa- 
tion's regret at her illness. 

A note from Miss Jennie Riddle expressing appreciation 
of the flowers sent by the Association in honor of Miss 
Martha Riddle was read, also one from Miss Shawen's sister 
thanking the Association for flowers. 

We were saddened by the thought of having lost so ma- 
ny of those connected with the Seminary during the past 
year. Memorials were read — 

Miss Martha D. Riddle 

On November twenty-third, nineteen and nineteen, Miss Martha 
Dunn Riddle, died at her home in Petersburg, Virginia., after an illness 
of several months. She was a daughter of James Craig Riddle and 
Josephine Mcllwaine Riddle, and was educated at the Southern Female 
College in Petersburg. Only a few years after her graduation from this 
institution she was called to the Faculty of the Mary Baldwin Seminary, 
where, with the exception of one year in which she stopped for a rest, 
she spent the remainder of her life. Here for many years. Miss Riddle 
was the head of the history department, and she gave to the many girls 
she trained, not only the benefit of her vast store of historical knowledge 
but she trained them also in accuracy, clear thinking, thoroughne? s, 
neatness, and "deportment". And above all Miss Riddle gave to thi Se 
who knew her, the example and influence of a devoted and conscientious 
and happy Christian life. Her face was one of unusual beauty and 
charm, and her manner was always gentle and courteous. "The longer 
her students remained in her classes the more their admiration for her 
increased and the more they felt the force of her influence. Through- 
out our vast country, north, south, east and west, and among our mis- 
sionaries in foreign lands, there are to-day hundreds of women of trained 
mind, of high character, of commanding influence, in whose making Miss 
Riddle's example and teaching were a chief factor." 

As a result, no doubt, of the unusual energy and interest and time 
which Miss Riddle had given to her work, her health began to fail during 
the session of 1919, and early in the spring of that year her resignation 
was accepted. Her last summer was spent under the gentle and loving 
care of her ^listers in Petersburg, where she died just after her fifty- 
eighth birth day. 

Written by Mrs. Sarah Bell-Wysor '12. 

Read by Mrs. Sallie Hamilton-McCormick. 


Miss Harriet Shawen 

Miss -Harriet Shawen, for sixteen years matron at the Mary Baldwin 
Seminary, died on November 23rd, 1919, aiter an illness of only a few 
weeks. Miss Shawen's death was a personal sorrow to many, both in 
her home town, where she was greatly beloved, and in the bchool. 

Life to Miss Shawen meant loyalty and service— loyalty to Him 
Whom, as a child, she was taught to love and serve, and from Whom she 
received strength and courage to face the many sorrows that came to 
her; loyalty to those by whom she was employed, and whose interests 
were ever conscientiously regarded as a first duty; loyalty to friends in 
the finest sense of generous understsnding and sympathy at all times; 
service cheerfully given in her church, home, community, and the school 
with which she had so long been connected. 

A life like Miss Shawen's needs no eulogy, if "only remembered by 
what she hath done". 

Written Ly Miss Sadie Meetze. 

Read by Miss Abbie McFarland. 

Miss Nannie Garrett 

To-day as our minds go back over the years spent in the Seminary, 
there comes a feeling of deep sadness as we see the vacant places left by 
those who for many years have been a part of the Seminary. Mixed 
with that sadness are the memories of each of those noble women who 
have been taken from us in the past year. There is left to us the task of 
keeping alive in our hearts the memory of the work they carried on so 
faithfully for many years. 

Nannie Garrett was born in Halifax County, Virginia, and was edu- 
cated at home by a governess. In 1887 she entered training at St. Luke's 
Hospital, Richmond, Va. After completing her couse she was engaged in 
the work of private nursing. In 1909 she came to the Seminary, and 
was a loyal and devoted member of our Faculty untill her death. 

As I look back over the four years I spent at the Seminary, my 
friendship with Miss. Garrett has a deeper meaning than ever before. She 
was a woman of strong religious convictions, and a loj'al member of the 
Episcopal Church. In every way her character was that of a Christian 
gentle woman. Her ideals were of the highest type, she not only believ- 
ed in them, but lived them day by day. 

As a nurse she was always interested in each girl. There was no 
limit to her patience and endurance in trying to make one comfortable 
while sick. 

As a member of the Faculty, she was ever loyal to our school. In 
every-day life she tried always to uphold the principles the Seminary 
stands for. Her position was not always an easy one, for there are many 
girls who do not like to take the required afternoon walk. To Miss Gar- 
rett was given the task of deciding the many and plausible excuses given 
by girls who were anxious to remain at home. It must have tried her 


patience and taxed her good nature to have to refuse to grant excuses 
when she knew they were not deserved. 

As a friend I knew her best. She was always bright, cheerful, and 
ready to smile. In every way she was a faithful friend, and gave freely 
of her love and sympathy to those who knew her. No matter how full 
the day was she always had the time to listen to a school girl's troubles. 
The advice and sym.pathy she gave were always good. 

To me the crowning glory of her life was that she died in service. 
If she could have chosen her way of going I believe it would have been 
the way she was taken— while serving others. To-day there are hun- 
dreds of Mary Baldwin Seminary girls whose hearts go out to the mem- 
ory of the beautiful service she gave so willingly, first to her Lord and 
Master Jesus Christ, secondly to the sick in His world. 

So let us lift up our hearts in peace, for she is not dead, she is only 
away. Let us know that she has joined the throng of sainted women, 
whose spirits forever hover over the Seminary, guarding its Life, Peace 
and Prosperity. 

May the mantles of these women fall on the shoulders of each Bald- 
win girl, and together we will help to carry on the work of the Seminary. 

Written and read by Miss Annie Cobb. 

Miss Virginia Wyse 

Virginia Wise was born in Burks Garden, Virginia, on December 29, 
1897. The family moved to Staunton in 1906. Virginia was entei-ed as a 
pupil in the Primary Department at Mary Baldwin Seminary in .January, 
1997. She continued in the school until May, 1917, when she was gradu- 
ated from the Collegiate Department. 

After leaving school she taught for a year, and then took up train- 
ing at the Stuart Circle Hospital, Richmond, Virginia. She had just fin- 
ished her first year's work in that institution, when she died of spinal 
meningitis, on the second of September, 1919. 

Always bright and cheerful, Virginia was beloved by all with whom 
she came in contact. She was a sincere girl, a true friend, and in all re- 
spects a consecrated Christian. She would never, herself, say a dispar- 
aging word about a friend, nor would she allow another to do so in her 
presence. However, if she thought it her duty she would fearlessly face 
a friend with her mistakes. 

The greatest monument that could be raised to her would be for all 
who knew her to try to live in a manner worthy of her memory. 
"But to see her was to love her, 
Love but her, and love forever." 

Written by Miss Jean B. Fraser. 

Read by Miss Virginia Switzer. 


Miss Janet K. Woods 

To John Kearsley Woods and Lucy D. Gilkeson was given on June 30, 
1861, an only daughter Janet Kearsley Woods, in a house placed in a nat- 
ural oak grove of some extent where Mr. W. A. Pratt now lives. An 
elder brother, Andrew, and a beautiful, gifted, pious aunt. Miss Mattie 
Gilkeson, also centered their hearts upon the welcome child. The unusual 
middle name came from Janet's great grand parents, Jonathan Kearsley 
(1718-1783) and Jane, his wife (1720-1801) : this couple being the great 
great grand parents of Dr. Weir Mitchell of Philadelphia, the brilliant 
novelist and noted physician. 

Janet was dearly loved though never spoilt, and the pretty child be- 
came a handsome woman with beautiful hands and dainty feet. Sincere, 
honest, truthful, frank and outspoken in an unusual degree, she often 
surprised, even offended, her hearers, but later in life she qualified and 
softened her opinions. 

Her second home was where Mr. Fitzhugh Elder lives; her third 
where the First Presbyterian Sunday School Room now stands; her home 
for the last thirty-five years was No. 320 North New street, given to 
warm welcome and hospitality. 

About 1869, Janet and Eva Baker were added to my Sunday School 
class, the other members being Bell Bledsoe, Jennie Kayser, Lina 
McChesney, Annie Smith, Maggie Simms, Mary Tapscott, and MoUie 
Young; never were scholars more loved nor so youthful a teacher more 

Janet entered the Seminary in 1869, in the class of 1880; a careful, 
faithful student. She was the capable treasurer of our Alumnse Associ- 
ation 1896 to 1913; then recording secretary from 1917 until her death_ 
She was one of the organizers of the King's Daughters' Hospital and 
treasurer of that Board for many years. 

Under the Rev. MacDuff Simpson as pastor, Janet was a member of 
the Second Presbyterian Church and upon his return to Scotland she cor- 
responded with him for over forty years. 

Mr. Woods died on March 3rd, 1874, and Mrs. Woods on August 22d, 
1905, leaving Janet alone, and the spring of her iife was broken. She 
tried to do her duty but prayed for a sudden deliverance and God granted 
her petition. On January 4th, 1920, ready to attend morning service in 
the First Presbyterian Church, she knelt in prayer, and was so found 
but the spirit had fled, joyfully. She had joined the great congregation 
and could say to us— Rejoice with me, for 1 have found that I had lost. 

The life interest in her estate went to two dear cousins, and will pass 
as The Woods Memorial Fund to the endowment of Ministerial Relief 
in the Southern Presbyterian Church: fit memorial of a family to whom 
their church was dear and prized above all earthly blessings. 

Written by Mrs. Nellie Hotchkiss-Holmes. 

Read by Miss Nannie McFarland. 


These memorials were accepted by rising in token of re- 
spect to these dear departed friends. 

Under the head of "New Business" the question as to 
whether the present committee on the Missionary Scholarship 
should be retained or a new one elected was brought up. The 
motion was made and seconded that the present committee 
be constituted a standing committee. This committe was 
given a rising vote of thanks for its efficient and faithful 

Mrs, Bessie Adams-Caldwell was elected to fill the va- 
cancy caused by the death of Miss Janet Woods on the Alum- 
nae Scholarship Committee. 

The. treasurer was authorized to invest $50.00 belonging 
to the Endowment Fund and $100.00 belonging to the Alum- 
nae Scholarship in Liberty Bonds. 

Nominating committee submitted the following report: 

President— Miss Annie Cobb, Durham, N. C. 

First Vice-President— Mrs. Elizabeth Hanger-Chalenor, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Second Vice-President— Mrs. Annie Hotchkiss-Howison, 
Staunton, Va. 

Recording Secretary— Mrs. Janet Stephenson-Roller, Ft 
Defiance, Va. 

Corresponding Secretary — Miss Louise Rawlings, Staun- 
ton, Va. 

Treasurer— Miss Fannie Strauss, Staunton, Va. 
Respectfully submitted, 

Mrs. Sallie Hamilton-McCormick 
Miss Nannie McFarland 
May 21, 1920 Mrs. Bessie Adams-Caldwell 

This report was accepted, and it was then moved and 
seconded that the names submitted by the nominating com- 
mittee for the above-named officers be elected in a body. 
There were no nominations from the floor, and this motion 
carried unanimously. 

Following the usual custom of carrying flowers to Miss 
Baldwin's grave and holding a memorial service there each 
year, Mrs. Agnes Woods-Harnsberger was asked to take 
charge of this service on Sunday afternoon, May 23rd. 

A few words were spoken by the new president asking 
for the cooperation of the Association. 

There being no further business, the chairman declared 
the meeting adjourned. 




Article I. 
Name— The name of this Association shall be "The Alumna 
Association of the Mary Baldwin Seminary." 

Article II. 
Object— The object of this Association shall be to promote the 
intere.ot of the Mary Baldwin Seminary, to foster a spirit of fellow- 
ship among its Alumnse, and to establish an alumnae and state scholar- 
ships, as times and funds may permit. 

Article III. 
Membership— Any person who has been a pupil of the Mary 
Baldwin Seminary shall be eligible for membership in the Association, 
provided the applicant be acceptable to the Association. 

Article IV. 

Sec. 1. Officers shall be a President, Vice-President, a Record- 
ing Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall 
serve for two years or until their successors are duly elected. 

Sec. 2. There shall be a Vice-President from the Class of each 
year, with the expectation of inaugurating and fostering class re- 
unions at the annual meetings of the Association. 

Sec. 3. The election of officers shall be by ballot, at the annual 
meeting, from candidates proposed by a nominating committee, in- 
creased by nominations from the floor. All other business to be voted 
on by ballot, rising or viva voce vote as the meeting may desire. 

Sec. 4. Tha Executive Committee shall be composed of the 
officers of the Association; three members to constitute a working 
quorum. The nominating and auditing committees shall be appoin- 
ted by the President. 

Article V. 

Meetings— Sec. 1. The Association shall meet annually at the 
Mary Baldwin Seminary during commencement. Each alternate year 
the meeting shall be a business one at which officers are elected. 

Sec. 2. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Com- 
mittee on the request of twenty-five members; in any emergency the 
President, or Executive Committee quorum, may call a meeting. 


Article VI. 
DUES--The annual dues shall be One Dollar the year of ad- 
mission, and fifty cents each succeeding year. Members will be re- 
ceived, without dues, on profession of loyalty and devotion to the 
aims of the Association by applying to the Treasurer. 

Article VIL 
Quorum— Fifteen members, at least seven of whom are full 
graduates, shall constitute a quorum to transact business. 

Article VIII. 
Majorities — A majority of those present shall elect officers 
and pass any motion other than a proposed amendment to the Con- 

Article IX. 

Chapters — Sec. 1. A Chapter of the Association maybe form- 
ed by three members, with the consent of the President. They may 
meet when and where they desire and enact such laws as seem neces- 
sary, provided they do not conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws 
of the Association. 

Sec. 2. The Officers of the Chapter shall be a Chairman. Sec- 
retary and Treasurer. These are to be elected by the Chapter. 

Sec. 3. The Chapter Treasurer shall collect annual dues in her 
Chapter, deduct expenses for stamps and stationary, and forward 
residue of funds, with itemized account and the names and addresses 
of members to the Treasurer in Staunton, one month before the an- 
nual meeting. 

Article X. 

Sec. 1. There shall be a Gradutes' Council composed only of 
full graduates of the Collegiate department. It shall be the work of 
this Council to further the interest of the Seminary by bringing be- 
fore the Association matters of paramount importance. 

Sec. 2. The President of the Association shall appoint a Sec- 
retary for the Council, whose duty shall be to submit to the Council 
such matters for discussion. 

Article XL 
Amendments — This Constitution may be amended at any annual 
meeting, by a vote of two-thirds of the members present — notice 
of such amendment being given at the previous annual meeting. 



1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Associa- 
tion, appoint the Nominating and Auditing Committee, fill all vacan- 
cies that may occur in subordinate offices between the meetings, and 
act as chairman of the Executive Committee. 

2. The Vice-President shall preside when called upon, in the 
absence of the President. The Class Vice-Presidents shall use their 
personal influence to increase the membership of the Association. 

3. The Recording Secretary shall keep a permanent record of 
all proceedings of the Association, read at each business meeting the 
minutes of the previous meeting; keep a Register of the Association; 
act as Historian, notify the President of deaths and resignations, and 
s-erve on the Executive Committee. 

4. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspond- 
ence of the Association including reports to the press, notify all mem- 
bers of called and regular meetings, notify persons of their election 
to office and serve on the Executive Committee. 

5. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds belonging 
to the Association, present a report at each annual meeting, and 
serve on the Executive Committee. 

6. The Executive Committee shall transact between the meet- 
ngs, all business not entrusted to officers and special committees, and 

recommend measures to advance the aims of the Association. 

7. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a list of suitable 
candidates for office, and submit it to the Association at the annual 
meeting at which officers are to be elected. 

8. The Auditing Committee shall examine the accounts of the 

9. The regular Order of business shall be : 

Roll Call. 

Reading of the Minutes. 

Report of Recording Secretary. 

Report of Corresponding Secretary. 

Report of Treasurer. 

Report of Auditing Committee. 


Unfinished Business. 

Miscellaneous Business. 

Election of Officers. 


Alumnae Tea 

From four to six in the afternoon of Alumnge Day the 
Board of Trustees delightfully entertained the members of 
the Alumnae Association, visiting Alumnse, Faculty, Seniors, 
and Juniors. This informal tea was held on the front ter- 
race of the Seminary. The interesting feature of the after- 
noon was the presenting of a sun-dial to the school by the 
Class of 1920. The Seniors, Miss Higgins, and Judge Quarles 
stood in a semi-circle around the sun-dial, while Miss Wini- 
fred Eisenberg, president of the class, made the speech of 
presentation : 

Our Hostesses of the Alumnae Association, Faculty, and Fellow Students: 

When we think of leaving our Alma Mater, it is with a feeling of 
sadness and regret. We are unwilling to depart without leaving some- 
thing behind us, something that will not only bind us as a class closer to 
our school, as the years roll on, but something by which we will be re- 
membered. So we have chosen a sun-dial in the hope that it will record 
many happy hours to be spent here in the future by the girls who follow. 
The inscription found on its face is: "Grow old along wtih me; the best is 
yet to be. " We hope that those who read this in the years to come, will 
feel that it is the spirit of this class talking to them. 

Now, in behalf of the Class of 1920, I ask you, Judge Quarles, as a 
representative of the Board of Trustees, to accept this sun-dial to mark 
the passing of time, for all those who shall follow. We give it as a 
token of our love for our school and may it always stand as a connecting 
link between us and our Alma Mater. 

Judge Quarles, Secretary and Traasurer of the Board of 
Trustees, accepted in the name of the Seminary : 

Young Ladies : 

On behalf of the Trustees of the Mary Baldwin Seminary^ 
it is with pleasure and with pride, I accept the sun-dial, so beautifully 
presented by your President, as a token of love for your Alma Mater. 
The Trustees will keep and guard it, will treasure it, and as the years 
shall come and go, it will be a pleasant, a sweet reminder of you, the 
Class of 1920. 

And may you ever be blessed with joy and happiness. 

The visiting Alumnae, who were so cordially entertained 
at the Seminary during their visit, were given an outing in 
automobiles by Miss Higgins and Mr. King on the Monday 
afternoon of Commencement week. The officers of the As- 
sociation were also guests on this drive. 


Commencement 1 Q20 

The seventy-seventh Commencement of the Seminary 
boasted of a class of nineteen graduates and one post- 

Class Day Exercises were held Saturday afternoon, May 
twenty-second, on the campus; following this was the play 
"Sherwood" by Alfred Noyes, given under the direction of 
the physical culture teacher. 

The Baccalaureate Sermon was preached by the Rev. 
Frank Hall Wright of St. Louis, Mo. 

Hon. Harry St. George Tucker of Lexington, Va., deliv- 
ered the diplomas and address to the graduates. 

In the absence of Dr. A. M. Fraser. Rev. John R. Rose- 
bro, grandson of Dr. Ben Smith at one time pastor of the 
First Presbyterian Church, delivered the certificates, prizes, 
and medals. 

Miss Higgins and Mr. King entertained the members of 
the graduating class by taking them on an automobile drive 
the Saturday night of Commencement. 

After the last graduates' recital an event, unlisted in the 
programs of the finals, but one that proved to be quite inter- 
esting, was celebrated on the front steps of the Seminary. 
Miss Shattuck, the athletic director, presented four silver 
cups to victorious teams in athletics. The athletic activities 
at the Seminary were more extensive this session than ever 
before and remarkably good work was done in this line. 
Cups were awarded in tennis, base ball, basket-ball, and 

The old girls, who were here for Commencement, were 
impressed by the development of the Seminary in recent 
years. In spite of the unusual world-wide conditions, the 
Seminary has gone steadily forward. The teaching force has 
been greatly strengthened; the course of study broadened. 
The language department now includes Latin, French, Span- 
ish, and Itahan; Latin and French leading numerically. The 


Domestic Science and Business Departments representing 
the vocational work are very popular. The Music depart- 
ment is strong and well developed. The Athletic Association, 
organized during the past session, has proved to be an im- 
portant factor in promoting a strong school spirit. The 
athletic field at the Seminary farm was in constant use during 
the fall and spring months. Golf, hockey, basket-ball, base- 
ball, track, and various other forms of activities gave every 
girl an opportunity to select some special exercise. A trophy 
case in the Library now holds four athletic cups. 

The work of the Young Women's Christian Association 
is strong and abiding; every girl in school joined this 
Association and each one took some part in the religious ex- 
ercises during the past session. The social hfe was greatly 
influenced by the Y. W. C. A., Literary Societies, Art Club, 
History Club, and other school organizations. 

It is most gratifying to know that the same students are 
enrolled year after year, and the vacancies created by the 
graduates and a few out-going students, are filled! early in 
the summer. 

Rarely a week passes during the session that some visit- 
ing girl does not enjoy the gracious hospitality of the Semi- 
nary. There is always a seat at Miss Higgins' table for old 
girls and it would give her great joy to welcome the girls of 
former years as gladly as she does those of more recent date. 
Come one and all to see what your school is doing and to un- 
derstand that the Mary Baldwin is holding its place spen- 
didly in the educational world. 


Mary Bai_d\a/in School 
KusAN, Chosen, Japan 

Doubtless there are many M. B. S. girls who, having 
heard in one way or another of the Mary Baldwin School, 
Kunsan, Korea, have wondered how it was estabhshed and 
named. It has, therefore, been deemed of sufficient interest 
to dedicate a small space in the Bulletin to its history. 

At a meeting of Lexington Presbyterial Auxihary (then 
called Union) in the Second Presbyterian church, Staunton, 
Virginia, in 1907, the need of schools in Korea was present- 
ed by Dr. W. H. Forsythe, returned missionary from that 
country. Two thousand dollars, or forty shares at $50.00 
each, was the amount necessary for the erection of one of 
these school buildings. The "Union" gave earnest consider- 
ation to this appeal, and before the close of the session that 
day, voted to undertake the raising of $2,000.00 for a girls' 
School. The organization was in its infancy at that time, 
but in two years the entire amount had been contributed by 
the societies. The Executive Committee of Foreign Missions 
in Nashville, Tennessee, assigned the Kunsan Girls' School 
to us. 

In thinking of a suitable name for the school, several 
were suggested, but that of "Mary Baldwin" met with 
greatest favor as Miss Baldwin had always been deeply in- 
terested in missions, and had made the education of girls her 
Hfe work. This name was accepited by the Executive Com- 
mittee, and the missionaries at Kunsan were gliad to apply it 
to the school. 

Mrs. Libbie Alby-Bull, an old M. B. S. graduate, had 
been teaching an ever increasing class of Korean .girls at 
Kunsan in very uncomfortable quarters for several years, 
and was over-joyed at the thought of having a commodious 
building for the girls and her class work. Some of the na- 
tive women were her assistants. 

Before materials could be gathered for the building and 
work begun, as things move slowly in Korea, the attendance 


wpon the school had increased to such an extent that the 
plans originally made for a $2,000.00 building were found to 
be inadequate, so a larger one was erected at an additional 
cost which was met by the Executive Committee of Foreign 
Missions. Ground was broken for the building in 1910. 

The societies did not abandon the school, however, after 
liaving raised the $2,000.00, but a number of them took per- 
manent shares in the school, or Mission at Kunsan, and con- 
tinued their interest in this way. 

By November, 1912, the building was completed and oc- 
cupied, and I wish you could see the pictures that Mrs. Bull 
so kindly sent our societies with a description of the differ- 
ent rooms, and the work she hoped to carry forward under 
more improved conditions. 

The fact of the existence of a Mary Baldwin School in 
Korea so impressed itself upon the Seminary here in Staun- 
ton that the girls were inspired to contribute towards its sup- 
port, through their missionary organization, between, the 
years 1914 and 1919, as much as one thousand dollars. The 
largest amount given in one year being $500.00. This, of 
course was very substantial help and was greatly appreciated. 

While all mission schools in Korea have labored under 
difficulties since the Japanese occupation of that country, 
still, they are going forward. Miss Dysart and Miss Dupuy 
are in charge of the Mary Baldwin School at Kunsan at this 

M.ay the clouds soon clear away and the usefulness of 
the school ever increase, and may the spirit of her whose 
name it bears be a constant incentive to .consecrated work 
for these wonderful people. 

Sallie Hamilton-McCormick. 


Word from Old Girls 

The following "old girls" were entertained at the Semi- 
nary during Commencement: Mildred Glover, Mildred 
Walton, Anne Perkins Ellis, Annie Cobb, Kathryn Hines, 
Vernon Welton, Elsie Jesser, Spottswood Roberts, Mary 
Dudley, Gladys Humbert-Henderson, Frances Henshaw, 
Mary Temple, Irene Hevener, Minnie Macleod-HuU. 


Ida Albaugh to John Robert Vousden, June 12, 1919. in 
Shanghai, China. 

Emily Stowell to Frank Ralph Ward, August 24, 1919. 
Mr, and Mrs. Ward are now living in Nanking, China. 

Margaret Donald, of New York Citv. to William Edwin 
Hyland, August 27, 1919. 

Ruth Sites, of Fort Defiance, Va., to Grant Richardson, 
September 17, 1919. 

Elizabeth Cooper, '19, of Gainsville, Texas, to- Allen 
Lawrence, August, 1919. 

Mary Wine Miller, '16, of Staunton, to Paul Murphy, 
of Clifton Forge, Va., October 7, 1919. 

Ruth Cox, '19, to Philip Morelock Bachman, October 15, 
1919, in Bristol, Term. 

Anna Green, of Gibsonia, Pa., to Albert C. Hardt, Octo- 
ber 15, 1919. 

Lucile Thomas to Kenneth S. Keys in Atlanta, Ga., 
October 21, 1919. 

Lydia Boardman, '14 to Chfford Peck in East Haddon, 
Conn., October 18, 1919. 

Emily Burrow, '18, of Little Rock, Ark., to Captain 
Carey Harrison, U. S. A., October 18, 1919. 


Sarah James Bell, '12, to Captain Robert E. Wysor, Jr., 
Sixth United States Infantry, in the First Presbyterian 
Church, Staunton, Va., October 15, 1919. Elizabeth A. 
Bell, '14, was her sister's maid-of -honor; Mary Lou Bell, 
'18, and Elizabeth Cloyd Bell, '16, were bride's maids. 
Captain and Mrs. Wysor are living in Atlanta, Ga. 

Lula Fretwell, of Staunton, to Earl Stockdon, Novem- 
ber 1, 1919. 

Dorothy Deatherage, '13, of Kansas City, Mo., to Wil- 
liam Roy Stanley, on Wednesday, December 10, 1919. 

Jessie Bell, of Staunton, to R. Franklin Wilkinson, of 
Toano, Va., November 25, 1919. 

Dorothy Wall, of Philadelphia, to Ludwig Prufor Vol- 
lers, November 28, 1919. 

Viola Tyler, of Staunton, to Leo F. Schmidt, November 
15, 1919. Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt make their home in 

Margaret Hooper, '13, of Selma, Ala., to Frank Houston, 
also of Selma. 

Louise Hickox, of Springfield, Illinois, to Paul Picker- 
ing, October, 1919. 

Frances Danby to Paul Williams, October 22, 1919. 

Martha Grier to F. W. Byrne, of Connellsville, Pa. 

Louise Baker, '19, of Jacksonville, Fla., to James Roose- 
velt Stockton, November 26, 1919. Katherine Baker, '18 
was her sister's maid-of-honor, and two of the bride's maids 
were Katherine Patterson, '19, and Mary Harman, '19. 

Jimmie Terrell, '16, of Birmingham, Ala., to Charles 
Woodruff, also of Birmingham, December 10, 1919. Agnes 
Terrell, '07, sister of the bride, was maid-of-honor, and 
Elizabeth McCauIey, '16, of Cumberland, Md., was one of 
the bride's maids. Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff live in Birm- 

Jewel Mears, '17, of Eastville, Va., to Giles Crowder 
Upshur, December 17, 1919. 

Elizabeth Hamer, of Staunton, to Charles Berry, Janu- 
ary 15, 1920. 

Maggie Bell Roller, of Fort Defiance, Va., to Lieutenant 
Warren S. Robinson, Coast ArtiUery Corps, U. S. A., Janu- 


ary 27, 1920. Lieut, and Mrs. Robinson will be stationed 
in the Philippine Islands. 

Lou Hatcher, '19, of Chattanooga, to Harry Glass Lay^ 
December 30, 1919. 

Aleta Dudley Wilson, '19, of Millersburg, Ky., to Lucien 
Arnsparger, January 8, 1920. 

Ruth Albert, '18, of Parkersburg, W. Va., to Robert 
Clifton Grogg, September 10, 1919. 

Elizabeth Rrooks, '11, of Norfolk, Va., to Rev. Francis 
John Brooke, Jr., September 25, 1919. 

Ellen Scott, '16, to Archie Patton McKenny, in Taze- 
well, Va., December 17, 1919. 

Gladys Humbert to William Watt Henderson, Novem- 
ber 1, 1919, in Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson live 
in Uniontown, Pa. 

Mac Lona Butler '19, to Frank Ireland Davis, in Millers- 
burg, Ky., September 1, 1919. 

Consuelo Slaughter, '19, to Henry Wenger, in Chicago, 
March 3, 1920. They will make their home at South Shore 
Country Club, Chicago. 

Jo Williams, of Orange, Va., to Rowland Hill, March 
24, 1920. 

Fenton Boxley to August Charlton Wambersie, June 2, 
1920, in Orange, Va. 

Annah Ruckman, '14, to Rev. Fred S. McCorkle, June 
10, 1920, in Staunton, Va. Reba Ruckman was her sister's 
maid-of -honor; the wedding march was played by Irene 
Haislip.. Rev. and Mrs. McCorkle are living in East Rad- 
ford, Va. 

Lalla Prufer, '11, to William C. Gilbert in Staunton, 
June 1, 1920.. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert will Uve in Church- 
ville, Va. 

Frances Overlock, '15, of Seattle, Wash., to David W. 
Earman, of Harrisonburg, Va., May 27, 1920. They were 
married in Staunton. 

Mary Eleanor Evins to Lieutenant Commander Homer 
Chapin Wick, U. S. N., March 24, 1920, in Atlanta, Ga. 

Gertrude Garden, '08, of Wheeling, W. Va., to Russell 
Raymond Thorp, June, 1920. Mrs. Thorp served with the 


Y. M. C. A. in France and returned to this country 
August, 1919. 

lone Staley, of Decatur, 111., to Thomas Richard Co well, 
Jr., June 1, 1920. Mr. and Mrs. Cowell will live at 4307 
Bigelow^ Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Agnes Wood, '14, to Dr. A. Fillmore Compton, of 
Moundsville, W. Va., June 29, 1920. Fay Meed, '14, was 
one of the bride's maids and the wedding rriarch was 
played by Mila Criss, '15. 

Geneva Smith to Ralph B. Leach, April 5, 1920, in 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Katherine Tompkins to I. Kent Early, June 16, 1920, at 
Hillsville, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Early will live in Charlotte 
Court House, Va. 

Katlileen Pepper to Robert Salz Wertheimer, March 
14, 1920, in Washington, D. C. 

Blanche Frampton, '19, of Youngstown, Ohio, to Orion 
Swisher Hogg, May 8, 1920; they are to live at 1202 Com- 
monwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Fay McCutchen to Henry Gardner, of Kirksville, Mo., 
June, 1920. 

Maidie Hooten, '20, to B. Y. FretweU June 17, 1920, in 

Mary Hevener, '20, to John Stephenson, of Alabama, 
June 24, 1920. Irene Hevener w^as maid-of-honor; Marj^ 
Carpenter sang before the ceremony. Catherine Noell was 
present at the wedding. 

Clara Trulock to C. H. Marco and lives 108 Rowsley 
St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

^ Bessie Osborne to H. D. Leudder and lives 307 5th Ave., 
Belmar, N. J. 

Nina Neal, of Atlanta, Ga., to Marion R. Boyce, of 
Chicago, in June, 1920. 

Jean Hunter was married in Memphis February 26, 



Lilly Shaw, of Goshen, Va., to Glen Raymond Gans, of 

August Glass, of Lynchburg, Va., to Robert McClana- 
han Allen, of Roanoke, Va. 


Mrs. S. F. Hobbs (nee Sarah Ellen Greene) has a daugh- 
ter born August 2, 1919. 

Margaret Lee Randolph, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. John 
Randolph, arrived September 15, 1919. Mrs. Randolph 
was Grace Lee, '16. 

Mrs. Tulane Atkinson (nee Esther Thomas, '13) has a 
daughter born October 16, 1919. 

Mrs. Robert Thatch, of New York City, formerly Mary 
Munger, of Birmingham, Ala., has twins, a boy and a girl, 
born October, 1919. 

Mrs.. Roy Deal (nee Lucie Bull) has a son born Novem- 
ber 7, 1919. 

Mrs. Julian Hume (nee Molly Worthington) has a son, 
born December 22, 1919. 

Mrs. Charles Clinch Allen (nee Lillian Graham) of 
Dallas, Texas, has a son, Charles Clinch Allen, Jr., born 
November 19, 1919. 

Mrs. R. Hugh Goode (nee Blair Whitlock) has a daugh- 
ter, Virginia Blair Goode, born December, 1919. 

Mrs. T. L. Harnsberger (nee Agnes Woods, '14) has a 
son, Thomas Littleton Harnsberger, Jr., born September 
3, 1919. Mr. and Mrs. Harnsberger and baby are spending 
a year's vacation in America, having come from China, in 
December; they are at present with Mr. Harnsberger's par- 
ents in Staunton. 

Mrs. Charles Watt, of Augusta, Ga., formerly Elizabeth 
Pancake, of Staunton, has a son born February 15, 1920. 

Mrs. George Denham, of Clarksburg, W. Va., nee Ailene 
Earle Highland, has a son, George Highland Denham, about 
a year old. 


Mrs. George Rhineburg, nee Sara Hunter, has two small 
children. She is Hving in Dayton, Ohio, her husband being 
connected with the Wilbur Wright Aviation Field. 

Mrs. Thomas Russell, nee Margaret Kable, has a son, 
born February 17, 1920. 

Mrs. Francis Rundell (nee Beatrice Hawley) has a little 
daughter, Barbara Ann. The family are living in Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

Mrs. William Parker Divine (nee EfFie Brown, '10) 
has a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born May 7, 1920. 

Mrs. Wilham B. Cloud (nee Mildred Cleland) of Ken- 
nett Square, Pa., has a li'itle daughter, Ruth Cleland. 

Mrs. John W. Kennedy (nee Elizabeth McCue) has a 
second son, William McCue Kennedy, born June 19, 1920. 

Mrs. James Simmons, formerly Mary Preston Hanger, 
of Staunton, has a little daughter, born July 5, 1920.. 


Augusta Causey, '19, of Parksley, Va., died at her home 
January 28, 1920. 

Mrs. Harold Kenney (nee Beatrice Suffern, '16) died in 
Decatur, Illinois, February 15, 1920, after an illness of seven 
months. Besides her husband, she is survived by two 
children, a girl two years old, and a baby boy. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Henry-Lyons, '73, died May 21, 1920 in 
Richmond, Va., she was a great-granddaughter of Patrick 

Jf.anna Kenncally, '64, of Hot Springs, Va., died April 
12, 1920 in Richmond. 

Mrs. Mary K. Burns, of Huntington, W. Va., died in the 
spring of 1920. 

Notice has been received of the death of Mrs. McNerney 
(nee Evelyn Cole, '16) of Greensburg, Pa. 



Jean Fraser, '19, who taught m the High School in 
Round Hill, Va., last session is planning to enter Goucher 
College in September. 

Naomi Sheppe, '19, taught in the High School in Parks- 
ley, Va. 

Mary Frances Golden was graduated from Columbia 
University June, 1919. 

Hypatia Link, '19, attended Ward-Belmont last session. 

Janet Farrer taught in Richmond, Va. 

Josephine Mansfield, '12, taught in Hickory, N. C. 

Josephine Timberlake is in Washington, where she is 
assistant editor of the "Volta-Review," a publication de- 
signed especially for the deaf. 

Lily Woods, '14, a missionary to China, returned to her 
field in April, after spending a year in America. She spent 
a week-end at the Seminary and gave an interesting ac- 
count of her work m a talk before the members of the 
Y. W. C. A. While in America Mrs. Woods (Lily's 
mother) died in a hospital in Baltimore. 

Frances Henshaw, '19, and Nina Price, '19, taught in 
Fort Loudoun Seminary, Winchester, Va. 

Dorothy Braden, '19, attended the University of 

Mary Heath Jones, '19, attended Sweet Briar College. 

Miriam Lindau, '19, entered Columbia University. 

Frances Warfield, '19, has been a student at Wellesley 

Jeanne Woodbridge, '19, attended the Moody Bible 
School in Chicago. 

Mary Louise Whitacre, '19, was at Highland Hall, Holli- 
daysburg. Pa., the past session. 

Margaret St. Clair, '16, was graduated from Wellesley 
in June with high honors. 

Miss Eugenia Bumgarduer, of Staunton, who has been 
in France since the beginning of the World War engaged 
in war work and assigned to clerical work at a Paris head- 


quarters, has recently entered Red Cross activities, and 
is in Belgrade, Servia, where she expects to remain for sev- 
eral months before being transferred to a post in Con- 

Katherine Collins, '19, attended the Hewlett School, 
Hewlett, Long Island. 

Mary Erwin spent last v/inter in Fortress Monroe, Va., 
teaching the children of officers there. 

Mary Harmon, '19, attended Sweet Briar. 

Wanda Wellner, '19, was at Miss Semple's School in 
New York, 

Mildred Napier, '19, was in school in Athens, Ga., and 
Margaret Napier, '19, attended Washington Seminary in 

Lillian Woodley, '19, was at school in Philadelphia. 

Mary Sharp, '19, was at the University of Texas.. 

Mary Frances Wilson, '19, attended Colonial School in 
Washington, D. C. 

Margaret Funkhouser taught piano and organ at S. 
C. I., Dayton, Va. 

Lieutenant and Mrs. Oliver Bucher and little daughter 
are now stationed in Panama. Mrs. Bucher was formerly 
Evelyn Hoge, of Staunton. 

Mrs. Lina Sheppard-Baker, of GreenviUe, N. C, of the 
class of 1897, has asked for news of Miriam Reynolds, a 
former classmate. 

A letter in the "Presbyterian of the South" 'speaks thus 
of an "old Baldwin girl:" 

The seat of honor in the missionary circles of Brazil is 
reserved for Miss Charlotte Kemper, best known as "Aunt 
Lottie," eighty-two years young, as ever>^one loves to think 
of her. The neatest handwriting that comes to the desk 
of Dr. Chester or Dr. Smith is "Aunt Lottie's." She reads 
Homer and Virgil daily for mental gymnastics, varying 
this Spartan exercise by tutoring backward boys in geome- 
try or trigonometry. Though teaching from three to four 
hours daily she missed not a class during the last session. 
"Aunt Lottie" is the adviser of everyone, comforter and 
encourager of the new missionaries, and the most beloved 


woman in all Brazil. She is wise with that wisdom that 
Cometh down from above, that cometh only to the chil- 
dren of the King. 

The New York Times of June 20, 1920, refers to the 
book of Pauline Stewart-Crosley, class of 1883, as follows: 

Light on affairs in Petrograd during the revolution and 
the early part of the rule of Lenin and Trotzky is said to 
be given in "Intimate Letters from Petrograd," by Pauline 
S. Croslej^ which the Buttons have ready for immediate 
publication.. Mrs. Crosley is the wife of Captain Crosley, 
Naval Attache of the American Embassy at the Russian 
capital during those tempestuous months, 

Kathryn Bryan and Florida Booth have accepted posi- 
tions in New Mexico. 

Lina Switzer, '09, is working in the Income Tax division 
of the Treasury Department in Washington. 

Sallie Williams-Buckley, '10, and her young son re- 
cently visited Mary Heath in Port Gibson, Miss. 

Kate Earle Terrell, '12, spent the month of June with 
Martha Stark-Logan, '11, in Missouri. 

Elizabeth McCue-Kennedy, '12, is now living in Port 
Gibson, Miss., where her husband is connected with the 
Chamberlain-Hunt Military School. . 

Charlotte Bell, the daughter of Lottie Witherspoon, a 
Mary Baldwin girl of the class of 1891, who went as a 
missionary to Korea, living only a few years after taking 
up her life work in His service, is attending Agnes Scott 
College, expecting to graduate in 1921. 

George Bohan Raine, son of Minnie Bohan-Raine, class 
of 1980, was married in Atlanta last fall. 

Jean Shuster, who now attends the University of 
Nebraska, broke the world's sprint record for women. She 
ran a quarter of a mile in 1 minute, 15 2-5 seconds, or 3-5 
of a second faster than the previous world's record for 



Miss Mary Spottswood Carmichael was married to the 
Rev. Martin Ryerson Turnbull, professor at the Union 
Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va., June 10, 1920, in 
Fredericksburg, Va. 

Miss Hawkins taught in Fresno, Cal., last session. 

Mile. Piffault was instructor of French in Finch's 
School in New York City. 

Miss Spalding taught at the Ogontz School near Phila- 

Miss Smithey is planning to teach in Roanoke during 
the coming session; she visited the Seminary at Easter. 

The reunions for the Commencement of 1921 have been 
mentioned in the Editorial. It has not been fully decided 
wtiich classes shall have their remunions then, but will the 
girls of 1890, 1891, 1912, 1914, 1918, 1919, and 1920 begin 
to plan to meet their classmates at Baldwins in May, 1921 ? 

Of course, you like to hear about your old M. B. S. 
friends and they like to hear about you. Please let the 
chairman of the Publication Committee know any bit of 
news about yourself or any other Baldwin girl you know. 


Roll of Members 


Present Address 

Mrs. Julian Field, Atlanta, Ga. 

2144 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Mrs. Wm. Vaughn, 715 S. 28th St., 

Birmingham, Ala- 
Mrs. I. Ernest Dooley, 1618 W. Clinch 

Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 
Mrs. Henry R, Putney, Brooks St., 

Charleston, W. Va, 
Mrs. Charles Russell Caldwell, 

Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Brown Ayers, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Hawkinstown, Va. 
1027 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. 
Mrs. Robert E. Gumming, 1307 Park Road, 
Washington, D. C. 
Box 89, Norfolk, Va. 
Mrs. Cornell Murray, 800 Riverside Ave., 

Trenton, N. J. 
Mrs. Wilmer H. Paine, 405 E. Scott Ave., 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
Mrs. M. J. Payne, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Chauncey Williams, 

"The Hamilton," Washington, D. C. 
'11 Armentrout, Margaret "Bridge View," Marshall, Mo. 
'11 Andrews, Reba Mrs. D. H. Hill Arnold, Elkins, W. Va. 

Abert, Maria Mrs. T. A. Gary, 1004 W. Franklin St., 

Richmond, Va. 


'93 Bumgardner, AugustaStaunton, Va. 

'94 Bagby, Meland Clark Mrs. S. B. Gary, 203 Albemarle Ave., 

Roanoke, Va. 
'12 Baylor, Flora Wardell, Va. 

'96 Bickle, Mattie Staunton, Va. 

Adair, Adelaide 
'79 Allen, Ruth 
*82 Anderson, Bessie 

'85 Andes, Mary 

'84 Ast, Lillian 

'84 Adams, Bessie L. 

'79 Anderson, Kate 
'15 Allen, Frances 
'13 Alexander, Mary 
'14 Anderson, Pauline 

'93 Aunspaugh, Julia 
'80 Apgar, Anna 

'90 Ast, Ina 

'86 Ast, Estelle 
'86 Arthur, Lillian 



















Baile, Marie 
Bull, Lucie E. 

Brown, Josephine 
Burdette, Frances 

Present Address 

New Windsor, Md. 

Mrs. R. C. Deal, 706 Baldwin Place, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Hot Springs, Ark, 
Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Bsimgardner, Eugenia Staunton, Va. 

Baylor, Nell 
Bartlett, Henrietta 
Brand, Madeline 
Baker, Louise 

Buchner, Elizabeth 
Bear, Katherine 

Warden, Va. 

Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Jaraes R. Stockton, San Juline Apt., 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

2000 Terrace Place, Nashville, Tenn. 

106 Beech St., Clarendon, Va. 
Bumgardner, Minnie Staunton, Va. 
Bell, Minnie NewmanMrs. Clifford Prather, Kingston Pike, 

R. F. D. 2, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Borchess, Mimi M'-s. W K. }'''*fr^'^r\nv{, Oscawana, N. Y. 

Bell, Sarah James Mrs. Robert E, Wysor, Jr., 

6th Inf., Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. 
Barkman, Elizabeth Staunton, Va. 
Baer, Edna Mrs. Furst, Somerset, Penn. 

Blackley, Fanny Mrs. E. J. Gushing, Staimton, Va. 

Mrs. W. R. DuBose, 1850 Kalorama Road, 
Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. L, M. McClung, Clover Creek, Va. 

Mrs. Wm. P. Di\ine, 18 St., 

Nicholas Place, Ne^v York City 

1600 Gervais St., Columbia. S. C. 

Mrs. Austin Quick, R. F. D. 5, 

Staunton, Va. 

1736 E. 31st St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Bumgardner, Bettie Mrs. P. L. Murphy, 24 Gramercy Park. 

New York City 
Borden, Kathryn Toms Brook, Va. 
Beauchamp, Mildred Princess Anne, Md. 
Borden, Mildred Toms Brook, Va. 

Buckner, Mary 
Borden, Mary 
Bell, Mary Lou 
Boiling, Jessie 
Brown, Mercedes 

Bibb, Katie 

Blair, Lucy 
Brown, Effie 

Bryan, Mary 
Blackburn, Fay 

Brow^n, Irene 

Brookes, Elizabeth 
Billingslean, Eliza- 

2000 Terrace Place, Nash^dlle, Tenn. 

New Hope, Va. 

Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Frank McFarland, Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Robert T. Cattle, 1736 E. 31st St., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
3557 Lafayette Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Westminster, Md. 


'15 Baldwin, Kathryn 

'13 Buford, Margaret 
'88 Brantley, Nettie 
'91 Baker, Janetta 

'13 Butler, Mary 

'11 Booth, Florida 
'12 Black, Mary 
'14 Bell, Elizabeth A. 
'14 Boardman, Lydia 
'88 Bridges, Priscilla 

'92 Bibb, Sophie Gilmer 

'12 Baush, Edith 
'82 Burnett, Effle 
'04 Bragg, Margaret 
'93 Brown, Laura 

'12 Bell, Ellen Howe 

'09 Bell, Bessie 

Baker, Fannie 
'84 Brown, Lillian 

'90 Brown, Eula 
'09 Bear, Carrie 

Bohun, Minnie 

Present Address 

Mrs. John Cohdg, 311 S. Front St., 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
1517 Sigler St., Nashville, Tenn. 
Mrs. L. J. Langley, Box 374, Rome, Ga. 
Mrs. Geo. W. Felter, 522 Putnam Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mrs. Robin Adair, 960 Ponce de 

Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
253 Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. 
302 Front St., Meyersdale, Penn. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Clifford A. Peck, East Hadden, Conn. 
Mrs. John Carmichael, 429 Potomac Ave., 
Hagerstown, Md. 
Mrs. J. M. Fisher, 1475 Park Road, N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
Somerset, Penn. 

Mrs. William Miller, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. R. McLain, Clark Ave., Roanoke, Va. 
Mrs. E. C. Miller, 196 Argyle Road, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mrs. Orrin R. Magill, 

Kirin, Manchuria, China 
Pulaski, Va. 

Mrs. W. H. Irvine, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. A. E. Menke, Hotel Maryland, 

Passadena, Cal. 
Mrs. C. H. Tuttle, Englewood, N. J. 
Mrs. A. A. Waldrop, 529 14th Ave., 

Roanoke, Va. 
Mrs. J. Raine, 258 Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

'11 Candler, Nell 
'12 Caldwell, Sarah 

'14 Clark, Emma 
'89 Chaffee, A. Ruth 
'93 Christian, Mattie 
'13 Carr, Dorothy 
'10 Cummings, Jennie 
'04 Carter, Hill 

'76 Coalter, Mary 
'93 Casen, Mary 
'06 Cleveland, Anne 

Decatur, Ga. 

Mrs. W. W. S. Butler, Jr., 

Walnut Hill, S. E., Roanoke, Va. 
Point Pleasant, W. Va. 
Mrs. G. H. Squire, Jr., East Orange, N. J. 
Mint Spring, Va. 

Mrs. Wm. Andrew Hood, Clarksdale, Miss. 
Mrs. Ben Hoskins, Summerfield, N. C. 
Mrs. Robert Lucas, 1903 1st Ave., 

Highland Park, Richmond, Va. 
Mrs. W. A. McAllister, Columbus, Neb. 
Rockville, Md. 
Mrs. T. R. H. Smith, 2301 Classen 



■■12 Callison, Mary 

'88 Coyner, Hortense 
'97 Cern, Dora 

'02 Catlett, Amy 
'14 Connellee, Laura 
'14 Campbell, Ada 
'15 Campbell, Alma 
'15 Cleland, Mildred 
Childress, Annye 
'10 Crockett, Margaret 
'17 Cutts, Marjorie 
'17 Cobb, Annie 
'12 Connally, Marion 

'97 Craig, Mary Alice 

'91 Crow, Nelle 

'06 Cohn, Anna Rose 

'05 Cochran, Laura 

'0^ Creighton, Juana 
'85 Cassells, Cora 

'07 Cunningham, 

'08 Cullingworth, Phoebe 

'09 Carpenter, Mary 
'17 Cooke, Clemence A. 

'19 Caldwell, Adelaide 
'19 Collins, Katharine 
'19 Crebbin, Elise 

Present Address 

Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. J. X. Cullen, Catonsville, Md. 
Mrs. W. M. Fechheimer, 2909 S. Ervay St., 

Dallas, Texas 
Staunton, Va. 
Middletown, Del. 

215 N. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
215 N. Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Mrs. W. B. Cloud, Kennett Square, Pa. 
Mrs. Robert Bowing, Terrell, Texas. 
Pocomoke City, Md. 
121 Gwinnett St., E. Savannah. Ga. 
Durham, N. C. 
Mrs. L. J. DeLamarter, 42 Ionia Place, 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Piedmont, Ala. 

Mrs. J. H. Henderlite, Gastonia, N. C. 
326 Botetourt St., Norfolk, Va. 
Mrs. Frank Crickshank, 117 Alden St., 

Cranfo"d, N. J. 
Mrs. Charles Kaltenback, 10 Thomas Ave., 

Cranford. N. J. 
Mrs. F. Sloan Young, 155 Riverside Drive. 

New York 
Mrs. Wm. R. Craig, 555 Park Ave., 

New York 
Mrs. LeRoy Brown, Jr., 1522 Grove Ave., 

Richmond, Va. 
Harrisonburg, Va. 
Mrs. Charles Keene, 1718 Que St., 

Washington, D. C. 
22 The Blandwood. Cha-lotte. N. C. 
The Marlborough, Washington, D. C. 
1922 Gen. Pershing St., New Orleans, La. 


'20 Dilgard, Dorothy Gormania, W. Va. 
'14 Davis, Laura 948 Naval Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 

'13 Deatherage, Dorothy Mrs. Wm. Roy Stanley, 2924 Tracey Ave., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
'97 Daniels, Lena The Cumberl-jid, Washington, D. C. 

'97 Daniels, Margaret Washington, D. C. 
'06 Donahoe, Mary Mrs. F. S. McCandlish, Fairfax C. H., Va. 



'82 Davenport, Lula 
'12 Droege, Mildred 
'88 Banner, Kate 

'14 Dudley, Mary Virginia 
'80 Donnan, Etta 
'89 Davant, Fannie 

'72 Daniel, Ella 

'17 Denyven, Marian 
'17 Dersam, Marian 
'85 Dabney, Susie 

'91 Dempster, Blanche 

'12 Dudley, Mar- 
guerite F. 
'20 Dudley, Elizabeth 

Present Address 

Mrs. Lawson Stapleton, Americus, Ga. 
1116 Elmore Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
INIrs. F. W. Mahood, Sheridan Apts. 

1523 22d St., K. W., Washington, D. C. 
Pleasant Valley, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Mrs. Wm. H. Mann, Petersburg, Va. 
Mrs. J. D. Pickard, 14 ClifTord Place, 

East Orange, N. J. 
Mrs. S. W. Smith, Pendleton, St. 

Columbia, S. C. 
6021 Kingsbery Place, St. Louis, Mo. 
Leslie Hotel, New Castle, Penn. 
Mrs. Napoleon Lodor, Lookout Mountain, 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Mrs. J. P. Moffett, 500 Summer Place, 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Staunton, Va. 

Pleasant Valley, Wheeling, W. Va. 





Eisenberg, Lillian 
Eyster, Anna 
Eisenberg, Louise 
English, Nettie 
Ellington, Paisley 
Epes, Margaret 
Eakle, Margaret 
Everteet, Frances 
Elder, Mary E. 
Ellis, Anne Perkins 
Eisenberg, Winifred 
Evans, Ella 
Edmondson, Lucy 


Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Senseney, W^ilmetta, 111. 

Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Wm. E. Gilbert, Laurel, Md. 

Mrs. Maxwell Payne, Greensboro, N. C. 

Mrs.' Richard F. Dillard, Blackstone, Va. 

Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. W. O. Jones, 58 15th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

600 W. 204th St., New York City. 

Wiley, Va. 

Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Z. R. Argo, Junniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Staunton, Va. 

'97 Fultz, Margaretta 
'01 Eraser, Nora 
'79 Firor, Flora C. 
'76 Farror, Georgia 

'15 Forest, Helen 
'88 Faircloth, Sudie 


564 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Staunton, Va. 

1814 Lament St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. A. Paterson, 130 S. 15th St., 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
2410 Pillsbury Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Mrs. Calvin Woodward, Wilson, N. C. 


^1 Fox, Lilly Bell 

'15 Field, Bena 
'20 Fraser, Anna 
Foster, Claude 
'08 Fisk, Margaret 

'18 Funkhouser,Marg 
'19 Fraser, Jean 
'84 Firor, Lizzie 

'14 Fleet, Marguerite 
'90 Folsom, Jennie 
'85 Finley, Cora 
'04 Fraser, Margaret 
'12 Finks, Blanche 
'89 Faulkner, Jane 

'08 Gillett, Thalia 
'96 Gilkeson, Martha 

'06 Griffith, Nancy 
'14 Gary, Maude 
'13 Graham, Alice 
'06 Graham, Sallie 
'92 Gilmer, Laura 

Present Address 

Mrs. Carl Weil, 1143 S. 17th St., 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Camp S. E. Otis, Panama, Canal Zone. 
Newark, Del. 

Mrs. John S. Clarke, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. Chas. Stitt, 35 Badau Ave., 

Summit, N. J, 
iarel Dayton, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Jas. Trimble, 1814 Lamont St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 
52 E. 13th St., New York City 
Mrs. Edward Peck, Morristown, Tenn. 
Mrs. E. M, Gilkerson, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Staunton, Va. 
Saltville, Va. 
Mrs. Wm. White, 2218 State St., 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Alpine, Texas. 

Moorefield, W. Va. 

51 Mentelle Park, Lexington, Ky. 

718 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 

Mrs. Henry Bedinger, Hartsville, S C 

Mrs. P. H. Hall, Alexis, N. C. 

Mrs. F. Hadra, 9 Hobart Ave., 

Summit, N. J. 
'11 Greene, Sarah Ellen Mrs. S. F. Hobbs, Selma, Ala. 
'12 Gayle, Jennie Columbus, K5^ 

Mrs. B. Wright, The Huntington, 
'08 Grattan, Mary Kingston, N. Y 

'14 Golden,Mary FrancesMarlinton, W. Va. 
'12 Greene, Helen Davis 1900 Sunnyside Ave,, Chicago, 111. 
'07 Greider, Virginia Mrs. Thomas Roller, Fort Defiance, Va. 
'08 Garden, Gertrude Mrs. Russel Raymond Throp, 441 Main St 

Wheeling, W. Va 
'88 Goode, Mary Kendall Mrs. Henry P. Wilhams, 31 E. Battery, 

Charleston, S. C 
104 S. Amherst Place, Atlantic City, N J " 
Mrs. Albert C. Hardt, R. F. D. 1, 

Gibsonia, Penn. 
Mrs. F. W. Byrne, Connellville, Penn. 
Childress, Texas. 

'17 Godfrey, Camille 
'17 Green, Anna 

'08 Grier, Martha 
'15 Grove, May 



'93 Gibbs, Ethel 

'10 Gillespie, Mayola 

Gay, Anna 
'82 Grattan, Mary 

'19 Griggs, Rachel 
'19 Geary, Eleanor 
'19 Good, Helen 

Present Address 

Mrs. L. C. Lockridge, Raphine, Va. 
Tazewell, Va. 

Mrs. C. J. McClung, Knoxville, Tenn 
Mrs. Judge Stephenson, 117 Forrest Ave., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Athens, Ga. 
Wallingford, Penn. 
911 Murdock Ave,, Parkersburg, W. Va, 

'15 Humbert, Gladys 

'11 Howison, Ellen 
'19 Hayward, Lydia 
'19 Henshaw, Frances 
'06 Hammondt Marie 
'03 Harvey, Reine 

'86 Hayden, Nellie 

'72 Hardie, Margie 
'76 Hotchkiss, Anne 
'91 Hanger, Lizzie 

'16 Hutcheson, Marion 
'12 Holmes, Dorothy 
'15 Highland, Aileen 
'66 Heller, Lizzie 
'08 Heck, Elsa 
'15 Hawley, Beatrice 
'08 Harrison, Helen H. 
'12 Hyde, Mary Belle 
'06 Hoover, May 
'73 Hotchkiss, Nellie 

Haislip, Irene 
'91 Hagood, Laura 

'08 Holcomb, Helen 

'76 Harman, Agnes 

'06 Hutchinson, Mary 
'14 Hugo, Undine 


Mrs, Wm. Henderson, 131 E. Fayette St., 

Uniontown, Penn. 
Mrs. R. E. Christian, Staunton, Va. 
Meriden, Conn. 
Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Mrs. Roy Wonson, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Thomas P. Moore, 1241 Union Ave.,^ 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Mrs. John Griffith Williams, 

1700 Lamont St, Washington, D. C, 
Mrs. M. C. Clanton, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. A. M. Hovv^ison, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. L. E. Chalenor, 

848 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Hempstead, L. I. 

Mrs. O. E. Davis, Jr., Red Bank, N. J. 
Mrs. George Denham, Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Mrs. Chas. A. Holt, Staunton, Va. 
29 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mrs. Francis Rundell, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Flatonia, Texas. 

Mrs. Ira Kerr, Brownsburg, Va. 
Somerset, Penn. 
Mrs. G. S. Holmes, 16 Legare St., 

Charleston, S. C. 
Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. L. H. Alexander, 

312 Tuscaloosa Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 
Mrs. L. A. Birch, 42 S. 22rd St., 

Flushing, N. J. 
Mrs. J. L. Hunter, 369 13th Ave., 

Roanoke, Va. 
11 W. 37th St., New York City. 
30 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 



Present Address 

^88 Hollingsworth, Ola. Mrs. R. A. Lancaster, Lady St., 

Columbia, S. C. 
F, Percival Loth, Waynesboro, Va. 
W. W. Turner, Lexington, Va. 
W. S. Goodwin, Emporia, Va. 

"89 Hogshead, Lizzie 
'91 Hogshead, Maggie 
"80 Hedges, Dora Lee 
'98 Hack, Mary 


'96 Hamilton, Sallie 

Charles L. Bowly, Winchester, Va, 
Mrs. McCormick, Staunton, Va, 

'77 Inman, Emma 
'13 Inglesby, Mary 

Mrs. T. H. Bell, 665 Peachtree St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
209 W. 36lh St., Savannah, Ga. 

Lancaster, S. C. 

Mrs. E. T. Robertson, Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. John Willis, 721 Colonial Ave., 

Norfolk, Va. 
'09 Jones, Mary Madison Mrs. F. G. Housman, 

143 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mrs. H. E. Topping, Mount Sidney, Va. 
Mrs. A. M. Jackson, 805 Lavoca St., 

Austin, Texas 
Mrs. J. C. Grier, Jr., E. Riverside Drive, 

Grosse He, Mich. 
4408 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

'19 Jones, Mary Heath 
'86 Johnson, Nathalie 
'90 Johnson, Pearl 

'13 Johnston, Sibyl 
'10 Johnson, Getta 

'08 Johns, Lucy 

'08 Jones, Bertinia 

'95 Kilby, Lucile 
'70 Kirkpatrick, Lizzie 
'02 Kable, Margaret 
'02 Kemper, Grace 

'08 Kenan, Verda 
'07 Kemp, Judith, 
'18 Kite, Charlotte 
'18 Kontz, Elizabeth 
'16 Keats, Persis 

Kennedy, Thelma 
Kemper, Ethel 


Mrs. Hampton H. Wayt, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Chas. A. Graves, Charlottesville, Va. 
Mrs. Maj. Thos. H. Russell, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Phillip R. Toll, 3500 Warwick 

Boulevard, Kansas City, Mo. 
Mrs. George Plants, Seymour, Texas. 
Mrs. M. C. Seldon, Route, 6, Richmond, Va. 
Stanley, Va. 

616 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
1713 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 
Mrs. O. F. White, R. F. D. 5, Stanley, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 



Present Address 

'07 Leftwich, Kate 
'09 Lambert, Agnes 
'06 Lauder, Kathleen 
'06 Lindsay, Norma 

'12 Lowe, Christine 

'16 Lee, Grace 

'14 Liclider, Vernon 

'68 Lavelle, Anna 

'14 Lee, Bess 

'14 Lee, Margaret 

'08 Lankford, Helena 

'91 Lawson, Lena 

'03 Leftwich, Mabel 
'99 Leftwich, Bessie 
'84 Lightfoot, Daisy 
'09 Landes, Bessie 
'07 Lewis, Beatrice 
'17 Lethbridge, Margaret 

Long, Viola 
'12 Lyne, Lucy 
'17 Lee, Fan 
'20 Lane, Caroline 
'19 Lawton, Mary 

Lockridge, Robbie 
'16 Lott, Cora 
'16 Lindsay, Mary 
'12 Lacy, Louise 

'08 Lynn, Mary 

Lipscomb, Virginia 

'98 McCue, Eva 

'09 Moore, Helen 

'94 Macatee, Roberta 
'13 Morris, Evelyn 
'92 Melvin, Hessye 

Staunton, Va. 

Waynesboro, Va. 

216 Grace St., Norfolk, Va. 

Mrs. M. R. Faville, 919 3rd St., S. W. 

Roanoke, Va. 
2239 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. 
Mrs. John Randolph, Irvington, Va 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Hyde, Middlebrook, Va. 
Statesboro, Ga. 

Mrs. J. A. Jartham, Chillicothe, Ohio. 
Mrs. Benjamin C. Jones, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. C. A. Dempsey, 1610 Park Ave., 

Richmond, Va. 
Mrs. D. Pelletier, Lafayette, La. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. A. Stegall, Abbeville, Ala. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. L. Deane, Port Washington, L. L 
18 Glenside Road, S. Orange, N. J. 
Mrs. C. J. Coiner, Staunton, Va. 
Orange, Va. 
Irvington, Va. 
Millen, Ga. 
Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Harrot Rogers, Atlanta, Ga. 
Hendersonville, N. C. 
220 North St., Portsmouth, Va. 
Mrs. Boyce Bailey, 1224 S. 31st St., 

Birmingham, Ala, 
Salisbury, N. C. 
Mrs. Joel Hurt, Jr., 133 E. 17th St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Mrs. W. Elliott Baker, 1805 Fairmont 

Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Mrs. B. S. Beecher, 103 Keene St., 

Providence, R. L 
Mrs. J, B. Earle, Milldale, Warren Co., Va. 
Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. J. Frank Beal, 

Shenandoah Junction, W. Va. 


'77 McChesney, Lina 

'81 McCue, Lizzie 
'82 Morton, Maggie 

'10 McLeod, Aleine 
'14 Miles, Evelyn 
'15 McCullough, Lillian 
'98 Mehurin, Ellen L. 
'16 McKnight, Kathleen 

'67 McCay, Julia 

'79 McChesney, Margaret 
'17 Mears, Jewel 
'17 Mcllhenny, Jane 
'17 Mayson, Venice 
'06 Morris, Winifred 
'96 McFarland, Nannie 
'98 McFarland, Abbie 
'73 Moore, Ella M, 
'90 McCue, Jennie 

'89 McClung, Ellie 
Murphy, Mary 

'16 McCauley, Elizabeth 
'15 Miller, Hazeltine 
'15 Morris, Janet 
'08 Mosley, Leslie 
'14 McKenzie, Pauline 
'90 Meetz, Sadie 

Miller, Ora E. 
'83 McCake Passie 

'83 Macleod, Minnie 

'19 Morgan, Doris 
'01 McCrea-y, Pearl 
'20 Marchant, Virginia 
'91 Mercier, Roselle 

'86 Murphy, Florence 
'12 McCue, Elizabeth 

Present Address 

Mrs. J. W. Cone, West Chester, 

Richmond, Va. 
Mrs. C. U. Dahlgren, Gloster, Miss. 
Mrs. Joseph S. Lefils, 1424 Market St.. 

Jacksonville. Fla. 
Mrs. John McLaurin, Bennettsville, S. C. 
3304 Windsor Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
915 2nd Ave., South, Fargo, N. D. 
2031 F St., AVashington, D. C. 
Mrs. Simpson Houston, 

Murfreesboro, Tenn. 
Mrs. Wm. M. Buchanan, 

930 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Giles C. Upshur, Eastville, Va. 
220 Y. Upsal St., Germantown, Penn. 
274 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
30, The Green, Dorce, Del. 
Staunton, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 

1680 31st St., Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. Wm. C. Marshall, W. 1927 River- 
side Drive, Minneaoolis, Minn. 
Mrs. J. W. Green, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Mrs. Ch. Sciple, Sr., 916 Peachtree St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
186 Washington, St., Cumberland, Md. 
Statesville, N. C. 
Staunton, Va. 
Mount Hope, W. Va. 
Tallassee, Ala. 
Meetz, Va. 
513 W. Main St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Mrs. J. K. Ottley, Joyeuse, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. R. M. Hull, 309 E. Huntington St., 

Savannah, Ga. 
904 E. Elm St., Durant, Okla. 
Mrs. D. H. Johnston, Beckley, W. Va. 
1818 Bolton St., Baltimore, Md. 
Mrs. John S. Montgomery, 

Riverside, Conn. 
Mrs. J. U. Fis'-'f^r, Morristown, Tenn. 
Mrs. Jno. W. Kennedy, Jr., 

Port Gibson, Miss. 


'05 Munger, Rosa 

'89 McHenry, Marline 

'12 Mansfield, Minnie 
'12 Mansfield, Josephine 
'13 Melius, Gladdis 
'14 McCutchan, Estelle 
'12 Miller, Florence S. 

Mackoy, Mabel Lee 
'07 Munger, Ruby 

'78 Miller, Sallie 

'14 Mead, Fay 

'14 Morris, Lily 

'11 McDavid, Virginia 

'70 Montgomery, Agnes 

'84 McCorkle, Lelia 

'77 McCue, Mattie 

'82 McChesney, Fannie 

'00 Moore, Lutie 
'07 Moffett, Elsie 
'12 Moore, Frances 

'12 Magruder, Virginia 
'95 McCullough, Mary 
'13 McLeod, Elise 
'69 McChesney, Mary 
'06 McChesney, Virginia 

'08 'Ney, Carrie 
'07 Noon, Sibert 

'14 Neal, Nina 
'15 Ney, Miriam 
'93 Newson, Musette 

Present Address 

Mrs. P. H. Earle, 400 Cotton Ave., 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mrs. M. H. Griffing, 138 Deer Hill Ave., 

Danbury, Conn. 
835 S. 2nd St., Springfield, 111. 
835 S. 2nd St., Springfield, 111. 
461 Norman St., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Staunton ,Va. 
Mrs. James G. Wilson, 2424 Stevens Ave., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Portsmouth, Ohio, 
Mrs. A. C. Montgomery, 

100 Tuscaloosa Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 
Mrs. Sallie M. Giddings, Balton, Va. 
Manington, W. Va. 
431 London St., Portsmouth, Va. 
Mrs. M. F. Smith, 404 Jasper Road, 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mrs. D. B. Taylor, 805 Biscayne Drive. 

Mami, Fla. 
Mrs. G. Vaughan, 381 12th Ave., 

Roanoke, Va. 
Mrs. W. S. Rhodes, Afton, Va. 
Mrs. Van Meter, 540 E. Main St., 

Lexington, Ky. 
Mrs. Wallace McFarland, Staunton, Va. 
Route 2, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Aubrey Patterson, 910 Caton Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
137 Southerlin Ave., Danville, Va. 
Point Pleasant, W. Va. 
160 Broad St., Charleston, S. C. 
Mrs. M. V. Yarbrough, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Henry Scott, Jr., Dupont Hotel, 

Wilmington, Del. 


Mrs. M. Scheurer, Front Royal, Va. 
Mrs. D. E. Brenaman, 5507 Honore St., 

Chicago, 111. 
49 E. 14th St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. Leon Scheurer, Berryville, Va. 
Mrs. G. B. Ketchum; 1501 31st St., 

Galveston, Texas. 



Present Address 

Mrs. J. W. Stout, Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. C. R. Waterhouse, 101 Hampton St., 

Cranford, N. J. 
Mrs. Sublett, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Jefferson Hunt, Jr., 49 E. 14th St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
'18 Nottingham, Mannie Chesapeake, Va. 
'10 Noel, Mary Virginia Box 183, Huntington; W. Va. 

'74 Nelson, Kate 
'06 Nix, Adelaide 

'88 Nelson, Julia 
Neal, Marion 

'13 Overby, Mary C. 
'12 Odenbaugh, Mabel 
'03 Osborn, Bessie 

'87 Owings, Hattie 
'86 Ott, Sallie 
'10 Osbourn, Alice 
'15 Overlock, Frances 
'08 Omwake, Matilda 
'72 Owen, Nannie 


605 Holbrook Ave., Danville, Va. 
Mrs. Fred Wolf, Mansfield, Ohio. 
Mrs. H. D. Leudder, 307 5th Ave., 

Belmar, N. J. 
Mount Sterling, Ky. 
Mrs. W. E. Tribbett, Staunton, Va. 
Shenandoah Junction, \V. Va. 
Mrs. David Earman, Harrisonburg, Va. 
Waynesyoro, Penn. 
Mrs, Henry Easley, South Boston, Va. 

'7t Parkins, Lytic 
'80 Plecker, Emma 
'95 Penn, Sallie 

'10 Pancake, Elizabeth 

'72 Parke, Juliet 
'10 Pearl, Margaret 

'11 Paine, Lucile 

'94 Penn, Mary 

''90 Peck, Jennie May 

'11 Prufer, Lalla McC. 
Paris, Ella Hudson 
'08 Priddie, Louise 
'97 Peck, Lavinia C. 
'97 Piatt, Nettie 

Poullain, Sue 
Perrin, Jane 

Mrs. G. B. Crawford, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. J. F. Cassell, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. H. D. Vickers, 429 14th Ave., 

Roanoke, Va. 
Mrs. Chas. Watt, 2509 Belleview Ave., 

Augusta, Ga. 
Mrs. A. R. White, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Mrs. Robt. T. Wright, Jr., 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
405 E. Scott Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 
1031 Franklin Road,' Roanoke, Va. 
Mrs. J. E. Williams, 1512 Gaines St., 

Little Rock, Ark. 
Mrs. Wm. C. Gilbert, Churchville, Va. 
Mrs. Jesse T. Heard, Elkton, Va. 
1215 Calder Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 
Mrs. Franz von Schilling, Hampton, Va. 
Mrs. LeRoy C. Barrett, 28 Brownwell Ave., 

Hartford, Conn. 
114 E. 17th St.. Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. J. S. Thomson, 199 Cain St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 


'02 Price, Mary Eleanor 

'18 Price, Nina 
'18 Plummer, Doris 
Perkins, Addie 

'14 Prufer, Margaret 
'15 Price, Sara Lee 
'01 Peck, Fannie 

'09 Price, Minnie Lee 
'92 Pate, Emma 
'19 Pitts, Elizabeth 
"11 Pole, Helen 
'12 Peach, Anne 
'08 Pancake, Emily 
'92 Prince, Emily 

Present Address 

Mrs. C. J. Smith, 3 W. 65th St., 

New York, City. 
Staunton, Va. 

6219 Jefferson St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Mrs. Wm. Harrison, 49 Merritts Ave., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Chas. B. Hanger, Wheelwright, Ky. 
Mrs. Geo. A. Sprinkle, 109 N. Boulevard, 

Richmond, Va. 
Mrs. Geo. Newman, Harrisonburg, Va. 
Knoxville, Tenn. 
"Belle Vue," Arvonia, Va. 
Mrs. Ailing Reeves, Jr., Erie, Penn. 
Upperville, Va. 

Mrs. H. McK. Smith, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Lester Werney, 1131 Bergin St., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

'90 Reeves, Lucy 
'14 Ridgeway, Helen 
'81 Buffer, Bertha 

'14 Ruckman, Annah 
'81 Riply, Lila 

'00 Ravenscroft, Nina H 
'95 Riddle, Anne 
'82 Rutherford, Lottie 
'00 Royster, Fannie 

'00 Royster, Mary 

Ripley, Lilly 
'10 Rawlings, Louise 
'88 Reed, Emma L, 
'09 Robinson, Margaret 
'75 Rives, Isabel 

'89 Robins, Janie 
Rigdon, Hettie 


Mrs. E. G. Black, Atlanta, Ga. 
2108 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 
Mrs. H. Jones, 1112 S. 17th St., 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mrs. Fred McCorkle, East Radford, Va. 
Mrs. Lila Ripley-Barnwell, 

Hendersonville, N. C. 
Mrs. H. H. Smith, Ridgway, Penn. 
Mary Baldwin Seminary. 
Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Cooke, Warren Crescent, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Mrs. Wm. White, Warren Crescent, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Mrs. D. S. Henderson, Aiken, S. C. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Edmund P. Noble, Paducah, Ky. 
Lexington, Va. 
Mrs. Isabel Rives-Wolf, The Carlo, 

Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. J. Wood, Columbia, Ala. 
Mrs. H. R. Berry, Atlanta, Ga. 



Present Address 

'75 Smilh, Ida 

'16 Scott, Ellen 

'14 Stauffer, Helen 
'15 Sutherland, Grace 

'15 Schroers, Jeanne 
'08 Shaflfer, Viola 
'05 Stephenson, Janet 

Stackhouse, Mrs, 
'97 Shepherd, Lina 
'09 Stickley, Bessie 
'74 Solomons, Hortense 

'97 Shanholtzer, Blanche 
'74 Somerville, Jennie 
Simonton, Caroline 

'06 Stephenson, 
'07 Stickley, Maude 

'75 Somerville, Fannie T. 
'88 Smith, Fanny 
'16 St, Clair, Margaret 
'19 Slaughter, Consuelo 

'89 Steele, Cora 
'20 Sigler, Thelma 
'09 Simpson, Dorothy 
'16 Smith, Ida 
'15 Shackelford, Alice 
'15 Sieg, Frances 

Sturges, Thrilo 
'15 Switzer, Virginia 
'15 Slemmons, Agnes 
'08 Speck, Bachel 

'08 Skinker, Clothilde 
'91 Shepherd, Mary 

'95 Summerson, Janet 

Mrs, Valery E. Austin, 1502 Avenue D, 

Galveston, Texas, 

Mrs, Archie P. McKenny, Peakland, 

Lynchburg, Va, 

30 S, Potomac St., Hagerstown, Md, 

Mrs, Geo, Herscher, 611 Main St., 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Rye Beach, N, H, 

Oieon, N, Y. 

Mrs. Chas. Roller, Fort Defiance, Va. 

1513 Laurel St., Columbia, S. C. 

Mrs. Baker, 536 5th St., Greenville, N. C. 

Mrs, Francis Bear, Staunton, Va, 

Mrs. L. Cohen, 189 Broad St., 

Charleston, S. C, 

Staunton, Va, 

Mitchell's Station, Va, 

Mrs. B. P, Alston, 32 Legare St., 

Charleston, S. C. 

Mrs. Boyer, Monterey, Va. 

Mrs. H, L, Hellyer, 23 Murray St,, 

Newark, N. J. 
Mitchelle, Va. 

Mrs. Edward Cooper, Bramwell, W. Va. 
Tazewell, Va. 
Mrs. Henry Wenger, South Shore 

Country Club, Chicago, 111. 
Mrs, A, S. Libby, Atlanta, Ga, 
Millington, Tenn, 
517 Redgate Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Ronceverte, W. Va. 
Haddonfield, N. J. 
Huntington, W. Va. 
Agnes Scott, Decatur, Ga. 
Staunton, Va. 
King City, Mo. 
Mrs. E. Clyde Cooksey, 1141 Henry St., 

Roanoke, Va. 
White Post, Va. 
Mrs. B. C. Ringgold, 

Shepherdstown, W, Va. 
Mrs. Chas. M. East, Staunton, Va. 


US Shields, Mabel 

'06 Switzer, Cornelia 

Sterrett, May 
'73 Stuart, Margaret 
'91 Stribling, Sue 

'89 Stribling, Mary 

'11 Stark, Martha 

Swoope, Susie 

'05 Shields, Louise 
'06 Scribner, Mary 
'08 Steele, Mary 
'14 SafTel, Todd 

'12 Smith, Virginia Lee 

'12 Shaw, Lily 

'14 Shackelford, Helen 

'11 Saffell, Onita 

'77 Sweet, Emily 

'71 Switzer, Cornelia 
'96 Shuey, Cora 
'12 Strauss, Fannie 
Sentress, Margaret 

'93 Snyder, Louise J. 
'16 Swanson, Hazel 
'04 Shuey, Catherine 

'18 Silver, Virginia 
'05 Seymour, Edith 
'19 Sheppe, Naomi 

Present Address 

Mrs. Hugh Wilford, U. S. Fruit Co., 

Cristobel Canal Zone, 
Mrs. E. F, Shewmake, Jr., 

Davidson, N. C. 
Mrs. James E. Irvine, Charlottesville, Va. 
]Mrs. Alex. F. Robertson, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. M. A. Snodgrass, 219 S. Raleigh St., 

Martinsburg, W. Va, 

235 S. Queen St., Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Mrs. Walter C. Logan, 513 North St., 

Hannibal, Mo, 
Mrs. T. T. Ashford, 1715 12th Ave., 

Birmingham, Ala, 
Mrs. J. A. Moore, 116 9th St., Miami, Fla, 
258 Riverside Drive, Nevs' York City. 
245 State St., Flushing, L. I. 
Mrs. Vincent Bartlett, 1115 College Ave., 

Norfolk, Va, 
Mrs. Amos Herold, 541 Lexington Ave.. 

New York City 
Goshen, Va. 

128 .Alountwell Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. 
Mrs. Marion Park Smith, 

Lawrenceburg, Ky. 
Mrs. H. A. Walker, The Latrobe, 

Baltimore, Md. 
:M^s. Burkholder, Harris :nburg, Va. 
Mrs. C. P. Bov/man, Staunton, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Balfour Tray, 27 E. 14th St., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
3529 Derry St., Paxtang, Penn. 
Mrs. F. T. Agricola, Gadsden, Ala. 
Mrs. Chas. J. Kappler, 4001 Conn. Ave., 

N. W., Washington, D. C. 
121 W\ Peyton St., Winchester, Va. 
Mrs, L. C. Biglow, Cranford, N. J. 
Staunton, Va. 



Present Address 





Tennant, Mary 

Trice, Cornelia 

Trout, Olivia 

Terrell, Mary Agnes 
Tabb, Argyle 
Terrell, Kate Earle 
Tinsley, Carrie 
Timberlake, Nannie 

Timberlake, C. Mason 
Timberlake, Keight- 

Tate, Nannie 
Thomas, Esther 

'14 Trulock, Clara 

'38 Tate, Kittle 

'90 Tate, Annie 

'95 Timberlake, Annie 

'96 Trotter, Mary Eliza 

'10 Timberlake, Eliza- 

-'06 Turk, Mary 

'15 Turpin, Mary 

'16 Terrell, Jimmie 

'06 Tilgham, Clare 
'^8 Thurman, Lillian 

"^04 Taliaferro, Lucile 

Tomlison, Lucy 
'18 Tandy, Elizabeth 
'10 Timberlake, Hattie 

1048 Hickman Road, Augusta, Ga. 
Mrs. Daniel, 45 The Cumberland, 

Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. W. R. Staples, R. F. D. 2, 

Roanoke, Va. 
315 Jasper Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Staunton, Va. 

315 Jasper Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Clifton Forge, Va. 
Mrs. Lee Dillon, 5th Engineers, 

Camp Humphrey, Va. 
Mrs. Hansen Watt, Thomasville, Ga. 
Mrs. E. G. Wilson, Charles Town, W. Va. 

Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. Tulane Atkinson, 

Hampden Sidney, Va. 
Mrs. C. H. Marco, 108 Rowsley St., 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
Staunton, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Thomas Hogshead, Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. S. M. Wilbourn, Buena Vista, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 

Tazewell, Va. 

Mrs. R. Watkins Pattillo, Big Island, Va. 

Mrs. Chas. Woodruff, 1325 S. 19th St., 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Salisbury, Md. 
Mrs. R. A, Mahlstedt, 28 Kress Park, 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Mrs. Ben Barker, 2612 Wichita St., 

Austin, Texas. 
Mrs. Jarnigan, Tate Springs, Tenn. 
Paducah, Ky. 
Mrs. Jos. Ast, Staunton, Va. 

Vanlear, Sadie Mrs. John B. Cowan, Vicksburg, Miss. 

'07 VanDevanter, Annie 405 Columbia Ave., Charleston, W. Va. 
185 Van Meter, Minnie Mrs. C. F. Mansfield, 835 S. 2nd St., 

Springfield, 111. 



'85 Van Meter, Estelle 
'15 Vickery, Helen 
'18 Voitus, Dora 
'08 Vance, Margaret 
'16 Vedder, Virginia 

Present Address 

Herndon, Va. 

Cottage Hill, Steelton, Penn. 

Ancortes, Wash. 

118 21st St., Nashville, Tenn. 

La Harpe, III. 

'87 Walston, Sarah P. 
'95 Williamson, Helen 
'99 Ward, Irene 

'97 Wiess, Ruth 

'13 Wilson, Sarah 

'14 Wise, lola 

'93 Wayt, Mattie 
'81 Walker, Annie 
'75 Wilson, Lizzie 
'84 Whitney, Marge 

'12 W^oodrow, Katherine 
'07 Wilson, Jan<t 
'74 Walker, Nannie 
'77 Wickenberg, Helen 
'08 Walker, Gladys 

'77 Weimer, Ella C. 

'13 Weibal, Rosa 

'09 Weibal, Ruth 

'92 Williams, Ella 

'18 White, Mary Porter 

'09 Watson, Helen Gray 

'14 Weaver, Anna 
'14 Wood, Agnes 
'14 Woodward, Najah 
'92 Williamson, Martha 

'89 Wheatley, Flora 

'06 W^est, Agnes 


Mrs. Thos. W. Blackstone, Accomac, Va. 

Mary Baldwin Seminary. 

]\li's. H. L. Thompson, Pounding Mills, 

Tazewell County, Va. 
Mrs. H. H. Branham, 437 W. 

Magnolia Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 
Mrs. Thos. McGruder, 1107 S. 20th St., 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mrs. E. W. Stetson, 929 Park Ave., 

New York City 
Mrs. Frank Lee, Alpoca, W. Va. 
Mrs. G. W. St. Clair, Tazewell, Va. 
Mrs. R. E. Timberlake, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. J. E. Dedman, 1008 S. 28th St., 

Birmingham, Ala. 
1429 Laural St., Columbia, S. C. 
Mrs. S. Tate Sterrett, Staunton, Va. 
Mrs. Turk, Washington, D. C. 
192 Ashley Ave., Charleston, S. C. 
Mrs. Philiip Weyer, 135 Park St., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Meetz, Va. 
Hagerstown, Md. 

Mrs. J. Earl Over, Hagerstown, Md. 
Knoxville, Tenn. 
Churchville, Va. 
Mrs. Tom Pollard 2020y2 Park Ave., 

Richmond, Va. 
Mrs. S. N. McClellan, Xenia, Ohio. 
Mrs. A. F. Compton, Moundsville, W. Va. 
Evanston, 111. 
Mrs. E. P. Davis, 1528 Richland St., 

Columbia, S. C. 
Mrs. Geo. W. Bacot, Church St., 

Charleston, S. C. 
Mrs. David Burnett, 3730 Drake Ave., 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Name • 

'88 Walker, Lucy 
'11 Wyse, Annabel 

'10 Wise, Laura Ward 

'95 Weller, Sadie Taylor 
'74 Walton, May 
'19 Whitacre, Mary 

'20 Whitacre, Helen 
'20 Wise, Ada 
'10 Walton, Mildred 
'10 Wilcox, Helen 

Present Address 

Mary Baldwin Seminary. 

Mrs. E. H. Ward, 436 Elm Ave., S. W., 

Roanoke, Va. 
Mrs. Harry Lee Dechert, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Staunton, Va. 

Mrs. May Walton-Kent, Wytheville, Va. 
1385 N. Market St., Canton, Oliio. 

1385 N. Market St., Canton, Ohio. 
1108 Hamilton St., Allenton, Pa. 
Avoca, La. 
Mrs. John R. Hazard, 518 N. 3rd St., 

Phoenix, Arizona 

'84 Young, Mary 
'92 Ycung, Letitia 
'95 Yarbrough, Daisy 
'95 Young, Rebecca 
'93 Young, Bessie. 
'00 Yost, Mary 
'13 Yaretsky, Dora 
Yost, Kate 

Mrs. P. C. Holler,- Staunton, Va- 

Mrs. George Earman, Staunton. Va. 

Mrs. B. B. Ranson, Maplewood, N. Y. 

Staunton, Va. 

Staunton, Va. 

Staunton, Va. 

Celma, Ala. 

Mrs. Warden, Staunton, Va. 

'17 Ziegler, Esther 


Mrs. Sanford Berheimer, 

5651 Watcrmann, St. Louis. Mo. 



Tlic l*riiu'ip;il of tlie Mary Baldwin Seminary. 
The Facult\ of llu- Mary Baldwin Seminary. 
Pupils before eij^hteen sixty. 


Mrs. Elizahetli All)y-Bu]l, Kunsan. Korea 

Mrs. Sophie Peck-draham, Tsinj^ Kianj^ Pu, China 

Mrs. Nettie Dubose-.Iunkin, Siitsien, Chimi 

Mrs. Fannie Leake-Patfon. .Japan 

Miss Ruth See, Bom Successo, Brazil 

Mrs. Ada L. Wom;ldorf, EI Paso, Texas 

Miss Josie Woods, Hwai An Fu, via Chin Kiang, China 

Miss Lilly Woods, Hwai An Fu, via Chin Kiang, (]hina 

Mrs. A. Woods-Harnsberger, Tsing Kiang Pu, via Chin Kiang, China 

Mrs. Ida Albaugh-Vousden, Shanghai, China