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1 1960 

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Business Manager 



Through its pages, the 1 9(^)0 Blue- 
stocking invites you to look to the 
future of Mary Baldwin College while 
acknowledging its past. 

One may easily view the contrast be- 
tween the buildings that compose the 
campus of today with those that were 
formerly used — yet I960 offers the ex- 
citement of the possibility to envision 
the completed construction of the archi- 
tectural plans of the enlarged and ex- 
panding campus of tomorrow. 





Publications 110 

Honors 118 



Patricia Holbert Menk, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of History 



She is the epitome of the result of womanhood com- 
bined with intellectual pursuit. As such she is a living 
example of the Bluestoc:king spirit. To her students 
she stands as an ideal for which they may strive — home- 
maker, mother, and a person endowed with an unusual 
enthusiasm for learning. In her hands history becomes 
alive as a part of man's heritage and his present situation. 
For her vitality as a person, her high standards as a pro- 
fessor, and her attainment as an ideal woman — 

W^e dedicate the I960 Bluestocking 




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^IT' li^ ti;^ *a7 

BiJ.irJ iifTriistas lUiemhUd for meeting to dpprine new Tuition Unit Plan 


The Board of Trustees manages rhe affairs of the Corporation 
of Mary Baldwin College. It consists of a maximum number of 
thirty members with terms of five years. The President of the 
college serves as an ex-officio member of the Board. Two-thirds 
of the trustees are Synodical Trustees; five are Alumnae Trustees, 
who perpetuate the harmonious relationship between the College 
and the alumnae. The regular annual meeting of the Board is held 
at the College on the second Friday in March of each year; another 
regular meeting is held in October. 

Mr. Edmund D. Campbell 


Marguerite Hillhouse, B.A. 

Anne Elizabeth Parker, M.A. 
Dean of Students 

Martha Stackhouse Grafton, M.A. 
Dean of the College 


James Jackson, Jr., B.A. 

Assistant to the President 

James T. Spillman, B.A. 

John B. Daffin. M.S. 
Treasurer and Comptroller 


Marshall Moore Brice, Ed.D. 
Profi'ssor of English 

Herbert Lee Bridges, Jr., Ph.D. 

Professor of Psychology and Education 

Carl W. Broman. Mus.D. 

Professor of Music 

Mary Swan Carroll, Ph.D. 
Professor of History and Political Science 

Carol Cleveland, M.S. 
Assistant Professor of Physical Education 

Fletcher Collins, Jr., Ph.D. 
Professor of Dramatics and Speech 

James Conis, M.A. 
Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish 

John B. Daffin, M.S. 

Treasurer and Comptroller 
Professor of Chemistry 

Gertrude C. Davis, B.S. in L.S. 

Horace Day 
Professor of Art 

Mary Jane Metcalf Donnalley 
M. of Ed. 

Assistant Professor of 
Physical Education 

Emily Farnham, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Art 



Clare J. Flansblirc;h, Ph.D. 

Professor of French 

Thomas Hancock Grafton, Ph.D. 

Professor of Sociology 

Mary E. Humphreys, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Biology 

William J. Kimball, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of English 

Vega M. Lytton, M.A. 
Associate Professor of French 

James L. McAllister, Jr., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Bible and Philosophy 

Ruth McNeil, S.M.D. 

Associate Professor of Mi/sic 

Andrew J. Mahler, Ph.D. 
Professor of English 

Patricia Holbert Menk, Ph D. 

Associate Professor of History 

Dorothy Mulberry, M.A. 
Assistant Professor of Spanish 

Gordon Page, M.A. 
Professor of Music 

Lillian Pennell. M.A. 
Director of Guidance Center 





Lillian Rudesal, Litt. M. 

Assodak Professor of Economics 
Director of Secretarial Education 

Fannie B. Strauss, M.A. 

Associate Professor of German and 
Comparative Literature 

Mildred E. Tailor, Ph D. 
Professor of Mathematics 

Lillian C. Thomsen, Ph.D. 
Professor of Biology 

O. ASHTON iKK L, JK., Pii.U. Hlkiuri ^ luRNLR, D.D. JuLiA E. WEILL, M.A. 

Associate Professor of Physchology Professor of Philosophy and Bible Director of the Nursery School 

<i 18 j> 


r r ^ 

Dorothy B. Carr 

Julia L. Patch Elise Traylor 

< 19 )5^ 

Hannah Campbell 




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l''>l 'III I llllll IIUl.l.. |ii!!..i 


lass of 1960 



Glade Spring, Virginia 

Cciiulidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Betty Keliey, Susan Johnson 

Junior: Fine Arts, Campus Comments, Drama Productions, Choir 

Senior: Choir, Dorm President, i02 Workshop, Curriculum Committee 

The Senioii 

Covington, Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor nf Arts Degree 

Attendants: Linda Kieffer and Barbara Jean Reid 

Freshman: Glee Club, Westminster Fellowship. YWCA, Hobby and Crafts Club, 
Junior Dolphins, Irish Clan, R.A. 

Sophomore: Hobby and Crafts Club, Secretary-Treasurer of Chapel Dormitory, YWCA. 
Big Sister, Cabin Committee. Campus Comments 

Junior: Circulation Editor of Campus Comments, Christian Council, Chairman of Worship 
Commission of Christian Association, Hobby and Crafts Club, Cotillion Club. Irish 
Clan, Pyramid Group, R.A. 

Senior: Business Manager of Campus Comments, Publications Board, Club Committee, 
Christian Association, International Relations Club, Cotillion Club, R.A 


lass of 1960 

Crozet, Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts 

Attendants: Wendy Coleman, Dale White 

Freshman: Glee Club, YWCA, Irish Clan, Irish Clan Cheerleader 

Sophomore: R.A. House Commission — YWCA 

Junior: R.A., May Day Pageant, Christian Association 

Senior: R.A., Big Sister, Christian Association 


The Senior 

New Canaan, Connecticut 

Candidate fur Bachelor of Arts Degr 

Attendants: Peggy PenzolJ. Tina Edmunds 

Freshman: Social Committee Representative, Vice President of Class, YWCA, Hockey 
Team. Irish Clan. Campin C(iiuni\.nti 

Sophomore: Social Committee Member, Class President. Student Board Officer, Irish 
Hockey Team 

Junior: Vice President of Cotillion Club. Social Committee, Irish Hockey Team. Tourna- 

Senior: Social Committee. North Bailey House President, Usher, Hockey — Irish 

lass of I960 




Roanoke, Virginia 

Candidate far Bachelor uf Arts Degree 

Attendants: Francis Davis, Douglas Laughon 
Freshman: May Day Pageant, "^'WCA, R.A., Canterbury Club 
Sophomore: May Day Pageant, YWCA, R.A., Canterbury Club 
Senior: Senior Class Marshal, YWCA, R.A. 


The Senioi 

Newport News, Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Betsy Penney, Mary Gregg Hardaway 

Freshman: Choir. Accompanist, Glee Club 

Sophomore; Choir, N. S. A., Travel Chairman 

Junior: Choir, Secretary, Dorm Council, Class Secretary 

Senior: Student Board, NSA Coordinator, Dorm Council, President of S. Bailey Dorm 

lass of 1960 



Midland, Texas 

Qindidiite for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Nancy Klauder, Prior Meade 

Freshman: Drama Department Productions, Fine Arts Club, YWCA, Westminster 
Fellowship, Choir, Miscellany 

Sophomore: Choir, Secretary of Fine Arts Club, Miscellany, Christian Council, Bookstore 
Committee, Current Lectures Discussions 

Junior: Drama Department Productions, President Fine Arts Club, Editor Miscellany, 
Choir, Bookstore Committee, Board of Publications, Current Lectures, Discussion 
Group, 402 Workshop 

Senior: (Completed requirements for graduation in three years) 

Washington, D. C. 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

The Senioi 


Attendants: Leah Nell Boston, Susie Clark 

Freshman: Campus Affairs Committee of YWCA 

Sophomore: YWCA 

Junior: Publicity Manager of Fine Arts Club; Charter CommitteeofCotillion Club; Dorm 
Council; Last Lecture Committee 


Senior: President of Cotillion Club; Class Representative to Social Committee 

lass of 1960 




Salem, Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Kitty Lou Tinnell, Lane Wright 

Freshman: R.A., Christian Association, Glee Club 

Sophomore: Dorm Council, R. A., YWCA, Scotch Clan 

Junior: President of Junior Class, R. A.. Christian Association, Student Board, Scotch 

Senior: House President, R. A., Christian Association 

The Senid 


La Granee, Tennessee 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Olivia Rogers, Mary A. C. Johnson 

Freshman: Secretary of Class, Fine Arts Club, YWCA, R. A., Wesley Club 

Sophomore: Vice President of Class, Fine Arts Club, Big Sister, Dorm Council, YWCA, 
R. A., Wesley Club 

Junior: Rose Terrace House President, Fine Arts Club, Christian Association, R. A., 
Wesley Club, Cotillion Club 

Senior: Vice President of Student Government Association, Executive Committee, Fine 
Arts Club, Christian Association, R. A., Cotillion Club, Wesley Club 

:iass of 1960 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Stella Farwell. Bette Allan 

Freshman: YWCA Committees, R. A. Representative, Hockey, Volleyball, Campus 
Comments Staff, Drama Department Productions, Dance Pageant, Fine Arts Club, 
Literary Club 

Sophomore: Dorm Council, Fme Arts Club, Treasurer of R. A., Campus Comments Staff, 
Hockey Tournament, Drama Department Productions, Dance Pageant 

Junior: House President, Sky High, Dramatic Productions, 402 Workshop, R. A., Fine 
Arts Club 

Senior: Chairman of House Presidents' Council, President, Hill Top, 402 Workshop, 
Miscellany, Fine Arts Club, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 
Executive Committee, Drama Department Productions, R. A. 


The Senioi 


Chase City, Virginia 

Caminlate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 



Attendants: Cecilia Flow, Peggy Mapp 

Freshman: YWCA, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary, International Relations Club, 
Representative to Dorm Council 

Sophomore: Bluestocking, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary, Publicity Chairman, 
Christian Association, May Day Pageant, International Relations Club 

Junior: Bluestocking Editor, International Relations Club, Westminster Fellowship- 
Vice President, Christian Association, Cotillion Club, Publications Board 

Senior: Cotillion Club Executive Board, Publications Board, Christian Association, 
Westminster Fellowship, Fine Arts. Current Issues, International Relations Club 

lass of 1960 



Houston, Texas 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Molly Shulman, Ann Dial 

Freshman: Campus Comments, R. A. 

Sophomore: Canterbury Club, Campus Comments. R. A.. Volleyball 

Junior: Laurel Society. Judiciary Board, Curriculum Committee, Lab Assistant, R. A., 

Senior: President of Laurel Society, Judiciary Board, Russell Scholar. Who's Who in 
American Colleges and Universities 

The Senior 

Wellesley, Massachusetts 

Cand'uhite for Bachelor nf Arts Degree 

Attendants: Martha Gay, Jane Gray 

Freshman: Dolphin Club, YWCA. Treasury Committee, Scotch Clan . . . Hockey, 
Campus Comments 

Sophomore: Dolphin Club, Scotch Clan . . . Hockey, Volleyball, Campr/s Comments 

Junior: Dolphin Club, Chairman of Last Lecture Series, Dorm Council 

Senior: President of Dolphin Club, Judiciary Board Member, Discussion Group for 
Current Issues Lecture Series 


lass of 1960 



Wilmington, Delaware 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 
Bible and Philosophy 

Attendants: Mary Ruth Jackson, Nancy Armistead 

Freshman: Campus Comments, YWCA, Choir, Drama Department Productions 

Sophomore: Choir, YWCA 

Junior: Choir, Christian Association, Cotillion Club, Wesley Club, May Day Pageant 

Senior: Vice President Christian Association, Chairman — Religious Emphasis Week 
Committee, Cotillion Club 

The Seniod 


Siler City, North Carolina 

Candidate for Bachdur of Arts Degree 


Attendants: Shade Thomas. Laura Fox 

Freshman: Hobby and Crafts, Dolphins, Campus Comments, YWCA, Scotch Clan, West- 
minster Fellowship, International Relations Club 

Sophomore: Beta Beta Beta. YWCA, Campus Comments, Choir, International Relations 

Junior: Secretary, Beta Beta Beta, Cotillion Club, Editor, i^l/ja'/^/;/>'. Pyramid Program, 

Senior: Secretary, Beta Beta Beta, Christian Council. Big Sister, Curriculum Committee, 
Miscellany Staff, International Relations Club 

lass of 1960 



Chester, South Carolina 

Candidate fur Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Peggy Engle, Sally Heltzel 

Freshman: Campus Cutnmoits, Westminster Fellowship, Chapel Choir, Glee Club, YWCA, 
International Relations Club 

Sophomore: Delegate to Associated Collegiate Press Conference, Campus Comments, 
Westminster Fellowship, Beta Beta Beta, YWCA, International Relations Club, 
Chapel Choir, Glee Club 

Junior: Editor: Campus Comments, Westminster Fellowship, May Day Pageant, Board of 
Publications, Chapel Choir, Beta Beta Beta, Christian Association, International 
Relations Club, Cotillion Club, Current Issues Lecture and Discussion Group 

Senior: Westminster Fellowship, Editor Campus Comments, Chairman Board of Publica- 
tions, Chapel Choir, Cotillion Club, Current Issues Discussion Group, Student 
Board, Christian Association, Beta Beta Beta, Who's Who in American Colleges and 
Universities, Laurel Society 

The Senior 


Nassawadox, Virginia 

Candidah' for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Peggy Saunders, Liddy Kirkpatrick 

Freshman: YWCA, Fine Arts Club, R. A., Volleyball 

Sophomore: YWCA, Club Committee, R. A., Volleyball, Big Sister, Fine Arts Club, 
Wesley Fellowship 

Junior: President, Wesley Fellowship, Christian Council, Cotillion Club, Business Mana- 
ger Miscellany, Board of Publications, Social Committee, Freshman Advisor, Dorm 
Council, R. A. 

Senior: Business Manager Miscellany, Social Chairman of Class, Board of Review, Pub- 
lications Board, Social Committee, R. A., Cotillion Club 


lass of 1960 



Anderson, South Carolina 

Candidak for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Atthndants: Jane Gilmer, Marcelle Rogers 

Freshman: Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Dolphins, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, R. A., 
Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball 

Sophomore: Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, Treasurer, R. A. 

Junior: Librarian, Chapel Choir, May Day Pageant, Westminster Fellowship, Blue- 
stocking Business Manager, Christian Association, YWCA Co-ordinator, Board of 

Senior: Chapel Choir, Christian Association President, Board of Publications, Student 
Board, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, The Laurel Society 

The Senioj 


Staunton, Vitginia 

CdudicLite for Bachclur of Arts Degree 
Bible and Philosophy 

Attendants: JoAnn Samaras, Mary Carpenter Gould 

Freshman: Glee Club, Book Club, Writers' Club, Gtmpiis Commints. YWCA, Day 
Student Organization, May Day Pageant, Westminster Fellowship 

Sophomore: Chapel Choir, Literary Club, Day Student Organization, YWCA, May Day 
Pageant, Westminster Fellowship 

Junior: Chapel Choir, President Literary Club, Day Student Organization, Christian 
Association, May Day Pageant, Student Advisor, Westminster Fellowship 

Senior: Chapel Choir, President Literary Club, Day Student Organization, Student 
Advisor, Cctmpiis Comments. May Day Pageant, Westminster Fellowship 

lass of 1960 



Richmond, Virginia 

Caiidrdcitt' for Bachelor of Arts Degree 
Sociology and Economics 

Attendants: Suzie Burch, Marion Richardson 

Freshman: Fine Arts Club, Westminster Fellowship, R. A., Volleyball, Campus Comments 

Sophomore: Fme Arts Club, Westminster Fellowship, R. A., Volleyball, Badminton 

Junior: R. A., Volleyball, Badmintt)n, Book Store, Fine Arts Club, Miscellany, Christian 

Senior: Audio-Visual Center 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 
Economics and Sociology 

The Senior' 

Attendants: Kathy Hill, Kit Kavanaugh 

Freshman: R.A., Christian Association 

Sophomore: R.A., Christian Association, Cabin Committee 

Junior: R.A., Christian Association, International Relations Club, Cotillion Club, Club 

Senior: Treasurer Senior Class, Social Committee, R.A.. Christian Association 


:iass of 1960 

Knoxviile, Tennessee 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Brucie Woods, Kathenne Smith 

Freshman: YWCA, R.A., Campus Comments 

Sophomore: YWCA, Campus Comments, Dorm Council 

Junior: Campus Comments, Board of Publications, Christian Association, R.A. 

Senior: Judiciary Board, Board of Publications, Miscellany Staff, Literary Club 


Staunton. Virginia 

Ccindhhttc for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

The Senio 



Attendants: Kay Bobo, Mickey McCown 

Freshman: YWCA, Glee Club. Day Student Organization 

Sophomore: YWCA. Chapel Choir, Day Student Organization, May Day Pageant, 
Baptist Student L^nion 

Junior; Christian Association, Chapel Choir, Fine Arts Club. Vice-President of Day 
Student Organization, Baptist Student Union, Junior Representative to BLUE- 
STOCKING, May Day Pageant 

Senior: Chapel Choir, President of Day Student Organization, Baptist Student Union, 

lass of 1960 



Martinsville, Virginia 

CiDidichite for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Mary Shackelford, Ruthie Drewry 

Freshman: Internatit)nal Relations Club, YWCA, R.A., Campus Comments, Wesley 

Sophomore: International Relations Club, Big Sister, YWCA, R.A., Wesley Fellowship 

Junior: Vice-President of Junior Class, International Relations Club. Christian Associa- 
tion, R.A. 

Senior: House President of Riddle Dorm, Christian Association, R.A., International 
Relations Club 

The Senior 

Wilmington, Delaware 

Candidate for Bachelor nf Arts Degree 

Attendants: Beverly Grear, Julie Hickson 

Freshman: Dolphins, R. A., Student Board, House Council, Fine Arts Club, May Day 
Court, Hockey Team, Irish Clan, YWCA 

Sophomore: Dolphins, Vice President, Irish Clan Leader, Usher, May Day Court, 
Cotillion Club, Hockey Team 

Junior: Dorm President, Dolphins, Vice President, Usher, May Day Court, Cotillion 
Club, Irish Clan 

Senior: Day Student, May Queen 


lass of 1960 


Fairfax, Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 


Attendants: Ann MidJIeton, Ann McDearmon 

Freshman: YWCA. Class Marslial, May Court, R. A. 

Sophomore: YWCA, R. A., May Court, Marshal 

Junior: Class Usher, Receptionist: Cotillion Club, May Court, Christian Association 

Senior: Chief Marshal 

The Senior* 

Staunton, Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor nf Arts Degree 

Attendants: Ann Bartenslager, Betty Cacciapaglia 

Freshman: Choir, YWCA, Day Student Organization 

Sophomore: Day Student Organization, Choir, YWCA 

Junior: Day Student Organization, Choir, Secretary of Student Board. YWCA; Baptist 
Student Union 

Senior: Senior Class President, Choir (President), Day Student Organization, Who's 
Who In American Universities and Colleges, Baptist Student Union 


lass of 1960 


Memphis, Tennessee 

Cdiidiiliite for Bac-helor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Peggy Dickson, Barbara Harris 

Freshman: Ccimpus Comments, YWCA, International Relations Club, Dorm Council. 
Drama Department Production 

Sophomore: Campus Comments, YWCA. International Relations Club, Canterbury Club, 

Junior: Campus Comments, Fine Arts Club, Christian Council. Vice-President International 
Relations Club, Canterbury Club 

Senior: Fine Arts Club, Christian Council. Canterbury Club, Big Sister, President of 
International Relations Club 

The Senioi 

Martinsburg, West Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Connie Britt, Susie Cadle 

Freshman: R. A., Hobbies and Crafts Club, Dolphins, YWCA 

Sophomore: Dolphins (Treasurer), R. A.. Sophomore Show. YWCA 

Junior: Class Marshal, R. A., Christian Association 

Senior: R. A., Christian Association, "Six Characters in Search of an Author" 

lass of 1960 


Baltimore, Maryland 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Neilson Pierce, May Welis Jones 

Freshman: Glee Club, Chapel Choir, YWCA, Fine Arts Club 

Sophomore: Glee Club, Chapel Choir, YWCA, Fine Arts Club 

Junior: Choir, Fine Arts Club, May Day Pageant, Cotillion Club 

Senior: Choir, Fine Arts Club, Cotillion Club, Discussion Group of Great Issues Series 

The Senior 

Fort Worth, Texas 

Candidah- fur Bachelor nf Arts Degree 

Attendants: Fninces Shields, Patience Saunders 

Freshman: Irish Cheerleader, Fine Arts Club. Dolphins, May Day Pageant, Drama 
Department Presentations, R.A,, Nook. Committee 

Sophomore: Secretary: Dolphms, May Day Pageant, Drama Department Productions, 
Club Committee, Fme Arts Club, YWCA, r"A. 

Junior: Social Committee, Chairman Club Committee, May Day Pageant, Fine Arts 
Club, Dolphins, Drama Department Productions, Dorm Council. Cotillion Club, 
Christian Association, R.A., 402 Workshop 

Senior: Mimllain'. Chairman Social Committee, Cotillion Club. Student Board, Dorm 
Council, R.A., Christian Association, Fine Arts Club, 402 Workshop President 

Class of 1960 


Falmouth, Maine 

Catuiidate for Biuhdar of Arts Df 

Attendants: Elizabeth Burton, Cynthia Rhymes 

Freshman: Tufts University 

Sophomore: Tufts University 

Junior: Club Committee, Bluestocking Staff, Fine Arts Club, R.A., Christian Associa- 

Senior: Business Manager of Bluestocking, Publications Board, Fine Arts Club, 
Christian Association, R.A., International Relations Club 

The Senior 

Martinsville, Virginia 

Candidate for- Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Mary Jane McGrath, Jill Calloway 

Freshman: Westhampton College 

Sophomore: Westhampton College 

Junior: Chapel Choir, Cotillion Club 

Senior: Chapel Choir, Cotillion Club, Big Sister, Bluestocking Staff 

lass of I960 

Decatur, Georgia 

Candidate jar Bachelor oj Arts Degree 

Attendants: Ellen Lyie, Nancy Simpson 

Freshman: Fine Arts, Dolphins, Freshman Representative to Recreation Association, 
Hockey, Basketball, and Swimming, YWCA, Scotch Clan 

Sophomore: Dolphins President, Fine Arts Club, Hockey, Swimming. Basketball, 
Tennis, Scotch Clan 

Junior: Fme Arts Club President, Dolphins President, R. A., Cotillion Club, Christian 
Association, Dorm Council, Scotch Clan Leader, Hockey Captain, Basketball, 
Tennis, Swimming, May Day Pageant, Bluestocking Art Editor 

Senior: President of the Recreation Association, Cotillion Club, Christian Association, 
Fine Arts Club, May Day Pageant, Dolphins Pageant. Hockey Captain, Tennis, 
Basketball, Play Productions 

The Senior 

Penn Liiird, Virginia 

Candidal far Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Penn Walker, Sally Livingsron 

Freshman: YWCA, R. A., Westminster Fellowship 

Sophomore: YWCA, R. A., Westminster Fellowship, May Day Pageant 

Junior: Fme Arts Club. Cotillion Club. Westminster Fellowship, Hobby and Crafts 

Senior: Fine Arts Club, Cotillion Club, Westminster Fellowship Treasurer, R. A. 

Class of 1960 


Alexandria. Virginia 

Cciihliilak for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Mary Roberts, Catherine Marshall 

Freshman: Dorm Council, Glee Club, R. A., Fine Arts Club, Hockey, Basketball, 
Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis 

Sophomore: Basketball Captain, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton. Tennis. Blue Ridge 
Hockey Tournament 

Junior: Vice President, R. A., Dorm Council, Hockey. Cotillion Club. Blue Ridge 
Hockey Tournament. Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton 

Senior: Vice President R. A., Dorm Council, Basketball Captain, Hockey, Tennis. 


Staunton, Virginia 

Gill JidaU- for Bmhi'lor of Arts Dei^ree 

The Senior 

Attrndants: Judy Richardson, Carolyn Stover 

Freshman: Cliapel Choir, Glee Club, YWCA. May Day Pageant, Day Student 

Sophomore: Chapel Choir, May Day Pageant. YWCA. Baptist Student Union, 
Day Student Organization 

Junior: Choir, Fine Arts Club, May Day Pageant, Day Student Organization (Presi- 
dent), Student Board Member, Baptist Student LInion 

Senior; Choir, Fine Arts Club, Day Student Organization, Baptist Student Union 



Class of 1960 


Park Forest, Illinois 

CciihliJcite for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Martha Wade, Agnes Dick 

Freshman: Dorm Council, YWCA, Scotch Clan, Hockey, Volleyball. Basketball, 
Fine Arts, International Relations Club, Campus Comments 

Sophomore: Judiciary Board, Beta Beta Beta, International Relations Club, YWCA, 
Literary Club, Vice President, Miscellany, Scotch Clan, Hockey, Volleyball, Basket- 

Junior: Judiciary Board, Beta Beta Beta Vice President, Laurel Society, Literary Club, 
Fine Arts Club, Studio Book Store Committee, Chairman, Miscellany, Christian 
Council, Cotillion Club, May Day Pageant, Scotch Clan, Volleyball 

Senior: Student Board, Judiciary Board Chairman, Beta Beta Beta President, Laurel 
Society Secretary, Executive Committee, Studio Book Store Committee, Current 
Issue Discussion Group, Miscellany, Scotch Clan, Volleyball, Who's Who in Ameri- 
can Colleges and Universities 

The Senior 

Towson, Maryland 

Candidal [iir Buchclor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Lynn Frierson, Linda Glidden 

Freshman: Class President, YWCA, R. A., Canterbury Club, Irish Clan, Hockey, 

Sophomore: Judiciary Board, R. A., Irish Clan, Hockey, Volleyball, Dolphins 

Junior: House President, Dolphins, Pyramid Group, Christian Council, R, A. Council, 
Student Advisor, Irish Clan, Volleyball 

Senior: President Student Government Association, Cotillion Club, Executive Com- 
rnittee. Laurel, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 


lass of 1960 

Richmond. Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Phebe Palmer, Jenny Stott 

Freshman: Fine Arts Club, YWCA, Bluestocking Staff, Campus Comments, R, A., 
Scotch Clan, Volleyball, Ping-Pong, Tennis 

Sophomore: Christian Association, Campus Comments. BLUESTOCKING Staff, Cotillion 
Club, Pyramid Group, May Day Pageant, Social Committee, Wesley Fellowship 

Junior: Christian Association, Executive Committee of Cotillion Club, Bluestocking 
Staff, 402 Club, Current Issues Series Participant, Wesley Fellowship, Miscellany 
Staff, Campus Comments Associate Editor 

Senior: (Completed requirements for graduation in three years) 


The Senior 

Huntington, West Virginia 

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Degree 

Attendants: Wib Cooke. Ann Fogarty 

Freshman: Hobby and Crafts, R. A. 

Sophomore: R. A., Sophomore Show 

Junior: Cotillion Club, R. A.. Christian Association 

Senior: Secretary Senior Class, Dorm Council. Fine Arts Club. Cotillion Club, Chair- 
man, Decorations 

Class of 1960 

Hereford. Texas 

Candidate for Bachelor nf Arts Degree 

Attendants: Sally O'Brien, Susan Deiberc 

Freshman: Chapel Choir, R. A. Representative. Fine Arts Club. YWCA 

Sophomore: May Day Pageant, Christian Association, R. A. 

Junior: Dorm Council, Christian Association, R. A. 

Senior: Dorm Council, Vice President Senior Class, Christian Association 

Junior Class Officers 

Left to Right — Cornelia Jenkins, Barbara Reid, Barbara Williams, Mav Wells Jones, Cecelia Flow, Nancv 
Simpson, Jane Gray, Miss Traylor 

Miss Traylor C/ass Sponsor 

Nancy Simpson President 

Cecelia Flow Vice-President 

Barbara Williams Secretary 

May Wells Jones Treasurer 

Cornelia Jenkins Marshal 

Stella Farwell Social Chairman 

Bobbie Jean Reid Social Committee 

Colors: Lavender and White 

•«[ (>(> ]:> 

Class of 1961 

EiizABETH Allan 

Katherine Bobo 

Leah Nell Boston 

Suzanne Burch 

Elizabeth Burton 

Wendy Coleman 

Susan Deibert 

Agnes Mae Dick 

Ernestine Edmunds 

Stella Farwell 

Not Pictured: 
Katherine Bonfoey 

■4 67 }> 

The Junior 

Cecelia Flow 

Beverly Grear 

Mary Cloud Hamilton 

Julia Hickson 

Mary A. C. Johnson 

Jane Gray 

Dale Hahn 

Otey Hayward 

Cornelia Jenkins 

May Wells Jones 


Not Pictured: 
Elizabeth Garst 

tsf 68 );* 

Class of 1961 

Nancy Borland Klauder 

Ellen Richardson Lvle 

Janice Dunn Parker 

Virginia Anne Ponder 

Olivia Bishop Rogers 

Patricia Jane Liebert 

Not Pictiiml: 
Elizabeth Blair Kelsey 

<\ 69 ^ 

Phebe Edgar Palmer 

Mary Margaret Penzold 

Barbara Jean Reid 

Francoise Marie-Ann Rottiers 

The Junior Class of 1961 

Mary Williamson Shackelford 

Katherine Randolph Smith 

Shade Wooten Thomas 

Barbara Crandall Williams 

Mary Bruce Woods 

Nancy Linn Simpson 

Mrs. Mary E. Steffey 

Kitty Lou Tinneil 

Joan Nelson Williams 


4 70 is- 

Guess who's chaperoning?. Chip Inn, Chorus line, CouU it be snouing?, Supbistuuted'. Nothing to do? 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Left to R/ghtSAu.Y Rii-VES, Charlotte Mooney, Cynthia Rhymes, Lynnell Reese, Martha Wade, Mrs. Lytton, 

Shirley File and Jenny Wilson 

Mrs. Lytton Class Sponsor 

Charlotte Moonev President 

Sally Rieves Vice President 

Cynthia Rhymes Secretary 

Martha Wade Treasurer 

Lynnell Reese Class Social Chairman 

Jenny Wilson Class Marshal 

Shirley File Representative to Social Committee 

Colors: Scarlet mid Goht 

-:^ 72 |> 

Class of 1962 

Ann Lee Alexander 

Nancy Louise Armistead 

Ann Orr Bartenslager 
(Second Semester Junior) 

Phyllis Jean Boone 
Nancy Linn Bowles 
Brenda Brady 

Constance Jane Britt 
Kay Bronstad 
Lelaine Bryan 

Martha Miller Butler 
Betty Cacciapaglia 
Susan Cadle 

Sarah Barton Clement 
Jane Lewis Coleman 
Shirley Ann Corbin 

Nal Pictured: 
Hermine McBee Copeland 

4 73 '!> 

The Sophomore 

Lucie Lee Crews 
Lois Virginia de Ovies 
Elizabeth Ann Dickerson 

Margaret McDowell Dickson 
Sarah Fletcher Drake 
Marion Ruth Drewry 

Mary Dupree Eldridge 
Judith Mildred Ellis 
Rachel Ann Ellis 

Shirley Hamilton File 
Barbara Ann Fletcher 
Mary Joe Forehand 

Waldo Lynn Frierson 
Jan Fielding Gabard 
Martha Jane Gay 

Not Piclura/: 
Linda Louise Dolly 

-i 74 )C* 

Class of 1962 

Marv Anne Gilbert 
Jane Elizabeth Haley 
Nancy Barbara Harris 

Antoinette Barklev Harrison 
Joanne Gertrude Helmer 
Sally Olive Heltzel 

Kathryn Edwina Hill 
Hazel Elise Hodgins 
Patricia Hoffman 

Harriet Mandah Hope 
Mary Ruth Jackson 
Susan Lunsford Jennings 

Susan Ella Johnson 
Catherine Tanner Kavanagh 
Bettv Grace Kelley 

Frances Jane Gilmer 

Not Picttin-c/: 
Anne Linda Glidden Susan Upshur Hooper 

<!{ 75 )&• 

The Sophomore 

Linda Lee Kieffer 
Ruth Robie Lacy 
Douglas Louise Laughon 

Ann Ellen Lloyd 

Eugenia Cogswell McCuen 

Amelia Brockman McKinnon 

Carolyn Knox Mann 
Minnielynn Martin 
Mary Prior Meade 

Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell 
Nancy Forrest Neal 
Louise Nance Parler 

Susan Virginia Pegram 
Edith Neilson Fay Peirce 
Elizabeth Evelyn Penney 

Elizabeth Lehmann 

Nof PictiireJ: 
Roberta Montgomery Charlotte Frazer Mooney 

■4 76 \> 

Class of 1962 

Lucy Melissa Prater 
Shirley Carolyn Quarles 
Lynnell Reese 

Cynthia Willis Rhymes 
Judith Lynn Richardson 
Sally Akridge Rieves 

Marcelle Rogers 
Anne Hall Ruth 
Bertha Rodriguez Salinas 

Mary Pierce Rowan 
(Second Semester Junior) 

Elizabeth Lacey Sanford 

Peggy Saunders 

Karen Adair Schultz 
Elizabeth Flick Scott 
Kent Watkins Seabury 

77 t- 

The Sophomore 

Molly Shulman 

Carolyn Elizabeth Stover 

Eleanor Anne Strange 

Elizabeth Ann Stuart 
Sarah Morton Swindell 
Sandra Lee Sykes 

Vera Carl Thomas 
Margaret Carol Tilley 
Judy Caroline Trapp 

Martha Sue Turner 
Martha Kennan Wade 
Penn Musgrave Walker 

Sara Dale White 

Mary Gendron Whitinger 

Josephine Edmonds Whittle 

Not PkliireJ: 
Frances May Wentz Carol Roberta Wheeler 

<{ 78 )■> 

Class of 1962 

Ethel Ann Wilkes 
Marlyn Frances Wilkinson 
Mary Nell Williams 

Virginia Camden Wright 

Sally Yates 

IvA Hards Zeiler 

Not Piitiiral: 
Jennifer Lynn Wilson 

79 > 

Freshman Class Officers 

Left to Right, Standing — Betsy Evans, Honey Inglish, Jo Brent Miller, Frances Shields, Katherine Scott Jones 
Seated — Bunny Wishart, Dr. Brice and Carolyn Smith 

Dr. Brice Class Sponsor 

Bunny Wishart President 

Carolyn Smith Vice President 

Honey Inglish Secretary 

Katherine Scott Jones Treasurer 

Frances Shields Class Social Chairman 

Jo Brent Miller Class Marshal 

4 80 

Class of 1963 

Thrry Lee Alexander 
Gene Anne Allred 
Ann Appleton 

Helen Arrowood 
Martha Bailey 
Faye Baker 

Patricia Berry 
Dorothea Bessire 
Janet Bish 

Nancy Blood 
Cassandra Bond 
Ann Booker 

Sandra Bourkard 
Elizabeth Brantley 
Lindsay Breakell 

Diane Britton 
JoANN Brown 
Leslie Brown 

Not pictured: 
Nora Araneo 

4 81 !&• 

The Freshman 

Lucy Burnett 

Lynn Butts 

Mary Newton Callaway 

Nancy Campbf.ll 

Lucy Rebecca Cannaday 

INGRID Carlson 

Margaretta Clark 
Susanna Clark 
Macon Clement 

Mary Marshall Cochran 
Elizabeth Cooke 
Rita Cooper 

Jane Coulbourn 
Ann Craddock 
Amy Daggett 

Frances Davis 
Ann Delk 
Emily Dethloff 

Not pictured: 
Dixie Lou Chastain 

Class of 1963 

Ann Dial 
Sandra Dingrss 

Eleanor Dunlap 

Sally Dupree 
Reese Edmondson 
Nancy Ely 

Margaret Engle 
Carolyn Epperson 
Linda Estridge 

Elizabeth Evans 
Martha Fant 
Elizabeth Fisher 

Patricia Fisher 

Betsy Fitch 

Linda Bonnell Fobes 

Caryn Fogarty 
Lynn Forbes 
Sharon Foye 

Not pictured: 
Mary Elizabeth Emens 

83 )> 

The Freshman 

Terry Geggie 

Bruce Gill 

Mary Carpenter Gould 

Martha Grant 

Alice Elizabeth Grubbs 

Carolyn Haldeman 

Holly Hanson 

Mary Gregg Hardaway 

Susan Hardwick 

Margaret Harris 
Elizabeth Barr Hawkins 
Camille Head 

Lynne Heathcote 
Virginia Hesdorffer 
Neva Hickman 

Anne Hogshead 
Kathryn Holland Hooks 
Ella Margaret Hornbarger 



■^ 84 }> 

Class of 1963 

Elizabeth Hughf.y 
Diane Hunter 
AvA Nell Inglish 

Joan Jackson 
Gene Jarrell 
Wallace Johnson 

Katherine Scott Jones 
Mary Lee Jones 
Sue Ann Jordan 

Jacqueline Kight 
Penelope Kimbro 
Melissa Kimes 

Ann King 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick 

Emily Kittredge 

Elizabeth Louise Laird 
Clare Lander 
Lou Lanier 

The Freshman 

Janp Lhwis 
Elizabeth Linn 
Judy Lipes 

Louise Livaudais 
Sarah Lewis Livingston 
Tallulah Long 

Nancy Longstreet 
Sandra McConnell 
Eleanor McCown 

Mary Anna McDearmon 
Betty McGlamery 
Judy McGrath 

Margaret Anne Mapp 
Catherine Marshall 
Irene Mathias 

Mary Rutherford Mercer 
Anne Middleton 
Jo Brent Miller 

No! Piitiiml: 
Mary Jane McGrath 

4 86 f> 

Class of 1963 

igU^ iidN^ .^JM^ 

^^ K^ 

Katherine Miller 
Edith Mitchell 
Sherry Moore 

Susan Moore 
Lucy Morris 
Julia Morton 

Harriet Murphv 
Patricia Elizabeth Nagel 
Robbie Nelson 

Martha Nolde 
Gale Palmer 
Mary Parmelee 

Kay Peebles 

Jerri Beth Percival 

Julia Pond 

Page Putnam 
Anna Kate Reid 
Marion Richardson 

<i 87 12* 

The Freshman 

KiiENC Roadman 
Mary Roberts 
Diana Rogers « 

Nell Rogers 
Waverly Rogerson 
Susan Sale 

Jo Ann Samaras 
Patience Saunders 
Susan Savage 

Anna Marie Scott 
Anne Bitner Shade 
Rebecca Shelor 

Frances Shields 
Martha Singletary 
Carolyn Smith 

Caryl Smith 
Maryellen Smith 
Susanne Smith 

Class of 1963 

Katherine Sproul 
Joan Stanley 
Mary Starke 

Nancy Stickley 
Virginia Louise Stott 
Anna Katharine Stuart 

Judith Ann Thompson 
Shearer Troxell 
Emily Tyler 

Jane Ellen Vaughan 
Judith Vogt 
Susan Welker 

Alice Rebekah Wilcox 
Emily Wirsing 
Barbara Wishart 

Margaret Woodson 


Ji'LiA Lane Wright 
Linda Wvatt 

Not pictured: 
Patricia Wiley 

-i 89 t'- 




Student Government 

Student government on any college campus 
should be viewed as a central part of the educational 
process, both in the training that it gives to those 
students directly participating in it and in the con- 
tributions ir makes to the institution's educational 
objectives. Student Government at Mary Baldwin 
has been proven over the years and has become an 
indispensable part of the college community. 

The governmental structure consists of three 
branches: the Student Board, which is the central 
co-ordinating and legislative body; the House Presi- 
dents' Council, which concerns itself mainly with 
the students' problems of personal adjustment as 
individuals, and the Judiciary Board, the student 
court, which constantly endeavors to instill in the 
students the ideals of the Honor System. 

Sue Warfield 

The Student Government officers serving on 
these three branches represent the student body in 
many capacities and have as their goal the integration and evaluation of the college program in every respect. Student 
government's projects and goals must be constantly broadened to meet the needs of new student generations. 

The broad objective of our Student Government Association is to encourage the individual in the college com- 
munity to develop her full potentialities. This task is the challenge which we accept and try to meet to the best of our 

Throughout the year, certain phases of the Student Government program were evaluated and revised such as student 
government election procedures, and the budgets of various Student Government organizations. 

Other matters of business included the conference held at Mary Baldwin in which neighboring women's colleges 
participated. Its main objective was the discussion of problems common to the various colleges, plus efforts to find out the 
structure or organization of other Student Government Associations. Foreseeing the changes which necessarily will occur in 
the future as Mary Baldwin has increased enrollment, the Student Government Association made efforts to provide some 
sound plan to be used in the future. 

Delegates were sent to all NSA regional conferences and to the National Congress. Suggestions and recommendations 
for the improvement of numerous phases of college activity were channelled through Student Government giving a voice to 
student opinion. It was an active year for all Student Government committees and organizations. 

<{ 92 )■> 


Student Board 

DiitRou. Ote\ Haiviard, Nancy MacGri:gor, PtGGV Crfighton, Betty Kelley 

Second Row: Ellen Holtz, Carolyn Gilmer, Margaret Paulsel, Mimi Cowan, Elaine Vaughn, Sue Wareield 

Third Rou:- Kay Bobo, Joanne Beecroft, Meryl Richardson, Charlotte Mooney, Nancy Simpson 

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is composed] of the President of the Student Government Association, the Vice-President 
of the Student Government Association, the Chaitman of the Judiciary Board, and the Chaitman of the House Presidents' 

The Committee may be regarded 
as the central committee for planning 
and organizing Student Government 
activity; the Committee recommends 
projects to the Student Board and 
attempts to bring to the Board's 
attention matters of concern to that 
body; another of its duties is the 
review of the student budget for each 

The Executive Committee also 
works along with the Faculty Advisory 
Board and acts as the voice of the 
student body in any matters which 
are of concern to the students. 

Through its regular meetings the 
committee attempts to evaluate the 
state of affairs at the time and makes 
plans for future activity of the Student 
Government Association. Mimi Cowan, Peggy Creighton, Elaine Vaughn, Sue Wareield 

93 i> 

Judiciary Board 

The Judiciary Board, a branch of Student Government, 
is the student court at Mary Baldwin. Composed of repre- 
sentatives from each class, the board meets regularly to con- 
sider rule infractions and violations of the honor system. In 
a sense, however, it is more than a court, for its highest goal 
is to instill in Mary Baldwin students the ideals of the honor 
system. Under this honor system, a student is responsible 
for her own actions and for those of others. Should she 
violate a rule, she is honor bound to report her infraction to 
a member of the Judiciary Board. She also pledges to en- 
courage others to do the same. 

The honor system is more than a set of rules; it is a way 
of living harmoniously in a college community. The Judici- 
ary Board is instrumental in seeing that the honor system 
remains an effective method of student government. 

Elaine Vaughn 

Douglas Laughon, Linda Kieffer, Julia Hickson, Bette Allan, Jan Parker, Elaine Vaughn, Linda Davis, Vicky Hill, Mary Johnson, 

MicKiE Dunbar, Molly Shulman, Sue Warfield 

House Presidents' Council 

Peggy Creighton 

The House Presidents' Council is composed of the ten 
dormitory presidents who are elected by the student body. 
They elect their chairman who serves as their representative 
on Student Board and on the Executive Committee. 

The council is primarily interested in making every 
dormitory a happy and comfortable college home. This 
year the council planned a uniform policy for all the dormi- 
tories which emphasized courtesy as the basis for happy 
dormitory living. The House Presidents also prepared a 
booklet entitled "House Hints," to help acquaint freshmen 
with dormitory life, rules, and regulations. 

The group meets twice a month to discuss mutual 
problems and various ideas. Through house meetings 
these ideas and points of interest are then related to the 

Each House President also serves as chairman of her 
dormitory council, elected by the members of the dormi- 
tory. The members of the House Council meet once a week 
to solve individual problems and discuss ways of maintain- 
ing an ideal dormitory spirit of friendship and cooperation. 

Throughout the year the House Presidents serve as a 
group and in individual capacities to help make the college 
community a better place in which to live. 

Bottom: Patsy Ballou, Brucie Woods 

Couch: Bev Grear, Olivia Rogers, Peggy Creighton, Joanne Beecroft 

Top: Page Clarke, Agnes Dick, Boo Hooker, Anne Curtis Allison 

Social Committee 

The Social Committee endeavors to 
mtegrate the social activities on M. B. C. 
campus with a dash of humor and enjoy- 
ment. Throughout the year the com- 
mittee strives to organize dances and 
parties, as well as sponsor enthusiasm and 
backing for spontaneous parties. 

The Social Committee successfully 
planned two informal dances in the 
months of October and November, a 
Fireside Coffee Hour and an informal 
dance at Ingleside Country Club for the 
Christmas Dance weekend, and a semi- 
formal dance after the May Day Pageant. 
In February unknown to the students the 
committee planned and decorated the 
tables in the dining room for a surprise 
birthday party. The Social Committee 
combined efforts on an intercollege 
cultural and exchange program. 

Lifi In Right: Shirley File, Mary Anna 
McDearman, Nancy Fray, Cecelia Flow, 
Beverly Grear, Bobbie Jean Reid, Mar- 
garet Pal'lsel, Gretchen Clark, Jane 
Gray, Mary Ruth Jackson, Patsy Ballou 

Student Government 

Board of Review 

As a Student Government organization 
the Board of Review's purpose is to lead 
each student in varied areas of student 
life — social, literary, religious, and resi- 
dential. The Board is composed of five 
students and four faculty members. 

The duties of the Board include study- 
ing and evaluating the procedures and 
programs of club organizations on 
campus, scheduling all campus events, 
approving all money-making projects, 
evaluating the point system, and planning 
and scheduling Friday assembly pro- 

Nancy Fray, Kay Bobo. Barbara Williams, 
Susan Johnson 

<1 96 K*- 

National Student 

The United States National Student 
Association is a confederation of student 
bodies of 400 American colleges and uni- 
versities represented through their demo- 
cratically elected student governments. 
NSA strives to represent accurately the 
interests, problems, and aspirations of the 
American student. It also provides an 
opportunity for exchange of ideas on a 
national scale, a democratic voice of the 
American student in national and inter- 
national affairs, and many concrete serv- 
ices such as low cost student travel to all 
parts of the world. Through travel, 
studying abroad, and the International 
Student Conference, NSA maintains liai- 
son with student groups and individual 
students all over the world. 

Left lo Right: Ann Pondhr, Joanne Beixroft, 
Shade Thomas 


Day Student 

The Day Student Organization of 
Mary Baldwin, made up of all regular 
classified day students, is like other clubs 
in structure, but it is a part of the Student 
Government and is represented on the 
Student Board by the president of the 

The purpose of the group is to en- 
courage Day Student participation in 
campus activities. Some of the projects 
undertaken by the members of the group 
have included leadership in the Western 
State service and the Christian Associa- 
tion Christmas projects for the under- 
privileged children of Staunton. 

An open-house at Christmas -in the 
Day Student lounge on the first floor of 
McClung -was one of the highlights of 
the year. 

Left to Right: Barbara Guffey, Ellen Holtz, 
Carolyn Stover, Libby Steffey 

-=-1 y: 


Studio Book Store 

The Studio Book Store has completed its 
second year of operation as a branch of the 
Student Government Association. The book- 
store operates under the Honor System and is 
directed by a Committee appointed by the 
Student Board (Dr. Brice serves as the Faculty 
Advisor). This is a paperback bookstore with 
everything from "Plato" to "Pogo". Many 
books for courses as well as the Independent 
Reading Program are sold here. 

Jane Gilmer, Mary Eldridge, Mary Ellen Brown, 
Bette Allen, Elaine Vaughn, Mary A. C. John- 

Club Committee 

The Club Committee members have many 
varied duties to perform. Their jobs range from 
"clean-up man" to "supply man". With the 
new Macke machines their task has been 
enlarged by the necessity to encourage others 
to clean up the Club. This was begun in the 
fall by a large-scale campaign with posters. 

The Club Committee also provides ashtrays, 
cards, and other things which make the Club 
a more comfortable place in which to relax. 

Minnie Lvnn Martin, Linda Estridge. Sue Tur- 
ner, Louise Parler, Sally Armstrong, Marcelle 
Rogers, Cecelia Flow 

Student Government 

Otey Haywiird and Mimi Cou'itii operate neu' S. G. A. mimeogriiph machi 

4 98 !■> 

Curriculum Committee 

The Curriculum Committee evaluates courses 
offered at Mary Baldwin in order to realize 
in what ways they can be improved. This 
group in conference with representatives of 
the various fields of study has suggested needed 
courses and improvements in existing ones. 
The committee, consisting of five students, 
works in congress with the Faculty Curriculum 
Committee to express student opinion on 
methods and developments in the liberal arts 
and to offer more balanced and stimulating 
courses of study. 

Linda Earle, Ethel Ann Wilkes, Jan Parker, 
Annh Curtis Allison 

Last Lecture Committee 

The Last Lecture Series was created in order 
to present to the student body an accumulation 
of ideas formed by a specific professor. This 
lecture essentially contains the speaker's highly 
valued concepts which he wishes to clarify and 

The Last Lecture Committee consists of three 
people who choose the speaker, set the time 
for the lecture, and see that the series is 

Left to Right: Dale Hahn, Jenny Wilson 
Not Pictured: NANCY Klauder 

X^'-?;' - 'mr^M^^ 


Vicky Hill ,iml Elaine Vaughn check Judiciary Board file 

4 99 p 

The Christian Association 

One of the most vital and all encompassing of the campus 
organizations is the Christian Association. Each student is 
entitled to membership in the association and all are asked to 
serve on one of the committees. The committees are under 
four commissions: service, worship, fellowship and study. The 
president of all the denominational groups as well as the com- 
mission chairman sit on the council. In the unity of this body 
all activities for the Christian life and development of the 
student body are planned and coordinated. The highlight of 
the year is Religious Emphasis Week in February, when the 
students look at themselves m the light of their aspirations and 
gain in inspiration and knowledge of the whole Christian 


^ mk 

CAI:c ,1 ■, .\ (jll .Ml K 

Back Roiv: Sally Hetzel, Shirley Fill, Amy Dunkle, Kay Bobo, Stella Farwell, Barbara Harris, Phebe Palmer 
l-rani Rnu: Jane Gilmer, Susan Johnson, Marcelle Rogers, Carolyn Gilmer, Sally Reeves, Cecelia Flow, Linda Earle 


O fl 

<1 100 

Canterbury Club 

Left to Right: Shirley File. Mary Cloud Hamilton, 
Molly Shulman, Edith Mitchell 

Wesley Fellowship 

Left to Right: Sally Rieves, Marlyn Wilkinson, 
Jenny Stott, Mary Nell Williams 

Westminster Fellowship 

Left to Right: Olivia Rogers, Sally Heltzel, Betty 

Baptist Student Union 

Left to Right: Anne Stuart, Kay Bobo, Mary Jo 
Forehand. Faye Baker. Mimi McKinnon 

Fine Arts Club 

Cecelia Flow, Susan Johnson, May Wtlls Jonks, Nancv Klauder, Prior Meade, Nancy Simpson, Anne Ponder 
Sealed: Mary Ellen Brown 

The Fine Arts Club exists in order to stimulate interest in the fields of art, music, dance, and drama. Programs featuring 
these various aspects are held throughout the year. Ideas and views on church and secular music, variations of dance, types of 
theatre, and philosophy of art have been presented. Special concerts and receptions for visiting performers have helped to fill the 
school calendar with cultural and widening events. 


402 Workshop 

Although the members of this organization keep the significance of the name a closely guarded secret, about their work much 
more is known. 

The 402 Workshop group is devoted to the creative writing efforts of its members and to a critical analysis of these works. 
The highly informal meetings are held twice a month in Dr. Marshall Brice's apartment, where tape recordings of the members' 
works are often made. 

The highlight of this year was a meeting with Dean Kantak. The members served as guest editors for the fall issue of the 

Brucie Woods, Peggy Creighton. Frankie Willard. Bette Allan, Dr. Brice, Mary Ellen Brown. Margaret Paulsel, Anne Curtis Allison. 
Olivia Rogers 

International Relations Club 

Left to Right: Jean Moore, Page Putnam and Toni Harrison 

The International Relations Club is an organization whose aim is to inform and interest the student body in international 
affairs. IRC is an affiliate of the Collegiate Council of the United Nations, which is in turn connected with the American Association 
of the United Nations. 

Speakers for the meetings throughout the year have been selected from the faculty, student body, and others interested in 
international and national affairs. Through meetings with other schools the club has received much information about programing. 


Literary Club 

Reading for pleasure as well as profit might well be stated as the aim of the Literary Club. All types of literary works, includ- 
ing magazine articles pertaining to literature, are read and informally discussed by club members. Of special interest this year was a 
meeting with Dr. Vaman Y. Kantak of the University of Baroda, India who led a discussion on "Symbolism in Modern Poetry." 

Left to Right: RoBY Lacy, Ann Middleton, Olivia Rogers, Barbara Guffy and Ann Ellen Lloyd 

1 "*1- 

mi it^ 11 ii 

' 1 

VM) ft*, ^ 


n> - ^-^ 

Beta Beta Beta 

Li'fi to Right: Dr. Thomsfn, Elainh Vaughn, Linda Earlf,, Betty Engle 

The Tri-Beta is a national biological society with the Alpha Pi chapter on the Maty Baldwin campus. A genuine interest in 
biology and scientific truth, a specified academic average, and ten hours of biology are the requirements for active membership. 

The bi-weekly programs are designed to broaden interest and increase knowledge m biological sciences and related fields. 
This year, in addition to the scheduled programs and trips, the organization published an alumnae bulletin containing news of the 
Biology Department and began the re-labeling of trees on campus. 


Cotillion Club 

The formation of the Cotillion Club began m the sprmg of 1958 with a membership drive covering all students. Over the 
summer each incoming freshman was invited to join. 

The function of the Cotillion Club is to have at least two dances per year. In the fall they had a concert with the Talbot 
Brothers of Bermuda, music was furnished by Lester Lanin for the Christmas Dance, and in the spring a Combo Party at Crafton's. 

Left lo Right: Ann Ponder, Stella Farwell. Gretchfn Clark, Lynnfll Reese, and Mary Ann Gilbert 

Hobbies and Crafts Club 

Left to Kight: Lynnell Rehse, Martha Wade and Iva Zeiler 

A mutual interest in various phases of handiwork is the basis for the "sewing circle" type meetings of the Hobbies and 
Crafts Club. Making and decorating felt Christmas stockings for the children of the Effie Ann Johnson Day Nursery was the first 
group project of the year. In February the members bound books for the library. New skills in knitting and crocheting have been 


Eta Beta Pi 

The sign of the Eta Beta is no longer a big white apron, now it is a big yellow pinafore— usually missing several buttons. 
Hurrying through the dining room to distribute a loaded tray to the starving hundreds, the Eta Beta is the brunt of all dietary 
complaints, is feared for her wrath, and loved for her "extra" desserts. 

After each meal back they go to the Little Dining Room where they enjoy a sometimes hectic, always interesting meal of 
double helpings. 

Stcmdhig Left to «/.?/./.- Jenny Wilson, Sandy Dingess, Terry Lee Alexander, Mary Ruth Jackson, Barbara Harris, Katherine Sproul, Brucie 

Woods, Bette Allan, Jan Parker 
Seated: Joanne Brown, Sandy Sykes, Ann Delk, Betty Kelley, Otey Hayward, Blair Kelsey 


The Choir of Mary Baldwin College has as its chief function 
the duty of participating in chapel each Tuesday and Thursday, 
adding to the atmosphere of worship through the medium of 
music. In addition to this, the original purpose for the estab- 
lishment of the choir, the organization has served the college 
in other ways, such as publicity tours. This year the choir gave 
a joint concert with The Princeton Glee Club, sang at the 
National Cathedral in Washington, and participated in the 
Evensong Service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in New 
York City and has sung at several services in Staunton 
Churches. The Choir presented as its annual Christmas 
program. "Amahl and the Night Visitors". The choir con- 
sists of approximately 45 members who meet for an hour's 
practice four days a week. 

Lefitij Riaht: Nancy MacGregor, Mary A. C.Johnson, May Wells 
Jones, Nancy Klauder 

Amahl and the Night Visitors 


Left to Right: Look ALi.', We're in college, Thii is only a little too much!. Dorm Chriitmai cheer, N,/p time, I'le got it, Gelling read) fir New York 

4 107 }> 

4 108 |> 

Publications Board 

The purposes of the Publication Board are to 
increase efficiency of the staffs of member pubhca- 
tions, promote uniformity, and co-ordinate informa- 
tion. Editors, business managers, and faculty advisors 
of the Campus Comments, the Bluestocking, and the 
Miscellany compose the membership of the Board. 

The chairman of the Board of Publications is a 
voting member of Student Board. The biggest job of 
the year was, as usual, debating and dividing the 
Student Government budget allotment between the 
three publications. 

Miss Fannie Strauss, Sponsor of Bluestocking; Betty Engle, President; Miss Mary 
HuMPHRYS, Sponsor of Campus Comments 

From Left In Rig/ji; Florence Lee Daniel, Mary Ellen Brown, Rinda-Mary Payne, Carolyn Gilmer, Sally Armstrong, Betty Engle, 

Elizabeth Burton 

4 109 li' 

Elizabeth Burton 

Hlizabhth Burton Editor-in-Chief 

Bhtte Allan Beverly Grear 

Otev Hayward Jan Parker 

Jean Ramsey Neilson Pierce 

Florence Lee Daniel Ex Officio 

Frankie Willard Senior Representative 

Martha Wade Sophomore Representative 

Nancy Ely Freshman Representative 


This one volume of the Bluestocking represents the 
activity of an entire school year in pictures of classes, 
organizations, social functions, and daily life. Each day was 
new and different, but now these days have become only 
pleasant memories. 

The first issue of our annual appeared in 1891 under the 
title of The Augusta Seminary Annual. When the name 

of the school was changed to Mary Baldwin Seminary, the 
title of the annual became The Annual of Mary Baldwin 
Seminary. In 1S99 the name was changed again to The 
Mary Baldwin Souvenir, and in 1902 the petmanent 
title became The Bluestocking, which was adapted from 
the 18th century literary society known as the Bluestocking 
Club. At these literary meetings in London the leading 

Rinda-Marv Payne Bm/iwss Manager 

Marcelle Rogers Judy Richardson 

Ann Dial Nell Rogers 

Carolyn Stover 

Ellen Holtz Photography Eilitor 

Phebe Palmer Art Editor 

Rinda-Mary Payne 
Business Manager 

KING I960 

figure wore blue worsted stockings instead of the conven- 
tional black silk. 

This year was the first year that the editors were elected by 
the Student Government Association. The staff has been 
ably directed by Betsy Burton and Rinda-Mary Payne; also 
much appreciation is due to Miss Fannie Strauss, the 
faculty sponsor and advisor, for her guidance. 

In November the staff was represented at the Associated 

Collegiate Press Association conference in New York City. 
The Bluestocking holds membership in the Virginia 
Intercollegiate Press Association and the Associated Col- 
legiate Press. 

The staff hopes that everyone will always regard this 
Bluestocking as a symbol that represents the intangible 
spirit of college life and will recall through it the pleasant 
memories of the year 1959-60. 

Blt 1 V L.Ne.LL EJuur 

Campus Comments, the College weekly newspaper, en- 
deavored during the scholastic term to continue to meet the 
standards and goals reached by the last year's staff. 

The staff, under the leadership of Editor-in-chief Betty 
Engle and Business Manager Sally Armstrong, have strived 
to present up-to-date, interesting news. 

The paper's exxhange program this year includes All- 
American and First Class award-winning papers (given by 
the Associated Collegiate Press) and various Virginia col- 
lege newspapers. A special rack is provided for these papers 
in the Browsing Room of the Library. From these exchange 
issues and from the Intercollegiate Press Bulletin comes 
the information found in the column, "Cross Campus". 

Attention-holding features have been contained in the 
twenty issues of the paper. Humor, as well as interviews 


Pat Huffman, Kathfrini Sproil. Margarft Fnc.i r 

Kffn Roadmen, Martha Singletary, Dale Hahn 

with the faculty, staff, and administtation, have been some 
of the topics of these featutes. Caitoons are correlated with 
news stories, editorials and situations on campus. A more 
comprehensive coverage on sports events has been empha- 

The Laurel Society, the campus leadership organization 
worked closely with the Campus Comments staff by con- 
ducting polls and featuring them in the issues. These polls 
covered a variety of aspects of the College Life. 

Campus Comments is a member of the Associated Colle- 
giate Press, Intercollegiate Press and the Virginia Press 
Association. Last year's publication received First Class and 
Ail-American Honor ratings for first and second semesters, 


Sally Armstrong — Business Manager 

Sealed: Frankie Willard 

Left to Right: Patty Liebert, Molly Shulman, Mary Johnson, 
Bette Allan 

Left to Right: Mary Whitinger, Mary Nell Williams, Barbara 



Every school needs a medium through which literary creativity can 
be presented. It is with this aim that the Miscellany has existed since 
1899. The magazine contains stories, poems, essays, and articles on 
various subjects to entertain, and to present new ideas and new view- 
points. The 1959-1960 academic year witnessed a remarkable change 
in shape — a new look. Over and above this were the works of numer- 
ous students interested in creative writing. A school-wide contest was 
held during the year to encourage literary efforts. Members of the 
402 Workshop and the Laurel Society served as guest editors to the 

Mary Ellen Brown 

Nancy Fray 
Business Manager 

The Miscellany Staff 

Left to Rig/jt: Brucie Woods, Margaret Pausel, Nancy Fray, Ellen Lyle. Betty Allan, Dale Hahn. Dr. Kimball. Linda Earlf. Mary 
Ellen Brown, Frankie Willard, Olivia Rogers, Cornelia Jenkins, Elaine Vaughn, Peggy Creighton 

■^{ 114 lis- 

Public Relations 

The public relations of any college is a vital part of the success 
of the institution. At Mary Baldwin the News Bureau is the channel 
through which much of the information of the college is released to 
the public. 

Located in the "catacombs" along with the Alumnae and 
Development offices, the News Bureau is directed by Mrs. Dolores 
Lescure, who describes her position as "editor-at-large on the Mary 
Baldwin Campus." 

Among the most routine stories released to the home town papers 
are those of the elections, honors, recitals, clubs, and visits from 
parents. Files are kept of each student and her activities and are used 
as the occasion arises. 

Feature stories such as Apple Day, Founders's Day, and the 
various angles on dances, plays, and May Day add color to the pic- 
ture of life at Mary Baldwin received by the public. Yet the empha- 
sis is always on the real facts about the happenings of the college. 

The opportunity for creating good will for the college through- 
out Virginia and the rest of the United States and several foreign 
countries is a great one for the News Bureau and one which is 
constantly a challenge to those who work in public relations. 

Mrs. Waller Lescure 

Daughters iinil Link Sisters of Former Mary BalJuiii 

115 > 

4 116 }> 

Laurel Society 

The Laurel Society exists for the purpose of recognizing 
and promoting student leadership. It was organized in the 
Spring of 1958 by a joint faculty-student committee, and is now 
entirely student directed. 

Candidates are elected to the society on the basis of leader- 
ship, character, scholarship, and service. This year two tap- 
pings were held. 

The Laurel has undertaken several projects this year. Polls 
were taken for the purpose of exploiting student opinion in 
various areas of campus activities. Among these were polls on 
the Independent Reading Program and the Tuition Plan. The 
society also recognized those students at the Quarter with no 
grade less than B, and had special tables at dmner for those 
on the Dean's List at the end of the first semester. 

Linda Davis, President 

From Left to Right: Bette, Brucie Woods, Carolyn Gilmer, Mimi Cowan, Otev Hayward, Anne Curtis Allison, Linda Davis, 
Mrs. Lytton. Spnnmr. Olivia Rogers, Meryl Richardson. Bett'i' Engle, Elaine Vaigiin. Scr W'ARrnin, Nant y McGregor 

^i 117 )■> 

Mary Baldwin 
Honor Society 

To give suitable recognition to those students who rank high 
in scholarship, the faculty each year elects members to the Mary 
Baldwin Honor Society. A number of girls, not exceeding ten per 
cent, is selected from the graduating class. The newly elected mem- 
bers are initiated at the annual meeting of the Society during Com- 

Annf M( C.I I i\c 

Ann SiNc.i I T.\RV 

-.:1 lis }> 

Algernon Sydney 
Sullivan Award 

Each year at commencement the New York Southern Society 
and Mary Baldwin College present the Algernon Sydney Sullivan 
medallions to those who have achieved outstanding accomplish- 
ments through unselfish service. This quality of unselfishness in 
serving was characteristic in the life of Algernon Sydney Sullivan in 
whose honor the award is made. The medallions are usually pre- 
sented to a member of the graduating class and to some other person 
who has interest in and association with the College. 

For dedication to the ideal of unselfish service as a mem- 
ber of the World Service Council of the Young Women's 
Christian Association; for devotion, as a Ditector of Wain- 
wright House International, to the principle that friendship 
among men must know no national boundaries; for a 
depth of spirit out of which flower the motivating force pri- 
marily responsible for the Meditation Room of the United 
Nations; for a nobility of charactei inspiring to all students 
and fellow alumnae of her alma mater, Mary Baldwm Col- 
lege presents to Elizabeth Camp Ebbott the Algernon 
Sydney Sullivan Award for 1959. 

Coupled with unusual native endowments is her unselfish 
willingness to submerge her interests in the wider interests 
of the college community. The firm integrity of her Chris- 
tian character, the pliant strength of her personality, the 
quietly challenging efficiency with which she assumes the 
mantle of leadership, and the self-effacing cooperation 
which she unfailingly displays toward others — all these 
combine to single out one who has long been recognized 
for her outstanding scholarship. 

In recognition of the sterling qualities of her character 
and in anticipation of a life tichly filled with additional 
service, Mary Baldwin College presents to Carraleigh Ann 
Singletary the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for 1959. 

Dr, Spenser presents awarJ to Mrs. Ehbett 

Dr. Spenser presents award to Miss Singletary 

<!i 119 » 

Russell Scholar 

Academic achievements, outstanding character, and service on the campus are quahties required in the Mar- 
garett Kable Russell Scholar. This award was established m 1953 by the Board of Trustees and the Alumnae A,ssocia- 
tion to honor the late Margarett Kable Russell. Each year the faculty elects a member of the Junior or Senior Class 
whom they feel is qualified for this honor. The award is made at Commencement. 

Mrs. Grafton and Linda Davis, Russell Scholar 

<{ 120 }> 

Who's Who 

Selection to appeat in Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities is a high honor 
bestowed upon certain Mary Baldwin seniors. The senior class makes the nominations which are confirmed by the 
college. The total enrollment determines the number each college may nominate. Those selected to Who's Who 
complete elaborate questionnaires which are filed with the publisher and are available to prospective employers and 
other interested persons. 

Top Row: Sue Warfield, Linda Davis, Carolyn Gilmer, Elaine Vaughn 
Bottom Row: Nancy MacGregor, Margaret Creighton, Elizabeth Engle 

4 121 \> 



The Recreation 

The purpose of the Mary Baldwin Recreation Associa- 
tion is to develop interest and participation in a diversified 
program of recreational activities, to promote a spirit of 
co-operation and fellowship within campus life. 

All students of the college are members of the associa- 
tion provided they participate in at least one of the intra- 
mural sports during the year. Each new member is invited to 
become a member of the Scotch or Irish Clan. 

Activities begin in the fall with a picnic at the Hockey 
Field at which Clan bids are given out around a large bonfire. 
The Hockey season begins the sports year in September and 
this year came to a glorious close with two of our star players 
being picked for the Blue Ridge Field Hockey team. The win- 
ter sports include basketball, volleyball and recreational sports 
such as badminton, ping-pong, and bowling. During exams 
the R. A. recognizes the girl accumulating the most hours in 
recreational sports as the Rec of the Week. 

Tennis marks the highlight for the spring and this year 
M. B. C. celebrated her first year as a member of the Middle 

^ ,1 • ,v, . Atlantic Lawn Tennis Association by holding the first Southern 

Collegiate Women s tournament on campus, this is hoped to become a perennial activity sponsored by M B C 

The R. A. also includes the outmg club, which sponsors hikes, skiing, and skating trips in its activities the sky- 
scrapers, and IS in charge of Chip Inn. & r '-'• vmcs, mc sjvy 

In May the R. A^ reach the^ height in the R. A. banquet. At this time the plaque is presented to the clan with the best 
record and the outstanding members are recognized. r t r lmc ucsi 

The association plans its program with the primary emphasis upon enjoyable recreation and feels that participation 
whether active o: as a spectator -s more important than the winning of the game. 

Mervl Richardson 

SiatiJ Left li> Right: Nimlson FfiRt i;, MtRVL Richardson, Sally Soi iris 

Stiimlitig, Lift to Right: jANh Shifllt, Lynn I-'rierson, Leah Nell Boston, Kay Bronstad 

4. 124 )> 

KA^ Bkiinmau, Suihb LuiJn- AND Leah Nell Boston, Irhh Luh/a 

Scotch and Irish Clans 


All Annual pageant of synchronized swimming is presented by the Dolphin Club of Mary Baldwin. Its aim is 
the achievement of grace, rhythm, and precision through creative expression and a knowledge of water skills. 

The Club opened its season in September with a "Splash Party" for the freshmen which was soon followed by 
tryouts. Then on March 10 and 1 1 the twenty members presented the Water Pageant. "Broadway Bubbles" was an 
aquatic interpretation of various melodies from popular Broadway plays with a final salute to Broadway set to the 
rhythm of "Oklahoma". 


MicKiE Dunbar Preshlent 

Ka\- Bronstad Vice President 

Susan Jennings Secretary 

Wendy Coleman Treasurer 

Kav Bronstad. Mi-redith Dunbar, Susan liN.NiNt.s, Windy Coiiiman 

126 j> 





I I 




Recreational Sports 


Scotch Clan Cheerleaders 

Irish Clan Cheerleaders 





T7I iniir|g](iii — 

^" wj 





^Jj '^llll llll '3 





College Marshals 

Ltfi tri R/xht: Cornelia Jenkins, Nancv Hartley. Jenny Wilson. Barbara Jl'dd. and Jo Brent Miller 

Beauty and grace are primary attributes of the College Marshals. The chief marshal is elected by the entire 
student body, and the other marshals are elected by their respective classes. 

The marshals serve as hostesses at school functions, always domg their best to please the students and guests 
of the college by seating them and aiding in many other small ways to see that the programs run smoothly. 

4 134 ]■> 

and Ushers 

Left to Right, Staiic/ing: RiTA Cooper. Prior i\Ii 
Seated: Margie Woodson, Patsy Ballou 

Pk.gv Penzold, Lelaine Bryan 

The college ushers are selected by the marshals to serve with them at important college events such as the 
King Series, the Christmas program, various plays and concerts, and Commencement Weekend. To be chosen an 
usher is definitely an honor, but it also entails poise, courtesy, and hard work. 

< 135 \> 



e Nlay Queen 


► ;_ J 

Senior Attendants 

Barbara Carlisle Judd, Carol Lvnne Withers 


Olivia Bishop Rogers, Mary Margaret Penzold 


) 1 4 


Cornelia Lee Jenkins, Laura Stockton Fox 


Martha Kennan Wade, Amelia Brockman McKinnon 


Molly Shulman, Jennifer Lynn Wilson 


Jo Brent Miller, Margaret Kathrvn Woodson 







Shirley Jane Lewis, Sandra Leigh Dingess 

"aKi:! " 


16-19 Orientation Period for New Students 
21 First Semester Classes Began 

25 Freshman Dance Sponsored by the 
Junior Class 

28 Ground-breaking Ceremony for New 
Dining Hall 


3 Founders' Day Program and Senior In- 

14 Apple Day 

17 Bermuda Party — Talbot Brothers 

24 High School Day 

30 King Series; National Symphony Or- 

31 Parents' Day 

4 144 )■> 


13 Ground-breaking Ceremony for New 

14 Informal Dance 

20-21 Fall Play: Six Characters in Search of an 
Author — Drama Department 

23 King Series: Little Singers of Paris 

25-29 Thanksgiving Holiday 


4- 5 Winter Dance Lester Lanin 

13 Christmas Dinner and Choir Vespers 

17 Christmas Vacation Began 

4 145 K* 


4 Christmas Vacation Ended 
17-20 Peanut Week 
21-29 Examination Period 


3 Honors Convocation: Miss Charlotte 
Taylor, Speaker 

8-12 Rehgious Emphasis Week: Dr. John 
Leith and Mr. Harry Smith, Speakers 

12 Winter Play: Farce of the Tub — Drama 

13-14 Choir Trip to Washington 

13 King Series: Joyce Grenfell 
26-27 Art Trip to Washington 

4 146 )-> 


5- 7 Choir Trip to New York 

10-11 Dolphin Pageant 

14 King Series: Anton Keurti, Pianist 

10 Sophomore Show 

24 Spring Vacation Began 


4 Spring Vacation Ended 

5 Student Elections for 1960-1961 

11 King Series: Theodor Uppinan, Bari- 

20 Mock Political Convention 

23 Spring Play — Drama Department 

27 Installation of Student Government 

4 147 ]> 

M -**i 


2 Graduate Record Examinations 

7 May Day Exercises and Spring Dance 

14 Recreation Association Carnival 

19 Junior-Senior Banquet 

25 Examination Period Began 


2 Examination Period Ended 

4 Class Day 

5 Baccalaureate and Graduation Exercises 

< 1 4s 

Faculty Directory 

Administration and Faculty 

Mr. Marshall M. Brick, Woodward Apartments, 

Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. H. L. Bridges, 1220 Windsor Lane, Staunton, Vir- 
Mr. Carl W. Broman, 14 Madison Place, Staunton, 

Miss Mary Swann Carroll, 239 Kalorama, Staunton, 

Miss Carol Cleveland, Box 7, Lawley, Alabama 
Mr. Fletcher Collins, Rt. 5, Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. James Conis, 313 Park Place, Charlottesville, Virginia 
Mr. John B. Daffin, 14 Tarns Street, Staunton, Virginia 
Mrs. Wm. L. Davis, 224 Hendren Street, Staunton, 

Mr. Horace Day, 306 Sherwood Avenue, Staunton, 

Mrs. Kenneth G. Donnalley, 348 Sherwood Avenue, 

Staunton, Virginia 
Miss Emily Farnham, 218 Fraser Lane, Staunton, Virginia 
Miss Clare J. Flansbhrgh, 229 E. Beverley Street. 

Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. Thomas H. Grafton, 708 Selma Blvd., Staunton, 

Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton, 708 Selma Blvd., Staunton, 

Miss Marguerite Hillhoush, 122 N.Jefferson, Staunton, 

Miss Mary E. Humphreys, 12 Baker Street, Berlin, 

Mr. James W. Jackson, Jr., 1028 Warwick Drive, 

Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. W. J. Kimball, 836 Mt. Elliot Avenue, Staunton 

Mrs, Vega Lytton, 3103 University Avenue, Des Moines, 

Mr. James L. McAllister, Jr., Ridgemont Drive, Route 

4, Staunton, Virginia 
Miss Ruth McNeil, 302 N. New Street, Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. Andrew J. Mahler, 108 Easterwood, Staunton, 

Mrs. Karl F. Menk, 212 Hendren Street, Staunton, 

Miss Dorothy Mulberry, 721 High Street, Hamilton, 

Mr. Gordon C. Page, 302 Valley View Drive, Staunton, 

Miss Elizabeth Parker, 3302 Lamar Avenue, Chatta- 
nooga. Tennessee 
Miss Lillian Rudeseal, 407 Foreacre Street, Cornelia, 

Dr. Samuel R. Spencer, 46 Ridgeview Road, Staunton, 

Mr. James T. Spillman, 310 Pleasant Terrace, Staunton, 

Miss Fannie Strauss, 315 N. New Street, Staunton, 

Miss Mildred Taylor, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, 


Miss Lillian Thomsen, 15 Academy Street, Staunton 

Mr. O. a. Trice, 212 Rose Hill Circle, Staunton, Virginia 
Mr. Herbert S. Turner, 315 N. Coalter Street, Staunton, 

Miss Julia F. Weill, Apt. 403 Addison, Moreland Street, 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Staff Directory 

Mrs. Natalie R. Ball, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, 

Mrs. Marion A. Brown, Route 1, Swoope, Virginia 
Miss Hannah Campbell, 4ll Glen Avenue, Staunton, 

Miss Betty Carr, 531 Hermitage Court, Charlotte, North 

Mrs. Dorothy B. Carr, 235 Kalorama, Staunton, Virginia 
Miss Lorene Carr, Raphine, Virginia 
Dr. Samuel H. Carter, Ft. Defiance, Virginia 
Mrs. George K. Doome, 306 N. New Street, Staunton, 

Miss Elva Fifer, 106 Williams Street, Staunton, Virginia 
Mrs. S. H. Garst, 1205 Windsor Lane, Staunton, Virginia 
Mrs. W. P. J. Harman, Parkersburg Pike, Staunton, 

Mrs. Paul Huffman, Weyers Cave, Virginia 
Mrs. Waller C. Lescure, 122 Overlook Road, Staunton, 

Miss Patricia Link, 1017 Selma Blvd., Staunton, Virginia 
Mrs. Edna McIndoe, 301 N. Market Street, Staunton, 

Miss Nancy McMurray, % Miss Douglass Harlan, 

Martinsburg, West Virginia 
Mrs. Alfred S. Morgan, 309 Sherwood Avenue, 

Staunton, Virginia 
Mrs. Gordon C. Page, 302 Valley View Drive. Staunto, 

Miss Charlotte E. Park, 3220 N. W. I6th Terrace, 

Miami 35, Florida 
Mrs. Earl S. Parrish, Taylor Street, Staunton, Virginia 
Mrs. Alexander M. Patch, 325 Vine Street, Staunton, 

Miss Lillian Pennell, Guidance Center, Mary Baldwin 

College, Staunton, Virginia 
Miss Beverly Ruffin, 23A N. Market Street, Staunton, 

Miss Marguerite Russell, Waynesboro, Virginia 
Mrs. Hugh P. Schmid, 1611 N. Augusta Street, Staunton, 

Mrs. Claude Smith, 473 Albemarle Avenue, Staunton, 

Miss Elese Traylor, 125 College Avenue, La Grange, 

Mrs. a. B. Valz, U Taylor Street, Staunton, Virginia 
Mrs. John R. Vinson, 135 N. Coalter Street, Staunton, 


4 150 > 

Student Directory 

Class of I960 

Allison. Anne Curtis, Glade Spring, Virginia 
Armstrong, Sara Nair (Sally), Clearwater Park, Coving- 
ton, Virginia 
Ballard, Ann Lee, Box 54, Crozet, Virginia 
Ballou, Patricia Ann (Patsy), Canoe Hill Road, New 

Canaan, Connecticut 
Bartley, Nancy Ann, 1006 Oakwood Drive, Roanoke, 

Beecroft, Joanne Muir, 319 64th Street, Newport 

News, Virginia 
Brown, Mary Ellen, 1210 Missouri, Midland. Texas 
Clark, Gretchen, 2219 California Street, N. W., 

Washington 8, D. C. 
Clarke, Knox Littlepage (Page), 219 Locust Avenue, 

Salem, Virginia 
Jean Sheffer Coffey, 1628 Packard Street, Staunton, 

Mary Elise Cowan, (Mimi), La Grange, Tennessee 
Margaret Carroll Creighton (Peggy), 2928 St. Paul 

Street, Baltimore 18, Maryland 
Florence Lee Daniel, 219 Houston Street, Chase City, 

Linda Louise Davis, 4707 Devon, Houston 22, Texas 
Meredith Fellowes Dunbar, l Harvard Street, Wellesley, 

81, Massachusetts 
Amelia Ann Dunkle, 1704 N. Bancroft Parkway, Wil- 
mington, Delaware 
Linda Christine Earle, 503 West Elk Street, Siler City, 

North Carolina 
Elizabeth Craighead Engle (Betty), 147 York Street, 

Chester, South Carolina 
Anne Nottingham Fray (Nancy), "Cedar HiU", 

Nassawadox, Virginia 
Carolyn McGee Gilmer, 500 Whitehall Road, Anderson, 

South Carolina 
Mary Jane Greene, Baldwin Acres, Staunton, Virginia 
Barbara Louise Guffey, 401 Marquis Street. Staunton, 

Jeannette Chilcut Hervey (Jeanne). 504 Henri Road, 

Richmond, Virginia 
Harriet Hardin Hill, 4815 Hollins Road, Roanoke, 

Vicky Melissa Hill, 733 Kenesaw Avenue. KnoxviUe. 

Ellen Overton Holtz. 814 Parkview Avenue, Staunton, 

Nancy Lucinda Hooker (Boo), 312 Brown Street, 

Martinsville, Virginia 
Penney Cox Hubbard, 133 Norris Road. Alapocas, 

Wilmington, Delaware 
Barbara Carlisle Judd, 408 W. Cedar Avenue, Fairfax, 

Nancy Catherine MacGregor, 931 Selma Blvd.. 

Staunton. Virginia 
Jean Anderson Moore. 707 S. Perkins Road, Memphis 

17, Tennessee 
Isabelle Ann Mueller. 1203 King Street. Martinsburg, 

West Virginia 
Gladys Jean Owens, 1500 Fernley Road, Baltimore 18, 


Margaret Rose Paulsel, 4012 Byers Avenue, Fort Worth, 

Rinda-Mary Payne, 61 Pleasant Hill Road, Falmouth, 

Meryl Eleanor Richardson, 755 Park Lane, Decatur, 

Jane Powell Shiflet. Penn Laird, Virginia 
Sara Lee Squires (Sally), 912 N. Quaker Lane, Alexandria 

Sara Jean Collins Talbot, 1329 W. Johnson Street, 

Staunton, Virginia 
Nina Elaine Vaughn, 302 Tioga, Park Forest. Illinois 
Susan Linn Warfield. 515 Seminary Avenue, Baltimore 4, 

Lois Franklin Willard (Fr nkie), 1109 Haverhill Road, 

Richmond 27, Virginia 
Carol Lynne Withers. 206 Eleventh Avenue. Huntington, 

West Virginia 
Eleanor Irene Witherspoon, 410 Lawton Avenue, 

Hereford. Texas 

Class of 1961 

Elizabeth Bennett Allan (Bette). 1015 Chesterfield 
Avenue, Richmond 29, Virginia 

Nancy Louise Armistead, 1337 Gaydon Avenue, Norfolk 
7, Virginia 

Ann Orr Bartenslager, "Bellemonte Farm", Church- 
ville, Virginia 

Anna Katherine Bobo (Kay), Burnett Drive, Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina 

Katherine Adams Bonfoey (Kam), Box 477, Staunton. 

Leah Nell Boston, ill Camden Avenue, Versailles, Ken- 

Mary Ellen Brown, 1210 Missouri, Midland, Texas 

Suzanne Tanner Burch, 1019 Miller Street, Helena, 

Elizabeth Pool Burton (Betsy), 1222 Jena Street. New 
Orleans. Louisiana 

Wendy Coleman. 1108 Falcon Road, Metairie, Louisiana 

Ernestine Smoot Edmunds (Tina), 1601 South Sycamore, 
Petersburg, Virginia 

Cecelia Woodburn Flow, 1012 Livingston Street, Arling- 
ton, Virginia 

Laura Stockton Fox. 2625 Richelieu Avenue. S. W., 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Elizabeth Howard Garst (Betty). 1205 Windsor Lane. 
Staunton, Virginia 

Jane Winifred Gray, 910 Gold View Avenue, Tampa, 

Beverley Jayne Grear, 7700 Clarendon Road, Indianap- 
olis, Indiana 

Nancy Dale Hahn, 866 Winyah Avenue, West Field, New 

Mary Cloud Hamilton, 135 Dahlia Street, Denver 20. 

Otey Helm Havward. 4207 Augusta Avenue, Richmond, 

Julia Firr Hickson, 1305 Rittenhouse Street. Lynchburg. 

Cornelia Lee Jenkins, 16 S. Carlen. Mobile. Alabama 

4 151 js* 

Student Directory 

Mary A. C. Johnson, 12 Mont Alton Drive, Jiimestown 

New York 
May Wells Jones, 400 Livingston Drive, Charlotte 7 

North Carolina 
Elizabeth Blair Kelsey, 1072 Algonquin Road, Norfolk 

5, Virginia 
Nancy Borland Klauder, 215 E. Central Avenue 

Moorestown, New Jersey 
Patricia Jane Liebert, 1010 W. 47th Street, Richmond 

Ellen Richardson Lyle, Route 2, Havre de Grace, Mary 

Sara Margaret O'Brien (Sally), 1000 Bowie, Amarillo 

Phebe Edgar Palmer, 14 Kenneth Road, Upper Mont 

clair. New Jersey 
Janice Dunn Parker, Box 265, Davidson, North Carolin; 
Mary Margaret Penzold (Peggy), 6911 Pinetree Ter 

race. Falls Church, Virginia 
Virginia Anne Ponder, 2730 Richmond, El Paso, Texas 
Jean Elizabeth Ramsey, 213 Thomas Heights, Martins- 
ville, Virginia 
BarbaraJean RniD (Bobby Je n), Westwood, Covington, 

Olivia Bishop Rogers, 5842 Falls Road, Dallas 25, Texas 
Francoise Marie Ann Rottiers. 30 Rue d'Orleans Le 

Mans, Sarthe, France 
Mary Williamson Shackelford (Woo), Grassdale Farm, 

Spencer, Virginia 
Nancy Linn Simpson, '1413 Wythe Avenue, Richmond 21, 

Katherine Randolph Smith, Ashland, Virginia 
Shade Wooten Thomas, 1617 North Tyler Street, Little 

Rock, Arkansas 
Kitty Loli Tinnell, 2630 Longview Avenue, Roanoke, 

Barbara Crandall Williams, 1109 Essex Avenue, Uni- 
versity Heights, Richmond 29, Virginia 
Joan Nelson Williams, 272 Woodlands Avenue, Mobile, 

Mary Bruce Woods (Brucie), 304 Boston Avenue, 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Class of 1962 

Ann Lee Alexander, 302 Maple Avenue, Rocky Mount, 

Nancy Linn Bowles, Mathews, Virginia 

Connie Britt, 214 S. Woodland Street, Winter Garden, 

Kay Bronstad, Box 189, Denton, Texas 

Lelaine Bryan, 1009 Orange Avenue, Fort Pierce, Florida 

Martha Miller Butler, 27 Eton Court, Ramsey, New 

Betty Ann Cacciapaglia, 933 Donaghe Street, Staunton, 

Susan Cadle, 4411 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, Indiana 

Sally Clement, 2237 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 10, 

Jane Lewis Coleman, 900 Sunset Drive, Lexington, Vir- 

Hermine McBee Copeland, 307 Grand Boulevard, 
Greenwood, Mississippi 

Shirley Ann Corbin, 928 Ludbury Street, Staunton, Vir- 

Lucie Lee Crews, 509 St. Christopher's Road, Richmond, 

Sue Diebert, 45 Belmead Street, Petersburg, Virginia 

Lois Virginia deOvies, 26Japonica Avenue, Mobile, Ala- 

Betsy Dickerson, 812 S. Jordan Avenue, Bloomington, 

Peggy Dickson, 3350 Maud Street, N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Linda Louise Dolly, 306 Livingston Terrace, S. E., Apt. 8, 
Washington 20, D. C. 

Sally Drake, Lexington, Virginia 

Marion Ruth Drewry, 813 Parkview Avenue, Martins- 
ville, Virginia 

Mary Dupree Eldridge, Box 243, Augusta, Arkansas 

Judy Ellis, 541 1 S. Galvez Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 

Rachel Ann Ellis, Chesterfield, S. C. 

Shirley Hamilton File, Boiling Hall, Goochland, Virginia 

Barbara Ann Fletcher, 6109 Evergreen Place, Everett, 

Mary Joe Forehand, 308 Adams Street, Enterprise, Ala- 

Waldo Lynn Frierson, 4241 Cliff Road, Birmingham, 

Jan Fielding Gabard, 817 Hillcrest Avenue, Griffin, 

Martha Jane Gay, Court Place, Chatham, Virginia 

Mary Anne Gilbert, 3428 S. Perry Street, Montgomery, 

Frances Jane Gilmer, 500 Whitehall Road, Anderson, 
South Carolina 

Anne Verlinda Glidden, 1208 Boyce Avenue, Ruxton 4, 

Jane Elizabeth Haley, 760 Ninth Court West, Birming- 
ham 4, Alabama 

Nancy Barbara Harris, 3610 Plymouth Place, Lynch- 
burg, Virginia 

ToNi Harrison, 504 W. Church Street, Lawrenceville, 

Joanne Gertrude Helmer, 337 Atlantic Avenue, Hamp- 
ton, Virginia 

Sally Olive Heltzel, 3802 Seminary Avenue, Richmond 
27, Virginia 

Kathy Hill, 4815 Hollins Road. Roanoke, Virginia 

Hazel Elise Hodgins (Nelsie), 1829 Brookmeade Road, 
Decatur, Alabama 

Patricia Hoffman, Hanover Road, Upperco, P. O., Mary- 

Susan Upshur Hooper, 1008 Malvern Avenue, Ruxton 4, 

Harriet Mandah Hope, 2010 Heyward Street, Columbia, 
South Carolina 

Mary Ruth Jackson, 2622 St. Mary's Street, Raleigh, 
North Carolina 

Susan Lunsford Jennings, 3164 West Ridge Road, Roa- 
noke, Virginia 

Susan Ella Johnson, 206 Granville Avenue, Beckley, 
West Virginia 

Kit Kavanaugh, 3014 Maywood Road, S. W., Roanoke, 

•^■i 152 \> 

Student Directory 

Betty Gace Kelley, 603 E- Brookland Park Boulevard, 

Richmond 22, Virginia 
Linda Lee Kieffer, 7408 Mairfield Road, Norfolk. Virginia 
Ruth Robie Lacy, 5320 Abhambra Circle, Coral Gables 46, 

Douglas Louise Laughon, 205 Ampthill Road, Richmond 

26, Virginia 
Elizabeth Bernhardt Lehmann, 6046 Stefani Drive, 

Dallas 20, Texas 
Ann Ellen Lloyd, 5914 Conway Road, Bethesda 14, 

Eugenia Cogswell McCuen (Woo), Route 6, Parkins 

Mill Road, Greenville, South Carolina 
Amelia Brockman McKinnon (Mimi), 322 Flavia Circle, 

Troy, Alabama 
Carolyn Mann, Collierville, Tennessee 
MiNNlELYNN Martin, Box 209, Richmond, Kentucky 
Mary Prior Meade, 102 College Road, Richmond, Vir- 
Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell, 10 Beverly Place, Little Rock, 

Roberta Armstrong Montgomery, 720 E. I8th Street, 

El Dorado, Arkansas 
Charlotte Frazer Mooney, 375 N. Avalon, Memphis, 

Nancy Forrest Neal, 113 Cherry Lane, Danville, Virginia 
Louise Nance Parler, 942 Conroy Road, Birmingham, 

Susan Virginia Pegram, 3180 Arden Road, N. W., Atlanta 

3, Georgia 
Edith Neilson Fay Pierce, 116 Midhurst Road, Balti- 
more 12, Maryland 
Elizabeth Evelyn Penney (Betsy), 232 Shoe Lane, 

Newport News, Virginia 
Lucy Melissa Prather, 140 Main Street. Birmingham 13, 

Shirley Carolyn Quarles, 439 Lapsley Street, Selma. 

Lynnell Reese, 3001 Pawnel Avenue, Birmingham 5, 

Cynthia Willis Rhymes, 4111 Devereaux, Columbia, 

South Carolina 
Judith Lynn Richardson, 838 Trout Street, Staunton, 

Sally Akridge Rieves, Box E, Marion, Arkansas 
Marcelle Rogers, 645 N. Jefferson. Tupelo. Mississippi 
Anne Ruth. 14 Inwood Road. Essex Fells, New Jersey 
Bertha A. Rodriquez (Bertie), Salinas-Comonfort No. 

395 Nte., Torreoy, Coahuita, Mexico 
Elizabeth Lacey Sanford, 906 River Road, Newport 

News, Virginia 
Karen Adair Schultz. Rt. 1. Box 64. Crozet. Virginia 
Elizabeth Flick Scott (Betsy). 812 Gardner Street, 

Clifton Forge, Virginia 
Kent Watkins Seabury. 8309 l6th St., Silver Spring, 

Molly Shulman, 1218 Brook Drive, Kilgore, Texas 
Carolyn Elizabeth Stover, 1 1 1 Butler Street, Staunton, 

Eleanor Ann Strange, R. F. D. No. 4, West Chester. 

Elizabeth Ann Stuart, 385 Woodmere, Memphis, Ten- 

Sally Swindell. 909 St. George's Road. Baltimore 19, 

Sandra Lee Sykes. 500 Maycox Avenue. Norfolk, Virginia 

Vera Carl Thomas, 153 Church Street, Mount Airy, North 

Margaret Carol Tilley, ill S. Tarver Avenue, Lebanon, 

Judy Caroline Trapp, 2216 Providence Road, Charlotte 7, 
North Carolina 

Martha Kennan Wade, 200 West Harding, Greenwood, 

Penn Musgrave Walker, 7001 Park Avenue, Richmond 
26, Virginia 

Frances May Wentz, 4388 Yacht Club Road, Jackson- 
ville 10, Florida 

Carol Roberta Wheeler, 73 Cedar Avenue, Baltimore 4, 

Sara Dale White, 730 E. Main Street. West Point, Missis- 

Mary Gendron Whitinger, 13 10 Brown Street. Mobile, 

Josephine Edmonds Whittle. 804 Orchard Hill, S. E., 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Ethel Ann Wilkes, 5801 Hawthorne Road, Little Rock, 

Marlyn Frances Wilkinson. Nokesville, Virginia 

Mary Nell Williams, 2219 Milam Street, Amarillo, Te.xas 

Jennifer Lynn Wilson (Jenny). Port Republic, Virginia 

Virginia Camden Wright (Ginger), 2222 W. Mulberry 
Drive. Phoenix, Arizona 

Iva Hards Zeiler, 201 Rockwell Terrace, Frederick. Mary- 

Class of 1963 

Terry Lee Alexander, 1008 Duncan Street, Ashland, 

Gene Anne Allred, 3922 S. P Street. Fort Smith. Arkansas 
Ann Appleton, 824 N. W. 15, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
Leonora Ruth Araneo, 4731 Eton Lane, Jacksonville 10, 

Helen Kathryne Arrowood. 135 Brookhille Road, 

Shelby, North Carolina 
Marty Bailey', 6l5 E. Contour Drive, San Antonio, Texas 
Faye Virginia Baker. 209 Jackson Street, Monroe, 

Patricia Campbell Berry, 1604 E. Dean Road, Milwau- 
kee 17, Wisconsin 
Dorothea Louise Bessire (Honey). 2563 Woodbourne 

Avenue, Louisville 5, Kentucky 
Janet Lee Bish, 332 Miller Street, Winchester, Virginia 
Nancy Joyce Blood, 1445 Nicholson Road, Jacksonville 

7, Florida 
Cassandra Ann Bond, 24 Seminole Avenue, Baltimore 

28, Maryland 
Ann Harrison Booker, 1803 Hanover Avenue, 

Richmond 20, Virginia 
Sandra Lee Bourkard, 1012 W. Nakomis Circle, Knox- 

viUe, Tennessee 
Mary Brenda Brady, 424 Wisdom Avenue, Jackson 


153 ^ 

Student Directory 

Elizabeth Ayers Brantley (Betsy), Hillcrest, Troy, 

Norma Lindsay Breakell, 342 N. Princeton Avenue, 

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 
Diana Lee Britton, 3813 Dover Road, Windsor Farms, 

Richmond 21, Virginia 
Joann Brown, 2324 Piedmont Road, Charleston 1, West 

Lucy Jo Burnett, 4417 Belclaire, Dallas 5, Texas 
Lynn Elizabeth Butts, 1425 Sierra Drive, Boulder, 

Mary Newton Callaway (Jill), 3725 Timberlake Road, 

S. W. Knoxville 20, Tennessee 
Nancy Jane Campbell, 2013 Hilltop Drive, Tyler, Texas 
Lucy Rebecca Cannaday (Becky), 2734 Sharon Road, 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
Elizabeth Ingrid Carlson, 303 Goodwood Gardens, 

Baltimore 10, Maryland 
Lilly Clark, 4136 McFarlin, Dallas 5, Texas 
Susanna Holland Clark, March Hare Road, Richmond, 

Anne Macon Clement, 208 Hawthorne Drive, Danville, 

Mary Marshall Cochran (Molly), 222 N. McLean, 

Memphis, Tennessee 
Elizabeth Louise Cooke, "Edgehill," Lovingston, 

Rita Ellen Cooper, 111 Penbryn Road, Pittsburgh 37, 

Jane Higgins Coulbourn, 406 Katherine Street, Suffolk, 

Elizabeth Anne Craddock, 2205 Beverly Heights, 

Altavista, Virginia 
Amy Dugan Daggett, 314 Poplar Street, Marianna, 

Frances Gibson Davis, 720 Cassell Lane, S. W., Roanoke, 

Ann Steven Delk, Lovingston, Virginia 
Emily Delthloff, 1347 Roosevelt Avenue, Pelham Manor, 

New York 
Ann Louise Dial, 2453 Shades Crest Road, Birmingham 

9, Alabama 
Sandra Leigh Dinghss, Box 23, Rensford Star Route, 

Charleston, West Virginia 
Eleanor Brabson Dunlap, 115 North Street, Darlington, 

South Carolina 
Sally Elizabeth Duprhe, 1047 Park Blvd., Baton Rouge, 

Eleanor Reese Edmundson, 517 Warren Crescent, 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Nancy Ely, 7 Riverside Drive, Roswell, New Mexico, 
Mary Elizabeth Emens (Ebbie), 638 Jackson Street 

Decatur, Alabama 
Margaret Darke Engle (Peggy), 147 York Street, 

Chester, South Carolina 
Carolyn Marie Epperson, 3101 Evergreen Lane, Roa- 
noke, Virginia 
Linda Avery Estridge, 2649 Laburnum Avenue, 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
Elizabeth Wallace Evans (Betsy), 410 Lakewood Drive, 

Richmond, Virginia 
Martha Maynard Fant, 50 Pocahontas Street, Sardis, 

Elizabeth Senhen Fisher, 3671 Richmond Street, 

Jacksonville 5, Florida 

Patricia Fisher, 5503 Boxhill Lane, Baltimore 10, 

Betsy Ann Fitc:h, 405 Brookside Drive, Chapel Hill, 

North Carolina 
Lynne Fobes, 23 E. 71st Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 
Carlyn Fogarty, 6036 Averill Way, Dallas 25, Texas 
Lynn Forbes, 2526 Tanglewood, Austin, Texas 
Sharon Lynn Foye, 124 Irvin Avenue, Ben Avon, Pitts- 
burgh 2, Pennsylvania 
Ann Terry Geggie, 72 Hollywood Avenue, Hampton, 

Roberta Bruce Gill, 100 Middle Street, Portsmouth, 

Carpie Gould, 8512 Rivermont Drive, Richmond 29, 

Martha Schuyler Grant, 128 Wythe Crescent Drive, 

Hampton, Virginia 
Carolyn Louise Haldeman, 165 La Salle Avenue, 

Hampton, Virgmia 
Holly Keith Hanson, 954 Willington Road, Elkins Park 

17, Pennsylvania 
Mary Gregg Hardaway, 617 Butcher Road, Newport 

News, Virginia 
Susan Hardwick, 374 Walnut Street, Salem, Virginia 
Margaret Larve Harris, lOl Greenbrier Avenue, 

Lewisburg, West Virginia 
Elizabeth Barr Hawkins (Betty Barr), 2435 Stanley 

Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia 
Camille Head, 315 Murphree Street, Troy, Alabama 
Margaret Lynne Heathcote, 34 Hawthorne Place, 

Manhasset, New York 
Virginia Hesdorffer, 6 Whittle Road, Martinsville, 

Anne Harfield Hosghead, 271 West Main, Newark, 

Trina Hooks, 4209 McFarlin, Dallas, Texas 
Ella Margaret Hornbarger (Margie), Dogwood Hill, 

Hot Springs, Virginia 
Elizabeth Carruthers Hughey, 1414 N. Virginia, El 

Paso, Texas 
Martha Diane Hunter, 700 Cherokee Road, Charlotte, 

North Carolina 
AvA Nell Inglish (Honey), 4l6 La Jara Blvd., San 

Antonio 9, Texas 
Nanette Gene Jarrell, 304 9th Avenue, N., Texas City, 

Wallace Eppes Johnson, Chestnut Hill, Route 2, Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina 
Katherine Scott Jones, 1623 Westover Avenue, Peters- 
burg, Virginia 
Mary Lee Jones, 3901 Miramar, Dallas 5, Texas 
Sue Ann Jordan, 112 Gatewood, San Antonio 9, Texas 
Jackie Kight, 5 Circle Drive, Malvern, Arkansas 
Penny Kimbro, 909 Prairie, Cleburne, Texas 
Melissa Frances Kimes, 11431 Memorial Drive, Houston 

24, Texas 
Ann Robinson King, 3801 Jackson Blvd., Birmingham 

13, Alabama 
Elizabeth Duncan Kirkpatrick, Route 4, Culpepper, 

Elizabeth Louise Laird (Lisa Lou), Meade Street, Wells- 

boro, Pennsylvania 
Clare Holland Lander, 900 Bryson, Wayahachie, Texas 
Emmy Lou Lanier, Foxrun Farms, Woodburn, Kentucky 
Jane Lewis, 3923 Oakwood Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 

4 154 ^ 

Student Directory 

LiBBY Linn, 469 W. 63 Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 
Judith Ann Lipes, Route 33, Box 1, Salem, Virginia 
Margaret Louise Livaudais, 165 Marne, Memphis, 

Sarah Lewis Livingston (Sally), 54 Linden Avenue, 

Hampton, Virginia 
Tallulah Hitch Long, 707 North Court Street, Tuitman, 

Nancy Lee Longstreet, 25 Country Club Drive, Green- 
ville, South Carolina 
Sandra Loliise McConnell, 1035 Questover Circle. 

Indianapolis 8, Indiana 
Eleanor Glasgow McCown, 22 Frazier Street, Staunton, 

Mary Anna McDearmon, Lee-Grant Avenue, Appo- 
mattox, Virginia 
Betty Brook McGlamery, 2310 York Road. S. W., 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Juth Mathews McGrath, 5228 Bendel Circle South, 

Memphis, Tennessee 
Mary Jane McGrath, 212 River Road, Warwick Branch, 

Newport News, Virginia 
Peggy Mapp, 34 Willway Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 
Catherine Wilson Marshall (Cathy), 210 West 

Alexandria Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 
Irene Fhraba Mathias, Route 3, Staunton, Virginia 
Mary Rutherford Mercer, 4107 Exeter Road, Rich- 
mond 1, Virginia 
Anne Middleton, 5004 Elsmere Place, Bethesda 14, 

Jo Brent Miller, Leech Court, Glasgow, Kentucky 
Katherine Lynn Miller, 23 Cleveland Street, Bergen- 

field. New Jersey 
Edith Johanna Mitchell, 711 Forest Dale Drive, Mobile, 

Sherry Ann Moore, 3617 Southwod, Memphis 11, 

Susan Gail Moore, Box 205, Davidson, North Carolina 
Lucy Ann Morris, 526 11th Avenue, Huntington 1, 

West Virginia 
Julia Davidson Morton. 1604 Loudon Heights Road, 

Charleston, West Virginia 
Harriet Josephine Murphy, Route 2, Fincastle, Virginia 
Patricia Elizabeth Nagel (Betsy), 225 E. New Hamp- 
shire, Belkwelle Apts., Apt. 1, Orlando, Florida 
Martha Abbott Nolde, 2020 Woodland Road, 

Petersburg, Virginia 
Gretchen Gale Palmer, R. F. D. 4, Box 385, Roanoke, 

Mary Thedford Parmelee, 85 Norwood Avenue, 

Upper Montclair, New Jersey 
Marjorie Kay Peebles, 2034 Banks, Houston, Texas 
Jerri Beth Percival, 1329 Pine Bluff, Malvern, Arkansas 
Dorothy Page Putnam, 1331 Woodlawn Avenue, 

Columbia, South Carolina 
Anna Kate Reid, 610 Hickory Arkadelphia, Arkansas 
Marion Laid Richardson, 2017 Park Avenue, Richmond 

20, Virginia 
Keene Roadman, 4312 37th Road, North, Arlington 7, 

Diana Rembert Rogers, 5842 Falls Road, Dallas 25, 

Nell Boone Roger, 6l01 Park Avenue, Fort Smith, 


Waverly Virginia Rogerson, Box 724, Marion, Virginia 
Susan Graham Sale, "Montevideo", Ashland, Virginia 
Jo Ann Samaras, 233 Sycamore Street, Staunton, Virginia 
Margaret Gay Saunders (Peggy), 3715 Chesapeake 

Avenue, Hampton, Virginia 
Patience Saunders, Braddock Lee Apts, Alexandria, 

Susan Rea Savage. 106 Shady Brook Lane, Princeton, 

New Jersey 
Anna Marie Scott, Presbyterian Home, Lynchburg 

Anne Bitner Shade, 510 Tuckahoe Blvd., Richmond 26, 

Rebecca Dudley Shelor, Floyd, Virginia 
Frances Lorwen Shields, 4013 Tamworth Road, Fort 

Worth, Texas 
Mathra Damaria Singletary, 71 Rock Creek Drive, 

Greenville, South Carlina 
Carolyn Reed Smith, 16 College Hill, Woodstock, 

Caryl Anne Smith. 1385 Belvedere Avenue. Jacksonville 

5, Florida 
Maryellen Smith, 415 Oaklawn Avenue, Winston-Salem, 

North Carolina 
MoNA Suzanne Smith (Suz), Daisy Lane, Irvington, 

New York 
Katherine Lapsley Sproul, Middlebrook, Virginia 
Joan Stanley, 2903 29th Street, N. W., Washington, 8, 

D. C. 
Mary Moncure Starke, 1300 Graydon Avenue, Norfolk 

7, Virginia 
Nancy Virginia Stickley, 2270 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, 

North Carolina 
Anna Katherine Stuart (Kit), I4l4 E. Fairview, 

Sapulpa, Oklahoma 
Judy Thompson, 5701 W. Franklin Street, Richmond 26, 

Anne Sherer Troxwell, 104 Macmurdo Street, Ashland, 

Emily Thomason Tyler, "Sherwood Forest", Charles 

City, Virginia 
Jane Ellen Vaughan, 57 Algonquin Road, Hampton, 

Judith May Vogt (Judy), 50 Hillside Avenue, Glen Rock, 

New Jersey 
Susan Smith Welker, 3312 Oriole Drive, Louisville 13, 

Alice Rebekah Wilcox (Becky), 9831 Meadowbrook 

Drive, Sallas 20, Texas 
Patricia Blackmon Wiley (Pattye), 6646 Jackson Street, 

S. E., Decatur, Georgia 
Emily Cox Wirsing, 2624 Stanley Avenue, Roanoke, 

Barbara Russell Wishart (Bunny), 510 Park Avenue, 

Towson 4, Maryland 
Margaret Kathryn Woodson, 255 McCully Drive, 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Hildegarde Wright, 4575 Old Stage Road, Kingsport, 

Julia Lane Wright, 159 Lewis Avenue. Salem, Virginia 
Linda Gibbons Wyatt, 300 Rittiman Road, San Antonio, 

Sara Lillian Yates (Sally), 1111 South Indian River 

Drive, Fort Pierce, Florida 

4 155 > 

I L-^X-^ » 





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Stone Printing reflects the highest standards 
of quality in design, materials, and craftsmanship. You 
can see the impressive difference in Stone Printing . . . 
a difference that for 77 years has pleased industrial, 
commercial, school, and individual customers alike. We 
are particularly proud that among these many long-time 
customers are the finest schools, colleges and businesses 
in your territory. May we also serve you? 


H 116-132 N. Jefferson St., Roanoke, Vo. • Phone Dl 4-6688 

Designers and engravers of 

the South's finest school 







149 Church St. 
NEW YORK 7, N. Y. 







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