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Full text of "Mary Baldwin College Bluestocking 1968"

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Mary Baldwin College 
Staunton, Virginia 

Table of Contents 

Introduction 4 

How 32 

Administration 38 

Faculty 50 

Organizations 70 

Residence Halls 92 

Why 142 

Class Officers 145 

Sen iors 1 49 

Because 232 

Dedication 235 

Student Life 237 

Student Directory 252 

Advertisements 262 





i^ '^ 

'y ,■•'*,- ".■■•■-•" 

■ 5^^V'.^ 










■ • A ^/'X.'^L*- 

V^jT ^ 


And you ask me how. . .? 

In the struggle of analysis, in the eternal dialogue of 
explanation, does the how of anything lie in the mechanics 
of its operation? 

If I tell you that between two canine legends lies the begin- 
ning life of the college, and that this life unfolds in an expan- 
sive architectural pattern of yellow brick, I have not answered 

For the answer will be blurred with verbs and images of 
action . . . with seven nations and a century and a quarter of 


demanding replies of tempera brilliance until you 
are satisfied and shift the emphasis to . . . 



For what reason? For what purpose? 

Within this world, this pleasantly-frenzied hillside com- 
munity of women, we live and work four years before the Artis 
Bacheloris is conferred. And "senior" means a great deal 
more than cars or even independent study; for every year 
has flung the horizons a little wider. 

Perhaps you have seen purple mountains and a blue sky. 
But have you listened to the mountains? Have you seen the col- 
ors of academicia spilling over life? The question why grants 
a rare privilege: the opportunity to justify a gift of love and 


To learn to look beyond the valley in the hope of 
someday seeing what lies beyond the stars . . . 



In the beginning, because of Time and Words and the flavor 
of fresh notebooks and clean pages, because of intellectual 
thought and challenge, we blend our individuality into the col- 
lective college-color with a fine sable brush. 

And at the end, with the colors of each individual deepened 
and the shades of character, integrity, and maturity sharply 
etched, we go to the elsewhere . . . because it is all over and 
only beginning. 

It is the beautiful paradox that explains the v/hy of because. 



And, of course, there ore the freaky days, the ones you put 
down in your freaky book, when the world of the intellect is 
not so very inviting— the alone moments when causal relation- 
ships for the filigree of life ore simply frustrating ... I have 
acute attacks of withdrawal then. So do you — I've watched 
you. And 1 dare not ask you why, even if the sky stays blue. 

So to merge the drug rule and rock 'n roll into o ther- 
apeutic kaleidoscope in cinemascope and technicolor, we 
march down and around to town. 

"Flic— girls." It's only Thursday. And there will be more 
enamelled leaves spattered on the hillside tomorrow. 





You knew when a Volkswagen pulled up in front of Hunt, 
and everybody started screaming that tomorrow was the Day. 

It's a day called 'X' that slips into October unaware. 

It's Apple Day— traditional pride of the sophomores — full of 
fall tang, crisp apples, candied apples, and apple cider,- 
full of second year enthusiasm and innovation (a baby ele- 
phant in a sweatsuit?) — even if it has rained two years in a row 
now. (The eclipse of the moon got rained out too.) And this 
year, there were apples! 

Ah yes, how is the pressure of life relieved? 

By Apple Day. 

And why is it Never On Tuesday or Thursday? 


Streaks of colored oil on a dappled canvas and watercolor 
petals on a flowered face . . . Ars est celare artem. Why is it 
true art to conceal art? Who can tell the palette-splash from 
the chef d' oeovre? The true artiste . . . 

Lines, lights, patterns, portraits— a mobile workshop in 
collage— with the inner soul before you on an easel in the 
bright-white-hot-pure sun. 

The Drama Workshop . . . chaos, confusion spun with creativ- 
ity. All dwell within. Stage sets . . . proscenium, thrust, or in 
the round? Make-up, made-up . . . it's a mad mad mod 
world . . . surrealistic, naturalistic, or dead — well, what'll it 

It's always locked when you need it most. Then we stage a 
realistic scurry to find the key. 

Costumes . . . everything from Medea to Willy Loman and 
waltzing toreadors somewhere in between. 

Balsa, plywood two to twenty ply, styrofoam, plaster of 
poris and even a Plastered Paris ... all dwell within. Holding 
Court . . . the subjects, a hanging menagerie. 


Rhythmical monotony of exercise converted to a 
motion of Beauty through will-power and control. 

Learn to moke the muscles obey, to yield to the 
demands of rigorous positions in the interest of Grace 
and Fluidity. 

Suffer . . . pain ... for expression, for emotion, for 
the meaningful movement which is dance. 

Is it worth it? you ask. 


The Chamber Ensemble — ensemble assembled 
with fingers arranged just-so on strings . . . Lips 
taste reeds and old saliva while eyes grasp meaning 
from the paper notes. 

Slowly, painstakingly, a group together feels each 
sound as It is born — experiences music. 

And it is there and is gone, leaving the players 
free to begin again. 


How to raise funds for a Science Center in Five Jiffy Steps: 

1 . Motivate the Class of 1967. 

2. Get Van Lear Logon to play the White Rabbit. 

3. Make 20,000 pairs of earrings, 5000 cup cakes, other 
assorted goodies. 

4. Find on SGA project chairman as motivated as Jean 

5. Call efforts the White Rabbit Bizarre and Freak Out. 

The Christmas Bazaar featured Santa Clous, psychedelic 
flowers, Christmas cards, kissing balls, clothes, and cotton 
candy. A splendid time was had by — almost — all. 

Fiorello! — good choice for a political year. "Politics and 
Poker became more popular than bridge with the Sopho- 

Accents twisted into variations of New York . . . the East 
River skyline on canvas ... a few collapsible platforms . . . 
a five foot two blonde as the Italian LaGuardia . . . and a 
director who moved like a pro. 







"All right, do it again . . . and again . . . 
and again. March I we open. Please put the 
final consonants on your words. Stay in char- 
acter and shut the hell up." The voice of 

Emily's Organization. . . 
"Buddy can you spare a dinne. . ." 
"Just what does Mr. Page think?" 
Down with Tannmany Hall— cigar 

smoking, machine-busting, the Twenties, 

and all that glitters. 

"Live and Let Live." 

Drawing the class together in panic, 

passion, and pride. 



The Recreation Association, better known as the R.A. Is somewhat vaprous in nature and func- 
tion ... sis boom bah. One hears vague rumblings about Horse Shows and badminton tourna- 
ments ... all a part of organized clan activities. Freshman Stunt night is now a tradition, though it 
didn't go over with too much enthusiasm with the upper classmen this year. 

It has a definite place on campus . . . King. So does the sponsor. 

Betty Mays, President 
Neely Garrett, Vice-President 
Liz Hiqgenbotham, Secretary-Trea- 
Minna Thompson, Publicity Chairman 


Martha Blake 

Julie Mays, Scotch 

Zanne MacDonald 

Janet Bartholomew, Welsh 

Ginky McLaughlin 

Martha Kennedy, Irish 

Anne Pierce 

Donna Dearman, English 


etty Mayes, President 

Lady Appleby, Chairman (right) 

Julie Baldwin 

Elizabeth Cortright 

Norma Caria Falkiner 

Margaret Hawkins 

Rosalie Henderson 

Liz Higgenbotham 

Lee Irving 

Gayle Lester 

Penny McCuen 

Nellie McRae 

Ginni Moomaw 

Stephanie Shearer 

Ingrid Stalheim 

Malou Thorn 

Jean West 

Judy Yates 





This year the Student Activities Committee, newly organized amalgamation of former 
campus activity organizatuons, did Three Memorable Things. They sponsored the Splzzwinks 
and Sons of Bacchus from Yale; they sponsored a bus to U. Va. for Midwinters at a nomi- 
nal fee; and they held a china survey. They also had a "Game Night" only that cannot be 
included in the "memorable" since only five people came. 


Thank heaven for little girls. . . who are willing to 
go into the tough business of entertainment booking 
and fight like the proverbial striped cat. This year, 
thanks to a lot of Tigers, MBC was treated to the 
likes of Chuck Jackson, The Platters, Glenn Yarbrough, 
The Swinging Medallions, and The Shownnen. What's 
nnore, they all showed. What more can be said? 

Brooks McMurria, Chairman (left) 

Janet Bartholomew 

Emily Borden 

Barbie Brown 

Ray Castles 

Whitney hianes 

Suzy hHartley 

Blanche hHumphreys 

Nancy Jones 

Connie Kittle 

Kit Martin 

Julie Marshall 

Sally Robinson 

Ingrid Stalheim 

Sydney Marshall Turner 

Leslie Watson 

Judy Walker 

Laura Lee Wilson 

Caroline Smith, President 

Sue Oglesby, Vice-President 

Lindsay Jones, Secretary 

Becka Thomas, Treasurer 

Peyton Wooldridge, Chairman, Service Committee: 

Cecelia Acuff 

Lucy Duff 

Grace Friend 

Carolyn Walke 

Judy Galloway 
Marie Payne, Chairman, Stewardship Committee: 

Jeanne Banks 

Anna Dunson 

Jane DuRant 

Linda Goddin 

Nancy Hamlett 

Suzanne Jones 
Kay Hazelgrove, Chairman, Chapel Committee: 

Anne Hancock 

Aleda Hays 
Sherry Mason, Chairman, Program Committee: 

Sallie Barre 

Judy Edwards 
Dorm Representatives: 

Susan Christ 

Kathy Crawford 

Anne Emmert 

Janet Ernst 

Jean Grainger 

Sharon Gray 

Nancy Laws 

Margie Leidheiser 

Cally Lewis 

Jenny McHugh 

Cindy McNeil 

Julie Mays 

Patti Newell 

Ann Richardson 

Mary Jane Wirtz 

Zoe Ann Kerby 

Caroline Smith. President 

The Christian Association brought a lot of things to the 
campus . . . and it sent a lot off the campus too— like books 
to Viet Nam. Their balance of trade was probably as well- 
balanced as any underdeveloped new nation's might be. On 
the influx side there was Gertrude Bihanna and William 
Glenesk (though some might want to shift him to the export 
side) and many chaplins from many colleges . . . memorably 
V.I. P. On the outgoing side there was a myriad number of 
service groups: Effie Ann Johnson and the Day Nurserys, 
Western State and the Volunteers, not to mention The Play- 
mates with their swinging hit Operation. 

The C.A. was the medium with a message for a change. 


President: Marie Payne 

Secretary: Aleda Hays 

Chairman of the Choir Board: Pat Leonard 

Representatives to the Choir Board: Julie Mays, Linda Winner 

Windon Blanton 

Sarah Borop 
Claudia Bruce 
Lila Caldwell 
Carol Carman 
Betty Carter 
Jane Carter 
Kristin Chenoweth 
Susan Christ 
Susan Clements 
Ellen Dallis 
Sandra Davis 
Lynn DesPrez 
Sue Dyer 
Sharon Ellis 
Janet Ernst 
Nancy Foster 
Jane Frith 
Susan Gamble 
Joy Gammon 
Nancy Geiger 
Ann Gheesling 
Ann hiancock 
Buff hianes 
Liz hiigginbotham 
Liz Jennings 
Laura Keen 
Bekah Kennedy 
Zoe Kerbey 
Alice Kerr Laird 
Scottie Lake 
Beth Larner 
Brownie Lawrence 
Nancy Laws 
Laura McLaughlin 
Corky McLeod 
Cindy McNiel 
Maureen McWillia 
Betsy Maxwell 
Sherri Miller 
Mary Moore 
Pat Morris 
Mary Ellen Navas 
Jeanne Pahucki 
Elaine Rabe 
Gigl Reynolds 
Bets Roper 
Ann Sims 
Mary Glenn Sims 
Caroline Smith 
Candy Snodgrass 
Pam Spearman 
Jane Starke 
Sue Stephens 
Sarah Sterrett 
Nancy Thomas 
Janet Turner 
Judy West 
Pam Wev 
Carol Whilesides 
Kitty Whitley 
Linda Winner 

The Choir's major contribution to the musical life of the 
college is their weekly performance in chapel. Unfortunately, 
this year the student body did not hear as much from them 
as they might have wished. . . but they were seen. . . every 
Tuesday and every Thursday and every Tuesday and every 
Thursday and so on and so on. The high spot was the pre- 
Christmas concert with Princeton. Maybe that's why the 
choir practiced four hours a week and didn't sing too fre- 
quently in chapel. 

A revival to their credit, however: "The Wise and Foolish 
Maidens" beautifully produced through the joint efforts of 
Dr. Fletcher Collins and Mr. Gordon Page. . . 

i RP 

^4^ ^A^^~. _ 


r ^ 

Lithe black shadows in a flame-dotted room . . . 
candlelight from Fresca and Champagne bottles. 

The Improviso, a money-making spontaneous enter- 
prise for the benefit of the dramatic possibilities of 
the science lecture room, presenting distorted mirror 
reflections of life — -the way Life Socks It To You. . . 

"hHow was your summer?" 

"Listening, Sophy. . ." 

"Selma, dahling. . ." 

And Pirandello aside, the shadows are not in search 
of characters, much less an author. 

Readers' Theater, for want of a legitimate Hall of Thespis, 
occurs as an every now and then Wednesday or Thursday 
after dinner theater experience with a repertoire of Sheri- 
dan, Shakespeare, etc. 

"Under the charivari and the noise, I find there is noth- 
ing," mourns Anouilh's Lady Hurf reading from a giant 
tome of Modern Drama. 

This year's program featured the Troubadors of Washing- 
ton and Lee in a Tumult, the wonders of which never cease, 
for it is Timeless in the most abstruse. 

Most of all it looks good from a distance . . . 


A ' V.J' 

What I've been wanting to say — is that Utopia is noplace. 
So we pass through our thoughts hoping to find — what it's all 
about. And the wherefore . . . 

How? How can we . . . when the chimes of time are already 
seconds behind the time? 

I can think; I can move. I can wonder about potentialities of 
motion and if motion can be motionless in the extreme. 

And I must remember to look within and without. 

^i'^m^'.n^^i^ '^^M^y: -j^ 







, i 











I cannot lose the focus or the perspective. I cannot let time 
resound unheard within me nor let my forward footsteps dis- 
solve in colloidal nowhere. 

How does a challenge challenge me? By urging thoughts 
. . . expression which moves from mind to typewriter and be- 
comes a creation. 

This is not the valley of the dolls. You and I are not out of 
touch. But — "Look over your rims — don't reflect on your own 
eyes," you tell me. 

Suddenly, I see . . . 

I know that they are a part of the how, because they help 
in the discovery of why, because they are dedicated to the 
many functions that make a college live. 


Dr. Samuel Reid Spencer, Jr., President of the College 

>f ' 

Joseph W. Timberlake 

Martha Stackhouse Grafton 
Dean of the College 

Miss Anne Elizabeth Parker 
Dean of Students 

Miss Marguerite Hillhouse 
Dean of Admissions 

James T. Spillman 

M. Scott Nininger 

Martha Anne King 

Administrative Assistant to the President 

Virginia Munce 

Executive Director, Alumnnae Relations 

Louise Bader-Resldent nurse; not pictured: 
Roselynd hHalterman, Margaret T. Oliver 

Gertrude Coddington Davis 

F. Freeman Jones 

Assistant Business Manager, Physical Plant Administrator 


Betty Carr 

Director of Food Services 


Soaring with a Hopkins windhover, fading 
into the forest dim with Keats' nightingale, 
lost in Conrad's heart of darkness, ever im- 
mersed in the study of literature and lan- 
guage, the English department has on 
eternal affair with the Word— which was in 
the beginning— believing, as they do, that 
even the most archaic language is poetry 

Dr. Ben Huddleston Smith, Jr., 

Dr. Marshall Moore Brice 

Dr. James D. Lott 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak 

Dr. Joseph M. Garrison, Jr. 


Reaching into the mind of the why, the 
eternal struggle for metaphysical and spirit- 
ual satisfaction s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s the under- 
standing and 

'3 r 

e, for reason. 

Dr. James Leon McAllister, Jr., Chairman 

3l ■ *It 

Dr. Marjorie Bacheler Chambers 


i(- / 




y^'r^'^ \-r-A 





Mr. David B. Pederson 

Mr, F. Wellford Hobbie 


Eras, epochs, the arbitrary century, wars for women, wars 
for roses hurling through time-space-human relationships and 
analogies of event prove history does not repeat. Man does. 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk, 

Dr. Charles J. Stanley 

Mr. Robert Henry Lafleur 

;- fc* 

Dr. Duane P. Myers 

Dr. Bernard St. Clair Logan 


Export-Import and the balance of payments, tight money, 
Inflation, Interest rates, the Common Market and devalua- 
tion of the pound (which somehow necessitates a surtax) 
are all hung up In the economic spin against how many 
dimes I need for my wash. 

Miss Lillian Rudeseal 

Dr. Thomas Hancock Grafton 


Navajo Indians dance frorr. cne corner of the room 
to the other, leaving behind them a 


Mankind snared in connective patterns. . . . Crime is ap- 
parent, yet obviously not accepted. People will differ 
every minute — in every place. 

Your group is the center of the ever-turning wheel . . . 
the study of the data — and more — -reflecting life . . . col- 

Mary de Munecas 

Dr. O. Ashfon Trice 


A conditioned response to stimulation. "What is 
MEANING?" beg potential psychologists. "Only a 
neural CLICK?" 

Rats, securely tucked in their Skinner boxes, de- 
velop neuroses anyway. 

Students seek self-concepts, while depending on 
the Teddy Bear for reinforcement. 

Gradually, case histories merge with learning 
theories. Computers with individuals. In seeking to 
understand others, students discover self. 

Mr. Donald D. Thompson 
Mr. Jerry R. Venn 


Dr. Herbert Lee Bridges, Jr. 

Here is the realm of the audio-visual teaching aids and 
teaching methods. How to challenge, instruct, that is, teach. 
The method handbook for training minds. . . 

How to deal with the PTA and the parents themselves 
when they get rough. . .How to adjust the patterns of edu- 
cation to fit the individual and still leave room for expres- 
sive expansion. 

Dr. Mary D. Irving 
Miss Julia F. Weill 


^^^ «-?y 



Mr. Antoine Pentsch 
Artist in Residence 

Mrs. Lois Morrison Collins 

Dr. Ruth McNei 

Mr. Gordon Page 

Dr. Carl W. Broman 
Chairman, Music 

Dramatic tension poured into a musical sieve abstractly 
drybrushed onto a pale pink canvas — the interweaving of 
the arts. 

The sound of color and the tone and hue of comedy and 
tragedy are urged to their melange by wise and foolish 
maidens who believe that Cezanne, Chopin, and Shaw would 
have made a great triumvirate. 


Dr. Robert L. Gates 


Discovering the inner working of the earth's crust carved 
into nations, undergraduate political scientists set out to 
sample governmental-theoretical blood and translate News- 
week and the hHuntley-Brinkley Report into what-it's-all- 

Investigation of Franco-phobia, Anglo-philia, alliances, 
and reapportionment, evaluation of the Sino-Soviet split and 
the implications for democracy mesh with the closer-to-home 
thought that this year we elect a new President. 

Dr. Mildred E. Taylor 


A mere tool science? A philosophy? Ab- 
stract thought. . . Progressive circles build 
outward from 1-1=2, or does it? The answers 
to befuddled "Whys" are repeated . . . and 
repeated . . . the difficulty in teaching an im- 
patient mind to sift — slowly. Seniors struggle 
to recall things only five years stale — the 
Bible ... by Thomas ... or is it Calculus by 

Truth flickers, is grasped, lost, to be strug- 
gled for again. Busywork transforms itself to 
soaring revelation. . .at 8:30 A.M. and for 

Mr. William Jackson Galbraith 

Mr. Alfred L. Booth 

Dr. Frances Jacob 

Dr. Barbara F. Ely 


Rules and things . . . How much more simple if Henry 
Higgins' universal alphabet and language had been success- 

But what would we do without Sancho and windmills in 
psychological Spanish, the French theatrical marvels from 
Moliere to lonnesco and the romantic epitome of Goethe 
and Schiller and the surreal experience of Kafka. 

Dr. Kurt Kehr 

Miss Naomi Gargill Ritter 




fe ^ 


Dr. Catherine Savage 

Miss Aurifa Otequi; not pictured 

Mrs. Vega M. Lyt+on Miss Nancy Roberts 

Mrs. Martha Noel Evans 

Dr. John F. Mehner 
Chairman, Biology 


The Great Snowy Owl regards benevolently the dissec- 
tion of frogs. Anatomical knowledge, genetics (which pea 
plant will grow taller?), ornithology (Is that a Robin or a 
Ruffed Grouse?), twist into a science of life. And beautiful 
brittle leaves and bird calls relieve the scientific seriousness. 

Miss Miller 

Miss Bonnie Marie Hohn 

Dr. Mary E. hlumphreys 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Dr. Charles P. Rutenber 




Thermodynamics, moles, beakers and test tubes 
are a part of the endless lab hours which are a 
part of the quantitative and qualitative analysis of 
scientific theory and hypothesis. Stray terms — 
formulas, flourides, fission, and foot-pounds — 
metamorphosize to comprehended principles in 
the lob and lecture. 

Dr. Warren L. Bosch 



Let's hear it for whiffle ball 

golf and loud speaker tennis, ^ _ , ,, ^ ,, 

, , I r Dr. Mary Jane Metcalf Donnalley 

with on extra rah-rah tor stu- ^, , 

dent meetings in the Dixie 


Maybe someday we will be 




Mrs. Bette Hughes 




Mrs. Betty Myers Kegley 




' "ViW-U 

I see if as the student web of putting it all together, the mesh 
of different activities and interests, the accolade for twisting 
the maze into achievement . . . 

This is the core of responsible answer to the ch._!lenge of 
how and why. 



The Student Gover 


nment Association Officers: seated: Susan Gamble, President, standing, left to right: Ripper Riepe, Secretary, Tucl'.er Good, Treasurer,- Betty Jolley, 

Alternate odd Tuesday evenings (or is it even?), Student 
Board (or is it bored?) meets to discuss and legislate. Major 
topics for the session — drugs, percolators, and Cinderella 
hours for seniors every night of the week as well as unap- 
proved housing in C-ville and Lexington. 

The great drug debates ... the DVB, the VASG, SRG and 
the rap, rap, rap of her metaphorical gavel. These are the 

powers that be on the campus . . . elected by the campus 
. . . for the campus. With a cool analytic approach to any 
problem and reinforced by the knowledge that the Constitu- 
tion Is behind them (with a majority student vote as of 
November), the Board hacked away at the out-dated and 
constructed the new. 

Susan Gamble 
Betty Jolley 
Ripper Riepe 
Tucker Good 
Helen Pritchard 
Van Lear Logan 
Sue Dyer 
Caroline Smith 
Betty Mayes 
Nancy Lee Dagenhart 
Nancy Eriksen 
Sallie Barre 
Charlotte hloffman 
Brooks McMurrla 
Lady Appleby 
Peggy Evans 
Yum Lewis 
Sue Stephens 
Kate Gladden 
Sherry Allen 


Somebody has to make the small rules function while 
there are still small rules. The Judiciary Board are "The 
Chosen." Oh well, maybe someday some mechanical wizard 
will invent an electric eye. . . . Until then lots of girls will 
spend lots of hours on lots on Monday nights handing out 
restrictions for signing up for not signing in or out. 

Sue Dyer, 

.'e Dyer, Chairman 

Judy Barnett 

Grace Branch 

Murphy Davis 

Suzanne Freeman 

Tempe Grant 

Buff hianes 

Liz Jennings 

Connie Kittle 

Scottie Lake 

Ginky McLaughlin 

Mary Lynn Miller 

Mizza Saunders 

Ann Sims 

Janet Turner 

Millicent Wasell 

Judy Way 

Van Lear Logan, Chairman 

Angier Brock 

Janie Carter 

Bekah Kennedy 

Corky McLeod 

Mabs Smith 

Sarah Sterrett 

Susan Gamble, Ex-officio 

Mr. W. J. Galbralth, Faculty Representative 


They don't wear white wigs or hoods ... at least 
not during off duty hours . . . and that's about all 
that anybody knows about the workings of the Honor 
Court. . . 

The Court of major offenses . . . judgment by hu- 
man beings. 

Van Lear Logan, 

House Presidents 

Helen Pritchard, 
Chairman of the House Presidents Council 

A twice monthly call of the wild. . . "Bring a pencil and 
face books." The most important virtue that a house 
president can have is the ability to finish a house meeting 
in less than thirty minutes. Her battle cry is "keep the 
lounge decent." 

Ann Lewis-North Bailey 

Ellen Gaw-South Bailey 

Engle Yokley-French House 

Margaret Leidheiser-Gooch House 

Mary Ellen Navas-Hilltop 

Catherine Turner-McClung 

Catherine Ikenberry-Memorial 

Carol Whitesides-Market Street Houses 

Stephanie Suman-Spencer I 

Ann Davis-Spencer II 

Gail Robinson-Spencer III 

Jennifer Mack-Woodson II 

Nancy Thomas-Woodson IV 

Lundie Spence-Woodson III 

Anne Whitten-Riddle House 

Bluestocking: Charlotte Hoffn 

Editor; Kay Lordiey, Business Manager 

npus Co 

Editor, Lynda Cullop, Business Monoger, 

Campus Comments 

Editor Sallie Barre 

Business Manager Lynda Cullop 

Managing Editor Karon Nunnally 

Associate Editors Kathy, Aure, Dede Demme, 

Cathy Ikenberry, Margie Livingston, 
Van Lear Logan, Pam Wev 

News Editor Susan Merklas 

Assistant News Editors Jennifer King, Marcia Vigneault 

Feature Editor Susan Clements 

Assistant Feature Editor Sydney Marshall Turner 

Columnists Ingrid Stalheim, Pam Wev 

Photography Editor Victoria Fleming 

Make-up Editor Ann Truster 

Copy Editor Mary Deitrick 

Advisor Mrs. Delores Lescure 

The Miscellany 

Editor Sail Robinson 

Assistant Editor Anita Middleton 

Business Manager Sharon Miller 

Art Editor Ann Trusler 

Editorial Staff Susan Gamble, Mary Beth Hardee, 

Charlotte Hoffman 

Art Staff Tricia Cromwell, Alice Eichold, 

Sally James 
Advisor Dr. Marshall Moore Brice 

The Bluestocking 

Editor Charlotte Hoffman 

Assistant Editor Judy Galloway 

Art Editor Tricia Cromwell 

Underclass Editor Minna Thompson 

Senior Editor Patty Thomas 

Organizations Editor Diane Sellers 

Literary Editor Deneen Fendig 

Layout Editor Aleda Hays 

Photography Editor Kay Temple 

Assistants Zoe Durrell, Liz Higgenbotham 
Ann Lewis, Jennifer Mack 

Business Manager Kay Lordiey 

Advisors Dr. James D. Lott, Mr. A. L. Booth 

Among Students in 

Who's Who 

American Colleges and 


Kathleen Demise Aure 

Sallie Marvil Barre 

Susanne Ritchie Dyer 

Nancy Christine Ericksen 

Margaret Evans 

Susan Rainey Gamble 

Tempe Dana Grant 

Charlotte Davis hHoffman 

Elizabeth Gettys Jolley 

Susan Van Lear Logan 

Cornelia McLeod 

Minna-Abbott Smith 

Lois Lundie Spence 

Nancy Carol Thomas 

Laurel Society 

Susanne Ritchie Dyer 

Susan Rainey Gamble 

Elizabeth Gettys Jolley 

Susan Van Lear Logan 

Corneila McLeod 

Lois Lundie Spence 

Nancy Carol Thomas 

Honor Society— June 1967 

Gail Sharon Alberts 

Margaret Elizabeth Allen 

Angela Irvine Blose 

Mikal Rae Bralley 

Barbara Todd Danby 

Ann Boatwright Humphrey 

Sarah Lorraine Oden 

Susan Nolan Palmer 

Judith French Pleasants 

Judith Victoria Pugh 

Ann Calvin Rogers 

Barbara Lucile Shuler 

Louise Stuart Tabb 

Susan Avis Townshend 

Lynn hiughes Williams 


Honor Scholars 

Sally Cobb Cannon 
Lloyd Martin Cather 
Welby Ambler Cox 
Nancy Anne Hall 
Gail Louise Halsey 
Lorra Ann Keen 
Jennifer Caroline McHugh 
Ennily Ann Paine 
Ellen Elizabeth Porter 
Caroline Jane Struthers 
Leigh Gregory Suhling 
Mary Latham Tiffany 
Marcia Lee Williams 
Margaret Sherwood Wright 

Russell Scholar 1967-1968 

Lois Lundie Spence 

Algervon Sydney Sullivan Award 

Louise Stuart Tabb Bessie Conway Lewis 




Literary Awards Day 1967 

Susan Rainey Gamble 

Cynthia Anna Durham Mennorial Poetry 
Award 1967— 

Charlotte Davis Hoffman 

402 Workshop 

Katherine Kirkland Martin — President 

Sarah Sanders Sterrett — Secretary 

Dr. Marshall Moore Brice — Advisor 

Barbara Ann Atwood 

Kathleen Denise Aure 

Barbara Ann Butz 

Susan Rainey Gamble 

Charlotte Davis hloffman 

Susan Van Lear Logan 

Anita Gheens Middleton 

Karon Su Nunnaily 

Beta Beta Beta 

Mary Elizabeth hiardee 
Janet Wilson Rawlings 
Sarah Douglas Robertson 
Elizabeth Way Roper 
Lois Lundie Spence 
Catherine Richarde Walleigh 
Judith Durell Way 
Carolyn Marie Williams 
Judith Ann Yates 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Nancy Belle Carrow 
Ray Elizabeth Castles 
Susan Van Lear Logan 
Susan Rainey Gamble 
Elizabeth Gettys Jolley 

Campus Guides 

Anne Beatty 

Emily Borden 

Maridy Browning 

Betty Carter 

Donna Dearman 

Alice Dibrell 

Sharon Ellis 

Janet Ernst 

Lynn French 

Tucker Good 

Jean Grainger 

Kaye hiarrls 

Rosalie hienderson 

Liz Higgenbotham 

Devon hHixenbaugh 

Jane Irzylc 

Liz Jennings 

Dorothy Jones 

Mimi Jones 

Martha Kennedy 

Jan Krebs 

March Lackey 

Alice Kerr Laird 

Scottie Lake 

Nancy Laws 

Jane Letherman 

Cally Lewis 

Ginky McLaughlin 

Zanne Macdonald 

Julie Mays 

Janet Moore 

Mary Moore 

Pattie Newell 

Bryce Oliver 

Karon Pixley 

Elaine Rabe 

Anne Richardson 

Polly Roulhac 

Jane Sanders 

Mary Elizabeth Saunders 

Dianne Sellers 

Susan Stephens 

Donna Rae Taylor 

Isabelle Turner 

Molly Upton 

Marcia VIgneault 

Laura Watts 

Laura Lee Wilson 

Ann Wirth 

Chris Ziebe 

Orientation Committee 

Nancy Atwood 
Carol Alspaugh 
Martha Booth 
Connie Bowen 
Maridy Browning 
Anne Bryan 
Nikki Combiths 
Donna Dearman 
Martha Dimmock 
Anna Dunson 
Alice Eichold 
Janet Ernst 
Pam Evans 
Betsy Fleeting 
Barbara Griffin 
Anne hiancock 
Lynne hiartman 
Liz hiiggenbotham 
Devon hHixenbaugh 
Molly Hutcheson 
Jane Irzyk 
Mimi Jones 
Martha Kennedy 
Jenny King 
Jan Krebs 
Alice Kerr Laird 
Nancy Laws 
Martha Lee 
Yum Lewis 
Zanne Macdonald 
Judy McCarty 
Emily McClure 
Cindy McNeill 
Julie Mays 
Mary Moore 
Linda Mullendore 
Dru Nease 
Bryce Oliver 
Ann Pierce 
Elaine Rabe 
Jinx Rawlings 
Livvy Ravenel 
Jane Sanders 
Dianne Sellers 
Julie Spencer 
Sue Stephens 
Donna Ray Taylor 
Dinah Thompson 
Minna Thompson 
Susan Train 
Ann Trusler 
Isabelle Turner 
Sydney Turner 
Molly Upton 
Marcia Vigneault 
Laura Watts 
Lynn White 
Ann Wirth 
Chris Ziebe 

Marshals: seated left to right: Van Lear Logan, senior; Sue Stephens, sophomore; Mary Tiffany, freshman: Aleda Hays, junior; standing left to right: 
Elaine Rabe, sophomore; Lucy Duff, junior; Elizabeth Cleveland, freshman; not pictured: Connie Green, senior. 

Senior Class Ushers: left to right: Betty Lyons; Susan Paul; Cathy Ikenberry; Sarah Sterret; Lady Appleby. 

Junior Class Ushers: seated le<t to right: Engle Yoicley; Sherri Miller; Anna Dunson; standing left to right: Penny Odom; Jenny King. 

Freshman Class Ushers: seated left to right: Helen Peacock; Murphy Davis: 
standing left to right: Sherry Allen; Pat Mclver; Jody Dennis. 

Sophomore Class Ushers: seated: Beth Johnson: standing left to 
right: Isabelle Turner; Anne Gheesling, Tucker Good; not pictured: 
Janet Moore. 

1968 Wa^ Qu. 

Judith ^nn ijaleS 

J4onor [-^rlnceM rJLadu .^ppleb 

Senior ^^ttendants 

(^athu ^kenoerri 

Ljrace vSranch I 

Aunlor ^^ttendanti 

.^nna eJjunSon , ^altu r^obinioi 

[-^enntf LJdom, C^n^le ijokte^ 


.^tten da ittd 

tucker Cfood, JDiane Svelte 

ZJravii ZJaiflor, Cfinlif njcjdau^kdn 

ZTreikman .^ttendantt 

^y\atnerine alJownle, Cjait ^y^tuimeier 


'!■•'. ■^'■tfi^'?! 

September 18 
Dear Mother, 

Remember what an orderly person I used to be? Finicky if 
the least thing got out of place? Well, my new roommate, who 
is a really groovy kid, has convinced me that I will never reach 
any spiritual heights if I live in such a regulated world. 

We blew our minds Saturday night and painted the walls 
of our room a pale purple. So don't worry about that bill for 
25 dollars on account of the nails, because we painted over 
them . . . 



:-^ ■ 

La Dolce Vita without vino. . .leaf-framed on a warm night 
(Ah, if only he had worn his executive length hose.). . .always 
watching, always waiting for something to happen, for some- 
thing to begin inside. . . 

. .and outside. . .Four Musketeers sans swords in 
the bullrushes around Spencer wait for female response 
or the nightie's reproach. 

Everybody ought to have a birthday, I think. My 
last one was cancelled. . . 

Freshmen; first row, left to right: Carol Anne Sorrell, Susan Vaught; second row: 
Mary Babcock, Carol Carman, Betsy Clement; third row: Leah Suhling, Debbie 
Barnes, Susan Caver, Cathy Beor. 

Spencer I and Ground 

Flower Power mode . . . the painting over the piano . . . One 
junior . . . the three J's . . .phone duty twice a month . . . piano- 
ploying at one a.m. . . . boys in the lounge! . . . sophs and 
frosh all on one side . . . Honor Court Chairman right down 
the hall. 

Case, Salli 

one, left to right: Robin Whitten, Molly Grant, Nancy Matthews, Sue Hoch. Colleen Canning,- row two: Ann Hardie, Rosemerry McClintock, Becky 

■in, Marsho Spears, Laura Sadler. 

Junior: Camille Florence. 

Sophomores: row one, left to right: Anne Hancock, Vicki Foss, Elizabeth Higgenbotham, Janet Ernst, Jane 
Irzyk, Lynn French; row two: Jan Krebs, Ann Diliinger, Betty Carter, Grace Hitchman. 


BBBis^^^ir ^"^^ 

^E. fl ^9g3^^^^^^^^^^^^^v 






^^ J| 

Sophomores: row one, left to right: Betty Wells, Cherie Holberton, Patsy Lyon, Ann Bryce 
Fogle, Sallie Guerrant, Carolyn Carleton. 

two: Ann Taylor, Gini Mosby, Peggy 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Loroine McKinnie. Morchont Sto 
Shorten, Melissa Wimbish. 

Mary Glen Sims, Brando Nichol. Antoinette Bond, Jody Dennis; row two: Missy Stewort, Jone 

Spencer II 

Our lounge is — 

a sounding board for CC editorials, 

a preliminary and encore audience for the Coffee House, 
and the scene of the Bluestocking crises. 
We faked o fire-drill and the freshmen found their shoes in 
the elevator and attic. We have soooo many SGA officers . . . 
that the rest of the floor has extra phone duty. 

We have two W&L Homecoming representatives and one 
Freshman Miscellany winner. 

Then there are the unforgettable road trips — Poor Penny . . . 
how was New Orleans? Only got to D.C.? 

Sophomores: row one, left to right; Julie Mays, Alice Eichold, Connie Bowen; row two; Kaye Harris, Ticee Brandt, Martha Carpenter, Sue 
Disque, Bette Goodman, Lelio Thiermann, Karen Rudolph, Donna Ray Taylor, Virginia Weiskittel. 

Juniors; left to right; Anno Dunson, Aleda Hays, Ingrid Stalheim, Sherri Miller, Mary Weston, Ann Davis, Lindsay Jones, Betsy Maxwell 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Lindy Denny, Holly Merkel, Lynda Bixler; row two: Margie Addison, Edith Schneider, Pom Spearman, Ann 
West, Caroline Struthers; row three; Potsy Tubbs. 

Juniors: row one, left to right: Sally James Ann Sims, Dinah Thompson, Goil Robii 
row three: Pom Moore, Peggy Moir, Martha Dimmock, Ripper Riepe. 

two: Karen Marston, Ann Emmert, Jane Pritt, Meryl Dow; 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Ginny Lou Wilson, Kae English, Molly Bowman, Lloyd Cother,- row two: Susie Stuart, Helen Peocock, Shoron Shealy, Katherine 

Sophomores: row one, left to right: Elaine Weidman, Leslie Freert 
Barry, Betsy Coblintz, Margaret Hawkins. 

Peggy Haile, Ginny Kintz. Sandra Davis; row two: Jo Ann Haffmon, Marie Coppocl^, Jeon 

It's a love struck hall . . . with the president pinned and the 
director snowed. 

Our Halloween party attracted the attention of the police 
department. And, tell me, what other dorm collected five 
hundred liquor bottles for the SGA project? 

What other dorm can boast those Macke machine rivals, 
Ginny and Jean, selling sandwiches in a wild burst of fiscal 

And on a clear day you can see forever from the sun-porch, 
if you can step over the bodies. 

Spencer III 

Sophomores: row one, left to right: Nancy Wilson, Cathy Max 
Alice Dibrell, Diane Darnell, Potty-Jo Leory, Caroline Walker. 

Carol Moore; row two: Martha Booth, Susan Willian 

Freshmen: seated, left to right: Nancy McDowell, Borban 
Kitty Whitely, Fran Freeman, Noell Woodward. 

Leavitt, Anne-Reid Jenny, Kothy Pierce; standing: Betsy Connor, 


^ ^ 











^^ "'*^Z^^B 

A nci9i\ 




^^^^ J 









A^ .-"• ^^^^i^P^ 


..^^M . 





Sometimes It gets pretty hairy — exam time — women's 
college cliche containing dirty hair, wheat jeans, and weight 
gain in one tidy package. 

The new schedule-your-own-exam system helped alleviate 
pressure. But dorm life in tension, though, is often trial and 

Woodson II 

Constant traumas and quiet hour — sometimes . . . Tap danc- 
ing in the halls between phone halts . . . Moss productions: 
frosted hair and hemming sessions (you don't want to look like 
a GRANDMOTHER, do you?) . . . New York over T'giving and 
now we're cosmopolitan, and have you ever heard of Jelly- 
stone? Hell, yeah, Bubba. Let's talk about Europe some more: 
no speaka de language. So is there ever anyone on the hall on 
the weekends? (Not as long as there ore law students and Phi 
Delts!) Bouncing on the floor 'til the kitchen fixtures shake. Are 
you going to Yale again? Do they say W&L or Vermont? 
Snoopy's watching you. 

Juniors: first row: Suzy Hartley; second row, left to right: Judy Barnett, Carolyn Watson, 
Margie Livingston,- third row: Linda Mullendore, Mary Gwen Haisey; fourth row: Susan Christ, 
Jennifer Macic, Neely Garrett. 

Sophomores: row one, left to right; Whitney Hones, Jone Leathermon, Mary Margaret Wood, Alice Kerr Laird, Li: 
horst, Livvy Ravencil Sis Bright, Travis Reutzel, Absent: Dru Nease. 

ou Thorn, row two: Kathy Raven 

,,., ^,, f^w one; ;-...^, Uo. .,■:;..):., row two, left to right: Tina Smith, Alison Ruth.ji l-_,i d, Doris Fouber, Mary Dorsey Bass, Laura Morrison, Kit Dorrier, Pat 

Lamberth, Soliy Cannon,- row three, left to right: Ann Horehled, Cindy Grahm, Marcia Willioms. 

Woodson III 

The Christmas Bazaar— terry cloth shifts, hostess skirts, and 
stuffed animals. 

Sunday morning breofast for a quarter . , . thanks to the 
new S&H green stamp percolator. 

Then, of course, we must stock the kitchen with utensils and 
food and show off the dorm to various members of the faculty. 

And an Easter Egg Hunt may raise the Science building . . . 


Juniors: row one, left to right: Jane Townes, Ginni Moomaw; row two: Morgherito Patterson, Martha Rasin; row three: Sheryl Ameen; row four; Lizo Spessard, 
Martha Nussear, Sally Robinson, Sara Borop, Tia Nolan. 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Elizabeth Toms, Gail Holsey, 
Mary Bacon Johnson, Stephanie Miller,- row three: Lore Millo 
row four: Mary McCoo, Robin Spence, Nancy Anderson. 

>an; row two: 
Jan Merrell; 

Sophomores: row one, left to right: Pauli Overdorff; row two: Chris Ziebe, Emy Morion, Gair Hartley, 
Lisa Rowland, row three: Ginky McLaughlin, Polly Roulhoc; row four; Maridy Browning, Anne Richard- 
son, Emily Bryans, Mimi Janes, Linda Steahly. 

Woodson IV 

The hall with the constant supply of Otis 
Redding and Wilson Pickett sounds . . . with 
faculty children on Halloween, Tom Turkey 
on Thanksgiving, and a littlest angel for 

A shower for Woodson kitchen, road trips 
to Connecticut, and pink rabbits that don't 

But we hove a beautiful view. 

Juniors: row one, left to right: Molly Hutcheson, Kay Lordley, Jill Olson,- row two: Cindy Fox, Carolyn Wolke, Fran Buhman 
McWillioms, Champe Leary. 

three: Judy Wode, Mou 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Linda Bender, Linda Rowlings; row two: Kate Sartor, Christy Michell, Linda Winne 
Kitty Symington, Mary Lou Beehler; row three: Julie Groff, Martha Kane, Martha Slain, Karen Kelly, Lindy Seamon. 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Cheeky Johnston, Alice Craddock, Sue Newmon, Cathy Henderson, row two: Emily Paine, Kerry Malloy, Pot Mclver, Lucy Volentine 
Ellen Porter. 

Juniors; left to right: Judy West, Yum Lewis, Engle Yokely, Penny Odo 

Little House 

Junior Haven reclaimed . . . the four little pigs . . . diet- 
ing is a way of life . . . "But Mrs. MacDiarmid, don't you 
LIKE painted bulletin boards?" . . . Ninety-five degrees in 
December . . . "Would you mind lowering your voice to a 
BELLOW?" . . . Motto: Y'all stop by Little House! 



Sophomores: row one, left to right; Jean Grainger, Joy Gammon, Travis Taylor; 
row two; Susan Hellzel, Zoe Durrell; row three: Martha Matheney, Becky Arm- 
. strong; row four: Elaine Fry, Stephanie Shearer 

La Maison Francaise 

Bonj . . . Paris anyone? emotional traumas a lo true French 
style . . . result? . . . Weddings? We have a sewing circle and 
a sparkling kitchen ... the how-why-because of world-wide 

"Give me a ticket for an aeroplane!" What do I think of 
de Gaulle as a second Sun King? Au rev . . . 

Sophomores; row one, left to right: Nancy Hamlett; row two: Pom Rice, Susan Lanier, Beth Lonier, Martha WilMams, Lynne Quonbeck, Shoron Ellis; 
row three: Mizza Saunders. Stephany Hagan, Anne Gheesling. 

Sophomores: front row, left to right; Carolyn Bass, Edna Hester, Connie Kittle, Zee Kerbey; back row: Laura Croom, Jody Baker, Dorothy Jones, Barbara Butz, Lyn 
Kirschman, Rosalie Henderson. 

Spanish House 

Broadcasting the latest hits — and serenading the biology 
building . . . Bathrooms fresh as all outdoors . . . Hippies in the 
belfry and ghosts in the basement . . . Close the blinds, there's 
a meeting "at the church" tonight . . . Extra-special foreign 
visitors and fiestas . . . Great expectations for the future and 
poignant memories of the past. 

Juniors; left to right: Mory Beth Hardee, Elia Ran 

Sophomores^ seated, Molly Upton; stonditig, left to right; Scottie Lake, Isabel Turner, Janet Moore, Tucker Good, Jean West, Janie Graves, Nancy Atwood. 

South Bailey 

A LITTLE surprise in the resident's apartment . . . Snow 
White and the Seven Dwarfs . . . Dorm "COCKTAIL" party at 
Christmas . . . Stunned Freshmen and footsteps on second floor 
... A $90 phone bill . . . Bailey Bakery ... The SPIRAL STAIR- 
CASE . . . Rod McKuen's poetry . . . Candles . . . Candles . . . 
Candles . . . Tennis team champ . . . Dean Martin's APPLE 
Christmas . . . THE HILL . . . Mass of sun worshippers on the 
roof . . . And 52 happy girls in Rufus's Roost! 

w-w* ;" >^B?r ftlf 

Sophomores: top to bottom; Nancy Laws, Kothy Wagner, Beth Johnson, Mary Moore, Debra Perry, Morcio Vigneault, Becko Thomas, Zanne Macdonold. 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Mory Murrm, Gina Fitzhugh. Gay Camer( 

Freshmen: top row, left to right: Jean Orne, Marie Moorefieid, Agnes Copper, Suzanne Biesel; bottom: 
Susonn Hutoff, Jeannine Phipps, Margy Bryant. 

Freshmen: row one, led to right; II ii', /Vmters. Susie Ravenal, Dena Garcia, Nancy Foster; row two: Sherry Allen, 
Debbie Dixan, Betty Jo McClimans. Slierwood Wright, Debbie FHamiltan; row three: Amy Nelson, Carson Pease, Ellen 

J«^r •^•• 


North Bailey 

"Nearer my God to fhee" . . . Porch on Bartholomew Road 
with beer keg and straw corner recreated on a split level 
lounge ... In case of fire drill go out back door; in case of fire 
go out the front door. Collage factory, $.25 breakfasts and 
55,000 oranges ... Is he coming all the way from Kentucky? 
L.D.'s to Deerfield before 10:00 bedtime . . . "Sex before 
breakfast" . . . that gives me a case. "Earth," "Sea," and "My 
Fair Lady" . . . 

Wop cooks — Barbarina and Josephine. Are you wearing 
anything under that? GEORGE CALLED!! Prestige of private 
poet laureate. White-coated Dr. Borden. "Hey, Ann, how do 
you spell Vaughn?" "And this is her twin brother Mike." Mich- 
ael Cane on stilts. "Grapefruit." 

Freshmon; first row, left to right: Lila Coldwell, Elizobeth Clevelond; second row; Potricio 
Nichols, Leslie Codeli, Murphy Davis, Cynthio Fitch, Honsi Chorles, Lorro Keen; third row: Liz 
Bryan, Buff Fore, Brooke Hume, fourth row: Clara Mackenzie. 

Sophomores: row one, seated, left to right: Lyn Phillips, Barbara Griffin,- row two, standing: Emily Borden, Jo Robinson, Pottii 
Newell, Anita Middleton, Jody Perkins; row three: Janet Bartholomew, Laura Lee Wilson. 


Juniors: row one, left to right: Judy Gallowoy, Mory Deitrich; 
Jones, Ann Trusier, Janet Turner, Julie Baldwin. 

;V,u.liiu Fowler, Anne Whitaker, Ann Lewis, Betsy Floeting, Jane Durant; row three: Judy 

Junior; Eden Moseley. 


Thirteen plus 1 . . . "Here, George" ... a direct line to the 
outside — long distance calling Paris, Las Vagas, Baton Rouge — 
but 75 dollars a month? ... 150 candy apples ... an affair 
between Bugsy and the Blue Max ... to the Roach ... a 
"rock" and a pin ... a case of tonsilitis . . . nine to a bath- 
room . . . being able to say to your date after the Rafters, 
"come on in" . . . occasional attempts at entertainment . . . 
salt in the sugar bowl. 

Bell Apartment 

The dungeon with a "conversation 
piece" hole in the ceiling . . . whis- 
pered telephone calls in the storage 
room . . . footprints on the wa 
spiders everywhere . . . "Whose day 
is it for the dishes?" Bell's last year . . . 
then the walls come tumbling down. 

Freshmen: seated, left to right: Bonmt 
Laura Reinhordt. 

Dckett, Connie Gantt, Frances Tooke; standing: Babsie Page 


Partyland . . . flower children spread peace? with lovely 
love-ins . . . Peanut week in October puffed out into Pumpkin 
Week . . . "NO ONE goes Pumpkin carolling— or do they?" 
. . . Fire drill pains soothed afterwards with fire drill parties 
. . . "Let's have fire drills EVERY WEEK!" "What do you mean 
this bedroom was a lounge?" 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Janie Foulds, Mory Barr, Lynda Tracy, Ross Cotlett, Men 
Susan Bernoudy; row three: Jane Frith, Dee Bowman, Mary Ferguson, Gail Klusmeir. 

ck Twoky; row two: Claudia Withers, Julia Anderson, Anne Hall, 

« ® d 


/A^ mU^ 

1 > * ^■^■V|Hjffi 




l< ' JKJSmS^^ 


p^W%. '^' ^^ 

idB^ *■ f •'■*'"^^S'(W^ 

Juniors: seated, left to right: Bekah Kennedy, Susan Cufler, Lynn White, Martho Masters,- standing: Suzanne Jones, Elizabeth Helmkin, Jinx Rowlings, Pot Morns, 
Susan Train, Sandy McQuarrie, Betsy Newman. 

Freshmen: row one, top to bottom: Nancy Diggs, Cothye Dobney, Laurie O'Brien, Nancy Jones; row two: 
Anne Moore Emmo Davis. 

Sophomores; row one, left to 
right: Liz Jennings, Devon Hix- 
en bough; row two: Win free 
Hughes, Kothy Crowford, Emily 
McClure, Dione Sellers, Anne 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: 

Kitty Lynn Chondler, Brownie 
Lawrence, Ann Allen, Jenny 
McHugh; row two: Janice Booth, 
Fron Wilson. 

Freshmen: left to right: Isabel Williamson, Beth Sutherland, Babette Johnson, Mary McCauley, Nicki Keith 

Juniors: first row, left to right: Mary Ellen Novas, Laura McLaughlin, Nikki Combiths, Lynn 
Allison, Lucy Duff, Mary Jane Wirtz. 


Paper roses made in the lounge to be sold at the Christmas 
dance . . . same three lounge lizards . . . favorite foods ore 
popcorn, Russian tea, grilled cheese sandwiches . . . frequent 
discussions about certain faculty members . . . "T.V. Team" . . . 
always sorry when programs end. The zoo includes such ani- 
mals as jessemothy, sgor, and gerbils. Hot pipes in the rooms 
. . . slow drains in the bathroom . . . backwards faucets . . . 
Granny Hawkins and Saturday night snacks . . . trips to the 
faculty lounge for "real" cokes . . . "The S.G.A. Clothes 
Closet" in the lounge ... 1 1 :55 dashes to the club. 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Sis Wiseman, Tot Myers, Jory Elan 
Lynn Zagora, Marty Tyler, Mary Sue Magette. 

Kris Chenoweth, Kitty Lumpkin, JJ. Hill; row two: Betty Herman 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Conni( 
Paulo Powers, Susan Richordson. 

Jones, Linda Bloke, Connie Sonoonoff, Susan Pope, Ellen Johnson, row two; Frou Graho 

Sophomores: rov 

Luura Watts, Ali( 

left to right: Morch Lackey, Donna Dearman; row two: Bets Matheson, Ann Pierce, Sarah Lentz, Julie Keyser, Cyndy Coleman; row thn 
icisco, Elaine Robe, Peggy Oxford; row four: Elizabeth Cortwright, Ann Wirth, Ginger Holmes. 


Marked by Holly's six-foot high bicycle and Ann's portable 
fire escape . . . Cable T.V. and never a fourth for bridge . . . 
Next to the bells and the regimented march of Sunday morn- 
ing SMA's . . . Who will get the longest beer-can-top chain? 
... of course, the freshmen . . . the ones with the over-streaked 
hair . . . When the toilets overflow, don't forget to put the cat 


es: first row, left to right: Judi McCarty; second row: Peggy Melvin, Cindy 
Holly Vose, Candy Snodgross; third row: Judy Derkosh, Linda Britt, Erica 

Freshmen: row one, left to right: Kate Gladden, Louise Boylan, Lee Willey, Ann Collins, Kcthy 
Bingham; row two: Welby Cox, Pud Huff, Bonnie Curtis, June Troviesas; row three: Louise 
Rossett, Karen Carlson, Wendy Kane, Lolly Catching, Mary Jane Hunter. 

Sophomores: row one, left to right: Jeanne Pohucki, Jill Elsemon. Minna Thompson; row two: 
Sue Stephens, Jane Bickel, Tina Meocham, Julie Spencer. Karen Pixley, Janice Shoemaker. 




^^^^B 43 


f wj 

^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^L ** ^9tt^ 


W fl 



^ ^^1 




^ f 



~— ^ 


^ ^' 

Juniors: row one, top to bottom; Angier Brock, Butf Hones, Sis Thompson, Morion Davis, 
row two: Jan Irvin, row three: Carolyn Williams, Grace Friend; row tour: Mary Ann Fell, 
Gciyle Leste-r, Gayle Rummel. 

Freshmen: seated, left to right: Kothy Terrell, Ann Christopher, Jane Bartlett, Nancy Moore, Cricket Frey, Libby Boiling, Julie Marsholl, Kathy Blackwell, Welby 
Wattles, Lupy Perdue,- standing: Mory Tiffany, Gray Thomas, Gail Wightman, Ann Gilmer, Betsy Hance. 

Edmundson House 

Haven for lost protest buttons — 
also lost protestors. 

Champagne and peanut butter 
sandwiches — side order of grits. 

"Will Russ really marry Rachel?" 

Faculty answering service — with 
no answers. 

"Don't look at the house,- just 
look at the bathroom." 

Next year: Partir — c'est 
mourir un peu. 


"The sky's falling down! ... or is it only the ceiling again?" 
"Is it me ... or is that floor really at a 45 degree angle?" 
Spaghetti dinners . . . the quietude in GETTING AWAY to 
"212" . . . The struggle to emerge the next morning . . . Nine 
in a house makes a mighty good home. "But I love those dead 
bushes in front of the fireplace." 

■k ^1 ,^P I 


Why is the lone junior the only one pinned? Faded, jaded 
seniors? Now — just lounge lizards. Pseudo — cooks . . . "the 
stove is on fire." The exodus of Saturday a.m.'s ... a giant 
phone bill and an abundant supply of orange juice. Zit cream 
and rollers on a date? . . . the jungle-tangle of bushes after 
rain. Clatter and chatter . . . congenial personalities and simi- 
lar maladies. 

Juniors: left to right: Kathy Quillion, Ellen Krause, Lynn Robertson. Sopho- 
more: Pat St. Clair. 

Blakely House 

"Hello, Blakely bathroom ..." Out through the window he 
flew like Q flash . . . who? the PAPER BOY? . . . Droggin wag- 
gin flies by at 7:20 a.m. . . . worry beads . . . "will YOU talk 
to me for three minutes . . ." forty-one dozen cookies baked 
in Miss Parker's kitchen for the Christmas Bazaar. 

Day Students 

Being a day student 

leaving at eight for an eight-thirty class 

getting help from o brother— or son— with a philosophy 


having a Bake Sale for the Science Center 

and being the first one home for the holidays. 

Day students: 

left to right: Mrs. Caroline Schooley, Linda Hile, Noncy Dogenhor', Pat Bruc 

two: Mrs. Jo Anne Chose, Mory Beth Lowler. 

Communications break down in those first exciting days; one 
undergoes the agony of having the taxi-cab driver speak to you in 

From the Instamatlc tourist pours a 126 size film impression of 



- • -MUNICH 




The colors of the Cathedral at Chartres and sunset at Granada 
beconne the vivid basis for memories of a wonderful year exchanging 
customs and colloquialisms, while strengthening the olive branches 
of educational diplomacy. 

In Madrid: Sally Alfriend, Ann Ashley, Barbara Atwood 
Claire Briscoe, Linda Daw, Christine Grant, Alice Haddrell, 
Susan Leam, Jane McCandless, Ann McGeorge, Martha 
Nangeroni, Corrie Smith, Holly Thompson. In England: Mary 
Lynn Martin: Germany: Armi Hodges: Denmark (second 
semester): Mary Jane Wirtz. In Paris: Marcy Carrera, Judy 
Christian, Elizabeth Lamar, Margaret Richie. In Nantes: Jane 
Collis, Anne Goshorn, Emily McGay, Sandy McLeod, Susan 

■^"/^■^Tf^j^^ -- w^*''^ V*'"' **'***" 'e=*^<-'^^^';.'^''/'/'iim&mfff^'--^'^^-^'^^-^^ 

Freshman Class Officers: seated left to right: Connie Jones. Vice-President: Kate Gladden, President: standing left to right: Robin Spence, Treasurer: 
Alice Craddock, Secretary; Julie Marshall, Social Chairman: Jenny McHugh, CA Representative: Nancy Jones, Representative to the Social Com- 

Sophomore Class Officers: seated left to right: Sue Stephens, President: Sharon Ellis, Secretary: standing left to right: Whitney Hanes, Representa- 
tive to the Social Committee: Anne Richardson, Historian: Emily Borden, Social Chairman: Cyndy Coleman, Treasurer: not pictured: Laura Watts, 

Junior Class Officers: seated left to right: Yum Lewis, President; Suzie Hartley, Social Chairman; Sydney Marshall Turner, Vice-President; standing 
left to right: Susan Train, Treasurer: ingrid Stalheim, Representative to the Social Committee; Molly Hutcheson. Secretary. 

Senior Class Officers: seated left to right: Jeanne Schaub, Vice-President; Peggy Evans, President: standing left to right: Nancy Ericksen. Repre- 
sentative to the Alumni Association; Kit Martin, Social Chairman; Betty Kirit McHenry, Secretary; Seorgeanne Bates, Treasurer; Barby Brown, 
Representative to the Social Committee. 

Dr. Mildred E. Taylor Dr. Marshall Moore Brice 

Miss Julia F. Weil 

Dr. Mary E. Humphreys 

In appreciation for the years, for the service to the aca- 
demic community, for their many thoughtful answers to the 
query 'why?', for their genuine concern for students and for 
the college as a whole, the Senior Class dedicates this sec- 
tion to these retiring faculty members. 

fflarqaret C^fanS 
f-^reiiaenl , Senior ctaii 

..Arnne banner ^\i nn i er 

Kebecca L^ovi nqton CA 

a a man 

j.r-«^<..- - ^ 

fiflarti il/l argaret J^uvin uvr 

Aharon l<CeQtna Ljta^ 

f""lM^v, ',T ^ 

rd-adu rJLoud .^nntehif 

f/orma K^aria ^ai him 

fflarii (l^li zabel h i^arico 

Winna-MUt Smilk 

C^^nthia Cfresham ^onei 

^arah ^anderi S^terrett 

r^au C^tizahelh CaslleS 

^ ■ oLoii rJLundie S^p 


lfla''QCi''el ^li zabeth J--^erri 

..Jsalhleen cJjeniSe _^ui 

Au dij C.dwa rds 

Ill arqarel r^itchie ^J\irkland 

oLeslie ^y^nn lAJatson 

^uian C^lizabetn f-^owelt 


atJeborah tJje 

Ifjaru C^uaenia rJLinn 


■ w"JS ^^ 

•^^ PI art I, a Frances iJlaL 

Audi Ik .yinn Ljati 

r/ancu V^elle (^arro 









^^M^ ^1 



H- '^J^^^. 

'• A 







teniae ^Jjana Ljranl 

WiffUenl ^nne Wa.Jf 



y^ecetia VjlacKwel t aljavi. 

Jjorria .yinne Ifl tic rJLean 

^«^A m 

It I art ha ^J^ardinq ..toward 

^uian .^nn ff/erktai 

Frances (^oohe C^am on dion 

rJLunda Iflaru vJi'ercash 

^arah Jjouqlai Kobertion 

^eane ..J\aHierine llSanks 

(^harloll e ^Jai'ii J4off man 

(^ un t h i (I --yL ee Co rn en 1 1 

^Mallte Ztox Colhoun 

oLunn _y4f f I n JSo u d 

I Ian C^ll zabei n Ko c he J it 


Waru _Jnn Wa(L 

^_J\riiline rr/arie f/iehatu 

MBk mm fr/a raaref d^ourne rJLawrenct 

(LI i zabefh rJLeitie vymwatu 





^^^^^^^^^^ v-'^MI^I 

^^^^^^^^Ml '.^^^1 

BW*-. t;' i^vwr.x-:" 


Ao _J4nne llll uiulin 

V «•, -V ss 

Uirqinia Sjtatfk Keunolds 

Florence ._J\au ^emplt 

Iflarqarel SJrancei rJLei Jhe'ner 

^Jlel MoU.cLu, WcCaft 


l/irqi ni a f-'^alrlce (^anipbel I 

^ ^*^ 

fatrlcla rJLou Uhontai 



f-^alricia _y^nne Zimmerman 



^uMtk 2)urJf Wa^ 

C^li zabelh f-^eulon I'Uootdridqi 

..Kathleen C^li zabeth ^J\enii 

ifjaru rJLou ff/axit 

f-^at ricia C,llii L^roniwet I 

.Jirlene .^qnei Ifloi 

_Xr Ai n e ^ I ua rt f-^t nnetl 

llSei'erl II ^ullim (J^lana 

Uirainia (^larh I'Ualion 

flora aljowns lA/lAt 

(fjarbara rJLuisita S^ti 

f\oJa f i c ^Jjeneen Sjrenjl 

f^lizaneUt _y^nn (^'ark 

Ljeorgeanne dSali 

Cun thia ..Jsnight 

C^lt zabetn ^abb J^tipeh 


r .- 


^, ,v^. 

»- -^ 

ll/laru iflartfiiret ^Jjrt 

i/Jlanche C.rutnn ,_J4uin jjh reijS 

Audilk rJLunn Zroster 

C^leanor ff/ it hef e J4arhrooh 

lllf., Prince Wa^eS 

lllarjorie ^J\able I lain 

llancu rJLee [-"^eutot 

^rene _y^nn oDlnqwall 

I lane u (^hriiline <L.rikien 

.^uian y^levetand f-^aul 

Audu K^laire Itlaui 

^Jsaron ^u r/unnattu 

Aanel ^ytanei .^t off el 


(fSct rh<i ra f^arot f-'^enlih 

C.lizabelh VU a u rCoper 

f '^"F' 

VJarhara Jjale dSr 

^hirieii flatleu jfrvina 

'■inne Iflarie oLawrenci 

(Llizabeth Cfilmer cJLifoni 

C^tizabeth vSrooker KJiazebrooh 

fflaru ^uSan ^^atesb 


oLinda i^owleS L/oddin 

C^lattdia Ifliqnon V^ruct 

ff/onnie Aean fllooi 

J^uSan ^J^udric K (^letnenli 

L^at h erlne i\andolph J^azelaroiu 

Carol ^nn [AJhileiidei 


III arte Ijjtjrd f-^ai^nt 


C.ti zabeth >JJ o b ^ 

J<alkrun Jee Wc^ffish 

fllarqarei _^nne i*\oherlson 



.y4elen (Lii zabeth f-^ritchard 

C^tizabeth ^J\i rkirafri c k ff/c^J^e 

r/ancu oLouise r\ui 

f-^^a I rici a r-JL if n n .J4e tide 


.Alicia lilae Kodot 


Ceceda ^nn _Acuff 

^Jji<ine ^J4tltifer 

I lane It C^lten L^eigt 

Aharon I lane if JSnopp 

[-"^atricia ..y^nne ^Leonard 

J4elen .y4nne llHc\^uen 

^y^afherine ^y\i rklana ff/artin 

ff/aru fJLunn iflille 

Aanet L^narlene f-^arrish 

rJLonna ^j4un ting ton atjole 

L^alnerine rsicharae lAyatteiah 

i^arotine fflcKae ^ntiih 

PkJfis t^uiL J(olL 

C^lizabelk C^etl^i Aotleu 

^J4annah 'J->ij^ 

(^ornetia ff/crJ.eoa 

War.aret fjeiffe Wjcl^a 

C,ti zabelh L^orfu .Jjonei Soi 

C^f i za ffel ft i^hewn tntt iflarki 

S>naron oLee fr/ille 




i J^fcB^^^Fiy'HTiimj fT^Jw 





'^V ;:''.-. -'iv. 

^ a i a /I Ua n rJLear rJ-oi 

Vja rhara rJLee (^raft 

^ane irlcl^andliin Cr 

flatten ff/unroe Cya i 

ff/arfha lflc^J\enzie Aerni^an 






Mn WitL Wkitten 

Aean rJLoqan -Jichaub 


rflaru Uenabte lA/alher 

Aane K^hewninq S^larkt 

Aanel uSerhele (^hildrei^ 

S^uian Aane ._htuii 

l^ornella ^torrA Ljreen 

^MJa/i 'Annette Kjr 

i^aru llSablnqlon L^onaon 

■^ l/^abin^ 

^uian x^ochi I'auqhan 




Ifl arqarel ^y^nn Jjrutti 

Lfi-ace fletion vJranch 

'>* .•• 

Suzanne ^mil/t 

^lepnanie ^uman 

.y^nne C^atkerine jfkenberr^ 

Sandra Wuatl ^J4obacn ^J\idwell 

Andrea C^iteen f'letteu 

SJL Ea. 

lArouia IKoienboktn J/ni 

Suzanne ..J^ill freeman 

J-^ameia ^J4elene lAJev 

»W "-J^SSSJSBiRB^s" 

vSellu _/4aviland itjai fiervi I le 


L^arol^n C^vani ff/artin 

C^i'e tun L^ote Keunolds 

J!!iuian Kaineu Ljaniole 






Because of Time and Words. . .and Waiting 
For Godot. . . 

Because rain is rarely yellow and the sun can- 
not shine backwards. . . 

Because you and I must — we all must — learn 
to swim in an aquarium of ideas, we go on, and 
then one morning — in convocation, Club, or 
class: "Look! We have come through." 

Because of the enthusiasm that colors everything she touches. . 
Because of her vital interest in the community, in the college, 
and in students as individuals. . . 

Because of her deep dedication to the intellectual ideals of her 
profession — 

The Senior Class dedicates the 1968 Bluestocking to: 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk. 



Another Science Center benefit featured Tunis of Tunisia 
et al. in the once-a-quadrennium faculty spoof of anything 
at all. 

"We hated the thought of doing them and we hated get- 
ting ready for them, but as soon as we got on stage we 
really had a good time". . .so did the student body which 
turned out en masse to watch the fun and games when the 
Ph.d's let down their hair. 

Was that really Dr. Mehner? 

Construction through the verbs of action is what 
they urged. . .on panel discussions and over coffee 
in the extra-classroom campus. This is the age of 
language, of the desire for communication. The 
O.E.D. takes a nevv lease on life. 

Father David Bowman (above), Jacqueline 
Grennan (right), and Dr. Richard Schechner (below), 
were among campus lecturers this year representing 
different strands on the thought loom ever weaving 
a tighter mesh. 

Forgetting the theory and the rational reason 
why, I can feel the ennotional pull of because. . . 

Swings and bright air around an opalescent 
cloud. . .Caring what happens to children and to 
roomnnates, even when the philosophy paper is due 
the next day. . . 

High fashion apparently inspires strange be- 
havior. Although perhaps if one is really up tight 
and wants to relieve hostility, a feasible, if perhaps 
extravagant, way of doing so is climbing atop the 
hlunt conference table and pouring tea on some- 
one's head. Excellent psychological outlet. . . 

Watchful eyes over ruffles and miniskirts are 
caught before a mirror without a reflection. 

A checkerboard pattern — a square parody of 
yang and yin — is also a laughter board, despite the 
obvious comparisons with a game of chess. Fallen 
chesswomen rooked into struggling with angles and 
geometric patterns. . .in the non-satiric sense. 

Stop in the name of love. 

And so, besides the News Review of the Week by the 
Public Affairs Forum, campus commitment took the on cam- 
paign-convention proportions. Under the leadership of 
Betty Jolley and Van Lear Logan, we mock-convened Re- 
publican. Even had an official handy — Barbara Simmons, 
Vice-Chairman of the College Republican Federation of 



^ mm 
1 v^ifTs 

k jfc 

^^^^^ ' ^^F' ^' ^^^r ^^^^^1 


1^ -^1 ^ji 


IHsXi^^ ^>:<^.. „....., ..,,..„ 

Because of laughter and Coca-Cola bottles, Surreal- 
istic Pillows and various types of guitars and flowers 
because of light and expression, I find that dust no 
longer annoys me — it is merely the frost of neglect. 
And people are beautiful in ones, twos, and threes. 

Tomatoes are beautiful, too. And sometimes in 
really benevolent moods — most often on even-num- 
bered Thursdays — I grow half-fond of Scotch Wood- 

There is a great deal to be happy about that I often 


The Martha Stackhouse Grafton library finally got dedi- 
cated on April 19. Assisting the administration in the operation 
were Dr. Victor L. Butterfield, president emeritus of Wesleyan 
University and Governor Hulett C. Smith of West Virginia. 

The leaks in the roof did not dampen the occasion at all. 


Bailey's face lift and the new Science Center took on 
slightly less amorphous qualities in the minds of students 
when the architects' drawings appeared in hlunt. The object 
of every financial benefit on campus evoked emotions from 
the student body ranging from hysterical joy to paranoid- 
withdrawal (probably a Drama major). 










I think I'll have to polish up the sky and scrub the wind 
and whitewash all the clouds. And today I think I'll ask you 
what you think about it all. 

We can paint raspberry watercolors if you like, or discuss 
the long hot summer of racial interaction that the experts 
are predicting. 

We can read the Times and Time and listen to clocks tick- 
ing among the leaves in the key of strange. . .as the century 
pounds out its second half. 


Cecelia Ann Acuff, Sociology, Rt. 2, Buffalo 
Trail. Morristown. Tenn. 37814, C.A. Council 4. 

Lady Loyd Appleby, Economics. 3810 Sugartree 
Place. Nashville, Tenn. 37215, Campus Comments 
1.2: Campus Guide 2; Sophomore Show 2; House 
President 3: Class Usher 4; Student Board 4: 
Student Activities Chairman 4; May Court 2,4. 

Kathleen Denise Aure. English and Drama, 5208 
Gettysburg Way, Columbus. Ga. 31907. Campus 
Comments 1,2.3.4; Feature Editor 2; Associate 
Editor 3,4; Fine Arts Club 1.2,4; Young Democrats 
1,2,3,4; Readers Theater 1.2,3,4; Patio Play 1,2, 
director 4: Dorm Council 2, 3. 4; SGA Project 
dorm rep. 4; Sophomore Show 2; 402 Workshop 
2,3,4; Who's Who Among Students in American 
Colleges and Universities: Bluestocking 1,2,3,4; Ed- 
itor 3; Board of Publications 3. Chairman 4. 

Jeane Katherine Banks. History, 270 Brookfield 
Dr.. Paducah. Ky.. Operation Playmate 1; Public 
Affairs Forum 2.3; Student Budget Committee 3; 
Fine Arts Club 4; C.A. Stewardship Committee 4; 
Honors List 3. 

Sallie Marvil Barre. History, 508 Sherwood Circle, 
Spartanburg, S.C. 29302. Dance Group 1,2,3; 
Young Republicans 2,3; Dorm Representative I; 
Fine Arts Club 2; Bluestocking 2; C.A. Council 
3.4; Class Vice-President 3; Campus Comments 
1,2,3.4; News Editor 3; Outstanding Journalist 
Award 3; Editor 4; Chairman, Standing Editors' 
Committee, Va. Association of Student Govern- 
ments 4; Board of Publications 4; Student Board 
4; Who's Who Among Students in American Col- 
leges and Universities. 

Betty Haviland Baskerville. Biology. 208 Hathaway 
Rd., Richmond. Va. 23221. Hockey Team 1; Basket- 
ball Team 1; V.S.D.B. I: Campus Comments I- 

Georgeanne Bates, Religion and Philosophy. 632 
Royal Oaks Place, Nashville, Tenn. 37205, Dorm 
Council 2,4; Sophomore Show 2; Orientation 
Committee 3; Honor Court 3; Class Treasurer 4. 

Martha Frances Blake, Psychology. 6439 Roselawn 
Rd., Richmond, Va. 23226, Bit 'n Spur 1,2,3,4; 
President 4; Campus Comments 2; Orientation 
Committee 3; Clan Leader 4. 

Beverly Sutton Bland, Mathematics, 426 First St.. 
West Point. Va. 23181, Fine Arts Club 1,2; Young 
Republicans 1.2,3: Campus Comments 3,4. 

Lynn Ann Boyd, Psychology, Rt. 2, Waynesboro, 
Va. 22980, Canterbury Club 3; Young Democrats 
3,4; Day Student 4; Bit 'n Spur 3,4; President 4. 

Grace Nelson Branch. Psychology, 1 10 Temps- 
ford Lane. Richmond, Va. 23226. Campus Guide 
2; Orientation Committee 2; Usher 3: Dean's List 
3,4; Judiciary Board 3,4; Secretary and Vice-Presi- 
dent 4; May Court L2.3,4. 

Barbara Dale Brown. Biology, 6437 Vale St., Alex- 
andria. Va. 22312. Junior Varsity Tennis I; Campus 
Guide 2: Class Officer 3.4; Best Dressed 3. 

Claudia Mignon Bruce. Drama, 115 Maple St., 
Cornelia, Ga. 30531. Dolphins 1.2,4; Choir 4; 
Reader's Theater 4; Coffee House 4; Junior Year 
Abroad. Institute of European Studies 3. 

Mary Margaret Buvinger, Chemistry, 1502 Ramona 
Dr.. Enid, Otia. 73701. Dolphins 1,2,3.4; Vice- 
President 2. President 3; Chamber Ensemble 2,3,4; 
Competitive Swimming 2,3; Budget Com- 
mittee 3; Orientation Committee 2; Fine Art; 
Club 2,3,4; Honors List 2,3: Class Marshal 3. 

Virginia Patrice Campbell. Sociology. 636 Pine 
Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 22980, Day Student 3,4; 
Bluestocking 4; Wesley Fellowship 3,4, Vice-Presi- 
dent 4: R.A. representative 3.4. 

Mary Elizabeth Carico, Psychology, 2315 La- 
burnum Ave. S.W. Roanoke. Va. -24015. Young 
Republicans 2,3,4: Dorm Council 4. 

Cynthia Lee Carpenter, History, 10 Downing 
Place, Newport News, Va. 23606, Hockey Team 
1; Campus Guide 2; Orientation Committee 2; 
Junior Varsity Tennis Team 2; Clan Leader 2; 
Dorm Council 3; Vice-President of R.A. 3; Fine 
Arts Club 4. 

Nanc/ Belle Carrow, History, Belle Haven, Va. 
23306. Wesle/ Fellowship I; Young Republicans 
2.3; Effie Anne Johnson Nursery School I; Dean's 
List 1,3; Honors List I; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, 
President 4. 

Ray Elizabeth Casties, History, 1331 Adger Rd.. 
Columbia, S.C. 29205, Effie Ann Johnson Volunteer 
I; Fine Arts Club 3: Public Affairs Forum 3; 
Social Committee 3, Secretary 3; Dorm Council 
3: Dean's List 2: Phi Alpha Theta 2,3, Treasurer 3. 

Rebecca Covington Chapman, Mathematics, 512 
West Poinsett Rd.. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577, 
Wesley Foundation 1,2,3,4, President 3; Young 
Republicans 3; Dean's List 1,2,3; Honors List 1,3. 

Sandra Dale Charlton, History, 2205 Carlisle Rd.. 
Greensboro, N.C. 27408, Young Republicans 1,2,3,4; 
Fine Arts Club 2; DeJarnette Volunteer 1,2; 
Campus Comments 1,4; Miscellany 2. 

Janet Berkele Childrey. English, 1607 Hilliard Rd., 
Richmond, Va. 23228, Hockey Team 1,2,3; Spanish 
Club 1,2. 

Elizabeth Ann Clark, Psychology, North Street, 
Middlebury, Conn. 06762, Western State Volun- 
teer I: Young Republicans 3; Dorm Council 4; 
Delegate for Mock Convention 4. 

Susan Hydrick Clements, Spanish, 1063 Otis Blvd., 
Spartanburg. S.C. 29302, DeJarnette Volunteer, 
Sophomore Show 2; Dorm Representative 4; El 
Ateneo 1,4; Orientation Committee 2; Choir 2,4; 
Honors List 3: Campus Comments Feature Editor 

Hallle Fox Colhoun. Mathematics. 3214 Brightwood 
PI. S.W., Roanoke. Va. 24014, Glee Club I; Orien- 
tation Committee 2; Campus Guide 2; Canter- 
bury Club 1.2,3,4; Class representative 3, President 
4; DeJarnette Volunteer 2,3,4, President 3; Dean's 
List 3; Dorm Council 2,4. 

Cary Babington Condon. Chemistry. 8 Barron 
Drive. Denbigh, Va, 23602, Western State Volun- 
teer 1,2; Canterbury Club 1,2,3,4; Campus Com- 
ments 2,3. 

Barbara Lee Craft, Sociology, 61 Watson Avenue, 
Washington, Pa. 15301, Glee Club I; Young 
Republicans 1.2,3,4; Co-chairman of Campaign 
Committee 4; Dorm Representative 4; Western 
State Volunteer 2,3; 

Jane McCandlish Crane, Psychology, "Maplemont," 
Shepherdstown, W. VA. 25443, Young Republicans 
1,2,3,4; Secretary 4; Canterbury Club 1,2,3; Cam- 
pus Comments 3; Anna M. Jarvis Memorial 
Scholar 4; Dorm Council 3,4. 

Patricia Ellis Cromwell, Art. 1720 Beechwood, Little 
Rock, Ark. 72207. Campus Comments Cartoonist 
2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 4; Student Government 
Project Committee 4; Miscellany Art Staff 3; Blue- 
stocking Art Editor 4. 

Cecelia Balckwell Davis, Spanish, 4145 Denbigh 
Dr., Richmond, Va. 23235. Young Republicans 
2,3,4; Sophomore Show 2; El Ateneo 1,2,4: Junior 
Varsity Hockey I ; Competetive Swimming Team 
1,2,3; R.A. Swimming Award 2; Experiment in 
International Living In Spain 3: 

Deborah Demme, English. R.D. #1, Box 151. 
Chaddsford. Pa. 19317. Fine Arts Club 1,2; Hockey 
Team 1,2; Campus Comments 3,4. 

Irene Ann Dingwall. Sociology, 18 Hunter Ave.. 
Armonk, N.Y. 10504. Glee Club I; Young Repub- 
licans 1,2,3.4, Co-chairman of Campaign Com- 
mittee 4. Executive Committee 4, Dorm Representa- 
tive 4; Western State Volunteer 1.2,3; Effie Ann 
Johnson Day Nursery 4; Deans List 1,3,4. 

Elizabeth Martin Dobyns, Mathematics. 321 Insti- 
tute Hill, Lexington, Va. 24450 Young Republicans 
3,4; Orientation Committee 2,3; Choir 2; Competi- 
tive Swimming Team 2: Dorm Council 2; Campus 
Comments 1. 

Lonna Huntington Dole, French, 957 Spencer Rd.. 
McLean, Va. 22101, Campus comments 1.2; C.A. 
2; Library Executive Committee 2; Sweet Briar 
Junior Year In France 3. 

Elizabeth Cort/ Donelson, Spanish. 37 Canterbury 
Rd., Charlottesbilie. Va. 22901, Chamber Ensemble 
1,2,4; Spanish Club 1,2,4; Fine Arts Club 1,2; Aca- 
demic Year in Madrid 3. 

Mary Margaret Drewrey, Spanish, 432 Cash Road, 
Camden, Ark.. Academic Year in Madrid 3. 

Hannah Dyer, Spanish, 4920 E. Sunset Dr., Miami. 
Fla. 33143, Orientation Committee 2; Dance Club 
2: Dean's List 3: Honors List 4; Fine Arts Club 1; 
Academic Year In Madrid 3. 

Susanne Ritchie Dyer, Mathematics, 22 North 25th 
St., Camp Hill, Pa. 1701 I, Class Treasurer 2; 
Judiciary Board 3, Chairman 4; Usher 1,3; Laurel 
Society 3,4; Choir 3,4; Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Colleges and Universities. 

Frances Cooke Edmondson. History. 3 Cohawney 
Rd.. Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583, Campus Comments 
2.3; Fine Arts Club 4; Young Republicans 2,3,4; 
Readers Theater 4. 

Judy Edwards, Sociology, 909 Greenlelgh Rd., 
Baltimore, Md. 21212, Dance Group 1.2,3,4; Presi- 
dent 4; C.A. 3,4; Chairman of Religious Emphasis 
Week 3; Dean's List 3,4. 

Nancy Christine Eriksen, History, 160 Henry Street, 
Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. II20I. Dorm Council 2.3; 
R.A. Council 2,3; Class Treasurer 3; Class Vice- 
President 2; Chairman. Board of Coordination 4; 
Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 
and Universities; Campus Comments 3.4. 

Margaret Evans. Psychology, 211 Spalding Drive. 
Beverly Hills. Calif. 90212, Canterbury Club 2; 
Secretary-Treasurer 2; Dorm Council 2,3; Hand- 
book Committee 2; Orientation Committee 2,3: 
Class Representative to the Social Committee I; 
Class Social Chairman 2; Class Secretary 3; Class 
President 4; Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- 
can Colleges and Universities. 

Norma Caria Falkiner, History, 12 Hamilton Place, 
Garden Clt/. N.Y. 11530, Varsity Hockey Team 
1, VSDB I; Canterbury Club 1,2; Dorm Repre- 
sentative 3: Sophomore Show 2; Orientation Com- 
mittee 3; Young Republicans 2,3,4, Executive 
Bourd 2,3, Treasurer 2; Student Activities Com- 
rilttee 4. 

R jsalle Deneen Fendlg, Psychology, Orange Grove 
Plantation, St. Simons Island, Ga. 31522. Glee 
Club 1; Dean's List 2; Honors List 3,4; Campus 
Comments 1,2,3, Feature Editor 3; Bluestocking 
Literary Editor 4. 

Mary Victoria Fleming. Economics, 1861 North 
Rainbow Drive, Memphis, Tenn. 38107, Campus 
Comments 3,4; Photography Editor 4- Dorm Coun- 
cil 4. 

Frances Hope Ford, Psychology, 4015 Wythe Ave.. 
Richmond, Va. 23221, Bit n Spur 1,2,3,4; Canter- 
bury Club 1,2.3, Vestryman 2; DeJarnette Project 
Chairman 1; Orientation Committee 2,3- Clan 
Leader 3. 

Judith Lynn Foster. Psychology, I e06 N. Huntington 
St., Arlington, Va. 22205. Choir 1,2,3,4; Dorm 
Representative 2. 

Suzanne Hill Freeman. Spanish. 5010 Caledonia 
Rd., Richmond, Va. 23225. El Ateneo 1,2,4. Sec- 
rotary-Treasurer 4: Fine Arts Club 1,2, Vice- 
President 2; Glee Club I: Canterbury 1,2: Cam- 
pus Comments 1,2; Handbook I; Class Treasurer 
I; Class Secretary 2; Judiciary Board 4; Dean's 
List 2; Honors List 3: Academic Year in Madrid 3. 

Margaret Ann Fuitz, French, 203 Wakefield Rd., 
Richmond, Va. 23221, Fine Arts Club 1,2: Young 
Republicans 1.2: Effie Ann Johnson Day Nursery 
I; Western State Volunteer 2: French Club 4: Cam- 
pus Guide 2: Dean's List I: Honors List 2: Junior 
Year in Paris 3. 

Susan Roiney Gamble, Philosophy, 3218 Chomber- 
layne Ave., Richmond, Vo. 23227, Honor Scholar, 
Varsity Hockey Team 1; Honors List 1; Compus 
Comments 1,2,3, Managing Editor 2,3, Make-up 
Editor I; Modern Donee Group 2,3; Chamber 
Ensemble 2,3,4; 402 Workshop 2,3,4; C.A. Council 
3; Dorm Council 3; Choir 3,4; Phi Alpha Theto 
2,3,4; Director, Sophomore Show 2; Miscellony 
1,2,3.4, Assistant Editor 2, Editor 3, Poetry Award 
1,2 Literary Awords Day Winner 3; Captain, College 
Bowl Team 3; President of SGA 4; Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. 

Ellen Munroe Gaw, History, 421 West Blvd., 
Laurinburg. N.C. 28352, Freshman Parents Day 
Panel I: Sophomore Show 2: Orientation Com- 
mittee 2: Young Republicans 2,3; Fine Arts Club 
3: Dorm Representative 2; Campus Guide 2; 
Dorm Council 2; House President 3; Campus 
Comments 2,3, Headline Editor 3. 

Nancy Ellen Gelger, Psychology, 3902 Exeter 
Rd., Richmond, Va. 23221, Choir 1,2,3,4: Orienta- 
tion Committee 2,3: Campus Comments 4: Honors 
List 3. 

Elizabeth Brooker Glazebroolt, Psychology, 315 
Sprintlake Rd., Columbia, S.C. 29206, Dorm Coun- 
cil 2, Campus Comments 3; Fine Arts Club 
4: Dolphins 4. 

Linda Cowles Goddin, Mathematics, P.O. Box 
372. Toano, Va. 23168. Bluestocking 2: Campus 
Comments 2; Dorm Council 2: Orientation Com- 
mittee 2; Board of Coordination 3: Stewardship 
committee 4; SGA Proiect Committee Representa- 
tive 4: Deans List 1,2,3: Honors List 2.3. 

Tempe Dana Grant, Sociology, 29 Primrose St., 
Chevy Chase. Md. 20015. Dolphins 1.2,3,4, Trea- 
surer 2: Varsity Hockey Team 2: Orientation Com- 
mittee 2: Campus Guide 2: Campus Comments 
1,2,3. Advertising Manager 2. Business Manager 
3; Bluestocking 4: Judiciary Board 2,4; Chairman. 
SGA Evaluation Committee 4: Blazer Girl 3; Who's 
Who Among Students in American Colleges and 

Sharon Regina Gray. Psychology, 1539 Forest Villa 
Lane, McLean. Va. 22101, Sophomore Show 2; 
Dean's List 2.3; Rules Committee 3; Chairman, 
Luther League 3: Dorm Council 4; C.A. Council 
3,4. Stewardship Committee 3; SGA Evaluation 
Committee 4. 

Cornelia Storrs Green, Chemistry, 105 Butler Rd., 
Bristol. Tenn. 37620, Honor Scholar, Dean's List I; 
Fine Arts Club 2: Readers Theater 2,3; Sophomore 
Show 2: VSDB ": Honors List 2.3: Campus Com- 
ments 1,2,3; Miscellany 4: Class Honors 3,4; Class 
Marshall 3,4. 

Susan Annette Grey, History. 237 Camille Ave., 
Greenville, S.C. 29605. 

Eleanor Michele Harbrook, Mathematics, 538 Mary- 
land Ave., Norfolk, Va. 23508, Western State 

Catherine Randolph Hazelgrove, Psychology, 104 
Tuckahoe Blvd., Richmond, Va. 23226. Campus 
Comments 2: Bluestocking 2; Orientation Com- 
mittee 3: C.A. Chapel Committee 3,4, Chairman 
4: Dorm Representative 4. 

Patricia Lynn Hedden, English, 1999 Ashby Rd., 
Sumter. S.C. 29150, Student Handbook 3. 

Diane Hillyer. Psychology. 4237 Belle Meade 
Cove, Memphis, Tenn. 38117, Canterbury Club 1,2. 
Sophomore Show 2; Young Democrats 3,4; Orienta- 
tion Committee 3; Dorm Council 3; Miscellany 3; 
Dolphins 4. 

Chorlotte Davis Hoffman, English, 322 East Orange 
Street, Lancaster, Pa. 17602, Honor Scholar, Readers' 
Theater ),2,3; Patio Ploy 1,2,3; Virginia Drama 
Festival 1,3; Improviso Coffee House 3; Fine Arts 
Club 3; 402 Workshop 1,2,3; Campus Guide 2; 
Orientation Committee 2; Director, Sophomore Show 2; 
Campus Comments 1,2,3, Feature Editor 2; Dean's 
List 2,3; Honors List 1; Miscellany 1,2,3, Miscellany 
Award 1,2; Campus Comments Journalism Award 1; 
Cynthia Anna Durham Memorial Poetry Award 2; 
Bluestocking 1,2,3, Editor 3; AB-3; Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- 

Martha Harding Howard, Art History, 44 Sage 
Terrace. Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583, Bluestocking 1.2,3, 
Photography editor 2,3; Dorm Council 3,4; Young 
Democrats 1,2.3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; 
Fines arts Club President 4; Varsity Hockey Team 
1,2: Campus Comments 1,2,3,4. 

Blanche Crump Humphreys, Art History, 147 South 
Goodleft Street, Memphis, Tenn. 38117, Choir 2,3; 
Orientation Committee 2; Campus Comments 
Photography Editor 2,3; Class Usher 3; Varsity 
Tennis 3,4; SGA Representative 3,4; Political 
Science Club 3; Fine Arts Club 4; Social Com- 
mittee 4. 

Susan Jane Hust, Biology, Box J, Unadilla, N.Y. 
13849, Campus Comments: Wesleyan Fellowship. 
Anna Catherine Ikenberry, History, 3917 Oliver St., 
Chevy Chase, Md. 20015, Campus Comments 1,3,4; 
Choir 2,3; May Court 3,4; House President 4. 

Ursula Rosenbohm Inman, German, 9 Whitmore St„ 
Lexington, Va. 24450, Day students. 

Shirley Nalley Irving, Chemistry, 9 Manchester 
Ave., Moylan, Pa, 19065, Dorm Council 4; Class 
Dorm Representative 4; Student Actlvlfies Com- 
mittee 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. 

Martha MacKenzIe Jernigan. English. 1702 Park 
Ave., Richmond. Va. 23220, Campus Comments 
1.2,3,4; Campus Guide 2; Student Project Com- 
mittee 2,3.4; Dorm Council 3; Dean's List 3; Blue- 
stocking 4; Fine Arts Club 4. 

Elizabeth Gettys Jolley, Political Science and His- 
tory, 3108 Beaufort St., Raleigh. N.C. 27609, Cam- 
pus Guide 2; Orientation Committee 2; Modern 
Dance Group 2; Public Affairs Forum 2,3,4; Con- 
verse Exchange Program 3; C.A. Dorm Representa- 
tive 2; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4: Laurel Society 3,4; 
SGA Secretary 3; SGA Vice-President 4; Harvest 
Bowl Princess 4; Mock Convention Co-chairman 4; 
Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 
and Universities. 

Cynthia Gresham Jones, Drama 509 Jones Ave., 
Waynesboro, Ga. 30803. 

Kathleen Elizabeth Kenig, English, 110 Chester- 
field Rd.. Greenville, S.C. 29605, Handbook Com- 
mittee 2,3: Editor 3: Campus Comments 3; Board 
of Publications 3,4; SGA Dorm representative 2,4; 
Dean's List 2.3. 

Sandra Wyatt Hoback Kidwell, English, 1^-2 Cope- 
ley Hill, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., 
Wesley Fellowship I; Hockey Team 1,2; Sopho- 
more Show 2; DeJarnette Volunteer 2: Dean's List 

Anne Tanner Klnner. French, 1850 Fendall Avenue, 

Charlottesville, Va. 22903, Young Democrats 3.4; 

Campus Comments 3,4; French Club 4; Blue- 
stocking 4. 

Margaret Ritchie KIrkland, Art History. Monti- 
cello Ave., Petersburg, Va. 23803. 

Cynthia Knight, English, 3228 Live Oak Ave.. 
Waco, Texas 76708. Sophomore Show 2; Young 
Republicans 3,4: Fine Arts Club 4; Campus 
Comments 3.4. 

Sharon Nancy Knopp, Chemistry, 216 Overlook 
Rd., Staunton, Va. 24401, President of Day Stu- 
dents 2; Secretary-treasurer of Day Students 4: 
Orientation Committee 2: Dean's List 2; Honors 
List 2: Fine Arts Club 4: Miscellany 3,4. 

Phyllis Ruth Koller, French, 475 South Perkins Rd. 
Apt. 1016, Memphis. Tenn.. VSDB, Fine Arts Club. 
Dorm Representative 4: French Club 4; Student 
Government Profect Committee Treasurer 4; 
Junior year In France, 3; 

Anne Marie Lawrence. Psychology. 1616 Gardiner 
Lane, Louisville, Ky. 40205. Young Republicans 
1,2: Representative to the Board of Coordination 
I; Bluestocking I; Campus Comments 2.3. 

Margaret Bourne Lawrence, Mathematics, 415 
Charlotte Dr., Portsmouth, Va., Campus Com- 
ments 3: Dorm Representative 3: Dolphins 1,2 3 4, 
President 4. 

Margaret Frances Leidheiser. Psychology. 5803 
Fitzhugh Ave., Richmond. Va. 23226. Dolphins I; 
Campus Comments 1,2; Augusta Bird Club 2; 
Campus Guide 2: Competitive Swimming Team 
3,4; C.A. 2,4: Dean's List 3; House President 4; 
Semester at University of Copenhagen 3. 

Patricia Anne Leonard. Mathematics. 1015 S. Ful- 
ton St., Salisbury. N.C. 28144. Honor Scholar, 
Choir 1.2,3: Bluestocking I; Honors List 1; Dean's 
List 2; Choir Board Chairman 3; Dorm Council 
3; AB-3. 

Mary Eugenia Linn, English, 319 N. Zlon St., 
Landis, N.C. 28088, Dean's List 1,3. 

Ann Posey Livingston, Psychology, 121 Tangle- 
wood Dr., Frankfort, Ky. 40601, Dolphins 2.3,4, 
Treasurer 4; Campus Comments 3. 

Susan Van Lear Logan. History, 125 Woodland 
St., Davidson, N.C. 28036. Campus Comments; 
Public Affairs Forum; Young Democrats; 402 
Workshop: Reader's Theater: Honors List; Dean's 
List; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, Secretary 4; Literary 
Award 2; Laurel Society 3.4: College Bowl Team 
3; Honor Court 3,4, Chairman 4; Who's Who 
Among Students In American Colleges and Uni- 

Elizabeth Gilmer Lyons, Biology, 280 S. Woodland 
Dr. S.W., Marietta, Ga. 30031, May Court 2; Class 
Usher 3,4, 

Dorria Anne MacLean, Religion and Philosophy, 
2817 Windsor Ave., Charlotte, N.C, Fine Arts 
Club 1,2; Operation Playmate 3: Honors List 2; 
Junior Year Abroad at the University of Man- 
chester, England 3. 

Kathryn Lee McAllister. History, 3416 Hawthorne 
Ave., Richmond. Va. 23222, Campus Comments 
I: Dorm Council 2; Dean's List 1,2; Sohpomore 
Show 2; Reader's Theater 1,2,3: VSDB Aide I; Clan 
Leader 2; Coffee House 3. 

Juliet Holtzclaw McCall. English, 318 Sunset Cir- 
cle, Lookout Mountain, Tenn, 37350, Bluestocking 
I: Young Republicans I; Budget Committee 3; Ju- 
nior Varsity Tennis I: Varsity Golf Team 2,3. 

Helen Anne McCuen, Political Scince, 3 Willing 
Way, Wilmington, Del. 19807, Dorm Council 3,4; 
SGA Project Committee 3: Student Activities 
Committee 4; Mock Convention Delegate 4; Pub- 
lic Affairs Forum 3. 

Elizabeth Klrkpatrlck McHenry, Political Science, 
708 Plunkett St., Lexington. Va. 24450, Student 
Activities Committee 2; Orientation Committee 
2; Campus Guide 2; Dean's List 3: Dorm Council 
2; Judiciary Board 3; Class Secretary 4. 

Cornelia McLeod, History, Mockingbird Lane, 
Somerset, Ky. 31768, Choir 1,2,3.4; Swimming 
Team 2; Dean's List 1.2; Handbook Committee 2; 
Class President 1; Treasurer of SGA 2; Judiciary 
Board 3; Honor Court 4; Harvest Festival Rep- 
resentative 3; May Court 3; Laurel Society 3.4, 
President 4; Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- 
can Colleges and Universities. 

Mary Brooks McMurrIa, History, 307 Crescent 
Ave., Greenville, S.C. 29605. VSDB aide 1,2; Soph- 
omore Show 2; Young Republicans 2,3; Public Af- 
fairs Forum 3: Fine Arts Club 3: Student 
Board 3; Virginia Association of Student Govern- 
ments Standing Committee 3: Social Committee 
1.2,3. Chairman 3; Class Social Chairman I: Class 
Usher 2; Dorm Council 2: Campus Guide 2: Chair- 
man of Miller Lounge Committee 3. 

Margaret Meille McRae, French. 701 Graham St.. 
McRae. Ga. Fine Arts Club 1,2,4: Wesley Fellow- 
ship 1,2. Western State Volunteer I; Young Demo- 
crats 2,4; Student Activities Committee 4; French 
Club 4: Campus Comments 2; Dean's List 2; 
Junior Year in France 3. 

Elizabeth Chewning Marks. Psychology, 1516 West- 
wood Ave.. Richmond. Va. 23227. 

Carolyn Evans Martin, Psychology. 321 Letcher 
Ave., Lexington, Va. 24450, Young Republicans 
3.4: Campus Comments 3.4. 

Katherine Kirlcland Martin. English, 25 Watkins St.. 
Lookout Mountain. Tenn. 37350, Campus Com- 
ments: President of 402 Workshop 4: Class Social 
Chairman 4: Class Representative to the Social 
Committee 3. 

Sherry Blake Mason, Religion and Philosophy. 50 
South Dundalk Ave., Baltimore. Md. 21222. C.A. 
2,3,4: Chairman Worshop Committee 3. Program 
Committee 4: Parliamentarian 4. 

Judy Claire Mauze. Sociology. 317 Fairview Drive, 
Lexington, N.C. 27292, Usher 1,2: Dorm Council 
2,3; Dean's List 3. 

Mary Louise Maxie, Psychology, Hotel Richmond 
West. Richmond, Va. 23219, Canterbury Club 1; 
Western State Volunteer I; SGA Project Repre- 
sentative I; Dolphins 1,2; Bit 'n Spur 1,2,4; Dorm 
Council 2; Campus Comments. 

Betty Prince Mayes, Chemistry, Stoney Creek, Va. 
23882, Dolphins 1.2.3,4; Varsity Hockey 1,2; Dorm 
Council 2; House President 3; Clan Leader 3; 
R.A. President 4; Dean's List 1,2. 

Susan Ann Merklas, English. 3750 N.E. 6th Dr., 
Boca Raton. Fla. 33432, Dolphins 1; Sophomore 
Show 2: Dorm Council 3: SGA Rules Committee 3; 
Handbook Committee 3; Campus Comments News 
Edition 4. 

Andrea Eileen Mettey, French, 67 Spring Lane, 
West Hartford, Conn. 06107, DeJarnette Volunteer 
I; Hockey Team 1; Fencing Team 2,3; Sophomore 
Show 2: Reader's Theater 2,3,4; Dolphins 2,3,4; 
Campus Comments 2,3,4; French Club 4; Dean's 
List 2; Dorm Council 3. 

Mary Lynn Miller, History, 404 West Main St.. 
Atlanta. Texas. 75551. Choir 2,3; Campus Com- 
ments I; Judiciary Board 4. 

Sharon Lee Miller, Chemistry. 8921 Bradmoor Dr., 
Bethesda. Md. 20034, DeJarnette Volunteer 2; 
Sophomore Show 2; Miscellany 2.3; Business Man- 
ager 3.4; Dean's List 2; Honors List 3.4. 

Monnie Jean Moore. Psychology, 5202 Devonshire 
Rd., Richmond, Va. 23225, Effie Ann Johnson Day 
Nursery I ; C.A. Dorm Representative 2. 

Arlene Agnes Tait Moren, Biology, 608 Shore Rd., 
Waynesboro, Va. 22980, Day Students. 

Jo Anne Musuiin, Spanish, 7205 Bayside Ct., 
McLean. Va., Effie Ann Johnson Day Nursery 
Chairman 2; Spanish Club Treasurer 4; Dean's List 
3; Academic Year in Madrid 3. 

Mariorie Kable Nash, History, 5202 Chandler St., 
Bethesda, Md. 20014. Bit 'n Spur 1,2.3,4, Secre- 
tary 2; Vice-President 3; Orientation Committee 2; 
Young Democrats 1,2,3,4; Dorm Council 2; Cam- 
pus Comments I ; Effie Ann Johnson Day Nursery 
1.2: Student Board 3; R.A. Clan Leader 2 Presi- 
dent 3. 

Krlstine Marie NiehaUs, History, Woodman Rd., 
New Gloucester, Maine 04260, Sophomore Show 
2; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Young Republicans 3- 
Dance Club 3. 

Jeannet+e Louse Norfleet, German, 625 Wellington. 
Rd., Wmston-Salem. N.C. 27106, Effie Ann John- 
son Volunteer I; Handbook Committee 3; Class 
Representative 3,4. 

Karon Su Nunnally, English. 4408 Newport Dr 
Richmond, Va. 23227, Choir 1; Campus Guide 2- 
402 Workshop 3.4; Student Board 3: Campus 
Comments 1,2,3,4; News Editor 2; Editor 3; 
Managing Editor 4; Award for Reporting of Hard 
News 2; Co-chairman of the Board of Publica- 
tions 4: Mademoiselle College Board 3.4. 

Mary Susan Oglesby, Sociology, Route #1 Draper 
Va. 24324, Wesfel 1,2,3, Vice-President 3: Cam- 
pus Comments 2; Bluestocking 1; Dorm Council 
3,4; C.A. 2.3,4, Vice-President 4. 

Elizabeth Leslie Omwake, Political Science, 1230 
Edgar Ave., Chambersburg, Pa. 17001. Canterbury 
Club I; Campus Comments 1,2; Honor Scholar; 
Dorm Council 2; Class Representative 3; Public 
Affairs Forum 3,4; Orientation Committee 2,3; 
Dean's List 3. 

Lynda Mary Overcash, Chemistry. 892 West Main 
St.. Richmond, Ky. 40475. Dorm Representative 2: 
Campus Comments 3; Orientation Committee 3. 

Elise Marie Palma. American Studies. 8517 Canter- 
bury Dr., Annandale, Va. 22003. Honor Scholar, 
Newman Club 1,3.4, President 3; Young Repub- 
licans 3; Effie Ann Johnson Volunteer 1; Sopho- 
more Show 2; Dean's List I. 

Janet Charlene Parrish, French, 3606 Hermitage 
Rd., Richmond. Va.. Campus Guide 2; Dean's List 
2; French Club 4. President 4; Fine Arts Club 4; 
Young Republicans 4; Campus Comments 4; Ju- 
nior Year in France, Institute of European Studies 
3. Susan Cleaveland Paul, Psychology. 94 Church 
St., Charleston, S.C. 28643, Western State Volun- 
teer I; Dorm Representative 1; Campus Guide 2- 
Fine Arts Club 4; Class Usher 4. 

Marie Byrd Payne, Psychology, Rt. #1, Box 94, 
Kent's Store, Va. 23084, Choir 1,2,3,4; President 
4; Young Republicans 1.2,3: Sophomore Show 
2; Chairman of Stewardship Committee 4; Campus 
Comments 2,3; Bluestocking 1,4. 

Barbara Carol Penick. Spanish, 1314 Barbour St., 
South Boston, Va. 24592. Spanish Club 1.2,4. Presl- 
"dent 4; VSDB aide 1; Dorm Council 4; Dean's 
List 3; Academic Year In Madrid 3. 

Margaret Elizabeth Perry, Math and English, 300 
West Franklin St., Apt. 701W, Richmond, Va. 
23220, Orientation Committee 2,3; Bluestocking 4. 

Nancy Lee Peyton, Mathematics, 619 Hill Street, 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 27801. Young Republicans 4; 
Campus Comments 2,3. 

Anne Stuart Pinnell, Economics, Highland Rd., 
Richmond, Va. 23229, Choir 1,2; Social Committee 
2; Bluestocking 3; Orientation Committee 2; AB-3. 

Susan Elizabeth Powell, Spanish. Traveler's Repose. 
Bartow, W. Va., El Ateneo 2,4. Secretary 4; Dean's 
List 1.2.3; Academic Year In Madrid 3. 

Helen Elizabeth Pritchard, 4302 Roland Ave., Bal- 
timore, Md. 21210, Dorm Representative I; Dorm 
Council 2,3; Campus Comments 2; Sophomore 
Show 2; Bit 'n Spur 2,3,4; Canterbury Club 2.3; 
Fine Arts Club 4; House President 3; Chairman 
of House President's Council 4. 

Evelyn Cole Reynolds. Spanish. Bowling Green. 
Va.. El Ateneo 2.4; Dean's List 3; Academic Year 
in Madrid 3. 

Virginia Faith Reynolds, Sociology, 60 Remsen St., 
Apt. 3F, Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. 11201, Choir 3,4; 
Dean's List 3; Fine Arts Club 3,4; Secretary 4; 
Dorm Council 4. 

Margaret Anne Robertson. German, 1611 Wilming- 
ton Ave. Richmond, Va. 23227, Orientation Com- 
mittee 2; Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center I; 
DeJarnette Volunteer 2. 

Sarah Douglas Robertson, Biology. 1500 Somerset 
Dr.. Lynchburg. Va. 24503, Effie Ann Johnson 
Day Nursery I; Dean's List I; Fine Arts Club 
2.4; Young Democrats 2,4; Rules Committee 3; 
Bluestocking 2; Beta Beta Beta 2,3,4; President 
4; Honors List 2,3; 

Nan Elizabeth Rochester, Psychology and History 
Merrill Rd.. Ambler, Pa. 19002. Reader's Theater' 
Fine Arts Club. 

Alicia Mae Rodon, Spanish, P.O. Box 3235, Catons- 
vlllle, Md. 21228, Newman Club 1,2.3; Spanish 
Club 1,2,3,4; Dean's List 3; Honors List 3- Aca- 
demic Year In Madrid 3. 

Elizabeth Way Roper. Biology, 1605 Johnson Rd., 
Petersburg, Va. 23803, Canterbury Club I; Sopho- 
more Show 2; Golf Team 2,3: Young Republicans 
3; Dean's List 3: Choir 3,4: Bluestocking 1,2,3: 
Campus Comments 4: Beta Beta Beta 3,4. 

Nancy Louise Ruff, Music, 2325 Sanford Lane, 
Charlotte, N.C. 28211. Young Republicans 1.3,4; 
Westminster Fellowship 3,4; Operation Playmate 
3.4; Effie Ann Johnson Volunteer 4; Fine Arts Club 
I: Miscellany 3,4; Bluestocking 4. 

Jean Logan Schaub. French. 60 Church Lane 
Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583, French Club 4; Fine Arts 
Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Class Vice-President 4; 
Chairman of SGA Project 4; Junior Year in France 
Institute of European Studies 3. 

Barbara Lulslta Simmons. Sociology, 1809 Albe- 
marle Rd.. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226, Young Republicans 
1,2,3.4; President 3; Vice Chairman, College Young 
Republican Federation of Virginia 3,4; Miss Vir- 
ginia Republican 3,4; Campus Comments 1.2; Pub- 
lic Affairs Forum 2. 

Elizabeth Tabb Slipek, Mathematics. 3218 Semi- 
nary Ave. Richmond, Va. 23227, Campus Com- 
ments 1.2,3; Western State Volunteer 1,2,3; Sopho- 
more Show 2; Fine Arts Club 3: Young Republicans 
3; Honors List 1; Dean's List 2: Dorm Council 
3; AB-3. 

Caroline McRae Smith, Sociology, 209 Dixon 
Lane, Beckley, W.VA. 25801, Choir; Orien- 
tation Committee 2,3; C.A. Dorm Representative 
2. Fellowship Chairman 3. President 4. 

Minna Abbott Smith, English. Crest Drive, Dover, 
Mass. 02030, Campus Guide 2; Freshman Repre- 
sentative to Student Board 1; Judiciary Board 2: 
Honor Court 3,4. Vice Chairman 4; Dorm Council 
2,3; Rules Committee 3: SGA Evaluation Com- 
mittee 4; Campus Comments 3; Who's Who Among 
Students in American Colleges and Universities. 

Suzanne Smith. English and German. 132 Tangle- 
wood Trail, Anchorage. Ky. 40223, Honor Scholar; 
Young Republicans 1,2; Chamber Ensemble 1,2,3,4: 
Bluestocking 1,3; Campus Comments 1,2,3,4; 
Handbook 3: Honors List I; Dean's List 2,3; 
Reader's Theater 3; Class Marshal 2. 

Lois Lundle Spence, Biology. 90 Grove Ave.. 
Christlansburg. Va. 24073. Class Secretary 1; Clan 
Leader 2; Handbook 2: Varsity Hockey 2: Varsity 
Swimming 4; Social Committee 3; Dean's and 
Honors Lists 1.2.3; Laurel Societ/ 4; Beta Beta 
Beta 2.3,4; Secretary 4; House President 4; Russell 
Scholar 4. 

Jane Chewning Starke, Psychology, 319 Duncan 
St.. Ashland, va. 23005, Honor Scholar; West- 
minster Fellowship 1,2,3.4. President 4; Choir 2,3,4; 
Handbook 2; Bluestocking I; Dean's List 1,2; 
Honors List 3. 

Sarah Sanders Sterrett, Philosophy, Ankara, Tur- 
key, Dean's List 1.2; Choir 2,3,4; 402 Workshop 
2,3.4; May Court 3; Campus Comments 3; Mis- 
cellany 2,3,4; Honor Court 4. 

Janet Agnes Stoffel, Biology, 161 N. Edgewood 
Ave., LaGrange, 111. 60525, Bit 'n Spur 1.2.3, Vice- 
President 3; Honor Scholar; AB-3. 

Stephanie Suman. Sociology, 5403 Sugar Hill, 
Houston. Texas 77027, Varsity Tennis 1,2.4; Var- 
sity Basketball 2; Campus Guide 2; Dean's List 
3; House President 4. 

Florence Kay Temple. Mathematics. 1030 Sunset 
Ave., Petersburg, Va. 23803, Dorm Council 2,3,4; 
Campus Guide 2; Orientation Committee 3; 
Dean's List; Bluestocking 4. 

Nancy Carol Thomas, Mathematics, 1001 Walker 
St., Radford, Va. 24141. C.A. 2.3; Choir 2,3.4. 
Secretary-Treasurer 3; Laurel Society 4: House 
President 3.4; Dean's List 2,3; Who's Who Among 
Students In American Colleges and Universities. 

Patricia Lou Thomas. Economics. 443 Long Hill 
Dr., Short Hills, N.J. 07078, Dolphins 1.2 3 4- 
VSDB aide I; Young Republicans 1,3; Sophomore 
Show 2: C.A. Dorm Representative 2; Dorm Coun- 
cil 2.4; Orientation Committee 3: Bluestocking 
1,2,4. Senior Class Editor 4; Dean's List 3,4; 
Honors List 3. 

Mary Catherine Turner. Political Science, Tallokas 
Rd.. Moultrie, Ga. 31768, Baptist Student Union 
1; Dolphins 2; Young Democrats 1.2,3,4; Secretary 
3.4; Fine Arts Club 2,4; C.A. dorm Representa- 
tive 2: Sophomore Show 2; Public Affairs Forum 
3,4; Orientation Committee 3; Social Committee 
2,3; Secretary 3; Library Committee Chairman 4; 
Campus Comments 2,3,4; House President 4; 
Chairman, Library Committee 4. 
Susan Cocks Vaughan, English. 2018 Westover Ave., 
Petersbury, Va. 23803. Dean's List 3; Bluestocking 
Proof and Copy Editor 4. 

Mary Ann Walker, German, 2918 Oberlln Rd.. 
Raleigh. N.C. 27608. Campus Guide 2; Orienta- 
tion Committee. 

Mary Venable Walker, Chemistry, 121 Central 
Ave., Tazewell. Va. 24651. Young Republicans. 

Catherine Richarde Wallelgh. Biology, 5701 Spring- 
field Dr., Washington. D.C. 20016. Young Repub- 
licans 3; Beta Beta Beta 2,3,4, Vice-President 4. 

Mlllicent Anne Wasell, Religion and Philosophy, 
168 North Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem. N.C. 
27104, Effle Ann Johnson Volunteer 1; Judiciary 
Board 4; Dorm Council 3. 

Leslie Ann Watson. Psychology, 4660 Algonquin 
Ave.. Jacksonville, Fla. 32210, Campus Guide 2- 
Dance Group 2,4; Junior Varsity Tennis 3; Judi- 
ciary Board 2; House President 3; Dorm Council 
4; Social Committee 4. 

Virginia Clark Watson, Psychology. 101 I Hampton 
Ridge. Bedford, Va. 24523. Western State Volun- 
teer 2; Fine Arts Club 2; Young Republicans 2.3.4; 
Dorm Council 3; Campus Comments 2,3,4; Blue- 
stocking 3; Sophomore Show 2; Dean's List 3,4. 

Judith Durrell Way, Biology, 600 Pacific Ave., 
Wlldwood Crest, N.J. 08260, Bit 'n Spur 1.2,3,4, 
Treasurer 3.4; Varsity Riding Team 2,3; Sopho- 
more Show 2; Fine Arts Club 4; Judiciary Board 
4; Dean's List 2,4; Beta beta beta 3,4. 

Judith Helen Wells. Psychology, 6105 Overlea 
Rd.. Fort Sumner Hills. Washington, D.C. 20016, 
Young Republicans 1,3.4; Canterbury Club 1.2 3,4- 
Western State Volunteer 2; Fine Arts Club 2; 
Honors List 3; Campus Comments 1,2,3,4. 

Pamela Helen Wev, Political Science, Tee Noff 
Toe Farm. Ashland. Va. 23005. Choir 1,2,3; Dorm 
Council 3; Young Republicans 2,3; Public Affairs 
Forum 2,3; President 3; Sophomore Show 2; Orien- 
tation Committee 2; Mock Convention Delegate 
3; Campus Comments 2,3. 

Carol Ann Whitesides, English. Box 216 York, S.C. 
29745 Choir 3.4; House President 4. 

Ann Wills Whltten. Spanish, 441 Meadow Dr.. 
Bristol. Va.. Campus Comments I; Social Com- 
mittee 2; El Ateneo 4; Dolphins 4; House Presi- 
dent 4; Academic Year In Madrid 3. 

Nora Downs Wiseman, Art History, 404 Maple 
Lane, Danville, Va. 24541, Campus Guide 2; Dorm 
Council 2; Orientation Committee 3; Fine Arts 
Club 4: Campus Comments 4. 

Elizabeth Peyton Wooldridge. Philosphy and Re- 
ligion, 144 West End St., Chester, S.C. 29706, C.A. 
1,2.3.4; Treasurer 2; Librarian 3: Service Chairman 
4: Westminister Fellowship 1.2.3,4; Secretary-Trea- 
surer 2; Weekend Activities Committee 2; Effle 
Ann Johnson Volunteer 2; DeJarnette Volunteer 2: 
Sophomore Show Volunteer 2; Orientation Commit- 
tee 3; Dean's List 2; Campus Comments 1,2,3, 
Assistant Editor 3, Handbook 3: Miscellany 4; Dorm 
Representative 3. 

Judith Ann Yates, Biology. 107 Rainbow Lane, 
Corpus Christi, Texas 78411, Golf Team 1,2.3; 
Social Committee; Honors List 2.3- Beta Beta Beta 
2,3; AB-3; May Queen 3. 

Patricia Anne Zimmerman, History, 223 Sumter 
Ave., Summervllle, S.C. 29483, Western State 
Volunteer I; Canterbury Club 1,2 3 4; Dean's List 


Margaret Landes Addison, '71, 3317 P Street, 
N.W.. Washington, D.C. 20007. Spencer II. 

Ann Elizabeth Allen, '71. 131 Woodland Drive, 
Huntington, West Virginia 25705, McClung, 

Sheryl Lynn Allen, '71, 369 Heywood Avenue. 
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29302, South Bailey. 

Mary Evelyn Allison. '69, 2028 Ferncllff Road, 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211, Hill Top. 

Carol Ann Alspaugh, '70 4124 Old Vineyard Road, 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103, Woodson 

Sheryl DeKour Ameen, '69, 338 Chapel Bell Lane, 
Houston, Texas 77024, Woodson III. 

Julia Ann Anderson. '71, P. O. Box 161, Zunl, 
Virginia 23893, McClung. 

Nancy DeTar Anderson. '71, 2902 Bluebonnet, 
Victoria, Texas 77901. Woodson III. 

Rebecca Armstrong, '70, 23 Russel Avenue, Ft. 
Monmouth, New Jersey 07703, French House. 

Nancy Lee Atwood. '70, 2242 Briarcllff Drive, 
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740, South Bailey. 

Mary Hawes Babcock, '71, 3722 Beresford Road. 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211, Spencer I. 

Mary Jean Baker. '70, P. O. Box 432, Fort Amador, 
Canal Zone 09834, Spanish House. 

Julia Clare Baldwin, '69, 1629 College Street, 
Columbia, South Carolina 29201, North Bailey. 

Deborah Ann Barnes, '71. 719 Locust Street, 
Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204, Spencer I. 

Judith Lynn Barnett. '69, 217 Brandon Court, Dan- 
ville, Virginia 24541, Woodson II. 

Mary Edwards Barr, '71, Gibson Island, Maryland 
21056, McClung. 

Margaret Davles Barranger, '69, 4506 Eton Road, 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24018. South Bailey. 

Jean Allison Barry, '70, 615 Shenandoah Street, 
Portsmouth, Virginia 23707, Spencer III. 

Janet Bartholomew, '70, 377 Miles Road Chagrin 
Falls, Ohio 44022, North Bailey. 

Jane Conant Bartlett. '71, 6645 Barr Road, Wash- 
ington, D.C. 20016, Memorial. 

Carolyn Sydnor Bass. '70. 2813 Kenwood Avenue. 
Richmond, Virginia 23228, Spanish House. 

Mary Dorsey Bass, '71, 2215 South Country Club 
Drive, Columbia, Missouri 65201, Woodson II. 

Catherine Janet Bear, '71, 1415 South Live Oak 
Parkway, Wilmington, North Carolina 28410, Spen- 
cer I. 

Anne Elizabeth Beatty, '70, Quarters 229. Schofield 
Barracks. Hawaii 96557, McClung. 

Mary Louise Beehler, '71. 5707 Greenleaf Road. 
Baltimore, Maryland 21210. Woodson IV. 

Linda Arlene Bender. '71. 700 Greymont Street, 
Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 191 16. Woodson IV. 

Susan Adelle Bernoudy. '71, 4525 Rhelms Place, 
Dallas, Texas 75205, McClung. 

Jane Elizabeth Bickel. '70, 14 Sylvester Street, 
Kinderhook, New York 12106, Memorial. 

Suzanne Burney Biesel, '71, Lakewood, Dyersburg, 
Tennessee 38024, South B?'ley. 

Kathryn Anne Bingham, '71, 8109 Longwood Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23229, Memorial. 

Lynda Diane Bixler. '71, 9311 Salem Church Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23234. Spencer II. 

Katherlne Adele Blackwell, '71, 3856 Peakland 
Place, Lynchburg, Virginia 24503. Memorial. 

Martha Jean Blain, '71. 1138 Five Point Road. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454, Woodson IV. 

Linda Lee Blake, '71, 6317 Ridgeway Road. Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23226, Hill Top. 

Windon Blanton, '70, Country Club Circle. Lex- 
ington, North Carolina 27292, Spencer III. 

Elizabeth Malone Boiling, '71, 3 Buerger Road, 
Mobile. Alabama 36608, Memorial. 

Antoinette Morris Bond, '71, 1205 Johnson Road, 
Charleston, West Virginia 25314. Spencer II. 

Janice Elizabeth Booth, '71, 828 Colvllle Road. 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28207, McClung. 

Martha Booth, '70. UN North Third Street. 
Temple, Texas 76501. Spencer III. 

Emily Dozler Borden, '70, 1930 Parker Lane, Hen- 
derson, North Carolina 27536, North Bailey. 

Sara Catherine Borop, '69, 3431 Meadow Drive, 
Aiken South Carolina 29801, Woodson III. 

Mary Connally Bowen. '70, P.O. Box 97. Lebanon. 
Virginia 24266, Spencer II. 

Molly Lewis Bowman, '71. 2600 Tanglewood. Austin. 
Texas 78703, Spencer III. 

Patricia Dee Bowman. '71, 5637 Piping Rock. Hous- 
ton. Texas 77027. McClung. 

Louise Washburn Boylan, '71, 806 A Street, Scott 
Air Force Base, Illinois 62225, Memorial. 

Bonnie Jean Brackett, '71, 288 Queens Lane. Palm 
Beach, Florida 33480. McClung. 

Mattice Martin Brandt, '70. Brightberry. Route I, 
Crozet, Virginia 22932, Spencer II. 

Mildred Bright, '70, West River Road, Greenwood, 
Mississippi 38930, Woodson II. 

Unda Keaton Britt, 70, 1024 Virginia Avenue. 
Suffolk. Virginia 23434. Memorial. 

Lida Angler Brock, '69, 506 Gardiner Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23229. Memorial. 

Mary Roberta Browning, 70. 148 Landon Lane, 
Orange. Virginia 22960, Woodson III. 

Patricia Ann Bruce. '69, P. O. Box 385, Staunton, 
Virginia 24401. 

Anne V/ebb Bryan, '69, 219 Broad Street, Washing- 
ton. New Jersey 07882, South Bailey. 

Elizabeth Scott Bryan, 71, 2000 Greenbrlar Road, 
Kinston, North Carolina 28501, North Bailey. 

Emily Marie Bryans, 70, 1030 Katherine Street, 
Augusta, Georgia 30904, Woodson III. 

Margaret Howe Bryant, 71, 3722 Eton Road, 
Durham, North Carolina 27707, South Bailey. 

Ann Fielding Bryce. 70. 5406 New Kent Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23225, Spencer I. 

Frances Mary Buhman, '69, 3527 Paul Street, Alex- 
andria. Virginia 22311, Woodson IV. 

Barbara Ann Butz. 70, 7132 Stefani Drive, Dallas, 
Texas 75225, Spanish House. 

Carol Leslie Cadell, 71, 203 Hilton Avenue, Balti- 
more, Maryland 21228, North Bailey. 

Llla Harper Caldwell, 71, 740 West Mam Street. 
Chrlstlanburg. Virginia 24073, North Bailey. 

Gabrlella Cameron. 71, 1720 Powhatan Avenue, 
Petersburg, Virginia 23803, South Bailey. 

Colleen Canning. 71, P. O. Box 1236, Staunton, 
Virginia 24401, Spencer I. 

Sally Cobb Cannon. 71, 290 PInecrest Road. N.E., 
Atlanta. Georgia 30305, Woodson II. 

Carolyn Ahnawake Carleton. 70. 6923 Royal 
Lane Dallas. Texas 75230, Spencer Ground. 

Karen Lee Carlson, 71, 103 Old Dyke Road, Trum- 
bull, Connecticut 06611, Memorial. 

Carol Lee Carman, 71. 1105 Concordia Drive, 
Towson, Maryland 21204. Spencer I. 

Martha Glenda Carpenter, 70, 25 Squirrel Den 
Road. Rutherfordton, North Carolina 28139, Spen- 
cer II. 

Elizabeth Whitley Carter, 70, 1217 Brent Street, 
Fredericksburg. Virginia 22401, Spencer I. 

Jane Armfield Carter, '69, 5 Scuffle Hill, Mar- 
tinsville, Virginia 24112, South Bailey. 

Rebecca Christian Case. 71, 4862 North 35th 
Road. Arlington. Virginia 22207, Spencer Ground. 
Laurelee Catching, '71, 4816 S. Madison. Tulsa, 
Oklahoma 74105. Memorial. 

Lloyd Martin Gather, 71, 309 Amherst Street, 
Winchester, Virginia 22601, Spencer III. 

Marion Ross Catlett, 71, II Robin Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23226, McClung. 

Susan Mary Caver, 71, 1005 Francisco Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23229, Spencer I. 

Hansford Wallace Charles, '71. 98 Shenandoah 
Road, Hampton. Virginia 23361, North Bailey. 

Kristin Annear Chenoweth. 71. Route I. Taney- 
town, Maryland 21787, Hill Top. 

Susan Howard Christ, '69, 35 S. Madison Avenue, 
Apt. 2A, Spring Valley, New York, 10977, Wood- 
son II. 

Ann Christopher, '71. Box R, Marfa, Texas 79843, 

Elizabeth Randolph Clement, '71, 27902 White 
Road, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551, Spencer I. 

Elizabeth Llnley Cleveland. '71, 24 Dogwood Lane, 
Greenville, South Carolina 29607, North Bailey. 

Elizabeth Holmes Coblentz, '70, Route I, Box 256, 
Raphlne, Virginia 24472, Spencer III. 

Cynthia Warwick Coleman, '70, 713 Burnt Mills 
Court, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901, Hill Top. 

Luclnda Stewart Coleman. '71. 336 Northcllff Drive, 
Rocky River. Ohio 44116, Woodson II. 

Anne Hughes Collins, '71, 512 Villa Avenue, Front 
Royal. Virginia 22630, Memorial. 

Nancy Nlchol Comblths. '69. Box 846, Pulaski, 
Virginia 24301, Hill Top. 

Elizabeth Armlstead Conner. '71, 1903 Atlee Road. 
Mechanlcsvllle, Virginia 23 I I I , Spencer III. 

Margaret Agnes Cooper, '71, Route I, Box 179, 
Demopolls, Alabama 36732, South Bailey. 

Charlotte Marie Coppock, 70, 529 Ben Hogan 
Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456, Spencer III. 

Ann Elizabeth Cortrlght. '70, 500 East Race Street, 
Rolling Fork. Mississippi 39159, Hill Top. 

Welby Ambler Cox. 71. Route I, Marshall, Vir- 
ginia 22115, Memorial. 

Alice Ashley Craddock, '71, 1500 Langhorne Road, 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503, Woodson IV. 

Katherine Carr Crawford, 70, "Brookslde," Wey- 
ers Cave, Virginia 24486, McClung. 

Laura Hearne Groom, '70, 4341 Yacht Club Road. 
Jacksonville, Florida 32210, Spanish House. 

Betty Kay Culbreath, '69, 5019 Shore Crest Cir- 
cle, Tampa, Florida 33609. Hill Top. 

Lynda Susan Cullop. '69, Box 975, Elklns, West 
Virginia 26241, Woodson IV. 

Beryl Henley Curtis, 71. 316 Marshall Street, 
Hampton, Virginia 23369, Memorial. 

Susan Tyler Cutler, '69. 19 Douglas Drive, Newport 
News, Virginia 23601, McClung. 

Sara Catherine Dabney, '71, 2115 Maiden Lane, 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24015, McClung. 

Nancy Lee Dagenhart, '69, 928 Sudbury Street. 
Staunton, Virginia 24401. 

Ellen Kennerly Dallls, '71, 1672 Shady Lane, Co- 
lumbia, South Carolina 29206, South Bailey. 

Diane Lee Darnell, '70. 249 Bellevlew Avenue, 
Orange. Virginia 22960, Spencer III. 

Ann Lanier Davis, '69, 7010 Marian Drive, Alex- 
andria, Virginia 22307, Spencer II. 

Emma Thornton Davis, '71, 1117 West Davis Street, 
Burlington, North Carolina 27215, McClung. 

Erica Irene Davis. 70, 311 Glen Erica Street, 
Shreveport, Louisiana 71106, Memorial. 

Layte Cassandra Davis, 70, 9441 Hollow Way, 
Dallas, Texas 75220, Spencer III. 

Marlon Willis Davis, '69, 720 Cassell Lane, S.W.. 
Roanoke, Virginia 24014, Memorial. 

Martha Murphy Davis. '71. 610 Oak Street, 
Greenville, North Carolina 27834, North Bailey. 

Donna Charles Dearman, '70, P. O. Box 107, Akron, 
Alabama 35441, Hill Top. 

Mary Garland Deltrlck. '69, 8126 Sawmill Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23229, North Bailey. 

Rosalind Maynard Denney, '71. Box 529, Amherst, 
Virginia 24521. Spencer II. 

Janet Osborne Dennis, '71, 4603 Dover Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23221, Spencer II. 

Judith Jean Derkash, '70, Rockwood Lane Spur. 
Greenwich, Connecticut 06833, Memorial. 

Lynn DesPrez. '70, 1077 Randolph Road, Meadow- 
brook. Pennsylvania 19046, Woodson IV. 

Alice Glass Dibrell, '70, 130 Virginia Avenue, 
Danville, Virginia 24541, Spencer III. 

Nancy Gordon DIggs, '71, Mooreland Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23229. McClung. 

Ann Elizabeth Dilllnger, '70, V.A. Center, Dublin, 
Georgia 31021, Spencer I. 

Martha Louise Dlmmock, '69, 2718 Vanderbllt Ave- 
nue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607. Spencer III. 

Susan Dabney Disque. '70, I I I I Boulevard. West- 
field. New Jersey 07090, Spencer II. 

Deborah Dixon, '71, 805 Edgewood, Ashland. Ken- 
tucky 41 101, South Bailey. 

Catharine Clark Dorrler, '71, 1600 Providence 
Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28207, Woodson 


Meryl Dow, '69, 1804 East Jefferson, South Bend, 
Indiana 46617, Spencer III. 

Katherine McSween Downie, '71, Route 5, Box 
330, Highway 10. Little Rock Arkansas 72207. 
Spencer III. 

Lucy Wright Duff. '69. Capon Bridge, West Vir- 
ginia 2671 I, Hill Top. 

Anna Louisa Dunson, '69, Rt. 5, Altamont Road, 
Paris Mountain, Greenville, South Carolina 29609, 
Spencer II. 

Margaret Jane DuRant, '69, 4631 Norwood Road, 
Columbia. South Carolina 29206, North Bailey. 

Zoe Elizabeth Durrell, '70, Box 266, Kennebunkport, 
Maine 04046, French House. 

Alice Jean Eichold, '70, 165 South Georgia Ave- 
nue, Mobile, Alabama 36604, Spencer II. 

Jill Maria Elseman, '70, 55 Puritan Lane, Swamp- 
scott, Massachusetts 01907, Memorial. 

Mary Josephine Elam, '71, 211 Second Street. 
Morehead, Kentucky 40351, Hill Top. 

Sharon Baker Ellis. '70, 628 Fairway Drive, Flor- 
ence, South Carolina 29501, French House. 

Anne Croft Emmert. '69, 1461 Beulah Road, Pitts- 
burgh, Pennsylvania 15235. Spencer III. 

Kathryn Anne English, '71, 6011 Morningside 
Drive. Richmond, Virginia 23226. Spencer III. 

Janet Katherine Ernst, '70, II26-B Street, Fort 
Knox, Kentucky 40121, Spencer I. 

Pamela Corbett Evans, '70, 27 Glenbrooke Circle, 
West, Richmond, Virginia 23229, McClung. 

Doris Gale Fauber. '71, 303 50th Street, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia 23451, Woodson II. 

Jane Elizabeth Faulds, '71, 605 Morena Road, 
Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072, MClung. 

Mary Ann Fell, '69, 131 Sutton Drive, Berkeley 
Heights, New Jersey 07922, Memorial. 

Mary Starke Ferguson, '71, 2716 Richelieu Avenue, 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24014, McClung. 

Cynthia Stephenson Fitch, '71, 2719 Crestwood, 
Denton, Texas 76201, North Bailey. 

Virginia Eaton Fitzhugh. 71, 406 Woodroof Road. 
Newport News, Virginia 23606, South Bailey. 

Elizabeth Duane Floeting, '69, 2139 Broadway. 
S.W., Roanoke. Virginia 24014, North Bailey. 

Camille Yvonne Florence. '69. 4795 Harris Trail. 
N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30327, Spencer I. 

Margaret Susan Fogle. '70, 10415 S.W. 53rd Ave- 
nue. Miami, Florida 33156, Spencer I. 

Elizabeth McNeale Fore, '71, 1219 Blue Ridqe Ave- 
nue, Culpeper, Virginia 22701, North Bailey. 

Victoria Anne Foss, '70. Box 98, Fontana Village, 
Fontana Dam, North Carolina 28733, Spencer I. 

Nancy Elizabeth Foster, '71, 1806 North Hunting- 
ton Street, Arlington, Virginia 22205. South Bailey. 

Martha Helsabeck Fowler, '69, Box 38. Walnut 
Cove North Carolina 27052. North Bailey. 

Lucinda Ann Fox, '69, 353 Mimosa Circle, Aiken. 
South Carolina 29801, Woodson IV. 

Mary Elizabeth Francis, '71, Swansonville, Dry 
Fork, Virginia 24549, Woodson IV. 

Alice Therese Francisco, '70. 43 Greenacres Ave- 
nue, Scarsdale, New York 10583, Hill Top. 

Frances Foree Freeman. '71, 1913 Datura Street. 
Sarasota, Florida 33579, Spencer III. 

Leslie Anne Freeman, '70, 4217 Fairway Drive, 
Jacksonville, Florida 32210, Spencer III. 

Lynn Tallman French, '70, 89 II Sierra Road, 
Richmond. Virginia 23229, Spencer I. 

Shirley Lee Frey, '71, 135 Belmont Drive, Leesburg, 
Virginia 22075, Memorial. 

Grace Lunsford Friend, '69, 730 Westvlew Drive, 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103, Memorial. 

Jane Elizabeth Frith. '71, 4919 North 14th Street, 
Arlington, Virginia 22205, McClung. 

Susan Elaine Fry, '70, 451 Red Hill Road, Orange, 
Virginia 22960, French House. 

Judith Jeanne Galloway, '69. 1320 East Beach 
Street. Gulfport. Mississippi 39501, North Bailey. 

Martha Joy Gammon, '70, 1413 Ivanhoe Street, 
Alexandria. Virginia 22304, French House. 

Constance Gordon Gantt. '71, Forest Hills, Har- 
risonburg, Virginia 22801, McClung. 

Dena Guinn Garcia, '71, 716 Cheowa Circle, Knox- 
ville, Tennessee 37919, South Bailey. 

Margaret Neely Garrett, '69, Bowlers Wharf, Vir- 
ginia 22560, Woodson II. 

Anne Pearce Gheesling, '70, 811 Arbor Road, 
Wlnston-Salem, North Carolina 27104, French 

Ellen Bland Gilliam, '69, Route I, Box 381, Hope- 
well. Virginia 23860, South Bailey. 

Ann Gilmer, '71, 2602 Montgomery Avenue, Roa- 
noke. Virginia 24015, Memorial. 

Catherine Rush Gladden, '71, Belle Haven, Virginia 
23306, Memorial. 

Julie Ann Goff, '71, 33 Edgehlll, Little Rock, Ar- 
kansas 72205, Woodson IV. 

Elizabeth Tucker Good, '70. 263 North Coldbrook 
Avenue. Chambersburg. Pennsjvania 17201, South 

Elizabeth Cobb Goodman. '70, 269 Mount Airy 
Avenue. Paris, Kentucky 40361, Spencer II. 

Cynthia Graham. '71. 99 Skyview Drive, Trum- 
bull, Connecticut 06611, Woodson II. 

Frances Jackson Graham, '71, 708 River Avenue, 
Rome, Georgia 30161, Hill Top. 

Jean Cameron Grainger, '70, 211 East Wilson 
Street, Tarboro, North Carolina 27886, French 

Margaret MacMaster Grant, '71, 128 Wythe Cres- 
cent Drive, Hampton, Virginia 23361, Spencer I. 

Jane Edmunds Graves, '70, 769 Brafferton Drive, 
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15228, South 

Barbara Ward Griffin, '70, 465 Leet Road, Edge- 
worth, Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143, North 

Jackie Lynn Guadagnoli, '71, 3013 Fred Wilson 
Road, El Paso, Texas 79904, Spencer III. 

Sallie Anne Guerrant, '70, 108 Falcon Drive Col- 
thurst Farm, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901, 
Spencer I. 

Stephany Carole Hagan, '70, 4614 Park Avenue, 
Richmond, Virginia 23226, French House. 

Margaret Anne Halle, '70, 1318 Lonqwood Drive, 
Norfold, Virginia 23508, Spencer III. 

Anne Davis Hall, '71, 4121 Windsor Parkway, Dal- 
las, Texas 75205, McClung. 

Nancy Anne Hall, '71, 1500 West 8th Street. 
Roswell, New Mexico 88201, Hill Top. 

Gall Louise Halsey, '71, Halsey Lane, Water Mill, 
New York I 1976, Woodson II. 

Mary Gwen Halsey, '69, Halsey Lane. Water Mill, 
New York I 1976, Woodson II. 

Deborah Anne Hamilton. '71, 210 Glenn Road, 
North Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003, South Bailey. 

Nancy Coleman Hamlett, '70, Box 322, Blackstone, 
Virginia 23824, French House. 

Ida Elizabeth Hance. '71, R.F.D. I. Prince Fred- 
erick, Maryland 20678, Memorial. 

Anne Hughes Hancock, '70, 2515 Cllffmont Ave- 
nue, Bluefield, West Virginia 24701, Spencer I. 

Elizabeth Blackwell Hanes, '69, Box 128, Dlllwyn, 
Virginia 23936, Memorial. 

Katherine Whitney Hanes, '70, 2814 South Jef- 
ferson Street, Roanoke, Virginia 24014, Woodson 

Mary Elizabeth Hardee, '69, 3507 North San 
Miguel, Tampa, Florida 33609, Spanish House. 

Ann Elizabeth Hardie, '71. 733 Morningside Drive, 
San Antonio, Texas 78209, Spencer Ground. 

Ann Kathleen Harris, '70, 2932 Friendship Road, 
Durham, North Carolina 27707, Spencer II. 

Sue Ellen Harris, '70, P. O. Box 368, Scottsboro, 
Alabama 35768, Woodson IV. 

Mariorie Gair Hartley, '70, 1013 Oakwood Court, 
Martinsville, Virginia 241 12, Woodson III. 

Suzanne Elizabeth Hartley, '69, 8301 Midlothian 
Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia 23235, Woodson II. 

Diana Lynne Hartman, '70, 1301 Lancaster Drive, 
Orlando, Florida 32806, Woodson IV. 

Margaret Ann Hawkins, '70, 1215 Langhorne Road, 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503, Spencer III. 

Kathy Ann Hayes, '70. 1422 A 45h Avenue, Fort 
Knox, Kentucky, 40121, Spencer I. 

Aleda Gail Hays, '69, 311 Oakwood Lane, Paris, 
Tennessee 38242. Spencer II. 

Elizabeth Glover Helmken, '69, 215 East 53rd 
Street. Savannah. Georgia 31405. McClung. 

Susan Page Heltzel. '70. 8900 Wishart Road. Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23229, French House. 

Mary Catherine Henderson, '71, 100 Westham 
Parkway, Richmond, Virginia 23223, Woodson IV. 

Rosalie McLaIn Henderson, '70, 3012 Trent Road, 
New Bern, North Carolina 28560. Spanish House. 

Betty Virginia Herrman, '71, 314 Spring, Lexington. 
Mississippi 39095. Hill Top. 

Edna Virginia Hester. '70. Box 468. Lake Provi- 
dence, Louisiana 71254, Spanish House. 

Elizabeth Bruce HIgginbotham. '70, 6 Devondale 
Lane, St. Louis, Missouri 63131. Spencer I. 

Johnnie June Hill. '71, 645 Biscoe Street, Helena, 
Arkansas 72342, Hill Top. 

Grace Miriam HItchman, '70, 132 Summerall 
Court, Aiken, South Carolina 29801, Spencer I. 

Linda Mae Hite, '71, 1232 Maple Street, Staunton. 
Virginia 24401. 

Devon Sloan Hixenbaugh, '70, 101 Vernon Drive, 
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 15228, McClung. 

Susan Charlene Hoch, '71, II43I Fairfax Drive. 
Herndon, Virginia 22070, Spencer Ground, 

Jo Anne Hoffman, '70, 3217 San Miguel Street, 
Tampa, Florida 33609, Spencer III. 

Ann Archer Holberton, '70, 220 Jupiter Road, 
Newark, Delaware 1971 I. Spencer I. 

Sandra Kay Holllman. '69, Louisiana Str. 16, Karl- 
sruhe. Germany, South Bailey. 

Virginia Lee Holmes, '71. One Country Club Road. 
Newport, Arkansas 72112, Hill Top. 

Ann Martha Horehled, 71, 3118 Lees Lane, Colo- 
rado Springs, Colorado 80909. Woodson II. 

Virginia Walker Huff, '71, 1939 Hilton Avenue, 
Columbus. Georgia 31906. Memorial. 

Winfree Ann Hughes, '70. 158 Culpeper Street. 
Warrenton. Virginia 22186. McClung. 

Corbin Brooke Hume, '71, 304 Biltmore Road, 
Louisville. Kentucky 40207, North Bailey. 

Mary Jane Hunter, '71, Route 3, Shopton Road, 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28210, Memorial. 

Susann Ashe Hutaff, '71, 315 Woodcrest Road. 
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28305, South Bailey. 

Mary Moffeft Hutcheson, '69, 2711 Jefferson St.. 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24014, Woodson IV. 

Rosemary Moore HInes, '70. "Spring Meadow". 
Mt. Jackson, Virginia 22842, McClung. 

Janet Bantly Irvin, '69, 12 Horizon Hill, Asheville. 
North Carolina 28804. Memorial. 

Sarah Anne Irvin, '71, 4636 Bayard Street. Pittsburg. 
Pennsylvania 15213, Spencer I. 

Elizabeth Jane Irzyk, '70, Qtrs. 636, Combt. Spt. 
Gp. Box 817, APO San Francisco 96274, Spencer 

Sara Nair James, '69, 306 Entwlstle Street, Hamlet, 
North Carolina 28345, Spencer III. 

Elizabeth Aiken Jennings, '70, 3164 West Ridge 
Road, S.W.. Roanoke, Virginia 24014, McClung. 

Anne-Reld Jenny, '71, 259 Cherry Lane, M R 2, 
Doylestown, Pennyslvania 18901, Spencer III. 

Babette Dee Johnson. 71, 1408 Severn Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23229, McCljng. 

Ellen Elizabeth Johnson. 71. 3074 Carolina Avenue. 
S.W., Roanoke. Virginia 24014, Hill Top. 

Mary-Bacon Johnson, 71, 456 Carolina Circle, 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106, South 

Molly Elizabeth Johnson, 70. 685 Kingsbury Circle, 
Winston-Salem. North Carolina 27106. South Bai- 

Mary Cheek Johnson, 71, 3 River Bluff Road. 
Louisville. Kentucky 40207. Woodson IV. 

Constance Patten Jones, 71, 104 North Boundary 
Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514, Hill 

Dorothy Hodgson Jones, 70, III Watson Street, 
Thomasville, Georgia 31792, Spanish House. 

Elizabeth Lindsay Jones, '69, Box 509, Warrenton. 
Virginia 22186, Spencer II. 

Helen Suzanne Jones, '69. 119 Matoaka Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23226. McClung. 

Judith Ann Jones, '69, 126 Cherry Street, Mount 
Airy, North Carolina 27030, North Bailey. 

Linda Louise Jones, '69, 104 North Wilton Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23226, South Bailey. 

Miriam Stribllng Jones, '70, 1124 Woodland Road, 
Petersburg, Virginia 23803, Woodson III. 

Nancy Ruth Jones, '71. 2618 South Joyce Street, 
Arlington, Virginia 22202, McClung. 

Martha Helen Kane, 71, 206 Longwood Drive, 
Nev/port Nev/5, Virginia 23606. Woodson IV. 

Wend/ Kristin Kane, '71, Kane Acres, Herrln, Il- 
linois 62948, Memorial. 

Lorra Ann Keen, '71, 102 Magnolia Avenue, Rich- 
mond, Kentuclty 40475, North Bailey. 

Nlchole Cornelia Keith, 71. 160 Wetherhill Road. 
Garden City, New York 11530, McClung. 

Karen Kelly, '71, 925 Parkridge Circle, West. 
Jacksonville. Florida 32211, Woodson IV. 

Martha Rodes Kennedy, '70, 3512 Wright Road, 
S.W.. Roanoke, Virginia 24015, Woodson IV. 

Mary Rebekah Kennedy. '69, 3822 Noyes Avenue. 
S.E.. Charleston, West Virginia 25304, McClung. 

Zoe Ann Kerbey. '70, 4099 South Broad Street, 
Yardville. New Jersey 08620, Spanish House. 

Julia Elizabeth Keyser, '70, 329 Dover Road, Char- 
lottesville, Virginia 22901, Hill Top. 

Jennifer Lynn King. '69. 614 Pola Road. Sewickley, 
Pennsylvania 15143. South Bailey. 

Virginia Lee Klntz, 70, 100 Fair Street. Schoharie. 
New York 12157. Spencer III. 

Lynn Fan Kirschman, 70. Route 4. Box 359. Joplin. 
Missouri 64803. Spanish House. 

Cornelia Lee Kittle. 70, 511 East 20th Street, 
New York, New York lOOlO, Spanish House. 

Gail Hall Klusmeier. 71. 2200 Garner Lane. Fort 
Smith. Arkansas 72901, McClung. 

Ellen Anne Krause. '69. 303 Central Parkway, New- 
port News, Virginia 23606, "215'. 

Janis Roberta Krebs. 70. c/o Lt. Col. R.G. Krebs, 
U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Carl- 
isle, Pennsylvania 17013. Spencer I. 

Marguerite Archer Lackey. '70, 1617 Brookside 
Road, Chesterbrook Woods, McLean, Virginia 
22101. Hill Top. 

Alice Kerr Laird, '70, Kanawha Falls, West Virginia, 
25115. Woodson II. 

Margaret Scott Lake, '70, 350 Highland Road, 
Southern Pines. North Carolina 28387. South 

Patricia Corr Lamberth, '71. Clifton Avenue, Kil- 
marnock, Virginia 22482, Woodson II. 

Susan Eugenia Lanier, '70. Three Club Road, Baltl 
more, Maryland 21210, French House. 

Elizabeth Hester Larner, '70, 303 Hemlock Drive 
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060, French House. 

Mary Beth Lawler, '69, 315 Berkeley Place, Staun 
ton, Virginia 24401. 

Ella Brown Lawrence, '71. Old Brownsville Road 
Jackson, Tennessee, 38301, McClung. 

Nancy Ellen Laws, '70. 4340 Southhampton Road 
Richmond, Virginia, 23235, South Bailey. 

Martha Buford Lee, '70, 811 Cherrywood Road 
Salem, Virginia 24153. Memorial. 

Nora Champe Leary, '69, 514 South Main Street 
Lexington, Virginia 24450, Woodson IV. 

Patricia-Joan Leary, '70, Foxglove, Box 437, War 
renton, Virginia 22186, Spencer III. 

Nancy Susan Leatherman, '71, 2176 Park Boudary 
Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40205, Woodson III. 

Barbara Jan Leavltt. '71. 28 Belcrest Road, West 
Hartford. Connecticut 06107, Spencer III. 

Sarah Sullivan Lentz, '70, 748 Pine Valley Road 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106, Hill Top. 

Gayle Elaine Lester. '69, 7607 North Plnehlll Drive. 
Richmond, Virginia 23228, Memorial. 

Jane Bishop Caldwell Letherman, '70, 414 Rebel 
Road, Pewee Valley, Kentucky 40056, Woodson II. 

Ann Broaddus Lewis, '69, Aylett, Virginia 23009, 
North Bailey. 

Cally Corllng Lewis, '70, 1203 Confederate Avenue, 
Richmond, Virginia 23227, Woodson IV. 

Claire Elizabeth Lewis, '69. "Merlfleld Acres", 
Route I, Box 74, Clarksville. Virginia 23927, Little 

Margaret Gilchrist Livingston, '69, 624 East 45th 
Street. Savannah, Georgia 31405, Woodson II. 

Katherlne Gary Lordley, '69. 4112 Kensington 
Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23221, Woodson IV. 

Kathryn Love Lumpkin, '71, 2808 Dartmouth Road, 
Alexandria, Virginia 22314, Hill Top. 

Patricia Louise Lyon. '70, P.O. Box 55, Jonestown 
Mississippi 38639, Spencer Ground. 

Clara Ashton MacKenzie, 71, 600 Craford Place, 
Portsmouth, Virginia 23704, North Bailey. 

Mary Jane McCaa, '71. 34 Hoodrldge Drive, 
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 15228, Woodson III. 

Judith Anne McCarty, '70, 24 East Moreland 
Avenue, Bethlehem. Pennsylvania 18017. Memorial. 

Mary Henderson McCauley, '71, 101 Blackburn 
Court, Versailles, Kentucky 40383, McClung. 

Betty Jo McClimans. '71. 615 Lincoln Avenue. 
Grove City, Pennsylvania 16127, South Bailey. 

Rosemerry McClintock, '71, Route 6, Rutledge 
Road, Forest Hills, Greenwood. South Carolina 
29646. McClung. 

Emily Sue McClure, '70, 1116 Davie Avenue, 
Statesvllle. North Carolina 28677, McClung. 

Nancy Marilyn McDowell, '71, 1234 Lakewood 
Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32207. Spencer III. 

Jennifer Caroline McHugh, '71, 101 Edgewood 
Avenue, Clemson, South Carolina 29631, McClung. 

Patricia Lynn Mclver, '71, 811 Skyline Drive, Jack- 
son. Tennessee 38301, Woodson IV. 

Loralne Holland McKlnnle, '71, 234 East Chickasaw 
Parkway, Memphis, Tennessee 381 I I, Spencer II. 

Laura Ann McLaughlin, '69, 49 Abney Circle, N., 
Charleston, West Virginia 25314. Hill Top. 

Virginia LeRoy McLaughlin, '70, Maxwelton, Rock- 
bridge Baths, Virginia 24453, Woodson III. 

Cynthia Lynn McNeill. '70, Box 104, Jefferson, 
North Carolina 28640, Memorial. 

Sandra King McQuarrie. 209 Lumpkin Road, Fort 
Bennlng, Georgia 31905. McClung. 

Violet Maureen McWllllam, 738 Montrose Street, 
Winnipeg 9, Manitoba, Canada, Woodson IV. 

Mary Zanne McDonald, '70, P.O. Box F.. Llgonler, 
Pennsylvania 15658. South Bailey. 

Jennifer Enid Mack, '69, 5208 Powhatan Avenue, 
Norfolk, Virginia 23518, Woodson II. 

Mary Susan Magette. '71, 402 Jordan Drive, 
Smlthfleld. Virginia 23430. Hill Top. 

Evalyn Marlon, '70, 7704 Rldgecrest Drive, Alex- 
andria, Virginia 22308. Woodson III. 

Betsy Jule Marshall, '71, 816 Lakestone Drive, 
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609, Memorial. 

Karen Leigh Marston. '69, I Roseland Drive, 
Baytown, Texas 77520, Spencer III. 

Martha Ruth Masters, '69, 6307 Cantrell, Little 
Rock, Arkansas 72207. McClung. 

Martha Carolyn Matheny, '70, 4202 Seminary 
Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23227, French House. 

Elizabeth Cobb Matheson. '70. Quarters "A", 
Naval Research Lab., Washington, D. C. 20390. 

Hill Top. 

Nancy Ellen Matthews. '71, 109 Holly Street, 
Marion, Virginia 24354, Spencer Ground. 

Helen Patrick Matthews, '70, Box 463, Fayetteville, 
Tennessee, 37334. 

Cathy Maxwell, '70, 129 Burbank Road, Long- 
meadow, Massachusetts 01106, Spencer III. 

Elizabeth Houston Maxwell. '69, 3300 Oriole Drive, 
Louisville, Kentucky 40213, Spencer II. 

Julie Anne Mays. '70, 2003 Piper Drive, Charleston, 
South Carolina 29407, Spencer II. 

Christine Ann Meacham, '70, 3252 Foxcroft Road, 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211, Memorial. 

Margaret Hale Melvln, '70. Urbanna. Virginia 
23175, Memorial. 

Holly Merkel. '71, 1181 Academy Drive, Youngs- 
town, Ohio 44505, Spencer II. 

Janet Clementine Merrell, '71. 1041 Fairfield 
Avenue, Grenada, Mississippi 38901, Woodson III. 

Christine Marie Michell, '71, 8419 Gaylord Road. 
Richmond, Virginia 2322, Woodson IV. 

Anita Gheens Middleton, '70. 6401 Transylvania 
Avenue, Harrods Creek. Kentucky 40027, North 

Lora O'Cain Millard, 71, 712 Montana Road 
N. W., Atlanta, Georgia 30327, Woodson III. 

Sherri Jean Miller, '69, 2416 Heattier Road, W., 
Heatherbroolce. Wilmington, Delaware 19803, 
Spencer II. 

Stephanie Jean Miller, '71, Camp Montgomery, 
Fincastle, Virginia 24090. Woodson III. 

Margaret Walker Moir, '69, 491 West Main Street, 
Danville. Virginia 24541, Spencer III. 

Kerry Houston Molloy. '71, 304 Waterloo, Law- 
renceburg. Tennessee 38464. Woodson IV. 

Virginia Ankeney Moomaw, '69. 441 Highland Ave- 
nue, S. W., Roanoke, Virginia 24016, Woodson III. 

Anne Saulsbury Moore, '71, 3287 Alton Road, 
Chamblee, Georgia 30005, McClung. 

Carol Ligon Moore. '70, P. O. Box I, Chuckatuck. 
Virginia 23339. Spencer III. 

Janet Loyless Moore, '70. 3648 Kingsboro Road, 
N. E., Atlanta, Georgia 30319, South Bailey. 

Mary Townsend Moore. '70, 1481 Hillside Road, 
Fairfield, Connecticutt 06431, South Bailey. 

Pamela Kay Moore. '69, 2704 Potter Road, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia 23452, Spencer III. 

Helen Marie Moorefleld, '71, I Mo Mulberry Road. 
Martinsville, Virginia 24112, South Bailey. 

Patricia Ann Morris, '69, 12323 Flamingo Lane, 
Bowie, Maryland 20715, McClung. 

Laura Ann Morrison, '71, 1600 Belfield Place, 
Lynchburg. Virginia 24503, Woodson II. 

Nancy Deckert Morse, '71, 95 Clarke Road 
Needham, Massachusetts 02192, Memorial. 

Virginia Anderson Moseby, '70, 1300 Hillcrest 
Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061, Spencer I. 

Eden Jane Mosely. '69, 710 West 7th, Quanah 
Texas 79252, Gooch. 

Linda Anne Mullendore, '69, 839 Windsor Road, 
Cumberland. Maryland 21502, Woodson II. 

Mary Carol Murrin, '71. 1203 Johnson Road, 
Charleston. West Virginia 25314, South Bailey. 

Eleanor Anne Myers, '71, Plimkimmon Farm, 
Oxford, Maryland 21654, Hill Top. 

Mary Ellen Navas, '69, 506 Tuckahoe Boulevard 
Richmond, Virginia 23226, Hill Top. 

Catherine Drucilla Nease, '70, 1236 Sam Lions 
Trail, Martinsville, Virginia 24112, Woodson II. 

Amy Starling Nelson. '71, 1517 Caroline Street, 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401, South Bailey. 

Elizabeth Ann Nesbltt. '70. 101 Riverside Drive, 
Newport News, Virginia 23606, McClung. 

Pattie Morris Newell, '70, 8918 River Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23229, North Bailey. 

Elizabeth Frances Newman, '69, 127 James River 
Drive, Newport News, Virginia 23601, McClung. 

Sue Ann Newman, '71, Plney Woods Lake, 
LaGrange, Georgia 30240, Woodson IV. 

Brenda Sue Nichol. '71, 402 Country Club Lane, 
Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240, Spencer II. 

Patricia Susan Nichols, '71, 5818 Atteentee Road, 
Springfield, Virginia 22150 North Bailey. 

Tla Murphy Nolan, '69, 900 Madison, El Dorado, 
Arkansas 71730, Woodson III. 

Martha Adele Nussear, '69, Tupelo Road. Flnks- 
burg, Maryland 21048, Woodson III. 

Catherine Coleman OBannon, '71, 426 Mayfair 
Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40207. Spencer I. 

Jane Lawrence O'Brien, '71, 1318 Cherokee Road. 
Louisville. Kentucky 40204, McClung. 

Penelope Dent Odom, '69. 4855 Long Island Drive. 
N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30305, Little House. 

Bryce Elaine Oliver, '70, 1200 Spauldlng Street. 
Staunton, Virginia 24401. 

Jill Suzanne Olson. '69, P.O. Box 195, Beverly 
Shores, Indiana 46301. Woodson IV. 

Jean Lamont Orne. '71. 529 Dogwood Drive, 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514, South Bailey. 

Pauli Anne Overdorff, '70, 1004 Stanford Avenue. 
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905, Woodson III. 

Margaret Ann Oxford, '69, I 101 North Main 
Street, Greenville, South Carolina 29609, Hill Top. 

Barbara Shaw Page, 424 Westover Avenue, Wins- 
ton-Salem, North Carolina 27104, McClung. 

Jeanne Anne Pahuckl, '70, New Hampton, New 
York 10958, Memorial. 

Emily Anne Pame, '71, '08 Cherrywood Road 
Salem, Virginia 24153, Woodson IV. 

Mary Luanne Pardue. '71, 342 Fountain Place, 
Burlington, North Carolina 27215, Memorial. 

Louise Edgar Parmalee, '70, 85 Norwood Avenue, 
Upper Montclair, New Jersey 07043, McClung. 

Margherita Belle Patterson, '69, Route 2, Harmony. 
North Carolina 28634, Woodson III. 

Helen Lee Peacock, '71. 3120 Verdun Drive, N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305, Spencer III. 

Anne Mayo Pearson, '70, 6371 Dockser Terrace, 
Falls Church. Virginia 22041, Woodson IV. 

Mary Carson Pease. '71, 1933 Sterling Road, 
Charlotte. North Carolina 28209. South Bailey. 

Linda Carly Peery, '70, 2833 Link Road. Lynchburg 
Virginia 23503, Woodson IV. 

Ann Brooke Perkins, '70, St. Margaret's School, 
Tappahannock, Virginia 22560, North Bailey. 

Debra Aiken Perry, '70, 2842 Regency Drive, 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106, South Bai- 

Evelyn Butler Phillips. '70, 529 Caswell Road, 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514, North Bailey. 

Jeannine LaValle Phipps. '71, 4705 South Renellle 
Drive, Tampa. Florida 33611, South Bailey. 

Ann Harden Pierce, '70, 400 East Home Avenue, 
Farmville, North Carolina 27828, Hill Top. 

Catherine Holmes Pierce, '71. 1902 Woodland 
Avenue, Burlington, North Carolina 27215, Spencer 


Karen Marie Pixley, '70, 2018 Bucknell Avenue, 
Charlotte. North Carolina 28207, Memorial. 

Susan Ellen Pope, '71, 204 Brentwood Avenue, 
Wilson, North Carolina 27893, Hill Top. 

Ellen Elizabeth Porter, '71, 624 Lou Ann Street, 
Salem, Virginia 24153, Woodson IV. 

Paula Elizabeth Powers, '71, 16936 Lake Avenue. 
Lakewood, Ohio 44107, Hill Top. 

Susan Felder Price, '71, 511 Main Street, Ever- 
green. Alabama 36401, Woodson III. 

Jane Warwick Pritt, '69, R.F.D. I. Box 225, Beverly, 
West Virginia 26253, Spencer III. 

Sheryl-Lynne Quanbeck. '70, 28 Spartan Lane. 
Cammack, New York 11725, French House. 

Katherine Weigle QuiHian. '6'. 2460 Rivermont 
Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia 24503, Blakely House. 

Elaine Bishop Rabe. '70, 2906 Avenue T, N.W., 
Winter Haven, Florida 33880. Hill Top. 

Nan Taylor Rackett. 1207 Wilmington Avenue. 
Richmond, Virginia 23227. Spencer III. 

Elia Ramos, '69, Avda. de Portugal, 171 7° C, 
Madrid. Spain. 

Elizabeth Holman Rand, '70, 405 Fourth Street. 
Blackstone. Virginia 23824, Woodson III. 

Martha Frisby Rasin. '69, 108 East Campus Avenue, 
Chestertown, Maryland 21620, Woodson III. 

Lavlnia Skinner Ravenel, '70, 213 High Street. 
Winnsboro. South Carolina 29402. Woodson II. 

Suzanne Courtney Ravenel. '71. P.O. Box 3141, 
Charleston, South Carolina 29402, South Bailey. 

Katherina Elizabeth Ravenhorst, '70, P.O. Drawer 
904, Lexington. Virginia 24450. Woodson II. 

Janet Wilson Rawlings, '69, 2856 Country Club 
Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104. 

Linda Woodson Rawlings, '71, 3937 Bristol Road. 
Durham, North Carolina 27707, Woodson IV. 

Laura Withers Relnhardt, '71, 5302 Atlantic Ave- 
nue. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451, McClung. 

Sarah Travis Reutzel, '70, 102 Valley View Heights. 
Norfolk. Nebraska 68701, Woodson II. 

Pamela Rice, '70, 1010 Kanawha Avenue, Dunbar. 
West Virginia 25064, French House. 

Susan Eileen Richardson, '71, 1716 Buena Vista 
Road, WInston-Salem, North Carolina 27104, Hill 

Sybil Anne Richardson, '70, 210 Robin Hood Road, 
N.E., Atlanta. Georgia 30309, Woodson III. 

Jacquelyn Hannah Rlepe, '69, "Arcadia". Char- 
lotte Court House, Virginia 23923, Spencer III. 

Patricia Lynn Robertson. '69, 9900 N.E. 13 Avenue. 
Miami Shores. Florida 33138, Edmondson. 

Abigail Miriam Robinson, '69, I I Edmondson Ave- 
nue, Lexington, Virginia 24450, Spencer III. 

Josephine Rhodes Robinson. '70. 541 West Paces 
Ferry Road. Atlanta. Georgia 30309. North Bailey. 

Sarah Jane Robinson, '69, P.O. Box 237. Sylvania. 
Georgia 30467. Woodson III. 

Mary Louise Rossett, '71. 1069 Alden Road, Mem- 
phis. Tennessee, 38116. Menorial. 

Polly Ann Roulhac, 9 Ridgewood Road. St. Louis. 
Missouri 63124, Woodson III. 

Elizabeth Townsend Rowland. '70, 1810 Shadow 
Lane. Little Rock, Arkansas 72207. Woodson III. 

Karen Jon Rudolph, 70, Route 3, Winchester. 
Virginia 22601, Spencer II. 

Gayle Eleanor Rummel, '69, 120-c E. Melrose Ave- 
nue, Baltimore, Maryland 21212, Memorial. 

Alison Gall Rutherford, '71, 3527 Hartland Road, 
S.W.. Roanoke. Virginia 24015. Woodson II. 

Laura Neil Sadler, '71. 112 Kilgore, S.W.. Athens. 
Tennessee 37303, Spencer Ground. 

Constance Mllnor Samsonoff, '71. 14—22 Astoria 
Park South. Long Island City. New York I I 102, Hill 

Jane Taylor Sanders, 70. 1301 Woodland Avenue. 
Johnson City. Tennessee 37601, McClung. 

Kate Balfour Sartor, 71, 2 Camellia Lane, 
Shreveport, Louisiana 71106, Woodson IV. 

Mary Elizabeth Saunders, 70, 8902 River Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23229, French House. 

Edith Emily Schneider, 71, 190 Whitehall Boule- 
vard. Garden City. New York 11530. Spencer II. 

Caroline Cobb Schooley (Mrs. Milton B.). '69. 
Route 2, Staunton. Virginia 24401. 

Margaret Maria Scott. 70, 1109 Mahone Street. 
Fredericksburg. Virginia 24401, McClung. 

Gwendolyn Coleman Seaman, 71, Box 81, Faber, 
Virginia 22938, Woodson IV. 

Dianne Cecilia Sellers, 70, 613 Arlington Street, 
Forest City, North Carolina 28043, McClung. 

Sharon Lee Shealy, 71. 2501 Windsor Road, 
Columbia. South Carolina 29205, Spencer III. 

Stephanie Preston Shearer. 70, 1405 Loudon 
Heights Road, Charleston, West Virginia 25314. 
French House. 

Janice Elaine Shoemaker, 70, R.F.D. I, Box 267, 
Manassas. Virginia 22110, Memorial. 

Jane Vincent Shortell. 71. R.D. 3 Corner Ketch 
Farms, Newark, Delaware 19711, Spencer 11. 

Martha Ann Sims, '69, 2520 Avenel Avenue, S.W., 
Roankoe, Virginia 24015, Spencer 111. 

Mary Glenn Sims, '71. 2520 Avenel Avenue, S.W.. 
Roanoke. Virginia 24015, Spencer II. 

Martha Tarlna Smith, '71, 1840 Winston Road, 
Charlottesville Virginia 22903, Woodson II. 

Nell Dale Smith. '70, 4022 Bristol Road, Durham, 
North Carolina 27707, McClung. 

Candance Madonna Snodgrass, '70, 2700 West 
DuPont Avenue. Belle, West Virginia 25015, Me 

Carol Anne Sorrell, '71. 1414 Shepherd Street, 
Durham, North Carolina 27707, Spencer 1. 

Pamela Spearman, '71. 719 South Church Street, 
Brookhaven. Mississippi 39601. Spencer 11. 

Marsha Bruce Spears, '71. Pinecrest Hall, Elkins. 
West Virginia 26241. Spencer Ground. 

Robin Leslie Spence, '71, 90 Grove Avenue, 
Chrlstlansburg. Virginia 24073, Woodson 111. 

Julie Keane Spencer. '70. R.F.D. I, Box 33, Ash- 
land. Virginia 23005, Memorial. 

Eliza Brame Spessard, '69, 1510 Red Oak Lane, 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24018, Woodson 111. 

Ingrld Kay Stalhelm, '69. 1352 Third Avenue. Salt 
Lake City, Utah 84103. Spencer II. 

Nancy Marchant Starr, '71, 3 Rldgewood Road, 
Rome. Georgia 30161, Spencer II. 

Patricia Carol St. Clair, 70, 513 Yarmouth Road, 
Towson, Maryland 21204. Blakely House. 

Llnde Anne Steahly, 70, 200 Fort Hill Drive 
Charleston. West Virginia 25314. Woodson III. 

Susan Helm Stephens, '70, 1301 Crestwood Ave- 
nue, Clifton Forge. Virginia 24422, Memorial. 

Mary Melissa Stewart. 71, 2419 Sherwood Avenue, 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28207, Spencer II. 

'Caroline Jane Struthers, 71, Box 46, Lemon Springs, 
■'orth Carolina 28355, Spencer II. 

Susan Beth Stuart, '71, 65 Newark-Granville Road, 
Granville, Ohio 43223, Spencer 111. 

Leigh Gregory Suhling. '71. 1521 Arrow Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503. Spencer 1. 

Elizabeth Neal Sutherland, '71, 3002 Rugby Road. 
Richmond. Virginia 23221, McClung. 

Kathryn Lee Symington, '71, 6 Whitney Lane, 
Rochester, New York 14610, Woodson IV. 

Ann Wilson Taylor, '70, Rockcastle Avenue, Crewe, 
Virginia 23930, Spencer 1. 

Donna Ray Taylor, '70, The Colony. Box DD, 
Williamsburg. Virginia 23185, Spencer II. 

Travis Kilmer Taylor, '70, 135 Villa Road, Newport 
News. Virginia 23601, French House. 

Katherlne Diane Terrell. '71, 6310 Kellogg Drive, 
McLean, Virginia 22101, Memorial. 

Leila Francis Theiermann. '70, 10015 Hobby Hill 
Road. Bon Air, Virginia 23235, Spencer II. 

Gary Collier Thomas, '71, 1709 North Spruce, 
Little Rock. Arkansas 72207, Memorial. 

Rebecca McClure Thomas, '70. Spottswood, Vir- 
ginia 24475, South Bailey. 

Dinah Rafter Thompson, '69, 35 Ren Roy Drive, 
LaVale, Maryland 21504. Spencer 111. 

Frances Allene Thompson, '69, 212 James River 
Drive. Newport News, Virginia 23601. Memorial. 

Minna Treadwell Thompson, '70, 4565 Normandy 
Road, Memphis, Tennessee 38117, Memorial. 

Margaret Louise Thorn, '70, 1307 Pamela Street 
Norfolk, Virginia 23509. Woodson II. 

Mary Latham Tiffany. '71. P.O. Box 73, Warrenton, 
Virginia 22186, Memorial. 

Elizabeth Emmerson Toms, '71, 1113 Overbrook 
Road, Petersburg, Virginia 23803, Woodson III. 

Frances Ellen Tooke. '71, 428 Ontario. Shreveport, 
Louisiana 71106, McClung. 

Amanda Jane Townes, '69, Route 5, Shelbyville, 
Tennessee 37160, Woodson III. 

Lynda Leigh Tracy, '71, 20 Fourth Avenue, Warren 
Pennsylvania 16365, McClung. 

Susan Train, '69. 701 East 44th Street, Savannah 
Georgia 31405, McClung. 

June Marguerite Travlesas, '71, 80 Weston Ave 
nue. Chatham, New Jersey 07928, Memorial. 

Ann Howell Trusler, '69, P.O. Box 145, Manassas, 
Virginia 22110, North Bailey. 

Patricia Elizabeth Tubbs, '71, 865 Shackamaxon 
Drive, Westfield, New Jersey 07090, Spencer II. 

Frances Isabelle Turner, '70, 1420 Vernon Road, 
LaGrange, Georgia 30240, South Bailey. 

Janet Elizabeth Turner, '69, I I I Battle Road, 
Greensboro, North Carolina 27410, North Bailey. 

Sydney Marshall Turner, '69, 3027 Avenham Ave- 
nue, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24015, Memorial. 

Margaret Merrick Twohny, 71, 550 Pembroke Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia 23507, McClung. 

Martha Ann Tyler, '71, 4304 Cambridge Road, 
Richmond, Virginia 23221, Hill Top. 

Molly Worthington Upton, '70, 1426 West Princess 
Anne Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23507, South Bailey. 

Lucy Derrick Valentine, 71, 1026 Graydon Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia 23507, Woodson IV. 

Brenda Allen Van Fossen, '69, 606 Alleghany 
Avenue, Staunton Virginia, 24401. 

Susan Lee Vaught, '71, 2423 Blueberry Road, 
Norfolk, Virginia 23418. Spencer I. 

Marcia Fae Vigneault, '70, 1402 Viewmont Drive, 
Charleston, West Virginia 25302, South Bailey. 

Margaret Holland Vose, '70, 9607 River Road, 
Newport News. Virginia 23601, Memorial. 

Judith Lynn Wade, '69, 3568 Peakwood Drive, 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24014, Woodson IV. 

Kathleen Loretta Wagner, '70, 150 Oxford Boule- 
vard. Garden City, New York 11530, South Bailey 

Carolyn Harrison Waike, '69, 1036 Oakwood Drive 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24015, Woodson. 

Caroline Walker, '70, 200 Panorama Drive, Marion 
Virginia 24354, Spencer Ml. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Watson. '69, 300 Sierra Drive 
Chesapeake. Virginia 23320, Woodson II. 

Mary Welby Wattles, '71. 25 Church Street, 
Staunton, Virginia 24401, Memorial. 

Laura Fray Watts, '70, Breezemont Farm, Bright 
wood, Virginia 22715, Hill Top. 

Margaret Elaine Weidman, '70, 1621 Greystone 
Road, Charleston, West Virginia 25314. Spencer 

Laura Virginia Weiskittel, '70, 6909 Bellona Ave- 
nue, Baltimore, Maryland 21212, Spencer II. 

Marion Elizabeth Wells. '70, Glenwood, 1015 Route 
522 North, Lewistown, Pennsylvania 17044, Spencer 

Anne Clifton West, '71, 7818 Hampden Lane, 
Bethesda, Maryland 20014, Spencer II. 

Jeanette Olive West, '70, 2421 North Harding 
Boulevard, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226, South 


Judith Walker West, '69, 3 Lexington Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23226, Little House. 

Mary Postell Weston. '69. 1548 Kathwood Drive. 
Columbia. South Carolina 29206, Spencer II. 

Dorothy Anne Whitaker, '69, 1425 Canterbury 
Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27608, North Bailey. 

Lynn Barringer White, '69, 5214 Rolfe Avenue, 
Norfolk, Virginia 23508, McClung. 

Kathleen Victoria Whitley, '71, R.F.D. I, Mountain 
Road, Stowe, Vermont 05672, Spencer III. 

Robin Laughon Whitten. '71, 1423 Cedar Lane, 
Norfolk, Virginia 23508, Spencer I. 

Gail Frances Wlghtman, '71, 66 Bertrand Drive, 
Princeton, New Jersey 08540, Memorial. 

Marsha Margaret Wilklns. '69, Route I, Alton. 
Virginia 24520, South Bailey. 

Norma Lee Wllley. '71, 970 Audubon Drive. Mem- 
phis, Tennessee 38117, Memorial. 

Carolyn Marie Williams. '69. Route I. Box 210, Suf- 
folk, Virginia 23434, Memorial. 

Marcia Lee Williams, '71, 2864 Glenvale Drive, 
Fairfax, Virginia 22030, Woodson II. 

Martha Hayes Williams. '70. Meadowbrook Heights, 
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901, French House. 

Frances Susan Williamson, '70, 1318 Olive Street, 
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601, Spencer Ml. 

Isabel Symmers Williamson. '71, Route 3, Darling- 
ton, South Carolina 29523, McClung. 

Frances Nell Wilson, 71. Box 576, Reldsviiie, 
North Carolina 27320, McClung. 

Laura Lee Young Wilson, 70, 1400 Berkeley Road, 
Columbia, South Carolina 29205, North Bailey. 

Nancy Powers Wilson, 70, 317 Oakwood Circle, 
Danville, Virginia 24541, Spencer III. 

Virginia Lou Wilson, 71, 1912 West Elm Street, 
El Dorado, Arkansas 71730, Spencer III. 

Melissa Herring Wimbish, 71, P. O. Box 25, 
Nathalie, Virginia 24577, Spencer II. 

Linda Carolyn Winner, 71, 4608 Brookside Drive, 
Alexandria, Virginia 22312, Woodson IV. 

Nancy Jean Winters, 71, 1001 Tennessee Avenue, 
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312, South Bailey. 

Judith Ann Wirth, 70, 206 Seneca Road Rich- 
mond, Virginia 23226, Hill Top. 

Mary Jane Wirtz, '69, 8 East Palisades Drive Little 
Rock, Arkansas 72207, Hill Top. 

Madge McFall Wiseman, 71, 404 Maple Lane 
Danville, Virginia 24541, Hill Top. 

Claudia Jean Withers, 71. 4829 Barfield Road, 
Memphis, Tennessee 38117, McClung. 

Mary Margaret Wood. 70, 3331 Woodridge Place, 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503. Woodson II. 

Elizabeth Noell Woodward, 71, 108 Tempsford 
Lane, Richmond, Virginia 23226, Spencer III. 

Margaret Sherwood Wright, 71, Taliaferro-Cole 
House. Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, 
Virginia 23185, South Bailey. 

Clara Engle Yokley, '69, 224 Howard Street, Mount 
Airy, North Carolina 27030, Little House. 

Susan Lynn Zagora, 71, 2715 Sharon Road, 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211, Hill Top. 

Mary Christianna Ziebe, 70, 3315 Kensington Ave- 
nue, Richmond, Virginia 23221, Woodson III. 

30 Si 

niENCH fRfES 20 

PIE 20 



First and Merchant's 
National Bank 

Beverley and Augusta Streets 

Staunton Paint 

Wallpaper Company 

120 South Lewis Street 

Staunton Steam 
Laundry, Inc. 

Hampton and Hall Streets 

The Elbov\^ Room 

Frederick Street 

Thos. Hogshead, Inc. 

Beverley and Augusta Streets 


Charleston, South Carolina 

Palais Royal 

105 East Beverley Street 


Fishersville, Virginia 

Staunton Creamery, Inc 

Distributors of 

Monticello Dairy 


117 South Lewis Street 

Staunton White 
Way Laundry 

Peabody and Robertson Sts. 
Branch: 1600 West Beverley Street 


^^. IH^ 

Max Mix 
Beauty Salon 

117 West Frederick 

Telephone TU 6-9261 

Established 1897 

Schmid's Printery 

Book Job and Offset Printing 

124 East Beverley Street 

Ingleside Motel 

Volley Pike 

Legget's Woodrow Wilson 

Department Store Gift Shop 

1 16 West Beverley Street 

Frederick Street 

Grafton's Park 

Middlebrook Road 


Phone: 885-2526 

irifl^H ^ 

Morgan Music Center 

15 North Central Avenue 

Staunton Fruit 
and Produce 

13 South Augusta Street 

Mary Baldwin 
College Bookstore 


19 East Beverley Street 


Coin N^ Counter Cafeteria 

For That Extra Service Beyond The Scope Of An Automatic Cafeteria 

Offers The 

Service Counter Plus Automatic Vending 

Knopp Brothers, Inc. 
Lumber Supplies 

867 Middlebrook Avenue 


r\ ^ 

h III 

Schwartzchild's Inc 

17 East Beverley Street 

Stanley Warner 
Dixie Theatre 

141 East Beverley Street 


* > 

City Cab & 
Jones Taxi 

Jimmy Anderson 
Food Mart 

"We Dose But Never Close' 
Phone: 886-3471 

835 Springhill Road 

New York 
Dress Shop 

7 South New Street 

Dr. Pepper 
Bottling Company 

1008 Greenville Avenue 

Cocky Rodger's 
Hen House 

"On the Mary Baldwin Corner" 
32 North New Street 




Staunton Coca-Cola 
Bottling Works, Inc. 

Phone: 886-3427 

H. L. Lang 
and Company 

Shoe Store 

9 East Beverley Street 

Quick-Livick, Inc 

708 C Street 

1 1 West Beverley Street 


Rowe's Steak House 
Holsinger Lumber Co., Inc. 
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company 
Augusta Dairies 
Wood>vard's Cleaners 
Walter's Wholesale, Inc. 
The National Valley Bank 
Staunton Bowling Lanes, Inc. 
Wright's Dairy Rite Drive In 
Ast Hardware 
Worthington Hard>vare 
Bailey Spencer Hardware 
Chevy Chase 
Crown Jewelers 
The Clothes Closet 

Social break from a cluttered morning squeezes into a size 
small lunch swept onto the table by a tray-bearing Eta Beta. 
On off days (that is, Cheese Betty, liver, etc.) there is always 
the Snack Bar featuring fried egg sandwiches and chili dogs. 

But there are never off days from study, from book-clut- 
tered desks from microscopes and efforts at discovery. 

Therefore — 

What I've been wanting to say is — that 
ultinnately the steps lead up. . . 

But, then again, direction is impression- 
istic — a variable dependent on the color of 
the air and sun and shadow. Evenings come 
endlessly — purpling home from nowhere, 
keeping the night's true identity secret. 
And direction is difficult in darkness. So — 

Patterns are the key — everywhere 
squares and circles, circles and squares 
with sunlight swimming in a window pane — 
trying to weave order from a how, why, 
because world where there are no doors — 
only ways in and ways out. 

Charlotte Hoffman, editor