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Full text of "Mary Baldwin College Bluestocking 1973"

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• -^ •* ' ''''^ 

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•» ^,-jV'' 

• ■■ 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

■■^- '..;■■•■ 



mary bald win college 
Staunton, Virginia 


because their four years were his first four years, the 
senior class dedicates the 1973 bluestocking to dr. 
and mrs. william kelly with thanks. 

table of contents 


faculty and staff 130 

off-campus programs 170 

Events 178 

advertising 226 

[ directories 242 




' '''i 








; ;«M' . JfTMP^BJ 


— r-t-j; 


^ ■'" 







fes^_~l ^s;--^ 




go piaGidly amid^ 

and the haste, and remember 

what peace there may be in 


as far as possible without 

surrender be on good terms 

with all persons, 
speak your truth quietly 

and clearly; and listen to 
others, even the dull a 
ignorant; they too have 

their storyl 





h $llr^ 

avoid loud and aggressive persons, 

they are vexations to the spirit. 

if you compare yourself with others you may 

become vain and bitter; for always there will 

be greater and lesser persons than yourself. 

enjoy your achievements as well as your plans, 
keep interested in your own career, however, humble; 
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. 

be yourself. 

especially do not feign affection. 

neither be cynical about love; 

for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment 

it is as perennial as the grass. 

take kindly the counsel of the years, 

gracefully surrendering the things of youth. 

nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. 

but do not distress yourself witti imaginings. 

many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. 

beyond a wtiolesome discipline, be gentle witti yourself. 















bR^ . 1 







you area child of the universe 

no less than the trees and stars; 

you have a right to be here. 

and whether or not it is clear to you, 

no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. 

therefore be at peace with god, 

whatever you conceive him to be. 

and whatever your labors and aspirations, 

in the noisy confusion of life 

keep peace with your soul. 

with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, 

it is still a beautiful world. 

be cheerful. 

strive to be happy. 





V * Ti J m 

(vet <^ 


♦.*'» ^ ' 


.. 1 

■« • \i 







. ' 



t:"^ f 







1 Spanish house 

2 woodson4 

3 south bailey 


1 edmondson 

2 spencer 2 

3 memorial 

4 woodson 3 

i ''^. 


senior class officers: 

alice hansbarger 


nancy reese 


sallie brush 


robyn timberlake 


karen burton 

social chairman 

1 emmie brandt aichele 

2 susan lynn alexander 

^ I 

1 martha Carolyn amos 

2 margaret nottingham baldwin 

3 Carolyn holmes avery 
political science 

:'«}.;, * 


v/uf <4J 


[ ^mL 


^^B ^^Ti^ 

1 beryl Joyce barn es 

2 jo anri ayscue berry 

3 pamelia brooke bird 

1 mary karen burton 

2 mary bruce chandler 

3 ruthie locelyn ciraldo 

1 sally govan deitrick 

2 helen elizabeth delgado 

3 donna jean deitz 
psychology and biology 

4 melanie lane dexter 

5 susan day dibrell 

1 mildred ellen farquharson 

2 Virginia day fauntleroy 

3 ruth luoma fenstermacher 

1 ronna cathy ferrara 
art and trench 

2 Patricia maury tieisher 

3 Christine tlora 


f ''? 

1 patricia gonzalez 
biology and Spanish 

2 nancy patricia greever 

3 paula lynn evans gregory 



1 martha karen hildebrand 

2 carmen dorcas holden 

3 mary Virginia hotchkiss 
religion and ptiilosophy 

1 anne parsons Jones 

2 kathryn anne krauter 

3 lucy joan biddies kirby 

4 susan Carlisle Jones 

5 agnes meredith kelly 

6 eleanor hoover landstreet 

1 ella jean lewis 

2 eloise lennox 

3 kitty kim lewis 

1 maxine loving matthews 

2 dorothy lucile may 


3 Sandra louise may 


• « is^*********^^ 



1 beverly burke mccaskill 

2 carol elizabeth mcchesney 
political science 

3 ann thomas mcclure 


1 sarah franklyn mccormick 
political science 

2 Sandra lynn mcgown 


3 Clare turner mcmann 


4 elizabetti palmer moore 

5 janeann morton 

6 mary Virginia mudd 

1 margaret musselman 

2 julia borden offen 

3 diana Stockton parker 

4 anne rutherford paul 

5 margarita lee partridge 

6 Sharon jane parker 












1 3 

1 diana olivia phinney 

2 Helen bowie plummer 
"Ni^N. history 

.^ 1 J 3 elizabeth chapm pollard 
..%iitail art 

1 louise huston reid 

2 elizabeth weir riddier 


1 barbara lane kmsely roberts 

2 lennet colbert robinson 

1 katherine pinkney rodes 

2 elizabeth gardner roller 



1 ^ I 

4 kathleen adams thomasson 

1 robyn timberlake 

2 mary leighton turley 

3 Sharon calliham timmerman 

4 louisegilmer tubbs 

5 Susan etheridge thorn 


6 mary elizabeth v. totin 
psychology and sociology 

7 deborah dorsey veale 

8 margaret anne logan vincie 

1 margaret beery wilson 

2 mary I. yoakim wilkmson 

we're the class of 73, 
grooviest at m.b.c. 
we're the first to drink the beer, 
beauty always brings boys here, 
spirit brought us brand new rules, 
as for brains, we ain't fools, 
we're the best at m.b.c! 1-9-7-3! 
united are we! 1-9-7-3! 

emmie brandt aichele; 100 ashley avenue: 
Charleston, south Carolina 29401 

Susan lynn alexander; 1415 the terrace; 
hagerstown, maryland 21740 

martha carolyn amcs; 1025 rockford road, 
high point, north Carolina 27262 

carolyn holmes avery; 1009 francisco 
road; richmond, Virginia 23229 

margaret nairn baldwin; 603 pincecrest 
road; farmville, Virginia 23901 

beryl |oyce barnes; 3654 narrow lane road; 
montgomery, alabama 36111 

)o ann ayscue berry; 219f ridgecrests 
apartments; verona, Virginia 24482 

pamelia brooke bird; 1500 cedar lane; nor- 
folk, Virginia 23508 

deborah |0 brand; 304 north mam street, 
lexington, Virginia 24450 

Sandra jane bremer; p,o. box 212; pine- 
hurst, north Carolina 28374 

sarah elizabeth brush; 2550 swathmore 
road; richmond, Virginia 23235 

margaret ann bryant; 1501 sterling road; 
charlotte, north Carolina 28209 

susan graham buchanan; us, a, english 
command, europe; a.p.o, new york, new 
york 09757 

mary karen burton; 1367 liggates road, 
lynchburg, Virginia 24502 

mary bruce chandler; 280 south eighth 
street; v*ytheville, Virginia 24382 

ruthie locelyn ciraldo; 1909 breckenridge 
drive; atlanta, georgia 30329 

julle ann dark; 3504 centenary; dallas, 
texas 75225 

susan chadwick cocke; 405 east beverly 
street; Staunton, Virginia 24401 

mary jane conger; box 686; mathews, Vir- 
ginia 23109 

marione moore council; box 366, lake 
waccamaw. north Carolina 28450 

india Virginia phillips counselman; 5311 
rolfe avenue, norfolk, Virginia 23508 

teresa ann criser; 1514 robert e. lee drive, 
Wilmington, north Carolina 28401 

Catherine hayward cross; 317 dundee 
place; devon, Pennsylvania 19333 

amelia lee Cunningham; 518 sylvan drive; 
longview, texas 75601 

sally govan deitrick; 8126 sawmill road, 
richmond, Virginia 23229 

donna |ean deitz; box 65; belmont, north 
Carolina, 28012 

helen elizabeth delgado; 2130 lawsett 
road; winter park, florida 32789 

melanie jane dexter; 20 grange walk; fair 
haven, newiersey 07701 

susan day dibrell; 130 Virginia avenue; 
danville, Virginia 24551 

Imda ann dodd; 1633 la salle avenue; 
mclean, Virginia 22101 

deidre louise dougherty; 812 holston ave- 
nue; bristol, tennessee 36720 

sarah belle eason; blue ridge school; dyke, 
Virginia 22935 

demaris ann elsasser; 5220 studeley ave- 
nue, norfolk, Virginia 23508 

caria lynn bradley evans; 9741 good luck 
road, apartment 9; seabrook, maryland 

mildred ellen farquharson; 108 calvin 
street; bluefield, Virginia 24605 

Virginia day fauntleroy; otterbourne, route 
l,altavista, Virginia 22310 

ruth mane luoma fenstermacher; zanoni, 
Virginia 23191 

ronna cathy ferrara, 6599 lisa lane; Cincin- 
nati, Ohio 45243 

patricia maury fleisher, 3522 fort hill 
drive; alexandria, Virginia 22310 

Christine flora, 4308 grandm road ext., 
S.W.; roanoke, Virginia 24018 

alice katherine frank; 200 churchwardens 
road; baltimore, maryland 21212 

camille glass gaffron; 1208 east mam 
street; brownsville, tennessee 38012 

terry massie gage; church street south; 

port gibson, mississippi 39150 

patricia gonzalez; calle 73, no, 41b 14; 
barranquilla, Colombia 

nancy patricia greever, burkes garden, vir 
ginia 24608 

paula lynn evans gregory; bloxom, Virginia 

mary peyton hamilton; 8969 colesbury 
place; fairfax, Virginia 24608 

eugenia lee hancock; 2515 cliffmont ave- 
nue; bluefield, west Virginia 24701 

alice burch hansbarger; 3805 bosworth 
drive, S.W.; roanoke, Virginia 24014 

anne katherine hatfield, 2649 club park 
road, winston-salem, north Carolina 27104 

ludith maclachlan herndon; po box 102, 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

katherine paul hewitt; 1143 gypsy lane 
east; towson, maryland 21204 

martha karen hildebrand; 630 dogwood 
drive; salem, Virginia 24153 

carmen dorcas holden; 400 pine street; 
newport arkansas 72112 

mary Virginia hotchkiss; 1534 cloncurry 
road; norfolk, Virginia 23505 

jane barron hudgins; 7634 north shore 
road; norfolk, Virginia 23505 

cynthia mane huffstetler; 119 parkway 
drive; newport news, Virginia 23606 

patricia ann hughes, 6508 forest hill ave- 
nue; richmond, Virginia 23225 

margeret elizabeth ivey; 2204 granville 
road, greensboro, north Carolina 27405 

carol delano lackson; 5011 greenleaf road; 
baltimore, maryland 21210 

carol shafer lackson, 4623 edgefield road; 
bethseda, maryland 20014 

sally anne lacoby, 2119 avenel avenue, 
S.W., roanoke, Virginia 24015 

sarah frances lames; 1137 gypsy lane east; 
tovBon; maryland 21204 

candace lean lohnson; department of 
state, buenos aires; Washington, d,c 

anne parsons Jones; quarters 4b, v. a. hos- 
pital; Clarksburg, west Virginia 26301 

susan Carlisle |ones. 285 south 20th 
street; wytheville, Virginia 24382 

agnes meredith kelly; 5022 prestwick 
drive; fairfax, Virginia 22030 

lucy loan biddies kirby; 220 swimming 
point walk; Portsmouth, Virginia 23704 

kathryn anne krauter; 515 wyngate road; 
timonium, maryland 21093 

eleanor hoover landstreet, route 3; york, 
south Carolina 29745 

eloise lennox; 45 edgewood road; Staun- 
ton, Virginia 24401 

ella lean lewis; 807 hill street, rocky 
mount, north Carolina 27801 

kitty kim lewis, box 38; fieldale, Virginia 

marcia ann lohr, wilson heights, po, box 
1027; elkins, west Virginia 26241 

Imda joy lueders; 9407 claymont drive; 
richmond, Virginia 23229 

elysa maddox; 1500 louden heights road; 
Charleston, west Virginia 23514 

maxine loving matthews; 11500 edenberry 
drive; richmond, Virginia 23235 

dorothy lucile may; 2115 kirby road, 
memphis, tennessee 38138 

Sandra louise may; 2740 rettig road; rich- 
mond, Virginia 23225 

beverly burke mccaskill; route 5, box 392; 
lexington, Virginia 24450 

carol elizabeth mcchesney; 1401 sunset 
avenue; rocky mount, north Carolina 

ann thomas mcclure; 900 bowyer lane; 
lexington, Virginia 24450 

sarah franklyn mccormick; 2365 schenley 
drive; richmond, vrigima 23235 

sandra lynn mcgown; 6607 billings drive; 
annandale, Virginia 22003 

dare turner mcmann; 5315 west 95th ter- 
race, apartment 210; Shawnee mission, 
kansas 66207 

elizabeth palmer moore: 10 huntley road; 
richmond, Virginia 23226 

lane ann morton; 63 dreahook road; so- 
merville, new lersey 08875 

mary Virginia mudd; 117 croflley road; 
lutherville.maryland 21093 

margaret musselman, 160 grisv»old drive; 
youngstown, ohio 44512 

lulia borden often; 73 north princeton cir- 
cle; lynctiburg, Virginia 24503 

diana Stockton parker; 4413 harrison 
street, n v»., Washington d.c 20015 

Sharon lane parker; 306 yates street, mer- 
rit hills, south boston, Virginia 24592 

margarita lee partridge; 8615 dora court; 
annandale, Virginia 22003 

anne rutherford paul; 94 church street; 
Charleston, south Carolina 29401 

mary elizabeth doyle pershing; 2207 south 
peninsula drive; daytona beach, florida 

rebecca trances pettigrew; 134 springside 
drive; timonium, maryland 21093 

barbara ann phillips; 1227 brook hollov* 
road; tov^son, maryland 21204 

diana olivia phinney; 718 prescott circle; 
newport nev*s, Virginia 23502 

helen bowie plummer. headquarters, third 
armored cavalry; fort bliss, texas 79916 

elizabeth chapin pollard; 706 college ter- 
race; v»illiamsburg. Virginia 23185 

betty smith rabenhorst; 207 cameron 
street; alexandria. Virginia 22314 

sarah bethiah rainey, 62 linden square 
east; wellesley. massachusetts 02181 

mary lots ramkey; 222 east v»ashington: 
Charles town. v«est Virginia 25414 

susanne lyles reaves; 39 river avenue; 
monmouth beach, nev» jersey 07750 

anne Sheldon reese; box 3811; greenville, 
delaware 19807 

louise huston reid. 411 victoria court; Vi- 
enna. Virginia 22180 

elizabeth v»eir riddler; 111 woodhaven 
drive; lackson. tennessee 38301 

linda lee forbes riley; 3210 avenham ave- 
nue, s,w.; roanoke, Virginia 24018 

georgia diane robert; box 555 a; mcdonogh 
road; pikesville, maryland 21208 

barbara lane knisely roberts; 414 canter- 
bury lane, s.w.; roanoke, Virginia 24014 

lennet colbert robinson; 76 ashley avenue; 
Charleston, south Carolina 29401 

katherine pinkney rodes; 3030 hemlock 
road, S.W.; roanoke, Virginia 24014 

elizabeth gardner roller; 505 fraser lane, 
box 894; Staunton, Virginia 24401 

melanie anne ross; 1027 swinks mill road; 
mclean. Virginia 22101 

Carroll denise royer; 1038 north shore 
road; norfolk, Virginia 23505 

fanita ruth russell; 215 rockhill drive: san 

antonio. texas 78209 

lulie drayton russell; 2313 cortland street; 
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 

dare lindsay ryland; route 4, box 374; 
mechanicsville, Virginia 23111 

martha daniska sayblach; r.f.d. 5. tottens 
trailer court: lexington. Virginia 24450 

donna huntington shanklin; box 31; wesley 
chapel road: monkton, maryland 21111 

lois randolph Siegfried: 1810 aisquith 
road; richmond. Virginia 23229 

amelia ann smith; route 7; richmond. ken 
tucky 40475 

losephine leigh smith; 142 cave lane; san 
antonio, texas 78209 

kailynn dark sprinkle; 633 marshall 
street; salem, Virginia 24153 

sarah celeste stallworth; 39 legare street; 
Charleston, south Carolina 29401 

anne gladding stern; 4002 lakeview drive; 
greenville. delaware 19807 

martha finley taylor; p.o, box 55; abmg- 
don. Virginia 24210 

kathleen adams thomasson; 718 sunset 
drive; bedford, Virginia 24523 

anne lourdes m. thompson: 100 carrollton 
terrace: Charlottesville. Virginia 22902 

linda lane thorn: 2501 montevallo road, 
birmingham. alabama 35223 

Susan etheridge thorn; 1307 pamela place: 
norfolk. Virginia 23509 

robyn timerlake: 209 fairlane; greenville. 
north Carolina 27834 

Sharon gail calliham timmerman; bauskets 
street: edgefield. south Carolina 29824 

mary elizabeth v. totin; p.o, box 1025; 
mckenney. virgmia 23872 

louise gilmer tubbs: 756 boulevard: west- 
field, new jersey 07090 

mary leighton turley; 1224 summit drive: 
lexington. kentucky 40502 

deborah dorsey veale; 2630 longwood 
drive: Wilmington, delaware 19803 

margaret anne logan vincie: 318 baldwin 
drive; Staunton. Virginia 24401 

martha Simpson wagoner: 7402 westfield 
road: richmond. Virginia 23226 

grace roseborough white: 636 north elev- 
enth street: biytheville. arkansas 72315 

mary lynn white; 6203 palterson avenue; 
richmond. Virginia 23226 

elizabeth rochelle wilgus: 224 south grace 
street: rocky mount, north Carolina 27801 

mary I. yoakim Wilkinson; 2460 pine ave- 
nue; buena vista. Virginia 24416 

margaret beery wilson; 3923 margate 
drive: richmond. Virginia 23235 

trances lane winn; 1319 darnel avenue: 
norfolk. Virginia 23505 


junior class officers: 

lesiie marek 


ginnie Johnson 


dee dee lewis 


jean temple 


jo ann peacock 

social chairman 





becky lones 
bet keller 







^^^^^^^^^Bi^it:^ -' 


N ''^^^^^1 




^ j^^^^^^H 












' "^^JSfl 


ByBflv J^'^^^^PIW 

P^^ ^^ 'TiiitJ^^B 

B "^^H 



'y Tjf »^^<^^n^^H 




BS^A[ "^^^ 


^^K ' ^^^^^H 


^m£y k '■ «>T. 

wkX^f^- '^^S^^^^^^ 










^K '' ^ 


Judy kennedy 
patty lacy 
wanda lewin 
dee dee lewis 

mama mcmaster 
debbie merchant 
mary warren montague 
pam morrison 

BS^f^fX^ , 



lossie noell 


Susan poole 
Caroline price 
helen radclifle 

Itl \ 


betsy read 
Carole russell 
merri scibal 
lisa Sloan 

barbara veitch 
sarah wampler 

we're the class of 74 
we're the girls the boys adore, 
we're the ones who have the fun. 
you will catch us on the run. 
we will study night and day, 
so on weekends we can play 
there's never been a class before 
like l-9-7-4!| 

sophomore class officers: 

betsy smith 
pam shell 
anne Johnston 
nancy Sherman 

lynn amador 
nancy ambler 
kalhy anderson 

sophomores i 









^^^L > 



€^ 1 



"> 1 

^^P^ v,»,y^ 

kathy anderson 
debbie atkinson 
Connie bak 
martha barbee 


bobble carden 
nita Carlson 
noe) carson 


susan brown 
maureen burckell 
charna caddy 

{\^ V.-rs^ 

georgia daily 
beth davis 
lan deforrest 
vicki deiarnelte 

sally dexter 
Susan duffy 

molly ely 
elizabeth evans 
karen fagnani 

ginny henninger 
Carole hicks 
su23nne higgjns 
rachel hobbs 

Janet farrar 
anne feddeman 
beverley feild 

beth hughes 
kathy hull 
penny hunt 
debbie irby 


lucy lewis 
nancy locke 
anne lonnquest 
libby lott 

suzie maxson 
lauren mcadam 
charlotte mcclees 
iibby mccullough 

margaret mcgeorge 
susie mcginley 
sara mcintosh 
hollon meaders 

mary |im morgan 
biz2ie murray 
margaret muse 
robm neel 

van nevins 
Caroline newton 
robyn nietert 
trances noonan 

hbby Patterson 
pam patton 
pat piorkowski 
katharine pitt 


beth schulhof 
pam shell 

nancy gray Sherman 
janney shoemaker 

Stephanie Simpson 

betsy smith 
beth spillman 
seashols starks 
eva stimson 



i'» ' ;;\ ■ j^XJs f ;<' .'•3^,55/5?s\ 

Susan walton 
mercer watt 
bunny whitcomb 
susan wllkerson 

sally Williams 
susan Williams 
charlotte Williamson 
marisue wmg 

debi wood 
weltha wood 
robin zeltner 

we're the class of 75. 

when it's night we come ahve. 

rye or scotch or beer or gin — 

it matters not, we get it in. 

we've got the men; we've got the booze. 

with looks like ours, how can we lose? 

for the best we will strive. 








freshmen class 


paula randall 


Carroll blair 


hallie head 


allison hall 


maltha dobyns 
susan dugan 

Shirley douglass 
pam dunbar 


■ v: \i«6 

patty duncan 
maica del rio 
marcia evans 

^- lucyfairchild- 
S; zoefearon 

mary Steele ferguson 

jane fisher 
martha frank 
brooke fremd 
emily ann fulgham 


anne graves 
mary elizabeth graybeal 
lane griffin 
Suzanne griffin 

amy roberson 
peggy roberts 
Susan rodeil 
evelyn rollason 

Joanne russell 
mary russell 

ann shields 
Susan shipman 

Vickie Simons 

emelia stuart 
val sutton 

we're the class of 76 

we are always up to tricks., 

either place, we'll give 'em hell. 

if you offer us a beer, 

soon your booze will disappear. 

for a date the boys will pick 


libby swanner 
susan swearingen 
susan thomas 
barbara thompson 

amy wlldman 
Carolyn williams 
lillbet ziller 

faculty and staff 



of the 






of the 



jane wilhelm, administrative as- 
sistant to the president 

joan gilbert, secretary to the vice- 

Carolyn meeks, secretary to tfie 

brooke woods, 
director of student life 

liz Jennings, 

assistant director of student life 

kitty burnley, 
secretary to the director 

John blackburn, director of admissions 
ellen hoitz, director of financial aid 
kit o'bannon, admissions counselor 
peggy evans, admissions counselor 
evelyn garber, secretary to the director 
ann shenk, secretary 

roy patteson, jr., director of development 
sally brubeck, research assistant 
linda wagener, research assistant 

alfred I. booth, registrar 

Judy carr, secretary to the registrar 
bettie beard, recorder 

Virginia munee, alumnae director 

betty barr, secretary to the director 

nancy dull, gift recorder 

fran schmid, career planning and placement 

richard beauchamp, chaplain 

fred powell. director of the computer 

melvin sweeney. computer operator 


information services: 
dolores lescure, director 
sioux miles, assistant director 

career and personal guidance center: 
lillian pennell, director 
Stephen henderson, assistant director 
sarah draper, secretary 

sarah talbott, 
secretary to the faculty 

gertrude davis, librarian 

alice simpkins, head of readers' services 

dorothy ferrell, head cataloger 

jeannette ewing, technical services assistant 

helena koiner, head of interlibrary loan 

Janet leonard, audio-visual director 

melba melton, acquisitions assistant 

christa cartwright, circulation assistant 

bernice pannell, library aide 

Catherine venable, library aide 

margaret Oliver 
louise rader 
eleanor wilson 

mildred earman 
mrs. lester richardson 
mrs. warren moore 

Clementine macdiarmid, 

supervisor of interiors and furnishings 

georgie baldwin, peggy crawford, goldie fountain, geneva green, mary huggard, 
frances jackson, charlene Johnson, louise Johnson, rosa Johnston, juanita jones, 
juanita Kearney, ophelia kier, Catherine maddox, lucille newman, helen pannell, 
corenna rhoads, helen rowland, mildred scott, dolores shelton, helen simms, 
edna tate, ida mae thomas, hattie thomas, Catherine venable, alice wardy, Irene 
washby, charlotte white. 

betty carr, director of food service 
kathryn robertson, assistant director 
pauline bell, gregory breckenridge, david brown, 
edmonia calloway, ada hackett, karen hall, fred 
harris, alien Johnson, ann Johnson, william 
Johnson, wilnette lemons, edith osborne, thom- 
as reed, claramae sheffey, connie slaven, glenn 
smith, melva smith, grant wilson, george Williams 

physical plant and security staff: 

w.l. alphin, c.w. hartley, leroy bowman, d.l. brown, j.r. brown, 
w.t. Campbell, r.w. chandler, e.l. coyner, a.g. fisher, r.j. free- 
men, anthony deola, b.w. grenger, g.l. grenger, j.l. fretwell, 
j.m. garrett, w.m. gowan, p.o. hinkle, w.d. hinkle, james jacl<- 
son, w.l. Johnson, h.j. Jones, r.l. komer, w.c. la port, i.a. lesley, 
calvin morris, benny palmer, t.a. rowe, j.m. sheffey. 

roger palmer, physical plant administrator 

William Campbell, plant engineer 

richard crone, superintendent of buildings 

edward dietz, superintendent of grounds 

d.m. thompson, supervisor of safety and 


Connie corbin, secretary 


faculty emeriti 

marshall moore brice 
herbert lee bridges, jr. 
mary swan carroll 
John b. daffin 
Clara j. flansburgh 
martha stackhouse grafton 
thomas hancock grafton 
nfiarguerite hillhouse 
nfiary e. humphreys 
mary e. lakenan 
ruth mcneil 
anne elizabeth parker 
frank Wilson price* 
lillian rudeseal 
James t.spillman 
fannie barth Strauss 
mildred e. taylor 
herbert s. turner 
Julia f. Weill 

board of trustees 

class of 1973 
willits h. bowditch 
nchard p. gifford 
h. hiter hams, jr. 
weston p. hatfield 
the rev. william r. klein 
mrs. James t. tucker 

class of 1974 

andrew j. brent 

the rev. John w. cowan, d.d. 

mrs. John demmg 

the rev. paul t. eckel 

judge |. aubrey matthews 

w.w. sproul 

class of 1975 

mrs. t.a. grant 

mrs. george a. kegley 

ralph VI. kittle 

the rev. |Ohn d. macleod, j 


robert watt 

class of 1976 

John h. Cecil, jr. 
justice george m. cochran 
paul 0. hirschbiel 
horace p. mcneal 
mrs don montgomery 
marvin b. perry, )r. 

class of 1977 
darnel g. donovan 
mrs. w. hayne hipp 
a.g. mcneese, jr. 
William e. reid 
r.r. smith 


art department: 

ulysse desportes 
mary echols 
Sylvia hays 

biology department: 

elizabeth conant 
ann king 
John mehner 
ellen vopicka 
frank wilbur 

chemistry department: 

elizabeth mauger 
James patrick 
randy rea 

drama department: 

fletcher Collins, jr. 
ginny francisco 

economics department: 

James hainer 
barnard logan 

education department: 

dudley buck 
norma corbin 
mary Irving 





english department: 

Joseph garrison, jr. 
James lott 
ethel smeak 
ben smith, jr. 
frank southerington 

french department: joanne ferriot, charlotte hogsett, eugenie kouyoumtzoglou, vega lytton. 

german department: 

kurt kehr 
sigrid novak 


I . Jii»' 

music department: 

carl broman 
gordon page 
ruth solie 

mathematics department: 

dawn fisher 
William galbraith 
jane sawyer 
robert weiss 

history department: 

John Campbell 
robert lafleur 
James mcpherson 
John Stanley 

psychology department: 

ashton trice, jr. 
jerry venn 

political science department: 

physical education department: 

robbins gates 
frank pancake 

lois bJackburn 
linda geoghegan 
bette hughes 
betty kegley 
gwen walsh 

Spanish department: 

sally banks 
dorothy mulberry 
gratia ridge 


junior year in pans: 
trances Jacob, director 
ann alien 
roxanne barnes 
Sylvia blankenstiip 
Claudia carter 
aurelia crawford 
myra cushman 
Virginia garber 
martha golden 
mary kelley 
custer larue 
Valerie lee 
brenda seymore 
barbara watson 

junior year in madrid: 

barbara ely, director 
tina ameen 
sally brush 
jerry hill 
brenda phelps 

summer programs 

oxford university: 

goethe institute: 

Carolyn amos 


blissie buford 



Judith sydnor 

lee Cunningham 

margaret ivey 

joanie kirby 

shari parker 

anne paul 

fanita russ^ll 

lindsay ryland 

grace white 

other students abroad 


kathy beaman 

kathy gibson 

nary warren montague 


wysor west 

diane white 


harriet betts 


lee Cunningham 
harriett hughes 
missy mallonee 
anne perrm 
liz Simons 
sarah wampler 


mary hotchkiss 

\'"/ V, '\ h 

, \ 'N. ' iWi '■' 

^JU v\/ /t 




davidson college: 

Carolyn bailey 
nina cory 
ann day 

susan englander 
sarah hill 
betsy hunsucker 
martha |ones 
bonnie kennedy 
nancy ross 
betty Samuels 
sue Schmidt 
ginger sproul 
lynn thompson 
|ulie Williams 
beth ziebe 

randolph-macon college: 

beth davis 
margaret Stanley 

Washington and lee university: 

susan buchanan 
Caroline kraft 
ann mcclure 


apple day 






and speakers 

george v. taylor 


on the 


sophomore ,, 




m^ f: 

big weekend 

"— .1 



J 4:1 

r ^ ' ^ ''•Si*'' 




fine arts 


gamma rays on 








1 I « i 1. 8 i S » L«!«ii^ - - . J ■ ■ 

phi beta kappa: 

pam bird, Julie dark, mary jane 
conger, dee dougherly, ronna fer- 
rara, nancy greever, elizabeth 
Henderson, kay hewitt, meredith 
kelly, anne krauter, elia jean lew- 
is, Julie often, diana parker, peggy 
partridge, Julie russell, randy Sieg- 
fried, margaret logan vincie. 

phi alpha theta: 

susan baughman, bllssie buford, 
mary jane conger, nancy greever, 
margaret ivy, dolores lescure, ella 
jean lewis, valerie lund, ann reh- 
mann, martha wagoner. " 

beta beta beta: 

connie bak, patty chitwood, susan cocke, elizabeth conant, donna deitz, brenda 
horseman greer, alice hansbarger, jamie hewell, eve hitchman, bonnie hohn, har- 
riett hughes, meg ivy, cynthia Johnson, ann king, cheryl leitch, dee dee lewis, anne 
lonnquest, hollon meaders, John mehner, debbie merchant, nancy moncure, jane 
morton, pam patton, becky pettigrew, mindy ratliff, michele richard, julie russell, 
randy Siegfried, kathy smallwood, robyn timberlake, ellen vopicka, diane white, 
frank Wilbur, leighyates. 

who's who amont students in american collejes and universities: 

Carolyn amos, donna deitz, helen delgado, sarah belle eason, camille 
gaffron, lee hancock, alice hansbarger, kay Hewitt, joanie kirby. bar- 
bara knisely, ella jean lewis, barb phlllips. 

laurel society: 

susan baughman, richard bauchamp, cat boyn- 
ton, sally brush, betty carr, ann day, donna 
deitz, helen delgado, dee dougherty, sarah belle 
eason, nancy greever, lee hancock, carmen hoi- 
den mary hotchkiss, joanie kirby, barbara 
knisely, patty lacy, ella jean lewis, sandy may, 
beverly burke mccaskill, ginger mudd. julie of- 
ten, diana parker. barb phillips. sarah rainey. 
gardner roller, lisa sloan. barbara young. 

campus guides: 

anne anderson, kathy anderson, cqnnie bak, leigh banks, dee bran- 
don, margaret brown, bobbie carden, hassie dark, sarah clarke, lucy 
craddock, beth davis, meg gerrish, susan hamner, susan heiner, ter- 
ry huff man, claudette hurtt, mimi jackson, laurie Jones, jan Jordan, 
Sharon keys, blaine kinney, pepper kirby, kathy knight, nancy locke, 
susie maxson, martha marstiall, libby mccullough, margaret 
mcgeorge, susan mcginley, ginger maier, robin neel, anne hunter 
plonk, mindy ratliff, pam shell, beverly shenk, kathy smallwood, 
betsy smith, beth spillman, Caroline slowe; susan turner, deedi 
walker, bunny whitcomb, sally Williams. 

honor scholars: 

penny adkins, kippy arthur, lucy fairchild, corry hankinson, bonnie 
klinefelter, pat loosemore, mary ann naber, donna neudorfer, joanne 
palmer, susan palmer, jane rast. lynda young. 

marshall moore brice award 
for creative writinf 

ginger mudd 

cynthia anna durham award 
kathryn spencer 

russell award 

Caroline price 

martha stackhouse grafton award 

mary jane conger 
margarita lee partridge 

algernon Sydney sullivan medallion 
student award 

ella jean lewis 

algernon Sydney sullivan medallion 
non -student award 

lili smith 

executive committee: 

Caroline amos 
sarah belle eason 
lee haneock 
kay hewitt 
barb phillips 
sally Williams 

president's forum: 

beryl barnes, cathe boynton, 
donna dietz, linda dodd, toni 
hansbarger, carmen holden, 

. joanie kirby, ella jean lewis, 
Valerie lund.lesiiemarek, 
becky pettigrew, sarah rainey 

■ Carole russell, bev shenk, bet 
sy smith, kailynn sprinkle, 
debbie v-eale, sandy wandris- 
co, charlotte Williams. 

susan baughman 
cathe boynton 
bliss buford 
sally dillard 
geri frye 

elizabeth Henderson 
harriet hughes 
becky jones 
dee dee lewis 
missy mallonee 
lossie noell 
Caroline price 
lisa Sloan 
mimi smith 
leigh yates 

Sylvia baldwin 
Carroll blair 
prince carr 
lu gay chenery 
dede head 
hallie head 
nancy brown lawler 
maudie martin 
ivy lyrin liiathias 
paula randall 
laura wall 
lisa wall 



honor council: 

barb phillips, 
patty chitwood 
carmen holden 
elizabeth henderson 
meg ivy 
sandy may 
lindsay ryland 

judiciary board: 

Carolyn amos, 

connie bak 
blissie buford 
ruthie ciraldo 
katy colville 
sally dillard 
carol hutchins 
maxine matthews 
susie maxson 
libby mccullough 
peggy musselman 
kailynn sprinkle 
susan thorn 

house president's 

key hewitt, 
kathy anderson 
pam bird 
lou coukos 
dee dougherty 
ann faris 
geri frye 
toni frye 
anne Jones 
joanie kirby 
Valerie lund 
Julie often 
beverly shenk 
meann smith 
Judith sydnor 
robyn timberlake 
leighton turley 
Julie willims 







student activities 

mmdy ratliff, co-chairman 
lisa Sloan, co-chairman 
susan baughman 
susan cooley 
susan Jones 
nancy locke 
becky pettigrew 
gardner rolier 
mary lea snyder 

chairman of freshmen 

barbara knisely 

coordinator of campus 

helen delgado 

> * 

,>, V,,-'; 

social committee: 

lane winn, chairman 
karen burton 
niki hoose 
nancy locke 
margaret mcgeorge 
Joanne peacock 



^^^^H valerie lund, sandy wandnsco, 








emily ann fulgham, 



meg ivy, lucy 1 

^^^^H maddox. 




meeker, carolyn 1 

^^^^^1 anne 


david patteson, m( 

)lly ramkey. 






meann smitti, mimi 



^^^H peggy 


board of publications: 

ella lean lewis, chairman, nancy ambler, a. I. 
booth, mane ferrara. camille gaffron. |oseph 
garrison, |r., |oanie kirby, delores lescure, 
lames lott, valerie lund, lindsay ryland, ann 
rehmann, meann smith, sara spratling, 
sandy wandnsco. 

campus comments: 

camille gaffron, editor, nancy ambler, nancy 
benham, mary oUia cox, niki hoose, ginger 
maier, sandy may, becky pettigrew, nancy 
reese, ann rehmann, merri scibal, meann smith, 
mary lea snyder, kailynn sprinkle, leighton tur- 
ley, bunny whitcomb, charlotte Williamson. 


loanie kirby, editor, cat boynton, bliss buford, 
paula evans, lee hancock, mary warren 
montague, helen radcliffe, leighton turley, bar- 
bara young. 

loulse boswell, kathy eubank, corry hankinson, car- 
men holden, ann Jones, laurie lefave, ginger mudd, 
kathryn spencer, sue starks, anne stern, linda thorn, 

402 workshop: 

nancy ambler 

paula evans 

anne merry 

mary warren montaque 

kathryn spencer 

eva stimson 

ashton trice 

dance {roup: 

robin boyd, susan burden, patty chit- 
wood, lucy craddock, anne cridlin, kay 
dinsmore, anne faris, Virginia fauntleroy, 
pat fleischer, edwina guin, holly harper, 
carmen holden, kirn lewis, patty iieblich, 
martha marshall, libby mccullough, sally 
minsker, nancy moncure, julie often, 
karen painter. 

martha barbee, beryl barnes, Christiana 
beardsley, nancy benham, susan brown, 
Clair Colbert, georgia daily, debbie dav- 
ies, zoe fearon, emily ann fulgham, beth 
grove, allison hall, ginny henninger, kay 
hewitt, mary kirby, sharon maddox, max- 
ine matthews, susan mcginley, donna 
neudorfer, ann nickerson, trances noon- 
an, Joanne palmer, debra perry, nancy 
poole, sarah rainey, vicky reynolds, Suz- 
anne rhodes, norwood ricks, amy robert- 
son, fanita russell, ann skinner, beth 
spillman, Judith sydnor, colby taylor, 
barbara thompson, laura wall, amy wild- 
man, shelly wilgus, susan wilkerson, 
debbie wood. 


nr nr 

11 i=m 

tennis team: 

anne anderson, sylvia baldwin, sue ann camp- 
bell, katy colville, shirley douglas, pat eldridge, 
martha anne ellis, mary Steele ferguson, torn 
frye, stiawn keys, sandy may, lauren mcadam, 
lisa miley, ann munger, diana parker, Joanne 
peacock, joanne russell, vicki simons, susan 
stoltz, lilibet zHIer, mary tiotctikiss. 

golf team: 

geri frye, carmen holden, sandra lorenzo, lisa 

basketball team: 

diana parker, kailynn sprinkle, co-captains, conme bak, sylvia 
baldwm, nan birchall. pat eldridge, torn frye, kathy lee, san- 
dra lorenzo, leslie marek, lisa miley, adele pressley, mary 
ruth nchardson, vicki Simons. 

recreation association: 

torn frye, chairman, debbie atkmson, sylvia baldwm. nan bir- 
chall, hassie dark, meg dworshak, pat eldridge, lavetta en- 
och, gen frye, j.j. fulton, sue hebrank, anne krauter, elysa 
maddox, pam patton, vicki simons, mercer watt. 


college republicans: 

branch, charna caddy, tag 
Clarke, lucy craddock, vicki 
Crocker, debby davies, jan 
deforrest, patty duncan, 
paula evans, beverly field, 
pat fliesher, mary elizabeth 
graybeal, susan green, zoe 
green, chad gubblns, susan 
hazelwood, laura hearne, 
lynn howard, terry huff- 
man, margy Jones, anne 
kelsey, barbara lewis, jane 
link, linda leuders, harriet 
marrow, ivy lynn mathias, 
libbymccullough, sally 
minsker, nancy moncure, 
Carolyn moore, micki 
muse, lucy pais, shelly 
randall, lisa read, cathy 
redd, mary rider, marjorie 
sanner, beth sharer, randy 
Siegfried, susan shipman, 
swanner, lucy tomlinson, 
bonnietuggle, dorothy full, 
zoe wavell, robin zeltner. 

Spanish club: 

lynn amador, kathy ander- 
son, helen delgado, maica 
del rio, peggy partridge, 
mercer watt. 

young democrats: 

lisa boyd, cathe boynton, 
donna dietz, linda dodd, 
lee hancock, Judy herndon, 
celie hicks, dianehilton, 
Cheryl hydrick, nan jack, 
patti lieblick,sheena 
mackenzie, melanie ross, 
Carolyn Williams. 

voluntary action center 

voluntary action center: 

donna dietz, director, connie bak, suzanne 
higgins, Cheryl leitch, ginger maier, carol til- 
son, leighton turley, barbara wick, 


peggy bryson, prince carr, dinsey cochran, page crenshaw, debbie 
dull, demi elsasser, marcia evans, ann goggin, mimi lackson, bet 
keller, pepper kirby, dana leckie, cheryl leitch, ella lean lewis, mary 
warren montague, lossie noell, betty rabenhorst, nancy robertson, 
meann smith, wezie tubbs. 

religious life committee: 

sarati rainey, ctiairman, linda bloxom, cat boynton, carl broman, 
donna deitz, carl edwards, liz evans, carmen tiolden, ella lean lewis, 
linda lenders, nancy iQcke, mary mccarty, libby mccullough, ginger 
mudd, trances noonan, gordon page, gardner roller, lisa sloan, ben 
smitti, jerry venn, ctiarlotte Williamson, welttia wood. 

eta betas: 

sarati belle eason, leslie marek, head eta betas, irene 
benggon, karen burton, nita carlson, claire colbert, 
lackie colbert, cullen craddock, vicky crocker, faith 
durrer, debbie davies, lavetta enoch, gen frye, torn 
frye, paula gregory. susan hamner, laura hearne, eliza- 
beth henderson, marty k. hildebrand, eleanor land- 
street, mary kirby, beverly lewis, )ulie lloyd, anne 
lonnquest, donnette morgan, suzanne nelson, nancy 
nowak, diana parker, linda perez, sandy may, tern 
powell, lulie often, anne rickards, mary ruth richard- 
son, susan rodell, debbie spence, barbara veitch, su- 
san walton, dail willis, aileen tracy, meann smith. 

day students organization: 

beverly shenk. president, jo ann berry, jo brand, Judy 
carr, ester caul, sharon dietz, lynn fainter, brenda 
greer, jane griffin, suzanne griffin, may hassan, vicki 
hawes, |udy herndon, Judy kennedy, margaret lancas- 
ter, eloise lennox, jane lucas. beverly mccaskill, donna 
palmer, david patteson, pat piorkowski, julie russell, 
martha sayblack, macie scheuer, pam schmid, rob 
sergeant, linda skillman, susan smyer, margaret stone- 
burner, Sharon timmerman, margaret vincie, kathryn 
wafle, k. yyard, mary Wilkinson. 



n B b I 




■ ^m 

r— ^-^.^ 




■ J "^I'-r^^jMI 


fc.'— '.^^^^^ 

- ''^H 


^E .^^^^^HF 



^^ j^HHK 

> *--.-r— J] 


^' ^1 




•iii«r' . w- 


Staunton fabric center 

for a your sewing needs 
lohnson street 

community federa 
savings and oan 

aundry and c eaners 

robertson & peabody 

strader& company, inc. 

investment securities 
5 south market street 

dod distributing, inc. 

distributors of 


sehlitz malt liquor 

encore beer 
old milwaukee 

united Virginia bank 
national valley 

1111 greenville avenue 

1410 cburchville avenue 

814 west beverly street 


full-service banking 




jewel box 

18 west beverly street 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 


palais royal 

the house of fashion 

105 east beverly street 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 


*'*. *K*l>itU-i««t,* 

beautiful clothes 
fine furs 






open monday — Saturday 

10:00 a.m. -9:30 p.m. 

toll free phones 


route 11 south 
Staunton plaza 


Staunton bowling lanes 

831 greenville avenue 

Staunton, Virginia 


macke vending company 


[y baldwjn book store 

holsinger lumber company 

harner wheels, inc. 

drive a datsun then decide 


John harner 
marion harner 
tom farrish 


We know what you're looking for 

Staunton plaza 
route 11 south 
Staunton, Virginia 


Staunton steam laundry 

for a great press 

colonial Virginia hospitality with 
seventy-five hand-crafted sandwiches 

ron steffey — your host 

three shoppes open with more to come 
for our native state of Virginia 

chez marie 

for the well dressed girl 

In every bottle. 

augusta dairies 

a division of Shenandoah's pride 
valley milk for valley people 

ivent to school, too. 

So besides our 
regular checking, 
savings, loans and 
such, we're well 
attuned to specia 
student needs. 
Like parent/student joint 
checking or savings, education 
loans and the like. 

At F&M we have a specia 
interest in students. Because a 
lot of them turn c^ut to he our 
best customers. 

And some turn out to be 
our best bankers, too. First &. 
Merchants National Bank. 
Member FDIC. .^ _ _ 


Your lifetime bank 

new york dress shop 

joe's restaurant 

specializes in pizza and spaghetti 

(american food, too) 

scott & stringfellow 
investment bankers and brokers 
members new york stock exchange 
29 east beverly street 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

kenney's family restaurant 

steaks, seafood, and special plate lunches 



monday — thursday 

11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

friday and Saturday 

11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 


11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Staunton piazza shopping center 

'''■■■:■.:,■■,■ ;/,f->. 

Wright's dairyrite 


te^.,:- - ^0 W 

1 VI 

crown jewelers for fine jewelry 

worthington hardware company 

six east beveriey street 

wholesale hardware 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 



Staunton, Virginia 24401 

-^ If 


elbow room 


■ ?66'bsrtlBSv!ltie,-(JI<latii)mHT«03 

iP) pendielon adkins, 75; 24 charnwood 
OAd. richmond. Virginia 23229 

ann barnngton alien. 74: 8013 s 
wood road: richmond, Virginia 23229 

lynn adador. 75: m rodrlguez serra: eirey 
6a: sanfurce. Puerto rico 00907 

nancy morison ambler, 75: 1332 cloncur 
ry road: norfolk. Virginia 23505 

tina rae ameen, 74: 338 chapel bell lane: 
houslon, texas 77024 

karen ann andersen, 76; route 5; hdrseleg 
creek road; rome. georgia 30161 

anna kalharine anderson. 75: 306 tucka- 
hoe boulevard: ricfiinond, Virginia 23226 

anne ayres ander:son. '75; 2613 bretton 
road; wichita falls, tews 76308 

kathy lynn anderson. 75: 121 mccurdy 
drive; Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15235 

ann rochelle arey, 74; 4545 wornall park- 
way; twr 809: kansas city, missoun 64111 

kippy karen arthur, 76; 1170 woodburn 
road: Spartanburg, south Carolina 29302 

deborah jane afkinson. 75; 1958 morris 
street: sarasota, (lorida 33579 

rebecca lucille autrey, 76; 20 colonial 
drive: texarkana, arkansas 75501 

Susannah r. averett, 76: 1412 club drive 
lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

Carolyn lochn«r bailey, 75; 1317 north 
forest avenue; orlando, florida 32803 

Pamela bailey; 2609 eston drive; staunton 
Virginia 24401 

Constance anne bak. 75; 258 caster 
parkway; irvington, new |ersey 07111 

baldwin, 74. 325. 

Sylvia baldwin. 76. 4604 tarpon iane 
exandria. Virginia 22309 

leigh hunter banks. 75: 107 45th 
Virginia beach, Virginia 23451 

marttia ellen barbee, 75; 1014 north roch- 
ester street: arlington. Virginia 22205 

amanda lane t. barber. 76: p.o. box 446, 
nacogducties. texas 75961 

jthloen d barksdale. 
Stive: daylon. ohio4541S 

Susan elizabeth baughman. 74: 908 emer- 
aid drive; alexandria, Virginia 22308 

mary katherine beaman. 74; 20720 valley 
forge drive, fairview park, ohio 44107 

Christina m. beardsley. 76; p.o, box 150; 
heber springs, arkansas 72543 

priscilla lynn bechter, 76; prospect place, 
501 prospect, frederick, maryland 21701 

karen theresa becks, 75; 627 b street. 
Staunton. Virginia 24401 

deborah e. belleau. 76; 72 lordan lane: 
mobile, alabama 36608 

Carroll gale belser, 75; 32 murray blvd.; 
Charleston, south Carolina 29401 

elinor wheelock beU. 74: 2 apple tree 
lane: st. louis. missoun 63124 

Irene betty benggon, '75, kota kinabalu. 
peti sural 1907; sabah. malaysia 

nancy jo benham, 75; 2837 rush mendon 
road: honeoye falls, newyork 14472 

mary louise bennent. 76: 8'° west wesley 
road. n.w.. atlanta, georgia 30327 

lynda ann bergen, 75; mt. pleasant farm, 
box 228: worton, maryland 21678 

harriet anne belts, 74; p.o. box 137; hen- 
derson, north Carolina 27536 

Susan carter bickerstaff. 75; 1008 bald- 
win road; richmond, Virginia 23229 

cynlhia anne biehn. 74: 45 foster square. 
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 15212 

rebecca ellen bien. 74: 1141c charles 
view way: towson. maryland 21204 

nan tinsley birchall. 75: 41 hawk street, 
new Orleans, louisiana 70124 

Carroll shannon blair. 76: 5301 ditchley 
road: richmond, Virginia 23226 

sylvia lynn blankeiiship. 74 2933 brabson 
drive: knoxvitle. tennessee 37918 

linda ann bloxom, 76: 904 west 30th 
street: Wilmington, delaware 19802 

elizabeth ann boggs, 76: v.a hospital; sal 
em. Virginia 24153 

louise dearborn boswell. 74; 3206 ashby 
street. S.W.: roanoke. Virginia 24015 

ellen mason bowler, 74; 1515 someisei 
drive, lynchburg, Virginia 2450,- 

crine jean boynlon. 74: apt : ' 
19 court: tort lauderdale. ilor 

florence dee brandon. 75; 720 fugate 
avenue: charlotte, north Carolina 28205 

charlotte carol hrelsford, 74; 2322 south 
Chilton: tyler. texas 75701 

maigaret elizabeth brown, 75: 2922 
bransford road: augusta, geoigia 30904 

margaret lee bryson, 75; route 1; 
pepperidge road; leswisville, north 
Carolina 27023 

bliss whitehead buford. 74: 7 ralston 
road: richmond. Virginia 23229 

ann maureen burckell. 075: r.f.d. 2. box 
235; kinggeorge, Virginia 22485 

susan talmage burdon, 76: 382 broadway: 
new Orleans, louisiana 70118 

barbara ann busboom, 75; 7205 warbler 
lane; mclean, Virginia 22101 

mary hannah bush. 95? georgetown street; 
apt 3; Staunton. Virginia 24401 

charna bennett caddy, 75; 84 kilburn 
road; garden city, new york 1 1530 

Catherine alice cameron, 76; hackney 
road; chagrin falls. Ohio 44022 

sue ann Campbell, 76: 1581 mesquite 
street: wichita falls, texas 76302 

barbara louise carden, 75; 1418 west 
drive, s.w.: roanoke, Virginia 24015 

oneita florence carlson. 75. route 3. box 
106: burgess. Virginia 22432 

Sandra irene carlson, 76, 119 rock castle 
avenue; box 234; crewe, Virginia 23930 

ludith gailcarr, 75: 100 south lynnhaven 
drive: Staunton, Virginia 24401 

margaret prince carr. 76: 2416 sterling 
point diive: Portsmouth, Virginia 23703 

ellen noe! carson. 75: p.o box 635; 
pulaski. Virginia 24301 

laura Claudia carter, 74; 1430 arr 
bridge road, norfolk, virgmia 23507 

christa t. cartwnght: 313 vine stree 
saunlon, virgmia 24401 

ith randolph cary, 74; 
v'lchburg, Virginia 24503 

asephine caul, 74; 412 north new 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

58: cofdoba, argentina: south americ'a 

lucille gary chenery, 76; 1800 logan 
street: bonair, Virginia 23235 

gail borden chisholm. 76: 502 highland 
road; lexington. Virginia 24450 

patty anne chitwood. 74; pine ridge road; 
wytheville. Virginia 24382 

Catherine crowell choate, 75: 2236 
sanford lane: charlotte, north Carolina 

kathryn mehl cimini, 75: 1836 milan 
street; new Orleans, louisiana 70115 

ann hathaway dark. 75: 502 edgevale 
road; baltimore, maryland 21210 

deborah f. clarke, 76: 2201 hopedale 
avenue; charlotte, north Carolina 28207 

mary katherine clarke, 76; 221 south lee 
street; alexandria, Virginia 22314 

sarah mildred clarke, 75; 2900 dartmouth 
road; alexandria, Virginia 22314 

dorothea claudi: 2943 esens nordsee: weg 
32; munklenlander, germany 

alice dinsmore cochran. 76; 18 woodburn 
road; Spartanburg, south Carolina 29302 

marian g. coey; steephill: staunton. 
Virginia 24401 

patricia grace cotfey. 75: 511 pitt street: 
fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 

claire elizabeth colbert. 76: 1606 bngham 
road: richmond, Virginia 23226 

lacqueline hart colbert, 74: 1606 bngham 
road; richmond. Virginia 23226 

deborah lee coleman, 76; 31 clarendon 
road; birmmgham, alabama 35213 

elizabeth anne coleman. 74: 805 mecklen- 
burg avenue: south hill, Virginia 23970 

lane page coleman. 75; rt. 8. creekside 
farm; greeneville, tennessee 37743 

janette shaw m. coleman, 74, 8 highland 
road; richmond, Virginia 23229 

martha stuart coleman, 76; 31 clarendon 
road; birmingham, alabama 35213 

r katherine colville, 74; 1 12 fifth avenue; 
montgomery, west Virginia 25136 

celia maureen compton, 76; 355 airport 
road; Spartanburg, south Carolina 29301 

deborah anne conner. 76: p.o. box 488: 
brookneal, virgmia 24528 

louise cook. 75: p.o. box 322; lovington. 
Virginia 22949 

'lanch, 76; 3 yonah dr 

ne chanin. 76; 247 piedmont 
und brook, new lefsey 08805 

susan brown coolcy. 74; 1617 vinton 
avenue; memphis. tennessee 38104 

louisville. keentucky 40207 

louise marie coukos, 74; 2820 westches- 
ter road; richmond, Virginia 23225 

mary olivia cox, 075; 913 emerald drive; 
aieiandria. Virginia 22308 

cullen c. craddock, '75; 4635 fieldale 
road: lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

lucile feild craddock, 75; 1035 ashland 
place; lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

aurelia avesta crawfod, 74; 206 fontaine 
street; waynesboro. Virginia 22980 

c. camille cremers, 74; r.d, 2. viarwick 
furnace road; pottstown, Pennsylvania 

page robins crenshav*, 75; 1001 graydon 
avenue: norfolk, Virginia 23507 

anne layne cridlin. 76; box 12; crozler, 
Virginia 3039 

Suzanne lov»ry crist. 76: 2042 queens 
road: charlotte, north Carolina 28207 

victoria marie crocker, 76: 1840 arona 
avenue: St. paul. minnesota 55113 

mcredith ann crolius, 76; 24 edgerton 
street; darien, Connecticut 06820 

alayne spengler crov»ell. 75; 3108 carol 
court; alexandria. louisianna 71301 

torn louise crowther; 127 sproul lane; 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

newell elizabeth croy, 76: 275 John knox 
road, c206: lallahassee, florida 32303 

myra anne cushman, 74; 3111 cheverly 
avenue: cheverly, maryland 20785 

georgia anne daily, 75; 1 bickfield drive: 
hamplon, Virginia 23366 

phyllis ann dameron, 76: 1 mcarthur 
street; tabor city, north carlina 28463 

nancy Winston daniel, 74; 1000 borden 
road; richmond, Virginia 23229 

deborah elizabeth davies, 75; 2620 sena- 
tor; texarkana, arkansas 75501 

betty Stewart davis. 74; 2321 buckingham 
avenue; richmond, Virginia 23228 

martha Isabel davis, 75; 2809 avenham 
avenue, s.w.; roanoke, Virginia 24014 

mary elizabeth davis, 75; 3 hillcroft drive: 30161 

ann bowman day, 74; box 27205: 
richmond, Virginia 23261 

barbara elizabeth dear, 76; 5102 marlyn 
drive; Washington, d.c. 20016 

jan denny deforrest, 75; 331 penn street, 
box 375; hunlingdon, Pennsylvania 16652 

maria del carmen del no; andres mellado 

sally Susan dexter. 75; 20 grange walk; 
lair haven, new jersey 07701 

marie calhoun dienst, 74; 3223 walton 
way; augusta, georgia 30904 

:Sharon marie dietz, 76; 2 hancock street; 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

sally lawson dillard, 74: 1403 friend 
avenue: south boston. Virginia 24592 

Charles thomas dillon; 212 popular street: 
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 

eveiyn e. sawyer diment: manchester 
townhouse, 1400a: Staunton, Virginia 

mary katherine dinsmore, 76; 4313 coun- 
try club circle; Virginia beach, Virginia 

jane ellen disher, 76; 17 robbin drive; 
skillman, new jersey 08558 

debra mary dobbins: 76: box 787: 
litchfield, Connecticut 06759 

martha eldridge dobyns, 76: 321 institute 
hill; lexington, Virginia 24450 

Shirley m. douglass, 76; 4412 lorraine 
street: dallas, texas 75205 

nancy lane doyle, 74: box 176: hillside; 
lowell, michigan 49331 

Joyce ellen dudek, 74; 603 westvlew 
avenue; bedfort, Virginia 24523 

Susan beatrice duffy, 75: 186 eden road; 
Stamford, Connecticut 05907 

Susan elizabeth dugan, 76: 4500 williwaw 
way; a.p.o.; Seattle, Washington 98742 

deborah lynn dull, 75; 351 monticello 
avenue; harrjsonburg, Virginia 22801 

Pamela holt dunbar. 76; 3901 bosworth 
drive, s.w.; roanoke. Virginia 24014 

patricia e. duncan, 76: 54 senator reesors 
drive; markham, Ontario, Canada 

faith gurney durrer, 75; 7r3 catlett 
street; Springfield, Virginia 22151 

margaret nairn dworshak, 74; 7712 per- 
simmon tree lane; bethesda, maryland 

lili kay eanes. 76; route 1; box 342; 
mechanicsville, Virginia 23111 

pat perrine eldridge, 75; 438 montclair; 
carpus chrisll, texas 78412 

martha anne ellis, 75; friars pom! road: 
route 1; box 666: clarksdale, mississippi 

molly ely, 75: 7 riverside drive; rosewell, 
new mexico 88201 

street; hempstead, new york 1 1550 

lavetla rose enoch. 74; 1209 grayson ave- 
nue, n,w.: roanoke, Virginia 24017 

barbara may eriksen: 15 south lynnhaven 
drive; Staunton. Virginia 24401 

kathryn ellen eubank. 75: 53 blackburn 
place: summit, new jersey 07901 

elizabeth anne evans. 75: 8434 willow 
forge road; spnngtield. Virginia 22150 

marcia anne evans. 76: 1503 friend 
avenue; south boston, Virginia 24592 

cynthia lane ezell, 76: 6102 elisabethan 
drive: nashville. tennessee 37205 

karen |. fagnani. 75; 2900 maple road; 
camp hill. Pennsylvania 17011 

marjorie lynn fainter, 75; 528 Virginia 
avenue; Stuarts draft, Virginia 24477 

lucile m. fairchild, 76; route 7; box 15; 
reidsviile, north Carolina 27320 

Janet baker farrar, 75; 108 Virginia drive: 
box 171; summerville, georgia 30747 

sally stickley farrar, 74; box 1142, pam- 
plin, Virginia 23958 

zoe ann fearon, 76; 506 mam street; onei- 
da, new york 13421 

anne feddeman, 75: route 3; lexington, 
Virginia 24450 

beverley seward field: 75; 486 westwood 
drive; woodbury, new jersey 08096 

mary Steele ferguson, 76; 2701 briarcliff 
place; charlotte, north Carolina 28207 

emily marie ferrara, 74; 13 legare street; 
Charleston, south carlina 29401 

Joan pinson ferrell, 76; 511 cathedral 
drive: alexandria, Virginia 22314 

mabel may fetterman, 76; box 306, 704 
raleigh road; Clinton, north Carolina 28328 

elizabeth susan fisher, 75; 800 camden 
avenue; Salisbury, maryland 21801 

jane scharf fisher, 76: 800 camden 
avenue; Salisbury, maryland 21801 

ann fletcher, 513 guilford avenue; 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

martha p. foster; 1231 sunset lane; 
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 

abble stuart fox, 74; 119 50th street: 
Virginia beach. Virginia 23451 

martha katheryn frank. 76; 5035 
algonquin way; okemos, michigan 48864 

brooke fremd, 76; 900 valley view rod; 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15243 

geri holly frye, 74; beach street; litchfield, 
Connecticut 06759 

litchfield, Connecticut 06759 

emily ann fulgham. 76: 4414 lorraine: 
dallas, teas 75205 

jerry Virginia fulton. 75; 200 ellamar road: 
west palm beach, flonda 33405 

Virginia susan garber, 74; 5104 duvall 
drive; Washington, d.c. 20016 

margaret page garris, 75; 7633 argyle 
avenue; norfolk, Virginia 23505 

elizabeth jane gately, 75; 3713 north 
military road; arlington, Virginia 22207 

sherri anne gay, 75; 601 live oak 
plantation; tallahassee, florida 32303 

margaret osborn gerrish, 75; 9915 east 
bexhill drive; kenslngton, maryland 20795 

anne Catherine gibson, 74; 2861 fairmont 
road: Winston salem, north Carolina 27106 

ann hughes goggin, 74; box 426; rocky 
mount, Virginia 24151 

martha mallette golden, 74; 1210 east 
Washington street; thomasville, georgia 

phyllis turner gordon; 1661 new hope 
road, apt. 42; waynesboro, Virginia 22980 

Janet latane gouldman, 75; oak grove, 
Virginia 22443 

nancy jean grant, 75; 327 golf course 
drive; raleigh, north Carolina 27610 

anne mcmullen graves, 76, hihil; syria, 
Virginia 22743 

mary elizabeth graybeal, 76: route 3, box 
350; taewefl. Virginia 24651 

susan kathleen green, 75; 1711 colony 
road; Salisbury, north carolma 28144 

zoe anne green, 75; 5408 cary street road; 
richmond, Virginia 23226 

brenda c. horseman greer. 74; 136 
bitternut lane; Charlottesville, Virginia 

jane anne griffin, 76; 817 mt. elliott 
avenue; staunton, Virginia 24401 

Suzanne griffin, 76: 817 mt. elliott 
avenue; staunton, Virginia 24401 

elizabeth yates grove, 76, 3835 amber 
way circle, s.w.; roanoke, Virginia 24018 

eleanor chandler gubbins, 76; 4908 hoi 
lyridge drive; raleigh, north carolma 

edwina gay guinn, 76; 15617 myrtle 
avenue; harvey. Illinois 60426 

eliza mason hagan, 75; 11 roslyn road; 
richmond, Virginia 23226 

alfreda a. while hainer, 74; 705 opie 
street; staunton, Virginia 24401 

Susan pryor hamner. 75: 808 lakewate 
drive: nchmond, vireinia 23229 ■. 

corry linne ha'nkison, 76:, 400 south mail 
street: pennington, new jersey 08534 

holliday harrlson harper, 76: 3801 ridge 
view road.north; arlington, Virginia 22207 

lanet f. hartison. 74: box 209: leesbur 

viremia 22075 

lisa seep harvey, 75: south perry hill r. d. 
5; titusville, Pennsylvania 16354 

anne theresa haslip. 76: 6831 silver lane: 
annandale, Virginia ,22003 

may all sabra hassan. 75: blue ridge apts., 
apt. 12L: verona. Virginia 24482 

royce yvonne tiassell, 75: 308 Constance 
drive; Chesapeake. Virginia 23320 

vicki lee hawes. 76: 908 ridgecrest cricle: 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

susan ealine hazelwood, 76: box 307: 
south hill, Virginia 23970 

douglass denise head, 76: 4113 old leeds 
lane; birminghann, alabama 35213 

hallie cochran head, 76; 3364 faring road; 
birmingham, alabama 35223 

laura louesa hearne, 76; r.fd, 1, box 101 
colifton toge, Virginia 24422 

dorothy sue hebrank, 75; 14 hermitage 
road; greenville, south Carolina 29607 

Caroline tove hedegaard. 75: 7 grafton 
street: chevy chase, maryland 20015 

susan grant heiner. 75; 25 twin lake aine; 
richmond, Virginia 23229 

elizabeth t. henderson, 74; nassawado 
Virginia 23413 

trances i- henderson, 76; 316 fairlane 
drive; spartanburg, south Carolina 29301 

Jennifer henely, 
texas 75701 

2714 henson: tyler. 

Valerie jocelyn henney, 74: 119 
Sacramento drive; hampton, Virginia 

Virginia jean henninger, 75; 802 dexter 
road: roanoke. Virginia 24019 

irobel foshee herring. 74; 3110 
heath«rhill road, s.e,: hunlsville, alabama 

patricia louise herter, 76: 10775 deborah 
drive': potomac. maryland 20854 

Carole anne hicks. 75: 3500 letferson 
davis highway: fredericksburg, Virginia 

celia parry hicks, 74; 2611 cornwallis ave. 
s.e.: roanoke, Virginia 24014 

katherine kobler hicks, 76; 410 lanie lane; 
shreveport,louisianna 71106 

lucy hampton higgins, 75: 6000 york 
road: richmond, Virginia 23225 

nancy Suzanne higgins, 75; qtrs7, usa; st. 
louis a.s,c.: granite city. Illinois 62040 

ruth lerauld hill, 74: 1604 kirby drive; 
houston, texas 77019 

sarah lockridge hill. 74; 1809 matoax 
avenue: Petersburg, Virginia 23803 

diane elaine hilton, 76; 4772 n.w. 3rd 
court; ft, lauderdale.florida 33313 

eve anne hitchman, 74; clO hitchcock 
court apts.; aiken, south Carolina 29801 

katherine spruce hobbs, 75; 1918 quarry 
road; lynchburg. Virginia 24503 

rachel walker hobbs, 75: 124 holly road: 
Williamsburg. Virginia 23185 

alice Wilson hobson, 74; 110 tanglewood 
drive; frankfort, kentucky 40601 

mary holly hockett, 75; box 579: tappa- 
hannock, Virginia 22560 

linda stoy holder, 75: 10221 apache road; 
richmond, Virginia 23235 

mary pamela boilings, 76; 25 queen 
street; Charleston, south Carolina 29401 

James holt, 19 ridgewood drive; Staunton, 
Virginia 24401 

monica hoose, 74; 3000 dartmouth road; 
alexandria, Virginia 22314 

patricia h. murphy horn, 2322 fontaine 
avenue; Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 

elten wimberly hory, 76; 204 south 
mcgregpr avenue; mobile, alabama 36608 

carol lynn howard, 75; 4640 player lane; 
Virginia beach, Virginia 23462 

rebecca ann howard. 76: 1907 quarry 
road; lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

terry lynn tiuffman, 75; 3002 burnleigh 
road, s.w,: roanoke, Virginia 24014 

elizabeth t. hughes, 75; r,d. 3, box 64: 
kennett square, Pennsylvania 19348 

harriett hughes, 74; 410 willowoak drive, 
s.w; roanoke, Virginia 24014 

katherine ann hull, 74; 1323 boiling ave- 
nue: norfolk, Virginia 23508 

betsy adele hunsucker, 74; 400 hillcrest, 
drive: high point, north Carolina 27262 

. katherine lee hunt. 75; 1360 penguin cir- 
cle; Virginia beach, Virginia 23451 

jane anne hunter. 74: 403 overlook circle: 
lexington. Virginia 24450 

nancy flora hunter. 74; 403 overlook cir- 
cle; lexington. Virginia 24450 

deborah ruth huntington, 3 hilltop lane, 
rfd 2; brewster. new york 10509 

claudette trower hurtt. 75: nassawadox. 
Virginia 234113, 

carol lynn, hutchins, 74; 201 wardour 
drive: annapolis, maryland 21401 

Cheryl elizabeth hydrick, 76: 1805 vin- 
cennes road; richmond, Virginia 23229 

debra anne irby. 76; 412 v.m.i. parade; 
lexington, Virginia 24450 

lisa cecile Ireland. 76; 3029 lake forest 
drive; augusta, georgia 30904 

marguerite buford ivy, 74; p. o. box 145; 
hollandale. mississippi 38748 

nancy anne jack, 75; 3502 bradley lane; 
chevy chase, maryland 20015 

melanie meredith Jackson. 75; 931 ru- 
dolph street; gainesville, georgia 30501 

marguerite b. jemison, 76; 1054 audubon 
drive; memphis. tennessee 381 17 

patricia rainer Jenkins. 76; 3705 overlook 
circle; birmingham, alabama 35213 

teresa i. Jennings, 74; 3653 clifmar road; 
baltimore, maryland 21207 

Vickie sue Jennings, 75; route 1, box 299; 
monroe, Virginia 24574 

aileen eugenia Johnson, 76; 1424 rose 
circle drive; clarksdale. mississippi 38614 

Catherine I. Johnson, 76; 7301 south flag- 
ler drive: w. palm beach, florida 33405 

Cynthia anne, lohnson, 75; 141 congress 
run road; Cincinnati. Ohio 45215 

laura lee Johnson, 75; 3814 shehngham 
place; lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

Virginia brannan Johnson, 74; 1400 Wash- 
ington avenue; fredericksburg, Virginia 

cynthia louise Johnston, 75; 517 ridgeway 
avenue; grove city, Pennsylvania 16127 

lee craddock Johnston, 75; 1316 south 
avenue; south boston, Virginia 24592 

margaret anne Johnston, 75; 111 levert 
avenue; mobile, alabama 36607 

melissa anne Johnston, 75; 44 seneca 
drive: pittsburg, Pennsylvania 15228 

anne wray Jones, 75; 2520 old bullard 
road; tyler, texas 75701 

florence thompson Jones, 75; 1502 loud- 
en heights road: Charleston, west Virginia 

laurie latcher Jones. 75; 4852 malibu 
drive; bloomfieldhill, michigan 48013 

margaret davidson Jones, 76; 2865 s, Jef- 
ferson street, sw; roanoke, Virginia 24014 

mariha taylor Jones, 74; 53 norman drive; 
birmingham. alabama 3S213 

mary reeves Jones, 75; 6 glenbrooke cir- 
.cle. east: richmond. Virginia 23229 

rebecca ann Jones. 74; 303 east 5th 
street: fulton, missouri 55251 

Janet sue Jordan, 75; Sstone thw, 8655 
Jefferson: baton rouge, louisiana 70809 

susan r. josephson. 628 fraser lane; Staun- 
ton, Virginia 24401 

brenda louise joyner, 76; p.o. box 16; 
zuni. Virginia 23898 

katherine anne kantner, 75; 2720 sevier 
street; durham, north Carolina 27705 

deborah ann keenen, 75: 7524 lake drive; 
manassas, Virginia 22110 

elizabeth law keller, 74; 4304 dover road; 
richmond, Virginia 23221 

sarah prior keller, 75; 4304 dover road; 
richmond, Virginia 23221 

mary louise kelley. 74; 147 ridgeley road; 
norfolk, Virginia 23505 

anne Catherine kelsey. 75; 4123 north 
27th street: arlington. Virginia 22207 

margaret jo kenneally, 75; 179 ferry road; 
saco. maine 04072 

bonnie rea kennedy, 74; 80 roaring brook 
road; chappaqua. new york 10514 

Judy durham kennedy. 74: springhill val- 
ley apt. g23; slaunton, Virginia 24401 

susan Clarke kennedy. 75; 20 bridge 
street: oreland, Pennsylvania 19075 

Sharon sue keys, 75: 5029 greenbriar; 
corpus christi, texas 78413 

Shawn keys, 76; 5029 greenbriar; corpus 
christi, texas 78413 

elizabeth burton kincaid, 76: 4344 
mcgirts boulevard; Jacksonville, florida 

blaine kinney, 75; 2728 n,e. 19th street; 
fort lauderdale.florida 33305 

trances langley kirby, 75; 220 swimming 
point walk; Portsmouth, Virginia 23704 

mary carol kirby, 75; route 2, box 42: 
myerstovin, Pennsylvania 17067 

, bonnie e. klinefelter, 75; 2408 hartfell 
road: timonium; maryland 21093 

katherine ann knight, 75; 3134 oxford 
road; augusta, georgia 30904 

nancy bond knight. 75; u.s. army element. 

hq, afcent, netherlands; apo; new york 

marianne kostal, 75: 2234 neish avenue: 
aliqulppa, Pennsylvania 15001 

Caroline cornella kraft, 74: 480 smith 
avenue: islip. new york 11751 

eliza davidson kraft, 75: 480 smith ave- 
nue: islip. new york 11751 

kristin e. kronmiller, 76: 3790 north 
dumbarton street: arllngton, Virginia 

patricia ann lacy, 74: 825 west fulton 
street: wytheville, Virginia 24382 

laura mcgowan lafave, 76: 3206 north 
piedmont street: arlington, Virginia 22207 

margaret anne lancaster, 74: 1919 swan- 
son drive, apt. 2: Charlottesville. Virginia 

harriet elisabeth lane, 75: 5216 deerfield 
avenue: mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 

betty custer larue, 74: box 315: hot 
springs, Virginia 24445 

nancy brown lawler. 76: box 367: rose- 
dale, mississippi 38769 

dana June leckie, 76: 207 grandview 
heights: bluefield. west Virginia 24701 

kathryn susan lee, 76: 8403 crossley 
place: alexandria, Virginia 22308 

Valerie Christine lee, 74: 8403 crossley 
place: alexandria. Virginia 22308 

Cheryl victoria leitch, 75: 15 fairtax circle: 
frederlcksburg, Virginia 22401 

susan marie lemon. 75: 1623 wilbur road: 
roanoke. Virginia 24015 

wanda sue lewin, 74: p.o. box 378: front 
royal. Virginia 22630 

barbara elizabeth lewis. 75: 3121 cathryn 
drive: columbus, georgia 31906 

beverly ann lewis, 76: 4113 rockdale 
street: savannah, georgia 31405 

Catherine campbell lewis, 74: 823 moun- 
tain road, p.o. box 192: halitax. Virginia 

dorothy elizabeth lewis, 76: 823 mountain 
road, p.o. box 192: halifax, Virginia 24558 

lucy baskerville lewis, 75: 1111 east dur- 
wood crescent: rlchmond, Virginia 23229 

sally lewis, 76: 11500 colt terrace: 
wheaton. maryland 20902 

patti shields lieblich, 76: 3603 prince Wil- 
liam drive: fairtax, Virginia 22030 

jane farris link, 76: p.o. box 217: mun- 
fordville. kentucky 42765 

urg, Virginia 23803 

holly ann lloyd. 74: 60 roycroft avenue: 
Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15228 

Julie victoria lloyd. 74: 3913 seminary 
avenue: rlchmond. Virginia 23227 

nancy lee locke. 75: 3015 Carolina ave- 
nue. S.W.: roanoke, Virginia 24014 

anne carottiers lonnquest, 75: 4214 Ihor- 
napple street: chevy chase, maryland 

patricia gay loosemore. 76: 3301 Sher- 
wood: ortonville. michigan 48462 

maria sandra lorenzo. 76: 31 orchard 
lane: uniontown. Pennsylvania 15401 

libby kathryn lott, 75: 5642 ravenel lane: 
Springfield, Virginia 22151 

jane f. saulnier lucas. 74: 2400 arlington 
boulevard: Charlottesville. Virginia 22903 

Valerie kay lund, 74: 109 la paix lane: bal- 
timore, maryland 21204 

ellen knowles lutz, 75: 308 west street: 
mobile, alabama 36604 

margaret ruth lybrand, 76: 201 race 
course street: ashland Virginia 23005 

Josephine mccaw lyles. 75: p.o. box 275: 
winnsboro. south Carolina 29180 

sheena m. mackenzie. 75: 3221 brook 
road: rlchmond, Virginia 23227 

anne bransford mackey. 75: 102 north 
mooreland road: rlchmond. Virginia 23229 

kathi eileen maddox. 76: 902 39th street: 
Vienna, west Virginia 26101 

Sharon dawn maddux. 76: 5342 selton 
avenue: Jacksonville, florida 32211 

Virginia leigh maier. 75: 27 glen road; 
mountain lakes, new jersey 07046 

kristina kate mallonee, 74: 28 twin lake 
lane: rlchmond, Virginia 23229 

leslie lucille marek. 74: 108 cynthia drive: 
kerrville, texas 78028 

harriet burt marrow, 75: 1003 main 
street: tarboro, north Carolina 27886 

martha merrick marshall, 75: 3700 man- 
ton drive: lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

sally ann marshall, 75: 118 arrowhead 
road; louisville. kentucky 40207 

maude ashley martin. 76: 62 Westminster 
drive: atlanta. georgia 30309 

carol Crawford marvil. 75: 5704 harwick 
road: Washington, d. c. 20016 

ivy lynn mathias, 76; 315 woodland ave- 
nue; lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

sally francis matthews. 75; box 859; mar- 
ion, Virginia 24354 

midland, texas 79701 

Suzanne burdette maxson. 75: 2716 fal- 
con avenue, griffiss a.f.b.. new york 13440 

elizabeth Joyce may, 75; 717 beverly way: 
martinsville. Virginia 24112 

lauren elizabeth mcadam. 75: 21 norman- 
dy terrace: bronxville, new york 10708 

alice bell mccaa. 76: 103 central avenue: 
morris plains, new jersey 07950 

margaret mccann, 75: 4620 free ferry 
road; fort smith, arkansas 72901 

mary leeves mccarty. 76; 843 hempstead 
place: charlotte, north Carolina 28207 

charlotte dare mcclees. 75; 3802 eton 
road: durham. north Carolina 27707 

karen adams mcconnell. 76: 689 balmoral 
road: winter park, florida 32789 

mary elizabeth mccullough. 75: 6607 
gilbrt drive: shreveport. louisiana 71106 

margaret byrd mcgeorge. 75; 12400 south 
bridge road; midlothian. Virginia 23113 

susan carol mcginley. 75: 2025 club 
drive: vero beach, florida 32960 

sara ligon mcintosh. 75: boyce. Virginia 

dawn ann mckibbon. 75: 1145 dixon 
drive, n.w.; gainesville. georgia 30501 

lisa lee mclane. 76; 601 wendellwood 
drive: bel air. maryland 21014 

Christie s. mclauchlan. 76: 274 stanmore 
road: baltimore. maryland 21212 

margaret susan mcmaster. 74; 21 salt box 
lane: darien. Connecticut 06820 

janie melissa mcshan. 76: mcshan lumber 
company: mcshan. alabama 35471 

martha hollon meaders. 75: 2729 devon 
road; wichita falls, texas 76308 

stone sandfort meeker, 76; 5768 north 
ewing street: indianapolis. Indiana 46220 

lois scott mengel. 76; dans hill; danville. 
vriginia 24541 

deborah ann merchant. 74: 607 south 
Samuel street: Charles town, west Virginia 

mary lee merrill; stuart ball; Staunton, vir 
ginia 24401 

anne somers merry. 75; magnolia villa. 
a4; augusta, georgia 30904 

grace ann midcap. 76: 5539 vance lack 
son road; san antonio. texas 78230 

melissa gadsden miley. 75: qtrs 9. fort 
mcnair; Washington, d.c. 20024 

jane harding miller. 76: 2289 brambleton 

jenny lynette mills. 75; 2520 montrose 
court; charlotte, north Carolina 2820? 

margaret sherrill mills. 75; 2512 evans 
street; morehead city, north carolma 

dreama angela mines. 76; route 2. box 73: 
hot springs. Virginia 24445 

sally jane minsker. 75: 1908 west Virginia 
avenue; dunbar. west Virginia 25064 

deborah lean moench. 75: 801 timber 
lane; nashville. tennessee 37215 

nancy lynn moncure. 75: 6 Westmoreland 
place: fredncksburg, Virginia 22401 

mary warren montague. 74; 3911 sulgrave 
road: rlchmond. Virginia 23221 

Carolyn nelle moomaw, 76; Orkney 
springs, Virginia 22845 

Carolyn marie moore. 76; 4611 cedell 
place: camp springs, maryland 20031 

donnette susan morgan. 76: 358 east 
street, south; suffield. Connecticut 06078 

mary james morgan. 75: 410 vmi parade: 
lexington. Virginia 24450 

Pamela ann morrison. 74; 65 sunset park 
way: asheville. north Carolina 28801 

ann lillian munger. 76: 663 fernfield cir 
cle; wayne. Pennsylvania 19087 

anne severance munn. 75; 5820 hursi 
street, apt. a: new Orleans, louisiana 

mary elizabeth murray. 75: 11810 murray 
hill drive; midlothian. Virginia 231 13 

margaret ann muse. 75; 2213 pot spring 
road; timonium. maryland 21093 

mary ann naber. 76; 6810 reynard drive: 
Springfield. Virginia 22152 

mary robin neel. 75; 1415 country lane: 
Orlando, florida 32804 

Suzanne wendy nelson. 76: 3317 cedar 
bridge road: Virginia beach. Virginia 23452 

donna jean neudorfer. 76; 4805 wilwyn 
way; rockville. maryland 20852 

Virginia ann nevins, 75: 607 edgevale 
road: baltimore. maryland 21210 

Caroline wayles newton. 75: 4730 prince 
edward drive: Jacksonville, florida 32210 

trieu thi thuy nga: 242 gia long street; sai 
gon, south Vietnam 

ann taliaferro nickerson. 76; 80 batlin 
road; fair haven, new jersey 07701 

robyn gail nietert. 75; 177 beverly road, 
huntington station, new york 1 1 746 

frances herald noonan. 75; 2720 black 

drive: (Jyersburg, tetinessee 3802'4 

janney key shoemaker, '7 
avenue; frederick. marylaji 

ross, '74;-3635 
-Dke. Virginia 2-1 

arleton russel!, 71 
tries, florida 33940 

ictona gunn sir^^' 
oad: longmeadow, ma 

Stephanie smith Simpson, 74; 608 eas! 
Tiain street; Clarksburg, w va, 2630! 

Valerie lund 
sandy wandrisco 

James lott 
business advisor: 
a. I. booth 
student advisor: 
ella jean lewis 

published by american yearbook company 

business manager: 
lindsay ryland 

victor o'neill studios 
bob llewellyn 
susan baughman 
Sharon dietz 
mary Steele ferguson 
Valerie lund 
mary mccarty 
molly ramkey 
nancy reese 

advertising manager: 
ann rehman 

section editors: 

dorms - meg ivy 

seniors — peggy wilson 

sophomores — lucy lewis, anne north 

freshmen — emily ann fulgham, carolyn moomaw 

faculty and staff - sarah sprattling 

off-campus programs — meg ivy 

events — meann smith 

organizations — kathy hull 

"desiderata" by max ehrmann ©1927 by max ehrmann, all rights reserved, copyright renewed 1954 
by bertha k. ehrmann. reprinted by permission crescendo publishing company, boston, massachusetts. 



^ ^^1 

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Hlestocking ^^^| 

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campus guides ^^^1 

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college republicans l^H 

consortium ' '^ 

coordinator of campus activities | 

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dance group 

day students 

dedication ; 

drama department ; 

economics department 


education department ' 

electra ' 

english department 






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^^^Bgy department 


freshman officers 


^^^Bth eater 




^^^Bn association 


german department 


^^^^nd philosophy department 


german house 


religious life committee 


goethe program 




golf team 






senior directory 




senior officers 


history department 




honor council 


social committee 


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house presidents' council 

H^^^re officers 


January orientation 



judiciary board 



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Spanish club 


'" ^^^K^ 

90-99 1 

Spanish department 





Bencer 1 and ground 




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j 204 

H ETimi^TilS^^^K, 


i. 204 

woodson ^^^^^H 


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::' ^^^^^^nce department :^^H 

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Rung democrats