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Volume 86 

A Look Inside 

Introduction 2 

Academics 32 

Sports 64 

Community 86 

Orgonizations 1 46 

Potrons/lndex 172 


WELCOME WAGON!! — Melissa Lunordini, 
Vicki Everton, Melissa Rogers, ond Bobbie 
Welch woir for rhe firsr Apple Doy porriers IRON 
MAIDENS — The wroughr iron furmrure on rhe 
Library Terroce is o usuol srudy spor on nice doys 
Debbie Felgin inrerruprs Christy Moody's re- 

SMURF FINGERS. Baldwin Adverrising presidenr 
Anne Dorst prepares rhe SGA insrollorion bonner. 


THE FOUR SEASONS. Afrer o long winter indoors, 
Kare Shune rolses her srudies ourside McClung. 
Kim Moore bundles up ogoinsr chill Aurumn winds 
OS she leaves Miller Chapel, 

Unwilling ro give up lore summer, Stephanie 
Lef twitch rosses a frisbee during Apple Day ocrivi 
ries Friends, Stephanie Lucas ond KozumI Aaki 

pause ourside Hillrop on rhe first snowy doy of 

Being q transfer student, I really 
appreciate the small class sizes. 
At my old school, the professors 
didn't even know your name." 
Nino Doxley, sophomore Transfer 

"The PEG program is on excellent 
opportunity. It allowed me to 
hove more control over my 
educotion." Laurel Carter, fourrh 
yeor PEG srudenr. 

Her organization developed the "Diamond Jubi- 
lee" theme for rhe event. 

MY ROOM. Renee Arena and Katherine Smith 

pur Q lor of rime end efforr inro rheir personally 
decorored room. Dorms were ofren showrooms of 
srudenr's fovorire rhings. 

Standing Room 


1989 wos Q record breaking 
year. The enrering doss was rhe 
brgesr in rhe hisrory of rhe college. Of 
on enrering doss of 254, opproxi- 
morely 91% of rhose were freshmen. 

Housing siruorions changed. The 
newly renovored Mennorial opened 
its doors ro srudenrs. The plush inrerior 
of brass chandeliers and nnauve walls 
was ofren compared 

FAMILY PORTRAIT. Junior Jenni McCarroll ond 
her porerirs Rev. ond Mrs. Edward McCarroll 

iiow Qfrer rhe excirement of Jenni receiving her 
II g STUDY-SCHMUDY. Jenni Fink kicKs bock in 
[he T V lounge Soops. Aiko Masugmei, Ayako 
Tsoqaii, end Sayuri Hado relax in Inrernononol 

WALKIN' THE DOG. Hillrop residenrs Cathy Sera- 
phin and Molindo Dickey dress for rheir dorm 
holloween parry 

"(I like) the size of the school. It's not 

15,000 students and you con just be 

yourself. Also, I like the closeness of the 

students." Kendra Neese, freshmon 

TAKE FIVE. Exhousred porners break in rhe SAC 
sroirs for rak and free sodas 

JUSTY DUCKY. Francis Simmons Page and Jen- 
ny Finif relax and "conversore" in Francis' quirky 

CANOE SHOE. Mi-Phuong Vo, Media Baldwin. 
and Megan Evans play oround in Deouforr, NC 
Their ecology doss Traveled ro Duke Marine Lob ro 
porricipore in field marine resring KICKED BACK. 
Renee Koch and Bonnie Spiers in Bonnie's Koble 
dorm room. 

STANDING (cont.) 

ro Q horel. Small special inreresr 
houses were opened. The educorion 
depr. was moved inro Riddle House. 
The space rhe deparrmenr previous- 
ly occupied was converted inro The 
Lofr, o small dorm used ro meer the 
strains of a housing crunch. Occu- 
pants were positive about the spa- 
ciousness of their rooms, but they 
were guaranteed no sleep on party 

Crowding was evident. Lunch lines 
were long and often both sides of 
Hunt dining hall were filled with stu- 
dents during meal 

SUNSTRUCK! Freshman Debbie Woos sneaks T V 

lounge cushions onro o dorm porch for some eorly 
spring sunTHE DOTTED LINE. Freshmen honor 
pledge signing 

Beth Stevens, Katherine Brant, Vicki Everton, 
Robin Ray, and Kellie Warner checli new sru 
denrs in on rhe firsr doy of orienrorion. 

STANDING (cont.) m 

rimes. All desks in rhe cbssroms were 
urilized and ofren "She who gor rhere 
losr, sor in rhe bock." Alrhough ex- 
panded parking was complered rhis 
year, rhroughour rhe day, srudenrs 
somerinnes found rhemselves in rhe 
posirion of having no ovoiloble park- 
ing. Anywhere. 

Mary Baldwin orrrocred more sru- 
denrs in 1989. The school had more ro 
offer rhis year. The Carpenrer Aca- 
demic building saw irs firsr full year of 
use. The compurer cenrer was in a 
process of conrinuous improvemenr. 
New minor and major programs 
were developed. The communico- 

^ \ 

MELLO CELLO. Katie Reagan procnces wirh rhe 
Mozorr Ensemble, The group is nnode up of foculry, 
srudenrs, and people from rhe communiry. 

POP ART. Sarah Penhallow sprays rhe U V A Hhhmmm? Freshman Noel Devon and Melinda 

bridge before Apple Day The bridge is rradirionolly Jobbon collaborare on poerry readings for Dr. Gor- 
poinred by frorerniries and rival schools. rison's Inrermediare English doss 



^C^^ ^ * 






'I'm Q studio art major . . . (my major) 

is preparing me for fhe reol world. " 

Meg Libby, senior. 

IC - D.C. LizNichlis. Paula Pascal, KazumiAoki, 
ond Martha Sims on rhe Smirhsonion green These 
srudenrs porncipored in o Sarurdoy field rrip MOST- 
LY SOCIAL. Frshmen srudenrs mer freshmen 
moles from neorby colleges during orienrarion. 

SETTLED. Norhing is berrer rhon bundling down 
wirh Q drink, blonkers, and a phone In reoch on 
cold winrer doys. Meg Libby proves ir WHY 
OUGHTA'I Apple doy downing around 

SOPH-ISTICATED. Sophomore class officers, 
Kathy Slough and Lori Winesett address o row- 
dy Apple Day crowd in rhe Rose Terrace yard. 
HOOPSCOOP. Freshmen parrlcipore In Inrramur- 

STANDING (cont.) 

insrirure under rhe dlrecrion of Dr. De- 
leeuw was rurned oround ond oper- 
oring or o profir level. 

Admissions officers, Becky Gibbs 
and Susan Easier, rour Mory Baldwin 
OS Q preporroion for o career. Soys 
Susan, "The exrernship is sonnerhing 
rhor mohes us very unique. Also . . . 
(we hove) a very family oriented 

In recenr speech, Dean Heather 
Wilson noted the number of leader- 
ship positions available at Mary Bal- 
dwin. Many students participate in 
our student run government. There 
ore over 300 positions on campus. 
Everyone has on opportunity to lead. 

1989 has seen some changes and 
brought together the old and new at 
Mary Baldwin. The best of the old 
and the innovation of the new will 
keep Mary Baldwin growing and 
thriving. Future generotions come on, 
but be warned: Our school is Standing 
Room Only! 


i ltot{ fflom, HaoiNq a GrHfffT time I 

Breaking Away 

Spring break. Spring break. 
Spring break. Spring break. 

Chanring those magical words over nad 
over managed ro ger mosr of us through 
the week of mid-terms. Due to Moyterm, 
our Spring break usually occurs eorly in 
Morch. Cold, wet weather ond a week of 
deolines preceeds the annuel great escape. 
Mony seniors hod to finish graduation pro- 
jects before leoving campus. Senior, Gena 
Davis, marketing/communications major, 
completed a joint video project with Amy 
Thomas before leaving for the state of Con- 
necticut. She spent her break parriciporing in 
the wedding of a former Mary Doldwin 
student. Of the deadline, she reported, "The 
projects were due or 12 noon on Friday. 
Most people were turning them in at 11;59 
with o look of exhaustion on their faces. 

Yet, the exhilirorion of turning in the lost 
project or taking the lost rest was too much 
to stay quiet about. One group of students 
were heard chanting "Ve;re free, free, 
free!" as they ron to their dorms to presum- 
obly pock. 

Spring break is the greot college tradition. 
The mere words invoke visions of sond, surf, 
adventure, and, of course, men. As soon as 
February hit, the topic of plons for break 
become the mosr popular choice of con- 
versation. Lounges, hallways, and the dining 

rooms echoed "Where ore you going? 
Whar ore you doing?" The Sunday after 
break, we returned to Mary Doldwin with 
souveniers, suntons, and stories to tell. 

One group of eighteen MDC friends rent- 
ed 70 foot sailboat and sailed to the island 
of Bimini. Erin Rowe was one of the solty- 
SQilors. "It (the boar) was o floating piece of 
driftwood with roaches and o perverted 
psychopothic captain," The coptoin or one 
point left one of the girls steering rhe boor 
while he took o nop. They almost got hir by 
a ranker. With her husky lough, Erin replied 
to the question "3ut did you hove fun?" 
"Yeah, it was great!" 

The tennis team troveled ro Howoii ro 
ploy Q tournament. Severol orher students 
traveled to islands such os the Dohomos 
and Virgin Islonds. Some escoped to Mexico 

Another group went West. Wild west. 
Gino Groome, Bobbie Welch, Christy 
Moody, and Jennifer Webb experienced 
the Denmon-Moody Ranch in R,ock Springs, 
TX. Jennifer reported that rhe trip was very 

At one point, on overcooked morshmol- 
low caught a sock on fire — with the foot 
still in it. The first trail ride began with two 
runowoy horses ond two MBC horsewo- 
men on the ground. 

Nor oil wenr worm though, Ski trips were 

also populor. One group of four spent the 
week in Colorodo. Freshman Joy Digolke 
skiied Voil, the popular resort. "It was huge. 
The place was immense. Lots of mountain. 
Lors of snow. Lors of cure men. There wos 
C.S.U. There was the waffle house. What 
else con I soy^" 

Nor everyone's plans wenr according to 
schedule. An unexpected strike in rhe oir- 
lines led ro conceled flighrs ond srronded 

Exoric locotions were nvoled by good old 
hometowns in populonty. Why? Melliso Cof- 
fin sold she hod o lot of work ro do ond it 
wos a chance ro see her boyfriend. Allisson 
Griffin traveled home ro Housron ro pre- 
pare for "Fiesta", a trodirional boll in Son 
Anronio. Lisa Anroinerti lives in Wonsou, Wl. 
The break gove her o chance ro see her 
porenrs. Several srudenrs used rhe rime to 
get oheod in homework and ovoid the pre- 
finols crunch. 

Spring Breoks were as varied os rhe stu- 
dents who took them. One common ele- 
ment of oil those wos summed up by Junior 
Kelly Boumboch, "It (spring break) gave me 
o chance to moke my own schedule ond 
do things or as slow o poce as I wanted. It 
was o nice change from Baldwin's hectic 

f.Sviish tynx oitrt here.'/; 




Scene: A dripping wer freshman has just 
gorren our of rtie shower She is gerring 
ready ro go to her first Mary Baldwin sodal 
function, the registration mixer 

"Ah ha, I'll wear rhor cure iirrle red cordig- 
bon and my fovorire rorn bluejeonss ro rhe 
mixer ronighr . . . Oh, PquIq borrowed rhe 
cordigon and gor grope juice on ir. Here ore 
rhe jeans . . . Whor obour rhe W&L r-shirr? 
... Oh yeah, ir's all sweory from jogging losr 
week . . . I'll jusr ger porriolly dressed while I 
pur on my makeup . . . (hums ro herself as 
she moves ro on inconspicuous drawer. As 
she openes ir she gasps in horron) 


This freshmon hosjusr enrered rhe LAUN- 


This is QUIET HOUR? 

No, this is REALLY 
quiet hour. 

Hilltop Hilarity: Susan Seomster, Cathy Seraphin, Joy 
Digoil^e, Debbie Woos, Sarah Smiley, and Kazumi Aoi<i. 
Chat it up: Chris Hondley and Bonnie Spiers. 

Freshman slumber parry in rhe hall. Debbie 
Wqqs in an easy chair 

Paige Horon cycles rhe hours oway. 


Drama Department Cannot Be 


One of rhe mosr popular weekend oc- 
riviries on rhe campus of Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege IS for srudenrs ro go and see rhe ploys 
sponsored by rhe Thearre Deporrnnenr or 
Mary Doldwin. This year has provided rhe- 
orre goers wirh on exceprionol voriery ro 
choose from. There was a ploy for every- 

Each year rhe MDC Theorre deparrmenr 
purs on four ploys and a nighr of one-ocr 
ploys during May rerm. The firsr of rhese 
ploys was a ploy which wos wrirren in 411 
B.C. by Arisrophones. This proved ro be a 
challenge for rhe cosr and crew. They hod 
ro rronsfer rhis ploy inro more of o modern 
sryle so ir would be borh appealing and 
undersrondoble ro modern audiences. 

This gool was accomplished wonderfully 
by borh rhe producer Terry Sourheringron 
ond rhe direcror Virginio Francisco. They de- 
cided ro hove oil rhe chorocrers in 20's sryle 
of clorhing. The flapper image wos very 
suirobie ro rhe chorocrers of rhe ploy. 

The lead role of Lysisrraro was per- 
formed by Sharon Akel. She was very con- 
vincing in her porrroyol of rhe fiery leader of 
rhe women in Greece. Lysisrraro was o 
Grecian womon who devises o plan ro srop 
rhe fighring berween rhe Arhenions and 
rhe Sporrans. Her plan is ro go on a "sex- 
srrike" unril rhe war is over. While her plan is 
firsr mer wirh resisronce from rhe women 
of Greece, played by Trocey McPherson, 
Jenni McCorroll, Michelle Jockson and mony 

orhers, she evenruolly succeeds in convinc- 
ing rhe women. One of rhe "highlighrs" of 
rhe ploy was rhe scene when o Sporran 
soldier, played by Rick Plonr, rries ro con- 
vince his wife, Jenni McCorroll ro "meer" him 
ourside rhe ciry walls. This wos jusr one of 
rhe many delighrful scenes of Lysisrroro 
which received rhunderous loughrer from 
rhe audience. 

Mory Baldwin's nexr ploy was more sub- 
rle in irs humor and sryle. Under Milk Wood 
was ser in o smoll rown and showed rhe 
vorious dreams rhor rhe rownspeople hod. 
The ploy was very unique in irs sryle for 
Mary Baldwin ploys. Ir was norrored by rwo 
ocrors while rhe cosr played rhe parrs of rhe 
rownspeople. Michelle Roberrs and Sreph- 
onie Lefrwich played rhe porrs of rhe norro- 

This cosr was one of rhe lorger cosrs for a 
Mary Baldwin producrion. The acrors ond 
crew worked very hard and were ofren 
heard working in Flercher Collins Theorre 
well inro rhe evening. When rimes were 
rough, rhe cosr and crew used rhe unofficial 
morro of "Hugo, Oh Hugo" ro keep rhem 

Under Milk Wood marks o greor ochieve- 
menr in rhe Thearre Deparrmenr. ir could 
nor hove been done wirhour rhe hard 
work of rhe crew and olso rhe work of 
Terry Sourheringron, rhe producer, ond Vir- 
ginia Francisco, rhe direcror. 

Ms. Sourheringron was olso rhe producer 


of Mary Baldwin's producrion of This Juon's 
for You. This was wrirren by Srounron's own 
Jim Copuro As rhe rirle suggest rhis ploy is 
filled wirh nnony jokes end ploys on words 
(no pun intended). 

This is Q ploy obour a noive 21 year old 
girl who receives o special birthday gift. Pot 
Deflono ploys the port of Juon (the gift) ond 
Eileen Schroder is the 21 yeor old girl. This 
ploy also shows rhe ocring tolents of Myro 
Cooper ond Ron Ramsey, and Frank South- 
enngton. It wos filled with a delightful plot 
ond many humorous highlights. Many audi- 
ences were heord laughing all the way 
home over rhe newest ploywnght from 
Staunton; Jim Copuro. 

The dromo As You Like It was written by 
the more well-known dromotist William 
Sholsespeore. Mary Doldwin's production 
srors Trocey AAcPherson as the lovely Phoe- 
be ond Nick Suttcliff as Duke Senior. The cost 
is also enhanced by the addition of the 
octors Myro Cooper, Frank Southeringron, 
Eileen Schroder, Denise Lockett, and Froncie 

This college's performance is produced 
by Virginia Francisco and directed by Terry 
Sourheringron. By performing rhe dromo As 
You Like It, Mary Baldwin continues the tra- 
dition of producing o Shakespeare dromo 
eoch year. 

Anorher tradition in rhe Theorer Depart- 
ment is having o night of one-oct ploys 
performed or Mary Boldwin. During rhe 
one-Qcts o theotre-goer is able ro see o 
voriery of ploys oil in one evening. The Nighr 
of One Acr ploys also ollowed Mory Bal- 
dwin theatre mojors rhe chance to pro- 
duce their own ploys. There were five per- 
formed rhis year. Both the actors and rhe 
direcrors enjoy having them during May 
rerm. This allows rhem to concentrate on 
their ocring and ploys more. They ore usuol- 
ly too busy during the school year ro focus 

on theatre as much as rhey would like ro. 
However, all rheir hard work was well paid 
off. Each ploy was oble to enhance rhe 
directors' and octors' obilities ro their best 
advantage. The Night Of One-Act ploys 
wos both exciring and enterroining oil or rhe 
some time. The oudience seemed to ap- 
preciate oil rhe hard work rhot went into 
eoch performance. 

Theorre 211: Sroge Makeup. The very 
nome of rhe course conjures up images of 
white poinred faces and unusual disguises. 
Insrrucror Terry Sourheringron describes rhe 
class OS "bosicolly o honds on' lob course," 
where "we go from theory ro procnce." 
The small rheotre doss leorned how ro use 
mokeup ro completely Transform rheir 
foces ro several differenr people . . . and 

"We do everyrhing from 'fun stuff' to old 
oge and historical characters," said Mrs. 
Sourheringron. Those oren't the only things 
they did, though. 

"I enjoyed doing the fonrosy and onimols 
mokeup the most because it was reolly 
differenr," said senior Corrinno Durham en- 
rhusiosricolly. Myro Cooper, too, liked "the 
fact that it wosn'r jusr people" rhey did, but 
"onimols and obstrocr — corroon charoc- 
rers, roo." 

As o project, rhe doss picked specific 
characters from ploys ond did analyses ond 
presenrarions of those chorocrers. The sru- 
denrs found rhe doss ro be enjoyoble, but it 
was also quite o challenge. 

"It wos difficult to look ot your face and 
rry ro moke ir look differenr," said Corrinno 
Durham. "Thar was o reol hurdle for every- 
one in rhe doss, I rhink." 

Myro Cooper found rhe "very small doss" 
ro be Q real odvonroge. "The reocherjusr 
gave personol attention to each student," 
she sold. "She would help individuol students 
with ideos. 

"Ir was o reolly fun doss, overall," she said. 
"Everybody always looked forword ro ir." 


In The Afternoon! 

Where's Drod^ Hove rhey found rhe 
baby yer? Did you know rhor Tod is bock? 
These and many orher questions con 
draw srrongers inro conversorion, cause 
friends ro fighr and creore o bridge be- 
tween Biology ond Theatre mojors. Whor 
ore these miracles you osh^ They ore oil 
questions about soap operos- 

The reasons people watch soap operas 
ore OS different as the people themselves. 
Some wotch them out of boredom, while 
Others like the escape they provide. 

1 like to watch TV. to relax ond not 
worry about my problems for o while." 
"I like to look at the glomorous clothes 
the women wear." 

During a recent survey on the campus 
of Mary Doldwin College some of the 
most popular soap operas were: Santo 
Dorbaro, Days of Our Lives, ond One Life 
to Live. Sonny and Mason (who were two 
people trapped in one body) received the 
dumbest storyline due ro the fact that it 
lasted so long. Eden and Cruiz were the 
favorite lovers. But following closely be- 
hind were Patch and Koyla and Josh and 
Revo. Gino and Heather, os well as Jock 
Devereux and Alan Sponding were some 
of the favorite villoins of the soap opera 

While not all of the students could 
agree on some aspects of soap operas, 
one thing is sure: watching soop operas 
has become a tradition at Mary Baldwin. 
Students wotch them faithfully. Some 

even admitted to missing classes in order 
to see the big events on their shows. One 
young, embarrassed student admitted, 
upon rigorous questioning, to skipping her 
moth doss in order to see the wedding of 
Patch and Koyla on Days of Our Lives. 

For those of you who ore unfomilior to 
the soap opera scene we would like to tell 
you obout an upcoming show colled P,it- 
uols of the Soop Opera Addict. A typical 
scene would be the following; 

A young college student runs down the 
hall, hurdling boxes ond choirs, to eventual- 
ly reach the T.V. lounge. "I got here," she 
cries, "I con now wotch my T.V. show." 
Upon learning that she has secured the 
channel, she immediately leaves to begin 
her preporotions. 

The scene is her room. She grabs her 
husband pillow off her bed. Then she 
chonges into a T-shirt and boxers. Her 
manicure set is reody and woiting with 
her lopdesk. These ore to help her get 
through the commericols. After grabbing 
her equipment there is only one more 
stop: the kitchen. 

In the kitchen she mokes her favorite 
low-cal snack: popcorn. She then starts to- 
ward the lounge with all of her parapher- 
nalia. "Oh, no" screamed the girl, "What is 
going on^" 

"We ore going to wotch The Mindless 
and the Slovenly. Do you want to watch 
with us?" asked the noive freshman. 
"But I was watching Lifestyles of the 

Stupid but Beautiful," sighed the more 
worldly sophomore. 

"Sorry, but you left the room, and when 
you leove, the T.V. is up for grabs." 

Alos, the young freshman was right. So 
our heroine is forced to watch o different 
soop opera. But to her surprise, it was not 
OS bod as she thought it would be. She hos 
now become a new person who is, even 
at this moment, watching The Mindless 
and rhe Slovenly. 


^IK Sf 

Suddenly, wirhour worning, rhe dreaded giggles 


Hey Mary, Whor's in rhor blue cup? 
MDC srudenrs roke o rrip ro rhe IMF building. 


Going that extra mile 

Rood trips 

According ro o recenr House President 
memo, rhere ore opproxlmorely 200 sru- 
denrs on campus each weekend. This 
leoves o large number of srudenrs unoc- 
counred for. Where ore rhey^ Where rhe 
boys ore. 

The pornculor phenomenon of visiring 
various co-ed and oil-mole colleges is 
known as a "Rood Trip." One of rhe rules 
of raking o road rrip is going ro rhor "speciol 
ploce," rhe one school where you mosr 
feel or ease ond comforroble wirh your 
peers and above all where oil rhe greor 
guys ore. 

This special place hos differenr inrerpre- 
rorions. Some feel rhor "rhe ploce ro go" is 
W & L Orhers prefer VAAI. Hompden-Syd- 
ney is a possibiliry as well as UVA. Some 
girls feel rhor rhey should nor limir them- 
selves and rry ro go everywhere. 

For rhose odvenrurous and free-spinred 

LEFT: Laura, Susie, Jill, and Noncy smile in 
onriciparion of rheir 15 hour drive ahead of rhem. 

people, differenr schools ore assigned o 
unique "porry nighr". A rypicol schedule for 
people wirh o longing for exciremenr ond 
large kidneys may be similar ro rhe follow- 

Monday — Resr 

Tuesday — UVA 

Wednesday — W & L, VMI 

Thursdoy — H-SC, JMU 

Fridoy-Sundoy — Anywhere you wonr 

Sundoy nighr — Dod^ ro MDC 

One can almost moke class disrincrions 
according ro rhe views o srudenr has con- 
cerning rood rrips. 

Freshman ore ofren excired obour 
leaving campus ond will go to every 
school in order to find out what the school 
IS like. 

Sophomores ore a bit more reserved 
ond selecrive in their desrinorions. Accord- 
ing ro one sophomore "The Sophomore 
doss OS whole is more exclusive rhon rhe 
Freshmen." Sophomores hove narrowed 
rheir seorch to usually only one or two 

Juniors hove further eliminored some of 
the field by only associating wirh one por- 
ricular group or frorerniry rhor rhey hong 
around wirh. 

Dy rhe time students hove become 
Seniors rhey hove usually eirher decided 
on one special person or storr going ro 
more clubs, when rhey hove rhe rime. 
Decouse of some of the pressures ossocior- 
ed wirh their senior yeor, many of rhe 
srudenrs do not hove as much time ro 
devote to rood trip activities as rhey used 

Rood trips ore some of rhe moinstoys in 
the memories of srudenrs. Some of rhe 
following ore rrue Mory Doldwin Rood Trip 
Srories. (nomes hove been chonged ro 
prorecr the guilty) 

"I remember our firsr rood rrip ro Homp- 
den-Sydney. Ir rook us four hours to get 
rhere. One of my roommores forgot rhe 

directions and doimed thot she knew 
how to get there. We wound up on 1-81 
South and hod to turn oround in Trourville." 

"As Q freshman, during rhe second 
week of school, we wenr ro JMU for o 
porry. We rook o roxi or 200 or nighr. We 
did nor know where rhe porry was and 
hod ro ask some guys for directions. They 
also wound up using rhe cob rhor we paid 
for, to foke them there." 

Each school is pornculor? ond with their 
own special problems. VMI is known for irs 
various rules the coders musr follow (i.e. 
no? PDA on posr ond no cors unril they ore 
Seniors). The school being so smoll is also o 
drawback. "You con nor dare a coder or 
VMI wirhout everyone knowing." "Ir is 
hard ro dore differenr people from VMI 
because everytime you go you see other 
people (codets) thor you know," 

However, smollness is considered to be 
on asset or Hompden-Sydney. "Ir is nice 
because if you meer one guy he will inrro- 
duce you ro all his (frorerniry) brothers. 
However, rhe disronce one musr rrovel ro 
get to this school con be seen as o drow- 
bock. Most people do feel that Hompden- 
Sydney is good choice to be Mory Bold- 
win's brorher school. 

W & L (Woshington ond Lee) is often 
visited by MDC srudenrs. Irs closeness and 
weekdoy parries ore rwo of rhis college's 
besr Qssers. However, one common com- 
ploinr from srudenrs is rhor ir is not easy to 
meet people. You hove ro know some- 
one ro meer people. Its recenr oddirion of 
females has nor dampened the interest of 
either Mary Baldwin or W 6 L srudenrs in 
each orher. 

While these ore some of rhe places to 
go in the oreo, mony srudenrs go home 
on rhe weekend in order ro see rheir 
boyfriends from rheir homerown. Orher 
alternatives for girls or MBC ore going ro 
clubs, shopping, or even "heaven forbid" 
doing homework for school. 



DJ's Qt MBC 

On Tuesday and Thursday nighrs, while 
everyone else Is studying, roiking on rhe 
phone, and lisrening ro music, o small group 
of srudenrs garhers in a clossroom on rhe 
basement floor of rhe library. Here, rhey 
learn abour rhe basic equipmenr and tech- 
niques of rodio and audio producrion. The 
room is full of equipment for radio broad- 

"I think the students at first ore usually 
scared of ail rhe equipmenr," said Dr. William 
DeLeeuw, who reaches rhis class, enriried 
Radio/Audio Production. Whether they 
were scored or not, junior marketing/com- 
munications major Maggie Tore professes 
that, "It's really inreresting learning abour 
how to use the equipment." Freshman 
communicorions major Melody Twigg 
ogrees, adding that, "1 didn't know anything 
about radio before I come here." Now, she 
has renrarive plans to work or a local rodio 
sration this summer. 

For a special project of the class, students 
work in groups of rwo on on hour-long 
music program to broodcosr in Spencer. 
They ore required to select the music and 
write their own transitions. They also have 
ro come up with ten minutes' worrh of 
announcements and news. 

"It's o lot of work and it con be frustrat- 
ing," said freshman public relations major 
Noel Devon, "Bur ir's really cool, being able to 
use what you've learned, and being able ro 
come up wirh your own ideas for o radio 




The Aduir Degree Program or Mory Dol- 
dwin College is o non-residenriol, indlviduol- 
ized progrom for srudenrs over oge rwen- 
ry-orie who wish ro ger o liberal orrs educo- 
rion^ Srudenrs enrolled in ADP include borh 
men ond women, young and old. The pro- 
grom began in 1977 upon receiving supporr 
of rhe foculry and o rhree-yeor gronr from 
rhe Fund for rhe Improvemenr of Posr-sec- 
ondory Educorion. There were eighr sru- 
denrs then. Today, over five hundred aduirs 
roke odvonroge of this opporruniry ro earn 
rheir college degree. 

"The progrom is rhnving well," said Dr, 
James Horringron, who has served as ADP 
Director since 1983. Conrriburing ro rhe suc- 
cess of ADP is rhe ovailobiliry of resources 
and furors for srudenrs all over rhe srore as 
well OS rhe counrry ond even obrood. 
There ore four regional offices in Richmond, 
Pvoonohe, Chorlorresville, and Sourhside Vir- 
ginia These offices provide convenient pro- 
gram counseling for srudenrs who live roo 
for Qway ro roke odvonroge of rhe re- 
sources and compus of MDC. 

There are several woys rhor on ADP 
srudenr moy go obour earning his or her 
college degree, which consisrs of rhe some 
requiremenrs of o rrodirionol srudenr. If rhey 
live neorby, rhey con roke courses from 
MDC foculry on compus. If nor, rhey hove 
rhe oprion of roking courses or orher accre- 
dired insrirurions. They may also engage in 
independent srudy under rhe supervision of 
MDC foculry or opproved off-campus rurors. 
Or, if rhey choose, rhey moy enroll in occre- 
dired, approved correspondence courses. 
Srudenrs of rhe AduIr Degree Program ore 
generally very morivored and groduores 
hove gone on ro groduore and professional 
programs, nor ro menrion promorions ond 
exponsion of coreer oprions. 

"Ir's o reol unusuol rhing for o college os 
smoll OS Mary Doldwin ro hove such o thriv- 
ing program," said Dr. Horringron. "It has a lor 
ro do wirh insrirutional commitment and o 

terrific foculry. The foculry rhemselves ore, 
olmosr all of rhem,jusr good reochers. They 
figure our ways ro overcome rhe obsrocles 
of disronce and age, if oge is a problem." 

One very voluoble aspecr of rhe AduIr 
Degree Program, rhe ADP direcror feels, is 
that there is o "high degree of inrerocrion 
berween our srudenrs end professors." 
Abour 85% of MDC foculry ore in some 
way direcrly involved wirh ADP srudenrs. 
AduIr srudenrs ore also becoming more in- 
volved with trodirionol srudenrs ond life on 

One of Dr. Horringron's gools is "to inte- 
grore rhe progrom even more fully inro the 
life of the college." It is a "difficult goal to 
achieve," he believes, because "students 
ore so different. Their inreresrs ore differenr. 
For example, rhey don'r need rhe college 
to provide rhem wirh o social life." The ADP 
srudenrs ore included in things such as hon- 
orary socieries on campus. 

"It's reol imporronr ro me ro hove ADP 
srudenrs eligible for rhor," Dr. Horringron be- 

He and his staff will continue to look for 
every opporruniry ro provide o good liberol 
arts educotion for more ond more students. 
Dr. Horringron is very enrhusiosric obour rhe 
Adult Degree Program and how ir has con- 
rinued ro grow in posr yeors. He olso thinks 
posirively obour rhe furure of rhe progrom. 

"We're good or serving students," he soid. 
"We're jusr good or whor we do!" 



The News On Nourishment 

Food — rhis word meons differenr rhings 
ro each person. To some srudenrs, earing is 
o socio! evenr. Ar Mary Baldwin ir has ol- 
mosr reoched epic proporrions. 

Where else does one spend only 10 min- 
ures earing and one hour socializing? MDC 
srudenrs ofren comploin obour rhe food, 
yer woir in line for rhe doors ro open. The 
baked pororo bar is one of rhe fovorires 
omong srudenrs as well as rhe salad bar. 

One of rhe besr rimes ro go ro Hunr 
Dining Hall appears ro be around 12:00 p.m. 
on Sunday. This is known as Sunday Brunch. 
Because of irs populoriry rhere is olmosr o 
dress code for odmirronce. MBC sporrs rwo 
disrincr sryles ro choose from. Ir is necessary 
ro reflecr rhe sryle of weekend you hod in 
your sryle of dress. 

The firsr sryle is rhe "Wow man, whor o 
parry" look. This is usually occomponied by 
rhe special accessories of a hangover and a 
glazed look in rhe eyes. This sryle however, 
has also occosionolly been seen on srudenrs 
who have nor parried on rhe weekend bur 
dare nor ler anyone know ir. 

The second rype of dress is rhe "I wenr ro 
Sunday School. How obour you?" look. This is 
rhe conservorive look and is also occessor- 
ized by o purse, which is in rhe lobby, and a 
made-up face. 

Anorher ploce where srudenrs ofren ear 
is in rheir own rooms or dorms. Hor pors and 
microwaves ore rhe mainsroys for rhose 
who like ro cook. Kirchens con ofren be 
seen filled wirh srudenrs making popcorn, 
mocoroni and cheese, and rehearing lefr- 


Orher oprions ore available ro srudenrs 
who ore shorr on rime. In case you need 
some good ideas for where ro eor our, 
here is o lisr of Srounron's finesr: 
Besr PizzQ — Domino's 
Besr Subs — Brorher's 
Besr Hamburgers — Wendy's 
Besr place ro rake your porenrs — Whire 
Sror Mills, McCormick's, ond Rowe's 
Besr place ro roke a friend — Wrighr's, 
Wendy's ond McCormick's. 

However, for some rhere is only one 
place ro ear our ond rhor is Hardy's for o lore 
nighr biscuir. The Hardee's Biscuir Run and o 
Rood Trip shore many similioriries. They 
borh involve loading up rhe cor wirh os 
many friends as possible and rroveling o 


Houre Cuisine 

shorr disronce before stopping ro ear 

For those of you who hove nor yer gone 
our on Q lore nighr run ro Hardy's, o sample 
guide ro rhe ocrivirles is provided. 
11:45 — Gorher friends rogerher ro see who 
wonrs ro go 

11:57 — Woir rhree minures for breokfosr ro 

12:00 — Order a Conodion Sunrise biscuir 
and rhen innnriediQrely complain ro friends 
rhor you don'r need ir. 
12:05 — Begin ro admire oil rhe different 
trud-is in rhe parking lor and wonder where 
oil rhe people ore since Hordee's is almost 

12:15 — One of the truck owners comes in. 
You and your friends decide that he looks 
dangerous and srort toward your cor. 

12:16 — He yells something ond you storr to 


12:20 — You arrive safely or MDC ond vow 

ro never go bock ogoin or or leosr nor unril 

rhe beginning of exams. 

Of course rhe secrion on food would nor 
be complere wirhour Mr. Wimer, rhe owner 
of the 7-11 on Norrh Coolrer Street. MDC and 
this 7-11 hove very strong ties. Mr. Wimer is 
very helpful and friendly ond allows sru- 
denrs to cosh checks in his store. Unfortu- 
nately this trust was rhreorened rhis year 
by on overwhelming number of bounced 
checks. Lud<iily, Mr. Wimer and MDC ore still 
able to do business together. 


Dynomics of robleside conversorion 
Toble Manners/Eriquerre 101 

The giving of rhe ring. 

Nancy Benson and forlner really srond our in a 




Denise smiles for rhe camera. 

A forher ond daughter dance rhe nighr owoy. 

5ome losr minure preparorions. 


Donees in rhe Srudenr Acriviries Cenrer such as "Regisrrorion" or "Apple Doy" 

were hosred by rhe Sociol commirree and Somerinnes rhe donees didn'r hove rhe 

rhe dosses. Srudenrs could orrend for o expecred rurn-our burnnosr rimes rhe SAC 

smoll fee. The dances usually hod o rhenne was prerry close ro full. 





Let there be music 

This year bonds come borh ro rhe 
Chure room and ro Page Terrace. Or^ 
cerroin sunny ofrernoons Page Terroce 
wos quire o sighr wirh women in sun- 
glasses dancing bore-f oored on rhe sreps 
of Grofron. Mony srudenrs invired friends 
from neighboring colleges ro orrend. 
Dlonkers were spread on rhe grassy hill 
and everyone seemed ro enjoy rhem- 
selves. 5omerimes rhe bands would go 
ro rhe Chure, especially in rhe rainy sea- 
son. On rhese occosions rhe Chure would 
become Jom-pocked and incredibly 
sruffy. Turn-ours for rhe bands rhis year 
were excellenr. 

I QPM(^H.H. 

Mixing con be rhirsry business 



A rable of friends garher before rhe bond ro visir 

'>Z Kendal sells on innocenr freshman rhe more 
expensive cup 

"You've lost rhor loving feeling " 




Dr. Cynrhio H, Tyson 


Dr. James Lorr 

Dean of College 


Dr. Heorher Wilson 

Dean of Srudenrs 

Dr Lew Askegaard 

Regisrror I* 







Elolne Llles 

Executive Direcror of Admissions 
Kennerh D McDride 
Business Adminisrronon 

Susan Green 
Aduir Degree Progronn 
Judy DeL'eou Godwin 
Aduir Degree Program 

Lisa Srod-idale-Kiaus 


Pioderic L Owen 

Aduir Degree Progrom 


Rachel Mann 

Program for the Exceprlonolly Gifred (PEG) 

Dr. Mory D. Irving 



Dr. Srevens Gcrlich 

Aduir Degree Progrom 

Dr. William Winrer 

Comparer Science 

Mory Ann Kosselmonn 

Arhleric Director 

Deon of Students Office 

Row 1 

Jeanne Morrino, Associate Dean of Students 

Roxonne Holl, Director of Residential 6 

Commuter Student Programs 

Row 2 

Donna Love, Nurse 

Connie Davis, Nurse 

Nancy Johnston, Psychologist 

Lucretio Covan, Director of Student Activities 

Row 3 

Heather Wilson, Dean of Students 

Pot Lovelace, Chaplain 

Jane Coplen, Director of Health Services 

Margaret Freed, Secretory to Dean of 



Nodio Kuley, Director of Counseling G 

Psychological Services 

Morjorie Hoge, Secretary 


Dr Jomes Homngron 

Aduir Degree Program 

Morlena Hobson 


Dr Mary T, Echols 


Dr. Lundy Penrz 


Mr Gordon Hammock 


Dr. James Porrick 



u Dr William DeLeeuw 
Don Wells 
Conrinuing Educorlon 

Dr. Jane Plerrowski 


Dr. James McCrory 


' Dr Porricia Wesrhofer 


Dr. Joe Garrison 
I English 


Dr. Erhel Smeok 


Pvick Plonr 


Molly Perry 


Frank Sourheringron 


Anne AAcGovern 

Dr. Mary Hill Cole 


Dr. Dick Tucker 


Dr Michael Genrry 


Riley Hows 


Dr. Roberr Allen 


Celesre Rhodes 
PEG Program 
Gwen Walsh 
Physicol Education 


Dr. lerry Vern 

Dr. Jock Kibler 

Rurh Porrirr 


Dr. James Gilmon 


Dr David Cory 


Terry Sourhenngron 



Pages 47, 48, 65, 66, 67 were deliberately left 


Page sequence will begin on page 65. 





The 1988-89 Volleyball ream, coached 
by Mary Ann Kasselmonn, consisted of 
Three freshmen, four sophomores, three 
juniors ond one senior. The team was led 
by co-coptains Tiffany Homm and Amy 
Govigon. Leadership and team spirit led 
the Squirrels to on overall record of 6-14. 
Because conference competition was 
tough, the team's dedication hod to stoy 

When asked to summarize the Volley- 
ball season Coach Kasselmonn sold, "Over- 

all I was pleosed with the performonce of 
our young team. I would soy our weak 
spot was consistency because only two 
players hod previously played on the 
team. Ve had o rough time adjusting to 
this problem." 

Looking aheod to next year the ream 
will continue to grow and improve their 
volleyboll skills. Since the ream is only losing 
one senior to groduotion, the young ream 
will not hove to adjust to a great loss of 


». .. ft. - . a5 

Cross Country 

The 1988 Cross Counrry club or Mary 
Baldwin was exrremely ocrive under rhe 
leadership of Coach Morlom Tofr (member 
of rhe P.E.G. sroff). 

The ream consisred of runners Dersy Ba- 
ker, Debbie Feigin, Denise Lockerr, Erin Mur- 

ray and A.C^ AAunzer. The ream, alrhough 
few in numbers, porricipored in rwo meets 
or Woshingron and Lee Universiry. They 
monoged ro moke a good showing in lighr 
of rheir first year showing. Team members 
Erin Murray ond Betsy Baker surprised W & 

L and other visiting teoms with rheir strong 

On rhe whole, rhe young and fairly inex- 
perienced reom hod a season to be proud 
of. Coach Toft looks forward to o well orgo- 
nized and enthusiastic team for next fall. 

Pictured ore Dersy DoKer and Denise Lockerr of 
rlie ream. The group photo is of rhe RAs 


"Pur me in, coach, I'm ready ro play ro- 
doy . . . look or me I con be cenrerfield." This 
quore by John Fogerry besr describes rhe 
sofrboil reom rhis year. Nancy Benson, sru- 
denr coach, was faced wirh a number of 
onxious girls all wonting ro ploy! "Ir was o 
greor year player wise. In rhe posr, we 
olwoys ployed from gome ro gome nor 


knowing if we would hove enough players 
ro porncipore in rhe day's gome." soys Sheri 
Powell a senior from Chesapeake, Virginia. 
The ream wos foirly young rhis seoson. 
Alrhough rhey ore losing one senior, Coach 
Noncy is looking forward ro nexr seoson. 
She srares "I loved ploying boll rhis yeor. Of 
rhe 3 yeors I've been ploying, rhis reom is 

my fovonre. They played well rogerher 
and olwoys lended a supporring hand." 

The Squirrels played 5 double headers 
ond one gome agoinsr rhe AADC Foc/Sroff. 
Alrhough nor parriculorly shown on rhe 
scoreboard, rhe reom conrinued ro grow 
and srrengrhen rhis year. 




The Field Hockey players faced a rough 
year wirh only rwo rerurning seniors and 
many new freshman and sophomores. 
Some of rhe girls joining rhe ream rhis year 
had never played rhe sporr before. How- 
ever, rhis did nor discourage rhem from 
rhe hard work and dedicorion of learning 
rhe rules of rhe gome. According, ro co- 
coproin Karen Phillips "rhe people rhor hod 
never ployed before rurned our ro be 
some of rhe srrongesr players of rhe sea- 

This year was definirely o building year 
for rhe ream. They realized rhar rhey 
musr moke up for rhe loss of experienced 
players due ro groduoring seniors rhe sea- 
son before. Now rhor rhe new members 

hove a year of experience under rheir 
beirs rhey will be more of on osser in rhe 
season oheod. The reom. Through many 
rough procrices, has leorned ro work ro- 
gerher. Senior, co-caproin and four year 
member, Carmen Voughr, rhinks rhe 
reom hos improved rremendously over 
rhe posr four seasons. 

Even Though rhe overall record did nor 
fore well due ro sriff compenrion rhe ream 
hod o lor of fun. Ar rhe Randolph Mocon 
Women's College gome rhe ream wos 
surprised by rhe appearance of rhe MDC 
Squirrel! This proves rhor rhere is srill school 
spirir and hope even rhough rhe score- 
boord doesn'r show ir. 

Korliy is firsr in line. 

Here's rhe ream minus o few members. 



'i Thanks Coach! 
Ler's srrerch 1, 2. 



This year rhe MDC Doskerball ream hir 
rhe courr wirh 5 rerurning players and 4 
new freshmen. Those rerurning included 
sophomores Norcsho Smirh, Lori Wineserr 
and Ann Scorr ond juniors Anne Thompson 
and Noncy Benson. Cooch Tim Crawford 
also returned ro face his second season 
wirh rhe ream. The ream, olrhough nor 
parricularly shown on rhe scoreboards, con- 
tinued ro improve rhis year. Since there 
were no senior ployers, the girls will nor 
hove ro recover from the loss of a team- 
mote next season. 

Co-coptoin Nancy Benson believes that 
next season the team will see higher num- 
bers on rhe scoreboard because rhey will 
have much srronger base to build on. The 
Squirrels showed much rolent this year. 
Their gool is ro ploy a better defensive 
gome and rebound more effecrively. "If we 
con do rhese rhings, our goal of making it 
past the firsr round of rhe rournament will 
be easy" states Nancy Benson. 

This ream was a very unified group. 
They worked hard together, providing 
each other wirh o pot on the bock or o 
word of encourogemenr during a long sea- 

Nexr year rhe ream plans ro increase the 
amount of training and condirioning in rhe 
pre-seoson. The girls hope to improve their 
record wirh hard work, spirir ond continuous 



MSSY ■^nm\ ^ MARY 1 

Thonte Coach 


HI 111 II 


The swimmers smile offer o meer 
Emine is a new record holder 


Mary Baldwin Takes the Plunge 

"Hubbo Hubbo Hubba — Go MDQ!" 
bunched Mary Baldwin Swinnmers inro 
onorher seoson. The 1988-89 Swim Team 
hod on overall record of 5 wins and 5 
losses. The ream was led by Robert Horch- 
er, who joins rhe AADC coaching staff wirh 
greor enrhusiosm. According ro Coach 
Horcher, rhe ream performed "exrremely 
well" ond hod rhe besr overall record in 
rhe losr seven years. 

Sophomore Korhy Serophin stored rhot 
"rhe ream hod ro adopt to the new meth- 
ods of rhe new coach , , . such os rhe 5:30 
o.m. procrices." These early morning 
workouts shocked the swimmers; howev- 
er as rhe season slowly come ro a close, 
rhe girls were leorning how to adjust to 
the hard work. Being a member of the 

team meant balancing school work, proc- 
rices ond long overnighr swim meers, bur 
in the end rhe dedicotion was worrh rhe 

In rhe pre-seoson prepororion for next 
yeor's team, Coach Marcher plans ro 
spend more rime in rhe weighr room ond 
doing aerobics. Marcher's recruiting efforrs 
hove resulred in good conrocrs in other 
stores. Mopefully the use of these contocrs 
will bring exceptional swimmers to Mary 

The mosr memorable momenr for 
Coach Marcher was seeing Emine Ton- 
goren ser o new school record in rhe 1000 
freestyle with a rime of 13:55:52, while 
swimming in the 1650 freesryle. 




The team for Swingers 

Collier hirs o rerurn boll. 

Insrrucrion is available ro rhose who wish Ir. 

The 5pr;,-g reom. Nor picrured is the Foil rennis 



Danger ond Doring 

This yeor rhe Locrosse season srorred 
rwo weeks earlier wirh a workshop given 
by Coach Korhy McCleof and some rerurn- 
ing players. The workshop introduced rhe 
sporr ro some rolenred bur hesiranr begin- 
ners. From rhe workshop rhe remaining od- 
venrurers joined rhe 1989 Lacrosse Team. 
The Squirrels were led by co-caprains Anne 
Thompson ond Pom Williamson. The reom 
consisred of seven returning players ond 
fifreen new players. The ream will be losing 
only rwo seniors ro groduorion, Morrha Hen- 
dnckson and Hillary Doumonn. 

Since rhis year was o growing year rhe 
ream will hove more ro build on in rhe 
seosons ahead. Though rhe final record 
does nor show ir, rhe reom was able ro 
work closely rogerher ro reach o common 
gool . . . more knowledge of rhe sporr. 



V^4*i^^^..^^^^^>^^^ = 

^ m!.«* ^- '^•.. ^-4 "^.^ 


The PAC 

is the place to be. 

In May of 1988, Mary Baldwin College pur- 
chased rhe Sraunron YMCA ro be used as rhe 
new arhleric fociliry. The Physical Acriviries 
Center or PAC hos seen many renovorions 
over rhe pasr year. The gym was replaced 
wirh a wood floor, ream locker rooms were 
insrolied, a Nourilus circuir and Lifecydes were 
also mode available ro rhe college communi- 
ry. Since these addirions ro rhe center, PAC hos 
been sworming with studenrs, faculty, and 
staff who just can't get enough exercise. Vol- 
leyboll, F^aquetboll, and weight training ore 
only few of the popular things at PAC. Hope- 
fully, rhe expansion of the facility will leod ro 
rhe exponsion of rhe athletic deporrmenr of 





Afrer holding oudirions rhe firsr week of 
school, rhe Mary Doldwin College Perform- 
ing Donee Group molded irself inro rhe "final 
five". The purpose of rhe oudirions was ro 
resr eoch womon's coordinorion and level 
of obiliry. From rhor poinr on rhe group 
wenr rhrough many changes resulring in 
rhe collaborarion of five dedicored individ- 
uals who became "rhe dance group". They 
are Paulo Anderson, Presidenr — Choreo- 
grapher, Joimee Dorger, Mary Cocke, 
Heorher Jackson, and Melonie Modison, 

Throughour rhe year rhe dancers fairh- 
fully worked hard procricing four days a 
week for or leasr rwo hours each day. A 

Dancers orrending Modern Class in 
American Dance Fesrivol workshop or 


The group enjoys on evening of food ond 


The Mary Baldwin College 
cannot be upstaged. 

mojoriry of rheir rime and efforrs were fo- 
cused on modern and jozz dancing,- how- 
ever, all rhe doncers had srudied boiler and 
some hod also roken rap. 

Despire rhe connnuol work involved wirh 
dance irself, rhe group olso monoged ro 
"make learning fun" by inviring rhe Darrery 
Donee Company from New York ro per- 
form and reach or MDC in Ocrober. Follow- 
ing rhe Darrery 's visir, rhe group Travelled ro 
George Moson Universiry where rhey or- 
rended rhe American Dance Fesrivol's 
spring workshop. Here rhe girls orrended 
classes doily, sharpening rheir skills and im- 
proving for rhe upcoming performance. 

The momenr of payoff finally come on 
April 11 when all rhe hard work, aching mus- 
cles, and connnuol rehearsals paid off. The 
group performed in "An Evening of Donee" 
in Francis Audirorium before rhe srudenr 
body, foculry, and guesrs. All rhe pieces 
were selecred ond choreographed by rhe 
dancers encompassing all forms of dance. 
On rhor nighr rhe women danced rheir 
heorrs our for rhe audience ond for rhem- 
selves. "An Evening of Dance" was as much 
o success OS rhe young women who 
broughr ir rogerher. 

"Solure, mosU, and en garde - . " signoled 
rhe beginning of rhe season for a very 
young ond successful MDC Fencing Club rhis 
yeor. Ir was up ro only two experienced 
fencers, co-coproins Jennifer Hof meisrer and 
Anne Dyford, ro lead rhe chorge of seven 
new nriembers and one returning mem- 

Coach Walsh worched as these young 
blodes learned o new lesson in every 
march; finolly earning fourth place (ond o 


steak dinner!) ogoinsr tough competition at 
the Virginia State Collegiate Fencing Chom- 
pionship ot UVA. The unity of this fencing 
team was dynamic: rhe experience that 
each member gained from onorher in- 
structed the combat at hand. Each fencer 
took the entire team on the strip wirh them. 
I've very much enjoyed my inrroduction 
to rhis sporr. There is a kind of beouty to it, 
the rimeless exchonge of lunges ond ad- 
vances, rhe flash of the blade, rhe dim im- 

age of two duelers on rhe field of honor. It's 
hord work, both physically and mentally, 
but I believe this ream will progress togeth- 
er over the next couple of years. Now oil 
we hove ro learn is how to run owoyl 

The reom members included: Sharon 
Dee, Anne Dyford, Jennifer Hofmeister, Jim 
Klaus, Julie LeJeune, Paula Paschal, Karen 
Toylor, April Wolters, Sandy Terry, and Som 





Susan Achez 


J .G 


Sharon Ahel 


<»:vi i 

AAosoko Aral 

Lisa Arhins 


Nicole Angresono 

Kozumi Aohi 

^l A 

Hillory Daumonn 

Courrney Dell 


Ann Dovenizer 

Dione Downnon 

Colleen Corngon 

Korherine Carter 


Moryloise Dowmon 

Anne Dyford 

Pomelo Correr 

Suson Clonohon 


CynrhlQ Coleman 

Amy Dixon 

Amy Douglos 



"• ii%^ 

Genevieve Davis 

Leah Decker 

Ashley DuLoc 


Cornnno Durham 

Ingrid Erickson 

Leslie Ferrier 

Jacqueline Firzgerald 


Vicrorio Everron 

Angela Fovoro 

Yoshimi Fujii 

RosQ Furr 


Korhenne Gollino 

5uzQnne Gardner 

Allison Griffith 

Lucy Hockberr 


Kelly Gorrerr 

Melissa Glover 

Karen Hall 


Tiffany Homm 

Elizaberh Hammock 

Morrho HendricKson 

Diane Herron 


Krisrin Hondley 

Jonoan Hoshim 

Anne Hess 

Korhleen Hewirr 


LisQ Ho 

Lucille Hodges 

Amy Howe 

Holly Hunnicurr 


4/- • :: 

Meredirh Hook 

Louro Howard 

Ayoko Isogoi 

Michelle Jod^son 



Shorron Jackson 

Jennifer Johnson 

Hi-Gyong Kong 

Julie King 


Cory Jones 

Jomie Jones 

Keren Koss 

Lorrice Leigh 


'jiijlJilL I 

Locey Leonard 

Lisa Lewis 

Soroh McClellon 

PorriciQ McNobb 


Jennifer Lurmon 

Aude Mann 


Emilie Mehrrens 

Frances Moore 


Donno Myrrle 

Jacqueline Nicholas 

Holly Porrer 


Clor Nunis 

Krisn Odom 


Shelby Powell 

Sheri Powell 


Pamela Pruirr 

Dearrice Quinravalli 

Rochel Reed 

Nanci Roberrs 


Rhonda Rogon 

Mory Reogon 



Lisa Rogers 

Heidi Rundr 


Korhleen Sale 

Kimberly Scholow 

larolric Seibold 

Rika Shlmodo 


Sonyo Scheirer 

VicroriQ Scorr 

Anno Sharo 

Julie Sikes 


Jennifer Simpson 

Susan Sipple 






^^^^Bm iW 

^ |H 




Bonnie Spiers 

Soroh Sruorr 


Korhryn 5nyder 

Korrino Sponko 

Nazorerh Tesfir 

Amy Thomas 


Carmen Voughr 

PquIq Vesr 

r -f 

Piobin Wesriund 

Korhrine Williams 


Chnsrine Warwick 

MelissQ Wesr 


Susan Wilson 


Pages 120, 121, 122 and 123 ore blank due to editorial 

In May Term 1988, rhe Junior Class began 
orgonizing Junior Dad's Weehend^ They 
wanted ro have ir off campus and in rhe 
final decision, rhe Ingleside was selected. 
Dream Srreer was rhe big bond rhe closs 
agreed on. Srudenrs were busy ordering 
rings. The Junior Closs organized a fundraiser 
ro raise money for rhe weekend. Kelley 
Conner designed cups ro sell during Fresh- 
man orienrorion. This proved ro be success- 
ful. Old Apple Day r-shirrs were also sold. 

All rhe preporarions paid off and rhe 
Weekend of November 5-6 wos o blosr. A 

Yoko AsQi 

Lisa Dol-ier 

Carolyn Delore 

Nancy Benson 

Chorlorre Dloir 

Dona Dorh 

Diana Dronr 

Krisrin Ducco 

Terri Calnon 

Elizabeth Correros 

Elizabeth Carson 

Laurel Correr 

Mary Chatham 

Jennifer Cheodle .1 

Melissa Coffin 


luncheon was held on Saturday afternoon 
for rhe porenrs wirh rhe Presidenr's recep- 
tion and dinner ro follow. All the committee 
chairwomen were recognized or dinner for 
rheir diligenr work. Honored were rhe Class 
Advisors, Dr. and Mrs. Rice and Lucrerio Co- 

Ar the dance, eoch Junior was present- 
ed her ring by someone significonr. This 
year's theme was "A Night to Remember" 
and ir certainly was. 

The second semester was filled wirh 
preporarions for a ski night. Unforrunorely 

rhis wos cancelled due ro lock of snow. 

Kelley Conner was elecred Senior Class 
Presidenr in March, The other officers for 
1989-90 are Allison Jomes — Vice Presidenr, 
Susan Hyorr — Secrerory, and Kellie 
Warner — Treasurer. 

Going inro rheir Senior year, these stu- 
dents ore enrhusiostic and wont to leave 
Mory Baldwin College nexr year with a 
unigue and spirited memory of their class. A 
speciol rhonks is given to Dr. and Mrs. Rice 
for another great yeor. 


These students ore hanging out 

Maud, Kothy and Dona soy hello from England. 

Kelley Conner 
Myro Cooper 
Jessica Cox 
Maud Dovis 
Lori Dehlln 

Robin Edmonds 
Dyan Ehrboker 
Mary Erikson 
Ann Eure 
Megan Evans 

Amy Fischer 
Sheri Foley 
Melissa Formon 
Midori Fujii 
Susan Gobbord 


Amy Govigon 

Mary Georges 

Mary Gordon 

Elizaberh Gwolrney 

Soyuri Horo 

Susori Hyorr 

Hideko Idero 

Mory Irvin 

Allison Jomes 

Ellen Jenkins 

Courrney Keyes 

AleociQ Knorrs 

Morgorer Libby 

Denise Lockerr 

April Morr 

L. Mason 

Jennifer McCorroll 

Carol McMorh 

Suson Morey 

Suson Morris 

Moyumi Muromorsu 

Erin Murray 

Jennifer Nerring 

Michelle Palmer 


Koren Phillips 
l-^oren Ponron 
i^ioye Rollln 
Lauro Sage 
YuKi Soroiie 

Shori Schorzmon 
Eileen Schroder 
Elaine Scorr 
Nikole Sheffield 
Lauren Silver 

Kendall Sims 
Morrho Sims 
Valerie SWnner 
Lori Smirh 
Chrisnno Srudley 

Cecilia Srock 
Tomoko Toga 
Asoho Tokekuma 
Hilda Tore 
Tia Tilmon 

Roberro Trescorr 
Sounders Vickery 
Kellie Warner 
Pomelo Williamson 
Jennifer Hofmeisrer 


Lori Wood 

Mary Woods 

Ann Zilerri 





Perhaps there is some rrurh ro Shal-^e- 
speore's quore. "The fool dorh rhink (she) is 
wise, bur rhe wise (person) knows (her) 
self ro be o fool." Yer whor would be his 
Qssessnnenr of o wise fool? For some, rhor 
conrrodicrion does nor seem ro moke any 
sense. To rhe foculry, odminisrrorion, ond 
upperclossmen who know sophomores, 
rhe definirion is usually occurore. Many 
sophomores rerurn ro college ofrer one 
year wirh rhe orrirude rhor everyrhing go- 
ing on is old ond fomiiior. Well, rhor explains 
rhe wisdom port. The foolish parr comes 

Kimberly Amoson 

Pamela Ammermon 

Paula Anderson 

Renee Arena 

Anna Ausrell 

Karen Daig 

Janeen Darnard 

Karrina DIoom 

Paulo Doesch 

Jennifer Drillhorr 

Margaret Brock 

Teal Chappel 

Kimberly Clark 

Dess Coleman 

Michelle Corder 

from rhis cavalier ortitude that leods the 
sophomore into trouble. They were nor 
paying ortention, did nor read the bulletin, 
or forgor rhe meeting. 

Yer despite this stigma, sophomores srill 
manage ro decide rheir major, pur rogerh- 
er Apple Day, ond develop furrher rhose 
leodership skills which ore srressed or Mary 
Baldwin, The doss also orremprs ro raise 
funds in onriciparion of Junior Dads. 

Apple Day is rradirionolly a celebrorion 
sponsored by rhe sophomores. This fun 
filled day is supposed ro be a surprise ro 

rhe enrire campus rhe nighr before rhe 
fesrivines. Thar nighr rhere is a mixer, and 
rhe following day dosses ore cancelled. 
This holiday is supporred by the sopho- 
mores ro help rhem unite os o doss and 
also OS o way of relaxing some of rhe 
academic pressures during rhe semesrer. 
Sophomore year is rhe halfway poinr in 
your college career. Significonr decisions 
ore mode involving ocademic major and 
exrrocurnculor pursuirs. 


Mornie Toylor is In rune wirh norure 
Donjo Mish is locKed our ogoln. 

Laura Creasy 
Alicia Cronari 
Tracey Cronin 
Nell Curry 
Shea DeJarnerre 

Tino Dempsey 
Erin Deneen 
Molinda Dickey 
Alice Earle 
Kondice Engle 

Riochel Fesra 
P>obyn Rorenza 
Leighanne Gibson 
Corherine Glipris 
Gino Groome 


Pamela Guice 

Krisrin Henley 

Coroline Hildebrond 

Hearher Houdeshell 

Corherine Jacobus 

Suzonne Kierson 

Laura Langsron 

Elizaberh Leonard 

Melissa Lunardini 
Aiko Masozumi 

Quynhuyen Nguyen 

Catherine Noyes 

Jennifer Nysrrom 

Jomie Ped^ 

Sarah Penhailow 

Angela Perri 

Kimberly Pinksron 

Donno Polsinelli 

Nicola Proshad 

Robin Roy 

Cora Roynor 

Melissa Rogers 

Ginger Scorr 

Srephanie Seigler 

Korherine Serophin 


Chrisrino Skinner 
Korherine Slough 
Heorher Smirh 
PorriclQ Spurlock 
Sandra Srurgis 

Ann Sutherland 
Karherine Talbor 
Derh Tonl 
Erhel Taylor 
Karen Taylor 

Marnie Taylor 
Sashi Theogoroj 
Kimberly Thompson 
Mary Thompson 
Kelly Thornburg 

Amy Tunsroll 
Mami Veda 
Lisa Volenrme 
Michelle Vierr 
My-Phuong Vo 

Jennifer Webb 
Barbara Welch 
Heorher Wilcox 
Lori Wineserr 



Ir oil begins wirh saying goodbye ro ev- 
erything and everyone you know, pocking 
up, moving owoy, and then living wirh 
connplere srrongers^ Thus rhe commence- 
menr of Freshman yeor^ 

Orienrarion lefr me wirh fond memories 
of hustling from one yellow pillored-building 
ro rhe nexr, only ro find I was in rhe wrong 
one or rhe wrong rime. Whar I was missing 
were rhe engrossing ocriviries which includ- 
ed rhe never ending picnics on rhe various 
lawns across campus, reossuring speeches 
from uppercbssmen, and R.A. skirs. 

Now rhe you're-on-your-own-freshmon 
srarrs her academic "experience", only ro 

find she is nor all alone. Advisors, R.A.'s, H.P.'s, 
and professors help in rhe rransirion from 
high school srudenr ro college srudenr. Dur 
ir's no easy adjusrmenr, freshmon ore kepr 
or rhe borrom of everyrhing including rhe 
food lines. 

Immediorely freshmon are expecred ro 
assume leadership posirions ranging from 
doss presidenr ro senore represenrorive. 
This inregrarion breaks down many barriers 
exisring berween freshman and upperclass- 
mon, and gives rhem a sense of communi- 

Prepororion for and porriciparing in class 
skirs, donees, and mixers bond rhe doss ro- 

gerher. These evenrs supporr and help rhe 
doss ro sponsor furure evenrs. 

While one of rhe mosr srressful rimes, 
freshman yeor is on exceprionol period for 
growrh and developmenr. Ir con be a rime 
when breai'iing away from everyrhing one 
knows becomes o personal rebuilding ex- 

One freshman summed rhe year up, 
"We mode lors of friends and grew rogerh- 
er inrellecruolly, physically, ond sociolly". 

— Korherine A. Folk 

Elizoberh Adorns 

Julie Adorns 

Virginio Adkin 

Melisso Alford 

Selmo Allen 

Dophne Angus 

Trocey Arbough 

Heleno Arringron 

Lori Arkins 

Renee Auger 

Jane Dolfour 

Shown Dollenrine 

Pvobin Dorrerr 

Shoron Dee 

Noel Devon 



Arrgh — I'm o freshman ogoin 
Angela Sowrelle phones home. 

Julie Birmingham 
Allison Bishop 
Korherine Bolen 
Leslie Dolen 
Jessica Doorh 

Elizoberh Bowles 
Aliso Bradford 
Jennifer Bradley 
Julie Brenner 
Kimberly Bnnkley 

Elizabeth Brirron 
Korherine Brown 
Krisri Brown 
Karen Camden 
Marguerire Correr 


ElizQberh Church 

Ayren Cibildok 

Mary Cocke 

Anne Coghill 

Correr Coleman 

Kristin Collins 

Hearher Colvin 

Elizabeth Connell 

Connie Craft 
Amy Creekmore 

Laura Creswell 

Alitio Cross 

Lakin Cutter 

Xon Eberenz 

Angela Edward 

Holly Eger 

Lacy Ellert 

Heather Ellis 

Saroh Eschinger 

Deborah Fischer 

Kimberly Fisher 

Nicole Fisher 

Susan Firts 

Kimberly Foge 

Lauren Gantly 


Merrirr Gibbons 
Rebecca Gibson 
Elizoberh Gomez 
Mory Gorcys 
Amy Guffey 

Corinne Honcock 
Anne Hanson 
Tomoro Helms 
Alicia Hill 
Kelly Hobarr 

, i> H iini •■Mil " I 

Barbara Hoerle 
Carolyn Horan 
Mary Huffsrerler 
Kimberly Hughes 

Mary Hughes 
Melindo Hunnlcurr 
Heorher Jackson 
Leigh Jennings 

Jill Jmoeff 

Cassie Jones 
Christina Korseros 
Melissa Kelley 
Robin Kelly 
Elizabeth Kepiinger 


Gina and Talley prepare for c 
nighr on the rown 

Julia King 

Kimberly Lonsron 

Kimberly Lea 

Srephonie Lefrwich 

Julie LeJeune 

Joyce Lineberry 

Melinda Lobbon 

Corolyn Loughron 

Melanie Madison 

Rachel Mayes 

Sarah McCorrhy 

Tonya McDowell 

Tony McNobb 

Marilyn Mildren 
Chrisrine Morgon 


-*4F^B Julie Moss 

Helen Nolry 
Kendro Neese 
Chrysrel Nelson 
Doon-Chou Ngyuen 

Susan O'Donnell 
India Parrish 
Kelly Paul 
Soroh Pemberron 
Ann Pendleron 

Jennifer Perrusky 
Johonna Prudden 
Amber Purdy 
Aimee Roy 
I Abigail Rhoodes 


Wild Women! 

Kendro Richardson 

Mary Roach 

Dana Roberts 

Soro Roberrs 

Amy Sales 

Asalso Soromi 

Mary Sarrerfield 

Laura Scopparicci 

Suson Scherff 

Allison Shiprek 

Julia Shugorr 

Derrie Skinner 

Amy Slemp 

Michelle Smerena 

Chrisrine Smirh 


l<>ebeccQ reqisrers 

Hey lody, Whor's on your foce' 





JHBh ^^I 

^WuW ^1 

./** J 

Mary Smirhdeol 
Srocey Soble 
Krisrin Spencer 
Angela Sraors 
Michelle Srcpleron 

Mary Srorling 
Rebecca Srill 
Margorer Srowe 
Carroll Suggs 
Karhryn Torrerson 

Korhryn Taylor 
Tiffany Taylor 
Nancy Thocteon 
Verlindo Thompson 
Rebecca TIrs 


Mix and March, a fashion 

Maria Truon 

Soroh Turner 

Srephonie Tyler 

Carol Vest 

Kyra Verrorino 

Margaret Wolker 

Lee Walloce 

Talley Warner 

Alice Woshingron 

Amy Whire 

Tonyo Whirren 

Marrho Wilburn 

Dridgerr Wiliianns 

Jennifer Willioms 

Olivia Viilioms 

' i'C 


"Lers go surfing now. 

Robin Wilson 
Joonno Wood 
Keren Wood 
Susan Woodcock 
Wendy Wooden 

PorriciQ Worrow 
Amol Yocoub 
Elizoberh Yores 





Susan Achey, Morkering Communicorions 
"All I ever really rieeded ro know I learned in Kindergarten 
\Visdom was nor or rhe rop of rhe graduore school mounrain, 
bur rhere in rhe sandbox or nursery school" 

— Roberr Fulghum 

Rita Alvis 

"Pocking up rhe dreams God's planted in rhe ferrile soil of you. 
Con'r believe rhe hopes He's granted, means a choprer in our 
lives IS rhrough. Dur we'll keep you close as always, ir won'r 
even seem you've gone, 'cause heorrs in big and small ways 
will keep rhe love rhor keeps us srrong" 

— Michael and Deborah Smirh 

Nicole Irene Angresono, Polincol Science 
"Where do we go, 
Where do we go now? 
Where do we go^" 

— Guns and Roses 

Mosoko Aral, Psychology 

"Peace can never be kepr by force, ir can only be achieved by 


— Einstein 
Kim Doker 

Where there's o will, rhere's a way," 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma and friends 

Hillary Fousfin Daumann, Communicorions 
"Everything is coming our woy " 


Mary Louise C. Bowman, Sociology 

"There is no fact like the fact learned from your own life" 

— Aristotle 
I love you Mom, Dad and Clark. 

Pamela Carter, Independenr Computer Science 
"Norhing makes o person more productive than the lost min- 

— Unknown 

Leoh D. Decker, Asion Studies 

"Still — mo way — nobody sees o flower — reolly — ir is so 
small — we hoven'r time — and to see takes time, like ro 
hove Q friend tokes time." 

— Georgia O'Keefe 

Amy Lynne Dixon, Business 

"So before we end and rhen begin, we'll drink a roost ro how 

ir's been, o few more hours ro be complere . . . 

A few more rimes that I con soy, I've loved these days." 

— Unknown 

Ashley Dulac, Mathematics 

"God mode integers, all the rest is the work of man." 

— Leopold Kronecker 
Nic & Shen: Thanks for being greor roomies. Tee: Someone 
loves you! Thanks so much. 

Corrinno Durham, Psychology 

"Boundaries: you always hove boundaries. Ler someone else 
choose rhem, and they're restricrions. Choose them yourself 
ond rhey're principles." 

— Unknown 

Ingrid Erickson 

"Without on eye to the future, we flounder in rhe presenr" 

— Solly K. Ride, Asrronour 
"We hold rhese truths ro be self-evidenr, rhot all men ore 
created equal, rhor rhey ore endowed by rheir Creoror with 
cerroin inalienable righrs. Thar among rhese ore Life, Liberry 
and rhe Pursuit of Happiness." 

— Declorarion of Independence 

Angela Kotherine Favafa, Business Admin 

"Now this IS not the end. Ir is not even the beginning of rhe end. 

But It is, perhaps the end of the beginning." 

— Winston Churchill 
Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you. 


Leslie Anne Ferrier, Inrernononal Relorions 
"To dream onyrhing rhor you wonr ro dream. 
Thar Is rhe beoury of rhe humon mind. 
To do onyrhing you wonr ro do. 
Thar is rhe srrengrh of rhe human will. 
To rrusr yourself, ro resr your limirs. 
Thor IS rhe courage ro succeed" 

— Bernard Edmonds 

Yoshimi Fujii, Sociology 

"True affluence is nor needing onyrhing." 

Lee Purr, English 

"Forgive, O Lord, my lirrle jolses on Thee, 

And I'll forgive Thy greor big one on me.' 

Gory Snyder 

— Roberr Frosr 

Kelly Garrett, Hisrory 

"Somehow I know we'll be meering again, I don'r I'lnow where 

and I don'r know just when, bur you're in my heorr, so, unril 

rhen, ir's rime for saying goodbye." 

Thanks ro my family, Keirh and friends for all your supporr and 


Allison B. Griffin, French 

"For rhe fire, for rhe drive — for pushing hard each rime rhor 
you rry — For rhe heroes sroying rrue — for rhe ream rhor's 
coming Through ..." — Dudwelser Deer Commerciol 

Ursula S. Hagerman, Sociology 

"Your expression is rhe mosr imporronr rhing you con wear." 

— Sid Ascher 
I wonr ro rhonl-; my "Mum", grondporenrs, ond Eddie for rheir 
conrinuing love and supporr. 

Tiffany Elizabeth Homm, Chemisrry 

"Life is o consronr srruggle ro moinroin a myriad of cellular 

reocrions in posirions for from equilibrium." 

— Wayne M. Decker 
"Imaginorion is more imporronr rhon knowledge." 

— Alberr Einsrein 

Elizabeth Mary Hammock, Communicarions 
"I will behove myself wisely in a perfecr way. O when wilr rhou 
come unro me^ I will wolk wirhin my house wirh a perfecr 
heorr. I will ser no wiclsed rhing before mine eyes; I hare rhe 
work of rhem rhor rurn aside; ir shall nor cleave ro me." 

— Psolm 101: 2,0 

Kris Handley, Theorre/Educarion 

"You gain srrengrh, courage and confidence by every exper- 
ience in which you really srop ro lools fear in rhe face." 

— Eleanor Rooseveir 

Anne Marie Hess, Srudio Arr 

"Well, I'm on my woy, 

I don'r know where I'm going, 

I'm on my way, 

Tokin' my rime bur I don'r know where . . ." 

— Paul Simon 
Thanks Mom ond Dod, Mary, Srephen, Phil ond Jackie. I 
wouldn'r hove mode ir wirhour you. 

Lisa Ho 

"Our desriny exercises irs influence over us, as yet, we hove nor 
leorned irs norure: ir is our furure lays down of our rodoy." 

— Fnednch Nierzsche 

Lucille Hodges, Hisrory/ Asian Srudies 

"I ger by wirh a lirrle help from my Friends." 

— Dearies 
Mom, Will, Renee, Philip ond Marry: Thank you for all your love 
ond supporr. To my friends, rhonks for oil rhe memories. I love 

Meredith Holliday Light Hook, Sociology 

"Trear people as if rhey were whor rhey oughr ro be ond you 

help rhem ro become whor rhey ore capable of being." 

— Johonn W. Von Goerhe 
To Mom and Dad for all your socrifices, and ro my whole family 
for molding o dream come rrue. I love you oil 

Laura Nell Howard, Psychology 

"Pooh, promise me you won'r ever forger me because if I 

rhoughr you would, I wouldn'r leave." 

— Chrisropher Pvobin 


Holly Ann Hunnicuft, Arr 

"The mosr relaxing recreoring forces ore o heolrhy religion, 
sleep, music and loughrer. Hove foirh in God — Leorn ro sleep 
well — Love good music — See rhe funny side of life — And 
heolrh and happiness will be yours." 

— Unknown 

Cory Roberts Jones, Psychology 

"I am o bear of very lirrle brain, and long words borher me." 

— Winnie rhe Pooh 

Jamie Lee Newbern-Jones 

To my husband Dale wirh love for his supporr and consider- 
orion over my college years, Speciol rhanks ro Mom, Dad, 
Srocey, Kelly and Dierer, 

Hi-Gyong Kong, Marhemarics 

"There can be no hoppiness if rhe rhings we believe in are 

different from rhe rhings we do." 

— Freya Srark 

Julie Patrick King, Early Educarion 

"Togerher we've climbed hills ond rrees, learned of love ond 
ADC's, skinned our heorrs and skinned our knees. We've hod 
joy, we've hod fun, we've hod seasons in rhe sun." 

— Unknown 
Thanks ro Mom, Dad, Kellye, John, Jen and Tom for your love 
ond supporr. 

Karen Kois 

1 am cerroin of nothing bur rhe holiness of the hearr's offecrions 
ond rhe rrurh of imoginorion — whor rhe imoginonon seizes as 
beauty must be trurh ..." 

— Kears 

Lacey E. Leonard, Communicorions/ Asian Srudies 
"All rhor is precious is possible, oll.rhar is possible is obtoinable. A 
beautiful rose is the producr of investment, thot of a careful 
gardener. Perfection is no accident, but of truth. 

— Anonymous 

Jennifer Ann Lutman, English 
"Break up rhe family 
And ler's begin ro live our lives, 
I went to see all my friends tonight. 
It wosn't Youth, it wasn't even Life, 
Dorn old, sodly wise" 

— Morrissey 

Susan Aileen McClanohan, Arr Hisrory 
"Don'r be dismayed or goodbyes, a forewell is necessary be- 
fore meering again, And meeting ogoin ofter momenrs or 
liferimes is cerroin for rhose who ore friends." 

— Anonymous 

Sarah McClellan, Spanish and Sociology 

"I never sow a moor; never sow rhe seo; 

Yer I know how rhe heorher looks, and what a wove must be. 

I never spoke wirh God, nor visited in heaven,- 

Yer cerroin am I of the spot, os if a chorr were given." 

— Emily Dickinson 

Aude Mann, French 

"Those rhor be plonred in the house of the Lord shall flourish in 

rhe courrs of our God." 

Psolms 92:13 

Jacqueline Anne Nicholas, Educarion/ Communiconon 
"I've often wondered and racked my brain, bur I guess I'll never 
know. Why one person looks and sees rhe ram. while onorher 
IS seeing a rainbow." 

— Jovon 

Clor Seri Nunis, Psychology/Hisrory 

"The rime hos come; rhe song is over rhoughr I'd somerhing 

more ro soy . . " 

— Pink Floyd 

Holly Ann Porter, Business Admin./Morkering 
"Ijusr wanr to leave you wirh rhis rhought thot it'sjust been sorr 
of Q dress rehearsal ... so if you start resring on your laurels, I 
mean Jusr forget it, because . . . we ore Jusr gerting storred." 

— Wolr Disney 

Shelby Scott Powell, Morketing/Communicotions 
"In order ro soy hello ogoin we musr firsr soy goodbye." Thank 
you ro oil my friends — I love you and will miss you more rhon 
you could know. 

Sheri Powell 

"If we couldn't lough we would oil go unsone." 

Jimmy Buffetr 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Fomily and friends for your never 
ending love and supporr over rhe losr four years. You oil mean 
rhe world to me. I love you! — Showee — 

Beatrice Quintavalli, Business Administration 

"And if I hod to choose. Love would be my decision." 

— Unknown 


Rhonda Morlene Rogon, AAQrhenng/Comm. 

"The rime has come for me ro roke, as in: 

charge of myself 

conrrol of my own life 

o long look or who I am 

end who I wonr ro be 

So I'm roUing off ... " 

— Srocey O'Dryon 
Katie Reagan, Biology 
"Self-reverence, self-knowledge, seif-conrrol, 
These rhree alone lead life ro sovereign power. 

— Tennyson 
Heidi Rundt, Psychology 

"Only by word of mourh, from mind ro mind, could rhey poss 
on rhe secrer." 

— George Orwell "1984" 
"Ir IS a grearer crime rhon nor pleasing orhers, nor doing Jusrice 
ro yourself" — The Feminine Mysrique, Derry Friedon 
Kathleen C. Sole, Arrs Monagemenr 
"Life IS o resr wirh more Quesnons rhon Answers,:" 

Forrune Cookie 

Kimberly Caroline Schalow, Biology 

"I'm glod I did ir, parrly because ir was well worrh ir, and chiefly 

because I shall never hove ro do ir ogam." — Mark Twain 

Victoria Paige Scott 

"Don'r srop dancing, rhe music is srill playing and I'm nor rired." 

— Anonymous 

Caroline Seibold, Business Admin./Compurer Science 

"All rhe Consrirurion guaronrees is rhe pursuir of happiness, you 

hove ro corch up wirh ir yourself." 

— Benjamin Franklin 
Amno Shoro, Polirical Science 

If I could draw a line rhor would make my parenrs happy 

forever; I will hove achieved rhe soul of my poerry and rhe 

music of my life ... I hove mode some very good friends here, 

rhor I musr leave behind now and ir really hurrs — bur such is 

life — I musr go on — I love you MBC! 

Suson Sipple, English 

"Friends," he said, "including oddmenrs, ir is o greor pleasure, or 
perhaps I hod berrer soy ir has been a pleasure so for, ro see 
you or my parry." — Eeyore, Winnie-rhe-Pooh 

Kathryn Virginia Ours Snyder, Arrs Monagemenr 
"Nee remere, rimore" 
"Sic Vive ur vivos; 
er morire ne morioris" 

Beouchomp Tower 1622 

Katrina Marie Sponka, Business Adminisrrorion 

"Success IS failure rurned inside our. Ir's when rhings seem worsr 

rhor you musrn'r quir," 

Bonnie Elizabeth Spiers, English 

" . . change is rhe nursery of music, joy, life, and erermry. ' 

Mom and Dad rhonks for everyrhing — John Donne 

Nazareth Tesfit, Compurer Science/ Arr 
"I'm finally beginning ro see rhe lighr or rhe end of rhe runnel . . . 
And I wonr everybody who cores obour me ro know rhor I 
owe you o debr of grorirude for sricking by me." 

Carmen Vought, Business Adminisrronon/Markering 
"You hove o magic corper rhor will whiz you rhrough rhe air ro 
Spain or Moine or Africa if youjusr rell ir where. So will you ler ir 
roke you where you've never been before. Or will you buy 
some drapes ro march and use ir on your Floor?" 

— Shel Silversrein 

Paulo Vest, Psychology 

"I hove gone rhrough my rhings and I will go rhrough many 

more ond I'll srill be me." 

Christine A. Warwick, Business Adminisrrorion 

"To live your life in your way, ro reach for rhe goals you hove 

ser for yourself, ro be rhe you rhar you wonr ro be . , . rhor is 


— Anonymous 
Thanks Mom & Dad I couldn'r hove done rhis wirhour you. 

Kotherine Dodds Wilson, Communicorions/Educorion 
"The friends we meer on rhe porh of life moke rhe rrip much 
more fun." 

— Anonymous 

Susan Lone Wilson, Inrernorionol Relorions 

"Recoil rhe days by friends nor yeors. Remember your life by 

smiles nor reors." 

— Unknown 






« m ' w !• 





'..* '^.2^^ 


The DIuesrocking 

wishes ro rhonk Gwen Walsh 






and everyone who 

helped in rhe producrion 

of rhis annual, especially: 

Kinn Pinksron 

Karherine Folk 

Lucrerio Covan 

Rick Kronios 

Teri Srollard 

Amy Socuro 




Adams, Elizoberh Rurh 
3625 Greenbrier 
DollQS, TX 75225 

Adams, Julie Paige 
1007 Foxcrofr Road 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Adl-!ins, Virginio Carol 
Roure 1, Dox 285 
Sruorrs Draff, VA 24477 

Ainslie, Elizoberh Bloke 
1200 Norrh Quoker Lone 
Alexondrio, VA 22302 

Akermon, Dorion 
1302 Whire Avenue 
Knoxville, TN 37916 

Alexonder, Tobie Wroy 
201 Richord Durbydge 
Williomsburg, VA 23185 

Alford. Jennifer Lynn 
117 Hull Srreer 
Newporr News, VA 23601 

Allen, 5elma Vicroria 

MOQ 3045 

Camp LeJeune, NC 28542 


Alford, Melissa Ann 
81 Sronhope Rood 
Sporro, NJ 07871 

Amoson, Kimberly Paige 
9301 Wisharr Road 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Ammermon. Pomelo Sue 
5323 Norrh Lakes Drive 
Roonoke, VA 24019 

Anderson, Paula Renee 
280 Oak Pork Drive 
Cookeville, TN 38501 

Dell, Leigh Taylor 
158 Acorn Lone 
Danville, VA 24541 

Dell, Tereso Lynne 
1588 Old Drook Rood 
Chorlortesville, VA 22901 
804264 0354 

Dellor, Donelle Jeonnerre 
51 Kuder Avenue 
Akron, OH 44303 

Delore, Carolyn Poige 
RFD 1, Dox 62H 
Cape Chorles, VA 23310 

Dender, Elizoberh Louise 
14621 SW 297rh 5rreer 

Leisure Ciry, FL 33033 

Denson, Nancy Elizoberh 
34 Keorny Avenue 
Kearny. NJ 07032 

Derry, Virginio Leigh 
505 Corolyn Avenue 
Ausrin, TX 78705 

Devon, Noel Toylor 
1000 Windsor Road 
Virginia Deoch, VA 23451 

Digoike, Joy Mane 
302 Voleview Courr 
Vienna, VA 22180 

Dirminghom, Julie Donielle 
5201 Porrerson Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Bishop, Allison Page 
3908 Regol Courr 
Virginia Beoch, VA 23452 

DIoir, Chorlorre Denise 
127 Morsholl Srreer 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Daig, Korin Dance 
8715 Comille Drive 
Poromoc, MD 20854 

Doker, Elizoberh Lee 
11815 Longleaf 
Houston, TX 77024 

Boker, Liso Cuoron 
7 Droewick Courr 
Dollos, TX 75225 

Doker, Srephonie Anne 
8329 Rolondo Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Dolfour, Jone Gillerre 
211 Rolsron Rood 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Dollord, Diono Helen 
Route 5, Dox 450 
Tyler, TX 75706 

Dollentine, Shown 

301 Norrh West 5rh Street 

Checoroh, OK 74426 


Dorner, Krisren Renee 

Dox 98 

Circieville, WV 26804 


Dorrert, Robin Michelle 
1900 North Hills Drive 
Bedford, VA 24523 

Fan tasias 

11 E. Frederick St. 
Staunton 886-6839 




Tuesdoy-Sarurdoy 11:00 AM-6:30 PM 


Grown Bank. 

Staunton, Waynesboro and 
Augusta County. Member FDIC. 

Established 1897 


Offset & Letterpress 
Complete Job Printers 

124 East Beverley Street 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

Pamela T. Schmid 
(703) 886-9261 



9 Norrh New Srreer 

Srounron, Virginio 

700-885-0000 or 700-940-7067 

Dolloon Douquers 

Cosrume Deliveries 

Gourmer Jelly Deans 

Gourmer Gummy Dears 

Gourmer Popcorn 

Gift Doskers 

Gifr Service 


Hist Viignia IS a stror^ 
well-manned bank 

ycxi can depend on 
for all your 
financial needs. j 




We're out to give 
banking abetter name. 

Doumboch, Kelly Anne 
243 Deloncey Srreer #1 
PhilQdelphio, PA 19106 

Doxley, Jonino Joyce 
306 Erwin Drive 
Ploquemine, LA 70764 

Dee, 5horon Lynn 
IXoure 4, Dox 361 
Leesburg, VA 22075 

Andress, Soroh Collier 
1300 Drake Drive 
Minden. LA 71055 

Angus, Dophne Rebecca 
6012 Warch Harbour Road 
Midlorhion, VA 23112 

Anroniorr, Lisa 

1700 Cherry Avenue 

Chorlorresville, VA 22903 

Arbough, Trocey Lynn 
PO Dox 2072 
Woynesboro, VA 22980 

Areno, Renee Lee 
PO Dox 8 
Rice, VA 23966 

Arringron, Helena Rochelie 
5201 Overbrook Avenue 
Philodelphio, PA 19131-1419 

Asoi, Yoko 

17-4 Uguisuroninnachi 


Tokyo, JAPAN 


Asserson, Louro Rurhierfoord 
3113 Dronsford Rood 
Augusro, GA 30909 

Arkins, Lisa Mane 


Comp LeJeune, NC 28542 


Arkins, Lori Ann 

MOQ 3056 

Camp LeJeune, NC 28542 

919577 7010 

Auger, Renee Ann 
945 Lokeview Drive 
Winrer Pork, FL 32769 

Ausrell, Anno Knibb 
Roure 2, Dox 3001 
Columbus, NC 28722 

Dloodworrh, Dono Michele 
3251 Linte Monor Drive 
Solem, VA 24153 

DIoom, Korrino Louise 
1102 Wyrhe Courr 
Folmourh, VA 22405 


Doesch, PoukJ Adrienne 
2109 Sourh Gencove Lone 
Grerno, LA 70056 
504 393^835 

Oohl, Deverly Ann 
4928 Riverbend 
FofT Worrh, TX 76109 

Dolen. Korherine Louise 

6216 Lenox Courr 
Oklohomo dry, OK 73118 

Dolen, Leslie Allen 

6217 Ooridge Courr 
OWohomo dry, OK 73118 

Dolen, Rosino Hey wood 
PODox 531 
Lexingron, VA 24450 

Doorh, Emily Joyne 
407 College Avenue 
Ashland. VA 23005 

Doorh, Jessica Arm 

407 College Avenue 
Ashland, VA 23005 
804798 2094 

Dorger, JoneMorie MocFor- 


2116 Shovi'ers Lone 

Morrinsburg, W 25401 


Dosch, Sondro Lee 
9231 Redbridge Rood 
Richmond, VA 23236 

Dorh, Dono Rene 
3 Greenrree Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Dowers, Ann Rondolph 
24 Topoan Rood 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Dowers, Mary Chrisrino 
Roure 3, Dox 9 
Seneco Rod^, M/V 26884 

Dowles, Elizoberh Doxley 
10917 Timbermill Courr 
Oakron, VA 22124 

Drodford, Aliso Danielle 
1225 Greenwood Drive 
Donville, VA 24540 

Drodley, Jennifer Lynn 

408 College Drive 
FronWin, VA 23851 

Dronr, Diono Korherine 
Roure 3, Dox 163-A 
Morion, VA 24354 

Drenner, Julie Renee 
4908 Cosimir Srreer 
Annodole, VA 22003 



Driggs. Pvebecca Anne 
105 Peninsulo Srreer 
Norge, VA 23127 

Drillhorr, Jennifer Anne 
1139 Woseno Avenue 
Roonol^e, VA 24015 

Drinkley, Ki Deon 

2922 Godwin Boulevard 

Suffolk. VA 23434 

Brirron, Elizoberh Crane 

66 Wesrmonr 

Wesr Harrford, a 06117 

Crock, Morgarer Anne 

r\R3, Cox 269 Old Holmes 


Hopkinron, NH 03229 


Brown, Korherine Edenron 
10524 Elmswoy Courr 
Ookron, VA 22124 

Brown, Krisri Lynn 
14 Aiken fKood 
Fredend-isburg, VA 22405 

Brown, Mory Helen 
7720 Rocking Horse Lone 
Coerne, TX 78996 

Crown, Suzonno Bailey 
1767 Sherwood Rood 
Perersburg, VA 23805 

Bruney, Lindsoy McCurdy 
12515 Porodise Spring Rood 
Clifron, VA 22024 

Brydges, Crisrino Louro 
1603 Inler Courr 
Resron, VA 22090 

Cucco, Krisrin Irene 
2717 Abilene Drive 
Chevy Chose, MD 20815 
Burke, Nino Fronces 
Route 4, Cox 59 
Woynesboro, VA 22980 
804 3939471 

Bush, Paulo Michelle 
244 Windemere Woy 
Jonesboro, GA 30236 

Cyrd, Chris Mane 
Route 1, Cox C46 
Ft, Defiance, VA 24437 

Colnon, Tern Anne 
3502 Compfield Courr 
Koty, TX 77449 

Camden, Karen O'Neill 
1708 Headwaters Rood 
Midlothian, VA 20110 


Camden, Wando Smith 

Route 1, Cox 264 

Natural Bridge Stotion, VA 



Coplen, Stephanie Lynn 
Route 1, Box 155 
Stounton, VA 24401 

Coppel, Alexandra Kothetine 
101 Twin Acres Drive 
Lexington, NC 27292 

Cotreros, Elizabeth Anne 
20111 Ookengote Lone 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Carson, Ellzobeth Anne 
1614 Hyde Avenue 
Winston-Solem, NC 27104 

Corter, Genevieve Vomto 
611 David Street 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Corter, Gretchen Anne 
1644 Store Street 
New Otieons, LA 70118 

Corter, Lourel Ann 
24672 Rheo Drive 
Mission Viejo, CA 92691 

Correr, Morguenre Dinkins 
518 Walnut Street 
New Orleans, LA 70118 

Chapman, Denise Alone 
104 Lee Avenue 
Poquoson, VA 23662 
804 8688977 

Choppel, Teal Morie 
PO Box 509 
Berryville, VA 22611 

Chothom, Mary Andetson 
524 Eosr Riverview Drive 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Cheodle, Jennifer Roe 
8919 Prince Cospion Courr 
Burke, VA 22015 

Chismer, Diane Mane 
05 Whirtokers Mill 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Chnstensen, Domoris E 
308 Polomino Drive 
Apple Volley, MN 55124 

Christophet. Jennie Lee 
Stor Route Cox 12 
Holbrook, PA 15341 


131 Elmo Drive 

CentroliQ, Washington 98531 



CLASS OF 1989 

Chu, Rose S 
3186 Worren Rood 
Cleveland, OH 44111 

Church, Elizabeth Anne 

623 Jessomine 

Son Antonio, TX 78209 


Cibildok, Ayten 

914 Everest 

San Antonio, TX 78209 


Clark, Kimbetly Anne 
4216 Stonewall Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23225 

Clarke, Jennifer Jone 
223 N Jefferson 
Stounron. VA 24401 

Clottetbudi, Sarah 
Route 4, Cox 461 
Elkron, VA 22827 

Claybrook, Mory Ellzobeth 
Route 10, Cox 959 
Mechonicsville. VA 23111 

Clifton, Tommy Annette 
Route 1, Cox 73 
Churchville, VA 24421 

Clingempeel, Amy Sue 
670 Nordix Drive 
V/orrenton, VA 22186 
703-347 3435 

Cocke, Maty Virginia 
5000 New Haven 
Memphis, TN 38117 

Coffin, Melisa Suzonne 
Route 2, Box 191 
Monroe, VA 24574 

Coghill, Anne St Clair 
316 Dick Ewell Avenue 
Colonial Heights, VA 23834 

Cole, Cynthio Clanron 
10613 Horborough Woy 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Coleman, Cess Corlisle 
3124 Guilford Road 
Cirminghom, AL 35223 

Coleman. Carter Leigh 
Route 2, Box 400 
Amelia. VA 23003 

Colemon, Kristi Michelle 
Route 9, Box 354 
Martinsville, VA 24112 

Collins, Kristin Diane 
5522 Kendrick Lone 
Curke, VA 22015 

Collins. Rosolind C 
Route 1. Cox 646 
Rophine, VA 24472 

Connell, Ellzobeth Englund 
4512 Lodge Pole Drive 
Virginio Beach, VA 23462 

Conner, Kelley Sue 
19 Chemor Drive 
Hurricane, WV 25560 

Cooper, Myro Lisa 
3509 Patterson Street, NW 
Woshingion, DC 20015 

Cooper, Soroh Lesley 
341 Glenwood Drive 
Monticello, AR 71655 

Cotdet, Michelle Lee 
248 Cishopgare Rood 
Columbia, SC 29212 

Cox, Jessico Valerie 
321 Oevelond Courr 
Son Anronio, TX 78209 

Cox, Mory RebeKoh 
PO Cox 306 
Monterey, VA 24465 

Cox, Shelby Cullom 
4146 Appomortox Lone 
Cirminghom, AL 35213 

Croft. Connie Jo 
PO Cox 1344 
Wise, VA 24293 
Crowford, Angela Michelle 
PO Cox 612 

Woynesboro. VA 22980 

Creasy. Louro Judith 

115 Twin Creek Terrace 
Foresr. VA 24551 

Creekmore. Amy Beth 
1123 Little Ned< Rood 
Virginia Ceoch, VA 23452 

Creswell, Louro Anne 

116 Redwood Drive 
Douglossville, PA 19518 

Crim, Jolyn Almond 
713 Woodland Hills 
Tyler, TX 75701 

Cronon, Alido Ann 
1614 Robindole Rood 


18 Eosr Frederick Srreer 

PO Dox 1087 

Srounron, Virginia 24401 



34 E Beverly Srreer 

Srounron, Virginia 24401 

703-886-6915 Lorry Nuckols 

Richmond. VA 23235 

Cronin, Trocey Ceid 
2016 Honover Avenue 
Richmond. VA 23226 

Cross, Alirio C 

11 High Farms Rood 

Wesr Horrford, O 06107 

Crouch, Alicio Lord 
6209 Lenox Courr 
Ol^lahomo Ciry. OK 73118 

Cullorher, Ellen Moureen 
4104 Cambridge Road 
Richmond. VA 23221 

Curry, Nell Jones 
203 Clifron Srreer 
Comden, AL 36726 

Curns, Kelly Jean Morie 
3104 Fober Drive 
Foils Church, VA 22044 
703-536 5089 

Curter, Lokin Doldridge 
3447 Camp Srreer 
New Orleons, LA 70115 

Dovid. Thereso Wong 
3703 Blue Loke Drive 

Spring, TX 77388 

Davis, Moud Michaux 
209 Ross Rood 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Deese, Debro Jeone 
228 Mounroin View Avenue 
Donville, VA 24541 

Dehlin, Lon Christine 
10114 Formingron Drive 
Fairfax, VA 22030 

DeJornerre, Shea Ann 

Winrergreen Roure 1, Dox 


Roseland, VA 22967 

DeMorchi, Gino Mario 
111 Cresenr Rood 
Deckley, WV 25801 

Dembicl-ss, Jill Elizoberh 
2109 Camrose Lone 
Roleigh. NC 27608 

Dempsey, Tino Leo 
3615 Corpenrer Srreer. SE 
Washingron. DC 20020 

Deneen. Erin Elizoberh 

F^ ^ 


Towne Cenrre 

41 N, Augusro Srreer 

Srounron, Virginio 24401 

Shovv^n Wong, Monoger 

3761 Srrarhmoor Circle 
Virginio Deach, VA 23452 

Dickerson, Liso Maria 
4132 Hildring Drive, Eosr 
Forr Worth, TX 76109 
817 9268380 

Dickey. Molindo Elizoberh 
4525 Isabella Lone 
Dallas, TX 75229 

DiSovino, Morrinoh Lee 
8930 Deerwoter Road 
Richmond, VA 23237 

Dodd, Shorlene Lourece 
2490 Judes Ferry Rood 
Powhoron, VA 23139 

Doggetr. Keith Kovonough 
6554 Pidgeon Holl Rood 
Memphis, TN 38119 

Donohue, Denise Marie 
216 Drockenridge Avenue 
Norfolk. VA 23505 
804 4409161 

Dorsey. Jennifer Louren 
Deer Horbour Drive 
Salisbury, MD 21801 

Dose. Lara Ellen 
1009 Tulip Trail 
Greencosrle, IN 46135 

Douglos. Amy Celesre 
232 Sourh Srreer Rood 
Auburn. NY 13021 

Dudley, Morion Elizoberh 
100 Charnwood Rood 
Richmond. VA 23229 

DuLoc. Allyson Renee 
500 D Georgetown Rood 
Wesigare Aparrmenrs 
Chorlorresville. VA 22901 

Eorle, Alice Corinne 
8 Lower Tuckahoe Road. E 
Richmond. VA 23233 
804784 4341 

Eberenz. Xon Morie 
5215 Copon Hill Ploce 
Durke, VA 22015 

Edmonds, Robin Poige 
2110 Owls Cove Lone 
Resron, VA 22091 

Edwords, Angela Heidi 
3C Monrcloir Drive 
Calhoun, GA 3070 

104 629 7476 

' .' -' , Holly Ann 

v// Aurum Horvesr Drive 

Virginio Deach. VA 23464 


Ehrboker, Dyon Rene 
1724 Derxel Road 
Dolrimore, MD 21222 
301477 4078 

Eichner, Amber Michelle 
201 Hickory Lone 
Lurz. FL 33549 

Ellerr, Lacy Linville 
1712 Cloister Drive 
Richmond, VA 23111 

Ellis. Heorher Keeler 
100 Wildwood 
Lexington. MS 39095 

Ellis. Korherine Elizoberh 
5907 Meodowood Rood 
Doltimore. MD 21212 

Engle. Kondice Down 
10365 Lebonon Rood 
Porksville. KY 40464 

Ennis. Tanyo Noel 
148 Elm Avenue 
Mill Valley. CA 94941 

Erard, Christina Loro 
8 Wall Srreer 

Fredericksburg. VA 22405 

Erikson. Mary Douglas 
1226 Golden Lone 
Orlando. FL 32804 
407 843-9776 

Eschinger. Soroh Toimoge 
326 Cedar Lone 
Annopolis. MD 21403 

Eure, Ann Dolron 

1882 Cherry Grove Rood, N 

Suffolk, VA 23432 


Evans, Mogon McNess 
1612 Crysrol Springs Drive 
Johnson Ciry, TN 37601 

Farmer, Rochel Rush 
1117 Michigan Courr 
Alexondrio. VA 22314 

Feign. Debro Fronces 
12415 Drolien Dough 
Housron, TX 77024 

Feltner, Leslie K 
PO Dox 2423 
Winchesrer. VA 22601 

Fesro. Rachel Anne 

1334 Upper Drondon Ploce 

Norfolk, VA 23508 


Finl^, Virginia Lee 
1542 Heorhersione 
Frederidisburg. VA 22401 

Fiorenzo, Robyn Michelle 
125 Tutter's Neck 
Williomsburg, VA 23185 
804 229 3198 

Fischer, Amy Cooper 
3012 Gront Ploce 
Marierio. GA 30067 

Fischer, Deboroh Anne 
6163 Sourh Morion Avenue 
Tulso. OK 74136 

Fisher, Kimberly Addingron 
210 13th Street 
Oceon dry, MD 21842 

Fisher. Nicole Lyn 
309 Vicor Rood 
Donville, VA 24540 
Fisher, Soroh Ellen 
Route 1. Dox 197 
Croigsville, VA 24430 
Fitrs, Suson Ann 
Roure 2, Dox 802 
Halifox, VA 24558 

Firzpotrick. Noncy Jeon 
2348 Scorsborough Drive 
Richmond. VA 23235 

Florence, Jodi Lee 
826 Pinerree Drive 
Decorur. GA 30003 

Flores. Lucia Loreno 
1247 Sronley Srreet 
El Paso. TX 79907 

Fogel, Kimberley Down 
3337 Southwestern 
DollQS, TX 75225 

Foley. Sheri Lynn 
294 Knollwood Drive 
Rocky Mount, VA 24151 

Folk, Kotherine Ann 
9298 Moinsoil Drive 
Durke, VA 22015 

Ford. Corherine Mary 
Roure 7, Dox 288 
Mortinsville, VA 24112 
703 666-0450 

Formon, Melissa Krisren 
Old Mill Rood. Dox 337 
Gores Mills. OH 44040 

Gordon. Mary Korhryn 


1141 Greendole (Xood 
Waynesboro, VA 22980 

Gronr, Cheryl Jean 
Route 1, Box 207-E 
Swoope, VA 24479 

Greenwell, 5rephonie Ann 
304 Greenbrior Road 
Lexingron, KY 40503 

Griffin, Allison Drydio 
5741 Indian Circle 
Housron, TX 77057 

Groome, Gino Lorraine 
727 Doorswain Lane 
Mechonicsville, VA 23111 

Guchu, Lois 
Roure 1, Box 225A 
Arringron, VA 22922 

Guffey, Amy Leslie 
140 Millsrone Drive 
Verona, VA 24482 

Gulce, Pomelo Elizabeth 
14602-A Old Court House 
Newport News, VA 23602 

Gussoff, Coren Judirh 
Dronxville Glen South 
1376 Midland Avenue 
Dronxville, NY 10708 

Gwoltney, Elizabeth W 
Route 4, Box 105 
Smirhfieid, VA 23430 

Hoggorr, Trisho Kelly 
14716 Old Georgio Avenue 
Rockville, MD 20835 

Hambrick, Morgorer Lyerly 
1008 14rh Avenue Dr , NW 
Hid^ory, NC 28601 

Honcock, Corinne Louise 
2680 Veniro Rood 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Honcod-t, Julie Lyn 

2236 Pimmit Run Lone #204 

Foils Church, VA 22042 


Honson, Anne Herrick 
201 Via Son Remo 
Newport Deoch, CA 92663 

Hart, Kelly Ann 
3028 William Brewster 
Irving, TX 75062 

Hoto, Soyuri 

74-3 Kitohomo, Motsuho 

Seidon-cho, Mihoro 

Hyogo-ken 656 03 

Hoyes, Emily Frances 
2007 Powhoton Street 
Falls Church, VA 22043 

Heffernon, Soro Regino 
2802 Hillcresr Avenue 
Augusro, GA 30909 

Helmick, Sharon Lynn 
117 Millstone Drive 
Verono, VA 24482 

Helms, Tomoro Lynn 
7801 Rirter Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Henderson, Kimberly Ann 
6495 Heofher Drive 
Memphis, TN 38119 

Henderson, Robin 

1355 W Springville Rood 

LoPorte, IN 46350 

Henley, Kristin Michele 
904 Abingdon Rood 
Vitginio Deoch, VA 23451 

Hickey, Julio Purcell 
7708 Shodyrock Drive 
Austin, TX 78731 

Hicte, Loro Ashley 
1108 Chumley Rood 
Virginio Deoch, VA 23451 

Hildebrond, Caroline S 
630 Dogwood Drive 
Solem, VA 24153 

Hill, Alicia Anne 
5761 Turkey Ook Rood 
Richmond, VA 23237 

Hobart, Kelly Suzanne 
2001 Rocky Point Porkwoy 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Hoerle, Dorbora Fisher 
1114 Colonial Road 
Loncoster, PA 17603 

Hoffman, Alexondria Leigh 
862 Main Street 
Danville, VA 24541 

Hofmeistet, Jennifer Ann 
12911 Kings Forest 
Son Antonio, TX 78230 

Hollonder, Hope Shirley 
5514 Kemper Rood 
Boltimore, MD 21210 

Horon, Corolyn Poige 
742 Oberlin Rood 


i East Beverley Street 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

Books for every oge & interest. 






Jewelry and Folk Arr of rhe World 

Silver Jewelry 

Rugs, Dashers, Tiles, Carvings from 35 countries 




16 W. Beverley Srreer 

Srounron, Virginia 24401 703-8857808 


We wish you every success in your future endeavors, hove o sofe ond fun filled 




Augusro, GA 30909 

22 Taylor Streer 


Srounron, VA 24401 

Houdeshell, Heorher Rurh 


5314 Timber Trace 

Jmoeff, Jill Anne 

Son Anronio, TX 78250 

4118 Eosr 98rh Srreer, Sourh 


Tulsa, OK 74137 

Hubbord, Shoron Lynn 


161 Roure 22 

Jones, Cossie McQueen 

Powling, NY 12564 

PO Dox 22 


2nd Srreer, Norrh 

Duchonon, VA 24066 

Huffsterler. Mory Frances 

108 Fall Eosr 


Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Jones, Emily Soyles 


4500 Wesrwoy 

Hughes, Kimberly Poige 

Delias, TX 75205 

1708 Downing Courr 


Richmond, VA 23233 

Komimuro, Akiko 


658-13 Kuroro Okoyomoshi 

Hughes, Mary Jane 

Okoyomo 703 

1933 Adkins Rood 


Richmond, VA 23236 

Korseros, Christina Jane 


1422A Norrh Woodhouse 

Hunnicurr, Melindo Goil 


17078 Powell Rood 

Virginia Deoch, VA 23454 

Drookville. FL 34609 

Kelley, Melissa Lou 

Hurr, Anno Elizoberh 

7420 Sourh Horrison Woy 

611 W Chesopeoke Avenue 

Lirrleron, CO 80122 

Towson, MD 21204 

Kelly, Robin Lynn 


2079 E Provider Drive 

Huynh, Priscillo 
8100 Horreros Lone 

Longley AFD, VA 23665 

804 865-1172 

Springfield, VA 22151 

Kephorr, Amy Lucille 


6861 Drion Michael Courr 

Hyorr, Susan Wirhers 

Springfield, VA 22153 

119 Perer Fronclsco Drive 

Keplinger, Elizoberh Anne 

Hopewell, VA 23860 

2915 Tremounr Circle. NW 

Idero. Hideko 

Conron, OH 44708 

1-22-7 Ooko Minamiku 

Keys, Courrney Grey 

Yokohomo 202 

2 Sourh Vine Srrer 


Richmond, VA 23220 

Irvin, Mory Frances 


PO Dox 276 

Kierson, Suzanne Renoe 

Edinburg, VA 22824 

7002 Fox Green Wesr 


Chesrerfield. VA 23832 

Jackson, Heorher Lynn 


44 Lynn Morr Drive 

King. Julio Sherman 

Hunringron, W 25705 

112 Robin Hood Rood 


Srounron. VA 24401 

Jacobus, Corherine Anne 


Roure 1, Dox 74-2 

Kluchesky. Parrido Ann 

Troppe, MD 26173 

501 N New Srreer 


Srounron. VA 24401 


Jomes, Allison Monrgomery 

212 Glenwood Drive 

Knorrs, Aleocio Jolerre 

Narchez, MS 39120 

Roure 1, Dox 51 


Minerol Wells, W 26150 

James. Elizoberh Ashley 


204 Admiral Courr 

Koch. Rene Jeanne 

Hompron, VA 23669 

3516 S 165rh Avenue 


Omaha. NE 68130 

Jenkins, Ellen Dronch 


1611 Combridge Drive 

Krizek. Thereo Morie 

Kinsron, NC 28501 

7 Dornfield Place 


Norrh Dobylon. NY 

Jennings, Leigh Ann 



Longsron, Louro Morie 
1203 Pinehursr n,oad 
Srounron, VA 24401 

Lawrence, Hedi Irene 
10712 Lourel Leof Ploce 
Poromoc, MD 20854 

Leo, Kimberly Ann 
168 Acorn Lone 
Donville, VA 24541 

Lefrwich. Srephanie Dense 
105 Tonglewood Drive 
Decl^ley, WV 25801 

LeJeune, Julie Jonel 
PO Box 403 
LaPlora, MD 20646 

Leonard, Elizoberh Hope 
12716 Poplor Forest Drive 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Libby, Morgarer Ellen 
9526 Good Lion Road 
Columbio, MD 21045 

Lineberry, Andrea Oarl'i 
1754 Walnut Avenue 
Dueno Visra, VA 24416 

Lineberry, Joyce Morie 
PO Box 3363 
Mortinsburg, WV 25401 

Link, Arkesha Ruebe 
217 West Forrest 
Lebonon, TN 37087 

Lobbon, Melinda Lewis 

PO Box 148, Washington 


Alderson, WV 24910 


Lockett, Denise Arlene 
1105 Ronald Lone 
Johnson City, TN 37601 

Loughron, Carolyn Louise 
426 Manila Street 
Greenville, MS 38701 

Lowery, Sizonne Corol 
4607 Orterdole ri,ood 
Moseley, VA 23120 

Lucas, Stefoni Colverr 
2828 Fry Streer 
Tyler, TX 75701 

Lunordini, Melisso Jone 
13915 Cherry Creek Drive 
Tampo, FL 33618 

Lynch, Mary Elizabeth 
2 Countryside Lane 

Verdant Road 

Richmond, VA 23229 


Madison, Melonie Elizabeth 

13412 Chip Court 

Chester, VA 23831 


Mohood, Donno M 
Route 4, Box 399 
Lexington, VA 24450 

Mann, Corinne Dunningron 
1229 Seocobeck Streer 
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

Marr, April Suzonne 
2593 Cove Point Place 
Virginio Deoch, VA 23454 

Marshall, Lucindo Kay 
86 Hudson Avenue 
Stounton, VA 24401 

Motrin, Christine Morie 
1515 Brighom Rood 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Mosozumi, Aiko 

5-10-17 Ooe Nishishinboyo 


Kyoto 610-11, JAPAN 

Mason, Leslie Louise 
One Main Street 
New Costle, KY 40050 

May, Caroline Smirh 
158 Millbrook Farm Rood 
Monerto, GA 30067 

Mayes, Rochel Alice 
PO Box 1127 
Glouster, VA 23061 

McAlisrer, Elizoberh Anne 
708 Brenrwood Poinre 
Brentwood, TN 37027 

McCorroll, Jennifer Koy 
Rural Route 2, Box 371 A 
Rockwood, TN 37854 
615-354 3660 

McCarthy, Sarah Cheothom 
4121 Cresrwood Rood 
Richmond, VA 23227 

McDaniel, Anne Beverly 
2426 Huguenot Springs Rood 
Midlothian, VA 23113 
804 7945072 

McDowell, Tonya Eloine 
2646 Edgewood Road 
Bueno Vista, VA 24416 

McMoth, Corroll Spencer 
10096 Ookron Terrace Rood 

nOlSIIE is dcligtitfully situalod on a lullsKie f.n-ijiR a swi-pii^-, 
panora^ of the Shaundoah Valley bafkrd by tho beautiful Blif 
Ridge Mountains, the ever dunging vi«* is so vast that it can be 
seal but baidly described. The 1,800 foot altitude brings confort- 
able cool ev«vings and it is a rare day which ladu a refieshing we 

cones you to the delists of infonral living in a va- 

catujn par^ 

se. Here you feel aC hotne with confort and beauty you 

wuld build 

or yourself. Take your choice of a m»iem irotor irei 

or conveniai 

delu)(E notel iJiits when; you nny kt-ep your car rigtu 

by your door 

Whatever ycxir choice, you will find instant escape fr 

everyday rou 



Oioose fran a large selection of thick juicy steaks, gandai 
salads and seafood frcra tie Wi GDUNnff in the luairiously 
decorated RIB & SIRIDIN ROtM. A dining experience of ex- 
cellence faii«is for delicuxis HUfE RIBS OF HEF. Ofens 
for dinner only !J:00pD-10:U0pii, except Stoidays. 

DWHC ROCM opcsis daily at 7:0OaD snd serves 

If 5 

I the D 

1 Fried Oiicken to elegant- 
ly prepared hot or cold sau^ches, garden salads, i,e in- 
vite you to join us in the Victorian Dixung Roan and 
Coffee Slwp just off the Itotel lobby. Closes at 2:00pn, 
excpet Sunday, open tit SiCDps. 

HfREE IXllHXS »nit ymr arrival, the Cocktail Uxxige, 
tl« CIGI Louige and the new 19th Hole Uxnge & Sanbich 

For ytxjr leisure tine, DCUSISE offers one of Virginia's finest and oust talked about 18 bole CHAMPICMEHIF OOF OOURS 
challenging even to the ucet experiaiced golfer. Carts and supplies available in the re[>-sn>. 
TWO LARffi OUIDOai SUDtQNC KOiS and a child wnding pool. TW) LARGE ALL-WADEl UMns CCUIRS. 


Oakion, VA 22124 

McMurdo, Kourrney Leigh 
613 Compron Drive 
Colonial Heights, VA 23834 

McNobb, Tonyo Lynn 
3118 Longhorn Road 
Roonoke, VA 24018 
703 774-3505 

McPherson, Trocey Lee 
4291 Garmon Road, NW 
Arlonto, GA 30327 

Mildren, Marilyn Louise 
7618 Sourh Quebec Ploce 
Tulsa, OK 74136 

Mills, Cotherine Morgoret 
2201 South 15th Streer 
Leoven worth, KS 66048 

Mish, Angelio Suzonne 
PO Box 72, Route 618 
Fronktown, VA 23354 

Moffett, Greta Koy 
Roure 1, Box 402 
Stuorts Droft, VA 24477 

Moody, Christy Lee 

1308 Kent Lane 
Austin, TX 78703 

Morey, Suson D 

297 North Goston Avenue 

Somerville, NJ 08876 


Morgon, Christine Deth 
2028 Spring Branch Drive 
Vienna, VA 22180 

Morris, Susie Blockmor 
3209 Wheeler Rood 
Augusta, GA 30909 

Moss, Julie Anne 
1708 Edwordian Woy 
Annisron, AL 36201 

Mulherin, Mary Anne 
1004 Monte Sano Avenue 
Augusro, GA X904 

Munzer, Ann Cotherine 
Route 1, Box 67 1A 
Swoopw, VA 24479 

Muramorsu, Moyumi 
4-3-23 Nonseidoi 
Osoka, JAPAN 

Murroy, Erin Patricio 
1416 West Gold Street 

Butte, MT 59701 

Musser, Sonjo Marie 
1410 Springhill Rood 
Srounron, VA 24401 

Nolry, Helen Hordie 
5509 Hurst Streer 
New Orleans, LA 70115 

Neese, Kendro Carroll 
1003 Pebble Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Nelson, Andrea Lynn 
1851 Costlebridge Rood 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Nelson, Chrystel Morie 
55 Asmoro Woy 
Eoston, CT 06612 

Netting, Jennifer Liso 
4000 Gronde View Drive 
Pylesville, MD 21132 

Nguyen, Doon-Chon Phuc 
1038 Chesopeoke Avenue 
Chesopeake, VA 23324 

Nguyen, Quynhuyen Phuc 
1038 Chesopeoke Avenue 
Chesopeoke, VA 23324 

804 545-3275 

Nicholas, Tommy Denise 
1105 Winchester Rood 
Waynesboro, VA 22980 

Nichols, Loren Mane 
Roure 1, Box 89 
Floydd, VA 24091 

Nicklis, Elizoberh Anne 
100 Chestnut Street 
Garden dry, NY 11530 

Noyes, Cotherine Atwood 
1713 Worminister Drive 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Nystrom, Jennifer Anne 
105 Jubal Ploce 
Williamsburg, VA 23195 

O'Connell, Anne Poe 
1401 Walnut Hill Lone 
Baltimore, MD 21204 

O'Donnell, Susan Morgoret 
118 Meodow Lone 
Morierro, OH 45750 

Ohlond, Joner Elizabeth 
PO Box 442 


Norge, VA 20125 
804 5648194 

Olson, Leslie Ann 
4 Tondee Lone 
Sovonnoh, GA 31411 

Osborn, Michelle Elizabeth 
106 Knollwood Lone 
Greenville, SC 29607 

Poge, Jennifer Simmons 
Route 5, Dox 488 
Bedford. VA 24523 

Polmer, Michelle M 
Route 1, Dox 3875 
Montpeller, VT 05602 
802 229-4278 

Porrish, India McAden 
Star Route Dox 411 
Gloucestet Point, VA 23062 

Pornngton, Kothryn Proveoux 
2421 Inverness Rood 
Charlotte, NC 28209 

Poschol, Paula Koy 
4706 Colgate Lone 
Gotland, TX 75042 

Poul, Kelly Roe 

2218 D Woyne Avenue 

Chorlotresville, VA 22901 


Peck, Elizobefh Reid 
245 East Mom Street 
Moorestown, NJ 08057 

Peck, Jamie Sue 
13421 Northwest 8 Court 
Sunrise, PL 33025 

Pemberton, Sarah Page 
3409 Nurtree Woods Drive 
Midlorhion, VA 23110 

Pendleron, Ann Mane Page 
600 Fisher Road 
Wythville, VA 24082 

Penhollow, Sorah Mallan 
2018 Millbank Rood 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Perez-Pongborn, Gobrielo 

Quarters R Nuwes 
Keyporr, WA 98045 

Pern, Angelo Lynn 
2118 Pride Avenue 
Clorteburg, WV 26001 

Perry, Sheresa Dionno 
1649 Sandgore Road 

Midlothion, VA 23113 

Petrusky, Jennifer Michele 
lOliSO Clover Glen Drive 
Vienna, VA 22180 

Phillips, Koren Elizabeth 
114 Lorchmont Drive 
Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Pintoon, Kimberly Poge 
6307 Hardy Drive 
McLeon, VA 22101 

Plocido. Susan Dione 
3443 Constellation Drive 
Davidsonville, MD 21035 

Polsinelli, Donno Marie 
Dox 318, Crooked Streer 
Droodolbin, NY 12025 

Pomponio, Roberto Louise 
660 Cham Oridge Rood 
McLean, VA 22101 

Ponron, Karen Sue 
PO Dox 99 
Route 718 
Hudgms, VA 23076 
804 725-7303 

Potter, Morgaret Julio 
Route 2, Dox 751-Y 
Greenville, VA 24440 

Pover, Evi-Luise 
506 Norrh Park Drive 
Arlmgron, VA 22203 

Proshod, Nicolo Desha 

1857 Old Meadow Road 


McLean, VA 22102 

Price, Kathryn Louise 
RD 1. Dox 244 A 
McVeyrown, PA 17051 
717 899-6669 

Puffenbarger, Doric Elaine 
Roure 2, Dox 256 
Churchville, VA 24421 

Purdy, Amber Lee 
1206 Soinr George Avenue 
Chorlortesville, VA 22901 

Robenou, Drendo Ann 
2874 Dird View Rood 
Wesrminsrer, MD 21157 

Ronsom, Ellzobeth Oliver 
10014-C Castile Rood 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Rasberry. Suson Mane 
3016 Clorendon Rood 
Chorlorte, NC 28211 
704 3644930 

Ray, Aimee Leah 

13751 Elmsteod Rood 
Midlothion. VA 23113 

Roy, Robin Annette 
8575 E Sharon Drive 
Scottsdole. AZ 85260 

Roynot. Cora Leigh 
206 Flower Courr 
Mount Airy, MD 21771 
XI 831-7405 

Reid, Kasey Poge 
Doxley Form, Route 4 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Renfroe, Doronio M, 
Route 4, Dox 1610 
LoFoyette, GA 30728 

Reubush, Kimberly Jeon 
104 Azoleo Drive 
Yorktown, VA 23692 

Rhoodes, Abigoil Carleron 
RR 1, Dox 530 D 
Kirtery, ME 03904 

Richordson. Kendro Ann 
1805 Styton Courr 
Virginia Deach, VA 23464 

Riddle, Helen Kenney 
414 Linden Drive 
Srounton, VA 24401 

Rooch, Mary Helen 
1605 Lisso Drive 
McComb, MS 39648 

Roberrs, Dana Claire 
6508 Folcon Dndge Rood 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Roberrs, Sora Jone 
1412 Howard Drive 
Tyler, TX 75701 

Rogers, Melisso Diane 
210 Rherr Lane 
Elkron, MD 21921 

Rollin, Koye Elizoberh 
272 Oak Court 
Severno Park, MD 21146 

Rosemond, Heather Melindo 
2006 Willowick Lone 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Rowe, Erin Harney 
200 Donduronr Court 
Richmond, VA 23236 

Rowe, Kirsrin Twigg 
200 Donduronr Courr 
Richmond, VA 23236 
804379 3079 

Rowe, Noncy Linton 
56 Church Srreer 
Charlesron, SC 29401 

Ruholo, Kirsren C.E. 
Roure 1, Dox 216 
Ashburn, VA 22011 

Sage, Laura Lee 
1621 Carnage Drive 
Manokm-Sobor, VA 20100 

Soles, Amy Morio 
Roure 3, Dox 364A 
Renick, WV 24966 

Sarake, Yuki 

16 Hojo, Hqjo-cho 


Hyogo 675-23, JAPAN 

Saromi, Asoko 
c/o Ken Mori 
1505 Rugby Rood 
Charlorresville, VA 22901 

Sotterfield, Mary Paulo 
31 Fronces Way 
Lewisburg, WV 24901 

Sawrelle, Angela Goil 
RR 02, Dox 2317 
Dinney Hill Road 
Rindge, NH 03461 

Scopporicci, Louro Ann 
100 Soundville Rood 
Hunrington, NY 11740 

Schotzmon, Shon Lynn 



From rhe stoff 





609 N Cootrer Sireer 

Srounron. VA 


Woynesbofo. VA 


Tom Lundquisr 

1000 Donation Drive 
Virgmio Deoch, VA 20455 

Scherff, Suson Lee 
19 Foirwoy Troil 
Sporra, NJ 07871 
201-729 2192 

Schroder, Eileen E 

0028 Formingron Lone, NW 

Arlonto, GA 00009 


Schwobe, Coryll Alece 
5 Got Cteek Rood 
Charlesron, WV 25314 

Scorr, Ann Lonier 
701 Holly Grove Lone 
Richmond, VA 23235 

Scott, Eloine Mae 
509 Fisherman's Dend 
Virginio Deoch, VA 23451 

Scorr, Ginger Ann 

9923 Sycomore Landing 


Williomsburg, VA 23185 


Seomsrer, Suson Winn 
Roure 2, Dox 154-F 
Fox Run 
Lunenburg, VA 23952 

Seigler, Srephome Dean 
3123 Folcon Dnve 
Mechonicsville, VA 23111 

Serophin, Korhenne Ann 
4701 Federal Courr 
Annondole, VA 22003 

Seymore, Amie Keeney 
2216 7rh Srreer, NE 
Ocolo, FL 32670 

Sheffield, Nikole Overron 
0731 Reed's Landing Circle 
Midlorhion, VA 23113 

Shelron, Coroline Tolly 
2114 Srrorford Place, SE 
Decatur, AL 05601 

Shiprek, Alison Morie 
7503 Rockmghom Road 
Prospect, KY 40059 

Shook. Mory Doggess 
9115 Devonshire 
Delias, TX 75209 

Shuck, Srao Ericko 
10681 Sror Route 4 
Morysville, OH 40040 

Shugorr, Julio Cronk 
3005 Sreeple Chose Court 
Midlothion, VA 23113 


Shunney. Kate Elizobeih 
Roure 3. Dox 78R 
Derkeley Spnngs. WV 25411 

Sieck, Jennifer J 
716 Aintree Ploce 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Silver, Lauren Rebecca 
1550 Vole Circle 
Hornsonburg, VA 22801 

Sims, Kendoll Dloir 
7720 Drool-side Rood 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Sims, Mortho Ellen 
2340 Stuorr Drive 
Kingsporr, TN 37664 

Skinner, Chrisrino Louise 
3277 Eost Avenue 
Rochester, NY 14618 

Skinner, Valerie Ado 
3277 Eosr Avenue 
Rochester, NY 14618 

Slemp, Amy Annerre 
106 Robin Hood Drive 
Morion, VA 24354 

Slough, Korhenne Ellen 
2013 Hood Courr 
Virgmio Deoch, VA 23454 

Smereno, Michelle Caroline 
3114 S Dorrlebndge Drive 
Richmond, VA 23224 

Smiley, Soroh Genevieve 
Roure 1, Dox 138- A 
Hiwossee, VA 24347 

Smirh, Chrlsrine Leslie 
2729 River Rood 
Virginia Deach, VA 20454 

Smirh, Heorher 
10 Duchonon Avenue 
LaVole, MD 21502 
001777 8960 

Smirh Korhenne Cross 
814 Milledge Rood 
Augusro, GA 30904 

Smith, Lori Emerson 
PO Dox 555 
Onoocock, VA 20417 

Smirh, Mory Kothryn 
906 Clemmer Lone 
Srounton, VA 24401 

Smith, Nofosho L 


PO Box 468 

Togo, Tomoko 

Hozord. KY 41701 

9-13 inoyomacho Sokoeku 


Yokohomo 247, JAPAN 

Smirhdeol, Mory Megon 

Tolbot, Kotherine Ann 

12300 Horrowgore Rood 

576 Thomos Dronsby 

Chester, VA 23831 

Williamsburg, VA 23185 



Soble, Srocey Ellingron 

Tangoren, Emine Joanne 

1510 Cloremonr Avenue 

6456 Winderemere Circle 

Richmond, VA 23227 

Rockville, MD 20852 



Sommers, Susan Merchonr 

Toni, Deth Kathleen 

226 Hunrley Place 

11312 Edenderry Drive 

Chorlorre, NC 28207 

Fairfax, VA 22030 



Spencer, Krisrin Derh 

Tore, Hilda Margoret 

4407 Paces Dorrle. NW 

1 Notwood Rood 

Arlanro, GA 30327 

Annapolis, MD 21401 



Spurlock. Porrida Susan 

Tortetson, Kathryn A 

9421 Highgare Rood 

Dox 7 

Ridnmond, VA 23236 

Port Hoywotd, VA 23138 



Sroars, Angelo 

Toyo, Konoko 

4510 Norwin Rood 

c/o SI5A, 4-16-14 

Rrrsburgh, PA 15236 

Nokomeguro Meguroku 


Tokyo 153, JAPAN 

Sropleron, Michelle Ann 

Taylor, Ethel Louise 

3004 Lokewood Rood 

14822 Madison Ci 

Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Centreville, VA 22020 



Sroriing, Mary Nell 

Toylor, Karen Gail 

1401 Sweerbrier Rcxid 

1313 Forester Rood 

Chorlesron, W 25314 

Clifton Fotge, VA 24422 

Srill, Rebecco Ann 


22 Deerfield Doulevord 

Toylot, Kothryn Lee 

Hampton, VA 23666 

201 Shodywood Drive 


Newport News, VA 23602 

Stock, Cecilio Kendall 


Route 3, Dox 339 

Toylor, Mornie Lynn 

Leesburg, VA 22075 

130 Grove Park Circle 


Danville, VA 24541 

Stone, Anne Carlton 

804 799-6830 

213 Ookdole Street 

Toylor, Tiffony Marsho 

Martinsville, VA 24112 

122 Pineridge Lone 

Stowe. Morgaret Alexonder 

Goldsboro, NC 27530 

801 May Boulevard, PO Dox 

Thocl<iSon, Nancy Cornelio 


2108 Ducknell Avenue 

Formville, NC 27828 

Chorlorre, NC 28207 

Strickler, Ann Whitney 


168 Eost 74th Street 

Theogorqj, Soshi Esrher 

New York, NY 10021 

13551 Tnlithon Road 


Midlothian, VA 23113 

Stutgls, Sondto Nell 


2525 Eostover Drive 

Thiel, Nodine Morie 

Jacteon, ArtS 39211 

1120 Cricklewood Court 


Vienna, VA 22180 

Suggs, Carroll Wilson 

Thompson, Anne Sutherlond 

320 West Livingston Place 

Route 1, Dox 197-D 

Metoitie, LA 70005 

Keswick, VA 22947 



Sutherland, Ann Davidson 

Thompson, Kimberly Down 

150 Ludvvick Drive 

PO Dox 136, 1614 Thomos 

Dordstown, KY 40004 



Point of Rocte, MD 21777 






(703) 989-3941 


001 874 248S 

Thompson, Mory Melisso 
8A Drown Aprs 
1513 Mom Street 
Princeton. WV 24740 
004 487 1858 

Thompson, Verlindo Corolino 

PO Dox 279 

406 West Washington 

Drozorio, TX 77422 

409 798-5096 

Thornburg, Kelly Lynn 
1927 Neptune Drive 
Richmond, VA 20235 

Thrifr, Mory Tucker 
1102 Woshingron Avenue 
South Doston, VA 24592 

Tilmon, Tio McNeir 

08 Lower Tuckohoe f.ood, 

Richmond, VA 23233 
804-784 4055 

Tims, Jolisse Louise 
325 George Srreet 
Winchester, VA 22601 

Tirs, Rebecca Ann 
19X Ookengote Lane 
Midlothion, VA 20110 

Trescorr, Roberto M 
2510 Foxcroft Woy 
Reston, VA 22091 

Truon, Mono Luiso 
230 Country Club Drive 
Corpus Chnsti, TX 78412 

Tully, Dorboro 

9 Seneca Rood 
Pittsburgh, PA 15241 

Tunstoll, Amy Elizobeth 
11920 Dollingbrook Drive 
Richmond, VA 23236 

Turner, Soroh Chondler 
PO Dox 717, X7 N Commis- 
Demopolis, AL 06702 

-Twigg, Melody Lynn 
311 Crockert Rood 
Seaford. VA 20696 

Tyler, Stephanie Lee 
75 Roosevelt Doulevord 
Lancaster, PA 17601 

Tyree, Lone Andrea 
Route 1, Dox 209 
Ferrum. VA 24088 

Uedo. Momi 
2-4-7 Higoshiobose 
Osaka-City, JAPAN 

Utz, Elise Morie 
7400 Coroth Court 
Springfield, VA 22150 

Voleniine, Liso Jeon 
2200 Tronr Lake Drive 
Virginia Deach, VA 23454 

Von Ness. Korhryn Gay 
8505 Hanford Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Von Rensseloer, Serena 
Hilltop Rood 
Mendhom, NJ 07945 

Vest, Corol Lynn 
1516 Wesrerfield Rood 
Virginio Deach. VA 23455 

Vettorino. Kyro Lynn 
10 Crawford Drive 
Tucl-sahoe, NY 10707 
Vid'sery. Sounders P, 
5526 Chestnut Srreet 
New Orleans, LA 70115 

Viert, Michelle Marie 
6008 North 27th Street 
Arlington, VA 22207 

Vo, My-Phuong Thi 
2850 Meodowview Rood 
Foils Church, VA 22042 

Walker, Morgorer Ann 
26 Fairway Oote Dlvd 
Abiline, TX 79606 

Wolloce, Chaffee Unger 
PO Dox 7, Kerens Hill 
Elkins, WV 26241 

Wolloce, Lee Dristow 
808 Wesfhom Porkwoy 
Richmond, VA 20229 

Wolrers, April Ido 
10 Jock Frost Lone 
Ruxton, MD 21204 

Wore, Eleanor Whitlock 
1400 Monmouth Court, West 
Richmond, VA 20200 

Warner, Kelliee Ann 

5605 Rattlesnake Hammock, 

APT 305-D 

Noples, FL 03962 


Warner, Tolley Whirrington 
1507 Chid^omaugo Trail 
Lookout Mountoin, GA 30750 

Washington, Alice Hardy 
Route 6, Dox 235 W 
Richmond, VA 23231 

Woss, Debra Gail 
2217 Mulberry Streer 

Solem, VA 24153 
703087 0206 

Wotkins, Cynthio Yvonne 
5 Woodstock Rood 
Lexington, VA 24450 

Watson, Lynne Moxey 
PO Dox 567 
Formville, VA 20901 

Webb, Jennifer Elizobeth 
217 Grant Drive, PO Dox 198 
Honover, PA 17001 

Welch, Dorboro Louoellen 
Route 4, Dox 207 
Windsor Form 
Culpeper, VA 22701 

Wexler, Mory Forrell 
007 Dunkirl^ Rood 
Doltimore, MD 21212 
301-377 7720 

Whichord, Jeon Morie 
1320 Riverview Drive 
West Poinr, VA 23181 

White, Amy A F 
701 South West Street 
Culpeper, VA 22701 

Whitten, Tonya Mane 
PO Dox 289 
Owings, MD 20702 

Whittington, Anne Jeannine 
PO Dox 1410 

Tappahannock, VA 22560 

Wilburn, Martho Ann 
2218 West Grace Srreet 
Richmond, VA 20220 

Wilcox, Heofher Lynn 
12408 Round Tree Lane 
Dowie, MD 20715 

Wilkins, Kotnno Ann 
000 Toylor Streer, NW 
Washington, DC 20011 

Williams, Dridgette Erin 
9092 Tucker Woods Court 
Durke, VA 22015 

Willioms, Jennifer Crews 
1901 Summit Rood 
Henderson, NC 27506 

Williams, Olivia Hope 

PO Dox 579, 2028 Sixth Streer 

Victono, VA 20974 


Willioms, Samanrha Lynetre 
2424 Dirch Avenue 

Oueno Visto, VA 24416 
703 261 2724 

Williamson, Kim Armstrong 
1226 Oystol Loke Cirde 
Virginia Deach, VA 23451 
804-622 9756 

Williamson, Pamela Yancey 
5106 Strorford Crescent 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Wilson, Robin Lynn 
Route 2, Dox 77 
Ronceverre, WV 24970 
004 647-4256 

Winesett, Lon Anne 
201 Church Srreet 
Rocky Mount. VA 24151 

Wood. Joanna Dornnger 
17 Lokeview Drive 
Newman. GA 00260 

Wood, Koren Michelle 
PO Dox 157 
Eostville, VA 20047 

Wood, Lori Korhryn 
Route 1, Dox 202-D 
Cartersville. VA 23027 

Woodcock, Suson Kimberly 
11740 Rexmoor Drive 
Richmond, VA 23236 

Wooden, Wendy Jone 
2602 Mountain Drook Pork- 

Oirminghom. AL 05220 

Woods, Melisso 
200 Porodise Drive 
Delmont, NC 28012 

Woods, Margaret Elizoberh 
4320 Underwood Srreer 
Hyotrsville, MD 20782 

Worrow, Parricio Ann 
PO Dox 8187 
8072 SE Pilot's Cove 
Hobe Sound, FL 03475 

Wrighr, Christine Suzanne 
10820 Lorl-smeode Lone 
Poromoc, MD 20854 

Yocoub, Amol Komel 
Hill City Station 
Resoco, GA 00705 

Yores, Elizoberh Anne 
5509 River Poinr Cove 
Knoxville, TN 07919 

Yonker, Mory Morgorer 
US Embassy (Duenos Aires) 
APO Miami, FL 04034 

Zobel, Suson Patricio 
Roure 1. Dox 397-D 
Devine. TX 78016 

Zilerri, Anne Mono 
2612 Pershing Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23228 

Zimmermon, Julie Lynne 
827 Parkview Avenue 
Staunton. VA 24401 

Zuvetink. Kay Ellen 
2440 Ashwood Drive 
Louisville. KY 40205 
502-458 6888 

CLASS OF 1969 

Achey, Suson Paige 
1003 Rymill Run 
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 

Akel, Sharon Elizabeth 
1877 Avondole Circle 
Jocl-(Sonville, FL 32205 

Alvis, Rito Koy 
1700 Division Srreer Exr 
Parl«rsburg, WV 26101 

Angresono. Nicole Irene 
Route 5. Dox 1940 
Formville, VA 20901 

Aroi, Mosoko 

0-15-11 Higoshiueno, Taito-Ku 

Tokyo 110, JAPAN 

Doker, Kimberley Renee 
1429 Dennison Avenue 
Staunton. VA 24401 

Doumon. Hillary Fousrin 
19 Wesley Crossing 
Savannah. GA 01411 

Dell, Courtney Wirmer 
615 Shady Grove Rood 
Memphis. TN 08119 

Dovenizer. Ann Michelle 
206 DIuestone Drive 
DIuefield. VA 24605 

Dowmon, Diane Pendleron 
7 Woodland Drive 
Srounton. VA 24401 

Dowmon. Morylouise C 
21 Murray Hill Circle 
Doltimore, MD 21212 

Dyford, Anne Morris 
Roure 14, Connon Circle 
Greenville, SC 29607 

Corrigon, Colleen Ann 
74-135 Single Tree Troil 
Sorosoro, FL 34241 

Corter. Korherine Louise 
805 Hozelwood Lone 
Martinsville, VA 24112 

Corter, Pomelo Dione 
2567 Deech Avenue 
Dueno Vista, VA 24416 

Colemon, Cynrhio Louise 
Route 2, Dox 400 
Amelia, VA 23002 

Cote, Trocey Michelle 
11 Old Hickory Dlvd. 
Noshville, TN 37221 

Davis, Genevieve Powers 

PO Dox 87 

Port Royal, VA 22535 


Dowson, Morgorer Amy 
3940 Dorby Dnve 
Midlothion, VA 23113 
804 272-8045 

Dearborn, Penny Lin 

PO Dox 49, 1421 Pine Oak 


Edmond, OK 73083 


Debnom, Cormi Elizobeth 
311 West Church Streer 
Lounnburg, NC 28352 

Decker, Leoh Deonn 
1010 Dorden Rood 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Dickson, Morcy Lynn 
Winrerbortom Point 
Dozmon, MD 21612 

Dixon, Amy Lynne 
1312 Duddung Srreer. SW 
Roonoke, VA 24015 

Dorsr, Anne Elizoberh 
5110 Wighimon Courr 
Houston, TX 77069 

Dumford, Melissa Ruth 
2647 EdgewcxxJ Rood 
Dueno Visto, VA 24416 

Durham, Corrinno Ann 
541 Chestnut Srreet 
Vinton, VA 24179 

DuLoc, Ashley Michelle 
PO Dox 194 

Dorboursville, VA 22923 

Encteon, Ingrid Geijer 


11802 Coldstream Drive 
Poromoc, MD 20854 

Everron, Vicrorio Louise 
303 Dorksdole DIvd.. E 
Dorksdole AFD, LA 71110 

Fovoro, Angelo Korhenne 
4708 Leono Srreet 
Tompo, FL 33629 
813 837 3004 

Ferrier, Leslie Anne 
3091 Formington Drive 
Arlonro, GA 30339 
404 433-2886 

Firzgerold, Jocueline K 
605 Dovid Srreer 
Srounron, VA 24401 

Fujii. Yoshimi 

5-16-8 Konondoi Konon-KU 
Yokohomo Konogowo 
Tokyo 153, JAPAN 

Furr, Rosa Lee 
1216 W Princess Ann Rood 
Norfolk, VA 23507 
804627 4916 

Gollino, Korhenne E 

4135 Moono 

Son Anronio, TX 78218 


Gordner, Suzanne Allyn 
1811 Counrryrov^n Drive 
Powharon, VA 23139 
804 7949109 

Gorrert, Kelly 
4200 Son Carlos Drive 
Dallos, TX 75205 
214522 5088 

Glover, Melissa Lynn 
12 Virginio Avenue 
Stounron, VA 24401 

Grondchomp, Adoir Levjn 
Roure 1, Dox 559 
Greenville, VA 24440 

Gichu, Lydio 
Route 1, Dox 225A 
Arringron. VA 22922 

HQcl'(berr, Lucionne 
12226 Apple Orchard Court 
Fairfax, VA 22033 

Hogerman, Ursula Sue 
9112 Volunteer Drive 
Alexandria, VA 22309 

Hall, Joi Elisoberh 
Route 4, Dox 301 
Woynesboto, VA 22980 

Holl, Karen Anne 
2009 Day Dreeze Court 
Vitginia Deoch, VA 23454 

Hamm, Tiffony Elizoberh 
6357 Duffy Court 
Durke, VA 22015 

Hommock, Elizabeth Mory 
11 Woverly Green, E 
Srounron, VA 24401 

Hondley. Kristin Joy 
1465 Cuttis Streer 
Dubuque, lA 52001 

Hoshim, Jonoon 
6407 Tuckermon Lone 
Rockville, MD 20852 

Hendrickson, Morrho L 
1411 Malvern Avenue 
Dolnmore, MD 21204 

Herron, Diane Elizoberh 
5635 Cetriios 
Houston, TX 77035 

Hess, Anne Morie 
469 Elm Avenue 
Dueno Visto, VA 24416 

Hewitt, Kothleen Denise 
Ovetbriik Rood 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Ho, Liso Quynh-Gioo 
3307 MonruQ Drive 
Foirfox, VA 22031 

Hodges, Lucille Joy 
3904 Pecon Drive 
AlexondriQ, LA 71302 

Holcombe, Lisa Srerling 
302 Forest Court 
Severno Pork, MD 21146 

Hook, Meredith Hollidoy 
219 East Coolspring Avenue 
Michigan City, IN 46360 

Hov^ord, Louro Nell 
1625 Joseph Srreet 
New Orleons, LA 70115 

Howe, Amy Erheridge 
One Walter Citcle 
Fredericlssburg, VA 22405 

Hunnicutt, Holly Ann 
17078 Powell Rood 
Drooteville, FL 34609 
904-796 9148 

Isogoi, Ayko 

6708-4 Motoishikowo-cho 
Midori-ku Yokohama s 
227 Konogowo, JAPAN 

Jockson, Michelle Denise 
3014 Letcher Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23222 
804-329 6460 

Jockson, Shorron Renee 

5011 S Alsron Avenue, #E- 


Durhom, NC 23223 

919 5446282 

Johnson, Jennifer Scort 
7610 Salem Rood 
Falls Chutch, VA 22043 

Jones, Cory Roberrs 
Route 1, Dox 196 
Solisbury, MD 21801 

Kong, Hi-Gyong Doek 
11531 Mossier Street 
Anaheim, CA 92804 
714 534 8416 

King, Julie Pottick 
2209 Stote Street 
New Orleons, LA 70118 

Kitchner, Suson Conn 
610 Millcross Rood 
Loncostet, PA 17601 
717 299-0811 

Koss, Karen Lynn 
20712 Dell DIuff Rood 
Goithetsbutg, MD 20879 

Leigh, Lotetice Comille 
PC Dox 251 
Jefferson, GA 30549 

Leonard, Locey Elizabeth 
1405 Greenbrior Rood 
Loyfoyette, LA 70503 

Lewis, Liso Ellen 
Moxwell Street 
Potksley, VA 23421 

Lutmon, Jennifer Ann 
Star Route, Dox 39 
Middlebrook, VA 24459 

McClonohon, Suson Aileen 
2343 Holly Grove Drive 
Memphis, IN 38119 

McClellon, Soroh Lee 
PO Dox 095 
Lovingsron, VA 22949 
804260 5823 

McNobb, Porricio Ann 
578 Valley Rood 

New Conoon, CT 06840 

Mehretens, Emilie Jo 
PO Dox 1221 
Stounron, VA 24401 
Moote, Frances Von 
8637 Winrhrop Drive 
Alexandria, VA 22308 

Morgan, Korherine McCain 
3629 Wickershom Lone 
Houston, TX 77027 

Myrrle, Donno Renee 
Roure 1, Dox 154 
Rophine, VA 24472 

Nelson, Amy Gupron 
PO Dox 602 
Clorksville, VA 20927 

Newbern-Jones, Jomie Lee 
0020 Tyre Neck Rood 
Chesapeake, VA 23021 

Nicholas, Jocqueline Anne 
Roure 3, Dox 161 
Winchester, VA 22601 

Odom, Krisri LoJune 
3151 Pynre Circle, SW 
Ailonro, GA 00031 

Oldhom, Andreo Denise 
547 Shonnon Rood 
Asheboro, NC 27200 

Palmer, Sylvia Elizabeth 
Route 0, Dox 204 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Potter, Holly Ann 
10405 Duckboord Place 
Poromoc, MD 20854 

Powell, Shelby Scort 
1098 Honover Wesr Drive 
Arlonro, GA 30327 

Powell, Sheri Lynn 
2524 Denning Lane 
Chesopeoke, VA 23321 

Pruirr, Pomelo Sue 

6 Ashron Srreet, PO Dox 528 

Ononcock, VA 23417 


Quintovolli, Dreorrice 
15707 Drondywine Rood 
Dumfries, VA 22026 

Rogon, Rhonda Morlene 
Roure 1, Dox 410 H 

Gainesville, VA 22065 

Reogon, Mory Kathleen 
507 Winchester Drive 
Augusro, GA 30909 

Reed, Rochel Love 
Roure 5, Dox 30-A 
Eosley, 5C 29640 

Roberts, None! Michelle 
Route 1, Dox 450 
Snow Hill, NC 28580 

Rogers, Liso Luvenio 
602 Corrsbrook Drive 
Charlottesville, VA 22901 

Rundt, Heidi Louise 
10708 E Cresttidge Citcle 
Englewood, CO 80111 

Sole, Kothleen Carter 
6051 River Road Poinr 
Norfolk, VA 20505 

Scholow, Kimberly Corolin 
2630 Kentford Rood 
Midlorhion, VA 20110 
804 7948186 

Scheirer, Sonyo Roe 
9025 New Driroin Circle 
Monossos, VA 22110 

Scort, Vicrorio Paige 
0247 Cochise Drive 
Arlonro, GA 30339 
404 400-0750 

Seibold, Caroline Louise 
706 A Goskins Rood 
Richmond, VA 20230 

Shoro, Amno 

4503 Sr #42 Kormon De- 
Karachi-4, PK 

Sikes, Julie Her 
PO Dox 411, Winnie Lone 
Drooklet, GA 30415 
912 8429430 

Simpson, Jennifer Molone 
9804 Limoges Drive 
Foirfox, VA 22032 
703 764 1009 

Sipple, Suson Michelle 
217 Archers Meod 
Williomsburg, VA 23185 

Snyder, Kothryn Ours 
789 Washington Street 
Adomstown, MD 21710 

Sponko, Kotrino Morie 
Roure 1, Dox 391 R 

Mineral, VA 20117 

Spiers, Donnie Elizabeth 
10 Eorly Drive 
Porrsmourh, VA 23701 
804 488-1180 

Srevens, Morguerire Deth 
1721 Shoffer Street 
Lynchbutg, VA 24501 
703 8854845 

Stuorr, Soroh Smirhson 
6136 Hompron Ridge Rood 
Columbia, SC 29209 

Tesfir, Nazareth 

8120 Heotherron Lone, APT 


Vienno, VA 22180 


Thomas, Amy Allen 
PO Dox 506 
Romseur, NC 27316 

Vaught, Gormen Deth 
1106 Sunset Drive 
Tulso, OK 74107 

Vesr, PquIo Morie A. 
PO Dox 6015 
Chorlorresviile, VA 22906 

Wolker, Rebecca Chomblin 
718 Murfreesboro Rood 
Franklin, TN 07064 

Worwick, Chrisrine Ann 
1929-A Villo Ridge Drive 
Resron, VA 22091 

Wesr, Melisso Poulo 
0528 Moori Drive 
Chesopeoke, VA 23021 
804 484 5620 

Wesriund, Robin Anne 
019 Eosr Lincoln Avenue 
Delvidere, IL 61008 
815544 0398 

Williams, Korherine Dodds 
1228 Third Streer 
New Orleons, LA 70130 

Wilson. Suson Lone 
0700 Fernwood Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 
919-787 4575 

Yeorrs, Soroh Lee 
7010 Monrcloir 
Shreveporr, LA 71105 

Yelverton, Amy Elizabeth 
2345 Pine Avenue 
Dueno Visto. VA 24416