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A Time of 

GEORGE GRAVES ggraves@nnbc edu 



Art Director 
GRETCHEN NEWMAN gr^ewman@mbc edu 

SHERRY R COX '99 scox®mbc edu 

How exciting the moments of transition 
can be. It is at such moments that one 
captures an objective view of the past and 
a prospect of progress and achievements 
yet to come. At such a moment, one is 
privileged to pause, as I do now. 

I look back with gratitude for all of 
the achievements that my colleagues have 
wrought. We have been 
blessed with strong trustees 
who have never wavered in 
their vision of advancement 
for Mary Baldwin College. 
And we have been blessed 
by faculty and staff of extra- 
ordinary abilit)' and 
dedication who have worked 
together to implement that 
overall vision in remarkable 
ways. Everyone here, what- 
ever the job or position, 
contributes to our collective 
sense of purpose, to our well-being and 

How can one do other than 
rejoice? Mary Baldwin's history has been 
one of achievement despite all odds. We 
are a resilient, optimistic, forward-looking 
institution. Those of us here today have 
been able to build upon the strong foun- 
dation laid by those who came before us. 
We have done so because we believe 
deeply in the importance of our mission, 
encouraged by the knowledge that our 
students will carry the benefits of our 
work with them, and that the college we 
love will continue to benefit as well. 

It is not up to me to set the course for 
the next several years. I do, however, take 
great satisfaction in knowing that Mary 
Baldwin College today is strong, posi- 
tioned well for whatever the next steps 
will be. There is vast potential, not only 
in the ways we recognize now but, I am 
sure, in many unforeseen directions. 
As I begin watching 
Mary Baldwin from a dis- 
tance, I shall applaud the 
leadership of our next presi- 
dent, Pamela Fox. I shall help 
her whenever she asks. I shall 
help the college in every 
appropriate way. 

Think about it this way: 
Most loyal alumnae/i spent 
four years or fewer on this 
campus or earning a degree 
through one of our regional 
centers. You are enduringly in 
love with this college. For many, it has 
been a transforming experience. Multiply 
your length of time to arrive at my total 
of 18 years. Yes, I am as supportive and 
loyal as that! 

I call on you as alumnae/i, parents, 
friends, donors — and on all of the 
community embraced by Mary Baldwin 
College — to stand with Dr. Fox to cre- 
ate our future. I have every confidence 
that she will be an extraordinary suc- 
cess, and I wish her very, very well. I 
hope she has as much joy in her work 
as I have had. She can have no greater 


Gena Adams '89 

Alice R- Araujo 

Brenda L, Bryant 

Jeffrey L Buller 

Sherry R Cox '99 

Lynn Gilliland '80 

George Graves 

Carole Grove 

Diane Kent 

Gretchen Newman 

Lydia J Petersson 

Judith L Shuey 

Frank R. Southerington 

Kathleen A. Stmehart 

Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 

The Mary Baldwin College 
Magazine is published three 
times a year by the 
Office of College Relations. 
Mary Baldwin College. 
Staunton, VA 24401 
© 2003 All rights reserved. 

Mary Baldwin College does not 
discriminate on the basis of sex 
(except that men are admitted only 
as ADP and graduate students). 
race, national origin, color, age, 
disability, or sexual orientation in its 
educational programs, admissions, 
co-curncular or other activities, and 
employment practices Inquiries 
may be directed to the Vice 
President for Business and Finance, 
PO, Box 1500. Mary Baldwin 
College, Staunton. VA 24402; 
phone, 540-887-7175. 

2 President Tyson's Extraordinary Record: How Did She Do It? 

5 Tyson's Times: Highlights, Reflections, Honors 

10 Graduate Teaching Program Marks First Decade 

11 Mary Baldwin Part of National Project To Improve Teacher Education, Training 

12 Pamela Fox, Miami University Official, Named Next President 

14 Mary Baldwin Goes to War 

15 Shatcespeare forToday's Audience: Converting Words to Understanding 

1 6 Relay for Life Raises $12,500 ^ 

17 Judith Grey '65 Named MBC Mlajor-Gifts Officer 

18 ADP and Dean Kathleen Stinehart: A Decade of Change and Improvement 

19 Diversity House Aptly Named 
21 JMU's Ralph Cohen To Join MBC Faculty 

21 Board of Trustees Elects New Members 

22 Moe Hardy Earns the Good Bounces 
30 Crazy About Cats, But Not Just Any Cats 
41 In the Bag: Brecken Elisabeth Geiman '06 


14 News in Bnef 

20 Faculty and Staff Highlights 
24 Mary Baldwin College Gift Shop 
27 Alumnae/i News and Class Notes 
38 Alumnae/i in Action 

On the cover 

This portrait of President 
Cynthia H.Tyson, taken on 
the porch of the Administra- 
tion Building this spring by 
photographer Ian Bradshaw, 
is a gift to the college from 
the Parents Council. 

President Tyson's 
Extraordinary Record: 
How Did She Do It? 

>Y James D. Lott 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Back in October, when Claire Lewis 
"Yum" Arnold '69, chair of the Mary 
Baldwin Board of Trustees, announced 
to an assembly of faculty, staff, and students 
that Cynthia Haldenby Tyson, president of 
the college since 1985, would retire at the 
end of the academic year, you could hear an 
audience-wide intake of breath. Then there 
was silence, the sort of silence you always get 
when you give bad and unexpected news. 
Then when Cynthia stood up to speak, there 
was long and loud applause. 

When she spoke, she did something typi- 
cal. She assured the audience that everything 
would be fine, just fine, that the transition 
would be smooth, and that MBC would con- 
tinue to thrive. I say this talk was typical 
because Cynthia — thoughtfully and deftly 
— turned our attention away from herself 
and to the college. 

I was one of several people in the audi- 
ence who had been there when she gave her 
first talk to the college in early fall 1985. In 
that address almost 18 years ago, she spoke 
words of praise and admiration for the peo- 
ple — faculty, staff, and administration — 
who worked at Mary Baldwin (words we 
weren't much accustomed to hearing before 
Cynthia arrived), and she laid out clearly her 
vision of an exciting future 
despite the rather formidable 
challenges that faced us all. 
She got a warm reception. 

The one remarkable dif- 
ference between the reactions 
to the earlier speech and to 
the recent one is that the lat- 
ter prompted a standing 
ovation. In fact, when 
Cynthia stood up before col- 
leagues and students last 
October, everyone rose with her to acknowl- 
edge her, and when she finished her brief 
remarks, everyone stood again and clapped 
until Cynthia had to ask everyone to stop and 
sit down. 

It is unusual in modern higher education 

'... it is phenomenal 
to see a president, 
after all those years, 
still have the respect 
and affection of 
faculty, staff, students, 
and alumnae/i.' 

to see a college president serve as long as 
Cynthia has. But it is phenomenal to see a 
president, after all those years, still have the 
respect and affection of faculty, staff, stu- 
dents, and alumnae/i. No other college or 
university president in Virginia comes close to 
the length of Cynthia's tenure in office — the 
longest among MBC's presidents. Few in the 
country do. And those years have not been 
particularly easy ones for the college or for its 

Cynthia has had to make tough deci- 
sions: She has pushed untiringly for 
improvements in programs, dealt with the 
impact on the student body of a fast-chang- 
ing social ethos, coped with competing claims 
on a budget that never had sufficient rev- 
enues to allow her to do everything she 
would have liked, and represented the college 
forcefully and cheerfully to all its external 
constituencies. And after all those opportuni- 
ties to offend faculty and staff and to lose 
student, trustee, and alumnae/i support, 
Cynthia leaves with two standing ovations. 

We tend to divide leaders into those who 
are well liked and those who deal deter- 
minedly with controversial issues, but 
Cynthia belies that division. She has been an 
outstanding leader who has effected great 
change at MBC, but she has 
exerted her leadership in ways 
that cause people to respond 
to her with respect and affec- 
tion. How has she done it? 
Because I worked with 
Cynthia as a member of her 
administrative team for 15 
years, I should be able to tell 
you the secret of her success- 
ful leadership, but I can't. In 
fact, there probably is not one 
single secret. Several years ago, when I was 
working on a task force that led to the 
Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership — 
a program that was primarily Cynthia's brain 
child — the group spent a lot of time dis- 
cussing qualities of leadership, particularly 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

'She recognizes 

that it doesn't 

matter whether 

you call the 

moved on to the next table. When she 
gave her talk later, she said that several 
students had told her what they were 
interested in studying, and she men- 
tioned each by name. That fall, the 
student at my table was on the first 
row at freshman orientation. 

But Cynthia's success comes from 
more than being everywhere at once 
and communicating effectively. She has 
a marrow-deep sense of 
mission, and she is like a 
bulldog (English, of 
course!) in pursuing her 
one goal: ensuring the 
future of Mary Baldwin 

Cynthia envisions the 
glass nail rUll college as a mini-universi- 
Or half empty.' ^y serving a diverse 

population of students 
and preparing them to be 
successful in a world that 
refuses to stand still. Everything she 
has accomplished reflects that vision: 
the economic and racial diversity of 
our students, new programs like 
VWIL and graduate study in teaching 
and (with Shenandoah Shakespeare) 
in Shakespeare, expansion of the 
Adult Degree Program and the 
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted 
(in its infancy when she arrived), 
additional support for the college 
among our alumnae/i and others, a 
remarkable increase in the college's 
financial resources, and improvement 
in its physical plant. No one is better 
than Cynthia at asking for money! 

She is also the most practical of 
people. She understands that you 
reach your goals by working with 
people and that people come togeth- 
er with all sorts of concerns, 
agendas, prejudices, ideas, feelings, 
attitudes, and degrees of intelligence, 
time before the meal (and even during And when all that mix of stuff causes 

those we should try to develop in 
young women. One day, a student 
member of the task force said, "Why 
don't we just clone Dr. Tyson?" In a 
way, what we are doing for all our stu- 
dents in all our academic programs is 
showing them an example of excellent 
leadership by showing them Cynthia. 

And they do see her! One aston- 
ishing fact about her leadership style 
is that she is ubiqui- 
tous, or she seems to 
be. Unless she is off 
campus — and that is 
usually because she is 
traveling for the col- 
lege — she attends 
every athletic event, 
every student art show 
or theatrical produc- 
tion, every student 
government occasion, 
every VWIL parade, 
every Adult Degree Program orienta- 
tion, every Junior Dads dance, 
everything, in fact, in which students 
are involved. She regularly has stu- 
dents for lunch to hear what they are 
concerned about. She also goes to 
Hunt Dining Hall and stations her- 
self at a table to invite students to 
talk to her. 

Part of Cynthia's success is her 
ability to communicate. She is a pow- 
erful speaker, and she loves to get out 
from behind the lectern, stand as 
close to her audience as she can, and 
engage them. When she is forced to 
speak from behind a lectern, she rises 
on her toes as if she wants to vault 
over the thing and pull the audience 
physically into an understanding of 
what she is saying. And if the talk 
comes after dinner — an alumnae/i 
or a prospective-student event, for 
instance — she will have spent all the 

it) circulating among the diners and 
greeting each individually. 

I sat one evening with a prospec- 
tive student and her parents. Cynthia 
stopped at our table and engaged 
everyone in spirited conversation, then 

a project to bog down or an idea to 
get bushwhacked, Cynthia accepts 
the inevitable, regroups, and moves 
on. It's as if she has determined not 
to waste her formidable energy on 
lamenting what didn't work out but 

to remain focused always on the 
future and its opportunities. 

Her manner — a student once 
told me that "Dr. Tyson sure is 
perky" — can delude people into 
thinking of her as an eternal opti- 
mist, the type who always sees the 
glass as half full, not half empty. But 
those who work closely with her 
come to realize that with Cynthia it 
is more complicated than that. She 
recognizes that it doesn't matter 
whether you call the glass half full or 
half empty. You don't waste time 
exulting over the former or lament- 
ing the latter. What matters is what 
you do with whatever water there is. 

These are some of the qualities 
of character that have served Cynthia 
— and the college — well. But she 
really does escape analysis. One 
quality I haven't mentioned was cap- 
tured by a caricature of Cynthia 
from her days at Queens University 
in Charlotte, North Carolina. It 
shows a young woman, indeed a 
perky young woman, bounding along 
a campus sidewalk smiling happily, 
apparently unaware that she is sever- 
al feet off the ground. Whatever that 
cartoon was meant to convey — spir- 
it, optimism, enthusiasm — what it 
also shows is sheer verve, sheer joy in 
being and doing. 

I think the secret to Cynthia's 
success — and the reason we all still 
love and admire her — may be that 
she takes such joy in her life and her 
job and her colleagues (with all their 
foibles) that she makes us all feel 
more joyous as well, about ourselves, 
about our roles in the Mary Baldwin 
story, and about each other. 

James D. Lott started at Mary 
Baldwin College in 1964 as part of the 
English Department and became dean 
of the college in 1986. A member of 
the search committee that recommend- 
ed President Tyson for her position, he 
retired in 2001 as dean emeritus and 
professor of English emeritus and is 
now a trustee. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Surrounded by reporters and news cameras on September 24, 1993, 
President Tyson announces the creation of the Virginia Women's Institute 
for Leadership. 

2. Dr. Tyson with, from left, Erin Kelly, 2000-01 Student Government 
Association president, and national political conrespondent Cokie Roberts, 
who gave the 2000 Smyth Leadership Lecture. 

3. New honorary alumnaeA: from left. John Kelly, then director of security 
and safety at the college; Dr. Tyson; and former MBC President Samuel R. 
Spencer Jr. are recognized at Homecoming 1992. 

4. Dr. Tyson with fonner President Jimmy Carter at a Washington, D.C., tele- 
vision studio. She was promoting the still-new VWIL and the preservation 
of single-sex education. He was touting a hook. 

5. Dr. Tyson with, left. Jeffrey L Buller, dean of the college, and two of his 
predecessors: James D. Lottand Martha Stackhouse Grafton. 

6. Dr. Tyson with U.S. Senator John Warner of Virginia at Commencement 1995. 

7. Dr.TysonwithTrueandCharlesS.Lucklilataparty in 1995 acknowledg- 
ing his service as a member and chainnan of the Board ofTmstees. He is 
now tnjstee emeritus. 

8. Dr. Tyson with VWIL Director Brenda Bryant, left, and Anna Kate Reid 
Hipp '63, then chair of the board of tnjstees and now trustee emerita. at 
the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. in 1996, during an ultimately 
successful challenge to the Virginia Military Institute's admitting men only. 
VWIL has continued to thrive even though VMI is co-ed. 

More students. Overall enrollment 
more than doubled to more than 
2,000. Undergraduate on-campus 
enrollment up by half to about 900. 
Sharp increases reflected in all pro- 
grams, including two begun before 
Tyson arrived: PEG and ADR MBC is 
the largest women's college in Virginia. 

Stronger students. Record number 
of applications last fall yielded a class 
with average SATs among the highest 
in decades. Entering GPAs also rose. 

Greater diversity. Third of on-cam- 
pus undergraduates are women of 
color and international students. 

Added dollars. Record fund-raising 
campaigns, including the largest, at 
the time, among women's colleges in 
Virginia. Endowment tripled. Annual 
Giving more than doubled. 

More programs. Virginia Women's 
Institute for Leadership, Master of Arts 
in Teaching, M.Litt./MFA in 
Shakespeare and Renaissance 
Literature in Performance, Health Care 
Administration. Master's programs 
planned in counseling psychology and 

Campus improvement. New PEG 

Center, rehabilitated Administration 
Building, renovations to other build- 
ings, heightened technology 
everywhere. Five regional centers. 

High rankings. U.S. News & World 
Report top tier of master's level univer- 
sities in the South. Before the change 
in classification, which acknowledges a 
growing array of distinctive graduate 
and undergraduate programs, MBC 
was consistently ranked among the 10 
best liberal-arts colleges in the South. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Recognition for President Tyson 

Presbyterian Church 

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has 
named Mary Baldwin President Cynthia 
H.Tyson one of this year's recipients of its 
Higher Education Award. 

The award honors those who have 
made outstanding contributions to the 
church's mission of higher education. The 
church noted Tyson's nearly two decades 
as president of an academically strong 
institution that encourages character 
development and leadership. 

Founded in 1842, Mary Baldwin is the 
oldest women's college in America histor- 
ically associated with the Presbyterian 
Church. Founder Rufus W. Bailey was a 
Presbyterian minister 

Assembly, Trustees 

The Virginia General Assembly and the 
Mary Baldwin College Board of Trustees 
have adopted resolutions hononng 
President Cynthia H. Tyson, The General 
Assembly cited Tyson's "exemplary service 
and dedication to the college, to the 
Staunton community, and to the com- 
monwealth." At their April meeting, 
trustees presented Tyson a framed copy 
of a resolution praising her "visionary 
leadership," warmth and humor, and the 
"indelible mark" she leaves on the col- 
lege, "positioning Mary Baldwin to move 
forward as it continues to nurture young 
women and develop unique opportunities 
for women, and men, of all ages to follow 
their dreams." 

Virginia's governor, Mark R. Warner, 
praised Tyson in a letter presented to her 
in Richmond. 

The full text of the resolutions is linked 
from the MBC news and events Web 

Honorary Degree 

At Commencement May 18, on behalf of 
trustees and faculty, Jeffrey L. Buller, 
dean of the college, bestowed an hon- 
orary doctor of humane letters on Tyson. 
He noted, especially, her impact on high- 
er education well beyond the college. 

"She's recognized by college presi- 
dents and administrators, elected 
officials at the local, state, and federal 
levels, and business and community 
leaders across the country as someone 
who gets things done, who stands up for 
what she believes in, who's always gra- 
cious, who's increased opportunities in 
higher education, and who's made the 
world a better place." 

DAR Americanism Medal 

The Daughters of the American 
Revolution has bestowed upon 
President Cynthia H. Tyson one of its 
highest awards: the Americanism 
Medal, given to naturalized citizens who 
have shown extraordinary leadership, 
trustworthiness, service, and patriotism. 

In making the presentation at the 
college January 15, Caroline D, Bell, 
regent of the Beverley Manor Chapter of 
the Virginia DAR, praised Tyson's long 
service to education and to Staunton 
and her adopted country. Bell noted that 
Tyson, in a talk to newly naturalized citi- 
zens in Staunton two years ago, spoke 
of "courage, choice, and commitment." 
Said Bell: "Dr. Tyson's citizenship is 
exemplary, defining her own courage in 
choosing a new country and her strong 
commitment to its people and to the 
common good" She said Tyson "has 
won the affection and esteem of all who 
know her" 

Born, reared, and educated in 
England, Tyson earned a Ph.D. in English 
language and medieval English literature 
at the University of Leeds in northern 
England, where she also completed her 
bachelor's and master's degrees. Tyson 
began her distinguished career in 
American higher education as a 
Fulbright scholar and lecturer. She 
became a U.S. citizen more than 20 
years ago. 

Before coming to Mary Baldwin in 
1985, Tyson was vice president for acad- 
emic affairs and chief academic officer 
at Queens University in Charlotte, North 
Carolina. She holds certificates in 
Management Development for College 
and University Administrators from 
Harvard's Institute for the Management 
of Lifelong Education and Institute for 
Educational Management. 

The first woman to be elected pres- 
ident of the Rotary Club of Staunton, 
Tyson has been active in her community 
through service on many boards, includ- 
ing those of the Frontier Culture 
Museum; Shenandoah Shakespeare: 
and SAW, the Community Foundation of 
Staunton, Augusta County, and 

Phi Beta Kappa 

President Tyson was elected an hon- 
orary member of Mary Baldwin's chapter 
of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest 
and most prestigious society for stu- 
dents of high academic achievement. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 




1985 Tyson becomes president 

Regional center in Charlottesville opens 

Rosemarie Sena Center for Career Development opens 

1986 Wenger Hall renovated 

1 987 Physical Activities Center purchased from YMCA 

1988 Carpenter Academic Hall (classrooms and faculty offices) reconfigured, modernized 

1989 Memorial Residence Hall reopens after restoration 
Carpenter Quest and Health Care Administration programs begin 

1991 Hill Top Residence Hall reopens after restoration 

1992 Mary Baldwin College marks 150th anniversary 
Sesquicentennial Campaign raises record $37 million 
MAT established 

William G. Pannill Student Center completed 
Miller Chapel renovated 

1993 Regional center at Blue Ridge Community College opens. 

1995 VWIL established 

1996 Chaplain's residence renovated for use as ADR House 

Lounge in Spencer Residence Hall redecorated by Alumnae/i 

1997 King Gymnasium converted to King Residence Hall 
Main campus wired for data, voice, and cable 
Geraldine Ferraro is first Smyth Leadership lecturer 

1998 Administration Building and McClung rehabilitated 

1999 Templeton college guide names MBC one of nation's leading colleges for character 

Eight alumnae establish The Cynthia Haldenby Tyson Endowment for Leadership 
Development in honor of her "extraordinary, visionary leadership" 

MBCSpan, the e-newsletter for parents, launched 

2000 Grafton Library renovated 

Blakely House converted to health center 

Tyson president-elect of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools 

2001 M.Litt./MFA begins 

Softball field upgraded to mark team's new varsity status 
Staunton Military Academy-VWIL Museum opens 
Leadership Initiative raises record $58 million 

U.S. News & World Report lists MBC in the top tier of master's 
level universities in the South 

Health Care Administration program receives national certification 

2002 Tyson invited to write diary for posting on 
Minors in creative writing and physics approved 
Regional center in Sterling in northern Virginia opens 
New PEG Center completed 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Brenda Bryant 

Director, Virginia Women's Institute 
for Leadership 

President Tyson has been not only the 
founding mother of VWIL, but also its 
biggest fan. We will surely miss her when 
we pass in review. 

Jeff Buller 

Dean of the College 

I first met Dr. Tyson on a very cold and 
icy morning in February after flying up 
from Georgia to interview for the dean- 
ship. We had had to change the 
interview schedule completely because 
most of the people I was supposed to 
talk to were unable to reach campus 
early that day. So, although Dr. Tyson and 
I had originally been scheduled to begin 
our conversation sometime in the after- 
noon, it ended up being my very first 
meeting. We chatted for a bit about gen- 
eral things — the weather, flight 
had been, that sort of thing — and then 
suddenly, in what seemed completely 
unrelated to what we had been talking 
about, she looked right at me and said, 
"Well, of course, Mary Baldwin College 
IS and has been, at least at the traditional 
undergraduate level, a college for 
women. And what I want to know is: 
How do you feel about that? Do you find 
it an interesting prospect, or do you see 
it as more of an obstacle to overcome?" 

It was such a direct question that I 
remember thinking: Here's someone I 
can learn a lot from. She's flexible; she's 
reorganized her whole day just for this 
meeting. She's candid; she certainly put 
her cards right on the table just now. And 
she's so gracious about everything that 
you feel perfectly at ease even when 
shot between the eyes like that. Most 
important of all, she really seems to be 
interested in hearing my answer. 

Well, first impressions are very 
important, and they certainly were that 
day. So many of Dr. Tyson's wonderful 
qualities came through in that very first 
conversation. She had me at "Good 

Lee Stuart Cochran 

Trustee, Shenandoah Shakespeare 

Cynthia Haldenby Tyson has not only been 
a sterling president of MBC, she has been 
a premier citizen of Staunton. She has 
achieved the perfect balance of service to 
town and gown. 

I have served with Cynthia on vari- 
ous boards and committees. Her 
dedication to the Shenandoah 
Shakespeare program and her active par- 
ticipation at the Frontier Culture 
Museum have greatly enriched both. 

Her leaving will cost me a good friend 
and cost Staunton a brilliant leader 

George M. Cochran 

Retired Virginia Supreme Court Justice, 
Trustee Emeritus 

I had the honor of presiding at the ceremo- 
ny in which Dr. Cynthia H.Tyson was 
installed as president of Mary Baldwin 
College. It was a happy day for the col- 
lege, for the Staunton community and for 
the Commonwealth of Virginia. Her awe- 
some energy searching imagination, and 
communication skills made Dr. Tyson a 
leader in all her activities. She brought 
Mary Baldwin to a high level of success. 
She brought the college and the local com- 
munity closer together in friendship. 

As an active volunteer or gubernatorial 
appointee, she brought her ability and per- 
sonality to cultural and educational 
activities of importance to Virginia. 

Distinguished educator, admirable citi- 
zen, energetic leader — that is how she 
will be remembered. 

Jacqui Elliott-Wonderley '93 
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid 

I met Dr. Tyson as a lunior in high school 
during an admissions overnight. In her pre- 
sentation to prospective students. Dr. 
Tyson said I could accomplish anything at 
Mary Baldwin. I believed her. 

So I came to Mary Baldwin as a fresh- 
man in 1989. Within the first six weeks. 
Dr. Tyson knew my name. She would greet 
me on the sidewalk as she went to a 
meeting or to some other function on 

campus. Her stride was quick and her 
smile wide. She was a role model to me 
as a student because she was a power- 
house. I respected her. She was 
everything I thought a leader should be. 

Now I am an alumna and administra- 
tor of the college. My views of her 
haven't changed, only gotten stronger. 
Dr. Tyson has touched the lives of many 
people during her tenure at Mary 
Baldwin. She has certainly touched 
mine. When I count the blessings in my 
life, I count Dr. Tyson twice. 

Leah Griffith '03 

2002-03 President, 

Student Govemment Association 

To students, Dr, Tyson is known for her 
famous laugh and "Mary Baldwin 
women work hard and they play hard." 
To students. Dr. Tyson is a supporter, 
cheerleader, and nurturer. 

I have had the privilege of seeing Dr. 
Tyson interact with numerous Mary 
Baldwin constituents, from students to 
trustees. The best description of her lead- 
ership and compassion for Mary Baldwin 
IS genuine love. 

As I reflect on my four years here and 
the various opportunities I have had, I 
agree with a comment made at a 
memorial service by the father of a stu- 
dent who passed away this fall. He said 
that Mary Baldwin holds a spirit over any 
student, staff, or faculty member, or any- 
one who comes in contact with the 
institution. I would add that Dr. Tyson 
truly represents and nurtures that spirit 
and passes it on to others. 

James Harrington 

Professor of Education/Adult Studies 

In the fall of 1985, early in her first year as 
our president, Cynthia and I traveled to 
Southside Virginia Community College to 
attend opening ceremonies for our 
regional center there. Because of the 
geographical and political layout of the 
region, the organizers felt it was impor- 
tant to have multiple ceremonies: in 
Emporia, Alberta, and Keysville. In each 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

location, all of the local dignitaries, may- 
ors, state senators, and delegates were 
assembled, and the speeches were lav- 
ish and extensive. At every stop during 
this long day, Cynthia amazed me and 
our hosts with her immediate grasp of 
the situation, her mastery of the names 
and positions of the various community 
leaders, and her capacity to focus the 
crowd's attentions on the important edu- 
cational and economic issues at hand. 
What I remember about the long 
drive home was that Cynthia was 
expecting company that evening and 
had to get home to prepare a dessert 
that involved peeling grapes. That was 
my initial exposure to Dr. Tyson's energy, 
stamina, and charm. 

Rudy and Aremita Watson 

Parents of alumnae; Aremita Watson is a 
trustee and former chair of the Parents 
Council; Rudy Watson is a former 
member of the Advisory Board of 
Visitors and its executive committee. 
Dr Tyson is an educator, administrator and 
leader with bold ideas, courage, action, 
grace, wisdom and professionalism. 
Upon enrolling our first daughter at MBC 
in the Program for the Exceptionally 
Gifted, we were comfortable knowing 
that MBC was a good place that could 
meet her needs. Our meetings over the 
years in various capacities with Dr. 
Tyson, her staff, and faculty convinced 
us that MBC was the best place for all 
three of our daughters. She shared and 
understood our family's goals for them, 
and her leadership fostered an environ- 
ment for those goals to be attained, 

Marlena Hobson 

Assistant Professor of Art 

President Tyson has been an inspiration 
to many of us. Her energy and opti- 
mism have helped us through what 
seemed to be very rough times. I have 
appreciated her sincere empathy and 
attention to personal concerns — and, 
of course, her sense of humor, in partic- 
ular the many very funny moments at 

Friday afternoon faculty meetings. 
Those were wonderful heartfelt laughs, 
and I shall truly miss them. 

Roderic Owen 

Professor of Philosophy 

Many of us have been amazed at Cynthia's 
ability to remember personal names and 
to speak extemporaneously (or at least to 
give that appearance!). Those abilities have 
served this college so very well with her 
work to build bridges between the various 
constituencies of MBC. From the Parents 
Council to the Board of Trustees, Cynthia 
has known every individual and known 
how to support and nurture each individ- 
ual's sense of connection to Mary 
Baldwin College. With our own faculty 
and staff, she not only knows our names 
but has always been among the first to 
write a note of concern or to call when 
someone becomes ill, has suffered a 
loss, or is celebrating a special event. 
Moreover, Cynthia has always been quick 
to congratulate and thank faculty staff, 
and fellow administrators. 

About 10 years ago, I asked Cynthia 
what was the single most difficult chal- 
lenge of her presidency at that point. Her 
answer: simply finding the time and 
energy to fit everything in. From social 
events with alumnae/i, speaking at VWIL 
functions, welcoming ADP students at 
orientation, to chairing both the monthly 
faculty meetings and weekly executive 
staff meetings, there was Cynthia Tyson: 
firm, resolved, thoroughly prepared, 
open to debate — but also prepared to 
make a decision and take action. She 
has never faltered. 

Ethel M. Smeak '53 
Professor Emerita of English 

My first memory is Cynthia's initial meet- 
ing in the Student Activities Center. She 
addressed all of us: faculty and staff, build- 
ings and grounds, housekeepers, dining 
room staff — everyone was invited. And 
she praised all of us. We, who had known 
few kind words, just looked in wonder- 
ment at this tiny woman. 

My second memory is Betty Kegley 
[now professor emerita of physical and 
health education] coming down the hill as I 
was walking up it. She said, "Hurry! The 
president is washing her own car! " By the 
time I got there, there were only puddles 
of water, but that was clear evidence. 

These two instances characterize 
Cynthia Tyson as our president. She is her- 
self; she cares about everyone; she 
knows this college and everyone in it. 
And, despite all of her accomplishments, 
she never thinks that she is better or more 
important than the least of us. She has 
been the perfect role model for all. 

Tyson Says Thanks 

Faculty, students, and staff have collected 
memorabilia — letters, photos, newspaper 
clippings, and even e-mails — and presented 
them in albums to President Tyson at a college 
and community reception on campus April 3. 

Later, offering thanks to all who have 
observed her long service and pending retirement 
in one fashion or another, she wrote: 

"I am deeply grateful. I cannot begin to tell 
you how meaningful all this is to me. Instead I 
shall repeat what I said to those assembled at the 
party last Thursday evening when I referred them 
to my text for all of these wonderfully moving 
events: Jane Austen's Emma. In that novel, Mr. 
Knightly says to Emma, who has been waiting 
for profuse expressions of devotion: If I loved 
you less, I could talk about it more. 

Frankly, I find it impossible, likewise, to tell 
you adequately the depth of my commitment and 
affection for you and this college. We simply 
have to live it out and recognize the unspoken 
communications of the spirit. 

Thank you all. I shall not say good-bye 
because I shall come back in the capacit\' of 
volunteer, when asked. 

But, for now, I am deeply grateful, respectful 
and blessed by all of you." 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 


'We had two unique ideas about how to do 
teacher education: base our work in the inquiry 
method and involve practicing teachers as part- 
ners with graduate faculty in educating new 
teachers — our teaching partners approach.' 

Graduate Teaching Program Marks First Decade 


Mary Baldwin College's first 
graduate program — mas- 
ter of arts in teaching — is 
observing its 10th anniversary as it 
continues to expand and evolve while 
retaining its distinctive characteristics. 

"We have much to celebrate," 
says MAT Director Carole C. Grove. 
"We have produced some of the finest 
teachers — men as well as women — 
for the schools in Virginia and 
beyond. We have continued our 
strong programs in elementary and 
middle-school education while most 
recently adding endorsements in 
special education in the areas of 
learning disabilities, mental retarda- 
tion, and emotional disturbance. 
And we offer an add-on endorsement 
in gifted education." 

Added Grove: "The Graduate 
Seminar program has matured into 
Professional Development Institutes 
that serve area educators along with 
our students." And MAT has hired its 
first graduate assistant, Emma Leed. 

MAT students are drawn to Mary 
Baldwin for many reasons. Some are 
seasoned instructors who want 
advanced training. Others are chang- 
ing careers. Still others are starting 
out and want strong preparation 
before they enter the field. 

"I became interested after reading 
about the program's focus on inquiry- 
based learning and on the liberal 
arts," says Leed. "I received my 
undergraduate degree in English from 
a small liberal arts college — Centre 
College in Danville, Kentucky — and 
I felt very fulfilled and enriched by the 
liberal arts education. Mary Baldwin 
has offered me the chance to further 
my liberal arts education while 

pursuing my goal of teaching. The 
small class sizes and the fact that each 
class is taught by a graduate faculty 
member and an experienced class- 
room teacher were also important 
factors in my decision." 

The MAT Program observed its 
first decade with a conference at the 
college April 12. The keynote speaker 
was Carol Tomlinson, a professor in 
the University of Virginia's Curry 
School of Education and a national 
leader in teaching, in one classroom, 
children of differing abilities and 
preparation. Virginia 
Superintendent of Public Instruction 
Jo Lynne DeMary briefed confer- 
ence participants on trends in 
Virginia's public schools. 

Among those who helped start 
and shape MAT are Virginia R. 
Francisco '64, professor of theatre 
and holder of the Margaret Hunt Hill 
Distinguished Chair in the 
Humanities, and Patricia Westhafer, 
professor of education. "Mary 
Cooper, the first director of the MAT 
Program, called Patty and me the 
foremothers of the program," says 
Francisco. "I'm pretty proud of that!" 

"When we were planning the pro- 
gram," says Francisco, "we already 
had established our record of leader- 
ship in educating adults through the 
Adult Degree Program. We debated 
other ways we might serve adult stu- 
dents, particularly women. We started 
the MAT because research indicated a 
need for a graduate-level program 
here, and MBC has long been known 
for preparing excellent teachers." 

"Best of all," recalls Francisco, 
"we had two unique ideas about how 
to do teacher education: base our 

work in the inquiry method and 
involve practicing teachers as part- 
ners with graduate faculty in 
educating new teachers — our 
'teaching partners' approach. Inquiry 
teaching and learning is all about 
questions. Students and teachers, at 
any level, define and ask questions, 
decide on a method of investigation, 
and then gather information and evi- 
dence. Finally, they develop and test 
a tentative answer or conclusion that 
they apply to new information or 

"That seems simple," observes 
Francisco, "bur no one was — or is 
— doing those things. We also 
involved teachers and principals in 
planning the program, starting with 
a summer conference at which we 
asked them: What do new teachers 
need to know or be able to do?" 

"Teaching partners have been a 
strikingly important aspect of our 
program," says Francisco. "My 
partner, Kathryn Ward, was a 
kindergarten teacher. She partici- 
pated in planning the MAT Program 
and teamed with arts faculty to 
devise Inquiry in the Arts, the course 
we still teach together. Sally Rule- 
Gwinn was in our very first arts class 
and in the first cohort of MAT grad- 
uates. Today she teaches at Bessie 
Weller Elementary School in 
Staunton and partners with us to 
teach the arts class. These women 
know what's going on — in today's 
classrooms, in the current research, 
with parents and young students. 
They're indispensable to the work we 
do in preparing new teachers." 

Adds Westhafer: "Mary 
Baldwin's being an innovative place. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 



it seemed appropriate that we 
branch out into offering a master's 
degree. We thought that the stu- 
dents in the Aduk Degree Program 
who had degrees and wanted to 
obtain a teaching hcense could not 
only get licensure but the master's 
degree as well." Also, practicing 
teachers are encouraged to pursue 
graduate degrees — and people in 
other occupations view the MAT as 
a way to prepare for a second 

The proposed program had to 
overcome concerns about stretching 
available staffing and straying too 
far from the liberal arts. "President 
Tyson and Jim Lott, the dean at the 
time, were supportive, which helped 
enormously," says Westhafer. "The 
faculty load was still an issue, but 
we decided to go ahead and design a 
successful program that would 
allow us to hire more faculty." 
Reassuring to all was that the MAT, 
consistent with Mary Baldwin's his- 
tory and mission, would combine 
the liberal arts with the new profes- 
sional training. 

Westhafer credits Francisco with 
being "instrumental in getting the 
program off the ground. She worked 
countless hours fashioning policy, 
publicizing, writing grant proposals, 
and applying for certification from 
various agencies." 

And well off the ground it is. The 
MAT Program has operations in 
Roanoke, Richmond, and 
Charlottesville besides Staunton. Some 
85 students were enrolled this spring. 

"The MAT Program is challeng- 
ing," says Leed, the graduate 
assistant, "but very rewarding." 

Mary Baldwin Part of National Project 
To Improve Teacher Education, Training 

Mary Baldwin College has received a three-year grant of more than 
$24,000 to participate in a national effort to improve teacher train- 
ing. Mary Baldwin offers teacher education through both 
undergraduate and graduate programs, including its Master of Arts 
in Teaching Program, observing its 10th anniversary. 

The Standards-based Teacher Education Project was created 
by and is managed by the Council for Basic Education and the 
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. STEP 
brings together colleges and universities, elementary and sec- 
ondary school instructors, and state education officials. It 
emphasizes that teachers must know the subjects they are teach- 
ing, how to teach students to learn at high levels, and how to 
monitor and assess learning. 

"This will give us an opportunity to review our graduate educa- 
tion curriculum to ensure that it is meeting the needs of teachers 
for today's classrooms," said Carole C. Grove, director of Mary 
Baldwin's MAT Program. "This initiative is also to ensure that liber- 
al-arts courses and professional standards are connected. We will 
specifically review the curriculum for alignment of our program 
with Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) and discipline-specific 
standards of knowledge and skills. We will look at accreditation 
issues in preparation for the next re-accreditation visit." 

Grove and Robert Grotjohn, associate professor of English, will 
oversee MBC's involvement in the project. 

The Council for Basic Education is a national nonprofit organi- 
zation that advocates a standards-based liberal-arts curriculum for 
all students. CBE provides a wide variety of standards-implementa- 
tion services to states, school districts, and schools. CBE's 
programs and publications are intended to strengthen teaching and 
learning in the liberal arts to prepare students for lifelong learning 
and responsible citizenship. 

The American Association of Colleges forTeacher Education is 
a national, voluntary association of colleges and universities with 
undergraduate or graduate programs to prepare professional edu- 
cators. AACTE supports programs in data gathering, equity, 
leadership development, networking, policy analysis, professional 
issues, and scholarships. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Pamela Fox, Miami University Official, 
Named Next President of Mary Baldwin 

The Mary Baldwin College 
Board of Trustees has cho- 
sen the college's ninth 
president: Pamela Fox, a dean and 
administrator at Miami University 
in Oxford, Ohio. Praised for her 
strong, dynamic leadership, Fox is 
also widely respected as a scholar, 
teacher, and fund-raiser. She will 
take office July 1, succeeding 
Cynthia H. Tyson, who is retiring 
after a record 18 years in the post. 

The announcement, by Claire 
Lewis "Yum" Arnold '69, chair of 
the MBC Board of Trustees and a 
member of the search committee 
that recommended Fox, was made 
April 2 to students, faculty, and 
staff in Francis Auditorium in 
Pearce Science Center. There, six 
months earlier, Arnold had 
revealed Tyson's pending retire- 
ment. Tyson applauded the choice 
— as, literally and long, did the 
hundreds assembled. "We are 
proud that she has come to Mary 
Baldwin," said Tyson. "I am confi- 
dent of her success here." 

"I am deeply honored to join 
the Mary Baldwin community," 
said Fox, dean of the School of 
Fine Arts at Miami, ranked among 
the country's best public universi- 
ties. She spoke of Mary Baldwin's 
"deep spirit of place," its "power 
of community," its "balance of tra- 
dition and innovation," and its 
"personalized education that trans- 
forms lives." 

Arnold lauded Fox's "strategic 

vision," strong credentials, and 
"enthusiasm for fund raising" — 
all enabling the college "to contin- 
ue on the trajectory of innovation 
and scholarship for which we are 

Louise R. McNamee '70, vice 
chair of the board and head of the 
search committee, described Fox as 
"thoughtful, passionate, energetic, 
and caring. Her presence conveys 
those attributes immediately — 
and that's enormously beneficial in 
this position." 

Faculty and student represen- 
tatives on the committee were also 
impressed with Fox, who was 
selected after an intensive and 
highly competitive national search. 

"Dr. Fox's career has demon- 
strated strong commitment to the 
liberal arts and impressive adminis- 
trative leadership and vision," said 
Anne McGovern, associate profes- 
sor of French. "She understands 
Mary Baldwin's many strengths as 
well as the challenges that face the 
college." Roderic Owen, professor 
of philosophy, said Fox is known 
for being able to "view the big pic- 
ture — not only advocating for her 
department or the School of Fine 
Arts but also energetically working 
on behalf of the entire university." 

Leah Griffith '03, president of 
the Student Government 
Association, cited Fox's "ambitious 
spirit and wisdom" and her enthu- 
siasm for women's education. 

The Miami School of Fine Arts 

is one of the few in the country to 
encompass art, architecture, music, 
theatre, interior design, an accred- 
ited art museum and a renowned 
performing-arts series. As dean. 
Fox has brought distinction and 
considerable funding to the school, 
which has 1,000 students and a 
faculty of more than 150. She has 
increased the diversity of students 
and faculty, led planning for a $70- 
million center for the arts, and 
introduced ever-larger numbers of 
Miami students to the arts — an 
achievement of which she is espe- 
cially proud. 

In addition to her extensive 
and demanding academic duties. 
Fox has had responsibility for 
long-range planning at Miami, first 
as special assistant to Miami's 
provost and now as assistant vice 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

president of planning. She chairs a 
Miami council wdth representatives 
{rem throughout the university' that 
is developing ambitious goals to 
mark the institution's upcoming 
bicentennial. Miami seeks to be an 
even more prominent leader among 
public universities that emphasize 
undergraduate education while 
proWding signiticant graduate and 
research programs. Fox has shaped 
and implemented large-scale initia- 
tives to strengthen liberal-arts 
education and the experience of 
first-year students at Nliami. 

Bom in Texas and reared in 
central Ohio, Fox began playing 
the piano at age 5. She went on to 
earn three degrees from the 
University' of Cincinnati's presti- 
gious College Conservator}' of 
Music: a bachelor's in piano perfor- 
mance (siimnia cum latide), a 
masters in music history, and a 
Ph.D. in musicolog}-. She also has 
studied in Germany. 

Fox began her career at Miami, 
north of Cincinnati, 20 years ago as 
an assistant professor of musicology. 
A popular and award-winning 
instructoi; she eventually became 
chair of the Department of Music 
and then dean of the School of Fine 

Fox is an authoritv' on 18th-cen- 
tury composer Carl Philipp Emanuel 
Bach, a son of Johann Sebastian 
Bach, and on music in Boston at the 
turn of the last centur\'. She has 
written widely about both and on 

other topics. She also has presented 
many scholarly papers throughout 
this countT)' and abroad. 

After studying the evolution of 
C.P.E. Bach's handwTiting and the 
physical structure of his scores, Fox 
re-dated more than a quarter of his 
compositions and posed a new 
interpretation of his st>'hstic devel- 
opment. Her book. Sonatas from 
Manuscript Sources. C.P.E. Bach: 
The Collected Works, Series I. 
Volume 6.5, is being pubhshed this 
year by the Packard Humanities 
Institute in collaboration with the 
Bach-Archiv Leipzig and Harvard 
Universit)'. In her work on another 
book, Cultural Counterpoint: 
Musical Life in Boston 1890-1920, 
Fox says she is recreating, through 
oral histories and documents, a 
period when music "in tenements, 
S\'mphony Hall, and vaudeville" — 
written and performed by 
Bostonians of different ethnic 
groups and class origins — "res- 
onated harmoniously." 

Fox has been a leader in 
regional and national education 
and music associations. She has 
been a consultant or examiner for 
the National Endowment for the 
Humanities and Yale University 
Press among others. 

Fox is married to Dan Layman, 
senior director of development in 
Miami's Office of Development. 
Layman said he and Fox are avid 
hikers and are eager to explore the 
Shenandoah Valley. 

Pamela Fox's Remarks 
To Students, Faculty, Staff 

April 2, 2003 

Good afternoon and thank you. I am 
deeply honored to join the Mat)' 
Baldwin communit}'. Over the past sev- 
eral weeks, I have enjoyed meeting a 
cross section of the college's constituen- 
cies: students from all programs, 
faculty, staff, administration, trustees, 
alumnae/i, and parents. I was vet)' 
moved by the depth and breadth of 
dedication. I want to thank everyone 
for the warm welcome. 

As you know, Mar\' Baldwin has a 
deep spirit of place — a power of com- 
munity that enables personalized 
education that transforms Hves. This 
transformational quality is a common 
thread uniting the college's unique con- 
stellation of programs. 

I am committed to 21st-century 
liberal education. A reinvigorated Hber- 
al education is integrative: It integrates 
self and society, general education and 
majors, and in-class and out-of-class 
experiences to foster personal success 
and an ethical global citizenry. The 
learning-centered environment is a 
principle of Baldwin's past, present and 
future. The college is a model for the 
national movement to set greater 
expectations for liberal learning. 

Thanks to the inspiring leader- 
ship of President Tyson, Mary 
Baldwin is strongly positioned for 
the future. As we look ahead, we 
will honor the balance of tradition 
and innovation, the imperative of 
leadership-oriented education for 
women, and the entrepreneurial spir- 
it. Most important, we will nurture 
the spirit of place and power of com- 
munity. Thanks again for your 
generous welcome. Dan and I very 
much look forward to joining vou. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

news in brie" 

Mary Baldwin Goes to War 

In Iraq during the war, Kimberly Primerano, left, and Shern Sharpe, both Class of 1999, stand 
In front of the Chinook helicopter that Sharpe has been flying. 

Sherri Sharpe "99, a helicopter pilot 
who is one of more than a dozen 
Mary Baldwin graduates who have 
been serving in and around Iraq, has 
received national media exposure, includ- 
ing a lengthy segment on NBC television's 
"Today Show." 

Sharpe, who went through MBC's 
Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership 
and completed a tour of duty in 
Afghanistan, is an Army captain who flies 
Chinook helicopters. She has been ferrying 
supplies — food, water, ammunition — and 
mail from Kuwait into neighboring Iraq. 

Sharpe volunteered for the hazardous 
assignment. Chinooks are large and travel 
fairly close to the ground. They can be 
inviting targets for anti-aircraft guns and 
other weapons. Saying she "wanted to 
make a difference," Sharpe said in the 
April 9 "Today" broadcast: "You don't do 
that in the rear — you do it here." 

One of the toughest parts of Sharpe's 
mission was what she sometimes brought 
back from Iraq: the bodies of soldiers and 
Marines killed in action. 

"That could be me," Sharpe acknowl- 
edged in the network interview. "Nobody 

wants to admit her own mortality. Every 
day you're faced with that." 

Sharpe said she, like others in the war, 
often thinks of her family, especially her 
husband. Kirk Leek, her 5-year-old step- 
son, and her parents. Her father told 
"Today": "I never held her back. I always 
wanted her to do what she wanted to do." 

Why does Sharpe fly helicopters? "I 
always knew I was going to go into the 
Army," she said. "It's either walk or ride." 

A remarkably high proportion of for- 
mer VWIL students have been deployed in 
connection with the war in Iraq — nearly 
half of the 35 young women to go through 
the relatively new program and commis- 
sion in the armed services. About a third of 
the graduates have commissioned. 

Among those who have been directly 
involved in the war is one of Sharpe's class- 
mates, Kimberly Primerano, a 
communications officer with the Marines 
in Kuwait and Iraq. Two current students, 
members of the reserves, were called to 
active duty. 

Sharpe is not the only pilot. Kristin 
Ohleger '99 flies helicopters for the Navy, 
serving in Afghanistan and then in the Iraq 

theatre of operations. And Rebecca Gross 
"01 is a Navy helicopter navigator in the 

Jamie Lynn Cross '00, a Navy lieu- 
tenant on a ship in the Gulf, was 
highlighted in publicin,' by the Department 
of Defense's American Forces Information 
Service. Cross "is similar to other women 
her age — and, then again, she isn't." 

Cross has been commanding two 
dozen sailors and three chief peny officers 
and oversees all weapons operations on a 
destroyer. The ship was the first to respond 
to a terrorist attack on a French-owned 
supertanker off the coast of Yemen last 
October. Cross, says her mother Jayne 
Cross, "has never been so scared in her 

Other former VWIL students who 
have been or were expected to be part of 
the war or its aftermath: 

Class of 1999: Kathenne Gnsdale, 
Army Signal Corps, who put in two tours 
in Kosovo; and Michelle Rogerson, Army 
ordnance officer. 

Class of 2000: Charlynda Kelly, Air 
Force intelligence officer monitoring the 
Middle East from Germany; and, all serv- 
ing in the Navy on ships in the Gulf — 
Kathleen Beckley, Brenna Kelly, Colleen 
Lowe, and Tamara Scaramozzi. 

Class of 2002: Monica Choi and 
Rachel O'Connell, Army Chemical Corps; 
and Jessica Durbin, Army Military Police. 

"VWIL is about challenge, commit- 
ment, leadership and service," said its 
director, Brenda Bryant. "It is no surprise 
that many of our graduates not only 
choose to commission, but also volunteer 
to serve in combat situations. They are 
focused, proud and confident; they are 
truly inspirational." 

Brig. Gen. N. Michael Bissell, VWIL 
commandant and a highly decorated veter- 
an, notes that the program "stresses unity, 
discipline, management, leadership skills 
and the importance of public service. 
VWIL cadets graduate with poise, confi- 
dence and a determination to do the best 
they can in everything they set out to do. 
'They are always on parade.' " And some- 
times, in disproportionate numbers, at war. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Student Lands Pilot Training 

Julia Ireland '04 is the first Virginia 
Women's Institute for Leadership cadet to 
qualify for pilot training with the U.S. Air 
Force. She is one of fewer than 500 cadets 
nationwide to earn this opportunity. 

Successful applicants are chosen on the 
basis of various tests and achievements, 
including cumulative GPA, standing in their 
units, physical fitness scores, field training, 
and flight hours accumulated toward a pri- 
vate pilot's license. 

Ireland, who will be commissioned as 
a second lieutenant upon graduation, will 
train for about two years before being 
assigned to a squadron. Then she will serve 
10 years of active duty. 

"Opportunities are endless, and she is 
only limited by her ability," said Capt. 
James Romansz, instructor of aerospace 
studies at Virginia Military Institute. 
"Based upon her performance as a cadet, 
■ she will do extremely well and go far." 

A business major from Hamilton, 
Virginia, Ireland is a Bailey Scholar and a 
member of the Ethics Debate Team and the 
VMIA^WIL chapter of the Army Aviation 
Association of America. She runs cross 
country for MBC and is slated to be the 
company executive officer in VWIL this 
coming year. 

Brenda Bryant, VWIL director, said 
that Ireland will be the program's fourth 
aviator. Sherry Sharpe '99 is an Army heli- 
copter pilot, Kristin Ohleger '99 is a Navy 
helicopter pilot, and Becky Gross '01 is a 
Navy navigator. 

New PEG Center Dedicated 

The new $6.7-million Center for the 
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted 
was dedicated April 5. The recently 
completed structure between Jesse 
Cleveland Pearce Science Center and 
Martha Stackhouse Grafton Library is 
home to many of the nearly 80 students 

who enter college early. 

U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte, 
whose district includes Mary Baldwin, 
praised the program at the dedication as 
"a huge draw" for bright young women, 
many of whom "enter the fields of math, 
science, and technology." 

A.S. Sullivan Foundation 
Gives Funds for Scholars 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan 
Foundation has given Mary Baldwin 
College $24,000 for scholarships and 
$7,500 for endowment to further assist 
the recipients — students with financial 
need "who have demonstrated a commit- 
ment to service above self and to the 

The Oxford, Mississippi, foundation 
also underwrites awards for service given 
at Commencement to a graduating senior 
and a non-student associated closely with 
the college. 

Shakespeare for Today's Audience: 
Converting Words to Understanding 

By Megan McDonough 

"Early in my career, I set myself the task of see- 
ing every existing theatre in the world built 
prior to 1800," said 
Elizabethan theatre expert 
f ^- ^1 Franklin J. Hildy, speaking at 
Mary Baldwin during the 
Southeastern Theatre 
Conference symposium the 
Franklin J. Hildy college hosted in late March. 
And so he did, becoming one of the most 
knowledgeable people in the world about the 
staging of plays by Shakespeare and his con- 

Hildy, professor of theatre at the 
University of Maryland and director of the 
Shakespeare Globe Center (USA) Research 
Archive, was among the notable scholars from 
as far as California and western Canada to 
attend the event. Its theme — "Elizabethan 
Performances in North American Spaces" — 
was especially apt for Mary Baldwin and 
Staunton. In partnership with Shenandoah 
Shakespeare and its Blackfriars Playhouse, the 
college offers master's degrees in Shakespeare 
and Renaissance literature in performance. 

Hildy has long been intrigued by the plan- 
ning and development of Blackfriars, the only 
authentic re-creation of Shakespeare's indoor 

theatre. He was a consultant in the reconstruc- 
tion of the original Globe theatre, as he will be 
for the re-creation of the second version of that 
famous London theatre — after the original 
burned down — in Staunton. 

In his keynote speech at the theatre sym- 
posium, Hildy championed Shenandoah 
Shakespeare's, and Mary Baldwin's, emphasis 
on techniques inspired by early staging — tech- 
niques intended to reveal what he calls the 
"theatrical language" embedded in 
Shakespeare's text. "If we could recover the 
theatrical language — the visual language — of 
Shakespeare, we could do a better job translat- 
ing it for a modern audience," he said. 

Hildy, who has written widely about his 
research, believes that performing 
Shakespeare's plays on an Elizabethan thrust 
stage, with the audience on three sides, is 
only the first step. As companies such as 
Shenandoah Shakespeare and the London 
Globe's continue to produce Shakespeare's 
plays in the spaces for which they were writ- 
ten, their understanding will continue to 
grow, he said. 

Megan McDonough is a student in the 
M.Litt./MFA program. 

More Funding 
For M.Litt., 
MFA Program 

Thanks in large part 
to the interest and 
efforts of Charlotte 
McCormick '67 the 
Chauncey and Marion 
D. McCormick Family 
Foundation is giving 
$10,000 to Mary 
Baldwin's program 
offering a master of 
letters and a master 
of fine arts in 
Shakespeare and 
literature in 
performance. The 
funding is one of 
several significant 
sources of support 
for the program, 
which has completed 
its second year. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Relay For Life Raises $12,500 












1 ,- 



The American Cancer Society Relay For 
Life on campus March 21-22 demonstrat- 
ed the generous spirit and genius for 
organization at Mary Baldwin College. 
Spearheaded by Sarah Jane Engel "04, Erin 
Storey "05, and Christina Daniel, access 
services coordinator in Grafton Library, it 
generated more than $12,500 through 
donations, related fundraisers, and pledges 
for laps by 16 teams around MBC's 
Physical Activities Center track. 

Described by the society as "a fun- 
filled overnight event designed to celebrate 
survivorship and raise money for research 
and programs of your American Cancer 
Society," Relay For Life "represents the 
hope that those lost to cancer will never be 
forgotten, that those who face cancer will 
be supported, and that one day, cancer will 
be eliminated." 

Students from every class and virtu- 
ally every MBC program, alumnae/i, 
faculty, staff, and friends helped plan and 
carry out the event. 

Staunton Mayor John Avoli partici- 
pated in the opening ceremonies, along 
with Patricia Hunt, college chaplain, and 
Debra Camden, assistant director of oper- 
ations for Mary Baldwin s Adult Degree 
Program. Hunt and Camden joined others 
in the Survivors' Walk. 

Vicky TenBroeck '05 of Manassas, 
Virginia, recruited her father for setup and 
cleanup. Fellow sophomore Carissa 
Tierney of Westminster, Maryland, walked 
alongside her parents and sister. 

On the day that marked their 33rd 

wedding anniversary, Rebecca Dick "82, 
director of teacher education services at 
MBC, walked in memory of husband Jim, 
who died of cancer in January. The team 
that she led with Carole Grove, director of 
the Master of Arts in Teaching Program, 
raised more than $2,300 from alumnae/i, 
families, and friends as far away as 
Michigan and Texas. 

For weeks before the relay, students 
solicited area businesses, resulting in dona- 
tions of food and more than 100 door 
prizes and silent auction items. Pre-relay 
activities included a Rent-a-nULL Auction, 
at which first-year VWIL students sold 
their energies to the highest bidders, and a 
raffle in which Betsy Johnson "06 won the 
right to "shadow" President Cynthia H. 
Tyson for a day. 

Daniel, whose family has battled 
cancer, said she wanted to "do some- 
thing to make people aware of the fight 
to find a cure. It was emotional as we 
remembered our loved ones during the 
luminaria ceremony and shared how 
cancer had affected our lives," she said. 
"I know that on March 21, 2003, MBC 
made a difference!" 

Donations can be added to MBC's 
relay total until August 31. Checks 
payable to the American Cancer Society 
may be sent to Christina Daniel, 
Grafton Library, Mary Baldwin College, 
Staunton, VA 24401. 

For more information on Relay For 
Life or the American Cancer Society, call 
1-800-ACS-2345 or visit 

Staff Earns Six CASE III Awards 

In the latest judging by the national, nonprofit Council for 
Advancement and Support of Education, Mary Baldwin College 
earned six District III awards; a Grand Award (gold) for MBC's 
2002-03 Annual Fund direct mail package, three Awards of 
Excellence (silver), and two Special Ment Awards (bronze). The win- 
ning publications were the work of the entire College Relations team 
along with Development, and Alumnae/i staff. Gretchen Newman, 
director of art and pnnting services, designed all six. Entries receiving 
Grand Awards will compete with winners from other CASE districts for 
national honors. 

CASE annually recognizes the best communication projects (publi- 
cations, Web sites, and comprehensive campaigns) through an awards program administered 
by regional districts. District III covers Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

Winning entries were displayed at the CASE District III Conference in Atlanta February 
23-26 and will be archived at CASE International in Washington, D.C. Crista Cabe, associate 
vice president for college relations, attended the CASE conference and accepted the awards 
on behalf of her colleagues. 

Assistant Secretary 
of the Navy William 
A. Navas Jr. was 

among the latest high- 
ranking military officials 
to visit the Virginia 
Women's Institute for 
Leadership at Mary 
Baldwin. A major gener- 
al, Navas was on campus in March with his 
wife Wilda to learn more about VWIL and 
how It might encourage more young 
women to become naval officers They 
were briefed by cadets and viewed a 
parade conducted in their honor. Navas's 
last active-duty assignment was as the 
director of the Army National Guard. Before 
that, he served in a variety of senior-level 
positions in the Department of Defense. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

MBC, BRCC Mark 10 Years 
As Adult-Degree Partners 

Mary Baldwin and Blue Ridge 
Community College celebrated the 10th 
anniversary of their cooperative adult 
degree program with a reception at 
BRCC April 9. 

Presidents Cynthia H. Tyson and 
James R. Perkins acknowledged the suc- 
cess of the partnership they developed to 
help adults earn a four-degree degree. 
Kathleen Stinehart, Mary Baldwin dean 
for academic outreach, commented on 
the natural fit of a good community col- 
lege with a small liberal arts adult 
program that provides personal service. 

Diane Ganiere, who has since 
retired as professor emerita of psychol- 
ogy (ADP), began making regular visits 
to BRCC's Weyers Cave campus in 
1992 to advise students who wanted to 
continue their education through Mary 
Baldwin's Adult Degree Program. In 
1993, the partnership agreement pro- 
vided for a permanent MBC/BRCC 
office at Blue Ridge. 

As it begins its second decade, the 
MBC/BRCC Adult Degree Program is 
managed by Marion Ward, director and 
academic advisor, and Susie Schmeissing, 
regional operations coordinator. 

The war in Iraq was the topic as a television news 
reporter filmed discussion in assistant psychology 
professor Andreas Anastasiou's course, Psychology 
of Peace and Conflict Resolution. The segment 
by Harrisonburg ABC affiliate WHSV-TV was aired 
on the evening news. 

Athena Yiamouyiannis, executive director of the National 
Association for Girls and Women in Sport, spoke at Mary Baldwin in 
March about the continuing quest for gender equity in school and college athletics. 
She noted that women's participation in sports has increased dramatically in the 30 
years since Title IX, the federal requirement for equity in sports, was made law. 
She cautioned against changes in the provision or its interpretation that could dis- 
courage women. Yiamouyiannis majored in math and was president of 
undergraduate students at Ohio State University where she was given the OSU 
Scholar Athlete Award. The nonprofit NAGWS, based in Reston, Virginia, has more 
than 4,000 educators as members. It promotes opportunities for girls and women 
in sports and addresses related issues. 

Judith Grey '65 Named 
MBC Major-Gifts Officer 

Judith Payne Grey '65 has joined 
the Mary Baldwin Development 
office as a major-gifts officer spe- 
cializing in corporate and 

A Norfolk, 
Virginia, native 
with an MBA from 
University, she has 
had top marketing 
positions with 
major companies, most recently 
Haarmann & Reimer Corp., a 
division of Bayer Corp., in 
Teterboro, New Jersey. 

Grey has been active in com- 
munity and college organizations. 
She is a former member of Mary 
Baldwin's Advisory Board of 
Visitors and Alumnae/i Board. 

Lincoln R Brower, one of the world's experts on the 
migrating monarch butterfly, spoke about his research in giv- 
ing the Mary E. Humphreys Biology Lecture in February Brower is 
research professor of biology at Sweet Briar College and distin- 
guished service professor emeritus of zoology at the University of 
Florida. Brower has received the Gold Medal of Zoology from the 
Linnean Society of London, a Lifetime Achievement Award from 
the Animal Behavior Society and the Henry Walter Bates Award 
for Biology and Conservation of Tropical Butterflies. He has pub- 
lished hundreds of scientific papers and edited two books. Brower 
is working with the World Wildlife Fund-Mexico and the Monarch 
Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation to protect the major wintering sites 
of the monarch butterfly in Mexico. 

The Mary E. Humphreys Biology Lecture Series was estab- 
lished in 1992 to bring prominent scientists to the campus to 
present public lectures. Sponsonng the series are friends and for- 
mer students of Mary Humphreys, professor emerita of biology 
who served on the biology faculty at MBC for 25 years until 1968. 

Pierre Duplessis, M.D., secretary general and chief executive officer 
of the Canadian Red Cross Society, delivered the first in a series of health- 
care lectures made possible by the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation 
of Philadelphia, generous supporters of the Health Care Administration program at 
Mary Baldwin. He spoke in March about "September 11 and Its Aftermath — A 
Red Cross Response." Duplessis has a medical degree from the University of 
Montreal, a master's in public health from Harvard, and a specialty in community 
health from Laval University in Quebec, Canada. He has worked for hospitals, com- 
munity health centers, a regional board of health, the Ministry of Health and Social 
Services of the Province of Quebec, and Quebec's College of Physicians. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

ADP and Dean Kathleen Stinehart: 

A Decade of Change and Improvement 

As Kathleen Stinehart, dean for 
academic outreach, bids 
farewell but not goodbye after 
nine years of overseeing the Adult 
Degree Program and related ventures, 
she offers a few thoughts about her 
Man.' Baldwin stint and what comes 
next for her and, possibly, ADP. 

The former kindergarten teacher 
and Iowa State University adminis- 
trator and her husband, Alan 
Christy, explored a variety of options 
and places before settling on Mary 
Baldwin College as the best fit. 
Christy has been an adjunct instruc- 
tor in the English Department. 
Stinehart recalls that her Iowa State 
friends "thought I was crazy" to 
leave that institution, "but I was 
looking for more adventure in my 
work life and more degrees of free- 
dom than one can find in a big, 
overly organized bureaucracy." And 
the two hardcore mid-westerners 
"thought it might be fun to try life in 
another part of the country." 

"We were charmed by both the 
college and the community 
here," says Stinehart. "ADP 
already had its healthy, 
whole, and supportive climate 
when I arrived. In fact, that 
was one of the reasons I 
came. I was impressed with 
the magnificence of the adult- 
degree program this little 
college had managed to field. 
And I was impressed with the ADP 
faculty members. They have contin- 
ued to amaze me in their supportive 
approach to their own leader all 
these years. Our relationship has not 
been the stereotypical faculty-admin- 
istrator one. I've had a nine-year 
honeymoon with these folks!" 

When Stinehart arrived in July 
1994, she found that ADP was strug- 
gling with its success in attracting and 
advising students and offering an 
increasing array of courses. "It was 
sagging under the weight of its own 

systems — or, rather, lack of systems. 
Every student need was individually 
negotiated. This approach, which 
worked so well when the program was 
new and tiny, had become inefficient 
and exhausting for the faculty advising 
students. So I began with some stream- 
lining efforts to release some the stifled 
energy and creativity of ADP, and then 
I just went from there. These are not 
my individual accomplishments; they 
are the results of working with others." 

Stinehart and colleagues estab- 
lished systems, standards, and 
procedures to benefit students, faculty, 
and staff. They also stressed the use of 
computers — which made a lot of 
sense for adult students who work, 
have families, and use regional centers 
in addition to the Staunton campus. 
The changes and improvements, 
including the addition of a Web site, 
"allowed ADP to grow because they 
made the ongoing work of ADP faculty 
members less time-consuming; they 
now could focus on recruiting, prob- 
lem-solving, thinking up nifty new 

'Mary Baldwin has done for me what 
she does for her students: given me the 
freedom and support to grow and 
change and try new things and, as a 
consequence, gain self-confidence.' 

ideas, and participating more in their 
academic departments." 

Online study has grown rapidly 
from three courses and a dozen stu- 
dents to more than 40 courses and 100 
students. Library services and course 
registration also were put online. 
Regional centers, now serving much of 
Virginia and the Washington area, have 
been started, expanded, or upgraded. 
The Women's Institute for Leadership 
Development, known as WILD, pro- 
vides an intensive summer week of 
self-exploration and leadership training 

for adult women. 

In 1999, ADP won a 
Distinguished Program award for the 
mid-Atlantic region from the 
Association for Continuing Higher 
Education. A year earlier, it won two 
marketing awards for recruitment 
from the University Continuing 
Education Association. Stinehart &C 
Co. also landed a chapter of Alpha 
Sigma Lambda, the national honor 
society for top-performing adult stu- 
dents. A recent student-satisfaction 
survey gave the program high marks 
from the people who matter most — 
the clients. 

ADP's future, as Stinehart notes, is 
up to the faculty and her successor. 
Ever bold, she does hazard a guess or 
two: more course and other informa- 
tion online, more regional centers, 
more recruiting of students at corpora- 
tions where employers pay for 
education, majors and minors created 
specifically for adult students, and a 
closer relationship between ADP and 
graduate courses — "because once 
adults get into the ADP way of 
doing things, they want to contin- 
ue that at the master's level." 

"Mary Baldwin has done for 
me what she does for her stu- 
dents: given me the freedom and 
support to grow and change and 
try new things and, as a conse- 
quence, gain self-confidence," 
says Stinehart. Her top contribu- 
tion to ADP? "Taught MBC how 
wonderful its ADP is." 

Stinehart will open Cranberry's, 
a natural foods store and cafe, on 
South New Street in downtown 
Staunton this summer. "I love food, I 
love healthy. 1 love being out on 
farms. It's like visiting relatives when 
I was a kid. I love helping people 
learn. And MBC has confirmed for 
me what I suspected at Iowa State: I 
love running a right-livelihood small 
business. Which is really what ADP 
is. So here I go again!" 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Diversity House Aptly Named 

This house is 
an example 
to the college, 
smdents, and 
the community'.' 

Sarah V*^9Gr^r„ arud 

KrysraH JinnffTneasan. 

Photo bf Mark Miter. 

Stamttsm News Leai^ 

The official name of the residence 
hall is Scott House, but snidems 
who live or hang out there call it 
The Diversity House. Diverse they 
are, representing four continents — 
Asia, AjEtica, and North and South 
America — as well as diffeieui 
races and ethnic groups, inner 
cities, suburbs and small towns, 
and both piivate and public 
schools. Their tastes in music and 
decor ditfei; too, reflecting much 
about them. 

The six juniors recently were 
the subject of a prominent story in 
Staunton's newspapei; The News 
Leader. "Diversity House is a 
union of difSerent cukures," 
Antoinette C3iase, one of its tesi- 
doits and a Bailey Scholar and peer 
maitoi; told the papen ''We pro- 
mote the idea that different cultures 
ran exist" — and people from dif- 
ferent cultures "can be friends," 
said Chase, a business major inter- 
ested in marketing research. 

It's not uncommon in society 
to "see white and black people 
together" Krystal Jimmerson told 
the papei; "but you don't see peo- 
ple who are truly friends." 

Chase moved from Wash- 
ington to nordiem Virginia. 
Jimmerson, a poUtical science 
major considering law school, is 
from Newport News in south- 
eastern Virginia. Getnesh "Mimi" 
Amde, a Health Care Administra- 
tion major, grew up in Ethiopia 
and would like to manage a pedi- 
atric center some day. Rosemarry 
Mel (the only one of the six to 
Uve elsewhere on campus) is of 
Cambodian descent and is 
majoring in both Asian studies 
and business administration. She 
studied La Japan, where she hopes 
to w^ork for an American 
company after graduation. 

^^layra Barahona, a native of 
El Salvador, is studying health care 
and sociology and intends to work 
in a medical area. She also plays 
field hockey. Sarah Waggoner is 
from Gaithersburg, Maryland, but 
lived in more rural Buchanan in 
southwestern Virginia. A sociology 
majoi; she's eyeing graduate school, 
also potentially in medicine. 

The young w^omen got to 
know each other as freshmen in 
Spencer Residence HalL Once 

friends, they developed their 
theme — diversity — for the spe- 
dal-Lnierest housing Mary Baldwin 
offers. As part of that arrangement, 
they held a variety of cultural and 
social events this yean 

The students also put 
together a brochure explaining 
Diversity House and introducing 
themselves. In it, they say: "We 
embrace our differences and 
share our cultures with each 
otheii We would like to share our 
experience with others. The 
Diversity House shows that 
Mary Baldwin is working toward 
breaking down cultural and 
racial barriers. This house is an 
example to the college, prospec- 
tive students, and the 
community. " 

Carey Mitchell, assistant pro- 
fessor of sociology at MBC, is 
advisor to the young women. She 
told The News Leader. "They're 
best friends. It's an ideal situation- 1 
think it's magnificent. They are the 
role models for friendship. They 
share their culture with each other. 
It's how we should interact with 
each othei:" 

Mary Baidwin Cois^e Magaane • ajm,fnsr 2003 

faculty and staff 

The winter 2003 issue of Opera 
Qua/terV included an article by 
Jeffrey L. Buller, dean of the 
coilege^ "The 'dipe of Georges 
Enesco and Edmond Flag" 
examined a frequently over- 
looked 20th-centurv opera 
about Oedipus fronn literary, 
musical, and historical perspec- 
tives. Buller traveled to 
Washington, D.C, February 22 
for a lecture to the Wagner 
Society of Washington and a 
reception in honor of his bool<, 
Classically Romantic. 

Fidelity of Heart: An Ethic of 
Chnstian Virtue by James 
Gilman, professor of religion 
and philosophy was the topic 
of a session at the annual 
meeting of the Society of 
Christian/Society of Jewish 
Ethics in Pittsburgh in January. 

Carole Grove, director of the 
Master of Arts in Teaching 
Program and professor of edu- 
cation, took office January 1 as 
president of the Virginia 
Association of Colleges for 
Teacher Education, which repre- 
sents the 36 state-approved 
teacher-education programs in 
all matters related to preparing 
teachers for K-12 classrooms. 
As president of VACTE, she rep- 
resents Virginia in the American 
Association of Colleges for 
Teacher Education. 

The winter 2002 Sixteenth 
Century Journal included a 
review by Sara Nair James, 

associate professor of art, of 
Vermeer and The Delft School 
by Walter Liedtke: Yale 
University Press, 2001. Her 
review of Luca Signorelli: The 
Complete Paintings by Tom 
Henry and Lawrence Kanter: 
Rizzoli, 2002, was in the win- 
ter/spring 2003 Bulletin of the 
Association for Textural 
Scholarship in Art History. 
James attended the annual 

meetings of the College Art 
Association and the Italian Art 
Society in New York February 
20-23 and served as a juror for 
art history for the Virginia 
Museum of Fine Arts graduate 

Lise Keiter-Brotzman, assis- 
tant professor of music, and 
Sandra McClain, adjunct asso- 
ciate professor of music, 
presented "Inspired by the 
Bard" at the Con Spinto 
Concert Senes in Roanoke 
January 11 and at Bridgewater 
College January 29. 

Judy Klein, professor of eco- 
nomics, presented "Recursive 
Algonthms and Notions of 
State in Cold War Dynamic 
Programming" to the Allied 
Social Science Association 
annual meeting in Washington, 
DC, January 3. She received a 
grant from the Center for the 
History of Business, 
Technology, and Society to sup- 
port research in March at the 
Hagley Museum and Library in 
Wilmington, Delaware. The 
Journal of Science Education 
and Technology, \/o\ume 12 
(2003), Number 1, included an 
essay by Klein and Adrian 
RIskIn, associate professor of 
mathematics, on "Learning by 
the Sun: Observing Seasonal 
Declination with a Vertical 
Sundial," which included details 
on their experiences with con- 
structing and using in the 
classroom the Mary Baldwin 
sundial on the south-facing wall 
of Martha S. Grafton Library. 

Daniel Metraux, professor of 
Asian studies, is editing classics 
on Japanese history originally 
published in the late 1800s and 
early 1900s. He edited The 
White Peril in the Far East: The 
Significance of the Russo- 
Japanese War, which was 
published by Writer's Club 

Press of New York in January, a 
republication of Luther Gulick's 
1905 book with an introduction 
by Metraux. 

He presented "The Soka 
Gakkai in Australia" at the 
January annual meeting of the 
Southeast Chapter of the 
Association for Asian Studies 
on Jekyll Island, Georgia. It has 
been accepted for publication in 
Nova Religio. A related article 
on Japanese religions in 
Australia has been accepted by 
Japanese Studies. 

Harriet Morrison, assistant 
professor of education (ADP), 
presented "Public School in 
the Juvenile Justice System" 
at the International 
Conference on Education at 
the University of Hawaii in 
Honolulu January 7-10. 

Allan Moye, director of the 
communication lab and instruc- 
tor in communication, earned 
his MFA in drama/communica- 
tions from the University of 
New Orleans in December. 

Lesley Novack, professor of 
psychology, presented "Rape 
Attitudes in the Advanced 
Industrial Society" at the 
Society for Applied 
Anthropology meeting in 
Portland, Oregon, March 17-21. 

Roderic Owen, professor of 
philosophy, presented "Moral 
Reasoning and Civil Discourse 
on a Case-by-Case Basis" to 
the Association for Practical and 
Professional Ethics, which met 
February 27-March 2 in 
Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Paul Ryan, associate professor 
of art, reviewed the exhibition 
"Floating World; Paintings by 
Isabel Bigelow" in the 
January/February Art Papers 
Magazine. Ryan featured new 
work in a solo exhibition, "bad 

infinity: Paintings by Paul Ryan," 
at the Virginia Commonwealth 
University Fine Arts Building 
Gallery March 17-Apnl 11. 

Joseph Sheridan, adjunct 
instructor of printmaking, 
builds rustic furniture out of 
branches and sticks. In 
December, his work was 
accepted for display at the 
Virginia Artisans Center in 
Waynesboro, which sells 
some of the finest crafts in 
Virginia. His chairs have also 
been on display recently at 
the Barn Swallow Gallery out- 
side of Charlottesville. Also a 
printmaker and painter, 
Sheridan exhibited five 
pieces of art in "Chairs, On 
and Off the Wall" January 
through February at the 
Lynchburg Fine Arts Center. A 
photo of his art accompanied 
the exhibition review in 
Lynchburg's The News & 
Advance newspaper. 

At the Southern Political 
Science Association annual 
meeting November 7-9 in 
Savannah, Georgia, Laura 
van Assendelft, associate 
professor of political science, 
presented her project, 
"Political Science in a 
Different Voice: Results of the 
New Millennium Survey of 
Women Faculty in Political 
Science Departments in the 
Southern Region." She was 
appointed to a three-year 
term on the SPSA Executive 

Patricia Westhafer, professor 
of education, presented 
"Organizing and Sustaining a 
Regional Field Experience 
Consortium: A Nuts and Bolts 
Approach" at the American 
Association of Colleges for 
Teacher Education annual 
meeting in New Orleans 
January 24-27 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 



Mary Baldwins Success 



Yes, the times are tough in many ways, 
especially when it comes to raising 
much-needed funding for colleges and 
universities. Across the country, institutions 
— big and small, public and private, wealthy 
and not so — have expressed concern. Once 
again, however, Mary Baldwin's alumnae/i, 
friends, and other supporters 
have come through. Giving 
of all kinds is extremely 
important to keeping Mary 
Baldwin strong and 
providing opportunities for 
still greater distinction. 

As the many names 
that follow indicate, Mary 
Baldwin has no shortage of 
believers in the essential 
worth of an education that 
is practical in the best way: 
rooted in the core, enduring 
knowledge of the liberal 
arts, and stressing broadly 
applicable skills and critical 
thinking. Giving to Mary 
Baldwin makes that educa- 
tion not only inviting hut 
also available to a broad 
diversity of students, 
including some of our most accomplished. 

And you did give. The Class of 1967 
observed its 35th reunion by raising nearly 
$85,000 in cash gifts and pledges (including 
five-year pledges) — the most of any class. 
Several other classes, including '47 (more 
than $77,000 in all gifts and pledges) and '77 
(more than $46,000), were particularly 
generous as well. 

Participation — the percentage ot each 
class that gives — matters a lot, too. Founda- 
tions and corporations that consider 
making grants to colleges look at those 
numbers. So do those who rank colleges, 
such as U .S. News & Wor\A Report, which 
lists Mary Baldwin in the top tier of 

master's level universities 
in the South. (That cate- 
gory and status 
acknowledge our growing 
array of distinctive and 
increasingly popular 
undergraduate and grad- 
uate offerings.) For 
prospective students and 
their parents, giving rates 
reflect customer satisfac- 
tion. Alumnae/i who give 
know that they are 
investing in Mary Baldwin 
and that the value of their 
investments continues to 
rise steadily. 

The class with the 
iiighest percentage of 
civcrs: '52, at nearly 60 
percent! Close to half of 
the Class of 1962 gave, 
and the classes of 47, '57, '67 and '72 were 
not tar behind. 

It your name is not among those here, 
you know what t'^ do. It's easy — you can 
even conttibutc online at 
(just click on the basket of apples). Or call, 
toll free: 1-800-622-4255. Get in touch. 
We want to add your name to the rosters 
published in the future. 


( 2 ) 

Percentage of Reunion-Class Members Giving 

July 1, 2001 -June 30. 2002 


^^HHBHi ^^°''° 



H9HHHH^i 13% 


mHHHHHH ^^°^° 


WtKKBSSKmmm^'^mmmi^^' ^^°^' 








^^.^■111 39% 











10% 20% 

30% 40% 50% 


Gifts and Pledges (including Five- Year Pledges) foi Reunion Classes 

July 1, 2001 -June 30, 2002 


^ $4,795 



•'/ ^ 




mmm^mmmmam »b.^»o 


.^.i^mmm «2*-"* 

! ; 





- =»^*5i6' $22,607 



.A,-,3a»» $10,655 

■ i 



W^^???^ «19.'M4 " 1 "--— 


. . ^Ji^^H^SfeHH.^^'^'"' 

$0 $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000 $70,000 $80,000 $90,0 


( 3 ) 





Estate of Emily Ramsey Thompson 


Sara Ralston dowser 


Estate of Frederica Weinberg Kronsberg 
Marguerite Vaiz Olsont 
Dr. Ruth Douglas See 
Miriam Hughes Williams 


Alene Brewster Larner 
Virginia Maben Stokes 
Marion PflanzeTimmons 


Margaret De Mund Banta 
Louise Randol Brooks 
H. Brehm Cottman 
Virginia Brand Francis 
Kathryn Shankweiler Heydt 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 
Margaret King Westcott 


Evelyn Wood Chatham 
Mildred Mawhinney Clements 
Estate of Katharine Drake 
Anne Holman Hinckley 
Rosalie Brown Humphreys 
Virginia Lyon Johnson 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 
Julia Gooch Richmond 


Martha Logan Crissman 
C. Beverley Hoy Hovvarth 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
M. Virginia Clark Marks 
Estate of Marjorie K. Stuart 
Jean Clark Wright 


Helen Wade Dantzler 
Katharine Dyer Dudley 
Estate of Ora Ehmling Ehmann 
Mary Elizabeth Gardner Glen 
Dorothy Douglass Kellam 
Dorothy Hooge King 
Harriet Schofield McLaughlin 
Elizabeth Vincent McMullen 
Estate of Mary Fitzhugh Oliff 
Nellie Nankins Schmidt 
Jean Blackburn Tipton 


Blessing Whitmore Brown 
Virginia Kyle Copper 
Rev. Mellie Hussey Hickey 
Margaret Hunt Hill 
Jean Holliday 
Virginia Gantt Kendig 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 
Jane Mather Parish 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 
Josephine Bamett Ritchie 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 
Barbara Johnson von Reis 


Joan Ballard Bailey 

Winifred Young Bowman 

Janet Hollis Doswell 

Opal Newton Gan-ett 

EliseWinslow Han-is 

Adele Gooch Kiessling 

Mary Lou Moffitt Knorr 

Agnes McClung Messimer 

Sarah Lacy Miller 

Peggy Hooven Murphy 

Mary Hutcheson Ragland 

Dorothy Cohen Silverman 

Alice Moore Sisson 

Jane Mattox Turner 

Ruth Galey Welliver 

Leiia Huyett White 

Estate of Sara Ranson Woltman 


Margaret Browning Busick 
Janie Holman Edwards 
Frances Rue Godwin 
Myrtle Foy Hennis 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Sarah Maupin Jones 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 
Mildred Lapsley 
Estate of Anita Malugani 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 
Jean Young Moore 
Hazel Astin Nelson 
Margie Phipps Shick 
Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 
Nancy Owen Stuart 
Mary McLendon Wall 
Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Mary Cronin Wolfe 
Helen HullYood 
Frederica Young 


Alice Jarman Browdert 
Mary Cline 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh 
Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Barbara Lemmond Graham 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 
Shirley Fleming Iben 
Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 
Jean Baum Mair 
Nita SoRelle Martin 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton 
Molly Wagener Rice 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 
Rachel Hassell Stevens 
Alice Jones Thompson 
Sally Cheney Walker 
Barbara Payne Webster 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 


Elizabeth Pringle Barge 
Louise Kinkel Boehmke 
Dale Peters Bryant 
Martha Farmer Chapman 
Jane Raudenbush Coiner 

Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 
Betty Kull Doimheller 
LeIia Dunlap 

Genevieve Benckenstein Eldert 
Mary Clinard Flinn 
Malvine Paxton Graham 
Harriet Angier Kuhn 
Dorris Withers McNeal 
Doris Siler Miller 
Mary Thompson Molten 
Mary Thomas Moorhead 
Frances Sledge Nicrosi 
Nina Sproul Wise 


Margaret Williams Adams 
Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 
Ann Atwell 
Mary Simpson Bailey 
Glada Moses Beard 
Hannah Campbell Boatwright 
Carolyn Norton Brushwood 
Peari Epiing Gulp 
Anne Hayes Davis 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 
Jane Harns Gatling 
Sara Mackey Godehn 
Inez Jones Hagaman 
Betty Bailey Hall 
Janet Werner Harris 
Nancy McWhorter Huriey 
Louise Vandiviere Mashbum 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 
Emily Eakle Morgan 
Jane Craig Morrison 
Jean Anderson Nicewander 
Kathryn Poerschke Stevens 
Laura Luck Stiles 
•Eleanor Jamison Supple 
Margaret McDonald White 
Elisabeth White Willard 
Caroline Murphy Winter 


Mildred Proffit Batson 
Betty Crews Brandon 
Louise Jackson Green 
Ann Graham Hazzardt 
Mary Jane Lyies Houston 
Caroline Rose Hunt 
Meredith Jones Johnson 
Gladys Adams Link 
Betty Johnson Mix 
Mary Bullock Morris 
Frances Knight Nollet 
Margaret Price Pinson 
Sally Wheat Porter 
Jean Rutherford Radcliffe 
Anna Lane Rogers 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 
Katharine ShelburneTrickey 


Laura McManaway Andrews 
Chariotte Craun Bishop 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Mary Cooke 
Nell Dorsey 
Eva Vines Eutsler 

bold reunion team members 
* reunion team leaders 

t deceased 


( 5 ) 

Josephine Hannah Holt 
Dorothy Shelton Jones 
Virginia Gilliam Lewis 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Joyce Goldstein Moseley 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Mildred RoycroftTeer 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 
Mary Dale Lott Wilson 
Betty Cooke Wood 


Margaret Earle Baker 
Mary Anne Rhame Bates 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 
Nelwyn Kirby Culbertson 
Gayle Heron 
E Rives Pollard Houser 
Erah Hatten Kliewer 
Dorothy Whitmore Kurbjun 
Mane Dowd Latimer 
Louise McLean Lightner 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Jean Griffith Mitchell 
Clemence Vivrett Pridham 
Julia Pancake Rankin 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 
Anne Sims Smith 
Julie Sprunt 
Ann Dowdell Stauss 
Mary Burr Stevens 
Ann Whitehead Thomas 
Betty NeislerTimberlake 
Nancy Townsend 
Mimi Mitchell Tufts 
Frances Tullis 
Sara Smith Wade 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner 
Mary Cox Whitmore 


Sabine Goodman Andrews 
Mary Goodnch Baskin 
Velma Newbill Booth 
Janet Whitney Bowyer 
Joyce Craig Butterworth 
Virginia Bndgers Corrigan 
Marjorie Moore Council 
Elsie Waters Ellington 
Margaret Davis Evans 
Betty McKee Franklin 
Maudie Cover Freeman 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 
Cornelia Adair Green 
Mary Brown Myrvik 
Dr. Beneta J Peacock 
Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 
Gladys McManaway Poindexter 
Jane Proffit Pruett 
Margaret Pollard Rea 
Emily Moore Seay 
Helen Black Sinnott 
Bertie Deming Smith 
Jean Bickle Smith 
Joan Moran Smith 
Charlotte Tilley Sorrell 
Frances WagenerTebbs 

Jean DinkinsThomason 
Cecile Mears Turner 

1947 Reunion 

George Ann Brown Bahan 
Harry Lee Thompson Billington 
Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 
Jane Atkinson Dwyer 
Barbara Bixler Elliott 
Martha McMurry Ellis 
Alice Summers Hale 
Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Miriam Buckles Helmen 
Dell Proctor Hollstein 
Sarah Beals Holzbach 
Margaret Farris Huff 
Emily W. Hundley 
Kathryn Else Johnson 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Mananna Jamison Leach 
Ethel McCants Lowder 
Edith Lane McKay 
Jean Bailey McKinney 
Margaret Churchman Moffett 
Virginia Roseborough Morton 
Catherine Stoner Peaslee 
Helen Wachs Pnemer 
Ann Bush Putzel 
F Walsh Read 
Lynne McNew Smart 
Mary Beth Reed Smyth 
Sally Peck Spaulding 
Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 
Harriette Clarke Thorne* 
Gloria Duke Trigg 
Myrna Williams Vest 
Evelyn Cox Washington 
Charlotte Fall Williams 
Manllyn Hoyt Yancey 


Jean Wallace Blount 

Peggy Black Braecklein 

Geraldine Canby Carroll 

Anne Monyhan Chambers 

Harriet Hinman Eubank 

Elva Fifer 

Betty Bales Gallagher 

Pamela Burnside Gray 

Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 

Martha Brown Hamrick 

Heline Cortez Harrison 

Beverly Wood Hart 

Ruth McBryde Hill 

Ann Lucas Hite 

Ann Doyle Hopps 

Alice Taylor Houser 

Jane Hammond Jervey 

Margaret Clarke Kirk 

Annie Beale Kornegay 

Dons Clement Kreger 

Bettie Barnett Lombard 

Helen DeVore Mattenson 

Lois Burer McConnell 

Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 

Helen Atkeson Phillips 

Elizabeth Blanchard Podesta 

Martha Godwin Saunders 

Harriet McLean Slaughter 

Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 

Dorothy Wilson Vincent 
Lettalou Garth Whittington 
Betsy Berry Williamson 
Margaret Getty Wilson 


Margaret Warren Albright 

Margaret Newman Avent 

Barbara Minter Barnes 

Julia Johnston Belton 

Mary Duke Blouin 

Gwendolyn Austin Brammer 

Emily Ogburn Doak 

Patricia Downing 

Peggy Reid Durden 

Jean Farrow 

Betty Farnngton Felegara 

Betty Beasley Fiedler 

Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 

Ann Ashby Helms 

Betty McLean Hopkins 

Ellen Andrews Hunter 

Jane Sebrell Irby 

Cynthia Betts Johnson 

Martha Banner Kelly 

Marjorie Runge Kelso 

Shirley Sunderman Kostik 

Betty Harrell Kyle 

Vera Canaday Lupo 

Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 

Jean Quarles Mary 

Margaret Ryder Pence 

Helen Houghton Peters 

Beverly Harnson Rhodes 

Mary Anne Heydenreich Robbins 

Katharine Makepeace Turner 

Nancy Rawls Watson 

Margaret Hooks Wilson 


Harnet Bangle Bernhardt 
Margaret Barrier 
Mary Stuckey Baxter 
Marie McClure Beck 
Florence Everett Belk 
Manan Jones Bergin 
Anne Faw Bernard 
Elia Durr Buck 
Jean De Vore Calhoun 
Ann Jones Comley 
Pennie West Covington 
Mary Sue Gochenour Fowlkes 
Jeanne Ashby Furrh 
Anita Thee Graham 
Mary Carpenter Graham 
Joann Mitchell Gner 
Virginia Rose Hagee 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 
EmmeWingate Hawn 
Betty Anderson Jeffrey 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly 
Flora Talmage Landwehr 
Nancy Cohen Locher 
Johanna Westley Lucas 
Joyce Kagin McCauley 
Clara Burroughs McFarlin 
Barbara Conlon Miescher 
Barbara Payne Nolan 
Mary Matthews Park 
Alice Hunter Patterson 
Anna Cacciapaglia Peduto 

Frances Lankford Peek 
Harriet Vreeland Reynen 
Mary White Richards 
Frances Costello Roller 
Doris McClary Rollins 
Bess Plaxco Smith 
Virginia Rosen Stnckler 
Helen HordTesterman 
Mary Horton Waldron 
Mary Wright Whaling 
Marilyn Simpson Williams 
Margaret Wilson Wood 
Rev. Betty Jean Gilmer Young 


Martha McMullan Aasen 

Elsie Martin Andersen 

Jean Atkinson 

Mary Ann Tucker Baikei 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 

Martha Kline Chaplin 

Jane Stanley Chislett 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 

Nancy Draper 

Ellen Underwood Eckford 

Marilyn Walseth Gano 

Mary Carolyn Hollers George 

Patricia Andrew Goodson 

Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 

Eileen Gregory Harrell 

Anne Markley Harrity 

Jean Kyle Hedges 

Patncia Hoshall Jacoway 

Dr. Alletta Jervey 

Betty Choate Matthews 

Wilma Hodge Obaugh 

Anne Poole 

Mildred Vick Pope 

Patricia Brown Schlick 

Mary Lou Christie Schroeder 

Joan Dieckmann Stein 

Betty White Talley 

Lilian Bedinger Taylor 

Elizabeth Bnnckerhoff Thomas 

Jane Moudy Van Dragt 

1952 Reunion 

Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 

Anne Person Baylor 

Jessica Gilliam Boatwright 

Leslie Booth* 

Evelyn Chapman Brown 

Elizabeth Blount Brundick 

Margaret Hulsey Buck 

Jeannette Woolford Byrd-Hansen 

Patricia Casey 

Elizabeth Todd Compo 

Ann Fowlkes Dodd 

Eriine Griffin Eason 

Helen Fletcher 

Peggy Shelton Fore 

Judith Godwin 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough 

Mary McBryde Gray 

Jane Thurmond Gregory 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 

Lynn Lytton Hamer 

Ann LeStourgeon Harris 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger 

Ann Paulette Holden 

Betty Scott Jones 


( 6 ) 

Lucy Jones 

Constance Detrick Lamons 

Jane Woodruff Lucas 

Patricia Macon Lyon 
Marjorie Gordon Manning 
May Thornton McCavitt 
Dorothy Payne Nash 
Elsie Nelms Nash 
Ruth Ann Worth Puckett 
Dorothy Smith Purse 
Ruth Harrison Quillen 
Joy Chapoton Ramsey 
Joyce Acker Ratlift 
Nancy Kessler Ray 
Anne Stuart Richardson 
Mary Jane Gray Richardson 
Margaret Moore Ripley 
Diane Truett Roberts 
Betty Gwaltney Schutte 
Barbara Sanford Smith 
IVIargaret King Stanley* 
Janet Russell Steelman 
Joan White Thomas 
Marianne Stanford Thornburg 
Billie Smith Towlen 
Mariorie SykesTurnbull 
Ann Brown Voss 
Alice Ball Watts 
Patricia Murphey Whitman 
Emily Mitchell Williamson 


Dorothy Beals Ballew 
Martha Barnett Beal 
Martha Booth Bernhardt 
Jeanne Sherrill Boggs 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Jennie Evans Dille 
Kay Flippen Durham 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Nancy Barron Gouriey 
Ida Ryland Guthrie 
Ann Lee Harrison 
Nancy Hendricks 
Nancy Eaton Hopkins 
Ruth Parsons Johnson 
Jane Tucker Mitchell 
Elma Rollins Proffitt 
June Auer Reed 
Cordelia Sprong Reid 
Eva Pound Rothschild 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 
Dr. Ethel Smeak 
Betty Eberhart Spillman 
JoAnne Vames Stamus 
Joan Martin Tuckwiller 
Milby Booth Wade 
Jo An n Thacker West 


Ann Robinson Brown 

Dora Wiley Brown 

M. Elizabeth De Loach 

Constance Headapohl DeBerardinis 

Agnes Gray Duff 

Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 

Marian Hollingsworth Green 

Nancy Rawles Grissom 

Jessie Carr Haden 

Mary McKee Hagemeyer 

Anne Oden Hall 

Janet Mitchell Harper 
Joan Davenport Haydon 
Virginia Eveisole Herdman 
Martha McKnight Huey 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 
Betty Garter Lane 
Mary Lewis 
Alma McCue Miller 
Ann Shaw Miller 
Winifred Boggs Myrick 
Addie McLaughlin Ours 
Anne Dosher Read 
Daphne Brown Robertson 
Betty Garrett Schmidt 
Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 
Mary Creswell Short 
Ashlin Wyatt Smith 
Cherie ParrishTurman 
M, MusserWatkins Warren 
Jane Edwaids Wheeler 
Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 


Martha Richardson Allen 
Ellen Stickell Bare 
Frances Hafer Chiles 
Mary Jamison Clarke 
Dorothy Martin Harris 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Page Smith Hartley 
Amy Maloy Lindsly 
Patricia Pinkiey Miller 
Mary Hornbarger Mustoe 
Patty Tipton Pugh 
Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 
Gwendolyn Cooper Wamsley 
Najia Hassen White 


Margaret Adair Atmar 
Mary Beale Black 
Diana Rede Cabell 
Eleanor Cahill 
Nancy Payne Dahl 
Patricia Bowie Davis 
Nancy Buston Downs 
Laura Clausen Drum 
Page Grey Dudley 
Anne Goode 
Susan Dozier Grotz 
Mary Reynolds Henderson 
Aline Powers Hudson 
Bettye Hurt Ingram 
Ann Dick Lovelady 
Diane McClenney Macrae 
Elizabeth Malone 
Katherine Keller Maultsby 
Ann Ritchie McHught 
Reid Stnckland Nottingham 
Susan Andes Pittman 
Claire Fontaine Rice 
Virginia Hunt Roberts 
Mary Colonna Robertson 
Ellen Gibson Shaw 
Clare Trotti Stephens 
Patricia Lary Stevens 
Blanche GambnII Stockbndge 
Barbara Hunter Stone 
Mary Sledge Weems 
Ellawells Milligan Williams 
June Morrow Winslow 

1957 Reunion 

Frances Wood Apistolas 
Julianne Rand Brawner 
Susan Wilson Cruser 
Mary Cranwell Deemer 
Frances Wills Delcher 
Felicia Candler Freed 
Paula Branch Holt 
Mettle Goodwin Jaynes 
Susan Barker Kika 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 
Susan Carper Lee 
Barbara Russell Long 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Martha Robinson Meyer 
Nancy Rhoads Miller 
Sherril Gerding Miller 
Shannon Greene IVIitchell 
Tina Cacciapaglia Naylor 
Caria Rucl<er Nix 
Kathryn Pope Pilcher 
Mary Wells Powell 
Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 
Elizabeth Crawford Robbins 
Sara Burwell Robinson 
Rev. Judith Gabel Reeling 
Helen Thompson Sharpley 
Nancy Switzer Sowers 
Ada Lou Worth Turner 
Mary Breeden Wagnon 
Barbara Bullock Williams* 
Joan Dove Wray 


Emily Baker 

Janice Gregory Belcher 
Dr Barbara Bell-Remen 
Ann Cooke Britt 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Kathleen Hand Carter 
Nancy Williams Deacon 
Betty Payne Doriis 
Margaret Teague Eaton 
Caroline Huffstutler Furr 
Kathryn Layne Hanna 
Barbara Allan Hite 
Marjorie Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
Jettie Bergman Johnston 
Constance McHugh Kimerer 
Martha Thulin Leynes-Selbert 
Patricia Schendel Loring 
H. Wornom Moore 
Kay Humphrey Pancake 
Lydia Woods Peale 
Faye Smith Peck 
Elizabeth Plowman 
Patsy Messer Poovey 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 
Patricia Sphar 
Patricia Gwynn Taft 
Margaret Flythe Teague 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Merita Long Webster 
Bruce Suttle Winfield 


Anne McClung Anderson 
Rebecca Pierce Ansley 


( 7 ) 

Why do I give to MBC? It's simple. I want every 
woman who will stand still for it to have an education 
designed for women in a college that values capable 
women. We've been doing that here since Miss Mary 
Julia was a smart woman, known as the best busi- 
nessman in Staunton because there wasn't a 
gender-appropriate term for her achievement. 

The college made all the difference for me. For 
the first time, I knew that I was smart, that smart 
women are valued, and that I could aspire to goals 

other than home and family. I 
was so well prepared by my 
work here that graduate study 
didn't seem harder, only more 
extensive. My teachers were 
the equals of those I enjoyed 
later in fme graduate schools. 

My daughter, Sarah Francisco '00, had a similarly 
fine experience in the Program for the Exceptionally 
Gifted at MBC and found herself better prepared for 
law school than cohorts who had never analyzed a 
text and defended their understanding orally, seen 
Windows, or held positions of leadership in college. 
Best of all, like me, she holds the one job she wanted 
enough to apply for. 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Professor of Theatre 

Margaret Hunt Hill Distinguished Chair in the Humanities 

Sara Miller Richardson 
Dons Rohner Rogers 
Patricia Edwards Saunders 
Mary K, McConchie Schultz 
Carolyn Gilmer Shaw 
Jeannerte Hervey Trice 
Ann Ballard Van Eman 


Emory O'Shee Apple 
Ann Singletary Bass 
Martha Caplinger Brinkley 
Mane Hayward Collins 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Margaret Foster Curtis 
Mary Phiegar Davis 
Julia Johnson Dernier 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 
Suzanne Stirling Duffey 
Virginia Hofler Duval! 
Anne Herbert Feathers 
Anne Wait Gardner 
Melanie Terrell Gardner 
Katherine Williams Gooding 
McChesney Mayer Grabau 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 
Elizabeth Williams Hoover 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 
Patricia Chipman Lewis 
Helen Smith McCallum 
Joyce Holt McDowell 
Dorothy Wilkins Miller 
Ruth Hawkins Moiony 
Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville 

Alys Boozer Owsley 
Douglass Keliam Patterson 
H Sue Ritchie Scherff 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 
Lucy Fisher West 
Marcia Fry White 
Beverly Matthews Williams 


Sara Armstrong Bingley 
Susan Warfield Caples 
Meredith Dunbar Carlson 
Patsy Little Culpepper 
LoisWillard Daniel 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar 
Sara Squires Erickson 
Mary Cowan Grimshaw 
Ellen Holtz 
Alice Cox Hubbard 
Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 
Sharon Hooks Knaus 
Rebekah Lewis Knvsky 
Nancy Bartley Leonard 
Patncia McGehee Lewis 
Nancy Hooker Manning 
Anne Fray McCormick 

Barbara Reid Bailey 

Patricia Goshorn Ball 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 

Dr Mary Ellen Brown 

Kathanne Bonfoey Burgdorf 

Susan Deibert Butler 

Elizabeth Allan Collins 

Barbara Williams Craig 

Anne Ponder Dickson 

Elizabeth Garst Edwards 

Cynthia Hundley Fisher 

Mary Penzold Fooks 

Mary Blake Green 

Nancy Klauder Hall 

Frances Purdom Hammonds 

Charlotte Leverton Hamner 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Hollingshead 

Beverly Grear Hurt 

Shirley Corbin Menendez 

Karen Bass Mulder 

N Barbara Harris Quarles 

Patricia Liebert Riddick 

Susan Ely Ryan 

Sigrid Gudheim Scott 

Carol Wornom Sorensen 

Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 

Otey Hayward Swoboda 

Katherine Smith Tinker 

Sylvia Scott Weaver 

1962 Reunion 

Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Shirley Quarles Baird 
Jane Coleman Balfour 
Mary Eldridge Berry 
Martha Wade Bradford 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Ann Lee Alexander Cook 
Prior Meade Cooper 
Eleanor Strange Daftary-Kealy 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Audrey Gifford Eggleston 
Elizabeth Scott Featherstone 
Penn Walker Flournoy 
Sandra Sykes Gray 
Jennifer Wilson Green 
Linda Dolly Hammack 
Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Susan Johnson High 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Susan Hooper Hogge 
Haniet Hope Howard 
Lacey Sanford Hudgins 
Vera Thomas James 
Antoinette Harrison Jamison 
Cathenne Kavanagh 
Susan Cadle King 
Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn 
Iva Zeiler Lucas* 
Phoebe McCain Luce 
Margaret Dickson Marsh 
Mary Nell Williams Mathis 
Martha Butler Matthews 

Judith Richardson Minter 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli-Adams 
Charlotte Mooney 
Cynthia Rhymes Pansh 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall 
Emily Troxell Pepper 
Betty Cacciapaglia Pessagno 
Shirley File Bobbins 
Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 
Manon Drewry Smith 
Nancy Harris Snead 
Carol Wheeler Stevenson 
Frances Wentz Taber 
Eugenia McCuenThomason 
Josephine Whittle Thornton 
Mary Whitinger Turner 
Carolyn Jones Waghorne 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 


Anne Hogshead Aleman 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 

Julia Morton Ball 

Elizabeth Evans Baxter 

Sarah Livingston Brown 

Nell Rogers Carvell 

Faye Baker Clark 

J. Wright Cochrane 

Mary Gould Coulbourn 

Ann Booker Darst 

Kathenne Miller De Genaro 

Linda Wyatt Duncan 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson 

Nancy Blood Ferguson 

Ann Geggie Fridley 

Patricia Berry Gamer 

Judy Lipes Garst 

Lucy Morris Gay 

Judith Thompson Hatcher 

Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 

Martha Fant Hays 

Roberta Gill Hefler 

Nannette Gene Jarrell Heidrich 

Sharon Foye Hewlett 

Elizabeth Laird Hicks 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp 

Barbara Wishart Johnson 

Robbie Nelson LeCompte 

Shearer Troxell Luck 

Linda Fobes Manon 

Joan Stanley Maroulis 

Jane Coulbourn Marshall 

Keene Roadman Martin 

Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 

Mary Cochran McConnell 

Elizabeth Grubbs McCurry 

Patricia Fisher McHold 

Ann Dial McMillan 

Becky Cannaday Merchant 

Melissa Kimes Mullgardt 

Margaret Woodson Nea 

Minta McDiarmid Nixon 

Gale Palmer Penn 

Katherine Sproul Perry 

Mary Ellen Smith Perry 

Lynn Butts Preston 

Macon Clement Riddle 

Eleanor McCown Robideau 

Emily Dethloff Ryan 

Lynette Warner Shiver 

Mary McGrath Stone 

Frances Davis TenBrook 



Bizabeth UnnTraubman 
Margaret Engle Trumbo 
Jane Vaughan 
Bizabeth \A/hite 


Carolyn Smith Abbitt 
HyrdWiiliams Abbott 
Victoria Held Argabnght 
Paula Greenlee Barber 
IWary Juer Barnwell 
Anne lUimmo Ban-y 
Beveriy Estes Bates 
Karen Appleby Baughan 
Sarah Alley Saney 
Jane Heywood Boylin 
Cynthia Freeman Branscome 
Alice Farriar Butler 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
Frances Sanders Davis 
Hebecca Bryant Davis 
Mary Kerr Denny 
Sally Dorsey 
Glenn Ellen Downie 
Judith Roeter Fi^rd 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 
Sarah Brennan Freeman 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Rossalyn Wolever Hampton 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
Ann King Harkins 
Helen Downie Harrison 
Susan F^lmer Hauser 
Jane Tanner Henderson 
Anne Warren Hoskins 
Nancy Rowe Hull 
Bess Alexander Johnson 
Anita Saffels l-awson 
Jo Blen Jennette Luscombe 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchio. 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Beanor Poole McCord 
Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 
Ann Higgins McWhirter 
Dariena Sizemore Mixon 
Fairfex Hardesty Montgomery 
Pamela Milliken Reed 
ILinda l-eeds Scott 
Wortley Davis Smith 
Nancy Nelson Spencer 
Martha Murchison Stn'ckland 
Juliane Jorgensen Taylor 
Martha McDevitt Thomas 
Susan Thompson Timmons 
Ann Morrell Tucker 
EmilV Holloway Walker 
Jean UmbergerWertz 


Mary Gillespie Amos 
Frances Gilliam Armstrong 
Martha Peck Bolen 
Beanore Eckel Brough 
Diane Cooper Byers 
Bizabeth Walker Cate 
Melanie Walthall Chambliss 
Elaine Knight Clarke 
Stuart Chapman Cobb 
Janice Jones Collins 
Janet Haddrell Connors 
Beanor Craig 
isian Daiis 

Katherine Eariy Dougherty 
Anne Smith Edwards 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 
Gar/ Rake 
Marian Gordin 
Judith Payne Grey 
Carol Graham Hairston 
Emma Manin Halpert 
Sara Beabout Hartman 
Mary Lewis Hix 
Judy Roy Hoffman 
Carol Gibson Kanner 
Paula Stephens Lambert 
Ann Mebane Levine 
Elizabeth Brown McKell 
Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 
Chariotte Tyson Mewhom 
Nancy Jackson Miller 
Elizabeth Matthews Morgan 
Dr Mary Newell 
Margaret Ten-ell Penick 
Adele JeffonJs Pope 
Margaret Gunter Riddle 
Jeannie McLain Rubin 
Dorothy lafrate Rudy 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 
Carol Stewart Shaw 
Judy Bryant Skinner 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 
Margaret Michael Thompson 
Mary Peach Upchurch 
Bett/ Hughes Walton 
Hannah Catchall Webb 
Margaret MaloneWest 
Eleanor Chew Winnard 
Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 


Lucy Lanier Adcock 
Julia Blanchard Batchelor 
Susanne Raybum Bates 
Martha Ratchford Bean 
Mar/ Chenault Bomar 
Analeak Liipfert Bowers 
Ashlin Swetnam Bray 
Bizabeth Shinnick Caldwell 
Dr. Janet White Campbell 
Mary Crittenden Catrett 
Avril Laughlin Chase 
Ann Alexander Crane 
Julia Barbee Crothers 
Carol Delbndge 
Carole Rednour Dixon 
Sandra Zeese Dnscoll 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 
Mary Rainer Eanes 
Susan Mulford Gantly 
Glenda Nonis George 
Marijane Gish 
Ann Wade Godwin 
Virginia Gonder 
Alice Tolley Goodwin 
Sally Marks Goodwin 
Joan Velten Hall 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp 
Beryl-Ann Johnson 
Esther Johnson 
Dr Gail Apperson Kilman 
Sarah-Mack Lawson 
Rebecca Suter Lindsay 
Carol Whetham Looney 
Carey Goodwin Louthan 

Sammy Primm Marshall 
Lou Hartgraves McCarty 
Anne Patrick Patton 
Florence Merritt Percy 
Frances Davis Pollard 
Sandra Lennon Pnce 
Karen Cowsert Pryor 
AnnYingling Schmidt 
Carol Storm Smith 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 
Alice Lippitt Steyaart 
June McLaughlin Strader 
M. Elizabeth Swope 
Hope RothertTaft 
Jo. Ellen Turner Thompson 
Ann Morgan Vickery 
Nancy Yates Woodall 
Anne Hutton Zimmerschied 

1967 Reunion 

Sandra Preseren Alley 
Dr Ann Field Alexander 
Cheryl Dinwiddle Andre 
Mary Comforth Baird 
Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Janice Smith Barry 
Frances Gallion Bear 
Anne Williams Blanks 
Sandra Grizzard Brooks 
Gay Gilmore Butler 
Margaret Cuthbert Campbell 
Peggy Anderson Cair 
Margaret Turner Coleman 
Angela Blose Coriey 
Margaret Weaver Crosson 
Winton Mather Doherty 
Louise Tabb Edge 
Anne Shields Emerson 
Kathleen Myers Faust 
Bizabeth Holland Few 
Jean Lambeth Hart 
Ellen Martin Hass 
Harriet Christenberry Heacock 
Rosa McLaughlin Heinsohn 
Ellen Anderson Hill 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett 
Dixie Epes Hoggan 
Virginia Carter Holden 
Maqone Gillespie Holt 
Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 
Barbara Homer-Miller 
Mary Reuman Howard 
Elizabeth Troxell Jones 
Linda Young Kennedy 
Nancy Williamson Lamb 
Ruth Littrell 
Brenda Ballard Magill 
Frances Harvey Mallison 
Emily Wright Mallory 
Mary Page Manning 
Carey Cooiey McDaniel 
Mar/ Livermore McDennott 
Dr. Margaret McNeese 
Alice Moore 

Nancy Falkenberg Muller 
Sally Stowers Oliver 
Virginia Beasiey Otis 
Virginia Taylor Otts 
Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 
Margaret Allen Palmer 
Dr Susan Palmer 
Judith Paulsel 


f 9 ) 

I've been dreading this school year ever since I 
did the math hack in 1984 when our youngest was 
horn. This is the year we have three in college. So 
contributing to Mary Baldwin Annual Giving is not 
something we do on a whim. We have been so 
pleased with the opportunities Mary Baldwin pro- 
vided our oldest, Diane, a senior. Although we can't 
afford to give much these days, we give what we can. 

I imagine this is as tough a time as it's ever been 
for a private, single-gender school to keep the doors 
open and the lights on. 1 think Mary Baldwin's future 
is bright. 1 think the staff, faculty, and programs Presi- 
dent Tyson leaves behind are stellar. We'll vote "yes" 
again with our checkbook, and I think other Mary 
Baldwin supporters should, too. 

Eli Alford, father of Diane E. Alford '03 

As supervisor of the Spencer Society — students 
selected to take part in the Annual Giving 
phonathon — 1 assist students in contacting 
alumnae/i and help train them to solicit pledges. 1 
also enjoy calling. Speaking 
with alumnae/i is addictive. I 
love to hear what they are 

I work with Annual Giving 
in many ways because 1 want to 
give something back to the 
school that has given me so much. 1 have been 
blessed with wonderful relationships and privileges at 
Baldwin and will continue to help Mary Baldwin 
raise money in the future. 

Diane E. Alford '03 

Roberta Brent Peek 
M. Elizabeth Preddy 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 
Elizabeth Barkley Ravenel 
Carolyn Newman Renner 
Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich 
Rev. Ann Rogers-Witte 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 
Carol Laws Slonaker 
Mary Block Smith 
Gail Alberts Stone 
Judith Pugh Stone 
Martha Harlow Stronach 
Lucia Lionberger Thomas 
Sarah OdenTipson 
Cecelia Burns Travis 
Carol Stephens Tnce 
Dr. Sue McDowell Whitlock" 
Lynn Williams Wood 


E. Lawson Bonner Anderson 


Monnie Moore Armsworthy 

Kathleen Aure 

Sharon Knopp Bares 

Vicki Hurd Bartholomew 

■^/irginia Watson Bernard 

Nancy Geiger Bondurant 

Nancy Carrow Bott 

Judith Way Bouchard 

Carolyn Martin Bryan 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 

Dr Catherine Walleigh Carnevale 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman 

Diane Hillyer Copley 

Elise Palma Couper 

Judith Wells Creasy 

Susan Gamble Dankel 

Ellen Gaw Dean 

Anne Kinnier Dnscoll 

Rev, Dr. Margaret Anne Robertson Fohl 

Elizabeth Roper Golden 

Nancy Peyton Gresham 

Janet Parrish Harns 

Brooks McMurria Hartley-Leonard 

Barbara Craft Hemphill 

Susan Vaughan Henry 

Cornelia McLeod Herbert 

Lynn Boyd Hewitt 

Sallie Barre James 

Barbara Penick Jimenez 

Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 

Nancy Kevan Lazaron 

Susan Powell Leister 

Susan Van Lear Logan 

Jane Crane McSwain 

Ihrie Carr Means 

Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 

Anne Walker Milliken 

Juliet McCall Moser 

Jeannette Norfleet 

Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 

Martha Howard Patten 

Susan White Persak 

Judy Mauze Philpott 

Elizabeth Slipek Pruitt 

Carol Mathews Ray 

Kristine Niehaus Revington 

Martha Blake Rex 

F Temple Roberts 

Susan Hust Rosher 

Cornelia Green Roy 

Jane Starke Sims 

Martha Jernigan Sims 

Linda Goddin Smith 

Mary Miller Sopher 

Dr L. Lundie Spence 

Susanne Dyer Stanley 

Edith A, Stotler 

Rev Sherry Mason Taylor 

Cathy Turner Temple 

Tempe Grant Thomas 

Blanche Humphreys Toms 

Ray Castles Uttenhove 

Barbara Simmons Wainscott 

Alice Lacy Wareham 

Dr Suzanne Smith Williams 

Margaret Neille McRae Wilson 

Elisabeth Wise 

Peyton Wooldndge 


Valerie Lutz Angeloro 
Claire Lewis Arnold 
Neely Garrett Axselle 
Janet Turner Barrows 
Miriam Jones Beckwith 
Sandra Holliman Botton 
Mary Earle Brown 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Susan Campbell 
Mary Kennedy Caruso 
Angler Brock Caudle 
Lynn White Cobb 
Susan Cutler 
Elizabeth Fleeting Davis 
Linda Dawe 
Carol Alspaugh Denton 
Suzanne Jones Duncan 
Linda Hite Durbin 

Judith Barnett Dutterer 

Ann Truster Faith 

Susan Tram Fearon 

Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 

Martha Fowler 

Karen Marston Frank 

M Jane Durant Fried 

Judith Galloway 

Carolyn Waike Card 

Nancy Hill Haley 

Kathryn Bish Hanson 

Patncia Binkley Haws 

Kay Culbreath Heller 

Dr. Sara Nair James 

E. Lindsay Jones 

Judith West Kidd 

Gail McLennan King 

Jennifer King 

Nora Leary 

Dr Gayle Lester 

Margaret Livingston 

Elizabeth Newman Mason 

Martha Masters 

Elizabeth Maxwell 

Janet Rawlings McGraw 

Frances Thompson McKay 

Jane Sanders Mornss 

Grace Fnend Mullen 

Mary Ellen Navas 

Jill Olson 

Cissie Ellis Paddie 

Margaret Thorn Rawls 

Margaret Barranger Reid 

Sandra McQuarne Rigby 

Patricia Robertson 

Corrie Smith Sargeant 

Caroline Schooley 

Elizabeth Helmken Schubert 

Lindley Motfett Small 

Edwina Smith 

Katherine Quillian Solberg 

Marghenta Patterson Somers 

Ann Davis Spitier 

Sherri Miller Stephenson 

Elizabeth Hanes Thomas 

Anne Emmert Thompson 

Jane Collis Thornton 


Anne McLeod Turner 

Jennifer Mack Urquhart 

Ann Lewis Vaughn 

Judith Wade 

Mary Ward 

Mary Gregory Wilson 


Kathrena Ravenhorst Adams 
Martha Kennedy Albertson 
Carolyn Bass Armentrout 
Kathenne Crawford Arrowsmith 
Emily McClure Ballard 
Jane Graves Bartlett 
Windon Blanton Biesecker 
Chris Ziebe Blanton 
Virginia Holmes Brown 
Julie Mays Cannell 
JoAnne Guider Chase 
Mizza Saunders Conwell 
Mary McCaa Cothran 
Lynn Des Prez 
Whitney Hanes Feldmann 
Margaret Fogle 


( 10 ) 

Leslie Freeman 
Dale Smith Georgiade 
Elaine Rabe Giese 
Cathenne Nease Gilbreath 
Jean Grainger 
Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 
Elizabeth Larner Gutmann 
Virginia Mosby Hayles 
Elizabeth Higginbotham 
Janice Shoemaker Hill 
Zoe Kerbey Holmes 
J. Pennington Smith Hopkins 
Diane Darnell Hughes 
Martha Booth Jennison 
Virginia Kintz 
Isabelle Turner Knight 
Elizabeth Rand Lemon 
Gail Halsey Levine 
Margaret Lake Lindsay 
Mary Macdonald 
Louise Rossett McNamee 
Elizabeth Irzyk Mize 
Margaret Oxford Morgan 
Laura Croom Murray 
Connie Kittle Neer 
Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 
Emily Borden Ragsdale 
Janice Coleman Robertson 
Janie Huske Satterfield 
Winfree Hughes Segal 
Mary Wood Senechal 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 
Jean Barry Strain 
Elizabeth NesbittThomason 
Karen Pixley Trimble 
Daphne Walker 
Frances Williamson 
Alice Franciso Wipfler 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley 


Laurel Catching Alexander 


Linda Rawlings Baker 

Leigh Suhiing Barth 

Carol Cadell Bowie 

Rev. N. Lee Wiliey Bowman 

Louise Boylan 

Janet Dennis Branch 

Patricia Lamberth Bnjce 

Susan Hoch Crane 

Lloyd Gather Dickson 

Catharine Dorrier 

Mary Babcock Edwards 

Nancy Morse Evans 

Jane Faulds 

Melissa Wimbish Ferrell 

Elizabeth Conner Flippen 

Stephanie Miller Goh 

Brenda Nichol Goings 

Jean Orne Gosling 

Elizabeth Francis Griffith 

Dr. Jennifer McHugh Haase 

Dee Bowman Haggard 

Karen Kelly Hartley 

Betty Herrman 

Ellen Porter Holtman 

Nancy Jones 

Gray Thomas Langston 

Susan Bernoudy Lebowitz 

Lucy Cunningham Lee 

Janice Booth Maner 

Janet Sapp Marks 
Ellen Johnson Massey 
Nancy Winters Moore 
Antoinette Bond Morrison 
M. Merrick Twohy Murray 
Betsy Julie Marshall Nau 
Laura Sadler Olin 
Mary Pardue 
Brooke Hume Pendleton 
Merchant Starr Reutlinger 
Nancy McDowell Reynolds 
Katherine Blackwell Roach 
Margaret Addison Shepard 
Clara MacKenzie Smiley 
Carol Sorrell Strawbridge 
Dons Fauber Strickler 
Catharine Pierce Stringfellow 
Caroline Struthers 
Kathenne Terrell Svejnar 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver 
Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 
Julia Anderson Wilson 

1972 Reunion 

Blanche Wysor Anderson 


Claudia Turner Bagwell 

Caroline Dixon Bartman 

Harriet Stoneburner Bell 

Maureen Love Bendall 

Penelope Patrick Biskey 

Barbara Robertson Burke 

Clatie Harris Campbell 

Chariotte Heller Chatlain 

Patricia Click 

Eve Bremermann Collard 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston 

Dr. Susan Ellett 

Catherine Spratley Favre 

Mary Rogers Field 

Virginia Masters Fleishman 

Janie Davis Flournoy 

Elaine Henderson Fowler 

Lea Ayers Gilman 

Leah Waller Golden 

Priscilla Coppock Hanger 

Julia Henley 

Deborah Morey Holden 

Jean Dittmar Hubertus 

Linda Grinels Irby 

Linda Raber Jahnig 

A. Talbott Jordan 

Dr Frances Bleckley Kemp 

Jill Kiely 

Rogene Elkins Laserna 

Barbara Butler Leonard 

Constance Atkins Lewallen 

Page Price Lewis 

Leelia Logan Louis 

Nina Reid Mack 

Jane Sheffield Maddux 

Karen Peterson Mann 

Susan Henry Martin 

Sally Via Matthews 

Mary Tompkins Miller 

Sara Allen Moody 

Sallie Hubard Moore 

Susan Myers 

Kathleen Royster Nelson 

Professor Elizabeth Goad Oliver 

Mildred Willis Paden 

Susan Rogers Parks 

Mary Jim Moore Quillen 

Sandra Bremer Randolph 

Carol Forrestel Roberts 

Dr. Catherine Ross 

Elizabeth Smith* 

Linda Verner Smith 

Susan Almond Smith 

Theresa Koogler Southerington 

Denise Craig Stafford 

Jann Malone Steele 

Mary Atkinson Stone 

Mary Barber Phipps Such 

Marsha Summerson 

Susan Osbourne Symmonds 

Elizabeth Hoover Thomas 

Margaret Thrift 

Jacquelyn Hill Turner 

Melanie Gamble Walker 

Jane Inge Wallace 

Kathy Young Wetsel 

Ann Wilkerson 


Professor Margaret Ivey Bacigal 
Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 
Sally Deitrick Brady 
Nancy Greever Brooks 
Susan Chadwick Cocke 
Mary Jane Conger 
Peggy Partridge Contreni 
Margaret Wilson Doherty 
Georgia Robert Draucker 
Dr. Annemarie Locke Evans 
Linda Lueders Faick 
Olivia Young Fisher 
Camille Gaffron 
Ginger Mudd Galvez 
Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 
Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 
Rev. Dr. E. Lee Hancock 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes 
Meredith Kelly Houff 
Beryl Barnes lerardi 
Karen Burton Johnson 
Deborah Jobe Koehler 
Clare McMann Lancaster 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 
Helen Plummer Lee 
Eloise Hendershot Lennox 
Elizabeth Riddler Lichenstein 
Mildred Farquharson Little 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Beverly Burke McCaskill 
Carmen Holden McHaney 
Susan Dibrell Miller 
Elysa Maddox Montgomery 
Donna Deitz Mumby 
Lois Siegfried Oglesby 
Carole Payne Pilcher 
Julie Clark Reedy 
Susanne Reaves Rhame 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 
Carroll Royer Robertson 
Lane Winn Rothschild 
Margaret Bryant Rust 
Robyn Timberlake Ruth 
C. Lindsay Ryland 
Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 
Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 
Amelia Smith 
Melanie Dexter Snoddy 


( 11 ) 

As a member of the Class of 1 986, 1 sometimes 
looked upon the challenges that President Tyson 
faced in her new administration and questioned the 
ongoing viability of the college as a women's college. 
But thanks to the 
vision, passion, pre- 
cise message, and 
tireless effort of the 
Mary Baldwin com- 
munity under Dr. 
Tyson's leadership, my 
diploma is one of the 

few stocks in my portfolio that is adding value. Mary 
Baldwin enjoys the distinction of being the fastest- 
growing women's college in Virginia. 

Laura Beth Jackson DeHoritv '86 

Martha Taylor Sutton 
Judv SpenceTate 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer 
Louise ReidThyson 
Sarah McCormick Turner 
Julia Offen Wangler 
Anne Hatfield Weir 
Susan Simmons Weir 
Lynnette Yount 


Bliss Buford Abbot 
Betty Davis Anderson 
Karen Outlaw Atchison 
Carol Tilson Atwood 
Cathenne Boynton Beazley 
Nancy McEntire Bradford 
Kristina Mallonee Buckingham 
Eve Hitchman Carter 
Anne Trice Chewning 
Kathleen Barksdale Craine 
Marguerite Ivy Crews 
Virginia Sproul Downing 
Judy Durham 
Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 
Leigh Yates Farmer 
Martha Golden Foster 
Susan Engiander Fraile 
Bentley West Gearhart 
Ruth Hill Goodpasture 
Helen Radcliffe Gregory 
Lisa Hamilton 
Agnes Harwood 
Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 
Rosemary Baldwin Hendricks 
Sarah Hill 

Susan Baughman Homar 
Deborah Jamieson 
Wanda Lewin Johnson 
Bonnie Kennedy Kant 
Mary High Kiipatrick 
Elizabeth Coleman Knopp 

Julia Williams Layfield 
Elizabeth Henderson Long 
Diane Srigley Mangiante 
Cathenne Lewis Maxwell 
Anne Robertson McAteer 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Katherine Hull Nowell 
Dr. Jamie Newell Odrezin 
Betty Darwin Pirtle 
C. Camille Cremers Richards 
Brenda Seymore Sanders 
Dr Lisa Sloan-Levin 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 
Claudia Williams 
Kathryn Payne Wueste 
Rebecca Jones Young 


Dee Brandon Allison 
Constance Bak 
Pamela Shell Baskervill 
Sally Matthews Bryant 
Helen Whitcomb Coates 
Wade Walker Coleman 
Susan Green Coulter 
Nancy Locke Curlee 
Dr Martha Creasy Cutright 
Susan McGinley Eaton 
Pat Eldndge 
Lee Johnston Foster 
Melinda Ratliff Gallegos 
Linda Holder Gordon 
Sally Minsker Groves 
Susan Lemon Hobbs 
Anne North Howard 
Molly Ely Hunter 
Dr. Claudette Hurtt Hyman 
Dr. Nancy Jack 
Blaine Kinney Johnson 
Mary Olivia Cox MacLeod 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 

Deborah Moench 

M Robin Neel-Prince 

Harriet Marrow Neldon 

Suzanne Higgins O'Malley 

Margaret Johnston Oppenheimer 

Pamela Patton 

Lisa Harvey Raines 

Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 

Sally Ridenour 

Florence Jones Rutherford 

Elizabeth Schulhof 

Martha Davis Shifflett 

Dr. Katherine Smallwood 

Susan Heiner Steadman 

Eva Stimson 

Norwood Ricks Strasburger 

Kathryn Wafle 

Lucy Tomlinson Wallace 

Anne Feddeman Warner 

Lynda Bergen Wheatley 


Vickie Reynolds Akelman 

Margaret Bryson Altman 

Anne Leatherbury Atwood 

Addie Stanley Beckner 

Clair Carter Bell 

Susan Hazelwood Buffmgton 

Katherine Hobbs Burnett 

Carolyn Moomaw Chilton 

Maria Lorenzo Collier 

Patricia Tuggle Collins 

Shirley Douglass 

Donna Neudorfer Earp 

Joan Ferrell 

Frances Henderson Ford 

Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 

Gary Adkins Guza 

Mabel Fetterman Held 

Susan Hewitt 

Carroll Blair Keiger 

Carol Howard Lawrence 

Corinne White Llewellyn 

Christina Beardsley McGaughey 

Jane Miller 

Margaret Tuggle Miller 

Claire Colbert Mills 

Prince Carr Norfleet 

Lisa Wall O'Donnell 

Meredith Susan Palmer 

Mary Valene Sutton Payne 

Laura Wall Phillips 

Elizabeth Grove Sayers 

Victoria Simons 

Mary Kay Schorn Stainback 

Susan DuganWeinig 

Shawn Keys Whitman 

1977 Reunion 

Carolyn Hedge Baird 
Ellen Gill Ball 
Alison Wenger Boone 

Lucy Murphy Boush 
IVIary George Bradshaw 
Suzanne Stringer Bryson 
Eloise Clyde Chandler 
Linda Hinrichs Christovich 
Lucile Jones Clyde 
Pamela Martin Comstock 
Ann Calhoun Dent 
Leslie Doane 
Barbara Carnck Dumbaugh 

Langhorne Amonette Ellis 
Evelyn Wells Fisher 
Mary Gannon 
Karen Weyher Gavigan 
Beverly Hall 

Rebecca Cowart Hammond 
Bettie Herbert 
Amy Ivy 

Madeline Schueler Jean 
Terry Colaw Kershner 
Mary Hunter Leach 
Kathryn McCain Lee 
Diane Hepford Lenahan 
Gene Balch Limbaugh 
Elizabeth Passarello Llewellyn 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 
Janie Wnght Morgan 
Pauline Patteson 
Patricia Mines Phoenix 
Mary Pontius 
Kathanne Randolph 
Ginger Dinos Reed 
Page Branton Reed 
Lindsay Barksdale Rorick 
Laurie Folse Rossman 
Catherine Dupont Schlaeppi 
Margaret Wyatt Scott 
Debra Wolfe Shea* 
Martha Lynch Smith 
Grace McCutchen Stelling 
Ann Lucas Styron 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 
Nancy Lipscomb Vanderbilt 
Claudia Woody 
Betty Wright 


Anne Hall Allen 
S. McCausland Amos 
Patricia Bullock Barton 
Laurie Scott Bass 
Pamela Williams Butler 
Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 
Nancy Clinkinbeard 
Jennifer Johnston Cobb 
Melanie Goff Bradley 
Cathenne McKenney Harcus 
Susan Jones Hendncks 
Katherine Taylor Hill 
Margaret Green Home 
Lavalette Lacy Jennings 
Mary Baldwin Johnson 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 
Nan Mahone 
Karen Austin McCoy 
Catherine Ferris McPherson 
Mary Mizell 

Kathryn Bedford O'Mara 
COL Melissa Patrick 
Mary Wells Pfeffer 
Carol Paul Powell 
Margaret Carswell Richardson 
Tracy Wright Richtand 
Claire McCants Schwahn 
Deborah RexrodeTimberlake 
Elizabeth Hoefer Ward 
Sally Wetzel Wicks 
Jennifer Reilly Yunna 


Mary Anne Newbill Burke 
Ellison Carey 


( 12 ) 

Leslie Cockerham 
Martha Cair Crowley 
Elizabeth Felton deGolian 
Cornelia Jarrell DeWitt 
Mary Hamblin Getty 
Kimberly Baker Glenn 
Jennifer Pace Gray 
Cynthia Luck Haw 
Jane Harcus Hill 
Leslie Dore Hogan 
Mary Letha Wan-en Jelinek 
Barbara Johnson 
Susan Ridout Jones 
Melissa Raider Keahey 
Debra Wilton Kipley 
Nancy Wilson Kratzert 
Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 
Sue Lollis 

Nancy Randall Mackey 
Mary Nell McPherson 
Ann Lamb Peery 
Lisa Scott Pugh 
Susan Gordon Rosen 
Lisa Rowley 

Julie Whitmore Schen-er 
Nancy Mann Sizemore 
Martha Krauss Smith 
Sarah Way Speaker 
Ann Stephens Talbott 
Nancy DanaTheus 
Mary Wan-en 

Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 
Susan Ham's Witt 


Katherine Jackson Anderson 
Mary Griffin Bachmann 
Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 
Melanie Barber 
AlexanderTucker Barfield 
Laura Reed Bivans 
Jo O'Neal Bnjeggeman 
Margaret Alford Cloud 
Katherine Pierson Golden 
Ann Gregor/ Colligan 
Kelly Huffman Ellis 
LynnTuggle Giliiland 
Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
Christina Holstrom 
Karen Emmet Hunt 
Margaret Chapman Jackson 
Mariene Denny Jones 
Susan Cowan Kaiser 
Sarah Jolley Kerr 
Alise Learned Mahr 
Page Wooldridge Marchetti 
Sally Simons Molinan 
Tnjdy Meador Nelson 
Linda Fogle Newsom 
Audrey Andrews Oddi 
Tnjdy Caskie Porter 
Diana Moore Rasnick 
Susan Martin Roberts 
Frances Shirley Scruby 
Manan Shiflet-O'Bnen 
Rosemary Leach Spell 
Langhome McCarthy Stinnette 
Dorothy Butler Sutton 
Dr. Josephine Hemphill Ullom 
Elizabeth Updegraff Vardeli 
Pamela Roach Voight 


Mary Mitchell Amos 
Margaret Silver Burton 
Douglas Moncure Butler 
Jean Huffman Carter 
Susan Sherman Ciore 
Michelle Howard Dase 
Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 
Melinda Rose Eichorn 
Julia Hall Friedman 
M. Elizabeth Gould 
Rebecca Vigil Gubert 
Dena Aretakis Horn 
Amy Tracy Ingles 
Nancy Broyles James 
Sarah Snead Lankford 
Jamie Lindler 
Rebecca Linger 
Dr Grace Jones Long 
Kathleen Wilkerson Magnan 
Elizabeth Laffitte Malinowski 
Kathy Hunt Marion 
Alice Stevens Marshall 
Elizabeth Gates Moore 
Catherine Morey Nee 
Man/ Irby Osborn 
Ann Hayes Petro 
Pamela Pope 
Ann Potter 
Glenda Ridgely 
Walter Ridgely 
Susan Fleet Lynch Roberts 
Elizabeth Trimble Robinson 
Diane Walczak Russell 
Kim Herring Rutland 
Natalie Shoebridge 
Frances Diefendorf Swensson 
Elizabeth Nash Taylor 
Rhonda Mace Utterback 
Margaret Szeniawski Weidner 
Frances Garvey Wilson 
Rebecca Smith Wirt 

1982 Reunion 

Susan Little Adkins 

Jill Davis Barnes 
Sara Bearss 
Stephanie Becker 
Teresa Bigler 
Wendy Pfautz Blomberg 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan 
Susan Montgomery Burrows 
Laura O'Hear Church 
Tracey Cones 
Victoria Wilson Criswell 
Cameron Edel Dennis* 
Carolyn Duke Elkins 
Susan English 
Dana Flanders* 
Cynthia Phillips Fletcher 
E. Breslin Fletcher 
Bonnie Ford 
Teresa Young Fort 
Judith Grosso Foy 
Eleanor Way Goode 
Luanne Whitlow Goodloe 
Merry Edwards Guzman 
Marguerite Harrison 
Sara Blair Harrison 
Margaret Healy 

Veria Heineman 
Mary Wagner Jones 
Anne Paul Josey 
Catherine Henson Kinniburgh 
Melinda Middleton Knowles 
Anna Gibson Koon 
Elizabeth Dudley Landes 
Adele Moore Lane 
Rebecca Lovmgood 
Kimberly Henley Miller 
Koy Edmiston Mislowsky 
Ellen Moomaw 
Virginia Teague Nexsen 
Tamara Obaugh 
Hon. Kimberiy O'Donnell 
A. Anne Darby Parker 
Sarah Johnson Pitt 
Kellie Owens Reams 
Margaret Herbert Roach 
Madge Hooker Seuss 
Stacy Stemheimer Smith 
Sara Pendleton Tartaia 
Stephany Collier Vivadelli 
Edith Pardee Webb 
Suzanne Hauser Weiss 
Elizabeth Howard Young 


Frances Honeycutt An-owood 
Deborah Boyer Cabaza 
Melinda Cain 
LTC Victoria Calhoun 
Kathryn Pilcher Davis 
Susan Parker Drean 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Hon. Anita Filson 
Helen Stevens Forster 
Caroline Livingston Grayson 
Beth Slusser Hall 
Stacy Scibelli Harold 
Anne McCormack Jones 
Jane G. Kornegay 
Tance Anderson Laughon 
Robin Rexinger Lutz 
Christine Conway Maupin 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 
Martha McGraw McKaughn 
Mary Pleasants McManus 
Martha Anthony Prioleau 
Anne Broyles Proctor 
Barbara Pnce Riley 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 
Frost Burnett Telegadas 
Chariotte R. Wenger 
Therese Rothe Witcher 
Laura Josephthal Wolfe 


Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano 
Pamela Leigh Anderson 
Margaret Troutman Baianowski 
Elizabeth Muse Bell 
Martha Smith Collett 
Susan Shellenberger Cooper 
Anne Cracraft 
Deidre Fleming Dougherty 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 
Bonnie Haufe 
Amy Lawler Holloway 
Aimie Elliott Jones 
Dr Sheila Kendrick 


( 13 ) 

I give to Mary Baldwin 
because I know how valuable 
alumnae/i contributions are 
to the college. Alumnae/i 
giving made it possible for 
me to go to MBC on a 
scholarship, and it was 
alumnae/i giving that helped 
to make my four years at MBC so memorable. From 
Late-Night Breakfast during exam week to the free 
unlimited Internet use in the computer labs, the 
contributions of alumnae/i permeated my everyday 
life at MBC. 

Now 1 am an alumna, and it is my desire that 
every future student of MBC be able to enjoy the 
same wonderful experiences and education that 1 
had. 1 know that that is possible only through con- 
tinued financial support from the MBC alumnae/i. 
Ubah Ansari Pathan '99 

The community that is Mary 
Baldwin College gave me an 
excellent education both in 
and out of the classroom — 
thariks to the tremendous sup- 
port and giving of those who 
came before me. I am now a 
part ot the past of Mary Baldwin College, but 1 hope 
that the small amount of money that 1 can give will 
help continue to educate and grow future Squirrels. 

Kelly Reese '01 

Lee Beal KIrksey 

Robin Newcomb Lermo 

Sherry Duncan Miller 

Lisa McKenzie Millican 

Mary Katherine Moorman 

Catherine Harrell Pennington 

Edgar Puryear 

Mary Pollard Raith 

Dr Saundra Eareckson Seifert 

Elizabeth Stanulis Skilling 

Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 

Joanna Campbell Swanson 

Laura Kerr Weaver 

Anne Cabell Birdsong Wentz 


Nadya Anderson 
Alice Hubbard Barber 
Audrey Bondurant Barlow 
Cydney Bassett 

Dawn Tusing Burris 
Susan Crenshaw Gary 
Felicia Rand Cook 
Elizabeth Dickerson Franklin 
Pattie Norton Gunter 
Dr. Cynthia Wood Hermann 
Alice Ingram Hickman 
Leslie Jividen Luxenberg 
Gretchen Haring McMinn 
Kathryn Pearce Phillips 
Lillian Smith Shannon 
Sarah Paret Thomas 
Suzanne Woodfin Villani 
Dr, Jennelle Saunders Williams 
Mary Mason Pollard Wood 


Stacie Hamilton Baird 

Alice Blair 

Margaret Emery Brazil 

Amy Bridge 

Dreama Brown 

Michele Schalow Clements 

Laura Beth Jackson DeHority 

Michele Starck Dinsmore 

Judy Thompson Harper 

Lisa Carr Hogarth 

Ann Hall Branscome Kendall 

Dana Campbell Kingrey 

R.J, Landin Loderick 

Jean Protfitt 

Tamara Dingbaum Rib 

Juliana Hoff Sawyer 

Lindsay Mitchell Scansbrick 

Karen Latshaw Schaub 

Kimberley Dawson Schold 

Susan Rose Sheild 

Catherine Ellis Spencer 

A Chnsley Baylor Voter 

1987 Reunion 

Alison Hoge Amerman 
Julie Rimmer Applewhite* 
MacKay Morris Beyer 

Rachel Stouch Crow 
Allison Guyton Oogan 

Sheryl Brock Herber 
Pamela Bryant Hewitt 
Rachel Gouyer High 
Michelle Carter Irvine 
Virginia Jessup 
Jennifer Parker Lake 
Karen Colaw Linkous 
Mary-Slater Linn 
Jane Blair McShea 
Sliaron Menzies 
JenanneYork Montgomery 
Dr Trudy Rickman 
Anne Poulson Russell 
Cynthia Harrison Samuel 
Margaret Stephenson Simpson 
Jeanette Andrews Stewart 
Roxanne Weeks Strickland 
Dr Maude Holmes Thomas 
Claire Williams 


Ralphetta Aker 
Bnan Arthur 
Ann Green Ball 
Chnstine Denfeld Berry 
Margret Mullen Brinson 
Mary Blasser Brown 
Joanne Richards Burton 
Mary Derby 
Nelle Chilton Dixon 
Melissa Price Gates 
Bobbye Mitchell Gery 
Monica Derbes Gibson 
Anne Holland 
Mary Hess King 
Knsty Barlow McComas 
Janice Myers Miller 
Denise Dorsey Mitlehner 
Joanne Reich 
Angela Shepherd Terrell 
Teresita Zapata Trigo 


Kelly Garrett Abbott 
Genevieve Davis Adams 
Katherine Gallino Aleshevich 

Tracey Cote Allen 
Elizabeth Hammock Beniamin 
Susan Wilson Boydoh 
Shelby Powell Drinkard 
Susan Sipple Elliott 
Rita Alvis Ernst 
Christine Warwick Fitzgerald 
Courtney Bell Frankowski 
Amy Aboud Goodlett 
Sarah McClellan Holman 
Jacqueline Nicholas Hott 
Anne Hess Mamon 
Kathleen Sale Shannon 
Martha Hendrickson Shelley 
Kimberly Schalow Sloane 
Sharron Jackson Smith 
Katrina Spanka-Kloman 
Bonnie Spiers 

Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 
Holly Porter Vitullo 
Angela Favata Week 


Nancy Rowe Abercrombie 

Susie Morns Baker 

Lon Smith Beck 

Elizabeth Carreras Benson 

Rosina Bolen 

Mary-Douglas Erikson 

Susan Hyatt Ferrell 

Kourtney McMurdo Haake 

Allison James Hescock 

Julia Hickey 

Kathenne Brant Manning 

Amy Fischer Power 

Valene Skinner 

Kellie Warner 

Carroll McMath Weatherman 

Debra Wenger 

M, Melissa Woods 

Mary Irvin York 


Catherine Noyes Binnger 
Paula Boesch 
Elizabeth Baker Boldt 
AmyTunstall Burleson 
Caroline Hildebrand Cochrane 
Mary Shook Collins 
Lynne Watson Craig 
Theresa David 
Shea DeJarnette 
RachelAnne Festa Fleming 
Margaret Hambnck Glaze 
Merry Wyatt Hankel 
Amy Hundley 
Katherine Talbot Jones 
Jennifer Bnllhart Kibler 
Teal Chappel Lloyd 
Pamela Williamson Lowe 
Knstin Henley McWilliams 
Suzanne Kierson Miller 
Elizabeth Bender Morgan 
Dr. Sandra Mottner 
Kelly Thornburg Oberholzer 
Priscilla Huynh Scanlon 
Katherine Smith 
Mary Gassman Spivey 
Melissa Rogers Trent 
Sarah Penhallow Vostal 
Jennifer Webb 
Margaret Woods-Kane 


( 14 ) 

1992 Reunion 

Wendy Wooden Barze 

Janina Baxley 

Dr, Rose Chu Beck 

Noel Bevan 

Julie Birmingham 

Kathenne Bolen 

Katherine Brown 

Helen Nalty Butcher 

Tailey Warner Carroll 

Joy-Marie Bigaike Chien 

Carroll Suggs Connolly 

Nancy Thackston Deel 

Olivia Williams Dunbar 

Marguerite Carter Duvic 

Brenda Rabenau Erwin 

Mary Roach Ferguson 

Brenda Fishel 

James Fleming 

Mary Hughes Hawkins 

Heather Jackson 

Paula Bush Krosky 

Stephanie Leftwich-Needham* 

Joyce Law Liptrap 

Angela Staats Manning 

Angela Martin 

Mary Anne Mulhehn McCollum 

Dr Nicole Fisher Parkerson 

Anne McDaniel Pollard 

Mary Cocke Read 

JolisseTims Schuler 

Rosa Scott 

Debbie Feigin Sukin 


Gail Thompson 

Kimberly Brinkley Thompson 

Kathryn Taylor Tyler 

Robin Wilson von Seldeneck* 

Alice Washington 

Barbara Hoerle Zuhowski 


Marylon Hand Barkan 

Mary Alice Bomar 

Renee Clark 

Patricia Collins 

Margaret Kluttz Dees 

Rita Richardson DeFrank 

Therese Dersch 

Anna Austell Dozal 

Jacquelyn Elliott-Wonderley 

Mary Hamilton 

Lisa Nichols Hickman 

Laura Palk Hooper 

Evelyn Mills Irby 

Mary Witt Jamison 

Mary Carroll Johnson 

Cheryl Jones Jolley 

Kelly Kennaly 

Tina Thompson Kincaid 

Twinkle Forsyth Mason 

Emily Oehler 

Amy Kellam Powers 

Carmen L. Rodriguez 

Sydney McCown Sanderson 

Sharon Scott 

Sandra Sprouse 

Estate of Cynthia Stephens 

Shawn McCarty Suarez 


Kathryn DeJarnette Clary 
Laura Hill Dean 
Sabrina Rakes Fahey 
Leah Garcia 
Eugenia Gratto 
Jennifer Pollitt Hill 
Charlene Hutcheson 
Kathenne Mauermann Kerley 
Kristin Kokie 
Jolyn Crim Nicholson 
Michele Cargain O'Connell 
Jennifer Eavey Oprison 
Jennifer Klopman Peframale 
Allison Hurley Predecki 
Jane Schofield 
Amanda Peebles Steere 
Julie Lodge Ustruck 
Heather Hill Washburne 
Sharon Wertz 


Donna Ballard 

Julie Young Bayly 

Anne Bushman Bongiovanni 

Carne Burke 

Allison Compton 

Jennifer Markei Gardner 

Jennifer Cornelius Horstman 

Danica Jamison 

Penny Jenkins 

Dale King 

Jo Marie Osmer LaFave 

Kristan Dawson LaFon 

Ashley Leftwich Lowrey 

Elaine Hargrett Mauck 

Margaret E. McDermid 

Judy Moore 

Garnett Clymer Ogden 

Virginia Price 

Alexis Grier Reid 

Cindy Roberts 

Carta Custis Russell 

Beth Saunders 

Kimberly Peterson Skelly 

Sonja Sparks Smith 

Lee Thompson Vermillion 

Noshua Watson 


Charity Lambert Baker 
Amy Griffith Berra 
Jane Briscoe 
Sydney Byrum 
Mary Anne Conmy 
Mary Evans 

Melanie Entsminger Falls 
Heather Shuman Fox 
Amanda Hodges 
Elizabeth Turner Jenkins 
LisaTansey Jones 
Camala Beam Kite 
Melissa Leecy 
Emily Johnson Lindsay 
Kimberty Lockhart 
Lauren Logan 
Judith Moore 
Elizabeth Pheil 
Desiree Schrader Stogdale 
Tara Anderson Thompson 
Rebekah Wiser 

1997 Reunion 

Aimee Aceto 

Debra Bagwell 

Daria Caron 

Theodora Clark 

Elizabeth Spratt Cooper 

Jennifer Dorough 

Jane Haley Eggleton 

Sabra Gear 

Beth Gubbins 

Sue Milam Heneberger 

Alexis Herbster* 

Teresita LaBarbera 

Barbara Whitt League 

Meredith Mansfield 

Kathleen McCabe 

Honor Johnson McCain 

Suzannah Meyer 

Sara Morris 

Patricia Foley Nardone 

Elizabeth Trombley Saunders 

M. Elizabeth Silverman* 

Susan Smith 

Holly South 

Clara Thompson 

Donna Thompson 

Jennifer Walker 

Kristin Williams 


Kathleen Beck Andes 

Kathryn Clary Angus 

Kristina Arnold 

Emily Barra 

Catherine Black 

Elizabeth Calhoun 

Jessica Charles Copenhaver 

Emily Alexander Douglas 

Sarah Ekern 

Maygan Lipscomb Elliott 

Laura Hawks Ellis 

William Goodson 

AmyWoolston HInkle 

Katharine Hoge Koelsch 

Jennifer Lloyd 

Caitlyn Walz Marsh 

Holly Frazier McCormick 

Annie Andrews Minix 

Jeanette Rigolizzo 

Jennifer Robb 

Larissa Sager 

Linda Short 

Jane Rapier Spence 

Laura McCarter Stone 

Charissa Stouffer 

Dena Harrell Thomas 

Marian Tilman 

Tenea Watson 

Caroline Wright 

Nancy Garrett Yeaw 


Cathryn Bruce 
Michal Zivan Coffey 
Sherry Robertson Cox 
Catherine Cummings 
Ramona David 
Amy Hartson Davis 
Leanna Reynolds Di Dio 
Frances Duty 
Totty Edwards 
Aimee Favreau 

Katherine Tinnon Foxx 

Heather Fulop 

Emily Goetz 

I. Brooke Hite 

Deana Lehmuth 

Sarah Malloy 

Mary Margaret Kenney Marshall 

Tiffany Martin 

Summer Saunders Milligan 

Catherine Black Ogletree 

Andria Painter 

Ubah Ansari Pathan 

Michelle Payant 

Paula Evans Pilgrim 

Sarah Poston 

Shannon Baylis Serine 

Anne Saval 

Morgan Alberts Smith 

Rebecca Stevens 

Jennifer Vergne 

Emily White 

Greta Winn 


Jamie Baer 

Patricia Ferguson Brown 
Jean Bulls Carpenter 
Marisa Debowsky 
Michelle Cobb Fitzgerald 
Ingrid Flowers 
Diane Schnabel Gray 
Carrie Warren Jones 
Lale Mamaux 
Ruth Graham Mclntyre 
Merissa Fiddyment Mule 
Hillary Newton 
Angela Dancy Peterson 
ErinTabscott Staebell 
Kelly Thorkilson 
Gail Trussell 


Kelly Bryant 

Starling Crabtree 

Lisa Dockery-Boyce 

Elisabeth Erickson 

Norah Pick 

Rebecca Ford 

Elizabeth Holland 

Jamie Hammer Kullander 

Christina Bleaker Lauer 

Patricia Mattingly Montague 

Kaori Ota 

Kelly Reese 

Anne Schaech 

Amanda Smith 

Kirsten Welton 


Julie Haislip 

Honorary Alumnae/i 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Dr. Martha Stackhouse Grafton 

Mabel R. Hirschbiel 

Betty M. Kegiey 

John S. Kelly 

Dr. James D. Lett 

Dr Patncia Holbert Menk 

Dorothy Mulberry 

Dr. Samuel R. Spencer 

Dr. Cynthia H.Tyson 


( 15 ) 

Giving Societies 



I am happy to donate to Mary Baldwin College because it is a 
wonderful school, and it did many good things for me. I liked going 
to an all-girls school, and I have lifelong friends from my four years 
at Mary Baldwin. 

Gale Palmer Penn '63 


Why do 1 support Mary Baldwin College? 

Quite simply, from the very beginning, I have wanted Mary 
Baldwin to be there as an option. I feel that choices define one's 
life, and to that end, we need options. 

Large universities are not for everyone. Co-ed colleges are not 
for everyone. Single-sex colleges aren't either. Mary Baldwin must not merely 
endure as an option but remain a viable, attractive one — inspiring students and 
maintaining high academic standards. 

It is essential that each of us make a commitment to MBC: supporting it, being 
ambassadors for it, keeping it vitally alive. We are grateful that Mary Baldwin has 
many beloved friends who give of themselves to help ensure its future, but the 
responsibility falls most directly to us, the alums. 

We who chose the college should make it our legacy to others. 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

($20,000 and up) 

Susan Warfield Caples 1960 
Agnes Gray Duff 1954 
Alice Tolley Goodwin 1966 
Nancy Rowe Hull 1964 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 1940 
Bertie Denning Smitli 1946 
Virginia Foundation for Independent 

Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 

The IVIary Julia Baldwin 

($10,000 to $19,999) 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 1963 
Dr Margaret McNeese 1967 
Mr R William Moore Jr 
Gale Palmer Penn 1963 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 1967 
Margaret Pollard Rea 1946 
JaneTownes 1969 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott 1968 
Caroline Murphy Winter 1942 

The President's Society 

($5,000 to $9,999) 

Mary Ann and Bryan Barton 
Sara Armstrong Bingley 1960 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 1951 

Laura Beth Jackson DeHority 1986 

Mr. Robert S. Doenges 

Katherine Dyer Dudley 1936 

Mr. Allen Mead Ferguson 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson 1963 

Betty Beasley Fiedler 1949 

Mrs. Bertie Doming Heiner 

EmilyW. Hundley 1947 

Louise Fowlkes Kegiey 1954 

Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 1983 

Margaret E. McDermid 1995 

Louise Rossett McNamee 1970 

Patricia Hines Phoenix 1977 

Carol Paul Powell 1978 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 

Mr and Mrs. H. B. Roberts Jr 

Emily Dethloff Ryan 1963 

Mary Beth Reed Smyth 1947 

Janet Russell Steelman 1952 

M. Elizabeth Swope 1966 

Harriette Clarke Thorne 1947 

The Hill Top Society 

($2,500 to $4,999) 

Susie Morris Baker 1990 
Beverly Estes Bates 1964 
Charlotte Jackson Berry 1951 
Jane Heywood Boylin 1964 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan 1982 

Elia Durr Buck 1950 
Peggy Anderson Carr 1967 
Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 1981 
Ms. Carol Ann Douglas 
Judy Lipes Garst 1963 
Patricia Andrew Goodson 1951 
Mabel Fetterman Held 1976 
Virginia Eversole Herdman 1954 
Meredith Jones Johnson 1943 
Nancy Bartley Leonard 1960 
Mr and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 1969 
Betty Choate Matthews 1951 
Jane Miller 1976 
Mary Ellen Navas 1969 
COL Melissa Patrick 1978 
Mrs. Mary Pool-Murray 
M. Elizabeth Preddy 1967 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 1973 
Second Presbyterian Church 

(Roanoke, Virginia) 
Carolyn Gilmer Shaw 1960 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, Presbyterian 

Church (U.S.A.) 
Mildred RoycroftTeer 1944 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 1968 
Nancy Lipscomb Vanderbilt 1977 
Claudia Woody 1977 
Peyton Wooldridge 1968 


( 17 ) 

The 1842 Society 

($1,842 to $2,499) 

Mattha Barnett Beal 1953 

Dr Marfone B Chambers 

Mary Jamison Clarke 1955 

Angela Blose Corley 1967 

Constance Headapohl DeBerardinis 1954 

Susan Parker Drean 1983 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar 1960 

Rita Alvis Ernst 1989 

LynnTuggleGilliland 1980 

Judith Godwin 1952 

Cynthia Luck Haw 1979 

Barbara Craft Hemphill 1968 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley 1942 

Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 

Kathryn Else Johnson 1947 

Bonnie Kennedy Kant 1974 

Susan Barker Kika 1957 

Constance Detnck Lamons 1952 

Martha Masters 1969 

Jane Sanders Morriss 1969 

Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 1948 

Martha Godwin Saunders 1948 

Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert 1984 

Mr. William L. Small 

Sherri Miller Stephenson 1969 

Judy SpenceTate 1973 

Teresita Zapata Trigo 1988 

Holly Porter Vitullo 1989 

Heather Hill Washburne 1994 

Mr. Rudy J. and Mrs. Aremita R. 

Dr. Sue McDowell Whitlock 1967 
Mary Cronin Wolfe 1939 
Mary IrvinYork 1990 

The Columns Society 

($1,000 to $1,841) 

Carolyn Smith Abbitt 1964 

Ernest and Barbara Boley Adelman 

Mary Mitchell Amos 1981 

Julie Rimmer Applewhite 1987 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 1963 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 

Constance Atkins Lewallen 1972 

Margaret Troutman Baianowski 1984 

Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 1980 

Dorothy Beals Ballew 1953 

Mary Anne Rhame Bates 1945 

Julia Johnston Belton 1949 

Mr. J. Edward Betts 

Harry Lee Thompson Billington 1947 

Janet Dennis Branch 1971 

Ann Cooke Britt 1958 

Louise Randol Brooks 1933 

DawnTusing Burris 1985 

Pamela Williams Butler 1978 

Joyce Craig Butterworth 1946 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 1968 

Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 1969 

Ellison Carey 1979 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman 1968 

Frances Hafer Chiles 1955 

Mr. Doug Clark 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 

Stuart Chapman Cobb 1965 

Hon. and Mrs. George M. Cochran 

Mary Gould Coulbourn 1963 

Patncia Bowie Davis 1956 

Anne Ponder Dickson 1961 

Sally Dorsey 1964 

Emily Alexander Douglas 1998 
Jane Atkinson Dwyer 1947 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 1976 
Ellen Underwood Eckford 1951 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 1965 
Mr. Lewis M Fetterman 
Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 1969 
Mr. Dudley Dean Flanders 
Helen Stevens Forster 1983 
Ginger Mudd Galvez 1973 
Glenda Norris George 1966 
Diane Schnabel Gray 2000 
Judith Payne Grey 1965 
Mrs. Helen K Groves 
Linda Dolly Hammack 1962 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp 1966 
Martha Brown Hamrick 1948 
Minam Buckles Helmen 1947 
Kathenne Taylor Hill 1978 
Margaret Hunt Hill 1937 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 1940 
Virginia Carter Holden 1967 
Dell Proctor Hollstein 1947 
Beverly Grear Hurt 1961 
Margaret Chapman Jackson 1980 
Dr. Sara Nair James 1969 
Blaine Kinney Johnson 1975 
Marlene Denny Jones 1980 
Sarah Maupin Jones 1939 
Dorothy Douglass Kellam 1936 
Dorothy Hooge King 1936 
Gail McLennan King 1969 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 1968 
Jane G. Kornegay 1983 
Clare McMann Lancaster 1973 
Mildred Lapsley 1939 
Page Price Lewis 1972 
Margaret Livingston 1969 
Bettie Barnett Lombard 1948 
Dr. James D Lott 
Mr S VanVliet Lyman 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 1940 
Mr. and Mrs. William T Mclntyre Jr 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 1968 
Kimberly Henley Miller 1982 
Elizabeth Gales Moore 1981 
Laura Croom Murray 1970 
Susan Myers 1972 
Margaret Woodson Nea 1963 
Mr. Joseph Pasini 

and Ms. M. Louise Scott 
Ann Hayes Petro 1981 
Margaret Thorn Bawls 1969 
Nancy Kessler Ray 1952 
Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Reuther 
Mr. John G, Rocovich Jr. 
Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich 1967 
Dons Rohner Rogers 1960 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 1967 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 1965 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 1953 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
Carol Stewart Shaw 1965 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr 
Mr. Thomas James Slaughter 
Dr Ethel Smeak 1953 
Clara MacKenzie Smiley 1971 
Dr Samuel R Spencer Jr. 
Susanne Dyer Stanley 1968 
Edith A. Stotler 1968 
Mr. and Mrs A, P Stover Jr 
Caroline Struthers 1971 

Nancy Owen Stuart 1939 
Kathenne Terrell Sveinar 1971 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 1948 
Cathy Turner Temple 1968 
Nancy DanaTheus 1979 
Eugenia McCuenThomason 1962 
Alice Jones Thompson 1940 
Susan Thompson Timmons 1964 
Cecile Mears Turner 1946 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Turner 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 
Dr. Cynthia H, Tyson 
Myrna Williams Vest 1947 
Carolyn Jones Waghorne 1962 
Kellie Warner 1990 
Charlotte R Wenger 1983 
Sally Wetzel Wicks 1978 
Barbara Bullock Williams 1957 
Margaret Neille McRae Wilson 1968 
Mrs. Patricia S. Wilson 
Jennifer ReillyYurina 1978 

The Ham and Jam 

($500 to $999) 

Martha McMullan Aasen 1951 
Laurel Catching Alexander 1971 
Mrs. Mark L. Allen 
Betty Davis Anderson 1974 
Blanche Wysor Anderson 1972 
Pamela Leigh Anderson 1984 
Karen Outlaw Atchison 1974 
George Ann Brown Bahan 1947 
Ellen Stickell Bare 1955 
Emily Barra 1998 
Anne Nimmo Barry 1964 
Mildred Proffit Batson 1943 
Elizabeth Carreras Benson 1990 
Jeanne Sherrill Boggs 1953 
Rev N LeeWilley Bowman 1971 
MacKay Morris Boyer 1987 
Mary George Bradshaw 1977 
Nancy Greever Brooks 1973 
Mr Norns A. Broyles Jr. 
Jo O'Neal Brueggeman 1980 
Carolyn Martin Bryan 1968 
Margaret Silver Burton 1981 
Gay Gilmore Butler 1967 
Dr Janet White Campbell 1966 
Margaret Cuthbert Campbell 1967 
Susan Campbell 1969 
Julie MaysCannell 1970 
Eve Hitchman Carter 1974 
Jean Huffman Carter 1981 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cerri 
Anne Monyhan Chambers 1948 
Eloise Clyde Chandler 1977 
Charlotte Heller Chatlain 1972 
Linda Hinrichs Chnstovich 1977 
Laura O'Hear Church 1982 
Mr. James E. Clemens 
Martha Smith Collett 1984 
Pamela Martin Comstock 1977 
Tracey Cones 1982 
Mary Jane Conger 1973 
Janet Haddrell Connors 1965 
Peggy Partndge Contreni 1973 
Kathleen Barksdale Craine 1974 
Ann Alexander Crane 1966 
Marguerite Ivy Crews 1974 
Pearl Epiing Gulp 1942 
Dr and Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 

Elizabeth Felton deGolian 1979 

Allison Guyton Dogan 1987 

Margaret Wilson Doherty 1973 

Mr. and Mrs, Frederick E. Dorsey 

Nell Dorsey 1944 

Nancy Buston Downs 1956 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll 1966 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 1984 

Suzanne Jones Duncan 1969 

Linda Hite Durbin 1969 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 1966 

Margaret Teague Eaton 1958 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston 1972 

Genevieve Benckenstein Eldert 1941 

Carolyn Duke Elkins 1982 

Kelly Huffman Ellis 1980 

Nancy Morse Evans 1971 

Ann Truster Faith 1969 

Leigh Yates Farmer 1974 

Jane Faulds 1971 

Cynthia Hundley Fisher 1961 

Dana Flanders 1982 

Virginia Hayes Forrest 1940 

Lee Johnston Foster 1975 

Dr Virginia Royster Francisco 1964 

Elizabeth Dickerson Franklin 1985 

M. Jane Durant Fned 1969 

Susan Mulford Gantly 1966 

Mr. Charles E. Glenn 

Kimberly Baker Gtenn 1979 

Sara Mackey Godehn 1942 

Thelma Riddle Golightly 1940 

Dr. Martha Stackhouse Grafton 

Jean Grainger 1970 

Mr Gordon M. Grant 

Pamela Burnside Gray 1948 

Cornelia Adair Green 1946 

Mary Blake Green 1961 

Susan Dozier Grotz 1956 

Guy C Eavers Excavating Corporation 

Dr Jennifer McHugh Haase 1971 

Virginia Rose Hagee 1950 

Dee Bowman Haggard 1971 

Emma Martin Halpert 1965 

Mr. Alexander Hamilton IV 

Frances Koblegard Harcus 1950 

Victoria Goodwin Hardy 1980 

Brooks McMurria Hartley-Leonard 1968 

Patricia Binkley Haws 1969 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger 1952 

Rachel Gouyer High 1987 

Susan Johnson High 1962 

Wylyn Letson Hodnett 1967 

Dixie Epes Hoggan 1967 

Susan Hooper Hogge 1962 

Sarah Beals Holzbach 1947 

Susan Baughman Homar 1974 

Mary Reuman Howard 1967 

Alice Cox Hubbard 1960 

Lacey Sanford Hudgins 1962 

Mr. W. Thomas Hudson 

Shirley Fleming Iben 1940 

Mr, and Mrs. Henry C. Ikenberry Jr. 

Jane Sebrell Irby 1949 

Heather Jackson 1992 

Beryl-Ann Johnson 1966 

Anne McCormack Jones 1983 

Mr Glen N. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. William Clarke Jones 

A. Talbott Jordan 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E Keck 

Dr, Sheila Kendnck 1984 


( 18 ) 

Sarah Jolley Kerr 1980 

Constance McHugh Kimerer 1958 

Betty Han^ell Kyle 1949 

Paula Stephens Lambert 1965 

Sarah Snead Lankford 1981 

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lemmon 

Diane Hepford Lenahan 1977 

Karen Colaw LInkous 1987 

Carey Goodwin Louthan 1966 

Iva Zeiler Lucas 1962 

Shearer Troxell Luck 1963 

Jane Sheffield Maddux 1972 

Mary Margaret Kenney Marshall 1999 

Louise Vandiviere Mashburn 1942 

Catherine Lewis Maxwell 1974 

Carey Cooley McDaniel 1967 

McKee Foods Corporation 

Mr. Richard McLaughlin 

Don-is Withers McNeal 1941 

Mr. H. P McNeal 

Catherine Ferris McPherson 1978 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

Ann Shaw Miller 1954 

Margaret Tuggle Miller 1976 

Sally Simons Molinari 1980 

Antoinette Bond Momson 1971 

Ms. Dorothy Mulbenry 

Mary Hornbarger Mustoe 1955 

Hamet Marrow Neldon 1975 

Trudy Meador Nelson 1980 

Frances Knight Nollet 1943 

Lisa Wall O'Donnell 1976 

Garnett Clymer Ogden 1995 

Laura Sadler Olin 1971 

Marguerite Valz Olsont 1931 

Margaret Allen Palmer 1967 

Dr. Susan Palmer 1967 

Mary Pardue 1971 

Douglass Kellam Patterson 1959 

Jennifer Klopman Petramale 1994 

Helen Atkeson Phillips 1948 

Dr. Jane Turner Pietrowski 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Adele Jeffords Pope 1965 

Ann Potter 1981 

Mr. Peter E. S. Pover 

Mrs. Yvonne Won-ell Pover 

Amy Fischer Power 1990 

Emily Borden Ragsdale 1970 

F Walsh Read 1947 

Margaret Ban-anger Reid 1969 

Virginia Gochenour Reid 1944 

Mary Jane Gray Richardson 1952 

Susan Fleet Lynch Roberts 1981 

Cornelia Green Roy 1968 

Margaret Bryant Rust 1973 

C. Lindsay Ryland 1973 

Janie Huske Satterfield 1970 

Anne Saval 1999 

Catherine Dupont Schlaeppi 1977 

Lillian Smith Shannon 1985 

Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 1973 

Natalie Shoebridge 1981 

Dr. Katherine Smallwood 1975 

Roseman/ Leach Spell 1980 

Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 

Ruth Peters Sproul 1943 

Carol Wheeler Stevenson 1962 

June McLaughlin Strader 1966 

Debbie Feigin Sukin 1992 

Eleanor Jamison Supple 1942 

Joanna Campbell Swanson 1984 

Frances WentzTaber 1962 

Hope RothertTaft 1966 

Betty White Tailey 1951 

Frost Burnett Telegadas 1983 

Sallie BnjshThalhimer 1973 

Dr. Maude Holmes Thomas 1987 

Betty NeislerTimberlake 1945 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Mr. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 

Ann Lewis Vaughn 1969 

Ann Morgan Vickery 1966 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Vines Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Wakely Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Walker 

Anne Feddeman Warner 1975 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies Weissinger Jr. 

Ruth Galey Welliver 1938 

Wharton, Aldhizer and Weaver, RL.C. 

Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams 1968 

Frances Williamson 1970 

Shiriey Keelgar Williamson 1939 

Mr. and Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

Dorothy Jones Wrigley 1970 

The Apple Day Society 

(S250 to $499) 

Bliss Buford Abbot 1974 

Byrd Williams Abbott 1964 

Kelly Gan-ett Abbott 1989 

Aimee Aceto 1997 

Margaret Williams Adams 1942 

Vickie Reynolds Akelman 1976 

Anne Hogshead Aleman 1963 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander 1967 

Man/ Stuart Copeland Alfano 1984 

Dr. RobertT Allen III 

Tracey Cote Allen 1989 

Dee Brandon Allison 1975 

Anne McClung Anderson 1959 

Katherine Jackson Anderson 1980 

Kathryn Clary Angus 1998 

Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 1970 

Mrs. Beverly J. Askegaard 

Dr. Lewis Askegaard 

Claudia Turner Bagwell 1972 

Barbara Reid Bailey 1961 

Ellen Gill Ball 1977 

Elizabeth Pringle Barge 1941 

Margaret Maddex Barnes 1967 

Harriet Bangle Earnhardt 1950 

Leigh Suhling Barth 1971 

Caroline Dixon Bartman 1972 

Wendy Wooden Barze 1992 

Pamela Shell Baskervill 1975 

Mary Goodrich Baskin 1946 

Susanne Rayburn Bates 1966 

Karen Appleby Baughan 1964 

Julie Young Bayly 1995 

Sara Bearss 1982 

Mane McClure Beck 1950 

Clair Carter Bell 1976 

Dr. Barbara Bell-Remen 1958 

Elizabeth Hammock Benjamin 1989 

Christine Denfeld Bern/ 1988 

Man/ Eldridge Bern/ 1962 

Noel Bevan 1992 

Windon Blanton Biesecker 1970 

Julie Birmingham 1992 

Penelope Patrick Biskey 1972 

Cathenne Black 1998 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bliss 

Ann Filipowicz Blotner 1982 

Jean Wallace Blount 1948 

Katherine Bolen 1992 

Alison Wenger Boone 1977 

Leslie Booth 1952 

Sandra Holliman Botton 1969 

Analeak Liipfert Bowers 1966 

Susan Wilson Boydoh 1989 

Betty Crews Brandon 1943 

Cynthia Freeman Branscome 1964 

Julianne Rand Brawner 1957 

Eleanore Eckel Brough 1965 

Evelyn Chapman Brown 1952 

Elizabeth Blount Brundick 1952 

Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S, Burke Jr. 

Douglas Moncure Butler 1981 

Susan Deibert Butler 1961 

Elizabeth Calhoun 1998 

LTC Victoria Calhoun 1983 

Ms. Sharon G. Campbell 

Miss Susan Canfield 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 1951 

Meredith Dunbar Carison 1960 

Dr. Catherine Walleigh Carnevale 1968 

Tailey Warner Canoll 1992 

Kathleen Hand Carter 1958 

Elizabeth Walker Gate 1965 

Angier Brock Caudle 1969 

Martha Kline Chaplin 1951 

Martha Farmer Chapman 1941 

Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 1944 

Mildred Mawhinney Clements 1934 

Nancy Clinkinbeard 1978 

Lynn White Cobb 1969 

Margaret Turner Coleman 1967 

Wade Walker Coleman 1975 

Janice Jones Collins 1965 

Patricia Collins 1993 

Mizza Saunders Conwell 1970 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cook 

Virginia Bridgers Conigan 1946 

Elise Palma Couper 1968 

Susan Wilson Coiser 1957 

Susan Gamble Dankel 1968 

Michelle Howard Dase 1981 

Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 1964 

Nan Davis 1965 

M. Elizabeth De Loach 1954 

Cameron Edel Dennis 1982 

Mary Ken- Denny 1964 

Ann Calhoun Dent 1977 

Mary Derby 1988 

Cornelia Jan-ell DeWitt 1979 

Lloyd Gather Dickson 1971 

Catharine Dorrier 1971 

Page Grey Dudley 1956 

Suzanne Stiriing Duffey 1959 

Pat Eldridge 1975 

Jacquelyn Elliott-Wonderley 1993 

Langhome Amonette Ellis 1977 

Laura Hawks Ellis 1998 

Mrs. Robert V Ely 

Anne Shields Emerson 1967 

Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 

Margaret Davis Evans 1946 

Sabrina Rakes Fahey 1994 

Susan Train Fearon 1969 

Nancy Blood Ferguson 1963 

Joan Ferrell 1976 

Virginia Masters Fleishman 1972 

Cynthia Phillips Fletcher 1982 

Bonnie Ford 1982 


ANNU.AlL and other forms OF GIVING, 2001-0: 
{ 19 ) 

Frances Henderson Ford 1976 

Katharine Tinnon Foxx 1999 

Felicia Candler Freed 1957 

Penelope Wev Frere 1964 

Alice Bitner Freund 1940 

Judith Galloway 1969 

Mary Gannon 1977 

Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 1954 

Elaine Rabe Giese 1970 

Mary Elizabeth Gardner Glen 1936 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L, Glenn 

Emily Goetz 1999 

Brenda Nichol Goings 1971 

Leah Waller Golden 1972 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough 1952 

Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 1946 

Virginia Gonder 1966 

Linda Holder Gordon 1975 

Mr. George Graves 

Louise Jackson Green 1943 

Marian Hollingsworth Green 1954 

Jane Thurmond Gregory 1952 

Mary Cowan Grimshaw 1960 

Nancy Rawles Gnssom 1954 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 1952 

Lynn Lytton Hamer 1952 

Mary Hamilton 1993 

Cathenne McKenney Harcus 1978 

Janet Mitchell Harper 1954 

Ann LeStourgeon Harris 1952 

Heline Cortez Harnson 1948 

Marguerite Harrison 1982 

Anne Markley Harnty 1951 

Jean Lambeth Hart 1967 

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Hatfield 

Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 1963 

Roberta Gill Hefler 1963 

KayCulbreath Heller 1969 

Mary Reynolds Henderson 1956 

Susan Jones Hendncks 1978 

Bettie Herbert 1977 

Gayle Heron 1945 

Betty Herrman 1971 

Jane Harcus Hill 1979 

Phyllis Boone Hill 1962 

Mrs. Mabel R. Hirschbiel 

Ann Lucas Hite 1948 

I. Brooke Hite 1999 

Mary Lewis Hix 1965 

Sarah McClellan Holman 1989 

Zoe Kerbey Holmes 1970 

Christina Holstrom 1980 

Marione Gillespie Holt 1967 

Ellen Porter Holtman 1971 

Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 1967 

Nancy Eaton Hopkins 1953 

Barbara Horner-Miller 1967 

Mary Jane Lyles Houston 1943 

Anne North Howard 1975 

Harriet Hope Howard 1962 

Dr. Claudette Hurtt Hyman 1975 

Bettye Hurt Ingram 1956 

Dr Nancy Jack 1975 

Linda Raber Jahnig 1972 

Deborah Jamieson 1974 

Mettle Goodwin Jaynes 1957 

Mary Letha Warren Jelinek 1979 

Penny Jenkins 1995 

Barbara Penick Jimenez 1968 

Cynthia Betts Johnson 1949 

Mary Carroll Johnson 1993 

Rev. and Mrs. T Q. Johnston 

Betty Scott Jones 1952 

Dorothy Shelton Jones 1944 

Elizabeth Troxell Jones 1967 

Nancy Jones 1971 

Susan Ridout Jones 1979 

Susan Cowan Kaiser 1980 

Melissa Raider Keahey 1979 

Jennifer Bnllhart Kibler 1991 

Dr Jack Kibler III 

Jill Kiely 1972 

Mary High Kilpatrick 1974 

Cathenne Henson Kinniburgh 1982 

Lee Beal Kirksey 1984 

Melinda Middleton Knowles 1982 

Kathanne Hoge Koelsch 1998 

Knstin Kokie 1994 

Annie Beale Kornegay 1948 

Doris Clement Kreger 1948 

Rebekah Lewis Knvsky 1960 

Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 1979 

Rogene Elkins Laserna 1972 

Christina Bleeker Lauer 2001 

Tance Anderson Laughon 1983 

Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 1973 

Susan Bernoudy Lebowitz 1971 

Stephanie Leftwich-Needham 1992 

Elizabeth Rand Lemon 1970 

Virginia Gilliam Lewis 1944 

Rebecca Linger 1981 

Gladys Adams Link 1943 

Ruth Littrell 1967 

Elizabeth Passarello Llewellyn 1977 

Nancy Cohen Locher 1950 

Susan Van Lear Logan 1968 

Barbara Russell Long 1957 

Ashley Leftwich Lowrey 1995 

Jane Woodruff Lucas 1952 

Johanna Westley Lucas 1950 

Phoebe McCain Luce 1962 

Jo Ellen Jennette Luscombe 1964 

Nancy Randall Mackey 1979 

Nan Mahone 1978 

Emily Wright Mallory 1967 

Suzanne Maxson Maltz 1975 

Angela Staats Manning 1992 

Marione Gordon Manning 1952 

Janet Sapp Marks 1971 

M. Virginia Clark Marks 1935 

Margaret Dickson Marsh 1962 

Mr and Mrs. Randy G. Martin 

Tiffany Martin 1999 

Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 

Sally Via Matthews 1972 

Chnstine Conway Maupin 1983 

Elizabeth Maxwell 1969 

Helen Smith McCallum 1959 

Joyce Kagin McCauley 1950 

May Thornton McCavitt 1952 

Karen Austin McCoy 1978 

Melissa Rhodes McCue 1977 

Chnstina Beardsley McGaughey 1976 

Janet Rawlings McGraw 1969 

Ruth Graham Mclntyre 2000 

Frances Thompson McKay 1969 

Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 1965 

Mr William J. McMillan 

Jane Blair McShea 1987 

Ann Kennedy Melton 1957 

Barbara Conlon Miescher 1950 

Janice Myers Miller 1988 

Nancy Rhoads Miller 1957 

Susan Dibrell Miller 1973 

Suzanne Kierson Miller 1991 

Lisa McKenzie Millican 1984 

Summer Saunders Milligan 1999 

Carolyn Stover Modareili-Adams 1962 

Deborah Moench 1975 

JenanneYork Montgomery 1987 

Sallie Hubard Moore 1972 

Mary Katherine Moorman 1984 

Elizabeth Bender Morgan 1991 

Elizabeth Matthews Morgan 1965 

Margaret Oxford Morgan 1970 

Jane Craig Mornson 1942 

Mr R. Edward Nance 

Dorothy Payne Nash 1952 

Elsie Nelms Nash 1952 

M. Robin Neel-Pnnce 1975 

Dr Gwen Kennedy Neville 1959 

Linda Fogle Newsom 1980 

Hillary Newton 2000 

Caria Rucker Nix 1957 

Minta McDiarmid Nixon 1963 

Reid Stnckland Nottingham 1956 

Cathenne Black Ogietree 1999 

Sally Stowers Oliver 1967 

Suzanne Higgins O'Malley 1975 

Mary Irby Osborn 1981 

Dr Roderic L. Owen 

Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 1967 

Mildred Willis Paden 1972 

Meredith Susan Palmer 1976 

Ubah Ansari Pathan 1999 

Martha Howard Patten 1968 

Mrs Sylvia C Payne 

Emily Troxell Pepper 1962 

Susan White Persak 1968 

Betty Cacciapaglia Pessagno 1962 

Laura Wall Phillips 1976 

Patsy Messer Poovey 1958 

Lynn Butts Preston 1963 

Sandra Lennon Price 1966 

Karen Cowsert Pryor 1966 

Ruth Ann Worth Puckett 1952 

Dorothy Smith Purse 1952 

Mary Jim Moore Quillen 1972 

Ruth Harrison Quillen 1952 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel Quinlan 

Julia Pancake Rankin 1945 

Joyce Acker Ratlitf 1952 

Mr and Mrs. H, Ravenhorst 

Anne Dosher Read 1954 

Kelly Reese 2001 

Alexis Gner Reid 1995 

Harnet Vreeland Reynen 1950 

Nancy McDowell Reynolds 1971 

Beverly Harnson Rhodes 1949 

Mary White Richards 1950 

Anne Stuart Richardson 1952 

Margaret Moore Ripley 1952 

Jennifer Robb 1998 

Mary Colonna Robertson 1956 

Sara Burwell Robinson 1957 

Rev Judith Gabel Reeling 1957 

Laurie Folse Rossman 1977 

Anne Poulson Russell 1987 

Cynthia Harrison Samuel 1987 

Brenda Seymore Sanders 1974 

Beth Saunders 1995 

Priscilla Huynh Scanlon 1991 

Patncia Brown Schlick 1951 

Caroline Schooley 1969 

Betty Gwaltney Schutte 1952 

Margaret Wyatt Scott 1977 

Madge Hooker Seuss 1982 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 1940 
Debra Wolfe Shea 1977 
Susan Rose Sheild 1986 
Mary Creswell Short 1954 
M. Elizabeth Silverman 1997 
Jane Starke Sims 1968 
Martha Jernigan Sims 1968 
Amelia Smith 1973 
Ashlin Wyatt Smith 1954 
Linda Verner Smith 1972 
Martha Lynch Smith 1977 
Morgan Alberts Smith 1999 
Patncia Sphar 1958 
Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 1961 
Estate of Cynthia Stephens 1993 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 1966 
Laura Luck Stiles 1942 
Langhorne McCarthy Stinnette 191 
Laura McCarter Stone 1998 
Mary Atkinson Stone 1972 
Mary Barber Phipps Such 1972 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 1983 
Ann Stephens Talbott 1979 
Sara Pendleton Tartala 1982 
Lilian Bedinger Taylor 1951 
Rev. Sherry Mason Taylor 1968 
Margaret FlytheTeague 1958 
Frances Davis TenBrook 1963 
Mr Michael W, Terry 
Jo Ellen Turner Thompson 1966 
Josephine Whittle Thornton 1962 
Marione SykesTurnbull 1952 
Julie Lodge Ustruck 1994 
Judith Wade 1969 
Ms. Shirley B Wakefield 
Sally Cheney Walker 1940 
Julia Often Wangler 1973 
Elizabeth HoeferWard 1978 
Jennifer Webb 1991 
Anne Hatfield Weir 1973 
Dr Robert J. Weiss 
Mr and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr 
Jean UmbergerWertz 1964 
Jo AnnThackerWest 1953 
Margaret KingWestcott 1933 
Dr. Patricia Westhafer 
Mary Wright Whaling 1950 
Elizabeth White 1963 
Marcia Fry White 1959 
Na|ia Hassen White 1955 
Betsy Berry Williamson 1948 
Nina Sproul Wise 1941 
Lynn Williams Wood 1967 
Nancy Yates Woodall 1966 
M. Melissa Woods 1990 
Caroline Wright 1998 
Nancy GarrenYeaw 1998 


Nancy Rowe Abercrombie 1990 
Mr and Mrs C. P Abraham 
Genevieve Davis Adams 1989 
Kathrena Ravenhorst Adams 1970 
Lucy Lanier Adcock 1966 
Susan Little Adkins 1982 
Ralphetta Aker 1988 
Martha Kennedy Albertson 1970 
Margaret Warren Albright 1949 
Kathenne Gallino Aleshevich 1989 
Mrs. Audrey D. Alexander 
Col. and Mrs. EliTS. Alford 


( 20 ) 

Anne Hall Allen 1978 

Ms. Dana G. Allen 

Ms. Jamie L. Allen 

Martha Richardson Allen 1955 

Sandra Preseren Alley 1967 

Margaret Bryson Altman 1976 

Alison Hoge Amerman 1987 

Mr and Mrs. Fisher Ames 

Mary Gillespie Amos 1965 

S. McCausland Amos 1978 

Elsie Martin Andersen 1961 

E. Lawson Bonner Anderson 1968 

Nadya Anderson 1985 

Kathleen Beck Andes 1998 

Cheryl Dinwiddle Andre 1967 

Laura McManaway Andrews 1944 

Neilson Peirce Andrews 1962 

Sabine Goodman Andrews 1946 

Valerie Lutz Angeloro 1969 


Rebecca Pierce Ansley 1959 

Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 1942 

Ms. Nancy Anthony 

Frances Wood Apistolas 1957 

Emory O'Shee Apple 1959 

Ms. Alice R. Araujo 

Victoria Reid Argabright 1964 

Carolyn Bass Armentrout 1970 

Frances Gilliam Armstrong 1965 

Monnie Moore Armsworthy 1968 

Kristina Arnold 1998 

Frances Honeycutt Arrowood 1 983 

Brian Arthur 1988 

Jean Atkinson 1951 

Margaret Adair Atmar 1956 

Ann Atwell 1942 

Anne Leatherbury Atwood 1976 

Carol Tilson Atwood 1974 

Ms. Gail C. Auen 

Mr Frederick Aun 

Margaret Newman Avent 1949 

Neely Garrett Axseile 1969 

Mary Griffin Bachmann 1980 

Ms. Vickie Backus 

Jamie Baer 2000 

Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 1973 

Debra Bagwell 1997 

Joan Ballard Bailey 1938 

Mary Simpson Bailey 1942 

Carolyn Hedge Baird 1977 

Mary Cornforth Baird 1967 

Shirley Quarles Baird 1962 

Stacie Hamilton Baird 1986 

Constance Bak 1975 

Charity Lambert Baker 1996 

Emily Baker 1958 

Mr. and Mrs. Irvine Thomas Baker 

Linda Rawlings Baker 1971 

Margaret Earie Baker 1945 

Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 1952 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Baldwin 

Jane Coleman Balfour 1962 

Ann Green Ball 1988 

Julia Morton Ball 1963 

Patricia Goshorn Ball 1961 

Donna Ballard 1995 

Emily McClure Ballard 1970 

Margaret De Mund Banta 1933 

Mr and Mrs. Jose A. Barahona 

Miss Mayra Barahona 

Alice Hubbard Barber 1985 

Melanie Barber 1980 

Paula Greenlee Barber 1964 

Sharon Knopp Bares 1968 

Alexander Tucker Barfield 1980 

Marylon Hand Barkan 1993 

Mary Ann Tucker Barker 1951 

Audrey Bondurant Barlow 1985 

Barbara Minter Barnes 1949 

Jill Davis Barnes 1982 

Mary Juer Barnwell 1964 

Mr and Mrs. Oliver W. Barokat 

Margaret Barrier 1950 

Janet Turner Barrows 1969 

Janice Smith Barry 1967 

Vicki Hurd Bartholomew 1968 

Jane Graves Bartlett 1970 

Patricia Bullock Barton 1978 

Ann Singletary Bass 1959 

Laurie Scott Bass 1978 

Cydney Bassett 1985 

Ms. Michelle Bassett 

Julia Blanchard Batchelor 1966 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth H. Bates 

Mrs. Robin W. Baumgartner 

Janina Baxley 1992 

Elizabeth Evans Baxter 1963 

Mary Stuckey Baxter 1950 

Anne Person Baylor 1952 

Martha Ratchford Bean 1966 

Frances Gallion Bear 1967 

Glada Moses Beard 1942 

Cathenne Boynton Beazley 1974 

Lori Smith Beck 1990 

Dr. Rose Chu Beck 1992 

Stephanie Becker 1982 

Addle Stanley Beckner 1976 

Miriam Jones Beckwith 1969 

Florence Everett Belk 1950 

Elizabeth Muse Bell 1984 

Harnet Stoneburner Bell 1972 

Maureen Love Bendall 1972 

Marian Jones Bergin 1950 

Anne Faw Bernard 1950 

Virginia Watson Bernard 1968 

Martha Booth Bernhardt 1953 

Amy Gnffith Berra 1996 

Mr. Barth A. Berry 

Mr Bill Betlej 

Ms. Victoria Betterton 

Catherine Noyes Biringer 1991 

Charlotte Craun Bishop 1944 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 1961 

Laura Reed Bivans 1980 

Mary Beale Black 1956 

Alice Blair 1986 

Mr Edwin J. Blair 

Anne Williams Blanks 1967 

Chris Ziebe Blanton 1970 

Wendy Pfautz Blomberg 1982 

Mary Duke Blouin 1949 

Hannah Campbell Boatwright 1942 

Jessica Gilliam Boatwright 1952 

Louise Kinkel Boehmke 1941 

Paula Boesch 1991 

Dr. Charles H. Boggs Jr 

Elizabeth Baker Boldt 1991 

Martha Peck Bolen 1965 

Rosina Bolen 1990 

Mary Chenault Bomar 1966 

Mary Alice Bomar 1993 

Nancy Geiger Bondurant 1968 

Sarah Alley Boney 1964 

Anne Bushman Bongiovanni 1995 

Velma Newbill Booth 1946 

Nancy Carrow Bott 1968 

Judith Way Bouchard 1968 

Lucy Murphy Boush 1977 

Mr. Tim Bowers 

Winifred Young Bowman 1938 

Janet Whitney Bowyer 1946 

Louise Boylan 1971 

Martha Wade Bradford 1962 

Nancy McEntire Bradford 1974 

Sally Deitrick Brady 1973 

Peggy Black Braecklein 1948 

Gwendolyn Austin Brammer 1949 

Ms. Elizabeth O. Branner 

Ashlin Swetnam Bray 1966 

Margaret Emery Brazil 1986 

Amy Bridge 1986 

Martha Caplinger Brinkley 1959 

Margret Mullen Brinson 1988 

Jane Briscoe 1996 

Mr and Mrs. Clifton M. Brooks Jr 

Sandra Grizzard Brooks 1967 

Alice Jarman Browdert 1940 

Ann Robinson Brown 1954 

Anne Churchman Brown 1945 

Blessing Whitmore Brown 1937 

Dora Wiley Brown 1954 

Dreama Brown 1986 

Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 1962 

Katherine Brown 1992 

Mary Earle Brown 1969 

Mary Blasser Brown 1988 

Dr Mary Ellen Brown 1961 

Sarah Livingston Brown 1963 

Virginia Holmes Brown 1970 

Cathryn Bruce 1999 

Patncia Lamberth Bruce 1971 

Mrs. Charles F Bruny 

Carolyn Norton Brushwood 1942 

Dale Peters Bryant 1941 

Kelly Bryant 2001 

Sally Matthews Bryant 1975 

Suzanne Stringer Bryson 1977 

Margaret Hulsey Buck 1952 

Kristina Mallonee Buckingham 1974 

Dr and Mrs. David C. Buckis 

Susan Hazelwood Buffington 1976 

Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf 1961 

Barbara Robertson Burke 1972 

Carrie Burke 1995 

Mary Anne Newbill Burke 1979 

AmyTunstall Burieson 1991 

Katherine Hobbs Burnett 1976 

Virginia Maxwell Burnett 1958 

Susan Montgomery Burrows 1982 

Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 1945 

Joanne Richards Burton 1988 

Margaret Browning Busick 1939 

Helen Nalty Butcher 1992 

Alice Farnor Butler 1964 

Diane Cooper Byers 1965 

Jeannette Woolford Byrd-Hansen 1952 

Sydney Byrum 1996 

Deborah Boyer Cabaza 1983 

Ms. Crista Cabe 

Eleanor Cahill 1956 

MelindaCain 1983 

Rev and Mrs. Clifford Caldwell 

Elizabeth Shinnick Caldwell 1966 

Jean De Vote Calhoun 1950 

Ms. Debra Stiles Callison 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Camden 


( 21 ) 

Clatie Harris Campbell 1972 
Ms. Debra Campbell 
Mr and Mrs. J. W. Campbell 
Mr. Lyie Thomas Campbell 
CAPT and Mrs. John Carman 
Daria Caron 1997 
Jean Bulls Carpenter 2000 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 1948 
Kathenne Kivlighan Carter 1944 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Carter 
Mary Kennedy Caruso 1969 
Susan Crenshaw Cary 1985 
Patricia Casey 1952 
Ms. Suzanne Cash 
Mary Crittenden Catrett 1966 
Melanie Walthall Chambliss 1965 
Mrs.W. Marshall Chapman 
Avril Laughlin Chase 1966 
JoAnne Guider Chase 1970 
Evelyn Wood Chatham 1934 
Mr. and Mrs. Assad Chbeeb 
Anne Trice Chewning 1974 
Joy-Mane Bigaike Chien 1992 
Carolyn Moomaw Chilton 1976 
Jane Stanley Chislett 1951 
Mr and Mrs. David Clark 
Faye Baker Clark 1963 
Renee Clark 1993 
Theodora Clark 1997 
Elaine Knight Clarke 1965 
Kathryn DeJarnette Clary 1994 
Michele Schalow Clements 1986 
Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 1978 
Patricia Click 1972 
Mary Cline 1940 
Susan Sherman Clore 1981 
Sara Ralston Clowser 1927 
Lucile Jones Clyde 1977 
Helen Whitcomb Coates 1975 
Jennifer Johnston Cobb 1978 
Mr Ronald R. Cobb 
Caroline Hildebrand Cochrane 1991 
J. Wnght Cochrane 1963 
Susan Chadwick Cocke 1973 
Leslie Cockerham 1979 
Michal Zivan Coffey 1999 
Jane Raudenbush Coiner 1941 
Kathenne Pierson Colden 1980 
Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Cole 
Mr. William B. Coleman Jr. 
Eve Bremermann Coliard 1972 
Ann Gregory Colligan 1980 
Elizabeth Allan Collins 1961 
Mane Hayward Collins 1959 
Mary Shook Collins 1991 
Patricia Tuggle Collins 1976 
Ann Jones Comley 1950 
Elizabeth Todd Compo 1952 
Allison Compton 1995 
Mary Anne Conmy 1996 
Mr. and Mrs. William Connally 
Carroll Suggs Connolly 1992 
Ann Lee Alexander Cook 1962 
Felicia Rand Cook 1985 
Mary Cooke 1944 
Elizabeth Spratt Cooper 1997 
Prior Meade Cooper 1962 
Jessica Charles Copenhaver 1998 
Diane Hillyer Copley 1968 
Virginia Kyle Copper 1937 
Mary McCaa Cothran 1970 
H. Brehm Cottman 1933 

Mr. and Mrs. Staunton Cottrell 
Susan Green Coulter 1975 
Marjone Moore Council 1946 
Pennie West Covington 1950 
Sherry Robertson Cox 1999 
Ms. Donna Crabill 
Starling Crabtree 2001 
Anne Cracraft 1984 
Mrs. Shirley T Craft 
Barbara Williams Craig 1961 
Eleanor Craig 1965 
Lynne Watson Craig 1991 
Susan Hoch Crane 1971 
Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 1941 
Judith Wells Creasy 1968 
Martha Logan Crissman 1935 
Victoria Wilson Cnswell 1982 
Margaret Weaver Crosson 1967 
Julia Barbee Crothers 1966 
Rachel Stouch Crow 1987 
Martha Carr Crowley 1979 
Mr. Russell Crummett 
Nelwyn Kirby Culbertson 1945 
Patsy Little Culpepper 1960 
Cathenne Cummings 1999 
Jane Reid Cunningham 1959 
Nancy Locke Curlee 1975 
Margaret Foster Curtis 1959 
Susan Cutler 1969 
Dr. Martha Creasy Cutright 1975 
Eleanor Strange Daftary-Kealy 1962 
Alice Welch Daggett 1953 
Nancy Payne Dahl 1956 
Lois Willard Daniel 1960 
Helen Wade Dantzler 1936 
Ann Booker Darst 1963 
Mr. and Mrs Antonio H. David 
Ramona David 1999 
Theresa David 1991 
Amy Hartson Davis 1999 
Anne Hayes Davis 1942 
Elizabeth Floeting Davis 1969 
Frances Sanders Davis 1964 
Kathryn Pilcher Davis 1983 
Mary Phlegar Davis 1959 
Mrs. Arthur Boyd Davis 
Rebecca Bryant Davis 1964 
Linda Dawe 1969 
Kathenne Miller De Genaro 1963 
Nancy Williams Deacon 1958 
Ellen Gaw Dean 1968 
Laura Hill Dean 1994 
Marisa Debowsky 2000 
Nancy Thackston Deel 1992 
Mary Cranwell Deemer 1957 
Margaret Kluttz Dees 1993 
Mr and Mrs Ralph Degen 
Shea DeJarnette 1991 
Carol Delbndge 1966 
Frances Wills Delcher 1957 
Julia Johnson Demler 1959 
Susan Jennings Denson 1962 
Carol Alspaugh Denton 1969 
Therese Dersch 1993 
Lynn Des Prez 1970 
Leanna Reynolds Di Dio 1999 
Jennie Evans Dille 1953 
Michele Starck Dinsmore 1986 
Carole Rednour Dixon 1966 
IMelle Chilton Dixon 1988 
Mr. and Mrs. Wynn L. Dixon Jr. 
Emily Ogburn Doak 1949 

Leslie Doane 1977 
Lisa Dockery-Boyce 2001 
Ann Fowlkes Dodd 1952 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 1942 
Winton Mather Doherty 1967 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 1959 
Jennifer Dorough 1997 
Mr. Bruce R. Domes 
Betty Payne Dorris 1958 
Janet Hollis Doswell 1938 
Deidre Fleming Dougherty 1984 
Kathenne Early Dougherty 1965 
Shirley Douglass 1976 
Ms Tracey Dove 
Glenn Ellen Downie 1964 
Patricia Downing 1949 
Virginia Sproul Downing 1974 
Anna Austell Dozal 1993 
Kathenne Holt Dozier 1940 
Mr and Mrs. Donald Drake 
Nancy Draper 1951 
Georgia Robert Draucker 1973 
Anne Kinnier Driscoll 1968 
Laura Clausen Drum 1956 
Betty Kull Drumheller 1941 
Ms Gloria DuBois 
Barbara Carrick Dumbaugh 1977 
Olivia Williams Dunbar 1992 
Linda Wyatt Duncan 1963 
Lelia Dunlap 1941 
Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 1947 
Peggy Reid Durden 1949 
Judy Durham 1974 
Kay Flippen Durham 1953 
Judith Barnett Dutterer 1969 
Frances Duty 1999 
Virginia Hofler Duvall 1959 
Marguente Carter Duvic 1992 
Ms. Margaret K. Dykes 
Mary Rainer Eanes 1966 
Eriine Gnffin Eason 1952 
Susan McGinley Eaton 1975 
Ms, Cathenne A, Echols 
Louise Tabb Edge 1967 
Anne Smith Edwards 1965 
Elizabeth Garst Edwards 1961 
Dr. and Mrs. James T Edwards Jr. 
Janie Holman Edwards 1939 
Mary Babcock Edwards 1971 
Tony Edwards 1999 
Audrey Gifford Eggleston 1962 
Jane Haley Eggleton 1997 
Melinda Rose Eichorn 1981 
Sarah Ekern 1998 
Dr. Susan Ellett 1972 
Elsie Waters Ellington 1946 
Barbara Bixler Elliott 1947 
Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 1974 
Maygan Lipscomb Elliott 1998 
Susan Sipple Elliott 1989 
Martha McMurry Ellis 1947 
Susan English 1982 
Elisabeth Erickson 2001 
Sara Squires Erickson 1960 
Mary-Douglas Enkson 1990 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Enkson 
Brenda Rabenau Erwin 1992 
Mr and Mrs. Clark Erwin 
Harriet Hinman Eubank 1948 
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo Euceda 
Eva Vines Eutsler 1944 
Dr. Annemarie Locke Evans 1973 

Ms. Annette Evans 

Linda Lueders Faick 1973 

Melanie Entsminger Falls 1996 

Jean Farrow 1949 

Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 1942 

Kathleen Myers Faust 1967 

Catherine Spratley Favre 1972 

Aimee Favreau 1999 

Anne Herbert Feathers 1959 

Elizabeth Scott Featherstone 1962 

Whitney Hanes Feldmann 1970 

Betty Farrington Felegara 1949 

Mary Roach Ferguson 1992 

Melissa Wimbish Ferrell 1971 

Susan Hyatt Ferrell 1990 

Mr and Mrs. Ed Ferreol 

Elizabeth Holland Few 1967 

Norah Fick 2001 

Mary Rogers Field 1972 

Elva Fifer 1948 

Hon Anita Filson 1983 

Brenda Fishel 1992 

EvelynWells Fisher 1977 

Olivia Young Fisher 1973 

Christine Warwick Fitzgerald 1989 

Michelle Cobb Fitzgerald 2000 

Emma Padgett FitzHugh 1940 

Gary Flake 1965 

James Fleming 1992 

RachelAnne Festa Fleming 1991 

E. Breslin Fletcher 1982 

Helen Fletcher 1952 

Mary Clinard Flinn 1941 

Elizabeth Conner Flippen 1971 

Janie Davis Flournoy 1972 

Penn Walker Flournoy 1962 

Ingrid Flowers 2000 

Margaret Fogle 1970 

Rev. Dr. Margaret Anne Robertson 

Fohl 1968 
Mary Penzold Fooks 1961 
Judith Floeter Ford 1964 
Rebecca Ford 2001 
Peggy Shelton Fore 1952 
Mr and Mrs. Mathew O. Foreman Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs James M. Forsythe 
Teresa Young Fort 1982 
Martha Golden Foster 1974 
Elaine Henderson Fowler 1972 
Martha Fowler 1969 
Mary Sue Gochenour Fowlkes 1950 
Heather Shuman Fox 1996 
Judith Grosso Foy 1982 
Susan Englander Fraile 1974 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Frame 
Virginia Brand Francis 1933 
Karen Marston Frank 1969 
Betty McKee Franklin 1946 
Courtney Bell Frankowski 1989 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tyler Franks 
Ms, Andnana M Freeman 
Leslie Freeman 1970 
Maudie Cover Freeman 1946 
Sarah Brennan Freeman 1964 
Ann Geggie Fndley 1963 
Julia Hall Fnedman 1981 
Mr and Mrs Alfred E. Fry 
Mrs, Linda Fry 

Mr. and Mrs. Garbor B. Fulop 
Heather Fulop 1999 
Caroline Huffstutler Furr 1958 
Jeanne Ashby Furrh 1950 


( 22 ) 

Camille Gaffron 1973 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 1953 
Betty Bales Gallagher 1948 
Melinda Ratliff Gallegos 1975 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 1946 
Maniyn Walseth Gano 1951 
Leah Garcia 1994 
Carolyn Waike Gard 1969 
Anne Wait Gardner 1959 
Jennifer Markel Gardner 1995 
Melanie Terrell Gardner 1959 
Patncia Berry Garner 1963 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 
Opal Newton Garrett 1938 
Melissa Price Gates 1988 
Jane Harns Gatling 1942 
Karen Weyher Gavigan 1977 
Lucy Morns Gay 1963 
Sabra Gear 1997 
Bentley West Gearhart 1974 
Dr. W. Michael Gentry 
Mary Carolyn Hollers George 1951 
Dale Smith Georgiade 1970 
Bobbye Mitchell Gery 1988 
Mary Hamblin Getty 1979 
Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 1949 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Gianakos 
Monica Derbes Gibson 1988 
Mrs. Dorothy D. Gifford 
Catherine Nease Gilbreath 1970 
Dr. and Mrs. John Gilkey 
Dr. and Mrs. Quincy Gilliam 
Mr. John Gillies 
Lea Ayers Gilman 1972 
Mahjane Gish 1966 
Margaret Hambrick Glaze 1991 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Glover Jr 
Ann Wade Godwin 1966 
Frances Rue Godwin 1939 
Mr. John D. Goetz 
Melanie Goff Bradley 1978 
Elizabeth Roper Golden 1968 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar G. Gonzalez 
Anne Goode 1956 
Eleanor Way Goode 1982 
Katherine Williams Gooding 1959 
Amy Aboud Goodlett 1989 
Luanne Whitlow Goodloe 1982 
Ruth Hill Goodpasture 1974 
Sally Marks Goodwin 1966 
Marian Gordin 1965 
Jean Orne Gosling 1971 
M. Elizabeth Gould 1981 
Nancy Barron Gourley 1953 
McChesney Mayer Grabau 1959 
Anita Thee Graham 1950 
Barbara Lemmond Graham 1940 
Malvine Paxton Graham 1941 
Mary Carpenter Graham 1950 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Grainger 
Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 1973 
Eugenia Gratto 1994 
Mr. Thomas P Gratto 
Mr. and Mrs. C.T Graves 
Jennifer Pace Gray 1979 
Mary McBryde Gray 1952 
Sandra Sykes Gray 1962 
Caroline Livingston Grayson 1983 
Jennifer Wilson Green 1962 
Helen Radcliffe Gregon/ 1974 
Nancy Peyton Gresham 1968 
Joann Mitchell Grier 1950 

Elizabeth Francis Griffith 1971 

Mr. Joseph Griffith 

Miss Leah Griffith 

Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 1973 

Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 1948 

Dr. Robert Grotjohn 

Ms. Carole C. Grove 

Sally Minsker Groves 1975 

Beth Gubbins 1997 

Rebecca Vigil Gubert 1981 

Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 1976 

Pattie Norton Gunter 1985 

Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 1970 

Ida Ryland Guthrie 1953 

Elizabeth Lamer Gutmann 1970 

CaryAdkins Guza 1976 

Merry Edwards Guzman 1982 

Kourtney McMurdo Haake 1990 

Jessie Carr Haden 1954 

Inez Jones Hagaman 1942 

Mary McKee Hagemeyer 1954 

Carol Graham Hairston 1965 

Julie Haislip 2002 

Alice Summers Hale 1947 

Nancy Hill Haley 1969 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Hall Jr. 

Anne Oden Hall 1954 

Beth Slusser Hall 1983 

Betty Bailey Hall 1942 

Beverly Hall 1977 

JoanVelten Hall 1966 

Nancy Klauder Hall 1961 

Mr. Nazih Hamade 

Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 1951 

Lisa Hamilton 1974 

Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 1947 

Nancy Jones Hamilton 1947 

Rebecca Cowart Hammond 1977 

Frances Purdom Hammonds 1961 

Charlotte Leverton Hamner 1961 

Rossalyn Wolever Hampton 1964 

Pnscilla Coppock Hanger 1972 

Merry Wyatt Hankel 1991 

Kathryn Layne Hanna 1958 

Kathryn Bish Hanson 1969 

Laura Holbrook Hardwick 1964 

Ann King Harkins 1964 

Stacy Scibelli Harold 1983 

Judy Thompson Harper 1986 

Eileen Gregory Harrell 1951 

Dorothy Martin Harris 1955 

EliseWinslow Harris 1938 

Janet Werner Harns 1942 

Janet Parnsh Harns 1968 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Harris III 

Ann Lee Harrison 1953 

Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 1955 

Helen Downie Harnson 1964 

Sara Blair Harnson 1982 

Beverly Wood Hart 1948 

Ms. Marion B. Hart 

Karen Kelly Hartley 1971 

Sara Beabout Hartman 1965 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harvey II 

Mrs. Rebecca Harvill 

Agnes Harwood 1974 

Ellen Martin Hass 1967 

Judith Thompson Hatcher 1963 

Bonnie Haufe 1984 

Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 1974 

Susan Palmer Hauser 1964 

Mary Hughes Hawkins 1992 

EmmeWingate Hawn 1950 

Joan Davenport Haydon 1954 

Ms. Anna Hayes 

Margaret Saunders Hayes 1962 

Virginia Mosby Hayles 1970 

Martha Fant Hays 1963 

Ann Graham Hazzardt 1943 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Heacock 

Harriet Christenberry Heacock 1967 

Margaret Healy 1982 

Jean Kyle Hedges 1951 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Heeke Jr. 

Nannette Gene Jarrell Heidrich 1963 

Rosa McLaughlin Heinsohn 1967 

Ann Ashby Helms 1949 

Jane Tanner Henderson 1964 

Nancy Hendncks 1953 

Rosemary Baldwin Hendncks 1974 

Sue Milam Heneberger 1997 

Julia Henley 1972 

Myrtle Foy Hennis 1939 

Susan Vaughan Henry 1968 

Mrs. Carolyn M. Hensley 

Sheryl Brock Herber 1987 

Cornelia McLeod Herbert 1968 

Alexis Herbster 1997 

Dr. Cynthia Wood Hermann 1985 

Allison James Hescock 1990 

Lynn Boyd Hewitt 1968 

Pamela Bryant Hewitt 1987 

Susan Hewitt 1976 

Sharon Foye Hewlett 1963 

Kathryn Shankweiler Heydt 1933 

Julia Hickey 1990 

Rev Mellie Hussey Hickey 1937 

Alice Ingram Hickman 1985 

Lisa Nichols Hickman 1993 

Elizabeth Laird Hicks 1963 

Elizabeth Higginbotham 1970 

Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 1959 

Mrs. Thelma Hildebrand 

Janice Shoemaker Hill 1970 

Jennifer Pollitt Hill 1994 

Ruth McBryde Hill 1948 

Sarah Hill 1974 

Anne Holman Hinckley 1934 

Amy Woolston Hinkle 1998 

Barbara Allan Hite 1958 

Susan Lemon Hobbs 1975 

Ms. Maria L. Hobson 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hockenbury 

Amanda Hodges 1996 

Judy Roy Hoffman 1965 

Leslie Dore Hogan 1979 

Lisa Carr Hogarth 1986 

Marjorie Hoge 1958 

Ann Paulette Holden 1952 

Deborah Morey Holden 1972 

Anne Holland 1988 

Elizabeth Holland 2001 

Dr. and Mrs. Henr/ D. Holland 

Mrs. G. Steriing Holland 

Jean Holliday 1937 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Hollingshead 1961 

Amy Lawler Holloway 1984 

Dr and Mrs. William T Holiowell 

Katherine Hewitt Holmes 1973 

Josephine Hannah Holt 1944 

Paula Branch Holt 1957 

Ms. Anne Roberts Hooe 

Laura Palk Hooper 1993 

Elizabeth Williams Hoover 1959 


( 23 ) 

Betty McLean Hopkins 1949 

J. Pennington Smith Hopkins 1970 

Ann Doyle Hopps 1948 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Horn 

Dena Aretakis Horn 1981 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Horn 

Margaret Green Home 1978 

Jennifer Cornelius Horstman 1995 

Anne Warren Hoskins 1964 

Jacqueline Nicholas Hott 1989 

Meredith Kelly Houtf 1973 

Alice Taylor Houser 1948 

E. Rives Pollard Houser 1945 

C. Beverley Hoy Howarth 1935 

Jean Dittmar Hubertus 1972 

Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 1939 

Aline Povi/ers Hudson 1956 

Martha McKmght Huey 1954 

Margaret Farris Huff 1947 

Rosannah Milam Huff 1935 

Diane Darnell Hughes 1970 

Rosalie Brovun Humphreys 1934 

Amy Hundley 1991 

Rev. Patricia Hunt 

Ellen Andrews Hunter 1949 

Mrs. Hope Hennen Hunter 

Molly Ely Hunter 1975 

Anne Coleman Huskey 1958 

Beryl Barnes lerardi 1973 

Amy Tracy Ingles 1981 

Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 1960 

Evelyn Mills Irby 1993 

Linda Gnnels Irby 1972 

Michelle Carter Irvine 1987 

Mr and Mrs Wendell Ivey 

Professor Margaret Ivey Bacigal 1973 

Amy Ivy 1977 

Patricia Hoshall Jacoway 1951 

Nancy Broyles James 1981 

Sallie Barre James 1968 

Vera Thomas James 1962 

Antoinette Harnson Jamison 1962 

Danica Jamison 1995 

Mary Witt Jamison 1993 

Madeline Schueler Jean 1977 

Betty Anderson Jeffrey 1950 

Elizabeth Turner Jenkins 1996 

Lavalette Lacy Jennings 1978 

Martha Booth Jennison 1970 

Dr Alletta Jervey 1951 

Jane Hammond Jervey 1948 

Virginia Jessup 1987 

Barbara Johnson 1979 

Barbara Wishart Johnson 1963 

Bess Alexander Johnson 1964 

Esther Johnson 1966 

Karen Burton Johnson 1973 

Martha Moseley Johnson 1959 

Mary Baldwin Johnson 1978 

Ruth Parsons Johnson 1953 

Virginia Lyon Johnson 1934 

Wanda Lewin Johnson 1 974 

Jettie Bergman Johnston 1958 

Cheryl Jones Jolley 1993 

Aimie Elliott Jones 1984 

Carrie Warren Jones 2000 

E. Lindsay Jones 1969 

Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 1940 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Paul Jones Jr. 

Katherine Talbot Jones 1991 

LisaTansey Jones 1996 

Lucy Jones 1952 

Margaret Grabill Jones 1933 
Mary Wagner Jones 1982 
Anne Paul Josey 1982 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jurach 
Carol Gibson Kanner 1965 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kanuck 
Catherine Kavanagh 1962 
Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin Kay Jr. 
Mrs. Betty M. Kegley 
Carroll Blair Keiger 1976 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly 1950 
Martha Banner Kelly 1949 
Mariorie Runge Kelso 1949 
Dr. Frances Bleckley Kemp 1972 
Ann Hall Branscome Kendall 1986 
Virginia Gantt Kendig 1937 
Kelly Kennaly 1993 
Linda Young Kennedy 1967 
Ms. Claire T. Kent 

Kathenne Mauermann Kerley 1994 
Terry Colaw Kershner 1977 
Mr and Mrs. Richard Kersmarki 
Mr. and Mrs. Sami Khoury 
COR and Mrs. George C. Kickhofel 
Judith West Kidd 1969 
Adele Gooch Kiessling 1938 
Dr Gail Apperson Kilman 1966 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 1957 
Tina Thompson Kincaid 1993 
Jennifer King 1969 
Mary Hess King 1988 
Susan Cadle King 1962 
Dana Campbell Kingrey 1986 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 1957 
Virginia Kintz 1970 
Debra Wilton Kipley 1979 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 1948 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 1978 
Camala Beam Kite 1996 
Dr. Judy Klein 
Erah Hatten Kliewer 1945 
Sharon Hooks Knaus 1960 
Isabelle Turner Knight 1970 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 1947 
Elizabeth Coleman Knopp 1974 
Mary Lou Moffitt Knorr 1938 
Deborah Jobe Koehler 1973 
Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn 1962 
Anna Gibson Koon 1982 
Nancy Wilson Kratzert 1979 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 1939 
Paula Bush Krosky 1992 
Harriet Angier Kuhn 1941 
Jamie Hammer Kullander 2001 
Dorothy Whitmore Kurbjun 1945 
Teresita LaBarbera 1997 
Jo Mane Osmer LaFave 1995 
Kristan Dawson LaFon 1995 
Jennifer Parker Lake 1987 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lally 
Nancy Williamson Lamb 1967 
Mr. and Mrs. W. W Lambeth 
Elizabeth Dudley Landes 1982 
Adele Moore Lane 1982 
Betty Garter Lane 1954 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 1959 
Gray Thomas Langston 1971 
Alene Brewster Larner 1932 
Marie Dowd Latimer 1945 
Carol Howard Lawrence 1976 
Anita Saffels Lawson 1964 
Sarah-Mack Lawson 1966 

Julia Williams Layfield 1974 
Nancy Kevan Lazaron 1968 
Marianna Jamison Leach 1947 
Mary Hunter Leach 1977 
Barbara Whitt League 1997 
Nora Leary 1969 
Mrs. Edwin Leatherbury 
Robbie Nelson LeCompte 1963 
Helen Plummet Lee 1973 
Kathryn McCain Lee 1977 
Lucy Cunningham Lee 1971 
Susan Carper Lee 1957 
Melissa Leecy 1996 
Deana Lehmuth 1999 
Susan Powell Leister 1968 
Eloise Hendershot Lennox 1973 
Mr, and Mrs. JohnT Lenox 
Barbara Butler Leonard 1972 
Robin Newcomb Lermo 1984 
Dr. Gayle Lester 1969 
Mr. W. Roger Levering 
Ann Mebane Levine 1965 
Gail Halsey Levine 1970 
Mary Lewis 1954 
Patncia Chipman Lewis 1959 
Patncia McGehee Lewis 1960 
Ms, Sarah W, Lewis 
Martha Thulin Leynes-Selbert 1958 
Elizabeth Riddler Lichenstein 1973 
Louise McLean Lightner 1945 
Gene Balch Limbaugh 1977 
Emily Johnson Lindsay 1996 
Margaret Lake Lindsay 1970 
Rebecca Suter Lindsay 1966 
Amy Maloy Lindsly 1955 
Mary-Slater Linn 1987 
Joyce Law Liptrap 1992 
Mrs, Jerry Wilbur Little 
Mildred Farquharson Little 1973 
Connne White Llewellyn 1976 
Mr, and Mrs, Charles B, Lloyd 
Jennifer Lloyd 1998 
Teal Chappel Lloyd 1991 
Kimberly Lockhart 1996 
R.J. Landin Loderick 1986 
Lauren Logan 1996 
Sue Lollis 1979 
Mrs. Virginia R, Lollis 
Elizabeth Henderson Long 1974 
Dr, Grace Jones Long 1981 
Carol Whetham Looney 1966 
Patricia Schendel Loring 1958 
Leelia Logan Louis 1972 
Ann Dick Lovelady 1956 
Rebecca Lovingood 1982 
Ethel McCants Lowder 1947 
Pamela Williamson Lowe 1991 
Mr, and Mrs, A, John Lucas 
Mr and Mrs, Frank Lucas 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 1957 
Ms, Sally Ludwig 
Mr, and Mrs, Randy L, Lundberg 
Vera Canaday Lupo 1949 
Robin Rexinger Lutz 1983 
Leslie Jividen Luxenberg 1985 
Patricia Macon Lyon 1952 
Mary Macdonald 1970 
Nina Reid Mack 1972 
Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 1949 
Mary Olivia Cox MacLeod 1975 
Diane McClenney Macrae 1956 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 1934 

Brenda Ballard Magill 1967 
Kathleen Wilkerson Magnan 1981 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 1937 
Alise Learned Mahr 1980 
Jean Baum Mair 1940 
Elizabeth Laffitte Malinowski 1981 
Frances Harvey Mallison 1967 
Elizabeth Malone 1956 
Lale Mamaux 2000 
Anne Hess Mamon 1989 
Diane Sngley Mangiante 1974 
Karen Peterson Mann 1972 
Katherine Brant Manning 1990 
Mary Page Manning 1967 
Nancy Hooker Manning 1960 
Meredith Mansfield 1997 
Page Wooldndge Marchetti 1980 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchio 1964 
Phyllis Short Marcom 1964 
Kathy Hunt Manon 1981 
Linda Fobes Manon 1963 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 1973 
Joan Stanley Maroulis 1963 
Caitlyn Walz Marsh 1998 
Alice Stevens Marshall 1981 
Jane Coulbourn Marshall 1963 
Sammy Primm Marshall 1966 
Keene Roadman Martin 1963 
Nita SoRelle Martin 1940 
Susan Henry Martin 1972 
Mr, and Mrs, Larry Maameau 
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Martinez 
Jean Queries Mary 1949 
Ms. Leigh Mason 
Twinkle Forsyth Mason 1993 
Ellen Johnson Massey 1971 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 1942 
Mary Nell Williams Mathis 1962 
Helen DeVore Mattenson 1948 
Martha Butler Matthews 1962 
Elaine Hargrett Mauck 1995 
Katherine Keller Maultsby 1956 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 1963 
Anne Robertson McAteer 1974 
Kathleen McCabe 1997 
Honor Johnson McCain 1997 
Mr. Carey McCallum 
Ms. Elaine E. McCarnck 
Lou Hartgraves McCarty 1966 
Beverly Burke McCaskill 1973 
Dr. Sandra McClain 
Mary Anne Mulherin McCollum 1992 
Kristy Barlow McComas 1988 
Lois Burer McConnell 1948 
Mary Cochran McConnell 1963 
Eleanor Poole McCord 1964 
Anne Fray McCormick 1960 
Holly Frazier McCormick 1998 
Mr. Hugh P McCormick 
Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 1964 
Elizabeth Grubbs McCurry 1963 
Mrs. Kathy Riddle McDaniel 
Mary Livermore McDermott 1967 
Joyce Holt McDowell 1959 
Clara Burroughs McFarlin 1950 
Anne Haneke McGough 1944 
Carmen Holden McHaney 1973 
Patncia Fisher McHold 1963 
Ann Ritchie McHught 1956 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 1939 
Martha McGraw McKaughn 1983 
Edith Lane McKay 1947 


( 24 ) 

Elizabeth Brown McKell 1965 

Jean Bailey McKinney 1947 

Harriet Schofield McLaughlin 1936 

Mary Pleasants McManus 1983 

Ann Dial McMillan 1963 

Gretchen Haring McMinn 1985 

Elizabeth Vincent McMuilen 1936 

Judith Sydnor McNeel 1974 

Mary Nell McPherson 1979 

Helen Cook McQuillen 1945 

Jane Crane McSwain 1968 

Ann Higgins McWhirter 1964 

Kristin Henley McWilliams 1991 

Ihrie Carr Means 1968 

Shirley Corbin Menendez 1961 

Sharon Menzies 1987 

Becky Cannaday Merchant 1963 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Merritt 

Agnes McClung Messimer 1938 

Dr. Daniel Metraux 

Mrs, Judy Metraux 

Charlotte Tyson Mewborn 1965 

Martha Robinson Meyer 1957 

Suzannah Meyer 1997 

Alma McCue Miller 1954 

Doris Slier Miller 1941 

Dorothy Wilkins Miller 1959 

Mary Tompkins Miller 1972 

Nancy Jackson Miller 1965 

Patricia Pinkley Miller 1955 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller 

Sarah Lacy Miller 1938 

Sherril Gerding Miller 1957 

Sherry Duncan Miller 1984 

Anne Walker Milliken 1968 

Claire Colbert Mills 1976 

Annie Andrews Minix 1998 

Judith Richardson Minter 1962 

Koy Edmiston Misiowsky 1982 

Jane Tucker Mitchell 1953 

Jean Griffith Mitchell 1945 

Ms. Nancy Mitchell 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 1957 

Denise Dorsey Mitlehner 1988 

Betty Johnson Mix 1943 

Darlena Sizemore Mixon 1964 

Elizabeth Irzyk Mize 1970 

Mary Mizell 1978 

Ms. Laura Mnahoncak 

Margaret Churchman Moffett 1947 

Ruth Hawkins Molony 1959 

Mary Thompson Molten 1941 

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Montague III 

Elysa Mladdox Montgomery 1973 

Fairfax Hardesty Montgomery 1964 

Sara Allen Moody 1972 

Mrs. Kathryn D. Moomau 

Ellen Moomaw 1982 

Chariotte Mooney 1962 

Alice Moore 1967 

Jean Young Moore 1939 

Judy Moore 1995 

Nancy Winters Moore 1971 

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Moore and Family 

Mary Thomas Moorhead 1941 

Emily Eakle Morgan 1942 

Janie Wright Morgan 1977 

Mary Bullock Morris 1943 

Sara Morris 1997 

Mrs. Wanda K. Morris 

Virginia Roseborough Morton 1947 

Ms. Judith A. Mosedale 

Joyce Goldstein Moseley 1944 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert S. Motley 

Dr Sandra Mottner 1991 

Karen Bass Mulder 1961 

Menssa Fiddyment Mule 2000 

Grace Friend Mullen 1969 

Nancy Falkenberg Muller 1967 

Melissa Kimes Mullgardt 1963 

Donna Deitz Mumby 1973 

Ms, Margaret Murphy 

Peggy Hooven Murphy 1938 

Ms, Anne G, Musser 

Winifred Boggs Myrick 1954 

Mary Brown Myrvik 1946 

Patricia Foley Nardone 1997 

Betsy Julie Marshall Nau 1971 

Tina Cacciapaglia Naylor 1957 

Mr. H.E. Neale 

Catherine Morey Nee 1981 

Connie Kittle Neer 1970 

Mr. Simon W. Nelms 

Hazel Astin Nelson 1939 

Kathleen Royster Nelson 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nevin 

Dr. Mary Newell 1965 

Gretchen Newman 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Newton 

Virginia Teague Nexsen 1982 

Jean Anderson Nicewander 1942 

Jolyn Cnm Nicholson 1994 

Frances Sledge Nicrosi 1941 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Niemann 

Barbara Payne Nolan 1950 

Jeannette Norfleet 1968 

Prince Carr Norfleet 1976 

Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Norris 

Katherine Hull Nowell 1974 

Tamara Obaugh 1982 

Wilma Hodge Obaugh 1951 

Kelly Thornburg Oberholzer 1991 

Michele Cargain O'Connell 1994 

Ms. Sarah O'Connor 

Audrey Andrews Oddi 1980 

Hon. Kimberiy O'Donnell 1982 

Dr. Jamie Hewell Odrezin 1974 

Emily Oehler 1993 

Lois Siegfried Oglesby 1973 

Professor Elizabeth Goad Oliver 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ollenberger 

Jill Olson 1969 

Kathryn Redford O'Mara 1978 

Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 1970 

Mr. and Mrs, H. L, Opie Jr, 

Margaret Johnston Oppenheimer 1975 

Jennifer Eavey Oprison 1994 

Dr, and Mrs, Michael O'Reilly 

Kaori Ota 2001 

Virginia Beasiey Otis 1967 

Virginia Taylor Otts 1967 

Addle McLaughlin Ours 1954 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Alys Boozer Owsley 1959 

Cissie Ellis Paddle 1969 

Andria Painter 1999 

Ms. Ann C. Painter 

Ms. Roberta Palmer 

A. Kay Humphrey Pancake 1958 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 

Cynthia Rhymes Parish 1962 

Jane Mather Parish 1937 

Mary Matthews Park 1950 

A. Anne Darby Parker 1982 

Mrs. Karen Parker 

Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 1968 

Dr. Nicole Fisher Parkerson 1992 

Susan Rogers Parks 1972 

Alice Hunter Patterson 1950 

Pauline Patteson 1977 

Anne Patrick Patton 1966 

Pamela Patton 1975 

Judith Paulsel 1967 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies E. Paulson 

Michelle Payant 1999 

Mary Valerie Sutton Payne 1976 

Dr. Beneta J. Peacock 1946 

Lydia Woods Peale 1958 

Sally Heltzel Pearsall 1962 

Catherine Stoner Peaslee 1947 

Faye Smith Peck 1958 

Anna Cacciapaglia Peduto 1950 

Frances Lankford Peek 1950 

Roberta Brent Peek 1967 

Ann Lamb Peery 1979 

Margaret Ryder Pence 1949 

Brooke Hume Pendleton 1971 

Margaret Terrell Penick 1965 

Catherine Harrell Pennington 1984 

Margaret Childrey Penzold 1937 

Florence Merritt Percy 1966 

Mr. Kenneth R Perich 

Katherine Sproul Perry 1963 

Mary Ellen Smith Perry 1963 

Helen Houghton Peters 1949 

Angela Dancy Peterson 2000 

Ms. Lydia J. Petersson 

Almeyda Spratley Peyton 1940 

Mary Wells Pfeffer 1978 

Kathryn Pearce Phillips 1985 

Judy Mauze Philpott 1968 

Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 1946 

Carole Payne Pilcher 1973 

Kathryn Pope Pilcher 1957 

Paula Evans Pilgrim 1999 

Dr. Margaret F Pinkston 

Margaret Price Pinson 1943 

Betty Darwin Pirtle 1974 

Sarah Johnson Pitt 1982 

Susan Andes Pittman 1956 

Elizabeth Plowman 1958 

Gladys McManaway Poindexter 1946 

Anne McDaniel Pollard 1992 

Frances Davis Pollard 1966 

Ms. Lallon Pond 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Pontius 

Mary Pontius 1977 

Anne Poole 1951 

Mildred Vick Pope 1951 

Pamela Pope 1981 

Sally Wheat Porter 1943 

Trudy Caskie Porter 1980 

Sarah Poston 1999 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Potosky 

Mary Wells Powell 1957 

Amy Kellam Powers 1993 

Allison Huriey Predecki 1994 

Dr. and Mrs. Herman J. Preseren 

Virginia Price 1995 

Clemence Vivrett Pridham 1945 

Helen Wachs Priemer 1947 

Martha Anthony Prioleau 1983 

Anne Broyles Proctor 1983 

Elma Rollins Proffitt 1953 

Elizabeth Slipek Pruitt 1968 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Puffenberger 


( 25 ) 

Lisa Scon Pugh 1979 

Patty Tipton Pugh 1955 

Edgar Puryear 1984 

Ann Bush Putzel 1947 

N. Barbara Harris Quarles 1961 

Jean Rutherford Radcliffe 1943 

Mary Hutcheson Ragland 1938 

Lisa Harvey Raines 1975 

Mary Pollard Raith 1984 

Joy Chapoton Rannsey 1952 

Katharine Randolph 1977 

Sandra Bremer Randolph 1972 

Diana Moore Rasnick 1980 

Elizabeth Berkley Ravenel 1967 

Carol Mathews Ray 1968 

Mary Cocke Read 1992 

Kellie Owens Reams 1982 

Ginger Dinos Reed 1977 

June Auer Reed 1953 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Reed 

Page Branton Reed 1977 

Pamela Milliken Reed 1964 

Juhe Clark Reedy 1973 

Dr and Mrs. William W- Regan 

Joanne Reich 1988 

Cordelia Sprong Reid 1953 

Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 1975 

Carolyn Newman Renner 1967 

Marchant Starr Reutlinger 1971 

Kristine Niehaus Revmgton 1968 

Martha Blake Rex 1968 

Mr and Mrs Luis Anthony Reyes 

Susanne Reaves Rhame 1973 

Tamara Dingbaum Rib 1986 

Claire Fontaine Rice 1956 

Molly Wagener Rice 1940 

C, Camille Cremers Richards 1974 

Sara Miller Richardson 1960 

Julia Gooch Richmond 1934 

Tracy Wnght Richtand 1978 

Dr Trudy Rickman 1987 

Patricia Liebert Riddick 1961 

Macon Clement Riddle 1963 

Margaret Gunter Riddle 1965 

Sally Ridenour 1975 

Glenda Ridgely 1981 

Walter Ridgely 1981 

Mrs. Beverley S. Ridings 

Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 1957 

Sandra McQuarrie Rigby 1969 

Jeanette Rigolizzo 1998 

Barbara Price Riley 1983 

Linda Forbes Riley 1973 

Josephine Barnett Ritchie 1937 

Kathenne Blackwell Roach 1971 

Margaret Herbert Roach 1982 

Elizabeth Crawford Robbins 1957 

Mary Anne Heydenreich Robbins 1949 

Shirley File Robbins 1962 

Carol Forrestel Roberts 1972 

Cindy Roberts 1995 

Diane Truett Roberts 1952 

F. Temple Roberts 1968 

Susan Martin Roberts 1980 

Virginia Hunt Roberts 1956 

Carroll Royer Robertson 1973 

Daphne Brown Robertson 1954 

Frances Oxner Robertson 1983 

Janice Coleman Robertson 1970 

Patricia Robertson 1969 

Eleanor McCown Robideau 1963 

Mr and Mrs, Daniel Robinson 

Elizabeth Tnmble Robinson 1981 

Mr. and Mrs, Lewis Robinson 

Carmen L. Rodriguez 1993 

Anna Lane Rogers 1943 

Rev. Ann Rogers-Witte 1967 

Frances Costello Roller 1950 

Dons McClary Rollins 1950 

Nancy Nenleton Rood 1945 

Mr and Mrs.T PT Roper 

Lindsay Barksdale Rorick 1977 

Susan Gordon Rosen 1979 

Susan Hust Rosher 1968 

Dr Cathenne Ross 1972 

Eva Pound Rothschild 1953 

Lane Winn Rothschild 1973 

Mr E. B, Rouse 

Dr and Mrs. Richard A Rowe 

Lisa Rowley 1979 

Jeannie McLain Rubin 1965 

Dorothy lafrate Rudy 1965 

Caria Custis Russell 1995 

Diane Walczak Russell 1981 

Robyn Timberlake Ruth 1973 

Florence Jones Rutherford 1975 

Ms. Dinah Ryan 

Mr Paul Ryan 

Susan Ely Ryan 1961 

Larissa Sager 1998 

Sydney McCown Sanderson 1993 

Bishop and Mrs. Guillino Sandoval 

Corrie Smith Sargeant 1969 

Shannon Baylis Sanno 1999 

Ms. Irene M Sarnelle 

Elizabeth Trombley Saunders 1997 

Patricia Edwards Saunders 1960 

Juliana Hoff Sawyer 1986 

Elizabeth Grove Sayers 1976 

Lindsay Mitchell Scansbrick 1986 

Anne Schaech 2001 

Karen Latshaw Schaub 1986 

H. Sue Ritchie Scherff 1959 

Julie Whitmore Scherrer 1979 

AnnYingling Schmidt 1966 

Betty Garrett Schmidt 1954 

Nellie Nankins Schmidt 1936 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Schmidt 

Jane Schofield 1994 

Kimberley Dawson Schold 1986 

Desiree Schrader Stogdale 1996 

Mary Lou Chnstie Schroeder 1951 

Elizabeth Helmken Schubert 1969 

JolisseTims Schuler 1992 

Elizabeth Schulhof 1975 

Mary K, McConchie Schultz 1960 

Claire McCants Schwahn 1978 

Mr and Mrs. Hil Scott 

Linda Leeds Scott 1964 

Sharon Scott 1993 

Signd Gudheim Scon 1961 

Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 1954 

Frances Shirley Scruby 1980 

Emily Moore Seay 1946 

Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 1973 

Dr Ruth Douglas See 1931 

Winfree Hughes Segal 1970 

Mary Wood Senechal 1970 

Helen Thompson Sharpley 1957 

Ellen Gibson Shaw 1956 

Martha Hendnckson Shelley 1989 

Mr and Mrs. Lacurgus W. Shenk Jr 

Margaret Addison Shepard 1971 

Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 1933 

Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 1962 

Margie Phipps Shick 1939 

Martha Davis Shitflen 1975 

Marian Shiflet-O'Brien 1980 

Lynene Warner Shiver 1963 

Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 1970 

Dorothy Cohen Silverman 1938 

Victoria Simons 1976 

Margaret Stephenson Simpson 1987 

Mr Steven A. Singman 

Helen Black Sinnott 1946 

Alice Moore Sisson 1938 

Nancy Mann Sizemore 1979 

Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 1939 

Kimberly Peterson Skelly 1995 

Elizabeth Stanulis Skilling 1984 

Judy Bryant Skinner 1965 

Valene Skinner 1990 

Harnet McLean Slaughter 1948 

Ms. Adelaide Slaymaker 

Kimberly Schalow Sloane 1989 

Dr. Lisa Sloan-Levin 1974 

Carol Laws Slonaker 1967 

Lindley Moffen Small 1969 

Lynne McNew Smart 1947 

Amanda Smith 2001 

Barbara Santord Smith 1952 

Mr and Mrs Barry Smith 

Bess Plaxco Smith 1950 

Carol Storm Smith 1966 

Carolyn Gritfis Smith 1958 

Edwina Smith 1969 

Elizabeth Smith 1972 

Jean Bickle Smith 1946 

Joan Moran Smith 1946 

Kathenne Smith 1991 

Mr and Mrs. Larry J. Smith 

Linda Goddin Smith 1968 

Marion Drewry Smith 1962 

Mary Block Smith 1967 

Sharron Jackson Smith 1989 

Sonia Sparks Smith 1995 

Stacy Sternheimer Smith 1982 

Mr Steve Smith 

Susan Almond Smith 1972 

Susan Smith 1997 

Wortley Davis Smith 1964 

Nancy Harns Snead 1962 

Melanie Dexter Snoddy 1973 

Sandra Esquivel Snyder 1959 

Kathenne Quillian Solberg 1969 

Margherita Panerson Somers 1969 

Mary Miller Sopher 1968 

Carol Wornom Sorensen 1961 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell 1946 

Holly South 1997 

Dr. Frank R, Southerington 

Theresa Koogler Southenngton 1972 

Nancy Switzer Sowers 1957 

Katrina Spanka-Kloman 1989 

Sally Peck Spaulding 1947 

Sarah Way Speaker 1979 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Leslie Spence III 

Jane Rapier Spence 1998 

Dr. L. Lundie Spence 1968 

Catherine Ellis Spencer 1986 

Lynn McWhorter Speno 1974 

Bonnie Spiers 1989 

Betty Eberhart Spillman 1953 

Ann Davis Spitler 1969 
Mary Gassman Spivey 1991 
Mr. Ben Spnngel 
Julie Sprunt 1945 
Denise Craig Stafford 1972 
Mr. and Mrs Robin H. Stable 
Mary Kay Schorn Stainback 1976 
JoAnne Vames Stamus 1953 
Mr and Mrs. Franklin L. Stanfield Sr 
Margaret King Stanley 1952 
Mr and Mrs. John Stanton 
Ann Dowdell Stauss 1945 
Susan Heiner Steadman 1975 
Jann Malone Steele 1972 
Amanda Peebles Steere 1994 
Joan Dieckmann Stem 1951 
Grace McCutchen Stelling 1977 
Clare Trotti Stephens 1956 
Mr. and Mrs David J. Stevens 
Kathryn Poerschke Stevens 1942 
Mary Burr Stevens 1945 
Patricia Lary Stevens 1956 
Rachel Hassell Stevens 1940 
Rebecca Stevens 1999 
Jeanette Andrews Stewart 1987 
Alice Lippitt Steyaart 1966 
Eva Stimson 1975 
Blanche GambnII Stockbridge 1956 
Virginia Maben Stokes 1932 
Barbara Hunter Stone 1956 
Gail Alberts Stone 1967 
Judith Pugh Stone 1967 
Mary McGrath Stone 1963 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 1943 
Chanssa Stouffer 1998 
Jean Barry Strain 1970 
Norwood Ricks Strasburger 1975 
Carol Sorrell Strawbndge 1971 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 1937 
Martha Murchison Strickland 1964 
Roxanne Weeks Strickland 1987 
Dons Fauber Strickler 1971 
Virginia Rosen Strickler 1950 
Marquilla Stuckey Stnnger 1947 
Catharine Pierce Stringfellow 1971 
Martha Harlow Stronach 1967 
Ann Lucas Styron 1977 
Shawn McCarty Suarez 1993 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 1984 
Marsha Summerson 1972 
Dorothy Butler Sutton 1980 
Martha Taylor Sutton 1973 
Frances Diefendorf Swensson 1981 
Otey Hayward Swoboda 1961 
Susan Osbourne Symmonds 1972 
Patricia GwynnTaft 1958 
Kathryn Tanerson 1992 
Elizabeth Nash Taylor 1981 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 1965 
Juliane Jorgensen Taylor 1964 
Frances Wagener Tebbs 1946 
Mr and Mrs Charles TenBroeck 
Angela Shepherd Terrell 1988 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 1977 
Helen HordTesterman 1950 
Ann Whitehead Thomas 1945 
Mr and Mrs Colin J. S. Thomas Jr 
Dena Harrell Thomas 1998 
Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 1951 
Elizabeth Hanes Thomas 1969 
Elizabeth Hoover Thomas 1972 


( 26 ) 

Mrs. William I.Thomas 

Joan White Thomas 1952 

Lucia Lionberger Thomas 1967 

Sarah Paret Thomas 1985 

Tempe Grant Thomas 1968 

Elizabeth NesbittThomason 1970 

Jean DinkinsThomason 1946 

Anne Emmert Thompson 1969 

Clara Thompson 1997 

Donna Thompson 1997 

Kimberly Brinkiey Thompson 1992 

Margaret Michael Thompson 1965 

Tara Anderson Thompson 1996 

Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 1955 

Kelly Thorkilson 2000 

Marianne Stanford Thomburg 1952 

Jane Collis Thornton 1969 

Margaret Thrift 1972 

Louise ReidThyson 1973 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Tidrick 

Ms. Linda Tiller 

Marian Tilman 1998 

Deborah Rexrode Timberlake 1978 

Marion PflanzeTimmons 1932 

Katherine Smith Tinker 1961 

Jean Blackburn Tipton 1936 

COL William H.Tomlinson 

Blanche Humphreys Toms 1968 

Mr. and Mrs. John W.Tonissen Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Torres 

Biliie Smith Towlen 1952 

Nancy Townsend 1945 

Elizabeth LinnTraubman 1963 

Cecelia Burns Travis 1967 

Melissa Rogers Trent 1991 

Carol Stephens Trice 1967 

Jeannette Hervey Trice 1960 

Katharine ShelburneTrickey 1943 

Gloria Duke Trigg 1947 

Karen Pixley Trimble 1970 

Margaret EngleTnjmbo 1963 

Gail Trussell 2000 

Ann Mon-ell Tucker 1964 

Joan Martin Tuckwiller 1953 

Mimi Mitchell Tufts 1945 

Frances Tullis 1945 

Cherie PannshTurman 1954 

Ada Lou Worth Tumer 1957 

Anne McLeod Turner 1969 

Elizabeth Wrthrow Tumer 1958 

Jacquelyn Hill Tumer 1972 

Jane Mattox Tumer 1938 

Kathanne Makepeace Tumer 1949 

Man/ Whitinger Turner 1962 

Sarah McConnick Tumer 1973 

Kathryn Taylor Tyler 1992 

Dr. Josephine Hemphill Ullom 1980 

Mary Peach Upchurch 1965 

Mr and Mrs. Charies F Urquhart III 

Jennifer Mack Urquhart 1969 

Rhonda Mace Utterback 1981 

Jane Moudy Van Dragt 1951 

Ann Ballard Van Eman 1960 

Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 1989 

Mr. Richard TVanBreemen 

Elizabeth UpdegraffVardell 1980 

JaneVaughan 1963 

Grace Dn/den Venable 1944 

Jennifer Vergne 1999 

Lee Thompson Vermillion 1995 

Suzanne WoodfinVillani 1985 

Dorothy Davis Vincent 1914 

Dorothy Wilson Vincent 1948 

Stephany Collier Vivadelli 1982 

Pamela Roach Voight 1980 

Barbara Johnson von Reis 1937 

Robin Wilson Von Seldeneck 1992 

Ann Brown Voss 1952 

Sarah Penhallow Vostal 1991 

A. Chrisley Baylor Voter 1986 

Mr and Mrs. Arthur Wade 

Milby Booth Wade 1953 

Sara Smith Wade 1945 

Kathryn Wafle 1975 

Mary Breeden Wagnon 1957 

Margaret Roberts Wagoner 1945 

Mary Horton Waldron 1950 

Daphne Walker 1970 

Emily Holloway Walker 1964 

Jennifer Walker 1997 

Melanie Gamble Walker 1972 

Mary McLendon Wall 1939 

Douglas Laughon Wallace 1962 

Jane Inge Wallace 1972 

Lucy Tomlinson Wallace 1975 

Betty Hughes Walton 1965 

Gwendolyn Cooper Wamsley 1955 

Ms. Elizabeth Ward 

Man/ Ward 1969 

Mr and Mrs. Earle R.Ware II 

Alice Lacy Wareham 1968 

M. MusserWatkins Warren 1954 

Man/ Wan-en 1979 

Alice Washington 1992 

Evelyn Cox Washington 1947 

Mr and Mrs. Joe Henry Watson 

Nancy Rawls Watson 1949 

Noshua Watson 1995 

Tenea Watson 1998 

Alice Ball Watts 1952 

Carroll McMath Weatherman 1990 

Laura Ken-Weaver 1984 

Sylvia Scott Weaver 1961 

Edith Pardee Webb 1982 

Hannah Gatchell Webb 1965 

Barbara Payne Webster 1940 

Merita Long Webster 1958 

Angela FavataWeck 1989 

Mary Sledge Weems 1956 

Margaret Szeniawski Weidner 1981 

Susan DuganWeinig 1976 

Susan Simmons Weir 1973 

Suzanne Hauser Weiss 1982 

Ms. Sara Wells 

Kirsten Welton 2001 

Kathr/n Jacobs Wendell 1971 

DebraWenger 1990 

Anne Cabell Birdsong Wentz 1984 

Sharon Wertz 1994 

Lucy Fisher West 1959 

Margaret MaloneWest 1965 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Wester 

Mr. Robert J. Westemnan 

Kathy Young Wetsel 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Wetzei Jr. 

Dr. W. John Wetzel 

Lynda Bergen Wheatley 1975 

Jane Edwards Wheeler 1954 

Emily White 1999 

LeIiaHuyett White 1938 

Margaret McDonald White 1942 

Patricia Murphey Whitman 1952 

Shawn Keys Whitman 1976 

Mary CoxWhitmore 1945 

Ms. Margaret Whitten 

Lettalou Garth Whittington 1948 

Elizabeth Churchman Wick 1944 

AnnWilkerson 1972 

Mr Carl W. Wilkerson and Family 

Lossie Noell Wilkinson 1974 

Elisabeth White Willard 1942 

Beveriy Mafthews Williams 1959 

Charlotte Fall Williams 1947 

Claire Williams 1987 

Claudia Williams 1974 

Eilawells Milligan Williams 1956 

Ellen Nicholson Williams 1940 

Dr Jennelle Saunders Williams 1985 

Knstin Williams 1997 

Marilyn Simpson Williams 1950 

Miriam Hughes Williams 1931 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Williams 

Emily Mitchell Williamson 1952 

Mr. John A. Williamson II 

Mrs. Virginia K. Willis 

Mr. Charies P Wilson 

Frances Garvey Wilson 1981 

Julia Anderson Wilson 1971 

Margaret Hooks Wilson 1949 

Man/ Gregory Wilson 1969 

Man/ Dale Loft Wilson 1944 

Bnjce Suttle Winfield 1958 

Greta Winn 1999 

Eleanor Chew Winnard 1965 

June Morrow Winslow 1956 

Alice Franciso Wipfier 1970 

Rebecca Smith Wirt 1981 

Elisabeth Wise 1968 

CAPT and Mrs. James Wisecup 

Rebekah Wiser 1996 

Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 1979 

Therese RotheWitcher 1983 

Susan Hams Witt 1979 

Laura Josephthal Wolfe 1983 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wondergem 

Betty Cooke Wood 1944 

Man/ Mason Pollard Wood 1985 

Mr. and Mrs. Pieter H. Woodcock 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Woodfin 

Margaret Woods-Kane 1991 

Joan DoveWray 1957 

Betty Wright 1977 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Wright 

Jean Clark Wright 1935 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wnght 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wnght 

Kathryn Payne Wueste 1974 

Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 1965 

Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 1947 

Helen HullYood 1939 

Rev Betty Jean Gilmer Young 1950 

Elizabeth Howard Young 1982 

Fredenca Young 1939 

Rebecca Jones Young 1974 

LynnetteYount 1973 

Anne Hutton Zimmerschied 1966 

Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 1954 

Barbara Hoerle ZuhowskI 1992 


( 27 ) 

Honorary Gifts 

in honor of a friend, relative, classmate, instructor, or someone else who is caring and generous. 

Brig. Gen. Mike Bissell 

Mr and Mrs William L Small 

Mr. Eric Matthew Brown f 

Dreama Brown 1986 
Mr. Gary C. Brown 

Dr. Brenda L. Bryant 

Mr and Mrs William L. Small 

Anne Morris Byford 1989 

Mr. and Mrs W Bruce Byford 

Ms. Crista Cabe 

Mr and Mrs. William L Small 

The Class of 1977 

Evelyn Wells Fisher 1977 

Diane Britton Coyer 1963 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hayne Hipp 

Mari<W. Craft 2000 

Mis Shirley T Craft 

Mr. Robert S. Doenges 

Mr and Mrs W Hayne Hipp 

Jacquelyn Elliott-Wonderiey 1993 

Mrs Kathy Riddle McDaniel 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle 1931 

Mr Richard Hunter Trumbo 

Miss Marion Forbes Garber 

Veria Heineman 1982 

Dr. Joseph M. Garrison Jr. 

Kathleen Aure 1968 
Catherine Boynton Beazley 1974 
Dr. Mary Hill Cole 
Louise Tabb Edge 1967 
Ginger Mudd Galvez 1973 
Rev. Dr. E. Lee Hancock 1973 
Ellen Anderson Hill 1967 

Phyllis Hopkinson 1972 
Mary Hunter Leach 1977 
Jamie Lindler 1981 
Sarah Malloy 1999 
Emily Oehler 1993 
Mrs Diane 8 S. Roberts 

Miss Bonnie M. Hohn 

Ellen Porter Holtman 1971 

Dr Mary E. Humphreys 

Anne Person Baylor 1952 
Elizabeth Blanchard Podesta 19' 
Dr Scherer P Sanders 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 1958 

ElizabethV. Jones 1967 

Mr and Mrs William Troxell 

Dr. John H. Mehner 

Ellen Porter Holtman 1971 

Catarina M. Monge 2000 

Mrs. Shirley I Craft 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Mr and Mrs W Bruce Byford 

Mr and Mrs Hampton H Hairfield Jr. 

COL Melissa Patnck 1978 

Frost Burnett Telegadas 1983 

Larissa A. Sager 1998 

Mrs Sylvia C Payne 

Dr. Cynthia H.Tyson 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Communities Foundation of Texas 
Margaret Hunt Hill 1937 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 1963 
Caroline Rose Hunt 1943 
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Small 
The Rosewood Corporation 

Dr. Patricia Westhafer 

Dr and Mrs Thomas H Dawson 

Memorial Gifts 

in remembrance of those who inspired or helped others. 

Wilhelmina Eskridge Beard 1930 

Dr Graham E Beard 

Mrs. Agnes C. Bissell 

Mr. and Mrs. William L Small 
Sarah Small 2002 

Susan E. Carter 2001 

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Carter 
Susan Carper Lee 1957 

Betty Smith Chapman 1944 

Elsie Waters Ellington 1946 

Cecelia Flow Collins 1961 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 1961 
LoisWillard Daniel 1960 
Elizabeth Garst Edwards 1961 
Mary Cloud Hamilton Hollingshead 

Nell Curry Corte 1991 

Elizabeth Baker Boldt 1991 
Caroline Hildebrand Cochrane 1991 
First Virginia Banks Inc. 
Kathenne Talbot Jones 1991 
Sandra Mottner 1991 
Katherine Smith 1991 
The Delta Air Lines Foundation 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 1963 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan 1982 
Nell Rogers Carvell 1963 
Mr. Robert S. Doenges 
Mrs. Pauline C. Kirkpatrick 
Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 
Oxiey Foundation 
Mr. John Y. Williams 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann 1936 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Berger 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Daly 
Mr. and Mrs. F W. Kerfoot 
Mr. Mark Monsarrat 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Monsarrat 
Mr Robert Monsarrat Jr. 
Margaret Pollard Rea 1946 
Ms. Edith Schmidt 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Taylor 
Betty NeislerTimberlake 1945 
Mr. and Mrs. Derek A. White 
Mr. Paul E. P White 

Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 1941 

Anne Sims Smith 1945 

Mrs. Ruth Emery 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Small 

Mrs. Anne Forry 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bingley Jr 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 1973 

Virginia Worth Gonder 1939 

Mr Richard J Gonder 

Dr. Thomas H. Grafton 

Elsie Waters Ellington 1946 

Mrs. Florence Edna Haldenby 

Dr Ann Field Alexander 1966 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Allen 

Mr and Mrs. Mark L Atchison 

Dorothy Beals Ballew 1953 

Ms. Sharon D Barnes 

Beverly Estes Bates 1964 

Mr and Mrs. Charles E Bingley Jr 

Dr Jeffrey L. Buller 

Ms. Cnsta Cabe 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 1951 

Peggy Anderson Carr 1967 

Dr Mariorie B Chambers 

Charlottesville ADP Office 

Mr and Mrs. Leonard B. Chittum 

Hon. and Mrs. George M. Cochran 

Compass Group 

Mr and Mrs. Harry A. Dahl 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 1951 

Mr Robert S. Doenges 

Mr. Dan Dowdy 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 1965 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy K. Fitzgerald 

Ms Joyce Franklin 

Dr and Mrs. A.R. Gillespie 

Judith Godwin 1952 

Dr Susan Blair Green 

Alice Tolley Goodwin 1966 

Mrs. Helen K Groves 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Hamnck Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harman 

Ms. Marion B Hart 

Mr and Mrs. W. Hayne Hipp 

Mrs Mabel R. Hirschbiel 

Anne Holland 1988 

Ms Anne Roberts Hooe 

John W Deming and Bertie Murphy 

Deming Foundation 
Mr and Mrs. George A. Kegley 
Mr and Mrs Edward Kennedy 
Ms. Diane Kent 
Mary Lou Moffin Knorr 1938 
Mrs Elaine Bruce Liles 
Dr and Mrs. Preston C. Manning Jr 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 1969 
Martha Masters 1969 
MBC Alumnae/i Association 
MBC Student Government Association 
Mrs. James L. McAllister 
Dr Sandra McClain 


( 28 ) 

Ruth Graham Mclntyre 2000 

Mr. D. D. Meeks 

Mrs. Carolyn Meeks t 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

Suzanne Kierson Miller 1991 

Mr. and Mrs. P William Moore Jr. 

Ms. Dorothy Mulberry 

Dr. Pamela Murray 

Dr Roderic L. Owen 

Ms. Lydia J. Petersson 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Sandra Lennon Price 1966 

Jane Proffit Pruett 1946 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 

Virginia Gochenour Reid 1944 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 1973 

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Shutflebarger 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Small 

Sarah Small 2002 

Dr. Ethel Smeak 1953 

Bertie Deming Smith 1946 

Dr. and Mrs. McKeiden Smith 

ErinTabscott Staebell 2000 

Staunton/West Augusta Alumnae/i 

Janet Russell Steelman 1952 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Summers Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Supple 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Tabscott 
Mr. and Mrs. R. DillardTeer 
JaneTownes 1969 
Dr Sue McDowell Whitlock 1967 

Mr. Gordon L. Hammock 

Genevieve Davis Adams 1989 

Mrs. Grace Sutherland Herscher and 
Mr. George Schilling Herscher 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman 1940 

Ms. Ruth E. Hopewell 1933 

Margaret Grabill Jones 1933 

Mr. F. Freeman Jones 

Mr and Mrs. Wesley H. Schmidt 

Alice McCaa Kelly 1976 

Maria Lorenzo Collier 1976 

EmilyWirsing Kelly 1963 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation 
Mr. Timothy A. Kelly 

Mr. Randall J. Knisely 

Mr and Mrs, Charles E. Bingley Jr. 

Emily Dethloff Ryan 1963 

I Ragan Ryan Foundation, Inc. 

Frederica Weinberg Kronsberg 1931 

Ms. Ethel Ann Tebell 

Miss Mary E. Lakenan 

Jean Young Moore 1939 

Marian McBurney Levering 1945 

Mr W. Roger Levering 
Levering Investment Co., Ltd. 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy 1917 

Mr Robert Bruce Livy 

Melissa Turner Lutken 1946 

Jane Proffit Pruett 1946 

Adriane Heim Lyman 1950 

Mr and Mrs. Robert R Asbury 
Mr and Mrs. Vincent M. Creedon 
Mr and Mrs. John S. Fox 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 1950 
Mrs, Ethel M. Heim 
Flora Talmage Landwehr 1950 
Nancy Cohen Locher 1950 
Mr S. VanVliet Lyman 
Ms. Julie 0, Sanderson 
Margaret Wilson Wood 1950 
Mrs. Howell R, Wood 

Anita C. Malugani 1939 

Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa 
Gamma International 

Anne Jackson McAllister 1965 


Dr James L. McAllister 

Mrs, James L, McAllister 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, Presbyterian 

Church (U,SA,) 
Sarah OdenTipson 1967 

Mr George I. McCune 

Ms, Marion B. Hart 
Ms. Dorothy Mulberry 
Dr Ethel Smeak 1953 
JaneTownes 1969 

Ann Ritchie McHugh 1956 

Diana Rede Cabell 1956 

Mr William M. Meador 

Beth Saunders 1995 

Mrs. Carolyn R Meeks 

Brian Arthur 1988 

Mr and Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 

Dr Jeffrey L. Buller 

Mr and Mrs. David Carpenter 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald R. Cobb 

Mr and Mrs. Russell Crummett 

Ms. Margaret K. Dykes 

Ms, Catherine A. Echols 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy K. Fitzgerald 

Mr and Mrs. Jerry Fry 

Mr John Gillies 

Mr and Mrs. William M. Giliiland 

Ms. Marion B. Hart 

Ms. Anna Hayes 

Mr and Mrs. W. Hayne Hipp 

Mrs. Mabel R. Hirschbiel 

Anne Holland 1988 

Mrs. Betty M. Kegley 

Dr Judy Klein 

Martha Masters 1969 

MBC Alumnae/i Association 

Dr Sandra McClain 

Dr Patncia Holbert Menk 

Mr and Mrs. Glen Moore and Family 

Mrs. Wanda K. Morris 

Ms. Dorothy Mulberry 

Mr H, E. Neale 

Tan-iara Obaugh 1982 

Obaugh Ford-Chrysler-Plymouth 

Dr and Mrs. Roderic L. Owen 

Ms. Lydia J. Petersson 

Mr and Mrs. William C, Pollard 

Mr and Mrs, John E. Puffenberger 

Mr. and Mrs, Lacurgus W, Shenk Jr 

Dr Ethel Smeak 1953 

Mr and Mrs. Steve Smith 

Mr and Mrs. Ben Springel 

Dr Cynthia H.Tyson 

Mr and Mrs. Joe R Wenger 

Mr and Mrs, Carl W. Wilkerson and 

Mr and Mrs. Joe Wright 

Dr Karl F. and Dr Patricia Holbert Menk 

Carol Cadell Bowie 1971 
JaneTownes 1969 

Mary Rose Mercer 1928 

Mr George R, Mercer 

Mr. Meredith R Miller 

Mr and Mrs, W. Bruce Byford 

Ann Hunter Murray 1954 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley 1954 

Louise Plage Neilon 1945 

Margaret Earie Baker 1945 

Ms, Regina M. Belt 

Mr Ed Connelly 

Ms. Linda A. Friel 

Ms. Dee Meadows 

Ms. Catherine P Nicks 

Mr and Mrs. Walter J. Pickett 

Ms. Carolyn B. Plage 

Mr and Mrs. John R, Freer Jr 

Nancy Nettleton Rood 1945 

Ruth Frazer Painter 1933 

Ms, Laura Painter Burns 
Mr Graham Painter Jr 
Mr Jamie Painter 

Gratia Kiracofe Ridge 1964 

Ms, Dorothy Mulberry 

Dr Walter Keith Roberts 

Emily Dethloff Ryan 1963 

T Ragan Ryan Foundation, Inc. 

Elizabeth Kelley Rogers 1982 

Doris Rohner Rogers 1960 

The Rev. Jane Walker Ross 1954 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley 1954 

Dr Charles Rutenber 

Mr and Mrs. Hampton H. Hairfield Jr. 
Dr James B. Patrick 

Mary Kathleen Shuford 1983 

Mr and Mrs. James D. Coleman 
Helen Stevens Forster 1983 
Mary-Frances Anderson Laughon 1983 
Ms. Alice Moretz Lee 
Mr and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Annie Walker St. Clair 1881 

Margaret Moore Ripley 1952 

Miss Fannie B. Strauss 

Ms, JoanW, Clements 

Barbara Lemmond Graham 1940 

Frederica Weinberg Kronsbergt 1931 

Dr Jerry R.Venn 

Margaret Bryson Altman 1976 

Dr Virginia Royster Francisco 1964 

Allison James Hescock 1990 

Dr Sara Nair James 1969 

Carroll Blair Keiger 1976 

Mr John S. Kelly 

Elizabeth Newman Mason 1969 

MBC Student Government Association 

Ms. Dorothy Mulberry 

Ann Potter 1981 

Dr Ethel Smeak 1953 

Mary LamontWade 1952 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger 1952 
Dr Ethel Smeak 1953 
Janet Russell Steelman 1952 
JaneTownes 1969 
Ann Brown Voss 1952 
Margaret Getty Wilson 1948 

Kathleen Woodward Walker 1909 

Ms. Louise W. Blaney 

Mr BobWimer 

Janina Baxley 1992 
Helen Nalty Butcher 1992 
Carroll Suggs Connolly 1992 
Paula Bush Krosky 1992 
Joyce Law Liptrap 1992 
Mary Cocke Read 1992 
Elizabeth Smith 1972 

Mr. Watson W. Wise 

Mr and Mrs, Calvin N, Clyde Jr 
Watson W. Wise Foundation 


( 29 ) 

Corporations, Foundations, Organizations 

Corporations, Foundations, Organizations 

A. M. Tucker and Company 


Advisor Charitable Gift Fund 

The AES Corporation 

Aetna Foundation, Inc. 

Alcoa Foundation 

Alexander, Haas and Martin Partners Inc. 

Allison Building and Renovation Inc 

American Electric Power Service Corporation 

American Express Gift Matching Program 

American Home Products Corporation 

American Political Science Association 

AMP Foundation 

The AMSouth Bancorporation Foundation 



Armstrong Foundation 

ART + Specialists LC 

The Ashland Inc. Foundation 

AT&T Foundation 


The Ayco Charitable Foundation 

Bank of America 

Santa Corporation Foundation Inc 

BASF Corporation 

Birdhouse Embroidery Shop Inc. 

J. Read Jr. and Janet Dennis Branch Fund of the 

Community Foundation (Richmond, Virginia) 
Brent Family Foundation 
Buford Family Fund of the Community Foundation 

(Richmond, Virginia) 
Byrd Ellis Cole Contracting Inc. 
Canon Virginia 

E Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation 
Central Carolina Community Foundation 
Central NY Community Foundation Inc. 
Central West Texas Chantable Foundation 
CFW Communications Foundation 
Charles F Cole Trust 
Chesterfield Yarn Mills Inc. 
Chiles Survivors Trust 
Circuit City Foundation 
Cisco Systems Foundation 
The City Farmer 

Coca-Cola Company 
Cochran Family Foundation 
College Bookstores of America 
Communities Foundation of Texas 
The Community Foundation (Richmond, Virginia) 
Community Foundation of Gaston County Inc. 
Compaq Computer Corporation 
Compass Group 
Constellation Energy Group Inc. 
Fannie Royster Cooke Trust 
Corning Incorporated Foundation 
Thomas and Mary Coulboum Family Fund of the 

Community Foundation (Richmond, Virginia) 
Court Reporting Associates LLC 
CSX Corporation 
David Berger Foundation 
Dayton Foundation Depository Inc. 
The Delta Air Lines Foundation 
John W. Deming and Bertie Murphy Deming 

The Overton and Katharine Dennis Fund 
Dominion Foundation 
The Duke Energy Foundation 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation 

Ethyl Corporation 

ExxonMobil Foundation 

Fenwick Foundation 

Ferguson Enterpnses Inc. 

Fidelity Foundation 

Fidelity Investments Chantable Gift Fund 

Fireman's Fund Foundation 

First Union Corporation 

First Virginia Banks Inc. 

Foundation for the Carolinas 

The Joseph L. and Ray L. Freund Foundation 

Gap Foundation 

GE Fund 

General Motors Corporation 

General Reinsurance Corporation 

Gertz and Moore 

The Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray Foundation 

Greening-Ellis Insurance 

Guy C. Eavers Excavating Corporation 

The Haggard Foundation 

Harcourt General Inc. 

Heisley Family Foundation 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Margaret and Al G. Hill and Family Trust 

HLH Architects Inc. 

Hooker Furniture Corporation 

The A. C and Penney Hubbard Foundation 

The H L. Hunt Fund Communities Foundation ofTexas 

IBM Corporate Community Relations 

IBM Matching Grants Program 

The Inn at Old Virginia 

Insurance Partners of Virginia 

International Multifoods 

Irongate Inc. 

Jeanne Furrh Intenors 

Jefferson Pilot Corporation 

Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies 

Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma International 

Kenneth Reed Distributing 

Kentucky Derby Hosiery 

Kern Plumbing and Heating, Inc. 

Knight-Ridder Newspapers 

Kuehn Foundation 

Levering Investment Company Ltd. 

Liberty Corporation Foundation 

Lucent Technologies 

Luck Stone Foundation 

Manetta McNeill Morgan and Samuel Tate Morgan Jr. 

Malone Family Foundation 
The Marble Exchange Inc. 
Marsh and McLennan Companies Inc. 
Mary Walker Eanes Interiors 
May Department Stores Company Foundation 
MBC Alumnae/i Association 
MBC Bookstore 
MBC History Department 
MBC Student Government Association 
McKee Foods Corporation 
Menu by Melissa 
Merck and Co. Inc. 

Mernll Lynch and Company Foundation Inc. 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Miller Foundation Inc. 
Moore Brothers Company Inc. 
Morgan-Worcester Inc. 
Murphy Oil Corporation 

Nationwide Foundation 

New York Life Foundation 

The Norfolk Foundation 

Nuclear Medicine Dynamics Inc. 

Obaugh Ford-Chrysler-Plymouth 

Oxiey Foundation 

Parker Hannifin Corporation 

Peachtree House Foundation 

f^izer Foundation 

Pharmacia Foundation Inc. 

Philip Morns Companies Inc. 

Power PR and Advertising 

PPL Electnc Utilities Corporation 

Presbyterian Church (U S.A.) 

Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program 

R.Wallace Rosen Trust 

R.TVanderbilt Trust 

Reader's Digest Foundation 

The Rosewood Corporation 

Rust Foundation 

T Ragan Ryan Foundation Inc. 

Salisbury Community Foundation 

SBC Foundation 

Second Presbyterian Church (Roanoke, Virginia) 

Shell Oil Company Foundation 

Siemens Energy and Automation 

Skardon Pover and Associates 

Sleepin' Dog Enterpnses 

Smyth Foundation 

Somers M. Wilton Real Estate 

South Flonda Science Museum Inc. 

Spanish Works Inc. 

The Spartanburg County Foundation 


State Farm Companies Foundation 

Staunton/West Augusta Alumnae/i Chapter 

Stotler Chantable Trust 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

SunTrust Bank, Mid-Atlantic Foundation 

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta Foundation 

Suter's Cabinet Shop Inc. 

Suto Corp 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 

TheTeagle Foundation 

S B.T and W, B, Thalhimer III Endowment of The 

Community Foundation (Richmond, Virginia) 
Times Mirror 

Transportable Software International 
U.S. Bancorp Foundation 
Unilever United States Foundation Inc. 
United Parcel Service of Amenca 
United Way of The National Capital Area 
University Flower Shop Inc. 
Verizon Foundation 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 
Wachovia Foundation 

Henry E. and Consuelo S Wenger Foundation 
Westvaco Corporation 
Wharton, Aldhizer and Weaver PL C 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 
Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation 
The Winston-Salem Foundation Inc. 
Watson W Wise Foundation 
Woods End L C. 

Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 
Wren Foundation Inc 
Xerox Corporation 


( 30 ) 

Capital Gifts 

Wilhelmina Eskridge Beard Scholarship 

Dr. Graham E. Beard 

Class of 1950 Cornerstone Endowment 

Mr. S. VanVliet Lyman 

H. Dunlop Dawbam Endowment 

Estate of Mr Henry Dunlop Dawbarn 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges Distinguished 
Artist/Scholars Endowment Fund 

Stephanie Carlson Brennan 1982 
Nell Rogers Carvell 1963 
Mr. Robert S. Doenges 
Mrs. Pauline C. Kirkpatrick 
Oxiey Foundation 

Katherine Drake 1934 Scholarship Endowment 

Estate of Kathenne Drake 1934 

Endowed Scholarship for Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cohen 

Endowment for Student Aid 

The Overton and Katharine Dennis Fund 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle Scholarship Endowment 

Mr Richard Hunter Trumbo 

Betty Jean Award 

Ms. Julie D. Murphy 

General Endowment 

Blanche Wysor Anderson 1972 

Kathleen Beck Andes 1998 

Julie Rimmer Applewhite 1987 

Margaret Troutman Balanowski 1984 

Dorothy Reals Ballew 1953 

Elizabeth Baker Boldt 1991 

Judith Barnett Dutterer 1969 

Estate of Ora Ehmling Ehmann 1936 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 1965 

Mr. Dudley Dean Flanders 

Judy Lipes Garst 1963 

Brenda Nichol Goings 1971 

Jean Grainger 1970 

Mr. Gordon M. Grant 

Mr. Alexander Hamilton IV 

Man/ Lewis Hlx 1965 

Karen Emmet Hunt 1980 

Dr. Lacy Harris Hunt 

Kentucky Derby Hosiery 

Jane G. Kornegay 1983 

Shirley Sunderman Kostik 1949 

Catherine Ferns McPherson 1978 

Meredith Susan Palmer 1976 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 1973 

Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 1970 

Anne Sims Smith 1945 

Patricia Sphar 1958 

Susan Thompson Timmons 1964 

Bonnie Bracket! Weaver 1971 

Ms. Lucy West t 

Virginia Worth Gonder '39 Fellow in Theatre 

Mr. Richard J. Gonder 

Frederick and Florence Edna Haldenby 
Scholarship Endowment 

Dr Ann Field Alexander 1966 

Mr, and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Allen 

Mr and Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 

Dorothy Beals Ballew 1953 

Ms. Sharon D. Barnes 

Beverly Estes Bates 1964 

Sara Armstrong Bingley 1960 

Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller 

Ms. Crista Cabe 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 1951 

Peggy Anderson Carr 1967 

Dr. Maiiorie B. Chambers 

Mr. ano Mrs. Leonard B. Chittum 

Hon. and Mrs. George M. Cochran 

Compass Group 

Nancy Payne Dahl 1956 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 1951 

John W. Deming and Bertie Murphy Deming 

Mr. Robert S. Doenges 
Mr Dan Dowdy 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 1965 
Michelle Cobb Fitzgerald 2000 
Ms. Joyce Franklin 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harman 
Dr and Mrs. A. R. Gillespie 
Judith Godwin 1952 
Alice Tolley Goodwin 1966 
Dr. Susan Blair Green 
Mrs. Helen K. Groves 
Martha Brown Hamrick 1948 
Ms. Marion B. Hart 
Anna Kate Reld Hipp 1963 
Mrs. Mabel R. Hirschblel 
Ms. Anne Roberts Hooe 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 1954 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kennedy 
Ms. Diane Kent 
Mary Lou Moffitt Knorr 1938 
Mrs. Elaine Bruce Liles 
Dr. and Mrs. Preston C. Manning Jr. 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 1969 
MBC Alumnae/i Association 
MBC Student Government Association 
Mrs. James L. McAllister 
Dr. Sandra McClain 
Ruth Graham Mclntyre 2000 
Mr D. D. Meeks 
Mrs. Carolyn Meeks t 
Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 
Mr R William Moore Jr. 
Ms. Dorothy Mulberry 
Dr. Pamela Murray 
Dr. Roderic L. Owen 
Ms. Lydia J. Petersson 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 
Jane Proffit Pruett 1946 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 1944 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 1973 
Mr. and Mrs. David T Shufflebarger 
Dr. Ethel Smeak 1953 
Bertie Deming Smith 1946 
Anne Sims Smith 1945 
EnnTabscott Staebell 2000 
StauntonAWest Augusta Alumnae/I Chapter 
Janet Russell Steelman 1952 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Summers Jr. 
Eleanor Jamison Supple 1942 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C.Tabscott 
Mildred RoycroftTeer 1944 
JaneTownes 1969 
Dr. Sue McDowell Whitlock 1967 

Grace Sutherland and George Schilling Herscher 
Scholarship Endowment 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman 1940 

Hohn Family Memorial for Study Abroad 
Restricted Fund 

Miss Bonnie M. Hohn 

Mary E. Lakenan Scholarship Endowment 

Jean Young Moore 1939 

Leadership Initiative Capital Gifts 

Carolyn Smith Abbitt 1964 

Aetna Foundation Inc. 


The Ayco Charitable Foundation 

Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentlne 1980 

Beverly Estes Bates 1964 

Martha Barnen Beal 1953 

Sara Armstrong Bingley 1960 

Ann Cooke Bntt 1958 

The Community Foundation (Richmond, Virginia) 

Mary Gould Coulbourn 1963 

Thomas and Mary Coulbourn Family Fund of the 

Community Foundation (Richmond, Virginia) 
Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 1981 
Elizabeth Felton deGolian 1979 
Susan Parker Drean 1983 
Kelly Huffman Ellis 1980 
RitaAlvis Ernst 1989 
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 
Gap Foundation 
Linda Dolly Hammack 1962 
Cynthia Luck Haw 1979 
Patricia Binkley Haws 1969 
Gail McLennan King 1969 
Clare McMann Lancaster 1973 
Page Price Lewis 1972 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 1969 
Mr. George R. Mercer 
Mr. P William Moore Jr. 
Moore Brothers Company Inc. 
Mrs. Mary Pool-Murray 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Roberts Jr. 
Dr. Ethel Smeak 1953 
Sherri Miller Stephenson 1969 
Eugenia McCuenThomason 1962 
Teresita Zapata Tngo 1988 
Mr and Mrs. Terry Turner 
Ann Lewis Vaughn 1969 
Mr. Rudy J. and Mrs. Aremita R. Watson 
Elisabeth Wise 1968 
Wren Foundation Inc. 

Leadership Initiative Mathematics and Sciences 
Scholarship Endowment 

Anne Ponder Dickson 1961 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy Scholarship 

Mr. Robert Bnjce LIvy 


( 31 ) 

Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts in Shal<espeare Mortis Scholarship Endowment 

and Renaissance Literature in Performance 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

James L. McAllister Jr. Preparation for Ministry 
Scholarship Endowment 

Mrs, James L. McAllister 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A ) 

Sarah OdenTipson 1967 

Alice McCaa Biology Award 

Maria Lorenzo Collier 1976 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Morns III 

Dr. James B. Patrick Leadership Award 

Kathleen Kemg Byford 1968 
COL Melissa Patrick 1978 

Patricia Mines Phoenix Art Scholarship Endowment 

Fenwick Foundation 
Patricia Hines Phoenix 1977 

Residence Hall Renovation 

Alice Tolley Goodwin 1966 

Smyth Mathematics and Science Scholarship 

Mary Beth Reed Smyth 1947 
Smyth Foundation 

Annie Walker St. Clair Scholarship Endowment 

Margaret Moore Ripley 1952 

Fannie B. Strauss Scholarship Endowment 

Ms JoanW Clements 

Barbara Lemmond Graham 1940 

Estate of Fredenca Weinberg Kronsberg 1931 

Ms. Ethel AnnTebell 

George and Betsy McCune Education Fund 

Ms. Dorothy Mulberry 

Susan Shiriey McFall Scholarship 

Barbara Conlon Miescher 1950 

Milton andThelma McMullan Scholarship 

Estate of Mr. Milton McMullan 

Karl and Patricia Menk Fund for Faculty 

Carol Cadell Bowie 1971 
Dr Patricia Holbert Menk 
JaneTownes 1969 

Elizabeth Kelley Rogers Scholarship Endowment 

Dons Rohner Rogers 1960 

Charles E. Rutenber and James B. Patrick 
Endowment for Excellence in Chemistry and Physics 

Mr and Mrs. Hampton H Hairfield Jr 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Frost Burnett Telegadas 1983 

Mary Kathleen Shuford Memorial Scholarship 

Mr and Mrs James D. Coleman 
Helen Stevens Forster 1983 
Ms. Alice Moretz Lee 

Algemon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Endowed 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

Emily Ramsey Thompson Scholarship 

Estate of Emily Ramsey Thompson 1926 

Cynthia Haldenby Tyson Endowment for 

Communities Foundation of Texas 
Margaret Hunt Hill 1937 
Caroline Rose Hunt 1943 
The Rosewood Corporation 


Annual and Non- Annual Restricted Giving 

ADP Loyalty Fund 

Dr Ann Field Alexander 1966 

Janice Gregory Belcher 1958 

Teresa Bigler 1982 

Patricia Ferguson Brown 2000 

Margaret Alford Cloud 1980 

Sherry Robertson Cox 1999 

Ramona David 1999 

Rita Richardson DeFrank 1993 

Lisa Dockery-Boyce 2001 

Dr. Jean M. Donovan 

Dr Karen Dorgan 

Laura LaGrow Durland 1983 

Frances Duty 1999 

Ethyl Corporation 

Ms. Annette Evans 

Margaret Davis Evans 1946 

GE Fund 

William Goodson 1998 

Dr. Robert Grot|ohn 

Dr James J. Harrington 

Veria Heineman 1982 

Ellen Holtz 1960 

Ms. Anne Roberts Hooe 

Charlene Hutcheson 1994 

Michelle Carter Irvine 1987 

Dale King 1995 

Knight-Ridder Newspapers 

Dr Grace Jones Long 1981 

Mrs Dudley B Luck 

Angela Martin 1992 

Patricia Mattingly Montague 2001 

H. Wornom Moore 1958 

Judith Moore 1996 

Juliet McCall Moser 1968 

Elizabeth Pheil 1996 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc 

Dr Jane Turner Pietrowski 

Ms. Lallon Pond 

Jean Proffitt 1986 

Ms. Julie Rankin 

Margaret Carswell Richardson 1978 

Dorothy Cleveland Robb 1944 

Rosa Scott 1992 

Linda Short 1998 

Sandra Sprouse 1993 

State Farm Companies Foundation 
Dr Kathleen Stinehart 
Gail Thompson 1992 
Teresita Zapata Trigo 1988 
Verizon Foundation 
Debra Wenger 1990 

Amazing Grace Scholarship 

Ms. Carol Ann Douglas 

Foundation for the Carolinas 

Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation Inc. 

APSA Small Research Grant 

American Political Science Association 

Art Conservation and Acquisition Fund 

Woods End, L.C 

Athletics/Field Hockey Program 

Aetna Foundation, Inc 

New York Life Foundation 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth P Scott Jr 

Athletics/Swimming Pool Fund 

Mrs Betty M Kegley 


( 32 ) 

Bible Study 

Presbvtenan Church lU-S.A.) 

Eric M. Brown Art Award 

Dreama Brown 1986 
Mr. Gary C. Brown 

Susan E. Carter Memorial Scholarship 

Mr, and Mrs. David VV. Carter 

Chaplain's Fund 

Mrs Barbara R Burgir 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Distinguished Artist/Scholars Program 

Claire Lewis Arnold 1969 
Mr John Y. Williams 

Dominion Environmental Lecture 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Dr. Joseph Gam'son Book Fund 

Kathleen Aure 1968 
Catherine Boyntcn Beazley 1974 
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Louise Tabb Edge 1967 
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Eilen Anderson Hiil 1967 
Mary Hunter Leach 1977 
Jamie Lindler 1981 
Sarah Malloy 1999 
Emily Oehler 1993 
Mrs. Diane B. S. Roberts 

General Scholarship Fund 

Compass Group 

Estate of R. Wallace Rosen Trust 

Virginia Worth Gonder '39 
Shakespeare Fellow in Theatre 

Mr. Richard J. Gonder 

Martha Stackhouse Grafton Library Support 

Ms. Laura Painter Burns 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 1968 

Estate of Ora Ehmling Ehmann 1936 

Nancy Cohen Locher 1950 

Mr. Graham Painter Jr. 

Mr. Jamie Painter 

Betty NeislerTimberlake 1945 

Heisley Family Foundation PEG Scholarships 

Heisiey Family Foundation 

Mabel Fetterman Held Frtness and 
Performance Center 

Mabel Fetterman Held 1976 

Dr. Mary Emily Humphreys Lecture Series 
in Biology 


Anne Person Baylor 1952 
Elizabeth Blanchard Podesta 1948 
Dr. Scherer R Sanders 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 1958 

Lyda B. Hunt Hall Landscaping Project 

Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies 
Janet Russell Steelman 1952 

Anne Jackson Memorial Award 


Emily Wirsing Kelly Scholarship in Fine Arts 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation 
Mr. Timothy A. Kelly 

Malone Scholars Program Fund 

Malone Family Foundation 

Master of Arts/Master of Rne Arts 
in Shakespeare and Renaissance 
Literature in Performance Program 

E. Rhooes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 

Virginia Foundatian for Independent Colleges 

Nelson County ADP Scholarship 

Man/ Beth Reed Smyth 1947 
Smyth Foundation 

The Potomac-WVIL Scholarship 

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Program Development 

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Virginia Health Services Scholarship 


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Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Non- Annual Unrestricted Giving 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P Asbury 

Ms. Regina M. Belt 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Berger 

Sara Anmstrong Bingley 1960 

Ms. Louise W. Blaney 

Diana Rede Cabell 1956 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Creedon 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Daly 

Estate of Ora Ehmling Ehmann 1936 

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Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma 

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Estate of Sara Ranson Woltman 1938 

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{ 33 ) 

The Kiracofe Society 

T>ic Kiracofe Society is for deferred giving: charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift 
annuities, life estates in real property, life insurance, or bequests. Girts may be designated tor certain uses or 
left for the college to decide what's best. Many donors direct their gifts to Mary Baldwin's endcnvment. 


Mary Buckner Ragland 


Helen Snyder Farrar 


Evelyn Baker Arey 


Dr, Ruth Douglas See 


Margaret Grabill Jones 


Mildred Mawhinney Clements 
Margaret Schneider Conzett 
Anne Holman Hinckley 


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Raquel Fajardo Ross 


Jean Holliday 


Eleanor Cely Carter 


Mary Anne Wilson Gibbs 
Sarah Maupin Jones 
Mildred Lapsley 
Elizabeth GronemeyerWise 


Virginia Hayes Forrest 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman and 

William R. Hitchman 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Hilda Brov\/n Ziegler 

How fortunate I was to be 

able to attend Mary Baldwin 

College! I have always given 

to Annual Giving. However, 

two years ago 1 decided 1 

would like to give to more 

than Annual Giving because 

of my love for Mary Baldwin. 

1 established a charitable gift annuity. I couldn't 

believe how simple it was to set up this gift for 

endowment. 1 benefit as well — and the college 

takes care of all the details. 1 get a great deal of 

satisfaction knowing this gift is permanent and 

handled so professionally. I hope others will join 

me in building our endowment. 

OuuiA Caldwell Davis '51 


Anna Greenland Dortch 
Joyce Albright Greig-Denis 
Nina Sproul Wise 


Ann Atwell 
Anne Hayes Davis 
Nancy McWhortof Hurie, 
Anne Pendleton Phillips 
Dr. Leslie Syron 


Laura h'lcManavi/ay Andrews 
Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Mildred RcycoftTeer and 
R. DillardTeer 


Gail Riley Blakey 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 
Betty NeislerTimberlake 
Frances Tullis 


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Bertie Deming Smith 


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H Gordon Smyth 


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Cynthia Betts Johnson and Rev. 

Forrest Johnson 
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Virginia Rose Hagee 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 


Charlotte Jackson Berry 
Ouida Caldwell Davis 
Anne Poole 
Jane Moiidy Van Dragt 


Evelyn Chapman Brown 

Fhr^n-f- ', Vimberly Hellinger 
C ■ ■:-■ r J D^trick La.nons 
Janet Russell Stcelman 


Elma Ro'''ns Proffitt 
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Dr. Maunce Nottingham Jr. 


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Margaret Flythe league and 
Francis I, league 


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Daniel Leonard 
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Suzanne Burch 

Anne Ponder Dickson 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Holl ngshead 


Linda Dolly Hammack 
Mary Nell Williams Mathis 


Sarah Livingston Brown 
Mary Gould Coulbourn 

M .'\ R ~i r. \ L i^ \\- i \ 

( 34 ) 


3mmer iWlcCuliiey 



z -r" ' ' -r' r jrtram 




■ Sate; Chapman 
-:e' Esrrauzier 

:a-et Anne 

Fteyton VVaoidridge 


-c 53!i Robinson Coppock 

S.;"e. '.'s'snallTumer Elsass 

Su3=-: T-3. - Fearon 

E. Lindsay Jones 

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fvlartha Masters 

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Maryfecoo Johnson Williams 


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Salfie Brush Thalhimer 


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Deborah Dull Walker 


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Lucile Jones Clyde 
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Vanessa Traynham. 
Claudia Woody 


Carol: Paul Powell 
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Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
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Jenifer Walker 


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Juditfi Easteriy Lockridge 
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Vaterie Lynn Wenger 


Cynthia Ryan Allen 
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Chariotte R. Wenger 


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Mary Katherine Moorman 


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Jennifer Webb 


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Emily Oehler 


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Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lemmon 

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Mrs. Dudley B. Luck 

Mr. Ralph B. Metzger 

Mr. R William Moore Jr. 

Ms. Valerie Netting 

Dr. and Mrs. Rank R. Pancake 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuftifd Sr. 

Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 

Mrs. William A. Sutherland 

Honorary Alumnae/i 

Dr. Marjone 8. Chambers 
Dr. Martha Stackhouse Grafton 
Mrs. Mabel R. Hirschbiel 
Dr. James D. Lott 
Dr. Cynthia H.Tyson 

Gifts in Kind 


'=-' ^ 




3i-a'^G use Embroidery- Shop Inc. Mr. John S. Kelly 



\:- ■-. Ta-T-ace Day Ms. Yulee Lamer 

1 ' 


— " .J 

Rrsr Fresbytenan Church (Staunton. Virginia) Catherine Dupont Schlaeppi 1977 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Schwab 


' f 


Page Smith. Hartley 1955 Mary Cronin Wolfe 1939 



Dr Sara Nair James 1969 

t 35 } 

C O I L t G 

Office of Instirutional Advancement :: Staunton, Virginia 24401 :: 540-887-7011 :: w^^'^ 

We made every effort to list all donors fully and accurately. Our apologies for any oiitissions or errors. 

Corrections should be sent to the Office of Institutional Advancement, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA 24401. 

JMU's Ralph Cohen To Join MBC Faculty 

Ralph Alan Cohen, a distinguished professor of English at 
James Madison University and a founder of Shenandoah 
Shakespeare, will leave that institution to become professor 
this fall in the Mary Baldwin College Department of English and 
the college's graduate program in Shakespeare studies. Cohen 
will continue as executive director and director of education at 
Shenandoah Shakespeare, based at Blackfriars Playhouse, the 
only authentic re-creation of Shakespeare's indoor theatre — a 
project that he oversaw. 

"Mary Baldwin is extremely fortunate to have Ralph Cohen 
join its faculty," said Jeffrey L. Buller, dean of the college. "He 
brings our master of letters/master of fine arts program a level 

of expertise that we just 
couldn't have found any- 
where else. We know 
Ralph well — he was one 
of our consultants when 
we designed that pro- 
gram — and we're 
certain that he and Mary 
Baldwin College are a 
perfect match for each 

Cohen, who earned 
an undergraduate degree 
at Dartmouth College 
and a master's and Ph.D. 
at Duke University, has taught courses at Mary Baldwin. He 
said he is delighted to become a full-time faculty member. "The 
graduate students are first-rate, and I want to do what 1 can to 
make the program worthy of them," he said. "So far it has suc- 
ceeded beyond our expectations, and I am now convinced that 
it will soon be the best place anywhere to get an advanced 
degree in the teaching and performance of Shakespeare." 

At JMU, Cohen has been honored as teacher of the year 
and as an "eminent scholar." He received Virginia's outstanding 
faculty award in 1987, the first year it was given. He has an hon- 
orary degree from Georgetown University. 

A scholar, writer, and editor, Cohen also has directed 18 of 
Shakespeare's plays, including two productions of the play- 
wright's favorite play, Antony and Cleopatra, and the first 
professional production of Richard III to use a woman in the 
title role. With the reconstructed Globe theatre in London, 
Cohen runs a summer Shakespeare institute that concen- 
trates on plays in performance. He has directed National 
Endowment for the Humanities institutes on Renaissance 
staging and performance. 

A native of Montgomery Alabama, Cohen founded JMU's 
studies abroad program, which has locations in London, Paris, 
Florence, and Spain's Salamanca. 

Buller said Cohen's hiring was made possible in part by a 
five-year grant awarded to the college last year by the E. Rhodes 
and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, based in Philadelphia. 

Ralph Alan Cohen 

Board ofTrustees Elects New Members 

The Mary Baldwin College Board of Trustees has 
elected five new members: 

Charles T. Baskervill of Petersburg, Virginia. 
A member of the Mary Baldwin Parents Council, 
he is a partner in the law firm Shell, Johnson, 
Andrews, Baskervill, and Baskervill. His wife, 
Pamela Shell Baskervill "75, is a state Circuit Court 
judge. Their daughter, Susannah Baskervill, is a 
Mary Baldwin student. Baskervill is a Phi Beta 
Kappa graduate of Hampden-Sydney College. A 
former assistant commonwealth's attorney, he 
earned a law degree at the University of Richmond. 

H. C. Stuart Cochran of Staunton, vice presi- 
dent of Insurance Partners of Virginia and former 
director of the Frontier Culture Museum in 
Staunton. His father, Justice George Moffett 
Cochran, was a trustee from 1967 to 1981. 

Carol Emory '65, an authority on internation- 
al law and a founding partner of the Portland, 
Oregon, law firm Emory & Kroos. She has a law 
degree from the University of California at 
Berkeley and did postgraduate legal study at 
Georgetown University. Emory is publisher and 
editor of the International Lawyers News 
Network; she co-founded and edited the 
International Laivyers' Newsletter, and is a fre- 
quent writer and speaker on international legal 

Ruth Bell Graham '00 of Waynesboro, a 
writer and editor who is a former special gifts offi- 
cer at Mary Baldwin. A cum laude graduate, she 
received the Outstanding Adult Student Award. 
Graham was an acquisitions editor for Harper 
Collins and McCracken Press and has written a 
children's Bible story book. First Steps in the Bible, 
published by Word; co-edited The Faithful 
Christian with William Griffin; contributed to Let's 
Make a Memory by Gloria Gaither and Shirley 
Dobson and to Ambassadors for Christ, edited by 
John Woodbridge; co-authored I'm Pregnant . . . 
Now What? — A Resource of Choices for 
Unplanned Pregnancies, available on the Web at Daughter of Ruth 
and Billy Graham, she is working on hi Every Pew 
Sits a Broken Heart. 

Wellford L. Sanders Jr. of Richmond, man- 
aging director of First Union Securities Inc., 
recently purchased by Wachovia Securities. He is 
also a director of PHC Retail Holding Co., which 
owns Peebles department stores. Sanders, a gradu- 
ate of Hampden-Sydney, has a law degree from the 
University of Virginia. He is married to Ann 
Humphrey Sanders '67. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

Moe Hardy Earns 
The Good Bounces 

By Shkrry R. Cox '4'? 

Where is it written that 
a basketball player 
must be tall — six 
feet or more — to be successful? 
Certainly not at Mary Baldwin 
College or at John Marshall 
High School in Richmond, 
Virginia. At both, Maneisha 
Rayshawn "Moe" Hardy '04 — 
5 feet 3 inches on a "tall day" 
— has wowed crowds, team- 
mates, and coaches with her 
ability to steal, pass, rebound, 
and score. 

As a young girl. Hardy 
tried other sports, including 
volleyball and softball, but 
nothing felt right until her 
grandmother, with whom she 
lived, introduced her to bas- 
ketball at age 7 and even 
showed her some moves. 


Maneisha Rayshawn "Moe" Hardy '04, nght 

Hardy would accompany her 
grandmother to work at a 
nearby park, where she 
learned to love basketball. But 
there was a strict rule — 
homework first, a requirement 
that her grandmother still tries 
to enforce. 

Growing up. Hardy played 
Amateur Athletic Union basket- 
ball for six years and high 
school ball four years. While at 
John Marshall, she played on 
three all-conference teams, was 
named Most Valuable Player 
twice, and as a junior, led the 
team in steals, points, and 
assists. Then-MBC Coach 
Robert Walters saw Hardy play 
and contacted her. She had 
looked at colleges closer to 
home but watched several 
Squirrels games and decided to 
apply to MBC. 

The past two years. Hardy 
has played under Coach Jackie 
Bryan. "I'm used to coaches 
who yell at you," said Hardy. 
"Coach stays calm. And she lis- 
tens to our ideas. You can talk 

to her about anything, not just 
basketball. The whole coaching 
staff is great. They care about us 
and expect the best from us on 
and off the court." 

When not playing at MBC, 
Hardy stays in shape by work- 
ing out with her old AAU team. 
Her step-father, one of her for- 
mer high school and AAU 
coaches, suggests improvements, 
and she works toward accom- 
plishing several each summer. 
Being in the National Guard — 
she's a sergeant with a unit out 
of Portsmouth, Virginia — helps 
keep her in shape, too, as does 
helping Bryan with summer 
camps at MBC for secondary- 
school students. During the 
year. Hardy keeps in touch with 
the teens, inviting them to 
watch the Squirrels and attend- 
ing as many of their games as 
possible, even though "they pick 
on me because they are taller." 

Despite "lots of injuries" 
during her three years at Mary 
Baldwin, Hardy has pounded 
the hardwood in 76 of 77 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

games, starting in 69. Not only 
has she consistently led the team 
in assists, Hardy has been a top 
scorer, ranking second in the 
Atlantic Women's Colleges 
Conference as a sophomore, and 
has earned spots on two all-con- 
ference teams. And she's a 
top-notch thief — of the basket- 
ball, that is — who last year 
ranked 10th in steals among 
National Collegiate Athletic 
Association Division III women's 
basketball players. 

A captain for two years, 
Hardy said the recent season 
brought changes. "We were 
younger but more competitive," 
she said. "Increased recruiting 
has resulted in more talent on 
■ the team. Erica [Dabney] and 
Katrina [Scruggs] were awesome 
as freshmen. Having Erica in the 
middle made a big difference. 
She did a good job — impressed 
me. We spread the scoring 
around, and that's what made us 
a threat. We finished third even 
though we only had six or seven 
players most games because of 
injuries. And we were still trying 
to get to know each other." 

This year. Hardy averaged 
nearly six rebounds per game, a 
feat that Bryan described as 
"awesome for a 5-feet-3-inch 
college player." She earned the 
MBC Coach's Award as the 
most valuable player. "Moe is 
coachable and dependable," said 
Bryan. "She was a leader on the 
court and the stabilizer, playing 
with much more consistency to 
help our many young players. 
We had a much more successful 
year because of it." 

Hardy, too, is pleased with 
her evolving role as point guard 
— the floor leader who sets up 
plays. "As a point guard, you 
need to be able to communicate 
with the team and the coach — 
be sure everyone's in the right 
place. It's like being a coach on 
the floor. You have to be a voice 
leader. My first two years, I 
never talked much, and that was 
a problem." 

Now that she has found her 
voice on the court. Hardy also is 
more comfortable speaking up in 
class. "I ask questions in class 
instead of waiting to speak to 
my professor one-on-one or ask- 
ing questions by e-mail." 
Basketball has benefited her in 
other ways. "Basketball keeps 
me focused on school and what 
choices I make in life." 

One of her choices as a 
sophomore was to sign up for 
the Army Reserve Officer 
Training Corps. After gradua- 
tion in May 2004, Hardy will 
serve eight years as an Army 
officer. She hopes to play basket- 
ball for the Army and then play 
professionally overseas. And she 
might try coaching. 

A computer information 
systems major, Hardy wants to 
earn a master's in computer engi- 
neering and program video 
games. Plans that might sound 
daunting to others just timible 
out of this petite dynamo, no 
surprise to those who have fol- 
lowed her career at Mary 

"Moe might be small in size 
but she is large in try," said 
Debra Wenger, her advisor and 
assistant professor of computer 
information systems. "She tries 
hard at everything, from juggling 
her academic course load with 
her ROTC and basketball com- 
mitments, to completing her 
challenging assignments for my 
courses, to giving her all for the 
Squirrels team." 

Before focusing on life after 
college, Hardy has more imme- 
diate goals. One is to beat her 
step-father at one-on-one. 
Another is having her grand- 
mother in the stands for some of 
her senior games. Her mother, 
who is a big part of her support 
system on and off the court, has 
already felt the pride of watching 
her daughter excel as a college 
athlete. Next season should be 
exciting. Hardy is closing in on 
two Mary Baldwin records: 
career assists and steals. 

Squirrels Win Sports Honors 

Quality outshone quantity as MBC's team of seven — four of 
whom were first-year players — completed regular season 
basketball action with a 7-6 third-place record in the Atlantic 
Women's Colleges Conference. Overall, the Fighting Squirrels 
finished 12-14. In tournament play, sixth-place Wilson College 
upset Mary Baldwin 75-65. 

Freshman Erica Dabney ranked sixth in the nation among 
National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III women's 
basketball players in rebounds, averaging nearly 14 per game. 
Dabney won a spot on the all-conference first team, IVIaneisha 
Hardy was named to the second team, and Katrina Scruggs 
earned honorable mention. 

The swimming Squirrels finished third in regular-season 
competition with a 1-2 conference record. They placed fourth 
in championship action. Captain Jenny Carman finished first in 
the 100-meter butterfly and second in the 50-meter freestyle. 
Jen Kukia swam to second in the 100- and 200-meter breast 
stroke, and Reiko Ishikawa finished second in the 100 
freestyle. MBC's 200 freestyle relay team finished second. 

Carman was all-conference first team, and KukIa joined 
Ishikawa and Anne Forsythe with honorable mention. 

Ryn Bruce '99 

Director of Volunteers 

How You Can Help 
Mary Baldwin College 


Wear your MBC apparel purchased through the MBC 
Gift Shop (selection in this magazine). 

Represent Mary Baldwin as a delegate at another 
academic institution's presidential inauguration. 

Present one of our competitive scholarships to an 
incoming freshman at her high school awards ceremony. 

Become a member of your class reunion team. 

6. Encourage fellow MBC alums to participate in Mary 
Baldwin's Annual Giving. (The participation rate is 
important to our success.) 

5. Help plan an event for MBC in your area. 

4. Take a packet of information about MBC (we'll send it 
to you) to your high school's guidance office. 

3. Attend a college fair in your area. 

2. Refer a student. Use the referral card inserted in this 
magazine or go to and click 
on student referral form. 

1. Take Mary Baldwin's success personally. 

The topic of Ryn's Top 10 for the next issue will be the best ways 
to promote Mary Baldwin in your area. The person sending us the 
winning entry (the one we pick as No. 1) v/ill receive an apron 
embroidered with the IVlary Baldwin College logo. Send ideas to 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

The Alumnae/i Association funds pro- 
jects and events for the college through 
the proceeds from MBC Gift Shop sales. 
Recent projects have included the 
Library Leisure Reading Program, the 
Spring Fling for the senior class, and 
continued renovation of Spencer 
lounge. Every purchase from the Gift 
Shop allows the association to con- 
tribute to the success of Mary Baldwin. 


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Apron . AP-l $18 

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Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 


Add one of these gold or silver charms to a 
necklace or bracelet to remember your MBC 
days. Great gift idea, too. Allow 2-4 weeks 
for delivery. 

10 Karat Gold 

Acorn T-AC10 S130 

Apple T-A10 $95 

Squirrel T-SIO $95 

MBC Seal T-M10 . . . 

14 Karat Gold 

Acorn T-AC14 $195 

Apple T-A14 $125 

Squirrel - .T-S14 $125 

MBC Seal T-M14 $90 

Sterling Silver 

Acorn T-ACS $30 

Apple T-AS $30 

Squirrel T-SS $18 

MBC Seal T-MS $30 


Handcrafted in Virginia, this beautiful pewter 
jewelry box is perfect for your class ring, 
charms, and other keepsakes. Lined with blue 
velvet and engraved with MBC seal. 3.5 inches 
in diameter. 
Pewter Jewelry Box G-3 $25 


Frame your memories in this pewter frame 
decorated with a raised brass squirrel. 
Horizontal or vertical available. 

4x6 Vertical Frame X-52SV $25 

4x6 Horizontal Frame ...... X-52SH $25 

5x7 Vertical Frame X-52LV $36 

5x7 Horizontal Frame X-52LH $35 


Small but sturdy brass keychain with green 

MBC seal. 

Keychain X-51 $10 


Put MBC on your tree with these hand-crafted 
3-D miniature ornaments showing the Alumnae 
House and the Administration Building. 
Available in sparkling 24k gold finish. Purchase 
separately or as a pair. Gift boxed. 

Administration X-3B $10 

Alumnae House X-^ 

Collect Both X-38A $18 


This handsome wall mirror features the 
Administration Building, artfully hand-painted 
on reverse glass using a centuries-old tech- 
nique known as eglomise painting. The wood 
frame has an antiqued silver finish that is 
appropriate for home or office. 
Painted Mirror EDPM $195 


The glass paperweight features a pen and ink 
scene of the Administration Building and is cast 
from pure American glass. An optional date or 
message can be added for an additional charge 
of $10. Each paperweight comes in a custom- 
fitted black velvet pouch for gift-giving. Felt base. 
Pen & Ink Paperweight EDPW $30 


This desk box makes a handsome addition to 

any home or office. Made of poplar wood 

hand-finished in deep cherry, it features an 

eglomise hand painting of the Administration 


Painted Box EDPB $195 

Please visit 

www. eglomisedesigns. com 

to see a beautiful variety 

of additional Mary Baldwin 

commemorative gifts, 

including a painted picture, 

pen and ink desk clock, 

a photoframe, and more. 

To order, please call 

m-763-7359 or 540-887-7007 

Order Toll Free 800-763-7359 • Order By Fax 540-885-9503 • Shop Online 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 


Select your favorite campus building, and 
Elizabeth Robinson Harnson '55 will handcraft a 
realistic miniature just for you. Allow 6-8 weeks 
for delivery Please specify the building(s) you 
want (Administration Building, Alumnae House, 
Grafton Library, Hunt Hall, Pearce Science 
Building, Bell House. Bowman House, 
Edmondson House, Hill Top, Memorial, North 
Bailey, Rose Terrace, South Bailey, Spencer, 
Tullidge, Woodrow Terrace Apartments, 
Woodson, Tram Station, Woodrow Wilson's 

Miniature R-1 $12 

Set of 4 Miniatures R-2 $40 


One of the prettiest renderings ever created of 
the Mary Baldwin campus by the famous Virginia 
artist Eric Fitzpatnck. 
Print (17" X ir'l X-1 $25 


Mary Baldwin's beloved professor, Dr Thomas 
Grafton, compiled his favorite prayers in "Make 
Meaningful These Passing Years," originally print- 
ed in 1946, This makes a nice addition to any 
Book X-35 $10 


Beautiful thoughts to enrich your spiritual journey 
A collection of sermons and prayers by Mary 
Baldwin's chaplain, the Rev, Patricia Hunt 
Book x-54 $10 


The black lacquer finish and hand-painted gold 
tnm combined with a timeless design make an 
elegant chair Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery 
Shipping IS $50 per chair 

Boston Rocker 

Black Arms 



Cherry Arms 

JR2 , 


Captain's Chair 

(shown above} 

Black Arms 



Cherry Arms 




Show your school spirit wth this handsome 

green and white flag. 28"x 42" 

Flag FG-l $25 


Gourmet Virginia peanuts are great for 

entertaining and for gifts. 


1-1/2 lbs E-1 $10 

2-1/2 lbs E-3 $15 


1-1/2 lbs E-2 $10 

2-1/2 lbs E-4 $15 


Perfect for your home, this 100% cotton afghan 
features nine campus scenes Navy or hunter 
green bordered with jacquard woven design. 
Machine washable. Care instructions included. 
Green (48" X 70"! X^5G $40 

Navy 148" X 70"! X^tSB $40 


Protect yourself from those showers with a clas- 
sic golf umbrella in evergreen and white with 
MBC seal 

Golf Umbrella X-55 $25 


Back by popular demand! Black cast iron book- 
ends by Virginia Metalcrafters. Shipping $10.00. 
Bookends HJB-1 $50 


Sturdy canvas tote with front pocket and single 
snap closure Trimmed in green 16"x21" 

Tote E 



Very cute' Set of four spreaders with resin apple 

handles by Boston Warehouse 

Apple Spreaders AS-1 $10 

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Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

alumnae/i news 
and class notes 















Dear Friends, 

/^- g As I reflect on the leadership pro- 

.-^^^ vided by President C\Tithia H. 
^K' ^^^k Tyson, it is apparent to me that 
we alumnae/i have growTi closer 
to the college as a result of her direct, d\Tiamic and 
yet elegant style. 

Her interest in getting to know alumnae/i all 
across the countr>- has resulted in many of otu: 
graduates' being better connected to the college and 
more knowledgeable about our alma mater than 
ever before. Graduates are urged to know facts 
about the institution's various programs, imder- 
stand its financial status, and appreciate the 
challenges of marketing a women's college. 

Dr. Tyson's expectation is that when we are 
well inlormed we will become ambassadors for the 
college and share our knowledge with other alum- 
nae/i. "It is your college!" can be heard wherever 
and whenever she speaks — in volunteer-board 

meetings, social gatherings, and individual conver- 
sations. She graciously asserts that Man^ Baldwin 
will thrive if its alumnae/i remain committed and 
engaged and thanks us for our support of the col- 
lege. I know that I, like many others, have been 
strongly influenced and involved with the coUege as 
a result of the vibrant messages delivered by this 
poised and eloquent lady. 

We have been blessed to have Dr. Tyson. She 
has moved our beloved alma mater forward in 
innumerable areas. I wish her well in her retire- 
ment and know that she will remain associated 
with the college that she loves. I also look for- 
ward to working with a new president who will 
appreciate Dr. Tyson's legacy as she makes the 
presidency her own. 

With warm regards, 

Sue McDow^ell Whidock '67 


Take a Look 
At the Gift 
That Gives 

Looking to secure fiinds for life with no market risk.- A charitable gift annuit\' 
may be the answer to your search. Send for our brochure on charitable gift 
annuities today, obligation firee. Learn how you can make a gift to Mary 
Baldwin and protect your financial security. 

Martha Masters '69 

Director of Capital Support and Gift Planning 

Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA 24401 


Please send me the free brochure. 

I have a question. Please call me. The best time to call is:_ 

I have already included Mar\' Baldwin College in my estate plan through: 
i\ill ;^ a trust arrangement □ other 

?n will be kept scnctly contidential. 


Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 


Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 president, Lansdale, PA; Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65, vice president and president-elect, Hampton, VA; Lynn 
Tuggle Gilliland '80, executive director. Office of Alumnae/i Activities, Staunton, VA; Dorian Akernnan '92, Arlington, VA; Katherine Jackson 
Anderson '80, Columbia, SC; Pannela Leigh Anderson '84, Jefferson, GA; Kathleen Beck Andes '98, Grottoes, VA; Dorothy Beals Ballew '53, 
Johnson City TN; Alice Blair '86, Alexandria, VA; Nancy Kunkle Carey '51 , Staunton, VA; Mary Melissa Derby '88, Alexandria, VA; Emily 
Alexander Douglas '98, Nashville, TN; Ann Trusler Faith '69, Ridgefield, CT; Virginia Royster Francisco '64, Staunton, VA; Leigh Hamblin 
Gordon '78, Richmond, VA; Jean Grainger '70, New York, NY; Anne Kennan '95, Baltimore, MD; Jane G. Kornegay '83, Williamsburg, VA; 
Kathryn Ann McCormack'OO, Richmond, VA; Bonnie Tuggle Miller '76, Richmond, VA; Garnett Clymer Ogden '95, Frisco, TX; Fleet Lynch 
Roberts '81 , Valentines. VA; JaneT Russell Steelman "52, Lottsburg, VA; Debra Feigin Sukin '92, Houston, TX; M. Elizabeth Swope '66, 
Arlington, VA; JaneTownes '69, Shelbyville, TN; Kellie Warner '90, Charlotte, NC. 

class notes 


LOUISE JACKSON Stewart moved from 
Florida to Brighton Gardens, an assisted liv- 
ing facility in Winston-Salem NC 


Bethlehem PA is 95 and still enjoys attending 
the Bethlehem Garden Club, playing bndge, 
and doing lots of reading. 



Blacksburg VA is 91 and continues to 
teach piano in her home to a dozen stu- 
dents ranging in age from 5 to 18. Her 
first formal piano lesson was in Staunton 
84 years ago. when she was 1, but her 
love for it came earlier. The February 24 
edition of the Staunton Hevis Leaderiea- 
tured an article on Alene. It reads: "I've 
played since I could walk, I remember 
being so little and reaching up to the keys 
to play." A double-maior in piano and 
organ, Alene began teaching after gradu- 
ating from tvlary Baldwin in 1932. Three 
years later she married Tom Lamer, a 
Virginia Tech graduate. Alene. Tom, and 
their children moved frequently across 
the world during his military career, and 
Alene taught piano in locations including 
Italy, Panama. IVIassachusetts, Kansas, 
Pennsylvania. Washington DC. Maryland, 
and Illinois, 


JEAN BREHM Cottman of Wilmington DE 
writes: " My family told me I had to stay in 
Wilmington in May to celebrate the gradua- 
tion of two grandsons, one from the 
University of Delaware and one from high 
school, if all goes well. Sorry to miss 
Homecoming 2003" 

RUTH EDMUNDS Shepherd of Charleston 
WV writes: "I have been living at a retire- 
ment community called Edgewood Summit 
very happily for over seven years. I have 
three grandsons, three granddaughters, one 

great-granddaughter, and am expecting a 
new great-grandchild this spnng" 

LOUISE RANDQL Brooks of Richmond VA 

IS enioying her 90lh year 


DOROTHY COHEN Silvemiian of Melville 
NY IS now a great-grandmother 

RUTH ROSE GALEY Welliver of Columbia 
MO writes "Warren and I will celebrate our 
60th wedding anniversary at a family dinner 
with our three daughters, their spouses, and 
a granddaughter" 


Wrightsville Beach NC writes "I'm work- 
ing part time as a clinical social worker 
My area of practice is marital and family 

OPAL NEWTON Garrett of San Antonio TX 
writes: "Oscar and I have been married 63 
years as of April 2002. We have three won- 
derful daughters, nine wonderful 
grandchildren, and seven wonderful great- 


JEAN BAUM Mair of Bloomfield CT 

writes "I thought I was through with trav- 
eling out of country, but in October I went 
to Portugal, across northern Spain to 
Bosque, Bilbao, and Biarritz with several 
old friends from Northampton, where I 
lived for more than 30 years" 


Linthicum Heights MD wntes' "Being a 
grandparent is fun! Fortunately for me. I'm 
able to be involved with my two grandsons 
My younger grandson is a student at 
University of South Carolina and enjoying 
life. My older grandson served a year with 
AmeriCorps after graduating from college, 
and has now joined the Coast Guard. Other 
than family I'm busy with community activi- 
ties and vanous organizations to which I 
belong. Thankfully, my health remains good 
and I can remain independent!" 

EMMA PADGETT FitzHugh of Newport 

News VA had surgeries last year to replace 
a hip joint and a left knee, Emma says 
she's very happy with life and enioys stay- 
ing in touch with classmate ALMEYDA 


EMILY EAKLE Morgan of Staunton VA 
writes ■ 1 am now a great-grandmother to lit- 
tle Jeremy Yates" 

"We spend our time between Wild Dunes in 
South Carolina and Lake Lure in North 
Carolina, helping a lovely deserving moun- 
tain couple with a late-life crisis to a better 
life Ver/ gratifying" 

KAY POERSCHKE Stevens of Naples FL 
wntes: "Garth and I are still pretty active. He 
swims 25 laps in the pool every day while I 
walk the beach and swim some We've cut 
down on golf and play nine holes instead of 
eighteen. Our mam hobby and |oy is ball- 
room dancing We still take a lesson every 
week and dance three to four times a week 
It's a delightful way to exercise and meet 
new people, too Our children and 14 grand- 
children keep us busy as well," 

JANET WERNER Harris of Fredericksburg 
TX and classmate BETTY BAILEY Hall of 
Austin TX keep up to date with e-mails and 
"see each other now and then," 


CAROLINE HUNT of Dallas TX is founder 
of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and Lady 
Primrose's, an antiques and gift shop she 
owns with business partner Vivian Young. 
Caroline was featured in an article in Texas 
Living magazine titled "Lady Primrose's 
Products" that reads, "This entrepreneur 
does it all- She founds hotels, sells 
antiques, writes books, and produces fra- 
grances and an exclusive line of toiletnes." 
Caroline was featured as a candidate in 
Victoria magazine's Entrepreneur 2002 

MARY JANE LYLES Houston of San 

Antonio TX writes " 1 ]ust celebrated my 
80th I'm in fair health with two grown sons 
and four grandchildren, God's in his heaven 

and all's right with the world" 



MN writes "1 am a busy, happy 80-year-old 
with lovely memories of Mary Baldwin, So 
sorry to have Dr Tyson retire. She has led 
Mary Baldwin to national attention" 

FRANCESTAYLOR Roberts and husband 
Dan are residents of the Presbyterian Home 
of South Carolina - Columbia They have lived 
there for over a year 

EVA VINES Eutsler writes: "My husband, 
Kern, a retired United Methodist bishop, 
and I are enjoying retirement at Covenant 
Woods, a new retirement center in 
Mechanicsville VA." 



Antonio TX writes "Always proud to say that 
I went to Mary Baldwin, I spent two very 
happy years there" 

ANNE GARD Kinzie of Leland Ml wntes "I 
saw classmate BETTY NEISLERTimberiake 
at Bald Head Island at Thanksgiving, which 
was wonderful! All here about the same." 



Winston-Salem NC writes 'I'm volunteenng 
at a free pharmacy and clinic and love doing 
this I am active at Centenary United 
Methodist Church" 



of LufkinTX writes "I'm teaching my 8-year- 
old granddaughter to play the piano When 
she IS here, we have a great time. She asked 
me last week why she didn't have a real 
piano teacher and I told her I was cheaper!" 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Sumnner 2003 

ELIZABETH DUNN Sames or Carapeake 
MC wnites:. " I. broke my hip in June 2QQ1:, 
SQ' live slewed up. I still play same at 
diwdii. I.'m glad we did our traveling tfie 
last five years " 


fw" t: ; -;;-:-: tC among 
■: .-:-;: : - .- ■ ---eSQth 
-,'.;;.;■ - " " _.; 'f'^- 'ccftheVirginia 
Faunoe'cr. rcr I'deperoe.^" Colleges in July 
McNaniee 70 


BETfY JO BALES GaQsgfier of Richmond 
VA writes: "Ham still the director oiitfie 
matianali training' center for resource center 
direEtfflrs at lUnion-PSCE in Richmond. We 
are ecamerical and train resource center 
:r- ; "^ain^inedenominaoons. 

" "cation." 

LcOric ' SAcc ' oEUJNGRAjH Jones of 

Liuie Seek AR. wniEs; "My grandchildren! ate 
grown., witiii one mam"ed. I'm just an old 
widow woman." 

BETSY BBtRV WaCamson dr HrdiMimdi VS. 

writes: "I've published my ayvncaokSaolc 
and I am doing water aerobics." 

GBtALDINE 'GH)' CANBY Candl writes: 
" My three sons and tiieir families all live 
here, thankfully, I attend Si^ Marie's Episcopal 
Chumji and enpy playing hndge and 
mahjong once a week." 

B/IARTHA GODWIN Saunders of Suffdik VA 

:r:: = :;-:•:■- r _,; t =--•:; '^--t a retire- 

■=rc ' I'i' \ -. a:;il in Suffolk and very 
cca.a r. V;"':E-;r HamsanisatSvracuse 
L,',!'.=:3.;,, ,^:a:-,-Carson, is at Sl, Andrei/vs in 
Deia><var^, aticiTnaGy;, 10;. is stilli ttie princess 
at home"' 


JEAN Fart V' 

:": ■ - ,vrites:"l ami a 

years w::* 
teerworiK ,'.-_ 

■ ; : - ; - ; ;:^oolS- 1 dovatamr 
■ -e -i-encan Cancer 

Society's Reach to Recover/ program"' 

JUUA JOHNSTON Befton of Melbaun^e FL 
repori3 thatsoniThQraas,, 52; died Decembef 
23.,, 2002. Thomas, VMi: '72, woricedasam 
agert far Ne^f Ysrit Life far titie past TQ' years. 



living at Woods Edge in Ranklin VA. Hunny 
had classmate VIRGINIA 'GIM'' ROSE 
Hagee and feJIoxv alumna NANCY RAWLS 
Vfetson '48 CT/er fbrmanksgjving last year. 


MomstCAn PA rgoor3: "Ed and I areenioy- 
ing our re"ra'-e''" •'•■'- atenced our 
granddaucr:;- E - cr-;.:rrri graduation i"n 
Mew Hamps.-i,-r a,-i; "a-e T?;eled no Las 
Vegas, Missoun, Kansas, and Virginia" 

MARY HORION Vfeldron of Gaitiiersburg 
MD IS on the board of directors at Asbun/ 
Methodist Wllage, is sen,ing her I2th year as 
gavemorofWesle/Trieologcal Seminary, 
amiJ is president of tiiie Asliurji Home Guild 

andtlie Keese School of Continuing 
Education. AMY Mary is also a grandmother 
of five, ranging in age from 4to 13. 

JOANN MITCHELL Gner of Salisbury MD 
writes: "This is Dave's and my 22nd year 
serving on tiie board of Christian Shelter 
which yve helped begin. What an adventure! 
Whata feith builder in glorifying God, who's 
done it all'" 

Richards of Boones Mill VA writes: " I stiil 
enioy church woA, volunteenng. playing 
hndge, and yisiting witii classmate MARIE 
MCCLURE Beck several times a year^' 


OUIDA CALDWELL Davfe of White Sulphur 
Spnngs WV wntes; "I'm still busy with vol- 
unteer worii, serving as vice president of 
ttustees of White Sulphur Springs Public 
Ubrar/, a member of Main Street Board, an 
elder at First Ptesbyterian Church, and presi- 
dent of the Ctaiie-PatBini Miiisetim Mouse 


of Columbia SC was honored in January 
as Humanitarian of theYearbytiieUniled 
Wa/ of tine Midlands. Volunteer work has 
been a lifelong passion, and Char has 
served on the boards of mare than 40 
nonprofit organizations. She is a trustee 
of Mary Baldwin and the College of 
Qiiarieston. The January T9, 2003, edition 
of f&e Sate newspaper reads, "'Shehas 
a great humanitarian heart, a servant 
heart' said U.S. Senator Biiabeth Dale, 
H^€„ who became friends with Char 
tHirough tiieir work with tiie Amencan 
Red Crass, 'She is a beautiful person 
inside and out " 

JEAN KYLE Hedges and husband Lewis of 

Artingtion VA are spending more time in thei'r 
cabin in Gala:(VA, yvheretiiey visit with 
Jean's aayeaFold raotiier, who still lives in, 
iieir own home. 

DOROTHY SMTTH Purse of Dallas TX 
writes: " 1 eniay having ti>vo daughters and 
ti«a grandchildren living here in Dallas, with 
ray tiiird daughter not far away, t spend my 
ti'rwewitii family church, and friends,, and 
fael ver:/ biessed!" 




Charlottesville VA enjoyed the Grafton 
Saciety luncheon during Homecoming 
weelcend ini Ma/: 


NANCY "WffiyNE" HENDRICKS of Huntsville 
ALwrties: "I'm still involved witii Altitisa and 
the activities of ttie club as vvell as enjoying 
volunteering at Hamsan Brothers. The other 
volunteers are fun and interesting to be 
arpund." Wayne enioyed spending Chiiistmas 
with her family in NashvilleTN. 

MARY ASBURY Cobb writes: "Three years 
ago yve moved tio Norcross, GA — two doors 
down fiiom our soni Danien: and his femily. 

We have one granddaughter, 14, who is tine 
apple of our eye. We travel all over the United 
States witii Paul's golf." 

MARJORIE BENTON Hooper of Austin TX 
yvas expecting her seventh grandchild at tiie 
time of her class reunion and regretted not 
being able to attend. She extends best wish- 
es to all. 

JANE LAIRD Hammond writes: "After 50 
years in Moss Point MS, I moved to Tupelo 
MS to be closer to my children. I hope to 
attend my 50tii Man/ Baldwin reunion in 

ELLEN MARTIN Coe lives in Gulf Breeze FL 
witii husband James. She wntes: "We have 
four children and eight grandchildren, and are 
now retired. Our two sons operate our busi- 
ness, The Pensacola Hardware Company, 

SUE MCMANUS of St Augustine FL writes: 
"Before July 1, 2003, 1 will move into tiie 
Penney Farms Retirement Community. This 
is a delightful Christian village established in 
1926 by J. C. Penney I will have a home 
with an attached garage. I'll be 38 miles from 
the ocean I've visited daily ftjr almost 10 
years, and will raiss it, but it is time to move 
on now." 


IS retired and looking after family members. 

ETHEL SMEAK of Staunton VA enioyed a tnp 
to Portugal last fall witii classmate JANE 
TUCKER Mitchell. 

JO ANNTHACKER West of Roanoke VA 
says tiiat she spends a lot of time witii her 
grandchildren: Winston West IV 12. and 
Bizabeth Clara. 6. " Keeps you young! " 

JOANNEVAMES Stamus of Roanoke VA 
reports her cousin PAULINE VAMES OakieY 

"53 died of cancer December 16, 2001. 


ANN SHAW MiOer of Raleigh NC spent tiie 
summer in Boone NC building a log house. 
"I've really enjoyed it I've also been on 
many tips with the seniors group at chun:h- 
My husband Mereditii passed away in 2001 
and its been quite an adjustment after 46 
years. I'm planning a cruise for 2003" 

DORA LEEWILEY Brovwn of Chariotte NC 
reports daughter Lee Ann Brown married 
actor and directorTonyTam.They live in New 
York Cit/, where Lee Ann teaches in the 
English departinentatSt Jahnls Universit/ 
on Staten Island: 



Riverside IL reports: "Nine grandchildren 
keep us busy. Both John and 1 have been 
going to Chautauqua for six summers and so 
enjoy it I hope B: see same Mary Baldwin 
classmates there. Let us know if you go." 


SUSAN ANDES Pittman of Raleigh NC got 

together in eariy November with classmates 

"a few restftjl shopping days" at her 
Wrightsville Beach house in Nortli Carolina. 

PATRICIA BOWIE Davis of Hariingen TX had 
a busy year of travel. In May and June 2002 
she visited the beaches of Nomiandy, which 
she says was "very sobering," sailed up the 
Seine to Pans, and continued her travels to 
London and Scotiand. Last fall, she went to 
Richmond and Williamsburg VA, joined her 
femily for Rose Bowl festivities, and celebrat- 
ed New Year's in San Diego CA. 


JUDY GABEL Reeling of Baton Rouge LA 
writes: "I'm enioying being the associate 
presbyter for program and nurture for tiie 
Presbyter/ of South Louisiana. My husband 
Ted retired after 25 years as pastor of the 
Baker Preshytenan Church in Baker LA." 


wntes: "Our daughter Paige, who's been liv- 
ing in Alaska, moved to soutiiwest Virginia in 
September to take a ]ob in public health 
through the Centers for Disease Control and 
Prevention. Paige wori<s as an epidemiolo- 
gist with an emphasis on bioten'orism 

SALENDA SMITH Kincaid of Stony Brook 

NY reports she has t^;o grandchildren, ages 
1 and 7 living in Bismarck ND. 


Baltimore MD writes: "So sony to miss the 
45th ! Rve surgeries over tiie past two years 
kept me away. Thank God all is well now. 
Hope everyone is healthy and happy! " 


NANCY PILLOW Roberts wntes: " I got 
married on Thanksgiving Day with all our chil- 
dren and grandchildren present My three 
children and tiiree grandchildren live in 
Atianta. I retired from the law firm in May 
2002 and tiien toured Italy for 18 days. Now 
I play tennis and am enjoying mam'ed life and 
yisiting my children." 


LUCY HSHER West of Rsher WV writes: 
" Steve and I had an enjoyable tiip to Italy 
and Sicily last winter 1 continue to teach an 
occassional course for neariiy colleges," 

MARGARET FOSTER Curtis of Ridgeland 
SC writes: " I opened my own nurse practi- 
tioner family health care office — I'm 
something of a pioneer in my state." 


Los Angeles CA reports tiiat daughter Susan 
Duvall died December 5, 2002. Susan was a 
special education teacher for six years in tiie 
Los Angeles school division, wari<ing with 
auti'stic children. 


MARY "MIMI" COWAN Grimshaw of 

Clifton VA welcomed new granddaughter 
Hannah Bise on October 30, 2002, who 
joins grandson TJ, 3. "I'm busy witii volun- 
teer woric, including being co-chair of the 
Women of tiie Church. John and I are look- 
ing forward to retirement in Nortii Carolina, 
where both of our giris live." 

Man/' BaJUiwiCT GnJIege iyiag3zjTiie • Summer 2QQ3 

HELAINE HOBBY McKenney is retired and 
has tour grandchildren; two girls and two 
boys. Helaine lives in West Palm Beach FL 
six months a year and m the Hamptons the 
other six months. 



SUSAN ELY Ryan of Albuquerque NM 
writes: "We have liquidated our wholesale 
jewelry business and retired. Travel and 
time with family and friends are our top 
priority — so look out! We may turn up at 
any time now!" 

Harrisonburg VA reports the death of hus- 
band Avis April 3, 2002, 



Midlothian VA is eagerly preparing for retire- 
ment after 42 years as a medical 
technologist. "My avocation as a watercolor 
artist is blossoming " 

LACEY SANFORD Hudgins of Hampton VA 
writes: "We've finally moved to a renovated 
home after two years that was my husband 
William's parents' home We completely 
changed it and have lots of room now. espe- 
cially for the three grandsons." 

ELIZABETH SCOTT Featherstone of 

Richmond VA is expecting her fourth grand- 
child this spring and is "care-giving the other 

DOROTHEA BESSIRE Morris of San Jose 
CA writes "We have two grandchildren- 
Claire. 3, and Chloe. 14 weeks We spend 
lots of time traveling around the bay area 
visiting the girls — all four of our children 
live within an hour of our home and we 
see them often Three of our four children 
are married, and our son John will marry 
this August in Prestwick, Scotland, so 
we'll be journeying to the land of lochs for 
the ceremony. We've enjoyed traveling 
over the past few years to Italy, Hawaii, 
and most recently Santiago, Chile, where 
we met our youngest son Jim and his wife 
Amy We visited several areas, including 
the wine country and the coast Chile 
looks very much like the California land- 

EMILY DETHLOFF Ryan of Houston TX 
wntes: "We're looking forward to clearing 
our calendars of long-time volunteer com- 
mitments so we don't have deadlines and 
can travel more" 

SALLY DUPREE Barnett of Union Grove 
AL writes: "Now that I'm a part-time librar- 
ian and not head of the Youth Services 
Department, Ron and I en|oy traveling 
more and touring in our antique cars" 

MARTHA FANT Hays of Sardis MS 
writes: "I spent a month in Richmond last 
fall keeping my six grandchildren while my 
daughter and her husband went to 
Kazakhstan to adopt a baby Lucy makes 
our 11th grandchild!" 

BETSY FITCH Benton writes "One of my 
daughters is expecting a baby in May This 
will be her seventh' No twins — all single 
births!" Betsy lives in Norfolk VA. 


Hampton VA writes " I made a New Year's 
resolution to find an incline where I could 
practice climbing hills before coming to this 
year's reunion , It's very flat where I live i " 


of Clemmons NC writes "We are so lucky to 
have our three girls and their families nearby 
Our four grandchildren, ages 7, 5, 3, and 6 
months, are tmly the lights of our life! " 

ROBBIE NELSON LeCompte of Virginia 

Beach VA reports her third granddaughter 

was born in 2002 

MARY PARMELEE Reid retired and moved 


SHEARERTROXELL Luck i:if Ashland VA 
writes BECKY CANNADY Merchant and I 

have met se.' ■ . ' ■ - i- .i i'-' .n i,3t work 
Preston, and ANNE BIT' SHADE Orane 

making great plans for our 40th reunion Our 
goal IS to increase attendance as well as the 
percentage of classmates who give" 

"My fnends who never attended a private 
school don't enpy the Harry Potter movies 
nearly as much as I do The wise and kind 
faculty and a few creepy hallways bring back 
happy memones of Mary Baldwin" Mary 
Nell IS a CPA in Austin TX 


KAREN APPLEBY Baughan of Luray VA is 
semi-retired with more time for friends, 
church, and writing 


Kenilworth IL writes "Our daughter Sara 
received her master's degree from 
Vanderbilt University last year and married in 
June Son Bert IS heading to New York 
University School of Law this fall." 

ANN KING Harkins of BeckleyVW reports 
that husband Frank retired from banking, and 
they are expecting their 10th grandchild in 

PAM MILLIKEN Reed of Columbia SC 
wntes "I love being a grandmother!" 


MARIAN Gordin of Atlanta GA reports: "My 
partner and I had a wonderful time camping 
in Yellowstone National Park in September I 
joined St Bartholomew's Episcopal Church 
in Atlanta and continue to volunteer through 
the Master Gardener program." 

CAROLYN BERNEKING Kelleher and hus- 
band Tom live in Spicer MN Carolyn is a 
librarian at Ridgewater College and Tom is a 
banker in St Paul Both look forward to 
retirement in a few years and spending time 
at their lake home in MN with their three 

STUART CHAPMAN Cobb and husband 
Jim of Little Rock AR built a house in Belize 
and love to spend winters there. 

Crazy About Cats, But Not Just Any Cats 

Be'tty White '63 is a cat fancier who 
judges tancy cats around the globe. 

"My interest in pedigreed cats began 
when my husband came home one day 
with a Siamese kitten someone had 
dumped on a colleague's property," 
recalls White, who completed her under- 
graduate work at Mary Baldwin, 
majoring in history, when her husband, 
Julian, was hired to teach French. They 
moved west several years later when he 
joined the faculty of the University of 
New Mexico. 

"Having grown up in Virginia with a 
Toy Manchester and never having owned 
a cat, I was intrigued with the beautiful 
blue eyes" of the Siamese, says White. 
"One thing led to another, beginning with 
attendance at a cat show, and I acquired 
another Siamese. I was eager to explore 
the Southwest anyway, and thought that 
traveling to cat shows would be a way to 
pursue a hobby and see the United States. 

To say that I became thoroughly enam- 
ored of the Siamese breed is somewhat of 
an understatement, I suppose." 

White acquired a reputation as a 
breeder of fine Siamese. The bloodlines of 
those cats are now all over the world. She 
also has written more than 30 articles 
about the breed and about pedigreed cats 
in general. 

Once her children were grown. 
White gained admission to the rigorous, 
eight-month judge-training program of 
Cat Fanciers' Association Inc., the world's 
largest registry of pedigreed cats. 
Qualified to judge all breeds of cats, she 
goes to 35 to 40 shows a year. Judging 
has taken her all over the United States 
and to Canada, Australia, The 
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, 
Austria, Japan, and Malaysia. 

"Cat judging is strictly a beauty con- 
test," says White. "There is a standard 
for each breed that delineates the perfect 

Betty White '63 and friend 

cat." In shows, cats are judged against 
this standard. The one that comes closest 
wins best in show. 

White says she always enjoys "talk- 
ing about the world of fine cats," which, 
she says, is "not so unlike the world of 
fine dogs. It is a hobby that has been 
most rewarding to me." 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

ADELE JEFFORDS Pope '65 repre- 
sented Mary Baldwin College at the 
inauguration of Nora Kizer Bell as 10th 
president of Hollins University February 
20, 2003. Pictured (I to r) are good friends 
Adele, Bell, and Carol Connor, South 
Carolina Court of Appeals judge. 

CHERYL SERFOZO Hindelang '95 and David Hindelang 
were marned November 2, 2002, in Midlothian VA. 
Celebrating with the bride are II to r) RENEE SUTPHIN 
Taylor '95, mad of honor KRISTINE SERFOZO '96. the 
bride, bndesmaid CINDY RONDEAU '95 KATHERINE 
SHIPLETT Smith '96 SARAH WALUS '95, and (bending 
down) RAND HAGRITT Mauck '95 

Having a great time at the wedding of KATHRINE "KAT" STEW- 
ART Messer '00 and ','' ".I'-e" 3je' Messer on June 15, 
2002. are (I to r) AMY ANDRE 00 CATHERINE STANSFIELD '02. 
maid of honor CATHRYN "RYN" BRUCE '99, matron of honor 
MOLLY PAYNE Pugh 00 CHRISTY RIGGS '00, the bnde. LALE 
MAMAUX '00 - :-! 3 : KENNON POYNTER '00, and brides- 
maa ANDREA SLAUGHTER Betton '00 

DIANE COOPER Byers of Weaverville NC 
wntes: "After raising four boys, I'm thorough- 
ly en]oying five granddaughters I" 

JUNE EARLY Fraim of Oakton VA celebrat- 
ed the mamage of son Thomas Fraim Jr. to 
Susan Omelczuk November 2, 2002. "It was 
a joyous occasion." 

MARY GILLESPIE Amos of Atlanta GA 
writes: "lama pastoral counselor and mar- 
riage and family therapist, seeing clients in 
my home. Son Lewis is engaged to Kimberiy 
Head and will be married this summer." 

DOROTHY lAFRATE Rudy reports: "We 
have moved to Healdsburg CA, the heart of 
Sonoma. Son Michael is working for 
Manulife financial in Boston, and Jonathon 
works for S & P in Manhattan. Jonathon is 
on CNBC every once in a while — he's a 
martlet analyst for software. I'm semi-retired 
but still send students to Spain. My husband 
John is retired" 


Rolling Hills CA announces the birth of her 
first grandchild. William David McKinnie IV. 
Daughter .Ashley will be mam'ed in 
Washington DC in June 2003. Kak is busy 
making long-distance plans for the wedding. 

JANICE "JAN- JONES Collins of Brevard 
NC took two trips last year one to Alaska 
and another to .Austria and Switzeriand, with 
a stop in Genriany to see her son and his 
family — especially granddaughter Maggie. 
Jan enjoys seeing grandson Collin in Hickory 
NC quite often. 

ANNE -HILUE- SMITH Edwards of 

Hemdon VA continues to wortc as director of 
The Agency on Aging in Loudon County VA 
while husband George worits as a technical 
translator Son Geona, 28, teaches English in 
Spain, and son Joe, 25, is in his second year 
of graduate school studying psychology at 
State University of West Georgia. 

"Chuck and I have made Schroon Lake in the 
Adirondack Mountains of NY our full-time 
home, and are loving even/ active moment. 
Our five children are mamed and we're the 
grandparents of five, including a set of twins." 

CHARLOTTETYSON Mewbom of Fanmville 
VA says her first grandchild, Leslie Elizabeth 

Meadowcroft, was bom August 26, 2002. "A 
sheer joy and delight! " Charlotte continues 
to enjoy retirement and her part-time job at 
Rememberings, a gift and antiques shop. 


KATHRYN JACKSON Lohmiller of Green 
KS writes: "My husband Buzz and I are 
beginning our nth year as residents of The 
Heartland in Kansas. We are both working 
full time and hope that changes in the next 
two years! I still find my work with Hospice 
ven/ rewarding." 

GLENDA NORRIS George of Vienna VA 
reports that son Jeff mamed in July 2002 
and daughter Sarah is a first-year law student 
atVandertoilt University. 


Greenville SC wntes: "My husband Jimmy 
is a banking officer with Regions Bank. I'm 
busier than ever with my interior design 
business and grandchildren Walker, 4, and 
Aven/, 1." 

CAROL STORM Smith of Singer Island FL 
writes: "I'm a grandmother — Mya 
Millholland Smitin was bom June 27, 2001. 
Sti'il sailing — both racing and cruising! " 


Coleman GA wntes: "On June 28, 2002, 1 
mam'ed Dr Paul Clark Jr, a retired lieutenant 
colonel and professor of Latin American his- 
tory. I moved to his horse fanm in southwest 
Georgia, where we raise Tennessee Walking 
Horses. Two of my three daughters are in 
California: Cecile, 32, and Loring, 24. Brewer 
20, is at University of Texas at Austin. One of 
my husband's good fnends, Richard 
Beauchamp, was chaplain at MBC for a short 
time in the '70s while my sister Zoe was 

JANETWHITE Campbell of Portsmouth NH 
reports that daughter Cathy is in graduate 
school at NYU, studying Italian literature and 
teaching beginner Italian. 


JUDITH PUGH Stone of Guilford CT con- 
tinues to do social work with foster 
families. She completed a re-design and 

renovation of her 1870 Victorian home and 
enjoys gardening and antiques shopping. 
"It's hard to believe, but my nieces and 
nephews are almost all adults, and I'm a 
great-aunt thrice over! " 


JANE CRANE McSwain and husband 
Thomas of Shepardstown WV are officially 
retired. Daughter Kimberiy manied Robert 
Check on August 6, 2002, and lives in 
Poquoson VA. Daughter Kristin earned her 
master's from the Kennedy School of 
Government at Harvard. 

BARBARA GARNER Ogles of Memphis TN 
writes: "The last three years have contained 
a lot of milestones: 1 got mamed, lost my 
father stepped out of management after 
mamage to work part time, and became a 
grandmother! I manied a wonderful man, 
John Ogles, after being single for 23 years. 
Together we have six sons, but enjoy being 
single-nesters, as they are all out of the 
home. I love working three days a week at 
FedEx, where I've been for almost 25 years! 
(I'm not a woman who makes life changes 
easily.) My son and daughter-in-law. both 
UVA graduates, live in Ariington VA and had 
twins William and Emilie Gamer on April 2, 
2002. 1 look forward to heanng about all my 

SUSAN HUST Rosher of Rome NY contin- 
ues to work for the New York Department of 
Conections as a con-ectional counselor 
Susan leads parenting programs as well as 
individual counseling. 

JENNIFER JAMES reports that son 
Christopher mamed Jennifer Eve Brandos of 
Inrington-on-Hudson NY. She also writes that 
she has been "on the road a lot" to Jordan, 
Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, 
and Morocco. She and husband Arthur 
Hepler live m Annandale VA. 

CYNTHIA KNIGHT Wier of Houston TX 
writes: "We lost my mother in Apnl 2002 and 
my father-in-law in July. I've loved my job as 
an events coordinator at my church, and it 
keeps me ver/ busy My older son Tom is in 
graduate school in linguistics at the University 
of Chicago. Son Paon'ck is a sophomore in col- 
lege looking into the communications field." 


Bryn Mawr PA has worked as associate 
minister for pastoral care at Bryn Mawr 
Presbyterian Church for 14 years. 
Margaret Anne is leading a pilgrimage to 
Scotland In May and is involved with 
women's Issues and peacemaking. 

Camevale of Rockville MD announces the 
marriage of daughter Sarah, February 17 
2002, Sarah, a Duke graduate, teaches 
ninth-grade math in Brooklyn NY, and her 
husband Brad, a Dartmouth graduate, is a 
Brooklyn police officer Cathy continues to 
manage an office at the Food and Drug 
Administration, dealing primarily with food 
safety international harmonization, and 
trade issues. "Always busy!" 


JUDITH Galloway of New York NY was 
named president of The Young Group — a 
research and marketing company special- 
izing in beauty, home, health, and 

ANN DAVIS Spitler of Alexandna VA retired 
from AT&T after 30 years. Son Glen III is a 
junior at James Madison University and 
daughter Elizabeth is a freshman In high 

MARY HUTCHESON Priddy of Richmond 
VA continues to practice law full time, spe- 
cializing in medical malpractice defense for 
doctors, nurses, and hospitals. Husband 
Samuel is also a lawyer They have two 
children: daughter Moffett, 15, and son 
Sam, 13. 

UNDLEY MOFFETT Small of Atlanta GA 
has three sons. Alex. 24, works for Morgan 
Stanley in Atianta, Taylor will graduate this 
spring from UNC at Chapel Hill with a 
degree in economics, and Stuart is a fresh- 
man at UVA. 

MARY ELLEN NAVAS and husband Bob 
Archibald live in Oakland CA but report that 
they are trying to make Utah their official 
home, where there is better skiing and hik- 
ing. "We have three kids and three 
grandkids so far — all are dynamite. The 
generations seem to be improving!" 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 


Hamilton MT writes: "My husband Terry and 
I are retired, though we still do some con- 
sulting from time to time. We have a 45-foot 
Prevost bus. just like the rock stars, and love 
to travel the country m it with our two black 
labs! We also hunt, snowmobile, and fish — 
life in Montana IS great!" 


Mansfield OH wntes: "This was a year of 
transition for our family Austin graduated 
from Antioch College in Ohio with a double 
maior in philosophy and psychology and 
Steve graduated from Full Sail in Florida 
with a degree in audio engineenng, Dave 
retired from the steel tubing business and 
now has more time to compete in his Ford 
Spec Racer My transition is rather subtle 
in companson, as I'm now combining my 
painting and calligraphy to create illuminat- 
ed manuscnpts." 



director of development for The National 
Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 
Oklahoma City OK. She writes "The |0b is 
great, although very busy and intense!" 
Laurel married Michael David Anderson on 
February 22, 2003. 

BRENDA NICHOL Goings of Mt Airy NC 
writes: "Since my daughters are now col- 
lege graduates and on their own, I'm 
trying some new things. I spent two 
weeks this fall in the Yucatan and studied 
Spanish I'm still director of education for 
my family's hosiery business" 


daughters were married and her youngest 
IS at Wake Forest University 


Norfolk VA has worked for Bank of America 
Card Services for 30 years, and is looking for- 
ward to retiring. Son Jeff, 21, lives in 
Richmond VA, and daughter Jessie, U is a 
lunior in high school hoping to play field hock- 
ey in college. 


Charlottesville VA writes: "My children have 
all left the nest, and I'm coaching a high 
school boys' tennis team and trying to take 
care of my parents who've moved to 
Charlottesville Byrd and I have become 
interested in ballroom dancing. His gastroen- 
terology practice stays very busy." 


WINDON BLANTON Biesecker of 

Chesapeake VA writes. "We sold our com- 
mercial real estate business, and I'm retired 
but explonng my options. Enjoying two pre- 
cious grandchildren" 


Northfield VT announces the birth of new 
grandson Gabriel on January 15, 2002. 

LOUISE ROSSETT McNamee of New York 

NY an MBC trustee, was honored with 
MARY ELIZABETH REED Smyth '47 in July 
2002 among "Outstanding Alumni" at the 
50th Anniversary Annual Meeting of the 
Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. 

ANNEMARIE LOCKE Evans writes Living 
in Raleigh NC and have a great |0b as a psy- 
chologist at a public school for emotionally 
disturbed adolescents. My youngest daugh- 
ter got her driver's license, oldest daughter 
got marned, and my second daughter is 
expecting twins!" 



SALLIE BRUSH Thalhimer of Richmond VA 
illustrated "Out Snow Bear Scrapbook — 
Memories and Recipes fromThalhimers," 
written by daughter Elizabeth, which was a 
best-seller over the holidays at their local 
Barnes & Noble. The book benefitsTheatre 
IV the nation's second largest touring chil- 
dren's theatre, which is based in 
Richmond. Along with illustrating the book, 
Sallie created a line of greeting cards sold 
locally She reports that her two older 

ANN ALLEN Savoy of Eunice LA is a 
renowned chronicler of Ca|un music and cul- 
ture After graduating from Mary Baldwin. 
Ann met and married Marc Savoy the lead- 
ing performer and builder of the Ca|un 
accordion, leading to a growing interest in 
and appreciation of Caiun history In 1985 
Ann's research produced the book Caiun 
Music: A Reflection of a People, Volume 1 , 
which IS in Its sixth printing, with two more 
volumes in the works Her most recent pro- 
lect was performing on and producing the 
soundtrack of the film The Divine Secrets of 
the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, in which she made a 
cameo appearance Following in their par- 
ents' footsteps, sons Joel and Wilson are 
both musicians, on fiddle and accordion, 
respectively Daughter Sarah is a graduate 
of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 



How can you thank those whose love, 
support, and ideas helped to shape your 
character, your values, your very life? 

For informatior\ about memorial opportunities 
at Mary Baldwin College, call or write: 

Martha Masters '69, Director of Capital Support and Gift Planning 

Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, VA 24401 


EVE HITCHMAN Carter of Staunton VA 
married Allen J. Carter on October 8, 2000. 
Eve IS proprieter of The Inn at Old Virginia in 



TERRY HUFFMAN Arnold of Newport 

NewsVA •■ iined on February 

23,2002.' ■■■■'-■ ■ ■■■uld III of Denver 
CO — happily he moved to Virginia. 
Daughter Merritt is finishing her senior year 
at St Margaret's School and has looked at 
MBC — my fingers are crossed! Son Will is 
a junior at Loyola University in New Orleans." 

ELLEN LUTZ Hardin of New Orleans LA 
reports: "My son Simms is a graduating 
senior at Washington and Lee heading 
toward medical school after a year off. 
Daughter Liz is completing her sophomore 
year at the University of Georgia and a 
Kappa Daughter Allison is finishing the 
eighth grade at McGehee, an all-girls scfiool." 


JANE DISHER writes "I have relocated to 

Philadelphia PA to work for ACE-INA 
Insurance as vice president of organizational 
development for international business. My 
passport IS getting a real workout! I bought a 
home in Exton PA and am spending all my 
free time settling m' 


moved to Charleston SC after "tour won- 
derful years m Italy" She works as the 
director of Chnstian formation at St. 
Michael's Episcopal Church, and husband 
Bob continues to serve as an active-duty 
Navy chaplain Son Stratton was a senior 
at Davidson College this year, son 
Newman was a freshman at The Citadel, 
and son Will Henry was in the fourth grade 
— also fluent in Italian! 


SHAWN KEYS Whitman of Tulsa OK 
writes "We moved into a new home one 
year ago and live close to a huge area full 
of coyotes that howl every night! My old- 
est daughter Kat will be a senior in high 
school and is looking into colleges in New 
Mexico and North Carolina. My son Gray 
stays busy with his lawn mowing and leaf 
removal business, and at the age of 10 
has a great savings account started. 
Becky a rising sophomore in high school, 
enioys competitive soccer My husband 
Scott works as vice president of market- 
ing at Unicorp. a company involved in the 
aviation industry He plays golf when pos- 
sible, and tennis is my hobby when the 
kids are at school or when the taxi service 
IS not busy!" 


WHITNEY DODD Godwin of Decatur GA 
writes "Working part time as an ER nurse 
at Emory in Atlanta and trying to keep up 
with 8- and 10-year-old boys: soccer sched- 
ules, homework, and Cub Scouts! I 
recently went to a Big Chill dance that 
took me back to fraternity and MBC 
Sunday afternoon parties. Hard to believe 
It's been 25 years!" 

Mary Baldwin College Ivlagazine • Summer 2003 

MARY BETH LAWRENCE Hill of Rockland 
ME trains and coordinates Hospice volun- 

MELISSA PATRICK serves at the headquar- 
ters of the United States Army Europe in 
Heidelberg, Germany, She writes: "Staying 
very busy with Army life and enjoying living 
on the banks of the beautiful Neckar River 
opposite the romantic rums of the 
Heidelberg Castle," 


husband Charles live in Alexandria VA with 
their two girls and two boys, Beth writes: 
" Life is funny — I am now substitute teach- 
ing in Fairfax County, The hours are better for 
my family" 

PAM WILLIAMS Butler of Farmville VA has 
two children: Anne Cabell, finishing eighth 
grade, and Mitchell, sixth, 


KELLEY REXROAD of Odessa PL wntes: "I 
have a terrific new role in Cardinal Health, I 
head up HR for 5,000 employees in 12 coun- 
tries! A great position and a great company. 
The assignment brought me back to the 
Tampa Bay area, where I stand ready to help 
MBC in this region again," 

SARAH WAY Speaker of Birmingham AL 
continues to work at Barnes & Noble 
Husband Cary accepted a call to pastor 
Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church in 
Birmingham, and they were happy the job 
did not require relocating, Sarah and Cary 
have two sons: Preston, a high school senior 
this year, and Edward, a ninth-grade student. 


LAURA REED Bivans of Darnstown MD 
works and volunteers as an aide at her 
local elementary school, Laura's family is 
raising their second puppy, Vega, for 
Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and continues 
to work with the Belfast Children's 
Summer Program that helps foster 
healthy relationships and understanding 
between Northern Ireland Protestant and 
Catholic children and their families. 

JENIFER WALKER of Purcellville VA writes: 
"I've moved out to the beautiful countryside 
in Western Loudoun County VA. I'm in my 
fifth year of being successfully self- 
employed. My company, Cartref 
Communications, offers complete editorial 
services specializing in medical and scientific 
publications. And at my advanced (!) age, 
I've finally bought my first house — no easy 
task when you're self-employed." 


FRANCES GARVEY Wilson of Winston- 
Salem NC serves on the board of visitors at 
Montreat College in North Carolina. 


Keswick VA had a mini-reunion on Nantucket 
Island in November 2002 with classmates 
Noack, MAUREEN BUTLER Beall, and EVA 
DILLARD, Liza is working as product devel- 
opment manager and buyer for Monticello 
Museum Shops and Catalog. 

"^'^'m-/^^^^ ^ 


of Marv BM^rm. 

Ws Invtw jtni lo aonJi and (o conlribule I o this list of endualo Jiid 




CU^n ;J«a>™»- ..-M, jjur^M.™«U^fc»,.aif«^ 





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is now online — and we want you to be 
part of it. Just go to our Web site,, and click on "Alumnae/i." 
Then follow the directions. 

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Extend the benefits of a liberal-arts 
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Join the Network. Questions? Contact 
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Asheville NC announce: "Karl and I just had 
our fourth daughter, Kerry Elizabeth. The 
other girls are Kelly, 9; Katherine, 6; and 
Karel, 4." 

has two children: Jessica, 16, and Ben, 13. 
She is continuing her studies in the medical 


writes: "I'm living in Manassas VA with hus- 
band Brian and children Channing, 9, and 
Jackson, 2 I teach third grade at Haydon 
Elementary School and keep in touch with 
classmate SUZANNE NEWMAN Spmell, 
who IS a school librarian in Roanoke. 
Suzanne's daughter Caroline will be 3 in 
August. I hear from classmate SARAH 
MAHONEY Antas. who is living near 
Chicago with husband Craig and four beauti- 
ful daughters." 


LAURA LAGROW Duriand of Kennesaw 
GA will be moving back to Washington DC 
this summer to become an assistant direc- 
tor for the federal agency she works for. 


CHERYL GARRETT Goddard lives in 
Richmond VA and is a full-time mother and 

writes: "Shanng a medical call with husband 
Daniel in a small town in New Hampshire 
and 'toddler call' in a small town in 
Vermont." She and Daniel are parents to son 
Binlyam, 2, and daughter Hana, 3. 

CARROLL OLIVER Roach writes: "Jay and 
moved to Kansas City last summer with 
his job at Applebee's It's great to be back in 
KC — I grew up here, and all my family is 
still here. We hope to stay for a long time, 
and after 15 moves, it would be nice. Our 
kids like being in KC and near relatives. I'm 
busy volunteenng at their school, Kansas 
City Christian Drew is completing seventh 
grade, Hilary fourth, and Sarah, kinder- 
garten, I'm also doing a few things at our 
church, Christ Episcopal" 

EDNA REMINGTON-Johnson of Chester 
VA writes: "Now that my daughter Kelly is in 
middle school, I work part time outside the 
home in home-based day care, teaching chil- 
dren ages 2 to 4, 1 never stop moving once 
I'm inside the door each day nor am I ever 
boredl In addition, I'm still working on my 
freelance art, particularly murals and painted 
furniture, although I must admit I'll paint 
anything that can't walk away from mel All 
in all, I'm busy and tired, but happy," 

IS working as a substitute teacher for an 
area school system, 

JULIE SLAVIK Budnik writes: "I am in my 
second year as senior warden at Holy Trinity 
Episcopal Parish in Decatur GA. I continue to 
be self-employed as a freelance video pro- 
ducer and writer for various corporations. 
My two daughters, ages 8 and 11, keep 
me on the run, and husband Tom and I 
recently purchased some mountain prop- 
erty in North Georgia." 


SUSAN CRENSHAW Cary is running a 
day-care center in it's eighth year of oper- 
ation. She writes: "Enjoying painting, 
having shows, and selling oil paintings 
around the Richmond area — thanks to 

MBC's wonderful art department in the 

KATHRYN PEARCE Phillips of Charleston 
SC says that her family — husband Al; Katie, 
14; Alton, 11; Ashton, 8; andWil, 1 —is 
doing well. 

ANNE WARE Maloney of Richmond VA 
writes: "I left my 13-year career at the law 
firm of Hunton and Williams to work part 
time at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. My 
daughter is in second grade at St. 
Catherine's School." 


STACIE HAMILTON Baird of Richmond VA 
writes: "My husband Scott and I are proud 
to announce the birth of son Spencer Bryant, 
June 23, 2002. He joins big sister Shelbie, 5, 
I am a stay-at-home mom and keep busy 
with volunteer work with church, pre-school, 
and a local women's club," 

HALEY JOHNSON Brust was mamed 
November 2, 2002, and moved to Austin 
TX with her husband's job transfer. Haley 
IS working out of her home for Clarion 
Management Resources, the same com- 
pany she worked for in Alexandria VA. 
She wntes: "I still keep in touch with 
JOANNA KENYON Rosenberger '88 and 
CARRIE MURAND Rogers '86 I would 
love to hear from any of my MBC 

SONYA ROBERTS Hamilton of Winston- 
Salem NC remarried in October 2002 and 
has four girls between her and her husband. 


SUSAN EVERLY Cummings of Bristow VA 
teaches second grade at All Saints Catholic 
School while working on her master's of 
education at Marymount University. Susan 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

has "two beautiful daughters": Alexandra, 
12, and Judith, 8. Husband Brian is sta- 
tioned at Fort Belvoir VA, 

JULIE RIMMER Applewhite Is vice presi- 
dent of learning and process excellence 
for Bank of America, where she coaches 
workers to handle commercial accounts 
throughout the East Coast As a volunteer. 
Julie tutors pupils in inner-city schools and 
teaches business and leadership skills to 
adults in low-income neighborhoods. Julie 
also works with the Salvation Army, St, 
Joseph's Villa, and Junior Achievement, 
She and husband Dan live in Richmond VA 
with son Thomas, 3. 


MELISSA PRICE Gates has moved with 
husband Ed and daughter Connor to Vinton 
VA. Ed works for the U S, Department of 
Health and Human Services, and Melissa 
teaches kindergarten in Roanoke public 

KARINWHITT of Richmond VA moved into a 
new home with "lots of room for visitors" 
She plays tennis at a 5.0 United States 
Tennis Association level and has competed 
nationwide, including in Palm Springs CA 
and Houston TX, 


Aleshevich of Fishersville VA wntes: "I 
have two daughters Emily 3, and Abby, 1 
I'm staying home with them full time and 
am actively involved in an at-home moth- 
er's group and my church " 


Charlotte NC announces the birth of third 
child Thomas "Mason" Shelley 

ANNE HESS Mamon and husband 
Christian of Fredericksburg VA celebrated the 
birth of second daughter Lilly Jane on March 
18, 2002 Lilly was welcomed home by big 
sister Grace, 3 

SUSAN MCCUNAHAN Barcroft and hus- 
band Paul of Memphis TN celebrated the 
birth of daughter Lillian "Lilly" Thompson on 
June 3, 2002, Godmother CORY ROBERTS 
Jones '89 traveled to Memphis for Lilly's 
christening January 19, 2003 

DONNA MYRTLE Boxley of Waynesboro 
VA writes "Hello, Class of 1989 I am mar- 
ried with three beautiful children: Rachel, 11 : 
Garrette, 6: and Landon, 5. who is autistic. 
Not only am I a full-time mother and wife, 
but also a medical student working toward a 
registered nurse degree" 


and husband John of Winchester VA cele- 
brated the birth of son Nicholas Robert 
September 15, 2001. The couple are opening 
a vacation rental log home on their farm, 
"The Herds Inn at Hedgebrook." 

HOLLY PORTER Vrtullo and husband Lenny 
of Dallas TX announce the birth of their third 
child Sophia Elise September 18, 2002. 
Sophia was welcomed home by brother 
Michael and sister Isabella. 

ROBIN WESTLUND Johnson lives in 
Marietta OH with husband Bob and their 
three children: Kady Anne, 6; Halley 3; and 
Shane, 1 Robin is a consultant for Tastefully 

Simple, providing gourmet foods through 
home parties. 


KRISTEN BARNER Saade of Staunton VA 
performed the role of Diana in the play Lend 
Me 4 Tenor August 2002 The play was the 
season's final production at Oak Grove 
Theatre in Staunton. 

AMY FISCHER Power and husband Ken of 
Frisco TX celebrated the birth of daughter 
Caroline Cooper on December 2, 2002. Amy 
writes: "Caroline had a full head of beautiful 
black hair, inherited from her father, of 

SUSAN HYA'n Ferrell of Colonial Heights 
VA IS the proud mother of Anne Maclin, 5, 
and Wit, 2 She stays busy as mother, trans- 
porter, nurse, maid, and in her spare time is 
president of The Learning Junction Inc 

ALLISON JAMES Hescock of New Orleans 
LA celebrated the birth of first child Anna 
Caverly on May 13, 2002 Husband Jay will 
be the chief resident of pediatrics at 
Louisiana State University this spring 

RENE KOCH LaRose writes: "Living in 
Omaha NE, working part time in software 
development, and raising three children with 
husband Ken: Matt, 14: Katherine Carson: 5, 
and Karolyn Emerson, 2" 

CARROLL MCMATH Weathennan writes 
"Boy No 3 was born July 24, 2002 Chuck 
and I live in Staunton with Jack, 5, Charles. 
3: and Andrew, 9 months" 

JENNIFER NETTING Cramer of Ashburn 
VA IS working for Nextel Communications in 
Herndon VA as a senior IT manager She 
writes "My husband Joe and I are loving 
parenthood and our son Joseph Jackson, 
who had his first birthday December 26, 


ried Michael Morgan on October 5, 2002 
KATE SHUNNEY '91 was a bridesmaid 
KATHRYNTATTERSON '92 was a guest, as 
was NATASHA SMITH, who attended Mary 
Baldwin before transferring to the Naval 
Academy. Liz and Michael honeymooned in 
Aruba and live in Nashville TN 

HEATHER PEARSON Ashley lives in 
Woodstock VA with husband Michael She is 
a full-time technology teacher with 
Shenandoah County Schools and a part-time 
professor at a local college. Heather and 
Michael own several business and rental 
properties that keep them busy The couple 
returned from a vacation in Alaska August 

SARAH PENHALLOW Vostal writes My 

husband Ken and I are happy to announce 
the birth of daughter Erin Margaret on 
December 3, 2002. We also have son 
Joseph, 3. We moved to Summit NJ from 
Richmond VA in May 2001 , and I en|oy stay- 
ing home with my two children, who keep 
me very busy." 

CHRISTINEWRIGHT Gamble writes "My 
husband Christopher and I had twin sons 
Nicholas William and George Patrick on July 
10, 2001. We live in Germantown MD." 


CHRISTY MOODY Verdict is a photograph- 
er and runs an in-home IT consulting firm. 
She lives with husband Charles in Austin TX. 

EVI POVER Dobiila won first place in the 
Sarasota Literary Society's annual fiction- 
writing contest and is being published in its 
anthology New Voices 


JENNIFER BRUCE Warsaw of Norfolk VA is 
director of education for Breakthrough 
Collaborative in Norfolk Outside of work, 
Jennifer loves spending time with husband 
Warren and baby Joshua 


worked for Sears for more than three years 
and was transferred in January from Austin 
TX to Schaumburg IL. Chnsty is the manager 
of technology change management at Sears' 
home office in Chicago 

HONEY JAFFE Tishgart and husband Barry 
live in Vienna VA They have one child, 
Beniamin, 2 


Salisbury NC writes "My husband Jay and I 
had a beautiful son, William 'Archie' III, 
February 28, 2002" 

Capital One in Richmond as a data analyst 
and moved into a 1920s cottage on a small 
farm in Louisa VA 


LORI BROGLIO Severens of Takoma Park 
MD writes "I recently moved back to the 
DC area from the Philippines with my hus- 
band and two Labradors" 

DANA FUGAZZOTTO Bell and husband 
Charles celebrated the birth of their first 
baby, Charles "Charlie" Robert IV, February 
18, 2003 

TRACY GOAD Bond of Williamsburg VA 
teaches art to grades K-5 for Williamsburg 
public schools She also teaches privately 
along with creating her own art and painting 
in clients' homes. Husband Jeff is a teacher 

SHARON WERTZ of Charlotte NC is 
engaged to marry Nathan R Loomis in 
September 2003 


John D Taylor II in Richmond VA June 23, 
2002. They honeymooned in Hawaii Jennifer 
IS working toward her master's in business 
administration in the Executive Fast Track 
program at Virginia Commonwealth 
University and has been accepted by 
Microsoft to participate in a focus group for 
the development of future Microsoft 
Office/Business Intelligence programs. 


MARY BUTLER of Richmond VA graduated 
from Virginia Commonwealth University's 
School of Pharmacy with a doctor of phar- 
macy degree Mary is working for Sycamore 
Cardinal Drug in Midlothian VA 

CHERYL SERFOZO Hindelang and David 
Hindelang were married November 2, 
2002, in Midlothian VA, where they 
reside Attending the wedding were 
Taylor '95 - i i ■ i :: . KRISTINE SER- 
FOZO 96 t Kif ' , li CINDY RONDEAU 
WALUS '95 


TRACI CRAFT Dalton of Charleston WV 
writes. " Hello women of MBCI 
Homecoming '01 was a lot of fun, and I real- 
ly enjoyed seeing so many of you. I would 
love to keep in touch and would especially 
like to hear from my old housemates from 
the Mary Scott House" 


MARY ELIZABETH Silvennan of 

Gainesville FL is enjoying working on her 
PhD in ecology in the University of Flonda's 
Botany Department 

ANGELA Hall of Raleigh NC has "Mary 
Baldwin prospective students" Sydney, 3, 
and Grier, 15 months Angela is pursuing a 
master's in business administration with an 
emphasis on technology management. She 
plans to graduate in 2004. 

LINDSEY NORTON Caines and husband Jon 
of Colorado Springs CO welcomed the birth 
of first child Carter William on June 10, 2002. 

Marriage Can Be Bliss — 
But Writing About It? 

OK, at least ■we hedged. But now we know. Class of 2000 
graduates Catarina Monge and Mark Craft, featured in the 
winter Mary Biildwin College Magazine, were not the first 
Mary Baldwin graduates to recite vows to each other. A 
decade earlier, RachelAnne Festa "91 and James "Rusty" 
Fleming '92 were married. (Both Craft and Fleming were in 
the Adult Degree Program.) And we're not even tempted to 
say the Festa-Fleming union was the first all-MBC wedding, 
though many think it was. We wish both couples all the best 
and trust that they savor what is still a notable distinction. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 


York City and husband Jacob announce the 
birth of son John Dennis Russell on July 11, 
2002, "Jack" was christened in a private 
ceremony October 19, 2002, at St. Thomas 
Church Fifth Avenue. JACQUEUNE 
THOMPSON '00 is serving as one of his 


FAITH ANDREWS and husband Chris 
Johnson moved to the Columbus OH area 
from Wilmington DE in November 2002. 
Chris is employed by Bank One (First USA), 
and Faith works in the client relations depart- 
ment of Alliance Data Systems. 

AMANDA CLARK Hoffman of Edinburg VA 
writes: "2000 was a busy year for me. I fin- 
ished MBC's MAT program and got married 
that summer I taught school in Shenandoah 
County for a few years, and am now pursu- 
ing a nursing degree." 


Charlottesville VA writes; "I teach at St. 
Anne's - Belfield School. This is my third year 
teaching, and I absolutely love it!" 

LATESHA HOOKER Adkins began working 
as a magistrate for the City of Richmond 
March 25, 2003. Latesha will complete her 
master's in social work in December 2003. 

MAYGAN UPSCOMB Elliott of Goochland 
VA wntes: " 1 had son Ryan Winston on May 
13, 2002. 1 was promoted to strategic com- 
pliance coordinator at Wyeth Consumer 
Healthcare in May 2002." 

writes: "I've been living in Richmond for the 
past four years and working as a pharmaceu- 
tical sales representative for two. I love my 
job and was awarded top performer for Merz 
Phanmaceuticals for the fiscal year 

HOLLAND ROBERTS Gibbs couldn't attend 
her reunion in May because she was moving 
from Gainesville FLto Norfolk VA. Holland's 
daughter Margaret is 2, and husband 
Charles graduated from Florida State in 


SHANNON BAYUS Sarino and husband 
Ernesto announce the birth of daughter 
Gabrielle Mane November 18, 2002. 
Shannon writes: "We're all doing well, and 
she's already getting ready to follow in her 
mother's footsteps and attend MBC!" 

KIMBERLY "KIM" CORDES of Hackensack 
NJ became engaged to Austin Comelisse on 
Chnstmas Eve 2002. They plan to wed in 
November 2003. 

ROBIN ESTESS and Or Steven Damian 
Christesen, both of Punta Gorda FL, are 
engaged to be mamed July 21 , 2003. 

AMY HARSTON Davis of Raleigh NC will 
complete her master's in infonmation sci- 
ence at UNC at Chapel Hill in 2004. 

Forge VA was awarded Outstanding 
Volunteer for the Commonwealth of Virginia 
for 2002. A reception was held in her honor 
at Douthat State Park December 9, 2002. 
Denise is director of The Kid's Club at The 
Homestead in Hot Springs VA. 

BROOKE HITE of Loretto VA has been 
preparing to get married in June. 

AMANDA LOVEJOY Thomas married Billy 
Thomas, VMI '98, August 8, 1998. They have 
two children: Jacob, 3, and Nicolas.l.The 
family resides in Alderson WV. 

KIM REILLY of Baltimore MD is engaged to 
marry Ethan Graham, VMI '00, July 5, 2003. 

LEANNA REYNOLDS Di Dio writes: "I 
am working as the case manager for our 
adolescent-counseling program and am 
also the marketing coordinator for a child- 
care program. My husband, John, and I live 
in Savannah GA while he is in the Army. I 
think about Mary Baldwin all the time and 
miss it terribly." 

SUMMER SAUNDERS Milligan and Knox 
Henry Milligan of Manakin-Sabot VA were 
mamed August 3, 2002, at Mount Vernon 
United Methodist Church in Danville VA, 
where the couple reside. Summer is a 
teacher for Danville public schools and 
Knox IS employed by McCain Printing 
Company Inc 

EMILY WATSON Bertsch and husband Matt 
moved from Montana to Colorado Springs 
CO. Emily is planning to attend nursing 
school in the fall with hopes of becoming an 
RN. Matt was pinned as captain in the U.S. 
Air Force in June 2002 and is a satellite oper- 
ator at Schriever Air Force Base. The couple 
purchased their first home this year 

Hairison has been working full time as a 
long-temi-care-policy analyst for the Virginia 
Department of Medical Assistance Services. 
Stacey is working on her master's in public 
administration at Virginia Tech. 



KELLY of Midlothian VA have returned from 
a si,x-month deployment to the 
Mediten-anean Sea and Arabian Gulf while 
assigned to the guided missle destroyer 
USS Bamy. Jamie and Brenna were two of 
more than 10,000 Atlantic-fleet sailors and 
marines aboard the ships of the USS George 
Washington Camer Battle Group and USS 
Nassau Amphibious Ready Group. 

LAUREL BUCKIS of Oak Hill VA teaches first 
grade at Holy Spirit Catholic School in 

Annandale VA. 

CARRIE ECKMAN married Michael Bunn on 
June 10, 2000.Their daughter Avi Li was 
born December 29, 2000. 

TRENT GIBSON of Columbia SC completed 
her second season as coach of the Richland 
Northeast High School volleyball team. The 
year before Trent's arrival, Richland 
Northeast had won only two games. In 
Trent's first year as coach, the team won 
the Region 4-AAAA championship with an 
11-1 record and finished seventh in the 
state with a 14-3 record overall. Speaking 
of this year's team, Trent says: " I had a 
great team. I love my girls. Every time we 
came out to play a game, I got butterflies. I 
can see why some people can coach for 50 
years and still love it." 

AUCIA GOLDSMITH Proctor and Shea 
Proctor were mamed October 4, 2002, at St. 
Benedict Catholic Church in Richmond VA. 

married John Randall Aphin on June 1 , 
2002. Melanie is a registered nurse working 
on an inpatient child and adolescent psychia- 
try unit at Palmetto Baptist Medical Center in 
Columbia SC. 

marned Andrew Coleman Kelly in May. 

SARAH PARKER mamed Ted Wilde on April 
1 2, 2003. She lives in Newport News VA and 
is working on a master's in teaching through 
Virginia Tech. 


MlddlebrookVA writes: "I'm managing 
Messer Landscape, my husband's family's 
nursery and landscape business." Kat and 
Mike Messer were mamed June 15, 2002. 

JILLWESTERMAN-Boyer mamed Matthew 
J. Boyer on May 25, 2002. Jill works as an 
admissions counselor at Cedar Crest College 
in Allentown PA. 


AMBERLEIGH COVEU Powell and hus- 
band Christopher of Mineral VA announce 
the birth of son Joseph Franklin on 
September 12, 2002. 

engaged to a wonderful man named Brad 
Nowell. We will be married in October 
2003 and will live and work in Nashville 
TN. I am employed by Cummings Video 
and Film, and Brad is a sales representa- 
tive with American Papers and Twine. He 

recently won 'Most Improved Sales Rep' 
of the year I send love and best wishes 
to my Mary Baldwin friends." 

ERIN KELLY writes: "I'm a legislative assis- 
tant for my state senator, whom I've worked 
for since June 2001. 1 moved from home- 
town Hanover PA to nearby York for a 
needed change of pace and to be closer to 


Bedford VA wntes: "I'm doing great — work- 
ing in Bedford doing foster care. In August. I 
will have been here for two years. I have 17 
kids on my caseload ranging in age from 1 to 
18. 1 love working with them. In July 2002. 1 
mam'ed a wonderful and handsome man 
named Marty Hamnck. I love being married. 
I never thought I'd be one of the first out of 
our group, but here I am." 

AUYSONTEEVAN of Woodbridge VA is 
marketing director with Historic Manassas 
Inc. in Old Town Manassas. She writes: "I 
market and advertise the merchants and 
restaurants of Old Town Manassas and could 
not have asked for a better job! " 

ERIKA WENDT Roberts of Fredericksburg 
VA writes: " I've been wortdng at 
Nursefinders, a nursing agency in 
Fredericksburg, as a staffing manager since 
August 2001. 1 mamed Michael Roberts on 
November 3, 2001 , at Sacred Heart Catholic 
Church in Winchester VA and we had Anna 
Corinne on July 9. 2002." 

MBC Grad Shares Sense of Hope 

Kelly Mann '99, a medical smdent in Israel, was among 
notable young adults around the world interviewed by CNN 
International — the cable-news operation — for broadcast this 
past Christmas Day. 

She and others were asked what they think of the world 
today and what they would like to change. Mann talked about 
the importance of focusing on hope for 
peaceful change in a violent world. She says 
she would like more youths to become 
active in health and health care "because I 
believe that when you reach your hand out 
to heal another person, in whatever capaci- 
ty, you lose the ability to dehumanize that 
person and make him your enemy." 

Mann is a third-year student at Ben Gurion University' 's 
Program in International Health and Medicine in Beer Sheva. 
"We work in collaboration with Columbia Universin' in New 
York," she says. "The primar\- goal of the program is to create 
physicians who can bridge the gap between the developed 
world and the developing world. Along with the traditional 
Western medical curriculum taught in the United States, we 
take classes in disaster relief, aging around the world, world 
health systems, pediatrics in Africa, and even how to combat 

Says Mann, who was in the Program for the Exceptionally 
Gifted at Mat)' Baldwin: "We hope to create a generation of 
physicians capable of working in any environment in almost 
any situation." 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 


AMANDA Davis of Glen Allen VA writes. " I 
have been accepted into the master of edu- 
cation program at Virginia State Universitv 
and will begin this spring. My area of con- 
centration will be educational technology." 

STACI BOONE of Newport News VA works 

for Verizon 

CARA COSTIGAN works for Enterpnse 
Rent-A-Car and will soon be promoted to a 
manager Cara lives in Virginia Beach VA and 
IS planning to attend graduate school to earn 
a master's degree, 

MALISSA DEWINDT of Roanoke VA writes: 
"I'm the lead pre-kindergarten teacher at the 
Downtown Learning Center as of August 26, 
2002 I am pursuing a master's of art in liber- 
al studies at Hollins Universityl" 

DEMETRA GLOVER of Winston-Salem NC 
is a computer specialist working for a phar- 
maceutical company while earning her 
master's in computer science at Winston- 
Salem University 

WINDSOR HALL of Spotsylvania VA is 
engaged to marry Scott Johnson, VMI '00, 
July 19, 2003 

SAIDAH HART of Maple Shade NJ teach- 
es Spanish at Lenape High School in 
Medford NJ. 

engaged to marry Chris Golden on June 28, 

JACLYN JANEK of Fort Worth TX writes. "I 
graduated from Texas Christian University 
in May I really en)oyed my first year of col- 
lege at MBC and will never forget the 

LAURA LILLY of LubbuckTX is getting 
married July 19, 2003. She will graduate 
from Texas Tech this year with a major in 
art history. 

MOLLY MAHONEY is in her second semes- 
ter of nursing school studying to be an RN 
Molly plans to graduate in 2005. 

writes: "I am working as a social worker 
with the Mathews Department of Social 
Services in Mathews VA and loving it! " 

JESSICA PASINI Elsass writes: "I was mar- 
ned June 22, 2002, to 2nd Lt Jake Alan 
Elsass, USAF. In July we moved to Tinker Air 
Force Base, Oklahoma City OK, where we'll 
be stationed for four years. I am a graphic 
designer at Hollingsworth Graphic 
Dimensions, which is among the top five 
design agencies in Oklahoma." 

ERINN SINGMAN of Fairfax VA is stationed 
in Korea. 

STACY SMALLWOOD Tiuslow and Ricky 
"Bo" Tajslow Jr. were married December 
28, 2002, in Waynesboro VA. Stacy teaches 
fifth grade at Ridgeview Christian School in 
Stuarts Draft VA. The couple live in 

EMILY WARD of Wachapreague VA became 
engaged in June 2002 and is planning a 
May 2004 wedding. She works with MBC 
alumna KRISTEN BENTZEN '98 for the 

YMCA of South Hampton Roads at Camp 
Silver Beach — "I love it I " 


Bariington IL married Robert Fletcher Jr 
November 30. 2002, in Las Vegas NV 



WALTER RIDGELY of Newberry SC is trea- 
surer of Presbyterian College in Clinton SC, 
and wife GLENDA RIDGELY '81 is budget 
director for the University of South Carolina. 


had a three-part series featured in Staunton's 
The News Leader about the trial of confeder- 
ate soldier Henry Webster, who shot 
Staunton resident John Snyder at a saloon in 
Staunton on November 27 1861. The articles 
appeared on consecutive Saturdays begin- 
ning August 24, 2002 


was promoted to manager, AFMA 
Collections, a division of the Amencan 
Film Marketing Association. She supervis- 
es the collection of international and 
domestic audio-visual royalties for film 
and television product owned by more 
than 125 independent film and television 
production and distribution companies 
who participate in the service. Paula 
lOined the AFMA staff in 1996 


ESTHER HANKS-Martin of Bassett VA 
received her clinical nursing associate 
degree in Roanoke VA. She has a new 
position at a pnvate institution for assisted 
living in Henry VA 


DONNA BALLARD moved to Laurel MD 
and a |ob with the Department of Defense. 
She works with the Marines and attributes 
much of her success to MBC and the WILD 


H. "WIL' REID and cousin Langdon Reid of 
Staunton VA make up the country music duo 
Grandstaff In fall 2002, they signed a record- 
ing contract with Yell Records in Nashville TN 
to produce Circles, their first national CD that 
was released this spring 

DENISE WILLIAMS of Alberta VA is a certi- 
fied specialist in estate planning. 


PAUL HARMON of Lyndhurst VA writes: 
"After graduating in summer 1999 with a 
B.A. in pychology I went to Goddard College 
in Plainfield VT and earned an M.A. in psy- 
chology and counseling in June 2002. I'm 
working as a resident in counseling at Valley 
Community Services Board in Staunton, 
accruing residency hours for the Virginia 
License of Professional Counseling, and 
serving as a volunteer on the 2002-2003 
board of directors for the Staunton Augusta 
Mental Health Association" 

Just What Does 'Participation' IVIean? 

Sarah Benkenciorf '06 spotted an opportunity to publicize 
Mary Baldwin College to millions of people and pick up a few 
dollars for doing so. And she doesn't have to apologize to the 
Department of Sociology and Social Work. 

Benkendorf, who is in the college's Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted, mined the MBC course catalog for a 
humor item she submitted to Reader's Digest, which enjoys 
one of the largest circulations of any publication in the world. 

Her entry, on Page 79 of the April Digest: 

Sociology 205 Death and Dying: 

A lecture course with some student participation 

Ha ha. Presumably raising a hand isn't life threaten- 
ing. Maybe the department isn't laughing. Its faculty has 
deleted the ambiguous "student participation" for the 
course description appearing in the next edition of the cat- 
alog. Benkendorf is $100 ahead — and the national 
exposure surely was worth more than that to the college. 

Thanks, Volunteers! 

(You are one, aren't you?) 

A big thank you from the college for all 
that you are doing for your alma mater! 
Mary Baldwin could not thrive without 
your kindness, generosity, and time. As you 
know, the college's staff cannot be every- 
where all of the time. Invitations to fall 
college fairs will start to roll in soon, and 
we would love to hear from you. We 
need volunteers in New Jersey, 
Pennsylvania, New York 
(especially Long Island), 
Delaware, Massachusetts, 
and Florida. If you live in 
one of these states (or any 
other) and would like to 
help Mary Baldwin 
recruit strong, well- 
rounded Students, 
please call us at 
1-800-763-7359 or 
e-mail rbruce@mbc.edii. 


Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 



NANCY PILLOW '02 to Harold Roberts, November 28, 2002 

PAMELA "RAM" WAVELL '66 to Dr Paul Clark Jr., June 28, 2002 

MARY "CELIA" CRITTENDEN '66 to Dr. Fred Patrick, December 31 , 2002 

BARBARA GARNER '68 to John Ogles, April 1, 2000 

SUSAN ROBBINS '69 to Ed Heaney, December 22, 2001 

LAUREL "LOLLY" CATCHING '71 to Michael David Anderson, February 22, 2003 

EVE HITCHMAN '74 to Allen J. Carter. October 8, 2000 

TERRY HUFFMAN '75 to James Y Arnold III, February 23, 2002 

ELIZABETH "LIZ" BENDER '91 to Michael Morgan, October 5, 2002 

JENNIFER WILKINSON '94 to John D.Taylor II, June 23, 2002 

PENNY JENKINS '95 to Peter Lowrey November 2, 2002 

CHERYL SERFOZO '95 to David Hindelang, November 2, 2002 

JENNIFER DEEDS '98 to William Tyler "Tye" Angel, January 25, 2003 

SUMMER SAUNDERS '99 to Knox Henry Milligan, August 3, 2002 

KATHRINE "KAT" STEWART '00 to Michael Buel Messer, June 15, 2002 

JILL WESTERMAIM '00 to Matthew J. Boyer, May 25, 2002 

ALICIA GOLDSMITH '00 to Shea Proctor, October 4, 2002 

MELANIE JOHNSON '00 to John Randall Alphin, June 1 . 2002 

JESSICA PASINI '02 to Jake Alan Elsass, June 22, 2002 

ILA "REBECCA" WEAVER '02 to Robert Fletcher Jr, November 30, 2002 

STACY SMALLWOOD '02 to Ricky "Bo" Truslow Jr, December 28, 2002 


ANNA MCKENZIE GIBSON Koon '82 and Karl: a daughter, Kerry Elizabeth, August 1, 2002 
STACIE HAMILTON Baird '86 and Scott; a son, Spencer Bryant, June 23, 2002 
ELIZABETH HAMMOCK Benjamin '89 and Stephen: a daughter, Arabella "Ella" Bass. 

November 6, 2002 
MARTHA HENDRICKSON Shelley '89 and Martin: a son, Thomas Mason, August 19. 2002 
ANNE HESS Mamon '89 and Christian: a daughter, Lilly Jane, March IB, 2002 
SUSAN MCCLANAHAN Barcroft '89 and Paul: a daughter, Lillian "Lilly" Thompson, 

June 3, 2002 
JACQUELINE NICHOLAS Hott '89 and John: a son, Nicholas Robert, September 15, 2001 
HOLLY PORTER Vitullo '89 and Lenny: a daughter, Sophia Elise, September 18, 2002 
AMY FISCHER Power '90 and Ken: a daughter, Caroline Cooper, December 2, 2002 
ALLISON JAMES Hescock '90 and Jay: a daughter, Anna Caverly May 13, 2002 
CARROLL MCMATH Weatherman '90 and Chuck: a son, Andrew James, July 24, 2002 
SARAH PENHALLOWVostal '91 and Ken: a daughter, Erin Margaret, December 3, 2002 
CHRISTINE WRIGHT Gamble '91 and Christopher: twin sons, Nicholas William and George 

Patrick, July 10, 2001 
CHRISTY MOODY Verdict '92 and Charles: a daughter, Caroline Denman. March 29, 2002 
MARGARET KLUTTZ Dees '93 and Jay: a son, William "Archie" III, February 28, 2002 
DANA FUGAZZOTTO Bell '94 and Charles: a son, Charles "Charlie" Robert IV, 

February 18, 2003 
SONJA SPARKS Smith '95 and K.G.: a daughter, Margaret Olivia, October 23, 2002 
BRONWYN MACDONALD-Schwegel '96 and Dennis: a daughter. Cadence Patricia, 

October 2, 2001 
LINDSEY NORTON Caines '97 and Jon: a son. Carter William, June 10, 2002 
JENNIFER THOMPSON Barker '97 and Jacob: a son, John Dennis "Jack" Russell, 

July 11, 2002 
ANGELA AMOS Rowe '98 and Bryce: a son, Peyton Wells, December 16, 2002 
MAYGAN LIPSCOMB Elliott '98 and Dwayne: a son, Ryan Winston, May 13, 2002 
AMY WOOLSTON Hinkle '98 and Robert: a son, Alexander Lawton, October 22, 2002 
SHANNON BAYLIS Sarino '99 and Emesto: a daughter. Gabrielle Marie, November 18, 2002 
TONIA GARRISON Broome '99 and Spencer: a son, Austin Alexander, January 19, 2002 
AMANDA LOVEJOYThomas '99 and Billy: a son, Nicolas, February 8, 2002 
AMBERLEIGH COVELL Powell '01 and Chnstopher: a son, Joseph Franklin, 

September 12, 2002 
ERIKA WENDT Roberts '01 and Michael: a daughter, Anna Connne, July 9, 2001 

MARGARET BROWN Chaffee '22, October 22, 2001 
BARBARA HAGAN Norris '23, Apnl 28, 2002 
PAULINE PHIPPS Shotwell '27, December 11, 2002 
VIRGINIA COOKE Volk '38 November 9, 2002 
CHARLOTTE CRONE Harlowe '38, Date Unknown 
BARBARA BAKER Richardson '39. November 26. 2002 
BARBARA BENTON Reagan '41, December 9, 2002 
KATHARINE ANDERSON McKinnon '42, December 12, 2002 
ANNE BRUGH Beede '42, October 3, 2001 
BETTYTHOMPSON Gregory '46, January 16, 2003 
NEWELL MARTIN Lee '50, December 18, 2002 
MARGARET PERKINSTAYLOR Chilton '53, Septembers, 2002 
CATHERINE REDD '75, February 18, 2003 
VIRGINIA GANTT Kendig '87, February 5, 2003 

Do We Have Your Correct 

E-Mail Address? 

You know — the latest, up-to-the-minute, cur- 
rent address. E-mail addresses change, 
people move around, businesses buy other 
businesses. We understand. But we want to 
stay in touch. The Office of Alumnae/i 
Activities sends out periodic updates about 
news and events at IVIary Baldwin. So, 
please, help us help you. IVIake sure we use 
the e-mail address that you use. Send 
changes to And thanks! 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 











alumnae/i in action 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Dinner at Merchant's Restaurant Downtown 
November 4, 2002 

1. Front low JaneTownes '69, Macy Cofield Cohen 
'80, Mary Chenault Bomar '66 

Back row: Helen Stevens Forster '83, Collier 
Andress Smith '91 , Beth Palk Hooper '93, 
Elizabeth Calhoun '98, Cart Black '98, Emily 
Alexander Douglas '98, Laura McCarter Stone '98, 
Bekah Kennedy Caruso '69, Daphne Walker '70, 
Alexis Herbster '97 

Houston, Texas 

Cocktails at home 

of Kelly Andrews Coselll '85 
November 12,2002 

2. Alumnae/i Executive Director LynnTuggle Gilliland 
'80, Alumnae/i Association President Sue 
McDowell Whitlock '67 Emily Dethloff Ryan '63. 
hostess Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 

3. Sue Lollis '79, Sue McDowell Whrtlock '67 Barbara 
Bullock Williams '57 Cynthia Knight Weir '68, 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63, Peg Rusnak '96 

Dallas, Texas 

Luncheon at home 

of Peggy Carr Anderson '67 
November 13, 2002 

4. Holly Porter Vitullo '89, Heather Hill Washburne '94, 
hostess Peggy Carr Anderson '67 Melinda 
Middleton Knowles '92 

5. Joan Velten Hall '66, Ann Moody DeGrassi '57 
Susan Bernoudy Lebowitz '71 

Staunton, Virginia 

Christmas party at home 

of Jenna Southers Frank '95 MAT 
December 12, 2002 

6. Evie Chapman Brown '52, Ethel Smeak '53, Sarah 
Maupin Jones '39 

7. Clair Carter Bell '76, Ann Wade Godwin '66 

8. Hostess Jenna Southers Frank '95 MAT and hus- 
band Bruce 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Luncheon and tour 

at the American Visionary Arts Museum 
February 9, 2003 

9. Julie Ellswoth Cox '86, Donna Cason Smith '86, 
Karen Latshaw Schaub '86 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 






17 , 

10. Front row: Rebecca Stevens '99. Jane Starke Sims '68, 
Gini Rose Hagee '50 

Back row: Leah Griffith '03. Sue Hook Riley '65, 
Ginger Mudd Galvez '73 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Reception for President Cynthia H. Tyson 

at home of Yum Lewis Arnold '69 
February 13, 2003 

11. Hostess and Chair of Board of Trustees Yum Lewis 
Arnold '69, Judy Bryant Skinner '65 and husband Bill 

12. Nancy Broyles James '81 . Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 

13. EngleYokley '69, Laurie Scott Bass '78, Jennifer Webb '91 

14. Lauren Warder '97 CeCe Pressly '00, President Tyson, 
Jennifer Colson '99 

15. Sally Dorsey '64, Robert Balentine, Betty Gulbenk 
Balentine '80, Mary Ann Chatham-Groton '90 

Columbia, South Carolina 

Reception for President Tyson 

at home of Katherine Jacl<son Anderson '80 
IVIarch 6, 2003 

16. Betsy Walker Cate '65, Jill Johnson Horton '83, Liz 
Edgerton Summers '84, Rachel Reed '89, Hostess 
Katherine Jackson Anderson '80. Cathy Hood Kennedy '73 

17. Rose Dnver Stuart '69, President Tyson, Alumnae/i 
Association President Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 Mary 
Weston Grimball '69 

18. Royce "Bebee" Adams '95 ADR Jimmy Graham, Anita 
Thee Graham '50 

19. Ann Rawl McCain '51, Ellen MossWestfall '73, Kathy 
Ballew Bowen '78 

Greenville, South Carolina 

Reception for President Tyson at home 

of Eugenia "Woo" IVIcCuenThomason '62 
IVIarch 7 2003 

20. Front row: President Tyson, "Woo" McCuenThomason 
'62, JenanneYork Montgomery '87 Mizza Saunders 
Conwell '70, Vera Canaday Lupo '49, Alumnae/i Board 
President Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 

Back row: Martha Masters '69, Susan Pope 
Justesen '71, Alumnae/i Executive Director Lynn 
Tuggle Gilliland '80, Margo DuPuy-Howerton 
Stewart, Marcus Tyson, Claire Fontaine Rice '56 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Reception for President Tyson 

at home of Margaret Chapman Jackson '80 
March 7, 2003 

21. Front row: Barbara Barnes Wissbaum '79, Robena 
Price Morgan '28 

Back row: Kellie Warner '90, Lynn Garry Muller '89 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

22. Stewart Tonissen '03, Hillary Baumann Maclean 
■89, Martha Hendrickson Shelley '89. President 

23. Martha Butler Matthews '62, former President 
Sam Spencer, caterer Melissa Woods '90, Merita 
Long Webster '58 

McLean, Virginia 

Reception for President Tyson 

at home of Frances Costello Roller '50 
March 19, 2003 

24. Tina Thompson Kincaid '93, Linda Dolly Hammack 
'62, Carole Anderson, Victoria Hanke Dodge '00 

25. Patricia "Trish" Gregory '93, Desha Prashad Nixon 
'91, Honey JatfeTishgart '93. Ashley Lowrey '95, 
Penny Jenkins Lowrey '95 

26. Alice Blair '86, Eleanor McClendon Bond '88 

27. Hostess Frances Costello Roller '50, Dr. Tyson 

A gift to Mary Baldwin's 
Annual Giving program 

in his or her honor 
is the perfect solution. 

Few gifts offer greater satisfaction to both the 

donor and the recipient. 

There are options to suit every budget. 

It's easy — call 1-800-622-4255. 

You can make your gift online — 

We'll send a card notifying the honorees of 

your generosity. 

Mary Baldwin students will directly benefit. 


Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 



Dean's List Student 
Fashion Designer 

i have grown up encouraged to love and 
appreciate art (my mother, Lisa Geiman, is 
an artist) and to nourish my creativity. I 
love fashion and keeping up with the 
newest trends. I began making handbags 
about two years ago. I saw the popularity 
of inflatable bags, and I took "inner tube" 
handbags one step further. I began using 
actual inner tubes and pool rafts and came 
up with my own shape. I put found 
objects between translucent layers: 
unusual tissue paper, rhinestones, foil, 
Christmas tinsel, pieces of wrapping 
paper. I also used anything shiny or metal- 
lic and any kind of animal pnnt motif. 

Last summer I started making hand- 
bags from translucent vinyl shower 
curtains. Behind these layers I add metal- 
lic material. I also use denim to create 
the outer layer. I line each handbag with a 
print and embellish each with vintage 
leather, which I fringe and use to make 
straps. Each bag bears beads and a 
feather. I also use vintage tapestry. 1 
stitch the bags together with heavy-duty 
thread on an upholstery machine. 

I call my handbags BEG-ME Bags 
because my initials are B.E.G. I add a lit- 
tle spice — I use red leather lips as my 
logo, imprinted with the BEG-ME 
emblem. Ivly bags are sold in a high-end 
specialty store in Nashville. Owners of 
my bags include country-music stars: The 
Dixie Chicks, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and 
Terri Clark. The bags are also in the cos- 
tume shop of HBO's "Sex and the City." 

I play the guitar and sing, and I'm 
writing songs. I was recently named a 
finalist in a statewide talent contest. I'm 
recording a demo. At Mary Baldwin, I'm a 
member of Baldwin Charm and the Choir. 

Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Summer 2003 

C CJ L L I: C; E 





. ^:--m^i^MS^a^i 

As the Rain Commenced 

A persistent drizzle, typical of a cold and damp spring, forced tfie 161 st Commencement 
under a big tent outside the Physical Activities Center, where many of the attending families 
and friends watched the ceremony — Cynthia H. Tyson's last as Mary Baldwin's president 
— on a big screen. Tyson was surprised with an honorary degree. Also receiving one was 
prominent painter Judith Godwin, who entered the college with the Class of 1952. Nearly 
300 degrees were granted, including the first four in the master's program in Shakespeare 
studies. The last name called that soggy Sunday, May 18, was Brenna Zortman, daughter 
of the Commencement speaker, Rear Admiral James M. Zortman, commander of the Naval 
Air Force, Atlantic Fleet. Commencer'^ent coverage is on the Mary Baldwin Web site at and will be in the fall Mary Baldwin College Magazine. 

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