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Full text of "Maryville College Bulletin, Alumni Issue, October 1947"

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OCTOBER, 1947 

Saturday, November 1, 1947 

9:45 a.m. — Founders Day Service (In the Alumni Gymnasium) 

6:00 p.m. — Homecoming Barbecue on the Athletic Field (In case of rain — in the 
Alumni Gymnasium) . Due to the great increase in food prices this 
year, the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association voted at 
their meeting on September 19, 1947 to serve the Barbecue meal at 50 
cents per "plate". 

8:00 p.m. — Football game with University of the South (Sewanee). (Get your 
special alumni ticket either at the Alumni Office or at the barbecue; 
special reduced price, 75c). 

Homecoming Committees 

The following chairmen were elected by the Executive Committee to prepare 
for Homecoming. Each chairman selected his own committee. 

The Food Committee: M. H. Gamble, Jr., '36, Chairman; Marguerite Badgett, '36; 
Ruby Lane DeLoder, '37. 

The Hospitality Committee: Fred A. Gnffitts, '25, Chairman: Volta F. Goddard, '13; 
Virginia King, '32; H. F. Lamon, "40. 

The Promotion Committee: David H. Briggs, '19, Chairman; Lea Callaway, '32; 
Bessie Henry Olin, '20; and the College Pep Committee. 

If you have not already done so and there is time, won't you send a postal 
card to the Alumni Office saying that you plan to attend? It is a real help and 
a relief to our anxiety lest we fail to prepare for all of you. It is too late at the 
barbecue to do it. 


1947 — 1948 

President - Roy H. Beeler, '06 

Vice-President _ - Archibald F. Pieper, '36 

Recording Secretary Winifred Painter, '15 

Executive Secretary _ Theodore B. Pratt, '43 

Executive Committee 

Class of 1948: Robert W. Adams, '19; Mary Gamble, '33; Mrs. Leslie Walker, '21. 
Class of 1949: Mrs. Earl Blazer, '31; Mrs. Ray Foster, '20; Marvin Minear, '38. 
Class of 1950: Mrs. Arthur Bushing, '42; Mrs. John Carson, '17; Leslie Webb, '33". 


Published by Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee 

Ralph Waldo Lloyd, President 



October, 1947 



as second-class 
Section 1103, 

quarterly by Maryville College. Entered May 24, 
mail matter. Acceptance for mailing at special 
Act of October 3, 1917, authorized February 10, 

rate of 

at Maryville, 
postage prov 

ded for in 

frnntont ffilogifa fage 

I > t • . l i- Friends: 

The 129th Maryville College year is under way. Students and 
faculty are well on the road toward the 1948 Commencement. The 
problems for which no solutions were in sight just before and just after 
the semester opened the last week of August, somehow got solved or 
with time grew less important — as such problems usually have a way 
of doing. Now other problems arc appearing. But life and the Col- 
lege must go on even it perfection in arrangements and performance is 
not attained. 


The Dean of Students, whose office handles registration, tells me 
that the following figures have emerged from the opening days of the 
fall semester: Total number of full-time students 898, of whom 503 are 
men and 395 are women. There are 339 freshmen and 45 transfer 
students. The number of veterans listed is 252. Perhaps the notable 
facts about these figures are these: (1) This is the largest number of 
college students ever to enroll at the College in any semester or any full year; it is 63 more than at the same 
time List year: the second semester will increase the number. Only once in Maryville's history did a full 
year's enrolment exceed this number — in 1920, the corresponding year after World War I, when there were 
4>2 college students and 551 preparatory students, of whom not more than 871 were in attendance at any one 
time. (2) In order to prevent excessive overcrowding, the College turned away more students than in any year 
of its history. (3) This number is possible only because 179 students room in homes of the town and 18^ live 
within commuting distance. (4) The men outnumber the women by 108, whereas before the war women 
usually outnumbered men. 

New Faculty and Staff 

The larger enrolment of the past two years has made it necessary to increase the teaching staff. Last year 
we used more than the normal number of part-time teachers. Most work is carried this year by full-time 
teachers. We have been fortunate in securing a considerable number of promising younger teachers and staff 
members as well as some of more experience. Some are alumni, some from other backgrounds — all in sympathy 
with Maryville standards. 

Building Program 
The Chapel burned March 26. Announcement was made in May that generous friends had given assurance 
funds would be provided to build a Fine Arts unit provided the Chapel is rebuilt — the two costing probably 
more than a half million dollars. Elsewhere in this Bulletin is the statement which I made to the faculty and 
students on May 16. This is a magnificent benefaction. 

Much study has been given by the Directors and President, in consultation with others, as to procedure. No 
public announcement is yet ready, further than this: It appears necessary to organize a campaign for funds to 
provide the following buildings: a Chapel (funds in addition to insurance), a Fine Arts Center (provided for), 
a Women's Dormitory (a fund was started before the War), and an additional Science Building. Campaign plans 
will be fairly well completed by the end of October. Architects are now making sketches for consideration. 
The time of actual building has not been decided. Announcements of the financial campaign schedule will be 
made when it is completed. The College will be needing the devoted assistance of every graduate, former 
student, and friend. 

Sincerely yours, 

fyuLp^ ;6lra~£tLo ^S6 




®tjf Alumni {Irmfottfa ile&sag? 


It has been a long time since Maryville College was founded in 
1819, but down through the years the old Institution has carried on, hav- 
ing successfully weathered every storm and courageously withstood every 
hardship. In the meantime the unfortunate War between the States oc- 
curred and both World Wars have been fought and won. The noble 
sons and daughters of Maryville College participated in all of these con- 
flicts and endured many hardships and trials and tribulations without 
murmur or complaint, always manifesting that true spirit of courage, 
patriotism and devotion so characteristic of all sons and daughters of 
Maryville College throughout the vears of her existence. 

It has been more than two vears since we won the last War, but 
we have not yet won the Peace. Can we win it? Do we deserve to 
win it? We cannot afford to lose the Peace. We cannot afford to let 
the World fall apart or permit civilization to disintegrate. The United 
States must carry the beacon light and lead the way to a permanent 
Peace which will be the fruits of all the "blood, sweat and tears" which 
have resulted from the last World Conflict. It behooves us, one and all, 
to do his and her full duty and to preach patriotism, loyalty and states- 
manship at every opportunity, and to stand upon the Constitution and 
revere the Flag, and to smite Communism wherever and whenever it 
shows its ugly head. Let's be "up and at em," fellow Alumni and friends, 
and let's make sure that we win a lasting Peace. 

Another thing challenges our attention— Voorhees Chapel has been 
destroved by fire and the College has suffered an irreparable loss. A new 
Chapel must be built. Let it rise bigger and better on the ruins of the 
old, and stand as a perpetual monument to the indomitable will and 
dogged determination and unflagging devotion of all graduates and 
friends of the Old College who may in any manner contribute to its re- 


Cordially yours, 

ROY H. BEELER, 1906 

August 10, 1947 



Roy Hoocl Beeler, Attorney Genera] for the State of 
Tennessee and current President oi the Maryville Col 
1 ge Alumni Association, will deliver the 15th annual 
Founders Day message in the Alumni Gymnasium on 
November !. The service will begin at 9:45 a.m. The 
title of Mr. Beeler 's address will be "Civilization 
Then and Now." 

Mr. Beeler was graduated from Maryville College in 
1906. He received the J. D. degree from the University 
• ■I Chicago in 1910 and was admitted to the bar of 
Tennessee in 1911. From then until 1927 he practiced 
law in Knoxville. He served as Assistant Attorney 
General from 1927 to 1932 and has served in his 
present capacity since 1932. Maryville College con- 
ferred upon him an honorary LL.D. degree in 1940. 

The College is fortunate in having Mr. Beeler on 
the campus for Founders and Homecoming Day. He 
and Mrs. Beeler will have just returned from Boston 
where they attended the meeting of the National As- 
sociation of Attorneys General in the latter part of 
October. Though the capacity of the Alumni Gymna- 
sium is not equal to the former Voorhees Chapel, best 
possible seating ararngements will be made. All alumni 
and friends are cordially invited and urged to attend. 


President Ralph \V. Lloyd has announced the ap- 
pointment of Mr. Sidney E. Hening, of New York, as 
Director of Development. His service at the College 
will begin November 1 and will have special relation 
to the forthcoming campaign for a new Chapel and 
other buildings. 

Mr. Hening has had wide experience in important 
posts with the YMCA in China and the United States, 
as Treasurer of one of the large church missions boards, 
and in such work as that on which he is to be engaged 
at Maryville College. He will be a regular member of 
the College's staff during the coming months. 


The campus was a busy place all summer. Three 
Presbyterian young people's conferences, each lasting 
approximately a week, met here, and during the last 
week in June the annual meetings of the Synod of 
Mid-South, the women's Synodical Society, and young 
people's Westminster Fellowship, of the Presbyterian 
Church in the L'.S.A.. brought tour hundred people to 
live in the dormitories for tour days. 

A crew of painters have renewed the outside of 
Baldwin, Memorial, Bartlett, and Thaw, and extensive 
inside areas. Carpenters, plumbers, and other workers 
have been busy every day. The result of much ot then 
work is not noticed because it represents the endless 
repairs necessary on a large plant like the College. 
Among the changes which are noticeable are partitions 
in several Anderson Annex classrooms to make tem- 
porary music teaching Studios. There has been con 
siderable investment in new roots, new chairs, ^n^l 
the like. The athletic fields were used daily for the 
city recreational program and amateur league baseball 


i'i t| u - six living in, mbi rs of the Class of 1897, five 
attended the Alumni Dinner and Commencement Exer- 
cisi in May. The live were Mi--, Lucy Emma Caldwell, 
of New Market, Tennessee; Miss Edith Goddard, of 
Maryville; Mrs. Nell McSpadden Keeble, of Asl 
Virginia; Mr. Edward Montgomery, of Knoxville: ami 
Mr-, Augusta Muecke Tedford, of Maryville, Ju Ig 
John C. Crawford, of Maryville, the sixth member 
"I the ('lass, had planned to attend but was prevented 
by illness from being present. 

Miss Caldwell has spent all her life in New Market, 
where two of her major interests through the years 
have been raising flowers and teaching children in 
Sunday School and day schools. 

"Miss Edith," as she is generally called, retired in 
1945 after almost half a century of teaching in high 
school and elementary schools in Maryville. During 
the years she was prominent in educational circles 
throughout the State. 

Mrs. Keeble taught in East Tennessee for eight 
years; then in 1907 married William Keeble, a fellow 
college student (upon whom the College conferred an 
honorary degree in 1945). Since 1919 she has lived 
in Ashland, Virginia, where her husband is Professor 
of Physics at Randolph-Macon College 'for Men. 

Mr. Montgomery lived in Mannington, West Vir- 
ginia, for a few years after graduation and then moved to 
Knoxville, where he now lives in retirement. For thirty 
years he was in the U. S. postal service. 

Mrs. Tedford lived in Kingston. Tennessee, her home 
town, until she married Baxter Tedford in 192 5. Since 
then she has lived in Maryville. 

Judge Crawford studied law after his graduation and 
returned to Maryville as an attorney. For forty years 
he has been on the Board of Directors and is now 
Acting Treasurer of the College. Mrs. Crawford was 
a classmate of his during most of the course. They 
have had the rare distinction of seeing six sons graduate 
from Maryville. 

Pictured left- to right: Mr. 
Goddard, Miss Caldwell, Mr 

Tedford, Mrs. Keeble, Miss 
Montgomery, Mrs. Tedford. 




Horace Lee Ellis, 
Librarian Emeritus, 
died at his home in 
Maryville on August 
5. The funeral serv 
ice was conducted by 
President Lloyd at the 
First Baptist Church 
and he was buried in 
Magnolia Cemetery. 
Mr. Ellis was Librarian 
for twenty years, from 
1924 to 1943 when he 
retired because of 
health and was elected 
Librarian Emeritus. 

He graduated from 
Maryville College in 
the Class of 1898 and 
married Cordelia 
Young, a member of 

the same class. For two years thereafter he taught in the 
Preparatory Department of the College, then for seven 
years was a high school principal and teacher. In 1907 
he went to Carson-Newman College as professor of 
Latin, a position he held for seven years. During three 
of those years he was both professor and dean and 
during one other was both professor and treasurer. 

In 1914 he returned to his Alma Mater as professor 
of education and principal of the Preparatory Depart- 
ment, which at that time had over five hundred stu- 
dents. In 1924 the Preparatory Department was closed 
and he became Librarian. 

Thus his name was linked to Maryville College for 
thirty-one years as an active member of the faculty and 
for forty-two years as student, teacher, principal, li- 
brarian, and librarian emeritus. He worked until his 
failing health would allow him to work no more. 
Maryville College alumni will remember him for his 
friendliness, his courtesy, and his ability. 

Mr. Ellis was an active officer or member in the 
First Baptist Church of Maryville throughout most of 
his life. He was in many ways a true representative 
of the "Old South." On the campus his politeness 
never failed whether dealing with faculty or students. 
In his later years at the College he will be remembered 
as a white-haired man sitting on the front row in the 
Chapel where he was a sympathetic listener to all 
speakers and programs. 


Mr. and Mrs. T. Moody Dunbar (Edith Woolsey, '30), 

a son, Stanley Keith, January 1, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Loring (Bess W. Mitchell, '31), a 

daughter, Mary Lee, January 31, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael J. Tiffany (Virginia R. Carter, 

'31), a daughter, Virginia Claire, March 8, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs." William G. Perry (Eloise Garrett, '32), 

a son, Andrew Garrett, September 2, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lathan, '34, a son, William 

Clark, Jr, September 7, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Rankin Crawford, Jr., '35 (Dorothy 

Madge Nethery, '35), their third child, a son, David 

Nethery, June 23, 1947. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. DiCarlo (Jessie Kavanagh, "35), 

a second son, James Kavanagh, January 3, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mattesheard (Dolores T. Bur- 

chette. '35), a daughter, Donna Dolores, January 3, 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Andrews, '36, a son, Thomas 

Edward, April 26, 1947. 
Rev. and Mrs. Mark L. Andrews, '37, a daughter, 

Judith Elise, April 21, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Cummings (Marjorie Bliss, '37), 

a daughter, Martha Ann, September 25, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Plog, Jr. (Phyllis Gessert, '38), 

a daughter, Phyllis Anne, July 25, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson E. Spencer, Jr., '38, a daughter, 

Carolyn Jane, May 8, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Trent (Kathryn Adams, '38), 

a daughter, Elizabeth Carmichael, March 28, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Baker, Jr. (Ruth Abercrombie, 

'40), a son, Stewart Abercrombie, July 17,1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Ferguson (Margaret Esther Mc- 

Collum, '40), a son, David, February 26, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Heiskell (Miriam Waggoner, 

Ex. '40), a daughter, Sara Jean, September 30, 1947. 
Rev. and Mrs. William H. Mooney, '40, a daughter, 

Margaret Elizabeth, April 21, 1947. 
Lt. and Mrs. Parker Santiago, '40 (Alice Slifko, '39), a 

daughter, Rosalind Joy, May 4, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton David Schreiber, '40, a son, 

Milton David, Jr., in October, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Karczag (Edna Manrose, '41), a son, 

Paul Robert Samuel, May 16, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morgenthaler (Doris Tittle, '41), 

a daughter, Doris Anne, July S, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Musgrove (Katherine Ogilvie, 

'41), a daughter, Kathleen Lela, June 25, 1947. 
Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Reid, '41, a daughter, Martha 

Elizabeth, October 14, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Roland W. Tapp, Jr., '41 (Helen L. 

Pratt, '42), a son, Gary Wesley, September 9, 1947. 
Captain and Mrs. Melvin Julius Johnson, Jr., '42, a son, 

Melvin Julius III, August 4, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd Rich, '42 (Alma Mason, 

'41), a son, William Allan, August 5, 1947. 
Lt. and Mrs. Richard Wurgel (Hester Santiago, '42), a 

son, Bruce Kenneth, in June, 1947. 
Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay K. Bishop (Marianne Coleman, 

Ex. '43), a son, Lindsay Kerr, Jr., May 2 3, 1947. 
Lt. and Mrs. Sidney W. Duke, Ex. '43 (Aura Santiago, 

'43), a son, George William, August 20, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Furgerson (Helen George, '43), a 

daughter, Anne Louise, October 6, 1947. 
Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. Hopkins, '43, a daughter, 

Mary Rachael, August 5, 1947. 
Rev. and Mrs. Ralph S. Parvin, '43, a daughter, Ruth 

Anita, in June, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Edwards (Frances Lane, Ex. '45), 

a daughter, Lanee Sharon, May 22, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. James Fershee (Marian Metcalf, '45), a 

daughter, Susan Joyce, April 20, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gail Hein (Winifred Sommers, '45), a 

daughter, Marylyn Elizabeth, June 11, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Meineke, '47, a daughter, 

Sandra Jo, April 16, 1947. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pepper, Jr., '47 (Geraldine 

Hogan, '43), a son, Michael Robert, June 23, 1947. 




Horace Lee Ellis, '98, died at his home in Maryville 
on August 5, 1947. (Sec item on page 6). 

Richard Walter Post, '99, died on June 15, 1947, in a 
Rockwood hospital Mr. Post served .is a Presbyterian 
missionary in Siam from 1902 to 1942 when he was 
taken prisoner of war by the Japanese. Later he re- 
turned to this country on the liner Gripsholm. He and 
Mrs. Post (Mayme Stebbins, '02) were living in Grand' 
view, Tennessee. 

Robert Pflanze, Prep., '99, died March 29, 1947. He 
was a successful businessman in Maryville for many 
years. His daughter, Cecilia Lord Pflanze, is the wife 
of William B. Felknor, '41. 

Paul Rodney Radcliffe, '09, died on January 14, 1947 
after a long illness. He was a superintendent in high 
school education work for 42 years. Mrs. Radcliffe is 
continuing to make her home in Nutley, New Jersey. 

John M. Campbell, '10, died in the summer of 1946 
at his home. He was superintendent of schools in 
Selah. Washington. 

Anna Belle Callaway. '11, died on July 30, 1947, at 
Blount Memorial Hospital after several months illness. 
Miss Calloway had been a teacher in the Knoxville 
schools for nearly 25 years. 

Mrs. John C. Joyner (Edith Bryan Pickens, '26) died 
in August 1942, according to a 1926 class letter received 
in May 1947. She is survived by her husband and 
three children. 

James Maurice Leister, '47, died on June 22, 1947, 
after a brief illness. He was the son of Rev. and 
Mrs. J. Maurice Leister af Rural Valley, Pennsylvania. 
During his college days, Jim was active in YMCA, 
Parish project, the Ministerial Association and the 
Student Volunteers. Graduating at the early age of 
20, Jim was planning to attend Western Theological 
Seminary and then go to Edinburgh for further work 
in theology. 


Many Maryville students will remember Joe Jackson 
as one of Maryville's faithful cooks during the past 
decade. A year ago he had to give up work because 
of illness. Always he hoped to improve enough to 
return. But that was not to be and he died on June 19. 

Joe Jackson was an efficient co-worker of John Henry 
who has been the senior member of the kitchen staff for 
many years. Joe was an honest and honorable man and 
loyal to his family, his church, and his work. Various 
college faculty and staff member^ attended the funeral 
and President Lloyd took part in the service. 


Alumni Day at Commencement 1948 is Tuesday. May 
18. The annual alumni banquet will be served in the 
dining hall at 7 p. m. The reunion classes are as fol 

50 vear Class 1898 

25 vear Class -•- - 1923 

10 year Class 1937 

Related Groups 

1903 |oi>4. 1905. 1'""'. 1922. 1924. 1925 


Theodore B. Pratt, of the 
Class el 1943, has been ap- 
pointed Executive Secretary 
of the Alumni Association, 
succeeding James R. Smith. 
'35, and began his work on 
S pti mber '). 
V After his graduation I 

^^^fl ^j College Ted entered the 

A ^^^^^^^ Army and went through 

B iM fl ^^J tnc European campaign as 
I A a combat officer. He was 

discharged at the end of the 
war as a Captain of In- 
fantry. While in the Army he took courses in Shriven- 
ham American University, England, and Biarritz Ameri- 
can University, France. During the past year he has been 
doing graduate work in the fields of sociology and 
journalism at Ohio State University and received his 
master's degree at the end of August. At the College 
Ted is to give attention to publicity matters a? well 
as alumni matters. While a student at Maryville he 
was an assistant in the college offices and was a leader 
in student affairs. 

Mrs. Pratt is also working in the Alumni Office. 
She is a graduate of Ohio State University with a major 

in radio speech. 


Mr. Smith (Jimmy) has rendered a notable service 
as Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association. He 
was a full-time member of the college staff for four 
years, from 1940 to 1944. When the war came he 
felt that he should take a pastorate so that a man 
needed in the pastorate could enter the chaplaincy, 
and to assist in the care of the Church during the 
emergency. The Graystone Presbyterian Church of 
Knoxville issued an urgent call and he felt led to ac- 
cept it in 1944. However, he has continued to give 
part time to the alumni work and at considerable per 
sonal sacrifice has done an excellent service for the 
College and for the Alumni Association. Although he 
is to give up his official connection with the office he 
will continue to help in many ways. He still feels that 
it is his duty to remain with the Graystone Church, 
which has important plans ahead. 


After due consideration it has been decided not to 
.utempt the Artists Series this college year. 

When the Chapel burned, not only the College but 
the community lost the only suitable auditorium large 
enough for such events as the Artists Series. To 
finance attractions of the quality maintained over the 
years, it is necessary to have the patronage of people of 
Maryville and Knoxville as well as the students and 
faculty, There are now no adequate facilities m 

Therefore, the portion ot the Student Activities Fee 
allocated annually to the Artists Series will be held in a 
reserve fund to undergird the Series when a new Chapel 
permits n- resumption. 



John Philip Coughlin, '32, to Jean Florence Brooker, 
June 1, 1947. 

Ellen Emma Met-, '32, to Ditt Thomas Welch, Febru- 
ary 1, 1947. 

Irma Sue Pate, '39, to Robert Luthv Durr, August 29, 

Milton David Schreiber, '40, to Florence Guerin. August 

27, 1945. 

Lois Kathryn Sutton, Ex. '41, to Paul M. Bogart, June 

28, 1947. 

Inez Elizabeth Johnson, '42, to James B. Blevins, No- 
vember 26, 1946. 
Margaret Graham Proffitt, '42, to Ben Allen Cunning- 
ham, Ex. '42, June 18, 1947. 
Alice Elizabeth Jones, '43, to Edwin Boyer Sams, June 

12, 1947. 
Robert Kenneth Lockwood, '43, to Margaret E. Richard- 
son, May 24, 1947. 
Alice Jeannette Marstiller, Ex. '43, to Gilbert Joseph 

Glynn, September 11, 1947. 
Doris Wilson Murray, '43, to John Arthur Griffiths, 

September 14 ; 1947. 
Gabriel Gait Williamson, '43, to Vera Corey, May 25, 

Donald L. Barker, '44, to Eleanor Marjorie Stout, '46, 

May 24, 1947. 
William Alton Buford, '44, to Sara Elisabeth Copeland, 

Ex. '46, July 12, 1947. 
Virginia Lee Cain, '44, to Homer Fields Tohnson, Jr., 

May 19, 1947. 
Jeana Mae Eddleman, '44, to Clyde W. Hughes, August 

15, 1947. 
Ann Carolyn Ellison, Ex. '44, to Charles D. Balch. Jr., 

June 27, 1947 
Elizabeth Holland, Ex. '44, to William H. Jackson. 

August 3, 1947. 
Merriam McGaha, '44, to Harold L. Anderson, Tune 

7, 1947. 
Betty lone Ballard. '45, to James Hugh Jamieson, July 

19, 1947. 
Verna Allen Feeback, Ex. '46, to Robert Nesbitt, 

June 14, 1947. 
Neysa Ferguson, '46, to Robert Max Willoeks (now 

enrolled)". May 23, 1947. 
Betty Lou King, '46, to Lewis McCarroll Purifov, Jr., 

'47, May 22, 1947. 
Mary Elizabeth McKnight, '46, to Robert C. Jackson, 

February 15, 1947. 

Wanda Reeves Neal, '46, to Joseph Victor Frye, Jr., 

July 11, 1947. 
Nelle Ousley, '46, to John Delozier Widner, Tune 10, 

June Townsend, '46, to Kirk Odencrantz, August, 1947. 
Emma Jean Balch, '47, to Eldred Clock Tohnson, July, 


Betty Lou Boyatt, '47, to Claude Winfred Best, Tune 

28, 1947. 
Mary June Burns, '47, to Dale Lamon Jones, Tune 7, 

Annie Belle Gilliam, '47, to William Hoit. August 

24, 1947. 
Jeanne Louise Heaps, '47, to J. Malcolm Heaps, Ex. '45, 

June 21, 1947. 

Charles Halsey Hildreth, '47, to Carol June Hall, Ex. 

'49, July 19, 1947. 
Joan Liddell, '47, to Ralph Thomas Parkinson, '47, 

May 21, 1947. 

Ruth Bell Lloyd, '47, to Frank A. Kramer, '47. July 
25, 1947. 

Jane Alice McCall, Ex. '47, to Matthew L. Keith, Jr., 

August 30, 1947. 
Howard Meineke, '47, to Lucille M. Droop, June 20, 

Carolyn Jean Ulrich, '47, to Robert F. Huber. '45, 

May 21, 1947. 
Helen Underwood, '47. to James Harold Wright, June 

14, 1947. 
Mary Annis Beals, Ex. '48, to Thomas A. Pearson, 

June 6, 1947. 
Patsy Jean Childress, Ex. '49, to George Warren Mart;, 

'47, 'May 24, 1947. 
Lorene Summitt, Ex. '49, to Alonzo W. Hall, Ex. '50, 

August 27, 1947. 
Samuel R. Pickens, Ex. '50, to Sarah Frances Parker, 

April 10, 1947. 
Erma Wade, Ex. '50, to Kermit G. Hickman, August 

9, 1947. 

Howard Hugh Davis (now enrolled) to Doris Mildred 
Good, June 14, 1947. 

Kenneth DeVore Kribbs (now enrolled) to Pauline 
Wilson, June 25, 1947. 

Carl C. Murray (now enrolled) to Ernestine Harrison, 
Ex. '47, June 14, 1947. 

Marian Jane Black, daughter of Louis A. Black, director 
of maintenance, to Ira E. Walker, June, 1947. 

^S^j &&>,■ 


On June 27 the 
Synod of Mid- 
South elected Rev. 
Dr. Donald A . 
Spencer a Director 
of Maryville Col- 
lege. Dr. Spencer 
is pastor of the Sec- 
ond Presbyterian 
Church of Chat- 
tanooga, a church 
long closely associ- 
ated with the Col- 
lege. His predeces- 
sor, the late Dr. 
Robert M. Stimson, 
was a Director of 
the College ten 
years; Dr. E. A. El- 
more, who preceded Dr. Stimson in that pastorate, 
was a graduate of Maryville College, a professor of the 
College for four years, a Director thirty-eight years, 
Chairman of the Directors for twenty-one years, and 
Leader of the February Meetings nine times. Before 
coming to Chattanooga a year ago, Dr. Spencer was 
pastor of the Point Breeze Presbyterian Church, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 



Three honorary degrees were conferred al 
the Commencement Exercises lasl May, The 
degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred 
upon Judge Arthur Evan Mitchell, oi Knox 
ville, Tennessee. Chancellor for Knox C.oun- 


Miiehell is a graduate ol Colora 


College and of the University of Chicago 
Law School. He once served for three years 
as ithletic coach at Maryville College and 
has been a member of the Board of Directors 
for the past twenty-one years. He is 
chairman of the Directors' important Com* 
mittee on Finance. 

The degree of Doctor of Laws was con 
ferred upon Miss Margaret Shannon, of New 
York, Secretary. Home Base Department, 
Board of Foreign Missions of the Presby- 
terian Church in the U.S.A., and a promin- 
ent leader in work among church women. 
Dr. Shannon holds the Bachelor's degree 
from the University of Chicago and the 
Master's degree from the Biblical Seminary 
of New York. She was for three years a 
member of the faculty of the American Junior College, 
Beirut, Syria, and for four years Director of Student 
Activities of the Westminster Foundation, Ohio Um- 

The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon 
the Rev. Thomas A. Graham, pastor of the New 
Providence Presbyterian Church, Maryville, and former- 
ly pastor of Pioneer Presbyterian Church, Marinette. 
Wisconsin. Dr Graham is a graduate of Carroll 
College. Wisconsin, and McCormick Theological Semin 
arv. Chicago. 




Sixty students are enrolled in the ground course, 
half of whom are taking the flying instructions this 
semester, while the remaining half will fly next 
semester. The courses are open to all students who can 
pass the required physical examination. A special fee 
is required for the flying course. 


The 1947 football schedule, with scores of games al- 
ready played, is as follows: 

September 20 — Hiwassee (0) — MC (33) Home 

September 26— Tenn. Polyteeh. (13)— MC (7) Away 

October 4— Centre (0)— MC (27) Away 

October IS— East Tenn. State (6)— MC (31) Home 

October 2S — Emory and Henry Home 

Ni ivember 1 — Sewanee Homecoming 

November 7 — Middle Tenn. State _. Away 

November 1 S — Carson -Newman Home 

Nov ember 22 — Tusculum .' Away 

Coaches Honaker and Davis are assisted by Marvin 
Mitchell, a senior, who has played four years of foot- 
ball at Maryville and was captain of the 1946 team. 
About seventy men were on the squad at the beginning 
of the semester. Prospects look good for a successful 


The athletic field has been extended along Court 
Street toward the College Woods approximately 250 
feet, the distance made possible by the amount of 
earth available on a "cut-and-fill" basis. The newly 
cleared and graded field adds approximately 2J/2 acres 
to the present fields. The graded surface has been 
limed and will be allowed to settle during the winter 
months. In the spring it will be regraded and sowed 
with grass. 

It is hoped that the football field may eventually be 
moved from its present location back of Thaw Hall to 
the recently graded field on Court Street. Former 
students will remember that the present football field 
has a decided slope. Due to its central position on the 
campus, grading did not seem desirable. 

The proposed location would make possible a per- 
fectly graded field with easy access from Court Street. 
The present field would serve excellently for intr.imural 
athletics. The change cm not be made, of course, 
until the new field has acquired a suitable sod. 


Through arrangements made with Cook's Aero 
Service, an approved flight school at the Knoxville 

Municipal Airport four miles from Maryville, the 
College is offering this year courses in flight training. 
Ground instruction i> given on the campus in a one 
credit hour course, while an additional hour of credit 
is allowed for the flight instruction, which includes 24 
flying hours per semester. This work is taken in ad- 
dition to the normal schedule. 



J.imes R. Birchfield completed 50 years of service in the 
ministry in August of this year. At the same time the 
First Presbyterian Church of Florence, Colorado, honored him 
for the completion of 30 years of service in that Church. 

Lorenzo R. Foster recently resigned from the Suburban 
Church of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is the oldest active 
Protestant minister in the city in point of service, having 


served Presbyterian churches in Scranton for 50 years. He 
was responsible for raising the funds to build the imposing 
building they now have. 

Ruth Culver Newell is now superintendent of the J. W. 
Wilbur Health Home, an all-year home for girls in Natick, 

Luther Lawrence Cross was elected Mayor of Berkeley, 
California, in the spring of 1947. 

Hiram S. Balch was one of 13 Maryville College Alumni 
who attended the General Assembly at Montreat, North Caro- 
lina in the spring. He reports the following representatives 
from the College: D. L. Beard, '21; James L. Jackson, '23; 
Decatur F. Waddell, '23; Helen Miles, '25; Stuart Rohre, '25; 
Elizabeth S. Hoit, '27; John H. McKinnon, Ex. '31; E. L. 
Nelson, Ex. '31; Edward B. Cooper, '32; Wilbur R. Parvin, 
Ex. '40; Cecil O. Eanes, '43; Joseph Suitor, '43. 

Lester E. Bond dedicated on January 5 the organ and 
chimes of the Kensington Community Church in San Diego, 
California, and on January 26, the new sanctuary. 

Lois Wilson is stationed at Nabatiyeh, Lebanon. She 
recently had an article published in The Cedar Bough, a paper 
published by the Syria Mission of the Presbyterian Church. 

Mrs. C. L. McMahan (Mary Eda Camp, Ex. '171, completed 
her work for the bachelor of arts degree at Marietta College 
in Ohio during the summer. He major field is biology. 


D. L. Beard has terminated his pastorate in Franklin, West 

Virginia, and has gone to the Mount Solon Church in Virginia. 

Mrs. Jason Purdy (Emily Montgomery) is now Director of 

Religious Education in the First Presbyterian Church of 

Titusvi lie, Pennsylvania. 

Helen Deal is now Treasurer of the Board of Foreign Mis- 
sions of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Nashville, 

Mrs. Charlotte Allen Fitz-Gerald, Ex. '24, visited the 
campus in April. She is now living in Chicago. 

Sam H. Franklin, Jr., is teaching in a theological seminary 
in Tokyo. His family plans to join him soon. 

Mrs. Albert Metts (Rena Mae Anderson) is living in Mor- 
ristown, Tennessee. She is writing poetry and working in 
a florist shop. A number of her poems are now in the process 
of being published. 

Robert W. Bishop visited the campus in the fall. He Is 
Dean of Men at the University of Cincinnati. 

Ernest John Frei received his Ph.D. on May 21, 1947 
from the Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford Theological 

Elsie L. Gleason has gone to India as a missionary under 
the Presbyterian Board and has been assigned to the North 
Indian Mission. 

Edward A. Driscoll and his wife (Eva Thomas, Ex. '29) 
are working in a number of churches and attending seminary 
in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Harry Ingram Fell has accepted a call to become Rector 
of the Church of St. Giles at Stonehurst, Pennsylvania. 

Mary Louisa Rodgers is working as a medical technician 
under Dr. Sullivan, Ex. '21, in her home town of Cleveland, 
Tennessee. She taught biology there at Bradley High School 
from 1929 to 1938, at which time she entered the University 
of Tennessee Medical School to take a 1 3 months course in 
Medical Technology. Then until February, 1945, she re- 
mained in Memphis at the John Gaston Hospital, Pathology 
Department. In 1945 she returned home because of the 
illness and death of her father. She began working with 
Dr. Sullivan in August 1946. 

Mrs. T. Moody Dunbar (Edith Woolsey) is district presi- 
dent of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the 
Methodist Church in the Holston Conference. This is her 
third year in office. 

Viola Pettit, now of England and formerly of Johnson 
City, Tennessee, is a member of one of the expeditions now 
opening the famous eighty thousand-year-old cliff dwellings in 
California. She is well-known for excavations around Petra, 
the rose-red city of the Arabian desert. 


Edward T. Raney is chairman of a Detroit committee on 
arrangements for the 1947 national meeting of the American 
Psychological Association. Dr. Raney is also leaving the 
Michigan Unemployment Compensation Commission to be- 
come Associate Professor of Personnel Administration in the 
College of Business Administration at Wayne University, 


Louis B. Blair and his wife are now residing in Columbus, 
Ohio, where Mr. Blair is Superintendent of University Hospital. 


George F. Fischbach and his wife are now living in Memphis 
where Mr. Fischbach is associated with the YMCA. 

Benjamin P. Groves is a civilian social welfare worker in 
Germany. He is working at United States headquarters but 
travels to all parts of Germany. 

Clifton E. Moore, pastor of the Glenville Presbyterian 
Church, was elected president of the Greater Cleveland (Ohio) 
Ministerial Association at the spring meeting in April 1947. 
He is also the retiring Moderator of the Cleveland Presbytery. 

Andrew E. Newcomer, Jr., pastor of the Aisquith Presby- 
terian Church in Baltimore and adviser to the Baltimore 
Presbytery Westminster Fellowship, recently had an article 
published in Presbyterian Young People. Entitled "Shine On 
Harvest Moon," it was a plan for the organizing of a fall 
retreat for young people's societies. 

W. R. Stevenson was released from the Navy in July and 
has accepted a call to the Union Congregational Church in 
Jacksonville, Florida. 

S. Lindsey Tope and his wife visited the campus last spring. 
They are now living in Daytona Beach, Florida. 


Stephen T. Boretsky was discharged from the Navy in 
June, 1946, and is now Athletic Director at Tennessee High 
School, Bristol, Tennessee. 

A. Gordon Karnell is now pastor of the First Presbyterian 
Church of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. 

Kenneth P. Kidd received his Ph.D. at Peabody College 
this summer and plans to be at the University of Florida 
this fall. 

Warren Walton Warman was recently elected President of 
the Presbyterian Cleric which meets monthly in Harrisburg 
from October through June. At the May meeting of the 
local county Ministerial Association of about 100 men, he 
was elected president for the year 1947-48. As the president 
he is automatically on the Community Chest Board of Directors 
and on the Executive Committee of the County Sabbath 
School Association. 


Mrs. Jose Del Nero (Elizabeth Peterson) has gone to 
Brazil where her husband is chaplain of a girls' Episcopal high 
school and has an English and Portuguese congregation. Mrs 
Del Nero will teach in the school. 

William C. Frische, who is now Professor of Chemical 
Engineering and Metallurgy at Grove City College in Pennsyl- 
vania, has had a number of articles published recently in 
various scientific journals. Most of them include nomographs 
in reference to dilution calculations. 


Joe J. Arrendale is a practicing physician in Cornelia, 

George F. Greiner is now school physician in the town of 
Kent, Connecticut. He is also in general practice. 


Charles Edward Brubaker, who received his Th.B. degree 
from Princeton in 1941, is now enrolled at Union Theological 
Seminary in New York working toward an advanced seminary 

Donald R. Killian has resigned from the First Presbyterian 
Church of Swedesboro, New Jersey, and has gone to the 
Westminister Church, Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

Charles Thomas Theal has been called from Millerton 
Church, New York, to Harmony Church, Phillipsburg, New 



Bertram Chandler and his wife (Katherine D. Bennett, '41) 
have taken up a residence at Glenn Moore, Pennsylvania. Mr 
Chandler is a chemist associated with the Foote Mineral 
Company of Exton, Pennsylvania. 

Kathleen Cissna has been with the Navy Department in 
Washington since her discharge from the U. S. Coast Guard 
in May, 1946. 

Mrs. John Kennedy (Etta Culbertson) lost her husband in 
an aircraft accident on May 19, 1947. Mrs. Kennedy is now 
assisting in the college library and living in Maryville with 
her 20-months-old daughter, Evelyn. 

Mehran Wilbert Looloian entered the Samaritan Hospital in 
Troy, New York, as a resident doctor after his return from 
the Navy. After ten months with the hospital, Dr. Looloian 
began to practice medicine independently in White House 
Station, New Jersey. 

Bruce Morgan and his wife recently completed 16 months 
of language study at Yale and hope to sail for Tsingtao, 
North China, soon. They are going to do rural evangestistic 


Richard Heydinger is now studying at the University of 

James O. Jarrell resigned from the Calvary Church of 
Ardmore, Oklahoma, to go to the First Church of Electra, 

Margaret E. Knox has been awarded the Katherine L. 
Sharp scholarship for graduate study in the Library School, 
University of Illinois for 1947-48. 

Genevieve McCalmont accepted the position of State 
Nutritionist for the State Board of Control in Austin, Texas 
in March 1947. 

Dan M. McGill received the degree of doctor of philosophy 
from the University of Pennsylvania in August of this year. 

James B. Montgomery has accepted the chair of Associate 
Professor of Sociology at Oklahoma A. and M. College at 
Stillwater, Oklahoma. He and his wife (Geneva Patterson 
'431 left Atlanta recently to take up their duties in Oklahoma. 

William H. Mooney is Moderator of the Presbytery of 
Kittanning in Pennsylvania. 

Parker Santiago and his wife (Alice Slifko, '39) are now 
living in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Parker is attached to 
the Naval Air Station Dispensary. 

Milton David Schreiber is with the Dixie Cup Company of 
Easton, Pennsylvania, where he is in charge of the Chemical 
Laboratory of the Research Division. 

E. B. Smith has completed two-fifths of his work toward a 
Ph.D. degree in history at the University of Chicago. He 
will receive the M.A. degree in December. 


Boydson H. Baird is working on his master's degree at the 
University of Indiana. 

Jacob Thompson Bradsher received his discharge from the 
Navy on August 15, 1946, after 14 months service. At 
present he is located at Boston City Hospital engaged in 
further training in surgery. 

Paul L. Brown has resigned from the Artesia Church in 
New Mexico to study under a scholarship at the University 
of Toronto, Canada. 

Warren George Corbett was awarded the Junior Hebrew 
Prize at Western Theological Seminary in May 1946. He is 
now continuing his work in Pittsburgh. 

Thomas M. Cragan is taking a pre-dental course at New 
York University. 

Alfred H. Davies has recently returned to his pulpit in 
Dayton, Ohio, after about three months illness. 

William B. Felknor has opened an office in Maryville for 
the general practice of law. 

Hal Henschen is doing surgical service on the staff of the 
Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Arthur and Marianna Peterson have been commissioned 
for missionary duty in Brazil by the Board of Missions and 
Church Extension of the Methodist Church at ceremonies in 
Christ Church, New York City. They are planning to leave 
shortly for Granbery College at Juiz de Fora, Brazil, where 
they will study language for six months. 

Lily Pinneo has been appointed to work in the Bingham 
Memorial Nursing Home in Jos, Nigeria, in British West 
Africa. She has recently completed her language study in 
Lagos and is already in Jos, "busy nursing and looking 

forward to the opening of the new hospital." Miss Pinneo 
reports that on a recent trip her party encountered monkeys, 
owls, a lioness and many other forms of wild life. 

Frederick P. Rawlings opened his office in April to begin 
his practice of medicine in Trenton, Kentucky. 

Ralph Douglas Steakley is with Pan-American Airlines in 
Miami, Florida. 

David Thomas Young, who received his S.T.B. degree from 
Western in 1 944, is now working toward an advanced de- 
gree at Union Theological Seminary of New York. 

Jack L. Zerwas, who received his B.D. degree from Mc- 
Cormick in 1944, is now doing graduate work at Union Theo- 
logical Seminary in New York. 


Elaine Fichter has accepted a position as pediatric resident 
on the University of Colorado Hospital staff, and as such 
is automatically registered in the Medical Graduate School of 
the University. 

Harry E. Graham is enrolled in the Georgetown University 
Law School. He was a member of the Foreign Service 
Review Course which was conducted for the second summer 
at the University for persons planning to take the State De- 
partment examination for the United States Foreign Service. 

Mildred Hester has been assisting in the preparation of a 
book-length manuscript on redeployment problems in the 
European Theater. In the course of her three years of 
service with the WAC, Miss Hester traveled in almost every 
European country. 

Henry E. Kell is working on his M.S. in Education during 
the summers at Indiana University. The remainder of the 
year he teaches U. S. history and geography at Benjamin 
Bosse High School in Evansville, Indiana. 

David H. Kidder is continuing his studies in the School of 
Sacred Music at Union Theological Seminary after attending 
summer school at Columbia University. Dave and Mary were 
visitors to the campus in the early fall. 

Arling Kressler is employed in the administrative office of 
the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, D. C. 

Hugh Kenyon Leishman has left Trinity Church, Harrisburg, 
Pennsylvania, and First Church, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, and 
gone to the Lower Tuscarora Church, Academia, Middle Tus- 
carora Church, Honey Grove, and the East Waterford Church, 
East Waterford, Pennsylvania. 

Tom and Margaret Mize stopped by the campus in Sep- 
tember. They are now living in Tryon, North Carolina, where 
Tom is practicing dentistry. 

Quentin Myers was a visitor to the campus in the spring. 
He and his wife (Elizabeth Ann Huddleston, '41) are now 
residing in Everett, Pennsylvania, where Quentin is practicing 

Elizabeth D. Pascoe returned from 20 months service with 
the American Red Cross in the Philippines in May, 1947. 
She is now doing graduate work at New York University. 

Edythe Mae Persing planned to take a leave this fall from 
the Cleveland Visiting Nurse Association so that she might 
enroll in a program of Public Health Nursing at Western 
Reserve University. 

William B. Rich is teaching mathematics at Maryville High 
School. He recently was elected President of the Maryville 
City Teachers' Association. 

James Arthur Rowan is in his second year at Western 
Theological Seminary. 

Virginia L. Stroebe has accepted a position as teacher of 
vocational home economics at Walton High School in Olivet, 
Michigan. She took up her new duties early in September. 

Mrs. Richard Wurgel (Hester Santiago) is now living at 
Borinquen Field, near Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where her 
husband is a lieutenant with the Army Air Forces. 


E. Brasher Bailey received his M.A. in sociology and ad- 
vertising at New York University in June and is now 
associated with A. Asch Advertising in New York. "Brash" 
reports that his work takes him all over the country but that 
he "always returns to New York." 

Clyde R. Brown was awarded the Sylvester S. Marvin 
Memorial Fellowship and the Hugh Thomson Kerr Moderator 
Prize in addition to receiving his degree of bachelor of 
sacred theology at Western Theological Seminary in May 

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Alice Elizabeth Archibald, Music. B.Mus. '47, Ober- 
lin College. 

Arthur S. Bushing, English. B.A. '43, Maryville Col- 
lege. While in the Army Mr. Bushing attended Stan- 
ford University and the Sorbonne; since his discharge 
he has been a graduate assistant teacher at the Uni- 
versity of Tennessee. 

David LeRoy Engelhardt, Bible and Religious Educa- 
tion. B.A., Pennsylvania State College; B.D., Princeton 
Theological Seminary; Ed.M., University of Pittsburgh. 
For the past two years Mr. Engelhardt has been an 
Assistant Pastor at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian 
Church, New York. 

Harry H. Harter, Music. B.A., San Jose State Col- 
lege, California; M.Mus., University of Nebraska. He 
has also done graduate study at Northwestern Uni- 
versity and Colorado College. While in the Army he 
directed choirs and chapel music programs, and last 
year he taught at Midland College, Nebraska. 

Kenneth P. Johnson, Physical Education. B.S., Cort- 
land State Teachers College, New York; M.A., St. 
Lawrence University. For three years Mr. Johnson was 
instructor and coach at the Dexter, New York, High 
School; during his service in the Navy he was swim- 
ming instructor, physical therapist, and coach. 

Mrs. Kenneth P. Johnson, Supervisor of the Printing 
Department. B.Mus., Syracuse University. For a 
number of years Mrs. Johnson was music supervisor 
and director of the high school band, orchestra, and 
girls' glee club at the Dexter High School. 

Mrs. Etta Culbertson Kennedy, Library. B.A. '39, 
Maryville College. Mrs. Kennedy will have special 
duties in connection with the Special Studies program, 
a part of the new curriculum now in effect. 

Mrs. Margaret Jones LeMaster, R.N., Head of Memo- 
rial Hall. Mrs. LeMaster for the past seven years has 
been a Supervisor at the Baptist Hospital in Memphis. 

Mrs. Mary O. Luter, of Memphis, Assistant to the 
Head of Memorial Hall. Mrs. Luter comes to Mary- 
ville from a similar position at Southwestern College, 

Thelma Nelson, Music. B.Mus., College of Wooster. 
Last year Miss Nelson taught public school music at 
Sunbury, Ohio; during the past summer she did grad- 
uate work at the University of Michigan. 

Geneva Robertson, Home Economics. B.S., Union 
University; M.S., University of Tennessee. During the 
past five years she has taught home economics in the 
Kingsport, Tennessee, High School. 

James Howard Schwani, Spanish. B.S., West Tennes- 
see State College; M.A.. George Peabody College for 
Teachers. Mr. Schwam has also studied in Mexico. 
Both before and after his army service, he had ex- 
perience as a teacher of Spanish and high school 
principal in Arkansas. Mrs. Schwam is the former 
Sara Fay Kittrell, Maryville College '39. 

Jessie May Wild, Drama and Speech. B.A., Iowa 
State Teachers College; M.A., Columbia University. 
During the past three years Miss Wild has been on 
the faculty of Lynchburg College, Virginia. 

Mrs. Beatrice D. Yates, Home Economics. B.S., Uni- 
versity of Tennessee. Last year Mrs. Yates taught at 
the Walland, Tennessee, High School. Her husband 
is one of the veterans enrolled at Maryville College. 


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James McEachern Barr received the bachelor of divinity 
degree from Union Theological Seminary of New York in 
February of last year. 

Richard W. Boyd is now studying at the University of Pitts- 
burgh on a research fellowship in religious education prior 
to taking up his language study at Yale. Dick is under 
appointment of the Board of Foreign Missions to go to China. 

Sidney W. Duke and his wife, (Aura Santiago) are now 
stationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where "Sid" is with the 
299th Station Hospital. He completed his internship in the 
Cook County Hospital, Chicago, in April, 1947. 

James F. Garvin graduated from Union Theological Seminary 
in Richmond, Virginia, and is now pastor of churches in 
Chinquapin, North Carolina. 

Oscar L. (Jack) Lippard is attending chiropody school in 

Wesley R. Lochausen is now aboard an aircraft carrier 
serving as flight surgeon. 

Jane Metcalf has resigned as director of religious educa- 
tion at Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church, Ferndale, Michi- 
gan, after four years of service. She plans to do some 
graduate study. 

Edward and Esther Rowley have moved into a new manse 
and a new church in Cincinnati. Ed is now pastor of the 
Delhi Presbyterian Church of Saylor Park, Cincinnati. 

Dean Stiles introduced Maryville College to his wife on a 
recent trip to the campus. They are now residing in 
New York where Dean is employed in a hotel. He reports 
"running across" several Alumni in the metropolitan area. 

Gabriel G. Williamson is serving three churches in the New 
River Coal area at Ames Heights, Lansing, West Virginia. 

James Witt (Ex. '43) will soon hang out his law office 
shingle in Madisonville, Tennessee. Jimmy was graduated 
in June from Cumberland University and has passed his state 
bar examination. 

J. Arthur Yunker is now pastor of the Grace Church of 
Horsham, Pennslyvania. 


Donald L. Barker was graduated from Princeton Theological 
Seminary in May, 1947, and has accepted a call to a rural 
parish centered in Ridgway, Illinois. 





Joseph M. Brown is in his second year at Western Theo- 
logical Seminary. 

Bi I lye Ruth Braly has entered the Presbyterian College 
of Christian Education in Chicago to begin work on her M.A. 
degree in religious education. 

Duane H. Collins received his bachelor of divinity de- 
gree from Princeton Seminary in May. During his seminary 
years, Mr. Collins served as student pastor at First Presbyterian 
Church, Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania. He is now pastor of 
the Douglass Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. 

Samuel E. Crawford, Jr. (Ex. '44) has gone to Tokyo in 
recent months where he is a lieutenant in the dental corps.. 

Leroy Dillener graduated from Princeton Seminary in May 
and is now in parish work at Colcord, West Virginia. His 
work includes a field of about 28 churches, Presbyterian, 
U. S. A. 

Jeana Mae Eddleman received her degree-in Medical Tech- 
nology on June 9 at the University of Tennessee's medical 
division in Memphis. 

Ann Elizabeth Horton is beginning her first year of teach- 
ing at the Allison-James School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
Her fields are home economics and physical education. 

Benjamin A. Lynt is now serving as Minister of Education 
for the Georgetown Church, Washington, D. C: 

Paul E. Moehlman was ordained by Indianapolis Presbytery 
recently in his home church. Dr. Robert Crothers of Decatur, 
Illinois, preached the ordination sermon. Paul is now serving 
as assistant minister of the Westminster Church, Decatur, 

Dexter B. Rice graduated from Bangor Theological Seminary 
in Maine in May, 1947. 

Lawrence F. Sthreshley, Jr., graduated from Union Seminary 
in Richmond, Virginia in May, 1947, and is now pastor of 
the Presbyterian Church of Chester, Virginia. 

John C. Taylor was ordained in the Temple Church by 
the Presbytery of Philadelphia on March 21, 1947, and in 
May received his degree of bachelor of divinity from Prince- 
ton Theological Seminary. He is now pastor of the First 
Presbyterian Church, Frostburg, Maryland- 
Malcolm Thompson was awarded the Smith Fellowship for 
general excellence at McCormick Seminary in Chicago recently. 


Donald Black Ex. '45, is now attending Parks College of 
Aeronautical Technology in Illinois. 

Livingston Hislop Ex. '45, is a sanitary inspector with the 
Borden's Milk Company in the metropolitan area of New 

Mrs. Bill Lawrence (Hannah Duke) is living in Maryville 
with her husband who has re-entered Maryville Col'ege. 

Mrs. Lyle E. Schaller (Agnes Peterson) is a graduate as- 
sistant in the Physiology Department of the Medical School 
of the University of Wisconsin. 

Martha Jeane Shaw visited the campus in July. She is at- 
tending the Philadelphia College of Osteopathy. 


Olinde Ahrens received her master of arts degree in 
philosophy at Iowa University in August and is now con- 
tinuing her studies at the University of Nebraska. Miss 
Ahrens is teaching ethics on a part-time basis at the same 

Marie Winslow Baxter is now assistant librarian at Union 
College in Barbourville, Kentucky. She received her B.S. 
degree in Library Science at Peabody last spring. 

Rebecca Ann Davis is now Director of the Teen-Age Pro- 
gram of the YWCA in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Mrs. James P. Hodges (Catherine Crothers) has moved to 
Wayne, Michigan, where her husband is serving as an interne 
in a hospital. Their little boy, "Pat," is reported to have 
just reached the crawling stage. 

Mrs. Quentin Keen (Mary Ann Wilkes, Ex. '46 1 is serving 
as office assistant for the Synod of California (Southern Area) 
with headquarters in Los Angeles. 

James Donald Kent has purchased "Kent's Store" from his 
father and plans to enlarge his building and his stock of 
merchandise. Don is also editor and publisher of The Hurley 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. McDaniel, Ex. '46, are now living 
in Knoxville where Fred is in his second year of physical edu- 
cation at the University of Tennessee. Thelma is employed 
by the Telephone Company. 

Abner P. Richard, Jr. is in his second year at Western 
Theological Seminary. 

Lucille Sitler is now laboratory assistant for the Eli Lilly 
and Company. Her particular task is research in the improve- 
ment of streptomycin, the new wonder drug. 

Dorothy E. Toomey is continuing her studies at the Ameri- 
can Seminary of the Bible in New York City and teaching 
English on a part-time basis. 

Peter T. Van Blarcom received his M.A. degree from 
Columbia University and is now teaching at Ohio University 
in Athens, Ohio. 

Mary Jo White has completed her year's internship in 
dietetics at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri. 

Mrs. R. Max Willocks (Neysa Ferguson) is a stenographer 
with the Aluminum Company of America. 

J. Edward Wilson, Ex. '46, is located in Alaska with a 
military police battalion. He has made a name for himself 
as a 60-minute tackle on the company football team. 

Mary Ruth Barber is working in the University of Tennes- 
see Library in charge of government publications. She is 
also singing with the James King Chorus of Knoxville, a 
group which broadcasts once each week. 

Mary Elizabeth Barnwell was employed as a saleslady in 
Miller's department store in Knoxville during the summer 
■months. At present she is studying theory of music and 
piano at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. 

Mrs. Claude W. Best (Betty Lou Boyatt lis working in 
Cincinnati while her husband is attending the University there. 
Jay R. Bishop was a machine operator at Dodge Brothers 
automobile factory in Detroit during the summer and is now 
in his junior year at McCormick Theological Seminary in 

Mrs. Rupert Boyatt (Vera Ross) is working as a secretary 
with the Aluminum Company of America while her husband 
is enrolled at the College. 

Charles Brand is doing graduate work in zoology at 
the University of Wisconsin. He is specializing in aquatic 

Jessie Lou Brunson spent the summer in the personnel of- 
fice of the Philadelphia Technical Institute and is now doing 
social case work in Chemung County, New York. 

Evelyn Bunch worked in the YWCA in Knoxville this 
summer and attended the YWCA professional school at Ferry 
Hall, Lake Forest, Illinois. She is now Teen-Age Director 
of the YWCA in Beaumont, Texas. 




Donald W. Campbell began his graduate work in mathe- 
matics this summer at the University of Michigan. He is now 
teaching mathematics in the high school at Frankford, 

Betty Carolyn Congleton is doing graduate work in history 
at the University of Kentucky. The past summer found her 
teaching in several Bible Schools. 

William G. Cover has accepted the position of Head 
Athletic Coach at Mineral Ridge High School, Mineral Ridge, 

Kathryn Dean is teaching at Copperhill, Tennessee. 

Mary Agnes Dellinger reports her plans to take a laboratory 
technician's course in The Duke School of Medicine. 

Edith Earle is teaching the third grade in the Giffin Ele- 
mentary School in South Knoxville. She hopes to continue 
her study with some graduate work next summer. 

Wallace E. Easter, after being graduated from Princeton 
Seminary, was ordained as an evangelist by the Presbytery of 
Washington City. He is now serving as assistant minister in 
the First Presbyterian Church of Niagara Falls, New York. 

Sarah Enloe has accepted the position of Director of Re- 
ligious Education and Sunday School Extension Worker for the 
First Presbyterian Church of Cartersville, Georgia. He work 
consists of visiting and working with the Sunday School 
teachers and leaders. Recently two outpost Sunday Schools 
in the area have been opened. 

Daniel B. Eveland did clerical work in the accounting de- 
partment of the General Coal Company in Philadelphia last 
summer. At present he is in his second semester at Prince- 
ton Theological Seminary. 

James E. Evans is now attending Western Theological 
Seminary in Pittsburgh. 

June Garland is Director of Religious Education in the 
larger parish program in Crittenden County, Kentucky. Next 
fall she hopes to enroll in the McCormick School of Religious 

Jackson M. Gilmore is an inspector with an agency whose 
headquarters are in Philadelphia. His work involves a lot 
of travel. 

William R. Grosh is enrolled in Virginia Theological Semi- 
nary at Alexandria in preparation for the Episcopal ministry. 
He served as horsemanship instructor at Camp Le Conte for 
Boys at Elkmont, Tennessee, during the summer. 

David C. Gulick has entered the School of Medicine, Temple 
University, Philadelphia. During the summer Dave worked as 
an orderly in the Somerset Hospital in Somerville, New Jersey. 

Lilybel Gunn has been awarded a fellowship by the Dan- 
forth Foundation. Through this grant she is serving as Di- 
rector of Religious Activities at Ball State Teachers College 
in Muncie, Indiana, for one year. During the summer she 
worked in a parish of four rural churches and attended a five 
weeks camp for the training of Christian leaders. She hopes 
to take some graduate work in religious education later. 

June Hamilton is in training to be a medical technologist 
at Piedmont Hospital and Emory University in Atlanta, 

Jeanne L. Heaps is finding her time full in Street, Mary- 
land, where her husband (J. Malcolm Heaps, Ex. '45) is 

Charles H. Hildreth is employed as a department head for 
the J. C. Penney Company of Middletown, Connecticut. 

Mrs. William Hoit (Annie Belle Gilliam) is doing graduate 
work at Murray State Teachers College. 

Mrs. Robert F. Huber (Carolyn Ulrich) is spending her 
time at the artful task of housekeeping. 

Kenneth Huff is enrolled in San Anselmo Theological 
Seminary in California according to the latest unconfirmed 

Harold and Ada Huffman are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- 
vania, where Harold is attending Western Theological Seminary. 

Beth Huftalen was employed as a receptionist at the Homer 
Folks Hospital in Onconta, New York, during the summer. 
It was her hope this fall to attend the School of Medicine, 
Duke University, for work in physical therapy. 

Robert A. Hunter is teaching band and physical education 
in the high school at Altha, Florida. 

Paul A. Jamarik is in his second year of law school at the 
University of Richmond Law School in Virginia. 

Mrs. E. C. Johnson (Emma Jean Balch) attended a class at 
Wayne University in Detroit last summer. She is now 
living with her husband in Richmond, Virginia. 

Dorothy C. Jones was employed last summer by the Bureau 
of Prisons under the Department of Justice in Washington, 
D. C. Sh3 received a fellowship from Syracuse University 
this fall to serve as a student dean in a cottage for under- 
graduates on the campus. In addition to working toward an 
M.A. degree in psychology, Miss Jones will assist and advise 
undergraduate girls at the University. 

Mrs. Dale Lamon Jones (June Burns) is teaching biology 
and general science at Everett High School in Maryville. 

Ruth Kaye is a personal shopper for Julius Garfinckle and 
Company in Washington, D. C. She plans to do graduate 
work sometime in the future, either in Washington or at 
the University of Tennessee. 

Eleanor M. Kelley, after spending the summer caring for 
children, has entered training school to study child care and 
diet. She hopes to do graduate work at Francis Payne Bolton 
School of Nursing in Cleveland, Ohio. 

W. Abbott Kemp is employed as an insurance claim ad- 
juster for a company in Acworth, Georgia. 

Frank and Ruth Kramer are now located in Philadelphia 
where Frank is in the graduate division of the Wharton 
School of Finance in the University of Pennsylvania. Ruth 
is working in the Library there. 

Alma Lancaster is Director of Religious Education for the 
Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church of Abingdon, Virginia. In 
addition to her duties with the Sunday School and youth 
groups, she is serving as Minister of Music. 

Roy Laughmiller is in his first year of medical school at 
George Washington University in Washington, D. C. Until he 
has located an apartment, his wife (Polly Park, '43) and 
family are remaining in Maryville. 

Lottie Lavender is now a secretary at Washington College, 
Tennessee. During the summer she served as dietitian at 
Camp Margaret Townsend in the Smoky Mountains, a 
Knoxville Girl Scout Camp. 

Pauline Lickteig is a graduate assistant in home manage- 
ment, College of Home Economics, University of Tennessee. 

Irvin K. McArthur is attending Princeton Seminary. During 
the summer he was a student worker in Nesbitt Larger Parish 
in Mississippi. 

Owen McGarity is in his second year of seminary in 
Chicago. Last summer he assisted with two Presbyterian 
churches in Kingsport, Tennessee. 

Jean Magill is attending graduate school at Iowa State 
College, Ames, Iowa. She is looking forward to teaching 
vocational home economics. 

James P. Martin is enrolled at McCormick Theological 
Seminary in Chicago. Last summer he served as General As- 
sistant in the Second Presbyterian Church of Bloomington, 
Illinois. While there he served as youth director and 
counselor at a summer camp. 

Howard Meineke is doing graduate work in zoology at the 
University of Cincinnati. 

Harvey Overton is enrolled at Columbia Theological Seminary 
in Decatur, Georgia. 

Charles Pepper and his wife (Jerry Hogan, '43) are now 
living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where Charlie is senior analyst 
with Carbide and Carbon in one of the chemical labs. 

Mrs. Kenneth Paxton (Charlotte Proffitt) is a personnel 
interviewer in the employment office of the Aluminum Com- 
pany of America. Her husband is enrolled at the College. 

Mrs. Tucker Pinner, (Betty Burton) has been an assistant 
bookkeeper in the Treasurer's Office at the College. She and 
her husband have now left the College to live in Rome, 
Georgia, where Tucker is associated with the Burton Transfer 

Lewis McCarroll Purifoy, Jr. and his wife (Betty Lou King, 
'46) are now living in Knoxville. "Mack" is working toward 
an M.A. in English History at the University of Tennessee 
while Betty Lou is working in the extension library in charge 
of films. 

Boby Jo Reed is teaching home economics in Bull's Gap 
High School in Moshiem, Tennessee. 

Gwendolen Rees-Jones is working for the Coca-Cola 
Bottling Company in Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Mary Margaret Robarts is in charge of a new Sunday 
School for a new Presbyterian Church in Coral Gables, Florida. 

Geneva Jo Robertson is now doing graduate work in 
dietetics at Oklahoma A. & M. College. 


Maybelle Rule did Y.W.C.A. conference work and day 
camp work last summer. She is now working with children 
in the nursery department of a United Presbyterian church 
orphanage in Mars, Pennsylvania. 

Leonard Schieber was employed lats summer in the R.C.A. 
Communications Corporation in New York City. At present 
he has a graduate assistantship in physics at the University 
of Tennessee. 

Leroy Secrest is beginning his work at Columbia Theological 
Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. 

Claude I. Shell, Jr. is working in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, as 
salesman and department manager for the J. C. Penney Com- 

John R. Shell is acting as bookkeeper, office manager, and 
general assistant in his father's seed and farm supply store 
in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 

Jayne Moss Shouse is working toward an M.A. degree in 
history at Vanderbilt University. She was employed by the 
Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice, during the summer. 

William Sidner served as counselor at a summer camp of 
the Scranton Y.M.C.A. during the summer months. He plans 
to take graduate study in social group work at George 
Williams College in Chicago. 

Donna Smalley has been doing testing work for the city 
schools of Knoxville. She is now studying as a graduate 
assistant in psychology at the University of Tennessee. 

Catherine Stout worked in the Touring Bureau of the 
Shell Oil Company last summer. She hopes to enter the 
Katherine Gibbs School this fall to take an executive secre- 
tarial course for one year. 

Raymond H. Swartzback is attending McCormick Theo- 
logical Seminary in Chicago. During the summer he worked 
as Associate Director of Camp Black Rock, sponsored by the 
Baltimore Y.M.C.A. 

Mary Jane Tedford is teaching English in the high school 
at Clinton, Tennessee. 

Virginia Lee Thomas spent the summer vacationing and is 
teaching the 5th grade in the Stearns Graded School in 
Kentucky this fall. 

Edward A. Voorhees spent the summer at home in Florida 
doing odd jobs and some architectural drafting. He is now 
studying at Vanderbilt University working toward a master's 
degree in mathematics. 

Gilbert E. Weiss is attending the Graduate School of 
Syracuse University and is working toward a master's degree in 

Mrs. Trevor G. Williams is working in the bacteriology 
laboratory of the University of Georgia. She is working 
in the capacity of research assistant. 

Barbara Jean Wells is teaching first and second grades in a 
Maryville grade school. 

Frederick R. Wilson is attending Princeton Seminary in 
Princeton, New Jersey. He worked on the construction crew 
of the Philadelphia Electric Company. 

Edna Jane Witt is teaching chemistry, biology and physics 
for the Polk County Board of Education. 

Ruth King Wood is doing graduate work at the General 
Assembly's Training School in Richmond, Virginia. Her 
work will be in Bible and Religious Education. During the 
summer she worked as a Vacation Bible School director and 
helped in summer conferences. 

Mrs. James H. Wright (Helen Underwood) is working 
for the U. S. Department of Agriculture in the Industry Divi- 
sion. Her special work is in the cotton laboratory at the 
University of Tennessee Farm. 


Margaret Brooder, Ex. '48, has completed one semester 
of study at the American Seminary of the Bible in New 
York City. She is now assisting in the publication of the 
seminary paper. 

Susan Cochran, Ex. '48, has enrolled in the American 
Seminary of the Bible in New York City. 

David M. Miller, Ex. '49, is stationed with the M.P.'s in 
Alaska. He is in the same unit with Ed Wilson, Ex. '46. 



The 72nd series of February Meetings will be held 
February 4-12, 1948. This will be the first time since 1906 
that they have not been held in the Elizabeth R. Voor- 
hees Chapel; of necessity they must be in the Alumni 
Gymnasium. The surroundings will not be so good but 
the Meetings will go forward on the same schedule as 

The preacher will be the Rev. Clifford E. Barbour, 
Ph.D., D.D., Pastor of the Second Presbyterian 
Church, Knoxville, Tennessee. Dr. Barbour led the 
Meetings in 1938 and 1942. He has been in his present 
pastorate for the past nineteen years, having come to 
Knoxville from Pittsburgh. He is very popular in 
Knoxville and is much in demand 
many places. 

The leadership of the music will 
of the Rev. Sidney E. Stringham, 
been twenty-five times before. Dr. Stringham 
Pastor of the New McKendrec Memorial Methodist 
Church, Jackson, Missouri. 

Careful preparations are made each year on the 
campus for the Meetings and the interests and prayers 
of alumni are earnestly desired. 

as a 

be in 



the hands 
as it has 


The Alumni Office asks your continued coopera 
tion in providing us with your current address. 
Any other information concerning Maryville Col- 
lege Alumm will be appreciated. With your 
assistance in this matter, we hope to achieve a 
complete and accurate record of our graduates and 
former students,