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Full text of "Maryville College Bulletin, Alumni Issue, October 1948"

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B U L L E T lM 

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CTOBER, 1948 

16th Annual Founders Day And Homecoming 


9:45 a.m.— Founders Day Service (In the Alumni Gymnasium). Speaker— Charles Hodge Mathes, 
M.A., Professor of French and English, East Tennessee State College; formerly 
Dean of the College and for many years Secretary of the Tennessee College Associ- 
ation; Professor of Greek and History at Maryville College, 1903-1911. 

5.45 p.m.— Homecoming Barbecue on the Athletic Field (In case of rain— in the Alumni Gym- 
nasium). Due to the food prices this year, the Executive Committee of the Alumni 
Association voted at their meeting on September 23, 1948 to serve the Barbecue 
meal at 50 cents per "plate." 

8:00 p.m.— Football game with Emory & Henry. (Get your special alumni ticket either at 
the Alumni Office or at the Barbecue; special reduced price ; 75 cents). 

Homecoming Committees 

The following chairmen were elected by the Executive Committee to prepare for Home- 
coming. Each chairman selected his own committee. 

The Food Committee: David L. McArthur, '36, Chairman; Mrs. Arthur Bushing, '42; Mr. Hugh 
Crawford, Jr., '35; Mrs. Clyde Murray, 13. 

The Hospitality Committee: Marvin Minear, '39, Chairman; Mrs. W. R. Carter, '48. 

The Promotion Committee: Mr. Harwell Park, '16, Chairman. 

1948 - 1949 

President Earl W. Blazer, '30 

Vice-President. A. B. Waggoner, '14 

Recording Secretary _ Winifred Painter, '15 

Executive Secretary 

Executive Committee 

Class of 1949: Mrs. Earl Blazer, '31; Mrs. Ray Forter. '20; Mr. Marvin Minear, '39. 
Class of 1950: Mrs. Arthur Bushing, '42; Mrs. John Carson, '17; Mr. Leslie Webb Jr., '33. 
Class of 1951: Mr. Arnold Kramer, '40; Mr. Joe L. Marshall, '28; Mrs. Clyde Murray, '13. 


Published by Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee 

Ralph Waldo Lloyd, President 


October, 1948 

No. V 

Published quarterly by Maryville College. Entered May 24, 1904, at Maryville, Tennessee, as sec- 
ond-class mail matter. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, 
Act of October 3, 1947, authorized February 10, 1919. 

ftomitent Ulngft'a flag? 


You will be interested to know that the general condition of the College 
is good as we take stock in the second month of a new academic year. 

There are 884 students, with men still outnumbering the women by about 
one hundred. This is because our enrolment above the former number of 800 
has to be men since the women's dormitory space is no more than formerly and 
only men are permitted to room off campus. 

High Prices 

High prices affect the College as they do people and it is certain we will 

have a struggle balancing the budget. We were not able to balance it last year 

but fortunately could absorb the deficit in some accumulated current surplus 

and start the new year free of debt. And the spirit of faculty and students is good. 

Home From Europe 
I spent the month of August in Europe attending the meetings of the 
General Council of the Alliance of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches at 
Geneva and the Assembly of the World Council of Churches at Amsterdam. They were meetings of large significance, espec- 
ially the World Council meeting, and participating in them was a valuable experience which I hope to be able to make helpful 
to Maryville College as well as to the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. of which I was one of the delegates. I spent time 
only in Paris, Geneva, and Amsterdam, and traveled over and back by air. 

Alumni Clubs Again 
There are reports in this issue concerning Maryville College Clubs which will be of interest to all alumni. Wherever 
there are enough alumni they are being encouraged to form organizations. This is a healthy movement that will bring benefit to 
the individuals and the College. 

Financial Campaign 
When this is read the financial campaign in Maryville andBlount County for $150,000 toward rebuilding the Chapel will 
be well along. The schedule calls for completing it here in October and for another campaign in Knoxville in November. Our 
attention and energies will be much occupied by this and the other building projects for many months. Before a great while we 
will be explaining the needs more fully to alumni outside the Maryville and Knoxville communities. 

Sincerely yours, 

/\a^^C /Cira^Lo ~^t 

^A-4K-^<~^ tA^ 



Earl W. Blazer 

Winifred L. Painter 

Sljr Alumni JJrratitent ifeaag? 


As your Alumni President for this year I take this opportunity to express a word of 
greeting to each of you. I deeply appreciate the honor of serving in this capacity and will 
discharge to the best of my ability the responsibilities the office entails. It will elicit the 
best of which we are all capable and I earnestly solicit your help and co-operation. 

Maryville College needs us more today than ever befcre in its history. The job ot 
our Church related colleges in training Christian youth is becoming increasingly difficult 
in these days when the moral structures we have built and the very spirits of men are 
being tested. We must make our influence felt by helpin3 our Alma Mater maintain its 
high standards and high morale for meeting the problems it must surely face. A great deal 
of the power and influence of Maryville comes from us and we must give our whole- 
hearted support to this great Institution. No half-way, half-hearted, half-apologetic service 
will suffice. 

Not only does Maryville College need our moral support but it needs our material 
assistance. A tragic loss was suffered last year when Vocrhces Chapel burned. You will 
recall the Chapel with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction for I'm sure it brings 
happy memories of social enjoyment as well as mountain top experiences that have 
vitally affected every phase of life throughout the world. The Chapel cannot be re- 
built without our help. 

Then there is great need for further expansion if the College continues to grow 
and meet the demands of the day in which we live. Maryville College will meet these de- 
mands only in proportion to our responsiveness. 

To these tasks we earnestly ask your whole-hearted co-operation and support. It 
will take an unusual spirit of vision, courage, and sacrifice on the part of us all but I 
am confident that the challenge will be graciously accepted. 

Sincerely yours 

A. H. Waggoner 

Here and There 

Mr. William F. Phillips (Uncle Bill) was married to Mrs. 
Ava Sutton September 14, on the Bride and Groom radio pro- 
gram. Mr. Phillips is 79 years old. During World War II, he 
served in the Merchant Marine Corps. Congratulations, Uncle 


Lloyd E. Foster, executive vice president of the Birmingham, 
Alabama, Chamber of Commerce, was the guest speaker at the 
annual dinner of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce 
September 20, held in the College dining hall, and also led the 
College chapel service the next morning. Mr. Foster was captain 
of the famous football team of 1906 and was a noted baseball 
player of those days. The August 1948 issue of Nation's Busi- 
ness, published by the Chamber of Commerce of the United 
States, carried a feature article concerning him. He is now pres- 
ident of the National Association of Commercial Organization 


Frank M. Cross was elected Moderator of the Synod of the 
Mid-South. Dr. Cross was a delegate to the World Alliance of 
Presbyterian and Reformed Churches in Geneva, Switzerland. 
Mrs. Cross accompanied her husband. Following the conference, 
Dr. and Mrs. Cross visited several European countries. 


Charles Edgar Cathey, pastor of the Central Presbyterian 
Church of Ft. Smith, Arkansas, received an honorary D.D. from 
College of the Ozarks on May 23, 1948. 


Edward George Conrad, for the past two years Managing Edi- 
tor of The Presbyterian, is now pastor of the Aisquith Presby- 
terian Church of Baltimore. 

George and Mary Crawford (Mary Jewell Davenport, '29) 
are now living in Monroe, Louisiana, where George is store 
manager of a brand new Kress store. 


J. Hayden Lastcr has been appointed president of the French 
Camp Academy, an institution under the Synod of Mississippi 
of the Southern Presbyterian Church at French Camp, Missis- 


Mary Josephine Carroll has just received her master of arts 
in government at George Washington University, Washington, 


Dana Hanby is living at League City, Texas, and has two 
children. He has been working for Monsanto Chemical Com- 
pany for about ten years. 

Warren W. Warman, after serving a year as president of the 
Lebanon County (Pennsylvania) Ministerial Association, was 
"promoted" again to be superintendent of young people's work 
by the Lebanon County Sunday School Association. His church 
now has the largest membership in its history— 300. 


Winifred Hamilton Smith (ex-'36) is living in Kirkersville, 
Ohio, and has five children, one of whom should soon be enroll- 
ing in Maryville. 

James B. Wilson was appointed Associate Professor of Soci- 
ology at Los Angeles College. 


Lillian Cassel visited our office recently. She plans to be 
married in May to Larry Drislell, a student at San Anselmo 
Theological Seminary. They hope to leave for Japan soon after 
the wedding. 

Ralph Hand, Jr., has left his pastorate in Honey Brook, Penn- 
sylvania, to go to Frederick, Oklahoma. 

Ann McCambridge Hoffman (ex-'37) is living in Beach 
Haven, New Jersey, doing radio work, and has one son. 


Gus Hernandez, who is Associate Professor of Spanish at Bir- 
mingham-Southern College and head of the Spanish Department, 
spent the summer at the University of North Carolina working 
on his Ph.D. dissertation. Mrs. Hernandez (Wilma Pechak, '38) 
and the children remained in Birmingham for the summer. 

Jacob T. Hunt will teach undergraduate and advanced courses 
in educational psychology at the Western Reserve University, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Hunt served in the Navy for three years 
and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Delta Kappa. 


Charles. E. Fish became rector of the Church of the Good 
Shepherd in San Jose, Costa Rica. His work includes missionary 
aspects of the pastorate. 

George and Mary Alice Hunt, (Mary Alice Minear, ex-'41) 
visited Maryville in July. Before they left on their vacation they 
entertained several Maryvillians at a picnic. 

James Orville Jarrell underwent a spinal operation recently. 
Lie is recovering rapidly. Mr. Jarrell is now pastor of the First 
Presbyterian Church of Frazeysburg, Ohio. 

Elbert Benjamin Smith, Jr., received a master of arts degree 
at the University of Chicago in 1947. He has recently received 
a fellowship from the University which will enable him to con- 
tinue his work there toward a Ph.D. degree in the division of 
social sciences. 


Louise Kent Alexander (ex-'41) is living at 1906 East Idle- 
wild Avenue, Tampa 4. Florida, and has three children. 

Boydson Howard Baird was awarded a master of science degree 

in physical education from the University of Indiana on June 13, 

G. B. Clark is on the faculty of Carson-Newman College. 
Before going to Carson-Newman, he was an instructor at the 
University of Tennessee, an insurance inspector, and an Army 
Occupational Counselor. 

George E. Haynes has been made merchandise manager of 
the Sears Roebuck and Company store in Gulfport, Mississippi. 

David Humphreys is stationed in Philadelphia temporarily on 
the U.S.S. Manchester. He has decided to go back into the 
Chaplaincy, after having been out of the service a year. 

Arthur and Marianna Peterson are now in the midst of their 
language study in Brazil. In April they wrote of an interesting 
and wonderful country, the need there, and something of their 
future hopes. Little Ted, going on two years, is reported to be 
"opening many new doors of friendships in their strange, new 


Frank M. Cross, Jr., who has been doing graduate study at 
Johns Hopkins University, is teaching Hebrew and Old Testa- 
ment at MeCormick Theological Seminary this year during the 
absence of Professor Sellers. 

. Jack Kramer received his LL.B. degree from the University of 
Michigan Law School on June 12, 19s8. He is now practicing 
law with his father and brother in Knoxville. He and his wife 
(Margaret Clippinger, '43) are making their home in Knoxville. 

Mrs. Kenneth A. Swanson (Virginia L. Stroebe) is teaching 
Home Economics at Addison High School in Addison, Michigan. 

Henry Wick, Jr., will finish his course work at the University 
of Pennsylvania's Law School in December and expects to 
take his bar examination in April. 


Perry N. Bigham expects to graduate from the University of 
Tennessee in December. His major is economics. 

Roy Crawford received the degree of LL.B. from the Uni- 
versity of Tennessee Law School on June 7, 1948, and is now 
practicing law with his father and brother in Maryville. He and 
his wife (Dorothy Jobes, ex-'43) are making their home in 

Katherine Crews visited the campus the opening days of 
school. She is going to attend the Eastman School of Music to 
work on her master's degree. 

Hal B. Lloyd wrote in April of his work among the Filipinos 
at Borongan, Samar. He not only conducts classes in English 
and "character education," but conducted a glee club of 40 
boys and girls in their formal concert beiore hundreds of listen- 
ers. After a June vacation in Manila, Hal planned to return to 
Samar and Leyte for continued work with the school and the 
churches on the islands. 

Lois Roberts sailed in September for Rio de Janiero, Brazil. 
She is going out to the mission field for full time service. 

Mrs. D. E. Brown, Jr., (Mary Morgan, ex-'43) is now living 
in Newark, New Jersey, where her husband is stationed as a 
pilot with the American Airlines. 

Virginia Margaret Williams is beginning her senior year at 
Temple Medical School and hopes to receive her degree in the 


Charles Burgreen on the first of May was transferred to the 
charge of St. Mark's Church in Haines City, Florida, and St. 
Alban's Church in Auburndale. 

Rill Clear expects to receive his D.D.S. from Tennessee's 
Dental College in Memphis in December. 

Benjamin A. Lynt is continuing his work as minister of educa- 

tion at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C. 

Aimee M. Wriggins Richmond received her M.D. from 
Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Dr. 
Richmond began as an interne at Easton Hospital, Easton, Pen- 
nsylvania in July. 

Janet Eleanor Smith was appointed as a missionary to Brazil. 

Florence Gobillot graduated from Johns Hopkins School of 

Louise Henry attended Princeton Theological Seminary last 
year. She is now Director of Religious Education in the First 
Presbyterian Church, Greeneville, Tennessee. 

Phyllis Irshay, ex-'45, is librarian at the Cooley High School in 
Detroit. She writes that the school is one of the largest in the 
city; it has an enrollment of about four thousand. 

William Sanders Ogle, ex-'45, is now a doctor and at present 
is teaching anatomy at the University of Tennessee's Medical 
College in Memphis. 

Robert Edward Seel, who completed his theological training 
at Princeton in March, 1948, was ordained and married within 
two days at Maryville. He went before Union Presbytery on May 
17 and was married to Jean Esther Almy, '48, on May 19. 

Mac and Lois Wilson (Lois Graf) visited the campus in the 
early summer. In July they entertained a number of Maryville 
alumni in the Philadelphia district at an outing at their home. 
Among those present were Frank and Ruth Kramer, '47 (Ruth 
Lloyd, '47), Jack and Ellen Lippard, '43 (Ellen Pascoe, '43), 
and Henry Wick, '42. 


Melba Holder is now employed as a research assistant in ped- 
iatrics at the University of Chicago. It was good to see so many 
of the alumni on the "hill" this year. Melba was among the 
number who stopped in to say hello. 

Abner Paul Richard, Jr., was ordained and installed as their 
minister by the Arlington Heights Presbyterian Church of 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 6, 1948. 

Marinell Ross is Maryville's newest and only woman lawyer. 
She attended the School of Law at the University of North Car- 
olina and the Vanderbilt School of Law. 


Eva Mae "Sonny" Campbell, ex-'47, writes that she has had 
a wonderful rest this summer and has been working diligendy at 
the piano. She plans to continue her music studies this fall. 

Albert and Dorothy Dockter (Dorothy K. Gredig, '44) have 
left Virginia to make their home in Maryville. Al was a Y.M.C.A. 
boy's work secretary. 

William R. Grosh worked as a student chaplain in Clinical 
Pastoral Training at St. Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, D.C. 
He will resume his study at the Protestant Episcopal Theolog- 
ical Seminary in Virginia this fall. 

Robert Huber is on the copy desk at the Birmingham Post. 

Mary Elizabeth Hunt is Desk Editor of The Elizabethton 
Star in Elizabethton, Tennessee. 

Robert A. Hunter received his M.S. in physical education from 
the University of Wisconsin this year. Bob is again teaching in 
Altha, Florida. 

Ruth Kaye is now working in the Legislative Reference Ser- 
vice of the Library of Congress and finds her work "extremely 

Irvin McArthur is now a student at Louisville Presbyterian 
Seminary, Kentucky. 

Jean Magill completed her course of study at Iowa State Col- 
lege in July. In September she began teaching vocational home 
economics at the high school in Farmington, Missouri. 

Harriet McKean is working as a teletype operator for TWA in 
Kansas City, Missouri. She is stationed in the Reservation Sen-ice 


Office, which is the control office for reservations made any- 
where in the system. 

Harvey Overton worked as a student assistant in the Central 
Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parkinson (Joan Liddell) have taken up 
residence at Washington College where Tom is employed as 
instructor at the college. Joan is teaching third grade at the Lime- 
stone School. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Renegar, after serving New Providence 
Presbyterian Church Chapels in the Maryville area, have now 
enrolled in Louisville Seminary. 

Leonard Schieber is teaching physics at Carson-Newman Col- 

Catherine Stout is working as the secretary of New Providence 
Presbyterian Church, Maryville, Tennessee. 


Jimmy Jones, ex-'50, has joined the Navy. 


Three chief activities made up the summer program at the Col- 
lege. The first of course was the administrative and enrolment 
program. The offices were busy; closing of the academic year 
does not close the offices. An immense amount of work is neces- 
sary in the summer to close the old year, prepare for the new, 
and carry forward the affairs of the institution. 

The second kind of activity is that of church conferences dur- 
ing the first half of the summer. This year there were the Pres- 
byterian Senior Westminster Fellowship Conference, the Junior- 
High Camp, and the annual meeting and conferences of the 
Synod, Synodical Society, and Westminster Fellowship. The 
last named brought near to four hundred people from the 
various parts of the Synod, which takes in Tennessee, North 
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. 

The third type of activity was in the schedule of painting and 
repairing. A great deal of expensive paint was spread and the 
results are gratifying. 

The Athletic Department has announced that season tickets 
(reserved seats) will be sold this year for the football games. 


After careful consideration by the Directors, the President, 
and the Executive Council of the Faculty, it has been decided 
to permit social dancing at Maryville College effective with 
this college year, under the following conditions: That regula- 
tions satisfactory to the Executive Council of the Faculty shall 
be established governing times, expense, tone, number of func- 
tions, and supervision; and that the student body through its 
official organization shall assume with the Faculty joint res- 
ponsibility for administration of the regulations and program. 

This change of a longtime policy by the College is made with 
the aim of enriching the campus social program and with the 
expectation that the high spiritual, moral, democratic, and cul- 
tural standards of the College will be maintained. The degree 
to which the results fulfill this aim and this expectation will 
determine the permanency of the new policy. A student-faculty 
committee is now working on the regulations and the program. 


Sept. 25— Hiwassee 

Oct. 2-Middle Tenn. State 

Oct. 9— Sewanee 

Oct. 16-East Tenn. State ._ 
*Oct. 23— Emory & Henry _ 

Oct. 30- Western N. C 

Nov. 6-T. P. I. 

..Wilson Field 
-Wilson Field 


—Johnson . City 
—Wilson Field 

Nov. 1 3— Carson-Newman 

..Cullowhee, N. C. 

Wilson Field 

Jefferson City 


The Editor of the Echo should be given credit for the following 

BASEBALL- With a 10-win, 6-loss, and 1-tie record before 
the close of the final week of school, the Highlanders travelled 
to Emory, Va. for a 1-6 humiliation by Emory-Henry on May 10. 
The following day, Tuesday, the Scottie ball club lost to East 
Tennessee State 1-2. 

Hitting hard luck on the road, the Honakermen retired to 
the home diamond for the annual commencement week baseball 
game with Coach Ike Peel's Tennessee Vols. The M. C. nine, 
with hits by Neff, Hamil, and Boring look a 3-0 lead in the 
first inning. The Vols tied the game 7-7 by the eighth inning 
after Bender hit a homer in the fifth and Littleford made a 
circuit run on a three base hit and an error. 

In the ninth inning, the U.T. batsmen were put out— one, 
two, three, and the Highlanders took the bat. Reynold's single 
sent Hamil home and the Scots were the winners. Scots' record: 
1 1 victories, 8 losses, and 1 tie. 

TENNIS— May 8, Coach Johnson's raqueteers ended the sea- 
son with a 4-2 victory over Tennessee Wesleyan. Considering 
that this was Coach Johnson's first year and that most of the 
team were freshmen, the record of 4 wins and 7 losses was 
fairly impressive. 

TRACK-At the 13th annual meeting of the T.I.A.C. Track 
and Field Meet at Sewanee May 8, Maryville's cindermen ac- 
cumulated 7 points for a 6th place tie with T.P.I. 

U.T. won the meet by scoring 75 points and setting 3 new 
records— in the mile 4: 13.4; the discus 155'5"; and the 2-mile 
10: 16.4. 

In the mile run Mabry placed a close third after coming up 
from tenth in the third lap. Gillette placed third in the 2-mile 
run while English took third in the 440. In the mile and half- 
mile relays Maryville placed fourth. 

It was decided that next year's meet would be held at U.T. 
on May 13, 14. 


During September and October a financial campaign for $150,- 
000 toward the Chapel is being conducted in Maryville and 
Blount County. The Campaign Executive Committee is com- 
posed of John C. Crawford, Jr., Chairman, Earl W. Blazer, A. 
M. Brinkley, Jr., Joe C. Gamble, Andrew B. Harris, A. D. Hud- 
dleston, Ralph W. Lloyd, Frank D. McClelland, D. W. Prof- 
fitt, and A. B. Smith. 

In November a campaign will be conducted in Knoxville. 
The Executive Committee there is John H. Murrian, Chairman, 
Jo H. Anderson, Clifford E. Barbour, F. E. Barkley, Will H. 
Cain, James S. Hall, II, S. O. Houston, Ralph W. Lloyd, 
Thomas McCroskey, A. E. Mitchell, Richard W. Riggins, and 
Joe W. Sullivan, Jr. 

The schedule for solicitation of alumni outside these areas 
is being developed. 


William F. Phillips, '98, to Ava Sutton, September 14, 1948. 
D. Malcolm Miles, '24, to Dorothy Niemeier, September 9, 1948. 
James B. Wilson, '36, to Adene Lotta, September 7, 1948. 

Charles E. Fish, '40, to Cecil Brewer, July 31, 1948. 

Frank Barr, '42, to Harriet Hylton, July 3, 1948. 



This preliminary drawing of the new Samuel Tyn- 
dale Wilson Chapel aims to combine the motifs of 

some of our present buildings and the more modem 
style now being used in various parts of the world. 

Roberta Gail Hope, '42, to Marvin Louis Guthmann, Septem- 
ber 2, 1948. 
Virginia L. Stroebe, '42, to Kenneth A. Swanson, June 11, 1948. 

Elizabeth Clevenger, '43, to Charles W. Carbery, April, 1948. 

Robert B. Francis, ex- '44, to Betty Eleanor Robinson, ex-'43, 

August 5, 1948. 
William Henry Lyle, ex-'44, to Lillian Proffitt, September 10, 


Margaret Graham Caldwell, '45, to Charles Cassius Smith, June 

15, 1948. 
Dorothea Lehman, '45, to Cabin Leonard III, May 22, 1948. 
Agnes Irene Lodwick, ex-'45, to Paul C. Kilby, June 24, 1948. 

Ruth Anna Anderson, '46, to Henry K. Bacon, June 19, 1948. 
Marian Louise Corbett, '46, to William Hamilton Owen, June 

12, 1948. 
Ruth Lillian Freeman, '46, to Leslie Webb, Jr., '33, June 5 

Rosalind Garges, '46, to Frank Wadlington, March, 1948. 
Nell Louise Minear, '46, to Donald R. Mitchell. July 16, 1948. 
Mary Jo White, '46, to Clifford Junkins. Jr., September 12, 

Miriam Wickham, '46 to William DiPace, May 22, 1948. 

Jessie Liu Brunson, '47, to Lloyd Allen Anderson, '48, May 30, 

Virginia Alice Clabough, '47, to Thomas C. Eckert. '50. May 29, 

William Gerald Cover, '47, to Viola Margaret Clute, June 3, 

Edith Earle, '47, to Sergeant Floyd Allen Hightower, August 7, 

Donna Reyncr Smalley. '47, to Kenneth J. Chapman. Jr., Au- 
gust 27, 1948. 

John Robert Shell, '47, to Gwendolen Rees-Jones. '47, June 6, 

Barbara Trotter, ex-'47, to Carl Engle. September 13. 1948. 

Doris White. ex-'4~. to Jack Hancox, '49, June 5, 1948. 

Jean Esther Almy, '48, to Rev. Robert Edward Seel, '45.' May 

19. 1948. 
Esther Cornelius, '48. to William Swenson, '4 1 ). June 30, 1948. 
Bernell Ethel Crowder, '48, to Allie Anderson Clayton, '49, 
August 21, 1948. 


Alverta Fink, '48, to Richard Smilie, '48, June 6, 1948. 
Thomas Horst, '48, to June Garland, '47, August 8, 1948. 
Emily Leety, '48, to Noble Pribble, '49, August 14, 1948. 
John W. Massie, Jr., '48, to Florence M. Dillener, '49, August 

18, 1948. 
Marvin Mitchell, '48, to Katherine Keny, July 2, 1948. 
Shirley Oshana, '48, to William R. Carter, '49, June 5, 1948. 
Janet Lucinda Rich, '48, to Robert H. Garner, '48, May 19, 

Lorraine Yvonne Swift, '48, to William Paul Abbott, '50, May 

18, 1948. 
Ruth Angeline Williams, '48, to William T. Brewer, ex-'50, 

May 22, 1948. 
Lois Wilson Thomas, '48, to Owen McGarity, Jr., '46, May 19, 


Julian Gresham, '49, to Rebecca Walton, '49, June, 1948. 
Sara Jo Kiger, '49, to Carl W. Wilson, '49, August 17, 1948. 
Ouida Newman, ex-'49, to Buster Sloane, June, 1948. 
Edward Pancoast, '49, to Eunice Billings, '49, June 12, 1948. 

Robert Carter Eastman, '50, to Elizabeth May Field, '51, June, 

Herb Parsons, '50, to Geri Fisher, August 1, 1948. 

Former Faculty 
Vivian Lanfear to David Edwin Bernard, August 21, 1948. 
Jessie May Wild to Peter Raymond Wilkerson, May 20, 1948. 


Mr. a-nd Mrs. Ditt Thomas Welch (Ellen Emma Metz, '32), a 
son, Ditt Thomas, Jr., June 6, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Winship (Clara Dale Echols, '38), a 
son, James Parker, June 25, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ennis (Mary A. Cornelius, '39), a daugh- 
ter, Kathleen Ann, August 18, 1948. 

Rev. and Mrs. John Magill, '39 (Dorothy Louise Wells, '41), a 
son, David Wells, Februa'ry 6, 1948 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Abbott (Margaret Lois Trotter, '40), 
their first child, Kenneth Kyle. Jr., June 17, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Edward McGehee (Mary Elizabeth Gil- 
lespie, '40), their first child, Mary Janie, August 21, 1948. 

Rev. and Mrs. Phillip Evaul, '41 (Margaret Cloud, '39), their 

third child, a son, September 8, 1948. 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Lamont, '41, a son, Robert J. Lamont, 

Jr., July 24, 1948. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stirling Leitch (Edith Hitch, '41), their third 

child, Thomas Hardie, July 17, 1948. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Miser, '41 (Irma Russell, '43), a son, 

Joe Houston III, May 4, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hilton A. Wick, '42, their first child, James 

Hilton, June 24, 1948. 
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Lee Williams (Ruth Evelyn Ogle, '42), 

twin sons, Michael Luther and Gary Clark. January 30, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gray Pierce, '43 (Meredith Preston), their 
second child, Pamela Elizabeth, August 17, 1948. 

Rev. and Mrs. Edward R. Rowley, Jr., '43 (Esther Ann Winn, 
'43), their second child, Sharon Louise July 1, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Shaver (Phyllis Anne Cain, '43), a son 
John Erwin, August 27, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. Holt Allen (Nettie Rose Spraker, '44;. their 

second child, Louise Marie, September 20, 1948. 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Buford. '44 Sam Elizabeth Copeland, 

ex-'46), a daughter, Laura Ann, July 1, 194b. 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moehlman, '44 (Marjorie Stokesbury, 

ex-'46), a son, Gerald Hal, September 12, 1948. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Rowland Ruth Cathcart, '44). their first 

child. Susan Kaye, July 15, 1948. 
Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Wegner (Muriel Geisler, '44), their 

first child, Vance Lester, July 26, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Fershee (Marion Metcalf, '45), their 
first child, Sarah Kay, May 17, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Hipkins, ex-'49 (Nellie Cuellas. '46), 
their first child. Rebecca Frances. September 3, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. Wright, '46 (Frances Sisk, '43), their 
first child, William Augustus, July 8, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Best (Betty Lou Boyatt, '47), a son, 

their first child, Thomas Allen. May 10. 1948. 
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Boyatt (Vera Ross. '47), a son, their first 

child, Francis Mark Douglas, September 17, 1948. 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Evans, '47 (Kate Powell. ex-'42), a 

daughter, their second child, Sarah Elizabeth, August 29, 1948. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Purifoy, Jr., '47 (Betty Lou King, '46), 

their first child, Lewis McCarroll III, March 7. 1948. 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Schwanebeck (Judy Turk. '47), their 

first child, Catherine Louise, July 20, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Engel, '48 (Marion Lewis, '48), their first 
child, Scott Lewis, July 25, 1948. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Naundorf, ex-'49, their first child, Geryll, 
June 19, 1948. 


At its meeting in June, the Synod of Mid-South elected the 
Rev. John N. Lukens, D.D., Pastor of Independent Presbyterian 
Church of Birmingham, as a new Director of Maryville College. 

Dr. Lukens went in early summer from Cincinnati to Bir- 
mingham as successor to Rev. Dr. Clark Neale Edwards. 


At the 1948 Commencement in May, honorary degrees were 
conftrred on two persons who appear in the informal snapshot 
reproduced on the next page. 

Upon ]oseph Stuart Caldwell, Washington, D. C, Class of 
1902, the degree of Doctor of Science, "in recognition of your 
eminent attainments as a scientist, your contribution to the 
welfare of mankind, and your sen-ice as a Christian man in 
the Church." Dr. Caldwell received the Ph. D. degree from the 
University of Chicago in 1914, was a college teacher and research 
biologist for eleven years, and for over thirty years has been a 
Plant Physiologist with the U. S. Department of Agriculture. 
He has published more than 125 technical articles and bulletins 
in the field of fruit and vegetable preservation. 

Upon Rev. Wu Yik-Wan, of China, the degree of Doctor of Di- 
vinity, "in recognition of your work as a Christian Minister and 
your leadership in the Church of Christ in China." Dr. Wu, 
born in a small village in South China, rendered a courageous 
and notable service to the Church in Canton and south China 
throughout the Japanese war. In 1946 he came to this country 


Commencement 1948: Dr. Edwin R. H. Espy, of New- 
York, Commencement speaker, and President Lloyd 
in front; recipients of honorary degrees — Dr. Wu and 
Dr. Caldwell — following. 

under provisions of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions 
for rehabilitation and study. Since May he has returned to 
China and is to be Executive Secretary of the General Assembly 
of the Church of Christ in China with headquarters in Shang- 


Rev. Thomas Judson Miles, 
D.D., '93, of Maryville, for the 
past forty-one years a Director of 
the College, died at his home on 
Indiana Avenue, September 11. 
Dr. Miles was an ordained min- 
ister forty-seven years, having re- 
ceived his theological training in 
Lane Theological Seminary, Cin- 
cinnati. In 1920 Maryville con- 
ferred the degree of Doctor of 
^^^M H^^ Divinity upon him in recogni- 

I I tion of his outstanding service as 

^^P AM I ;i minister of churches in the 

Mm I rural areas and his leadership in 

the church of the entire region. At one time he served as principal 
of the Alpine School in the Cumberland mountains. He was 
married in 1895 to Enola M. Malcolm, who had been a Mary- 
ville College student. Their five children graduated from Mary- 
ville and their daughter Mary, who served for many years as a 
missionary to Japan, is now on the college library staff. Dr. Miles 
retired from active work in 1933 and has made his home in 
Maryville since that time. 

Rev. Eli Nathaniel Quist, '03, seventy-six years old, died on 
June 2, 1948 at his home in Seattle, Washington, after a brief 
illness. He graduated from Auburn Seminary, New York, and 
held pastorates in Illinois and Oregon before going to Wash- 
ington State. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Helen 
Sigrist, Pleasantville, N. Y., and two sisters, Mrs. Hannah An- 
derson, Ghent, Minn., and Mrs. Matilda Errengren, Canada. 

David C. Gulick, '47, was killed June 6, 1948, when the auto- 
motile in which he was a passenger was sideswiped by another 
car and then struck by a ten-ton truck. Dave was a student at 

Temple Medical School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Surviving 
him are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Gulick, and his 
brother Richard, ex-'50. 

Miss Ethel Davis, who taught organ at the College for ten 
years, from 1937 to 1947, died September 27, 1948. Miss Davis 
was a sister of Professor E. W. Davis and had made her home 
in Maryville since 1932. 


Maryville's first Student Center building ) combining the old 
Rec Hall and Y-Store facilities, opened September 3, 1948. The 
new building is located between the swimming pool and the 
football field. It will be the focal point of student social activi- 

Mrs. Carmen Park Marquis, '19, has been appointed as full- 
time director. She will serve on the committee for determining 
the policies and for the control and maintenance of the Center. 
In addition to the director, the committee is composed of the 
Dean of Students, the Dean of Women, the presidents of YM, 
YW, and Student Council, and the social chairman. 

The building was constructed last semester from army sur- 
plus materials and has been furnished by the building funds of 
t'.ie YMCA and the YWCA. The open fireplace, the gay and 
colorful draperies add to its warm and friendly atmosphere. It 
is equipped with ping pong tables, couches, chairs, and small 
tables for games and the serving of the Y-Store. 

The Y-Store has been constructed along one side of the room 
with a serving counter which can be opened for use. 


Theodore B. Pratt, '43, who served very acceptably during the 
part year as Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association, and 
his wife, who assisted in the office, resigned in the summer that 
he might take a position as a teacher and publicity director at 
Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

Therefore, there is no Executive Secretary at the present 
time. Steps are being taken to find someone who can carry this 
work and the other work of the College which must be com- 
lined with it. 

Shirley Oshana Carter, '48, whose husband is a veteran at- 
tending Maryville, is handling the work in the Alumni Office. 


We are still accepting those lengthy information blanks. The 
data is very valuable to the Alumni Office, and unless you sup- 
ply us with the answers the picture of our alums is incomplete. 

Incidentally, there have been some rather startling replies. On 
the line "List other jobs or positions" one alumnus wrote, "None 
except working for myself and large wife and family." Of course 
another line explains his confusion. Under children, he listed 
six— two boys and four girls. Nuf sed? 


The date is Saturday, October 23, as announced in the Cat- 
alog and by recent post cards to alumni in the states nearest 

The Founders Day service scheduled for 9:45 a.m., brings 
back to the College one of its most respected former faculty mem- 
bers, Professor C. Hodge Mathes of East Tennessee State College. 
He was for many years Secretary of The Tennessee College As- 
sociation. His theme has to do with the founding of colleges in 
East Tennessee. 


The Barbecue, at 5:45 p.m., gives to alumni who can attend 
an opportunity to meet one another around the tables and the 
bonfires before going to the football game against Emory and 
Henry at eight. Special admission price for the football game 
is available to alumni who attend the Barbecue. 


At its annual dinner and meeting last May the Alumni As- 
sociation voted to discontinue the Dix Plan of reunions which 
has been in effect for some years and to follow a plan based on 
five- or ten-year reunions, as the Executive Committee might 
decide in light of individual class desires. 

The following classes are scheduled for reunion at the 1949 
Commencement : 

Class of 1899 (the Fifty-Year Class) 

Class of 1909 

Class of 1919 

Class of 1924 (the Twenty-Five Year Class) 

Class of 1929 

Class of 1934 

Class of 1939 

Class of 1944 
Commencement is on Wednesday, May 18, 1949, and Alumni 
Day is Tuesday, May 17. 

Alumni Clubs 


Alumni in Chattanooga met at the Second Presbyterian 
Church on April 20 for a dinner and meeting before the con- 
cert by the College A Cappella Choir. Rev. Dr. Donald A 
Spencer presided at the dinner and John Witherspoon, ex-' 19, 
presided at the alumni business meeting. About twenty-five 
alumni and thirty others were present. Joe Hacker, '32, was 
elected chairman and Mrs. William New, '29 (Vinny Smith- 
son), secretary-treasurer. The choice of a name for the group and 
the date of the next meeting were left to a committee composed 
of Mr. Witherspoon, Dorothy Dickerson, '24, and Emil Farr, 


The Maryville College Club of Birmingham was organized on 
April 21, 1948 with approximately thirty alumni present. The 
meeting was in connection with the concert by the College Choir 
given before a capacity audience of 450 in Sixth Avenue Pres- 
byterian Church in Birmingham. Alumni met after a delightful 
supper at the church just prior to the eight o'clock concert in 
the sanctuary. 

Dr. David M. Hall, '42, an interne in the Jefferson-Hillman 
Hospital in Birmingham, was elected chairman of the club for 
the coming year. Other officers elected were Mrs. J. V. Rives 
(Margaret McKinney, '24), vice-chairman, and Mrs. Robert 
Huber (Carolyn Ulrich, '47), secretary-treasurer. 

Alumni attending the organizational meeting were: Dr. and 
Mrs. David Hall, '42; Mrs. Rives, '24; Mr. and Mrs. Huber, 
'45 and '47; Burney F. Acton, '22; Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. 
Cross, '13; Mrs. Marvin M. Crotwell (Frances Hendricks Min- 
gea, '33); Rev. and Mrs. Paul C. Dickinson, '30 (Velma Farley, 
'31); Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Foster, '07 (Minnie McGinley); Mrs. 
Elizabeth Kent Hanby, '36; Mrs. Claude Hearn (Mildred Mac- 
Kenzie, '32); Mr. and Mrs. Gus Hernandez, '38 (Wilma Pechak, 
'38); Mrs. Lucille Jordan; Mrs. Richard Mills; Miss Shirley 
Montgomery, '44; Miss Martina Robison, '36; Mrs. John W. 
Thomas (Barbara A. Whitmore, '35); Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 
Anderson, '26; Mrs. Dennis McClendon (Lina Louise Hodges, 

'24) and Lt. Warren Culver, '42. 

Representatives from the college were Dr. Frank McClelland, 
Dean of Students, and Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Pratt, '43, 
from the Alumni Office. 


A number of alumni met at dinner before the Choir Concert 
in Montgomery, Alabama, on April 22, 1948, for the purpose of 
discussing organizational plans. All alumni near Montgomery had 
been invited to attend. It was agreed that because of present 
conditions (the small number of alumni in the Montgomery 
area) no club should be formed in that particular area, but the 
Birmingham club should be encouraged. 

Alumni which answered the call in Montgomery were Mr. 
and Mrs. August Johnston, '23 (Dollie Enoch '24), who were 
instrumental in publicizing the gathering, Mrs. L. A. Caldwell, 
'28 (Inza Marler), Mrs. Lindsay K. Bishop, ex-'43 (Marianne 
Coleman), and Miss M. Catherine Payne, '46. Dean Frank D. 
McClelland and Ted Pratt represented the College at the get- 


Alumni in Atlanta met for dinner at the Covenant Presbyterian 
Church before the concert there by the College Choir. About 
forty-five alumni and fifteen others were present. They voted to 
organize a Maryville College club and chose the name "Mary- 
ville Highlanders of Atlanta." William F. Buchanan, 11, was 
elected chairman; William A. Buford. '44, vice chairman; and 
Mary Batchelor, '46, secretary-treasurer. 


Nearly fifty alumni and friends of Maryville College met for 
a Maryville College General Assembly Breakfast in Seattle, 
Washington, on May 29, 1948, as guests of the College, in the 
Exeter Hotel. 

Those attending were as follows: Mary R. Armstrong, former 
faculty member; Rev. Dr. Clifford Barbour, Director; Mr. and 
Mrs. J. A. Burleigh and daughter Betsy, '45; Rev. and Mrs. 
Harry O. Bush, '15, and ex.-'18; Rev Douglas M. Carhart, '35; 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cody, '18; Rev. Earle W. Crawford, '35; 

Mr. Ed DeHaven, '29; Rev. Howard L. Davies, '39; Dr. John 
H. Gardner, Jr., Director; Rev. O L. Gilmore, '31; Mr. and 
Mrs. Edward A. Gowey (Dorothy Donnell Bailey, '44); Rev. and 
Mrs. W. Malcolm Gwaltney, '34, and Ex. '36; Dr. W. Wade 
Haggard, '17; Rev. Ernest Harbaugh; Mx. and Mrs. Wilson A. 
Heaps, parents of three students; Mr. and Mrs. C. G Johnstone, 
'23 and Ex. '15; 

Rev. Arthur R. Kaufman, '35; Rev. Howard W. Kipp, '34; 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Lamont, '41; Dr. Ralph W. Lloyd, '15; 
Rev. C. Sumpter Logan, Ex. '32; Rev. and Mrs. William Mc- 
Gill, '39 (Joy Corrigan, '40); Rev. Fred F. Schell, '06; Dr. Mar- 
garet Shannon (Honorary Alum.); Dr. Vincent T. Shipley, '12; 
Mrs. Marcia Keirn Spickard, '45; Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. V. Ste- 
phens, Jr., '15; Mrs. Donald W. Tibbies, '41 (Lois Wester); and 
Rev. and Mrs. Irving S. Yeaworth, parents of three students. 

This breakfast is held annually in connection with the Pres- 
byterian General Assembly. President Lloyd reported on the 
current status of the College and the building plans. 


"The Golden Gate Maryville College Club" was the name 
chosen by our alumni living in the San Francisco area at their 
luncheon meeting in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel on June 5, 


1948. Approximately fifteen alumni attended the preliminary' 
meeting and reported thoroughly enjoying the reunion as well 
as the luncheon. 

The luncheon turned into a business meeting when the 
group decided it would he worthwhile to organize a northern 
California alumni group. Dr. Vincent Shipley, '12, visiting from 
Philadelphia and therefore an "innocent and impartial onlooker," 
presided during the election of officers. Dr. Andrew W. Morton, 
01. was unanimously elected Chairman and Marguerite Taylor, 
'43, was elected Secretary-Treasurer. 

President Lloyd of the College was there and showed campus 
sketches of the proposed building program. The group set the 
next meeting time tentatively for the fall and has had an in- 
vitation to meet sometime at the ranch of Mrs. Fred H. Knobel, 
(Mary Elizabeth Deaderick, '30) in Lafayette, California. 

Alumni attending the organizational meeting were: Rev. Dr. 
Laurance L. Cross, '14. and Marguerite Taylor, '43, of Berkeley; 
Rev. and Mrs. Roland W. Tapp, '41, (Helen Pratt, '42) of San 
Anselmo: William Henry Humphrey, '00, Mrs. William H. Mat- 
tesheard Dolores T. Burchette, '35), Dr. Andrew W. Morton, 
'01. Andrew W. Morton, Jr., '29, Mrs. Mary White Smith, '29, 
and Mrs. Eleanor Henry Topalian, '31, of San Francisco; Margaret 
Gessert, '44, of San Mateo; and Mrs. Lois Painter Hamilton, '25, 
of Yuba City. Miss Violet Webb, '35, of Richmond, failed to re- 
ceive her second notice in time and went to Dr. Cross' church in 
Berkeley (where the meeting was originally planned) and there- 
fore missed the gathering at the Sir Francis Drake. 


The Maryville College Club of Southern California held its 
first meeting since the war on the evening of June 8, 1948, in 
Los Angeles. The dinner at Cole's, 6514 Pacific Blvd., Hunting- 
ton Park, was attended by sixty-four persons. 

Rev. Dr. Lester E. Bond, '15, of San Diego, retiring chairman, 
presided over the meeting and made the introductions. 

Dr. Ralph W. Lloyd, President of the College, was the guest 
speaker of the evening. He spoke concerning the plans for devel- 
opment of alumni clubs throughout the country, the latest cam- 
pus events, and the building campaign for the new chapel. 

The memorandum of the Plan of Organization of Maryville 
College Clubs was received and made a part of the minutes of the 
meeting. Dues of $1.00 per year were accepted. New officers 
were elected for the ensuing year as follows: 

Chairman-Robert C. Butts, '48, 4036 Iowa Street, 

San Diego 
Vice-chairman-"Uncle Bill" Phillips, '98, 5401 Olanda 

Street, Compton 
Secy-Treas.— Kathryn Quass Tarwater, '37 (Mrs. J. R.) 
6411 Cerritos Avenue, Long Beach 

Alumni attending the reorganizational meeting with their fam- 
ilies were as follows: Robert M. Arnold, '40; Bobert Belt, '20; 
Elizabeth Bassel Belt, '23; Robert L. Birchfiel, '41; Lester E. 
Bond, '15; Kate Hill Bond, '15; Robert C. Butts, '48; Finis G. 
Cooper. '18; Ethel Burchfield Cooper, '19; Frank Cowan, '08; 
Elizabeth Walker Condon, '09; Belle White Coulter, '11; 

Edith Gillette Drake. '39; S. R. Dykes, '21; Lucille Dykes, '21; 
Ethel Fanson, '13; Max Gamble, '16; Julia Gamble, '16; Eva 
Taylor Henderson, '38; Bess White Henry, '17; Chester F. Leon- 
ard, '17, Josephine Wicks Leonard, '17; Pauline Johnson Lamken, 
'43; Tex Middleton, '21; Mary McSpadden Middleton, '23; Lucy 
H. Martin, '28; Addison S. Moore, '14; Horace S. Moore, '20; 
N. S. McCall, '17; Maude K. Magee; Samuel E. Peters, '21; 
Hattie Davis Roose, '09; Ernest M. Reeves, '14; S. Boyd Ritner; 
Melvin B. Ricks, '23; Eva Ritchie Shields, '19; Margaret Sheffey; 
W. Hadley Webb. '32; James B. Wilson, '36; Lamar Wilson, '21; 
Mary Vance Wilson, '23; Mildred Brewer White, '17; James L. 
Young, '08; William Phillips, '98; and Kay Tarwater, '37. 


Maryville College alumni in Western Pennsylvania and East- 
ern Ohio organized at a dinner meeting in Pittsburgh on April 
20, 1948, and met again for a picnic on July 10th. Present stu- 
dents and prospective students were invited to the picnic, which 
was held in North Park several miles north of Pittsburgh proper. 
Approximately sixty-five people attended each meeting. 

The name adopted is, "Western Pennsylvania Maryville Col- 
lege Club." The following were elected as officers: Chairman, 
Rev. Dr. H. Gordon Harold, '27; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. 
James E. Evans (Kate Powell, ex-'42). The preliminary meeting 
was held at Waverly Church, Pittsburgh, with the Rev. Dr. and 
Mrs. Jarvis Cotton, '21, taking leading parts in the plans. Pres- 
ident Lloyd was present at both gatherings. 

Alumni who attended one or both of the events are as fol- 
lows: H. Gordon Harold, '27; Betty Sharp Harold, '29; Pat 
Howarth Thorne, '44; James E. Evans, '47; Kate Powell Evans, 
'42; Dorothy Taylor Lowe, '42; Joe Brown, '45; J. Arthur Rowan, 
'42; Abner Richard, Jr., '46; Harold Huffman, '47; Ada Yadon 
Huffman, '47; Marion Lodwick Bauer, '38; J. Morgan Cox, '20; 
Dexter Clayton Cox, '21. 

W. Cecil Timblin, '24; Beulah Rankin Timblin, '26; J. E. 
Fawcett, '25; A. R. Kaufman, '35; Beulah Duggan Linn, '32; 
Pauline L. Thorne, '34; Fern Metzger Muskat, '35; Lorena May 
Dunlap Organ, '35; Jarvis M. Cotton, '21, Elsie Dawson Cotton, 
'21; Elizabeth McConnell, '44; Curtis W. Wright, '46; Frances 
Sisk Wright, '43; and Mary Jane Long, '48. 

The officers were authorized to set the next meeting date, 
which will probably be in the fall or during the Christmas va- 


A group of interested alumni in the New York City area met 
on July 12 with President Lloyd and Director James L. Getaz 
to discuss the question of a Maryville College Club in the met- 
ropolitan area. Those present were agreed that such a club 
would be practicable. A committee was appointed to explore the 
matter further and make arrangements for a meeting in the fall. 
The committee consists of John Henderson, '22, Ralph Teffe- 
tcller, '32, and William Quigley, '36. 

Since that time the committee has called the meeting for 
Nov. 5. 


A meeting of Maryville College alumni in the Washington 
and Baltimore areas was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
Homer McCann in Washington July 14. There were thirty- 
three alumni present as well as President Lloyd, former As- 
sociate Professor Ralph S. Collins, and Mr. S. E. Hening. 

It was definitely decided to maintain an alumni club for that 
area. The name chosen was the "National Capital Maryville Col- 
lege Club" and the officers elected were Homer E. McCann, '32, 
chairman; William Vogel, Jr., '48, vice chairman; Carol Cush- 
man, '31, secretary -treasurer. This club will keep contact with 
the Atlantic Highlanders, in whose general area it is located 
and to which its members belong. 


The alumni of the Philadelphia area held a picnic in Knights 
Park, Collingswood, New Jersey, on the evening of July 16. 
with almost one hundred persons present. Among these were 
President Lloyd, who spoke concerning the building plans and 
other matters connected with the College, and Duncan J. Crowley. 
'36, President of the Atlantic Highlanders. The question of 


Alumni at Hickory organized the North Carolina 
Maryville College Club. On the front row, left to 
right, are W. Reid Garrison, ex-' 18, Hiram S. Balch, 
'15 (elected Chairman of the group), President Lloyd, 

forming a Maryville College Club for the Philadelphia area was 
left for further consideration. Note was taken of the faet that 
clubs had been formed in Pittsburgh and Washington and that 
other clubs are being considered for central Pennsylvania and 
New York. 

M,s. Lloyd, Mrs. Earl W. Blazer, '31, and Mr. Blazer, 
'30, President of the Maryville College Alumni As- 


On July 17 at a dinner meeting in Hickory, the North Carolina 
Maryville College Club was organized. Arrangements lor the 
meeting were made by a committee consisting oi Mrs. C E. Bi- 
sanar, '14 (Maymc Maxey), Mr. Robert M. (Pat) Shores, '26, 
and Mrs. N. S. James, '33 (Inez Hamrick). President and Mrs. 
Ralph W. Lloyd from the College and Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. 
Blazer Irom Maryville were present and took part in the meet- 
ing. Mr. Blazer is President of the Maryville College Alumni 
Association this year. 

Hiram S. Balch, '15, was elected chairman. L. Philip Guigou, 
'07. vice chairman, and Mrs. H. E. Guigou, '26 ; Mary Louise 
Tronj, secretary-treasurer. The name. North Carolina Maryville 
College Club, was selected with the idea that until it seems 
practicable to form another group in the State all alumni in 
North Carolina would be considered as belonging to this one 
State-wide group. From the picture which accompanies this ar- 
ticle it can be seen that this was a representative and cheerful 


The February Meetings this year are scheduled for Feb- 
ruary 2-10. Morning services will be held at 9:45 a.m. in the 
Alumni Gymnasium and the evening services at 7:00 p.m. 
either in New Providence Church 'as last year) or in the 

The leader will be Rev. Howard Moody Morgan. D. D.. 
Pastor of the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. 
Pennsylvania. Dr. Morgan has been the leader twice, in 1937 
and 1941. 



Betty Absher started working Oct. 1 as Pastor's Assistant with 
special responsibility in the field of Religious Education at First 
Presbyterian Church, Kokomo, Indiana. 

Lelia Ambrister is teaching arithmetic, spelling, reading, and 
English in Maryville High School this year. 

Rella Anderson attended summer school. This fall she is teach- 
ing piano and also attending Converse College in Spartanburg, 
South Carolina. 

Virginia S. Baier is Assistant Dietician at the George School, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

Martha Barnwell studied at the University of Michigan in 
Ann Arbor this summer. She will teach in the West Memphis 
High School, Arkansas, this fall. 

Barbara Blair is teaching in Knoxville High School. 

Martha Grace Brindley writes she has been keeping house 
this summer and will continue to do so. 

Janet Campbell is teaching social studies at Friendsville High 

Matt Cardella is attending the University of Tennessee, work- 
ing on his master's degree in Bacteriology. 

Shirley Oshana Carter is assisting in the Alumni Office, Mary- 
ville College. 

Jean Cobb wa.s camp dietician for seven weeks this summer. 
In September Jean began work as dietician in the Charlotte 
Memorial Hospital, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Doris Cook spent the summer at a resort hotel in the Pocono 
Mountains. Doris is going to teach music in high school this year. 

John Dillener has begun work on his master's degree in 
Chemistry at the University of Tennessee. 

Margaret Elise Frazier has accepted a position as Assistant 
Home Demonstration Agent in Hawkins County, Tennessee. 

George F. Gillette entered Princton Theological Seminary in 

Christine Gilreath is teaching in The Alice and Wonderland 
School in Washington, D. C. 

The Henderson twins, Marion and Merle, worked as Water 
. Front Directors in Girl Scout Camps. Marion worked in Town- 
send, Tennessee, and Merle in Hardy, Arkansas. Both entered 
the University of Tennessee this fall to study physical educa- 

Charles B. Hoglan is attending the Virginia Theological Sem- 

Thomas Horst served as student minister of the Rock Creek 
Presbyterian Church near Springfield, Illinois. Tom will con- 
tinue at McCormick this fall. 

Florence Housch is employed as a laboratory technician at 
the Carbide and Carbon Chemical Corporation, Oak Ridge, 

Max House worked as a foundryman, mechanic, and truck 
driver during the summer. Max entered Union Theological Sem- 
inary, New York, in September. 

Margaret Howell was a counselor in Sea Pines Camp, Cape 
Cod, Massachusetts. This fall Peggy will teach first grade in 
Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Una Jordan worked at the Graystone Presbyterian Church in 
Knoxville, Tennessee, this summer, and she will continue there 
this fall. Una enjoyed her trip to Wooster, Ohio, where she 
studied for two weeks in the Director's Workshop. 

Elaine Kern attended the Newark State Teachers College 
during the summer. She is going to teach fourth grade in Eliza- 
beth, New Jersey. 

Paul Kolter is attending the University of Tennessee, working 
on his master's degree in Botany. 

Mr. and Mrs. William O Largen (Edith Delany) were coun- 
selors at the National Music Camp in Interlocken, Michigan. 
They entered the University of Michigan to do graduate work 
in physical education. 

Mary Gene Lawson operated the dining room at the Lawson 
Lodge. She will enter the Kennedy General Hospital to take a 
year of dietetic internship. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Lehman (Jeanne Blanchard) are 
living in East Providence, Rhode Island. Don is working on his 
doctor's degree; Jean is working for the counseling board at 
Brown University. 

Rebecca Maddux will be teaching home economics and gen- 
eral science in Manila, Arkansas. 

John W. Massie, Jr., is attending the University of Tennes- 
see doing graduate work in English. 

Virginia McArthur spent six weeks at the Presbyterian 
Training School in Richmond, Virginia. Since September she 
has been the Religious Education Director at the First Presbyter- 
ian Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

Scott McClure and his wife (Margaret Messer, '45) are at- 
tending Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey. 

M. G. Merlanti worked as a Social Worker in Rochester, New 
York, this summer. She plans to do graduate work in psychology 
at the University of Rochester. 

Marvin Mitchell is going to coach and direct physical educa- 
tion at Loudon High School. 

Beverly Muetzel will attend the Presbyterian College of Chris- 
tian Education in Chicago. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Murray (Ernestine Harrison, ex-'47) left 
for Princeton Theological Seminary on September 21, 1948. 

Elsie Onifer is teaching biology and general science at the Elk- 
horn High School in Switchback, West Virginia. This su mm er 
Elsie worked as the hostess in the Norris Park Tea Room. 

Mildred Orr worked part time in the Maryville College Per- 
sonnel Office. She left for Youngstown, Ohio, in September to 
assume the work of Director of Religious Education in the West- 
minster Presbyterian Church. 

Julia Pancoast supervised and taught in a Bible School at the 
Dressier Orphan's Home in Loysville, Pennsylvania. She is 
now teaching Spanish and mathematics in Everett High School, 
Maryville, Tennessee. 

Lacy D. Powell is going to Peabody College where he has 
already finished some work on his master's degree. 

Marjorie Pritchett is teaching mathematics at the Murray 
County High School in Georgia. 

Anna Sakaizawa acted as registrar and secretary for three con- 
ferences at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Anna writes: "Work in- 
cludes everything from soup to nuts." Possibly she will attend the 
night school at Northwestern University this fall. 

Martha Scanlon has been working for the Philadelphia Elec- 
tric Company since April. She will be married October 9, 1948, 
to Nelson Ernest, '48, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They will 
go directly to Clio, Michigan, where Nelson has a position 
teaching music in the high school. 

Wilbern B. Seymour will do graduate study at the University 
cf Mississippi this year. 

Mary Smith will be teaching in the Fuhsiang Girls School in 
Changsha, Hunan, China. This summer Mary attended the 
Out-Going Missionary Conference in Hartford, Connecticut. 
She reached Hong Kong September 4, 1948. 

Esther Cornelius Swenson is working in the Maryville College 

Kenneth Talbott is doing graduate work in chemistry at the 
University of Tennessee. 

Marion Weiler is teaching public school music at Fort Craig 
and West Side Elementary Schools in Maryville, Tennessee. 

Haydn O. White worked for the Presbyterian Board of Chris- 
tian Education in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He plans to enter 
the San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, Cal- 

Evelyn Vaughn is teaching in the elementary school in Cran- 
berry, New Jersey. 


Proudly does Rev. Mr. William A. Brown congratulate 
his four sons who are ordained ministers - of The 
Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. All four graduated from 
Maryville College and from Western Theological 

Dorothy Vawter is teaching piano at Maryville College. 

William Vogel is attending Princeton Theological Seminary. 

Thomas Van Horn Wheeler has heen awarded a scholarship 
by the Knoxville Symphony Society. He is the first to receive 
such a scholarship. Tom is attending the University of Tennes- 
see working on his master's degree in English. 


Paul W. Henry, of Atlanta, 
was appointed Acting Treas- 
^H^^^^fc^ urer of Maryville College and 

f began his work on February 1. 

I Before coming to the College he 

was associated with Clement A. 
Evans and Co., Inc., investment 
bankers, Atlanta. He served in 
the Army Air Forces for three 
years and prior to that was with 
Fidelity Bankers Trust Co., 
| Knoxville, for six years. Mr. 
^^M W "\ B> j Henry belongs to a pioneer 

JM M& .j -I Blount County family, his fa- 

!L":'' ■_'./■ B^H^'iii am '"-i ther being Sam H. Henry, man- 
ager of the Townsend store and long a member of the County 
Court. His sister, Ruth, attended Maryville College from 1930 
to 1932. The position of Treasurer has been vacant, except that 
Judge Crawford of the Board of Directors gave part of his time 
to it, since the death of Mr. F. L. Proffitt in 1943. 
Other new faculty appointments are as follows: 
Arthur David Ainsworth, Political Science. B.A., New York 
State Teachers College; M.A., Cornell University. Mr. Ains- 
worth is to serve this year in the absence of Mr. Pieper. 

Mrs. Bernice Cathcart Blair, Music. B.A., Maryville College; 
M.Mus., American Conservatory of Music, Chicago. Mrs. Blair 
is doing part-time work in voice. 

Carolyn L. Blair, English. B.A., Alabama College; M.S., Uni- 
versity of Tennessee. 

Paul Joel Cooper, French. B.A., Maryville College; M.A., Co- 
lumbia University. Mr. Cooper is taking the place made vacant 
by the resignation of Miss Ruth Cowdrick, who accepted a posi- 
tion at Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. 

Mrs. Lenora M. Courtney, Drama and Speech. B.A. and M.A., 
University of Kansas City. 

Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pictured left 
to right are Clyde Raynor, '43, William Malcom, '38, 
Paul Llewellyn, '41, Joseph Mathew, '45. 

Charlotte Bitel Johnson, Art. B.A., Barnard College; graduate 
work at the Institute of Tine Arts of New York University. 

Mrs. Kaythryn C. Kolter, Housemother in Camegie Hall. 

Howard O. Long, Social Sciences. B.A., Maryville College; 
M.S., University of Tennessee; and graduate work at George Pea- 
body College. Mr. Long was on the faculty of Carson-Newman 
College last year. 

Mrs. Carmen Park Marquis, Director of the Student Center. 
B.A., Maryville College. Mrs. Marquis taught at the College for 
three years before her marriage to Rollin H. Marquis, also a 
Maryville graduate, who died in 1945. (See article on the Stu- 
dent Center.) 

Mary Miles, Assistant in the Library. B.A., Maryville Col- 
lege; graduate work at Biblical Seminary ir. New York and George 
Peabody College. Miss Miles was for twenty years a missionary 
in Japan. In 1940-1941 she served on the dormitory staff at the 

Mrs. Frances Williams Morgan, Spanish and English. B.A., 
Huntingdon College; M. A., University of Tennessee. 

Kenneth Lee Paxton, Physical Sciences. B.S., Maryville Col- 
lege. Since his graduation in December, 1947 Mr. Paxton has 
been doing graduate work at the University of Tennessee. 

lngeborg Margaret Rodemann, German and Education. B.S., 
M.S., University of Tennessee. 

Mrs. Mae M. Scott, Assistant to the Head of McLain Me- 
morial Hall. 

Mrs. Esther Cornelius Swenson, Assistant in the Library. 
B.A., Maryville College. Mrs. Swenson is taking the place made 
vacant by the resignation of Mrs. Etta Culbertson Kennedy, 
who is taking graduate work this year in preparation for teach- 

Dorothy Helen Vawter, Music. B.A., Maryville College. 

Arda Susan Walker, Economics. B.A., Maryville College; 
M.A., University of Tennessee; and graduate work at Columbia, 
American, and George Washington Universities. For five years 
she was employed as a Government economist in Washington. 

Dorothy D. Home, of the music faculty, is back at the Col- 
lege after a year's Sabbatical leave to study at Eastman School of 

Archibald F. Pieper, of the Social Sciences Division, is on 
leave this year to study at the University of Tennessee. 

Nailialia Wright, of the library staff, is on leave to study at 
Yale University in the field of American Studies. 


Where Chilhowee's lofty mounted 
Pierce the Southern blue 
Proudly stands our Alma Mater. 

Noble, grand, and true, 
I Orange Garnet, float forever. 

Ensign of our hill! 

. Hail to thee our Alma Mater, 

Hail to Mary ville !