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Full text of "Maryville College Bulletin, Alumni Issue, October 1951"

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E T I Bf 


19th Annual Observance 


9:45 a.m.— Founders Day Service (Alumni Gymnasium) Address by Re\'. Dr. Eugene 
Carson Blake, Philadelphia, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, Pres- 
bvterian Church in the U. S. A, 

5:45 p.m.— Homecomino Barbecue on the Baseball Field (in case of rain, in the 
Alumni Gymnasium). Price 50 cents per ''plate." 

8:00 p.m.— Homecoming Football Game with Carson-Newman College, on new 
Maryvillc College Football Field. (Get vour special alumni ticket at the 
Alumni Office or at the Barbecue; special reduced price, 75 cents) 


May 17, Saturday- Alumni Day 

May 18, Sunday— Baccalaureate Day 

May 21, Wednesday— Commencement Day 



President Dr. Joseph Roscoe Watkins, '23 

Vice-President Mr. David L. McArthur, '36 

Recording Secretary — . Miss Winifred L. Painter, '15 

Executive Committee 

Class of 1952: Mrs. Fred DeLozier, '37; Mrs. John A. Kerr. '44; Mr. Rollo W. King, '41. 

Class of 1953: Mr. Guy W. Sneed, '24; Mrs. John Kenst, '31; Mrs. Hugh Crawford, Jr., '35. 

Class of 1954: Mr. Stuart P. McNicil, Jr., '50; Mrs. Ernest C, Taylor, '14; Miss Mary Sloane 
W<.kh '^^ 


Published by Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee 

Ralph Waldo Lloyd, President 

VOL. L October, 1951 No. 5 

Published quarterly by Maryville College. Enlered May 24, 1904, at Maryville, Tennessee, as sec- 
ond-class mail matter. Acceptance for mailing at sprcial rale of postage provided for in Section 1103, 
Act of October 3, 1947, authorized February 10, 1919. 

K "l 

®hF Alumni Pr^stii^nt*B il^saagr 


Dr. Watkins, whose home is in Loudon, Tennessee, 
graduated from JMarj'ville College in 1923 and from 
V;mdcrbilt Medical School, Nashville, in 1927. He 
interned at Knoxville General Hospital. He has been 
practicing medicine in Loudon since July 13, 1927, 
and operates two farms. He is the father of three 
sons and two daughters. He is a loyal aluiimus and 
visits the Hill often during football season and 

Dear Fellow Alumni ! 

October is here again. That means that another year cf activity and progress 
has already started on "the Hill." 

The Fine Arts Center was officially dedicated at the Commencement Exercises 
last Mav, 1951. What a Fine Arts Building it is! In fact, it is a great step forward in 
the architectural lines and beauty that has never before been equalled on the college 

At this same Commencement T was elected your Alumni President for the en- 
suing vear. For this honor you ha\'c bestowed on me I am indeed grateful. I shall 
endeavor to do my best for the Alumni Association in my meager way. 

Our chief concern as an Alumni Association now, as I see it, is to get under 
way the construction of our much-needed Chapel building with the funds we now 
ha^'e on hand. We must bear in mind that we may be called on for more money to 
complete the same because of the ever-increasing cost of building materials, etc. In your 
year of planned giving, please go your limit to help us put this project over the top. 
A Chapel is a MUST! You alumni who ha\'e not returned in recent years try to vis- 
ualize Marvville College without a Chapel, hampered in it? many activities. Let 
us put our shoulders to the wheel f^ make the "Samuel T\'ndale Wilson Memorial 
Chapel" a reality. I feel that would be as great a step forward as we of the Alumni 
Association can hope to achieve for our Alma Mater. 

Remember our Homecoming G;me and Annual Barbecue October 27. Plan to 
be there. 


Alumni Association 


frm&^nt IClnyli fag^ 

Year's Opening. Our 133rd academic year opened officially 
on Tuesday, September 4, when new students reported for the 
beginning of their registration and orientation program. Return- 
ing students began to register the next day, and the first classes 
were two days later on Friday, September 7. As all alumni of 
the past ten years know, our. early opening date in the fall and 
our early closing date in the spring are due to our plan of 
completing the first .semester's work before Christmas. This 
schedule is different from that of most colleges, but both our 
students and faculty like it because it clears off examinations 
before vacation. Since winter and spring combined are longer 
than the fall alone there is no need to "hurry back'' after Christ- 
mas. The \acation this year will last from December 2! until 
January 16, almost four weeks. This helps all to accept the in- 
conveniences of the early opening. The 1952 Commencement 
date is May 21. 

Fall Semester Enrolmen. On this page last April I said, 
"My personal expectations (about enrolment for 1951-52) are 
less optimistic than those of most of my college president 
friends." As I write this (which, because of time required for 
printing, is considerably earlier than your reading) there are no 
extensive enrolment reports available. But a preliminary survey 
by the New York Times finds a general decrease ranging from 
59r to iO'A in those colleges and universities checked. In most 
cases the decrease is larger in colleges like Maryville and smaller 
in the big universities, although I note a direct check at the 
University of Illinois shows a drop of 13%. At Maryville 
College it is 14%. The loss is in men students. We have 10 
more women than we had a year ago but 143 fewer men. Of 
our 700 students, 45% are men and 55%. women. During the 
past four years 55% of our students have been men, a material- 
ly larger percentage than before the war. The highest enrolment 
of veterans was 273 in 1946, representing 64% of all men 
enrolled. At present only 14% of our men students are veterans. 
The first semester enrolments at Maryville, in the six years 
since World War II have been respectively, 833, 898. 886, 905, 
828, 700. Whether another year will sec the enrolment of men 
go up again cannot now be anticipated. 

Current Operating Budget. We closed the last fiscal year 

on May 31 with a deficit, the largest deficit in the twenty years 
I have been at Maryville. It was not unexpected, but it was un- 
fortunate that we had to cut into our accumulated surplus at a 
time when the problem of balancing future budgets is increas- 
ing. In these twenty years we have had but few deficits. But 
with a reduced number of dollars because of a reduced number 
of students and with a reduced value to each dollar because of 
inflated prices, I cannot at this time see how we can balance the 
1951-1952 budget. What we can save on the smaller enrolment 
is nowhere near as much as the losses of so many tuitions, as 
relatively modest as each tuition is at Maryville. We shall be 
working on the budget problem throughout the year. Alumni 
help greatly when they give on the "Living Endowment" plan. 
Many more should do so. The Alumni Office or Dr. F. A. 
Griffitts or any one else at the College will be happy to arrange 
for participation. If you are not in the plan, I hope you will 
write at once. 

The yiew Buildings. On another page I am writing an 
account of the Dedication of the Fine Arts Center last May and 
of the Competitions in Music and Art. Studies of the tj'pe of 
Chapel to be built are under way. It became necessary to build 
a new unit of our heating plant, partly to increase the plant's 
capacity and partly to be prepared if either of the present 
boilers should break down. We are just now completing an en- 
largement of the building, the installation of a single boiler 
equal in capacity to the two older boilers, and the erection of 
a second chimney equal in height to the present chirnney but 
larger in diameter. This heating plant addition is costing almost 
$100,000. We have no funds to cover this except on a temporary 
basis. We very much need gifts for this purpose as well as for 
the Chapel. Progress costs and the calls are therefore continuous 
upon us all. 

The Summer. During six weeks of July and August, Mrs. 
Lloyd and I were in the British Isles and Europe. Of this there 
is an account on another page. We returned saddened by the 
conflicts and problems we saw yet encouraged considerably by 
the fellowship of Christian faith and the will for unity in the 
Churches. And we are more certain than ever that the Christian 
gospel and Christian education are essential in our world. 

Sincerely yours, 

/\aJU>^ /Um-^^^ixi "^^ 

,X-^K.^t^ t\^ 


Marion Mnsser CMn. Glen A.) Lloyd, one of the donors, 
speaking at the dedication 


The climax of the Fine Arts Festival, conducted l?st May 
in connection with the Commencement program, was the 
service of dedication of the Fine Arts Center. 

The service was held in the outdoor court of the Center. 
President Lloyd presided. The building was formally pre- 
sented to the College by the donors, Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. 
Lloyd, of Chicago, each of whom made a brief but impressive 
address. There was a short address of acceptance by Attorney 
Joe C. Gamble, '26, Recorder of the Directors, representing 
Judge Samuel O. Houston, '98, Chairman of the Directors, 
whose presence was prevented by illness. Miss Katharine C. 
Davies, Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts, spoke of the 
use of the building. 

Greetings were e.xpressed by Dr. Price Doyle, President, and 
Dr. Burnet C. Tuthill, Secretary, of the National Association 
of Schools of Music. The central address was by Dean E. 
William Doty, College of Fine Arts, University of Texas. 

In addition to faculty, students, and alumni, there were 
present loyal and distinguished friends of the College and of 
the Fine Arts. 


The Harry H. Proffitt family will be missed this year on 
the campus. For the first time in seventeen years they will not 
be represented among the students. James, now a doctor 
practicing in Maryville, entered in 1934 and graduated in 1938; 
next came the twins in the Class of 1942 - Mary (now Mrs. 
Robert C. Wright of Maryville) and Margaret (now Mrs. 
Ben A. Cunningham of Rogersville, Tennessee); Elizabeth Jane 
graduated in 1946 and works in Woodbury, Tennessee; William 
graduated in 1949 and Robert last year. Mrs. Harry Proffitt 
was Leila Graham, '12 and Mr. Proffitt graduated from the 
old Preparatory Department. 


As part of the Fine Arts Festival connected with the ded- 
ication of the Fine Arts Center in May, there were held com- 
petitions in piano, voice and painting. These were for seniors 
in high school. At the close of the competitions awards were 
made to one competitor in each of these three fields. The win- 
ners were as follows: 

In Piano: Virginia L. Gross, Tyner High School, Chatta- 
nooga, Tennessee. 

In Voice: Sheila Blake Sutton, Chadbourn High School, 
North Carolina. 

In Art: Isabella Frances Gibbs, North Wilkesboro High 
School, North Carolina. 

The awards offered were $200 in Piano, $200 in Voice, 
and $100 in Art. If a winner should elect to attend Maryville 
College, the College announced that it would add a $100 

Sheila Sutton, winner of the competition in singing, is 
registered a; Maryville College. Her father is Algie Sutton who 
graduated in l'^29. 

Isabella Gibbs, winner in the art competition, was registered 
at Maryville College, but at the last minute was prevented by 
illness from entering this semester. 

Virginia Gross, winner of the piano competition, is at- 
tending a music conservatory elsewhere. 

The competitions will be held again in the spring of 
1952 and will be open to high school seniors. A fund of five 
hundred dollars each year for three years for these awards 
has been provided by friends of the College. 


The Ohio Valley Maryville College Club elected Charles 
L. Edgcmon, '!9, president last April. On July 20 the Club 
held their annual picnic at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Homer 
M. Noble, '06 (Varina Bayless, '06). If there are alumni in the 
Cincinnati area who are not on the Club's mailing list, get 
in touch with Mr. Edgemon at 1536 Union Trust Building. 

The Mary\iHf College Club of Philadelphia met on April 
21, 1951. There wore 37 present. Miss Clemmie J. Henr>', who 
was attending the D. A. R. Congress in Washington that week, 
was the chief speaker of the evening. The Icillowing ofliccrs were 
elected: John Magill, '39, president; Clyde Powell, '38, vice 
president; and Helena Farrar (Mrs. W. A.) Packard, '25, secre- 
tary-treasurer. Her address is 325 Vine Street, Hammnnton, 
New Jersey. The Club held their annual picnic at Knights 
Park, Ciillingswood, New Jersey on August 17 and Mr. Magill 
reported th;it although the attendance was not large they had 
an excellent time together. 

Glen A. Lloyd, '18, one of the donors, speaking at the dedication 



Miss Bryant 

Miss Lloyd 


Mr. Fisher 

AUta M. Bryant, Assistant in the Personnel Office. Mi&s 
Bryant was a student worker in the Personnel Office for three 
years and following her graduation in May was appointed a 
full-time member of the staff. 

Louise Margaret Lloyd, Instructor in Music. Miss Lloyd 
was graduated from Maryville in May and with Miss Katharine 
C. Davies, Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts, studied this 
summer at the Conservatory of Music, Zurich, Switzerland. She 
has also studied two summers at the Eastman School of Music, 
Rochester, and one summer at the American Conservatory, 
Chicago. She is the daughter of President and Mrs. Lloyd. 

Josephine Dnnlap. Assistant in the Library. Miss Dunlap 
is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, received her 
library degree from George Peabody College, and has for some 
years been librarian at Farragut High School in Knox County. 
She is serving as catalog librarian. 

Commodore Bascom Fisher, Associate Professor of Histor)'. 
Mr. Fisher held this same position in 1945-1946. He is a grad- 
uate of M.iryville College in the class of 1916 and holds the 
Master of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky. For 
almost thirty years he has been a missionary in Iran, since 
1940 as principal of a school in Tehran. Mrs. Fisher was 
Franke Sheddan, '17; their two sons have graduated from 
Maryville— John in 1940 and Craig in 1950, and their daughter 
Peggy is a fresiiman this year. 

Bohhie ]une Malone, of Maryville, Assistant in the Treas- 
surer's Office. 

Mauritie Lowes Owen. Editorial Supervisor of Special Stud- 
ies and Assistant in the Library. Miss Owen was graduated from 
Mary\'ille in 1949, studied for a year at the University of 
Tennessee, and last year taught in Wartburg, Tennessee. 

A'frs. G. L. Rohinson, Assistant to the Head of Baldwin 
Hall. For z number of years Mrs. Robinson was on the staff 
of Sullins College. Her home is in McMinnville. Mrs. Currie, 
who served last year as Assistant, has been appointed Head 
of Baldwin Hall in place of Mrs. Harold F. Wonder, who is 
this year at Ohio State University. 

A'frs. T. M. Shepard, Head of Memorial Hall. Mrs. 
Shepard's home is in Etowah, Tennessee. 

iVIrs. George H. Sirick, Director of the Student Center. 
Mrs. Strick's home now is in Elizabethton, Tennessee, but she 
is a native of Alabama and her service includes a period at 
Alabama Polytechnic Institute. 

i\frs. Hugh Trotter, of Mar)-^'ille, Assistant to Miss Margaret 
Ware, Dietitian and Manager of the Dining Hall. 

Fred Ernest Short, Instructor in Drama and Speech. Mr. 
Short holds the B.A. degree from West Texas State College 
and B.S. degree in Speech Education from the University of 
Texas, where he has also done graduate work. For the past four 
years he has been on the faculty of Mary Hardin-Baylor College 
in Te.xas. 

Mrs. Howard Stewart, Assistant to the Head of Pearsons 
Hall. Mrs. Stewart is from Corinth, Mississippi. 


iVIr. Tamisaburo Sugimoto, General Secretary of Meiji 
Gakuin College, a Christian college and high school of 3,500 
students in Tokyo, Japan, is spending several weeks on the 
Maryville College campus. 

He is in the United States for a year under auspices of 
the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the 
U. S. A., studying college administration. His position is a 
responsible one in his large institution where he has the 
management of financial and maintenance affairs. 

At Mar\'ville he is observing the methods of administra- 
tion in various offices and departments with a view to securing 
such suggestions as he can about the way things are done 
in a church-related college of America. The Board of Foreign 
Missions did Maryville College the honor of sending Mr. Sugi- 
moto there fur his first contacts. He came to Maryville directly 
from the West Coast and the ship on which he crossed the 

His crossing was on a small freighter with only five 
persons other than the crew. It proved to be a rather rough 
journey because the ship was caught by a typhoon and driven 
far back toward China before it was able to make its way to- 
ward America. It finally required thirty-three days for the 

One of Mr. Sugimoto's early introductions at IVIaryville 
was to a football game played on a muddy field after a heavy 
rain, but he is learning many of our ways rapidly. He speaks 
and understands English, although this is his first visit to an 
English-speaking country. On the campus he found two persons 
who can speak Japanese with him. One is Miss Mary Miles 
of the Librar>- staff who was for fifteen years a missionary in 
Japan. The other is Mr. Kim, a Korean student who attended 
school in Japan and who graduated from the high school de- 
partment of Mr. Sugimoto's institution. 


Vice-President of the Alum- 
ni Association — David L. 
McArthiir, '36, President of 
McArthur's Store, Maryville. 

Recording Secretary of the 
Ahimni Association — Wini- 
fred L. Painter. '15, Pastor's 
Assistant at the New Provi- 
dence Presbyterian Church, 


Elizabeth H. Jackson, Assistant Professor of English, has 
returned from Sabbatical Leave. She studied last year at the 
University of Colorado in Boulder. Miss Clemmie J. Henry, who 
was with Miss Jackson, has also returned to Maryville and will 
continue her part-time relationship to the College. Because of 
her health, she retired from full-time work in 1950 after 
thirty-two years of service as Director of Student-Help. 

Edith Meile Largen, Instructor in Physical Education, is also 
back alter a year's leave of absence. She studied at the University 
of Tennessee and was awarded the M.S. degree in August. 
At U. T. she was elected to Phi Kappa Phi, national honorary 
scholarship society. 

Arthur S. Bushing, Assistant Professor of English, is on 
leave this year to do graduate work at the University of Tenn- 
essee. He and his family continue to live in Maryville. 

Kenneth L. Pa.xton, Instructor in Science and Mathematics, 
who is on military leave, has been assigned to the destroyer 
USS Barrass, which is being reactivated at Charleston, South 
Carolina. Mrs. Paxton (Charlotte Proffitt, '47) and their daugh- 
ter are for the present viath him in Charleston. 

Charlotte Buel Johnson, Assistant Professor of Art, was 
awarded the Master of Arts degree at New York University on 
June 6. 

Many of the faculty attended summer school: Mr. Dashiell 
(Art) at the University of Iowa; Miss Davies and Miss Lloyd 
at the Zuricli, Switzerland, Cunservator>' of Music; Mr. Davis, 
coaching schools at the Universities of Tennessee and Alabama; 

Mr. Engelhardt (Bible) at the University of Pittsburgh; Mr. 
Ford (Economics) at George Peabody College; Mr. Harter 
(Music), Mr. Johnson (Physical Education), and Mr. Reber 
(German) at Indiana University; Mr. Hughes (Music) at 
Northwestern University; Mr. Kolter (Biology) at Emory 
University (where he also worked on the staff of the Bulletin 
of Phi Sigma, national honorary biological society); Miss iVIartin 
(Spanish) at Vanderbilt University; Mr. Pieper (Political 
Science) and Miss Walker (Economics) at the University of 
North Carolina; Mr. Schwam (Spanish) at Columbia Univer- 
sity; Mrs. Stepp (Home Economics) at University of Tennessee; 
and Miss Vawter at Eastman School of Music. 

Some of the faculty taught in summer schools: Dr. Barker 
at Furman University; Miss Blair at Alabama College; Dr. 
Briggs at Appalachian State College; Miss Crews at a three-week 
Smoky Mountain Music Camp; Mrs. Kramer at the University 
of Tennessee; and Dr. Queener at Oregon College of Education. 

Dr. Buchanan again was business manager of a camp in 
North Carolina; Miss Grierson worked in the library of Southern 
Illinois University; the Cases went to their cottage in Minnesota 
and Dr. Case preached in Missouri and Minnesota; Miss Home 
and her mother visited relatives in Kansas and went on to 
Colorado; the Misses Blair, Martin, Massey, and Walker took a 
three weeks' trip to California; Miss Wilkinson went to Florida; 
Miss Hunter to the Yucatan and Guatemala; Mr. Black visited 
his daughter Lois, '38, and her family at their summer home 
in New Hampshire. 

Mrs. Cummings taught at the New Wilmington, Pennsyl- 
vania, Missionary Conference, and represented the College 
at the Hazen Foundation Conference at Swannanoa in August. 
Dr. Orr attended two conferences, one the annual meeting of 
the Association of Presbyterian University Pastors held jointly 
this year with a similar meeting of the Presbyterian Church in 
the U. S. at Montreat in June, and the other a workshop on 
the research pioject, "What Is a Christian College," of the 
Commission on Christian Higher Education of the Association 
of American Colleges, held at Berea College in August. 

In the April issue of the Sluikespeare Quarterly Dr. Hunter 
had a long poem entitled, "A Man from Stratford Entertains 
Ben Johnson.'' In last December's issue of Church Musician 
Mr. Harter had an article "The Message of the Christmas Bells," 
a program for multiple choirs. Miss Grierson wrote an article 
about "The New College Library Standards of the Southern 
Association" for the Tennessee Librarian. 

Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Davis attended their fifty-year reunion 
at Missouri Valley College in June and visited many friends and 
relatives in Missouri. Mrs. Susan Green Black is still confined 
to a wheelchair. Mrs. Worley, who lived with her daughter in 
Knoxville last year, is back at her home on Miller Avenue this 
year. Mrs. Robert McKelvey, who assisted Mrs. McMurray in the 
College Maid Shop for many years, visited on the campus in 
September. She is now living in Florida. 

Mr. Ainsworth is studying at the University of Chicago; 
Mrs. Kennedy (Etta Culbertson, '39), who taught English while 
Miss Jackson was away, is teaching in a girls' preparatory school 
in Chattanooga; Mrs. Law'' (Betty Jo Clemens, '50), who sub- 
stituted last year for Mrs. Ijrgen, is working for WGAP, the 
radio station in Maryville; Mrs. Marquis (Carmen Park, '19) 
is manager at Tapoco Lodge, North Carolina; Mr. Minear, '39, 
is office manager of Blount Memorial Hospital, Maryville; Miss 
Nelsim has entered McCormick Theological Seminary; Mr. 
Phillips, '38, is continuing his graduate study; Miss Robertson 
is teaching in the Kingsport, Tennessee, High School; Miss 
Thompson, '48, is librarian in Carter High School, Knox 



The Lloyd family and luncheon guests at Momingside on one 
of the days of the Fine Arts Festival 

The Commencement season in May, 1951, was different 
from that of the ordinary year because the usual Commence- 
ment program was combined with a Fine Arts Festival and the 
dediciuion of the Fine Arts Center. 

The program may be considered to have begun with the 
annual breakfast for seniors given in two installments on 
May 8 and 9 by President and Mrs. Lloyd at their home. 

The Fine Arts Festival included a series of addresses on 
consecutive days covering the general fields of Music, Art, and 
Drama. On May 10, Mr. Malcolm Miller, Knoxville impresario, 
spoke concerning "Drama and Music Personalities I Have 
Known." On May 11, Dr. Paul Calvin Payne, General Secre- 
tary of the Presbyterian Board of Christian Education and 
Chairman of the Division of Christian Education of the 
National Council of Churches, spoke on "The Christian College 
and Tomorrow's World." On May 12, Mr. John Walker, 
Curator of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C, 
spoke on "The Enjoyment of Art: Our Rights and Our Obli- 
gations." At the Alumni Dinner on May 12, Mr. Paul Schweik- 
her of Schweikher and Elting, architects of the Fine Arts Center, 
spoke on the architecture of the building. This was followed by 
an illustrated address by Mr. John Walker on "A Survey of 
American Painting." On May 13, Dr. E. William Doty, Dean 
of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas, spoke 
on "Music in Liberal Arts Education." 

In addition to these addresses, the Mary\'ille College 
Playhouse produced on two different evenings Shakespeare': 
"Much Ado About Nothing," and seniors majoring in music 
presented the annual senior music hour. There was a specia 
exhibition of paintings in the gallery of the Fine Arts Center 

On May 12 there were held competitions in Music anc" 
Art for high school seniors and graduates. Music competitor: 
came to Maryville to perform and were judged by person: 
prominent in the field of Music. Competitors in Art seni 
samples of their work, which were judged by prominent arl 
authorities. The three winners were selected and received 
scholarship awards as reported elsewhere in this bulletin. 

On Sunday. May 13, the Baccalaureate sermon wa« 
preached by President Lloyd on "Christian Culture," and the 
annual Commencement vesper sermon was preached by Dr. 
Paul Calvin Payne on "Mirrors or Windows." The Commence- 
ment address on May 16 was given by Dr. Stuaft Nye Hutchison. 
Bachelor degrees were conferred upon 168 seniors; four honorary 
degrees were conferred; and certificates were given to the 
living members of the Class of 1901. 

The dedication of the Fine Arts building was impressive 

and the whole Commencement program was significant and 


The speaker at the Founders Day Service on Saturday 
morning, October 27, at 9:45 a.m., will be the Rev. Dr. Eugene 
Carson Blake, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who in May 
was elected by the Presbyterian General Assembly to the office 
of Stated Clerk, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of 
Dr. William Barrow Pugh. 

Dr. Blake came to this work from Pasadena, California, 
where for the past eleven years he has been pastor of the large 
Presbyterian Church there. Although a comparatively young 
man of forty-five he has attained a reputation as one of the 
leading American preachers and was selected to preach the 
sermon in connection with the constituting of the National 
Council of Churches last year. 

Dr. Blake is a graduate of Princeton University and Prince- 
ton Theological Seminary, was a student in New College, 
Edinburgh, Scodand for a year and a teacher in Forman 
Christian College in India for a year before becoming assistant 
pastor of the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas in New York 
City in 1932. In 1935 he became pastor of the First Presbyterian 
Church, Albany, New York, where he remained until he went 
to California. He has been a member of the Presbyterian Board 
of Christian Education, is a trustee of Occidental College in 
California, and holds other influential positions. 


Each year the art department, as an educational and 
cultural contribution to the whole campus and to the town 
as well, hangs a number of traveling exhibitions. The art 
gallery of the Fine Arts Center was built with this purpose in 
mind as well as to provide a place for a permanent collection. 
The first exhibit this year is a collection of prints of the French 
nineteenth century, lent by the National Gallery of Art, Wash- 
ington, D. C. It includes prints by such artists as Cezanne, 
Daumier, Delacroix, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, Rodin, Toulouse- 
Lautrec, and Van Gogh. These prints will be on display until 
the end of October and all alumni here for Homecoming are 
urged to see them. 

Another exhibition will also be on display until about 
October 23. It is a collection of fourteen pieces by contemporary 
American sculptresses in aluminum, cast stone, terra cotta, and 

The audience in the outdoor court 


Aftei the Commencement Exercises hst May: Dean Mc- 
Clelland, Rev. Dr. R. G. ]ohanson, whose daughter Lois was 
in the graduating class and who read the Scriptitre, Dean Hunter, 
Dr. Kidder, Dr. DoUenmayer, Dr. Hutchison, President Lloyd., 
Dr. Welsh, Rev. Dr. B. M. Larson, whose son Bob was in the 
graduating class and who gave the prayer of invocation, Dr. 
Tracy, of the Fifiy-Year Chss, and Dr. Rankin. 


The Class of 1926 had a fine twenty-fifth reunion, accord- 
ing to reports and observation. They began arriving on Friday 
afternoon and gathered at the Joe Gambles' home that evening. 
Saturday noon the group had lunch together at Chilhou'ee Inn, 
Walland, and of course Saturday night attended the Alumni 
Dinner. Afterward they again went to the Gambles. Katherine 
Franklin Harvey had planned a tea at her home just off the 
campus for the Class but unfortunately was ill during com- 
mencement week. On Sunday following the Baccalaureate 
Service the Gambles entertained the entire group and their 
families plus some other college friends— si.\ty-five in all. 
CJulius Huffman furnished the ice cream from his own dairy 
farm.) The Class Editor rci^orts that "the weather was perfect, 
the food was marvelous, the location beautiful and the fellow- 
,ship superb." 


















Hiwassee College Maryville 

State Teachers College Jacksonville, Ala. 

Centre College Maryville 

East Tenn. State College Maryville 

Emory & Henry College Emory, Va. 

Carson-Newman College Maryville 


Georgetown College Georgetown, Ky. 

Carson-Newman College Jefferson City 

After Twenty-Five Years 

Captain Citarlie Allen, of Louisville, Ky. 

Co-Captain Jim Callaway, of Maryville, son of Dr. Henry A. 
Callaway, ex '17, and brother of "Ttthhy," '50 


The 75th series of February 
Meetings will be held February 
6-14, 1952. The leader will be 
the Rev. George E. Sweazey, 
Ph.D., D.D., of New York City, 
Secretary of the Division of 
Evangelism and Director of the 
New Life Movement for the 
Presbyterian Church in the 
U. S. A. 

Dr. Sweazey was bom in 
Salt Lake City, Utah, where 
his father was Dean of West- 
minster College. Later his father 
became Dean of Westminster 
College, Fulton, Missouri, and the son took his college degree 
there where he was an outstanding football and track star. He 
later graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and re- 
ceived the master's degree from Princeton University. His 
Ph.D. degree was received from the University of Berlin, Ger- 
many, where he completed the requirements in record time. 

After his return from Germany, Dr. Sweazey served as an 
assistant pa.stor of Old FirSt Church, Newark, N. J., and as 
a pastor in Danville, Kentucky, and St. Louis, Missouri. He 
was called from the Tyler Place Church, St. Leuis, to his 
present work and has attained a national reputation and in- 
fluence in the Held of evangelism. Among his duties is the 
general direction of the spiritual emphasis weeks in Presbyterian 

This is Dr. Sweazey's first leadership of the Maryville 
College February Meetings, but he has visited the College 

Dr. Sweazey 


from time to time as a speaker and to see his sister who is the 
wife of Dr. Lincoln Barker, Professor of Psychology and 


Two new Directors of Mary- 
ville College were elected in 
June by the Synod of Mid- 
South to fill vacancies on the 

One is Dr. Margaret Shannon, 
of New York City, Secretary of 
the Board of Foreign Missions 
of the Presbyterian Church in 
the U. S. A. Miss Shannon is 

kJF a native of Kansas, a graduate 

of the Uni\ersity of Chicago 
iHUiA^ and of Biblical Seminary, New 

^^^^m^^ York, holds the degree of Mas- 

jj^H^^^ ter of Religious Education from 

MHI^HBh the latter institution, and re- 
' '- •^■■^^^^^^'™ cei\'ed the honorary degree of 
Dr. Margaret Shannon Doctor of Laws from Mary\'ille 

College in 1947. Her career has included service on a college 
faculty in Beirut, Lebanon, as Director of the Westminster 
Foundation at Ohio University, as Secretary of the Board of 
Foreign Missions where she now occupies a senior position. 
She has long taken an important part in the National Council 
of Women's Organizations of the Presbyterian Church, is an 
author of note in the field of missionary education, and is a 
prominent leader in many areas of church life in America 
and abroad. 

The other new Director is Re\'. Edward L. R. Elson, D.D., 
Pastor of the National Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C. 

Dr. Elson is a native of Penn- 
sylvania but began his ministrj' 
in California where he served 
for ten years as^ pastor of the 
First Presbyterian Church, La 
Jolla, California, before entering 
the chaplaincy in 1941. During 
the War he became one of the 
most distinguished chaplains 
in the ser\'ice. achancing to the 
rank of Colonel and receiving 
many, decorations. In 1946 he 
became pastor of the large and 
strategic National Presbyterian 
Church not far from the 'White 
House in Washington. Dr. Elson 
is an influential friend of the 
Christian college. 

Dr. E!soi! 


President and Mrs. Ralph W. Lloyd, their daughter Louise, 
and Miss Katharine C. Davies, Professor of Music at the 
College, were in Great Britain and Europe during the summer. 

Miss Davies and Louise sailed from New York for Liverpool 
on May 25, spent two weeks in England. Scotland, and France, 
and then settled down to study piano with Walter Frey at the 
Conservatory of Music in Zurich, Switzerland. Louise graduated 
Irom Maryville College in May with a major in piano. She 
had been a student of Miss Davies throughout her course. Later 
in the summer after touring Switzerland together, Louise 

went to Italy with Mrs. Lloyd, and Miss Davies went to 
Denmark, Holland, and Belgium with another friend. 

President and Mrs. Lloyd sailed from New York on the 
Queen Elizabeth July 7 and returned on the same ship 
August 27. Dr. Lloyd went abroad for the primary purpose of 
attending meetings of the World Council of Churches Central 
Committee and the World Presbyterian Alliance Executive 
Committee in Switzerland during two consecutive weeks in 
August. He and Mrs. Lloyd spent more than two weeks in 
the British Isles where he filled preaching appointments on 
three consecuti\e Sundays in London, Belfast, and Edinburgh. 
Between Sundays he held conferences with Presbyterian groups 
and individuals of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and 
Scotland, in the name of the World Alliance and also in the 
interests of Anglo-American Church relations. 

He spent several days in Belgium visiting work of the 
Christian Missionary Church and several days in Geneva, 
Switzerland, where the headquarters of the World Council 
and the World Alliance are located. 

About the middle of August he was joined by Mrs. Lloyd, 
Louise, and Miss Da\ies, and all four flew to Berlin for five 
intensely interesting days there. Three of those days overlapped 
the period of the much publicised Communist youth rally. Dr. 
Lloyd preached on Sunday in the American Church in Berlin 
and in one of the U. S. army chapels. On August 21 they 
flew from Berlin to Paris, and on the 22nd boarded the Queen 
Elizabeth at Cherbourg. 


"The Messiah" will be given this year at three o'clock 
Sunday afternoon, December 9, in the Alumni Gymnasium. 
The annual Christmas Vespers will be on December 16 at 
the regular hour of seven o'clock. One of tjje— features of the 
Vespers each year is the Madrigal Singers. iThey are a small 
group who sing in the authentic malTfieiv' without direction 
or accompaniment and seated about a table. This was the 
custom in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when madrigal 
singing was a popular form of musical entertainment. jThough 
the selections sung are not truly madrigals, they are-'arrange- 
ments of Christmas carols of that period and resemble the 
- style of the madrigal. 

In addition to these two college services, most of the 
student organizations have Christmas programs. 

Christmas holidays begin Friday noon, December 21, 
or earlier— for each student when he finishes his finals. The 
Second Semester opens and the holidays end with the chapel 
service Wednesday, January 16. 

Madrigal Singers at Christmas Vespers 



Mrs. Elizaheth Benedict Hall, Matron of the Ralph Max 
Lamar Hospital, began her service at the College in October, 
1926. She has been known and loved not only by the students 
who have gone to the Hospital for medical treatment, but by 
many girls who have roomed there at different times when the 
dormitories overflowed. Her son, Howard and her daughter 
Thelma, who is a trained nurse, have resided there with her, 
and Thelma for many years has served as the Hospital Nurse, 
Her daughter Erma (Mrs. S. Earle Crawford) graduated at 
the College in 1914. Mrs. Hall was a resident of Mary\'ille 
before coming to the College and is well known to many stu- 
dents who I'isited or roomed at her home. A few years ago it 
appeared that Mrs. Hall would not be able to continue her 
work, but all rejoice that she providentially recovered to a 
remarkable degree. 

Evelyri Norton Qiteener (Mrs. Verion AL), Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Physical Education for Women, joined the faculty in 
September, 1925. For the first year she was both an Instructor 
and a Special Student at the College. She has been a member 
of the faculty regularly since that time except in 1929-1930 
when her first son was born. Mrs. Queener grew up in New 
York City. She graduated from Oakwood High School in 
1923, and from the Savage School of Physical Education in 
1925 and came to Maryville that year. During her years at 
Maryi'ille she has pursued further study at Hunter College, 
at John Campbell Eolk School, and at Indiana University. Her 
husband, also known to most alumni, graduated at Maryville 
College in 1924 and is Professor of History and Chairman of 
the Di\'ision of Social Sciences at the College. 


Each >ear the Guggenheim Foundation awards fellowships 
for research in many fields. Of the 154 awarded this year, 
three were given to Marj'ville College alumni. 

Miss Mildred Campbell, '20. Professor of English History at 
Vassar College, is studying the social and economic background 
of English emigrants in the seventeenth and eighteenth cen- 
turies. She expects to do some work in colonial archives in 
this country before going to England in the late autumn. She 
will spend one semester as a Visiting Fellow at Lady Margaret 
Hall, Oxford University, and the other semester doing research 
in local couniy manuscript collections. Miss Campbell holds 
the M.A. degree from Columbia University, the Ph.D. degree 
from Yale University and studied in England on a Sterling 
Fellowship from Yale. 

Leland Shanor, '35, Associate Professor of Botany and 
Curator of the Mycological Collections, Uni\ersity of Illinois, 


First — Send us a post card v\'ith change ol address when 
>"ou move. Remember, no mail except first class 
is (cirwardcd. 

Second — Pay dues promptly. They are only two dollars 
per year— not much— but if every one paid them 
so mijch more could be done b\ your Associa- 

Third — Send us news or clippings about yourself, your 
laniil\ or any former student, for the Bulletins. 
We arc very grateful to those of you who have 
done this. We need these items to make the 
Bulletins interesting. 

was given the' award to support his research on certain fungi. 
He will spend two months at the Barro Colorado Island Labora- 
tory in the Panama Canal Zone and the rest of the time in field 
studies in the southern states. Mr. Shanor received his M.S. 
and Ph.D. degrees from the University of North Carolina. 

Alma Joslyn Whiffen. '37, is a mycologist on the research 
staff of the Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, Alichigan. She also 
received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of 
North Carolina. She studied for a year at Harvard on a fellow- 
ship from the National Research Council. 


Dora White Chmnlea, Prep. 1893, died June 2, 1951, in 
Bellingham, Washington, after an illness of eleven months. She 
is survived by one son. Mrs. Chumlea formerly lived in Mary- 
ville and had been a frequent visitor here. 

Isaac Allison Gaines, '95, died in June, 1951, at his home 
in Webster Grove, Missouri. Mr. Gaines was a school teacher or 
principal for forty-nine years, forty-two of them in the St. Louis 
schools. He retired in 1944. He held an A.B. degree from 
Princeton LIni^■ersity and an M.A. degree from Washington 
University, St. Louis. 

Thomas Heatherington McConnell, '00, died in Daytona 
Beach. Florida, July 11, 1951. His last pastorate before his re- 
tirement in 1941 was at Calvary Presbyterian Church, Orlando, 

Bertha Phillips QMrs. Herbert") Middleton, '09, of Lexing- 
ton, Indiana, died May 13, 1951. She had been ill for some 
time. She 1'= survived by her husband and one daughter and a 
brother. Rev. Howard B. Phillips, '09. 

Rush Strong Adams, ex '09, died at his home in Dante, 
Virginia, on July 5, 1951. He was general manager of the 
Clinchfield Coal Corporation, with which he had been connect- 
ed for forty years with the exception of three years spent in 
World War I and with the U. S. Food Administration in 
Europe after that war. He is survived by his wife, two sons, 
and a daughter. 

Rev. Liidrik Buriiin, '14, died August 11, 1951, at the 
age of 64. He had been pastor of the First Bohemian and Mora- 
vian Brethern Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, since 1938 and be- 
fore that was for eighteen years pastor of the Jan Hus Presby- 
terian Church, Hopkins, Minnesota. In 1917 he received the 
B.D. degree from Union Theological Seminarv' and the M.A. 
degree from Columbia University. During World War I, he 
served in Europe as a YMCA Secretary. In 1921 he married 
Emily Kucera and they had four daughters. 

Mary Kate Rankin, '14, of Dandridge, Tennessee, died 
June 23, 1951, after several months' illness. After graduation 
Miss Rankin taught music at the College for four years; in 
recent >'ears she had been teaching in Dandridge, and this 
\ear completed thirty years' service as a teacher. She was 
active also in church work, and was a frequent visitor at 
Synodical meetings on the campus, as well as at College events. 

Joseph Wcldon Hiiui, ex '33, of Marion, Kentucky, died 
in Kii.xville May 16, 1951, after a long illness. He is sur- 
vi\ed by his uile (N.^omi Woods, '34) and three children. 

Si/imic'/ Eihvin S<ipp, '44, was killed on March 22, 1951, 
when se\'eral tobacco hogsheads rolled from a passing truck onto 
his car. Mr. Sapp graduated tnim Columbia Theological Semin- 
•iry and at the time of his death was pastor of the Presbyterian 
Church in Le.:sburg, North Carolina. He is survived bv his 


wife, Marinrie McCaleb Sapp, '47, and their small son 

lerry Lee Collins^ ex '50, died in September of a heart 
attack following pneumonia. Since leaving college he had been 
working in his home town, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and had 
hoped to re-enter Maryville this fall. He is sur\'ived by his 
mother and stepfather and one brother. 

Dr. Allien Franklin Gihuan, Professor of Chemistry and 
Physics at !\Iar>\'ille from 1900 to 1906, died May 18, 1951, at 
the home of his daughter in Oak Park, Illinois. When Dr. 
Gilman retired from teaching in 1942, his son succeeded him as 
head of the chemistry department nf Central Y. M. C. A. 
College, Chicago, where Dr. Gilman had taught since 1921. 
jVlrs. Gilman, '06 (Agnes Geneva JXIcGlynn), died in 1943. 


Earl A. Storey, '27, to Mary Alice Burns, '40, July 4, 1951, 
at Knoxville. 

Elsie James, '30, to Estus Leroy Goss, July 28, 1951, at Telford, 

Jessie Winifred Curtis, '40, to E. Ralph Daniels, June 16, 
1951. at Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. 

Hester Santiago Wurgel, '42, to Jack Nielsen, iMarch .17, 1951. 

Freda Duller, '44, to George Michael Tofani, June 16, 1951, 
at Greenwich. Connecticut. 

Dr. James Hunt Manning, ex '44, to Pellie Lucille Jones, 
April 14, 1951. 

Jessie L. Fowler, ex '45, to John Edward Leonard, April 28, 
1951, New York, New York. 

Mary iMargaret Robarts, '47, to Rev. A. B. Miller, Dec. 28. 

1950, at Coral Gables, Florida. 

Maybelle Rule. '47, to Robert D. Argie, '50, June 2, 1951, 
ai Km xville, Tennessee. 

Catherine Grace Stout, '47, to Joe Duncan Beals, Jr., September 
4, 1951, m Maryville. 

LaVonne Grace Heard, '48, to Rev. Paul M. Lundell, August 
7, 1951, at Northbrook, Illinois. 

Eula Catherine Helms, '48, to Dr. Charles Leavitt Butler, May 
19, 1951, at Maryville. 

Rebecca Wille Maddux, '48, to James Lowell Robertson, Jr., 
August, 1951, at Hulbert, Arkansas. 

Rev. H\dn Owen White, '48, to Phyllis Jean Claycomb, August 
lo! 1951. 

Katherine Agnes Carpenter, '49, to George Montgomery Reichard, 
May 11, 1951. 

Georgia Lynctte Cordle, '49, to Luring Russell Cook, Apr. 22, 

1951, at Ccnterville, Virginia. 

Virginia Lee Hand, '49, to L. A. Campbell, '51, April 15, 
1951, at Athens, Tennessee. 

Jane Boorman Martenis, '49, to Donald S. Balderston, June 24, 

Mildred Elizabeth Goudclock, ex '49, to Leland R. Fipps, April 
19, 1951, at Alcoa. 

Harriet Ann Perry, ex '49, to Donald Edward Hancock, July 14, 
1951, at Fountain City, Tennessee. 

Mildred Ann Prichard, ex '49, to Mack Lewis Graves, July 14, 
1951, at Alcoa. 

Robert Benton Baldwin, '50, to Joyce Raulston, July 1951, at 

D. M. Miller. '50, to Viola Mae Marshall, ex '53, June 2, 1951, 
at Kno.xville, Tennessee. 

Catherine Missouri Barnawell, ex '50, to Elbert McCarter Miller, 
August 26, 1951, at MarjTille. 

Ensign Paul Alan Kiger, ex '50, to Shirley Gracelyn Clayton, 
July 7, 1951, at Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Shirley Lewis, ex '50. to Rayne Motheral, June 9, 1951 at Cor- 
coran California. 

Patty Marie Regan, ex '50, to Jerry C. Smith, June 10, 1951, 
at Fountain City, Tennessee. 

Julia Anne Breen, '51, to Anderson Dean Clark, '51, May 16, 
1951, in the College woods. 

Patricia Ann Cox, '51, to Wayne Urmson Sines, Jr., June 13, 
1951, at Evanston, Illinois. 

Betty Jane Greenwald, '51, to Glen Charles Knecht, '50, August 
21, 1951, in New York. 

Minnie Lucille Highsmith, '51, to Paul D. Woodbury, Jr., '50, 
July 25, 1951. 

Patricia Ann Love, '51, to James Louis Kren, '52, August 25, 
1951, at Townsend. Tennessee. 

Marlene Monica Mauger, '51, to John Laurence Thompson, '52, 
May 17, 1951, at Maryville. 

Barbara Jeanne McNeill, '51, to George Eugene Handley, '50, 
June 3, 1951, at Townsend, Tennessee. 

Lois Irene Mellon, '51, to James Walton Townsend. '51, May 
23, 1951, at East McKeesport, Penn. 

Robert H. Schwoebel, '51, to Barbara R. Stidham, '52, May 17, 

June Elaine Spaulding, '51, to Robert C. Bursey, December 26, 

Durward Robert Van Nest, '51, to Phyllis Rutherford, June 23, 

Mary Elizabeth Hamelman, ex '51, to John Stockton Baird, '51, 
April 19, 1951, at Oakland, California. 

Constance Elva Jeffery, ex '51, to Vernon Keith Madison, 
August 18, 1951. 

Galen Johnson, Jr., ex '51, to Betty Jo Pierce, January 9, 1951, 
at Loudon, Tennessee. 

Eleanor Beatrice O'Dell, ex '51, to Doran Dean Yelton, August 
26, 1951, at Maryville. 

John I. Hendricks, Jr., '52, to Joann Jackson, August 1951. 

Margaret Shields, '52, to William T. McClure, Jr., Augusth 12, 
1951, at Maryville. 

Betty Ruth Carroll, ex '52, to Douglas Elwood, September 15, 
1951, at Fountain City, Tennessee. 

Canil Sophia Jones, ex '52, to William Pendelton Hutcheson, 
August 22, 1951, at Sweetwater, Tennessee. 

Kenneth Bowers, '53, to Sarah Barnes, July 21, 1951, at Trenton, 
New Jersey. 


Nancy Ellen Rose, '53, to Charles W. Holsinger, '52, May 
16, 1951, at Alaryville. 

Fenton F. Ferguson, '54, to Jacquelyn Goddard, June 9, 1951, 
at Maryville. 

Peggy Louise Hurst, ex '54, to Robert Eidson, July 26, 1951. 

Barbara Lane, ex '54, to Gilbert Hartsell. June 23, 1951, at 
Greenback, Tennessee. 


Mr. and Mrs. David L. McArthur, '36 (Grace Proffitt, '35), 
their fourth child, a son, Stainton Lowry, August 31, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. James G. Saint, Jr. '36 (Marie Carlson. '36), 
their seventh child, a son, James Giles IV, August 1, 1951. 
They ha%'C six girls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Weaver (Esta Elizabeth Kunkel, '36), 
a son, Glenn Herbert, September 2, 1951. They have three 
other children. 

Rev. and Mrs. Donald E. Rugh, '38 (Joy Pinneo, '39), 
twins, Dorothy and Douglas, November 7, 1950. The 
Rughs have three other children. 

Rev. and Mrs. Ernest C. Enslin, '39, a son, David Charles, 
May 31, 1950. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Minear, '39 ^Catharine E. Pond, '39), 
their fifth child, a daughter, Winifred Anne, September 
14, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Lawson Smith, '39, their second child, a 
son, Hugh Lawson, Jr., May 6. 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. Philip E\'aul, '41 (Margaret Cloud, '39)," their 
fourth child, a son, Thomas Devereaux, January 3, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Campbell (Lisbeth Prater, '42), their 
first' child, a daughter, Martha Gaye, February 24. 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Kidder, '42 (Mary Orr, '41), their third 
child, a daughter, Elizabeth Loy, June 7, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. \\'alter W. Ruoff (Mary Felknor, '42 j, twin 
daughters, Margaret Catherine and Mary Ann, April 11, 
1951. Mr. and Mrs. Ruoff have two other children. 

Rev. and Mrs. George Colshr Tibbetts, '42 (Marjory Orcutt ,'40), 
their third child, a daughter, PhyUis Ehzabeth, July 25, 1951. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Cooley (Grace Jarnagin, '43), their 
second child, a daughter, Caroline Elizabeth. May 8, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Arthur Griffiths (Doris Wilson Murray, '43), 
their first child, a son, Thomas Murray, July 9, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. Guy Lambert, '43 {Dorothy Gessert, '42), their 
third child, a daughter, Barbara Louise, August 2, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Olson Pemberton, '43 (Jean Patterson, '43). their 
second son, Theodore Olson, October 3, 1950. 

Rev. and Mrs. Gabriel Gait Williamsim, '43, their first child, 
a daughter, Margaret Anne. June 4, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Wright, '46 (Frances Sisk, '43), their 
tiiird child, a son, Donald Curtis, June 19, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Holt Allen (Nettie Ro;C Spraker, '44 ~i. their 
third child, a son, Robert Flolt. September 22, 1951. 

Re\-. and Mrs. Don.di! Lincoln Bar!,., '44 i Eleanor Stont .'46). 
their lirst child, a son, George i_incoln, August 24, 1951. 

Mr. and Airs. William Craig (Estelle Farrow, '44), their first 
child, a son, Richard Andre\v, August 29, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs .Benjamin A. Lynt, '44, their second child, a 
son, Christopher Hunter, August 19, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. Stanton R. Wilson (Marion Stout, '44), their 
first child, a son, John Wallace, September 4, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Morton, ex '45 (Natalie \'irginia 
Yelton, '43), their second child, a son, Robert Webb, April 

22, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hunter Coburn (Hope Pleyl, '45), their 
second child, a daughter, Carol Ann, May 8, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Donald Kent, '46 (Mary Elizabeth M'inter- 
mute, ex '44), their fourth child, a son, David Allan, March 

23, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Delozier Widner (Nelle Ousley. '46), their 
first child, a son, Stephen John, April 7, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. William Ranck Grosh, '47 (Frances Harris 
Grosh, '44), their second child, a daughter. Susan Lee, 
May 19, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Shell, '47 (Gwendolen Rees-Jones, 
'47), their first child, a son, John Robert, Jr., August 9, 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wright (Helen Underwood. '47), a son, 
James Harold Wright. September 9, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. M. Scott McClure, '48 (Margaret Messer Mc- 
Clure. '45), their second child, a daughter, Margaret Jane, 
August 2, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. Carl C. Murray, '48 (Ernestine Harrison, ex 
'47), their second child, a son, David Michael, September 
17, 1951. 

Mr. and .Mrs. Richard Francis Scruggs. Jr., '48 (Margaret 
Cross, '46), their second child, a son, Richard Francis III, 
April 21, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Irving Brahams. '49 (Ellen Collins, 
'50), their first child, a son, David Raymond, August 20, 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Taylor, '49, their second child, a 
daughter, Patricia Ann, February 25, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith, '50, (Muriel Headrick Smith, '50), 
their first child, a son, Kenneth Wayne. June 26, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ross (Alberta Abler Ross, '51), their 
first child, a daughter, Martha Ellen, May 29, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henr>- Wallace Heaps. '51, their second child, a 
.son, Donald David, May 22, 1951. 


Only one member was present on Commencement Day to 
celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Class of 1901. That 
was Dr. John E. Tracy, of Ann Arbor. Michigan, who came 
with Mrs. Tracy and took a much appreciated part in the 
pnigram at the Alumni Dinner and in other activities. He has 
recently retired from the facult)' of the Law School of the 
University of Michigan, where he was long a distinguished 

Filty-Year Certilicates were awarded to all five li\'ing 
members ol the el.iss. The other lour are: He\'. Dr. William 
Thaw Bartlelt, Maryville; Dr. Luther E. Dewley, Manila, Philip 


pines; Mrs. John W. Ritchie (Pearl Andrews) Scottsville, 
Virginia; and Mrs. D. G. Casseres (Lena Hastings), Cartago, 
Costa Rica. 


(See also Marriages) 
Alberta Ahler Ross— Housewife, Harriman, Tenn. 
Chesley Speer Anderson-U. S. Marines. 
Lynn Allen Anderson-Teaching in Blount County Schools. 

Jimmy Rhyne Arnhart-Working on Master's degree in 
Hospital Administration at Washington University in St. Louis, 

Ruby Charles Aip-Teaching. 

John Stockton Eaird-Second semester junior at San 
Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo. California. 

Frances Carolyn Balch— Attending graduate school at the 
University of North Carolina, majoring in Chemistry. 

\^'arren Brooks Banks-Working in Ford's time department. 
Highland Park, Michigan. 

George Philip Barber-Attending Western Theological 
Seminary, Pittsbuigh, Pennsylvania. 

Frances Pauline Barr— Mathematics assistant at K-25 in- 
stallation at Oak Ridge. 

Teddis Hclbrook Beaslcy, Jr. -Attending Columbia Semin- 
ary, Decatur. Georgia. 

James Reed Bell— \^'orking for State Conservation Service, 

Edward Gill Bennett— Teaching in Adantic City. 

Ephriam King Berrong— Coaching at Sweetwater High 
School. Sweetwater. Tennessee. 

James Leon Bernjng— U. S. Army. 

Kenneth Dale Boram— Working at National Biscuit Com- 
pany, Houston, Te.vas. 

Myrna Faye Boring— Planning to work for Capital Airlines. 

lulia Breen Clark— Working and keeping house in Pitts- 
burgh while husband is attending Western Seminary. 

Edna Floy Brown— Working at Y-12 installation for Car- 
bide and Carbon Co.. Oak Ridge. 

Margaret Anne Brown— Dietetic Interne at the Medical 
College of Virginia. Richmond, Virginia. 

Alita M. Bryant— Working in Personnel Office at Maryville 

y. A. Cameron— U. S. Marine Corps. 

J. M. Morrison Campbell— Attending the School of Medi- 
cine, University of Pittsburgh. 

L. A. Campbell— Teaching Biology and General Science 
at FriendsviUe, Tennessee, High Sch(«>l. 

Lucy Carrick Earisman— Living in Pacific Gnive, California. 

Miriam Chabandour— Working at Oak Ridge. 

Anderson Dean Clark— Junior at Western Tlieokigical 

Betty Carol Corbett-Working in Washington, D. C, in 
the Department of Agriculture. 

Patricia Ann Cox Sines-Associate librarian at Pennsylvania 
College for Women, Pittsburgh. 

Thomas Cumming-Attending Western Theological Semin- 

Janet Esther Cummings-Attending Northwtstern Univer- 
sity Medical School. 

Laurie Richards Dale-Working for DuPont Co., in Wil- 
mington, Delaware. 

James Ca'\in Dance-Working toward Master's degree in 
Library Science at Columbia University, N .Y. 

Bruce Stephens DeNagy-U. S. Air Force, training for 
instructor or for public information work. 

Donald Parker DeNagy-U. S. Air Force, welfare specialist. 

James Ross Dooley— Acting executi\'e secretary. South Ful- 
ton Y. M. C. A., Atlanta, Ga. 

John Richard Dosker, Jr.— Attending Fuller Seminary, 

Lowell M>ers Duffey— Attending graduate school at Kan- 
sas State College, Manhattan, working toward M.S. degree in 

Elizabeth Jean Dunn-^^'orking for the U. S. Department 
of Agriculture in the Entomology and Plant Quarantine Divi- 
sion, Washington, D. C. 

Delbert Leroy Earisman— U. S. Army. Living in Pacific 
Gro\'e, California. 

Charles Alfred Flood— For the present, postman at Manas- 
quan. New Jersey. 

James Francis Frain, Jr.— Graduate assistant in Chemistry 
at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Glenn Matthews Gage-U. S. Marine Corps. 

Alice Rosemar)' Gambill— Working for Capital Airlines in 
Atlanta, Georgia and rooming with Ruby Jean Harris. 

Betty Jane Grecnwald Knecht— Living in California with 
husband who is attending Fuller Seminary. 

David Haiold Grubbs— Working at Fairview, Pa. Plans to 
attend University of Tennessee next semester for M.A. degree. 

Ruby Jean Harris— Working in Technical Information of- 
fice at Georgia Tech in connection with the State Engineering 
Experiment Station. 

John E. Harris— Musical director. Lake City High School, 

Ilena Wilson Hawn— Teaching in Blount Count)' Schools. 

Henry Wallace Heaps— Attending Princeton Theological 

Carl Woodrovv Herring— Attending McCormick Theological 

Ethel Marian Hickman- Home Economics Advisor for 
Public Service Electric and Gas Company of New Jersey. 

Doroth)' Ann Higdon— Teaching. 

Minnie ilighsmith Woodbury— Injured in automobile ac- 
cident while on honeymoon. Living in Bedford, Pennsyh'ania. 

Ha/el Louise Holm— Girls' group worker at Southwest 
Social Centre, Indianapolis, Indiana. 


Joseph William Holt-Attending University of Pennsylvania 
graduate school, working toward M.A. degree. 

Geraldine Hopkins-Teaching fourth grade at Franklin 
School in Lakewood, Ohio. 

Gregory Melton Howard— Had heen accepted for graduate 
work at the University of Tennessee, but has been called by 
Army tp report September 21. 

Ahce Huddleston— Attending business college in Knoxville. 

Lulu May Hudson— Teaching at Church of God Orphanage, 
Sevierville, Tennessee. 

Ruth Clauss Humes— Entered nurses' training at Columbia 
University Center, ?\. Y. 

Lucie lean Hunt Branch— Living in Roswell, Xew Mexico, 

Elizabeth Anp Hunter- Working as Psychiatric Aide at the 
Institute of Living, Hartford, Connecticut. 

\'ernon Edward Hyde— Coaching and teaching at Harrison 
Chilhowee Baptist Academy, Seymour, Tennessee. 

Richard Car\'er Isenberg— Junior partner in a Ford auto- 
mobile dealership, Sevieri'ille, Tennessee. 

Charles Edwin Jackson— Working in Fire Underwriting 
Department for an insurance company in New York. 

Phyllis Ann Jackson— Member of the staff of the Neuro- 
psychiatric Institute in Hartford, Connecticut, and also doing 
graduate work there in clinical ps\'chology. She plans to be at 
the Institute for about a year and then go abroad to work on 
the Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology. 

Lois Edith Johanson— Attending Assembly Training School 
in Richmond, \'irginia. Rooming with Ruth Nicholas. Training 
for religious work. 

Richard Francis Jones— Attending Western Theological 
Seminary in preparation for chaplaincy. 

Thomas Samuel Kcesi Jr.— U. S. Army. 

Elmer Lee Keller— Research assistant at the Cancer Research 
Hospital. Oak Ridge. 

Sarah H. Kemp— Working in Administrative Engineering 
Department of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Marietta, Ga. 

Evelyn Jean Kennedy— Dietetic Interne at Vanderbilt 
University Hospital, Nashville. 

Mary Agnes Kennedy— Missionar\' at Haines House (Pres- 
byterian Children's Home), Haines, Alaska. 

Raymond Earl Keny— Coaching at Lanier High School, 

H. David Kerr— Attending Temple University Medical 

Paul Sherrod Kidder— U. S. Army. 

Rebecca Eleanor Kramer— Teaching fourth grade in Rogers- 
ville City School, Tennessee. Rooming with Margaret A. Drake, 
former student. 

Ray Eugene Kuhn— Chemistry assistant at Y-12 installation 
at Oak Ridge. 

Sidney Earl Lambert— Employed by Madison Courier, Madi- 
son, Indiana. 

Richard Andrew Lane— Attending University of Tennessee 
School of Dentistrv. 

John William Laney— Attending Crozer Theological Semin- 
ary, Chester, Pennsylvania. 

James Everett Latham— Attending Princeton Theological 

Robert Alexander Larson— Attending Louisville Presbyterian 
Seminary. Also student assistant at Strathmoor Presbyterian 
Church, Louisville. 

Jacqueline Anne Lenderman— Social worker for Jefferson 
County Department of Public Welfare, Alabama. 

William Cannon LeNoir— Farming at Loudon, Tennessee. 

James Paul Lester— Attending Officer's Candidate School at 
Fort Jackson, South Carolina. 

Sherman N. Lester, Jr.— Working for Southern Bell Tele- 
phone Co. as an advertising salesman. Travels over the state of 
Georgia with Atlanta as headquarters. 

Louise Margaret Lloyd— Member of the music faculty at 
Maryville College. 

Patricia Love Kren— Working at Welfare Office, Maryville. 

Mary Lily Lyerly— Working at Cloister Hotel, Sea Island, 

\\'ayne Gale McAfee— Returned to his work in Guatemala 
as missionary of the Church of God. 

Harriet Mary McClain— Dining room super\'isor and assis- 
tant girls' supen'isor at Allison-James School, Sante Fe, New 
Mexico. (National Missions}. 

Jane Elizabeth .McMillan— Teaching in second grade, Ac- 
worth. Georgia. 

Barbara McNiell Handley— Teaching English and Social 
Studies in Williamsburg, Kentucky, Junior High School. 

Joseph Walter McNiell— Has scholarship to work on Master's 
degree in Mathematics at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 

Ruth Anne McSween— Planning to marry C. L. Hager, Jr. 
on October 12 in San Francisco, California. 

Ruth Eleanor Mason— Attending Princeton Theological 

Anthony James Maturo— Training for store manager posi- 
tion with S. H. Kress Co., Lakeland, Florida. 

Marlene Alauger Thompson— Teaching in the Blount 
County School Sx'stem. 

Gloria Theresa Measamer— Planning to marry James Ric- 
ketts October S and to live in Mascot, Tennessee. 

Irene Mellon Townsend— Working in accounting depart- 
ment of North America Insurance Company in Philadelphia. 

William Randall Menges— Has scholarship to do graduate 
work in Physics at the University of Delaware. 

HershcU Gerald Merriman— Working for the .-Muminum 
Company of America. 

Barban? Altfather Miller-Working at Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Elmer Ellis Mizc— Teaching Social Science at Lanier High 
School, Maryville. Was awarded membership in Phi Delta 
Kappa, honorary fraternity for men in education at the Univer- 
sity of Tennessee. 

John Frank Morton-Attending U. S. Marine Officer's 


Candidate School. 

Xen Kay Motsinger— Business Administrator at Alexander 
County Hospital, Taylorsville, North Carolina. 

Robert Lee Newman-Planning to attend George Peabody 
College and do work toward an M.A. degree in History. 

Ruth Nicholas- Working on M.R.E. at Assembly Training 
School, Richmond, Virginia. Rooming with Lois Johanson. 

George Ewing Ogle-Attending Seminary at Duke Univer- 
sity, Durham, North Carolina. 

Herbert Herman Palmer— Planning to do graduate work 
at Rutgers Uni\ersity. Engagement announced to Mary E. 
Mills, '50. 

Martha Joy Parker \\'intermute-\\'orking in children's 
hospital in Chicago while husband attends McCormick Theolo- 
gical Seminary. 

Rosalba Pascal— Teaching. 

Letitia G. Plowman— Church secretary at Camp Hill, Penn- 
syh ania, Presb> terian Church. 

Joseph Richard Poland— Attending Wharton School of 
Finance. LIniversity of Pennsylvania. 

Delbert R. Poling— Attending \\'cstern Theological Semin- 

Robert David Proffitt— Working for Harrison Construction 
Company, Maryville. Will enter Medical School at the Univer- 
sity' of Tennessee in March. 

'V\'illard Frank Rahn— /'iMending Princeton Theological Se- 

Eugene Reynolds— Played professional ball during the sum- 
mer. Future plans indefinite. 

Richaid Brent Ribble— Attending Princeton Seminary. 

Lavinia Elba Rodriguez— Working in New York City. 

Margaret Elizabeth Sangster— Teaching first gra'de in Flor- 
ham Park School, New Jersey. 

John Edward Sayre— U .S. Air Force. 

Virginia Fislcr Schwarz- Teaching elementary' grades in the 
Anglo-American School in Athens, Greece. She made the trip 
by air stopping at Paris and Rome. She e.xpects to be gone a 
year and possibh' two. 

Robert Haines Schwoebel— U. S. Marine Corps. 

Albert W\lie Shakley— Attending Western Theological 

John Stewart Shew— Attending Princeton Seminary. 

William Henry Sheilds— Attending University of Tennessee 
Law School. 

Lincoln Shimimiura— Working with Engineer Research and 
Development Laboratories, Fort Bclvoir, Virginia. 

Frederick A. Sieber— Attending graduate school at the 
University of Pennsylvania. 

Dora EvaKn Smith— Working at Oak Ridge. 

June Spalding Bursey- Working in bookkeeping depart- 
ment of a wholesale grocery establishment until February; will 
then move to West Pulm Beacli, Fla. 

George Stanfill— U. S. Marine Corps. 

V^'illiam Charles Starr— Leaving in October for India as a 
short term missionary under Presbyterian Board. Will teach high 
school English and dramatics at Woodstock School, Mussoorie, 
U. P., Landour, India. 

Millard Martin Stephens— Attending Columbia Seminary, 
Decatur, Georgia. 

Beatrice Lydia Swanson— Assistant Administrative Nursing 
Supervisor at University of Minnesota Hospitals. Will resume 
work towards B.S. degree in nursing education in the fall. 

Sayre Archie Swarztftuber— U. S. Army. 

James Paul Thurston— Ensign in U. S. Navy. 

James Walton Townsend— To report to U. S. Navy on 
October 29. 

Charles Earl Trotter— X^'orking on Master's degree at Uni- 
versity of Tennessee. 

Earl Harrison Valentine— Working for Prudential Insurance 
Company, Mar)'ville. 

Durward Robert \'anNest— Attending Princeton Theological 

Wflliam Dickson Varker— Attending Union Theological 
Seminary, Richmond, Virginia. 

Robert John Wainer— Attending U. S. Marine Officer's 
Candidate School. 

James Edwin Watt— Attending Western Theological Semin- 
ary. Worked in Yellowstone Park this summer. 

Charles Raymond West— Doing graduate study at the 
University of Tennessee. 

Charles Sleinmefz Williams— Attending Vanderbilt Univer- 
sity for Master's degree in Mathematics. 

Robert Richter Williams— Attending Louisville Theological 

William Wagner Willingham— U. S. Army. 

Mary Virginia Wills— Pastor's secretary. First Presbyterian 
Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Harold C. Winkleman- U. S. Army. 

Charlotte Ann Wyman— Attending Ellis Business College, 
Elgin, Illinois. Is member of Elgin Civic Symphony Orchestra. 

Mary M. Fowler, e.\ '51— Attending Uni\ersity of Pitts- 
burgh doing work toward Master's degree in Education. 




Home lie at Carnegie Hall 


Here and There 

The College Library has received a booklet entitled "From 
Then to Now," the history of Cedar Gru\'e, New Jersey, since 
colonial times, written by Dr. Samuel W. Boardman, Jr. Dr. 
Boardman, an attorney by profession, is known as Cedar Grove's 
historian; he has lived there thirty-nine years and has served in 
numerous public offices. He has recently retired and he and 
Mrs. Boardman are making their home in Clayton, New 
Jersey. They have six children. 

Walter M. Campbell has recently been appointed to the 
directorship of the University Extension Division of the Uni\'er- 
sity of Colorado, where he has been a member of the staff for 
twenty-eight years. Mr. Campbell has headed the Extension 
Division's bureau of class instruction and general adult educa- 
tion since 1926. He, his brother. Rev. Frank A. Campbell, '09, 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Minonk, Illinois, and his 
sister. Mildred L. Campbell, '20, professor at Vassar College, 
visited on the campus in July. 

Miss Nellie P. McCampbell is now making her home in 

Edison B. Good, who was a Special Student in 1910-1912, 
visited the campus this summer. He enjoyed seeing the many 
improvements and changes and also visiting with old friends. 
Mr. Good's home is in Colorado. 


Orton L. Duggan, for many years executive of the Great 
Smoky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America, has recently 

Homer A. Goddard, attorney for the city of Alcoa since 
the aluminum city was incorporated in 1919, has retired after 
almost a third of a centui?' of service. Joe C. Gamble, '26, Mr. 
Goddard 's associate in the law firm of Goddard and Gamble, 
has been appointed to succeed him. 

Miss Reva F. Newman is librarian in the Duncan High 
School, D'.mcan, Oklahoma. She received her library degree 
and the M.A. in English from the University of Oklahoma. 


Lester E. Bond, pastor of the Kensington Community 
Church, San Diego, was a member of Dr. Sherwood Eddy's 
twenty-first European Seminar this summer. The trip included 
visits to England. Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Florence, Milan, 
Geneva, and Paris. 

Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Weaver (Special '15) visited the 

campus in August. They live in Fort Branch, Indiana. 


The September 15 issue of Prednterian Life headlines 
David W. Protfitt, the president of the National Council of 
Presbyterian Men. His picture appears on the cover, and inside 
is a long article about him. Alumni will recognize others in 
some of the pictures-Earl Blazer, '30, Jack Proffitt, ex '41; 
James King, '25, Harwell Park, '16, Earl Storey, '27, and of 
course Mrs. Proffitt (Gray Webb, '16). The pictures, incidental- 
ly, were taken by Frank P. Clark, ex '35. 

In the "same issue is a picture of James R. Smith, '35, and 
an article about his weekly radio program, a question and 
answer program called "The Pastor's Study." 


Glen A. Lloyd delivered the commencement address at 
Westminster College, Salt Lake City, in June. He was given 
an LL.D. degree at the same service. 

C. S. LaRue (ex '18), vice president and treasurer of 
Sterchi Brothers Stores, Inc., a chain of thirty-eight furniture 
stores in the Southeast, has been elected chairman of the 
board of the National Foundation for Consumer Credit. The 
foundation is a nation-wide research and educational organization 
of retailers, manufacturers, and financial institutions, with 
headquarters in Washington, D. C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Thompson, ex '25 (Lola Frances 
Beeler) of Corryton, Tennessee were honored by being named 
the Master Farm Family of Knox County in a contest sponsored 
recently by the Knowille Chamber of Commerce. The Thomp- 
sons have tour children-Ella Mae, '48, Beeler, ex '48, Martha, 
ex '51, and Katherinc, ex '54, and are active in church and 
communitv affairs of Corryton. 

In the February issue of Arizona Highways is an article 
entitled' "Community's Crusade Against Crutches," in which 
Frank Minarik, ex '22, is prominently mentioned. The article 
is the story of Tucson's new Crippled Children's Clinic and tells 
how Mr. ^'tinarik and another businessman of Tuscon led in 
the campaign for a clinic and in its construction. "Both have 
their own 4)usinesses in Tucson but for years have taken many 
hours off each week to help ease the lives of crippled children 
... In Mr. Minarik's case, his interest understandably comes 
from the fsct that he too is crippled. But the fact that he finds 
it difficult to get around makes his participation more difficult 
and noteworthy." 


James Arthur Milling is with the Veterans Administration 
at the University of New Mexico, Alburquerque. 

George Leslie Poe, formerly of Daisy, Tennessee, now 
has his home in sunny Coral Gables, Florida. 

Martin Willard has been appointed Dean of boys at 
Glenwood School for Boys in Illinois. He will be in charge of 
the activities of the 240 boys in the school. 

R. A. N. Wilson, Jr., pastor of the Faith Presbyterian 
Church, Detroit, Michigan, has been elected permanent clerk 
of the Presbytery of Detroit. Mr. Wilson has two daughters; 
the older, Mrs Henry B. Goodman, Jr. is a Public Health 
nurse in Detroit, the younger, Barbara, is a sophomore in the 
University of Michigan. 

Mrs. Lawrence Penland (Ruth Reagan) and her family 
have moved to Maryville and Mrs. Penland is teaching the 
Mentor school. 


John Calvin Crawford, Jr., was elected mayor of Maryville 


in July. This is Mr. Crawford's third term. 


Inez Burns is active in many fields; she is Secretary of 
the 1 ennessee Library Association, was recently installed regent 
of the Sam Houston Chapter of the D. A. R. in Maryville, and 
writes weekly articles on Blount County and East Tennessee 
history for the Alaryville Enterprise, besides holding down her 
job as Librarian in Lanier High School. 

Burl AI. Carpenter is Superintendent of Public Schools 
in Orrick, Missouri. 

Rev. Waller Rowe Courtenay delivered the baccalaureate 
sermon at the spring commencement of the Mississippi State 
College for Women, Columbus, Miss. 

Air. and Airs. Harold F. Holman (Lou Repass, '32) and 
their family were \-isitors on the campus early in September. 
Air. Holman continues to teach at Girard College in Philadel- 

Dr. F. G. Hopkins, Hopkins Clinic, Gideon, Missouri, 
brought his son and nephew for a visit to the campus in June. 

Rugh C. AlcClelland has attained a responsible position in 
the organization of Roadway Express Company, Akron, Ohio, 
which frecjuently takes him to the offices of the company in 
other parts of the country. He is a brother of Frank D. Alc- 
Clelland, ex '18. AIary\ille's Dean of Students. 


Rev. Paul C. Dickenson has moved from Birmingham, 
Alabama, to the Westminster Church, New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Mrs. Dickenson is the former Velraa Helen Farley, '31. 

Air. and Airs. E. L. Goss (Elsie James — See Alarriages) 
arc living in Alaryville. They both work at the Aluminum Com- 
pany of America. 

John B. Taggart is Mlanaging Field Engineer of The 
Work Factor Company, Alanagement Consultants, of New 
York City. This keeps him traveling most of the time, but 
he still claims Ambler. Pennsylvania, as home. 

Rev. Leland Giinifire has resigned the pastorate of First 
Church, Frankfort, Kentucky, to accept that of the Forks of 
'V\'hec!ing Church, Wheeling, West Virginia. 

Friends extend their deep sympathy to Air. and Airs. 
Linton L. Lane on the death ol their neuborn son last April. 


George Fischbach is resident secretary of the YAICA in 
Alexandria, Louisiana. Mrs. Fischbach (Catheryn Smith, '36) 
has recently been elected president of the Women's Inter- 
Church Council of Alexandria. This summer they directed 

Camp Windyw d and one of their campers was the oldest 

daughter of Alinnie-Lou Chittick Lynch, ex '38. 

Dr. Stanley G. McCool, '30, of Los Angeles, recently 
sent the Alumni Office a brochure from the First Presbyterian 
Church, FhiUywood. of which Dr. Louis E. Evans, who led 
the February Meetings in 1936 and 1940, is Minister and 
Clifton E. Moore, '33,_ is Radio Minister. Mr. Moore is in 
charge of two TV programs each Sunday, one aimed primarily 
at church people and the other at non-church people. In addi- 
tion to these new programs on TV, the regular radio broadcasts 

Mildred Pur\'iance visited the campus this summer. She is 
Dean of Girls at Wilbur Wright High School, Dayton, Ohio. 


Stephen T. Boretsky received his M.A. degree from Colo- 
rado State College. Greeley, in June, 1950. Mr. Boretsky is 
principal of a school in Bristol, Tenn. 

The Presbyterian Church of Greencastle, Indiana, of 

which Rev. Harry P. Walrond is pastor, recendy celebrated its 
125th anniversary. A history of the church has been published. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kirchner (Veta Alay Stephens, '34) 
were visitors on the campus this summer. They live in Albany, 
New York, where Fred is a research chemist with the Win- 
throp-Sterling Chemical Company. 

William Clark Lathan is a Medical Biological Technician 
with the Laboratory of Biologies Control, National Institutes 
of Health, PHS, Bethesda, Alaryland. 

Rev. John C. AIcQueen preached the sermon at the opening 
session of the Synod of Alid-South. which met on the Alaryville 
College campus in June. This was for the thirteenth consecutive 

Rev. Frank R. Mease and four young people from the S5'nod 
of Illinois spent a night at the College in late August on a tour of 
Presbvterian colleges, schools, and missions in the Southeast. 
Air. Mease is pastor of the Presbyterian Church and Director 
of the Egyptian Larger Parish in Eldorado, Illinois. 


Re\'. Earle W. Crawford, pastor of the First Presbyterian 
Church, \\'ichita Falls, Texas, received an h(morary doctor of 
laws degree from Alid-Western University, in Wichita Falls, 
last April. 

Rev. Ernest D. Alathews in July was elected Executive 
Secretary of the Presbyterian Mission of Alexico. He has been 
giving much of his time to work on a revision of the New 
Testament in the Alayan Language, in cooperation with the 
American Bible Society, but this new position probably means 
he will travel more over Alexico. He and Mrs. Mathews (Eula 
Sibcy, '35) live in Alerida. 

C. F. Richardson ("Smilie") visited the campus in 
September. He has been called back into the Navy and is 
stationed in \\'ashington. He is married and has one son. 


Frank ."Xtchison has been advanced from assistant superin- 
tendent of North Plant remelter to assistant superintendent of 
West Plant rolling mill, Alcoa, Tennessee. He has been at the 
Plant for fifteen years. 

James P. Badgett last spring was elected president of the 
Bank of Maryville. 

Rev. Robert E. Lodwick is at present serving as director 
of the Presbyterian preparatory school in Jandira in the State 
(jf Sao Paulo. Pre\ious to this appointment, he had been in 
itinerant evangelism work since going to Brazil in 1940 and 
had been li^'ing in Jatai. In describing his new work. Air. Lod- 
wick wrote, "Remembering how^ deeply I had been touched 
at Alaryville College by the special Religious Emphasis weeks 
each >ear, plans were made to have a week of Reavivamento 

Airs. Dudley Setzler. (Rema Carolyn Young) has moved 
from Rome. Georgia, to 1358 Briarcliff Rd., N.E.. Atlanta. Ga. 

Rev. Robert Ross Smyrl and Airs. Smyrl, who will be 
remembered as Marie Jens(m, '40, stopped in AIary\'ille for a 
short time while on their way home from the National Alissions 
Seminar in New AlexiciJ and Arizona. 

Dr. Josejih Wilkerson, medical missionary in China, has 
recently arrived in the United States and will spend a while 
in California with his family before they return to North Caro- 


Lynn E. Crawford has been called back into service in 
the Navy and is stationed in Washington. His wife (Janice 
Graybeal. '42) and .son are there with him. 

Mrs. Lawrence Driskill (Lillian Cassel), her husband and 
young son have been in Kyoto, Japan, since Febru.iry spending 
most of their time in language classes. At the end of August 
tiicy expected to go to their permanent station at Nagano-cho, 


near Osaka. They will help in the Christian school there but 
their chief responsibility will be evangelistic \\'ork in cooperaton 
with the young Japanese pastor. 

Dorothea Stadelmann Trump and her husband visited the 
campus this summer. Mr. Trump has a leave oF several months 
from his work with Standard Oil in Aruha, Netherlands West 
Indies, and they expected to spend part of the time traveling 
over the United States and part in study at some college. 

Romulus L. Meares is back in service and has been sent 
overseas. Mrs. Meares (Lucile Goyne, ex '41) and their two 
children have returned to Maryville to live while he is av\'ay. 


Mrs. John M,. Bettis (Frances Nelson) from West Memphis, 
Arkansas called on friends in Maryville this summer. 

Marion Blair has accepted a poisiticn as Instructor in 
Electronics at the Southern Technical Institute, a branch of 
Georgia Tech, Chamblee, Georgia. Mrs. Blair (Bernice Cath- 
cart '40) will continue her part-time teaching in voice at the 
College during this semester and will join her husband after 

Dr. Robert \^'inford Ross, who is practicing optometry 
in Gadsen, Ai-.bama, has opened a second office in Centre, 

Walter Preston West is publicity man for the Florence 
State Teachers College, Florence, Alabama. This past summer 
he has been working on his doctorate at Peabody College. 

Rev. and Mrs. Donald E. Rugh (Joy Pinneo .'39) and their 
five children (see Births) have gone back to their work in 
iMeerut, U. P., India. They sailed from New York on the 
Maurctania September 7 and expected to arrive in Bombay 
around the tenth of October. The whole family visited the 
campus in June. 


Mrs. Carl A. Grondorf (Edith K. Gillette) visited friends 
on the campus thi: summer. Her home is in San Anselmo, 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carter Reed (Virginia Partridge) with 
their two children are living in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Mr. Reed 
is a lawyer and iSIrs. Reed is his able assistant. 


Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Coles (Marion Garwood) have 
moved from Woodstown. New Jersey to Pitman, N. J. They 
have two children, Walter Everett, born July 3, 1949 and 
Carolyn Ethel, born July 26, 1950. 

Major Dan M. McGill has been recalled to acti%e duty and 
assigned as chief of management division's internal planning 
section of the Air Force Finance Center in Denver. Prior to his 
recall, he was technical consultant to the Hardy Sub-Committee 
for Congress and also testified as an expert before the House 
Committee on Veterans Affairs in connection with gratuitous 
insurance. He has a new Insurance Problem book scheduled for 
publication this fall. 

Paul F. Moon is now Captain Moon, Washingtonville, 
New York. 

Dr. Thomas Anton Schafer with his wife and two little 
daughters, Miclial Ann and Polly Ruth, visited friends on the 
campus in August. Dr. Schafer is Assistant professor of Histori- 
cal Theolo>^y at Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina. 

Dr. E. B. Smith, professor of history of Youngstown Col- 
lege, Ohio, was one of a small group of jirofcssors and graduate 
students selected by the U. S. State Department for a seminar 
training course in loreign affairs with the department in 
Washington in July and August. Dr. Smith received his 
master's and doctor's degrees from the University of Chicago. 
His major field of study was in Far Eastern History. 

Wilbur R. Pan'in, ex '40, has resigned from his pastorate 
in Winnsboro, South Carolina to go to Lugoff, S. C. 


Rev. and Mrs. John Astles (^Jane Carter) with their two 
boys are in Scotland where John is working toward his 
doctorate in Theology at the University of Edinburgh. They 
will probabb' be gone about two years. 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Honaker (Martha Walker, '45) are 
living in Maryxille while Scott works- on his doctorate at the 
University of Tennessee. During the football season he is assist- 
ing with the coaching at the College. 

David M. Humplireys is in the service as a Chaplain in the 

Mrs. Alfred C. Kuchler (Ruth E. Goodson) will teach 
homeniaking in the school at Heuvelton, New York, this coming 
year. Mrs. Kuchler has been in the employ of the Department 
of Agriculture under the Farm Security Administration. 

Vernon Lloyd's wife and small daughter have joined him 
in Merced, California, where he is stationed at the Castle Air 
Force Base. 

Mrs. Raymond E. Pittman (Margaret Lodwick) and her 
husband are on furlough Irom their work in Brazil and are 
living at 184 Woodland Drive, Wheaton, Illinois, while in 
this country. 

George Webster is nnw with the law firm of Davies, 
Richberg, Beebe. Landa & Richardson, in Washington. He 
was tor several years with the Department of Justice and 
expects to continue in tax work in his present position. 

Re\-. David T. Young has resigned from his pastorate in 
Reedsville, Pa., to go to Mimtour Presbyterian Church, Oakdale, 


Dr. Melvin Julius Johnson, Jr., has become an associate 
with Dr. Cecil Newell at the Cecil Newell Clinic in Chatta- 
nooga, Tennessee. Dr. Johnscm has opened offices for the 
practice of general surgery. In 1950 and 1951 he was chief 
resident in surgery at the Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga. 

Jean L. Naberhuis, ex '42, is teaching at the new West 
High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nielsen (Hester Santiago— See Mar- 
riages) are living in Union City, New Jersey. 


Carl Alette received his Ph.D. in music and Mrs. Alette 
(Florence Barber, '42) her M.A. in music from the University 
of Rochester, New York, in June. 

Mary L. Cowan is employed in the laboratories of Sears, 
Roebuck & Company in New York City as a textile engineer. 

Roy D. Crawford as a member of the National Guard was 
called back into service and early in September was sent to Korea. 

Captain Charles A. Foreman, USAF, is serving as 6200th 
Air Base Wing Intelligence Officer, Clark Air Force Base in the 
Philippines. Mrs. Foreman, (Marian Magill, '43), with their 
two daughters Susan and Carol, expects to join him in the fall. 

Rev. Donald R. Hopkins resigned his work at Union 
and Richwood churches and in July moved to Crescent Springs 
Presbyterian Church, Erlanger, Kentucky. 

Hal B. Lloyd has accepted the pastorate of the West- 
minster Presbyterian Church, Rockford, Illinois. 

Ted Pratt is in Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, 
working on his Ph.D. in social science, with minors in journal- 
ism and political science. 

Dr. and Mrs. James H. Smith (Ruth Sutherlin, '42) are 
located in Miami, Florida, where Dr. Smith is engaged in the 
practice of Pediatrics, with offices in the DuPont Building. 


Margaret Eoretsky received her M.A. degree from Colorado 
State College, Greeley, in August, 1951. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Dillener, Jr. (Peggy Fisher, '44), are 
working as missionaries in Four Sisters, West Virginia. They 


hope to go to a foreign mission field before January 1, 1952. 

Betty Jane Mller has accepted a position as Director of 
Religious Education of the Ogden Memorial Presbyterian 
Church, Chatham, New Jersey. She assumed her new duties 
September 1. 

Dr. Aimte M. Richmond (Aimee Wriggins) began a 
Surgery Residency at the Ohio State Health Center in Colum- 
bus, Ohio on July 1. Her husband Jack Richmond is taking 
graduate work toward an advanced degree in Electrical Engineer- 
ing also in preparation for service under the Board of Foreign 

i\Irs. Clark W, Rowland (Ruth Cathcart) is for the second 
vear teaching music at Johnson Bible College, near Kno.wille, 
Tennessee. Her husband is head of the music department there. 

Rev. John C. Taylor accepted a call to the pastorate of the 
First Presbyterian Church of Hano\er, New Jersey, effective 
June 1. He has been serving for the past two years as Assistant 
Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Morristown, New Jersey. 
JNIrs. Taylor is the former Aldyn Graham, ex '47. There are 
eleven students from Morristo\vn in college this year, six of 
them members of the Presb>terian Church. 

Freda Duller Tofani and her husband (See Marriages) 
live in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. 

James O. Walker is teaching in Washington, D. C. 

Carl J. Best, ex '44, received his master's degree in voice 
from North Texas State College August 24. He has accepted a 
position as voice teacher in the Stephen F. Austin High School, 
Bryan, Texas. 

James Hunt Manning, ex '44, (See Marriages) received 
his B.S. and M.D. degrees fnmi Emory University and is now 
in the Paiholegy Di partment of Grady Memorial Hospital, 


Mr. and Mrs. Lyle E. Schaller (Agnes Woods Peterson) 
have bought a home in Aladison, Wisconsin, where Mr. 
Schaller is assistant to the city planner. 

James C. Witherspoon has resigned from Harlan County 
Larger Parish, Cawood, Kentucky, to go to the Angus, Euclid, 
Key West and Tabor Churches in Minnesota. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hoagland Griffin, ex '45, wrote in June 
that she vvas back in the hospital for lung surgery, which 
would assure her of a much safer cure. She expects to be in 
the hospital for a year. Her home address is 1 16-39 223 Street, 
Cambria Heights, New York. 


Mrs. D. P. Hardy (Carol Titus) has been visiting in this 
country and was here for Commencement last May. She and 
her husband will return this fall to their post at Kumasi, Gold 

Helen Marie Wilson James has moved from Los Angeles 
to Long Beach, California, where her husband is now minister 
of the Church of Christ. Their congregation e.xpects to move 
into a new church building by January I. 

Mrs. Vernon Miniard (Frances Bradshaw) has recendy 
moved to Delphia, Kentucky. 

Lloyd C. Shue is on military leave from his teaching in 
Baltimore. He was recalled to active duty in March, and is 
stationed at Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Shue (Elizabeth 
Snead, '40) is teaching fourth grade in Baltimore. 

Mrs. John R. Warren (Audria Stinger) is working for the 
Ulster County Girl Scout Council in Kingston, New York. 
This past summer she was on the staff at Camp Wendy, 
Wallkill, New York. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Delozier Widner (Nelle Ousley) 
celebrated Mr. Widner's birthday last January by moving into 
their new home in Alcoa, Tennessee. 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis William Wright (Frances Ehzabeth 

Sisk, '43) are living in Syracuse, New York while Mr. Wright 
works on his Ph.D. in languages at Syracuse University. Mr. 
Wright has a year's leave of absence from Geneva College, 
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, where he has been teaching French 
for the past four years. 

Evelyn N. Brittain, ex '46, spent a few hours on the 
campus this summer. She received her B.A. from Hofstra Col- 
lege, New York, in 1946, her M.A. from Columbia in 1947, 
and is now working on her Ph.D. at Columbia. Her field is 

Mrs. Quentin B. Kenn, e.x '46, (Mary Ann Wilkes) is 
secretary ol the Beverly Hills, California, Community Church. 
Before taking this position she was assistant secretary in the 
office of the Presbytery of Los Angeles. 

George IVL Pope, ex '46, lives in Evansville, Indiana, where 
he is claim adjuster for the State Farm Insurance Company. 


Mary Ruth Barber won a scholarship at the University 
of Illinois and is working on her master's degree in Library 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Best (Betty Lou Boyatt) are at 
home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Mr. Best graduated from the 
Unixersity of Cincinnati Teachers College and Applied Arts 
College this past spring and has accepted a position with the 
American Chaii Company as a designer. 

Betty Congleton is enrolled in the graduate school at the 
University of Kentucky where she is working for & Ph.D. degree 
in history. 

Jackson Gilmore is District Manager for the Willmark 
Service System, Inc. His territory is the Norfolk, Virginia area, 
which includes the northeastern section of North Carolina. 
Jack's picture was in the May 21 issue of Life in connection 
with an article about the Willmark System. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Kramer (Ruth Lloyd, '47) have 
mox'ed to Benton, Arkansas, where Mt. Kramer has a position 
with the Aluminum Company of America. 

The degree of Doctor of Medicine was awarded Roy 
William Laughmiller, Jr. by George Washington University 
in May, 1951. 

Rev. and Mrs. A. B. Miller (Mary Margaret Robarts) are 
living in Austin, Texas, where Mr. Miller is pastor of the 
University Congregational Church. 

John R. Moore, who has been teaching at Lees-McRae Col- 
lege in North Carolina, is this year doing graduate work at 
the University of Tennessee. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parkinson (Joan Liddell, '47) are 
living in Washington, D. C. Tom is working on his doctoral 
dissertation and doing some teaching in the extension program 
of the University of Maryland. He has one course at Baltimore, 
one at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and one at Walter Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Rawson (Pauline Lickteig) are 
living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where Mr. Rawson is 
teaching in Southeast Missouri State College. 

David Edward Renegar was ordained April 29, 1951, at 
Oakalona Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He 
was graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in May. 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Shell (Gwendolen Rees-Jones, '47) 
and i,on are moving to Austin, Texas, where John will enter 
the Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Van DerKamp (Jean Magill) are 
living in Columbia, Missouri, while Mr. Van DerKamp is working 
for his master's degree in Industrial Arts at the University of 
Missouri. They have one child, William Ralph. 

Leila Katherine Ambrister is now Mrs. Howard DeForcst 
and is living in Knoxville. 


Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Butler (Catherine Helms-See 
Marriages) lived in Memphis until July 1, when they went 
to New York where Dr. Butler has a fellowship at Memorial 
Hospital. Mrs. Butler was on the staff of Kennerly Hospital 
in Memphis. 

Robert C. Butts is now Lieutenant Butts and is stationed 
at McChord Air Force Base, Washington. 

Rev. and Mrs. Charles Bagnell Hoglan and small daughter 
visited on the campus in June. They were on their way to 
Conway, Arkansas, where Mr. Hoglan will be minister in 
charge of St. Peter's Episcopal Church. Mrs. Hoglan will be 
remembered as Ruth Duggan, '42. 

Margaret Hardy Howell is singing professionally under the 
management of the Young Artists Concert Management, Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. She continues to teach at the Jordan School 
of Music in Indianapolis. 

William Oden Largen is teaching and coaching at West 
High School in Knoxville, (See "Faculty" for news of Mrs. 

Rev. and Mrs. Paul M. Lundell (LaVonne Heard-See 
Marriages) are at home in Petersburgh, Illinois. 

M. Scott McClure has been appointed General Presbyter 
in the Presbytery of Union, with headquarters in Knoxville. 
He graduated from Princeton Seminary in June and was 
ordained this summer. 

Beverly J. Muetzel received her M.A. degree in Christian 
Education on May 22 from Union Theological Seminary (in 
cooperation with Columbia University). Her thesis title was 
"Planning a Church Program for the Development of Christian 
Family Life." 

Carl C. Murray was ordained to the Christian ministry 
July 17 at the New Providence Presbyterian Church, Maryville. 
He has accepted the pastorate of the First Presbyterian Church, 
Brinkley, Arkausas. Mrs. Murray will be remembered as Ernes- 
tine Harrison, e.\ '47. 

Lt. Sam H. Pemberton has been recalled to active duty 
and is stationed at Camp Rucker, Alabama, where he is ad- 
ministrative assistant to the Chief of Surgery, He and Mrs. 
Pemberton (Laura Lisette Gessert, '45) and their small son 
are living in Enterprise, Alabama. 

Mary Smith, who has been teaching in Hong Kong since 
leaving Canton in 1949, left there early in August to return 
home. She writes that she had a most interesting two-day visit 
in Singapore and shorter shore trips in Penang, Colombo, Aden, 
Port Said, and other ports. She will spend four weeks in the 
British Isles and reach home early in October. For the past 
three years the Fred Hope Fund has been given toward Mar>''s 
support. This year the Fred Hope Fund Board voted to send 
it for work in India. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Smith (Barbara Eggleston, '49) 
have moved from Memphis to Chicago, where Bob is taking 
work toward his Ph.D. at the Univer.sity of Chicago. 

George William Vogel graduated from Princeton Seminary 
last June, and on August 1 began serving as Assistant Minister 
and Director of Chnstian Education in the Hillsboro Presby- 
terian Church, Nashville, Tennessee. The pastor of the church 
is Dr. W. Wood Duff, who is a Director and an honorary 
alumnus of Mary\'ille College. 

Haydn Owen White received a B.D. degree from San 
Francisco Theological Seminary in June. He will remain at 
the Seminary for advanced work and as Instructor in Biblical 


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Irving Brahams (Ellen Collins, 
'50) are moving to Phoenix, Arizona, where Mr. Brahams will 
teach in the High School. 

Mrs. Edward L. Brown, Jr., the former Elizabeth Alice 
McChesney, is now living at 6 F Research Road, Greenbelt, 


Georgia Cordle Cook (See Marraiges) and her husband are 
both employed by Merck & Company at Elkton, Virginia. She 
is a technician in the microbiological assay laboratory and Mr. 
Cook is in the streptomycin fermentation department. 

Ruthellen Crews is teaching 6th grade at Manley School, 
Morristown, Tennessee. 

William Resh Houdeshel is with the Medical Detachment 
at Camp Gordon, Georgia. 

Carolyn B. Kaye has been awarded a special $300 American 
Legion Auxiliary scholarship to the Emory University School 
of Nursing. Miss Kaye is now working in the medical records 
section of Emory hospital and will enter the professional pro- 
gram in September. 

Eleanor Miller is working in the circulation department 
of the main library in Trenton, New Jersey. 

Hedwig Nabholz and Katherine Carpenter were graduated 
in May from McCormick Theological Seminary with degrees 
in Christian Education and Church Social Work. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. Phillips (Virginia Garrett, ex 
'46) visited old friends in Maryville this summer. They are 
in business in North Miami, Florida. 

John and Gwyn (Gwyneth Williams, '49) Poland have 
moved to Bristol, Tennessee, where John is teaching. 

Robert and Shirley Reeve both received their M.S. degrees 
from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last January. 
Shirley writes she is kept busy by their small son Alan Robert, 
and Bob has a position with the Merck Institute for Therapeutic 
Research in Rshway, New Jersey. He has also been taking an 
evening course this summer at Columbia University and will 
enter Rutgers University this fall (also in the evenings) to 
begin work on his Ph.D. 

Marian Pope Rcttke received her M.A. from the University 
of Tennessee in June and Gordon, ex '50, received his from 
George Peabody College in August. They are now living in 
Dover, Delaware, where Gordon is employed as school psycho- 
logist with the State Department of Education. 

Charles Nelson Robinson received his master's degree 
in chemistry at University of Tennessee this past summer. 

Donald F. Taylor has been serving the Belfield and Mound 
Presbyterian churches in North Dakota this summer. These 
churches are under the National Board of Missions. He will be 
back in Princeton this fall for his last year at the Seminary. 
He reports that Mr. and Mrs. Ray Saunders, '49 (Helen 
Gentry, '49) are serving the church at Courtenay, North 
Dakota, also under the Board of National- Missions. Ray will 
enter his senior year at McCormick Seminary this fall. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mack L. Graves (Mildred Ann Prichard, 
ex '49— See Marriages) are living in Franklin, Tennessee, 
where Mr. Graves is employed in the Williamson County 

Harriet Ann Perry Hancock, ex '49, (See Marriages) and 
her husband live in Knoxville. She is a teacher in the Knox 
County schools and he is employed by a supply companv. 

J. Rush Lester, ex '49, is in service and in July was station- 
ed at the U. S. Naval Training Center, San Diego, California. 


John Alfred Baxter, after a year in Princeton Seminary, is 
doing intern work in the churches in Lancing, Tennessee. 

Rev. John A. Bender is pastor of the First Christian Church 
in Hobbs, Indiana. 

Duncan C. Bennett has taken over the duties of editor 
and circulation manager of the Maryville Enterprise, local 
weekly newspaper. 

Thomas Lacy entered the Officer Candidate School at 
Lackland Air Force Base last December. He was commissioned 
a 2nd Lieutenant in June and assigned as a training officer 
in the 3730th Basic Military Training Group. In October he 
will enter pilot training. Mrs. Lacy (Clare Bolton, '50) is with 


him in San Antonio. 

Marian T. McBride was in the same OCS class, and was 
commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the WAF, and is now 
stationed in the Middle West. 

Paul R. McNiel's present address is Camp Raritan in 
New Jersey, although Chattanooga is still home. 

Beverly Anne Moore is writing advertisements for Marshall 
Field in Chicago. 

Ben Paxton has a job witli an JN'BC studio in Richmond, 
\'irginia, which carries TV, FM, and radio broadcasts. Mrs. 
Pa.xton (Anne Gates, '50) worked in the college library last 
year, while Ben did graduate work in radio and drama at the 
University of Tennessee. 

Caroll Stegall, Jr., served the Oak Grove Church and the 
Little Church at Wrightsville Beach, \\'ilmington. North 
Carolina, during the past summer. He is a student at Columbia 
Seminary. Atlanta, Georgia. 

Margaret Cathrine Stone and Doris Orene Florence finished 
their graduate work in Dietetics this summer. Margaret at 
Vanderbilt and Doris at Duke. Both are members of the Ameri- 
can Dietetic Association and both ha\e joined the staff of 
St. i\Iary's Hospital in Knoxville. 

Jack Hancox, ex '50, was ordained to the Christian ministry' 
in a service held at the First Baptist Church in Maryville, July 
25. He and his wife (Doris White, '49) are living in Louisville, 
Kentucky where Jack is attending the Southern Baptist Seminary. 

Constance Elva Jeffery, ex '50, was graduated from the 
University of Washington, Seattle, June 9, 1951. with a major 
in Education. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Smith (Pattie Marie Regan, ex '50— 
See JNIarriages) are living at Sclwyn Village Apartments. Char- 
lotte, North Carolina. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Stoval. ex '50, (Virginia Gress, 
'49) are living in Columbia, Tennes.see. Tom has his Master's 
from George Peabody College and is now working toward a 
Ph. D. degree at Vanderbilt. 


Betty Carroll Elwood, ex '52, (See Marriages) and her 
husband are to study at the University of Edinburgh for the 
next t«-o >-ears. The>- hope to spend tlie time between terms 
traveling on the Continent. 

Carol Jones Hutcheson, ex '52, (See Marriages) and her 
husband are living in Washington, D. C. and Carol plans to 
complete her college education at Gcrge Washington University. 
Mr. Hutcheson is an attorney on the Chairman's staff of the 
National Labor Relations Board. 


Edgar Ernest DeMaris, ex '53. and Robert Rugh Mc- 
Clelland, e\ '5-1, have entered West Point. 

Arthur R. Llaylcck, ex '53. is reportedlv improving after 
an autom.,bi]e accident in Florida in August in which he 
suffered a broken back and concussion. He had been planning 
to return to college. 






The four honorary degrees 
of Doctor of Divinity award- 
ed in May 1951 were con- 
ferred upon the following 
ministers : 

Rev. Howard M. Welsh. 
'95, Maryville, now retired 
hitt formerly pastor of small 
churches in West Tennessee 
and Ohio. 

Rev. Walton W. Rankin, 
of Philadelphia, Manager of 
the Department of Publicity, 
Presbyterian General Assemb- 
ly, and Editor of Monday 

Rev. J. Edward Kidder, '16, 
Pnsor of the Presbyterian 
Church, Bcrwyn, Maryland. 

Rev. Raymond ]. Dollen- 
mayer, '31 Associate Pastor 
of the East Liberty Presby- 
terian Church, Pittsburgh. 





14 ' 

The faculty too enjoy the Student Center and the Y Store- 
Dr. Huntef, Mr. Pieper, and Miss Blair 

In front of Pearsons Hall before Sunday dinner