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x^otfai :— prime* by poung ana ^ums, t&rmtTi to ci?e § onovable trie General (Court 

N0.-46.-r- Vol; XV.] 

TUESDAT, June 10, 1800, 

[Three Dollars pr. Ann. 

T.'./j '</ wanted for Norfolk* 

'-JMIK Brig ELIZA will 

JL r:iLr about #o to us Freight to 

../' ','■'-', pli ■.'■■ 1. 1 iadc within 

a 1. !- il.i-, ■■. Appli he nutler on 

t- , ,j . ,-,. t t Voh ■ wlidvf) 01 at Mb. so, Long- 
Whr.rl ' '''''" .'" J-'f-'l'. 

A few puncheons St. Vincents Rum, 

ju I I mil ■,]. Alfa, A quantity RuUM and Raven* Duck 
5,.., I ::,■: ,. BheerinR. Jm» 6. 


nprffifcli. Evelina, capt. 

4 SMITH, will fail in 10 or la day?. 
._ Put Freielil ' r PaiTige, apply to 

., * : '^r JOSEPH BAXTER. jr. 

A'-. x.LOXG-SrHARF, 
W(; r ,h fht SALSJer 1 ire -**nfiJHng df 

/oobbfs. fuperfine Floor; 250 fine 

-. '■■ tec half boli [upermie Jo. and tips umfluls Corn, 
[imr (5. 

i 7 .;;- PbifadelpJjia, 

THE Schooner LYDIA, 
will fall in four (lays PorFr* i hi 

or PsuTage, apply to PEHB2 «R-Y- 
ANT. >»r 6. 

jVaif /t." //>?, aid for Sale, 

By John Parker, 

y,t PTiii 20, Long- W/mrf, 

THE Cargo of the Brig Angenohia, 
150 cafks MOLASSES, and 

«5 hog/heads SOGAR, ALSO, 

The fakl Brig Angenoria, 

aliout 1J5 inn* burthen, a ftron^, 
well built veffct. 

J™* 3-^ 

For Freight or Charter, 

(108 (on j burthen, eight months 
old) to any port or ptrt-s in the Wcft- 
fouies or Europe. Apply to JOSEPH 
t, F ib-Stre-e. May 30- 

Freight Wanted. 
ABOUT 50 tons Freight for St. Bar- 

tMmuwf is warred, if offered immediately, on 
hoard the Swcdiih Schooner, lying at Foflcr'a wharf 
Apply to the Cine, on boar.L June 3- 

Miflifippi Cotton. 

30,000 wt. of Miflifippi COTTON, of 

an excellent quality, clnfity packed in fquare bales. 
K.r S.ile. .-u No. 6j. 10 \C-}VHARF, _*««— 

j 3 ,, .. -'- 1 . lf -'- , -'<--. tr'!: entit- 
led to Drawback on exportation, (epif) tltay JO. 


Giidley '<& Nolen, 

Have Jujl received a number hales of INDIA 
COTTOMS, confijling of 

T AND AH Msmoodys, Patna. Baftas, 
Allibad Coflza, Jalapoor, Mamoodys.fine; Tan- 
«*ft Itaftas.Nsuckhorys, Jannah Baffu, NucVJnw Cof- 
Ctl, T.ind* 3annahs,Oude CnTas, Striped blue Cottons, 
CliTtlR, Cuflas, Sooty Romal Handkerchiefs, &c. 

Which will be fold cheap for Cajh, at their Var]. 
Store, on the Draw-Bridge. 3m. April 4 . 


CASH, and the higheft price, given 
for aH klhth or PURS, at the Store of KENRV 
BASS 13* Co. Wo, 10$, Orange-Street, South End. 

All kinds of Hatters FUR for fale at 

fald Store, as ufiial. Alfi, 

GRINDSTONES of all fizes. 

Bojtim, Dn.bth, I7JSr, (ep. tf.) 

Crafs Seeds. 

HERD'S Grafs, Red Top, Red and 
White-Clover .and Foul Mcalo«v Sale, at 
No.y,MatkL-t S. UR.^ZEK. & SON. Jtifo, 
By SAMUEL DRAZER, it hie ftorc in WorttJIcr. 
April ir. 

Gridley and Nolen, 


A Number pair elegant Gilt Framed 

- 1 *■ Lniking-GLASSES, which will be fi>ld cheap, 
at the Variety Store, on the Draw-Bridge. 

1500 yards TOW CLOTH, for fale 

above. ( Match 7. 

Types, Prefsj &:c. for Sale. 


A good Printing Prefs. — Alfa-, 

A fount of Pica, about 3.50 wt. 

r do. Eurgeois 01 brevier body, 30O wt. partly 
worn. They will be fulJ on good tirms for C.iili, or 
fliovt approved Credit, Apply at the Mereury-Otiicc. 

May 10. (t f.) 

r l HE Dartmouth College Lottery, com- 

* pienccd drawing yefterday, ^t CtncrJ, N. H. and 
willcdbtinu without poftpotiemeQI, until rmiflicd,— 
TICKETS and QUAKTJIRS, may be bad of E. LAR- 
KlN, Mo. 47, Curnliit, who will pay the prizes on de- 

JT. H'.rl. J"<" 6. 

93- Wanted — In a fmall family, a 

rnan Scmot, sod a woman to cook and do houfc work. 
To fucli as c:in brm^ guod rccumintiid.itJoiu, grtyj 

nunc othen iietd apply. 

»ajrs will be given 
May 1 : - 

<tj&- Wanted in a Druggift and Apo- 

tliccary'* Shop, an honeff active LAD, fgchan One »ill 

meet with yooJ encouragement. N B, B0.1t d and 

Walll n «ill be fouud him. Inquire 01" the Puntcii. 

m.ry ,; (eptf.) 

"/r A young woman, with a good 

bread of Milk, wiflict to take 2 Child to fuck I e, about 
fix miles from QafUn. Inquire of the Piintert, 
May 1], 


To Merchants., Store- Keepers and Tradef- 

men in general, &c. 

I FEEL a peculiar pleafure inflating, 
that you have fo gencrouily aDd generally come 
forward and fubferibed for my work, that (notwith- 
ftnnding all provifoes heretofore m*de by me) the Co':ni 

and Afuteet if A<totmt of the principal maritime trading 

ISL.ANDS, *»dManj PufUin 'I" EAST INDIES ;— the 
whole to be reduced to Dollacs and Cents ; and the 
hell mode of computing the Exchange with thnfc pla- 
ce*, explained : together with 1 largi Sbcet-T.Mt »ftat' 

cutatinm at Compound Jnterejl at 6 per. cent, ibr Tablet tifid 
1* Omit for the dil;r'ain«tion of tbe value of gatd : the in- 
terepfat cicb mentb from one totto't-oi iienfbi, on every Dat- 
Inr (wiit'out txcepliuit) from onr to two tboufjnd ; and J Tu- 
hL- of all the Pjl-Tj-ami in the United Statu ; befidt, much 
otbrr ;ent ratty ufeful inf rotation, — lliall politively be ad- 
ded to the work, entitled, 


(ir. h.-TcuEur, Oi every DiH'r ( -.oitlout exception) From 
one to two thoufatid; tllcncc an every ten. fifty, and five 
hundred, to Jive th-"if.ind,friut one day tajixly-faur dttyi inc/w 
five, at fix per tent, •with notes for 5, 7 and 8 per cent. fife. 

The work is dedicated, by per- 

*is now, to t n P«r*rnr;;T and Di"ectohs oe - thf. 
Bank or Nohth Ami.mca, and received in the llrlt 
twelve daye the patronage of JOHN ADAMS Pref.dmt 
of t'„ United States ; of THOMAS JEFFERSON, Fit*. 
Prtfi lent of the United Statu, and PrefiJ-nl of the, Senate : of 
two-thirds of the Senators and Members of the 
Hottsu of RepRcsetfTATive) of the Un ; ted States ; and 

"flhe Prefidtnt, and DireBvr, of the different Bank, UNaNI- 

Moost-v, 3cc— a lift of the whole is printed and attach- 
ed to the propofals. 

It is evident that the work will be nn trumpery 
catch-penny-thing; for [ do allure the- public, that the 
price of it is reduced very near on; half, according to 
the ufual rate at which book; fell ; and it is my lull de- 
termination t« render it in point of suojict-matter, 
a valuable acquifieion. 

With refpeet to the accuracy of the Tables, too much 
cannot be Taid; and I pledge myfelf that a PREMIUM 
of nut lefs than one iiuuDiitn duUabs (hall be olTcred 
to the firft pcrfon who (ball inform me of a fmgle error 
<f one cent, according to the principle a&cd upon. 

To do away all doubts with refpetft to the expenses 
of (he undertaking, I &XS Mwfl fibltMrtly dtelaYt that they 
will amount to very fodr thousand dollars, 
and perhaps more, independent of any remuneration 
for my own trouble in the ardicai bjfiitfs, and the great 
eupcncc already incurred for frjeomuia; propofali, ad- 
Vi.rt ifemenis, hand-bills, &c. &c. 

I do therefore tru ft with confidence, that Gentlemen 

continue to come forward with that 

public ipirit 

pu.t tlic u'j. 1 . oy lU.ifcrfblOg to it uitliiiut helitation : 
othcrwife it cannot be publilhed, and I mull fit down 
to reftei.1 upon a considerable tots, 
I am, with profound rcl'pciTt, 

Your obedient humble fervent, 

JU.-IN ROWLETE, Aecmjrfint, 

Sank 0/ North Amtritm, 
PlU.Mjihla, 11/ Marti, 1S0O. 

P. S. Gentlemen are refpettfully invi- 
ted to fee Specimen? of the Tables, &c. exhibited at the 
lcveral Banks and Insurance OlKces, and the Book-llorc 
of West and OaetNLtAF, No. j6, Comlilt. And pleafe 
be referred to the other advertifements which appear 
every day in fome of the newf-papcrs. 

Subfcribers are to pay nothing until the 

bori ii delivered rigiroully cohformable to all IKpulltianst 

Cspy-rigbtitrnrrd,aciiirdta% ta a£i"fCongrns,on 311/ J an. 1 80O- 

Boflon, May 30, 1800. 

Tllh day ir Fablijheti, 


At the Sionc Houfe, No. 41, Jbuih Second-Street, 


Volumf. I. Part I. of tub 


to rtiF. 


Ilhiflrated with fevemecn Copperplate!. 

NO diJliottary of arts, feiences, and mifccllnneoui 
literature, has hitherto been publiflied to which tt fup- 
plemcnt was not neee/Tary. The reafon i.s obvious: 
Every dictionary mud be arranged in the- order dT the 
alphabet ; and if but a very few years pafcaway during 
it- prugrefs through the prefs, important difcoverics 
mr.y be made in the interval, of wliich ifmnft he im- 
poll'ibk for the Editor to give any account without de- 
viating entirely from the plan ol the work. This has 
been the cafe in a very remarkable degree during the 
publication of the Encs-ciopjudia. 

Since the lirfl (liec-ts of it were given to the public, 
a period often years have clapfed — The rtloft eventful 
period io hi (lory ! During which, countries have bemi 
explored, to which wc were formerly ftrangtrs ; new 
principles have heon introduced into fome feitnees, 
new modes of thinking adopted in the cultivation of o- 
then, new art?, have invented, and even unknown 
powers of nature hnve been difcovered ; and to thefc 
inventions and dilcoveries fncli names have veil, 
as, from the progrefs of ihc publication, could not find 
a place in the feries of the alphabet. 

Thefe 1'ubjeCTS are arranged in the order of the al- 
phabet, together with fuch new fubjciils as are from 
time to time received. The whole will probably make 
th cue volumes of about 700 pages each, bcfides copper- 
plates, at Sit Dollars per vojump. The lad voiuinc to 
be paid on fubrcribing, and the other volumes on de- 
livery; and to prevent nriluuderfhuding, tt ii pro] r 
fo ctpfefi that no fubfcripiion will be received; nor 
part delivered without the money. 

The SiihfcripHons will be received on thefe t,rnis 
till the I'irU Volume is ttniilied — after which ihc price 
will be railed One Dollar per volume for thofc copies 
which (hill not then have been fuVfcribed for. 

Name* will be received by Wtfi Is" Orten/raf, E Lar-' 
tin, tt'm P. tf L. Blair, and Tbimat £3* Andre™., Hot»k- 
fcllci-, Bofton . M-y ij. 

~f O LETT - 
"pHE Building. No. 71, State-Street, 

occupied by Mrs. Briant, as a Boarding-houfc. • 
and Capt. Gakaner as an AuC^ioH-Ofrije. IiroQiri; ol f 
the Ptiiitcr*, f 



MefTrs. Yoosg & Minns, 

IT is thought by many tliat the late eleftion 
for Governor called forth all the exertions of 
both parties, and affords aconclufive proof of the 
Mrength and temper oF both. This is tncorrefl. 
Mr. Gerhv, if no fedentlift, pafTed for one, 
and therefore was rjualilied to fweep in every an- 
ti-feJcral vote, a3 he certainly did, and ninny hund- 
red federal votes, as he ought not to have done. 

But parties are believed to have done their ut- 
molt and to have been equally buly and zealolis. 
This is alio incorrect. 

The ccrjfua gave four hundred and feventy-fivc 
thonfand inliabitants in all Majfachufetts. The 
Votes returned were about 39,000 ; ft) that the 
proportion was one vote to twelve perfons and 
about one fourth of a perfon. The county of Nor- 
foil, of all tn the (late, the mod Jacobinical, con- 
tained about 22O0O fouls. The vo£e$ were 2567, 
about one vote to %\ perfons, which is one fh ire 
and a half (hare of the average. In other words, 
eight perfons in Norfolk volcd as much as twelve 
in : >« Naip in general 

f QJex, not much lefs Jacobinical than Nor- 
folk, had -12000 inhabitants ; ^otes 4501, at the 
rate of one vote to t)} t perfons. The two coun- 
ties gave upwards of 7000 votes, which is be- 
L ween a fifth and i, iixth of the votes of the whole 
(late. It is probable, however, that they do not 
contain one tenth of the prefent number of pco- 

Thus it appears that the indullry of the parts 
of the date, which, unhappily for its peace, are 
fo deeply difaffefted, was twice as great as that of 
the other parts. Even in Hnmpfhire, where Gov- 
ernor Strong is known, refpettcd, and juftly 
beloved, the votes, though numerous beyond ex- 
ample, were only 5236; yet Hampflj'ire probably 
contains at this day, more inhabitants than both 
Norfolk and MiddUfex. Can there be a ftronger 
proof how much the energy ef the difcontent- 
ed people exceeds the languid fpirit of thofewho 
are fatisfied ? It (hew* how drowfy fedeialiils 
have been, and how wakeful they ought to be. 
For the votes do not at lirft view exprefs all the 
(Irength of public ojllTJion in favour of Governor 
Stkijng. The Countiei of Berl/hire, Hampjlnre, 
' /. 1 ■ujph.ert/mdim& Lincoln, contained in t-^'o, 
.1' ■■'' _■,. .. jO'pi-.-. i >.."!■ !-'■ i'i'-il- 11. e C.'Uii- 
tie3 have inercafed prodigioufly ilnce that time, 
and far beyond their average proportion of the 
increafe of (he people of Majfachufells. It is not 
rafli 10 fuppufe that tljefe five Counties contain a 
full half of the numbers of the State. Th^y gave 
more than 10,000 votes for Governor Stkono, 
and upwards ,0(3700 for Mr. Gerry. Take 
all tlnfe fails' and ilatemeuts together, and they 
Will clearly (hew that a really Urge majority of 
the citizens, and certainly not the leall lound and 
refpeflable part, fup ported the election of our 
p'r?fent excellent Chief Magiftiatc : and as his 
virtues and talents and conciliatory manners can- 
not fail to augment the number of hts fupportcrs, 
we may congratulate ourlelves in the happy prof 
peft of the State being again in a 
peace and harmony, 3S in the days of Governor 
Sumner, whom he fo much refcmblcs in many 
of his qualities. 

again 10 the Rhine ; and a body arc to aflift the 
Engltdi in another attempt on Holland. The 
Ruffians by treaty are to furnifli 4C000 men o 
the Engliffi. 

tt it aflerted that the differences between 
Germany sod Rujfii are fettled ; and that the 
latter will fiirniut 1S000 men to the former, a- 
grecably to treaty. 

LONP0W, APRIt 14. 
Moreau, in Stvit', lately addrefliug bis 
troops, obferved, that the fjrft Confbl'i overture^ 
for peace being entirely rcjecJed, the campaign 
would foon open. Mnjf-na addreffed his armjV 
about the fame time in fitnilar language. 


A letter from L'mdatv, fayi, the Archduke 
Ch An les has been neceffitated to retire front the 
army, by the intrigues againfl. him. Regardfor 
his health is only a pretence. 

Majcna's army in Iialy is Hated at 50,000 
men. French head cinarters on the Rhine are' 
at Colmar. Manhtim has been bombarded by 
the French. 

Earl St. I'incents, commands the channel fleet, 
vice Lord Bridport, reftgned. 

— ^ai>B99a*<^>-399ao e; 



jfomgn ^jnteiUgcnce* 

TURKVEY. Constantinople, r;a. 19. 

An jE^igltuS fquadron Hill cruizes before v/Zfif 
nndna. The T/tefeut, of this Meet, hat jnil ta- 
ken a vcflel for France with a valuable cargo. 
Gen. Menmt, two other cunfidevable ofliceri and 
150 foldiers, were taken in her. The fame Ihtp 
took 7 boats belonging to the Nile, laden with 
fug-ar, rice and coffee. 

MARCH 10. 

A fquadron of 1 1 fail of the line, &e. is order- 
ed for Egypt. It is commanded by the Cap- 
tain Pacha, who is on board Lhe SelinA Trqops 
arc alf.i ordered towards Egypt. i'u; -e the 
certainty of the capitulation of the Fi'cik 1 ! ^.r- 
my ihefe mtafiirea appear furprizing ; bi 1 dl 
the MinilU'rs of the Allies are confulted as lu -lie 

. Mhy 'it pleafe your Excellency, 

THE Senate, with particular and fincere r at. 
isfadiion, offer you their congratulations 
upon your election to the Chief Magiftracy of 
the Commonwealth. Your fellow-citizens by 
their free and uninfluenced fuffrages, have called. 
you to prefide in their councils, and conlh'tuted. 
you their political father. We rejoite, in common 
with the friends of virtue, palrictifm, and religion, 
in this dillinguifhed mark of their affection and 
confidence; and we indulge the pleating expecta- 
tion and belief, that your adminiftration will be 
guided by that fpirit of mildnefs, and that un- 
thaken attachment to the government and its 
laws, which during a long feriea of publick fer- 
vices you have fo eminently manifeftcd. 

The lofs which our country has lately fuflain- 
cd, by the death of fome of its mod worthy and 
bejpveicitizena, is a ful.ject of mournful regret ; 
and tffsiti •-'- R.-W& ftd thcdVWrtw are aiV 
ed to fucceed thetn in places of honor and pre- 
ferment. And wc trult that its inftruciive and. 
effecting irfluence, will have a tendency to double 
their zeal in the caufe of virtue and their coun- 
try- — The removal of the late Governor Sum- 
Ntfc by death was indeed an afflicting event: 
Amlablt and exemplary in private life j punctual, 
intelligent, vigilant and patriotic In his public 
funciiun;, he would long have continued the 
friend, the ornament, and the pride of hia fellow- 
citizens, if their affections and prayers could have 
prolonged his ufcful and valuable life. 

America has lofl in General Washington 
her rirft and belt friend; and the world, a dilin- 
I terclted and an ehghtened benefaitor! That 
way '\o be in | ^"^ a man (""d^ 1 " Providence) was the founder 
of our government, and the able and faithful 
guardian of its rights ; — that he conducted its 
armies to Tictorj'j and Its citizens to independence 
and happuuf. ; that he (tood firm and uncorntot- 
etl at the helm of the nation, amidlt the (turn 
of party, and the dangerous and uncertain opera- 
tion of fyitems of experiment ; — that he triumph- 
ed over vice, anarcriy*, and the enemies of public 
order; — that he has tranfmitted to pofterity a 
new and great example of private and patriotic 
virtue, and therein 3n inheritance, which, if 
rightly improved, will extend its happy influence 
to remotrflt pofterity j — and that he clofed the 
career of a life dsvated to his country and 

PAtFRMO (stcrLtv) FEB. 15. 

Frefli troops are ordered for Malta, where lhe 
inhabitants, to the amount of 15000, are to afjlft 
(n the afTanlt, Hia Sicilian Majelly is to have 
the irtand when it i^ taken. Two Engliih regi- 
ments ar; here and two others a.'e cxocctcd. 

behlin, (crussia) a p r i l 5. 

Our rirll Miniiter of Stare will go as Ambaf- 
fadorto Paris, to prevent the French from ma- 
king a iVp.u.ue peace with Aullna, too much 
for her intereft". 

Ruffta, I''-Ji.\ Sii-ei'.tt, J)ttvmrl t and Saxony 
are reported to have coalesced to prevent tKe 
Anliriaii 11 eufl frofn being advanced by the 
French cftabHlm'ngthe Rhine as a boundary . L — 
Doilmourler, is laid to be appointed Commander 
in Chief of Ruflian troops dellined to ait again ft 

Letters from Frankfort March I, fay, that it 
is reported a body of liuffia troops are coming 

the gODd of tmnkiiid, with the hopW 3nd ^ 
of a philofopher and a ehriftian, are confide'ra 
tions wlueh ought, amidlt the univerfal forrnw 
for his lofs, to create, in the bree*t of every A - 
men'oan, not only the higheft gratitude, but in 
unalterable attachment to his country'.-! welfare. 
We realize, with, your Excellency, and 6'in? 
fellow citizens at large, the lofs fullained by t!;_ L 
death of the late Lieutenant-Governor. The; 
early friends of American freedom will long re- 
member with gratitude his ^eal and ftuGufulni ■'■ 
in her csufe. His reward has been the UileQi 
oral tafti'mony of tlicelleem of his fcllow-ei'j. ., , 
by their repeated and unanimous election to the 
fecond office in their gift. 

Wii.^rrvEn m:y he the event ©four negp ' 
tions with the French Government, it will !•■ : 
fniirce uf fatr«fai5li ill to the people of the Uni 
States, that every raeafurc has beep adopt i 
which wifdom and piaidence could dictate, t. r.-- 
I cuneile our differences in an amicable midmer. 
Having been patient under multiplied and aggi > 
I vated encroachments upon our right* aa .1 11 
I ti il nation, we have the fulleft confidence, that 
; the independent and enlightened Citizens of f\ 
j 01 erica, Will cheerfully lubmit to every mi 
1 *wd duty, which the fafety and honor of t' ■ 
country may demand. We cordially units 
your Excellency in opinion that the reftoTatiui 
of hanmmy will greatly depend upon our rr - 
parati'ons for defence. And when the faithful 
pen of hillory, lhalt record our fineereandardei c 
dehres for I'tconeiliation and peace, may it alfq 


record the grateful acknowledgments of Amei*- 
ca'is, to the Aiitlmr of every "good and peiTn't 
gift," for the nltiTwgx of the hell government by 
which fociety has ever been unlud. 

The Senate receive and reciprocate with grrtt 
fctisfafticm and [inceiity, your Excellency.'* fen- 
timents upon the fubjtcl of morality and religion. 

Ou'r Ancestors early rcctignited theurcatand 
important truth, that religion and good govern- 
ment are iiilrtflatcly conr.tiftcd, and miiit. iland 
or fall together. 

I the people nf New -England -have experi- 
enced great prolperity, or tnanifclted an attach- 
ment to the iotcrefts of fciertce, beyond any for- 
mer example, it it evidently the faint ary rciult of 
thole ir.ftitutiom nf religiou and learning, which 
were among the full worst* of their piouj and 
patriotic founders. We (anient with deep re- 
gret, t!ie tiil'pofition of any til our Citizen*) to 
depart frum ihc ancient manners and habits of 
out Country- In .1 govcfaWnl like ours, which 
enn be f::j'i -"t-ii ■■! Kill;, by the virtue and the in- 
teiTrgchcc of (he people, its foundation is eflen- 
t tally undermined and endangered, by apropenfi- 
ty to innovation and Ircentioufiiefa. We fhall 
coivfidcr it among the firft duties of thelegiflaturc 
to endciwwur, by every rational and conllUution- 
k1 method, to check it* alprining progrtfa ; and 
«x fetl a fiiicere ttttd unfeigned gratification, that 
(he pr'i ciplet and exapifric of your Excellency 
iv-MI npt only have a tendency to fnpport and en- 
courage the fiicnds of religion) but alfo to re- 
claim di ludid enemies. 

T-Ht good riftcl* of our ancient religious in- 
fAitutions have been fo long and fo amply experi- 
enced that iv. ardently hope the legiflnture will 
ronfider their llippoit and encouragement, among 
the firft objeet>. of its carr ; and that the people 
at Ipi'-ge, will be enabled to form a jult tftimate 
of their nature and excellence. 

V»ur Excellency will be pleafed to accept the 
afTurances of the Senate, of their cordial wiflies 
iot the Tuccefs of your ion ; and we 
Join w»ih you in the folemn fupplicat'njn, thai the 
"Almighty may filtered our united endeavour* 
to render the people of the Commonwealth prof- 
peiOLS a.'.d happy." 

day, 10 o'clock, avid in the interim eomrrjittcif to Metfri- 
Williams (of P.} Skinner aud Wade. . fit' 

IWelnV Lo«ii, Blifs (<>f S.) and William, (ot S) mctt 
anpniritcd a committee to ennfider whether any altera- 
lion. »e neccfrary^.Uty.1^^ who | e 

MefJV, Willian.,f>fr.) 

LcweirsndlWlT^^'wrre' i&ky»e.*te (ttliH 

/Mr IrAInthefe different affair* doe. stat fic«i 110 
w UicJ, and 1* kilied!-The lof. of the : enemy ...Je- the prifoner*. bat been much greater. 

Amon' the brave men whom the army lu. to I^gMt, 

iyorr.v/'—TuosfDAT.jvvt s- 

THE SjVm Marine (nftjzaaec Company bill psficd 
10 be enijoKri 

'A petition frr.m ^nlnmon Freeman and SiIvaou» 
Slonc,~/or 3 divifion of the Wwp of Harwich, wai read, 
and U.r'i given for 11 to be withdraws. 

The additional Eighth Turnpike Corporation Bill, 
paflitl to be engrnlTed. 

An additions! Bill for the promotion of good edu- 
cation, war read twice, and to-morrow, u o'clork, af- 
fi^ned for ilir third ;.-!>.' 

Meflrs. i,'. I {el U ) Miicbell and Blifi, were appoio- 
ird a commiltee for the rtvifion and correction of 
billi in the third reading. 

An order of notification wa» reported on the pelt- 
tton from Coiliall, and neeepied. 

The Conuniitee of .Election! reported, that the re- 
prelentativci Trom WiUian^itwii, were conflituiionally 
ehofeii jnd entitled to thttr feals. Accepted. 

A petition from the Court of SelTious for WurtrPir 
Coujlty, for a grant to build a Coiirl-Houfe, together 
'vith the petit 10 iu for j division of ihe County, were 
fomnuiteJ to Miifrs. Ward (nt W.) Motion (of D.) 
and Hum 

ipiioinied a cnmniittcc to confidcr the eiped'encv of * 
hw to fubieA the owncri and maucrf of *effeJ«, ■)* 
«hieh nativei of any foreign cotiittry, lhall btlmpori- 
ed into thl* ftate, to their mail" jiniBcc, ifl ovfe thry 
fhall become chargeable to (he CoflnhoMreflOlfc ' 

A petition of John RoTneJ for an increafe orthe r a- ' 
pital ftnclc of the Glouccfler Bank, »ai committed 10 
Meflrs. Prefeolt, Bro-n (of B.) iiad Btanehan!. " 

Meffrs Wade. RuflUi, (of N. Y.) and Mclrfc we re*?", 
pointed the committee on the Pay Roll. ' - 

A petition from Benjamin Whitman, for 1e»« t6* 
ere& a Toll-Bridge over North ttivcr.wM eomtniteed 
to Meifts. Mitchell, Bancroft and Hull. 

A Bill in addition to the AeVeftablifhlnglhe Owtcct 
ter Bank, wa» read tivicc, and Turfday, 1 1 e'dttt'k, "• 
fignrd for the third reading. 

Mcli'rs. Blif* (of W.) Coffin and Smith (of W. S ) 
were appointed a committee ro revife the law regubt- 
iHg weights and mearorei, and to confidcr (be eipedi- 
ency of repealing To much as dirieAi the feversl -enuit- 
tio to be provided with a bufhcl meafore. 

A Bill in addition to the ae\ prefcrthing the mode of 
takina dcpofitions and admini tie ring oaths, was read, 
and i'utfdiy, J o'clock, afltgned for the feconrl reading. 

The report of the committee appointed to COnCder 
when the General Court may have a recti;., was receiv- 
ed from tbe Senate, where it had been accepted. It 
recommends un adjournment on Saturday ncit. The 
H'lufc concurred. providing for the meeting of ihc Le- 
gilLiurc on the fecund Tucfday of November nciL 


The Salem Marine Infurrnce Company Bill, 
tvaipafTed to be enafled. 

The Eighth Turnpike Incorporation addi- 
tional Bill was patted to be enaftea. 

MefTrs. Smith (of D.) and Montague, were 
appointed a Committee to revife the Laws regu- 
lating the inspection of beef and bu(ter. 

A Bill for repealing part of the a£\ for the due 
regulation of weight* and meafures, was read 
twice, and to-nionow, 1 1 o'clock, aiTigned for 
the third reading. 

The Secretary delivered the following IvlWage 
from th« Governor: 

CtHtltnun of 'the Senile, and ■' 

Gentlemen of the Houfe of Re/>re/entdlivej, • 
" I tranimit to you a letter from the Hon.; 
Samuel Lyman, Efq. in which he' declines to 
ferve as a CoiBniifDoncr for afccrtaining the boun- 
dary line between this State and the State of 
Coiiiu8'kuI, to which fervice he was appointed by 
an Ac! paired on the 8th of March.iyt)!- 

At * later period I was appointed a Commif- 
fioner for the fame purpofe. Although fcveral 
attempt3 have been made to commence the buli- 
nefs, fome accident has, in ever)' inftance, pre- 
vented a meeting of the Com miffi oners of the two 
btatet, and I am now under the neceffity of de- 
clining the fervice. CALEB STRONG- 
Council-Chamber, 'June 9, [800. 
ThcHoufe affigncd Thurfday next, 1 1 oMocJ:, 
to come to the choice of two Comraiflieneis, to 
afcerlai'n the line between this State and the State 
of ConaeSieuty in the room of the Hon. Samuel 
Lyman, Efq. and his Excellency C'ALl^U 
STRONG, Efq. who have declined ferving. 
tlSlATUM — -in vim lalL lute but two ol bVfl 

A Refolutttwi v-(» received from the Senate directing 1 anfwer of the Houfe of Rcprefentoti^e-. tc "ic 

Governor's Speech, In our lafl, for netfidnal'tti* 
dcavors read mutual endeavors. 

Ih^t thiEketor. of Frcudtnl and Vice Prtfidenl 
fliouIJ W appointed by the Senate and Houfe in Con- 
ventioti" Read and ic-inorron', 10 'clock, affivned for 
the confideratioa. 

ram»Y,jWKt 6. 
A Committi; wai apperintcd to fettle with the Trea- 

The Houfe took into conftderatinn the Refolotion 
in-.m tht Senate, re ip tiling ihe appniotutent of Etec- 
torsof PrriiJtut, fit. and after an animsted debate on 
the conftiiutionality a;iJ eapeJicncy of the mcafute, 
the Houfe concurred with ihe lunate. The Yeas and 
Iijuj ivere. 

— Kufrtlltol 1)) Smith, (of B.) Cobb, Lowell, 
Halj (uf,B)l'arkmaH, V.-aiier, Cay, Beekford, Pick- 
run, rr.fcott,Ffp»tr, Page, Wade, Swnzey, CogfwclJ, 
Tiieombj Cnombt, Catltr, Bartlcit, Ruhinfoti, Holt, 
Brmvn.Stejjhrns, Todd, March. How ( , Hajl, Puffell, 
lllunchard, ( uthr, (ol H > Hunt, Jackfnn, Bancroft, 
•Whitney, W^rw, Halt (ufM.) Mcllen, Bbfs, (of S.) 
B8l*,(ofWOTaytni^(ofN. &E.) Wondbtidge, Mou- 
la^ur, Smith, (nf G J Taylor, (of W.) Walet, I'earcc. 
Mjikivtat'her, Phelp*, Brotvn, Ahercromhif, Porter, 
Hunt.M'J-illan.Nifh, Smcad, I'om.rny. r-i.tltr, («fB. 
and !•■) "faylof,inl B.)Sncll, Coodwio, Turnctj Vhil- 
lipi, Mitchell, Wilder, Uug^ln,(t<f R.J Csihing, Whit- 
man, Hn)-cit», shcnii.m, LnJrifh, t'IUCnar,Mayo,Ncw> 
romb, Scan, Titlin;;h aft, W.ire, Spnoner, BragJon, Fer- 
rulo, SffJWj Ftflm, I'erk'il t,\Uyhe<v. ( l B.) MlyhcW, 
(u( C , Paine, Ward, Air.niiA.wr», Cuf»r, (<K B ) 1)*- 
iii,"\v.' idbury, Fayc, Howe, Kimli-U, Hrhun, Walk- 
k r. 11 Hin^», DoWt, M.irfli, Nnrti.ii, CwdJ^rcr, Slone, 
VarkVr, Vmiiii.. ( t W) Tuft*, Hpwe*, tUchwdron, 
J.onglrv, I.c«i-. ittwer, kuiftll, (ofN.Y.) Enicrftin, 
Dver, Cols, Allen, Vayfon, Dewty, Ktllngg, PrifleH, 
WbceUr, fofStW.) Wheeler, (of 1..AN. A.} Wil- 
r>atu, (.if P.) Williams (01 s ) Canttcli, Stone, Sargent, 
Bruce, Tli*yti, Loud, baiter, t'airhauk), Uakmau — 

.V,,,— LIttlc,r 1 cntir)(.,rMOHill.W;:iir,^-.n,Ciiand- 
lcr, WceVf, Maynatd, Simnnd", Ailarai, Kire, Oak«, 
?hcphcrd, Fletcher, buidetfim, He.ild, Cunpbcll, HHd- 
i-etb, Broosn, How, PttcR, ftcrvea, Smith, {pi W. s.j 
Maynaid, 5inilhi [ot P 1 Purfem, Knoft, Hobare,Green, 
Rye, Drown, Mafon, olocum, Clnp, Morton, [ufF.] 
Dean, Cr^.n^.Boweti, Cut:t., Bradbury, ( offio, Town, 
Druiv, W;ilk«r, Marcan, Ji>l.lyn, Stunt, t'lilTui-v.. Far- 
ley, rucKfi SJsinner, Young, Goodwin, Bidwell, Beats, 
Howlnnj, Brown, Seaver .Heath, Howe, M«(tm,(o£ ti.) 
fiulhrd, $harp, IVlorfe, Boydj White, Bomii, Sherwin, 
PiltebrOwn, Htnitk, C It indler, Dudley— t. 

The RmifeliJl'oied for the choree ..1 a Senatot ■-■/.. 
ihc Hon, Mr. Deiter", whenihi Hon DWIGI-TT FOS- \ 
1 j',k wai cl.i 1 n, [ l he Senate eoneJHtct] \ 

r ..'.. ,.:>i ■ ii Ninth Turnpilw fStrpwaiion Bill, 
■wns palled to lie mgfullld. 

MuTri, l.o-.-til, Brown, (of B.) and Prcrcott.were ap- 
pmnted a committee tnrcwife thelaw./eutife 10 ihc 
, ol Cbi ■ nid hcopa 
An order "*» rereived [ri'm ihc Semite appointing 
the Hon. Mi di J ■!.-. ■- and 1 '■■ ■■ '■< . ■■ •• l> !'<■'• b .. thi 
Hun.Houfemayji.ii], 1 i nfidrp when 

th Cin>n m;v ha.v« a.reccff. 'I lie Hbitfe c •ncurreiJ 
atocl added MclTn Pi iliiaj ft. 

An order wm rccc'rti I fidi ppoiutinj 

On Hon M . [on ■■ ith fin hi 
^dJ, j 1 itbc li iter from B nj 1 tin 1 in; ffln, 

Fl'.[. i<l ■ to [I ,■■!.■, !■ 

u 1 ''-'./- ) I:-, f 1 1. ■ '■! B iw tind in 1I1 

L. - •■ > 

A Bill for cftahMlilng a new I'urnpi nrarioi 

was waJ liv*i;c,ordtred for a third teaJiujj on lucl- 

jforeign 3lnteIIigertcc». ; 

*9 iiyi/rom 

By tit Active, orriflirf at Philadelphia 


*^_* AU took prifoners, t to Hungarian grenadiers, 
(.he.^l-er Chef du Battalion. afliftaQt to the adj. gen. 
Solto^c. wai killed, We fought the whole day of 
the «d, Gen.SoLioNAc wai wuunded. 
■ Gen. OtfDiKOT, chief of the (UlT, who wai the bear- 
,« of drfpai^hcs from the commander in chief, haj jaft 
.Idined me. 1 am on the height*, of the**'"*'' M<- 
Up,,. The 104th denii-brigade ha* juft arrived We 
arc eoine to redouble our otforti for a general and A e- 
cuiv fi cidfaeV; S'OOCHM'. 

The Chler Cernful has reeoived * letter from Gen. 
Oi'DiNfjT, eonfirBiing the ftjtcmentsof Gen. SoocttrT; 
and aliening, that during the dilTcivnt action* mention- 
ed. MlSntSA in pcrfon took 6100 pri Tuners includiug' 
one General, two Colonel*, fevcral Mnjon, 100 otlur 
Officers, feven llandards and 6 pieces of cannon. Oen. 
Scuctjct took 1600 prifoiicrs and one flaudard. 

All our papers lay, ncwi h2i arrived, that the Army 
Of the Rhine is engaged. 


The French are adtfvelv relnfdrcing their armytff 
/r a /y-.wh«rc it is thought BoNrtrAniE will march with 
the army of refer vc ; and make it the principal theatre 
oftheivar. Gen. MoaSAU it \t fatd will attempt to 
pcneiralc lilto Sunii: 

The MiJiUrraacan Expedition n faid to be al> .induc- 
ed — and that Gen. Sruaax is going to lake command 
at Jamaica with frelli ttoopt. 

Arm 1 30. 

Sir. C. Hamilton, from frjntt, fays, Bo\,Uaktf 
hat left Paru for Dijm. 

VltNSA, APult to. 

SuwABiowfeetni to be alive and in favor at P*terf- 
k"g. ' _ __^ rr ^ = 

®v t'fjc £J9aiL 

EStcrday morning, Mr. Thokndick, fur- 
geon of the U. S. frigate Congrrfj, was found 
dead in his birth. 

A. letter dated to have arrived at Porto .Xico 
three days before Capt. Jones failed, dire.fl from 
France, in lS days, reported, that by an arrt'e of 
the French Republic all privateers in the "Well- 
Indies were Jhortly to be called in ; and the 
(Irongeft appearance of the conclufion of a peace, 
between the United Statci and France, was vjfiblc 
from all their proceeding*. 

ZxlraB of a leltir frvw, Caft.-i* TaIBOT, ef tbt U- S.ftig- 


' fUESDAY, JUNE io, i860. -. 

; 'humane socijirf. . 

Nothing it more honorable to this town, than 
its numcroui Inftitutions literary and humane. 
They are fupported upon liberal fo'inicjalions, 
and by men, who, though dliTertrig i\\ fentiment 
as to Relirrion and Polltct, are united in the 
caufe of Humanity. At 12 o'clocit this day, a 
fermon will be preached to the Humane Society 
of this Commonwealth, at the Church in Brit- 
tle Street. The benevolent are invited to attend 
011 this occallon, not t^ give, but to 'mcreafe the 
itock of their own good feelingi, by, approving 
the excellent, and b-y going and doing llketYife. 


J..i .' ]-■''■ 

At the Circuit Court for the DIllricTl of Vir- 
ginia, lilting at Richmond* the infamous Ja^Mes 
Thompson Callfspfr, has been indicted frjr 
the libellous publicatiim entitled "The Pro/pea 
before us." Through the exertion of his friends, 
(i'ur to the dtfgtaec of our country fitch fcllowa 
have their friends) the Marfhall experienced 
fome difficulty in finding him j but, it is fatd, he 
a! length fucceeded. 

A merchant in A'rew-T'or/ is faid to have 
drawn a 30,0001. prize in the Englifh Lottery. 

Aahoh Putnam, Efq. is elected Reprefenta- 
Itvp for Charlejlcwn, vice the Hon. JOSIAM 
Bartlitt, chofen to the Senate. 

MefTrs. Youno and Minns — 1 noticed in your pa* 
per an application to (he Lcgiflaturc for the Introduc- 
tion of the Vibrating Steelyard, which I hope will 
lake place, ai this town has been taxed loog enough 
by the ufc of the old Steelyard. A PnAtUtr, 

On Tucfday lafl Mr. Nathaniel Bowen, fon of the 
late Rev. Pcnucl Bown, formerly of thli town, »as 
ordained in Trinity Church, by the Rt. Rev. Brfliop 
Bafs, to the Order of a Deacon in the Pr«tc(Y*n,( £pif- 
copal Church. A pathetic DifcourJe »a« dalivc-rcd by 
ihe- Rev, Dr. Walter, on the occauon. 

Cj*1n advertifmg the moll important of the 
"Collections of the Hillorical Society for 1799," 
we accidentally omitted to mention "A Dt- 
feripiien nnd Hijjory of Salem, ly tbt Rev. William 

French Succetle* in Italy^ 

IARI], AFRlt 21- 
<jii,'jl SOTC U IT, tuutmtf of th gi<\trat U tbtf, U Gonfit 

Ji'-i-r-""'"' *' Mtkf, 16 Ciimifijl, April ib. 

F General, 
OR to* day* the army of tttly has been engaged 
with the encany. Finding myfclf detached from the 
army of the commander in chief Maiiina, and hav- 
ing an opportunity of being able 10 give you intelli- 
gence of the army, I think it my duty to do fo directly. 
On the t6th Germinal Gen. Milas attacked io perfon 
the heights of J-ivn -t Lieut. Gen. Soucuit, who com- 
manded them, withflood during the whole day; ihe at- 
tack of the enemy on Caditumj and Mtntmtli, in order 
that he might be aVile to fend the fort of 5<mr what 
was net diary for ii* defence, and to eficdtdtil retreat 
toGctiej; for at the commencement of the day he could 
eattly pcrecivc that the taciny had fuch a fupcrprity 
ot i"o,te, ihw he could not hope fo ewereon 
He thn^» a janifon uf 700 men into (he fori or .C,vmj, 
and in the evening effecVdhii retreat loAloiff-k. The 
fame day Cen. MiOLI-IS was attacked mnhe ffiourt J? 
I.cventi ; he was at tirlt obliged to fall back ; hut oil 
the 17th Gen. Massina advanced thither in petfon, 
heat the Aultrijns, and toqk from them ijco prifou- 
crr>. an»ng ivhomarcGen. Batun d'Asvm. 

"■■ the ictb, Gen. Masitka attacked the enemy at 
Safilio and Aik'Jf !■•. Hie alTur continued the whole 
day, and on the lift. Gen. Masiina brilkly repulled 
the enemy, and U'a'i from them a number nfprifpncri 
On the 13d, 14th. and ijtli. Gen. (VT^jitNA hid 
(harp ciijag'incnts, the rtfult of which wai ennJVantly 
in our favrar. He took from the enemy 4JO0 r^rifon- 
crs, 7 &■> tf > ids, anil 6 piece* ot cannon. 

On t> 13th, however, I had evacuated the ppfi'.ion 
of Si. r jjio.u?i, and had advanced to tdcline of Bmgtttt. 
The MfJtra Jt U A'av^wnt taken and re rakrn several 
times. The Hungarian grenadier* fullered vonhdcrably 
at Mthgnt, where they were vj^uroully repulled. The 
i?lh, and the ,™TL-n:.4jeri of the .Ijth, diOinguiflied 
ihemfehjes in a particular manner. Obferving that tlte 
eiumy weft enile.ivouimg to turn me, I determined to 
advance tfl the line of Btrtllte, Dunn- this time. Gen. 
Z\si.osnu)Ki complcn-ly beat the divifton "f the ene- 
my, which wai dch tiNi-hing by < •*..•< ,.1 1...1 ulteady 

arrived *•. P.toj. H\ niuk from tlicrri C0o prifoncn, 

On the 19th, having received wrderj from Gen. 
MassVHA to .itrack the enemy. 1 marched en the loth. 
Tin tremps t,nA:liy iIT;iuli and luiyantl ihe lower aial 
redoubt »f .Xltl-$no, with 400 prifoiicrf, ivof whom 
1w.11 niliv'n The chief of the haitilion of Vid-.l. 

, ■£ to the J<lh demi Sri^ade, was ihclirl »ii 
r 11 Hud into the entrenchment 

. wtt kd 

ole Cnnftitution, to tit Secretary oftb 
May, 1800. 

"I hive now 16 acquaint ^-ou, fir, that I have for 
fome fince, been meditating an cntcrprixe againft a 
French armed fbip, lying at Art Plato, protected by her 
own guns, and a fort of three heavy cannon. It was my 
firit intention to have gone with the Cpajlituihn and to 
have lilenced the fort and fhip.which had all her guns 
nn one fide to en-operate with the fort la dcfinding «- 
gainlt any huflile force. But after the belt information 
1 could gaur.I found it to he fomewhac dangerous to ap- 
proach the entrance of the Harbour with a fliipof the 
draught of water of the Cottflitutim. Having detained 
he lloop Salty, which had left iVr Ptatt hut a Tew days 
before, and which wa» to have returned there again pre- 
vious to her failing for the U.S. I cocccived.this lloop 
Id bt a furtable vejl'cl tor a difguife ; I therefore 
m.inaiid her at let, frog) the Co nRitutkn, with about 
ninety Bravt teamen »nA nuiinni pft« W»cr »tn «« be 

conttnandccl by Capt. Cabmick and Lt. Amo«v, when 
on'fhore; but the entire command of the .detachment 
I gave to Mr. Hall, my firft Lieut, who entered ihe har- 
bourof^'or/.r'/nrf ytflcrday in open day.lipd^njircraeji- 
ed the fort and Ihip with his men in the hold of the 
(loop, cicept five or fix 10 work her in. They ran a- 

long fide of the fliip. and boarded her fw.rd in hand, , SebaftiaWi 6 y d 7 short of proviGons 
without the !.■!- ot a man killed or wounded. At the 
moment the fhip wai boarded, and agreeabty to my plan 
Capt.CaRMiCK and Licui^aioiiv landed with the ma-' 
rin*s up to their necks in water, and fpiked up the 
cannon in the fort, before the commanding officer in the 
caftlc had time to recoiled or prepare himfclf for de- 
fence. Perhaps no enterprise of the fame moment was 
ever better executed ; and and 1 feel myftlf under great 
ob!igiiroo»io l,t. HuiL.Cpt. Car hick, and Lt- Amohi 
for their avidity in undertaking to exeeutc this entcr- 
priae, and for the handfome manner in which they per* 
formed this bold and daring undertaking. 

The Prire Ihip mounts tour fixes and two nines ; die 
wai formerly the Brhifh 1'acket Saniwitb, and Irom the 
hoafting publication* at the Capt, and from the declara- 
tion* of the officers, it appear* that fhe i» the faded fil- 
ler that fwiini; and that (lie ran three or four years, if 
I forget not, as a privateer out of Frame, and n>itn great- 
er fuccefs than amy other that ever failed out of their 
peru. She is a beautiful copper-bottomed fhip ; her 
cargo confifb principally of fugar and coffee. 

In tii!. ; . town, Mr. Jonathan Mead, to Mr;. Ruthy 
Jenkins. • : 

In this town, Mr. John Coff. aged OJ. 

At $*Jem, Mrs. Sufannah Walpcy, aged 40.— Was 
weeding in the garden — feeling unwell, entered the 
houfe, and expired in ten minutes — Mif» Mary Rca, 
aged 10, "•- 

At Nt-.B-Yerli, and was buried with military honor*. 
Gen. Lamb, a diftingui£hed officer in the Revolutiona- 
ry Army. ." , 

At the Hwarmab, Mr. John Cornwall, merchant, 
of this town. 

At Tfwtjbury, Eliph, Hunt, aged 36.— At Sea, Mr. 
AHcn Breed, of Danvtn —At M*rtt,ht*J, Mr. Sylvefter 
Stevens.— At SelluaU, Mr. Elifha Randall, aged 83. 

"fl©crcutE's» a3&arii,e 3©iarp. 

FainAV, JOKt 6. * Ar/ivcd leh. Polly and Harriot,, 
Kobtc, Liverpool, 46 dav*. 

Satohdav. Arrived iu Quarantine Road, feh. Ti» 
tcran. Miller, Havanuah, y day*. Sailed under con- 
voy of the Warren. 

SuNOAy. Ship Eagle, Thomas, for N. York from, ;unr 2. 
A letter from Maryland, mentions, that the 
Heflian Fly has effected tlie dcftrtiftion of wheat 
there in a melancholy degree. They, however, 
it is faid, fpare what fs called early wheat. 

MuM'AV. Arrived, fchooncr Hannah, Blanchard, 
Havannah, 16 days. 

Same day. Sch, Dolphin, M inning, JamaicA. 

Same. day, Brig Aths, Kimball.OportO, 44 days. 

Ycflerdav failed on a cruise from this harbour, the 
0. S Brig Pickering. Lt. Hillar. 

The U. S. frigate ElTei, capt. Preble, arrived fafe at 
the Cape nf Good Hope. Officers and crew in hialtb. 

The ElTcx made her paflage to the Cape of Good- 
Hope in 66 days ; and prove; an excellent failcr. She 
was watering, and (jpl. Pnblc intended waitiug there 
for the Congrcfs; being iguoiant 'of the misfortune 
which happened to her. 

Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, March 14, a 
very final] copper bottomed Bolton Brig, with a lung 
maiumalt, frum the N. W Ccafl and Canton. 

A letter from Bombay mentions that in Dec. l.ifl, 
four American vellcl* were captured iu the Strcight* 
of Sunda. 

Brig Ellen, 46 days from Cadix for Porifmnuth, wai 
fpoken May 19, lat. 41, 40. 

A Corvette, which brought Bonaparte's agent* from 
Swue to GuaJaUauc.hiM captured fcveral Americao 

May 3, lat. 41, long. 6j, wai fpoken brig Rambler, 6 
day* from Bcvcily. 

Ihe Induflry, Bodwcll, from Portfmouth for Deist- 
rara ; and Commerce, Jonc*, from Portland for Barba- 
di.'i- . arc taken by the l-rmch. 

1 ■.)•■< Motely, of Portland, w» onboard the Brinfh 
frigate Retaliation, May 7. 

t>ehboucr Hope, from Jamaica for Boflon, was fpok- 
n May io, all her ctcw dead, except the captain and 

f Wifcaffef, feh. 


reft li.ivui 

ity !■ I init. Mr liatiO>,'Uie 
iled among the ruvks. 

Mr. Webftcr of this city, we underhand, is 
engaged in completing the fyftem for theinfUtic- 

t ion of youth, which he began in the year 1 783- . , 

He hat in hand a Didionary of ^ American j At ^ 8( - br ; L dia 

Language, a work long fmce projefted, but j Hope, of Portfmouth, recaptured 

which other occupations have delayed till this { \_ 

time. The plan contemplated extends to a fmall 

Dictionary for fchools, one for the cOOjrting- 

houfc, and a large one for men of fcience. Tlie 

firft is nearly ready for the prefs — the fecond tind 

third will require the labor of fome years. 

It is fonnd that a work of this kind is abfn- 

lutcly neceffary, on account of confiderahlc dif- 
ferences between the American and Englilh Ian- 

guagc. !%ew cireumllanees, new mode* of life, j 

Hew laws, new ideal of vaiious kinds give rife to' I c3* The Letter Bag of the GALEN, Capt. 
new words, and have already made many material ! HiKKLtv, for Lonthm, will be taken from the 
differences between the language *>f England and f Poll-Office this evening, at 9 o'clock. 
America. Some ne<y words are introduced in | . — = ■■ — =^ .. ■ =rr-! S — -i 

Ran aw.tyfrom the Subfcribcr, 

AN indented Apprentice to the Bar- 
ber'* Bulincfs named Conftant Adam, a Black. 
Boy ; had on when he went away, a fhorl blue coat 
and white tnmki >-, a large mouili. pouting lipi, and a 
fhorl cue. 17 year* olo, (hurt in (tutu C Whoever re- 
turns faid buy to Qil matter, at Head of Homotl't wharf, 
QiaJIjtceir* one Dulln «» ...1 All [>«rfutu are fw> 
i' 1 : harboring faid ruj» away, ii they will, t«i .■■-■■jJ 
liit pi nalty «f the \a\i. 

June 10. SAMUEL I'ETER. 

In the account of the polite treatment experienced 
by the lloop DifpatcU, rapt. Worthmgton, from a 
ftench Privateer, publilhcd iu yefteid.iy'n Cbrtni.ti, it 
Utms that tlie writer forgot to mention that the 
rrtnehmen very Unity took from the veflVl two bar- 
rels of lugar;, — and for nn thai their btloveti Ameri- 
cans fliould furftit tlicmfelvcs with oranges and tama- 
rind*, very geueroully deprived them of thofe perni- 
cious articles. 

annexed to words, which it Is neceffary to explain. 
Hie Co!, ol the Axif, i, ; s probable ttmt the alterations in the tenures 
. 1 ,.l,t, „t ,w.,.; wt r: lakcn on V* Bid jf lhe «eofcUiilfciI polity, will diftoift 
■i ..1, CiMi'i... .!, n tt of lhe'-7th light l-irom tne Ungoaae 10 America fevcril huttdcrd 

:■■■'' fi 1,1 1 ■:. ■■■■i:if l 1 p'onU which hclony to the Knghfii.. The dill'er- 

rjTtl ...u,.. ,..,1 ,1 1! 1 my, a ok j elites in the language of the two countrh will 

'"■' " l " "-■ I od-cl Jhe cantfiraeio multiply, and rendcv it neccflarV thai 

' 11 ■■'...'.'.. 1 . .,1,1 ■,,.:■. v.: di ,.., ,1.1 1 *,,., '. n m ,.] ( i !,_..,. n, o;„_.,;,, , e ,l„ a ' , 

.„,„ ....!.. QtAlUti ftfonta 1. r. mo "tol l, 9,U« \ w ' worifihtoc Dultmaru* tith* jlmtncgn Ian- 


Tor Liverpool^ 
THE Ship ELIZA, John 

L'uovw.MolUr, will faih'n 14 day*. 

can lakd tew tons Freight, for which. >t 

:-^l I-piiragr.-v,,,,!,. iodic Mifkr on board, at 

ll^W HanenctV. Wharf, »r to JACKSON and 

iaR'IF.K, *.uih tiJctlie MarLcC 

June 10. 

■ ' Samuel Sumner, 

Hai Kettioiflj tU Eljaa, „,,/ Jacob, up *rri+ali frit 


AN addition to his former alTortrncnt 

of CLASS WARF-, confiding of Cut and 'Pljirt 
SalUds and I, 1 1 > 1 1 1 , ,11 i'i.m v iiuii.r Cooler* and 
Standi, Salts of alt fhapes cut and common, elegant and 

For Liverpool, 

'HK (hip Polly &' £2orri«f, 

F«*vc,. Nob i B, M.ifter, will be i 

id) to receivi hci Car-., in 8 days \ 

ti Freight nr tallage, (living good : 

nt) apply to tin t.),.,l_r on buard, at ' 
tianiincli * \a liarf or to 


On the Mti.L-limDCt, 
Whtl.-j* '■.■■■■■.< ;--.j.,:jjhip, 

A quantity of Liverpool Salt, 100 

boxi • Pi(iu»; anil in addition tojheir forme ratlbianiantj 
Itjeran-, and 1 h.U. CVutUslfyaVVart, which wilt be 
lVilo i, i »v i u r Call), Junt to. 

Tor TJjhoti} 

loion Decanters, Crof ts. Tumblers, and Winea.plain j IcT* tlsey gi»e fufneitnt reafbni i forlhrir ahfenre 
Salvers, ConfedUonefl Rnundi and 1 Cover*, Crew- , T?i«e who de fire adrailfion ini 


Wyonw ,hli, Mailer, burden 140 

r^"'$Qy& Wnonw > » l> , MaltAS burden 140 

^C/lVvi^' (rl "'-' ;l nw veil el, and complete for 
f; "11* ; :<- J now tying at CtAtrtMVb*rf, will 
take I'll in .hi tAa fungible Ifrilii, For particulars, in 
qui** of EZRA WHITNEY, No, o,on laid Whan. 

tllafs Sal 

trs. Proofs, Children 1 ! Toys, tdue Clafs Sugars and 

Ciiimi &c, eke. a very g'eat variety. 

12 crates Engiifh Phials, to be fold in 

one or iw» lots. 

An additional quantity of Plated Ware. All low] 
fur Calh. June 


ivNt iotb,iT99< 

CANDIDATES for their fecond Dc. 
' r/ee,at the new Commencement, arc notified, 
(hit it '* "peeled (hey trill give their attendance at 
( hc University, on 0r before the Qth day of Julv ; and 
if there Oionld Sc any .who diould not attend hy Alt 
tbey will not receive their decree (hit year, un- 

to the Uni*erfiiy,thi« 
year,«re alfo notified, that the PrHidcnt and ttrton 
will aitend the b.jfmefs or examination, on Friday and 
Ssrorday, the igih*nd 19th »t July; and no one will 
be jdnitlted to in. Ion, unUfi. hi* Prec-plnr. 
{oane other ^trfotr. Certify (he PreOdcnt and Tu- 

£>aies at $tiitifitt. 


QfPe/ite No. |9, Long-Wharf t 

io tons q£ Excellent Futile. 

Alfiy Of 60 dnyt Cr'tiit, 

20 quarter calks excellent Sherry Wine; 

5*4 at lit rlttS . 

k CARnNin, Audi. 

For Q.iUimvrc, 
r j HE fat -failing Sloop 

tcr. >\ill fad tut Sunday next. For 
freight or PaFTago, apnlv at No. 3, 
W-dwri'.- JTinM" Wltrt it fir Salt, 

1 6'V bbls. Superfine and 

nd itobbls. RYE FLOUR. 


Tilt. ..Brig CYRUS, 
' r . 4 v Matter, - 
^'Willi.iliD'a few J^'^ingone naif 
c nt eugijred. 'Ptftr FfCighl or'-Paffage. (hav- 
ing eicelknt Aceommodationt) 

Apply to the Matter on board, 
Opt'jf,;e No. 42. Lnng-Wharf, 

of of Josi aii Bacon^o. 11, Kilby- 

Strcct. ' >"' IO 

For Ntw-Pot% "New-London and Norwich, 

THE Sloop TwoFriends, 
TjlMtl SirtiTH^nafter. r or Freight 
or Pafi'age, apply to the mafter on 
buard, Ijingat Grtm'i IVl/orf. 

June jo 

60 Tons FRIIGHT 'Wanted, 


^ for the Mcdilerraoean. For term* 
apply to THOMAS C. AM0RY, No 
36. Long-Wharf. 
It'Lo l>»i fir Hale, 

6000 wt. St. Lucia Cocoa, a few tons 

Hemp, white and yellow NanWna, Bdhea and Hyfon 
Tea, Tea Sets of China, Crockery Ware, Soap, Oil. Lig- 
bum Vit.r.TeneriiTeand London Particular Madeira 
Wine, Mufciivado Sugar, Havannah White and Brown 
do. W.O. bbl. Staves, Old JunkJaUp, Poland Starch, 
Hair Powder Salmon in tiercel and b.rrcls, fuperfine 
Hour Salt Pctre, belt Bnglirii 11 ot. Sheathing Copptr 
and 9 lb Cannon with Shot of all 

and Nail,, 3,4, 

tunc 10. 


By Rawfon & Davenport, 

No. 13, Orange-Street 

500 bbls. Pork, of different kinds ; 

IOC half do. flo ; I 300 bbh. cargo Beef ; 

30 h.ilf bbls Tongue* ; | too da No. 1, do ; 
000 kegt Lard ; ICO half do Mefi do ; 

,00 keg* Butter; | toobxs.dipt.tallowCandlc* 

10000 wt. Bacon, and W.I. GOODS, as ufual— Aff— 

For Freight or Charter, 

1 HE new brigantine MEN- 

* DON. burthen about 140 tons.— 
Inquire as abjve, wr on board at CmfftiJ 
1 (f'larf, (late tntdw*rd*i U'Carf. 


■ JOSEPH LEE, Jun'r. 

Has for No. laJLongiWliarf, for approv : d 
N'H«, payable in 60 and no days, 

\oo cafes Oil of 30 flatks each ; 100 

botes Soap, firll.qoality ; A'f; 4* bales India Cottons, 

Sannahs, CfToes, C.awxm, Gungy, Baftai. CuOen. 
White Oi)i*Ha»dkercHcf4,blMdo. do ; MuOins, &c. 

fine Flour. (cp«n). 7-^Jo^ 



Has received by the rt.ips Packet. Vcntu. T^Ily and 
Harriot, from Liverpool— a general affortmeui ol 

HARD-Ware Goods, confuting ot 
Cuilery, S.-ddlcrv. Cabinet Wares and Ironrnoo- 
gery; generally alio, « IiattdftlM variety o|, 
whfch he offers for falc on terms rcafonable to pur- 
cbal' Store Nu. 26, Union-Street. 

"7 c 'if I a. 

YiTCarpenten and Joiners. 
THE Subfcnber wifhes to employ about 

L 50 Catptotetiand Joiners, the remainder of (he 
prefent SctfoD, at B«h, on Kennebec R.vcr, Good W,.- 
«j will be aiveu and Payment made PumftuaUy n 
Cafb. Any that with to eugage are refuelled 10 Bppiy 

* tthtS JONA. and SAMUEL DAVIS, 

Who will UMt nn terms— Good recommendations 1 from 
Eftiblifbcd Characters in the L rokfJion of the Appli- 
cant >villbc b-cMT»ty. The Stlbfcnber to-gree 
with it or ao of IH« i-id Carpenters and Joiners to go 
Lh hnn to Demcrar- .. lp»d »^g&Ma£ 
Btfart, Juitr 10 


BY official returns yeftorday, the 
Wheel, of A"'fl'«: (■-»*/ LtUay, are- now en- 
ricbed ij8»» and the hujhctt F'« T"*""" 
ill* 1-PA w»few warranted undrawn whole xnd 

lr Kay/* «M t fcrfth by s - 1uelG ' l ";, t '^"' 

tinrlC ■ mi'iuKKoom- The «bo« .. licUtsare 
SdeM much ehcaper .Han at the ongtoa. pnee. 
wbeo tbt Jra*mg vommciwtd. J u »* 1C * 

Irifb 1 inens. 

JOHN FOX, 'No. 60, Cornhill, 

Has received for Sale, 

AFrefh alTortment of fine 4-4 IRISH 
L1NLNS. Ju ki 10. 

Notu lantling and for .'.'.,■', 

At No. 68, Long- Wharf, 

30 puncheons high proof Windward 

Island RUM, 60 boxes Havanaah SUGARS, ao hhds. 
Brown bUGAKS. Jsuw to. 

just landedT 

And fir 5aa,«j ^«- fy.Grun£fl¥b*Tf t 

100 barrels Philadelphia Superfine 

Flour. June 10. 


By Jofeph Ripley, 

On D. Spear" s-lVbarf, 

FORTY hhds. Tobacco, thirteen pipes 
Sherry Wiae, io« cafks do. n ejr. eaflts Malaga, 
Olives, Lemona, tie. Junt 10. 

Philadelphia Flour. 

N_w Landing from tne brig Cyrus, and for Sale, 


Nt. II, Kilby-Strtrt, 

\ (Quantity of fuperfine and fine Flour, 

ii in v. hole and half barrets. A!/,, Philadelphia 
Bar Iron, do. Iron Camboofes, do. Axle-tree M00I3, 
Claret Wine in cafes, boxes of Segars, do. Rail1 D9 ' 
Rulks, &c. ■ June io_ ' 

t to/*j»*ri ting « that he. hat's jnud moral charade 
the law of adtnilTion requiring fuch a character in e*eh 
Candid "«. ■ 

Joseph \vi:.t ..\f.n. j.- 

THE Proprietors and Owners of the 
fr **r»Ilrui of land, lying iu the lorn of GrftO 
Bsmnju-a, .-i\,[ in the county «f Utttjiirt, are hereby 
n Hiliej, iba't their lands are taicd »« a bilf, committed 
to me, ihe SXibferiber, collector fnr f«id Gnat Barriag- 
t,*, for ihe years 1798 and l?99,to collect, in the ref- 
pcftive fumofollosving : 

Tbt fillip >ig !, * C,m»/j »n4 7»tu/i tai,fir thi ymr I 79?, 

Dollar*. Cents- 

Barnabas Bidwil), 9 

Timothy Edwaidi, 46 

Peter Mof», 73 

The Heiisnf Amo, Manifcld, »* 

Ruflcl Smith, :8 

Landt now or lately owned by Uriah Spaldiug, 21 

Statt T«*frr lit yt*r i;j8. 
Barnabas B!d«*itl, 3 

Timothy Edwards, 16 

Peter Mofs, a6 

The hfirs.of Atnos Mansfield, a6 
RniTcl Smith, 7 

ijwds now or lately owned by Uriah Spalding, 9 

St&tel T«» fir tbt jttr 1 796. 
Elezer Cinlr, 9 

Barnabat Bidtvifl, ' 3 

Timothy EdwaVdt, * 16 

Pertr Mofs, 30 

William Fay, 30' 

The heirs of Amos Mansfield, i* 
Rojj Smith, 9 

Liud- now or lately owned'by Uriah Spalding, 31 
, T&tfotlawi'gitaTcwit T**,fir the yw 1 799. 

J ull Landed aud for Sale,' at- 

Nor. 23 & 24, Long- Wharf, 
27 hhds. of 3d and 4th proof W. I. 

RUM, of a good flavor, 

Afew hhds. good retailing MOLASS- 
ES. Junt IO. 

Now lend\ng t and for Sale, iy 

Stimfon 01 Callender, 

At No- 6, Fofter's Wharf. 

rHE Cargo of the Schooner Hannah, 
Capt. Wm Biamcuahd, from the Hjva*ns t con- 
fjOing of 


Junt 10. aw. 


By George Noble, 

At 1I1 Chamber Oitr D«tcr 5t David Dana, Stvtb S1J, 
lit Martet, 

tTUSTlANS, Ginghams, Mufiinets, 

*■ CJyiltlngs, Dimothies, Cotton Sioekingi.we.— Atfi, 

20 boxes Pipes, tipt and plain, 3 cafes 

T ea Trays. ' June so. 

~* "^ FOR. SALE, 

By S. HALL, No. 53, Cornhill, 
THE Hon. Dr. Tufts's Oration, in 

Honour to the Memory of Geoeral WASHING- 
TON, delivered before the Inhabitants of the town of 
rVtym^tb, Feb. it, i8oo.. — Alfi— 

The Rev. Mr. BascoM's Oration 3 on 

the fame occafion, delivered before (he People, of the 
Town uf Or/t*.(. j«p' 'o._. 


AMafter is wanted for the Center 
Reading School. Application in writing, will 
be received by the Chairman of the Selectmen, at any 
time previous to the 17th iuft. June 1 0. 

NOTICE is hcrebygivencpthenon-' 
redden! Proprietor* and owners of Land in the 

town or Afiburnhom, i>l the county of Wereifltr, that 

their Lands are tared in the rate bill committed to me 
the Subfcriber. eollciftor for Taid town, to collect, to 
the amount of the rcfpeOivc foms following, tie. 

IUR THE IfBAK <798. 
Name,. No. Aerti. PJi. Cti. 

Stm^tCtJhk, ide X 6j 

Jefcfb JtuJJrtr, lOJ 1 6$ 

Franeh Dmw, toe o 54 

TbiMJi Park. 66 O 54 

JoGah Dwigl\t r 

Eleter Barrit, 

Clark Baldwin," " "' : 

Bafnahai Bidirlf, 

Nathaniel Church, 

Titnoihy Edwards, 

Jofiah !■.:■■. 

.The heirs of Amoi Mansfield, 

Peter Mpfi/ 

Dr.Olivef Panridge, 

Anna Bingham, 

Theodore Sedgwick, Efq. 

RasfTel Smith, 

Land now or lately Owned by Uriah Spalding 

Ebcneicr Williams, 

TbeftlUvi't it a Stbatl Taxjir tbt year 1 799 
Elezer Barrit, 
Clark Baldwin, 
Barnabas Bidwill, 
Nathaniel Church 1 , 
Joliab Dwight, 
'timothy Kuwardf, 
Jofinh Jones, 

Peter Mofs," H 

The heirs oi Amos Mansficldj *1 

Anna Bingham, S 

Vo*tV. V.n.KlSc, " 

Theodore Sedgwick, E/q. 3» 

RulTcI Smith, , i S nmv or lately owned by Uriah SpilJinf;, y 

Ir no perfon appears to pay the forego- 
ing tstes and all neceffary intervening charges on or 
before the tifteenth'dty of AugulV neat, at 10 o'clock 
iu ihe forenoon, at the dwc|ling-boiife of Thomss B*- faid C.rut U.rrrlmgteit, much of faid 
lands as (ball be fuflieient to pay the faid taies with 
nceej^»ry_ intervening eharges", will he fold at Public 
Ycodwvio tbf hiflheft.bidder.Hjt-.. . . ..; 

' JOSHUA ROOT, Collecjtui of Great Barrin-ton, 
i,W( for the j-ojrs,i7y8 and 1709. 
Gwl tjmrrtiigt**, M.<y as, 1800. (J10) ' 

'.* l ?.'.V.. :: ; 7 't3~ Ta&it''f!Qt/cc. ' 
T^HE.Gentlcinan whei^engaged to ujip 

A nnb^Hrhc Di'M, f<w-i4iA». about 16 hhd>. 
I*. rtaQirtsJ tu th1i» tlicrf. lo-morrow, or (ht- fub- 
elrtth-nm huld hiiniett4ngag«d 10 take (hem. 
. 10 . . ' KDWAR.D tlAyiJ . 


35 pipe*: excellent 4th proof Alicant 

BRANDY. :o half pipes Red WINF. — al^o— 

Cork WOOD. 

5-' ti sTflaA T.K.jn NT.g, AusT- _ 

1HIS bAY, 

At No. 6, Franilin Plate, 

A Variety of genteel Houfe Furniture, 
Ihejiroperty n| a fintlonan l.itely croh.irkrA 
f>ir Enrnpe, confifliiij; of niahngany dining and Card 
Tables, Ghoirf; Pedilcaitt. Feaihcr Reds. Lookiog-Gtaf- 
fei, China and Glafs Ware, Plate and Plated Ware, i 
elejint Marble Slabs, with gilt frames, a ynricljr of 
Kitchen Furniture, itovoluuics Hooks, dillVrcnt au- 
thor*. ALSO, 

A well finifned Coacti, witli plated 

Harnefj, a neat Curricle, with do. both London made; 
—An elegant Ladie-' Saddle, .1 Oenll(in*n'»do> 
Soft 11 .'</». 1. T. K. 1QNPA Au et. 

R,G. Shaw e^ Cos. Office, 

IVttl hfiUfir Cajt.fin and MimitrA, mJ «./(£•■,( n- 

25 Packages of GOODS, received from 

New- York.— vlr, 
4 trunks handfotne tamlinred and fprigged Mutlins, 

3 do. I.appn do. 3 do. plain Book do 

% do. Itriped Book do i do Book MufllrJ Handkcr- 

1 4o. colored fprl^ged MuOins ; 1 do. do. Lappet do 

4 do. handfome Calicoes ond Cbintae., 

1 do. l-i ').y and 6-4 plain Jaculei Mufiin", ' 

i cafe Brown Linen 1 ; nio Linen Check); I bos 

Threads. —At/— 

2 bales India Cuttcns; t do llomal Han41i:«t-- 
cbiefi, _- ' 
, ij tdVee*> fuperr*n,e Clotht ; and 14 dojs. Morncrb 
SKini with a-,aTa*JWy of other articles. SjU 9 *\7u*. 
g? Cty iSfjlt-/ udl/afmd «* *U li«Ji 9/ Cr.'i/;/' 
fir Publit rr Private Sale. . 

On THURSDAY next, as above, 

' * % Avarc'.y of iat O^r-Goidft viz, 
t Pipe Gin, » cK Brandy, t hlids. Suga% 
ao bags India do. 4 cherts Bohea lea, is kegs F13 To- 
bacco. 10 boxes CHoeolate, 18 do. mould Candles, .10. 

do Soap, /f//"«,— Aquanmy nf London while Lead, 

few cafks Powdered Red-Oakcr, 10 bolts Ruffia Duck. 
10 pr Looking GtafTes, 30 doz- real London Porter, i< 
empty Trunks, &c. Liiiuift,— 

An Elegant Gig and, one Chaife, 
&c. Salt tt *\M. 


. .M*ffiicb>!/:-:s Dijlrtrt. 

BY virtntf of a Warrant front thi Hon. 
Jo'tiN \.r>XT*Kf t F4>I Judge rt tl« DifltiA Court 
roi tfat I)i;tii«Uf Mmfachitfetti, 

Notice fa hereby given to all perfais 

crmerr-ncd, t'hat 1 Libel ! bled in faid Court, by B.s>- 
jamin Hu i.ia«; riiiim-nider of the United State 1 arm- 
ed brigantine >,.(/.. v m behalf of kintfelf, oSkere, 
., ^ and crew; .oni ill eoneoriied, jj;.nnft a certain armed 

If no perfon fliall appear to pay faid trench » c ffd ttflei /.v.*rW, of ibeburtVeri of ^jom, 

taies and all ncccfTary intervening ehVges. on or be- her Guns, l'a:':K Apparel and Pjraiture.and niilifary 

Stores, captured by tile In J rfinini, on the lii^h fe.\., 
and fent into the p»rt of Btfton— and tbai trial will he 
had On (he afiirefaid Libel, at the L>il>rict Court, to be 
holden at the Ciurt-houfe in Bofl'oal, on the fourth 
TueLiiy of JunC-urrrnt, at tOo'elyek. in tbr fOItnObn. 

i-AMUKL bKAUIUHD, Mjtjbjl. 
DjtJal Bifi**, G'i J"". 1800. 

\IV. Public arc cautioned againfl 

ptriehaliiit 1 Motegi«a« EDW.lftB .e.'Ot"l', 
by the 3iil>feril)tr,a, k lias Ikcu paid". 

B*Jb* t J *mr 6, iSe-o. JOSF.PH ADAMS 

0- A young Man, about 17 years of 

age, ac^itainted with die EngliflvUoc-ls Line of Buri- 
nefs, tftdtei for Employ. Inuuireof I lie I'rintcrt. 
June io- 

fure the Flrft Monday in Scptemher next, at i o'clock 
in the afternoon, fo much of faid Land, as will be filf- 
ticicnt ro difcharge the fame, will then be fohl at Pub- 
lic Auction, at the dwelling houfe of Capt. Davio 
Cusuinq, ionholder in if/Wumt-'m, aforefaid, according 
[0 law. JOHN CONN, CtlttOtr. 

AjlUrrt-j-i, Junt $. 1800. , J *Q. 


THE proprietors o( the feveral lots of 1 
Land io the town of Afi»fi*. county of H,m r - 
fhire, hereafter mentioned, are hereby notified, that tht 
fame are taxed in the Bills committed to me the Sub- 
fcriber, collector of raid town for the years 1708 and 
i;oa, to collet, in the refpeiStife funis following,* is. 
Taxes for 1798, 

r«K-. Stbttt. State. Minijttr. 


o. e. 


Samvtl tThtbtJItr, 9° a 6l * ,8 

Jam,, Fuller, 37 « 8 3 

Taxes fur 1799- 

Seittl 7**Mf, •j'Stjtt. 
Samut! jr.J-f', * «8 .1 39 

If no perfon fiiill appear to difchar^e 

faidTaecs and all oeecuTary cDarM or or before ihe 
Fourth day ol July next, lit much of faid Laud will 
then be fuid ..t Publi* Vendue, «r the houle of W.e- 
Liys.M Nokciiosi. lnohaJdez in ia.d ttttfim, ai 3 o'clock 
P. M. as willbefufCcient lodileharge the lame, seeoTd- 
io- to law. JO-AX rULLiiW., C»tUhr. 
V ./-.,, J*-. / a, (»?->. J '2 

Wan itu ro mtt, 
A Small coftveaient Dwelling-Hjufe 

"^ in a central tiiua ion, lor srhich thai rent 

. i.i t i-iliy p.nJ. Iu jjut ui the Punter*. 

.dales at /Xtntion* 

Thomas K.Jones's Office, 

PLAIN and figured MuHins, Cam- 
bricks, Iriflt LinerS Bfown Hollands, men 1 and 
women's Cotton Hofc. Callitoa*, fJSrlglUrtu, Durantr, 
Tamliorecnl, whKafilk Hofe, UmWUa, black Ihdia' 
Luftrings, Scotch Threads, 3 bales India C0U011*, a lle- 
tlc damaged, for caih on di lii-ery -"-/f//>, be bale;, free 
from damage. $*U j' ■) <>.L*il. 

Pri-vzie falc— -zo pv\S« Alidads Briiv- 

dy,Welt-Indii Rum, Rmlia and Rarfril tfucK, HyG3n, 
Souchong and Boliea Teas, Catalonia and Ma 'ag* Wiae. 

Maffachufetts F)iftri£t, 

BY Virtue of a Warrant from the Hon. 
oonblc the Circuit Court tar tlie Diftrtd 0/ Dfat- 

faChufcttt, there will be eTpnfetJ to file at Au&ii n, ar 

Fofcr't Whxrf on THURSDAY nt,;, 
A pin of the rar^o of tbe.fiiip Ism Auptr, rcprefcnsV 
ed to faid Court in a pcrifning , vi -. 

2$ hhds. COFFEE, 2 bWs. do. J25 b.i^sdJ. 
45 bags COCOA. 6 hhds. SUGAR, 
■13 bnd*. TOCACCO, 
'and fund/y bags COTTON*. 

Sift 1 : •'etui frt.fh— S. BRADFORD, AuC>. 

DjttJal ifo/f.r > 

tit Jib Jay afjait, A D. 1830$ 

~^fJn"FRIOAY, the jjlli ST" 

At Foller'* f>'\ff, pntiftty 11 ti n'ehrl, 

r rirF. Shio FRANKLIN- 

»iili h»r tackle,- furniture and ap 

pnrti.'rt.Vriecs i> the came ffom fea, to. 

gt'lier with her gnus and *v-r!i : i (f ir« 1 

a flaunehtwrll bnili .nid ftrtl-fjUing rctl'el, partly ,-H|i- 

pcred, three and a half vcari old. Invert-, r.- rnay ix 

feen, by applying fo J- aud 1* _ T I I'LKKINS No. n v 
F oBerN Wharf. 

VaUabte Real Eitute, for Sale. 

(By Or.ltr of the^ .■■.-' ' C UrlJ 
will be difpofedul n Puliln Vuctioo, 

TWwhoUofthi; HfEAL ESTATE of W^L- 

i.I.\»I DAWES.jnn Rlq. I«teof A>rffor»«; 

de;: .i>tl— 'vt/. 

OnTMURSHAY, loth July next, 

()o the Prennl'., 

Afjrge and CmnrndunM DW£LL!NG.HOU5Ii 
H.rn, and ..I in.i nif. acre Wlan4| rVnw neejipi- 
dl by M-, Sufem forty AHu, >r <h: I, .< J . ;,, ,, ., .. ■,. .-■ 

tin. ,\l ..tinn-Hoiite, eontaiuing ib fo 11 ictes .— iJ/o, 

.1 i'.iiinre adjoittinsj Land '.it Mr 'A am j ji - conrauiiit; 
about ten aercr : — All.i, a uicce of ft*ooo-land, ftuair 
in the eaflt'lv p'art eif the town, cob taji ling about lojr- 
tcsn avert. 

■/ 3 A/xi, J' 

II be 

Hit IO- 


At Anelmrs,*,! the T. {Long- Wharf,) will be fold. 

25 pipes high 4th proof Alicant Bran- 
ds, fever*! half Oii-el Red Wine, ouaioty of sheet 
Cork, S. BR AUf QKD, Anct. 

""On Thuriyay, Jurie igth, 

fin it, trrmi/.t, ti 1 1 «'.V«*. 

A Cerrain brick Dwelling -Houle, in 

•**t'iw.-S/r,rt. now ocrupied by Mr. WietMM D.e- 
sni.aBd lately om.ed hy Capt- Oanih MeNm ; lat<t 
H lufe it well StUfttJd lor iiulinefs, is Hnted, and in 

g 1 repair. ThJrT, r ,-mile« mav be viewed at any tone 

previa tofhe U^t.-'A^v lb R- G.VRJJNPR, Auft 

E i 

In II a T X, 

On MONDAY, atft July nest, 

On if; Pnmfflu 

A valuable Lot ot'Offpund, wfjth rhe 

i- j.-Ji.i.;. t'lcrcuii, frunlinj on Am fl re*t, 10 fnid Sjl**, 
*ud running back io Cr. it Ljne. (fu tailed) on rbt t." 
arc three Diveiliug-Houfes, "hicli norv* rent fur * ■ ■ 
liu.-JreJ. J'n-L'r, j;' innmtt : The one 0« 4**-jlr«t, No- 
64, i>ow ucciiptcd by Mr. i'^-.-J (irttntvtb, and one ft 
Ihe bill ati«.id>Tor bulinelt 111 fryUn.i* a, large Conv-u- 
ieut tliree-ltory fliiclt H.ufe, with a handfome Shop'trt 
From — a ^ud Yarl, Pump, Woml-lioulc, and Ofjler flic -jlber nv".a:cou the back part of 
the Lot, one Konting Capt- N'H ■ Bralbfir*', HuUtC, 
and tlic oilier, Mr EJtiJrJ Fav/m' Sh«p. 

Sahmi t*»\M,A.M. 
Cewidjtiqns of Sale, for bath trie Places, ar,-, 
one third iliw n, one third in one vear, and one third id 
two years ; with good and fitnscieiK fecurity, aodjun 
Intcred frqial thrum* of fair- 

%l)t Xrcafurp. 


V E R S E S, 


Tur world all equal ! vain illnfion ! 
l hni':, charming Julia, what confulion 
Vnur doctrine would create ; 
The French might [hen, the day their own, 
Rc/urm inir altar and our throne, 
And organize the date. 

To n rgn, Ivy beauty's foft cotitrnul, 
Tii jov'reign of the captive foul, 

Wotild then be public treafoo s 
The queen of Love hrrfelf might dreid 
'i'n lnnit her throne, pel haps her head, 

1,1 our new " ,!_•.■ of lira/ex." 

Ocafc f" defend fo had a caufe ; 
Shnu'd Y'"i lab vert our good oltj Ian:, 

Ynurfilf too Jc:ir would pay J 
Y«t Ctl.un ll)..n would" cover all, 
Talent* and gracis piodrale far!, 

To « r.- : rr- ; „u.- /•■ 

If wh t] on fay lit juft and real, 
Thar all didinction ij Ideal, 

i'i .v ftin ibis mighty evil ; 
X?i (Iniy your nw'-n (itccii.ineiice, 
To » it > ■• ■ 'nj'tifhm^i.ts. and Ttnfe, 

And join our humble level. 
| ill then. I own, I hope lo fee 
tub} c!h and Ktngt in peace agree,* 

va earth's remold} border ; 
i'"ranre nac mote own Religion* "Twit}", 
And f.-r i Ik o.-.icr at the day, 

Refli re the day* of order. 

For Sa/cy at No. 25, LangWhurf, 

1500 pieces Nankins, entit- 

led to drawback. May %,, 


. JV»Tf Landing— from Sebooner Dolphin, 

And fur Sale, by 

Davenport and Tucker, 
40,000 wt. GREEN COFFEE in 

tails* and hags entitled to debenture. May %,. 

FOR SALE, BY^ ~ ™ 

Thos. G. Amory, 

0. 36, Long-Wharf 

LIGnumvitae, Teneri fie Wine, Soap, 
Oil, BoiiW and Hyfon Tea, Yellow and While 
Nankins, Tea Setts of China, London particular Madei- 
ra Wine, Havannah Sugar, Mufeovado Sugar, Jalap, 
Rufha Duck, Crockery Ware, Salmon in barrels & 
Ticiccs, Starch, barrel Staves, Sheathing Copper and 
Nails,!, 4, 6 & 9 pound Cannon, with Shut of iS'ffrn. 
May 27. 


1900 pieces Nankeens, en- 
titled to debenture. Apply at 

No. 47, CORNHILL. 

May ff. 

J jl received pi: the Diana, Capt. Davij, from 

A Frefh aflbrtment of TOYS, among 

. which are a Conngnhicnt of a few Chcttt, 
properly afforted fur retail, which are now opening, 
and for Sale, at No. 14, Unian-Sirtet, by 


vc re;civci 

A Great variety of Carpets 
pcting of the neweft patterns, in B 


Nhw opsning, and for Sale, by 

-j'AMCS MORRILL, No. i\\ Cornbill, 
A I'leafmg variety of Lufli ings, jufl re- 

ectved from Naples and Florence, Stripes, Plains 
ana Changeable, of j fuperior quality. Alfo, Ladies 
long white, blick and coloured filk Gloves, Imperial 
T.ipi.5, Sewing siik, fitpcrAne Clot hi, Kcr fey meres, No. 

Jl, ^, -| l ,.uidj; Pins, Ginghams, India Cotton, Morocco 
I'm:' -. t liufjlcs and thread ' ■''■•■ with a great variety 
of o ther art ides , hy wliol-Vale or r.iail. June 3. 


JnJ epnrA, rnd f- r SJe, by SAMUEL COY- 

ERLY, No. to, Cornbill, 
AGord afiortiiient of plain, changeable 

and ttriped. Italian and Florence LUS TRtNGSj of 
a fuptrior quality, aud of the 1110ft pleafmg Colours and 
•f'gy.f^g; June j. 

lia inn & Florence L,njl> lugs. 
A Freffi affortment of plain, changea- 

*■ *- ble and flriped, of a very fuperior quality, juft 
opened and for Sale, hy JOHN CARNES, No. JT4, 
C rnbilf, curner of Court-Strcct, wiih a variety of Other 
G OODS 3- ufua l. 15\vcp. 'Jum 3. 

Now Landing, and for -Sale, at No. 3, 


ecllint order, 34 ,* 3 ys from the tree. AtBO; 

Lifbon WINE, of a fuperior quality; 

Wanted 13 Purchafe~ 

A few tons Vot & Pearl Allies. 




By David S. Spc-ar, jun. 

At No. j, Speart UTiarr, 

r ^"HE Cargo of die Schooner Nancy, 

from Cd<6s, confiding of LEMONS, WINE and 
5ALT. — /ia*o— 

A few tons of LOGWOOD, and 

Cufliin^'s warranted ANCHORS. June 3. 

lor Sak, 7i:zv afloat, and can be landed at 

an} pnrt if ill loiun, if opplUd fir thh Bay, 

Co bbl. fuperfine anil fcratch Flour ; 

inn bbll, in fine ot fc ";r ; 8000 W. O. Jrllid. Staves ; 
3000 pieces Heading, lfor terms apply to 

Juhe 3. Benjamin Coates: 


Ifnel Munfon, 

No. 46, Statc-StrtA, 
2-> pipes Hollands Geneva, 

jobW. New Yoik k-lmif^M hbds. Sugar, 
, A/fi, Mefs. ofie Ho^ fnd piimc Pork,liccf, Butitr, 

Lard,o.e. ?-" s 3' 

Harrifon and Hall, 

TTAVE received by ihe mips John A- 

Jiim'.Two Sifters, ;nd hi'Jg Rofinsi, from Liver- 
fool, and Vcnelia, from Tlolilin, upwards of 

403 crates and hhds. Crockery and 

GLASS-WARR, which are now for Sale, 

/It their Star.- on the Mill Bridge , 
when* counlry tradct* are InWted 10 call and examine 
the jiliirinie-nt,. 1'lity have alfo received an cxttnlive 
aiTorUnani of Tea Trays, CrtH't frames complete, black 
lacks, while chapel Ncr-llij, Penknives, Knives and 
I'Olks, Aa?, alio — hythchtig Rofina, 

A few bags bed blown SALT, which 

will he fold by Auai.m,oo bo.rJ faid brig, at Hancock', 

Camphor — for &ale. 
A ConfeiBt fupplyof CAMPHOR, is 

•*• ■*■ kept by the fubferiber, No. Si, Xfofbury-ftrttt— 
who liai i^adt filch an improvement in t!ie art of re- 
linii ■'■- above article, as ■will cnabk him hi* fell it 
much lower than c»n be imported from any part of 
(l)ually aigood. 

Carpet Warehoufe, 

Aft. 48, MARI.80RQ:S7RZET. 


:d, in addition t« their former Stock, 

and Car- 

pattcrni, in Brulfels, Vene- 
tian, Ki'ddeuii tiller and Scotch. — also — 
LOOKING-GLASSES,— London made, fitigte and dou- 
ble picr*d, 
PLATED WARES— Cadors, Candlcftieks, Snuffers and 

Trays, &e. &c. 
KNIVES and l<'ORKS — with and without cares, 
TEA TRAYS and CADDIES— various forms and di- 

WINE COOLERS— in fcti for the table, 
DRESSING CASES— Ladies' and- Gentlemen's, 
WRITING DESKS— Ladies' and Cemkimn',, 
TABLE LINEN— a good variety in Damalk and Dia- 
IRISH LINEN — \ wide from ,r/to 7/4 hy the piece. 

A variety of German Goods per pack- 
age, fubjeift to drawback, apply as above. 
M.iy jo. (6w.) 

halt aflonh 


300 hogfheads Turks Ifland SALT, 

on board Schooner Dovk, Jam* Gi/mort, fTvlaftcr. In- 
quire at Robert Treat's Store, bottom Puocroa's 
Lane, near North-Sijuare. Muy ij, 


At Store No. 37, Long-Whf 

17 OURTH proof /licant Brandy of 
a good flavor, and entitled to catra drawback, 
Lucca Oil, in cafes of 30 -\ 

i. if a fuptrinr quality. 

May 37. 

Caftile Soap, 



Margaret Hovcy, 


INFORMS her cuflomersin town and 
country, thai 0i< has received a rrefli aJTortment 
of the neivell and f^llibaablc PAPER'S, for hiufcs, 
eonfifling of cltgint inn,', Low 1 Room and Chnmbi 1 
l»ap;rs. til diHtreot Qgurrt, whi It (lie prniiofes to fell 
t..r i!i cheaper than the y can be bmi'jht in /.','■■,, 
and lowauct tttade in 1 hole who purchofe to fell n ■ iiu, 
0" 'Mb dcri .,:i,nJ.J i», viitb puntiuaHty jnJ J j) .,:. 
May 17- 

Ncw i'ancy GOODS, by the Galln, from 


Salmon and Herring FiJJjery. 
je and excellent aiibrtmem of 

Salmon and Herring Net Twine, for fale at the 
ftotc of 


Corner of Union and Ann-ltrccts near the Market, 
Boflon. also — , 

A very general aflbrtment of Hard 

Ware Goodi, Whujcfale and Retail. t.f. M. 7. 


At K T o, i 7, Greene's Wharf, 

25 pipes Valenria Wine, "I 

A few trunks Hair Powder and 

48 Marble Slabs, 
6fe<s elegant Statuary Marble 

Chimney Pieces, 
3 cafes Lavender Spirits, 
I do aflorttd Perfumery. 

Also — A variety of Englilh Goods, 

Subjifi it 
Drjiubjf/ , 

(6 w.) 

*y- '3- 

Gun Powder, 

IN quarter cafks, of the firft quality, 
jnft received and for fate, by 


May 13. 


Pearl Allies. 

WANTED, a few tons of PEARL 
ASHES, for which cafh will be paid, 



By N. Smith, 

In Fore-Jlrtet, corner North-frjuarei 

his other Patent Medicines, with a general af- 
fortment DRUGS and MEDICINES, etnong which arc 
Opium, Senna, Manna, Jalap, Peruvian Bark, Sic. per 
quantity, at reduced prices. ALSO, 

200 Gallons ESSENCE SPRUCE. 

Cj* IVanletl — A young Man, who has fomc 

knowledge al tile Druggitl'i bufint-fi. Apply ,. aboi-c-. 
May 30, eptf. 

i Diftrift of Maffachu^trI'DTftria--/o wit. 


S T> E it remembered, that on the 

Now landing, and for Sale, 

By Ifaac Winflow, jun. 

No. 49, Long-Wharf, 
HpHE Cargo of the Schooner Prifcillaj 

Abraham Tower, Mailer, from 7olago, confid- 
ing of Jlfay 20. . No, 4, CORMIIILL. 

76 hoglheads Tobago Rum, 

16 hhds. excellent retailing Molalk., 

bags Coffee, and 1 tierce Sugar, which will be fold 

upon reafonable terms, if applied for before they 2re 

dorcd. Aifi, at above Store, 

100 quintals Merchantable Fifh, 

NapKs Draody in pipes, 

Red Wine in pipes, half pipes and quarter caflcs, ■ 

a few cafes Naples Oil, Brown Sugar In hhds. & bufliels, 
60 bbl:. Beef /'repacked) &c. &c. May Z, 

Jufl Imported, and for SALE, 

By L)aniel Sargent, jun. 

No. 15, Long-Wharf. 

Hyfon Tea in qv. chefts, a few boxes 

China, % fets in each, 
Malaga Wine, in quarter cades, 
Mufcateland Bloom Kaifins in bores, 
Red Wine-, Cadilc Soap, Sweet Oil, 
Silk Handkerchiefs and Shawls, Silk Stockings afforted, 
A few boxes of fheathinj; Copper, Ruffian and Raven* 

Duck. Sheeting, Hemp, Ci^dagc, &c 

ft3- One pair brafs two pound Can- 

non. __^^_ Mav s ?- 

Engli/h Hats. 

JIavt rtteived by lie Sbipi Packet and Vcnui, frsm Liv- 

-AN extenfive afiurtment of Beaver, 

; * Camel Hair, and other HATS, which are for 
Sate, low for Cafh or Credit. Store fouili fide the 


To Let — A genteel Houfe in Charlcf- 

tofra. ipply as above. May ai. 

60,000 prime fliipping Kennebeck and 

Peiiobfcot Boards, do. Scantling, at a ennvenient place to fliip the 
fame. Alfo, about 10,000 fcaloned Plank, and 

10,000 feafoncd prime R. O. H. Staves, for terms, ap- 
ply to NATHAN ADAMS & Co. 

CbartfloMin, May 13, 180O. fiw. 

Bourne & Wood, 

Have received diredly from the ManuftiSor'tes, by 
the Ship John Adarris, 

AN excellent affortment Dry Goods, 
viz. — low priced and fine Calicoes, clouded, drip- j 
cd and twilled Nankin*, Elegant Mnlhu»tt, white and j 
London printed Mcrfaiea Waideoaling, tambour, fprig- 1 
cd, fattin worJ|'-d, lapct, cam brick, iauoneto, book and ; 
other Mulliiis of all qualities, Muiiin Handkerchiefs, I 
Carpets, .%c. &c. ! 

Which with what they before hid on hand, makes a 
eompleat affortment ; and will be fold very low at their 
Ware Houfe, No. <Z, Ann-Sir tet. [3 a] April 15. 

Mir 30. 

Coach Making. 

Frott.htighant) Wheeler, tsf Sprague, 
AT their Shops in the Laboratory, 

Z X carry on the COACH-MAKING BUSINESS in 
all iu various Branchet, with neatnefs and difpateh. 

They have for Sal; 

Three fecond-hand Chariots, 2 Fhas- 

rona, and 4 Chaife. May 17.- 


\ Complete affortment of DRUGS 

-^ and MEDICINES, with -Shop Furnlltiw, mil 

li ■ v iceeffary ftrtfcle For tfcc Apoibcenry'j iluf.,1,1.. ; , : , 'i.'IL r _ " ! ! n 5j >(U " c 5J'_ 
The I lock i* p triiuularly calculated for a continuance , ■■■r- Win'c I tfi a Gentleman 

,.M,„l bun.niftinthef«me(landrin which it iiaibeen t A w g-^ , v[u> UU(UMtaai , ain c „, .„, 

.mwoTcd^whieh w.ll be U-r,aud >. equal to anvfitull- 1 j ^ bc j, rccommcutlc(1 . 

Ma ^ r ' Ifyw Intjuire of the Printer,. 

Tt> lie Honorable the Juf ices of tie Co-trf 

of Common Pliai, bf-an nitaf b-.Utn al Bofton, for aj,d 
wilbia lie Cmnty ef Suffolk, en thi third Tuefl,* c / 
April, in tie year of our Lord, 180O. 

BENJAMIN' ALLEN^'of Tifbury, in 
the County of Duin County, Efq. tl ( .,t he is uj. 
tcreftod with Sarah Luce of f*id Stftm, widow, ind 
diverfc Other pcrfuns to your petitioner unkown, in a 
certain Brick Tenement or Mulluage, with the land 
under the fame and thereto belonging, fituatc, lyiug 
and being in Summer-ftrcct, at tlic liutherly p; ir t e.t 
faid Befit,*, hounded and meafuring as follows, vir. Nor- 
therly in the front on Summcr-ftrect, there meafuring 
twenty-tight feet eight inches-, eafltrly on houfe- ani 
land of SamMON Rked, there meafuring one h.indred 
feet four inches; foutherly in the rear On land of Jo n- 
lthan Mason, jun. Efq. there meafuring twenty feet 
fix inches ; aud weftcrly on land partly of AitiA.votn 
Hooodon, Efq. and p„rily on land of Samuel Roc- 
OLes, there meafuring one hundred feet four incbci. 
together with the rigliti, members, profits, privileges, 
improvements and appurtenances thereto belonging, 
one undivided Half of two Thirds of faid Tenement or 
Mtfl'uage and Appurtenances owned by faid Petition- 
er— That your Petitioner is defirous of having his fuid 
Half 0/ two Thirds of the prcmifes divided from the 
reft and ftt off to him to hold in feveralty. 

Wherefore he pr;>ys this Honorable Court to eaufe 
partition of chc prcmifes lo be made, that he, the faid 
Benjamin, may hold his part and proportion thereof 
in i'evcnlty as afcre*f lid, 

by JOHN HEARD, his Attorney, 
A irut Cpy—Attfl, CHARLES CUSHING, Ct.ri. 

Sujfailjf. Commonwealth of Maflachufetts, 
At a Court of Common Pleas begun and held at 
Boflon, within and for the- County of Suff-,lk, on the 
third Tu.cfi.Uy of April (being chc fifteenth day of (kid 
month) in the year of our Lord one ihoufand eight 
hundred : 

Upon the petition aforefaid, ORDERED, 
That the Petitioner notify all perfons intereficd, to ap- 
pear at the next term of this Court to be holden at 
faid B;flon, Tor faid Crnii ty, on the firft Tucfdayof July 
next, by publifliing an attcded copy of the petition and 
order tliercon,in the Columbian Centintl and Majfisbufelti 
M.-rcury, printed at faid li.-fion, three weeks fucccflive- 
ly, the lad publication to bc atleaft three weeks before 
the fitting of Taid Court, that ihcy may then and there 
fliew caufY-, if any they have, why the prayer thereof 
Qiould not b e granted. , By order of Ccurt, 

Atteft, CHARLES CUSHING, Ctert. 

NOTICE is hereby given to rehdenr. 
and non-rcftdent proprietors of Lands in the 
town of fffinHfr, in the county of Bert/birr, and Com- 
monwealth of Mafitivfettt, that their Lands in faid 

town are affeffed the following fums.'for the years J79S 
and 1799, the bills for which arc in the hands of the 

Snbferibe.- to collect i 

ften-rtfdtnt't iVtnjei, 


twenty-fixth day of May, in the twen- 
ty-fourth year of the Independence of (be 
United Suie, of Amtrito, NATHANIEL EMMONS, 
of the faid Diflrift, hath depofited in this Office the 
Tiileof a Book, the right whereof he claims as Author, 
in the words following, to wit .* — " Sermon* on fome of 
the fird Principles and Doctrines of true Religion — 
By Nathakiel Emmons, D. D." 

In conformity to the Act of the Con- 

grefs of the Unhid Statu, entituled, "An A<£1 for the en- 
couragement of learning, by fecuring the Copies of 
Maps^bait*, and Books to the Authors and Proprie- 
tors of fuch Copies during the time therein mentioned." 

N. GOODALE, X^^filf^-h ■( 

■' tMi'Jf.nhiifcttt DiJIttS. 

A true Capy rf J7eeorJ, 

Atted, N. COODALE, Cterl. 

N. B. The above Work is to be fold 

at the Bookftoicof CALEC BINGHAM, No. 44, C*rn- 
bitt; price % Dollars. Boduu, May 37, 1800. 


HPHE Officers and Crew of the U. S. Brig Pitttfisg, 

Walton, 22 Ht tjo 

Col. Jona.RemiHgton,59 do 50 

30 2d too 

60 do 100 

125 ad 100 

iao 2d roo 

1 id 50 

Capt. Sanulel Read, 7 ad jo 

Dr. Levi Warren, 122 ad ida- 

Hofca Merrils, 13 lit 114 

LTiael Frink, 44 

Whiting, 7 iff 40 


I 21 


.e ■ 





In thai [ fitrm.:;ly belonging to ConiiBgton 

Ellfwtu th, 
Deacon Packard. 

20 do 

j 2 ad 



-enjaMin rui.LAR, mqi Commander, are requeft- 

ed tt. call at Mrr. Broaden, Fore-Street, arid receive 
their Prize Money for Prizes captured and Told in the 
lad cruize, ^f Couftant attendance from the hours 
of 10 to 1, and from 3 to 6 in (lie afternoon. 

fffeg 3- I 

]HE SubfcHber notifies, that he has 
removed from Wrfl-Bofton, to No. 6, Coun- 
j Slrect. SHU BAE L BELL.Deputy Slurid'. 


than 50 feet long. 
Inquire at No. 51, 

May HO. 


7HREE Rooms in a Store, 
are very large, fuitable- for Dry Goods, 

tral iiinatioii, oach room not lefs 
with 2 fire-place, at each end- 
1. e p 6 w 


A ; 



Store, Lower Roomandthree Cham- 
bers, fimatcd in Liberty Square.—.-?^, a conve- 
nient Divcl ling- Houfe, near Statc-ftrccC. 

May 17.] inquire of th e Printers. 

TO BE LET, and immediate p^fefftom given, 

WO thirds of a large Dwelling 

toufe. Barn, Chaife Houfe, aud Stable, with 
two mill pieve* hi excellent Mowing I.antl, and a 
grcaf v...- :ty "f the heft l"r .rt Trees ::> a bc;.t -"f, B«e 
fituatted in Dtrcltftir. Appry to THOMAS T. R0B- 
B1 NSON, in Qaxbtry Stttd, (t 1" ) April 15- 


A Genteel Houic, fituated at Weft* 
B"fi-n, having three Roiims on a door, and being 
accommodated wub .1 good Well, Cittern, S: (ble, ice. 

M iy : j . 


James Hathaway, l 

Daniel Gnddard, 
ComfordBcalU, 58 

Phillip Shaw. \\\ 

Lt. Stephen Warfler, Si 
Mr. Harrington, 

Lt. Hadcn, 

Elijah Bemus, 44 

id j 00 
ad 100 

ad 60 
2d too 
ad go 

ad too 






1 26 

1 IO 





I 39 


1 S9 

' 3* 

I 39 

I 20 



;6 17 



ad too 

And unlefs the aforefaid taxes, togeth 

er with all neoeffary intfrvening charges, are paid to 
me, on or before Monday, the feventh day of July 
next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, fo much of faid 
hits will then be ibid at public vendue, at the dwelling- 
houfe of Josiau Bealls, inholdcr in faid fVindfr, as 
will pity the aforefaid taxes, and all nccefl'ary chargci 
upon the in, 

C Colliltor «f IVindfte fir 
I 1798 and I7P9- 
Windfor, May 8, iSco. J3. 

OTICE is hereby given to the non- 



refident Proprietors of the following lots of 
Land in the town of Cornifi, in the County of Tori, 
that their ref^e&ive lots are taxed in the Bills com- 
mitted to me to Lolleet for the years 17C/3 and 1799. ** 
follovs, viz. 

For 1798. 

State 13" 









Proprietors Names 



Ut/gg;,, &j?ui*ri*x 












For 1795 

<'''™tni'-jf Pietering, 












Jatne, Herman. 










1 s 


?■ ir-fl. 




1 5 


'Jnl no-tun, 




4 S 






1 $ 








Unlefs faiJ Taxes are paid to mc witli 

intervening charges, on or before the fecond Monday 
in Augnll iiixt,' at two o'chick in the afternoon, fo tftucni 
of faid Land- as will defray ihe fame, will then bo fold 1 
at Public Vclldue at the- dwelling houfe ofANEMtlw 
SitPiinva^t in faid Town according tc Law. 

Com-Ji, %it!> -Ifi.oSyDa, M 


TICKETS and Parts in the Second 
Clafs of Amnfltcag Canal Lotterv. which coth- 
mfiicci drawing this day,are fot file at the Boofcrtnrfof 
JOHN WEST, N". js, Cornhiil, rftiere the uriaw will 
be- paid on demand. also, 

Tickets in the Dartmouth College & 

Philanthropic Lotteries. 

" PrtRcTi. kits received in payment. May :■- 

J'l'tf'w the Pr&f. An elegant Anv- 

ricaii-cngravcd eommemoratTve Pfelure, to l>c h«d Jt 
f Office No. u,F-lft-cor,i.r of iititl c r%-Row, where fe 
I ft ral, framed in' a comp'cte m .nucr, are to be fee* 

I as fpcrtmeni.