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I 4>^^ -- ' 1869, f ^^^ 








(Formerly Adams, Sampson, & Co.) 





Entered according; to Act of Consrress, in the year 1869, by Sampsoit, Davenport, & Co., in 

^rT3~\J the Clerk'e Otfice for the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. 



Printed by Obokok C. Rand & Ayert, 3 ComhiU, Boston. 


PRIOlii, #3.00. 





oX FWW fiflODS, 


JRI (i001)S,|4^iiei^ 

Hardware, !*^c?Sth,nc. 

I DRYG0009. 

AGRICULTURAL i fancy coo'd«. 


g \\\\) \t\\\t\\\^, y SHIPPINOTREE LABELS . 








Dii(Tio\' UKEis m mmm mu. 

:majd:e: from: 







Academies 94— 98 

Account and Book Adjusters 397 

Accountants 113 

Acetic Acid Manufocturers 397 

Acid Manufacturers 113 

Actuary, Consulting 397 

Adjusters of Complicated Accounts. . . . 397 
Adjusters of Marine and Fire Losses. . .397 

Adjustible Circular Saw Benches 113 

Adjutant General 17 

Advertisements 657 

Advertising Agents 113, 397 

Advertiiing Index 841 

Ageing Boxes 113 

Agricultural Engineers 397 

Agricultural Implement Manuf 113 

Agricultural Warehouses ;114, 397 

Agriculture, State Board of 88 

Air and Sub-Marine Fumps 397 

Album Manufacturers 114 

Albums 397 

Alcohol 397 

Ale, Porter, and Cider 114, 397 

Alien Passengers, Superintendents of.. . 98 

Almshouses, State 88 

Alphabetical Index to Advertisers. . ..841 

Ammonia Manuf 398 

Anchor Maimfacturers 114 

Anchors , 398 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery 87 

Annui!cia'ors 398 

Anti-Friction Lining Metal 114 

Apothecaries 114, 398 

Apple Paring Machines 117 

Archil 399 

Architects 117, 399 

Art Gallery 400 

Artesian Wells 117, 400 

Artificial Limb Manufacturers 117, 400 

Artists 117 

Artists' Materials 400 

Assa vers and Refi ners 400 

Assessors U. S. Int. Rev. in Mass 82 

Astrologers 400 

Attorney General 17 

Auctioneers 117, 400 

Auditors of Accounts 17,401 

Auger, Bit, and Gimlet Makers 119 

Awl Manufacturers 120 

Awnings 401 

Axe Helve Manufacturers (see Handle 

Manufacturers) 260 

Axe iVIanufacturers (see Edge Tools).. .229 

Axes 40] 

Axletree Manufacturers 120 

Axles 401 

Babbitt's Metal 120 

Bacon Works 120, 401 

Bags and Bagging 120, 401 

Bait (Clam and Porgie) 120 

Bait and Fruit Mills 120 

Bakers 120, 401 

Balances 402 

Ball Manufacturers 121 

Ballast 402 

Band Sawing Machines 121 

Banding and Cordage 121 

Bankruptcy, Registers in 82 

Bankers 121, 402 

Bank and Safe Locks (see Lock8).289, 510 

Banks 593, 606 

Bark (Tanners) 403 

Bark Mills..: ^ 121 

Barnstable County Civil Officers 81 

" " Probate Court 81 

Barometeter and Thermometer Manufs 403 

Barrel Dealers 121 

Barrel Head Manuf 121 

Barrel Manuf. (see also Coopers). .121, 403 

Barrels, Casks and Bungs 493 

Basket Manufacturers 121, 403 

Baskets and Toys 403 

Baths 403 

Bed Comforter Manuf 122 

Bed Springs Manuf. 122 

Bedding 403 

Beds 403 

Bedstead Manufacturers 122, 403 

Beer Apparatus 403 

Beer Faucet Manuf. (patent) 122 

Beer Manufacturers 122, 403 

Bell Founders 122 

Bell Hangers 122, 403 

Bellows Manufacturers 403 

Bells 403 

Belt and Leather Stuffing 403 

Belting 122, 403 

Berkshire County Civil Officers 33 

" " Probate Court 33 

Bi-Carb. Soda 403 

Bill Posters 123, 404 

Billiard Ball Manuf 122 

Billiard Halls 122,404 

Billiaid Table Manufacturers 404 

Billiard Table Leg Manufacturers 123 

Birds and Cages 404 

Bit and Gimlet Manufacturers 119 

Bit Brace Manufacturers 123 

Bitters Manufacturers 123 

Black Ball Manufacturers 123 

Black Lead, or Plumbago Dealers.. . .123 

Black Lead Crucibles, &c 123 

Black Walnut Frames 405 

Blacking Manufacturers 123, 404 

Blacksmiths 123, 404 

Blank Book Manufacturers 131, 405 

Blanket Manufacturers (see Woolen 

Goods) 392 

Bleacheries 131, 405 

Blind Asylum 90 

Blind Hinges and Fastenings 181 

Blind Makers' Supplies , .405 

Blueing 405 

Blocks and Oars 131 

Board of Agriculture, State 88 

Board of Education 93 

Board of State Charities 8S 

Boarding Houses 406 

Boat Builders , 131, 407 

Bobbin and Spool Manufacturers 132 

Boiler Makers 132, 407 

Bolt Makers 407 

Bolting Cloths .40T 

Bolts, Nuts and Washers 132, 407 

Bone Setter 132 

Bones and Bone Dust 132 

Bonnet and Hood Machinery 132 

Bonnet and Hat Block Manufs 132 

Bonnet Bleacheries 132, 407 

Bonnet Frame Manufacturers 132, 407 

Bonnet Machinery 132 

Bonnet Manufs. (see Straw Goods) 368 

Bonnet Trimming Manufacturers 133 

Bonnet Wire Manufacturers 133 

Bookbinder Manuf 407 ■ 

Bookbinders .1??, 407 


Bookbinders' Shears 133 

Bookbinders' Machinery 40i) j 

Bookbinders' Stock and Tools 408 

Book Clasp Manufacturers 133 

Book Lettering and Enabossing 408 

Book Pager .408 j 

Bfxjksellers and Publishers 408 i 

Booksellers and Stationers 133 [ 

Boot, Shoe and Leather Dealers (whole- I 

sale) 409 

Boot and Shoe Blacking Manufs.. .134, 413 

Boot and Shoe Bottomers 134 

B<x)t and Shoe Buckles 413 

Boot and Shoe Counters 134, 415 

Boot and Shoe Dealers 134, 412 

Boot and Shoe Dies and Cutters 413 

Boot and Shoe Findings, Tools, &c 138, 413 

Boot and Shoe Finishers 139, 414 

Boot and Shoe Heel and Toe Irons 414 

Boot and Shoe Heelers 139. 414 

Boot and Shoe Lacing Manufs 414 

Boot and Shoe Lusts and Trees 414 

Boot and Shoe Machinery 139 

Boot and Shoe Machines 414 

Boot and Shoe Makers 139, 415 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers 146 

Boot and Shoe Manufs Goods 414 

Boot and Shoe Patterns 414 

Boot and Shoe Stitchers 155 

Boot and Shoe Stock Manufacturers. . 154 

Boot and Shoe Styles 414 

Boot and Shoe Tips 415 

lioot Crimpers 415 

Boot Fitters 416 

Buot Top Gilders 155 

Boring Machines 155 

Boston and Maine Kailroad 

Boston and Providence Railroad 

Boston Business Directory 397 

Boston City Hospital. . . ." 89 

Boston Lunatic Hospital 90 

Botanic Medicines 155 

Bottlers 156 

Bowling Alleys 156, 417 

Box Board Manufacturers 156 

Box Makers 166, 417 

Boxwood and Mahogany 417 

Brackets 157, 417 

Brass and Copper Founders 157, 417 

Brass and Malleable Iron Castings. ... 158 

Brass Finishers 157,417 

Brass Manufacturers 418 

Bread 418 

Brewers 158, 418 

Brick Machines 418 

Brick Makers 168 

Bricks 418 

Bridge Builders 159, 418 

Bristol County, Civil Oflicers 35 

" " Probate Court 35 

Britannia A' are Manufacturers 159, 418 

Brokers 159, 418 

Bronze Iron Goods 422 

Bronze Metal (Patent) 159 

Bronze Metal Sheathing 169 

Bronze Powders 422 

Bronze Statuary 422 

Bronzer and Electro Gilder 422 

Broom Corn 422 

Broom Manufacturers 159, 422 

Brown Stone ilanufacturcrs 159 

Brush Manufacturers 159, 4'22 

Brush Wood Manufacturers 159 

Bucket Manufs. (see Wooden Ware). . 391 

Builder of Churches 422 

Builders and Contractors (see Carpen- 
ters) 166, 424 

Builders' Materials 159, 422 

Building Movers 160, 423 

Bung Manufacturers 160 

Bungs and Taps 423 

Bunting Manufacturers 160 

Burglar Alarm 169 

Burning Brands and Seal Presses, 

Manufacturers 160, 423 

Burning Fluid 4'23 

Burr .Millstones 423 

Burr Picker Manuf. 160 

I5usiness Director}' of Boston 397 

Business Directory of Massachusetts. . 113 
Business Directory of Advertisers and 

Subscribers in other States SSft 

Butchers 160 

Butt Hinge Manufacturers 162, 429 

Butter and Cheese Dealers 162 

Button Dealers 423 

Button Hole Machines 423 

Button Hole Maker ( Machine) 162 

Button Manufacturers 162 

Cabinet Beds 423 

Cabinet Lock Manuf. 163 

Cabinet Makers 168, 423 

Cabinet Organs 164, 423 

Calcined and Farmers' Plaster 164 

Calendering and Singeing Cocks 164 

Calenders and Mangles Manuf. 164 

Calico Printers" Rollers 164 

Calico Printing Machinery 164 

Caliper and Divider Manufacturers. . . 164 

Calkers and Gravers 164 

Calking Cotton 424 

Caloric Engines 424 

Camera Box Manuf. 424 

Candle Mould Manufacturer 164 

Cane and Willow Furniture 424 

Cap Manufacturers 424 

Cap Trimmings ( i'atent Leather) 424 

Capstans (see Shins' Wheels, &c.). 424, 366 

Car Head Lining Manufactureis 164 

Car Manufacturers 164 

Car Seat Manufacturers 424 

Car Springs 424 

Car Wheel Manufacturers 164 

Card and Card Clothing .Manufs.. .164, 424 

Card Screen Manufacturer 165 

Card Setting Machine Manufacturer... 165 

Carding Mills (see Wool Carders) 392 

Cards (Enamelled Paper) 165, 424 

Carpenters and Builders 165, 424 

Carpenters' Tools 175 

Carpet Bags 427 

Carpet Cleaning 427 

Carpet Dealers 176 

Carpet Linings 427 

Carpet Lining Manufacturers 176 

Carpet Makers 427 

Carpet Manufacturers 176 

Carpet Slippers 176 

Carpet Sweeper Manufacturers.. 176,428 

Carpet Yams 428 

Carpetings 427 

Carriage Axles 176 

Carriage and Saddler)' Hardware 178 

Carriage, Coach, & Sieigh Manuf . 176, 428 

Carriage Painters 313 

Carriage Repositories 178, 428 

Carriage Smiths 179,428 

Carriage Spokes, Hubs, Shafts, Rims,. 179 

Carriage Stock 428 

Carriage Top Dressing 179, 428 

Carriage Trimmers 179 

Carriage Trimmings 179 

Carriage Washers 179 

Cartridge Manufacturers 179 

Carvers 179, 428 

Cask and Keg Manuf. 179 


Cask Dealers 429 

Caskets 429 

Cast Steel Workers 429 

Castings 429 

Caterers 429 

Cement Drain Pipe Manufacturers. . . . 179 

Cement Manufs. and Dealers 179, 429 

Chain Cables and Anchors 429 

Chain Makers 429 

Chair Dealers and Painters 429 

Chair Finisher 180 

Chair Machinery Manufacturerf 180 

Chair Manufacturers 180, 429 

Chair Material Manufacturers 180 

Chair Tools, Bits, &c 180 

Chalk and Crayon Manufacturers ... 180 

Chalk Importers 429 

Chamber Furniture Manuf. 180 

Channel Cement Manuf. '. 180 

Charcoal Burners and Dealers 180 

Charts 180 

Check and Ticket Numberer 429 

Cheese Manufacturers 180 

Cheese Presses 181 

Chemical Apparatus 429 

Chemical Works 181 

Chemicals 430 

Chemists 430 

Children's Carriage Hardware 181 

Children's Carriages 181, 430 

Chimney Caps 181 

Chimney Sweep 430 

Chimney Tops 430 

China Decorators 430 

China Ware Kepairer 430 

Chiropodists 430 

Chisel Manufacturers 181 

Chocolate Manufacturers 181, 430 

Chopping Knife Manuf. 181 

Chromos 430 

Chronometers 181, 430 

Chuck Manuf. (Lathe) 181 

Cider 181 

Cider Refineries 181 

Cigar and SnufF Stores 430 

Cigar Dealers 181 

Cigar Manufacturers 182, 430 

Cistern Builders 432 

Cisterns, Tanks, &c 182 

City Clerks 79 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors. . . 183, 432 

Claim Agents 183, 432 

Clairvoyants 432 

Clams 433 

Clay Beds 183 

Clergymen 183, 433 

Clerks of Courts. .31, 33, 35, 38, 39, 43. 

45, 47, 49, 65, 56, 59, 61, 68 

Cloaks and Mantillas 192, 434 

Clocks 192,434 

Clock Makers and Repairers 434 

Cloth Finishers 434 

Cloth Printers 434 

Clothes Cleaners 192, 434 

Clothes Wringers, Dealers and Manu- 
facturers 192, 435 

Clothing 192, 435 

Clothing (Second Hand) 436 

Cloths and Woolen goods 195, 437 

Coal and Wood Dealers 195, 438 

Coal Dealers {whuUsnle) 197, 437 

Coal Mining Companies 437 

Coal Sifters 197, 438 

Cocoa Manufacturers 439 

Cocoanut ( Prepared) 439 

Cocoanut Cake Baker 439 

Coffee and Spice Mills 197, 439 

Coffin and Casket Manuf. 197 

Coffin Trimmings Manufacturers 198 

Coffin Warerooms 197, 439 

Collar Manufacturers 198 

Collars 439 

Collecting Attorneys 198 

Collectors 439 

Collectors of Customs in Mass 92 

Collectors of Internal Revenue in Mass. 82 

Colleges, Academies, &c 94 

Color Manufacturers 198. 439 

Comb Manufacturers 198, 439 

Comforter Manufacturers 198 

Commercial Brokers 439 

Commercial Colleges 198, 440 

Commission Merchants 198, 440 

C(^mmissiouers, Countv. .31,33, 36, 38, 

39, 44,'46, 48, 50, 56,59, 68 
Commissioners of all the States and 

Territories, Angell & .leniiison, 46 

Washington st. Boston 
Commissioners in Mass. for other 

States 99, 108 

Commissioners in other States for 104 

Commissioners, State 98 

Commissioners of Insolvency. . .31, 33, 

36, 38, 40, 44. 46, 48, 50, 5.5, 56, 59, 62, 68 
Commissioners to Qualify Civil officers, 

31, 33, 36, 38, 40, 44, 46, 48, 50, 65, 

56, 69, 62, 68 
Commissioners U. S. Court of Claims. 103 
Commissioners United States Circuit 

Court in Massachu-ietts 28 

Commissioners of Wrecks, 31, 36. 38, 

40, 55, 56, 59, 67 

Committees of Legislature 21 

Compo Shoe Manufacturers 1!'9 

Composition Nails 199 

Composition Hollers 444 

Condensed Milk 444 

Conductors 199 

Confectioners 199, 444 

Confectionery and Fruit 199 

Congressional Representative Districts 27 
Constable of the Commonwealth and 

Deputies 72 

Consuls 445 

Contractors 201 

Cotitractors for BuiWing 201, 445 

Contractors for Public Works 445 

Conveyancers 201, 445 

Cooperage Stock 446 

Coopers 201, 446 

Coopers' Flags 203 

Coopers' Tools 446 

Cop Tube Manufacturers 203 

Copper and Iron Pumps 446 

Copper and Steel Plate Makers 447 

Copper and Yellow Metal Bolts 203 

Copper Dealers 446 

Copper Founders 203, 446 

Copper Manufacturers 203 

Copper Mining Companies 446 

Copper Paint 203 

Copper Stamp, Stencil, & Block Cutter 203 

Copiiersmiths 203, 447 

Copying Press Manufacturers 203 

Copyist 447 

Cordage Manufs. and Dealers . . . 203, 447 

Cordials, .sirups, and Extracts.. 203 

Cork Cutters 447 

Cork Manafncturers 203 

Corn and Cob Cracker Manufs 203 

Corn Balls and Candy 448 

Corn Brooms and Brushes 448 

Corn Cake Manufacturer 203 

Corn Sliellei-s 203 

Coroners... 32, 35, 38, 39, 43, 45, 47, 49, 

55, 58, 61, 67, 72 


Corrugated Iron 203 

Corset Bindings, &c 203 

Corset Jeans 203 

Corsets 203, 448 

Co turners 448 

Cotton and Wool Wadding Manufs.... 203 

Cotton and Wool Waste 203 

Cotton Banding and Rope Manuf. 204 

Cotton Batting Manufacturers 204 

Cotton Brokers 204 

Cotton Buyers 448 

Cotton Cloth Manufacturers 204,448 

Cotton Dealers 206, 448 

Cotton I rills 206 

Cotton Gin Manufacturers 206, 248 

Cotton Lacing Manufacturers 206 

Cotton Machinery Manufacturers 206 

Cotton Openers and Cleaners 206 

Cotton Tape and Webbing Manufs.. .. 206 

Cotton Thread and Twine Manufs 206 

Cotton Warp Manufacturers 206 

Cotton Waste 448 

Cotton Yarn Manufacturers 207 

Council of the Governor 17 

Councillor Districts 23 

Counsellors (see Lawyers) 281, 498 

Counting Room Furniture 448 

Country Stores 207 

County Commissioners. .31, 33, 36, 38, 

39, 44, 46, 48, 50, 56, 69, 68 
Conntv Officers in other New-England 

States 106 

County Treasurers.. .31, 33, 35, 38, 31t, 

4.3, 45, 47, 49, 65, 56, 59, 61, 68 

Court Piaster 448 

Courts of lusolvency. .33, 35, 39, 44, 46. 

48, 60, 69 
Courts, Municipal, in Massachusetts.. 29 

Courts, Police, in Massnchusetts 30 

Courts, Probate. . .31, 33, 35, 38, 39, 44 

45, 48, 50, 55, 66, 59, 62, 68 

Courts, Superior, in Mass 29 

Courts, Supreme Judicial, in Mass.... 28 

Courts, i nited States, in Mass 28 

Cracker Bakers 215, 449 

Crayon Manufacturers 215 

Cream Tartar Manuf. 449 

Crockery, China, Glass, and Earthen 

Ware." 215, 449 

Croquet Equipments 216, 449 

Crucible Manufacturers 216, 449 

Cudbear and Archil 449 

Cultivators (see Agricultural Imple- 
ments) 113, 397 

Curled Hair Manufacturers 216, 449 

Curriers (see also Tanners and Cur- 
riers) 216, 449 

Curriers' Findings 450 

Curriers' Fixtures 450 

Curriers' Grease 217 

Curriers' Tools, Tables, &c 217 

Curtain Cord Manuf. 217 

Curtain Fixture Manuf. 217, 460 

Custom House Officers in Mass 92 

Cutlers 450 

Cutlerv Griader 217 

Cutlery Manufs 217, 460 

Cutters and Dies 217 

Cyanuret of Potassium 217 

Daguerreotype Apparatus 450 

Daguerreotype Case Manufs 217 

Daguerreotypists (see Photographers, 

&c 326,536 

Decalcomanie Goods 217, 450 

Deck Plugs and Wedges 218 

Decorators 450 

Demijohns, Bottles, and Flasks 450 

Dentists 218, 450 

Dentists' Materials & Instruments. 219, 461 

Deposit Vaults 451 

Deputy Sheriffs. .31, 33. 35, 38, 39, 43, 

45, 48, 50, 56, 69, 62, 68 

Deputy State Constables 72 

Dermatologist 451 

Designers and Draftsmen 219, 451 

Desk Manufacturers 461 

Detectives 451 

Diamond Cutters 451 

Diamonds 451 

Diaphanie 451 

Diary and Memorandum Manuf 219 

Die Sinkers and Letter Cutters.. . 219, 452 

Dies and Cutters 452 

Dining Saloons 452 

Discharged Soldiers' Home, Trustees. . 98 

Distillers 220, 452 

District Attorneys 29 

Dog Dealer 452 

Dollar Sale Stores 452 

Door Plates 452 

Door Stop Manuf. (India Rubber) 220 

Doors, Sashes, and Blinds (see also 

Planing Mills) 220, 4-^2 

Drain and Sewer Pipe 452 

Drain and Sewer Tubing 220 

Drain Pipe and Tile Manufacturers. . . .220 

Draughtsmen 4-'i3 

Dressing Glass Frame Mauufactory. . . .453 

Dressmakers .221, 463 

Drills 223 

Drug Mills 464 

Di upgif-ts' Articles 454 

Druggists' Glass Ware 464 

Drugs and Medicines 223, 466 

Drum Makers 223 

Dry Docks 465 

Dry Goods (Importers and Jobbers). . . .456 

Drj- Goods (wholesale) 455 

Dry Goods (retail) 224, 456 

Duck 228, 467 

Dukes County, Civil Officers 38 

Dukes Count j'. Probate Court 38 

Dusters 228 

Dvers 228, 467 

Dyestuffs, Dnigs, &c 228, 458 

Earthen Ware (see Potteries) 337 

Eating Houses 228 

Ktre Troughs and Gutters 229 

Edge Tool Manufs. (see also Tools, also 

Cutlerv) 229, 458 

Egg Beaters 230 

Elastic Goods Manufacturers 230, 468 

i Elastic Stockings 468 

Electric Washing Fluid 230 

Electricians 458 

Electro Platers (see Silver Platers). 357, 562 

Electrotypers .230, 458 

Elevators 230 

Elocution 468 

Embalming 458 

Embroidery Stampers 230, 458 

Emery . . . '. 458 

Emery & Crocus Cloth & Sticks . .230, 458 

Emery Grin<lers .230 

Emigrant Agents .■ . . . .230 

Emporium of Fa.-hion8 458 

Enamelled Cloth Manufacturers 230 

Engine and Hand Lathes 230 

Engine Hose 230, 469 

Engines 459 

Engines ( Caloric) 459 

Engineers (constructing) 459 

Engineers (hydraulic) 459 

Engineers (mechanical) 230, 469 

Engineers (mining) 459 

Engineers (steam) 459 


Engravers ^.vS^iL^.^'/'ri^. 230, 459 

Engravings 460 

Envelope Advertising 230 

Envelope Manufacturers 23C, 460 

Erasable Tablets 460 

Essence Manufacturers 230 

Essex County Civil Officers 39 

" " Probate Court 39 

Excelsior Manufacturers 450 

Executive Department 17 

Express Wagons 230 

Expresses 231, 653 

Eye and Ear Institute 460 

Eve Protectors 231 

Eyelets 460 

Eyeletting Machine Manafs 231, 460 

Fan Mills (see Agricul. Implements). . .113 

Fan Blowers 460 

Fan Manufacturers 231 

Fancy Feathers 460 

Fancy Goods, Toys, &c 231, 460 

Farm Agents 462 

Faucet Manufacturers 233 

Faucets 462 

Feather Trimmings 462 

Feathers, Beds, &c 462 

Feed Cutter Manufs. (see Agricultural 

Implements) 113 

Felloes and Spokes 233 

Felt Manufacturers 233, 462 

Fertilizers 233,462 

File iManufacturers 233, 462 

Fire Arms 233 

Fire Brick Manufacturers 234 

Fire Brick and Stove Linings 234 

Fire Bricks, Clay, and Tile 463 

Fire Engines 463 

Fire Extinguishers 463 

Fire Sand 234 

Fire Works 463 

Fish Bait 234 

Fish Dealers 234, 463 

Fish Oils 236 

Fisheries 236 

Fishermen's Outfits 237 

Fishing Net Machines 464 

Fishing Pole Manufacturers 237 

Fishing Tackle 237, 464 

Flag and Curb Stone 237 

Flags 464 

Flannels 237 

Flavoring Extract Manufs 237, 464 

Flax 464 

Flax Mills 237 

Flocks 237 

Florists (see also Nurserymen). 310, 464, 524 

Flour and Grain Dealers 237, 464 

Flouring Mills 239, 466 

Flower Pots. 466 

Flue Broom Manuf. 239 

Flyer Manufacturers 237 

Food for Horses and Cattle 466 

Force Pumps 466 

Forges 439, 466 

Forks (see Agricultural Implements). ..113 

Foundry Facings 466 

Frame Makers (see Looking Glass). .. .289 

Franklin County, Civil Officers 43 

" " Probate Court 44 

Freestone and Limestone 466 

Freestone Workers 239 

Fresco Painters 239, 466 

Fret Sawing 466 

Fringes and Tassels Manuf. 466 

Fruit Dealers 239,465 

Fuel (Granular) 240 

Fur Dealers 240, 467 

Fur Dressers 467 

Furnace Grate Bar 240 

Furnaces and Ranges 240, 467 

Furniture Dealers 240, 467 

Furniture Manufacturers 241, 469 

Furniture Repairing 242 

Furriers 469 

Fuse Manufacturers 242 

Galvanizers 242 

Garden Trellises 242 

Garden Vegetables 242 

Garment Supporters 242 

Gas and Steam Pipe and Fittings 242 

Gas and Water Pipe Manuf. 242, 469 

Gas and Water Mains 469 

Gas Burners 469 

Gas Burning Improvements 469 

Gas Fitters and Fixtures 242 

Gas Fittings and Fixtures 469 

Gas Heating Improvements 242 

Gas Light Companies 469, 618 

Gas Machine Manufacturers 242 

Gas Meter Manufacturers .470 

Gas Pipe Fitters 470 

Gas Pipe Manufacturers 470 

Gas, Steam, and Water Fittings 242 

Gas Stoves 470 

Gas Works Manufacturers 470 

Gasoleine 471 

Gasometer Manufacturers 242, 470 

Gauge Manufacturers 242 

Gangers 242 

Gear Manufacturers 242 

Gearing and Shafting 243 

Gents' Furnishing Goods 242, 471 

German Bronze Powders 471 

German Silver Ware Manufac 243 

Gilders (Picture-frames) 289, 471 

Glass and Chemicals 472 

Glass Cutters and Engravers 472 

Glass Cutters and Stainers 243 

Glass Makers' Supplies 472 

Glass (Manufs. and Dealers) 471 

Glass Sand Dealers 243 

Glass Stainers 473 

Glass- Ware Manufacturers 243,471 

Glaziers' Points and Diamonds 472 

Glaziers' Points Manufacturers 243 

Globe Manufacturers 472 

Glove and Mitten Manufac'rs 243, 472 

Glove Restorers 243 

Glue Miinufacturers 244, 473 

Glue Stock and Sizing. 473 

Glue Substitute 244 

Gold Beaters *. 473 

Gold Chain Manufacturers 244 

Gold Mining Companies 473 

Gold Pen Manufacturers 244, 473 

Gold and Silver Platers and Colorers. ..473 

Governor of Massachusetts 17 

Governor's Staff 17 

Grain (see Flour and Grain) 237, 464 

Grain ( Barley ) 473. 

Grain Cradle Makers (see Agricultural 

Implements) 113, 397 

Grain Elevators 244, 473 

Grain Measurer 473 

Grainers 473 

Grand Army of the Republic 15 

Granite Dealers 473 

Granite Quarriers 244 

Granite Works 244 

Grindstones 244, 473 

Grist Mills 244,473 

Grocers (Wholesale) 247, 473 

Grocers (Retail).. 247, 474 

Ground Bone 25T 

Guano Manufacturers 258 

Gum-Copal Manufacturers 258, 480 



Gunny Cloth and Bags 480 

Gunpowder (see Powder) 337, 480 

Gun, Rifle and Pistol Manufacturers. ..258 
Guns and Sporting Apparatus. . . .258, 480 

Gunsmiths 258, 480 

Gutters and Conductors 258, 480 

Gvmnasiums 480 

Hair (for Plastering and Stuffing)..260, 482 

Hair (iiuinan) 480 

Hair Dressers 268, 480 

Hair Dye Manufacturers 260 

Hair Invigorator 482 

Hair Jewelry 482 

Hair Restoratives 482 

Hair- Work, Wigs, &c 260, 462 

Halters (Braided Rope Head Halters).. 200 

Hame Manufacturers 260 

Hammer Manufacturers 260 

Hampden County Civil Officers 45 

" " Probate Court 45 

Hampshire County Civil Officers 47 

" " " Probate Court 48 

Hand Stamps 261,482 

Handle Manufacturers 2G0 

Harbor Commissioners 98 

Harbor Master 462 

Hardware and Cutlery 261, 482 

Hardware for Children's Carriages 262 

Hardware Manufacturers 262 

Harness Dressing 483 

Harness Frame Manuf 2C2 

Harness Makers 262, 483 

Harness Twine Manuf 265 

Harrows (see Agricul. Implem'ts) 113, 397 

Hassocks 483 

Hat Block Manufacturers 483 

Hat Manufacturers 265 

Hats and Bonnets (felt) 265 

Hats, Caps and Furs 265, 484 

Hatters 484 

Hay-Cutting Machines (see also Agri- 
cultural Implements) 266 

Hay Dealers 266, 488 

Hay Scales 485 

Hay Spreaders 266 

Heat Regulators 266 

Hemp Dressing 485 

Hermetically-Sealed Goods 266, 485 

Hide and Leather Machines 466 

Hides and Leather 266, 485 

Hides, Tallow and Calf Skins 266 

Hinge Manufacturers 266 

Hoes (see Agricultural Implem'ts) 113, 486 

Hollow Ware Manufacturers 267 

Holly Wood 486 

Homoeopathic Pharmacy 486 

Homoeopathic Vials 466 

Honey Dealers 486 

Hook and Eye Manufacturers 267 

Hoop Skirt Material Manufs 267, 486 

Hoop Skirts 267, 488 

Hop Dealers 267, 486 

Horse Clippers 486 

Horse Collar Manuf 486 

Horse Dealers 267 

Horse Rakes 267 

Horse Shoe Manufacturers 267 

Horse Shoe Mails 486 

Horse Shoers 267, 486 

Horse Shoes 486 

Horse Stalls 486 

Horticultural and Seed Store 487 

Hose 487 

Hose Manufs. (see Engine Hose) 230 

Hosiery and Glove Dealers 487 

Hosiery, Shirts, and Drawers Manufac- 
turers 267, 487 

Hospitals 89 

Hotels 268, 487 

House and Bridge Builders 489 

House Furnishing Goods 271, 489 

House of Representatives 19 

Hulled Corn 469 

Husk Manufacturers 272 

Hydraulic Presses 272, 489 

Hydrometers 489 

Ice Cream 272, 489 

Ice Crushers (Richardson's Patent). . . .272 

Ice Dealers , 272, 489 

Ice Tool Manufacturers 272 

Indelible Ink Manuf 489 

Independent Detective Office 489 

Index to Advertisements 841 

India Rubber Goods (see Rubber 

Goods) 345, 489, 666 

Indians, Guardians of 98 

Industrial School for Girls 91 

Infanfs Furnishing Goods 489 

Ink Manufacturers 272, 489 

Inkstands, Stamps, &c 272 

Inner- Soles, Heels, &c. 489 

Insolvency Courts, 33, 35, 39, 44, 46, 

48, 50, 50 

Inspectors 272, 489 

Instrument Makers 273, 490 

Insurance Agents 278, 490 

Insurance Commissioner 98 

Insurance Companies 610 

Intelligence Offices 275, 492 

Interior Decorator 462 

Internal Revenue Officers 82 

Inventors 492 

Inventors' Exchange 492 

Iron and Steel 276, 493 

Iron Builders 276 

Iron Building and Bridge Manuf 492 

Iron Fences and Railings (see also Iron 

Manufacturers, &c 275, 492 

Iron Forges (see Forges) 239, 466 

Iron Founders 276, 492 

Iron Furniture 498 

Iron Galvanizers 277 

Iron Manufacturers (see also Forges; 

also Iron Founders) 277 

Iron Pipe and Fittings 494 

Iron Pipe and Pulley Blocks 494 

Iron Pipe Manufacturers 277 

Iron Steamship and Vessel Builders. . .494 

Isinglass 277, 494 

Ivory, Horns and Tortoise Shells 494 

Jailers, 31, 33, 36, 38, 39, 44, 45, 50, 66, 

69, 68 

Japanned Ware Manufs 494 

Japan. Oils, and Varnish (see Paints 

Oils and Glass) 320, 532 

Japanners 277, 494 

Jars (Pickle and Preserve) 494 

Jet Goods Manufs 277 

Jewellers' Trays 494 

Jewelrv Manufacturers , 279, 494 

Jewelry, Watches and Plate 277, 494 

Jig Sawing and Turning 280, 495 

Joiners 495 

Jointing and Matching Machines 280 

Judges in other New England States. ..106 
Judges of Probate and Insolvency. .31, 

33, 35, 38, 39, 43, 45, 47, 49, 55, 56, 

59, 61, 68 

Judiciary of Massachusetts 28 

Junk Dealers 280, 496 

Justices of the Peace. . .32, 33, 36, 38, 

40, 44, 46, 48, 50, 55, 56, 60, 62, 66, 69 

Jute Bagging Manuf , 280 

Kaolin 280, 496 

Keg Manufacturers 280 

Ketchup 496 



Kid Glove Cleansing 469 

Kid Gloves 496 

Kindling Wood 496 

Kitchen Furnishing Goods 280 

Knife Manuf;^cturers 280 

Knife and Scissors Sharpeners 280 

Knitted Goods Mswjufs 280 

Knitting Machine Agents 280, 496 

Knitting Machine Miinufs 281, 496 

Knitting Machines (Loom Harness) 281 

Knobs 496 

Label Manufacturers 2, 281, 496 

Laces. Embroideries, &c 281, 496 

Lace Leather Manufacturers 281 

Ladder Manufactnrers 2(^1 

Ladies' Fancy Goods 496 

Ladies' Furnishing Goods 281, 496 

Ladies' Umiersleeve, Collar and Cuff 

Manufacturers 497 

Lager Beer Saloons 497 

Lampblack 281, 497 

Lamp Mmufaeturers and Dealers.... 497 

Lamp Shade Manufacturers 497 

Lamp W icking Manufacturers 281 

Lamps 281 

Land Companies 497 

Landscape Gardeners 497 

Lanterns 497 

Lapidaries 281, 498 

Lard and fallow Manufacturers. 281, 498 

Lard Oil Manufacturers 498 

Lard Ilefiners 498 

Last and Pattern Manufacturers 498 

Last Makers 281 

Lathe Manufacturers •. . . . 281 

Laundries 281, 498 

Lawyers 281, 498 

Leaching Apparatus 503 

Lead (i)encil) 503 

Lead Encased Tin Pipe 503 

Lead Manufacturers 286 

Lead Pipe and Sheet. Lead 286, 503 

Leather Belting 286, 503 

Leather Board (artificial) 286, 503 

Leather Cutters 286 

Leather Dealers and Manufs 286, 603 

Leather (Enamelled and Patent) 286 

Leather Goods Manuf 505 

Leather Loom Pickers 286 

Leather Splitting Knives 505 

Libraries 286, 506 

Library Steps 287 

Library ( State) 67 

Lightning Rods 287, 505 

Lime Burners 287 

Lime, Cement, Sand, &c 287, 505 

Linen Goods Manufacturers 287 

Linens, Dundee Goods, &c 505 

Lines and Twines 381, 505 

Liniment 288 

Lining Metal 288 

Lining Nail Manufacturers 288 

Liquid Ammonia Manuf 505 

Liquid Blueing 288 

Liquid Fuel 505 

Liquor Dealers 288, 506 

Litnographers 288, 610 

Lithographic Presses and Materials. . . 510 

Livery Stables (see Stables) 359 

Lobster Dealers (see also Fish). . 289, 510 

Lock Manufacturers 289, 610 

Locks and Knobs 510 

Locksmiths 289, 510 

Locomotive Tires 289, 511 

Locomotive Works 289, 511 

Looking Glass and Picture Frame 

Manufacturers 289, 611 

Loom Harness Knitting Machine Mf. . 289 

Loom Harness Manuf 289 

Loom Harness Twine Manuf 289 

Loom Manufactures 289, 611 

Loom Pickers 289 

Loom Reed and Harness Manufs 289 

Loem Temple Manuf 289 

Low Water Detectors 611 

Low Water Reporter 290 

Lozenge Manufacturers 511 

Lumber Dealers 290, 611 

Lumber Manuf. 292 

Machine Brokers 292, 512 

Machine Button Hole Maker 292 

Machine Card and Machine Card 

Clothing 292 

Machine Castings, &c 293 

Machine Knives 293 

Machine Needle Manufacturers 512 

Machine Screws • 293, 512 

Machine Sewing 512 

Machinery and Tools 293, 513 

Machinists and Machinery Manufs. 293, 512 

Machinists' Supplies 513 

Machinists' Tools Manufacturers. 295, 513 

Magic Oil 296 

Magnesia Manufacturers 296 

Magnetic Apparatus 513 

Magneto Electric Machines 296 

Mahogany 614 

Mail Bags 296 

Malleable Iron Founders 296 

Maltsters 514 

Manufacturers' Agents 296 

Manufacturers' Articles 296 

Manuf. of Acetic Acids 614 

Manufacturers' Supplies 296, 614 

Manufacturing Companies, date of 

Incorp., Capital, &c. &c 625 

Maps, Charts, &c 296, 514 

Marble Dealers. ... 514 

Marble Quarriers 296 

Marble Workers 296, 514 

Marganna Pomada 514 

Marine Railways 297, 614 

Marine Shells 297 

Marketmen 297, 514 

Markets 514 

Masonic Jewelry 616 

Masonic Regalia 297 

Masons, Colorers, &c 297, 516 

Massachusetts Business Directory. . . . 113 

" General Hospital 89 

" Homoeopathic Hospital. 90 

" House of Rep 19 

" School for Idiotic and 

Feeble Minded Youth. 90 

" Senate 18 

" State Government, 1869 17 

" Volunteer Militia 83 

Mast and Spar Makers 301, 617 

Mast and Spar Timber 617 

Mast Hoop Manufacturers 301 

Masters in Chancery, 33, 36, 40, 44, 50, 

56, 69, 62, 68 

Mat Manufacturers 301 

Match Manufacturers 301, 517 

Mattress Manufacturers 517 

Mattresses 301 

McLean Asylum for Insane 89 

Measurer of Wood and Bark 618 

Meat and Vegetable Choppers 301 

Mechanical Engineers 518 

Mechanician 618 

Mechanics' Tools 301 

Medalists 618 

Medicines (see also Apothecaries ; also 

Botanic Medicines) 618 

Meerschaum Pipes 518 



Melodeon and Organ Reed Manufs 310 

Melodeon Hardware 518 

Melodeon Miiniifiicturers 301, 518 

Memorandum Books and Tablets 518 

Mercantile Agencies 618 

Merchants 302, 518 

Metal and Composition Roofers 520 

Metal Refiners 302 

Metallurgists 520 

Metals 302, 520 

Meters 521 

Mica or Isinglass 521 

Microscopist 302 

Middlesex County Civil Officers 49 

" " Probate Court 50 

Military Accoutrements 302 

Military Bands 302 

Military Goods 521 

Military of Massachusetts 83 

Military Trimmings 303 

Mill Furnishings 521 

Mill Gearing 303 

Milliners and Millinery Goods.... 303, 621 

Millinery Goods (wholesale) 522 

Milling "Machines 307 

Millstones 622 

Millwrights 307, 522 

Mineral Water and Beer Manufs. 307, 622 

Model Makers 307 

Molasses Gates 307 

Money Order Offices in New England. 78 

Monumental Works 522 

Monuments 307 

Mop Manufacturers 307 

Morocco Case Manufacturers 522 

Morocco Manufacturers & Dealers 307, 622 

Mortgages 622 

Moulding JIachines 308, 623 

Mouldings (gilt) 523 

Mouldings (wood) ■, . , . 623 

Moulding Mills 308 

Moulding Sand 308 

Mowing Machine Knives 308 

Mowing Machines 308 

Municipal Courts in Massachusetts... 29 
Music and Musical Instrument Dealers. 308 
Music Bands (see Military Bauds) 302, 523 

Music Publishers 623 

Music Stores 523 

Music Teachers (see Teachers of 

Music) 377, 623, 674 

Musical Instrument Manufs 308, 523 

Nail Cask Manufacturers 309 

Nail Manufacturers 309 

Nails 623 

Nantucket County Civil Officers 65 

" " Probate Court 55 

Naphtha 624 

Natural History Stores 309 

NaturalizMtionOffice 524 

Nautical Instruments 309 

Naval Architect 624 

Naval Stores 524 

Navy Bread 624 

Needle Manufacturers 309, 524 

Net and Seine Manufacturers. . . . 309, 524 

Newspapers, &c 620 to 624 

Nickel Plates 524 

Norfolk County Civil Officers 66 

" " Probate Court 56 

Normal Schools, State 93 

Northampton Lunatic Hospital 89 

Notaries Public. .32, 35, 37, 39, 43, 45, 

47, 49, 64, 55, 58, 61, 67, 72, 309, 524 
Nurserymen, Seedsmen, and Florists. . 

310, 524 

Nurses 524 

Nuts, Bolts, &c 132, 526 

Oakum 525 

Oars and Blocks 310, 525 

Oculists 310, 525 

Odd Fellows' Regalia 310 

Oil and Candles, Manufacturers. . 310, 525 

Oil Carpetings 627 

Oil Casks 310 

Oil Cups 527 

Oil Manufacturers and Dealers 310 

Oil Meal 527 

Oil Paintings 627 

Oil Kefiners 311 

Oil Silk 311 

Oiled Clothing Manufacturers 311, 627 

Oiled Hats 311 

Opticians 311, 527 

Organ and Melodeon Leather 628 

Organ and Melodeon Tuners 528 

Organ Builders 311, 527 

Organ Pipe Manufacturers 311 

Organ Reed Manufacturers 311 

Orgauj (cabinet) 311 

Outlines for Illuminating 628 

Oven Tile Manufacturers 311 

Over-Gaiter Manufacturers 528 

Overseers Houses of Correction. 31, 33, 

35, 39, 43, 45, 47, 49, 65, 56, 59 62, 68 

Oyster Dealers 313, 528 

Oysters and Refreshments 311 

Packet Agents 528 

Packets 628 

Pail Ear Manufacturers 313 

Pails, lubs, &c. (see Wooden Ware). . 391 

Paint Can Manufs 313 

Paint Manufacturers 313 

Paint Mills 531 

Painters 313, 529 

Painters (carriage) 313, 629 

Painters (decorative) 314 

Painters (fresco) 314, 529 

Painters (house and sign) 314, 529 

Painters (ornamental and sign) 320 

Painters (portrait) 320, 530 

Painters (shade) 631 

Painters (shi|)) 320, 531 

Paintings (oil) 631 

Paints, Oils, and Glass 320, 532 

Palmleafand Hats 632 

Pahn-leaf Colorers 321 

Palm-leaf Hat & Hood Manufs 32 1 

Palm-leaf Importers 321 

Paper and Paper Stock 311, 533 

Paper Bag Manufs 321. 632 

Paper Box Makers 321, 532 

Paper Collar Manufs 322, 532 

Paper Hangers 322, 632 

Paper Hangings 322, 532 

Paper Machinery 322 

Paper Makers' Supplies 533 

Paper Manufacturers 322, 533 

Paper Mill Bars and Plates 324 

Paper Rulers 633 

Paper Stock 824, 633 

Paper Warehouses 324, 533 

Papier Mache Manufs 634 

Parched Corn, &c 634 

Parlor Furniture 634 

Passenger and Exchange Agents 324 

Passepartouts 534 

Passport Agents 534 

Paste and Sizing 634 

Patent Agents 324 

Patent Articles 634 

Patent Enamelled Leather 634 

Patent Medicines 324, 534 

Patent-Right Dealers 324, 534 

Patent Rubber Heel Stiffeners 324 

Patents (solicitors of) 634 



Pattern and Model Makers 324, 534 

Pavers 325, 635 

Pawnbrokers (see Brokers) 420 

Paymaster of the Coramonwealth 17 

Peat 535 

Peat Manufacturers 325 

Pedal Pianos 635 

Peddlers' Supplies 325 

Pegging Machines 325, 536 

Pen Manuf. 535 

Pencil Manufacturers 325 

Penholder Manufacturers 325 

Pension Agents 325 

Perforated Cards and Metals 325 

Perforator of Metals 535 

Perfumery 325, 535 

Periodical and News Depots 325, 535 

Perkins Institution for the Blind 90 

Pew and Pulpit Manuf. 326 

Pew Cushions 535 

Phonographic Reporters 536 

Photograph Albums 536 

Photograph Apparatus and Materials. . 536 

Photographic Stock Manufacturers 326 

Photographs, &c 326, 536 

Phrenologists 536 

Physicians 327, 536 

Pianoforte and Melodeon Leg Manufs. 834 

Pianoforte and Melodeon Sharps 334 

Pianoforte and Orgnn Keys 642 

Pianoforte Action Manufacturers. .334, 542 

Pianoforte Case Manufacturers 334 

Pianoforte Dealers 334, 542 

Pianoforte Hardware 334, 542 

Pianoforte Manufacturers 334, 542 

Pianoforte Sounding Boards 335 

Pianoforte Stool Manuf 335 

Pianoforte Strings 642 

Pianoforte Teachers 542 

Pianoforte Tuners 835, 542 

Pickles, &c 335, 542 

Picture-Frame Maaufacturers. . . . 336, 543 

Picture-Frame Mouldings 543 

Pictures and Frames 335, 543 

Pig Iron 543 

Pile Dealers 543 

PUe Drivers 643 

Pills 335 

Pilot Commissioners 98, 544 

Pilots 336, 543 

Pilots' Agent 643 

Pipe Tongs 544 

Pipes, Meerschaums, &c 544 

Pistols 335 

Plaiting Machinery 335 

Plane Manufacturers 335 

Planes 644 

Planing Knives 335 

Planing Machine Manufacturers. . 336, 644 

Planing MUls 336, 544 

Plants 544 

Plaster Block Manufs. (see Bonnet and 

Hat-Block Manuf.) 132 

Plaster Dealers 336, 544 

Plaster Image Makers 644 

Plaster Mills 336 

Plasterers 544 

Plastering and Saddlers' Hair 336, 644 

Plastic Slate Roofing 544 

Plows (see also Agricultural Imple- 
ments ) 336 

Plugs, Bungs, and Tap Manuf 336 

Plumbers 336, 544 

Plumbers' Materials 545 

Plymouth County Civil Officer? 59 

Plymouth County Probate Court 59 

Pocket-Book Manufacturers 336, 545 

Pocket Labels 336 

Police Courts in Massachusetts 30 

Polish Manufacturers 337 

Polishers 545 

Pop Corn Cake Manuf. 337 

Popping Corn 545 

Population of Massachusetts Ill 

Pork Packers 545 

Port Wardens 546 

Portable Grinding Mills 545 

Portable Saw-mill Manufacturers 337 

Portable Steam Engines 545 

Portfolio Manuf. 645 

Post-Offices and Post Masters in Mass. 73 

Pot Plant and Garden Trellises 337 

Potash, Pearlash, Saleratus, &c 545 

Potteries 337, 545 

Powder Can Maker . . 337 

Powder Dealers 337 

Powder Keg Machinery 337 

Powder Manufacturers 337 

Preserves, Pickles, &c 545 

Presses 545 

Print Block Makers . 337 

Print Cloths 337 

Print Publishers 545 

Print Works (Clothe 337 

Printers ( Book and Job) 337, 545 

Printers ( Copperplate ) 546 

Printers of Cloths 546 

Printers' Ink Dealers 547 

Printers' .loiners 547 

Printers' Materials 546 

Printers' Rollers 647 

Printing Press Manufacturers 338 

Printing Presses and Materials 547 

Probate Courts, 31, 83, 35, 38, 39, 44, 

45, 48, 50, 55, 56, 59, 62, 68 

Produce Dealers 338, 647 

Province Lands, Agent of 32 

Provision Dealers 338, 548 

Prussian Blue, Prussiate & Cyanuret 

of Potash 343 

Public Administrators, 31, 33, 36, 88, 

40, 44, 46, 48, 50, 55, 56, 69, 62, 68 

Public Houses (see Hotels) 268, 487 

Publishers 343, 650 

Pump and Block Makers 343, 551 

Pump Dealers 551 

Pump Manufacturers 343 

Pyrotechnists 343 

Quarriers (see granite quarriers; also 

marble quarriers; also stone quarr's) 
Railroad Car Manufs. (see car manufs.) 164 

Railroad Commissioners 98 

Railroad Contractors 551 

Railroad Machinery 343 

Railroad Spikes 551 

Railroad Splicings 344 

Railroad Supplies 343, 551 

Railroads 588 

Railway Iron 344 

Rake Manufacturers (see Agricultural 

Implements) 113 

Range Dealers 344, 551 

Ratchet Drills 551 

Rattan Workers 344 

Rattans, &c 551 

Razor-Strop Makers 344 

Reading Rooms 561 

Real Estate Agents 344, 551 

Rectifiers 553 

Reed and Harness Manufacturers 344 

Reflector Manufacturers 553 

Reform School, State 91 

Refreshment Rooms (see Eating 

Houses) 228, 311,653 

Refrigerators 344, 553 

Regalia ( Masonic ) 55,3 



Registers in Bankruptcy 

Registers of Deeds, 31, 33, 35. 38, 39, 

43. 45, 47, 49, 55, 56, 69, 61, 

Registers of Probate and Insolvency, 

31, 33, 35, 38, 39, 43, 45, 47, 49, 65, 

56, 69, 61, 

Regulators f<)r Watchmen 

Renne's Magic Oil 


Representative Districts 


Revenue Stamps 

Ribbons, Belt, and Fringe Manufs 


Rice Mills 

Riding School* 

Rifle Manufacturers 

Riggers 344, 

Rivet Manufacturers 345, 

Roll Coverers 

Rolling MiUs 


Roofing 346, 

Roofing Materials 

Rope Manufacturers 

Rubber Boots and Shoes 

Rubber Car Springs, &c 

Rubber Curtain Tassels 

Rubber Goods 345, 

Rubber Hose 

Rubber Mouldings 

Saddle Makers (see Haniess M'rs)..262, 

Saddlery Hardware 345, 

Safe Dealers 346, 

Safe Manufacturers. 

Safety Fu-^e Manufacturers 

Sail Makers 345, 


Salt Dealers 346, 

Salt Manufacturers 

Sand ( Moulding) 

Sand Paper 

Sash & Blinds (seej Doors, Sashes, and 

Blinds) 220, 

Sausage .Makers 

Savings Banks 602, 

Saw Benches 

Saw Filers and Repairers 

Saw Manufacturer's 346, 

Saw Mill .Manufacturers 352, 

Saw Mills 

Sawing and Planing .Machine Manu- 

Sawing and Planing Mills 346, 

Scales and Balances 352, 

School-House Furniture .' 

Schools (see Academies, also Teachers) 
96, 374, 

Screen Manufacturers 

Screw ilanufacturers 352 

Scroll Sawing .....' 

Sculptors 352 

Scythe and Scythe Snath Manufs.. . . .' 

Scythe Stone Manufacturers 

Seal En sera vers ] , 

Seal Presses " 

Seamen's Outfits 

Secretary of the Commonwealth 

Seed Stores 

Senate ' 

Senatorial Districts 

Sewer Pipe 

Sewing Machine Cases 

Sewing Macbiue Findings 353, 

Sewing Machine Needles SoS, 

Sewing Machine Repairers .' 

Sewing Machine Thread and Silk. . . . 
Sewing ilachines 353, 







Sewing Silk Dealers 358 

Sewing Silk Manufacturers 363, 559 

Shafting, Pulleys, &c 353, 569 

Shear Blades. . " 353 

Shears and Punches 363 

Sheathing for Ships 364 

Sheathing ( Yellow Metal) 569 

Sheathing (Paper and Felt) 559 

Sheet Iron Workers (see Stoves and 

Tinsmiths) 365, 569 

Sheet Wax 559 

Sheriffs and Deputies, 31, 33, 35, 38, 39, 

43, 45. 47, 49, 55, 66, 59, 61, 68 

Shingle Machines 364 

Shingle Mills 364 

Ship Agents (see Passenger Agents).. 824 
Ship Blocks (see Pump and Block « 

Makers) 343 

Ship Bread 559 

Ship Builders 355, 659 

Ship Carpenters 365 

Ship Chandlers 356, 560 

Ship Joiners 356, 560 

Ship Spring Travellers 560 

Ship Stores 560 

Ship Tank Builders 356, 660 

Ship Timber 560 

Shippers of Ice 356 

Shipping Offices 356, 561 

Shi[)smiths 356, 660 

Ships' Wheels 366 

Shipwrights and Calkers 356, 561 

Shirt, Drawer, and Stocking Boards.. . 367 

Shirt Manufacturers 356, 661 

Shirts and Collars 661 

Shoddy Manufacturers 357 

Shoes "(see Boots and Shoes) 134 

Shoe Buckles 561 

Shoe-Kit Manufacturers 367 

Shoe Machinery and Findings 661 

Shoe Nail and Tack Manufacturers. . . .357 

Shoe Peg Manufacturers 661 

Shoe Stays 661 

Shoe Stock 561 

Shoe String Manufs. (See Boot and 

Shoe Findings) 138, 413 

Shoe Threads 367 

Shoe Tips 357, 561 

Shoe Tools (see Boot and Shoe Find- 
ings) 138, 413 

Shook Manufacturers 357, 561 

Shoulderbrace Manufacturers 357, 661 

ShoTel Manufs. (See Agricultural im- 
plements) 113,357,397 

Shovels, Spades, and Scoops 561 

Show Cards 561 

Show-Case Manufacturers 662 

Shuttle Manufacturers 357 

Sidewalk Lights 562 

Sieve Jlakers (See also Wire Workers).357 

Sifting Machines 357 

Silk Goods 662 

Silk Goods Manufacturers 367 

Silk Manuf. 562 

Silver Burnisher 357 

Silver Mining Companies 662 

Silver-Plated Goods 357, 562 

Silver Platers 357,562 

Silver Ware 357 

Silversmiths 357, 662 

Skate Manufacturers 358 

Skate Spur Manufacturers 358 

Skates 562 

Skirt Supporters 562 

Skirts (see Hoop Skirts) 267, 662 

Slate Dealers 358, 662 

Slaters 358, 5«3 

Slipper Manufacturers .358, 663 



Slipper Patterns 5.68 

Small Wares 563 

Smith Clitirities, Trustees of 91 

Smoked Halibut 358 

Snuff Manufacturers 358 

Soap and Candles Manufs 358, 563 

Soap Makers' Supplies 563 

Soap Manufacturers 663 

Soapstoue Manufacturers 358, 564 

Soapstone Stoves 564 

Soda and Beer Apparatus 564 

Soda Manufacturers 564 

Soda-water Manufacturers 358 

Sofa, Couch, and Chair Manufs 564 

Solder 564 

Spar Makers 358 

Spectacle Manufacturers 358, 564 

Spice Mills 359, 564 

Spikes 359, 564 

Spindle Manufacturers 359 

Spirit Levels 359, 564 

Spoke ilauufacturers 359 

Spokeshaves and Wrenches 359 

Sponges 564 

Spool Cotton 359, 564 

Spool Manufxcturers (see Bobbins) 132 

Spoons and Forks Manufs 359 

Sprain Liniment 359 

Spring Bed Manufacturers 359 

Spring Beds and Bedsteads 564 

Spring Manufacturers 564 

Stables 359, 564 

Stained Glass 565 

Stair Builders 362, 565 

Stamp and Stencil Cutters 362 

Stamped Ware 566 

Stampers and Gilders 566 

Starch 566 

Starch Manufacturers 363 

State Almshouses 68 

State Assayers 666 

State Board of Agriculture 88 

Slate Cluirities, Board of 88 

State Constable and Deputies 72 

State Government of Mass 17 

State Industrial School for Girls 91 

State Library 67 

State Lunatic Hospital, Taunton 89 

State Normal Schools 93 

State Prison 90 

State Reform School for Boys 91 

State Representative Districts 25 

Stationary Engines 363 

Stationers 368, 566 

Stationers' Articles 566 

Statuary 566 

Stave Knife Manufacturers 363 

Stave Machinery Manufacturers 363 

Stave Mills 363 

Staves and Headings 566 

Steam and Gas Fitters 568 

Steam and Gas Pipes and Fittings 363 

Steam and Water Gauges 567 

Steam and Water Power Governors 567 

Steam Boilers and Engines 363, 567 

Steam Drills 567 

Steam Engine Builders 363 

Steam, Gas, and Water Fittings 363 

Steam, Gas, and Water Pipe 363, 566 

Steam Heating Apparatus 363, 567 

Steam Heating Engineers 567 

Steam Packing 363, 667 

Steam Press Brick Machine 363 

Steam Press Plate* 363 

Steam Pumps 363, 507 

Steam Valves 568 

Steamers 364 

Steamship Agents 364, 668 

Steamship Builders .'r."/\ .".' 568 

Steel Letter Cutters 364, 568 

Steel Manufacturers 3C4, 568 

Steering Wheels 364 

Stencil Plates 568 

Stencil Tools 568 

Stenographer 569 

Stereotypers 364, 669 

Stereotypers' j Machinery 669 

Stone Cutters and Dealers 364, 569 

Stone Quarriers 364 

Stone Ware Manufacturers 364 

Storage Agents 560 

Stove Boiler Bottoms 364 

Stove Damper Manufacturers 365 

Stove Dealers and Tinsmiths 365 

Stove Lining Manufacturers 367 

Stove Manufacturers 367, 569 

Stove Polish Manufacturers 368, 570 

Stoves, Ranges, Tinware, &c 569 

Straw Goods 670 

Straw Goods Manufacturers 368 

Street Railway Commissioners 98 

Striping Pencils 670 

Stucco Workers 868, 670 

Stump and Rock Pullers 670 

Submarine Armor 570 

Submarine Diver 368 

Submarine Wrecking 507 

Submerged Pumps 570 

Suffolk County Civil Officers 61 

" " Probate Court 62 

Sugar House Machinery 570 

Sugar Refineries 368, 670 

Superior Court in Massachusetts 29 

Super Phosphate of Lime 671 

Supporters 571 

Supreme Judicial Court in Mass 28 

Surgeons 368, 571 

Surgical Instruments 36« 

Surveyors 368, 571 

Surveyors ( Marine ) 671 

Surveyors of Lumber 571 

Surveyors of Real Estate 571 

Surveyors of Work 571 

Suspender Manufacturers 368, 571 

Sword Manufacturers 368 

Syringes 571 

Table Manufacturers 368, 571 

Tablets 571 

Taek, Brad, and Shoe-Nai! Manufisi 368 

Tack Leatherers 369 

Tack Plate Manufacturers 369 

Tag Manufacturers 2,369,571 

Tailors 36;<, 671 

Tailors' Trimmings 573 

Tallow Chandlers 372 

Tank Builders 372 

Tanners and Curriers 372, 573 

Tanners' and Curriers' Tools 673 

Tap and Die Manuf 373, 573 

Tape Weavers 373 

Tassel Manufacturers 374 

Taunton Lunatic Hospital 89 

Taxidermists 374, 573 

Tea Dealers 374, 575 

Teachers 374, 673 

Teachers of Dancing ; 674 

Teachers of Drawing 574 

Teachers of Elocution 574 

Teachers of Languages 574 

Teachers of Music .377, 574 

Teachers of Painting and Drawing.378, 574 

Teachers of Penmanship 378 

Teamsters 378, 675 

Telegraph Offices 576 

Telegraphic Instruments 576 

Tents and Awnings 676 



Theatrical Goods 676 | Ventilating Engineer. 

Thermometer Manuf 676 

Thimble Manufacturers 378 

Thread Manufacturers 378 

Threads, Y<irus, &c 676 

Ticket Ag.-nis (see Transportation 

Agents) 379, 678 

Tiles (see Brick Makers) 158, 577 

Timber 577 

Time Detector 577 

Tin Can Manufacturers 677 

Tin Cylinder Manufacturers 379 

Tin Plate and Sheet Iron Worker 379 

Tin I'late Stampers 

Tin-ware Manufacturers 379 

Tinned Wire Goods 379 

Tinners Tools, &c 577 

Tinsmiths and Sheet Iron Workers 577 

Tire Manufacturers 379 | Washing and Wringing Machines. 


Ventilators 583 

Verandah Trellises 386 

Vessels' Outfits 386 

Veterinary Suigeons 386, 583 

Vinegar. ." 583 

Vinegar Manufacturers 386 

Violin Strings 583 

V'ise Makers 886, 583 

Voice Huilding 583 

Voltaic Armor Bands and Soles 583 

Voluiueer Militia of Mass 83 

Wailding and Batting Manufs 386, 583 

Wagon Hubs, Wheels, &c. (see Car- 
riage Shafts, Spokes, &c.) 179 

Wagon Makers 386 

W'ashers 386 

Washing Fluid Maimfacturers 386 

Tobacco Dealers 379 

Tobacco Manufacturer 379 

Tobacco Warehouses 379 

Tobaccotiists 379, 677 

Toe Calk Manufacturer 578 

Tool Grinders 578 

Tool ilanufacturers 379 

Tools 578 

Top Roller Coverers 379! Watch Manufacturers 386, 584 

Torpedo .Manufacturers 379 I Watch Materials Manufs 386 


Washing Machine >Ianufs. 

Watch Case and Glass Manufs StS 

Watch-clocks 588 

Watch Dealers 683 

Watcli Dial Makers 683 

Watch Jeweller 684 

Watch .Makers and Repairers 584 

Watch Makers' Tools and Materials 584 

Tow Boats 578 

Town Clerks 79 

Toy Manuf icturers 379, 578 

Toy Stores 380, 578 

Transportation Agents 380, 578 

Treasurer of the Commonwealth 17 

Trees, Shrubs, &c 679 

Trelli<es - 380 

Trial Justices, 32, 35, 37, 39, 43, 

45, 47, 49, 54, 58, 61, 71, 

Trimming Goods 579 

Tripe Dealers 380 

Troches 579 

Watches and Jewelry 386 

Watchman's Clock Manuf. 584 

Watchman's Time Detector 584 

Water and Gas Mains 684 

Water-Cure Kstablishments 386 

Water for Shippmg 584 

Water Gauges 567 

Water Power 386 

Water Wheel Manufs 386, 585 

Wax Flowers 565 

Weather Strips 685 

Weather- Vane .Manufacture'-s 387, 585 

Webbing .Manufacturers 387 

Trowel Manufacturer 380 Weighers and Gangers 

Truckmen 380, 679 

Trunk and Valise Manufacturers. .380, 680 

Trunk Wood :\Ianuf. 380 

Truss Makers 380, 680 

Tube Manufacturers 680 

Tubs Pails, &c. (see Wooden Ware). ..391 

Turbine Water W'heels 380, 580 

Turk ish Baths 680 

Turners 380, 680 

Twine 580 

Twine and Line Manufs 381 \ Whip Plaiting 390 


Welis (Artesian) 686 

Whalebone Dealers 685 

Whalebone Workers 585 

Wharfingers 387, 585 

Wheel Manutacturers 387 

Wheels 585 

Wheelwrights 387, 586 

Whip-Lash Manufacturers 390 

Whip Manufacturers 390 

Whip .Mountings 390 

Type and Stereotype Foundries 581 

Umbrella Alanufacturers 381 

L'nibrellas and Parasols 581 

Undertakers 381, 581 

Underwriters 581 

U. S. Assessors and Collectors 82 

U. S. Court' in Massachusetts 28 

United S.ates Engineers 77 

U. S. KepresentatiTes from Mass 22 

U. S. Senators from Mass 22 

Upholsterers 383, 681 

Upholstery Goods 582 

Upholstery Goods Manufacturer 383 

Upholstery and Carriage Goods (Im- 
porters) 682 

Valentines 383 

Valises 582 

Vane Manufacturers 582 

Variety Stores 384, 582 

Varnish and Japan Manufs 385, 582 

Velocipede Manufs 386, 583 

Veneer Cutting Machine 583 

Veneers (see Mahogany) 614 

Venetian Blinds 583 

White Lead Manufacturers 390, 686 

Whiting Manufacturers 390, 586 

Wholesale Butchers 586 

Wig Maker 586 

Windlasses 586 

Willow Furniture Manuf 390 

Willow Ware Manufs 390 

Willow Workers 686 

Window Frames 586 

Window Glass (see Glass) 417 

Window Pulleys 586 

Window Screens 586 

Window Shades and Fixtures 390. 586 

Wines 390, 586 

Wire Gauge Strainer Manufs 390 

Wire Cloth Manufacturers 390 

Wire Dealers 587 

Wire Meddles 390 

Wire Manufacturers 390, 586 

Wire Workers 390, 687 

Wood and Bark 390 

Wood Acid and Iron Liquor Manufs. . .39* 

Wood Dealers 890 

Wood Engravings 587 



Wood Hangings 587 

Wood Mouldings 391 

Wood Pulp Manufs .391 

Wood Turners 391 

Wood V^'orking Machinery 391, 587 

Wooden and Willow Ware 587 

Wooden Kaves Troughs 391 

Wooden Ware Dealers 391, 587 

Wooden Ware Manufacturers 391 

Wooden Ware Manufs. Materials 391 

Wool Burring and Washing Machinery. .392 

Wool Carders 392 

Wool Dealers 392, 587 

Wool Dusters 392 

Wool Pullers 392 

Wool Scouring and Murring 392 

Wool Stock 392 

Woolen Flock Manufs 392, 587 

Woolen Goods Manufacturers 392, 587 

Woolen Machinery 394 

Woolen Waste and Rags 587 

Woolen Yarns 587 

Worcester County Civil Officers 68 

" " Probate Court 68 

Worcester Lunatic Hospital 89 

Worsted Goods 588 

Worsted Goods Manufacturers 394 

Worsteds and Patterns 394, 588 

Worsted Machinery 394 

Wrench Manufacturers 394 

Wringing Machine Manufacturers 394 

Wrought Iron Pipe Manufacturers 394 

Yankee Notions 395 

Yarns, Braids and Wickings 588 

) arns. Warps, &c 395 

Yeast Powder Manufacturers 588 

Yeast Cakes and Powders • 395 

Yellow Metal 396 

Yellow Metal Bolts and Spikes 395 

Zephyr Yarns 395, 588 

Zinc Manufacturers 395 

Zinc Paint Manufacturers 395 


Department of Massachusetts. Ileadqttarters, 167 Tremont St., Boston. 

The Department of Massachusetts comprises seventy-eight (78) Posts, 
with over seven thousand (7,000) members. These Posts have all been 
organized and chartered since October, 18G6, and the members are sol- 
diers and sailors who served honorably in the army or navy during the 
late War of the Rebellion. This is strictly a charitable organization, and 
it does not take part in politics, nor in any questions of a partisan character. 


Grand Commander, FRANCIS A. OSBORN, of Boston. 
Setiior Vice-Grand Commander, Josiah Pickett, of Worcester. 
Junior Vice-Grand Commander, Horace C. Lee, of Springfield. 
Assistant Adjutant-General, Thomas Siierwin, jun., of Boston. 
Assistant Inspector General, Orson Moulton, of Boston. 
Assistant Quartermaster-Ceneral, Wm. S. Gkeenough, of Boston. 
Assistant Surgeon-General, Samuel A. Green, of Boston. 
Chaplain, Wm. G. Scandlin, of Grafton. 

Council of Administration. 

A. B. R. Sprague 
William S. Cobb 
Henrt R. Sibley 
George H. Peikson 
Luke Lyman 

of Worcester, 
of New Bedford, 
of Charlestown. 
of Salem, 
of Northampton. 

Delegates to the National Encampment. 
A. B. R Sprague, of Worcester, Delegate at Large. 

J. A. Titus 
C. B. Kenfield 
A. M. Williams . 
S. E. Chamberlain 
J. W. Denny 
Wm. F. Draper 

of Worcester, 
of Boston. 
of Taunton, 
of Cambridge, 
of Boston, 
of Milford. 



Acting Assistant 

Inspectors General, 

W. H. Lawrence 

of East Boston. 

C. W. C. Rhoades . 

of Boston Highlands 

J. W. Holmes 

of Springfield. ^ 

Chas. H. Cleveland . 

of Worcester. 

T. L. Bakker 

of Fitchburg. 

W. F. Draper 

of Milford. 

G. S. Merrill 

of Lawrence. 

0. L. Wilbur 

of New Bedford. 

Geo. n. Long 

of Charlestown. 

Posts of the Department of Mass., Grand Army of the Republic. 


Post. Commander. Location. 

1. Wm. S. Cobb New 15edford 

2. Francis B. Smith . . . .NantnciiCt 

3. Alfred M. Williams. .Tuunton 

4. J. S. Drayton Melrose 

5. J. G. B. Adams Lvnn 

6. Geo. 0. Wilder Holliston 

7. E. M. Chamberlin .... Boston 

8. Lewis Finney Middleboro' 

9. C. H. Williams Hmlson 

10. R. E. Blake Worcester 

11. Geo. 11. Kelso Charlestown 

12. Geo. E.Tibbetts Wakefield 

13. A. B. Holmes No. Bridgewatcr 

14. Oscar L. Brown Hopkinton 

15. C. G. Attwood Boston 

16. H. M. I'hillips Springfield 

17. J. R. Davis Orange 

18. A. G. Forbush Ashland 

19. Thaddeus L. Barker .Fitchburg 

20. A. S. Graton I'axton 

21. .John W. Fairbanks.. Westboro' 

22. James H. Barker Milford 

23. Geo. A. Butler East Boston 

24. A. J. Hall Grafton 

25. L. B. Willard Uxbridge 

26. Joel Seaverns Boston Highlands 

27. A. B. Clarke Oxford 

28. S. A. Lawrence . . . .West Boylston 

29. G. F. Frost Waltham 

30. W. H. Carv Cambridgeport 

31. Charles H.' White. . .Asliburnham 
82. F. C. Choate South Boston 

33. Edwin F. Wyer Wobuni 

34. John R. Lakeman. . .Salem 

35. C. A. Blanchard.... Chelsea 

36. Edwin Baltwood . . . Amherst 
87. Henry Bemis Spencer 

38. Artemas D. Ward. . . Brookfield 

39. J. B. Wildes Lawrence 

40. Francis A. Bicknell.No. Wevmouth 

41. IMiineas Solomon. . . Westfield 

42. W. O. Fiske Lowell 

43. H.J. Batchelder. . .Marlboro' 

44. Luke L3'man Northampton 

45. F. W. Perkins Gloucester 

46. Edward T. Marvel. Fall River 

47. W. Frank Holt Haverhill 

48. Geo. V. Barrett Groton 

49. Luther Dame Newburyport 

50. Jame« R. Browne . .Barre 

[ 51. Clias. H. Devo No. Brookfield 

52. J. W. Allen No. Easton 

' 53. Wm. A. Burrage . . .Leominster 
54. S. C. Chamberlain. .Berlin 

1 55. S. C. Hartwell Southbridge 

I 56. Lenmel Pope Cambridge 

I 57. Robert L. Sawin. . .East Cambridge 

1 58. James L. Bates Weymouth 

I 59. Geo. W. Rock wood. Sterling 

60. R. R. Clarke ^n hitinsville 

61. E. P. Morton Webster 

62- J. Cusbing Edmands,Newton 

63. Chas. E. Gerrakl . . .Natick 

64. A. S. Davidson . .. .Clinton 

65. E.H. Hammond, j^y^^^^^ 

66. Godfrey Rider, Jr.. .Medford 

67. Wm. A. Stpne Manchester 

68. Chas. B. Fox Dorchester 

69. Amos B. Holden . . . .Westminster 

70. Lewis R. Whitaker. Franklin 

71. D. E. Kingsbury ...Holyoke 

72. A. bt. J. Chambre. .Stonghton 

73. E. P. Reed Abington 

74. Chas. L. Rice East Abington 

75. W. Syming. Brown, Stoneham 

76. Samuel H. Doten. . .Plymouth 

77. S. W. Armington. . .Holden 

78. F. P. Harlow So. Abington 

N. B. — Posts 3, 4, 20, 24, 26, 28, 31, 36, meet on Monday evening. 

Posts 1, 6, 7, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19, 23, 29, 33, 34, 39, 41 — Tuesday. 
Posts 9, 10, 15, 21, 22, 25, 30, 32, 38 45 — Wednesday. 
Posts 5, 10, 27, 42. 43, 46, 48, 51 — Thursday. 
Posts 2, 8, 16, 35, 37, 40, 44 — Friday. 
Posts 49, 50 — Saturday. 




And Officers iinmed'uitely connected therewith — with places of residence. 


ms EXCELLKNCY, WILLIAM CLAFLTN, of Newton Governor. 

HIS HONOR, JOSEPH TUCKER, of Lenox, Lieutenant Governor 


District 1. — Marshall S. Underwood of Dennis. 

'•' 2. — Charles Endicott of Canton. 

" 3. — Thomas Rice, Jr of Newton. 

" 4. — Otis Norcross of Boston. 

" 5. — Roland G. Usher of Lvnn. 

" 6. — Thomas Talbot of Billerica. 

" 7. — Charles Adams, Jr of North Brookfleld. 

" 8. — Horatio G. Knight of Easthampton. 

Private Secretary of the Governor, Charles H. Taylor of Boston. 

Messenger to the Governor and Council, Wax. U. D. Eaton of Cambridge. 


Oliver Warner of Northampton. 

\st Clerk, Charles W. Lovett, of Boston. | -Zd Clerk, Benj. C. Piper, of Boston. 


Jacob H. Loud of Plymoutli. 

\st Clerk, Daniel H. Rogers, of Brookline. | '2d Clerk, Artemas Harmon, of Maiden. 


William H. Porter of Salem. 


D. A. Gleifson of Medford. 


Henry 8. Briggs of Pittsfleld. 

\st Clerk, Edward S. Davis, of Lynn. | 'id Clerk, Augustus Brown, of fealem, 


Charles Allen of Boston. 


James C. Davis of Greenfield. 

Crovernor's Staff. 


James A. Cunuingrham of Gloucester, 

QUARTERMASTER-GENERAL, (Rank, Brifjadier-General.) 

John H. Reed of Boston. 

SURGEON-GENERAL. (Rank, Brigadier-General.) 
William J. Dale of North Andover 


Nehemiah Brown of Boston, 

ASSISTANT ADJUTANT-GENERAL. (Rank, Lieutenant-Colonel.) 
Henry Ware of Cambridge. 


Samuel E. Chamberlain of Cambridge. 

Anson P. Hooker of Cambridge. 


William C. Capelle of Boston. 

William E. Wilson of Boston. 


Adin B. Underwood of Newton. 

James L. Bales of We vmouth, 

Kdward N. Hallo well of Boston. 

J. Gushing Edmands of Newton, 





Robert C. 

Pitman, of New Bedford, . 

Suffolk County. 


1st District.— 

- Cliarles R. McLean, 

ot Boston 


Alonzo M. Giles, 

a i. 


Elhs W. Morton, 

U ii 

4th " 

Horace H. Coolidge, 

" C( 

5th " 

Samuel D. Crane, . 

" " 

6th " 

Benjamin Dean, 

Essex Count}'. 

(( u 

1st District. - 

- George H. Sweetser, 

of Saugus 

2d " 

Nathaniel J. Holden, 

of Salem 

3d " 

Julius A. Palmtr, 

of Box lord 


Ricliard Plumer, . 

. of Newburyport 

5 th " 

J. Scott Todd, 

Middlesex County. 

of Rowley 

1st District.— 

-O. H. P. Smith, 

f of Charlestowu 


George 0. Brastow, 

of Somervilie 


Kstes Howe, 

of Cambridge 

4th " 

Edmunfl Dowse 

of Sherborn 


Daniel Needliani, 

of Groton 

6th " 

Josej)h (;. Pollard, 

of Woburn 

7th t " 

Joshua N. Marshall,* 

F Worcester County. 

of Lowell 

1st District. - 

- Francis H. Dewey, 

of Worcester 


Charles A. Wheeloik, 

of Ux bridge 


Lucius J. Knowles, 

of Warren 

4th " 

George M. Buttrick, 

of Barre 


John H. Locke\ , 

Hampden County. 

of Leominster 

1st DlSTRICT.'- 

- Charles R. Ladd, 

of Springfield 

2d. " * 

George S. Taylor, 

of Chicopee 

Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties. 

Hampshire D 

strict. — Edward A. Thomas, . 

of Prescott 


" ^Vhiting Griswold, 

of Greenfield 

Berkshire and Hampshire, Richmond Kinsman, 

of Cummington 

Berkshire. — 

C. J. Kittridge, 

Norfolk and Plymoutli Counties. 

of Hinsdale 

1st Norfolk District. — George H. Monroe, 

of Boston 

2d Norfolk 

•' Charles Marsh, . 

of Quincy 

3d Norfolk 

" Jose[)h G. Ray, . 

of Franklin 

1st Plymouth 

" Gershom B. Weston, 

of Dux bury 

2d Plymouth 

" Jonathan White, 

of N. Bridgewater 

Norfolk and 

Plymouth. — Francis A. Hobart, 

of Braintree 

Bristol County. 

1st District. — Harrison Tweed, . . . ' of Taunton 

2d " Robert C. Pitman, . . .of New Bedford 

3d " John B. Hathaway, . . .of Fall River 

Barustahle, Nantucket, and Dukes Counties. 

Cape District. 
Island " 

Nathaniel E. Atwood, 
George A. Kins 

of Provincetown 
of Barnstable 

officers of the senate. 

Stephen N. Gifford, Cleric. 

Rev. Edward N. Kirk, D.D., Chaplain. 

John Morrissey, Sergeant-at-Arms to both hrancJus of the General Court. 


Harvey Jewell, of Boston, Speaker. 


Suflbllc County. 

1. Wesley A. Gove, of Boston. 
Luther A. Wright, of Boston. 
Francis A. Perry, of Boston, 

2. Dennis Cawley,"Jr., of Boston. 
Murdock Matheson, of Boston. 
Michael Carney, of Boston. 

3. Avery Plnmer. of Boston. 
Lyman S. Hapgood, of Boston. 
Joiin H. Roberts, of Boston. 

4. Dexter S. King, of Boston. 
John Brown, of lioston. 
John P. Ober, of Boston. 

6. Otis Rich, of Boston. 

William G. Brooks, of Boston. 
Dennis J. Gorman, of Boston. 

6. Harvey Jewell, of Boston. 
Linus M. Child, <jf Boston. 
John J. Smith, of Boston. 

7. Patrick A. Collins, of Boston. 
Hugh A iladden, of Boston. 
William P. Tyler, of Boston. 

8. Moses Kimball, of Boston. 

P. Ambrose Young, of Boston. 
Nathaniel C. Nash, of Boston. 

9. L. Miles Standish, of Boston. 
Jeremiah L. Newton, of Boston. 

10. Samuel G. Bow Hear, of Boston. 
Alvah A. Burrage, of Boston. 

11. James Horswell, of Boston. 
Solomon Carter, of Boston. 
Lansing Millis, of Boston. 

12. Robert Johnson, of Boston. 
William W. Nichols, of Boston. 

13. Andrew L. Haskell, of Chelsea. 
Rufus S. Owen, of Chelsea. 
Caleb Lombard, of Chelsea. 

Essex County. 

L Joseph N. Clark, of Salisbury. 
William H. Haskell, of Amesbury. 

2. 8. K. Towle, of Haverhill. 
Eben Mitchell, of Haverhill. 
Thorndike D. Hodges, of Haverhill. 

3. W. A. Russell, of Lawrence. 
Frederick Butler, of Lawrence. 
Kimball C. Gleason, of Metliuen. 

4. Augustine K. Russell, of Andover. 

5. Oliver S. Butler, of Georgetown. 

0. David T. Woodwell, of Newburyport. 
Horace Choate, of Newburyport. 
Joseph N. Rolfe, Newbury. 

7. .Tosiah Lord, Jr.. of Ipswich. 

8. Benjamin F. Cook, of Gloucester. 
Josiah 0. Friend, .Ir., of Gloucester. 
J. Franltlin Dyer, of Gloucester. 

9. Ambrous Hodgkins, of Rockport. 

10. John I. Baker, of Beverly. 
Freeborn W. Cressey, of Fieverly. 

11. Edwin Mudge, of Danvers. 

12. Robert S. Daniels, of Peabody. 

13. John Barlow, of Salem. 
Moses H. Hale, of Salem. 

14. Thomas S. Waters, of Salem. 

15. Joseph S. Knight, of Marblehead. 
R. P. A. Harris, of Marblehead. 

16. William W. Kellogg, of Lvnn. 

17. William R. Melden,of Lynn. 
IS. Beiijamiii Dupar, of Lvnn. 

19. William H. Merritt, ofLynn. 

20. James Hewes, of Lynntield. 

Middlesex County. 

1. Samuel S. Willson, of Charlestown. 

2. William W. Davis, of Charleston. 
William Hichborn, of Charlestown. 

3. Caleb Rand, of Charlestown. 
Samuel D. Sawin, Charlestown. 

4. George P. Cox, of Maiden. 
John Runey, of Somerville. 
Charles H.'Guild, of Somerville. 

5. James A. Hervey, of Medford. 

6. Salem Wilder, of Winchester. 

7. James R. Morse, of Cambridge. 

8. Asa P. Morse, of Cambridge. 
Martin L. Smith, of Cambridge. 
Charles A. Fiske, of Cambridge. 

9. Charles J. Mclntire, of Carabritlge. 

10. John B. Goodrich, of Newton. 
Life Baldwin, of Brighton. 

11. Henrv Chase, of Watertown. 

12. Royal S. Warren, of Waltham. 

13. Ne'wton Morse, of Natick. 

14. Benjamin A. Bridges, of Holliston. 

15. M. C. Phipps, of Hopkinton. 

16. Theodore C. Hurd, of Fraininghara. 

17. F. H. Morse, of Marlborough. 

18. Joseph A. Priest, of Littleton. 

19. John N. Sherman, of Wavland. 

20. Addison G. Fay, of Concord. 

21. Richard D. Blinn, of Loxiiig'on. 

22. William T. Grammar, of Woburn. 

23. Levi S. Gould, of Melrose. 
Samuel C^loon, of Stoneham. 

24. Samuel P. Breed, of No. Reading. 

25. William Fletcher, of Chelmsford. 

26. Janjes B. Francis, of Lowell. 
Joseph L. Sargent, of Lowell. 

27. Asahel D. Puffer, of Lowell. 

28. David Lane, of Lowell. 

29. William H. Parker, of Lowell. 

30. Asa Clement, of Dracut. 

31. William Livertnore, of Groton. 

32. A. A. Plimpton, of Shirley. 

■Worcester County. 

1. George H. Barrett, of Ashburnham.' 

2. Thomas H. Goodspeed, of Athol. 

3. C. S. Greenwood, of Gardner. 

4. Stephen 1). Goddard, of Petersham. 
Charles Wilcox, of New Braiiitree. 

5. F. Foster Bailey, of Fitchburg. 
EInathan Davis, of Lunenburg. 
Charles H. Merriam, of Leominster. 

6. Jacob Fisher, of Lancaster. 

7. Edward H. Hartshorn, of Berlin. 

8. Henry White of Bovlston. 

9. Willis Smith, of Rutland. 

10. Warren Williams, of Worcester. 
Thomas L. Nelson, of Worcester. 
Welcome W. Sprague, of Worcester. 

11. Aury G. Goes, of Worcester. 
John Dean, of Worcester. 

George M. Woodward, of Worcester. 

12. George K. Nichols, of Grafton. 

13. William M. Child, of Westboro'. 

14. George L. Gibbs, of Northbridgo. 

15. Alfred A. Burrill, of Milford. 
Thomas G. Kent, of Milford. 
Alexander H. Allen, of Mendon. 

16. George .1. Sanger, of Webster. 
Jam-s M. Cuiilifl", of Sutton. 
Marcus M. Luther, of Douglas. 



Wo)'cester County — continued. 

17. Ezra Rice, of Auburn. 
Manning Leonard, of Southbridge. 

18. Ezra Batcheller, of N. Brookfield. 
Datiel W. Knight, of Broolifield. 

Hampshire County. 

1. Haynes K. Starkweather, of North- 

William I. Edwards, of Westhampton. 

2. Marcus A. Bates, of Worthington. 

3. Stephen M. Crosby, of Williamsburg. 

4. Elliott Montague, of South Hadley. 

5. Henry B. Blake, of Helchertown. 

6. Edward Smith, of Enfield. 

Hampden Country. 

1. Ferdinand L. Burley, of Wales. 

2. Joseph Vaill. of Palmer. 

3. Tilly Haynes, of Springfield. 
Emerson Wight, of Springfield. 

4. Horace Smith, of Springfield. 

5. jWilliam W. Amadon, of Springfield. 

6. S. H. Walker, of Holyoke. 
Jerome Wells, of Chicopee. 

7. William Melcher, of W. Springfield. 
Edwin Gilbert, of Southwick. 

8. Siimuel Horton, of Westfield. 
Franklin C. Knox, of Blandford. 


Franklin County. 

Lyman K. Moore, of New Salem. 

D. Dwight Whitmore, of Sunderland. 

Daniel H. Newton, of Greenfield. 

Avery J. Denison, of Levden. 

Alfred Belden, of Whately. 

Clark Sears, of Hawley. 

Roger H. Leavitt, of Cliarlemont. 

Berkslnire County. 

Justus Tower, of Lanesboro'. 
Shepherd Thayer, of Adams. 
Werden R. Brown, of Cheshire. 
Thomas F. Plunkett, of Pittsfield. 
James Wilson, of Dalton. 
Thomas K. Plunkett, of Hinsdale. 
Albert Langdon, of Lenox. 
Alanson Crittenden, of Otis. 
Herbert C. Joyner. of Gt. Harrington. 
Orlow Wolcott, of Sandisfield. 

BforfoUc County. 

1. FHiphalet Stone, of Dedham. 

2. Charles A. Hewins, of W. Roxbury. 

3. Jjimes Ritchie, of Boston. 
Moody Merrill, of Boston. 
Cluirles H. Hovey, of Boston. 

4. Benjamin Franklin, of Boston. 

5. Henry J. Nazro, of Dorchester. 
William T. Adams, of Dorchester. 

6. Henry Barker, of Quincy. 

7. Levi W. Hobart, of Brailitree. 

8. James Humphrey, of Weymouth. 
Elmer Hewett, of Weymouth. 

9. Samuel Clark, of Randolph. 

10. Henri L. .Johnson, of Stonghton. 

11. Francis W. Bird, of Walpole. 
F'rank M. Ames, of Canton. 

12. Chauncy G. Fuller, of Wrentham. 
John M. Merrick, of Foxborough. 

13. Ruel F. Thayer, of Bellingham. 

14. Abner L. Smith, of Dover. 

15. Abijah W. Goddard, of Brookline. 

Bristol County. 

1. Joseph D. Peirce, of Attleboro". 

2. William D. Witherell, of Norton. 

3. Enoch King, of Raynham. 

4. Edgar H. Reed, of Taunton. 
Alfred M. Williams, of Taunton. 
LeBaron B. Church, of 'i au ,ton. 

5. Ebenezer Dawes, of Dighton. 

6. Rufus S. Slade, of Swan'(a. 

7. Abraham G. Hart, of Fall River. 
Weaver Osborn, of Fall River. 
Tram Smith, of Fall River. 

8. Isaac A. Anthony, of Westport. 

9. George F. Howland, of Dartmouth. 

10. Rodney French, of New Bedford. 
Samuel S. Paine, of New Bedford. 

11. .John A. P. Allen, of New Bedford. 
Jethro C. Brock, of New Bedford. 

12. Lewis S. Judd, of Fairhaven. 

Plymouth County. 

1. Loring Bates, of Cohaoset. 

2. Charles N. Marsh, of Hingham. 

3. Edward Stowell, of So. Scituate. 

4. Charles P. Lyon, of H;ilifax. 

5. .loseph A. Stranger, of Kingston. 

6. William Bartlett, of Plymouth. 
William E. Barnes, of Plymouth. 

7. Ezra C. Brett, of Wareham. 

8. Thomas Ellis, of Rochester. 

9. Augustus Pratt, of Middleboro'. 

10. Nahum Leonard, Jr., of \V. I'.iidgew'r. 

11. Jacob Bates, of E. Bridgew:iter. 
Welcome H. Wales, of N. Bridgew'r. 

12. Charles W. Soule, of Abington. 
Albert Chamberlin, of Abington. 

Barnstable County. 

1. Lemuel B. Simmons, of Barnstable. 
Alvah Holway, of Sandwich. 
Francis A. Nye, of Falmouth. 

2. Samuel H. Go\ild, of l>rew*ter. 
Shubael B. Kellev. of Harwich. 

3. En>ign B. Rogers, of Orleans. 

4. .lohn C. Peak, of WelHleet. 
Obadiah S. Brown, of Truro. 

Dukes County. 

1. Charles Bradley, of Tisbury. 
Xantucket County. 

1. Isaiah F. Robinson, of Nantucket. 


Wm. S. Robinson, Cleric. 

Rev. Orin T. Walker, Chaplain. 

John Morissey, Serg.eant-at-Arin$. 






Judiciary. — Messrs. Dewey, Dean, Hol- 
den. White, and Coolidge. 

Probate ami Chnnci^ry. — Messrs. Mar- 
shall, Morton, and King. 

Treasury. — Messrs. Lockev, Palmer, and 
1 haver. 

Printing. — Messrs. Monroe, Hathaway, 
and Knowles. 

Bills in Third Reading. — Messrs. Hol- 
den, Coolidge, White, King, and Morton. 
, Engrossed Bills. — Messrs Ladd, Pollard, 
and Wheelock. 

Leaves of Absence. — Messrs. Giles, Hath- 
away, and Ray. 


Judiciary. — Messrs. Nelson of Worces- 
ter, Child of Boston, Kent of Milford, Hnrd 
of Framingham, Newton of Boston, Mcln- 
tire of Cambriiige, Goodrich of Newton. 

Probate and Chancery. — Messrs. Hum- 
phrey of Weymouth, Perry of Boston, 
Joyner of Great Barrington, Merrill of 
Boston, Merriam of Leominster, Willson of 
Charlestown, Woodward of Worcester. 

Finance,. — Messrs. Kimball of Boston, 
Rich of Boston, (3rosby of Williamsburg, 
Nazro of Dorchester, Newton of Green- 
field, Waters of Salem, Leonard of South- 

Elections. — Messrs. Child of Boston. Col- 
lins of Boston, Anthony of Westport, Mad- 
den of Boston, Horton of Westfield, Rolfe 
of Newbury, and Barnes of Plymouth. 

Bills in the Third Reading. — Messrs. 
Newton of Boston, Hodges of Haverhill, 
Nichols of Boston, Langdon of Lenox, Mel- 
den of Lynn, Witherell of Norton, Child of 

Engrossed Bills. — Messrs. Rand of 
Charlestown, Harris of Marblehead, Mel- 
cherof West Springfield, .lohnson of Stough- 
ton. Brown of Cheshire, Phipps of Hopkin- 
ton. Stranger of Kingston. 

County Estimates. — Messrs. Holway of 
Sandwich, Dennison of Leyden, Wilcox 
of New Braintree, Sears of mwley, Robin- 
son of Nantucket. 

Pay Roll. — Messrs. Marsh of Hingham, 
Sherman of Wayland, Gibbs of North- 
bridge, Brown of Truro, White of Boyls- 

Leave of Absence. — Messrs. Fuller of 
Wrentham, Smith of Rutland, Slade of 
Swansea, Priest of Littleton, and Fiske 
of Cambridge. 

Public Buildings. — Messrs. Breed of 
Nortii Reading, Wilson of Dalton, Rogers 
of Orleans, Smith of Cambridge, Choate 
of Newbury port. 

Printing. — Messrs. Kellosg of Lynn, 
Owen of Chelsea, Walker of iiolyoke, Car- 
ney of Boston, Davis of Charlestown. 

Agriculture. — Messrs. Needham and 
Thomas, of the Senate. Messrs. Stone of 
Dedham, Tower of Lanesboro', Clement 
of Dracut, Starkweather of Northampton, 
Pratt of Mi'idleboro', of the House. 

Banks and Banking. — Messrs. Lockey 
and Kingman, of the Senate. Messrs. Wells 
of Chicopee, Fisher of Lancaster, Hapgood 
of Boston, Baldwin of Brighton, Haskell of 
Amesbury, of the House. 

Claims. — Messrs. Coolidge and Thomas, 
of the Senate. Messrs. Crosby of Williams- 
burg, Brooks of Boston, Allen of Mendon, 
Barker of Quincy, Goddard of Petersham, 
of the House. 

Education. — Messrs. Marshall and 5for- 
ton, of the Senate. Messrs. Merrick of Fox- 
boro". King of Boston, Blake of Belcher- 
town, Adams of Dorchester, Chase of 
Watertown, of the House. 

Federal Relations. — Messrs. Brastow and 
Weston, of the Senate. Messrs. Hervey of 
Medtbrd, Collins of Boston, Williams of 
Taunton, Smith of Boston, Lane of Lowell, 
of the House. 

Fisheries. — Messrs. Weston and At- 
wood, (f the Senate. Messrs. Simmons of 
Barnstable, Bradley of Tisbury, Coes of 
Worcester, Brett of Wareham, Hewes 
of Lynnfield, of the House. 

Hai-bors. — Messrs. McLean, Coolidge, 
and Plumer, oj the Senate. Messrs. 
Francis of Lowell, Bird of Walpole, Cox 
of Maiden, Allen of New Bedforil, Nelson 
of W'orcester, Fay of Concord, Smith of 
Springfield, Johnson of Boston, of the 

Library. — Messrs. Dean, Dowse, and 
Buttrick, of the Senate. Messrs. Sanger 
of Webster, Davis of Lunenburg, Hewitt of 
Weymouth, (fthe House. 

Manufactures. — Messrs. Knowles and 
Kittredge, of the Senate. Messrs. Plunkett 
of Pittsfield, Butler of Lawrence, Guild of 
Somerville, Dean of Worcester, Cunliff 
of Sutton, of the House. 

Mercantile Affairs. — Messrs. Crane and 
Pollard, of the Senate. Messrs. Nash of 
Boston, Gould of Melrose, Burrage of Bos- 
ton, Montague of South Hadley, Church 
of Taunton, of the House. 

Insurance. — Messrs. Crane and Ladd, 
of the Senate. Messrs. Ober of Boston, 
Horswell of Boston, Hewins of West Rox- 
bury, Warren of Waltham, Parker of Low- 
ell, of the House. 

Military Affairs. — Messrs. Todd and 
Smith, ()/■ the Senate. Messrs. Grammar 
of Woburn, Gove of Boston, Barrett of 
Ashburnham, Daniels of Peabody, Lyon 
of Halifax, of the House. 

Parishes and Religious Societies. — Messrs. 
Dowse and Palmer, of the S<nate. Messrs. 
Vaill of Palmer, Smith of Fall River, Ed- 
wards of Westhampton, Reed of Taunton, 
Goddard of Brookline, of the House. 

Prisans. — Messrs. Todd and Smith, o/" 
the Senate. Messrs. Hart of Fall River, 
Crittenden of Otis, Nichols of Grafton, Car- 
ter of Boston, Hichborn of Charlestown, of 
the House. 



Public Charitnik Institutions. — Messrs. 
Howe and Kittredge, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Bird of VValpole, Leavitt of Charlemont, 
Towle of Haverhill, Gould of Brewster, 
Cawley of Boston, of the House. 

Public Lands. — Messrs. Weston and 
Wheelock, of the Senate. Messrs. Mudge 
of Danvers, Standish of Boston, Friend of 
Gloucester, Batcheller of North Brookfield, 
J. R. Morse of Cambridge, cf the House. 

Railways. — Messrs. Griswold, Tweed, 
and Hobart, of the Senate. Messrs. Baker 
of Beverly, Plumer of Boston, Ritchie of 
Boston, Judd of Fairhaven, Thaver of Ad- 
ams, Haynes of Springfield, Russell of 
Lawrence, Ames of Canton, nf the House. 

Horse Railways. — Messrs. Needham, 
Svveetser, an<l Ladd, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Hurd of Framingham, Bowdlear of Boston, 
Sargent of Lowell, Millis of Boston, Blinn 
of Lexington, Barlow of Salem, Wales of 
North Bridgewater, Amadon of Springfield, 
of the House. 

Roads ami Brulges. — Messrs. Marsh and 
Plumer, o/ ^/ie Senate. Messrs. Humphrej' 
of Weymouth, Browa of Boston, Smith of 
Boston, Leonard of West Bridgewater, 
Fletcher of Clielmsford, of the House. 

State House. — Messrs. Giles and Mc- 
Lean, of the Senate. Messrs. Bowdlear of 
Boston, Osborne of Fall River, Bates of 
Cohasset, Howland of Dartmouth, Matbe- 
son of Boston, of the House. 

Towns. — Messrs. Sweetser and Ray, o/" 
the Senate. Messrs. Kent of Milford, Bailey 
of Fitchburg, Bates of East Bridgewater, 
Goodspeed of Athol, Sawin of Charles- 
town, of the House. 

Hoosac Tunnel and Troy and Greenfield 
Railroad. — Messrs. Brastow, Tweed, and 
Griswold, of the Senate. Messrs. Kimball 
of Boston, Francis of Lowell, Williams of 
Worcester, Young of Boston, Cook of 
Gloucester, Runey of Somerville, Lombard 
of Chelsea, Hale of Salem, of the House. 


IrvUans. — Messrs. Holden, King, and 
Kingman, of the Senate. French of New 
Bedford, Bird of Walpole, Pierce of Attle- 
boro', Ellis of Rochester, Puffer of Lowefl, 
Roberts of Boston, Dupar of Lynn, Soule 
of Abington, of the House. 

License Law. — Messrs. White, Tweed, 
Dean, Todd, and Buttrick, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Baker of Beverlv, V'aill of Palmer, 
Plunkett of Pittsfield, Burrage of Boston, 
.lohnson of Boston, Nelson of Worcester, 
Plumer of Boston, Crosby of Williamsburg, 
Child of Boston, Davis of' Lunenburg, Hurd 
of Framingham, Ritchie of Boston, of the 

Compensation of the Governor, Zieutenant Oovernor, &c. 

The salary of the Governor is S."),000 ; of the Lieutenant-Governor, SlO.OO 
per day during the sos-inn of the Council. The pay of the Councillors is 
$5.00 per day for each day's attendance during the year. The pay of Sena- 
tors and Representatives is $5.00 per day tor each day's attendance during 
the session. 

The salary of the Secretary of the Commonwealth is .?2,500 ; Treasurer, 
$3,500 ; Auditor, S2,500 ; Attorney General, S3,500 ; Adjutant General, 


Charles Sumner, of Boston, term expires March 3, 1875. 

Henry Wilson, of >.atick, term expires March 3, 1871. 



ct 1. 










[Terms expire March 3, 1871.] 

James Buffinton, of Fall River. 

Oakes Ames, ... of Easton. 

Ginery Twichell, of Brookline. 

Samuel Hooper, of Boston. 

Benjamin F. Butler, of Gloucester. 

Nathaniel P. Banks, of Waltham. 

George S. Bout well, of Groton. 

George F. Hoar, ot Worcester. 

AVilliam B. Washburn, of Greenfield. 

Henry L. Dawes, of Pittsfield. 



As established by Chap. 221, Acts of 1866. 

1 . — The Island, the Cape, the First Plymouth, and the Second and Third Bristol 

Senatorinl Districts. 
2 —The Second Plymouth, the First Bristol, the NorfolK and Plymouth, and the 
Second and Third Norfolk Senatorial Districts. 

5. — The Sixth Suffolk, the Frst Norfolk, the Third and Fourth Middlesex, and the 

Second Worcester Senatorial Districts. 
4. — The First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Suffolk Senatorial Districts. 
5 — The five Senatorial Districts in the County of E<sex. 

6. — The First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Middlesex Senatorial Districts. 

7. — The First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Worcester, and the Franklin Senatorial 


8. — The Hampshire, the First and Second Hampden, the Berkshire, and the Berk- 

shire and Hampshire Senatorial Districts. 


As established by Chap. 120, Acts of 1806, loilh the number of legal voters in each district. 

[Whole number of le£;al voters in the State on the 1st of May, 1865, 246,282. Average 
ratio for each district in the State, 6,157.] 

Suffolk County — Six Senators. [Average ratio, 6,133.] 

First District. — Chelsea, North Chelsea, Winthrop, and Ward No. 1, Boston. Legal 

voters, 6,360. 
Secoivl District. — Wards Nos. 2, 3, and 6, Boston. Legal voters, 8,795. 
Third District. — Wards Nos. 4 and 5,. Boston. Legal voters, 6,195. 
Fourth District. — Wards Nos. 8 and 9, Boston. Legal voters, 5,137. 
Fifth District. — Wards Nos. 10 and 11, Boston. Legal voters. 5,109. 
Bixth District. — Wards Nos. 7 and 12, Boston. Legal voters, 5,224. 

Essex County — Five Senators— [Average ratio, 6,616.] 

First District. — Lynn, Lynnfield, Marblehead, Naliant, Saugus, and Swampscott. 

Lesal voters, 6,855. 
Second District. — Danvers, Hannil'-on, Middleton, Salem, §Soath Danvers, Topsfield, 

and Wenham. Legal voters, 6,215. 
Third District. — Andover, Boxford, Haverhill, Lawrence, Methuen, and North Ando- 

ver. Legal voters, 7,111. 
Fourth District. — Ameshury, Bradford, Georgetown, Groveland, Newbury, Newbury- 

port, S:ilisbury, and West Newbury. Le(!;a] voters, 6,267. 
Fifth District. — Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Ipswich, Manchester, Rockport, and 

Rowley. Legal voters, 6,624. 

Middlesex County — Seven Senators. [Average ratio, 5,991.] 

First District. — Charlestown. Legal voters, 5,596. 

Second District. — Belmont, Maiden, Medford, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown, and 
* West Cambridge. Legal voters, 6,462. 

Third District. — Cambridge and Bri<jhton. Legal voters, 5,810. 

Fourth District. — Ashland, Fnimingham, HoUiston, Hopkinton, Natick, Newton, Sher- 
born, Wayland, and Weston. Legal voters, 6.259. 

Fifth District. — Acton, A.shby, Boxborough, Carlisle, Concord, Dunstable, Groton, 
Hudson, Lincoln, Littleton, Marlborough, Pepperell, Shirley, Stow, Sudbury, Town- 
send, Tyngsborough, and Westford. Legal voters. 5,828. 

Sixth District. — Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, Melrose, North Reading, 
Reading, fSouth Reading, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Wilmington, Winchester, and 
Woburn. Legal voters, 6,014. 

Seventh District. — Chelmsford, Dracut, and Lowell. Legal voters, 5,967. 

Worcester County — Five Senators- [Average ratio, 0,45i.] 

First District. — Worcester. Legal voters, 5,8S0. 

Second District. — Blackstone, Doutrlas, Grafton, Mendon, Milford. Northborough, 
Northbridge, Shcwsbury, Southborough, Upton, Uxbridge, and Westborough. Legal 
voters, 6,883. 

Third District. — Auburn, Brookfield, Charlton, Dudley, Leicester, Milbury, Oxford, 
Southbridge, Spencer Sturbridge, Sutton, Warren, Webster, and West Brookfield. 
Legal voters, 6,535. 

Fourth District. — Athol, Barre, Dana, Gardner, Hardwick, Holden, Hubbardston, 
New Braintree, North Brookfield, Oakham, Paxton, Petersham, Phillipston, Royals- 
ton, Rutland, Templeton, and Winchenden. Legal voters, 6,383. 

* Changed to Arlington, April 30, 1867. t Changed to Wakefield, June 30, 1868. 

§ Changed to Peabody, 1868. 


Ft/CA i);s?r^V^ — Aslihurnham, Berlin, Bolton, Boylston. Clinton, Fitehbiirg, Harvard, 
Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, Princeton, Sterling, West Boylston, and V\ est- 
minster. Legal voters, 6,574. 

H; mpden County — Two Senators. [Average ratio, 6,165.] 

First District. — Brimfield, Holland, Monson, Palmer, Springfield, Wales, and Wibra- 
ham. Legal voters, 6,306. 

Second Diairict. — Ag&yifim, Blandfovd, Chester, Cliicopee, Granville, Holyoke, Long- 
meadow, Ludlow, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick, Tolland, Westfield, and West 
Springtield. Legal voters, 6,024. 

Hampshire Connty — One Senator. [Average ratio, 6,347 ] 

Hampshire District. — kmh&vst, Belchertown, Easthampton, Enfield, Granby, Green- 
wich, Hadley, Hatfield, Northampton, Pelham, Prescott, South Hadley, South- 
ampton, Ware, Westhampton, and Williamsburg. Legal voters, 6,347. 

Berkshire and Hampshire Counties — One Senator. [Aver.nge ratio, 6,149 ] 

Berkshire and Hampshire Dislrirts. — Alford, Becket, Egremont. Great Barrinuton, 
Lee. Lenox, Monterey, Mount Washington, New Marlborough, Otis, Sandisfield, 
SheflSeld, Stockbridge, Tyrintjham, Wes't Stockbridge. Chesterfield, Cummington, 
Goshen, Huntington, Middiefield, Plainfield, and Wortbington. Legal voters, 

Berkshire and Franklin Counties — One Senator. [Average ratio, 6,013.] 

Berkshire District.— A(]nm», Cheshire, Clarksburg. Dalton, Florida, Hancook, Hins- 
dale, Lanesborough, New Ashford, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Savoy, Washing- 
ton, Williamstown, Windsor, Hawley, and Monroe. Legal voters, 6,013. 

Franklin County — One Senator. [Average ratio, 6,987.] 

Franklin District. — Asbfield, Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Coleraine, Conway, 
Deerfield, Krving, Gill, Greenfield, Heath. Leverett, Leyden, Montague, New 
Salem, Northfield, Orange, Rowe, Slielburne, Shutesbury, Sunderland, Warwick, 
Wendell, and Whately. Legal voters, 6,987. 

Norfolk County — Three Senators. [Average ratio, 6,134.] 

First District. — Brookline, * Roxburv. and West Roxbury. Legal voters, 6.23.=;. 
Secoml District. — Canton, Dedham, Dorchester, Dover, Milton, Needham, and t^uincy, 

Leenl voters, 6,094. 
Third District — Bellingham, Foxborough, Franklin. Medfield, Medway, Randolph, 

Sharon, Stoughton, Walpole, and Wrenthain. Legal voters, 6,084. 

Bristol County — Three Senators. [Average ratio, 6,192.] 

First District. — Attleborough, Easton, Mansfield, Norton, Raynham, and Taunton. 
Legal voters, 6,058. 

Second District. — Acushnet. Dartmouth, Fairhaven, and New Bedford. Legal voters, 

Thi/'d District. — Rerklev, Dighton, Fall River, Freetown, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somer- 
set, Swanzey, and Westport. Legal voters, 6,246. 

Plymouth County — Two Senators. [Average ratio, 5,925.] 

First District. — Carver, Duxhury, Kingston, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Mid- 
dleborough, Plymouth, Plympton, Rochester, and Wareham. Legal voters, 5.973. 

Second District — Abington, Brid^ewater, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Hanson, North 
Bridgewater, Pembroke, and West Bridgewater. Legal voters, 5.878. 

Norfolk and Plymouth Counties — One Senator. [Average ratio, 5,904.] 

Norfolk and Plymouth District. — Cohasset, Hanover, Hiiigham, Hull, Marshfield, 
Scituate, Soutti Scitnate, Braintree, and Weymouth. Legal voters, 5,904. 

Barnstahle, Dukes, and Nantucket Counties — Two Senators. 

[Average ratio, 5,12.3.] 
Island District. — Barnstable, Falmouth, Sandwich, Chilraark, Edgartown, Gosnold, 

Tisbury, and Nantucket. Legal voters, 4,562. 
Cape District. — Brewster, Chatham, Dennis. Eastham, Harwich, Orleans, Province- 

towu, Truro, Wellfleet, and Yarmouth. Legal voters. 5,684. 

* Annexed to Boston, January, 1668. 




As established by the County Commissioners of the several Counties other than 
Suffolk, and the Mayor and Aldermen '-f the City of Boston, for the County of 
Suftblk, pursuant to "the 21st Art. of Amendments of the Constitution and Chap. 
103 of the Acts of 1866; with the number of Legal voters in each District (accord- 
ing to the census of 1865), and the number of Representatives to which said dis- 
tricts are respectively entitled. Number of Representatives, 240. Number of 
voters CO each Representative, 1,026. 

Voters. Rep. 
3,530 3 
3,085 3 
3,050 3 


36,820 36 

Suffolk County. 


1. Boston 1st Ward. 

2. Boston 2d Ward. 

3. Boston 3d Ward. 

4. Boston 4tli Ward. 

5. Boston 5th Ward. 

6. Boston 6th Ward. 

7. Boston 7 th Ward. 

8. Boston 8th Ward. 

9. Boston 9th Ward. 

10. Boston 10th Ward. 

11. Boston 11th Ward. 

12. Boston I2th Ward. 

13. Clielsea, North Chelsea, ) 

Wiutluop. ( 


Essex County. 

1. Salisbury, Amesbury, ) 

West Newbury. ) 

2. Haverhill, Bradtbrd. 

3. Lawrence, Methuen. 

4. Andover, North Andover. 
6. Georgetown, Grove - ) 

land, Boxford. ) 

6. Newburyport, Newbury. 

7. Ipswich, Rowley. 

8. Gloucester, Essex. 

9. Rockport. 

10. Beverly, Manchester, } 

Hamilton. | 

11. Danvers, Wenham. 

12. South Danvers. 

13. Salem 1st Ward, 2d | 

Ward, 3d Ward. ) 

14. Salem 4th Ward, 6th Ward 

15. Marblehead, Salem 5th ( 

Ward. ) 

16. Lynn 4th Ward, Nahant. 

17. Lynn 2d Ward, 5th Ward. 

18. Lynn 3d Ward, Swampscott. 1,133 

19. Lvnn 1st Ward, 6th ) 

- Ward. 7th Ward. J 

20. Saugus, Lynnfield, I 

Middleton, Topsfield. \ 














Middlesex County. 

1. Charlestown 1st Ward. 

2. Charlestown 2d Ward. 

3. Charlestown 3d Ward. 

4. Somerville, Maiden. 

5. Medfbrd. 

6. West Cambridge, Win- ) 

Chester. ) 

7. Cambridge 1st Ward, | 

5th Ward. ' \ 

8. Cambridge 2d Ward, / 

4th Ward. j 

9. Cambridge 3d Ward. 

10. Newton, Brighton. 

11. Watertown, Belmont. 

12. Waltham. 

13. Natick. 

14. Holliston, Sherborn. 

Total, 33,072 32 





























15. Hopkinton, Ashland. 

16. Framingliam. 

17. Marlborough. 

18. Hudson, Stow. Box- ) 

borough, Littleton, f 

19. Acton, Sudbury, Wayland 

20. Concord, Lincoln, Weston. 

21. Lexington, Bedford, / 

Burlington, Carlisle, j 

22. Woburn. 

23. Stoneham, South Read- ) 

ing, Melrose. ) 

24. Reading, North Read- ) 

ing, Wilmington. ) 

25. Chelmsford, Billerica, / 

Tewksbury. | 

26. Lowell 1st VVard. 2d j 

Ward 6th Ward. ) 

27. Lowell 3(1 Ward. 

28. Lowell 4th Ward. 

29. Lowell 5tli Ward. 

30. Dracut, Tyngsborough, ) 

Dunstable, Westford. j 

31. Groton, Pepperell. 























32. Townsend, Ashby, Shirley. 1,029 
Total, 41,935 

Worcester County. 

1. Ashburnham, Witichendou. 

2. Royalston, Athol. 

3. Gardner, Tenipleton. 

4. Petersham, Dana, Phil- 

lipston, Hubbards- 
ton, Barre, Hard- 
wick, New Braintree. j 

5. Westminster, Fitch- 

burg, Lunenburg, 

6. Lancaster, Bolton, Harvard. 

7. Clinton, Berlin, North- | 

boro'. ) 

8. Sterling, West Boyl- ) 

ston, Boylstcn. | 

9. Rutland, Holden, ) 

Princeton, Oakham. ( 

10. Worcester 1st Ward, 2d ) 

Ward, 3d Ward, 8th } 
Ward, Paxton. 

11. Worcester 4th Ward, 

5th Ward, 6th Ward 
7th Ward. 

12. Grafton, Shrewsbury 

13. Westborough, Soutliborough, 

14. Northbridge, Upton. 

15. Milford,Mendon, ) 

Blackstone, Ux- > 3,180 3 

bridge. ) 

16. Douglas, Webster, | 

Dudley, Oxford, V 3,164 3 

Sutton, Millbury. ) 

17. Auburn, Leicester \ 

Spencer, Charlton, > 2,127 2 

Southbridge. ) 

8. Sturbridge, Brookfield, ) 

.North Brookfield.W. '• 2,157 2 

Brookfield, Warren. ) 

Total, 31,780 31 

2,983 3 










Hampshire County. 

1. Eastliamptnn, Hunting- 

ton, Northampton, 
Southampton, West- 

2. Chesterfield, Gumming- ) 

ton, Goshen, Middle- 
field, Plainfield, Wor- 

3. Hadley, Hatfield, Wil- 


4. Amherst, So. Hadley. 

5. Belchertown, Granbj', 


6. Enfield, Greenwich, 

Prescott, Ware. 





Hampden County. 

1. Monson, lirimfield, Hoi- ( 

land, Wiiles. \ 

2. Palmer, Wilbraham. 

3. Springfield. 1st Ward, ) 

2d Ward, 3d Ward, j 

4. Sprinsfield, 4tli Ward, ( 

6tli Ward. ) 

5. Springfield, 5th Ward, i 

7th Ward, 8th Ward, j 

6. Holyoke, Chicopee, Ludlow. 

7. Granville, Southwick, ) 

Agawam, W. Spring- > 
field, Loiigmeadow. i 

8. Westfield. 

9. Chester, Blandford, \ 

Montgomery, Kus- > 
sell, Tolland. \ 









Total, 12,330 

Franklin County. 

1. Warwick, Orange, New / 

Salem. j 

2. Montague, Sunderland, j 

Leverett, Shutes- [ 
bury, Wendell. j 

3. Greenfield, Coleraine, ] 

Leyden, Bernardston, [ 
Gill, Northtield, Er- 

4. Deerfield, Shelburne, 

Whately, Conwav, ]■ 2,059 
-4shfield, Hawley. 

5. Buck land, Charlemont, 

Heath, Rowe, Monroe 






Total, 7,11/ 

Berkshire County. 

1. Hancock, Lanesbor 

New Ash ford, W 

2. Adams, Cheshire, 

Clarksburg, Flor- j. 
ida. Savoy. j 

3. Dalton, Pittsfield, Richmond. 1,923 

4. Becket, Hinsdale, Peru, 

Washington, Wind- 
5; Lenox, Stockbridge, / 
West Stockbridge. { 

6. Lee, Monterey, "Otis, ) 

Tyringham.' j 

7. Alford, Egremont, Gt. ) 

Barrington, Mount J 
Washington. ) 

8. New Marlboroush, San- ( 

disfield, Shefiield. j 

Total, 7,668 7 






1,111 1 

1,095 1 

Total, 10,566 10 

Norfolk County. 


West Rosbnrv. 

Roxburv, 2d 'Ward, 3d) 

Ward, 4th Ward, 5th V 

Ward. ) 

Roxbury 1st Ward. 
Canton, Milton, Wal- ) 

pole, Sharon. . ji 

Foxborough, Wren- ( 

tham, .Medway. ) 

Franklin, Bellinsham. 
Needham, Medfield, Dover. 





















1,812 2 



Bristol County. 

1. Attleborough. 

2. .Mansfield, Norton. 

3. Easton, Rayuham. 

4. Taunton. 

5. Seekonk, Rehoboth, } 

Dighton, Berkley. \ 

6. Somerset, Swansea, j 

Freetown. j 

7. Fall River. 

8. Westport. 

9. Dartmoutli. 

10. New Bedford 1st Ward, ) 

2d ^\■ard, 3d Ward, j 

11. New Bedford, 4th Ward, ( 

5ih Ward, 6th Ward. ) 

12. Fairhaven, Acushnet. 








Plymouth County. 

1. Cohasset, Scituate. 

2. Hingham, Hull. 

3. South Scitu.ate, Hano- 

ver, Hanson. 

4. Marshfield, Pembroke, 


5. Duxbury. Kingston. 

6. Plymouth, Carver, Plympton.2 

7. Wareham, .Marion. 

8. Mattapoisett, Roches- ) 

ter, Lakeville. ) 

9. Middleborough. 1 

10. Bridgewater, West J , 

Bridgewater. j 

11. East Bridgewater, No. / , 

Briilgewater. f 

12. Abington. 1 










Bamstahle County. 

1. Barnstable, Sandwich, / 

Falmouth, Yarmouth ( 

2. Dennis, Harwich, Brewster. 

3. Chatham, Orleans. 

4. Eastham,Wellfleet,Ti-u- I 

ro, Provincetown. j 

Totjil, 8,334 


Dukes County. 

1. Edgartown, Tisburv, j 

Chilmark, Gosnold. ) 

Nantucket County. 
1. Nantucket. 809 

Total, 21,525 21 

Total, 18,576 18 

Total, 14,643 15 

3,238 3 

2,013 2 

1,075 1 

2,006 2 





District 1. 

The several towns in the counties of 
Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket, to- 
gether with the cities of New Bedford 
and Fall River, and the towns of Acush- 
iiet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown, and 
Westport, in the county of Bristol; and 
the towns of Carver, Duxbury. Halifax, 
Kingston, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, 
Middleborough, Pembroke, Plymouth, 
Plympton, Rochester, and Wareham, in 
the county of Plymouth. 

District 2. 

The towns of Attleborough, Berkley, 
Dighton, Easton, Mansfield, Norton, Rayn- 
ham, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somerset, Swan- 
sea, and the city of Taunton, in the county 
of Bristol; and the towns of Abington, 
Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Hingham, 
Hanover, Hansom, Hull, Marshfield, Scitu- 
ate, South Scituate, North Bridgewater, 
and West bridgewater, in the county of 
Plymouth; and the towns of Braintree, 
Canton, Cohasset, Dorchester, Alilton, 
Quincy, Randolph, Sharon, Stoughton, 
and Weymouth, in the county of Norfolk. 

District 3. 

The * city of Roxbury and the town of 
Brookline, in the county of Norfolk; and 
the territory comprised in the wards num- 
bered four, seven, eight, ten, eleven, and 
twelve, in the city of Boston, in tlie Coun- 
ty of Suflblk. 

District 4. 

The territory comprised in the wards 
numbered one, two, three, five, six, and 
nine, in the city of Boston, the city of 
Chelsea, and the towns of North Chelsea 
and Winthrop. in the County of Suflblk: 
and the citj' of Cambridge, in the county 
of Middlesex. 

Distinct 5. 

The cities of Lynn, Newburyport, and 
Salem, and the towns of Amesbury, Bev- 
erly, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Glou- 
cester, Groveland, Hamilton, Ipswich, 
Lynufield, Manchester, Marblehead, Mid- 
dleton, Nahant, Newbury, Rockport, Row- 
ley, Salisbury, t South Danvers, Swamp- 
scott, Topsfield, Wenham, and West New- 
bury, in the county of Essex. 

* Annexed to Boston, 
■f Changed to Peabody. 

District 6. 
The city of Lawrence, and the towns 
of Andove'r, Boxford, Bradford, Haverhill, 
Methuen, North Andover, and Saugus, in 
the county of Essex; and the city of 
Charlestown, and the towns of Belmont, 
Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, Maiden, 
Medford. Melrose, North Reading, Read- 
ing. Snmerville, t South Reading, Stone- 
ham, Tewksburv, Waltham, § West Cam- 
bridge, Wilmington, Winchester, and 
Woburn, in the county of Middlesex. 

District 7. 
The city of Lowell, and the towns of 
Acton, Ashby, Ashland, Bedford, Box- 
borough, Brighton, Carlisle, Chelmsford, 
Concord, Dracut, Dunstable, Framingham, 
Groton, Holliston, Hopkinton, Lincoln, 
Littleton, Marlborough, Natick, Newton, 
Pepperell, Sherhorn, Shirley, Stow, Sud- 
burv, Townsend, Tyngsborough, Watei-- 
town, Wayland, Westford, and Weston, in 
the countv of Middlesex; and tiie towns 
of Dedham, Dover, Medfield, Needham, 
and West Roxburv, in the county of Nor- 

District 8. 
The city of Worcester, and the towns 
of Auburn, Blackstone, Boylston, Brook- 
field. Charlton, Douglas, Dudlev. Gralton, 
Holden, Leicester, Mendon, Milford, Mill- 
hurv, New Braintree, NoitlilH>riiugh, 
Nor'thbridge, North Brookfield, Oakham, 
Oxford, Paxtoii, Rutland, Shrewsbury, 
Southborough, Southbridge, Spencer, Stiir- 
bridge, Sutton, Upton, Uxbridge, Warren, 
Webster, Westhorough, West Boylston, 
and West Brookfield, in the county of 
Worcester; and the towns of Bellingham, 
Foxborough, Franklin, Medway, Walpole, 
and Wrentham, in the county of Norfolk. 

District 9. 
The several towns in the counties of 
Hampshire and Franklin, and the towns 
of Ashburnham, Athol, Barre, Berlin, Bol- 
ton, Clinton, Dana, Htchburg, Gardner, 
Hardwick, Harvard, Hubbardston, Lan- 
caster, Leominster. Lunenburg, Peters- 
ham, Phillipston, Princeton, Royalston, 
Sterling, Templeton, Westminster, and 
Winchendon, in the county of Worcester. 

District 10. 
The city of Springfield, and the several 
towns in "Hampden county, together with 
the several towns in Berkshire county. 

X Changed to "Wakefield. 
§ Changed to Arlington. 





Nathan Cliirord, Circuit Judge. 

John Lowell, Dislricl Jurlcje. 

Georjre S. Hillard, Didrict Attornei/. 

Walb'ge A. Field, A.' Db. Attorney. 

M. F. Dickinson, Jr., 2d Asst. Dis. 

Edward P. Nettleton, 3d Asst. Dis. 

Geo. L. Andrew.s, jMnrshaL 

Joseph B. Keyes, Duputy Marshal. 

Samuel \V. Richardson, Deputy Mar- 

John G. Stetson, Clerk Circuit 

Seth E. Sprague, Clerk District 

[Offices of all the above are at the 
United States Court House, 140 Tremout 
Street, Boston.] 

Commissioners of the Circuit Court 
of the United States, for the first 
Circuit, and District of Massaciiu- 
setts : Chas. Levi Woodbury, Elias 
Merwin, Charles P. Curtis, Jr., Caleb 
Win. Loring, Win. S. Dexter, Henry 
L. Hallett, Charles W. Tuttle, Chas. 
Demond and W. W. Warren of 
Boston ; William L. Smith, of S|)ring- 
fieid ; Aust n S. Cushman, Oliver 
Prescott, of New Bedford ; and 
Thornton Davis, of Greenfield. 

Circuit Courts, holden 15th of 
May and 15th of October, in each 

District Courts, holden at Boston, 
3d Tuesday in March; 4th Tuesday 
in June ; 2d Tueslay in Sept. ; and 
1st Tuesday in Dec. ; and Special 
Courts are holden usually on each 
Friday, and on other days at the dis- 
cretion of the Judge. 


Reuben A. Chapman, Mouson, Chief 

Ebenezer R. Hoar, Concord,^ , 
Horace Gray, Jr., Boston, I '^'■'"'" 
John Wells, Chicopee, I f"^'^ 

James D. Colt, Pittsfield, | '^"■'•■''■ 
Seth Ames, Boston, J '^^*'* 

Salary of the Chief Justice, S5,500, 

and of each Associate, 85,000. 
Charles Allen, Boston, Attorney Gen- 
eral. Salary, S3,500, and '^1,000 
Clerk hire. 

George C. Wilde, Boston, Clerk for 

the Co/nmon wealth. 
Geo. W. Nichols, Boston, Asst. Clerk. 
Albert G. Browne, Jr., Boston, iie- 



At Boston, 1st Wed. Jan. of each 
year, which term may be adjourned 
from lime to time to such places and 
times as may be most conductive to 
the dispatch of business and the 
interest of the public ; and all ques- 
tions of law, whether arising upon 
appeal, exception, or otherwise, and 
from whichever court, shall be there- 
in entered and determine^l, if the 
same arise in cither of the following 
counties : J^ssex, Suffolk, Middlesex, 
Noriblk, Plymouth, Bristol, Barnsta- 
ble, Dukes, or Nantucket. 

For Berkshire County, at Pitts- 
field, 2d Tues. Sept. 

For Bristol County, at Taunton, 
4th Tues. Oct. 

For the Counties of Ham])shire 
and Franklin, at Greenfield, Mon. af. 
2d Tues. Sept. 

For Hampden County, at Spring- 
field, 4th Mon. Sept. 

For Plymouth County, at Ply- 
mouth, 3i| Tues. Oct. 

For Worcester County, at Worces- 
ter, 1st Mon. of Oct. 

For Essex County, at Salem, 1st 
Tues. of Nov. 


For the Counties of Barnstable 
and Dukes, at Barnstable, 1st Tues. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 2d 
Tues. May. 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 3d Tues. 
Ap. ; at New Bedford, 2d Tues. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 3d Tues. Ap., 
and 1st Tues. Nov. 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 2d 
Tues. April. 

Hampden Co., at Springfield, 4th 
Tues. April. 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 
3d Tues. April. 



Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 3d 
Tuos. April ; and Cambridge, 3d 
Tues. Oct. 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st 
Tucs. July. 

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, 3d Tues. 

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d 
Tues. May. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. 
Oct. and April. 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 2d 
Tues. April. 


, Chief Justice. Sal. $4,440. 

Julius Rockwell, Pittsfield ; Otis P. 
Lord, Salem ; Marcus Morton, An- 
dover ; Ezra Wilkinson, Wrentham ; 
John P. Putnam, Boston ; Lincoln F. 
Brigham, Salem ; Chester I. Reed, 
Dedham ; Charles Devens, Jr., Wor- 
cester, Associate Justices. Salary, 
S4,200 each. 

Jos. A. Willard, Boston, Clerk. 

Edwin A. Wadleigh, Boston, Asst. 

F. H. Underwood, Clerk (Crim- 
iiKil Business). 


Barnstable Co., at Barnstable, on 
Tues. next after 1st Mon. April, and 
1st Tues. Sept. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 4th 
Mon. Feb., June, and Oct. (Civil), 
1st Mon. Jan. and July (Criminal). 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 2d Mon. 
Marcli and Sept. ; at New Bedford, 
2d Mon. June and Dec. 

Dukes Co., at Edfjartown, on last 
Mon. May and Sept. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Mon. 
June and Dec. (Civil), 4th Mon. 
Jan. (Criininal) : at Lawrence, 1st 
Mon. March (Civil), 2d Mon. Oct. 
(Criminal) ; at Newburyjtort, 1st 
Mon. Sept. (Civil), 2a Mon. May 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 3d 
Mon. March and 2d Mon. Aug. and 

Hampden Co., at Springfield, 2d 
Mon. March and June, and 4th Mon. 
Oct. (Civil), 3d Mon. May and 1st 
Mon. Dec. (Criminal). 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 
3d Mon. Feb., 1st Mon. June, 3d 
Mon. Oct. (Civil) ; 2d Mon. June, 
and 3d Mon. Dec. (Criminal). 

Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 2d Mon. 
Mar. and 1st Mon. Sept. (Civil), and 
3d Mon. Oct. (Criminal) ; at Cam- 
bridge, 1st Mon. June, 2d Mon. Dec. 
(Civil), and 2d Mon. Feb. and 4th 
Mon. June (Criminal). 

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, 4th Mon. 
Ap., Sept., and Dec. (Civil). 1st Mon. 
Apr., Sept., and Dec. (Criminal). 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st 
Mon. June and Oct. 

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d 
Mon. Feb. and June, and 4th Mon. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. 
Jan., Ap., July, and Oct. (Civil), 
and 1st Mon. every month (Crimi- 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 1st 
Mon. March, Mon. next af. 4th Mon. 
Aug. and 2d Mon. Dec. (Civil), 3d 
Mon. Jan., 2d Mon. May, and 3d 
Mon. Oct. (Crimiwil) ; at Fitch- 
burg, 2d Mon. June and Nov. 
(Civil), and 2d Mon. Aug. (Crimi- 


[Elected by the several districts for 
terms of three years, end ng Jaimarv, 

Northern District. — Middlesex 
County, Isaac S. Morse, of Cam- 

Eastern District. — Essex Count}', 
Edgar J. Sherman, of Lawi-ence. 

Southern District. — Bristol, Barn- 
stable, Dukes, and Nantucket Coun- 
ties, George Marston, of Barnstable. 

Sonlli-Eastern District. — Norfolk 
and Plymouth Counties, Edward L. 
Pierce, of Milton. 

Middle District. — Worcester Coun- 
ty, Wm. W. Rice, of Worcester. 

Wester Ji District. — Hampden and 
Berkshire Counties, Edward B. Gil- 
lett, of Westfield. 

North- Western District. — Hamp- 
shire and Franklin Counties, Samuel 
T. Spaulding, of Northampton. 

Suffolk County. — J. Wilder May, 
of Boston. P. R. Guinoy, of Boston 
(appointed by Governor and Coun- 
cil), Assistant Attorney. 



John W. Bacon, Chief .Tustice. 
Mellen Chamberlain and Francis 
W. Hurd, Associate Justices. John 
C. Leighton, C/er/., criminal business. 
Wm. T. Connolly, Clerk, civil busi- 


Peter S. Wheelock, Justice. Ira 
Allen and Solomon A. Bolster, Spe- 
cial Justices. Alfred Williams, Clerk. 




William Henry Fox, Prln. Jnxtice. 
William E. Fuller, Ai^sociaie Justice. 
James P. Ellis, Clark. 


Hartley Williams, Standinf/ Jus 
tice. J. A. Titus, Special Justice. 
Clark Jillson, Clerk. 



Joel Bicon, StaivUn'i Justice. 
Charles Marsh, Heury P. Phillips, 
Special Juntices. 


John S. Ladd, Siandinff Justice. 
George W. Livcrmore, Henry W. 
Mussey, Special Justices. Thomas 
Mclntire, Jr. Clerk. 

Court sits for trial of criminal 
cases daily at 9, a. m. ; for civil busi- 
ness every Fhur.'^day at 10, a. m. 


George Wasliin^ton Warren, 
Standinf/ Justice. Charles D. Dun- 
ton, Special Justice. Andrew J. 
Bailey, Clerk. 


Hamlctt Bates, Slandliii/ Justicr. 
Erastus Rugg, Ho.sea Ilsley, Special 


Edwin O. Carter, Standiiifj Justice. 
Charles Sherman, Special Justice. 


Louis Laphfira, Stuudin;/ Justice. 
Janie.^ Ford, Special Justice. Auu^us- 
tus B. Leonard, Clerk. 


Thornton K. Ware, Standinrj Jus- 
tice. David H. Merriam, Edward P. 
Loring, Special Justices. F. G. Fes- 
senden. Clerk. 


James Davis, Standinf/ Ju.-itice. 
Elbridge G. Friend, Special Justice. 


Henry Carter, Standing Justice. 
Tliorndike D. Hodges, Wm' E. Blunt, 
Special Justices. Josepii K. Jenness, 


Wra. Stevens, Standing Justice. 
Wm. H. P. Wright, Gilbert E. Hood, 
Special Justices. Chas. E. Briggs, 


Isaac C. Ives, Standinf] Justice. 
James BuUard, Franklin W. Gibbs, 

Special Justices. 


Nathan Crosby, Slandinfj Justice. 
George Stevens, John Davis, Special 
./ustices. Samuel P. Hadley, Clerk. 


James R. Newhall, Standing /««- 
tice. N. Mortimer Hawkes, Special 
Justice. Henry C. Oliver, Clerk. 


Chirh^s A. D^iwey, S'nnding .Tus- 
tice. Abraham Mead, Elias Whit- 
ney, .Special ./usiices. 


Alanson Borden, Standing Justice. 
Edmund Anthony, Wm. W. Crapo, 
Sp/'cial Justices. Francis L. Porter, 


Wm. E. Currier, Stamlinq Jus- 
tice. John N. Pik.', Henry W. Chap- 
man, Special Justices. Edward W. 
Rand, Clerk. 


Phineas L. Page, Standing Justice. 
Geo. S. Willis, James H. Dunham, 
Special ./usiices. 


Jos. G. Waters, Standing Justice. 
Stephen P. Webb, Joseph B. F. Os- 
</ood. Special Justices. Samuel P. 
Andrews, Clerk. 


Jas. H. Morton, Standing .Justice 
Chas. A. Winchester, Edward Mor- 
ris, Special Justices. 


John R. Buckley, Standing Justice. 
Andrew M. S;iiith, Henry L. Sabiu, 
Special Justices. 




Incorporated, June 2, 1685. 

Shire Town, Barnstable. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. . . Joseph M. Day, Barnstable. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency,. Jonathan lliggins, Orleans. 

Clerk of the Courts, James B. Crocker, Yarmouth. 

Register of Deeds, Frederick Scudder, Barnstable. 

County Treasun 

Ocerseers of House of Correction, 

Overseers of House of Correction, 

Samuel Higgins, Chatham. 

Josiah Hinckley, Barnstable. 

George A. King, Barnstable. 

Ebenezer Smith, Barnstable. 

\ James Giffbrd, Provincelown. 

X Robert Knowles, Provincetown. 

Sheriff", David Bursley, Barnstable. 

Deputy Sheriff's. 

Barnstable, Thomas Harris. 
Breu-sler, S. Clark. 
Dennis Port, Isaiah C. Innian. 
Falmouth, Isaac S. Lawrence. 
Harwich Port, Elbridge G. Doane. 
Provincetoiim, Robert Knowles. 
Sandivich, Ezra T. Pope. 
Wellfeet, Reuben C. Sparrow. 
Yannouth, Benjamin H. Matthews. 


Barnstable, George H. Wlielden. 
Provincetown, Joshua Cook. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Barnstable, 2d Tuesday of Jan., 
Feb , Mar., Aug., and Dec., and 3d 
Tuesday of A{)ril, June, and Sept. 

At Fdlmnulh, 3d Tuesday of Nov. 

At Ilarwirli, 2<1 Monday after 1st 
Tuesday of May, and on 2d Mon. of 

At Provincetown, Wednesday next 
aftei- 3d Tuesday of May, and on 
Wednesday next after 2d Mondaj' of 

At Wellfleet, Tuesday next after 
the 2d Monday of Oct. 

County Commissioners. 

E. Stowell Whitteniore, Sandwich, 
Dec, 1869. James S. Howes, Dennis. 
Term expires, Dec. 1870. Daniel 
Paine, Truro, Dec., 1871. 

Special Commissioners, Isaac Bea, 
Chatham, Dec, 1871. Wm. H. Un- 
derwood, Harwich, Dec, 1871. 

Times of Meeting, — At Barnstable, 
2d Tuesday of April and 2d Tuesday 
of Oct. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Barnstable, Thomas Harris. 

Chatham, Josiah Hardy. 

Eastham, Abijah Mayo. 

Hyannis, Alvan S. liallett. 

North Eastham, Isaiah H. Horton. 

Orleans, George W. Coming. 

Sandwich, Azariah Wing. 

Truro, Asa Sellew. 

Welljieet, AVilliam Cleverly, Isaiah 
Hatch," Robert H. Libby, Robert Hol- 
brook, Mulford Rich, John Kewcomb. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Falmouth, Erasmus Gould. 
Well fleet, Robert H. Libby. 
Yarmouth, John AV. Sears. 

Public Administrator. 
Truro (North), Smith K. Hopkins. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Barnstable, Joseph M. Day, George 
Marston, Frederick Scudder. 

Brewster, George Copeland, Wins- 
low L. Knowles. 

Dennis ( West Dennis), Obed Ba- 
ker, 2d, Zadoc Crowell. 

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, Wm. 
Nye, Jr. 

Harwich, Nathaniel Doane, Jr. 

West iynr«v'c/<,Nehemiah D. Kelley. 

Orleans, Jonathan Higgins. 

Provincetown, Nathan D. Freeman, 
Jeremiah Stone. 

Sandvnrh, E. Stowell Whittemore, 
Chas. B. Hall. 

Wellflept, Simeon Atwood, Jr, 
Thomas Holbrook. 

Yarmouth, James B. Crocker. 



Justices of the Peace. 

\Tn^lu'fin'/ Jifificca of the Pcat^e and (Jnonimf deftifj' 
nntetl b;i the stnr •, iind Jmhrrx nr' llir Finre and 
Quorum throwjhout the Commonwealth, dcngnated by 

Barnstable, Clias. C. Bearse, Walter 
Cliipman,'ph M. D ly, Joseph R. 
Hall, Alvan S. liallett, James H. Ilal- 
lett, fNatlianit'l Iliiicklev, Fiirdinaiid 
G. Kc-llcy, *(;eo. A. King, Elijah 
Lewis, 2(1, Asa E. Lovoll, *Geor<re 
Marston, Charles H. Nye, Sylvaiius 
B. Phiiiiu'.y, Frederiek Scinlder, Na- 
thaniel Sears, John P. Washburn, 
Asa Young. 

Cota'u Port, Andrew Lovell. 
WeM B'irn^tah!e, Frederiek Parker. 
Iljiann'nt, Theodore F. Basset. 
OMerc'dle, (ieo. H. Ilinekley. 
Breit^aier, Freeman Cobb, *Geor<je 
Copeland, Tiilly (/rosby, Solomon 
Freeman, Samuel II. (ionld. 

We!<t Breii^slr.r, Anthony Snialley. 
Chalhdin, Samuel Iliggins, Josiali 
Miyo, D ivid Mayo, Warn-n Rogers, 
Nathaniel Snow, Ephraini Taylor. 
Chnlhani Port, Isaae Bea. 
North Chat/iain, Benj. T. Freeman. 
Soufh C/infhnm, Levi Eldridge. 
Dennis, Joshua C. Howes, James S. 
Howes, Obed Howes. 

Daiiiiis Port, Joseph K. Baker, Jr., 
*Janies Berry, Sliubael B. Howes, 
Joshua W'ixon. 

East Diuinis, Si?th Crowell, Stephen 

Sotii/i Drnni.-t, Jona. Bang.s, Miller 
W. Niekerson, Marshall S. Under- 

West Dennh, 01)ed Baker, 2d, 
Edward E. Crowell, Nehemiaii Cro- 
well, Zadoe Crowell, Alvan Small. 

EaMhnm, Myriek Clark, Mieh'l Col- 
lins, Elijah E. Knowles. 

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, Jabez 
Davis, Erasmus (iould, Tliomas Lewis, 
Jr., Joshua C. Robinson, (ii'orge W. 
SwiCt, Oliver C. Swift, Richard S. 

North Falmou'h, Francis A. Nye. 

West Falmouth, (Gilbert R. Boyee. 

Harwich, Joseph C. Bcrrv, Obed 
Brooks, Cyrus Cahoon. Frederick 
Hebard, James S. Paine, Danforth S. 
Steele, Nathan Underwood. 

Harwich Port, Nathaniel Doane, 
Valentine Doane, jr., Shubael B. Kel- 
ley, Ozias Long. 

South H irwich, Cyrus Weeks. 

Wf^st Harwich, Isaiah Chase, Davis 

Orleans, John Doane, f Jonathan 
Higgins, Ensign B. Ilogers. 

South Orleans, ■\ John Kenrlck. 
Prorincetown, Jonathan Cook, I 

Nathaniel H. Dill, Nathan D. Free- 
man, James Gilford, Simeon S. Gif- 
ibrd, Benj. F. Hutchinson, Godfrey 
Rider, Jeremiah Stone. 

Sandwich, Benjamin F. Bourne, 
Edward W. Ewer, Hiram T. Gray, 
Charles B. Hall, Ebenezer Nye, 
Frederick S. Pope, Asa Raymond, 
f E. Stowell Whittemore. 

South Sandwich, Solomon C. How- 

Truro, Daniel Paine. 
North. Truro, Smith K. Hopkins. 
Wellfteel, Ebenezer T. Atwood, 
Sinu'on Atwood, Ebenezer Freeman, 
Thomas Ilolbrook, Robert H. Libby, 
Nathaniel P. Wiley. 

Yarmouth, Chas. Thaclier. 
Yarmoutliport, James B. Crocker, 
Amos Otis, * Charles F. Swift. 

South Varmouth, Russell D. Farris, 
Elisha Taylor. 

]Vest Varmouth, Theodore Drew. 

Trial Juatices. 
Barnstable (Hi/aiDiis'), Theodore F. 

Chatham {Port^, Isaac Bea. 
Dennis (^South), Marshall S. Under- 

Falmouth, Richard S. Wood. 
Prociiicetuwii, Benjamin, F. Hutch- 

Sandu'ich, E. Stowell Whittemore. 
Yarmouth (Port), James B. Crock- 

Notaries Public. 
Barnstable, George A. King, George 

Jlijannis, Alvan S. Hallett. 
Breicster, TuUy Crosby. 
Chatham, Isaiah Harding, Warren 

Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d. 
Dennis/)orl, Joseph K. Baker, jr. 
We^t Dennis, Edward E. Crowell. 
Falmou'h, Richard S. Wood. 
Harwirh, William H. LT^nderwood. 
West Harivich, Nehemiab D. Kel- 
ley, Anthony Kellev. 

Prorincetown, Thomas Ilillard, 
Benjamin F. Hutchinson, Godfrey Ri- 

Sandu)ich, Charles B. Hall, E. 
Stowell Whittemore. 

Truro (North), Smith K. Hopkins. 
Well fleet, Thomas Holbrook. 
Yarmouth (Port), Wm. P. Da\'is. 

Barnstable, Special, Thos. Harris. 
Provincetown, Jeremiah Stone. 
Sandtvich, Isaac K. Chipman. 
Truro, Daniel Paine. 

Agent Province Lands, 
Provincetoton, Joshua E. Bowley. 




Incorporated, April 21, 1761. 



Judge of Praha'e and Insolvency, James T. Robinson,. . .Xtnih Adaim. 

Register of Prob'ile and Insolvency,. .. Andrew J W-itcrman, Lenox, 

Clerk of the Courtis, Henry W. Tdft, Lenox. 

Register of Deeds (lYorlh District),. . Richard Wh.tney, Adams. 

Register of Deeds {Middle District), . . George J. Tucker, Lenox. 

Register »f Deeds {South District),. . . Isaac Seeley Great Barrington. 

County Treasurer, George J- Tucker, Lenox. 

, ,, . _, . ( Henry W. Taft, Lenox. 

Overseers of House of Correction,.. J ^ t rr. i r 

■^ ^ ( George J. Tucker, Lenox. 

Sheriff, Graham A. Root, Sheffield. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Adams, William G Farns worth ; — 
Adams (North), \Vm. Hodskin, Jos- 
iah Q. Robinson. 

Becket, TimoihyF. Snow. 

Great Barrington, Harvt'y Holmes, 
F. G. Abbey. 

Hinsdale, J. M. Tuttle. 

Lnneshorough, J. W. Newton, Hen- 
ry H. Newton. 

Lee, A. H. Pease, Moses H. Pease, 
Otis S. Lyman. 

Lenox. Phineas Cone, Hiram B. 

Otis. Edward L. Day. 

Peru, George Wells. 

Piitsfield, John Crosby, jr. 

Shejfielil, George B. Cook. 

Stockhridge, Horace P. Streeter. 

Tyringham, Lucien B. Moore. 

West Siockbridge. George H. Cobb. 

Williamsto'vn, John R. Bulkley, 
Samuel B. Kellogg. 


Lenox, Phineas Cone. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Great Barrington, Wed. next 
after 1st Tu. in Feb., Apr., June, 
Oct., and Dec. 

At Lee, Wed. next after 1st Tu. of 
Jan., Mar., May, July, and Sept. 

At Pi/tsfeld," lat Tu. of Jan., Feb., 
March, Ap., May, June, Sept., Oct., 
and Dec, and 3d Tu. in July, and 2d 
Tu. of Nov. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 
At PiUsfield, 1st Wed. of every 

County Commissioners. 

Henry Noble, Pittsfeld, term ex- 
pires Dec. 1869 ; William Hill, Lenox, 
term expires Dec. 1870 ; William T. 
Filley, Lanesborough, term expires 
Dec. 1871. 


Special Commissioners, Emmons 
Arnold, Sheffield ; John B. Wells, 

Times of Meetings. — At Pittsfeld, 
1st Tu in April, July, and Se[)t., and 
last Tu. in Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Adams {North), Arnold G. Potter. 
Lenox, .Andrew J. Watermau. 
Pitlsjield, Edgar M. Wood. 

Public Administrator. 
SU)ckbn(lge,ilenry J. Dunham. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Lee, John Branning. 

Commissioners to Qualify C vil 

Adam^ {North), Henry P. Phillip:) 
Benjamin F. Rjbinson. 

Dalfon, Zenas M.Crane. 

Great Barrington, Biliinfr^ Palmer, 
Increase Suinm-r, Rilpli Taylor. 

Lanesboro', William T. Filley. 

Lenox, Ilonry W. Taft, (icorge J. 
Tu'-kt^r, William S. Tucker. 

New M trlboro', Noah Gibson. 

Pittsfieid,\if>hiiri W. Adam, Jame.s 
M. Barker, J. N. Dunham. 

Sandisfield (New Boston), Orlo 

Siockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, 
Charles M. Owen. 

Williamslown, Henry L. Sabin, 
John Tallock. 

lustices of the Peace. 

ilnrluiJiny Justices nfihe Peace and Qwirum, desig- 
n'tted bii <i ♦, (iii't Justices throughout the Comnion- 
Wi-.alth. desig .aled b'l a f.) 

Adams, Oscar A. Archer, Jolin F. 
Arnold, Frederick P. Brown, Daniel 
F. Burlingaine, Ilenry J. Bliss, Hiram 
T. Crandall, William G. Farnsworth, 
Franklin O. Sayles, Daniel Upton; — 
North Adams, Nathan S. Babbitt, 
Joel Bacon, Salmon Burlingame, 



William McKay, Henry S. Millard, 
fieoi'tie W. NoltiriL'liain, Henry P. 
Phillips, *WiIliam P. Porter, Andrew 
P(itter, Arnold G. Potter, Abiathar 
W. Preston, *Benj. F. Robinson, 
fJanies T. Robinson, Jarvis Roekwell, 
Sliepard Tliaver, Ezra D. Wliitaker, 
Asliley B. Wri^rht. 

Alford, Reuben C. Fitch, Ezra C 
Tick nor. 

Berket, Mark P. Carter, William S. 
Huntington, Ciiarles O. Perkins; — 
IVfs/ Becket. Stephen W. Cai-ter. 
Charlemont, Bernard N. Farren. 

Cheshire, Henry J. Brown, Stephen 
Chapman, Edmund D. Foster, James 
N. Richmond. 

Clarksburg, Waterman Brown, Fred. 
H. Brunson. 

Daltoii, f Zenas M. Crane, Henry 
Ferre, Alvin B. Haves, William II. 

Egremont (South), Joseph A. Ben- 
jamin, Henry E. Coddin>x, John M. 
Joyner; — North Egremont. * James 
H.' Rowley, William \V. Stillman. 

Florida, Nahum P. Brown, Israel 

Great Barrington, R. N. Couch, Jus- 
tin Dewey. Jr., William Dewey, Julius 
Di'esser, Aujiuslini- Giddinj^s, Walter 
W. Hollenbeck, Herbert C. Joyner. 
Seth Norton, Billiiiirs Palmer, Isaac 
Seeley, John M. Seeley, * Increase 
Sumner, Charles J. Taylor, Joseph 
Tucker, Meiritt I. Wheeler. 

Hancock; Lyman Eldrid^'e, Lester 
Gorton, Calvin P. Lapham, Rufus L. 

Hinsdale, Theodore Barrows, *Milo 
Stoweil, Amory E. Taylor,Charles K. 
Tracy, John M. Tuttle. 

Lanesborough, Wm. T. Filley, Wm. 
A. Fuller, Wra. B. McLaughlin, Jede- 
diah W Newton, Ezra H. Sherman, 
Justus Tower, Richard Whitney. 

Lee, Alonzo Bradley, John Bran- 
ning, Harrison Garfield, W^m. H. Ilar- ; 
ding, Albert M. Howk, John M. i 
Howk, Edward A. Langdon, Sanmel 
S. Rogers, Norman W. Shores, Edwin I 
Sturges, Marshall AVilco.x ; — Soulh j 
Lee, Amos B. IManley. 

Lenox, f Julius Rockwell, Henry W. 
Taft, * George J. Tucker, * William ! 
S. Tucker, Andrew J. Waterman, 
Hiram B. Wellington; — Lenox Fur- 
nace, Robert G. Averill, Henry Sedg- 1 
wick, Thomas Sedgwick. 

Monterey, Marshall S. Bidwell' ' 
Album J. Fargo, Egbert B. Garfield) 
Milton Judd, Wilber C. Langdon, 
Wm. S. Langdon, William Wallace 

Langdon, Oscar L. Mansir, Lyman 
Thomson, Albert Tryon. 

Mount Washington, Orrin C. Whit- 

New Ashford, Phinehas Harmon, 
George W. Phelps. Noble F. Roys. 

New Marlborough, Harvey Sheldon, 
Augustus Turner, Ellas Wright, Shel- 
don W. Wrigiit ; — Hartsville. H irlow 
S. Underwood; — Mill River, Edwin 

Otis, Alanson Crittenden, Elam P. 
Norton, Samuel H. Norton. Eaxt 
Otis, Henry G. Mather. 

Peru, Benjamin F. Pierce, George 

Pittsjield, Robert W. Adam, James 
M. Barker, Samuel \V. Bowerman, 
t Henry S. Briggs, Benjamin Chick- 
ering, f Henry Chickerinn, Ileiuy 
Colt, f -James D. Colt, f Thomas Colt, 
.John Crosby, jr., Daniel Day, James 
H. Dunham, Charles N. Emerson, 
Lorenzo H. Gam well, Jacob L. 
Greene, Sanuiel E. Howt^, Jan-d In- 
gersoll, Ma'thias R. Lanckton, Phineas 
L. Page, riiomas P. Piuirree, * Thos. 
F. Plunkctt, t Wm. R. Plunkett, 
Wesley L. Shepardson, William M. 
Walker, John C. West. Edgar M. 

Richmonil, William Bacon. 
Sandis/ield, Franklin G. Abby, 
Joshua M. Sears, Edward C. Wolcott. 
Montville, Thos. M. Judd, Wm. W. 
Langdon, George A. Shepard, Orlo 
\\oV-o\\.— New' Boston, *Orlo Burt, 
Samuel C Parsons. 

Savoy, Jos. B. Ingraham, Leonard 
McCulloch, Harmon Snow. 

Sheffield, James Bradford, John D. 
Burtch. Bela N. Clark, Edward En- 
si<rn, Oliver Pc<k, Gilbert Smith. — 
East Sheffield, Roscoe C. Taft. — Ash- 
ley Falls. Robert E. Hedden. 

Stockhridgi', Henry J. Dunham, 
Daniel B. Fenn, Joseph R. French, 
fJohn Z. Goodrich, John B. Hull, 
Marshall \Varner. 

Cnrtisville, Henry M. Burrall. 
Tyringham, Eli G. Hale. 
Washington, Simpson Bell, Philip 

West Stockhridge, George II. Cobb, 
Geo. W. Kniffin, Wm. M. Kniffin, 
Wm. C. Spaulding. 

Williamstown, John R. Bulkley, 
Keyes Danforth, *Daniel Dewey, 
Benjamin F. Mills, Henry T. TaU- 
madge, John Tatlock, fJosepb White. 
Windsor, Norman Miner, Ahimaz 
W. Warren, James L. White. — East 
Windsor, George Hathaway, Reuben 



Pierce. Philo "Wright. — Savoy, An- 
drew J. Babbitt. 

Trial Justices. 

Becket (North), William S. Hun- 

Great Barringion, Billings Palmer. 

Hinsdale, Charles J. Kittridge. 

Lenox, William S. Tucker. 

New Marlborough, Harlow S. Un- 

Sandisfield, Joshua M. Sears. 

Sheffield, Oliver Peck. 

Stockhridge, Henry J. Dunham. 

West Slockbridge, Wm. C. Spauld- 

Notaries Public. 
Adams (North), Wm. P. Porter, 
Arnold G. Potter, Edward 8. Wilkin- 
son. — (South), Henry J. Bliss, Frank- 
lin O. Sayles, Harvey H. Wellington. 

Great Barrington, Isaac Seeley, 
Isaac B. Prindle. 

Lee, John Branning, Norman W. 
Shores, Wm. Taylor, Marshall Wilcox. 

Pittsjield, Robert W. Adam, James 
M. Barker, James Buel, Charles N. 

Slockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, 
Jonathan E. Field, Daniel K. Wil- 

West Slockbridge, Henry E. Fitch. 


Dalton, Joseph W. Russell. 

Lee, Abial H. Pease. 

Lenox (special), Hiram B. Welling- 

Pittsjield, Oliver E. Brewster, 
Henry M. Peirson, Walter Tracy. 

Sheffield, George B. Cooke. 

WiUiainstown, John R. Bulkley. 


Incorporated, June 2, 1685. 

County Towns. Taunton and New Bedford. 


Judge of- Probate and Insolcency .... 
Register of Probate and Insolvency. . . 

Clerk of Courts 

Registers of ) North District 

Deeds ) South District 

County Treasurer 

Overseers of House of Correction. . \ 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Atdeborough, James W. Riley, 
Quincy A. Hooper. 

Dartmouth, Wm. Barker, Jun. 

Easton, RuCus H. Willis. 

Fall River, James Wi.\on, Joseph 
Healy, Franklin Gray. 

Fairhaven, Albert G. Liscomb. 

Freetown, Guilford Hathaway. 

Mansfiehl, Alson W. Cobb. 

Norton, George H. Arnold. 

New Bedford', Charles D. Burt, H. 
N. Kimball, Wm. S. Cobb, Philip H. 

Raynham, S. W. Robinson. 

Somerset, Edmund Buffinton. 

Swansea, James Barney. 

Taunton, Isaac G. Carrier, Henry 

E(hnund H. Bennett Taunton. 

W. E. Fuller Taunton. 

Simeon Borden Taunton. 

Joseph Wilbar Taunton. 

Charles C. Sayer New Bedford. 

Thomas J. Lothrop . • Taunton. 

James D. Thompson ) 

T 1 Tj T} I- , New Bedford. 

John B. Baylies ) -^ 

Chas. B. H. Fessenden . . New Bedford. 

Isaac G. Carrier Taunton. 

Charles D. Burt Neio Bedford. 

F. Cobb, Orrin M. Ingalls, Sylvester 
Makepeace, Geo. H. Babbitt, jun., 
Peter C. Thayer. 

Sessions of Probate Cjurts. 
At Fall River, 1st Fr. of Jan., Apr., 
Oct., and 2d Fr. of July. 

At New Bedford, 1st Fr. of Feb.,. 
May, Aug., and Nov.; also, by ad- 
journment, on the third Wednesday 
j of each month. 

At Taunton, 1st Fr. of March,. 
J June, Sept., and Dec. ; also, by ad' 
journment, on the 3d Fr. of every 
' month, at the Registry OlFice, from 10 
' to 11 o'clock, A. M. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 
At New Bedford, 3d Wednesday of 
every month. 



At Full Rioer, at such times as busi- 
ness may reiinire. 

County Conamissioners. 

E. B. Towir^ Rai/nham, term ex- 
pires 1869 ; Elisha Thornton, jr., iV^w 
Bedford, term expires 1870 ; Guilford 
H. Hathaway. Fall River, term ex- 
pires 1871. 

Special Commissioners, Leonard 
Hodges, Norton, term expires Dee., 
1871 ; Atiiah im Dyer, Westporl, term 
expires D ■!•., 1871. 

Times of Meeting. — At Taunton, on 
the 4tli Tues(hiys in M irch and Sept. 

Oommissijners of Insolvency. 
Mansfield, E. MaUby Reed. 
New' Bedford, Chas. W. Clifford. 
Taunton, Geo. Edgar Williams. 

Commissionors of Wrecks. 
New Bedford, Jjb Almy. 
Westporl, Abfciham Dyer, Edward 

Public Administrators. 
New Beilford, Edwin L. Barney, 
Charles T. Bonney, Wm. W. Crapo, 
R chard A. I'ierce. 

Maser in Chancery. 
New Bedford, Edwin L. Barney. 

•Commissioners to Qualify Civil Offi- 

Easton (Nor III), Anson Gilmore. 

Enston (South), Seba Howard. 

Fall Rirer, Hezekiah Battelle, 
Josiali C Blaisdell, Simeon Borden, 
.John S. Brayton, -lames Ford, Foster 
Hooper, Fhineas W. Leland. 

Freetown, Ebenezer W. Peiree. 

New Bedford, Eh Haskell, Thomas 
M. James. \Vm. H. T.iylor, James 
D. Thompson, Jos. S. Tillinghast. 

Taunton, George H. Babbitt Sam- 
uel L. CrocRer, James P. Ellis, Ho- 
ratio Pratt, Joseph Wilbar, George 
M. Woodward, Thomas J. Lothrop. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Includi'g JjislU- s o/ the Peace and Qtwrum' 
■ d'nijiiale ! iiy ■< •. (iiiii .'u-tices thruui/liout the Com 
monuftuylh, dtiii/'taled by u t.) 

Acushnet, Cyrus E. Clark, Benja- 
min White, — Long Plain, Abiad P. 

AttUborough, Henry K. W. Allen, 
John T. Bates, N. H. Bliss, Simeon 
Bowen, *Elkariah Briggs, Joseph W. 
Capron, John Daggeir, Lyman W. 
Dean, *Hartford Ide, f Elisha G. May, 
Joseph A. Perry, *Henry R'.ce, Ho- 
ratio N. Richardson, Lyman M. Stan- 
ley, Gardner C. Wright. — North 
Attleborough, Thomas A. Barden, Ho- 
,mer M. Daggett, Thomas G. Sandland, 
Timothy A. Stanley. — South Allle- 
boro', Wm. P. Shaw. 

Berkley, Wm. Babbitt, Abiel B. 
Crane, Oliver E. Fren;!h, Giles L. 
Leich, W liter D. Nichols. 

Dartmouth, Elisha S. Crapo, Francis 
W. Mison. — North Dartmouth, Wm. 
B u-ker, jun., .\lbert F. Ch tse, Culvin 
K. Turner, 2 1, Hiram Wlialon. — 
Souh Dartmouth, Benjamin S. An- 
thony, S imuel M. D ivis, John Grey. 

Dlghton, Geo. C. Burgess, William 
Col lb, Noah Chace, Oliver Eaton, 
Jer-miah F. Edson. Geo. E. Gooding, 
Alfred W. Paul, Joseph Pitts, Jervis 
S love. 

Easton,]0\\\^ir .\mes, Tisdale Har- 
low, Geoige W. Kennedy, Albert A. 
Rotch. — North Easton, Joseph Bar- 
rows, Alson Gilraore, Charles H. Reed, 
John H Swain, Daniel B. Wheat on, 
George G. Withington. — South Eas- 
ton, tGuilt()rd White, Seba Howard, 
Harrison T. .Mit<-hell. 

Fairhaven, H 'ury T. Aiken. Le- 
muel S. Aiken, Edwin R. Almy, Chas. 
Bryant, James V. Cox. Charles Drew, 
John A. Hiwes. A'bert Siwin, Geo. 
H. Taber, Job C. Tripp. 

Fa'l River, Job B. .Ashley, Geo. A. 
Ballard, *Hezekiah Battelle. Josiah 

C. Blaisdell, Frederick A. B:)0aier, 
t-Sira-'on Borden, fJolin S. Biayion, 
Ro!)ert C. Brown, Edwanl P. Baffin- 
ton, Sauuiel .\. Chace, Oliver Chace, 
John y oUins, Prelet D. Conant. Wil- 
liam M. Connelly, Henry Diman, 
Charles C. Dillingham, f^Valter C. 
Durfee, Benjamin f^arl, Alexander 

D. Easion, iiortt)n Eddy, G<orge O. 
Fairbanks, f J imes Ford, Stephen B. 
Giffnrd, William R. Gordon, Horatio 
N. Gunn, Abraham G. Hut, Guil- 
ford H H ithaway, John B. Hatha- 
way, Charles J. Holmes, *Foster 
Hooper, \\ in. H. Jennings, *Phineas 
W. Leland, Aug. B Leonard. Benja- 
min K. Ldvatt, Jas. M. Morton, .lames 
M. Morton, jun., Wdliain H. Peiree, 
Thomas T. Potter, Clinton V. S. Rem- 
ington. John p. Slade, Isaac Smith jr., 
Charles P. Stickney, Benjamin F. 
Winslow, *Eliab WiUiams, Jona. M. 
Wood, Jas. Wixon, fStephen C. 

Freetown, Alden Hatheway, Thom- 
as G. Nichols, Ebenezer W. Peiree. 
— East Freetown, Chai les A. Morton, 
Renel Washburn. 

Mansfield, Moses H. Baker, Wil- 
liam B. Hates, Jacob A. Blake, Dar- 
win Deane, Ellis Fairbanks, Thomas 
M. George, William Graves, Thomas 

E. Grover, Herman Hall, Elijah 
Hodges, Artemas C. King, Wm. 
Robinson, Seth C. Shepard, Isaac 
Stearns, Charles P. White. 



New Bedford^ fCliarles Almy, Ed- 
mund Anthony, fEdwin L. Barney, 
Joseph A Beauvais, Charles T. 
Bonney, Alanson Borden, George A. 
Bourne. T. Frank Brownell, James 
M. Bunker, Charles D. Burt, *Ed- 
ward N. Burt, Samuel P. Burt, Chas. I 
W. Clifford, fJoiin H. Clifford,! 
Wendell H. Cobb, William S. Col)h, 
Tiiomas Cogizeshall, David B. Cole- 
man, f James B. Congdon, Timothy 
D. Cook, William Cook, fWilliam 
W. Crapo, Austin S. Cushman, John 
Davis, Ezra K. Delano, Tilson B. 
Denliam, Tristram R. Dennison, 
*Thomas D. Eliot, fRodney Frencli, 
Nathaniel Gdbert, Gi'orge C. Hach, 
Moses E. Hatch, Luthsr G. Hevvins, 
James C. Hitch, *Joshua C. Hitch, 
Abraham H. Ho *v land, Cornelius 
Howland, jun., fGeorge Holland, 
jun,, Tiios. M. James, Wm. H. John- 
son, David B. Kempton, Manasseh 
Kempton, Horatio N. Kimball, War- 
ren Ladd, George R. Long. Adam 
Mackie, Albert R. Paulding, fRichard 

A. Peirce, John H. Perry, George R. 
Phillips, William Phillips, Andrew 
G. Pierce, Pliilip A. Pierce, f Robert 
C. Pitman, *Fraucis L. Porter, Thos. 
T. Potter, *01iver Prescott, Isaiah C. 
Ray, Benj. T. Ricketson, James Rob- 
inson, iVIorrill Robinson, jr, Charles 
C. Sayer, Otis Seabury, Thos. M. 
Stetson, Joshua C. Stone, William H. 
Taylor, Elias Terry, William C. 
Thomas, *James D. Thom[)Son, *John 
T. Tillinghast, *Joseph S. Tiliing- 
hast, Charles W. Underwood, Hiram 
Van Campen, Lemuel T. Wilcox, 
Alti-ed Wilson, Borden Wood, James 

B. Wood. 

Norton, Horatio Bates, Daniel S. 
Cobb, George B. Crane, John Crane, 
Leonard Hoiiges, Harrison T. Lincoln, 
Austin Messenger, John R. Rotjersoii, 
Wm. D. Withe'rell, Elkanah Wood. 

Raynham, Braddock Field, Samuel 
Jones, Sylvanus Makepeace, Josepli 
R. Presho, Godfrey Robinson, Nathan 
W. Shaw, Seth D. Wilbur. — Taunton, 
Enoch King. — East Taunton, Chaun- 
cey G. )Vashburn. 

Rekoboth, George W. Bliss, Dan- 
forrh G H )rton, Cyrus M. itoa . 
— North Rehoboth, Lemuel Morse. 

Seekonk, R lymond IL Burr, Divis 
Carpenter, ViaVl Medhury. 

Somerset, George F. M. Forrester, 
William P. Hood, Job M. Leon ird, 
Joseph Marble, Avery P. S ade, 
Jonathan B. Slade. 

Swansea, Joseph G. Luther, Allen 
Mason, Wm. Mitchell. — North Swan- 
sea, Mason Barney, jr. 

Taunton, Charles H. Atwood, Geo. 
B. Atwood, Geo. H. Babbitt, f Ed- 
nmnd H. Bennett, Zebina Blake, Wm. 
Brewster. James Brown, William H. 
Brown, fSamuel L. Crocker, Robert 
Crossman 2nd, Jas. H. Dean, James 
M. Cushnian, *Jas. P. Ellis, Charles 
Foster, William H. Fox, Henrv J. 
Fuller, William E. Ftdler. Henry N. 
H irvey, Andrew H. Hall, John Hol- 
land, James R. Husband, Abijah M. 
Lie, Ch irles F. Johnson, fFhomas 
J. Lothrop, Chas. L. Lovering, Wil- 
lard Lovering, Steph. Peirce,* Horatio 
Pratt, Allen Presbrey, John Radley, 
Charles A. Reed, Erastus M. Reed, 
John E. Santbrd, Albert E. Swasey, 
Peter C. Thayer, Sanmel M. Tinkhnm, 
Geo. A. Washburn, Isaac Washburn, 
Jos R. Wheeler, tHenry B. Wheel- 
wright, Jiiseph Wilbar, Jos. E. Wil- 
bar, G. Edgar Williams, Henry Wil- 
linms, Geoi'ge M. Woodward, Solomon 
Woodward, jr. — East Taunton, David 

Westport, George H. Gifford, Isaac 
Howland. — Sou'h Westport, Zeloies L. 
Almy, Charles Fisher. — Central Vil- 
lage, Ezra P. Brownell. 

Trial Justices. 
East on, Albert A. Rotch. 
Freetown, Ebenezer W. Peirce. 
Miinsjield, Erastus M. Reed. 
North Attleborough, Henry Rice. 
Somerset, Jonathan B. Slade. 
Swansea (North), Mason Barney, 

Taunton, James P. Ellis. 
Westport, Geo. H. Gifford. 

Notaries Public. 

Atdeborough, John Daggett, Lyman 
W. D^'an, George B. Riehards. North 
Attleborough, Simeon Bo wen. 

Easton, George W. Kennedy, John 
H. Swaii\. 

Fairhaven, Edwin R. Almy, Chas- 

Fall River, Josiah C. Bhiisdell, 
Fred. A. Boomer, Simeon Borden, 
John S. Bravton, Robert C. Brown, 
Benjimin Earl, Morton Eddy, Chas» 
J. ilolmes, James M. Morton, jr. 
Charles P. Stiekney, Eliab WiUiams,. 
Benjamin F. Winslow. 

New Bedford, f Joseph A. Beau- 
vais^ Chailes T. Bonney, Alanson 
Borden, .fames M. Bunker, Snmuel P. 
Burt, Christopher A. CMmrch, Charles 
W. Clitior.l, Wendell H. Cobb, Wm. 



W. Crapo, Austin S. Cushman, Thom- 
as Dawes Elliot, Geo. C. Hatch, Isaac 
Howland, Elisha C. Leonard, Edward 
Munro, Albert R. Paulding, Robert 
C. Pitman, Isaiah C. Ray, Joseph L. 
Silva, Henry F. Shearman, Thomas 
M. Stetson, Joshua C. Stone, James 
Taylor, Wm. H. Taylor, Frederic A. 
Washburn, William H. Watkins, 
Augustus L. West, Borden W^ood. 

Taunton, James P. Ellis, Wm. E. 
Fuller, Charles A. Reed, George M. 


Atdehorough, John T. Bates, Elijah 
R. Read, Lvinan M. Stanley. 

Dighton /AU'red W. Paul. 

Fall River. Chas. C. Dillingham. 

Freetoion. Ebenezer W. Peii'ce. 

New Bedford, Horatio N. Kimball, 
William O. Russell. 

Raynham, Seth D. Wilbur. 

Somerset. Philip Bowers, Geo. F. 
M. Forrester. 

Taunton, special, George H. Bab- 
bitt, jr. 


Incorporated, 1683. 

Shire Town, Edgaktowk. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency, .... 
Register of Probate and Insolvency,. . 

Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, " 


Deputy Sheriffs, -j 


Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Edgnrtnwn, 3d Mon. of Jan. and 
July, and 1st Mon. of March and Dec. 

At Tisbury, 3d Mon. of April, and 
1st Mon. of Sept. 

At We.^t Tisbury, 1st Mon. of June 
and 3d Mon. of Oct. 

County Commissioners. 

John W. Mayhew, CIdlinark, term 
expires Dec, 1869 ; James Mavhew, 
Tisbury, Dec, 1870; Charles j! Bar- 
ney, Eilgartown, Dec, 1871. 

Special Comynissioneis. — Abraham 
C. White, Gosnold, Dec 1871 ; Archi- 
bald Mellen, Edgartown, Dec, 1871. ; 

Times of Meeting. — At Edgartown, 
Wed. next after 3d Mon, in May, and 
Wed. next after 2d Mon. in Nov. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Ckilmark, James O. Lambert. 
Edgartown, Archibald IMellen. 
Tisbury, Frederick W. Manter.^ 

PubJic Administrator. 
Edgartown, Samuel G. Vincent. 

Theodore G, ^layheyr,. . .Edgartown. 

Hebron Vincent, Edgartown. 

Richard L. Pease, Edgartown. 

John S. Smith, Edgartown. 

Barnard C. Marcbant,. . .£^c/^ar/own. 

Samuel Keniston, Edgartoicn. 

Thomas II. Lambert, Chilmark. 

Jonathan Luce, Tisbury. 

Samuel S. Daggett, Edgartown. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 
Edgartoicn, William P. C'hadwick, 
Charles F. Dunham, Thomas J. Dun- 
ham, Rufus F. Pease. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Edgartown, Theo. G. ^layhew, 

Joseph T. Pease. 

lisbury, Thomas Bradley. 

Justices of the Peace, 

[Including JuMicei* of the Peace and (Jvorvtn, flesig 
noted by a • and Justices throughout the Common 
wealth, derignated by a t-] 

Chi'mark, Smith Mayhew, John W. 

Edgartown, Sirson P. Coffin. Joseph 
Dunham, Ichabod N. Luce, Barnard 
C. Marchant, -fTheodore G. Mayhew, 
Archibald Mellen, fS.imuel Osborne, 
Jr.. Jeremiah Pease, *Joseph T. Pease, 
*Richard L. Pease, Rodolphus Pease, 
Hebron Vincent. 

Gosnold, John W. Giffi)rd. 

Tisbury, Henry Bradley, Moses 

Brown, Mattliew P. Butler, Samuel 

Flanders,William B. Mayhew, Eliakim 

1 Norton. — Tl'. Tisbury, John D. Rotch. 



Trial Justices. 
E'fgartoron, Jeremiah Pease. 
Tittbury, Eliakim Norton. 
Notaries Public. 
E'Igartoion, Wm. Bradley, Wm. P. 
Cliadwick, Sirson P. Coffin, David 
Davis, Cliarles F. Diiiiliani, Tarlton C. 
Luce, Shaw Norris, Joseph T. Pease, 
Richard L. Pease. 

Gomohl, John W. Gifford. 

Tiahnry, Henry W. Bietlf. TIeni-y 
Bradley, Chas. Holmes, John Hohncs, 
John Hohiies, Jr. 

Holmes, Jr. 


(Holmes's Hole), John 


Incorporated May 10, 1643. 
Shire Towns Salem, Newburyport, and Lawrence. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. . 
Regi^tei- of Probate and Insolvency, 

Clerk of Conrfs, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Ooerseers of House of Correction at 

Overseers of House of Correction at \ 
Ipswich, ) 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ameshury, Joseph T. Clarkson. 

Andnver, E. Kendall Jenkins. 

Danvers, Charles H. Adams. 

Essex, Ezra Perkins, Jr. 

Georgetown, Otis Tlionipson, Geo. 
W. Boynton. 

Gloucester, George Lane. 

Haverhill, Phineas E. Davis, David 

Ipswich, Joseph Spiller. 

Lawrence, Alanson Briggs, James 
M. Currier. 

Lynn, Charles Merritt. 

Methuen, Charles E. Goss. 

Newburi/porl, John Akerman, Jas. 
W. Cheney. 

Peabody, Stephen Upton. 

Salem, Dan'l Potter, John D. Cross. 


Neivburyport, John Akerman. 
Salem, John D. Cross. 
Lawrence, Horatio G. Herrlck. 

Masters of House of Correction. 

Ipswich, Yorick G. Hurd. 
Lawrence, Horatio G. Herrick. 

George F. Choate ........... Salem. 

Abner C. Goodell, Jr Saletn. 

Asahel Huntington Salem. 

Ephraim Brown Saletn. 

Allen W. Dodge Hamilton. 

Ebenezer B. Currier Lawrence. 

John Keeley Haverhill. 

Sherman Nelson Georgetown. 

Henry Hobbs Wenham. 

S. P. Cummings Danvers. 

Aaron Sawyer Amesbury. 

Horatio G. Herrick Lawrence. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Gloucester, 2d Tu. in April and 

At Haverhill, 3d Tu. in May and 

At Ipswich, 3d Tu. in March and 

At Lawrence, 2d Tu. in Jan., Feb , 
March, June, Sept., Nov., and Dec. 

At Neivburyport, 3d Tu. in Jan., 
Feb., April, June, Jy., Oct., and Dec. 

At Salem, 1st Tu. in every month. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Salem, on the 2d and 4th Mon. 
of each month. 

At Lawrence, on Probate Couit 
days in afternoon. 

At Newburyport, on Probate Court 
days in afternoon. 

County Commissioners. 

James Kimball, Salem, term exp. 
1869 ; Jackson B. Swett, Haverhill, 
term exp. 1870 ; Charles P. Preston, 
Danvers, term exp. 1871. 
Special Comnmsioners — Amos Poor, 
West Newbury. Daniel W. Bartlett, 
Essex ; terms expire 1871. 



Times and Places of Meetbtq — At 
JpswicJi, on the 2(1 Tu. of April. 
Salem, on the 2d Tu. of July. 
Newhuryi>ort, on tiie •2d Tu. of Oct. 
. On the 4th Tu. of Doc, at Salem, 
Ipswich, or Neicburyport, as the Court 
may determine at the term next pre- 
At Lawrence, on the last Tu. of Aug. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Lawrence, \\'illiau) L. Thompson. 
NeichurjipnrI, W'm. E. Currier. 
SaUm, \Vm. P. Upham. 

Public Administrators. 
Ant/over, George Foster. 
Glmiceticr, D.iv'd W. Lo^v. 
Newhiir;/pi>rl, Edmund Srailh. 
Salem, Wm. P. Upham. 
Sau/jits, Elijah P. Robinson. 

Masters in Chancery 
Hamilton, Daniel E. SafTord. 
Lawrence, Nathan \V. Harmon, Ed- 
gar J. Sherman. 

Salem, (ieo. F. Choate, Jonathan 
C. Perkins. 

Commissionera of Wrecks. 
Gliiucester, John Ayars, Jr., Dan. 

Ipswiclt, Themlore Andrews. 
Lynn, Nathaniel Lear. 
Newburyport, Edmund Smith. 
Swampscotl, John Chapman. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Andnrer, George Foster, Nathan 
W. Ilazen. 

Becerly, Fred. W. Choate, James 

Gloucester, Charles P. Thompson, 
John S. Webber. 

Hacerhill, David Boynton, James 
H. Duncan, Jas. Gale, William Tag- 

Ipswich, Charles Kimball, Geo. R. 

Lairrence, James H. Eaton, George 
R. Rowe. 

Lynn, Wm. Ba-^sett, Amos Rhodes, 
Jeremiah C. Stickney. 

Marhlehead, JoS' ph P. Turner. 

Newbury, Danit-l Lunt. 

Neicburypori, John T. Brown, Moses 
Pettingell, John Porter, Edward W. 

Salem, John Chapman, Asa'l Hun- 
tington, Charles Kimball, (ieorge R. 
Lord, Joseph B. F. Osgood, George 
Wheatland, Henry Whipple. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Inclw'ing Jtifticc^ of the Pence aii'/ (Jtionim, des- 
i/nate^f bit a *, aiiff Justices ihrotujhout Hip. Co'iimon- 
irealth ilesiynateJ fc.v " *■) 

Amesbury, Wm. C. Binney, Jones 

Frankle, Joseph Gale, Joseph Merrill , 
♦Jonathan Nayson, Orlando S Pat- 
ten. — South Amesbury, Charles E. 
Rowell, Geo. Turner. — West Ames- 
bury, f Joshua Colby, John S. Morse, 
Frederick Sargent, Patten Sargent, 
David M. Tukesbury. 

Andover, Asa A. AI)bott, Isaac O. 
Blunt, William Chickering, fFrancis 
Cogswell, Samuel T. Cooper, John 
Fl nt, fGeorge Foster, George W. 
Foster, Moses Foster, Samu'l Gray, 
*Nitthan W. Hazen, John B. Jenkins, 
♦Sanuiel .Merrill, f.Marcus Morton, 
Willird Pilv-e. 

Beverly, Hooper A. Applcfon, f John 
I. Bakt-r, Sti'[.licns B-ik.-r, tFred.-ri.-k 
W. ClKKit.', Francis J. Crow.-ll. Chaa. 
Davis Hoht rt U. Endiiott. Josiah A. 
Haskill. Iliil, John B. Hill, 
Abraham B. Lonl, Elijah E. Lummus, 
Nathan P. Mildrum, Franeis Nor- 
wood, Joseph E. Ober, Samuel Por- 
ter, George Roiindy, Joseph D. Tuck, 
Ri -hard P. Waters, Elisha Wood- 

Borford. Benj. S. Barnes, Moses 
Dorman, John F. Kimball, George 

Bradford, Henry Carter, Harrison 
E. Chadwick, fGeorge Cogswell, 
Charles B. Emerson, Walter Goo<lell, 
Nathaniel Hatch, Wm. Hazletine, 
Samuel W. Hopkinson, *George 
Johnson, Horatio Pearl. 

Dancers, I. W. Andrews, Francis 
Dodge, Samuel P. Fowler, Horace 
L. Hadley, Andrew Nichols, John 
W. Porter, John A. Putnam, 
George Ta|)Iey, William L. Weston. 
— Danversport, Ebenezer Hunt, Riifus 

Essex. Daniel W. Bartlett, Aaron 
L. Burnham, Ebenezer Burn ham, 
Hervey Bnrnham, *Nehemiah Burn- 
ham, * David Choate, Ezra Perkins, 
Jr. Ebenezer Stan wood. 

Georyelown, Charles E. Jewett, 
"tJeremiah P. Jones, Caleb Tenney, 
Gorham D. Tenney, Orlando B. Ten- 
ney, Richard Tenney. 

Gloucester, John J. Babson, Edward 
E. Burnham, Henry A. Buinhan, 
Benj. H. Corliss, John Corliss, James 
Davis, Elbridge G. Friend, Charles E. 
(Jrover, David W. Low, Georije J. 
Marsh, Aaron Parsons, Alfred Pres- 
son, Joseph O. Procter, Benjamin H. 
Smith, Cyrus Story, Chas. P. Thomp- 
son. — Ea'it Gloucester, Humphrey L. 
Calder. — Annisquam. John N. Davis* 
— Lanesrille, Josi'ph Blood. 

Groveland, Wm. S. Baleh, JNathan- 



id H. Griffith, Charles W. Hopklrison, 
(Tardner P. Ladd, Nathaniel L »dd, 
Amos Parker, *Jac'ob W. Heed, 
*Cliarles G. Savary, Jeremiah Spol- 

Hamilton, William A. Brown, Jos. 
P. Lover ing, Daniel E SatTord. 

Hnrerhill, John A. Appleton, Wm. 
E. Blunt, Fratddin Biickett, David 
Boynton, Calvin Buttrick, Jesse 
Clement, Henry Cunnniii<is, Alplu'us 
Currier, James T. Davis, Phineas E. 
Davis, fjinies H. Duncan, Wm. B. 
Eaton, Oreiizo T. Emerson, Edward 
G. Frothiiigliam, Edward G. Frotli- 
iiighani, jr., James Gale, James E. 
Gale, Cliarles E. Hall, Andrew W. 
Hammond, Tliorndike D. Hodges, 
fNathaniel S. Howe,tCa]eb D. Hunk- 
ing, *Elias T. Ingalis, Addi-on B. 
Jaqufs. Wm. Jeffers, Jnsepli K. Jeti- 
ness, John Kieley, *Allred Kittredge, 
Nathan S. Kin, ball, John Jas. ■\Iarsli, 
Henry N. Merrill, Jolm B. Merrill, 
Chas. J. Noyes, John M. Poor, Oliver 
H. Roberts, William Tagsrart, Samuel 
White, Elbridge G. Wood.— East 
Haverhill, Ensign S. Hunkins. 

Ipswich, Theodore Andrews, Ste|)h- 
en Baker, Wesley K. Bell, * Aaron 
Cogswell, Gilbert Conant, Josi'|)li 
Farley, Wm. H. Graves, George Has- 
kell, fClias. Kimball, Charles A. Kim- 
ball, Edward P. Kimball, George R. 
Lord, Joseph Ross, Charles A. Say- 
wai'd, Joseph Spiller, *Abram D. 

Lawrence, Nathaniel Ambrose, Par- 
don ArmiuL'ton, Clark L. Austin, 
Horaoe C. Baion, James L. Baiker, 
Jonathan C. Bowker, Charles E. 
Briggs, Elbridge T. Burley, Geo. D. 
Cabot, Alonzo C. Chadvvick, Benj. 
Coolidge, Ebenezer B. Currier, James 
H. Eaton, Alfred J. French, George 
A. Fuller, John 8. Gile, W. Fisk Gile, 
Hemy H. UIill, *Nathari W. Harnvin, 
Kollin E. H;irmon, Michael D. Hart, 
Gilbert E. Hood, William H. JiKpiith, 
William 1). Joplin, Wm. S. Knox, 
(ieorge S. Mei-rill, William Moise, 
Christopher (j. Newton, E. B. Osgood, 
Thomas A. Parsons. .Joseph L. Pai'- 
tridiie, Robert W. Pearson, William 
R. Pedrick, George H. Poor, John R. 
R(jHins, George R. Rowe, Aretes R. 
Sanbarn, Joun C. Sanborn, f George 
W. Sargent, C.ileb Saunders, Daniel 
Saunders, Daniel Saunders, Jr., Ed- 
gar J. Sherman, Henry L. Sherman, 
James H. Srannard, Artemas W. 
Steartis, Ivan Stevens, William 
Stevens, Andrew C. Stone, David S. 

Swan, John K. Tarbox, Wm. L. 
Thompson, Nathaniel G. White, Geo. 
P. Wilson, William H. P. Wright. 

Lynn, Daniel Alley, Gustavus An- 
drews, David Austin, Charles C. Ayer, 
William Bassett, Jacob Batchelder, 
John Batchelder, John W. Berry, 
S uimel J Berry, Abijah E. Blood, 
Andrews Breed, Hiram N. Breed, Jos. 
Breed, 2d, Geo. H. Chase, Charles B. 
Clough, *01iver B. Coolidge, *Ed- 
ward S. Davis, Thomas Driver, Ben- 
jamin V. French, John p]. Gray, 

j *Jnseph Haines, N. INIortimer Hawkes, 
William Howland, Ephraim A. In- 

' galls, Nathaniel Ingalis, William F. 

j Johnson. Benj. H. Jones, Charles E. 

; Kindiall, Rulus Kind)al!, James S. 

j Lewis, Valentine jNIeader, Edwin J. 

i ]\Iedbin'y, Charles Merritt, Henry 

I Moore, Benjamin Mudge, Ezra W. 

I Mudge, Peter M. Neal, Asa T. New- 

, h.tll. (iiQige T. Newhall, James R. 

i Newhall. Joseph P. Newhall, *TlK)mas 

; B. Newhall. Henry C. Oliver, Isaiah 

I H. Parrott, Eben Parsons, Ira J. 

' Patch, fDcan Peabody, Daniel Per- 
ley, Edward K. Phillips, CInrles J. 
PicktbnI. Wm. D. Pool, Amos Rhodes, 
Simon J. Roney, George D. Sar- 
geant, James M. Sargent, Joseph N. 
Saunderson, fWm Schoider, John L. 
Shorey, N. Everett Silsbee, Herbert 
A. Smith, Charles H. Stickney, *Jer- 
emiah C. Stickney, Amos P. Tapley, 
AValdo Thompson, Wilder S. Thurs- 
ton, Minot Tirrell, Jr., Cyrus M. 
Tracy, Geo. B. Tucker, fGardiner 
Tufts, fRoland G. Usher, Jabez 
Wood, John P. Woodbury. 

Li/nnfield, Andi-ew Mansfield, Jo- 
siah Newhall. — Li/nv field Centre, 
Jacob Hood, John Perkins. 

]\fai)chester, David B. Kimball, John 
Lee, John Price. 

Marblehend, Sam. Bowden, Glover 
Broughton, Wm. B. Brown, William 
II. Coates, *\Villiam Fabens, William 
C. Fabens, Thomas Foss, William 
(iilley, Jr., Jas. Gregory, William G. 
Haskell, Andrew Lackey, Wm. W. 
Pratt, John Sparhawk, Samuel S. 
Trefiy, Joseph P. Turner. 

Methuen, Chas. F. Abbott, Stei)lien 
Barker, fGerry W. Cochrane, John 
Davis, Jacob J. Emerson, Jr., John 
W. Frederick, George W. Gage, 
Charles E. Goss, Joseph Howe, fjos. 
S. Howe, Jose])li F. Ingalis, John 
Low, Ebenezer Sawyer, Chas. Shed. 

Middleton, Amos Batchelder, Eben 
S. Phelps. 



Nahant, Washington H. Johnson. 

Newbury, David S. Caldwell, Wil- 
liam Little, Daniel Lunt, Henry E. 
Pearson, Hermon D. Rogers. — Bi/- 
Jield, Martin Root. 

Newhunjpnrt, David J. Adams, 
*John Akerman, Josiah Atkinson, 
Michael Atkinson, Isaac II. Board- 
man, William H. Brewster, Jacob G. 
Brown, John T. Brown, Jolni Burrill, 
Henry W. Chapman, Frederick J. 
Coffin, Stephen Collins, Charles Cook, 
Moody D. Cook, .\lbert Currier, Wil- 
liam E. Currier, fCaleb Gushing, Wil- 
liam Cushing, Charles C. Dame. 
Benjamin Davis, Jr., Nathaniel Fos- 
ter, B. Gardner Gerrish, Joseph G. 
Gerrish, Major Goodwin, Thomas C. 
Goodwin, William Graves, Nathaniel 
Greeley, Josliiia Hale, Josiah L. Hale, 
Moses E. Halo, Geome W. Hill, 
Nathaniel Mills, Philip K. Hills, Jacob 
Horton, Francis A. Howe, George W. 
Jackman, Ji-., Harrison G. Johnson, 
Colby Lamb,*Caleb Lamson, Micajah 
Lunt, *Step!ien W. Marston, David 
J. Merrill, Amos AV. Mooney, ♦Ed- 
ward S. ]\Ioseley, C. Osgood Morse, 
Nathan A. Moulton, Henry W. Moul- 
ton, Amos Noyes. Thomas Pearson, 
*.VIoses Pettinirell, fSamuel Phillips, 
Nathaniel Pierce, fDaniel P. Pike, 
John N. Pike, Richard Phimer, *Ed- ' 
ward W. Rand, Moses D. Randall, 
David Smilli, *Edmund Smith, John 
H. Smith, Wooster Smith, fEben F. 
Stone, Jacob Stone, William Thurs- 1 
ton, David Wood. i 

Nor/h A iidover, Daniel Carleton, 
George L. Davis, Jiimes M. Hubbard,] 
Theron Johnson, Horace N. Stevens, j 
Moses T. Stevens. 

Peabody, f.\lfred A. Abbott, Lewis 
Allen, Francis Baker, Sidney C. Ban- 
croft, James P. King, (ieorge A. Os- 
born, Benjamin C. Perkins, Fitch 
Poole, fEi)en S. Poor, Nathan H. 
Poor, Moses Pi-eston, *John W. Proc- 
tor, Thomas E. Proctor, Thomas M. 
Stimpson, f William Sutton, Stephen 
Upton, William Waleott, Hiram O. 
Wiley, Daniel Woodbury. 

Rockport, Zeno A. A[>pleton, Eben 
Blatchfbrd, Henry Dennis, Henry 
Dennis, Jr., Ezra Fames, Newell 
Giles, John W. Marshall, Alfred Par- 
sons, AVilliam Pool, George H. Vib- 
bert, William Whipple, Nathaniel F. 
S. York. 

Rowley, Edward Smith, J. Scott 

Saletn, Nathaniel K. Allen, *Samuel 
P. Andrews, Wm. Archer, Eleazer 

Austin, John A. Bassett, Ephraim 
Brown, jAlbert G. Browne, John T. 
Burnham, Samuel B. Buttrick, *Jo- 
seph S. Cabot, John Carlton, Oliver 
Carlton, f John Chapman, f George F. 
Choat*-, William S. Cleveland. Wil- 
liam Cogswell, Humphrey Cook, 
Francis Co.x, George R. Curwen, 
William H. Dalrymple, Henry Der- 
by, John H. Derb}', *George H. 
Devereux, John D. P^aton, William 

C. Endicott, John G. Felt, George F. 
Flint, fCaleb Foote, Wm. H. Foster, 
Charles B. Fowler, James A. Gilis, 
Ai)ner C. (loodcll, Jr., Benj. A. Gray, 
:\Iark Haskell, Nathaniel J. Holden, 
George Holman. Thomas F. Hunt, 
fAsahel Huntington, *Stephen B. 
Ives, Jr., John Jewett, Daniel H. 
Johnson, Thomas II. Johnson, James 
Kimball, John Kinsman, William W. 
Lander, Solomon Lincoln, Jr., Tlios. 
Looby, fOtis P. Lord, George B. Lor- 
ing, *Micajah B. Mansfielil, William 
jNlaynes, Ilenrv P. Moulton, Ezra 

F. Newhall, fWilliam D. Northend, 
William Northey, f Henry K. Oliver, 
Charles S. Osgood, f Joseph B. F. Os- 
good, Robert Osgood, J(jhn Brooks 
Parker, Edward H. Payson, Robert 
Peele, George H. Peirson, Aaron 
Pt^rkins, fJonathan C. Perkins, Jairiis 
AV. Perry, Chas. A. Phillips, Stephen 
II. Philli"ps, Willard P. Phillips, Geo. 

D. Phippen, Chas. H. Price. Robert 
S. Rantoul, Charles M. Richardson, 
Joseph J. Rider, David Roberts, 
.lames Ropes, Cliarles Sewall, James 
Sliatswell, Henry B. Smith, James C. 
Stimpson, Augustus Story, Gilbert L. 
Sti-eeter, Charles E. Symonds, Na- 
thaniel G. Svmonds, J. Hardy Towne, 
*Cl)arles W". Upham. William P. Up- 
ham, George Upton, Benjamin E. Val- 
entine, *Eben N. Walton. *Joseph G. 
Waters, *Stephen P. Webb. Nath'l 
Weston, *George Wheatland, Stephen 

G. Wheatland, Jonathan F. Worces- 

Salisbury, George W. Gate, Thomas 
J. Clark, Benjamin Evans, *Josiah B. 
Gale, Benjamin E. Fifield, .A.aron 
Morrill, jr., John Rowell, Azoi" O. 
Webster, Daniel Welister. — East 
Salisbury, Cyrus Dearborn, jr. 

Saugus, Augustus B. Da\ is. Geo. W. 
Fairbanks, Harmon Hall, AVilbiir F. 
Newhall, William H. Newhall, Elijah 
P. Robinson, Geoige H. Sweetser. 

SwampscotI, William H. Fletcher, 
Philander Holden, Sanmel C. Pitman. 

Topsfield, Joseph W. Batchelder, 
Nehemiah Cleaveland, Nathaniel Co- 
nant, Charles H. Holmes, Salmon D. 



Hood, Samuel S. MoKenzie, *Richard 
Phillips, jr., Benjamin Poole. 

Wenham, Andrew Dodge, Rufus A. 

West Newbury, *David L. Ambrose, 
John C. Carr, Nehemiah F. Emery, 
Edmund Little, William Merrill, Jo- 
seph Newell, Thomas S. Ordway, 
Samuel Rogers. 

Trial Justices. 
Amesbury, Geo. Turner. 
Andover, George H. Poor. 
Beverly, James Hill. 
Essex, David Choate. 
Georgetown, Orlando B. Tenney. 
Ipswich, Joseph Farley. 
Marblehead, William Fabens. 
3Iethuen, William M. Rogers, 
Peabndy, Benjamin C. Perkins. 
Rockport, Henry Dennis. 
Rowley, J. Soott Todd. 
Salisbury, George W. Gate. 
Saugus, Augustus B. Davis. 

Notaries Public. 

Aniesbury, George Turner. 

Andover, George Foster, George 
H. Poor. 

Beverly, Fred'k W. Choate, Samuel 
Porter, Joseph D. Tuck. 

Danvers, Samuel Preston. 

Gloucester, James Davis, John B. 
Dennis, David W. Low, Benjamin H. 
Smith. — East Gloucester, Humphrey 
L. Calder. 

Hnverhill, David Boy nton, Moses E. 
Emerson, flohn L. llobson, John 
J. Marsh, AVilllam Taggart. 

Laivreiice. John F. Cogswell, W. 
Fisk Gile, Nath'l G. White. 

Lynn, Edward S. Davis, William 
Howland, James R. Newhall, Amos 
Rhodes, Cynas ]\L Tracy. 

Marblehead, Samuel Bowden, Wil- 
liam Fabens, James Gregory. 

Newbury port, Isaac H. Boardman, 
John T. Brown, Henry W. Chapman, 
John Porter, Edward W. Rand. 

Peabody, Alfred A. Abbott, Ben- 
janin C. Perkins, Fitch Poole. 

Salem, Samuel P. Andrews, Wm. 
C. Endicott, James A. Gillis, Henry 
P. Guilford, Micajah B. Mansfield, 
Joseph B. F. Osgood, Joseph G. Wat- 
ers, Stephen P. Webb, Jonathan F. 

Salisbury, Thomas J. Clark. 


Amesbury, George Turner. 

Andover, Stephen Tracy. 

Danvers, Richard Hood. 

Georgetown, Joseph P. Stickney. 
Laivrence, John Stowe, — special, 
William D. Lamb. 

Lynn, Hiram N Breed. 

Newburyporf, Wooster Smith, Ed- 
ward W. Rand. 

Salem, Eben N. Walton. 

West Newbury, Nehemiah F. Em- 


Incorporated, June 24, 1811. 

Shire Town, Greknfield. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency . 

Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction,. . ^ 

Deputy SheriflFs. 
AsTifield, Job Lilly. 
Buckland, Justus B. Frost. 
Charlemont, Charles Peck. 
Coleraine, Shubael B. Buck. 
Conway, George C. Kaiilbark. 
Deer field (South), Austin Ware. 

Charles Mattoon, Greenfield. 

Chester C. Conant, Greenfielil. 

Edward E. Lyman, Greenfield. 

Humphrey Stevens, Greenfield. 

Bela Kellogg, Grecnfietd . 

Lewis Merriam, Greenfield. 

Rufus Howland, Greenfield. 

Solomon C. Wells, Greenfield. 

Greenfield, Lorenzo D. Joslyn, 
Geo. A. Kimlaal], Chauncey Bryant. 
Montague, William W^. Thoyer. 
Northfield, Elisha Alexander. 
Orange, Wilson Wheeler. 
Shutesbury, John H. Forbes. 



Deputy in Hampshire County. 

Amherst, Frederick A. Palmer. 
Northampton, Ansel Wright, Jr. 

Jailer and Master of House of 

Solomon C. Wells, Greenfield. 
Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Conway, 3d Tu. in Maj\ 
At Greenfield, 1st Tu. of every month 
except November. 

At Northfield, on the 2d Tu. in May 
anil September. 

At Orange, 2d Tu. in March and 
Dec and 3d Tu. in June. 

At Shelburne Falls, on the 2 1 Tu. 
in Feb. and 4th Tu. in October. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Greenfield, on the 1st Monday 
in each month. 

County Commissioners. 
Davis Goldard. Oange; Richard 
C. Anns, Deerfield : Geo D. Critten- 
den, Bucklaml. 

Special Commissioners, William C. 
Campbell, Conway; Albert Montague, 

Times of Meeting. — At Greenfield, 
1st Tu. in March and Sept., and 2d 
Tu. in June and Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Greenfield, Geo W. Bartlett. 
Orange, Hiram AVoodward. 
Shelburne, II. M. Puffer. 

Public Administrator. 
Greenfield, Humphrey Stevens. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Greenfield, Chester C. Conant, Sam- 
uel O. Lamb. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

CharlemnnI, Steptieii Bates; East 
Charlemoht, Koirer II. Leavitt. 

Greenfield, Daniel W. Alvord, 
Almun Biaiiiard, Chester C. Conant, 
Wendell T. Davis, Georire Grennell, 
WhitiiiiT (Triswold, Edward E. Lyman, 
Ciiarles Mattooii, Humphrey Stevens. 

Oramjp. Davis Goddard, Edwin 
Stone, Hiram Woodward. 

Justices of the Peace. 

{Including Jnslices nf the Peace and Qitonim. desig. 
Dated hy a •, and JiLtlices throughout the Common- 
weallh, dentrjnated by u t.] 

Ashfield, Lett, Silas Blake, 
Alvin Perry, Henry S. Rannev. South 
A^hfield, Wait Bement, Cii'arles H. 

Bernardston, Silas N. Brooks, Brv- 
ant S. Burrows, William Dwiudit, 
Aretas Ferry, Ebenezer S. Hulbert. 

Buckland, Ezekiel D. Bement, 
Josiah Trow. — Shelburne Falls, Jas. 
S. Halligan. 

Charlemont, Richard E. Field, Isaac 
D. Hawkes, Horace H. Mayhew, 
Joseph H. Sears, Ansel L. Tyler. — 
Ea.-<t Charlemont, B. Pai-sons Mans- 
field, Ashmun H. Taylor, Roger H. 

Coleraine, Orson B. Curtis, Hugh 
B. Miller, David L. Smith, Hezekiah 
Smith, Ephiaim H. Thompson. 

Conway, Henry W. Billings, Horace 

B. Chi Ids, *Asa Howland, Austin 
Ri.e, John D. Todd. 

iJeeifield. Wm. D. Bates, Dexter 
Childs, David W. Childs, Henry S. 
Childs, Austin DeWolf, Virgil M. 
Howard, Robert M. Pease, Ran.som 
N. Pcjrter, George Sheldon, Christo- 
pher A. Stebbins, Moses Stebiiins. — 
Sou'h Deerfield, Charles Stowell, 
Nath'I G. Trow, Artemas Williams. 

Erciny, Newton J. Benjamin, Noah 

Florida, Nahum P. Brown. 

Gill, Nelson Burrows, Josiah D. 
Canning, Roswell Field, Jonathan S. 

Greenfield, * David Aiken, George 
W. Bartlitt, Jost'ph Beals, Edward 
Benton, *Almon Brainard, Henry A. 
BudilinL'ton. Chester C. Conant, 
*\Vendeli T. Davis, *Austin DeWoU", 
Wm. Elliott, Bernard N. Farren, 
Alfred U. Field, Charles K. Grennell, 
fGeorge Grennell, *Whiiing Griswold, 
\Vm. S. B. Hoi)kins, Rulus Howland, 
Samuel O. Lamb, Theo. Leonard, 
Edward E. Lyman, Samuel J. Lyons, 
fCharles Mattoon, Lewis Merriam, 
Daniel H. Newton, *Sam'l H. Reed, 
Fred. G. Smith, Humphrey Stevens, 
Anson K. Warner, *\V'm. B. Wash- 
burn, Alfred Wells, Noah S. Wells, 
Gorham D. Williams. 

Hawtey, William O. Bassett. 

Heath, Aaron Dickinson. 

Leoerett, Luther Dudley, Alden C. 
Field, Humphrey S. Leach. 

Leyden, George Childs. 

Monroe, David Goodell. 

Montague, Philander Bout well. Isaac 
Cheney, Sandtord Goddard, Erastus 
F. Gunn, Seymour Rockwell, Harri- 
son F. Root, Joseph H. Root, William 
W. Thayer, Charles P. Wright. 

Ne>v Salem, Samuel Giles, Elijah 
F. Porter, Willard Putnam, Jabez 
Sawyer. — Millington, Lyman E. 
Moore. — North New Salem, Beriah 
W. Fay. 

Northfield, Elisha Alexander, Sam'l 
AV. Dutton, Charles Osgood, Albert 

C. Parsons, Charles Pomeroy. 



Niirthfield Farms, Simeon A. Field. 

Orange, Edward Barton, Ruf'us D. 
Cliase, Damon E. Cheney, Andrew J. 
Clark, L(;vi Gaiie, Jr., Davis Goddard, 
George A. Maynard, fEdwin Stone, 
Jolni W. Wheeler, (jeo. A. Whipple, 
Hiram Woodward. — North Orange, 
Hillel Baker. 

B-owe, Samuel P. Everett, James 
M. Ford. 

Shelburne, Orsamus O. Bardwell, 
Charles M. Duncan, Pliny Fisk, Elam 

Shelhurne Falls, Samuel D. Bard- 
well, Samuel T. Field, Zebulon W. 
Field, James S. Halligan, Alansoa K. 
Hawks, Aithur Maxwell. 

Shute-iliury, Hardin Hemenway, 
Saumel H. Stowell. 

Sunderland, Henry J. Graves, 
Avery D. Hubbard, fHoraee Lyman, 
Albeit Muntague, John M. Smitli, 
Levi P. Warner, D. Dwiglit Wiiit- 
more. — Soudi Deerfield, Nathaniel G. 

Warwick, James Goldsbury, Clark 
Stearns, James Stockwell. 

Wendell, Thomas D. Brooks. 

Wendell Depot, John C. Hoiston. 

Whately, James M. Gratis, Sanim 1 
Les(ne, Justin K. Smith. Samuel B. 

Trial Justices. 

Charlemont, Kirhard E. Field. 

Coleraine, Hugh B. Miller. 

Greenfield, Almon Brainard, Wen- 
dell T. Davis. 

Leverett (North), Luther Dudley. 

Montague, Sanlord Goddard. 

Orange, Hiram Woodward. 

Shelburne Falls, Samuel D. Bard- 

Notaries Public. 

Comoay, Henry W. Billings. 

Greenfield, William H. Allen, Wen- 
dell T. Davis, Charles K. Grennell. 

Orange, Kufns D. Chase. 

Shelburne Falls, Samuel T. Field, 
Alanson K. Hawks, Arthur Maxwell. 


Deerfield, Moses Slebbins. 
Gill, lioswt'll Purple. 
Greenfield, Uut'us Howland, Sam'l 
J. Lyons; Special, Alfred Wells. 


Incorporated, February 20, 1812. 

Judge of Prnha'e and Insolvency, . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency, . 

Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction,. . < 


Deputy Sheriffs. 
Blandford, W. H. H. Blair. 

Chicopee, N. Cutler. 
Chicopee (Falls), Morris Morton. 
Granville, Ethan D. Dickinson. 
Huntington, G. S. Lewis. 
Holyoke, Thomas H. Wellington. 
Ludlow, Davenport L. Fuller. 
Monson, Edward P. Newton. 
Palmer, James S. Loomis. 
Palmer (Thorndike), Geo. Moores. 
Springfield, David A. Adams, A. 
H. G. Lewis. 

William S. Shurtleff, . . . . Springfield. 

Samuel B. S})Ooner, Springfield. 

George B. Morris, Springfield. 

James E. Kussell, Springfield. 

M. AVells Bi'idge, Springfield. 

George D wight, Springfield. 

Gideon Wells, Springfield. 

E. V. B. Holcomb Chicopee. 

Addison M. Bradley, Springfield. 

Tolland, Philip L. C. Slocum. 
Wes'field, L. B. Walklv, Timothy 
M. Cooley. 

E. Wilbraham, E. C. Colton. 
South Wilbraham, F. K. Lathrop. 


Addison M. Bradley, Springfield. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Monson, 2d Tu. of June. 
At Palmer, 2d Tu. of Sept. 
Springfield, 1st Tu. of Jan., Feb., 
Mar., April, May, June, July, Sept., 



Nov., Dec, and 4th Tu. of April, 
Ausf., and Sept. 

At Weslfeld, 3d Tu. Mar. June, 
Sept. and Dec. 

Sessions Court of Insolvency. 

At Springfield, '2d ;uid 4th Sat, of 
each month. 

County Commissioners. 
Riudolpl) Sti'bliiii-, Lonfftneadow, 
Term expires D.-e. 1871. Phiiiehas 
Stedinan, Chicnpee, Term expires 
Dec. 1870. Wm. M. Lewis, Bland- 
ford, Term expires, Dec. 1869. 

Special Commissioners. 

Albert D. Ba.'g, W. Springfield. 
Term expires Dec. 1871. Newton 
S. Hubbard, Brimfield, Term ex- 
pires Dec. 18 71. 

Times of MeeHng. — At Spring- 
field, 2d Tu. of April, and 1st Tu. 
of Oct. and 4th Tu. of June and Dee. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Palmer, James G. Allen. Aga- 
wam, Charles C. Wright. Westfield, 
Henry B. Lewis. 

Public Administrator. 
Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Pahner, Janiea G. Allen, Gordon 
M. Fi>k. 

Springfield, George Bliss, George 
B Morris, Oliver B. Morris, Samuel 
B. Spooner, William S. ShurtletF. 

Westfield, William (i. Bates, Jas. 
Fowler, Norman T. Leonard, Henry 

B. Lewis, Milton B. Whitney. 
Wilbrahani (^Soiifh), Solomon C 


Justices of the Peace. 

llncluiling Jiwlicex of' the Pence and Qunrum. denig- 
nateij bn a ' ; aifl J(i--ilices thunyhout the Voiiwion- 
wealtk designated by a tJ 

Agawam, Joseph Bedortha, James 
H. Ferre. Feeding Hills, Cliai'les 

C. W light. 

Blandford, Wm. ;^L Lewis, Eiisha 
W. Shephard. — North Blandford, 
Samuel A. Bartholomew. 

Brimfield, *Henry F. Brown, Jas. 
B. Brown, Samuel W. Brown. — East 
Brimfield, Parsons Allen. 

Chester, Joel Haskins, Elisiia C. 
Pease. — Chester Centre. Benjamin 
B. Eastman, Thad. K. Dewolf. 
North Chester, William M. Beuiis, 
Herman Powers. 

Chicopee. Ezckiel Blake, Edwin O. 
Carter, Edward W. Chapin, Nath'l 

Cutler, Lester Dickinson, Amory 
Doolittle, Enoch V. B. Holcomb, 
George H. Knapp, Geoige D. Robin- 
son, *Georjre M. Stearns, Warren 
Smith, Phineas Stedman, fJohn 
Weils. — Chicopee FalU, Andrew 
Hubbard. George S. Taylor. 

Granville {Corners), Riifus H. Bar- 
low, Riilpli S. Brown, William Wells. 
Eaxt Grunville, Daniel H. Drake. 
West Granville, James M. Goodwin. 

Holland, William A Webber. 

Hobjoke, Joseph P. Buckland, S. 
Stewart Chase, Chester Crafts, Chas. 
H. Heywond, Rtjbert Mitchell, Jos. 
Murray, William B. C. Pearsons, 
♦Porter Underwood. 

Longmeadow, Gad O. Bliss, Dimon 
Chandler, Stephen T. Colton. East 
Longmeadow, George W. Converse, 
Oliver Wolcott. 

Lu'llow, Chauncv L. Buell, John 
P. Hubbard, Eli M. Smith, Henry 
K. Wight. 

Monson, fJohn M. Brewster, Jr., 
Josi'ph H. Brewster, George A. Con- 
vers. fWilliam N. Flynt, *Austin 
Fuller, Edward F. Morris, Hiram 
Newton, George H. Newton, John 
Newton, Calvin S. Pease, Daniel G. 
Potter, Joseph L. Reynolds, Joshua 
Tracey, Joel B. Williams. 

Montgomery, Horace Bartholomew, 
Berijah H. Kagwin. 

Palmer, Braman B. Adams, James 
G. Allen, Alonzo V. Blanchard, 
Samuel M. Bliss, Enos Calkins, 
♦Gordon M. Fisk. — Thorndikc, Jo- 
seph H. B', *Gamaliel Collins, 
Gamaliel Collins, Jr., Charles L. 
Gardner, Abraham R. Murdock, 
Svuuiel .Shaw. -j-Horace P. Wakefield. 
— Three Rivers, George W. Randall, 
Dwight M. Stebbins. 

Russell, Nelson D. Parks. 

Sonlhfcick, Sardis Gillett, Seymour 
L. Granger, Amasa Holcomb, Rins- 
foid W. kellog. Joseph W. Rockwell, 
Carmi Shurtleil'. 

Springfield, Waitstill H. Allis, 
f Henry Alexander, Jr., Charles A. 
Beach. Stephen C. Bemis, Augustine 
Bent, fGeorge Bliss, Ephraim W. 
Bond. Henry W. Bosworth, Melville 
W. Bridge, Albert D. Briggs, Timothy 
]M. Brown, Horatio N. Case, Wm. G. 
Chamberlain, Horace J. Chapin, Sam- 
uel Chapin, Benjamin Davis, Timothy 
M. Dewey, Elijah W. Dickinson, 
Hugh Donnelly, Albert T. Folsom, 
Edmimd Freeman, Joseph B. Gar- 
diner, Homer N. Gilmore, William S. 
Greene, San ford J. Hall, Erastus 
Hayes, Roger B. Hildreth, Henry S. 



Hyde, *Josepli Tngrraham, James Kirk- 
hani, IMarcus P. Knowlton, Henry S. 
Lee, Charlt'S R. Ladil, Nelieiniah A. 
Leonard, Cliarles Marsh, James E. 
Mclntire, William E. Montague, 
Roger S. Moore. Edward Morris, 
*Henry Mt)rris, George B. jNIorris, 
*James PL Morton, Simeon Newell, 
William Patton, Smith R. Phillips, 
Samuel W. Porter, Joseph C. Pyn- 
chon, *Calcb Rice, Charles W. Rice, 
James A. Riimrill, James E. Russell, 
Sidney Sanders, Srephen E. Sfy- 
niour, Charles L. Shaw, William S. 
Shurtleff, Heman Smith, *William L. 
Smith, Au'_mstus L. Soule, Samuel B. 
Spooner, John M. Stebbens, f William 
Stowe, f James M. Thompson, Lewis 

A. Tiifc, jKliphalet Trask. f^eorge 
Walker, Gideon Wells, Charles A. 

Tolland, Aurelius Fowler, Geo. W. 
Granger. Fowler T. Moore, Philander 
F. Twining. 

Wales, Ferdinand L. Burley, Absa- 
lom, Gardner, Elijah Siiaw. 

l^esyieW, t William G. Bates, Phin- 
eas L. BucU, f James Fowler, Siunuel 
Fowler, *Henry Fuller, James C. 
Greenough, *Norman T. Leonard, 
*Henry B. Lewis, Leicester Loouiis, 
David Moseley, Asa P. Rand, Millai-d 
L. Robinson, Homer B. Stephens, Asa 

B. Whitman, Milton B. Whitney. 
West Springjield, Richard Beebe, 

John W. Harmon, Edward Parsons, 
Justin L. Worthy. 

Wilbraham, A. Jackson Blanchard, 
Luther B. Bliss, John M. Merrick, 
William W. Merrick. Ira G. Potter, 
Francis J. Warner. — South Wilbra- 

ham, Gilbert Rockwood, Solomon C. 
Spellman, Wdliam P. Spcllman. 

Trial Justices. 

Holyoke, William B. C. Pearsons, 
Porter Underwood. 

Monson, Austin Fuller. 

Pahner, Gamaliel Collins ; special, 
Chas. L. Gardner. 

Russell, Nelson D. Parks. 

Westjield, Samuel Fowler, Henry 

B. Lewis. 

Wilbraham (South), Solomon C 

Notaries Public. 

Chicopee, Edward P. Nettleton, Ed- 
ward H Larhrop, George D. Robin- 
son. George M. Stearns. 

Holyoke, Charles W. Ranlet, Por- 
ter Underwood. 

Monson, John Newton, Joel B. 

Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Springjield, Ephraim W. Bond, T. 
Alden Curtis. William S. Greene, 
Frederic H. Harris, E Iward H. Hyile, 
Henry S. Lee, Chas. iMarsh, Junes E. 
Mclntire, Edward Morris, James A. 
Rumrill, Stephen E Seymour, Augus- 
tus L. Soule, John M. Stebbins, Jas. 
M. Thompson. Geo. Walker. 

Westjield, Henry Fuller, Henry B. 
Lewis, Asa P. Rmd, Homer B. Ste- 
vens, ]\Iilton B. Whitney. 


Holyoke, Charles Blodgett. 

Sprinfifield, Josepli Ingraham, Wm. 
E. Montague, Eliphalet Trask. 

Westfield. Jehiel Abbott. Special, 
James H. Waterman. 


Inoorporated, May 7, 1662, 

Shire Town, Northamptox. 


Judge oj Probate and Insolvency, Samuel F. Lyman, Northampton. 

Register oJ Probate and Insolvency, . . Luke Lyman, Northampton. 

Clerk oJ Courts, William P. Strickland,. .Northampton. 

Register oJ Deeds, Harvey Kirkland, Northampton. 

County Treasurer, Henry S. Gere, Northampton. 

( William P. ^tv\iMa.n(\,. Northampton. 
Overseers oJ House oJ Correction,. . j Luke Lyman, Northampton. 

^ Daniel Kingsley, Northampton. 

Sheriff, Henry A. Longley, Northampton. 



Deputy Sheriffs. 
Amherst, Fri-dcrick A. Palmer. 
Belchertown, Sauuiel W. Lonirley. 
Easthampton, J. Lyiuaii Campbell. 
Enfield, H.iu-y M. Potter. 
Hadley, Eiios E. Cook. 
Huntington, Gill)eil S. Lewis. 
Noilhainpton, Ansel VVn^lit, Ansel 
\\'ri<zlit, Jr. 
Plainjjrld, Leonard Campbell. 
Souh Hiidley, S.unuel N. Miller. 
Ware, Sinuiel H. Plielps. 
Worthi'igton, Edward C. Porter. 

Deputies in Hampden County. 
Holyoke, Thomas II. Weiliiiu'ton. 
Westfied, L. B. Walk ley. 

Deputies in Franklin County. 
Greenfield, Lorenzo D. Joslyn, 
Cliauni/ey Bryant. 

Jailer and Mas'er of House of 

Henry .\. hi>n'j.\ijy, Northampton. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 
At Ainhdrst, "id Tu. in Jan. and 

At Belchertown, 2d Tu. in Mav and 

Ai Northampton, 1st Tn. of every 

At Williamsburg, od Tu. in May 
and O t. 

Sessions of Coart of Insolveno/. 

At Northampton. 2d \Ve<lnesday of 
every month. 

County CotnmissioBera. 

P. Snntli W^illiams, Hadleij, term 
expires IStjii ; Elisha A. Eiiwartls, 
Southampton, 1870; Justin Thayer, 
Northampton, 1871. 

Special Commissioners. — L. Natiian 
Giaves, Wdliamsburgh. 1871 ; Austin 
Eastman, Amherst, 18 71. 

Times of Meeting. — At Northamp- 
ton, Tn. in March, Sept., and 
Dec-., and Tu. ne.\t after 2d Monday 
of June, annually. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Belchertown, Franklin Dickinson. 
Enjield, Charles S. Richards. 
Northampton, Wm. P. Strickland. 

Public Administrators, 
Northampton, Samuel L. Parsons. 
Ware, Otis Lane. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Amherst, Ithamar F. Conkey, 

Belchertown, Calvin Bridgman. 

Enjield, Josiah B. Woods. 

Northampton, Haynes H. Cbilson, 

Harvey Kirkland, Henry A. Lonorjey, 

William P. Strickland, Oliver War- 
ner, Eliplialet Williams. 

Ware, George IL Gilbert, Franklin 
D. Richards. 

Justices of the Peace. 

{Including .JiiMicfs of ihe I'eacr and Qnm-um, rleaig- 
nafeti Of/ a *, UN'/ J'^s/ices tliroutjhinit tha C^jmniou- 
UH'id h,(fesi(/uatt(l by a \]. 

Amherst, Simeon Clark, William S. 
Clark, f Ithamar F. Conkey, Edward 
I'. Cushman, John E. Cushman, 
George Cutler, f EdwanI Dickinson, 
Wm. A. Dickinson, Henry A. Marsh, 
Aimer G. Mosman, F'redciick A. 
Palmer, Oliver Pease. — North Am- 
herst, Marshall B. Cushman, Horace 

Belrhertown, Leonard'Barrett, Phin- 
eas Biidgman, Franklin Dickinson, 
Thos. R. Greene, Asahel Go(jdell, 
Joshua G. Longley, * Samuel W. 

Chesterjield, Oliver Edwards, Al- 
bert Nichols. Orson M. Pearl. 

Cummi igton, Francis H. Dawes, 
Darius W. Lovell, Nathan Orcutt, 
William Richards. — West Cuinming- 
ton, Fordyce Whitmarsh. 

Dana. Daniel Stone. 

Easthampton, William G. Bassett, 
Lalayette Clapp. William N. CI ipp, 
George S. Clark, Chas. li. John.son, 
f Horatio G. Knight, Lauren D. Ly- 
man, Edmund II. Sawyer, Alfred L. 
Strong, Seth Warner, Charles E. 
Williams, Joseph W. Winslow, Sam- 
uel Williston. 

Enfield, Ezra Cary, * Charles 

Goshen, Alvan Barrus, Calvin A. 

Granby, Philo Chapin, Charles S. 

Greenwich, Stephen Douglas. — 
Greenwich Village, David Allen, Ja- 
bez B. Root, Cullen Warner, Jno. 

Hndley, George Allen, Simon F. 
Cooley, David S. Cowles. Royal M. 
Montngue, f Eleazer Porter, James 
B. Porter, Rodney Smith, Levi 
Stockbridge, Samuel C. Wilder, *Pe- 
rez S. Williams. 

Hatfield, Samuel P. Billings, Wil- 
liam H. Dickinson, Horace W. Field, 
John T. Fitih, George W. Hubbard, 
Silas G. Hubbard, Henry S. Porter. 

Huntington, f Alfred M. Copeland, 
Josiah H. Goddard, Garry Munson, 
John Parks, Elijah N. Woods. 

Middlefield, *John L. Bell, Sumner 
U. Church, 

Northampton, William Allen, Wil- 
liam F. Arnold, t Osmyn Baker, 



Haynes H. Chilson, * Cliark's Delano, 
Pliny Earle, Euaene C Gardner, 
William B. Hale, John C. Ilanuiiond, 
Henry R. Hinckley, Benjamin S. 
Johnson, Harvey Kirkland, Joshua 
KnowUon, Henry A. Lonirley, Caleb 
Loud, Luke Lyman, f Samuel F. Ly- 
man, Enos Parsons, * A. Perry Peek, 
Milo J. Smith, *Saniuel T. Spauldinjj;. 
Haynes K. Starkweather, Hiram 
Stebbins, William H. Stoddard, Wm. 
P. Strickland, Justin Thayer, f Oli- 
ver Wainer, James L. Warriner, Eli- 
phalet Williams, Lueien B. Williams. 
— Florence, Daniel W . Bond. 

Pelham, David Abercronibie, John 

Plainfield., Albert Dyer, Jason 

Prescoti, Liberty Crosett. — North 
Prescott, Edward A. Thomas. 

SoiUhampton, Elisha A. Edwards, 
Isaac Parsons. 

South Hadl>y, Elliot Montague, G. 
Morgan Smith. 

South Hadley Falls, Joseiih Bard- 
well, K. Ogden Dwight, Hiram Smith 
jr., Henrv W. Tavlor. 

TFrtre,"Henry C. Davis, William C. 
Eaton, George H. Gilbert, Lewis N. 
Gilbert, Joseph Hartwell, f William 
Hyde, f Otis Lane, Milton Lewis, 
Samuel 11. Phelps, Fraidvlin D. Rich- 
ards, Addison Sandibrd, f Charles A. 
Stevens. Charles E. Stevens, Philo D. 
Willis. ' 

Westhamplon, Anson Chapman, 

Thomas C. Davenport, George B. 

Williamshurg, Luther Bodman jr., 
Thos. M. Carter, * Salmon H. Clapp, 
t Stephen M. Crosby, John B. Glea- 
;^Oll. Hiram Nash. Addison H. White. 

Worlhinglon, John Adams, Elisha 
H. Brewster, Ethan Clark, Daniel F. 
Hewitt, Edward C. Porter. 

Trial Justices. 
Amherst, Oliver Pease. 
Belchertown, Franklin Dickinson. 
Easthampion, Seth Warner. 
Enfield, Cliarles Richards. 
Northampton, Wm. P. Strickland. 
Palmer, Charles L. Gardner. 
Sou'h Hadley Falls, R. Ogden 

Ware, Franklin D. Richards. 
Worthington, Elisha H. Brewster. 

Notaries Public. 

Amherst, Ithamar F. Conkey, Ed- 
ward Dickinson. 

Belchertown, Franklin Dickinson. 

Easlhampton, Edmund H. Sawyer. 

Northampton, Henry IL Bond, 
Charles Delano, Harvey Kirkland, A. 
Perry Peck, C Kd<jar Smith, Samuel 
T. Spauhlinix, William E. Turner. 

Ware, William S. Hyde, Otis 


Greenwich, Stephen Douglas. 

Hadliy, Eleazer Porter. 

Northampton, Ansel Wright . — Spe- 
cial, Ansel Wright jr. 


Incorporated May 10, 1643. 

SiiiRE Towns, Cambridge and Lowell. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency, .... 
Register of Probate and Insolvency, . . 
Assistant, " " . . 

Clerk of the Courts, 

Assistant, " 

Register of Deeds (South District),. . 
Register of Deeds (North District),. . 
County Treasurer, 

Overeers of House of Correction,. • . 


Wm. A. Richardson, Cambridge. 

Joseph H. Tyler, . . (East) Cambridge. 
Isaac F. Jones, .... (East) Cambridge. 

Benj. F. Ham, ■ • • • Winchester. 

John J. Sawyer, Sumerville. 

Chas. B. Stevens, .(East) Cambridge' 

Ithamar W. Beard, Lowell. 

Amos Stone, Charlestown. 

G. D. B. Blanchard, Maiden. 

James M. Usher, .......... 3Iedford. 

Thomas Rice, Jr., Newton. 

Charles Kimball, Lowell. 



Deputy SheriflFs. 

Cambridge (East), Luther L. Par- 

Charlestoicn, Lowell W. Chamber- 

Concord, John B. Moore. 

Fram'mgham, Jos-epii G. Bannister. 

Groton, Aiiilrew Rohbins. 

Grnton Junction, Benj. L. Howe. 

Hopkinton. Jonathan Wiiittemore. 

Hudson, Charles H. Robiii?on. 

Lowell, James Hopkins, Jefferson 
Bancroft, William H. Cii-mence. 

Melrose, John H. Clark. 

Medford, John T. Wiiite. 

Reading, Daniel B. Lovejoy. 

Townsend, B. F. Lewis. 

Waltham, Eben W. Fiske. 

Woburn, Horace Callamore. 

Cambridge, Charles J. Adams. 
Lowell, Charles Kimball. 

Master of House of Correction. 
Cambridge (East), Chas. J. Adams. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 
At Cambridge, 1st, "id, and 4th Tu. 
of each month, except Anirust. 

At Lowell, 3d Tu. of Jan., March, 
May, July, Sept. and Nov. 

Sessions of the C^urt of Insolvency. 

At Lowell, 3d Tu. of Jan., Mareli, 
May, July, Sept. and Nov. 

At Cambridge, 211 and 4th Wed. of! 
each month, except Anjrust and on ' 
other days by special assignment and 

County Commissioners. 

Leonard Huntrr.-s, Teirkshury. term 
■expires Jan. 1870; Joseph H. Waitt, 
Maiden, Jan. 1871 ; E(iward J. Col- 
Jms, Newton, Jan. 1872. 

Special Com?nissioners. — William 
F. Kills, .4s/(/a;/(/. Jan. 1872; Samuel 
• Staples, Concord, tlnu. 1872. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At 
Cambridge, 1st Tu. of Jan.; &tLoioell, 
J St Tn. ol Sept. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

•Cambridge, John AV. Hammond. 

Loicell, George Stevens. 

Marlborough, Wm. B. Gale. 

Public Administrators. 

Charlestown, Duncan Bradford. 

Lowell, Jonathan Ladd, Geoi'ge 

Masters in Chancery. 

Cambridge (East), Joseph H. Tyler. 

Charlestown, Charles Robinson, Jr., 
Wm. S. Stearns. 

Lowell, Arthur P. Bonney, AVm. S. 
Gardner, Chas. F. Howe. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Cambridge (East), Isaac F. Jones. 

Charlestown, John W. Pettengill, 
Bickford Pulsifer, Amos Stone, Phine- 
has J. Stone, Charles Thompson, 
Geo. Washington Warren. 

Concord, (ieo. M. Brooks, George 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams, 
Moses Edgell. 

Groton, Benj. P. Dix. 

Hopkinton, Silas Mirick. 

Lowell, Alpheus R. Brown, Nathan 
Crosby, Geo. Stevens, S. W . Stick- 
ney, John F. Rogers. 

Newtonr (Corner), Horace R. Weth- 

Pepperell, Christopher W. Bellows. 

Reading, Alfred A. Prescott. 

Shirley, James O. Parker, James C. 

Stoneham, Dexter Buckman, Geo. 
W. Dike, Alonzo V. Lynde. 

Justices of the Peace, 

[Inclwling Jaslicex of the Peace ami Quorum, desio- 
natett Ity a *. anii Justices UiniuijfiOiU the Comiuon- 
tvealthf liesiynated by a t.] 

Acton, Luther Conant, Ebenezer 
Davis, Samuel Hosnier, Henry ^I. 
Smith, *M()ses Taylor, William D. 
Tutlle, Daniel Wetherbee. — S. Acton, 
W. E. Faulkner, Jona. K. W. Weth- 
erbee. — West Acton, Nath'l. E. Cut- 
ter, Alden Fuller, Andrew H.ipgood. 

Arlington, John F. Allen, Jra O. 
Carter, Samuel S. Davis, Addison 
Hill, John Osborn, William E. Par- 
mentcr, Benjamin Poland, Abel R. 

Aslihg, Dennis Fay, James M. J. 
Jefis. Francis W. Wright. 

Ashland, William F. Ellis, Elias 
Grout, William Seaver, Samuel W. 

Bedford, *Phineas W. Chamberlin, 
Amos B. Cutler, Tiios. Siiles. 

Belmont, George S. Ailams, John L. 
Alexander, Wm. A. Blodgett, Henry 
M. Clarke, William H. Locke, Fran- 
cis E. Yates. 

Bilbrica, Leander Crosby, Dudley 
Foster, Geo. C. Gilman, Charles H. 
Parker, Gardner Parker, James Stolt, 
fThomas Talbot, Geo. H. Whitman. 

Boxboro', Cephas Ilartwell, Amos 
Holbroi)k, Oliver Wetherbee. 

Brighton, Henry Baldwin, Isaac G. 
Braman, Joseph B. Braman, Joseph 
Duncklee, *Clias. Heard, George H. 
Howe, Daniel Kingsley, Augustus 
Mason, James M. Murdock, Edmund 
Rice, Albert T. Sinclair, Webster F. 
Wan-en, William Warren, ^ViHiatn 
W. Warren, F. Lyman Winship. 



Bu linglon, Nathan Rlaiiclianl, Si- 
las CluIlt, William Wmn. 

Cambridge^ John N. Barbour, James 

E. Bati's, Joiiii H. Bt-iilU-y, Marsliall I 
'J\ l>i<^cl()\v, Daniel A. Buckley, John j 
C ihiil, Francis L. Clia[)man, Joseph ' 
Cutler, Curtis Davis, Hcmlerson J. 
Eilwards, John C. Farnhaui, Stephen 
T. Farwell, John J. Fatal, Benj. A. 
Gijulii, *jHmes D. Green. Ilimlin K. 
HanJinjr. J. Watson Harris, Cha>. \V. 
Ilawkes, Joseph G. IL)lt, Vanium S. 
Holt, Henry O. Houghton, Peter M. 
Howard, Joseph W. Kin,->ley, Rut'ns 
Lamson, Chas. C. Little, John Liver- : 
more, Chas. R. Me tea It, f Isaac S. 
Morse, James R. Morse, Henry W. ! 
^luzzey, Daniel ^V. Niles, John H. 
Partridge, George F. Pink ham, J. 
Stacey Read, fClias. Theo. Russell, 
Edwd. G. Russell, Chas. H. Saunders, 
Geo. S. Saunders, Win. A. Saunders, 1 
John A. Smith, Joshua B. Smith, | 
f Wm. B. Stearns, Atherton H. Ste- I 
vens, Fordyce M. Stimpson, Rieluird 
Stone, Jr., Henry Thayer, Henry B. 
Ward, fHenry VVare, fEniory Wash- 
burn, f Albion K. P. Welch, John W. 
Wellman, Benj. W. Whitney, Wm. 

L. Whitney. ' 

Cambridgeport, Suniner Albee, \ 
George P. Carter, Josiah G. Chase, 
Josiah W. Cook, Jas. Cox, Watson G. i 
Cutter, Abraham Edwards, Wm. F. ; 
Engley, Joel W. Fletcher, Geo. H. 
Folger, Hamlin R. Harding, Jos. A. | 
Hohnes, Jos. G. Holt, John D. Howe, ' 
Bela F. Jacobs, Justin A. Jacobs, W^m. 

F. Knowles, George C. Li i tie, * Isaac 
Livermore, John ijivermore, John S. 
March, John McDutfee, *Lucius R. ; 
Page, Zebina L. Raymond, Edward 
Richardson, f William A. Richardson, 
l-John Sargent, James M. Thresher, I 
Enoch H. Wakefield, Benj. Welsh. j 

Ed'st Cambridge, John W. Ham- ' 
mond, *Isaac F. Jones, Eli C. Kinsley, 1 
*John S. Ladd,^Lorenzo Mirrett, Wm. 
W. Mason, Thou as Mdntirc, Jr., 
Luther L. Parker, Benj. R. Rand, 
Charles B. Stevens, (ieorge Stevens, 
*Joseph Whitney, John T. Wilson, 
William Wyman. 

North Cambridge, William Frost, 
Chester W. Kingsley, Jabez A. 

Carlisle, George F. Duren, Selar 

Charlestoion, Edwin F. Adams, Jas. 
Adams, Simeon P. Adams, Andrew 
J. Bailey, Ebenezer Barker, Duncan 
Bradibrd, Alfred Bridge, Philander 
S. Briggs, Benjamin F. Brown, Henry 
C. Burgess, John H. Butler, Cornelius 

S. Cartee, Abram Chamberlin, Lowell 
W. Chambei'lin, *FrancIs Childs, 
Bradley M. Clark, (iilbert D. Cooper, 
*.Iames Dana, Thomas M. Devens, 
Thomas Doam-, Thomas J. Eliott, 
fJohn II. Ellis, Henry K. Fiothing- 
liam. Rich ird Frotliingham, John 
(iardner, Nathan B. G fford, (iustavns 
V. Hall, Alberto. Han, Joseph S. 
Hart. Charles M. Hildreth, Walter 
Howe, *Li\eius Hull, f Horace G. 
Hutchin-, (i.orge H. Jacob*, v\idiam 
H. Keith, George P. Ketiell, Seth W. 
Lewis, William B. Long. RufusMason, 
Anthony S. Morss, James W. O'Brien, 
Wdl am Peirce, WiUiam W. Peirce, 
John W. Petti iigid, (ieorge VV. Pres- 
cott, *Bicktbrd PuLiter, Olvin F. 
Raymond, f Charles Robinson, Jr., 
Trueworthy S. G. Robinson, Timothy 
T. Sawyer, William Sherburn, James 
W. Sim|ison, * W^illiam _ S. S:earns, 
Amos Stone, fJas. M. Stone, fPhineas 
J. Stone, Charles E. Sweney, *Erdix 
T. Switt, Charles S. Tt'nney, fChas. 
Thoajpson, Francis Thompson, Ewd. 
Thorndike, Everett Toirey, *Edwin 
G. Walker, *George \Vasl)ington 
Warren, David B. Weston, Rufus A. 
While, *Sidney A. Willard, Daniel 
Williams, Samuel S. Willson, Edwin 

C/ielmsford, Ziba Gay, Jos. Reed, 
Eli F. Webster. — North Chelmsford, 
Benj. Adams, Nathan B. Edwards, 
* Henry W. B. Wightman. — West 
CItelmsford, Jonathan J. IL'yt, Daw- 
son Pollard, Christopher Koby. — 
Middlesex Village, Samuel Parker. 

Concord, Richard Barrett, *(ireorgc 
M. Brooks, Lorenzo Eaton, *Georg6 
Ileywood, f.John S. Keyes, I). Good- 
win Lang, Joseph Reynolds. 

Dracui, Orlord R. Blood, (Jeorge 
W. Coburn, Ira 11 all, Henry Richaid- 
son, Atkinson C. Barnum. 

Dunstable, James T. Burna|), Allen 
Cummings, Benjamin French, Gilman 
Roby, James M. Swallow. 

Framingham, Colinan S. Adams, 
Joseph (J. Bannister, Jas. W. Brown, 
Jas. W. Clark, Moses Edgell, *Alexr. 
R. Esty, fConstantine C. Esty, David 
Fisk, Charles J. Frost, Robt. Gordon, 
Jonathan Greenwood, W^illiam Hast- 
ings, Benjamin K. Haven, *Franklin 

F. Heard, Theodore C. Hurd, *Wm. 

G. Lewis, \V'arren Nixon, Francis C. 
Stearns, Ebenezer Stone, Charles S. 
Whitmore. — S. Framingham, Alex. 
Clark, Newell Clark. — Saxoninlle, 
Charles Fiske, Henry Richardson, 
Ebenezer Stone. 

Groton, Josiah K. Bennett, fGeo. 



S. Boutwell, Geo. T). Brigbani, Jolm | James B. Fr.nK'is, Abram Frendi, 
eJ. (iraves, *Asa F. LawreiR-e, Asa S. , Josiah B. Fi-encli, Joliii F. Frye, Geo. 
Lawrence, Daniel Xeedham, *Saiiiuel j Gardner, *\Villiani S. Gardner, Thos. 
AV. Kowe, Andrew Spaulding, Wil- G. Gerrish, AU'red Giluian, Silas F. 
lard Torrey, A Iden Warren. — - 6" /'o/o/i Gladwin, fJolm A. Goodwin, Beiij. 
Junction, E. Dana Bancroft, Benj. (ioddard, Francis Gnwaid, Georife A. 
L. Howe, John Q. A. McCoUister, Giillln, Fied. T. GreenluilLrli, *San>'l 

Abel Brescott, Jolm F. Robbins, Levi 
Sherwin, John S])aulding, Jr., Benj. 
F. Tatt. 

Hollisicn, Joiin M. Batcbelder, 
Luther Bc-llows, Eliiis Bullard, An- 
drew J. Cass, Festus C. Curner, Geo. 
B. Fiske, (ieorge K. Johnson. *.\lden 
Leland, Orrin Thomson, Ldwin F. 

Hopldnton. Charles W. Claflin, Dan- 
iel Fames, John A. Fitch, Clement 
iNIes^erve, *feilas Mirlck, Augustus 
Phipps, Lucius II. Wakefield, J. A. 
Woodbury. — lluylen Row, Uriah 
Bowker, .Martin V. I'hipps. — Woud- 
v'dle, Albert \\''jud. 

P. ILidley, Jr., Amos B. Ileywoijd, 
Epapheas A. Hill. Joseph 8 Hoit, 
James Hopkins, *Ii(x-um Hoslord, 
Charles F. Howe, Lorenzo G. Howe, 
John Q. A. Hubbard. Eliliu S. Hunt, 
Joliii B. Hunt, Lucius W. Hunting- 
ton, George L. Huntoon, *Audrew F. 
Jewett, Fran, is Jewell, Jeremiah P. 
Jewetl, Jonathan Juluison, Closes A. 
Johnson, J. Jud.sou Junkins. *Jo.sei)h 
B. Ke\es, tCharles Kimball, J. Cheliis 
Ivimball, John F. Kindjall, *John A. 
Knowles, David Lane, Cyrus i.,athau), 
Cyrus H. Latham, Alvin Lawrence, 
Ambrose Lawrence, George P. Law- 
rence, Siuuiel Lawrence, fPeter Law- 

Hudsoii, Francis Brigham, James ' son, John '1'. Lee, Wm. E. Living>ton, 
T. Jo-jliu, George S. Ilaw^on, Charles James Lougbran, *.Sewall G. ^Luk, 
H. li;)binsuu, Sdas IL Stuart. | John F. Mauahan. Joshua N. Mar- 

Lexington, Joseph N. Brown, Asa ' .shall, John H. jMcAlvin, John F. 
Cottrell, Isaac K. Damon, George O. MeEvoy, Geo. F. oMorey, Sauuu-l A. 
Davis, liortland Holmes, fCh tries AlcPhelres, Albert M. Moore, Horace 
Hudson, llammun lieed, *Aug. E. [ E. iVlorse, fJohn Nesmilh, Alan.-on 
Scott. I Niciiols, Frank A. Nichols, William 

Lincoln, James L. Chapin, S. Ben- North, W^ui. L. North, Francis H. 
ton Thompson. | Nourse, William F. Osgood, Geo. W. 

Liidetoit, John W. A<lanis, Peter Partridge, *Ephraiu» B. Patcii, fJo- 
C. Edwards, Sliattm k Hart well, Jos. | siaii G. Peabody, elohn Pearson, John 
A. Harwood, James Kimball, William N. Peirce, Jr., Henry P. Perkins, 
Kiml)all, Joseph A. Priest, Samuel : Major G. I'erkins, Abiel Pevey. Geo. 
Smith. I E. Pevey, jAbner J. Phipps, Josepii 

i.o<t'eZ/, Julian Abbot, Jas. C.Abbott, I D. Piuder, Joel Powers, A.sahel 1). 
*Edwin A. Alger, Wm. H. Anderson, { Puller, *Tho.s. W. Pressey, John W. 
Nathan Allen, Otis Allen, Jas. Bailey, Reed, Edward C. Kice, fDaiiiel S. 
S(piire L. Bailey, *Jetrerson Ban- I Kiehanisou, Geo. F. Richard.son, Geo. 
croft, Jacob Bamu, Fiaiik F. Batlies, Ripley, Jacob R)gers, John F. Rogers, 
Ithamar W\ Beard, \Vm. S. Bennett, Chester W. Rugg, *\Villiam F. Sal- 
W'm. H. Bent Amos A. Blanchaid, nion, *iieMJamin C. Sargeaut, Josepli 
Wm D. Blanehard, Charles R. Blais- ' L. Sargent, Allied S ott, George F. 
dell, Morrill j\I. Bolionan, f Arthur p. j Scribner, Luther E. Shepard, Wm. 
Bonney, Gerit J. Biadt, Geo. Brag- Shepard, *Edward F. Sherman, Har- 
don, *Alpheus R. Brown, *Samuel A. , ri.son G. Sleeper, John W'. Smith, 
Brown, Thomas F. Buigess. fBenja- | William S. Southworth, *Andrew J. 
mill F. Butler, Abner W. Buttrick, I Stackpole, *George Stevens, -j-Sanrl 
John A. Buttrick, Geo. J. Carnev, W. Stiekney, Holland Sirceter, 
Enoch B. Carter, *Robert B. Caverly, *Theo. H. Sweetser, Wilfred P. Tay- 
Ailred H. Chase, Jeremiah Clark, I lor, Edw. Tuck, Artemas S. Tyler, 

Charles B. Coburn, Lorenzo D. Co'^s- 
well, W^iu. T. Connolly, James Cook, 
Isaac Coo()ei-, Horatio G. F. Corliss, 
Charles Cowk-y, John E. Crane, Caleb 
Crosby, *Nathan Crosby, Jeremiah 

Jonas P. Varnuin, Aldis L. AVaite, 
Benjamin AValker, Dan'l R Wallace, 
Edw. F. W^atson, Jas. AVatson. *Wm. 
P. Webster, Cha.s. A. Welch, j-Tappan 
Wentworth, Win. T. \\ hilteu, Henry 

Crowley, Jo.shua W^. Daniels, John } H. W^ilder, Benj. J. Williams, Cha.s, 
Davis, Benj. C Dean, Luke C. Dodge, j M. Williams, Andrew C. W^right, 
Luther J. Eames, Patrick Egan, Alpha Asabel B. Wright, Hapgood AVright, 
B. Farr, David C. G. Fiehi, Horatio Samuel N. Wood, *George D. Wood- 
R. Fletcher, Jonathan P. Folsoin, man. 



Maiden, David A\'ers, Bcnj. Bord- 
man, Elislia S. Coiivt-rse, *Geo. W. 
Copelaiul, Geo. P. Cox, fWilliam J. 
Eamt's, Loren L. Fuller, Joseph Ger- 
risli, William Hanlv, Walter Harmon, 
Benjamin G. Hill,' Charles H. Hill, 
William Johnson, Azro D. Limson, 
Erastiis W. Leavens, Clnrles Merrill, 
Manson L. Mills, Horatio G. Po|>e, 
William H. Richardson, fWiiliam S. 
Robinson, Joseph M. Rnssell, Albert 
F. Sai'jient, *Wm. 8. Stearns, Francis 
C. Swett, Joseph H. Waitt, Josey)h 
H. Whitni:m, Samuel Woods. — South 
Maiden, Eustace J. Cooper, James G. 
Foster, Geor;ie Shattuck. — Maple- 
wood, Joshua Webster. 

Marlborough, Jacob M. Baker. Ed- 
ward L. Bi,L'elo\v, Levi Bijrelovv. John 
Chipman, *Wm. B. Gale. John Good- 
ale, Chas. M. Howe, Elbridi^e Howe, 
Edward F. Johnson, Samuel B. ^Nlay- 
nard, Stephen ^lorse, Daniel F. Mur- 
phy, Edmund C. Whitney, Lewis 
Wilkins, Xahum Witherhee. 

Medford, Almarin F. Baclijer, fEli- 
hu C. Biker, Eleazer Boynton, Jr., 
Albert H. Butters, James O. Curtis, 
Mark H. Durgiu, Daniel A. Gleason, 
Joseph P. Hall, Thomas S. Harlow, 
Benj. F. Hayes, Asa Law, Samuel C. 
Lawrence, Parker R. Litclifielil, Lewis 
W. Osgood, Baxter E. Perry, Charles 
Russell, *John Sparrell, James F. 
Usher, *James ]\L Usher. — West 
Medford, Luther Farwell, Neliemiah 
T. Merritt. 

Melrose, William Bogle, Andrew 
H. Bi-iggs, Jonathan Cochran, Nelson 
Cochran, David Fairbanks, Joseph A. 
Fairbanks, George W. Farnsworth, 
William C. Farnsworth, William J. 
Farnsworth, fDaniel AV. Gouch, Levi 
8. Gould, *Alonzo V. Lynde, Henry 

A. Norris, Horatio N. Perkins, Wm. 
F. Poole, Joseph B. Santbrd, Emory 

B. Smith. 

Natick, fJohn W. Bacon, George 
Beard, Alex. Blaney, Henry C'oigin, 
Moses Fames, John M. Farwell, Sted- 
man Hartwell, Charles L. Hosmer, 
Walter N. Mason, Edwin C. Morse, 
William Nutt, Asher Parlin, Emmons 
Partridge, Elijah Perry, George L. 
Sleeper, Edwanl P. Travis. 

Newton (Corner), Joseph N. Bacon, 
George E. Bridges, Samuel Chism, 
fAlfred B. Ely, John M. Fisk, Henry 
Fuller, John B. Goodrich, f George N. 
Hitchcock, Horatio N. Hyde, Floren- 
tine W. Pelton, Stephen W. Trow- 
bridge, fAdin B. Underwood, Horace 
R. Wetherell, Ebenezer AVoodward 
— Newton Centre, Ezra C. Hutchins, 

tJames F. C. Hvde, Charles E. Lane, 
fDavid H. Mason, Wdliam Morton, 
George C. Rand, INIarshnll S. Rice, 
John D. Towle, John Ward, A-ulrew 
H. Ward. — NewtonvUle. Horatio F. 
Allen, fWilliam Claflin, Cornelius P. 
Harkins, Dustin Lancey, Andrew H. 
Ward. — Axdmrndnle, Cephas Brig- 
ham, fJis. B. F. M irshall, Henry IL 
Matner, Henry B. Will'ams. — Netr- 
tnn Lower Falls. Isa '.c Ilagar, Lutlur 
E. Leland, fThomas Ri e, Jr. — New- 
ton Upper Falls, Joseph Barney, 
Charles Ellis, Hosea C. H)yt, Otis 
Pettee. — West Newton, George E. 
Allen, fJulius L. CL>rke, fEdward J. 
Col'ins. fSeth Davis, Thomas Drew, 
William P. Houghton, Adoli-hus 
Smith, EUsha F. Th lyer, Ira D. Van 
Duzee, Nathan Weston, Jr. 

North Readinfj, Sjmuel P. Breed, 
Samuel Flint, Charles P. How.n-d. 

Peppered, *Christopher W. Bellows, 
Sumner Carter, Putnam Sitattuck, 
Samuel P. Sliattuck, Levi Wallace, 
Abel B. Winn. 

Reading, Solon Bancroft, Hiram 
Barnes, George Batchelder, John 
Batchelder, Stephen Foster, Chaun^y 
P. Judd, John B. Leathe, Stillman E. 
Parker, Nathan P. Pratt, *Altred A. 
Prescott, Wm J. Wightman, Carroll 
D. Wright. 

Sherhorn, Henry W. Bullard, Jere- 
miah Butler, Joseph Dowse, Jr., .James 
H. Leland. 

Shirley, Stephen J. Ballou, Jerome 
Gardner, Moses T. Gardmr, James 
Gerrish, John K. Going, Abel L. Law- 
ton. James P. Longley, David Porter, 
(Grotan Junction), Peter Tarbell. 

Somerville, Albion II. Bailey, Clark 
Bennett, . Oilman F. Besent, Samutl 
J. Rradlee, jGeorge O. Brastow, John 
H. Brookhouse, Thomas Cunningham, 
(ieorge II. Dickerman, Charles E. 
(iihnan, John K. Hall, Francis Hough- 
ton, Charles H. Hudson, George Vs . 
Ireland, Oren 8. Knapp, Chas. 8. 
Lincoln, John C. Magoun, William H. 
Pierce, Edward C. Purdy, Aaron Sar- 
gent, t«Tames M. Shute, Thomas 0. 
I'emple, Francis Tufts, *Colunibus 
Tyler, John E. Tyler, Robert A. Vi- 
na I, William H. Weston, Geo. AV. 

Stoneham., * Dexter Bucknam, * Ed- 
ward Bucknam, Silas Dean, fCk'orge 
AA^. Dike, *Lyman Dike, Amasa Far- 
rier, Ira Gerry, Amos Hill, 2d, Moses 
L. Morse, William B. Stevens, Sam- 
uel Tidd. 

Stow, Ephraim Stone, Chas. Tower, 
Edwin AVhitney. 



Sudbury, Jonns S. Hunt, James 
Moore, Chnrles Thompson.— So. Sud- 
bury, B. II. Richardson. — Assabet, A^^a- 
hel Balcom. 

Tewksbury, f Arthur P. Bonney, Oren 
Frost, Le'>naril Huntress, f Thomas J. 
Marsh, George Pillsbury, p]lijah M 
Read, *BenJHUiin F. Spaulding, Frank 
M. Spauldin^, llicliard Tolman. 

Toirnsend, S .muel S. Ilaynes, Al- 
bert Howe, A<a S. Luvton, Henry 
Sceva, Fre leric A. Worcester. — W. 
Toirnfiend, Ltvi Stearns, George Taft, 
J^s. N. Tucker. 

Tyngsbiiro', l-iuther Butterfield, Reu- 
ben S. Coburn. 

Wak'Jield. Lucius Beebe, *IIenry 
D. Austin, Jas. O. Boswill, George \V. 
Cutt -r, Chester W. P^aton, Lilley Ea- 
ton, Dani •! P. Emer^i.n. Abel F. Hut- 
chinson, Edward Mansfield, D uiitl 
Norcniss, Byron A. Osgoofl, Edward 
A. Upton, Philip C. Wheehr, Alam 
Wiley. — Greenwood, Paul H. bwect- 

Wahham, Joslah Beard, *Frank W. 
Rigclow, Henrv A. Brown, Lorenzo 
Rurge, Thomas W. Far us worth, *El'en 
IV. Fiske, Daniel French, fHenry F. 
Frencli, Edward L. Hill, Charks H. 
Houghton. Jarvis Lewis, Jo>iah Rut- 
tcr, .Sylvanus ^^^ Smith, \\'illiam G. 
Sprague, Fred. M. Stone, Augustus 
Townsend, Samuel O. Fpuam, Sam- 
uel B. \\'hitney. 

Wiiterlown. Joel Barnanl, Jr. Chas 
J. Barry, Charles Be mis, Isaac V. Be- 
mi>, Elijah Clark, Josi-j-h Crafts, (ieo. 
Fraz:ir, David T. Iluckins, Wm. H. 
Ingraham, Jesse A. Locke, George N. j 
March, .Sanmel Richardson, Isaac Roli- 
bins, Wi ham Wliite, Leonard Whit- 
ney, Jr , B. Osgood "Wilson. — ' 
(Wakefield), Cyrus Wakefield. i 

Wayland, Richard F. Fuller, David ; 
Heard, Lewis Jones, fEdward Mellen, | 
Jonas A. Morse, Henry Wight. 

West ford, John W. P. Abbot, Geo. 
T. Day, Asa Hildreth, Edward Pres- 
cott, Luther Pnscott. 

Weston, Fre lerick T. Bush, George 
W. Cutting, Jr., Alonzo S. Fiske, 
Horace Hews, EJw,n Hol»bs 

Wilmington, Cyrus L. Carter, '\Vni. 
H. Cart< r, Lemuel C. Eames, Samuel 
B. Nichols. 

Winchester, George P. Brown, *01i- 
ver R. Clark, Abraham B. Coffin, 
tWilliam Everett, *Benjamin F. Ham, 
Frederick O. Prince, Andrew N. Shep- 
ard, fEdwiii A. Wadleigh. 

Woburn, Edward W. Chainpney, 
Horace Collamore, George H. Conn, 
*Joshua P., Parker L. Con- 

verse, *John Cummings, John W' 
Day, Marcus Ea+on, David D Hart' 
Edward D. Hayden, Sparrow Horton, 
Josiah Hovey, John Johnson, True L. 
Norris, Jdhn L. Parker, Thomas J. 
Porter, Lemuel (J. Richardson, Lewis 
L. Whitney. — East Woburn, Albeit 
L Richardson. — Norlh Woburn, Al- 
bert Thompson, Cyrus Ihompson, 
*Leonard Hiompson, Samuel F. 
Thompsfin, Edwaid E. Thompson, 
Moses F. \\'inn. 

Trial Justices. 
Ashland, W'illiam Scaver. 
Concord. Josc])l) Revnolils. 
Framinghani, Cohiian S. Adams. 
Grolon, Siinuiel W. Kowc. 
Ilolliston. Aldcn Lchitul. 
Ilopkinton. John A Woodbury. 
IludiOn. James T. Joslin. 
Lexington. Augu.-tus E. Scott. 
Midden, John W. Pettengill. 
M'dford, Bcnj. F. Hayes. 
Melrof^e, Andrew II. Briggs. 
Na'ick, (j«'orge L. Sleeper. 
Newton (Corner), Stephen W. 

Auburndale, Cephas Brigham. 
Shirley. Da\id Porter. 
Sonierville. Francis Tufts. 
Sudbury, Asahel Bahom. 
Tewksbury, R chard Tohnan. 
l^owiiseud, Henry Sceva. 
Wakefeld, Edward A. Upton. 
Widthiim, Josiah Rutter. 
Wayland, David Heard. 
Weslford, Luther Prescott. 
Woburn, Parker L. Converse. 

Notaries Public. 

Brighton, Bela S. Fiske, Edward P. 

Cambridge, Levi L. Gushing, Jr., 
Jo-eph G. Holt, Benj. W. Whitney. 

— Cambridgejiorl, John N. Baibour. 

— East Cambridge, Lorenzo Marrett. 
Charlestown, Duncan Bradford, Wil- 
liam Peirce, Lucius II. Warren. 

Concord, G orge M. Brooks. 

Framingham, Constantine C. Esty, 
John M. Farwell. 

Grolon Junction, J. K. Bennett. 

HoUi.^ton. Elias Bui lard. 

Hopkinton, Silas Mirick. 

Lowell, Edwin A. Alger, Joseph H. 
Ely, Geo. D. Hills, John A. Knowles, 
Samuel W. Stickney, Abel Whitney, 
Charles M. Williams. 

Maiden. Ali)ert F. Sargent. 

Marlborough, Edmund C. Whitnev. 

Medford, Benj. F. Hayes, Charles 

Newton Corner, Andrew B. CoLb. 

Newlonuille, Dustin Lancey. 



Shirley, David Portpr. 

Somerville. Samuel J. Bradlee. 

Town.<<end. Edward Ordway- 

Wakefield, James O. Boswell, Clies- 
ter AV. Eaton, Byron A. Osgood. 

Waltham, Byron B. Johnson, Fred- 
erick M Stone. 

Woburn, Alpha E. Thompson. 


Brighton, Isaac G. Braman, Augus- 
tus Mason. 

Cambridge, Francis H. Brown. 

Cambridge ^Por^j, William W. Wel- 

Cambridge (East), Luther L. Par- 
ker, Edward H. Weston. 

Charlestown, Duncan Bradford, Seth 
W. Lewis. 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams. 

Groton, Asa S. Lawrence, John Q. 
A. McCoUester. 

HopHnton, Silas Mirick. 

Lowell, — Special, Jefferson Ban- 
croft, Thomas W. Pressey, Jeremiah 
P. Jewett. 

Maiden, Francis C. Swett. 

Marlborouqh, Nalium Witherbee. 

Medford, John T. White. 

Melrose, William J. Farnsworth. 

Natick; Alexander Coolidijre. 

Newton (West), Wra. P. Houghton. 

Newton (Corner), Jolin M. Fisk. 

Reading, Horace P. Wakefield. 

Somerville, John C. ]\Iagoun. 

Sudburi/, Webster Moore. 

Tewksbury, Benj. F. Spauldiiig. 

WaWiam', Ebenezer W. Fiske. 

West ford, Edward Prescott. 

Winchester, Alonzo Chapin. 

Woburn, Thomas J. Porter. 


Incorporated, June 20, 1695. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. . . Edward M. Gardner, Nantucket. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency,. Thaddeus C. Defriez Nantucket. 

Town and County Treasurer, Samuel Swain, Nantucket. 

Clerk of the Courts, George Cobb, ....••••.... Nantucket. 

Register of Deeds, William H. Waitt Nantucket. 

Sheriff, Joseph M'Cleave Nantucket. 

Jailer and Master of House of > j^^^^^^^j j,^,^^^^ Nantucket. 

Correction. ) 

Sessions of Probate Court. Notaries Public. 

Holden on Thursday next after 2d 
Tuesday in each month. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 
Nantucket, George AV. Coffin, Alex- 
ander B. Dunham, Peter Folger. 

Public Administrator, 
Nantucket, Geo. Cobb. 
Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Nantucket, George Cobb, William 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 


Geo. Cobb, Philip H. Folger, 
ward M. Gardner, Alfred ]\Iacy. 

Justices of the Peace. 

\Inclwliny JuMicea of the Peace and Quorum, rlesig- 
nateil by a star *, ami Jiistice.i of the Pence throuyh- 
out the Coininonwealthf designated by a t]. 

Nantucket, Asa G. Bunker, *Geo. 
Cobb, Wm. Cobb, Thaddeus C. D ;- 
friez, Philip H. Folger, Wm. C. Fol- 
ger, f Ed ward M. Gardner, Alfred 
Macy, George W. Macy, Thomas 
Macy, *Joseph Mitchell, William B. 
Nantucket, George Cobb, William . IMiteiiell, Alexander B.Robinson, An- 
B. Mitchell. 1 drew Whitney. 




Incorporated, March 26, 1793. 
Shire Towx, Dedham. 


Judges of Probate and Insolvency,. . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency . . 
Ass't Register of Probate and Insol., 

Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction,. . . 


Deputy Sheriflfa. 
Canton, Rufus C. Wood. 
Dedham, Augustus B. Endicott. 
Dorchester, Jolin Rohie. 
Foxborough, Alt'retl Falos. 
Medway, Alcander Fairbanks. 
Medway ( West), Valentine R. 

Milton, John D. Bradloe. 
Quincy. Wasliiiiixton ]M. Frondi. 
Randolph, AViliiani H. Warren. 
Stoug/itvn, Hiram Gay. 
Weymouth, Geo. A\'. White Jr. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Dedham, 1st Tu. of eaeh month 
exeept August. 

At Dorchester (^Harrison square^, 
every Wed. except during the montli 
of August. 

County Commissioners 
Milton ]\I. Fisher, ALdwiiy, term 

expires Dec. 1861); Joseph M. 

Churchill, Milton, term expires Dei-. 

1870; David H. Bates, Braintree, 

term expires Dec. 1871. 

Special Commissioners. — Galen 

Orr, Needham, term expires Dec. 

1871; Amos H. Hoi brook, Bdling- 

ham, term expires Dec. 1871. 

Times of Meeting. — At Dedham, '. 

3d Tu. of April, 4th Tu. of June and 

Sept., and last Wed. of Dec. j 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Dedham, Frederick D. Ely. [ 

Dorchester, Thomas F. Teniplt^ j 

Randolph, Wm. E. Jewell. I 

Public Administrator. 
Dedham., Ira Cleveland. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Dedham, Thomas L. Wakefield, 
Erastus Worthington. 

Dorchester, Richard T. Lombard. 


George Wiiite Needham. 

. Jonathan H. Cobb, Dedham. 

Jonathan Cobb, Dedham. 

Erastus Worthington, Dedham. 

James Foord, Dedham. 

Chauncey C. Churchill, Dedham- 

\ll. O. Hildreth Dedham- 

I C. C. Churchill Dedham. 

John W. Thomas, Dedham. 

I Commissioners of "Wrecks. 

I Cohasset, Loi-ing Bates, W^arren 
Bates Jr., Joseph H. Smith. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

! Officers. 


Braintree, Naaman L. White. 
I Dedham, Chauncy C. Churchill, 
Jonathan H. Cobb, Edmund Thomas. 
j West Roxhury, William Harris. 
j Weymouth (^Soulh), Aj>pleton Howe. 

Wrenlliam, Daniel A. Cook. 


I Justices of the Peace. 

I [Inclwling Jtuttices of the Peace and Qtionem, ffes- 
iffna'ed by a '.ami Jimtices throxtghout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a ♦.J 

Bellingham, Andrew A. Bates, 
Nathan A. Cook. North Bellingham, 
Save! Met(;aU'. 

Braintree, John B Arnold, Edward 
Avery, James ]M. Cutting. Chas. H. 
Dow, Asa French, Jonathan French, 
Elias Hayward, John Kimball, Ebe- 
iK'zer F. E. Thayer, *Naaman L. 
White. — South Braintree, D.\\'h\ H. 
Bates, Joseph R. Frasier, Elias Hay- 
ward, Albert H. Gould, Francis A. 
Hobart, Newell A. Langley, Noah 

Brookline, Wm. Aspinwall, Benj. 
F. Baker, William I. Bowditch, 
Charles Burrill, John W. Candler, 
tWilliam L. Candler, fTheophilus P. 
Chandler, Nathaniel G. Cliapin, 
David II. Daniels, William Dearborn, 
Francis P. Denny, Gustavus M. Fi- 
notti, George Griggs, George E. Her- 
sey, George F. Homer, Bradford 
Kingman, *Amos A. Lawrence, 
Francis W. Lawrence, fHenry Lee, 
Jr., Augustus Lowell, Tiiomas Par- 
sons, Charles Pope, Augustine Shurt- 
leff, Lewis Slack, William B. Towne, 
j"Ginery Twitchell, Otis Withington. 

Longwood, John Ruggles. 



Canton, *E11is Ames, Frank M. 
Ames, f Charles Endicott, Charles H. 
French, Daniel T. V. Himtoon, Wni. 
jMaiisfield, *Samuel B. Noyes, James 
T. Sunner, Rufus C. Wood. 

Coha^set, Solomon J. Beal, Martin 
Lincoln, John Q. A. Lothrop, Aaron 
Pratt, Andrew J. Souther, Edward 

Deflhmn, James M. Battles, Charles 
J. Capen, *Chauncey C. Churchill, 
*Ira Cleveland, -John D. Cohb, Jona- 
than Cobb, *Jonathan H. Cobb. 
*\Valdo Colburn, John Cox, Jr, Mer- 
rill D. Ellis, Fred. D Ely, Augus- 
tus B. Endicott, James Foord, Calvin 
Guild, Henry O. Hildreth, Lewis II. 
Kingsbury, Anson ^Nloise, Henry W. 
Richards, *Ezra W. Sampson, John N. 
Stevens, INIirick P. Sumner, p]zra W. 
Taft, *E(hnund Thomas, John W. 
Thomas, fEzra Wilkinsion, fErastiis 
Worthington. — South Dedlaim, Jos. 
Day, P^benezer F. Gay, Willard G.iy, 
William S. Gay, Curtis G. Morse. 
Reddville, Enoch P. Davis. 

Dorchester, f Thomas J. Allen, Sam- 
uel Atherton, *Ivlmund J. Baker, 
Eleazer J. Bispham, Samuel A. Brad- 
bury, Thomas W. Capen. William T. 
Carlton, William L. Clark, J^benezer 
Clapp, Albe C. Clark, Henry G. 
Denny, S. Park man Dexter, Ebene- 
zer I'^aton, Isaac Field, George A. 
Fisher, Charles F. Gerry, Oliv* r Hall, 
Wm. A. Hayes, Dan'l Harwood. Chs. 
Howe, Henry Humphreys, P^dward 
Jarvis, Edward King, Wm. P. Leavitt, 
Richard T. Lombard, fSamuel P. 
Loud, John J. Mav, John Mears. Jr., 
tJohn H. W. Page', Sam'l B. Pierce, 
*]Srathaniel F. Saffbrd, Jo.'^eph P. 
SiLby, J. M. R. Story, Thomas F. 
Tem])le, Wm. F. Temple, f P.dmund 
P. Tilef-ton, Franklin L. Tileston, 
Nath'l Tolman, fThomas Tolman, Jas. 
H. Upbam, Geo. H. Vincent, *Robt. 
Vose, Robert Vose, Jr., Charles V. 
Whitten, fJ^Iarshall P. AVilder, Wil- 
liam Withington. — Neponsei, Luther 
Briggs. — Harrison Sf/uare, Josiah 
H. Carter, William Pope. — Mil/on, 
f Asaph Churchill, Sylvester H. Hub- 
ard, John Robie. 

Dover, Linus Bliss, Calvin Rich- 

Foxhoroiujh, James Capen, *James 
E. Carpenter, Edmund Carroll, Julius 
Carroll, Otis Cary, Edwin W. Clarke, 
John M. Everett, AHi-ed Fales, Ed- 
ward D. Ilewins, Alired Hodges, 
Charles W. Hodges, Isaac Smith, 
Wm. H. Thomas. 

Franklin, Paul B. Clark, Adams 

Daniels, Albert E. Daniels, Waldo 
Daniels, Eilmund Davis, James M. 
Freeman, George W. Nason, Jesse L. 
Nason, Stephen W. Richardson, Wm. 
Rock wood, Alpheus A. Russ^gue, 
Adin D. Sargeant, Saul B. Scutt, 
Charles W. Stewart, Horatio Stock- 
bridge, Hiram W. Jones. 

Hiide Parle, Robt. S. Capen, Henry 

B. Terry, Isaiah W. Thayer, Roswell 

Medfield, Charles Hamant, Charles 

C. Sewall. 

Medwa]!, Wm. H. Cary, f^VIilton 
]\T. Fisher, fWarren Lovering, *Luthe.r 
Metcalf, Clark Partridge. — East 
Medway, Amos H. BuUeii. — Went 
Medirwi, Charles H. Deans, Asa M. 
B. Fuller, John S. Smith, William H. 
Temple, Addison P. Thayer, Marcel- 
lus A.Woodward. — I'ockcille, Amos 
H. Boyd, Willard P. Clark. 

Millon, Samuel Babcock, Gideon 
Beck, John D. Bradlee, Chas. Breck, 
Chas. M. S. Churchill, fJoseph McK. 
CliurchiU, Fredk. A. Eustis, tTliorn- 
ton K. Lothrop, George Penniman, 
Edward L. Pierce, Jason Recti, Jas. 
M. Robbins, *Henry S. Russell, Jas. 

B. Thayer, Roswell W. Turner, 
George Vose, Josiah Webb, Setli D. 
Whitney. — H^Je Park, Willard F. 

Needhnm, Solomon Flagg, Charles 

C. Greenwood, Emery (jrover, f Arte- 
mas Newell. — Charles Rirer Village, 
Wilson J. "Welch. — Newton Upper 
Falls, Richard Boynton. — Newton 
Loirer Falls, Joshua J. Gould, Ells- 
worth Torrey. fGeo. White. — Grant- 
ville, Geo. K. Daniel). — Welleslei/, 
Henry F. Durant, George Jennings, 
jNIoses Winch. 

Quinci/, Wyman Abercrombie, 
Ebenezer Adams, fJohn Q. Adams, 
Seth Adams, Henry Barker, John 
Chamberlin, Noah Cummings, fWm. 
B. Duggan, AVashington J\I. P^rench, 
Geo. L. Gill, John Hardwick, PMwin 
A. Hill, Charles A. Howland, George 
H. Locke, Charles Marsh, *William 
S. Morton, William S. Pattee, Whit- 
comb Port' r, E. Granville Pratt, 
Josiah P. Quincy, Joseph W. Robert- 
son, Jas. E. Tirrell, Isaiah G. Whiton. 

Randolph, John Adams, Hiram C. 
Alden, Eleazer Beal, J. White Bel- 
cher, Abel B. Berry, P^zra S. Conant, 
Joseph N. DuBo s, Zenas P'rem-h, 
Daniel Howard, Frederick Howard, 
Nathaniel Howard, William p]. Jewell, 
Seth Mann, 2d, John G. Poole, Jas. 
Augustus Tower, Royal W. Turner, 
fSeth Turner, George W. Wales 



William H. "Warren, Oramel White, 
Thomas White. — EciM Randolph, 
Jacob Whitcomb. — South Randolph, 
Thomas West. 

Sharon, SanfbriJ W. Billings, Lewis 
W. Morse, Josiah Johnson, Otis John- 
son, William R. Minn. 

Stouffhfon, Ilalsey J. Boardman, 
Lucius Clapp, Jesse Holmes, Clifford 
Keith, Luther S. Leach, Albert T. 
Pieice, Isaac H. Stearns, Amasa 
Suuthworth, George Talbot, Jabez 
Talbot, Jr. — East Stour/hton, Chris- 
topher Dyer, Jr. 

Wafpole, Samuel Allen, Jr., Na- 
thaniel Bud, Smith Gray, James G. 
Hartshorn, Junes H. Lelami, Charles 
S. M.ison, George P. Morey, James 
G. Scolt, Joshua Stetson, William S. 
Tiltoii. Horatio Wood.— East Wal- 
pole, fFraiieis W. Bird, Samuel Bird. 
— Soulh Walpole, Tiuman Clarke. 

West Roxhury, fJoi'ithan Araory, 
Francis \. Baleh, JoS'-ph H IMllings, 
Benjaiiiiii IL Currier, Abijah W. 
Draper, Epliraim M. Dudley, John 
M. Fesseiiden, James Hewins, Leon- 
ard P. Holdeii, Edward H. Kettell, 
Joseph Lyman, William H. Mackin- 
tosh, Thi'odore B. Moses, Thos. Mot- 
ley, j^Ux.s Poole, Frank W. Rey- 
nolds, f H. F. Thomas, Ebenezer \V. 
Tolmau, Christopher M. Weld. — Ja- 
maica Plain, David S. Greenough, 
Jr., Robert M. Morse, Jr., Thomas 
P. Proctor, Robert Seaver, William 

Weymouth, Francis Ambler, Ever- 
ett C. Bumpus, Ebenezer A. Hunt, 
Richard A. Hunt, John W. Loud, 
Elias Richards, Asa B. Wales, Saml. 
Webb, Amos S. White, George W. 
White, Jr. — East Weymouth, War- 
ren W. Barker, Francis B. Bates, 
Lovell Bi( knell, Zaehariah L. Bick- 
nell, Thomas J. Burrill, Abner Hol- 
brooU, *Alvah Raymond. Joseph Tot- 
man. — North Weymouth, Elias S. 
Beals, James Humphrey, N. Quincy 
Tirrell, Jas. Torrey, Franklin AVood- 
side. — South Weymouth, George H. 
Bates, A])pleton Howe, Jacob Loud, 
John A. E. Loud, Quincy L. Reed, 
Noah Vining, B. F. White, Oran 

Wrentham, AVilliam W. Cowell, 

Nathan Ely, Jr., Calvin Fisher, Jr., 
Charles J. Randall, Samuel Warner. 
— North Wrentham, James T. Ford. 
Daniel J. Holbrook. — SheldonviUe, 
George Sheldon. 

Trial Justices. 
Canton, Charles Endicott. 
Cohasset, Solomon J. Beal. 
Dedham, Fn-derick D. Ely. 
Dorchester, Thomas F. Temple. 
Foxborouyh, Alfred Fales. 
Franklin, Alpheus A. Russegue. 
Hqde Park; Willard F. Estey. 
Medway ( West). Chas. H. Deans. 
il/i7/o;j,"Charles M. S. Churchill. 
Needham, Emory Grover. 
Quincy, John Quincy Adams, Wm. 
S. Morton. 
Randolph, J. White Belcher. 
Sloughton, Halsey J. Boardman. 

West Roxhury (Jamaica Plain), 
James Hewins. 

Weymouth, Everett C. Bumpus. 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 

Notaries Public. 

Canton, Francis W. Deane, CharleS 

Cohasset, James C Doane. 

Dedham. Lewis H Kingsbury. 

Dorchester, Isaac Swan, Thos. F. 

Franklin, Alpheus A. Rus.segue. 

Medway, Milton M. Fisher. 

Quincy, Henry F. Barker. 

Randolph, Royal W. Turner. 

Roxhury, Morrill P. Beiry, George 
B. Faunce, James Ritcliie, William 

Weymouth, Everett C. Bumpus, 
Amos S.White. — Soulh Weymuuth, 
Quincy L. Reed. 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 

Braintree, Jonathan French. 
Cohasset, John Q. A. Lothrop. 
Canton, Special, Rufus C. Wood. 
Dorchester, Special, Robert Vose. 
Medway, Valentine R. Coombs. . 
}lilton, John D. Bradlee. 
Needham, George K. Daniell. 
Quincy, Lewis Bass. 
Randolph, Ralph Houghton. 
Stoughton, Nathaniel Wales. 
Weymouth, George W. White, Jr. 




Incorporated June 2, 1685. 

Shike Town, Plymouth. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency. . . . Win. H. Wood, Middlehomur/h. 

Register «f Probate and Insoloency . . . Daniel E. Damon, Plymouth. 

Clerk of Courts William H. Whitman, Plymouth. 

Register of Deeds William S. Dantbrth, Plymouth. 

County Treasurer William R. Sever, Plymouth. 

r William H. Wliitman, Plymouth. 

Overseers of House of Correction. . ■} J. D. Robbins, Plymouth. 

(. Daniel E. Damon, Plymouth. 

Sheriff. James Bates, Plymouth. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Ahingion, Josiali Cusbman. 
Bridyeicaler, P. D. Kinj^man. 
iJnxbury, Wm. J. Alden. 
Hingham, G. F. Hersey. 
Marion, Daniel Hall. 
Marshfeld, John Baker. 
Middlelxirougli, James Cole. 
N. Bridywaier, Otis Ha} ward. 
N. Carver, Benj. Ransom. 
Plymouth, Joim Peikins. 
" John At wood, 
Rochester, R. C. Randall. 
S. Sciluale, W'illard Torrey. 
Sciiuale, J. O. Cole. 

Jailer and Master of House of 

Plymouth, James Bates. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Abington, 4th Mon. oI'May, Aug., 
and Nov. 

At Bridgewaler, 4th Mon. of Sept. 

At East Bridgewater, 4th Mon. o( 
Feb. and Dee. 

At Hingham, 4th Mon. in Mareh. 

At Middleborough, 4 th Mon. ot Jan., 
April, and 2d Mon. in July. 

At North Bridgewater, 3d Mon. of 
April and Oet. 

At Plymouth, 2d Mon. of Jan., Feb., 
MaiL-h, Api'il, May, June, Sept., Oct., 
Nov., and Dee. 

At South Scituate, 4th Mon. of 

At Wareham, 4th Mon. of Oet. 

Sessions of ot Insolvency Court. 
At Plymouth, 2ud Mon. in every 
month. • 

County Commissioners. 
Harrison Staples, Lakeoille, term 
expires Dee. 18bi) ; Wm. P. Corthell, 
Abington, 187U; Charles H. Paine, 
Halifax, 1871. 

Special Commissioners. — Alden S- 
Bradford, Kingston, term expires 
1871 ; Jedediah Dvvelley, Hanover, 

Times of Meeting. — At Plymouth, 
3d Tu. in Mareh, 1st Tu. in Aug. and 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Abington. Jacob B. Harris. 
North Bridgewater, Jonas R. Per- 

Plymouth, John J. Russell. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Durbury, Elisha Holmes. 

Hull. Nehemiah Ripley, Jr. 

Marshfield, John Baker, Oris Baker, 
Curtis B. Goodsil, Geo. H. Hall. 

East Marshfield, Chas. L. Tddon. 

Plymouth, Josiah D. Baxter, Barna- 
bas fl. Holmes. 

Scituate, Perry L. Parker, John 
Tilden. — North Scituate, John Damon, 
Wm. J. Newcomb. 

Public Administrator. 

Duxbury, Samuel Stetson. 

Master in Chancery. 
Plymouth, William H. Whitman. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Abington, Isaac Hersey, Jesse E. 

Bridgewaler, Josh. E. Crane, Abra- 
ham Washburn, 2d. 

Duxbury, Samuel Stetson, Gershom 
B. Weston. 

Hingham, Amos Bates, Solomon 

Middleborough, Everett Robinson, 
Eliab Ward. 

North Bridgewater, Franklin Ames, 
Geo. W. Bryant, Jonas R. Perkins. 



Plymouth, Wm. S. Danforth, Jacob 
11. Lmid, John J. Russell, William 
H. Wiiitman. 

Rochester, Joseph Haskell, Theojihi- 
lus King, James Ruggles. 

Scituiile, John Beal, Elijah Jenkins. 

South Scituate, Anson Kobbins, 
Samuel A. Turner. 

WareJiarn, Seth Miller. 

West Bridgewater, Austin Packard. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Including Justir' s of the Pence niuf Qttoniin tleMgnat- 
eithyn *; nn'fJusticettkroHg/iout the Conunonictatth 
Uesigiiattd by a t-] 

Abuig'on, Natban'l A. Faunce, Isaac 
Hersey, Charles W. Ilowland, Free- 
man P. Howland, Jesso E. Keith, 
Micah Nash, James Noyes, Otis W. 
Soule, Bela Thaxter, Samuel B. 
Thaxter, John D. Wonnell. — /ias^ 
Abinr/foti, Nathaniel Bea). Charles 
Bearse, f Jacob B. Harris, Zenas Jen- 
kins, Levi Reed, Franklin Smith, 
Horace C. Totman. — North Aliitifj- 
ton, Samuel D\ er, David Ford, James 
Ford, George W. Pratt, Edward P. 
Rted. — South A/iiiojIdii, \\'illiam P. 
Cortliell, Benj. Hobart, Wm. L. Reed, 
Jared ^\' hitman. 

Britlgeiviit/r, Horace Ames, Samuel 
Breck, Frederick Crafts, f.Ioshua E. 
Crane, fLevi L. Goodspeed, Philip E. 
Hill, * Lewis Holmes, Mitciiell 
Hooper, Lafayette Keith, Ilosea 
Kingman, Philip 1). Kmgman, ♦Wil- 
liams Latham, Franklin Leach, 
Elisha G. Leach, SpeL'cer Leonard, 
f Asa Millett, Jeremiah Tucker, Eli 

Correr, fJesse Murdock, Benjamin 
Ransom, \Vill am Savery, Thomas 
SoutiiwortiK Tliomas Vaughan. 

Duxhur//. Benjamin Alden. Nathan- 
iel Ford, John ilolines, John S. Lor- 
ing, Samuel Loring, Samuel Stetson, 
Joshua W. Swift, f Gershom B. 
Weston. — West D-txhari^, Elbridge 
Chandler, Henry B. Maglathlin, Geo. 
B. Standisli. — South Miirs/ifieltJ, 
Benjamin Boylston. 

East Bridgeiva er, Jacob Bates, 
*Moses P>;ites, Joseph Chamberlain, 
Aaron Hol)art, Jr., Henry Hobart, 
Benjamin W. Keith, Tiionias Keith, 
Ezra Kingman, fJames H. Mitchell, 
Wm. H. Osborne, Calvin Reed, John 

Halifax, Edwin Inglee, Charles H. 
Paine, Ira L. Sturtevant, Dexter C. 
Thompson, Ephraim B. Ttiompson. 

Hanover, Robert S. Curtis, Jedediah 
Dwelley, David B. Ford, Lemuel C. 

Hanson, Geo F. Stetson, Joseph 

Smith. — South Hanson, I-aiah 
Bearce, Eben B. K. Gurney. — 
South Hanover. Edward Y. Perry. 

Hinghaiii, Quincy Bicknell, Henry 
Hersey, James S. Lewis, fSolomon 
Lincoln, Charles N. Marsh, Charles 
W. Seymour, El jah Shute. — South 
Hinghain, Joseph B. Thaxter, Jr., 
Israel Whitcomb. 

Hull, Lewis P. Loring. 

Kingston, Joseph S. Beal, Alden 
S. Brailii>i-d, Philander Cibi), Samuel 

E. Cushman, Walter H. Faunce, -fas. 
Foster, Edward Gray, Noali Prince, 
Edwin Reed, Joseph Stetson. 

Lakcville. Reuben Hafford, Abiezier 
T. Harvey, Eleazer Ri •luuoni, 
Cliurchill T. Westgate, Henry L. 
Williams, Asa T. Winslow. 

Mariiin, Daniel Hall, Barnabas 
Hiller, Joseph S. Luce, Charles Stur- 
tevant, Moses H. Swift. 

Marshfiel'l, John Baker, John Ford, 
*Luther Hatch. — North Marshjield, 
flliram A. Oakman. 

Mattopoisett, Wilson Barsfow, 
Amittai B. Hammond, Noah Ham- 
mond, Thomas Nelson, Noah C. 

Middleliornugh, Icliabod F. Atwood, 
John Bennett, Stillman Benson, Syl- 
vanus Hinckley, Noah C. Perkins, 
Andrew J. Pickins, Stillman B. Pratt, 
Zebulon Pratt, Everett Robinson, 
Augustus H. Soule, Andrew L. Tink- 
ham, Sidnev Tucker, Eliab Ward, 
Benjamin P. Wood, Cornelius B. 
Wood, George W. Wooil, fWilliam 
H. Wood. — North Middldiorough, 
Andr. w L. Alden, Wm. B. White.— 
East Middl/iorou;/h, Joshua ^I. Eddy. 

North Bri<lgewaler,'\Yrank\n\ Ames, 
George W^. Bryant, David L. Cowell, 
Daniel Crocker, Francis M. French, 
Sumner A. Ilayward. Augustus T. 
Jones, Edwin H. Kingmm, Isaac 
Kinirman, Charles Lincoln, *JonM3 
R. Perkins, Wm. Perrv, Loring W. 
Puffer, Isaac E. Snell, Edward 
Southworth, Jr., Chandler Spr;igue, 
fJonathan White, Wm. F. \Vinship. 

— Canifiello, Nelson J. Foss. Arga B. 
Keith, Josiah W. Kingman, Galen E. 

Pemhroke, John Oldham, 2d, Jas. 
H. Whitman. — East Pemhrole, ieo. 

F. Hatch, Andrew E. Poole.— 
North Peint/roke, Frau'^is Colbunore. 

— Sou'h Hanson, *Martin Biyant, 
William H. H. Bryant. 

P/i/niou'h, Amasa Bartlett, Gu-tavus 
D Bates, Jas. Bates. *Jos'h D. Baxter, 
Lemuel Bradford, Ciias. O. Churchill, 
James Cox, Daniel E. Damon, Allen 



Danforth, fWIlliam S. Daiifortli, 
tChas. G. Davis, William T. Davis, 
Georir*^ G. Dyer, TirnDthy Gordon, 
John^T. IliU, John Harlow, B -nj. 
Hathaway, Barnabas II. Holmes, 
Thomas Loring, f Jacob H Loud, 
Leander Lovell, Albert Mason, John 
Perkins, Tlioraas Pierce, Daniel J. 
Kobbins. Edmund Ilobbins, fJohn J. 
Russell, Thomts B. Sears, fEleazer 
C. Sherman, Charles W. Spooner, 
Isaac N. Stoddard, *William Thomas. 
Ezekiel C. Turner, *'\V^illiam H. 
Whitman, Oliver T. Wood.— CA//- 
toncille, George Brainhall. 

Pi'jjniplon. James C. Ellis, Josiah 
S. Hammond, Zaccheus Parker, Wm. 
Perkins, William H. Soule. — North 
Pli/mpton, Zi'iias Cushman. 

Rochesler, elohn Blaekmer, Thomns 
Ellis, Theopliilus King, James H. 
Look, George Pierce, James E,ug- 
gles. — Nurth Roche.iter, Israel F. 

Scitn/ile, George M. Allen, *John 
Bi^al, Elijah Jenkins, Ezekiel Jones, 
Caleb W. Prouty. — North Scitunte, 
Joseph O Cole, Geo. C. Lee, George 
W. Merritt, .-^hadrach B. Merritt. 

South Scitnalr., Ebenezer T. Fogg, 
Charles A. Litchfield, Samuel Tol- 
man, Jr., George H. Torrey, *Samuel 
A. Turner. — Wed Sclluate, Elisha 
Jacobs, Perez Simmons. 

Wareham, William Bates, Joseph 
P. Hayden, Darius Miller, Seth Mil- 
ler, Jr., Ado!|)lms S ivery, James G. 
Sproat. — E'ist Worclinm, John M. 
Kinney, Nalhiniel Sherman. 

Weiit Britfgewater, Dwel'ey Fobes, 
James Howard, Austin Packard. 

Trial Justices. 

Ahtngtoii, Otis W. Snule. 

Briilgewater, Lewis Holmes, Elisha 
G. Leach. 

East Bridgewater, William H. Os- 

Hinghnni, James S. Lewis. 

Afiddk'boroitgk, Cornelius B. Wood. 

North Bridge ira'er, Jonas R. Per- 
kins, Rufus L. Thatcher. 

Pb/niouth, Albert Ma'ion. 

Scituale, Caleb W. Prouty. 

Warehnm., William Bates. 

West Bridgewa'er, Austin Packard. 

Notaries Public. 

Ahbig'on, Jesse E. Keih. 

EnM Bridge/cater, Moses Bates. 

HingJiaiJi, Henry C. Harding. 

Matiapoi-ictt, Thomas Nelson. 

North Bridgeicater, Jonas R. Per- 

Ph/moufh, William S. Danforth, 
Jacob H. Loud, John J. Russell. 

Sclluale, John Beal. 

Wareham, William Bates. 


Britlgewafer, Philip D. Kingman. 

Marshficid (East), Charles L. Til- 
den, Eliot R. Tilden. 

Middleho'ough, Eben. W. Drake. 

North Bridgeicater, Benjamin A. 

Sriluate, John Beal. 

Wareham, Levi A. Runnells. 



Shire Town 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency, . . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolceocy,. . 
A^^t Register of Probate and Insolvency 

Clerk of Sup) erne Court, 

A ssistant Clerk Supreme Court, 

Clerk of Superior Court, 

Assistant Clerk Superior Court, 

Clerk of Superior Court, crim'l business, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Commonwealth's Attorney, 

Assistant " " 



May 10, 1643. 



Isaac Ames, Boston. 

William C. Brown, Boston. 

James L. Crombie, Boston. 

George C. Wilde Boston. 

George W. Nichols, Boston. 

Joseph A. Willard, Boston. 

Edwin A. Wadleigh, Boston. 

Francis H. Underwood, Boston. 

James Rice, • Boston 

Frederick U. Tracy, Boston. 

J. Wilder May, Boston. 

P. R. Guiuey, . Boston. 

John M. Clark, office Ct. House,Boston. 



Deputy Sheriffs. 
Benj. F. Bayley, Court Home. 
John B. Dearborn, " " 
Bradford S. Farrington, " 
William D. Martin, " " 
HaruLu Merrill, '• " 

Master of House f Correction. 
Charles Rjbbins, South Boston. 
Sessions of Probate Courts. 
At tlie Probate Olfice in Boston, 
every Monday in eaeh month except 

Masters in Chancery. 
Boston, Robert I. Burbank, John 
Codman, Horace H. Coolidge, Chas. 
C. Nutter, Giles H. Rich, James B. 
Richardson, James B. Tbayer. 

Commissi oners of Insob'ency. 

Boston, Aui^ustus O. Al'en, David 
H. Coolidge, Joseph Willard. 

Public Administrators. 

Boston, Francis E. Parker, Joseph 
F. Clark, Lorenzo S. Cragin, James 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Boston, John P. Bigelow, Nehemiah 
Brown, Charles B. Hdl, William G. 
Harri-!, Charles W. Lovett, Benjamin 
C. Piper, David Pulsifer. 

Chelsea, Henrj^ J. CooUdge, Hosea 
Ilsley, Jacob Mitchell. 


(Including Justices of the Peace avd Quorum, designated by a *, and Justices throxighout 
the Commonwealth, designated by \.J 

Abbot Edwin H. 
Abbott Abij'l 
Abbott Curtis 
fAbbott Jofiali G. 
Abbott S.amuol A. B. 
Abell Cliiis. K. 
Adams Albert W. 
Atlauis C'has. H. F. 
Adams Chas. V., Jr. 
Adams Francis M. 
Adams George K. 
Ailams George Z. 
Ailams J. (ieduey 
Ailams Josepli H. 
Adams Natbauiel 
Adams Paul 
Adams Simeon P. 
Adams Tliomas 
Ager George li. 
Ager 80I01H0U 
Albee .Sumner 
Alexander John L. 
Alger Edwin A. 
Allen Augustus O. 
fAllen Cliarles 
*Allen Charles E. 
Allen Ira 
Alien Jamos W. 
Allen Stephen M. 
Allen btillman li. 
Ames Usher 
Ames George 
jAmes Isaac 
Ames P. Adams 
fAmes Setb 
Ammidon Philip R. 
jAmory Charles 
fAiimry Jonathan 
Amory Tiiomas C. 
Anderson \Vm. S. 
Andrews Frank W. 
Andrews John L. 
Andrews Samuel 
Andrews William 
Andrews Win. T. 
Angell Geo. T. 
ApoUonio Nich. A. 
Appletou John 
Archibald Geo. F. 
Aspiuwail William 

Atherton Samuel 
Atkins Kbenezer 
Attwood Corn'ls. G. 
Atwood Charles 
*Auslin Ivers .1. 
Austin iVIilton 
Avery Edward 
Aver Phineas 
I5abcock John B. 
Bacon Charles H. 
Bacon Francis 
Bail Geo. W. 
Bailey Adrian F. 
Bailey Wm. H. 
Baker Amos 
Baker John R. 
Baker William P. 
Baker William W. 
Bak'h Francis ^'. 
Baldwin Elizur 
Baldwin Ceo. W. 
Baldwin Henry 
Ball Jonas 
Ball Joshua D. 
Ballard James M. 
Bancroft G>oige 
Barnard diaries A. 
Barnard Ceo. 31., Jr. 
Barnes Edwin C. 
Barnes Francis G. 
Barrows Horace G. 
Barry H. Storer 
Bartlett Francis 
fHartlett Homer 
*Bartlett Sidney 
Baitlett Sidney, Jr. 
Bassett Elisha 
Batchelder Sam'l, Jr. 
tl5ates Ives G. 
Bates Moses 
Bates Samuel W. 
Baxter Francis J. 
Baxter Thompson 
Bayley Benj. F. 
Bayley James C. 
Beal Alexander 
Beal Jairus 
Beal James H. 
Beal William L. 
Beals William 

Beebc James M. 
Bell James B. 
lull Theodore EI. 
Bellows .lo.-<iah G. 
Bemis Geortj^e 
Bennett Joseph 
Bent S. Arthur 
Benton Austin W. 
Berry Abraham H. 
Berry Morrill P. 
Berry Neliemiah C. 
Bickuell William E. 
Bigelow .'Vbialiam O. 
Bigclow Kdvvin .M. 
Bigelow George B. 
Bigelow Geo. F. 
tBii,'elow Geo. T. 
Bigelow Timothy 
Bira George W. 
Bishop Kobert II. 
Blackmar Wilm'dW. 
Biake Alpheus P. 
Blake Edwaid 
Blake John II. 
lilaiichard Cliarles 
Blaney David H. 
Blaney Henry 
fBloch Abraham F. 
IJlodgeti. Caleb, Jr. 
Blodgett Luther 
Blodgette Geo. B. 
Blood Charles S. 
Blume Andreas 
Boardman Alon. W. 
Boardmaii Halsey J. 
*Boit Edward U. 
Bolles Matthew 
Bolster Solomon A. 
Bonney Pelham 
Borrowscale John 
Botume John, Jr. 
Bowditch Wm. I. 
Bowen Stephen 
Bowker Albert 
Bowman Selwin Z. 
Boyden Joseph A. 
Bradbury Horace D. 
Bradtjury Samuel A. 
Bradford J. Russell 
Bradish Levi J. 

Br.idlee John T. 
♦Bradlee .J. Putnam 
Bradiee Naihaiiiel J. 
Bradh'e Samuel J. 
Bradley .loseph 
fBradley Joseph H. 
♦BriigdoM Jos»-ph H. 
Bragg Henry W. 
Braiiiard Edward H. 
Braman G. 1". W. 
Braman .jarvis U. 
Bramhail William 
Breed George F. 
Brewer Gardner 
Brewer Nathaniel 
Brewer Thomas .M. 
Brewster .\ug. (J. 
Brewster John 
Bridge Abel E. 
Brigtfs Andrew H. 
Briggs Harrison O. 
Brings Lloyd 
fBrigiiam VVilliam 
Krigliam Win. T. 
tBriminer Martin 
Brooks Heiij. F. 
Brooks Francis A. 
Brooks Henry C. 
Brooks Win. G. 
Brown Alphius R. 
Brown Charles H. 
fBrown Edward 
Brown Jeremiah 
Brown John 
Brown John Murray 
fBrown Nehemiah 
Brown Kichard S. 
Brown William B. 
Brown William C. 
Browne C. Allen 
Browne Edwanl I. 
Browne Geo. M. 
Bruce George A. 
Bryant Charles B. 
Bryant David 
Bryant G. J. F. 
Bryant John D. 
Bryant Napoleon B. 
Buck Edward 
Buck Kobert H. 



Bufrbee James M. 
Bulliird Daniel W. 
Bullens Geo. S. 
jBurbank Robert I. 
Burge Lorenzo 
Burgess Charles S. 
Burnett Lysander 
Burrage Alvali A. 
fBurt William L. 
Butler John Henry 
Butterfield John W. 
Bvam George A. 
Cadagan Jolin D. 
Callender Benjamin 
Calrow William H. 
Campbell Isaac T. 
Capelle Wm. C. 
Capeu John 
Capen Robert S. 
Capeu Samuel C, 
Carpenter Geo. O. 
Carpenter James E. 
Carrutli Francis S. 
Cary A. Claxton 
Cary Natlian C. 
Caverly Charles, Jr. 
Cazneau Andrew 
Chad wick Chris. C. 
Chaniberlin Kdw. SI. 
Chaniberliu David 
Cliampney Edw. W. 
fChaudlei- I'eleg W. 
Chapiu George H. 
Cliapin Xath. G. 
Chapman Geo. R. 
Chapman John W. 
Chase Geo. W. 
Cliase Henry S. 
Cheever Tracy P. 
Child Dudley R. 
Child (ieorge H. 
Child Liims 
CliiUl Linus M. 
Cnipniiin (ieo. W. 
Chodte Clias. F. 
Church Heury A. 
CImrcnill Henry P. 
Clapp Cliarles \V. 
Chipp George P. 
Clapp Henry A. 
Clapp .loshua W". 
Clapp Otis 
Clapp Wm. W. 
Clark Albe C. 
Clark Heiij. C. 
*Clark Jo.iu il. 
Chirk Joseph C. 
Clark Robert F. 
Clarke Henry il. 
Clarke I'liomas W. 
Clary Henry D. 
Cle.tves Xathauiel 
Cleaves N. Porter 
Cleland William 
Cobb Samuel C. 
Cobb .Saiiuiei 1'. 
Codinan Charles R. 
Codman Edvvard W. 
*Codin,in .John 
Coffin Charles U. 
Colfin G. Wiuthrop 
Coffin Henry A. 
Cogswell William 
Colbura Jeremiah 
Colburn Wm. G, 
Colby .Jolin F. 
Cole Charles D. 
Collin-s Dennis J, 
Collins James H. 
Collins John H. 
Collins Patrick A. 
Comer George N. 
Connolly Wm. T. 
Converse James W. 
Converse Joseph H. 
Converse Joshua P. 
Cook Chailes E. 
Cook Edward 
Cook Rul'us R. 
Cook William 

Cook William H. 
*Cooke Josiah 1'. 
Coolidge Austin .1. 
Coolidge David H. 
Coolidge Horace H. 
Coolioge John T., Jr. 
Coolidge .losepli R. 
Cooper .Samuel 
Cotting Chas. U. 
Cottrell Asa 
Cowdin John 
Cowdin Robert 
Cowles Wm. W. 
Cowley Charles 
Cragiii L. S., Jr. 
Cram Geo. W. 
Craudall H. Burr 
Crane David F. 
Crane Horatio N, 
Crane John E. 
*Crane Samuel D. 
Creech Sam'l W., Jr. 
Crocker George G. 
fCrocker Henry 
Crocker Samuel R. 
Crocker Uriel 
Crocker Uriel H. 
Crombie James L. 
Crosby Joseph B. 
Crosby Sumner 
Crowley John C. 
tCiowninshield F. B. 
Culver Wm. C 
Cumings Charles B. 
Cumings Bradley N. 
Cuiamings John A. 
*Currier Benj. H. 
Currier T. Florian 
fCurtis Benj. R. 
Curtis Charles P. 
Curtis Frederick 
Curtis George J. 
Curtis James F. 
Curtis James \y. 
Curtis Samuel S. 
Curtis VV^dter 
Cushiiig IJeiijamin 
Cushmg HaywardP. 
Cushing Henry W. 
Cutler EOen 
Cutler Ednmnd F. 
Cutler .losejjli 
Cutler Lucius A. 
Cutter Isaac J. 
Cutter John A. B. 
Cutter Leonard R. 
Dabney Lewis S. 
*Dale riieron J. 
fDnle William J. 
Dal I William 
Daltou Henry L. 
*Dame Abraham A. 
Dame Charles C. 
Dame Theodore S. 
Dainrell John S. 
Dana Richard H. 
Dana Rich'd H., Jr. 
Dana Samuel T. 
Daniels Joshua W. 
Daniels Nathan H. 
Darling Samuel C. 
Davenport Heury 
Davenport Url do H. 
Daviez Daniel 
DlvIs Adolplms 
Davis Barnabas 
D.ivis Cliarles 
Davis Charles E., Jr. 
uavis Edward S. 
Davis Henry 
Diivis James 
fDavis James C. 
*Davis Jerome 
Davis Joshua T. 
Davis Joshua W. 
Davis Samuel C., Jr. 
Davis Thomas W. 
Davis Wm. F. 
D;ivls William F. 
Day Moses H, 

Dean Benj. 
Dean Thomas 
Dearaorn Edmu'd B. 
Deblois Stephen G. 
Delano Frank R. 
Deinoud Charles 
Denio Sylvanus A. 
Denny Daniel 
Denny Henry G. 
Denny J. VV'aldo 
Derby George S, 
Derby Isaac W. 
Dewey S. W., Jr. 
Dewson Francis A. 
Dexter George S. 
Dexter William S. 
Dickinson M.F., Jr. 
Dillaway Charles K. 
Diinmock Wm. R. 
DIngley Edward H. 
Dingley John T. 
Ditson Oliver 
Dixon Francis B. 
Dockray Jas. R. Jr. 
Dodge John C. 
Dollerty Wm W. 
Donahoe I'atrick 
Donnelly Clias. F. 
Doolirtle Oscar E. 
Dorr Wm B. 
Dow James B 
Dow James I}.. Jr. 
Dowling Martin 
Drake Jeremy 
Draper .Moses 
Diew Cliarles H. 
Dudhy Dean 
Dunham ijliarles E. 
I)uiihain .Josiah 
Diuiklee Benj. W. 
Duiilap ,/ohu S. 
Dupec James A. 
Durant Henry F. 
*Durgin .Samuel H. 
Duitoii H"nry W. 
Dver 15. Franklin 
Dyer Frank IJ. 
Dyer MIcah, Jr. 
Ea.;er George R. 
Eastburn John H. 
Eastman Ambrose 
Kddy Robert H. 
I'Minunds Charles 
Ed-oii William 
Edwards lleiid'n J. 
Fdwards Henry 
Egan James 
Eldrid;;e Charles W. 
EUtridge John L. 
Ellicolt Joseph P. 
Klliott James R. 
Ellis Abijali 
Ellis Ch.irles M. 
Ellis George W. 
tEUis John H. 
Ellis .John T. 
Ellis Rowland 
Ellison William P. 
Emery Caleb .S. 
Emery Geortje F. 
English James L. 
Estabrook G. Wm, 
Estey Willard F. 
Eustis William T. 
Evans Alonzo H. 
Evans George E. 
Everett H. Sidney 
Kverett J. Mason 
Everett Otis 
I<',illon Joseph D. 
Farmer Jesse 
Farusworth Ezra 
Farnsworth Isaac D. 
Faunce George B. 
Fay Frank B. 
Felton Alexander C. 
Fennelly Kichard J. 
Fessenden Benjamin 
Field Benj. F. 
Field George G. 

Field Walbridge A. 
Firth Abialiam 
Fisher (ieoige A. 
Fisher Theo. W. 
Fisk A. -a 
Fiske Chas. H. 
Fi>ke Francis S. 
fFi.-ke John M. 
Fitch Henry H. 
Fitch Jonas 
Fitz Daniel F. 
Fiatley Michael J. 
Fleming Chas. H. 
Fletcher Joel W. 
fFlint Charles L. 
Flood Hugh 
Floyd Edward E. 
Floyd Saiiuiel B. 
Flynn Daniel F. 
Flynn James J. 
Folger George H. 
P^olger John B. 
Folsom Albert A. 
Forsaith Wm. J, 
fFoster Dwight 
Foster Ebeii I?. 
Foster Niilian'l, Jr. 
Fowle Will. B. 
*Fov .lames A. 
Francis Nathaniel 
Freeman William 
French Abram 
French Francis O. 
French George P. 
French James 
Frost Eben R. 
Frost Henry W. 
FrotliinL'liiiiu S., Jr. 
Fiothiiigliam T. B. 
*Fiiller H;-ury W .rd 
Fuller Henry Win. 
Fuller Richard F. 
I-\iller Saiiiiiel 1). 
Fuller Stf|ihfn P. 
Fiirher William H. 
(iailield ■rUijinas 
Galloupe ('has. W. 
tGardiier Henry J. 
Gaiduer Win. .S. 
*Gaston William 
*Gay I'jbenezer 
Gay Eben l'\ 
Gibbens .(oseph M. 
Gibb-i Amory T. 
Gibbs Franklin 
Gilbert Benj. W. 
Gilchrist Daniel S. 
Giles Allied E. 
Gilley .lohn E. M. 
Gillingliaiii C isp'r S. 
Gilman .lolin E. 
Glancy John 
Gleason D.miel A. 
Gleason Horace 
Gliddeu Daniel A, 
Goddard Maurice 
jGoddard Thomas A. 
Goldsbuiy .lidin 
Goodrich Elijah D. 
Goodrich .loiin B 
Goodwin Albert G. 
Goodwin Frank 
Gore Henry W. 
Gore Theodore W. 
Gould Francis 
Gould Frederick 
(rould Jesse 
Gove John 
Grafton Daniel G. 
Granger David 
Grantham Fred. W. 
Graves Wm. E. 
Gray Hollis R. 
tGray John C. 
Gray John C , Jr. 
*Gray William 
Gray William R. 
Green Nichol's St. J. 
Greenleaf Rich'd C. 
Greenough Wm, W. 



Gi iggs George 
Groves Henry B. 
Guild Clmrles E. 
Guild James 
Guild Josiah F. 
Guild Willinm U. 
Hackett Krauk W. 
Hale Cyrus K. 
fHale (ieurge S. 
Hale Moses L. 
Hale T-!ieodore P. 
Haley John J. 
Hall Andrew T. 
jHall Charles B. 
Hall Etlvvi.rd F. 
Hall J-:dwin H. 
Hall Francis A. 
Hall John K. 
Hallett Henry T,. 
Haiubiin Howard M. 
Hanson Hadley 1'. 
Hapgood Lyman S. 
Harding \Vm. B. 
Harding Win. V. 
Harlow Thomas S. 
Haruian Thunias L. 
Harrington Cnas. F. 
Harrington John C. 
Harris Edivaid U. 
Harris J. VV^atsou 
Hart S. Uowland 
HartWfU AliVed S. 
t Harvey I'eter 
Harwood Irving I. 
Ha^li.■ll Daniel N. 
Hassani John 
Uassam Joliu T. 
Hastinj^s Andrew J. 
Hastings .!ohn \V. 
Hatch ARjert D. 
Hatch Saaiiiel 
Hatch \Vtnd>or 2d 
Hallieway Siimon VV. 
*Haveu Franklin 
tHaven Franklin, Jr. 
Hawkes Clias. \V. 
Hawkes rhoiuas B. 
ilayden Charles J. 
Ha)deu William 
fliayes Francis B. 
ilajes FiaiKis L. 
Hayes U'illiaiu A. 
HaywMrd James 
Haziltou Horace L. 
tHealy John 1*. 
Hedge William 
Henienway Alfred 
Hensliaw .Joseph L. 
Hertey Aiired C. 
Hewes Jabez F. 
He wins James 
Hibbard U'lu. C. 
Hichborn (ieo. K. 
Higginsou Stephen 
Hildreth Kihvin A. 
Hill Cement H. 
Hill Hamilton A. | 
Hill Hamilton A. 
HiUAoble 11. I 

Hill Thomas | 

Hill Thomas H. 
Hill Win. H. ' 

Hillard George S. 
HilUard William 
Hills William S. j 

Hinckley .Samuel L. 
Hinds' Calvin 1*. 
jHobart Aaron 
Hobbs George M. 
*Hobbs William, Jr. 
Hodgmau Job H. 
Holbrook Horatio N. 
Holden Artemas K. 
Holland Henry W. 
HoUis Thomas 
Holuiau Ralph W. 
Holmes George 
Holmes .labez S. 
Holmes John S. 
Holmes O. W., Jr. 

Holmes Richard 

Holway Merrill S. 

Homer George 

Homer George F. 

fHoiner Feter T. 

Hooper Robert, Jr. 

t Hooper Samuel 

Houghton Charles 

llovcy Joseph F. 

Hovey Solomon 

Howard James M. F 

Howard Martin 

Howe Charles 

Howe John D. 

H.jwe Moses G. 

*Howes Lewis W. 

Howland Ichabod 

Ho\ t Henry 

Hubbard Ciiarles 

Hubbard Chas. E. 

Hubbard Josiah VV. 

Hudson Charle-s H. 

Hudson John E. 

Hudson John W. 

Humpjirey Francis J. 

Huiiiiewell Francis 
: Haul Henry C. 

Huut Mojes 

iluniiu.; Edward A. 
i Huiiiing Geo. F. 
' Huntington C. VV. 
! Huid Cnarles H. 
1 Hurd Francis VV. 
[ Hurd Theo. C. 

Huldiins Ezra C. 

Hutcliius Henry C. 
Hutchinson Ciias. C. 

Hutchinson Wm. U. 

Hyde Henry D. 
Ingalls Melville E. 
Ireson 6. Edwin 
*Ives .Meplieu B , Jr. 
Jackson Abraham 
Jackson Charles E. 
Jacksou .loan (j. 
Jackson I'atrick T. 
Jackson Samuel S. 
Jacobs A^a, Jr. 
Jacobs Francis W. 
Jacobs Geo H., Jr. 
James E. Worthcn 
Jaques Francis 
Jatjues Si.muel 
Jellries John, Jr. 
Jenks Lenmel 1'. 
Jeunisou Samuel 
fjewell Harvey 
jolln^oll Henry A. 
Johnson Henry VV. 
.Joliuaon Robert 
Johnson .Samuel, Jr. 
Johnston J. Albert 
Jones Augustine 
fJoiie- Edward J. 
Jones George S. 
Jones Jerome 
Jones Leonard A. 
Jordan Wm. U. S. 
Jossel> 11 F. M. 
Joy Albion K. 1*. 
Kelly W. F. A. 
Kemp H. X. U., Jr. 
Kent James D. 
Kent Barker B., Jr. 
Kent Wm. H. 
Kern Francis V. B. 
Kettell Edward U. 
Kettell John B. 
Keyes Charles G. 
Keyes Eben VV. 
Keyes Joseph B. 
Kidder Gardiner G. 
Kidder Henry P. 
Kiltoii Joliu F. 
Kimball David 
Kimoull David P. 
Kimball EWgar L. 
Kimball Henry H. 
Kimball J. Chellis 
Kimball John H. 

I Kimbill M.Day 

I Kimball Otis 

King Dexter S. 

King John G. 

' Kingsbury Aaron 

Kingsbury (ieo. H. 

Kingsbury Wm. B. 

Kingsbui y Wm. S. 

KiiK-ley Edw. W. 

Killitdge C!ias. F. 

Kittrt dge Francis W 

Kuapp Oreii S. 

: *K:iigat Henry T. 

Kuhn George H. 

Kuhu John 

Kurtz John 

K\ le Wiii»low S. 

Laiiib rnomas 

Lamsoii Artem's W. 

Lamsou Aailiau P. 
I Laue Charles E. 
! Lappeii Owen 

Latliiop John 
I Lathrop Wm. M. 
I Lawrence Abbott 

♦Lawrence Amos A. 
j Lawrence FrancisW. 
] Lawrence Gard. W. 

i^awreuce James 
' Leach George C. 
I Leary .Uichael 

Leary rimotliy J. 

Leaviit Thos. U. 
, Lee W. 

Lee Joiin Howard 

*Leiglilon John C. 

Leigiilon John W. 
; Lelaiid Emcrsou 
i Leonard Geo. B. 

Leonard Joseph 
' Leonard Nuhuiu 

Lewis Weston 
' i^ewis Wiuslow 
^ Lincoln Arthur 

Lincoln Cnas. D. 

Liujoln Chas. .S. 

tLincjlu F. W. Jr. 
, Lincoln Lowell 
, Lincoln Koberl B. 

Lili-nlield Ira 

Little Charles H. 

Little Lemuel 

Little .>amuel 

Littlelield Waller 

Livermore Isaac 

Llo)d Edward S. 

Locke Jesse A. 

tLocke Jolm G. 

Lombard Uicliurd T. 

Long John D. } 

Long William U. 

Lord J. Brown 

Lord Thomas II. 

Loring Caleb W. 

Loring Francis C. 

Lcring Jolin A. 

Loilirop Eben \V. 
Lotlirop Loring 
fLolhrop T. K. 
Loud Andrew J. 

Loud Samuel C. 
Lovejoy S .muel M. 
Lovejoy William B. 

LoVetl Charles W. 
Lovetl Chas. W. Jr. 
Loveit Joshua 
Low Wil.iaiii 
Lowe Abraham T. 
Lowell Augustus 
LuWell John 
Lucas Wiuslow B. 
Luut Henry 
L} nch Patrick 
Lyude Alonzo V. 
L) ndon Patrick F. 
Mackintosh 11. B. 
Macy George X. 
Magoun Herbert 
Maguire Thomas p 
Mahau Johu Vf. 

Mahonoy James S. 

Mair George ti. 

M.mdell Moses J. 

Munley John R. 

M.iiui Neheniiali P. 

ilansliehl Gideon T. 

Jluriile William 

JIarcli George X. 

March .lohu S. 

3Iarsli Henry A. 

fMarsh Lucius B. 

Marsh Robert 

Martin William D. 

Masoii L> man 

Mason NV'aiter X. 

Mason William H. 
j Mather Henry H. 
I Matthews Xathaii 

Matthews Richard 

May John 

Maynadier James E. 
j McCarthy Wuliam 
I McCartney Wm. H. 
I McCleaiy Stmuel F. 

McCllellau John 

McGilvray David F. 

Mcliitire Charles J. 

jMi;Kiiii John VV. 

McPiiail A. M. Jr. 

.Mead Mb-hael 

Means Wiiliam G. 

Clears GrauviUi^ 

Merriaiu Adolphus 

Merriam Otis \V. 

^lerrill Amos IJ. 

^lerrill James C. 

Merrill Moody 

Merritt Frauklin S. 

Merritt Xeheiniali T. 

Merwin Elias 

Meserve Isaac 11. 

ilessinger Geo. \V. 

Mestoii Lyniau B. 

Metcall" lieiiry B. 

Mi'liken Eben C 

Mill.- De-xier T. 

Mills .loliu F. 

^liiion George W. 

Minot Jului U. B. 

t-Minoi William 

Jliiiot William Jr. 
31oliueu.\ Robert W. 

*Moore Cliailes \V. 
Moore Eaward B. 
.Moore I'redk. U. 
jloore 11. 
Morrill George 
Morris Robert 
Morse Bushrod 
Morse George A. 
Morse Horace K. 
Morse James C. 
Morse John T., Jr. 
Morse Nathan 
Morse Rob't. M., Jr. 
Morton Andrew J. 
Mortou E.iis VV. 
Moseley Edward A. 
Motie Ellis L. 
31oulton Barron C. 
Moulton Chas. J. B. 
Mowr> Oscar B. 
Munro I'eter G. 
Munroe Francis J, 
Muiiroe William 
Murdoch Joseph 
JVlurdocK Judsou 
fXash Stephen G. 
Aason J. isyron 
Aazro Charlps G. 
Jv'eale Alonzo F. 
Keedham Dsiuiel 
Kettle ton Edward P. 
Newell John 
Mewhall Ezra F. 
Xewmarch .Samuel 
Xewton Jeremiah L. 
Nichols Frank A. 
Nicliol- (ieo. \V. 
NicJoio John P. 



Nichols Lyman 
Nichols Wm., Jr. 
Nichols Wm. F. 
Nichols Wm. W. 
Nicholson James L. 
Nickerson Joseph 
Niokerson Pliny 
Nickerson Sereno D 
Noble John 
Noble John 
Noble William 
Norcross Otis 
Norris Arthur F. L. 
Norris George W. 
Norton Michael 
Nowell John A. 
Noyes Georae D. 
Nutter Charles C. 
Nutter Thomas F. 
Ober John P. 
Odiorne James C. 
O'Leary James 
Olney Richard 
OrdwayJohn P. 
Osborn Francis A. 
Osgood Byron A. 
Osgood Lewis VV, 
Otis Kdmund B. 
Otis William C. 
Owen Roscoe P. 
Page Calvin G. 
Page Edward 
Page Timothy R. 
Paige James W. 
Paine Robert Treat 
Paine Rob. Treat, .Ir. 
Palfrey Francis W. 
Palmer .lulins A. 
Palmer William H. 
Park Daniel 
Park George W. 
Park John C. 
Park William D. 
*Parker Aurelins D. 
Parker Chas. Ham. 
Parker Chas. Henry 
Parker Henry G. 
Parker Horatio G. 
Parker John B. 
Parker John D. 
tParker Samuel D. 
*Parker William 
Parker William iM. 
Parkman William 
Parks Natlil. Austin 
Parmenter Wm. E. 
Parsons Solom<)n 
Parsons Thomas 
Patten Claudius B. 
Paul Joseph F. 
Payne Charles F. 
*Payson Thomas E. 
Peabody William S. 
Peahodv W. B. O. 
Peirce William 
Peirce William H. 
Peii-son Charles L. 
Perkins Charles B. 
Perkins H. W. Jr. 
Perkins Thomas H. 
Perkins William 
Perkins Wm. E. 
Perry Baxter E. 
Perry Francis A. 
Perry George A. 
Peters Edward 1). 
Peterson Reuben, Jr. 
Phillips Charles A. 
*Pliillips Geo. Wm. 
Pickering Edward 
I'ickering Henry 
Pickering Johu 
Pierce Edward H. 
Pierce Edward L. 
Pierce Jacob W. 
Pike Charles E. 
Pike Ezekiel W. 
I'ingry Samuel H. 
I'iiikerton Johu II. 
Pitcher James W. 

Plumer Avery 

Pluramer Chas. G. C 

fl'lummer Farnham 

Pond Benjamin 

Poor Franklin N. 

Poor John O. 

Porter Edward F. 

Porter Jerome B. 

Porter John L. 

Potter Andrew B. 

Potter Asa P. 

Potter Robert K. 

Powell J. D. N. R. 

Powers Charles E. 

Pratt Albert S. 

Pratt Eleazer F. 

Pratt George A. 

Pratt George L. 

Pratt Geor^'-e W. 

Pratt Isaac, Jr. 

Pratt Jerahmeel C, 

I'ratt William H. 

Pray Benj. .S. 

Prescott Levi T. 

Preston George H. 

Preston Jonathan 

*Price E. S^wall 

Prince Frederick O. 

Prince Thomas 

Proctor Darwin A. 

Proctor George B. 

Proctor Thomas P. 

fPulsit'er David 

Pulsiter Eben 

Putnam Edwin M. 

Putnam George, Jr. 

Putnam John P. 

Quincy George H. 

fv^uiney Josiah 

C^uinn .James 

tKand Edward S. 

Rand Edw. S., Jr. 

Rand Franklin 

Rand George C. 

Randall Otis G. 

Ranney Ambrose A. 

Ray Edwin 

Read Charles C. 

Read .lames 

* Red field Isaac F. 

Reed Kdward 

Reed (ieorge M. 

Keed James H. 

Reed John 

fReed John H. 

iteed Sampson 

Reynolds Henry R. 

Rhodes John B, 
fRice Ale.xander H. 

Rice Freeman 

Rice Henry A. 
Rice James 
Rice Samuel 
Rii-h Giles U. 
Rich Otis 
Rich Thomas P. 
Richards Edward 
Richards (ieorge H. 
Richards J. Avery 
Richardson Abijah 
Richardson G. P., .Jr. 
Richardson Ivory N. 
Richardson Ivory W. 
Richardson Jackson 
Richardson Jas. B. 
Richardson Jeffrey 
Richardson .lohn 
Ricliardson Johu D. 
Richardson Thos. F. 
*Riley Patrick 
Riley Thomas 
Ripley Kbcd L. 
Risley .John E. 
t Ritchie Harrison 
Robb James B. 
Roberts Geori^e L. 
Roberts Joseph D. 
Robinson A.J. 
Robinson Edwin A. 
Robinson George 1. 

Robinson Thomas 

Robinson Thos. W. 

Robley Robert C. 

Rogers Benjamin F. 

Ro<^ers Charles O. 

Rogers Daniel H. 

Rogers Henry M. 

Rogers Joseph P. 

Rogers Shubael G, 

Rollins James W. 

Ropes John C. 

Ross Samuel J. 

Roweau Thomas 

Royce Burnham 

Rutfin George L. 

Ruinrill James A. 

Russ Aufjustus 

Russell Benj. F. 

Russell Daniel W. 

Russell George 

Ru«seli Samuel H. 

fRussell Thomas 

Russell Thomas H. 

Russell William G. 

Salisbury Daniel W. 

Sampson Oscar H. 

Samuels Edward A 

Sanborn Edward W. 

Sanford Joseph B. 

Sanford Oliver S. 

tSanger George P. 

Saunders Daniel. Jr. 

Savage Edward H. 

fSavagc James 

Sawyer Fred. W. 

Sawyer Jabez A, 

Sayer James F. 

Sayles Henry 

Scanlau Michael 

Schouler James 

Scott Auifustus E. 

Scudder Henry A. 

Searle George W. 

Sears Philip H. 

Sears Willard T. 

Seaver Nathaniel 

Seaver William 

Sedgwick Arthur _, 

Sever Jatnes W. '^• 

Sewall Samuel E. 

Shapleigh Richa. W. 

Sharp Daniel 

Shattuck Geo. O. 

Shaw Benjamin S. 

Shaw Joseph H. 

Shaw Geory^e S. 
Shaw Lemuel 

Shaw Roland C. 

Shaw Samuel P. 

Shaw Samuel S. 

Shaw Southwoith 
Sheldon Henry N. 
Shepard Chas. A. B. 
Shepard Edward O. 
Sherman Edward L. 
Sherman George 
Slierman .1. Edwin 
Sherwin Edward 
Sherwin Thomas, Jr. 
Shiminin Chas. F. 
Shirley Daniel H. 
Shiverick George 
Shurtletl' Hiram S. 
tShurtleft'Nathl. B. 
Sideis Charles 
Silsby Joseph P. 
Simonds Alvan 
Simonds .lolin H. 
Simpson Daniel P. 
Sinclair Albert T. 
Slack Cha.'. W. 
Slade Lucius 
Sleeper Herbert 
tSleeper .Jacob 
.-^locum William F. 
Smith Amos 
Smith Benjamin 
Smith Charles 
Sniitli Chauncey 
Smith Emory B, 

Smith Francis M. 

Smith Franklin W, 

Smith Henry Hyde 

Smith Horace 

Smith H. Farnham 

*Smith Joshua B. 

Smith Phineas B. Jr. 

Smith Robert D. 

Smith Thos. C. 

Smith Thomas M. 

Snelling Samuel G. 

Snow Samuel 

Snow Samuel T. 

*Sohier Edward D. 

*Sohier William 

Somerby Gusta's A. 

Soreu John J. 

Spaulding Ira D. 

Speare Aldea 

Spinney Samuel R. 

Sprague Charles .1. 

Sprague Henry H. 

Spurr Oliver H. 

Siackpole Andrew J . 

Stackpole J. Lewis 

Staflbrd Chas. F. 

Standish L. Miles 

Standish William 
Stansbury Chas. F. 
Stanwood Charles 
♦Staples Hamilton B. 
Starkweather Geo. C. 
1 Stearns Edward 
j Stearns Nath'l C. 
I Stebbins Solomon B. 
I Stedman Daniel B. 
I Stedman Francis D. 
I Stetson Sidney A. 
I tStetson Wm. J. 
j Stevens Benj. F. 
1 Stevens Chas. E. 
! Stevens lienry J. 
Stevens Hiram A. 
Stevens James M. 
Stevens Mauroe 
Stevens Oliver 
Stevens William B. 
Stevenson J . Thos. 
Stiles I. Augustus 
Slimson Aug. G. 
Stoddard Charles 
Stodder Jonn W. T. 
Stone Alison J. 
Stone Richard, .Ir. 
Storey Charles W. 
Storrow Charles S. 
Storrow James J. 
Story Isaac 
Stratton T. Wilson 
Slubbe Wm. H. 
Sturtevant Thos. L. 
Sullivan Edward 
.Sullivan Geo. .S. 
Sullivan Richard 
fSumner Ciiarles 
Suter Hales W. 
Swan Chas. A. P. 
Swan William VV. 
Sweeney Daniel J. 
Swett SHUuitl W. 
Swiuson William 
Tallon James H. 
Tarbell .lohn P. 
Tasker Ebeuezer 
Taylor George II. 
Taylor T. Albert 
Teele John O. 
Tenney Alonzo C. 
Teiiney Benj. F. 
Tescheiiiaker P. E. 
Thacher Isaac 
Th idler 'Thomas 
Tlia.xter David 
Thaxter Duiic. McB. 
Tlia.xter Joseph B. 
Thayer Chas. F. 
Thayer Isaiah W. 
Thayer James B, 
Thayer Nathaniel 
Thomas Charles G- 



Thomas James B. F. 
Thomas Soth J. 
Thomas VVil iam 
Thomp'^on (^has. VV. 
t Thompjion N. A. 
Thompson N. W. 
Thompson Wm. V. 
Thomson James D. 
triiorndike John H. 
Thorndike Sam'l L. 
Thornton J. Wingate 
Thwing Supply C. 
Tighe John 
Tilton Warren 
Titiis John W. 
Tobey Gerald C. 
Tobey .Seth 
Todd Jacob 
Todd I'aul P. 
Tolman Ebeu'r W. 
Tompkins Dexter A. 
Tompjon Samuel 
Torrey Benj. B. 
Torrey ('alvin 
Torrey Charles 

Torrey Geo. W. 
Torrey Joseph G. 
Towne G''o. G. 

Towue William R. 

Towne William H. 
Tracy Frederick U. 

t Train Cli irlew It. 

Treadwell John P. 

ITrurabuU Geo. C. 

Tucker Horace G. 

Tucker .lames C. 

Tucker John 0. 

Tucker Joseph VV. 

Tucker Pavson K. 

Tucker William W. 

Turner Alfred T. 

Turner Cliarles W. 

Turner Henry C. 

Turner .Job A. 

Tut tie Charles W. 

Tuttle Sauniel J. 

Tuxbury (ieo. W. 

Tyler diaries H. 

Tyler Columl)US. 

Tvhr John 

Tyler John S. 

Tyler .1. Kendall 

Tyler Wm. C. 

Tyi.dale Theo. H. 

Underwood Geo L. 

Underwood Guy C. 

Upliam Henry 

Upimm William 

tUpton Geo. B. 

Urbino Samson R. 

Usher James F. 

Van Campen Savil- 

Veazie Joseph A. 

Vincent George H. 

Vincent Wm. B. 

Wade .loseph M. 

Wadsworth Aiex. 

AVadsworth Alex. F. 

"Wiiketii Id Cyrus 

Waketield Knoch H. 

Waketield Tlios. L. 

AValbriOge Fred. G. 

Walcott Charles F. 

M^alker Clement A. 

"Walker Henry W. 

Walker Samuel A. 

tWallev Samuel H. 

Wallev William P. 

\WaHis Klbridge G. 

Ward Francis ,1. 

"Ward .loseph H. 

"Ward Joseph W. 

Ward Jlichael J. 

Ward Samuel D. 

"Ware Darwin E. 

Ware Geo. W. Jr. 

tWare Henry 

■\Varner Aaron E. 

Warner John 

Warren Alfred B. 
jWarren Charles H. 
Warren Daniel 
Warren George W, 
Warren Henry 
Warren Wm. W. 
Warren Wm. W. 
Warnii Wiiisl'w, Jr. 
Washburn Alex. C. 
Washburn Chas. R. 
Washburn .John M. 
VVaters Edwin F. 
Watson John C. 
Way .John M. 
AVay Samuel A. 
Webb Charles H. 
Welch Jonathan W. 
W' Uington Ambrose 
Wellin;,''ton \sa 
Wcllintj'ton Hiram 
Wellman John W. 
VVellman Wm. A. 
Wells Benj. T. 
Wells Michael .'. 
Wells Samuel. Jr. 
Wentwortli Alon. B. 
Wentworth Sam. H. 
Wesson l^eonard 
tWest Benj. H. 
Weston .Nathan, Jr. 
Weston Thomas, Jr. 
Wheeler Clmrles 
Wheeler Samuel I>. 
Wheeler Willard D. 
Wheelock Kord'ce F. 
Wheelock John 
Wheelwright A. C. 
Whipple .lohn L. 
Wliite Benj. F. 
White Charles J. 
Wliite Edward A. 
Wliite Hora.e H. 
White Luther L. 
Wliite Itufus A. 
Whitman Jos. H. 
Whitman Wm. D. A. 
Whittemore Benj. F. 
Wliittemore Henry 
WliJtten Chas. V. 
Whitwell Wm. S. 
Wiggin Charles E. 
Wig:;ins John H. 
Wi'JThtman Jos. tf . 
Wilbur Asa 
Wilbur Horace B. 
fWilder James H. 
Wilkins Fred'k. A. 
Willard Joseph 
fWillard .loseph A. 
VVillcut l-evi 1.,. 
Willcut Sam'l D. G. 
Willett William 
Willey Tolman 
Williams Alfred 
William- Elijah 
Williams H. Bigelow 
Williams Horace 
Williams Horace P. 
Williams .las. .M. W. 
Williams Moses, Jr. 
Williams Kobert B 
Willirtins W. Roscoe 
Williamson E. E. 
Williamson Wm. C. 
Willis Clement 
Wilson Clement A. 
Wilson Henry W. 
Wi son John T. 
WInnett Jason 
Winship F. Lyman 
Winslow Edward 
Winslow Frank 
Winslow John B. 
Winslow J. Ancrum 
Wise Edward 
Whittey Tolman 
Woodbury .lesse P. 
AVoodman Horatio 
AVoolson James A. 
AVorthingtou Roland 

fAVright Albert J. 
Wright Carroll D. 
AA'right Eilwin 
♦Wright Isaac H. 
Wright John S. 
AVright Smith 

AVyman Asa, Jr. 
Wyman Lsanc C. 
Wyman Oliver C. 
Young Hiram C. 
Young P. Ambrose 

The following residents of Boston 
Highlnnds holt commissions as JusticC't 
for Norfolk County : — 

Ira Allen, Wm. Bacon, Jr., Morrill 
P. Berrv, Solomon A. BoLster, John 
J. Clarke, James H. Collins, Wm. A. 
Crafts, S reno E. D. Currier, Geo. 
Cni'tis, Henry Davenport, Chas. K. 
Dillaway, Caleb S. Emery, Geoi-ire B. 
Fumee, George Frost, * William 
Gaston, Daniel A. Glidden, Alden 
(jraliam, Cliarles E. Grant, James 
Guild, Patrick R. Guiney, Peter 
HiL'izins, f.Iames M. Keith, fWm. S. 
King, Wm. B. Kingsbury, fWm. S. 
Leiand, S imiiel Little, fTheo Otis, 
Jeremiah Plim[)ton, Jerahineel C. 
Pratt, fCliandler II. Hansom, (Jiles H. 
Rich. fJames Ritchie, Alvin M. 
Robliins, Geo. Simpson, William 
Seaver, Charles A. B. Shepard, 
Phineas B. Smith, Jr., Geo. C. 
Starkweather, Thomas Thacher, Sup- 
ply C. Thwing, Joseph W. Tucker, 
Francis J. Ward, Chas. R. Washburn, 
Moses II. Webber.f Peter S. Wheelock, 
Wm. Whiting, Charles Wliittier, 
Franklin Williams. 

Jnxtices of tUe Peace. 

{^TnclwHng JitMicm of the Pt'a^c and (jHOrum^ de- 
tguttteit hu a '^iJLn<t ./u ticei throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a f.] 

Chelsea, Lsaiah M. Atkins, Edwin 
C. Barnes, .James E. Bairell, Samuel 
Bassett, fllanilett Bates, Ralph Beat- 
ley, John Bell, Caleb Blodgett, Jr., 
George C. Bo.ssom, Wm. P. B. Brooks, 
AVm. C. Brown, Simeon Butterfield, 
Thomas II. Carruth, Melleii Chamber- 
lain, Henry L. Champlin, Ira Cheever, 
Tracy P. Ciieever. Albert Dwight, 
James P. Farley, Frank B. Fay, Orin 
W. Fiske, Eustace C. Fitz, John W. 
Fletcher, James B. Forsyth, Rufus S. 
Frost, Benjamin J. Gerrisii. .John E. 
M. Gilley, Jesse Gould, *John W. 
Graves, John T. Hadawav, Andrew 
L. Haskell, William O.' Haskell, 
Charles Hubbard, *Henry T. Knight, 
Samuel S. Jackson, William H. Long, 
Eben W. Lothrop, John Low, Still- 
man P. Marsh, Henry Mason, Samuel 
W. Mason, Otis Merriam, Otis W. 
Merriam, Levi B. Miller, Jacob Mit- 
chell, Robert Morris, Samuel Orcutt, 
John P. Payson, Wm. R. Pearmain, 
flsrael Perkins, James T. Phelps, 
Benj. Phipps, Jr., Allen Pratt, John 
M. Prince, Harvey Rogers, Erastus 



Rugrr, Alonzo C. Tt-niiey, Jonn War- 
ner, Cliarles J. Wliito, Jos. Wyeth. 

North Chelsea, Brnj. H. Dewing, 
Daniel T. Fuller, Jonatlian Harring- 
ton, Ivory N. Rieliardson. 

Winlhrop, David Belcher, *Edw'd 


Boiiinn, Frederic 8. Ainsvvortli, Ira 
Allen, Horace G. Barrows, George E 
Evans, Vine H. Fitcli, Jolin S. H. 
Fogg, John W. Foye, Paschal P. In- 
galls, Richard M. Ingalls, Edward B. 
Moore, Aaron P. Richardson, Duncan 
McB. Thaxter, David Thayer, Wm. E. 
Underwood, Arthur H. Wilson ; 
Special, Erastus W. Sanborn, Chas. 

Chrdsea, James B. Forsyth, Jacob 
Mitchell, Erastus Rugg. 

IVotaries Public. 

Boston, Albert W. Adams, Chas. B. 
F. Adams, Edwin A. Alger, P. Ad- 
ams Ames, Jona. Amory, Sam'i An- 
drews, Geo. T. Angell, Herman Ask- 
ensay, John R. Baker, Elisha Bassett, 
Adolphus Bates, James B. Bell, 
Morrill P. Berry, Charles Blanchard, 
Abraham F. Bloch, Luther Blodgett, 
Jos. R Bradford, Samuel J. Bradlee, 
Lloyd Briggs, Charles H. Brown, 
Robert H. Buck, Robert I. Burbank, 
Benjamin F. Burnham, Wm. \V. Bur- 
rage, Henry D. Clary, Henry A. Cof- 
fin, Wm. W. Cowles, Benj. H. Currier, 
Sanmel S. Curtis, George H. Cutter, 
Timothy Davis, Thomas A. Dexter, 
Chas. E. W. Dimmock, Charles H. 
Drew, Francis S. Dyer, George W. 
Estabrook, George B. Faunce, Henry 
H. Fitch, George H. Folger, John B. 
Folger, William H. Foster, Benjamin 

W. Gilbert, John E. M. Gillcv. Theo. 
W. Gore, J. Brainerd Hall, "Richard 
S. Haven, Jos('[)h L. Ilciisliaw. C dvin 
P. IIin<is, George M., William 
Hobbs, Jr., Job II. Ilodgman, -lolm 
S. Holmes, Willis Howes, John W. 
Hudson, Francis W .lacobs, Samuel 
-lennison. Freeman M. Josselyn, John 
H. Kimball, Nathan P Lanison, 
^V'illiam M. Lathrop, Thomas II. 
Leavitt, Wm. H. Lewis, Walter Little- 
field, John D. Long, Samuel C. Loud, 
Samuel M. Lovt^'oy, Ebenr. ^I. 
McPherson, John Otis Mills, Jam.s 
C. Morse, Andrew J. Morton, Ellis 
L. Motte, Edward P. Nettleton, Curtis 
C. Nichols, Byron A. Osgood, N. 
Austin Parks, Clau(bus B. Patten, 
Asa P Potter, Christopher Prince, 
Otis G. Randall, Henry Rice, J. Avery 
Richards, James Ritchie, Etlwaid 
Russell, Daniel Sharp, Geo. S. Shaw, 
George Sherman, J. Edwin 8hern)an, 
H. Farnam Smith, David D. Stack- 
pole, George C. Stearns, Joseph L. 
Stone, William H. Stubbe, Hales W. 
Suter, J. Watson Taylor, Duncan 
McBean Thaxter, Charles F. Thayer, 
Newell A. Thompson, William H. 
Thompson, Paul P. Todd, Joseph W. 
Tucker, John S. Tyler, Chas. F. 
Walcott, Aaron E. Warner, Oliver 
Warner, Alfred B. Warren, John C. 
Watson, Ambrose Wellington, Frank 
G. Webster, William C. Williamson, 
W. Roscoe Williams, F. Lyman Win- 
ship, J. P. Cashing Winship. 

Chelsea, Hamlett Bates, John E. M. 
Gilley, Jason B. Loomis. 

Commissioners of AVrecks. 

Boston, Moses B. Tower. 
Winlhrop, Edward Floyd, 


In the State House, for the use of the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, the 
Council, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and such other officers of 
the government and other persons as may from time to time be permitted to 
use the same. 

The Library is open during the Session of the Legislature, each day, with- 
out intermission, from 9, a.m., to 5, p.m., except on Saturday p.m. when it is 
closed at 1 o'clock. 

All persons whatsoever may use the Library for consultation or reference. 


Edwin P. Whipple, Jacob M. Manning, George O. SHattuck, of Boston. 
Joseph White, Librarian, Ex. officio. 
Samuel C. Jackson, acting Librarian. 
C. R. Jackson, E. M. Sawyer, Assistants. 




Incorporated, April 2, 1731. 

Shire Towns, Worcester and Fitchburg. 


Judfje of Probate and Insolvency,. — Henry Chapin, Worcester. 

Jieyifter of Probate and Insolvency,. . Charles E. Stevens,. ..... Worcester. 

Ass't Register of Probate and Insolvency Frederick W. Southwick,. Worcester. 

Clerk of Courts, Joseph Mason, Worcester. 

Assistant Clerk, John A. Dana, Worcester. 

Register of Deeds, Alexander II. Wilder,. . . . Worcester. 

County Treasurer, Charles A. Chase, Worcester. 

("Julius E. Tucker, ) 
Saml. A. Porter, i- 
Joseph D. Daniels, ) 
Alvah Crocker, ^ 
WiUiam Baker, ) 

Sheriff, John S. C. Knowlton, Worcester. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Overseers of Houses of Correction,. 


. Fitchburg. 

Athol, Gardiner Lord, Jr. 

Barre, Daniel Cuniuiings. 

Blackstone, Edmund O. Bacon. 

Clinton, Enoch K. Gibbs. 

Fitchburg, Francis Buttrick. 

Grafton, S. Davis Hall. 

Leominster, Emery Tilton. 

Milford, Samuel W Hay ward. 

North Brookfeld, Luther P. De 

Oxford, Orrin AV. Chaffee. 

Southbridge, Solomon Thayer. 

Spencer, Nathan Ht-rsey. 

Uxbridge, Merrill Greene. 

Webster, Solomon Shumway. 

Winche.ndon, Josej)h S. Watson. 

Worcester, Daniel F. Newton, Jon- 
athan B. Sibley, Frank A. Newton. 

Unfus Carter, Worcester. 
Edwin Upton, Filchburg. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Barre, Fri. next after 3d Tu. of 
May and Oct. 

At C linton, 3d Tu. of May and Oct. 

At Fitchburg, Wed. next after 3d 
Tu. of May and Oct. 

At Milford, 4th Tu. of IMay, and 
Wed. next after 4th Tu. in Oct. 

At Templeton, Thurs. next after 3d 
Tu. of May and Oct. 

At Uxbridge, 4th Tu. of Oct. 

At West Broolfeld, 2d Tu. of May 
and Oct. 

At Worcester, 1st Tu. of every 

County Commistiioners. 

Yelorous Taft, Upton, term ex- 
pires Dec. l^iGi); J. Warren Bigelow, 
Rutland, term expires Dec. 1870; 
William O. Brown, Fitchburg, term 
expires Dec. 1871. 

Special Comniv^sioners, John Me- 
Lellan, Grafton ; Silas Holman, Bol- 

Times of Meeting. — At Worcester, 
4th Tu. in Mar.. 3d Tu. in June, 2d 
Tu. in Sept., and 4th Tu. of Dec. 
Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Athol, Farwell F. Fay. 

Fitchburg, David H. Merriam. 

Westborougk, Arthur G. Biscoe. 

Worcester, Frank P. Goulding. 

Public Administrators. 
Lunenburg, Thomas Billings. 
Shrewsbury, Adam Harrington. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Milford, Hamilton B. Staples. 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill, Joseph 
Mason, Henry C Rice, Hartley Wil- 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Athol (Depot), Charles Field, Na- 
thaniel Richardson. 

Baire, Lyman Sibley, Edwin 

Fitchburg, Ebenezer Torrey, Geo. 

A. Torrey, Nathaniel Wood. 
Milford, Thos. G. Kent, Hamilton 

B. Staples. 

Oxford, Emery Sanford, Jasper 



Worcesfer, Henry Cliapin, John A. 
Dana, Charles W. Hartshorn, John 
IMason, Joseph Mason, George W. 
Richardson, William A. Smith, Chas. 
E. Stevens. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, desig- 
nated bt/ a •. and Jttstices throughout the Coiiimon- 
wealth, designated by a t-3 

Askburnkam, John L. Cummings, 
Daniel Ellis, Jr., William P. Ellis, 
Jerome W. Foster, Ohio Whitney, 
Jr. — Ashburnham Depot, Wilbur F. 
Whitney. — North AMurnham,, Al- 
fred Whitmore. 

Athol, Benjamin Estabrook, Far- 
well F. Fay, Thomas H. Good-peed, 
Lyman W. Hapgood, Joseph M. Har- 
rington, Franklin R. Haskell. — A'/iol 
Depot, f Charles Field, George W. 
Horr, Howard B. Hunt, Nathaniel 
Richardson, Walter Thorpe. 

Auburn, John Mellish, Eugene H. 
Newton, Isaac Sawin, Demosthenes 

Barre, Pliny H. Babbitt, Chas. 
Bfimblecom, Humphrey F. Brooks, 
fEdward Denny, J. Martin Gorham, 
*James W. Jenkins, Henry E. Rice, 
Henry J. Shattuck, Edwin Woods, 
John F. Woods. 

Berlin, Albert Babcock, William 
Bassett, Rufus S. Hastings, Josiah E. 

Blackatone, Albert Babcock, Sylva- 
nus H. Benson, Estes Burdon, Silas A. 
Burgess, Arthur Cook, Moses Farnum, 
Theo. S. Johnson, Francis Kelly, Ar- 
thur B. Putman, Moses D. Soathwick, 
Preserved S. Thayer, Chas. A. Wight, 
Willard Wilson. 

Bolton, Roswell Barrett, Amory 
Holman, Silas Holman, Solomon H. 
Howe, Edwin A. Whitcomb. 

BoyMon (^Centre), Charles Andrews, 
Henry H. Brigham, Jos. M. Wriglit. 

Brookfield, George S. Duel I, Geo. 
Forbes, *Dwight Hyde, George W. 
Johnson, Hiram Pierce, Eumions 

Charlton, Rufus B. Dodge, Alfred 
E. FIske, Levi Hammond, *Salem 
Towne. — Charlton City, Lewis E. 
Capen, Simeon Lamb, *William P. 

Clinton, Daniel H. Bemis, Artemas 
E. Bigelow, Everett W. Bigelow, 
Henry N. Bigelow, EHsha Brimhall, 
*John T. Dame, Franklin Forbes, 
Enoch K. Gibbs, Henry C. Greeley, 
Charles F. W. Parkhurst, Wellington 
E. Parkhurst, Ezra Sawyer, Charles 
G. Stevens, Joshua Thissell, Charles 
W. Worcester. 

Dana, Nathaniel L. Johnson, Dan- 
iel Stone. 

Douglas, Et)och Brown, Wni. D. 
Jones. — East Douglas, Fennei- B itch- 
eller, Adolphus F. Brown, Samuel W. 
Heath, Lyman Parsons. 

Dudley, Moses Barnes, Ainasa D i- 
vis, William L. Davis, Ira F. Jacobs, 
Charles C. Wood. 

Fitchhurg, Clias. J. Billings, Hiram 

A. Blood, Tliomas 11. Boutelle, Lewis 
H. Bradford, William E. Brown, 
Tliomas C. Caldwell, G 'nrae D. C,,l- 
ony, Alvah Crocker. *Ol!ver Ellis, 
*S-"wall Goodrich, *.Stilluriii Hm\iics, 
f Alfred Hitchcock, Hi'urv Jackson, 
George Jewett, Alpheus P. Iviniliall, 
John W. Kimball, Edward P. Loring, 
Moses G. Lvon, *Charles M^isnn, 
David H. Merriam, William J. Mer- 
riam, Alfred Miller, fAmasa Nor- 
cross, H de W. Page, John J. Piper, 
George Raymond, Otis T. Ruggli<, 
Alvin M. Sawyer, Abel Simonds, 
Charles H. B. Snow, Cyrus Thurston, 
Gt'orse E. Towne, fEbenezer Tori-ey, 
G.o.'A. Torrey, William H. Vos-, 
Thornton K. Ware, Joseph Willard, 
Henry A. Willis, *Nathaniel Wood, 
James M. Woodbury, William Wood- 
bury, Jr. 

Gardner, John Edgell, Thomas E. 
Glazier, Charles Heywood, John M. 
Moore, Francis Richardson, E<lward 
J. Sawyer, Simeon W. A. Stevens, 
Asaph Wood. 

Grafton, Joseph B. Adams, Setli J. 
Axtell, * Abraham M. Bi'.'elow. Edw'd 

B. Bigelow, Thomas T. (Trii/gs, S. 
Davis Hall, Samuel Harrington, 
Lewis Holbrook, Samuel A. Knox, 
John McClellan, Jasper S. Nelson, 
George K. Nichols, James G. Put- 
nam, Ashley W. Rice, George F. 
Slo(!omb, Jesse H. Smith, Rnfns E. 
Warren, f Jona D. Wheeler, Willard 
D. Wheeler, Jas. W. White, Stepheji 
R. White, Henry F. Wing, Charles C. 
Wood, Jonathan H. Wood. — Saun- 
dersville, Gilbert C. Taft. 

Hardioick, Daniel S. Collins, James 
P. Fay, Albert E. Knight.— 6'i76eri- 
ville, William H. Tucker. 

Harvard, Samuel G. Clarke, Edwin 
A. Hildreth, Augustus G. Hill, Elia- 
kim A. Holman, Augustus J. Sawyer, 
Samuel F. Whitney, Wm. B. Willard. 

Holden, Israel M. Ball, Charles 
Chaffin, Charles Flagg, Joseph H. 
Gleason, Joab S. Holt, David F. 

Hubbardston, Wm. Bennett, Benja- 
min D. Phelps, Levi Pierce, Lyman 



Lancaster, Francis B. Fay, Jacob 
Fislicr, Georae AV. Ilowe, John L. S. 
Tiiomp-:on, Solon AVhiting. 

Leicester. John D. Cojjrswoll. Chas. 

A. Denny, Jose[)h A. Denny, Silas 
Glt'ason, Cheney Hatch, John N. 
Munlock, Henry O. Smith, Luke G. 
Sturtevant. Clappville, Elbridge G. 

Leominster, James Bennett, Alfred 
L. Burditt, G<"o. S. Biirrage, Leonard 
Burraire, Chaunccv W\ Carter, Caleb 
C. Field, John H.' Lockey, Chas. H. 
INIerriam, Samuel Putnam, Merritt 

Lunenburg, William Baker, Thomas 
Billings, George A. Cunningliam, 
Cluis. A. Goodrich, *Cyrus Kilburn, 
James Putnam. 

Mendoii, Nathan George, John G. 
Met. •alt; Samuel H. Taft, Gustavus B. 

]\Iilford, Charles F. Chapin, James 
R. Davis, AViiliam F. Draper, Lewis 
Fales, Zibcon C. Fields. LcanderHol- 
brook, fThomas G. Kent, jAaron C. 
Mayhevv, Ab?aham jMead, (ieo. G. 
Parker, John S. Scamniel, Hamilton 

B. Sta|)les, Andrew J. Sumner, Alvin 
G. Underwood, Orison Underwood, 
Alexander T. Wilkinson, D. Lucien 

Millhunj, David Atwood, Henry L. 
Bancrolt, George A. Flagg, John 
Hopkins, *SHnniel D. Torrey. — ^Vest 
MiUhiir;/, Epliraini (Jouldiiiir. 

N(rw Bniiiitree, Josiah P. Gleason, 
William A. Mixfer. 

Nortkborow/h, Wilder Bush, Samuel 
Clark. George C. Davis. Walter Gale, 
Milo Hildreth, Anson Rice, Abraham 
W. Seaver. 

]Vi)r!hbriflge, Joel Bachelor, P. 
Whitin Dudley, Wm. D. Mascro^, 
Hiram Wmg. — Whitinsville, Robert 
G. Adams, PI. Aug. Goodell, tCharles 
E. Whitin. 

North Broohfield, fCharles Adams, 
Jr., Robert E. Beecher, George 
Harwood, Erastus Hill. John Hill, 
Hiram Knight, Bonuin Nye, Joshua 
Porter, Augustus Smith, fAmasa 

Oakham, Moses O. Avres,' James 
Allen, Mark Haskell. 

Oxford, Charles A. Angell, Jasper 
Brown, Jonathan P. Dan.i, George F. 
Daniels, Alexander De Witt, Wni. 
E. Pease, John B. Pratt, Simuel W. 
Smi'h. John ^Vethe^ell. — North Ox- 
ford, E. Harris Howland. 

Paxtnn, David G. Davis. Silas D. 
Harruinton, Williau Millig.iu, Geo. 
W. Piruidiie. 

Petersham, Collins Andrews, Steph. 

D. Goddard, John G. Mudge, Josiah 
White, Lewis Whitney. 

Philiipston, Jason Goulding, Edw'd 

Princeton, Asa H. Goddard, David 
H. Gregory, Albert C. Howe, Eph- 
raim Osgood, Joseph A. Reed, f Chas. 

Rof/ahto)!, Barnet Bullock, Jervis 
Davis, Nahum Longley. 

Rutland, .Alonzo Davis, Abrara H. 
Temple, J. Warren Bigelow. 

Shrewsbury, Frederick A. Brigham, 
Charles O. Green, Wm. H. Knowl- 
ton, George Leonard. Jonathan H. 
Nelson, Thomas W. Ward. 

Soiitlthoro', Franklin Esie, Jonas 
Fay. Richardson Go<ldard, Steph' n J. 
Metcalt'. Curtis Newton, Dexter 
Newton, Henry S. Wheeler. — Cor- 
daville. Hubbard Wilson. 

Soittl'hridi/e, Andrew J. Bartholo- 
mew, *Frederick W. Bothman, Henry 
Clarke, Sylvester Dresser, Samuel M. 
Lfine, Manning Leonard, John O. 

Spencer, David Bemis, John N. 
Grout, Nathan Hersey, *Luther Hill, 
William Pope, Theodore C. Prouty, 
Thomas A. Prouty, William Sampson, 
Richard Sugden. — Leicester, George 
A. Craig. 

Sterling, Eli Kilburn, William D. 

Sturhridge, Henry Haynes, Benja- 
min D. Hyde. — Fiskdale, E. L. 
Bates, Avery P. Taylor, David 

Sutton, Harvey Dodge,' William R. 
Hill, Horace Leland, Edmund J. 
Mills, Solomon Severy. James Taylor, 
Russell Titus, *John W. Whipple. — 
Mancliaiig, William Abbott. — West 
6'»<//o)t, Nathan AVaters — ]]'ilLinson- 
ville, Isaac B. Hartwell. 

Tempi el on. Edwin G. Adams, John 
M. Brown, Gerard Bnshnell, Stilman 
Cady, Oilman Day. Elisha C. Farns- 
worth. Dexter Gilbert, Joshua B. 
Gould, George P. Hawkes, Hosea F. 
Lane, *Artemas Lee, Veranus P. 
Parkhurst, Henry Smith, Wm. Smith, 

E. Wyman Stone, Wm. N. Walker, 
John W. Work. 

Upton, George S. Ball, Elisha B. 
Fiske. Nahum W. Holbrook, Henry 
D. Johnson, Levi W. Taft, Velorous 

Uxbridge, Valentine M. Aldrich, 
Henry Capron, .\lvin Cook, Francis 
Deane, Frederic B Deane, Merrill 
Greene, George W. Hobbs, Zadok 
A. Taft, Charles Wing. 



Warren, James S. Davis, f Joseph 
F. Hitebcock, Joseph B. Lombard, 
D. Warren Shepard, Wm. L. Powers, 
John Tyler. — West Warren, Amos 
F. Howard. 

Webster, Hiram Allen, Frederic 

D. Brown, Chester C. Corbin, f Wm. 
H. Davis, Rufus C. Hall, John F. 
Hinds, Edwin May, John B. Hasler, 
Albert Morton, John H. Stockwell, 
Seymour A. Tingier. 

Westboro', Arthur G. BIscoe, John 
A. Fayerweather, Jabez G. Fisher, 
Samuel M. Griggs, Daniel F. Newton , 
Benjamin B. bourse. 

West Boyhton, Albert Hinds, Geo. 
F. Howe, David C. Murdock, David 
P. Waite, Aaron E. Winter. — Oak- 
dale, Ebenezer M. Hosmer, Harrison 

E. Morton. 
West Brookfield, Lemuel Fullam, 

Alanson Hamilton, Avery Keep, 
Horace G. Rawson, Edwin B. Tain- 

Westminster, Joel Merriam, Jr., 
Daniel C. Miles, Harrison G. Whit- 
ney, James B. Wood, Benjamin 

Winchendon, Amos W. Buttrick, 
Bethuel Ellis, *Edwin S. Merrill, La- 
fayette W. Pierce, Charles J. Rice, 
Ira Russell, Joseph S. Watson, Wind- 
sor N. White, *Giles H Whitney. 

Worcester, Frederick E. Abbott, 
fP. Emory Aldrich, Lucius S. Allen, 
James G. Arnold, Henry Bacon, 
Peter C. Bacon, Phineas Ball, Rich- 
ard Ball, Chas. Ballard, James H. Ban- 
croft, Frederick J. Barnard, Wm. S. 
Barton, Daniel W. Bemis, Memck 
Bemis, James H. Benchley, Francis 
T. Blackmer, James B. Blake, Har- 
rison Bliss, Charles E. Briggs, Horace 
E. Brooks, John H. Brooks, Fred- 
erick P. Brown, f Alexander H. Bul- 
lock, f Augustus G. Bullock, Asa L. 
Burbank, Charles W. Burbank, Al- 
bert C. Buttrick, Jona. Cary, f Henry 
Chapin, fAnthony Chase, Charles A. 
Chase, Samuel H. Colton, p]dwin 
Conant, Wm. Cross, Augustus N. Cur- 
rier, Appleton Dadmun, Caleb Da- 
na, *John A. Dana, Edward L. Davis, 
fisaac Davis, William S. Davis, Jon- 
athan Day, William S. Denny, 
fFrancis H. Dewy, Thomas H. jJodge, 
•fjohn Milton Earle, A. Jones Eaton, 
Geo. H. Estabrook, Saifmel B. I. God- 
dard, Milton B. (ioodell, Joliii B. 
Gough, Ransom M. Gould, Frank P. 
Goulding, James Green Jr., * William 
N. Green, John R. Greene, *Wiliiam 
Greenleat', Emine P. Halsted, Tlie- 
ron E. Hall, Timothy W. Hammond, 

William B. Harding, Adam Harring- 
ton, Clarenden Harris, *Cliarles W. 
Hartshorn, Danl W. Haskins, Sam'l 
F. Haven, Daniel A. Hawkins, Jr., 
Charles Hersey, *J. Henry Hdl, Geo. 
F. Hoar, George Hobbs, Charles A. 
Holbrook, Clark Jilson, George A. 
Kimball, Francis L. King, Francis H. 
Kinnicutt, fJohn S. C. Knowlton, 
Thomas Magennis, Jerome F. Man- 
ning, Henry A. JNIaish, John IMason, 
*Joseph Mason, * William B. INIaxwell, 
Matthew J. McCaflferty, Isaac S. Mer- 
riam, Henry K. Menifield, Clias. M. 
Miles, Thomas L. Nelson, John C. 
Otis, Nathaniel Paine, Henry L. Par- 
ker, Loren C. Parks, Frank W. Per- 
ry, Ivers Phillips, Charles B. Pratt, 
Charles L. Putnam, Charles W- Rice, 
Henry C. Rice, fWilliam W. Rice, 
*Geo. W. Richardson, Stephen Salis- 
bury, Stephen Salisbury, Jr., Charles 
E. Simmons, Samuel Smith, Sidney 
Smith, Charles E. Stevens, fKlijah B. 
Stoddard, Samuel V. Stone, George 
Swan, Putnam W. Taft, Adin Tliayer, 
Lewis Thayer, Josiah A. Thompson, 
Joseph A. Titus, Julius E. Tucker, 
Samuel Utley, Edward W. Vaiil, Gill 
Valentine, George F. Verry, Horace 
B. Verry, Justin A. Ware, *Charles 
AVashbuVn, fJohn D. Washburn, Wm. 
Ansel Washburn, tJ"''" W. AVether- 
ell, Timothy W. Wellington, Hen. M. 
Wheeler, Franklin Whipjjle, Harvey 
B. Wilder, And'w A. Willams, fHart- 
ley Williams, AVilliam A. Williams, 
Clias. Wood, George M. Woodward, 
Henry Woodward. 

Trial Justices. 
Athol (Depot), Franklin R. Haskell. 
Barre, Edwin Woods. 
Blackstone, Theodore S. Johnson. 
Brookfield, George S. Duell. 
Clinton, Daniel H. Bemis. 
Douglas (East), Sanmel W. Heath. 
Grafton, James W. White. 
Holden, David F Parnienter. 
Leomin>ter, Charles H. Merriam. 
MiUbury, George A. Flagg. 
Northhorougli, Samuel Claik. 
Southbridge, Sylvester Dresser. 
Spencer, Luther Hill. 
Sutton, Kdnmnd J. Mills. 

Templeton, E. Wyman Stone. 

Uxbrldge, Zadok A. Taft. 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock. 

Webster, John H. Stockwell. 

Westborough, Samuel M. Griggs. 

West Boylslon (Oakdale), Ebenezer 
M. Hosmer. 

Winchendon, Bethuel Ellis. 

Worcester, Henry C. Rice. 



TTotariea Public. 

Ashburnham, Jerome W. Foster. 

Athol, Farwell F. Fay. 

Alliol (Depot), Chas. Field, Nathan- 
iel Richardson. 

Barre, Charles Brimbleeora. 

Blackstone, Silas A. Burgess. 

Brookjiel'l, George VV. Jolinson. 

Clinton, Charles G. Stevens. 

D(iuf/las (EaM), Lyman Parsons. 

Fitchhurg, Hiland C. Hitcheoek, 
Geo. A. Torrey, Thornton K. Ware, 
Nathaniel Wood, James M. Wood- 

Gardner, Francis Richardson. 

Grafton, James W. White. 

Lancaster, John L. S. Thomjjson. 

Leicester, Charles A. Denny, 
Cheney Hatch. 

Leominster, Jas. Bennett, Chauncey 
W. Carter. 

Miljord, Napoleon B. Johnson, 
Thomas G. Kent. 

MiUhury, Ira N. Goddard. 

N orthborouijh, Samuel Chirk. 

Northbridge, (Wkitinsville), Edward 

Oxford, Emory Sauford. 

Soulhbridge, Manning Leonard' 
Calvin A. Paige. 

Spencer, Luther Hill. 

Uxhridge, John W. Capron. 

Webster, Jolin H. Stockwell, Royal 

Wesibnrough, Arthur G. Biscoe, 
Benjamin Buynton. 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill, 
Giles H. Whitney. 

Worcester, Wm. S. Barton, Ciiarles 
M. Bent, Jolin Bovden, John A. Dana, 
William T. H u-low, J. Henry Hill, 
Henry L. Parker, Henry C. Rice, 
Samuel Smith, Elijah B. Stoddard, 
Joseph Trumbull, Hartley Williams. 


Clinton, Lucius Field. 

Fitchburg, Alfreil Miller. 

Southboro', (Special) Curtis New- 

Slurhridge, David Wight. 

Sutton, (Special) John W. Whipple. 

Wan'en, -Nelson Carpenter. 

Winchendon. Joseph S. Watson. 

Worcester, Frank H. Rice, J. Marcus 
Rice. Special, Jonathan B. Sibley. 

Edward J. Jonks, Office, 50 Bromfield St., Boston. 


Barnstable County. 
Tarmouth Port, Benjamin H. Mathews. 

Berkshire County. 
No.Addtns, Wm. McKiiv. 

" Lester M. Hayden. 

Bristol County. 
New Bedford, W. C. Thomas. 

" diaries H. Morton. 

Taunton, Robert Grossman, 2d. 

Dukes Couaty. 
Edgartown, Jason L. Dexter. 

Essex Couaty. 
Georgetown, Geo. P. Boyntou. 
Latorence, Melvin Beat. 
Gloucester, Joseph A. Moore. 
Lynn, John F. Brown. 
Bowley, Richard C. Hale. 

Franklin County. 
Coleraine, H. B. Miller. 
Northfidd, George H. Plielps. 

Hampden County. 

Springfield, Samuel Cliapin. 

" Harvey H. Billings. 

Hampshire County. 
Goshen, T. P. Lyman. 
Ware, Wm. E. Lewis. 

Middlesex County. 
Charlestoion, .Jonathan Oldham. 
East Cambridge, A. H. Stevens, Jr. 

T^nrell, X. W Norcross. 
I Woburn, Jolin K. Tidd. 
[ Marlboro', Micuh B. i'riest. 

I Norfolk County. 

I East Wi'ijmonth, A. J. Gary. 
I Seponxet, BenjamJD 1'. Eldridge. 
I Randolph, Isaac I'orter. 

Plymouth Coun'y. 
] North A tii Ill/ton, Geo. C. Pratt. 
No. /Iridf/eicdtir, Uriiih Macoy. 
' Plymouth, . Joshua D. Baxter. 

" James B. Collln^wood. 

SuflTolk County, 

Names and Residences. 
Gustavus Andrews, at Lynn. 
Richard F. Andrews, at Lynn. 
John J. Brown, 43 Spring. 
Sidney M. Copeland, U)24 Washington, 
Cliauncy C. Dean, 91 Winthrop. 
Charles E. Dodge, 125 Chelsea. 
J. Waldo Denny, 20 Oak. 
John E. Gilman, 50 South Margin. 
John Green, at Chelsea. 
John B. Hollis, 1 Madison Place. 
Levi Hutchins, at Chelsea. 
Daniel C. Jones, 24 Bennet. 
H. D. Littlefield, 58 Harrison are. 
B. H. Linscott, Boston Highlands. 
James H. Maguire, 32 Spring. 
F. A. Marsii, 1590 Washington. 
William Mooney, 124 Purclinse. 
George Muuroe, Boston Highlands. 



William C. Murphy, 1 Providence. 
Daniel Noonan, 12 Tyler. 
Edward L. Noyes,293 Eustis. 
Hollis C. Pinkiiam, 219 Chelsea, E. B. 
C. R. M. Pratt, Boston Highlands. 
Francis M. Smith, 122 Harrison ave. 
Lebbeus Stetson, Somerville. 
John W. T. Stodder, 33 Bradford. 
George P. Stone, at Lynn. 
John Tewksbury, lo4 Brighton. 

Charles W. Thompson, 39 Eliot. 
James A. Vialle, at Hyde Park. 
Chelsea, James P. Wade, at Chelsea. 

"Worcester County. 

ff^orrester, Charles N. Hair. 
Fif'-hhurg, Jolin W. Kimball. 
Milford, A. W. Keene. 
North Brookfield, E. J. Russell. 


Towns are also given which are not Post-offices ; but their Post-offices immediately follow. 
For Money Order Offices, seepage 78. 


Kast Abington, 

North . " 

South " 

South Acton, 

West " 

North Adams, 

Adams ville, see Coleraine 

Feeding Hills, 

AUston, see Brighton 

South Amesbury, 

West " 


North Amherst, 

South " 

Ballard Vale, 

Benj. L. Nash 

James M. Underwood 

Emery Burgess 

Albert Davis 

John K. Cutter 

James E. Harris 

Charles Hastings 

Cvnis E. Clark 

.John E. Mole 

Edwin Rogers 

Edward W. Blackinton 

Lyman Allen 

Ezra (t. Gaylord 

Asa L. Landon 

Dav'd Batchelder 

Chas. E. Rowell 

Joseph W. Sargent 

Jairus L. Skinner 

Horace Cutler 

Waitstill Dickinson 

Samuel Raymond 

Isaac O. Blunt 

Annisnuam, see Gloucester 

Frederick E. Fowle 

Geo. C. Winchester 

David E. Poland 

Jonas W. Dwinnell 

Charles O. Green 

Moses G. Cook 

Chandler A. Ward 

James H. Jones 


Ashburnham Depot, 


South Ashfield, 


Ashley Palls, see Sheffield 

Aslileyville, see West Springfield 

As-abet, see Sudbury 

Athol, Thomas H. Goodspeed 

Athol Depot, Howard B. Hunt 

Attleborough, Nathan C. Luther 

North Attleborough, Thos R. Jones 

South " .lames S. Day 

Hebronville, Emory A. Perrlii 

Auburn, Elisha S. Knowles 

Auburndale, see Newton 

Baldwinsville, see 'I'empleton 

Ballard Vale, see Andover 

Brancroft, see Middletleld 

Barnstable, James Clagg 

West Barnstable, Shadrack N. Hovvland 
Hyannis, Rufus S. Pope 

Cotuit Port, Mrs. Charlotte P. Kelley 

Marston's Mills, Chas. Bassett 

Belmont, John L. Alexander 

Waverley, Seromus Gates 

Berkley, Dnniel S. Briggs 

Berkshire, see Lanesborough 


West Berlin, 

North Beverly, 

Beverly Farms, 

North Billerica, 
Bhickinton, see Adams 

North Blaekstone, 


North Blandford, 

Rufus S. Hastings 

Silas R. Carter 

William Dwight 

Thos. A. Morgan 

Stephen F. Hathaway 

Isaac S. Day 

Franklin Jaquith, jr. 

James Whittemore 

.Jeremiah Getchell 

Emanuel N. Paine 

Preserved S. Tliayer 

Lucius B. Shepard 

Edwin Ely 

Ezra S. Moore 

Bond's Village, see Palmer 




West Boxford, 

Bovlston Centre, 
Braggville, see Holliston 

William L. Burt 

James R. Hayden 

Roscoe W. Gage 

Phineas P. Tyler 

James A. Weeks 

Henry White 

James Kimball, jr. 

E. Watson Arnold 

Josepli Dver. jr. 

JIartha B. Huckins 

Mrs. Mercy Ryder 

Joseph Foster 

Nathaniel Mvrick 

Lewis Holmes 

Miss Hafadiah K Chipman 

Mrs. Sibbyl S. Day 

.lohu Parkhurst 

Henry F. Brown 

Cliarles Varnev 

Rufus Foskit 

Francis Howe 

George Forbes 

Cyrus VV. Ruggles 

Jolin Porter 

Silas Cutler 



Barre Plains, 


Becket Centre 

West Becket, 

N. Bellingham, 


Ferdinand G Kelley 

George H. Hinckley 

Aspasio T. Wilson 

Edward Denny 

J. Edwin Smith 

Jonathan W. Wheeler 

Charles O. Perkins 

Miss Emily A. Sowle 

Marcus 15. Webber 

Samuel W. Longley 

Ruel F. Thayer 

SylvanuR .J. Lawrence 

Calvin Fairbanks 


South Braintree, 
Brewstf r. 

West Brewster, 

East " 

.South " 



East Brimfield, 


East Brookfield, 
Burrageville, see Ashburnham 
BvUeld, see Newbury 
Cambridge, George M. Osgood 

East Cambridge, Nathan K. Noble 

North " James B. Nason 

Cambridgeport, John McDuffie 

Campello, see No. Bridgewater 
Canton, Rufus C. Wood 

Carlisle, Charles T. Worthy 

Carver, Eli Southworth 

North Carver, Benj. Ransom, jr. 

South " Thomas B. Griflith 

Caryville, see Bellingham 
Centreville, see Barnstable 
Central Village, see Westport 
Charlemont, Ansel L. Tyler 

East Charlemont, Lorin Merriam 

Charles River Village, see Dover 
Charlestown, Wm. H. DeCosta 



Charlton, Alfred E. Fiske 

Charlton City, Mrs. Julia A. Mclntire 
Charlton Depot, Almon Sampson 

Chatham, Ziba Nickerson 

Cliatham Port, Enos Kent 

North Chatham, Benj. T. Freeman 

South " Levi Eldridge,jr. 

West " Samuel Doane 

Cliem ford, Eli F. Webster 

North Chelmsford, Joseph W. Smith 

West " Christopher Koby 

Middlesex Village, Jolin W. Damon 

Chelsea, Hadley P. Burrill 

Cherry Valley, see Leicester 

Cheshire, Peter A. Trotier 

Chester, William Fay 

North Chester, Herman Powers 

Chestir Centre, Thaddeus K. DeWolf 

Chesterfield, Joel Engrram, jr. 

West Chesterfield, Joseph W. Tirrell 

Chicopee, Andrew S. Hunter 

Cliicopee Falls, Wm. H. (iilbert 

Willimansett, Pascal J Newell 

Chilmark, John Dunham 

Chiltonviile, see Plymouth 

Clappville, see Leicester 

Clarksburg, no P. (). ; address N. Adams 

Cliftondale, see Saugus 

Clinton, Enoch K. Gibbs 

Cochesett, see West Bridgewater 

Cochituate, see VVa\ laud 

Cohasset, " Edward Tower 

North Cohasset Welcome lieal 

Cold Urook >prlng. see Oakham 

Cold Siiring, see Otis 

Coleraine, Horace Smith 

Adumsville, John Wilson 

Elm (irove, Albert II. Temple 

Griswoldville, Joseph (iriswold, jr. 

Sliattuckville, ("alvin VV.Shaltuck 

College Hill, see Medford 

Collius's Depot, see Wilbraham 

Concord, Henry 1^. Whitconib 

Couway, Kichard lucker 

Cordaville, see Southborou^h 

Cotuit Port, see Barnstable 

Cummin<jton, Darius W. Lovell 

Cuminington W. Village, Chas. Harlow 

Curtisville, ste Stockbridge 

Dalton, Thomas G. Carson 

Dana, William II. Balcom 

North Dana, Nelson Bosworth 

Danvers, Joseph E. Hood 

Danvers Centre, Albert H. Mudge 

Danvers Port, David Mead 

West Danvers, Samuel Walcott 

Dartmouth, Francis \V. Mason 

North Dartmouth, Wm. C. Vickery 

South " Thomas E. Sanf'ord 

Dedham, Ambrose B, (^alucia 

West Dedham, Theodore Gay, 2d 

South " Willard Gay 

Keadville Station, Enoch P. Davis 

Deertield, Charles Williams 

South Deerfleld, Obed S. Arms 

Dennis, Howes Chapman 

Dennis Port, Thos. Howes, jr. 

South Dennis, Marshall S. Underwood 
East " Lothrop Howes, jr. 

West " Zadock Crowell 

Dighton, William B Whitraarsh 

North Dighton, Edward Almy 

Dorcliester, Robert Vose, jr. 

Harrison Square, Jeremiah Sanborn, jr. 
Mattapan, Charles E. Stevenson 

Neponset Village, Amory C. Southworth 

Douglas, Miss Mary Ann Holman 

East Douglas, Feuner Batchelder 

Dover, Isaac Howe 

Charles Uiver Village, Marshall Newell 

Dracut, James H. Wilson 

Dudley, William L. Davis 

West Dudley, Wm. H. Parsons 

Dunstable, Henry J. ToUes 

Duxbury, Henry L. Sampson 

West Duxbury, George B. Standish 

East Bridgmvater, Benj. W. Keith 

Joppa Villag ', Warren K. Cliurcliill 

Eastham. Micah S. Piiine 

North Eastham, David C. Atwood 

East Hampton, 

North Easton, 

South " 
Egremont : 

North Egremont, 

south " 

Elm Grove, see Coleraine 

Jeremiah H. Bardwell 

John Kimball 

George B. Cogswell 

George Copeland 

William Bradley 

Seymour B. Dewey 
Joseph A. Benjamia 

Gilbert E. Walker 

Noah Kankin 

Daniel W. Bartlett 

Jonathan T. Buttrick 

John Manter, Jr. 

Edwin Shaw 

Thomas H. Lawrence 

Joshua W. Davis 

Ferdinand G. Nye 

Stephen Dillingham 

Silas Hati-h, '.'d 

Owen Elbridge 

Crocker H. Bearse 


Long Plain, 
Fall Kiver, 

East Falmouth, 

North '• 

West " 


Wood's Hole, 

Farnumsville, see Grafton 
Fayville, see Southborough 
Feeding Hills, see Agawam 
Feltonville, now Hudson 
Fiskdale, see Sturbridge 
Fitchburg, George E. Goodrich 

West Fitchburg, Wm. Baldwin 

Florence, see Northampton 
Florida, Nathan White 

Hoosac Tunnel, Hiram G. Phelps 

Forge Village, see Westford 
FoxDorough, Joseph F. Hodges 

East Foxborough, David Wyman 

West " Miss Fanny S. Everett 

Framinghara, Mrs. Julia 11. S. Wilde 

South Framingham, Willard Howe 

Sa.xonville, Luther F. Fuller 

Franklin, .Smith Fisher 

Franklin Citv, Saul B. Scott 

South Franklin, Joseph H. Wadsworth 
Freetown, Joshua .Shove 

Eiist Freetown, Reuel Washburn 

Gardner, Charles VV. Bush 

South Gardner, Simeon W. A. Stevens 
Georgetown, Charles W. Tenucy 

Gilbertville, see Hardwick 
Gill, Josiah D. Canning 

(ilendale, see Stockbridge 
Globe Village, see Soulhbridge 




East Gloucester, 

West Gloucester, 


New England Village, 

Gran by, 

Graniteville, see Westford 
Grantville, see Needham 
Granville : 

Gtanville Corners, 

East Granville, 

West Granville, 
Great Barrington, 


Van Deusenville, 

Greenwich Village, 

Charles E. Grover 

John D. Davis 

Albert Young 

Joseph W. Wonson 

Henry C. L. Haskell 

.Joseph Hawks 

J. Frank Searle 

Alfred Morse 

Wm. T. Barker 

Gilbert C. Taft 

Phiiu Chapin 

Rufus H. Barlow 

Ralph S. Brown 

Lyman W. Shepard 

Isaac Seeley 

John M. Seeley 

Miss Jane Van Deusen 

Lewis Merriaiu 

Geo. K. Dickinson 

Sylvester F. Root 

Greenwood, see Wakefield 

Griswoldville, see Coleraine 

Groton, Henry Woodcock 

Groion Junction, William H. Harlow 

West Groton, Edmund Blood 

Grout's Corner, see Montague 


South Groveland, 

North Hadley, 

south Hanover, 

West Hanover, 

Chas. H. Hopkinson 

Eustis P. Parker 

William S. Siiipman 

Simon F. Cooley 

Caleb Poole, jr. 

Francis C. Morton 

Wm. H. Lapham 

Robert S. Curtis 

Isaac G. Stetson 

Horatio B. Magoun 



Hanson, Andrew Bowker 

South Hanson, Cyrus A. Bates 

Hardwick, Albert E. Kniglit 

Gilbertville, Lewis N. Gilbert 

Harrison Square, see Dorchester 

Hartsville, see New Marlborough 

Zophar Wetherbee 

William F. Bateman 

William H. Underwood 

Joshua H Chase 

Elijah B. Sears 

William AI. EldriUge 

Erastus Chase 

Shubael B. Kelley 


Still River, 

East Harwich, 

North " 

South " 


Harwich Port, 
Hatchville, see Falmouth 
Hatfield, Joseph S. Wells 

North Hatfield, Keuben H. Beldeii 

Haverhill, Edwin P. Hill 

East Haverhill, Augustus S. Chase 

Hawley, Edwin Scott 

West Hawley, Mark H. Vincent 

Hayden Kow, see Hopkinton 
Haydenville, see Williamsburg 
Heath, Horace McGee 

Hebronville, see Attleborough 
Hingham, Edwin Wilder, 2d 

South Hingham, Josiah Lane 

Lynnlield Centre, Jonathan Bryant 

Maiden, Temple Dodge 

South Maiden, Joseph Gerrish 

Maplewood, Elkanah A. Cunimings 

Manchaug, see Sutton 

Manchester, Julius F. Rabardy 

aiansfield, Francis Drake 

West Mansfield, Albert Perry 

Maplewood, see Maiden 

Marblehead, Stephen P. Hathaway, jr. 

Marion, Sylvanus W.Hall 

Marlboroug^h, John S F'uy 

Marshfield, George M. Baker 

East Marshfield, Mrs. Almira L. Damon 

North M.irshfield, Benjamin Hatch 

Marston's Mills, see Barnstable 

Mattapan, see Dorchester 





East Holliston 

John Cady 
Samuel W. Amiington 
Francis E. Kinney 
George B. tiske 
Edward C. Parker 
,, , ~. Dennis Hartshorn 

Holmes's Hole, see Tisbury 
Holyoke, Charles B. Presco 

Ireland, Chester Crafts 

Hoosac 'J'unael, see Florida 
Hopedale, See Milford 

Hopkinton, John A. Fitch 

Hayden Row, Benjamin Pliipps 

Woodville, Albert Wood 

Housatonic, see Great Barrington 
Hubbardston, Lyman Woodward 

Hudson, Silas F. Manson 

Hu". Joseph Pope 

Huntington, Samuel T. Lyman 

Norwich, Osman E. Knight 

Hyannis, see Barnstable 
Hyde Park, Thomas Hammond 

Indian Orchard, see Springfield 
Ipswich, John H. Cogswell 

Ireland, see Holyoke 
Jamaica Plain, see West Roxbury 
Joppa Village, see East Bridj,'ewater 
Kingston, Azel H. Sampson 

Lakeville, Cephas Haskins 

Lancaster, Humphrey Barrett 

South Lancaster, Daniel M. Howard 


Berkshire, William G. Harding 

Laiiesville, see Gloucester 

Lawrence, Geo. S. Merrill 

Lee, Eliphalet Wright 

East Lee, W(n. P. Hamblin 

South Lee, William G. Merrell 

Leeds, see Northampton 

Leicester, Lyman D. Thurston 

Cherry Valley, Joseph Bottomly 

Chippville, John Hill Rouse 

Lenox, Thomas Post 

Lenox Furnace, Andrew T. Servin 

New Lenox, Oscar S. Hutchinson 

Leominster, Charles H. (Jo. burn 

North Leominster, William F. Howe 

Leverett. Bradford M. Field 

North Leverett, Otis Chittenden 

Lexington, Leonard G. Babcock 

Ea«t Lexington, Augustus Cliilds 

Leyden, Mrs. Nancy J. Viniug 

Lincoln, James L. Chapin 

Littleton, Joseph A. Harwood 

Lock's Village, see Wendell 

Longmea low, Lester Noble 

East Longineadow, Cortez F. Russell 

Long Plain, see Fairhaven 

Lowell, John A. Goodwin 

Ludlow, Eli M. Smiili 

Lunenburg, Daniel Putnam 

Lyn"' ,^ Geo. H. Cha.-,e 

Lynnlield, Henry W. Swasey 




West Medford, 

College Hill, 

East siedway. 

West Medway, 


East Middleborough, 


South " 


William E. Sparrow 

Isaac Fiske 

George C Hervey 

William C. Frederick 

John A. Whitney 

Henry E. Mason 

Milton Daniels 

Lewis Clark 

Erastus H. Tyler 

Caleb Howard 

Henry A. Aldrich 

Charles Shed 

Andrew L. Tinkham 

Joshua M. Ivldy 

Solomon White 

Simeon D. Wilbur 

Israel Smith 

Oliver Church 

Hancroft, Chester W. Merrifield 

Middlesex Village, see Chelmsford 
Middleton, Amos Hatchelder 

Milford, George V. Woodbury 

South Milford, Hamblet B. Fisk 

Hopedale, Geo. Draper 

Millburv, Roland E. Bowen 

WestMillbury, Ephraim Goulding 

Mill River, see New Marlborough 
Millville, see Blackstone 
Millington, see New Salem 
Milton, Henry Pope 

Mirickville, see Taunton 
Mittiiieague, see West Springfield 


Grout's Corners, 

M'litague City, 
Montville, see Sandisfield 
Monument, see Sandwich 

Stillinan Whitcomb 

Daniel G. Potter 

Isaac Cheney 

John G. Creasfh 

•Rector L. Goss 

Wilbur C. Langdon 

Henry S. Stiles 

Charles L. Wood Mount Auburn, see Watertown 

Mount Washington, no P. O 


South Natick, 



address So. 

Welcome W. Johnson 

Andrew Whitney 

John B. Fairbanks 

Isaac B. Sanger 

Obed C. Parker 

Alvin h uller, 2d 

Francis W. Fuller 

Nepouset, see Dorchester 

New Ashford, Miss Caroline Dewey 

New Bedford, Cyrus VV. Chapman 

New Boston, see Sandisfield 

New Braintree, George K. Tufts 

Jvewbury : 

By field, Miss Harriet L. Moodv 

Newburyport, George J . L. Colby 

New England Village, see Grafton 
New Lenox, see I^euox 

New Marlborough, 


Mill River, 

New Salem, 

North New Salem, 


Ne.viou (^'iitre, 

Newton Lower Falls, 

Newton Upper Falls, 


Sheldon W. Wright 

Austin Biett 

John S. Wolfe 

Augustus Turner 

Frederick A. Haskell 

Coolidge A. Bullard 

Lyman E. Moore 

Edwin Holinan 

Stillman C. Spauldiiig 

William Mills 

James H. Giant 

Jeremiah B. Lovett 


West Newton, 



North Andover, 


John Mead 

George L Bourne 

Lorenzo VV. .loy 

Henry F. Cutler 

Alfred P. Critchlow 

John Foster 

North Andover Depot, Andrew Smith 

Northb. ro.igh, John B. Crawford 

Northbrklge, Leander F. Smith 

Northbridge Centre, Wm. B. Fuller 

VVhitinsviUe, Jas. F. Whitin 

Nortli Bridgewater, Henry French 

Caiiipeilo. Nelson J. Foss 

North-West Bridgewater, Levi French 
North Brookdeld, Win. H Beecher 

North Chelsea, Jiimes L. Wiggin 

Northrteld, George Hastings 

Northlield Farms, Moses Fiheld 

West Northtield, Elijah K. Bolding 

North Heading, Alonzo K. Damon 

Norton, Mrs. Harriet Hodges 

Norwich, see Huntington 
Oakdale, see West Boylston 
Oakham, Alanson Proiity 

Cold Brook Springs, Geo. L. Kipley 

Orange, Davis (ioddard 

North Orange, Nathau L. Johr.son 

Orleans, MisS Amelia Snow 

South Orleans, John Henrick 

East Orleans, Lot Higgins 

Osierville, see Barnstable 
Otis, Joseph L. Waters 

East Otis, Lorenzo E. Perkins 

West Otis, Lyman H. Thomson 

Cold Spring, ' Wm. J. Cantield 

Otter River, see Templeton 
Oxford William E. Pease 

North Oxford, Miss M. E. Stone 

Palmer Cvrus Knox 

Thorndike, Gamaliel Collins 

Three Itivers, George W. Randall 

Bond's Village, Nathan D. Wight 

Parksville, see Brlmfitld 
Paxton, Nathaninl Clark 

Peabody, David Woodbury 

Pilliam", Mvret E. Boynton 

Pembroke, James H. Whitman 

East Pembroke, Miss L. A. Hatch 

Pepperell, .'ohn Loring 

East Pepperell, James A. Elliott 

Peru, Sylvester S. Bowen 

Petersham, Samson Weth^rell 

Phillipston, Jason Goulding 

Pigeon Cove, see Rockport 
Pittstield, Henrv ('bickering 

West Pitt*field, Augustus W. Williams 
Plaiiitield, Leonard Campbell 

Plainville, see Wrenlham 
Plymouth, Georare F. Weston 

South Plymouth, Josiah C. Hovey 

Chiltonviile, Geo. Bramhall, jr. 

Plympton, Zaccheus Parker 

Plympton Station, Cephas Washburn 

North Plympton, James M. Harrub 

Pocasset, see Sandwich 
Pratt's Juuctiou, see Sterling 
Prescott, I.iberty Cosette 

North Prescott, Edward A. Thomas 

Princeton, David H. Gregory 

East Princeton, Joseph Wliitcomb 

Provincetown, Benj. F. Hutchinson 

Quincv, John B. Bass 

Quiucy Point, Zenas H. Sidelinger 

Randolph, John G. Poole 

East Randolph, Ephraim W. Lincoln 

South " Daniel Faxon 

Raynham, Richard A. Leonard 

Reading, Lewis E. Gleason 

Readville Station, see Dedham 
Rehoboth, John C. Marvel 

North Rehoboth, Greenville Stevens 

Richmond, Miss Jennie E. Williams 

Ringville, see Worthington 
Rochester, John W. Sherman 

North Rochester, John B. Doruin 

Rock, see Middleborough 
Rockbottom, see Stow 

Rockport, William W. Marshall 

Pigeon Cove, Austin W. Story 

Rockville, see Medway 

Edward Wright 

Thomas B. Cressey 

Charles H. Newton 

Benj. B. Murdock 

Justin I). Parks 

Alonzo Davis 

Guilford Welsh 

Andrew J. Pierce 

Ezra Merrill, jr. 

Cyrus Dearborn 

Miss Caroline A. Balch 

Elind Taylor 

Samuel C. I'arsous 

Rollin A. Webster 

Frederic S. Pope 

Joseph Ewer, jr. 

Charles Bourne 

Solomon C. Howland 

Isaac Keitlt 

Abram F. Swift 

Asa Raymond 

Paul Wing 

Sau"us,~ Miss Charlotte M. Hawkes 

Smigus Centre, Julian D. Lawrence 

Cliftondale, George H. Sweetser 

Saundersville, see Grafton 

Savoy, Calvin Bowker 

Saxoii'ville, see Framingham 

Scituate, K/.ekiel Jones, jr. 

North Scituate, Benjamin Brown, jr. 

Scorland, see Bridgewater 

Seekonk : 

South Seekonk, Nathan Munroe 

Sharon, Charles F. Bryant 

East Sharon, Warren Cobb 

Shattuckville, see Coleraine 

Sheffield, Mrs. Abigail R. Ensign 

East Sheffield, 'fobt. L. laft 

Ashley Falls, Albert Le Roy 

Shelburne, John A. Franklin 

East Shelburne, Henry M. Fisk 

Shelburne Falls, Alfred Bowen 

Shi'ldonville, see Wrentham 

Sherborn, Henry W.Bullard 




South Royalston, 

North Rutland, 


East Salisbury, 


New Boston, 

South Sandisfield, 

East Sandwich, 

North " 

.South " 

West " 



Spring Hill, 

Jonas Longley 

William W. Edgerion 

Samuel J. Howe 

Abel P. Brown 

Nathan S. Davis 

William H. Weston 

Francir G. Hartshorn 

Thomas G. Temple 

.4rd G. Jitdd 

Miss Sallv W. E«te 

Curtis Wood 

Miss A. E. Newton 

Mrs. Sophronia F. ISacon 

^,„„ „_^^, William J. Keith 

South Dauvers, changed to Peabody 
Southtield, see New Marlborough 
South Hadley, Gilbert >!■ Smith 

South Hadley Falls, Hiram Smith, jr. 

South Reading, changed to Wakefield 


Shirley Village, 
Smiihville, see Barre 

East Somerville, 

North Somerville, 



Globe Village, 

^50uth Scituate, 

We.>t Scituate, 

North Spencer, 

Indian Orchard, 
Spring Hill, see .Sandwich 
State Line, see West Stockbridge 
Sterling, Perley Bartlett 

West Sterling, Julius Fitts 

T>i-;itf 'c .Tiini?f in 

Eben T. Fogg, jr. 

Benjamin N. Curtis 

Urriu A. Granger 

Horace A. Grout 

Sheldin C. Tyrrell 

William Stowe 

Calvin J. Eaton 

Pratt's Junction, 
Still River, see Harvard 

Isaac H. Currier 




East StougJiton, 

North •' 

Rook Bottom, 


Nathaniel A. Waters 

Henrv M. Burrall 

ChH'les Goodrich 

Edward T. Whittier 

Charles S. Richardson 

Abraham Holmes 

Henry M. aiU 

John S. Fletcher 

Augustus Rice 

Henry Haynes 

EnioryL. Bales 

B. Alien Burbeck 




North Sudbury, 

South " 

West Sutton, 



North Swansea, 

East Tiiunton, 



East Tenipk'ton, 

Otter Kiver, 
Tiiorndike, see Palmer 
Three Kivers, see Palmer 
Tisbury : 

West Tisbury, 

Holmes's Hole, 

Townsend Harbor, 

West Townseud, 

North Truro, 

West Upton, 

North Uxbridge, 

Abel G. Haynes 

James P. Stone 

Emory Hunt 

Horace Lyman 

Wilder S. Holbrook 

Samuel N. Waters 

William Abbott 

David T. Dudley 

Jacob P. Porter 

Henry O. Wood 

Mason Barney, jr. 

Abijah M. Ide 

Chauncy (i. Washburn 

William Simms 

Julius A. Jones 

Edwin Sawyer 

Fitch L. Sargeaiit 

Francis Leland 

Heiiry E. Preslou 

Joseph B. Nickerson 

James D. Peakes 

Miss Jane E. Harrison 

Benjamin P. Adams 

ChBrles Osgo<'d 

Charles Emery 

Augustus G. Stickney 

Samuel C. Paine 

John Grozer 

J. H. D. Littlt'liale 

Orson Webster 

Horace Forbush 

Eli W. Batclielor 

Charles A. Tat't 

Arnold S. Sweet 

Van Deusenville, see Great Barnngton 
Wachusett Village, see Westminster 



East Walpole, 
South " 


Samuel Kingman 

Ch;irU'S M. OliTer 

Absalom Gardner 

George H. Gill 

George W. .lolinson 

Naaman B. Wilmouth 

Newell Sherman 

Waquoit, see Falmouth 

East Wareham, 

West " 

West Warren, 

Mt. Auburn, 
■Waverly, see Belmont 


Wellesley, see Needham 

South Wellfleet, 

Wendell Depot, 

Lock's Village, 
West Boylston, 

John W. Cummings 

Miss Ann C. Churchill 

Washington Bassett 

Moses S. F. Tobey 

Abner Albee 

Joseph F HitclicdCk 

, Lewis Elwell 

Frederick W. Manley 

Arch'd JlcJIitster 

Robert B. Safford 

John M. Seward, jr. 
Daniel C. Atwood 
Augustus E, Day 

George T. Wyer 

Stephen A. Hatch 

Joseph Forbes 

Danforth Putnam 

William K. Haskell 

William W. Fowler 

Josiah Childs 

Albert Hinds 

West Bridgcwater, 

West Brookfield, 

Forge Village, 


Joseph E. Waite 
Jarvis D. Burrell 

Charles Perkins 
Ezra H. Bl;,ir 

Edwin B. Smith 
John B. Fletcher 

Luther Prescott 

l.saac P. Woods 

West Gloucester, see Gloucester 

West Hampton, Thomas C. Davenport 

Westminster, Samuel G. KiMidall 

Wachusett Village, Benjamin Wyman 

West Newbury, Michael W. Bartlett 

Weston, George W. Cutting 

Westport, Nathaniel W. Winchester 

South Westport, Frederick Browmll 

Central Village, Stephen A. Brownell 

Westport Point, Alexander H. Cory 

West Koxbury, William S. Keith 

Jamaica Plain, Mrs. Maria A. Robinson 

West Scituati", see South Scituate 

West Spriiiglied, Henry A. Phelon 

Ashleyville, Edward Kneeland 

Mitiiueague, Luke Bliss 

West .>tockbridge, William C. Spaulding 

West Srockbridge Centre, Jas. B. Munn 

State Liui 

East Weymouth, 

South ■" 

North " 

Fast VVhately, 

George Arnold 

George W. U'liite jr. 

Henry Loud 

Eleazer S. Wright 

John W. Bartlett 

Sanmel l^esure 

Caleb L. Thayer 

Whitinsville, see Northbridge 

Wilbraham, Mrs. Hannah E. Hempstead 
i*-outh Wilbraham, Sol. C. Spellman 

Collius's Depot, Warren Collins 

Wilkinsonville, see Sutton 

Williamsburg, Henry L. James 

Haydenville, Joel Hayden, jr. 

Willimansett, see Chicopee 


South Williamstown, 

North Wilmington, 

East Windsor, 

Nortli Woburn, 

East " 

Wood's Hole, see Falmouth 
Woodville, .see Hojikiutou 

Calvin R. Taft 

AVm. E. Johnson 

Joseph A. Ames 

hilas Huik 

Edwin S. Men ill 

George P. Brown 

L. Emerson Bicknell 

Reuben Pierce 

Warren Belcher 

Nathan Wyman 

Edward E. Thompson 

Albert L. Richardson 


West Wortiiington, 


South Worthington, 

North Wrentham, 




Yarmouth Port, 

West Yarmouth, 

South " 

Josiah Picket 

Horace Cole 

Russell Bartlett 

Wm. D. Sanderson 

Elisha R. Converse 

Alfred Barnard 

Henry Trowbridge 

Philander P. Cook 

John P. Cheever 

Homer A. Follett 

fsa:)c Ryder 

Benjamin H. Matthews 

I'reeman H. ('rowell 

Peleg P. Akin 


U. S. Engineer/ office for Fort and Sea Walls, 75 State street. 

Maj.-Gen. H. W. Benham, senior Eii::^ineer in charge of Forts Warren, 
Independence, and Winthrop, and the Sea Walls of Boston Harbor ; Brevt.- 
Major Geo. Burroughs, and Lieut. W. S. Stanton, assistants. 

U. S. Engineers' office for improvements in Boston and Provincetown Harbors, 
City Hall. Major-Gen. John G. Foster, Engineer in charge, Col. G. L. 
Gillespie, Asst. 




IN NEW ENGLAND. Correcte<l October 5, 1868. 


On Orders not exceeding $20 

Over $20 and not exceeding $30. . . . . . 

Over $30 and not exceeding $40 

Over $40 and not exceeding $50 

No single order issued for more than 

10 cents 
15 cents 
20 cents 
25 cents 

















Fort Fnirfield. 

Fox croft. 

Card i tier. 




Mechanics' Falls. 





Presque Isle. 





South Berwick. 





New Hampsliire. 










Great Falls. 











New Ipswich. 







Bellows Falls. 







Derby Line. 

East "Alburgh. 

Fair Haven. 

Island Pond. 






Niirth field. 


St. Albans. 

St. .lohnsbury. 





West Randolph. 















East Hampton. 


Fall River. 




Great Barrington. 


Groton Junction. 













New Bedford. 



North Adams. 



















Yarmouth Port. 

Rhode Island. 


East Greenwich. 







Wick ford. 

Woousocket Falls. 









Falls Village. 






Mystic Bridge. 


New Britain. 

New London. 

New Milford. 

New Haven. 





Stafford Springs. 




West Killingly. 

West Meriden. 

West Winsted. 






Barnstable County. 
Barnstable, F. G. Kelly, Centre- 

Brewster, Chas. S. Foster 
Chatham, Josiah Mayo 
Dennis, Jonathan Bangs, South 

Easthain, Joshua Paine 
Falmouth, Thos. Lewis, Jr. 
Harwich, B. G. Phillips 
Orleans, Freeman Mayo 
Provincetown, Paron C. Young 
Sandwich, David C. Percival 
Truro, Samuel C. Paine 
Wellfleet, James T. Atwood 
Yarmouth, Wm. P. Davis 

Berkshire County. 

Adams, A. B. Wright 

Alfurd, William B. Fenn 

Becket, Mark P. Carter 

Cheshire, Edwin F. Nickerson 

Clarksburg, Eli T. Clark, North 

Dalton, Henry Ferre 

Egreinunt, Joseph A. Benjamin, 
rfouth Egremont 

Florida, A. D. Tower 

Great Barrington, Isaac Seeley 

Hancock, Chas. B. Wells 

Hinsdale, John Cady 

Lanesburough, Chas. B. Whitney 

Lee, J. F. Uook 

Lenox, David E. Bangs 

Monterey, A. Gai field 

Mount Washington, Orrin C. Whit- 
beck, South Egremont 

New Ashtbrd, E. Ingraham 

New Marlborough, Seth Pease, Mill 

Otis, Isaac J. Norton 

Peru, H. A. Messenger 

Pittsfield, James M. Barker 

Kichmond, H. B. Stevens 

Sandisfield, Eliud Taylor 

Savoy, Eusibius McCuUock 
Sheffield, John D. Burtch 

Stockbridge, E. Seymour 

Tyringham, Geo. W. Garfield 

Washingfon, Simpson Bell 

W. Stockbridge, Wm, C. Spaulding 

Williamstown, B. F. Mather, Jr. 
Windsor, L. E. Bicknell 

Bristol County. 
Acushnet, Benjamin White 
Attleborough, N. C. Luther 
Berkley, T. P. Buit 
Dartmouth, John W. Howland. 
Dighton, Wm. Wood 
Easton, John Kimball 
Fairhaven, Tucker Damon, Jr. 
Fall River, George A. Ballard 
Freetown, D. C. PL Hatheway 
Mansfield, E. M. Reed 
New Bedford, Henry T. Leonard 
Norton, Austin Mes^«enger 
Raynham, A. A. Leach 
Rehoboth, Cyrus M. Wheaton 
Seekonk, Willard C. Ormsbee 
Somerset, J. B. Slade 
Swansea, J. G. Luther 
Taunton, James M. Cushman 
Westport, Albert C. Kirby, Central 

Dukes County. 
Chilmark, James M. Tilton 
E'lgartown, B. C. Marchant 
Gosnold, Samuel E. Skitf 
Tisbury, Lot Luce 

Essex County. 

Amesbury, Jos. Merrill 

Andover, E. K. .Jenkins 

Beverly, James Hill 

Boxford, Roscoe W. Gage 

Bradford, Nathaniel Hatch 

Danvers, A. S. Howard 

Essex, John C. Choato 

Georgetown, Chas. E. Jewett 

Gloucester, David W. Low 

Groveland, Chas. H. Hopkinson 

Hamilton, I. F. Knowlton 

Haverhill, William B. Eaton 

Ipswich, Wesley K. Bell 

Lawrence, Geo. R. Rowe 

Lynn, Benj. H. Jones 

Lynnfield, J. Danforth, Lynnfield 

Manchester, John Lee 
Maiblehead, Glover Broughton 
Methuen, Charles Shed 
Middleton, J. A. Batchelder 
Nahant, Alfred D. Johnson 
Newbury, Wm. Little 
Newburyport, Eleazer Johnson 
North Andover, A. D. Carlton 



Peabody, Nathan H. Poor 
Rockport, William Pool 
Rowley, John S. Prime 
Salem, Stephen P. Webb 
Salisbury, Samuel J. Brown 
Saugus, Wm. H. Newball 
Swampscott, Wm. D. Brackett, Jr. 
Topsfi Id, J. P. Towne 
Wen ham, Joseph Cook 
West Newbury, John C. Carr 

Franklin County. 
Ashfield, lieniy S. Piuiiney 
Bernardston, Silas N. Brooks 
Buckland, Samuel Tobey, Shelburne 

Charlemont, H. H. Mayhew 
Coleraine, A. C. Smith 
Conway, H. W. Billings 
Deerfleld, Charles W^illiams 
Erving, Noah Rankin 
Gill, Josiali D. Canning 
Greenfield. Noah S. Wells 
Hawley, F. H. Sears, West Hawley 
Heath, Ephiaim Scott 
Leverett. E. M. Ingram 
Leyden, Divid Mowiy 
Monroe, Juseph U. Hicks 
Montague, J. H. Root 
New Salem, Royal Whitaker 
Northfield, Samuel W. Dutton 
Orange, R. D. Chase 
Rowe. James M. Ford 
Shelbuine, A. K. Hawkes 
Shute.><bury, Joseph A. Haskins 
Sunderland, J. M. Smith 
AVarwick, A. S. Atherton 
Wendell, Marcus M. Stehbins ' 
Whately, Samuel Lesure 

Hampden County. 

Agawam, S. H. Bodurtha 
Blandford, Elisha W. Shepard 
Brimfield. Henry F. Brown 
Chester, Timothy KeefFo 
Chicopee, Lester Dickinson 
Granville, J. 31. Gibbons, Granville 

Holland, F. E. Kinney 
Holyoke, E. H. Flagg 
Longmeadow, Oliver Wolcott, East 

Ludlow, Benjamin F. Burr 
Monson, George H. Newton 
Montgomery, L. T. Allyu 
Palmer, James B. Shaw 
Russell, Horace Parks 

Southwick, Goodman B. Palmer 
Springfield, Albert T. Folsom 
Tolland, Wm. W. Harrison 
Wales, G. S. Rogers 
Westfield, George H. Douglas 
W. Springfield, J. M. Harmon 
Wilbraham, Frank Clark 

Hampshire County. 

Amherst, Samuel C. Carter 
Belchertown, E. R. Bridgman 
Chesterfield, Albert Nichols 
Cummington, Almon Mitchell 
East Hampton, Charles B. Johnson 
Enfield, Augustus Moody 
Goshen, Elijah Billings 
Granby, Pliilo Cbapin 
Greenwich, David Allen, Greenwich 

Hadley, Wm. S. Shipraan 
Hatfield, AVm. D. Billings 
Huntington, Wm. S. Tinker 
Middlefield, J. McElwain 
Northampton, W. F. Arnold 
Pelham, Calvin D. Eaton 
Plainfield, Freeman Hamlen 
Pre.scott, H. B. Hodgkin 
South Hadloy, Joseph Bardwell 
Southampton, Lyman C. Tiffany 
Ware, Lewis P. Edwards 
Westhampton, P. N. Loud 
Williamsburg, Thomas 3L Carter 
Worthington, Edward C. J^orter 

Middlesex County. 

Acton, William D. Tuttle 
Arlington, John F. Allen 
Ashby, A. A. Carr 
Ashland, William A. Tilton 
Bedford, Win. A. Stearns 
Belmont, Francis E Yates 
Billtrica, Dudley Foster 
Boxborough, Oliver Wetherbee 
Brighton, Webster F. Wan en 
Burlington, Samuel Sewall 
Cambridge, Justin A. Jacobs 
Carlisle, George F. Duren 
Charlestown. Daniel Williams 
Chebn.sford, E. F. Webster 
Concord, George Heywood 
Dracut, Henry Richardson 
Dunstable, James C. Woodward 
Framingham, Charles S. Whitmore 
Groton, George D. Brigham 
Holliston, John M. Batchelder 
Hopkinton, J. H. Palmi r 
Hudson, Edwin Amsden 



Lexington, L. A. Savllle 
Lincoln, Henry C Chapin 
Littleton, Win. Kimball 
Lowell, John H. McAlvin 
Maiden, Albert F. Sargent 
Marlborough, Edward Ij Bigelow 
Medford, Parker R. Litchfield 
Melrose, Stinson Sewell 
Natick, George L. Sleeper 
Newton, Marshall S. Rice 
North Reading, Charles P. Howard 
Pepperell, David W. Jewett 
Reading, Wm. J. Wightman 
Sherborn, Jos. Dowse, Jr. 
Shirley, Hermon S. Hazen 
Somerville, C E. Gilman 
Sionebam, Silas Dean 
Stow, Henry Gates 
Sudbury, Jonas S. Hunt 
Tewksbury, Samuel L xillen 
Townsend, Daniel Adams 
Tyngsborough, W. A. Cummings 
Wakefield, Benjamin F. Packard 
Walthani, Daniel French 
Watertown, Joseph Crafts 
Wayland, Henry Wight 
Westford, Rev. Leonard Luce 
Weston, George W. Cutting, Jr. 
Wilmington, W. H. Carter, North 

Winchester, George P. Brown 
Woburn, Nathan Wyman 

Nantucket County. 

Nantucket, William Cobb 

Norfolk County. 

Bellingham, R. F. Thayer 
Braintiee, E. Watson Arnold 
Brookline, Benjamin F. Baker 
Canton, Charles Endicott 
Cohasset, Edward Tower 
Dedham, Jonathan H. Cobb 
Dorchester, Thomas F. Temple 
Dover, Abner L. Smith 
Foxbourough, William H. Thomas 
Franklin, Alpheus \ Russegue 
Hyde Park, C W. Turner 
Medfield, H. J. Everett 
Medway, George P. Metcalf 
Milton, Jason Reed 
Needham, Solomon Flagg, W^ellesley 
Quincy, George L. Gill 
Randolph, Hiram C. Alden 
Sharon, Otis Johnson 
Stoughton, Luther S. Leach 
Walpole, George P. Morey 

West Roxbury,. William Maccarty 
Weymouth, Francis Ambler 
Wrentham, Samuel Warner 

Plymouth County. 

Abington, Nathaniel T. Hunt 

Bridgewater, Lewis Holmes 

Carver, William Hammond 

Duxbury, Josiah Peterson 

East Bridgewater, Jacob A. Rogers 

Halifax, Edwin Inglee 

Hanover, Albert Stetson 

Hanson, Josephus Bryant 

Hingham, Charles N. Marsh 

Hull, Orlando D. Cook 

King.>ton, Nathan Brooks 

Lakeville, C. T. Westgate, Middle- 

Marion, Jordan B. Barden 

Marshtield, Daniel Stevens 

Mattapoisett,. Thomas Nelson 

Middleborough, Cornelius B. Wood 

North Bridgewater, W. H. Wales 

Pembroke, Francis Collamore, North 

Plymouth, Leander Loved 

Plynipton, W^iUiam Perkins 

Rochester, John S. Ryder 

Scituate, J. L Merritt, North Scituate 

South Scituate, Ebenezer T. Fogg 

Wareham, Alvan Gibbs 

West Bridgewater, Austin Packard 

Suffolk County. 
Boston, Samuel F. McCleary 
Chelsea, Samuel Bassett 
North Chelsea, William T. Hall 
Winthrop, Edward Floyd 

Worcester County. 
Ashburnham, Jerome W. Foster 
Athol, Thomas H. Goodspeed 
Auburn, Emory Stone 
Barre, H. F. Brooks 
Berlin, Josiah E. Sawyer 
Blackstone, James K. Comstock 
Bolton, Richard S. Edes 
Boylston, H. H. Brigham, Boylston 

Brookfield, H. V. Crosby 
Charlton, George H. Tatt 
Clinton, H. C. Greeley 
Dana, D. L. Richards, North Dana 
Douglas, Aaron M. Hill, East Douo'- 

Dudley, Moses Barnes, Jr. 
Fitchburg, Henry Jackson 
Gardner, Francis Richardson 



Grafton, James W. White 
Hard wick, Albert E. Knight 
Harvard, Hiram Whitney 
Holden, S. K. Armington 
Hubbardston, Lyman Woodward 
Lancaster, J. L. S. Thompson 
Leicester, Joseph A. Denny 
Leominster, Joel C Allen 
Lunenburg, James Putnam 
Mendon, David Adams 
Milford, Lewis Fales 
Millbury, Ira N. Goddard 
New Braintree, George K. Tufts 
Northborough, J. L. Stone 
Northbrido;e, Hiram Win"; 
North Brook field, Hiram Knights 
Oakham, James Allen 
Oxford, John B. Pratt 
Paxton, John C. Bigelow 
Petersham, Lewis AVhitney 
Phillip.ston, Lyman White 

Princeton, D. H. Gregory 
Royalston, George F. Miller 
Rutland, George A. Putnam 
Shrewsbuiy, Charles 0. Green, Jr. 
Southborough, Franklin Este 
Suuthbridge, S. S. Perry 
Spencer, John N. Grout 
Sterling, William D. Peck 
Sturbridge, Emory L.Bates, Fiskdale 
Sutton, Wilder S. Holbrook 
Templetnn, Gerard Bushnell 
Upton, W. B. Fay 
Uxbridge, Henry Capron 
Warren, Samuel E. Blair 
Webster, S. A. Tingier 
Westborough, Samuel M. Griggs 
West Boylston, Edward Howe 
West Brookfield, E. H. Blair 
Westminster, William Mayo 
Winchendon, Webster Whitney 
Worcester, Samuel Smith 




1st. Charles G. Davi^, Plymouth. 

2nd. Nathaniel Waly, Stoughton. 

3rd. W. R. Lee, Bunion. 

4th. Otis Clapp, Boston. 

5th. Eben. F. Stone, Newhuryport. 

6th. P. J. Stone, Charlestown. 

7tb. C. C. Esty, Fruininyham. 

8th. Ivers Phillips, Worcester. 

9th. Amasa Norcross, Fitchburg. 

10th. C. N. Emerson, Piltsfield. 



1st. James Bnffinton, Fall River. 

2nd. Bcnj. W. Hams, Boston. 

3rd. Wm. H. McCartney, Boston. 

4th. John Sargent, Boston. 

5th. C C. Dame, Newhuryport. 

6th. Nathaniel S. Howe, Haverhill. 

7th. John Nesmith, Lowell. 

8th. A. B. R. Sprague, Worcester. 

9th. Daniel W. Alvord, Greenfield. 

10th. E. R. Tinker, North Adams. 

Supervisor, State of Massachusetts, John N. Barbour, Boston. 



District 1. — James M. Bunker, New Bedford. 

" 2. — Samuel B. Noyes, Canton. 

" 3. — William Rogers, Boston. 

" 4. — Samuel L. Thorndike, Boston. 

" 5. — Benjamin C. Perkins, Salem. 

" 6. — Edgar J. Sherman, Lawrence. 

<' 7. — Andrew F. Jewett, Lowell. 

" 8. — Peter C. Bacon, Worcester. 

'• 9. — Ithamar F. Coiike}-, Amherst. 

" 10. — Joseph Tucker, Lenox. 



The number of Enrolled Militia in the Commonwealth for the year 
1868 is one hundred and sixty-nine thousand one hundred and sixty-seven 
(169,167), an increase of six thousand six hundred and eighty-two (6,682) 
over the year 1867. 

Agreeably to the provisions of Chap. 219, Acts of 1866, the number of 
companies of the Volunteer Mihtia were apportioned as follows : of In- 
fantry, one humlred companies; of Cavalry, eight companies, and of Light 
Artillery, five companies. These were exclusive of the two companies of 
Cadets. There are at the present time ninety-four companies of Infantry, 
six companies of Cavalry, and four Batteries of Light Artillery. These are 
divided among counties as follows : Sutfolk County, forty-one companies of 
Infantry, three companies of Cavalry, and two companies of Light Artillery. 
Middlesex County, eighteen companies of Infantry, two companies of Cav- 
alry, and one company of Artillery. Essex County, fourteen comp mies of 
Infantry, and one company of Artillery. Bristol County, six compmies 
of Infantry, and one company of Cavalry. Worcester County, seven con- 
panies of Infantry. Norfolk County, two companies of Infantry. Hamp- 
shire County, three companies of Infantry. Plymouth County, two comjjanies 
of Infantry. Hampden County, one company of Infantry. 

Commander in Chief and Staff. 

Commander-in-Chief, His Excellency William Claflin, of Newton. 
Adjutant-General (wiih rank of Major-Gen' i), James A. Cunningham, Boston. 
Quarter inaxter-Gener(d (^wilh rank of Brig.-Gen'l), John H. Reed, of Boston. 
Surgeon-General (with rank of Brig,-Gen'l), Wm. J. Dale, of North Amlover. 
Aide-de-Cainp (with rank tf Co/.), Adin B. Underwood, of Newton. 
Aide-de-Camp (loith rank of CM.), Jimes L. Bites, of Weymouth. 
Aide-de-Canip (with rank (f Col.), Edward N. Hallowell, of Boston. 
Aide-de-Camp (with rank of Col.). J. Cushing EJmvnds, of Newton. 
Assist. Adjutant-General (w/ih rank of Col.), Nehemiah Brown, of Bo-iton. 
Assist. Surr/eon-General (with rank of Co!.), Anson P. Hooker, of C imdridge. 
Deputy Quartermaster- General (rank of Co'.), S. E. Chamberlain, Ctmbridge. 
Assist. Adjutant-General (with rank of Lt.-Col), Henry Ware, of Cambridge. 
Surgeon- General's Drpartment (rank Major), William C Ci[)elle, of Boston. 
Assist. Inspector-General (rank of Capt.), VVilliam E. Wilson, of Boston. 

Division Commander and Staff. 

Major-General, Benjamin F. Butler, of Lowell. 

Assist. Adjutant-General (rank Col.), Edgar J. Sherman, of Lawrence. 

Medical Director (rank Col.), Yorick G. Hurd, of Ipswich. 

Assist. Inspector-General (rank Lt.-Col.) Wm. H. Lawrence, of Boston. 

Assist. Quartermaster (with rank of Lt.-Col.), George J. Carney, of Lowell. 

Aide-de-Canip (with rank of Ma/or), Roland G. Usher, of Lynn. 

Aide-de-Camp (rank of Major), Edward J. Jones, of Boston. 

Judge Advocate (with rank oj\]Iajor), Edwin L. Barney, of New Bedford. 

First Brigade. 

Brigadier- General, Isaac S. Burrill, of Boston. 

Assist. Adjutant-General (rank of Lt.-CoL), Charles W. Wilder, of Boston. 
Medical Director (rank of Lt.-Col.) Joseph Stedman, of West Roxbury. 
Assist. Quartermaster (with rank of Captain'), Samuel Talbot, Jr., of Boston. 
Assist. Inspector-General (rank of Major), Charles A. Davis, of Boston. 
Engineer (with rank of Ca/>tain), John Qaincy Adams, of Chelsea. 
Aide-de-Camp (rank Captain), Moses E. Bigelow, of Boston. 
Judge Advocate (rank Captain), Solomon A. Bolster, of Boston. 

First Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Geo. H. Johnston, of Boston. 
Lieut.- Colonel, Alfred .\. Proctor, of Boston. 
Major, John .McDonough, of Boston. 
Adjutant, Henry W. Wilson, of Boston. 

Quartermaster, Alfred E. Proctor, Boston. 
Surgeon (rank of Major), Geo. J. Arnold, 

Assist. Surgeon, Robert White, Jr., Boston. 
Chaplain, Warren H. Cudworth, of Boston. 




A. — Boston, Cnpt. Nathaniel H. Kemp. 

1st Lieut, Geo. A. .1. Colgan. 

2d Lieut., Jas. F. MoKenzie. 
B.| — Boston, Cnpt., George H. Smith. 

1st Lieut., George R. Battis. 

2d Lieut., Shadnich K. Morris. 

C. — Boston, Capt., Henry Parkinson. 

1st Lieut., William H. Alexander. 
2d Lieut., James L. Martin. 

D. — Boston, C"pt., Charlps G. Burgess. 

1st Lieut., William G. Fish. 
2d Lieut., Henry A. Tlioma^. 

E. — Boston, Oipt., Paul M. Foss. 

1st Lieut., George W. Carter. 

2d Lieut., George W. Westcott. 
F.— Boston, C<ipt., William Evans. 

1st Lieut, Matthew Walsh. 

2d Lieut., John Coullahan. 
G, — Boston, Cnpt, . 

1st Lieut., -lolin W. W. Marjoram. 

2d Lieut, Ciiarles \\. Lambert. 
H. — Chelsea, Cnpt, John H. Perry. 

1st Lieut, Edwin H. Butts. 

2d Lieut, Henry Wilson, Jr. 
I. — Dorchester, Capt, Joseph T. Paget. 

1st Lieut., John E. E. Ooward. 

2d Lieut., Edmund B. Smith. 
K. — Boston, Capt.. James S. Kingman. 

1st Lieut, H. Floyd Faulkner. 

2d Lieut., Amos Cummings. 

Third Regiment of Infaiitry. 

Colonel, Thomas J. Borden, Fall River. 
Lieut.,-C"l<mel, (i. Hurhert Bates, Scituate. 
Afnjoi, Bradford 1). Davol, Fall River. 
Adjutant, Nathan laylor. Fall River. 
Quartermaster, Earl P. Bowen, Fall River. 
Surgeon, Joseph W. Hay ward, Taunton. 
Assist. Surgeon. Robert E. Jameson, Ab- 

Chaplain, Lewis B. Bates, New Bedford. 


A. — Halifax, Cnpt., . 

1st Lieut., Norton V. Ronney. 

2d Lieut., Lysander NL Thompson. 

B. — Fall River, Capt., Edward I. Marvel. 

1st Lieut., Joseph Bowers Jr. 
2d Lieut., Ferdinand S. Read. 

C. — Scituate, Capt John E. 0. Prouty. 

1st Lieut, Henry H. Chubbuck. 
2d Lieut., James L. Prouty, 2d. 
D.— Fall River, Cnpt., Sierra L. Braley. 
1st Lieut., Frank McGraw. 
2d Lieut., Josiah A. Htmt. 

E. — New Bedford, Cnpt., Win. E. Mason. 

1st Lieut., Thomas .1. Gifford. 
2d Lieut., Sylvester C. Spooner. 

F. — Taunton, Capt., William Watts. 

l$t Lieut., . 

2c? Lieut, David B. Lincoln. 

G. — Taunton, Capt, Frederick Mason. 

1st Lieut., Francis L. Morse. 

2d Lieut., Frank Bosworth. 
H. — Quincy, Cnpt., William Boyd. 

1st Lieut., Henry Talbot. 

2d Lieut, Michael M. Leahy. 
I. — Stoughton, Cnpt., Jas. F. McGonigle. 

1st Lieut., Michael Conly. 

2d Lieut., Daniel Sullivan. 

K. — Abington, Capt, Joshua F. Winslow. 
1st Lieut., Morton E. Harding. 
2d Lieut., Timothy S. Atwood. 

L. — Carver, Capt, Thomas B. Griffith. 
1st Lieut., Linus A. Shaw. 
2d Lieut, Henry White. 

M. — Plymouth, C'pt., ,lo^\ah R. Drew. 
1st Lieut, Edwin F. Phiniies". 
2d Lieut., Sylvester R. Swett. 

Seventh Regiment of Infantry. 

Col., Chas. F. Harrington, Dorchester. 
Lieut.-Col., Chas. H. Porter, Quincy. 
.\fnjor, Charles E. Spaulding. 
Adjutant, David C. Sisson, Boston. 
Qunrterinnster, Jas. C. Laughton, Boston. 
Surgeon, William H. Page, of Boston. 
Ax^'t Surgeon, Charles W. Heaton, Boston. 


A. — Boston, Capt, Eben W. Fiske. 

Isl Lieut., Watson Gore, Jr. 
2d Lieut , . 

B. — Boston, Cnpt., Walter S. Sampson. 

1st Lieut., Luther W. Bixby. 
2d Lieut, . 

C. — Boston, Cnpt., .John W. Martin. 

1st Lieut., Daniel F. French, 
2d Lieut, Samuel B. Turner 

D. — Boston, Capt.. . 

1st Lieut, . 

2d Lieut., Frank B. Bowers. 

E. — Boston, Capt., Henry J. Hallgreen. 

1st Lieut Henry C. Dimond. 
2d Lieut., Frank E. Tufts. 

F — Boston, Cnpt., Samuel H. Robinson. 
1st Lieut., Geo. ^L Lovering. 
2d Lieut, Francis W. Holmes. 

G. — Disbanded. 
H. — Disbanded. 

1. — Boston, Capt, Gurdon S. Brown. 
1st Lieut., Martin A. Munroe. 
2c? Lieut., Albert P. Sanborn. 

K. — Boston, Cnpt. M. James Dunn. 
1st Lieut., Jefferson Hayes. 
2d Lieut , 

Ninth Regiment of Infantry. 

Col., Patrick A. O'Connell, Boston. 
Lieut-Col, James McArdle, Boston. 
Major, Patrick E. Murphy, Boston. 
Adjutant, Daniel G. McNamara, Boston. 
Quartermaster, James J. Flynn. 
Surgeon. John G. Blake, Boston. 
AssH Surgeon, James E. McDonough, Bos- 
Chaplain, Henry M. Smyth, Boston. 


A. — Boston, Capt., Timothy Teaffe. 

1st Lieut., John McGrath. 

2d Lieut, IhovadiS J. McLaughlin. 

B. — Boston, Oipt., John M. Tobin. 

1st. Lietit., ■ . 

2d Lieut., Timothy W. Murray. 

C. — Chelsea, Capt., . 

1st Lieut., Michael O'Donnell. 
2d Lieut., James A. Dinning. 



D. — Boston, Cfipt., Michael Scanlan. 

\st Lieut., Lawrence Losan. 
2d Lieut., Hugh McGunigle. 

E. — Boston, CapL, . 

\st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., Charles R. Warren. 

p. — Boston, C'lpf., Henry P. Kelley. 
1st Lieut , Dennis J. Callahan. 
2c? Lieut., John B. Reardon. 

G. — Charlestown, Cnpt., Matthew Walsh. 
Ist Lieut., William G. McElroy. 
2c? Lieut., . 

H. — Boston, Cipt., Michael McDonough. 
\st Lieut., Peter F Rourke. 
2fZ Lieut., John J. Weston. 

I. — Boston. Capt., Bernard F. Finan. 
Ist Lieut., Hugh A. Madden. 
2d Lieut., . 

K. — Boston, Copt, Robert A. Miller. 

Ist Lieut., . 

Id Lieut., Edward F. Myers. 

Second Battalion of Infant y . 

Major, Lewis Gaul, of Boston. 
Adjutant. Burrill Smith, .Tr., of Boston. 
Quartermaster, Jacob E. Chase, Salem. 


A. — Boston, Cnpt., James B. Watkins. 

\st LJeut., Peter E. Hawkins. 
2d Lieut., James J. Gardner. 

B. — New Bedford, Capt., Wesley Furlong. 

1st Lieut., John T. ToUiver. 
2d Lieut., . 

First Battalion of Cavalrjr. 

Major, Lucius Slade, of Boston. 
Adjutant, Charles B. Barrett, of Boston. 
Quartermaster, Jas. H. Pushee, of Boston. 
Asst. Surc/eo->\, Benj. H Mann, of Boston. 


A. — Boston, Capt., Barn y Hu'l 

1st Lieut., Gpo. E Richanl oa. 
2d Lieut., 0. H. P. Smith. 

B. — Boston, Cnpt., Albert Freeman. 
1st Lieut., Murdock Matheson. 
2d Lieut., David Scott. 

C. — Charlestown, Capt. Fieeman L.Gil- 
1st Lieut, Wm. H. Roberts. 
2«? Lieut, Kelsey M. Gilmore. 

D. — Boston, Capt.. Geor<ie Curtis. 
1st Lieut.. Thomas DecMtur. 
2d Lieut., Augustus P. Calder. 

First Battery of IvijjUt Artillery 
< Boston). 

Capt, Butler Libbv. 

Adjutant, Benj F. White, Cambri'lge. 

1st Lieut., . 

l.s/ Lieut., . 

2f7 Lieut., Ira C. Foster. 

2d Lieut., Harry O. Sinionds. 

Asst. Suryeim, J. Russell Little. 

Second Battery of Lis; lit Artillery 

Captain, Charles W. Baxter. 

Adjutant. Nicholas T. Aupolonio. 

Isi Lieut. Jo-ieph M. Thomas. 

1st Lietit, Chaiies W Beal. 

2d Lieut., Horace J. Hooton. 

2c? Lieut., Thomas J. Tute. 

Asst. Surgeon, William A. Browne. 

Company E, XJnattaclied Cavalry 
(New Bedford). 

Captain, Geo. R. Hurlburt. 
Adjutant, Charles S. Cummings. 
1st Lieut., .loseph H. Burgess. 
2d Lieut, Bradford Kinsley. 
AssH Surgeon, 

Second Brigade of Infantry. 

Brigadier General, George H. Peirson, of Salem. 

Asst. Adj.-Gen'l. (ranJcLt. Col.), Robert S. Daniels, of South Danvers. 

Medical Director, '' " William Injjalls, of Boston. 

Asst. Inspector Gen'l. (loith rank of Major), Eben Sutton, North Andover. 

Aide.-de-Camp (loith rank of Captain). John Kent, of Charlestown. 

A.'ist. Quartermaster (with rank of Captain). Jos. A. Ingalls, Swampscott. 

Engineer (with rank of Captain), Lorin'j; W. Muzzey, Lexington. 

Judge Advocate (rank Captain), John W. Hudson, Lexington. 

Fifth Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Geo. A. Meacham, Cambridge. 
Lieut. Col., Walter Everett, Charlestown. 
Major, Andrew A. Powers, Hudson. 
Adjutant, Henry L. Swords, Charlestown. 
Quartermaster, Daniel W. Lawrence, of 

Med fold. 
Surgeon, Joshua B. Treadwell, of Boston. 
Asst. Surgeon, Amos H. Johnson. Salem. 
Chaplain, Edward S. Atwood, Salem. 


A. — Charlestown, Capt., . 

1st Lieut. Thomas H. Haskell. 
2c? Lieut., Frank Todd. 

B. — Soraerville, Capt, G. W. Daniels. 
1st Lieut., William E. Dickson. 
2d Lieut., . 

C. — Cambridge, Cnpt, Robt. L. B. Fox. 

1st Lieut., Michael Dalton. 
2c^ Lieut, Albert C. Berry. 

D. — Charlestown, Capt., Alex. E. Hewes. 

1st Lieut., Richard R. Farmer. 
2c? Lieut, Maurice F. Quinu. 

E. — Medford, Capt, Isaac F. R. Hosea. 

1st Lieut.. Albert F. Dow. 

2d Lieut, Joshamus H. Whitney. 

F. — Medford. Capt., William H. Dane. 

1st Lieut, . 

2d Lieut., Charles 0. Burbank. 

G. — Woburn, Capt., Cyrus Fay. 

1st Lieut., Edwin F. Wyer. 
2d Lieut., . 



H Charlestown, Capt., Edward F. Ever- 

Id Lieut , Albion P. Pease. 

'ist Lieut., . 

!• — Hudson, Cdpt., . 

Isi Litut., .loseph W. Pedrick. 

2d Lieut., David B. Whitcomb. 
K.— Peabody, Cajd., Renj. Beckett, Jr. 

Jst Lieut., Fraiik C. Poor. 

2d Lieut., Joliu A Messer. 

Slxtli Rcgimeut of lufantry. 

Colonel, Melvin Beal, of Lawrence. 

Lieut. Col. Benj. F. Goddard, of Lowell. 

Major, .iMines W. Hart, of Lowell. 

Adjutant, George S. Meirill, of Lawrence. 

Qaarterrmtster, John \V. Locke, of Law- 

Surgeon, Walter Burnliam, of Lowell. 

Asst. Surgeon, George W. Sargent, of Law- 

Chnplain, George S. Weaver, of Lawrence. 


A. — Wakefield, C'7>^, James F. Emerson. 
\sl Lieut., James F. Mansfield. 
Id Lieut., . 

B. — Groton, Cupt., Wm. T. Childs. 

\st Lieut., Charles F. Williamson. 
2d Lieut., Francis W. Cragio. 

C. — Lowell, C"/>i., Isaac B. Pendergast. 

1st Lieut., Lyman B. Maruiing. 
2d Lieut., Irving W. Mason. 

D. — Lowfll, t^iipi., James M. Torsey. 

Isl Lieut., Alfred J. Hall. 
. 2d Lieut Edwin W. Bartlett. 
B, — Acton., Cnpt., James Moulton. 
\st Lieut., James E. Harris. 
2d Lieut., Lucius S. Hosmer. 

F. — Concord, Ctipt., Caleb H. Wheeler. 

Ist Lieut., .lames W. Carter. 

2d Lieut., George F. Wi.eeler. , 

G. — Lowell, Crt/Jt., Albert Pinder. | 

\st Lieut., George G. Tarbell. I 

2d Litut., Charles H. Kichardson. 1 
H. — Lowell, Capt., Matthew Donnavan. 

\st Lieut, John O. Grady. 

2'i Lieut., . 

I. — Lawrence, Cnpt., Chas. 0. Vamnm. 

\st Lieut., Daniel A. Barr. 

2d Lieut., Richard Sullivan. 
K. — Lawrence, Cnpt., Smith Decker. 

\st Lteut., George N. Archer. 

2d Lieut., . 

Eighth Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Benjamin F. Peach, Jr. of Lynn. 
Lieut. Col., Francis E. Porter, of Beverly. 
Major, David W. Low, of Gloucester. 
Adjutant, Abram. H. Berrv, of Lvnn. 

Quartermaster, Charles £. Kiniball, of 

Surgeon, John L. Robinson, of Wenham. 

Ass't Surgeon, Ebenezer Hunt, of Danvers. 
Ass't Surgeon, Amos H. Johnson, of Mid- 

Chaplain, John R. Thurston, of Newbury- 


A. — Newburyport, Capt., Eben P. Cut- 

1st Lieut., Andrt'w P. Lewis, Jr. 
2d Lieut., Jo'in A Bea^. 

B. — Newliurvport, Capt., Chas. L. Ayers. 

1st Lieut., George \\ . Clark. 
2d Lieut., George H. Stevens. 

C. — Marblehead, Capt., Pliilip T. Wood- 

fin, Jr. 
1st Lieut., Benjamin Pitman. 
2d Lieut., Francis A. Osgood. 

D. — Lynn, Oipt., Thomas 11. Berry. 

Is^ Lieut., George E. P.-ilmer. 

2d Liiul., .Toll I G. Warner. 
E. — Beverly. Cnpt., Hugh .1. Muiis y. 

Isl Lieut., Benjamin F. Heirick. 

2d Lieut., Charles L. Dodge. 
P. — Lynn, Capt., John T. Whittier. 

1st Lieut., Josiah F. Ki-nball. 

2d Lieut . William H. Gale. 
G. — Gloucester, Capt., Benj. F. Cook. 

Isl Lieut.. .John B. Dennis. 

2d Lieut., Fitz W. Perkins. 
H — Salem, Capt., John P. Reynolds. 

1st Lieut., Benjamin R. Symonda. 

2d Lieut., Edward A. Hall. 
I. — Lvim. Capt.. Jeremiah C. Bacheller. 

is/ Lieut., Charles C. Fry. 
2d Lieut., Philip Smith. " 
K. — Salem, Capt, Sidney B. Rowell. 

1st. Lieut., Geortje L. Goss. 

2d Lieut., Charles H. Paippen. 

Company F. ITnattAched Ca-valry 
i (Cheliniifortl). 

I Captain, Christopher Hoby. 
! Adjutant, H. Herbert Emerson. 

1st Lieut., Allen Cameron. 
' 2d Lieut., James A Davis. 
I Ass't Surgeon, Levi Howard. 

! Third Battery of I..ight Ar tillery 

Captain, Edward E. Currier. 

I 1st Lieut., George H. .Johnson. 

1st Lieut., William H. Howe. 

2d Lieut., George W. Barrett. 

2d Lieut., '■ . 

Adjutant, Edwin A. Yale. 

Fourth Battery of Light Artil lery 
( LaAvrence. ) 

Captain, Henry M. Mclntire. 
Isl Lieut., George IJ. Durrell. 
1st Lieut., Jo>eph W. Gardner. 
2d Lieut., Wallace M. Priest. 
Ass't. Surgeon, John G. McAllister. 

Third Brigade. 

Brigadier-General, Robert II. Chamberlain, of Worcester. 

Ass't Adj-General, {rank Lieul.-CoL), . 

Medical Director (rank Lieu '.-Co/.). . 

Axs't-Tnspcctor General (rank Major), . 

Aa.'i'l-Qiiarlerma.i'er (rank ('(i/)tiii>,), . 

Engineer (rank Captnin), 

Aide-de-Camp (rank C a ilain), . 

Judge Advocate (rank Captain), . 



Second Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Joseph B. Parsons, of Northamp- 

Lieut. Colonel, John W. Trafton, of 

Major, Israel C. Weller, of Pittsfield. 

Adjutanl, (rank of lat Lieut.) 

Quartermaster, (rank of lit Lieut.) 

Surgeon, (rank of Major). 

Chaplain. . 

Ass't. Surgeon, (rank of 1st Lieut.) 


A. — Enfield, CapL, Erskine E. Butler. 
Ist Lieut., Albert F. Johnson. 
2d Lieut , Joseph R. Hunt. 

B. — Springfield, CapL, Hosea C. Lom- 

1st Lieut.. .John L. Knight. 
2d Lieut., Stephen A. Sargent. 

C. — Worthington,Cffp<., Anson F. Stevens. 

1st Lieut., Charles Underwood. 
2c? Lieut., Stephen Hay ward. 

D. — Windsor, Capf., Elisha C. Tower. 

1st Lieut.. Wilbur F. Wilde. 
2d Lieut., Charles W. Leonard. 

E. _ Pittsfield, CapL, . 

1st Lieut., Frederick A. Francis. 

2d Lieut., William F. Harrington. 
F. — Northampton, Capt., . 

1st Lieut, Hubbard M. Abbott. 
2d Lieut., Edwin A. Ramsay. 
G. — Springfield, CapL, Sam'l B. Spooner. 

1st. Lieut., Homer G. Gilmore. 

2d Lieut., Henry M. Phillips. 
H- — Northampton, Capt., Marcus T. 

1st Lieut., Edward F. Hamlin. 

2c? Lieut., George M. Fuller. • 

I. — Chicopee, Capt., George H. Knapp. 

1st Lieut., David M. Donaldson. 

2d Lieut., Ciiester H. Ballard. 
K. — Holvoke, CapL, Oscar S. Tuttle. 

1st Lieut. James G. Smith. 

2d LieuL, Robert T. Prentis. 

Tenth Regiment of Infantrj". 

Colonel, . 

Lieut-Colonel, James May, of Fitchbnrg. 
Major, Willard Clark, of Milford. 
Adjutant, (rank of 1st Lieut.), Frank A. 

Leland, of Worcester. 
Qaurtermnster, (rank of 1st Lieut.), Chas. 

S. Chapin, of Worcester. 
Surgeon, (rank of Major), Samuel Flagg, 

of Worcester, 
Oiaplain, George S. Ball, of Upton. 
Ass't Surgeon, (rank of 1st Lieut.), Isaac 

H. Stearns, of Milford. 


A. — Worcester, CapL, Joseph A. Titus. 

1st Lieut., William H. King. 
2d LieuL, Frank E. Hall. 

B. — Fitchbnrg, Capt, Geo. E. Goodrich. 

1st Lieut , George L. Lawrence. 
2d LieuL, Harrison C. Cheney. 

0. — Worcester, Capt., Jas. M. Drennan. 

Is^ LieuL, George H. Conklin. 

2d Lieut., Joel H. Prouty. 
1>. — Fitchburg, Capt., Hiram P. Minot. 

1st Lieut., George B. Proctor. 

2fZ Lieut., Thomas Marsh. 
E. _ Ashburnham. CapL. Geo. E. Davis. 

1st LieuL, William H. Lindley. 

2f/XJ6M<., Leander W Libby. 
p. —Milford, Capt , John G. McCarter. 

1st LieuL, Dexter P. Vant. 

2d LieuL, Paran C. H. Belcher. 
"(J. — Grafton, tapt. John F. Searle. 

1st Lieut.,'' A\V\on L. Vining. 

2d Lieut., James W. McKenzie. 
H. _ Westminster, Capt., Abner E. Drury. 

1st Lieut., Ethan W. Holder. 

2d LieuL, James H. Miller. 

1. _ Westboro', Capt., Oliver M. Maser. 

1st LieuL, . 

2d LieuL, Daniel McCarthy. 
K. — Leominster, Capt., Lucien A. Cook. 

1st LieuL, Eugene A. Bennett. 

2d Lieut., Thomas A. Hills. 
First Company of Cadets (Boston). 
Capt. (with rank of Lieutenant Colonel), 

John Jeffries, Jr. 
LieuL (with rank of Major), Stephen M. 

Ensign (with rank of Major i, Jeremiah 

Surgeon (with rank of Major), B. Joy 

Adjutant (loith rank of Captain), Thomas 

F. Edmands. 
Quartermaster (with rank of First Lieuten- 
ant), Charles E. Stevens. 
Isi. Lieut., William F. Lawrence. 
1st LieuL, Otis E. Weld. 

1st LieuL, . 

1st Lieut., James H. Ellison. 
1st Lieut., William S. Appleton. 

1st Lieut., . 

Second Company of Cadets C Salem). 

Major, A. Parker Browne. 

CapL, Samuel Dalton. 

Adjutant, John P. Browning. 

Quartermaster, Edward A. Simonds. 

Surgeon, Charles Haddock. 

1st Lieut., Joseph C. Foster. 

1st Lieut., Philip G. Skinner. 

2f/ LieuL, Edw. Hobbs. 

2d Lieut., Charles E. Getchell. 

2d Lieut., James Pope. 

The following Military Company consists mainly of Officers of other corps of Militia.. 


Officers for 1868-69. 

Captain, Major George 0. Carpenter. First Lieutenant, Brev. Brigadier-General 
Wm. H. Lawrence. Second Lieutenant, George H. Allen. Adjutant, Brigadier-Gen- 
eral Horace G. Lee. First Sergeant, Captain A. A. Folsom. Second Sergeant, Cap- 
tain Caleb E. Neibunr. Tldrd Sergeant, Jolm C. Farnham. Fourth Sergeant, Ser- 
geant H. K. W. Hibbard. Fifth Sergeant, Sergeant David F. McGilvray. Sixth ^Ser- 
geant, Captain William H Cundy. Seventh Sergeant, Lieut. Isaac Watts. Eighth 
Sergeant, Sergeant John Botume^ Jr. N'mth Sergeant, Captain Caleb Drew. Tenth 
Sergeant, Major .lohn W. Mahan. Treasurer and Paymaster, Captain .lohn G. Roberts. 
Clerk and Assistant Paymaster, George H. Allen. Quartermaster, Captain Charles S. 
Lambert. Armorer, Captain Richard M. Barker. 



^'emherx ex-officiis. His Excellency William Claflin, His Hon. Joseph 
Tucker, Hon. Oliver Warner, Secretary of /he Commonwealth. 

William S. Clark, Pres. Masx. Agricultural College. 

Appointed hy the Governor and Council. 

Ephraim W. Bull, of Concord ; Louis Airassiz, of Cambridge ; Marshall P. 
Wilder, of Dorchester. 

Chosen by the County Societies. — Massachusetts. Leverett Saltonsfall, of 
Newton ; E.'^sex, Georore B. Loring, of Salem ; .Middlesex, John B. Monro, of 
Concord ; Middlesex (North). Asa Clement, of I)ra.-ut ; Middlesex (South), 
John Joiinson, Jr., of Framinirliam ; Worce.'fter, Thomas W. Ward, of .Shrews- 
bury ; Worce.^ter (TI'e.s7), Courtland Sanderson, of Phi Hi i)sf on ; Worcester 
(North), Thomas BiliinL's, ot Lutieiiburjr ; Worce.<t'^r (North/rest). Charles C. 
Bassett, of Athol ; Worcester (South), Newton S. Hnbhard, of Brimfield ; 
Worcester (Southeast), William Knowltoii, of Upton ; Hampshire, Franklin 
and Hampden, U. S. Porter, of Hatfield; Hampshire, John A. iMorton, of 
Hadley; Highland, Monroe F. Watkins, of Hinsdah- ; Hnmpden,W\\\mx\ 
Birnie, of Springfield ; Ham/>den (, J. S. Blair, of Brimfield ; Union, E. 
W. Boi?e, of Blandlbrd ; Franklin, Inila K. Brown, of Bertiardston ; Berkshire, 
Alexander Hyde, of Lee ; Hoosnc Valley. John L. Cole, of Williamstown ; 
Housatonic, T. J). Tliatcher, of Lee ; Norfolk, Eliphalet Stone, of Dedham ; 
Hingham, Albert Fearing, of HinLrham ; Brisol, Avery P. Slade, of Somerset ; 
Bristol (Central), Nathan Duriee, of Fall River: Plymouth. Charles G Davis, 
of PJv'mouth ; Marshfield, George M. Baker, of Marshfield ; Barnstable. George 
A. King, of Barnstable ; Nantucket, James Thompson, of Nantucket ; Martha's 
Vineyard, John Pierce, ofEdgartown ; Charles L. Flint, Secretary. 


Edward Earle, Worcester ; Nathan Allen, Lowell ; Samuel G. Howe, Bos- 
ton ; Moses Kimball, Boston ; Josiah C. Blaisddl, Fall Pviver; S. C. Wright- 
ington, Fall River, General Agent ; Julius L. Clarke, Newton, Secretary. 


state Almshouse at Tewksbury. State Almshouse at Monson. 

Eleazer Porter, H idlcy ; Gordon 
M. Fisk, Palmer ; Thomas Rice, 
Shrewsbury, Inspectors. Horace P. 

Francis H. Nourse, Lowell ; Benj. 
C. Perkins, Peabody ; Georije P. 
Elliot, Billerica, Inspectors. Thos. J. 
Marsh, Superintendent. 

State Almshouse at Bridgewater. 

James Ford, Fall River ; James H. 
Mitchell, East Bridgewater ; Joseph 
B. Thaxter, Hingham, Inspectors. 
Levi L. Goodspeed, Supt. 

Wakefield," Supt. 

State Hospital on Rainsford's 

Joseph McK. Churchill, Milton ; 
Jona. D. Wheeler, Grafton ; Chas. H. 
Warren, Boston, In-'<pectors. Marcus 
M. Nye, Superintendent and Physi- 




The Worcester Lunatic Hospital. 

Was fouiKk'd by the State, and w is 
first opened for patients Jan. 18, 1833. 
It lias of late been sustained by tlie 
price of board of patients. Tlie eharije 
is f3.50 and So. 00 per week. Patients 
are committed by order of Ju(l_n-s of 
Probate, by Overseers of tlie Poor, 
by warrant from the Governor, ami 
by private bonds, with sworn certifi- 
cates of insanity from two |iliysicians. 

Trustees, R. W. Hooper, M.D., Bos- 
ton ; Hon. Charles Mattoon, Green- 
field ; Hon. Henry CInpin, Worcester ; 
Wm. Workman M.D., Worcester; 
and Hon. S. E. Sewail, of Boston. 

Resident Officers, Merrick Bemis, 
JVI.D., Superin/enrlent ; Joseph Draper, 
M.D., Assistant Phijsician ; Caroline 

A. Bemis, Malron : Janette W. 
Wri<rlit, Clerk; Daniel W. Bemis, 
Steward and Treasurer. 

State Lunatic Hospital, Taunton. 

Trustees, Le Baron Russell, Boston ; 
Chas. R. Atwood, Taunton ; Georo;e 
Howland, New Bedford ; Oliver Ames, 
No.' Easton ; Chas. Edward Cook, 

Resident Officers, Geo. C. S. Clioate, 
M.D., Superintendent and Treasurer ; 
Norton Folsom, M.D., Assistant Physi- 
cian ; John Kittredge, Clerk. 

Northampton Lunatic Hospital, at 

Silas M. Smith, of Northampton, 
Eliphalet Trask, of Sprintrfield, Henry 
L. Sabin, M.I)., of Williamstovvn, 
Edmund H. Sawyer, of East Hamp- 
ton, Edward Hitchcock, M.D.. of Am- 
herst, Trustees ; Pliny I^arle, A.M., 
M.D., Physician and S"perintendeiit ; 
C. K. Bartlett, ]M.D., Assistant Physi- 

Massachusetts G neral Hospital, 
McLean Street, Boston. 

Incorporated 1811. 

, President. Edward 

Wigiilesworth, Vice-President. J. 
Thomas Stevenson, Treasurer. Henry 

B. Rojiers, James M. Beebe, William 
S. Buliard, Charles H. Dalton, Sam- 
uel Eliot, George Hir:<iinson, Samuel 
G. Howe, James L. Little, John Low- 
ell, Charles S. Storrow, Edmund 
Dwight, Ezra Farnsworth, Trustees. 

Officers of the Hospital. — 
Benjamin S. Shaw, M.D., Resident 
Physician and Superintendent, Geo. 

C. Shattuck, M.D., Francis Minot, 

M.D., Calvin Ellis, M.D., Simud L. 
Abbot, M.D., James C. White, M.D., 
Henry K. Oliver, jr., M.D., Visiting 
Phijsicians. Henry J. Biijelow, M.D., 
Henry G. Clark, M.D., Simuel Cabot, 
M.D., George H. Gay, M.D., Richard 
M. Hodtres, M.D., Algernon Coolidge, 
M.D., Visiting Surgeons. Hall Curtis, 
M.D., George E. Tarbell, M.D., 
Phijsicians to Out-patients. J. Theo- 
dore Heard, xM.D., Charles B. Porter, 
M.D., Surgeons to Out-patients. Cal- 
vin Ellis, M.D., Microscopist and 
Curator of the Pathological Cabinet. 

Offiaera of McLean Asylum for la- 
sane Somerville. 

John E. Tyler, Superintendent. 
James H. Whittemore, M D., James 
H. Denny, M D. Assistant Physicians 
and apothecaries. George W. Whit- 
tle, Steward. Mrs. Abby M. Whittle, 

City Hospital, Boston. 

Harrison Avenue, opposite Wor- 
cester square. Established for tlie 
reception of those only who require 
temporary relief during sickness; 
other persons are admitted tempo- 
rarily when necessity requires. 

Consulting Physicians and Surgeons, 
S. D. Townsend, M.D. ; Edward Rey- 
nolds, M.D. ; Winslow Lewis, J\I.D ; 
John Jeffries, M.D. ; Silas Durkee, 
]\I.D.; Benjamin E. Cotting, M.D. 
Visiting Physicians. Fitch Edward 
Oliver, M D. ; John N. Borland, 
M.D. ; John G. Blake, M.D. ; 
John P.Reynolds, M.D.; Henry L 
Bowditch, M.D. ; Alexander D. Sin- 
clair. M.D. Visiting Surgeons, D. 
M B. ThHx^er, Jr.. M.D ; Charles 
D. Homans, M.D. ; David W. Chee- 
ver, M.D. ; W. H. Thorndike, M.D. ; 
George Derby, M.D. ; F. C. Ropts, 
M.D. Ophthalmic Surgeon, Henry 
W. Williams, M.D. Admitting Phys- 
ician, Howard F. Damon, M.t). Pa- 
thologist, Charles W. Swan, M. D. 
Physicians to Out-Patients, Charles 
\V." Swan, M.D, ; William B. Mackie, 
M.D. Department for Skin Diseases-, 
Out-Patients, H. F. Damon, M.D. 
Surgeon to Out-Patients, M. F. Gavin, 
M.D. House Physicians. O. W. Doe, 
H. F. Borden, F. W. Goss. House 
Surqeons, F. W. Draper, George B. 
Shattuck, J. H. McCoUom. Ophthal- 
mic Externe, Georire E. Hatten. 

Trustees for 1869. [Elected by 



concurrent vote in January.] Alder- 
man. Newton Talbot. Councilmen, 

L. T. Snow, . At Lar(je, 

John T. Bradley, Pres., James Guild, 
N. C. Nash, Jeremiah Ricards, Theo. 
Metcalf, Jonas Ball. Superintend fut, 
Lucius A. Cutler, residence and office 
in the Hospital. [Chosen by Trus- 
tees.] Salary, $1800. 

A{)plications for admission of pa- 
tients may be made to the Superinten- 
dent at tiie Hospital before 1 1 o'clock, 
A.M. The applicant will be visited 
the same aflernoon by the Admitting 
Physician, and on his permit may be 
sent at once to the Hospital. Persons 
accidentally wounded, or otherwise 
disabled or injured, will be received 
at all hours. 

Mass. Homoepathic Hospital. 
Incorporated, 1855. 
Charles B. Hall, President. Simon 
G. Cheever, Treasurer. George Ban- 
croft, Secretary. Isaac Rich, Julius 

A. Palmer, Geo. S. Hillard, Alex. 
Stronof, Samuel Gregg, Geo. Russell, 
L. McFarland, David Thayer, O. S. 
Sanders, F. H. Krebs, I. T. Talbot, 
Peter C Brooks, Alpheus Hardy, 
Horatio Harris, Edward G. Tileston, 
Geo. F. Emery, Alexander H. Rice, 
R. L. Robbins, Joseph Story, Jacob 
S. Albee, Trustees. 

Boston Lying-in Hospital. 

Annual meeting in May. John 
Homans, M. D., President. Charles 
H. Parker, Vice-President. Thornton 
K. Lothrop, Treasurer. Francis A. 
Hall, Secretary. 

The Society has not now any hos- 
pital, but dispenses its charities in 
private families. 

Boston Lunatic Hospital, South 

Clement A. Walker, M.D., Super- 
intendent. Theodore W. Fisher, M.D., 
Assistant Superintendent. 


Located at Charlestown. 

Gideon Haynes, Warden. Oliver Whitcomb, Deputy-Warden. William 
Peirce, Clerk. Amos B. Bancroft, Physician. George J. Carleton, of New- 
ton, Chaplain. Everett Torrey, Charlestown ; James Pierce, Maiden ; Jo- 
seph D. Pinder, Lowell, Inspectors. 

Agent for Discharged Convicts, Daniel Russell, Boston, 



Instituted, 1831. Located at South Boston. 

Depository and Office, 20 Bromfield Street. 

Edward Brooks, President. Jo.seph Lyman, Vice-President. William 
ClaHin, Treasurer. Samuel G. Howe, M.D., Director and Secretary. Thos. 
T. Bouve, Samuel Eliot, Josiah Quincv, James Sturgis, William B. Rogers, 
Augustus Lowell, George S Hale, of Boston; E. R. Mudge, Swampscott; 
Francis Brooks, MedforJ ; Edward N. Perkins, Brookline ; Joseph Lyman, 
Benjamin S. Rotch, Jamaica Plain, Trustees. 


Eighth, between M and N streets, South Boston. 

Samuel G. Howe, President. Emory Washburn, Vice-President. F. W. 
G. May, Treasurer. Edward Jarvis, Secretary. Samuel G. Howe, Samuel 
Eliot, Robert B. Storer, of Boston ; Edward Jarvis, F. W. G. May, Daniel 
Denny, Jr., of Dorchester ; P^mory Washburn, of Cambridge ; and Francis 
W. Bird, Walpole, Trustees appoin'ed by the Corporation. John Flint, Bos- 
ton ; Josiah Bartlett, Concord ; James B. Congdon, New Bedford; Lewis 
Allen, South Danvers ; Henry G. Denny, Dorchester ; James M. Barnard, 
Edwin Morton, Boston, Trustees appointed by the Governor and Council. 



Congregate and Family Asylum combined. 

Westboro'. Established 1848. 

Henry Cliickering, Pittsfielil ; Levi L. Goodspeed, Bridgewater ; Stephen 
G. Deblois, Boston ; Harmon Hall, Saugus ; John Ayres, Medlbrd ; P^dward 
A. Goodnovv, Worcester; Geo. C. Davis, Northborough, Trustees. George 
C. Davis, Northborough, Treasurer. Joseph A. Allen, Superintendeni. Or- 
ville K. Hutchinson, Assistant Superintendent. Henry H. Rising, Pliysician. 


Matthew Howland, New Bedford ; Thomas Russell, Boston ; William T- 
Davis, Plymouth ; William Peahens, Marblehead ; Alfred C. Hersey, Bos- 
ton, Trustees. Charles AV. Reed, Boston, Treasurer. 


Lancaster. Established 1855. 

Frank B. Faj', of Chelsea ; George Cummings, Lancaster ; George B. 
Emerson, Boston ; Daniel Denny, of Dorchester ; R. Sturgis, Jr., of Boston ; 
John L. S. Thompson, Lancaster; Albert Tolman, of Worcester; Trustees. 
Frank B. Fay, Treasurer. Russell Sturgis, Jr., Secretary. 

Marcus Ames, Superintendent and Chaplain. Lucy A. Proctor, Superin- 
tendent's Assistant. A. E. Boynton, Farmer. J. L. S. Thompson, M. I)., 
Physician. Mrs. Susan A. Byers, Mrs. Hairiet P. AbVjott, Mrs. Harriet F. 
Perry, Miss Eliza G. Longfellow, Miss Isabella C. Spauliling, Matrons, 

The intention of this institution is to secure a home and a school tor such 
girls as may be presented to the magistrates of the State appointed for that 
purpose, as vagrants, perversely obstinate, deprived of the control and cul- 
ture of their natural guardians, or guilty of petty offences, and exposed to a 
life of crime and wretchedness. 

There are now, January, 18G9, five separate families, accommodating about 
150 children. 

Commissioners on admission to Industrial School, — Joseph A. Denny, Lei- 
cester; Luther Hatch, Marshfield ; Lewis E. Caswell, Boston ; W^illiam Wil- 
lett, Boston ; Frank B. Fay, Chelsea ; Benjamin C. Perkins, Peabody ; Chas. 
H. Merriam, Leominster; Benj. F. White, Weymouth; John L. S. Thomp- 
son, Lancaster; Thorley Collester, Gai'dner; George D. Porter, Med ford ; 
Loring Wiieeler, Newton ; Samuel D. Davenport, Ho|)kinton ; Luther Hill, 
Spencer; William E. Currier, Stephen W. Marston, Newburyport; Frank- 
lin Dickinson, Belchertown ; Thornton K. VV^are, Fitchburg; Elijah C. 
Shattuck, Berlin; Dwight Hyde, Brookfield ; Abel F. Hutcliinson, South 
Reading ; Benjamin G. Hill, Maiden ; Dexter Bucknam, Stoneham ; Charles 
Robinson, Jr., Charlestown ; Ebenr. M. Hosmer, W^est Boylston ; John T. 
Dame, Clinton; Warren Loverinu, Medway ; William Taggart, Haverhill; 
Joseph F. Hitcheock, Warren; Nathan W. Harmon, Lawrence; Weiidall 
T.Davis, Greenfield; Alanson Borden, New Bedford; Josiah Ratter, Wal- 
tham ; Orrin Thomson, Holliston ; E. Stowell Whittemore, Sandwich ; 
George Andrews, Henry J. Dunham, Stockbridge ; Samuel P. Andrews, 
Michael Carlton, Salem ; Wm. W. Blodgett, Pawtucket. 


Northampton. Incorporated 1849. 
For the benefit of Indigent Widows and Children. 
Osmyn Baker, President, 
Osmyn Baker, J. D. Billings, H. Stevens, Trustees. 




District of Boston and Charlestown. 

Tlie Custom House opens at 9 
o'clock, A. M., and closes at 3 o'clock, 

Collector, Thomas Russell. 

Depulfj Collector and Auilitor^3o\\n 
M. Fiske. 

D'^pii'jj Collectors, Geor-fe H. Kinirs- 
bury, James Baxter, Jr. 

Cashier, Ephm. L. Fiothiiiiiham, Jr. 

Nacal Ol/icer, Frnncis A. Osboni. 

Deputi^ Naval Ojficer, T. B Dix. 

Surveyor, A. B. Underwood. 

Deputy Surveyor,Thos. Sherwiii, Jr. 

Assistant Deputy Surveyor, Augus- 
tus Sanderson. 

Superintendent of Warehouses, Asa 
M. Cook. 

General Appraiser, O. B. Dor- 

Appraisers, Thos. G. Rice, Wm. E. 

Assistant Appraisers, Francis Blake, 
Clias. D- Lincoln. 

Boarding Officer, R. Torrey, Jr. 

Revenue Cutter, " Vigilant." 
Captain, Jas. D. Usher; 1st Lieut., 
Wm. C. Pijrjrott; 2d Lieut., H. VV. 
Harwood; 3d Lieut., William McKen- 
dry ; Pilot, Samuel N. Miller. 

Steam Tug, " H. Hamlin." 
Lieut. Com, Edward C. Gardner; 
l.s7 Asst. Engineer, J\mes M. Mc- 
Dougal ; Pilot, E. N. Thatcher. 

Assistant Treasurer, Franklin Ha- 
ven, Jr. 

District of Barnstable. 

Port of Barnstable, — Clias F. Swift, 
Collector; Walter Chipman, Depwy 

Port of Falmouth. — Benj. P. Swift, i 
Deputy Collector. | 

Port of Hyannk. — Alvan S. Hal- 
lett. Deputy Collector. 

Port of Chatham. — Nath'l Snow, 
Deputy Collector. 

Port of Sou'h Dennis. — Joseph K. 
Baker, Jr., DepuUi CoUec'or. 

Port of WeHfleet. — Simeon At- 
wood. Deputy Collector. 

Port of Prooinceto'vn. — Simeon S. 
Gilford, Deputy Collector; Nathaniel 
E. Atwood, Aid to the Revenue. 

District of Edgartown. 
Port of Edgarto on. — John Viusoni 

Collector ; Jeremiah Peace, Deputy 
Co/lector and Inspector. 

Port of Holmes s Hole. — Henry W. 
Beetle, Deputy collector and Inspector. 

District of Fall Fiver. 
Port of Fall River. — James Brarly, 
jr., Collector; Isaac Borden, Deputy 
Collector and Inspector ; Earl P. 
Bowen, Inspector, Weigher, ^c. 

District of Gloucester. 

Port of Gloucester. — William A. 
Pew, Collector ; Addison Ci'iiter, 
Deputy Collector ; B. H. Smith, Sur- 
veyor ; F. J. Babson, B. F. Cook, In- 

Port of Rockport. — T. F. Parsons, 
Jr.. Inspector. 

District of Marblehead. 

Port of Marblehead. — William 
Standly, Collector; Wni. H. Coales, 
Deputy Collector ; John Cross, Inspect- 
or, Wei<^ber, iS'c 

Port of Lynn. — Lord Harris, Deji- 
uty Collector and Inspector. 

District of Nantucket. 
Port of Nantucket. — Isaac H. Fol- 
ger, Collector ; A. B. Roliinson, Dep- 
uty Collector; Peter Folger, Inspect- 

District of New Bedford. 

Port of New Bedford. — Lawrence 
Grinnell, Collector ; James Taylor, 
Deputy Collector ; Geo. B. Richmond, 
Inspector ; James V. Cox, Inspcc'or 
ami Boarding Ojficer ; James C Hitch, 

Port of Fairhaven. — Josepli Taber, 

Port of Mattapomtt. — .Jonathan H. 
Holmes, Inspector. 

Port of Sippican. — George H. Kel- 
iey, Inspector. 

Port of Wareham. — Steplun Ellis, 
Depu'y Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Dartmouth. — Edward IIow- 
land. Inspector. 

Port of Westport. — Ru-sell Gifford, 

District of Newburyport. 

Port of Newburyport. — Enoch G. 
Cu'-rier, Collector ; Daniel P. Pike, 
Deputy Collector ; John H. Smith, 
Inspector; Hervey Kimbill, Weigher 
and Measurer; Henry Stover, Sur- 

Port of Ipswich. — Reuben Daniels, 



District of Plymouth. 

Port ofPli/niouth. — Thomas Loring, 
Collector ; CharUs O. Cliurchill, JJej)- 
uty Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Durhiiry. — Harvey Soule, 
Deputy Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Kingston. — Steph. Holmes, 
Deputy Collec'or and Inspector. 

Port of Sciiuate. — Jo^-cpli S. Drew, 
Deputy Collector and Inspector. 

District of Salem and Beverly. 
Port of Salem. — Robert S. Rantoul. 

Collector ; Charles S. Osgood, Deputy 
Collector ; Joseph Moseley, Surveyor ; 
Wm. C. Wafers, Storekeeper; Ephraira 
F. Miller, Natlianiel M. Hooper, Wm. 
P. Buifum, Samuel R. Hathaway, G. 
Parker Bray, Ephraim Felt, Inspect- 
or ; Simon O. Dalrymple, Weigher 
and Gaiiger. 

Port of Beverly. — Gustavus Ober, 

Port of Danvers. — William Endi- 
cott, Inspector. 


Office at the State House. 

The Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, and Secretary of the Commonwealth, 
ex-officiis, and eight members, one to be appointed annually by the Governor 
and Council; David H. Mason, iVe?o/o??. term expires, 1875; James Freeman 
Clarke, West Roxbury, 1876 ; John P. Marshall, Sovierville, 1869 ; Gardner G. 
Hubbard, Cambridge, 1870 ; AVilliam Rice, Springfield, 1871 ; Emory Wash- 
burn, Cambridge, 1872; Samuel T. Seelye, Eastliampton, 1873; John D. 
Philbrick, Boston, 1874. 

Joseph White, Secretary and Treasurer ; Samuel C. Jackson, Assistant 
Secretary ; Abner J. Phipps, Agent. 



The State Normal Schools are designeil for those only who purpose to 
teach, and especially for those who purpose to teach in the Common Schools. 
Of those who avail themselves of the advantages of these Schools, and who 
afterwards become teachers in the Common Schools of Massachusetts, no tui- 
tion fee is required. 

There are at present four in the Commonwealth, as follows : — 

State Nokmal, School, Framingham. 
for females only. 

Annie E. Johnson, Principal. 

Originally established at Le^xing- 
ton, July 3, 1839. Transferred in 
May, 1844, to West Newton ; from 
thence, in 1853, to Framingham. 

Bridgewater State Normal School. 
(Established, 1840.) 

for both StXES. 

Albert G. Boyden, A.M., Principal. 

George H. Martin. 

Male applicants for admission must 
be at least 17 years of age. Female 
applicants, 16. Tuition free. 

State Normal School at Westfield. 
(Incorporated, 1844.) 
for both sexes. 
John W. Dickinson, A.M , Princi- 
pal. . 

J. C. Greenough, A.B., J. G. Scott, 

This school first went into opera- 
tion at Barre, September 4, 1830. In 
1841 it was suspended, and in Sep- 
tember, 1844, was re-commenced at 

Salem State Normal School. 

FOR females only. TUITION FREE. 

Opened, September 13, 1854. 
Daniel B. Hagar, A.M., Principal. 




Harvard College, Cambridge. 
(Incorporated, 1636.) 


John A. Lowell, LL.D., George 
Putnam, D.D., George T. Bigelow, 
LL.D., Francis B. Crownins ield, 
A.M., Nathaniel Thayer, A.M., Nath- 
aniel Silsbee, A.M., Treasurer. 


The President and Treasurer of the 
University, ex efficio, and the follow- 
ing persons by election : — 

Edward E. Hale, A.M., William 
Adams Richardson, A.M., Natlianiel 
B. Shurtleff', M. D., Secretary; Lorenzo 
R. Tliayer, A.M., Reubc-n Totman 
Robinson, A.M., John Codman Ropes, 
LL.B., David H. Mason, A.B., Fran- 
cis Cogswell, A.M., James Walker, 
D.D., LL.D., Benjamin Smith llotch, 
A.B., Richard II.' Dana, LLD., Geo. 
M. IJruoks, LL.B., John W. Bacon, 
A.M , James Lawrence, A.M., Thomas 
B. Thayer, D.D., George W.C. Noble, 
A.B., William Gray, AM., James 
Freeman Clarke, D.D., Darwin E. 
Ware, LL.B., Samuel Eliot, LL.D., 
Ralph Waldo Emerson, L L.D., Seth 
Sweetser, D.D , Francis Edward Par- 
ker, LL.B.. Henry Lee, A.M., Jona- 
than IngersoU Bowditch, A.M., E. 
Roekwood Hoar, LL.D., John H. 
Cliiford, LL.D., Presi'lent ; Francis 
Parkman, LL.B., Theodore Lvman, 
S.B., Charles William Eliot, A.M. 


Andrew P. Peabody. D.D., LL.D., 
Benj. Peirce, LL.D., Francis Bowen, 
A.M., Jose[)h Lovering, A.M., Henry 
W. Torrey, A.M., Evangelinus A. 
Sophocles, LL.D., James R. Lowell, 
A.M., Frances J. Child, Ph D., Geo. 
M. Lane, Ph.D., James Jennison, A. 
M., Josiah P. Cooke, A.M., William 
W. Goodwin, Ph.D., Ephraim W. 
Gurney, A B., Elbridge J. Cutler, A. 
B., Registrar ; James M. Peirce, A.M., 
James B. Greenough, A.B., William 
Hyde Appleton, A.M., Prentiss Cum- 
mings, A.B., Isaac Flagg, A.M., Edwin 
P. Seaver, A.B., George A. Hill, A. 
B., Louis C. Lewis, A.B., Thomas 
Sergeant Perry, A.B. 

Williams College, "Williams- 

(Incorporated, 1 793.) 






Henry L. Sabin, Charles Stoddard' 
William Hyde, John Todd, Absalom 
Peters, Henry W. Bishop, A<lam 
Reid, Nahum Gale, Joseph White, 
Homer Bartlett, Erastus C. Benedict, 
James D. Colt, John Z. Goodrich, 
Robert R. Booth, William E. Dodge, 
Giles B. Kellogg. 


R«v. Mark Hopkins, D.D., LL.D., 
Presii/f'nt. Albert IIo[>kins, LL.D., 
Rev. John Ba.scom, A.M., Arthur L. 
Perry, A.M., Ctiarles F Gilson, A.M., 
Sanborn Tenny, A.M., Rt-v. James 
M. Anderson, A.M., William R. Dim- 
mock, A.M., Arthur W. Wright, Pli. 
1). Franklin Carter, A.M., Charles R. 
Treat, A.M., Rev. N. H. Griffiu, D.D., 

Amherst College, Amherst. 
(Incorporated, 182.5.) 

D.D., LLD., 
Rev. Joseph Vaill, D.D., Ebenezer 
Alden, M.D., Hon. Samuel Wiliiston, 
Henry Edwards, Esq , Hon. Jonathan 
C. Perkins, Hon. Alexander H. Bul- 
lock, LL.D., Rev. William P. Paine, 
D.D., Hon. Henry Morris, Rev. Ed- 
ward S. Dwight, Hon. Alphcus Har- 
dy, Nathan Allen, M.D., Hon. Edward 
B. GiUett, Rev. Lewis Sabin, D.D., 
Rev. Richard S. Storrs, Jr , D.D., 
Samuel Bowles, Escj., Rev. Henry 
Ward Beecher, Rev. Edward S. 
Dwight, Secretary. Hon. Edward. 
Dickinson, LL.D., Treasurer. 

members OF THE FACULTY. 

Rev. William A. Stearns, D.D., 
LL.D., President. Ebenezer S. Snell, 
LL.D., Charles U. Shepard, M.D., 
LL.D., Rev. William S. Tyler, D.D., 
Rev. Julius H. Seelye, Edward P. 



Crowell, A. M., Edward Tuckerman, 
LL.B., Edward Hitchcock, A.M , M. 

D. William L. Montague, A.M , Rich- 
ard H. Mather, A.M., Rev. L. Clark 
Seelye, William C. Esty, A.M., 
Elijah P. Harris, Hon. Amasa Walker, 
Charles M. Lamson, A.B., Thomas D. 
Biscoe, A.M., Henry M. Tyler. 

Tufts College, Medford. 

(Incorporated, 1852.) 



Charles Robinson, jr.. Vice Presi- 
dent. Rev. Lucius R. Paiire, D.D , 
Secretary. Hon. Richard Frothing- 
ham, A.M., Treasurer. 


Rev. Alonzo A. Miner, D.D., Hon- 
Israel Washburn, Jr., Rev. Tlioraas J. 
Greenwood, Charles Tufts, Esq., 
Hon. Cliarles Robinson, Jr., Timothy 
Cotting, Esq., James O. Curtis, Esq., 
Thomas Crane, Esq., Rev. Thomas B. 
Thayer, D.D., Nathaniel Adams, Esq., 
Hon. Timothy T. Sawyer, Rev. 
Charles H. Leonard. 


Alonzo A. Miner, D.D., Presvlent. 
John P. Marshall, A.M., Jerome 
Schneider, Ph.D., Heman A. Dear- 
born, A.M., Benj. G. Brown, A.M., 
William R. Shipman, A.M., Richard 
Frothingham, A.M., Bt-njaniin F. 
Kinsman, A.M., Moses T. Brown, 
A.iU, D. Willis Pratt, C.E., Charles 

E. Fay, A.B., William R. Shipman. 
A.M., Librarian. 

Massachusetts Agricultural 
College, Amherst. 




Marshall P. Wilder, Charles G. 
Davis, Nathan Durfee, Henry Colt, 

E. Francis Bowditch, Charles C. Sew- 
all, Paoli Lathrop, Phineas Stedman, 
Allen W. Dod>;e, George Marstoti, 
William B. Washburn, Henry L. 
Whiting, D. Waldo Lincoln, Henry 

F. Hills, Daniel Needham. 

trustees ex-officiis. 

His Excellency, William Claflin, 
Hon. Charles L. Flint, Secretary of 
the Board of Agriculture, Hon. Joseph 

White, Secretary of the Board of Edu- 


William S. Clark, Ph.D., Hon. 
Levi Stockbridge, Henry H. Goodell, 
A.M., Samuel F. Miller, Chas. A. 

New-England Female Medical 
College, Boston. 


William Cumston, Pres. Amariah 
Storrs, Treas. Samuel Gregory, 
M.D., Sec. John S. Tyler, Joim 
Batchelder, Jonas Fitcli, Osborn 
Howes, Benjandn Smith, Alden 
Speare, Curtis C. Nichols, Franklin 
Snow, Henry Hutchinson, Edward 
W. Kinsley, John Souther, Henry D. 
Hyde, Joshua Merrill. 


AVilliam Cumston, Pres^. Stephen 
Tracy, M.D., Dean of the Faculty. 
Frances S. Cooke, M.D., Edward 
Aiken, M.D., Wm. H. Campbell, 
M.D., Anna Monroe, M.D. Annual 
term begins 1st Wednesday in No- 
vember. ■ 

Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, Andover. 

(Incorporated 1807.) 
Rev. Seth Sweetser, D.D., /^resident. 
Rev. Edwards A. Park, DA)., Austin 
Phelps, D.D., Rev. Egbert Smyth 
Rev. Wm. H. Thayer, Rev. Chas. M' 
Mead, Rev. John L. Taylor, D.D.„ 

Phillips Academy, Andover. 

(Incorporated, 1780.) 


Rev. Seth Sweetser, D.D., President. 
Samuel H. Taj lor, LL.D., Clerk. 
Edward Taylor, Es([., Treasurer. 
Rev. Samuel C. Jackson, D.D., 
Hon. Linus Child, M.A., Rev. 
Wm. A. Stearns, D.D., Hon. Reu- 
ben A. Chapman, LL.D., Hon. Al- 
pheus Hardy, Rev. Amos Blan- 
chard, D.D., Rev. Daniel T. Fiske, 
D.D., Hon. John Kinijsbury, LL.D., 
Rev. Edmund K. Alden, D.D. 


Samuel H. Taylor, LL.D, Principal. 
William B. Graves, M.A., George 
C. Merrill, B.A., George H. Taylor, 
B.A., Wm. H. Huwkes, B.A., Prof. 
J. VVesley Churcliill. 



V Abbott Female, Andover. Inc. 1828. Piincipal, Miss Philena Mclvpen. 
1/ Auburndale Sek-ct Boys' School, Auburndale. Principal, Rev. Chas. W. 

Gushing. A.M. 
Boston Dental College. President, I. J. Wetherbee, D.D.S. 
J BOSTON HIGHLANDS — Young Ladies' Private School. Principal, 
John Kneeland (see page 98). 

V Bradford Academy, Bradford. Inc. 1804. Principal, Abby H. Johnson. 

V Bridgewater, Biidgcwater. Inc. 1799. Princiyal Horace M. Willard. 

V Bristol, Taunton. Incorporated, 1792. Principal, Henry Leonard. 
\ Brookside Seminary. Stockbridge. Principal, George P. Bradley. 

Carter's Commercial Academy, l^ittsfield. Incoiporated, 18G-1. Prin- 
cipal, Emerson F. Carter. A.M. 
*/ Charlestown Female Seminary, Charle&town. Incorporated, 1832. Prin- 
cipal, Catharine Badger. 
Clark Institu.e, for Iistruct;on of Deaf and Dumb, Northampton. Prin- 
cipal, Miss Harriet B. Rogers. 
*/ CODMx\N HILL SCHOOL, for Young Ladies, Dorchester. Principal, 
Mrs. S. M. Cochrane. 

V Cotting Academy, Arlington. Principal, Henry C. Ide. 

Day's Academy, Wrentham. Inc. 1806. Principal, Wiggin. 

Dean Academy, Franklin. Inc. 1865. Prin., Timothy G. Senter, A. M. 

Deerfield Academy. Deerfield. Inc 1797. Prin., Virgil M. Howard. 

Derby, Hingham. Incorporated 1797, Principal, Dnpee. 

Drury Academy, Noith Adams. Inc. 1843. Principal. A. 1). Miner. 

Dukes County Academy, West Tisbury. Prin., Moses Mitchell. 

Dummer Academ}'. Byfiedd, Newburyport P. 0. Prin., Levi W. Stanton. 
, Edwards Place School, Stockbridge. Prin., Jared Reid. jr. 
I Elm Wood Institute. Lancsborough. Principal, .\lfred A. Gilbert. 
(■^Friends' Academy, New Bedfoid. Edward A. H. Allen. 

Hanover Academy, Hanover. Inc. 1828. Prin., J. Prince Thormlike. 
J Highland Institute, Petersham. Principals, Rev J. Shepardson, and 
W. T. Leonard. 

V Highland Military School, Worcester. Principal, Caleb B. Metcalf. 
\ Hitchcock Free Grammar School, Biimfield. Prin., Elias Biookings. 

"N Holmes's Business Colleges, Taunton and Fall River. Principal, F. A. 

\ Hopkins's, Hiidley. Principal, Charles H. Chandler. 
■ Houghton School, Bolton. Incorporated, 1849, Principal, Sidney A. 
Howe School, Billerica. Principal, Samuel Tucker. 

V Howes' Business College, Worcester. Principal B. G. Howes. 
Lancaster, Lancaster. Incorporated 1847. Prin., Wm. A. Kilbourn. 

, Lasell Female Seminary, Auburndale. Principal, Rev. Chas. W. Gush- 
ing, x\. M. 

Lawrence, Falmouth. Inc. 183-5. Principal, Lucian Hunt, A. M. 

Leicester, Leicester. Incorporated, 1784. Prin., D. P. Sackett. 
" ' Maplewood Young Ladies' Institute, Pittsfield. Founded, 1841. Prin- 
cipal, Rev. C. V. Spear. 

Mendelssohn Musical Institute, Boston. Principal, Edward B. Oliver. 

Middleboro' Commercial College, Middleboro'. Prin., J. B. Harably. 

Monson, Monson. Inc. 1804. Prin., Rev. Charles Hammond. 

Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, South Hadley. Incorporated 1836. 
Principal, Helen M. French. 


Mount Pleasant Institute for Boys, Amherst. Principal, H. C. Nash. 

New England Conservatory of Music, Boston. Director, E. Tourjee. 

New Salem, New Salem. Incor. 1795. Principal, F. F. Foster. 

Newton Theological Institute, Newton Centre. Incorporated, 1826. 
President, Rev. Alvah Hovey, D.D. 

Nichols, Dudley. Incorporated, 1819. Principal, Isaiah Trufant. 

Oakland Institute, Needham. 

Orchard Hill Family Boarding School for Young Ladies, Belmont. Prin- 
cipal, D. Mack. 

Oread Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies, Worcester. Prin., Harris 
R. Greene, A. M. 

Oread High and Grammar School for Boys, Worcester. Principal, H. M. 
Greene, A. M. 

Partridge, Duxbury. Incorporated 1629. Principal, Rev. J. Moore. 

PEIRCE ACADEMY, Middleboro'. Incorporated, 1808. Principal, 
J. W. P. Jenks, A.iM. 

Pepperell Academy, Pepperell. Principal, Lorenzo P. Blood. 

Powers Institute, Bernardston. Incor. 1857. Prin., L. F. Ward. 

Pratt Free School, North Middleborough. Prin., C. G. M. Dunham. 

Rochester, Rochester. Incorporated 1854. Prin., Susan Partridge. 

Round Hill Classical School, Northampton. Principals, Jonah Clark and 
J. F. Spalding. 

Sanderson Academy, Ashfield. Principal, Miss Stone. 

Sandwich Academy, Sandwich. Principal, Wm. C. Spring. 

Sedgwick Institute, Great Barrington. Prin., S. Parsons Pratt. 

Shelburne Falls, Shelburne Falls. Inc. 1847. Prin., J. N. Burnham. 

Sheldon, Southampton. Incor. 1829. Prin., Chas. E. Harrington. 

South Berkshire Institute, New Marlboro'. Incorporated 1856. Prin- 
cipal, B. F. Parsons. 

South Egremont, South Egremont. Inc. 1830, Prin., James Shead. 

Southwick Academy, Southwick, Principal, A. F. Egleston. 

St. Mark's School, Southboro'. Principal, G. H. Patterson. 

STOUGHTONHAM INSTITUTE, Sharon. Prin., Sanford Waters 

UNION MERCANTILE SCHOOL, Chelsea. Prin., H. T. Wheeler. 

Warren Academy, Woburn. Inc. 18-30. Prin., William A. Stone. 

Watatic Academy, Ashby. 

Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham. Com. 1824. Prin., Edward Cooke. 

Westford Academy, Westford. Inc. 1793. Prin., M. Whitman. 

Westminster Academy, Westminster. Prin., George Benton. 

West Newton English and Classical School, West Newton. Incorporated 
1855. Principal, Nathaniel T. Allen. 

Wheaton Female Seminary, Norton. Principal, Mrs. C. C. Metcalf. 

Williams Academy, Stockbridge. Inc. 1828. Prin., E. W. B. Canning. 

Williston Seminary, East Hampton. Incorporated, 1842. Principal, 
Marshall Henshaw, LL.D. 

Willow Park Female Institute, Westborough. Prin., Emily A. Rice. 

Worcester Academy, Worcester. Inc. 1834. Prin., Wm. C. Poland. 

Worcester Co. Free Institute of Industrial Science, Worcester. Principal, 
C. 0. Thompson. 

Young Ladies' Institute, Charlestown. Prin., Leander A. Darling. 

YOUNG LADIES' PRIVATE SCHOOL, Boston Highlands. Prin- 
cipal, John Kueeland (see page 98). 




Harbor Commissioners. 

William Mixter, Hard wick ; Samuel 
E. Sewall, Melrose; Josiali Quincy, 
Boston; Wm. W. Clapp, Boston; 
Fred. W. Lincoln, Jr., Boston; Dar- 
win E. Ware, Marblehead. 

Pilot Commissioners. 

Elias E. Davison, Boston ; John 
Williams, Chelsea. Office in Boston, 
39 Lewis Wharf. 

Commissioners on Troy and Green- 
field R. R. and Hoosac Tunnel. 

Alvah Crocker, Fitr/iburg ; Tappan 
Wentworth, Lowell; Samuel W. Bow- 
erman, J'lttsfield ; Benjamin IL La- 
trobe, Consulting Engineer. 
Commissioners on Hours of Labor. 

Ilcnrv I. Bowditoh, Boston ; Frank- 
lin B. Sanborn, Conronl : Wm. B. 
Tilden, Boston : Elizur Wripht, Bos- 
ton ; Geo. H. Snelling, Boston ; Edwd. 
H. Rogers, Chelsea; William Hyde, 
Ware; Amasa Walker, iV. Brook- 

Commissioners of Fisheries in Mer- 
rimac and Conn. Rivers. 

Theodore Lyman, Brookline , Al- 
fred 11. Field, Greenfield. 

Commissioners Obstruction to Pas- 
sage of Fish in Conn, aud Merr. 

Theodore Lyman, Brookline; Al- 
fred A. Heed, Boston. 

Superintendents of Alien Passengers. 

James V. Co.\, of Fairhaven, for 
New Bedford, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, 
Westport, Mattapoisett, Marion, and 
Wareham ; Ephraim Burr, Salem; 
Joini Gilley, Marblehead ; Parker 
Borden, Fall River ; Samuel Haskell, 

Guardians of Indians. 
Charles Brigham, Jr., Graf on ; 
Benj. F. Winslow, Fall River; John 
W. ]iai:on, Natick ; Charles Eiulicott, 
Canton ; E. Stowell Wliittemore, 
Sandwich ; Barnard C. IMarchant, 
Edgartown ; Erastus Alton, Webster. 

Insurance Commissioner. 

John E. Sanford, of Taunton. Of- 
fice in Boston, at State House. 

Agent of Province Lands. 

Joshua E. Bowley, Provincetotvn. 

Commissioner of Savings Banks. 

Frederick M. Stone, of W(dtham. 
Office in Boston, at State 

Trustees Discharged Soldiers' Home. 

Henry S. Brings, Pittsfeld ; Julius 
L. Clarke, Newton. 

Commissioners Street Railways. 

Isaac F. Kcdfield, Boston ; Edwin 
L. Barney, New Bedford; Alfred R. 
Field, Greenfield. 

Private Schoo 


JOHN KNEELAND, Principal. 

ISABEL KENT, Assistant. 
DR. E. AENOULT, Teacher of French. 
.Mrs. MARIE STETEFELD, Teacher of German. 


Boston {Highlands), 3£a8S, 




Resident in Massachusett.'^, appointed 
used, and Acknowledgments of D 


Boslon, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St. 
James B. Bell, B. 11. Currier, Alfred 
E. Giles, John P. Ilealy, Abraham 
Jackson, Otis G. Randall. 

Lfucrence, John K. Tarbox ; Stock- 
hridijc, Jonathan E. Field ; Westjield, 
N. T. Leonard ; Worcester, J. Henry 

by other States to take testimony to be 
jeds to be recorded, in said States. 

Sharp, Hales W. Suter, James B. 
Thayer, J. Wingate Tiiornton, Paul 
P. Todd, Edwin Wright. 

Lowell, Jonathan Ladd ; Piltsfield, 
C. N. Emerson ; Worcesler, J. Henry 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adanis, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St. 
James B. Bell. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St., 
James B. Bell. 

Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St., 
J. B. Bell, B. H. Currier, M. Dyer, 
Jr., John S. Holmes, John C. Park, 
Otis (J. Randall, Paul P. Todd. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams» 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St.t 
J. B. Bell, R. I. Burbank, Samuel R- 
Crocker, Benjamin H. Currier, Sam'l 
S. Curtis, John W. Dra[)er, Edward 
Fiske, J. M. Fiske, George S. Hale, 
Benjamin Pond, Otis (i. Randall, 
Daniel Sharp, Hales \V. Suter, Char- 
les A. F. Swan, Paul P. Todd. 

Amesbury, William C. Binney ; 
Lowell, Charles A. F. Swan ; Neic 
Bedford, James M. Bunker ; Worces- 
ter, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St., 
James B. Bell, Sanmel S. Curtis, O. 
G. Randall, I. H. Wright. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St., 
Edwin A. Alger, S. B. Allen, Ivers J. 
Austin, J. B. Bell, S. A. Bent, G. M. 
Browne, Edw. Buck, R. I. Burbank, 
T. P. Clieever, L. M.Chi Id, D. H 
Coolidge, Benjamin H. Currier, S. S. 
Curtis, Charles Demon, Thomas A. 
Dexter, Micah Dyer, Jr., Alfred B. 
Ely, George S. Hale, George R. Has- 
tings, William Hobbs, Jr., David P. 
Kimball, Joseph Nickerson, Charles 
C- Nutter, Silas F. Plympton, John 
P. Putman, Otis G. Randall, Daniel 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angi'll & Jenniscm, 46Washington St. , 
S. B. Allen, J.;3. Bell, B. H. Currier, 
Otis (i. Randall. 

Westjield, N. T. Leonard ; Worces- 
ter, J. Ilenry Hill. 


Bosion, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison 46 Washington, St., 
I. J. Austin, J. B. Bell, C. Browne, 
Benjamin H. Currier, Thomas A. 
Dexter, Francis E. Parker, Otis G. 

Westjield, N. T. Leonard; Worces- 
ter, J. ilenry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell, & Jennison, 46 Washington St., 
J. B. Bell, Edw. Buck, B. H. Currier, 
S. S. Curtis, Thomas A. Dexter, 
Otis G. Randall. 

Westjield, N. T. Leonard. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St., 
James B. Bell. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Charles Francis Adams, jr., Angell & 
Jennison, 46 Washington St. S. B. 
Allen, Ivers J. Austin, H. Baldwin, 
J. B. Bell, F. A. Brooks, D. H. 
Coolidge, Benjamin H. Currier, A. 
B. Ely, William Hobbs, Jr., Abraham 
Jackson, Alonzo V. Lynde, George H. 
Kingsbury, John T. Paine, Francis W. 
Palfrey, Benj. Pond, Otis (i. Randall, 
A.E. Scott, Paul P.Todd, L H.Wright. 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 

Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St. 



Ivers J. Austin, Henry Baldwin, J. 
B. Bell, Edw. Buck, B. H. Currier, 
Samuel S. Curtis, Alfred B. Ely, 
William Hobbs, Jr., Nathan Morse, 
Benjamin Pond, Otis G. Kandall, J. 
Wingate Thornton, Paul P. Todd. 

Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
C. F. Adams, jr., Angell & Jennison, 
46 Washington St. S. B. Allen, 
Ivers J. Austin, Joshua D. Ball, S. 
W. Bates, J. B. Bell, C. Browne, 
Robert I. Burbank, David H. Coolidge, 
Benjamin H. Currier, Samuel S. 
Curtis, William Hobbs, Jr., D. P. 
Kimball, Edward K. Phillips, Ben- 
jamin Pond, Otis G. Randall, Daniel 
Sharp, Augustus Russ, Hales W. 
Suter, James B. Thayer, Warren 
Tilton, Paul P. Todd, Ambrose Well- 

Lowell, Robert B. Caverlv ; Sale7n, 
Robert S. Rantoul ; Westji'eld, N. T. 
. Leonard ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. { 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 4G Washington St. 
James B. Bell, David H. Coolidge, 
Benjamin H. Currier, Samuel S. Cur- 
tis, H. B. Crandall, Otis G. Randall, 
A. E. Scott, J. Wingate Thornton, 
Paul P. Todd, Ambrose Wellington. 

Cambi'idge, William A. Richardson. 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill. j 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. f. Adams, 

Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St. 
J. B. Bell, Edw. Buck, Benjamin H. 
Currier, S. S. Curtis, Alfred B. Ely, 
Thomas S. Harlow, Otis G. Randall, 
Daniel Sharp, J. Wingate Thornton, 
John M. Way. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St. 
J. L. Andrews, J. B. Bell, G. E. Bet- 
ton, Benjamin H. Currier, Samuel S. 
Curtis, AVilliam Dehon, Alfred B, 
Ely, William Hilliard, Nathan Morse, 
Charles C. Nutter, Frederick O. 
Prince, Otis G. Randall, David 
Roberts, Geo. P. Sanger, J, Wingate 

Westjield, N. T. Leonard ; Worces- 
ter, J. Henry Hill. 

Charles E. Allen, S. B. Allen, F. H. 
Appleton, Ivers J. Austin, Henry 
Baldwin, J. B. Bell, E. Blake, A. F. 
Bloch, Francis A. Brooks, Edward 
Buck, Robert I. Burbank, William L. 
Burt, Peleg W. Chandler, A. B. 
Coffin, D. H. Coolidge, Asa Cottrell, 
Sam'l R. Crocker, Benj. H. Currier, 
Samuel S. Curtis, Edward A. Dana, 
Chailes Demond, Thomas A. Dexter, 
John C. Dodge, A. Eastman, Alfred 
B. Ely, W." A. Field, John M. 
Fiske, William J. Forsaith, Alfred 
E. Giles, John E. M. Gilley, Geo. S. 
Hale, Franklin Hall, Thomas S. 
Harlow, S. Rowland Hart, Francis 
B. Hayes, Henry W. Haynes, H. L. 
Hazelton, Edw'd F. Hodges, Abraham 
Jackson, Harvev Jewell, Albion K. 
P. Joy, Chauncy P. Judd, D. P. 
Kimball, George H. Kingsbury, 
Alonzo V. Lynde, Sebeus C. Maine, 
Jeremiah L. Newton, Joseph Nicker- 
j son, Chas. C. Nutter, Thomas F. Nut- 
I ter, Edmund B. Otis, William E. 
! Parmenter, Edward K. Phillips, Ben- 
jamin Pond, F. O. Prince, Otis G. 
Randall, W. A. Richardson, David 
Roberts, James W. Rollins, Augustus 
Russ, George P. Sanger, Daniel 
Sharp, Robert D. Smith, Oliver 
Stevens, George S Sullivan, Hales 
W. Suter, Charles A. F. Swan, James 
B. Thayer, James D. Thomson, Sam'l 
j L. Thorndike, J. Wingate Thornton, 
I Paul P. Todd, Samuel Tompson, 
Charles W. Tattle, Alexander C. 
Washburn, Ambrose Wellington, 
Hiram Wellington, Samuel Wells, Jr., 
Paul Willard, Wm. C. Williamson. 

AhiiKjIon, F. P. Howland ; Cam- 
bridge, VVm. A. Richardson ; Charles- 
town, A. B. Shedd ; Edgarotwn, T. 
(j. Mayhew ; Loivell, Robert B. 
Caverly, Samuel Lawrence, Charles 
A. F. Swan ; New Bedford, E. L. 
Barney ; North Bridgewater, Jonas 
R. Perkins ; Springfield, James H. 
Morton ; Westjield, N. T. Leonard ; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., S. B. Allen, James B. Bell, B. H. 
Currier, Alfred B. Ely, Geo. Griggs, 
William Hobbs, Jr., Abraham Jack- 
son, Francis E. Parker, Edward K. 
Phillips, Otis G. Randall. 

New Bedford, E. L. Barney ; Wor- 
Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, cester, J. Henry Hill. 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington St. 

John S. Abbott, William A. Abbott, Michigan. 

Edwin A. Alger, Augustus O. Allen, Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 




Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., S. B. Allen, I. J. Austin, J. B. 
Bell, A. W. Boardman, Francis A. 
Brooks, Edward Buck, David H. 
Coolidge, Benjamin H. Currier, Saml. 
S. Curtis, Alfred B. Ely, H. L. Ha- 
zelton, William Hobbs, Jr., Henry 
A. Johnson, D. P. Kimball, George 
H. Kingsbury, Marcus Morton, Benj. 
Pond, Otis G. Randall. W. A. Rich- 
ardson, A. E. Scott, Daniel Sharp, 
Hales W. Suter, James B. Thayer, 
Paul P. Todd. 

Cambridge, Wm. A. Richardson; 
New^ Bedford, Wendell H. Cobb, 
William W. Crapo, Oliver Prescott ; 
Pittsfield, C. N. Emerson ; Stoive, Ed- 
win Whitney ; Went field, 1^. T. Leon- 
ard ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., S. B. Allen, I. J. Austin, J. D. 
Ball, J. B. Bell, Benjamin H. Currier, 
Samuel S. Curtis, Dean Dudley, Ed- 
mund B. Otis, Benjamin Pond, Otis 
G. Randall, Paul 'P. Todd, J. H. 
Ward, Ambrose Wellington. 

Cambridge, Wm. A. Richardson ; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., James B. Bell, Benjamin H. Cur- 
rier, Abraham Jackson, J. H. Ward. 


Bostoti, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 4G Washinorton 
St., J. B. Bell, B. H. Currier, Saml. 
S. Curtis. Alfred E. Giles, Abraham 
Jackson, Henry A. Johnson , Edmund 
B. Otis, Otis G. Randal], Daniel 
Sharp, Chauncy Smith, J. Wingate 

Woi-cester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. ^V. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., James B. Bell. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., James B. Bell, Benjamin H. Cur- 
rier, Otis G. Randall. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 AVashington 
St., James B. Bell, Otis G. Randall, 
Chas. A. F. Swan. 

Lotvell, Chas. A. F. Swan ; North- 
ampton, A. P. Peck. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., E. A. Alger, Ivers J. Austin, 
Phineas Ayer, Sumner Albee, S. B. 
Allen, John L. Andrews, James B. 
Bell, S. Arthur Bent, A. F. Blotch, 
George E. Betton, Caleb Blodgett, 
Jr., George A. Bruce, David Bryant, 
Robert I. Burbank, A. C. Clark, Jo- 
seph M. Churchill, A. B. Coffin, Da- 
vid H. Coolidge, Asa Cottrell, Sam- 
uel R. Crocker, Uriel H. Crocker, 
Benj. H. Currier, Samuel S. Cnrtis, 
Isaac J. Cutter, Charles C. Dame, 
Edward A. Dana, George S. Derby, 
Thomas A. Dexter, Mark F. Dunck- 
lee, Micah Dyer, Jr., Alfred B. Ely, 
W. A. Field, Daniel F. Fitz, Wm. 
J. Forsaith, H. F. French, J. E. M. 
Gilley, George S. Hale, Francis B. 
Hayes, Horace L. Hazelton, A. C. 
Hersey, William Hilliard, William 
Hobbs, Jr., Henry C. Hutchins, Hor- 
ace G. Hutchins, Harvey Jewell, 
Albion K. P. Joy, D. P. Kimball, 
Alonzo V. Lynde, B. C. Moulton, 
Henry W. Muzzey, Stephen G. Nash, 
Jos. Nickerson, John Noble, A. F. L. 
Norris, Thomas F. Nutter, Benjamin 
Pond, Otis G. Randall, S. H. Ran- 
dall, A. A, Ranney, J. B. Richard- 
son, W. A. Richardson, William 
Rogers, James W. Rollins, Daniel 
Sharp, George S. Sullivan, Charles 
A. F. Swan, James B. Thayer Jas. 
D. Thomson, Samuel Tompson, S. L. 
Thorndike, J. Wingate Thornton, J. 
W. Titus, Paul P. Todd, Charles W. 
Tuttle, Ambrose Wellington, Samuel 
Wells, Jr., Ale.x. S. Wheeler, Charles 
Wheeler, Paul Willard, G. D. Wood- 

Ameshury, William C. Binney, G. 
W. Cate, George Turner; Lawrence, 
H. C. Bacon ; Lowell, John Davis, 
Charles A. F. Swan, G. D. Wood- 
man ; NeiD liedford, E. L. Barney ; 
Winchendon, L. W. Pierce ; Worces- 
ter, J. H. Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., J. B. Bell, B. H. Currier. D. P. 
Kimball, George W. Phillips, Benja- 
min Pond, Otis G. Randall, Gerard 
C. Tobey, Paul P. Todd; Northamp- 
ton, A. Percy Peck ; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 




Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & JeDuison, 46 Washington 
St., James B. Bell, B. H. Currier, 
Otis G. Randall. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams' 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., S. B. Allen, E. A. Alger, E. 
Avery, J. B. Bell, A. F. Bloeh, E. H. 
Currier, S. S. Curtis, Charles Demond, 
G. S. Derby, A. French, George S. 
Hale. Thornton K. Loihrop. Francis 
W. Palfrey. Benjamin Pond, Otis G. 
Randall, W. A. Richardson, David 
Roberts, George W. Searle, Daniel 
Sharp, Charles A. F. Swan, Samuel 
Tompson, I. II Wright. 

Ainlit^rst, W. A. Dickinson; Lowell, 
Robert B. Caverly, Cliarles A. F. 
Swan; Liinn, Wm. Ilowland ; Neic 
Bei/ford, James M. Bunker. W. II. 
Cobb; Northaw/tlon, A. P. Peck; 
Plli^fidd, C. N. Emerson ; SjtrinqfieUl. 
E. W. Bond, Wm. S. Donnelly, 
S. R. Phillips, Wm. S. Shurlletr, 
Augustus L. Soule ; YVpsiJield, N. T. 
Leonard ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. A<lams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., James B. Bell, David II. Coolidge. 
Benjamin II. Currier, Samuel S. 
Curtis, Otis G. Randall, J. Wingate 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Dost,,,,, A. W^ & C. B. F. Adanis, 
Chas. F. Adams, Jr., Angell & Jen- I 
nison, 46 Wa^llington St., S. B. I 
Allen. Ivers J. Austin, Henry B^ld- [ 
win, J. B. Bell. E. Buck, Robert I, i 
Burbank, Fred. W. Choate, Joseph 
U. Churchill, Benj. II. Currit-r, I 
Samuel S. Curtis, Charles Demonil. j 
Elbridge G. Du.Uev, AlCred B. Elv, I 
Clement H. Hill, 'Wm. Ilobbs, Jr., 
Edward F. Hodges. Henry A. John- ; 
son, D. P. Kimball, Alonzo V. Lynde, 
Henry W. Muzzey, Edmund B. Otis, 
Franeis W. Palliev, Francis E. 
Parker, Benj. Pond, Otis G. Randall, 
Daniel Sharp, Hales \V. Suter, James 
B. Thayer, Paul P. Todd, Calvin 
Torrey, Ambrose Wellington. 

Nortltdiiip'on, A. P. Peck ; Worces- 
ter, J. H. Hill. 

DREG ox. 

Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 4G Washington 
St., James B. Bell, Benjamin H. 

Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, Otis G. 
Randall, Paul P. Todd. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 AVashington 
St , S. B. Allen, Ivers J. Austin, J. 

D. Ball, J. B. BeU, Edward Buck, 
R. I. Burbank, Asa Cottrell, Benja- 
min II. Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, 
Charles F. Dana, Thomas A. Dexter, 
Charles Demond, Frank W. Ilackett, 
P^dward F. Hodges, Marcus Morton, 
Charles C. Nutter, Fred. O. Prince, 
Otis G. Randall, James W. Rollins, 
Hales W. Suter, J. Wingate Thorn- 
ton, Paul P. Todd. 

New Bedford, Alanson Borden ; 
Westfield, N. T. Leonard ; Worcester, 
J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., S. B. Allen, Isaac Ames, I. J. 
Austin, E. C. Baker, II. Baldwin, 
J. B. Bell, A. F. Bloch, C. Browne, 

E. Buck, J. P. Converse, B. H. 
Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, Wm. S. 
Dexter, George Griggs, Thomas S. 
Harlow, William Ililliard, William 
Hobbs, Jr., Abraliam Jackson, James 
M. Keith, D. P. Kimball, Edward S. 
Rand. Otis G. Randall, David 
Roberts, Joseph B. Sanford, A. E. 
Scott, Dan'l Sharp, Lemuel Shaw, 
Hales W. Suter, diaries A. F. Swan, 
James B. Thayer, Paul P. Todd. 

Anieshnri/, William C. Binney ; 
Lowell, Charles A. F. Swan ; New 
Bedford, E. L. Barney, R. C. Pit- 
man ; Sprinqjield, Jamus II. Morton ; 
West field, "S. T. Leonard; Worcester, 
J. Henry Hill. • 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St.. J. B. Bell, B. H. Currier, Sanmel 
S. Curtis, Thomas A. Dexter, Allied 
B. Elv, (reorge Griggs, Wm. Ililliard, 
Otis G. Randall. 

Sjjrin(j[/ield, JamesU. Morton, Wm. 
S. Shurtleff ; Westfield, N. T. Leon- 
ajd ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 AVashington 
St., I J. Austin, J. B. Bell, G. T. 
Bigelow, Causten Browne, Benjamin 
H. Currier, Benjamin Pond, Edmund 
H. Otis, Otis G. Randall, J. Wingate 

Wes'feld, N. T. Leonard ; Worces- 
ter, J. Henry Hdl. 




Boston, A. AV. & C. B. F. Adams> 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washinfftoa 
St., Wm. Aspinwall, J. B. Bell, B. H. 
Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, Edward 
Fiske, George S. Hale, Edward 
F. Hodges, Otis G. Randall. 

Wes^eld, N. T. Leonard. 

Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., S. B. Allen, J. B. Bell, C F. 
Blake, B. H. Currier, Otis G. Ran- 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., S. B. Allen, Sumner Albee, Ivers 
J. Austin, J. B. Bell, H.J. Boardman, 
A. R. Brown, Robert I. Burbank, J. 
H. Butler, A. B. Coffin, Benj. H. Cur- 
rier, Samuel S. Curtis, Charles F. 
Dana, Alfred B. Ely, W. A. Field, 
'Geo. S. Hale, Francis H. Hayes, Wm. 
Hobbs, Jr., Edward F. Hodges, 
Josiah W. Hubbard, Henry C. Hutch- 
ins, Harvey Jewell, James M. Keith, 
D. P. Kimball, Lyman Mason, Nathan 
Morse, Benjamin Pond, Otis G. Ran- 
dall, A. A. Ranney, B. F. Rice, Na- 
thaniel Richardson, A. E. Scott, 
Chauncey Smith, Hales W. Suter, 
Charles A. F. Swan, D. M. B. Thaxter, 
J. Wingate Thornton, Paul P. Todd, 
Thomas L. Wakefield, Hiram Well- 
ington, Paul Willard. 

Loivell, Jonathan Ladd, Charles A. 
F. Swan, William P. Webster ; Wor- 
cester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 
St., E. C. Baker, J. B. Bell, J. M. 
Churchill, J. R. Coolidge, B. H. Cur- 
rier, Samuel S. Curtis, Geo. S. Hale, 
W. Hobbs, Jr., A. Jackson, E. B. 
Otis, Otis G. Randall. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 AVashington 
St., James B. Bell, B. H. Currier, 
Otis G. Randall, Oliver Stevens. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 
Angell & Jennison, 46 AVashington 
St., James B. Bell. 


Boston, A. W. & C. B. F. Adams, 

Angell & Jennison, 46 Washington 

St., S. B. Allen, Ivers J. Austin, 

Joshua D. Ball, J. B. Bell, F. A. 

' Brooks, Causten Browne, Robert L 

I Burbank, Robert Codman, Benjamin 

H. Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, Francis 

j B. Hayes, D. P. Kimball, Alonzo V. 

] Lynde, F. E. Parker, Silas F. Plimp- 

1 ton, Benjamin Pond, Otis G. Randall, 

j AV. A. Richardson, Augustus Russ, 

I Daniel Sharp, J. AVingate Thornton, 

Paul P. Todd, James B. Thayer, 

Alexander C AVashburn, Ambrose 


Lynn, AVm. Howland. WestJieJd, 
N. T. Leonard. Worcester, J. Henry 


Boston, D. S. Gilchrist ; New Bedford, Thomas M. Stetson ; Salem, Joseph 
B. F. Osgood ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Th.e public are cautioned against ever paying money in 
advance to any persons claiming to be connected with, us or 
our publications, as our j^gents never take any sum, bow- 
ever small, in advance. 






Resident in other States, ■who have been appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts 
to take testimony and depositions to be read in the Courts of Massachusetts ; also to 
administer oaths, and to take the Acknowledgement of Deeds, Powers of Attorney, 
and all instruments under seal, to be recorded in said Commonwealth. 
[Note. — The terin for which these CommissioHers hold their office is restricted to three 



Little Hock, Charles P. Redmond 


Sacramento, Edward Cadwalader 
San Francisco, Wm. 0. Andrews 
" John S. Bugbee 

Otis V. Sawyer 
" N. Proctor Smith 

" Emile V. Sutter 

Fred. I. Thlbault 
" John White 


Hartford, Charles E. Fellowes 

" Edward Goodman 

" Wm. Hammersley 

Chas. J. Hoadley 

Meriden ( West), John H. Bario 

Noricich, Ebenezer Learned 


Washington, Edmund F. Brown 

72 Louisiana av. 
" Nicholas Callan 

Geo. F. McLellan 
" Joseph Peck 


Jacksonvilh, Edward M. Cheney 
Wm. P. Dockray 
Oscar Hart 


Augusta, Ellery M. Brayton, 

" Joseph P. Carr 
Macon, WM. P. GOODALL 
Savannah, Frank S. Hesseltine 


Chicago, William E. Furness 

" Simeon W, King 
OUver R. W. Lull 

CHAS. McDonnell 


Indianapolis, Luther R. IMartin 


New Orleans, Justin Castanie 

P. Chas. Cuvellier 

New Orleans, THOS. M. GILL, 
attorney at law, 
6 Carondelet st. 
" Andrew Hero, Jr. 

" Alanson B. Long 


Auburn, John W. May 
Bangor, John E. Godfrey 
Bath, John H. Kimball 
Portland, JAS. O'DONNELL 


Baltimore, Joseph T. Atkinson 

" Isaac Brooks 

" Hermon L. Emmons, Jr. 
Wm. W. Latimer 
William B. Hill 


Detroit, William J. Waterman 


Minneapolis, CYRUS ALDRICH 


Jackson, Hinds Co., G. A. Smythe 


St. Louis, Edmund T. Allen 
" Joel G. Harper 
" Rudolph jNIackwitz 
" Theodore Papin 


Virginia, Wm. A. M. Van Bok- 
" Joseph L. King 


Dover, Charles W. Woodman 
Exeter, Charles G. Conner 
Mason Village, John K. Mills 
Keene, Francis A. Faulkner 
Portsmouth, William H. Hackett 


Jersey City, George W. Cassedy 
Newark, James F. Bond 
" Staats S. Mon-is 




Albany, Worthington Frothingham 

Edward Wade 
Buffalo, James S. Glbbs 
Brooklyn, Gordon L. Ford 
" William F. Goodwin 
" Theodore Hinsdale 
Hudson, Stephen L. Magoun 
Lockport, John Hodge 

" William A. Abbott 
New York, John Adrianee 

" Frederick R. Anderson 

" Francis C. Bowman 

" Edmund B. Barnum 

Fisher A. Baker 

William H. Barker 

3 John, cor. Broadway 

James B. Bullock 
" John Bissell 
" John Butcher 

Edwin F. Cory 

Jedd P. C. Cotterill 
" Frederick N. Dodge 

Matthew H. Ellis 
" James H. Fay 


Peter I. Gage 
" Horace Graves 
" NATHL. GILL, 117 
Broadway (room 15) 
" William A. Gardner 

James W. Hale 
" Henry B. Hammond 

Charles P. Hartt 
" Theodore Hinsdale 

Clarence M. Hyde 
" Frederick I. King 
" Horatio C. King 
" Sylvester Lay 
" Sigismond Lasar 

William F. Lett 

Moses B. Maclay 
" Robert Maclay 
" Rufus K. McHarg 
" Montgomery M. Living- 
" Francis A. Marden 
" George B. Morris, Jr. 

TON, 117 Broadway 
" Joseph B. Nones 
" Alexander Ostrander 
" Josiah Porter 

Michael Phillips 

Nath'l A. Prentiss 

New York, Bushrod F. Rice 
Thomas Sadler, 

" Henry D. Sedgwick 
Edward F. de Selding 

" Isaac S. Smith 

" Samuel Swan 

Frederick B. Swift 
Thomas L. Thornell 

" Christian Von Hesse 

Joseph W. WUdey 
Troy, Charles L. Alden 


Wilmington, Robert S. French 

Cincinnati, Samuel S. Carpenter 

FEY, 6 East Third St. 
Hiram D. Peck 
" Reuben Tyler 

Cleveland, George L. Ingersoll 

Toledo, Wra. H. Gorrill 


Philadelphia, Arthur M. Burton 
" J. Edward Carpenter 

" Charles Chauncey 

Robert P. Dechert 
" Edward Hopper 

Samuel B. Huey 
" Sm'l W. Pennypacker 

" Edward L. Perkins 

Theodore D. Rand 
" Edward Shippen 

" Joshua Spering 

" Samuel L. Taylor 

Kinley J. Tener 
Pittsburg, John McClarem 
" William F. Robb 


Newport, Francis Brinley 
Providence, Henry Martin 


Beaufort, Reuben G. Holmes 
Charleston, Asher D. Cohen 
" Virginius J. Tobias 


Knoxville, Charles Seymour 
Memphis, C. Canning Smith 


Houston, Emile Sinimler 


Richmond, Charles S. Bundy 


Milwaukie, Francis Bloodgood 



&c., IN MAINE. 


Judge of Probate. Enos T. Luce, Auburn. 
Register of Probate, George S. Woodman, 

Register of Deeds, Silas Sprague, Greene. 
County treasurer, Alexander F. Merrill, 

Clerk of Courts, Daniel P. Atwood, Auburn. 
Sheriff, Isaac N. Parker, Lewiston. 
Deputy Sheriffs, Thos. Littlefleld, Auburn. 

Prescott K. 8trout, Durham. George W. 

Coombs, Lisbon Falls. James Hervey, 

Webster. Noah G. Cofren, Livermore 

Fulls. Daniel H. Teague, Turner. Wm. 

Keene, Mechanic Falls. 


Judge of Probate, Henry R. Downes, 
Presque Isle. 

Register of Probate, Lyman S. Strickland, 

Register of Deeds, Hadley Fairfield, Houl- 

County Treasurer, Charles P. Tenny, 

Clerk of Cojirts, Ransom Norton, Houlton. 

Sheriff, Daniel Uaiidall, Island Falls. 

Deputy Sheriff.^, Geo. G. Bickford, Houlton. 
G. A. Hayden, Presque Jsle. Micliael 
Farrell, Vnu Jiuren. Osgood I'rinj^ry, 
Jslfind Falls. Daniel Foster, Fort Fair- 
field. Ira 15. Gardner, Patten. Wm. J. 
Nye, Houlton. Hiram B. Forbes, Ho%d- 
ton. Milton D. Teague, Linden. Baptiste 
Fornier, Madawaska. N. M. Bartiett, 
Fort Kent. 


Judge of Probate, J oha A. Waterman, Gor- 

Register of Probate, Edward R. Staples, 

County Treasurer, Peter R. Hall, Wind- 

Clerk of Courts, Daniel W. Fessenden, 

Register of Deeds. Eben Leach, Raymond. 

Sheriff, George W. Parker, Gorham. 

Deputy Sheriffs, William Paine, Standish. 
Rufus Berry, Gray. l)anii>l L. Mitchell, 
Yarmouth. B.H.Hall, Windham. Eben 
N. Perry, Cape Elizabeth. Kussell Lam- 
son, Bridgton. Lyman Hall, Naples. 
Charles Crosman, lirtinsioick. 


Judge of Probate, O. L. Currier, New 

Register of Deeds, J. S. Gould, Wilton. 

County Treasurer, I. Warren Merrill, Farm- 

Clerk of Courts, Simeon H. Lowell, Far- 

Sheriff, A. T. Tuck, Farmington. 

Deputy Sheriffs. Wm. Lancaster, Cyrus G. 
Brown, Seio Sharon. J. E. Thompson, 
Phillips. George L. Riggs, Chesterville. 
John N. Foster, Wilton. Isaiah Mitchell, 
Strong. John Jackson, DixHeld, Oxford 
County. A. \. Hinds, Kingjield. Morrill 
P. Smith, Held. 

Coroner, Seward Dill, Phillips. 


Judge of Probate, P. Tuck, Bucksport. 
Register of Probate, George H. Dyer, 

County Treasurer, Charles W. Tilden, 

Clerk of Courts. H. B. Saunders, Ellsworth. 
Register of Deeds, John O. Sargent, Brook- 

Sheriff, Andrew B. Spurling, Orland. 


Judge of Probate, Henry K. Baker, Hallo- 

Register of Probate, J. Burton, Augusta. 

Register of Deeds, Archibald Clark, Wayne. 

County Treasurer, Alanson Starks. 

Clerk of Courts, William M. Stratton, 
Align sta. 

Sheriff, Charles Hewins, Augusta. 

Deyuty Sheriffs, William H. Sifloy, ^m.«7MS'«. 
George R. Stevens, Belgrade. Charles G. 
Thwiiig, China. Thomas B. Stinchfield, 
Clinton. George AVheeler, Gardiner. I 
F. Thompson, Hallowell. James F. Blunt, 
Mt. Vernon. E. G. Fuller, Readfield. 
Charles R. McFadden, Waterville. Jo- 
sephus Stevens, Winthrop, A. H. Barton, 


Judge of Probate, John C. Levenseller, 

Reg. of Probate, Edwin C. Fletcher, 

County Treasurer, Chas. A. Libby, Rock- 

Register of Deeds, George W. White, Rock- 

Clerk of Courts, Edwin Rose, Thomaston. 

Sheriff, Thomas B. Grose, Rockport. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Joseph E.Brown, Camden, 
Isaac Carkiii, McLain's Mills. James 
Burns, Washington. 


Judge of Probate. John H. Converse, New 

Register of Probate, Joseph J. Kennedy, 

Reg. of Deeds, Calvin R. Harraden, Wiscas- 

County Treas., William P. Lennox, 
Clerk of Courts, Geo. B. Sawyer, " 

Sheriff, Frederick Kent, Bremen. 
Deputy Sheriffs, Alvin Piper, Wiscasset. 
Thomas Bovd, Boothbay. JaS. E, Morse, 
Whitefield. ' Joseph Furd, Jefferson. Pea- 
body Simmons, Damariscotta. 


Judge of Probate, Aug. H. Walker, Lovell. 

Register of Probate, Josiah S. Hobbs, Paris- 

Register of Deeds, (eastern district), Sum- 
ner R. Newell, Paris, (western di8trict)i 
Asa Charles, Fryeburg. 

County Treasurer, Horatio Austin, Paris. 

Clerk of Courts, Wra. K. Kimball, Paris. 

Sheriff, Cyrus Wormell, Bethel. 

Deputy Sheriffs, C. M.Wormell, A. B. Good- 
win, Bethel. Russell Lamson, Bridgton. 
Eben E. Rice, Brownfield. Thomas R. 
Day, Bryant Pond. Josiah W. Wliitten, 
BuckfieUl. Oakes T. Bosworth, Canton, 
Jacob Thompson, Cornish. John Jack- 
son, Dix^eW. Andrew Buzzell, Fryeburg, 
Charles H. George, Hebron. Lorenzo D. 
Stacy, Kezer Falls. Benjamin Hartford, 
Lovell. Henry A. Jewett, North Hater- 
ford. Winthrop Stevens, Noncay. Samuel 
*T. Beale, Oxford. Sullivan R. Hutchins, 
Paris. Daniel H. Teague, Turner. 


Judge of Probate, J. E. Godfrey, Bangor. 

Register of Probate, Jos. Bartiett, " 

County Treasurer, A. C. Flint, " 

Clerk of Courts, Ezra C. Brett, Oldtown. 

Register of Deeds, Amos E. Hardy, Hamp- 

Sheriff, John H. Wilson, Bangor. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Elisha W. Shaw, Newport, 
Nathaniel Barker, East Exeter. Gustavus 
S. Bean, Bangor. Hartwell Lancaster, 
Upper Stillwater, Joshua M. Herrick, 


East Corinth. Joseph Shepherd, Dexter. 
Samuel I'hipps, Hampden. Ira B. Gardner, 
Patten. Leonard L. Buswell, Lincoln. 
George P. Brown, Kewburgh. Wm. L. 
Scribiier, Springfield. Thomas R. Gardner, 
Jailer, George W. Whitney, Bangor. 

Jndfie of Probate, Joseph S. Monroe, Abbot. 
Register of Probate, Asa Getchell, Dover. 
County Treasurer. Mark I'itman, " 

Clerk of Courts, Russell Kittredge, " 
Register of Deeds, Marcell W. Hall, " 
Sherijf, Edward Jewett, Saugerville. 
Deputy Sheriffs, Dennis Sprague, Milo. El- 
bridge G. Thompson, Foxcroft. 

Judge of Probate, Amos Nourse, Bath. 
Register of Probate. Elijah Upton, " 
Register of Deeds, Henry M. Bovey, '' 
County Treasurer, Henry M. Bovey," 
Clerk of Courts, Joseph M. Hayes, " 
Sheriff, Patrick K. Millay, Bowdoinham. 
Deputy She7-iffs, Albion J. Potter, Natlian 
Coombs, Geo. W. Smith, Rirhmond. Setli 
H. Leonard, Bowdoia. Kpliraim Griffin, 


Judge of Probate, .Tames B. Dascomb. 

Register of Probate, George A. Fletcher. 

Register of Deeds, Frank B. Ward, Brighton. 

County Treasurer, John JI. Wood. 

Clerk of Courts. Albert G. Emery. 

Sheriff, Joseph F. Nye. Kendall's Mills. 

Deputy Sheriffs, M. t). Ward, Skowhegan. 
S. T. Williams, Athens. Max. Foster, 
Canaan. H. S. Nickorson, I'ittsficld. J. 
H. Chapman, Ilartlanil. Levi Leighton, 
Harmony. .Jonah JNIcIntire. Solon. Sam 
uel Bunker, ^V()r</t /I H.s'OH ,T. D Bartlett, 
No. New Portland. Levi YounLf, Starks. 
Josiah Tiltou, Cornville. A. D. Murray, 
The Forks. 

Dei)uty and Jailer, Isaiah Cook, Norridge- 


Jtidge of Probate, Asa Thurlough, Monroe. 
Register of Probate, B. P. Field, Belfast. 
County 7Ve«.5«rer, Geo. McDonald, " 
Register of Deeds, Marshall Davis, " 
Clerk of Courts, S. L. Milliken, " 

Sheriff', Irving Calderwood, Searsport. 
Deputy Sheriffs, Loring Rose, Brooks. 

Samuel Norton, Palermo. John Snow, 

Winterpnrt. W. P. Sprague, Islesboro'. 

Alfred Berry, Unity. Samuel Richards, 



Judge of Probate, Jotham Lippincott, Co- 

Register of Probate, Mason H. Wilder, 

Register of Deeds, James C. Adams, Ma- 

Counti) Treasurer, I. Sargent, JIachias. 

Clerk' of Courts, Phineas H. Longfellow, 

Sheriff, Benjamin W. Farrar, Machias. 

Deputy Sheriffs, !\ranning Dunbar, Cherry- 
field. Harrison T. Smith, Machias. James 
Thompson, Eastport. E. E. Stoddard, 


Judge of Probate, Edward E. Bourne, Ken- 

Register of Probate, Horace H. Burbauk, 

County Treasurer, John Hall, North Ber- 

Clerk of Courts, Hampden Fairfield, Keane- 

Register of Deeds, Samuel Tripp, Alfred. 

Sheriff, Richard H. Godding, Alfred. 

Deputi/ Sheriffs, Abner Mitchell, Alfred. 
David A. Hurd, North Berwick. Ebenz. 
F. Neallov, South Benoick. Chas. H. Bart- 
lett, Kitten/. Joseph G- Harmon, Limer- 
ick. D. W. C. Merrill, Parsonfield. Oba- 
diah Durgin, Sacn. Thomas Tarbox, Bux- 
ton. James M. No well, San ford. Frank 
N Butler, Lebanon. Geo. P. Thompson, 
York. Jacob Thompson, Cornish. 



Judge of Probate, Warren Lovell, Laconia. 

Register of Probate, Woodbury L. Melcher, 

County Treas., James M. Paine. 

Sheriff, Hanson Beede, Meredith. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Geo. D. Savage, Alton. 
David C. Batchelder, Laconia. Warren 
U. Smith, Sanbornton. Daniel S. Beede, 

Deputy Sheriffs in. other counties deputized 
to seme in this county, A. .J. Scruton, 
Ftirniington. J. P. Sauboru. Franklin. 
.T. L. Pickering, Concord. Francis B Ber- 
ry, Pittsfield. D. P. Prescott, Bristol. 


Judge of Probate, Larkiu D. Mason, Tam- 

Reg. of Probate, D. G. Beede, Sandwich. 

County Treas., Thomas Nute, Ossipee. 

Sheriff, Leavjtt H. Eastman, Gonway. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Hugh M. Norton, Conway. 
John Denieritt, Effingham. Luther Young, 
Os.iipee. Gilman Moiilton, Sandwich. Hi- 
ram Paul. Wakefield. Samuel E. Remick, 
Tamioorth. Alonzo Alley, Madison. Geo. 
W. Hersey, Wolfborough. J. F. Cotton, 
Hfoulto nbo rough. 

Deputy Sheriff in Belknap county deputized 
to serve in this county, Hauson Beede, 


Judse of Probate, Silas Hardy, Keene. 
Register of Probate, Allen Giffin, " 
County Treas. George W. Tilden, " 
Sheriff, George W. Holbrook, " 

Deputy Sheriffs, Lockhart Davenport, Hins- 
dale. Ralph J. Holt, Elisha F. Lane, Isaac 
Aldrich, Keene. Geo. Ru-it, Walpole. 
Daniel A. Hawkins, Winchester. Henry 
FIctclier, Chesterfield. George L. Stearns, 
Deputy Sheriffs in Hillsborough county dep- 
utized to serve in this county. Charles 
Scott, Peterborough. Rufus p! Claggett, 


Judge of Probate, Benjamin F. Whidden, 

Register of Probate, John M. Whipple, Lan- 

County Treas. Edwin W. Drew, Stewarts- 

Sheriff, Benjamin H. Corning, Northumber- 

Deputy Sheriffs, Enoch L. Colby, Charles F. 
Colby, Lancaster. Lucius Hartshorn, 
Stratford. Samuel M. Harvey, Columbia. 
Albert S. Eustis, Colebrook. 


Judge of Probate, Nathaniel W. Westgate, 



Register of Probate, Luther C. Morse, Ha- 

County Treasurer, George T. Crawford, 

Sheriff, Grove S. Stevens, Haverhill. 

Beputy Sheriffs, George Morrison, Bath. 
David P. Prescott, Bristol. William ^y. 
George, Canaan. Curtis C. Bowman, 
Littleton. Dudley L. Clark, Plymouth. 
James G. Ticknor, Lebanon. Ephraim B. 
Strong, Orford. J. D. Osgood, Went- 

Deputy Sheriffs in other counties deputized 
to serve in this county, .Jonathan P. .San- 
born, Franklin. Albert Sanborn, Wilmot. 


Judge of Probate, David Cross, ^Manchester. 

Refiister of Probate, Cornelius V. Dearborn, 

Register of Deeds, Dana W. King, Xashua. 

County Treasurer, Henry B. Atlierton, 

Sheriff, Charles Scott, Peterborouch. 

Deputy Sheriffs, William Wethe'rbee, Am- 
herst ; Isaai W. Farmer, Daniel L. Ste- 
vens, .1. Spear, A. G. Fairbanks, Manches- 
ter; T. K. Ames, Peterborough; David 
Pattee, Goffstmcn; John (J. Dickey, Hilh- 
borough ; John Taylor, Paris H. Hill, A7(sft- 
ua ; Moses Clark, East Wilton ; Daniel K. 
Marvell, Mil ford; Alfred S. Smith, Pel- 
Unm; John B. I'erkins, Hollis ; John K. 
Mills, Mason J'illage. 

Deputy Sheriffs in other counties deputized 
to serve in this county, .lonatlian L. Pick- 
ering, Concord; D. Warren Cogswell, /fen- 
niker ; Sylvanus Clogston, East Washing- 
ton; David A. Wood, East Jaffrey ; Albert 
P. Davis, Warner, 


Judge of Probate, Hamilton K. Perkins, 

Register of Probate, Isaac A. Hill, Concord. 

County Treasurer, Andrew Gault, Bow. 

Sheriff, Henry L. Burnham, Dunbarton. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Newton C. Everett, An- 
dnver ; John D. Wadleitjh, Ilradford; 
William H. Currier, Canterbury : \lonn- 
than L. Pickering, .Joshua B." Merrill, 
Charles C. Davis, Concord: Albert H. 
Drown, Fisherville ; Albert Little, Xew 
London; Francis B. Berrv, Jonathan 
Towle. Pittsfield : D. Warren Cogswell, 
Eenniker; George B. Hardv. Contocook- 
ville; Clifton B. Hildreth, Pembroke; Al- 
pheus G. How, Boscatocn ; .Jonathan P. 
Sanborn, Franklin ; Eli Dodge, Sotith Xew- 
bury: Albert P. Davis, Warner; Albert 
Sanborn, Wilmot. 

Deputy Sheriffs in other counties deputised 
to serve in this county. David C. Batch- 
elder, Lacimin (Belknap Co.) ; Richard J. 
Sanborn, Deerfield (Rockingham Co.); 
CarrB. Haynes, Concorrf (Merrimack Co.); 
Daniel L. Stevens, Isaac W. Farmer, Al- 
fred G. Fairbanks, Manchester (Hillsboro' 
Co ); Kufus P. Claggett, Newport (Sulli- 
van Co.) I 


Judge of Probate, William W. Stickney, Exe- 

Register of Probate, Thomas Leavitt, Exe- 

County Treasurer, George E. Lawrence, 

Sheriff, Joseph P. Morse, Portsmouth. 

Deputy Sheriffs, George E. Eaton, Candia ; 
Isaiah A. Dustin, Derry ; Nathaniel H. 
Leavitt, George M. Perkins. Exeter ; Ben- 
jamin S. Clifl'ord, James M. Godfrey, Ep- 
ping ; Caleb Moulton, Hampstead; Miles 
Durgin, Northtvood ; Chas. H. Joy, New- 
Market ; Geo P. Dearborn, Nottingham ; 
Amos C.Clement, Plaistoic; Amos' Kim- 
ball, Kingston ; Ezra A. J. Sawyer. Rich- 
ard .1. Sanborn, Deerfield ; John iv. Brown, 
Seabrook ; .lames M. Platts, Londenderry, 

Deputy Sheriffs in other counties deputized 
to serve in this county. Isaac W. Farmer, 
Daniel L. Stevens, .Justin Spear. Afanches- 
ter: Alfred S. Smith, Pilhatn (Hillsbor- 
ough Co.); Francis B. Berrv, Pittsfield 
(Merrimack Co); Nathaniel Wiggin, .Do- 
fer (Strafford Co.) 


Judge of Probate, James H. Edgerly, Ro- 

Register of Probate, Amasa ]{oberts, Do- 

County Treasurer, Asa A. Tufts, Dover. 

Sheriff, Luther Haves, Milton. 

Depntji Sheriffs, Wm. K. A. Hoitt, Jasper 
(i. Wallace, Dover; Charles Joy, Dur- 
ham; Andrew J. Scruton, Farmington ; 
Joseph Jones, Lee; Henry Dnw, Straf- 
ford: Stephen S. Chick, Wm. L. Uracey, 
Somersirorth ; Ebenezer S. Nowell, Rot- 
ling.iford; Jonathan Wentworth, Roches- 

Deputy Sheriffs in other counties deputised 
to serve in tins county. (Jeorge D. Savage, 
.,4 /ion (Belknap Co.); Hiram Paul, Watce- 
field (Carroll Co.) ; John W. Smart, New- 
market; Geo. P. Dearborn, Nottingham, 
(Rockingham Co.) 


Judge of Probate, W. H. H. Allen, Newport. 

Register of Probate, Shepherd L. Bowers, 

County Treasurer, Bonj. Whipple, Charles- 

.^f/tcrt/f, .John P. Chellis, Meriden. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Abraham D. Hull, Charles- 
toufi : Henry L. Hubbard, James W. Brad- 
ley, Claremont ; Lemuel Martindale, S. 
Alden Tracy, Cornish : Martin A. Barton, 
Croydon ; Rufus P. Claggett. James L. 
Rilev, Newport ; Sylvanus Clogston, Wash- 

Deputy Sheriffs in other counties deputised 
to serve in this county. Albert Little, 
Neu- London: Eli Dodge, Sotith Newbury: 
John VvWows, Andover ; ,}nmes G. Tick- 
nor, IjCbanon: AVilliam W. George, Ca- 
naan; Oscar F. Beckwith, Alstead ; John 
G. Dickey, Hillsborough ; Albert P. Davis, 



Judges of Probate, Samuel E. Cook, Wey- 
bridge (Addison District): Harvey Mun- 
sill, Bristol (New Haven District). 

Clerk of Courts, D. Stewart, Middlebury. 

State's Attorney, George AV. Grandey, Ver- 
ge nnes. 

Sheriff, Isaac M- Tripp, Middleburv. 

High Bailiff, Edward Gorliam, Addison 


Judges of Probate, Thomas White, Benning- 
ton (Bennington District); E. B. Burton, 
Manchester (for Di f trict of ^lanchester). 

Clerk of Courts, J. V. Hall, Bennington. 

State's Attorney, TXsiXiney Howard, Manches- 

Sheriff, Leatider I'owers, Bennington. 

High Bailiff, James McCall, Rupert. 




Judge of Probate, Asa L Freuch, St. Johns- 

Clerk of Courts, A. E. Rankin, St. Johns- 

Stnte''s Attorney, H. C. Belden, Lyndon. 

Sheriff, Nathan J. I'ike, St Johnsbury. 

High Bailiff, VVm. L. Pearl, Slieffield. 


Judge of Probate, Torrey E. Wales, Bur- 

State's Attorney, Daniel Roberts, Burling- 

Clerk of Courts, Andrew J. Howard, Bur- 

Shenjff, John C. Griffin, Williston. 

High Bailiff, Joseph Barton, Charlotte. 


Judge of Probate, William H. Hartshorn, 

Clerk of Courts, Charles E. Benton, Guild- 

State's Attorney, O. F. Harvey, Concord. 

Sheriff, Joseph A. Mausur, Bri<,rhton. 

High Bailiff, Daniel G. May, Concord. 


Judge of Probate, Myron W. Bailey, St. 

Clerk of Courts, J. H. Brainerd, St. Albans. 
State's Attorney, Willard Farrington, St. 

Sheriff, J. P. Place, Highgate. 
High Bailiff, Julius Halbert, Fairfax. 


Judge of Probate, H. W. Allen, No. Hero. 
State's Attorney, John M. Haurican, North 

County Clerk, S. R. Goodsell, North Hero. 
Sheriff, R. L. Clark, North Hero. 
High Bailiff, Luther Pixley, South Hero. 


Judge of Probate, Christopher C. Chadwick, 

Staters Attorney, Charles J. Lewis, Morris- 

Clerk of Courts, E. B. Sawyer, Hyde Park. 

Sheriff, Wm. C. Doane, Johnson. 

High Bailiff, James T. Parish, Stowe. 


Judges of Probate, John R. Cleaveland, 
Brookfleld (for district of Randolph); 

Henry W. Bailey, Newbury (for district of 

Clerk of Courts, L. G. Hinckley, Chelsea. 
Stiiti-'A Attorney, Sam. M. Gleason, Thetford. 
Shififf, JiiiMOs P. Cleveland Jr., Braintree. 
High Bailiff', Charles Crocker, Brookiield. 


Judge of Probate, E. A. Stewart, Derby. 
Clerk of Courts, Isaac N. Cusliman, Iras- 
State's Attorney, J. B. Robinson, Barton. 
Sheriff, James Buswell, Barton. 
High Bailiff; Lucian P. Gallup, No. Troy. 


Jttdges of Probate, ^Ynher C. Dunton, Rut- 
land (Rutland district); C. M. Willard. 
Castletou (Fairhaven district). 

Clerk of Courts, H. H. Smith, Kutland. 

State's Attorney, H. G. Wood l'':iirhaven. 

Sheriff, William M. Field, Rutland. 

High Bailiff, Alonzo Hyde, Midaletown. 


Judge of Probate, T. R. Merrill, Montpelier. 
Clerk of Courts, L. Newcomb, Montpelier. 
State's Attorney, Melville E. Smilie, Water- 
Sheriff, Clark King, East Montpelier. 
High Bailiff, Sidney Brown, Waterbury, 


Judges of Probate, Abisha Stoddard, Town- 
sheud (for district of Westminster); Koyal 
TylLT,Brattleboroujj;-h (for district of Marl- 

Clerk of Courts, Royal Tyler, Brattlebor- 

State's Attorney, Chas. E. Arnold, Rock- 

Sheriff, Seth N. Herrick, Brattleborough. 

High Bailiff, Chas. C. Lynde, Guilford. 


Judges of Probate, John Porter, Hartford 
(for district of Hartford); Wm. Hounds, 
Chester (for district of Windsor). 

Clerk of Courts, George B. French, Wood- 

State's Attorney, Sam. E. Pingree, Hartford. 

Sheriff', W. L. Stimpson, Ludlow. 

High Bailiff, Granville P. Spaulding, Ches- 



Clerk of Supreme Court, C. A. Greene, Bris- 

Clerk of Court of Common Pleas, C. A. 
Greene, Bristol. 

Sheriff, John B. Pearce, Bristol. 


Clerk of Courts, Samuel L. Tillinghast, East 

Green wicli. 
Sheriff, John Holden, Old Warwick. 
Deputy Sheriff, Peleg Brown, Warwick. 


Clerk of Supreme Court and Court of Com- 
mon Pleas, Thomas W. Wood. 

Clerk of Court of Justices, Henry N. Ward. 

Sheriff, William D. Lake, Newport. 

Deputy Sheriffs, P. F. Little, Little Comp- 
ton ; Samuel Allen, JSTew Shoreham ; Wm. 
G. Peckham, 2d, Newport. 


Clerk of Supreme Court, Charles Blake. 

Clerk of Court of Common Pleas, Daniel R. 

Sheriff, Christopher Holden. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Roger W. Potter, Alfred B. 
Church, Neliemiah Kimball, Phineas Fair- 
broilier, J. A. Gardiner, Lyman Upham, 
Isaac W. D. Pike, Ansel Carpenter, B. A. 
Slocomb, George A. Atwood. F. A, Goff. 


Clerk of Supreme Court, John G. Clarke 

Clerk of Court of Common Pleas, J. Henry 
Wells, Kingston. 

Sheriff, Weeden H. Berry, AVesterly. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Edmund S. Babcock, King- 
ston; Joseph James, jr., Wyoming. 





State's Attorney, Nelson L. White, Danbury- 

County Treasurer, W. S. Quiutard, Nor 

Clerk of Courts, Elisha S. Abernethy, 

Sheri£, Matthew Bulkley, Weston. 

Deputy Sheriffs, George \V. Lewis, Bridge- 
port ; Alfred A. Heath, Danbury; S. N. 
Osborne, Easton ; David Lewis, Hunting- 
ton i Aaron .Sanford,jr. Newtown; Harvey 
Fitch, Norivalk; Edward A. Leeds, Stam- 
ford; E. Sherwood, Fairfield; Itufus L). 
Cable, Westport. 


State's Attorney, William Hamersley, Hart- 

Clerk of Courts, Chauncey Howard, Hart- 

Assistant Clerk, C. W. Johnson, Hartford. 

County Treasurer, John K. Buck, Hartford. 

Sheriff, Wesiell l£ussell, Hartford. 

Deputy Sheriffs, William Dibble, Ilurtford; 

. IS. V. Woodbridge, CoUinsvitle ; Harvey 
Prior, East Windsor; Sanford SliefBeld, 
South Olastenbury ; A. W. .Spauldintf, S'ew 
Britain; LaKa/ette I'arks, Snffield; L'. G. 
Parsons, frest Hartford; E. N. Phelps, 
Windsor ; Charles Aniiis, Manchester . 


State's Attorney, Charles F. Sedgwick, 

Clerk of Courts, William L. Kansom, Litch- 

County Treasurer, Geo. A. Hicko.x, Litch- 

Sheriff, Henry A. Botsford, Litchfield. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Edward O. Peck, Litehfield 
Edwin W. >purr, Canaan ; C E. lialdwin 
Cornwall; Julius Cutlin, Hariointan; E 
M. Hovvland, Kent; Hezekiah H. Stone 
Ne)o Hartford; Gad N. Smith, Aeio Mil 
ford ; Robert Vaudusen, Aorth Canaan 
Henry Miner, Marcus I>e Forest, Wood- 
bury ; Samuel B. Home, Winchester. 


State's Attorney, William T. Elmer, Middle- 

Clerk of Courts. Charles G. R. Vinal, Mid- 

County Treasurer, George W. Harris, Mid- 

Sheriff, John I. Hutchinson, Essex. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Arba Hyde, Middletown; 
Bazaleel Shailer, Haddam; Alfred M. 

AVright, Clinton ; Elizur Goodrich, Port 
land; Hosford B. Kiles, East Haddam; 
Ansel D. Piatt, Saybrook ; Kufus C. Shep- 
ard, Old Saybrook ; A. S. Bugbee, Chat- 


State's Attorney, Eleazer K. Foster, New 

Clerk of Courts, Arthur D. Osborne, New 

County Treasurer, Stephen D. Pardee, New 

Slieriff, Gideon O. Hotchkiss, Naugatuck. 

Deputy Sheriff's, Jonathan W. Pond, New 
Haven; Wm. S. Hull, Madison; Edwin 
Birdsey, John U. Byxbee, Meriden; David 
Tucker, Seymour ; George Blakeslee, Wa- 
terbury ; William Piatt, 2d, Milford. 


State's Attorney, Daniel Chadwick, Lyme. 

Clerk of Courts, >Villiam L. Brewer, Nor- 

County Treasurer, Leonard Hempsted, New 

Sheriff, Kichard A. Wheeler, Stonington. 

Depiity Sheriffs, D. H. Chappell, New Lon- 
don; .lured H. Fillmore, Norwich; Isaac 
Johnson, Bozrah; Uoswell llrown, Gro- 
ton; L. L. Huntington, Lebanon; 11. W. 
Chadwick, Lyme; tiilbert Billings, iVbr<A 
Stonington ; Edward De Wolf, Salem. 


State's Attorney, Dwight >rareey, Tolland. 

Clerk of Courts, .Joseph Bishop, Tolland. 

County Treasurer, Clark Holt, Vernon. 

Sheriff, Amos Pease, Somers. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Wm. Cummings, Coventry ; 
George Paulk, Jiockville ; Lorenzo D. 
Winters, Stafford; C. B. Pomeroy, Tol- 
land; Harvey K. Crane, Hebron; Milton 
H. Keeney, Union. 


State's Attorney, Edward L. Cundall, West 

Clerk of Courts, Uriel Fuller, Brooklyn. 

County Treasttrer, John Gallup, '^'d, Brook- 

Sheriff, Prescott 3Iay, Putnam. 

Deputy Sheriffs, Charles H. Osgood, Abing- 
ton; Joscpli Snow, Killingly; Joseph W. 
Cutler, Central Village ; Koderick Davi- 
son, Williniatitic i Jeremiah Church, West 
Woodstock; Caleb A. Bosworth, West- 


The public are cautioned against ever payi7ig money in advance to 
any persons claiming to be connected tvith us or our publications, as our 
Argents never taJce any sum, hotcever small, in advance. 

SAMPSON, DAVENPORT, & CO., Directory Publishers, 



T»*al 1,867,339. 



























ChJlmark 547 

Edgartown 1,846 

Gosnold 108 

Tisbury 1,699 










Great Barrington 







Mount Washington 

New Ashford 

New Marlborouffh 

Otis ^ 










West Stockbridge 















Fall River 



New Bedford 






And over 






















North Andover 






South Danvers 




West Newbury 

2 622 









New Salem 
















































West Springfield 








Col era in 


























South Hadley 

































































RLirl borough 





North Reading 






South Reading 










West Cambridge 






















Nantucket 4,830 


Bell in gh am 1,240 

Braintree 3,725 

Brookline 5,262 


















West Roxbury 













F.ast Bri'dgewater 
















North Bridgewater 6,335 

Pembroke 1,488 

Plymouth 6,075 

Plympton 924 

Rochester 1,150 

Scituate 2,269 

South Scituate 1,578 

Ward) am 2,842 

West Bridgcwater 1,825 



Boston 192,324 

Chelsea 14,403 

North Chelsea 858 

Winthrop 634 



























































New Braintree 


North borougli 




North Brookfieli 












































West Bovlston 


West Brookfield 










B>j Count 



























Arranged Alphabetically by Business and Towns. "When the Post Office 

address differs from the Town, it is given immediately after the 

name, and preceding the Town. 

(Business Directory of Bos/on tcillbe given by itself; for page, see Contents.) 


Potter Southward, 2d, New Bedford 

Webb Hiram, " 

Holmes F. A. Taunton 

Acid Manufacturers. 

Wells Orson & Sons, North Adams, Adams 

Adjustable Circular Saw Bench 

GROSVENOR J. P., Mt. Vernon St. 
(see page 737) Lowell 

Advertising Agents. 

Burbank & Howland, 209 Main, Worcester 

Ageing Boxes. 

(For Print Works.) 


page 756) Fall River 

Agricultural Implement Man- 

Harrington S. E. (seed sowers), 

N. Amherst, Amherst 

Oliver Jas. (rakes and fish spears), Athol 
Houghton D. W. (plows and cultiva- 
tors), Athol Depot, " 
Siblev«& Yonng, (scvthes), " " " 
HEALD S. & SONS (Bullard patent 
hay tedders, rakes, plows, cultiva- 
tors, hay cutters, corn shelters, 
cheese presses, &c. &c. see pages 
796 and 797) Barre 
Bernard ston 
HulbertE. S. (hoes and corn knives), " 
Edwards S. F. Bolton 
Merritt L. 'rakes), Brookfield 
REED FRANKLIN, (rakes, hoes, 

&c. see page 793), Canton 

Mayhew H. H. (scythe snaths), Charlemont 
Shedd John S. (plows), Chelmsford 

Belcher & Taylor Agricultural Tool 

Co., Chicopee Falls, Chicopee 

Whittemore, Belcher, & Co. Chicopee 
Falls, " 

Briggs Albert, (stub hoes and picks), " 
Briggs Franklin, " " " " " 

AMES 0. & SONS (shovels, spades, 

&c.) North Easton, Easton 

Richardson Edwin (scythes), Fitchburg 
ing, reaping, and planing knives, 
see page 658), " 


Buckeye Mowing Machine Co. 

West Firdihurg, " 

Whitman & Miles" Manufiicturing Co. 
(mowing and reaping machine 
knives, &c.), West Fitchburg, " 

Simonds S. (hand rakes), Greeiitieid 

Felt & Co. (plows, harrows, &c.) " 

Arties Plow Co. Groton Junction, Groton 
Bingham Silas (supplies), Hinsdale 

Brown VVm & Bro. (h ly forks), " 

Bates Caleb (revolvujg harrows and 

cultivators), Kinsrstou 

Pope F. W. (forks), Leominster 

Graves S. S. (scythe snath irons). 

North Leverett, Leverett 

Colson Owen D. Mattapoisett 

Eddy W. S. & Son (shovels). East 

Middleborough, Middleborough 

Carpenter S. P. (praning shears), Milford 
Rugg Amos (rakes), Montague 

Heath Francis & De Witt, (rakes), " 
Sheldon G. L. (rock lifters and 

plows), Hartsville, New Marlboro' 
Bay Sfate Hardware Co. Northampton 
Ciapp Wm. R. (mowing machines), " 
Clement & Hawkes Manuf. Co. (hoes), " 
Lyman A. F. & Son (garden rakes), " 
Johnson W. H. (horse rakes), Northboro' 
No. Bridgewater 
Reynolds E. D. & 0. B. (seed sowers), " 
Ros.s A. H. (horse hoes), Nortlifield 

Hunt, Waite, & Flint, (plows and 

harrows,) Orange 

BLANCHARD A. V. & CO. (plow 

handles and scythes). Palmer 

King George W. (shovels), Raynhara 

Claflin Alfred (rakes), Sandisfield 

Phelps Newton, " " 

Stratton T. A. " " 

Whitney E. A. " » 

Weeks & VV'atson, Sharon 

Crassmon William (rakes), Shutesbury 
OLD COLONY IRON CO. (shovels, 

&c.,) Taunton 

King J. S., East Taunton " 

PERKINS S. & CO. (plow castings, 

see page 729), Weir, " 

Johnson Pembroke (fan mills), Templeton 
Moore Bennett E. (rock puller), Tolland 
Breaknedge James L. (rakes), Tyringham 
Garfield .John & Son, " 

Steadman William, " 

Reed David (fan mills). West Boylston 
Tucker Ebenezer (picks &c.), Weston 



Agrkulturrtl Inplemenis — continued. 

Bebee Marcus (plows), South VVil- 

braham, VVilbraham 

Jordan John (rakes,) East Windsor, 


Ame-5 Plow Co. (all kinds), Worcester 

Kniffen Mowing Machine Co. (mow- 
ing m.ichine^, horse rakes, &c.,) " 

RICHARDSON A. 1' & CO. (mow- 
ing machines) 9 Central, " 

Agricultural Warehouses. 

(5ee also Counlnj Stores.) 

Sprague L. K., Arhol Depot, Athol 


Coiiant r. D. Fall River 

StiUwell Daniel, " 

Westgate James F. " 

Fairbanks J. H. Fitchburg 
Baldwin Joseph, 

Wright, Woodward, & Co. " 

Pluramer David, Gloucester 

Norton S. & Co. Great Harrington 

Allen's S. Sons, Greenfield 

Arms Geo. A. & Co. " 

Farrington & Buniitt, Holyoke 

Kimball W. A. & Co. Lawrence 
Mason C. R. & Co. 

Dresser & Co. Lee 

Chase, Sargent, & Shattuck, Lowell 

Fielding & Bartlett, " 

Rogers Jacob, " 

Bowers & Jenks, MMford 

Bartlett & Hey wood, '* 

Almv John E. New Bedford 
SULLINGS & KINGMAN, 123 Union, ' 

Vincent Ambrose, " 

Woodworth D. T. Newburyport 

Stockwell & Spaulding, Northampton 
Todd Wm. H. 

Brown Ebenezer, Palmer 

Chapin Hein-y W. Pittsfield 

A lam^, Richardson & Co. Salem 

Hale Henrv, " 


Falls. Shelbnrne 

Ferre Henrv, Springfield 

NEWCOMfe W. L. & CO. (see pa»e 

728), Taunton 

Washburn Isaac, ^ *' 

Spaulding Cyrus, Webster 

Lovell J. D. Worcester 

Album Manufacturers. 

Simonds & Co. (tintype). New Bedford 

Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

Sowle Resolved, Fall River 

Hurley & Co. Gloucester 

Winn & Parker, " 

SMITH ROBERT H. 479 Common, " 
CASEY JOHN, 475 Common, " 

Corcoran James, " 

RAFFEUTY HUGH, 37 Broadway, 

(see page 741), " 

Robinson John, " 

Corner John, Lowell 

Lennon John, " 

HEALD M. C. 114 S. Common, (see 

page 714), Lynn 

Gould & Cummings, Newburyport 

Perley Renton M. (agent), " " 

Thayer & Dodge, Palmer 

FURNALD & BROOK (champagne 

cider), Quincy 

Carey Hugh (agent), Salem 

Devine P. H. 

Mudgett Samuel A. Salem 

Robinson B. F. " 
WIXN S. B., Front, cor. Wasliington, " 

BROOKS F. A. (see page 778), Springfield 

Tripp William C. Taunton 

Taylor L. C. Waltham 

Hewitt G. F. Worcester 

Anchor Manufacturers. 

Cape Ann Anchor Works, Gloucester 

Holmes Alex. Kingston 

Dean Theodore, East Taunton, Raynham 

Anti-Friction Lining Metal. 

DODGE L. C. 55 Dutton (see page 





Nash Svlvaims, 

Dyer N. N., South Abington, 

ESTES J. J. East " " 

Davis John R. Acushnet 

DUNHAvl GEO. ' Adams 

Wilkinson & Mols, " 

Burlinganie & Darbvs, No. Adams, " 

Clark & Olds, ■ •' " 

Nonnau Edward, " " 

I'ettis N. C & Co. " " 

Rice G. L. & Brother, " 

, Merrill F. W. 

1 Nayson .Jonathan & Son, 
Barrows & Hubbard, 
Deuel C. 
Orr Samuel K. 

I Brown John J. 

' Swilt JoTiathan, 
Parker (ieo. H. 
Dodge Davies, 

! Gieen Charles 0. 
Tilton & Greeuwod, 
Williams John H. 
Fay Sereno E. Athol Depot, 
Harris John S. '" 

j Hardin N. H. 
Hinckley 0. M. 
Jaggar S. & Co. Centreville, 
Doane Geo. W. Hyanuis, 
Shattuck Heirry J. 

I Wadsworth Joseph D. 
Stearns Elijah W. 
Chapiu & Reynolds, 
Hartshorn Edward, 

! Endicott Robert R. 

' Prince .\sa, 

1 Woodbury Charles, 

j Smith & Tailock, 

I Stockbridge Horatio, " 

^ Bigelow W. H. Bolton 

i Hayward Elias, So. Braintree, Braintree 
Crooker Benjamin T. Bridsjewater 

Leach & Harris, Brighton 

WARREN G. WM. Washington st. " 
Carpenter C. B. Brookfield 

BIRD GEO. W. Harvard St. Brookline 
Hubbard John H. Cambridge 

Coutri L. G. " 

Ramsey Alexander H. " 

Appleton H. K. jr. E. Cambridge, " 
Ham Abner, (estate), " " 

Jones Mark A. " " 

Nichols H. C. " " 

Stevens Charles E. " " 

Studley & Webber, " " 

Bailey A. E. North Cambridge, " 

Nason James B. '' " 

Bavley Augustus R. Cambridgeport, " 
Orne Joel S. " " 
















Southworth G. M. Cambridgeport, '• 
Weston & Co. " " 

Woodward James B. " " 

Brooks W. W. Canton 

Adams William W. Charlestown 

Bailey Kendall Jr. " 

Bond Wm. L. " 

Dodge Levi G. " 

Downs H. P. & Co. " 

Faulkner A. D. " 

Gibbs W. H. " 

Harris J. A. " 

Holden Wm. & Co. " 

Hovev William, " 

Kettell Geo. P. " 

Kidder Samuel & Co. " 

McLeod Angus, " 

Melzar Aug. P. , " 

Morse Wm. B. " 

Sanborn J. G. " 

Stacy Benjamin F. " 

Stowell J.'& Co. " 

Toppan Nathaniel D. " 

Tower Walter S. " 


Jenks H. H. Cheshire 

Buck John, Chelsea 

Churchill George W^. " 

Freeman & Ilsley, " 

Martin A. C. " " 

Mead Geo. JI. " 

Sullivan .lohn A. " 

White Joseph W. 

White & Klv, Chester 

JOHNSON'WM. W. Chicopee 

KENT CYRUS F. (see page 774) 

Smith WaiTen, Col. " 

Paige Edgar T., Chicopee Falls, " 

Boynton L. W. & Co. Clinton 

Burditt A. A. " 

Ellms Edward E. Cohasset 

Smith Horace, Coleraine 

Reynolds Joseph, Concord 

MERRILL L. & SON, Danvers 

Marsh Geo. Dedham 

Smith Henry, " 

Tinker Francis, South Dedham, " 

Lord William E., East Dennis, Dennis 

FRAZAR GEORGE L., Washington, 

cor. Harvard, Dorchester 

Sanborn Jeremiah, " 

Noble M. E. Hyde Park, 

Southworth A. C. Neponset, " 

Hill Aaron M., East Douglas, Douglas 
Conant .John A, Mrs. East Bridgewater 
Fay C. R. & Co. East Hampton 

Thompson A. W. North Easton, Easton 
Maberry Edwin, Edgartown 

Pierce John, " 

Church .lames I. Fairhaven 

Richmond Horatio W. " 

Everett .Tames B. Falmouth 

Bakf^r Chas. A. Fall River 

Bennett Wm. G. & Co. " 

Brown P. S. " 

Chace J. E. & Son, " 

Dailey & Gibbs, " 

Kreis J. A. " 

Pollard D. W. " 

WHITAKER .L W., Ferry, cor. Canal, " 
Choate John, ' Fitchburg 

Greene Henry G. & Co. " 

Lane .lames B. " 

Macurda W. A. & Co. " 

Phelps Eli Foxborough 

THOMSON W. A. Framingham 

Howe Willard, South Framingham, " 

Goodnow H. J., Saxonville, Framingham 

Nolen W'illiam B. Franklin 

Peabody John W. Frei town 

Conant Francis, Gardner 

Emerson J. " 
Bateman Lewis H. Georgetown 

Dorman William B. " 

Price Augustus E. Gloucester 
Ware Wm. H. 

Wetherell Mouson L. " 

Hale C. A. Grafton 

White David, " 
Morgan & Pixley, Great Barrington 

Whiting Frederick T. " 

Hovey Daniel, Greenfield 

Hovey George H. " 

Gerrish Charles, Groton 
Brock J. C. Groton Junction, " 

Atwood Moses P. Groveland 

Porter Wm. P. Hadley 

Wilder Isaac M. Hanover 

Dodge Franklin, Harwich 

Munsell Geo. N. " 

Emerson & Howe, Haverhill 

Frothingham & Howe, '' 

Kimball Geo. A. " 

Priest M L. (bot), " 

Fearing Wm. 2d, Hingham 

Hunt J. L. " 

Andrews T, E. Holli>ton 

Bassett A. G. Holyoke 

Browning Bros. '• 

Goodall & Fitch, " 

Morrill J. E. " 

O'Connor J. J. " 

Woodbury J. A. Hopkintoa 

Manson S. F. Hudson 

Saftbrd W. Augustus, " 

Everett W. S. Hyde Park 

Geyer Andrew, Ipswich 

Thompson & Stevens, Lancaster 

Brigliain W. C. Lawrence 

Clarke Charles, " 

Chickering Geo. E. *' 

Gilpatrick J. F. " 

Graves F. E. " 

Ordway Aaron, "• 

Sargent G. W. "• 

Talbot Geo. F. " 

Whitney Henry M. " 

Wood James R. " 

Callender Brothers, Lee 

Pease Francis M. '' 

Brown P. R. Lenox 

Fuller & Jacobs, Leominster 

Wheelock & Whittier, " 

Babcock A. G. Lexington 

Allen H. W. Lowell 

Bailey F. & D. " 

ButlerF. H. & Co. " 

Carleton & Hovey, " 

Dows Amos W. " " 

Dunc;in Wm. W^. " 

French Wm. H. " 

Gordon L. M. " 

Haves Joseph R. " 

Hovt Eli W., " 

Kimball Chas. R. *«• 

Lane Louisa C. " 

Leighton W. H. " 
PLUNKETT JOSEPH, Dutton, cor. " 

Lowell, " 

Thompson M. E. ' " 

Brown Charles W. Lynm 

Bulfinch Jeremiah, " 

Hodges Chauucy A. " 

Holder & Co. "■ 

Ladd William M. "• 



Apnthecaries — continued, 

Murray James VV. Lynn 

Proctor Benjamin, " 

Snow & Messinger, " 

Tapley Warren, " 

Wood's S. H. " 

Cox VVm. W. N. Maiden 

Josselyn C. B. " 

Lee & Co. Manchester 

Lee Andrew, " 

Borden C. T. Mansfield 

Goodwin William, 5th, Marblehead 

Graves Franklin, " 

Bardett William R. Marlborough 

Hunter Clifton D. " 

Marshall Frank A. " 

Sparrow William E. Mattapoisett 

Hooper Brothers, Medfoni 

Tufts James W. " 
TourteJotte J. N. West Med way, Med way 

Larrabee John, Melrose 

BLarris Samuel H. jr. Metliuen 

Shaw J. B. & J. Middleborough 

Bailey T. B. Milford 

Parker W. M. " 

Morgan H E. " 

Wilson L. J. " 

Sears N. H. Millhurv 

Nye F. W. K. Milton 

Mitchell Kdward, Nantucket 

Jaggar Charles H. " 

Cunimings F. E. Natick 

Daniels S. O. " 

Hovve Elbridge, " 

New Bedford 
BLAKE JAMES E. 64 No. Second, 

Bunker Elihu, " 
CADWELL WM. P. S. 49 Purchase, " 

Chisholm E. H. " 
Church C. H. 

Clark Walter G. " 

Cornish A. " 

Holmes E. & Co. " 

Lawton C. H. " 

Otis Thomas, " 

Pease W. A. " 

Spencer C. L. " 

Thornton Elishn, jr. " 

Caldwell W. W. 
Dickens Job T. (eel.) 
Hodge Charles M. 
Nolcini C. A. 
Smith Saml. A. 
Noble John J., 
Billings E. T., 
Lowe C. H. 

Snow I. H. West Newton, " 
WKBSTKR J. F.. iNewton Upper Falls, " 
Perkins G. T. Newton Lower Falls, " 

Clark & Parsons, Northampton 

Edwards Oscar, " 

Kingsley Charles B. " 
Parsons Sidney C. 
Low C. H. 
Bixbv C. C. 
Cobb Tyler, 
Goldthwaite E. 
Whipple J. J. & Co. 
DeLand B. K. 
Andrew-s Robert, 
Barton Edward, 
Kenrick Alexander, East Orleans, Orleans 

Rawson Charles, Oxford 

Holbrook William, Palmer 
WOOD & ALLEN (see page 774), 

Grosvenor D. P. jr. Peabody 

Meacom Geo. E. " 

Newbury port 

Newton Centre, 
Newton Corner, 


North Andover 
North Bridgewater 

North Brookfield 







Rock port 


Sweetser Thos. A. 

Brewster & Rice, 

Manning Marv S. 

Spalding W. A. 


65 North. 
Hall John T. 
Hubbard Benjamin, 
Warren Winslow, 
Wood Geo. F. 
Baxter J. B. 
Crocker .J. M. 
Hopkins Joshua F. 
Hougb Henry C. 
Newton Horatio G. 
Paine S. A. 
Stone Jeremiah, 
Haj'den E. Mrs. 
Johnson Cotton C. 
Pattee William S. 
Veazie .Jolni H. 
Allen K. A. (botanic), 

; Willis Wm. H. 
Blatchford Eben, 
Barton (Jardner, 

1 Brooks William A. 
Chamberlain Joseph VV. " 

Emerton James, " 

Farrington George P. •• 

Partington Geo. P. jr. " 

Nichols Thos. B. « 

Pinkh.un C. H. •' 

Pratt Henrv J. & Co. " 

Price C. H. & J. " 

Webb William, jr. " 

Bartlett D. L. Amesburv, Salisbury 

HALL CHARLES B. " Sandwich 

Bidwell .M. S. .Sheffield 

Baker Edwin, Shelbume Falls, Shelburne 
Taylor A. H. " " 

Root .M. N. & Co. Somerville 

Weston William H. " 

Judd A. (i. Southampton 

Hartwell George H. Southbridge 

Keith Wm. J. Globe Village. " 

South Hadley 
Sanderson Wm. T., So. Hadley Falls, " 
Summer L. F. Spencer 

ALDEN & BREWSTER, Springfield 

Bigelow E. " 

Brewer H. & J. " 

BURDETT C. C. & CO. " 

Dickinson F. S. " 

Hooker John, " 

Merritt & Hall, " 

Stebbins E. C. " 

Webber J. T. 
Stevens D. 
Clarke W. B. 
Durkee T. G. 
Goodrich Horace, " 

Wilkins H. E. Stoughton 

Porter Jacob P. Swampscott 

Barker A. J. Taunton 

Dunbar Samuel 0. & Son, " 

Mitchell D. L. " 

Monroe Charles E. ^ " 

Whitney & Forbush, " 

Willard'A. L. " 

Woodward W. P. « 

Brown Moses, West Tisbury, Tisbnry 
Leach William, Holmes's Hole, " 
Paine Samuel C. Truro 

Ward George W. Upton 

Mellor Godfrey K. Uxbridge 

Boardman E. E. Wakefield 

Mansfield J. D. " 

Emmons S. B. Waltham 

Indian Orchard, " 




Hall Henrv C. 
Rogers George H. 
Pepper J. H. & Co. 
Sawyer Frederick A 
Blair & Keys, 
Harwood Lucian, 
Page Cliarles F. 
Sullivan J. Albert, 
Bigelow Elisha M. 
Dresser Horace M. 
Paine Ainasa K. 
Johnson Benj. F. 
Henry S. G. & Co. 
Flagg Jolin 0. 
Baker & Williams, 
Andrews J. 
Colton John W. 
Holland Henry, 
Eames & Giles, 









West Boylston 

West Bridgewater 


West Roxbury 
Barrett George N., Jamaica Plain, " 
Howard John C. " " " 

Boynton Henry B. West Stockbridge 

Moore James S. " 

White Amos S. & Co. Weymouth 

Brown L. T. S. Weymouth, " 

Smith Nathan F. Williamstown 

Harris Brothers, Wincheudon 

Skinner 0. E. & Co. " 

Brown George P. Winchester 

Grosvenor J. M. &. Co. Woburn 

Trull Elbridge, 

Bush & Co. Worcester 

Buffington E. D. 

Dinsmore Silas, " 

Fairbanks & Piper, " 

Green James & Co. " 

Green M. B. & Co. " 

Howland A. H. & Co. (horn, med.), " 
McConville M. S. " 

Scott David & Co. " 

Scott Nelson R. " 

Sibley, Ward, & Co. " 

Spaulding R. " 

Spurr George R. " 

Wetherbee E. D. " 

Warren E A. " 

Williams Aug. " 

Hale John, Yarmouth Port, Yarmouth 

Apple-Paring Machines. 

Monroe Brothers, Fitchburg 

Lockey J. H. & Co. (turn-table 

apple-parers), Leominster 

Whittemore D. H. Worcester 


W^ebber J. H. 
Brown Josiah, 
Francis Henry M. 
CORSON H. W. (see 
Newhall WUbuf F. 
Eaton Solomon K. 
Fales Lewis, 
Hammond Caleb, 
Eaton Solomon K. 
Bailey John & Son, 
Coffin Frederick J. 
Pratt Wm. F. 
Gardner E. C. 
Rathbun Charles T. 


Fall River 


page 753), Franklin 






New Bedford 



see page 751), " 

Florence, " 


Weissbein L. Pittsfield 
LORD & FULLER, 243i Essex, 

(see page 747), Salem 
Foster J. C. 

CHAPIN A. L. Springfield 

Washburn Jason, " 

Green George, Westfield 

Phelps Enoch, jr. " 

Towne & Dickinson, " 

Bovden E. & Son, Worcester 

Cutting A. P., " 

I'larle Stephen C. " 

Earle & Fuller, " 

Artesian Wells. 

Fuller Waldo, Kingston 

Artifiieial Limb Manufs. 

Salem Leg Co. 
Douglass D. DeForrest, 



Dunning Robert S. 
Grouard John E. 
Gay William A. 
Hudson Wm. ji\ 
Sheldon J. 
Wilson A. 
Giff'ord Charles H. 
Cole Lyman E. 
Hotchkiss W. 
Upham 0. W. H. 

Fall River 






New Bedford 




Greeley J. A. Amesbury, Salisbury 

Gladwin George E. Worcester 

Greene C. G. 
Willard W. " 



Cook .Joshua, 
Whitmarsh A. " 

Gilson Lorenzo C. E. Abington, •' 

Whitmarsh John F. E., N. " " 

Hobart E. A. S. " " 

Blodgett Jonas, Acton 

Fuller Alden, West Acton, " 

Hutchinson C. E. Amherst 

Whitney S. W. " 

^"oster George, Andover 

Poland Benjamin, Arlington 

Wetherbee Marshall, Ashbunihara 

C'umniings J. L. " 

Wright F. W. A^hby 

Morse Ezra, A.'^hland 

Brown Jesse, Athol 

Lewis E. T. " 

Stratton A. G. Athol Depot, " 

STARKEY L. T. (see page 713) Attleboro' 
Bearse Charles C, Cotuitport, Barnstable 
Crosby Gorham, Centreville, " 

Phinney Nelson, " " 

Bassett Theo. F. Hyannis, " 

Babbitt P. H. Barre 

Norcott Jarvis, Becket 

Lane Wm. A. Bedford 

Longlev S. W. Belchertown 

Owen W. C. " 

Metcalf Savel, Bellingham 


Barthomm S. H., N. Blandford, Blandford 
Barnes Benjamin S. Boxford 

Kendall Horace, Boylston Centre, Boylston 
Pearl Horatio, Bradford 

Farnsworth Jonas, Braiutree 

Potter Edward, " 



Auctioneers — continued. 
Thayer K. F. E. 
Vinton Thomas P 
French Jonathan, 
Frasier J. R. 
Swift Van R. 
Howe A. & G. H. 
Forbes George 
Ward Samuel, 
Winn William, 


S. Braintree, 

E. Brookfield, Brookfield 
Knights S. B., Cambridgeport, Cambridge 
Monroe W. A. E. Cambridge, " 

Leavitt Joseph, Canton 

Ransom Benjamin, North Carver, Carver 
Mahew Charles B. Charlemont 

Carter A. J. • Charlestown 

Chamberlin Lowell W. " 

Cooper G. D. " 

Dix & Simonds, " 

Hart Joseph S. " 

Robinson T. S. G. " 

Jones Joseph D. Chatham 

Rogers Warren, " 

Harding Isaiah, " 

MuUows Seth N. " 

Smith Charles H. " 

MERRIAM OTIS, 5 Gemsh block, 

Broadway (see paije 714) Chelsea 


(see page 712), " 

Wyeth Joseph, 
Ingals H. J. 
Knox C. W. 
Gove S. P. 
Lothrop J. Q. A. 
Moodv & Day, 
McGee T. R. 
Staples Samuel, 
Rhoades Aransford, 







Barker \Vm. jr., N. Dartmouth, Dartmouth 
Trefrev James, East Dedham, Dedham 
" •" ■' ■ West 

S. Deerfield, Deerfield 

East Dennis, Dennis 

11 II 

West Dennis, " 







Ellis Jason, jr. 

Mansfield Allen B., 

Anderson William, 

Howes James S. 

Sears Nathan, 

Nickerson Coleman, 

Small Alvan, 

Lewis John A. 

Capen Aaron, 

Vose Robert, jr. 

Brown A. F. 

Tisdale William & J 

Alden Benjamin, 

Swift J. \V. 

Wads worth Henrj-, " 

Alden S. G. ' East Bridgewater 

Clapp Lewis, East Hampton 

Knowles E. E. Eastham 

Sliute Charles H. & Son, Eilgartown 

Rowley James H., S. E^remont, Egremont 

Potter Henry M. Enfield 

Story Norman, Essex 

Sto<ldiird Alden D. Fairhaven 

GREENE & SON, 12 Pleasant, Fall River 

Gunn H. N. & Co. " 

Bearse Crocker H. 

Wood Richard S. 

Eager William L. & Co. 

Mclntire David F. 

Clark John, 

Bateman L. H. 

Purple R jswell, 

Lloyd John, 

King A. D., Granville Corners, Granville 

Haskell L. W. P., East Granville, " 

Holmes Harvey, Great Barrington 

Guinin William, Greenfield 







Ross H. P. Groton Junction, Groton 

Robbins Andrew, " " 

Howe B. L. " " 

Hopkinson Charles W. Groveland 

Wales .lames L. Jr. " 

Kellogg C. A. Hadley 

Inglee Edwin, Halifax 

Whiting Oilman C. Hanover 

Cox William, Hanson 

Gui-ney E. B. K., So. Hanson, " 

Paige Frazier, Hardwick 

Farnsworth A. J. Harvard 

Puffer Josiah, " 

Brooks Obed, Harwich 

Gaboon Cyrus, " 

Nickerson Zenas, " 

Steele Danforth S. " 

Mayo Elisha, West Harwich, " 

Warner .Tames W. Hatfield 

Bartlett .1. C. Haverhill 


Marsh Geo. E. " 

Seymour C. W. Hingham 

Tuttle .John M. Hinsdale 

Abbott Cheney, Hotden 

Phipps Amos," Holliston 

Pond George N. " 

Burnham P. H. Holyoke 

Quint Nathaniel W. " 

Whittemore J. Hopkinton 
Hallock Isaac, Hubbardston 

Pope Abel H. Hudsoa 

Rawson & Sawyer, " 

Baker Stephen, Ipswich 

Randall Theodore, " 

Sampson Azel H. Kingston 

Bugbee A. V. Lawrence 

Howe M. N. " 

Jewett F. S. & Co. " 

Pedrick «fe Closson, " 

Roonev M. T. " 

Staucafield Benj'n S. " 

Barnes John S. Lee 

Couch Charles M. " 

Whittemore Otis, Leicester 

Sears Samuel H. Lenox 

Shepardson L. S. " 
Brown Hamilton, Leominster 

Robinson .1. D. " 

Damon I. N. Lexington 
Pierce P. P. 

Kimball William, Littleton 

Wnrren .1. D. " 

Abbott Joel A. Lowell 

Balch J. I). & Co. " 
PATCH E. B. & CO. 1 and 2 Coml. sq 

Smith Eli .M. 
Mansfield Jonathan, 
Patten Win. A. 
Hill Benj. .1. 
Brown Wm. B. 
Conway John jr. 
Lovell Austin, 
Ames Edward, 
Baker John, 
Ford John, 
Bowles R. W. 
Carr J. P. 
Hamant Charles, 
White John T. 
Johnson Abner, jr. 
Low John, 
Alden Milton, 
Batchelder Francis E 
Hixon Alfred, 
Ryan William, 
Beck Gideon. 
Bradley John D. 








E. Med way, Med way 








Newton George H. 

Che'ieiy Isaac, 

Thomas Lvmaii, 


Riddell Timothy W. 

Burks A. W. 

Chamberlain W. 

Perry E. South Natick, 

Eaton Georfje E. 

Jennings George. 

Bavlies T. B. 


VVaciy John G. 

Waterman N. 

White Jonathan P. & Co 

Collins Stephen, 

Greenleaf George, 

Greetileaf Rufns L. 

Smith Edmund, 






Wellesley, " 

New Bedford 
27 No. Water, " 


Newton Curtis, 
Clemence Daniel D. 

New Marlboro' 
Hartsville, " 

Suuthfield, •' 

New Salem 

Underwood H. S. 

Kasson Wm. C. 

Guild N. H. 

Longley H. A. 

Parsons E. 

Allen & Carlton, 

Clapp B. R. 

GifTord H. A. 

Tinhkam 0. G. 

Thompson Hiram, 

Harrington Jonathan, 

Alexander Elisha, 

Austin Henry P. 

Murdock Ephraim, 

Woodward Hiram, 

Higgins Abner, 

Chafee Orrin W. 

Murdock A. R. 

Harrington Silas D. 

Trask Thomas, 

Oldham John 2d, 

Boynton Alfred, 

Winn Abel B. 

Gay George, 

Hail Timothy, 

Campbell Leonard, 

Holmes B. H. 

Peirce Clisson, North Prescott, 

North Andover 
North Bridgewater 

North Brookfield 

North Chelsea 













Goodnow William B. Princeton 

BOWLY J E. & G. Provincetown 

Adams Ebenezer, Quincy 

Faxen Henry H. " 

French Joseph T. " 

Roel E. M. Randolph 

Wilbur Seth D. Raynham 

Temple William H. Reading 

Gotr Enoch, Rehoboth 

Horton D. G. " 

Rowley J. S. Richmond 

Ruggles James, Rochester 

Smith Benjamin H. Rowley 

Todd J. Scott, 
ARCHER WILLIAM, 34 Front and 

18 Washington, Salem 

Colman Benjamin, " 

Fifield Benjamin E., Amesbury, Salisbury 
Langdon W. W. Montville, Sandisfiefd 

Prouty Caleb W. Scituate 

Vinal Thomas, North Scituate, " 

Fogg Ebenezer T., South 

Field Joel H. 
Gordon Harvey, 

Bardwell Jarvis B., 
Hapgood Joab, 
Buffinton Edmund, 
Hood William P. 



Shelbume Falls, " 



South Had ley 
Kellogs John E., S. Hadley Falls, " 

Fogg Ebenezer T. South Scituate 

Lee Lathrop, Soujhwiek 

Boyden John, Spencer 

Kldredge J. & Co. Springfield 

Beach T. D. 

Priest L. W. " 

•Ttice Levi, Sterling 

Dean Silas, Stonehani 

Hunt J. S. Sudbury 

Hoard N. S. & Brother, " 

Moore Webfiter, " 

Richardson [5. H. South Sudbury, " 
Hastings George, ' Sutton 

Babbitt Geo. H. jr. Taunton 

King William, " 

Seekell John & Son, " 

Tampiin T J. Baldwii:ville, Templeton 
Goldsmith J G., Otter River, " 

Smith David, Holmes's Hole, Tisburv 
Hood S. D. Topsfiefd 

Lewis B. F. Townsend 

Leseur Harvey, Upton 

Barton A. Uxbridge 

Morse Nahura, " 

Fisk L. A. Wales 

Tisdale Brothers, Walpole 

Fiske Eben W. Waltham 

Phelps Samuel H. Ware 

HITCHCOCK C. S. 'Warren 

Shumv/ay Solomon, • Webster 

Wiley F.' A. Wellfleet 

Plummer Samuel T. Wenham 

Newton Daniel F. Westboro' 

Hiklreth John H. West Boylston 

Cutting John S. Oakdale, " 

Smith George J. " " 

Smith A. \V. West Brookfield 

Mosley George H. Westfield 

Morand Frederick, " 

Rand Asa P. " 

Gifford George H. Westport 

West Roxbury 
Bartlett Alden, Jamaica Plain, " 

Duell James, West Stockbridge 

Curtis Samuel, Weymouth 

Richard S. Elias, " 

Rogers Charles, South Weymouth, " 
White Samuel B. 2d, ' Whately 

Bliss Luther B. Wilbraham 

Spellman W. P. South Wilbraham, •' 
Prince J. H. . Winchester 

Hovev Josiah, Wobnrn 

Abbott B. W. Worcester 

Parker A. M. " 

Putnam Brothers, " 

Brewster Elisha IL Worthington 

Ely Nathan, Wren th am 

Drew Theodore, West Yarmouth, '' 
Thacher Charles, Yarmouth Port, " 

Auger, Bit, and Gimlet Makers. 

Harlow C. C. Bridgewater 


(bit, brace, wrenches, and drill 

chucks, see page 721), Greenfield 

Drew C. & Co. (calking tools), Kingston 
Moody H. T. (bung borers), Newburypc rt 
Shepardson H. S. & Co., Shelburne 

Falls, Shelburne 

SNELL MANUF. CO. (seepage 

7ti3), Fiskdale, Sturbridge 



Awl Manufacturers. 

(See also Boot and Shoe Tools.) 

REED FRANKLIN, (brad and peg- 
ging, see page 793), Canton 
King \Villiam, N. Easton, Easton 
Foster & WLitten, Lynn 
Fulton Robert, (pegaiing), Mansfield 
BUCK BKOTHERS, '(scratch awls, 

see page 761), Millbury 

New Enoland Village 
PACKARD SUMNER, (machine peg- 
ging, see page 7t52), " 
Med way 
FENX & DANIELS, West Medway, " ' 
Faxon William, No. Bridgewater 
Kingman L. A. " 
O'NEI; L WM. H. (pegging and ma- 
chine, see page 7ii'j), " 
PACKARD J. W. ([.eaging and ma- 
chine, see page 7byj, " 
Woodward James F. & Co. Wakefield 

Axe Helve Manufacturers. 

(See Handles.) \ 

Axe Manufacturers. 

(See E<I(je Took.) 

Axletree Manufactiirers. 

LAZF.LL, PERKIXS. & CO. Bridgewater 

(see p>ige 730), Canton 


page 799), Siiuth Kf(remont, Egremont 

Chas. 11. Giff'.rd, Treas., 32 Elm, 

(see (jage 759), New Bedford 

Linden Iron & Steel Manuf. Co, Walpole 

Babbitt's Metal. 

WILDER CHARLES, agent, 40 

Union (see page 7&:>), 


Bacon Works. 

Teele, Howe, & Co., Cambridgeport, " 
Thurlow B. F. Newburyport 

Bags and Bagging. 

Dean George II. Ludlow 


( Clam awl Porgie. ) 

DODD A. W. & CO., Dodd's wharf, 
(seepage 731), Gloucester 

Bait and Fruit Mills. 

Richardson Mill Co., D. W. Low, 

^g®"'') Gloucester 

Howard Waters, Hingham 


Brolley James, North Adams, Adams 

Wilbur Jeremiah & Son, " " 

Biddle Brothers, Araesburv 

DUTTON W. P. Arlington I 

Wood & Sawyer, Athol 

Stickney George W. Beverly i 

D-irragh James, Rrnoklin'e i 

White Brothers, Camb'id"-e I 

Wrigut Wul.aui, -° \ 

Doyle M. J. Cambridge 

Gardner J. W. East Cambridge, " 

Gould William, " " 

Stratton C. M. " " 
Ball Joseph G. Cambridgeport, " 

Barbev J. A. " » 

Fyfe Wm. E. " " 

Foster Charles, •' " 

Kennedy Frank A. " " 

Newinarch .loseph, " " 

Thurston, Hall, & Co. " " 

Staples C. M. & J. N. Canton 

Bean I). L. & J. C. Charlestown 

Bemis Orlando, " 

Berry C. " 

lioardman .Joseph L. " 

Davis William, '.' 

Dciwner & Sanderson, " 

Gilra tre Orriii, " 

(ioo'irich Charles B. (crackers), " 

Knights & Co. " 

Lang John P. " 

Lewis S. W. " 

.Moofly Benjamin, " 

0' Flanagan David, " 

Parker Thomas, " 

Pendergast George S. " 

Stetson Emri B. " 

Willard J. H. » 
Austin C. F. & Co. (ship&c), Chelsea 

i'assett Edward, " 

Beckert & Stoddard, " 

Moran P. & .>L " 

Wakefield Horace, " 

Wedge Warren C. Chicopee 

Phiisted, Gardner, & Hunt, Clinton 

O'Leary S. Dedham 
Macomber Steams, Dedham, " 

Waldron Francis, North Dighton, Dighton 

Shephard .lames, Dorchester 

RUSSELL THOMAS, Mattapan, " 

Walker William, " " 

Buttrick J. T. (ship), Fairhaven 

Boutelle & Gushing, Fall River 

Barnaby & Gregory, " 

Christmas & Corcoran, " 

Fisher .Mason & Co. " 

Pride William M. Fitchburg 
Green H. D. & Co. 

Grier George, Gloucester 

Parsons Isaac W. " 

Great Barringtoa 
MILLER BROS, (crackers, see p. 718) " 

Savage George G. " 

Jones & Guillow, Greenfield 
Stevens T. K. Groton Centre, Groton 

Boynton & Brown (crackers), " " 

Downes .John, Haverhill 

Pearson Bros. " 

Pearson H. C. & Co. " 

Hunt George, Hingham 

Wedge & W'ard, Holyoke 

Lord Daniel P. Hudson 

Goodnow J. W^ Hyde Park 

Estes James, Ipswich 

White William, " , 

Sproul Frank, Kingston 

Kent J. P. Lawrence 

Gould W. E. & Co. '• 

Sims & Malley, " 

WUson Allen,' " 

Mitchell S. G. Lee 

Houghton & Burt Leominster 

Bradt G. J. & D. Lowell 

Cornock James Mrs. " 

Jeffries & Simpson, " 

Morris Martin, " 



Scripture Stephen A. Lowell 

S3mes William E. " 

Breed Alien B. Lynn 

Crawford George P. " 

Dustin B. Clement, " 

Holder Nathaniel, " 

Peckham Alexander, " 

Randlopli Brewer F. " 

Heercloss Win. & Co. Maiden 

Bailey George K. Mansfield 

Allen Ambrose, Marblehead 

Boardmiui Thomas, " 

Dennis Benjamin, " 

Lindsev Nathaniel B. " 

Balch Albert B. Medfield 

WITHINGTON & Co., Salem st. " 

Hastings & Matthewson, Milford 

Adams Samuel, Milton 

Chase & Cook, Nantucket 

Bartlett Oliver, Natick 
New Beilford 

FISHER HENRY H. 1.34 Purchase, " 
(fancv brend & cake, see page 730) " 

Libby .John & Co. " 

Richmond Sanil. P. " 

Smith Horatio (ship), " 

Sneli D. A. (ship), " 

Watson Samuel & Son (ship), " 

Cole Benjamin W. Newburypoit 

Austin Gen. W. ' 

Butler J. W. & T. (ship bread), " 

Greenleaf I). D. " 

Pearson .lohn, Jr. " 
Bain Wm. Newton Corner, Newtnn 

Carr Smi h, Nortliampton 
Hunt & Wilder, Nortii tiridgewater 

Washburn & Grover, " " 

Pratt Leonard Peabody 

Roberts .M. H. " 

Stim})son Tlios. " 

Andler Fred. Pittsfield 

PHELPS & GROSSMAN, 43 North, " 

Teelirjg E. (cracker) " 

Whiting George A. & Co. Plymouth 

Terry .John C. Plympton 

Dill Nathaniel H. Provincetown 

Hodges Wm. A. Quincy 

Knowlton Eben, Rockport 

Allen & Sym^nds, Salem 

Eaton N. J. " 

Frye Geo. H. " 

Gardner Simon, '• 

Hathaway E. " 

Hatha .viiv -luhn, " 

.Jelly ChJrles H. » 

Pease & Price, " 

Preston .John, " 

Sfowe V. C. " 

'I'liompson George .J. " 

Tibbetts A. ,1 " 

i'nrell Benj. K. & Co. " 

Watts Charle-, " 

Barbt-y.l. Sonierville 
Shedd r. A. 

Ohiey M. K. Sonthbridge 

Bond Albert, South Reading 

Carr .1. S. & Co. Springfield 

Lobsitz i& Lnne, " 

Lvman Harvey, " 

McNALLY.I.'R. 2.J4 Main, " 

Towne E. H. " 

Brown Andrew, Stoneham 

Hatch Benj. C. Taunton 

Lane Elia^ N. '• 

Oimsby R. H. Mvricks, " 
M.ircy Leonai-d, Holmes s Hole, Tisburv 

Livermore ,1. b. Waltham 



Munster J. & A. Waltham 

BYRNS .lEREMIAH (see page 771), Ware 
Bright C. H. Watertown 

Flint .lohn, Jr. Webster 

Hull Wm. Wenham 

Trowbridge J. A. Westborough 

Pittsitiger John A. Westfield 

Whitney Harrison G. Westminster 

West Roxbury 
Goodnow Joseph W. Jamaica Plain, " 
Howe A. S., South Weymouth, Weymouth 
Carter & Converse, Woburn 

Goddard .lohn. Wash. sq. Worcester 

Eddy Levi, h6 Southbridge, " 

Plniitcd Brothers, 115 Main, " 

Stearns C. A. t>8 Pleasant, 

Ball Manufacturers. 

Harwood H. & Sons, Natick 

Manning J. K. " 

Band Sawing Machine, 


(.see page 70'J), Fitchburg 

Banding and Cordage. 

(see page 738), 


(/« Miscdhiiieous Dcpartmenl ; see Index.) 


Fall River 
EASTON & MILNE, 14 No. Main_,_ 
F. etcher & Norton, 

Bark Mills. 

Frye Joseph S. Salem 

Barrel Dealers. 

SISSON OTIS A. 20 Middle, New Bedford 

Barrel Head Manuf. 

HARLOW I. H. & CO. (see page 
768), Middleboro' 

Barrel Manufacturers. 

(See also Coopers.) 
Coffin William S. Newburyport 

Basket Manufacturers. 

Pratt John M., AshburnhHm Depot, " 
Higgins & Sibley, No. Blandford, Blandford 
Williams T. A. & Co. Greenfield 

Lincoln Jacob, Hingham 


page 705), Hinsdale 

Maynard Edmund, North Leominster. " 
Keilev F. P. * Lvnn 

Blake J. A. Mansfield 

Corey Charles, " 

Fisher Daniel, " 

Hodges J. L. & I. G. " 

Hodges V. B. " 

Paine J. E. 

Folffer Rowland, Naiitucket 


(see jwige 772). Nortliiimpton 

Brooks R. J. jr. & Brothers. Rutland 

Pierce C. & A. J., West Rutland, " 
Neis Martin, Swiimpscott 

Brigham Kdmund F. West BoyLston 

Goodell Norman H. " 



Basket Makers — continued. 

Pierce Ezra B. West Boylston 

Pierce J. Edward, " 

Burton Epiiraim (farm), Worthington 

Tower H. E. (factory), " 

Higgins Lyman, Soutli Worthington, " 

Bed Comforter Manufacturer. 

FislvB William, Lowell 

Bed Springs Manufacturers. 

Cooke Henry A. Charlestown 

Crane J. H. " 

Bedstead Manufacturers. 

(See also Furniture 

Tucker Manufacturing 

Fay Wm. 

Wright F. G. (cribs), 
Ehler H. S. 
Bingham Silas (cribs), 
Parish Elishu H. 
Lee Charles, 
Glentz T. R. «& Co. 
Marshall A. Hi Son, 

Bartlett & Jones, W. 

Manafacturers. ) 

; Co. (iron), 







Worthington, " 

Beer Faucet Manuf. (patent). 

HARTLEY GEO. R., 20 Washington, " 

Beer Manufacturers. 

(See also Brewers.) 

Fowler Samuel, Chelsea 

Richardson Israel, " 

Allen G. S. & Co. Fall River 

Kay James, " 

Sowle Resolved, " 

Longley Luther, Leominster 

Heald Martin C. (spruce), Lynn 

Hurley .John, " "" 

Wood D. B. (root). North Bridgewater 

Hall Henry, (root). North-west " 

Hurley -loin, Salem 

Tripp Wm. C. Taunton 


Bell Pounders. 

Holbrook & Son, K. .Med way, Med way 

Bell Hangers. 

(See also Locksmiths.) 
Hoyt B. J. Cambridgeport 

Juiiio .lacob, Charlestown 

Webster Geo. H. " 

Pierce E. M. Fall River 

Sonthworth Spaulding, " 

Thatcher Geo., Lowell 

Trumbel J. W. " 

Sears H. G. (). New Bedford 

SHERMAN & GIFFORD, 24 William, " 
Sargent C. R. Newburyport 

Alden Winslovv, Randolph 

Moody Geo. Z. Springfield 

Cummings C. A., 204 Main, Worcester 


Coupe Wm. & Co. (leather). So. Attle- 
borough, Attleborough 

Plimpton Joseph D. (leather), Chicopee 

FOSTER GEO. H. (leather, see page 

754), Clinton 

Fall River 

FRENCH J. B. & SON, 26 No. Main, " 

Nichols J. F. Fall River 

Chase Eilnmnd, " 

Russell & Houston (leather), Holyoke 
Colcord Elihu W. (leather), 272 Essex, " 
FOSTER E. E. Methuen, cor. Frank- 
lin, " 
Page Edward & Co. (leather). Turn- 
pike, cor. Essex, " 

Gates Josiah & Sons, 4 and 6 Dutton, " 
Whiting & Co., Shattuck, cor. Middle, " 
Stevens Solon, Fletcher, cor. Western 

avemie, " 

DRAPER GEORGE & SON (leather, 

see page 7-5.3), Hopedale, Milford 

Crockett William E. Newbuivport 

BASSETT DANIELH. l-ittsfield 

COLT & POWER (see f.age 707), " 

FOSTER E. E., 196 Derby, Salem 

FOOT HOMER & CO.," Main, cor. 

State, Springfield 

Goulding Peter, 45 Front, Worcester 

Graton & Knight, 37 Front, " 

Billiard Ball Manufacturers. 

Union (see page 751), Lynn 

Billiard Halls. 

Nash J. S. &' E. M. Abington 

Douglas William, East Abington, " 

Chamberlin J. N., North Abington, " 
Oilman Geo. H., " " " 

Kdmunds .Joseph, Adams 

Kyser Hiram B., North Adams, " 

Richmond A. E. & W. J., No. Adams, " 
Clark D. 0. Ainesbury 

A^erell & Holden, Amherst 

Drake B. B. Athol 

Andrews Warren, Athol Depot, " 

Brijiff' Crawford C. Attleborough 

Jones Samuel, 

Rice C. E. 

Bearse Orrin B., Hyannis, 

French C. A., So. Braiutree, 

Dalv James B. 

Beach F. C. 

Belcher & Richardson, 

Lyon G. H., Harvard sq 

Robinson A. W. 

Morse Kendall, 

Phillips W 

Cunningham F. H. 

Cutter M. 

Damon Henry H. 

Gahm Joseph, 

Paine Thomas, 

Waverlev House, 

Carter E. 

Ireland George H. 

Wilmartti R. E. 

Daboll B. M. 

Berrv James D. 

Fell C. B.. So. Deerfield, 






Cambridgeport, ". 



Thayer .Minot, Milton, 
Deaii Frank, Neponset, 

Francis E. P. 
Wilbur Darius, 
Hancock T. E. 
Beaman Charles A. 
Collins Tisdale D. 
Elwell Kilbv W. 


Fall River 




Briggs George W. Great Barrinpton 

Simons S. Greenfield 
Taft Orin, 

Reed Samuel, Groton Junction, Groton 

Patch \Vm. Haverhill 

Shute Joseph, " 

Perkins Jacob, Holyoke 
Wolcott D. P. 

Barnard Heary L. Hudson 

Dow G. N. Lawrence 

Fremmer George, " 

Rollins D. C. " 

Peck Hiram A. Lee 

Armstrong 0. Lowell 

Barnard J. & D. " 

Emerj' Henry, " 

Smith KilbuVn, " 

Hoyt Joseph M. Lynn 

McMurphy William, '" 

Oliver George S. " 

Tasco Nathan T. " 

Bates Caleb E. Milford 

Brown J. Frank, Nantucket 

Fisher Peter R. » 

Mulligan Simon, Natick 

Parker Jacob F. New Bedford 

Shore Matthew, " 

Sylvester David, " 

Week Michael, " 

Gallagher Thomas, Newburyport 

Hannah John, Northampton 

Wentworth S. C. & Co. " 

Gooch Kdwin, Florence, " 

Havden S. E. Palmer 
Weeks J. W. 

Roche E. E. Peabody 

Tibbetts J. H. " 

Angell Nathan, Pittsfield 

Eichelser Philip, " 

Willis F. B. « 

Fuller Chas. Plymouth 

Reed Allen, Proviiicetown 

Rogers Otis, Quincy 

Shaw S. B. Randolph 

Harris Isaac B. Rockport 

Hall Edward, Salem 

Ladd D. W. " 

Newell Thos. P. " 

Thompson Thomas, Salisbury 

Keenan James, Sandwich 

Colton E. B. Springfield 
FRASIFRJ. B. Hampden House, 
Gilmore D. 0. 

Hawks & Brother, " 
MADDEN JOHN, Sanford st. 

Winkler Berthold, " 

Pilling Benjamin, Stockbridge 

Richardson 0. Stonehiim 

Drake Augustus L. Stoughtoii 

Dean Wm. F. Taunton 

Evans H. H. Wakefield 

Lee Charles H. Waltham 

Sullivan Timothy, " 

Goodman 0. Ware 

White L C. " 

Briffgs Ebenezer, Wareham 

Birge S. Westfield 

Fairfield Allen, ". 

Tobey Elisha, " 

Treat John A. " 

Lufkin James M., East Weymouth, " 

Richards Chas. South " " 

Crocker H. A. Winchendon 

Bav State House, Worcester 
Clark & Hewitt, 

Perry Henrv, " 

Wrigley & VVest, " 

Billiard Table Leg Manufs. 

STIMPSON & CO. Westfield 

Bill Posters. 

Sleeper G. F. Lynn 

Noyes Samuel, 20 Middle, Newburyport 
Vogel Charles L. Pittsfield 

Bit and Gimlet Manufs. 

(See Auf/er, Bit, cf Gimlet Manuf.) 

Bit Brace Manufacturers. 


(patent adjustable, see page 721), " 
THOMPSON F. M. (see page 770), " 
Streeter A. W., Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 

Bitters Manufacturers. 

health, 11 and 13 Winnisimmet, Chelsea 

WOT?CESTER M. A. 6 Bidge, 
(Greeley's Bourbon, seepage 783), " 

Black Ball Manuf. 

Hastinsfs George W. Grafton 


page 799), North Bridgewater 

POPE T. W. (see page 769), " 

WASHBURN ELISHA (dealer, see 

page 792), " 

Black Lead Crucibles. 

Chas. R. Atwood, agt. (see page 
725), Taunton 

Taunton Crucible Co. Joseph L. 

Presbrey, agt. " 

Black Lead or Plumbago 

MORSE BROTHERS (see page 764), " 

Blacking Manufacturers. 

(See also Ink Manuf actarers.) 
Lyon N. U. Fall River 

Leonard I'. Grafton 

FARRAR G. H. Union, corner 

Washington (shoe, see page 706), Lynn 
Churchill J. S. & Co. (dressing for 

boots), Natick 


(dressing for boots, see ])age 

799), North Bridgewater 

POPE T. W. (see page 769), " 


page 792), " 

Wliittemore David (dressing for boots), " 
Packard E. & Co. Quincy 

Pike Martin P. Randolph 

Barker Reuben, West Rutland, Kntland 
Little & Hurlburt, Sheffield 

American Manuf. Co. Springfield 


{See also Carriage Smiths ; also Ship 


Lean W. M. Abington 

McNally Daniel, " 

Aheani John, East Abington, " 

Baker Horatio, " " 

Baker Paul, '• " 

Bass Robert, " " 

Denley W. D. " " 



Blacksmiths — continued. 
Kendrigan John, E. Abington, Abington 
Varney George, North Abington, " 
Williamson Geo. H., South " " 

Harris Daniel, Acton 

Davii & Hosmer, " 

Dutton Solomon L. " 

Hall Enoch & Son, West Acton, " 
Wooster W. Wallace, South " " 

Chamberlain James E. Acushnet 

Pierce David, " 

Pope Elihu, " 

Carpenter Lucius, Adams 

Kelly & Sureli, North Adams, " 

Vadner & La Mer, " " 

Wells Walter R. " " 

Witherell Edward J. " " 

Adams Jess^, Agawam 

Worthingtou Ransford, " 

Bliss Wm. Feeding Hills, " 

McCurdy Robert & Sou, Alford 

Currier John, Amesbury 

Kellv Michael, " 

Lane J. N. " 

Cooke David S. Amherst 

Sabin W. C. & E. T. 
Spear Lnciti-* " 

Barnard Alvin, North Amherst, " 
Shattuck Alexander, " " 

Cochran James II. Andover 

Poor Wm. " 

Smith J. H. 
Polaiiil David, 
Caldwell Joshua, 
Higgins Thomas, 

Kimball Williimi, " 

Richardson William H. " 

Libby G. L. Ashburnham 

Adams Daniel, Ashbuniham Depot, " 







Ballard Vale, " 


Small Joseph, 
Gibson Elbridge, 
Osgood & Saw in. 
Smith Alpha, 
Stevens Edward D. 
Gibbs L. J. 
Greenwood Abner, 
Lamb Daniel, 
Piper Harvey, 
Foster & Conant, 
Wheeler W. L. 
Babbit Sewell, 
Briggs T. M. 
Fish & Nash, 
Bullock J. D. 
Hicks H. A. & Co. 
Wales Atherton, 
Witherell J. D. 
Bruce Sam'l H. 
Fisher E. T. 
King & Brother, 
Stanley John 
Fuller Gusiavus, 
Cummiiigs John S 
Hallet Gorham, 
Sears H. B. 
Blagden James, 
Jones F. 
Crocker Isaiali, 
Leonard S. L. 
Gray Charles, 
Gilbert H. M. 





Athol Depot, 


North Attleborough, 

So. Attleborough, " 

Centerville, " 

Hvannis, " 

ti (( 

Osterville, " 

West Barnstable, " 

HEALD S. & SONS (light and heavy 

forgings, see pp. 796 and 797), " " 

Shaw E. & S. " 

Frisbie Lester, Becket 

Laramif Joseph, " 

Bacon Elijah, Bedford 

Chellies Elbridge, " 

Skinner Joseph, 
Bridgeman Porter, 
Curtis Alanson, 
Hill John C. 
Reed Sam'l L. 
Crane W. H. S. 
Smith Riley, 
Day Josiah, 
Dewey Fred. A. 
Dewey Joel N. 
Moore Enoch, 
Woodbury Wm. G. 
Dutton Alexander, 

Eastman L. T. " 

Lund Mark, " 

! Fuller M. & 0. W. " 

[ Taft Caleb, Biackstone 

i Deagan John, Millville, " 

I Wyman Horatio, Blaudford 

j Bliss Alvin, North Blandford, " 

, Dwinells Asa P. Bolton 

Hildreth J. S. " 

Hoar Silas H. Boxborough 

Newhall Henry W. Boxford 

Anderson Robert B., West Boxford, " 
Henlev Alonzo .1. " " 

Goodall R. B T. Boylston 

Walton Chas. F. Boylston Centre, ' " 
Hill & Hall, Bradford 

Thaver & Phipps, S. Braintree, Braintree 
Wild Elisha, " " 

Gillespie R. Weymouth, " 

South Thomas A. '' " 

Crocker Benjamin, Brewster 

Wiles Moses E. " 

Harlow Southwork, Bridgewater 

Lazell, Perkins, & Co. " 

Maguire J. " 

Callahan John, Brighton 

Merrifield H. F. " 

White Charles, " 

Dawlev Charles C. Brimfield 

Potier'Edward W. " 

Bixby Johuson, East Brimfield, " 
Brigham Alexander, Brookfield 

Joiinson J. N. " 

Rice Parker A. " 

Willard C. K. East Brookfield, " 

Madore Joseph, Brookline 

Woodward Royal, " 

Weller Henry, Buckland 

Iimis George, Shelburne Falls, " 
Alley R. J. Burlington 

Harkness Geo. Cambridge 

Nutting & Prescott, " 

Dav Stephen, East Cambridge, " 
Feit Geo. W. 

Lehan D. H. " " 

Robinson Joel, " " 

Blake Darius, North Cambridge, " 
Easter R. S. & Co. " " 

Henderson Robert, " " 

McAvoy Charles, Cambridgeport, " 

McCarthy Timothy, " '• 

Mcintosh Geo. " " 

McKenzie James K. " " 

Spellman & Grady, " " 

Thomson J. B. " " 

Waugh Wm. A. " " 

Woods & Whalen, " " 

Worthen J. R. & Co. " " 

Blackman Winthrop, Cantou 

Hall John, 

Hunt Geo. *' 

Parkhurst Wm. M. Carlisle 

Lee Marshall, " 

Shaw Charles. S. North Carver, Carver 
Carter Ashton, Charlemont 



Fuller Matthew R. Charlemont 

Graves Lucius H. " 

Guerin Eri, " 

Rice Hart A. " 

Cobine J. Charlestown 

Emery James, (carriage) " 

Fowler E. & Son, " 

Garland Albert S. " 

Gifford G. & E. H. '• 

Ham Joseph, " 

Ham Philip, » 

Harmon E. S. " 

Hattie Wm. " 

Heath Thomas V. " 

Larkin Caleb, '' 

Lilley Thomas, . " 

Louer John, " 

Pieadwell John, " 

Robinson E. R. *' 

Strand Thomas D. " 

Heredeen Henry, Charlton 

Ward John A. Charlton City, " 


Mayo David, " 

Dadman N. P. Chelmsford 

Durant George, " 

Marshall E. H. " 

Williins W. L. " 

DENNING PHILIP A. 56 Hawthorn, " 

Hanscom Willis, " 

Muiloy John, " 

Searle Walter, " 

Tyzzer J. jr. " 

Fairfield Peter, Cheshire 

Glover & Dawley, " 

Pease M. " Chester 

Temple Edwin, " 

Litchfield Amon, Chesterfield 
Eddy Samuel E. W. Chesterfield, " 

Fitz George W. Chicopee 

Gates Henry, " 

Dame Peter, Chicopee Falls, " 
CuUen Peter, North Adams, Clarksburg 

Hosmer & Groby, Clinton 

Damon F. J. Cohasset 

Tilden A. & Son, " 

Dewey Robert, Coleraine 

Sheerer T. " 

Stratton Leonard, " 

Wilson David, " 

Webster Nelson, " 

Bigelow F. E. Concord 

Hali Edward, " 

Ames E. & E. Conway 

Gunn & Perry, " 

Bartlett Charles, Cummington 

Bishop Jubal, " 

Stevens Darius, " 
Bartlett Samuel F., W. Cummington. " 

Bentley Alonzo F. Dalton 

Flarity J. Dana 

Mathews Edwin C. North Dana, " 

Doherty D. Danvers 

Pearly D. A. " 
Peart W. B. 

Hilton & Brown, Danvers Port, " 

Marshall Simeon, " " 

Manley Clark D. Dartmouth 
King Leander C, North Dartmouth, " 

Nickerson John H., South " " 

Collins John, Dedham 

Deneef Michael, " 
Raymond Artemus, East Dedham, " 

Cobbett David & Bro., South " " 

Adams Geo. W. West " " 

Soule Francis, " " " 

Childs Lemuel, Deerfield 


Phillips Charles E., South Deerfield, " 

Reardon Daniel, " " 

Sears Eldridge C. Dennis 

Rogers Wm. M., Dennis Port, " 

Snow Heman, " " 

Sears Heman, East Dennis, " 

Bangs Jonathan, South Dennis, " 

Baker Browning K., West " " 

Thacher Benjamin, " " " 

Briggs Matthew, Dighton 

Bushee Samuel, " 

Iiigalls Allen H. •' 
Perry Geo. B. 

Reed Sandford, " 

Stubbings Thomas, North Dighton, '• 

Porter Thomas, " " 

Cunninghain Robert, Dorchester 

Daniels John, " 

Davenport 0. " 

Haggeity John, " 

HewinsJ. C. " 

Maclean Edward, " 

Mcintosh J. F. " 

O'Callahan John C. " 

Thomas Nathan J., Harrison sq. " 

Scannell I). M. Mattapan, " 

Weenian M. F. " " 

Berry Geo. W. Neponset, " 

Jordan W. I. " " 

Pratt J. " •' 

Crane Henry, Milton, " 
Logee Sew all. East Douglas, Douglas 

Rivers Siplin, " 

Orcutt Henry, Dover 

Drew Jesse, Dracut 

Parker Benjamin, " 

.Sawyer H. W. " 

Liiidlcy George, Dudley 

Cutler George, West Dudley, " 

Woodward J. C. & Co. Dunstable 

Wright George P. " 

Delano Nathaniel, Duxbury 

Faurice Zenas, " 

Vinal Henry G. " 

Siddell Chas. W. East Bridgewater 

Sturtevant Joshua, " 

^aine Micah S. Easthnm 

Seabury George, " 

Connell J. 0. East Hampton 

Holcomb N. A. " 

Britton James, Easton 

Phelan Charles, " 

Lake J. North Easton, " 

Simpson Samuel, South " " 

Chad wick William, Edgartown 

Decker Peter, S. Egremont, Egremont 

Kline George, " " 

Hall David, North Egremont, " 

Hallenbeck Norman, " " 

Ramsey Daniel, " " 

Hunt Joseph R. Enfield 

Snow E. F. " 

Burnett Henry F. Erving 

Gilbert Noah, Essex 

Haskell Francis, *' 

Pierce Oliver, " 

Story Abel, jr. " 

Danion John, Fairhaven 

Babbitt Isaac N. " 

Lawton George, " 

Terry Isaac, " 

Ambler Newell, Fall River 

Angell Wm. R. " 

Blake & Macomber, " 

Durfee Oscar F. " 

Field Henry. " 

Hinckley Nathaniel, " 



Blacksmiths — continuecJ. 

Osborn W. & J. AI. Fall River 
Packard W. H. 

Thompson Asa, " 

White Geo. " 

Cahoon Falmouth 

Robinson William H. " 

Swift Seth. West Falmouth, " 

Brigham & Houghton, 


Davis Jonathan D. 

Dole A. S. 

Hawkiii« Gardner P. 

itoit Joim I . 
Pool Edward G. 

Story & Weston, 

Waters S. C. West Fitchburg, " 

AveriU 0. E. 


Davis Patrick, 


Tower Deiniis, 


Warren Paul, 


Fales Alvin, 


Fisher Leonard, 


Igo William, 
Warren Samuel, 



Fennessey .lames. 


Strout Charles 


White Frederick, 


Easter .losiah, 

Saxonville, " 

Trowbridge Geo., South Framingham, " 

Hood & Murdock, 


Lawrence Leonard i'. 


Miller H. B. 


Maguire & Hnuley, 


Braley H. A. East Freeto 

wn, " 

Learned K. 1'. 


Love 11 A. & Co. 


Jlay Patrick. 


Leirned \V. H. So. 

Gardner, " 

Dean .lesse, 


Holmes Charles, 


Hsley ,1. A. 


Pett'engill HtMiry, 


Bates George A. 


Clark .John,' 


Davis Stephen L. 


Durland Charles H. 

Harvey George. 

Hilton William F. 

Ireland & Krazier, 

Lufkin Eben H. 

Marien .Joseph, 

Procter Eben C. 

RicJiardsoii Nathan, 

Griflin Willard P. Annisquam, 

Harvev Fitz. 0. East Gloucester, 

McCafeb & :\IcCnrdy, " 

Voss Adolph & Brother, " 

Roberts Geo. H. Lanesville, 

Billings Elijah, 

Casey Michael, 

Dwyer .1. G. 

McNutt George, N. E. Village, 

Jones W. H. Saundersville, 

Sibley Simeon, Faruumsville, 

Smith Samuel C. 

Stanley Henry F. & Son, 

Esop F. W. " Granville Cors. Granville 

Holcomb A. " " " 

Kings. " " 

Munn L. East Granville, " 



Colby Charles, 
Coon William 2d, 
O'Brien John, 
Rearener Edward, 
Church Charles, 
Vandeusen Gilbert, 
Cook R. W. 
Ewers Benjamin, 

Great Barrington 

Housatonic, " 

Vaudeusenville, " 


Moore & WUhej', Greenfield 

Morgan Jer^iah P. '• 

Stafford Greenwich 

Russell Milo, Groton 

Childs Calvin & Son, " 

Warren Aldeii, " 

Parsons J. C. Groton Junction, " 

Strout Ebenezer, Groveland 

Cook Rufus, Had ley 

Shaw James, '" 

Smith F. H. " 
Dickinson C. D. N. Hadlev, " 

MitcheU George W. " Halifax 

Appleton .(oshua, Hamilton 

Grant Alexander A. Hancock 

Palmer Asa L. . " 

Foster Otis, Hanover 

Wright Warren, " 

Pool Elias C. Hanson 
Hutchinson Albion, So. Hanson, " 

Amsden N'elson, Hardwick 

Giffin James, " 

White .losiah, " 

Harrod George E. Harvard 
Harrod William K. Still River, 

Freeman Thomas, Harwich 

Thacher Solomon, " 

Young Simeon, " 
Hallett Josiah B. Harwichport, " 

Kir)gsleyS. W. Hatfield 

Ayer William M. Haverhill 

Johnson Washington, *' 

Houston Joseph U. Hawley 

Carley Cyrus W. Heath 

Damon Isaac N. Hingham 

.Mcrritt Henry jr. " 

Murray Thoiias, " 
Stodilar Caleb, South Hingham, " 

Cook Charles IJ. " " 

Jones I'homas, " " 

Demarse Peter, Hinsdale 

Macken Patrick, " 

Keanard Napoleon, " 

Bascom A. D. Holden 

Bassett James S. " 

Howe Amasa, " 

Roper Charles, Holland 

Blodgett William H. Holliston 
Kelt John W. 

Hunter 1). R. Holyoke 

Newton E. A. & Brother, " 

Shilley E. D. " 

Hutchinson Louis, Hopkinton 

Morse Willard, " 

Rice & Fairbanks, " 

Staples A. H. " 

Mullen James, Hayden row, " 

Rice George, W'oodville, " 

Mav P. C. Hubbardston 
Wiilard E. 
W' ilson A. H. 

Brett Otis, Hudson 

Danforth Alfred, " 

Knight Rufius, " 

Lee J. " 

Thomas George H. " 

Donahue Michael, Huntington 

Howland Abner, Hvde Park 

Whittier N. B. & A. J. " " 

Chapman Chas. W. Ipswich 

Goodhue Manassa C. " 

Poor Melzard, " 

Smith W^ & B. H. " 

Bailev Caleb E. Kingston 

Chandler John S. " 

Delano Lewis S. " 

Perkins Ezra, " 

Southworth Enoch, Lakeville 



Rugg Sewal T. Lancaster 

Welliuirton George W. *■ " 

Dewey William B. Lanesborough 

Dow Samuel W. jr. " 

Zinck William, " 

BRYANT A. & SON, 250 Lowell, 
Cochran W. N & b. " 

Emerson Albert, " 

Farrell Henry, " 

Holt Amos, " " 

Latlirop E. & Co. " 

Brooks Anson, Lee 

Hinckley, Bradford, & Co. " 

Phinnev L. " 

Thatcher Elile, " 

Dupar Oliver S. East Lee, " 

Melius Edward L. " " 

Liviiiuston Wm. D., South Lee, " 

Brophy William, Leicester 

Usher Edward, " 

Barton Cheney, Cherry Valley, " 

Barnes Beuj. F. Clappville, " 

Servin Andrew T., agent Lenox Fur- 
nace, Lenox 
Washburn Franklin, " 
Arnold Samuel, Leominster 
Durant Charles W. "' 
Wilder George, " 
Archibald Leander, N. Leominster, " 
Hill A. Levereti 
Marsh J. C. " 
Morgan W. " 
Whitney Collins, North Leverett, " 
Ham W'iUiam, Lexington 
Russell .). A. East Lexington, " 
Smith .losiah, 2d, " '' 
Upton William, Leyden 
Page David, Lincoln 
Hosiey S. W. Littleton 
Johnson N. K. " 
Dion Basil, Longmeadow 
Mills Frederic, E. Longmeadow, " 
Abbott A. H. & J. H. Lowell 
Blackingtou Daniel, " 
Coward Jacob B. " 
Crawford James, • " 
Drew J. H. & Co. " 
Furbish & Sanborn, " 
Hill G. F. '' 
Holt & Bergeron, " 
Jenkins Juel, '' 
Lee John 1". " 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Rock, cor. Gush- 
ing (see page 744), " 
Meadowcraft Jas. (horse shoer), " 
Nichols Converse, " 
Ordway J. C. " 
Stevens Joseph (shoer), " 
Stinson & Tighe, " 
Banister John, Ludlow 
Hayes Elizur, " 
Green Asahel, • Lunenburg 
Mclntire Moses, " 
Brown S. D. te Co. Lynn 
Clapp S. D. " 
Gushing Alonzo P. " 
Cutts Richard A. " 
McGlue John, " 
Nichols Henry S. " 
Otis George W. " 
Payne G. H. & G. S. " 
Smith D. B. & Co. " 
Welch Th(jmas, " 
Bent Stepliea E. Lynnfield 
Henfield Geo. W., Lynnfield Centre, " 
Lonergan John, " " 
Putnam H. L. Maiden 

Young George E. Maiden 

Cheever L. L. South Maiden, '" 

Richardson Asa, Manchester 

Tobey .J. A. Mansfield 
Kingman Ambrose, West Mansfield, " 

Forsyth Henry, Marblehead 

Graves George, " ■ 

Randall & Mutchison, " 

Ryan William. " 

Briggs Rufus F. Marion 

Brigiiam W. E. Marlborough 

Hale John, " 


Moulton William H. " 

S owe Emerson, " 

Taylor Levi, " 

Brown Diivid, Marshfield 
Ewell Judson, East Marshfield, 

Rogers M. W. " " 

Bowlin Josiiih, Mattapoisett 
Bowlin W. F. 

Durfee Edward, " 

Chenery William, Jledfitld 

Curry Patrick, " 

Hathaway J. D. Medford 

Moore Henry F. '' 

Smith Charles A. " 

Symmes Alexander S. " 

Farring:on Alfred, Medway 
Richardson Richard, East Medway, " 

Everett Williani, West " " 

Williams Wm. L. " " " 

Richards Wm. F. Rockvillc, " 

McCoubry Fhomas, Melrose 

Reidy & Baiker, " 

Daniels Cyrus, Mendon 

Grow Lysander, " 

Foss & Barteaux, Methuen 

Woodman E. " 
Beals Eber, Middleborougb 

Lane L5enj. F. " 

Lincoln Lewis & Son, " 

Litilejohn O. " 

Wales Abijah T. " 
Soule James, East Middleborougb, " 

Southard Calvin, Rock, " 

Stiles David, Middleton 

Church & VVilkinson, Milford 

Ide Ira, " 

alasterson B. " 

Meakin Thomas S. " 

Supple Adam, " 

Feehan William, Millbury 

Harrington John E. " 

I'itrker S. R. " 

Sawyer Samuel, " 

Savory S. A. West Millbury, " 

Grossman Lemuel, Milton 

Chapman i5c Strangman, " 

Scannel Dennis 0. • " 

Aldrich Henry E. Monson 

Aldricli Hiram, " 

Burilick George W. " 

Tucker J. M. " 

Hunter Warren, Montague 

Morse J. H. " 

Shepard H. H. " 

Goewey Erastus, Monterey 
(^uermoroy Jonathan, Mt. Washington 

Dow J. R. Nahant 

Gardner Frederic C. Nantucket 

Mitchell David, " 

Parker Elislia, " 

Simmons Burgess T. " 

Smith Allen, " 

Swain George, " 

Donovan T. Natick 

McGloue M. " 



Blacksmiths — continued. 
Parker & Allen, Natick 

Peters Patrick, " 

Hancock Henry, South Natick, " 
Bobbins John, " " 

Greenwood Isaac, Neeiiham 

Marshall John. Wellesley, " 

Allen Benjamin VV. New Bedford 

Brownell, Ashley, & Co. " 

Lee & Tripp, " 

Sherman Win. D. " 

Skiffs B. & Co. " 

Snow James M. " 

Springer Andrew R. " 

Swift George U. " 

Tripp J. M. 

Johnson C. 1). New Rrnintree 

Frost Austin N. Newbuiy 

Jordan Charles F. " 

Kent John N. " 

Adams Joseph C. Newburyport 

Donnahoe hdward, " 

George E. H. & G. J. " 

Haskell Luther, " 

Manning George W. " 

McGlew Hugh, " 

Moody H. T. " 

Moynihan Patrick, " 

Page John T. " 

Pettigrew CUas. D. " 

Wheeler I^emuel D. " 

Woods .lames M. " 

Church J. N. New Marlborough 

Potter Leonard, "' 

Fowler Robert, Hartsville, " 

Blow Peter. Mill Rivsr, " 

Peters Thomas, " " 

Chamberlin Cyrus, New Salem 

Powers Orrison, " 

Haskins Klan, Nortb Prescott, " 

Ellis S. S., North New Salem, " 

Cole Charles, West Newton, Newton 

Peters Andrew, '' " 

Keegan I'atrick, " " 

Farrar .1. C. Newton Centre. " 

Mosher E. .M. Newton Corner, " 

R')oney D. Newtonville, " 

Cuntnnpliam L. T. Ujoper Falls, " 

McGlew I homas, Lower Falls, " 
Pulsifer John, " " 

Clark Levi (shoeing), Northampton 

Francis \^. " 

Kingsley Edwin L. " 

Phelps "George S. " 

Weller S. »« 

Dean Thomas, Florence, Northampton 
Hartweli W. S. " " 

Kennedy Martin, Leeds, •' 

Carr John V. North Andover 

Faulkner John, " 

Urry U. " 

Adams Sylvanus, Northborongh 

Haven William T. " 

Flynn Daniel, Northbridge 

Flynn Thomas, Whitinsville, " 

Bradfortl & Crocker, North Bridgewater 
Tyler A. D., & Sons, " 

Peck Hiram F. " 

Wade Albert R. " 

Hobbs Albert, North Brookfield 

Tucker John E. " 

Donelon Patrick, North Chelsea 

Moran Thomas L. " 

Somes Kiak B. " 

Weeman J. E. " 

Alexander Charles, Northfield 

Alexander George & Son, " 

Mattoon Joseph, " 

Eaton George, North Reading 

Briggs Ebenezer, Norton 

Macomber .lames 0. " 

Babbitt James, Oakham 

Briggs Albert, " 

Blocigett Nathaniel F. Orange 

Coolidge Henrv H. " 

Goddard Elisl.a, " 

Spear Erastus, '' 

Goodnow W. North Orange, " 

Cole William W. Orleans 

Shattuck Abel, '• 

Mayo Joseph, East Orleans, " 

Champlain Albert, OtU 

Perkins L. E. " 

Whitney Miles F. « 

Davis Barnev, Oxford 

Putnam H. W. 

Rich George, " 

Walker Solomon, North Oxford, " 

Davis Joseph C. " " 

Clough J. M. Palmer 

Simonds H. B. " 

Stone George, " 

Barber .lohn, Thorndike, " 

Squires 1). N. Bondsville, " 

Comins William, Paxton 

Muzzy Charles A. " 

Annable Nattianiel, Peabody 

Dodge C. H. 

Dole & Osgood, " 

Jones A. W. » 

.lones Thomas, " 

PIKE & WHIPPLE, (seepage 748), " 
Smith William, " 

Dodge Lewis, Pelham 

Whitnev James, " 

Flyim .iohn, Pembroke 

Lewis .Martin J., North Pembroke, " 

Gray Lewis T. South Hanson, " 

.Merritt Francis, West Duxbury, " 

Lawrence Sumner P. Pepperell 

Horton Joseph S., East Pepperell, " 

Shattuck Silas P., " " 

Mungeon Bruno, Peru 

Borman Samuel, Petersham 

M irtih Thomas, " 

White Josiah, " 

Bolton A. A. Phillipston 

Doane Ebenezer, '' 

Buriies William, Pittsfield 

Barrett .Justin S. " 

Bri'lges James A. " 

Drake Sandford, jr. " 

Havden John, " 

Himes Daniel R. •' 

Penner Dennis, " 

Robinson William, •* 

Shay .Martin, '• 

Stapleton .Iohn, " 

Tracy Nelson, " 

Coty Romeo, West Pittsfield, " 

.Tackson Henry S. " " " 

Spearman J. & E. Plainfield 

Sweet A. H. " 

Fuller George, Plymouth 

Harvey Sylvanus, " 

Holmes N. H. " 

Raymond E. S. " 

Morton Henry, Chiltonville, " 

Sherman Charles, Plympton 

Sturtevant Henry, " 

Churchill Spencer, North Plympton, " 
Gardner Ira, Prescott 

Haskins Joseph H., North Prescott, " 
Davis Charles, Princeton 

Muzzy Benjamin F. " 

Wood John P. East Princeton, " 



TAYLOR AMASA, Provincetown 

Carter Thomas W. Quincy 

Feltis Alexa ider, " 

Feltis Horace, " 

Eipley William, " 

Tirreil Sons, " 

Wild John Q. A. " 

Campbell William, Randolph 

Desmond Michael, " 

Fardy Thomas, " 

Young Edmund, East Randolph, " 

Lincoln Russell, Raynham 

Makepeace Sylvanus, ". 

Pettee Benjamin, " 

Blunt John A. Reading 

Eames Emery B. " 

Parker Cephas, " 

Totten Robert C. " 

Davis Jas. M., North Rehoboth, Rehoboth 
Fuller Hiram D. " " " 

Ingram William, Richmond 

Church Charles H. F. Rochester 

Perkins Elbridge G. " 

Smeliie William, " 

Cole & Cogswell, Rockport 

Moore Ira F. " 

Selig Thomas W. " 

Pool Story D. Pigeon Cove, " 

Sibley Peter P. Rowe 

Siblev Joseph, " 

Sibley Tyler, " 

Swaney William, Rowley 

Stockwell Winfield S. Royalston 

Wheeler Leonard, " 

Steel Summer S. Russell 

Brancroft Leonard, RutLind 

Fisher Alvin B. " 

Fletcher David W. " 

Richardson Billings F. " 

Agge Jacob, Salem 

Andrews Oilman, " 

Cox Francis R. " 

Cutts Benjamin, " 

Hartigati Patrick, " 

Murray & Carroll, " 

Nichols John, " 

Nichols J. Henry, " 

Peirson George H. " 

Perry F. L. " 

PHILLIPS H. B. 194 & 190 Derbv, " 
Shoules C. J. ' " 

Walton Josiah, " 

Weir Daniel P. " 

Wilkins Charles, " 

Lane E. S. Amesbury, Salisbury 

Pike Caleb, _ East Salisbury, " 

Whitney J. H. & bon, Sandisfield 

King Levi, Montville, " 

Pease Levi, " " 

Pratt Frank, New Boston, " 

Ellis John C. C. Sandwich 

Ellis Freeman C. Monument, " 

Burgess Aaron, Pocasset, " 

Raymond Ebenezer, " " 

Benson Hiram, W. Sandwich, " 

Holway Seth, N. " " 

Waterhouse Geo. H. East Saugus, Saugus 
Neal James M. Saugus Centre, " 
Bliss Henry F. Savoy 

Tinney Benjamin, " 

Clapp Elijah, Scituate 

Clapp Elijah T. " 

Litchfield Isaac, " 

Litchfield Seth, " 

Merritt J. H. North Scituate, " 

Bourn Z. W. Seekonk 

Chaffee Ira, " 

French Geo. " 

Knapp Daniel S. Sharon 

Stone Cyrus, " 

Graham Jonathan, Sheffield 

Dunbar William H. Ashley Falls, " 
Griffith Grove D. " " " 

Runnell Henry R. East Sheffield, " 

Smith Henry, " " " 

Powers R. M. Shelburne 

Miles Nathaniel. " 

Poland S. " 

Innis George, Shelburne Falls, " 

Bickford Elbridge M. Sherborn 

Ware Vorestus, " 

Blood S. K. Shirley 

Giddings William J. " 

Holden Charles N. " 

Harrod James, Shirley Village, " 

Hyde Amasa, Shrewsbury 

Newton Adam H. " 

Whitney Charles L. " 

Graj' Wm. A. Shutesbury 

Haskins Joseph H. " 

Hayden Josiah T. " 

Southwick Gilbert, " 

Allen Richard, Somerset 

DeCosta F. 0. 

Wilson James, " 

Dodge Sewall, Somerville 

Gray S. N. North Somerville, " 

Ewin John D. Southampton 

Spiller George, Southborough 

Walker Francis W. " 

Webster Horace F " 

Chamberlain Merrill, Southbridge 

Stone George S. " 

Clark Isaac, Globe Villiage, " 

Ryan Francis, " " " 

Cook Shubael, South Hadley 

Judd E. B., South Hadley Falls, 
Si'ssions H. T. " " " " 

Wetmore L. D. " " " " 

Merritt Henry, South Scituate 

.Merritt Joseph, 2d, '' 

Merritt Wm. H. " 

Gardner Horatio N., W. Scituate, " 

Granger Heaton, Southwick 

Goddard Joseph, Spencer 

Belcher Gilbert, " 

Kenely Edward, " 

Richards Austin, " 

Avery John, Springfield 

Burke P. J. " 

Hood John, " 

Weeks J. L. 

Flynn John, Indian Orchard, " 

Carter Asaph, Sterling 

Welcome Charles, " 

Bowen John W. Stockbridgft 

Stalker Peter, Curtisville, '* 

Boyce Charles M. Stoneham 

Leads Joseph, " 

Morse Isaac D. " 

Richardson 0. " 

Haley S. W. East Stoughton, Stoughton 
Waite & Sijn, " " " 

Glvun John, Stow- 

Ne'lson A. W. " 

Soper Jacob, " 

Watson Chas. E. Assabet, " 

Barrows Joel E., Rock Bottom, '' 

Haynes Henry, Sturbridge 

Purdy James E. " 

Rice .Jonas, " 

Knights Wheaton, Fishdale, " 

Powers Abijrth, Sudbury 

Allen John P. South Sudbury, " 

Chamberlain C. W. Sunderland 

Newton Asahel, Sutton. 



Blacksmiths — continued. 

CuUen Patrick, Swampscott 

Cowen William H. Swansea 

Lansing: John W. " 

Pierce Isaiali VV. " 

Puffer Chas. ' " 

Carey Daniel, Taunton 

Coe Jerome VV. (carriage), " 

Chace SMmuel B. " 

Conefy & McDonald, " 

Davis Geo. W. " 

Goff T. P. " 

McDonald Wm. " 

Morse .lason, " 


Porter 'Ihojnas, " 

Pierie & Dean, " 

Thayer Peter C. ' 

Woods Job N. " 

Parris Lewis VV. Myricksville, " 

Wade James & Son, " " 

Phelps Jonas, Templeton 

Winchester Harris, " 

Armitnpe B. F. East Templeton, " 

Shores William, Baldwinville, '• 

Whitmg E. Otter River, " 

Eaton Henrv, Tewk.sbury 

Hill Amos, ■ " 
Look Cliarles C. Holmes's Hole, Tisbury 

Luce Benjamin, " " " 
Bodfisii Nt. P. West Tisbury, " 

Lovell & Baxter, " " " 

Ives Truman, Tolland 

Munn Dennis L. " 

Hobbs D. C. Topsfield 

Long Henry, " 

Maynard L. Townsend 

Wallace Bryant, " 
Hodgmaii Bc^njamin, West Townsend, " 
Ranger Benjamin, Townsend Harbor, " 

Eastman Samuel, North Truro, Truro 

Smitli Samuel H. " " " 

Bryant Aann, Tyngsborough 

Cummings Willard B. '' 

McCarty John, Tyringham 

Halej' John, Upton 

Ide Ira, ' " 

Lesure S. G. '• 

Sadler Edwin, " 

Hill Reiil)en, Uxbridge 
King Luke, 

Willanl G. E. " 
Barry E. M. North Uxbridge, " 

Eames Jushua N. Wakefield 

Hart Abner, " 

Walton Joshua, " 

Haradoii Hiram, Wales 

Parker Luther, " 

Ellis Billings, Walpole 

Hartshorn Warren, " 

Rogers James H. " 

Polleys Kilnmnd, East Walpole, " 

Bovden I'hineas, South " " 

Daniels Chas. H. Waltham 

McDonald H. " 

Smith Edwin, " 

Price J. E. Ware 

Stanton George A. " 

Wmslow Daniel R. " 

Bolles Israel B. Wareham 

'Cushman Jacob, " 

Hamlin Ellkanah, " 

Bridges Luther, Warren 

Butterworth W. G. " 

Reed C. F. West Warren, " 

Batchelder Ira F. Warwick 

Fisher Barnard, " 

Fillio Abraham, Washington 

Hall James, Watertown 

Jackson A. " 

McDonnell P. " 

Nolan M. J. " 


MuUin Jeremiah, Wayland 

Putnam C. & Son, Webster 

Warren William H. " 

Grant M. W. Wellfleet 

Higgins N. C. " 

Harrington Timothy, Wendell 

Brudbu.y Daniel, Wenham 

Kavanaugh Patrick, " 

Hardy C. S. Westborough 

Jackson Josiah, " 

Duclett Lewis, West Boylston 

Morse Charles, " 

Sturtevant Levi, " 

Lesure L. A. Oakdale, " 
Atwell Charles, West Bridgewater 

Dunbar Reuel, Cochesett, " 

Allen Frank, West Brookfield 

Bliss Geo. VV. " 

Richards H. " 

Bryant Wm. Westfield 

Cornwell William B. " 

Gamache F. I). " 

Hathawav Joel, " 

Phelps VVm. " 

Chaniberlin J. M. WeRtford 

Laiiktree John, " 

Reed A. S. " 

Chapman Linus, Westhampton 

King Sylvester, " 

AdamsG. & A. F. Westminster 

Bathrick Stephen, " 

Lamb Greenleaf, " 

Learned John K. " 

Carr Horatio F. West Newbury 

Dawkins VVm. " 

.Johnson John, " 

Boyce Park, Weston 

Garfield Daniel, '' 

Garfield Hiram, " 

Upham Joel, " 

Upham George, " 

Briggs Christopher, Westport 

Briggs Joseph A. "' 

Gammons Matthias E. " 
Manly Sylvester, Central Village, " 

Mosher Sherman, " " 

Little Nathaniel, South Westport, " 

Cain Patrick, West Roxbury 

Hartshorn Charles P. " 

Liniiall Horace, " 
Bruce Brainard T., Jamaica Plain, " 

Dickson Alexander, " " 

Starr William H. " " 

Bliss H., Ashleyville, West Springfield 

Harmon & Reynolds, " 

Diekie Robert, " 

Thompson & Degroflf, " 

Crofoot Comfort B., VVest Stockbridge 

Centre, West Stockbridge 

Thompson & DeGroff, '' 

Scribner Smith, State Line, " 

Healey Samuel, East Weymouth, " 

Ready John, " " " 

Blanchard James, North " " 

Prentiss J. F. " " " 

Reidy John, South " " 

Ripley J. G. " " " 

Roche John, " " " 

Fox Horace B. Whately 
Fox Selah W. 

Train Roswell, " 

Streeter VV. B. Wilbraham 



Twing Rufns, Wilbraham 

Twiiig William B. " 

CunniDsliain J. F., South Wilbraham, " 
Bartlett Geo. 0. Williamsburg 

Culver Madison, " 

Noble .I:iraes, Williamstown 

Welch Michtiel, 

C )le Albert D., South Williamstown, " 
Ames J. A. Wilmington 

Adams Oliver, Wincheiidon 

Hale Luke, " 

Scott D. M. & S. M. " 

Gross Frank, Winchester 

McNallv I'eter, " 

Orne K. H. 

Burlingame A. V. Windsor 

Nichols Abial, " 

O'Connell William, East Windsor, " 

Ellis R. F. 

Hood Thomas R. P. " 

Jones Charles, " 

Pollard Charles P. 

Bemis A. J. Worcester 

Brigham S. C. '' 

Chamberlain Lyman, " 

Corbett Henry "M. " 

Cosgrove Francis, " 

Fellows D. F. " 

Fish H. C. 

Fish Rufus A. " 

Hyde Cliarles, " 

Jordan A. P. " 

O'Leary & Bro. " 

Mehiven Morris, " 

Noone & Coan, " 

Wellington H. B. " 

Whitney H. S. " 

Wright Chas. " 

Quinn Michael H. New Worcester, " 
Mercer Frederick, Worthington 

Butler Nathan C. Soutii Worthington, " 
Palmer Piatt B. West Worthington, " 
Willard Leonard, Wreiithara 

Cohnan B. S. Centre, " 

Kendall C. P. 

Blake Levi, North Wrentham, " 

Pettee William C, South " " 

Mason James B., Sheldonville, " 

Mellen Robert, West Wrentham, " 
Thacher Samuel, jr. Yarmouth 

Homer .Joseph B., South Yarmouth, " 
Hallet Benjamin, 2d, Yarmouth Port, " 
Hallet Edward B. " " 

Blank Book Manufacturers. 

( See also Book Blndtrs. ) 

REMICK JOHN & SON, Cambridge- 
port, Cambridge 
Earl Newton R. Fall River 

149 Main, Fitchburg 

PROCTER BROS., 121 Front, Gloucester 
Dorr John C. Lawrence 

Morris B. G. " 

WHITCOMB I. A. 93 Essex (see * 

page 79.3), 
WEBSTER W. T. 8 Exchange, Lynn 

Parsons & Co. New Bedford 

Bridgman & Child, Northampton 

Corn well Enos J. " 

Koon Henry R. Pittsfield 

Ives Henry P. Salem 

Perley J. " 

Bowles Samuel & Co. Springfield 

Grout & Bigelow, Worcester 

Sanford Wm. H. & Son, " 

Blanket Manufacturers. 

{See Woolen Goods.) 


(See also Bonnet Blencheries.) 

and dyer of cotton and woolf-n 

Viirn, braids, &c.) Attleboro' 


AppletOM, agt. Lowell 

MOWRY G. W. & C. H. (bonnet) 
Hutchinson A. & Co. Rockv lie, Medwuy 
Morris Thomas, Northampton 

Williston & Arm" Manufacturing Co. " 

Dempsey, supt. Peabody 

Middlesex Bleachery, Sumerville 

Waltham Bleachery, I. R. Scott, 

agent, Waltham 

Worcester Bleach & Dye Works, Worcester 

Blind Hinges and Fastenings. 

Morris Geo. L. Taunton 

Strange Elias W. & Co. 20 Washii g- 
ton, " 

Blocks and Oars. 

Fears Robert R. & Bro. Gloucester 


Merchant S. Jr. & Co. " 

Block Manufacturers. 

(See Bonnet awl Hat Black Munufacturers; 

Print Block }fanufacturers; and Ship 

Black Manufacturers. ) 

Boat Builders. 

Leonard Ebeiiezer, Long Plain, Acushnet 

Eldredge Simeon, Chatham 

Nye A-^a, " 

Frahm Frank, Chelsea 

Horgan Thomas, " 

Pettee .lames, Cohasset 

Chandler Hiram W. Duxbury 

Peterson Samuel S. " 

Morse LTriah, Edgartown 
Tilton P. A. 

Burnham Samuel, Essex 

Allen James, Fairhaven 

Delano Joshua, " 

Hursell Wm. H. " 

Grew Marshall, Falmouth 

.Marble .John W. Freetown 

Andrews H. N. & Co. Gloucester 

Chapin John A. " 

Davis Brothers, " 

Turner Samuel S. Hanover 
Jenkins & Small, Harwich Port, Harwich 

Knights Edward G. Hull 

Blaiikinship Weaker, Marion 

Blankiiiship Warren, " 

Handy Noah, " 

Jeniiey Alonzo, Mattapoisett 

Robinson Jos. H. " 

Burdett Barzilla R. Nantucket 

Allen Bartlett, New Bedford 

Allen Thomas N. " 

Beetle James, " 

Butler Win. F. " 

Cranston John, " 

GifiFord & Beetle, " 

Lewis & Sheehy, " 

Smith .John B. " 

Smith Levi W. " 

Smith Wm. H. " 

Tripp Theodore, " 



Boal Bnilders — continued. 

Warren John C. Xew Bedford 

Orne & Rolfe, Newburyport 

Ghen Samuel H. Provincetowu 

Kelley Davii S. " 

McKensie Alexander, " 

SMITH WM. W. (s^ee page 770), " 

Mavburv W. F. Quincy Pt. Quincy 

Beckett"& Fellows, ' Salem 

Keniston and Lowell, Salisbury 

Keniston G. & F. " 

Lowell D. M. & Co. " 

Lowell Hiram, " 

Lowell VVm. D. " 

Morrill Kzra C. " 

Morrill G. H. & Co. " 

Morrill \Vm. C. " 

Lawley Geo. Scituate 

Brooks ,Iohn W. Swanipscott 

Knowlton J. k. " 

Lowell Hiram, " 
Cleveland William, Holmes's Hole, Tisbuty 

Smith Alphonzo, " 

Hopkins Hiram, Wellfleet 
Snow N. 
Sheldon George, Sholdonville, Wrentliam 

Bobbin and Spool Manufs. 

Clark Joseph D. (yarn beams). North 

Adams, " Adams 


WORKS. Hills, Westcott, & Co. 

(see page 774 ), Amherst 

JKNISON R. F. & CO. (see page 

762), Blackstone 

Leavitt Benning, Chicopee 

East Hampton 
BASSETT JOEL L. (see page 7iil), " 
POTTER K. N. & BROS. Uavol St. 

(see page 7otj), Fall River 

SPRAGUE L. & CO. Lowell St., 

near the Depot, Lawrence 

Parker & Cheney, Wamesit Steam 

Mills, Lowell 

Watson E. F. Mechanic Mills, " 

Norton J. D. & Son, West Hampton 

Murdock Wm. Winchendoii 

Parks Mail in H. & Brothers, " 

Boiler Makers. 

(See alio Machinists.) 

Kendall & Roberts, Cambridge 

Allen & Endicott, Cambridgei)ort 

Cunningham T. Charlestown 

Robinson S:eam Boiler Co. Clinton 

Fall River 

Richard Borden, agent, " 

McCabe & Co. Lawrence 

etors of Lowell Steam Boiler Works, 
Dutton, near Mechanics Mills, see 
page 737), Lowell 

Xew Bedford 
Union Boiler Co. (Jas. C. Bradford, 

agent, 19 School), " 

CLARY & RUSSELL, McKay, cor. 

Depot, (see page 708), Pittsfield 

Lang Alexander, " 


(J. Haslani), Ward, opp. Union, " 
Grimes & Ellison, Springfield 

ROCHE BROTHERS, (see page 780), " 
Worcester Steam Boiler Works, 

Stewart & Dillon, Worcester 


( Yellow .\ fetal and Copper.) 

(see page 757), New Bedford 

Bolts, Nuts, and Washers. 

HEALl) S. & SONS, (see pages 796 

and 797), Baire 

Foster Walter K. (washers), 

Cambridgeport, Cambridge 

American Bolt Co., Whipple's 

Mills, Lowell 

SMITH S. C, Mt. Vernon, near 

Broadway, " 

American Screw Co. (Branch), Taunton 

Bone Setter. 

SWEET JOB, Kempton, cor. 

Summer (see page 712), New Bedford 

Bones and Bone Dust. 

Hargruves C. Fall River 

Littietield Hiram, Newburvport 

WALTON TI.MO PHY foot of Ord, 

(see page 748), Salem 

Olney I). K. Southbridge 

Bonnet and Hat Bleacheries. 

(S^e nUo Bltiichtries.) 

Dickinson Richard, Fall River 

Borden Peleg .Mrs. " 

Drake Lavinia. " 

Newell Frank A. " 

Rockwood Ezra B. Fitchburg 

Carpenter S. A. Haverhill 

Wentworth John, Gloucester 

Gilmore Wm. S. Lawrence 

Fay R. Mrs. Lowell 

Flanders C. R. " 

Fletcher S. R. " 

White George A. Lynn 

MOWRY G. W. & C. H. Mansfield 

Leonard N. W. & J. M. Middleborough 

Scribner David, Newburyport 

Avres Austin W. Northampton 

Bacon W. H. New Bedford 

Knapp A. B. " 

Taber William II. " 

Hills Sanford, Pittsfield 

Ghen Emilv .1. Provincetown 

Clapp & W'etherell, Salem 

Carter V\'. & J. Springfield 

Southlands Bleachery, " 

Kendall Francis, Worcester 

Wheaton H. C. 205 Main, " 

Bonnet and Hat Block Manuf. 

Hemenway Josiah (plaster). 

South Framingham, Framinghara 

Force E. (plaster) Med way 

Howard N. F. (plaster), Foxborough 

Robinson & Briggs, Franklin 

Staidev 0. A. " 

5 Central Exchange, Worcester 

Bonnet and Hood Machinery. 

HEALD S. & SONS, dies, pressing, 
and rolling machines, &c., &c., 
(see pages 796 and 797), Barre 

Thayer A. P. (pressing). West Med way 

Bonnet Frame Manufacturers. 


5 Central Exchange, Worcester 



Bonnet Manufactiirers. 

{See Strmo Goods.) 

Bonnet Trimming Manuf. 

Blackinton V. H., Attleboro' Kails, " 

Bonnet Wire Manufacturers. 

Scott Saul B.. Franklin City, Franklin 

Hale B. S. & Son, Lowell 

Cady Geo. L. " 

Cooper & South worth, Stoughton 


{See also Bhtnlc Book Manufacturers.) 

Hutch ins J. 0. Amesbury 

Morris Benjamin G. Andover 

McDonald «& Sons, Cambridge 
Welch & Co., Cambridgeport, '* 

Houffbton H. 0. & Co. " " 

Lemon (see page 711), " " 

Wilson .Toshua, " " 

Cormerais Charles, Chelsea 

Fletcher Otis, Clinton 

Kent S. Davies, Concord 

Earle Newton R. Fall River 

Fraprie Geo. W. " 

Johnson Charles, Fitchburg 

Rice Levi \V. Greenfield 

Whitney H. 0. Haverhill 

Fenerty" Joseph B. Lawrence 

Morris B. G. " 

WHITCOM B I. A. 93 Essex, " 

(see page 793), " 

37 Merriniac, Lowell 
•Bacheller N. J. & Co. 

Sargeant B. C. " 
Simonds S. B. 

Breare Thomas, Lynn 

Gillev William jr. Marblehead 

Blunt M. A. Milford 

Howe Willi'ira, New Bedford 

Parsons & Co. " 

Taber Brothers, " 

Crofoot H. T. Newburyport 

Bridgman & Childs, Northampton 

Cornwell Enos J. '' 

Childs C. C. & Co. Pittsfield 

Koon Henry R. " 

Brooks Horace A. Salem 

Perley Jonathan, " 
Hutciiins J. 0., Amesbury, Salisbury 

Bowles Samuel & Co. Springfield 

Bridgman J. C. & Co. " 

Hathaway William G. Taunton 

Brackett Charles A. Waltham 

McLauthlin C. C. Watertown 

Grout & Bigelow, Worcester 

Sanford Wm. H. & Co. '• 

Wesby Joseph S. " 

Bookbinders' Shears. 

Toulmin John, Worcester 

Book Clasp Manufacturers. 

Blackinton R. & Co., Attleborough 

Falls, " 

MERRITT & DRAPER (and orna- 
ments), Mansfield 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Nash Sylvanus. Abington 

ESTES J. J. ' East Abington, " 

Mole John E. Adams 

Dalrymple Orson, North Adains. Adams 

Phillips Harlon L. " 

Merrill F. W. Amesbury 

Adams J. S. & C. Amherst 

Spear M.'N. " 

Draper Warren F. Andover 

Dodge Davies, Arling on 

Green Charles 0. A^ihy 
HUNT & LORD, Athol Depot, Athol 

rhompson C. J. Attleborough 
Jones Thos. R., N. Attleborough, 

Hincklev 0. M. Barnstable 

Brooks Humphrey F. Barre 

Morgan T. A. Beverly 
Stanley .lohn W. 

Kimball JaP:;es, jr. Bradford 
vard sq., Cambridge 
Richardson Benjamin H. " 
Niles Daniel W' Cambridgeport, " 
Ellis 1). F. C. Canton 
Wood Rufus C. 

Cutter A. E. Charlestown 
Hobbs G. W. 

Fiske & Cummins, Charlton 

Boyden George C. Chelsea 

Hayward Fanny C. " 

Orcutt Samuel, " 

Keefe T. Chester 

Ballard E. Clinton 
Burdett T. E. 

Whitcomb Henry L. Concord 

Townsend Harvey, Conway 

Carson Paper Co. Daltoa 

Hood J. E. Danvers 

Allwright Alfred, Dedham 

Dohertv Edward, " 

Nutter'l. N. & E. W. East Bridgewater 

Putnam F. H. East Hampton 

Pease Silvanus L. Edgaitown 

Adams Robert, Fall River 
Earl Benjamin, 

Pope I. P. (periodicals), " 
Noros L. J. " 

Boutelle W. S. Fitchburg 

Main, " 

Whitney E. A. " 

Phelps Eli, Foxborough 

Coolidge Charles E. Gloucester 
PROCTER BROS., 121 Front, 
ROGERS JOHN S. E., Low's blk. 

Morgan William,- Great Barrington 
Prindle & Tobey, 

MeiTiam Lewis, Greenfield 
Slierwin Levi, Groton Junction, (Jroton 

Curtis Henry J. Hanover 

Nickerson Obed, Harwich 

Morse Charles E. Haverhill 

Barnard John, Hingham 

Baker John R. Holyoke 

Cragin Harvey H. " 

Loom is & Pomeroy, " 

McCabe Felix, " 

Underwood James J. Hudson 

Gever Andrew, Ipswich 

Dow John C. & Co. Lawrence 

Dyer & Co. " 

Marston & Prince, " 

Srratton Lewis, " 
WHITCOMB I. A., 93 Essex, (see 

page 793), " 

Lyman & Chaffee, Lee 

Northrop L. '" 

Stanly John G. Lenox 

Colburn Charles H. Leominster 



Booksellers and Stationers — continued. 
Dayton L. N. Leominster 

Cog(;eshall F. P. Lowell 

Edwards George C. " 

Gordon & Co. " 

Judkins J. J. " 

Merrimac, " 

Rverson H. J. " 

Sargent B. C. " 

Sheehan Edward, " 

Stanton Albert D. " 

Thwing J. " 

Whitney Abel, " 

Green Otis H. Lvnn 
Merrill P. XI. Miss, 

Munroe James M. &. Son, " 

Pntnain James F. " 
WKBSTKR W. T., 8 Exchange. 






"2 Main, 


New Bedford 





North Bridgewater 




Wood Horace F. 
Le Baron Lemuel, 
Richardson Alpheus, 
Shaw J. B. & J. 
Emerv William, 

(Catholic, see page 782), 
Stacy G. W. 
Pacl^ard T. F. 
Jaggar Charles H. 
Mitchell Edward, 
Hiitchinsnn S. 
I'arsons & Co. 
Taber Brothers, 
Clark George \V. 
Hale L. C. 
Moulton N'. A. 
Woodman H. A. 
Bridgman & Childs, 
Marsh Joseph, 
Bixby C. C. 
Copcland C. F. 
Goldthwaite E. 
Tli(.nh,s 11. O. 

Pease \V. E. & Co. .^ „ 

WOOD & ALLEN, (see page 774), Palmer 
Stevens B. F. Peabodv 

Allen Phinehas & Son, Pittsfield 

Childs C. C. & Co. " 

Cowan James, " 

Doten Charles C. Plymouth 


PUTNAM A. L. Provincetown 

Pattee Wm. S. Quincv 

Follett ("has. A. " " 

PORTER F. Randolph 

Rosentield Nathaniel, " 

Clark Henry, Rockport 

Thurston William H. " 

Brooks D. B. & Brother, Salem 

Beckford Chas. A. " 

Chandler & Co. «' 

Grindal Stover, " 

Ives Henry P. " 

Ives J. S. " •' 

MOODY L. B., 24 Washington. " 


243 Essex, " 

Whipple Henry (charts), " 

Bartlett I). L..' Amesburv, Salisbury 

HALL CHAS. B. ' Sandwich 


Bowen Alfred, Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 
Sawyer Su«an H. " " 

BARNES WM. C. Southbridge 

King J. A. " 

G'-nn'jfr Brorhe's, South^-'ick 

bill tiurd jn & Cj. Si)rin<rfield 

Bradley Milton & Co. Springfield 

Bridgman J. C. & Co. " 

Burt Augustine & Co. " 

Burt Roderick (wholesale & retail), " 

Clark Chas. \V. " 

Holland W. I. " 

Fisk D. E. & Co. " 

Rnde H. " 

Ryan P. J. " 

Barker A. J. Taunton 

Dnnbar Samuel 0. & Son, " 

Mitchell I). L " 

Monroe Chas. E. " 

Seaver VV'm. P. " 

Smith John (Catholic), " 

Brown Moses, Holmes's Hole, Tisbury 

Crocker Wendal. " " 

Sawyer Henry C. Waltham 

Woolcy George, " 
Cutler G. K. 
McLauthlin C. C. 
('onnor S. S. 
Fletcher J M. 

! White Amos S. & Co. 

'< Lesure Samuel, 













Metcalf.I. H. 

Smith Nathan F. 

Merrill E. S. 

15rown George B. 

Horton Sparrow, 

Dorman J. A. Mrs. 

Grout & Bigelow. " 

Hall C. C. & J. K. " 

Howes B. G. " 

Howland H. J. (publislier Worcester 

Directory), " 

Sanford Wni. H. & Son, " 

Boot and Shoe Blacking Manu- 
FAKRAR G. H. Union, cor. Wash. 

(see page 70ti), Lynn 


(see page 799), North Bridgewater 

POPE T. W. (see page 769), " 

WASHBURN ELISHA (see page 792)," 

Boot and Shoe Bottomers. 

George T. Q. Danvers 
Holmes A. L. East Bridgewater 

Churchill A. S. Joppa, " 

Foster & Smith, Haverhill 

Harris Jo.-eph, " 

Pinknam Bros. " 

Roberts Geo. A. " 

Bradley & Han ington, Lynn 

Cheney & Fields, " 

Cottle' H. W. " 

Leavitt Mark, " 

Miles S. P. " 

Norton William, " 

Sanborn B. F. & J. R. " 

Willey Geo. A. " 

Gardner L. A. Marshfield 
Keith D. N. Campello, No. Bridgewater 
Mitchell T. " " 

Palmer Charles, Randolph 

Linton P. H. Weymouth 

Boot and Shoe Counters. 

Penniman Ansel, Braintree 

KEITH & PACKARD, No. Bridgewater 
Phinney S. C. & J. G. Stoughton 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

{See alsit Bout and Shoe Mniiifacturers, 
also Country Stwes.) 
Wheeler Edw. A., E. Abington, Abington 
Gilbert J. C. & Co., So. " " 



Fletcher John & Sons, Acton 

Robinson Charles, West Acton, " 

Wilde Charles M. Acushnet 

Richmond Daniel C. & Son, Adams 
Doane & Kay, North Adams, " 

Holmes & Searle, " " " 
Ingraham Harvey & Co. 

(jobbers), " " " 

Jewett & Rand, " " " 

Smith Dexter, " " " 

Clarkson J. T. Amesbury 
TRUE ALFRED M. (see page 800), " 

Whittier Isaac, " 

CARTER S. C. Amherst 
Kellogg D. H. 

Sloan T. W. " 

Stratton R. W. " 
Cutler Horace, North Amherst, " 

Barnard J. W. Andover 

Brown Benj. " 

Corse & Son, " 
JOHNSON JAMES, Central st. " 
Smith J. R. Ballard Vale, '' 

Ramsdell Thomas, Arlington 

Speatman Robert, " 

Morse C. B. Athol 

Stratton H. M. " 
Adams & Stratton, Athol Depot, " 

Carpenter D. W. & Co. Attleboro' 

COOPER JOHN, (ladies'), Attleborough 
Barden T. A. N. Attleborough, " 

Hawes A. Z. " " 


Coleman Bacon, Hyannis, ^^Barnstable 

Crewell Daniel, " " 


Barnes Wright, Becket 

Hayes C. B. & E. K. Belchertovvn 

Burnham Charles L. Beverly 

Dike Samuel, " 

Waliis Jeremiah, " 

Parker Charles H. Billerica 

Bartlett Varnum, Blackstone 

Shephard L. B. & Son, Blandford 

Rogers Zoeth II. Brewster 

Cushman Darin*, Bridgewater 
Wilber Richard W. 

Rooney James, Brookline 

Weinstein Rupert, " 

DoUard James, Cambridge 

Mann Rufus, " 

Haj'es Alvin, Cambridgeport, " 

Mason James N. " " 

Rohde Joseph, " " 

Sampson William P. " " 

Wilder Cyrus D. " " 
Dwver Timothy, East Cambridge, " 

Guyer Lewis B. & Co. " " " 

Hunnewell W. & Co. " " *' 

Reed Enos, " " " 

Clark Thomas, North " " 

Ellis D. C. F. Canton 

Fuller E. 0. & H. " 

Alden Charles W. Charlestown 

Atwood John O. '' 

Byam Charles F. " 

Clayton William E. " 

Hale Apollos, " 

Martin Newhall & Co. " 

Poor George, " 

Pratt Elbridge S. " 

Quirk D. G. & Co. " 

Stoddard J. C. " 

Sullivan John C. Mrs. " 

Tuck & Goodwin, " 

White Ebenezer, " 

Spalding A. F. Chelmsford 

Dammerall John, Chelsea 

Elbridge J. S. & Son, Chelsea 

Higgins Josiah, " 

Higgins Patrick, " 

Libbv John A. " 

Richards C. E. & Co. " 

Ware Frank W. " 

Williams Thomas A. jr. " 

Allen C. Chester 

Chad wick J. " 

Reals VV. P. Chicopee 

Chapman & Folsom, " 

Hitchcock J. M. & Co. " 

Parshley S. W. " 
Chapin Bell, Chicopee Falls, " 

Donovan Daniel, " " " 

Barrv John, Clinton 

Lathe G. W. " 

Lyon L. D. " 

Winter Waldo, " 

Bates Philander, Cohasset 

S'acy & Davis Coleraine 

Davis George B. Concord 

Hastings Jonas, " 

Pierce Cyrus, " 

Adams Rawson, Conway 


Patch Abraham, " 

Alhvright Alfred, Dedham 

Wiggin Andrew & Co. " 
Norris S. M. East Dedham, " 

White Robert, " " " 

Bigelow S. Waldo South " " 

Tisdale Josiah, " " " 

Pratt Joshua G. Deerfield 
Aims Obed S. South Deerfield, " 

Howe John, Dorchester 

Wendemuth E. R., Milton, " 

Twombly .1. W. & Co. " " 
Emerson Horace, East Douglas, Douglas 
Hutchinson B. \V. Eist Hampton 

Waite Joseph, " 

Lewis William, Edgartown 

Coffin Jared W. • " 

Burnham D. B. " 

Howes Charles, " 

Pierce A. T. Fairhaven 

Breen Nelson Fall River 

Cobiirn J. C " 

Conley John, " 

Dodge & Sears, " 

Duckworth R. " 

Eddy & Milne, " 

Emerv B. & Co. " 
FRENCH J. B. & SON, 20 N. Main, " 

French Stephen L. " 

CJeagan Nicholas, " 

Groves & Nichols, " 

Howarth Bros. " 

Houghton Geo. A. " 

O'Connell Michael, " 

Sanlord Thos. " 

Smith Thomas B. " 

Sullivan .J. " 

Waters George, " 

Whiting Lewis, " 

Alexiinder F. W. Fitchburg 

Balcora Frank S. " 

Boutwell E. " 

Evillo John B. " 

Hogan Walter W. " 

Jennison Daniel, " 

Partridge A. & Bro. " 

Proctor George B. " 

Tenney Jonathan L. " 

Whitney E. A. " 
Alexander Jerry W., West J^itchburg, " 

Butterworth Geo. H. Foxborough 

Lowe Joseph G. " 



Boot ami Shoe Dealers — continued. 
Stiff James, Foxborongh 

Brown Matthew, Franklin 

Caswell A. W. Gardner 

Jewett Charles E. Georgetown 

CORLISS B. H. jr. 129 Front, Gloucester 
Griffin G. Frank, " 

Haskell J. W. " 



Pettingill Charles W. 


Ricliardson J. fl. 


Staten Edward & Co. 


York & Gott, 


Barry James W. 

Great Barrington 

Burghardt Lonson N. 


Melien G. W. & Co. 


Williams Elihu, 


Fellows M. S. 


Forbes J. N. & Co. 


Ford H. L. 


McFarland J. 


Fuller Dexter, 


Tenney J. C, Groton Junction, " 

Curtis & Co. 


Brett Charles E. 


Buck Jonathan, 


Small Philip N. Harwich Port " 

Bartlett J. C. 


Bennett R. P. 


Brown John, 


Winn J. W. 


Marsh Willam F. 


Whiton E. L. 


Whiting E. F. 


Fiske George B. 


Butler Joseph, 

Holy ok e 

Clark Chandler, 


Corser Charles A, 


Cragin H. H. 


Hart James, 


Sackett L. 


Wolcott George >f. 


Johnson David L. 


Hutchins & Co. 


Priest Samuel E. 


Woods Elijah N. 


Adier L. ' 

Hyde Park 

Estey Chas. H. 

. " 

Luce & Iiigersoll, 


Ellis George N. 




Blaisdell & Moore, 


Chard Samuel, 


Allard Henry 1). 


Browt, C. W. 


Clay H. T. 


Cusack John, 


Duncklee & Danforth, 


French J. Y. & Co. 


Heerraann Lewis, 


Mahony Daniel D. 


Pearsons James, 


Robinson H. G. 


Robinson P. B. 


Sanders J. L. 


Warburton Peter, 


Whittredge Alfred A. 


Whithiedge T. J. 


Mecum A. R. 


Davis Frank W. 


Kendall A. D. 


Policy A. M. & Son, 


Adarns Bros. 


Benson J. W. 


Board man L. Hr 


Byam S. A. 


Chase Lorenzo, 


Collins J. B. 
Crane George & Son, 
Dearborn E. 
Donnolly .John, 
Flanders H. R. 
Harvey & Burrill, 
Grant J. E. 
Huntnon M. C. 
Kittredge Daniel, 
Knowles Bros. 
Lamb & Nichols, 
Lovett Stephen, 
McEIholm William, 
McLaughlin James, 
McLees Thomas, 
Merrill A. A. & Co. 
Plumraer J. W. 
Robbins A. F. 
Swan Daniel, 
Tackrah Henry. 
Weeks Samuei D. 
AVright C. & H. C. 
Wright George, 
Wright Hapgood, 
Wright Nathan M. 
Allard M. J. Mrs. 
Barry John, 
Blake Edmond C. 
Boynton Silas P. 
Dunbar E. H. 
Flagg Daniel, 
Flagg Francis, 
Gooilriiigc Micajah N. 
Herbert Thomas, 
Hodgkins Joseph E. 
Johnson H. H. 
Lovering Richard, 
Newhall Perry, 
0>borne Wellman, 
Webster E. W. 
West Hiraqi, 
Cox Henry J. 
Mann .1. t. 
Richardson James C. 
Bessom W. C. 
Foss Thomas, 
Graves Joseph, 4th, 
Hiller Joseph E. 
LeMaster George, 
Rogers William, 
Watson Osgood H. 
Jacobs & Cushing, 
Gage Lewis, 
Law John, 
Foss Edward S. 
Washburn & Andrews, 
Colburn F. A. 
Darling R. L. 
Folsom H. 
Keane John, 
Mott C. A. M. 0. 
Gerry Elbridge, 
Goddard N. & Son, 
RIackman Elbridge, 
Chapman & Strangman, 
Grossman Lemuel, 
Johnson Spencer W. 
McKay Patrick, 
Scannell Dennis 0. 
Allen E. W. 
Bennett William H. 
Lovell Charles, 
Starbuck Charles H. 
Watson 0. H. 













New Bedford 
DEVOLL PARDON, 26 Purchase, " 

Donaghy Thomas E. (wholesale), " 

Ellis T. H. & Co. " 

Free-iian P^dward P. " 

Lothrop Asa, " 

Lucas A. E. & Co. " 

Palmer A. R. " 

Union Boot & Shoe Co. " 

YOUNG & ELDER, 69 Union st. " 

Bartlett G. W. & Co. Newburvport 

Batchelder D. T. " " 

Daniels Charles H. " 

Horton William F. " 

Jordan Simon, " 

Little William A. " 

Morss William B. '• 

Peabody Charles, " 

Tebbitts Henrv, " 
Winn J. M. 

Gammons J. E., West Newton, Newton 

Spnulding S. C, Newton Centre, " 

Holman Edward, Newton Corner, " 

Robbins George, " " 

Jackson W. M. Lower Falls, " 

Wheeling Loring, Upper " " 

Clarke Charles E. Northampton 

Bridgman & Graves, " 

Hamlin & Smith, " 

Slate & Baker, " 

Montague R. Northborough 
Carr Samuel A.. Whitinsville, Northbridge 

Brigham Charles I). North Bridgewater 
Bryant G. E. & H. L. 
CUSHMAN N. & CO. (ladies'), 

Davis Benjamin P. " 

Packard J. T. (ladies'), " 

Whiting Daniel, North Brookfield 

Fenno Joseph H. North Chelsea 

Bridge Thomas E. Orange 

Goddard Abner, " 

Vose George, Orleans 

Sparrow Alphonso, East Orleans, " 

Dimock Lyman, Palmer 
Eager F. M. 

Moore Dennison, Peabody 

Morrison Joseph, " 

Trask T. S. " 

Teague C. E. " 

Chapman Samuel H. Pepperell 

Shattuck Putnam, " 

Breakey John, Pittsfield 

Brown John, " 

Burbank & Enright, " 
Childs F. L. 

Crafts Edward C. " 

Fairfield David, " 

Kerby & Abbott, " 

Leonard & Burk, " 

Pierce L. NL " 

Prediger & Kahl, " 

Root Oliver & Co. " 

Stevens Liberty, " 

Bramhall Benjamin, Plymouth 

Bartlett Ephraim, " 

Holmes Ephraim B. " 

Howland Jacob, jr. " 

Knowles Joseph P. Provincetown 

Mayo Richard, " 

Sweetser Albert, " 

Sumner Joshua, " 

Turner Laiah, " 

Parker James, Quincy 

Reed C. T. " 

Stetson D. B. " 

Allen E. A. * Randolph 

Bassett Edwin, Reading 

Reed L., jr. " 

Lurvey Samuel N. Rockport 

Persons & Knutsford, " 

York N. F. S. 

Story Henry L. Pigeon Cove, " 

Bosson & Glover, Salem 

Bott Thomas, " 

Buswell Eben & Co. " 

Cressey W. B. " 

Flint Harrison 0. " 

Lake H. H. " 

Low Aai-on T. " 

Martin & Cunningham, " 

Morton H. & C. " 

Moulton J. W. L. " 

O'Connell Timothy, " 

Palmer I'heron, " 

Perley John, " 

Sweetser E. & Co. " 

Symonds J. W. & Co. " 

Burpee .Tohn, Amesbury, Salisbury 

Osgood M. C. " " 

Whittier Isaac " " 

Dufly A. A. Sandwich 

Hunt Samuel W. " 

Moroney William P. " 

Sherman T. C. " 

Bates George A. jr., Shelburne Falls, " 
Jenks G. W. " " " 

Bullard Henry \V. Sherborn 

Chace Joseph & Co. Somerset 

Marble Joseph, " 

Eberle Philip, Somerville 

Comstock & Perry, Southbridge 

Edwards & Co. '" 

McKiustry J. 0., Globe Village, " 

South Hadley 
Gavlord John, South Hadley Falls, "' 

Bradley & Fay, Springfield 

Burke .James, " 

Childs James R. " 

Cutler, Mcintosh, & Co. " 

Gil)bs J. W. & N. G. 
Hixon, Birnie, & Shaw (wholesale), " 
Kendall Joel, " 

Larned Amos, " 

Marsh W. P. & Co. " 

Morse 0. D. (wholesale and retail), " 
Kol)bins J. S. " 

Shaw H. A 5 State Street, " 

Tibbets & Dearden, " 

Warner & Smith, " 

Wright F. " 

Heath J. B. Stoneham 

Rowe Henry, " 

Potter Benjamin, Swampscott 

Curtis Heman F. Taunton 

MASON DANIEL H. 39 Main, " 

Hoys John, " 

King A. F. " 

Monroe & Andrews, " 

Perry Henry C. " 

Seaver N. B. " 

Washburn & Elliott, " 

Winch J. 0. Templeton 

Branscomb Stephen, Holmes's Hole, " 
Luce Timothy, " " 

Norton Leavitt T. " 

Hudson S. Uxbridge 

Sweet & Havwood, " 

WTiitmore H. & Co. " 

Gage Benjamin, Wakefield 

Merrill Greeley, " 

Wel)ster B. G. Wales 

Warren Rufus, Waltham 

Guild Y. Ware 



Boot and Shoe Dealers — conlinued. 
Kennedy J. 
Sai^endorph P. H. 
Morouey M. C. 
Powers William L. 
Albee Abner, 
Coombs S. H. 
Otis Brothers, 
Bates George D. 
Stockwell C. B. 
Tracy Georae, 
Mildrara Moses, 
Hig[gins Reuben, 2d, 
Rich Snow, 
Whorf & Higgins, 
Eaton William J. 
Winter Aaron E. 
Kiiap[) Isaac, 
Lewis B. F. 
Shurtic'ff George & Co. " 

Williams Sylvester, " 

Judd F. H." West Hampton 

Vogle L. West Koxbury 

BUCHANAN JOHN, Jamaica Plain, " " 
Fallmar Casper, " " " 

Kolb Peter C. " " " 

Leonard L., Mittineague, VVest Springfield 
Sabin C. H. West Stockbridge 

Shaw Nathan, " 

Crane John & Son, Weymouth 

Wliite Dorick, " 

East Weymouth, " 











West Bovlston 





Bates John W, 

Crafts C. W 

Thayer Caleb L. 

Rice Chauncy, 

Mann Almon, 


Tarbell C. H. 

Davis S. H. 

Buckman Alvah, 

Wood Artemas, 

Wvman William R. 

AUen & Reed, 

Barrett & Randall, " 

Bem's Edward, " 

Bigelow & Billings, " 

BROWN J. K. 246 Main, 

Fisher A. H. " 

Hall Frank B. " 

Haven 0. C. " 

Moodv N. " 

Rist G. L. " 

Schwartz David, " 

Shea Thomas J. " 

Smyth Brothers & Co (wholesale), " 

Vail R. T., " 

Whittemore & Goddard, " 

Hallet Nathan, Yarmonth Port. Yarmouth 

Jenkins t^lisha, South Yarmouth, " 

Larkin John. " " 

Parker Elisha. '• " 

Boot and Shoe Findings, 
Tools, &c. 

Damon Martin W (patterns), Abington 
Union Patent Knife & Needle Co., 

G. A. Beal, treasurer, " 

Lewis George H. East Abington, " 

Griffin 0. P. & Co. (shoe lace), Attleboro' 
HEALD S. & SONS, (pegging and 
trimming jacks, see pases 796, 
797), " Barre 

Varney Charles (tools), Eust Brimfield, " 
Carter Williams E. Burlington 

Shed S. S. 

REED FRANKLIN (tools and ma- 
chinery, see page 793) Canton 



KEEN SAML. & CO., (machinery), 

Joppa Village, East Bridgewater 

Fall River 
FRENCH J. B. & SON, 26 No. Main, " 

Aunisquam, Gloucester 

Jewett Wm. H. (heel and toe irons), " 
Hastings G. W. (black ball), Grafton 

PACKARD SUMNER (pegging awls 

and shaves, see page 762) New 

England Village, " 

Newcomb .John D. (tools & findings), " 
Pettenjiill D. A. (patterns), " 

Ricard Hubert (tools and dies), " 

Smiley W. & Son (tools and findings), " 

Wilder E. F. (kits) South Hingham 

STETSON & TALBOT (tacks and 

nails, see page 782) " 

Willis George, Hubbardston 

Busfield John G. Hudson 

Davidson F. A. 

DAWES F. S. (see page 761) " 

Earns worth & Watkius (awls hafts 

& shaves) " 

MILLAY P. E. (lasts and shoe-nails, 

see page 761) 
Bacheller J. R. Lyim 

Breed T. N. " 

Collins & Delnow, " 

Covle John (cutters & dies,) " 

FARRAR G. H. (tools, blacking, &c., 

see page 706) Union, cor. Wash- 
Farusworth E. M. (manufs. supplies) " 
Foster & Whitten, (awls & needles,) " 
Graves J. W. (patterns), " 

Hutchinson W. Henry, " 

MARSHALL J. OTIS, (die blocks & 

cutting boards, see page 750), 

rear 1.3 Broad, " 

MARTIN E. L. P. 54 Munroe, 

(seepage 706), " 

Mvrick Isaac, (dealer), " 

Parrott B. F. " 

Phillips 0. (needles of all kinds), " 

Rose Win. A. (manufacturer of irons), " 
Teel Eben S. (manufacturer of irons), " 
TRIPP S. D. (machinery, cutters, 

dies, &c., see page 750), 13 Broad, " 
Fulton Robert (knives and peg awls), " 
MOOREHOUSE JOHN (shoe tools), 

see page 732) " 

Moran & Sons (shoe tools), " 

Moran & Robinson (knives). 

West Mansfield, " 
Estabrook Edward C. Marlboro' 

Cuinraings S. A. (knives), Middleton 

Buxton J. L. (peg cutters, &c.), Milford 
Claflin E. C. (thread), " 

Crispin Nail & Tack Co. " 

Goodrich S. P. (kits), " 

Howe Jarvis & Co. (boot trees), " 

Hussev R. C. (patent cutting boards), " 
Littlefield J. VV. (kits), " 

Maim E. & Howard (crimp screws), " 
Young J. A. (machine pegging awls), " 
Jennings J. J. jr. (tools), Natick 

Cobb Tvler (tools). North Bridgewater 

(blacking, &c., see page 799), " 

O'NEILL WM. H. (awls, see p. 769), •' 
PACKARD J. W. (needles, &c., see 

page 769), " 



POPE T.W. (blacking, &c., see 

page 769) North Bridge water 

Smith J. A. (leather string manufac- 
turer), " 
Snell E. S. & Co. (tools), " 
Snpll & Atherton (tools), " 
TUCK S. V. (shoe knives, &c., see 

page 770), " 

WEBSTER W. (shoe knives, &c., 

see page 769), " 


&c., see page 792), " 

Whittemore i). (pegging machines), " 
Johnson A. E. (patent shoe sliaves), Oxford 
Pierce Geo. C. (cork soles), Peabodv 

Bassett Daniel H. Pittsfield 

Finney H>»rrison (kits), Plymouth 

Packard E. & Co. (ink), Quincv 

Reed C. T. 

Pratt J. W. & Co. (shoe strings), Randolph 
Pratt W. E. (shoe strings), " 

Tiayer Royal & Son (all kinds of 

leatiier pieces), E. Randolph, " 

Whitcomb ,Iacob (shoe strings), " " 
White Oramel, " " " 

Harrington Dexter (shaves), Southbridge 
Harrington Tlieodore (shoe knives), " 
Richards Stephen, agt. (knives), " 

Cutter, Mcintosh, & Co. Sprinjfield 

Richardson B. F. (benches), Stoneham 
LINFIELD M. & SON (lasts, see 

page 728), Stoughton 

Mann .1. B. (knives & tools), " 

Southworth & Stevens (varnish 

and stain), " 

Townsend \V. F. Tauiiton 

Stowell J. Wakefield 

Woodward J. F. & Co. (awls), " 

Daniels George W. (punches and 

eyelet sets), Waltham 

Spaulding Cyrus (dealer), Webster 

Crane J. & Son (tools), Weymouth 

Allen Asa M. (shoe nails), Union, Worcester 
Braman B. (siioe strings), " 

Cushman & Thompson (dealers), " 

Howe A. M. (cutting dies, &c.), " 


page 783), " 

Pease L. J. & Co. (machinery), " 


(see page 781) " 

Richards C. J. (patterns), " 

Robinson H. P. (heel & toe irons), " 
Rogers, Southgnte & Co. (dealers), " 
TOUGAS & DU l^REY, 9 Cypress, 

(cutters and dies, seepage 781), " 

Boot and Shoe Finishers. 

Tribou William, N. Abington, Abington 
Churchill A. S. .Joppa, E. Bridgewater 
Churchill Geo. Campello, No. Bridgewater 
SLTibner Perry, Haverhill 

Bicknell .1. Q., E.Weymouth, Weymouth 
Rogers .J. W. " " 

Martin Thomas, S. Weymouth, " 

Boot and Shoe Heelers. 

Mayburry F. E. & J. O. Haverhill 

Annis & Vincent, Lynn 
Bailey Geo. M. '" 

Boynton Benjn. P. '• 

Brooks A. W. " 

Burrows & Wedgewood, " 

Carew Wm E. " 

Carr A. S. " 

ClKiiiiberlain 15. F. " 

Chapman Hiram, " 

Churchill G. F. & Co. " 

Coffin John G. Lynn 

Grossman George A. " 

Danforth, Ward, & Co. " 

Fuller A. H. « 

Howard F. P. " 

Howard J. E. " 

Kimball C. A. " 

Knowles A. M. " 

Lock wood J. C. " 

Moulton G. W. *' 

Murphy & Shepherd, " 

Neally— " 

Nichols, Dixon, & Ballard, " 

Nichols Geo. A. " 

Nichols Horace B. " 

Oliver Charles B. " 

I'ierce James M. " 

Preble W. H. & H. " 

Rogers Robert S. " 

Rogers T. G. " 

Smitli & Vincent, " 

S'one Bros. " 
VELLA J. F., Willow st. (see 

page 712) « 

Wacev David & Co. " 

Widger Sam'l A. " 
Stevens & Carkin, Marblehead 
Hussfv Simeon, East Saugus, Saugus 

Lockwood J. C. " " 

Boot and Shoe Machinery. 


page 771) Athol Depot, Athol 

Varnej' Charles (pegging-machines), 

East Brimfield, Brimfield 

Reed Franklin. Canton 


Joppa Village, East Bridgewater 

Curtis Timothy A. East Brookfield 

Knox David, Lynn 

TRUn' S. D. (see page 750), 

13 Broad, " 

Howe Jarvis & Co. Milford 

Littlefieid J. W. " 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

(See Boot aiul Shoe Manufactarars, also 
Boot and Shoe Dealers.) 
Power R. B. Abington 

Beal F. East Abington, " 

Noyes Cephas D. (boots), N. Abington, " 
Witherell .James H. So. " " 

Shattnck William, South Acton, Acton 
Wyman 0. C. West " " 

Manter John, jr. Long Plain, Acushiiet 
Dean Job, Adams 

Randall D. M. 

Ri^land Frank, " 

E.iSton James, North Adams, " 

Field Austin, " •' 

McKay & Co. " " 

Nelson Reuben E. " " 

Radio L. " 

Bad Alfred L. Agawam 

Baile}' Thomas. Feeding Hills, " 

Rowbotham William, Amesbury 

Sargent L. C. " 

jg-ye A. M. West Amesbury, " 

Larson Luther, " " ' " 

Townsend M. B. " " " 

Newell William, Amherst 


Hill Howard W. Arlington 

Stiiigel John, " 

Merriam .L Ashburnhara 

Sawyer Edward, " 

Stearns Charles, " 



Boot and Shoe Makers — continued. 
Can- John, Ashby 

Worcester George M. " 

Harri-i Uavid, 


Fisk L. C. 


Stratton Horace, 


Mor^e C. B. 


Adams & Stratton, 

Athol Depot, " 

Davis A. S. 

" " 

Fuller M. W. 


Rollin M. W. 


Kemp David, North 

Attleborough, " 

Miller H. & Co. 

" " 

O'Brien Daniel, 

11 11 

White William, 

" " 

Lovering E. J. C. 


Putnam R. \V. 


Williams Samuel, 


Sturgis Charles, 


Yokes Edmund, 


Ames Z. 

Beck t 

Macauley James, 


Gleason Lewis P. 


Hayes C. B. & E. K. 


Daniels Charles, North Bellingham, 

Gates Leroney, 
Burt Thomas, 
Cummings A. 
Alexander Alvin, 
Nichols Alvln, 
Sheldon I. 
Giles Augustus, 
Perkins B. F. 
Smith J. G. 
Stone & Lefavour, 
Wallis Eleazar, 
Wallis Henry, 
Wallis Jeremiah, 
Wallis Luther, 
Wild John, 
Gragg George W. 
Wilcox Henry, 
Savage John, 
Wheatoii C. 
French Walter, 
Howe W. A. 
Perley Albert, 
Elliott William, 
Kiernan B. 
Dennett Wm. 
Crocker Elisha, 
Paine Rowland, 
Rogers Zoeth H. 
Willis Nathan, 
Finnegan James, 
Lee William C. 
Lyons James, 
Morley Richar 1, 
Withington Isaac, 

Griggs , 

Hunter Joseph C. 
Blanchard Frederick W. 
Doherty Francis, 
Finnigan Thomas, 
Weinstein Rupert, 
Townsley Daniel C. 
Hubbard Joseph, 
Bolster Richard, 
Caussen Peter, 
Fitzpatrick J. T. 
McNamee Hugh J. 
Ruggli J. A. 
Tufts Charles E. 
Anshelm J. H. 
Cain Friend, 
Calnan John F. 
Chamberlain A. N. 
















North Carver, Carver 
11 11 



Dollard John, Cambridgeport, Cambridge 

Duris Daniel, " " 

Hilliard S D. " " 

Hutchinson C. " " 

Learned Grant, •' " 

McLeod Wm. G. " " 

Panmann Frederic, " " 

Powers J. E. « " 

Richardson James, " " 

Sawyer William L. " " 

Sheehan Patrick, " " 
Bass Jona. H. East Cambridge, '' 
Brown .L 
Green John, 
(irimm George, 
.Marston J. H. 
Martin J. 

Kessehl Frederick, 
Kay .lames W. 
Smith H. 

Clarke William. North Cambridge, 

Clausen Peter N. " 
Heffernan Joseph, 
Hyde Thomas, 
.Mabbot John, 
Sullivan Cornelius S. 
Blaisilell Isaac, 
Cobb L. 
Dunham John, 
Peck Charles, 
Rogers Cephas, 
Taylor S. 
Harr Alexander, 

Chaplin Oliver, '' 

Condon Richard, " 

Connolly Cornelius, " 

Caughlin .Fohn S. " 

Dowcl .lames, " 

Evans D. J. " 

Fitzpatrick J. " 

Foster Charles, " 

Frye Levi, •' 

Gross Andrew, " 

Kearney John T. " 

M.if'kay John, " 

.McCurdy John, " 

.Mcl'hee William " 

Murphy J. " 

Murray J. C. " 

0' Hearn John, " 

(J'Mearv Stephen, " 

O-.MearV .1. " 

Quill M'. H. " 

Regan Cornelius, " 

Ren MO C. " 

Savage J. " 

Schwartz Jacob L. " 

Smith Joseph N. '• 

Sweetser Daniel, " 

Wallace John H. " 

Bailey E. Chatham 

Crosby Abijah, " 

Hannnond William, " 

Shaw .lohn, '• 

Spalding A. F. Chelmsford 
Green William P. North Chelmsford, ■• 
Whidden A. G. 

Avers Oliver. Chelsea 

Dammerall Thomas, " 

Donaghv .lames, *' 

Dyke William, '• 

Gurney Reuben, •' 
LANGLEY ASAPH, Winnissimmet st." 

Leonard George M. " 

Leslie Duncan, " 

Martin Henrv, " 

McLane B. J. " 

Morse B. F. " 



Parkinson John, Chelsea 

Powers Edvviird, " 

Tewksburv S. H. " 

Wilson Caleb S. " 

Brien Thomas, Cheshire 

Mansfield Mollis, " 

Allen Charles, Chester 

Chadwick J. " 


Rhoades Thos. C, W. Chesterfield, " 

Beals \V. P. Chicopee 

Donovan D. Chicopee Falls, " 

Lathe G. W. Clinton 

Bates Philander, Cohasset 

Beal Thomas, '' 

Souther John, " 

Howard H. A. Coleraine 

Davis George B. Concord 

Hastings Jonas, " 

Pierce Cyrus, " 

Smith Martin, Conway 

Thayer Edward C. Cummington 

Buroank Joseph, Dalton 

Kewell H. F. * " 

Bryant Fred, North Dana, Dana 

Tucker James H. Dartmouth 

Raymond Edward F., N. Dartmouth, " 

Swift Sylvanus, South " " 

Patch Abraham jr. Danvers 

Parry Albert, Danversport, " 

Wiggin Andrew, Dedham 
Barnaby Timothy, East Dedham, " 

Williamson Martin, West " " 

Gay Joel A. South " " 

Horgan Jeremiah, " " " 

Muun Philo, Deerfield 

Griggor Dorley E. East Dennis, Dennis 

Davis Solomon F. West " " 

Howes H. F. " " " 

Shute Daniel, South " " 

Pidge Benj. Dighton 

Ramelow Geo. No. Dighton, '• 

Gorman Patrick, Dorchester 

Hart Karaii, " 

Kelly Thos. " 

Lary Richard, " 

McGrath T. T. " 
Willis Edward, 
Gauderer Geo. 
Leonaril S. W. 
Bird Stephen, 
Christmas Thos., 

French Henry, " " 

Wendemnth'E. R. " " 

Glavin John, Neponset, " 

Mathews W. H. " " 

Kelley Daniel, Douglas 

Allen David E. Dover 

Demeritt John, " 

Coburn Horatio G. Dracut 

Stickney Nathaniel, " 

Whitcomb Lowell, Dunstable 

Crocker George P. Duxbury 

Stetson Andrew, " 

Brackett William, Eastham 

Knowles William, " 

Colgan James, " 

Gillen James, Easthamptoa 
Goldenblum R. 

Friday G. " 

King .1. B. & Co. N. Easton, Easton 

Mackey James N. " " 

Stuart Samuel S. Edgartown 

Kline Mark, N. Egremont, Egremont 

Makeley \Vm. " " 

Polinatier Geo. H., So. " " 

Cutting David, Eufield 

Howes Lewis, " 

Harrison Square, 

a It 


Thrasher Charles, Enfield 

Turner Oren, Ervnig 

Andrews William H. Essex 

Cook Moses, " 

Goldsmith Edward K. " 

Carver David, Fairhaven 

Jennev Dexter, " 

McCai'-thy D. " 

Stetson J. " 

Weed Stephen, " 

Adams J. W. Fall River 

Babcock Alden, " 

Brightman N. " 

Brownell George C. " 

Connell Thomas, " 

Dawson W. M. " 

Duckworth Richard, " 

Fletcher James, " 

Haggerty Timothy, " 

Hicks George A. " 

Houghton William M. " 

Kelly Jeremiah H. " 

Leary J. R. " 

Lewis Nathaniel, " 

,McDonou«;h T. " 

McGraw F. " 

Mc Hugh James, " 

McKeown James, " 

McNulty John, " 

Rash John, " 

Rockett John, " 

Smith Thomas B. (also clog), " 

Sullivan M. E. " 

Walter John, " 

VV'hiting Lewis, " 

Wildes J. A. " 

Eilwards Watson, Falmouth 

Green Ansel, " 

McLane Albert C. " 

Wicks John, " 

Bowker Francis, Fitchburg 

Farnswortti Leonard, '' 

Parkhurst S. " 
Betts A. & Son, West Fitchburg, " 
Billings Warren, Foxborough 

Boyden Warren, '• 

Hughes David, " 

Sport'ord Wm. " 

Stitt' James, " 
Smith Norman, Framingham 
Masterson Peter, S. Framingham, " 

Newton G. H. " " 

Burrill E. Saxonville, " 

Pufier Elijah, " " 

Biggs George, Franklin 

Fisher L. L. " 

Briggs Sylvester & Son, Freetown 

Blodgett F. Gardner 
Caswell A. W. 

Blair Lucian, South Gardner, " 

Cheney Lorenzo, " " " 
Perley Charles, Georgetown 

Stocker Charles M. " 

Roberts Holland F. Gill 

Bray Albert A. Gloucester 

Egan Patrick, " 

Freeman James, " 

Grant John B. " 

Green Maurice, " 

Hayden Luther, " 

Joyce Thomas, " 

Mounter Robert, " 

South Geo. L " 

Sweet John, " 

Thurston Samuel S. " 
Bartoll Thomas R. E. Gloucester, " 

Blinn Charles, " " 

Richardson Edw. H. " " 



Boot and Shoe Makers — continued. 

Hunt Lowell, Goshen 


Kellogg Walter B. Granby 
Beers Andrew, West Granville, Granville 

Smith E. " " " 
Fay Dexter. Great Barrington 
Carey Lock wood, Housatonic, " 

Edward G. D. Greenfield 

Forbes J. il. & Co. •' 

Grostick Frederick, " 

Kean Kdward, " 

Kelley G. S. Greenwich 

Vaixghan S. R. " 
Lord Cyrus, Greenwich Village, " 

Harndeii Albert, Groton 

Balch Jonathan, Groveland 

Lyon Charles V. Halifax 

Whitaker Schuyler, Hancock 

Bates Joshua, Hanover 

Muiiroe Hiram, " 

Beal George P. Hanson 

Soper Jeremiah, " 

Whitford David, " 
Foster Isaac & Sons, So. Hanson, " 

Burgess Josepli, Hardwick 

Jerome Joseph, " 

Robinson Ciiarles, " 

Simpson Nathaniel, " 

Houyliton Samuel W. Harvard 

Tavlor Zojjlier, " 

Willard Robert, " 

Willard Russell, Still River, " 

Hall John N. Harwich 

Underwood Sidney B. " 

Stnall I'. N. ilarwicliport, " 

Ckilds Henry, Hatfield 

Hinchey John, Haverhill 

Strange Pierce, " 

Winn J. W. " 
Crosby Daniel, Charlemont, Hawley 

Baker Ilarvev, West Hiiwley, " " 

Barber S. W." Heath 

KInier Orris 0. " 

Marsh William F. " 

Gushing William C. Hingham 

Dyer Solomon L. " 

Fee Peter, " 

Hudson Kdwin H. " 

Burbank Anthony, Hinsdale 

Picard Albert, " 

Burnett John, Holden 

Newell H. P. " 

Fairbanks Daniel, HoUiston 

White 0. •' 

Butler Joseph, Holyoke 

Corser C. A. " 

Lander P. " 

Sackett Loren, •' 

Welch James, " 

McGill C. Hopkinton 

Johnson David L. Hubbardston 

Woods E. N. Huntington 

Clapp P. C. Hyde Park 

Murray David, " ■' 

Ellis Geo. W. Ipswich 

Johnston William, " 

Bradford George B. Kingston 

Richardson E. P. " 

Grant Sylvester, Lakeville 

Tinkham Horatio, " 

Hunting G. r. Lancaster 
Humphrey Reuben, Lanesborough 

Denaan James, " 

Binns Nathan, Lawrence 

Clay H. T. »♦ 

Corwell John, " 

Fenton J. " 

Lenox Furnace, " 

N. Leominster, " 



Gray John H. Lawrence 

.Matthews Job, " 

Pearson James, " 

Reynolds Thos. " 

Rollins & Clark, " 

Teiinev E. " 
Tyler F. 

Alger Edmund, Lee 

Berry Thomas. " 

Farreil Thomas, " 

Heebner Edmund, " 

Hopkins Anson, " 

Johnson Isaac W. " 
Gay Wm. 0. Leicester 

Bourn Alphonso, Lenox 
Come & Bonin, 
Wheeler Asahel, 
Bruce Isaac T. 
Chute Wm. G., 
Cutter C. B. 
Duren Warren, 
Ham Sampson, 

Nash Oran, East Lexington, 
Edwards Elijah, 
Buniham D." D. 

Mitchell Lvman, " 

Baiiev Manasseh, Lowell 

Berry Chas. R. " 

Bradv & Smith, " 

Butler S. B. " 

Butterworth John, " 

Coonev W. J. " 

Dalton Michael, " 

Dalv Z. S. " 

Farreil P. " 

Farwell J. R. " 

Flanders & Keith " 

Griffin J. W " 

Helson Geo " 

Hovey W. " 

Kent James, " 

King John, " 

King Stephen, " 

Leavitt W. B. " 

Loker W. N. " 

MeCartv J. " 
McDEUMOTT JAMES, 78 Middlesex, " 

McElholm Wm. " 

McKissock R. " 

McLees Thos. " 

McWiggin D. " 

Melvin B. F. «« 

Moore J. N. " 

Quiiin Patrick, " 

Strickland R. " 

Tavlor 1). B. " 

Tinker L. " 
White Ralph, Ludlow 

Barry John, Lynn 

Bradley & Harrington (machine), " 

Brown Charles, " 

Brickett E. S. " 

Bui rows Egbert, •' 

Bvrnes John, " 

Cain J. R. " 

Colbv H. « 

Dunbar E. H. «« 

Farnuin Benj. (machine), " 

Homan John, " 

Kane James R. " 

McDermott James, '• 

Mellen Christian, " 

Morley John, " 

Nichols Joseph H. " 

Norton William (machine), " 

Parrott Geo. " 

Peabody Osgood, " 

Perry Geo. W. « 



Renton John A. Lynn 

Sanborn B. F. & J. R. (machine), " 

Sexton Thomas, " 

Stevens John H. " 

STILES J. G., at Almshouse, " 

Story A. S. (machine), " 

Thompson William H. " 

Trask John, " 
VELLA JOSEPH F. (machine, see 

page 712), Willow st. " 

Walsh John, " 

Willey Daniel H. " 
Hayward John, Lynnfield Centre, Lynnfield 

Cox Samuel W. Maiden 

Hill Charles, " 

Mann & Woods, " 

Randall J. P. " 

Burns John, Mansfield 

Drake James H. " 

Pratt & French, " 

Webb John^ " 

Brown C. K. Marblehead 

Engles Joseph, '' 

Oriie Wm. H. * " 

Tirrell Charles, " 
Sherman Eli, 
Sherman Humphrey, 
Baker Thomas, 

Sylvester Gideon, " 
Hall Tilden, East Marshfield, • " 

Garaans Walter T. Mattapoisett 

Kinney Jirey, '' 

Carey J. F. Medfield 

Wiswell Lowell, " 

Childs Aaron, Medford 

Jacobs & Gushing, '* 
Mitchell Henry, 

153 Washington, " 


Pitman Jasper, 

West Medford, 

O'Gara Thomas, 

Med way 

Burditt E. E. 


Gilsou L. 


Howe F. D. 


Newhall George, 


Quigley James, 


Butler Eliphaiet, 


Gage Lewis, 


Keith Justin E. 

. Middleborough 

Luippold John M. 


Whitcomb E. F. 


Mclntire E. A. 


Bradish L. P. 


Curran J. F. 


Darling R. L. 


Colbuni F. A. 


('liftord John, 


Gerry Elbridge, 


Goddard N. & Son, 


Foley Thomas, 


Wiley George, 


Maguire J. C. 


Pittee William, 


Wright Frank, 


Brewer N. C. 


Payne J. F. 


Eno Ezekiel, 


Tvrrel Lewis, 


TVrrel Winfield S. 


Bennett Wm. H. 


Gray John, 


Haggerty George, 


Hart Wm. C. 


Hussey Edward, 


Jones Lemuel, 


Lewis Simeon L. 


Loveil Charles, 


Sweet J. N. V. 


Thompson R. Nantucket 

SIMONDS F. P. Natick 

Watson O. H. " 
Flagg Isaac, Wellesley, Needham 
Adams Eben C. New Bedford 

Barnum S. J. " 

Brown Jacob, " 

Bnrbank S. M. " 

Cairns & West, " 

Chace Benj. M. " 

Cunha De .loseph, " 

Davis Benjamin, " 

Davis James, " 

Drinkwiiie John, " 

Dunbar Wm. A. " 

Dunlop Henry, • " 
Ellis R. L. 

Freeman Henry B. " 

Freeman John C. " 

Garland Barney, " 

Graha.'n J. T. ' " 

Harrington Jeremiah, " 

Hicks E. " 

Howard J. & Brother, " 

Janell Charles, " 

Killigrew Daniel, " 

Kirschbaum Jacob, " 

Lucas Willis, " 

Marshall Michael, " 

Monroe Augustus W. " 

Muntzenberg Charles, " 

Peed Thomas J. " 

Pierce J. N. " 

Pollock .John, " 

Putz Gustave, " 

Rashburn -Jacob, " 

Schlasier C. R. " 

Sears John P. " 

Shay John, " 

Silvisa John, " 

Steil Frank, " 

Thacher Wra. R. " 

Thayer Charles H. " 

Tower John, " 

Wing .lohn, '' 

YOUNG & ELDER, 69 Union, " 
Thompson Sumner, New Braintree 
Rogers Asa, Newbury 
Armitage George, Newburyport 

Batchelder D. T. " 

Choate Ellsha, " 

Clancy I'atrick, " 

Currier Thomas, " 

Freeman S. " 

Knight Moses C. " 

Lloyd Amos P. " 

Pettingill B. F. " 

Reed Waterman, " 

Whipple E. T. " 
Hamilton Brothers, New Marlborough 

Haynes Patrick, Mill River, " 

Hu'dner James, " " 
Stratton Royal A. New Salem 

Shaw James, North Prescott, " 
Mero John, Auburndale, Newton 

Sadler Thos. N. Lower Falls, " 

Shaw John, Newton Centre, " 

Keefe Thomas, Newton Corner, " 

Latta J. G. " " 

Leonard M. C. Newtonville, " 

Jewell B. Upper Falls, " 

Johnson Dexter F. " " 

Flagg Wm. West Newton, " 
Anderson James, Northampton 

Hixon Gilbert, " 

Colgan T. Florence, " 

Pond P. P. " " 
Daboll E. P, Northborough 



Boot and Shoe Make 

rs — continued. 

Neal Alfred, 


Hunt Stephen H. 


Clark Lyman, South Royalston, " 

Knowlton .1. M. 


Thomas Charles, 


C US H MANN. & CO., 

No. Bridgewater 

Leonard C. \\. 


Diivis Beiij. P. 


Baker Abel, 


JIanchester I. 


Barker Reuben, 


Reynolds Joseph, 


Hatch William D. 


Brown David, VVhitinsville, Northbridge 

1 Stone .Joel, 


Carr Samuel H. " 


j Stone John, 


Warren George R. 

North Brookfield 

Barnes Joseph, 


Boole John, 

Noith Chelsea 

Bartlett Henry S. 


Pierce John P. 


Beston James", 


Billings Win. C. 

North field 

Bott Thomas, 


Morgan D wight, 


Collins Thomas, 


Wilbur Horace, 


Cross C. B. 


Goddard Abner. 


Dodge Wm. M. 


Hills James M. 


Drew Harrison, 


Slortou M'l-es, 


Friend .loel, 


Wheeler Giniiier, 


Gaihgher Wm. 


Rogers Lincoln, 


Goodhue R. W. 


Vose George, 


Hay J. A. 


Sparrow Alplionso, East Orleans, " 

Henderson Samuel, 


Cornwell Chester R. 


Howard D. R. 


Elmor (ieorge, 


Kimball A. M. • 


BurriU L. 


Law George D. 


Campbell William A. 


Low A. T. 


Herve.v J. F. 


AL'irtin & Cunningham, " 

Gerald George, 


McLaughlin & Gorra 

ley, " 

Eager F. M. 


Netter ^Lartin, 


Hitchcock C. 


O'Connell Timothy, 


Bishop Ueiij. 


Pc'p|ier .L S. 


Fiiilon .lames. 


Ranisdell P. A. 


Meacom E. 


Rice Svlvesfer, 


W^alker Franklin, 


Rounds' D. W. 


Thayer William, 


Rundlett A. 


Chapman Samuel H. 


Shatswell M. 

II . 

Shatiuck I'utniim, 


I'irrell Z. 


Hymes Clau<lius A. 


Tolman Silas, 


Hager George, 


Waierhouse L A. 


Brown John, 


Lee Bell). Amesbury, Salisbury 

Curamiiigs Frank, 


Koiian T^homas, 


Fairbank W. J. 


White Edwin, 

Montville, " 

Fairfield David, 

Heath 1). 

New Boston, " 

Nichols Isidore, 


Fisher L. D. 


Pediger & Kahl, 


Russell Henry W. 


Wooii .lohn 1'. 


Sturtevant Robert, 


Young Siwnuel, 


Tubbs Henry J. 


Peasler Theodore, West Pittsfield, " 

Pool James, 


Clark Levi, 


He wins Albert, . 


Winslow William, 


Rosever George, 


FuUer J. C. 

Plymouth i 

Phelps Joel A. 

Ashley Falls, 

Perry Sewall, 

" 1 


Fuller Ephraim, 

Plvmpton ' 

Bates George W., Shelburne Falls, " 

Holmes Ira S. 


Bardwell A. & Son, 

" " 

Bull William F. 


Bullard Henry W. 


Loring L. 


Brownson H. 


Haynes N. 


Cowdry E. 


Hennessey Wm. 


Crandall Joel, 


Smith Freeman, jr. 


Rogers Cyrus, 


Sumner Joshua, 


Wiiite Isaac, 


Terry George H. 


Buffuin Caleb, 


Joyce Perez, 


Hale Corey, 


Gardner John 

" ' 

Pierce Frederick J. 


Nightingale Nathaniel, 


May hew T. T. 


Parker James, 


Chapman Sard is. 


Williams John, 


Newton Lyman, 2d, 


Snow Wm. 0. 


Wheeler Henry S. 


Bassett E. 


Magrannis Francis, 

South Hadley 

Fenton Larkin, 


Gaylord John, South Hadley Falls, " ' 

Leonard Joseph F. 


Elfms Lincoln, 

South Scituate 

Buchan Stephen, 


Pendleton R. C. 


Woodruff Gilbert, 


Bartlett F. W. 


Bearse Gershom, 


Barnard G. M. 


Sherman Nehemiah, 


Burke J. 


Davis William G. 

Rock port 

ButterlielJ 0. F. 


Drown John 0. 


Buchanan John, 


Hartlev John, jr. 


Carman Samuel, 


Mills K. P. 


Chaltry Charles, 




Colton Chauncy, Springfield 

Dew William, " 

During J. P. " 

Dunbar T. J. " 

Frost L. C. " 

Frost VV. " 

Hill C. H. " 

Polk George, " 

Porter L. T. " 

Powers VV. H. " 

Schafer A. F. •' 

Squires il. " 

Stucliert & Bro. " 

Stewart Austin, " 

Swallow Henry, " 

Evans N. Indian Orchard, " 

Willard I. H. Sterling 

Miller Lewis M. Stockbridge 
Lane Jabez, Curtisville, " 

Goldthwaite W. H. Stoneham 

Kowe H. Stoughton 

Collins George W. Stow 

Costello A. Fiskdale, Sturbridge 

Mason Charles D. " 

Garfield J. VV. Sudbury 
Horr R. R. South Sudbury, " 
Jones VVm. P. " 

Beamau Ira, Sunderland 

Harris N. M. Swampscott 
Haskell Charles W. 

Tweed Frederick A. " 

Baker Henr^- A. Swansea 

Chace .James T. " 

Slade Rufus S. " 

Betz Henry, Taunton 

Callaghan Patrick, " 

Carr .John, " 

Churchill Geo. L. " 

Clark Samuel C. " 

Codding M. " 

Edgar Robert, " 

Field S. " 

Griffin Patrick, » 

Hantke Henry, " 

Horen Edward, " 

Johnson Almon, " 

Keirnan B. " 

Keves Samuel, " 

Leach H. D. ' " 

Lent James, " 

Lincoln Marshall, " 

McShane Cornelius, " 

Moran Thomas, " 

Porter B. B. " 

Rounds A. B. " 

Shurtlefif S. A. " 

Swinerton .fohn P. " 

Tinkham Peter, " 

Townsend W. F. " 

Valentine Edward, " 

Whitley Aquila F. " 

Hinds Cornelius, Terapleton 

Maynard Horace, " 

Winch .lames 0. " 

Davis 0. G. Baldwinville, " 

Maynard Orin, " " 

Maynard H. Otter River, " 

Chadwick Thomas, West Tisbury, " 

Luce Timothy, " ' " 
Branscomb Stephen, Holmes's Hole, " 

Hodges John, Tolland 

Harger David, " 
Pratt F. H. 

Lawrence Americus, Townsend 
Rundlett G. W., West Townsend, 

Elliott .John, Truro 

Hopkins Isaac, " 

Hopkins Reuben R. Truro 

Collins James, North Truro, " 

Tyirel Jared, Tyringham 

Bull Anthony, Upton 

Harrington Henry, " 

Corbett T. Uxbridge 

Davis E. " 

Merrill Greeley, Wakefield 

Wood Richard, " 

McGinnis John, Walpole 

Brewer C. D. Wales 

Goulev Joseph, " 
ShawE. D. 

Vizard T. " 

Baker G. F. Waltham 

Ballard & Caughey, " 

Bemis Royal, " 

Guinan William, " 

Sherman P. " 

Warren Isaac, "' 

Barnard E. Ware 

Gilbert Simeon ■' 

Gould VVm. D. " 

Mc Bride T. " 

Hiiicklev Alpheus, Warehara 

Moroney M. C. " 

Cm pen L. C. Warren 

.Jennings Chas. "' 

Albee Abner, Warwick 

Conant .lames A. " 

Fisher Henry, " 

Cobar Frederick, Washington 

Simmons .Joseph W. '' 

Nicholson Thomas, Watertown 

Weston Charles, Wayland 

Gelineau N. Webster 

Hasler John, " 

Fish A. B. Wellfleet 
Hall Lot, 

Holbrook Isaac R. (wooden sole), " 

Houghton Charles A. , Wendell 

Aldrich Henrj- A. Westborough 

Eaton Wm. .1. " 

Chamberlain Joshua, West Roylston 

Burrell .J. D. West Bridge water 

Jennings Wm. H. Cochesset, " 

Vosmus Joseph, " " 

Delhi John P. Westfield' 

Hale Wm. B. " 

Olds Enoch, " 

Pendleton Lyman, " 

Snow & Terrv, " 

Wright J. A." Westford 

Moore Henry, ' West Htrapton 

Fenno Reuben, Westminster 

Foskett .Fohn, " 

Holden .lonah L. " 

Bailey Stephen, West Newbury 

Bat(!helder Samuel, " 

Brock Daniel, " 

Brown Eben, " 

Brown .Moses, " 

Brown Stephen, " 

Odiorne .F. L. " 

Coburn .lohn, Weston > 

Carr Thomas D. Westport 

Micomber Ezra, " 
Macomber Varnum, Westport Point, '• 
VVinslow Ezra, Central Village, " 

Jordan Chauncey, West Roxbury 

Jordan R. C. " 
BUCHAMAN JOHN, Jamaica Plain, " 

Follmar Casper, " " 

Hooper Isaac D. " " 

Kalb Peter C. " " 

Vogel L. " " 

West Springfield 

Leonard Lewis, Mitteneague, " 



Boot and Shoe Makers — continued. 

Gorham George, West Stockbriclge 

Kinnane Joseph, " 
Winchell Charles L. 

Gove S. Weymouth 

White Dorick, " 

Pratt & Bailey, East Weymouth, " 
Clark Edwin R., South Weymouth, " 

Derby Edward C. " " 

Richards Charles, " " 

Graves Selah, Whately 

Flowers Jonas S. Wilbraham 
Firmin Francis B., S. Wilbraham, " 

Rider George, " " 

Rockwood G. A. " " 

Rice Chauncy, Williamsburg 

Rice Klisha, •' 

Rice Royal, " 

Noyes t. Williamstown 

Roberts George, " 

Welch Richard, " 
Bassett Lemuel, South Williamstown, " 

Dickinson William, " " 

Gowing Charles M. Wilmington 

Gowing Daniel, " 

Bonche Arthur, Winchendon 
PoUard Wm. 

Davi.l S. H. Winchester 

Palmer George H. " 

Cathcart Oliver I. Windsor 
Stetson Judson, East Windsor, " 

Dollard Morris, Wobnrn 

Gorham P. & Son, " 

McCay James, " 

ilulheran Edward, " 

Paiker N. " 

Shannon Christopher, " 

Wyman William R. " 
Hanson Mark, East Wobnrn, " 

Totman William, " " 

Bundy D. H. Worcester 

Buxton William, " 

Coburn Austin S. " 

Dahlman H. " 

Davis S. W. " 

Ea'on Frederick, " 

Eidt Henry (French), " 

^Fairbanks A. L. " 

Fisher J. " 

Gilson John, " 

'Latham John, " 

Martell H. " 

.'Schwartz David, " 

Sullivan M. M. " 

Thompson S. B. " 

Wade Wm. " 

Gleason Horace, Worthington 

-Larama Euclid, " 

Huckle John, Wrentham 

Rawson Otis, " 

■<irush Nathan W. Yarmouth 
Gorham Benjamin, Yarmouth Port, " 

jHailet Nathan, " " 

iHainblin .loshua, " " 

Park James, " " 

."Snow H-ervey, " " 
Homer Isaiah, South Yarmouth, " 

.Jenkins Elisha, " " 

Boot 8l Shoe Manufacturers. 

{See -also Makers; also Dealers.) 

iCobb & Thompson, Abington 

Curtis & Co. 

Gushing G. P. 

Gushing Sylvanus, 

(Gushing W. W. 

Dunham Henry, jr. 

FAXON L. & CO. Abington 
Floyd Ira, " 
Hunt Henry, " 
Hunt, Semonin, & Co. " 
Loud Charles S. " 
Nash B. L. " 
Nash B. T. " 
Nash J. L. " 
Noyes S. C. " 
Osgood Oilman, " 
Pratt Henry J. " 
Richards Randall, jr. " 
Shaw Jacob, " 
Thaxter Samuel B. " 
Vaughn J. Atherton (shoes), " 
Vaughan Geo. D. " 
Whitmarsh Albert, " 
Whitmarsh James, " 
Whitmarsh Joshua, " 
Bigelow J. F. East Abington, " 
Blanchard Daniel, " " 
Clapp G-'orge B. " " 
Curtis Abner, " " 
Curtis Leaniler, " " 
Curtis Joshua, " " 
Dill C. H. " " 
Dill C. H. 2d, " " 
Dill Joseph, " " 
French J. E. " " 
Jenkins & Tirrell, " " 
LANE C. H. " " 
Lane Jenkins & Sons, " " 
Locke & Maguire, " " 
Perrv William G. " " 
Poole Nathl. " " 
Reed S., jr. " " 
Shaw H. M. •' " 
Shaw S. H. " " 
Studlev & Turner, " " 
Torrey C. W. " " 
Whiting Leonard " " 
Arnold M. N. North Abington, " 
Bates & Beals, " " 
Chamberlain Albert, (buffalo over- 
shoes), North Abington, " 
Cleverly Joseph, " " 
Grose I). & Co. " " 
Wales C. M " " 
Wales Webster S. " " 
Alden Amos. South Abington, " 
Allen & Soule, " " 
BLAKE S. (boots), " " 
Burrage & Reed, " " 
Morev Chas. S. " " 
NoveV K. M. & Ron, " " 
Head Nahum & Sons, " " 
Tillson Isaiah & Son, " " 
Fletcher John & Sons, Acton 
Cadv Brothers, N. Adams, Adams 
Millard & Whitman, " " 
Sampson Calvin T. (shoes), " " 
Siiyder & Haskins. " " 
Cliirkson J. T. Amesbury 
TRUE ALFRED M. (see page 800), " 
Watson Oliver, Amherst 
Adams C. M. & Co. Ashland 
Balcom & Blake, " 
Cole Geo. B. " 
Leland Albert, " 
Newhall H. & Co. " 
Seaver & Sons, *' 
Tilton Chas. H. " 
Wheelock Wm. " 
.Jones & Baker (boots), Athol 
Lewis John S. (ladies'), " 
Lindsley, Shaw, & Co. " 
Proctor & Albee (boots), " 



Kendall 0. & Son (boots), Athol Depot, " 

Lee Charles M. (shoes), " " 

Lee M. L. & Co. (boots), " " 

Lord F. G. & C. L. & Co. " " 

RICE JOHN W. (boots), Barre 

Rice J. Allen, " 

Chamberlin P. W. Bedford 
Fairbanks W. & C, Caryville, Bellingham 

Hastings Ruthven, Berlin 

Bickford, Klennert, & Stetson, " 

Baker Joseph H. Beverly 

Baker & Woodbury, " 

Bickery J. F. " 

Bowdoin Porter D. " 

Burnham A. P. " 

Butman C. H. & Co. '• 
Caldwell Edward J. & Co. 

Clark P. E. & Co. " 

Cole, Wood, & Co. " 

Creesy & Wailis, " 

Cross John H. " 

Fisk Shadrack, " 

Foster Daniel, 2d, " 

Foster Edwin & Co. " 

Foster Kzra 0. " 

Foster Ezra S. " 

Foster Israel, " 

Friend Charles, " 

Hammond Philip, " 

Hill Benjamin B. " 

Hitchings Josiali T. " 

Kimball Joel, " 

Larcom Rufus, ■' 

Larcom & Galloup, " 

Lefavour David & Son, " 

Lefavour L & C. P. " 

Lefavour John & Co. " 

Lefavour Thomas & Co. " 

Lunt Hervey, " 

Marsters & Walker, " 

Norwood Seth & Co. " 

Ober William, " 

Perry & Preston, " 

Porter Francis E. & Co. " 

Roundv Geors;e, " 

Smith "John G. " 

Smith W. A. " 

Stanley Andrew, " 

Thissell David, " 

Vickary Josepli F. " 

Wailis .Joseph F. " 

Webb Philip S. " 

Woodbury Francis W. " 

Woodbury Geo A. '' 
Williams Augustus, Beverly Farms, " 

Haynes Samuel B. & Co. Bolton 

Hale Isaac, Boxford 

Hale John, " 

Howe Kdward, " 

Arnold B. F. & Son, Braintree 

Loring & Searle, " 

Penniman Elijah, " 

Richards Lewis, " 

Shaw F. &Co. (boots). " 

Vinton Thomas B. (boots), " 
Arnold Joseph A. S. Braintree, " 

Bradford S. S. " " 

Daggett Brothers (boots), " " 

Holbrook, Hobart, & Porter, " " 

Holbrook Moses D. " " 

Kimball J. B. & Co. " " 

White & Thayer, " " 

Twichell E. & Co. Brookfield 

Fales Charles, " 

Montague J. S. " 

Twichell Henry M. " 
Warren L. & N. East Brookfield, " 

Morse C. E. & Co. Charlton 

Southwick E. S., Charlton Depot, " 
Parker A. G. & Son, Chicopee 

Avery Ephraim, Clinton 

Fletcher & Hitchcock, " 

Stacy & Davis, Coleraine 

Andrews Winthrop, JJanvers 

Boardinan I. P. " 

Boardman N. H. *' 

Butler .r. C. & Co. '* 

Gould Charles H. " 

Goodale James, " 

Hyde, Hutcliins, & Co. " 

Martin & Bryant, " 

Noyes Francis, " 

Noyes W. H. & Co. " 

Patch Abraham, Jr. " 

Perley Frederick, " 

Pope I. P. " 

Prentice Henry, " 

Preston & Blake, " 

Putnam L H. " 

Putnam .Joel & Co. " 

Sawyer J. M. " 

Sillers Malcolm, " 

Trask El bridge, " 

Wells Moses, " 

White & Brother, •' 

Martin George B. Danvers Centre, " 
Mudge E. & A. & Co. " 
Wells Moses, •' " « 

Corning Phineas, Danvers Port, " 

Allen .1. S. East Bridgewater 

Keith R. C. (shoes), " 

Vinton William, " " 

Bates Irving & Co. " Joppa, '' 

Bryant Seth, " " 

Edson Henry, " " 

Kingman E. & E. " •' 


Shaw S. & Son, (shoes), " " 

Soule .1. W. " " " 

BRETT GEORGE (ladies'). North 

Easton, Easton 

Gilmorc A. A. & Co., North Easton, " 
Hay ward F. W. " " 

King J. B. & Co. (men's boots). 

North Easton, " 
Lynch .John A. (shoes), '' " 

Newton Palmer & Co., South Easton, " 
Packard I & E. " " 

Packard N. R. " " 

Thayer L. M. " '• 

Gardner Frederick P. Essex 

Lowe David, jr. " 

Dickinson E. .VI. & Co. Fitchburg 

Prentice F. S., South Framingham, " 
Hammond .1. D. Saxonville, " 

Freeman James M. Franklin 

Briggs Sylvester & Son, Freetown 

Carleton Geo. H. Georgetown 

Chaplin George W. " 

Chaplin Henry P. " 

Coker John P. " 

Giles James B. "• 

Hale Alfred, " 

Harrimim William B. " 

Little & Moulton, " 

Lovering J. A. & Son, " 

Merrill John M. & Co., " 

Noyes A. B. & Co. " 

Spofford & Noyes, " 

Tenney George .J. & Son, " 

Tyler Charles E. "' 

Jewett .lames S. Annisquam, Gloucester 
Allen & Flagg, Grafton 



Boot and Shoe Afnnvfacturers — continued. 
Axtell S. J. & Co. Grafton 

Korbush & Brown, " 

Greenwood H. C. " 


Warren H. S. " 

Wood C. C. " 
AlleaJ. H. N. E. Village, 

Kelson Jasper S. (ladies'), " " 
Curtis Edwin T. Groveland 

Hovey Rufus A. " 

Huntress A. J. " 

Ladd Nathaniel E. " 

Page Paul, " 

Page Rufus H. " 

Sticknev Charles & Co. " 

Sticknev Niles T. " 
Celley J. C. Hadley 

Landergan John, " 
Ptimon Rector, Hanover 

Killian & Turner, " 

Studley Joseph H. " 

RJorse Marcus, West Scitnate, " 
Foster Isaac, South Hanson, Hanson 
Robinson J. R. Hardwick 
Whitney J. M. Harvard 
Cape Cod Boot & Shoe Maniif. Co. Harwich 
Bfticom Bros. Haverhill 

Bartiett C. H. & Co. «' 

Bartlett Luther, " 

Bennett R. P. »« 

Blaisdell R. W. «' 

Blaisdell & Jaqnes, " 
BLANCHARI) CHAS., 118 Merri- 

mac, (see page 791) " 

Boynton H. VV. " 

Bradley S. P. " 

Brickett & .Smith, " 

Carleton & Co. " 

Carr J. H. East Haverhill, " 
CHASE C. W. & CO., 14 Jlerrimac, " 
Chase C. T. 

Chase J. E. " 

Chase & Lanbham, " 

chase & Tilton, «' 

Chase Wm. M. " 

Cluft" D. B. " 

Coffin Charles, •' 

Corning G. & J. C. " 

Currier S. JI. " 
DARLING B. F., TJ Water, 

Davis Bros. " 

Davis G. L. & Co. " 

Davis H. P. " 

Davis John, " 

Day George W. •' 

DaV W. F. " 

Doten & Chase, " 

Dresser T. N. »« 

Elliot S. & G. " 

Farnsworth J. H. " 

Farrar Brothers, " 

Farrington A. J. " 

Finney L. A. " 

Fitts & Spanlding, " 

Fitts & Stover, " 

Flanders D. D. " 

Forbush C. W. « 

Foss Henrv G. «' 
FOSS & ORDWAY, 172 Merrimac, 
Foster D. B. & Co. 

Gage J. A. " 

Gale Stephen H. " 

Gale John E. " 

Gardner J. & Sons, " 

George G. B. " 

Gilpatrick Henry C. " 

Gooding I. •< 

Goodrich & Porter, Haverhill 

Goodrich & Fitts, " 

Greene G. A. " 

Griffin BnAhers, " 

Ham George, " 

Harriman Daniel, " 

Havnes Phineas, Aver's Village, " 

Herring A. II. ' " 

Hersev Caleb, " 

Hewes Wm. H. & Co. " 

Hobson J. II. " 

Hodg<lon Bros. " 
How Moses, 

HOW & TIBBETTS, Washington blk. '• 
Hovt H. & Co. 

Hovt Tasker, " 

Hubbard 0. S. " 

Huntington Bros. " 

Jaqnes J. T. " 

Joiinson L. &. Co. " 

Kelly A. S. & Co. " 

Kellv & Blaisdell, " 

Keniiri.^k John & Co. " 
KIM P. ALL ALBEHT L., 54 Merrimac, " 

Kimltall Bros. " 
Kimball Wm. B. ' " 

Kimball & Greelej', " 

Ladd G. VV. «' 

Lamprey Wm. B. " 

Lancaster A. R. " 

Leighton & Gage, " 

Long W. N. " 

Marble J. H. •' 

JIavnard S. D. " 

.Mcl.ain Chas. 0. «' 

JIfDuffie A. «' 
Merrill Albert, . " 

Merrill Alvuh, " 

Merrill J. V. " 

Mitchell, Monlton. & Duncan, " 

.Mitchell S. K. & Co. " 

Mitchell & Johnson, " 

Slorse Charles F. & Co. *• 

Nichols George H. ■ " 

Nichols J. B. & Co. " 

Offutt Charles W. «« 

Ordwav Warren, " 

Osgood C. W. " 

Palmer & Cook, " 

Pearl P. E. " 

Perlev William S. " 

Peaslee W. I. " 

Pilling .b>hii, •• 

Poor X- Wheeler, " 

Poor J. M. & Co. " 

Potter & .laques, " 

Prescott S. 1-. & Davis, " 

Prescott S. P. " 

Reed A. L. " 

Richardson John B. & Co. " 

Richardson & Brown, " 

Ridgwav Joseph, " 

Robinson J. H. " 

Russ & Noyes, " 

Sanger Ira O. " 

Sawver E. A. " 

SawVer S. C. " 

Sbat'tuck L. P. jr. " 

Sleeper G. L. " 

Sleeper J. N. " 

Sleeper & Hall, " 

Smith Calvin, " 

Swett J. B. & Son, " 

Tappan .John, " 

Tibbett- E. " 
TILTON A. J. 168 Merrimac, 

Tilton K. G. " 

Tilton W. W. " 



Vittum Jos. W. Haverhill 

Webster -Calvin A. " 

Weiitworth John N. " 

West & Co. " 

Whittier L. & Co. " 

Wightmnn H. M. " 

Winchell Brothers, '" 

Hutchins & Cloudman (hoots), Hingham 

Hollis John A. " 

Stoddard William D. " 

Wilder Martin. " 

(bo')ts) South Hingham, " 

Ballon D. T. Hollistou 

Batclielder B. F. " 

Batchelder .lolin, " 

Batchelder William S. " 

Daniels G. T. & A. C. " 

Draper W. H. " 

Harriman & Leland, " 

Heath C. D. " 

Hopkins W. H. & Co. " 

Johnson Peter R. " 

Leland Alden, ^" 

Paddleford F. 0. " 

Stone F. A. " 

Wiley Amns A. " 

Olaflin, Coburn, & Co. (boots), Hopkinton 

Coburn A. &. Co. ■• 

Crooks & Co. (boots), " 

Gorham J. L. & Co. " 
Rising, Thompson, & Co. (hoots), " 
Hayden row, " 

Bowker L. H. & Co 

Phipps W. H. & Co, 

Kemp Ama«a, 

Bowker & Balcora, 

Morse & Pollard, 




Jefts & Smith, 

Stowe, Bills, & Co, 



Johnson John A. (ladies), 


Wait N. R. 

Wellinoton & Perkins, 

Dean Henry A. & Co. 

Shumway Geo. A. 

Vogel & Behrman, 

Shaw & Kendall, 

Haws Manson D. 

Adams E. H. & Co. 

Humphrey Archibald H. 

Revnolds Joseph, 

Abbott & Breed, 

Aborn C. H. & Co. 

Allen Daniel W. 

Attwill Gustavus, 

Attwill I. M. 

Bacheller Samuel, 

Bacheller Thomas W. 


Bancroft & Purinton 

Bartlett Charles J. 

Bates Bradford, 

Beckford Eben, 

Beede Geo. F. & Co. 

Beede & Tebbetts, 

Berry, Field, & Co. 

Berry Leander S. 

Berry & Beede, 

Black & Merrill, 

Bovce Samuel, 

Boynton W. H. 

Breed Amos F. 

Breed Geo. R. 

Woodville, " 










Breed Nathan, 

Breed W. F., Dole, & Co. 

Brswer Thomas E. 

Brown Charles, 

Brown & Brother, 

Brown. Fry, & Co. 

Bubier Edward T. 

Bubier Samuel M. 

Buffum & Moore, 

BulTum & Shelton, 

Caldwell Daniel A. 

Chadwell Harris 0. 

Chase Charles W. 

Chase D. F. & Brother, 

Chase .Tames B. 

Chase Phillip A. & Co 

Chase Wm. A. 

Clapp A. \V. & Co. 

Cobb A. C. 

Coffin Charles F. 

Cutcheon F. M. 

Davis .Joseph & Co. 

Doak Benj. F. 2d, 

Dore Benjamin F. 

Dougherty John, 

Downing George W. 

Driver S. P. & Bros. 

Dupar B. & Co. 

Emerton Jeremiah, 

Frazier Lyman B. 

Gale Samuel, jr. 

Gale William H. 

Graves & Co. 

Graves .Tames & Co. 

Grover .Tames J. 

Hanley Patrick, 

Harrington Isaac M. 

Haskell J. D. & Co. 

Hawkes & Holmes, 

Hawley George A. 

Hay Joseph F. 

Hazeltine Joseph W. 

Herrick George W. 

Hill Lebbeus, 

Hill Parsons C. 

Hollis H. H. & Co. 

Hollis Samuel J. 

Hilton C. S. 

Holt & Hallowell, 

Horgan & Donovan, 

Hunt E. S. & G. M. 

Ingalls C. B. 

Ingalls Jerome, 

Ingalls & Burrill, 

Ireson S. S. & Co. 

Jones Edwin T. (ladies' and misses'), 

.Tohnson Edwin H. 

.Tohnson .1. B. & Sons, 

Keeiie George W. & Sons, 

Knight T. B. 

Law George W. 

Law Henry, 

Law J. W. 

Lewis Albert, 

Lewis & Collyer, 

Lewis Charles W. 

Locke Francis T. 

Lord Chas. B. 

Lorendo F. G. 

Lovering C. 

Mahon John & S(»n, 

Mansfield & Pierce, 

Massey George W. 

McAloon Thos. & Bro. 

Medbury Edwin J. 

Morgan Norris, 

Morgan Wm. F. 

Morse S. Q. 




Boot and SJwe Manufacturers — continued. 
Morse & Flagrp;, Lynn 

Monlton Daniel, " 

Mower F. B. " 

Mower & Brother, " 

Mudge Nathnn A. " 
Neal J. VV. & Co. 

Newhall Charles W. " 

Newhall G. G. " 

Newhall & Wellington, " 

Newhall Harrison, " 

Newhall Joseph P. " 

Newhall Lucius P. " 

Newhall Lucian, " 

Newhall Perry, " 

Newhall Willfam P. " 

Newhall Warren, " 

Nichols & Iiigalls, " 

Nourse John & Sons, '* 

Oliver Benjamin F. " 

Oliver Stephen, Jr. & Co. " 

Oliver & Smith, " 

Patch Edwin, " 

Pearson Oliver G. " 
Pecker Charles D. (ladies' & misses') " 

Pecker George, " 

Pedrick Thomas, " 

Pillsbury Brothers, " 

Phelan James, " 

Phillips & Estes, " 

Pike & Walsh, " 

Pope Theodore, " 

Preble A. M. & J. H. " 

Porter William, " 

Pratt M. C. (C. F. Coffin), " 

Peynolds George, " 

Rhodes Sylvester, " 

Richardson Stephen N. " 

Richardson T. P. & Son, " 

Ri'ev James. " 
6 A Ml) ELS JAMES, (Compo, se« 

page 791), 1 May st. " 
Sanborn & .Johnson, " 
Sanborn & Parsons, " 
Saimderson Brothers, " 
Shaw B. F. " 
Shaw John 2d, " 
Sherry Patrick P. " 
SLOAN MARTIN B. 7 Mt. Vernon, " 
Smith Nathan & Co. " 
Smith & Co. " 
Spinney Benjamin F. " 
Spinney C. E. & Son, " 
Spinney George, " 
Spinney Gustavus N. " 
Spinney John B. " 
Spinney William F. " 
Spinney William N. " 
Sprague Benjamin, " 
Stacey Thomas & Co. (slippers), " 
Stearns Charles, B. " 
Stevens John H. " 
Storv Allen, " 
Sutherland L G. " 
Swain & Fuller, " 
Sweetser C. S. " 
Sweester J. A. " 
Swett Lewis G. & Co. " 
Taber Charles A. " 
TAYLOR DAVID, 1 Taylor's Build- 
ing, ■ " 
Tebbetts Chas. B. " 
Trask Charles H. 

Valpey H. R & Co. " 
VELLA JOSEPH F. WiUow st. (see " 

page 712) " 

A'arney Brothers, " 

Yennard & Osgood, " 

Vittum C. S. Lynn 

Walden K. & Co. , » 

Webster Eben W. " 

Wells E. C. " 

Wells William, •' 

Wentworth Eli, " 

Wooldredge John & Co. " 

Calley B. F. East Sangus, " 

Galley .1. B. & Son. " 

Hall Harmon & Co. " 

Hitchings Albert, " 

.lohnson R. A. " 

Newhall A Clarke, " 

Newhall Chas. VV. & Co. 

Newhall Dennis S. " 

Oliver Benjamin, " 

Oliver George, " 

Putnam John, " 

Raddin Nelson, " 

Raddin & Newhall, " 

W'hittredge William A. & Co. 

Lvnnfield Centre, Lynnfield 

Locke PVancis T. Manchester 


page7:"5), Marblehead 

Bailey James S. " 

Ballard Daniel, '• 

Bartlett E. V. & Co. " 

Bassett T. L. " 

Bessom Philip, jr. " 

Boyiiton W H. »' 

Brown .Jonathan, " 

Brver Alex. W. »« 

Carroll S. E. " 

Cole Samuel H. " 

Crowell S. E. " 

Davis & Tucker, " 

Denning Bros. " 

Doak Michael J. & Co. " 

Gale Ambrose, " 
GLOVER NATHANIEL (childrens'), " 

Graves S. H. " 

Harris .Joseph & Sons, " 

HooperJ.hnP. " 

Hooper Wm. L. " 

Lefavour Henry A. " 

Lefavour Joshua P. " 

Lefavour Robert H. " 

Lefavour Rufus, " 

Lefavour T B. " 

Lefavour William C. " 

Le Master George, jr. " 

Litchman & Bartlett, " 

Martin Henry A. " 

Merritt I'homas H. " 

Munroe F. W. " 

Ome & Merritt, " 

Peach John C. " 

Phillips Richard, " 

Phillips Thomas, " 

Pitman B. G. " 

Prentiss Caleb 3d, " 

Proctor John, " 

Proctor Thomas H. " 

Quiner John. jr. " 

Reynolds Michael H. " 

Reynolds William, " 

Shepard & Co. " 

Snow William H. " 

Sparhawk Samuel, " 

Spinney Thomas L. " 

Stevens William, jr. " 

Tucker Chadwell, jr. " 

Tucker James 0. *' 

Ware John, " 

Wilkins John H. " 

Woodfin James B. " 

Woodfin Thomas R. " 



BOYD, COREY, & CO. Marlborough 

Bovd J. & Brigliam, " 

Chase, Merritt, & Blanchard, " 

Clapp & Billings, " 

Cooliilge T. A. " 

Costello John F. & Co. " 

Curtis John E. " 


Davis Charles F. " 


Felton S. A. & Brothers, " 


HOLLIS DAVID (custom), " 


Howe Frank A. " 

HOWE L. A. & CO. " 


Longley E. F. " 

Maynard Geo. H. agent, " 

Morse F. W. & G. H. " 

Murphy D. F. " 

O'Connell John, " 


Stone Albert & Co. " 

Partridge C. & Co. Medwav 

Builard .r. N. W. Medway, 

Daniels L. S. " " 

Daniels Willard, " " 

Hunt & Partridge, " " 

Partridge D. A. &. W. S. " " 

Pierce L. '* " 

Pond & Woodard, " " 

Smith John S. " " 

Emerson & Barrett, Melrose 

Emerson & Co. •' 

Newhall George, " 

Albee Enos T. Mendon 

Comstock William H. " 

George N. R. & J. A. " 

Chase S. D. & Son, Methuen 
Clark E. M. & Co. 

Currier Daniel & Co. '' 

Gutterson & Harris, " 

Rollins & Saunders, " 

Tenney & Co. " 

Woodbury B. H. " 

White A. J. «' 

Kingman Calvin D. Middleborough 

Jenney & Marchant, " 

Leonard & Barrows, " 

Perkins & Barrows, " 
Leach Geo. M., East Middleborough, " 

Averhill E. P. & Co. Middleton 

Hutchinson Wm. H. " 

Merriam F. P. & Co. " 

Alden & Harrington (boots,, Milford 

BallH. T. ° ^ " 

Bragg Willard, " 

Blake Geo. B. & Co. (fine boota), " 

Chapin D. G. " 

Claflin & Thayer, " 

Clement, Colburn, & Co. " 

Cochrane & Thayer, " 

Daniels John P. (boots), " 

Godfrey 0. B. & Co. " 

Hayward Bainbridge, " 

Johnson, Wood, & Co. " 

Libby Lee, " 

Mann Elbridge & Son, '' 

Mavhew A. 0. & Co. " 

O'Brien Hugh, " 

Sumner A. J. " 

Thayer Otis, " 

Underwood, Sons, & Fisher, " 

Thurber Zimri, " 

Walker Samuel & Co. " 

Braggville, Milford 

W. Millbury. Millbury 



Bragg A. F. 
Wood A. & Sons, 
Hart Wra. C. 
Bent Russell S. 

Black Joseph, " 

Curry & Favour, " 

Hammond James N. " 

Hanchett Franklin, " 

Felch C. H. " 

Hayes Richard (shoes), " 

Hanchett Wm. T. " 

Howe D C. " 

Johnson C. E. & Co. " 

Mead Albert (shoes), " 

Pebbles, Woodman, & Co. (shoes), " 

Perry Calvin H. " 

Saunders E. B. agent, " 

Travis A. F. " • 

Travis C. B. ^ " 

Travis E. P. " 

Walcott E. & Co. " 

Walcott J. B. " 

Washburn Dexter, " 

Washburn Edmund (shoes), " 

Wilson J. 0. " 

Felch J. F. & Co. Cochituate, " 

Hoffman F. " " 

Hathaway & Soule, New Bedford 

South Shore Boot & Shoe Co. " 

Rogers Justin 0. Newbury 

Batchelder E. K. Newburyport 


Lunt Paul, " 

Pike J. D. & Co. " 

Rowe Jacob T. " 

Tappan S. B. & Co. " 

TIBBETTS E. F. 17 Middle, (see 

page 723) " 
Mclntire J. H. Northborough 
Keith A. & A. B. & Co., North- 
bridge Centre, Northbridge 
Baxendale John V. North Bridgewater 
Brett Pliny (boots), " 
Chesman Noah & Co. " 
Cross Henrv, " 
Eldred Davis R. " 
Ford C. R. " 
French & Packard (boots), " 
GURNEY G. H. (shoes and Con- 
gress boots), " 
HERROD SAMUEL (shoes), " 
Hollis J. L. (Congress boots), " 
Holmes C. F. (boots), " 
Holmes & Southworth, " ■ 
Howard D. S. & W. A. " 
Howard David (boots), " 
Howard F. 0. " *' 
Howard D. & E. P. " 
Johnson Nahum, •* 
Jones F- & Co. (shoes), " 
Keith Horace G. " 
Leach D. H. " 
Leach Lucius (shoes), "■ 
Leach Marcus (shoes), "■ 
Leach P. S. " 
MARSHALL H. T. (see page 769), " 
Orr & Sears (shoes), " 
Packard N. R. "■ 
Packaid N R., 2d, •' 
Packard Washburn, " 
Parks Henry, "■ 
Porter Lewis (boots), " 
Porter & Packard, (shoes), " 
Reynolds E. H. " 
Stoddard R. A. (shoes), " 
Thayer F. A. & H, B. " 
Thayer E. L. " 
White L. B. " 



Boot and Shoe Manufacturers — continued. 

North Bridgewater 

Wild & Robinson, (shoes), " 
Bryant Horace (shoes), Campello, " 

CopelandP. &N.&Co.(shoes). " " 

Emerson John O. " " 

Keith A. & A. B. & Co. " 

Keith C. P. " " 

Keith Martin L. " " 

Keith Willard, (shoes), " " 

Kingman G. J. (shoes), " " 

Peterson Lewis, " " 


Reynolds Marcus V. " " 

Snell Wm. (shoes), " " 

Stevens George, " " 

WALKP:R J. H. (shoes), " 
Howard N. C, Northwest Bridgewater, " 

- North Brookfield 


BATCllELLER E. & A. H. & Co. 

Cunningham J. A. " 

Howe P. K. " 

Olmstead L. " 

Richardson & Knight, " 

Smith Edmund, " 

Woodis & Crawford, " 
Abbott Samuel E. North Reading 

Breed Samuel P. " 

Dooley Lawrence, '* 

Nichols Warren, '' 

Nichols W. VV. " 

Corbin L. B. & Co., (shoes), Oxford 

Daniels Seth & Co. " " 

Davis M. & B. " " 

Davis & Williams, " " 

Harwood E. E. " " 

Nichols, Stowe, & Co. " " 

Thurston Wni. H. " 

BIgelow R. E. & Son, Paxton 

Partridge .lohn & Son, " 

Dane Francis & Co. Peabody 

Farwell C. C. & Co. " 

FISK. A R. " 

Fuller Edward, " 

Hardy & Osborn (shoes), " 

Morrison .Joseph, " 

Phillips Oscar, " 

Raddiii Amos K. " 

Southwick Caleb T. " 

Chapman Samuel H. Pepperell 

Shattuck Putnam, •' 

Leighton Albert, East Pepperell, " 

Shattuck D. Brainard, " " 

Goddard Emerv, Petersham 

Hymes C. A. " " 

West Lorenzo, " 

Churchill .lolin, Plymouth 

Lanman Nathaniel C. " 

Morev William, jr. " 

Bass E. W. H. Quincy 

Curtis William (boots), " 

Curtis T. dz Co. " " 

Hardwick Henry (boots), '* 

Maxim James E. " 

Murdy H. " 

Penniman James T. & Co. " 

Whicher J. D. & Co. (boots), " 

Whiting James B. •' 

Willett George, " 
Newcomb Everett D., Quincy Point, " 

Newcomb .Jesse P. " " 

Newcomb .John A. " " 

Newcomb Winslow M. " '' 

Belcher John W. Randolph 

Bracken Andrew, " 

Capen Samuel A. '' 

Clark Danforth, Randolph 

Clark Hugh, " 

Clark M. & Co. (boots), " 

French C. B. & Son, " 

Hayes William, " 
Hekl A. N. " 

Hoi brook & French, " 

Howard Charles H. " 

Howard Daniel. " 
Howard, French, & Co. (boots), " 

Howard & Wood, " 

Kane Edward, " 

Leach O.H. "' 

Jjvnch Thomas, " 

McCarty Charles, " 

Mann Elisha, jr. (boots), " 

Moran Thomas, " 

Niles & Thayer (shoes), " 

Pendergrass 0. " 

Reynolds & Brothers, " 

Smith Adoniram, " 

Strong Alexander & Co. " 

Thaver H. L. " 

Whitcomb A. W. " 

Bates W. L. East Randolph, " 

Belcher C. H. " " 

Bigelow Nelson, " " 

Chandler Roscoe, " " 

French Calvin, " " 

Harden Frank (boots), " " 

Hoi brook E. A. " " 

Hoi brook E. E. " " 

Newcomb H. & Co. " " 

Paine Benjamin, " " 

Paine G. W. " " 

Paine L. W. " " 

Paine Royal. " " 

Tliayer ft. W. & Co. " " 

Thaver, Holbrook, & Co. " " 

Vining S. A. " " 

Whitcomb L. & Son " ' " 

Wbitcomb & Paine. " " 

White T. & E. (shoes), " " 

Wile L. F. & Co. " " 

Faxon B. W. South Randolph, " 

Faxon Daniel & Son, " " 

White & Sprague (sewed), " " 
Gilinore Cassander & Son, Raynham 

Snow William 0. " 
Foster & Perkins, Reading 

Holden Clinton B. & Brothers, " " 

Bancroft .James A. " 

Bancroft John H. " 

Burrill John, " 

Parker Jerome, " 

Parker Stillman E. " 

Richardson George A. (doll), " 

Sweetser T. H. " 

Weston Clifford P. (doll), " 

Weston David F. '■' 
Foster William C. Rowley 

Henderson Daniel S. , " 

Prime D. N. & Sons, " 

Todd John F. « 

Todd Nathan, " 


drens' compo, see page 770), " 

Larabee Somers, " 

Lewis George B. " 

McCurdv Thomas G. " 

McKean" William, " 

Punchard J. P. " 

Salem Boot & Shoe Co. " 

Very Perley, " 
Burpee John, Amesbury, Salisbury 
Mellen Henry, Montville, Sandisfiefd 

White J. «' " 



Bruce Geo. W. Saugus Centre, Sauo;us 

Hitchings Chas. S. " " 

Hitchings W. f. " " 

Walton & Wilson, " " 

Bailey J. W. & G. W., N. Scituate, 

Litchfield M. S. & Z. H. " " 

Newcomb Henry, " " 

Nevvconib William, '• " 

Baker P. H. Sharon 

Bullard S. W. " 

Godfrey J. W. " 

Hewiiis Albert, " 

Hixon A. G. & C. D. " 

Middleton J. S. " 

Wiiidship Charles, " 

Dowse N. & Son (shoes), Sherborn 

Bullard J. & J. W. " 

Coolidge Lowell, " 

Brownson H. Shirley 
Fales Leander, Shrewsbury 
Stetson Henry, Shutesbury 

Gibbs Joseph & E. A. Somerset 

Slade Levi, " 

Washburn Horatio L. " 
Hartt John & Co. Southborough 

Newton & Hartt, " 
Ford N. S. South Scituate 
Curtis Brothers & Co. West Scituate, 
Buffum F. S. 
Stoddard H. A. 
Stoweil Edward, 
Willcutt Dexter M. 


Bush John L. (boots), " 

Drury D. A. &. Co. " 

Green Josiah & Co. (boots), " 

Jones E. & Co. (boots), " 

Kent & Bacon (boots), t " . 
Proutv D. & Co. (boots), 

Proutv L & Co. (boots), " 

Watson R. S. & Co. " 
Cutler, Mcintosh, & Co. Springfield 

Elmer & Smith (shoes), " 

Henbesch Paul, " 

Hixon, Birnie, & Shaw, " 

Battles W. J. & Co. Stoneham 

Brvant S. A. " 

Dike C. C. " 

Dike G. W. " 

Drew & Buswell, " 

Duncklee & Danforth, " 

Emerson Charles, " 

Emerson R. W. " 

Green A. R. " 

Hanscom Orrin, " 

Hay Cyrus, " 

HILL F. S. & CO. " 

Hill John & Co. " 

Hill & Rowe, " 

Mawhinney H. H. & Co. " 

Poore Henry, " 

Richardson & Critchett, " 

Rounds J. G. & Co. " 

Sweetser Vernon (shoes), " 

Trowbridge G. W. " 

Usher Wm. R. & Co. .. " 

Wveth Hollis N. " 
Belcher A. & G. W. 
Belcher L. & Son, 
Capen F. & Co. 
Delano Ellis & Co. 
Ellis & Gav, 
Fitzpatrick J. & H. 
French Daniel, 
Goldthvvaite Joseph, 
Guild & Upham, 


Hawes G. W. Stoughton 

Hill James, " 

Kinsley Bradford, " 

Morton N. & Co. " 

Packard Francis, " 

Parker & Wales, " 

Pettee S. G. " 

Reynolds & Crane, " 

Savels Samuel & Son, " 

Swan J. & Co. " 

Blanchard D. H. & H., E. Stoughton, " 
Littlefield Charles, 
Littlefield Darius, 
Littlefield & May, 
Littlefield E. W.'& G. W. & Co 
Noyes C. L. 
Smith Charles, 
Tucker PI & Son, 
Allen C. N. Sturbridge 

Morse A. C. 

Draper & Skerry, Fiskdale, " 

Howard L C. ' Sutton 

King Nathaniel G. " 

Lamb Frank T. Templeton 

Tingley Henry (moccasins), Tewksbury 
Bailey, Sanders, & Co. Topsfield 

Boardman T. G. " 

Herrick Cliarles & Co. " 

Stiles Frederick, " 

Towne Joseph, " 

Fay W. B. (boots), Upton 

Batchelor D. W. (boots). West Upton, " 
Aborn John G. Wakefield 

Kvans J. M. 

Evans L. B. " 

Hawkes Adam, " 

Sweetser A. N. & A. G. " 

Walton E. H. " 

Bosworth H. B. Warren 

Moore Cutler (shoes), " 

Ramsdell & Tripp, (boots), " 

Alhee Abner, Warwick 

Albee & Hastings, " 

Hastings Charles F. " 

Rent Wm. & J. M. (shoes), Cochituate, " 
Brvant Thomas, " '' " 

Dudley E H. " " " 

Dudley L. " " " 

Hammond Wm. " '• " 

Hawes & Davis, " " " 

Loker A. I). " " " 

Lyon 0. T. & Son, " " " 

Ward & Spofford, " 
Brown Chas E. " 

Bugbee H. E. " 

Coroin B. A. & Son, " 
Humphrey Robert, " 
Tourtelott James D. 
Merrill Arthur L. (shoes), 
Brigham G. B. 
Forbes George, 
Griggs C. B. 
Kimball J. B. & Co. 
Newton Otis & Son, 
Hastings N. & Co. 
Howe Geo. F. & Co. 
Hastings Lyman & Co 
Copeland & Hartwell, 
Edson & Caldwell, 
Howard & Washburn, 
Leach Allen, 

Copeland P. &'N. & Co., Campello, 
Alger & Perkins, Cochesett, 
Ring Joseph, '• 

Hayward Franklin W., South Easton, 



West Boylston 

Oakdale. " 

West Briilgewater 



Boot and Shoe Manufacturers — continued. 
Brown H. West Brooktield 

Cumner, Mansfield, & Go. " 

Falls John M., Sons, c& Co. " 


Garish, Thompson, & Co. " 

Shumway E. & Sou, " 

Smith & Dane, " 

Lewis B. F. Westfield 

Bailey S. Waldo, West Newbury 

Durgin James & Son, " 

Durgin Samuel, " 

Hosum & Davis, " 

Moseley C. C. " 

Wood E. G. 

Coburu Abijah, Weston 

Hastings F. " 

Chapin & Thayer, Weymouth 

Cook Samuel, " 

Hall Albion (boots), " 

Hart John, " 

Hunt A. N. & Co. " 

Hunt C. F. & Co. " 

Hunt K. A. (boots), " 

Hunt Henry, " 

Liiud Cyrus, " 

Nash A. P. (boots), " 

Nash George & Co. (boots), " 

Nash S. W. & E. " 

Richards Elias (uoots), '• 

Robinson 15. F. (boots), '' 


Sterling D. L. & A. H. (boots), " 

White D. & Co. " 

Bicknell H. F., East Weymouth, " 
Burrell G. 
Canterjury N. D. 
Clanp James H & Co. 
DIZEli .M C. & CO. (boots), 
Farren Wm. D. (boots), 
French Asa T. & Co. 
Hobart Elijah, 
McKay Bros. & Tirrell, 
Nash Cottington, 
Randall Otis H. 
Randall Quincy, 
Reed Isaac, 
Rogers J. W. 
Totman J. <& Son, 

Bates Elnathau, North Weymouth, ' 
BEALS AUGUSTUS (slippers), 
Bicknell & Holbrook, 
Dyer Warren, 
French & Stoddard, 
Moulton Andrew R. 
Newton Henry, 
Pratt George H. 
Blanchard W. & C, South Weymouth, " 
Curtis it Howe, " " 

Dyer William, " " 

Fogg Charles S. " " 

Fogg, Houghton, & Coolidge (boots), " 
Lindsley, Shaw, & Co. " " 

Loud Cyrus, " " 

Reed Josiah & Co. " «' 

Shaw Nathaniel & Co. " " 

Tirrell A. & Co. " " 

Tirrell Albert 2d, " " 

Tirrell C. & P. H. & Co. " " 

Torrey & Loud. " " 

Vining & Randall, " " 

White Jairus & Son, '' " 

Swain Charles W. Wilmington 

Adams D. Woburn 

Bancroft A. Woburn 

Cragin F. J. " 

Gorliam & Holmes, " 

Wyraan Elijah, 2d, " 

Taylor & Cook, " 

Tidd John & Sons, " 
Gorham P. W. & Son, East Woburn, " 

Hanson M. A. " " 

Hvde N. S. " " 

Tidd Luke R. " " 

Totman Wm. & Co. " " 
Niciiols, Winn, & Co., North Woburn, " 

Andrews S. C. Worcester 

Bay State Shoe & Leather Co. " 

Carey I. H. " 

Childs E. N. " 

Fav H. B. & Co. " 

Fitch C. H. & Co. " 

French Hiram, '' 

Gould Albert, " 

Hey wood S. R. & Co. " 

Houghcon C. C. " 

Hubbard H. B. " 

Jenks H. B. & Co. " 

Manning David, " 

Muzzy E. A. & Co. " 

Newton C. " 

Peirce Thomas, " 

Rawson D. G. & Co. " 

Smith M. " 

Smytn Brothers & Co. " 

Stark E. H. & Co. " 

Stone, Walker, & Co. " 

Stowe L. & Co. " 

Walker J. & Co. " 

Walker J. H. & G. M. " 

Wesson J. E. " 

Wesson Rufus, jr. (shoes), " 

Wilson Dexter, " 
Aldricii Artemus & Son, Wrentham 

Fisher Henry K. " 

Boot and Shoe Stock Mauuf. 

(Soles, Heels, and Stiffenings.) 
Dunham VV'orthy C. (heels). North 

Abington, Abington 

Gilbert L. W. (heels), Amherst 

Parmenter Charles (heels), " 


Howe William A. (fillings), Dover 

Dinsmore Sumner, Grafton 

Hall A. J. " 

Ayer R. G. Haverhill 

Bradley & Simonds (heels), " 

BRAGG J. F., 8 Fleet st. " 

Burgess Wm. " 

Burnham & Cheney, " 

Buswell B. P. " 

Chase iL E. " 

Cheeny Fred P. •' 

Currier A. " 

Currier W. W. •' 

Ellsworth J. N. & Co. " 

Fifield Sumner (heels), " 

Fitts & Noves, " 

Ford Charles T. " 

Ford H. K. «• 

Fuller John S. " 

Haddock Edward, " 

Haines John W. " 

Herrick & Co. " 

Jones Abijah, " 

Jordan Wm. E. & Co. " 

Lord H. A. *« 

Mace William, " 

Meadowcraft William, " 



Morse C. C. Haverhill 

Morse Charles E. 

Newton Thomas F. 

Noyes T. 

Otis 0. B. 7J Water, " 

Pettingill Rufus S. \[ 

Pike Warren, 

Stuart Samuel, 

Thing J. R. & Co. " 

Tilton R. H. " 

Tilton W. W. " 

Twombly Ira F. (heels), ^" 

Webster & Co. 

White Robert, " 

Warren Charles W. (heels), Leicester 

Alley T. N. Lynn 

Attwill Theodore (soles), " 

Attwill William A. (soles), '^'^ 

Batchelfler George H. 

Batcheller George E. 

Bessom & Ward (soles), " 

Boyce James P. 

Boyle Edward, jr., 

Boynton D. S. 

Brackett Joseph, 

Burgess William, 

Connor Stephen, 

Emerson D. & C. K. (heels), " 

Estes Charles E. " 

Farnsworth E. M. (paper soles), " 

George & Bro. (soles), 

Gloyd D. N. & Co. (heels, taps, &c.), " 

Green C. E. L. & Co. (straw and || 

leather board), 

Hav John F. 

HILL A. C. (soles), 46 Exchange, '| 

Hussey George W. 

Jackson Pickmore, 

Johnson, Hood, & Co. 
Johnson P. & Son, " 

Lewis A. & Co. (heels), " 

Knowlton S. B. (heels), " 

Libbey Jeremiah L. " 

Marble James F. " 

Mullen A. E. (roundings), " 

Mullen Charles H. " 

Mullen J. E. (soles). " 

Newhall ^ustis, " 

Newhall Perry (and sole leather), " 

Oliver Edwin H. " 

Pevear & Macomber, " 

Pierce & Ellis, "' 

Prime S. L. " 

Proctor & Ingalls (soles), " 

Sargent T. C. '' 

Sumner J. S. 

Taber Charles A. " 

Towns Q. A. (heels), " 

Brown W. A. Marblehead 

McClearn F. S. " 

Spinney & Ramsdell, " 

Greene G. M. Milford 

North Bridgewater 
KEITH & PACKARD (counters), " 

Bartlett & Johnson (stitfenings), " 

Miles S. J. " " 

Barnard Frederick F. Oxford 

Gates B. " 

Sonthwick Samuel (heeling), " 

Cassidy Michael, Peabody 

Goldthwait E. P. " 

Flint E. S. & Co. " 

Osborn Jonathan E. " 

Collier J. H. Salem 

Cass John, " 

Cusack Patrick, " 

Gwinn James S- " 

Powers John, Salem 

Prendergast Michael, " 

Rice Andrew J. jun. & Co. (heels), |^ 
Simmons J. H. ^^ 

Stone & Prescott, 

Brown & Oliver, East Saugus, Saugus 

Burril] Geo. (stiffenings), " " 

Lockwood H. C. (heels), " 
CROSBY S. L. Stoneham 

Phinney S. C. & J. G. (counters), " 

Swift Orville (heels). West Brookfield 

Burrell J. W. (heels), East W. Weymouth 
EARL D. C. (heels), " 

SIMONDS N. J. Woburn 

Boot and Shoe Stitchers and 

Powers William, N. Abington, Abington 

Blodgett Henry S. Haverhill 

Burbank P. E. " 
Hines E. M. 

Osgood 0. F. " 

Webster Calvin, " 

Batcheller John A. Lynn 

Blaisdell William B. '' 

Bradford Daniel. " 

Brookhouse Nathaniel W. " 

Chipperfield J. C. " 

Collins A. L. " 
Cowles C. 

Fawcett Amos, " 

Fuller Svlvester, " 

Hale E. A. " 

Hersey C. W. & Co. " 

Hussey Isaac \V. " 

Mansfield H. W. & Co. " 

Moulton C. F. " 

Nichols F. W. & Co. " 

Fray C. E. " 

Packard Isaac H. " 

Scribner & Smith, " 

Turner Charles, " 

Went worth Jeremiah, " 

Childs W. C. Natick 
Fairn J. L. 

Parker J. H. " 
Blanchard C. F. North Bridgewater 
Churchill V. 

Gilbert C. H. H. " 

Howard Charles, " 

Keith Edwin, Campello, " 
Sidelinger Z. H. Quincy Point, Qumcy 

Stanwood William H. Salem 
Collins Isaac, E. Saugus, Saugus 

Hitchings Charles I. " " 

Mansfield H. W. " " 

Rivers Charles, " " 

Loud L. H. Weymouth 
Wallace W. S. 

Sweet & Cleverly, North " 

oot Top Gilders. 

Blunt M. A. Milford 

Nash A. Prescott, Weymouth 

Boring Machines. 

Richardson Nathan, Gloucester 

E. L. Bates, agent, (see page 763), 

Fiskdale, " 

Botanic Medicines. 

(See also Patent Medicines.) 
Bailey Kendall, jr. Charlestown 

Cummings Henry, 



Botanic Medicines — continued. 
Aldrich J. M. Fall River 

Brown P. S. " 

Chace J. E. & Son, " 

Priest M L. Haverhill 

Dows Amos W. Lowell 

Kelsey Hufrh " 

Thompson M. E. " 

Greenleaf C. Mrs. Lynn 

Knowles Daniel. New P>ediford 

SWEET JOB, (see page 712), Kemp- 
ton cor. Summer, " 


Fall River 

Kay James, 

Sowle Resolved, " 

Winn & Parker, Gloucester 

HEALD M. C. (see p. 714), 114 South 

Common, Lynn 

Gould & Curamings, Newburyport 

Bigelow E. Springfield 
BROOKS F. A. (see page 778), 50 

No. Main, " 

Hall R. & Son, " 

Tripp William C. Taunton 

Bowling Alleys. 

Pierce A. T. (patent), Fairharen 


Fall River 
Gline Daniel, Haverhill 

Batty Samuel, New Bedford 

HoflTord Stephen, *' 

Sylvia Frank, " 

Holmes John F. Plymouth 

Reed Allen, Provincetown 

Rogers Otis, Quincy 

Box Board Manufacturer. 

GOSS CHARLES H. (see page 769), 

East Bridgewater 

Box Makers. 

(See also Pajx^r Boxes.) 
Chase Hyslop, Abington 

Cushinj; David, East Abington, " 

Keith A. W. North " " 

Chase David, (packing), Acushnet 

Cushraan Emery, " '■ 

LumbanI John," " " 

Staples Daniel li. (cheese), Adams 

Chilson Jacob B. North .^dams, " 
Bangs & Hawes, North Amherst, Amherst 
Eldredge George L. (pill), Ashfield 

Metcalf Alvah (boot ami bonnet), Ashland 
Stratton Reuben & Son, Athol 

Rice & Moacham. (shoe, &c.), Athol 

Depot " 

Dennis Dexter, Barre 

Rice Leonard, " 

Metcalf Frank, Caryville, Bellingham 

Kimball & Savvyer (shoe), Boxford 

Ray Tertullus (shoe), Bovlston Centre, " 

H. Gardner, proprietor (see page 
■ 768), Weymouth, Braintree 

Pratt Z. (box boards), Bridgewater 
Draper John W. E. Brimfield, Brimfield 
Twitchell Geo. L. & Co. Brookfield 

Blood A. 0. E. Brookfield, " 

MITCHELL L. D. (cigar, tobacco, 
small, fancy and packing), (see 
page 714), Broadway, Cambridge- 
port, Cambridge 
PAGE GEORGE G. &. Co. (packing 
and cigar), Hampshire St., Cam- 
bridgeport, " 

Pearson John A. (paper), Cam- 

bridgeport, " 

Simpson W. E. & B. Cambridgeport, " 
Buttrick N. Carlisle 

Cole Harrison G. N. Carver, Carver 

Putnam & Brothers (cloth and shoe), " 
Peak .John C. Chelsea 

Chilson Jacob B. N. Adams, Clarksburg 
Dooley Peter, " " 

Call Bros, (butter), Coleraine 

Pierce, Morris, & Son (butter), " 

Stevens N. S. (silk packing), Cummington 
Bragdon J. & N. (shoe, soap, and 

candle), Danvers Port, Danvers 

Ross Josiah & Co. " " " 

Curtis Hiram, Dorchester 

Delano Klisha (soap and spice). 

West Duxbury, Duxbury 

East Bridgewater 
GOSS CHARLES H. (see page 76'.*), " 
Rowand Benjamin (shooks), Fall River 
POND VIRGIL S. (packing), Foxborough 
Hill Lewis W. (boot), Franklin 

Hubbard Sabin, (boot and bonnet), ■' 
Folsom J. P. (shoe), Georgetown 

Bailey Stephen P., Greenwich Vil- 
lage, Greenwich 
Whitmarsh Benj. A. (packing), Hancock 
Damon Thomas (shoe), Hanover 
Cushing Geo. & Theo. (shoe, &c.), Hanson 
Robinson .los. R. (boot), Hardwick 
South worth Constant (packing), " 
Fletcher E. E. & Brother (shoe), Harvard 
Green John N. B. Haverhill 
Pearsons Martha, " 
HERSEY ED.MUND (fig, strawberry, 

and salt), Hingham 

King Thomas, " 

Lane Leavitt, " 

Lewis James S. " 

Broad Ira (cloth), Hnlden 

Payson & Cutler, Holliston 

Phipps M. C. Hopkinton 

Howe Abel (boot. &c.), Hubbardston 

Tripp Brothers (shoe), Hudson 

Richmond E. (shoe), Lakeville 

Sargent L. D. Lawrence 

FISH WILLIAM T. (paper boxes), Lee 
Converse George, Leicester 

Gould Amos A. (packing), " 

Sprague Asahel, " 

Moore Dexter (tobacco), Leverett 

Brooks A. L. Mechanics' Mills, Lowell 
Davis Asahel (plain and fancy wood). 

Mechanics Mills, " 

Norcross & Saunders, agents, " 

ALLEN & BOYDEN (paper, see page 

750), 9 Broad street, Lynn 

Butfum James N. " 

Straw Eleazer, " 

Roberts Otis W. (wood and paper), " 
Emerson Edwin R. Marlborough 

Patch Timothy B. " 

Hatch Chas. R., W. Marshfield, Marshfield 
Hatch D. P. & J. F. " " 

Magoun & Holmes, " . " 

BARSTOW N. H. & H. (pine, see ' 

page 727), Jlattapoi«ett 

Nelson Thomas (mahogany), " 

Hill Lewis W. West Medway, Medway 
Newton Benj. F. " " 

Taft Sullivan H. (dry goods), Mendon 

Wilcox Samuel G. (boot), " 



MORSE E. P. (wood and paper), ]\Ietbuen 
Tatterson D. H. (hat and shoe), " 

HARLOW I. H. & CO. (wood, see 

page 768), Middleborough 

Davis I. N. & Co. Milford 

Jones A. A. " 

Moore & rrurabull, Monsori 

Smith Francis B. Nantucket 

Howard & Wheeler, Natick 

Woods 0. & Co. 

New Bedford 
Coffin Frederic, (pasteboard), " 

Wood Tilson, (candle), " 

Thurlow Wm. (puper), Newbury 

New Marlboroufili 
Sisson H. D. (cheese), Mill River, " 

Bartlett VV. A. 2d (shoe), Northborough 
North Bridgewater 
Continental Box Co. (strawbeny), " 

Keith A. W. (packing), " 

Vittum & Bennett, (packing), " 

Bryant George (shoe). North Brookfield 
South worth Ohas. " " 

Parker H. B. (tobacco), Northfield 

Lincoln Moses (wooden), Norton 

Haskins Erskine (cheese). Cold Brook, •' 
Parker Daniel M. (boot), " " 

Putnam H. C. & Co. (shoe), Oxford 

Putnam & Brother (cloth), " 

Grover Z. North Oxford, " 

Clark A. F. Peabody 

Oldham John 2d, Pembroke 

West James H. " 

Hatch Geo. F. North Pembroke, " 

Shepard N. T. " " 

Green A. A. (chair), Philipston 

Lamb Jason (boot and chair), " 

Gardner Jeremiah (butter), Plainfield 
Tirrell Jeremiah, '• " 

BARNES E. & J. C. (see page 717), 

Water St., Plymouth 

Bonney James S. (shoe), Plympton 

Ellis J. C. & H. K. (shoe and rivet)," 
Barrows H. North Dana, Prescott 

Belcher E. & G. Randolph 

Leonard & Lyons, " 

Walton Josejih (cigar), Salem 

Ames William H. (hat boxes, wood 

and paper), Salisbury 

Royce Newton W. (cheese), 

Montville, Sandisfield 

Smith A. D. (cheese), Montville, " 

Whitney E. A. " " " 

Bronson Wm. B. New Boston, " 

Deming Amos & Mark (packing), Savoy 
Clemence J. M. & L. D., Globe Vil- 
lage, Southbridge 
South Hadley 
Congdon B. South Hadley Falh, " 
Howe Ebenezer, Spencer 
Livermore WInthrop, " 
Snriith M. & Son, Stow 
Snell T. (paper), Sturbridge 
NEWCOMB W. L. & CO. (packing, 

see page 728), Taunton 

Richmond Eleazer, East Taunton, " 
Williams N. S. " " 

Lamb Jason (packing), Templeton 

Lamb Justin, " " 

Stone William, Otter River, " 

Brinley & James, Tyngsborough 

Upton .lohn G. " 

Fisk F>on (boot and bonnet), Upton 
Wood Arba T. " 

Marcy H. P. (packing), Wales 

Brackett Charles A. (paper), Waltham 

Buttrick Francis, Waltham 

Bass William H. (boot), Warwick 

Drury George B. (packing). West Hampton 
Loud Francis & Son, " 

Fairbanks Corning, Westborough 

Ensign Brothers (cigar), Westfield 

Lootnis Wm. R. (packing, &c.), " 

Tewksbury J. G. (paper). West Newbury 
Sisson Alden T. (wooden and 

shooks), Westport 

Loud Reuben & Sons, South 

Weymouth, Weymouth 

Sherman E. & C, S. Weymouth, " 

Fessenden Warren, ' Woburn 

Greenwood Curtis, " 

Baker Charles & Co. Worcester 

KEYES L N. (see p. 720), 24 Central, " 


Sherwin Levi & Son, Fitchburg 

RICE, GRIFFIN, & CO. Worcester 

Brass and Copper Founders. 

HUNTER JAMES & SON, (see page 

770), N. Adams, Adams 

Lazell, Perkins, & Co. Bridgewater 

Litchfield W. Charlestown 

Ames Manufacturing Co. Chicopee 


page 773), " 

Peverly Robert H. Chelsea 

Winslow John, Fairhaveu 

BUSH WM. R. (see page 755), 27 

No. Main, Fall River 


page 802), 2 Laurel, Fitchburg 

Putnam Machine Co. " 

MUNSON J. M. (see page 716), Greenfield 
Byrom James, Lawrence 

Wilder H. H. & Co. Lowell 

I'ield Benjamin, Nat tucket 

Cragie Andrew, New Bedford 

Gifl'ard & Allen. " 

de Rochemont G. W. & C. H.. Newburvrort 
CLARY & RUSSELL (see page 708) " 

Choate, agent. Elm, corner Derby 

(see page 745), Salem 

Waters A. S. " 

Emory P. P. & Co. Springfield 


page 780), " 

Trefethen D. A. Taunton 

Hayden, Gere, & Co., Haydenville, " 
Chapin Jason, " Worcester 

Wells & Rice, 
WHEELER W. A., 42 Thomas (see 

page 792), 

Brass Finishers. 

Sargent, Earles, & Co. Fitchburg 

Barker & Co. Lawrence 

RELD & HALLOWELL, Mechanics' 

Mills, Lowell 

CHOATE & PERKINS, 194 Derby 

(see page 747), Salem 


Choate, Agent, Elm, cor. Derby 

(see page 745), " 

Avery & Co. Springfield 

Curtis George & Co. " 

Morgan H. & J. " 

Babbitt F. S. Taunton 



Brass and Malleable Iron 

GAYLORD MANUF. CO. (see page 
773), Chicopee 


French Walter, 

Moore John M. & Co., E 
Kent John 0. 
Winn & Parker, 
Blood Albert, 
Dolliver T. H. 
Gearin & Howard, 
Heald Wm. E. 
Giles George, 
Gimlich & White, 
Shaw Joseph, 
WINN S. B., Front, cor. 
Shaw J. & Co., 
Woodard Henrj', 
Riedl J. & Son, 



Cambridge, " 




Washington, " 




Brick Makers. 

Cudworth H. P. Adams 

Hall Charles O. North Adams, " 

Howard R. H. Amherst 

Whitney Austin, Ashburnham 

Smith A<lin, Athol Depot, Aihol 

Burnham John F. Beverly 

Tra-k William T. " 

Hooper Mitchell & Co. Bridgewater 

Bioduett Calvin, Palmer Depot, Brimfield 
Hyde Samuel, Brook field 

Moulton Jesse, East Brookfield, " 

Toby & Comstock, Shelburne Falls, •' 
Cofian Samuel M. Cambridge 

McCrane & Nagle, " 

Sands John L. " 

Sands John N. " 

Bay State Brick Co. N. Cambridge, " 
Ferson Charles H. Chelsea 

McClallan Charles & Son, Chicopee 

Harris Nathaniel, Boston, Chilmark 
Griswold Joseph, Coleraine 

Day George H. Danvers Port, Danvers 
Elliott Henry, " " 

Gray .1. & !son, " " 

Low Samuel, " " , 

Walcott William H. " " 

Chandler Martin S. Duxbnry 

Thompson Seth & Co. East Bridgewater 
Clark Theodore, East Hampton 

Haas Michael, " 

Rich Martin, " 

Pomeroy George & Son, " 

HAWKINS & KILHAM (dealers), 

Slade's Wharf (see page 718), Fall River 
SHOVE C. & CO. (dealer), 40 Davol, " 
Goodrich Edwin &. Fitchburg 

Hinds A., jr. South Gardner, Gardner 

Collins , Great Barrington 

Couch, Brewer, & Bently, '• 

McCluro Manley, Greenfield 

Hawlev F. A. Hadley 

Richmond J. C. Still River, Harvard 

Allair Anthony, jr. Hatfield 

Sargent Robert, Haverhill 

Smiley Frank, " 

Tilton John 0. " 

Goodrich Charles W. Hinsdale 

Bosworth Lewis P. Holyoke 

Richards E. T. 

Tyler Abraham, Hudson 

Burbank Aaron, Lancaster 

Burbank Levi B. Lancaster 

Merrill J. T. & Co. South Lee, Lee 
Osborn Leonard, Leominster 

Madden .John, Springfield, Longmeadow 
Newhall Wm. M. Lynn 

Edminster Warren, South Maiden, Maiden 
Stimpson Stephen, " " 

Bay State Brick Company, Medford 

Clark Elbridge, East Medway, Medway 
Clark John, " " 

Thrasher Geo. B. " " 

Goss R. L. & C. W., Montague City. '' 

Wood Henry's Son & Co., Wellesley, " 
Doyle Cornelius, Newbury 

Doyle Charles, Newburyport 

Smith David, '* 

Crowle P. Mrs. New Salem 

Day Samuel, Northampton 

Nutting Porter, " 

Howe Alonzo B. Northborough 

McClure John (pressed). North Chelsea 
Sarsfield Patrick, " 

Waite William A. " 

Lawrence Wm. T. Pepperell 

Hinds Cephas, Petersham 

Noble Norman, Pittsfield 

Barker J. & Brothers, West Pittsfield, " 
Clark S. W. Plainfield 

Hedge Barnabas, Plymouth 

National Brick Co. B. Draper, agt. Rehoboth 
Stocker Frederick, East Saugus, Saugus 

Andrews B. Allen, Shelburne Falls, " 
Gerrish .James, Shirley 

Shattuck William G. " 

Dana .lames, North Somerville, " 
Fiske Benjamin, " " 

Fiske Mark, " " 

Foster George A. " " 

Gray .lames, " " 

Hadlev Betijamin, " " 

Holt Channcev, " " 

Jaques Wm. ' " " 

Littlefield Samuel, " " 

Sanborn .Joseph, " " 

Smith J. W. " " 

Tufts Brick Co., " " 

Washburn David, " " 

Wyatt Geo. W. " " 

Pomerov George, Southampton 

Ball & Holman, Cordaville, Southborough 
Dresser & Brown, Souihbridge 

Potter & Dresser, " 

Talbot Thomas, Globe Village, " 

South Hadley 
Britten Royal, South Hadley Falls, " 
Richards i.. T. " " 

Jacobs Kdward, W. Scituate, S. Scituate 
ALMS W. H. Springfield 

King Henry & Son, " 

Leary John, " 

Madden John, " 

Morse Moses, " 

Talbot Thomas, Globe Village, Sturbridge 
Moulton C. N. Fiskdale, " 

Godfrey John D. Taunton 

Hart J6hn W. & Co. " 

Johnson Wm. T. & Co. " 

Johnson & Macomber, " 

Staples A. B. " 

Staples Silas L. " 

Taunton Brick Co. A. H. Williams, 

supt. " 

Wheeler Dexter B. " 

Williams A. H. " 




WILLIAMS J. R. (fire of all kinds) 

(see page 715), " 

Dyer H. N. Otter River, Templeton 

Evans Samuel D. Tcwnsend 

Needham William L. Wales 

Lawton William B. Ware 

Sheldon W. C. & Co. 

Cook Calvin B. Williamstown 

Lindlej' John, " 

Chamberlain S Winchendon 

Whitney B. D. " 

Bliss H. jr. Worcester 

Denny A. B. " 

hobbs George, " 

Hooper Frank, " 

Bridge Builders. 

Solid Lever Bridge Co. Chelsea 

Sawtell J. A. Lowell 

Briggs A. D. & Co. Springfield 

RALL, 88 Main (see page 781), " 

Britannia Ware Manufacturers. 

Draper F. & Co. (glass trimmings, 

East Cambridge, Cambridge 

Eldridge & Co. Taunton 

Porter Britannia and Plate Co. " 

REED & BARTON (see page 758), " 


CONROY DANIEL, 20 Union, Fall River 
EASTON & MILNE (money and 

cotton), 14 North Main, " 

(cotton and cotton goods), 43 
Pocasset, cor Main, " 

Slade .lohn P. " 

Childs H. S. (real estate), Greenfield 

Dearborn G. F. Lowell 

RICHARDSON L. B. & CO. (money 

and merchandise), 108 Central, " 

Codd James, Nantucket 

Burt K. N. New Bedford 

BURT SAMUEL P. (stock and com- 
mission, 43 N. Water, " 
COOK SAMUEL H. 37 N. Water, " 
Cunningham John (pawn), " 
Furber G. W. (pawn), " 
Howland & Co. (pawn), " 
TAYLOR WILLIAM H. 37 N. Water, " 

Greenleaf George (real estate & stock)," 
Greeirl«;af Rufus L. (real estate 

and stock), " 

Clarke John (money), Northampton 

Dawson L. A. (money and no"e), " 

Parsons E. (money, note, and real 

estate), " 

PECK A. PERRY (real estate), " 

Harlow Nathaniel E. (fish), Plymouth 

Hathawav Benjamin (commercial),' " 
Nelson William H. (fish), " 

ARCHER WILLIAM (stock, real 
estate and insurance), 34 Front 
and 18 Washington, Salem 

Nichols Charles S. (stock and insur- 
ance), " 
Pierce N. (stock), " 
Burt Augustine (real estate), Springfield 
Clark Henry (real estate), " 
DAVIS L. L. 10 Fort block (machine- 
•lordan Josiah, " 
Kingsbury Geo. & Co. (real estate), " 
RICE, FULLER, & CO. (real estate), 
State cor. Main, " 

Smith Henry (pawn), Sprinfield 

Fletcher & Norton, Westfield 

Sutton & Wheeler (stock), Worcester 
Rice & Whiting (stock &c.), " 

Bronze Metal (patent.) 

William H. Mathews, treas. (see 
page 757), New Bedford 

Bronze Metal Sheathing. 

page 757), New Bedford 

Broom Manufacturers. 

Ingraham Austin, North Amherst, " 

Smith Lvman, " 

PACKARD & BURRILL (rattan), 

East Cambridge, Cambridge 

Cook Charles, 2d, Hadley 

Cook Horace, " 

Edson F. " 

Reynolds Thomas, " 

Smith Charles, " 

West H. C. " 

Cook Chester, North Hadley, " 

Lawrence Hubbard, " " 

Smith Henrv E. " " 

Smith S. S." " " 

Smith IbaddeuR, " " 

Bowen George S. New Bedford 

Graves John B. Northampton 

Graves Martin B. " 

Smith R. " 

Hancock Society of Shakers, Ira R. 

Lawson, agent, West Pittsfield, Pittsfield 
WHITELEY JOHN (see page 793), 

Shirley Village, Shirley 

Brown Stone Manufacturers. 

LYONS WM. J., Medford St. (see 
page 735), Charlestown 

Brush Manufacturers. 

Burton, Fellows, & Co. East 

Cambridge, Cambridge 


East Cambridge, " 

Sheriff & Co. Dedham 

New England Tube Brush Co., Daniel 

Stillwell, agent. Fall River 

STAFFORD JOHN H. (see page 742), 

266 Essex, Lawrence 

Merriraac Brush Co. Newburyport 

PIERCE CHARLES M. jr. (dealer), 

119 No. Water, ' New Bedford 


COMPANY (toilet brushes), Geo. 

A. Burr, treas., Florence, Northampton 

duster and fancy wool mats), T. S. 

Mann, Treas., Florence, " 

THAYER ELLIS, Worcester 

Brush Wood Manufacturers. 

Wheeler James S. WarwicK 

Bucket Manufacturers. 

{See Wooden Ware.) 

Builders' Materials. 

( See also Lime and Cement. ) 


Robinson J. D. 

Neponset, Dorchester 



Builders' Materials — continued. 
Conant P. D. Fail River 


Wliarf (see page 718), " 

SHOVE C. & CO. 40 Uavol, " 

BLODGETT & BARR1<;TT, Hyde Parli 
BREED S. N. & Co. S3 Broad, Lynn 

MARTIN E. L. R. (see page 70(5), 

54 Muiiroe, " 

Paine S. S. & Brotlier, New Bedford 

Pierce Chas. M. jr., 119 Xo. Water, " 

Builders and Contractors. 

((See Carpenltm ; also Masons.) 

Building Movers. 

Cammett Cyrus, Amesbury 

Mellen Jas. & Co. Cambridgeport, " 
McElroy F. G. East Cambridge, " 

Richards David, Charlestown 

Ricliards S. " 

Aidea John, Fuirhaven 

Darling H. N. Fall River 

Thurston J. E. & Co. " 

Gordon Phineas, Haverhill 

Barker Chas. W. Lynn 

Barker James S. " 

Beede V. M. " 

Clark D. D. " 

Hammond Martin, Naiick 

Page John H. Newburyport 

Higgins Willard, Orleans 

Johnson B. H. Palmer 

Trask Moses, Peabodv 

Edwards J. D. Salem 

Holman Lvman, " 

Walker Ut'is, Taunton 

Packard C. S. Walthain 

I ubbs Charles, West Springtield 

Bung Manufs. 

BACHELDER A. & CO. (maimf. of 
bunijs, taps, and vents, see adv. 
page 73y), Mt. Veruon, n. Broad- 
„ way, Lowell 

Pecliham Perry }.!. Fall River 

Bunting Manufacturers. 

U. S. Bunting Co., D. W. C. Farriug- 
ton, agent, Lowell 

Burglar Alarm. 

WOLTERS H. J. (see page 747), 
30 Mill, Salem 

Burning Brands and Seal 
Presses Manuf. 

Hill Benjamin B. Springfield 

Burr Picker Manuf. (Improved.) 

SARGENT CHARLES G. (.see page 

743), Graniteville, Westford 


Blanchard Brothers, Abington 

Gushing Davis, East Abington, " 
Studley Reuben, " " u 

Bates Nahum, South " " 

Gardner George, South Acton, Acton 
Tuttles, Jones, & Wetherbee, " " 

Hanilley Aaron C. West Acton, " 

Locke Henrj', Arlington 

Allen C. S. Ashliv 

Esterbrook W. ^ 

Bronson Chandler, Ashfield 

Noyes & Robinson, Ashland 

Swift Gustavus F. Barnstable 

Crocker M. M. Hj-annis, " 

Graves E. & H. Becket 

Boyriton John T. Bedford 

Brown Moses F. " 

Lawrence E. H. Berlin 

Baker Eljeuezer, Billerica 

Hall & Rankin, Blackstone 

Bradstreet J. E. Blandford 

Culver John, " 

Cleveland Wm. P. Boxford 

Andrews J. T. Boylston 

Brigham P. M. " 

Thorndike Wm. Bradford 

French Samuel S. Braintree 
Mollis David N. 

Hollis & Mann, " 

Sampson Josephus, " 

Baker Francis, Brewster 

Howard iMarcellus G. Bridgewater 

Howard 0. G. " 

Swift Martin, " 

Wilber I. S. " 
Boynton P. P. (beef, wholesale), Brighton 

Brooks Timothv, " " 

Dana B. S. " " " 

Gungenheizer A. " " 

Jackson N. & S. " " 

Lane J. S W. " " 

Lariied Siimuel S. " " 

Pierce Brothers, " " 

Saunders & Hartwell, " " 

Zoller Christopher, " •' 

Zoller Geo. C. " " 

Zoller Henrv, " " 

Zoller John,' " " 

Curtis & Boynton, (hog, wholesale), " 
Brown Simon (mutton and veal), " " 

Brown & Rogers, " " " 

Dupee .John, " - " " 

Dyer 1. T. " " " 

Dyer & Frost, " '• " 

Hollis Bros. " " " 

Hollis T. Quincy, " " " 

Hubbard John, " " " 

Pierce J. M. " " " 

Spaulding Pliny F. Brimfield 

Drake Dexter, Buckland 
Squire John P. & Co. (hog, whole- 
sale), E. Cambridge, Cambridge 
Mead A. & W., N. 

Atwood Samuel M. Chatham 

Perham D. C. Chelmsford 

Perham P. P. " 

Ujdiam C. " 

Stevens & Keefe, Chester 

Baker Edward, Chesterfield 

Witherell & Shaw, " 

Bourne Richard, Cohasset 

Bourne & Nickerson, " 

Thayer William F. " 
Johnson (ieorge, Shattuckville, Coleraine 

Reynolds & Derby, Concord 

Bigelow Samuel, Conway 

Orcutt E. F. " 

Richards Francis 0. Cummington 

Barton John, Dalton 

Blackmer & Doane, Dana 

Trask Alfred, Danvers 

Howes David, Dennis 

Howes Zebina, jr., " 

•Jones Nelson, Douglas 

Loring W. H. '' 

Smith James, " 
Jones E. & A. F. East Doaglas, " 

Chase Ira. M. Dracut 

Gage Daniel, " 

Lannan Patrick, " 




East Bridgewater 
East Hampton 


Plummer John A. Dracut 

Whitney George T. " 
Whitney Rufus B. 
Bradford George, 
Pratt Bryant C. 
Ward Benjamin, 
Avery \V. H. 
Ludden A. S. 
Ludden E. 

Goward E. T. North Easton, 

Goward J. F. " " 

Norton John W. Edgartown 

Pease George W. " 

Harwood B. F. Enfield 

Randall J. Q. " 

Low William, Essex 

Story Cbarles A. " 

Story Epes S. " 

Millet Joseph, Fairhaven 

Howard Charles F. " 

Crapo Phineas, Fall River 

Grinnell George, " 

Anthony D. M. " 

Bagshaw Henry, " 

Buffinton E. P. " 

Davis A. J. & Bro. " 

Davis James, " 

Gaboon B. C. Falmouth 

Hatch James H. " 

Clark S. Florida 

Pike James, " 

Darling M. C. Franklin 

Johnson Daniel L. Freetown 

Pickering Paul R. Georgetown 

Poor Prescott A. " 

Miller M. B. Granville 
Day William H. & Co. Great Barrington 

Fields Richard, " 

UWEN EUCLID, Greenfield 
Woodward H. G. 

Tenney John, Groveland 

Dane George E. F. Hamilton 

Dane Lewis, " 

Dane Luther, " 

Porter Charles, " 

Paige John, Hardwick 

Powers Lvsander, " 

Wesson E. L. B. " 

Farwell John, Harvard 

Whitney S. F. " 

Holmes & Weeks, Harwich 

Dickinson G. W. Hatfield 

Barnes Harmon, Hawley 

Litchfield & Trowbridge, Hiiigham 

Marsh Josiah L. " 

Ripley Henry & Son. " 

Cheney James E. HoMen 

McFarland C. Hopkinton 

Phipps Waldo (whole«:ilp), " 

Wood Frank, Woodville, " 
Morse Lyman, Hubliardstown 

Gowdy Martin S. Huntington 

Adams George T. & F. C. Kingston 

Canedy William, Lakeville 

Robinson A. J. " 

Rice A. J. Lancaster 
Wood Edgar P. Lanesborough 

Wood Manton A. " 

King A. P. B. Lawrence 

Valpey D. S. A. " 

Bullard J. & Co. Lee 

Chapman S. " 

Cheeney R. B. '• 

O'Connor John, " 

Wilder & Usborn, Leominster 
Wood Leonard, N. Leominster, " 

Hodgman John E. Lexington 

Carpenter D wight N. Leyden 

Clark Emery, Littleton 

Hager A. P." '' 

Green Daniel, Ludlow 

McGregor Nelson, " 
PATCH & BAKER, (beef, wholesale, 

see page 717), Summer st. Lynn 

Lovell L & S. C. Mansfield 

Gibbs Charles M. Mattapoisetfc 

Curtis Bradford, Medfield 

Hewins William P. " 

Cook S. Wan'en Mendon 

Blood Cyrus, Methuen 

Pierce Darius, " 

Skinner George, Milton 

Towns Augustus J. " 

Mann & King, Monson 

Newton Edward P. '• 

Fav B. Montague 
King S. R. 

Hildreth H. T. Natick 

Morse Granville, " 

Bacon H. Upper Falls, Newton 

Bowers Henry, Needham 

Mcintosh C. & F. " 

Mdls John F. " 

Wing John A. " 
Connell D. & J. New Bedford 

Howard A. N. " 

Salisbury , " 

Boyden A. New Braintree 

Whipple J. C. 

Woods G. D. " 
Adams Brothers, Newbury- 
New Marlboro' 
Adams & Waugh, Mill River, " 
Bathrick Warren Whi tin's, Northbridge 
Gale W. North borough 
Stockwell M. " 
Winters S. North Bridgewater 
Cuthbertson John, North Chelsea 
Proctor John H. " 
Lyman Albert K. North field 
Upton Alanson A. North Reading 
Upton Charles, " 
Upton John R. " 
Lane C. D. & 0. H. Norton. 
Bullard Sanford, Oakham 
Bacon S. S. Orange 
Carpenter George, " 
Dodge & Co. " 
Phinney Royal, " 
Snow Charles H. Orleans- 
Gould Franklin, South Orleans, " 
Coggshall A. J. Oxford* 
Shumway J. " 
Whiting & Campbell, " 
Lawrence Wilson, Palmer- 
Harrington Silas D. Paxton 
Emerson Robert, Peabody 
Thomas J. B. " 
Blood David W. Pepperell! 
Hart George A. " 
Blodgett L. W. Petersham, 
Stowel! F. A. " 
Fuller M.D. Phillipston. 
Ayers P. .J. Pittsfield 
Gleason Monroe, " 
Hadsell J. H. &Co. 

Read F. F. & Bro. , " 

Whiting William C. Plainfield. 

Arnold Clias. Quincy 

Baxter D. W. " 

Cook .lonathan, "^ 

Nightingale T. J. " 

Cain Reuben, Raynhanj' 

Rowley E. S. Richmond 

Wheeler J. F. & H. " 

Earl Nathan H. Rehobotb 



Butchers — continued. 
Pierce Luther, Rehoboth 

Hicks William A. Rowe 

Titcomb Albert, Rowley 

Titcorab Calvin R. " 

Hobbs John G. Rutland 

Hoi den Moses G. " 

Morrill Urvill, Montville, Sandisfield 
Tilden John L. Sandwich 

Gibbs Wm. R. West Sandwich, " 

Swift Noble P. " " 

Nightingale Isaac, Scituate 

Otis Job P. " 

Boynton W. B. Shirley 

Warren Augustus Q. Shrewsbury 

Warren Henry E. " 

Wellington William, " 

Forbes'John H. Shutesbury 

NORTH, MERIAM,& CO. (hogs, 

wholesale, see page 699), Somerville 
Webster Samuel, Somerset 

Marble M. M. & Co. Southbridge 

Chamberlin S. & A. M., Globe Village, " 
Goldth.vaite & Spooiier, So. Hadley Falls 
Seehiinck. & Carey, " " " 

Corthell John E. South Scituate 

Corthell Joseph W. " 

Wilder Charles, " 

Legate F. W. Southwick 

Loomis B. B. •' 

Phelps William, " 

Newhall Joseph, Sterling 

Sawyer Luke, " 

Smith Benjamin, Assabet, Stow 

Stranger iMilo, Fiskdale, Sturbridge 

Cutter & Rogers, S. Sudbury, Sudbury 
Brimblecomb John B. Swampscott 

Woodfiii William C. " 

Chace Rufus M. Swansea 

Alger William H. Taunton 

Goward Lewis L. " 

Lincoln Amos N. " 

Lincoln J. W. & B. E. " 

Peck & Horton, " 

Pierce E. B. " 

Pratt E. A. " 

White Wm. L. & Co. " 

Wilmarth L. J. & Bro. " 

Butler Cluis. B. Tisbury 

Gould Ariel H. Tollan.l 

Mnuday William, " 

Paine Daniel, Truro 

Stead man Martin V. B. Tyringham 

Houghton Nathan S. Upton 

Jourdain Benjamin A. " 

Williams C. Wales 

Barnes H. Wareham 

Seagers Joseph C. Washington 

Taylor Justin, Wellfleet 

Witherell Whitfield, S. Wellfleet, 
Warner Horace, West Boylston 

Cutting John S. Oakdale, " 

West Bridge water 
Simmons David R. Cochesett, " 

■Paige E. D. West Brookfield 

Egleston & Co. Westfield 

Owen & Sackett, " 

D.avis A. L. Westford 

Day J. E. 

Pettis E. E. West Hampton 

White & Carter, Westminster 

Barker Nathan, jr. Weston 

Coburn Edward, • " 

Brownell J. B. Westport 

Chace George, " 

Davis Zebedee, " 

Lawlor E. P. " 

Cornell James, Central Village, " 

Colburn John D. West Roxbury 

Mason George B. 

Williams Jos^eph W. " 

Thomas Benj. P., N.Weymouth, Weymouth 
Thomas E. H. " " 

Raymond A., S. Weymouth, " 

Martin Josiah, " " 

Doane, Miller, & Co. Winchendon 

Raymond M. D. " 

" " Whately 



S. Wilbraham, " 
(( (( 


Graves Rufus, 
Bullan Myron, 
Gleasoii & Bisbee, 
Knowlton Phineas, 
Ctiaffee Reuben, 
Walker George N., 

Jennings , 

Sanford , 

Buck N. E. 

Buck Otis, 

Buck Silas, 

Carter .Jonathan, 

Carter J, L. 

Fames George T. 

Fames Horatio N. 

Fames L. C. 

Fames N. B. 

Fames Warren, 

Gowing William E. 

Mulligan George, 

Pearson George A. 

Pearson Porter, 

Sheldon Henry, 

Patch Cyrus, 

Richardson .J. W. 

.Michael, Nehemiah, 

Clark Henry (wholesale), 

Prentice J.'H. (wholesale), " 

Kilbiiurn Alfred, Worthington 

F;iirfield (jeorge R. Wrentnam 

HOLMES R. F., Yarmouthport, Yarmouth 

Butt and Hinge Manuf. 

Arms and Bardwell Manuf. Co., 

J. C. Arms, agt. Northampton 

Strong A. F. (spring butt), " 

Butter and Cheese Dealers. 

and 18 Bedford, Fall River 



Button-Hole Maker. 

( Machine.) 
FOSS FRANKLIN, Munroe st. 


Button Manufacturers. 

Evans D. & Co. (military and fancy 

gilt), Attleborough 

Robinson Willard (pantaloons), " 

Draper W. 0. & Co. (ladies' dress), 

North Attleborough, " 

National Button Co., S. G. Knight, 

agent, Easthampton 

Butler Enoch (pearl), Haverhill 

Gates Davis & Co. Leominster 

Morse G. & Co. " 

Somers Winter D. " 

Med way 
Blake James P. (steel), Rockville, " 

CO., ' Florence, Northampton 

Critchlow Alfred P. (ivory), Leeds, " 
Goldthwait M. & Son, Springfield 

Newell Brothers, " 

Rhodes M. M. (tufting), Taunton 

Hill Hiram G. Williamsburg 

Spellman Onslow G. " 

Wade W. W. Winchester 



Cabinet Locks Manuf. 

CO. (see page 773), Chicopee 

Cabinet ]V3:akers. 

(See also Furniture Manufncturers.) 
Willey C. B. Abington 

Stetson San ford, Adains 

Chase David, Acushnet 

Marsh M. M. Amherst 

Young Brothers, " 

Henrj Terrence, Andover 

Jefts C. A. & Co. (extension tables), '< 
Puffer R & Co., Ashburnham Depot, " 
Kendall James, Ashbv 

Mann Horace, Athol Depot, Athol 

Fisher E.D. Birnstable 

Frost John H. Hyannis, " 

Spooner Timothy H. Barre 

Cole VVeeden, Beverly 

Jaquith Andrew, " 

Patten Thomas, , Billerica 

Prophett William, Bridge water 

Parker P. Brimfield 

Koch John, Brookline 

Perry L. M. " 

Thompson J. " 

Robeart John 0. Cambridge 

Bicknell Joseph G., Cambridgeport, "° 
CoUamore T. " " 

Grant & Mann, " «' 

Hogan J. J. " " 

Schnabel & Mastling, " " 

Badger & Batchelder, E. Cambridge, " 
Holmes F. M. & Co. Charlestown 

Robinson John P. & Co. " 

Wemyss & Co. " 

Foy William & Son, Chester 

Hosley Dexter P. Chicopee 

Bemis F. E. Concord 

Foote E. C. Conway 

Pew George W. Dan vers 

Glover & Jones, Dorchester 

Hutchinson Brothers, " 

Cain M. W. Milton, " 

Clapp John J. " " 

Davenport James, " " 

Hall Oliver & Son, " " 

Martin Thomas (extension 

tables), '< " 

Kenney Zelotes, " '< 

Norcross William, " " 

Watson Walter S. (extension 

tables), " <' 

Bowen Joseph, Douglas 

First John, Charles River Village, Dover 
Pent-Francis, Edgartown 

Sanford Stephen, N. Egremont, Egremont 
Baldwin Irwin D. W., S. " " 

Tinkham Samuel, Enfield 

Gifford Jesse, Fairhaven 

Borden, Almy, & Co. Fall River 

Douglas Charles, " 

Westgate, Baldwin, & Co. " 

Westgate J. C. " 

Gifford Henry T. Falmouth 

Page Enoch, . Fitchburg 

Childs Otis, Framingham 

Kendall .John, " 

EUery Benjamin, Gloucester 

Langsdorff Frederick, Great Barrington 
Slye & Hood, " 

Jordan John T. Greenwich 

Landon Augustus H. Hancock 

hpooner Harmon C. Hardwick 








South Lee, 

Fairbanks .Tonathan, 

Harris William D. 

Hobart S. L. 

Hudson Augustus L. 

Leavitt A. I^ 

Ripley & Newhall, 

Pond Nelson, 

.Tudd Solomon, 

Clarke Daniel, 

Cushman Edwin, 

Cook Francis R. 

Ba«sett Joseph, 


McDojiald Alfied, 

Crosbv Ephraim. LoA-ell 


Kimball, treas. Mechanics' Mills, " 

H i I! H F* 1 1 

sit Steam Mills (see page 738), " 

Crosman .1. H. Lynn 

Parker John H. "" 

Taylor William, Maiden 

Peabody John C. Manchester 

Wheaton William E. " 

Devereux Ralph, Marblehead 

Kent J. C. Marion 

Nelson Thomas, Mattapoisett 

Weiker C. Medfield 

Wood Daniel, Medway 

Fairbanks L. Milford 

Ward Jonas, Millburv 

Glover '^Hiver, 2d, Miltoii 

White A. 0. Monson 

Dike J. & Sons, Montague 

Richardson George F. & Co. " 

Adams James, Natick 

Dantsizen C. New Bedford 

Kniglit W. H. " 

Rolfe Eben, Newburyport 

Collins George, " 

Collins William, " 

Burrell Owen, New Salem 

Everett D. W. Northampton 

Calder H. M., Florence, " 
Coneland G. M. North Bridgewater 
Burrill Alfred North Brookfield 

Whittredge Vvilliam A. North Reading 

Carlton C. R. Oxford 

(see page 766), Plymonth 

Wilson John B. '« 

Dyer Charles P. Provincetown 

Kimball Charles H. Quincy 

Houghton Ralph, Randolph 

Bancroft Wendall, Reading 

Batchelder Alden, " 

Beard Henry, *« 

Creesy Daniel, " 

Dinsmore & Grouard, " 

Harnden Sylvester & Son, " 

Kingman Francis, " 

Manning Charles, « 

Miller Frederic, " 

Phillips William M. » 

Richardson David G. " 

Temple & Bancroft, " 

Gouldrich George, Richmond 

Keith A. & E. Rowe 

Estabrook .John, Rutland 

Wells .John B. «« 

Brown B. Salem 

Anderson L. J. " 

Fellows Israel, '« 

Haskell, Lougee, & Co. " 

Locke N. C. " 

Raymond, Low, & Co. " 

Taft Russell H. «< 



Cfihinet Makers — c&nlinutd. 

Very NHtlianiel, jr. Salem 

Wallis Josepli, " 
Drane Win. F., Moiitville, Sandisfield 

Allyne Saniiiel H. Saiiflwich 

I'ope .John W. " 

Campbell VVm. SomervlUe 

Crocker Henry N. Shrewsbury 

Dyer Samuel, " 

Williams Samuel, Southbridge 

Lyndes H. A. & .1. M. Spencer 

I'.elcher Daniel K. Springfield 

P^llis Amos, '■ 

Fisher, Uuckhsvus, & Kuappe, " 

Kussell .1. M. " 

Hrinton Edward C. Stockbridge 

Withington 1'. M. Stoughton 

'i'aylor Sewall li. Sudliury 

Hourne & Brooks, Templeton 

Greenwood Thomas T. " 

Jones J. A. •' 

Fosters & Cole, Tewksbury 

Carpenter Edwin, I'xbridge 

Bellis Matthew H. Wallliam 

Eldridge William E. Watertown 

S|)alding & Eddy, Webster 

Tomblin John L. West Brookfield 

Keese M. West Stockbridge 

Norton J. D. & Son, West Humpt<in 

Graves Samuel, No. Weymouth, " 

Smith Sumner, Whately 

Ingraham H. H. Williamstown 

Bios Wm. C. Worcester 
CHOLLAi; JOHN D. 198 Main, 

(see page V83), " 
Goodell ,1. M. 
l.'eeby K. M. 

Fuller George, Wrentham 

Cabinet Organs. 

CHENEY JAMES W , 14 State, 

Calcined and Farmers' Plaster. 

BAHNES E. & J. C, Water street 

(see page 717), i'lymouth 

Calendering & Singeing Cocks. 


(see page 794), Chelsea 

Calenders & Mangles Manufs. 


(see page 760), Fall Riyer 

Calico Printers' Rollers. 

))age 757 ), New Bedford 


page 750), Taunton 

Calico Printing Machinery. 

FACTURING CO. Worcester 

Caliper and Divider Manufac- 

7 Cypress, Worcester 

Calkers and Gravers. 

(See also Shijnn-it/hts and Calkers.) 
TERRY J. C, Rodman's wharf, Fi-.ll River 
Davis William, Fairhaven 

Davis William H. " 

Caswell Geo. & Co. Gloucester 

Glass Frank, Kingston 

Sampson Constant, " 

Sampson Hirara, " 

Cannon George, New Bedford 

Drew James, " 

Guge Benjamin, " 

Randall David E. " 

Stdwell Daniel, " 

Stowell F. S. " 

Delano Otis, Newburyport 

Flanders Enoch, '• 

Nason 1). " 

Beatly John W. Provincetown 
Mott S. & J. & Co. 

Mott James M. Wellfleet 
Cook E. 1'. 

Candle Mould Manufacturer. 

Ditsoii Saniuel .1. Charlestown 

Capstans, Windlasses, &c. 

(See i<liij)s Wheels, </■('.) 

Car Head Lining Manuf. 

Husband Chn-<. & Co. Taunton 

Holt George, Worcester 

Car Manufacturers. 

wich, Sandwich 
WASON MANUF. CO. Soringfidd 
Bradley Osgood, Worcester 

Car Wheel Manufacturers. 

WASON MANUF. CO. Springfield 


L. Davis treas., (see p. 784), Worcester 

Card & Card Clothing Manufs. 


721), Davol, Fall River 

M.\NrF., Jas. Newtou, (see 
page 722), " 

Fifchburg Card Co. (card clothing;), " 
Fuller Geo. A. (macliine), Lawrence 

way, cor. Metliuen, " 

RISCO & DENNY (machine card), 
HOLMAN WM. F. (hand card), 
MURDOCK J. & J. (machine card), " 
SARGENT & BRO. (hand card), " 

Sprague & Eddy (hand card), " 

UI'HAM GEORGE (hand card), " 

Waite E. C. & L. M. & Co. (machine 

card ), " 

Watson L. S. & Co. (hand card), " 

WHITE A. & SON (machine card), " 
WHITTEM(HiE W. & J. (machine ' 

card ), " 

WOODCOCK J. & L. & CO. (ma- 
chine card), " 
Woodcock, Knight, & Co. " 
HOWE & (JOODHUE (cards for flax, 
hemp, manilla, cotton, &c., see 
page 740), 92 Market, Lowell 
KITSON RICHARD, Worthen, cor. 

Dutton (see page 737), " 

LOWELL CARD Co. Jeremiah Clark. 

agent, (see page 742), 96 Middle, " 
Hampden Card Co. Springfield 

Stetson Everett P. (machine card), Walpole 
Uxbridge Card Co. Uxbiidge 

EARLE T. K. & Co. (see page 788), 
Grafton st. " 



Hownril Brothers, Worcester 

(machine cards, see last white 
page), Southbridge st. " 

Carding Mills. 

(See Wool Carders; aho Cloth Dre^sinff.) 


(Enamelled Paper.) 
Tapley Geo. W. (maiiuf.), Springfield 

Card Screen Manufacturers. 

Wamesit Steam Mills, (see page 
738), Lowell 

Card-Setting Machine Manuf. 

Kent Samuel W. Worcester 

Prouty A. B. " 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Cobb .John F. Abington 

Fannce Elijah, " 

Lvon .John P. " 

Nash William, " 

Wade Henry, East Abtngton, " 
Singleton Richard, North Abington, " 

Smith .Joseph, 2d " " 

Boniiey Chnrles, South Abington, " 

Bonnev Gladden, " " 

Healy Oliver G. " " 

Fletcher Cyru';, South Actoii, Acton 

Stevens Levi W., West Acton, •' 

Burton .T. A. Adams 

Crandall Hiram T. " 

Marsh Charles, " 

Simmons Philo, " 
Baldwin Hiram, North Adame, " 

Brown William N. " " 

Jaquith Leonard, " " 

Judd Albert R. " " 

.Tudd Rusell B. " " 

Morton Ranson, " " 

Walker Alfred, " " 

Bailey .lohn W. Amesbury 

Bartlett .Joseph, " 

Biaisdell .Toseph, " 

Foot Hiram, " 

Wiggin .James E. " 

Raskins Henry E. Amherst 

Haskins .John H. " 

Rowland W. S. " 

Lessey C. W. " 

McCloud M. L. " 

White & Church, " 
Haskins .James E., North Amherst, '* 

Smith Ellsha S. " '« 

Abbott George L. Andover 

Chickering; William, " 

Jenkins William S. " 

Wilson Horace, " 

Barton .Jao/es, Arlington 

Chase .Tames M. " 

Storer Edward, " 

Bennett Abram, Ashburnham 

Fairbanks E. H. " 

Sabin Lucius, »' 

Wellington Augustus, Ashbv 

Wellington Luke, " 

Adams George H. Ashland 

Brewster Richard R. " 

Winchester R. H. " 

Davenport J. A. Athol 

Doane F. C. »' 

Oliver J. « 

Dexter .Joseph L. Athol Depot, " 

Haskins Henry, " " 

Parmiiiter H. " " 

Whitney Gilbert H. " »' 

Woodward Charles, " " 

Bates .Jesse B. Attleborongh 

Pierce Alfred, " 

I'ierce .Jonathan, " 

Crocker Daniel, Banisri''':e 

Crocker Samuel S. " 

Hinckl- y John, " 

Hinckley I^.ithrop, " 

Lewis Charles, " 

Lothrop Ansel D. ** 

Marston Warren, " 

Matthews Russell, " 

Nye .James M. " 

Crosley .James, Centreville, " 

Bearce C. C. (^otuit, " 

Crocker .John C. Hyanuis, " 

Jiirmell Uriah G. " " 

Hinckley Gustavus, " " 
Burgess Moses, West Barnstable, " 

Bassett Henry, B^rre 

Carrufh Arza, «« 
GifTm L. 

Hawes Daniel, " 

Holland Merrill, " 

Osgood Charles, " 

Osgood .Joseph, " 

Spooner Timothy .J. " 

.Jennings \Vm. Austin, Becket 

Cutler Amos B. Bedford 

Lane Oliver J. " 

.Jackson Edwin M. Beldiertown 

Hatch Lemuel, Belmont 

Hatch Simon D. " 

Higgins Albert, " 

Hastings S. H. Berlin 

Sawyer .J. E. " 

GaiTies Benjamin, Bernardston 
Hale .L V.' 

Hills S. Russell, »♦ 

Smith Horace, " 

Tyler George W. " 

Brewer .Jacob, Beverly 

Butman George, " 

(Jallup Augustus, •' 

Goodhue Adoniram, " 

Hale Henry, " 

I^arcom Benjamin " 

Meacom .John, " 

Morgan .John E. •' 

Oher .John, " 

Ober Joseph E. " 

Prince Warren, " 

Remmonds Robert, " 

Wallace Daniel, " 

Webber William, " 

Woodbury Augustu', " 

Woodbury T. >* 

Floyd Daniel, BillericA 
Shed T. R. 

Stone .Tones, " 
Salter J. .L North Billerica, " 
Retd & Bachelor, Millville, Bhu-kstone 

Shepard V.. W. Blandford 

Bunrham Reuben, Bolton 

Hurlburt .Tames D. *» 

Pollard Otis, " 

Pollard Stephen C. " 

Read J. Everett, Boxborough 

Veazio D. T. " 

Ayers Samuel N. Boxford 

Carlton James, " 
Shaw Elmer, Boylston Centre, Boylston 

Carleton George, Bradford 






East Brookfield, " 


Carpenters mid Builders — continued. 

Carleton J. P. Bradford 

Gage Waren, " 

Longfellow Nathan, " 

Berry Horatio A. Braintree 

Hobart Charles W. " 

Rogers Zenas, " 

Hayward John, S. Braintree, " 

Pennimaii William R. " " 

GARDNER HENKY, P. 0. address 

Weymouth, (see page 768) " 

Crocker Thomas, Brewster 

Crocker Watson, " 

Foster Benjamin, " 

Freeman William, " 

Hopkins George C. . " 

Hopkins Moses, " 

Jenkins A. " 

Seabury David, " 

Small Cornelius, " 

Small Joshua G. " 
Cutter William, 
Keith Ambrose, 
Keith Solomon, 
Campbell John, 
JlcCausland John, 
Nee.'lham Alfred, 
Wadleigh J. C. 
Harvey James, jr. 
Bowen William, 
Cheney J. P. 
Ciapp C. C. 
Ward A. 
Putney R. 0- 
Beals Samuel, 
Delano Oliver B. 

Davis William, " 

Haines C. L. " 

Jones C. W. «» 

Long J. D. " 

Lyford Nathaniel, " 

Melcher W. K. . " 

Frost J. B. & Co. Shelbunie Falls, " 

Anderson J. Cambridge 

Black & French, " 

Dan forth C. " 

Hall & Frazier, " 

Hatfield S. " 

Hayes L. S. " 

Huckins Thomas S. " 

Norris & Richardson, " 

Parsons A. B. " 

Perkins Levi, " 

Saunders Samuel, " 

Stevens Abel, jr. " 

Trow F. R. « 

Trow M. F. » 

Wilson John, " 

Wlthey Simon B. " 

Bailev Isaac W., Cambri('geport, " 

Blodgett & Rhodes, " " 

Crawford A. " " 

Clark Simon P. " " 

Harlow 1 hos. E. " " 

Hancock & Greely, " " 

Keenan J. H. " " 

KellevJ. &J. " " 


Luke William H. '• " 

Rivers Isaac H. " " 

Sparrow .James H. " " 

Stevens Albert, " " 
Waddell J. 

LORING & SEELYE, East Camhrid<^e " 
Curtis Charles, North Ciinibridge, " 

Webster T. B. " " " 

Stiles Stephen, North Cambridge, " 

Blackman William, Canton 

Bright Samuel, " 

Fuller James W. " 

Seveay J. E. " 

Meserve Samuel W. " 

Duren Isaac F. Carlisle 

Green Thomas J. " 

Southworth Thomas, Carver 
Parsons C. D. North Carver, " 

Harlow Benjamin. South " " 

Williams .John T. Charlfmont 

Brown Amo:^, Charle^town 

Cass John, '* 

Currier & Hatch, " 

Flaiiajran Samuel, ** 

Hall William E. " 

Harmon Benjamin, " 

Hutchiiigs Sincere, " 

Jones Jes>;e U. " 

Kelso J. G. » 

Laighton Mark, " 

Maynard James B. " 

Meserve .lohn B. • " 

Norris E. J. " 

Patterson William, ** 

Perkins J. L. " 

Prescott S. T. *' 

Savape W. F. «' 

Shattuck N. •' 

Simonds & Lord, •*• 

Snow .1. '♦ 

Starbird George M. ** 

Tucker I). S. •♦ 

\Vellington C. W. *♦ 

Wilson Jeremy, •• 

Wilson J. B. •♦ 

Wyman Earle, " 

Edwards David W. Chatham 
Young Prince, West Chatham, " 

Green Alonzo G. Chelmsford 

Larcom .lonatlian, '♦ 
Swett Edmund, Middlesex Village, " 
Davis A. A. North Chelmsford, " 

Howard Calvin, " " " 

Batchelder J. S. Chelsea 

Batchelder & Meserve, " 

Burnliam & Lord, " 

Buzzell Joshua, »• 

Cheever William, »* 

Clark George W. « 

Corey T. S. •*• 

Curry Ephraim H. •♦ 

Downs Samuel W. •« 

Grant Washington, " 

Lawrence Parker, " 

Lawrence Prescott, " 

Pratt William, " 

Robbins & Hartford, " 

Rogers Andrew, '♦ 

Soule James M. " 

Stone Benjamin F. " 

Storer C. F. & Co. •♦ 

Severance Charles, " 

larr Benj. F. «» 

Tenney & Wilkinson, " 

Wells Ivory, " 

White William H. •• 

Wilkinson John H. Chesterfield 

Brown Henry J. Cheshire 

Brown Werden R. " 

Foster Daniel B. " 

Merry Charles W. " 

Bingham Horace, Chicopee 

Daiiks Lyman, " 

Porter Abram, " 

White Alfred, " 





Oaks James, Chicopee Falls, " 

Sherman Nathaniel, " " " 

Warner N. P. " " " 

Vincent Moses C. Cbilmark 

Worthy Henry, North Adams, Clarksburg 
Belyea Samuel, Clinton 

Sawyer Peter, " 

Sawyer Wm. '■ 

Stone 0. " 

Welch O. H. " 

Fox Philip, Cohasset 

Rich Zaccheus, " 

Tiden W. A. W. " 

Miller T. Coleraine 

Buttrick Frank, Concord 

George Joseph P. " 

Hobson Moses, " 

Hosmer N. S. " 

Wetherbee E. Cummings, " 

Hitchcock 0. C. Conway 

Peabody George 0. " 

Sherwin Thomas S. " 

Tilison Edmund W. Cnmmington 

Aldrich A. D. Dalton 

Phelps E. N. 

Thompson Thomas D. " 

Wilner Thomas S. " 

Oakes Samuel L. Dana 

Couch Francis A. Danvers 

Berry Allen, " 

Cressey Enoch T. " 

Patterson James, " 

Eveleth Aaron, Danvers Port, " 

Eveleth Francis, " " 

Kelly James, " " 

Whittier George, " " 

Sisson Christopher G. Dartmouth 

Sisson Isaac, " 

Wood Humphrey, " 

Snell Thomas, North Dartmouth, " 

Tripp Benjamin T. " " 

Crapo Isaac, South Dartmouth, " 
Davis Samuel M. " " 

Harden Charles, Dedham 

Waters Joseph, _ " 

Wilson Sumner ' " 

GaftVev Peter, East Dedham, " 

Withington W. " " 

Thayer Tyler, South Dedham, " 

Cooley Lewis A., South Deerfield, Deerfield 
Hubbard Frederick, " " 

Stewart James I. " " 

Hall Isaiah B. Dennis 

Matthews Edmund, " 

Downs Barnabas S. East Dennis, " 
Alexander H. G. South " " 

Hinckley Ahnon G. West " " 

Matthews Wm. G. " " " 

Sturgess Benjamin C. " " " 

Phillips David, Dighton 

Pierce Isaac, " 

Gav E. R. North Dighton " 

Waldron Edward, " " 

Waldron Henry, " " 

Davenport Hartford, Dorchester 

Lapham Robert M. " 

McKechnie Edward, " 

Willcut & Grant, " 

Ballard & Ewel!, Harrison Square, " 
Crosby & Walker, ' " 

Glover A. H. " " 

Merrill Edward, Jr. " •' 

Studlev & Nichols, " " 

Williams J. M. & J. D. " " 

Burt J. H. & Co. Mattapan, " 

Pope James, Jr. Milton, " 

Blanchard Hiram, Nepoiiset, " 

Bowker Benj. C, Neponset, Dorchester 

Howe Albion K. Dover 

Paine Barnabas, " 

Durkey Erastus, Dudley 

Weston James M. Duxbury 

Bonne v Charles H. East Bridge water 

Fuller" Ezra T. " 

Lasell Caleb, " 

Smith Sylvanus, Orleans, Eastham 

Bosworth E. R. East Hampton 

Pomeroy F. H. " 

Pomeroy J. Thomas & Son, " 

Spear D. C. " 
Keith F. G. North Easton, Easton 

Randall S. A. " " 

Smith Lorenzo, " " 

Donaldson Joseph, Edgartown 

Dunham Edward R. " 

Hobart Caleb, " 

Lewis Ellis, *' 

Pease Freeman, " 

Pent William, " 

Ripley C. " 

Worth Charles, " 
Brown Ransom, North Egremont, Egremont 

Dotv San ford, " " 

Doty Seeley, " " 

Dunn Henry, " " 

Potter Charles, " " 

Reasoner James, " " 

Stillman Frederick, " " 
Hull Abel, South Egremont, " 

Patterson Luther H. " " 

Schutt Charles, Jr. " " 

Schutt Ira, " " 

Butler E. E. Enfield 

Jones Ira, " 

Latham Joseph, " 

Choate Francis, • Essex 

Cogswell Henry C. " 

Perkins P. P. . " 

Proctor Joseph, Jr. " 

Story George M. " 

Alden John, Fairhaven 

Alden John F. " 

Pierce Frederick, " 

Savory Aaron, " 

Stetson Henry, " 

Tripp & Bourne, " 

Borden Melvin, Fall River 

Brownell W. W. » 

Covel Benjamin, " 

Coyle John, " 

Douglas Charles, " 

Earle J. M. & T. B. " 

Freeborn T. D. " 

Grinnell David, " 

Grinnell James, " 
MARBLE CHARLES C. 3 Winter, " 

Marble & Darling, " 

Millard & Porter, " 

Miller Lorenzo T. " 

Miller Southard H. " 

Pierce t^dward M. '' 

PIERCE JAMES F. West Bank, " 

Shay Daniel, "■ 

Simmons Aaron, "• 

Snow James, "• 

Southworth Spaulding, " 

Vickery & Francis, " 

Robinson Henry, Falmouthr 
Jenkins Henry W., East Falmouth, " 

Barker Lorenzo, Fitchburg 

Carter & McFarland, " 

Davis John E. " 

Fuller Benjamin F. " 

Goodwin William, " 

Kinsman George H. "■ 




Fram Ingham 

Carpenters and Builders — continued. 
Marshall Benjamin F. Fitchburg 

Morse & Hudson, " 

l*arkhurst & Aldrich, " 

Starkey Calvin, " 

Wilson Arnold, 
Angell W. W. 
Carpenter Jos. W. 
Drake Asa, 
Fales Abner, 
Jooes E. F. 
Lane Warren, 
Leonard Edward, 
Leonard William, 
Lindley William, 
Hemenway Adam, 
Hemenway Dexter, 

Hemenway Elbra, " 

Rice Phineas G. " 

Haynes Nathan, Saxoiiville, " 

Moulton Charles, " " 

Hemenway .losiah. South Framingham," 
Pratt Met^alf, " " " 

Rice E. E. " " 

BaUou B. 

CORSON H, W. (see page 758), 
Hubbard Sabin, 
Metcalf E L. & 0. F. 
Marble John W. 
Pierce Allen, 
Hodfrman L. 
Mason B. S. 
Holt Silas, 
Clark Samuel E. 
Plumer J. T. 
Phillips Simon C, 
Clougti Mo-ies H. 
Dennis & Griffin, " 

Garland OrlaTido, " 

Griffin Bennett, ♦* 

Hodgkins William, " 

Honors Brothers, " 

Hovt E. C. " 

WATSON D. S. »• 

Whidden John H. " 

Winchester Wm. M. " 

Blake Jolm M. East Gloucester, " 
Packard Freeborn W. Goshen 




South Gardner, " 



Clisbie Calvin 

Fletcher Noah, 

Cusick Thomas, 

Taft Reuben, 

Fuller George, N. E. Village, 

Harrington W. " " 

Dickinson Calvin, jr. 

Preston Dexter, 

Preston J. L. 

Warren Eli, 

Gorham & Hayes, 

Luddingtou Edward, 

Nettleton Lucius, 

Pattersim J. 

Bryant Wm. Housatonic, 

Van Alstvne Wm. " 

CARL J." L. 

Embury Henry C. 

Hawkes Frederick, 

Newton James & Sons, 

Stratton , 

Thorn Joseph, 

Traver Philip, 

Blood Luther, 

Lewis George W. 

Whiting & Son, 

Childs D. Groton Junction 

Fletcher Joel E. " 

Lapham Morey, " 

Spaulding Benjamin M. " 



Great Barrington 



S. Hanson, 

Harwich Port, 
South Harwich, 

Hardy Abner, 

Hardy Charles, 

Hardy Charles N. 

Henry William H 

Knox Eli, 

Knox Hiram, 

Merrill Burton E. 

Shaw Charles A. 

Marsh J. D. 

Marsh J. W. 

Nash Lucius, 

Ware Lauriston, 

Porter Benjamin, 

De Lano Jay G. 

Stndlej' George, 

Turner Samuel N. 

Lormg Joseph S. 

Josselyn Benj. W. 

Riim'idell Samuel D 

Earle Apollos 

Newland Franklin, 

Richardson Henry H. 

Hosmer Samuel, 

Sawyer Jabez, 

Baker Austin, 

Baker Cyrus, 

Haymer John, 

Moodv James, 

Paine L. H. 

Smith Freeman, 

Freeman Sanford, 

Hopkins E. 

Tripp H. Gideon, 

Batchellor & Dinsmore, 

Richmond A. M. 

Bishop E. P. 

Chesley A. L. 

Cane F. C. 

Felch D. M. 

French M. Yj. 

Gage Alfred, 

Hall & Wason, 

Heath William D. 

Hurd Orrin, 

Littlefield J. M. 

Longfellow Nathan, 

Merrill J. M. 

Mills Benj. Ayer's Village, 

Nesmith James M. 

Osgood Jacob, 

R(il)erts Stephen, 

Sliapleigh Charles, 

Hannnm George A. 

McGee H. 

Sprague Joseph G. 

Bailey S. G. & Son, 

Cushing Allyne, 

Foster William, 

Nelson William J. 

Pearce John W^. 

Ripley Justin, jr. 

Sprague Timothy, 

Beals James S. 

Cushing Alonzo, 

Cushing Isaac H. 

Ewell Walter, 

Brague Lewis P. 

Contray Joseph, 

Day Alvin, 

Hamblen David, 

Gleason W. L. 

Hubbard Samuel D 

Hubbard Simon, 

Knowlton Daniel, 

Parmenter Elnah, 

Butterworth T. D. 

Bobbins Wm. A. 

Sanger Samuel A. 


South Groveland, " 










So. Hingham, 






Crowley Thomas, Holy ok e 

Donahue Jerry, . " 

Hand M. T. " 

Joslvn H. C. " 

Taft & Moody, " 

Thorpe C. L. " 

WiggirKs & Flagg, " 

Willard Asa, " 

Archibald Charles, " 
Blake Richard, ' 

Pond Caleb, " 
Rollins E. N. Woodville, Hopkinton 
Austin Charles, Hubbardstou 

Kalis Joseph S. " 
Fletcher Georrge W. Hudson 

Hurlbut John, " 

Russell Nathan, ' " 

Strong Joseph, *' 

Tower Henry, " 

Witt George D. " 

Knight Edward G. Hull 

Tower John W. " 
Rust George B. Huntington 

Sheldon Wellington, " 
Angell David, Hvde Park 
Blaze W. A. ' " 

Chadbourn J. Perrv, " 

Fogg L. S. ' <« 

Haskell Besturo B. " 

Higsiins David, " 

Hincklev I. Young, '• 
NKA L A. B. & CO. (see p«5ge 765), " 

Pierce George, " 

Russell L. tf. " 

Swift T. P. " 


Willard & Hilton, " 

Williams R. •' 

Williams J. M. & J. D. " 
Canney S. A. Ipswich 

Hodgkins D. A. " 

Nourse Daniel P. " 

Russell & Archer, " 

Russell Foster, " 

Smith W. H. " 
Bartlett Cornelius A. Kingston 

Bartlett Walter S. " 

Delano David, " 

Faunce Albert, " 

Faunce George, " 

Hammond Asa, ** 

Holmes Joseph, '• 

Holm- s Stephen, " 

Ripley Lewis, " 

Ripley Samuel E. " 

Simmons Henry, " 

Waterman E. h. " 
Briggs Joseph H. Lakeville 

Nye Loren, " 

Sampson Sylvanus W. " 

Shaw Jairus H. " 

Southworth Warren H. " 
Estey Arba, Lancaster 
Gardener Powell P. Lanesborough 

Somers Augustus B. " 
Beal Geo. P. Lawrence 

Clement & Creesy, " 

Couch Henry J. " 

Currier A. A. " 

Eaton J. W. " 

Emerson C. T. " 

Flanders F. & B. K. " 

Floyd Thos. W. » 

Flanders & Severance, *' 

Joplin A. L. " 

Knowles & Noyes, " 

Lord S. S. " 

Merriam J. Frank, " 

Perkins Moses, Lawrence 

Reed W. B. & Co. " 

Sanborn Lyman .1. " 

Sanborn George, " 

True worthy C. H. & A. J. ■' 

Wiiikley A. " 

Withington Henry, " 

Woodbury Lorenzo, " 

Broderick James, Lee 

Gibbons Geo. " 

Millard Spencer. " 

Stone William A. " 

Bowen James, South Lee, " 

Baker Leonard, Leicester 

Earle Ira, " 

Knowles Edward, " 

Norcross Brothers, " 
Loomis Ensign, Lenox 

Loorais George, " 

Smith Wm. S. " 

Washburn Wm. I. " 
Carpenter Franklin, Lenox Furnace, " 
Capell Custis, Lexington 

Locke William, " 

Tuttle David A. " 
Stetson G. W. Levden 
Fletcher J. W. Littleton 

Law Cyrus, " 

Robbins N. B. " 

Tuttle N. E. . " 
Waters John S. Longmeadow 
Corning B. F. E. Longmeadow, " 
Barclay Cyrus P. Lowell 

Bennett James W. " 

Bennett John C. " 

Ben-v T. D. " 

BroWn M. C. " 

Chamberlin Joseph, ** 

Davis Bartlett, " 

Dow John D. " 

Emery A. H. " 

Famham G. B. " 

Foster Jesse, " 

Fowler George L. " 

Furnald N. G. " 

Gardner A. B. " 

Grant Hugh G. " 

Haseltine Geo. W. " 

Harmon M. " 

Holt Daniel, " 

Hood A. K. " 

Horton .lohn F. ** 

Howe H. C. & J. F. " 

Howe H. F. " 

Howe James M. " 

Howe Lorenzo G. " 

Leonard George, " 

Libby I. H. " ■ 

Mardin Joseph, " 

Merrill & Calef, " 

Page G. W. " 

Peabody John T. " 


Pitt John, " 

Proctor S. N. " 

Richards Luth«r, ** 

Sawtell Josiah A. " 

Shedd Geo. W. " 

Shaw J. M. " 

Snell Orlando, " 

Stearns E. " 

Sylvester G. B. " 

Wilev S. F. « 

Wiggin William H. ". 

Wilson F. S. & F. T. " 
Hyatt George W. Lunenburg 

Jewett George A. " 

Marshall Silas, " 



Carpenters and Builders — continued. 

Allen Walter B. Lynn 

Andrews Samuel H. '" 

Boynton Betij. S. " 

Brierly Joseph, " 

Brown Ira P. " 

Campbell & Simpson, " 

HaU J. H. " 

Huntington C. H. N. " 

Hussev S. B. " 

Hyde Daniel, " 

Jewett Charles W. " 

Jones J. " 

Kelly Frank G. " 

Lee Nehemiah, " 

Mace & Swain, " 

McAllister Benj. R. " 

Merrill Samuel B. " 

Pease Edward, " 

Searles W. H. " 

Snow & Chapman, " 

Southworth James N. " 

Tewkshury James W. '' 

Todd Nelson, " 

Trefethen B. R. " 

Weeks R. L, " 

Worthen C. H. " 

Badgpr Geo. W. Maiden 

Clark Jonathan, " 

Eames John N. " 

flunnewell N. M. " 

Morcombe Fred T. " 

McAllister George H. " 

Newhall Nathan, " 
Fuller & Hemmenway, Maple wood, " 

Kimball Lafayette, " " 
Friend Datiiel W. Manchester 

Goldsmith Abram, •' 

Phillips & Kelham, " 
Cobb S. C. Mansfield 

Cobb Willard, " 

Harding A. C. " 

Penney Alvin, " 

Codding S. C. " 
Bow.ieii Thomas & Son, Marblehead 

Goodwin H. R. " 

Hathaway Bedjamin G. " 

Martin Samuel", " 

Martin John S. " 

Sanborn N. B. " 

Traill Benj. G. " 

Allen Silas B. Marion 

Blank inship Warren, " 

Briggs William, " 

Braley Elijah, " 

Handy Augustus, " 
Berrv Robert, Marlborough 

Black & French, " 

Brown & Rogers, " 

Holyoke Edward, " 

How Elbridge, " 

Kirby Philip, «« 

Maynard I. G. " 
Kent Warren, Marshfield 

Sprague Edward, " 
Oakman Israel, W. Marshfield, " 
Boodiy Dennis S. Mattapoisett 

Eaton S. K. " 

Hiller Jonathan, " 

Hiller Prince, " 

Purrington George, " 
BuUard Hinsdale F. Medfield 
Jacobs Charles S. Medford 

718) " 

Pierce .lames, " 

Thomas Wm. B. " 

Daniels T. M. E. Medway, Medway 

Force Samuel, " " 

Brooks J. W. W. Medway, " 

Davis & Ross, " " 

Partridge Sewall, " " 

Ross R. P. " " 

Atwood & Stantial, Melrose 

Whowell John & Co. " 


Davenport J. L. Mendon 
Metcalf William T. 

Taft S. C. " 

Taylor William, Methuea 

Towne Jesse A. " 

Haskins Franklin, Middleborough 

Reed Sylvanus W. " 

Sears Ivory H. ' " 

Sherman Joshua, "" 

Sparrow James P. " 

Tinkham Lorenzo, " 
White Wm. B. N. Middleborough, " 

Eaton Lewis, " " 

Eaton Oliver, " " 

Eaton William, " " 

Phelps W. A. & H. D. Middleton 

Albee E. A. Milford 

Bergin James, " 


F'isher M. " 

Taft Amos, *• 

Whitney Otis, " 

Lapham Charles, Millbury 

Sherman Daniel A. " 

Tucker John A. Milton 

Burt John H. & Co. Mattapan, " 

Higgins David, Fairmount, " 

Hitchcock .lohn, Monscka 

Newell Austin, " 

Orcutt John, " 

Warriner Ethan, " 

Gilbert George, Montague 

Moore Alpheus, " 

Pratt R. D. " 

Babbit N. T. Montague City, *' 

Gifford Charles, Monterey 

Kinne James, " 

Thompson Sardis, " 

Woodin Frank, " 

Patterson Luther H. Mount Washington 

Perkins Geo. U. Nahant 

Wilson George W. " 

Easton Edward F. Nantucket 

Fisher & Bodfish, ' " 

Folger Eben R. " 

Gibbs James H. " 

Hallett Isaac, •• 

Hnllett Wm M. " 

Hussey Andrew, " 

Robinson Charles H. " 

Toby Albert, " 

Woodward Samuel, " 

Cook Moses, Natick 

Bates J. jr. " 

Johnson G. W. " 

Morse Willard, " 

Mosman Judson, " 

Smith Nathaniel, " 

Caswell Asa, South Natick, " 

Phillips Thomas, " " 

Pray Henry, " " 

Coulter John S. jr. Needham 

Kingsbury George 0. " 

Morton & Locke, " 

Pickering Oliver, " 

Fuller Hezekiah, Grantville, " 

Phillips Freeman, " " 

Clarke William L. Wellesley, " 

Winsor Whitman S. " " 



Cnrpenter Erastus C. New Ashford 

Baker Lorenzo, New Bedford 

Baker & Bosworth, " 

Bates William, 2d, " 

Bliss Moses H. " 

Bosworth William, " 

Brown Benj. C. " 

Brownell C. H. " 

Chadwlck, Allen, & Ck). " 

Chase Joseph, " 

Clark Ezra, " 

Clarke E. P. •' 

Cushliig John K. " 

Davis Joseph (sailors' chests), " 
DOULL JAMES, Front, cor. School, " 

De Wolfe Charles, " 

Enos M. (sailors' chests), " 

Flynn & Bowen, " 

Foster J. M. " 

Foster E L. " 

Gifford William, " 

Green Alfred, " 

Hammond Caleb, " 

Hammond & Weaver, " 

Ha.skins 0. & J. C. " 

Hathaway Lewis, " 

Kirbv William A. . " 

Leach Chas. H. " 

Look John W. " 

Perry George W. " 

Sears H. G. 0. " 

Sears Marshall G. " 

Silver Manuel E. (sailors' chests), " 

Sturtevant & Sherman, " 

Tripp Washington, " 

Tripp & Maxfield, " 

Walker Henrv, " 

Walker William, " 

Williams John (sailors' chests) " 
Williston Alanson, 
Cooley G. 
Green Schuyler, 
Lincoln J. N. 
Knapp Anthony, 
Adams & Noyes, 
Allen Jeremiah, 

Bailey John & Son, " 

Batchelder Thomas L. " 

Batchelder William, " 

Brown Charles S. " 

Cooper James M. " 

Currier & Thurlow, " 

Dockhim Joseph H. ' " 

Dodge Greenleaf, " 

Dodge William S. " 

Evans J. W. " 

Gerrish, Lamprey, & Evans, " 

Green George L. " 

Hale Charles H. " 

Haskell George W. " 

Morrill & Morse, " 

Page John H. " 

Plummer Wm. H. P. " 
Wheeler George, New Marlborough 

Cook James, Southfield, " 

New Salem 

New Braintree 


Coolidge N. B. 
Eaton Porter J. 
King Emery S. 
Heustis Benj. 
Wight James H. 
Jordan Allen, 
Spring George, 
Ellis Stephen, 
Garey O. C. 
Walker Timothy, 
Holmes Stephen, 
Leavitt W. P. 
Pingree Brothers, 

N. Prescott, 

Lower Falls, 

Newton Centre, 

Newton Corner, 


Whipple Orrin, Newton Corner, Newton 
Hurd & Wilson, Newtonville, " 

Flint S. " " 

Waterman M. T. " " 
Keyes G. W. Upper Falls, " 
Bailey Luther, West Newton, " 

Lucas M. & 0. F. " " 

Lucas R. M. " " 

Abell Asahel, Northampton 

Bosworth G. S. & Co. " 

Breck Moses, " 

Crosier & Harlow, " 

Crouch Charles S. " 

Currier Bros. & Smith, " 

Jewett Joseph, " 

Jewett & Everett, " 

Stetson C. J. " 

Strong E. W. " 

Elbridge Amos, Florence, '' 

Squires Asa, " " 

Hodgson H. M. North Andover 

Holt^eter, " 

Holt Samuel F. " 

Rea Aaron G. jr. " 

Summers Abram jr. " 

Newton R. W. Northborough 

Randlett Nathaniel, " 

Ware William, " 

Hagar S. D. Northbridge 

Beal John F. North Bridgewater 

Foye & Holmes, '' 

Snow Barnabas, " 

Thayer Jarvis, Campello, " 

Fullam William, North Brookfield 

Hebard J. F. '* 

Prouty Benjamin, " 

Rice A. " 

Stoddard Dexter, " 

Thompson Henry, " 

Adiims James E. North Chelsea 

Stowers Daniel W. " 

Maynard Caleb, Northfield 

Stearns Albert D. " 

Stearns Charles H. " 

Swan Calvin T. " 

Batchelder Henry, North Reading 

Batchelder Josiah, " 

Broad Nathaniel W. " 

Campbell Warren A. " 

Eames .John, " 

Holt Solon 0. " 

Hodges Leonard, Norton 

Hunt Henry, '' 

Biirr Sumner, Oakham 

Bullard Dwight, " 

Harrington Austin, " 

Holden Amory, " 

Barber Charles W. Orange 

Davis Prentiss, " 

Derby John, " 

Howe Lewis R. " 

Johnson W. & A. J. " 

Gould Joseph K. Orleans 

Mayo Ira, " 

Crittenden Alanson, Otis 

Latham Watson, " 

Fuller Charles, Oxford 

.Joslin Esek, " 

Stockwell L. " 
Newton Amos P. North Oxford, " 

Burleigh Albert, Palmer 

Johnson B. H. " 

Bond L. W. Bondsville, " 

Canterbury Asa G. " " 

Brown William, jr. Paxton 

Park hurst M. B. " 

Beekett J. Peabody 

Carr T. W. " 



Carpenters and Builders — continued. 

Chute & Parsons, Peabodv 

Clark & Giddings, " " 

Fulsom Charles G. " 

Grant John S. " 

HiJls Benj. M. " 

Parsons Samuel S. " 

Richardson Charles H. " 

Spalding Levi, " 

Pike Philander, Pelham 

Whitman T. T. Pembroke 
Ford Jiimes, 2 1, North Pembroke, " 

Ford Barnabas, " " 

Randall Nathaniel K. " " 
Howlan<l David 0. South Hans )n, " 

Carter Sumner, Pepperell 

Chapman Klias, " 

Dow Daniel F. " 

Miller Jacob, " 

Tucker Samuel E. " 

Bottom Austin, Peru 

Bottom S. M. " 

Strtweil Franklin, " 

Carter Hosea, jr. Petersham 

Mann Lot, " 

Prichard K. S. » 

Prouty George, " 

Prouty Ira, " 

Doane Francis E. Phillipston 

Gould Samuel N. " 

Searlcs Harrison H. " 

Brtllou Dexter M. Pittsfield 

Burbank Abraham, " 

Chapman K. J. " 

Chapman Timothy, " 

Lawless Daniel, " 

Munyan A. B. & D. C. " 

Newcastle Peter, " 

Richardson Henry H. " 

Sanders Daniel J. " 

Strong John K. " 

Tottineham Anson, " 

Ward Zadock A. «' 

Werden K. " 

WoUison George W. " 
Butler Dudley Iv, West Pittsfield " 

Whitmarsh J. S. Plainfield 

Barnes Nathaniel C. Plymouth 

Barnes Nathaniel F. " 

Barnes William B. " 

Barnes William K. '* 

Bartlett Ihomas B. " 

Bates Comfort, " 

Bradford Caleb C. " 

Churchill Amasa, " 

Churchill William, " 

Diman James, " 

Dimaa Tho.iias, " 

Drew Winslow, " 

Eddy Lewis, «' 

Harlow Ivory L. " 

Holmes William S. " 

Pope William W. " 

Rider Daniel, " 

Rider Joseph, " 

Weston Henry, " 

Weston William, « 

Whitton Charles, " 

Hoxie Edward, Chiltonville, " 
Langford John, South Plymouth, " 

Peterson Chas. H. " " 

Holmes George W. Plympton 

Sherman George W. " 

Vaughan D. K. Prescott 

White Ellis, " 
Chapman Nathan, Provincetown 

Cobb James, " 

Dyer Joshua, " 

Hedge William H. Provincetewn 

Hill George, ** 

Holway Samuel A. " 

Knowles R. " 

Lavender Wm. R. " 

Rich Zaccheus, " ■ 

Ryder James N. " 

Snow Josiah, " 

Snow Reuben, " 

Sparks Reuben G. " 

Small Alfred, North Truro, " 

Bailey & Baxter, Quincy 

Brackett Chas. C. " 

Litchfield Amos M. " 

Newcomb Richard, •• 

Parker William, jr. " 

Pratt Henry G. " 

.\lden Morrison M. Randolph 

Alden Winslow, " 

Belcher Charles, " 

Belcher Linus, •* 

Moulton Eben, " 

Peterson L. R. " 

Porter Ira, " 

Prescott Aaron, " 
Whiting T. W. E. Randolph, " 

Dean Pythagoras, Raynham 

King Benjamin, " " 

King Edward, " 

Wilbur William F. " 

Bancroft Wendall, Reading 

Frost Charles, " 

Safford Edward, " 

Bliss George B. Rehoboth 

Bliss George E. '* 

Wheaton Cyrus M. " 

Sherman Augustus T. Rochester 

West Benjamin H. " 

Bailey Levi, Reck port 

Choate Alfred B. " 

Choate John N. " 

Choate Paul, " 

Clark Albert, " 

Dade George W. '• 

Knowlton Daniel W. " 

Parsons Benjamin, jr. " 

Pool Ebenezer, " 

Savage Jesse, " 

Rice Stanford, Rowe 

Todd Solomon, "' 

Bailey Edward, Rowley 

Bailev Frederick, " 

Jewett Mark R. " 

Moody Luther, " 

Rundlett Oliver A. " 

Batchelder I>aac, Royakton 

Chase Chauncy, '' 

King John, " 

Walker Joseph, " 

Miles Joseph, Rutland 

Moulton M. & Hiram V. " 

Stone David M. " 

Brown G. A. & C. A. Salem 

Brown J. M. " 

Bruce & Balcom, " 

Carleton J. F. " 

Ciarlv George C. '* 

Copeland R. M. " 

Danforth E. F. " 

Day Albert, " 

Dennis Devereux, " 

Easson & Saul, " 

Pvdwards John S. " 

Fairfield James, ]r. " 
FAXON & LOCKE, 72 Washington 

(see page 746), " 

Fuller E. P. " 

Gifford T. J. & Co. " 



Goldthwait & Day, Salem 

Gorman Thomas, " 

Haley Shillaber, " 

Hammond V\ iliiam C. " 

Harris D. M. " 

Hill Ira, " 

Honeycomb Thomas P. " 

Honeycomb VV. H. " 

Hood David B. " 

Hatchings A. " 

Locke N. C. " 

Lord J. B. " 

LoYejoy John, " 

Mclntire William E. " 

Moulton & Gardner, " 

Ober Andrew, " 

Perkins E. B. " 

Richardson F. A. " 

Ri)berts Joseph W. " 

Russell & Lord, " 

Smith James A. " 

Stiles Dean, " 

Towle Abraham, " 

Upton George L. " 

Upton M. T. " 

Walker P. D. " 

Woodbury Ezra, " 

Gale Foster, Amesbury, Salisbuiy 

Godsoe Benjamin, " " 

Judkins John M. " " 

Page Newell, " " 

Moody Gardner S., East Salisbury, " 

Pike Charles, " " 

Balch Henry, Sandisfield 

Calkins Joseph, Montville, " 

Ingham Edward, " " 

Parsons Joseph W. " " 

Richardson Levi J. " " 

Gladding Brothers, New Boston, " 

Bassett William W. Sandwich 

Hall Joseph, " 

Howland Gustavus, " 
Crowell Hiram, West Sandwich, " 

Farnsworth J. W., Cliftondale, Saugus 
Mugridge & Farnham, East Saugus, " 

Five John, Saugus Centre, " 

Parker A. " " 

Thomas J. W. " " 

Waldron Gilbert, •' " 

Horton Samuel T. Savoy 

Maynard Eben L. •' 

Polly Harvey, '' 

Cole & Coleman, Scituate 
Hayes Oliver P. North Scituate, " 

Lee George C. " " 

Merritt H. & A. " " 

Bowen Arnold M. Seekonk 

Short Samuel, " 

Hitchcock William H. Sharon 

Tucker George, " 

Crippen W. W. Sheffield 

Stillman David, " 

Wright Gordon, " 

Ashley John, Ashley Falls, " 

Bulman Gunion J. " " 

Chapin Ansel, " " 

Chapin Edward F. " " 

Turner John, " " 

Newhall N. 0. Shelburne 
PROS r J. B. & Co., Shelbunie Falls, " 

Richmond & Dole, " " 

TiUvert & Co. " " 

Dowse Charles D. Sherborn 

Goulding Eleazer " 
Lawrence 0. F. Shirley Village, Shirlev 

Sawtell William, " " 

Cutler Aaron G. Shrewsbury 

Green William A. " 





Sawyer Franklin A. 
Tillson Zebina, 
Davis Leander P. 
Dean Asa, 
Marble George A. 
Wood Benjamin W. 
Brazillain J. M. 

Randall Benjamin, " 

Robinson J. 0. " 

Sanborn David A. jr. " 

Snow F. D. & D. H. " 

Trefren Geo. W. " 
Robinson John, East Somerville, " 

Brazillian James, North " " 

Hyde Curtis, Sonthborough 

Prentiss Benjamin F. " 

Walker Lorenzo, " 

Cutler Leonard, Southbridge 

Chamberlain D. M. *' 
Stedman \Vm. C. Globe Village, " 

Phetteplace Edward, " " 

Burnett Jonathan, South Hadley 

Judd Hervey, " 

Stacy William, ■' 

White Charles F. " 

Turner David W. South Scituate 

Turner Samuel, " 
Curtis Frederick, West Scituate, " 

Aldrich Bennett, Southwick 

Putney Alonzo, " 

Saunders William, " 

Barns Samuel, Spencer 

Howland Pardon, " 

Livermore Lorenzo, " 

Sanderson Tilson J. " 

Stone, Tower, & Co. " 

Temple Alonzo, " 

Wedge Alex. " 

Barton Eldredge, Springfield 

Brooks & Eaton, " 

Currier & Richards, " 

Hitchcock Josiah, " 

Hitchcock Wilhum, " 

Hogan & O'Keefe, '* 

Hubbard & Hendrick, " 

Joyce, Burnham, & Co. " 

King J. A. " 

Lathrop Bella, " 

Marvin & Prescott, " 

Moulton C. C. " 

Page & Scripture, '' 

Scott & Merritt, " 

SHATTUCK E. W., Taylor st. " 

Shaw C. L. " 

Smith George " 

Swan D. L. " 

Vose & Brother, " 

Ross Taylor, Sterling 

Grant Daniel R. Stoneham 

Hersam Orrin, " 

Richardson B. F. " 

Brock Stephen, Stoughtoa 

Clapp Samuel, " 

Curtis S. W. **■ 

Gay Edwin, " 

Holmes Albert, " 

Hawes E^isha, No. Stonghton, " 

Lawrence John W. Stow 

Hebard Adrian, Sturliridge 

Phetteplace M. Fiskdale, " 

.lones Samuel A. Sudbury 

Puffer James J. " 

Harriman J. K. Assabet, " 
Bowen Arthur, S. Sudbury, " 

Darling Benjamin C. Sunderland 

Chapman John, Swampscott 

Emmons Ivory, " 

Davis Edwin, Swansea 



Carpenters and Builders — continued. 
Gardner Chas. \V. Swansea 

Hale William B. 

Wood William H. " 

Ashley Noah, Taunton 

Atwood Walter H. " 

Bassett James T. " 

Baylies Charles, " 

Briggs J. W. " 

Burt William A. " 

Crapo N. N. " 

Cummings C. H. " 

Ellis Calvin T. " 

Lane J. " 

Macomber Philip A. " 

Manter. L. A. " 

Myrick " 

Pierce Samuel P. " 

Pinkerton & Barnabv, " 

Round A. S. " " 

Russell William S. " 

Sand ford E. R. » 

Seaver Samuel, " 

Seekill Joshua. " 

Sherman Zaccheus, " 

Tripp & Walker, " 

Waldron Divid A. " 

White H. G. 0. " 

Wilbur J. W. L. & Brother, 

Baiicrol't I). C. 

Walker B. 

Macomber E. jr. 

Cutting Charles, 

Dudley Abel S. 

Dudley J. F. 

White Artemas, 

Bronsden Lysander B., Baldwinville, 

Fuller Augustus, " 

Fuller B. F. " 

Willis A. S. " 

Jennison Geo. W. 

Wheeler Jesse B. 

Brown Benj. F. 

Cottle Edsvard, 

Howland John W 

Hnrsell R. L. 

Chase .Fohn G. 

Weeks Hervey, 

Marshall Samuel C. Tolland 

Foster Jacob, Topsfield 

Potter J. H. » 

Boutell Calvin, Townsend 

Morse Amos, " 

Whitcomb Jefferson, " 

Smith Samuel H. jr. Truro 

Small Abram C. North Truro, " 


Myrick" s, *' 

E. Templeton, " 
Otter River, •' 


West Tisbary, 

Garfield George W. 
Steadman Nathan, 
Thomson Albert, 
Videtto Charles, 
Webster Orson, 
Brown Caleb, 
Fisk Evan, 
Hall Nahum B. 
Messenger David A. 
Wood David C. 
Brown E. K. 
Brown Willis, 
Slater A. P. 
Packard George, 
Perkins Andrew, 
Purrington John, 
Wiley Adam, 
Baker Luther, 
Crawford 0. 
Lyon L H. 
Lvon I. M. 
Viuton C. L. 






Hartshorn Asa, Walpole 

Hartshorn Horace B. " 

Hartshorn Willard, •' 
Bishop Wm. K. South Walpole, " 

Beal J. D. Waltham 

Bemis C. W. " 

Gilbert John, , " 

Taylor George D. " 

Wetherbee Andrew, " 

Bassett Henrv, Wara 

Clifford William, •• 

Fairbanks Lorenzo, " 

Hilton Leander, " 

Howe John, " 

Nye Andrew! S. Wareham 

Nye Thomas S. " 

Weston Abisha B. " 

Wing George F. " 

Bishop William, Warren 
Drury W. 

Earle Benjamin. " 

Shepard William A. " 
Boiniey S. S. West Warren, " 

Barber Eilwin D. Warwick 

Taylor William R. " 

Berry & Moody, Watertown 

Norcross & Blaisdell, " 

Pierce George, " 

Sanger .Joseph, " 

Weeks William, " 

Gorey Allen W. Webster 

Hall Caleb S. " 

Kibbee Vernon, '' 

Hickman .lames, Wellfleet 

Landeikin Isaac W. " 

Newcomb Joshua, " 

Rich Anthony, " 

Sparrow Zoheth, " 

Dodge Rufus A. Wenham 

Dodge Simeon, •• 

.Morgan William B. " 

i'orter William E. " 
Faulkner & BuUard, Westborough 

Hathaway B. C. " 

HartwellGeorge C. " 

Hodgdon J. R. •' 

McKendrv G. A. " 

Smith H."C. " 
Cutler Oliver.B. West Boylston 

Holt Russell, " 
May John, Oakdale, " 

West Bridgewater 

Hayward & Mitchell, " 

Wilbur George, " 
Howard Friend, Cochesett, " 

Leonard Jacob, " " 
Allen S. F. West Brookfield 

Livermore S. A. " 

Richards & Conway, " 

Bush Henry F. Westfield 

Cowles Enos, " 

Cowles Newell, " 

Gracea Antonio J. " 

Green George, " 

Jeffers Daniel W. " 


Latham & Green, " 

Norton & Atkins, " 

Towne & Dickinson, " 

Drew George, Westford 

Fletcher C. L. " 

Sweetser Lorenzo, " 

Wright K. A. « 
Drury George B. Westhampton 

Jewett A. G. " 

Knight John M. " 

Loud F. & Son, " 

Torrey E. P. « 



West Newbury- 

Central Village, " 
Westport, " 

West Roxbury 

Jamaica Plain, " 

West Springfield 
West Stockbriijge 


Barrell J. Benson, Westminster 

Gibbs George W. " 

Whitney Augustine, 

Carr George W. 

Noyes Samuel C. 

Poor Isaac, 

Stevens L. D. 

Titcomb Ichabod, 

Watson Joseph, 

Patch Samuel, jr. 

Sisson John H. 

Cornell John A. 

Allen John, S, 

Spear George A. 

Wason James W. 

Adams E. W., 

Armstrong Benj. 

Day A. G. 

Heath Stephen, 

Kendall James, 

Lincoln Paul, 


Shaw J. P. 

Simpson James, 

Waiker Gideon, 

Clark Edson, 

Clark John G. 

Olds Henry, 

Reed Charles, 

Turner Elisha M. 

Van Horn Grove P 

Woodruff Franklin, 

Bailey Jeremiah, 

Baker Ashford, 

Baker George S. 

Penniman W. R. 

Sherman Alex. 

Bates Daniel, 

Daymour Rice, 

Simmons Charles, 

Turner Waldo, 

Bicknell William, 

Bicknell & White, 

Brown John F. 

Eells benjamin, 

Hobart & Seabury 

Marlow Peter W. 

Wade David N. 

Wilcox Luther S. 

Barnes , 

Jones Norman, 

Calkins Alanson, 

Ely William, 

Keyes Ellas, 

Haskell D. M. 

Tupper Edwin L. 

Scripter Hiram, 

West John R. 

Kingsley E. G. & E. D. 

Morton & Woodard, 

Vining Herman K. 

Curtiss H. B. 

Bryant William, 

Eames John N. 

Buttrick A. Warren, 

Lyons Timothy F. 

Raymond & Foristall, 

Dupee C. H. 

Fletcher Asa, 

Hatch Horace, 

Shattuck Joseph, 

Morgan F. W. 

Thompson Horace, 

Pierce H. G. East Windsor, 

Belciier Dallas, 

Belcher Warren, 

Floyd W. Frank, 

Griffin Sidney H. 

East Weymouth, " 

u a ti 

It li II 

North " 



South " " 



11 II II 




Collins Depot, " 





S. Wilbraham, " 













Sawyer John L. Winthrop 

Corbett & DeLoreia, Woburn 
Kimball G. W. 

Perham L. W. " 

Willoughby E. K. " 

Wood Abner, " 

Bigelow G. C. & A. E. Worcester 

Chaffin Willard, " 

Dennis & Lee, " 
Eddy H. W. 

Fish James R. " 

French J. C. " 

Fuller E. R. " 

Gates L. N. " 

Holbrook S. " 

Howe Leander, " 

Jefts Frederick, . " 

Lamb Edward, " 

Lvon Edward, " 

M'aynard M. W. " 

Palmer H. & A. " 

Partridge Brothers, . " 

Peck C. H. " 

Pike S. E. " 

Raymond Tilly. " 

Rice E. K. " 

Sibley William, " 

Upham Freeman, '* 

Ward W. " 

Woodwnrth J. S '* 

Draper David M. Wrentham 

Arnold James, SheldonviUe, " 

Matthews Asa E. Yarmouth 
Berry Albert, S. Yarmouth, " 

Sears J. K. & B. " " 

White Bartlett, " " 
Bassett Henry, Yarmouth Port, " 

Carpenters' Tools. 

BLAISDELL A. H. & CO. (gauges, 

see page 745), Newton Corner 

Carpet Dealers. 

Carter A. J. Charlestown 
Kelso George R. " 
Merrill & Morrison, Chelsea 
Brinihall E. & Co. Clinton 
BufRiiton & Waring, Fall River 
Nichols L. & Co. '' 
Page Bilson, " 
Sprngue L. & Co. Fitchburg 
Pattillo Alex. Gloucester 
Root T. D. & Co., Greenfield 
Brooks Brothers, Haverhill 
Dexter A. J. Lawrence 
Butters & Kendall, " 
Stearns A. W. & Co. " 
Adams, North, & Co. Lowell 
Benner B. C. & M. A. " 
PATCH E. B. & CO. 1 & 2 Com- 
mercial square, " 
WELCH JACOB & CO. 1 Saga- 
more Hotel, Lynn 
Harris M. & Co. Milltbrd 
Judson, Sawtelle, & Co. " 
Leavens Albert, " 
Little William (heirs), New Bedford 
Waite Benjamin H. " 
Waterman N. " 
Sweetser E S. Newburyport 
Stoddard & Kellogg, Northampton 
ROBINSON H. W. & CO., N. Bridgewater 
Fenn & Carter, Pittsfield 
Piatt S. H. 

Burbank S. M. jr. Plymouth 

Snow C. B. Provincetown 

Downing, Archer, & Co. Salem 



Carpet Dealers — continued. 

Goldthwait Willard & Go. Salem 
Pulsifer N. 

Bryant Caleb & Son, Taunton 

Reed Edgar H. " 

Spear F. A. & Co. Ware 

Shumway Wm. T. Webster 

READ M. H. Weymouth 

Barnard, Sumner, & Co. Worcester 
Jenkins J. H. & Co. 

Fiulay, Lawson, & Kennedy, " 

Carpet' Manufacturers. 

Boston Flax Mills (hemp), Braintree 

and Wilton), H. N. Bigelow and 
C. L. Swan, sup'ts. Clinton 

Talbot E. F. (oil cloth), S. Dedham, " 

Lowell Manuf. Co., Samuel Fay, 

agent, Lowell 

Naylor George, " 

Earley Robert \V. New Bedford 

Pulsifer Nath. (painted), Salem 

Smith Lawrence A. (oil cloth), Truro 

Carpet Lining Manufacturer. 


Carpet Slipper Manuf. 

WORKS, M. Wesson, proprie- 
tor, Springfield 

Springfield Ciirpet Slipper Works, 

Elmer & Smith, " 

Carpet Sweeper Manuf. 

Purrington Geo'-gejr. 


Carriage Axles. 

CO., Frank .M. Ames, agent 
(see page 730), Canton 

DALZKLL D & SON'S (seepage 

7yy), Soutli Egremont, Egremont 

Carriage, Coach, and Sleigh 

(See also Wngon .^fnlcirs; also Wlitel- 

wi iyhts.) 
Brown Bela, Abington 

Lean W. iM. 
Peirce .M. B. 

Cobbett Lewis, East Abington, " 
Terrill Wm. H. Acushnet 

Bowen Daniel & Son, Adams 

Edmunds Joseph, " 

Alford & Cronk, North Adams, " 

Whipple V Nelson, "' " " 

Barnes Harlow D. Agawam 

Sykes O. S. 

Edgerton Marcus, Feeding Hills, " 
Smith Geo. W. Alford 

Bailev D. & C. W. Amesburv 

BRIGGS RICHARD F. (see page 754), " ' 
CARR& ALLEN (see page 721), " 

Clark Setli jr. & Co. " 

Gale & Morrill. " 

HCML & MORRILL (see pige 752), " 
Huntington .1. I). " 

Huntingdon & Ellis, '' 

PARRY FELIX D. (see page 753), •' 
Patten Chas. W. " 

PATTEN ROBERT 0. (see page 729), " 
Chase \Vm. South Amesbury, " 

Cjlby Wm. H. " " " 






Athol Dspot, " 

South Amesbury, " 
Gunnison Wm. 
Sargent J. Warren, 
Sargent Willis P. 
Sawyer E. A. 
Sawyer I'tios. C. 
Tuckwell S. S. 
York George W. 
Adams George, 
Clement Geo. (bodies), " 
Clement .L M. (bodies), " 
Clement M. G. " 

Clough Geo. F. " 

Hall John, 

-Tones Isaac, " 

.Judkiiis & Goodwin, " 
Little & Lancaster, " 
Loud L. C. " 

Nichols Alfred (bodies), " 
Nichols Ichabod S. " 

Noves C. H. " 

Pease Samuel C. " 

Sargent Edwin, " 

Sargent 0. H. 
.Johnson E. L. 
Farnum .Joseph, 
Poor William", 
Bucknam Samuel C. 
Hitchcock Geo. L. 
Cheney Dexter, 
Hale Seth F. 
Fish W. W. & H L 
Bailey Enoch, 
F^erguson Joseph, " 

Stanley John, N. Attleborough, " 
Crocker B. F. & C. C, Hyannis, Barnstable 
Loring Chauncy, Barre 

Rice Charles H. " 

Wilkms Henry (wheels and spokes), " 
Burnett L. A."& Co. Belchertown 

Cowles T. & S. D. " 

Dickinson F. M. & Co. " 

Leach Maynard, " 

I'ackard .foel & Co. " 

Blake Nelson, Bernnrdston 

Cashing John T. Beveily 

De Wolfe George H. " 

Fuller M. & 0. W. Blackstone 

Edwards S. F. Bolton 

Sawyer .lames B., W. Boxford, Boxford 
Peabiidy William, Bradford 

South Thomas, Weymouth, Braintree 
Anderson C. G. S. Braintree " 

Mansfield Warren, (also cars), " 

S')uth Braintree, " 

Snow Zoeth, Jr. Brewster 

Wild Moses '• 

Dawley Cnarles C. Brimfield 

Rice Alfreil, Brookfield 

Hunt Thomas G. Brookline 

Quinlan .Michael W. " 

C.iapman Francis L. Cambridge 

HLJRD AMOS D. (see page 735), 

Palmer St. " 

.Martin W. H. Cambridgeport, " 

Davis Solomon A., East Cambridge. " 
Blackburn T. (bodies), No. Cambridge," 
Henderson Bros. " " 

Henderson J. A. " " 

I vers Francis, " " 

WEBB T. C. & Co. " " 

(see page 657), 
Harris Almon, 
Whitman Charles P. 
Bryant John, 




Morey & Robinson, 


Phipps John S. 


Willard Albert C. 


Gilmore William H. 


Wood Lewis, 


Keyes & Thurston, 


Winchester Bros. 


Smith Julius M. 


Holcomb John S. 


Amsden D. R. 


Brown Amos, 


Hood VVm. H. 


Peart \Vm. B. 


Waldron E. T., Danver> P 

jrt, " 

Giflford John J. 


Cowen Abram R., No. Dartmouth, " 

Flagg William H. 


Billings Ira, So. Deerfiekl, 


Billings J. E. & Co. " 


Ockington John H. " 


Bennette Edmund B. 


Brown B. F. 


Merriam George 0. 


Brooks Lawrence, 


Harding Prince H. , Orleans 

, Eastham 

Clark 0. N. 



page 799), S. Egremont, Egremont 

Simnaons Robert M. Fairhaven 

Chase James M. Fall River 

Fames Asa, " 

Robinson John H. " 

Burgess Josiah, Falmouth 

Hewins Lewellyn R. " 

Fessenden Charles, Fitchburg 

FROST S. OILMAN (see page 766), " 
Sheldon J. P. " 

Stoddard Charles P.. '• 

Young William H. Foxborough 

Trowbridge George, So. Framingham, 

Bemis Henry, 
Stewart R. B. 



Sawin Levi C. & Co. 


Friend Samuel K. Jr. 


Jackson VVm. B. 


Burtis & Brothers, 

Great Barrington 

Couch Rensselaer L. 


Sabin G. W. & Co. Hod 

satonic, " 

Whitmore & Pixley 

i> (1 

Moore & Withey, 



Jourdan John H., Greenwich Village, " 

Eells Rot)erf, 


Turner I'homas, 


Cobb Fred. A. 

Hard wick 

Bean Ira G. 


Brown John G. 


Greaves T. & Co. 


McGregor Daniel, 


Pethybridge \Vm. H. 


Sticknev J. I. 

• u 

Whittier A. 


Whiton Bela H. & Co. 


Waters Samuel, South 

Hingham, " 

Clark Chester & Son, 


Winn Moses, 


Carpenter John, 


Webber G. L. 


Hunter Daniel K. 


Newton E. A. & Brother 


Shelley Edwin D. 


Osgood Isaac, 


Whittier R. B. & A. J. 

Hyde Park 

Eldridge E. D. 


Washburn Salmon, 


Dewey VVm. B. 


Lloyd' Samuel P. 



Gale & Ames, Lawrence 

Lathrop E. & Co. " 

Stowell Joseph, " 

Couch H. S. Lee 

Hinckley Bradford & Co. '' 

Couch iVederick M. East Lee, " 

Swett & Durant (repairing), Leominster 
Hobart Colbum, Leverett 

Convers Samuel, Lowell 

Eaton J. B. " 

Furbish & Sanborn, " 

GREEN AAiOS, rear 200 Dutton, " 

Hill Bros. " 

Jenkins Joel, " 

Lee John T. " 

SAWYER A. C. 163 .Middlesex, " 

Skillings D. G. " 

Swett Wm. L. " 

Kimball Thomas, Lynn 

Montrose Robert, " 

Ploof & Dennis, " 

Proctor VVm. H. " 

Sawver J. A. J. " 

Lynnfii Id 
Simonds George W., Lynnfield Centre, " 
Keen W m. B. " Maldea 

Hume James, " 

Damon F. N., East Marshfield, Marshfield 








New Bedford 



Cushman, Baker, & Co. 

Moore H. F. 

Symmes Alexander S. 

Smith C. A. 

TEEL E. & CO. Main St. 

Corliss Varnum, 

Waddell A. K. 

Pickens Philo H. 

Rockwood D. B. 

Woods E. 

Harrington J. E. 

Parker Sumner R. 

Chapman & Strangman, 


Brownell Geo. L. 

Brownell, Ashley, & Co. 

COLE H. G. 0., 44 Third (see page 

Forbes & Sears, 

Charles H. GifFord, agent 

treas. (see p. 759), 32 Elm, "- 

Shaw Franklin, "- 

White Wm. G. " 

Johnson C. D. New Braintree- 

Davis Charles S. Newbuiyport 

Syms Edward, " 

New Marlborough 
White Alfred, Mill River, " 

Curry R. Newton Corner, Newton 

Davis K B. & Co. Northampton 

Phelps Georo;e S. " 

Pittsinger VVm. Florence, " 

Lamb E. R. & W. B. North Andover 

Flagg Webster M (sleighs), Northborough 
Richardson S. S. " '• 

Bachelor William H., Whitinsville '• 
Bradford & Crocker, North Bridgewater 
Mason A. H. (repairer), " 

Tribou L. E. 

Reed Sumner, North Brookfield 

Stearns Geo. •' 

Crawford W m. S. Oakham 

Ramsey John (sleighs), Orange 

Loomis&Page, Palmer 

Dole & Osgood, Peabody 

PIKE & WHIPPLE (express wagons, 

see page 748), " 

Bonney J. Dean, Pembroke 



Carriage Manufacturers — continued. 
Damon Bailey D., West Duxbury, " 

Lawrence Sumner P. Pepperell 

Bosworth George, Petersham 

Goddard Daniel, " 

Hapgood Chauncey " 

Bowker George, Phillipston 

Olapp Jason & Son, Pittsfield 

Dunham Ebenezer, " 

Van Valkenburg George, " 

Whitcher J. H. Plainfield 

Ellis James, Plymouth 

Hatch & Blackmer, " 

Ryder Ezekiel, " 

Tirrell Sons, Quincy 

Loring John, Randolph 

Makepeace Sylvanus, Ravnham 

Barney Alfred K. Reaoboth 

Bliss George E. W. " 

Hicks Nathan E. " 

Nelson Hosea E. Rowe 

Snow P'ayette, " 

Rundlett Oliver A. Rowley 

Whittier Moses T. " 

Estabrook Tavlor, Rutland 

Fletcher David W. " 

Smith David F. " 

Adams P. F. Salem 

Andrews Gilman, " 

Batchelder Joseph & Co. " 

Davidson M. & Co. " 

Lations J. P. " 

Loring E. D. " 

Roome George. " 

Stocker John W. '• 
JJailey D. & C. W., Amesbury, Salisbury 

Morrill Edwin, " " •' 

Cheswell & Boardman, '• " 

Clark Seth, jr. & Co. " " 

Dennett & Clark, " " 

Felch E. S. " " 
Deming Samuel J., Montville, Sandisfield 

Hunt VV m. H., New lioston, " 

Pratt Geo. F. " " 

Stevens D. W. " " 

Cheesebro' Albert W. Savoy 
Thompson Geo., East Sheffield, Sheffield 

Powers K. M., Shelburne Falls, Shelburiie 

Ware Vorestus, Sherborn 

Wing O. N. Shirley 

Wiiitney Charles S. Shrewsbury 

John.son Levi, Shutesbury 

Clapp Otis, Southampton 

Bacliellor .James, Sonthbridge 

Judd E. B. South Hadley 

Dasutt Joseph, Springfield 

Hood John, " 

•Loomis J. & W. " 

Rogers J. H. " 

Smith David & Co. " 

Graham William, Stoughton 
Talbot J. jr. 

,£dgell O. A. Stoneham 

Haynes H. & Son, Sturbridge 
Arnold E. South Sudbury, Sudbury 

Buffington Benjamin S. ' Swansea 

• Chace Thomas C. " 

Eddy Ira VV. «' 

Mann Chas. A. Taunton 

Paull James, " 

PECK & WHITE, Weir St., " 

Rand Nathan, " 

Sweeting Ambrose P. " 

-Jones Abijah, Templeton 

Maynard & Fiske, " 

Ellis E. T. Uxbridge 

Anderson W. H. & Bro. Waltham 

Crosby Charles, 
Wood William, 
Barnes Bros. 
Winslow George E. 
Barrows H. W. 
Wilder A. A. 
Kettell Samuel S. 
Cameron & Ross, 
Ames Ebenezer, 







Brigham F. A. (sleighs), Westborough 

Blake Wm. M. " "• 

Bryant A. S. " " 

CartPr Nehemiah, •' '* 

Cloyes Gardner, " " 

Fairbanks J. H. " " 

Forbes & Fisher, " " 

O'Brien John, " " 

Williams & Bacon, " " 

Fowler Chas. C. Westfield 

Gamache F. D. " 

Griggs Seth D. " 

Hartwell Leander, Westminister 

Sawyer Satidford, " 

Merrill Moses B. West Newbury 

Chace Elbridge, Westport 

Thompson .Jeremiah T. " 

White Holder, " 

Brownell C. H. Central Village, " 

West Roxbury 
Bradley Geo. I., Jamaica Plain, " 

Shorey W'm. B. " " 

Clark Edson, Ashleyville, W. Springfield 
West Stockbridge 
Caswell Wm., Housatonic, " 

Scribner Smith, State Line, " 

Bodge Ellis, Fast Weymouth, Weymouth 
Boles C. South " " 

Harding J. " " " 

Burdweil William E. Williamsburgh 

Ely Henry L. Williamstown 

Parker Joseph H. Woburn 

Atchison G. T. Worcester 

Blood O. & Son, " 

McLeod Alex. »' 

TOL.MAN A. & CO., 18 Exchange, " 
Whiting VV. C. " 

Allen Silas, Wrentham 

Grant Chas. A. Sheldonvide, " 

Thacher Watson, Yarmouth 

TJiacher & Taylor, Yarmouth Port, " 
White Kufus, South Yarmouth, " 


and Saddlery Hard- 

{See also Hardware.) 
MUNSON J. M. (for children's car- 
riages, see page 716), Greenfield 
Charles H. GifFord, agent and treas. 
(see page 759), 32 Elm, New Bedford 
Lee & Baker, Springfield 
Walker Appleton, Worcester 
Wallace S. & Co. " 

Carriage Repositories. 

KING FRANK D. Bridgewater 

Henderson Robert (second hand), " 

Ward VV. A. Cambridgeport, " 

WEBB T. C. & Co., (see page 657), 

North Cambridge, " 
Sawyer T. C. Lowell 

Holmes Ethan, Milford 


Chas. H. Gilford, agent and treas. 

(see page 759), 32 Elm, New Bedford 
Dodge Dana & Son, Newburyport 



TROFATTER J. H. 101 Boston, Salem 
Bobbins Thos. A. " 

Dewturst G. C. Worcester 

Richmond A. K. " 

TOA'ERC. i)., 51 Union, (see p. 724), " 

Carriagb Smiths. 

(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Fortin J. D. Amesbury 

Langley True T. " 

Colby Amos, West Amesburj', " 

England John J. " " " 

Osgood Enoch, " " " 

Palmer Chas. H. " " " 

Stevens H. G. & H. W. " " 

South Thomas, Weymouth, Braintree 
HURD AMOS D. (seepage 735), 

Palmer St., Cambridge 


corner Palmer, " 

WEBB T. C. & Co., (see page 657), 

North Cambridge, " 

Louer John, Charlestown 

Wright J F. Dedham 

Daniels John, Harrison sq. Dorchester 
Terry Isaac, Fairhaven 

McGregor Daniel, •Haverhill 

Kingman E. A. Mansfield 

Rockwood D. B. Milford 

Woods Edward, " 

Brownell, Ashley, & Co. New Bedford 

Linton Joseph B. & Co. " 

Skiff S. B. & Co. " 

Tripp James M. " 

Tyler A. D. & Sons, North Bridgewater 
Andrews Oilman, Salem 

Peirson Geo. H. " 

Shoules Chas. J. " 

Weir Daniel P. " 

Read Geo. B. Springfield 

Tibbitts Joseph, Stoneham 

Pye C. & J. Stoughton 

Coe Jerome W. Taunton 

PECK&WHITE, 19 Weir, 
Pollard C. P. Woburn 

Corbett H. M. Worcester 

Melaven M. " 

Quinn Michael, " 

Carriage Spokes, Hubs, Shafts, 
Rims, Wheels, &c. 

Locke & Jewell, Amesbury 

FOSTER & HOWE (wheels). West 

Amesbury, " 

Sargent Elmer P. (supplies), West 

Amesbury, " 

Forbes George & Co. (wheels). East 

Brookfield, Jirookfield 

Lloyd & Jenks (oak and ash fellies), " 
Whitmore & Pixley (hubs, &c.), 

Housatonic, Great Barrington 

Tower Edward J. (fellies), Lanesborough 
Blush Wm. D. (shafts and fellies), " 

True Samuel (hubs), Salisbury 

Plimpton W. P. & Co. (spokes), 
Giflfard George H. Westport 

Fitch & Winn (spokes), Worcester 

Peabodv B. I. (wheels), " 

Reed C. G. & Co. (wheels), " 

Carriage Top Dressing. 


page 799), North Bridgewater 

Stoddard N. W. " 

Carriage Trimmers. 

Ames E. J. & M. Barre 

Davis S. A. Cambridge 

Howe D. K. " 

Blaisdell Albert, Charlestown 

Dickson Joseph, " 

Walsh John M. Weymouth, Braintree 
Blake John B. Fall River 

FROST S. OILMAN (see page 766), •' 
LOVELL HORACE & CO., Harwich . 

Port, Harwich 

Butman S. L. Lowell 

SAWYER AARON C, 161 Middlesex, " 
Hollis James A. Lynn 

Plumstead M. & Son, " 

Nason Charles, Milford 

Smith 0. G. " 

Wiswall E. Natick 

New Bedford 

Fuller George, West Newton, Newton 
Oilman T. F. Newton Corner, " 

I'uttle H. A. Salem 

Whitnev R. S. 


Hill C. R. Stoughton 

Coe Jerome W. Taunton 

Kellogg Thomas, " 

Macfarland William, " 


Patten Thomas, Watertown 

Tarbell E. Q. " 

Johnson Waldo, Webster 

West Roxbury 
Williams & Crocker, Jamaica Plain, " " 
TOWER C. D. 51 Union, (see p. 724), " 

Carriage Triramings. 

Goodwin & Sargent, W. Amesbury, " 
Poyen John S. " " 

Carriage Washers. 

Charles H. Gifford, agent and treas. 
(see page 759) 32 Elm, New Bedford 

Cartridge Manufacturers. 

HALL & HUBBARD, Park, cor. 
Willow (see page 778), Springfiel 


Lees A. Charlestown 

Sherwin Levi & Son, Fitchburg 

Elwell Samuel 3d, Gloucester 
PURRING TON HlNRY J. (see page 

754), Mattapoisett 

Brown Andrew, New bury port 
Wilson J. W. & A. 

Gardner J. A. Springfield 

Cask and Keg Manuf. 

(See also Coopers.) 

BARSTOW N. H. & H. (see page 727), " 
Coffin William S. Newbiiryport 

Cement Drain Pipe Manufs. 


Water. New Bedford 

Wilcox J. P. Springfield 

Cement Manufacturers. 

Morse S. R. (pearl), Athol 

STARKEY L. T. (see page 713), Attleboro' 



Cement Manufacturers — continued. 

Nudd Jocob (elastic), Campridgeport, " 
J)anforth Chas. H. (channel), Lynn 

Leach Albert & Son, '' " 

SAMUELS JAMES (see p. 791), May, " 

Chair Finisher. 

Brick Alfred H. Gardner 

Chair Machinery Manufs. 

(boring niHcliines, rounder.-, &c., 
s-ee pages 796 and 797), Barre 


L. Chapman), Summer st. Fitchburg 
Nichols & Adams, Otter River, Templetoii 
■^ oung Albert F. " " " 

Whitney Baxter I). Winchendon 

Chair Manufacturers. 

WINCHESTER C. & G. C. Ashbumham 
Flint E. S. & Co., Ashbumham Depot, " 
Pratt Brothers, " " 

Wetherbee B. E. (camp stools), " " 
Whitney .'ohn, " " 

WhitneV Wilbur F. " •' 

White A. i& Co. Chelsea 

Rankin Noah & Co. Erving 

Davis Alonzo, Fitchburg 

Heywood W. Chair Co., G. E. 

Towne, treasurer, " 

Derby Philander, Gardner 

Eaton & Dunn, " 

Hevwood Brothers & Co. " 

Knowlton A. & H. C. " 

Wright E. & Co. 
Bent S. & l'>ro3. 
Conant Bros. & Co. 
Greenwood C S. & Co. 

Pierce Sylvester K. 
Traverse E. C & 0. A. " " 

WRIGHT & MOORE (see p. 775)," 
P>rown M. Hubbardston 

Heald T. S. 

Johnson Andrew J. Manchester 

Dike Augustus, Montague 

KILBUHN L. & Co. (L. E. Holmes 

and Richard French, see p. 778), Orange 
Mixter Orlando, Phillipston 

I'arker Joel D. & J. D. (frames), " 

llrown Wm. H., E. Princeton, Princeton 
Stewart Brothers, " " 

Whitney George, S. Rovalston, Royalston 
Crane William F., Newlioston, Sandisfield 
Hotchkins & Gladding, 

So. Gardner, 

(see page 
So. Gardner, 

Alvord & Franklin, Sheli)urne 

Burpee Edward, Sterling 

Burpee Henry W. " 

Fitch James W. " 

Partridge H. & J. W. Templeton 

Leland H. BaldwinviUe, " 

Sawyer, Thompson, & Perley, " " 

Smith S. W. 

Fales Joel G. & Co., E. Templeton, " 
Hodge A. S. & Co. 

Parker, Sawyer, & Co. " " 

Sawyer Brothers, " " 

Litch Geo. H. Otter River, " 

Coolidge F. S. Westminster 

Clark, Nichols, & Co. " 

Lombard & Noyes, " 

llerriam Jonas, " 

Werriam, Holden, & Co. " 

Smith George, " 

Wyman Franklin, Wachnsett Village " 
Vaill E. W. (folding), Worcester 

Chair Material Manufacturers. 

Warren Levi, So. Gardner, Gardner 
Wright M. & Co. " 

Chair Tools, Bits, &c. 

Ellsworth Geo. F., So. Gardner, Gardner 

Chalk and Crayon Manufs. 

Parmenter & W'u'ker, Waltham 

Chamber Furniture Manufs. 

KILBURN L. & CO (see p. 778), Orange 

Channel Cement Manuf. 

SAMUELS JAMES, 1 May street 
(see i)age 791), ' Lynn 

Charcoal Burners and Dealers. 

Chaffee & Cummings, E. Cambridge, '• 
McCarty Jeremiah, Charlestown 

Alden Samuel G. East Bridgewater 

Patterson David C, No. Egremont, " 
Barnes Ira & Son.s, So. Egremont, " 
Benjamin J. M. & Geo. C. " " 

Church Ephraim, " " 

Goodale Henry S. " " 

Weaver Heiirv P. " " 

Whitbeck Orfin C. " " 

Hughes John, Mount Washington 

Scutt Charles. *' 

Spurr Isiiac, " 

Weaver H. P. & W. H. " 

Whitbeck 0. C. " 

Miles Kred. (Copake Iron Works, N.Y.), " 
Wright Wm. " " " 

Purrington George, Mattapoisett 

Randall Lewis, " 

Cook S. R. Springfield 


Sherman C. R. & Co. 
Whipple Henry, 

New Bedford 

Cheese Manufacturers. 

Barre Central Cheese Factory, John 

T. Ellsworth, agent, Barre 

Barre Cheese Factor^', AddLson H. 

Holland, agent, Barre Plains, " 
Boyce E. Blandford 

Bucklin Andrew J. Cheshire 

Card William M. *' 

Lincoln Seneca L. " 

Lit:coln Shubael W. " 

Peticler P. " 

Williams & Brown, " 

Hancock Cheese Factory, Hancock 

Hardwick Centre Factory, 
Hardwick Union Factory, " 

Mandell Joel D. " 

Walker .James H. " 

Wood Luther D. & Co. Lanesborough 

New Braintree Cheese Manufactur- 
ing Co. New Braintree 
Coy Hill Cheese Co. Warren 
Warren Cheese Co. " 
Worcester County Cheese Co. " 
Westborough Milk Co. Westborough 
Milk Producers' Ass'n (butter), " 
Lewis W. K. it Bros. West Brookfield 
West Brookfield Cheese Co. " 



Wilbraham Cheese Manufacturing Co. " 

Cheese Presses. 

(See also Agricultural Implements Mnnufs) 
pages 796 and 797), Barre 

Chemical Works. 

Bowman, Grant, & Co. (saleratus), 

Cambridgeport, Cambridge 

THAVER HENRY & CO. (medicinal 
extracts and chemicals), 405 Main 
street, Cnmbridgeport, " 

Boston Chemical Works, East Cam- 
bridge, " 
Chaffee & Cummings (pyroligneous), 

East Cambridge, " 

Stowell John (manuf.), Charlestown 

Meldrum Robert, Lowell 

Taylor & Barker, " 

Cochrane Alexander & Co. Maiden 

Salem Laboratory Co. Salem 

STAPLES & PHILLIPS (blue vitriol, 

see page 759), Taunton 

Newton Chemical Co. Wnlrham 

Merrimac Chemical Co., N. Woburn, 

Children's Carriage Hardware. 

MUNSON .1. M. (see page 716), Greenfield 

Children's Carriages. 

Dexter D. Amherst 

Haywood C. E., South Amherst, " 

Haywood Chandler, " " 

Wood B. F. (sleds), Arlington 

Bullard Franklin (sleds), Buckland 

Shipman J. D. Goshen 

Noble & Cooley, Granville Corners, '• 
Field Charles R. Greenfield 

Ring George S. Huntington 

Whitney F. A. Leominster 

Kelley F. P. Lynn 

Barker & Jones (toy wagons, carts, 

&c.), Moutville, Sandisville 

Chapin Albert T. South Hadley 

WARNER H. W., 57 1-2 Main st. 

(see page 779), " 

Baker Willard, Baldwinville, Templeton 
Johnson Chester N., East Templeton, " 
Cole Wm. (sleds), Kingville, Worthington 

Chimney Caps. 

chanics Mills, Lowell 

Chisel Manufacturers. 
BUCK BROTHERS (see page 761), 

Millbury and Worcester 
Whiting A. L. & Co. Worcester 

Chocolate Manufacturers. 
BAKER W. & CO. (Henry L. Pierce), 

Milton Lower Mills, Dorchester 

Preston John, Harrison square, " 

Webb Josiah & Son, Milton 

Chopping-Knife Manuf s. 

_ Winchendon 

KETCHUM & LOUD (see page 776), " 


Kelley James S. New Bedford 

Munroe James (manufacturer), " 

New Bedford 
KUHL WILLIAM, 42 Market sq. 
(maker), " 

Chuck Manufacturer. 

{Lathe. ) 
FAY L. D., 7 Cypress st. (see page 
783), VVorcester 


S.MITH CHARLES, 61 Lime st. (see 
page 752), Newbury port 

Cider Refineries. 

Adams , Chelmsford 

La Croix J. Eist Medw;iy 

Veber George, Chnrlemont 

Gushing F. P3., East Holliston, Holliston 
Whiting Harrison, " '■ 

Eames Edward A. Hopkinton 

FURNALD & BROOK (champagne). "' 
Weld Farm, Jamaica Plain, W. Roxbury 

Cigar Dealers. 

( See also Tobncconists. ) 
Haswell Amos K., Long Plain, Acushiiot 
Haswell S'ephen S. '• " 

Getraan M. North Adams, Adams 

Briggs Crawford C. Attleborough 

Spear C. J. W. 

Jacfiues Franklin, W. Boxford, Boxford 
McDermott James, Chicopee 

McLean Frank A. " 

Witherell & Engram, Chesterfield 

Bliss Linus, Dover 

Toogood L. 0. East Hampton 

Robinson .John S. Edgartown 


12 South Main street. Fall River 

Holmes Charles A. " 

.Joel Brothers, Fitchburg 

Sherwin George, " 

Jones George N., Gloucester 

Gorham E. L. Great Barrington 

Bliss W. B. Greenfield 

Howard Franklin, Hanover 

Wixon Freeman R. West Harwich, Harwirh 
Hosmer E. E. & Co. Lawrence 

Allen Henry H. " 

Burns D. " 

Loring & Loomis, " 

Currier J. W. Lowell 

Emerson D. G. " 

FLYNN M. X. 10 Merrimac (see 

page 742), " 

Flood Peter H. " 

Mcdonough john h., 73 charies, " 

Mort James W. " 

Patrick Samuel C. " 

Weeks S. " 

Downs Simon T. Lynn 

Clapp George H. '• 

Shaw Albert, " 

Stevens F. E. &. Co. " 

Kinney Jirey, jr. Mattapoisett 

Winston 0. (wholesale), " 

Hale W. B.,jr. Milford 

Cunha .Joseph, New Bedford 

Francis John, " 

Haswell S. S. & Co. " 

Richards W. D. " 

Gabb C. N. Northampton 

Strecker E.& Co. " 
Brewer L. North Brookfield 
DeLand B. K. 

Sargent S. B. " 



Cigar Dealers 
Collins Gamaliel, 
Goodrich Williiim 
Merrill Samuel B., 
Butler J. M. 
Case H. 0. 
Frost & Merrick, 
Margerum H. J. 
Mort Mary E. Mrs, 
Upton J. W. D. 
Porter J. P. 
Gray Warton H. 
AVright John G. & 
Bradlev H. 
Croweil B. D. 
Wright Jason B. 
Brackett E. J. 
Phut J. H. 
Thompson J. P, 
Mather C. H. 
{Smith N. F. 

— continued. 

Thorndike, Palmer 

H. Pittsfield 

Montville, Sandisfield 










Cigar Manufacturers. 

Getman Michael, North Adams, Adams 

Huck Herratm, Agawam 

Cushman E. P. Amherst 

Bridgman Lyman, Belchertown 

Cook Lucius, Bernardstown 

Lane George W. " 

Newton Horatio H. Bolton 
Aaron Moss. Cambridgeport, Cambridge 

Aberle .facob, " " 

Baniett Abraham, " " 

Busnach Michael S. " " 

Clark B. P. & Co. " " 

Dailev Charles B. " " 

Howlett Wm. " " 

Le Francis Peter, " " 

Le Francis Thomas, " " 
Phillips J. S. 

Eussell E. T. " " 

Witham Thomas, " " 

Hammond Nathl. 0., East Cambridge, " 

Junio Joseph, ■ Charlestown 

Junio M. " 

Klous Isaac, " 

Nelson Abraham, " 

Everdean Joseph B. Chelsea 

Huntington Thomas, " 

Jones William, " 

Slade S. & G. F. " 
Taylor A 

Bliss Linus, 


Judkins W m. M. 

East Bridge water 

Holmes Charles A. 

Fall River 

Wadington Samuel, 
Bush E. S. & Co. 



Joel Brothers, 

ii ° 

Sherwin George, 


Bateman L. K. 


Masury T. B. 


Jones "George N. 


Lindberg A. F. 


Overbeck J. C. 


Perry & Spooner, 


Elmer John R. 


Perkins Henry F. 


Allen Henry H. 


Loring& Loomis, 


Cahill Chas. S. 


Patrick S. C. 


Smith Wm. D. 


Swan George, 


Copp E. 0. 


Stevens F. E. & Co. 

■ i« 

Hale W. B. jr. 


Poiul W. A. 




New Bedford 

New Miinboro' 


North Chelsea 






Montville, Sandisfield 
Cliftondale, Saugus 
A. " " 

Badger John R. 
Fuller Charles, 
Cunha Joseph, 
Francis John, 
Haswell S. S. & Co. 
Oesting Chas. A. W. 
Tilden Niles, 
Atkinson Davis, 
Baldwin William B. 
Barber Hubert, 
Waller George, 
Rii-e George F. 
Wait Henry, 
Thayer & Dodge, 
Bates Klizur, 
E;ide Emil, 
Mead E. B. 
Reardon W. E. 
■>treeter Tlieron L. 
Ward S. C. 
Bolin Chas. P. 
I'raley Lorenzo D., 
Battis & I5ri)wn, 30 Front, 
Chai>()k' Ji.hii 1). 
Rowell Fiederick, jr. 
Semons Wm. C. 
Skiiner U. 
.skinner S. S. & Co. 
Smith & Helt, 
Tabour William, 
Fuller J. S., 
Sweetser Bros., 
Raddin F. J. & J 
Trull Silas S. " " 

Hascall James, Shrewsbury- 

Acker .John, So. Hadley Falls, So. Hadley 
Brower Wm. H., " " 

Hoffman J. G. " " 

Walker Peter, " " 

Granger S. L & 0. A. Southwick 

Welcome & Rising, " 

Webb H. E. " 

CASE H. 0., 259 Main, Springfield 

Whitcomb Joseph, " 

Wright Wm. H. " 

Han Michael, Taunton 

Leo Joseph, " 

Wright John G. & Co. " 

American Whip Co., Henry J. 

Bush, President, 
Allen C. S. & P. R. 
Chester .lohn B. " 

Harrison & (Carpenter, *' 

Kiieil Thomas, agent, ** 

Lane & Batty, W 

McMain Thomas F. " 

Root J. W. " 

Thayer, Waterman, & Beckmau, " 

Tyron Samuel, " 

Worth ington M. " 

Allman John, Worcester 

Armbruster A. P. " 

Forehand W. " 

Fellman C. B. Worcester 

Gray William L. *' 

Rawson 0. F. 'f 

Shattuck M. E. & Co. »> 

Weikel H. T. Mrs. ;» 

Cisterns, Tanks, &c. 

(See also Coopers.) 

chanics" Mills, Lowell 
CoflBn William S. Newburyporj 




Civil Engineers and Sxirveyors. 

Hersey Isaac, Abington 
Corthell W. P. South Abington, " 

Tuttle W. D. Acton 

Richmond David. Adams 
Granger Wni. P. North Adams, " 

Ellis Wm. F. & Son, Ashland 

Allen Samuel, Belchertown 
Barbour W. S., Cambtidgeport, Cambridge 

Chase J. G. *' " 

Mason William A. " " 

Ames T. Edward, Charlestrtwn 

Ball Horace VV. " 

Buchanan Koberdean, " 
DOANE T. & J. 21 City sq. (see p. 666), " 

ThissellJ. Clinton 

Raymond George, Fitcbburg 

Low David W. Gloucester 

Webber J. S. " 

Deland William N. Great Barrington 

Loop Augustine B. " 

Tavlor Charles J. " 

Field Alfred li. Greenfield 

Fletcher Frank A. Groton Junction 

Smith Joseph, Hanson 
Gurney E. B. K. South Hanson, " 

Spofford N. (surveyor), Haverhill 

Seymour C. W. ' Hingham 

Bradford Allen S. Kingston 

Gray Edward, " 

Barker James L. Lawrence 

Littlefield C. H. " 


Kendall Henry D. Lenox 

Lyman Josiah, " 

Baker R. W. Lowell 

Osgood William F. " 

Elfis George A. Marlborough 

Brings George A. New Bedford 

Dexter S. S. Orange 

Woodward Hiram, " 

Murdock George A. Pittsfield 

Beal Eleazer, Randolph 

Frost Brothers, Somerville 

PUTNAM C. A. Salem 

CRAIG GEO. A. Spencer 

Bettes Stockwell, Springfield 

Briggs A. D. & Co. " 

Butler Wm. H. " 


Sommer Ernest J. '• 

Barney Charles E. Taunton 

Talbot Charles, " 

Curtis Joseph H. Walthara 

Holmes Thomas, West Bridgewater 

Howard Albert, " 

Howard James, " 

Root L. F. Westfield 

Ellis Bethuel, Winchendon 

Ball Phineas, Worcester 

Buttrick E. C. " 

Gould & Burbank, " 

Low Gorham P. Jr. " 

Claim Agents. 

SAYLES FRANKLIN 0. Center st. Adams 

BINNEYWM.C. Amesbury 

Brimlecom Charles, Barre 

OSBORNE WM. H. East Bridgew^iter 

Wmslow B. F. Fall River 

Stearns Daniel, Fitchburg 

Low David W. Gloucester 

Jayner Herbert C. Great Barrington 

Davis & DeWolf, Greenfield 
Reed S. H. 

Prescott Abel, Groton Junction 
Gurney E. B. K., South Hanson, Hanson 

JOSLIN JAS. T. Hudson 

Tarbox John K. Lawrence 
BLAISDELL C. R., 3 Canal block. 

Central, Lowell 

Frye John F. " 

Mason Walter N. Natick 

Borden A. New Bedford 

CUSHMAN A. S. 117 Union, 

Gerrish Jos G. Newburyport 

PERKINS JONAS R., North Bridgewater 

Cheney Damon E. Orange 

Allen James G. Palmer 

EMERSON CHAS. N. Pittsfield 

Wood Edgar M. " 

Damon D. E. Plymouth 

Osgood J. B. F. Salem 

Porter John W. " 

Field Samuel T., Shelburne Falls, '• 

DONNELLY HUGH, Springfield 

Tifft L. A. " 



Gillett & Stevens, Westfield 
Rand A. P. 

Whitney Milton B. " 

Leonard & Lewis, " 

PIERCE L. W. Winchendon 

Abbott & Estabrook, Worcester 

Haskins D. W. " 

Rice H. C. " 

Clay Beds. 

SheflSeld China Clay Co., E. SheflSeld, " 


Abbreviations. — B. signifies Baptist; 
C.B., Calvinist Baptist; Cli., Christian; C. 
T., Congregational Trinitarian; C. U. Con- 
gregational Unitarian; E., Episcopal; F. B., 
Freewill Baptist; M., Methodist; M. E., 
Methodist Episcopal; N. J., New Jerusa- 
lem; Pres., Presbyterian; R. C, Roman 
Catholic; S. A., Second Advent; Swed., 
Swedenborgian; Uv., Universalist. 

Abbe F. R. (C. T.), - Abington 

Hamlin Isaac S. (B), -- " 

Marsden James (Uv. ), ^ " 

Pettee Joseph (Swed.), " 

Roach A. L. (R. C), " 

Dodge Benj. A. (C. T.), N. Abington, " 
Ober Wm. (C. T.), So. Abington, " 
Wilson J. E. (B.), " " 

Coleman George VV. (C. T.), Acton 

Jackson Wm. C. (C. T,), S. Aeton, " 
Davis Edwin (Uv.), West Acton, '' 
Davy Wm. K. (B.), " " 

Cobb Asahel (C. T.), Acushnet 

Tripp Frederick (Ch.), " 

Wooditig George W. (M. E.), " 

Holt Kilburn (C. B.), Long Plain, " 
Briggs William A. (B.), Adams 

Jessup Lewis (C. T.), " 

Smith W. L. (M. E.), 
Gladden Washington (C. T.), N. Adams," 
Hodge D. Munson (Uv.), " " 

Lynch Charles (R. C), " " 

Meeker W. F. (M. E.), " " 

Sanford Miles (B.), «' " 

Coles worthy Geo. (B.) Agawara 

Perry Ralph (C. T.), " 

Merrill N. (M. E.), Feeding Hills, " 
Sylvester C. S. (C. T.), " " 

Bacon Wm. F. (C. T.), Amesbury 

Baker Joel (F. B.), " 

Brady John (R. C), •' 



Clergymen — continued. 
Eaton W. H. (B.), Amesbury 

Estes D. G. (E.), " 

Tompkins F. P. (M. E.). 
Gregory Lewis (C.T.), W. Amesbury, " 
Kiing Henrv, " " 

Potter W. F. (C. U.) 

Hickok Laurens P. (C. T.), Amherst 

Jenkins J. L. (C. T.), " 

Kingman D. (C. T.), " 

LelandJ. H. M. (C. T.), " 

Lothrop Charles D. (C. T.), " 

Parkers. P. (E.), " 

Scott Nelson (C. T.), " 

Seelve J. H. (C. T.), " 

Seelye L. C. (C. T.), " 

Stearns Wm. A. (C. T.), 
Tower Francis E. (B.)i " 

Tvler Wm. S. (C.T.), " 

H'errick W. D. (C. T.), North Amherst, '• 
Lee John (M. K.), '• " " 

Richardson M. L. (C. T.), South " " 
Lnne James P. (C. T.), Andover 

LitchfielJ D. C. (B.). 
Merrill James H. (C. T.), " 

Smith Charles (C. T.). " 

Green Henry S. (C. T.), Ballard Vale, " 
Cady Daniel R. (C. T.), Arlington 

Harris Amos (B.), " 

Keves J. W. (Uv.), 

Safter Charles C. (C. U.), " 

Stevens ^L A. (C. T.), Ashburnham 

Wilkie Walter (M. E.), 
Wiirht Dan. jr. (C. 1'.), N. Ashburnham " 
Parker Horace (C. T.), Ashby 

Shaw (C. U.), " 

Green Lewis (E.), Ashfield 

Jencks E. N. (B.), 

Woodbury Webster (C. T.), " 

Mansfield G. W. (M. E.), Ashland 

Potter George B. (B.), " 

Burton W. S. (C. U.), Athol 

Cutler Temple (C. T.), Athol Depot, " 
Harlow W. T. (NL E.), 
Stoddard D. H. (B.), " " 

Anderson A. (M. E.), Attleborough 

Pleoubet F. N. (C. T.), 
Cooper G<'orge ( B. ), N. Attleboro', " 
Pierce J. D. (Uv.). " " 

Weston Thomas (C. U.), Barnstable 

Morse G. H. (C. T.), Centreville, " 
Chase S. B. (M. E.), Cotuit, " 

Goodhue Henry A. (C. T.), West Barn- 
stable, " 
Pope K. S. (Uv.), Hvannis, " 
Evans W. H. (B.), ' " 
Strong J. D. (C. T.), " " 
Beach J. B. (C. U.), Barre 
George T. (M. E.), " 
Smith Edwin (C. T.), " 
Danay J. J. (C. T.), Becket 
Hill E. S. (B.), 

Hartwell John (C. T.), Becket Centre, " 
Blake Henry B. (C. T.), Belchertown 

Curtis Mose's ( B. ), " 

Donovan 1). (B.), " 

Vintou Charles (M. E.), " 

Woodworth Wm. W. (C. T.), " 

Smith Amos (C. U.), Belmont 

Turner J. W. (C. T.), " 

Roberts James A. (C. T.), Berkley 

Houghton William A. (C. T.), Berlin 

Barber Stillman (C. U.), Bernardston 

Bailies Andrew (M.), " 

Merrill A. T.(C. T.), " 

White Edwin (Uv.), " 

Bailey J. C. (M. E.), Beverly 

CooksoQ Ferdinand M. (E.), " 





Foster Joseph C. (B.), Beverlr 

Kimball John C. (C. U.), "" 

Lamphiar 0. T. (C. T.), " 

Van Notden Chas. (C. r.), " 

Rich Alonzo B. (C. T.), " 

Titus Eugene H. (C. T.), " 

Lathrop J. W. (B.), Beverly Farms, " 
Whitney G.W. (Uv.), " " 

Cleaveland J. P. (C. T.), 
HusseyC. C (C. U.), 
Edwards J. E. (C. T.), 
Porter E. W. (F. B.), 
Rumney George (E.), 
Townsend George W. (B.), 
Bmwne E. C. L. (C. U.), 
Holbrook Amos (C. T.), 
Coggin William S. (C. T.), 
Gainmell Sereno D. (C. T.), " 

Park Cahnn S. (C. T.), W. Boxford, " 
Bigelow Andrew (C. T.), Boylston 

Centre, Boylston 

Campbell Geo. W. (C. T.), Bradford 

Kingsbury John D. (C. T.), " 

Storrs R. S. (C. T.). Braintree 

Reed J.B. (B.), Brewster 

Dexter George (U.), " 

Hosmer G. H. (C. U.), Bridgewater 

McGuire M. T. (R. C), 
Walker H. D. (C. T.), " 

Warland Wm. (E.), " 

Wright (Swed.), " 

Duncan A. G. (C. T.), Scotland, " 

McDaniels S. W. (C. U.), Brightoa 

Holbrook C. A. (E.), 
Keves J. W. (Uv.), " 

Packard David T. (C. T.), " 

Hyde Chas. M. (C. T.), Brimfield 

Coit Joshua ( C. T. ), Brookfield 

Newell Chas. H. (M. E.), 
Russell D. Allen (C. U.), " 

Perry Philander (B.), East Brookfield. " 
Finotti Joseph M. (R. C), Brookline 

Hedge Frederick H. (C. U.), 
Lamson William (B.), " 

Miles Henry A. (E.), " 

Silver Abiel (Swed.), " 

Tomkins Elliott D. (E.), " 

Wharton Wm. C. (E.), " 

Lord Charles (C. T.), Buckland 

Merrifield C. N. (M.), 
Moore E. J. (M. E.), Shelhurne Falls, " 
Hudson Alfred S. (C. T.), Burlfngton 

Anable Courtland W. (B.), Cambridge 
Briggs G. W. (C. U.), 
Dougherty M. P. (R.C.), " 

Hoppin Nicholas (K.), " 

Mckensie Alexander (C. T.), " 

Newell William (C. U.), " 

Peabodv Andrew P. (C. U.), " 

Bulfinch Stephen G. (C. U.), E. Cam- 

bridge, " 

Bowles Benj. F. (Uv.), " " 

CoUyer L J. P. (M. E.), " " 

Donahue .L W. (R. C), " " 

Maguire Frank (Uv.), " " 

Tinilow H. R. (C. T.), " " 

Croswell Andrew (E.), N. Cambridge, " 
Apsey W. S. (B.), 
Merrfll Abraham D. (M. E.), 
Mears David 0. (C. T.), 
Marsters John M. (C. U.), 
Wightman J. C. (B.), 
Abbott E. (C. T.), Cambridgeport, 
Chase Edwin B. (E.), 
Howe William (B.), 
Mason Summer R. (B.), 
Scully Thomas R. (R. C), 
Stevens A. W. (C. U.), 



Twing K. (C. T.), Cambridgeport 

Stutson Nelson (M. E.), " 

Brown C. M. (B.), Canton 

Dickinson VVm.E.(C. T.), " 

Flatterlv John {R. C), " 

Perrv Geo. VV. (Uv.), " 

Piper George F. (Uv.), " 

Dowden Wm. H. (C. T.), Carlisle 

Smith John S.(C. U.), " 

Leach William (O. B.), Carver 

Dunham Elisha (M.), South Carver, " 
Free A. E. (B.). Charlemont 

Gaylord J. H. (M. E.), " 

Pond B. VV. (C. T.), " 

Foster Aaron (C. T.), E. Charlemont, " 

Carleton Geo. J. (B.), State Prison, •' 
Davis J. Burnham (F. B.), " 

Ellis George E. (C. U.), " 

Everett 0. C. (city missionary, C. U.), " 
Gardner George W. (B.), " 

Graves Joseph M. (B.), " 

Hamilton George A. (R. C), " 

Lambert T.R. (E.), " 

Miles James B. (C. T.), " 

Rankin J. E. (C. T.), 
Safford 0. F. (Uv.), " 

Supple MichiielJ. (R. C), " 

Walsh Thomas (R. C), " 

Warren H. W. (M. E.), 
Woods Frederick, (M. E.). " 

Haven .John (C. T.), Charlton 

Bannister D. K. (M. E.), Charlton City, " 
Smilev Edward (Uv.), Charlton Depot, " 
Carr Samuel J. (C. B.), Chatham 

Farrington Wm. F. (M. E.), " 

Hall Joseph (C. T.), " 

Wilson W. W. (Uv.), " 

Allen George H. (C. B.), Chelmsford 

Barrett Fiske(C. U.), " 

Rounds John (C. B.), " 

Clark B. F. (C. T.). N. Chelmsford, " 
Baldwin Charles J. (B.), Chelsea 

Copp J. A. (C. T.), 

Everett Wm. P. (B.), " . 

Green John B. (C. U.), " 

Herrick A. F. (M. E.), " 

Herrick Samuel E. (C. T.), '• 

Langworthy Isaac P. (Cong.), " 

Laurie Thomas (C. T.) " 

Leonard C. H. (Uv.). " 

Mallalieu Wm. F. (M. E.), " 

Mason A. P. (B.), " 

McGlew James (R. C), " 

Morgan P. B. (E.), " 

Otheman Edward (M. E.), " 

Plumb Albert H. (C. T.), " 

Foster W. W. (M. E.), Cheshire 

Hunt P:. T. (H.), " 

Fenn J. B. (M. E.), 

Smith E. A. (C. U.). Chester 

Clarke Edward (C. T.), West Ches- 

tertieid, Chesterfield 

Clark Eli B. (C. T.), Chicopee 

Halev Patrick (R. C), " 

Higgins A. JI. (B.), " 

Manning E. A. (M.). " 

Stebbins Calvin (C. U.), " 

Fowler Carlos (Uv.), " 

Bellamy R. K. (B.), Chicopee Falls, " 
Tucker J. (C. T.) " " 

Virgin Edward W. (M. E.), " " 

Allen Josiah C. (M. E.), Chilmark 

Deniond Elijah (C.U.), " 

Bowers Charles M. (B.), Clinton 

Clark DeWitt S. (C. T.), " 

Lewis Joseph (M. E.) " 

Patterson Richard J. (R. C), " 








Dan vers 

Osgood Joseph (C. U.), Cohasset 

Fitts Calvin R. (C. T.), 
Smith Charles B. (C. T.), 

Daniels (C. B.), 

Sanderson Alonzo (M. E.), 
Strong Lewis (C. T.), 
Williams J. E. (C. T.) 
Reynolds Gimdall (C. U.), 
Thompson Wm. A. (C. T.), 
Townsend J. J. (B.), 
Feltch .Joseph H. (Ch.), 
Baldwin Joseph B. (C. T.), 

Rodgers H. M. (Cong.), 
Wade R. T. (M. E.), 

Janes , 

Evans (E.), 

Le LongH. C. (Uv.), 
Rice C. B. (C. T.), Danvers Centre. " 
Holbrook Chas. F. (B.), Danvers Port, " 
Chadwick N. S. (Ch.), Dartmouth 

Hawes Klnathan (Ch.), N. Dartmouth, " 
Mosher Benjamin (Ch.), " " 

Matthews George (B.), S. Dartmouth, " 
Wilson John (C. T.), " 

Babcock Samuel B. (E.), Dedham 

Brennan John (R. C), " 

Edwards Jonathan (C. T.), " 

Jordan J. W. P. (M. E.), East Dedham, " 
Bixby J. P. (Cong.), South " " 

Fairbanks George (B.), " " " 

Hill George (Uv.), " " " 

Burgess Isaac J. (B.), West " " 

Giflbrd Elisha (Uv.), " " " 

Crawford Robert (C. T.), Deerfi.eL. 

Hosmer George H. (C. U.), " 

Cad well (M. E.), S. Deerfield, " 

JaggerE. L. (C. T.), 

Burgess A. P. (M ), East Dennis Dennis 

Tarlton (Cong.), South " " 

Macomber Geo. S. (M.), West " " 

Dawes Ebenezer (C. T.), Dighton 

Kelso Isaac (C. U.), " 

Smith Henry M. " 

Bates 0. H. (M. E.), North Dighton, " 
Itrailev Martin (B.), " " 

Hortoii (B.), 

Maiming Lucius W. (B.), " " 

Thomas S. Thomas (M. E.), " " 

O'Keefe I). A. (R. C), Douglas 

Briggs William T. (C), E. Douglas, '• 
Silverthorne W. (M. E.), " " 

Hall Nathaniel (C. U.), Dorchester 

Hincklev F. (C. U.), " 

McNultV Thomas R. (R. C), ' 

Means .Tames H. (C. T.), " 

Mills William H. (E.), " 

Mumford Thomas J. (C. U.), 
Rowe Charles E. (B.), " 

Bemis Nathaniel, (M. E.), Milton, " 

Teniiey Michael (C. T.) " " 

AyersW. M. (M. E.), Neponset, " 

Barrows B. W. (B ), " " 

Carter Clark (C. T.) " " 

Catlin H. D. (C. U.), " " 

Battell E. Allen (B.), Dover 

Norton Thomas S. (C. T.), " 

Paine J. C. (C. T.), Dracut 

Patten Moses (C. T.), " 

Baker Jacob (LTv.), Dudley 

Lacount Wm. F. (M. E.), " 

Pratt Henry (C. T.), " 

Coggshall Samuel W. (M. E.), Duxburv 
Moore Josiah (C. U.), " ' 

Tisdale William R. ( W. M.), " 

Hall Edwin D. (M. E.), W. Duxburv, " 
Aldrich J. K. (C. T.), East Bridge water 
Sheffield J. F. (M. E.), " 







Fall River 


Clergymen — continued. 
Williams F. C. (C. U.), East Bridgewater 
Paine T. 0. (Swed.), Joppa, " 

Fish John (M. E.), Eastham 

Colton A. M. (C. T.), East Hampton 

Johnson Charles T. (M. E.), " 

Seeley S. T. (C. T.), 

Withington G. G. (C. U.), N. Easton, " 
Chaffin W. L. (C. U.), " " 

■ Hasted J. B. (M. E.), " " 

Ashton— (M. E.), North Egremout, " 
Bestor Foraiida (B.), " " 

Hazen Timothy A. (C. T.), South " " 
Phelps Winthrop H. (C. T,), 
Ewiiig Edward C. (C. T.), 
Lee John W. (M. E.), 
Bassett E. B. (C. T.), 
Bacon James M. (C. T.), 
De Normandie C. Y. (C. U.) 
Thomas J. W. (S. A.), 
Upham F. (M. E.), 
Walker A. S. (Cong.), 
Adams William W. (C. T.), 
Butler S. Wright (Ch.), 
Duncan John (B ), 
Haughwout P. B. (B.), 
Hyde Wm. P. (M. E.), 
King J. 1). (M. E.), 
Kyle Joshua R. (PresO, 
Murphy Edward (R. C), 
'J'hurston E. (C. T.), 
Wagner Francis J. (M. E.)j 
Young Joshua (C. U.), 
Burgess Ebenezer (C. T.), 
Carlton — (E.). 
Kimball James P. (C. T.), " 

Seaburv Fdwin (C. T.), K. Falmouth, " 
Wheeler Azariah B. (M. E.), " " 

Brighani David (C. T.), Waquoit, " 
Crehore Joseph (Uv.), Fitchburg 

Emerson Alfred (C. T.), 
Foley C. M. (R. C), " 

Harding Charles R. (M. E.), " 

Hatch William H.(M. E.), " 

Jenks Henry F. (C. U.), " 

Jones Henry L. (E.), " 

Mclntire Farrington (Swed.), " 

Spring Leverett W. (C T.), " 

Trask George (C. T.), . 
Davis Jacob (B), 
Tefft E. W. (S. A.), 
Dickinson N. S. (C. T.), 
Merrick J. M. (C. U.), 
Jones G. G. (E.), 
Savage M. J. (C. T.), 
Spaulding H. J. (C. U.), " 

Train Arthur S. (B.), " 

Filraer T. T. (B.), S. Framin^ham, " 
Fish Linus (AI. E.), Saxon ville, " 

Hill Geo. K. (C. T.), " " 

Eddy Richard (Uv.), Franklin 

Holman J. W. (B.), " 

Keene Luther (C. T.), " 

Thayer Wra. M. (C. T.), " 

Merrill — (C. T.;, South Franklin, " 
Boynton Francis (C. U.), Freetown 

Williams A. A. (Ch.), " 

Chase John P. (Ch.), E. Freetown, " 
Tvler John, 
Beldeu Wm. (C. T.), 
Burnett Joseph (B.), 
C'losson Harrison (Uv. ), 
Beecher Charles (C. T.), 
Burtt J. M. (B.), 
Marsh D. D. (C. T.), 
Baylies Andrew (M. E.), 





Potter E. S. (C. T.), Gill 

Acquaron L. (R. C), Gloucester 

Capen E. H. (Uv.), • " 

Emerson F. F. (B.), " 

Reid James D. (K.), " 

Smith J. C. (M. E.), " 

ThacherL C. (C. T.), " 

Benton Frederic A. (Uv.), Annisquam, " 
Gannett J. H.(B.), East Gloucester, " 
Wood Wm. C. (C. T.), LanesviUe, " 
Hall A.J. (M. E.), Riverdale, " 

Walker Townsend (C. T.), Goshen 

Scanlin Wm. G. (C. U.), Grafton 

Windsor John H. (C. T.), 
Stevens N. F. (M. E.), N. E. Village, " 
Jones J. D. E. (B.), " " 

Bates A. J. (C. T.), Saundersville, " 
Cushman John P. (C. T.), Granby 

McLean A. (B.), Granville Cor., Gratviile 
Grekie A. (C. T.), E. Granville, " 

Gale W. (C. T.), W. " " 

Grace C. F. (R. C), Great Barrington 

Olmstead Henry (E.), " 

Scudder Evert (C. T.), " 

W^als worth L. W. (M. E.), " 

Penneman — (E.), Van Deusenville, " 
Crane D. M. (B.), ' Greenfield 

Finch Peter V. (E.), " 

Lee Samuel H. (C. T.), " 

Loorais A. G (C. T.), " 

Moors John F. (C. U.), " 

Robinson H. L. (R. C), " 

Schwartz Augustus (Lutheran), " 

Tucker Samuel (M. E.), '' 

Blodgett E. P. (C. T.), Greenwich 

.\yer Oliver (B.), Groton 

Folsom Geo. M. (C. U.), 
Chick J. M. (B.), Groton Junction, " 
Donovan J. D. (B.), " " 

Nightingale Crawford (C.U.), " " 

IMiillips Daniel (C. T.), " " 

Hinckley Henry (B.), Groveland 

Noon Samuel rt. (M. E.), " 

layers Roland (C. T.) Hadley 

Booth H. S. (M. E.), 

D wight E. S.(C. T.), " 

Beaman W. H. (C. T.), N. Hadley, " 
Fobes Wm. A. (C. T.), Halifax 

French Samuel F. (C. T.), Hamilton 

Aiken James (0. T.), Hanover 

Cutler Samuel (E.), " 

Freeman Joseph (C. T.), " 

R.-ed Andrew (B.), " 

Miller Henry H. F. (B.), Hanson 

Southworth Benjamin (C. U.), " 

Tupper Martyn'(C. T.), Hardwick 

Wells David (C. T.), 

Fox J. M. (C. U.), Harvard 

Pratt Geo. H.(C.T.), " 

Snow Solomon P. (M. E.), E. Harwich, " 
Perry M. (M. E.), N. " " 

Hammond — (M. E.), S. " " 
Lothrop Joseph (Free), W. " " 

Ela Walter, Harwich Port, " 

Bray William L. (C. T.), Hatfield 

Allen E. W. (C. T.), Haverhill 

Barrows Homer (C. T.), " 

Bradley C. A. (Uv.), Ayer's Village, " 
Damon Calvin, (Uv.), " 

Dunn A. (B.), East Haverhill, " 

Garland J. (C. T.), 
Kellev George W. (C. T.). " 

Mariner J. C. (F. B.), " 

McDonald John T. (R. C), " 

MungerT. T. (C. T.), " 

Padelford P. J. (B.), " 

Plummer Henry (F. B.), " 



Seeley R. H. (C. T.), Haverhill 
Smith E. A. (M. E.), 

Thrall S. C.(E.), " 

Miller Robert (C. T.), Hawley 

Seymour Henry (C. T.), " 
Samuel Robert (C. T.), West Hawley, " 

Cutler Brainard B. (C. T.), Heath 

Lord John H. (M. E.), " 

Scott Ephraim (M. E.), " 

Hanaforii P. A. Mrs. (Uv.), Hingham 

Fuller George E. (M. E.), " 

Jones Henry VV. " 

Lincoln Calvin (C. U.), " 

Richardson Joseph (C. U.), " 

Tilson J. (B.), " 

Dewhurst Eli (B.), " 

Flint Ephraim (C. T.), Hinsdale 

Griffin ( R. C. ), Holden 

Paine Wm. P. (C. T.), 

Bliss Daniel (C. T.), Holland 

Carpenter John (M. E.), " 

Best E. S. (M. E.), Holliston 

Hartley Benj. (E.), " 

Hohnaa Geo. \V. " 

Savage William H. (C. T.), " 

Bigelow I. B. (M. E), Holvoke 

Fish J. L. A. (B.), " " 

Frankell M. (German Cong.), " 

Harkins P. (R. C), " 

Peet (E.), " 

Trask J. B. (C. T.), " 

Miller Simeon (C. T.), Ireland, " 

Barry Thomas (R. C), Hopkinton 
Ham'bleton W. J. (M. E.), 

Green H. R. (B.), Woodville, " 
Fay H. C. (C. T.), Hubbardston 

Vinton P. M. (M. E.), " 

Gay H. A. (B.), Hudson 

Heywood William S. (C. U.), " 

Jackson Samuel (M. E.), " 

Dibble Lorenzo (M. E.), Hull 

Bisbee John H. (C. T.), Huntington 

Goddard Edward (B.), " 

Collins W. H (E.), Hyde Park 

Davis P. B. (C. T.), " 

Hamilton Wilham H. (C. U.), " 

Ventres W. H. S. (B.), " 

Whittiker N. T. (M. E.), " 

Gifford Benj. R. (E.), Ipswich 

Morong Thos. (C. T.), " 

Pearson Wm. H. (C. T.), " 

Richardson A. M. (C. T.), " 

Wagner Jesse (M. E.), " 

Peckham Joseph (C. T.), Kingston 

Phipps J. H. (C. U.), " 

Merriman Titus H. (B.), " 

Ward James W. (C. U.), Lakeville 

Brown Theophilus (M. E.), " 

Barrows Elijah W. (Ch.), " 

Bartol George A. (C. U.), Lancaster 

Leavitt George R. (C. T.), " 

Whitney Quincy (Uv.), " 
Mills William C. (E.), Lanesborough 

Newman Charles (Pres.), " 

Savage (M. E.), " 

Bosworth Geo. W. (C. B.), Lawrence 

Cooke H. A. (C. B.), " 

Dougherty M. J. (R. C), " 

Dunning G. U.(M. E.), " 

Chaddock E. G. (F. B.), " 

Fisher Caleb E. (C. T.), » 

Edge Lewis M. (R. C ), " 

Gallagher M. F. (R. C,). " 

Harris Charles C. (E.), " 

Hogg John (Pres.), " 

Knowles I). C. (M. E.), " 

Moore J. B. (C. U.), ■" 

Packard George (E.), *' 

Park William E. (C. T.), Lawrence 
Snow W. F. (C.T.), 

Weaver G. S. (Uv.), " 

Brennan J. H. (R. C), Lee 

GaleNahum(C. T.), " 

Hall William (M. E.), " 

Morgan H. A. (B.), " 

Oliver Cvrus(M.E.), " 

Winslow' William C. (E.), " 
Battles Albert (Shaker), South Lee, " 
Bradley Chas. F. (C. T.), 

Causey L. P. (M. E.), Leicester 

Coolidge A. H. (C. T.), " 

Finley Everett, (C. U.), " 

Nelson John (C. T.), " 
Hannaford C. H. (M. E.), Cherry Valley," 

Cook N. B. (B.), Clappville, " 

Field Justin (E.), Lenox 

Smith George M.(C. T.), " 

Batt W. J. (C. T.), Leominster 
Horton Kdward A. (C. U.), 

McCurdy C. L. (M. E.), " 

Russell (B.), " 

Jones N. B. (B.), Leverett 

Watson John (C. T.), " 

Porter (C. T.), Lexington 

Wescott Henry (C. U.), " 
Stowe Wm. T. (Uv.), E. Lexington, " 

Clark John M. ( M. E.), Leyden 
White E. (Uv.), 

Richardson Henry J. (C. T.), Lincoln 

Frost C. L. (B.), Littleton 

Loomis Elihu (C. T.), " 

Vorse A. B. (C. U.), " 
Harding John W. (C. T.), Longmeadow 

Judd T 0. (B.), " 
Ober Benjamin (C.T.), E. Longmeadow," 

Adams John G. (Uv.), Lowell 

Blanchard Amos(C. T.), *' 

Crudden Peter (R. C), " 

Kdson Theodore (E.), ^' 

Foster E. B., (C. T.), " 

Grinnell Charles E. (C. U.), •' 

Hanks S. VV. (C. T.), *' 

High William C.(M.E.), »« 

Hutchings Charles L. (E.), *♦ 

James Horace (C. T.), ** 

Jones S. F. (M. E.), ** 

Morehouse D. A. (F. B.), *' 

Morse F. R. (B.), ♦* 

O'Brien John (R. C), ** 

Romana Anthony (R. C), *' 

Stanton Wm. E. (C. B.), ** 

Street Owen (C. T.), " 

Twiss James J. (Uv.), ** 

Whittaker George (M. E.), " 

Whittier E. A. (B.), " 

Wood Horatio (Free Chapel), " 

Davis Elnathan (C. T.), Lunenburg 

Locke John L. (M. E.), " 

Allen Ralph W. (M. E.), Lynn 

Attwill B. W. (E.), " 

Barnes J. W. F. (M. E.), " 

Biddle Charles W. (Uv.), •" 

Currier A. H. (C. T.), '* 

Farrar J. P. ( B. ), '* 

Goss John A. (Ch.), '♦ 

Holmes John S. (B.), " 

Homes F. (C. T.), *♦ 

Medbury Nicholas, ^ 

Morris Franklin G. (M. E.), " 

Strain Patrick (R. C), " 

Sweetser Samuel B. (M. E.), " 

VVhiton James M. (C. T.), " 

Stewart Samuel B. (C. U.), " 

Vassar Thomas E. (B.), '♦ 

Wood Pliny (M. E.), " 

Wright N. R. (Uv.), " 



Clergymen — continued. 
Boardmaii M. B. (Pres.), Ljnnfield 

Centre, Lynnfield 

Hood Jacob (Pres.), " " 

Greenwood Thos. J. (Uv.), Maiden 

Hamilton A. 0. (M. E.), " 

Hooper E. P. " 

Huntington H. Howard (E.), " 

Lawrence Robert F. (C. T.), " 

Powers James F. (Uv.), " 

Reed Charle"! Edward (C. T.), " 

Rvan Geo. VV. (R. C), " 

Warren Geo. F. (B.), " 

Sargent A. I). (M. E.), " 

Smith Berton (.M. E.), " 

Williams (B.), " 

Tenney Francis B. (C. T.), Manchester 

Grover Thomas (Friends), " 

Hordon Chas. (Swed.), " 

Ide Jacob B., jr. (C. T.), " 

Lewis Welcome (15.), " 

Townsend Paul (M.), " 
Allen Benjamin R. (C. T.), Marblehead 

Buxton Wm. B. (Univ.), " 

Lawrence Edw. A. (C. T.), " 

Mudge Z. A. (M. E.), " 

Patch George VV. (IJ.), " 

Woodbridge Wm. R. (Epis.), " 
Aldrich S. T. (Uv. ), Marlborough 

Anthonv (ieorge N. (C. T.), " 

Conlin John (R. C), " 

Colburn W. W. (M. E.), " 

Deming M. R. (15.), " 

DeNormandie E. (C. U.), " 

Cobb Leinder (C. T.), Marion 

GrifBn DatiieiJ. (M. E.), " 

Smith George L. (Swed.), " 

Tozer William (E.), " 

Vose Henry C. (Uv.), " 

Alden Ebenezer (C. T.), Marshfield 

Cromack (M. E.), " 

Davis Jacob (B.), " 

Leonard George (C. U.), " 

Williams Francis F. (C. T.), '• 
Faunce William (Ch.), Mattapoisett 
Man well B. F. (C. l'.), 

Carr A. W. (B.), Medfield 
Wiggins James H. (C. U.), 

Davis B nj. H. (Uv.), Medford 

Hooker E<lward P. (C. T.), " 

HurdJ. (B.), " 

Leroy Chas. H. (E.), " 

McCollom .lames I'. (C. T.), " 

Towne E. C. (C. U.), " 

Waite Daniel (.M. E.), " 

Sanford David (C. T.), Medway 
Coolev Benjamin F. (E.), E. Medway, " 

Roberts Robert (C. T.), '• " 
Ide Jacob (C. T.), West Medway, " 

Brooks Samuel (B.), " " 

Knowlton Stephen i C. T.), " " 

Ray W. P. (M. E.), " " 

Bale Albert G. (C. T.), Melrose 

Barnes William S. (Uv.), " 

Richmond J. B. (E.), " 

Stratton F. K. (M. E.), " 

D wight (M. E.), Mendon 

Linsley D. P. (C. U.), " 

Bradley C. S. (Uv.), Methuen 

Eastman L. L. (M E.), " 

Grassie T. G. (C. T.), " 
Hersey Quincv (B.), 

Holman J. B.'(M. P:.), " 

Williams N. M. (B.), " 
Dodd S. G. (C. T.), Middleboro' 

Ryder F. (M. E.), " 

Sawyer Rufus M. (C. T.), " 
Hutchinson Wm. (B.), N. Middleboro', '• 

N. Middleboro' Middleborc; 
Edwards S. G. (C. T.), " 

Pierce Charles M. (C. T.), Middlefield 

Rockwood Joseph M. (B ), " 

Hubbard James M. (C. T.), Middleton 

CarrS. .1. (B.), Milford 

Crowell Loranus (M. E.), " 

Cuddihy Patrick (R. C), " 

]>emarest G L. (Uv.), " 

Mcllvaine C. E. (E.), " 

Kendall S. C. (C. T.), " 

McDermott John (R. C), " 
Ballon Adin (Prac. Ch.), Hopedale, " 

Fowler Stacv (C. T.), Millbnry 

Garrette E. Y. (C. T.), " 

Powers J. .L (R. C), " 

Skinner C. A (B.), " 

Morison .John H. (C. U.), Milton 

Teele Albert K. (C. T.), " 

Howard R. H. (M. E.), Monson 

Rossy (R. C). " 

Sumner Charles B. (C. T.), " 

Croiivn David (C. U.), Montague 
Norton E. (C. T.), 

Clark James A. (C. T.), Monterey 

Hamlin ( M. E.), Nahant 

Bronson J. (B.), Nantucket 

Crawford James E. (B ), " 

Dawes Thomas (C. I'.), " 

Hosmer Samuel D. (C. T.), " 

Starr William H (.M. E.), " 

Jenkins W. .M. ( F. B.), Natick 

Leonard W. G. (M. E.), " 

Parker Addison (B.), " 

Welch John B. (R. C), " 
Alger Horatio (C. U.), South Natick,- " 

Sargent George W. (C), " " 

Greene William B. (C. T.), Needham 
Williams C. H. (C. T.), Grantville, " 
Phipps G. G. (C. T.), Wellesley, " 

Savage John (M. E.), New Ashford 

Batchelor B. S. (Ch.), New Bedford 

Batchelor M. (S. A.), " 

Bates Lewis B. (M. E.), »• 

Coe Isaac H. (Ch.), " 

Craig Austin (Ch.), " 
Davis Thomas A. (colored, Zion Ch.), " 

Dennison 1'. R. (city missoinary), " 

Fox Samuel (Seamen's Bethel), " 

Howe Moses G. •' 

Jackson Wm. (colored, B.), " 

Knowlton Isaac C. (Uv. ), " 

McMahon L. S. (R. C), " 

.Morgan John R. V. 'colored M. E.), " 

Moulton T. C. (Ch.). ." 

Mulchahey James (E ), ' 

Paine Bernard (C. I".), " 

Potter Wm. J. (C. U.), " 

Quint Alonzo H. (C. T.), " 

Thomas Moses G. (city miss.), " 

Valentine Theodore (B.), " 

Wagner Francis J. (.M. E.), " 

Winn D. 1). (M. E.), " 
Gurney J. H (C. T.), New Braintree 

Gay Joshua N. (C. T.), Newbury 

Mears James F. (M. E.), " 

Withington Leonard (C. T.), " 

Borden Thomas (Uv.), Newburyport 

Burnham Edwin (B.), " 
Campbell Randolph (C. T.) 

Chapin John (M. E ), " 

Chapman George T. (E.), " 

Cole .Tonathan (Uv.), " 

Cunningham Cvrus (Advent.), " 

Fiske DanierT."(C. T.), " 

Hooker E. W. (C. T.), " 

Lennon Henry (R. C), " 

May Joseph (Uv.), " 



McGinley William A. (C. T.), 
SIcMaiiiius Charles (K. 0.), " 

Pike Daniel P. (Ch.), " 

Spaulding Samuel J. (C. T.), " 

Thurston John U. (G. T.), " 

Tracy Thomas (Uv.), '' 

White J. Crocker (E.), " 

Wright M. E. (M. E.), 

New Marlborough 
Wickson Cyrus W. (M. E.), Hartsville, " 
Crother James (Ch ), Southfield, " 

Olds-Henrv S. (M. E.), Mew Salem 

Trask J. N. (C. l'.), " 

Eastman David (C T.), " 

Adams O. W., North Prescott, " 

Cutler Calvin, Auburndale, Newton 
Lummis Henrj' (M. E.), Newtonville, " 
Clark J. B. (C. T.), " " 

Eastaian C. L. (M. E.), " " 

Worcester J. (Swed.), " " 

Furber i). L. (C. T.), Newton Centre, " 
Stearns 0. S. (B.), " " 

Rogers C. S. (M. E.), Newton Corner, " 
Steenstra P. H. (E.), " " 

Tucker J. jr. (B.), " " 

Wellman J. W. (C. T.), " " 

Young E. J. (C. U.), " " 

Coolidge J. W. (M. E.), Lower Falls, " 
Putnam R. F. (E.), " " 

True C. K. (M. E.), Upper Falls, " 

Richards W. C. (B.), " " 

Patrick H. J. (C. T.), West Newton " 
Tiffany Francis (C. U.)) " " 

Hall Gordon (C. 1".), Northampton 

Hunt George (B.), *' 

Jenkins William L. (C. U.), " 

Leavitt William S. (C. T.), " 

Mansfield J. H. (M. E ), " 

MoyceP. V. (K. C), " 

Marshall Royal (E.), " 

Burleigh Charles C. (Free Cong.) 

Florence, " 
Cobb ElishaG. (C. L.), " " 

Day John S. (M. E), North Andover 

Hamilton B. F. (C. T.), " 

Vinal Charles C. (C. U.), " 

Allen Joseph (C. U.), Northborough 

Lamson D. F. (B.), " 

My rick H. L. (C. U.), 
Sanborn G. E. (C. T.), " 

Willard M. Harding (C. T.), Northbridge 
Adams K. G. (M. E.), Whitinsville, " 
Clark Lewis F. (C. T.), " " 

Howson John (M. E.), North Bridgewater 
McNultv Thomas B. (R. C), " 

Stevens" H. A. (C. T.), " 

Wood Charles W. (C. T.), Campello, " 
Beecher VV. H. (C. T.), North Brookfield 
Bent G. R. (M. E.), " 

De Bevoise G. H. (C. T.), " 

Dodge J. (C. T.), " 

Smith H. M. (R. C), " 

Bessom (C. T.), North Chelsea 

Senter J. Herbert (C. U.), " 

Clark T. J. (C. T.), Northfleld 

Noyes Charles (C. U.), " 

Ashley A. W. (B.), North Reading 

Jones Thomas N. (C. T.), " 

Cobum Washington L. (C. B.), Norton 
Potter D. S. C. M. (C. U.), " 

Halliday J. C. (C. T.), Oakham 

Baker H. H. (Uv.), Orange 

Foster A. B.(C. T.), 
Garmon John H. (C. T.), N. Orange, '' 
Hooper William H. (Uv.), " " 

Gavitt Franklin (M. E.), Orleans 

Poland James W. (B.), " 


Willis J. H. (Uv.), East Orleans, " 

Wright John E. M. (Pres.), " " 

Hall Thomas A. (C. T.), Otis 

Jones Henry M. (B.), " 

Austin Samuel J. (C. T.), Oxford 

Brooks William H. (E.), " 

Cushman L S. (M. E.), " 

Davenport J. E. (Uv.), " 

(^uan James (R. C), " 

Sliedd William (B.), North Oxford, " 
Vaill Joseph (C. 1'.), Palmer 

FuUerton B. M. (C. T.), 
Haynes E. M. (B.), " 

Bond William B. (C. T.), Thorndike, " 

Shepard«oii (B.), Three Rivers, " 

Phipps William (C. T.), Paxton 

Galvin Edward 1. (C. ^ .), Peabody 

Hanson C. V. (B.), " 

Hervey A. B. (Uv.), " 

Knowles J. K. (M. E.), " 

Noon John (M. E.), Pelham 

Doggett T. P. (C. LJ.), Pembroke 

Fletcher E. S. I M. E.), 
Babbidge Charles (C. Q.), Pepperell 

Barney (M.), " 

Blake S. L. (C. T.), " 

Jewett John C. B. (C. T.), " 

Goddard Daniel F. (C. U.), I'etershara 

Shepardson John (B.), " 

Stowell A. (C. T.), " 

White Lyman (C. T.), Phillipston 

BurdickCharles T. (M. E.), Pittsfield 

Cummins John ( R. C), " 

Purcell Edward H. (R. C), " 

Richards William C. (B.). " 

Simmons J. J. (German Cong.), " 

Strong Edward (C. T.), " 

Todd John (C. T.), " 

Watson D. S. (B.), " 

Wells Edward L. (E.), " 

Went worth Erastus (M. E.), " 

Damon Thos. (Shaker), W. Pittsfield, " 
Clark Solomon (C. T.), Plainfield 

Bremner David (C. T.), Plymouth 

Brown (Adv.), " 

Martin Harry H. (.M.), " 

Moody R. B."(B.), " 

Full.r Alex. T. (C. T.), Chiltonville, " 
Miller Wallace T. " " 

Woodbury Samuel (C. T.), " " 

Bancroft!). (C. T.), Pre^^cott 

Jones N. B. (B.), North Prescott, " 
Cole J. Wesley (M. E.), Princeton 

Leader Shadrack (M. E.), Provincetown 

Davis (Uv.), " 

Mc Reading Charles S. (M. E.), " 

Bisby Herman (Uv.), Quincy 

Channing G. G. (C. IJ.) (Sailors' 

Snug Harbor), " 

Friguglietti F. (R. C), " 

Hall James E. (C. T.), » 

McClary H. «• 

Stone D. J. (B.), " 

Sullivan J. F. (R. C), " 

Wells John D. (C. U.), «' 

Laberee John C. (C. T.), Randolph 

Denver W. J. J. (R. C), 
Pr3'or John H. (B.), " 

Russell E. East Randolph, " 

Edson Ambler (C. B.), Raynham 

F-iske Frederick H. (C. T.), " 

Reed Frederick A. (C. T.), " 

Barrows William H. (C. T.), Reading 

Crawley Thomas W. (B.), " 

Willcox William H. (C. T.), " 

Coombs John (B.), Rehoboth 

Johnson T. N. (C. T.), " 





Rock port 







Clergymen — continued, 
Sanford C. S. (M. E.), 
Coon Alfred (M. E.), 
Niel Henrv (C. T.), 
Gushing J'ames R. (C. T.). 
Sweet Hiram (M.), 
Acquaroti L. (U. C), 
Ames Jarvis A. (M. E.), 
Vibbert George H. (Uv.), 

Holmes (B.), 

Bicknell William A. (C. U.), 

WUmarth .1. C. (B.), 

Lvford Edward T. (B.), 

Pike John (C. T.), 

Brooks Charles (B.), 

Bullard Ebenezer \V. (C. T.), 

Medbury J. H. (B.), 

Cummiiigs Heiuv (C. T.), 

At wood E. S. (C". T.), 

Batchelor George (C. V.), 

Beane Samuel C. (C. U.), 

Chase S. Freeman (M. E.), 

Delahuntv John (R. C), 

Elder Hugh ^C. T.), 

Emerson nrown (C. T.), 

Felt J. B. (C. T.), 

Gray John J. (R. C), 

Halley William (K. C), 

Hewes James 1". 

Jewett George B. (C. T.), 

Johnson Samuel, ir. (C. V.) 

Jordan Leonard G. (Sj. J.), 

Kitlder Joseph (E.), 

Mills R. C. (B.), 

Palmer C. K. {,C. T.), 

Pratt S. Hartweil (B.), 

Russell John L. (C. U.)i 

Spaalding Willard (Uv.), 

very Jones (0. U.), 

Wendell liulus (S. A.), 

Willson E. B. (C. U.), 

Jameson Ephraim 0. (C. T.)? 

Morton Albert G. (Ch.), 

Sawyer Benjamin (C. T.)i 

Currier James (M. E.), E- Salisbury, 

Call U. H. Amesburv, 

Saflora H. G. (B.), 

Bradbury (C. T.), 

Teeple George (S. A.), 
Maine R. U. (B.). 
Bertoldi t'eter (R. C), 
Brown Thomas W. (C. U.) " 

Johnson Wilbur tPres.)» " 

Young Charles (M. E.), " 

Marsh Joseph (M.), Pocasset, " 

Whidden S. F. (M. E.), W. Sandwich " 
Blanchard William J. (S. A.), Savoy 

Deming Amos (B.), " 

McCulloch Eusebius (S. A.), " 

Pease David (B.), Saugus Centre, Saugns 
Greenwood 1. J. (Uv.), " " 

Bassett J. F. (M. E.), Cliftondale, " 
Wood Pliny (M. E.), East Saugus, " 
Newell F. C. (M. E.), Scitnate 

Conant Thomas (B.), North Scituate, " 
Kelton William (B.), " " 

Sessions A. J. (C. T.), " " 

Rhodes Amasa M. (Uv.), 
Bryant S. I. (C. T.), 
Edwards B. A. (B.), 
Stacy G. W. (C. T.), 
Sahler D'l>nbors(C. T.), 
Townsend G. D. (M. E.;, " 

Wright C. (M. E.), Ashley Falls, " R. S. (C. T.), Shelbnme 

Boyd P. S. " Shelbume Falls, " 

Goodhue J. A. (B.), " " 

Moore E. J. (M. E.), " " 



MontYille, " 




Shelbnme Falls, 
Stevenson V. B. (Uv.), " '• 

Brown NViUiiim (C. U.), Sherbom 

Dowse Edmund (C. T., " 

('handier Seth (C. U.), Shirley 

Bobbins E. (B.), 

Dutton A. I. (C. T.), Shirlev Village, " 
Dyer E. Porter (C. T.), " Shrewsbury 
Hascall Jefferson (M. E.), "' 

Peterson John (M. E.), " 

Lentell J. V. (B.), Shutesbnry 

Vaill William H. (C. T.), 
Perrj- C. A. (M. E.), Lock's Village, " 
Carroll S. C. (M. E.), Somerset 

Clark Nelson (C. T.), " 

Halev J. W. (C. B.). " 

Hvde Edward T. (M. E.), " 

Tinglev T. C. (B.), " 

DurellJ. W. (E.), Somerville 

PageH. P. (E.), 

Sweet John D. (B.), " 

Eastman L. R. jr. (C. T.), E. Somerville, " 
Miller J. J. (B.), " " 

Russ B. K. (Uv,), " " 

Virgin (C. T.) " " 

Barber H. H. (C. U.) N. Somerville, 



South Scitnate 



Smith B. A. (C. T.), 

I Colby John, " 
Hubbs S. L. (C. 1.), 

1 Watson W. H. 
Wjngate Charles (E.), 

, Harret A. M. (R. C), 

i Bmman (M. E.), 

' Bronson B. F. (B.), 

I Flint F. C. (L'v.), " 

I Palmer E. B. (C. P.). " 

I Dodge A. M. (Union), Globe Village, " 
Greene John B. (C. T.), South Hadley 

i Morrill A. K. (M.), S. Hadley Falls, " 

I Fisher George E. (C. T.), " " 

KiiiglU Richard (C. T.), 
Fi>h Wm. H. (C. U.), 
Perry W. A. (Uv.), 
Deaibom D. A. (B.), 

I Woodbury J. J. (M.), 

■ Cruickshanks James, (C. T.), 

I George N. D. (M. E.), 

i Peters Albert (K. C), 

I Bailey G. W. (M. E.), 
Buckingham S. G. (C. T.), 
Cone Luther H. (C. T.), " 

Galligher M. P. (R. C), " 

Greene R. G. (C. 1".), " 

Harrison Samuel (C. T.), " 

Hills Charles D. (M. E.), " 

, Humphreys Charles S. (C. U.), " 

Ide George B. (B.), " 

McKniglit George H. (E.), " 

' Merrill Charles A. (M. E.), " 

I Xve H. R. (Uv.), " 

{ Pardons Henry M. (C. T.), 

i Potter ■>. K. (B.), " 

i Rice William (M. E.), " 

i Roy Samuel (M. E.), " 

Scott Joseph (M. E.), " 

Trafton Mark (C. T.), " 

Haley P. (R. C), Indian Orchard, " 

; Cheever Samuel (B.), Sterling 

, Xickerson A. S. (C. C), 

i Allen Henrv F. (E.)', Stockbridge 

I Eggleston Sathl. H. (C. T.), 

I Lawrence Amo« (C. T ), " 

t Dole George T. (C. T.), Curtisville, " 

I Bvington Switt ^C. T.), Stoneham 

Fairchild E. B. (B.) " 

I Parkhurst M. M.(M. E.), " 

Skinner Geo. ». (Ch.), " 



Chamhrea A. St. John (Uv.), Stoughton 
Paige A. W. (.VI. E.), " 

Wilson Ihomas (C. T.), " 

Smith Charles M. ^B.), E. Stoughton, " 
Ball Wm. Jl. (M. E), No. Stoughton, " 
Fuller R. W. (C. T.), Stow 

DeForest J. E. (M. E.), Assabet, " 
Caldwell Augustine (M. E.), Rock 

Bottom, " 

Edes S. (C. U.), Sturbridge 

Farrar J. P. (B.), " 

Richardson M. (Pres.), " 

Chapman George A. (M. E.), Sudbury 

Patterson (C. T.), " 

Peck David (C. i.), ■ Sunderland 

Fuller Willard (F. B.), Sutton 

Lyman George (C. T.), " 

Burbank .L P. (B.), Whitinsville, " 
Spear Samuel S. ^k.), Wilkinsonville, " 
Abbott T. J. (M. E.) Swampscott 

Dale H. U. (Ch.), " 

Thompson John (C. T.), " 

Ware F. W. (C. U.), " 

Heaton George (E.), Swansea 

Osborne J. W. (Ch.), " 

Baskwell John A. (C. B.), North 

Swansea, " 

Blake Mortimer (C. T.), Taunton 

Burns M. J. (R. C), " 

Cobb R. H. (city mission), " 

Conger E. L. ^Uv.), " 

Dunham Isaac (Union Cong.), " 

Emerv J. C. (Ch.), " 

MaltbV Erastus (C. T.), " 

Miles George D. (E.), '* 

Pollard Andrew (B.), " 

Quinn Francis (R. C), " 

Kichmond T. T. (C. T.), " 

Robinson Henry (M. E.), " 

Rogers Robert C. (E.), " 

Shahitn Thomas H. (R. C), " 

Titus Charles H. (M. E.), " 

Webber Charles H. (F. B.), " 

Reed Frederick A.(C. T.), E. Taunton, " 
Ward James (Cong.), " " 

Adams Edwin G. (C. U.), Templeton 

Busbnell Gerard (Uv.), " 

Sabiii Lewis (C. T.), " 

Orr William (R. C), Otter River, " 
Fletcher CI i (ton (B.), Tewksbury 

Tolman Richard (C. T.), " 

Dixon Samuel (M. E.), Tisbury 

Eclson Edward (M. E.), " " 

Marshall H. B. (B.), " 

Stephens Daniel W. (Uv.), " 

Thomas S. A. (B.), " 

Sturtevant Wm. H. (C. T.), West 

Tisbury, " 

Ford George (C. T.), Tolland 

Bridge William D. (M. E.), Topsfield 

McLoud Anson (C. T.), " 

Howiird A. K. (M. E.), Townsend 

Williams George S. (C. T.), " 

llpham (B.), West Townsend, " 

Gill Jason (M. E.), Truro 

Noble Edward W.(C. T.), " 

Saver B. L. (M. E.), " 

Stokes Charles (Ch.), N. Truro, " 
Todd William G. (C. U.), Tyngsborough 
Phippin George (B.), Tyringhara 

Lamdon— (M. E.), South Lee, " 

Ball George S. (C. U.), Upton 

Dyer S. u. (C. T.), " 

_Burr Rushton D. (C. U.), Uxbridge 

Barber .Joseph (B.), " 

Biscoe Thomas C. (C. T.), " 

O'Keefe D. A. (R. C), " 

Society of Friends, " 

Atkins Daniel (M. E.), Wakefield 

Bliss Charles R. (C. T.), " 

Hay ward Wm. W. (Uv.), " 

Scullv Thomas (R. C), " 

Wilm'arth James W. (B.), " 

Hughes George (M. E.), Wales 

Partridge Lyman (B.), " 

Smith Wm. B. (C. U.), Walpole 

Thurber Edward G. (C. T.), " 

Bacon A. M. (B.), Waltham 

Chapin Daniel E. (M. E.), " 

Fales T. F. (E.), " 

Flagg S. B. (C. U.), " 

Flood Bernard (R. C), " 

Smith Benton (Uv.), " 

Strong E. E. (C. T.), " 

Worcester Benjamin (Swed.), " 

Eaton G. F. (M. E.), Ware 
Hudson John W. (C. U.), 

Moran Wm. (R. C), " 

Perkins A. E. P. (C. T.), " 
Tuttle W. G. (C. T.), 

Carter Chas. F. (M. E.), Wareliam 
Cleary T. C. (C. 1'.), 

Austin S. J. (C. T.), 'Warren 

Moore John H. (Uv.), " 

Treadwell Thos. B. (M. E.), 'i 

"Somes A. H. (C. T.), West Warren, " 

Bissell (C. T.), Warwick 

Shepardson L. F. (B.), . 

Willard (C. U.), " 

Brown Jesse (.VI. E.), Washington 

Bell James M. (C. T.), Watertown 
McCarthy John (R. C), 

Richardson Daniel (M. E.), " 

Stubbert Wm. F. (B.), " 

Weiss John (C. U.), " 

Drake Ellis R. (C. T.), Wayland 

Frost Leonard P. (.VI. E.), " 

Robins Samuel D. (C. M.), " 

Bean D. M. (C. T.), Webster 

Hamilton A. C. (M.E.), " 

Quan James (R. C), " 

Reding C. W. (B.), " 

Nason Charles (W. M.), Wellfleet 

Fairley Samuel (C. T.), " 
Brigham Willard (C. T.), S. Wellfleet, " 

Piper C. W. (C. T.), Wendell 

Gorham Abner D. (B.), Wenham 

Jocelyn William (C. T.), " 
Dean Artemas (C. T.), Westborough 

Flanders Charles W. (B.), " 

Nottage Wm. A. (M. E.), " 

Litch J. L. (2d Adv.), " 
Bromley Edwin C. (B.), West Boylston 

Fitts James H. (C. T.), " 

Murdock Wm. (C. T.), " 

Judd Burtis (M. E.), Oakdale, " 
Forman Jacob G. (C. U.), W. Bridge water 

Pasco Cephas (B.), " 
Mather James (.VI. E.), Cochesett, " 
Dunham Samuel (C. T.), West Brookfield 

Marcy I. (M. E.), " 

Chapin Martin C. (.M. E.), Westfield 

Hopkins Henry (C. T.), " 

Jennings John J. (B.), " 

Mansfield (M. E.), " 

Miglionico (R. C), " 

Richardson E. H. (C. T.), " 

Abbott E. iC. U.), Westford 

HodgmanE. R. (C. T.), " 

Luce L. (C. T.), " 

Woodruff Henry D. ( C. T. ), " 

Young George H. (C. U.) " 
Allender Thomas (C. T.), West Hampton 

Johnson R. G. (B.), Westminster 

Proctor George (Uv.), " 

Rich A. J. (C. T.), " 



Clergymen — continued. 
Barrett L. G. (B.), Weston 

Sears E. H.(C. U), " 

Sutherland George (M. E.), " 

Dean Gardner (B.), ' Westport 

Leonard H. L. (C. T.), " 

ParrisJ. B. " 

Saow Elder (B.), " 

Tripp Gideon W. (B.), Centrnl Village, " 
Huboell W. S. (C. T.), West Roxbury 

Miller H. F. H. (Union;, " 

Babcock W. R. (E.), Jamaica Plain, " 
Gordon A. J. (B.), 
Perkins F. B. (C. T.), " " 

Bishop (.VI. E.), " " 

Thompson J. W. (C. U.), " " 

West Springfield 

Grout (C. T.), Mittineague, " 

Clark P. K. (C. 1'.), " " 

Coons Alfred (M. E. ), West Stockbridge 
Pomerov Samuel (K.), " 

PennelfL. (C. T.), VVest Stockbridge 

Ceutre, " 

Brown Olympia Miss (Uv.), Weymouth 
Cole Gideon (B.), " 

Ellsworth A. A. (C. T.), " 

Street (E.), " 

Morrison Wm- V. {M. E ). East Wey- 
mouth, " " 
Waldron Daniel W. (C. T.), " " 
Emery J. (C. T.), North Wevmouth, " 
Rock wood S. L. (C. T.)," " " 
Hayes S. H. (C. T.), South 
TerryJ.P. (C. T.), " 
Lane John B. (C. T.). Whately 

Bruiinagin (M. E.), Wilbraham 

Cooke Edward (M. E.), " 

Fisk Franklin (M. E.), " 

Furber Franklin (M. E.), " 

Howard (C. T.), " 

Howe A. S. (M. E.), " 

Hurcull Jonas (M. E.), " 

Jagger William S (M. E.), " 

ReadWm. (B.), South Wilbraham, " 
loulmun W. B. (M. E.)," 
Pomfret William J. (C. F.), Williamsburg 
Bascom .John (C. T.), Williamstown 

Durfee Calvin (C!. T.), " 

Fitch George W. (M. E.), " 

Hopkins Mark(C. 1'.), " 

Perrv Arthur L (C. T.), " 

Tatlock John (C. T.), " 

Wells P:. 1'. iC. 1.), " 

Tolmau Samuel H. (C. T.), Wilmington 
Foster D. (C. T.), Winchendon 

Hitchcock Milan H. (C. T.), 
Marvin Abijali 1'. (C. T.), " 

Pentecost William (M. E.), " 

Wheeler Charles (C. U.), Winchendon 

Bronson S. J. (B.), Wiuchester 

Metcalf Richard (C. U.), " 

Robinson R. T. (C. T.), " 

Holman Sydney (Pres.), Windsor 

Dadman John W. (M. E.). Winthrop 

Dunham Howard C. (M. E.), " 

Short John (M. E.), " 

Barnes William (C. U.), Wobum 

Dennen S. R. (C. T.), " 

Lansing John F.(M. E.), 
Mavo Wm. H. (Swed.), " 

Porter G. W.(E.), 

Qualev John (R. C), " 

Townley H. C. (B.), 

Wheeler M. G. (C. T.). North Wobum, " 
Blaisdell V. (Ch.), Worcester 

Bowles B. F. (Uv.), 

Carroll A. (M. E.), " 

CheeverH.T. (C. T.), 

Cutler E. (C. T.) Worcester 

Huntington Wm. R. (E.), " 

Mansfield J. H. (M. E.), " 

Peck J. 0. uM. E.), " 

Pervear H. K. (B.), " 

Power William (R. C.J, " 

Power J. J. (R. C), " 

Richardson Merrill (C. T.), " 

OReilley P. T. (R. C), " 

Shippen R. R. (C. U.), " 

Smith C.N. (M. E.), » 

Stratton R. B. (C. T.), " 

Sweet.oer S. (C. T.j " 

Virgin E. W. (M.E.), " 

Walker Allen (colored M. E.), " 

We.ston D. (B.), " 

Chase B. F. (.M. E.), New Worcester, " 
Morgan D. S (C. T.), Worthington 

Gordon Wm. (M. E.), S. Worthington, " 
Allen N. G. (E.), Wrentham 

Tompkins William R. (C. T.), 
Dwight John (C. T.), N. Wrentham, " 
Rounds Daniel B., " " 

Boomer J. C. (B.), S. Yarmouth, Yarmouth 
[Jowdish L. (M. E.), " " 

Cady Lawton (M. E ), Yarmouth Port, " 
Eaton Joshua T. (Swed.), '' " 

Lincoln Varnum (Uv.), " " 

Perry . I. P. (Swed.), " 

Cloaks and Mantillas. 

Fall River 


Gifford Perry, 
Sherrer, Rice, & Co. 
I'attillo Alex. 
Flanders & Co. 
Russell S. P. Mrs. 

ABBOTT & FAMES, 132 Merrimac, " 
White M. C. (manuf.). New Bedford 

Baker Semantha, Pittsfield 

Wood & Garlick, " 

Curtis Charles, Taunton 

Hudson M. T. Mrs. Worcester 


(See also Jewelry, Watches, <^c.) 
Williams & Hatch, North Attleborough 
WRUCK F. A., 195 Essex (see page 
748), Salem 

Clothes Cleaners. 

Browning Willis, Lynn 
Choate Kzekiel W. " 

Fliiin Frank M. '* 

Fowler Edward, " 

Greenige Geo. W. " 

Harvey Jeremiah P. " 

Adams Stephen, Plymouth 

Clothes Wringers, Manufs. 

Eureka Clothes Wringer Manuf. Co., " 


(iSee also Tailors.) 

Estes & Whiting, E. Abington, Abington 

Wilde Chas. M. Long Plain, Acushnet 

Smith George W. Adams 
BRIGGS & BOLAND, N. Adams, " 

Fibel H. & Co. " " 

Goldstone & Gastlick, " " 

Holbrook & Bates, " " 

Martin William, " " 

Brown S. J. & Co. Amesbury 

Baker & Lapham, Amherst 

Pease Oliver & Co. " 

Dean John H. Andover 



Logue Daniel, Andover 

West J. N. Ashland 

Woodbury S. F. " 

Bixby William, Athol Depot, Athol 
Everett A. M. Attleborough 

Devlin Daniel, N. Attleborough, " 
Miller George, Barnstable 

Hallett A. 0. Hyannis, " 

Orcutt F. V. ' Barre 

Barnes Wright, Becket 

Bridgman E. R. Belchertowu 

Burnham Charles L. Beverly 

Woodbury Henry, " 

Knowles & Freeman, Brewster 

Shifeldt Isaac, Brookline 

Crane J. E. Bridge water 

Howes Phineas, " 

Rogers J. H. & Co. Brookfield 

Strong & Ferary, Shelburne Falls, " 
Bartlett William B. Cambridge 

Burbank, Smith, & Co., Camb'dgeport, " 
DOYLE JOSEPH, 361 Main (second 

hand), Cambridgeport, " 

Fuller C. C. W. & Co. 
Lew Abraham, " " 

Roaf Robert N. " " 

PET riiNGELL & SAWYER (oil, see 

page 762), E. Cambridge, " 

Grant Charles H. Canton 

Leavitt Joseph, " 

Klous E. J. Charlestown 

Klous Louis, " 

Levy S. (second hand), " 

Packman Bowman, " 

Reiiistein Oscar, " 

Spear James E. & Co. " 

Howard Edward, Chatham 

Currier .lames M. Chelsea 

Little Omar, " 

Pike J. J. " 

Bickford D. P. & Co. Chicopee 

Buckingham & Co. " 

Hitchcock & Hosley, " 

Hall & Tyler, Chicopee Falls, " 

Field C. W. & Son, Clinton 

Frazer & Fairbanks, " 

McQuaid T. A. & S. 

Russell G. A. Coleraine 

Stewart R. S. Concord 

Tuttle Frank, " 

Lovell U. W. Cummington 

Orcutt N. F. " 

Richards D. L. Dana 

Greenwood M. East Dedham, Dedhara 
Norris S. M. " " 

Jones A. F. Douglas 

Rogers Wales, East Bridgewater 

Allen S. B. Joppa, " 

Strong W. V. Hampton 

Munroe J. H. Edgartown 

Osborn Samuel, jr. " 

Boyd .Joel, Essex 

Howes Charles, " 

Williams I". D. & Co. Fairhaven 

Ashley William H. Fall River M. W. " 

Bromberg Bros. " 

Davol John jr. " 

Frank Charles, " 

Gibbs R. S. & Co. " 

McKeiiney Felix, '• 

McKevitt Hugh, " 

Parkinson John T. (second-hand). " 
Riley Thomas, " 

Taylor & Co. " 

Wilbur & Gray, " 

Davis E. H. Falmouth 


Carleton M. & Co. Fitchburg 

Cross Daniel, ^ " 

Farnsworth L. B. " 

Goodrich Henry A. " 

Kittredge & Saxton, " 

Manning Joseph E. " 

Butterworth George H. Foxborough 
Nichols E. 0. 

Thompson B. Saxonville, Framingham 

Wood Levi W. Gardner 

Osgood Stephen, Georgetown 

Plumer Samuel, " 

Barrett C. P. Gloucester 

Bennett & Marr, " 

CARTER J. F. (oil, see page 749), " 

Lawrence R. C. " 

Parkhurst E. A. " 

Rogers Charles H. " 

Stacy E. F. " 

Tappan J. S. " 

Jackson Daniel, Lanesville, " 

Cohen Brothers, Great Barrington 

Hubbell Andrew L. " 

Bailey Loren N. Greenfield 

Cohn Marcus, " 

Seward & Willard, " 

Tenney J. C. Grotoii Junction, Groton 

Curtis Henry J. Hanover 

Stetson I. G. & Co. " 

Brett Charles E. Harwich 

Weeks & Small, So. Harwich, " 

Chase Erastus & Co. West Harwich, " 

Buti'ick & Paul, Haverhill 

Kerrigan A. P. J. " 

Taylors Three *' 
Wheeler J. S. 

Todd John, Hinghara 

Fiske George B. & Co. HoUiston 

Whiting E. F. " 

Adler D. Holyoke 

Johnson, Luddington, & Co. " 
Miller & Co. 

(Mafflin Arthur M. Hopkintoa 

Minturn W. E. " 

Hutchins & Co. Hudson 

Ring Sanford B. " 

Wheeler Nathan H. " 

Luce & Ingersoll, Hyde Park 

Baker S. N. jr. Ipswich 

Jordan Robert, " 

Fuller Frank, (manuf. ), Kingston 

Atkinson .J. B. Lawrence 

Bedell & Foster, " 

Bicknell Jas. jr. " 

Conlin Bros. " 

Dodge Marcus S. " 

Fairfield James M. & Co. " 

Fuller A. & Co. «* 

Hills George W. " 
Hall D. S. & Co., 

Hodgman & Bartlett, " 

Levy Solomon, " 

Moore W. H. " 

Savage & Flood, " 

Simons A. & Co. " 

Spalding William R. " 

Weil Louis & Co. " 

Barnes John S. E. Lee 

Lyman & Chaftee, •' 

Neiser M. & Co. " 

Thurston & Wheelock, Leominster 

Bowers A. E. Lowell 

Gushing Geo. S. " 

Fox Warren & Co. " 

French Abram & Co. " 

Gage & Jewell, " 

Green Geo. W. (manuf.), '* 



Chlhing — continued. 

Grove r c& Harvey, Lowell 

Haberstad H. " 

Hirslifield Herman, " 

Husp H. H. " 
Kileski H. 

Putnam Addison, " 

Richardson A. B. & Co. " 

Ritchie .1 1'. " 

Warren A. R. " 

Wheeler Joseph A. " 

White Josian, " 

Woodward A. G. " 

Worcester L. (manuf.), " 

Badger U. N. jr. Lynn 

Bra 3' G. & Son, " 

Bulman M. " 

Chase .lames & Co. " 

Chase .Mose?, " 
Cross Alfred & Co. 

Currier W. H. & Co. " 

Harney «& Scavern'S, " 
Union' Store 676, Moses Chase, agent, " 

Vaipey Sumuel B. " 
Graves SMmuel, jr. Marblehead 

Selman Benjamin, '' 
Hutcliins K.' E. Marlborough 

Roafe & Stocker, " 

Witiierbee N ilium, " 
Sparrow .J. Augustine, Middleborough 
Toole Michael, 

Aylward K. Mrs. (boy's), Milford 

Barker & Whiting, " 

Brown C. 1). " 

Harris B. K. " 

Fox & iJeaily, " 

Lewis Bros. " 

Walker Frederick, " 


Haleti .J.,hn VV. " 

Edgerton L. R. Natick 
Flvnn W. .1. & Co. 

Ed"wards W. South Natick. " 
BARNKTT JOHN, 104 Union, New Bedford 

DeWolf A. J. (second-hand), '• 

Doane, Swift, & Co. " 

Dootson John, " 

Geils Ganelt (second-hand), " 
Giffonl N. T. & Co. 

GokKmitii Gustavus, " 

Harrintiton .1. (second-hand), " 

Kelley Mirriam " " 

Lucivs A. E. " 
Mattliews Martha, (second-hand), " 

Openshaw ilary, (second-hand), " 

Packard E. " 
Pedro J. H. 

Perry Krancis T. " 
Pope, Richirdson, & Co. (se.amen's), " 

Roberts Joseph, " 

Sanders William, " 

Slccum Peleg & Co. (seamen's), " 

Swift Moses C. " 

Sylvia A. L. " 

Taber, Read, & Co. " 

Thonins Antoine (seamen's), " 
TUCKER HENRY R. 39 & 41 No. 

Water, " 

Tucker William jr. (seamen's), " 
Ward B. C. 

Wt-aver E. & Co. (children's), " 

Wiug J. & W. R. & Co. " 

Williams T. D. & Co. " 

Wordell Allien (seamen's), " 
Ballou C. N. Newburyport 

Ballon J. W. •' 

Dennett H. N. " 

Griffiths Kufus S. " 

Lower Falls, Newton 

North Bridgewater 

Hart J. S. Newburyport 

Lunt Henry & Co. " 

Quinn Thomas (second-hand), " 

Smith F. W. & Co. " 

Toppin C. C. '^ 
Welch Richard, 
Jackson Wm. W. 
Clark Merritt, 
Cohn S. & M. 
Draper J. L. 
French & Abbott, 
Smith & Prindle, 
Chesboro George L. 
Montague R. 
Brett H. A. 
Bryant G. E. & H. L. 

Howard & Caldwell, " 
Bartlett A. W. North Brookfield 

Ballou Warren S. Orange 
Dodge F. G. 


Young Jonathan, " 

Shaw J. P. Palmer 

Bott S. R. Peabody 
Parker H. A. & Co. East Village, Pepjierel 
Saunders Amos J. Pepperell Centre, " 

Cohen & Wolf, Pittsfield 

Davis, Taylor, & Kelly, " 

Newman Isaac, " 

Atwood William 2d, Plymouth 

Peterson Lewis & Son, " 
ADAMS WILLIAM, ProTincetown 

Nickerson James H. " 
Small J. F. 

Lombard J. \V. Quincy 

Hoft'man L. Randolph 

Fletcher Franklin, Reading 

Sticknev J. E. Rockport 

Ashton "William B. Salem 

Bennett Abraham. '' 

Carpenter David P. " 

Griffen E. & .1. S. " 

Jones G. & Co. " 

McCarn Daniel, " 

McKey John, " 

Norris C H. " 

Palmer William H. " 

I Peck F. S. " 

I Quinn & Kelly, " 

Saroni E. Mrs', (children's), " 

Savory Wm. T. Salisbury 

Boyd C. A. Amesbury, " 

Livingston Herman, " " 

Merrill J. H. Sandisfield 

Taylor & Castle, " 

Moore J. New Boston, " 

Parsons & Wilcox, " " 

Drew George P. Sandwich 

Burgess C. S. " 

Miller John Q. " 

Murray John, " 

Sherman T. C. " 

Reed William, Savoy 
Foster John H. Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 
Green E. T. " 

Sherwin A. 
Sanderson VV. L. 
Chace Joseph & Co. 
Simmons George W. 
Comstock & Perry, 
Edwards & Co. 
Granger S. L. & Bro. 
Baldwin J. A. 
Beebe J. 

Brigham D. H. & Co. 
Culver VV. R. 
Haynes T. L. & Co. 









Holmes's Hole, " 





Keyes Henry & Co, 
Miller, Alliu, & Co, 
Packard Sidney, 
Heath J. rt. & Co. 
Phipps Nathan, " 

Rowe Henry, " 

Wentworth Jennings, " 

Gay Hiram, Stoughton 

Bates. Haynes, & Co. Fiskdale, Sturbridge 
Potter Benjamin. Swampscott 

COLBY SAMUEL (see front col- 
ored page), 11 Union Blk. Taunton 
Fox & Fisher, " 

Giles Cubit (second-hand), " 

Grant Charles H. " 

Harris Wm. H. " 

Holt Benjamin R. " 

Norris Henry (second-hand), " 

Simmons K. S. " 

Steele & Baker, 
Crocker R. VV. 
Thomas S. A. 
Cram David, 
Dix William, r 

Osgood Charles, 
Wheeler L. C. 
Webster B. G. 
Appell Adolph, 
Bamber Asher, 
Delanv James, 
Frye C. G. 
Guild Virgil, 
Judd A. & Co. 
Lawton J. R. 
Howard Benj. F. 
Runnells Levi A. 
Wetherbee S. & J. 
Rogers A. B. 
Rawson James M. 
Higgins Allen, 
Rich Snow, 
Toljey J. F. 
Whorf& Higgins, 
Burnap H. A. & Co 
Goddard L. M. 
Blair E. H. 
Foote W. H. & Co. 
Morrissey Richard, " 

Shurtleff George & Co. " 


Sabins C. H. West Stockbridge 

READ M. H. Weymouth 

Williams Charles S. " 

Loud Henry, East Weymouth, " 

Rosenfeld Edward, South " " 
Wright Eleazer S. " " '• 

Thayer C. L. Whately 

Carruth J. A. Winchendon 

Kaymond Silas, •' 

Hammond J. W. Woburn 

Allis P. (boys), Worcester 

Bigelow & Longlev, " 

Cheney R. Mrs. " " 

Davis A. & J. E. " 

Doherty Hugh, " 

Eames'D. H. " 

Estabrook & Herrick, " 

Hollander G. " 

Lewisson Louis, " 

Perry & Paul, " 

Ware A. P. & Co, " 

Ware & Pratt (boys'), " 

Cloths and Woolen Goods. 

COLBY SAMUEL (also clothing of all 

kinds, see front colored page), Taunton 
Rawson Orville, Fall River 








West Brookfield 

Coal and Wood. 

( See alio Wood and Bark. ) 

Nash J. L. Abington 

Reed A. N. & Co. North Abington, •' 

Rand Edward A. North Adams, Adams 

Westcott W. S. Amherst 

Cornell .Tohn, Andover 


Morse Ezra, Ashland 

Tilton & Pike, " 

Hooper Q. A. Attleborough 

Smith Ebenezer, Barnstable 

Hallet Lot. Hyannis, " 

Hii ckley Marshall, " " 

Hartshorn Edward, Berlin 

Girdler John, Beverly 


Al<lrich C. B Blackstone 
Stetson A. Warren, Weymouth, Braintree 

Kriowles & Freeman, Brewster 

Lincoln Warren & Co. '■ 

Tufts Washington, Brookfield 
Twitchell J. L. & Co. 

Bartlett D. C Shelburne Falls, Buckland 

Hubbard Appleton, Cambridge 

Richardson William T. '• 
Baldwin & Co Cambridgeport, " 

Packard & Shaw, " " 

Holmes & Rugg, " " 

Lawson William, " " 

Lerned Thomas P. " '' 

Luke & Bent, " » 

Smith Martin L. " " 

Brooks Wm. C. & Co. E. Cambridge, " 

Wellington Brothers, " " 

Wyman William, " " 

Barry Charles J. Charlestown 

Barry Jotham & Co. " 

Bruce E. L. & Co. " 

Carleton A. " 

Dix A. H. " 

Fall S. H. " 

Keves Edmund, " 

Knight S. & E. " 

Murdock. Stearns, & Co. " 

Nason R. & Co. " 

Oakman & Eldredge, " 

Perkins & Goodwin, " 

Stockman C. W. " 

Wellington A. H. " 

Williams S. & G. " 

At wood Sears, Chatham 

Nickerson Zenas, jr. " 

Taylor Christopher, " 

Taylor George, " 

Campbell Jeremiah, Chelsea 
Chelsea Fuel Co., Daniel Sampson, " 

Evans Samuel H. & Son, " 

Hardin James M. & Co. " 

Nagel George, '' 

Perkins J. H. " 

linkom G. H. & Co. ■" 

Town & Co. " 

Abbe A. B. Chicopee 

Bemis Robert E. '* 

Johnson Allen, " 

Morton M. Chicopee Falls, '• 

Jewell Henry, Clinton 

Tower Abraham H.jr. Cohasset 

Hudson B. N. Concord 

Fisher Amory, Dedham 

Hall Nathan, Deimis 

Kelley Doane, Dennisport, " 
Kelley & Sears, East Denni'?, " 

Studley C ileman, West " " 

Cobb George & Son, Dighton 

Whitmarsh Charles E. " 




Eiist Bridgewater 


Kiist Hampton 


Coal ami Wood — continued. 

Robinson .T. D Neponset, Dorchester 

Heath S. W. & Co. Doughis 

.loties A. F. 

Loring John S. 

Alden Samuel G. 

Hobart John, 

Janes J. E. (wood), 

Mayher J. 

Darrovv Ira, 

Ripley T. P. " 

FISH ROLAND, Fairhaven 

Batt Richard VV. Fall River 

BOWEN J. A. (coal wholesale and 
retail, for family and steam pur- 
poses), Morgan's wharf, " 


page 729), foot Central. " 

COOK V. & CO., Central, cor. I'ond, " 

COOK \VM. M.. foot Ferry St., " 

HAWKINS & KILHAM, (see page 
718), Slade's wharf, " 

Kingslev George F. " 

SHOVt' CLARK & Co.. 40 Davol, 

Slade John P. 

Fairbank Charles L. & Co 

Garfield & Proctor, 

Whittemore Chas. S. 

Russegue A. A. 

Davis M. R. & Co. 

Osgood Ezra, 

Folsom Joseph P. 

Bennett & Keed, 

Friend Samr.el K. & (.'o. 

Herrick & Cook, 

Porter E. 

Storv & Bovnton, 

Wallace & 'i'arr. 








Wonson H. S. 
Wonson Wm. G 
Norton S. & Co. 
Arms (Jeorge A. &: Co. 
Balcli Tliomas H. 
Bosworth Martin, 
Churcli «& Sylvester, 
Kelly Ahira, 

Brown Wm. G. 
Dodge Richard T. 
Andrews 0. & Co. 
Brown C. A. 
CaU & True. 
Reed Rufus & Co. 
Runals & Hayden, 
Sanborn & Tucker, 
Dresser & Co. 
Root Henry J. 
Longlev Luther, 
Bennett & Rodliff, 
Brown Hiram, 
Durant & Simons. 


K. Gloucester, '• 

Great B.irringtou 






Kelley H. jr. & Co. Harwich Port, " 
Weeks & Small, South Harwich, " 
Hardy J. C. & Co. Haverhill 

SARGENT & HOLDEN (see page 

714), Steamboat wharf. " 

Smiley Charle~, '' 

Bassett Daniel, Hiiigham 

Marsh Caleb B. " 

Gallott Lambert, Holliston 

Hawes .losiah, " 

Judd W. A. Holvoke 

MARTIN W.L. (see paire 724), "" 
Claflin C. W. ^ Hopkinton 

Phipps William G. " 


Wilkiiis Henrv, '• 







HILL E. A. (all kinds wood), 337 

Middlesex, Lowell 

Home D. W. " 

Keys John, " 

Kittredge Wm. " 

LEONARD A. W. (wood, see page 

739), Jackson, n. the Round House, " 
Livingston W. E. " 

McGuirk P. " 

Breed Henry, Lynn 

Breed Wm. N. ■• 

EDMANDS E. P. (see page 716), 

Summer street, " 

Hopner & Whipple, " 

Lamper & Brothers, " 

Newhall Brothers, '" 

Thing & Rowe, " 

Ramsdell Oliver, " 

Newhall Wm. M. West Lynn, 

.lacobs Hale, Maiden 

Rhoades Chas. H. 

Dixie Benjamin D. Marblehead 

Gregory Joseph, " 

Humphrej's & Twisden, " 

Pitman George E. " 

Fav C. L. Marlborough 

SMITH S. & A. 

Sparrow William E. Mattapoisett 

Curtis & Co. Medfield 

Aiigier Luther, Medford 

Gushing Pyam, " 

Joyce Oakman, " 

Mann Chas. W., West Medway, Medway 
Marston Daniel G. " " 

Smith John, Melrose 

Le Barron John, Middleboro 

Crosbv A- Putnam, Milford 

Field ■& Bailey, " 

YAdy Justus, Millbury 

Todil & Gannett. ililton 

Adams F. E. & Sons, Nantucket 

Mc Cleave Joseph, " 

Perry Edward W. & Co. 
Skinner William H. (wood), '• 

Robinson & Jones, Natick 

Bird Charles, South Natick, " 

Johnson Welcome J. Nahant 

Rice Charles, jr. Newton Lower 

Falls, Needham 

Bird Charles, South Natick, '• 

Baxter N. G. New Ashford 

Delano Richard M. New Bedford 

Hart Samuel (wood), " 

Haskell Edward P. (coal), " 

Hatliaway B. F. " 

Howland B. Franklin, " 

Macy P. S. " 

Morse F. H. " 

Perkins A. N. 
Perry Ellis, 

Perry J. H. & Co. " ' 

Robbins A. (granular fuel), " 

Ryder Benjamin, " 

Springer Andrew R. " 

Brown Newman, Newburyport 

Coffin Amos, " " 

Littlefield Hiram, " 

Brackett A. Newton Corner, Newton 

Bourne G. L. & C. B. Aubnmdale, " 
Trowbridge & Hill, Newton Centre, " 
Jones A. H. Lower Falls, " 

Rice Chas. " 

Sanger D.C. West Newton, " 

Mclntire Lewis, Northampton 

Williams Joseph C. •' 


H. K. Parsons agt., Florence, " 

Moore L. B. " •' 



Bartlett F. D. Northborough 

Hay ward D. North Bridge water 

Packard Ellis, " 

FOSS N. J. Campelio, " 

Ayres William H. North Brookfield 

Mayo Joseph C. Orleans 

Smith Thomas, " 

Snow Aaron, " 

Rich Reuben, Oxford 

Squier & Wood, Palmer 

Potter, Batohelder, & Co. Peabodv 

Guild Gerry & Co. Pittsfield 

Root & Burns, " 

SPRAGUE, LAWTON, &|C0. (coal), " 
Cobb F. B. Plymouth 

Atwood .John, jr. & Co. Proviucetown 

BOWLEY J. E. & G. 
COOK H. & S.& CO. " 

Freeman & Hilliard, " 

SMALL E. E. " 

Adams Eben & Son, Quincy Point, Quincy 
Adams Owen, " " 

Lee R. L. (granular fuel), " " 

Thayer Daniel W., E. Randolph, Randolph 
Boyce Robert M. Reading 

Parker Henry F. " 

Davis John, 2d, Rehoboth 

Goff Zenas H. " 

Lane Leverett, Rockport 

Marshall Lafayette, " 

Tarr D. T. & Co. 

Marchant Wm. Pigeon Cove, " 


117 Derby, Salem 

Clark Joseph, " 

Dodge J. L. " 

Fairfield James, " 

Grover John, " 

HATCH L. B. 11.3 Derby, " 

MANNINGR. C. &C0. 189Derbj', " 
PHILLIPS W. P. Phillips' wharf, and 

Central cor. Essex (see page 74.5), " 
PICKERING WM. jr. 17 Peabody, " 
Sanborn G. & F. T. " 

Smith L. A. " 

Wiggin & Clark, " 

Fowler Everett (coal), Amesbury, " 
Kingsbury Henry & Co. " ' " 

Allen William P. Scituate 

Bartlett D. C, Shelbume Falls, Sbelburne 
Davis David P. Somerset 

Wyatt George, " 

Olney D. K. & Co. Southbridge 

Abbey Abner B. Springfield 

Banks .1. H. & Son, " 


Chapin A. W. " 

GRAY HENRY & SONS, 86 iMain, 
Mills Isaac, " 

Church T. L. & J. H. Taunton 

Padelford D. " 


Water (see page 759) " 

Stephens Charles E. " 

Smith David, Holmes's Hole, Tisbury 
Dyer Samuel, Truro 

Hopkins Smith R. North Truro, " 
Knowlton William, Upton 

Macomber J. M. Uxbridge 

Taft & Spencer, " 

Aborn Geo. W. Wakefield 

Coombs S. G. B. " 

CLARK F. F. Waltham 

Lemed A. H. " 

Parmenter J. W. & Co. " 

Warren .1. L. Waltham 

Holden D. Ware 

GURNEY ANSEL S. (see page 774). " 
Bosworth John, Warren 

Brigham F. " 

Fairbanks A. " 

Gilkey Royal & Co. Watertown 

Goddard Joel, Webster 

Central Trading Co. Wellfleet 

Baker N. M. & Co. •' 

Newcomb, Kemp, & Co. " 

Southern Wharf Co. " 

Smith T. A. Westborougli 

Crowell George & Co. West Brookfield 

Blood L. B. & Co. Westfield 

Loud .loseph & Co. Weymouth 

Tirrell Albert, South Weymouth, " 

Honey .J. Williamstown 

Reals & Bowker, Winchendon 

Wood Geo. H. & Co. 

Morse F. H. & Co. Winchester 

McDonald .Joseph B. " 

Fuller Rufus, Worcester 

Jourdan W. H. " 

Santon J. & Co. " 

Strong & Rogers, " 

Wellington T. W, & Co. " 

Loi'ing Hiram, So. Yarmouth, Yarmouth 
Crocker & Matthews, Yarmouth Port, " 

Coal Ash Sifters. 

Harris Samuel (patent), Springfield 

Coal by the Cargo. 


Water (see page 759), Taunton 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 

Hathaway .Tos. R. Fall River 

Weaver Geo. E. Lawrence 

Bayrd Edward, Lynn 

Berry N. & Sons, " 

Butman Joseph, " 

Davis & Hatch, New Bedford 

Hill & Ross, Newburyport 

Newhall H. B. East Saugus, Saugus 

Freeman M. Springfield 

Fowler George. " 


cor. Exchange (see page 786), Worcester 

Todd J. & Co. " 

Coffin and Casket Manufs. 

St., cor. Third (see page 731), 

East Cambridge, Cambridge 

Coffin "Ware-rooms. 

Wiley C. B. Abington 

Holbrook 0. B. East Abington, " 
Adams .lasper H. North Adams, Adams 
Isbell Cyrus P. » 

Abbott Hermon, Andover 

Clapp Samuel, Athol 

Mann Horace, Athol Depot, " 

Spooner Timothj' H. Barre 

Prophett William, Bridgewater 

Devens Thos., Cambridgeport, Cambridge 
Hadlev A. A., E. Cambridge, " 

St., cor. Third (see page 7.31), 

East Cambridge, " 

Shepard Asa, Canton 

Bryant .John, Charlestowu 

Coourn V,. N. " 

Perry John L. " 



Cnjjin Ware-rooms — continued. 
Reade .Tolin, Charlestown 

Brimliall E. & Co. Clinton 

French Daniel, Joppa, East Bridgewater 

Westgate, Baldwin, & Co 

Willis Sydney I). & Co. 

Whittem'ore P. B. 

Ellery Benjamin, 

Proctor Charles, 

Chamberlin & Whitmore, 

Cummings .T. H. 

Fowler 0. R. 

Harris William D. 

Bemis C. W. 

Chase William, 

Bassett .Joseph, 


Goodrich A. W. 

Tavlor George H. 

BROOKS J. W. 19 Prescott, 

Gordon & Currier, 

Hanover T. 

Crosman J. H. 

Orcutt C. N. 

Bliss N. P. & Co. 

Fay Hiram W. 

Soule Geo. 

Berein James, 

Fairbanks L. 

Smith F. B. 

Folger Reuben G. & Frederick, 

Adams James, 

COGGESHALL & CO. 20, 22 & 

26 William (see page 734), New Bedford 
Wilson Benjamin G. " 

Copp Charles, Newburvport 

SaflFord S. H. & Co. ' " 

Howard, Clark, & Co., North Bridgewater 
Loomis J. S. Palmer 

PARKER C. E. Pittsfield 


Fall River 


















(see page 766), 


Knowles R. 


Kimball Charles H. 


Allen & Spring, 


Buffura C. S. 


Williams Samuel, 


Bourke & Skehen, 


Pomerov& Fiske, 


Washburn E. G. 


Brinton Edward C. 


Withington P. M. 


Gaffnev John, 


Washburn P. T. & H. S. 


Carpenter Edwin, 


Goodnow William, 


Hilton L. 


Sly A. T. 


Spalding & Eddv, 


Sparrow R. C. & Z. 


Lambsou Clinton K. 


Davmon & Rice, E.Wevroouth, Wevmouth 

Allen L. H. 


Hildreth George G. 


McConville F. A. 


Sessions George & Son, 


Coffln Trimmings Manufs. 

Stanley & Staples, 


Wilmarth Wm. D. 


Howard Geo. H. S. Braintree, Braintree 

Cabot F. W. 



RHODES M. M. (tacks), 

Porter st., " 

Nonpareil Collar Co. Springfield 

Ray & Taylor, " 

Collecting Attorney. 
HILL E. L. Waltham 

Color Manufacturers. 

FARRAR G. H. (Union cor. Wash- 
ington (red stain and carmine, see 
page 706), Lynn 

Comb Manufacturers. 

Harris Svdnev & Sons, Clinton 

Blodgett'cSi; Phillips, Leominster 

back combs, scoops, spoons, &c., 
for dnigsri«ts) " 

COOK BROTHERS (combs and 

imitation jet jewelry), " 

Derby & Whitcomb (back, side, 

and (iressins), " 

Joslin C. L. (fanov, back and side), " 
LOOK HERVEY D. & CO. (fancy 

and ornamental back combs), " 

MORSE G. & CO. (tAck and side,) •' 
Niles Joseph (fancy and dressing), " 
Palmer W. L. " 

Prescott Emerson (fancy and long), " 
Tilton & Look (combs" and imita- 
tion rubber goods), " 
True D. E. & Co. " 
UNION COMB CO. (raw horn, dress- 
ing and fancy), " 
Wetherbee & liarnard (combs and 

eye glasses;, " 

Drake Alfred (machine wool), Lowell 

Sugden John (wire), " 

Carr, Brown, & Co. Newburyport 

Hildreth M. & Co. Northborough 

Parker, Staples, & Co. " 

PATTON \V. (magic comb), Springfield 
Carleton «& Marshall, West Newbury 

CHASE H. G. 0. & T. M. 
Emery C. H. 

Emerv Lucien H. " 

Noyes S. C. & Co. " 

Comforter Manufacturer. 

Fiske William, Lowell 

Commercial Colleges. 


H. T. Wheeler, Principal, 101 

Winnisimmet st. Chelsea 

Holmes's Commercial College, Fall River 
Fitchburg Commercial Institute, Fitchburg 
McCoy & Moore, Low«ll 

Boynton S. P. Lynn 


COLLEGE, J. B. Hamhly, Middleboro*. 

Carter's Commercial College, Pittsfield 

Holmes's Commercial College, Taunton 

Howes B. G. Worcester 


(Fwfull list of Gimmissioners, see page 99.) 
BINNEY W. C. (N. H., R. L, 

Cal.), Amesbury 

FISHER M. M. Med way 

PECK A. PERRY (Me.), Northampton 
PERKINS J. R. (Me.), No. Bridgewater 
EMERSON C. M. (N. Y., Me.) Pittsfield 

Collar Manufacturers. 

(<S'ee aho Paper Collars.) 
Baird Geo. K. (paper), Lee 

Commission Merchants. 

(See also Mercha7^ts.) 

Whipple & Ward, 
Howe A. & G. H. 




FISH ROLAND, Fairhaven 


p 1^6 729), ft. Central st. Fall River 

GREENE & SON, 12 Pleasant, " 

Kingslev George F. " 


and 18 Bedford, " 


Pocasset cor- Main, " 

Slade John P. " 

Crowell Elisha, Gloucester 

Stetson James A. " 

Dodd, Tarr, & Co. East Gloucester, " 
Bartlett T. B. & Co. Haverhill 

Kimball A. R. (boots and shoes), " 

Bonnev Milton & Co. Lawrence 

Coan VV. B. & A. " 

PATCH E. B. & CO. 1 and 2 Com. 

mercial sq. Lowell 

WAITE A. L. & CO., Button opp. 

Mechanic's Mills, " 

Johnson William A. Lunenburg 

Allen G. & Son, New Bedford 

Baker Benjamin, " 

Bartlett I. H. & Sons, " 

Baylies J. B. " 

Baylies & Cannon, " 

Bourne Edward, " 

BOURNE GEORGE A., 27 No. Water. " 
Greene David R. & Co. " 

Haskell Edward P. (coal), " 

Howland James H. " 

Nve S. G. (provisions), " 

Perry J. H. & Co. " 

Ricketson Joseph, 2d, " 

Robinson W. A. & Co. " 

Taber, Gordon, & Co, " 

Wady John G. " 

White Jonathan P. & Co. " 

Watkins J. B. 

Wing J. & W. R. " 

Wordell Alden, " 

Sumner, Swasey, & Currier, Newburyport 
ARCHER WILLIAM, 34 Front and 

18 Washington, Salem 

GOODHUE WILLIAM P., 44 Derby, " 
PHILLIPS W. P., Phillips' Wharf 

and Central, cor. Essex (see page 

Colbv W. A. Springfield 

Hamilton R. J. (oil), •' 

King, Norton, & Ladd, " 

Lane & Smith, " 

Palmer Samuel & Co. " 

Babbitt George H. jr. Taunton 

King William, " 

Seekell John & Son, " 


Water (see page 759), " 

WATSON & FAIRBANK (flour and 

grain). Ware 

Edmunds J. E. Webster 

ALDRICH C. D., Trumbull sq., Worcester 
Chamberlain H. H. & Co. (wool), " 

Clark & Houghton, " 

Clark & Newton (wool), " 

Cheney & Farley, " 

Dexter & Curtis, " 

Fish F. W. & Co. " 

Harrington F. " 

Holbrook W. D. & Co. " 

Hoppin G. S. & Co. " 

Hopson, Cole, & Co. " 

Hyatt & Hobbs (wool), " 

King P. D. " 

Spun- E. & Co. " 

Staples S. E. " 

WESTON 0. H., 5 Sargent's Blk. 

Compo Shoe Manuf. 

SAMUELS JAMES (see page 791), Lyna 

Composition Wails. 

(cast), (see page 757), New Beciford 


NEWTON E. & C, Union (see 
page 731), Worcester 


Clark B#P. & Co. Cambridge- 
port, C;imbridge 
Reuter Gustave, East Cambridge, " 
Siiwtell B. W. Charlestown 
FISH ISAAC H. (see page 735), 

Neponset, l)orc'!ester 

Brav Bros. Lowell 

PAGE DUDLEY L. 1 Middle, " 

WRIGHT A. D. & CO. 3 Appleton 

Block, " 

Rhodes William W. Lynn 

Hawes Levi, New Bedford 

Menage Henry G. & Co. " 

Washburn & Grover, North Bridgewater 
PEIRCE JOSEPH H. 13 Main, Peabody 
Pepper George W. " 

Needham J. S. Salem 

Roberts E. F. & J. W. " 

Simon's, " 

Tibbetts R. S. " 

Turell B. F. & Co. " ' 

Wise G. H. Mrs. " 

Cowles A. F. Springfield 

Saunderson George E. Sutibury 

BLISS A. L. & CO., 65 Main (see 

page 758), Taunton 

Kreis John G. Wiiltham 

Webster D. G., East Weymouth, Weymouth 
Hooker F. G. Worcester 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Easton Carroll W. Adams 

Adams W. C. North Adams, " 

IVES H. B. -" " 

Manchester William, " " 

Hinckley H. Amesbury 

Pike Geo. E. Andover 

Swift .Jonathan, " 

Hardin N. H. Attleboro' 
Spear C. J. W. 

Choate Geo. P. & Alfred P. Beverly 

Masury George, " 

Newton George B. Bolton 

Hayward C. F. Bridgewater 

Sclioregge Henry, Brookline 

Belcher Chas. F. Cambridge 

McElroy William, " 

Alden Thomas, Cambridgeport, " 

Tower Geo. W. " " 

Clark B. P. & Co. (manuf.), " " 

Blake Chas. H. " " 

Longley Benj. A. " " 

Moore Clark, " " 

Smith James, " " 

Tandy Jane, " " 

Leaver 0. A. " " 
Reuter Gustave (manuf.), E. Cambridge," 

Smith Charles, " " 

Finnegan P. W. Canton 
Abbott Emma Mrs. & Co. Charlestowa 

Beynon Wm. C. " 

Bliss & Perry, " 

Boardman Benj. S. " 

Hale Alfred, " 

Litchfield John S. " 



Confectionery and Fruit — continued. 
Paxtoii James & Bro. Charlestown 

Sawtell B. W. (miinuf.), " 

Sawtell U. Mrs. " 

Whittemore Alfred, 


Wilson C. G. 


Bruce John, 


Caswell Jane B. 


Chase Chas. M & Co. 


Clinkard Henry R. 


Richardson Mary C. 


Wilson Ezra, 


Benoit & Chabot, 


Blackmer William L. 


Downing Hiram, 
Jacobs bimeon A. 


Gilbert H. W. Chicopee Falls 


Watson T. P. 

Kuch Elizabeth Mrs. Dedham 
Fish Isaac II. Neponset, Dorchester 

Russell Stillman, Douglas 

Strong R. E. East Hampton 

Tuckerman Benianiin C. Edgartown 

Allen Clms. H. & Son, Fairliaven 

Adams & Campbell, Fall River 


So. Main, " 

Biltclifle Fergus, 


Burgess William, 


Coggshall C. H. 


Golman William, 


Downsbury Isabella, 


Fennelly William E. 


Oodley James, 


Hathaway .lames B. 


Kenney & Ellsbree, 


McKevitt James T. 


Noros L. J. 


Nowell George W. 


Thacker Thomas, 


Cook Thomas J. 


EMORY S. P. 145 Main, 


Jackson J. H. & Co. 


Whitnev E. D. 


Bragg Alex. E. 


Campbell Charles H. 


Jones Geo. N. 


Millward B. F. ' 


Young Wm. H. 


Allerton Wm. East Gloucester, " 

Coller D. F. 


Tyler Major H. 

Great Harrington 

Clark John B. 


Savage George G. 


Bean C. G. 


Dawley Wm. 


Goodspeed Charles E. 


Harlow J. M. 


Kempton & Co. 


Rogers F. D. Mrs. 


Sheldon S. H. 


Shute John 1$. 




Mayetts Edward, 


Perry Seth W. 


Kinney Francis E. 


Baker John R. 


Brierly W. 


Tefts v.. T. 


Terrell Lewis L. 


Wedge & Ward, 
Whittemore P. B. 


Hyde Park 

Lang James Mrs. 


Lang Mary Mrs. 


Watts J. W. 


Willcomb William, 


Akers Geo. G. 


BEAL HENRY, Essex n. Broadway, 

Bingham H. F. Lawrence 

Herriman Stephen, " 

Hutchins E. H. " 

Martyu D. W. &. Co. " 

Watkins Geo. B. " 

Webster Abel, " 

Backus P. Lenox 

Billings Samuel D. Lowell 

Gilbert M. Mrs. " 

Hall E. W. " 

Heald John, " 

Hildreth S. F. " 

Johnson A. E. " 

Marshall McLane, " 
Mason R. E. 

Nichols & Hutchins, " 
PAGE I). L. 1 Middle and 39 Merrimac," 

Walker C. H. " 

Wortheii B. D. " 
WRIGHT A. D. & CO. 3 Appleton 


Blauchard John E. Lynn 
Clapp Geo. H. 

Downs Simon T. " 

Goldthwaite H. A. Mrs. " 

Hould Herbert, " 

Larkih Arthur W. " 

McDermott John, " 
MiUett I). K. 

Richmou<i Wm. B. •' 
Rhodes William W. (manufacturer,), " 

Shaw Albert, " 

Stone Frank E. " 

Toppan & Co. " 

Vickary Otis, " 

Caldwell & Vaughan, Maiden 

Chapin Frank B. " 

Knight Wm. M. Marblehead 

Rogers F. E. " 

Wellman Jacob, " 

Kinney .lirey, jr. Mattapoisett 

Bond Dudley, Medford 
I'ripp Benj. F. Middleborough 

Hunt L &. Co. Milford 

Willis I^dwin, " 

Hooper L. A. Nantucket 

Hussey O. F. " 

Cummings F. E. Natick 

Andrews Christopher, New Bedford 

Arnet Robert, " 

Brannan R. H. " 

Brook Chas. A. " 

Bates A. E. Mrs. " 

Bourne Edward, " 

Cobb C. " 

Carter M. Miss, " 

Duffy James, " 

Hawes Levi, (wholesale), " 

Lang Anthony, " 
Menage Henry G. & Co. (manuf.), " . 

Parker Frederick, " 

Parkinson Robert, " 

Read Philip, " 

Tilden & Co. » 

Scott J. W. " 

Smith John, " 

Rice A. J. " 

Brown William, Newbnryport 

Dresser E. G. " 

Stevens Geo. H. " 
Hyde H. N., Newton Corner, Newton 

Keyes J. C. West Newton, " 
Thomason Ellen, Upper Falls, " 

Proutv Benjamin, Northampton 

Strong E. " 
Hunt & Wilder, North Bridgewater 

Washburn & Grover, " 
Wires M. D. North Brookfield 



Bird Charles, jr. North Chelsea 

Tenney F. M. Orange 

Sparrow Joel, Orleans 

Fox & Holbrook, Palmer 

Holman C. F. Peab'^dy 

Hvde Milton, " 

PEIRCE JOSEPH H., 13 Main, " 

Reed David N. " 

Roche E. E. " 

Tibbeits J. H. " 

Booth E. A. Pittsfield 

Millard Ansel E. " 
PHELPS & GROSSMAN, 43 North, " 

Smith Joseph H. " 

Churchill Benjamin, Plymouth 

Lucas S. " 

Olney Z. " 
Atkins Joseph, 2d, Provincetown 

Brown Reuben F. " 

Kilburn Edward J. " 

Young James, " 

Hodges Wm. A. Quincy 

Frencii Ansel, Randolph 

Eaton Robert C. Rockport 

Story Henry L. " 

Tufts Joseph, " 

Chandler & Co. Salem 

Chappie John, " 

DeCosta Emanuel, " 

Estes G. W. jr. " 

Morrill F. A. " 

Moulton Wm. " 

Needham J. S. " 

Nourse E. " 

Roberts E. F. & J. W. " 

Rogers S. F. " 

Simon's, " 

Sadler J. D. " 

Sweet H. S. " 

Tibbetts R. S. *' 

Wise George H. Mrs. " 
Marden Moses, Amesbury, Salisbury 

Prevaux John, " " 
Pellett H. E. Southbridge 

Barr E. C. Springfield 

Bliss & Co. . " 

Brown S. C. " 

Clegg William L. " 

Cogswell J. W. " 

Collins William M. " 

Colman P. B. " 

Cowles A. F. (manuf.), " 

Dickenson J. W. " 

Gunn & Merrill, " 

Kibbe Brothers & Co. " 

LaBarron W. W. " 

Lyon C. T. " 

Pierce H. A. " 

Quimby H. A. " 

Sweetland & Fisher, " 

Sweetland & Loomis, " 

Caird F. S. Stoneham 
Sanderson George E., (manuf.), Sudbury 

Sanderson T. J. " 
Harding George W. Swampscott 

Porter J. P. " 
BLISS A. L. & CO., 65 Main, (see 

page 758), Taunton 

Clary P. « 

Congdon Wm. W. " 

Gush man E. " 

Fisher A. B. Mrs. " 

Lothrop Gyrus H. " 


iiichmond G. E. " 

Sears J. B. " 
Dexter Elisha, Holmes's Hole, Tisburv 
Keith J. B. " 

Butler A. jr. Wakefield 

Field I. Waltham 

Fisher Joseph, " 

Kreis John G. (manuf), " 

Merriam A. H. " 

Wright J. B. " 

Holden George C. War© 

White & McMahon, " 

Briggs I'lbenezer, Wareham 

Adams T. C. " 

Bassett Wash. E. Wareham, " 

Wade Charles, Webster 

Higgins John G. Wellfieet 

Farrar Jlilton, Westtield 

Lewis L. M. " 

Miller E. S. & Co. " 

St. John Myron, " 

Swiatland E. S. " 

Whipple Charles F. " 

West Roxbury 
Hankey Joseph, Jamaica Plain, " 
Avery E. A., Mittineague, W. Springfield 
Hunt Richard B., \Vest Stockbridge 

Webster D. G. (manuf.). East 

Weymouth, Weymouth 

Leach Clinton C. Wilbraham 

Allen S. E. Wiuchendon 

Adkins C. S. Woburn 

Thompson S. F. " 

Bliss A. S. Worcester 

Bruce Jos. " 

Cutting D. " 

Gates D. G. " 

Hillyer George, " 

Hooker F. G. (manuf.), • " 

Hubbard C. K. " 

Hutchinson A. & Son, " 

Lilley A. J. " 

Marrs Augustus, " 

Newcomb A. " 

Rawson D. J. " 

Smith Ansel, " 

Shepard Ghas. " 

Taff, Bliss, & Rice, " 

Tyler & Gale, " 


Barnes Eleazer, Dorchester 

Draper & Vaughan, " 

Contractors for Building. 

PEIRGE HENRY, North Adams, Adams 

BASSETT JOEL L., (see page 761), ' " 


Howland F. P. Abington 
Gorthell Wm. P., South Abington, " 

Hart A. Orlando, Charlestown 

Hart J. S. " 

Shedd A. B. " 

Billings H. W. Conway 
Chamberlain Joseph, East Bridgewater 

Keith Thomas, " 

Winslow B. F. Fall River 

Low David W. Gloucester 

Bicknell Quincy, Hingham 

Segmour Charles W. " 

Whitney Edmund C. Marlborough 

Coolidge Oliver B. Lynn 

Holmes B. H. Plymouth 

Rand Asa P. Westfield 

Ellis Bethuel, Wiuchendon 


Lawrence Ralph, Acton 

Robbins Francis (kegs), '• 

Dole Joseph, S. Acton, " 



Coopers — continued. 
Fletcher Daniel, South Acton, Acton 
Gilmore William, W. Acton, " 

Bigelow Horace, Berlin 

Gnellow Charles P. Bernardstou 

Goodwin Robert, ^^fJ" •'^ 

Wheeler James K. Bolton 

Wheeler Samuel, 

Hastings .lames, Boylston Centre, Boylston 
Trowbridge Silas, Buckland 

Gerry J. Cambridgeport, Cambridge 
Proctor Benj. F. " 
Bay State Barrel Co. East Cambridge, ; 
Wilkins George, Carlisle 

Blofjd & Seaver, . Charlestown 

Fisher John, ^^ 

Johnson Lewis, j, 

Lund Frederick, „ 

Neiss David L. & Co. 
Saunders G. W. & W. A. 
Tyler Philip, 

Dean & Martin. 

Brown Thomas J. 

Compton Charles, 

Creed James, 

Phinney James, 

Chamberlain Amasa, 

Waters George, 

Woodward James, 

Wiusor Seth, 

Keniston Samuel, 

Burnhani William, 

McAdams James, 

Bearse Christopher G. 

Clark, .Tenney, & Co. 

Pease John 0. 

New Bedford 

Howl and & Cogswell, 

Luce Thomas, 

Luscomb Richard, 

Luscomb Ziba B. 

Mvrick Alexander G. 

Norton William J. 

Parker Charles, 

Peck & Adams, 

PKIRCK JOHX W. 99 So. Water (see 

page 757), 
PEIRCE LLOYD N. 190 So. Water, 

(see page 728), 
R^indali Rufus, 
Walsh Maurice, 
Whitnev Amasa, 
Coffin William S. 
Fitz Geo. 

Goodwin Thomas C 
Pettingell J. S. 
Pettingell Samuel, 



Dana ' 






Fall River 



Gilson William B. 
Keyes Denison, 
Page \Villiam, 
Higgins Daniel, 
Butterfield David, 


E. Gloucester, " 

E. Granville, " 


Terry Benj. 

Har/old Joseph, 

Everdean John J 

Marlin Joseph, 

Tuck Azor H. 

Crane Samuel R. 

Holcombe E. 

Cooley James M. 

Perry Seth, 

Doane Ambrose N. 

Mercarther 0. S. 

Small Z. H. (cranberry ban-els), 

Turner Stephen, 

Tuttle John, 

Woodhouse William, 

Fletcher Nathan, 

Goodell Alvin, 
Williams Ruel A. 
Ashley Josiah R. 
Farmer Charles, 
Potter Alex. 
Kelty James F. 
Hutchinson James, 
Hutchinson Orin, 

White Asa, Lincoln 

Tuttle John P. Littleton 

Powers Wm. 95 Lowell, Lowell 

Aiken Warren, Mattapoisett 

BARSTOW J^. H. & H. (kegs, see ^^ 
page 727), 







New Lenox, Lenox 

BoUes Prince, 
Richardson Simeon, 
Markham Ira, 
Elkins John, 
Fisher Amaziah, 
Carter Burton, 
Adams Nathaniel, 
Allen & Whitney, 
Baker & McCuUoch, 
Churchill Svlvanus, 
Ellis Caleb L. & Son, 
Holmes At wood, 

New Marlborough 
Southfield. " 

Mill River, " 

Newtonville, Newton 
Shattuck E. Cummings, " 

S'ickney Walter B., East Pepperell, ^^ 

WhS/jo^epliH. " 'Pjii'liPf,:? 

Thaver' Kingman, Plamfield 

Thayer Orsmon, 

Churchill Heman, Plymouth 

Harlow Abner H. ^^ 

Hoi brook Gideon, . „^. „„ 

D-Wolf George, Provincetown 

Macool Adam, 
Warren D. . „ , ,,r 

Bradley Wm. H. jr. & J. \V 
Battis "lohn. 
Brady Thomas, 
Felt & Phippen, 
Klorance Thomas i. 
Getchell Benj. W. 
Rowell Edward (kegs), 
Richardson George F. 
Richardson Moses, 
Calkins J., Montville, 
I Haxton J. M. "' 
Burr Raymond H. 
I Booth E. 
j Granger A. 
' Rislev Caleb, 
i White Cvrus jr. 

Swasev S. S. 

Harlow 1. H. 

Swenzen Charles, 
' Swenzen Frederic, 
j ADAMS A. M. (kit), 
1 Atlams Daniel, 

Fessenden B. & A. D. 

Fessenden Walter & Son, 

Larkin E. A. , „, j 

Spaulding Jonas, jr. (kit), Townsend 
Harbor, ^ , 

Barrett A. & N. E. West Townsend, 

C .burn E. H. F. 














New Ash ford 
New Bedford 

Evans Hosea, 
Hodgiiian Rodney, 
Stoarie Hastings, 
Fisk Evan, 
Ryder Wm. W. 
Barker Isaiah, 
Newcomb Reuben, 
Fletcher E. 
Graves Levi, 
Wood B. F. 
Carpenter J. W. 








West Stockbridge 



West port 
Rowland William P., Westport Point, " 
Adams A. M. East Weymouth, Wevmouth 
Crafts Noah, Whately 

Bushnell Asa, Wilbraham 

Cole Porter R. Williamstown 

Weston A. A. Windsor 

Baker Frederick P. South Yarmouth, " 

Coopers' Flags. 
PEIRCE LLOYD N., 190 So. Water, 
(see page 728), New Bedford 

Cop Tube Manufacturer. 

Wood James (paper). Fall River 

Copper and Yellow Metal 

page 757), New Bedford 

Copper Founders.' 

Lazell, Perkins, & Co. Bridgewater 

Canton & Winthrop 

Copper Manufacturers. 

Lazell, Perkins, & Co. Bridge water 

bolt, &c., see page 757), New Bedford 

CROCKER BROS. & CO., Court, near 
City Square (sheet, bolt, &c., see 
page 756 )j Taunton 


Copper Paint. 

(See also Paint Manufacturers ; also Paints, 


Tarr & Wonson, E. Gloucester, Gloucester 


Allen Samuel H. Charlestown 

Hayward L. H. " 

Reed William G. Chelsea 

Spade William, • " 

Bush Charles H. Fall River 

BUSH WILLIAM R., 27 1-2 No. Main 

(see page 755), " 

Gardner .lohn, " 

WILDER S. & CO. (pumps, see 

page 767), Holliston 

Wilder H. H. & Co. Lowell 

Cragie Andrew, New Bedford 

Giflbrd & Allen, " 

Waters A. S. Salem 

Emery P. P. & Co. Springfield 

Mahar .James T. Taunton 

Chick & Wilmarth, " 

Copper St mp. Stencil, and 
Block Cutters. 

Parsons & Gibby, Lowell 

Preston John, " 

Copying Press Manufs. 

WHITCOMB C. & CO., Exchange, 
cor. Cypress, Worcester 

Cordage Manufacturers. 

{See also Twine and Line Makers.) 

Fall River 
LAWTON & ESTES (see page 784), " 
Lindsey W. & N. & Co. (dealers), " 

Corliss Benjamin H. Gloucester 

Hingham Cordage Co. Hingham 

Wall N. & Son (small), " 

(see page 738), Lowell 

New Bedford 
.Tackman Moses B. Newburyport 

Lunt Paul G. " 

Pearson A. & Co. " 

Plymouth Cordage Co. Plymouth 

Boynton E. Rockport 

Chisholm Joseph, Salem 

Cordials, Sirups,, and Extracts. 


Winnisimmet, Chelsea 

Cork Manufacturers. 

Springfield Cork Manuf. Co. Springfield 

Corn and Cob Cracker Manufs. 

(See also Agricultural Implement Manttf.) 
rior shell hardened, see pages 796 
and 797), Barre 

Corn C keManufacturer. 

739), Broadway, cor. School, Lowell 

Corn Shellers. 

(See also Agricultural Implement Manvf.) 

pages 796 and 797), Barre 

Corrugated Iron. 

CO., Geo. D wight, Jr., Treas. (see 
page 780), Springfield 

Corset Bindings, Webbings, &c. 

cessors to N. Richardson & Co. 
(see page 801), West Warren, Warren 

Corset Jeans. 

MILLS, John H. Higgins, agt. 
(see page 798), Rockport 

• Corsets. 

( See also Hoop Skirts. ) 
Odessa Skirt Co. (manuf.), Gloucester 

Chace George W. New Bedford 

STOEHR C. (see page 762), 53 

North St., Pittsfield 

Follette L. B. Salem 

Thompson R. F. Taunton 

Jackson C. H. West Brook field 

Hayden H. Miss, Worcester 

Worcester Skirt Co. " 

Cotton and Wool Wadding 

Bacon John H., office 1 Union 
St. Boston, manufactory at Winchester 

Cotton and Wool Waste. 

King J. M. Athol Depot, Athol 

Millers River Manuf. Co., Geo. T. 

Johnson, agt., Athol Depot, " 

Pine Dale Woolen Co. " " 

Smith Abner, " " 

Smith, Leonard, & Co. " " 


page 773), Chicopee 

Wallace Rodney, Fitchburg 

Ray F. B. Franklin 



Cotton and Wool Waste — continued. 

Ray J. P. & J. G. Franklin 

Porter & VVinslow, Freetown 

Thorpe John, " 

Briofgs R. & Co. Millburv 

Gate* Bros. & Co. Oxford 
PIERCE H. L. 25 Westminster. Taunton 

Arms Willinra S. Springfield 

Howard Brotliers, " 

Olmsted John, " 

Simmons Joseph H. (cotton), Westfield 

BUELL S. K. (see page 781), 18 

Foster, Worcester 

Cotton Banding and Rope 

Holderi James, Fall River 

Cotton Batting Manufacturers. 

Bailey C. & Son, North Adams, Adams 
Andrews R. R. " " 

King J. M., Athol Depot, Athol 

Fall River 
LAWTOX & ESTES (see page 734), 
Stone A. J. Hudson 

WOOD WILLIAM E. Mansfield 

Eaton Edward, Medwav 

Wilson E. C. & Co. " ' 

Swan Brothers, Mendon 

Leavitt J. H. Norton 

Gates Brothers, Oxford 

Parker Henry A. & Co., E. Pepperell, " 
Chilton Battifiiz Company, Plymouth 

Keith & Hiimstead, " 

Welch H. IT. Princeton 

LEWIS WILL ARD (and carpet lin- 
ing), Walpole 
Tidd J. S., West Warren, Warren 
Olmstead John & Co. Westfield 
Taj'lor & Chapin, " 
Westport Manufacturing Co. Westport 

Cotton Brokers. 

EASTON A. !>., 14 No. Main, Fall River 

Cotton Cloth Manufacturers. 

(See also Manuf'icturinfi Co's in Index; 

also Print Wo7-ks.) 
Adams Bros. & Co. Adarae 

Jenks Elisha (print cloth), " 

Plunkett & Wheeler (sheetings), " 

Andrews Reuben R. (satinett warps). 

North Adams, " 

Arnold Harvey & Co. (Arnold's 

Prints), North Adams, " 

Arnold Oliver & Co. (printing cloths), 

North Adams, " 

Arnolds & Ray (printing cloths). 

North Adams, " 

Freeman W. W. & Co. (prints and 

printing cloths). North Adams, " 

Naukeag Mills, George Blackburn 

& Co., proprietors (sheetings), " 

Fisher W. A. & Co., Athol Depot, Athol 
Foster S. & W. Attleborough 

Hebron Manuf. Co. (sheetings), " 

Knight B. B. & R. » 

MECHANICS' MILLS (shirtings), " 
Smith C. W. & J. E. (sheetings), 

Worcester, Auburn 

Smith C. W. & J. E. (4-4 sheetings), 

Smithville, Barre 

Brookfield Manufacturing Co. (blue 

denims), W. G. Fay, agent. East 

Brookfield, Brookfield 

Aldrich A. J. (flannels), Blackstone 

CO., (sheetings and print cloth-). H. 
C. KIMBALL, asrent, B ack^tone 

Learmont A. (denims, &c.). North 

Blackstone, " 

Clinton Co. (ginghams), Boylston 

Neponset Cotton Factory (printing 

cloths), ' Canton 

inss, shirtings, &c.), E. Blake, 
nsent, Chicopee Falls, Chicopee 

DWIGHT MANUF. CO. (sheetings, 
shirtings, and drills), G. H. Nye, 
fluent, " 

LANCASTER MILLS (ginghams), 

Franklin Forbes, agent, Clinton 


Whitman, agent, " 

Griswoldville Manuf. Co. (print 

goods), Colerainc 

Shuttuck & Whitton (sheetings), " 

Smith Damon & Co. (flannel). Concord 
Westport Manufacturing Co., Wm. 
B. Traffbrd, agent. North Dart- 
mouth, Dartmouth 
Smithfield Manuf. Co., Readville, Dedham 

cloths), 82,512 spindles. Fall River 


180,000 vards dailv, '* 


(printing cloths), 9,084 spindles, " 

DA VOL MILLS (fine sheetings), 

13,312 spindles, " 

Durfee Mills (print cloths), " 

Fall River Manufactory (printing 

cloths), " 

Fall River Print Works (printing 

cloths). " 

Granite Mills (printing cloths), " 


(printing cloths), 14,448 spindles, " 
MECHANICS' MILL (print cloths), 

53,742 spindles, " 


CO. (print cloths), .53.424 spindles, " 

cloths), 23,808 spindles, " 

MOUNT HOPE MILL (fine goods), 

9,024 spindles, " 

POCASSET MANUF. CO. (sheetings 
and printing cloths), 34,248 spin- 
dles, " 
Robeson Mills (print cloths), " 
PECUMSEH MILLS (print goods), " 
MANUFACTORY (printing cloths), 
38.736 spindles, " 
Union Mill Company (print cloths), " 
Watuppa Cotton Mill (printing cloths), " 
Ellis Oliver, agent (duck), Fitchburg 
Sherwin Levi (sheetings), '• 
Rav James P. & Jo-eph G. Franklin 
Pratt C. L. & Co. (sheetings), Grafton 
Fisher E. & Son (sheetings), Far- 

numsville, " 

Morse Alfred (shirtings), Famums- 

ville, " 

Grafton Mills (print cloths and sheet- 
ings), N. E. Village, " 
ings and print cloths), Saundersville, " 
Morse Alfred (sheetings and 

shirtings), Holden 

Walker & Wright (shirtings), 
HAMPDEN MILLS (all kinds of 
colored cotton goo is), John E. 
Chase, agent, Holyoke 



Lyman Mills (shirtings and umbrella 
cloth), Jones S. Davis, agent, Holyoke 
Hyde Park 

Smithfield Manuf. Co., Readvifle, " 

Wilder Charles L. (sheetings). Lancaster 

(sheetings and shirtings), Jos. 
P. Battles, agent, Lawrence 

EVERETT MILLS (tickings, ging- 
hams, stripes, and lastings), J. E. 
Perry, agent, " 

Lawrence Duck Company (cotton 
duck), Isaac Hay den, agent, " 

PACIFIC MILLS (prints), Wm. L. 
Ghapin, agent, Canal st. " 

Pemberton Co. (cotton cassimeres, 
flannels, ticks, stripes, &c.), Fred. 

E. Clarke, agent, " 

W. H. Salisbury, agent. Canal st. " 
Appleton Co. Lowell 

liOO IT COTTON MILLS (sheetings, 
drillings, and print cloths), A. G. 
Cumnock, agent, " 

Hamilton Manuf. Co., 0. H. Moulton, 

agent, " 

ings, shirtings, and hosiery), Wm. 

F. Salmon, agent, " 
Lowell Manuf. Company (carpets 

and worsted goods), SamT Fay, 
agent, ' " 

Mass. Cotton Mills (sheetings, shirt- 
ings, &c.). Homer Bartlett, treas. " 

Mather John & C'>. (hocking) " 

Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 
(prints), John C. Palfrey, supt. " 

SUFFOLK MANUF. CO.' (drillings 
and sheetings), Thomas S. Shaw, 
agent, " 

TREMONT MILLS (sheetings, shirt- 
ings and flannels), Chas. t'. Battles, 
agent, " 

Ludlow Manufacturing Co. (sheet- 
ings), Ludlow 

Manchaug Company (print cloths, 
J. M. Cunlilf, agt. Manchaug, Mansfield 

Metliuen Co. (sheetings, cotton 

tlannels, &c.), M«thuen 


Brown & Sherman (yarn and wick- 
ing, see page 8U3) Middleboi'o' 

Brierly James (print cloths), Millbury 

Cordis Mills (denims, stripes, and 
tickings), " 

Emerson & Brierly (print cloths), " 

Millijury Cotton Mill (print cloths), " 

Wheeler Cotton Mills (sheetings), " 

WAMSUTTA MILLS (shirtings, 
jeans, &c.), Thomas Bennett, 
jr., agent, New Bedford 

Bartlet Steam Mills (sheetings and 
shirtings), John Balch, agt. Newburyport 

James Steam Mill (sheetings and 

shirtings), Wm. C. Balch, agent, " 

Ocean Steam Mills (print cloths and 
sheetings), K. S. Lesley, agent, " 

Peabody Mills (print cloths and 
sheetings), J. Smith, agent, " 

Newton Mills (print cloths), D. L. 
Jewell, agent. Upper Falls, Newton 

Robertson W. H. (ginghams), Northampton 

Greenville Manuf. Company (sheet- 
ings and drills), A. L. Williston, 
resident ajjent, Florence, " 

Chapin Caleb T'. (sheetings), Northborough 

Whitiii Charles P. (sheetmgs), 

Whitinsville, Northbridge 

Whitin J. F. (fine sheetings, Jvorthbridge 
Whitinsville, " 

Linwood Mill (shirtings), Whitinsville, " 

Whitin Paul (sheetings and shirt- 
ings, Whitinsville, " 

Rhodes & Wilmarth (sheetings), 

North Oxford, Oxford 

Thorndike Company (shirtings, 
print cloths, denims, ticks, &c.). Palmer 

Boston Duck Company (duck, sheet- 
ings, and ticks), Bondsville, '' 

Van Sickler Martin (sheetings), Pittsfield 

COTTON CO. (duck), Plymouth 

Jenkins Brothers & Co., Plympton 

Orleans Manuf. Co. (print cloths), 
N. G. Guild, agent, Rehoboth 

MILLS (jeans and duck), J. H. 
Higgins, Hgent (see page 79S), Rockport 

COMPANV (shirtings, sheetings, 
jeans, cotton flannels, &c.), Ed- 
mund Dwight, treas. Salem 

Mann G. R. & Wm. R. (duck), Sharon 

Phoenix Cotton Company (sheet- 
ings), Nathaniel B. Tobey, agt. Shirley 

Edgurton JNlills (sheetings), Munson 
& Edgarton, proprietors, Shirley 
Village, " 

Holbrook L. & Co. (4-4 sheetings), 
Shirley Village, " 

Central Mills Co. (sheetings), Soulhbridge 

Columbian Manuf. Company, " 

Dresser i\Ianuf. Company (sheetings), " 

Glasgow Co. (gingham), South Hadley 


Goodwin, agent, Indian Orchard, " 

Sturbridge Cotton Mills (print 
cloth), Fiskdale, Sturbridge 

Sutton Manuf. Co. (print cloths), Sutton 

Manchaug Company (print cloths), 
J. M. Cunliff, agent, Manchaug, " 

Dean C. & M. Co., R. S Dean, agent, '■ 

Eagle Cotton Company, F. B. Dean, " 

H. Champion, agent, " 

Hopewell Cotton Mills, Charles Albro, " 

tonades, striped shirtings, upron 
checks, corset jeans, and drillings), " 

Chesbrough Lewis R. Oakland, " 

ticks, &e.), Geo. T. Hill, agt. Thorndike 

Whitin James F. (fine sheetings), 
North Uxbridge, Uxbridge 

Boston Manuf. Co. (shirting and 
sheeting), Waltham 

OTIS CO.VIPANY (denims and 
hosiery), S.J. Wethrell, agent. Ware 

ings and denims), A. F. Howard, 
agent. West Warren, Warren 

Slater Samuel & Sons (finished cot- 
tons), Webster 

(drillings and counterpanes), Ed- 
ward Howe, agent, West Boylston 

Holbrook Eli \V. (sheetings), " 

Harris L. M. & Co. (sheetings 
and drills), Oakdale, " 

Agawam Canal Co. (sheetings and 
jeans ),Wm. Melcher, agent, Mit- 
tineague. West Springfield 

Hayden i\Iunufacturing Co. (shirt- 
ings), Williamsburg 



Cotton Cloth Manufacturers — continued. 
Wallev Stephen (print cloth ),Williamstown 

(print cloths), S. Soiithworth. agt. " 

White Nelson D. «& Co. (4-4 sheetings), " 
Curtis Albert (sheetings, &c.), Worcester 

Cotton Dealers. 

E ASTON A. D. 14 N. Main, Fall River 

Main cor. Pocasset, " 

Cotton Drills. 

WILLS, John H. Higgins, agent 
(see page 798), Rockport 

Cotton-Gin Manufacturers. 

Bates, Hjde, & Co. Bridgewater 

Carver Joseph E. " 

Southern Cotton-Gin Co. " 

E. Carver Co., East Bridgewater, " 

Cotton Lacing Manufs. 

(For Boots, Sluns, Corsets, ij-c.) 
Mansfield G. H. & Co. Canton 

Jenkins, Brother, & Co., S. Carver, Carver 

Cotton Machinery Manufs. 

{See also ^fachil^ists, cfc.) 
MARVEL, DAVOL, & CO. Fall River 


improvement-, see page 753), Hopedale 
KITSON RICHARD (see page 737), 

Worthen n. Dutton, Lowell 

LANE DAVID, Fletcher, cor. Gush- 
ing (see page 738), " 
Pettee Oti* & Co., Upper P'alls, Newton 
WHITIN JOHN C. (see page 754), 

VVhitinsville, Northbridge 
MASON VVM. (builder of every vari- 
ety of cotton machinery, locomo- 
tives, machinists' tools, &c. ; see 
page 736), Taunton 

Dean Cotton & Machine Co. " 

743), Graniteville, Westford 

Cotton Openers and Cleaners. 

GERRV GEO. & SON, (see page 

771), 6 .Mill St. Athol Depot, Athol 

KITSON RICHARD (see page 737), 
Worthen, near Dutton, Lowell 

LANE DAVID, (see page 738), 
Fletcher, cor. Gushing, " 

Cotton Tape and Webbing 

Witter H. M. (tape), Auburn 

cessors to Nathan Richardson & 
Co. (see page 801), West War- 
ren, Warren 
Hamilton G. W. & Co. Worcester 
Smith Wm. A. " 
Washburn L. K. & Co. (nan-ow), " 

Cotton Thread and Twine 

Lanesville Manufacturing Company 
(thread), Attleoorough 

MORSE E. J. W. & CO. (sea island 
cotton thread and harness twine, 
see page 749), South Easton, Easton 
South borough 

Cordaville Mills (twine), Cordaville, " 

GHACE BENJ. A. (spool & skein 

threads and yarns, see page 

756 ),_ North Dighton, Dighton 

Williston Mills Co. Jas. Sutherland 

agent, Easthampton 

PRATT AMOS (thread, see page 

707), Easton 

GhMce Augustus, Fall River 

LAWTON & ESTES (twines, wicks, 

warps &c., see page 734), " 

McCOWANi'.&CO. (druggists' and 

other, see page 711), Annawan st. " 

Hills, treas., " 

Fisher E. & Son (twines, wicks, 

warps, &c.) FMrnumsville, Grafton 
HADLEY CJ. (spool cotton), J. S. 

Davis, agt. Holyoke 

Merrick Thread Co. " " 

Newcomb Thomas (thread), Kingston 

Lawrence Duck Company (twine), 

Isaac Uayden, agent, Lawrence 

Glace Thread Manuf Co. Mansfield 

Wilson E. C. & Co. (bonnet, spool, 

sewing, and shoe), " 

Mason & Walker (thread), Rockville, " 
Warner & Dart (twine), Oxford 

SAMOSET MILLS (thread), E. Rus- 

sel, trea-s. Plymouth 

Central Mills Co. (twine). South bridge 
Pleasant Valley Mills, Sutton 

Westport Manuf. Co. (twine), Westport 

see page 716), Prescott st. Worcester 

Cotton Warp Manufacturers. 

Adams & Clark, Adams 

Plunkett & Wheeler (satinet), " 


Renfrew, jr., agt. " 

Johnson Sylvander, North Adams, " 

Blue & Worrell, North Blackstone, " 
Tucker & Cook, Conway 

Tucker R. & Co. " 

GHACE BENJ. A. (thread, see page 

766), North Dighton, Dighton 

LINCOLN L. & Co. (see page 724), 

North Dighton, " 


and thread), James Sutherland, 

agent. East Hampton 

LAW roN & ES FES (see page 

734), Fall River 

Ellis Oliver, agent, Fitchi-urg 

Pitts Hiram W. " 

Fisher E. & Son, Farnumsville, Grafton 
Great Barrington 
Monument Mills, John M. Seeley, 

treas. and agent, Housatonic, " 

Wawbeek Mills, John M. Seeley, 

treas. Housatonic, " 


G. Smith, agent, Holyoke 

Whitaker Brothers, Huntington 

Rhodes John (satinet), Millimry 

Warner & Dart, (carpet), Oxlord 


Barker .1. & Bro. Pittsfield 

Peck Jaboz L. " 

Jenkins, Brother, & Co. (carpet), " 

Hamilton Woollen Co. Globe Village, " 
Knowles L. J. Warren 



Westport Manuf. Co. (carpet), Westport 
Graves, Lamb, & Lymoa, VVilliainsburg 
Daniels J. M. North ville, Worcester 

Cotton Yarn Manufacturers. 

Daggett H. il., Attleboro' Falls, Attieboro' 
Clinton Co. Boylstoii 

Fuller & Bigelow, Clinton 

CHACK B. A. (see page 756), 

North Dighton, Dighton 

LINCOLN L. & CO. (see page 

724), North Dighton, " 

Norfolk j\lil!s, Harrison sq. Dorchester 

Sutlierlaiid, agent, Easthamptou 

LAWTON & ESTES (see page 

734), Fall River 

Wawbeek Mills, John M. Seeley, 

treas. llousatonic, Great Harrington 
Bigelow E. & Co. Holdeii 


G. Smith, agent, Holyoke 

Sayles J. M. West Mansfield, Manstield 
BROWN & SHERMAN (cotton 

yarns and wickiug (see page 

S03), MiUdleborougli 

Wilson E. C. & Co. Med way 

Dean .James M. " 

Clapp S. & A. E. Walpole 

Jeiiks E. C. & Co. South Walpole, " 
Dean James M. Wrentham 

Wilmarth Joseph, " 


{See Lawyers.) 

Country Stores, 

Where is kept a general assortment of 
Dry Goods, Groceries, Agricultural Imple- 
ments, Hardware, &c. Those dealing in 
only one kind of goods will be found under 
their appropriate heading. 

Faxon B. E. Abington 
Loud Alden S. " 
Whitmarsh Z. N. " 
Curtis Aimer, East Abington, " 
Rosenfeld N. " " 
Torrey D. & E. P. " " 
Ford Jame«, North Abington, " 
Gleason & Greenwood, '' " 
Sprague Elbiidge, " " 
Bates Henry A., South Abington, " 
Cook Randall & Son, " " 
Dyer N. N. " 
Jenkins & Hollirook, " " 
Perry Daniel, jr. " " 
Reed Geo. W." " " 
Cochran David, Acushnet 
Davis .Folin R. " 
Davis Richard & Son, Long Plain, " 
Howiand Alexander, " " 
Jones Daiu'el, Acton 
Wetherbee D James, " 
BEE, South Acton, " 
Robinson Charles, West Acton, " 
Shepard W. C. & 0. " " 
Anthony, Burlingame, & Co. Adams 
Avery H. C. . •' 
Caswell & Walling, '« 
Green Wm. B. " 
Jenks l'>iislia, <« 
Tanner S. J. & Co. " 
Andrew^ Reuben R. North Adams, " 
Brayton S. W. & Co. " " 
Canedy & Couk, " " 
Ellis & Field, " " 

North Adams, Adams 
Freeman W. W. & Co. •' 

Gallup & Smith, " " 

Johnson Sylvander, " " 

Manchester Wm. " " 

Smith Henry L. " " 

Thayer Leonard D. " •' 

Smith & Bixby, " " 

Spear John W. " " 

VVitherell G. W. & C). " " 

Bodurtha Stephen H. Agawam 

Freeland & Wright, Feeding HUls, " 
Gaylord Ezra G. " " 

Prindle & Landon, Alford 

Briggs J. W. Amesbury 

Higgins John, Amesbury Mills, " 

Cleary John & Son, West Amesbury, " 
Pike James D. " " 

Atkinson B. F. South Amesbury, " 

Rowell Charles E. " " " 

Conkey W. Amherst 

Cutler W. & G. 

Hastings James, '■ 

Kellogg William, " 

Palmer & Bangs, " 

Howard & Brown, North Amherst, " 
Freeman W. H " " 

Smith & Field, " " 

Dickinson W. South Amherst, •' 

Abbott Albert, Andover 

Abbott H. W. " 

Beard H. P. & Co. " 

Harding John, " 

Holt & Higgins, '• 

Bird Bros. Ballard Vale, " 

Haynes F. G. & Co. " " 

-Morrison John, " " 

Vanness Henry, Ashburnham 

Whitney & Greenwood, " 


Green Charles O. Ashby 

Whitney L. E. " ' 

Bronson A. E. Ashfield 

Cook Moses, " 

Crafts A. W. " 

Hall Franklin, South Ashfield, " 

Ward & Ranney, " " 

Coburn & Enslin, Ashland 

Pease D. A. " 

Wiggins S. W. • " 

Yeaton Homer, " 

Fay Brothers, Athol 

Lee & Stevens, " 

Tyler P. C. & C. H. Athol Depot, " 
Carpenter S. W. & Co. Attleborough 

Hebron Manuf. Co. Hebronville, " 
Kuapp & Holmes, No. Attleborough, " 
Lawrence J. E. Auburn 

Ward P. M. & Co. 

Conant Chauncy, Barnstable 

Howland G. B. & Co. West Barnstable, " 
Howland S. N. " " 

Parker Frederick, " " 

Parker J. W. B. & Co. " " 

Parker S. & Son, " « 

Crosby & Lewis, Centreville, " 

Kelley F. G. " " 

Coleman .Fohn, Cotuit, " 

Nickerson Daniel, " " 

Phiiniey Elijah, " " 

Nickerson Leander, Cotuit Port, " 

Cha^e & Baker, Hyaimis, " 

Chase l'. F. Mrs. " " 

Copeland R. B. " " 

Hallett Gorham, " " 

Hallett Hartson, '• " 

Thacber & Crowell, " " 

Marstoa William, Marston's Mills, " 





Country Stores — continued. 
Crocker Israel, Osterville. Barnstable 
Hinckley Geo. H. " 

Shattiick Elam B. 
Smith Samuel & Son, 
Woods, Harding, & Co. 
Holbrook John W. Smithville, 
Ames Zephaniah, 
Bidwell. Wheeler, & Co. " 

Geer Wm. M. " 

Corey Charles A. Bedford 

Stiles Thoma>;, " 

Bridgmaii E. R. Belcliertown 

Bridgmau b'. B. & E. S. " 

Filer George, " 

Green T. K. & Co. " 

Longley S. W. " 

Town Nelson, " 

Thayer R. F. Bellingham 

Lawrence S. J. North Bellingham, " 


Beverly Farms, " 
North Beverly, " 

North Billerica, " 

Adams Aaron A. Belmont 

Cudworth >amuel H. Berkley 

Fletcher Philip H. 

Hastings R. S. Berlin 

Cook Lucius \V. Bernardston 

Stratton Alfred M. " 

Slate Hollis B. " 

Temple George W. " 

Wright L. B. 

Herrick S. D. 

Smith Eben, 

Symms R. W. 

Wales Abiel, 

Perry & Haskell, 

Hathaway S. F. 

Hill S. S. 

Floyd W. L. 

Baker, Benson, & Co 

Boylan Lawrence, " 

Maher & Cosgrave, " 

Staj)les & Gough, " 

Wheelock & >Iason, " 

Cole Wm. A. Millville, " 

Welch A. North Blackstone, " 

Robinson H. P. Bhmdford 

Shepard L. B. & Son, " 

Lloyd S. K. & Son, North Blaiidford, " 

Tirrell & Brothers, " " 

Moore Ezra S. Bolton 

Newton (ieorge B. " " 

Gage KoM'oe W. Boxford 

Walker William R. Boylston 

Kendall Horace, Boylston Centre, " " 

Proctor Bros. " Braintree 

Hollis S. W. 

McEwan Wm. East Braintree, " 

Scholey Thomas, " " 

Holbrook P. D. & Co. S. Braintree, " 

WHITE H. M. " " 

Bates & Bowditcb, Weymouth, •' Muijii Eugene, 

Foster Joseph, ' Brewster Tnvlor & Gilbert, 

Howes Samuel T. " Manter Wm. C 

Knowles & Freeman, '* Mnvliew Ephraim, 

Lincoln Warren & Co. " | Mavhew Oliver, 

Bobbins & Everett, " | Vincent Matthew-, 

Ryder Eben F. " | 

Winslow B. B. & Co. " I Thaver D. & L. D., 

Myrick Nathaniel, S.Brewster, " Breckenridge I. F. 

Crane Joshua E. Bridgcwater Bailev Waterman. 

Crocker T. W. " Beal Caleb & Sons, 

Hobart Caleb, " Brown Ezra, 

ALLEN W. C. Washington st., Brighton Films E. E. 

Baxter & Sanborn, " Gross Chas. A. 

Brown James T. Brimfield Merriam Calvin, 

Hitchcock Geo. M. " Nichols Caleb F. 

Rice William, ?:ast Brimfield. " Pratt Howard, 

Ainsworth J. L. Brookfield Stetson M. B. & Co. 

Crosby & Davis, " WlUard Charles H. 

Marcv F. N. Brookfield 
Rogers J. H. & Co. 

Vizard & Mulcahy, " 
Adams Lucv A. East Brookfield, " 

Doane L. &"Co. " " 

Warren L. & N. " " 

Harris E. H. Buckland 
Carley R. W. Shelburne Falls, " 

Newell Brothers, " " 

Strpng & Ferary, " " 

Bennett Charles W. Burliugtou 

Cutler Silas, " 

Bent E. & N. Canton 

Billings Leonard & L. L. " 

Briggs Avery S. " 

Capen E. " 

Fuller D. & Bro. " 
Fuller E. 0. & H. 

Tucker A. E. " 

Tucker Robert, " 

Carter Bros. Carlisle 
Ellis M. & Co. S. Carver, Carver 

Rider Charles, " " 

Averv A. L. Charlemont 

Hawks J. U. " 

Peck Charles, " 
Tyler A. L. 

Fiske & Cummins, Charlton 
Brown Amos, 
Thaver E. C. & E. H 
Ram'sdell Wm. H. 
Sampson Almon, 

Atwood Levi, Chatham 

Buck Lorenzo D. " 

Eldredge .loshua, " 

Harding Freeman, '* 

Freeman Benjamin T. " 

Howes Daniel. " 

Kent George N. " 

Ryder Christopher, " 

Steel Ephraim P. " 
Taylor Washington, 
Parkhurst S. S. 
Bennett .T. S. 
Wright S. T. 

Woodward H. W\ •' " 

(jerrish Thos. M. South •' " 

Perr\' John N. West " " 

BO\<EN HENRY C. Cheshire 

Brown & Tanner, " 

Cole J. R. & Bro. " 

Dean James B. & Son, " 

Jenks Homer H. '• 

Keef'e & Bro. " 

White & Ely. " 

Wltherell & Engram, Chesterfield 
Tirreli Orrin, West Chesterfield, " 

Oakes. Bragg, & Co. Chicopee 

Bray Geo. W. " 
Chicopee Falls, " 

Charlton City, 
" Depot, 

N. Chelmsford, " 


North Aflams, " 




Beal Welcome & Co., North Cohasset, " 
Beal Z. L. & Co. " " 

Curtis 0. B. Coleraine 

Bell P. 

Griswoldville Manuf. Co. '" 

Shattuck C. W. & Son, " 

Stacy & Davis, " 

Derby Edward. Concord 

Walcott & Holden, " 

Campbell VV. C. Conway 

Andrews Hezekiah, " 

Hassell G. P. & Co. " 

Tucker R. M. " 

Lovell D. VV. Cummington 

Orcutt L. J. " 

Orcutt N. F. " 

Caswell Albert M., West Cummington, " 
Carson Paper Co. Dalton 

Clark E. & Son, " 

Mitchell Elisha, " 

Brown & Balcom, Dana 

Johnson Joel, " 

Richard D. L. North Dana, " 

Merriam N. P., Danvers Centre, Danvers 
Richards D. & Son, " 

Perley A. P. & Co. " 

Prentiss Henry, " 

Warren A. W. Danvers Port, " 

Slocum James H. Dartmouth 

Barker Abner P., North Dartmouth, " 
Keed & Turner, " " 

Vickery Wm. C. " " 

Whalen Hiram, " " 

Potter E. F. South Dartmouth, " 

Sherman .T. " " 

Boyden & Norris, E. Dedham, Dedham 
Cussier L. " " 

Bigelow L. Waldo, South Dedham, '• 
Baker L. G. West " " 

Ware Edwin, Deerfield 

Harris W. M. South Deerfield, " 

Lyman & Edwards, " " 

Sammis D. L. " '' 

Tilton C. B. " " 

Howes Chapman, Lennis 

Howes James S. East Dennis, " 

Kelley & Sears, " " 

Whelden Andrew, South Deimis, " 
Crowell Uriah H. West Dennis, " 

Crowell Zadock, " " 

Andrews E. F. Dighton 

Cobb Geo. VV. & Son, " 

Phillips William W. " 

Pitts Charles F. " 

Whitmarsh Charles E. " 

Alray Edward iz Son, North Dighton, " 
Dunbar George, " " 

Kendrick John, Dorchester 

Southworth & Hayden, Port Norfolk, " 
Heath S. W. & Co". Douglas 

Kendall W. H. " 

Putnam James, " 

Jones A. F. E. Douglas, " 

Bliss Linus, Dover 

Wilson James H. Dracut 

Marshall & Butterfield, " 

Piper & Emery, " 

Barnes Moses,'jr. Dudley 

Davis William L. " 

Prout Stephen, Webster, " 

Tolles H. J. Dunstable 

Ford Nathl. & Sons, Duxbury 

Chandler Charles H. & Co. " 

Protective Union, Div. 654, " 

Sampson George F. " 

Soule Harvey, " 

Freeman Winfield S., West Duxbury, " 

Conant .John A. Mrs. East Bridgewater 
Nutter 1. N. & E. W. " 

Shaw Samuel D. " 

Whiting John B. " 

Churchill L. & W. K. Joppa, " 

Richard Luther W. " " 

Higgius Benaiah G. Eastham 

Knowles Elijah E. " 

Horton I. H. North Eastham, " 

Chapman & Parsons, East Hampton 

Hathaway G. H. " 

Putnam F. H. & Co. " 

Wells John H. " 

Kimball J. T. Easton 

Drcke Joel S. " 

AMES OLIVER & SONS, N. Easton, " 
Strout B. & S. B. N. " " 

Copeland George, S. *' " 

Drake George R. S. " " 

Bradley Wm. Edgartown 

Dillingham John, " 

Norton Richard, " 

Pease Timothy, " 

Robinson John S. " 

Smith Holmes W. •' 

Dewey Seymour B., North Egremont, " 
JoyneV N. & Son, " " 

Benjamin Calvin W., Soutli Egremont, " 
Shattuck Frederick W. " '• 

Crosby J. M. Enfield 

Haskell Ira D. " 

Walker G. E. " 

Woods J. E. & Co. " 

Rankin Noah, Erving 

Stratton T. B. & Co. " 

Burnham Aaron, Essex 

Burnham D. B. " 

Burnham Geo. W. " 

Burnham Ira F. " 

Cogswell George W. •' 

Richardson J. M. " 

Lawrence Thos. H. Falmouth 

Davis Joshua W. East Falmouth, " 
Tobey George A. " " 

Union Store No. 226, " " 

Nye F. G. North Falmouth, " 

Boyce Gilbert R. VVcvSt " " 

Union Store No. 646, " " " 

Davis & Eldredge, Woods' Hole, " 
Baldwin Wm. jr., W. Fitchburg, Fitchburg 
Phelps Hiram G. Florida 

Smith P. W. & A. 

Carroll E. Foxborough 

Kingsbury J. A. " 

Bean Cvrus, Framiugham 

Childs & Eaton, •' 

Trowbridge Geo. A. " 

Warren Edwin H. " 

Barber C. H. South Framiugham, " 
Crosby Seth, " " 

Howe Willard, " 

Fuller L. F. Saxonville, " 

Bruce & Turner, Franklin 

Nye Caleb T. 

Peabody John W. Freetown 

Bush C. Webster, Gardner 

Conant Francis, " 

Howe N. B. " 

Wood A. S. 

Stevens & Greenwood, South Gardner, '• 
VVhittemore & Son, " " 

Boynton Wm. & Son, Georgetown 

Wheeler Wm. S. " 

Wilson Rockwell B. " 

Hale Otis F. Gill 

Dudley M. Lanesville, Gloucester 

Godfrey John H. Gosheu 



Country Stores — continued. 
Falkiier & Co. Grafton 

Harrington & Nichols, " 

Munyan W. L. " 

Fisher E. & Son, Farnumsville, " 
Morse Alfred, " " 

Goodrich L. J. & Co. N. E. Village, " 
Smith A. J. & 2o. " " 

Fowler C. & E. Saundcrsville, " 

Chapin Philo, Granby 

Brown R. S., East Granville, Granville 
Gibbons J. M., Granville Corners, " 
Shepard L. W. West Granville, " 
Durant Beiijiimiu F. Great Harrington 

HoUister Egbert, " 

Lester & Co. 

McLean Edwin M. " 

Sanford J. F. & F. T. |'^ 

Siggins & Co. 

Raymond Isaac, Housatonic, " 

Selkirt William, " " 

Van Deusen W. J. " " 

Dresser Julius, Van Deusenville, " 
Dickinson George R. Greenwich 

Brown & Root, Greenwich Village, " 
Thayer Brothers, " " 

Bancroft George W. Groton 

Gerrisli Charles, " 

Shattuck Walter, " 

Shattuck Milo H. " 

Stevens T. K. " 

Stuart G. W. & Co. Groton Junction, " 
Robbins & Ames, " " 

Wheeler, Brown, & Co. " " 

Greenough Thomas, Groveland 

"Hardy George, " 

Hunt Ini, 

Savary Frank, " 

Griffin Mark, South Groveland, " 
Parker Charles S. " " 

Parker I'eter, " " 

Parker W. H. & E. P. " 
Porter Win. P. Hadley 

Coolev S. F. North Hadley, 

Smith Thaddeus & Co. " 
Drew .lames T. Halifax 

Inglee Edwin, " 

Poole Caleb, jr. & Bros. " 

Hoyt Diivid XI. Hamilton 

Hubbard George W. " 

Norton Frank & Co. " 

Lapham Wni. H. Hancock 

Smith Hiram S. " 

Bates .J. B. & Co. Hanover 

Brooks .John S., agent Union Store, " 
Curtis Henrv J. " 

Curtis Robert S. " 

Killam Robert W. 

Magoun H. B. " 

Stetson I*aac G. & Co. " 

Bowker Andrew, Hanson 

Drew Cvriis & Son, " 

Howland Albert B. " 

Bowker G. T. South Hanson, " 

Drayton John, " "' 

Kniglit Albert E. Hardwick 

Haniy John, Gilbertville, " 

Hitchcock ('has. F. " " 

Day John B. Harvard 

Wheeler T. B. " 

Ellis Nathan, Harwich 

Kelly Oliver, 

Nickerson Obed, " 

Robbins Natlianiel, " 

Smith R. & L. F. 

Rogers W. S. East Harwich, " 

<]!rowell Sheldon, North Harwich, " 

Bassett Ozias, North Harwich, Harwich 
Robbins Freeman C. " " 

Sears Elijah B. " " 

Young Mulford, " " 

Clark Elisha, Harwich Port, " 

Doane Valentine, " " 

Eldredge Z. D. 

Nickerson & Baker, " " 

Small Emlous, " " 

Eldridge William M., South Harwich, " 
Weeks & Small, " " 

Chase Erastus & Co. West Harwich, " 
Nickerson Henrv, " " 

Fitch Bros. & Doane, Hatfield 

Wells & Bardwell, " 

Burnham C. H., Ayer's Village, Haverhill 
Aver Monroe, " " 

Scott Edwin, Hawley 

Benjamin Stephen, W. Hawlev, " 

Fuller Clark, " ' " 

McGee Horace, Heath 

Burr F. &. Co. Hingham 

Burr M. H. & J. 

Corthell E. C. & E. L. " 

Fearing William, " 

Hersey George, jr. & Co. " 

Hersey Isaac, " 

Jacobs D. & Co. " 


Whiton Royal, " 

Gushing Alonzo, Sonth Hingham, " 
Lane Josiah, " " 

Wilder D. & J. " " 

Beal Z. C. North Cohasset, " 

Bowen, Converse, & Co. Hinsdale 

Shaw George I). & Co. " 

Tavlor Amory E. " 

Armington S." K. Holden 

Merrick & Son, " 

Parker Charles F. " 

Colburn E. W. . HoUiston 

Whiting E. F. 

Daniels Timothy, " 

Hartshorn Dennis, Braggville, " 

Sweet A. A. & Co. Hopkinton 

Willard & Pilhbury, 
Phipps Benjamin, Hayden Row, " 
Gibson & Comey Bros., Woodville, " 
Smith John, " " 

Morse William H. Hubbardston 

Woodward Lvman, " 

Holden W. l\ & Son, Hudson 

Brown .Josiah W. " 

Peters & Derbv, " 

Tarbell AldenA. " 

Wood Solon, '' 

Connell Martin, Huntington 

Munson E. G. & H. W. " 

I'ease Edward, " 

Cogswell E. & Son, Ipswich 

Damon Curtis, " 

Jcwett I. K. " 

Burges & Bailey, Kingston 

Cobb Philander, " 

Hunt & Sampson, " 

Robbins C. T. & K. F. " 

Fletcher Philip H. Berkley, Lakeville 
Fairbanks Charles H. " Lancaster 

Howard Daniel M. " 

Wilder Solon, " 

Lanesborough Iron Co. Lanesborough 

Fuller William A. " 

Wood L. D. " 

Page & Harding, " 

Boland Peter, Lee 

Bos worth Edward, " 

Cormick & Purcell, " 

Garfield Harrison, " 



Hitchcock & Bradley, Lee 

Langdon Kdward A. '" 

Sparks A. C. " 

Tavlor William, " 

Bristol Alvin L. East Lee, " 

Hamblin William P. " " 

Hart E. M. & Co. " " 

Keltogs; LeRov S. South Lee " 

MERRILL J. 'T. & CO. " " 

THURSTON L. D. Leicester 

White William B. " 
Bottomlv Jerome, Cherrv Valley, " 

O'Brien'T. .L '" " 

Draper D. F. Clappville, " 

Jones & Graham, " " 

Heermance H. S. Lenox 

Wright Samuel C. " 
Lenox Iron Works, Lenox Furnace, " 

Dewev Chauncey E. New Lenox, " 

GOSS" & HARTHAN, Leominster 

Chase F. C. & Co. " 
Wilder & Hills, 

Fiske Joseph A., North Leominster, " 

Howe William F. " " 

Field B. M. Leverett 
Field E. P. 

Chittenden Otis, North Leverett, " 

Butters Charles A. Lexington 

Childs Augustus, " 

Holbrook & Wellington, " 

Saville Leonard A. " 

Darling U. T. Leydeu 

Chapin James L. Lincoln 

Chase Geo. W. Littleton 

Conant Brothers, " 

Sawyer A. W. & Co. " 

Noble Lester, Longmeadow 

Billings Prescott, East Longmeadow " 

Russell Cortez F. " " 

Rof't Hezekiah & Sons, Ludlow 
Smith Eli M. 

Putnam Daniel, Lunenburg 

Putney G. H. Lyimfield 

Russell L. H., Lynnfield Centre, '' 

Allen Geo. F. Manchester 
Crafts Walter V. 

Lee John E. " 

Little John, " 

Story L. W. " 

Rogerson & Hodges, . Mansfield 

Delano Charles H. Marion 

Hadlev A. J. " 

Hall S. W. " 

Mendall Jonathan, " 

Swift M. H. " 

Holm an & Clapp, Marlborough 

Howe Lewis A. " 

Morse Henrv, " 


Quirk & Brewin, *' , 

Stewart & Moore, " 

Baker George M. Marshfield 

Crossly H. T. & Son, " 

Hall Warren, " 

Joyce David T. " 
Hall Elisha W., East Marshfield, 

Tilden Charles L. " " 

Tilden William M. " " 

Weatherbee Geo. H. jr. " " 

Conant .Mary T. North Marshfield, " 

LeBaron Lemuel, Mattapoisett 

Mendell Abby J. " 

Snow A. W. " 

Snow Harvey " 

Barney Thomas L. Medfield 

Fiske Isaac, " 

Chace B. S. Medway 

Kimball Wales, " 



Mason H. E. & Co. 
Tyler E. H. Rockville, 

Daniels Milton, East Medway, 
Tuttle J. W. 

Clark L. & E. West Medway, 

Coombs James, " *^' 

Ware & Hill, " " 

Aldrich Henry A. Mendon 

Carleton Guy, Methuen 

Dodge & Fulton, •' 

Gale A. L. " 

Sawyer George W. " 

Peirce Peter H. & Co. Middleborough 

Washburn Philander, " 

Eddv J. M. East Middleborough, " 
White & Hooper, N. Middleborough, " 
Union Store, So. Middleborough, " 
Smith Israel, Rock, " 

Carver & Atwood, " " 

Church S. U. & Brothers, Middkfield 

Hol.ien H. " 

Smith Matthew, " 

Averill E. P. & Co. Middleton 

Merriam William A. " 

Wilkins Henry A. " 

Bancroft H. L. & Co. Millbury 

Emerson J. " 

Hall S. D. & Son, " 

Goulding Ephraim, West Millburv, " 
Babcock J W. ' Milton 

Gordon David W. " 

Tarbox G. W. 

Chapin Brothers, Monson 

Newton John, " 

Norcross Albert, " 

Towne E. E. '" 

Learned James, Montague 

Learned J. H. & C. H. ^' 

Wright & Chenery, " 

Higley, Lansdon, & Co. Monterey 

Langdon Wilbur, " 

Mansir Oscar L. " 

Johnson Franklin E. Nahant 

Johnson Welcome W. '' 

Cathcart Ariel, Nantucket 

Cathcart Wm. C. " 

Colesworthy Henry. " 

Eldredge, Davis, & Kenney, " 

Eldridge K. & Co. ' " 

Fitzgerald N. " 

Luce Charles, " 

Averv George, Needham 

Parker O. C. 

Smiley David, Grantville, " 

Tufcs George K. New Braintree 

Pearson Henry E. Newbury 

Caldwell John, Newbur\port 

Wright S. W. & Co. New Marlborough 
Starks J. R. Hartsville, 

Baldwin William R. Southfield '• 

Walter, Baldwin, & Co. " *' 

Stanard Dyer, Mill River, c!' 

Wolfe J. S. " ?' 

Haskell F. A. New Salem 

Bullard C. A. North New Salem, '• 
Kellogg F. D. & E. N. Milliiigton, '• 
Wiley Moses, North Prescott, " 

Billings Albert, Upper Falls, Newton 
Trowbridge A. Newton Centre, " 
Clark Wm. & Co. Northampton 

Ross E. S. Leeds, 

Cutler H. F. Florence, ■" 


K. Parsons, agt. Florence, " 

Parsons Isaac S. &. Co. " " 

Barnes P. W. North Andover 

Carleton Amos D. " 




Country Stores — continued. I Pembroke 

PRESCOT r ABBOTT, North Andover I Poole Andrew E., East Pembroke, " 

Arnold Francis P., North Pembroke, " 



X. Centre, 

North Bridge water 


North Brookfield 

North Chel>ea 
North Reading 


Cold Brook, 

Stevens Warren, 
Stone John & Co. 
Wadsworth John, 
Wood Samuel, jr. & Co. 
Pettee S. 
Smith L. F. 
Batchelor Charles 0.. 
Du<llev P. W. & Co, 
Taft P'eter M. 
Whitin N. D. 
Cobb David. 
Hayward Daniel, 
Sprague Chandler, 
Packard George A. 

Keith Z. C. Campello 
Clark Timothy P. 
Lincoln & Mav, 
Poland & Stoddard, 
Union Store No. 09, C. Duncan, 

Belding E. E. 
Fay W. L. 
Osgood Charles, 
Walkers. Y. 
Fenno Joseph H. 
Damon Alonzo F. 
Eaton James L. 
Mutual Union, 
Whitcomb Jared P. 
Bates Horatio, 
Boyland Thomas E. 
Dean Lewis, 
Prouty Alauson, 
Woofiard & Davis, 
Eddy & Goddard, 
Tenuey H. C. & Co 
Whipple & l*ai ker, 
Johnson Nathan L., 
Mayo Caleb 

Chipman Reuben & Co. 
Higgins Abner, 
Hurd Davis, 
Nicherson George, 
Rogers Prince, 
Smith Thomas, 
Sparrow .Foel, 
Young .lonathan, 
Crosby Solomon, East Orleans, 
Higgins Lot, 
Higgins Nathan, 
Kenrick John, 
Caul Lloyd, 
Norton Samuel H, 
Chandler Clark, 
Meriam A. F. & Co. 
Mills James C. 
I'ease William E. & Co. 
BartlettE. North Oxford 

Battev L. E. '• 

Kellev A. W. 
Taft S. S. & Co. 
Cross W. W. 

Nichols, French, & Tinkham, 
Shaw James B. 

Murdock & Brothers, Bond's Village, 
Murdock Elijah G. Thorndike, 
Packard W."N. 

Twiss Frank, Three Rivers, 

Clark Nathiniel & Co. 
Boynton Mynett E. 

Goiild Jerad, •' 

Protective Union 355, Isaac Jen- 
nings, agent, Pembroke 




North Orange, 

South Orleans, 

East Otis, 

Blackman Allen 

Holmes Samuel, " " 

Bryant William H. H., South Hanson, " 

Protective Union, Israel Thrasher, " 

Barrett Benjamin F. Peppere' 

Locke True T. '' 

Saunders Amos, " 

Simpson L. C. " 

Loring John, " 

Parker H. A. & Co., East Pepperell, " 

Tarbell T. F. jr. 

Bowen W. S. & S. S. 

Tolman J. & Co. 

Wetherell & Mudge, 

Mixter Orlando, 

Pike S E. 

Curtis & Evans, 

" i .Morev & Hand, " 

" : Norton H. L. » 

I West John C. & Brotlier, " 

" i Pomerov's L. Sons, " 

Northfield ' Barker J. & Brothers, VV. Pittsfieid, " 

" ' Stearnsville Manuf. Co., " " 

" . BarUett Ansel, Plainfield 

Campbell Leonard, " 

Bosworth J. P. Plymouth 

Morton Alvin G. " 


Wadsworth Wait, " 

Bartlett George F., Chiltonville, '• 

Bramhall George, " " 

Battles Caleb, 

Clark William, 

Hovey Joslah C 

" I Parker Zaccheu; 

Orange i Crosett FJbertv, 

Hunt N. & Co^ 

Thomas E. A. 

Davis John C. 

Gregory D. H. & Co 

Union Store, East Princeton, " 

j Atwood John, jr. & Co. Provlucetown 

BOWLY' J. E. & G. '• 

I Ch.ase Frank, '• 

Conweil D.avid, " 

Cook E. & E. K- " 

COOK H. & S. & Co. " 

Cook Stephen, " 

Cowing H. W. " 

Freeman Francis M. " 

Freeman & Hilliard, " 

Lewis Joshua, " 

Lewis Bangs A. & Co. " 

NICKERSON R. E. & A. & Co. 
" J Paine .1. & L. N. 
Oxford] Rich S.& J. 

" Rogers Maimel, " 

" I Rv<ler Reuben, " 

" I Abercrombie Wyman 
" ' Baxter Geo. L. & Co. 
Palmer i Blake A. F. & J. N. 
" I Clapp Elbridge, 

" I Hall & Lane, " 

Hammond Charles, " 

Whitney & Nash, " 

Wood John A. " 

Crane L. L. Quincy Point, " 

Newcomb S. F. '• " 

! Morton Cvrus, jr. Randolph 

I Prescott G. H. '& C. 
Lincoln & Sylvester, E. Randolph, " 


South Plymouth, " 

, Piynipton 

North Prescott, 







Packard H. H., East Randolph, Randolph 
King Theodore, Raynham 

Lincoln Edward H. " 

Makepeace Sylvanus, " 

Robinson Samuel W. " 

Washburn Chauucy G. " 

Frost Jonathan, ' Reading 

Black Johnson, Rehoboth 

Leonard Joseph F. " 

Norton Edward H. " 

Peck Philip VV. " 

Pierce Lloyd B. " 

Marvel John C. & Son, " 

Peck Cyril G. jr.. North Rehoboth, " 
Castle E. C. Richmond 

Richmond Mercantile Co. " 

Cushman Jesse M. Rochester 

Leonard Theodore W. " 

Sherman John W,. " 

Story A. W. Pigeon Cove, Rockport 
Amidon E. E. Rowe 

Boynton Henry, Rowley 

Boynton John, " 

Kimball George, " 

Prime D. N. & Sons, " 

Todd J. Scott, " 

Bartlett H. C. Royalston 

Murdock B. B. & Co. S. Royalston, " 
Newton C. H. & Co. " " 

Rich Benjamin W. " " 

Gibbs J. W. & Co. Russell 

Root S. F. " 

Davis Alonzo, Rutland 

Putnam Charles H. " 

Welch Guilford, North Rutland, " 
Pierce Charles, West " " 

Keniston F. & Co., Salisbury Point, " 
Fifield A. L. '' 

Kingsbury Henry & Co. " " 

Morrill Ezra, " " 

Purrington J. A. " " 

Taylor & Castle, Sandisfield 

Morrill J. H., Montville, " 

Moore J. New Boston, " 

Parson & Wilcox, " " 

Burgess Charles H. Sandwich 

ELLIS H. G. 0. 

Holway Alvah, " 


Blackinglon Charles A., Monument, " 
Swift Abrara, " " 

Bourne Charles, North Sandwich, " 
Ellis Rufus, " " 

Collins Virgil B., South Sandwich, " 
Crocker Heman C. " " 

Crowell Paul, West Sandwich, " 

Crowell Hiram, " " 

Swift Levi, " " 

Raymond Asa, Pocasset, " 

Saugus Centre, Saugus 
Lawrence J. D. & Co. " '' 

Wyman Charles E. " " 

Union Store, Division 604, Savoy 

Reed WilUam A. & Son, " 

Wing Braman, " 

Allen William P. Scituate 

Ford Daniel & Co. " " 

Smith J. Hill, » 

Turner E. A. " 

Brown Benj. jr. North Scituate, " 

Litchfield M. S. & Z. H. " " 

Severns & Cushing, " " 

Vinal Dexter, " " 

Chaffee Asa, Seekonk 

Luther Gardner, " 

Wheeler Dexter, " 

Drake Nelson, Sharon 

Long John F. Sharon 

Pettee D. Webster, " 

Turner Culvin, '' 

Field Joel H. Sheffield 

Huckins John L. '* 

Little Lucius, " 

Strong Tillinghast B. Ashley Falls, " 
Leroy A. ■' " 

Thurston Henrv C. '• 

Rood & Taft, ■ East Sheffield, " 

Thayer Joel, Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 
Clark Charles A. Sherborn 

Clark George " 

Ballou S. J. Shirley 

Bovnton W. B. .^Vj. 

LongleyJ. P. "r- 

Gardner J. & Co. Shirlej' Village, ." 
Boutell Samuel B. • Shrewsbury 

Green Charles 0. " 

Harrington Eli, " 

Howe Samuel Q. " 

Brown & Broad, Shutesbury 

Chase Leonard & Co. Somerset 

Bell Edwin, Southampton 

Judd A. G. 

Lyman G. " 

Newton L. W. Cordaville, Southboroujjh 
Wright Brothers, " " 

Alden Wm. E., Globe Village, Southbridge 
Thayer Solomon, " " 

Chamberlin George, South Hadley 

Montague Elliot, " 

Taylor John P. & Co. " 

Smith Hiram, jr. South Hadlev Falls, " 
Wright Ira B. '& Co. " ' " " 

Fogg Ebenezer T. South Scituate 

Ford Henry, " 

Little Melvin, ^- : 

Tolman Thomas & Son, **^V\ 

Torrey George H. "• 

Granger S. L. & 0. A. Southwick 

Shurtleff Carmi & Co. " 

Bemis Lorenzo, Spencer 

Grout J. N. & Co. " 

Pope Joseph, " 

Wilson Winthrop, " 

Prouty T. A. & Co. " 

Kimberlv J. & Co. Springfield 


Indian Orchard, " 

Sanborn Brothers, Sterling 

Smith J. S. " 

Fitts Julius, West Sterling, " 

Custis Chauncey, Stockbridge 

Plumb H. L. & Co. " 

Seymour Egbert, " 

Burrall Henry M. Curtisville, " 

Jones Abner, " " 

Strong & Wentworth, Glendale, " 
Belcher 0. Stoughton 

Drake & Tenney, " 

Flint & Savels, " 

Southworth Bros. " 

Swan W. R. " 

Wales Nathaniel, " 

Blanchard Nathan, East Stoughton, " 
Littlefield Isaac, " " " 

Gill Henry M. North " " 

Fletcher John L. Stow 

Mossman & Co. Assabet, " 

Gleason Alfred D. Rock Bottom, " 
Murdock Charles, " " 

Chamberlain Alvan, Sturbridge 

Chamberlain J. N. jr. " 

Corey Frank " 

Bates, Haynes, & Co. Fiskdale, " 
Taft A. D" " " 

Uphani William H. " " 



Country Stores — continued. 
Burbeck & Willis, Sudban 

Hunt J. S. " " 

Hunt E. & Son, South Sudbury, " 

Eames A. A. & Co. Assabet, " 

Haynes Brothers " " 

Dunlap Samuel, Sunderland 

Holbrook Wilder S. Sutton 

Woodbury Luther, Wilkinsville, " 
Hill William R. " " 

Waters Samuel N. West Sutton, " 

Abbott William, Manchaug, " 

Thompson G. E. " " 

Johnson Pliny F. South Sutton, " 
Chace Joseph F. Swansea 

Chace Elijah P. " 

Gray Samuel, " 

Luther Joseph G. " 

Mason Daniel, " 

Marvel Bemianuel, " 

Wood Heni-v 0. " 

Albro H. D." & E. F. Taunton 

Chase & Spencer, " 

JACKsON & WILLIAMS, 43 & 45 

City sq. " 

Faniham H. L. " 

Pratt & Thomas, " 

Sanders George B. East Taunton, " 
Taylor William E. Mvricks, " 

Walker Allen C. " " " 

MANN G. A. & A. F. Westville, " 
Dudley & Blodgett, Templeton 

Jones Julius A. " 

Sargeant Fitch L. East Templeton, " 
Rodiman W. S. Baldwinville, " 

Sawyer, Thompson, & Perlev, " " 

Leiand F. Otter River, " 

Warner & Kirchner, " " 

Frost Aaron, Tewksbury 

Preston H. E. " 

Bradley Thomas & Son, Holmes's Hole, " 
Coffin R. W. " " 

Crocker Wendal, " " 

Crowel! Benjamin D. " " 

Robinson John F. " " 

Taber James ^L " " 

Weeks Charles, " " 

Gorham .lob H. West Tisbury, " 

Mavhew Nathan, " " 

Rotch William J. " " 

Union Store, Joseph B. Nickerson, 

agent, West Tisbury, " 

Snow William, Tolland 

Adams Benjamin P. Topsfield 

Kimball W." E. & Son, 
Dix William, Townsend Centre, Townsend 
Osgood Charles, " " 

Taylor Wm. P. " " 

Emery Charles, Townsend Harbor, " 
Manning Charles & Co., W. Townsend, " 
Shattuck E. A. " " 

Cole Joseph S. Truro 

Dyer Samuel, " 

Knowles Joshua, " 

Lombard E. P. & Son, " 

Paine A. & Co. " 

Rich Isaac, " 

Rich Josiah F. " 

Whorf Joseph, " 

Small Francis, North Truro, " 

Thompson John G. " " 

Littlehale J. H. D. Tyngsborough 

Webster Orson, Tyringham 

Cobbett A. Upton 

Forbush Horace & Co. " 

Holbrook Benjamin F. " 

Stoddard Hartford, " 

Fairbanks Charles, Uxbridge 

Mason & O'Keefe, " 

Scott & Murdock, " 

Thompson H. & E. F. " 
Chase Horatio C. North Uxbridge, " 

Sweet & Hayward, " " 

Barker Jacob, Wale.1 

Parker D. F. •' 

Billings H. T. & Co. Walpole 

Craig E. C. & Co. " 

Hammond J. C. & Co. " 

Johnson George W. E. Walpole, " 

Boyden Jere. South " 


Wi'lmarth & Boyden, " " 


Hitchcock C. 


Mongrain R. C. & Co. 


Sanford Addison, 


Snow & Pufler, 


Boilfish P. N. 


Fearing F. H. 


Gibbs Alvin, 


Howard B. F. 


Robinson M. & S. T. 


Thompson E. N. 


Gale Ik. Humphrey, East Wareham, " 

Sanford George, ' •' ' 


Keves William, South ' 


Fuller John S. West ' 


Allen Reuben, 


Blair & Keyes, 


Davis E. 


Fairbanks & Newton, 


Shepard D. W. & Co. 


Lombard & Burroughs, West W 

arren, " 

Atlierton Arlon S. 


Goldsbury Forrest, 


Howard C. L. 


Atwood Daniel C. Cochituate, " 

Loker .John L. 

Moore Joseph M. 

McQuaid T. & P. 

Pratt W. H. 

Wood D. & H. 

Atwood Harding, 

Baker N. M. & Co. 

Freeman Timothy A. 


Higgins P. W. 

Newcomb, Kemp, & Co. 

Wiley F. A. & Co. 

Forbes Joseph, 

Putnam Danforth, 

Putnam John, 

Fowler W. W. 

Griggs S. M. & Co. 

Sawyer & Walker, 

Waite & Co. 

Waite J. E. & Co. 

Whiting Alfred N. 

Baker & Williams, 

Perkins Charles, 

Blair E. H. 

Gleason A. C. & J. S. 

Cutler J. E. 

Fowler & Killam, 

Loomis Henry, " 

Snow & Hibbard, " 

Fletcher John B. " 

Fletcher Sherman D. " 

Wilcox Samuel, " 

Wright & Co. Graniteville, Westford 

Chapman Anson, West Hampton 

.Judd Fred. H. 

Kendall & Cheney, Westminster 

Eames & Giles, " 

Wyman Franklin, Wachusett Village, " 

Chase Enoch D. West Newbury 

Bailey Daniel D. " 






West Boylstoa 

Oakdale, " 

II (I 

West Bridgewater 
Cochesett, " 

West Brookfield 




East Weymouth, " 

Noyes & Whittier, West Newbury 

Cutting George \V. & Son, Weston 

Anthony & Macomber, Westport 

Westport Manuf. Co. " 

Winchester & White, " 

Brownel] E. P. & Son, Central Village, " 
Cory A. H. Westport Point, " 

Macomber R. & Son, " " 

Merrick & Haysington, West Springfield 
' Burgess J. L. & Son, Mittineague, " 
Geer & Ames, " " 

Bostwick & Tanner, West Stockbridge 
Edwards Wihiam H. 
Kniffin Brothers, 
Shaw Nathan, 
Tanner F. W. 

Arnold G. & Son, State Line, 
Radclift' & Allen, 
Tirrell E. G. 
Bicknell Bros. 
Burrell Samuel, 

Loud Henry, " " 

Pratt Nathan, " " 

Rogers N. C. " " 

Shaw Benjamin F. " " 

Bartlett J. W. North Weymouth, " 
Blanchard Solon, " " 

N. E. P. Union 136, " » 

Nash Wm. G. South Weymouth, " 
Stowell Noah jr. " " 

Crafts Albert "W. Whately 

Thayer Caleb L. " 

Leech C. C. Wilbraham 

Pickering S. F. " 

Wright R. R. & Son, " 

Fuller Henry S. Collins Depot, " 

Gates E. B. » ^ ' 4. 

Converse & Co. South Wilbraham, " 
Hendrick H. H. " " 

Spellman S. Clark, " " 

Spellman Wra. P. " " 

Carter T. M. Williamsburg 

James L. D. & Brother, " 

Wait C. D. " 

Thayer W. E. " 

Warner L. H. " 

Smith & Fay, 
Cole Hai-vey T. 
Cole P. R. 

Mather Benjamin F. 
Mather Charles H. 
Mather S. T. 
Morey William, 
Sherman Eber, 
Whipple J. H. 
Ames Joseph A. 
Ames William, 
Nichols Samuel B. 
Parker C. C. 
Smith A. B. 
Whitney Araasa, 
Whittemore Wm 
Bicknell L. E. 
Shaw F. E. 
Erwin Samuel P. 
Johnson & Long, 
Magee Edward, 
TAY C. & CO. (see page 766), 
Thompson A. E. & Co. " 

■ NICHOLS & LINSCOTT, N. Wobum, " 
Thompson A. & E. E. " " 

Brewster E. H. & Son, Worthington 

Cole Horace & Son, °' 

Hoppin C. A. Webster Sq. Worcester 
Cook Daniel A. & Co. Wrentham 

Stone C. & Son, " 

Andrews Nathl., N. Wrentham " 

Haydenville, " 





East Windsor, 



North Wrentham, Wrentham 
Bachelder E. M. " » 

Trowbridge Henry, " " 

Rhodes Edward T., Plainville, " 

Baker Braddock, S. Yarmouth, Yarmouth 
Farris Russell D. " " 

Matthews Freeman, " " 

Croweli Freeman H., W. Yarmouth, " 
Crowell Isaiah, " " 

Baker Sylvester, Jr. & Co. Yarmouth 

Port, « 

Crocker Dan. B. & Co. Yarmouth Port, " 
Knowles James, " " 

Payne Dexter E. " " 

Cracker Bakers. 

718), Great BarringtOH 

Crayon Manufacturers. 

Parmenter & Walker, Waltham 

Crockery, China, Glass, and 
Earthen Ware. 

Carpenter N. D., N. Adams, Adams 

Urann & Keyes, " " 

Welles Henry N. " 

Thorpe & Osgood, Athol Depot, Athol 
S FARKEY L. T. (see page 713), Attleboro' 
Herrick Samuel D. Beverly 

Symmes R. W. " 

Hunting & Co. Brookline 

Russell M. " 

Newell Bros., Shelburne Falls, Buckland 
Bates Geo. W. Cambridge 

Graves Geo., Jr. " 

Holmes & Davis, " 

Oxford & Brigham, " 

Russell Amos, " 

Robinson John, Cambridgeport, " 

Gage Benjamin W. Charlestown 

Moore Wm. B. & Son, " 

KNOX BENJ. H. & CO., 45 & 47 

Park St., Chelsea 

Merrill & Morrison, " 


St. (see page 712), 



Chase C. 

McQuaid T. A. & Co. 
Tyler & Wh'ite, 
Wilder W. G. & Co. 
Harwood J. 


Weeks Henry W. Dedham 

Flint J. D. & Co. Fall River 

Hathaway & Deane, " 

Nichols L. & Co. " 

Wilcox D. T. " 
Wood H. S. 

Guy T. F. Fitchburg 

Lewis & Sawtell, " 

Sprague L. & Co. " 

Mayo J., Jr. Gloucester 

Procter Charles, " 

Rogers C. H. " 

Story Cyrus, " 
ROBBINS HENRY T. Great Barrington 

Pierce George, Jr. Greenfield 

Appleton John A., Jr. Haverhill 

Kimball & Gould, " 

Gassett Brothers, Holliston 

Crafts R. P. Holyoke 

Doyle & Finn, " 


Munsell & Sears, " 

Tuttle & Moore, '< 

Morse W. H. & Co. Hopkinton 

Woodward D. P, & Co. " 



Crockery, China, etc., — continued. 
Abraras L. H. & Co. (lamps, &c.), Lawrence 
Howe & Co. " 

Woodman Chas. S. & Co. " 

Clongh Ira A. Lowell 

French & Pnffer, " 


Prescott, " 

NASH J. W. & CO., 105 Central, 

(see page 739), " 

Gordon E. H. Lynn 

OSBORNE E. W. & CO., Market sq. " 
WELCH JACOB & CO., 1 Sagamore 

Hathaway Stephen, Marblehead 

LeMaster Georgo, " 

WEEKS & SMITH, Marlborough 


ALLEN & BLISS, 121 Union, New Bedford 
Bennett Samuel, " 

Purrington & Brown, " 

Taylor Henry J. " 

Bassett N. G. Newburvport 

Foster N. & T. 

Monlton Joseph, " 

White J. M. Newton Centre, Newton 
Arnold W. F. & Co. Nerthampton 

Morton & Hayden, " 

Skilton Otis A. " 

Curtis S. G. & B. E. North Bridgewater 
Hayward Ambrose, " 

Reed Thomas, " 

Guv & Brothers, Peabody 

(Jrant & Davis, Pitt«field 

Henry Harvey, " 

Harlow & Barnes, Plvmouth 

TURNER E. C. ' " 

Snow C. B. Provlncetown 


Burrill J. F. Quincy 


Story Austin W. Rockport 

Wheeler D. A. 

Bowditch Wm. A. & Co. Salem 

Glazier Ezra & Son, " 

(luy & Bros. " 

Simonds S. C. & E. A. " 

Fifield Benj. E., Amesbury, Salisburv 
Bnrge-s Chas. H. Sandwich 

Hamilton, Lincoln, & Co. Springfield 

Hill William, 

Hoard N. S. Taunton 

Reed Edgar H. " 

Washburne E. E. " 

West L. B. & Co. " 

Padelford D. Weir, " 

Hitchcock C. Ware 

Sandlbrd A. " 

Wttherbee S. & J. Warren 

NOURSE & BARNARD, Watertown 

Pratt Wm. H. Webster 

Wood D. & H. 

Gould Wm. R. Westboro' 

Morse G. W. & Co. " 

Gibbs J. W. & CO. Westfield 

TAY C. & CO., Main (see page 

766), Wobnrn 

Brown Albert S. Worcester 

Blark, Sawyer, & Co. " 

Croquet Equipments. 

Parker Bowdoin S. & Co. Greenfield 

HADLEY & ROBEY, Rock, cor. 

Gushing, Lowell 

Locke N. C. Salem 

Crucible Manufacturers. 

Atwood, agt., West Water st. (see 
page 725). Taunton 

Taunton Crucible Co. " 


(See Agricultural Implements.) 

Curled Hair Manufacturers. 

(For Upholsterers.) 
English Wm. G. Salem 

Manning, Glover, & Co. Walpole 


(See also Tanners and Cvrriers.) 
West S. 0. East Brookfield, Brookfield 
Downincr Theodore, Cambridgeport, " 

Fisher lerdinand, " " 

Kuebler M. " " 

Muller Wm. " " 

Guild Chester & Sons, Charlestown 

Lane George, " 

Mann Alexander, " 

McGinness Michael, " 

Sears William, " 

Davidson Walter, Chelsea 
Farwell H. B. & Co. 

FoUis John, " 

Stone James, " 

Chase Edmund, Fall River 

Peirce Joseph, 2d, Fitchburg 

Bigelow A. M. & Co. Grafton 

Bigelow E. B. •' 

Dodge L. W. & Son, " 

Estabrook Geo. W. '* 

McKenzie J. W. " 

Moultoa B. K. " 

Stratton Oscar, " 

Burget John, Great Barrington 

Butters F. jr. Haverhill 
Morrill J. B. & Co. 

EAS ION D. M. & F. A. Hyde Park 

Grout John M Leicester 
Mitchell P. East Lexington, Lexington 

Cook E. G. Lowell 

Ingham .lohn, " 

Cruse Solomon, MaMen 

Fisher H. & J. S. •' 

Walsh Michael H. " 
Whittemore Geo. South Maiden, " 

Mayhew A. C. & Co. Milford 

Fenton R. 0. Monson 
Tobey C. C. 

Wade Job, New Bedford 

Morev H. A. Northampton 

CLARK SAMUEL, North Brookfield 

Rogers James R. " 

Merriam William, Palmer 

Adams Horace, Peabody 

Brooks & Messer, " 

Brown & Caller, " 

Chandler S. C. " 

Cook M. " 

Femald Luther & Co. " 

Giddings Joshua, " 

Jacobs Joseph, jr. " 

Lord John A. " 

Lord William N. " 

McClure E. M. " 

Osbom C. \V. & Bro. " 

Osborn F. ir. & Co. " 

Pinder & Winchester, " 

Plummer Hiram, " 

Poor Joseph S. " 

Poor L. & F. H. " 

Porter Andrew, " 





Proctor E. Thomas, 

Richardson & Coolidge, 

Sanger Augustus H. 

Sanger A. H. jr. 

Southwick S. A. 

Steele John, 

Steward & Bacon, 

Symonds R. S. D. 

Wheeler A. F 

Giesftler William, 

Whiting Joseph VV. 

Andrews Gilnian A. 

Bott James, 

Bott Wm. 

Braden James, 

Conrey James H. 

Conway J. H. 

Culliton John, 

Dalton Joseph A. 

Derby George F. 

DriscoUs & Looney, 

Dugan James, 

Eagan & McGrath, 

pjgan Martin, 

p]vans A. A. & Sons, 

Fanning James, 

Frye Daniel & Co. 

Gibney John, 

Harrington Charles & Co 

Harrington L. B. 

Haskell Daniel C. 

Hill & Brown, 

Horton & Crocker, 

Huse John, 

Ma<Jigau & Brennan, 

Martin Wm. P. 

McCarty M. 

Muhlig Robert, 

Perkins Joseph S. 

Pitman Benj. jr. 

Pitman George, 

Pitman S. jr. 

Pratt Elisha, 

Putnam .Jacob & Co. 

Riley James, 

Robson Matthew, 

Sanborn James A. 

Shaw & Bruce, 

Snow & Redmond, 

Stimpson James B. 

Treadwell Nathaniel R. 

Varney W., D., & S. 

Walden Joseph S. 

Weston Charles & Sons, 

Williams U. R. 

Campbell H. C. & Co. 

Cotton J. R. 

Trott Samuel S. 

Byron John T. 

Byron Joseph, 

Dolan Charles, 

Leach Ezra, 

Morand Frank, 

Payne Sylvanus, 

Colegate Wm. A. 

Cummings E. & Co. 

Furbush J. R " 



Maxwell John, " 

Trowan & Widgery, " 

Cummings J. 0. & Co., N. Woburn, " 

Fox Warren, " " 

Munroe Harris, " " 

Richardson Clark T. " " 

Skirmer James & Co. " " 

Putnam J. R. Worcester 

Warren Samuel, " 


West Roxbury 





Curriers' Grease. 

Cooper Charles & Son, Cambridgeport, " 
Cooper Wm. & Son, " " 

Curriers' Tools and Tables. 

Grant Joshua B. Salem 

COFFIN T. T. Horn Pond Station, " 
Keyes Franklin, " 

Curtain Cord Manufacturers. 


Curtain Fixture Manufs. 

Marden C. W. Chelsea 

Putnam S. S. & Co. Neponset, Dorchester 

Cutlery Grinder. 

Thompson John, Shelburne Falls, " 

Cutlery Manufacturers. 

( See also Edge Tools ; also Knift. Mamtf. ) 
Taylor L. B. & Co. Chicopee 

(table cutlery and butcher knives), 
E. M. Chapman, agent, Greenfield 


South Foxborough, Foxborough 
732), Mansfield 

Burkinshaw Aaron (pocket knives), " 
Lothrop H. A. & Co. Sharon 

Dewsnap E. L., Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 
(manufacturers of every descrip- 
tion of pearl, ivory, iiorn, and 
•wood-handle table cutlery ; butch- 
er, cook, and shoe knives, and 
pocket cutlery; also at Windsor, 
Vermont, Lamson's patent wood 
and iron scythe snaths). Office 
and warehonse, 53 Beekman st., 
N. Y. Joseph W. Gardner, 

agent, Shelburne Falls, " 

Rose Jacob, Springfield 

Lee Samuel, Taunton 

Cutters and Dies. 

Curtis T. A. East Brookfield 

Ricard Hubert, Haverhill 

Sheldon Elbridge, " 

DAWES F. S. (see page 761), Hudson 

Covle John, Lynn 

TRIPP SETH D. 13 Broad (see 

page 750), " 

Draper & VVoodbury, Marlborough 

Ladd N. D. " Sturbridge 

Howe A. M. Worcester 

TOUGAS & DUPREY, 9 Cypress 

(see page 781), " 

Cyanuret of Potassium. 

DAVIS HENRY V. (see page 729), 
40 No. Water, New Bedford 


(See Photographers, tfc.) 

Daguerreotype Case Manuf. 

FLORENCE MANUF. CO., Florence, " 


liiim, New Bedford 



Deck Plugs and Wedges. 

Peckham Perrj' M. Fall River 



Bourne S. E. 
Ring F. 

DON HAM & MIETT, East Abington, " 

Howland Samuel F. Adams 
Brown VVm. E. North Adams, " 

Davenport Ammon F. " " 

Brown A. T. Amesbury 

Collins Hiram, " 

Perkins J. A. " 

Leach Benjamin F. Amherst 

Vincent J. J. " 

Blake Josiah S. Andover 

Williams & Humphrey, Athol 
Hemenway J. Athol Depot, " 

Smith Horace C. " " 

Martin Alfred, Attleborough 

Chapman J. W., Hyannis, Bai-nstable 

Howland A. A. " Barre 

Hosmer Thomas B. Bedford 

Griswolil Malcora, Blandford 

Bigelow \V. H. Bolton 

Rowe H. D. Brewster 

Wasburn Christian, Bridgewater 

Wasiiburn Nahum, " 

Grover .J. M. Brookfield 

Allen Wilkes, Cambridge 

Andrews Robert R. " 
Bullock Charles, Cambridgeport, " 

Simonds James L. " '' 

White Edward Y. " " 

Capen G. F. Canton 

Chamlierlain George, "' 

Coghlan John Charlestown 

Daigneau D. P. " 

Page Edward, " 

Phipps William S. " 

Webber .lames H. " 

White D. S. " 

Atwood Joseph, Chatham 

Taylor Sylvanus R. " 

Brown J. A. Chelsea 

Willard Alexander T. " 

Porter Jesse, Chicopee 

Fisk J. Clinton 

Ingalls & Bigelow, " 

Clarke Kodolphus, Conway 

Lindsey M. L. Dana 

Houghton Chilon, Danvers 
Hazeltine William, S. Dedham, Dedham 
Robbins Nathaniel L., Dennis Port, Denni-; 

Bradley John C. Duxbury 
Gilmore Charles, East Bridgewater 

Parsons Chas. E. East Hampton 

Sanderson H. L. " 

Angell Avery F. Full River 

Borden S. M." " 

Fairbanks Geo. 0. " 

Kendall .lames A. " 

Williams & Stebbins, •' " 

Ward Ezekiel G. Falmouth 

Ball W. Fitchburg 

Blood Thomas S. " 

Gill E. B. " 

Palmer Thomas, " 

Downs Charles, Foxborough 

Carter J. W. Framiugham 

Cowles Henry, Saxonville, " 

Metcalf W. W. Franklin 

Stetson J. T. " 

Greene C. R. Gardner 

Dennett H. E. Gloucester 

Dennett John P. " 

Swazey J. A. " 

Brackett E. F. Grafton 
bURGHARDT JOHN M. (see page 

724), Great Barrington 

Rice Arthur M. " 

Rice Willard W. " 

Beals Joseph, Greenfield 

Day Edward, " 

Leonard & Morgan. " 
Brown J. D. Groton Junction, Groton 
Hinds William H. H. 

Downer Nathaniel, Hanover 

Rowe H. D. Harwich 

Taylor S. H. " 
Roiibins Nathaniel, West Harwich, " 

Elliott Samuel H. Haverhill 

Howard Alvah, " 

Russell W. W. " 

Rilev J. " 

Sellers William W. " 

Stevens F. J. " 

Daly & Rolfe, Hingham 

Hayes J. A. Holliston 

Murlless D. Holyoke 
Tavlor L. C. 

Wliite 0. C. Hopkinton 

Bigelow \V. H. Hudson 

Leslie L. N. " 

Greenwood Edward. Huntington 


Wells J. B. Ipswich 
Leach Chas. W., Middleboro', Lukeville 

Kendrick H. C. Lancaster 

Howland A. W. Lawrence 

Austin Joseph, " 

Kidder James H. " 

Lord J. F. " 

Porter David T. " 

Higgs W. E. " 

Way Lucius E. Lee 

Leslie L. N. Leominster 

Smith Henry W. Leverett 

Boston D. I. Lowell 

Bryant A. M. " 

Gerry G. A. " 

Glaawin S. F. " 

.Johnson A. T. " 

Lawrence Ambrose & G. W. " 

Lawrence Samuel, " 

Vinall G. A. W. " 
Ward S. L. & W. G., & A. W. Burnham, " 

Aspinwall C. L. Lynn 

Blethen A. C. " 

Crosby F. K. " 

Percival Benjamin, " 

Thompson E. J. " 

Trow J. M. " 

Marston C. E. Maiden 

Perry F. D. Mansfield 

Clements T. W. Marblehead 

Chamberlin W. C. Marlborough 

Judd Orville W. " 

Dorr Richard H. Marion 

Henry Stephen, Marshfield 

Bolles Charles E. Mattapoisett 

Sanborn W. A. Medford 

Plumb Luke A. Melrose 
Leach C. W. Middleborough 

Cook A. A. & G. L. MUford 

Dickinson Gideon, " 

Cook S. W. Millbury 

Littlefield John, Milton 

Heath Charles E. Monterey 

Coffin Alexander G. Nantucket 

Hussey David G. " 

Jenks Arthur E. " 

Carter J. W. Natick 

Shurtleff A. J. " 

Channing William H. New Bedford 



Davis C. G. New Bedford 
McLeod E. V. 

Mara James C. " 
STP:TS0N EDWARD, 24 Purchase, " 

Taber George A. " 

TOBEY A. H., 166 Union, " 
Ward D. P. 

Ward E. G. " 

Brown J. M. Newburyport 
Goddard C. W. 

Kelley E. G. " 

Noyes William H. " 
Dow G. F., Newton Corner, Newton 

Bascom H. S. Northampton 

Davenport J. N. " 

lones William H. " 

Meekins Thomas W. " 

North W. A. " 

Rust Lewis, " 

Brown R. D., Florence, " 

Packard J. W. North Bridgewater 
Puffer L. W. 

Whitney George R. " 

Woodbury George E. " 

Whitman E. F. North Chelsea 

Bartlett H. P. North Brookfield 

Martin S. P. " 

Shepherdson Charles W. Northfield 

Felt John C. Orange 

Cook S. W. Oxford 

Newton William, " 

Cowan A. B. Palmer 

Dudley A. M. Peabody 

Farrar John N. Peppereli 

Davenport E. S. Pittsfield 

Gamwell James, " 

Gulliver William L. " 

Hall Clark F. " 

Leavitt Joseph, " 

Shumway Thomas D. Plymouth 

Howe Oscar, Princeton 

Atkins E. N. Provincetown 
Shortle Henry, 

French C. S. Quincy 

Gilbert John H. " 

Leach Dwight W. Randolph 

Woodbury G. E., E. Randolph, " 

Mansfield W. J. Reading 

Manning Joseph, Rockport 

Batchelder J. H. Salem 

Bates W. M. " 

Bowdoin W. L. " 

Chapman & Swasey, " 

Currier George H. " 

Dudley A. S. " 

Fisk Joseph E. " 

Peach P. H. " 

Walwork Thomas, " 
Collins Hiram, Amesbury, Salisbury 

Brown A. T. " " 

Perkins J. A. " " 

Stevens J. H. Sandwich 
Bissell E. M., Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 

Veber & Cole, " " 

Colvin A. W. Southbridge 

McGregory John, " 

Lester William, South Hadley 

Ames N. E. Springfield 

Anderson J. J. " 

Collins W. E. " 

Derby P. H. " 

Dodge J. N. " 

Hurlbut C. S. " 

Hurlbut J. S. " 

Le Gro David, " 

Morgan Newton, " 

Perkins Cyrus, " 

Searle F. " 

Durkee T. G. 
Tenney A. W. 
Blake Edmund, 
Buck Edgar, 
Parsons Charles E. 
Chase William B. 


DIOKERMAN D. S. & J. Q., 74 

Weir (see page 717), Taunton 

Paige Onius S. " 

Thompson Julius, " 

Utley James, '' 

Battles Albert, Tyringhara 

White Joel, [Ixbridge 

Magoon C. H. Wakefield 

Papineau A. Waltham 

Poole A. D. . " 

Reed G. S. " 

Sherman & Son, " 

Starbuck E. P. " 

Gould J. B. Ware 

Holden Daniel, " 

Miner D. W. " 

Yale Joseph C. " 

Home C. F. Watertown 

Huckins D. T. " 

Joslin E. L. Webster 

Smith D. D. " 

Wyer George T. Wellfleet 

Henry S. G. Westborongh 

Clapp Horatio W. Westfield 

Miller Henry M. " 

Nye A. G. Weymouth 

Cross Cyrus, Wilbraham 
Duncan Samuel, Williamstown 

Young , •' 

White , Wilmington 

Foskett & Loveland, Wincheudon 

Clough John, Woburn 

Lang Cyrus T. " 

Bishop Henry F. Worcester 

Boutelle D. K. " 

Childs J. A. " 

Cook & Barton, " 

Dickey A. 0. " 

Gould J. W. " 

(ireen & Jenks, " 

Estabrook C. W. " 

Harris & Adams, • " 

Monies Charles R. " 

Nettleton E. B. -" 

Pevev Bros. " 

Snow W. N. " 

Tourtelott.& Fuller, " 

BRIGHAM H. Q. Yarmouth Port, 

Dentists' Materials and Instru- 

Williams Wm. M. Springfield 

Designers and Draughtsmen. 

DALZELL DAVID, Jk. (see page 

799), S. Egremont, Egremont 

Kimball John C. S. Egremont, " 

Diary and Memorandum 
Manufacturers . 

REMICK JOHN & SON, Cambridge- 
port, Cambridge 
Wood & Dresser, Cambridgeport, " 

Die Sinkers and Letter 

(See also Stencil Cutters.) 

New York Tap & Die Co., N. Harwich, 



Die Sinkers etc., — continued. 
TIMME E. A. (see page 801), 279 

Main, Worcester 

Wilson C. W. " 


Porter H. & Co. (rye gin), Agawam 

Goodall Leon, Cambridgeport, Cambridge 
Trull Ezra & Co. Charlestown 

Lawrence Daniel &'Sons, Meilford 

Caldwell A. & G. J. Newburyport 

Bush, Nelson, & Co. (rye gin), Westfield 

Doors, Sashes, and Blinds. 

(See also Planing Mills; also Moulding 
Fletcher Cyrus, South Acton, Acton 
BAKEi: JAMES, (see page 729), 

State St., North Adatn«, Adams 

SNY.ER & PATTISON (see page 

728), Brooklyn St., North Adams, " 
Bangs & Huwes, North Amherst, Amherst 
Ellis Edwin. Athol 

Humphrey J. F. " 

Amsden Washin^jton H. " 

Chenev .Tames M. Athol Depot, " 
Rice Leonard, Barre 

Hapgood & Cartwright, Berlin 


H. Gardner, propr. (see page 768), 

Weymoith, Braintree 

Hopkins Moses, Brewster 

Richmond J. A. & Co. Buckland 

Osborn Dalphon, Cambridgeport, " 
Snow F. D. & L. H. " " 

Fisher Samuel, Canton 

Waterman F. Charlestown 

SHATTUCK & FARWELL, (see page 

767), Clinton 

Washburn William B. & Co. Erving 

Conant Prelet D. Fall River 


page 720), Fitchburg 

FirCHRURG LUM:iER CO., (see 

page 767) " 


All^n David G. '• 

Wilson J. & Co. Greenfield 

Hunt & Carroll, Haverhill 

Hunt & Gould. " 

NO YES JAMES & CO., 50 Merrimac, 

(see page 801), " 

Hannum George A. Heath 

Wiggin & Flagg, Holyoke 

Briggs & AUyn (blinds), Lawrence 

Favor Bros. " 

Williams Cyrus, " 

Favor N. B. & Son, Lowell 

KELLEY WM. (also painter and gla- 
zier), Mechanics' Mills, " 
Peabody J. G. " 
Place Isaac, " 
Pratt M. C. " 
Harris Philo, Ludlow 
BAIRD WILLIAM & SON, (see page 

728), 110 So. Common, Lynn 

Bav State Milling & Machine Co. " 


Beach st. " 

Taft Sullivan H. Men Ion 

Albee, Eldredge, & Co. Milford 

Morse & Woods, " 

ARMSBY & MORSE, (seepage 76-3), " 

New Bedford 
DOULL JAMES, Front, cor. School, " 

Foster J. M. New Bedford 

Mosher & Brownell, " 

Sturtevant & Sherman, " 

Blake & Noyes, Newburyport 

Burrill & Brown, ' " 

Creasey .Toseph B. " 

Whipple 0. Newton Corner, Newton 

Brewster C. H. Northampton 

Clark Isaac R. (dealer), " 

Soule Oakes S. North Bridgewatet- 

Parker H. B. NorthfieM 

Wakefielii, Lovejoy, & Co. Orange 

Tucker Samuel E. Penperell 

Booth C. H. & W. A. Pittstield 

Brown George, " 

Harrington Henry (dealer), " 

Warner Charles H. " 

Worden E. & C. 

Brown Nathaniel (dealer), Plymouth 

Hardv T. jr. " Salem 

Gifford T.'J. & Co. 

Newall Josepti, " 

Phelps Wra. jr. & Co. " 

RICHMOND' J. A. & CO. (see page 

724), Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 

Clemence J. M. & L. D., Globe Village, " 
Howard & Gaylord, South Hadley 

Stone, Tower, & Co. Spencf^r 

Walker T. M. & Co. Springfield 

Warner David, " 

NEWCOMB W. L. & CO. (see page 

728), Taunton 

CKOWELL EZRA, 37 West Water, " 
Bronsden L. B. Templeton 

Jenkins F'oster H. Tisbury 

Comstock Metcalf, West Upton, Upton 
Marsh Zeuas, Ware 

SANGER N. C. (see page 772), Watertown 
Kittredge B. L. & Co. Westfield 

Stow M. V. " 

DavHion & Rice, E. Weymouth, *' 


Henry Gardner, Agent, (see page 

768), \Veymouth Landing, Weymouth 
Harrington & Hayford, Worcester 

ROSS & McGregor, l Central, (see 

page 786), " 

Stevens D. &.C. P. " 

Door Stop Manufacturer. 

Smart D. C. (India rubber), Cam- 
bridgeport, Cambridge 

Drain and Sewer Tubing. 

Pierce Bradford S. New Bedford 


Water " 

Wilcox .J. P. &. Co. Springfield 

Peirce Simeon E. Taunton 

Drain Pipe and Tile Manufa. 

Edmands & Co. Charlestown 

Day & Collins, Neponset, Dorchester 
Houghton Irving B. (sole tile), Greenfield 
Welch A. South Maiden. Mal.ien 

PEIRCE CHARLES M. jr., 119 No. 

Water, New Bedford 

Pierce Bradford S. " 

Mclntire Lewis, Northampton 

FLINT SIMEON, 221 Derby, Salem 

Wore 68 tor 
NEWTON E. & C. (see page 731), 

Union St. " 

TUCKER N. G. 23 Pleasant (dealer, 

see page 786), " 




( See also Milliners. ) 

Turner & Knowles, Abington 
Shaw Mary N. Miss, East Abington, " 

Beal Harriet Mrs. '' " 
Bouldry Mary Miss, South Abington, " 

Alger Frank Mrs. " " 

Healey Susan H. Mrs. " " 

West John Mrs. " " 
Jones Lucy Mrs. North Adams, Adams 

Rathburn & Waitt, " " 

Davidge G. K. Mrs. Amherst 

Bateman Eliza Mrs. Aiidover 

Drown N. M. Attleborough 
Walsh M. Miss, No. Attleboro', " 

Oilman Mary A. Braintree 
French Madison Mrs. So. Braintree, " 

Hayden Sarah W. Bridgewater 

Edgecomb HoUis Mrs. Brighton 

Merritt Maria Mrs. Brookline 
Soule E. H. Miss, 

West Mrs. " 

Draper C. W. Miss, Cambridge 

Fowler H. M. Miss, " 

Hanscom 0. J. Miss, " 
Estes N. G. Miss, Cambridgeport, " 

Nelson R. Miss, " " 

Kenrick J. A. Miss, Canton 

Barker Augusta A. Charlestown 
Bixby R. P. Mrs. 

Bliss'H. M. " 

Chapman Priscilla, " 

Coffey John Mrs. " 

Cole Eliza J. " 

Crosby L. A. Mrs. " 

Daggett A. Mrs. " 

Davis A. D. Miss " 

Downing A. E. Mrs. " 

Eccles Julia, " 

Eyre Harriet, '' 

Field Nancy, " 

Fiske M. E." Mrs. " 

Frost 0. Mrs. " 

Hackett R. F. Mrs. " 

Handy Lydia M. " 

Hoffman J. Mrs. " 

Johnson Ellen, " 

J</Ilimore Wm. Mrs. " 

Nagle Maurice Mrs. " 

Pierce Adaline S. " 

Plague Susan C. " 

Prouty Sarah A. " 

Sargent Mary S. Mrs. " 

Smart Hannah K. " 

Stanley L. Mrs. " 

Stratton T. W. Mrs. " 

Sweetser H. B. " 

lower R. jr. Mrs. " 

Trundy Anna L. " 

Waite Lvdia A. " 
Webb N: p. Mrs. 

Whitehead Mary, " 

Williston Margaret, " 

Lovett Mary E. Chelsea 

Morse Harriet L. Mrs. " 

Sargent E. Mrs. " 
Snow Harriet N. 

Thompson Ruth A. " 

White E. A. Mrs. " 

Phillips & Godfrey, Cheshire 

Severence,J. F. Mrs. Chicopee 

Thompson E. M. " 

Hooper E. P. Miss, Dedham 

Briggs Jane, Dighton 

Waters Eliza Miss, " 

Baxter C. A. Miss, Dorchester 

Light Ellen E. Neponset, " 

Bradshaw E. M. Miss, Neponset, " 

Sargent Susan Mrs. " 
Johnson Lncy A. East Bridgewater 

Trow Ada K' " 
Bishop P. Mrs. East Hampton 

Grout J. Mrs. " 

Owen Carrie C. " 

Smith & Clark Misses, " 
Hallenbeck Martha A. North Egremont 

Jenney Helen Miss, Fairhaven 

Stevens Geo. Mrs. " 

Baker E. M. Mrs. Fall River 

Barnabv Sarah, ' 

Cleveland H. M. Mrs. " 

Clifford Eleanor " 

Crapo M. C. Mrs. " 

Gould A. F. " 

Gifford Betsey Miss, " 

Greene M. E. Mrs. " 

McCann Catharine, " 

Olney A. L Miss, " 

Poole M. A. & M. E. " 

Shaw & Blake Misses, " 

Robbins Annie E. Miss, " 

Walsh Sarah A. Mrs. " 

Wolfendale Elizabeth Mrs. " 

Wrightington C. P. Miss, " 

Young E. M. Mrs. " 

Baldwin Sarah A. Fitchbui'g 

Osborn& Works Misses, " 
Burke S. B. Mrs. Foxborough 
Park Abbie Mrs. 

Smith Anna C. " 

McDonald Isabella, Gloucester 

Battles Lucretia, " 

Burn ham Martha, " 

Hazel S. » 
Bristol Levi Mrs. Great Barrington 

Steele Eveline A. " 

Wheeler L. D. A. " 

Fryer M. A. & J. B. " 

Tvler Hattie Miss, Greenfield 

Wilson J. A. Mrs. " 

Weeks Lydia M, Harwich 

Goodell Lucy M. Haverhill 

Stickney M." F. Miss, " 

Granger H. A. Mrs. Holyoke 
Pricket H. P. 

Keyes Mary J. Hudson 

Burgess Betsey Mrs. Kingston 

Cushman S. A. " 

Joyce Sarah Mrs. " 

Anderson M. S. Mrs. Lawrence 

Armitage M. & M. J. " 

Breen Margaret, " 

Burbank Lucia A. R. " 

Butterfield Anna, " 

Cole L. C. Miss " 

Crosby Catharine, " 

Doyle J. Mrs. " 

Drewry Alice, " 

Dnrrell Hattie E. " 

Durrell Sarah M. " 

Dver Armenta A. " 

Frost N. F. " 

Greely E. G. Miss, " 

Johnston Mary Miss, " 

Keleher Joanna, " 

Lawrence A. W. " 

Moore Emma, " 

Nealey A. J. Mrs. " 

Paige Mary L. " 

Pray Laviana C. " 

Prescott & Veazie, " 

Priest CM. " 

Ranno S. G. " 

Reynolds J. H. Mrs. " ' 



Dressmakers — continued. 
Ritchie A. M. 
Robin-^ou Nellie R. Mrs. 
Rooney Ann, 
Smith A. E. Mrs. 
Stoddard L. J. Mrs. 
Thorp M. E. 
Wentworth & Higgins, 
Wiggin C. S. Mrs. 
Woodbury Julia A. 
Parsons C. 
Carter A. A. Miss, 
Joy L. W. Mrs. 
Tenney T. A. Miss, 
Adams H. S. 
Baker .Jane Mrs. 
Bachelder J C. Mrs. 
Brown A. G. .Mrs. 
Burbeck Hattie L. 
Caily Francis Miss, 
Carlton Elmina A. Miss, 
Clark Mary A. Miss, 
Dresser K. R. Mrs. 
Drew H. H. Mrs. 
Emerson William R. Mrs. 
Fav Hannah, 
Gallagher Ellen Mrs. 
Gr gory W. J. Mrs. 
Guy S. & J. 
H.inley S. J. 
H;irris Amanda, 
H.)vvell Mary S. 
Hiissey A. E. 
Ljther S. A. 
Marston S. 
Marsh I. S. 
Mar'^hall C. A. Miss, 
iMc.Manus Nancy Mrs. 
Mellen J. Mrs. 
Messer A. D. 
Moore C. B. 
Morse Marie M. 
Moulton Fannie R. 
Mur[)liv Catharine, 
N:irv Sarah Mrs. 
I'lrti'ner L. H. 
Pearson Elizabeth B. 
Perrin Mary J. 
Pierce A. S. Mrs. 
Ritse Maria, 
S.irgeiit .1. C. Mrs. 
Sheffield A. Mrs. 
Smith C. M. Mrs. 
Wallace Anna V. Mrs. 
Welch Susan, 
Wiiittaker Annie Mrs. 
AVoodvvard C. S. 
Wright Almira, 
Alley Mary E. 
Barrert Maggie Mrs. 
Breed Mary .T. 
Breed MatiMa J. 
Brown Anna M. 
Brown Harriet, 
Brown Mjiria E. Mrs. 
Br )WM Rebecca L. 
Chapman Mary C. 
Ciia e Maria R. 
Cheslev & Caswell, 
Clark M. A. Mrs. 
Coker H. P. 
Corey A. M. & Co. 
Downey Hannah, 
Duggrin Ellen, 
Forrest Mrs. 
Gove M. J. 
Grant Hannah Mrs. 
Griffin E. Mrs. 



I Gulliver E. C. 
Lawrence ' Hart Mary A. 

Hawkes Sarah S. 
Henderson A. M. Mrs 
Hoyt Jane, 
.Jackson M. H. Mrs. 
Johnson M. 0. 
Leavitt .Mary Mrs. 
Lord Alma P. 
Marsh Susan S. 
McKenzie E. J. Miss, 
Merrill P. M. 
Neal Mary H. 
Norwood Ann F. 
Nutter E. A. 
Peaslee Lucy S. 
Phillips E. S. Mrs. 
Pierce E. Mrs. 
Plummer K. B. M. 
Richardson C. L. 
Rodman S. A. 
R igers L. Mrs. 
Rollins S. M. Miss, 
Russell .J. Miss, 
Sanborn W. J. Mrs. 
Starratt Lizzie, 
Shankland A. Mrs. 
Tobey Lizzie, 
Wentworth A. L. Mrs, 
Coolidge S. J. Mrs. 
O'Hanoran J. Mrs. 
Richanlson A. Mrs. 
Briggs C. A. .Mrs. 
Chubbuck F. E. 
Folsom M. .1. 
Fisher H. M. Mrs. 
Olds C. Mrs. 
Spencer M- E. Mrs. 
Tyler M. Miss, 
Grerrold E. .1. Mrs. 
Parlin Flora, 
Bosworth H. W. Mrs. 
Bosworth Jeimie Miss, 
Bradford C. C. .Mrs. 
Brightman A. E. Mrs. 
Carpenter M. W. & Co. 
Coleman Betsey R. Mrs. 
Cook Abbie Vf. Mrs. 
Dillingham Caroline C. Mrs 
Grudchos Annie C. 
Martin .Joanna Mrs. 
Oliver Abbie Mrs. 
Raymond Mary Mrs. 
Sherman J. C. Mrs. 
Simmons Phebe A. Mrs. 
Spencer Ellen Mrs. 
Tucker Lydia E. Mrs. 
Wagner .Mary R. Mrs. 
Weeks ^L a: Mrs, 
Reed M. T. .Mrs. 
Ricker Abbie, 
Brigham H. Mrs. 
Buridiam J. 
Ferry & Dickinson, 
Tinker M. A. 
Andrews M. E. 
Foye E. A. Mrs. 
Parish 1'. W. Mrs. 
Washburn & Pierce, 
Stearns Irene, 
Thatcher L. E. 
Graves S. A. .Miss, 
Whitman Su-an Mrs 
Baker Semantha, 
Gage M. & E. H. 
Hatch Rosa M. 
Shillingford H. W. 
Thomas Alice Mrs. 




Mil ford 

New Bedford 



North Bridgewater 








Atwood J. B. Mrs. Plymouth 

Bacon Rebecca Miss, " 

Bradford Sarah Miss, " 

Collingvvood Susan Mrs. " 

Godard H;rriet Miss, " 

Lanraan Hiram Mrs. " 

Nickerson JIary Miss, " 
Curtis H. F. Mrs. Quincy 

Jenkins D. F. Miss, " 

Kemp J. J. Mrs. " 

Reardon Briiiget Mrs. " 

Staricombe M. S. Mrs. " 

AreV S. B. Salem 

Bartlett M. W. Mrs. " 

Breed Rebecca, " 

Byrne Julia, " 

Church Lncinda A. " 

Connell & Harding, " 

Coombs Elizabeth, " 

Crosby Sarah K. " 

Day E. B. Miss, " 

Dimond Abigail, " 

Docknam M. A. " 

Fielden Mary E. " 

Flannigan Maria, " 

Ford Mary L. " 

Freese Annie A. " 

Gardner Martha, " 

Gordon Caroline A. " 

Harding & Goodridge, " 

Hellehen Rosanna, " 

Hewett D. R. Mrs. " 

Hiltz Deborah, " 

Hobson L. D. Mrs. " 

Jelly M. H. " 

Lakeman Lucinda, " 

Lane Martiia, " 

Laskey Mary E. " 

Leavitt Elizabeth, " 

Lewis Eliza, " 

MacGillicurldy Maria & Ellen, " 

McDutlee Ellen, " 

Mills Elizabeth H. " 

Netter Mary, " 

Newcomb Lucy Mrs. " 

Phelps V. J. Mrs. " 

Poole Maria E. " 

Roberts George Mrs. " ' 

Ropes L. J. " 

Sadler Harriet M. " 

Saunders Elizabeth J. " 

Taylor Kate M. " 

Tliaver Nancy, " 

Til ton E. (i. Mrs. " 

Very John C. Mrs. " 

Wadleigh E. S. " 

Ward Louisa H. " 

Waters Lucy B. Mrs. " 

Welch Eliza" A. " 

Woods Lizzie P. " 

Woodbury Harriet N. " 
Coffin S. E. Mrs. Salisbury 
Berry S. A. Mrs. Someryille 
Collins M. W. Southbridge 
Adams Elizabeth, Springfield 

Barney C. E. " 
BROVVNE S. C. Mrs. 80 Worth- 

ington St. " 

Cheever M. H. " 

Demorest Madame, " 

Fowler P. N. " 

Hollis S. Mrs. " 

Phetteplace M. A. " 

Strong S. J. Mrs. " 
Bryant Luther Mrs. Stoughton 

Hay den Oliver Mrs. " 

Hlfl Jennie W. Mrs. " 

Parker Hiram Mrs. " 

Caswell Barney Mrs. 


Cooper Elizabeth B. 


Fisher Ann D. Mrs. 


Greene E. Mrs. 


Lowell — Miss, 


Moi-ey Abby C. 


O'Brien Ellen, 


Raymond A. F. Mrs. 


Rogers Jerusha H. 


Shedd N. W. Mrs. 


Watts Emma Mrs. 


Cushing S. J. 


Wood Ellen, 


Merriam H. E. Miss, 


Ra\ mond C. A. Mrs. 


Strickland A. F. Mrs. 


Benson Hannah, 

War eh am 

Churchill, A. C. Mrs. 


Howard Martha, 


Hinckley Sarah, 


Hill J. A. Mrs. 


Stockwell A. Mrs. 


Hudson M. T. Mrs. 


Shaw Rosa Mrs., Cochesett 

, W. Brid^ewater 

Bruce 0. & Co. 


Douglas G. H. 


Ely George Mrs. 


Holcomb B. L. 


West Roxbury 

Bell A. R. Mrs., Jamaica 

Plain, " ' 

Paul Harriet E. " 

Shaw Lucy M. West Stockbridge 

Clapp Eleanor Mrs. Weymouth 
Bodge Sophia Miss, East Weymouth, •' 

Teirell Elizabeth Mrs. " 

Clapp Selinda Mrs. South " " 

Humble Lydip. Mrs. " " " 

Lewis Edward Mrs. " " " 

Jewett & Hale Misses, Winchendon 

Gleason L. H. Mrs. Woburn 

Webster Hannah B. Miss, " 

Weymouth Mary L. Mrs. " 

Adams A. A. Worcester 

Barnes P. A. Miss, " 

Campbell M. J. Mrs. " 

Childs A. E. " 

Cheney R. Mrs. " 

Cook A. F. " 

Cutting N. H. " 

Gale J. Mrs. " 

Goodnow C. E. " 

Green H. S. " 

Heal L. E. Mrs. " 
Hudson M. T. Mrs. 

Kimball J. W. " 

Earned C. E. Miss, " 

Rvan V. " 

Willis Carrie, " 
Taylor A. C. Miss, 


New Bedford 
Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co. " 

STACY E. S. & CO., Harrison 
ave. (seepage 784), Springfield 

Drugs and Medicines. 

{See also Apothecaries; also Dye Stuff's, 

Bnifjs, (^•c.) 

Remington Robert K. Fall Riyer 

HoWLAND & LOWELL, Greenfield 

HALL JOHN T. Plymouth 

White J. C. & Co. Worcester 

Drum Makers. 

Noble & Cooley, Granville Corners, " 



Dry Goods. 

( See also Country Stores ; also Hosiery ; also 

Laces, Embroideries, </■(•.) 
Faxon A. \V. c& Co. Abington 

Whitinarsh Z. N. 

Rice J. A. & C. L., East Abington, " 
Rosenfeld Nathan, " " 

Howard G. B. & Co., Soiitli Abington, " 
Pearson Geo. H. "' " 

Reed Geo. A. " '' 

Shepard \V. C. &. 0. West Acton, Acton 

BEE, S. Acton, 

Terry Nancy, Acushnet 

Wilde Cbarles M. I-'Ong I'lain, " 

Dean D. J. Adams 

Cronin Catherine, North Adams, •' 
Montgomery & Arnold. " '• 

Smith & Gaylord, " " 

Urann & Keyes, " " 

Briggs J. W. Araesbury 

Chase Amos F. " 

Childs E. A. 

Iiigoldsbv John, " 

Prichard'J. B. W. " 

Pray S. E. & Co. West Aniesbury, " 
Allen M. A. Amherst 

Morrison John, Ballardvale, Andover 
Anderson, Howes, & Co. Arlington 

Fowle Frederick E. " 

Savage Thomas \V. Athol Depot, Athol 
Thorpe & Thomas, " " 

Aishberg Julius, " " 

Haskell F.K. " " 

Parmenter J. S. & F. C. '• " 

Thorpe & Osgood, " "' 

COOPER JOHN, Attleborough 

Barden T. A. North Attleborough, '• 
Knapp & Holmes, "' " 

Hopkins Vj. S. Belchertowii 

Endicott Hobert R. Beverly 

.Morse John L. " 

Cann B. M. Billerica 

RandaU S. M., South Braintree, Braiutree 
Kosenl'eld Nathan, " " 

Kuowies & Freeman, Brewster 

Robbins Isaiah, •' 

Baxter & Sanborn, Brighton 

Lancy & Hollis, " 

DelVees G. r. Brookline 

Kingman Martin, " 

Read .John & Co. Cambridge 

Saunders F. E. " 

Bates .John S. Cambridgeport, " 

Bemmink & Ellis, " " 

Hyde Dana W. 

Donnelly J. S. H. East Cambridge, " 
Griffin D. C. .. ° .1 

Hovey H. N. Jr. & Co, " " 

Sheach George, " " 

Wheeler J. & Son, '' " 

Barrett Edwin J. Charlcstown 

Brintuall & Maynard, *' 

Chandler H. H. " 

Fish William W. 

Flowers E. T. ■' 

Gammans & Chandler, " 

Hill N. E. 

Moody E. T. " 

Murray William, " 

Nichols M. E. 

Shedd Chandler & Co. " 

Temple I. B. F. " 

Whitten & Coombs, " 

Hallett S. Eldridge, Chatham 

Elliott Benjamin F, Ciielsea 

Harris Charles G. •' 

Kaufman L. &. J. Chelsea 

Newell Benjamin V. " 

Oliver Thomas H. " 

RICHARDSON A. B.. 188 & 190 

Williams H. N. 

Merrick Charles H. Chicopee 

Rockwood J. T. " 
Wood J. B. 

Davidson & Hosmer, Clinton 

Greeley H. C. " 

Jenkins E. B. & Co. . " 

Richman & Wiesraan, " 

Smith & Walker, " 

Wooster G. B. " 

Brown John, jr. Concord 

Perkins Daniel, " 


Perley A. P. & Co. Danvers 
Rayner & Howard, 

Warren A. VV. Danvers Port, '• 

Dantorth C. B. Dedhatn 

Field Ferdinand C. " 
Boyden & Norris, East Dedham, " 

Greenhood M. " " 

Bigelow L. Waldo, South Dedham, "' 

Karrington D. B. " 
Gay Ellis, West Dedham. " 
Baxter Jane, South Dennis, Dennis 

Nickerson Susan H. West Dennis, " 

Blackmail E. Dorchester 
Murphy E. C, Harrison square. " 

Esty Charles H. Hyde Park; 

Savil Susan Mrs. Ne[)onset, " 

Kendall H. Milton, " 

Littlefield M. W. " '• 

Nutter I. N. & E. W. East Bridgewater 
Rosenfeld G. 

Allen S. P. Joppa Village, '• 

Lambie R. M. & .1. E. East Hampton 

Bavlies Frederick, Edgartowii 
Coffin .1. W. 
Hoi ley T. R. 

Burnham George W. Essex 

Wilcox A. P. Fairhaven 

Almy Charles, Fall River 
Allen & Hathaway, 
Andrews Thomas, 

Buffintoii & Waring, '* 

Chace James B. " 

Chace O. D. " 
Collins Johu E. & t^o. 

Crowley Daniel, " 

Dean Charles H. " 
Dunmore Thomai jr. 
Fer^'usoii M. J. Mrs. 

Gi fiord Perry, *• 

Gniham Catnarine, " 

Harrington P. P. " 

Harris A. Mrs. " 
Howarth Brothers, 

.Marvel .John B. '• 

Mason William H. " 

-McD )nough .lohu K. " 

-McDonough Mary, '• 

Murray L. Mrs. '• 
O'Connell Michael, 
Ogden Henry, 
Riley Thomas, 

Rodman & Sargent, '• 

Sanders E. Miss, '• 
Sherer, Rice, & Co. 

Smith Irani, '• 

Strassinan Charles, '• 

Strassman Henry, '' 
White Dennis, 

Wolfendale Elizabeth, '• 
Woodward & Gammons, 



Davis Elihu H. Falmouth 

Brown Luther J. Fitchburg 

Carpenter Daniel M. " 

Corey D. A. " 

Macy E. B. & Co. " 

Moore Lizzie, " 

Sherman Andrew B. •' 

Sprague L. & Co. " 

Stiles James F. " 

Lowe Joseph G. Foxborough 

Ryder & Crocker, " 

Wheeler T. H. Mrs. Framingham 

Danforth A. H. Saxonville, " 

Webster G. W. Mrs. " " 

Brown Mathew, Franklin 

Stewart Charles W. " 

Bragg Alexander E. Freetown 

Morse Edward R. Gardner 

Baker C. G. Georgetown 

Allen Frederick, Gloucester 

Andrews & Marston, " 

Calef John C. & Co. " 

Lancaster T. Sewell, " 

Mansfield James & Sons, " 

Patillo Alex. " 

Procter John, " 

Sanfoid H. G. » 

White Fannie S. " 

Williamson & Pettigrew, " 
Bachman & Hepp, Great Barrington 

Durant B. F. " 

Housatonic, " 

Brown Franklin, Greenfield 

Browning & Co. " 

Eddy Geo. S. " 

Root Theodore D. & Co. " 

Sammis & Field, " 

Groton Junction, Groton 

Simonds D. A. & Co. " " 

STUART GEO. W. & CO. " " 

Bates John B. 
Brett Charles E. 
Knight Harriet J. Mrs. 
Brooks Brothers, 
Flanders & Co. 
Folsom & Hurd, 
Hastings & Co. 
Jacobs F. W. 
McKenney F. S. & Co. 
Rhodes C. N. 
Corthell H. R. 
Gates John D. 
Atkins S. H. & Co. 
Barnes Henry, 
Rateson ,Iohn, 
Booden James, 
Bowler John, 
Brown C. J. & Son, 
Higgliibottom Allen, 
King S. 

Manning llonora, 
Onger Abram, 
Urrell E. A. Mrs. 
Potvin Gilbert, 
Sharon John B. & Bros. 
Shumway Austin L. 
Tuttle 0. S. 
Goldsbury Forest, 
Elliot Margaret, 
Williams Amanda Miss, 
Clothey John F. & Co. 
Cogswell E. & Son, 
Damon Curtis, 
Lord Asa, 
Willcomb F. 
Bailey George H. 








Hyde Park 




Berrv & Greenwood, Lawrence 

Butters & Kendall, " 

Campbell & Taylor, " 

Clark Francis C. " 

Copps, Lenfest, & Co. " 

Cross R. M. & Co. " 

Cuddy Thomas, *• 

Davis WiUiam W. " 

Gould Edward, •' 

Green Sarah, •" 

Hanson James W. " 

Hart Rufus, •» 

Keleher Joanna, " 

Leyland Thomas, " 

Linn Hugh M. " 

Linn John, " 

Lowe Harriet, " 

McKay Edward, " 

Merrill A. W. " 

Phillips H. H. " 

Riddell Sarah S. " 

Sharpe Andrew &iCo. " 

Smith John, " 

Stearns A. W. & Co. " 

Truell Byron & Co. *• 

Turner Melzer A. " 

Walker S. T. Mrs. & Co. " 

Watson E. *' ■ 

Wefers Bernard, •' 

Whittier R. R. & A. C. " 

Wolger James G. " 

Wright W. H. & Co. " 

Levy Mary L. Lee 
Tavlor G. W. Lexington 


Anderson 0. D. & Co. '» 

Brennan Michael & Co. " 

Brown Joseph S. " 

Collins Benjamin F. & Co. " 

Cook & Taylor, « 

Dick Peter, " 

Drew H. C. " 

Drew, Taft, & Welch, " 

Folsom J. P. " 

Gage James U. •• 

Harris William G. & Co. " 

Hilton H. W. & Co. »' 

Hosford H. & Co. " 

Keyes & Tucker, " 

Marin & Hight, " 

Slontferand & Laiselle, " 

Shaw James W. B. " 

Spaulding G. L. & Co. " 

Taylor Joseph, " 

Anthony J. Lylia . 

Bacheller Jonathan Mrs. " 

Ballard Martha, " 

Chase Blaiiey, " 

Chase William & Co. " 

Chase William B. « 

Duggan Ellen, ** 

Frothingham B. H. " 

Gallagher I'homas, " 

Greene, Bacheller, & Poole, *' 
Ham A. J. & C. F. 

Hawkes Charlotte M. " 

Lesboa Elizabeth B. " 

Ricker Frank & Co. " 

Spalding R. A. & Co. " 

Spinney & Richardson, " 

Stimson S. S. B. Mrs. " 

Tolman G. B. " ■ 

Trull John, jr. « 

Weinberg S. J. & Co. " 
Harris William G. & Co. Maiden! 

Harford Enoch L. " 

Newhall Henry A. " 
Holt Sarah Miss, South Maiden, « 



Dry Goods — continued. 
Swett Simeon T. Manchester 

Harden N. H. Mansfield 

Bessom Robert H. jr. Marblehead 

Chamberlain George, " 

Clothey John F. & Co. " 

Marden Richmond F. " 

Thaver & Osgood, " 
Tucker T.W. 

Harrison Thomas, Marlborough 

Roche M. " 

Smith Benjamin F. & Co. " 

Wilson & Howe, " 
Le Baron Lemuel, Mattapoisett 

Taylor Henry, " 

Coburn .lonas & Co. Medford 

Woolley Daniel B. " 

Crosbv 'fully, jr. Melrose 

LeonaVd H. A. " 
Alden A. G. Middleborough 

Roddick & McJennett, " 

Foss Edward S. " 

Gilbert S. M. Milford 

Hale George W. " 

Leavens Albert, " 

O'Leary John, " 

Simonils & Knowlton, " 

Smith J. H. & Co. " 

Temple A. & Co. " 

Beal .Margaret Miss, Milton 
Brooks C. S. Nantucket 

Keene Francis B. " 

Macv Harriet, " 

Manter I'riscilhi C. " 

McCoy John. " 

Mitchell Francis, " 

Paddock Kunice B. " 

Paddock Susan, " 

Hidden C. C. Mrs. " 

Thompson James, " 

Bowker Ira E. Natick 

Clelaml .Fohn, *' 

Pope George S. & Co. " 

Woodburv 1'. F. ' " 

Clark I. H., South Natick, " 

Randall R. H. " " 

Currier Mrs. Wellesley, Needham 

Bennett Mary B. Mrs. New Bedford 

Bennet Robert G. " 

Bessev Asa B. " 

Browi'iell Oliver G. " 
Buckm I lister & Macv (wholesale 

& retail), ' " 

Chandler Charles, " 

Corney C. M. " 

Delano Stephen, " 

Dootson John, " 

Eddv George .\L & Co. " 

Eddy Job A. T. " 

Fisher James & Co. " 

Gifford George D. " 

Hadlev & Allen, " 

Haskell Edward, " 

Howard Jacob & Brother (linens), " 
Irish E. A. 

Kempton Thomas C. " 

King Joseph, " 

Martin Thomas, " 

Mitchell John L. " 

Pedro Joseph H. " 

Pond Frederick L. " 

. Soule William T. " 

Tallman Charles S. " 

Tucker William, jr. (wholesale), " 

Waite Benjamin H. " 

Whitcomb 0. R. & Co. " 

■Whiting E. B. " 

WUde W. S. & Brother, New Bedford 

Winslow H. & Co. " 

Woodman William 0. " 

Altar S. J. Mrs. Newburyport 

Bassett Ann P. ' " 

Bassett S. E. " 

Bunting John, " 

Caldwell John, " 

Davidson & Pingree, " 

Emery Josiah, " 

Fearing F. F. " 

Frothingham J. A. jr. '* 

Frothingham Martha A. " 

Hesseltine Charles, " 

Johnson W. H. " 

Lake N. B. " 

L.ine A. B. " 

Levy & Co. " 

O'Connell T. " 

Perry Mary E. " 

Plummer Charles E. " 

Plummer Henry C. " 

Plumer Richarcf, " 

Poor George E. " 
Bacon G. W. & Co., Newton Corner, Newton 

Colburn W. H. Upper Falls, " 

Wheeler Loriner, " " " 

Jackson Wm. W. Lower " " 
SpuuKling S. C. Newton Centre, " 
Mead John, West Newton, " 

Lloyd .M. A. Miss, " " 

Bennett 0. K. Northampton 

Fair R. I. " 

Field L. H. " 

Lincoln A. J. & Co. " 


Putviii Gilbert, " 

Stoddard & Kellogg, " 

Wakefield & Soutliwick, " 
Grew J. L. (fancv). North Bridgewater 

•Fones, Lovell, & Sanford, " " 

ROBINSON H. W. & Co., " " 

Hastings George, Norfhfield 

Rogerson John R. Norton 

Bridge fhomas E. Orange 

Fisher A. J. " 

Chapman Reuben & Co. Orleans 
Hopkins A. R. Mrs. East Orleans, " 

Sigourney George W. Oxford 

Cross W."W. Palmer 

Morrison Mary E. Peabody 

Simpson L. C. Pepperell 

Buxton & Shillingford, Pittsfield 

Cole T. E. & Co. (trimmings), " 

England & Brothers, " 

Friend E. & G. " 

Jones J. M. & Son, " 

Malley William, " 

Morev & Hand, " 

Norton H. L. " 

Wood & Garlic, " 

Burbank S. M. jr. Plymouth 

Harlow J. H. &' Co. " 

Strong B. 0. " 

Turner E. C. " 

Cowan J. H. Mrs. Provincetown 

Crowell Mary E. " 

Jones B. E. " 

Mills Delia A. " 

Nickerson Charles, " 

Nickerson E. & M. " 

Rosenfield M. " 

Snow Jane, Mrs. " 

Smith Amasa, " 

Lombard J. W. Quincy 

McLellan James A. " 

Morton C. jr. Randolph 



Rosenfield N. 
Fletcher Franklin, 
Frost Jonathan, 
Reid James & Co. 
Ruggles Emil}% 
Brooks Reuben, 
Brooks Samuel H. 
Clark Andrew F. 
Harris Sarah, 
Babson M. M. Miss, 



Pigeon Cove, 



Archer, Downing, & Co. 

Bigelow W. K. & Co. 

Black P. \V. & Co. 

Brav Ann R. Miss, 

Cousins J. H. & Co. 

Daniels G. P. & W. K. 

Dix Asa C. 

Gavett VVra. R. 

Hill W. & R. 

Ide E. R. 

Pond .James S. 

Shatswell J. A. 

Shepard J. B. & S. D. 

Shillaber 8. 

Tuttle F. W. 

Webber \V. G. & C. 

Wiggin & Weeks, 

Beedep L. M. & Co., Amesburv, Salisbury 

Foye M. A. 

Locke S. E. 

Osgood Edwin W. 

Patten S. L. & S. H. 

Reed Eunice, 

Burgess Chas. H. 

Jones Joshua, 

Townsend E. P. Miss, Saugus Centre, •' 
Carley R. VV., Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 
Labaree Brothers, " " 

Packard Luther M. " " 

Strong C. A. 
Bartlett Mary, 
Marble Joseph, 
Foster E. K. 
Comstock & Perry, 
Oakes J. J. 
Edwards & Co. 
Hanson & Hyde, 
McKinstrey J. 0. 
Carter & Gooley, 
Chapen & Bushnell, 
Colby John, 
Cook William & Co. 
Covell & Crowell, 
Currier, Hodskins, & A. G. Lord, 
Forbes & Smith, 
Hall L. J. 

Hallock L. E. & Co. 
McKiiight, Norton, & Hawley, 
Strain John, 



Globe Village, " 

Tinkham & Co. 
Bolger P. J. 
Crowell M. F. 
Bartlett Perley, 
Curtis Jesse, 
Heath James M. 
Mitchell & Nickles, 
Hersey Otis, 
Brackett William D. jr. 
Bodfish Wm. 
Chase & Spencer, 
Dean P. Evarts, 
Flinn John, 
Godfrey Charles, 
Grimes F. J. 
Gorham Willard, 
Hartwell G. H. & Co. 
Hathaway E. 

Indian Orchard, 





Higgins L. B. & Co. Taunton 
Luscomb J. E. " 
MARR & BLISS, Atheneum build- 
ing, Broadway, " 
Sanders George B. " 
Skinner N. H. & Co. " 
Southgate Siunuel, " 
Chapin M. W. Uxbridge 
Hudson S. " 
Sweet & Haywood, " 
Gate J. M. Mrs. Wakefield 
Mansfield E. & H. A. " 
Martin William, " 
Baker 0. W. Waltham 
Bigelow George & Son, " 
Clark, Maynard, & Co. " 
Ross M. J. Mrs. " 
Stone C. J. " 
Wood Wm. " 
Kennedy J. Ware 
Parker E. E. " 
Spear F. A. & Co. " 
Storrs J. H. " 
NOURSE & BARNARD, Watertown 
Otis Brothers, " 
Lamb Bros. Webster 
Pratt W. H. " 
Shumway Wm. T. " 
HIGGINS J. R. & CO. Wellfleet 
Higgins P. W. " 
Hoi brook Lucy P. " 
Toijey J. F. " 
Gould VV. R. Westboro' 
Homan & Child, " 
Bruce 0. & Co. Westfield 
Douglas George K. " 
Fowler & Noble, " 
Gillett Darwin L. " 
Holcomb B. L. " 
Loomis Henry, " 
Snow & Hibbards, " 
Wales James L. West Newbury 
Austin Grace H. West Roxbury 
McNALLY JOHN, Jamaica Plain, " 
Pingree Wm. J. " " 
READ M. H. Weymouch 
Rice C. A. " 
Williams Charles S. " 
Loud Henry, East Weymouth, " 
Bartlett J. 'W. No. " ' 
Rosenfeld Edward, S. " " 
Wright C. A. " " " 
Pickering S. F. Wilbraham 
Sherman A. 15. Winchendon 
Lee George W. Winchester 
Mclntyre James, " 
Abbot A A. Wobum 
Smith Charles A. " 
Woodbury William, " 
Barnard, Sumner, & Co. Worcester 
Clark H. O. & Co. " 
Clarke J. H. & Co. " 
Cummings J. W. " 
Dayton H. H. " 
Denny E. & Co. " 
Finlay, Lawson, & Kennedy, " 
Jenkins J. H. & Co. " 
Law H. 1). " 
Peters J. L. & Co. " 
Sheldon Horace, " 
Thompson A. Y. & Co. " 
Ward A. H. " 
Wheeler G. E. B. ' « 
Wilcox S. .L & Co. « 
George & Bowen, Wrentham 
Kelley Daniel D. South Yarmouth, " 
Baker S. jr. & Co. Yarmouth Port, " 




Corliss Benjamin H. Gloucester 

Boynton Eleazer, Rockport 


MILLS, John H. Higgins, agent, 

(see page 798), 


■wool dusters), T. S. Macn, agt, 

Florence, Northampton 

Dye Stuffs, Drugs, &e. 

Remington Robert K. 
Barton Henry & Co. 
Talbot C. P. & Co. 
Taylor W. P. 
Gerry Eldridge, 

Fall River 




WHELDEN C. M. & CO. 65 North, " 
Howe G. S. & A. J. Worcester 

Marble Jerome & Co. 


Schouler Wm. (dyeing and printing). 

South Acton, Acton 
McKay Henry, North Adams, Adams 
Pease Harlow, Alford 

Barr Thomas & Co. Arlington 

Locke William H. & Co. 
and dyer of cotton and woolen 
yarns^ braids, &c.). East Attle- 
borough, Attleborough 

Canton Uye House, J. A. White, Canton 
Cooper Edward J. Charlestown 

Boston D\e House, H. C. Rav, Chelsea 
St., Stephen Sibley, proprietor, 
(see page 727), " 

Jamieson Alex. Mrs. Fall River 

Small Samuel, jr., South Harwich, Harwich 
Stuart W. & Co. Lawrence 

Trees John, " 

Chambers C. Lowell 

Clifford Weare, " 

Crowther C. H. " 

ton, agent, " 
Pickens John, " 
Bachelier Hartson A. Lynn 
Ireson N. H. P., agent, " 
Lewando A. " 
Roles Samuel, jr. " 
Barrett & Brother, Maiden 
Hutchinson A. & Son, Rockville, Medway 
Coleman Edward J. Fairmount, Milton 
Carroll William, Northampton 
Kaiser Frederick W. " 
Williston & Arms, " 
Reed Gottlieb, Newburyport 
Krumweide Charles, Pittsfield 
WHELDEN C. M. & Co., 65 North, " 
Roles Samuel, jr. Salem 
Thompson C. & F. J. •' 
Sanger Joseph E. (straw goods), Sherborn 
Middlesex Bleacher}' and Dye AVorks, " 
Broadhurst Thomas & Son, Springfield 
Harmon Israel & Co, " 
King C. H. " 
Eatough John, Taunton 
Aldrich Otis, Upton 
Gj-ay Smith, VV'alpole 
Lewando A. (French), Watertown 
Hosford William H. Williamstown 
Adams Edward, Worcester 

Starkie John, Worcester 

Worcester Bleach & Dye Works, " 

Earthenware Manufacturers. 

(See Potteries.) 

Eating Houses. 

{See also Oysters and Refreshments.) 

Morrison E. G. Amesbury 

Fisk & Poller, Amherst 

Simmons G. H. " 
Pittt S. B. Athol Depot, Athol 

Anderson David, Barnstable 

Baker H. H. Hyannis, " 

Hallett J. S. " " 

Sturgis Russell, " " 

Hanscom S. C. Brighton 
JOHNSON W. H. Washington St., 

Larkin P. K. " 

Carter Frank, Cambridge 

Kent James B. " 

Leuchte Bernard, " 

Moore N. H. " 
Uhrig Joseph, Cambrid^eport, " 

Abrahams Frederick, E. Cambridge, " 

Martin John. A. " '" 

Hennessey John C. " " 

McCormicK B. J. " " 
Clement & Wilcox, North Cambridge, " 
Gerrv F. A. 

Whittemore H. W. " " 

Daly H. Charlestown 

Jordan William .J. " 

Sawver S. F. " 

Brown J. E. & Co. Chelsea 

Lewis Fred. T. " 

Putnam John P. " 
Watson T. P. Chicopee Falls, Chicopee 

Carter L. H. Clinton 

Johnson James N. " 

Curran Alexander, Fall River 

Godley James, " 

Nve .r. T. " 

Thurston Vernon, " 

Wilbur Darius, " 

Battles & Porter, Fitchburg 

Derby Gilbert H. " 

EMORY S. P., ladies' & gent's, 

145 Main, " 

Hayward E. T. " 

Martin Willard, " 

Davis & Co. Gloucester 

Herrick & Laroque, " 

Remby John, " 

Sawyer Chas. " 

Woodman A. J. & Co. " 
Day George G., Groton Junction, Groton 

Leavens James L. " " 

Kempton J. Haverhill 

Kempton & Co. " 

Smith H. A. " 

Tilton & Wasson, " 

Willett & DevneU, " 

King Charles V. B. Hudson 

Drew J. D. Lawrence 
Gurdy 0. P. 

Mudgett Thomas Mrs. " 

Popplewell John, " 

Thissell D. V. " 

Dowd J. & R. J. East Lee, Lee 

Plunkett Thomas, Leominster 

Howard's Hotel, Lowell 

Richardson George, " 

Smith Wm. H. " 

Thompson & Hardy, " 

Blanchard J. E. Lynn 

Brown & Bryant, " 



Earl John S. Lyan 

Foss Ivory H. " 

Foss Robert, " 

Granger John B. " 

Hatch Charles R. " 

Hoyt J. M. & Bro. " 

Leavitt Joseph E. " 

McManus Thos. " 
MARTIN E. L. P., 9 Washington 

St. (see page 706), " 
MORRIS C. P. & CO., Union cor. 


Reed Henry D. " 
Reynolds A. T. 

Sargent L. C. " 

Sawtell Stephen H. " 

Gassett & Flagg, Marlborough 

Mero J. Henry, " 

Richard Louis, " 

Currv & Welch, Maiden 
Rich" J. E. 

Lillibridge B. D. Marblehead 

Simson UaviJ, Medford 

Doane D. W. Mrs. Melrose 

Lawrence H. B. " 
Dean Wm. L. Middleborough 

Lane Charles, Milford 

Norrls B. S. " 

Adams S. G. New Bedford 
Allen N. 

Cook John L. " 

Dana Frank R. " 

Dana Charles A. " 

Fish William G. " 

France John, " 

Hathaway P. S. " 

Hicks Samuel, " 

Jennings Thomas G. " 

Lewis M. " 

Parker Charles, " 

Richards G. " 

Spence Henry, " 

Stevens L. D. " 

Thacher John, " 

Thurston Peleg R. " 

Widdoes Levi, " 

Danforth J. I. & C. H. Newburyport 

Dickson Jacob F. " 

Dyer & Son, " 

narrower Robert, " 

Swasey Charles K. " 

Fulton Wm. H. Northampton 

Merrill L. D. " 


Parker M. C. " 

Robbins Henry .J. " 
Wnehburn & Grover, North Bridgewater 
Brewer & Deane, North Brookfield 
PHELPS & CROSSMAN, 43 North. " 

Richards Charles, Orange 

Gross S. S. Provincetown 

Shaw S. B. Randolph 

Abbot John H. Salem 

Beckford A. N. " 
Clynes F. H. 

Covell Thos. N. " 

Davenport J. K. " 

Doherty John, " 

Holbrook J. " Charles H. " 

Rogers S. F. " 

Smith Edward P. " 

Tibbetts R. S. " 

Welch Patrick, " 

Morrill J. F. Salisbury 

Crocker James W. Sandwich 

Donovan C. " 

McCormic T. J. Somerville 

Turner E. M. Southbridge 

Barney C. E. Springfield 
Barr E. C. 
Curtis & Gunn, 

Gilmore D. 0. " 

Heffernon C. Mrs. " 

Johnson Norman C. " 

Johnson & Ashley, " 

Lennehan & Fitzgerald, " 

Manchester Charles N. " 

Sleeper M. D. " 

Smith J. " 

Thomas T. " 

White & Foote, " 

Wright S. E. " 

CHURCHILL A. K., Franklin st. || 

Simpson .James, 

Field L. E. Taunton 

Wilber S. & Brother, " 

Woodward William P. " 

Goodwin Alfred, Wakefield 

Field Isaac, Waltham 

Wood Paschal, " 

Adams T. C. Wareham 

BrigiTs E. " 

Hart'Edward, Webster 

Smith J. " 

HiL-gins & Rodolph, Wellfleet 

Clegg William, Weymouth 

Carter A. H. Worcester 

Fuller C. A. " 

Hauff Jacob, " 

Kennen E. L. " 

Kibbe J. H. " 

King L. D. " 

Leathers E. G. & Co. " 

Lilley A. J. '* 

Newell N. F. " 

Peck E. D. Mrs. " 

Perrv S. D. & Co. " 
PLAISTED SIMON M., 91^ Main, " 

Smith E. D. " 

Spaulding & Knowlton, " 

Stratton Samuel. " 

Thurston F. E. & Co. " 

Taft, Bliss, & Rice, " 

Webster B. & Co. " 

Whitcomb Leonard, " 

Williams & Spurr, " 

Witt & Bennett, " 

Eave Troughs and Gutters. 

STEARNS A. T. (see page 695), 

Port Norfolk, Dorchester 

Drake A. S. Milford 

Child, Russell, & Hall, Springfield 

BANGS A. & CO., Foster st., 
(see page 721), Worcester 

NEWTON E. & C, Union st. (see 
page 731), 

Edge Tool Manufactiirers. 

{See abo Tools; ako Cntleri/; also Knife 
Manvfactiirers. ) 

Lawrence .John, Alford 

Hobb-: -1. C. (machine knives), Arlington 
Wood Wm. T. (ice tools), " 

Haynes James M. (nlane irons), " 

HANKEY A. & CO. (knives, rac; 

cutters, &c. (see pagf^ 77-5). Chtppvil'ie 
Douglas Axe Manufactuiing Co., 

East Douglas, Douglas 



Edge Tool Mantifacturers — continued. 

IXG CO. (machine knives 

of every description, (see 

page 658), Fitchburg 

Whitman & Miles Marmfoc- 

turing Co. (mowing machine 

knives, &c. West Fitchburg, " 

Lockwood L. Gardner 

Ellsworth G. F. South Gardner, " 
Bowers Darius, (pruning shears), Hai-vard 
Jacobs .Joseph & Son, (hatchet). 

South Hinghiim, Hingham 

DAWES F. S. (shaves, see page 

761), Hudson 

LOVK.JOY DANIEL. Gushing, cor. 

Rock St. (see page 744), Lowell 

Fulton Robert (knives), Mansfield 

MOORHOrSE JOHN (see page 7-32), " 
Mornn & Sons, West Mansfield, ** 
JIurphy .J. & R. (oyster knives), " 

Frost & Horn (rag-cutters), Medfield 

Cummings S. A. (shoe knives), Middleton 
BUCK BROTHKRS (chisels, gouges, 

&c., seepnge761), Millbury 

Hathaway B. D. (carpenters' and 

coopers' tools). New Bedford 

Dean Henry N. " 

Harrington Sam'l (shaves). New Braintree 
Potter Leonard (axes). New Marlborough 
WEBSTKR W. (shoe knives, see 

page 769), North Bridgewater 

TUCK S. V. (see page 770), 
Bliss R. (shaves and knives), N. Brookfield 
Jones A. W. (axes, &c.), Peabody 

Jones T. J. (curriers' shovels), " " 

Hoi way Seth W., N Sandwicli, Sandwich 
Handy F. D. & Brother. Pocasset, " 


CO. (table cutlery), Shelburne Falls, " 
Ladd N. D. (leather cutters), Sturbridge 
Elliott Henry. Taunton 

Grossman A. W. & Son (chisels), 

West Warren, Warren 

Thayer W. E. (chopping and butcher 

knives), Williamsburg 

Babbitt A. J. faxes). Savoy, Windsor 
BUCK BROTHKRS (chisels and 

gouges, see page 761), Worcester 

Whiting A. L. & Co. (plane irons), " 

Egg Beaters. 

Monroe Ikos. (one-miiiute eggbeateis), " 

Elastic Goods Manufacturers. 

Boston Elastic Fabric Co., North Chelsea 
Williston & Arms Manufacturing 

Co., Northampton 

Electric Washing Fluid. 


Brown's wf. (sen page 752), Newburyport 

Electro Platers. 

(See Silctr Phthrs.) 


Bowles Samuel Ji; Co. Springfield 

Van Vlack Charles, '■ 


Thayer, Sargeant, & Co , Northampton 

Embroidery Stamping. 

Leland Tiiomas, Lowell 

Moxlev 1'. C. Miss. " 

GRISWOLD B. L., 142 Essex, Salem 

Emery Grinders. 

Washington Emery Mills, Ashland 

Chester Iron Co. Chester 

Northampton Emery Wheel Co., 

Florence, Northampton 

HAWES & BLISS (manufacturers, 

see page 725), West Stockbridge 

Emery and Crocus Cloth 
and Sticks. 

Stedman Perley, Braintree 

Sibley F. K., Auburndale, Newton 

Emigrant Agents. 

CONROY DANIEL, 20 Union, Fall River 
McDonough John F. " 


(see pn^e 782), Milford 

Ryan P. J. Springfield 

Smith John, Taunton 

Enamelled Cloth Manufs. 

Husband Charles & Co., Taunton 

Taunton Oil Cloth Co., Thompson 
Newbury, agent and treasurer, " 

Engine and Hand Lathes. 

PERKINS F. S., .Mechanics' Mills, Lowell 

Engine Hose Manufacturers. 

Gates Josiah & Sons, Lowell 

Willis William H. New Bedford 

Graton iS: Knight, Worcester 

Engineer. ( Mechanical. ) 

Sawyer Sylvanus, Fitchburg 


Mumler Andrew C. Charlestown 

Carpenter Fred. W. Foxborough 

Almy James T. New Bedford 

Phelps Ebenezer, Northampton 

Bradley, Milton, & Co., Springfield 

CluibbiK'k riiomas, " 

Lutz J. C. & Co. " 
Martin F. W. 

Morse James H. (jewelry), Westfield 

Fairchild Lewi'^, Worcester 
Leland H. F. 

Rice Calvin L. " 
TIM ME E. A. (see page 803), 279 Main," 
WHITTK.MORE W. C. (wood), 197 

Main (see page 782). " 
Wilson C. W. 

Envelope Advertising. 

DAVIS ASAHEL, Mechanics' Mills, " 

Envelope Manufacturers. 

Morgan E. & Co. Springfield 
Springfield Envelope Co. " 

Hill, Devoe, & I'o. Worcester 
W'hitcomb G. Henry & Co. " 


( Mnniif'icturcrs.) 
CONROY DANIEL, 20 Union, Fall River 
Curtis S. B. & G. F2., North Bndgewdtcr 

Express Wagons. 

Davis S. A., East Cambridge, Cambridge 
Andrews Oilman, Salem 

PIKE & WHIPPLE (see page 748), " 




{For full list of Expresses, see Index.) 

Blake, as;ent, 17 N. Main, Fall River 

PRATT &"BABB, 9 Exchange, Lynn 

and 8 Fulton, 32 Court sq., and 3 

Washington, Boston 
Reardon Michael, " 


Lnion, New Bedford 

HATCH & CO., 142 Union, 
Paulding's Express, " 


sq. (see page 724), Taunton 

ADAMS EXPRESS CO., 192 Main, " 

Eye Protectors. 

Everett Dennis, N. Attleboro', Attleboro 

Ey.eletting Machine Manufs. 

Everson Ephraim, Haverhil 

Washburn H. L. & Co. West Bridgewater 

Fan Manufactxirer. 

Hunt E. S. Weymouth 

Fancy Goods. 

{See also Variety Stoi-es.) 
ESTES J. J., East Abington, Abington 
Davenport J. C. North Adams, Adams 

Greene JL E. Amesbury 

Merrill F. W. " 

Stockman M. jr. " 

Morrison E. Mrs. Andover 

Ramsdell M. L. " 

Swift J. " 
Anderson J. F. Athol Depot, Athol 

COOPER JOHN, Amesbury 
Smith T. L North Attleboro', Attleboro' 

HAWES J. A. " " 

Smith S. F. Barre 

Greenleaf M. H. Brighton 

White H. A. Mrs. Brookline 

Hood ^L C. & Co. Cambridge 
Callender Chas. A., Cambridgeport, " 

Cousen K. H. " " 

Gibson Ann M. " " 

Gibson E. H. Mrs. (dry), " " 

Ingalls E. B. & H. " " 

McGinnis Bridget, " " 
Adams & Durrell, East Cambridge, " 

O'Connell Daniel, North " " 

Farrington J. C. Canton 

Adams E. jr. Charlestown 

Bailey Brothers, " 

Baker J. M. (dry), " 

Boardman Thomas C. " 

Bromade L. M. " 

Carlton Catharine, " 

Chapman Eliza J. " 

Connor James R. " 

Cutter A. E. " 

Duling M. S. " 

Eccles William, " 

Hanson M. F. " 

Hurley Patrick, " 

Jones John G. " 

Knox Wm P. " 

Maratte Sophia " 

Mason Katie D. " 

Moody M. C. " 

Nichols M. E. " 

0' Gorman Jane Mrs. " 

Tucker A. M. (dry), " 

Webber D. G. " 

West F. S. " 

Chick Rowena Miss, Chelsea 

Colbv S. J. " 

Comer E. H. Miss, " 

Hooker Emma Miss, " 

McCullough E. Mrs. " 

Owen Charles W. " 

Perley A. R. Mrs. " 
RICHARDSON A. B., 188 Broadway, " 

Strauss Fanny Mrs. " 

Polley S. J. " 


Phelps Timothv, Dedham 
FRAZAR GEORGE L., Washington, 

cor. Harvard, Dorchester 

Murphy E. C. " 

Thielberg H. " 

Littlefield M. W. Milton, " 

Almy Charles, Fall River 
Baker A. S. 

Bennett William H. " 

Bigelow Franklin, " 

Bowditch Emily, " 

Hawkins Amasa, " 

Lincoln & Kelley, " 

Milne J. Osborn, " 

Noros L. J. " 

Nowell George W. . " 

Smith C. H. " 
WHITAKER J. W., Feny, cor. Canal, " 

Collins Ada, Fitchburg 

Davis Hannah L. " 

Dunn E. B. & W. A. " 

King & Berwin, " 

Stiles James F. - " 

Tyler 0. S. & Co. " 
Moulton M. L. Miss, Framingham 

Wheeler T. H. Mrs. " 

Fames H. E. Mrs. Franklin 

Andrews & Marston, Gloucester 

Burns Joseph J. " 

Collins Ada, " 

Coolldge Charles E. " 

Emanuel S. H. & Co. " 

Perlev M. V. B. " 

PROCTER BROS. 121 Front st. " 
ROGERS JOHN S. E. Low's Block, " 

Tibbets Robert A. " 
Ward F. M. 

Story Augustus E., E. Gloucester, " 

Eldridge Rinaldo, Harwich 

Snow David, Harwich Port, " 

Bartlett J. C. Haverhill 

Collins E. G. " 

Dresser E. R. & Co. " 

Kimball & Gould, " 

Paty S. B. " 

Rhodes C. N. " 

Simpson L. J. " 

Hunt J. L. Hingham 

Bateson John, Holyoke 

Gilbert J. F. " 

Gilmore C. R. " 

Orrell Eliza A. " 

Austin P. L. Miss, Hyde Park 

Cobb C. H. & Co. " 

Williams A. Miss, " 

Price William, " 

Tyler D. M. Ipswich 

Willcomb William, " 

Beals Sampson, Lawrence 

Bisbee C. D. " 

Booth Mary, " 

Durrell S. M. " 

Ellis & Snow, " 

Gorwaiz George, " 

Gould Edward, •' 

Graham Lydia W. " 

Hale George C. " 



Fancy Goods — continued. 
Leyland Thomas, Lawrence 

Linn John, 
Lowe M. 

Moulton J. C. " 

Poor G. W. " 

Robinson Nellie R- 
Say ward A. Miss, 

Siblev & White, " 

Walker William G. |^ 

Watson Elizabeth, 
Wiggin C. S. Mrs. 

Young M. E. Mrs. " 

Lew Mary L. Lee 

Joy'L. W." Mrs. Leominster 

Parker A. J. ^ " „ 

Adams M. W. Mrs. LoweU 

Barnard C. C. ^^ 

Bartlett H. J. ^^ 

Bartelle Caroline A. ^^ 

Bemis M. L. Mrs. ' 

Bennett M. B. ^^ 

Carney Honora Mrs. 

Croxford L. J. Mrs. " 

Fruhauf Jacob & Co. ^^ 

Gee Mrs. 
Griffin S. P. 

Hobbs Kuth A. ^^ 

Hutchins Elvira R. 
LELAND WILLIAM, 250 Gorham, 
Marcy L. " 

MAYNARD C. I. W., 76 Memmac, |^ 
McGill James, || 

McGoveren Frances, " 

McKanna Mary, " 

Montferand & Loiselle, 
Morrill Hannah A. 

Ogelbie N. J. Mrs. ^| 

Page Martha, 
Robinson B. & Co. 
Robinson C. S. 

Sanborn Olive W. || 

Sargent S. A. 
Scott C. M. 

Shedd G. W. jr. || 

Skinner A. C. 
Smith F. 

Smith M. J. ^'j 

Taylor Joseph, 
Wright Andrew C. 

Antlaony Joseph, Lynn 

Austin L. M. Miss, " 

Ball S. A. Mrs. " 

Buffum S. E. 

Clapp Geo. H. " 

Dickason Edward A. 
Dobson J. S. Mrs. " 

Duggen Ellen Mrs. ^ 

Frothingham B. H. ' 

Gurlev L. J. Mrs. 

Hood 'M. C. & Co. " 

Hoyt W. S. " 

McConnell James, 
Meader E. V. 

Stanley C. S. ' 

Trafton H. L. Miss, ' 

Upham S. J. Mrs. " 

WEBSTER \V. T. 8 Exchange, " 

Newhall W. J. Maiden 

Cloon Wm. F. Marblehead 

Shattuck Geo. W. '| 

Wellman Jacob, 

Chase Anna, Medford 

Collins J. H. Milford 

READE LAWRENCE, 72 Main, (see 

page 782), " 

White A. & J. ■> " 

Aiken H. A. Millbury 


New Bedford 

Newbury port 

Chase Wm. H. Mrs. 
Coggeshall N. 
Fisher E. H. jr. 
Jaggar Charles H. 
McCoy John, 
Rav Geo. C. 
Bates A. E. Mrs. 
Bisbee A. A. & Co. 
Cable N. M. 
Case E. C. Miss, 
Comey C. M. 
Cottle H. B. Mrs. 
Davis Maria E. 
Dexter & Haskins, 
Fisher E. H.jr. 
Fisher James & Co. 
Harlow Mary W. Mrs 
Haskell Edward, 
Hopkins John, 
Hunt Josiah, 
Hutchinson S. 
Irish E. A. 
Jackson Brothers, 
Munson H. W. 
Nooning Wm. B. 
Paul J. T. 

Taber Abby P. Miss, 
Taliman Charles S. 
Tilden & Co. 
Todd Henry, 
Bassett Ann P. 
Currier M. E. 
Gorwaiz John, 
Hale L. C. Mrs. 
Haynes Andrew J. 
Hervey & Co. 
Hutchins Sarah L. 
Johnson H. G. jr. 
Johnson S. H. 
Johnson Wm. A. 

Lane Abbie B. 
Morss William B. 

O'Connel Timothv. 

Peabody C. \V. 

Sanderson Mary A. 

Teel Mary J. 

Pierce F. L. Mrs 

Bixby C. C. 

Clapp B. R. ^^ 

Goldthwaite E. 

Jones, Lovell, & Sanford, " 

Reed Ihoraas, 

Thomas H. 0. 

EDDY L. A. North Brookfield 

Wires M. D. 


Sparrow Joel, 

Davis E. L. 

Hyde Mary J. Mrs. 

Morrison Mary E. 

Roome George, 

Mallev William, 

Millard Ansel E. 

Cole F. E. & Co. 

STOEHR C. (see page 762), 53 North, 


Newtonville, Newton 
North Brldgewater 






Kilburn Edward J 
Putman A. L. 
Snow C. B. 
Young James, 
McLellan J. A. 
Nash James E. 
Porter F. 
Reid James & Co. 
Ruggles Emily, 
Babson Mary M. 
Bush Mary A. 
Dresser A. 




Pigeon Cove, Rockport 



Peabody John P. 

Pillsbuiy S. H. ^^ 

Pitman James W. ^^ 

Plumer R. Mrs. ^^ 

Shatswell J. A. ^^ 

Stone Lydia, 
Story J. A. & Co. 

Coffin S. E. Mrs. Amesbury, Salisbury 
Osgood M. C. " " , 


Trull J. jr. Cliftondale, Saugns 

Hawkes C. M. East Saugus, 
Bryant Chas F. Sharon 

Kfrnball Anna Mrs. Somerville 

Edlefson C. E. North Somerville, " 
Bussell VV. C. East Somerville, " 

BARNES W. C. Southbridge 

Kimball H. A. 
King J. A. 

Cowles & Bliss, Springfield 

Gardner J. A. 

Jennison & Kendall, Mesdaraes, " 

Kendall A. C. || 

Kinsman W. D. 

Leavits, Gillespie, & Gilmore, " 

Malley M. W. " 

McFarland & Niebuhr, " 

Montague Wm. H. " 

Paquette Henry, " 


Stern Jacob, " 

Vining W. D. " 

Wallach, Schwab, & Zinsser, " 

WILCOX 0. W. 187 Main, " 

Mitchell & Nickles, Stoneham 

Whittier E. T. " 

DARLING H. W. Stoughton 

BLISS A. L. & CO. 65 Main (see 

page 758), " 

Hathaway E. " 

Southgate Samuel, " 

Tinkham S. M. & Sons, " 

minster, cor. Washington (see 
page 757), " 

Whitney & Forbush, " 

Wilbur & Co. " 

Woodward & Son, " 

Bond & Noble, Waltham 

Coussens M. H. Mrs. " 

Sawyer Henry C. " 

Waltham Skirt Co, William A. Adams, 

agent, " 

Woolley George, " 


Bryant & Co. Watertown 

Lane George, " 


Jacobs C. E. Webster 

Higgins & Rodolph, Wellfleet 

NOURSE, WHITE, & CO. (see page 

799), Westboro' 

Holcomb & Avery, Westfield 

Hull John Mrs. " 

Phelps S. M. Mrs. " 

West Roxbury 
Chase H. H. Mrs. .Jamaica Plain, " 
Crowe R. H. Mitteneague, West Springfield 
Libby Alvah, '■ 

Dewhurst William, Wobum 

Brigham E. L. & Co. Worcester 

Davis E. T. " 

Dayton H. H. " 

Eaton C. B. " 

Forbes W. E. & Co. "^ 

Fraquer G. 
Gross, Strauss, & Co. 



Lee H. 0. 

Sanford E. H. & Co. 

Smith Rufus L. ^^ 

Sutton E. „ 

Weinberg H. 

Witt S. H. Mrs. 

Harris R. H. Yarraouthport, Yarmouth 

Pan Mills. 

(See Arjricultural Implements.') 

Faucet Mantifacturers. 

Taylor L. B. & Co. Chicopee 


St. (see page 780), Springfield 

Huntley George R. ,,^. Taunton 

Loud C. A. Wmchendon 

Feed-Gutter Manufacturers. 

(See Agricultural Implements.) 

Felloes Manufacturers. 

(See also Carnage Spokes, c|-c.) 
Lloyd & Jenks, Cheshire 

Tower E. J. Lanesborough 

Felt Manufacturers. 


H. Thompson, prop., Pawtucket st. 
Bacon John H. office 1 Union, Boston, 

manuf. at Winchester 

lin City, Wrentham 


{See also Bone Dust; also Guano; also 
Plaster Mills.) 
Westcott William S. Amherst 

Hargraves Manuf. Co. Fall River 

Pond H. E. (patent), ^^ ^'*'?^''^ 

Paine S. S. & Bro. New Bedford 

Littlefield Hiram, Newburyport 

Mclntire Lewis, Northampton 


(see page 748), , Sa'era 

Olnev D. K. Southbridge 


Water (see page 769), ,„^'^"'^*^? 


Bradley Wm. L., North Weymouth, " 
File Manufacturers. 

Whipple File and Steel Manuf. Co. 

Ballard Vale, Andover 

CULLEY ELI (see page 763), Fitchburg 
Lamb George, Lawrence 

ASHWORTH S. & CO. (files and 

rasps), 2 Fletcher, n. Dutton, Lowell 
HISCOX A. J. (all kinds of files and 

rasps, see page 741), 132 Middlesex, " 
HILL BROS, (see page 729), Taunton 

WEBSTER JOSEPH, Court st. (see 

page 758), 
HISCOX A. J. (see page 741), 

10 Central, Worcester 


Hart, prop.. Junction (see page ^^ 


Fire Arms. 

(See also Guns and Spm-ting Apparatus.) 
Stevens J. & Co., Chicopee Falls, Chicopee 
Brown Charles S. Newburyport 

Dickinson E. L. (pistols), Springfield 

SMITH & WESSON (revolving), " 

WESSON FIRE A RMS CO. (breech- ^^ 
loading shot guns), 



Fire Arms — continued. 
Allen Ethan & Co. Worcester 

WESSON FRANK, Manchester st. 
(rifles and pistols, see page 786 j, " 

Fire-Brick Manufacturer. 

WILLIAMS J. R. (see page 715), 

Weir Village, Taunton 

Fire-Brick and. Stove Linings. 

Davis & Chaddock, office 127 Water, 
(Boston), Chelsea 

Somerset Potters' Works, Somerset 

Wm. B. Presbrej', agent (see paf^e 
730), " Taunton 

STAPLES & PHILLIPS (also clay 
for foundries, see page 759), 27 
West Water *' 

W, Parker, agent and treas. (see 
page 758), " 


BLAKE ZEBINA, West Water st. 
(see page 758), Taunton 

Fish Bait. 

DODD A. W. & CO. (clam and 

l)orgie, see page 731), Gloucester 

Tarr & Brother, " 

Fish Dealers. 

Hammon E. B. Adams 
Randall .1. B. 

Hogan M. North Adams, " 

Nichols R. A. " " 

Galloud G. B. Amherst 

Findley .John, Audover 

Merrill Sylvester, " 

Tufts Wm. C, North Attleborough, " 

Andrews Richard H. Beverly 


Fisk Elbridge, " 

Smith Amos, " 

Atherton William, Boxford 

Atwood Freeman, Brewster 

Cahoon E. " 

Robbins Seth, " 

Seabury Dtivid, " 

Crosbv B. H. Brookline 
Slack" Geo. A. 

Atkins & Chilson, Cambridge 

Brown B. A. " 

Millan & Snow, " 
Buxton C. B & Co., Cambridgeport, " 

Weston Chas. H. " " 

Witherell Freeman C. " " 
Dale Thomas J. East Cambridge, " 

Dickerman Enos, Canton 

Dunn V. M. Charlestown 

Boardman Thomas C. " 

Holbrook .1. G. " 

Brackett E. C. " 

Cutler Henry, " 

Hardy B. " 

Hunt Geo. L. & Co. " 

Marsh Eli C. " 

Starks R. C. & H. C. " 

Stock well E. C. " 

Tallon N. " 

Eldredge & Stetson, Chatham 
Tripp J. H. & Co. 

Hopkins Joshua, Chelsea 

Hunt James, " 

Riley Matthew, " 

Stubbs & Brown, " 

Brown Joseph S. Chicopee 

Plaisted, Gardner, & Hunt, Clinton 

Wishart WiUiam, " 

Wood B. " 

Bates John, Cohasset 

Prouty A. F. (fresh), " 

SnowEphraim, " 

Studley W. W. (fresh), " 

Tower Abraham H. " 

Tower A. H. jr. & Co. " 

Rhodes D. B., S. Dedham, Dedham 

Baker Joseph K. & Co., Dennis Port, " 
Kellev & Sears, East Dennis, " 

Baker David H. West Dennis, " 

Burgess Anthony, " " 

Milton, " 

Neponset, " 


Orleans, " 

East Hampton 

Fall River 




Small & Crowell, 

Brown H. W. & Co. 

Cook & Hastings, 

Ryder J. E. 

Cole Joshua (fresh), 

Higgins B. G. 

Smith Philip, 

Smith Lewis, 

Derby W. P. (fresh), 

Bradley William, 

Fuller Andrew B. 

Smith Holmes W. 

Havden & Negus, 

MiiVhew T. H. & Co. 

Fish Hervey, 

Holmes Ezekiel, 

Knowlton & Witham, 

Russell Francis, 

Thompson I. & Co. 

Chaffile T. J. (fresh), 

Hardy Stephen S. " 

Jewelt James, " 

Longfellow Henry W. " 

Adams Geo. W. & Co. 

Ansell Wm. E. (commission), 

Babson David C. & H. jr. 

Barrett John, 

DODD A. W. & CO. (fresh, see page 

Elwell George, jr. 
Field James, 
Gerring & Douglass, 
Gloucester & Boston Salt Fish Co. 
Maddocks B. & Co. 
New England Fish Co., A. W. Bray, 

Oakes William H. 
Parrott W. M. & Co. 
Parsons Isaac, 
Rust Moses, 

Say ward Epes, jr. & Co. 
Stockbridge S. & Co. (fresh), 
Tarr & Brother, 

Deimis Geo. & Co. E. Gloucester, 
DODD, TARR, & CO. (see 

page 732), 
Garland George, 
Low Alfred & Co. 
Story Amos A. 
W^alen & Wonson, 
Wonson Wm. H. & Son, 

(smoked halibut). 
Berry Lorenzo, Lanesville, " 

Field Richard, Great Barrington 

DAMON D. N. Greenfield 

Stevens S. B. Grotoa 

Kirk F. H. Groton Junction, " 

Ruggles Elbridge (fresh), Hardwick 

Small Shadrack, Harwich 

Batchelder 0. T. Haverhill 

Davis D. M. & J. " 

Stephenson John, Hingham 



Spring C. (fresh), Hingham 

Joslin G. M. Hopkinton 
MARTIN W. L. (see page 724), Holyoke 

Bennett Freeman R. Hudson 

Meutzer Edward C. " 

Tuck J. \V. Hvde Park 
Pezzy Thomas, (lobsters), 'Kingston 

Ransom Harvey & Sons, " " 

Washburn Asa W. " " 

Washburn Francis, " " 

Watson Nathan B. (fresh), " 

Wilder Joel (fresh), Lancaster 

Small Cyrus, Lawrence 

Small Lvman, " 

Wiggin "G. P. " 

Wiley W. A. " 

Chapman Samuel S. Lee 
Hanover Patrick, Cherry Valley, Leicester 

Walker F. C. Leominster 

Smith Charles M. (fresh), Lexington 

Cotton Neal, Lowell 

Dow Albert F. ■. " 

Hight R. S. " 

Hill James E. " 
Ki.ights J. H. 
Moxlev H. C. 

Randlett M. B. " 

Sargent E. J). & Son, " 

Ackerman T. R. Lynn 

Marsh & Leavitt, " 

MACE WILLIAM H., Union, c. Pearl, " 

Nickerson Thomas, " 

Stevens D. W. •' 

Tarbox G. 0. " 

Brackett Z. H. Maiden 

McLean Philip, " 

Pratt & French, Mansfield 

Dean C. C. Marion 

Latham S. B. Marlborough 


Baker Samuel C. Marshfield 

Barlow Franklin (fresh), Mattapoisett 

Barlow Gideon B. " 

Maker Seth R. Medtield 

Lewis F. Medford 
Smith Sewali, West Medway, Medway 

Leeds & Jones, Melrose 
Cushing Josiali C. Middleborough 

Haven W. P. Milford 

Sheldon T. J. " 

Johnson Charles W. (fresh), Nahant 

Johnson J. Bishop, " '' 

Burgess Watson, Nantucket 

Beekman John, " 

Cartwright Alexander, " 

Davis, Elbridge, & Kenney, " 

Dunham George F. " 

Eldredge K. & Co. " 

Nickerson & Emery, " 

Johnson H. 3. Natick 

Bartlett A. New Bedford 

Bartlett Bowen S. '' 

Bassett William A. (fresh), " 

Baker & S.nitli (dry and pickled), " 

Clark & Bartlett, " 

Cook William H. " 

Crowell Charles F. '' 

Harwood & Leonard, " 

Luce Ambrose E. " 

Mason Humphrey S. " 

Si-ison Josepli L. " 

Smith J. R. (dry and pickled), " 

Thomas & Watson, " 

Wnitton Levi, " 

Adams Simon A. (fresh), Newbury 

Colby William T. " 

Bamford Joseph A. Newburyport 

Dennis Amos, " 

Hale C. W. & Co. Newburyport 

Harris Samuel, " 

Howard J. T. " 

Sargent & Norton, ' " 

Whitten John, " 

Woodbury S. " 

New Marlborough 
Adams & Waugh, Mill River, " 

Blanohard M. L., Newton Corner, Newton 
Hamilton E. North Bridgewater 

Maynard D. W. (fresh), Northborough 
Lincoln Thomas (fresh), Norton 

Sargent S. Brigham, North Brookfield 

Ellis William A. (fresh), Oxford 

Thayer A. Palmer 

KimbaU J. H. Peabody 

Wood Addison, Pepperell 

Lowden Thomas L. Pittsfield 

Nickerson Francis, " 

Rickard Samuel, Plymouth 

Atkins John jr. & Co. (fresh, dry, 

and pickled), Provincetown 

Brown Joseph (fresh), " 

Cook James 2d (fresh), " 

Higgins A. (fresh), " 

SMALL R. C. (fresh, dry, and pickled), " 
Young John (fresh, dry, and pickled), " 
Clough William H. Salora 

Cook George T. " 

Derbv Wharf Co. " 

Floyd S. P. " 

Monarch Ebenezer, " 

Paige I. W. & Co. ." 

Parsons J. M. " 

Townes L. J. " 

West B. A. (dry), " 

Bonney E. H. Scituate 

Gardner Enoch C. " 

Lewis & Sparrow, Somerville 

Clifford E. B., No. Somerville, " 

Hersey John W. South Had ley Falls 

Granger Brothers, Southwick 

Daniels W. H. & Co. Springfield 

Granger T. M. " 

Ives 6c Quimby, " 

LiUibridge & Batchelder, " 

Robertson George W. " 

Smith S. L. " 

Scott H. " 

Webber J. W. & Co. " 

Cooley Lucian, Indian Orchard, " 

Reed "S. I). Sterling 

Tweed Samuel, Stoneham 

Prior Paron H. Stoughton 

Stranger Milo, Sturbridge 

Hndley Thomas, Swampscott 

Honors John, " 

Stanley, Soger, & Co. " 

Baker Alfred, Taunton 

Doane Francis, " 

Field L. E. " 

Reed Robert S. " 

Townsend J. S. & Brother, " 

Dias John H. Holmes's Hole, Tisbury 
Gill Abijah, " " 

Watkins Samuel, Tyringham 

Young A. J. Upton 

Linnell Nathan, Wakefield 

Newton Stephen L. Waltham 

McCarroll T. Ware 

Sturtevant E. R. " 

Nightingale Ellis, Wareham 

Searls & Barnes, Webster 

Atkins Henry, Wellfleet 

Swett James (mackerel), " 

Tarr Caleb, Westboro' 

Luce Francis N. West Boylston 

Connor Jeremiah, West Newbury 



Fish Dealers — continued. 
Gowen Ezekiel, West Newbury 

Mayhew Thos. W., Westport Pt. Westport 

Moore James, Weston 

Fallon F. Jamaica Plain, W. Roxbury 

Thayer W. G. Wevraouth 

Adams W. R. & E. A. Woburn 

Young James A. " 

Newcomb A. S. Worcester 
O'GRADY WM. & SON, 295 Main, " 

Remington & Co. " 

Stubbs Charles, " 

Pish Oils. 

DODD, TARR, & CO. see page 733, 

East Gloucester, Gloucester 
DODD A. W. & CO. (see page 731), " 


Crowell David, Beverly 

Foster Daniel 1st, " 

Foster Geo. B. " 

Lovett William B. " 

Ober Samuel, " 


Smith Francis A. " 

Stone James, " 

Eldredije & Stetson, Chatham 
Tripp .r. H. & Co. 

Cole Joshua, Eastham 

Higgins Benaiah G. " 

Smith Philip, " 
Smith Lewis, Orleans, " 

Babson David C. & H. jr. Gloucester 

Brown Brothers, " 

Burnham Edward E. & Co. " 

Clark .John J. » 

Chirk & Somes, " 
DODD A. W. & CO. (see page 731), " 

Dennis & Ayer, " 

Friend George, " 

Friend Charles & Co. " 

Friend Joseph, " 

Friend Lenuiel & Co. " 

Friend William H. " 

Gale John H. " 

Garland George, " 

Harvey John T. (fresh), *' 

Lane .Samuel & Bro. " 

Low David & Co. " 

Low John & Son, " 

Maddocks B. & Co. " 

Mansfield J. & Sons, " 

McKKMZIE WM., Duncan n. Rogers, " 
New England Fish Co., A. W. Bray, 

agent, " 

Parkhurst D.avid, " 

Parrott W. M. & Co. " 

Perkins Dean, " 

Perkins George & Son, " 

Perkins John & Co. " 

Pettingell & Cunningham, " 
PEW JOHN & SON, 83 Spring, 

Poole Solomon, " 

Procter Joseph 0. " 

Rowe & .Jordan, " 

Saunders, Huntington, & Co. " 

Sayward Daniel, " " 

Sayward Epes Jr. & Co. " 

Shute & Merchant (curers), " 

Smith & Gott, " 

Smith & Oakes, " 

Stan wood & Leighton, " 

Steele Wm. H. " 

Steele George, •' 

Stockbridge S. & Co. " 

Tarr & Brother, " 

Tarr Daniel B. » 

Terrell, Parrott, & Co. Gloncester 

Wonson Wra. H. & Son, " 
Griffin Gustavus & Son, Annisquam, " 

Dennis Geo. & Co. E. Gloucester, " 
DODD, TARR, & CO. (wholesale 

and retail dealers in dry and 
pickled fish, see page 732), 

E. Gloucester, " 
Gerring & Douglass, " " 
Haskell Samuel, jr. " " 
Low A. & Co. " " 
McKenzie & Knowlton, " " 
Nelson & Day, " " 
Norwood George & Son, " " 
Parsons Wm. 2d, & Co. " " 
Walen & Wonson, " " 
Wonson John F. & Co. " " 
WONSON WM. C. (in- 
spector). " " 
Andrews .Toseph L. & Sons, Lanesville, " 
Doane Valentine, Harwich Port, Harwich 
Nickerson & Baker, " " 
Weeks & Small, South Harwich, " 
Nvo Atkinson, Hingham 
Whiton Peter L. " 
Delano B. & Son, Kingston 
Holmes Edward, " 
Brown Samuel H. Marblehead 
Goodwin & Colley, " 
Hooper John P. " 
Hooper Joseph, " 
Knight Wm. R. " 
Pitman George E. " 
Pitman Henry F. " 
Quiner Wm. " 
Burrill E. Newburyport 
Goodwin W. jr. " 
Hale D. & L " 
Thurlow B. F. " 
At wood Jesse R. Plymouth 
Barnes Corban, " 
Brewster Isaac, " 
Churchill .John D. " 
Finney Clark, " 
Finney E. C. " 
Harlow Nathaniel E. " 
Leonard Nathaniel W. " 
Morton A. G. " 
Morton James, " 
Nelson Wm H. " 
Perkins Gideon, " 
Bobbins Augustus, " 
Whiting Henry, " 
Atwood John,' jr. & Co. Provincetown 
BOWLY .L E.'&G. " 
Conwell David, " 
Cook E. & E. K. " 
COUK H. & S. & Co. " 
<^ook .Jesse, jr. " 
Cook Stephen, " 
Freeman Francis M. " 
Freeman & Hillard, '* 
Garland & Doggett, " 
Giftbrd Isaiah, " 
Lewis Bangs A. & Co. " 
Lewis Thomas, " 
NICKERSON R. E. & A. & Co. " 
Nickerson Seth, 2d, " 
Nickerson S. T. & L. M. " 
Paine J. & L. N. " 
Rich S. &. J. » 
SMALL E. E. " 



Bradley Win. H. jr. & J. W. Rockport 

Gott Addii5on & Co. " 

Hodgkins Charles (fresh) " 

Low, Braiiiard, & Co. " 

Parsons & Hodgkins, " 

PoolJohii, " * 

Tarr, .ludson, & Co. " 

Tarr & Thurston, " 

Tarr Stephen N. " 
Story, Lurvev. & Co. Pigeon Cove, " 

Derby Wharf Co. Salem 

Central Wharf Co. Wellfleet 

Commercial Wharf Co. " 

South Wharf Co. " 

Swett James, " 

Fishermen's Outfits. 

CARTER JOHN F. (see page 749), " 
McKENZIE WM., Duncan, n. Rogers, " 
PEW JOHN & SON, 83 Spring, " 

Stacy & Co. " 

WONSON WM. C, East Gloucester, " 
TURNER E. C. Plymouth 

Fishing-Pole Manufactxxrer. 

MaUory Simeon, Russell 

Fishing Tackle. 

Burnham L. A. & Brother, Gloucester 

Howland Peleg, New Bedford 

Flag and Ciirb Stone. 

PEIRCE CHARLES M. jr. 119 No. 

Water, New Bedford 

BLAKE ZEBINA, (see page 758) West 

Water, Taunton 


John H. Higgins, agent (see page 798), 

Flavoring Extracts Mannfs. 

Colton John W. Westfield 

Flax Mills. 

Smith & Dove Manuf. Co. Peter 

Smith, agent, Andover 

Boston FlaK Mills, E. Braintree, Braintree 

Flyer Manufactories. 


east of Union (see page 74ti), Lawrence 
HEAVEN JESSE, Canal, east of 

Union, " 


Works, (Henry P. Chandler, supt. 

Canal, east of Union), " 


Medway Flock Co. Medway 

BUELL S. K. 18 Foster (see page 781), " 


{See Nurserymen.) 

Flour and Grain. 

(iSee also Country Stores.) 
Reed A. N. & Co. N. Abington, Abington 
Butler S. P. (wholesale), N. Adams, Adams 
Hodge William D. " " 

Wesicott Wm. S. Amherst 

Fowle Samuel A. (grain), Arlington 
Peirce J. Winslow (grain), *' 

Green Charles 0. Ashby 

Carpenter L. Z. & P. M. Attleborough 

Thayer 0. S. Attleborough 

Bacon Ebenezer, Barnstable 

CHASE HEMAN B. Hyannis, " 

Sliattuck Henry J. Barre 

Hobart L. W., Weymouth, Braintree 
Brown Charles 0. Brimfield 

Twichell George L. & Co. Brookfield 

Walker F. & Co., E. Brookfield, " 

Frost J. B. & Co. Shelburne Falls, " 

Davis & Bates, Cambridgeport, " 

Luke Elijah H. " " 

Hendley, Wheeler, & Co. East Cam- 
Train Edmund, " 

Perkins Alvin, Carver 

Melvin & Co. (grain and meal),Charlestown 
Tufts N. jr. " 

Aldrich & Wallin, Charlton 

Atkins Zenas, Chatham 

Nickerson Franklin, 
Ryder Isaiah, 

Tavlor George, " 

Knight E. H. Chelsea 

SLADE D. & L. (see page 718), 196 

Warren Brothers, " 

Cone Geo. Chester 

Keefe T. " 

Brimhall E. & Co. Clinton 

Jewell H. &. Co. ^" 

Moody & Day, 

Hudson B. N. Concord 

Richards D. Danvers 

Fisher Amory, Dedham 

Bissett, Young, & Co. Readville, " 
Baker H. B. South Dedham, " 

Hall Nathan, Dennis 

Kelley D. N. South Dennis, " 

Underwood M. S. " " " 

Burgess Anthony, West " " 

Robinson N. T. Dorchester 

Robinson Asa, Neponset, " 

Prior Allen & Co. Duxbury 

Hunting Amos, East Bridgewater 

Ordwav Geo. N. " 

Knowles N. P. Eastham 

Cowles & Webster, East Hampton 

Thaver J. T. 

Fisher Daniel, Edgartown 

Fisher Lorenzo, " 

Bravton D. A. Fall River 

BROWN D. & SON, ft. Central, 

(see page 729), " 


Wharf (see page 718), " 

Kmgsley George F. " 

Lindsey W. & N. " 

Massasoit Flour Mills, Chase, Na- 

son, & Durfee, " 

Carleton Ira & Co. Fitchburg 

Gushing J. & Co. " 

Ferson D. D. & Co. " 

Johnson Daniel L. Freetown 

Phillips James M. " 

Bush C. W. Gardner 

Glazier Charles E. " 

Tenney Moses & Son, Georgetown 

Burnham Hardy, Gloucester 

Cook George H. & Co. " 

Phillips N. H. & Co. (wholesale), " 

Allerton Wm. East Gloucester, " 

Hulburt H. S. Great Barrlngton 

Lewis & Chapin, " 

Shattuck S. L. Greenfield 

Parker Daniel, Greenwich Village, " 



Flour and Grain — continued. 

Pre^scott Abel & Co., Groton Junction, " 

Rolfe Henry C. " " 

Church & Sylvester, Hanover 

Knapp & Talbot, " 

Howhxiid Calvir. L. Hanson 

Perry & Spooner, Hardwick 

Batc'helder .lohii. Harvard 

Baker Joseph 0., Harwich Port, Harwich 

Roberts O. H. Haverhill 


Judd W. A. Holyoke 
Prentiss K. W. & Co. 

Wiggin & Flagg, " 

Morse W. H. & C. H. Hopkinton 

Woodward 1). P. & Co. '' 


Wilkins Henry, " 

McAVOV & CO. ReadviUe, 

Haskins Cephas, Lakeville 

Carter U. A. Lancaster 

Hubbard Enoch, jr. Lanesborough 

Page & Harding, " 

Bonney M. & Co. Lawrence 

Butmaii Henrv N. & Co. " 

Churchill J. E. & C. " 

Davis & Taylor, " 

Dennett H. " 

Edson & Richards, " 

Mosher Chas. E. " 

Prince H. B. " 

Dresser & Co. Lee 

Taylor William, " 

Page, Kidder, & Co. Lowell 

Stiles, Rogers, & Co. " 
WAITE A. L. & CO., Duttoa n. 

Fletcher, " 

Wood Samuel N. " 

Breed & Co. Lynn 

Lainper & Brothers, " 

OSBORNE E. W. & CO.. Market sq. " 

Holden L. D. Maiden 

Dunham H. C. " 
Lewis J. G. 

Sweet Elbridge, West Mansfield, Mansfield 

Graves Joseph, 4th, Marbleliead 

Hatch Charles T. Marshliehl 

Balch A. B. Medfield 

Green George B. & Son, Med ford 

Prentiss E. J. Milford 

Wilber Davis, " 

Batcheller Araos, Millbury 

Gannett Samuel, Milton 

Bangs S. \V. & Co. Montague 

Mansir Oscar S. Monterey 

Johnson Welcome W. Nahant 
Adams Freeman E. & Sons, Nantucket 

Cartwright Alexander, " 

McCleave Joseph, " 

Perry Edward W. & Co. " 
Kilborn Alexander, Wellesley, Needham 

Baylies & Cannon, New Bedford 
DENISON J. H. & CO. 42 South 

Water (see page 731), " 

Ely Edward M. " 

Kellev Amasa & Co. " 

Kirk John, " 

Lawrence Cyrus T. " 

Macomber Brothers, " 

Macomber Geo. B. " 
MORSE CLIN TON, 151 Kempton, " 

New Bedford Flour Mills, " 

Rapson James, " 


and 68 William, " 

Wilbur Alfred G. " 

Knight J. B. & E- (grain), Newbury 

Balch John H. Newburyport 

Bavlev R. & Sons, " 

Hale U. & I. " 

Knight Bros. " 

Aiooney A. W. & Co. " 

Richardson Pottle, " 

Sumner, Swasey, & Currier, " 

New Marlboro' 
Alexander A. H., Mill River, " 

Brackett A. Newton Corner, Newton 
Whipple Orrin, " " 

Clark S. D. & Co. Northampton 

.Mclntire Lewis, " 

Thayer, Sargeant, & Co. " 

Wilfianis Joseph C. " 

Moore L. B. Florence, " 

Bartlett F. D. Northborough 

Stockwell M. " 

Stone J. & Co. " 

Wood S. jr. & Co. " 

Packard Ellis, North Bridgewater 


FOSS NELSON J. Campello, " 
Prej^cot Frank H. North Chelsea 

Webster Henr^' (grain), Northfield 

WHITNEY, LORD, & CO. (see 

page 776), Orange 

Arey James H. Orleans 

Chapman R. «& Co. " 

Snow Aaron, East Orleans, " 

Smith Rufus, Otis 

Pease William E. & Co. Oxford 

Nichols, French, & Tinkham, Palmer 

Comins William, Paxton 

Guy (St Brothers, Peabody 

Howard Eben S. " 

Hutchinson B. F. " 

Moulton John G. " 

Osborn H. M. " 

Blake Oilman, East Pepperell, Pepperell 
Ames William A. " " 

Cole & Powell, Pittsfield 

Moran M. " 

Riithbun J. S. & Co. " 

Weller J. C. " 

Adams Geo. W. West Pittsfield, " 
Hancock Society of Shakers, Ira R. 

Lawson, trustee. West Pittsfield, " 
Cobb F. B. Plymouth 

Pratt L. & Co. " 

Taylor Charles K. Plympton 

Gregory 1). H. & Co. Princeton 

At wood Joseph S. Proviucetown 

Rvder Benjamin, " 


SMALL E. E. , " 

Smith John, " 

Loud .Joseph & Co. Quincr 

Jones Gilbert T. Randolpn 

Fames E. W. Rockport 

Kingsley Frank, Rowe 

Knowlton Joseph, " 

BECKFORI) & DODGE, 13 Front, 

Union Wharf, and Groye, Salem 

Bowker Brothers, " 

BROOKS AUGUSTUS T., 117 Derby, " 
Hanson J. V. & J. ' " 

Jones J. S. & Co. " 

Ropes Charles A. " 

Kingsbury Henry & Co., Salisbury Point 
Phelps Newton, Montville, Sandisfield 

Cole & Jenkins, Scituate 

FROST J. B. & CO., Shelbnrne Falls, " 
Kilburn C. A. Shirley 

Reed & Thrasher, Somerset 



Hale & Warner, Southampton 

Edwards William & Son (wholesale), " 
Boyle & Gilbert, Southwick 

Granger Brothers, " 

Capin James, Spencer 

Snow Cheney, " 

Bangs John, Springfield 

Birnie Brothers, " 

Bigelow & Adams (wholesale), " 

McMALLY J. R., 254 Main, '• 

Parker & Foster, '• 

Pebbles & Matoon, " 

Sibley & Rathbun, " 

Wilder & Puffer, " 

Worthy J. L. " 

Waldo'H. R. Stoughton 

Wheaton & Carpenter, " 

Briggs C. A. & Co. Taunton 

Church H. W. & Co. 
Church & Allyn, " 

Dean H. A. & Co. " 


57 W'est Water " 


45 City Square, " 

Paull J. & C^. Weirs, " 

Green Julius A. Templeton 

Fisher Daniel, West Tisbury, Tisbury 
ADAMS A. M. Townsend 

Warren B. F. West Townsend, " 
Wilson John W. Tyringham 

Wood Arba T. Upton 

Perkins, Coffin, & Co. Waltham 


GURNEY ANSEL S., (see page 774), " 
Fairbanks A. Warren 

Atherton A. S. Warwick 

Delose Calvin W. " 

Perkins, Coffin, & Co. Watertown 

Edmunds John E. Webster 

Shumway Oscar, " 

Daniels Timothy A. Wellfleet 

Davenport A. Westborough 

Whitney C. " 

Cowee "R. G. & Co. West Boylston 

Crowell Geo. & Co. West Broo'kfield 

Blood Lemuel B. Westfield 

Griswold & Stebbins, " 

Strickland Francis G. " 

Yeamaiis Roland, " 

Heywood & Burbeck, Westford 

Chapman Anson, West Hampton 

Judd F. H. 

Strong Franklin, " 

Merriam Caleb S. Westminster 

Gifford Henry, Westport 

Binney J. & Co. Weymouth 

Loud Joseph & Co. " 

Wells Charles & Co. Whately 

Wait S. K. Williamsburg 

Town Charles S. Williamstown 

Beals & Bowker, Winchendon 

Whitney Amasa, " 

Wood Geo H. " 

Ellis Alexander, Woburn 

TAY C. & CO., Main st. (see p. 766), " 
Aldrich & Co. Worcester 

Cheney & Farley, " 

Dexter & Curtis, " 

Clark & Houghton, •' 

Farley Bros. " 

Gay D. " 

GODDARD D. B. (wholesale and re- 
tail), 284 Main, " 
Harrington F. " 
Holbrook \Vm. D. & Go. " 

Holden Howard, Worcester 

Holden P. " 

Hoppin Geo. S. & Co. " 

King P. D. " 

Maynard W. H. & Co. " 

Hogers G. W. " 

Spalding E. K. " 

Spurr E. & Co. " 

Loring Hiram, South Yarmouth, Yarmouth 
Crocker & Baker, Yarmouth Port, " 
Lormg William D., " " 

Flouring Mills. 

( See also Grist Mills. ) 
Hodge M. D. & W., North Adams, Adams 
Brayton D. A. Fall River 

BROWN D. & SON (see page 729), 

foot Central, *' 

Massasoit Flour Mills, " 

Carleton Ira & Co. Fitchburg 

Lawrence Flouring Mill, Davis & 

Taylor, Amos W. Giles, agent, Lawrence 
New Bedford 
EUREKA MILLS, J. H. Denison & 

Co. (see page 731), 42 South Water, " 
New Bedford Flour Mills, " 

Wahconah Mills, Cole & Powell, Pittsfield 
Hancock Society of Shakers, Ira R. 

Lawson, Irustee, West Pittsfield, " 
Bangs John, Springfield 

Fisher Daniel, West Tisbury, Tisbury 
West Springfield 
Worthy Justin L., Agawam Mills, " 

Kniffin & Sons, West Stockbridge 

Motlatt L. & Co. 
Piatt, Barnes, & Co. Housatonic, " 

Flue Brooui Manufacturers. 

BUSH WILLIAM R. 27 No. Main, 
(see page 755), Fall River 


page 714), Cambrldgeport, Cambridge 

Frank M. Ames, agent, (see page 
730), Canton 

Dearborn, Robuison, & Co., Harri- 
son Square, Dorchester 

Lazell, Perkins, & Co. Bridgewater 

Talcott N. W. Springfield 


(See Agricultural Implements.) 

Frame Makers. 

(See Looking Glass and Picture Frames.) 

Free Stone Workers. 

LYONS WILLIAM J., Medford, foot 
of Cook (see page_735), Charlestown 

Fresco Painter. 

NIXON T. J., Court st. (see page 
728), Taunton 

Fruit Dealers. 

(See also Confectionery.) 
IVES H. B., Main st. North Adams, Adams 
Eldridge Samuel, Fairhaven 

Keith Joseph, Fall River 

McKevitt T. James, " 

Blatchford Wm. H. Gloucester 

Campbell John, " 

Stevens Elias, " 

Akers Geo. G. Lawrence 

Bailey James R. " 



Fruit Dealers — continued. 
BEAL HENRY, Essex near Broad- 
way, Lawrence 
Hosmer E. E. & Co. " 
Cheney Clias. W. Lowell 
Cheney E. " 
Collins J. T. 

Eaton D. A. " 
FLYNN M. X., 10 Merrimack (see 

page 742), " 
Morse & 1 urner, 

Newton Chas. N. " 

Newton C. E. " 

Page Chas. R. " 

Reilly B. " 

Jenkins C. S. Nantucket 
Bourne E. (wholesale), New Bedford 

Damon Samuel H. " 
Scott J. W. 

Gardner & Estes, " 

Roberts E. F. &. J. W. Salem 

Merrill S. A. " 
Read J. F. 

Dill Dexter, Springfield 

Gunn & Merrill, " 

(wholesale), 1 Allen court, Worcester 

Fawcett E. A. " 

Warfield A. J. & Co. " 

Fuel (f Granular;. 

Robbins A. New Bedford 

Hall W. M. & Son, Worcester 

Fur Dealers. 

(See also Hats, Caps, and Furs.) 
Webb Brothers (manuf.), Arlington 

Bascom Wm. (manuf.), Lowell 

Barnes C. C. & Co. " 

Furnace Grate Bar. 


Furnaces and Ranges. 

(See also Stoves and Tinsmiths.) 

GRIFFIN GEORGE H., N. Cambridge, " 

Gavitt, treas, Boston office 96 & 98 

North (see page 733), 

North Dighton, Dighton 
JONES WILLIAM, Dorchester 

Ave., cor. Commercial, Dorchester 

Cook, Grew, & Asbton, Fall River 

Flint J. D. & Co. 

Wilcox D. T. " 

Bishop L. A. & Co. Lawrence 

Ricker O. A. " 

Costello T. & Co. Lowell 

Mack Bewail G. " 

NASH J. W. & CO., 106 Central 

(see page 739), " 

New Bedford 
Parker Warren W. (sheet iron), " 

Tripp S. A. " 

Wood, Brightman, & Co. " 

Jordan J. W. Worcester 

WHEELER W. A., 42 Thomas, 

(see page 792), " 

Furniture Dealers. 

{See also Cabinet Makers; also Furniture 


Marsh M. M. Amherst 

Young Brothers, " 

Abbott J. A. Andover 

Henry Terrence, " 

Conant Chaimcey, Barnstable 

Hallett R. F. Hyannis, " 

Prophett William, Bridgewater 

Kernan James, Cambridge 

Whitney & Brackett, " 

Bates George W. (second hand), 

Cambridgeport, " 

Fatal John .1. (second hand), 

Cambridgeport, " 

Holmes & Davis, Cambridgeport, " 
Oxford & Brigham, " " 

Russell Amos (second hand), " " 

Bangs M. & Co. E. Cambridge, " 

Graves Geo. jr. " " 

Woodward James H. (second hand). 

North Cambridge, " 

Berry George W. & Co. Charlestown 

Brown Sumner, " 

Carter A. J. » 

Chamberlain T. Mrs. " 

Kelso George R. '' 

Perkins D. B. " 

Robinson T. S. G. & Co. " 

Merrill & Morrison, Chelsea 

Reed Edward F. " 


(see p:ige 712), " 

Hoslev D. 1'. & Co. Chicopee 

Brimlmll E. & Co. Clinton 

Moody & Day, " 

Baker, Cheney & Co. Dedham 

French Daniel, Joppa, East Bridgewater 
Bullock Geo. A. East Hampton 

Borden, Almy, & Co. Fall River 

Harrimau & .Mellen, " 

McNuUv John, 

Newell C. P. " 

Westgate, Baldwin, & Co. " 

Lane Patrick, " 

Morse Marcellus J. FItchbiirg 

Willis Sidney D. & Co. " 

Hodges & Messenger, Foxborough 

Brick Alfred H. Gardner 

Pierce S. K. South Gardner, " 

Browne Geo. W. Gloucester 

Dolliver Kdward S. L. & Son, " 

Proctor (.'harles, " 

Cliamberlin & Whitmore, Greenfield 

.Smith U. & L. F. Harwich 

8mith Gilbert, 

LE BOSQUET J. H. & CO. 18i Main, 
Randall J. P. & Son, " 

Crafts Koswell P. & Son, Holyoke 

Loring Bros. 

Bates E. A. Houkluton 

Knibbs J. H. Hyde Park 

MANX J. H. Ipswich 

Willcomb Frederick, " 

Howe M. N. Lawrence 

Howe it, Co. " 

Jewett F. S. & Co. " 

Pedrick & Closson, " 

Pillsbury Joshua, jr. " 

Davison H. C. Leominster 

Adams, North, & Co. Lowell 

Benner M. A. & Co. " 


Prescott, " 

Nichols Jacob, " 

Oft'utt k, Fairgrieve, " 

PATCH E. B. & CO. 1 and 2 Com- 
mercial sq. " 
Pufler & Bradley, " 
Ray-Wm. E. " 
Austin David & Co. Lynn 
Bean Jolin H. " 
Graves Pliilip H. Maiden 
STIMSON ALDIN M. Main st. Medford 
Soule George, Middleborough 
Harris H. & Co. Milford 
Judson, Sawtell, & Co. " 
Coffin Jamey M. Nantucket 
FoltferR. G. & F.W. " 



Clelaiid John, Natick 

Woodbury P. F. 

Riindiill R. H. South Natick, " 

Bassett N. G. Newburyport 

Ireland & Trefethen, " 

Sattord S. H. & Co. " 

Stockman JI. & Co. (second-hand), " 

De Wolf A. J. " New Bedford 

Drury Warren, " " 

Geils Garrett, " " 

Knights VVilliam, " 


Openshavv Mary (second-hand), " 

Parsons L. J. " 

Warner J. A. " 

Smith .Silas JI. & Co. Northampton 

Howard, Clark, & Co. North Bridgcwater 
Burrill Alfred, North Brooktield 


LoomisJ.S. Palmer 

Trask T. Peabody 

PARKER C. E. (also undertaker), Pittslield 
WHIPPLE S. T. & CO. (undertakers 

and furniture dealers),21 North st, " 
Brown J. P. Plymouth 

Dyer Clias P. Provincetown 

Arey Josepli jr. Quiucy 


Currier & Millett, Salem 

Fellows Israel, " 

Glazier Ezra & Son, " 

Haskell, Lougee, & Co. " 

Henderson & Thurston, " 

Hynes Patrick J. " 

May Calvin W. " 

Wallis Joseph, " 

Cunimings James, Araesbury, Salisbury 
Fifield Benj. E. " " 

AUyne Samuel H. Sandwich 

Pope John W. " 

Swan H. 8., Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 
Williams .Samuel, Southbridge 


Union Block, Main, Springfield 

Maxtield & Kellogg, " 

Spiller & Aiken, " 

Briuton Edward C. Stockbridge 

Withingtou P. M. Stoughton 

Foster John M. Taunton 

Hoard N.S. " 

Jones T. E. W. " 

Seekell John & Son, " 

Washburn Edward E. " 

Bourn & Brooks, Templeton 

Hankorson & Bean, Waltliam 

Goodnow William, " 

CONEY H. xM. & CO. Ware 

Soule Silas T. Wareham 

Shepard D. W. & Co. Warren 

Bent Luther & Co. Watertown 

Davis S. H. Webster 

Spalding & Eddy, " 

Griggs S. M. & Co. Westborough 

Lambson C. K. Westtield 

Sloan Rufus A. Weymouth 

Raymond Silas, Winchendon 

MarcyJ. Woburn 

Oxford C. W. & Co. 

Pollock G. W. " 

Broadbent James, Worcester 

CHOLLAR JOHN D. 198 Main (see 

page 7tS!), " 

Lawrence Joseph B. & Co. " 

Maynard U. B. " 

Putmau Bros. " 

Furniture Manufacturers. 

{See also Chair Manufacturers : also Furni- 
ture Dealers ; also Cabinet Makers.) 
Chase David, Acushnet 

Adams Jasper H. North Adams, Adams 
Isbell Cyrus P. " 

Miller Brothers, Athol 

Morse Laban & Son (towel-racks), " 

Partridge Edward E. (pine furniture), 

Athol Depot, " 

Pierce Joseph, Athol Depot, " 

Rice James M. " " 

Allen, Leavitt, & Co. Beverly 


Buckley h Co. Beverly 

FOSS & INGALLS (see page 714), " 

Austin George M. Cambridgeport, 
Hixon Edward & Co. " " 

Hogan, Follansbee, & Co. (walnut 

chamber), Cambridgeport, " 

Braman, Shaw, & Co. East Cambridge, " 
Daniels Brothers & Co. " " 

Ellis John A. & Co. " " 

Geldowsky Ferdinand, " " 

Oilman H. D. & Co. (tables), " " 

Beal & Hooper, Charlestown 

Berry G. W. & Co. 

Brown Sumner (pine), " 

Holmes F. M. & Co. » 

Waterman A. & Co. (extension and 

centre tables), " 

Winslow Seth & Co. (chamber), " 

BAKER, CHENEY, & CO. Dedham 

Everett Willard & Co. South Dedham, " 
BAUCH AUGUSTUS (willow, see 

page 7(i4), Bowdoin st. Dorchester 

EDDY DARIUS & SON (library 

steps, see page 666), Harrison-sq. " 
Glover & Jones, " 

Hall Oliver & Son, " 

.she & Hood. Great Barrington 

Wliitmore & Pixley (folding), 

Housatonic, " 

Hobart S. L. (cabinet), Hingham 

Ripley & Newhall, '• 

BLODGETT & BISHOP (see page 

717), Leominster 

Davis H. G. 

PRATT GEORGE L. (see page 760), 
Merriam, Hall, & Co. N. Leominster, " 
Crosby Ephraim, Lowell 

Kimball, treas. (cabinet) Mechanics' 
Mills, " 

esit Steam Mills (cabinet, see page 
Woodbury, Gray, & Co. Lyna 

Allen S. P. Manchester 

Crombie & Morgan, " 

Decker William, . " 

Dodge Cyrus, " 

Jewctt Alfred W. " 

Kelham & Fitz, " 

Leach, Annable, & Co. " 

Lee Charles, (bedsteads), " 

Rust & Marshall, " 

Wheaton William E. " 

Nelson Thomas, Mattapoisett 

Small Brothers, Melrose 

Glover Oliver, 2d, Milton 

RICHARDSON GEO. F. & CO. Montague 
MAXtfTELD CALEB, New Bedford 

Collins George, (extension tables), " 

Collins William, " 

Smallwood E. A., Newton Corner, Newton 
Howard, Clark, & Co. North Bridgewater 
Morse .Jolni N. (cabinet), Oakham 

Bliss <t Karnsworth, Orange 

KILBURN L. & CO. (see page 778), " 
Bill & Taylor, North Orange, " 

Peirce & StoWell, " 

Porter & Spear, Otis 

WHIPPLE S.T.& CO. Pittsfield 

Wilson J. B. Plymouth 

Crane Wm. F. Montville, Sandisfield 
Swan H. S. Shelburne Falls, Shelburne 
Dickinson E. W. & Co. Springfield 

Washburn Edward E. Taunton 

Bourne & Brooks, East Templeton, " 
Greenwood Thomas T. " " 

Tyringham Shakers, Tyringham 

Reed Reuben G. (what-nots and brack- 
ets). West Boylston 
Lambson Clinton K. Westfield 
Norton .1. D. & Son, West Hampton 
Shattuck William G. (school), Weston 
Slater Geo., Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury 
Daymon & Rice, E. Weymouth, Weymouth 
Smith Sumner, . Whately 
Ingraham Henry H. Williamstown 



Furnitiire Repairing. 

Baker 8. H. Cliarlestown 

Douglass Charles, Fall River 

Woodwortli Albert A., North Bridgewater 
RAYMOND CHARLES, 35 Middle st. 

(see p;ige 76()), riymoutli 

Dawson .lames, Lynn 

Caldcr H. M. Florence, Northampton 
Anderson L. J. Salem 

Smith I'eleg W. " 

Lemon Gideon L. Weatfield 

Fuse Manufacturer. 

Manning E. D. (blasting), Medford 


CROCKER BROS. & CO., Court st. 
(see pat^e 760), Taunton 

Garden Trellises. 

NOURSE, WHITE, & CO. (see page 
799) VVeslborougli 

Garden Vegetables. 

page 752), Newburyport 

Garment Supporters. 

press, Worcester 

Gas and Steam Pipe and Fit- 

Walworth J. J. f'ambrldgeport 

SMITH H. W., Park, cor. School, Chelsea 


(iiivitt, treas., Boston otRce {>C> and 

98 North (see page 7:W), N. Dighton, " 
Manchester George L. East Hampton 

BUSH WILLIAM R. 27 North Main 

(see page 755), Fall River 

Wolfendale William, " 

HUBBARD A. W., Newton's lane 

(see page 7(i7), Fifchburg 

Hau^'htoii & Bingham, Lawrence 

Sarf^ent B. E. " 

Lenord & Durant, Lee 

Barker Horace R. & Co. Lowell 

Field (ieorge W. " 

PROC rOR .JOSEPH W. 21) Fletcher, " 

DEXTER THOMAS F., R. R. ave. cor. 

Washington, Lynn 

New Bedford 
SHERMAN & GIFFORD, 24 William, " 
Wood, Jirightinan, & Co. " 

Applelon .). H. & Co. Springfield 

ElwcU E. .M. 


Slater George, .laniaica Plain, W. Roxbury 
Barrett, Washburn, & Co. Worcester 

Colbath J. & Co. " 

Gas and Water Pipe Manxifs. 

Gavlit, treas. Boston office, 96 and 
98 North (see page 733), N. Dighton " 
M. \Voo<hvard, agent (seepage 7:i2), " 

Gas Fitters and Fixtures. 

AdaniN .lolin P. Cambridge 

Dickson R. W. Cambridgeport, " 

Statlbrd J, S. " " 

Bailey & Gilman, Charlestown 

Titus Franklin A. " 

JONES WILLIAM (see page 794), 56 

Park, Chelsea 

H. W. SMITH, Park cor. School, " 


7.33), North Dighton, Dighton 

Barker H. R. & Co. Fitcliburg 

HUBBARD A. W., Newton's lane (see 

page 767), " 

Sleeper D. A Haverhill 

PROCTOR JOS. W. 29 Fletcher, Lowell 
.Sheldon Henry, •' 


(see page 746), Lawrence 

Hague & Booth, " 

Sargent B. E. " 

DEXTER THOMAS F.,|R. R. ave. cor. 

Washington, Lynn 

Russell H. Maiden 

W liber N. D. Middleborough 

New Bedford 
ALLEN & BLISS (fixtures), 121 Union, " 
Mahar .lames T. " 

SHERMAN & GIFFORD, 24 William, " 
Taylor Henry J. (fixtures), " 

Wood, Brightman, & Co. " 

Ingraham L. P. Newburyport 

Sargent C. R. " 

Clark V Fox, Newton Centre, Newton 
HU.MPHREY & ALMON, W. Newton, " 
Wilber N. D. North Bridgewater 

Lord Daniel jr. Peabodjr 

RICE, ROBBINS, & CO. West st. " 

Staten Daniel F. Salem 

Staten E. H. 

Sullivan C. Somerville 

Archer A. S. Springfield 

Avery & Co. " 

Stevens W. H. " 



Gunn .John, Webster 

West Roxbury 
White & Mayo, Jamaica Plain, " 

Barrett, Washburn, & Co. Worcester 

Colbath J. & Co. " 

Gas Heating Improvements. 

JONES WILLIAM, 50 Park, (see page 
7'Ji), Chelsea 

Gas Machine Manufacturers. 

Henry Cooley, treas. (portable, see 
page 779), Springfield 

Woods, Wilcox, &Co. (portable), " 

Gas, Steam, and Water Fit- 

CHOATE & PERKINS, 194 Derby (see 
page 747), Salem 

Gasometer Manufacturers. 

Walter Charles R. Cambridgeport, " 

Gauge Manufacturers. 

BLAISDKI.L A. II. & CO. (see page 
745), Newton Corner, Newton 


Case Allen, New Bedford 

Delano Abraham, " 

Gear Manufacturers. 

Williams John, Worcester 

Winslow S. C. & S. '• 

Gearing and Shafting. 

page 796 and 797), Barre 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Craig Edward, Adams 

BKIGGS & BOLAND, N. Adams, " 

Fisher C. K. " " 

Martin Wm. " '* 

Brown S. J. & Co, Amesbury 

Greene M. E. " 

Stockman M. jr. " 

Dean John H. Andover 
Hill S. W. Jlrs. (neck-tie manuf.), Arlington 

Everett Albert M. Attleborough 

Orcutt F. V. & Co. Barre 

Burnham Charles L. Beverly 

gents' furnishing goods — GLOVE RESTORERS. 


Bridge & Murpby, Charlestown 
Hicks J. T. 

Rand John W. " 

Spear James E. " 

Tliomas John C. " 

Bolton Mary Mrs. Chelsea 
OLDREIVE ROBERT, 73 Winnlsimmet, " 
Pike John J. 



East Hampton 

Fall River 


Great Barrington 




Hyde Park 



Hitchcock & Hasley, 

Parsliley Samuel VV. 

Field V. C. 

Strong W. V. 

Ashloy VVm. H. 

Bromberg Bros. 

Davol John, jr. 

Frank Charles, 

Gibbs R. S. & Co. 

Taylor & Co. 

Wilbur & Gray, 

Allen A. D. 

Barrett C. P. 

Bennett & Marr, 

Lawrence R. C. 

GoodsoU Henry T. 

Hubbell Andrew L. 

Pond (ieorge, 

Seward & VVillard, 

Young- A. 

Claflin A. M. 

Minturn W. E. 
Fiske George B. 

Adier David, 

Miller & Co. 


Luce & IngersoU, 

Moore VVni. H. 

Savage & Flood, 

Fox Warren & Co. 

HODUIIAX B. 30 Central, 

Lederer B. & Co. 

Smith George, 

Sawyer Norris, 

Barker & Whiting, 

Fox & Beatty, 

Mitchell, Jones, & Co. " 

Thayer & Houghton, " 

CATHCAKT CHAS. S. Nantucket 

New Bedford 

BARNETT JOHN, 102 and 104 Union, '• 

Browuell Charles W. " 

Cannon E. S. & Co. " 

Cook William & Co. " 

Covell & Hathaway, . " 

Davenport Cornelius, " 

Davis L. D. " 

Gifford N. T. & Co. " 

Lucas Allen, " 

Lucas \. E. " 

Packard E. " 

Perry E. S. " 

Swift Moses C. " 

Sanders William, " 

"Williams T. D. & Co. 

Clark .Merritt, 

Draper J. L. 

French & Abbott, 

Kingsley D. & Son, 

Rumsiiv E. A. 

Smith & Prindle, 

Ballou Warren S. 

Shaw J. P. 

Bott S. R. 

Trask Thomas, 

Davis, Taylor, & Kelley, 

Steves & Wallace, 


Spooner S. C. 

"Walker George S. 

Brown S. J. & Co. 

Livingston Herman, 

Burgess C. S. 

Miller John Q. 

Brighani D. H. & Co. 


Trafton John "W. 

Heath J. B. 

Brown & .Tenney, 

COLBY SAMUEL (see front colored 

pagi'), 11 Union block, 
Foster & Barnard, 

Grant Charles H. jTaunton 

Steele & Baker, " 

Thomas S. A. Tisbury 

Wheeler L. S. Uxbridge 

Guild V. Ware 

Judd A. & Co. " 

Lawton J. R. " 

Rawson James M. Webster 
Sabin Charles H. West Stockbridge 

READ M. H. Weymouth 

Clapp F. A. Worcester 

Cooley W. E. '' 

Davis A. & J. E. " 

Eames D. H. " 

Eldrcd & Liscomb, " 

Estabrook & Herrick, " 

Geer George, " 

Hollander G. " 

Howland J. P. jr. " 

Kendall & McClennen, " 

Lewisson Louis, " 

Mecorney Wm. " 

Perry & Paul, '' 

Walker Asa, " 

Ware A. P. & Co. " 

Wiggin & Pike, " 

German Silver Ware Manufs. 

REED & BARTON (see page 75S), Taunton 


CSee Looking -Glass and Picture- Frames ). 

Glass Cutter and Stainer. 

14), 131 to 141 

COOK J. M. (seepage: 
















Glass Ware Manufacturers. 

Boston Silver Glass Co. Cambridge- 
port, Cambridge 

tinson asjent, E. Cambridge, " 

McElroy H. H. (homcEopathic), East 
Cambridge, " 

New England Glass Co., E. Cambridge, " 

Opal Glass Co., A. M. Farley, East 
Cambridge, " 

Mas.'-achusetts Glass Co. Charlestown 

Page & Harding (window glass), 
Berkshire, Lanesborough 

drew T. Servin, agent, Lenox Fur- 
nace, Lenox 

New Bedford Glass Co., George How- 
land, jr., president. New Bedford 

Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. Sandwich 

Cape Cod Glass Company, " 

Union (Jlass Company, John P.Greg- 
ory, agent, Somerville 

Glass Sand Dealers. 

Gordon George W., Russell C. Brown, 
agent, Cheshire 


(See Painters, House and Sign.) 

Glaziers' Points Manufactur- 

DIGHTON TACK CO. (see pnge 715), " 
WOKKS, S. Loring, proprietor 
(see page 713), Plymouth 

Wood N. & Co. " 

FIELD A. & SONS (see page 719), Taunton 
RHODES M. M. Porter st. " 

Glove Manufacturers. 

Barrows William, Amherst 

Draper & Sumner (woolen), Canton 

Bamford Charles, Ipswich 

Birch John, " 

Burrows & Hunt, '' 

Glover John S. " 

White Brothers & Kilburn, Lowell 

Glove Restorers. 

Reed J. T. & Co. Charlestown 



Glue Manufacturers. 

Gay W. H. & Co., So. Dedham, Dedham 
Bntman M. C. Lynu 


27 Myrtle, " 

Brown Thomas, Marblehead 

Collins F. A. Lower Falls, Newton 

Brown William H. Teabody 

Essex Glue Co. (Upton & Walker), " 


ANDEKSON JOHN M. (seepage 

770), Siilem Turnpike, Salem 

Eich & Leman, Woburn 

Rowe John, jr. & Co. " 

Baeder & Adamaon, E. Woburn, " 

Glue Substitute. 

Windward James, Fall River 

Gold Chain Manufacturers. 

Arthur, Kumrill, & Co. Springfield 

Shumway K. G. '' 

Gold Pen Manufacturers. 


colored page), Shutesbury 

Packard C. N. Springfield 

Grain Dealers. 

(See Flour and Grain.) 

Grain Elevators. 

Green George IJ. and Son, .Medford 

Thayer, Sergeant, & Co. Northampton 

Granite Quarriers. 

{See also Stone Quarriers.) 
Beatie John, Fall River 

Beatie William, " 

Harrison Barney, " 

Harrison William. " 

Lyon & Blanchard, Fitchburg 

Wheeler S. A. & Son, " 

Andrews Stephen P. Gloucester 

Barker 11. & Bro. Lanesville, " 

Butman John, " " 

Corliss Daniel (J. & Co. Milton 

riynt William N. & Co. Monaon 


pHge 754), Northbrldge 

Abercrombee Joel, Florence, Northampton 
Badger Brothers, Quincy 

Barker H. & Brothers, " 

Barker H. & Son, " 

DELL BROS. & CO. (see page 768), " 
Elcock Michael, " 

Frederick & Field, " 

French H. & Son, " 

Garrity James, " 

Granite Railway Company, " 

Hard wick Charles H. & Co, " 

McDonell I'atrick, " 

Mead, Sargent, & Co. " 

Mitchell Charles R. " 

Mitchell George H. " 

Owens John & Co. " 

Quincy Granite Co., F. J. Fuller, agent, " 
Riileoute Luke, " 

Rogers O. T. & Co. " 

Smith Brothers, " 

Swithin & Chase, " 


page 7t>ft), " 

Wilson F'raucis & Charles, " 

Preston, Fernald, & Co. Rockport 

Rockport Granite Company, " 

Clapp, Ballou, & Co. Pigeon Cove, " 
Eames Ezra & Co. " " 

Edmonds James, " 

Fletcher Samuel, Graniteville, Westford 
Palmer Benjamin, " " 

Reed David, '• " 

Retd W'illiam, " " 

Granite Works. 

Mount Auburn Granite Works, Knox 
& Angler, Cambridge 


DAVIS DANIEL C, Marginal st. 

(see page 714), Chelsea 

BLETHEN TRUE G., foot of Pleas- 
ant St. (see page 791), Lynn 
MANN A. G. Southbridge st. Worcester 


POLLARD C. F., Washington, 
(see page 700), 

Grist Mills. 

(See also Flouring Mills.) 

Beals N. A. jr. East Abington, Abington 

ReedA.S. &Co. North 

Robbins Francis, Acton 

Wetherbee Daniel, " 

Faulkner W. E. South Acton, " 

Morse George P. & Co. Acushnet 

Spooner N. S. (estate), 

Allen Darwin W. 

Blackiuton & Sherman, N.Adams, 

Chilson Jacob B. " 

Hodge M. D. & A. W. " 

Farrar Eugene, 

Sikes O. S. 

Leonard Rufus. Feeding Hills, 

Pease Henry, 

Stoddard Augustus R. 

Amherst JI ill Company, 

Gaylord & Holly, 

Puffer Stephen P. 

Fowle Samuel A. 

Barrett George H. 

Jefts C. A. & Co. 

Gross Elijah, Ashburnham Depot, 




North Amherst, " 

Davis John, 

Howes Z. & Son, 

Cutler S. N. & Son, 

Kelley James, 

Lord Ethan, 

Adams .lohn, jr. 

Dunn M. M. 

Hinckley Nathaniel, 

Jones Henian, 

Hinckley Heman, 

Lambert Leonard, Marston's MiUsi 

Conant Charles, 


S. Ashfield, Ashfield 



Athol Depot, " 






Knight Luke L. 
Haywood Scth P. 
Ballou Monroe E. 
Ashby William M. 
Beaman J. L. 
Dorman Asahel, 
Rich R. P. 
Burr Seneca, 
Drake J.M. & A. B., 
Wheeler WiUard M. 
Slate C. J. 
Dodge Aaron, 

Chase , 

Patten A. H. 
Richardson John O. 

Barre Plains, " 

N. Bellingbam, " 




Kelley J. & W^ A., 
Sawyer John F. 
Wolcott Freeman, 
Andrews Dean, 
Day J. T. 

Haj'ward Augustus, 
Porter J. J. 
Glazier John, 
Banister Eli B., 
Ray Tertullus, 
Hobart L. W. 
Eldridge Jesse, 
Nickersuu Warren, 
Bryant Lewis, 
Brown Charles O. 
Morgan Thomas J. 
Draper John W. 
Fosket Rufus, 
Burbank Charles, 
Rice Frank, 

North Blackstone, " 


Boylston Centre, 





East Brimfield, " 

Parksville, " 

Warren, " 

Twichell George L. & Co. " 

Walker F. & Co. E. Brookfield, " 

Hartwell William, Buckland 

Taylor Horace F\ " 

Taylor R. S. & J. B., Buckland Centre, " 



Reed Edward, Burlington 

Cutter E. W., Cambridgeport, Cambridge 
Shepard J. S. Canton 

Adams Charles E. Carlisle 

Atwood Bartlet S. Carver 

Perkins Alvin, " 

Cole H. G. North Carver, " 

Cushtnau Stephen. South " " 

Marcy A. H. Charlemont 

Melvin W. T. &Co. Charlestown 

Tufts N.jr 

Aldrich & Wallin, Charlton City, Charlton 
Jones Julius, Charlton Depot, " 

Walker Otis, " City, " 

Chelmsford Mill Co. Chelmsford 

Kussell Abbott, " 

Dodge J. S. North Chelmsford, " 

Ingraha ii, Northrop, & Co. Cheshire 

Nickerson Edwin F. " 

Thomas O. Chester 

Bisbee & Damon, Chesterfield 

Adams & Sprague, West Chesterfield, " 
Stevens Lafayette, AVorthington, " 

Crittenden A. N. WiUimansett, Chicopee 
Boyton H. C. Chicopee Falls, "' 

Gaylord & Co. " " 

Manter William C. Chilmark 

Chilsou Velorous, N. Adams, Clarksburg 
Clark & Smith, Coleraine 

Nelson Willard, " 

Smith Brothers, " 

Sutton L. South Halifax, " 

Angler M. W. Concord 

Barrett Sanmel, " 

Damon, Smith, & Co. " 

Moulton James, " 

Sprague John, Conway 

Bradley Brothers, Cummingtou 

Lovell Jacob, " 

Whitmarsh Ephraim, " 

Putnam Otis F. Danvers 

Hanson J. V. & J., Danvers Port, " 

OberJ. L. " " 

Kichards Daniel, " " 

Cumraings Wm. H. Dartmouth 

Howland Eliliu, " 

Turner Elbridge G., New Bedford, " 

Terry North Dartmouth, " 

Cummings IJonj. T. " " 

Sraalley .Mnlford, South Dartmouth, " 
Barrows Tliomas, East Dedham, Dedliam 
Childs llobert, Deerfield 

Porter Brothers, " 

Felton A. South Deerfield, " 

Goddard D. A. 

Crowell Freeman, West Dennis, Dennis 
Crowell Leonard, " " 

Howes Obed, " " 

Sears Benj. Dennis Port, " 

Kelley Jos. B. " " 

Cape Cod Steam Mill Co. " " 

Simmons Wm. H. (estate), Dighton 

Baker .John A., North Dighton, " 

Koliinsou Asa, Neponset, Dorchester 

Brou-ii A. F. East Douglas, Douglas 

Carltou 1-iaacC. Dracut 

Varnum Xathauiel, " 

Gleasou & Wells, Southbrldge, Dudley 
Stevens Henry If. Webster, " 

Swallow Daniel, Dunstable 

Woodwiird James, " 

Prior Allen & Co. Duxbury 

Doane iiowland, Easthaui 

Knowles N. P. " 

Cowles & Webster, East Hampton 

Drake Lincoln, Easton 

Dean r. H. & J. O., South Easton, 
Chadwick William, Kdgirtown 

Van Bramer John E. North Egremont, " 
Benjamin Joseph A. South Egremont, " 
Minoi Manufacturing Co. Enfield 

Swift Uiver Manuf. Co. " 

Essex Mill Co. Essex 

Brayton David A. Fall Uiver 

BllOWN I). & SON (see page 729), 

foot Ci'utral-st. " 

Clark Barnabas, " 

Massasoit Mills, " 

Holmes Bartlett, Falmouth 

Robinson Joshua C, E. Falmouth, Falmouth 
Swift Silas, West Falmouth, 

Carleton Ira & Co. Fitchburg 

Gushing J. & Co. " Dennis, Florida 

McEvoy J. D. Foxborough 

Wilmarth Kinsley, '' 

Wilson John D. Freetown 

Winslow Thomas G. " 

Lawrence David, East Freetown, " 

Bush C W. Gardner 

Tenney Moses & Son, Georgetown 

Arms .John, Gill 

Roberts Osias, " 

Holmes & Wood, Turner's Falls, " 
Brown & Wheeler, Riverdale, Gloucester 
Burnham Grover, West Gloucester, " 

Foote A., New- England Village, Grafton 
Saunders A. Saundersville, " 

Aldrich C C. & Son, Granby 

Clark Israel Mrs. " 

Dickinson B. C, Granville Corners, " ■ 
Davis Calvin, Great Barrington 

Hatch Billy, " 

Kellogfo; C. T. (custom grist and feed 

mill); " 

Nash E. Q. Greenfield 

Parker Daniel, Greenwich Village, '• 
Balch Francis, G. Junction, Groton 

Hardy Charles N. Grovdand 

Nutting J. H. Had ley 

Granijer L. N. North Hadley, " 

Bosworth Martin, Halifax 

Monroe P^than, East Bridgewater, Hanson 
Ames Sampson, Hardwick 

Watkins George F. •' 

Batchelder John, Harvard 

Sparrow Zedda, Harwich 

Burgess Sfth, Harwich Port, " 

Rogers Richard U. N. Harwich, " 

Ryder Freeman, " " 

Taylor Eben, South Harwich, " 

Fitch Brothers & Porter, Hatfield 

Robie Cyrus E. Haverhill 

Vincent Willis, West Hawley, Hawley 
Coats Charles P. Heath 


Bingham Silas, Hinsdale 

Bottum Whitefield B. " 

Parish Elisha H. " 

Harris & Co. Holden 

Butterworth T. D. Holland 

Gordon Frank, " 

Marcy George L. " 

Pond Caleb. Hopkinton 

Wood A. W. Woodville, " 

Brighain O. S. Hubbardston 

Hale J. Otis, 

Brighain Uufus H. Hudson 

Tarbell A. A. . " 

Hutchins Parley, ' Huntington 

Whipple Sc Stanton, " 

McAVOY & CO. Readville, Hyde Park 
Lord Daniel, Ipswich 

Holmes .\le.xander, Kingston 

Newconib I'homas, " 

Hiuds Sumner, Lakeville 

Kichinoud Eleazer, " 

Carter 1). A. Lancasler 

Phelps iJ.S. " 

Hubbard Enoch, Lanesborough 

Davis & Taylor, Lawrence 

Webster H K. & Co. 

Gibbs Nathan, East Lee, Lee 

Ingram Adin, " " 

Pixley Isaac H. South Lee, " 

Dutton H. Leicester 

Draper D. F. Clappville, " 

Merrell Wm. M., Lenox Furnace, Lenox 
Stratlon .J.irtin W. & Joel A., Leominster 
Wright C. W. it Co., N. Leominster, " 
Felton L. G. I>everett 

Wood Ira, " 

Felton AUiert, North Leverett, " 

CoolidKe Cliarles, Leyden 

Dennison A.J. " 

Keet Roswell S. " 

Blaisdell , Lincoln 





Grist Mills — continued. 
Harrington George F. 

Bhoades , 

Warren Luther S. Littleton 

Burdatha Henry, East Longmeadow, 
Stiles, Rogers, & Co. 
Wood S. N. 
Eaton J. S. Ludlow 

Fuller Warren D. " 

Houyhton Albert, Lunenburg 

Butnian Joseph, Lynn 

Lamper & Brothers, " 

Newhall H. B. " 

Quint Wilson, Maiden 

Fisher Daniel, Mansfield 

Moran & .Sons, West Mansfield, " 

Sweet Elbridge, " " 

Dean & I'arlow, Marion 

Holmes & Sparrow, Mattapoisett, " 

MANNING .JOSEPH, Jlarlborough 

Dunham Henry C. Marshlield 

Hatch Samuel, " 

Little William F. & S., E. Marshfield, « 
Lewis Charles, " " 

Hatch Samuel, North " " 

Bolles Solomon E. Mattapoisett 

llnkhain Abraham, " 

Town Mills, " 

Chenery Keuben, Medfield 

Kingsbury George W. " 

Green George B. & Son, Medford 

Jencks & Crooks, Medway 

Gay William, Kockville, " 

Partridge lilijah, 1'^ Medway, " 

Hill Cyrus, West " " 

Beli-her &. Durfee, Mlddleborough 

Washburn I'hilander, " 

Chapman Nathiin, Milford 

Gaskill Kicliard G. " 

Wilber Davin, " 

Hastings Cornelius, Millburv 

Lombard C. & W. W. Millbury, 
Gannett Samuel, Milton 

Conant Seneca F. Monson 

Risley H. H. 

Whiton J. L. " 

Langdon Homer, Jlonterey 

Axtell II. K. Montgomery 

Chase F. A. Nantu(!ket 

Moiso Daniel, Natick 

Roys Lester, New Ashfonl 

Pei)per Henry A. New ISraintree 

Knight.). B & K. Newbury 

Knight & Kolle, " 

Pearson Toppan, " 

HoxieJohuA. Newburyport 

Mooney A. W. & Co. ' " 

New Marlborough 
Alexander A. H. Jfill River, " 

Keyes IJorence, " " 

Allen & Rood, Hartsville, " 

3Ioore I.yuian K. Millington, New Salem 
Braokett Albert, Newton Corner, Newton 
Ellis Ctiarlfs, Upper Falls, 

Clark Silas D. & Co. Northampton 

Thayer, Sargfant, & Co. " 

Noiiotuck Silk Co., Sanmel L. Hill, 

apeut, Florence, " 

Ball Jo:;epli, Northborough 

Bartlett William A. 'Jd, " 

Smith .hiirus \V. 

Wixon K. H. " 

Slarsh E. Northbridge 

Whitin (/liarles P. Whitinsville, '• 

Packard Kills, North Bridgewater 

French Merritt, North-west Bridge- 

watt;r, " 

Briilp;e George, Northfield 

Sir.<)tton Albert, " 

Webster Arad, " 

Slade D. & L. North Chelsea 

Eames Joseph, North Reading 

Jeffrey Elislia, •' 

Braman Isaac T. Norton 

Lincoln Eddy, " 

Smith Nathan, " 

Bothwell Cheney, 

WHIINEY, LORD, & Co. (see page 

776), Orange 

Higgins Benjamin, Orleans 

Baker Obadiah, East Orleans, " 

Nickerson Zebina H. " " 

Gates Brothers, Oxford 

Rich Ebenezer D. •' 

Blanchard A. V. & Co. Palmer 

Tliorndike Co. Thorndike, " 

Wright , Three Rivers, " 

Comins William, Paxton 

Harrington William, " 

Gray Horace. Pelliam 

Chandler & Bourne, Pembroke 

Oldham John 2d, " 

Blake Gilman, Pepperell 

Mention George A. " 

Cook Nathaniel, Peterpliam 

Hapgood Lyman W. '* 

Green A. A. Phillipston 

Stewart Jacob, Pittsfield 

Osceola River Jlills, George W. 

Adams, W. Pittsfield, " 

Nash James A. Plainfleld 

BARNES E. & J. C. (see page 717), 

Water st. Plymouth 

Cobb F. B, • «' 

Clark Wra, South Plymouth, " 

Taylor Wm. & C. K. Plympton 

Koper Samuel, Princeton 

Smith Flavel \V. " 

Lord J. & Co. Quincy 

Baker Samuel, Rehoboth 

I'erry ( »tis, " 

I'hurber .John, " 

Leonard Theodore W. Rochester 

Rounseville Alden, jr. " 

Carpenter Elijah, 
Dummer Nathaniel N. 
Coombs E. S. 



Co(1din<r Frederick W , West Rutland, " 

Wharf, and Grove, 
Hanson .L V. & J. 
Clark Lewis, New Boston, 
Eldridge C F. 

Newliall H. B. East Saugus, 
Bourne .John W. 
Maynard Albert M. 
Clapp Thomas, 
Cole & Jenkins, 
Gannett Freeman, 
Burr Raymond II. 
Kent Samuel, 
Martin Calvin, 
Leonard E. & Co. 
Manvel & Curtis, 
Bailev Jeremiah J. 
laft Will. I. 
.Sinead Solomon, 

FKOST .]. B. & CO. Shelburne Falls, 
Holbrook .lonathan, 
Leiand .)ame'< H. 
Kilbiini C. A. 
Kilburii .lonathan, 
Doanc Orrin, 
Kay William, 
Wyinaii ( »liviT B. 
Felton Charles, 
Ueed .t Thrasher, 
Stimpsoii A Co. 
.NichoN Hiram, 
Uice Willard B. 
Sawiii Moses, 
W ilker F. W. 
Williams Caleb S. 







North Scituate, " 


Ashley Falls, " 
East Sheffield, " 








(;ioason & Weld, Globe Village, 
Smith B\ron, South Hadley 

Jacobs B. W. Scituate, South Sciiiiate 
Boyle & Gilbert, Southwick 

Capen James, Spencer 

Snow Cheney, " 

Bangs John, Springfield 

Burpee Edward, Sterling 

Stone John E. " 

Nichols Luke W. West Sterling, " 

Curtis SteiJien C, Curtisville, .Stockbridge 
Yale Allen, " 

Capen II. M. Stoughton 






Delany James, Stow 

Smith Micah & Son, 

Wight George, 

Gerry E. A. 

Willis J. P. 

Whitmore D. D. 

Cooffan Michael, 

Kinuey Sumner, 

StockwellJohn P. 

Warnings Mills, 

Witherell Thomas, 

Wood Natlum M. " 

Briggs C. A. & Co. Taunton 


(see page 725), " 

King J. S. East Taunton, " 

Pierce Alvin W. " " 

Everett Chas. Otter River, Templeton 
Trull Nathaniel, Tewksbury 

Look Hannah, West Tisbury, Tisbury 
Luce George, " " 

Marshall Alonzo & Son, Tolland 

Perkins John P. Topsfield 

Towne B. B. 

Adams A. M., Townsend Cen. Townsend 
Spaulding Jonas, " Harbor, " 

House Manuel, Truro 

Upton John G. Tyngsborough 

Tyringham Shakers, Tyringham 

Fisk Luther, Upton 

Holbrook N. W. " 

Wood Arba T. " 

Lackey Warren, Uxbridge 

Marcy H. P. & Co. Wales 

Fisher William H. Walpole 

Morse Francis, East Walpole, " 

Billing's Daniel, Ware 

Blackmer A. L. " 

Snow R. C. & B. C. " 

Dean George, Warren 

Gould J. B. " 

Barlow & Leonard, West Warren, " 

Conant Josiah, Warwick 

JUlson Henry H. " 

Perkins, Coffin, & Co. Watertown 

Grout William C. Wayland 

Rice George A. " 

Slater Samuel & Sons, Webster 

Stevens H. H. " 

Baker Freeman, Wellfleet 

Higgins Thomas, " 

Putnam Danforth, Wendell Depot, Wendell 
Fairbanks & Fitch, Westboroug^h 

Fisher G. W. E. " 

Sandra Frank, " 

Cowee K. G. & Co. West Boylston 

Ames O. & Sons, West Bridgewater 

Aljjer Leonard W. Cochesett, " 

Lewis R. K. & Co, West Brookfield 

Griswold & Stebbins, Weslfield 

Bush, Nelson, & Co. " 

Strickland Frank, " 

Yeamans Roland, " 

Heywood & Burbeck, Westford 

Strong Franklin, West Hampton 

Merriam C'aleb S. Westminister 

Cutting Marshall, Weston 

Craw Charles N. Westport 

Sisson Alden T. " 

Church William, Central Village, Westport 
West Springlield 
Worthy J. L . & Co. Mitteneague, " 

West Stockbridge 
Piatt, Barnes, & Co. Housatonic, " 
Loud Joseph & Co. Weymouth 

Wells Charles & Co. Wliately 

Thompson Augustus A., S. Wilbraham, " 
Adams & Sprague, Williamsburg 

Green Albert C. Williamstown 

Town Charles, " 

Harnden Henry, Wilmington 

Wentworih Samuel, " 

Beals & Bowker, Wiuchendon 

Allen Josiah & Sons, W. Cummington, " 
Kendall Joseph R. Woburn 

Richardson S. Son, North Woburn, " 
Clark Dexter, Worcester 

Hoppin Geo. S. & Co. " 

Patch W. Whipple, Worcester 

Stevens Lafayette, Wortliington 

Adams Benjamin F., W. Worthington, " 
Fisher Lewis, jr. Wrentham 

Fisher Luther, " 

Grant .John E. " 

Hamblin Seth H. Yarmouth 

HaflTord William, South Yarmouth, " 

Matthews Braddock, " " " 

Baxter's Mill, West " " 

Chase Enoch E. " " " 

Hallett Lothrop, Yarmouth Port, " 

Grocers (Wholesale). 

Brown D. & Son, Fall River 
CHACE, ALLEN, & SLADE, 16 and 

18 Bedford, " 

Hawkins & Brother, " 
HAWKINS & KILHAM, Slade's whf. 

(see page 71h) " 

Kingsley George F. " 

Lindsey W. & N. & Co. " 

Pettey, Lawton, & Co. " 

Buttrick Co. Lowell 

Barrows J. N. New Bedford 

Halll. D. &Co. " 

Knowles J. P. 2d, " 
Nye S. G. 

Potter W. F. & Co. " 

Shaw & Brother, " 

Bayley R. & Son, Newburyport 

Downing & Sturtevant, Springlield 

Pvnchon & Lee, " 

West, Stone, & Co. «' 

Harrington L. Worcester 

Learned L. M. " 

Taft S. & Son, " 

Grocers (Retail). 

C See also Country Stores) 


Dunham C. L. 

Reed Wm. H. 

Soule D. 

Beal John W. 

French Joseph, 

Moore William, 

Poole Franklin & Co. 

Union Co. 

Culver George, 

Noyes & Harding, 

Tarbell Edwin, 

Sayles C. F. 

Baldwin F. W. 

Butler & Co. 

Brolley Daniel, 

Cummings John, 

Darling Moses B. 

Goodrich & Linsley, 

Smith Dexter, 

Burnham, Siles, & Co. 

Camraett Gustavus, 

Evans C. W. & Co. " 

Gallagher A. J. << 

Hunting W. F. M. " 

North John & Co. '< 

Stedman F. F. « 

Swett William, " 

Amesbury and Salisbury Mutual Ben- 
efit Society, Thomas Haigh, agt., 
Amesbury Mills, " 

Burt H. & Co. Amherst 

Holland S. Co. " 

Winslow, Piper, & Co. " 

Pufter Reuben G. North Amherst, " 

East Abington, 

North Abington, " 
South Abington, " 
South Acton, Acton 

North Adams, " 


Barnes & Lewis, 
Chapman L. 
Merrill Sylvester, 
Lancaster Thomas, 
Morrison John, 
Cutter George H. 
Hadley William F. 
Rowe Matthew, 
Russell Thomas H. 
Ellis William P. 
Fay Brothers, 
Lee & Stevens, 
Fay Sereno E. 


Ballardvale, " 


Athol Depot, 



Grocers — continued. 

Moulton & Cheeney, Athol Depot, Athol 

Packard J. F. ' " 

Sears C. M. " " 

Carpenter L. Z. & P. M. Attleborough 

Monroe Charles, " 
i<ollett N. B. & Co., Attleborouorh Falls, " 
Barden J. G. & Co. N. Attleborough, " 

Briggs & Hall, " " 
DayJ.S. South Attleborough, " 
Hallett Lot, Hyannis, Barnstable 

Hinckley W. L. " " 


Smith Samuel & Son, " 
Mann W. C. Cary\'ille, Bellingham 

Carter 8. R. Berlin 

Fullers. M. " 

Mavnard G. W. " 


Davenport & Pierce, " 

Endicott Robert R. " 

Foster George B. " 

Hughes Ferdinand D. " 

LunimuF & Moulton, " 

N. E. P. Union, .■?54, " 


Plaisted William D. " 

Porter Jeremiah, agent, " 

Prince Asa, " 

Symonds S. B. " 

Wallis Caleb, " 

West Luther, " 

Whipple Robert, " 

Woodburv Horace P. " 

Dayl.S." West Beach, " 

Perry & Haskell, " " 

Richardson F. E. Billerica 

Easty Lott, North Billerica, " 

Bates & Comstock, Blackstone 

Parker A. B. '• 

Smith Thomas T. Millville " 

Atwood A. H. Bradford 
Perrv B. G. 

WHITE H. M., South Braintree, Braintree 

Winslow B. B. Brewster 

Adams William H. Bridgewater 

Hatliavray William B. " 
Keitli L. M. 

Kingman W. B. " 

Allen W. C. Brighton 

Everett W. P. " 

Harding F. & Co. " 

Hunt Thomas & Co. " 

Kendall Sahna, " 

Mackin ("lias. " 

Wethern Thomas, " 

Vizard & Mulcahy, Brookfleld 

Bogan iUiward, Brookline 

Coolid|,'e & Brother, " 

Guild J. Anson, " 

Hunting & Co. " 

Russell Marshall, " 

Seamans James M. & Co. " 

Robbins M. C. Cambridge 

Seavev Theodore B. " 

Wood" & Hall, " 

Wyetl» James H. " 

Barton C. E. Cambridgeport, " 

Booth Thomas, " " 

Boyden B. F. " " 

Bridge S. G. " " 

Casey Richard, " " 

Chadbourne C. H. " " 

Dobbyn Jlargaret, " " 

Farrell & Mullin, " " 

Fyfe Charles E. " " 

Goodnow Geo. W. " " 

Hannum L. M. " " 

Hatch & Arkorson, " " 

Holmes J. A. <fe Co. " " 

Houghton Henry M. " " 

Hovey J. Dana, " " 

Howard M. E. Mrs. " " 

Ireland & Smith, " " 

James Samuel, " " 

King Benjamin, " " 

Lyons John S. " " 

Marsden James, " " 

McCann Eliza Mrs. " " 

McGinley John, " " 

Messer D. E. & Bro. Cambridgeport, " 
Montgomery Andrew, " " 
Nixon William, " " 
Rieker Veasey P. " " 
Ryder S. N. " " 
Sargent Otis W. " " 
Sargent & Verity, " " 
Titus C. H. & Co. " " 
WaiteJohnB. " 
Blake Edwin H. East Cambridge, " 
Campbell Hugh, " " 
Connors Thomas, " " 
Doloff & Harrington, " " 
Fahy John L. " " 
Fhinagan Matthew, " " 
Garvan Terrence, " " 
Hendley. Wheeler, & Co. " " 
Hovey H.N. '• " 
Hughes Alexander, " " 
Meaglier Stephen, " " 
Moor J. C. " " 
O'Neil John, " " 
People's Union Association, " " 
Kayhold W. T. " " 
Robinson Charles, " '• 
Sexton Patrick, " " 
Shea Timothy, " " 
Shields Kardy, " " 
Shields James, " " 
Stevens George P. " " 
Steward Aionzo & Son, " " 
Train Edmund, " " 
Bradford .\. W. North Cambridge, " 
Durgin .lames, " " 
Smith A. R. " " 
Billings L. & L. L. Canton 
ISrett Kuf'us, Carver 
Ransom B. " 
Shaw D. A. " 
Adams John Q. Charleatown 
Baker Wm. H.& Co. " 
Barker Charles A. " 
Barry Jolin, " 
Bettinson Richard B. " 
Bingliam L. R. " 
Blazo .losepli, " 
Bray James E. " 
Brooks A Storer, " 
Burgess Edward B. " 
Burnes Lawrence, " 
Burr Henry T. " 
Charlestown Workingmen's Co-oper- 
ative Association, " 
Charlestown Workingmen's Trading 

Association, " 

Churchill J. C. " 

Clark Tliomas F. " 

Coffey Patrick F. " 

Corey & (Joodwin, " 

Darling & Brown, '• 

Dinneeii Ellen, " 

Downer F. E. " 

Downing Learnerd, '• 

Dunnigan John, " 

DunnV.M. " 

Filli'browne S. L. " 

Flanagan Patrick, " 

Flana'.'an William, " 

Flvnn John, " 

Fox David B. " 

Fuller O. G. " 

Gallagher David, " 

Ginn James F. " 

Gline Bradford E. " 

Gordon G. W. " 

Hall B. B. '• 

HallM'sesB. " 

Harrington Michael, •• 

Harris Wm. H. " 

Hatch John F. ♦' 

Hathon Leonard B. " 

Hathon Otis I. " 

Hayes John Mrs. " 

Henshaw Peter, " 

Hill S. Prentiss & Co. " 

Keane John, " 

Kevin Patrick, " 

Lovering G. H. & H. " 

Mahoney Wm. H. " 



Martin Ann, Charlestown 

McMiihon Thomas, " 

McKenna M. " 

Moore James, " 

Morr<8 Frank, " 

Mullett & Bradbury, " 

Nason Richard, " 

O'Brien William, " 

O'Connor Michael, " 

O'Neill Michael, " 

Peaslee & King, " 

Percy B. D, " 

Pingree Charles B, " 

Powers Bridget, " 

Quinlan Patrick, " 

Rea J. & Son, " 

Reed J. W. " 

Reed, Sawin, & Co. " 

Ronan Patrick, " 

Sanborn & Priest, I" 

Scannell David, " 

Sharkey H. " 

South Isaiah & Co. " 

Stevens Jesse, *' 

Stickney Lyman, " 

Sullivan P. " 

Swallow A. N. " 

Warren Daniel, " 

Wells F. A. " 

Wiley & Binford, " 
Doane Samuel, Chatham 

Eldridse Joshua, " 

Hitchings William, " 

Jones Joseph D. " 

Nickerson Ziba, " 


Smith Brothers, " 
Gerish T. M. S.Chelmsford. Chelmsford 

Ward Patrick R. N. Chelmsford, " 
Alden .John, Chelsea 

Alger Edmund, " 

Butts John W. " 

Carter & Marett, J" 

Cannon Hugh, " 

Chapin N. F. " 
Chelsea Workingmen's Co-operative 

Association, '" 

Clapp & Smith, " 

Connor Cornelius, " • 

Cook David P. «' 

Cook Charles E. " 
CUTTING HENRY, Cedar, c. Maiden, " 

Dean George W. " 

Dinnon James, " 

Donahoe Philip, " 

Drew & Parmenter, " 

Dyer Benj. A. " 

Eaton George W. " 

Farnum Thomas P. " 

Fuller (iurdon E. " 

Gilgun Thomas, " 

Greeley Thomas H. " 

Hagan Patrick, " 

Haneford Charles, " 

Keenan Edward, " 

Marr & Burke, " 

McCann Hugh, " 

McMulIen Richard. " 

Mitchell Thomas, *' 

Morrill George E. " 

Munroe John, " 

Munroe W. & C. " 

Murray Alice, " 

Newhall Cheever, . " 

Nichols Charles, " 

Nicholson Patrick, " 

Ramsdell Henry, " 

Sanderson Henry W. " 

Shimmins Robert, " 

Taylor 86 Jolley, «• 

Trainor Peter, " 

Tuttle & Spalter, " 

Vahey Thomas. " 

Wentworth & Bacon, " 
BuUens C. A. Chicopee 


Carter & Spaulding, " 

Devine Thomas & Son, " 

Dixon John, " 

Kimball Elijah P. " 

Lanckton & Pond, Chicopee 
McKeag John, 

Wood N. R. " 

Bovd & Houghton, Chicopee Falls, " 

Bri'gham & Banister, Clinton 

Chase C. H. " 

Haskell W. H. " 

McQuaid T. A. & Co. " 

White David A. " 

Wilder W. G. &:Co. " 

Derby Edward, Concord 

Buttrick & Pratt, " 

Walcott & Holden, *' 

Cross F. L. Danvers 

Fisk , " 

Flint Richard, " 

Prentiss Henry, " 

Mudge A. H. Danvers Centre, " 

Perley A. P. &Co. " " 

Putnam F. W. " " 

Warren A. W. Danvers Port, " 

Briggs Jerome B. Dartmouth 

Baker & Mann, Dedham 

Farrington G. M. " 

Lealand C. H. & Co. " 

Boyden & Norris, East Dcdiiam, " 

Finn R. M. " " 

Sullivan Patrick O. " " 

Tapley W. T. " " 

Tracy Andrew, " " 

Webb Moses E. South Dedham " 

Wheelock E. jr. " " 

Soule Francis, jr. West Dedham, " 

Gay Theodore, " " 

Greeley , " " 

Arms Charles, South Deerfield, Deerfleld 
BakerR. &J. South Dennis, Dennis 

Andrews E. F. Dighton 

Cobb G. W. & Son, " 

Phillips Wm. " 

Whitmarsh Charles E. " 

Baker Stephen, Dorchester 


Hewlus J. F. & Co. " 

Pavson Thomas, " 

UPHAM J. H. & CO. " 

Wliorf Jonathan, " 

Farrington F. & Co. " 

Foster Ira, " 

Parks H. jr. Harrison sq. " 

RUSSELL THOMAS, Mattapan, " 

Stevenson Charles E. " " 

Furness & Twombly, Milton, " 

Hall Joseph E. " " 

Karle John, " " 

Talbot J. C. " " 

Dolan Michael, Neponset, " 

H.arding & Wilbur, " " 

Preston Edward, " " 

Warren John, " " 

Southworth & Hayden, Port Norfolk, " 

Everett George D. Dover 

Brewster Charles, Duxbury 

Sears Frank, " 
ChandJer Chas. H. & Co., W. Duxbury, " 

Ballon, A. M. East Bridgewater 

Hunting Amos, " " 

Keith M. M. " " 

Ordway George N. " " 

Cobb H. K. North Eastham, Eastham 
Strout S. B. North Easton, Easton 

.lohnson G. M. & Co. East Hampton 

Chapman & Parsons, " 

Langdon C. W. " 

Strangford Alexander, " 

Polniatier George H. South 

Egremont, Egremont 
Jones J. S. Enfield 
Burnham Aaron, Essex 
Burnham Lewis, " 
Cogswell Geo. W. " 
Richardson J. M. " 
Allen Rufus, Fairhaven 
Fairhaven Union Store, Noah Stod- 
dard, agent, " 
Fuller F. M. " 
Nye Alfred, " 
Swift Seth S. & Co. " 
Taber Joseph B. " 
Andrews E. & R, H, Fall River 



Grocers — continued, 
Arnold L. L, 
Ashley Job B. 
Barney George W. 
Beuce Thomas, 
Bliss Wm. B. 
Briggs B. F. 
Brownell & Cobb, 
Butler James, 
Callahan Dennis, 
Caraghar Philip, 
Carey Job S. 
Carr'John A. 
Carroll & Butler, 
Chace A. C. 
Chace, Allen, & Slade 
Church & Howland, 
Clarkson George, 
Connellv John, 

CONFtdy DANIEL, 20 Union, 
Covel Alphonso S. 
Cuttle John, 
Davis Jason, 
Dean G. T. 
Dodge & Seers, 
Durass R 
Dyer David, 
Egan John, 
Egan Owen, 

Fall River Co-op. Ass'n, J. Frost, agt. 

Kearnan, agt. 
Flynn D. 
Flvnn William, 
Ford L. B. 
Fuller & Brother, 
GifTord S. B. 
Greene C. S. 
Harrington James T. 
Harrington I*. P. 
Harrington Timothy, 
Hathaway Oliver H. & Sons, 
Hathaway & Deane, 
Hill F. K. 

Horton (iarrett & Son, 
Howe Patrick, 
Johnson Peter S, 
Keavy James, 
Kelley Jeremiah, 
Kelley & O'Neil, 
Kennedy & Flynn, 
Larkin Thomas, 
Law Herbert, 
Leary Patrick R. 
Liberty Patrick, 
Lingane David, 
Lingane Richard, 
Lyne Wright, 
Maxam E. B. 
Mahoney John, 
Manchester Clark S. 
Marble Wm. P. & Co. 
Matthews Henry, 
McDonald Edward, 
McDermott Andrew, 
McDonald P.J. 
McDonoupli Michael, 
McHugli .John, 
Monks William, 
Morrow & i^uigley, 
Murphy Edward, 
Murphy James, 
Murphy J. F. & Co. 
Murphy & Son, 
Negus Robert & Co. 
Newman Robert, 
Nickerson Benjamin, 
O'Hearne Robert, 
O'Neil Jeremiah, 
Pettey, Lawton, & Co. 
Powers John, 
Priestley Emanuel, 
Pugh Richard, 
Quinn James, 
Read W. A. & Brother, 
Regan Philip, 
Regan Timothy, 
Sanders J . Sirs. 
Short Thomas, 
Simpson & Fielding, 

' Smithies Robert, 
Fall River 1 Stretton Thomas, 

Fall River 

Sullivan Jeremiah, " 

Svnan William, " 

Thompson Robert, " 

Thorley & Campbell, «« 

Thornton Edward, " 

Wade & Pettey, " 

Waite Levitt, " 

Walsh Philip, " 

Waterhouse Wright, " 
WILBUR B. & BROTHER, 24 Elm, " 
Lawrence Meltiah, Falmouth 

Lawrence William C. " 
Baldwin Joseph, Fitchburg 

Brewster S. & Son, " 

Caldwell Thomas C. " 

Chamberlain Bros. •' 

Ctioate E. N. & H. M. «• 

Cleaves Francis E. " 

Fitchburg- Co-operative Store, " 

Guy T. F. " 

Hatch Henry A. " 

Lewis & Sawtell, " 

Pero James, " 

Spaulding Josiah, " 

Streeter Daniel R. & Co. " 

Upham & Burr, " 

Wright John K. , " 

Nelson L. L. Florida 

Carroll E. Foxborough 

Godfrey H. S. " 

Hixon & F'ales, " 

Hodges & Messinger, " 

McEvoy J. D. " 
Bracken William, Framingham 

Kendall E. F. " 

Leslie Thomas, Saxonville, " 

Stone & Bill, " " 

Putnam T.H. Franklin 

Rockwood William, " 

Stewart & Chapman, " 
Dean George H. Freetown 

Johnson Daniel L. " 

Phillips James M. " 
Drury L. M. & Co. Gardner 

Gardner Co-operative Association, " 
Berry J. O. & Co. Georgetown 

Hoyt John, " 

Lambert & Bailey, " 

Perley Gilman, " 
Allen J. D. Gloucester 

Boardman Samuel O. " 

Brown D. A. " 

Burnhain L. A. & Brother, " 

Centre A. J. " 

Dolliver Brothers, " 

Elwell George, " 

Elwell Henry, " 

Firth Robert, " 

Friend Chas. & Co. " 

Friend George, " 

Gallagher Chas. H, " 

Goodiiow & Reed, " 

Haskell B. & Sons, " 

Herrick Calvin C. " 

Hicks Johns. «« 

King A. C. " 

Rogers, *' 

Mansfield J. & Sons, " 

Marston Samuel, " 

Munsey William, •' 

Parkhurst Charles, " 

Parkhurst David, " 

Parkhurst George, " 

Parsons John E. " 

Perkins & Foster, " 

PEW JOHN & SON, 8.3 Spring, " 

Pluramer David, " 

Rogers Charles, " 

Rowe & Jordan, " 

Saunders, Huntington, & Co. " 

Sayward Daniel, " 

Sayward Epes, jr. & Co. " 

Smith & Gott, " 

Steele George, " 

Wells Aaron D. *« 

Winter Addison, " 

Winter Fitz W. " 



Wonson John W. Gloucester 

Davis John D. Annisquam, " 

Andrews J. L. & Sons, Lanesville, " 
Berry Lorenzo, " " 

Duley Michael, " " 

Dustin J. K. " " 

Dodd, Tarr, & Co. East Gloucester, " 
Low Alfred & Co. " " 

Wonson J. Warren, " " 


Wonson J. F. jr. & Co. " " 

Kichardson Jasper, West Gloucester, " 
Babson John L. Riverdale, " 

Newton B. Grafton 

Union Store, N. E. Village, " 

Barnes Edward, Great Barriugton 

Burget & Kilborn, " 

Siggins & Co. " 

Smith Stephen E. " 

Burk ilichaei, Greenfield 

Cascoigne J. T. • " 

Coombs J. A. " 

Hall Thomas V. " 

Henry & Lucy, " 


Nutting & Keith, " 

Shattuck S. L. " 

Wise Wm. M. " 

Blood Edmund, West Groton, Groton 

Harlow Wm. H. & Co. Groton Junction, " 
STUART GEO. W. & Co. " " 

Shipnian William S. Hadley 

Howland Calvin L. Hanson 

Drayton John South Hanson, " 

Cobb & Jroran, Hardwick 

Harvey John, " 

Perry & Spooner, " 

Clark Elisha, Harwich 

Freeman Warren, " 

Underwood Wm. H. " 

Kelley Shubael B. Harwich Port, " 
Chase W. W. West Harwich, " 

Allen A. M. Haverhill 

Bartlett T. B. & Co. " 

Bowley Edwin & Co. " 

Crochett F. S. & Co. " 

Fox Bros. " 

Greene Moses H. " 

Greenough Eben, " 

Hill C. H. & Son, " 

Hoyt B. " 

Jaques W. T. " 

Kimball Benj. " 

Moody Brothers, " 

Ray li.irvey " 

Regan Robert, " 

Roberts O.H. " 

Roche J. M. & Co. " 

Snay John, " 

Stearns & White, " 

Sticknev George H. " 

Taylor T.J. 

Tewksburv J. B. " 

Webster C. A. & Co. " 

West Elislia S. " 

Witham & Poor, " 

Dunn Geo. East Haverhill, " 

Nichols John B. " " 

Sawyer William, " " 

Cain David, Hingham 

Easterbrook Samuel, " 

Gardner Calvin, " 

Hum C. S. " 

Thayer A. E. " 

Gushing Alonzo, South Hingham, " 
Bowles Henry A. Hinsdale 

Day & Nash, " 

Shaw Geo. D. &Co. " 

Fisk Lovett, Holliston 

Gassett Brothers, " 

Melcalf S. •' 

Parmeuter A, J. " 

Jlorse W. H. & C. H. Hopkinton 

Woodward D. P. & Co. 

Brown Brotliers, Holyoke 

Crafts Uoswell P. & Sou. " 

Connor M. J. " 

Curren 'i'. L. " 

Dillon Thouias, " 

Downs James, " 

Doyle & Finn, Holyoke 
Ely Joseph & Son, " 
Lannahan J. " 
Loomis & Pomeroy, " 
Lynch Michael, " 
Manning Patrick, " 
Munsell & Sears, " 
O'Donnell John, " 
O'Doinell V. J. " 
Richards & Thayer, " 
Thompson David, " 
Tuttle & Moore, " 
Welch M. " 
Crafts Chester, Ireland, " 
Davis Charles, Hubbardston 
Pope Joseph, Hull 
Crocker & Lewis, Hyde Park 
Bonney W. A. " 
Fairbairn Wm. U. " 
Follett Lorenzo, " 
Gunnison Geo. W. " 
Lawson J. D. & T. " 
Thompson Robert, " 
ConlonP. S. Readville, " 
O'Connell Daniel, " " 
Wright Richard, *' " 
Condon Thos. E. Ipswich 
Hills A. S. " 
Jewett Nathan, " 
Lord Asa, " 
Willcomb F. " 
Haskins Cephas, Lakeville 
Wood Luther D. Lanesborough 
Andrews O. & Co. Lawrence 
Andrews Wm. H. " 
Brady James, " 
Buxton W. T. " 
Carley Patrick, " 
Carney Michael & Bro. " 
Carr Daniel, jr. & Co. " 
CO AN W. B. & A. 268 Essex, " 
Corporation Supply Store, P. Richard- 
son, agt. " 
Currier J. Merrill, " 
Decker & Andrews, " 
Devlin Edward, " 
Dowd Margaret Mrs. " 
Downe Henry A. " 
Eastman & Buell, " 
Edson & Richards, " 
Fleming John M. " 
Gadin Ambrose, " 
GeranJohn, " 
Goggin S. ^ " 
Goodenow Jesse, ' " 
Goodwin Michael, " 
GritRn Thomas, " 
Grimes & Co. " 
Hally Edward, " 
Harris & Foster, " 
Hart & Lawler, " 

H(')LI HAN PETER, 389 Common, " 

HogleH.A. &S. " 

Hoyt & Cushman, " 

Jacknian, Kimball, & Co. " 

Jordan A. S- & Co. " 

Kelcher Cornelius, " 

Kennedy Thomas, " 

Lamprey A. A. & Co, " 

Lazell H. R. &Co. " 

Leary Dennis, " 

Manahan M. & H. D. " 

McGowan & Gushing, " 

Merrill M. P. & Son, " 

Meserve Wm. S. " 

Morache .Joseph, jr. " 

IMorrissey Edward, " 

Morse William, " 

han, agt. 389 Common, " 

Nevill John, " 

O'Donnell P. " 

O'.Sullivan D. C. " 

O'Sullivan Martin, " 

Payson H. ' " 

Perkins Nathan, " 

Phelen K. C. " 

Pierce Edwin W. '* 



Grocers — continued. 

Pike & Pettengill, 

Quirk & Corrigan, 


Russell & Smith, 

Stiattuck J. jr. & Co. 

Smith Chiis. & Son. 

Thomas, Dawson, &Co. 

Webster Alvali H. 

Boland Peter, 

Ferry James \\. 

Moore E. A. 

Nolan Michael, 

Owen Patrick, 

Reardon Daniel, 

Putney Geo. F. Clappville, 

Wright Samnel C. 

Bancroft Selwin, 

Barnard Ohas. H. 

Bergeron Louis, 

Blair E. R. 

Bliike Patrick, 

Bohonan & Fletcher, 

Burrows Valentine, 

Buttrick & Co. 

Callahan Charles, 

Callahan Daniel, 

Carolin T. 

Chalmers .James B. 

Chamberlain .Joseph A. 

Chandler F. H. & Co. 

Clieney & Hartwell, 

Churchill S. W. 

Clement E. A. 

Clough Walter S. 

Collins .lames, 

Colwell Philip, 

Conway Bejnard, 

Cosgrove .lolin, 

CouTson Samuel. 

Courtney P. & .J. 

Dempsey Patrick, 

Deviiie Patrick J, 

Dexter S. K. 

Donalioe .James, 


EacDtt William, 

Eaton .Job S. 
Emerson Luther, 
Farley Owen, 
Finnegan M. 

Fuller .Jason, 

Garrigan Thomas J. 

Gibson Brothers, 

Gove David & Co. 

Greenwood Bros. 

Hall C. & A. 1". 

Hemenway Marshall, 

Higgins Edson S. 

Hoar M. 

Ingham \V. A. 

Jepson John C. 

Jones Charles M. 

Keyes Patrick, 

Kiley Lawrence, 

Kiley Roger, 

Knowles Thomas, 

Knowles & Holland, 

Knox & Woodward, 

Lee Michael Mrs. 

Lehany James, 

Leonard John, 

Lennon John, 

Lynch .Jeremiah, 

Lynch .John, 

Alaguire Thomas, 

Manning Daniel, 

Marley Daniel, 

Marren James, 

Mathews & L.ike, 

McAloon William, 

MclABE JAMES, 1 Whipple, 

McCann John, 

McCarty Michael, 

McGuirk P. 

MoNabb Bros. 

McQuaid Ellen, 

Mcsorley Alexander, 

Mealey & Guyton, 

Mollahan P. & F. 





Mooney Christopher, Lowell 

Moran .John F. " 

Morse Charles H. " 

Xichols & Fletcher, " 

O'Neill Bernard, ; «« 

Orange & Rogers, ' " 

Owens James, .-^ «« 

Pearson J. & J. M. «« 

Persons R. " 

Puffer Asahel D. & Co. «« 

Putnam J. D. " 

Richardson John B. " 

Richardson Sumner, •« 

Riley Bernard, «« 

Riley John, «« 

Riley John 2d, «« 

Runals Robert K. «« 

Russell Cyrus K. «« 

Russell S. S. «« 

Russell & Blakslee, '« 

Russell & Lane, ♦« 

Smith Peter S. ^ «« 

Spencer T. S. «' 

Springer James F. & Co. " 

Slickney & Spofford, «« 

Stricter H. W. «« 

Washburn & Pearl, «« 

Wheeler Albert, «« 

Whitheail Darius, «« 

Whittemore & Blanchard, «• 

Worthen E. B. & Co. " 

Wright A. C. «« 

Young Felix, «« 

Ambler S. C. Lynn 
BACHELLER HENRY B., 70 Lewis, " 

Bacheller John N. H. " 

Bacheller J. P. " 

Bates Thomas S. " 

Bayrd Edward, «« 

Breed Joseph W. '« 

Breed Sylvester B. " 

Carter .Joseph S. agt. " 

Chamberlain & Co. •« 

Chesley & Brock, " 

Childs Isaac, " 

Cobiirn George S. " 

Currier Joseph R. " 

Division 717, " 

Doyle L. P. «« 

Farmer Patrick, «• 

Franklin Grocery Co. " 

Gove E. B. T. «» 

Hall William A. " 

Hollowell Samuel J. " 

Harlow A. J. •« 

Hawkes Win. R. " 

Holder Edward A. «' 

Honors Arthur G. " 

Hussey G. B. & Co. " 

Lane Benjamin jr. " 

Lannan Dennis, " 

Lynn Grocery Co. " 

Marsh G W. «« 

Marsh J. E. F. «« 

McMillen John, «« 

McMillen R. " 

Merrill & Staples, " 

Mudge Samuel, " 

M. B. Association, J. Martin, agt. " 

Murphy Timothy, " 

Newhall William P. " 

Noyes A P. " 
OSBORNE E. W. & CO. Market sq. " 

Paige & Carswell, " 

Parker G. E. «* 

Payne & Miles, « 

Philpot Robert, '« 

Proctor & Hurd, " 

Putnam Eugene A, ." 

Putnam F. M. " 

Ranisdell Oliver, " 

Richardson Edward, «• 

Sanderson J. A. «• 

Shepherd John, " 

Skinner J. B & Son, «' 

Southvvorth George W, " 

Snain Thomas L. " 

Tarbox James M. " 

Tarbox .Joseph E. " 

Thurston Wilder S. *• 



Tilton Wm. H. Lynn 

Union Grocery Co. " 

Usher & Co. " 

Vickary Joseph, jr. " 
Cook Kobert D. Maiden 

Hammond Wm. S. " 

Hill Bros. " 

Houdlette P. F. & Sons, " 

Kaulback T. M. " 

Shepard Brothers, " 

Simons George L. " 

Shackford John, E. Maiden, " 

Kmmons Daniel, South " " 

Lane T. D. " " 

Oakes U. " " 
Hunting Wm. H. Maplewood, " 
Bessom W. C. Mansfield 
Lovell I. & S. C. 

Read R. J. " 
Briggs E. West Mansfield, " 

Perry Albert, " " " 
Allen Ambrose, Marblehead 

Allen A. jr. " 

Bartlett Nicholas, " 

Brown Benjamin F. •' 

Burridge Kobert, " 

Day Benjamin, " 

Iflint David, " 

Gale Samuel, " 

Gilley William, " 

Glover John, " 

Graves, Joseph 4th, " 

Graves Samuel, " 

Green Joseph G. " 

Hanson Thomas D. jr. " 

Hathaway Stephen, " 

Harris Richard 1'. " 


Hidden Samuel B. " 

Hooper A. & F. T. " 

Hooper Benj. G. " 

Knight Azar O. " 

Knight George, " 

Knight George 2d, " 

Knight William R. " 

LeMaster George, " 

Levett Benjamin, i " 

Lind.sey Nathaniel B. " 

Martin Samuel C. " 

Mason Isaac W. " 

Nutting William, " 

Paine Henry, " 

Paine William B. jr. " 

Peach Stephen B. " 

Pitman John, " 

Rhoades A. S. " 

Trasher John, " 
Childs & Cunningham, Marlborough 
Edwards V. D. 

Estabrook E. C. " 

Johnston John, " 


Lowe William, " 

Quirk & Brewin, •' 

Atsatt John T. Mattapoisett 

Keith Charles, " 

Luce Thomas, " 

Mendall John Mrs. " 

Snow Allen W. " 

Snow Harvey, " 

Snow L. & M. " 
Callender D. B. Medford 

Citizens' Union Store, " 

Coleman W. " 

Hutchings Amos, " 

Jaquith Henry H. " 

Sampson Geo. H. " 

Frederick Wm. C, West Medford, " 

Hyde James, " " 
Whitney George W. Medway 

Adams J. L. W. Medway, " 

Worthen Bros. " " 
Bugbee & Barrett, Melrose 

Hayward C. H. & Co. " 

Singer John, " 

Wells William H. " 

Whitney Hiram, " 
Ballon Sumner, Mendon 
Carleton Guy, Methuen 

Gale & Frederick Methuen 

Sawyer George W. " 
Thomas Ira, Middleborough 

Gushing Matthew H. " 

Pickens George, " 

Thompson I. W. " 

Tinkliam Geo. C. " 

Waterman George, " 

Wood Wm. B. " 
Averill E. P. & Co. Middleton 

WilkinsH.A. " 
Chttpin C F. Miltord 

Fiske H. B. & Co. " 

Goodrich H. A. " 

Hodgkin C. " 

Howard William, " 

Howard & Pierce, *' 

Hunt & Scott, " 

Jenks H. U. " 

Madden & Keys, " 

Navin Smith, " 

O'Neil Michael, '' 

Taft F. A. «' 

Walpole Edward, " 
Gibson H. O. Hopedale, " 
Bramanville Union, Millbury 

Millbury Protective Union, " 
Durell John, Milton 

Tiirbox (rforge W. " 
Mann & King, Monson 
Clapp George A. Montague 
Barrett Samuel, Nantucket 

Cathcart William C. " 

Calder Timothy W. " 

Cottiu Obed G. " 

Davis, Eldredge, & Kenney, " 

Eldredge H. & Co. " 

Fitzgerald Nathaniel, " 

Hosier John H. " 

Hussey Oliver, " 

Keane P. " 

Macy Joseph B. " 

Nlckeison Franklin, " 

OlinJohnW. «' 

Parker E. H. " 

Russell William M. " 

Union Store, C. H. Bailey, Agent, " 
Adams J. G. Natick 

Atwood Sidney, " 

Clark Edward, " 

Hathaway G. C. " 

Kiley & Burns, " 

Natick Protective Union, " 

Parker S. N. " 

WestO. W. " 

Bartlett & Perry, South Natick, " 

Smith G. & Co. " 

Tuck A. R. " 
Fuller F. W. Wellesley, Needham 
Acushnet Co-operative store, New Bedford 

Adams Z. L. " 

Allen Abraham A. " 

Bates Lot B. '* 

Beetle C. H. " 

Booth George D. " 

Bonney Josiah S. " 

Braley J. W. " 

BriggsB.W. « 

Brocl & Gitlbrd, •' 

Brownell & Wheaton, " 

Burgess D. ** 

(Central Union Association, " 

Chappell William H. " 

Childs .lames E. " 

Clare John, " 

Cook David, " 

Covtll Jonathan, " 
COTA & SMITH, Middle, cor. Cedar, " 

Cummings Solomon, " 

Doty William P. " 

Dwight James E. " 

Dyer Cliarles W. " 

Dyer George L. " 

Fisher & Lowe, " 
Francis Isaac, . " 

Gallagher John, ^ " 

Gardner T. A. " 

Giff'ord Fred. S. " 

Holcomb Henry, " 

Holcomb Roland, " 



Grocers — continued. 
Howland Joseph, New Bedford 

Independent Union Store, S. Bennet, 

agt-nt, [^ 

Jenney & Case, |^ 

Jordan Patrick, ^ 

King Annie L. '^ 

King George, ^^ 

Kirby Nicholas, 

Knowles J. P. 2d (shipl, ^\ 

Knowles Thomas & Co. '^ 

Lawrence Cyrus T. '^ 

Lawrence Edward P. ^^ 

Lawrence Paul, ^^ 

Lawton James 31. & Son, ^^ 

Lawton Russell S. ^^ 

Lawton William B. ^^ 

Lovell Jonathan, |^ 

Lowe John, 

Lucas H. K. W. ^, 

Lucas & Barrows, ^^ 

Luscomb Robert, ^^ 

Macomber George B. ^^ 

Manley John A. ^^ 

Mason Humphrey S. 

McFarlin S. W. ,, 

Milliken K. & Son, ^^ 

Moore Samuel C. 

MORSE CLINTON, 151 Kempton, 
Morse F. & Co. 

New Bedford Co-operative Work- 
ing Men's Association, Thomas 
Castle, agent, || 


Nye S. G. „ 

Parker William G. ^^ 

Patterson S. T. ^^ 

Pease James H. ^^ 

Peirce James, 2d, ^^ 

Perry & Wood, ^ 

Reynolds Wike, '^^ 

Kice Simeon, ^^ 

Shaw & Brother, ^^ 

Sherman Isaac C. ^^ 

Sherman J. B. ^^ 

Snow Sylvester, ^^ 

Sparrow U. A. 
Stanton A. G. & Co. 

Stewart W. H. ,, 

Sturtevant Zachariah, 
Taber, Gordon, & Co. ^1 

Taber .lames T. 
Terry Job M. 

Tillin^'liast H. C. ,, 

Tripp Thomas B. 

William, . ' 

Washington Co-operative Association, 
Wlieaton & Brownell, 

Whitney J. W. C. ,, 

Wiuslow Holmes, ^^ 

Wood & Brownell, ^^ 

Wood Zenas. 
Wordell & Ashley, 
Young P. A. & Co. 

Little Isaac W. Newbury 

Adams Rufus, Newburyport 

Adams Washington, "^ 

Batchelder E. K. 

Bayley K. & Son, ,, 

Blumpey P. H. ^^ 

Bowlen Caldwell, ^^ 

Brookings P. B. ^^ 

Brown Jenness, ^^ 

Caldwell John, ^ 

Chase .lames M. \^ 

Clement Isaac C. ,j 

Currier Edwin, ^^ 

Currier Richard, ^^ 

Cusick William C. ,, 

Emery Josiah, ,i 

Fenimore Charles H. ^^ 

Fowler Moses H. ^^ 

French Curtis, ^^ 

Goodwin Daniel A. ^^ 

Goodwin M. 

GreenUaf D. D. ,, 

GriflBth Thomas, ^^ 

Griudal John L. ^^ 

Henry Patrick, 

Hunt George W. Newburyport 

Huse R. C. & Co. " 

llsley Stephen, " 

Ireland Nathaniel jr. " 

.Janvrin John, 

Johnson H. G. O. " 

Knight Daniel H. jr. '' 

Lane Abner, 

Little I. W. " 

Martin Patrick, " 

McKay William, 

Merrill P. A. 

Moynihau Patrick T. " 

Pearson William, ' 

Pettingill Cutting, 

Pettingill Moses, jr. ^ 

Pingry Daniel A. * 

Plumfner William C. * 

Plumer & Balch, " 

Poor Isaac, 

Prescott H. G. '' 

Quill John, 

Quinn Timothy, 

Richardson Pottle, *^ 


Roberts Parker, 

Ross Lorenzo D. 

Ross M. M. " 

Rowe Alonzo H. 

Sargent Elbridge A. ^^ 

Stacv N. 

Stickney & Goodwin, ^* 

Stover George, * 

Sumner, Swazey, & Currier, 

Thurlow William, ' 

Tilton Albert, ' 

Tilton Daniel G. 

Toppan H. P. '' 

Webster George E. ^^ 

Winn Jeremiah, ^^ 

Young James, 

Plummer Albert, Auburndale, Newton 

Dimond & Weatherbee, Lower Falls, " 

Hyde C. H. & Co. " " 

Newtonville, " 

Upper Falls, " 
II « 

West Newton, " 

>( " 


Trowbridge J. Newton Centre, 

White J. M. 

Cole H. B. & Co. Newton Corner, 

Di'W & Stevens, *' 

Warner John & Co. 

Lovett J. B. 

Stanwood E. P. 

Fanning H. W. 

Howe John W. 

Houghton B. F. 

Robinson F. & G. 

Stone L. P. 

Clark & Parsons, 

Dewey & Loomis, 

Edwards Oscar, "' 

Field & Sawin, 

Hillman, Ferris, & Co. " 

.lepson & Sampson, 

Kingsley Charles B. " 

Knowlton & Newton, ' 

Morton & Hayden, ^^ 

Parsons S. C. 

Rust Theodore & Son, " 

Smith Rodolphus, ' 

Siockwell & Spaulding, *' 

Towne & Bartlett, ' 

Wright A. & Co. . , '\ 

Bartlett F.D. Northborough 

Stockwell M. ,, , .. .V 

In orthbridge 
Fuller Wm.B., Northbrid^e Centre, 

Welch James, 

Carr J. L. 

Cobb David, 

Cobb Lyman E. 

Curtis S. B. & G. E. 

Gilmore John, 

Havward Ambrose, 

Ha'vward Daniel, 

Owpns John, 

Riplev Samuel B. 

Southworth & Noyes, 

Tildeii John, 


Whipple J. J. & Co. 

Alden Lucas W. Campello, 

Whitinsville, " 
North Bridgewater 



North Bridgewater 

Baker Horace, Campello, " 

Prescott Frank H. North Chelsea 

Wiggin James L. " 
Webster Lewis T. Northtield 
Lincohi George F. Norton 

Plunkett John, '' 

Sweet & Carpenter, " 

Woodward J. & A. A. " 
Dike J. & Co. Orange 

Lord Jotham, " 

Miirdock Ephraim, " 
Chapman K. & Co. Orleans 


Sparrow Joel, " 
Smith S. W. & Co. Palmer 

Thompson J. " 

Thompson Wra. " 
Batchelder W. O. Peabody 

Guv & Hros. " 

Hai-tnett Patrick, " 

Howard Eben S. " 

Humphrey B. B. " 

Hutcliinson B. F. " 

Hyde Milton, " 

Liuelian John, " 

Mutual Union Store, " 

Newman & Symonds, " 

Osborn H. M. " 

Stone Daniel, jr. " 
Barnett Ogelby, Pittsfield 

Casev & Bacon, " 

Cooler S. M. & W. H. " 

Harder & Sons, " 

Kirby & Abbott, " 

Lowdeu T. L. " 

Morey & Hand, " 

Nickerson F. & Son, " 

O'Donnell James, " 

Kead F. F. & Brother, " 

Roik«ell Julius P. " 

Smith George W. " 

Stevens L. A. & Co. " 

Tate Patrick, " 

Todd & Partridge, " 

Webb John, " 
Atwood Adoniram J, Plymouth 

Barnes Corban, " 

Bradford A. J. " 

Brown ,s. P. " 

Burns \Vm. " 

Churchill F.H. " 

CobbF. B. " 

Fiinuy B. C. & Co. " 

Finney E. C. " 

Finney Lcavitt, " 

Goodinf^ William, " 

Loring Thomas, " 

Lucas I. J. " 

May Cliarles T. " 

Morton A. G. " 

Perkins Arad, " 

Perkins Roland H. " 
Sears T. B. " 

Seavcy E. G. " 

Sherman E. F. " 


Wads worth Wait, " 
Bradloid Henry A, Plympton 
Harrub James M. " 

Eandell W. L. & Geo. W. " 

BartUtt Geo. F. Chiltonville, " 

Adams Marshall L, Provincetown 

Chapman Abram, " 

Chapman K. H. " 


Cook Myrick S. " 

Dyer Benjamin, " 

Lane_\ Benj. " 

MaNo Thomas, " 

Mille.- F. C. " 


Percival James W. " 

Ryder Ephraim, " 

Ryd. r Reuben, " 

Rydi r Thomas, " 

Ryder Thomas H. " 



Smith John, «« 

Blake A. F. & J. N. Quincy 

Ditson Charles N. " 

(iray H. W. " 


Wilson G. F. " 
Briggs Levi, Randolph 

Douahoe Edward, " 

Johnson R. B. '• 

Jones Gilbert T. " 

Page r. D. " 

Prescott G. H. & C. " 

Sweeney Rachel J. " 

Tolman N. A. " 

Turner R. W. & Co. " 
Baker S. East Randolph, 
Lincoln & Sylvester, 
Packard H. H. 
Vining S. A. 

taxon Daniel, South 

West Thomas, agt. 
Atkinson G. W. Reading 

Nichols & Turner, " 

Pratt Thomas, " 

Savage E. D. " 
Boyuton David P. Eockport 

Bradley Wm. H. jr. & J. W. " 

Fears Isaac P. " 

Gott Addison & Co. " 

HoytJohn, " 

Lane Albert W. •' 

Low Bniinard & Co. " 

Millet Eben & Co. " 

Parsons & Hodgkins, " 

Patch Wm. H. " 

Rockport Granite Co. " 

Rowe Francis, " 

Tarr David Mrs. " 

Tarr D. T. & Co. " 

Tarr Francis, jr. & Bro. " 

Tarr & Thurston, " 

Wheeler Daniel A. " • 
Pierce Mpheus C. Pigeon Cove, " 

Story Austin W. " " 

Union Store, 607, " " 

Barton William C. Salem 

Bicknell S. F. " 

Brooks Luke jr. " 

Brooks N. H. " 

Brown .Joseph A. " 

lirown Lawrence, " 

Buckley J. J. " 

CalefJohn, •' 

Carey Thomas B. " 

Chamberlain & Harris, " 

Chandler John, " 

Clark J. W. " 

Collins Edward A. " 

Kmerson Nathan, " 

Foster Isaac P. " 

Foster Joseph S. " 

Friend F. " 

Fullam John, " 

GliddenJ.H. " 
GOODHUE WILLIAM P. (wholesale 

and retail), 44 Derby, " 

Guy & Bros. " 

Gwinn & Maguire, *' 

Hale James F. " 

Hall & Co. " 

Ham & Hobbs, " 

Harris LP. " 

Hartnett Patrick, " 

Hodgkins G.L. " 

.lanes John, " 

Lavers Richard, " 

Lindsey & Durgin, " 

Luscomb Henry, " 

Maguire Bernard, " 

Mahoney David, " 

.Mann James B. " 

Jlillett J. Henrjr, " 

Moynahan Daniel, " 

Nichols David A. " 

Noyes Enoch K. & Co. " 

O'Donnell William, " 

Pickering Benjamin P. " 

I'lummer Moses J. " 

Prime James M. " 

Redmond Miles, " 

Reeves William, " 





Grocers — continued. 
Reynolds Moses C. &