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Full text of "The Massachusetts register and business directory"

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4:S to 53 llMin 8tr<-'ef , 


15 Minutes Walk from Revere Eoiise, Boston, 

A very large collection of Monuments, Table t'j, Figures, i 
aerolls, lloadstones, Mantle Pieces, &dc., reaay made in 
yard and warerooms, and will be sold for lowest 
c?asli prices. "Work made to Order. 




Union Business &, Nautical College, 

460 Washington Street, opp, Boylston Street, Boston, 


CHARLES E. CHAMBERLIN, { *^rincipais. 

This MOST COMPLETE BUSINESS COLLEGE IN AMERICA, offers to young men and women 
rery desirable facility for thoroughly and practically qualifying themselves for the practical duties of busi- 

It affords many advantages not found at any other Institution. Its apartments are arranged and fur- 
shed in the most commodious manner for PRACTICAL KDUCATIOIV, having an entirely separate 
'epaktment for ACTUAL BUSINESS. 

It is most thorough in DISCIPLINE, training its Students in all that appertains to the ETIQ,UKTTE 
F BUSINESS, and teaching them to respect themselves that they may be respected by others. 

It affords a Course of Lectures on C03IMERCIAIi LAW, by Prof. Bioelow of the Boston Univer- 
ity Law School, and a Course of practical training in ELOCUTION, by Professor Munkok's System, 

Its standard of education is far in advance of any Business College in America, 

Its Hates of Tuition are very reasonable,— LOWER, even, thiin at several of the other Colleges, Its 
leaus of phicing its graduates in GOOD SITUATIONS, are unequalled. 

Students commence any time. Separate Instruction, 
•ay Sessions, 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. every business day. 

Evening Sessions, from October 1st to April 1st. 




ire Brick, Tiles, and Blocks, 


Of Extra Heavy Weight and Glaze. 

Kaolin, Clay, Sand, Lime, American, Roman and Portland 
Cement. Garden Vases and Chimney Tops. 

^jtfanufacturers' and Masons' Supplies, 

A full stock or these Goods always in store at I^OIV PRICES. 

Office and Warehouse, No. 4 Liberty Square, 

(Fortnerly 13 Liberty Square,) 

SHEDS AT '^%€\^i.WW%£%'WKW 



Steel Manufacturers, 

141 Federal Street. 


Hallamshire Steel and File Company, 



Represented I37 

Slefflell Steel aii Files. 


JSd^(xrLTLfcLctuurer's artcL TmpoTters\ 

AGENCY, 80 State Street, BOSTON. 


Paper and Twine 


Leading from 103 Washington Street to Court Square, 




"w-I^OTJa-I3:T jijisriD cj^st x:R(DiiT 


Brass and Galvanized Iron Pipes, Brass and Iron Fittings of all kinds. 

J9S- A. M. M. & CO. will give their personal attention to the construction of Steam and Hot Water Appa 
rntus, for Warming Factories, Public Institutions, Hotels, Greenhouses and Private Dwellings; also Gas 
Works and Fire Apparatus. All kinds of Jobbing connected with the business done at short notice, and in a 
workmanlike manner. 



Five sizes Brick. Six sizes Portable. 

They have stood the test of a thorough 
trial, for several years, and hundreds of our 
most prominent men give them their cordial 

Special attention given to putting up our Furnaces, Ranges 

and the Vealilation of Buildings, in any part 

of the country. 

21 Bedford Street, BOSTON. 

Send for Circulars. 

^^ page Leather Beltij^ ^ 




<^ 15 Broadway, LAWEENCE, MASS. 

He has had over Forty Years experience in manufacturing and running Heltingr. He has never made 
any beltinc from Patent or Chemical Tanned Leather. He received a (<ol<l Medal at the last Mechanics 
Fair in Hoston, 1869, tor the best Uelt, length 101 feet, viridth 28 inches. The same Belt has been in constant 
use for FOUR YKARS, and shortened but once, and then only four inches. 


Loom straps, Worsted Aprons, Lace Leather, Manufacturers' Supplies, &c. All kinds of Pulleys, 
Worsted and Cotton Top Rolls Covered at short notice. 

Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing Company, 


RolM M IM Brass ani Herman Silver. 

Wire and Tubing, Brass and Copper Rivets and Burrs. 

Brass and German Silver Castings to order. 


Wrought Brass Butt Hinges, &c. 

Burners and Coal Oil Lamp Trimmings 


Office, 57 Oliver Street, BOSTOISJ 


J. Vff. GOlaTON'S 

Select Flavoring Extracts 



€mm€EST Fmwits^ 


Dealers in City, Town, and Country 

Place them in the Front Rank, as acknowledged the 
FINEST and BEST in the market. 


COLTON'S Nervine Strengthening Bitters. 
COLTON'S Toilet Article for the Skin. 
COLTON^S New Perfume, Extract of Choice Flowers. 
COLTON'S Choice Colognes, and other Perfumes, &c. 


Wholesale Agents, 38 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass. 
Home Depot, Westfield, Mass. 

Colton's Refrigerators. 

Bledal awarded at the Ncw-Eneland Fair held 
in Portland, 1869. 

Highest Premium and Diploma awarded at the Mechan- 
ics' Fair lield in Boston, 1809. 

Highest Premium and Diploma awarded at the Fair of 
tlie Hartford Co. Agricultural Society held in Hartford, 
Conn., 1870. 

Highest Premium and Medal awarded at the New-Eng- 
land and Middlesex No. Agricultural Fair at Lowell, Mass., 
Sept., 1871. 

Manufactured by 



4rl Bi^attle Street, Boston, ]Sd^ass. 









o i 

2 ^ 

CD ^ 





a> PQ 




























































wmmt u 


And we wish to call attention to our NEW PATENT STEEL BAKEEL, STEM- 
WINDING, and STEM-SETTING MOVEMENTS, whicli are acknowledged to be, in all 
respects, the most desirable Watch either of European or American manufacture. 

4^- For full description send for Circular. 





Washington Pipe Works. 1 



Wrought Iron, Plain, and Galvanized Pipe^ 



Brass and Iron Fittings for same. 


Steam and G-as Fitters' Tools. 

Pipe-mill A niacliine-Sliops 

A.T EA_ST B0ST0:N'. 

No. 8 Central Street* Boston, 


Steam Boiler Works. 





Tanks, Gas-Holders, Coal Bunks, 


Works at Charlestown. OfRce, No. 29 Water St. 

Boston Office, No. 8 Central Street. 



,.#'" X 











(Near the Boston Theatre.) 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1874, by Sampson, Davbnpobt, & Co. 
the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Wasliingtou. 

.^^ Printed by Rand, Avery, & Co., 117 Franklin St., Boston 



Academies 241 

Advertising Index 5 

Almshouses, State 80 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 78 

Bankruptcy, Registers in 112 

Banks 116, 252 

Banistable County Civil OiBcers 26 

Berkshire County Civil Officers 28 

Blind Asylum 82 

Board of Agriculture, State 83 

Board of Education 8-4 

Board, of Health and Vital Statistics 84 

Board of State Charities 84 

Boston Business Directory 113 

Bristol County Civil Officers 30 

Business Directory of Boston 113 

Business Directory of Massachusetts 241 

Business Directory of Patrons in other States 9 

City Clerks • 101 

Clergymen 136, 329 

Clerks of Court, 26, 28, 30. 33, 34, 40, 42, 44, 46, 52, 53, 56, 59, 68 

Collectors of Internal Revenue 112 

Colleges 85 

Commercial Colleges , 140, 345 

Commissioners. County, 26, 28, 31, 34, 35, 40, 42, 45, 47, 54, 56, 68 

Commissioners in other States for Massachusstis 92 

Commissioners for other States • 89 

Commissioners of Insolvency, 26, 28, 31, 34, 35, 40, 42, 45, 47, 

53, 54, 57, 59, 68 
Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers, 26, 29, 31, 34, 36, 40, 

42, 45, 47, 53, 54, 57, 59, 68 

Commissioners, State 88 

Commissioners U. S. Court of Claims 112 

Commissioners U. S. Circuit Court , 22 

Commissioners of Wrecks 26, 31, 34, 35, 53, 54, 57. 67 

Committees of the Legislature 15 

Congress, Massachusetts Members 16 

Congressional Districts 21 

Consuls 142 

Coroners 28, 30, 33, 34, 39, 41, 44, 46, 52, 53, 56, 58, 

66, 72 
Councillor Districts, 17 


Councillors, State 11 

County Commissioners. .26, 28, 31, 34, 35, 40, 42, 45, 47, 54, 56, 68 
County Treasurers, 26, 28, 30, 33, 35, 40, 42, 44, 46, 52, 53, 56, 

59. 68 

Courts of Insolvency 28, 35, 40, 42, 44, 47, 56 

Coui-ts, District 23 

Courts, Municipal 24 

Courts, Police 24 

Courts, Probate 26, 28, 31, 34, 35, 40, 42, 44, 47, 53, 56, 59, 68 

Courts, Superior 23 

Courts, Supreme Judicial 22 

Courts, United States 22 

Custom House OflQcers 110 

Deputy Sheriffs. . . .26, 28, 31, 34, 35, 40, 42, 44, 46, 53, 50, 59, 68 

Distances of Towns from Boston 95 

District Attorneys 23 

District Courts < 23 

Dukes County Civil Officers 33 

Essex County Civil Officers 34 

Exprestes 643 

Franklin County Civil Officers 40 

Gas Light Companies 158,!^399 

Governor's Staff 11 

Hampden County Civil Officers 42 

Hampshire County Civil Officers 44 

Harbor Commissioners 88 

Horse Railroads 10 

Hospitals 80 

Hotels 170, 434 

House of Representatives 13 

Index to Advertisements 5 

Insolvency Courts 28, 35, 40, 42, 44, 47, 56 

Insurance Agents 171, 441 

Insurance Commissioner 89 

Insurance Companies 173, 444 

Internal Revenue Officers 112 

Jailers 26, 28, 30, 34, 35, 40, 42, 44, 47, 53, 56, 68 

Judges of Probate, 26, 28, 30, 33, 34, 40, 42, 44, 46, 52, 53, 56, 

59, 68 

Judiciary, of Massachusetts 22 

Justices of the Peace 27, 29, 31, 34, 36, 40, 42, 45, 47, 53, 54, 

57, 60, m, 69 

Lawyers 177, 454 

Legislature 12,13 

Manufacturing Companies 187, 471, 618 

Massachusetts Business Directory 241 

Massachusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Youth 82 

Masters Houses of Correction 35, 40. 44, 47, 53, 56, 59 

Masters in Chancery ,. 31, 35, 40, 42, 47, 54, 57, 59, 68 

Middlesex County Civil Officers 46 

Militia of Massachusetts 73 

Money Order Post Offices 104 

Municipal Courts 24 

Nantucket County Civil Officers 52 

Newspapers 1 95, 502 

Norfolk County Civil Officers 53 



Normal Schools 84 

Notaries Public, 27, 30, 33, 3-i, 39, 41, 44, 46, 52, 53, 56, 58, 66, 72 
Overseers Houses of Correction, 26, 28, 30, 35, 40, 42, 44, 46, 53, ^- 

56, 68 

Packets 199 

Pension Agent, U. S 112 

Pension Examining Surgeons 112 

Physicians 204, 525 

Pilot Commissioners 88 

Plummer Farm School of Reform for Boys 82 

Plymouth County Civil Oflficers 56 

Police Courts 24 

Police, State 78 

Post Officers and Post Masters in Massachusetts 104 

Probate Courts 26. 28. 31, 34, 35, 40, 42, 44, 47, 53, 56, 59, 68 

Public Administrators, 26, 29, 31, 34, 35, 40, 42, 45, 47, 53, 54, 

57, 59, 68 

Railroad Commissioners 89 

Railroads 653 

Reform Schools, State 82 

Registers in Bankruptcy 112 

Reoisters of Deeds. .26, 28, 30, 33, 35, 40, 42, 44, 46, 53, 56, 59, 68 
Registers of Probate, 26, 28, 30, 33, 34, 40, 42, 44, 46, 52, 53, 

56, 59, 68 

Representative Districts 19 

Savings Banks. . . .' 217, 552 

Senate State 12 

Senatorial Districts 17 

Sessions of Courts, (see Courts) 

Sheriffs 26, 28, 30, 33, 35, 40, 42, 44, 46, 53, 56, 59, 68 

Smith Charities 83 

State Almshouses 80 

State Charities 84 

State Government 11 

State Industrial School for Girls 83 

State Library 83 

State Normal Schools 84 

State Police 78 

State Prison 82 

State Reform School for Boys 82 

State Representative Districts 19 

Suffolk County Civil Officers 59 

Superior Cuurt in Massachusetts 23 

Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts 22 

Town Clerks 101 

Trial Justices.. .27, 30, 33, 34, 39, 41, 43, 46, 51, 53, 55, 58, 66, 72 

U. S. Court of Claims 112 

U. S. Courts in Massachusetts 22 

U. S. Light House Engineer Ill 

U. S. Internal Revenue 112 

U. S. Pension Agency 112 

U. S. Representatives from Massachusetts 16 

U. S. Senators from Massachusetts 16 

U. S. Sub-Treasury Ill 

Volunteer Militia of Massachusetts 73 

Worcester County Civil Officers 68 



Abbott & Co., Boston 700 

Abiiigton Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Abing;ton. 749 
Aborn Samuel O., Boston, inside back 

Adams James S., Boston 820 

Ailman John H., Boston 796 

Albro Henry, Springfield 74o 

Alden Cliarles, Ashland 70() 

Allen Samuel H., Boston 676 

Allen & Boyden, Lynn 78S 

American Bank Note Co., Boston . • . 657 
American Net and Twine Co., Boston . 806 

American Tack Co., Fairhaveu 793 

Ames Manuf. Co., Chicopee 740 

Andren Alban, Boston caps 

Andrews Charles H., Boston 657 

Anthony & Cushman, Taunton 761 

Armstrong & Co., Boston 678 

Arnold & Co.. Boston 703 

Arnold .Tames G.. Worcester 781 

Arnold Thomas F., Boston 703 

Atkins & Small, Boston 674 

Atwood William 2d, Plymouth 752 

Atwood Brothers, So. Abington .... 750 

Avery & Doton, Plymouth • . 763 

Babcock James F, Boscon caps 

Bachelder A. & Co., Lowell 733 

Bacheldpr Wm. H., Boston 677 

Badger E. S.. Boston 707 

Badger W. F., Boston 706 

Baeder, Adamson, & Co caps 

Bagshaw W. H., Lowell 735 

Bailey A. J., Plymouth 752 

Bailey A. W., Boston 714 

Bailey H. P\, Springfleld 740 

Bailey & Gilbert, Boston 688 

Baird William & Son, Lynn 788 

Bancroft & Boyden, Boston 659 

Bangs A. & Co., Worcester 782 

Barbour W. S. & A. Hodges, Boston . . 697 

Barnes E. & J. C. Plymouth 752 

Barnes William, Marlboro' 745 

Batchelder & Lincoln, Boston . . . 804, 678 
Bates James A., South Abington. . . . 750 

Bauch Charles A., Boston 730 

Baxter Stacy, Boston 707 

Bay State Electrotvpe Co., Boston . . . 705 
Bay State National Bank, Lawrence . . 254 
Beckwith Lumber Co., Fitchburg . . . 743 
Benedict & Burnham Manuf. Co., Bos- 
ton, front colored 

Benson & Banks, Boston 711 

Bent Israel & Co., Lowell 733 

Bill A. D.. Boston 708 

Binney John, Boston caps 

Blackmore C. R., Lynn 789 

Blackwell E. B., Newton 759 

Blair Alfred A , Boston 807 

Blake Geo. F., Manuf. Co., Boston ... 804 
Blake John L., North Cambridge .... 731 

Boleyn Anna, Boston 687 

Bond Cracker Co., Boston 683 

Borden Cook & Co., Fall River .... 767 

Bossom & Borsh. Boston 704 

Boston Belting Co., Boston 805 

Boston Daily Globe, Boston 719 

Boston Daily News, Boston 718 

Boston Frame & Chromo Co., Boston . 696 
Boston Hand Stamp Co., Boston. . . .caps 

Boston Herald, Boston 717 

Boston .Journal of Commerce. Boston . 724 
Boston Nickel Plating Co., Boston ... 714 
Boston Stereotype Foundry, Boston . . 673 

Boston Type Foundry, Boston 730 

Bowditcli Ernest W., Boston 685 

Bowles R. W., Mattapoisett 790 

Bowloy J. E. & G., Provincetown . . . 755 

Bradford Joint Co., Plymouth 753 

Brandley V. & Co., Boston 700 

Brandon Scale Co., Boston, .... on map 

Bray Mellen & Co., Boston 676 

Bremer Isidor, Charlestown 680 

Brewer C. & Sons, Boston 691 

Brewer Cyrus, Boston caps 

Brigham F. A., Westboro' 766 

Brigliam, Litchfield, & Vining, So. Ab- 
ington 751 

BrockwayC. G. & Co., Boston 663 

Brooks F. A., Springfield 740 

Brooks William A., Boston 806 

Brooks W. A. & Co., Clielsea 777 

Brooks & Young, Boston 713 

Brown B. F. & Co., Boston 705 

Brown Brothers, Boston 667 

Brown C. M., Provincetown 756 

Brown Daniel, Son & Co., Fall River . . 767 

Brown George W., Boston 722 

Brown H. A., Pope & Co , Boston . . . caps 

Brown Martin, Pittsfield 773 

Brown William H., Worcester . . . lines 

Buck Brothers, Millbury 766 

Bufford J. H.'s Sons, Boston .... opp 643 

Burbank Alfred S., Plymouth 752 

Bushnell, Wellington, & Houghton, 

Worcester 779 

Butler E. K. & Bro., Boston 713 

Butler & Fleetwood, Boston 806 

Butler William S. & Co., Boston, inside 
front cover 

Buttrick & Flanders, Holyoke 741 

Buzzell J. O., Boston 808 

Cady W. A., Boston 732 

Campbell, Whittier, & Co.. Boston . . .caps 

Carey & Harris, Lowell 734 

Car) & Modlich, Boston 708 

t^arr John F., Boston 692 

Carroll R. S., Boston 685 

Carter Bros. & Co., Boston caps 

Carter E. F., Pittsfield . • 772 

Carter John P., Gloucester 794 

Chadwick J. H. & Co.. Boston 688 

Cliamberlain H B. & W. O., Boston . . 715 

Cliase Collins, New Bedford 792 

Chase & Co., Boston 806 

Chenery & Co., Boston 664 

Cheney C. Warren, Athol Depot .... 745 

Chester Wm. F., Boston 694 

Chipman W.W., Boston 703 

Churchill & Hitchcock, Quincy . . • . 746 
ClappC. M. & Co., Boston . ...... 727 

Clapp David & Son., Boston 700 

Claremont Manuf. Co., Claremont N. H. 710 

Clark A. N. & Co., Bo.ston 714 

Clark Jeremiah, Lowell 735 

Clark S. M. Boston 684 

Clark & Leatherbee, Boston 675 

Cleaveland W. F., North Bridgewater . 747 

Cobb & Drew, Plymouth 725 

Coburn, Lang, & Co., Boston 672 

Codman & ShurtlefT, Boston '694 

Coffin Galen, Boston 669 

Colbv Sarah A. Dr., Boston 685 

Colby, Swan, & Co., Worcester 784 

Cole J., Boston 685 

Collins T. F., Boston 802 

Colton J. W., Westfield . . . front colored 

Comerford T. J., Boston caps 

Commonwealth (the), Boston 720 

Conant A. & Co., Boston caps 

Conant&Newhall, Boston 796 

Cook R. W., Provincetown 756 

Copeland E. T.. Boston 657 

Cowdrey E. T. & Co., Boston 679 

Cox James, Cambridgeport 716 

Crocker Bros. & Co., Taunton 760 

Crocker R. W. jr.. Vineyard Haven . . . 758 
Crocker & Atwood, Provincetown . . . 757 

Crockett B. D., Lawrence 786 

Crockett & Courtney, Boston 731 

Crooker & Lewis, Boston 703 

Croome George & Co., Boston 670 

Crosby J. Q..Framingham 764 

Crosby, Morse, & Foss, Boston .... 685 

Cross H. M.,Newburyport 778 

Crowell G. T. &M. H. So. Yarmouth . 755 

Cummings J. A. & Co , Boston 686 

Cunningham Thomas, Boston, front colored 
Cupples J. E. & Co., Boston 682 



Curtis r., Newburyport 795 

Cushman & Raker, Medfleld 760 

Cutler A. L. & Co , Boston 664 

Dararaers JaiTiPS, agent, Boston . . . .caps 

Darling Charles K, Boston 705 

Davis Henry v., New Bedford . ... '791 

Davis V. N. & Son, Stoneliam 759 

Davol mills, Fall Kiver, opposite .... 241 

Dean L. H , Taunton 764 

Dearborn J. P. & Co., Provincetown . . 755 

Demarest J. 51., Boston 6()4 

Denison Brothers, New Bedford ... 792 

Denon P. M., Boston 698 

Denyven & Couch, Cambridgeport . . • 715 

d'Este & Co , Boston caps 

Dickerman Henrv Lee, Taunton .... 701 

Dillen D. M. & Co., Fitchburg 743 

Docker George & Son, Boston 691 

Dole Thomas, Lowell 734 

Donald AV. C. & Co., Boston caps 

Donovan C. .J. & Co., Walpole .... 770 

Downes M. H., Boston 674 

Drake A. J., Boston 698 

Draper F. & Co., East Cambridge . . . 729 

Drew & Cotfin, Boston caps 

Duckworth & Knowles, Lowell .... 733 

Dudley S. H.. Boston 707 

Duff James, Boston ... 730 

Dunham William E., Fall River .... 709 

Dunn & Coolidge, Boston 663 

Dunning J. N., Kevere 790 

Easton L. V\^., East Abington 750 

Eaton & Gates, Boston 674 

Eaton R. P. & Co., Boston 803 

Edsvards Henry C, Boston 715 

Edwards H. F., Worcester 7«3 

Eeles F., Boston 680 

E»ge Conrad, Boston 074 

Emerson S. P. & Co., "Worcester . ... 783 

Emory P. P. & Co., Springfield 741 

Enwriffbt M. H., Boston 093 

Erickson A., Boston 0y9 

Everett C. W. & Co., Boston 140 

Fairbanks George W., Lynn 7S9 

Fall Henry, Boston 064 

Fawcett, Hawkes, & Co., Boston, front col. 

Faxon & Locke, Salem 738 

Fearing, Rodman, & Swift, Boston . 674.677 

Fera George, Boston 091 

Field L. E., Taunton 763 

risk H. A., Boston 671 

Flagg, Dunham. & Wilson, No. Adams . 773 

Flick G. F., Boston 678 

Flynn James, Boston 703 

Flynn William J., Boston 691 

Fobes, Hayward, & Co , Boston .... 668 
Fogg Brothers & Co., Boston. . . • . .caps 

Folsom James, Boston • 715 

Ford Arthur P., Abington 749 

Ford Ptoger JI., Quincy 740 

Fowle ct Hersey, Boston 665 

Powle, Torrpy,'& Co., Boston ... .caps 

Francis M. F., Taunton 763 

Franklin George E , Natick 745 

Freeman F. M.. Provincetown 756 

French Abram & Co., Boston caps 

Frencli & Chamberlin, Boston, front colored 

Frost & Adams, Boston 684 

Gage R. A.. Braintree 703 

Gale A. D.,Pittstield 772 

Gaylord Manuf. Co., Chicopee 740 

Geary Joseph D., Boston 826 

Gentlee Thomas P., Lvnn 788 

Geo. F. Blake Manuf. Co., Boston . . . 804 
Gilman & Cheney, Charlestown . . . . 794 

Ginn David R., Oak Bluffs 759 

Gleason W. B. & Co.. Boston 728 

Godfrey John W., Sharon 709 

Golding & Co , Boston 058 

Goldsmith I. H.. Boston 0K2 

Goldthvvait A. & Co., Salem 738 

Goodnow & \V'i'.;htman, Boston .... 691 

Goss F. P., Provincetown 754 

Graves T. K. & V. II., Boston 697 

Gray Hirara, Stoneham 749 

Gray J. S.. Cambridgeport 777 

GreenleafG. & Co., Boston 642 

Gregory Jotin, Fall River 708 

Guild W. H., Boston caps 

Gumb Lewis D., Lowell 734 

Haberstroh L., Boston 681 

Hale B. S. & Son, Lawrence 787 

Haley, Brickett, & Co.. Boston 806 

Hall Chas. E. & Co., Boston, back colored 

Hall C. H., Boston 68.3 

Hall H. K. W., Boston . . . front colored 

Hall Thomas. Boston 682 

Hall & Quinby, Boston 670 

Hallamshire Steel & File Co., front colored 

Halsall W. F.. Boston 604 

Hamill Samuel S., East Cambridge . . . 776 

Hammond Charles A., Lynn 788 

Handcock Z. & Co., Boston 730 

Hansen H. C. Boston 825 

Harding Newell, Boston 696 

Hardy A. P. & Co., Sharon 709 

Hardy William, Boston 702 

Harriman H. C, Boston 671 

Harris James & Co., Boston 753 

Harrison Cigar Co., Westtield ..... 771 
Harrison & Carpenter. "Westfield .... 771 

Hart, Taylor, & Co., Boston C88 

Hartford T. T., Boston 689 

Haskins Machine Co , Fitchburg .... 744 

Hasse & Pratt, East Boston 711 

Hastings H. J., Boston 683 

Hatch L.B., Salem 7.38 

Hatch & Ufford, Boston 669 

Hawps & "Wilbur, North Dartmouth . . 775 

Hawkins E. M., Fall River 768 

Hawkins R, F.. Springfield 741 

Hawley & Co., Boston caps 

Ilealy T. J., Chelsea 745 

Ilegner J. T. Boston 695 

Helfrich Brothers, Boston caps 

llerbolt W. H., Provincetown 754 

Herrings & Farrell, Boston 658 

Herrman M. S., New York 797 

Hersey Brothers, So. Boston caps 

Hicks Samuel F., Boston 732 

Hicks & Bado-er, Boston 667 

Hide & Leather Machine Co., Boston . 800 

Hill, Clarke, & Co., Boston 708 

Hitchcock H. C, Fitchburg 781 

Hobbs Alfred, Arlington 777 

Hodge E. & Co., East Boston 676 

Hod^je Otis J., North Adams 773 

Hodges Leonard L.. Boston caps 

Hogan & AVetherbee, Boston 710 

Holbrook G, L., Boston 678 

Hollis C. Sf G., Boston 680 

Holmes E. T. & Co., Boston 704 

Holmes Frank H., Kingston 752 

Holt John. Boston. . caps 

Holzer U., Boston caps 

Homer, Lane, & Co.. Boston 678 

Hooper & Alden, Bridgewater 748 

Hopkins Nathaniel, Provincetown . . . 757 
Horgau .John J., Cambridgeport .... 726 
Howard E. & Co., Boston . . front colored 

Howe E. D , Gardner 745 

Hunt Edwin S., Weymouth 797 

Hunt, Twitchell, & Co., Boston .... 662 

Hurd & Co., Cambridgeport 777 

Index Association, Boston 801 

Institution for the Blind, Boston , . . . 808 
Jackman M. B. & Co., Newburyport . . 778 

Jackson Andrew, Boston 687 

Jacobs B., Boston 676 

Jacobs Bros., Boston 706 

Jansson C. A., Cambridge 731 

Jenney Stephen & Co., Boston 715 

Jessop J. H., Boston 679 

Jessop Wm. & Sons, Boston, front colored 
John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co., 

Boston 659 

Johnson, Clark, & Co., Boston . . . 670, 682 
Johnson & Co. Boston .... front colored 

Jones F. & Co. Boston caps 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton, Boston. . 669 

Joseph Francis, Provincetown 756 

Jowett Thomas L., Charlestown. ... 778 
Kasburg Frederick. Charlestown . . . 754 
Kautl'er T. L. Boston, foot lines under 

State Business Directory and . . . 701 

Keeler & Barnes, Boston • . 796 

Keen Gforge R.. Abington 749 

Keith Herbert F., Boston 709 

K.lley A. J., Pe.ibody 7-32 

Kelley E,, Fall Hiver 768 

Kenealy .lames, Boston ........ 668 

Kenney Thomas M., Boston 712 


Kidder R. E., Worceater 784 

Kimball Henry J., Fitchburg 743 

Kltson Kichaifl, Lowell 737 

Kittiedge S. F., Boston 712 

Knapp & Jlorev, Lowell 736 

KnibbsM. C. Hvde I'ark 770 

'Knight Edward H., Salem 737 

Knowles Robert, Provincetown .... 757 
Knowles Steam Pump Works, AVarren 742 

KnowltonAYilliam H., Lynn 790 

Lamsoa John H., Cambridyeport . . . 716 
Lamson & Goodnow, Slielburue Fall?, lines 

Langevin & Hunt, Boston 665 

Lawrence American, Lawrence .... 7S7 
Leach William, Vineyard Haven . . • 758 
LeBosquet Bros., Boston . . . back colored 

Leigh F. A. & Co., Boston 675 

Lemoine H., Boston 669 

Lewando Joseph. Boston . . back colored 

Lewis J.I)., Boston 670 

Lewis & Haase, Boston .687 

Lezer F., Lynn 789 

Lincoln F. W., Chelsea 794 

Lincoln Marvin, Boston 670 

Lindsay J. N. & Co., Boston ..... 681 
Llttlefleld J. P., East Abington .... 750 

Littlelield & Randall, Reading 759 

Lockhart Sandres, Boston 702 

Lockhart 'William L , East Cambridge 777 

Lombard & Co., Boston 671 

Lord Daniel B. jr., Salem 738 

Lord S. S., jr., Boston 663 

Lorinu Harrison, South Boston .... 671 

Loring Samuel, Plymouth 751 

Lovejoy William S., Boston 681 

Lovell George A., East Weymouth . . 775 
Lovell John P. & Sons, Boston .... 676 
Lovell John H., Boston ........ 680 

Lowell Card Co., Lowell 736 

Lowell Daily Citizen, Lowell 736 

Lowell Daily Courier, Lowell 736 

Lowell Machine Shop, Lowell 733 

Lubin L. T., Boston caps 

Lund J. B., Boston 702 

Lyon George & Co., Boston caps 

Marden & Rowell, Lowell 736 

Margot Brothers, Boston 666 

Marquardt Frederick, Lawrence .... 787 

Martin & Adams, Lowell 737 

Mason Machine Works, Taunton . . . 762 

Matthews George H., Boston 687 

May 1. W., Bosion caps 

May & Co., Boston, inside .... back cover 

Mayo H., Boston 727 

Mayo Isaac F., Provincetown 757 

McDonald J. W., South Abington . . . 749 

3IcGaun Thomas F., Boston 704 

McGregor Alexander & Co., Boston . . 729 

McKenzie & Paterson, Quincy 747 

McLauthlin Geo. T. & Co , Boston ... 662 

McMath William, Raudolpli 775 

Mead A. G , Boston 667 

Meany Edward F., Boston .... ... 7U 

Mellen, Williams, & Co., Boston . ... 799 

Mellen & Tappan, Boston 683 

Merrill George S. & Co., Lawrence . . 787 

Merrill M. M., Boston 727 

MetcalfE. S., Salem 738 

Metcalf Theodore & Co., Boston .... 689 

Milliken & Gould, Boston 712 

Mills Wm. & Co., Boston 657 

Minot & Co., Boston 667 

Mixer John & Sons, Boston .... .caps 

Montgomery & Co., Boston 704 

Morandi F., Boston caps 

Morey & Smith, Boston 679 

Morgan Albert & Son, Boston ..... 725 
Morrill, Whittemore, & Co., Boston . . 701 

Morris, Tasker, & Co., Boston 805 

Morse C. D. & Co., Millbury 706 

Morse C. O., Newburyport . . ..... 778 

Morton A. M. & Co , Boston, front colored 

Morton & Whitinsr, Plymouth 753 

Mowbray George" M., North Adams . . 774 
Munson J. M. agent, Greenfield .... 771 
Murkland John W., Lowell ...... 753 

Murphy M. C, Boston . %, 665 

Murray Robert, Boston ........ 663 

Myer Charles F., Bridgewater 748 

Myers S. & J., Boston caps 

Myriok & Ricker, Lawrence 788 

Nash Sylvanus, Abington 760 

National Association of Wool Manuf. 

Boston. 807 

Nelson Thomas, Mattapoisett 792 

Newell C. M.,M. D. Boston . ..... 700 

Newell James S. & Co., Boston .... 69S 

New England Farmer, Boston ii03 

New England Linen Hose Manuf. Co., 

Boston. 689 

Niantic Thread Co.. Fall River 768 

Nichols & Hall, Boston . . • 668 

Nickcrson R. E. & A. & Co., Province- 
town 758 

Nickerson Miss S. F., Boston 731 

Nixon T. J., Taunton 763 

Norman J. S.. Boston . caps 

Norris Albert L., East Cambridge . . . 727 
North Adams Marble Co., No. Adams . 775 
Novelty Steam Heating Co., West- 
field 772 

Noyes Person, Boston 680 

Nugent James H., Boston 097 

Nutting J. D., Cambridgeport 731 

Nye W.F., New Bedford 791 

O'Donohue P., Boston 687 

Oliver F. P., Worcester 781 

Olmstead John W. & Co., Boston ... 723 
Osborn J. & H. K., 198 Congress ... 808 
Page Edward, Lawrence . . . front colored 

Palmer B. F. & Co., Boston 727 

Palmer, Bachelder, & Co., Boston . . . caps 

Park Bro. & Co., Boston 698 

Parker H. & Co., Boston caps 

Parker J. B.& Co., Clinton 744 

Parmenter A. A., Lynn 788 

Partheimuller F., Boston 642 

Patterson William, Boston 709 

Paul & Co., Boston caps 

Peacock Chas. L., Boston 680 

Peak John & Son, Boston 676 

Pearce Samuel T., Boston 713 

Peple Anthony, Lowell 731 

Peters C. J. & Son, Boston 706 

Pettes George AV., Provincetown . . • 754 

Phelps Charles, Salera 796 

Phelps, Dalton, & Co., Bosion 686 

Phelps Israel R., Salem 796 

Phillips Eben B. & Co., Boston. . . . 667 
Phillips, Mowry, & Co., Springfield . . 741 
Phinney S. C. & J. G., Stoughton . . . 797 

Plaisted & Farwell, Boston 723 

Plymouth Mills, Plymouth 751 

PoUand C. F., Lynn 789 

PoUand & Leighton, Boston 661 

Pond Lucius W., Worcester 784 

Poor J. E.& Co., Boston 716 

Pope A. A.' & Co., Boston 800 

Porter J. & Co., Boston 665 

Porter J. K. & Co., 707 

Porter Linn B., Cambridgeport 716 

Portland Stone Ware Co., Boston, last 
white page. 

Powell Chas. T., Boston 173 

Pratt D.'s Sous, Boston caps 

Pratt L. & Co., Plymouth 754 

Presbrey Stove Lining Co., Tannton . . 760 

Prescott D. M. & Co., Lowell 826 

Price E. C. & Co., AYesttield 772 

Proctor J. AV., Lowell 736 

Prouty Isaac & Co., Spencer lines 

Providence Tool Co., Boston 693 

Pulsifer R. M. & Co., Boston 717 

Purrington Henry J., Mattapoisett . . 792 
Purrington James H., Mattapoisett . . 792 

Putnam J. H. & Co., Boston 730 

Putnam Perry, Lowell 734 

Quincy Savings Bank, Quincy ..... 746 

Randall Philip G., Boston 680 

Rawson Charles B., A¥orcester .... 785 
Raymond Eben P., New Bedford . . . 791 
Read, Stevenson, & Co., Boston .... 666 

Redding J. & Co., Boston 664 

Redding & Co., Waverly 769 

Reed Charles G., AVorcester 784 

Remington Sewing Machine Co., Boston. 690 
Reynolds E. D. & O. B., North Bridge- 
water. 747 

Rice John E.& Co., Bo.ston 666 

Rice Kendall & Co., Boston 827 

Richards H. M. & Co., Boston caps 

Richards Joseph H., No. Bridgewater. 748 


Richardson J. B., Beverly 793 

Kicker B.H. & Co., Boston 712 

Robbins John, Boston 658 

Roberts & Co., Boston 666 

Robinson R. S., Cambridgeport .... 777 

Rogers William, Boston 672 

Ross L. D., Newburyport 778 

Ross, Pearce, & Co., Boston 713 

Rowlinson Wm. Mrs., Lowell 733 

Ruddell Thomas C, Boston 685 

Riigg Geo. W., Worcester 783 

Runels, Davis, & Foster, Lowell .... 7-35 

Russell Albert & Sons, Newburyport . . 778 

Sargent E. D. & Co., Lowell 389 

Saturday Evening Express, Boston. . 725 

Savory T.C., Boston 693 

Sawyer Stephen P., New Bedford ... 791 

Schle?el, Everett, & Co., Boston . . • . 6ti3 

Schwamb Charles, Arlington . . . • . 777 

Sears W. B., Boston opp 113 

Sellon & Stanley, Boston 827 

Sharpies S. P., Boston • . • 674 

Shedd & Sawyer, Boston 697 

Shepard C.'H. & Co., Boston 669 

Shepard H. S. & Chester, Boston ... 707 

Shepard L. J., Boston 684 

Sherburne & Co., Boston 667 

Sherman Adolplms & Co., Boston . . . 695 

Sidney James T., Boston 702 

Simmons George, Plymouth 754 

Sizer Emerson, Westfield 772 

Slade D. & L., Chelsea 790 

Slack Chas. W. & Son, Boston 720 

Sleeper, Johnson, & Co., Boston .... 693 
Smith Caleb A., Boston ... • . . . -662 

Smith Charles & Co., Boston caps 

Smith J. S., East Abinston 749 

Smith O. & J., Lawrence caps 

fmith Robert A., Newburyport . ... 778 

Smith & Jacobs, Boston 695 

Snell Manufacturing Co., Fiskdale . . 771 

Snow Albert, Boston caps 

Soule Thomas H., jr.. New Bedford . . 792 

Southbridge Brick Co., Southbridge . . 770 

Southward E. F. Boston 679 

Spaulding & Staples, Boston 695 

Spear E. D., Boston 660 

Spencer S. M., Boston 808 

Spinlon J. H., Lawrence 786 

Springer G. H., Boston 683 

Springer L. K., Boston 669 

Squire John P. & Co., East Cambridge . 710 

Stafford John C, Fall River 769 

Stafford Joseph H., Fall Kiver . . . . 767 

Stanley & Fellow, Boston 827 

Starkweather Josiah F., Boston .... 698 
State Mutual Life Assurance Co., Wor- 
cester 782 

Stearns A. M. & Co., Boston 697 

Stearns N. C, Boston 658 

Stedman D. B. & Co., Boston 691 

Stephen Lewis,' Boston 716 

Stetson & Tqlbot, Holliston 764 

Stevens C. B., Lowell 734 

Stevens George M. & Co., Boston . . . 666 

Stevens G. C. & J. F., Ayer 795 

Stewart J. & AV., Boston 666 

Stone Charles, North Bridgewater ... 747 

Stone Henry N., Boston 602 

Strange's Cylinder Saw & Machine Co. 

Taunton 760 

Stuart C. D., Boston 668 

Suffolk Glass Co., Boston caps 

Sullivan Jeremiah, Lawrence 787 

Sullivan J. B., Taunton 760 

Swain, Earle, & Co., Boston 603 

Sweetser William A,, No. Bridgewater 748 

Taylor Chas. H., Boston 719 

Taylor Charles I., Lowell 735 

' Teuthorn Julius, Boston 682 

Thaxter S. & Son, Boston 708 

Thayer B. H. & Co., Boston 792 

Thayer D. W. & Co., Boston 686 

The Boston News Co., Boston 718 

The Corrugated Metal Co., East Berlin, 

Conn ,797 

The German American Powder Co. of 

Boston 661 

The Plume and Atwood Manuf. Co., 
Waterbury and Thomaston, Conn . . 798 

Thomas & Griffiths, Boston 712 

Thompson George E., Boston 804 

Thompson R. A. Mrs., Boston 668 

Thornton & Turner, Boston 698 

Tinkham S. M. & Sons, Taunton .... 761 

Tolman C. S., Fitehburg 743 

Tower Charlt s Putnam, Hyde Park . . 729 

Traveller's Ins. Co., Boston caps 

Tuck Mrs. Dr., Boston 709 

Tuck S. v., North Bridgewater .... 747 

Tufts William H., Lynn 790 

Tyler A. D., jr.. South Abington . ... 750 
Union Stone Co., Boston, inside back cover 

U. S. Ventilation Co., Boston 665 

Universalist Publishing House, Boston 722 

Upham Thomas A., Boston 708 

Very Theo. S., Boston cap 

Vialle James L., Cohasset 775 

Wadsworth & Brooks, Boston 684 

Waitt & Thompson, Boston 702 

Waldo J. Adan & Co., Boston. . front col'd 
Wales P. A. & Sons, Randolph .... 775 

Wallace Martin H., Fall River 767 

Walker John B., Hyde Park 770 

Walker Sylvenus, Boston « 700 

Walworth Manuf. Co., Boston 797 

Warner D. & Co., Oxford 770 

Warren Herbert M., Boston caps 

■Warren Thread Co., Worcester .... 781 
Washburn & Moen Manufacturing Co., ^ 

W'orcester 780 

Washington Mills Emery Manuf. Co., 

Ashland 732 

Watchman & Reflector, Boston .... 723 

Waters Eben, Boston 702 

Watson & Bisbee, Boston 699 

Watson J. M. & Co., Boston 800 

Watson William F., Boston 682 

Webber Frank W., Boston 699 

Webster Nathaniel, Gloucester .... 794 
Welch & Chipman, South Boston . . , caps 

Wentworth W. P., Boston 670 

West J. A., Provincetown 756 

West N. P., Provincetown 757 

Whitcomb H. C. & Co., Boston .... 686 
White Bros. & Kilburn, Boston .... 804 

Whiteley Colin, Lawrence 786 

Whiteley B., Boston caps 

Whitin Machine Works, Whitinsville . 765 
Whiting Iron Foundry Co., Boston . . 709 

Whitney B. W., Cambridge 732 

Whitney G, F. & Co., Boston 083 

Wilcox C. T., Lawrence, headings 

Wilcox J. A. J. Boston 826 

Wild J. Q. A., Quincy 747 

AVilder & Brown, Fitehburg, . . back col'rd 

Wilder S. & Co.. Holliston 764 

Williams & Everett, Boston 696 

Williams C, jr., Boston 697 

Williams H. A., West Mcdway . ... 793 

AVilliams John, Worcester 783 

Williams J. R., Taunton 761 

Wilson Joseph H., Boston 703 

Wingate James I., Boston caps 

Wingate & Adams, Boston caps 

Witherby, Rugg, & Richardson, Wor- 
cester • 786 

Witherell O. D., Boston 675 

AVomau's Journal, Boston 721 

AVood & Allen, Palmer 741 

AVood Chas, & Co., Boston caps 

AVoodbury, Solomon, & Co., Beverly . . 739 

AVoodman R. & Co., Boston 605 

Woodrough & Co., Boston 661 

Woodworth J. AV., Ilousatonic 770 

AVorcester & Austin, Boston 706 

AVright & Potter, Boston 092 

Yerrinton F. M., Boston 694 


Alarm Tills. 

• Miles Alarm Till Co. Providence, R.I. 


New York Belting & Packing Co. 

Sandy Hook, Conn. 


Clyde Bleachery & Print "Works, S. H. 

G-reene & Sons, Props. River Point, R.I. 
Sun Bleaching, Dyeing, & Calendering 

Co., Geo. Bridge, treas. Providence, R.I. 

Boiler Manufacturers. 

Swamscot Machine Co. 

So. Newmarket, N.H. 
Providence Steam Engine Co. 

Providence, R.I. 

Book Binclers. 

Claremont Manufacturing Co. (see 
page 710), Claremont, N.II. 

Grass Manufacturers. 

Benedict & Burnham Manuf. Co. 

Waterbury, Conn. 

Bridgeport Brass Co. Bridgeport, Conn. 

The Plume & Atwood Manufacturing 
Co. D. S. Plume, treas. (see page 
798), Thomaston and Waterbury, Conn. 

Bro'wn Stone. 

The Middlesex Quarry Co. Portland, Ct. 
Button Manufacturers. 

United States Button Co. Waterbury, Ct. 
Waterbury Button Co. " 

Caudle Manufacturers. 

Keene Soap Manufacturing Co. 

Keene, N.H. 

Card Board. 

Nashua Card & Glazed Paper Co. 

Nashua, N.H. 

Carpet Tarns. 

Norwich Worsted Co. Norwich, Conn. 

Carriage Hard^vare. 

Atwater Manufacturing Co. 

Plantsville, Conn 


Rumford Chemical Works. Providence, R.I. 
Providence Dye Wood Co. *' 

Coffin Triininiugs. 

Providence Metallic Co. Providence, R. I. 
Copper Rivets. 

The Plume & Atwood Manuf. Co. (see 
page 798), Thomaston, Conn. 

Corrugated Metal Manuf. 

The Corrugated Metal Co. (see page 
797), East Berlin, Conn. 

Corset Jeans. 

Kearsarge Mills, R. B. Adams, agent, 

Portsmouth, N.H. 

Cotton and Woollen Slachinery. 

Providence Machine Co. Providence, R.I. 
Cotton Goods Manufacturers. 

Androscoggin Mills, Lewiston, Me. 

Continental Mills, " 

Hallowell Cotton Mannf. Co. Hallowell, Me. 
Kearsarge Mills., R. B. Adams, agent. 

Portsmouth, N.H. 
Slater Cotton Co. Pawtucket, R.I. 

Dye Stuff's. 

Providence Dye Wood Co. Providence, K.I, 


Sun Bleaching, Dyeing, and Calender- 
ing Co. Providence, RI 

Earth Closets. 

Earth Closet Co. Hartford, Conn. 

Files and Rasps. 

Nicholson File Co. Providence, R.I. 

Fire Arms Manufacturers. 

Billings & Spencer Co. Hartford, Conn. 

Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 

New Haven, Conn. 

Fire Department Supplies. 

Allen Fire Department Supply Co. 

Providence, R.I. 
Lyndon Mill Co. Lyndon, Vt. 

Oarden Fngines. 
Douglas W. & B. Middletown, Conn. 

Gas Pipe Fittings. 
Swamscot Machine Co. S. Newmarket, N.H. 

Hard'ware and Tools. 
The Star Tool Co. Middletown, Conn. 

The Taylor Manufacturing Co. 

jNew Britain, Conn. 
Atwater Manufacturing Co. 

Plantsville, Conn. 

Horse Blankets. 

Monadnock Blanket Co. Keene, N.H. 

Hosiery Manufacturer. 

Gilmanton Mills, Belmont, N.H. 

Iron and Steel. 

Iron & Steel Works, 

Derby, Birmingham, Conn. 

Iron Buildings. 

The Corrugated Metal Co. (see p.ige 
797), East Berlin, Conn. 

Iron Roofs. 

The Corrugated Metal Co. (see page 
797), East Berlin, Conn. 

Iron Shutters. 

The Corrugated Metal Co. (see page 
797), East Berlin, Conn. 


The Taylor Manufacturing Co. 

New Britain, Conn, 

Lamp Trimmings. 

The Plume & Atwood Manuf. Co. (see 
page 798), Waterbury, Conn , 

liocks, Knobs, •&>c. 

Nashua Lock Co. Nashua, N.H. 


Manchester Locomotive Works, 

Manchester, N.H. 

Lumber Dealers. 

Lyndon Mill Co. Lyndon, Vt. 

Westmore Lumber Co. 

Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Machinery Manufacturers. 

Belfast Foundry Co. Belfast, Me, 

Sanborn JIachine Co. Mystic River, Ct. 

Slalleable Iron Castings. 

Terry A. & Co. Pequabuck, Conn. 

Marble and Marbleized Slate. 

Forest Mining & Slate Co , Hydeville, Vt. 



Paper Manufacturers. 

Claremont Manufacturing Co. (see 

page 710), Claremont, N.H. 

Nashua Card & Glazed Paper Co. 
(enamelled and glazed papers), 

Nashua, N.H. 
Povrer Presses. 
Farrel Foundry & Machine Co. 

"Waterbury, Conn. 
Print 'Works. 

Manchester Print "Works. 

Manchester, N.H. 
Clyde Bleachery & Print "Works, 

Providence, K.I. 
Claremont Manuf. Co. (see page 710), 

Claremont, N.H. 
Douglas W. & B. Middletown, Conn. 

Roiling Mills. 
The Plume & Atwood Manufacturing 
Co. (see page 798), Thomaston, Conn. 

Rolling Mill Machinery. 

Farrel Foundry & Machine Co. 

Waterbury, Conn. 

Rooting Slate. 

Eagle Slate Co. Hydeville, Vt. 

Rubber Belting. 
N. T. Belting & Packing Co. 

.Sandy Hook, Conn. 
Brandon Manufacturing Co. Brandon, "Vt. 

Serving Macliines. 
Weed Sewing Machine Co. Hartford, Ct. 

Sewing Machine Shuttles. 
Billings & Spencer Co. Hartford, Conn 

Ship Castings. 
Belfast Foundry Co. Belfast, Me. 

Soap and Tallo'w. 

Keene Soap Manuf. Co. Keene, N.H. 

Spices, &c. 

Rumford Chemical "Works, Providence, R.I. 
Spring and Axle Manufacturers. 

Iron & Steel "Works, Thos. Elmes, Sec. 

Derby, Birmingham, Conn. 
Bridgeport Spring Co. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Steam Knglne Builders. 

Corliss Steam Engine Co. Providence, R.I. 
Providence Steam Engine Co. 

Providence. R.I. 
Swamscot Machine Co. S.Newmarket, N.H. 


Farlst Steel Co. "Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Steel Drill Rods. 
The Maltby, Hopson, 8i Brooks Manuf. 
Co. Waterbu^y, Conn. 

Claremont Manuf. Co. (see page 710), 

Claremont, N.H. 
Thread Manufacturers. 
Conant Thread Co. Pawtucket, R.I. 

Stafford Manuf. Co. " 

Tool Manufacturers. 

The Star Tool Co. Middletown, Conn. 

"White Lead Manufacturers. 

The New Britain "White Lead Co. 

New Britain, Conn. 
Wire Manufacturers. 

The Plume & Atwood Manufacturing 
Co. (see page 798), Thomaston, Conn. 

"W^oollen Goods Manufacturers. 

Pondicherry Co. Bridgton, Me. 

Robinson Manuf. Co. Oxford, Me. 

Vassalboro' "Woollen Mills. 

No. "Vassalboro', Me. 
"Warren Manufacturing Co. "^Varren Me, 
Manchester Print Works, Blancl. ester. N.H. 
Hoekanum Co. Kockville, Conn. 

Home Woollen Co. Beacon Falls, Conn. 

"Woollen Rags. 

Herrman Morris (see page 797), 46 
Dey Street, New "Tork, N.T. 


Cambridge Horse Railroad. Cam- 
bridge to Ronton. 

Highland .Street Railway, from Tem- 
ple Place to Grove Hall. 

liOwell Horse Railroad. Incorporated 
1803. Pres. W. E. Livingston; Treas. 
John A. Goodwin; Siipt. Eobert Cun- 

Lynn & Boston Horse Railroad. 
Inc. 1859. Boston to Cliarlestown, Cliel- 
sea, Lynn, and Swampscott. Pres. Benj. 
H. Dewing; Treas. E. F. Oliver. 

Lynn City Street Railway Co. Inc. 
1873. Cliestnut and Essex sts. Lynn to 
Swampscott Line and Glenraere. Pres. 
Wilder S. Thurston. 

Merrimac Valley Horse Railroad, 
from Alethuen to North Andover. Inc. 
1865. Pres. Wm. A. Russell; Trens. 
Jas. H. Eaton; Supf. Paul Adams. 

Metropolitan Horse Railroad. Boston 
to Koxbury, Dorchester, Brookline, and 
to East Boston. 

9Iiddlesex Horse Railroad. Boston to 
Charlestown, Maiden, Everett, Winter 
Hill and Union Square, Somerville, and 

New Bedford & Fairhaven Street 
Railway. Inc. 1873. New Bedford to 
Fairhaven. Pre$. and Treas., Andrew 
G. Pierce; Supt. Charles A. Gray. Cash- 
ier, Wm. Heiu-y Allen. 

Newburyport and Amesbury. Inc. 
1871. Newburyport to Amesburv and 
Sfilisbury Mills. Pres. E. G. Kelley; 
Treas. W. C. Binney; SujH. Paul Adams. 

Salem Street Railway. Inc. 1861. 
Salem to Peabody and Beverly. Pres. 
Abner C. Goodell, jr.; Treas. Wm. 
Hack; Supt. R. H. Ayer; Lessee, Jas. 
P. Robimon. 

South Boston Railroad. Inc. 1854. 
City Point (1^ street), South Boston to 
Scollay's square, Boston. Pres. J. 0. 
Gipson; Treas. H. P. Hanson; Supt. 

Robert Johnson. 

Springfield Street Railway. Inc. 1868. 

Hooker street to Boston road and Hooker 
street to Mill River. Pres. and Treas. 
George M. Atwater; Supt. J. E. Smith. 
Stoneham Street Railroad, from Depot 
at IMelrose Highlands to Stoneham. 
Pres. John Hill; Treas. Lyman Dike; 
Lessee and Supt. Benj. Hibbard. 

Taunton Street Railway. Whittcnton 
to Weir "V'illage, Taunton. Inc. 1871. 
Pres. Wm. C. Lovering. Trens. Henry 
M. Lovering. Supt. George C Morse. 

Worcester Street Railway. Inc. 1869. 
Harrington avenue to New Worcester. 
I'res. Augustus Seeley; Treas. and Supt. 
Heuiiy S. Searla. 




And Officers immediately connected thereiuith, with places of residence. 


Annaal Election Tuesday after First Monday in November. Legisla- 
ture meets First Wednesday in January. 


His Excellency, WILLIAM B. WASHBURN, of Greenfield, Governor. 
His Honor, THOMAS TALBOT, of Billerica Lieutenant Governor. 


District 1. — Alfred Macy of Nantucket. 

" 2. — Seth Turner of Randolph. 

" .3. — Milo Hlldreth of Northboro'. 

" 4. — Rufus 8. Frost of Chelsea. 

'• 5. — Daniel H. Stickney of Groveland. 

" 6. — George O. Brastow , of Somerville, 

" 7. — George Whitney of Royalston. 

" 8. — E. H. Brewster of Worthington. 

Private Secretary to the Governor, Sidney Andrews of Boston. 

Messenger to the Oovernor and Council, William H. D. Eaton of Newton. 

Assistant Messenger to the Governor and Council, Chas. F. A. Francis. . .of Boston, 

Governor's Staff*. 

Adjutant-General (lo'itli rank of Major-Gen'l), Jas. A. Cunningham, Boston. 

Surgeon- General (with rank of Brig-Gen'l), Wm. J. Dale, of No. Andover. 

Judge-Advocate-Gen'l (rank Brig-Gen'l), Wm. W. Blackmar, Boston. 

Asxist. Adjutant-General (loith rank of Col.), Isaac F. Kingsbury, Newton. 

Asaist. Surgeon-General (with rank of Col.), vacant. 

Aides-de-Camp (rank of Cols.), Francis W. Palfrey, Boston; Wm. B. 
Storer, Cambridge ; Geo. Ripley, Andover ; Henry M. Phillips, Spring- 


Oliver Warner of Northampton. 

1st Clerk, Benjamin C. Piper, of Boston. | 2d Cleric, William Harris, of Boston. 


Charles Adams, jun of North Brookfield. 

1st Clerk, Daniel H. Rogers, of Brookline | 2d Cleric, Artemas Harmon, of Maiden. 


D. A. Gleason of Medford. 


Charles Endicott of Canton. 

1st Clerk, Edward S. Davis, of Lynn. | 2d Clerk, Augustus Brown, of Salem. 


Charles R. Train of Boston. 


William G. Colburn of Boston. 




George B. Loring, of Salem 
Stephen N. Gifford . 
Rev. a. W. Ide 
John Morissey 

Suffolk County. 

]st District. 

— Henry S. Washburn 


Francis B. Hayes . 

3d « 

Francis W. Jacobs 

4th " 

Julius K. Bannister 

5th " 

Jonathan A. Lane 

6th " 

Hugh J. Toland . 

Essex County 

1st District. 

— Thomas Inrralls 

2d " 

George B. Loring . 


Horace C. Bacon . 

4th " 

Zenas C. Wardwell 

5th " 

Charles Fitz 

Middlesex Coun 

1st District. 

— Andrew J. Bailey . 

2d " 

N. P. Banks . 

3d " 

Ezra Parmenter 

4th " 

Walter N. ]\Iason . 

5th " 

Thomas P. Hurlburt 

6th " 

Brooks T. Batchelder . 

7th " 

William F. Salmon 

"Worcester County. 

1st District. — George F. Very . 
2d " Jeremiah Gatchell . 

3d " Henry L. Bancroft. 

4th " N. L. Johnson 

5th " Amasa Norcross 

Hampden County. 

1st District. 
2d " 

- E. H. Lathrop 
Henry Fuller 





of Boston, 
of Boston, 
of Boston, 
of Boston, 
of Boston, 
of Boston. 

of Marblehead. 

of Salem. 

of Lawrence. 

of Groveland. 

of Manchester. 

of Charlestown. 

of Waltham. 

of Cambridge. 

of Natick. 

of Sudbury. 

of Lexington. 

of Lowell. 

of Worcester. 

of Blackstone. 

of Millbury. 

of Dana. 

of Fitchburg. 

of Springfield, 
of Westfield. 

Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties. 

Hampshire District. — Francis Edson 
Franklin " David Aiken . 

Berkshire " Edward Learned . 

Berkshire and Hampshire District. — P. C. Baird 

Norfolk and Plymouth Counties. 

1st Norfolk District. — Moody Merrill 

2d " " Charles H. French 

3d " " E. P. Carpenter . 

1st Plymouth District. — Tisdale S. White 

2d " " E. P. Read 

Norfolk and Plymouth District. — J. Dwelley 

Bristol County. 

1st District. — William C. Lovering . 
2d " John A. Hawes . ° . 

3d *' Charles P. Stickney 

of Hadley. 

of Greenfield. 

of Pittsfield. 

of Lee. 

of Boston. 

of Canton. 

of Foxborough. 

of Plymouth. 

of Abington. 

of Hanover. 

of Taunton, 
of Fairhaven. 
of Fall River. 

Barnstable, Nantucket, and Dukes Counties. 

Cape District. — Thomas N. Stone 
Island District. — Francis A. Nye 

of Wellfleet. 
of Falmouth. 




John E. Sanfoed, of Taunton Speaker. 

George A. Maeden . Clerk. 

Nathaniel, H. Taylok. . . * Asst. Clerk. 

Eev. Robeet G. Seymour Chaplain. 

John Moeisset Sergeant-at-Arms. 


1. Andrew M. Morton, of Boston. 
Nathaniel Seaver, of Boston. 
Daniel J. Sweeney, of Boston. 

2. Patrick Collins, of Boston. 
Timothy J. Dacey, of Boston. 
Dennis Bonner, of Boston. 

3. M. F. Wells, of Boston. 
Nathaniel J. Rust, of Boston. 
George P. Kingsley, of Boston. 

4. George G. Crocker, of Boston. 
Charles Hale, of Boston. 
Alfred A. Clatur, of Boston. 

5. Edward B. Rankin, of Boston. 
George A. Shaw, of Boston. 
Francis M. Hughes, of Boston. 

6. F. W. Lincoln, of Boston. 
Charles R. Codman, of Boston. 
William E. Perkins, of Boston. 

7. John E. Fitzgerald, of Boston. 
Thomas F. Fitzgerald, of Boston. 
Patrick Barry, of Boston. 

8. Benjamin Heath, of Boston. 
Lucius W. Knight, of Boston. 
Henry P. Shattuck, of Boston. 

9. Moses Kimball, of Boston. 
William Frost, of Boston. 

10. Lyman Mason, of Boston. 
John J. McNutt, of Boston. 

11. John Bigelow, of Boston. 
Edward J. Jones, of Boston. 
Richard H. Stearns, of Boston. 

12. Henry VV. Wilson, of Boston. 
Richard Pope, of Boston. 

13. Eustace C. Fitz, of Chelsea. 
J. VV. Fletcher, of Chelsea. 
Isaac "Stebbins, of Chelsea. 


1. Joseph M. Eaton, of Salisbury. 
Henry D. Lay, of West Newbury. 

2. William E. Blunt, of Haverhill. 
James H. Carleton, of Haverhill. 
Laburton Johnson, of Bradford. 

3. William S. Knox, of Lawrence. 
Henry J. Couch, of Lawrence. 
James 0. Parker, of Methuen. 

4. Samuel H. Boutwell, of Andover. 
6. J. E. Bailey, of Georgetown. 

6. Benjamin C. Currier, of Newburyport. 
Joseph B. Morss, of Newburyport. 
E. G. Kelley, of Newburyport. 

7. Edward G. Hull, of Ipswich. 

8. Addison Gilbert, of Gloucester. 
James G. Tarr, of Gloucester. 
Aaron Low, of Essex. 

9. John J. Giles, of Rockport. 

10. Francis E. Porter, of Beverly. 
John B. Hill, of Beverly. 

11. George J. Sanger, of Danvers. 

12. S. F. Blaney of Peabody. 

13. Willard P. Phillips, of Salem. 
Charles S. Osgood, of Salem. 

14. John H. Bell, of Salem. 

15. Joshua P. Haskell, of Marblehead. 
William B. Brown, of Marblehead. 

16. Edward J. Johnson, of Nahant. 

17. James N. Buffum, of Lynn. 

18. Henry B. Lovering, of Lynn. 

19. W. Stanley Newhall, of Lynn. 

20. William R, Roundy, Lynnfield. 


1. S. S. Ginnodo, of Attleborough. 

2. Henry L. Pratt, of Mansfield. 

3. Thomas S. Cushman, of Rayuham. 

4. John E. Sanford, of Taunton. 
Frederick L. Bosworth, of Taunton. 
Cyrus Savage, of Taunton. 

5. C. M. Wheaion, of Rehoboth. 

6. William L. Slade, of Somerset. 

7. Geo. 0. Fairbanks, of Fall River. 
John Davol, jr., of Fall River. 
Daniel McCowan, of Fall River. 

8. Joseph C. Little, of Westport. 

9. Abraham H. Smith, of Dartmouth. 

10. Isaac F. Sawtell, of New Bedford. 
Wm. C. Parker, jr., of New Bedford. 

11. Cyrus W. Chapman, of New Bedford. 
Elijah H. Chisholm, of New Bedford. 

12. Daniel J.,Lewis, of Fairhaven. 


1. Robert R. Wiley, of Charlestown. 

2. I. W. Derby, of Charlestown. 
Aaron 0. Buxton, of Charlestown. 

3. John H. Studley, of Charlestown. 
Joseph W. Hill, of Charlestown. 

4. J. A. Cummings, of Somerville. 
Horace Haskins, of Somerville. 
J. K. C. Sleeper, of Maiden. 

5. Benj. F. Hayes, of Medford. 

6. John T. Manny, of Winchester. 

7. Levi L. Gushing, jr., of Cambridge. 

8. Curtis Davis, of Cambridge. 
■ J. B. Smith, of Cambridge. 

D. H. Thui'ston, of Cambridge. 

9. J. W. Coveney, of Cambridge. 

10. Robert R. Bishop, of Newton. 
Charles Robinson, jr., of Newton. 

11. Samuel S. Gleason, of Watertown. 

12. W. A. Adams, of Walthara. 

13. J. B. Fairbanks, of Natick. 

14. Ebenezer Kimball, of HoUiston. 

15. Charles Alden, of Ashland. 

16. Franklin H. Sprague, of Framingham. 

17. Francis C. Curtis, of Marlborough 

18. Avery W. Nelson, of Stow. 

19. George C. Wright, of Acton. 

20. John B. Moore, of Concord. 

21. R. D. Blinn, of Lexington. 

22. John Cummings, of Woburn. 

23. Elbridge H. Goss, of Melrose. 
Richard Britton, of Wakefield. 

24. Andrew Howes, of Reading. 

25. Ziba Gay, of Chelmsford. 

26. John C. Blood, of Lowell. 
Artemas S. Tyler, of Lowell. 

27. James E. Hill, of Lowell. 

28. John A. G. Richardson, of Lowell. 

29. Jonathan Johnson, of Lowell. 

30. Gayton M. Hall, of Dracut. 



31. George S. Gates, of Groton. 

32. A. A. Carr, of Ashby. 


1. C. A. Loud, of Winchendon. 

2. J. A. Rich, of Royalston. 

3. L. H. Sawin, of Gardner. 

4. A. M. Orcutt, of Hai-dwick. 
John W. Rice, of Ban-e. 

6. Caleb C. Field, of Leominster. 
E. P. Loring, of Fitchburg. 
John F. Haskins, of Fitchburg. 

6. J. D. Hurlburt, of Bolton. 

7. S. M. Haynes, of Berlin. 

8. H. V. Woods, of Boylston. 

9. Moses Smith, of Rutland. 

10. Samuel Winslow, of Worcester. 
T. W. Wellington, of Worcester. 
Emory Banister, of Worcester. 

11. Andrew Athy, of Worcester. 
James E. Estabrook, of Worcester. 
Thomas Gates, of Worcester. 

12. Charles L. Pratt, of Grafton. 

13. Reuben Bovnton, of Westborough. 

14. Nahum B. 'Hall, of Upton. 

15. Lawrence Reade, of Jlilford. 
Albert Smith, of Blackstone. 
George W. Taft, of Uxbridge. 

16. J. B. Williams, of Douglas. . 
William Abbott, of Sutton. 
George Hodges, of Oxford. 

17. Erastus Jones, of Spencer. 
Warren Sibley, of Auburn. 

18. Stillman Butterworth, of Brookfield. 
Warren Tyler, of North Brookfield. 


1. James L. Merritt, of Scituate. 

2. John Gushing, of Hingham. 

3. Charles H. Killam, of Hanover. 

4. William Whiting, of Pembroke, 

5. Samuel Loring, of Duxbury. 

6. Albert Mason, of Plymouth. 
Horatio A. Lucas, of Carver. 

7. John Savery, of East Wareham. 

8. Leonard Washburn, of Lakeville. 

9. John Shaw, of Middleboro'. 

10. Benj. Howard, of West Bridgewater. 

11. T. M. House, of North Bridgewater. 
Edw. 0. Noyes, of North Bridgewater. 

12. Nathan S. Jenkins, of Abingtou. 
Jesse E. Keith, of Abingtou. 


1. Julius II. Lyon, of Wales. 

2. Francis E. Clark, of Wilbraham. 

3. F. E. Gray, of Springfield. 
Charles L. Shaw, of Springfield. 

4. Smith R. Phillips, of Springfield. 

5. Henry W. Phelps, of Springfield.| 

6. Geo. D. Robinson, of Chicopee. 
Allen Higgingbottom, of Holyoke. 

7. E. H. Seymour, of Granville. 
Rufus Smith, of Granville. 

8. Reuben Noble, of Westfield. 

9. Enos W. Boise, of Blandford. 


1. Damon E. Cheney, of Orange. 

2. of Sunderland. 

3. Samuel 0. Lamb, of Greenfield. 

John F. Moors, of Greenfield. 
4. Lucien F. Eldi-idge, of Conway. 

George W. Jones, of Deerfield. 
6. Horace H. Mayhew, of Charlemont. 


Aug. B. Endicott, of Dedham. 
Richard Olney, of ward 17, Boston. 
Albert Palmer, of Boston. 
George Bartholomesz, of Boston. 
Browuell Granger, of Boston. 
Austin H. Connell, of Boston. 
Albe C. Clark, of Boston. 
R. Hutchinson, of Boston. 
John Quincy Adams, of Quincy. 
N. E. Hollis, ofBraintree. 
D. Franklin Reed, of Weymouth. 
Joseph W. Rogers, of Weymouth. 
Andrew J. Gove, of Randolph. 
Ezra Stearns, of Stoughton. 
Sanford W. Billings, of Sharon. 
Willard Lewis, of Walpole. 
Edward Eaton, of Medway. 
A. W. Harris, of Wrenthara. 
John H. Fisher, of Franklin. 
Joseph E. Fiske, of Needham. 
Moses Williams, jr. of Brookline. 


1. Sumner Southworth, of Williamstown, 

2. S. W. Brayton, of Adams, 
L. J. Cole, of Cheshire. 

3. Jarvis N. Duuhum, of Pittsfield. 
Wm. H. Murray, of Pittsfield. 

4. Simon H. White, of Hinsdale. 
6. John B. Hull, of Stockbridge. 

6. Thomas M.Judd,. of Lee. 

7. Henry W. Wright, of Great BaiTington. 

8. Wm, B. Gibson, of New ilarlboro'. 


1. Porter Nutting, of Northampton. 
Wm. G. Bassett, of Easthampton. 

2. Lysander J. Orcutt, of Cummington. 

3. Samuel P. Billings, of Hatfield. 

4. Edward Dickinson, of Amherst. 

5. Asahel Gates, of Pelham. 

6. Henry C. Davis, of Ware. 


1. Joshua C. Robinson, of Falmouth. 
Philip H. Robinson, of Sandwich. 
Levi L. Goodspeed, of Barnstable. 

2. George D. Smalley of Harwich. 
David P. Howes, of Dennis. 

3. S. Elbridge Hallett, of Chatham. 

4. Lewis Lombard, or Eastham. 
Henry Shortle, of Provincetwon. 


1. David Mayhew, of Tisbury. 

1. Edward McCleave, of Nantucket. 





Judiciary— Messrs. Norcross, of Worces- 
ter. Aiken, of Franklin, Jacobs, of Suffolk, 
Verry, of \Vorcester, and Mason, of Middle- 

Probate and Chancery — Messrs. Johnson, 
of Worcester, Merrill, of Norfolk, and Fuller, 
of Hampden. 

Treasury — Messrs. Stickney, of Bristol, 
Lane, of Suffolk, and Fitz. of Esse.K. 

Printing — Messrs. Banister, of Suffolk, 
Hawes, of Bristol, and Salmon, of Middlesex. 

Bills ill the Third Reading — Messrs. Mer- 
rill, of Norfolk, Stone, of tile Cape District, 
Latlirop, of Hampden, Fuller, of Hampden, 
and Gatchell, of Worcester. 

Engrossed Bills — Messrs. Bancroft, of 
Worcester, Aiken, of Franklin, and Fdeon, 
of Hampsliire. 

Leave of Absence — Messrs. Dwelley, of 
Plymouth, Ingalls, of Essex, andBatcheller 
of Middlesex. 


Judiciary — Messrs. Codman, of Boston, 
Adams, of Quiucy, John E. Fitzgerald, of 
Boston, Masou, of Plymouth, Loriiig, of 
Fitchburg, Olaey, of Boston, and Kobinson, 
of Chicopee. 

Probate and Chancery ■< — Messrs. Robin- 
son, of Newton, Keith, of Abiugton, Clark, 
of Boston, Knox, of Lawrence, Osgood, of 
Salem, Davis, of Ware, and Dacey, of Bos- 

Finance — Mesars. Kimball, of Boston, 
Murray, of Pittslield, Jenkins, of Abington, 
Sawtell, of New Bedford, Stearns, of Bos- 
ton, Gushing, of Cambridge, and Loud, of 

Elections — Messrs. Judd, of Lee, Bonner, 
of Boston, 3Ierritt, of Scituate, Billings, of 
Hatlield, Hurlbnrt, of Bolton. Seymour, of 
Granville, and Hollis, of Braintree. 

Bills in the Third Reading — Messrs. 
Crocker, of Boston, Nelson, of Stow, Bux- 
ton, of Boston. Clark, of Wilbraliam, Pratt, 
of Mansfield, Carr, ot Ashby, and Hughes, 
of Boston. 

Engrossed Bills — Messrs. Fiske. of Need- 
ham, Manny, of Winchester, Collins, of Bos- 
ton, Johnson, of Bradford, Gates, of Pel- 
ham, McCowan, of Fall Kiver, and Bos- 
worth, of Taunton. 

County Estimates — Messrs. Gilbert, of 
Gloucester, Wheaton, of Rehobotli, Stearns, 
of Stoughton, Smith, of Granville, Alden, 
of Ashland, Montague, of Sunderland, and 
Blaney, of Peabody. 

Pay /Jo» — Messrs. T. F. Fitz Gerald, of 
Boston, Gibson, of New Marlboro', Hull, of 
Ipswich, Hall, of Dracut, Curtis, of Marl- 
boro', Tewksbury, of Boston, and Smith, of 

Leave of Absence — Messrs. Seaver, of 
Boston, Wriglit, of Acton, Killam, of Han- 
over, Eaton, of Salisbury, Kiiigtley, of Bos- 
ton, Athy, of AVorcester, and Haskell, of 

Public Buildings — Messrs. Hall, of Up- 
ton, Wells, of Boston, Kimball, of Holliston, 
Roundy, of Lynnfleld, Lyon, of Wales, 
Couch, of Lawrence, and Hill, of Lowell. 

Printing — Messrs. Morss, of Newbury- 
port, Sweeney, of Boston, Reade, of Milford, 
Butterworth, of Brooktield, Lombard, of 
Eastham, Jones, of Deerlield, and Smith, 
of Dartmouth. 


Agriculture — Messrs. Dwelley, of Ply- 
mouth, and Edson, of Hampshire, 0/ the 
Senate. Messrs. Moore, of Concord, iMay- 
hew, of Tisbury, Low, of Essex, Sibley, of 
Auburn, and Boise, of Blandford, Of the 

Banks and Banking — Messrs. Stickney, 
of Bristol, and French, of Norfolk, Of the 
Senate. Messrs. Cummings, of Woburu, 
Banister, of Worcester, Tyler, of Lowell, 
Stebbins, of Chelsea, and Phillips, of Spring- 
field, Of the House. 

Claims — Messrs. Johnson, of tVorcester, 
and Reed, of Plymouth, Of the Senate. 
Messrs. Lewis, of Fairhaven, Gates, of Gro- 
ton, Bassett, of East Hampton, Smalley, of 
Harwich, and Cummings of Somerville, Of 
the House. 

Education — Messrs. Washburn, of Suf- 
folk, and Hawes, of Bristol, Of the Senate. 
Messrs. Sanger, of Dauvers, Field, of Leo- 
minster, Billings, of Sharon, Moors, of 
Greenfield, and House, of No. Bridgewater, 
Of the House. 

Federal Relations. — Messrs. Norcross, of 
Worcester, and Latlirop, of Hampden, Of 
the Senate. Messrs. Smith, of Cambridge, 
McCleave, of Nantucket, Morton, of Boston, 
Sawin, of Gardner, and Abbott, of Sutton, 
Of the House. 

Fisheries — Messrs. Fitz, of Essex, and 
Hawes, of Bristol, Of the Senate. Jlessrs. 
Howes, of Dennis, Shorlle, of Province- 
town, Giles of Rockport, Savory, of Ware- 
ham-, and Johnson, of Nahant, Of the House. 
Harbors — Messrs. Washburn, of Suflblk, 
Nye, of the Island District, and Hayes, of 
Suffolk, Of the Senate. Messrs. Fitz, of 
Chelsea, Sprague, of Framingham, Cashing, 
of Hingham, Lndicott, of Dedham, Perkins, 
of Boston, Thurston, of Cambridge, Little, 
of Westport, and Kobinson, of Falmouth, 
Of the House. 

Hoosac Tunnel, and Troy and Greenfield 
Railroad — Messrs. Verry, of Worcester, 
Bacon, of Essex, and Fuller, of Hampden, 
Of the Senate. Messrs. Granger, of Boston, 
Fletcher, of Chelsea, Southworth, of Wil- 
liamstown, Estabrooli, of Worcester, Nut- 
ting, of Northampton, Sleeper, of Maiden, 
Adams, of Waltham, and Rankin, of Bos- 
ton, Of the House. 

Horse Railways — Messrs. French, of 
Norfork, Baird, of Berkshire, and Parmen- 
ter, of Middlesex, Of the Senate. Messrs. 
Palmer, of Boston, Heath, of Boston, Wins- 
low, of Worcester, Davin, of Cambridge, 
Shaw, of Springfield, Parker, of New Bed- 
ford, Fairbanks, of Natick, and Bell, of Sa- 
lem, Of the House. 

Lib7-ary—ilessra. Banks, of Middlesex, 
Parmenter, of Middlesex, and Kdson, of 
Hampshire, Of the Senate. Messrs. Sliat- 
tuck, of Boston, Taft, of Uxbridge, and 
Goss, of Melrose, Of the House. 

Insurance — Messrs. Lathrop, of Hamp- 
den, and AVhite, of Plymouth, Of the Senate, 
Messrs. Dunham, of Pittsfield, Tarr, of 
Gloucester, Rice, of Barre, Parker, of Me- 
thuen, and Pope, of Boston, Of the House. 

Manufactures — Messrs. Lovering, of 
Bristol, and Salmon, of Lowell, Of the Sen- 
ate. Jlessrs. Loring, of Duxburj', Lewis, 
of Walpole, Jones, of Spencer, Reed, of 
Weymouth, and Eaton, of Medway, Of the 

Mercantile Affairs — Messrs. Hayes, of 
Suffolk, Hawes, of Bristol, and Banister, of 
Suffolk, Of the Senate. Messrs. Bigelow, of 
Boston, Phelps, of Springfield, Knight, of 
Boston, Bishop, of Newton, Noyes, of No. 
Bridgewater, Hull, of Stockbridge, Cheney, 



Towns — Messrs. Jacobs, of Suffolk, and 
Wardwell, of Essex, Of the Senate. Messrs. 
Haves, of Medford, 31ason, of Boston, Gin- 
iiodo, of Attleboro'. Rich, of Royalstou, and 
Mavliew, of Charlemont, Of the House. 

Water Snjiplij and Drainuge. — Messrs. 
Learned, of Berkshire, Batcheller, of Mid- 
dlesex, and Levering, of Bristol, Of the 
Senate. Messrs. Wilson, of Boston, Cur- 
rier, of >'ewbur_vport. Studley, of Boston, 
BrittOD, of "Wakefield, Barry, of Boston, 
Gay, of Chelmsford, Orcutt, of Hardwick, 
and Haskins, of Somerville, Of the House, 


Labor Question — Messrs. Bailey, of Mid- 
dlesex, Banks, of Middlesex, and Baird, of 
Berkshire, Of the Senate. Messrs. Buffum, 
of J>ynn, Hutchinson, of Boston, Lovering, 
of Lynn. Fisher, of Franklin, McNutt, of 
Boston, Davol, of Fall River, Hovres, of 
Reading, and Rogers, of Weymouth, Of the 

Liquor Law — Messrs. Merrill, of Norfolk, 
Stone, of the Cape District, and Hurlburt, 
ol Middlesex, Of the Senate. Messrs. Hill, 
of Beverly, Crocker, of Boston, Fiske, of 
Needham, Boynton, of Westboro', Bar- 
tliolmesz, of Boston, Harris, of Wrentham, 
Kelley, of Newburyport, and Washburn, of 
Lakeville, Of the House. 

Hoosac Tunnel Lineof Railroads — Messrs. 
Learned, of Berkshire,' Lane, of Suffolk, and 
Bailey, of Middlesex. Of the Senate. Messrs. 
Hale, of Boston, Dickinson, of Amherst, 
Lamb, of Greenfield, Brown, of Marblehead, 
Noble, of Westfield, Hodges, of Oxford, 
Brayton, of Adams, and Haskins, of Fitch- 
burg, Of the House. 

Just and Equal Taxation — Messrs. Aiken, 
Latlirop, and Mason, Of the Senate. Messrs. 
Kimball, ot Boston, Whiting, of Pembroke, 
Morss, of Newburyport, Goodspeed, of 
Barnstable, Lamb, of Greenfield, Sanger, of 
Danvers, Banister, of Worcester, and Cole, 
of Cheshire, Of the House. 

IFoman Suffrage — Messrs. Washburn, 
Stickney, and Mason, Of the Senate. Messrs. 
John E. Fitzgerald, of Boston, Mason, of 
Plymouth, Gilbert, of Gloucester, Blunt, of 
Haverhill. Wilson, of Boston, Tyler, of No. 
Brookfield, Knox, of Lawrence, and Gray, 
of Springfield, Of the House. 

Compeiisatton of the Governor, Liieutenaut-Goveriior, &c. 

Tlie salaiy of the Governor is $5,000; of the Lieutenant-Governor, Sl,- 
500 for the regular session of the Legislature, and $10.00 per day during 
the subsequent sessions of the Council. The jiay of the Councillors is $750 
and $5.00 per day for each day's attendance at subsequent sessions. The 
pay of Senators and Representatives is $750 for the annual session. 

The salary of the Secretary of the Commonwealth is $3,500 ; Treasurer, 
$5,000; Auditor, $3,500; Attorney General, $5,000; Adjutant General 


Charles Sumner, of Boston, . . . term expires March 8, 1875 
George S. Boutwell, of Groton, . . . term expires March 3, 1877 

[Terms expire March 3, 1875.] 

James Buffinton, of Fall River 

Benj. W. Harris, of Bridgewater 

Henry L. Pierce, of Boston 

Samuel Hooper, ...... of Boston 

Daniel W. Gooch, of Melrose 

Benj. F. Butler, of Gloucester 

E. Rockwood Hoar of Concord 

John M. S. Williams, of Cambridge 

George F. Hoar, of Worcester 

Alvah Crocker, of Fitchburg 

Henry L. Dawes, of Pittsfield 

of Orange, and Bailey, of Georgetown, Of 
the House. 

Military Affairs —^ Messrs. Banks, of Mid- 
dlesex, and Reed, of Plymouth, Of the Sen- 
ate. Messrs. Porter, of Beverly, Derby, of 
Boston, Coveney, of Cambridge, Richard- 
son, of Lowell, and Savage, of Taunton, Of 
the Hotise. 

Parishes and Religious Societies — Messrs. 
Bancroft, of Worcester, and Hurlburt, of 
Middlesex, Of the Senate. Messrs. Whit- 
ing, of Pembroke, Cushraan, of Raynham, 
Smith, of Rutland, Howard, of W. Bridge- 
water, and Hallett, of Chatham, Of the 

Prisons — Messrs. Nye. of the Island Dis- 
trict, Carpenter, of Noifolk, and Mason, of 
Middlesex, Of the Senate. Messrs. Jones, 
of Boston, Tyler, of North Brooklield, 
Frost, of Boston. Chapman, of New Bed- 
ford, Blinn, of Lexington, White, of Hins- 
dale, Hill, of Boston, aud Pratt, of Grafton, 
Of the House. 
'Public Charitable Institutions — Messrs. 
Stone, of the Cape District, and Toland, of 
Suffolk, Of the Senate. Jlessrs. Lincoln, of 
Boston, Coodspeod, of Barnstable, Cole, of 
Cheshire. Slade, of Somerset, aud Carleton, 
of Haverhill, Of the House. 

Pnhlic Xands — Messrs. Gatchell, of Wor- 
cester, and Ingalls, of Essex, Of the Senate. 
Messrs. Shaw, of Middleboro', Gove, of 
Randolph, Woods, of Boylston, Haynes, of 
Berlin, aud Boutwell, of Andover, Of the 

Railways — Messrs. Bacon, of Essex, 
White, of Plymouth, and Edson, of Hamp- 
shire, Of the Senate. Messrs. Phillips, of 
Salem, Fairbanks, of Fall River, Blunt, of 
Haverhill, Chisholm, of New Bedford, Wel- 
lington, of Worcester, Johnson, of Lowell, 
Orcutt, of Cummington, and Williams, of 
Brookline, Of the House. 

Roads and /j'rirfg'e.s'— Messrs. Wardwell, 
of Essex, and Bancroft, of Worcester, Of the 
Senate. Messrs. Shaw, of Boston, Gates, of 
M'orcester, Robinson, of Sandwich, Higgin- 
bottom, of Holyoke, and Lucas, of Carver, 
Of the House. 

State House — Messrs. Banister, of Suf- 
folk, and Toland, of Suffolk, Of the Senate. 
Messrs. Wiley, of Boston, Clatur, of Boston, 
Newhall, of Lynn, Blood, of Lowell, and 
Gleason, of Watertown, Of the House. 

District 1. 























As establkhed hy Chap. 221, Acts of 18G6. 

1. — The Island, the Cape, the First Plymouth, and the Second and Third Bristol 

Senatorial Districts. 

2. — The Second Plymouth, the first Bristol, the Norfolk and Plymouth, and the 

Second and Tliird Norfolk Senatorial Districts. 

3. — The Sixth Suffolk, the First Norfolk, the Third and Fourth Middlesex, and the 

Second VVorcester Senatorial Districts. 

4. — The First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Suffolk Senatorial Districts. 
6. — The five Senatorial Districts in the County of Essex. 

6. — The First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Middlesex Senatorial Districts. 

7. — The First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Worcester, and the Franklin Senatorial 

8. — The Hampshire, the First and Second Hampden, the Berkshire, and the Berk- 
shire and Hampshire Senatorial Districts. 


As established by Chap, 120, Acts of 1866, with the number of legal voters in each district. 

[Whole number of legal voters in the State on the 1st of Jlay, 1865, 246,282. Number 
of Senators, 40. Average ratio for each district in the State, 6,157.] 

Suflfolk County — Six Senators. [Average ratio, 6,133.] 

First District. — Chelsea, Kevere, Winthrop, and Ward No. 1, Boston. Legal voters, 

Second District. — Wards Nos. 2, 3, and 6, Boston. Legal voters, 8,795. 
Third District. — Wards Nos. 4 and 5, Boston. Legal voters, 6,195. 
Fourth District. — Wards Nos. 8 and 9, Boston. Legal voters, 5.137. 
Fifth District.— Wards Nos. 10 and 11, Boston. Legal voters, 5,109. 
Sixth District. — Wards Nos. 7 and 12, Boston. Legal voters, 5,224. ^ 

Essex County— Five Senators. [Average ratio, 6,616.] 

First District. — Lynn, Lynnfield, Blarblehead, Nahant, Saugus, and Swampscott. 

Legal voters, 6,855. 
Second District. — Danvers, Hamilton, Middleton, Salem, Peabody, Topsfield, and 

Wenham. Legal voters, 6,215. 
Third District. — Andover, Boxford, Haverhill, Lawrence, Methuen, and North Andover. 

Legal voters, 7,111. 
Fourth District. — Amesbury, Bradford, Georgetown, Groveland, Newbury, Newbury- 

port, Salisbury, and West Newbury. Legal voters, 6,267. 
Fifth District. — Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Ipswich, Manchester, Rockport, and 

Rowley. Legal voters, 6,624. 

Middlesex County— Seven Senators. [Average ratio, 5,991.] 

First District. — Wards 20, 21, and 22, Boston. Legal voters, 5,596. 

Second District. — Arlington, Belmont, Maiden, Medford, Somerville, Waltham, and 

Watertown. Legal voters, 6,462. 
Third District. — Cambridge, and Ward 19, Boston. Legal voters, 5,810. 
Fourth District. — Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, Newton, Sher- 

born, Wayland, and Weston. Legal voters, 6,259. 
Fifth District. — Acton, Ashby, Boxborough, Carlisle, Concord, Dunstable, Groton, 

Hudson, Lincoln, Littleton, Marlborough, Pepperell, Shirley, Stow, Sudbury, 

Townsend, Tyngsborough, and Westford. Legal voters, 5 828. 
Sixth District. — Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, Melrose, North Reading, 

Reading, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, and Wo- 

burn. Legal voters, 6,014. 
Seventh District. — Chelmsford, Dracut, and Lowell. Legal voters, 5,967. 

Worcester County — Five Senators. [Average ratio, 6,451.] 

First District. — Worcester. Legal voters, 5,880. 

Second District. — Blackstone, Douglas, Grafton, Mendon, Milford, Northborough, 

Northbridge, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Upton, Uxbridge, and Westborough. 

Legal voters, 6,883. 
Third District. — Auburn, Brookfield, Charlton, Dudley, Leicester, Millbury, Oxford, 

Southbridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, Sutton, Warren, VVebster, and West Brookfield. 

Legal voters, 6,535. 
Fourth District. — Athol, Barre, Dana, Gardner, Hardwick, Holden, Hubbardston, 

New Braintree, North Brookfield, Oakham, Paxton, Petersham, Phillipston, Royal- 

ston, Rutland, Templeton, and Winchendon. Legal voters,_6,383. 


Fifth District. — Ashburnham, Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Fitchburg, Harvard, 
Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, Princeton, Sterling, West Boylston, and West- 
minster. Legal voters, 6,574. 

Hampden County — Two Senators. [Average ratio, 6,165.] 

First District. — Brimfield, Holland, Jlonson, Palmer, Springfield, Wales, and Wilbra- 
ham. Legal voters, 6,306. 

Second District. — Agawiim, Blandford, Chester, Chicopee, Granville, Holyoke, Long- 
meadow, Ludlow, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick, Tolland, Westfieid, and West 
Springfield. Legal voters, 6,024. 

Hampshire County— One Senator. [Average ratio, 6,347.] 

EampsJiire District. — Amherst, Belchertown, Easthampton, Enfield, Granby, Green- 
wich, Hadley, Hatfield, Northampton, Pelham, Prescott, South Hadley, South- 
ampton, Ware, Westhampton, and Williamsburg. Legal voters. 6,347. 

Berkshire and Hampshire Counties- One Senator. [Average ratio, 6,149.] 

Berkshire and HimpsJdre District. — Alford, Becket, Egremont, Great Barrington, 
Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Mount Washington, New Marlborough, Otis, Sandisfleld, 
Goshen, Huntington," Middlefield, Plaiiifiekl, and Worthington. Legal voters, 

Berkshire and Franklin Counties — One Senator. [Average ratio, 6,013.] 

Berkshire District. — Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Florida, Hancock, Hins- 
dale, Linesborough, New Ashford, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, S.avoy, Washing- 
ton, Williamstown, Windsor, Hawley, and Monroe. Legal voters, 6,013. 

Franklin County — One Senator. [Average ratio, 6,987.] 

Franklin District. — Ashfield, Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Coleraine, Conway, 
Deerfield, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Heath, Leverett, Leyden, Montague, New Sa- 
lem, Northfield, Orange, Rowe, Shelburne, Shutesbury, Sunderland, Warwick, 
Wendell, and Whately. Legal voters, 6,987. 

Norfolk County — Three Senators. [Average ratio, 6,134.] 

Fir si District. — Brookline, Wards 13, 14, 15, and 17, Boston. Legal voters, 6,235. 
Second District. — Canton, Dsdham, Ward 16 Boiton, Dover, Milton, Nee Iham, and 

Quincy. Legal voters, 6,094. 
Third District. — Belliniham, Foxborough, Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Rando'ph, 

Sharon, Stoughton, Walpole, and Wrentham. L^gal voters, 6,084. 

Bristol County — Three Senators. [.Average ratio, 6,192.] 

First District. — Attleborough, Easton, Mansfield, Norton, Rajmham, and Taunton. 

Legal voters, 6,058. 
Second District. — Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, and New Bedford. Legal voters, 

Third District. — Berkley, Dighton, Fall River, Freetown, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somer- 
set, Swansey, and Westport. Legal voters, 8,246. 

Plymouth County — Two Senators. [Average ratio, 5,925] 

First District. — Carver, Duxbury, Kingston, LUieville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Jlid- 
dleborough, Plymouth, Plympton, Rochester, and Wareham. Legal voters, 5,973. 

Second District. — Abington, Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Hanson, North 
Bridgewater, Pembroke, and West Bridgewater. Legal voters, 5,878. 

Norfolk and Plymouth Counties — One Senator. [Average ratio, 5,904.] 

Norfolk anl P.'niniufh District. — Coliasset, Hinover, Hin^ham, Hull, Marshfield, 
Scituate, South Scituate, Braintree, and Weymouth. Legal voters, 5,904. 

Barnstable, Dakes, and Nantucket Counties — Two Senators. 
[.\veragc ratio, 5,123.] 

Island District. — Barn<itable, Gay Heail, Falmouth, Marshpee, Sandwich, Chilmark, 
Edgartown, Gosiiold, Tisbury, and N.mtuckot. Legal voters, 4,562. 

Cape District. — Brewster, Chatham, Doiiuis, Eastliam, M.irwich, Orleans, Province- 
town, Truro, Wellfleet, and Yarmouth. Legal voters, 5,684. 




As established by the County Commissioners of tlie several Counties other than Suf- 
t'olk, and the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Boston, for the County of Suffolk, 
pursuant to the •21st Att. of Amendments of the Constitution and Chap. 103 of the 
Acts of 1866; witli the number of Legal Voters in each District (according to the 
census of 1865), and the number of Representatives to which said districts are re- 
soectively entitled. Number of Representatives, 240. Number of voters to each 
Representative, 1,026. 

Suffolk County. 















Boston 1st Ward. 
Boston 2d Ward. 
Boston 3d Ward. 
Boston 4th Ward. 
Boston 5th Ward. 
Boston 6th Ward. 
Boston 7th Ward. 
Boston 8th Ward. 
Boston 9th Ward. 
Boston 10th Ward. 
Boston 11th Ward. 
Boston 12th Ward. 
Chelsea, Revere, Win- 

Voters. Rep. 

3,530 3 

3,085 3 

3,050 3 

3 076 3 

3,119 3 

2,660 3 

2,857 3 

2877 3 

2.260 2 

2,546 2 

2,563 3 

2,367 2 








1,992 2 

Essex County. 
Salisbury, Amesburj', ) 

West Newbury. ) 

Haverhill, Bradford. 
Lawrence, Methuen. 
Andover, North Andover. 
Georgetown, Grove- ) 

land, Boxford. ) 

Newburyport, Newbury. 
Ipswich, Rowley. 
Gloucester, Essex. 
Beverly, Manchester, } 

Hamilton. \ 

Danvers. Wenham. 
Salem ist Ward, 2d ) 

Ward, 3d Ward. ) 

Salem 4th Ward, 6th Ward 
Marblehead, Salem 5th ) 

Ward. \ 

Lynn 4th Ward, Nahant. 
Lynn 2d Ward, 5th Ward. 
Lynn 3d Wai'd, Swampscott. 1^133 
Lvnn 1st Ward, 6th 

Ward, 7th Ward. 
Saugus, Lynnfield, 

Middleton, Topsfield. 






Middlesex County. 

Charlestown 1st Ward. 
Charlestown 2d Ward. 
Charlestown 3d Ward. 
Somerville, Maiden, ) 

Everett. J 

Med ford. 
West Cambridge, Win- ) 

Chester. ) 

Cambridge 1st Ward, / 

5th Ward. ] 

Cambridge 2d Ward, / 

4th Ward. \ 

Cambridge 3d Ward. 
Newton, Boston 19th ) 
Ward. \ 

Watertown, Belmont. 

2,830 3 

Total, 36,820 36 

1,146 1 
1,076 1 

Total, 33,072 32 


















Holliston, Sherborn. 

Hopkiiiton, Ashland. 



Hudson, Sff)w, Box- ) 

borough, Littleton, j 
Acton, Sudbury, Wayland, 
Concord, Lincoln, Weston. 
Lexington, Bedford, ) 

Burlington, Carlisle, j 
Stoneham, Melrose, ) , 

Wakefield. J 

Reading, North Read- / 

ing, Wilmington. ) 
Chelmsford, Billerica, ) 

Tewksburv. ^ 

Lowell 1st Ward, 2d ( 

Ward. 6th Ward. J 
Lowell 3d Ward. 
Lowell 4th Ward. 
Lowell 5th Ward. 
Dracut, Tyngsboro', ) 

Dunstable, Westford. ) 
Groton, Pepperell. 998 

Townsend, Ashby, Shirley. 1,029 












Total, 41,935 
"Worcester County. 
A.shburnham, Winchendon. 1,119 
Royalston, Athol. 1,031 

Gardner, Templeton. 
Petersham, Dana, Phil- 

lipston, Hubbards- 

ton, Barre, Hard- 
wick, New Braintree. j 
Westminster, Fitch- ) 

burg, Lunenburg, > 

Leominster. ) 

Lancaster, Bolton, Harvard. 
Clinton, Berlin, North- ) 

boro'. ) 

Sterling, West Boyl- ) 

ston, Boylston. ) 

Rutland, Holden, / 

Princeton, Oakham 
Worcester 1st Ward 

2d Ward, 3d Ward 

"8th Ward, Paxton 
Worcester 4th Ward 

ird, V 
1- ) 



5th Ward, 6th Ward, 

7th Ward. ) 

Grafton, Shrewsbury. 1,104 

Westborough, Southborough. 882 
Northbridge, Upton. 
Milford, Mendon, 

Blackstone, Ux- 

Douglas, Webster, 

Dudley, Oxford, 

Sutton, Mdlbury. [ 
Auburn, Leicester, ' 

Spencer, Charlton, ' 

Southbridge. ' 

Sturbridge, Brookfield,' 

North Brookfield, W. 

Brookfield, Warren. [ 



3,034 3 













2,157 2 

Total, 31,780 31 



Hampshire County. 

1. Easthampton, Hunting- 

ton, Northampton, 
Southampton, West- 

2. Chesterfield, Cumming- 

ton, Goshen, Middle- 
field, Plainfield, Wor- 

3. Hadley, Hatfield, Wil- 


4. Amherst, So. Hadley. 
6. Belchertown, Granby, 

6. Enfield, Greenwich, 
Prescott, Ware. 





Hampden County. 

1. Monson, Brimfiekl, Hoi- ) 

land, Wales. ) 

2. Palmer, Wilbraham. 

3. Springfield 1st Ward, ) 

2d Ward, 8d Ward. ) 

4. Springfield 4th Ward, j 

6th Ward. j 

6. Springfield 5th Ward, ) 

7th Ward, 8th Ward. ) 
6. Holyoke, Chicopee, Ludlow. 
V. Granville, Sonthwick, 

Agawam, W. Spr; 

field, Longmeadow 

8. Westfield. 

9. Chester, Blandford, 

Montgomery, Rus- 
sell, Tolland. 

ck, j 
ring- > 
)w. j 










Total, 12,330 
Franklin County. 

1. Warwick, Orange, New 


2. Montague, Sunderland, 

Leverett, Shutes- 
bury, Wendell. 

3. Greenfield, Coleraine, 

Levden, Bernardston, 
Gill, Northfield, Er- 

4. Deerfield, Shelburne, 

Whately, Conway, 
Ashfield, Hawley. 
6. Buckland, Charlemont, 
Heath, Rowe, Munroe. 






rida, t 

Berkshire County. 

1. Hancock, Lanesboro", ) 

New Ash ford, Wii- } 

2. Adams, Cheshire, 

Clarksburg, Flori 
8. Dalton, Pittsfield, Rich- 

4. Becket, Hinsdale, Peru, 

Washington, Wind- 

5. Lenox, Stockbridge, 

West Stockbridge. 

6. Lee, Monterey, Otis, 


7. Alford, Egremont, Gt. 

Barrington, Mount 

8. New Marlborough, San- 

disfield, SheflSeld. 









Total, 10,566 10 

Norfolk County. 
Ward 17, Boston. 
Roxbury 2d Ward, 3d ) 

Ward, 4th Ward, 5tli > 

Ward. ) 

Roxbury 1st Ward. 
Ward 16, Boston. 
Canton, Milton, Wal- ) 

pole, Sharon. ( 

Foxboroiigh, Wren- i 

tham, Medway. ) 

Franklin, Bellingham. 
Needham, Medfield, Dover. 





















1,812 2 

2,007 2 

819 1 

855 1 

761 1 

Total, 21,525 21 

Bristol County. 


jMansfield, Norton. 

Easton, Raynham. 


SeekonkJ Rehoboth, ) 

Dighton, Berkley. ) 
Somerset, Swansey, I 

Freetown. ) 

Fall River. 
New Bedford 1st Ward, ) 

2d Ward, 3d Ward. | 
New Bedford 4th Ward, / 

5th Ward, 6tli Ward, j 
Fairhaven, Acushnet. 

Plymouth County 

Cohasset, Scituate. 

Hingham, Hull. 

South Scituate, Hano- ) 

ver, Hanson. J 

Marshfield, Pembroke, | 

Halifax. ) 

Duxbury, Kingston. 
Plymouth, Carver, ) 

Plympton. j 

Wareham, Marion. 
Mattapoisett, Roches- I 

ter, Lakeville. j 

Bridgewater, West ) 

Bridgewater. ) 

East Bridgewater, No. / 

Bridgewater. ji 




Barnstable County 

1. Barnstable, Sandwich, | 

Falmoutli, Yarmouth. ( 

2. Dennis, Harwich, Brewster 

3. Chatham, Orleans. 

4. Eastham,Wcllfleet,Tru- ) 

ro, Provincetown. ) 

Total, 8,334 
Dukes County. 
1. Edgartown, Tisbury, 
Chilmark, Gosnold. 

Nantucket County. 
1. Nantucket. 809 

1,215 1 
1,055 1 







































. 2,013 










District 1. 

Acushnet, Barnstable, Brewster, Carver, 
Chiitham, Chilmark, Hartmnuth, Dennis, 
Dnxbury, Eastham, Edgartown, Fairhaven, 
Fall River, Falmouth, Freetown, Gay Head, 
Gosnold, Halifax, Harwich, Kint!;ston, 
Lakeville, Jlarion, Marshfield, Marshpee, 
Mattapoisett, Middleborough, Nantucket, 
New Bedford, Orleans, Pembroke, Ply- 
mouth, Piympton, Provincetown, Roches- 
ter, Sandwich, Somerset, Swanzey, Tis- 
burv, Truro, Wareham, Wellfleet, Westport, 

District 2. 

Abington, Attleborough, Berkley, Brain- 
tree, Brilgewater, Canton, Cohasset, Digh- 
ton, Easton, East Bridgewater, Foxborough, 
Hanover, Hanson, Hingliam, Holbrook, 
Hyde Park, Hull, Manstield, Milton, Nor- 
folk, Norton, North Bridgewater, Quincy, 
Randolph, Raynham, Rehoboth, Scituate, 
Seekonk, Sharon, South Scituate, Stough- 
ton, Taunton, Walpole, West Bridgewater, 
Weymouth, Wrentham. 

District 3. 

Wards 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, in 

District 4. 

Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, in Boston; Chel- 
sea, Revere, and Wiathrop. 

District 5. 

Arlington, Belmont, Burlington, Wards 
20,21,22 Boston, Everett, Lexington, Lynn, 
Maiden, Medford, Melrose, Nahant, Saugus, 
Somerville, Stoneham, Swamjjscott, Wake- 
field, Waltliam, Winchester, and Woburn. 

District 6. 

Amesbury, Beverly, Boxford, Bradford, 
Dan vers, Essex, Georgetown, Gloucester, 
Groveland, Hamilton, Haverhill, Ipswich, 
Lynnfield, ^lanchester, Marblehead, Mid- 
dleton, Newbury, Newburyport, North 
Andover, Peabody, Rockport, Rowley, 
Salem, Salisbury, Topsfield, Wenham, and 
West Newbury. 

District 7. 

Acton, Andover, Ashby, Ayer, Bedford, 
Berlin, Billerica, Bolton, Boxborough, Car- 
lisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Dun- 
stable, Groton, Harvard, Hudson, Lancas- 
ter, Lawrence, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, 
Marlborough, Maynard, Methuen, North 

Reading, Pepperell, Reading, Shirley* 
Stow, Sudbury, Tewksbury, Townsendi 
Tyngsborough, Westford, and Wilmington* 

District 8. 

Ashland, Wards 17 and 19, Boston Brook- 
line, Cambridge, Dedham, Dover, Framing- 
ham, Franklin, Holliston, Hopkinton, Med- 

field, Medway, Milford, Natick, Needham, 
Newton, Norwood, Sherborn, Southborough, 
Watertown, Wayland, and Weston. 

Distinct 9. 

Auburn, Barre, Bellingham, Blackstone, 
Boylston, Brookfield, Charlton, Douglas, 
Dudley, Grafton, Hardwick, Holden, Hub- 
bardston, Leicester, Mendon, Millbury, New 
Braintree, Northborough, North bridge, 
North Brookfield, Oakham, Oxford, Pax- 
ton, Princeton, Rutland, Shrewsbury, 
Southbridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, Sutton, 
Upton, Uxbridge, Warren, Webster, West- 
borough, West Boylston, West Brookfield, 
and Worcester. 

District 10. 

Amherst, Ashfield, Ashburnham, Athol, 
Belchertown, Bernardston, Buckland, 
Charlemont, Chesterfield, Clinton, Cole- 
raine, Conway, Cummington, Dana, Deer- 
field, Easthampton, Enfield, Erving, Fitch- 
burg, Gardner, Gill, Goshen, Granby, 
Greenfield, Greenwich, Hadley, Hatfield, 
Hawley, Heath, Holyoke, Huntington, 
Leominster, Leverett, Lyden, Lunenburg, 
Middlefield, Monroe, Montague, New 
Salem, Northampton, Northfield, Orange, 
Pelham, Petersham, Phillipston, Plainfield, 
Prescott, Rowe, Royalston, Shelburne, 
Shutesbury, South Hadley, Southampton, 
Sterling, Sunderland, Templeton, Ware, 
Warwick, Wendell, Westhampton, West- 
minster, Whately, Williamsburg, Win- 
chendon, and Worthington. 

District 11. 

Adams, Alford, Agawam, Becket, Bland- 
ford, Brimfield, Cheshire, Chester, Chico- 
pee, Clarksburg, Dalion, Egremont, Florida, 
Granville, Great Barrington, Hancock, 
Hinsdale, Holland, Lanesborough, Lee, 
Lenox, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Monson, 
Monterey, Montgomery, Mount Washing- 
ton, New Ashford, New Marlborough, Otis, 
Palmer, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Rus- 
sell, Sandisfield, Savoy, Sheffield, South- 
wick, Springfield. Stockbridge, Tolland, 
Tyringham, Wales, Washington, Westfield, 
West Springfield, West Stockbridge, Wil- 
braham, Williamstown, and Windsor. 





U. S. Court House, 140 Tremont St. 

Nathan Clifford, Associate Justice U. 

S. Supreme Court. 
Geo. F. Shepley, Judge of U. S. Cir- 
cuit Court. 
John Lowell, District Judge. 
George P. Sanger, District Attorney. 
Frederick Dabney, E. L. Barney, 
W. A. Hayes, jr., Asst. Dist. At- 
Roland G. Usher, Marshal. 
D. G. Lang, Edward P. Usher, Levi 
Shaw of Boston, and Wm. S. Cobb 
of New Bedford, Deputy Marshals. 
John G. Stetson, Clerk Circuit Court. 
Edward Dexter, Clerk District Court. 
Elisha Bassett, Deputy Clerk Dist. 

Commissioners of the Circuit Court 
of the United States, for the first 
Circuit, and District of Massachu- 
setts: Chas. Levi Woodbury, Elias 
Merwin, Charles P. Curtis, Caleb 
Wm. Loring, Wm. S. Dexter, Henry 
L. Hallett, Charles W. Tuttle, Win- 
elow Warren, jr., Edwin H. Abbott, 
Fisher Ames and John G. Stetson, of 
Boston ; William L. Smith, of Spring- 
field ; George Marston and Chas. W. 
Chfford, of New Bedford ; Wendell 
T. Davis, of Greenfield ; J. Henry 
Hill, of Worcester ; Wm. Howland, 
of Lynn ; and Edgar M. Wood, of 

Circuit Courts, holden at Boston, 
15th of May and 15th of October, in 
each year. 

District Courts, holden at Boston, 
3d Tuesday in March ; 4th Tuesday 
in June ; 2d Tuesday in Sept. ; and 
1st Tuesday in Dec. ; and Special 
Courts are holden usually on each 
Friday, and on other days at the dis- 
cretion of the Judge. 


County Court House, Court Square, 

Horace Gray, jr., Boston, Chief 


John Wells, Chicopee, 

James D. Colt, Pittsfield, 

Seth Ames, Boston, 

Marcus Morton, Andover, 

William C. Endicott, Salem, 

Ch. Devens, jr., Worcester, 

Salary of the Chief Justice, $5,500 ; 
and of each Associate, $5,000. 

Charles R. Train, Boston, Attorney 
General. Salary, $2,500, and $1,000 
Clerk hire. 

George C. Wilde, Boston, Clerk for 
(he Commonwealth. 

Geo. W. Nichols, Boston, ^ssf. Clerk. 

Albert G. Browne, jr., Boston, Re- 


At Boston, 1st Wed. Jan. of each 
year, which term may be adjourned 
from time to time to such places and 
times as may be most conducive to 
the dispatch of business and the 
interest of the public ; and all ques- 
tions of law, whether arising upon 
appeal, exception, or otherwise, and 
from whichever court, shall be therein 
entered and determined, if the same 
arise in either of the following coun- 
ties : Suffolk, Middlesex, iSTortblk, 
Bristol, Barnstable, Dukes, or Nan- 

For Berkshire County, at Pittsfield, 
2d Tiies. Sept. 

For Bristol County, at Taunton, 
4th Tues. Oct. 

For the Counties of Hampshire 
and Franklin, at Greenfield, Mon. af. 
2d Tues. Sept. 

For Hampden County, at Spring- 
field, 3d Mon. af 1st Tues. of Sept. 

For Plymouth County, at Plymouth, 
3d Tues. Oct. 

For Worcester County, at Wor- 
cester, 4th Tu. after 1st Tu. of Sept. 

For Essex County, at Salem, 1st 
Tues. of Nov. 


For the Counties of Barnstable and 
Dukes, at Barnstable, 1st Tu. May. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 2d Tu. 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 3d Tues. 
Ap. ; at New Bedford, 2d Tues. Nov. 



Essex Co., at Salem, 3d Tues. Ap., 
ami 1st Tues. Nov. 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 2d 
Tues. April. 

Hampden Co., at Springfield, 4tb 
Tues. April. 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 
3d Tues. April. 

Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 3d Tues. 
April, and Cambridge, 3d Tues. Oct. 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st 
Tues. July. 

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, 3d Tues. 

Plymoutli Co., at Plymouth, 2d 
Tues". May. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. 
of April, and 2d Tues. of Sept. 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 2d 
Tues. April. 


Lincoln F. Brigham, Salem, Chief 
Justice. Sal. S4,440. 

Julius Rockwell, Pittsfield; Otis P. 
Lord, Salem ; Francis H. D. wey, 
Worcester; Ezra Wilkinson, Wren- 
tham ; John P. Putnam, Boston ; 
Robert C. Pitman, New Bedford ; 
John W. Bacon, Natick ; William 
Allen, Northampton ; I*. Emory Aid- 
rich, Worcester, Associate Justices. 
Salary $4,200 each. 

Jos. A. Willard, Boston, Clerk. 

Edwin A. Wadleigh, Boston, Asst. 

Otis V. Waterman, Clerk {Crim- 
inal Bu>!iness). 

Jaeob Homer, R. L Burbank, and 
Alfred Williams, Commissioners to 
take bail. 


Barnstable Co., at Barnstable, on 
Tues. next after 1st Mon. April, and 
2d Tues. Oct. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 4th 
Mon. Feb. June, and Oct. {Cioil) ; 
2d Mon. Jan. and July (Criminal). 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 2d Mon. 
March and Sept. ; at New Bedford, 
2d Mon. June and Dec. 

Dukes Co., at Edgartown, on last 
Mon. May and Sept. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Mon. 
June and Dec. (Civil), 4th Mon. Jan. 
(Criminal); at Lawrence, 1st Mon. 
March (Cicil), 1st Mon. Oct. (Crimi- 
nal) ; at Newburyport, 1st Mon. Sept. 
(Civil), 2d Mon. May (Criminal). 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 3d 
Mon. March, and 2d Mon. Aug. and 

Hampden Co , at Springfield, 2d 
Mon. March and June, and 4th Mon. 

Oct. (Civil), 3d Mon. May and 1st 
Mon. Dec. (Ci iminal): 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 
3d Mon. Feb. 1st Mon. June, 3d 
Mon. Oct. (Civil) ; 2 1 IMon. June, 
and 3d Mon. Dec. (Criminal). 

Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 2d Mon. 
Mar. and 1st Mon. Sept. (Civil), 
and 3d Mon. Oct. (Criminal) ; at 
Cambridge, 1st Mon. June, 2d Mon. 
Dec. (Civil), and 2d Mon. Feb. and 
4th Mon. June (Criminal). 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st 
Mon. June and Oct. 

Noifolk Co., at Dedham. 4th Mon. 
Apr. Sept. and Dec. (Civil), 1st 
Mon. Apr. Sept. and Dec. (Crimi- 

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d 
Mon. Feb. and June, and 4th Mon. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. 
Jan. Apr. July, and Oct. (Civil), 
and 1st Mon. every month (Crimi- 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 1st 
Mon. March, Mon. next af. 4th INIon. 
Aug. and 2d Mon. Dec. (Civil), 3d 
Mon. Jan. 2d Mon. May, and 3d 
Mon. Oct. (Criminal) ; at Fitchburg, 
2d. Mon. June and Nov. (Civil), and 
2d Mon. Aug. (Criminal). 


[Elected by the several districts for 
terms of three years, ending January, 

Northern District. — Middlesex Co., 
John B. Goodrich of Newton. 

Eastern District. — Essex County, 
Edgar J. Sherman, of Lawrence. 

Southern District. — Bristol, Barn- 
stable, Dukes, and Nantucket Coun- 
ties, George Marston of Barnstable. 

South-Eastern District. — Norfolk 
and Plymouth Counties, Asa French, 
of Braintree. 

Middle District. — Worcester Coun- 
ty, Wm. W. Rice, of Worcester. 

Western District. — Hampden and 
Berkshire Counties, George M. 
Stearns, of Chicopee. 

Norih-Western District. — Hamp- 
shire and Franklin Counties, Wm. B. 
S. Hopkins, of Greenfield. 

Suffolk County. — J. Wilder May, 
of Boston. Horace R. Cheney, of 
Boston (appointed by Governor and 
Council), Assistant Attorney. 


SHIRE, Pittsfield. Hancock, Lanes- 
borough, Peru, AVindsor, Dalton, 
Hinsdale, Pittsfield, Richmond. 



Joseph Tucker, Statidinr/ Justice. 
Charles \V. Van de Mark and Frank 
W. Rockwell, Special Justices. Wal- 
ter B. Smith, Clei-k. 


BERKSHIRE, North Adams. Ad- 
ams, Clarksburg, Savoy, Florida, 

Jarvis Rockwell, Standing Justice. 
Frederick P. Brown, Special Justice. 
Lyman M. Flagg, Clerk. 


BERKSHIRE. Great Barrington. 

James Bradford, Stand inq Justice. 
Rensselasr A. Coach and James H. 
Rowley, Special Justices. Thomas 
Siggins, Clerk. 


hampdp:n. Palmer, Brimfield, 

Monson, Holland, Wales, and Wil- 


James G. Allen, Justice. George 
Robinson and Ira G. Potter, Special 


ERN MIDDLESEX. Ayer, Groton- 
Pepperell, Townsend, Ashby, Shir- 
ley, Westford, Littleton, and Box- 

Josiah K. Bennett, Justice, John 
Spaulding, Special Justice. 

FOLK. Randolph, Braintree, Co- 
hasset, Weymouth, Quincy, and 

Everett C. Bumpus, Justice. James 
A. Tower and Solomon J. Beal, Spe- 
cial Justices. J. White Belcher, 

ERN WORCESTER. Southbridge, 
Sturbrldge, Charleton, Dudley, 
Oxford, and Webster. 
Clark Jillson, Standing Justice. 

Frederick W. Botham and William 

H. Davis, Special Justices. 

ERN WORCESTER. Blackstone, 
Uxbridge, Douglas, and North- 
Arthur A. Putnam, Justice. Zadock 

A Taft, Special Justice. 

ERN WORCESTER. Milford, Men- 
don, and Upton. 
Charles A. Dewey, Justice. James 

R. Davis, Special Justice. 

CESTER. Worcester, Millbury, Sut- 
ton, Auburn, Leicester, Paxton, 
Boylston, West Boylston, Holden, 
and Shrewsbury. 

Hartley Williams, Justice. Sam- 
uel Utley and George M. ^Voodward, 
Special Justices. Theodore S. John- 
son, Clerk. 

ERN WORCKSTER. Northborough, 
Westborough, Southborough, and 
James W. White, Justice. 



Mellen Chamberlain, Chief Justice. 
Joseph M. Churchill, Wm. E. Par- 
menter. and Wm. J. Forsalth, Asso- 
ciate Justices. John C. Leighton, 
Clerk, criminal business. Wm. T. 
Connolly, Clerk, civil business. 


Peter S. Wheelock, Justice. Ira 
Allen and Solomon A. Bolster, Spe- 
cicd Justices. Alfred Williams, Clerk. 


George Washington Warren, Stand- 
ing Justice. John W. Pettingill and 
Henry W. Bragg, Special Justices. 
Daniel Williams, Clerk. 


Joseph R. Churchill, Justice. Geo. 
M. Reed and George A. Fisher, Spe- 
cial Justices. Robert T. Swan, Clerk. 


WilUam Henry Fox, Prin. Justice. 
William E. Fuller, Associate Justice. 



John S. Ladd, Standing Justice. 
Henry W. Muzzey and Emery AVood- 
ward, Special Justices. Thomas Mc- 
Intyre, jr., Cltrk. 


Hamlett Bates, Stamling Justice. 
Erastus Rugg, Ilosea Jlsley, Special 


Edwin O. Carter, Standing .fusfi'^e. 
Simon G. Southworth, Special Justice. 




Louis Lapbam, Standing Justice. 
James Fonl, Special Justice. Augus- 
tus B. Leonard, Clerk. 


Thornton K. Ware, Slandiiif/ Jus- 
tice. David H. Menium, Edward P. 
Loring, Special Justices. George W. 
Cann, Clerk. 


James Davis, Standing Justice. 
Elbridge G. Friend, Special Justice. 


Henry Carter, Standing Justice. 
Wm. E. Blunt, Alfred Kittred^e, 
Special Justices. Edward C. Dubois, 


Joseph P. Buckland, Standing Jus- 
tice. Porter Underwood, Wm. B. C. 
Pearson, Special Justices. 


Wm. Stevens, Standing Justice. 
Wm. H. P. Wright, Gilbert E. Hood, 
Special Justices. Charles E. Briggs, 


Isaac C. Ives, Standing Justice. 
James Bullard, Franklin W. Gibbs, 
Special Justices. 


Nathan Crosby, Standing Justice. 
George Stevens, John Davis, Special 
Justices. Samuel P. Hadley, Clerk. 

James R. Newhall, Standing Jus- 
tice. N. ]\Iortimer Havvkes, Rollin E. 
Harmon, Special Justices. Henry C. 
Oliver, Clerk. 


Alanson Borden, Standing Justice. 
William W. Crapo, Special Justice. 
Francis L. Porter, Clerk. 


Wm. E. Currier, Standing Justice. 
John N. Pike, Henry W. Chapman, 
Special Justices. E. F. Bartlett, 


Jos. G. Waters, Standing Justice. 
Stephen P. Webb, Joseph B. F. Os- 
good, Special Justices. Samuel P. 
Andrews, Clerk. 


Isaac Story, Standing Justice. Al- 
pheus R. Brown, Special Justice. 
Lebbeus Stetson, Clerk. 


Jas. H. Morton, Standing Justice. 
Samuel B. Spooner, AHi-ed M. Cope- 
land, Special Justices. Charles C. 
Spellman, Clerk. 


John R. Buckley, Standing Justice. 
Andrew M. Smith, Henry L. Sabin. 
Special Justices. 



For 8874. (IMo, 39.) 


341^ Washington Street, Boston, 

(Near the Boston Theatre.) 

Sent post-paid on receipt of price. Cloth, $1.00, Gilt, $1.26. 

It contains a complete Business Directory of the City of Bostov, embracing the 
new Wards 17, li), 20, 21, 22, (the former City of Charlestown and towns of West Roxbury 
and Brighton.) a general Register of United States, State, County, and City Officers, 
Courts, Schools, Libraries, Banks, Societies, Newspapers, Churches, Clergymen, Teachers, 
Masonic and Temperance Organizations, Fire Department, Railroads, &c. Also, a Direc- 
tory of Streets, Courts, &c., within the limits of Boston. Wharves, Bridges, Halls, Public 
Buildings, etc. ; bfinff a thorough and reliable guide to all public matters of interest con- 
nected with the City. 

In addition, is given a chronicle of events of the past year, an Almanac and Memoranda. 

A^ Ne-w IMap of Bo.ston and ~Vicinity- 
(27 X 32 inches), embracing the recently annexed Wards, and the adjacent Cities and 
Towns of Cambridge, Chelsea, Somerville, Brookline, and Hyde Park, accompanies the 




Incorporated June 2, 1685. 
Shire Town, Barxstable. 


Judge of Probate and Iiuolvencij Joseph ]\I. Day, Barnstable. 

Register of Pmbate and In^olrcnct/,. .Charles Thacher, 2d, Yarmouth. 

Clerk of the Courts, James B. Crocker, Yarmouth. 

Register of Deeds, Smith K. Hopkins, No. Truro. 

County Treasurer Charles II. Nye, Barnstab'e. 

JJosiah Hinckley, Btrnstab'e. 
H. P. Hei'rimau, Barnstable. 
Ebenezer Smith, Barnstable. 

James Giffbrd, Provincetown. 

Robert Knowles, Provincetown. 


Overseers of House of Correction, 

Overseers of House of Correction, 


Sheriff, David Bursley, . 

Deputy Stierififs. 
Barnstable, Thomas Harris. 
Brewster, Joseph JMcLcud. 
Dennis (West), John Small. 
Falmouth, Isaac S. Lawrence. 
Harwich Port, Elbridge G. Doane. 
Provincetown, Robert Knowles. 
Sandwich, Ezra T. Pope. 
Wellfleet, Reuben C. Sparrow. 
Yarmouth, Charles M. Bray. 

Barnstable, Joseph Bursley. 
Provincetown, Joshua Cook. 

Sessions of Probats Court. 

At Barnstable, 2d Tuesday of Jan., 
Feb., Mar., Au^;., Sept., and Dec, 
and 3d Tuesday of April and June. 

At Brewster, Tues. after 3d Mon. 
of April. 

At Dennis, Thurs. after 2d Tues. 
of Oct. 

At Falmouth, 3d Tues. of Novem- 

At Harwich, 2d Monday after 1st 
Tues. of May, and Mon. after 3d 
Tues. of Oct. 

At Orleans, 3d Tues. of May, and 
4th Tues. of Oct. 

At Provincetown, Thursday next 
after 3d Tues. of May, and Tluirs. 
next after 4th Tues. of October. 

At Welljleet, Wednesday after 3d 
Tues. of Mav, and AVed. after the 
4th Tues. of Oct. 

County Commissioners 

Elijah E. Knowle.'^, Fast/uun, Term 
expires Dec. 1874. E. Stowell Wliit- 
temore, Sandwich, Dvc. ISl^. James 
S. Howes, Dennis,*l)tic. 1876. 

Special Commissioners. — Wm. A. 
Atkins, Provincetoion, Dee. 1874. 
Tully Crosby, Brewster, Dec. 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Jiarnst(d>le, 
2d Tuesday of April and 2d Tuesday 
of Oct. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 

Barnstable, Thomas Harris, Alvan 
S. Hallett. 

Chatham, Josiah Hardy. 

Dennis (East), David P. Howes. 

Easlham, Abijah Mayo, Elijah E. 
Knowles. North Eastham, Isaiah H. 

Falmouth (Woods Hole), Christo- 
pher G. Bear^e. 

Sandwich, Azariah Wing. 

Truro, Asa Sellew. 

Wellfleet, William Cleverly, Isaiah 
Hatch, Mulford Rich, Seth New- 
comb, jr., Lewis Paine, Washington 
F. Pierce. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Barnstable, Gorham Hallett. 

Sandwich, H. G. O. Ellis. 

Welljleet, Hiram P. Harriman. 
Public fl.dministrator. 

Sandwich, E. Stowell Whittemore. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Barnstable, Joseph M. Day, Fred'k 

Brewster, Tully Ci'osby, Wm. W. 

D/mnis (West), Obed Baker, 2d, 
Zadoc Crowell. Dennisport, James 

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, Geo. 
E. Clarke, Erasmus Gould, Wm. 
Nye, jr. 

Harwich, Nathaniel Doane, jr. — 
West Harwich, Nehemiah D. Kelley. 

Orle<ins, Jonathan HiLr,i:ins. 

Provincetown, Nathan D. Freeman, 
Jeremiah Stone. 

Sandwich, E. Stowell Whittemore, 
Chas. B. Hall. 

Wellfleet, Simeon Atwood, Thomas 

Yarinouthport, James B. Crocker. 



Justices of the Peace. 

(Inchi ling Jiistici's of the Pence and Quorum' 
de.'iiqn'ttAi by n star •, and J'l.^'icft or' the Feace 
and Quorum throuijUout the Conimonwealth, deiir/- 
nated by a f.) 

Barnstable, Ciias. C. Bearse, David 
Bursley, Walter Chipman, f Joseph 
M. Day, Alvan S. Halle it, James II. 
Hallett, Tliomas Harris, fNathaniel 
Hinckley, Ferdinand G. Kelley, *Geo. 
A. King, Eljah Lewis 2d, Freeman 
H. Lothrop, Asa E. Lovell, Geo. G. 
Lowell, fGeo. Marston, Chas. H. Nye, 
Augustus T. Perkins, Sylvanus B. 
Pliinney, Fredk. Seudder, Nathaniel 
Sears, John P. Washburn, Asa Young. 
Cotuit Port, Andrew Lovell. — West 
Barnstable, fLevi L. Goodspeed, 
Frederick Parker. — Hi/annis, Theo. 
F. Basset, Joseph B,. Hall. — Oster- 
ville, Geo. H. Hinkk-y. 

Brewster, Freeman Cobb, *Geo 
Copeland, Tully Crosby, Solomon 
Freeman, Chas. S. Foster, Samuel 
H. Gould. 

Chatham, Joshua T. Bearse, Au- 
gustus L. Hardy, Samuel Higjiins, 
David Mayo, Josiah JNIayo, Warren 
Rogers, Epliralm Taylor. — Chatham 
Port, Isaac Bea. — North Chatham, 
Beaj. T. Freeman. — South Chatham, 
Levi Eldridge. 

Dennis, James S. Howes. — Dennis 
Port, Joseph K. Baker, jr., *James 
Berry, Abner L. Ellis, Isaiah C. 
Ininan, Shubael B. Howes, Seth To- 
bey, Joshua Wixon. — East Dennis, 
Stephen Homer, Ernest H. Liseman. 
North Dennis, Joshua C. Howes. — 
South Dennis, Jona. Bangs, Miller 
W. Nickerson, fMarshall S. Under- 
wood. — West Dennis, Obed Baker, 
2d, Edward E. Crowell, Zadok Crow- 
ell, Alvin Small. 

Eastham, Michael Collins, Elijah 
E. Knowles, Eben Tirrell, jr. 

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, 
Erasmus Gould. — Hatchville, Silas 
Hatch, Isaac S. Lawrence, Thos. H. 
Lawrence, Thomas Lewis. — East 
Falmouth, Joshua C. Robinson, i\Iar- 
cus Starbuck, Oliver C. Swift, Rich- 
ard S. Wood. — Nor.'h Falmouth. 
Francis A. Nye. — West Falmouth, 
Gilbert R. Boyce. — W^ood's Hole, 
Jabez Davis. 

Harwich, Ol:ed Brooks, Sidney 
Brooks, Cyrus Cahoon, Sheldon Crow- 
ell, James S. Paine, Danforth S. 
Steele, Nathan Underwood. — Har- 
laich Port, Joseph C. Berrv, EI- 
bridge G. Doane, Nathaniel Doane, 
Shubael B. Kelley. — South Hanvich, 
Zephaniah Nickerson. — West Har- 
wich, Isaiah Chase, Nehemiah D. 
Kelley, Davis Lothrop. 

Orleans, John Doane, f Jonathan 
Higgins, Ensign B. Rogers. — South 
Orleans, f John Kenrick. 

Pi'ovincelown, JouRthp.n Cook, John 
W. Davis, Nathan D. Freeman, Jas. 
Gitford, Benj. F. Hutchinson, Jere- 
miah Stone. 

Sandwich, Benjamin F. Bourne, 
Robert C. Clarke, Reuben Collins, 
Virgil B. Collins, Harrison G. O. 
Ellis, Edward W. Ewer, Charles B. 
Hall, Ebenezer Nye, Frederick S. 
Pope, Asa Raymond, f E. Stowell 
Whittemore. — North Saiulwich, 
H. Burgess, 2d. — South Sandtcich, 
Solomon C. Howland, Solomon Atta- 
quin. — West Sandwich, Hopkins B. 

Truro, Daniel Paine, Wallace T. 
Miller. — North Jrwro, Smith K. Hop- 
kins, Willard H. S. Packard. 

Wellfieet, Ebenezer T. Atwood, 
Simeon Atwood, John M. Freeman, 
Hiram P. Ilarriraan, Thomas Hol- 
brook, Robert H. Libby, Nathaniel 
P. Wiley, Geo. T. AVyer. 

Yarmouth, Chas. Thaeher. — Yar- 
mouthport,* James B. Crocker, Joshua 
M. Howes, Amos Otis, f Charles F. 
Swift, Chas. Thaeher, 2d. — South 
Yarmouth, Russell D. Farris, John 
Larkin, Stephen Sears, Elisha Taylor. 
— West Yarmouth, Heman B. Chase, 
Theodore Drew. 

Trial Justices. 

Barnstable (Hyannis), Theodore 
F. Basset. 

Dennis (South), Marshall S. Un- 

Falmouth, Richard S. Wood. 

Harwich {Port), Shubael B. Kel- 

Sandwich, E. Stowell Whitte- 

Wellfieet, Geo. T. Wjer. '' 

Truro (North), Smith K. Hopkins. 

Yarmouth (Port), Jas. B. Crocker. 

ITotaries Public. 

Barnstable (Hyannis), Alvan S. 

Brewster, Tully Crosby. 

Chatham, Isaiah Harding, Warren 

Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d. 

Dennisport, Joseph K. Baker, jr. 

West Dennis, Edward E. Crowell. 

Falmouth, Richard S. Wood. 

Harwich, Obed Brooks, William 
H. Underwood. 

West Harwich, Nehemiah D. Kel- 

Orleans, John Kendrick. 

Provincetown, Thomas Hilliard, 



Benjamin F. Hutchinson, Godfrey 
Rider, Godfrey Rider, jr. 

Sandwich, Cliarles B. Hall, E. Sto- 
well Wldttemore. 

Wellfleet, Thomas Holbrook. 

Yarmouth (Port), Wm. P. Davis. 

Barnstable, Special, Thos. Harris. 

Provincetown, Jeremiah Stone, 
Jonathan Cook. 

Sandwich, Isaac K. Chlpman. 
Truro, Samuel H. Smith, jr. 
Yarmouth, Theodore Drew. 

Agent Province Lands. 
Provincetoivn, Joseph P. Johnson. 


Incorporated April 21, 1761. 

Shire Towx Pittsfield. 


Judge ofProhatP and Insolvency 

Register of Prolate and Insolvency. . . 

Clerk of the Courts 

Register of Deeds (North District) . . . 
Register of Deeds (Middle District) . . 
Register of Deeds (South District)... 

County Treasurer. 

Overseers of House of Correction ... ~ 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Adams, AViUiam G. Farnswortli, 
Horace S. Streeter. — North Adams, 
Wra. Hodskin, Josiah Q. Robinson. 

Becket, Timotliy F. Snow. 

Great Barrington, Harvey Holmes, 
F. G. Abbey. 

Laneshorouqh, J. W. Newton. 

Lee, S. A. Hurlbert, J. C. Chaffee. 

Lhiox, Phineas Cone. 

Otis, Edward L. Da,y. 

Peru, George AVells. 

Pittsfiekh Hiram B. Wellington, 
Timotiiv Hall, Henry H. Newton. 

Sheffiebl, John C. Smith. 

Ti/ringham, Albert C. Heath. 

West Stockhridge, George H. Cobb. 

WilJiam^town, 'Joha R. Bulkley, 
Samuel B. Kellogg. 

. Jailer. 
Pittsfield, Graham A. Root. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 
At ^'/ffms, Thurs. after 1st Tu. of 
Jan., April, and Oct., and Wed. next 
after 1st Tues. in May, and Thurs. 
after 3d Tu. of Jidy. 

At Great Barrington, Wed. next 

James T. Robinson. . ..North Adams. 

Andrew J. Waterman Pittsfield. 

Henry W. Taft Pittsfield. 

Herbert S. Fuller Adams. 

George J. Tucker Pittsfield. 

Isaac Seeley Great Barrington. 

George J. Tucker .Pittsfield. 

John C. West Pittsfield. 

Henry W. Taft Pittsfield. 

Jabez L. Peck Pittsfield. 

Graham A. Root Pittsfield. 

after 1st Tu. in Feb., May, Sept., and 

At Lee, Wed. next after 1st Tu. of 
Jan., April, and Oct., and Wed. next " 
after .3d Tu in July. 

At Pittsfif'hl, 1st Tu. of Jan., Feb., 
Marcli, April, May, June, Sept. Oct., 
and Doc, and 3d Tu. of July, and 
Wed. after 1st Mon. of Nov. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Pittsfield, 1st Wed. of every 

County Commissioners. 

II. J. Bliss, Adams, term expires 
Dec. 1874 ; Justin Dewey, jr.. Great 
Barrington, term exp'ues Dec. 1875; 
Henry II. Richardson, Pittsfield, terra 
expires Dec. 187G. 

Special Commissioners. — Emmona 
Arnold, Sheffield; John B. Wells, 

Times of Meetings. — At Pittsfield, 
1st Tu. in April, July, and Sept, and 
last Tu. in Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Pittsfield, Edgar M. Wood. 

Lenox, Andrew J. Waterman. 

WiUiamslown, Keyes Danforth. 



Stoclbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

' Adams (North), Sylvander Jolm- 
8on, Henry P. Phillips, James T. Rob- 

Dalion, Franklin Weston. 

Great Barringlon, Herbert C. Joy- 
ner, Billings Palmer. 

Lenox, Henry W. Taft, William S. 

Piilsfield, James M. Barker, J. N. 
Dunham, Wm. T. Filley, John Tat- 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 

Williamsiown, Keyes Dantbrth. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace rinel Quorvm, des- 
ignated by a ', and Justices tltrouf/hout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a i). 

Adams, Nelson H, Bixby, Henry 
J. Bliss, Daniel F. Burliniiame, Wil- 
liam G. Farnsworth, HerlDert A. Ful- 
ler, Ira Kichmond, Franklin O. 
Saylf s, Daniel Uplon. — North Adams, 
John F. Arnold, Joel Bacon, Austin 
Bond, Frederick P. Brown, Water- 
man Brown, Francis F. Colgrove, 
William F. Donby, Lyman M. Flagg, 
William A. Gallup, William Hodskin, 
fSylvander Johnson, Edward C. 
Kiely, John I. LeRoy, William 
Martin, William McKay, George W. 
Nottingham, *Henry P. Phillips, An- 
drew Potter, Arnold G. Potter, Abia- 
thar W. Preston, David H. Raymond, 
George L. Rice, fBenjaminF. Robin- 
son, f James T. Robinson, Jcsiah Q. 
Robinson, Jarvis RccUwell, Freeman 
H. Streeter, Shepard Thayer, Rufus 
G. Walden, Clarence F. Whitaker, 
Ezra D. Whitaker, Valmore A. Whit- 
aker, Ashley B. Wright. 

Alfurd, Reuben C. Fitch, Ezra C. 
Tick nor. 

Becket, Mark P. Carter, William S. 
Huntington. — West Becket, Stephen 
W. Carter. 

Char/emonf, Bernard N. Farren. 

Cheshire, Henry J. Brown, Stephen 
Chapman, Edmund D. Foster. 

Clarksburg, North Adams, Joseph 
D. Clark, Eleazer Ketchum. 

Dalton, Edward H. Bridgman, Hen- 
ry Ferre, Oliver Bliss Hayes, Wm. 
H. Warfield, Caleb S. Warren, Byron 

Egremont (South), Joseph A. Ben- 
jamin, David Dalzell, jr. — North Eg- 
remoJit, Seymour B. Dewey, *James 
H. Rowley. 

Florida, Nahum P. Brown, Israel 
Whitcomb. Hoosac Tunnel, Gilbert 
H. Mann, Alonzo D. Tower. 

Great Barringlon, R. N. Couch, 
Justin Dewey, jr., Augustine Gid- 
dings, Walter W. Hollenbeck, Egbert 
Hollister, Herbert C. Joyner, Billings 
Palmer, Isaac Seeley, Thomas Sig- 
gins, Charles J. Taylor, Henry Van 
Deusen. — Housatonic, John M. Seel- 

Hancock, Lyman Eldiidge, Orestes 
G. Eldridge, Lester Gorton, Wra. H. 
Hadsell, Calvin P. Lapham, Rui'us L. 

Hillsdale, Theodore Barrows, *Milo 
Stowell, Amory E. Taylor, Chai-les 
K. Tracy. 

Laneshorouqh, Silas P. Butler, 
Reuben W. Field, Wm. A. Fuller, 
Lester Gorton, Jedediah W. Newton, 
Justus Tower, Charles B. Whitney. 
— Berksltire, William G. Harding. 

Lee, Prentiss C. Baird, William J. 
Bartlett, John Branning, Harrison 
Garfield, Franklin W. Gibbs, Al- 
bert M. Howk, Edward A. Langdon, 
Egbert M. Langdon, Moses H. Pease, 
Norman W. Shores. — East Lee, Ed- 
win Sturges. 

Lenox, William D. Curtis, Thomas 
Post, Julius Rockwell, *William S. 
Tucker. — Lenox Furnace, Henry 
Sedgwick. — New Lenox, Chauncy 

Monterey, Marshall S. Bidwell, 
Rensselaer N. Couch, fAlbui-n J. 
Fargo, Egbert B. Garfield, Milton 
Judd, Chauncy D. Langdon, Wilber 
C. Langdon, Oscar L. Mansu*, Lyman 

Mount Washington, Isaac Spurr, 
Orrin C. Whitbeck. 

New Ashford, Phinehas Harmon. 

New Marlborough, Augustus Turn- 
er, Sheldon W. Wright. — Hartsville, 
Harvey Sheldon, Harlow S. Under- 
wood, Wilbur C. Underwood. — Mill 
River, Edwin Adams. 

Otis, Elam P. Norton, Samuel H. 
Norton, Norman Strickland. 

Peru, Benjamin F. Pierce, George 

Pittsjield, Robert W. Adam, James 
M. Barker, -fSamuel W. Bowerman, 
George P. Briggs, f Henry S. Briggs, 
Nathan G. Brown, Josiah Carter, 
•(•Henry Chickering, James H. Collin, 
Henry Colt, f James D. Colt, fThom- 
as Colt, Benjamin A. Ccman, John 
Crosby, jr., f Henry L. Dawes, Daniel 
Day, James H. Dunham, Jarvis N. 
Dunham, J. Dwight Francis, Wm. 
T. Filley, Lorenzo H. Gamwell, Geo. 
Gay, Jacob L. Greene, Samuel E. 
HoAve, James W. Hull, Josiah A. 
Mills, Henry Noble, Henry H. New- 
ton, Emory H. Nash, Phinehas L. 



Page, Jolin C. Parker, Thomas P. 
Pingree, fThomas F. Plunkett, Wm. 
R. Plunkett, Frank W. Rock. -veil. 
fJulius Rockwell, Henry W. Taft, 
John Tatlock, John M. Taylor, *Geo. 
J. Tucker, Andrew J. Waterman, 
Hiram B. Wellington, John C. West, 
*Marshall Wilcox, Edgar M. Wood. 

Richmond, William Bacon. 

Sandisfielil, Thomas M. Judd. — 
Montrille, Franklin G. Abby, George 
A. Shcpard. — New Boston, *Orlo 
Burt, Orlo Northway, Samuel C. Par- 
sons, Joshua M. Sears, Edward C. 

Savoy, Franklin C. Bourne, Sime- 
on P. Dresser, Josejjh B. Ingham, 
Leonard McCullcck. 

Sheffield, James Bradford, John D. 
Burtch, Bela N. Clark. — East Shef- 
JieJd, Roscoe C. Taft. — Ashley Falls, 
Albert Leroy. 

Stockbridf/e, Henry J. Dunham, 
Daniel B. Fenn, fJohn Z. Goodrich, 
Marshal Warner. — Curtisville, Henry 
M. Burrall. 

Tyrinr/ham, Eli G. Hale. 

Washington, Simpson Bell, Philip 

West Stockln'idf/e, Wm. H. Barnes, 
George H. Cobb, George W. Knilfin, 
William M. Kniffin, WiUiam C. 

Wdliamstoivn, John R. Bulkier, 
Keyes Danforth, Henry T. Tall- 
madge, t Joseph White. — South Wil- 
liamsloian. James A. Eldridge, Ben- 
jamin F. Mills. 

Windsor, East Windsor, Reuben 
Pierce. — Savoy, Andrew J. Babbitt. 

Trial Justices. 

Otis, Norman Strickland. 
Lenox, WiUiam S. Tucker. 
S/oc/ibridge, Henry J. Dunham. 
West Stockbridge, W. C. Spaulding. 

Notaries Public. 

Adams (North), Wm. P. Porter, 
Arnold H. Crandall, Stephen H, 
Fairfield, Charles H. Ingalls, Arnold 
G. Porter, Edward S. Wilkinson. 
(South), Henry J. Bliss, Harvey H. 

Great Barrington, Fred. N. Deland, 
Isaac B. Prindle, Isaao Seeley. 

Hancock, Orestes G. Eldridge. 

Lee, Thomas M. Judd, Norman W. 
Shores, Wm. Taylor, Marshall Wil- 

Lenox, Frank W. Rockwell. 
Thomas Post. 

Pittsjield, Robert W. Adams, Jas. 
M. Barker, Irving D. Ferry, Melvin 
L. Parker, Zenas C. Renne. 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, 
Daniel R. Williams. 


Adams (North), Nathan S. Bab- 
bitt, Wm. Hodskin, Josiali Q. Robin- 

Dalton, Joseph W. Russell. 

Hinsdale, Milo Stowell. 

Lee, Abial H. Pease. 

L^enox (special), Hiram B. WjbI- 

Pittsjield, John C. Pai'ker, Henry 
M. Peirson, Walter Tracy. 

WiUiamstoicn, John R. Bulkley. 


Incorporated June 2, 1685. 

County Towns Taunton and New Bedford. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency. . 

Clerk of Courts 

Registers of } (North District) 

Deeds. > (South District) 

County Treasurer 

Overseers of House of Correction . . "j 



Jailer and Keeper House Correction. . 

Edmund II. Bennett 

William E. Fuller 

Simeon Borden 

Joseph E. Wilbar 

Charles C. Sayer Ne 

George F. Pratt 

James D. Thompson 
Samuel Watson, 

WiUiam S. Cobb Neii: 

Isaac G. Carrier 

Charles D. Burt iV^eit 


New Bedford. 




Deputy Sheriffs. 

Attleborou(]h, James W. Riley, 
Quincy A. Hooper. 

Dartmouth (North), Win. Barker, 

Easton (North), Rufus H. Willis. 

Fairhaven, Thomas S. Butman. 

Fall River, Franklin Gray, Francis 
H. Wixon, J. B. Westgate. 

Freetoion (Assonct), Guilford Hath- 
away, George D. Williams. 

Mansfield, Jacob A. Blake. 

Norton, George H. Arnold. 

New Bedford, Charles D. Bur^, 
John W. Nickerson, H. N. Kimball, 
Thomas J. Cobb. 

Jiai/nhajn, Samuel AV. Eobinson. 

Somerset, Edmund BufFmgton. 

Sioansey, Alson Barney, James 

Taunton, Isaac G. Carrier, Henry 
F. Cobb, George H. Babbit, jr., Peter 
C. Thayer, Orrin JNI. Ingalls, Chaun- 
cey G. Washburn, Isaac G. Carrier, 


Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Fall River, 1st Fr.of Jan., Apr., 
Oct., and 2d Fr. of July. 

At New Bedford, 1st Fr. of Feb., 
May, Aug., and Nov. 

At Taunton, 1st Friday of March, 
June, Sept., and Dec. 

County Commissioners. 

Guilford H. Hathaway, Fall River, 
term expires 1874. E. T. Jackson, 
Taunton, term expires 1875. Elisha 
Thornton, jr., New Bedford, term ex- 
pires 1876. 

Special Com,missioners. — Leonard 
Hodges, Norton, term exjiires Dec, 
1874; Daniel J. Lewis, Fairhaven, 
term expires Dec, 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Taunton, 
on the 4th Tuesdays in March and 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Mansfield, E. Maltby Reed. 
New Bedford, Charles T. Bonney. 
Taunton, George Edgar Williams. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
New Bedford, Job Almy. 
Westport, Abraham Dyer, Edward 
Akin, Humphrey A. GifFord. 

Public Administrators. 
New Bedford, Edwin L. Barney, 
Chas. T. Bonney, Wendell H. Cobb. 
Taunton, Henry J. Fuller. 

Master in Chancery. 
New Bedford, Edward L. Barney. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Offi- 

Easton (North), Anson Gilmore. 

Easton (South), Seba Howard. 

Fall River, Josiah C. Blaisdell, 
Simeon Borden, John S. Brayton. 

Freetown, Ebenezer W. Pieire. 

New Bedford, Wendell H. Cobb, 
Thomas M. James, George Marston, 
Wm. H. Taylor, James D. Thompson, 
John T. Tillingliast, Joseph Tilling- 
hast, Jos. S. Tillinghast. 

Taunton, George H. Babbitt, Sam- 
uel L. Crocker, James P. Ellis, Jo- 
seph Wilbar, George M. Woodward. 

Justices of the Peace. 

{Inchidinq Justices of the Peace and Quorum, desig- 
nated hij a *, and Justices throughout the Common- 
loealth, designated by a tO 

Acushnet, Cyrus E. Clark, Charles 
E. Walker, Benjamin White, Abial 
N. Westgate. Long Plain, Abial P. 

Attleborough, John T. Bates, Jo- 
seph W. Capron, George N. Crandall, 
Homer M. Daggett, Homer M. Dag- 
gett, jr., John Daggett, Lyman W. 
Dean, Charles M. Gustin, George F. 
Ide, *Hartford Ide, Elisha G. May, 
James Newell, Horatio N. Richard- 
son, Lyman M. Stanley, Gardner C. 
Wright. — East Attleborough, f George 
A. Adams. — North Attleborough, 
Henry K. W. Allen, Thomas A. Bar- 
den, Joseph E. Pond, jr., Edw. R. 
Price, *Henry Rice, Thomas G. Sand- 
land, Timothy A. Stanley. — South 
Attleborough, Wm. P. Shaw. 

Berkley, William Babbitt, Daniel S. 
Briggs, Abiel B. Crane, W. H. S. 
Crane, Herbert A. Dean, Giles L. 
Leach, Walter D. Nichols. 

Dartmouth, Elisha S. Crapo, John 
W. Howland, Francis W. Mason. — 
North Dartmouth, William Barker, 
jr. ; Calvin K. Turner, 2d, Hiram 
WhaloD. — South Darmouth, Benja- 
min S. Anthony, Samuel M. Davis, 
Edward F. Potter. 

Dighton, Wm. Cobb, Noah Chace, 
Oliver Eaton, Jeremiah P. Edson, 
George E. Gooding, Ahnon E. Hall, 
Alfred W. Paul, George A. Shove. 

Easton, Alson A. Gilmore, Chas. 
H. Reed, Albert A. Rotch, Daniel B. 
Wheaton, George G. Withington. — 
North Easton, fOliver Ames, Tisdale 
Harlow, Geo. W. Kennedy. — South 
Easton, John Ofis Dean, fGuilford 
White, Harrison T. i\Iitchell. 

Fairhaven, Henry T. Aiken, Chas. 
Bryant, Charles Drew, John A. 
Hawes, Obed F. Hitch, George H. 

Fall River, Job B. Ashley, Geo. A. 
Ballard, Josiah C. Blaisdell. f Simeon 
Borden, fJohn S. Brayton, Robert C. 
Brown, George A. Chace, Isaac B. 



Chace, S. Angier Chace, Prelet D. 
Conant, Wm. Connell, jr., William 
M. Connelly, James E. Cunneen, 
fRobert T. Davis, Luther J. Drake, 
Hugh AV. Dubois, Hriratio N. Durfee, 
•{•Walter C. Durfee, Benjamin Earl, 
Henry H. Earl, Ahixaiider D. Easton, 
Morton Eddy, George O. Fairbanks, 
Wm. S. Greene, Abraham G. Hart, 
Edward E. Hathaway, Guilford H. 
Hathaway, John B. Hathaway, 
*Nicholas Hathaway, Charles J. 
Holmes, Freeman A. Holmes, Sam'l 
D. Howland, Wm. H. Jennings, 
Henry J. Langley, Aug. B. Leonard, 
Arba N. Lincoln, Geo. W. Locke, 
Chas. R. Longley, Benjamin K. Lov- 
att, James T. Milne, Jas. M. Morton, 
James M. Morton, jr., Geo. AV. 
Palmer, AA'^m. H. Peirce, Francis A. 
Quinn, Albert A. Raymond, Milton 
Reed, Clinton V. S. Remington, Sam'l 
H. Richmond, Stephen B. Sabens, 
John P. Slade, Isaac Smith, jr., 
Charles P. Stickney, Elias A. Tuttle, 
Benj. M. WaiTcn, *Eliab AVilliams, 
Benjamin F. AA^inslow, Francis H. 
Wixon, A. M. AA^. AVhite, Isaac N. 
Wood, Jona. M. AVood, f Stephen C. 

Freetown^ Alden Hathaway, D. C. 
H. Hathaway, Thos. G. Nichols, Eb- 
enezer W. Peirce, Silas P. Richmond. 
Easit Freetown, Osmond F. Braley, 
Chas. A. Morton, Charles A. Morton, 
jr., Ruel Washburn, Ruel A. Wash- 

Mansfield, Wm. B. Bates, Jacob 
A. Blake, Thomas M. George, Her- 
man Hall, Howard Perkins, Erastus 
M. Reed, AVm. Robinson, Alfred V. 
Rogei'son, Seth C. Shepard. — Wext 
Mansfield, Leonard AV. Sweet. 

New Bedford, fCharles Almy, Ed- 
mund Anthony, •fEdwin L. Barney, 
Joseph Arthur Beauvoris, Charles T. 
Bonney, Josiah S. Bonney, Alanson 
Borden, George A. Bourne, T. Frank 
Brownell, Charles D. Burt, Samuel 
P. Burt, Chas. AV. Clifford, f-Tohn H. 
Clifford, Thomas J. Cobb, Wendell 
H. Cobb, AVilliam S. Cobb, David B. 
Coleman, -f James B. Congdon, Sam'l 
II. Cook, Timothy D. Cook, AVilliam 
Cook, fWilliara W. Crapo, John Da- 
vis, Tilson B. Denham, Tristram R. 
Dennison, Simeon Doane, Asa Dun- 
ham, John Freedom, f Rodney French, 
Francis L. GihuAn, Francis B. Greene, 
Albert D. Hatch, George C. Hatch, 
Luther G. Hewins, James C. Hitch, 
*Joshna C. Hitch, fGeorge How- 
land, jr., Peleg C. llowlaml, Thomas 
M. James, William H. Johnson, 
David B. Kempton, Manasseh Kemp- 

ton, Horatio N. Kimball, Hosea M. 
Knowlton, AA^arren Ladd, Elisha C. 
Leonard, Henry T. Leonard, George 
R. Long, Adam Mackie, -fGeorge 
Marston, AAllliam H. Matthews, Ed- 
ward Milliken, John AV. Nickerson, 
John H. Perry, George R. Phil- 
lips, AVilliam Phillips, Philip A. 
Pierce, fRobert C. Pitman, South- 
wai-d Potter, 2d, Geo. B. Richmond, 
*01iver Prescott, Isaiah C. Ray, 
Benj. T. Ricketson, Jones Robinson, 
Chas. H. Sanford, Chas. C. Sayer, 
Otis Seabury, Orrick Smalley, Tlios. 
M. Stetson, William H. Ttiylor, Elias 
Terry, Henry F. Thomas, *James 
D. Thompson, *John T. Tilling- 
hast, Joseph Tillinghast, *Joseph S. 
Tillinghast, Charles W. Underwood, 
Hiram Van Campen, Hiram AVebb, 
Hiram AV. Went worth, Lemuel T. 
AVillcox, Alfred AVilson. 

Norton, Horatio Bates, Daniel S. 
Cobb, George B. Crane, Leonard 
Hodges, Augustus Lane, Jacob A. 
Leonard, Austin Messenger, John R. 
Rogerson, Caleb B. AVetherell, AA^'m. 
D. Witherell. 

Rnynham, Braddock Field, Daniel 

F. Frazer, Samuel Jones, Sylvanus 
Makepeace, Josejih R. Presho, God- 
frey Robinson, Nathan AV. Shaw, 
Ebenezer B. Towne, Seth D. AVilbur. 
East Taunton, Enoch King, Chauncey 

G. AVashburn. 

Rehoboth, George AV. Bliss, Elisha 
Davis, Danforth G. Horton, AVm. A. 
King, Lemuel Morse, C} rus M. AVhea- 

Seekonk, Joseph Brown, Raymond 
H. Burr, Davis Carpenter, Viall Med- 

Somerset, Geo. B. Buffington, John 
D. Cartwright, George F. M. Forrt-s- 
ter, William P. Hood, Job M. Leon- 
ard, Joseph Marble, Jonathan B. 
Slade, John G. Tinkham. 

Sivansey, Elijah P. Chase, Joseph 
G. Luther, Allen Mason, AVilliam 
JNIitchell. — North Swansey, Mason 

Taunton, Chai'les H. Atwood, Geo. 
B. Atwood, Albert A. Austin, (Jeo. 
H. Babbitt, jr., Chas. J. H. Bassett, 
AVilliam H. Bent, Edward H. Ben- 
nett, James Brown, AVilliam H. 
Brown, James H. Codding, Riifus 
Cook, •j-Samuel L. Crocker, Rcbort 
Grossman, 2d, James M. Cusliman, 
Jas. H. Dean, *Jeiemy B. D. nnett, 
*Jas. P. Ellis, Thomas O. Falvey, 
Charles Fosier, William H. Fox, 
Laurens N. Francis, Henry J. Fuller, 
William E. Fuller, Andrew H. Hall, 
Theo. P. Hall, Henry N. Harvey, 



John Holland, James R. Husband, 
Elisha T. Jackson, Chas. F. Johnson, 
Chas. L. Levering, Willard Lover- 
ing. fFrederick Mason, fDaniel L. 
Mitchell, Edward Mott, Charles H. 
Paul, Bartlett C. Pierce, Stephen 
Peirce, John lladley, Charles A. 
Reed, Sam'l W. Reed, fJohn E. San- 
ford, William Simms, fAlbert E. 
Swasey, Wm. W. Swan, Peter C. 
Thayer, Samuel R. Townsend, Wil- 
lard D. Tripp, fHarrison Tweed, 
George A. Washburn, Isaac Wash- 
burn, Jos. R. Wheeler, fHeni'y B. 
Wheelwright, Joseph Wilbar, Jos. E. 
Wilbar, G. Edgar Williams, Henry 
Williams, Benj. L. Wood, George 
M. AVoodward. — East Taunton, 
David Dean. 

Westport, Chris. A Church, George 
H. Gilford, Isaac Howland, Peter C. 
White. — South Westport, Zelotes L. 
Almy, Charles Fisher, William Val- 
entine. — Central Village, Stephen A. 

Trial Justices. 

Easton, Albert A. Rotch. 
Freetown, Ebenezer W. Peirce. 
Mansfield, Erastus M. Reed. 
Attleboroiujh (^Nortli), Henry Rice. 
Seekonk, Viall INIedbuiy. 
Somerset, Jonathan B. Slade. 
Swansey (North'), jNIason Barney. 
Westport, George H. Gilford. 

Wotaries Public. 

Attlelorough, John Daggett, Lyman 
W. Dean. — North Attlehoroiujh, Sim- 
eon Bowen, Thomas G. Sandland. 

Easton {North), Joseph Barrows, 
George W^. Kennedy, John H. Swain. 

Fail-haven, Charles Drew. 

Fall Elver, Wm. G. Bennett, Jo- 
siali C. Blaisdell, Simeon Borden, 
John S. Brayton, Robert C. Brown, 
Samuel M. Brown, Benjarain Earl, 
Henry H. Earl, Morton Eddy, Elisha 
T. Jackson, Benjamin K. Lovatt, 
Thomas Mather, Eliab W^illiams, Ben- 
jamin F. Winslow. 

New Bedford, Joseph Ai-thur Beau- 
voris, Charles T. Bonney, Alanson 
Borden, Samuel P. Burt, Charles W. 
Clifford, Wendell H. Cobb, Samuel 
H. Cook, Wm. W. Crapo, Austin S. 
Cushman, Francis B. Greene, (Jeorge 
C. Hatch, Elisha C. Leonard, George 
R. Long, George Marston, Francis L. 
Porter, George H. Palmer, Albert R. 
Paulding, Isaiah C. Ray, Thomas M. 
Stetson, James Taylor, William H. 
Taylor, Frederick A. Wasliburn, Wil- 
liam H. Watkins, Hiram Webb, Bor- 
den Wood. 

Raynham (E. Taunton P.O.), 
Chauncey G. Washburn. 

Taunton, James P. Ellis, WilUam 
H. Fox, William E. Fuller, Elisha T. 
Jackson, Charles A. Reed, Joseph E. 
Wilbar, George M. Woodward. 


Attlehorough, John T. Bates, Ly- 
man M. Stanley. 

Fall River, Charles C. Dillingham. 

Freetown, Ebenezer W. Peirce. 

New Bedford, Horatio . N. Kimball, 
Henry W. Cogswell. 

Raynham (special), Seth D. Wil- 

Somerset, Edmund Buffington, Phil- 
ip Bowers. 

Taunton, Peter C. Thayer, Philo T. 
Washburn, (special), George H. Bab- 
bitt, jr. 



Incorporated 1683. 
Shire Town Edgartowk. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency Joseph T. Pease Edgartown. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency. . . Hebron Vincent Edgartown. 

Clerk of Courts Samuel Keniston Edgartoion. 

Register of Deeds John S. Smith Edgartown. 

County Treasurer Barnard C. Marchant. . . .Eilgartown. 

Sheriff. Howes Norris Edgartown. 




r, , ar -^ ^ JasoTi Dexter Edgartown. 

Deputy Sheriffs | j^j^^ j^_ yi,^^^^^ E.U,arlomn. 

Keeper of Jail Chase Pease Edgartown. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Edgartown, 2d Mon. of Jan. and 
July, and 1st Mon. of March and 

At Tishury, 3d Mon. of April, and 
1st Mon. of Sept. 

At West Tisburjj, 1st Mon. of June 
and 3d Mon. of Oct. 

County Commissioners. 

Shubael L. Norton, Edgartoivn, 
term expires Dec. 1874; John W. 
Mayhew, Chilmark, Dec. 1875; Da- 
vid W. Mayhew, Tisbwy, Dec. 187G. 

Special Commissioners. — Abraham 
C. White, Gosnold, Dec. 1874; Thos. 
Jeffers, Gay Head, Dec. 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Edgartoion, 
Wed. next after 3d Mon. in May, and 
Wed. next after 2d Mon. in Nov. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Chilmark, John W. Mayhew. 
Edgartown, Archibald IMellen. 
Tisbwy, William J. Rotch. 

Public Administrators. 
Edgartown, Joseph T. Pease, Sam- 
uel G. Vincent. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Edgartown, Willi;nn P. Cliadwick, 
Thomas J. Dunham, Kufus F. Pease. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Edgartoivn, Joseph Dunham, Jo- 
seph T. Pease, Richard L. Pease, He- 
bron Vincent. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justicrs of the Peace and Quorum. de^irj- 
nated bii a * and Justices throuyhuut t/ic Coinmun- 
wealth, designated by a \.) 

Chilmark, Samuel Flanders, Smith 
Mayhew, John W. Mayhew, James 
N. Tilton. Vineyard Haven, Thurs- 
ton W. Tilton. 

Edgartoivn, Sirson P. Coffin, Henry 
H. Davis, Cliarles G. ]\I. Dunham, 
Joseph Dunham, Ichabod N. Luce, 
Barnard C. Marchant, Cornelius B. 
Marchant, John Ma) hew, Archibald 
Mellen, fSamuel Osborne, jr., Jere- 
miah Pease, * Joseph T. Pease, 
■■'■"Richard L. Pease, John S. Smith, 
Elijah B. Vincent, Hebron Vincent 
{Oak Bhffs^, Lewis Smith {Vineyard 
Grove), AVilliam Dayman John D. 
King, Howes Norris. 

Gay Head, W^illiam A. Vander- 

Gosnold, Abraham C. AVhite. 

Tisbury (Vineyard Haven), fChas. 
Bradley, Henry Bradley, Matthew P. 
Butler, David Mayhew ( Holmes' 
Hole), Wallace T. Miller Eliakim 
Norton. — West Tisbury, William B. 
Mayhew, Horatio N. Pease, John D. 

Trial Justices. 
Edgartown, Jeremiah Pease. 

]Nfotaries Pub'ic. 

Edgartoivn, Wm. Bradley, Wm. P. 
Chadwick, Charles F. Dunham, Tarl- 
ton C. Luce, Howes Norris, Joseph 
T. Pease. 

Ti^hury ( Vineyard Haven), Henry 
W. Beetle, Charles Bradley, Henry 
Bradley. — Holmes' Hole, Charles 
Holmes, John Holmes, John Holmes, 
jr., J. Wheldon Holmes, Henry P. 
Worth. West Tisbury, David May- 


Edgartoivn, Caleb H. Hobart, Sa- 
muel G. Vincent. 

Tisbury (Vineyard Haven), John 
Holmes, jr. 


Incorporated May 10, 1643. 
Shire TowNfS, Salem, Newbuuyport, and Lawrence. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. . . . George F. Choate, Salem. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency,. . Abner C. Goodell, jr., Salem. 

Assistant Reg. " " " . . E. D. Hines, Danven^port. 

Clerk of Courts Alfred A. Abbott, Peabody. 


Assistant Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, (Southern District,) 

" " " (Northern District,) 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction at 

Overseers af House of Correction at 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ameshury, Geo. H. Briggs. 

Anddver, E. Kendall Jenkins. 

Dancers, Charles H. Adams. 

Essex, Ezra Perkins, jr. 

Georgetown, Otis Thompson, Solo- 
mon Nelson. 

Gloucester, George Lane. 

Hdverhill, F. O. Raymond, Phineas 
E. Davis. 

Ipswich, Josapli Spiller. 

Laicrence, Alanson Briggs, James 
M. Currier, John P. Bradstreet. 

Lynn, Ch;trles Merritt. 

Methuen, Charles E. Goss. 

Neichhryport, Jas. W. Cheney. 

Peiibody, Stephen Upton. 

Salem, Daniel Potter, John D. 


Newhuryport, James W. Cheney. 
Sul'in, John D. Cross. 
Lawrence, Horatio G. Ilerrick. 

Masters of House of Correction. 
Ipswich, Yorick G. Hurd. 
Lawrence, Horatio G. Herrlck. • 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Gloucester, 2d Tu. in April and 

At Haverhill, 3d Tu. in May and 

At Ipswich, 2d Tu. in March and 

At Lawrence^ 2d Jan., Feb., 
March, June, Sept., Nov., and Dec. 

At Newhunjport, 3d Tu. in Jan., 
Feb., April, June, July, Oct., and 

At Salem, 1st Tu. in every month. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. ' 

At Salem, on the 2d and 4th Mon. 
of each month. 

At_ Lawrence, on Probate Court 
days in afternoon. 

At Netohuryport, on Probate Court 
days in afternoon. 


George R. Lord, Salem. 

Ephraim Brown, Salem. 

Abiel jMorrifon, Lawrence. 

Allen W. Dodge, Hamilton. 

George Foster, Andover. 

John Keeley, Haverhill. 

Sherman Nelson, Georgetown. 

Henry Hobbs, Wenham. 

Rufus Kimball, Lynn. 

D. H. Stickney, Groveland. 

Horatio G. Herrick, Lawrence. 

County Commissioners. 

Charles P. Preston, Danvcrs, term 
expires Dec. 1874; James Kimball, 
Salem, term expires Dec. 1875; 
Zachariah Graves, Lynn, term ex- 
pires Dec 187G. 

Special Commissioners, Aaron Saw- 
yer, Ameshury ; Nehemiah Burnham, 
Essex ; terms expire 1874. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At 
Ipswich, on the 2d Tu. of April. 

Salem, 2d Tu. in July, and Thurs- 
day of each week during the year. 

Newhuryport, on the 2d Tu. of Oct. 

On the 4tli Tu. of Dec , at Salem, 
Ipswich, or Newhuryport, as the Court 
may determine at the term next pre- 

At Lawrence, on the last Tu. of 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Lawrence, William L. Thompson. 
Lynn, Dean Peabody. 
Salem, Nathaniel J. Holden. 

Public Administrators. 
Andover, George Foster. 
Danvers, John W. Porter. 
Gloucester, David W. Low. 
Lynn, Nathaniel Ingalls. 
Newhuryport, Edmund Smith. 
Saugus, Elijah P. Robinson. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Haverhill, Edward C. Dubois. 

Lawrence, Nathan W. Harmon, 
Andrew C. Stone. 

Lynn, William Howland. 

Marhlehead, William C. Fabens. 

Salem, George F. Choate, Nathan- 
iel J. Holden. 

Commissioners of 'Wrecka. 

Gloucester, John Avars, jr., Cur- 
tis C. Cressy, Nehemiah D. Cunning- 
ham, Dan. Robinson. 

Ipswich, Theodore Andrews. 

Lynn, Sylvester B. Breed, Nathan- 
iel Lear. 

Newhunjport, Edmund Smith. 

Rockport, James W. Bradley. 

Swampscott, John Chapman. 



Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Andover, George Foster, Nathan 
W. Hazen. 

Beverly, Fred. W. Choate, James 

Gloucester, Charles P. Thompson, 
John S. Webber. 

Haverhill, David Boynton, William 

IpswicJi, Charles Kimball. 

Lawrence, James H. Eaton, George 
K. Rowe. 

Lynn, Rufus Kimball, Elbridge 
Lovejoy, Henry C. Oliver. 

Newburyport, David J. Adams, 
John T. Brown, Nathan A. Moulton, 
Moses Pettingell, John Porter, Ed- 
ward W. Rand. 

Peahody, Alfred A. Abbott. 

Salem, Charles Kimball, George 
R. Lord, Joseph B. F. Osgood, 
George Wheatland. 

Justices of the Peace. 

including Jttstices of the Pcacn and Quorum, des- 
ignated by a *, anil Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a tO 

Ameshury, Orlando S. Baley, Wil- 
liam C. Binney, George H. Brigos, 
Frederick B. Byram, George W. 
Cate, Joseph T. Clarkson, John A. 
Douglass, Joseph Gale, William H. 
Haskell, Joseph Merrill, * Jonathan 
Nay son, Orlando S. Patten, George 
Turner. — South Ameshury, Charles 
E. Rowell. — West Ameshury, \3o&h- 
ua Colby, John S. Morse, James D. 
Pike, David M. Tukesbury. 

Andover, Asa A. Abbott, Samuel 
H. BoutvfcU, -[Francis Cogswell, 
■j- George Foster, George W. Foster, 
Moses Foster, Samuel Gray, * Nathan 
W. Hazen, E. Kendall Jenkins, 
I Marcus Morton, George H. Poor. 
— Ballardvale, Isaac O. Blunt. 

Beverly, Hooper A. Appleton, 
I John I. Baker, Stephens Baker, 
i Frederick W. Choate, Francis J. 
Crowell, Robert R. Endicott, Wil- 
liam R. Gordon, Josiali A. Haskell, 
James Hill, Abraham B. Lord, Elijah 
E. Lummus, Francis Norwood, Jo- 
seph E. Ober, Charles IL Odell, Sam- 
uel Porter, ■\ John H. Reed, George 
Roundy, f William Soliier, Joseph 

D. Tuck, Richard P. Waters, Elisha 

Boxford, Benj. S. Barnes, Moses 
Dorman, Thomas P. Dorman, George 
Perley, James H. Webster. — West 
Boxford, William R. Kimball. 

Bradford, Henry Carter, Harrison, 

E. Chadwick, f George Cogswell, 
Charles B. Emerson, AValter Goodell, 
William Hazletine, Samuel W. Hop- 

kinson, Albert L. Kimball, Horatio 

Banters, Charles H. Adams, Israel 
W. Andrews, James D. Black, Francis 
Dodcre, Samuel P. Fowler, Ezra D. 
Hines, Edward L. Hill, Joseph E. 
Hood. Louis W. Kelley, Andx-ew 
Nichols, John W. Porter. Otis F. Put- 
nam, Charles Tapley, George Tapley, 
William L. AVeston, John F. Wliipple. 

— Danverspnrt, D. Homer Batchelder, 
Ebenezer Hunt, David Mead, Rulus 

Essex, Daniel W. Bartlett, Hervey 
Burnham. * Nehemiah Burnham, 
*David Choate, Ezra Perkins, Ebene- 
zer Stanwood. 

Georgetoum, William H. Ilarriman, 
Charles E. Jewett, Caleb Tenney, 
Gorham D. Tenney, Oi-lando B. Ten- 
ney, Richard Tenney. 

Gloucester, John J. Babson, William 
Babson, Joseph Blood, Edward E. 
Burnham, Henry A. Burnham, *Ben- 
jamin F Butler, Addison Center, 
Henry Center, Benjamin H. Corliss, 
John Corliss, f James A. Cunning- 
ham, John Cunningham, James Davis, 
Elbridge G. Friend, Charles E. Gro- 
ver, Henry C. L. Haskell, Henry C. 
Hubbard, Allen Knowlton, David W. 
Low, George J. JNlaish, Joseph A. 
Moore, Aaron Parsons, Joseph O. 
Proctor, Samuel E. Sawyer, Benjamin 
H. Smith, John J. Somes, Cyrus Story, 
Chas. P. Thompson, * John S. Web- 
ber. — East Gloucester, Humphrey L. 
Calder. — Annlsquam, John N. Davis, 

— Lanesville, Samuel L. Young. 
Groveland, Nathaniel H. Griffith, 

Charles W. Hopkinson, Gardner P. 
Ladd, Jeremiah B. P. Ladd, Nathaniel 
Ladd, Rufus H. Page, * Charles G. 
Savary, Jeremiah SpofFord. — South 
Groveland, Edward P. Reed. 

Hamilton, Jos. P. Lovering, Daniel 
E. Safford. 

Haverhdl, Ira A. Abbott, jr., *Wm. 
E. Blunt, Benjamin F. Brickett, 
David Boynton, Calvin Buttrick, Ed- 
mund G. W. Cartwright, Alplieus 
Currier, James Davis, jr., Phineas E. 
Davis, Edward C. Dubois, Jones 
Frankle, Edward G. Frotliingham, 
Edward G. Frothinghani, jr., Edward 
B. George, Edwin P. Hill, Wm. G. 
Howe, Addison B. Jaques, Wm. Jeff- 
ers, Joseph K. Jennis, * Jeremiah P. 
Jones, John Keeley, * Alfred Kitt- 
redge, Nathan S. khnball, P. Web- 
ster Locke, tJohn Jas. Marsh, Henry 
N. Merrill, John M. Poor, Oliver II. 
Roberts, Benjamin Addison Sawyer, 
Jas. V. Smiley, Leonard V. Spaul- 
ding, Jackson J3. Swett, AVilliam Tag- 



gart. Martin Taylor, David B. Tenney, 
Elbriilge G. Wood. — Ea.^t Havrrhl'/l, 
Ensigu S. Hiinkiiis. — Ai/ers Village, 
Orenzo T. Emerson. 

Ipxivick, Tlieodore Andrews, Wes- 
ley K. Bell, *Aaron Cojvs-well, Gilbert 
Conant, George Haskell, Yorick G. 
Hui-d, f Clias. Kimball, Edward P. 
Kimball, Charles A. Sayward, Joseph 
Spiller, *Abram D. Wait. 

Lawrence, Natlianiel Ambrose, Par- 
don Armington, Clark L. Austin, Hor- 
ace C. Bacon, Chas. U. Bell, Milton 
Bonney, Rob't. Bower, Jonathan C. 
Bowker, GitFord M. Bridge, Charles 

E. Briggs, John H. Brown, Albert V. 
Bugbee, El bridge T. Burley, iieo. D. 
Cabot, Alonzo C. Chadwick, Edward 

F. Childs, Alfred P. Clark, Jos. 
Cleaveland, Baldwin Coolidn;e, Eben- 
ezer B. Currier, Samuel M. Davis, 
John J. Doland, John C. Dow, James 
H. E?ton, Alfred J. French, W. 
Fisk Gile. John P. Gilmore, Jesse G. 
Gould, Henry H. Hall, * Natlian W. 
Harmon, Rollin E. Harmon, Horatio 

G. Herrick, Gilbert E. Hood, Henry 
F. Hopkins, Nath. P. Hougliton, Jas. 
M. Hubbard, Wm. H. Jaquith, Wm. 
S. Knox, Walter F. McConnell, Geo. 
S. Merrill, Charles D. Moore, Cyrus 
T. Moore, Wm. Morse, John K. Nor- 
wood, E. B. Osgood, Thos. A. Parsons, 
Joseph L. Partridge, William R. Ped- 
rick, Moses Perkins, P. Grosvenor 
Pillsbury, George W. Plummer, Piiin- 
eas B. Robinson, John R. Rollins, 
George R. Rowe, Aretas R. Sanborn, 
John C. Sanborn, Frank L. Sargent, 
Caleb Saunders, Daniel Saunders, 
*Edgar J. Sherman, James H. Stan- 
nard, William Stevens, Andrew C. 
Stone, Albert D. Swan, David S. 
Swan, Patrick Sweeney, John K. 
Tarbox, Robert H. Tewksbury, Wm. 
L. Thompson, Byron Truell, James 
M. Wheaton, Nathaniel G. White, 
William H. P. Wright. 

Lynn, Cornelius A. Ahearn, Dan'l 
Alley, John H. Alley, Gustavus An- 
drews, David Austin, Chas. C. Aver, 
Ezra Baker, Thomas M. Barrell, Ed- 
win Q. Batchelder, Jacob Batchelder, 
John Batchelder, Ebenezer Beckford, 
Samuel J. Berry, Abijah E. Blood, 
Andrews Breed, Hiram N. Breed, Jos. 
Breed, 2d, Joseph B. Breed, Geo. R. 
Breed, Sylvester B. Breed, Wilfred 
Breed, Edward A. Berdge, William 

A. Brown, John H. Bubier, James 
N. Butfum, Lyman F. Chase, Chas. 

B. Clough, Ovando D. Clough, Alvin 
Colburn, Henry H. Curtice, * Edward 
S. Davis, Geo. E. Emery, Benjamin 
V. French, Henry W. French, Wil- 

liam H. Gerrish, John E. Gray, 
*Joseph Haines, Charles A. Ham- 
mond, N. Mortimer Hawkes, (lilbert 
C. Hoag, William C. Holder, Eugene 
Howard, William Ilowland, Henry 
J. B. Hudson, James U. Hunt, Eph- 
raim A. Ingalls, Nathaniel Ingalls, 
William F. Johnson, Benj. H. Jones, 
George W. Keene, Ira B. Keith, S. 
Henry Kent, Charles E. Kimball, 
Rufus Kimball, Larkin A. Lang, 
Jacob M. Lewis, James S. Lewis, 
Elbridge Lovejoy, Valentine Meader, 
Edwin J. Medbury, Charles Merritt, 
Henry Moore, Louis E. Moore, Ezra 
W. Mudge, Peter M. Neal, Asa T, 
Newhall, Cheever Newhall, Geo. T. 
Newhall, Harrison Newhall, James 
R. Newhall, fThomas B. Newhall, 
Thomas H. Niles, Wm. H. Niles, Ar- 
thur F. L. Norris, Henry C. Oliver, 
Ira J. Patch, fDean Peabody, Edward 
K. Phillips, Charles J. Pickford, 
Isaac Pinkham, William D. Pool, 
Benjamin E. Porter, Benjamin K. 
Prentiss, Frederick M. Putnam, Thos. 
P. Richardson, Stephen R. Rogers, 
Simon J. Rooney, Jas. M. Sargent, 
Wm. P. Sargent, Robert G. S. Shel- 
ton, John L. Shorey, James B. Sils- 
bee, N. Everett Silsbee, Herbert A. 
Smith, Charles H. Stickney, Patrick 
Strain, George R. Stone, David H. 
Sweetser, Amos P. Tapley, Waldo 
Thompson, Wilder S. Thurston, Hall 
W. Tibbetts, Minot Tirrell, jr., Geo. 
B. Tolman, Cyrus M. Tracy, Ebene- 
zer Trask, Geo. B. Tucker, fGardi- 
ner Tufts, fRoland G. Usher, Jabez 
Wood, John P. Wood, Jobn P. Wood- 

Lynnfield, George L. Hawkes, An- 
drew Mansfield, Josiah Newhall. — 
Lynnfield Centre, John Danforth, Ja- 
cob Hood, John Perkins. 

Manchester, Thomas P. Gentlee, 
Jno. Lee, Nathan P. Meldram, John 

Marhlehead, Sam.. Bowden, fWm. 
B. Brown, William H. Coates, John 
Conway, jr., *William Fabens, Wil- 
liam C. Fabens, Thomas Foss, Wil- 
liam Gilley, jr., Jas. Gregory, f John 
F. Harris, IWilliam G. Haskell, 
Cliarles H. Litchman, J. H. Orne, 
WiUiam Reynolds, Sani'l S. Trefry. 

Methuen, JosephE. Buswell, f Gerry 
W. Cochrane, Jacob Emerson, jr., 
John W. Frederick, George W. Gage, 
Charles E. Goss, Charles E. Hibbard, 
Joseph Howe, Jos. S. Howe, James 
Ingalls, Jos. F. Ingalls, James O. 
Parker, Darius Pierce, Wm. M. 
Rogers, Ebenezer Sawyer, Samuel G. 
Sargent, Charles E. Trow. 



Middleton, Joseph A. Batchelder, 
fEben S. Phelps. 

Nahant, f Charles Amory, fFraiicis 

B. Crowiiinshield, Edward J. John- 
son, Washington H. Johnson. 

Newbury, i\lost's Colman, William 
Little, Joseph N. Rolfe. — ^^eW, 
Hermon D. Rogers, Martin Root. 

Newhurjiport, David J. Adams, Ed- 
ward F. Bartlett, Isaac H. Boardnian, 
William H. Brewster, John T. Brown, 
David F. Brown, Frederic D. Burn- 
ham, George W. Clark, Frederick J. 
Coffin, Stephen Collins, Moody D. 
Cook, Albert Currier, Warren Cur- 
rier, William E. Currier, fCaleb 
Gushing, William Cashing, Charles 

C. Dame, Nathaniel Foster, B. Gardi- 
ner Gerrish, Joseph G. Gerrish, Wil- 
liam Graves, Nathaniel Greely, Albert 
W. Greenleaf, Joshua Hale, eJosiah L. 
Hale, Moses E. Hale, Richard C. 
Hale, George W. Hill, Philip K. 
Hills, Francis A. Howe, William S. 
Huse, Thomas Huse, Geo. W. Jack- 
man, jr., Harrison G. Johnson, *Caleb 
Lamson, Micajah Lunt, John A. May- 
nard, David J. Merrill, Joseph E. 
Moody, Amos W. Mooney, *E<lward 
S. Moseley, C. Osgood j\lorse, Nathan 
A. Moulton, Henry W. Moulton, 
Amos Noyes, Edward L. Noyes, 
Thomas Pearson, *Mose3 Pettingell, 
Nathaniel Pierce, fDaniel P. Pike, 
John N. Pike, Edward W. Rand, 
Moses D. Randall, George H. Stevens, 
*Edmund Smith, fEben F. Stone, 
Jacob Stone, William 'Jliurston. 

North Andover, Joseph F. Allen, 
•j-William J. Dale, George L. Davis, 
John C. Gage, Milon S. Jenkins, John 
F. Kimball, Andrevv Smith, Horace 
N. Stevens, Moses T. Stevens, Eben 
Sutton, Louis Weil. 

Peabod//, f Albert A. Abbott, Lewis 
Allen, Sidney C. Bancroft, John B. 
Clement, George Ilohnan, Edward 
W. Jacobs, James P. King, William 
H. Little, Jeremiah T. Mahoney, 
Edward McCarthy, George A. Os- 
borne, George S. Osborne, Benjamin 

C. Perkins, Nathan H. Poor, fElien 
S. Poor, Thomas E. Proctor, Franklin 

D. Rideout, 'J'honias M. Stimpson, 
fWiiliam Sutton, Stephen Upton, 
William Walcott. 

Rockport, Zeno A. Appleton, Eben 
Blatchtbrd, Henry Dennis, Henry 
Dennis, jr., Newell Giles, John W. 
Marshall, Alfred Parsons, Calvin W. 
Pool, Henri N. Woods, Nathaniel F. 
S. York. 

Roivley, George B. Blodgett, Benj. 
P. Mighill, Benjamin H, Smith, Ed- 
ward Smith, J. Scott Todd. 

Salejn, Nathaniel K. Allen, James 
F. Almy, »Samuel P. Andrews, Wil- 
liam Archer, John Barlow, John A. 
Bfissett, Charles A. Benjamin, Joseph 
H. M. BertraiD, Thomas Bowen, C. 
Warren Brown, Ephraim Brown, 
Henry A. Brown, f Albert G. Biowne, 
Samuel B. Buttrick, fJoseph S. 
Cabot, Oliver Carlton, f George F. 
Choate, William S. Cleveland, Joshua 
Cleaves, William Cogswell, William 
R. Colby, Francis Cox, Henry J. 
Cross, John D. Cross, George R. 
Curwen, J. Frank Dalton, Horace H. 
Davis, Henry Derby, John H. Derby, 
*Gco. H. Devereux, John D. Eaton, 
William S. Felton, Andrew Fitz, 
Wm. H. Fletcher, George F. Flint, 
fCaleb Foote, Wm. H. Foster, Charles 
B. Fowler, Riifus B. Giffbrd, James 

A. Gillis, Abner C. Goodell, jr., 
Fredeiick Grant, Benj. A. Gray, 
Leonard B. Harrington, ]\Inrk H skell, 
Charles H. Henderson, f Nathaniel J 
Holden, George Holman, Thomas F 
Hunt, *Stephen B. Ives, jr., John 
Jewett, Samuel A. Johnson, Thos. H. 
Johnson, *David B. Kimball, *.Jas. 
Kimball, Walter A. Kezar, John 
Kinsman, John R. Lakeman, Wm. 
W. Lander, Solomon Lincoln, jr., 
*George R. Lord, | Otis P. Lord, 
f George B. Loring, Samuel A. INlac- 
intirp, John F. Machado, William 
Maynes, Henry M. Meek, Henry P. 
Moulton, t William D. Northend, 
William Northpy, flleuTy K. Oliver, 
Charles S. Osgood, fJoseph B. F. 
Osgood, John Brooks Parker, Wm. 

B. Parker, Edward H. Payson, Robert 
Peele, Geo. H. Peirson, Aaron Per- 
kins, Benj. C. Perkins, f Jonathan C. 
Perkins, Jairus W. Perry, Chas. A. 
Phillips, fWilliam P. Phillips, George 

D. Phippen, Charles H. Price, Chas. 
M. Richard-on, Chas. W. Richard- 
son, Nathaniel C. Robbins, f David 
Roberts, James Ropes, George San- 
born, Charles Sewall, James Shati- 
well, Henry B. Smith, fWilliam S. 
Stearns, James C. Scimpson, Thos. M. 
Stimp?on, Augustus Story, Gilbert L. 
Streeter, Charles E._ Symonds, Na- 
thaniel G. Symonds, J. Hardy Towne, 
Leverett S. Tuckerman, fChas. W. 
Upham, William P. Upham, Benjamin 

E. Valentine, fEben N. Walton, 
*Josepli G. VVaters, *Stephea P. 
Wftbb, *George Wheatland. 

Salisbury, Charles L. Allen, Moses 
J. Bartlett, Gt;orge W. Cate, Thomas 
J. Clark, f Ebenezer T. Colby, f Bei.- 
jamin Evans, Benjamin E. Fifield, 
*Josiah B. (iale, Aaron Morrill, jr., 
*Robert Rich, John Rovvell, Azor O. 



Webster, Daniel Webster.— i^as^ Sal- 
i^burt/, P. Albert True. 

Sciiigus, Geo. M. Amerijie, Augus- 
tus B. Davis, Geo. W. Fairbanks, 
Alii-e.l G. Fisher, Harmon Hall, Her- 
bert B. Newhdll Wilbur F. Newhall, 
William H. Newhall, f Elijali P. Bob- 
inson, Albert H. Sweetser. 

iSicampscott, Eli E. Bovnton, Phi- 
lander IloUlen, Samuel C. Pitman, 
Daniel P. Stimpson, Waldo Thomp- 

Topsfield, Joseph W. Batchelder, 
Nebemiah Clsaveland, Samuel D. 
Hood, Samuel S. MrKenzie. 

Wenham, Rufus A. Dodge, Simeon 

West Newbury, *David L. Ambrose, 
John C. Carr, Nathl F. Emery, Ed- 
mund Little, William INIerrill, Joseph 
Newell, Charles W. Ordway. 
Trial Justices. 

Amesbury, Orlando S. Bailey. 

Andover, George H. Poor. 

Beverly, Janu-s Hill. 

Bradford, Henry Carter. 

Danvers, Israel W. Andrews. 

Georgetown, Orlando B. Tenney. 

Ipswich, Wesley K. Bell. 

Marblehead, William Fabens. 

Methuen, William M. Rogers. 

Peabody, Benjamin C. Perkins. 

Rockpart, Henry Dennis. 

Rowley, J. Scott Todd. 

Salisbury, George W. Gate. 

Saugus, Augustus B. Davis. 

Notaries Public. 

Amesbury. George Turner. 

Andover, George Foster, George H. 

Beverly, Fred'k W. Choate, Samuel 

Danvers, Josiah F. Bly, Edward L 

Gloucester, James Davis, David W. 
Low, John S. Webber, Cyrus Story. 
— East Gloucester, Humphrey L. 

Haverlnll. David Boynton, Charles 
H. Coffin, John L. Hobson, Joseph 
K. Jenness, John J. Marsh. 

Ipswich, Charles A. Say ward. 

Lawrence, Charles U. Bell, John 
F. Cogswell, W. Fisk Gile, Jesse G. 
Gould, Nathan W. Harmon, Na- 
thaniel G. White. 

Lynn, Edward S. Davis, Nathan M. 
Hawkes, William Ilowland, Edward 
P. Nettleton, James 11. Newhall, 
Minot Tirrell, jr., Jeremiah C. Stick- 
ney, Cyrus M. Tracy, Wallace W. 

Marblehead, John F. Devereux, 
William Fabens, James Gregory. 

Methuen, William M. Rogers. 

Newhuryport, Edward F. Bartlett, 
Isaac H. Boardman, John T. Brown, 
Henry W. Chapman, Nathaniel 

Peabody, Alfred A. Abbott, Benja- 
min C. Perkins, Joseph D. Tack. 

Rockport, Andrew F. Clark, Alfred 

Salem, Samuel P. Andrews, Wm. 
C. Endicott, Daniel P. Fitz, James 
A. Gillis, Henry P. Guilford, Henry 
M. Meek, Josejih B. F. Osgood, David 
Roberts, Charles Sewall, Gilbert L. 
Streeter, Joseph G. Waters, Stephen 
P. Webb. 

Salisbury, Thomas J. Clark. 


Amesbury, George Turner. 

Andover, Walter H. Kimball, Ste- 
phen Tracy. 

Bradford, Horatio Pearl. 

Danvers, Richard Hood. 

Essex, William H. Hull. 

Georgetown, Joseph P. Stickney. 

Haverhill, William Jeifers, Francis 
J. Stevens. 

Ipswich, Abram D. Wait. 

Lawrence (special), John Stowe, 
William D. Lamb. 

Lynn, Hiram N. Breed, Joseph G. 

Marblehead, William Gilley, jr. 

Newburyport, James W. Cheney . 

Salem, Eben N. Walton. 

Topsfield, Richard Phillips. 

West Newbury, Nehemiah F. 




Incorporated June 24, 1811. 

Shire Town, Greenfield. 


Judge of Prohate and Insolvency 

Register of Probate and Insolvency. . . 

Clerk of Courts 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 

Overseers of House of Correction, . -j 


Deputy Sheriffs, 

Aslifield, Charles Howes. 
Coleraine, Shubael B. Buck. 
Conway, Gordon H. Johnson. 
Deerfield (South), Austin Ware. 
Greenfield, Lorenzo D. Joslyn, Geo. 

A. Kimball, Chauncey Bryant. 
Heath, John T. Gould. 
Montar/ue, Wm. W. Thayer. 
Northfield, Elisha Alexander. 
Orange, James H. Clark. 
Shelburne Fcdls, H. S. Swan. 
Shutesbury, John H. Forbes. 

Deputies in Hampshire County. 

Amherst, Frederick A. Palmer, Geo. 

B. GciUond. 

Northampton, Ansel Wright, Erastus 

V. Lilly. 
Plainfield, Leonard Campbell. 

Jailer and Master of House of Cor- 

Solomon C. Wells, Greenfield. 

Sessions of Probate Court, 

At Comvay, 3d Tu. in May. 

At Greenfield, 1st Tu. of every 
month except November. 

Northfield, on the 2d Tu. in JVIay 
and September. 

Orange, 2d Tu. in March and Dec, 
and 3d Tu. in June. 

At Shelburne Falls, on the 2d Tu. 
in Feb. and 4th Tu. in May and Oct. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Greenfield, on the 1st Monday 
in each month. 

County Commissioners. 

R. N. Oakman, Montague, term ex- 
pires Dec. 1874; Geo. D. Crittenden, 
Buckland, term expires Dec. 1875; 
Nelson Burrows, Gill, term expires 
Dec. 1876. 

Chester C Conant Greenfield. 

Francis M. Thompson. . . . Greenfield. 

Edward E. Lyman Greenfield. 

Edward Benton Greenfield. 

Bela Kellogg Greenfield. 

Austin DeWolf. Greenfield. 

Rufus Howland Greenfield. 

Solomon C. Wells Greenfield. 

Specicd Commissioners, William C. 
Campbell, Conway, term expires Dec. 
1874 ; John M. Smith, Sunderland, 
term expires Dec. 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Greenfield, 
1st Tu. in March and Sept., and 2d 
Tu. in June and Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Greenfield, Geo. W. Bartlett, Al- 
mon Brainard. 

Shelburne, H. M. Puffer. 

Public Administrator. 
Greenfield, Anson K. Warner. 

Master in Chancery. 
Greenfield, Samuel O. Lamb. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Charlemont, Ansel L. Tyler. 

Greenfield, Almon Brainard, Ches- 
ter C. Conant, AVendell T. Davis, 
George Grennell, Whiting Griswold, 
Edw'd E. Lyman, Francis L. Thomp- 
son, Noah S. Wells, Solomon G. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, John C. 
Felt, Davis Goddard, Edwin Stone, 
Hiram Woodward. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Iiichirlhig Justices of the Peace and Quorum, desig- 
natcrl by a ', and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated bij a f.) 

Ash field, Lot Bassett, Silas Blake, 
Henry S. Ranney. — South Ashfield, 
Wait Bement, Charles H. Day. 

Bernardston, Bryant S. Burrows, 
Aretas Ferry, Samuel J. Green, 
Timothy K. Horton, Ebenezer S. 

Buckland, Ezekiel D. Bement, Geo. 
D. Crittenden, Fayette Nichols, 
Josiah Trow. — Shelburne Fulls, f Jas. 
S. Halligan. 



Charlemont Richard E. Field, B. 
Parsons Mansfield, Joseph H. Sears, 
Ansel L. Tyler, John A. Winslow. — 
East Charlemont, Hart Leavitt, Ash- 
ley K. White. 

Coleraine, Orson B. Curtis, Fred. 
W. Mather, lluoh B. Miller, David 
L. Smith, Ephraim H. Thompson. 

Conway, Henry W. Billings, Ed- 
•win Cooley, Austin Rice, John 
Sprague, John D. Todd. 

Deerjield, Dexter Childs, Henry S. 
Chllds, George W. Jones, Ransom N. 
Porter, George Sheldon. — South Deer- 
jield, Obed S. Arms, William 1). 
Bates, Charles Phelps, Chas. Stowell, 
Artemas Williams. 

Erving, Newton J. Benjamin, Chas. 
A. Eddy, Noah Rankin. — Millers 
Falls, Daniel P. Abercrombie. 

Florida, Nahum P. Brown. 

Gill, Nelson Burrows, Josiah D. 
Canning, Roswell Field, Otis F. Hale, 
Jonathan S. Purple. 

Greenfield, Joseph Beals, Edward 
Benton, *Almon Brainard, Henry A. 
Budington, Matthew Chapman, Ches- 
ter C. Conant, fWendell T. Davis, 
Chas. G. Delano, Austin DeWolf, 
Wm. Elliot, Samuel S. Eastman, Jo- 
seph P. Felton, Chas. R. Field, 
Charles K. Grennell, fGeo. Grennell, 
*Whiting Griswold, f Sam"l O. Lamb, 
Edward E. Lyman, Sam'l J. Lyons, 
Lewis Merriam, Bowdoin S. Parker, 
Fred. G. Smith, Francis M. Thomp- 
son, Anson K. Wai-ner, fWm. B. 
Washburn, Noah S. Wells, Gorham 
D. W illiams. 

Haioley, William O. Bassett, John 
Brown, Wesson E. Mansfield, Apol- 
los W. Smith, Willis Vincent. 

Heath, Aaron Dickinson, Daniel 
Gale, Wm. M. Maxwell. 

Leverett, Alden C. Field, David 
Rice. — North Leverett, Luther Dud- 
ley, Sanford S. Graves, Humphrey 
S. Leach. 

Leyden, George Childs, Avery J. 
Dennison, David Mowry, Henry Shel- 

Monroe, David Goodell, Asahel 

Montague, Philander Boutwell, I. 
Chenery, Richard N. Oakman, Har- 
rison F. Root, Joseph H. Root. — 
Montague City, Amos Adams. — Tur- 
ner's Falls, George L. Barton. 

New Salem, Samuel Giles, Willard 
Putnam, Jabez Sawyer. — Millington, 
Lyman E. Moore, Willard Putnam. — 
North New Salem, Beriah W. Fay, 
Francis W. Newland. 

Northfield, Joseph B. Callender, 
Edward Wells Colton, Samuel W. 

Dutton, Marshall S. Meade, Samuel 
H. Moody, Charles Osgood, Albert 

C. Parsons, Charles Pomeroy. — 
Northfield Farms, Simeon A. Field. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, Andrew 
J. Clark, Samuel S. Dexter, John C. 
Felt, Davis Goddard, George A. 
Maynard, fEdwin Stone, Franklin L. 
Waters, John W. Wheeler, James H. 
White, Geo. A. Whipple. — iVortA 
Orange, Hiram Woodward, Phil- 
brook Worrick . 

Roice, Humphrey Gould. — Zoar, 
Charles H. Scott. 

Shelburne, Orasmus O. Bardwell, 
Charles M. Duncan, Pliny Fisk, Elam 
Kellogg. — Shelburne Falls, Samuel 

D. Bardwell, Samuel T. Field, Alan- 
son K. Hawks, Arthur Maxwell, 
Heni'y M. Pufler, Eldwin Stratton. 

Shuteshury, George A. Berry, Har- 
din Hemenway, Samuel H. Stowell. 

Sunderland, Henry J. Graves, 
fHorace Lyman, Albert Montague. 
John M. Smith, Levi P. Warner, D. 
Dvvight Whitmore. — South De&rfield, 
Nathaniel G. Trow. 

Warwich, Arlon S. Atherton, 
Hervey Barber, Jesse F. Bridge, 
Clark Stearns. 

Wendell, Thomas D. Brooks, Har- 
rison G. O. Powers. — Wendell Depot, 
Edward A. Goddard, John C. Hol- 
ston. — Locksville, Daniel Ballard. 

Whately, James M. Crafts, Samuel 
Lesure, Samuel B. White. — East 
Whately, Elihu Belden. 

Trial Justices. 

Charlemont, J. A. Winslow. 

Greenfield, Wendell T. Davis. 

Montague, Joseph H. Root. — Tur- 
ner's Falls, George L. Barton. 

New Salem, Willard Putnam. 

Leverett, Alden C. Field. 

Orange, Hiram Woodward. 

Shelburne Falls, Samuel D. Bard- 

Sunderland, Albert Montague. 

Notaries Public. 

Conway, Henry W. Billings. 

Greenfield, William II. Allen, Wen- 
dell T. Davis, Chas. G. Delano, Charles 
K. Grennell, Lewis Merriam. 

Montague, Turner's Falls, George 
L. Barton. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase. 

Shelburne Falls, Alanson K. Hawks, 
Arthur Maxwell. 


Gill, Roswell Purple. 
Greenfield, Rufus Howland, Sam'l 
J. Lyons ; special, Alfred Wells. 




Incorporated February 20, 1812. 

Judge of Probate and Insolcency.. . . 
Regbter of Probate and Insolvency. . 

Clerk of Courts 

Register- of Deeds 

County Treasurer 


Overseers of House of Correction.. . -{ 

Sheriff and Jailer 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Blandford, Franklin C. Knox. 

Chester, John C. Gamwell. 

Chicopee, Nathaniel Cutler. 

Chicopee (Falls), Frank H. Mor- 

Granville (Corners), Lester B. 

Granville (West), Rufus Smith. 

Holyolce, Thomas H. Wellington. 

Ludlow, Davenport L. Fuller. 

Monson, Edward P. Newton. 

Palmer, James S. Loomis, Georo-e 
W. Randall. 

Palmer (Thorndike), Geo. IMoores. 

Springfield, A. H. G. Lewis. W. 
H. H. JBlair, F. K. Lathrop, Justin 
D. Parks, Wm. A. Birnie, Benjamin 
C. Crabtree, Fred A. Norway. — In- 
dian Orchard, John E. Oakes. 

Tolland, Joseph D. Sloeum. 

lVe»t field, Timothy M. Cooley, 
John H. Willard. 

West Springfield, William C. Hatch, 
John W. Cross. 

Wilbraham (North), Edward C. 
Colton, Samuel A. King. 

Wilbraham (South), Moses H. War- 

Hiram B. Wellington, of Pittsfield, 
Deputy for Hampden County. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Monson, 2d Tu. of June. 

At Palmer, 2d Tu. of Sept. 

Springfield, 1st Tu. of Jan., Feb., 
Mar., April, May, June, July, Sept., 
Nov., Dec. 

At Westfield, 3d Tu. Mar., June, 
Sept., and Dec. 

Sessions Court of Insolvency. 
At Springfield, 2d and 4th Sat. of 
each month. 

County Commissioners. 
James S. Loomis, Palmer, term ex- 

William S. Sliurtleff Springfield, 

Samuel B. Spooner Springfield. 

Robert O. Morris Springfield. 

James E. Russell Springfield. 

M. Wells Bridge Springfield. 

H. M. Morehouse Springfield. 

Gideon Wells Springfield. 

Charles L. Gardner Palmer. 

Addison M. Bradley Springfield. 

pires Dec. 1874. Wm. M. Lewis, 
Blandford, term expires Dec. 1875. 
Lawson Sib'.ey, Springfield, term ex- 
pires Dec. 1876. 

Special Commissioners. — S. G. 
Southworth, Chicopee, term expires 
Dec. 1874. Roland Parks, Russell, 
term expires Dec. 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Springfield, 
2d Tu. of April, I'st Tii. of Oct., and 
4th Tu. of June and Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Westfield, Henry B. Lewis. 
Public Administrators. 

Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Springfield, Joseph Ligraham. 
Master ia Chancery. 

Springfield, Henry W. Bosworth. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Sprint/field, Samuel B. Spooner, 
Williani'S. Shurtleff. 

Westfield, William G. Bates, Henry 
Fuller, Norman T. Leonard, Henry 
B. Lewis, Milton B. Whitney. 

Wilbraham (Sfiuth), Solomon C. 
Spelman, L. B. Bliss. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Inchiiinf! Jiistirrx Di' the Pence an'/ (Quorum, desig- 
nated hif a * ; and JuAtices thioiajholit the Cotninon- 
wealth designated by a t). 

Agawam, Edward K. Bodurtha, 
Joseph Bedortha. — Feeding Hills, 
Charles C. Wright. 

Blandford, Wm. M. Lewis, Howard 
P. Robinson, Elisha W. Shepard. — 
North Blandford, Samuel A. Bartho- 

Brimfield, *IIenry F. Brown, Jas. 
B. Brown, Samuel \V. Brown. 

Chester, *Daniel Granger, *Chas. 
W. Knox. — Chester Cetitre, *Tliad. 
K. Dewolf. — North Chester, Herman 



CMcopee, Jumus A. Bartlett, Edwin 
O. Carter, Lester Dickinson. Aniory 
Doolittle, fEnocli V. B. Ilolcomb, 
George D. Robinson, Harris L. 
Sliernian, Simon G. South worth, 
fGeorge M. Stearns, Phineas Sled- 
man, James E. Ta}lof, Je;onie Wells. 
— Chicopee Falb, John ilenick, 
Josiah W. Osgood, Edgar T. Paige, 
Marshal C. Pease, Phineas W. Smith, 
George S. Taylor. 

Gvanrillc (Corners), Rufus IT. Bar- 
low, Ethan D. Dickinson, AVilliam 
Wells. — East Granville, Ralph S. 
Brown. — West Granville, James M. 

Holland, William A. Webber. 

Holyoke, Amos Andrews, Henry 
H. Bartlett, Joseph P. Buckland, 
fEdwin Chase, William A. Chase, 
William C. Church, James E. De- 
lany, Daniel E. Kingsbury, AVil- 
liam S. Loomis, Timothy Merrick, 
Jos. Murray, fWilliam B. C. Pear- 
sons, Michael C. Quiun, William 
Slattery, jr., Albert A. Tyler, *Porter 

Longmeadou!, Dimond Chandler, 
Edwin K. Colton. — East Lungmea- 
doK\ George A. Converse, Oliver 

Ludloiv, Lemuel H. Brigham, 
Chauncey L. Buell, John P. Huubard. 

il/onso?), fWilliam N. Flynt, Chas. 
Fuller, George H. Newton, Hiram 
Newton, Carlos M. Peck, Daniel G. 
Potter, Rice M. Reynolds, Joshua 
Tracy, fHorace P. Wakefield. 

Montgomeri/, Horace Bartholomew, 
Berijah H. Kagwin. 

Palmer, Braman B. Adams, James 
G. Allen, Alonzo V. Blanchard, 
Enos Calkins, Charles L. Gardner, 
Stephen S. TaW. — Thorndike, Ga- 
maliel Collins, Frank M. Murdock, 
Abraham R. Murdock. — Bond's Vil- 
lage, Abraham R. Murdock, jr. — 
Three Rivers, George W. Randall, 
Dwight M. Stebbins. 

Russell, Newman Bishop, Nelson 
D. Parks, Roland Parks, 

Southwicic, Sardis Gillett, Seymour 
L. Granger, George W. Hamilton, 
Amasa Holcomb, Henry B. Judkins, 
Joseph W. Rockwell, Carmi Shurtleff. 

5>rJn^/eZ(/,Waitstill H. Allis, fHen- 
ry Alexander, jr., Lucius C. Allin, 
Stephen C. Beuiis, Augustine Burt, 
Ephraim W. Bond, Henry W. Bos- 
worth, Melville W. Bridge, Albert D. 
Briggs, Roderick Burt, Frederick 
Bush, Joseph W. Brown, Timothy 
M. Brown, Wm. G. Chamberlain, 
Abijah W. Chapin, Edward W. Cha- 
pin, Samuel Chapin, Samuel J. Chap- 

man, Justin M. Cooley, John W. 
Converse, Alfred M. Copeland, 
Chauncey L. Covell, Timothy M. 
Dewey, Hugh Donnelly, Hiram E. 
Emery, Albert T. Folsom, Edmund 
Freeman, Willifim A. Fuller, Homer 
G. Gilmore, William S. Greene, San- 
fbrd J. Hall, Eraslus IL\ye?, Charles 
P. Hill, Joseph W. Holmes, *Josiah 
Hooker, Eli A. Hubbard, Henry S. 
Hyde, *Joseph Ingraham, Frederick 

A. Judd, Marcus P. Knowlton, Chas. 
R. Ladd, Henry S. Lee, Charles L. 
Long, Elisha B. Maynard, James E. 
Mclntire, William E. Montague, 
Roger S. Moore, Edward Morris, 
*Henry Morris, Robert O. Morris, 
*James H. Morton, Harvey E. Mose- 
ley. fJames Parker, William Patton, 
fSmith R. Phillips, Marcellus Pinney, 
Sam'l W. Porter, Joseph C. Pynchon, 
Charles W. Rice, William B. Rogers, 
Joseph M. Ross, James A. Rumrill, 
James E. Russell, Stephen E. Sey- 
mour, Charles L. Shaw, fWilliam S. 
Shurtleff, Heman Smith, *Wm. L. • 
Smith, fAugustus L. Soule, Samuel 

B. Spooner, John M. Stebbins, War- 
ner C. Sturtevant, Thomas Thomas, 
Andi-ew Titus, f James M. Thompson, 
Lewis A. Tifft, fEliphalet Trask, John 
P. Wall, Stephen C. AV^rriner, Gid- 
eon Wells, Luther AVhite. — Indian 
Orchard, Calvin J. Eaton. 

Tolland, Geo. AV. Granger, Fowler 
T. Moore, Philander F. Twining. 

Wales, Ferdinand L. Burley, Ab- 
salom Gardner. 

Wesi field, f AATlliam G. Bates, Phin- 
eas L. Buell, Andrew L. Bu^i. James 
R. Dunbar, Sam'l Fowler, *Henry 
Fuller, fEdward B. Gillett, Leroy C. 
Gillett, *Norman T. Leonard, *Henry 
B. Lewis, Thomas A. Lewis, Leices- 
ter Loomis, Asa P. Rand, Robert B. 
Robinson, Millard L. Robinson, Ho- 
mer B. Stevens, Merritt Van Deusen, 
Asa B. Whitman, Milton B. Whit- 

West Springfield, Richard Beebe, 
John M. Harmon, Edward Parsons, 
Henry A. Phelon, George C. S. South- 
worth, Justin L. Worthy. 

Wilhraham, A. Jackson Blanchard, 
*Luther B. Bliss, John AV. Merrick, 
Ii-a G. Potter, Charles C. Spellman. 
South Wilbraham, Sumner Smith, 
Solomon C. Spellman, AVilliam P. 

Trial Justices, 

Chester, Daniel Granger. 
Granville {West), James M. Good- 

Holyoke, Porter Underwood. 



Palmer, Charles L. Gardner. 

Westjield, Henry B. Lewis, Homer 
B. Stevens. 

West Springfield, Geo. C. S. South- 

Notaries Public. 

Chicopee, George D. Robinson) 
George M. Stetirns, Luther AVhite. 

Holi/oke, Amos Andrews, Edward 
W. Chapin, Edwin L. Kirtland, Cbas. 
W. Ranlet, Porter Underwood. 

Monsnn, Edward F. Morris, Joel 
B. Williams. 

Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Springfield, Peter S. Bailey. T. Al- 
den Curtis, Wm. S. Greene, Frederic 
H. Harris, Edward H. Hyde, Fred- 
erick A. Judd, Henry S. Lee, Edward 
H. Lathrop, Charles Marsh, James E. 

Mclntire, Edward Morris, Henry M. 
Phillips, Smith R. Phillij.s, James M. 
Porter, William B. Rogers, James A. 
Rumrill, Stephen E. Seymour, Henry 
K. Simons, John ]NL Stebbins, Ed- 
ward R. Stickney, James M. Thomp- 

Weslfield, Andrew L. Bush, Henry 
Fuller, Henry B. Lewis, Asa P. 
Rand, Homer B. Stevens, Milton B. 


Chicopee, Simon G. Southworth. 

Holi/oke, Edgar L. Draper, Luther 
F. Humeston, Daniel E. Kingsbury. 

Springfield, Cornelius F. Coleman, 
Stej)hen C. Bemis, Timothy Henry, 
John Hooker, William B. Miller, Wm. 
E. Montague, Eliphalet Trask. 


Incorporated May 7, 1662. 

Shire Town, Northampton. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency, . . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency, . 

Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction,. 



Deputy Sheriffs. 

Amherst, Frederick A. Palmer, 
George B. Galland. 

Belchertoivn, Samuel W. Longley. 

Chesterfield, Spencer Tower. 

Cummington, Aransford Rhoades. 

Easthampton, J. Lyman Campbell. 

Enfiidd, Henry M. Potter. 

Hudley, Enos E. Cook. 

Huntington, G. M. Lindsey. 

Northampton, Ansel Wright, Al- 
phonso Witherell. 

Plainfield, Leonard Campbell. 

South Hadley, Samuel N. Miller. 

Ware, W. C. Sheldon. 

Williamsburg, Benson Munyan. 

Deputies in Hampden County. 
Holyoke, Thomas H. Wellington. 
Weslfield, L. B. Walkley. 

Samuel T. Spaulding,.. .Northampton. 

Luke Lyman, Northampton. 

William P. 'Stv\(\.,. Northampton. 

Henry P. Billings, Hatfield. 

Henvy S. Gere, Northampton. 

William P. Strickland, . Northampton. 
Marvin M. French, . . . .Northampton. 

Daniel Kingsley, Northampton. 

Henry A. Longley,. . . .Northampton. 

Deputies in Franklin County. 
Greenfield, Lorenzo D. Joslyn, 
Chauncey Bryant. 

Jailer and Master of House of Cor- 

Henry A. Longley, Northampton. 
Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Amherst, 2d Tu. in Jan. and 

At Belchertoivn, 2d Tu. in May and 

At Northampton, 1st Tu. of every 

At Williamsburg, 3d Tu. in May 
and Oct. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Northampton, 2d Wednesday of 
every month. 



County Commissioners. 

Justin Thayer, Northampton, term 
expires Dec. 1874 ; Samuel M. Cook, 
Gnvihy. Dec. 1873; Elisba A. Ed- 
waVds, Southampton, Dec. 1876. 

Special Commissioners, Elnathan 
Graves, Williamsburg, 1874 ; A. 
Ealph Owen. Belchertmon, 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Northamp- 
ton, 1st Tu. In March., Sept., and 
Dec, and Tu. next after 2d jMonday 
of June, annually. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Belcherloivn, Franklin Dickinson. 

Enfield, Charles S. Richards. 

Williamsburg, Benj. S. Johnson. 

Public Administrators. 

Northampton, Samuel L. Parsons. 

Ware, Otis Lane. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Amherst. Ithamar F. Conkey, Ed- 
ward Dickinson. 

Belchertown, Calvin Bridgman. 

Enfield, Josiah B. Woods. 

Northampton, Haynes H. Chilson, 
Harvey Kirkland, Wm. P. Strickland, 
Oliver Warner, Eliphalet Williams. 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards. 

Ware, William Hyde, Franklin D. 
Eichards, Charles A. Stevens. 

Justice of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, desig- 
nated by a *, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated hy ai) . 

Amherst, Forster P. Ainsworth, 
Simeon Clark, Wm. S. Clark, f Itha- 
mar F. Conkey, Geo. Cutler, fEdward 
Dickinson, Wm. A. Dickinson, D. B. 
Nelson Fish, Abner G. Mosman, Fred- 
erick A. Palmer, Oliver Pease, fLevi 
Stockbridge. — North Amherst, Ed- 
,ward P. Cushman. 

Belchertown, Leonard Barrett, 
Franklin Dickinson, Thos. R. Greene, 
Joshua G. Longley, *Samuel W. 

Chesterfield, Orson M. Pearl. 

West Chesterfield, Loren L. Tower. 

Cummington, Francis H. Dawes, 
Darius W. Lovell, Nathan F.Orcutt, 
Chas. N. Harlow, Wm. Richards. — 
West Cummington, Fordyce Whit- 

Dana, Daniel Stone. 

Easthampton, William G. Bassett, 
Lafayette Clapp, AVm. N. Clapp, 
George S. Clark, Charles B. Johnson, 
fHoratio G. Knight, ]\Ioses H. Leon- 
ard, Lanren D. Lyman, *B. Parsons 
Mansfield, Edmund H. Sawyer, Al- 
fred L. Strong, Sanford D. Sweetser, 
Charles E. Williams, Joseph W. 

Enfield, Horace Hunt, William B. 
Kimball, *Charles Ricliards. 

Goshen, Alvan Barrus, Calvin A. 

Granby, Philo Chapin, Charles S. 
Ferry, Frederick Taylor. 

Greemvich, David Allen, Stephen 
Douglass. — Greemvich Village, Cul- 
len Warner. 

Hadley, George Allen, Simon F. 
Cooley, fP^leazer Porter, William P. 
Porter, Rodney Smith, William S. 
Ship man, Lewis W. West, Samuel 
C. Wilder, *Perez S. Williams. 

Hatfield, Sam'lP. Billings, AVilliam 
H. Dickinson, Horace W. Field, John 
T. Fitch, Thaddeus Graves, George 
\V. Hubbard, Silas G. Hubbard, 
Henry S. Porter. 

Huntington, Josiah H. Goddard, 
Wm. S. Gibson, fEdward H. Lathrop, 
Garry Munson, John Parks, Elijah 
N. Woods. 

Middlefield, *John L. Bell, Solomon 
F. Root. 

Northampton, Wm. Allen, Wm. F. 
Arnold, fOsmyn Baker, Henry P. Bil- 
lings, Wm. Boies, Daniel AV. Brnd, 
Haynes H. Chilson, Gilbert A. Chris- 
tie, *Chas. Delano, Pliny Earle, 
Eugene C. Gardner, William B. 
Hale, James L. Hartwell, John C. 
Hammond, Henry R. Hinckley, 
fBenj. S. Johnson, fHarvey Kirk- 
land, Caleb Loud, Luke Lyman, 
Lafayette Maltby, Channcey H. 
Pierce, Enos Parsons, *A. Perry 
Peck, Timothy R. Pelton, John Por- 
ter, jr., Oran Storer, Milo J. Smith, 
*Samuel T. Spaulding, Haynes K. 
Starkweather, William H. Stoddard, 
AVm. P. Strickland, Isaac Stone, 
Justin Thayer, f Oliver AValker, 
Lewis Warner, John Whittlesey, 
fOliver Warner, James L. Warrliier, 
Eliphalet Williams, Lucien B. Wil- 
liams. — Florence, Emery C. Davis, 
Horace K. Parsons. — Leeds, Aaron 
R. Morse. 

Pelham, John Jones, Ariel C. Keith. 

Plainfield, Frederic E. Campbell, 
Albert Dyer, Jason Richards. — Ash- 
field, Wm. A. Bates. 

Prescott, North Prescott, Frederic 
N. Peirce, Edw. A. Thomas. 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards, 
Isaac Parsons. 

South Hadley, G. Morgan Smith. 

South Hadley Falls'^ R. Ogden 
Dwight, Hiram Smith, Henry W. 
Tayfor, Ira B. Wright. 

Ware, Sylvester B. Bond, Herbert 
M. Coney, Henry C. Davis, Wm. C. 
Eaton, Lewis N. Gilbert, fWiliiam 
Hyde, fOtis Lane, Edward E. Par- 



ker, Franklin D. Richards, f Charles 
A. Stevens, Charles E. Stevens. 
■ Westhampton, Thos. C. Davenport, 
Geo. B. l3rury, Albert G. Jewett, 
Fredk. H. Judd, Enoch H. Lyman. 

Williamsbun;, Thos. M. Carter, 
■j-Stephen M. Crosby, John B. Glea- 
6on, Frederick L. Hayden. — Hayden- 
ville, Benjamin S. Johnson. 

WorUiington, Charles K. Brewster, 
Elisha II. Brewster, Ethan Clark, 
Daniel T. Hewitt. 

Trial Justices. 

AmTierst, Oliver Pease. 
Belcliertown, Fi-anklin Dickinson. 
Cumminglon, Francis H. Dawes. 
Eastliampton, Wm. G. B as sett. 
Enfield, Chas. Richards. 
Huntington^ Garry Munson. 
Northampton^ A. Perry Peck. 
South Hadlcy Falls, R. Ogden 

]Varc, Franklin D Richards. 
Worlhington, Elisha II. Brewster. 

Notaries Public. 

Amherst, Iihamar F. Conkey, Ed- 
ward Dickinson, Wm. A. Dickinson, 

Belcherlown, Franklin Dickinson. 

Easthampton, Wm. G. Bassett, Ed- 
mund H. Sawyer. 

Huntington, William Gibson. 

Northampton, Chas. Delano, Chas. 
G. Delano, Enos Parsons, A. Perry 
Peck, Cliauncey H. Pierce, Samuel 
T. Spaulding, Oliver Walker.— F/or- 
ence, Henry H. Bond, Geo. V. Ruther- 

South Hadley Falls, R. Ogden 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards. 

Ware, Wm. S. Hyde, Otis Lane. 

Williamsburg, Haydenville, Benj. S. 


Amherst, Special, George B. Gal- 

Easthampton, Joseph W. WInslow. 

Enfield, Charles Richards. 

Hadley, Eleazer Porter. 

Northampton, Ansel Wright. Spe- 
cial, Ansel Wright, jr. 


Incorporated May 10, 1643. 
Shire Towns, Cambridge and Lowell. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency,. . 
Assistant, " " . ■ 

Clerk of the Courts, 

Assistant, " 

Register of Deeds (South District),. . 
Register of Deeds (North District),. . 
County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction,. . "S 

Sheriff, . 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ayer, Abel L. Lawton. 
Cambridge (East), Luther L. Par- 

Charlestown, Jonathan Oldham. 
Concord, John B. Moore. 
Framingham, Jos. G. Bannister. 
Groton, Asa S. Lawrence. 
Hopkinton, Jonathan Whittemore. 
Hudson, Charles H. Robinson. 

George I\I. Brooks, Concord. 

Joseph H. Tyler, . . (East) Cambridge. 
Chas. F. Pliillips,. (iias/) Cambridge. 
Theodore C. Hard,. . . .Framingham. 

John J. Sawyer, Somerville. ' 

Chas. B. Stevens, . (jEas^) Cambridge. 

Ithamar W. Beard, Lowell. 

Amos Stone, Everett. 

G. D. B. Blanchard, Maiden. 

James M. Usher, Medford. 

William F. Ellis, Asldand. 

Charles Kimball, Lowell. 

Lowell, Jefferson Bancroft, Wm. 
II. Clemence. 
Maiden, Charles H. Rhodes. 
JMelrose, John II. Clark. 
Medford, John T. Wiiite. 
Natick, C II. Brigham. 
Newton, John JNI. Fisk. 
Sudbury, James I. "Willis. 
Wakefield, Charles II. Davis. 
Widiliam, Eben W. Flskc. 
Woburn, Horace Callamore. 



Cambridge, Charles J. Adams. 
Lowell, Chailes Kimball. 

Master of House of Correction. 
CoLmhridge (East), Chas. J. Adams. 
Se^ions of Probate Court. 

At Cambridge, 1st, 2J, and 4tli 
Tu. of each month, except August. 

At Lo/ced, 3d Tu. of Jan., March, 
May, July, Sept., and Nov. 

Sessions of the Court of Insolvency. 

At Cambridge, 2d and 4th Wed. of 
each mouth, except AuL»ust, and on 
other days by special assignment and 

County Commissioners. 

Harrison Harwood, Natick, term 
expires Dec. 1874 ; Leonard Huntress, 
Tew/cshurj/, term expires Dec. 1875; 
E. H. Walton, Wakefield, term ex- 
pires Dec. 1876. 

Specicd Commissioners. — Lyman 
Dike, Sl072eJiam, Jan. 1875; Samuel 
Staples, Concord, Jan. 1875. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — 
At Cambridge, 1st Tu. of Jan. and 
June ; at Luivell, 1st Tu. of Sept. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Lowell, George Stevens. 
Marlborough, Wm. B. Gale. 

Public Administrators. 

Lowell, Jonathan Ladd, George 

Winchester, Samuel H. Folsora. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Cambridge, Theodore C. Hurd, 
Joseph H. Tyler. 

LoK-ell, Chas. F. Howe. 

Newton, Chas. G. Falls, office 7 
Court sq., Boston. 

Tewksburg, Arthur P. Bonney. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Ayer, E. D. Bancroft. 

Cambridge, Edward G. B,ussell. 

Concord, Geo. M. Brooks, George 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams, 
Moses Edgell. 

Groton, Benj. P. Dix, George D. 

Lowell, Nathan Crosby, Charles C. 
Hutchinson, George Stevens, S. W. 

Shir/ei/, James O. Parker. 

Sfoneham, Dexter Bucknam, Geo. 
W. Dike, Alonzo V. Lynde. 

Winchester, Joseph H. Tyler 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Jiislicex or' the I'i'nce and Quorum, 
dexir/naU'd bi/ a *, and Justices lhroti(//iout the Cuin- 
nionwealth, deaignated bu u f.) 

Acton, Ebenezer Davis, Samuel 
Hosmer, Henry M. Smith, * Moses 
Taylor, William D. Tultle. — East 
Acton, Daniel Wetherbee. — S. Acton, 
*W. E. Faulkner, Jona. K. W. 
Wethei'bee. — West Acton, Andrew 
Hapgood, Charles B. Stone. 

Arlington, John F. Allen, L-a O. 
Carter, Samuel S. Davis. Richard L. 
Hodgdon, John Osborn, William E. 
Paruienter, Benjamin Poland, f Jo- 
seph S. Potter, William Stowe, Na- 
than P. Walker, Andrew Wellington, 
George Y. Wellington, Albert Winn. 

Ashbg, Samuel R. Damon, Dennis 
Fay, Benjamin F. Wallis, Francis 
W. Wright. 

Ashland, Henry Cutler, Wm. F. 
Ellis, Elias Grout, George T. Higley, 
AVarren Morse, Geo. W. Norris', J. 
Newton Pike, William Seaver, Geo. 
H. Stone, William A. Tilton, Samuel 
W^. Wiggins. 

Ayer, E. Dana Bancrofl, Abel 
Prescott, Pembroke S. Rich, Levi 
Sherwin, Andrew Spaulding, John 
Spauldiug, Peter Tarbell. 

Bedford, * Phinehas W. Chamber- 
lin, Amos B. Cutler, Thomas Stiles. 

Belmont, George S. Adams, John 
L. Alexander, Henry M. Clarke, Na- 
thiniel Foster, William H. Locke, 
James AL Riley, Wm. J. Underwood, 
Isaac Watts. 

Billerica, Leander Crosby, Dudley 
Foster, Charles H. Parker, *Charles 
A. Ranlet, George H. Whitman. 
— No. Billerica, James Stott, Thomas 

Boxborough, Paul Hayward, Oliver 

Burlington, Nathan Blanchard, 
Abner Shed, Wm. Winn. 

Cambridge, Francis E. Abbott, 
* Edwin A. Alger, Isaac Angell, Jas. 
M. Barker, James E. Bates, Ches. 
M. Bennett, John H. Bentley, Mar- 
shall T. Bigelow,f Albert G. Browne, 
jr., John Cahill, Francis L. Chap- 
man, Cyrus Cobb, Joseph Cutler, 
John B. Dana, Curtis Davis, William 
Dickson, Henderson J. Edwards, 
AVoodward Emery, *John C. Farn- 
liam, t John M. Fiske, William Frost, 
N. St. John Green, William G. 
Hill, Henry W. Holland, Homer 
C. Holt, Joseph W. Kinsley, A. 
Brooks Knight, Geo. A. Morse, 
t Isaac S. Morse, t Henry W. Muz- 
zey, Charles H. Pattee, John H. Par- 
tridge, Charles C. Read, Charles E. 
Richardson, John Rindge, John F. 



Robbins, f Chas. Tbeo. Russell, Edw. 
G. Russell, t Chas. H. Saunders, 
Geo. S. Saunders, Wm. A. Saunders, 
•j-Wm. B. Stearns, Frederick T. 
Stevens, Fordyce M. Stimson, Rich- 
ard Stone, jr., Henry B. Ward, 
■f Emory Washburn. John W. Well- 
man, Edward H. Weston, Benj. W. 
Whitney, William L. Whitney, 
James A. Woolson. 

Catnbridgeport, Sumner Albee, 
George A. Alden, John N. Barbour, 
David A. Buckley, Edward Buruham, 
Michael S. Busnach, John Cahill, 
George P. Carter, Henry J\I. Cham- 
berlain, Josiah G. Ciiase, Josiah W. 
Cook, James Cox, Watson G. Cutter, 
Robert Douglass, Benjamin Dow, 
William F. Engley, Edwin A. Hall, 
Joseph G. Holt, Hamlin R. Harding, 
J. Watson Harris, Chas. W. Hawkes, 
Joseph A. Holmes, Henry O. Hough- 
ton, Peter M. Howard, Bela F. Ja- 
cobs, Justin A. Jacobs, William F. 
Knowles, Rufus Lamson, Abraham 
Lansing, "flsaac Livermore, John Liv- 
ermore, William H. Martin, John j\Ic- 
DutTee, John N. Meriam, *Lucius R. 
Paige, John L. Porter, J. Stacy Read, 
Edward Richardson, -j-Williara A. 
Richardson, fJohn Sargent, John D. 
Smith, Joshua B. Smith, James H. 
Sparrow, Henry Thayer, James M. 
Thresher, Enoch H. Wakefield, Ben- 
jamin Welsh. 

East Cambruh/e, Warren J. Apple- 
ton, William J. Barry, William Brine, 
Samuel W. Dallinger, Saumel H. Fol- 
som, Augustus P. Griffing, John W. 
Hammond, William Lomax, jr., Lo- 
renzo Marrett, AVilliam AY. Mason, 
Charles J . Mclntire, Thomas McLi- 
tirc, George F. Morgan, Charles W. 
Munroe, Luther L. Parker, Benja- 
min R. Rand, Charles B. Stevens, 
George Stevens, Henry A. Stevens, 
Edward L. Stone, John M. Tyler, 
fJoseph H. T\ler, Rufus R. Wade, 
John T. Wilson. 

North Cambridge, Clark A. Batch- 
elder, D. Gilbert Dexter, Chester W. 
Kingsley, * John S. Ladd, James R. 
Morse, Benjamin F. Rogers, Jabez 
A. Sawyer, John A. Smith, fGeorge 
C. Trumbull. 

Carlisle, *George F. Duren, Selar 

Chelmsforfl, George A. Parkhurst, 
Joseph Reed. — North Chelmsford, 
Benjamin Adams, Nathan B. Ed- 
wards, Ziba Gay, *Henry W. B. 
Wightman. — West Chelmsford, Jon- 
athan J. Hoyt, Christopher Roby. 

Concord, Richard Barrett, Jona- 
than F. Bariett, fGeorge M. Brooks, 

fHenry T. French, fGeorge Hey wood, 
Samuel Hoar, D. Goodwin Lang, 
Charles Thompson. 

Draciit, George W. Coburn, Gay- 
ton M. Hall, Ira Hall, Henry L. New- 
hall, Henry Richardson, Edward A. 
Stevens, Atkinson C. Varnuqi. 

Dunstable, Allen Cummings, Ben- 
jamin French, Josiah C. Proctor. 

Everett, Dudley P. Bailev, jun., Al- 
pheus W. Buell, William W. Bullock, 
Joseph H. Cannell, Irving A. Evans, 
James G. Foster, Joseph Gerrish, Wil- 
liam Johnson, Thomas Lewis, Manson 
L. Mills, J. H. Whitman. 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams, 
Walter Adams, Joseph G. Bannister, 
Samuel B. Bird, James W. Brown, 
James W. Clark, *Alexander R. Esty, 
fConstantine C. Esty, David Fisk, 
Charles J. Frost, Robert Gordon, Jon- 
athan Greenwood, Thomas Hastings, 
Benjamin K. Haven, Francis C. 
Stearns, Charles S. Whitmore. — S. 
Framingham, Alex. Clark, Newell 
Clark, Willard Howe, Justus R. Ken- 
nedy, Edgar Potter, Thomas F. Pow- 
er, Franklin M. Sprague, Francis C. 
Stearns, George TroAvbridge, E. W. 
AVashburne. — Saxonville, Luther F. 

Groton, Josiah K. Bennett, fGeorge 
S. Boutwell, George D. Brigham, Ben- 
jamin P. Dix, John J. Graves, *Asa 
F. Lawrence, Asa S. Lawrence, Dan- 
iel Needham, *Samuel W. Rowe, 
AValt(r Shaltuck, Andrew Spaulding, 
AVillard Torrey, Alden Warren, 
Charles H. Waters. 

Harvard, Edwin A. Hildreth 

HoUiston, John M. Batohelder, Lu- 
ther Bellows, Elias BuUard, James F. 
Fiske, Peter R. Johnson, *Al(len Le- 
land, Abel Pond, Orrin Thomson, 
George C. Travis, jun., Edwin F. 

Hopiinton, C. Winslow Claflin, W. 
Fisk Clatliu, Daniel Fames, John A. 
Fitch, Clement Mescrve, *Silas Mi- 
rick, Lucius H. AVakefii'ld, Jonathan 
Whittemore, J. A. AVoodbury. — Hay- 
den Roio, Martin V. Phipps. — Wood- 
ville, Albert Wood. 

Hudson, Francis Brigham, Francis 
D. Brigham, George A. Cotting, Jas. 
T. Joslin, George S. Rawson, Charles 
H. Robinson, Charles A. AVood. 

Lexington, Leonard G. Babcock, 
Asa Cottrell, Isaac N. Damon, George 
O. Davis, Ilowland Holmes, fCharles 
Hudson, Loring S. Pierce, llammon 
Reed, AVarren E. Russell, Leonard 
A. Saville, *Aug. E. Scott, Sylvanus 
AV. Smith, Bradley C. AVhitcher. — 
East Lexington, James E. Foster, 



William C G nnett, Cliirles Nunn, 
*Maurice O'Connell, Ab'in B. Shedil. 

Lincoln, James L. Chapin, George 
H. Smith. 

Lktleton, John W. Adams, Peter 

C. Edwards, Shattuck Hartwell, Jo- 
seph A. Harwood, William Kimball, 
Joseph A. Priest, Gardner Prouty, 
Geo. W- Sanderson, Billings Smith, 
Samuel Smith. 

Lowell, Julian Abbott, James C. 
Abbott, Horace J. Adams, David O. 
Allen, Nat ban Allen, * William H. 
Anderson, Abel A. Atherton, James 
Bailey, Squire L. Bailey, Benjamin 
Baldwin, *Jefierson Bancroft, Jacob 
Baron, Charles E. A. Bartlett, 
Wesley R. Batchelder, Frank F. 
Battles, Ithamar W. Beard, John C. 
Bennett, William S. Bennett, Wil- 
liam H. Bent, Amos A. Blanchard, 
William D. Blanchard, Charles R. 
Blaisdell, t Arthur P. Bonney, Gerritt 
J. Bradt, George Brandon, William 
G. Burnham, fBenjamm F. Butler, 
*Frank O. Butterfield, James G. But- 
trick, John A. Buttrick, fGeorge J. 
Carney, *Robert B. Caverly, Alfred 

D, Chandler, Jeremiah Clark, * Wil- 
liam H. Clemence, Charles B. Co- 
burn, Frank Coburn, Charles H. 
Conant, James Cook, Isaac Cooper, 
CharlfS Cowley, John E. Crane, 
Caleb Crosby, fNathan Crosby, Ed- 
ward J. Grossman, Jeremiah Crow- 
ley, John Davis, Benjamin C. 
Dean, Luther J. Eames, Charles J. 
Eastman, Patrick Egan, George M. 
Elliot, Alpha B. Farr, Jacob G. Favor, 
David S Field, Horatio R. Fletcher, 
Jonathan P. Folsom, *James B. Fran- 
cis, Josiah B. French, *John F. Frye, 
Nathan W. Frye, Harrison H. Fuller, 
George Gardner, * William S. Gard- 
ner, Thomas G. Gerrish, Alfred Gil- 
man, fJohn A. Goodwin, Frederick 
Graham, *Fred. T. Greenhalg, Geo. 

A. Griffin, *Samuel P. Hadley, Mar- 
tin L. Hamblett, Epaphras A. Hill, Jo- 
seph Hill, George Hobson, Joseph S. 
Holt, Frederick Holton, James Hop- 
kins, *Hocum Hosford, Charles F. 
Howe, John Q. A. Hubbard, John , 

B. Hunt, Lucius W. Huntington, ' 
George L. Huntoon, Charles C. Hutch- j 
inson, *Andrew F. Jewett, Francis \ 
Jewett, Jonathan Johnson, Moses A. 
Johnson, J. Judson Judkins, fCharles 
Kimball, *J. Chellis Kimball, John F. 
Kimball, Enos O. Kingsley, *John A. 
Knowles, G. W. Knowlton, *Jona- 
than Ladd, Alfred G. Lamson, Tobias 
L. P. Lamson, Cyrus Latham, George 
P. Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence, fPe- 
ter Lawson, John T. Lee, *William 

H. Loughlin, James Loughran, Sim- 
eon G. Lyford, *Sewall G. Mack, John 
F. Manahan, George A. Marden, 
f Joshua N. Marshall, Jared P. Max- 
field, John B. Mc Alvin, Walter H. Mc- 
Daniels, *John F. McEvoy, Owen Mc- 
Namara, Sam'l A. McPhetres, Benja- 
min G. Mooney, Albert M. Moore 
John N. Moore, Geo. F. Morey, Hor- 
ace E. Morse, Alanson Nichols, * Wil- 
liam North, Orin F. Osgood, William 
F. Osgood, *Ephraim B. Patch, Bald- 
win, T. Peabody, f Josiah G. Peabody 

* Henry P. Perkins, Major G. Per- 
kins, " Lewis L. Perrin, George E. 
Pevey, John M. Pevey, John J. Pick- 
man, John N. Pierce, jr., Irving S, 
Porter, *Thos. W. Pressey, John W. 
Reed, David Hall Rice, Edward C. 
Rice, f Daniel S. Richardson, fGeorge 

F. Richardson, Henri E. Richardson, 
Alexander H. Robinson, Jacob Rog- 
ers, Chester W. Rugg, * William F. 
Salmon, Joseph L. Sargent, Calvin 
Sawtelle, Alfred Scott, George F. 
Scribner, John S. Searle, *Luther E. 
Shepard, William Shepard, Chas. 
W. Sleeper, *Lucian P. Stacy, *Geo. 
Stevens, f Samuel W. Stickney, *Chas. 
A. F. Swan, *Theodore H. Sweetser, 
Dexter Symonds, Joseph P. Thomp- 
son, Stark Totman, Edward Tuck, 
Artemas S. Tyler, Leavitt R. J. Var- 
num, Aldis L. Waite, Benjamin Walk- 
er, Daniel R. Wallace, Edward F. 
Watson, James Watson, Charles A. 
Welch, fTappan Wentworth, William 
T. Whitten, James S. Whitnev, Henry 
H. Wilder, Charles M. Williams, Fred- 
erick Woodies, Andrew C. VVright, 

* Samuel B.Wyman, Edward L York. 

Maiden, Charles E. Abbott, David 
Ayers, George T. Bailey, Augustus C. 
Carey, Alexander Cochrane, Elisha 
S. Converse, *George W. Cofjeland, 
George T. Coverly, George P. Cox, 
Charles G. Falls, Frederick J. Foss, 
Loren L. Fuller, Wm. Hai'dy, Chas. 

A. Holmes, William Johnson, Erastus 
W. Leavens, Marvin Lincoln, Charles 
Merrill, Jo.^hua H. Millett, Edward 

B. Newhall, Jeremiah D. Parker, 
Horatio D. Pope, Wm, H. Richard- 
son, Joseph M. Russell, Albert F. 
Sargent, George S. Scammon, Free- 
man A. Smith, Phineas Sprague,Wm. 

G. Sprague, Francis C. Swett. — 
Maplewood, James F. Eaton. 

Marlborough, *Samuel N. Aldrich, 
William Barnes, Edward L. Bigtlow, 
Levi Bigelow, John Ciiipman, James 
E. Cotter, Heman S. Fay, Charles L. 
Fhnt, *William B. Gale, Charles M. 
Howe, Elbridge Howe, Simon H. 
Howe, Edward F. Johnson, Samuel 



B. Maynard, Stephen Morse, Still- 
mnn B. Pratt, Benj. F. Uiiderliill, 
Edmund C. Whitney, Nahum With- 

Maynard, Assabet, Asaliel Baleom, 
John Hillis, Joseph W. Reed. 

Medfvrd, John Ayres, James O. 
Curtis, Benj. P. Cutter, John Ward 
Dean, Mark H. Durgin, Winslow W. 
Fifiekl, fDaniel A. Gleation, Joseph 
P. Hall, Tliomas S. Harlow, JEdniund 
T. Hastings, Benjamin F. Hayes, Asa 
Law, Daniel W. Lawrence, Samufl 

C. Lawrence, Parker 11. Litchfield, 
Nehemiah T. Merritt, Baxter E. 
Perry, Abner J. Phipps, Alvin R. 
Reed, Chas. Russell, *John Sparrell, 
John A. Sullivan, James F. Usher, 
*Jas. M. Usher, Lewis H. Washburn, 
Jos. H. Westcott, John T. White. — 
West Medfonl, Luther Farwell. 

Mtlrose, Wm. Bogle, Andrew H. 
Briggs, George T. Brown, WiUiam 
B. Burgess, Jonathan Cochran, Nel- 
son Cochran, Samuel O. Dearborn, 
Isaac Eraeison, David Fairbanks, 
George W. Farnsworth, William J. 
Farnsworth, fDaniel W. Goueh, Levi 
S. Gould, John R. Jones, *Alonzo V. 
Lynde, Selwyn Lynde, Henry A. 
Norris, Oren H. Peck, Horatio N. 
Perkins, fSamuel E. Sewall, Emory 
B. Smith. 

Natick, fJohn W. Bacon, Oliver 
N. Bacon, Thomas E. Barry, George 
Beard, Jackson Bigelow, Alex. Bla- 
ney, Ephraim H. Brigham, Edmund 
W. Burke, Moses Eames, John M. 
Farwell, Royal E. Farwell, Charles 

B. Felcb, Stedman Hartwell, Harri- 
son Harwood, Elisha P. HoUis, Chas. 
L. Ho?mer, AV alter N. Mason, Walter 
S. Mason, James McManus, William 
P. Mitchell, Edwin C. Morse, Newton 
Morse, Wra. Nutt, Elijah Perry, John 
N. Shattuck, George L. Sleeper, Ed- 
ward P. Travis. — South Natick, Elliot 

Neioton, Wm. S. Arnaud, George 
W. Bacon, Joseph N. Bacon, James 
AV. Bailey, John F. Boyd.fTheophihis 
P. Chandler, fl^aniel Dewey, John 
M. Fisk, Henry Fuller, Albert J. 
Gleason, John B. Goodrich, Edwin 
Holman, Horatio N. Hyde, George 
H. Jones, Isaac L. Kidder, fJohn 
Lowell, William F. Slocum, fAdin B. 
Underwood, Levi C. Wade, Ebenezer 
Woodward. — NeuJton Centre, Ezra 

C. Hutchins, fJames F. C. Hyde, 
Francis M. Johnson, Charles E. Lane, 
William Morton, Edward H. Pierce, 
Harrison Prescott, George C. Rand, 
Marshall S. Rice, John 1). Towle, Jo- 
seph W^alker, John Ward, Wilson J. 

Welch. — NewtonviUe, Horatio F. 
Allen, George E. Bridges, fWilliam 
Claflin, Oren F. Clark, Ezra S. 
Farnsworth, Cornelius P. Harkins, 
Marcus T. Heywood, Dustin Lancey, 
Winfield S. "Slocum. — Aubumdole, 
Abner I. Benyon, Cejihas Brigham, 
Ellsworth T. Buss, William C. Green, 
Henry H. Mather, Willard Rice, 
Joseph J. Rider, Henry A. Snow, 
Henry B. Wilhams. — Neivton Lower 
Falls, Isaac Hagar, Luther E. Le- 
land. — Newton Upper Falls, f Edward 
J. Collins, Charles Ellis, Hosea C. 
Hoyt, Otis Pettee. — West Newton, 
George E. Allen, fJulius L. Clarke, 
fSeth Davis, fCharles Robinson, jr., 
Peter Tliacher, Stephen Thacher, 
Elisha F. Thayer, Ira D. Van Duzee. 

North Reading, Samuel P. Breed, 
Samuel Flint, Charles P. Howard, 
George H. Towle. 

Peppered, Charles Crosby, John N. 
Farrar, Nathaniel Gilson, jr., Putnam 
Shattuck, Samuel P. Shattuck, Levi 

Reading, Solon Bancroft, Hiram 
Barrus, William F. Durgin, Stephen 
Foster, Chauncy P. Judd, John B. 
Leathe, Stillman E. Parker, Nathan 
P. Pratt, Sydney P. Pratt. *Airred 
A. Prescott, William J. Wightman, 
Carroll D. Wright. 

Sherhorn, Henry W. Bullard, Jo- 
seph Dowse, James H. Leland. 

Shirley, Stephen J. Ballon, Jerome 
Gardner, Moses T. Gardner, James 
Gerrish, Stillman P. Holden, Abel L. 
Lawton, James P. Longley, Samuel 
Longley, David Porter. 

Somerville, W. George Alden, Al- 
bon H. Bailey, Clark Bennett, Gilman 
F. Besent, Selwin Z. Bowman, fGeo. 
O. Brastow, John H. Brookl10u^e, *A1- 
pheus R. Brown, Russell H. Conwell, 
David r . Crane, Thos. Cunningham, 
G eo. H . Dickerman, Daniel L. Dem- 
■■•^Vas. D. Elliot, INIicliael F. Par- 
rel, Douglass Frazar, Chas. E. Gilman, 
Wm. A. Greenough, jr., Millard D. 
Griggs, John K. Hall, Edward Harts- 
horn, William D. Hayden, Francis 
Houghton, Charles II. Hudson, Geo. 
W. Ireland, Charles E. Joyce, Oren 
S. Knapp, Charles S. Lincoln, John 
C. ]\Iagoun, Tlios. F. Maguire, W^m. 
H. Pierce, Chas. (i. Pope, George A. 
Pratt, Edward C. Pnrdy, Aaron Sar- 
gent, fJaines M. Shute, Melville Sta- 
cy, Lebbeus Stttson, fCharles H. 
Taylor, Francis Tufts, *Cohiinbu8 
Tyler, Quincy A. Vinal, Robert A. 
Vinal, Wm. H. Weston, George W* 
Whittle, Lewis Wilkins, Albert E. 
Winship, Alexander Wood. — East 



Someroille, Wm. H. Belknap, Wm. H. 
Furber, Wm. T. Plaisted, Cliarles H. 
Porter, Simon N. Watsm. — North 
Somercille, Horace Partridge, Thomas 
G. Temple. — West. SomerviUe, Chas. 

E. Joyce, Melville Stacy. 
Stonekam, John Botume, jr., Benj. 

F. Britrgs, *Dexter Bucknam, *Ed- 
warcl Bucknam, George L. Collyer, 
Silas Dean, f Geo. W. Dike, *Lyman 
Dike, Amasa Farrier, Ira Gerry, 
Onslow Gilmore, Amos Hill, Wm. B. 

Stow, A. G. R. Hale, Ephraim Stone, 
Charles Tower, Edwin Whitney. — 
Rock Bottom, Wayne W. Blossom. 

Sudbury, Jonas S. Hunt, James 
Moore. — South Sudbury, B. H. Rich- 

Tewksbury, *Luther P. Bonney, 
Jacob Coggin, fLeonard Huntress, 
^Thomas J. Marsh, Elijah M. Read, 
*Benjamln F. Spaulding, Frank M. 
Spaulding, Richard Tolman, Henry 

E. Warner. 

Townsend, Samuel S. Hayne?, Al- 
bert Howe, Benjamin F. Lewis, Levi 
Stearns, Ephraim S. Wilder, Frederic 
A. Worcester. — W. Townsend, Geo. 
Taft, James N. Tucker. 

Tyngsborough, Luther Butterfield, 
Timothy Butterfield, Reuben S. Co- 

Wakejield, Henry D. Austin, Na- 
thaniel J. Bartlett, Lucius Beebe, 
*James O. Boswell, Joseph 0. Bur- 
dett, Georiie W. Cutter, Albert Day, 
Chester W. Eaton, Daniel P. Emer- 
son, Charles W. Green, Samuel K. 
Hamilton, Charles F. Hartshorne, 
Abel F. Hutchinson, Samuel King- 
man, Edward Man'fieid, Daniel Nor- 
cross, Byron A. Osgood, Benjamin 

F. Packard, Burgess Taylor, Edward 
A. Upton, Daniel G. Walton, Otis 
V. Waterman, Adam Wiley, *Wil- 
liam H. Willie. 

Wallham, Thomas H. Armstrong, 
Josiah Beard, Henry A. Brown, Lo- 
renzo Burge,Thomas B. Eaton, *Eben 
W. Fiske, Daniel French, Henry C. 
Hall, Charles H. Houghton, *B. Berk- 
ley Johnson, Jarvis Lewis, Horatio 
Moore, Josiah Rutter, William E. 
Shedd, S. W. Smith, fFred. M. 
Stone, Augustus Townsend, Samuel 
O. Upham, Daniel F. Viles. 

Wa'ertoton, Joel Barnard, Chas. J. 
Barry, Charles Bemis, Isaac V^. B3- 
mis, William A. Blodgett, Joseph 
Crafts, George Frazar, David T. 
Huckins, WiJiam H. Ingraham, 
George R. Kidder, Geor;ie N. March, 
Edward 0'Bri<3n, jr., John S. Pink- 
ham, Fitz H. Rice, Samuel Richard- 

son, Isaac Bobbins, John K. Stickney, 
Jesse F. Wheeler, William White, 
Leonard Whitney, jr., B. Osgood 

Wayland, David Lee Child, James 
S. Draper, David Heard, *Franklin 
F. Heard, Lewis Jones, fEdward 
Mellen, Jonas N. Morse, Henry 
Wi^ht. — Cochituate, Lafayette Dud- 

Wesfford, Allan Cameron, Nathl 

B. Fisk, Asa Hildreth, Edward Pres- 
cott, Luther Prescott. — GranitevUle, 

C. G. Sargent. 

Weston, *Frank W. Bigelow, Fred- 
erick T. Bush, Alonzo S. Fiske, Ed- 
win Hobbs, f James F. B. Marshall. 

Wilmington, Henr}' Blanchard, 
Henry Blanchard, jr., Cyrus L. 
Carter, Wm. H. Carter, Lemuel C. 
Fames, Samuel B. Nichols. 

Winchester, George P. Brown, 
Abraham B. Coffin, James F. Dwin- 
ell, t William Everett, *Benjamin F. 
Ham, John T. Manny, James H. 
Prince, Andrew N. Shepard, Hatevil 
K. Stanton, Josiah F. Stone, fEdvvin 
A. Wadleigh. 

Woburn, Jonas M. Bailey, Benja- 
min E. Bond, John R. Carter, Ed- 
ward W. Champney, George H. Conn, 
Horace Collamore, *Joshua P. Con- 
verse, Sherman Converse, Parker L. 
Converse, Frank W. Cummings, *J. 
Cummings, John W. Day, James N. 
Dow, Marcus Eaton, David I). Hart, 
George F. Hartshorne, Edward D. 
Hayden, Sparrow Horton, John 
Johnson, True L. Norris, Lewis W. 
Osgood, John L. Parker, Rufus Pick- 
ering, Thomas J. Porter, Eliphaz 
Prior, Lemuel G. Richardson, Lewis 
L. Whitney. — East Woburn, Albert 
L. Richardson. — North Woburn, Al- 
bert Thompson, Edward E. Thomp- 
son, Leonard Thompson, jr., Sam'l F, 
Thompson, Moses F. Winn. 

Trial Justices. 

Arlington, Ira O. Carter. 
Ashland, G. T. Higley. 
Concord, Charles Thompson. 
Framingham, Colman S. Adams. 
Groton, Samuel W. Rowe. 
Holliston, George C. Travis, jr. 
Hopkinton, John A. Fitch. 
Hudson, James T Joslin. 
Lexington, Augustus E. Scott. 
Alalden, John W. Pettengill, 
George S. Scammon. 

Marlborough, Nahum Wetherbee. 
Maynard, Asahel Balcom. 
Medford, Thomas S. Hai-low. 
Melrose, Andrew II. Briggs. 



Natick, Newton Morse, George L. 
Newton, William F. Slocum. 
Shirley, James Gerrish. 
Someroille, Francis Tufts. 
Stonekam, Dexter Buckman. 
Tewkshury, Leonard Huntress. 
Wakefield, Otis V. "Waterman. 
Waltham, Josiah Rutter. 
Watertown, Henderson J. Edwards. 
Wayland, David Heard. 
Wcstford, Luther Prescott. 
Woburn, Parker L. Converse. 

Notaries Public. 

Ayer, J. K. Bennett, Levi Sher- 

Cambridge, Alfred L. Barbour, 
Levi L. Gushing, jr., Charles C. Read, 
Edward G. Russell, Benj. W. Whit- 
ney, Chas. F. Wak'ott. — Cambridge- 
j)ort, Edward Burnham, Joseph G. 
Holt. — East Cambridge, John C. Bul- 
lard, J. W. Hammond. Lorenzo Mar- 

Concord, George M. Brooks, George 

Groton, Josiah K. Bennett. 

Fraviinghani, Coiman S. Adams, 
Constantine C. Esty. 

Hudson, Silas H. Stuart. 

HoUiston, Elias Bullard. 

Hopkinton, Silas Mirick. 

Lowell, Edwin A. Alger, John A. 
Buttrick, George J. Carney, Joseph 
H. Ely, Dana B. Gove, Geo. D. 
Hills, Chas. F. Howe, Jonathan 
Ladd, John F. McEvoy, George Ste- 
vens, Samuel W. Stickney, Abel 

Maiden, Albert F. Sargent. 

Marlborough, Edmund C. Wliit- 

Med ford, Benj. F. Hayes. 

Natick, Newton Morse. 

Newton, Andrew B. Cobb. — West 
Newton, Stephen Thacher. 

NewtonoiUe, Ezra S. Farnsworth, 
Dustin Lancey. 

Shirley, Andrew J. Clough. 

Somerville, Samuel J. Bradlee, Rus- 
sell H. Conwell. 

Townsend, Charles Osgood. 

Wakefield, Chester \V. Eaton, 
Samuel K. Hamilton, Byron A. Os- 

Waltham, Brony B. Johnson, Fred- 
erick M. Stone. 

Watertown, Jesse F. Wheeler. 

Woburn, Alpha E. Thompson. 


Acton, Luther Couant. — S. Acton, 
W. E. Faulkner. 

Ayer, Benjamin H. Hartwell, Ben- 
jamin L. Howe. 

Billerica, George A. Monroe. 

Cambridge (Port), William W. 
Wellington. — Cambridge (East), Lu- 
ther L. Parker, Edward H. Weston. 

Concord, John B. Moore. 

Framingham, Coiman S. Adams, 
Joseph G. Bannister. 

Groton, Asa S. Lawrence, John Q. 
A. McCollester, Norman Smith. 

Hopkinton, Silas Mirick. 

Hudson, Charles H. Robinson. 

Lowell, Calvin T. Chamberlain, 
Harrison H. Fuller, Lucius AV. 
Huntington. — (Special), Jefferson 
Bancroft, Jeremiah P. Jewett, Thos. 
W. Pressey. 

Maiden, Francis C. Swett. 

Marlborough, Nahum Witherbee. 

Medford, John T. White. 

Melrose, William J. Farnsworth. 

Natick, Alexander Coolidge. 

Newton, John M. Fisk. — (Loiver 
Falls), George T. Perkins. — West 
Newton, Stephen Tbacher. 

Pepperell, James M. Sdckney. 

Heading, Horace P. Wakefield. 

Sherburn, Albert H. Blancharii. 

Somercille, John C. Magouu, Mel- 
ville C. Parkhurst. 

Teioksbury, Benj. F. Spaulding. 

Wakefield, Samuel W. Abbott. 

Waltham, Ebenezer W. Fiike. 

Winchester, Alonzo Chapin. 

Woburn, Thomas J. Porter. 


Incorporated June ?20, 1695. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency Thaddeus C Defriez Nantucket. 

Register of Probate arid Insolvency . . Samuel Swain Nantucket. 

Town and County Treasurer Samuel Swain Nantucket. 

Clerk of the Courts George W. Jenks Nantucket, 



Register of Deeds 


Jailer and Master of the House of\ 

Correction ) 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Nantucket, Thursday next after 
2(i Tuesday in each month. 

Comraissioners of Wrecks. 

Nantucket, George W. Coffin, Alex- 
ander B. Dunham, Peter Fol>;er, 
Andrew G. Hussey, Joseph B. Maey. 

Public Administrator. 
Nantucket, Samuel Swain. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Nantucket, George Cobb, William 
H. Macy, William H. Waitt. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Nantucket, William Barney, Fred- 
erick A. Chase, George Cobb, Geo. 
W. Jenks. 

W. H. Macy Nantucket. 

Joseph M'Cleave Nantucket. 

Roland Folger Nantucket. 

Notaries Public. 

James Bunker, George Cobb, Al- 
fred Macy. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Tnchirtiiig Justices of Ike Peace and Qii'>mm, desig- 
nated hji a *, anil Jitnlir-es thiougltout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a t.) 

Nantucket, Wm. Barney, Asa G 
Bunker, James Bunker, Fred. A. 
Chase, *George Cobb, Thaddeus C. 
Defriez, William C. Foliier, Geo.. 
W. Jenks, t Alfred Macy, George W. 
Macy, William H. Micy, *Joseph 
Mitchell, Andrew M. Myrick, Sam- 
uel Swain, William H. Waitt, An- 
drew Whitney. 

Trial Justices . 

Frederick A. Chase, William H. 

Nantucket, Frederick A. Chase. 


Incorporated March 26, 1793. 
Shire Town Dedham. 

County OflScers. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency . 
Ass't Register of Probate and Insolv. , 

Clerk of Courts 

Ass't Clerk of Courts 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 

Overseers of House of Correction. 


Deputy Sherififs. 

Dedham, Augustus B. Endicott. 
Foxborough, Edmund Carroll. 
Hyde Park, Henry A. Darling. 
Medway (IFesf), Valentine R 
Milton, John D. Bradlee. 
Quincy, Washington M. French. 
Randolph, William II. Warren. 
Stoughton, Abram C. Paul. 

. George White Needham. 

.Jonathan H. Cobb Dedham. 

Jonathan Cobb Dedham. 

Erastus Worthington Dedham. 

.Edgar H. Kingsbury Dedham. 

John H. Burdakin Dedham. 

. Chauncey C. Churchill Dedham. 

H. O. Hildreth Dedham. 

C. C. Churchill Dedham. 

M. M. Fisher Medway. 

John W. Thomas Dedham. 

Weymouth, George W. White, jr. 
Wrentham, Harvey B. Coleman. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Dedham, 1st and 3d Wed. of 
each month except August. 

At Quincy, 2d Wed. each month 
except August. 

At Hyde Park, 4th Wed. each 
month except August. 



At Wrenfhnrn, 3d Tues. in May, 
Aug., and Nov. 

At Medu-ay, 3d Tu. in Feb., June, 
and Oct. 

County Commissioners. 

David H. Bates, Braintree, term 
expires Dec. 1875 ; Nathaniel F. 
Safford, Milton, term expires Dec. 
1876 ; Galen Orr, Nepdham, term ex- 
pires Dec. 1877. 

Special Commissioners. — J. Q. A. 
Field, Quinci/, term expires Dec. 
1874; George P. Morey, Walpole, 
term expires Dec. 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At DedJumi, 
3d Tu. of April, 4tli Tu. of June and 
Sept., and last Wed. of Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Dedham, Frederick D. Ely. 

Medioay ( West), Charles H. Deans. 

Randolph, Wm. E. Jewell. 
Public Administrator. 

Dedham, Ira Cleveland. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Dedham, Thomas L. Wakefield, 
Erastus Worthington. 

Hyde Park, Isaac G. Reed. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Cohasset, Loring Bates, Warren 
Bates, Joseph H. Smith. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Braintree, Naaraan L. White. 
Dedham, Chauncey C. Churchill, 
Jonathan H. Cobb, Edmund Thomas. 
Wrentham, Daniel A. Cook. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(.Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, 
(lesirjnaled bii a *, and justices thromjhout the Com- 
monwealth, designated by a t.) 

Bdlinyham, Andrew A. Bates, 
Nathan A. Cook. — North Bellingham, 
Savel Metcalf 

Braintree, John B. Arnold, Edward 
Avery, Philip Curtis, Ebenezer Den- 
ton, N. F. T. Ilayden, John Kimball, 
Amos W. Stetson, Ebenezer F. E. 
Thayer, A. Judson Warren, fNaaman 
L. White. — South Brcdntree, David 
H. Bates, Joseph R. Frasier, f Asa 
French, Elias Hayward, Francis A. 
Hobart, Nathaniel H. Hunt, Daniel 
Potter, Noah Torrey. 

Brookline, fSeth Ames, fWilliam 
Aspinwall, Benjamin F. Baker, Wil- 
liam I. Bowditch, Charles Burrill, 
Joshua Crane, William D. Coolidge, 
David II. Daniels, Charles II. Drew, 
William T. Enstis, Giistavus M. Fi- 
notti, Clement K. Fay, George 
Griggs, Wm. B. Hazeltine, fGcorge 
F. Homer, Martin P. Kennard, Brad- 

ford Kingman, Francis W. Lawrence, 
Robert S. Littell, Augustus Lowell, 
George A. Mudge, fThomas Parsons, 
Peter W. Pierce, Augustine Shurtleff, 
Lewis Slack, Charles H. Stearns, 
Howard Stockton, fThomas H. Tal- 
-bot, fGinery Twitchell, fJohn Wells, 
fJas. S. Whitney, Chas. A. Williams, 
Otis Withington. — Lonywood, John 

Canton, fEllis Ames, Frank M. 
Ames, William Bense, Henry F. 
Buswell, George E. Downes, Nath'I 
W. Dunbar, Edward R. Eager, 
fCharles Endicott, Chas. H. French, 
Thomas E. Grover, William Mans- 
field, fSamuel B. Noyes, James T. 
Sumner, Rufus C. Wood. 

Cohasset, ISolomon J. Beal, David 
S. G. Doane, Edward E. Ellms, Mar- 
tin Lincoln, John Q. A. Lothrop, 
Aaron Pratt. — North Cohasset, Frank- 
lin G. Goodrich. 

Dedham, James M. Battles, John H. 
Burdakin, Charles J. Capen, *Chaun- 
cey C. Churchill, *Ira Cleveland, John 
D. Cobb, Jonatlian Cobb, *Jonathan 
H. Cobb, *Waldo Colburn, J( hn Cox, 
jr., Enoch P. Davis, Fred. D^ Ely, 
Augustus B. Endicott, James Foord, 
Calvin Guild, Henry O. Hildreth, 
Edgar H. Kingsbury, Lewis H. 
Kingsbury, John N. McKerry, An- 
son Morse, Henry W. Richards. 
*Charles C. Sanderson, Royal O. 
Storrs, ]\Iirick P. Sumner, Ezra W. 
Taft, *Edmund Thomas, John W. 
Thomas, fEzra Wilkinson, Alonzo B. 
Wentworth, fErastus Worthington, 
Philander S. Young. — West Ded- 
ham, Franklin Copeland, Merrill D. 

Dover, Calvin Richards, Amos W. 
Shumway, Ephraim Wilson. — Charles 
River Village, Edsvin C. Moulton. 

Foxborough, Edgar R. Butterworth, 
James Capen, *James E. Carpenter, 
Edmund Carroll, Otis Caiy, Edwin 
AV. Clarke, Alfred Fales, Alfred 
Hodges, Charles W. Hodges, James 
F. Leonard, Carmi Richmond, Isaac 
Smith, Thomas A. Starkey. 

Franklin, Paul B. Clai'k, Waldo 
Daniels, William E. Nason, Stephen 
W. Richardson, William Rockwood, 
Alpheus A. Russegue, Adin D. Sar- 
geant, Charles AV. Stewart, George 
W. Wiggin. 

Holbrook, John Adams, Zen as 
French, Frank AV. Lewis, Elisha 
W. Thayer, John Underliay, Thos, 
West, Jacob Whitcomb, Oramel 

Hyde Park, *Wm. II. II. Andrews, 
Isaac J. Brown, Charles G. Chick, 



Henrv H. Curtice, E. P. Davis, Wil- 
lard F. Estey, *Orin T. Gray, Wm. 
Hamilton, *Charles Sturtevaat, Hen- 
ry B. Terry, William T. Thatcher, 
Benjamin C. Vose. 

Medfield, George H. Ellis, Jere- 
miah B. Hale, Chas. Hamant, James 
Hewins. Richard T. Lombard, Chas. 
C. Sewall. 

Medway, William H. Cary, fMilton 
M. Fisher, Joel E. Hunt, fWairen 
Lovering, Orion A. Mason, *Luther 
Metcalf. — Wefit Medwa;/, Charles H. 
Deans, Asa M. B. Fuller, Addison P. 
Thayer. — Rockville, Willard P. Clark, 
James H. Ellis. 

Milton, Sanmel Babcock, Gideon 
Beck, J. Walter Bradlee, Cnas. Breck, 
Jesse Bunton, Chas. M. S. Churchill, 
fJoseph McK. Churchill, fThornton 
K. Lothrop, George Penniman, fEd- 
ward L. Pierce, Jason Reed. fHenry 
S. Russell, fNathaniel F. SatTortl, Jas. 
Sumner, Jas. B. Thayer, Geo. Vose, 
Horace E. Ware, Edwin D. Wads- 
worth, James C. White, Henry Austin 
Whitney, Seth D. AVhitney. 

Needliam, Edgar H, Bowers, Geo. 
E. Eaton, Joseph E. Fiske, Chas. C. 
Greenwood, Emery Grover, Mark 
Lee, Enoch L. Pope. — Newton Up- 
per Falls, Richard Boynton. — N^eio- 
ton LoK'er Falls, Joshua J. Gould, 
Ellsworth Torrey, f George White. — 
Grantnille, Geo. K. Daniell, Clough 
R. Miles. — Wellesleij, Henry F. Du- 
rant, Solomon Flagg, Geo. Jennings, 
Moses Winch. 

Norfolk, Charles J. Bryant, Albert 
G. Hills, Daniel J. Ho brook, Lewis 
D. Metcalf, Henry Trowbridge. — 
Franklin City, Saul B. Scott. 

Norwood, Joseph Day, Willard 
Gay, Harrison G. Park, John C. Park 
Francis O. Winslow. 

Quincy, Brooks Adams, fJohn Q. 
Adams, Henry Barker, Ebenezer 
Bent, D. Howard Bilfs, Charles W. 
Carter, John Chamberlin, Noah 
Cummings, Augustus R. Duggan, 
t Wm. B. Duggan, VVm. Lyman Faxon, 
Ensign S. Fellows, Washington M. 
French, Geo. L. Gill, John Hardwick, 
Charles A.Howland. George H.Locke, 
Chares Mnrsh, William S. Pattee, 
Whitcomb Porter, E. Granville Pratt, 
Josiah P. Quincy, Joseph W. Roberta- 
son, H. Farnam Smith. Horace B. 
Spear, James E. Tirrell, Edward Tur- 
ner, Isaiah G. Whiton, John T. \Vhite 
North Quincy, Lewis F. Hobbs, Ed- 
mund B. Taylor. — Wollaslon, Benj. 
Dodge, Lucius W. Lovell. 

Randolph, Hiram C. Alden, Hora- 
io B. Alden, Eleazer JSeal, John V. 

Beal, J. White Belcher, Ezra S. 
Conant, John T. Flood, Charles G. 
Hathaway, Nathaniel Howard, \Vi\- 
liam E. Jewell, Seth Mann, 2(1, John 
G. Poole, J. Winsor Pratt, John B. 
Thayer, Jas. Augustus Tower, Royal 
W. Turner, fSeth Turner, George 
W. Wales, Jonathin Wales, William 
H. Warren. — South Randolph, Thos. 

Sharon, Sanford.W. Billings, Lewis 
W. Morse, Josiah Johnson, Oiis John- 
son, William R. Mann, William B. 

Stoiighton, Merrill Browne, Lucius 
Clapp, Jesse Holmes, Henry C. Kim- 
ball, Luther S. Leach, Abram C. 
Paul, Geo. Talbot, Jabez Talbot, jr., 
Charles Upham. — East Stonc/hton, 
Christopher Dyer, jr, Clifford Keith, 
John H. Simmons. — North Stouqhton, 
Bradford Raymond. 

Walpole, Nathaniel Bird, Edmund 
W. Clap, Joel F. Fales, Smith Gray, 
Joshua B. Hanners, James G. Harts- 
horn, James H. Leland, George P. 
i\Iorey, James G. Scott, Hubbard W. 
Tilton, William "S. Tilton, Horatio 
Wood. — Eaxt Walpole, Charles Bird, 
Francis W. Bird, jr. — South Walpole, 
Henry S. Clarke. 

Weymouth, Everett C. Bnmpus, E. 
Everett Holbrook, Ebenezer A. Hunt, 
Ebenezer W. Hunt, Richard A. Hunt, 
John J. Loud, John W. Loud, Henry 
Newton, George E. Porter, Elias 
Richards, Sand. Webb, George AV. 
AVhite, jr. — East Weymouth, Lovell 
Bicknell, Zachariah L. Bickneli, Na- 
than Canterbury, Abner Holbrook, 
*Alva Raymond, N. Quincy Tirrell. 
— North Weymouth, Elias S. Beals, 
f James Humphrey, Jas. Torrey. — 
South Weymouth, Joseph Dyer, Ja- 
cob Loud, John A. E. Loud, Quincy 
L. Reed, Noah Vining, B. F. Wuite, 
Oran White. 

Wrentham, William W. Cowell, 
Nathan Ely, Abraham W. Harris, 
Silas Metcalf, Charles J. Randall, 
Samuel Warner, Geo. M. Warren. 

Trial Justices. 

Broohline, Charles H. Drew. 
Canton, Thomas E. Grover. 
Dedham, Frederick D. Ely 
Franklin, Geo. W. Wiggin. 
Hyde Park, Henry B. TeiTy. 
Medway (^West), Chas. H. Deans. 
Milton, Horace E. Ware. 
Needham, Emory Grover. 
Norwood, John C. Park. 
Stoughton, J. Merrill Brown 
Weymouth, South, Quincy L. Reed. 
Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 



Notaries Pablio. 

Cnnfon, Francis W. Deane, Charles 

Dei/hnm. Chauncey C. Churchill, 
Lewis H. Kinjisburv, Roy;il O. Storrs. 

Franklin, Al|-heus A. Ru-segue. 

Hiide Park, WilUrd F. Estey. 

Me/lway, Milton M. Fisher. 

MiUon, Horace E. Ware. 

Quincy, Henry F. Barker, Rupert 
F. Claflin. 

Randolph, Royal W. Turner. 

Weymouth, Everett C. Bumpus, 
John J. Loud. — South Weymouth, 
Quincy L. Reed. 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 

Braintree, Jonathan French, 
Cohasset, John Q. A. Loihrop. 
Canton (special), Rufus C. Wood. 
Hyde Park, Charles Sturtevant. 
Medjield, Charles Hamant. 
Medicay, {West), Valentine R. 

Milton, John D. Bradlee. 
Needham, Georjie K. Daniell. 
Quincy, Lewis Bass. 
Fiandolph, Ralph Houghton. 
Stoiujhton, Nathaniel Wales. 


Incorporated June 2, 1865. 

Shire Town Plymouth. 


Judge of Prohate and Insolvency. . 
Register of Prohate and Insolvency. 

Clerk of Courts 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 

Overseers of House of Correction. . . -^ 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

AUngton, Josiah Cushman. 

Bridgewater, P. D. Kingman. 

Duxbur)/, Wm. J. Alden. 

E. Bridgewater, Ceo. A. Wheeler. 

Hanover, Hira W. Bates. 

Hingham, G. F. Hersey. 

Marion, Daniel Hall. 

Marshfield, John Baker. 

Middlehorough, James Cole, jr. 

North Bridgewater, Otis Hayward, 
Ahira S. Porter. 

N. Carver, Benj. Ransom. 

Pembroke, Francis Merritt. 

Plymouth, John Perkins, John At- 

Rochester, R. C. Randall. 
S. Scituale, Willard Torrey. 

Jailer and Master of House of 

Plymouth, James Bates. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 
At Ahington, 4lh Mon. oi May, 
Aug., and Nov. 

At Bridgewater, 4th Mon. of Sept. 

Wm. H. Wood Middlehorough. 

Daniel E. Damon Plymouth. 

William H. Whitman Plymouth. 

William S. Danforth Plynwuth. 

AVilliam R. Sever Plymouth. 

William H. Whitman Plymouth. 

D. J. Robbins Plymouth. 

Daniel E. Damon Plymouth. 

James Bates Plymouth 

At East Bridgewater, 4th Mon. of 
Feb. and Dec. 

At Hanover, 4th Mon. of Jfane. 

At Hingham, 4th Mon. in March. 

At Middlehorough, 4th j\Ion. of Jan., 
April, and 2d Mon. in July. 

At North Bridgewater, 3d Mon. of 
April and Oct. 

At Plymouth, 2d Mon. of Jan., 
Feb., March, April, May, June, Sept., 
Oct., Nov., and Dec. 

At Wareham, 4th Mon. of Oct. 

Sessions of Insolvency Courts. 
At Plymouth, 2d Mon. in every 


Countv Commissioners. 

Charles H. Paine, Halifax, term 
expires 1874 ; J. T. Wood, Middlehor- 
ough, 1875; Wm. P. Corthell, Ahing- 
ton, 1876. 

Special Commissioners. — Jedediah 
Dwelley, Hanover, term expires 1874 ; 
Frederick Howard, N. Bridgewater, 
term expires 1874. 



Times of Meeting. — At Plymouth, 
3d Tu. in Marcli, 1st Tu. in Aug. and 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Ablnglon, Jacob B. Harris. 
North Bridijewater, Jonas R. Per- 

Plymouth, Albert Mason. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 

Duxhury, Elislia Holmes. 

Hull, Neliemiah Ripley, jr. 

Mdrshjield, John Baker, Curtis B. 
Goodsil, Geo. H. Hall. 

East Marsh field, Charles L. Tilden. 

Phjmoulh, Josiah D. Baxter. 

Scituate, Perry L. Paiker, John 
Tilden. — North Scituate, William J. 

Public Administrators. 

North Bridgewater, Jonas R. Per- 

Scituate, Caleb W. Prouty. . 

Master in Chancery. 
Plymouth, William H. Whitman. 

Comm.issioners to Qualify Civil 

Ahington, Jesse E. Keith. 

Bridgen-nter, Josh. E. Crane, Abra- 
ham Waslibnrn. 

Hingham, Solomon Lincoln. 

Middlehnrough, Everett Robm on 
Eliab Ward. 

North Bridgewater, Geo. W. Bryant, 
Jonas R. Peikins. 

Plymouth, Vim. S. Danfortli, Jacob 
H. Loud, John J. Russell, William H. 

Rochester, Joseph Haskell, The- 
ophilus King, James Riiggles. 

Scimate, John Beal, J. O. Cole. 

South Scituate, Samuel A. Turner. 

Wareliam, Seth Miller. 

West Bridgewater, Austin Packard. 

Justices of tlie Peace. 

(Inclurlinrj Justices of the Pence ttnri Quorum, des- 
ifjnated bi/ a *, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated btj a t.) 

Ahington, Isaac Hersey, Charles W. 
Howland, Freeman P. Howland, Isaac 
C. Howland, Micah Nash, Henry B. 
Pierce, Geo. W. Reed, Ous W. Soule, 
Geo. L. Richardson, Bela Thaxter, 
Samuel B. Thaxter, Jolm D. Wormell. 

— East Ahington, Chas. Bearse, John 
A. Coffey, fJacob C. Harris, Zenas 
Jenkins, Philip O'Connell, Ez« kiel R. 
Studley, *Franklin Smith. — North 
Ahington, James Ford, George W. 
Pratt, Edward P. ^Qed. — South Ah- 
ington, Jacob Bates, William P. Cor- 
thell, Albert Davis, Sam'l Dyer, Wra. 
L. Reed, Hosea F. W hidden. — 

— West Ahington, David Ford. 

Bridgewater, A. Waldo Bassett. 
Joshua Bates, f Joshua E. Crane, La- 
fayette Keith, Francis 1). King, Hosea 
Kingman, Philip D. Kingman, *Wil- 
liams Latham, Franklin Leach, Phi- 
lander Leach, Spencer Leonard, 
Lloyd Parsons, Zebulon Pratt, Jere- 
miah Tucker, Eli Washburn. 

Carver, Thos. Vaughan, — North 
Carver, Benjamin Ransom. — South 
Carver, fJ^sse Murdock, William 
Savery, Thomas Southworth. 

Duxhury, Benj Boylston, William 
Bradford, William H. Cummings, 
Josh. M. Gushing, Jonathan S. Ford, 
John Holmes, «John S. Loring, Sam- 
uel Loring, Henry Wads worth, Jas. 
Wilde. — South Duxhury, Harvey 
Soulc — West Duxhury, Elbi'idge 
Chandler, Isaac Keen, Henry B. Ma- 
glathlin, Geo.B. Standish. 

East Bridgewater, Aaron Hobart, jr., 
Henry Hobart, Benjamin W. Keith, 
f Asa Midett. — Elmwood, Warren 
K. Churchill, Isaac N. Nutter, Wm. H. 

Halifax, Edwin Inglee, Charles H. 
Paine, Ira L. Sturtevant, EphraimB. 

Hanover, Jedediah Dwelley, Perez 
Simmons, Robt. S. Talbot, Eben C. 
Waterman. — South Hanover, Charles 
F. Phillips, Edward Y. Perry. 

Hanson, Andrew Bovvker, Josephus 
Bryant, Robert Ptrry, George F. 
Stetson. — South Hanson, Cyrus A. 
Bates, Eben B. K. Gurney. 

Hingham, Quincy Bicknell, Fran- 
cis H, Lincoln, Geo. Lincoln, f Solo- 
mon Lincoln, Charles N. Marsh, Hor- 
ace M. Perkins, Charles W. Seymour, 
Sidney Sprague, -j-Joseph B. Thaxter. 
— Hingham Centre, James S. Lewis, 
Henry Siders. — South Hingham, 
Elijah Shute. 

Hull, Lewis P. Loring. 

Kingston, Joseph S. Beal, Alden S. 
Bradford, Philander Cobb, Samuel E. 
Cushman, Walter H. Faunce, Ed- 
ward Gray, Edwin Reed. 

Lakevilte, John F. Montgomery, 
*Job Pierce, Eleazer Richmond, 
* Warren H Southworth, Churchill. 
T. Westgate, Henry L. Williams, 
Asa T. VVinslow, J. Winslow. 

Marion, *Obed Delano, Daniel 
Hall, Barnabas Hiller, Josepli S. 
Luce, Charles Sturtevant, Moses H. 

Marshfield, John Baker. — South 
Marslifeld, Warren W. Barker, John 
H. Bourne, Natlianiel J. Damon, 
James Geddes Day, John Ford, Jas. 
H. Humphrey. — North Marshfield, 
flliram A Oakman. 



Mattapoisett, Wilson Barstow, Sam. 
uel Dann, Noah Hammond, Thomas 
Nelson, Noah C. Sturtevant. 

Middleburoui/h, John Bennett, 
Thomas C. Collins, Geo. B. FItts, Jas. 
PI. Harlow, Sylvanus Hinckley, Noah 
C. Perkins, Everett Robinson, John 
C. Sullivan, Andrew L. Tinkham, 
Sidney Tucker, Eliab Ward, Corne- 
lius B. Wood, George W. Wood, 
Joseph T. Wood. — North Mlddlebor- 
ough, Andrew L. Aiden, Wm. B. 
White. — East Middlehorough, Josh- 
ua M. Eddy, Augustus H. Soule. — 
Rock, Jchabod F. Atwood. — South 
Middleborow/h, Stilhnan Benson. 

North Bridgewater, Franklin Ames, 
Chas. C. Bixby, Frederick C. Blan- 
chard, George W. Bryant, David L. 
Cowell, Daniel Crocker, Francis INI. 
French, Sumner A. Hay ward, Augus- 
tus T. Jones, Arza B. Keith, Isaac 
Kingman, Ilufus P. Kingman, Alfred 
C. Monroe, Jonas R. Perkins, Wm. 
Perry, Loring W. Puffer, Isaac E. 
Snell, Edward Southworth. f Jonathan 
White, John J.Whipple, Wm. W.Wil- 
kins. — CampeUo, Josiah W. Kingman. 

Pernbroke, Job H. Beal ; (East), 
George F. Hatch, John Oldham, 2d, 
Andrew E. Poole. — North Pembroke, 
Francis Collamore. — South Hanson, 
William H. II. Bryant. 

Plymouth, Gus:avus D. Bates, Jas. 
Bates, *Josh. D. Baxter, Lem'l Brad- 
ford, Ilerschel E. Brig^s, Chas. O. 
Churchill, James Cox, Daniel E. Da- 
mon, fWm. S. Dant'orth, fChas. G. 
Davis, Wm. T. Davis, Geo. G. Dyer, 
Timothy Gordon, John T. Hall, Benj. 
Hathaway, Benjamin A. Hathaway, 
Barnabas H. Holmes, Artiiur Lord, 
Thomas Loring, f Jacob H. Loud, 
Leander Lovell, Albert Mason, John 
Perkins, Thomas Pierce, Daniel J. 
Robbins, Edmund Bobbins. fJohn J. 
Russell, Thomas B. Sears, Charles W. 
Spuoner, Isaac N. Stoddard, *William 
Thomas, Ezekiel C. Turner, *William 
H. Whitman, Oliver T. Wood. — 
Chiltonville, George W. Bramhall. 

Plymplon, Zaccheus Parker, Wm. 
Perkins. — North Plympton, Zenas 
Cu hman. 

Rochester, John Blackmer, Henry 
K. Brale}', Joseph W. Chunh, Thos. 
Ellis, Theophilus King, James II. 
Look, George Pierce, James Bug- 
gies, John S. Ryder, George M. 

Scituate, Joseph O. Cole, Rober 
Hall, Caleb W. Prouty, John E. O. 
Prouty. — North Scituate, George C. 
Lee, George W. Merritt. 

Soutli Scituate, Ebenezer T. Fogg, 
Charles A. Litchfield, George H. Tor- 
rey, *Samuel A. Turner. — Hanover, 
David B. Ford, Lemuel C. Water- 
man. — West Scituate, Elisha Jacobs. 

Wareham, Wm. Bates, Wm. L. 
Chipman, Joseph P. Ilayden, Darius 
Miller, Seth Miller, James G. Sproat, 
James R. Sproat. — East Wareliam, 
John M. Kinney, Adolphus Savery, 
Nathaniel Sherman. — West Ware- 
ham, Noble Howard. 

West Bridgewater, James Howard, 
William H. Jennings, Austin Pack- 
ard. Cochassett, William F. Winship. 

Trial Justices. 

Ahington, Otis W. Soule. 

East Bridgewater, William H. Os- 

Hingham {Centre^, James S. Lewis. 

Middleborough, Cornelius B. Wood. 

North Bridgeioater, Jonas R. Per- 

Plymouth, Albert Mason. 

Sciluate, Caleb W. Prouty. 

Wareham, Seth Miller. 

Notaries Public 

Abington, Jesse E. Keith. 

Bridgewater, Hosea Kingman. 

East Bridgewater, Wm. H. Osborne. 

Hingham, Henry C. Harding. 

Mattapoisett, Thomas Nelson. 

No. Bridge/cater, Jonas R. Perkins. 

Plymouth, Win. S. Danfbrth, Jacob 
H. Loud, John J. Russell. 

Scituate, John Beal. ^ 

Wareham, Wm. Bates, Wiluam L. 
Chipman, James G. Sproat. 


Bridgewater (special), Philip D. 

Hanson (South Hanover), Melzar 

Hingham, Horace M Perkins. 

Hull, Lewis P. Loring. 

Kingston, Edward Gray. 

Marion, Daniel Hall. 

Marshfield (East), Eliot R. Tilden. 

Middleborough, Eben W. Drake. 

North Bridgewater, Benjamin A. 

Scituate, Caleb W. Prouty. 

Wareluan, Levi A. Runnels. 




Incorporated May 10, 1643 . 

Shire Town Boston. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency 

Register of Probate and Insolvency. . . 
As/t Register of Probate and Insolvency 

Clerk of Supreme Court 

Assistant Clerk Supreme Court 

Clerk of Superior Court 

Assistant Clerk Superior Court 

Clerk of Superior Court, crim'l business 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 

Commonwealths Attorney 

Assistant " " 


Deputy SheriflEs, 

Benj. F. Bailey, Court House, 
John B. Dearborn, " " 

William D. Martin, " " 
Harum Merrill, " " 

John B. Ino-alls, " " 

John B. O'Brien, " " 

Master of House of Correction. 
Charles H. Davis, South Boston. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 
At the Probate Office in Boston, 
every Monday in each month. 
Masters in Chancery. 
Boston, Robert I. Burbank, John 
Codinan, Horace H. Coolidge, John 
E. Fitzgerald, Chas. C. Nutter, Giles 
H. Rich, James B Richardson, James 
B. Thayer. — Churleslown, Henry W. 
Bragg, Joseph H. Cotton. — West 
Roxbury, James Hewins. 

Isaac Ames Boston. 

P. R. Guiney Boston. 

Charles Rollin Brainard Boston. 

George C. Wilde Boston. 

George W. Nichols Boston. 

Joseph A. Willard Boston. 

Edwin A. Wadleigh Boston. 

Otis V. Waterman Boston. 

Thomas F. Temple Boston. 

Frederick U. Tracy Boston. 

J. Wilder May Boston. 

Moorfield Storey Boston. 

JohnM. Clark, q^ce Ct. House, Boston. 
Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Boston, David H. Coolidge, Jos. 
Willard, W. W. Blackmar. 

Public Administrators. 
Boston, Timothy Bigelow, H. Burr 
Crandall, Joseph F. Clark, Lorenzo 
S. Cragin, Francis E. Parker, James 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Boston, Charles B. Hall, Benjamin 
C. Piper, David Pulsifer. — Charles- 
town, Andrew J. Bailey, John W. 
Pettengill, Bickford Pulsifer, Amos 
Stone, Phinehas J. Stone, Geo. Wash- 
ington Warren. — Jamacia Plain, 
William Harris. 

Chelsea, Henry J. Coolidge, Hosea 




(Justices of the Peace and Quorum designatedby a *, Justices throughout the States, hy a\.) 

Abbot Edwin H. 
Abbott Abiel 
Abbott Curtis 
Abbott Fnincis E. 
Abbott John E. 
Abbott John S. 
Abbott Josiah G. 
Abbott Samufl A. B. 
Abbott Samuel P. 
Abell Chas. li. 
Adanfis Albert W. 
Adams Clias. F. jr. 
Adams Kdelburt P. 
Adams Francis M. 
Adams George E. / 
Adams George Z. 
Adams Henry S. 
Adams John Q. 
Adams Joseph H. 
Adams J. Gedney 
Adams JVathauiel 
Adams Paul 
Adams Simeon P. 
Adams Thomas 
Adams Warren P. 
Ager George B. 
Ager Solomon 
Albee Sumner 
Alexander .John L. 
Alexander Rich'd S. 
Alger Edwin A. 
tAllen Charles 
*Allen Charles B. 
Allen Horatio P. 
Allen Ira 
Allen James "W. 
Allen Joseph II. 
Allen Stephen M. 
Allen Stillman B. 
tAllen Thomas J. 
Allen Willard S. 
1 Amerige George M. 
Ames Fisher 
Ames George 
tAmes Isaac 
Ames P. Adams 
Amidon Clias. K. 
Ammidon Philip R. 
fAmory Charles 
Amory George K. 
Amory Thomas C. 
Anderson Wm. P. 
Anderson Wm. S. 
Andren Alban 
Andrews Augustus 
Andrews Frank VV. 
Adrews John L. 
Andrews Samuel 
Andrews Wm. H. H, 
Angell George T. 
Anthony Joseph B. 
ApoUonio Nieh. A. 
Appleton Fred'k H. 
Appleton George C. 
Apthorp Robert E. 
Archibald Geo. F. 
A rmstrong Thos. H. 
•fAspinwall AVilliam 
Atherton Samuel 
Atkinson Edward 
Attwood Cond's G. 
Attwood (iilbert 
Atwood Charles 
Atood George AI. 
*Austin Ivers J. 
Austin James R. 
Austin Milton 
Avery Edward 
Ayer Adams 
Aj'ers John 
Baboock John B. 
Babson Thomas M. 
Bacon Francis 

Bacon Francis C. 
Bacon Thomas H. 
Bacon Wm. 
Backup John 
Backup Robt. A. 
Bailey Adrian F. 
Bailey Albon H. 
Bailey Joseph T. 
Bailey Wm. H. 
*Baker Edmund J. 
Baker Ezra H. jr. 
Baker John R. 
Baker K. W. 
Baker Nelson K. 
liaker William P. 
Baker Wm. W. 
Balch Francis V. 
Balch Joseph W. 
Baldwin Elizur 
Baldwin Geo. W. 
Baldwin Henry 
Baldwin J. Thomas 
Ball James 
Ball Joshua D. 
liallard James M. 
Ballon Russell A, 
Bancroft George 
Barbour Alfred L. 
Barnard Charles A. 
Barnes Edwin C. 
Barnes Francis G. 
Barnes Parker 
Barnes Walter A. 
Barrett Jonathan F. 
Barrows Horace G. 
Barry George M. 
Barry H. Storer 
Bartholmesz J. G. 
BartlettChas. E. A. 
Bartlett Francis 
fBartlett Homer 
Bartlett Schuyler S. 
*Bartlett Sidney 
Bartlett Sidney, jr. 
Bartlett Wm. S. 
Barton Charles II. 
Barton .Samuel M. 
Basset William 
Bassett Eiisha 
Bassett John 
Bassett John F. 
Batchelder La Roy 
Balchelder Sam. jr. 
Bates Samuel W. 
Bates Wm. M. 
Batt Charles R. 
Baxter Francis J. 
Baxter Thompson 
Bayley Benjamin F. 
Baj ley James C 
Baylies Henry 
Beal Alexander 
Beal Jairus 
Beal James H. 
Beal Thomas P. 
Beal VV'illiam L. 
Beale Josejih H. 
Beals James H. 
Beals William 
Bi-etie James M. 
fBell James B. 
Bell Theodore H. 
Bellows Jo.iiah G. 
I'emis George 
Benn James C. 
Bennett Joseph 
liennett Win. F. 
Benton Austin W, 
Benton Josiah. jr. 
Benyon Aimer I. 
Berry A. Ilun 
Berry Morrill P. 

Berry Nehemiah C. 
Betton George E. 
Bicknell William E. 
Bigelow Abraham O. 
Bigelow Alanson 
Biuelow Edwin M. 
Bigelow George B. 
Bigelow George F. 
jBigelow Geo. T. 
Bi^felow John 
Bigelow Timothy 
Bingham William H. 
Binney Omar 
Bishop Robert R. 
Bispham Eleazer J. 
Blackmar W. W. 
Blaisdell Mark A. 
Blake John H. 
Blake William P. 
Blanchard Geo.D.B. 
Blanchard S. Stillman 
Blandin Charles F. 
Blaney l>avid H. 
Blaney Henry 
Blasland Gideon B. 
Blatchford Geo. W. 
jBloch Abraham F. 
Blodget Henry T. 
Blodgett Caleb, jr. 
Blodiiett Isaac D. 
Blodgett Luther 
Blod^^ette George B. 
Blood Charles 8. 
Blossom Wm. A. 
Blume Andreas 
fBoardman Alon W. 
IJoardman Ualsey J. 
*Boit Edward D. 
Bolles Matthew 
Bolles 31. Shepard 
Bolster Solomon A. 
Bonney Pelham 
Borrowscale John 
Botume John, jr 
Bourne Jacob F 
Bouve Ephraim'W. 
Bowditch J.I. 
Bowditch William I. 
Bowen Hosea B. 
Bowen Stephen 
Bowker Albert 
Bowker John E. 
Bowman Selwin Z. 
Brackett George H. 
Brackett J. Q, A. 
Bradbury Horace D. 
Bradbury Samuel A. 
Bradford Duncan 
Bradford J. Russell 
Bradish Levi J. 
Bradlee John D. 
Bradlee John T. 
♦Bradlee J. Putnam 
Bradlee Nathaniel J. 
Bradlee Samuel J. 
Bradlee Thomas D. 
fBradley Joseph H. 
*Bragdon Joseph H. 
Bragg Henry W. 
Br.ainard Edward H. 
Braman G. T W. 
Braman James C. 
Braman Jarvis D. 
Braman Joseph B. 
Breed George F. 
Brewer Gardner 
Brewer Nathaniel 
Brewer Nathaniel, jr. 
Brewer Thomas M. 
Brewster Aug. O. 
Brewster John 
Brewster Osmyn 
Bridge Abel E. 

Brings Andrew H. 
Briggs Fred'k M. 
Briggs Harrison O. 
Briggs Luther 
Brigham Cephas 
Brigham Henry R. 
Brigham Wm. T. 
Brooks Benj. F. 
Brooks Francis A. 
Brooks Henry C. 
Brooks James W. 
Brooks Wm. G.; 
Brown Alpheus R. 
Brown Augustus 
Brown Benj. F. 
Brown Charles F. 
Brown Edward P. 
Brown Francis H. 
Brown Jeremiah 
Brown John 
Brown John Murray 
Brown J . Cofiin Jonea 
jBrown Nehemiah 
Brown ii'ichard S. 
Brown Samuel N. jr. 
Browne C. Allen 
Browne Edward I. 
Bruce George A. 
Bryant Fred E. C. 
Bryant G. J. F. 
Bryant John D. 
Bryant Napoleon B. 
Buck Edward 
Buckley John H. 
Buckminster Wm. J. 
Bugbee .Tames M. 
Bull.ird Daniel W. 
Bullard (ieorge E. 
Bullard John R 
BuUen George A. 
Bullens George S. 
Bumstead John • 
Bunker David T. 
Bun ton Wm. H. 
fBurbank Robert I. 
Burge Lorenzo 
Burgess Thomas H. 
Burke Edmund W. 
Burnett Lysander 
Burnham Daniel S. 
Burrage Alvah A. 
Burrage Wm. W. 
fBurt William L. 
Burton Hazen J. 
Busteed George W. 
Bus well Henry F. 
Butler Chas. Shorey 
Butler John Henry 
Butler John W. 
Butterfield George 
Buttertield Simeon 
Butterworth A. F. 
Byani George A. 
Callahan CorneliusH. 
Callender Benjamia 
Calrow William H. 
Campbell Isaac T. 
Canavan William F. 
Candler John W. 
Capelle William C. 
Capen Aaron D. 
Capen John 
Capen Robert 8. 
Capen Samuel B. 
Capen Samuel C. 
Capon Thomas W. 
C.-irlton William T. 
Carpenter Chas. A. 
Carpenter George O. 
Carr George B. 
Carr John 
Carr Samuel 
Carret James li. 



Caroll Robert S. 
Carruth Nathan 
Carruth William W. 
Carter Augustus W. 
Carter C. Willard 
Carter Josiah H. 
Carter J. Melvin 
Cartwright John W. 
Cary Nathan C. 
Cary William A. 
Cav'erly Charles, jr. 
Cazmay Thomas W. 
Cazneau Andrew 
Charaberlia David 
Chamberlin E. M. 
Champuey Edw. \Y, 
Chandler Alfred D. 
Chandler Horace P. 
tChandler Peleg W. 
Chapin George H. 
Chapin Nalh. &. 
Chaplin He man W. 
Chapman George R. 
Chapman John W. 
Chase R. Gardner^ 
Cheever Tracy P. 
Cheney Arthur 
Cheney Horace R. 
Child Dudley R. 
Child George F. 
Child Linus M. 
Chipman George W. 
Choate Charles F. 
Church Henry A. 
fChurchill Asaph 
Churchill Joseph R, 
Clapp Ebenezer 
Clapp George P. 
Clapp Henry A. 
Clapp Joshua \V. 
Clapp Otis 
tClapp William W. 
Clark Albe C. 
Clark Benjamin C. 
Clark Charles P. 
Clark Isaac P. 
fClark John M. 
Clark John T. 
Clark Joseph F. 
Clark Robert F. 
Clark William R. 
Clarke Henry M. 
fClarke John J. 
Clarke Thomas W. 
Clary Henry D. 
Cleaves Nathaniel 
Cleaves N. Porter 
Clifford Samuel W.jr. 
Coats Sylvester 8. 
Cobb Henry E. 
Cobb Samuel C. 
Cobb Samuel T. 
Coburn George W. 
Codman Charles R. 
Codman Edward W. 
*Codman John 
Codman Robert 
Coe Oliver B. 
Coffin G. Winthrop 
Coffin Henry A. 
Cogswell William 
Col burn Jeremiah 
Colburn Wm. G. 
Colby John F. 
Colby Wm. R. 
Cole Charles D. 
Cole Charles H. 
Cole Oliver H. 
CoUamore John 
Collins Dennis J, 
Collins Jamas 
Collins John H. 
tCollins Patrick A, 
Colt James P. 
Comer Geo. N. 
Conaut John H. 
Conkey .John A. 
Conlon John 
Connolly Wm. T. 
Connor James 
Converse Albert T. 

Converse Costello C. 
Converse James W. 
Converse Joshua P. 
Cook Charles E. 
Cook Coleman 
Cook Edward 
Cook Geo. M. 
Cook Rufus R. 
Cook William 
Cooli William H. 
*Cooke Josiah P. 
Coolidge Austin J. 
Coolidge David H. 
fCoolidge Horace H. 
Coolidge John T. jr. 
Coolidge J. Randolph 
Coombs John C. 
Cooney Patrick H. 
Cory Barney 
Couthouy Wm. A, 
Covell Robert 9. 
Cotting Chas. U. 
Cottrell Asa 
Cowdin John 
Cowdin Robert 
Cowing Walter H. 
Cowles William W. 
fCrafts William A. 
Cragin L. S., jr. 
Cram Geo. VV. 
Crandall H. Burr 
Crane David F. 
Crane Horatio N. 
Crane John E. 
Crane Joshua 
Crane Louis E. 
*Crane Samuel D. 
Creech Sam'l W.jr. 
Crocker George G. 
fCrocker Henry 
Crocker Uriel 
Crocker Uriel H. 
Crombie James L. 
Crosby Franklin 
Crosby Joseph B. 
Crosby Sumner 
fCrowell Henry G. 
Crowell Horace S. 
Crowley John C. 
Culver Wm. C. 
Cumiugs Bradley N. 
Cumings Charles B. 
Cummings Prentiss 
Cundy Wm. H. 
*Currier Benj. H. 
Currier Horace H. 
Currier Sereno E. D. 

Currier T. Florian 

Curtis Chas. P. 

Curtis Daniel B. 

Curtis Frederick 

Curtis George 

Curtis George J, 

Curtis James F. 

Curtis James W. 

Curtis Samuel S. 

Curtis Walter 

Curtis Wm. D. C. 

Curtiss John L. 

Cashing Benjamin 

Gushing Hayward P. 

Cushing Henry W. 

Gushing Sidney 

Cushing Thomas 

Cushmau Albert 

Cutler Eben 

Cutler Joseph • 

Cutter Edmund F. 

Cutter Isaac J. 

Cutter John A. B. 

Cutter Leonard R. 

Dabney Lewis S. 

Dacey Timothy J. 

Daily James 

tDale William J. 

Dalton Henry L. 

*Dame Abraham A. 

Dame Charles C. 

Dame Frank O. 

Dame Theodore S. 

Damon Samuel G. 

Damrell John 8. 
Dana Richard H. 
fDanaR. H. jr. 
Dana Samuel T. 
Danforth John N. 
Daniell Henry W. 
Daniels Nathan H. 
Darling Samuel C. 
Darrovv Charles 
Dary George A. 
Davenport Amasa 
Davenport Henry 
Davies Daniel 
Davis Adolphua 
Davis Barnabas 
Davis Chirles 
Davis Charles A. 
Davis Charles E. jr. 
Davis Charles H. 
Davis Edward S. 
Davis James 
tDavis James C. 
Davis Joseph B. 
Davis Joshua W. 
Davis Samuel C. jr. 
Davis Thomas W. 
tDavis Timothy 
Davis Wm. F. 
Davis William F. 
Day C. Frank 
Day Moses H. 
Dean Benjamin 
Dean Chauncy Ct 
Dean Horace W. 
Dean Thomas 
Deans George W. 
Dearborn Edmund B. 
Dearborn John B. 
Deariiigtou John F. 
Deblois Stephen G. 
Demond Charles 
Dennie James 
Denny George P. 

Denny Henry G. 

fDerby George 

Derby George S. 
Derby Isaac W. 

Devereaux John 

Dewey S. Wm. 
Dewing Charles H. 

Dewson Francis A, 

Dexter Everett K. 

Dexter James H. 

Dexter S. Parkman 

Dexter William 8. 

Dickerman Albert 

Dickinson M. F. jr. 

Dillaway Charles K. 

Dillaway Wm. E. L. 

Ditson Oliver 

Dix Stephen A. 

Dixon Francis B. 

Dockray Jas. R. jr. 

Dodge Frederick 

Doherty Wm. W. 

Donahoe Patrick 

Donnelly Chas. F. 

Doolittle Oscar E. 

Dorr Dudley A. 

Dorr Jonathan 

Dorr William B. 

*Dow James B. 

Dowling Martin 

Downes George E. 

Drake Jeremy 

Draper Edward L. 

Draper Moses 

Dresser Robert W. 

Drew Elijah C. 

Drew Ira T. 

Driver William R. 

Dudley Dean 

Dudley Sanford H. 

Dunham Charles E. 

Dunham Josiah 

Dunham Thos. H. jr 

Dunklee Benj. W. 

Dunlap John 8. 

Dunn Edward H. 

Dupee James A. 

Durant Henry F. 

Durant William B. 
*Durgin Samuel H. 
Dutton Henry W. 
Dwyer William W. 
Dyer B. Franklin 
Dyer Frank B. 
Dyer Henry T. 
Dyer Micah, Jr. 
Easterbrook William 
Eastman Ambrose 
Eastman George A. 
Eddy John J. 
Eddy Robert H. 
Edes Harry H. 
Edmunds Charles 
Edson William 
Edwards George H. 
Edwards Hend'n J. 
Edwards Henry 
Egan James 
Eklredge Chas. W. 
Eldridije John L. 
EUicott Joseph P. 
Elliott James R. 
Elliott William H. 
Ellis Charles M. 
Ellis George W. 
Ellis John T. 
Ellis Rowland 
Elson Julius 
Emerton Ephraim 
Emery Caleb S. 
Emery George F. 
Emery Stephen L. 
Emery Woodward 
Endicott Wm. jr. 
English James L. 
Estabrook G. Wm. 
Eustis William T. 
Evans Alonzo H. 
Evans A. Otis 
Evans George E. 
Everett J. Mason 
Everett Otis 

Fairbairn Robert B. 
Fales Henry W. 
Fallon James Otis 
Fallon Joseph D. 
Farley James P. 
Farley James P. jr. 
Farmer Jesse 

Farnsworth Ezra 

Farnsworth Isaac D. 

Farwell Henry N. 

Faunce George B. 

Faunce Sewall A. 

Fay Charles F. 

Fay Clement K. 

Fay Frank B. 

Fearing And'w C. jr. 

Fearing Henry L. 

Fellows H. Parker 

Fennelly Richard J, 

Field Benjamin F. 

Field Georire G. 

Field Walbridge A. 

Finan Bernard F. 

Firth Abraham 

Fischacher Max 

Fisher Alfred G. 

Fisher George A. 

Fisher Theo. W. 

Fiske Charles H. 

fFiske John M. 

Fiske Orrin W. 

Fitch Henry H. 

fFitch Jonas 

Fitz Daniel F. 

Fitz Eustace C. 

Fitzgerald John E. 

Flatley P.atrick J. 

Fleming Charles H. 

Fletcher Joel W. 

Fletcher John W. 

Flood Hugh 

Floyd Charles O, 

Floyd Edward E. 

Floyd Samuel E. 

Flyun Daniel F. 

Flynn James J. 

Folger George H. 



Folger John B. 
Folsom Norton 
Folsom Sewall S. W. 
Foque Tlieo. N. 
Forbes Frank H. 
Ford William E. 
Forsaitb William J. 
Forsyth James B. 
Foss K. Dewing 
Fobs Frederick J. 
Foster David VV. 
tFoster Dwight 
Foster Greorge E. 
Foster Natliau'l, jr. 
Fowle Seth A. 
Fowle William B. 
Fowler George R. 
Fox Charles B. 
*Fox James A. 
Fox Thomas B. 
Freeman Frank H. 
Freeman J. Gr. 
French Abram 
French Edward A. 
French Francis O. 
French George P. 
French James 
French Wm. B. 
Frink Alden 
Frost Eben R. 
Frost George 8. 
Frost Henry W. 

Frost Joseph B. 

Frost Rufus S. 
Frothingham Samuel 

Frothingham T. B. 

*Fuller Henry Weld 

Fuller Henry Wm. 

Fuller J. Franklin 

Fuller Samuel D. 

Furber William H. 

Gaffield Thomas 

Galloupe Chas. W. 

Gannett Howard 

Gardner Francis 

Gardner Henry F. 

Gardner John 

Gardner WiUiam S. 

Gargan Thomas J. 

*Gaston William 

Gates Albert, jr. 

Gay Ebenezer 

Gay Eben F. 

Gay George F. 

Gay James P. 

Gay William B. S. 

Gerrish William 

Gibbens Joseph M. 

Gibbs Franklin 

Gittord Elias M. 

Giflbrd Nathan B. 

Gilbert Benjamin W. 

Gilchrist Daniel S. 

Giles Alfred E. 

Gillett John B. 

Gilley John E. M. 

Gillingham Caspar 8. 

Gilman John E. 

Gilson Joseph M. 

Girardin Louis 

Glancy John 

Gleason Horace 

Gleason Loring W. 

Glidden Daniel A. 

Goddard Maurice 

Goddard Thos. 

Goldsbury John 

Goodman Richard, jr, 

Goodnow James G. 

Goodrich Elijah D. 

Goodrich John B. 

Goodwin All)ert G. 

Goodwin Charles E. 

Goodwin Frank 
Goodwill Richard D. 
Gordon George II. 
Gore Tlieodore W. 
Gore Watson 
Gorely (Uiarles P. 
Gould Francis 
Gould Jesse 

Gould Lyman W. 
Gould Samuel 
Gove Dana B. 
Gove Horace D. 
Grafton Daniel G. 
Graves Dwight 
Graves Frank H. 
Graves Thomas E. 
fGray John C. 
Gray John C, jun. 
Gray Russell 
fGrav William 
Gray WiUiam R. 
Green Malcolm C. 
Green Nicholas St. J. 
Greene Oscar P. 
Greenleaf Rich'd C. 
Greenough Chas. P. 
Qreenough Wm. W. 
Giiifin Martin 
Grithn Wm. F. 
Griggs George 
Griswold D. C. 
Grubb William F. 
Guild Charles E. 
Guild George K. 
Guild James 
Guild Josiah P. 
Guild William H. 
Guiney Patrick R. 
Gutteison Wm. L. 
Hackett Frank W. 
Hadaway John T. 
Hale Cyrus K. 
Hale Francis P. 
f Hale George 8. 
Hale Theodore P. 
Haley John J. 
Hall Adino B. 
Hall Andrew T. 
tHall Charles B. 
Hall Edward F. 
Hall Francis A. 
Hall John K. 
Hall Ohver 
Hall William M. 
Hall William S. 
Hallett Henry L. 
Hallett Theodore 
Hamblin Howard M. 
Hamilton Nathaniel 
Hammond E. L. 8. 
Hanson Hadley P. 
Hannan Thos. L. 
Hapgood Lyman S. 
Harding Lyman L. 
Harding Wm. B. 
Hardy John H. 
Harlow Thomas 8. 
Harmon Stephen W. 
Harriugton Chas. F. 
Harrington John C. 
Harris Edward D. 
Harris J . Watson 
fHarris Wm. G. 
Hart S. Rowland 
Hart Wm, H. 
jHarvey I'eter 
Harwood Irving I. 
Haskell Daniel N. 
Haskins D G.,Jr. 
Hassam John 
Hassam John T. 
Hastings Andrew J. 
Hastings Edward 
Hastings John W. 
Hatch Albert D. 
Hatch Samuel 
Hatch Windsor, 2d 
Ilathevv.iy Simon W. 
*Haven Franklin 
fHaven Prank'n, Jr. 
ilawes Forest G. 
Hawkes Thomas B. 
Hayden Charles J. 
Ilayden William 
fliayes Francis B. 
Hayes Francis L. 
Hayes Wm. A.. Jr. Charles D. 
Healey Joseph 

Healy A. Sherwood 
jHealy John P. 
Healy Wm. E. 
Hebard Sylvester H 
Hedge William 
Heidenrich Emil 
Hemenway Alfred 
Henchman Nath. 11. 
Henshaw Fred. H. 
Herman J. Henry 
Herrick diaries P. 
Herrick Wm. A. 
Hersey Alfred C. 
Hersey George B. 
Hesseltine F. S. 
Hewes Jabez P. 
Hewins James 
Heywood Wm., Jr. 
Hibbard Wm. C. 
Hichborn Geo. R. 
Hi gains Peter 
HilfClement H. 
Hill Hamilton A. 
Hill Hamilton A. 
Hill Noble H. 
Hill Thomas 
Hill Thomas H. 
Hillard George 8. 
Hi Hard James L. 
Hills William S. 
Hills Thomas 
Hinckley Samuel.L. 
Hinds Calvin P. 
Hinds Geo. J. 
Hoague Isaac T. 
Hobart Arthur Wm. 
Hobbs George M. 
fHobbs William 
Hodgdon Micah W. 
Hodges Samuel W. 
Hodgkins ^Vm. H. 
Holbrook Horatio N. 
Holbrook Silas P. 
Holden A. R. 
Holden Edward 
Holden Leonard P. 
Holland Henry W. 
HoUis J. Edward 
Hollis Thomas 
Holman Ralph W. 
Holmes Edward J. 
Holmes George 
Holmes Jabez S. 
Holmes John S. 
Holmes Oliver M. 
Holmes O. W., Jr. 
Holmes Richard 
Holt Charles A. 
Holway Merrill S. 
Homaus Charles D. 
f Homer Peter T. 
Hooper George K. 
Hooper Robert 
fllooper Samuel 
Hopkins Albert H. 
Hosiner Charles L. 
Houghton Charles 
Hovey Charles H. 
Hovey Edwin S. 
Hovey Joseph P. 
Hovey Solomon 
Howard Edgar, Jr. 
Howard J as. M. P. 
Howard Martin 
HowalKl Wm. P. 
Howe A. Murray 
How6 Moses G. 
♦Howes Lewis W. 
Hoxie Timothy W. 
Hoyt Henry 
Hubbard Charles 
Hubbard Chas.B. 
Hubbard Josiah W. 
Hubbard Silas P. 
Hudson Charles H. 
Hudson John E. 
Humphrey F. J. 
Humphreys Riclid.C 
Huniiewell Francis 
Hunt Harrison G. 
Hunt Henry C. 

Hunt Israel T. 
Hunt W. L. G. 
Hunter Henry M. 
Hunting Edward A. 
Hunting George F. 
Huntington C. W. 
Huntress Geo. L. 
Ilurd Charles H. 
Hurd Francis W. 
Hurd Theo. C. 
llutchins Ezra C. 
Hutchins Henry C. 
Hutchins Horace G. 
Hutchins Thos. A. 
Hutchinson Chas. C. 
Hutchinson Henry 
Hutchinson Wm. H. 
Hyde Henry D. 
Hyde Hosea 
Ingalls John B. 
Ingalls William 
Ingersoll Chas. D, 
Ireson S. Edwin 
*Ives Stcph. B., Jr. 
Jackson Abraham 
Jackson Charles E. 
Jackson John G. 
Jackson Samuel 8. 
James E. Worthen 
Jaques Francis 
JellVies John, Jr. 
Jenks Lemuel P. 
Jenks Thos. L. 
Jenuison Samuel 
f.Jewell Harvey 
Johnson Eugene M. 
Johnson Henry A. 
Johnson Henry W. 
Johnson Melville A. 
Johnson Robert 
Johnson Samuel, Jr. 
Johnston J. Albert 
Jones Arthur E. 
Jones Augustine 
fjones Edward J. 
Jones Geo. H. 
J ones George 8. 
Jones Jerome 
Joues Leonard A. 
Jordan Frank W. 
Jordan Louis W. 
Jordan Wm. H. 8. 
Josselyn P. 31. 
Joy Albion Iv. P. 
Judson Gurdeu C 

Keefe Wm. J. 

Keep Jabez 

tlveith James M. 

JKelly Edward A. 

Kelly W. P. A. 

Kemp H. N. D., Jr. 

Kendall Robt. B. 

Kennard Wm. H. 

Kennedy Tliomaa C. 

Kent James D. 

Kent Barker B., Jr. 

Kent Wm. H. 

Kern Francis V. B. 

Kettell John B. 

Keyes Charles G. 

Keyes Eben W. 

Keyes Stephen P. 

Kidder Isaac L. 

Kilton John P. 

Kimball Benjamin 

Kimball Charles W. 

Kimball David 

Kimball David P. 

Kimball Kdgar L. 

Kimball Edward K. 

Kimball 'Moses 

Kimball Otis 

King Dexter S. 

King Francis L, 

King John G, 

tKing Wm. S. 

Kingsbury Aaron 

Kingsbury Geo. H. 

Kingsbury Isaac F. 

Kingsbury Wm. C. 
; Kmgsley Chester W 



Kinney Edward A. 
tKinsk-v Edw. W. 
Kittredgf Clias. F. 
Kittredge Francis W. 
Kitlredge Henry W. 
Knapp Oren 8. 
Knapp Tliomas 
Knitfhl Elbridge G. 
*Knlglit Henry T. 
Knowics Abbott L. 
Knowles Isaiah. Jr. 
Knowlcs Wm. F. 
Kuhn George H. 
Kuhn John 
Kurtz John 
Kyle Winelow S. 
Laforme A. Bernard 
Laforme Joseph A. 
Lamb Thomas 
Lamson Artem's W. 
Lainson John A. 
Lamson Nathan P. 
Lane Charles B. 
Lane Charles E. 
Lappcn Owen 
Lathrop John 
Lathrop Wm. M. 
Lawrence Abbott 
♦Lawrence Amos A. 
Lawrence Chas. W. 
J^awrence Eben S. 
Lawrence Edw., Jr. 
Lawrence Francis W. 
Leach Ceorge C. 
Leach Henry L. 
I^earnard Geo. E. 
Learned Francis H. 
Leavitt Charles H, 
Leaviit Wm. P. 
Lee James W. 
Lee John Howard 
Lee Thomas J. 
Lee William H. 
fLee Wm. Raymond 
Leicester Geo. V. 
*Leighton John C. 
Leighton John W. 
Leland Emerson 
Leonard Josejih 
Letts Charles 
Leverett Geo. V. 
Lewis Alfred R. 
fLewis George 
Lewis James S. 
Lewis Thomas 
Lewis Weston 
Lewis Wiuslow 
Libbey Moses H. 
Lincoln Arthur 
Lincoln Chas. 8. 
tLincoln F. W , Jr. 
Lincoln Robert B, 
Lincoln Solomon 
Litchdeld Ira 
Little Charles H. 
Little Geo. B. 
Little Samuel 
Littlefteld H. D. 
Littlefield Walter 
Livermore Chas. C. 
Livermore Thos. L. 
Locke Jackson 
Locke Jesse A. 
Lombard Xathan C. 
Lombard Richard T. 
Long Edward J. 
Long John D. 
Long William H. 
Lord J. Brown 
Lord John W. 
Lord Thomas H. 
Loring Caleb W. 
Loring Edward Day 
Loring Eleazer B. 
Loring Francis C. 
Loring Horace 
Loring Isaac W. 
Loring John A. 
Loring .Joshua 
Loring Stanton D. 
LotUrop Eben W. 

Lothrop T. K. 
Loud Andrew J. 
Loud John J. 
Loud Samuel C. 
Lovejoy Samuel M. 
Lovejoy William B. 
Lovering Chas T. 
Lovering Daniel, Jr. 
Lovett Chas. W. 
Lovett Joshua 
Low John 
Lowe Abraham T. 
Lowell Augustus 
Lowell Edw ird .J. 
Lucas Winslow B. 
Luce Daniel G. 
Lund Rodney 
Lunt Henry 
Lynch John P. 
Lynch Michael P 
*Lynde Alonzo V. 
Lyndon I'atrick F. 
fllacdonald E. A. 
Maedonald Jerome S. 
Macfarlane Wm. 8. 
Mack Thomas 
Mackintosh H B. 
Mackintosh Wm. H. 
MacNamara Mich. H. 
Macomber Frank G. 
Macj' George N. 
IMagtiitzky Gustav 
Magoun Herbert 
Maguire Thos. F. 
Mahan John W. 
Mair Thomas 
Manley John 
Maim John Julian 
Manning John P. 
Manning Wm. W. 
Manslield Gideon T. 
Marble William 
March George N. 
March John S. 
Maron George S. 
Marsh Frederick A. 
Marsh Henry A. 
tMarsh Lucius B. 
Narsh Robert 
Marsh Samuel B. 
Marsh Stillman P. 
JMarshall Wyzeman 
Martin William D. 
Mason Edward H. 
Mason John R. 
Mason Lyman 
Mason Walter N. 
Mason Wm. H. 
Mason Wm. P. 
Mather Henry H. 
Matthews Nathan 
Matthews Richard 
May .John 
May John J. 
tMay J. Wilder 
May Wm. B. 
Maynadier Jas. E. 
JlcCarthy William 
McCawley James G. 
McCIeary Sa'ml F. 
McClella'n .John 
McCormick James 
McDonnell Edward 
McElroy John 
McGuire James H. 
McKeever Henry F. 
McKim John W". 
McLeod Arthur J. 
McNutt John J. 
McSheehy John J. 
Mead Michael 
Means Wm. G. 
Mears John, Jr. 
Mendum George E. 
Merriam Adolphus 
Jlerriam Charles 
Merriam .Joseph W. 
Merrill Charles A. 
Merril Charles H. 
Merril Harum 
Merril Moody 

Merritt Franklin S. 
Merritt Nehemiah T. 
Merwin Ellas 
Meserve Isaac H. 
Meston Lyman B. 
Metcalf Henry B. 
Miles Charles E. 
Miles Charles E. 
Millett Joshua H. 
Milliken Eben C. 
Mills Dexter T. 
Mills John F. 
Minot John O. B. 
Minot William, Jr. 
Minnot William, 3d 
Mitchell Charles L. 
Mi.xter Calvin S. 
Molineux Robert G. 
Molineux Robert W. 
* Moore Charles W. 
Moore Edward B. 
Jloore Fredk. H. 
Morison Frank 
Morrill George 
Morris Robert 
Morse Bushrod 
Morse George A. 
Morse Godfrey 
Morse Horace E. 
Morse James C. 
Morse John T., Jr. 
Morse Nathan 
Morse Rob't M., Jr. 
Morton Andrew J. 
Morton John D. 
Morton Edwin 
Morton Francis T. 
Moseley Edward A. 
Moulton Baron C. 
Moulton Chas. J. B. 
Mo wry Oscar B. 
MuUin Wm. F. 
Munro Peter G. 
Muiiroe Francis J. 
Munroe James W. 
Munroe William 
Munroe Wm. Adams 
Murdoch Joseph 
Murdock J udson 
Murray Robert A. 
Nash Joseph 
!Nason Albert D. 
Nason Almon F. 
Nason Jesse L. 
Naylor Robert F. 
Nazro Charles G. 
Neale Alonzo F. 
Neale John B. 
Needliam Daniel 
N-ettleton Aaron F. 
Nettleton Edward P. 
Newton Jeremiah L. 
Nichols George W. 
Nichols John P. 
Nichols Lyman 
Nichols Robert C. 
Nichols Wm. P. 
Nichols Wm. W. 
Nicholson James L. 
Nickels Edward C. 
Nickerson John A. 
Nickerson John H. 
Nickerson Joseph 
Nickerson Pliny 
Niles Stephen R. 
Niras Orraond F. 
Noble John 
Noble WiUiam 
fNorcross Otis 
Norcross Otis, Jr. 
Norman James S, 
Nourse Benj. F. 
Nowell John A. 
Noyes Benjamin 
Noyes George D. 
Nutter Charles C. 
Nutter Thomas P. 
O'Brien John 
O'Brien John B. 
O'Brien William J. 
*0'Connell Maurice 

O'Connor Edw. B, 
Odione James C. 
Olney Richard 
Ordway John P. 
Osboru Francis A. 
Osborne George P. 
Osgood Byron A. 
Osgood Lewis W. 
Otis Albert B. 
Otis Edmund B. 
Otis William C. 
Owen Roscoe P. 
Page Augustus 
Page Cyrus A. 
Page Edward 
Page Timothy R. 
Pafne Robert Treat 
Paine Rob. Treat. Jr. 
Palfrey Fr.ancis W. 
Palmer George H. 
Palmer Julius A. 
Palmer Wm. H. 
Park Daniel 
Park George W. 
Park John C. 
Park William D. 
*Parker Aurelius D. 
Parker Chas. Ham. 
Parker Chas. Henry 
Parker Francis E. 
Parker Francis J. 
Parker Henry G. 
Parker Horatio G. 
Parker Jeremiah D. 
Parker John B. 
Parker John D. 
Parker John D., Jr. 
Parker John E. 
*Parker WiUiam 
Parker William M, 
Parkinson John 
Parkman William 
Parks Nath'l Austin 
Parraenter Wm. E. 
Parsons Solomon 
Parsons Thomas 
Pattee Chas. H. 
Patten George W, 
Paul Joseph P. 
Payne Charles P. 
*Payson Thomas 
Payson Thomas E. 
Peabody Francis S. 
Peabody Wm. B. O. 
Peabody William 8. 
Pearson Chas. L. 
Pearson Francis W. 
Peartree Leon L. 
Pease Frederick 
Peck Oren H. 
Peirce William 
Peirsou Charles L. 
Pelton Florentine W. 
Perkins Charles B. 
Perkins Fred. B. 
Perkins Henry P. 
Perkins II. W., Jr. 
Perkins H. Russell 
Perkins Thomas H. 
Perkins William 
Perkins William E. 
Perry Baxter E. 
Perry Francis A. 
Perry George A. 
Peters Edward D. 
Peterson Reuben, Jr. 
Phelps James T. 
Phillips Ch.arles A. 
*PhiUips Geo. Wm. 
Pliippen George, Jr. 
Pickering P^dward 
Pickering Henry G. 
Pickering James F. 
Pickering .Jnhn 
Pierce Charles W. 
Pierce Edward 
Pierce Edward H. 
Pierce Piiineas 
Pierce Samuel B. 
Pike Charles E. 
Pillsbury Albert E. 



Pindell Cliarles E. 
Pinkham (ieorge F, 
Piper beorge F. 
Piper Mai tin V. B. 
Pitclier James W. 
Plunier Avery 
Plunier Joseph A, 
Plummer C U. C. 
tPlummer Farnham 
Pond Benjamin 
Poole Benjamin 
Poor Charles V. 
Poor Geo. H. 
Poor John O. 
Pope Frederic G. 
Pope Richard 
Pope William 
Porter Edward F, 
Porter John L. 
Potter Andrew B. 
Potter Asa P. 
Potter Robert K. 
Powell John D.N. R. 
Power James 
Power Tileston C. 
Powers Cassius C. 
Powers Charlea E. 
Pratt Albert S. 
Pratt Caleb I. 
Pratt Charles E. 
Pratt Eleazer F. 
Pratt George L. 
Pratt George W. 
Pratt Isaac, jun. 
Pratt Jairus 
Pratt John C. 
Pratt Laban 
Pratt Wm. 
Pray Benj. S. 
Prentice George W. 
Prentice Theo. 
Prescott Charles J. 
Prescott Fredk. W. 
Prescott Levi T. 
Prescott Wash. L. 
Preston Jonathan 
♦Price E. Sewall 
Prince Frederick O. 
Prince John T. 
Proctor Darwin A. 
Proctor Geo. B. 
Proctor John H. 
Proctor Thomas P. 
fPulsifer David 
Putnam Allen 
Putnam Edwin M. 
Putnam George, Jr. 
Putnam Henry W, 
Quincy George H. 
tQuincy Josiah 
Quincy Samuel M. 
Quincy Wm. H. 
Rand Arnold A. 
fRand Edward S. 
Kand Edward S., Jr. 
Rand George C. 
Randall Otis G. 
Randolph Peter 
Rankin Simon S. 
Ranney Ambrose A. 
f Ransom Chandler R. 
Rantoul Robert S. 
Ray Edwii 
Read Charles C. 
Read James 
♦Redtield Isaac F. 
Reed Charles M. 
Reed Edward 
Reed Edwin V. R, 
Reed George M. 
Reed Isaac G. 
Reed James H. 
Reed John 
Reed Joseph W. 
Reed Luther, Jr. 
Reed Sampson 
Reed William F. 
Reynolds Henry R. 
Rhodes John B. 
tRice Alexander H. 
Kice Fitz H. 

Rice Freeman 

Rice Geo. Woods 

Rice Henry A. 

Rice Lewis 

Rice Samuel 

Rich Giles H. 

Rich Otis 

Richards Edward 

Richards Geo. H. 

Richards J. Avery 

Richardson Abijah 

Richardson Albert L. 

Richardson Albert P. 

Richardson Geo. P. 

Richard-son Ivory N. 

fiiichardson Ivory W. 

Richardson Jas. B. 

Richardson John 

Richardson S. W. 

Richardson Thos. F. 

Richardson Wm. E. 

Richardson Wm. F. 

Rideout Justin 

Ridler Samuel P. 

Riley Edward 

Riley Thomas 

Rindge Samuel B. 

Ripley Ebed L. 

Ripley George 

fRitchie Harrison 

Robb James B. 

Uobbins Josiah D. 

Roberts George L. 

Roberts James H. 

Robeson Wm. R., Jr. 

Robie John 

Robinson A. J. 

Robinson Edwin A. 

Robinson George I. 

Robinson John O. 

Robinson Silas F. 

Robinson Thomas 
Rockwood Edw. O, 
Rogers Daniel H. 

Rogers Henry M. 
Rogers James O. 
Rogers .Joseph P. 

Rogers Shubael G. 
Rohan Charles B. 
Rollins Charles 
Rollins Hiram S. 
Rollins James Wt 
Ropes John C. 
Ross Alphonzo 
Ross Samuel J. 
Rotch Benj. 8. 
Rowe Geo. H. M, 
Royce Burnham 
RutHn George L. 
Rumrill James A. 
Rugg Erastus 
Russ Augustus 
Russell Chas. 
Russell Daniel W. 
Russell Saml. H. 
fRussell Thomas 
Russell Thomas H. 
Russell Wm. G. 
Safford Geo. F. 
Salisbury Daniel W. 
Salmon Steph. D. Jr. 
Saiom Mark 
Sampson Oscar H. 
Sanborn Edward W. 
Sanborn Erastus W. 
Sanford Baylies 
Sanford Joseph B. 
Sanford Oliver S. 
fSanger Geo. P. 
♦Saunders Chas. G. 
Saunders Daniel, Jr. 
Savage Edward H. 
Savage George A. 
Sawyer Charles W. 
Sawyer Fred. W. 
Sawyer Jabez A. 
Sawyer Joseph 
Sayles Henry 
Say ward Win. 
Scaife Lauriston L, 
Scaulau Michael 

Schuler S. Ludwig 
Scott Augustus E. 
Scudder Henry A, 
Sears Philip H. 
Sears Richward W. 
Sears Willard T. 
Sears Wm. B. 
Seaver Nathaniel 
Seaver William 
Seaverns Francis, Jr. 
Seaward Addison J. 
Sedgwick Arthur G. 
Sedgwick John 8. 
Sewall Samuel E. 
Shapleigh Samuel C. 
Sharp Daniel 
Shattuck Geo. O. 
fShaw George A. 
Shaw George 8. 
Shaw Henry S. 
Shaw Horace 
Shaw Lemuel 
Shaw Roland C. 
Shaw Samuel 8. 
Shea Patrick F. 
Sheldon Henry N. 
Sheldon Wm. E. 
Shepard Chas. A. B. 
Shepard Edward O. 
Shepard Harvey N. 
Sherman George 
Sherwin Thomas 
Shimmin Chas. P. 
Shirley Daniel H. 
Shiverick George 
Shurtleff Hiram 8. 
tShurtleff Nath'l B. 
Shute James M., jun. 
Siders Charles 
Silsby Joseph P. 
Simmons Edw. M. 
Simmons Geo. A. 
Simmons Wm. A. 
Simouds Alvan 
Simonds Edwin A. 
Simons Stephen B. 
Sinclair Albert T. 
Sise Charles F. 
Skillings David N. 
Slack Charles W. 
Slade Lucius 
Sleeper Charles F. 
fSleeper Jacob 
Sleeper John W. 
Slocum W^illiam F. 
Smart William B. 
Smith Albert 
Smith Amos 
Smith Charles 
Smith Charles P. 
Smith Chauncey 
Smith Edward J. 
Smith Emory B. 
Smith Francis M. 
gmith Franklin W. 
Smith Henry 
Smith Henry A. 
Smith Henry Hyde 
Smith Henry W. 
Smith Horace 
Smith H. Farnham 
*Smith Joshua B. 
Smith Lebbeus W. 
Smith Phin. B., jun. 
Smith Robert D. 
Smith Thomas C. 
Smith Thomas M, 
Smith William A. 
Smythe George A. 
Siieadon (ieorge R. 
Snelling Samuel G. 
Snow llenry A. 
Snow Samuel 
Snow Samuel T. 
*Sohier William 
•Somerby G. A. 
Southard (Charles B. 
Spalding John .J. 
Spauldiiig Irah D. 
Spaukling Sol. R, 
Speare Alden 

Spinney Edwin B, 
Spinney Samuel R, 
Spitz Henry B. 
Spooner Nath'l B. 
Sprague Charles J. 
Sprague Francis 
Sprague Henry H. 
Sprague Thomas 
Spurr Oliver H. 
Squire J. R. M. 
Stackpole J. Lewis 
St.acy Melville 
Stafford Charles P. 
Standish L. Miles 
Standish William 
Stanwood Charles 
Stanwood Henry P. 
*8taple8 Hamilton B. 
Stark John H. 
Stearns Edward 
Stearns Nath'l C. 
Stebbins Solomon B, 
Stedman Daniel B. 
Stedman Francis D, 
Stetson Sidney A. 
fStetson Wm. J. 
Stevens Benjamin P. 
Stevens Charles E. 
Stevens Edward Q. 
Stevens Henry J. 
Stevens Hiram A. 
Stevens Joseph C, 
Stevens Oliver 
Stevens William B. 
Steventon J. Thomas 
Stiles I. Augustus 
Stimson Aug. O. 
Stoddard Charles 
Stodder John VV. T. 
Stone Anson J. 
fStone Baman 
Stone Richard, jun. 
Storey Charles W. 
Storey Moorfield 
StorrowCharles S. 
Storrow James J. 
Story Isaac 
Story Joseph 
Stratton C. E. jun. 
Stratton T. Wilson 
Strain Andrew R. 
Stubbe William H. 
Sturtevant Thos. L. 
Sullivan Richard 
Sullivan Thomas F, 
Suter Hales W. 
Swan Charles H. 
Swan James 
Swan liobert T. 
Swan William W. 
Sweetser David H. 
Sweetser Isaac 
Sweetser Isaac H. 
Swinson William 
Tainter Alonzo E. 
T.albot Newton 
Talion Jaines H. 
Tappan Eugene 
Tarbell John P. 
TasUer Ebenezer 
Taylor Frederick B. 
Taylor John 
Taylor T. Albert 
Taylor William O. 
Tead Edw. L. 
Teele John O. 
Temple Thomas F. 
Temple William F. 
Teniiey Alonzo C. 
Tenney Benjamin P. 
Teschemacher P. E. 
Thacher Isaac 
Thacher Peter 
Thacher Stephen 
Thacher William Q. 
Thaxter David 
Thayer Albert P. 
Thayer Charles P. 
Thayer Charles L. 
Th.-iyer David 
Thayer Frederick F, 



Thayer James B. 

Thnyer Nutlianiel 

Thing Josiali M. 

tThomas Beiij. F. 

Thomas Charles G-. 

Thomas James B. F. 

Thomas J>eth J. 

Thomes 'William H. 

Thompson Chas. W. 

fThompson N. A. 

Thompson Wm. V. 

Thomson James D. 

fThorndike John H. 

Thorndike John L. 

Thorndifee Sam'l L. 

Tliurber James D. 

Thwing Supply C. 

Tilcston Edward G. 

Tileston John B. 

Tileston Walter L. 

Tiimann Joseph 

Tirrell Charles Q. 

Titus John W. 

Tobey Gerard C. 

Tolman Nathaniel 

Tompkins Dexter A. 

Tompson Kd. W. E. 

Tompson Samuel 

Torrey Benjamin B. 

Torrev Calvin 

Tower Benj. L. M. 

Towne George G. 

Towne Truman B. 

Tolman Adams K. 
Towne William II. 

Townsend Edw. B. 
Townsend James 
Tracy Frederick U. 

tTrain Charles K. 
Treadwell John P. 
Tripp Geo. H. 
Tripp William D. 
Tucker Daniel 
Tucker Horace G. 
Tucker James C. 
'Jucker Joseph W. 
Tucker Payson E. 
Tucker William W. 
Tufts Edwin 
Turner Alfred T. 
Turner Charles W. 
Turner Henry C. 
Tuttle Charles W. 
Tuttle Samuel J. 
Tuxbury Geo. W. 
Tyler Charles H. 
Tvler John 
Tvler John E. 
Tyler John S. 
Tyler Wm. C. 
Tyndale Theo. H. 
Underwood F. H. 
Underwood Guy C. 
Underwood Wm. J. 
Upham James IJ . 
tUpton Geo. B. 
Van Duzee Ira J>. 
Vaughan Alex. K. 
Veazie Joseph A. 
Vialle Charles A. 
Vila Joseph 
Vinal Paul J. 
Vincent George H. 
Vinson Thomas M. 
Vinton Alfred C. 
Vose Robert 
Vose Robert, jr. 
Wade Joseph M. 
Wade Reuben S. 
*Wadleigh Edwin A. 
Wadsworth Alex. 
Wadsworth Alex. F. 
Wakefield Enoch U. 
Wakefield Thos. L. 
Wakefield Thos. H. 
Walbridge Fred. G. 
Walcott Charles F. 
Walcott Charles H. 
Walker Clement A. 
■f Walker Henry 

Walker Svlvanua 
Wall Janu-s F. 
W.-iles Nathaniel 
W:dley Wm. P. 
fWalley Samuel H. 
Wallev William P. 
Wallis Elbridge G. 
Walsh James 
Walsh James L. 
AVard Francis J. 
Ward Joseph H. 
Ward Joseph W. 
Ward Langdon S. 
Ward Michael J. 
Ward well Henry 
Ware Darwin E. 
Ware Geo. W. jr. 
Ware Horace E. 
Warner Aaron E. 
Warner John 
t Warren Charles H. 
Warren George W. 
Warren Wm. W. 
Warren Winslow, jr. 
Washburn Alex. C. 
Washburn Benj. D. 
Washburn John M. 
Watson John C. 
Watson William F. 
Way John M. 
Webb Charles H. 
Webb Thomas H. 
Webster David L. 
Weeks Allen S. 
Welch Francis C. 
\Velch Jonathan W. 
Wellington Ambr's 
Wellington Asa 
Wellington Henry W. 
Wellington Hiram 
Wellington Jonas C. 
Wellraan John W. 
Wellman Wm. A. 
Wellman Wm L. 
Wells Henry J. 
Wells Michael F. 
Wells Samuel 
Welsh Edward J. 
Wcntworth Alon. B. 
Wentworth Sam. H. 
Wesson liConard 
tWest Benj. H. 
West Wm. H. 
Weston Thomas, jr. 
Wetherbee J. Otis 
Wheeler Alex S. 
Wheeler Charles 
Wheelock Arnold S. 
Wheelock Fordyce F. 
Wheelock John 
fAVheelock Peter S. 
Wheelwright A. C. 
Whipple John L. 
White Benj. F. 
White Edward A. 
While Henry B. 
White Horace H. 
White Rufus A. 
Whitehouse C. H. 
Whiting Albert T. 
Whitman Jas. H. 
Whitman Jos. H. 
Whitman Wm. D. A. 
Whitmarsh Wm. W. 
Whitney Calvin C. 
Whitney (Jharli-s 
Whitney Daniel H. 
Whitney Henry M. 
Whitney Wilham S. 
Whittemore B F. 
Whittemore Henry 
AVhitten Charles V. 
Whittier Chas. A. 
Whitwell Wm. S. 
Wiggin Andrew 
Wiggin Charles E. 
Wiggin Chas. E., jr. 
Wiggins .John H. 
Wightman Joseph M. 
Wilbur Asa 
Wilbur Horace B. 

fWilder James H. 
tWildcr Marshall P. 
Wilkins Fred'k A. 
Wilkins Levi 
Wilkins Samuel F. 
fWillard Joseph A. 
Willard Timothy W. 
Willcutt Levi L. 
Willey Tolman 
Williams Alfred 
Wilhams Charles F. 
Williiuns Elijah 
WilUams Franklin 
Williams George W. 
Williams H. B. 
Williams Henry W. 
Williams Horace P. 
Williams John 
Williams Jloses, jr. 
Williams Robert B. 
Williams Stephen H. 
Williams W. Roscoe 
Williamson 'Wm. C. 
Willis Clement 
Willis Rufus A. 
Willson Samuel S. 
Wilson Arthur P. 
Wilson Henry W. 
Wilson John T. 
Wilson Joseph F. 
Wilson Thomas 
Wilson Wm. Henry 
Winnett Jason 
Winship F. Lyman 
Winslow Edward 
Winslow Frank 
Winslow Henry H. 
Wise Edward 
Witherbee John B. 
Witherell Emory F. 
Withington Wm. 
Woodberry Chas. D. 
Woodbury Charles 
Woodbury Jesse P. 
Woodman Chas. T. 
Woodman Horatio 
Woodside Franklin 
Woolson James A. 
■SVorcester Francis 
Worthington Roland 
Worthley Geo. H. 
tWright Albert J. 
Wright Albert J. jr. 
Wright Alvah W. 
Wright A. Bliss 
Wright Can oil D. 
Wright Edwin 
*Wright Isaac H. 
Wright James J. 
Wright John S. 
Wright Smith 
Wynian Abraham G. 
Wyman Asa, jr. 
Wj'man Ferd. A. 
Wyman Isaac C. 
Young Louis W. 
Young P. Ambrose 

Adams James 
Adams Sidney E. 
Adams Simeon P. 
Avery J. Edward 
Ayers Oliver 
Bacheller Melville C. 
Bailey Andrew J. 
Bamrick John T. 
Bigelow Lyman H. 
Bradford Duncan 
Bragg Henry W. 
Bridge Abel E. 
Brown Benjamin F. 
Burgess Henry C. 
Butler John H. 
Cartee Cornelius S. 
Chamberlain L. W. 
*Childs Francis 
Clark Bradley M. 
Coburn Ethan N. 
Cooper Gilbert D. 
Cotton Joseph H. 

*Dana James 
Darling Edwin H. 
Devens Thomas M. 
Devereanx John N. 
Doane Thomas 
Drury William H. 
Elliott Thomas J. 
*Field Charles 
Fisher Alvin L. 
Frothinghr.m F. E. 
Frothinsham II. K. 
Furber\Villiam 11. 
Gardner John 
Gitt'ord Nathan B. 
Hall Gustavus V. 
Harris Samuel T. 
Harris 'William H. 
Hart Joseph S. 
Ilichborn William 
Hicks John W. 
Hildrcth Charles H. 
Hill Jo.seph W. 
Holbrook Moses 
Howe Walter 
*Hull Livcrus 
Jacobs George H. 
Kelso George R. 
Kent William H. 
Kettell George P. 
La wren cjkEJ ward 
Littlefield George S. 
Long William B. 
Miller William H. 
Morss Anthony S. 
Murdock Jud.son 
fNorton Eugene L. 
O'Brien James W. 
Oldham Jonathan 
Parker Retire H. 
Peaslee Edwin W. 
Peirce William 
Peirce William W. 
fPerkins Israel 
Pettingill John W. 
Pickering James F. 
Prescott George W. 
Priest John T. 
tPulsifer Bickford 
Rand Caleb 
Raymond Olvin F. 
Reed Franklin O. 
Reed Jo si ah T. 
Rice Willard 
Robinson T. S. G. 
Sawyer Charles W. 
*Sawyer Timothy T. 
Sawin Samuel D. 
Shedd Abraham B. 
Sherburn 'William 
Stacey Benjamin F. 
Stearns William S. 
Stone Amos 
fStone James M. 
Stone Jonathan 
jStone Phinehas J. 
Stone Phinehas J. jr. 
Sweney Charles E. 
*Swift Erdix T. 
Tenney Charles 8. 
Thompson Edwin 
Thorndike Edward 
Torrey Everett 
*Walker Edwin G. 
Walker Henry A. 
fWarren Geo. Wash. 
Weston D.avid B. 
White Rufus A. 
Williams Daiiiel 
Willson Samuel S. 
Wolston John .K. 
Woodman Edwin 

Bennett Joseph 
Bennett Wm. F. 
Braman Isaac G. 
Howe George H. 
Kingsley Daniel 
Mason Augustus 
Norton Michael 
fPhilhps Samuel 



Rice Edmund 
Sinclair Albert T. 
Tisdale Geo. W. 
Trowbridge Steph.W. 
Warren "VN'ebstcr F. 
"VVarren Win. Wirt 
Winship F. Lyman 

Otis John P. 

West Roxbury. 
fAmory Jonathan 

fBillings Joseph H. 
Decatur Thomas 
Draper Abijah W. 
Dudley Ephraim M. 
English James S. 
Foss Lory B. 
Frost George S. 
Hewins James 
Jordan AiigustusC. 
Kompton George 
Leatherbee JohnW. 
Moses Theodore B. 
Motley Thomas 

Trial Justices. 

Brighton, Joseph Bennett, Stephen 
W. Trowbridge. 
Jamaica Plain, George S. Frost. 
Revere, Jonathan Harrington. 

Justices of the Peace, 

{hichiding Jitstjcc.'< of the Peace and Quorum^ fZes- 
ignatedhij a*^ and JuMices throughout the Common- 
uealth, designated by a t-) 

Chelsea, William Andrews, Ed- 
win C. Barnes, Franklin O. Barnes, 
Samuel Bassett, fHamlett Bates, 
Ralph Beatley, .John Bell, George 
C. Bosson, Charles Blanchard, Caleb 
Blodgett, jr., William V. Bowen, 
Joseph II. Bragdon, William P. 
B. Brooks, John Buck, Simeon But- 
terfield, Charles A. Campbell, Joseph 
K. Carr, jr., Charles H. Challis, 
fMellen Chamberlain, H. L. Champ- 
lin, Ira Clieever, Tracy F. 
Cheever, Jonathan L. Choate, Albert 
Dwight, John Edmands, James P. 
Farley, James P. Farley, jr., Frank 
B. Fay, John F. Fellows, Charles H. 
Ferson, Max Fischacher, Eustace C. 
Fitz, Oliver H. Flanders, John W. 
Fletcher, J G. Freeman, Rufus S. 
Frost, Benjamin J. Gerrish, William 
Gerrish, John E. M. Gilley, James 
S. Green, Thomas Green, John T. 
Hadaway, Andrew L. Haskell, 
Horatio B. Hersey, Merrill S. Hol- 
way, Charles Hubbard, Charles C 
Hutchinson, Samuel S. Jackson, 
David F. Kimball, *Henry T. Knight, 
Daniel C. Linscott, Samuel B. Logan, 
John D. Long, William H. Long, 
Isaac W. Loring, Eben W. Lothrop, 
John Low, Stillman P. Marsh, Alfred 
J. Mercer, Charles A. Merriam, Otis 
Merriam, Eugene Millikin, William 
Nichols, Samuel Orcutt, John P. 
Payson, William R. Pearmain, Jas. 
T. Phelps, Benj. Phipps, jr., Allen 
Pratt, John, M. Prince, George E. 
Rogers, Harvey Rogers, Hiram S. 
Rollins, Erastus Rugg, Abiel F. 
Saunders, Henry D. Seymour, He- 
man A. Snow, Samuel P. Tenney, 
Edward P. Tenney, John H. Tenney, 
Alonzo C. Tenney, Francis S. Tent, 
James Tent, John Warner, W. A. 
Williams, Wm. M. Jewett. 

Reynolds Frank W. 
Sanborn Francis G. 
fTolman Ebenezer W. 

Jamaica Plain. 

Bartlett Alden 
Bowditch J. Ingersoll 
Currier George O. 
Cutler Benjamin F. 
EUicott Joseph P. 
George J. Phillips 
Grcenough D. S. jr. 

James William E. 
Keyes Charles G. 
Kingsbury William E 
Little J. Russell 
Mageniiis Thomas 
Page Charles J. 
Pope Charles 
Poole Silas 
Proctor Thos. P. 
Seaver Robert 
Maccarty William 
Williams Benj. W. 
Williams Henry W. 

Revere, Charles Bird, Benjamin 
H. Dewing, Daniel T. Fuller, Jon- 
athan Harrington, -f-Wm. G. Harris, 
Ivory N. Richardson. 

Winthrop, David Bi4cher, *Ed- 
ward Floyd, Sumner Floyd, Edwin 
C. Gilman, George F. SaflFord. 


Boston, Frederic S. Ainsworfh, Ira 
Allen, Horace G. Barrows, William 
H. Campbell, O. G. Cilley, William 
M. Cornell, Hugh Doherty, Joseph 
R. Draper, George E. Evans, Vine 
H. Fitch, John S. H. Fogg, William 
H. H. Hastimzs, Paschal P. Ingalls, 
Richard M. Ingalls, John J. Mc- 
Sheehy, Edward B. Moore, Aaron 
P. Richardson, A. Chapin South- 
worth, Wm. E. Underwood, Robert 
Vose, jr., Robert White, jr., Arthur 
FI. Wilson ; Special, John W. Foye, 
Erastus W. Sanborn. 

Brighton, Isaac G. Braman, Augus- 
tus Mason. 

Charlestoivn, Duncan Bradford, 
David B. Weston. 

Chelsea, Chas. H. Walker, Joseph 
W. White, Jacob Mitchell. 

Jamaica Plain, Joseph Stedman. 

Notaries Public. 

Boston, Edwin H. Abbot, Albert 
W. Adams, Charles Ilall Adams, 
Edelbert P. Adams, Horatio Adams, 
Geo. M. Amerige, Edwin A. Al^er, 
James W. Allen, Joseph H. Allen, 
Geo. Ames, P. Adams Ames, Jona. 
Amory, Wm. S. Anderson, Samuel 
Andrews, Geo. T. Angell, Herman 
Askensay, John R. Baker, James 
Ball, Francis V. Valch, John N. 
Barbour, Samuel J. Barrows, Schuy- 
ler S. Bartlett, Elisha Bassett, Ad- 
olphus Bates, James B. Bell, Mor- 
rill P. Berry, Charles Blanchard, 
Henry T. Blodgett, Luther B'odgett, 
Duncan Bradford, Jos. R. Bradford, 
Samuel J. Bradlee, Frederick M. 
Briggs, Lloyd Briggs, Sidney Brooks. 
Charles H. Brown, Edwin W. Brown, 
John D. Bryant, Wm. John Buck- 
minster, John R. Billiard, Robert 
I. Burbank, Benjamin F. Burnham, 
Wm. W. Burrage, E. Ernest Cadiie, 



Horace P. Cliandler, Heinan W 
Cha])lin, Joseph R. Churchill, Chas 
P. Clark, Henry D. Clary, S.amue! 
W. Cliflbrd, jr., Henry E. Cobb, 
Henry A. Coffin, Abner B. Cooper 
William W. Cowles, Geortre W 
Cumniings, Benj min H. Currier 
Samuel S. Curtis, George H. Cutter 
Charles A. Davis, Henry B. Davis 
Timothy Davis, Benjamin Dean, S 
Parlcman Dexter, Chas. O. L. Dilla- 
wav, Chas. E. W. Diramock, Francis 
B. Dixon, Chas. G. Dorman, Fred' 
Dodge, Charles H. Drew, John R 
Duff, Francis S. Dyer, Robert H 
Eddy, Henry Endicott, Arthur F 
Estabrook, George W. Estabrook 
Richard Evans, George B. Faunce 
Alfred G. Fisher, Henry H. Fitch 
George H. Folger, John B. Folger 
Wm. H. Foster, Wm. S. Frost, Ben- 
jamin W. Gilbert, John E. M. Gilley 
Richard Goodman, jr., George L 
Goodwin, Theo. W. Gore, J. Brain- 
erd Hall, Richard S, Haven, Fran- 
cis Henshaw, Calvin P. Hinds 
George M. Hobbs, Wm. Hobbs, Job 
H. Hodgman, John S. Holmes, Jas 
M. F. Howard, Harrison G. Hunt 
Henry M. Hunter, S. Edwin Ireson 
Francis W. Jacobs, Geo. Wm. Jen- 
kins, Samuel Jenuison, Augustine 
Jone?, Edward J. Jones, Freeman M 
Josselyn, John H. Kimball, Geo. H 
Kingsbury, Nathan P. Lamson, Wm 
M. Lathrop, Thomas H. Leavitt 
Daniel T. S. Leland, Thomas J. Lee 
Wm. H. Lewis, Walter Littlefield 
John D. Long, Samuel C. Loud 
Samuel M. Lovejoy; Ebenr. M. Mc- 
Pherson, John Otis Mills, James C 
Morse, Andrew J. Morton, Ellis L 
Motte, William Munroe, Edward P, 
Nettleton, Jeremiah L. Newton 
Curtis C. Nichols, Byron A. Osgood 
N. Austin Parks, Claudius B. Patten 
Frederick Pease, Wm. E. Perkins, J 
Read Pember, Robert W. Pearson 
Franklin S.Phelps, Geo. Phipp8n,jr. 
Geo. H. Poor, Asa P. Potter, Charles 

E. Pratt, James W. Preston, Christo- 
pher Prince, Otis G. Randall, Chand- 
ler R. Ransom, Charles C. Read, 
John B. Rhodes, J. Avery Richards, 
Reuben L. Roberts, Edward Russell, 
Charles Russell, Geo. S. Scammon, 
Shutz L. Schuler, Francis Seaverns, 
jr., 'Oliver S. Sanford, Lauriston L. 
Scaife, Aug. E. Scott, Wm. B. Sears, 
Richard W. Sears, Daniel Sharp, 
Geo. A. Shaw, Geo. S. Shaw, George 
Sherman, Webster Sherman, George 
Shiverick, Edwin A. Simonds, Win- 
field S. Slocum, Henry H. Smith, H. 
Farnam Smith, Lebbeus W. Smith, 
John J. Spalding, Nathaniel Spooner, 
David D. Stackpole, Geo. C. Stearns, 
John G. Stetson, Joseph J^. Stone, 
Charles F. Stratton, WilHam H. 
Stubbe, Hales W. Suter, Henry B. 
Swazey, J. Watson Taylor, John O. 
Teele, Thomas F. Temple, Peter 
Thacher, Stephen Thacher, Samuel 
G. Thaxter, Chas. F. Thayer, Lucien 

B. Thompson, Newell A. Thompson, 
Wm. H. Thompson, Roscoe H. 
Thompson, Joseph Tilmann, Edward 
G. Tileston, Charles A. Tucker, 
Joseph W. Tucker, John S. Tyler, 
Joseph Vila, Chas. F. Walcott, James 
L. Walsh, Aaron E. Warner, Oliver 
Warner, Benjamin D. Washburn, 
John C. Watson, Ambrose Welling- 
ton, Frank G. Webster, George P. 
Wheeler, W. Roscoe Williams, Wm. 

C. Williamson, F. Lyman Winship, 
J. P. Gushing Winship. — Brighton, 
Bela S. Fiske, Edward P. Wi-ight. — 
Charlesloiun, James Adams, Duncan 
Bradford, WilHam Peirce. — Chelsea, 
Hamlett Bates, Charles Blanchard, 
Eben Hutchinson, John H. Kimball, 
True W. Townsend. — Jamaica 
Plain, George O. Currier. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Boston, Moses B. Tower. 
Winthrop, Edward Floyd. 




Incorporated April 2, 1731. 
Shire Towns, Worcester and Fitchburg. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency, . . 
Asst. Register of Probate and Insolvency 

Clerk of Courls, 

Assistant Clerk, • • • • 

Register of Deeds, 

Assistant Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of Houses of Correction, ■< 



Deputy Sherififa. 

AtTiol, Gardiner Lord. 

Barre, Daniel Cummings. 

Blackstone, Edmund O. Bacon. 

Bolton, Silas Holnian. 

Brookfeld, H. E. Capen. 

Clinton, Enoch K. Gibbs. 

Douglas {East) Cornelius Em- 

Fitchburg, Francis Buttrick, Silas 
Hoi man. 

Gardner (South), Lucien W. 

Grafton, S. Davis Hall. 

Milford, Samuel W. Hayward. 

North Brookfield, Luthur P. De 

Oxford, Orrin W. Chaffee. 

Southbridge, (Globe Village), Solo- 
mon Thayer. 

Spencer, Nathan Hersey. 

Uxbridge, Merrill Green. 

Warren, William Combs. 

Westborough, John W. Fairbanks. 

Winchendon, Eliphalet S. Wood. 

Worcester, David M. Earle, Ransom 
M. Gould, Edward J. Russell, Charles 


Charles N. Hair, Worcester. 
Edwin Upton, Fitchburg. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Barre, Wed. next after 2d Tu. 
of May and Oct. 

At Fitchburg, 4th Tu. of April and 

Henry Chapin, Worcester. 

Chas. E. Stevens, Worcester. 

Fredk. W. Southwick,. . ..Worcester. 

Joseph Mason, Worcester. 

John A. Dana, Worce^iter. 

Alexander H. Wilder, .... Worcester. 

Harvey B. Wilder, Worcester, 

Charles A. Chase, Worcester. 

Joseph D. Daniels, ^ 

Sam'l. A Porter, > Worcester. 

A. G. Walker, ) 

William Baker, ) 

Silas Holman, [- . 

William Kimball, ) 

Augustus B. R. Sprague,.. Worcester. 

At Milford, 2d Tu. of April and 

At Templeton, 2d Tu. of May and 

At Worcester, 1st and 3d Tu. of 
every month, except August. 

County Commissioners. 

Wm. O. Brown, Fitchburg, term 
expires Dec. 1874. Velorous Taft, 
Upton, term expires Dec. 1875. J. 
Warren BIjielow, Rutland, term ex- 
pires Dec. 1876. 

Special Commissioners, Silas Hol- 
man, Bolton, Henry E. Rice, Barre, 
terms expire Dec. 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Worcester, 
4th Tu. in Mar., 3d Tu. in June, 2d 
Tu. in Sept., and 4th Tu. of Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Fitchburg, David H. JNIerriam. 
Westborough, Arthur G. Biscoe. 
Worcester, Frank P. Goulding. 

Publio Administrators. 
Shrewsbury, Adam Harrington. 
Worcester, Fi-ancis T. Blackmer, 
James Green, jr. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Fitchburg, Edward P. Loring. 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill, Joseph 
Mason, Henry C. Rice, Geo. Al. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Athol, George W. Horr. (Depot), 

Charles Field, Nathaniel Richardson. 

Barre, James W. Jenkins. 




FUchburg, Edward P. Loring, Eb- 
enezer ToiT<^y, Geo. A. Torrey, 
Naihaniel Wood. 

Milford, James H. Barker, Thos. 
G. Ivent. 

North Brookfield, Charles W. 
Adams, Frank A. Smith. 

Oxford, Emory Sanford, Jasper 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill. 
Giles H. Whitney. 

Worcester, Henry Chapin, Charles 
A. Chase, John A. Dana, Charles W. 
Hartshorn, Joseph Mason, Elliott H. 
Peabody, George W. Richardson, 
Wm. A. Smith, Chas. E. Stevens. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Ini^lwJing Justices of the Peace and Quoyum, desig- 
nated hy a *. and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a f.] 

Ashhurnham, Melvin O. Adams, 
John L. Cummings, Daniel Ellis, jr. 
Wm. P. Ellis, Marshall Wetherbee, 
Austin "Whitney, Ohio Whitney. 
Ashhurnham_ Depot, Wilbur F. Whit- 

Atliol, Thomas D. Brooks, Henry 
M. Burleigh, Farwell F. Fay, Thomas 
H. Goods peed, Lyman W. Hapgood, 
Alpheus Harding, Franklin R. Has- 
kell, Enoch T. Lewis, Samuel M. 
Osgood. — Aihol Depot, fCharles 
Field, George W. Horr, George H. 
Hoyt, Howard B. Hunt, Nathnniel 
Richardson, Vernon O. Taylor, Wal- 
ter Thorpe. 

Auburn, Horace Hobbs, John Mel- 
lish, Demosthenes Tiffany. 

Barre, Pliny H. Babbitt, Charles 
Brimblecom, Humphrey F. Brooks, 
fEdward Denny, J. Martin Gorham, 
•James W. Jenkins, Henry E. Rice, 
Henry J. Shattuck, Edwin Woods, 
Haiding Woods. 

Berlin, Albert Babcock, "Wm. Bas- 
Bett, Rufus S. Hastings, Josiah E. 
Sawyer, Pliny B. Southwick. 

Blackstone, Estes Burdon, Silas A. 
Burgess, Arthur A. Putnam. — East 
Blackstone, Andrew Kelly. — Mill- 
ville, John C. Scott, Moses D. South- 
wick, Preserved S. Thayer. 

Bolton, Roswell Barrett, Richard 
S. Edes, Silas Holman, Solomon H. 
Howe, Edwin A. Whitcomb. 

Boylston (Centre), Charles An- 
drews, Henry H. Brigham, f John B. 
Gough, Jos. "M. Wiight. 

Brookjield, Geo. S. Duell, George 
E. Forbes, *Dwight Hyde, George 
W. Johnson, Hiram Newton, Emmons 
Twitchell. — East Brookjield, Samuel 
D. Cole, Geo. Forbes. 

Charlton, Henry Clarke, Rufus B. 

Dodge, Alfred E. Fiske, William F. 
Gale, Ahnon Sampson. 

Clinton, Daniel H. Bemis, Henry 
N. Bigelow, Elislia Brimhdl, Alfred 
A. Burdett, *John T. Dame, Franklin 
Forbes, Enoch K. Gibbs, Henry C. 
Greeley, Charles F. W. Parkhurst, 
Wellington E. Parkhurst, Edwin N* 
Rice, Charles G. Stevens, Edward G. 
Stevens, Christopher C. Stone, 
Joshua Thissell. 

Dana, Nathaniel L. Johnson, Al- 
pheus J. Nye, Charles A. Stone. — 
North Dana, Daniel Stone. 

Douglas, Warren Humes. — East 
Douglas, Fenner Bacheller, Adolphus 

F. Brown, Samuel W. Heath, Wm. 

D. Jones, Lyman Parsons. 
Dudley, Moses Barnes, jr., Wm. L. 

Davis, Ira F. Jacobs. Chas. C. Wood. 

Fitchburg, Louis D. Bartlett, Ciiag. 

J. Billings, fHiram A. Blood, Lewis 

H. Bradtord, Edward A. Brown, Wm. 

E. Brown, Wm. O. Brown, Francis 
Buttrick, Thomas C. Caldwell, Geo. 
W. Cann, Henry F. Coggshall, Frank 
E. Corey, fAlvati Crocker, Festus C. 
Currier, Edward P. Downe, Walter 
A. Fame?, George F. Fay, David F. 
Person, Charles Fessenden, Franklin 

G. Fessenden, Henry A. Goodrich, 
Samuel L. Graves, Edwin A. Harris, 
Harris C. Hartwell, Chas. S. Hayden, 
*Stillman Haynes, f Alfred Hitchcock, 
Sullivan W. Huntley, Henry Jackson, 
Asa S. Lawton, Edward P. Loring, 
Moses G. Lyon, *Chas. Mason, David 
H. Merriam, Chas. A. Morgan, fAmasa 
Norcross, Isaac H. Packard, Hale W. 
Page, fJohn B. Proctor, George Ray- 
mond, Ezra B. Rockwood, Otis T. 
Ruggles, Edward B. Sawtell, AlvinM. 
Sawyer, Abel Simonds, Chas. H. B. 
Snow, Cyrus Thurston, Charles Ti- 
mon, jr., fEbenezer Torrey, Geo. A. 
Torrey, fGeorge E. Tovvne, Edwin 
Upton, Thomas Upton, Wm. H. Vose, 
Thornton K. Ware, Joseph Willard, 
Henry A. Willis, *Nathaniel Wood, 
James M. Woodbury, William Wood- 
bury, Frederic F. Woodward. 

Gardner, John Edgell, Thomas E. 
Glazier, Chas. Hey wood, Ephraim D. 
Howe, Francis Richardson, Edward J. 
Sawyer, Simeon W. A. Stevens. — 
Souih Gardner, John M. Moore. 

Grafton, Joseph B. Adams, Al- 
phonzo A. Ballon, f Abraham M, 
Bigelow, Joseph A. Dodge, Samuel 
Harrington, Simon A. Knowles, Lu- 
ther K. Lelaijd, John McClellan, 
Jasper S. Nelson, George K. Nichols, 
*D. Webster Norcrojs, James G. Put- 
nam, George F. Slocomb, Jesse H. 
Smith, Rufus E. Warren, fJona. D. 



Wheeler, Jas. AV. White, Henry F. 
Wing, Chas. C. Wood, Jonathan H. 
Wood. — Farnuimville, Stephen R. 
White. — New England Village, Sam- 
uel A. Knox. — Sawidcrsville, Gilbert 
C. Taft. 

Hardwick, James P. Fay, Albert 
E. Knight, John F. Rich. — Gd- 
bertvUle, Wra H. Tucker, G. Albert 
Williams. — Ware^ Daniel S. Collins. 

Harvard, Trumbull Bull, Asa D. 
Farnsworth, Edwin A. Hildreth, John 
Q. A. McCollister, Enoch Perkins, 
Augustus J. Sawyer, Sam'l F. Whit- 
ney, Wm. B. AYiilard. 

Holden, Israel M. Ball, Charles 
Chaffin, Charles Flagg, Joseph H. 
Gleason, Isaac N. Ross, Jacob N. Tol- 

Huhhardston, Wm. Bennett, Wm. 
H. Morse, Levi Pierce, Lyman Wood- 

Lancaster, fFrancis B. Fay, Jacob 
Fisher, George W. Howe, Caleb T. 
Symmes, John L. S. Thompson, Solon 

• Leicester, John D. Cogswell, Chas. 
A. Denny, Joseph A. Denny, Silas 
Gleason, Cheney Hatch, David E. 
Merriam, John N. Murdock, Henry 
O. Smith. — Chei~ry Valley, Albert 

E. Smith. — Rochdale, Elbridge G. 

Leominster, Joel C. Allen, James 
Bennett, Alfred L. Burditt, Chaun- 
ceyW. Carter, Caleb C. Field, Jonas 
W.Gates, John H. Lockey, Charles 
H. Merriam, Henry S. Walker. — 
North Leominster, George S. Burrage, 
Manson D. Haws, Samuel Putnam. 

Lunenhurg, Wm. Baker, George 
A. Cunningham, Chas. A. Goodrich, 

* Cyrus Kilburn. 

Mendon, Nathan George, John G. 
Metcalf, Samuel H. Taft, Gustavus B. 

Milford, James H. Barker, Charles 

F. Chapin, Llovd H. Cook, James R. 
Davis, Henry E. Fales, Lewis Fales, 
Leander Holbrook, fThomas G. Kent, 
•JAaron C. Mayhew, Geo. G. Parker, 
Lawrence Reade, John S. Scammel, 
Andrew J. Sumner, Alvin G. Under- 
wood, Orison Underwood, Alexander 
T. Wilkinson. — Hupedaley Daniel 

Milihury, David Atwood, Henry L. 
Bancroft, George A. Flagg, Rodney 
N. Holman, John Hopkins. — West 
Milihury, Jonathan E. Waters. 

Neto Brainiree, Chas. A. Gleason, 
Josiah P. Gleason, Benj. F. Hamil- 
ton, Geo. K. Tufts, Chas. Wilcox. 

Nort?iborough, Wilder Bush, Samuel 
Clark, Walter Gale, f^ilo Hildi-eth, 

Anson Rice, Abraham W. Seaver, 
Gill Valentine, Addison S. Waite. 

Nortkbridge, Charles O. Bachelor, 
Joel Bachelor, William D. Mascroft, 
Hiram Wing. — IVJiilinsville, H. Aug. 
Goodell, fCharles E. Whitin. 

North Brooljield, f Charles Adams, 
jr., Charles W. Adams, Robert E. 
Beecher, Geo. Harwood, John Hill, 
Chas.E. Jenks, Hiram Knight. Bonum 
Nye, Joshua Porter, Augustus Smith, 
Warren Tyler, f Amasa Walker. 

Oakham, Moses O. Ayres, Mark 

Oxford, Charles A. Angell, Jasper 
Brown, Jonathan P. Dana, George F. 
Daniels, Alexander De Witt, Isaac 
B. Hartwell, Alfred W. Long, S. Wm. 
Smith, Jas. Taylor, Samuel C. Willis; 
jr. — North Oxford, Sam'l R. Barton, 
E. Harris Howland. 

Paxton, John C. Bigelow, David G. 
Davis, Silas D. Harrington, Ham- 
mond W. Hubbard, Wm Mulligan, 
George W. Partridge. 

Petersham, Collins Andrews, Steph. 

D, Goddard, John G. Mudge, Josiah 
White, Lewis Whitney. 

Phillipston, Jason Goulding, Chas. 

E. Lamb, Henry S. Miner. 
Princeton, Asa H. Goddard, Wil- 
liam B. Goodnow, David H. Gre2;ory, 
Albert C. Howe, Ephraim Osgood, 
f Charles Russell. — East Princeton, 
Wm. H. Brown. 

Royalston, Luke E. Bemis, Barnet 
Bullock, Alfred D. Raymond. — South 
Royalston, John N. Bartlett, Nahum 

Rutland, Alonzo Davis, John A. 
Harris, J. Warren Bigelow, Benjamin 
H. Tripp. 

Shrewsbury, Chas. O. Green. *Chas. 
O. Green, jr., George H. Harlow, 
Samuel I. Howe, Wm. H. Knowlton, 
George Leonard, Jonathan H. Nelson, 
Thomas Rice, Josiah G. Stone, Thos. 
W. Ward. — New England Village, 
Asa H. Allen. 

Southhoro', William H. Buck, 
Franklin Este, Jonas Fay, Francis 
Fisher, Richardson Goddard, Isaac 
Lowell Pratt, Henry S. Wheeler. — 
Cordaville, Hubbard Willson. — Fay- 
ville, Curtis Newton, Dexter Newton. 

Southbridge, Andrew J. Bartholo- 
mew, *Frederick W. Bothani, John 
M. Cochran, Sylvester Dresser, Sam- 
uel M. Lane, Manning Leonard, Dan- 
forth K. Olney, Elisha M. Phillips.— 
Globe Village, George A. Hanson, 
John O. McKinstry. 

Spencer, Joshua Bemis, George A. 
Craig, John N. Grout, Nathan Iler- 
sey, *Luther Hill, Erastus Jones, 



Tlieodore C. Proiity, Thomas A. 
Prouty, Wm. Sampson, Richard Siig- 
den, William Upham. — Charlton 
Depot, Levi A. Doane. 

Sterling, Eli Kilburn, William D. 
Peck, Ezra Sawyer. 

Sturbridge, Henry Haynes, Henry 

E. Hitchcock, Noah D. Ladd, Simon 

F. Marsh. — Fiskdale, E. L. Bates, 
David Wi'^ht. 

Sutton, Stephen B. Holbrook, Hor- 
ace Leland, Solomon Severy, David 
T. Thurston, *Jolm W. Whipple.— 
Manchaug, Wm. Abbott. — TFe.v? Sut- 
ton, Nathan Waters. — Wiltinsonville, 
Isaac B. Hartwdl, Wm. R. Hill. 

Teniplcton, Edwin G. Adams, Per- 
cival Blodgett, John M. Brown, Ger- 
ard Bushnell, Dexter Gilbert, Joshua 

B. Gould, George B. Hawkcs, Ver- 
anns P. Parkhurst, John W. Work.— 
BaldwinvUle, Stillman Cady, Gilinan 
Day. — Otter River, E. Wyman Stone. 

Upton, George S. Ball, Horace 
Forbush, William Knowlton, Levi W^. 
Tafr.— West Upton, Velorous Taft. 

Uxbridge, Asahel F. Aldrich, Val- 
entine M. Aldrich, Henry Capron, 
Francis Deane, Merrill Greene, Geo. 
AV. Hobbs, Charles A. Taft, Zadok 

A. Taft. — North Uxbridge, Arba C. 

Warren, James S. Davis, Samuel 
N. Gleason, f Joseph F. Hitrlieock. 
Joseph B. Lombard, George M. New- 
ton, William L. Powers, D. Warren 
Shepard, John Tyler. 

Webster, Hiram Allen, Edward S. 
Bradford, Frederic D. Brown, Chester 

C. Corbin, f Wm. H. Davis, John 
Hetherington, jr , Edwin May, John 

B. Hasler, John H. Stockwell, Sey- 
mour A. Tingier, Cortland Wood. 

Westboro', Curtis Beeman, Arthur 
G. Biscoe, Geo. O. Brigham, Josiah 
Childs, Sherman Converse, John W. 
Fairbanks, John A. Fayerweather. 
Jabez G. Fisher, Samuel M. Griggs, 
J. Brainerd Hall, Daniel F. Newton, 
Benj. B. Nourse, Sidney S. Turner. 

West Boytston, Albert Hinds, Geo. 
F. Howe, David P. Waite, Aaron E. 
Winter. — Oakdale, Henry F. Harris, 
Harrison E. Morton, Joseph E. 

West Broolcjield, Lyman H. Cham- 
berlin, Lemuel Fullam, Horace G. 

Westminster, Joel Merriam, Daniel 

C. Miles, Harrison G. Whitney, 
James B. Wood, Benj. Wyman. 

Winchendon, Amos W. Buttrick, 
Bethuel Ellis, «Edwin S. Merrill, 
Isaac M. Murdock, Henry W. Pierce, 
Lafayette W. Pierce, Chas. J. Rice, 

Frank B. Spalter, * Giles H. Whit- 

Worcester, Frederick E. Abbott, 
fP. Emory Aldrich, Amos C Allen, 
Chas. Allen, Charles F. Allen, Lucius 
S. Allen, James G. Arnold, Henry 
Bacon, Peter C. Bacon, Benjamin A. 
Ball, Geo. H. Ball, Phiueas Ball, 
Chas. Ballard, James H. Bancroft, 
Frederick J. Barnard, Lewis Bar- 
nard, Wm. C. Barbour, AVm. S. Bar- 
ton, Daniel W. Bemis, Merrick Bemis, 
James H. Benchley, Sam'l T. Bigelow, 
Edward F. Bisco, Francis T. Black- 
mer, Harrison Bliss, John H. Brooks, 
George A. Brown, John P. BufFum, 
fAugustus G. Bullock, Asa L. Bur- 
bank, Charles W. Burbank, Charles 
H. Burleigh, Albert C. Buttrick, 
Nathan H. Chandler, fHenry Chapiii. 
fAnthy. Chase, Charles A. Cuase, 
Samuel H. Colton, Edwin Conant, 
Miriek H. Cowden, William. Cross, 
Augustus N. Currier, Albert W. 
Curtis, Alfi-ed W. Dana, Caleb 
Dana, *John A. Dana, Jcseph D. 
Daniels, Edward L. Davis, f Isaac 
Davis, Joseph E. Davis, William S. 
Davis, Jonathan Day, Frederick B. 
Deane, William S. Denny, fFrancis 
H. Dewy, Thomas H. Dodge, J\L 
Drennan, David M. Eirle, fJo'm 
Milton I].irle, Barnard D. Eastman, 
A. Jones Eaton, Lyman A.Ely, Geo. 
H. Estabrook, Jones E. Estabrook, 
DanaK. Fitch, Joel Fletcher, Francis 

A. Gaskill, W^illiam A. Glle, Samuel 

B. I. Goddard, Milton B. Goodell, 
William S. Goodwin, Ransom M. 
Gould, Frank P. Goulding, John R. 
Greene, Henry Griffin, Julius Gun- 
ther, Chas. N. Hair, E. P. Halsted, 
Theron E. Hall, James P. Hamilton, 
Timothy W. Hammond, William B. 
Harding, Clarendon Harris, Daniel 
W. Haskins, Ossian L. Hatch, Daniel 
A. Hawkins, jr., William H. Hey wood, 
*J. Henry Hill, fGeorge F. Hoar, 
Charles A. Holbrook, Alden A. liowe, 
Henry J. Howland, Joseph A. How- 
land, Wm. E. Huse, Geo. F. Hutchins, 
Clark Jillson, Edward Kendall, Geo. 
A. Kimball, Francis H. Kinnicutt, Asa 
L. Kneeland, W^illiam S. Knight, 
Joseph B. Knox, D. Waldo Lincoln, 
William S. Lincoln, Charles F. Mann, 
David Manning, jr., Jerome F. Man- 
ning, Edwin T. Marble, Henry A. 
Marsh, *Joseph Mason, *AViUiam B. 
Maxwell, James J. McCaflferty, Ma- 
thew J. McCafFerty, James Melanety, 
Isaac S. Merriam, Henry K. JMerri- 
field, George E. Merrill, Chas. M. 
Miles, Edwin E. Moore, Charles P. 
Morse, T. Edward Murray, f Thomas 



L. Nelson. John C. Otis, Charles 
Pdcaud, Nathaniel Paine, Jcihn G. 
Park, Amos M. Parker, Henry L. 
Parker, Loren C. Parks, David F. 
Parmenter, Samuel B. Parsons. P21- 
liott H. Pe:\body, David L. Petti- 
grew, fivers Pliillips, Burton W. 
Poiter, Charles B. Pratt, fCliarles L. 
Putnam, Charles L. Redding, 
G. Reed, Charles W. Rice, Henry 
C. Rice, Herbert M. Rice, f William 
W. Rice, f Geo. W. Richardson, Jas. 
S. Roj.H'rs. Stephen Salisbury, Ste- 
paen Salisbury, jr., Edward B. Saw- 
yer, Jonathan B. Sibley, Charles E. 
Simmons, George E. Smith, G. Ed- 
ward Smith, I. C. Bates Smith, 
James Andrew Siiiith, Samuel Smith, 
AVilliam Smith. Frederick W. South- 
wick, t Augustus B. R. Sprague, 
Franklin M. Sprague, William E. 
Starr, Chas. E. Stevens, f Ehjah B. 
Stoddard, Samuel V. Stone, Peter 
Swallow, George Swan, f Putnam W. 
Taft, t Adin Thayer, John R. 
Thayer, Joseph A. Titus, Jehiel 
Todd, Julius E. Tucker, Roger F. 
Upham, Samuel Utiey, Edward W. 
Vaill, George F. Verry, Horace B. 
Virrv. James H. Wall, jr., Frederic 
W. Ward, Juvtin A. Ware, f John D. 
Washburn, William Ansel Wasliburn, 
fJohn W. Wetherell, George W.. 
Wheeler, Henry M. Wheeler, Frank- 
lin ^Vbipple, G. Henry Whitcomb, 
Charles B. Whiting, Silas Whitmore, 
Harvey B. Wilder, f Hartley Wd- 
liams, William A. Williams, Emery 
Wilson, Charles Wood, George F. 
Wood, George M. Woodward, Henry 

Trial Justices. 

Athol, Thomas D. Brooks. 

Barre, Edwin Woods. 

BrooJc/ield George S. Duel!. 

Clinton, Christopher C. Stone. 

Dana {NoriJi), Daniel Stone. 
■ Gardner, Tiiomas E. Glazier. 

Hardwick (GUbertville), G. Albert 

Leominster, Charles H. Merriara. 

Spencer, Luther Hill. 
• Templeton, E. Wyman Stone. 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock. 

Winchendon, Bethuel Ellis. 

Notaries Public. 

AshhurnJiam, Jerome W. Foster, 
John H. Wilkins. 

Atlwl, Farwell F. Fay. (Depot), 
Charles Field, George W. Horr, 
Nathaniel Riehardson. 

Barre, Charles Ibimblecom. 

Blackstone, Silas A. Hurgess. 

Brookjield, George W. Johnson. 

Clinton, Charles G. Stevens, Chas. 
M. Dinsmore. 

Douglas (East), Lyman Parsons. 

Fitchhurfi, Stlllman Haynes, Hi- 
rand C. Hitchcock, Edward P. Lor- 
ing, Amasa Norcros?, George A. Tor- 
ley, Thorton K. Ware, Nathaniel 
Wood, James M. Woodlmry. 

Gardner, Francis Rieliardson. 

Grafton, James W. White. 

Lancaster, John L. S. Thompson. 

Leicester, Chas. A. Denny, Ctieney 

Leominster, Jas. Bennett, Chauncey 
W. Carter. 

Milford, Napoleon B. Johnson, 
Thcmas G. Kent. 

MiUhiiry, Ira N. Goddard. 

NorlhbfH'Ough, Samuel Clark. 

Nnrthbridge (Whitinsville), Edward 

Oxfords Charles A. Angell. 

Southhridge, Manning Leonard, 
Calvin A. Paige. 

Spencer, Luther Hill. 

Uxhridge, John W. Capron. 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitehcock. 

Webster, John H. Stockwell. 

Westborough, Arthur G. Bis^'oe. 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill, 
Giles H. Whitney. 

Worcester, Wm. S. Barton, Charles 
M. Bent, Samuel T. BIgelow, Ed- 
ward F. Bisco, John Boyden, John 
A. Dana, A. Jones Eaton, George H. 
Estabrook, Wm. A. Gile, Wm. T. Har- 
low, J.Henry Hill, David Mannintrji-., 
Chas. A. Merrill, Wm. H. Moise, Hen- 
ry L Parker, Henry C. Rice, Saua'I 
Smith, Elijah B. Stoddard, Chas. B. 
Whiting, Hartley Williams. 


Atliol, Enoch T. Lewis. 

Barre, Henry J. Sbattuck. 

Clinton, Lucius Field. 

Fitchburg, Alfred Miller. 

Holden, David M. Parmenter. 

Milford, George B. Blake. 

Millbnrg, Henry L. Bancroft. 

Northborough, Addison S. Waite. 

Southboro' (special), Curtis Newton. 

Sturbridge, David Wight. 

Sutton (speci(d), John VV. AVhipple. 

Templeton, Charles W. Upham. 

Uxbridge, Charles E. Seagiave. 

Warren, Nelson Carpenter, Joseph 
W." Hastings. 

Webster, William H. Davis. 

Westborough ' (special), Daniel 
F. Newton. 

Winchendon, Eliphalet S. Wood. 

Worcester, Frank H. Rice, J Mar- 
cus Rice, Chas. Sibley. (.S/jeria^), Fran- 
cis T. Blackmer, Jonathan B. Sibley. 




The number of Enrolled Militia in the Commonwealth for the year 1873 
was 204,097, an increase of 3,534 over the year 1872. 

Agreeably to the provisions of Chap. 313, Acts of 1872, the number of 
companies of the Volunteer Militia were apportioned as follows : of Infan- 
try, one hundred companies ; of Cavalry, six companies, and of Light Ar- 
tillery, five compmies. These were exclusive of the two companies of Ca- 
dets. There are at the present time eighty-nine companies of Infantry, five 
companies of Cavalry, and five Batteries of Light Artillery. These are di- 
vided among counties as follows : Suffolk County, twenty-eight companies 
of Infantry, four companies of Cavalry, and two companies of Light Artil- 
lery. Middlesex County, fifteen companies of Infiintry, one company of 
Cavalry, and one company of Artillery. Essex County, fourteen companies 
of Infantry, and one company of Artillery. Bristol County, six companies 
of Infantry. Worcester County, ten comi)anies of Infantry, and one com- 
pany of Artillery. Hampshire County, two companies of Infantry. Plym- 
outh County, six companies of Infantry. Hampden County, four compa- 
nies of Infantry. Berkshire County, one company of Infantry. Franklin 
County, three companies of Infantry. 

Commander in Chief and Staff. 

Commander-in-Chief, His Excellency, William B. Washburn, Greenfield. 
Adjutant-General (with rank of Major-Gen'l), James A. Cunningham, Boston. 
Surgeon-General (loith rank of Brig-Gen'l), Wm. J. Dale, of North Andover. 
Judgs-Adoocate-Gen'l (rank Brig-Gen'L), Wm. W. Blackmar, Boston. 
Assist. Adjutant-General (with rank of Col.), Isaac F. Kingsbury, Newton. 
Assist. Surgeon-General (with rank of Col.), vacant. 
Aides-de-Camp (rank of Cols.) Francis W. PaHrey, Boston; Wm. T. Bart- 

lett, Piltsfleld ; Wm. B. Storer, Cambridge ; Geo Ripley, Andover. 
Assist. Inspector-General (rank of Col.), Joseph A. Harwood, Littleton. 

Division Commander and Staff. 

Major- General, Benjamin F. Buth-r, of Lowell. 

Assifit. Adjutant-General (rank of Col), Edgar J. Sherman of Lawrence. 

Medical Director (rank of Col.), Yorick G. Hurd, of Ipswich. 

Assist. Inspector General (rank of Lt.-CoL), Edward J. Jones, of Boston. 

Assist. Quartermaster (with rank of Lt.-CoL), George J. Carney, of Lowell. 

Aide-de-Camp (loith rank of Major), Roland G. Usher, of Lynn. 

Aide-de-Camp (wi'h rank of Major), 

Judge-Advocate (with rank of Major), Edwin L. Barney, of New Bedford. 
Engineer (with rank of Major), John W. Kimball, of Fitchburg. 

First Brigade. 

Brigadier-General, Isaac S. Burrill, of Boston. 

A.<isist. Adjutant-General (loitk raifk of Lt.-Col.) Hobart Moore, of Boston. 

Medical Director (rank of Lt.-Col), 

Assist. Inspector-General (rank of Major), Solomon A. Bolster, of Boston. 
Assist. Quartermaster (rank of Cap/.), Francis L. Gilman, of Boston. 
Engineer (with rank of Captain), Edward H. Hewins, of Boston. 
Aide-de-Camp (rank Capt.), Eben R. Frost, of Boston. 
Judge Advocate (rank Capt.), Patrick A. Collins, of Boston. 
Provost-Marshal (rank Capt.), Albert Freeman, Boston. 

Quartermaster, Walter H. Stearns, jr., of 

Vmrg eon (rank of Major), Geo. T. Perkins, 

of Boston. 
Assist. Surgeon, ■ 

First Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Henry W. Wilson, of Boston. 
Lieut.- Colonel, Alfred N. Proctor, of Boston. 
Major. John McDonough, of Boston. 
Adjutant, Franklin G. Bixby, of Boston. 

assist,, t^uigtun, 

Chaplain, Wm. H. H. Murray, of Boston. 
Mustering Officer, Albert W. Hersey, of 




A. — Boston, Capt. Nathaniel H. Kemp. 

1st Lieut., 

Id Lieut., Albert W. Tuekerman. 

B. — Boston, Capt., Henry Parkinson. 

1st LJeut., Wm. H. "Warner. 
2d Lieut., John A. Finn. 

C. — Newton, Capt., Frank N. Brown. 

1st Lieut., 

2d Lieut., Frank Edmands. 

D.— Boston, Capt. Clias. G. Davis, 
1st Lieut., Benj. R. Wales. 
2c? Lieut., Edwin R. Jenness. 

E.— Boston, C'lpt., Paul M. Foss. 
1st Lieut., .John Weigle. 
2d Lieut., Marcus J. Long. 

F. — Boston, Capt., William Evans. 

1st Lieut.. Matthew R. Walch. 
2d Lieut, Daniel Mitchell. 

G. — Boston, Capt., George G. Nichols. 

Is* Lieut., George T. Sears. 
2d Lieut.,D!xu\. G. Wiggin. 

H.— Chelsea, Capt., Stephen W. Wheeler. 
1st LAeut., Geo. W White. 
2d Lieut., John F. Cook. 

I. — Boston, Capt., Joseph T. Paget. 
1st Lieut., Cephas Fais. 
2c?. Lieut., Edward F. Bvrant. 

K. — Boston, Capt., James H. Wade. 
1st Lieut., Theodore Wilson. 
2d Lieut., 

Third Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Bradford D. Davol, Fall River. 
Lieut.- Colonel, Frederick RIason, Tnunton. 
Major, Thomas P>. Griffith, Souih Carver. 
Adjutant, Sierra L. Braley, Fall River. 
Quartermaster, Alfred H. Martine, Fall 

Sur/jeon, Joseph W. Hayward, Taunton. 
Assist. Surgeon, Ira. B. Gushing, Taunton. 
Chaplain, Alonzo H. Quint, New Bedford. 
Mustering OJicer, Wm. G. Bennett, Fall 



A. — Halifax, Capt., Lysander M. Thomp- 

1st Lieut., George H. Bonney, Jr. 
2d Lieut, Frank C. Hill. 

B. — Fall River, Capt., .Joseph Bowers, jr. 

1st Lieut., Wm. Richardson. 
2d Lieut., Squier Bogle. 

C — So. Abington, Capt., Timothy Reed. 
1st Lieut., Setli P. Gurney. 
2c? Lieut., Rodman T. Powers. 

D. — Fall River, C'ry;^, Valorous 0. Say- 

1st Lieut., Francis H. Capo. 
2d Lieut., Byron Spencer. 

E. — New Bedford, C^jpC, Dan'l A. Butler. 

1st Lieut., James E. Childs. 
2d Lieut., Wm. Sanders. 

F. — Taunton, Capt., Alfred B. Hodges. 
1st Lieut., Blanchurd B. Kelly. 
2d Lieut., John T. Kelly. 

G.— Taunton, Capt., Francis L. Morse. 
1st Lieut., William A. Will'ird. 
2d Lieut., Arthur JIason. 

I. — No. Bridgewater, Capt., Sam'l B. 
Is^ Lieut., Ezekiel Packard. 
2d Lieut., James A. Ide. 

K. — Abington, Capt., Timothy S. Atwood. 
1st IJeut., Nathn'l O. Holbrook. 
2d Lieut., John M. Lyon. 

L. — Carver, Capt., Ansel B. Ward. 
1st Lieut., Simeon Harlow. 
2d Lieut., Frederick E. Wood. 

M. — Plymouth, Capt., 

Isi Lieut., Herbert Morrisey. 
2d Lieut., Martin J. Hunting. 

Nintli Regiment of Infantry. 

Col, Bernard F. Finan, Boston. 
Lieut.- Col., Wm. M. Strachan, Boston. 
Major, Lawrence J. Logan, Boston. 
Adjutant, Edmund H. Fitzpatrick, Boston. 
Quartermaster. Dennis G. Quirk, Boston. 
Surgeon, Archibald E. McDonald, Boston. 
Assist. Surgeon, James A. McDonald, 

Chaplain, Dennis J. O'Donovan, Boston. 
Mustering Officer, Hugh A. Madden, Bos- 


A. — Boston, Capt., Patrick Houghton, jr 
1st Lieut., Jas. P. J. Haney. 
2d LAeut., William Fitzsimmons. 

B. — Boston, Capt., Dennis J. Gorman. 

1st LJeut., John I). Kelly. 
2d Lieut., John B. McAleer. 

C. — Boston, Capt., Edward B. Meehan. 

1st IJeut., Michael J. Mahoney. 
2d Lieut., Francis J. Doherty. 

D. — Boston, Capt., 

1st Lieut., Michael H. Loughlin. 
2d Lieut., John T. Q'Connor. 

E. — Boston, Cnp)t., . 

1st Lieut., Eugene E. Montgomery. 
2d lAeut., . 

F. — Boston, Capt., John B. Reardon. 

1st LieiU., . 

2d Lieut., Patrick B. Murphy. 

G. — Boston, Capt., Thomas J. Harrington. 

1st Lieut., 

2d Lieut., Wm. H. Crowley. 

II. — Boston, Capt., Charles E. Lyons. 
1st Lieut., Dan' I .1. Sweeney. 
2d Lieut., Jolm J. Cotter. 

I, — Boston, Capt., James .T. Flynn. 

1st Lieut., Matthew J. Callahan. 
2d Lieut., Lawrence J. Ford. 

K. — Boston, Capt., George A. J. Colgan. 
1st Lieut., William Barry. 
2d Lieut., Thomas F. Murray. 



First Battalion of Infantry. 

Ifajor, Austin C. Wellington, Boston. 


Quartermaster, Theodore D. Whitney, 

Surfjeon, , Boston. 

Mustering Officer, Lowell B. Hiscock, 


A. — Boston, Cf^J^, Nicholas N. Noyes. 
Ist Lieut., Geo. 0. Noyes. 
2d Lieut., Geo. H. Thom. 

B. — Boston, Capt., . 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., George H. Eldridge. 

D. — Boston, Co2}i , Henry A. Thomas. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., Philip M. Fowler. 

E. — Boston, Capt., John W. W. Marjoram. 
1st Lieut., \Vm. J. Fitzemeyer. 
2d Lieut., Giles R. Alexander. 

Second Battalion of Infantry. 

Major, Lewis Gaul, Boston. 
Adjutant, William G. Butler, Boston. 
Quartermaster, .James W. Somers, Boston. 
Surgeon, Jas. T. Still, Boston. 
Mustering Officer George W. Lowther, 


A. — Boston, Capt., James B. Watkins. 

1st Lieut., Chas. F. A. Francis. 
2d Lieut., James H. Greenige. 

B. — New Bedford, Capt. 

1st Lieut., Jas. R. Reynolds. 
2d Lieut., George Delavan. 

First Baattlion of Cavalry. 

Lieut.- Col. , John H. Roberts, Chelsea. 
Major, George Curtis, Boston. 
Adjutant, Edward C. Colman, Boston. 
Quartermaster, Edward A. Osgood, Boston. 
Surgeoii, Oran G. Cilley, Boston. 
Mustering- Officer, Fred. I. Clayton, Chel- 


A. — Boston, Capt., Thomas W. NeaL 

1st Lieut., Cyrus C. Emery. 
2d Lieut., George S. Holt. 

B. — Boston, Capt., David Scott. 

1st Lieut., jMoses F. Webster. 
2d Lieut., Thomas Cowan. 

C — Boston, CajH., William H. Roberts. 
1st Lieut., Kelsey M. Gilmore. 
2d Lieut., Henry L. Page. 

D. — Boston, Capt., John A. Scott. 
1st Lieut., Aaron A Hall. 
2d Lieut., John Newcomb. 

First Battalion of liiglit Artillery 

Major, Dexter H. Follett, Boston. 
Adjutant, Browiiell Granger, Boston. 
Quartermaster, D. Foster Farrar, Boston. 
Snrgeon, John P. Ordway, Boston, 
Mustering Officer, Jacob PfafF. 


A. — Capt., Edwin C. Langley. 
1st Lieut., Ira C. Foster. 
1st Lieut., John F. Murray. 
2d Lieut., Isaac Chase. 
2d Lieut., 

B.— Capt., Charles W. Baxter. 
1st Lieut., Horace J. Hooton. 
Is' Lieut., Nicholas T. Appollonio 
2d Lieut., Thomas J. Tute! 
2d Lieut., Charles W. Reed. 

Second Brigade of Infantry. 

Brigadier-General, George H. Peirsou, of Salem. 

Ass^L Adj.-Gen. (rank Lt.-Col), Eben Sutton, North Andover. 

Medical Director, " " William Ingalls, of Boston. 

Ass't Inxpectnr-Geii'l (with rank of Major), Joseph A. Ingalls, Swampscott. 

Aide-de-Camp, (with rank of Captain), Loring W. Muzzey, Lexington. 

AssH Quartermaster (with rank of Captain), Daniel W. Lawrence, Medford. 

Engineer (with rank of Captain), Hugh Cochrane, Maiden. 

Judge Advocate (rank Captain), 

Fifth Regiment of Infantry. , 

Colonel, Walter Everett, Boston 
Lieut. Col. Cyrus Tay, Woburn. 
Major, Ezra J. Trull, Boston. 
Adjutant^ B. Frank Stoddard, Boston. 
Quartermaster, Horace S. Perkins, Salem. 
Surgeon, Edward J. Forster, Boston 
Assi. Surgeon, Benj. A. Sawyer, Haverhill. 

Ch I plain, 

Mustering Officer, Geo. D. Putnam, Salera. 


A. — Boston, Capt., Frank W. Pray. 
1st Lieut., John E. Phipps. 
2d Lieut., Henry G. Jordan. 

B. — Somerville, Cit/j^., Chas. F. King. 
1st Lieut., Rudolph Kramer. 
2d Lieut., Frederick Kramer. 

C — Cambridge, Capt., George P. How. 

1st Lieut., 

2d Lieut., Henry J. Walcott. 

D. — Boston, Capt., Fred. B. Began. 
1st Lieut., Michael J. Singleton. 
2d Lieut, William J. Debus. 

E. — Medfoi-d, Capt, Isaac F. R. Hosea. 
1st Lieut., Jophanus H. Whitney. 
2d Lieut., Samuel G. Jepson. 



F. — Medford, Copt., Warren W. Manning. 

\st Li tut., Frederick \V. Dorr. 
2d Lieut., Cliarles F. Dane. 

G. — Woburn, Capt., Alonzo L. Richardson. 

1st Lieut., Alonzo T. Young. 
2d Lieut., Marcellus Littlefield. 

H. — Boston, Capt., Guilford S. Ladd. 
1st Lieut., Joseph M. Foster. 
2d Lietit., Frank D. Woodbury. 

I. — Hudson, Capt , John F. Dolan. 

1st Lieut., Edward L. Powers. 
2d Lieut, Frederick 0. Welsh. 

K. — Cambridge, Capt., George A. Keeler. 
lit Lieut., John C. S_vlvia. 
2d Lieut., Wm. L. B. Robinson. 

Sixth. Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Melvin Beal, of Lawrence. 
Lieut.- Co!., Benj. F. Goddard, of Lowell. 
Major, Smith XL Decker, Lawrence. 
Adjutant, Clias. C. Whitney, of Lawrence 
Quartermaster, James G. Abbott, of Law- 
Hurgeon, George W. Sargent, of Lawrence. 
Asst. Surgeon, Geor^re E. Pinkham, Lowell. 
Chaplain, Geo. W. Perry, of Lawrence. 
Mustering Officer, Chase Philbrick, Law- 


A. — W.akefield, Capt., .Tohn M. Cate. 

1st Lieut., George K. Gilmaii. 
26? Lieut., Albert Mansfield. 

B. — Groton, Capt., Josiah S. Williams. 

1st TAeut., Charles F. Williamson. 
2d Lieut., Parker J. Kemp. 

C — Lowell, Capt., Charles H. Kimball. 
1st lAeut., Charles F. Tilton. 
2c? Lieut., Charles H. Brown. 

D. — Lo\Yell, Ca2)t., James M. Torsey. 

1st Lieut., Alfred J. Hall. 
2d Lieut., Edwin W. Bartlett. 

E. — Acton, Capt., Edward C. Whitney. 

1st Lieut., Henry Parsons. 
2d Lieut., Ambrose M. Page. 

r. — Haverhill, Capt., Richard B. Brown. 
1st Lieut., John N. Ellsworth. 
2d Lieut., Frank A. Dow. 

G. — Lowell, Capt., Albert Pinder. 

1st Lieut., Charles H. Richardson. 
2d Lieut., Henry M. Thompson. 

II. — Lowell, Capt. Timothy Leahey. 

1st TJeuL, Owen McDermott. 
2d Lieut., Richard Comerford. 

I. — Lawrence, Capt., Timothy Deacey. 
1st Lieut., Timothy Riordan. 
2d Lieut., Michael Murphy. 

K. — Lawrence, Capt., Lawrence N. Du- 
1st Lieut., .Tosiah C. Flanders. 
2d Lieut., George W. Town. 

Klgllth Regiment of Infantry. 

Oilonel, Benjamin F. Peach, jr., of Lynn. 
Lieut- Col , Francis E, Porter, of Beverly. 

Major, David W. Low, of Gloucester. 
Adjutant, Abrani EL Berry, of L\nn. 
Quartermaster, Chas. E. Kimball, of Lynn. 
Surgeon, John L. Robinson, of Wenham. 
Ass't Surgeon, Preston M. Chase, Danvers. 
Chaplain, Kllerj- C. Butler, Beverly. 
Mustering Officer, Wm. N. Tyler, Melrose. 


A. — Newburvport, Capt., Edward F. Bart- 

1st Lieut., Dennis W. Quill. 
2d Lieut., Henry Walsh. 

B. — Newburyport, Capt., Chas. L. Avers. 

1st IJeut.f Samuel W. Tuck. 
2c? Lieut., John W. Sargent. 

C. — iMarblehead, Capt, Benj. Pitman. 
1st Lieut., Charles H. O'Hare. 
2d Lieut., George W. Horaan. 

Do — Lj'nn, Capt., Edward C. NeaL 
1st Lieut., .John G. Warner. 
2d Lieut., George A. Fuller, jr. 

E. — Beverlj', Capt., Hugh J. Munsey. 

1st Lieut., Benjamin F. Herrick. 
2d Lieut., Charles L. Dodge. 

F. — Lvnn, Cnj}t., .Tosiah F. KimbaU. 

ist Lieut , William H. Gale. 
2d Lieut., William J. Clark. 

G. — Gloucester, Capt., Chas. H. Pew, 2d. 

1st Lieut., George W. Caswell, jr. 
2d Lieut., Richard C. Lawrence. 

H. — Salem, Capit., . 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., Jonathan Osborn. 

I. — Lynn. Capt., Jeremiah C. Bacheller. 
1st Lieut., Charles C. Fry. 
2d Lieut., James F. Pool. 

K. — Salem, Capt., Winsor M. Ward. 
1st Lieut., (Charles C. Jewell. 
2d Lieut., James A. Leonard. 

Company F Unattaclied Cavalry 

Captain, Christopher Roby. 
Adjutant, H. Herbert Emerson. 

1st Lieut., 

2c? Lieut., Benjamin F. Day, 
Ass't Surgeon, Levi Howard. 

Second Battalion of Light 

Major, George S. Merrill, Lawrence. 

Adjutant, James Ingalls, Methuen. 

Quartermaster, D. Frank Robinson, Law- 

Surgeon, Edmund Seyffarth, Lawrence. 

Mustering Officer, J. Spencer Drayton, 

C.— Capt., Clark B. Baldwin. 

1st Lieut., Charles 0. Boyd. 

" _ " Jacob M. Ellis. 
2d Lieut. H. Frank Nevins. 

'* " Benj. F. Cannon. 

D. — Capt., George G. Durrell. 
1st Lieut., .Tohn Slican. 
" " Wallace M. Priest. 
2c? Lieut. Alonzo Joy. 
" " Frank A. Bryant. 



Third Brigade. 

Brigadier-General, Robert H. Chamberlain, of Worcester. 

Ass't Adj. -General (rank Lieul.-CoL), Joseph A. Titus, Worcester. 

Medical Director (rank LieuL-CoL), Samuel Flagg, Worcester. 

Ass't In^peclor-G eneral (rank 3Iajor), Henry M. l^liillips, Springfield.'t Quartermaster (rank Captain), Charits S. Chapin, Worcester. 

Engineer (rank Captain), . 

Aide-de-Camp (rank Captain), Edward B, Hamilton, Worcester. 
Judge Advocate (rank Captain), Henry A. Willis, Fitchburg. 

Second Regimeut of Infantry. 

Colonel, Joseph B. Parsons, of Northamp- 

Lieut- Col., Homer G. Gilmore, of Spring- 

Major, Embury P. Clark, of Holyoke. 

Adjutant {j-ank of Isl Lieut.), Eugene D. 

Capron, of Springfield. 
Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), Joseph 
D. Parsons, of Northampton. 

Surgeon (rank of .Major). Horatio G. 
Stickney, of Springfield. 

Chaplain, Charles E. Swan, of Northamp- 

Asst Surgeon (rajik of 1st Lieut.), David 
Clark, of Springfield. 

Mustering OJficer, Byron Porter, Spring- 


A. — Greenfield,, Anson Witliey. 

\st Lieut., . 

id Lieut., Geo. E. Salisbury. 

B. — Springfield, Capt., Rob't J. Hamilton. 

1st Lieut, Newton E. Kellogg. 
2d Lieut., Willard W. Sawyer. 

C. — Amherst, Capt., Lorenzo Draper. 
1st Lieut., Frank E. Diokinson. 
id Lieut., 

D. — Westfield, Capt., Andrew L. Bush. 

1st Lieut., Edwin B. Smith. 
2d Lieut., Phineas Solomon. 

E. -Pittsfield, Capt., Henry S. Briggs. 

1st Lieut., George R. Lingenfelter. 
2d Lieut., Jason N. Shepardson. 

F. — Northampton, Capt., . 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., 

G. — Springfield, Capt., Francis E. Gray. 
1st Lieut., James N. Dodge. 
2d Lieut., A. H. G. Lewis. 

H. — South Deerfield, Capt., Charles S. 
1st Lieut., Benj. F. Bridges. 
2d Lieut., Charles Stowell. 

I. — Shelburne Falls, Capt., Herbert B. 
1st Lieut., R. Smith Perry. 
2d Lieut., Frederick W. Merriam. 

K. — Holyoke, Capt., Edwin A. Ramsay. 
1st Lieut., George E. Whitaker. 
2d Lieut., Joseph W. Moore. 

TeutU Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, James May, of Fitchburg. 

Lieut. -Colonel, James M. Dreunan, of Wor- 

Major, John F. Searle, of Worcester. 

Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut.), Herbert 0. 
Morse, of Fitchburg. 

Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), Heiirf 
S. Hitchcock, of Fitchburg. 

Surgeon [rank of Major), George Jewett, 
of Fitchburg. 

Chaplain, George S. Ball, of Upton. 

Ass't Surgeon {rank of 1st Lieut.), William 
_ H. Hildreth, of Fitcliburg. 

Mustering Officer,Ge.o. E. Davis, Fitchburg. 


A. — Worcester, Capt., William H. King. 
1st Lieut., Charles H. Parker. 
2d Lieut., Edwin R. Shiimway. 

B. — Fitchburg, Capt., George E. Good- 
1st Lieut., Henry G. Green. 
2d Lieut., Herbert E. Caswell. 

C — Worcester, Capt., John J. Upham. 
1st Lieut., Asa N. Wlieeler. 
, 2d Lieut, Ira Woodcock. 

D. — Fitchburg, Capt, William P' wen. 
1st Lieut., Frank W. Bigelow. 
2d Lieut., Wm. J. Winch. 

E. — Ashburnham, C'ipt., Walter 0. Parker. 
1st Lieut., Eugene A. PutTer. 
2d Lieut, John H. Stoddard. 

F.— Milford, Capt, Henry E. Fales. 
1st Lieut., Oliver 1). Holmes. 
2d Lieut, William Walsh. 

G. — Grafton, Capt., Henry Mann. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut. 

H. — Westminster, Capt., Ewd. P. Miller. 
1st Lieut., Edward S. Kendall. 
2d Lieut., Lyman M. Drury. 

I. — Sterling, Capt., Chas. A. Tenney. 
1st Lieut., William H. Sawyer. 
2d Lieut, William C. Divoil. 

K. — Leominster, Capt., Eugene A. Ben- 
1st Lieut, Charles D. Pierce. 
2d Lieut, Frank W. Polley. 



First Company of Cadets 

Lieut.-Col., Thomas F. Edmands. 
Major, Charles P. Horton. 
Surgeon (loith rank of Major), B. 

Captain and Paymaster, 

Adjutant, John I). Parker, jr. 
Quartermaster, Charles E. Stevens. 
Ist Lieut., Wm. F. Lawrence. 
1st Lieut., William E. Perkins. 

1st Lieut., . 

1st Lieut., Francis L. Higginson. 


Second Company of Cadets 

Lieut.-Col., A. Parker Browne. 
Capt. and Paymaster, Samuel Dalton. 
Adjutant, J. Frank Dalton. 
Quartermaster, Edward A. Simonds. 
Surgeon, William F. Southard. 
1st Lieut., Edward Hobbs. 
1st Lieut., Charles H. Masury. 
2d Lieut., James Pope. 
2d Lieut., John W. Hart. 
2d Lieut., Henry Newhall. 

The following Military Company consists mainly of Officers of other corps 
of Mlitia. 


Officer for 1873-74. 

Captain Major Ben. Perley Poor. First Lieutenant, Captain Edwin R. Frost. Second 
Lieutenant, Major Charles W. Wilder. Adjutant, Captain William H. Cunily. First 
Sergeant of In /antry. Captain Joshua M. Cuslnn<j. Second Sergeant of Infantry, Cap- 
tain Caleb E. Nielulir. Third Serqeant of Infantry, Colonel Cliarles H. Porter. Fourth 
Sergeant of Infantrij, Captain David Whiston. Fifth Sergeant of Infantry. Major 
George Curtis. First Sergeant of Artillery, Captain Thomas F. Temple. Second Ser- 
geant of Artillery, Lieutenant Cliarles O. Burrill. Third Sergeant of Artillery, Captain 
Jacob .Slllowav, Jr. Fourth Sergeant of Artillery, Mr. George D. Fenno. Fifth Sergeant 
of Artillery, ilr. David F. Hall. Treasurer and Paymaster, Captain John G. Roberts. 
Cleric and As.iistant Paymaster. Lieutenant George H. Allen. Quartermaster, Captaia 
Charles S. Lambert. Armorer, Captain Richard M. Barker. 



Office, 34 Pemberton Square, Boston. 


Chief Constable of the Commonwealth, 

GEORGE W. BOYNTON. . . . Office, 24 Pemberton Sq., Boston. 

Thomas P. Bagley. 
Daniel C. Jones. 
William K. Jones. 

Detective Force. 

James P. Wade. 

Chase Philbrirk. 
Hollis C. Pinkham. 
Francis M. Smith. 

Clerical Department. 

Gustavus Andrews. 
Charles W. Hastings. 

Charles P. Dodge. 
John M. Whitcomb. 



Constables of tlic Coninioiiwcaltli. 

Barnstable County. 

Isaiah C. Inman, Dennisport 
Raymond Ellinuton, Provincetown 
Benja,min II. Matthews, Yarmouth- 

Berkshire County. 

Geo. W. Geaiy, Joel A. Hunter, 

Moses H. Pease, Lee 
Austin W. Kellogg, Pittsfield 

Bristol County. 

Kobert Grossman, 2d, Reuben M. 

Colby, Taunton 
David Dean, Albert P. Sampson, 

Fall River 
Wm. H. H. Allen, New Bedford 

Dukes County. 
Jason L. Dexter, Edgartown 

Essex County. 

Edward P. Moore, Haverhill 

Wm. H. Tozer, Ipswich 

Richard C. Hale, Samuel W. Tuck, 

Melvin Beal, Benj. B. Roberts, 

Hiram W. Carpenter, Georgetown 
Nath'l M. Jackman, Salem 
John F. Brown, John E. Smith', Lynn 
Joseph A. Moore, Gloucester 

Franklin County. 

Henry C. Snell, Greenfield 
George H. Phelps, Northfield 
Geo. A. Bates, Shelburn Falls 

Hampden County. 

Frank J. Burlen, Patrick H. Casey, 

Henry F. Hutchinson, Geo. H. Ran- 
dall, Arthur H. Smith, Springfield 

Hampshire County, 

"William E. Lewis, Ware 
Aaron Barton, Elijah N. Sampson, 

Middlesex County. 

Geo. N. Bramhall, Joseph Neenan, 
John B. Sniithers, Cambridge 

Benj. F. Baker, Hopkinton 

Josiah A. Bean, Natick 

John S. McAdoo, Somerville 

Francis Hinckley, Maiden 

Hosea C. Hoyt, Newton 

Simon B. Harris, Chas. M. Howe, 
Albert Finder, Lowell 

Micah B. Priest, Marlborough 

Pembroke S. Rich, Ayer 

^Vm. N. Tyler, Wakefield 

John E. Tidd, Woburn 

Norfolk County. 

N. B. Furnald, Quincy 
Kilburn R. Clifford, Stoughton 
Chas. F. Hammond, So. Weymouth 
Isaac Porter, South Braintree 
Lewis R. Whittaker, Franklin 

Plymouth County. 
James B. Collingwood, Plymouth 
Uriah Macoy, Bridgewater 
George C. Pratt, Abington 
Wm. S. McFarlin, Wareham 

Suffolk County. 

Christopher T. Bailey, Charles Booth, 
Chas. A. Cannon, Harrison G. Cole, 
Geo. A. J. Colgan, Daniel A. Cronin, 
Sidney A. Copeland, Benj. P. El- 
dridge, Andrew J. Garey, Harvey C. 
Gifford, Albert Gilman,' Edmund H. 
Gray, John Green, James J. P. 
Haney, M. V. B. Hersom, Edward 
W. Hudson, John Kennealy, Thomas 
H. Lucy, William H. Warner, Henry 
P. Weale. 

Worcester County. 

Abijah Brown, Bolton 
IJorace W. Bush, Brookfield 
Henry S. Hitchcock, Fitchburg 
Charles W. Davis, Templeton 
Samuel J. Fletcher, Whitinsville 
Augustus W. Keene, Milfbrd 
Solomon Shumway, Webster 
Harrison H. Comings, James M. 
Drennan, Worcester 




State Almshouse at Tewksbury. 

Francis H. Nourse, Lowell ; Geo. 
P. Elliot, Billerica; Daniel E. Saffbrd, 
Hamilton, Jnspeclois. Thomss J. 
Marsh, Superintendent. 
State "Workhouse at Bridgewatsr. 

John B. Hathaway, Fall River 
Joshua E. Crane, Bridgewater ; Jo- 

seph B. Thaxter, Hingham, Inspec- 
tors. Nahum Leonard, jr., Supt. 

State Primary School at Monson. 

Eleazer Porter, Hadley ; Gordon 
M, Fisk, Palmer; Lewis N. Gilbert, 
Ware, Inspectors. Horace P. Wake- 
field, Superintendent. 


State Lunatic Hospital at Northamp- 
ton, Mass. 

Incorporated 1856. 

Trustees, Silas M. Smith, Esq., 
Northampton ; Hon. Eliphalet Trask, 
Springfield ; Heury L. Sabin, M.D., 
Williamstown ; Hon. Edmund H. 
Sawyer, Easfhampton; Edw. Hitch- 
cock, M.D., Amherst. 

Resident Officers, Pliny Earle, A. 
M. M.D., Physician and Superin- 
tendent; Edward B. Nims, M.D., 
Asst. Physician; Edward R. Spauld- 
ing, M.D., 2d Asst. Physician; Wal- 
ter B. Welton, Clerk. Treasurer, 
Pliny Earle, Northampton, oflfice at 
the Hospital. 

The Worcester Lunatic Hospital 

Was founded by the State, and was 
first opened for patients Jan. 18, 1833. 
It has of late been sustained by the 
price of board of patients. The charge 
is S3. 50 and S15.00 per week lor State 
and town patients ; for private pa. 
tients, So. 00 and upwards. Patients 
are committed by order of Judges of 
Probate, by Overseers of the Poor, 
by warrant from the Governor, and 
by private bonds, with sworn certifi- 
cates of insanity from two ph\sicians. 

Trustees, R. W. Hooper, iM.D,, Bos- 
ton ; Gen. W. S. Lincoln, Hon. Hen- 
ry Chapin, Col. John D. Washburn, 
Worcester; James B. Thayer, Esq., 

Resident Officers: Superintendent, 
B. D. Eastman, M.D. ; Asst. Supt. 
John D. Park, M.D.; Asst. Phijsl- 
cians, Mary Stinson, M.D., H. M. 
Quimby, M.D. ; Steward, Solon Wild- 
er ; Treasurer, John D. Washburn. 

State Lunatio Hospital, Taunton. 
Trustees, Le Baron Russell, Bos- 
ton ; Charles R. Atwood, Taunton ; 
George Howland, jr.. New Bedford ; 

Oliver Ames, North Easton ; Simeon 
Borden, Fall River. 

Resident Oj^cers, William W. God- 
ding, M.D., Superintendent; William 
H. Gage, M. D., Assistant Physician ; 
John Kittredge, Treasurer and Clerk, 

Massachusetts General Hospital, 
Blossom Street, Boston. 

Incorporated 1811. 

Edward Wigglesworth, President; 
Nathaniel Thayer, Vice-President ; J 
Thomas Stevenson, Treasurer ; Thos. 
B. Hall, Secretary ; Henry B. Rogers, 
James M. Beebe, Charles H. Dalton, 
Samuel Eliot, E. Francis Bowditch, 
Samuel G. Howe, Chas. R. Codman, 
Charles H. Dalton, Edmund Dwight, 
Geo. E. Ellis, George S. Hale, Henry 
P. Kidder, Samuel D. Warren, Trus- 

Officers of the Hospital. — 
Norton Folsom, M.D., Resident Physi- 
cian and Superintendent. George C. 
Shattuek, M.D., Francis Minot, M.D., 
Calvin Ellis, M.D., Samuel L. Abbot, 
M.D., Henry K. Oliver, jr., M.D., 
Benjamin S. Shaw, M.D., Visiting 
Physicians. Henry J. Bigelow. M.D , 
Henry G. Clark, M.D., Samuel Cabot, 
M.D., George H. Gay, M.D., Richard 
M. Hodges, M.D., Algernon Coolid-e, 
M.D., Visitlnq Surgeons, (ieorge E. 
Tarbell, M.D., David XL Hnyuen, 
M.D., William L. Richardson, ISI.D., 
Edward N. Whitthr, M.D., Physi- 
cians to Ont-patienls. Charles B. 
Porter, M.D., Joha Collins Warren, 
M.D., Henry H. A. Beach, M.D., 
Surgeons to Out-patients. James C. 
White, M.D., Physician to Out-patients 
with Diseases of the Sklih James J. 
Putnam, M.D., do. Nercous System. 
Frederick I. Knight, M.D., do. The 
Throat. Reginald H. Fitz, IM.D., Mi- 
croscopist and Curator of the Patho- 
logical Cabinet. 



Oflacera of McTjean Asylum for In- 
sane, Somerville. 

Georize F.<Jelly, M.D., Superintend- 
ent. Charles F. Folsom, F. A. Still- 
ings, , Asst. Plii/sicians, and Apothe- 
caries. Walter <I. Norfolk, Medical 
Student ^' Ajiothecary. Georije W. 
"Whittle, Steward. Mrs. Abby M. 
Whittle, Matron. Elbridge S. Up- 
hiim, Miss Lucia E. Woodward, Super- 

City Hospital, Boston. 

Harrison Avenue, opposite Wor- 
cester Square. For those only who 
require temporary relief. 

Consulting P/iysicians and Surgeons, 
Edward Reynolds, M.D., Winslow 
Lewis, M.D., John Jeffries, M.D., 
Silas Durkee, M.D., Benjamin E. 
Coitin<z, M.D., Charles E. Bucking- 
ham, M.D. Visiting Plii/sicians, John 
N. Borland, M.D., Jolin G. Blake, 
M.D., Hall Curtis, M.D., C. EUery 
Stedman, M.D., George H. Lyman, 
M.D., AVm. Read, M.D., Robert T. 
Edes, 1\LD., George J. Arnold, M.D., 
Visiting Surgeons, Chttrles D. Homans, 
M.D., "David W. Cheever, M.D., W. 
H. Thorndike, M.D., W. C. B. Fifield, 
M.D., William Ingalls, M.D., George 
W. Gay, ]\LD. Ophthalmic Sur- 
geons, Henry AV. Williams, M.D., 
Oliver F. Wadsworth, M.D. Admit- 
ting Physician, E. Cowles, M.D., Supt.; 
Pathologist, \Villiani P. BoUes, M.D. ; 
Physicians to Out-patients, O. W. 
Doe, M.D., Alfred L. Haskins, M.D. ; 
Department for Skin Diseases, Out- 
patients, H. F. Damon, M.D. ; Depart 
ment for Ear Diseases, Out-patients, 
J. Orne Greene, M.D. 

Trustees for 1873-4. ^Elected by 
concurrent vote in January.] Alder- 
man, James Power. Councilmen, 
Timothy J. Dacey, James F. Mars- 
ton. At Large, Elijah C. Drew, Presi- 
dent ; Geo. W. Pope, Chas. J. Prescott, 
William A. Rust, John Goldthwait, 
Thos. L. Jenks. Superintendent, Ed- 
ward Cowles, M.D. ; office in the Hos- 
?ital ; salary $2,500, and board at the 

Applications for admission of pa- 
tients may be made between 9 and 11, 
A.M., Sunday excepted. Persons ac- 
cidently injured will be received at all 

Mass. HomcEopathic Hospital, 14 

Burroughs Place, Boston. 

Incorporated 1855. 

Henry S. Russell, President. Wm. 

Claflin, Alplieus Hardy, Rufus S. 

Frost, Isaac Fenno, Vice-Presidents. 

Frank W. Andrews, Treasurer. L. 

T. Taltiot, Secretary. Royal E. Rob- 
bins, William Pope, Chas. G. AVood, 
H. C. Ahlborn, Henry C. Angell, E. 
B. De Gersdorff, J. H. W^oodbury, 
Conrad Wesselhoeft. David Thayer, 
AV. P. Wesselhoeft, Trustees. 

Boston Lying-in Hospital, 24 Mc- 
Lean St. 
Annual meeting in May. Charles 
H. Parker, President. Francis Boyd, 
Vice-President. Thornton K. Loth- 
rop. Treasurer. Francis A. Hall, 
Secretary. Francis Minot, M.D., 
John P. Reynolds, M.D., Chas. E. 
Buckingham, M.D., Consulting Physi- 
cians. Henry Tuck, M.D., AA^illiara 
M. Richardson, M.D., Visiting Phyd- 

Boston Lunatic Hospital, South 

Clement A. AA^alker, M.D., Super- 
intendent. George H. M. Rowe, M. 
D., Assistant Superintendent. 

"Worcester City Hospital. 
Founded 1871. 

For those only who require tempo- 
rary relief. Trustees, F. II. Kelly, 
Joseph Sargent, Stephen Salisbury, 
Albert Curtis, H. H. Chamberlain, 
L. J. Knowles, J. S. Rogers. 

Consulting Board, Joseph Sargent, 
M.D., P. H. Kelly, M.D., B. D. East- 
man. Physicians and Surgeons, O. 
Martin, Joseph N. Bates, George N. 
Bates, Thomas Gage, Henry Clarke, 
Rufus AVoodward, Albert T. AA'^ood, 
George E. Francis, L. Wheeler, J. 
M. Rice, E. AVarner, J. O. Marble. 
Superintendent, L. AVheeler, M.D. 

National Sailors' Home, Quincy. 

Organized 1865. 
Alex. H. Rice, President. "SViX- 
liam Perkins, Treasurer. Joshua 
Crane, 23 Sears Building, AA'^ashing- 
ton, cor. Court St., Boston, Clerk. 

Consumptives' Home, Grove Hall, 

Opened Sept., 18G4, for the gratu- 
itous care of poor, sick with con- 
sumption. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Charles Cullis, M.D., 
Physician and Superintendent. 

Lowell Hospital Association. 
Hospital, Merrimack, corner Paw- 
tucket Street. Organized in 1840, 
by the several manufacturing com- 
panies, for the benefit and medical 
care of those in their employ who 
may be sick. The agents or superin- 
tendents of the several companies are 
the Trustees. 


U. S. Marine Hospital, Chelsea. 

Surgeon in charge, Amos B. Ban- 
croft. Asiit. Surgeon, Abner Post. 
Chaplain, Andrew Bartlett. 

U. S, Naval Hospital, Chelsea. 
Medical Director, Jo?epli Wilson, 
U. S. N. Surgeon, John* H. Clark, 
U. S. N. Apothecary, Geo. W. Gan- 


Located at Charlestown. 

Samuel E. Chamberlain, Warden. Almon Hale, Deputy-Warden. Wm. 
Peiroe, Clerk. James A. Latimer, Physician. S. L. B. Speaie, Chaplain. Har- 
mon Hall, Saugus; Weston Lewis, Boston ; L. L. Goodspeed, West Barn- 
stable, Inspectors. 

Agent for Discharged Convicts, Daniel Russell, Boston. 



IsTiTUTED 1828. Located at South Boston. 

Depository and Office, 20 Bromjield Street. 

Martin Brimmer, President. Joseph Lyman, Vice-President. W^illiam 
Claflin, Treasurer. Samuel G. Howe, M.D., Director and Secretary, Thos. 
T. Bouve, Samuel Eliot, Josiah Quincy, James Sturgis, William B. Rogers, 
Augustus Lowell, George S. Hale, Benjamin S. Rotch, Joseph Lyman, 
of Boston ; E. R. Mudge, Swampscott ; Francis Brooks, Medibrd ; Edward 
N. Perkins, Brookline, Trustees. 


Eighth, between M and N Streets, South Boston. 

Samuel G. Howe, President. Emory Washburn, Vice-President. F. W. 
G. May, Treasurer. Edward Jarvis, Secretary. Samuel G, Howe. Samuel 
Eliot, Robert B. Storer, Samuel A. Green, of Boston ; Edward Jarvis, F. 
W. G. May, Emory W^ashburn, of Cambridge, Trustees appointed by the 
Corporation. John Flint, Boston ; Josiah Bartl^ft, Concord ; James B. 
Congdon, New Bedford ; Lewis Allen, Peabody ; Henry G. Denny, Boston ; 
Edwin Morton, Boston, Trustees appointed by the Governor and Council. 



Incorporated 1855. 

Board of Trustees for 1874: President, William I. Bowditch. Treasurer 
and Secretary, Gilbert L. Streeter. Trustees, William I. Bowditch, William 
Chase, Jas. Kimball, Samuel P. Andrews, Geo. R. Chapman, G. L. Streeter, 
Aaron Perkins, Thomas Nichols, jr., James B. Curwen, George B. Loriug. 
Supt., C. A. Johnson. 


Congregate and Family Asylum combined. 

Westboro'. Estahlished 1848. 

Eli A. Hubbard, Springfield ; Stephen G. Deblois, Boston ; John Ayera, 
Medford; Lucius W. Pond, Worcester; AKred S. Woodworth, Boston; 
Moses H. Sargent, Newton; Edwin B. Harvey, Wcstborough, William 
H. Baldwin, Boston ; Trustees. Samuel M. Griggs, Westborough, Treasurer. 
A. G. Shepherd, Superintendent. 



Lancaster. Established 1855. 

Frank B. Fay, Chelsea ; Georj^e B. Emerson, Boston ; Horace J. Adams, 
Lowell; John L. S. Thompson, Lancaster; Albei't Tolman, Worcester; 
Richard H. Stearns, Boston ; Robert O. Fuller, Cambridge ; Mrs. Annie T. 
Endicott, Boston; Mrs. Mary B. Clafl n, Newton; Mrs. Mary S. Lamson, 
"Winchester, Trustees. Frank B. Fay, Treasurer. Russell Sturgis, jr. 

]\Iarcus Ames, Superintendent and Chaplain. Lucy A. Proctor, Superin- 
tendent's Assistant. A. E. Boynton, Farmer. J. L. S. Thompson, M.D., 
Physician. Mrs. Susan A.. Byers, ]\lrs. Harriet P. Abbott, Mrs. Harriet F. 
Perry, Miss Eiiza G. Longfellow, Miss Isabella C. Spaulding, Matrons. 


Northampton. I^fC0RP0RATED, 1849. 

For the benefit of Indisjent Widows and Children. 
Amount of the Fund May 1, 1873 : — $1,002,217.91. 
George "W. Hubbard, President. George W. Hubbard, Hoarce Ward, 
William Keith, Trustees. 


In the State House, for the use of the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, 
the Council, tiie Sfuate, the House of Representatives, and such other 
officers of the government and other persons as may from time to time be 
permitted to use the same. 

Tiie Library is open during tlie Session of the Legislature, each day, with- 
out intermission, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on Saturday p.m., when it is 
closed at 1 o'clock. 

All persons whatsoever may use the Library for consultation or reference. 

Edwin P. Whipple, Jacob M. Manning, George 0. Shattuck, of Boston. 
Joseph White, Librarian, Ex officio. 
Sanmel C. Jackson, acting Lil»rarian. 
C. R. Jackson, E. M. Sawyer, Assistants. 


Members ex-officiis. His Excellency William B. Wasliburn, His Honor 
Thomas Tali)Ot, Hon. Oliver Warner, Secretary of the Commonwealth. 

William S. Clark, Pres. Mass. Agricultural College. 

Charles A. Goessmann, Slaie Agricultural Chemist. 

Appointed by the Governor and Council. 

James F. C. Hyde, of Newton ; Marshall P. Wilder, of Boston ; Paul A. 
Chadbourne, of Williamstown. 


Massachusetts, Charles S. Sirgent, of Brookline; Essex, George B. Loving, 
of Salem ; Middlesex, John B. Moore, of Concord ; Middlesex North, flona- 
than Ladd, of Lowtll ; Middlesex South, Jos. N. Sturtevant, of South 
Framingham; Worcester, O. B. Hadwen, of Worcester; Worcester West, 
Thomas P. Root, of Barre ; Worcester North, Eugene T. Miles, ot Fitchburg; 
Worcester North- West, Fa.vvre\l F. Fay, of Athol ; Worcester South, Daniel 
Dwight, of Dudley; Worcester South-East, William Knowlton, of Upton; 
Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden, Elnathan Graves, of Williamsburg; 
Hampshire, LieviV. Warner, of Slinderland; i/i^^/anJ, Jonathan McElwain, 
of Middlefield; Hampden, Horace M. Sessions, ot Wilbraham; Hamden 
East, Horace P. Wakefield, of Monson Union, Franklm C. Knox, of Blan 


ford : Franklin, Wliltney L. Warner, of Sunderland ; Deerfield Valley, Rogrer 
H. Leavitt, of CharL-mont; Berkfthire, Ensign H. Kellojxg. of Piitsfield ; 
Hoosac Valley, John ]M. CoU', of Willianistown; Hoiisaionic, Henry S. Good- 
alt', of ]Mt Waslniigttin ; Korfoll', Elij)lialtt Stone, of Dedham ; Hingham, 
Albeit Fearing, of Hingham; Bristol, Avery P. Slade. of Somerset; Bristol 
Central, i(.]x\\ A. Hawes, of Fairhaven ; Plymouth, Cliarles G. Davis, of 
Plymouth; Marshjield, George M. Baker, of Marshfield; Barnstable, S. B. 
Phifiney, of Barnstatile; Nantucket, Andrew M. Myrick, of Nantucket ; 
Martha's Vineyard, Herman Vincent, of Chilmark ; Charles L. Flint, 


EdAvard Earle, Worcester ; Nathan Allen, Lowell ; Samuel G. Howe, 
Boston: Moses Kimball, Boston; Franklin B. Sanborn, Springfield ; S. C 
Wiiglitington, Fall River, General Agent ; P^dward L. Pierce, Milton, Sec- 
retary, office at State House; Gardiner Tufts, Visiting Agent. „ 


Henry T. Bowditch, George Derby, Secretary; Daniel L. Webster, 
Richard' Frothingham of Boston; R. T. Davis of Fall River; and John C. 
Hoadley of Lawrence. 


Office at the State House. 

The Governor and Lieutenant-Governor of the Commonwealth ex-officiis, 
and eight members, one to be appointed annually by the (Tovernor and 
Council; Henry Chapin, Worcester, Gardner G. Hubbard, Cambridge, 
William Rice, Springfield, Alonzo A. Miner, Boston, Constantine C. Esty, 
Framingham, Phdlips Brooks, Boston, Edward B. Gillett, Westfield, John D. 
Ph Ibrick, Boston. 

Joseph White, Secretary and Treasurer ; Samuel C. Jackson, Assistant Sec- 
retary ; Abner J. Phipps, Agent. 



The State Normal Schools are designed for those only who purpose to 
teach, and especially for those who purpose to teach in the Common Schools. 
Of those who avail themselves of the advantages of these Schools, and who 
afterwards become teachers in the Common Schools of Massachusetts, no 
tuition fee is required. 

There are at present four in the Commonwealth, as follows : a fifth 
about being established at Worcester. 



State Normal School, Fkaminoham. 
for females only. 

Annie E. Jolmson, Prmcipal. 

Originally established at Lexinpton, 
Ju'ly 3, 1839. Transferred in May, 
18-14. to West Ni'wtoii ; from tlience, 
in 1853, to Framingliam. 

State Normal School. Bridgewater. 

(Established 1840.) 


Albert G. Boyden, KM.. Principal. 

Male applicants for admission must 
be at least 17 years of age. Female 
applicants, 16. Tuition free. Board 
at cost. Two courses of study ; one 
of two years, another ot four years. 

State Normal School .■vt Westfield. 

(Licorporated 1844.) 


John W. Dickinson, A.M., Princi- 

This school first went into opera- 
tion at Barre, September 4, 1839. 
In 1841 it was suspended, and in 
September, 1844, was recommenced 
at Westfield. 

Salem State Normal School. 


Opened, September 13, 1854. 

Daniel B. Ilagw, Ph. D. Principal. 

Mary A. Currier, Teacher of Elo- 
cution. "Walter S. Goodnough, Teach- 
er of Drawing. 


For full list of Academ 

Harvard College, Cambridge. 
(Incorporated, 163G.) 




John A. Lowell, LL.D , George 
Putnam, D D., George T. Bigelow, 
LL.D., Francis B. Crowninf-hield, 
A.M., Nathaniel Thayer, A.M. ; Treas- 
urer, Nathaniel Silsbee, A.M. 


The President and Treasurer of 
the Universi y, ex-officio, and the fol- 
lowing persons by election : — 

George W. C. Noble, A. ISL, James 
Freeman Clarke, D.D., Darwin E. 
Ware, LL.B., Ralph Waldo ' m'-r- 
son, LL.D., Francis E. Parker, LL.B., 
Henry Lee, A.M., Ehenezer R Hoar, 
LL.D., John H. Clifford, LL.D. Pres- 
ident; George Otis Shattuck, LL.B., 
Theodore Lyman, A. B., S. B., Sam- 
uel A. Green, ]\I. D., Edward E '-r- 
ett Hale, A. M., William A. Richard- 
son, A.M., Charles Francis Adams, 
LL.D., William G. Russell, LL.B., 
James Walker, D.D., LL.D., John 
C. Ropes, LL.B., Martin Brimmer, 
A.M., Henry W. Paine, LL.D., Phil- 
li()S Brooks, A.jSL. Stephen Salisbury, 
A.M., George S. Hillard, LL.D., Rich- 
ard H. Dana, LL.D., James Law- 
rence, A.iSI., George F. Hoar, LL.B., 
Alexander E. R. Agassiz, A.B., S.B., 
Edwai-d H. 'Clarke, M. D., Alexander 
McKenzie, A. M., Le Baron Russell, 

ies, &c., see page 241. 

M.D., Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, M.D. 


Charles W. Eliot, LL.D., President, 
Ephraim W. Gurney, A.B., Dean; 
Frederick H. Hedge, D.D., Andrew 
P. Peabody, D.D., LL.D., Benjamin 
Peirce, LL.D., Francis Bowen, A.M., 
Joseph Lovering, A.M., Henry W. 
Torrey, A.iNl., Evangelinus A. Sopho- 
cles, LL.D., James R. Lowell, A.M., 
Francis J. Child, Ph.D., George M. 
Lane, Ph.D. Josiah P. Cooke, A.M., 
Charles F. Dunbar, A.B., William 
W. Goodwin, Ph. D., Ferdinand Bo- 
cher, AM., Adrien Jacquine", A.B., 
LL D., James M. Peirce, A.M., Ad- 
ams S. Hill, A.M., James B. Green- 
ough, A.B., Henry Adams, A.B., 
William Everett, A.M., Charles J. 
White, A.M., John K. Paine, A, M , 
Clement L. Smith, A.M., Fred- 
erick D. Allen, Ph.D., Charles L. 
Jackson, A.M., Frank E. Anderson, 
A.M., George A. Hill, A.M., George 
A. Bardett, A.B., Allen ^V. (4ould, 
A. B., John Trowbridge, S.B., Henry 
Howland, Ph.D., George H. Palmer, 
A. M., Edwin P. Seaver, A.M. 

Williams College, Williams- 

(Incorporated, 1793.) 








Rev. Mark Hopkins, D.D., LLD , 
Hon. Henry Lvman Sabin, i\I.D., 
Hon. Jose[)h White, LL.D., Hon. 
Erastus Cornelius Benedict, LL.L)., 
Hon. William Hyde, Rev. Nahum 
Gale, D.D , Hon. James Dcnison 
Colt. LLD., Rev. Robert Rds^ell 
Booth, D D., Hon. Will am E. Dodv^e, 
H>n. Gdes Bacon Kellogg, Hon. 
Thom-is Nelson, Rev. Samuel Iren- 
seas Prime, D.D., Hon. Framis Hen- 
sliHw Dewey, Samuel Dennis War- 
ren, Esq. Rev. Ephraim Flint, D.D., 
Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, jr., D.D. 


Paul Ansel Chadbourne, D.D., 
LL.D., President; Rev. Mark Hop- 
kins. D.D, LL.D., Ex-President. 
Charles Augustus Younnf, Pli.U., 
Rev. John Tatlock, LL.D., Rev. 
John Bascom, A.M., Arthur L. Per- 
ry, A.M., Charles F. Gibon, A.M., 
Sanborn Tenney, A.M., Cvrns M. 
Dodd, 4.1M., Pu-v. EdnrardH^ Griffin, 
A M , Henry W. Smidi. A.B.. Orhndo 
M. Fernald", A.M., Ira Remsen, Pii D. 
Rev. Nathaniel H. Griffin, D.D., Libra- 

Amhei'st College, Amherst. 
(Incorporated 1825.) 


D.D., LL.D., 
Ebenezer Ahien, M D., Hon. Sam- 
uel Williston, Henry Edwards, Esq., 
Hon. Jouathm C. Perkins. Hon. Al- 
e.xander H. Bullock, "LL.D., Rev. 
William P. Paine, D.D., Hon. Henry 
Morris, Rev. Edwaril S. Dvvight, 
Hon. Alplieus Hirdv, Nathan Allen, 
M. D., Hon. Edward B. Gillett^ Rev. 
E. K. Alden, Rev. Richard S. Storrs, 
jr., D.D., Samuei BowU-s, Esq., Rev. 
Henry Ward Beecher, Rev. Roswell 
D. Hitchcock, D.D., Rev. Edward 
8. Dwigh't, Secretary. Hon. Edward 
Dickinson, LL.D , Treasurer. William 
L. Montague, A.M., Librarian,. 


Rev. William A. Stearns, D.D., 
LL.D., President. Ebenezer S. 
Sai-U, LL.D., Charles U. Shepard, 
M.D . LL.D., Rev. WiUiam S. Tyler, 
D.D., LLD.. Rev. Julius H. Seelye, 
A.M., Edward P. Crowell, A.M., 
Edward Tuckerman, LL.B . Edwa-d 
Hitchcock, A.M., M.D., William L. 

jNIontacrue, A.M., Richard H. Mather, 
A.M., Rev. L. Clark Seelve, A.M., 
Wilham C. Estv, A.M., Elijah P. 
Hirris, Ph.D., Rev. Enorh F. Burr, 
D D., Hon. Theodore W. Dwij:ht, 
LL.D., Rev. John W. Churchill, . 
A.M., Ilenrv B. Ri.hardsou, A.M., 
Bcnj. K. Emerson, Ph.D., Robert M. 
Woods, A.M. 

Tufts College, Medford. 

(Incorporated 1852.) 




Charles Robinson, jr.. Vice-Presi- 
dent. Rev. Lucius R. Paige, D.D., 
Secretary. Hon. Ri.hard Frothing- 
ham, LL.D. Treasurer. 

Rev. Alon7,o A. ]Miner, D.D., Rev. 
Thomas J. Greenwood, Charles Tufts, 
E.-;(l , James O. Curtis, Esq., Thoa,as 
Crane, Esq . Rev. Tiiom is B. Thayer, 
D.D., Natlnniel Adams, Escj ,• Hon. 
Timothy T. Sawyer, Hon. Newton 
Talbot." Henry B. M^'tcalf, Emj, Nor- 
man C. Munson, Esq.. Charles G. 
Pope, A.M., Zeba'on L. Wi ite, A.M., 
Rev. Elmer H. Capen, A.M. 


Alonzo A. Miner, D.D., Presi- 
dent. Thomas J. Sawyer, D.D., 
Jnhn P. Marshall, A.i\L, Jerome 
Schneider, Pb D., Heman A. Dear- 
born, A.M, Bcnj. G. Brown, A.M., 
William R. Shipman, A.iSI., Moses T. 
Brown, A.M.. Charles D. Bray. C.E , 
A.M.. Cha-^les H. Leonard, A M. Wil- 
liam G. Tou;ey, A.M.. Silas W. Sut- 
ton, A B., John W. Adams, Charles 
E. Fay, A.M , Secretary. William R. 
Shipman, A.M., Librarian. 

Massachusetts Agricultural 
College, Amherst. 




^Marshall P. Wilder, Charles G. 
Davis, Nathan Durti;",, Henry Colt, 
Charles C. Sew;dl, Paqli Lithrop, 
Phineas Stedman, Allen W. Dodge, 
George Marstou, William B. Wash- 
burn, Henry L. VVliiting, D. Waldo 
Lincoln, Henry F. Hills, Daniel 
Needham, William Knowlton, John 
Cummings. — trustees ex-ofkiciis. 
His Ecellency, William B. Wash- 
burn, Hon. Charles L. Flint, Secre- 
tary of the Board of Ayrieultui-e, Hon. 
Joseph ^Vhite, Secretary of the Board 
of Education. 




WilHam S. Clark, Ph.D., Hon. 
Levi Stockbriflge, Henry H. Goodell, 
A.M.. Chas. A. Goessraann, Pli. D., H. 
W.' Parker, AM., S. H. Peabodv 
AM., Noah Cressy, M.D. of Vet. 

Massachusetts Institute of 

Technology, Boston. 

Incorporated 1861. 


John D. Riinkle, L.L.D., Presi- 
dent. John B. Henck, A.M., Wil- 
li un R. Ware, SB., William P. At- 
kinson, A.M., George A. Osborne, 
S.B., Edward C. Pickering, SB., 
Samuel Kneeland, A.M., M.D., John 
]M. Ordwav, A.M., James M. Cralts 
S.B., Robert H. Richards, T. Sterry 
Hunt, LL.D., Wm. R. Nichols, Chas. 
R. Cross, Gaetano Lanza, Chinuing 
Whitaker, E. C. F Kiaus.-!. Lieut. E. 
L. Zaliriski, Geo. H. How: son, S. Ed- 
ward Warren, Chas P. Otis. 

Massaehussetts College of 


PresiilenU S. M. Colcord; Recording 
Secretary, Henry W. Lincoln ; Cor- 
responding Secretary, George F.- H. 
M.-vrkoe, Wan en, cor. Dudley St, 
Boston Hiiihlands ; Treai^urer, Ashel 
Boyden ; A udiior, A. P. Melzar. 


Professor of General and Analytical 
Chemistry, James F. Babcock, Boston. 
Professor of Materia Medica and 
Botany, Cyrus M. Tracy, Lynn. J'ro- 
fessor of Theory and Practice of Phar- 
macol, George F. H. Markoe, Boston 

Boston University, Boston. 
Incorporated, 1869. 
"Wm. F. Warren, D.D., President, 
David Patten, D.D., Registrar. 


Ex-Gov. Wm. Cla&in, LL.D., Pres- 
ident; Hon. Geo. F. Gavitt, Vice-Pres- 
ident ; David Patten, D.D., Secretary ; 
Aliner I. Bcnyon, Esq., Treasurer 

School of Theology, Jam^^s E. Lat- 
imer, D.D., 36 Bromfield, Dean. 
School of Law, Hon. Geo. S. Hil- 
Lrd, r..L.D., Dean. School of Medi- 
cine, I. Tisdale Talbot, M.D., 31 Mt. 
Vernon, Dean. S( hool of Oratory, 
Prof Lewis B. Monroe, 20 Beacon, 
Dean. College of Liberal Arts, John 
W. Lindsay, D.D., 20 Bea. on, Dean. 
CoUe-e of Music, Dr. E. Tourjee, 
Music Hall, Dean. 

New-England Female Medi- 
cal College, Boston. 


Franklin Snow^, President, Boston ; 
John Batchelder, Lynn ; A. I. Ben- 
yon, Bcston ; Hon. William Clafiin, 
Boston ; Hezekiah S. Chase, Boston ; 
Jonas Fitch, Boston ; Osborn Howes, 
Boston ; Henry Hutchinson. Boston ; 
Henry D. Hyde, Boston ; Rev Jolm 
W. Lindsay, D D., Lynn ; Joshua 
Merrill, Boston ; Rev. David Patte-, 
D.D., Boston ; Jobn Souther, B' ston ; 
Alden Sueare, Boston ; Amariah 
Storrs, Treasurer., Boston ; Spencer 
W. Ricliardson, Secretary, Boston. 
This institution is united with the 
Boston University. . 

Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, Andover. 
Incorporated 1808. 
Rev. Seth Sweetser, D.D., Presi- 
dent. Rev. John L. Taylor, Rev. Ed- 
ward A. Park, D.D., Austin Phelps, 
D.D , Rev. Egbert C. Smyth, Rev. 
J. H. Thayer, Rev. Charles M. Mead, 
Rev. J. Wesley Churchill, D.D., Pro- 
fessors; Rev. William L. Ropes, Libra- 

Newton Theological Institu- 
tion, Newton Centre. 
Incoi'porated 1826. 
Pres dent Rev. Albert Hovey, D.D. 

Boston Dental College. 

Dover St., cor. Shawmut Av., Boston. 
Ambrose Lawrence, M D., D.D.S., 
Dean. J. A. Follet, M.D., W. H. 
Atkinson, M.D., S. J. McDouiiali, M. 
D., R. L. Robblns, D.D.S., M. E. 
Wadsworih, S.B., W.M. Ogden, M.D. 

Boston College. 

Incorpcrated 1864. 

President, Rev. Robert Fulton. 

Faculty, R.-v. A. Charlier, Rev. E. 

McGurk, Messrs. Shandelle, Beeker, 

O'Leary, Sullivan, Shanahan. 

College of the Holy Cross, 

Incorporated 1842. 
President, Rev. Antony F. Ciampi, 
Faculty, Rev. Albert J. PeJers, Rev. 
B. O'Riirlly, Rev. James M^jor, Rev. 
Charles H. Fulmer, Mr. Whit tbrd, 
Stephen E. Folan, James McHiigh, 
Jol n MuUaskey, Daniel McGoldiick, 
P. Degncn, George P. Burt. 



Woroester Co. Free Institute 
of Industrial Science, Wor- 

Incorporated 1865. 
Board of Trustees: Hon. Stephen 
Salishniy, Pi-esident. Hon. D. \Val- 
do Lincoln, Secretary. David Whit- 
comb, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. Seth 
Sweetser, D.D., Hon. George F. 
Hoar, Rpv. P,. D. Marshall,^ D.D., 
Cliarles H. Morgan. Esq., Pliilip L. 
Moen, Esq., Rev. Edward II. Hall, 
Hon. Lucius J. Knowles. On the part 
of the Board of Education, Hon. Wil- 
liam "W. Rice. Ex-officio, Mayor 
Clark Jillson. 


Charles O. Tliompson. A.]\L Prin- 
cipal. Geo. 1. Aldfn, B. S.. George 
E. Gladwin, .lohn E. Siivlair, A.M., 
Alonzo S. Kimball, A.M., E. P. 
Smith, A.M., T. E. N. Eaton, A.M. 
Superintendent of Machine Shop, Mil- 
ton P. Higgins, B.S. 

Peabody Academy of Science, 

Incorporated 1868. 
Trustees, Asa Gray, Cambridge ; 
William C. Endicott, Sxlem; G 
Peabody Russell, Bristol, R.I.; 0th- 
niel C. March, New Haven, Conn.; 
Henry Wheatland, Salem; Abner C. 
Goodell, jr., Salem ; James R Nich- 
ols, H;iverhill; S. Endicott Peabody, 
of London. 


President. W. C Endicott. Vice- 
President, Henry AVheatland. Sec- 
letary of the Trustees, A. C. Goodell, 
jr. Treasurer, J.R. Nichols. Direc- 

tor of the Museum, F. W. Putnam. 
Curator, A. S. Packard, jr. 

Essex Institute, Salem. 
Henry Wheatlund, President. A. 
C. Goodell. jr., Vice-Pi'esident of His- 
tory. William Sutton, Vice-President 
of Horticulture. D. B. Hagar. Vice- 
President of Fine Arts. F. AV. 
Putnam, Vice-President of Natural 
History. John Robinson, Home Sec- 
retary. A. S. Packai-d. jr.. Foreign 
Secretary. Henry Wheatland. Treas- 
urer. Wm. P. Uphnm, Librarian, 
and curators in each department, 
which, with the above officers, form 
the Board of Directo'-s for the man- 
agement of the Institute 

Smith College, Northampton. 
President, W. S. Tyler, DD , LL.D. 
Vice-President, Hon. E. B. C'llett. 
Treasurer, Hon. .George W. Hubbard. 
Secretary, Rev. John M. Green. 


Rev. Wm. S. Tyler, D.D., LL.D.,; Rev. Julius H. Seelye, 
Amherst ; Gov. William B. AVash- 
burn, LL.D., Springfield ; Rev. Ed- 
ward A. Park, D.D , Andover; Hon. 
Jo'^e])h White. AVillitimstown ; Hon. 
Birdseye (4. Northrop, LL.D., New 
Haven, Conn : Hon. Edward B. Gil- 
lett, Westfield ; Hon. George W. 
Hubbard, Northampton ; Samuel T. 
Spaulding, Es(|., Northampton; Rev. 
John M. Greene, Lowell; Rev. An- 
drew P. Peabody, DD.. LL.D., Cam- 
bridge; Rev. Phillips Brooks, Boston. 
Rev. L. Clirk Seeley, Amherst- 

This College will open for the re- 
cepiion of students on the second 
Thursday of September of 1875. 


^ Harbor Commissioners. 

Josiali Quincy, Boston ; Fred. W. 
Lincoln, jr., Boston ; Joshia N. Mar- 
shMll. Loicell ; Darwin E. Ware, Mar- 
bfehead ; William T. Grammar, Wo- 

Pilot Commissioners. 

Nathaniel Spooner. Boston; Jacob 
G. Pierce, Milton. Office in Boston, 
39 Lewis Wharf. 

Commissioner to Establish 

True Meridian Line. 
Edward Pevear, Leominster. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Carroll I). Wri<.'ht, Reading, Chief; 
George E. McNeil, Cambridgeport, 

Commissioners for care of Dis- 
abled Soldiers. 
Henry B. Pierce, Abinglon ; Wm. 
B. 'Sq^.ys, Boston ; Samuel A. Green, 
M.D. Boston. 

Commissioners on Hours of 

Henry I. Bowditch, Boston ; Frank- 
lin R. Sanborn, Concord; Wm. P. 
Tilden, Boston; Elizur Wright, Bos- 



toti ; Geo. H. Snelli ng, iJ'w^on ; Edwd. 
H. Rogers, Chelsea; William Ilyde, 
Ware; Amasa Walker, N. Brook- 

Commissioners on Inland 

Theodore Lyman, Brookline ; Ed- 
ward A. Bracket!, Winchester ; Asa 
French, Braintvee. 

Commissioners on Obstruction 
to Passage of Fish in Conn. 

and Merr. Rivers. 
Theodore Lyman, Brookline; Al- 
fred A. Reed, Boston. 

Superintendents of Alien Pas- 
James V. Cox, of Fairhaven, for 
New Bedford, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, 
AVestport, Mattapois:ett. Marion, and 
"Wart'ham ; Epbraim Burr, Salem ; 
John Gilley. Marblehead ; Paiker 
Borden, Fall River ; Samuel Haskell, 

Guardian of Indians. 
Barnard C. Marchant, Edgartown. 

Commissioners of Prisons. 

Horatio G. Herrick, Lawrence ; 
Daniel P. Noyes, Brookline ; John W. 

Candler, Brookline; Josliua Colt, 
Brookjield, Secretary. 

Commissioners Public Lands. 

Franklin Haven, Boston ; Edward 
C. V\iv(\\' ,Somerville ; Samuel D. War- 
r. n, Boston. Office, State House. 

Insurance Commissioner. 

Julius L. Clarke, Wc'^t Newton. 
Office in Boston at State House. 

Agent of Province Lands. 
Joseph P. Jolinson, Prouincetown. 

Commissioner of Savings 

Frederick M. Stone, of Waltham. 
Office in Boston at State House. 

Liquor Commissioner. 
M. S. Underwood, Dennis. 

Railroad Commissioners. 

A. D. Brigixs. Springfield ; Francis 
M. Johnson, Neioton ; William A. 
Crafts, Clerk. Office at State House. 

State Assayer of Liquors. 

S. D. Hayes, Brookline. 

State Directors of Boston and 
Albany Railroad. 
Moses Kimball, Boston; E. P. Car- 
penter, Foxborough. 


Resident in Massachusetts, appointed by other States to take testimony to be 
used, and Acknowledgments of Deeds to be recorded, in said States. 


Boston. S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. Hall Adams, James B. 
Bell, Albert F. Butterworth, Benja. 
H. Currier, Alfred E. Giles, John P. 
Healey, Abraham Jackson, Samuel 
Jennison, Edward J. Jones, Daniel 
Sharp ; JLaicrence, John K. Tarbox ; 
West field, N. S. Leonard ; Worcester, 
J. Henry Hill. 


Boston. S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Clias. Hill Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. H. Adams, James B. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Chas. H. 

Adams, James B. Bell, Albert F. 
Butterworth, Benja. H. Currier, Sam- 
uel Jennison, Edw. J. Jones, Daniel 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Ch;(s. H. Adjuns, James B. 
Bell, Arthur Wm. Hobart, Edward 
J. Jones, Samuel Jimnison, Selwyn 
Lynde, Andrew J. Morton, Aufjustus 
E. Scott, Henry J. Wells; Worcester, 
J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, Chas. H. Adams, James B. 
Bell, Samuel S. Curtis, Samuel Jen- 


Boston, Chas. H. Adams, E. A. Al- 
ger, Chas. C. Barton, James B. Bell, 
Samuel A. Bent, Albert F. Butter- 



■worth, Samuel S. Curtis, Richard 
Goodman, jr, Frank H. Graves, Ed- 
ward J- Jones, Daniel Sharp. Hales 
TV. Suter; Lowell, Robert B. Cav- 
erly ; Sprlngfiekl, Smith R. Phillips ; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, James B. Bell. 


Boston. S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adnms. Chas. H. Adan)s, Still man B. 
Allen. Aiiggll & Jennison, James B. 
Bell, B. H. Currier, Otis G. Randall, 
Daniel Sharp ; Weslfield, N. T. Leon- 
ard ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. H. Adams, An^ell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell, "\Vm. A 
Hayes, jr. 


Boston, Chas. H. Adams, Geo. A. 
Driry, Edward J. Jones, Samuel Jen- 
nison, Daniel Sharp. 


Boston, Chas. HmII Adams, James 
B. Bell, Edward J. Jones. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. H. Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell, Albert F. 
Butter worth. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Angell & Jennison. James B. 
Bell, Prentiss Cummings, George A. 
Dary, Charles P. Greenougb, Edward 
J. Jones, Otis G. Randall, Auf:;nstus 
E. Scott, Daniel Sharp ; Lowell, 
Robert B. Caverly; Pilts field, W. R. 
Plunkett; Salem, Stephen P, Webb. 


Bos'on, Clins. Hall Adams, Angell 
& Jennis m, James B. Bell, Edward 
J. Jones, Daniel Sharp. 

Boston, Charles II. Adams, Fisher 
Ames, Angell & Jennison, James B. 
Bell, Edward J. Jones, Horaiio 
Woodman ; Brlmjiehl, Henry F. 
Brown; Lowell, Hubert B. Caverly ; 
Salem, Stephen P. Webb. 

Boston, Geo. T. Angell, John Q. 
A. Brackett, Edward .1. Jones, Dan'l 
Sharp, Rob't S. W. Watson ; Lowell, 
Robert B. Caverly. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chns. H. Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell, Albert F. 
Butterworth. Edw. Buek, Benj. H. 
Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, George A. 
Dary, Thomas S. Harlow, Dmiel 
Sharp, J. Wingate Thornton, John 
M. Way. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert 
W. Adams, Chas. H. Adams, Angell 
& Jennison, Jas. B. Bell. John L. An- 
drews, Geo. E. Betton, Benj. H. Cur- 
rier, Sam'l S. Curtis, Geo. A. Dar\-, 
Wm. Dehon, Edw'd J. Jones, Nathan 
Morse, Chas. C. Nutter, Fred'k O. 
Prince, Otis G. Randall. George P. 
Sanger, Daniel Sharp, J. Wingate 
Tiiornton ; Salem, M. J. Smith, David 
Rol)f rts ; Wesfjield, N. T. Leonard ; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, Chas. H. Adams, Edwin A. 
Alger, Thomas W. Clarke, Prentiss 
Cnnnnings, Lewis W. Howes, Edw'd 
J. Jones, Cassius Clay Powers, Peter 
Thacher, Henry A. Walker; W. C. 
Williamson, Wm. B. Wood ; Glouces- 
ter, John S.Webber; Lawrence, Caleb 
Saunders ; Lynn, Nathan M. Hawks. 


Boston, James B. Bell, Abraham 
Jackson, Edward J. Jones, Daniel 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. H. Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James W. Austin, James B. 
Bell, Alonzo W. Bo irdman, Francis 
A. Brooks, Edward Biiek, Albert F. 
Butterworth, David H. Coolidge, 
Benj. H. Currier, Samuel S. Curtis. 
Fred W. Dickinson, Ciias. D. Dor- 
man, Wm. B. Durant, J. E.M. Gilley, 
George R. Hastings, Horace L. Ila- 
zelton, Wm. Hobbs, Ileniy A. Juhn- 
son, Edward J. Jones, D. P. Kimball, 
Geo. H. Kingsbury, John B. Morris, 
Marcus Morton, Edward C. Peikins, 
Benj. Pond, Otis G. Randall, Geo. F. 
Richardson, Dan'l Sharp, IlalesW. Su- 
ter, James B. Thayer, Tolman Willey ; 
C(imbridi/e, AVilliam A. Richardson ; 
Lowell, J onnthan Ladd, Timothy Pear, 
son ; New Bedford, Wendell II. Coi)b- 
Wm. W. Crapo, Oliver Prescott ; Pills- 
field, Ezekiel K. Colt, Wm. R. I'lun- 
kelt; Salem, William C. P'ndicott; 
Stoire, Edwin Whitney ; Westjield, 
N. T. Leonard ; Worcester, Thomas 
W. Fox, Jesse W. Goodrich, J. 



Henry Hill, A. G. Randall, Elijah 
B. Stoddard. 


BoMon. S. A. B. Ahbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. H, Adams , Anuell & 
Jennison. James B. Bell. Albert F. 
Butterwortli, B. H. Currier, Samuel 
S. Curtis, J. E. :M. Gilley, Daniel 
Sharp, Jose nil H. Ward ; Cambridge, 
William A. Richardson ; Lo>cell.,lonR- 
than Ladd ; Worcester, J. Henry 


BoKtori, Albert W. Adam?, Cbas. H 
Adams, James B.Bell, Samuel Jen- 
nison, Edward J. Jones, Daniel 

Boi^ton. S. A. B. Abl)ott, Albert W. 
Adams, Charles H. Adams, AnL'cll & 
Jennison, James B. Bell. Benjamin 
H. Currier, Edward J. Jones, Chas. 
IMerriam, Otis G. Raidall, Robt. S. 
Watson ; Loa-elU Robt. B. Caverly ; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adains. Chas. Hall Adams, Angell 
& Jennison, James B. Bell. 


Boston, Chas. H. Adams, Angell 
& Jennison, James B. Bell, Chas. D. 
Dorman, Daniel Sharp. 


Boston, Albert W. Adams, Angell 
& Jennison, James B. Bell. 


Boston, Chas. H. Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell, E. A. Al- 
ger, Sumner Alljee, J. H. Benton, jr., 
J. Q. A Brackett, Robert I. Burbank, 
Albert F. Butterworth, David H. 
Coolidge, Benj. H. Currier, Samuel 
S. Curtis, E. S. Cutter, Geo. W. 
Estabrook, Clement K. Fay, Geo. 
R. Fowler, George S. Frost, Hor- 
ace L. Hazelton, Geo. S. Hale, 
Chas. E. Hubbard, George L. Hun- 
tress, Albert E. Pillsbury, Benjamin 
Pond, William B. Sears, Daniel 
Sharp, J. Oscar Teele, James D. 
Thomson, Alonzo B. AVentworth; 
Lawrence, H. C. Bacon, Charles U. 
Bell, Henry F. Hopkins ; Lowell, 
William H Anderson, Juhn Davis; 
JSewburyport, Edmund Smith ; Win- 
chendon, Giles F. Whitney. 


. Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Charles H. 

Adams, Angell & Jennison. Jas. B. 
Bell, B. H. Currier, Otis G. Randall, 
Daniel Sharp ; Saleml Stephen P. 
Webb ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, James B. Bell, Edward J. 


Boston, S. A. B. Al)bott, Alltert W. 
Adams, Edwin A Alger, James B. 
Bell. Edward J. Jones, Franeis W. 
Palfrey, Benjamin Pond, Augustus 
E. Scott, Dan'l Sharp; Fall River, 
John S. Bray ton ; Great Barrington, 
Billings Palmer ; Lenox. Thomas Post ;" 
Loirell, Robert B. Caverlv ; New Bed- 
ford, Jas.. M. Bunker, W. H. Cobb, 
Thomas M. Stetson ; Newton, Peter 
Thacher ; Northancpfon, A. P. Peck ; 
Pittsfield, Wm. R. Plunkett; Salem, 
Stephen P. Webb; Sheffield (Ashley 
Falls). W. A. Hillyer; Sprinafield, 
S R. Phillips, Wm. S. Shurtleir; J. A. 
Rumrill ; Wesifield, N. T. Leonard ; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott. Chas. H. 
Adams, James B. Bell, George A. 
Dary, Samuel Jennison, Edward J. 

Boston, Albert W. Adams, Charles 
H. Adams, Angell & Jennison, James 
B. Bell, Sam'l S. Curtis, Clement K. 
Fay, Edward J. Jones, Otis G. Ran- 
dall, Augustus E. Scott, Daniel Sharp, 
Hales W. Suter ; Haverhill, Charles 
E. Hayes ; Lowell, Dana B. Gove ; 
Worcester, J. H. Hill. 


Boston, James B. Bell, Edward J. 
Jones, Daniel Sharp. 


Boston S. A. B. Abljott, Albert 
W. Adams, Chas. H. Adams, Angell 
& Jennison, Jas. B. Bell, Joshua D. 
Ball, Edw. Buck, Asa Cottrell, Ben- 
jamin H. Currier, Sanmel S. Curtis, 
Charles Demond. Richard Goodman, 
jr, Chas. C. Nutter, Frederick O. 
Piince, Otis G. Randall, James W. 
Rollins, Augustus E. Scott, James L. 
Stackpole, Hales W. Suter, J. Vs'in- 
gate Thornton, Charles W. Tuttle ; 
Lowell, Robert B. Caverly ; New 
Bedford, Alanson Borden ; Salem, 
Robert S. Rantoul, Stephen P. 
Webb; Westfeld, N. T. Leonard; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 




Bosfon, Chas. H. Adams, -Tames B. 
-Bt'll, Eflwiird P. Brown, A. F. Butter- 
worth, Prentiss Cuinniings, Berj. H. 
Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, F. H. 
Graves, Samuel Jennison, Edward J. 
Jones, Augustus E. Scott, J. Winjiate 
Tliornton; Amef^bunj, Fred B.Byram ; 
Newton, Frank H. Graves : Spring- 
Jidd, James H. Morton ; Worcester, 
Chas. 'F. Mann. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W 
Adams, Chas. H. Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell, Samuel S. 
Curtis, Benjamin H. Currier, George 

A, Dary, Otis G. Randall ; Spring- 
Jiebl, Jaincs H. ]Morton, Wm. S. Sburt- 
leff ; Westfield, N. T. Leonard ; Wor- 
cester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, Chas. Hall Adams, Edw'd 
J. Jones. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. H. Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, Willium Aspinwall. James 

B. Bell, Albert F. Butterworth, Benj. 
H. Currier, Geo. A. Dary, George S. 
Hale, David P. Kimball; Westjield, 
N. T. Leonard. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. Hall Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chailes H. Adams, Sumner 
Albee, Stillman B. Allen, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell, Halsey J. 
Boa;'dman, Chas. J. Brooks, Alpheus 
R. Brown, Robert I. Burbank, John 
H. Butler, Abraham B. Coffin, Benj. 
H. Currier, Sam'l S. Curtis, Walbridge 
A. Field, Geo. S. Hale, S. W. Hatha- 

way, Francis B. Hayes. Wm. Hobbs, 
jr., Edward F. Hodges. Josiah W. 
Hubbnrd, Henry C. Hut<hins. Har- 
vey Jewell, Edward J. Jones, Jas M* 
Keith. David P. Kiinliall, L\man Ma- 
son, Nathan Morse, Benj. Pond, Otis 
(t. Rmdali, Amlirose A. Ranney, 
Aug. E. Scott. Dnn'l Sharp. Hales 
W. Suter, J. W. Thornton. Thomas 
L. Wakefield, Hiram Wellington ; 
Lowell, Alpheus R. Brown, Jonathan 
Ladd, Charles A. F. Swan, Wm. P. 
Webster, Thomiis ^l. Stetson ; Wor- 
cester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Chas. H. Adams, Angell & 
Jennison, James B. Bell, Joseph 
Mcl». Churchill, Benj. H. Currier, 
Siim'l S. Curtis, George S. Hale, W. 
Hobbs, jr., Abraham Jackson, Ed- 
mund B. Otis, Otis G. Randall. 


Boston, Edward J. Jones. 


Boston, Angell & Jennison, James 
B. Bell, Edw. J. Jones, Otis Gray 


Boston, Chas. H. Adams, Albert W. 
Adams, Angell & Jennison, James B. 
Bell, Benj. PL Currier, Samuel S. 
Curtis, Robert Codman, Edward J. 
Jones, David P. Kimball, Benj. Pond, 
Daniel Sharp, Stephen Thaeher, J. 
Wingate Thornton, Wm. H. Towne, 
John M. Way, Ambrose Wellington ; 
Greenfield, Almon Brainard; Loroell, 
Jonathan Ladd; Lynn, Wm. How- 
land ; Westfield, N. T. Leonard. 


Boston, S, A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Angell & Jennison, James B. 
Bell, Edward J. Jones. 


Resident in other States, who have been appohited by the Governor of Massachusetts to 
take testimony and depositions to be read in the Courts of Massachusetts; also to 
administer oaths, and to take the Aci<no\vledcjment of Deeds, Powers of Attorney, 
and all instruments under seal, to be recorded in said Commixnveaith.. 

[Note. — The term far which these Commisduners hold their office is restricted to three 


Oakland Citi/, William Iloskins 
Sacramento, Samuel Cross 
San Francisco, John S. Bugbee 

" Parker Crittenden 

San Francisco, Asa Fisk 

" Samuel Hermann 

" Sanniel S. MarCey 

" Frank V. Scudder 

" N. Proctor Smith 




San Francisco, Edward Gray Stetson 
'> Eiiiile y. Sutter 

« Fred. J. Thibanlt 

" Matthias G. Upton 


Briilcjeport, George W. AVarner 
Hariford, Edward Goodman 

" David G. Gordon 

" "Wm. Edgar Simonds 

" Henry E. Tainter 
New Haven, Adolph Aslu-r 

" John C. Hollister 

Nl'io London, John Dauforth 
Norwich, Ebenezer Learned. 
" John T. Wait. 


Wilmington, George H. Bates 


Washington, Samuel C. Mills 
" Joseph T. K. Plant 


Jacksonville, Wm. P. Dockray 


Atlanta, Benjamin R. Freeman. 
Augusta, Joseph P. Carr 
Savannah, John W. Burroughs 


Chicago, Philip A. Hoyne 
" Simeon W. King 
'' J. Linton Waters 

Silas S. Willard 
• John Calvin Willis 


Louisville, Stephen St. de Stone 


New Orleans, Oren D. Bragdon 
" P. Chas Cuvellier 

" John G Eustis 

" James Graham 

" Andrew Hero, jr. 

" Alfred Ingraham 


Augu<ita, Winfield S. Choate 
Bath, John H. Kimball 
Portland, James O'Donnell 
Saco, George A. Emery 


Baltimore, James H. Buchanan 
'' Hermon L. Emmons, jr. 
" W. W\ Latimer 
« WiUiam B. Hill 


Detroit, WilUam J. AVaterman 


Minneapolis, Charles McC. Reeve 


St. Louis, John R. Boas 
" Austin Drake 

" Charles I). Greene, jr. 

" Wm. M. JMcPhersun, jr. 

" John K. Tillany 


Concord, Asa Fowler 
Dover, Charles W. Woodman 
Exeter, Cliarles G. Connor 
Keene, Francis A. Faulkner 
Portsmouth, W^illiam H. Hackett 
Sutton, Moses Hazen 


Camden, James M. Cassady 
Orange, Gfeorge P. Kingsley 


Albany, Monroe Crannell 

" Worthington Frothingham 

" Edward Wade 

Buffalo, James S. Gibbs 

Brooklyn, Gordon L. Ford 

" Theodore Hinsdale 

" Wm. Edwin Osborn 

Hudson, Stephen L. Magoun 

" Peter M. Jordan 

New York, Albert H. Ammidown 

" Charles W. Anderson 

" Frederick R. Anderson 

" Harold A. Bagley 

" James M. Ball 

" Henry C. Banks 

'* Edmund B. Barnum 

" Marcus P. Bestow 

" Edward Bis.-ell 

" John Bissell 

" Joseph T. Brown 

« Charles T. Bruen 

" Francis P. Burke 

" . WaUer W. Chase 

« Wm. H. Clarkson 

" George W. CoUes 

" D. Edwin Conery 

" Edwin F. Corey 

" Charles E. Crowell 

'* James L. Dayton 

" John E. Dow, jr. 

" Jacob DuBois 

" Melville Eggleston 

" James H. Fay 

" Peter L Gage 

" Samuel B. Goodale 

" James W. Hale 

" David P. Hall, jr. 

" Charles H. Hatch 

" Charles H. Hildreth 

" Isaac Howland 

" Theodore Hinsdale 

" Lucius W. How 

" George B. Jaques 

" Alexander B. Johnson 

" Andrew W. Kent 



New York, Thomas Kilvert 

" Frederick J. King 

" Anhur W. Knapp 

" Sylvester Lay 

" William F. Lett 

" Mordecai Lewis 

" Rufus K. McIIarg 

" Wm. H. Melick 

" Marvin J. Merchant 

" Charles Edgar Mills 

" John D. Mjrell 

*' . George B. Morris, jr. 

" " .Char es Nettleton 

*' Alexander H. Nones 

*' Joseph B. Nones 

" Alexander Ostrander 

" Nathaniel A.. Prentiss 

" Wm L. Raymond 

" Thomas Sadler 

'• Artemas B. Smith 

" Charles H. Smith, jr. 

" Isaac S. Smith 

" Charles E. Soule 

" Robert B. Valentine 

" James M. Varnum 

" Walter B. Wines 

Rochester, Wm. S. Oliver 

Troy, Charles L. Alden 

Cincinnati, Samuel S. Carpenter 
Cleveland, James Wade, jr. 
Columbus. James Finley Brown 
Toledo, Wm. H. GorriU 


Lock Haven, Paul S. Merrill 
Philadelphia, J. Edward Carpenter 
" Samuel Fj. Cavin 

" Charles Chauncy 

" J. Paul Diver 

" John S. Henkels 

Philadelphia, Henry E. Hindmirth 

*' S imuel B. Huey 

" F. Herbt-rt Janvier 

" S. Henry Norris 

" Sani'l W. Pennypacker 

" Joseph S. Perot 

'• Henry Phillips, jr. 

" Theodore D. Rand 

" Alexander Rainsev 

" Henry Reed 

" Edward Shippen 

" John Sparhawk 

" Joshua Spering 

" James Starr 

" Samuel L. Taylor 

" Kinley J. Tener 

" R. Alexander West 

Pittsburg, Wm. F. Robb 


Pawtiicket, Charles A. Warland 
Providence, Charles Selden 


Aiken, Frederick A. Ford 
Charleston, Thomas Frost 


Galveston, Robert D. Johnson 
Houston, Emile Simmler 


Salt Lake City, Wm. P. Appleby 
" Wm. Clayton 


Norfolk, Warren G. Elliott 
Portsmouth, Wm. H. Stewart 
Richmond, John S. Rady 


Milwaukee, Francis Bloodgood 

MA.P OF BOSTonsr. 

The Boston Almanac and Business Directory for 1874 is accompanied by 


comprising tlie recently added Wards of Charlestown, TVest Roxbury, and Brighton ; also, 
the adjoining cities and towns of Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, and Hyde Park. 

Price lor the Book and Map, only $1.00; or, full gilt, $1.25. Sent postpaid on receipt of 


Directory Publishers, 

341 1-2 WasIiing:ton Street, Boston. 

Near the Boston Theatre. 





And from their Shire Town. 

The distances from other important points are also given in some 

cases. The Jigures denote the 7mmber of miles hy the 

shortest railroad route, unless otherwise stated. 

Abington, Plymoutli Co., from Boston 19 miles, from Plymouth 16 

Acton, Middlesex Co., Boston 26, Lowell 12 

Acushnet, Bristol Co., Boston 62, Taunton 19 

Adams, Berkshire Co., Boston 120, Pittsfield 17 

Agawam, Hampden Co., Boston 100, Springfield 3 

Alford, Berkshire Co., Boston 190, Pittsfield 19 

Amesbury, Essex Co., Boston 40, Newbury port 6 

Amherst, Hampshire Co., Boston 103, Northampton (by highway) 8 

Andover, Essex Co., Boston 23, Lawrence 3, Newburyport 27 

Arlington, Middlesex Co., Boston 6, Cambridge 2, Lowell 31 

Ashbuniham, Worcester Co., Boston CI, Worcester 30 

Ashby, Middlesex Co., Boston 51, Lowell 33 

Ashfield, Franklin Co., Boston 118, Greenfield (by highway) 12 

Ashland, IMiddlesex Co., Boston 24. Lowell (by highway) 30 

Athol, Worcester Co., Boston 83, Worcester 59 

Attleboro', Bristol Co., Boston 31, Taunton 12 

Auburn, W^orcester Co., Boston 49, Worcester 5 

Ayer, Middlesex Co., Boston 35., Lowell 17 

Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Boston 73 

Barre, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 65, Worcester (by high- 
way) 20 

Becket, Berkshire Co., Boston 135, Pittsfield 16 

Bedford, Middlesex Co., Boston (by highway) 14, Lowell (by highway) 12 

Belchertown, Hampshire Co., Boston 94, Northampton (by highway) 16 

Belliogham, Norfolk Co., Boston 31, Dedham 19 

Belmont, Middlesex Co., Boston 6, Citmbridge 3|^, Lowell 32 

Berkley, Bristol Co., Boston 37, Taunton 3, New Bedford 15 

Berlin, Worcester Co., Boston 41, Worcester 21 (by highway 12) 

Bernardston, Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenfield t 

Beverly, Es?ex Co., Boston 18, Salem 2, Newburyport 18 

Billerica, Middlesex Co., Boston 19. Lowell 7 

Blackstone, Worcester Co., Boston 34, Worcester 25 

Blandfoid, Hampden Co., Boston 119, Springfield 21 


Bolton, Worcester Co., from Boston 43 miles, from Worcester 15 miles 

Boxl)Oio', Middlesex Co., Boston '-7, Lowell 25 (by highway 13) 

Boxfoid, Essex Co., Boston 28, Nevvburyport 12, Salem 18 

Boylston, Worcester Co., Boston 4:'), Worce.-ter (by highway) 7 

Bradford, Essex Co., Boston 32, Saletii 18, Newbiiryport 14, Lawrence 6 

Braintree, Noifolk Co., Boston 1*', Dedham 19 (by highway 10) 

Brewster, Barnstable Co., Boston 89, Barnstable 10 

Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Boston 27, Plymouth 24 

Brinifield, Hampden Co., Boston 79, Springfield 19 

Brookfield, Worcester Co. Boston 67, Worcester 23 

Brookline, Norfolk Co., Boston 4, Dedham 14 

Buckland, FraTiklin Co., Boston 116, Greenfield 10 

Burlington, jMiddlesex Co., Boston 13, Lowell 15 

Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Boston 3, Lowell 29 

Canton, Norfolk Co., Boston 14, Dedham 6 

Carlisle. Middlesex Co., Boston 18, Lowell 9 

Carver, Plymouth Co., Boston 42, Plymouth 8 

Chailomont, Franklin Co., Boston 119, Greenfield 13 

Charlton, Worcester Co., Boston 57, Worcester 13 

Chatham, Barnstable Co., Boston 90, Barnstable 17 

Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Boston 29, Lowell 3 

Chelsea, Suffolk Co., Boston 4 

Cheshire, Berk.^iire Co., Boston 136, Pittsfield 9 

Chester, Hampden Co., Boston 126, Springfield 28 

Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 140, Northampton 15 

Chicopee, Hampden Co., Boston 101, Springfield 3 

Chilmark, Dukes Co., Boston 85, Edgartown 12 

Clarksburg, Berkshire Co., Boston 141, Pittsfield 23 

Clinton, Worcester Co., Boston 45, Worcester 17 

Cohasset, Norfolk Co., Boston 21, Dedham 20 

Coleraine, Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenfield (by highway) 9 

Concord, Middlesex Co., Boston 20, Lowell 14 

Conway, Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenfield (by highway) 8 

Cummington, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton (by highway) 

Dalton, Berkshire Co., Boston 146, Pittsfield 5 
Dana, Worcyster Co., Boston 69, Worcester (by highway) 25 
Dan vers, Essex Co., Boston 21, Salem 5 

Daitmouth, Bristol Co., Boston 60, New Bedford (by highway) 6 
Dedham, Norfolk Co., Boston 11 
Deerfield, Franklin Co., Boston 123, Greenfield 13 
Dennis, Barnstable Co., Boston 84, Barnstable 11 
Digbton, Bristol Co., Boston 41, Taunton 4, New Bedford 20 
Douo'las, Worcester Co., Boston 48, Worcester 26 
Dover, Norfolk Co., Boston 16, Dedham 6 
Dracut, Middlesex Co., Boston 29, Lowell 3 
Dudley, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester 16 
Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Boston 35, Lowell 10 
Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Boston 37, Plymouth 8 
East Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., B^jston 25, Plymouth 19 
Eastham, Barnstable Co., Boston 97^ (by highway 66), Barnstable 24 
Easthampton, Hampshire Co., from Boston 119 miles, from Northampton 

5 miles 
Easton, Bristol Co., Boston 24^, Taunton 10 
Edgartown, Dukes Co., Boston 85 

E^remont, Berkshire Co., Boston 176 (by highway 140), Pittsfield 25 
Enfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 99, Northampton 16 



Erving, Franklin Co., Boston 92, Greenfield 14 

Essex, Essex Co., Boston 27, Salem 11, Newburyport 13 

Everett, Middlei^ex Co., Boston 3, Lowell 29 

Fairhaven, Bristol Co., Boston 60, Taunton 17, New Bedford 1 

Fall -River, Bristol Co., Boston 48, Taunton 15, New Bedford 14 . 

Fahnoutli, Barnstable Co., Boston 65, Barnstable (by bighway) 22 

Fitchburg, Worcester Co., Bo^ton 50, Worcester 26 

Florida, Berkshire Co., Boston 132, Pittsfield 25 

Foxboro', Norfolk Co., Boston 22, Dedham 10 

Framingbam, Middlesex Co., Boston 21, Worcester 23, Lowell 25 

Franklin, Norfolk Co., Boston 27, Dedham 17 

Freetown, Bristol Co., Boston 45, New Bedford 9 

Gardner, Worcester Co., Boston 70, Worcester 26 

Gay Head, Dukes Co., Boston 75, Edgartown 16 

Georgetown, Essex Co., Boston 31, Newburyport 9 

Gill, Franklin Co., Boston 106, Greenfield (by highway) 5 

Gloucester, Essex Co., Boston 32, Salem 16 

Goshen, Hampshire Co., Boston 122, Northampton, 12 

Gosnold, Dukes Co., Boston 70, Edgartown 13 

Grafton, Worcester Co., Boston 38, Worcester 6 

Granby, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 85, Northampton (by 

highway) 9 
Granville, Hampden Co., Boston 117, Springfield (by highway) 14 
Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., Boston 174, Pittsfield 23 
Greenfield, Franklin Co., Boston 106 
Greenwich, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 73, Northampton (by 

highway) 20 
Groton, Middlesex Co., Boston 38, Lowell 20 
Groveland, Essex Co., Boston 34, Salem 20, Newburyport 12 
Hadley, Hampshire Co., Boston 109, Northampton 3 
Halifax, Plymouth Co., Boston 28, Plymouth 9 
Hamilton, Essex Co., Boston 24, Newburyport 12 
Hancock, Berkshire Co., Boston 158, Pittsfield (by highway) 7 
Hanover, Plymouth Co., Boston 26, Plymouth 26 
Hanson, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth 13 
Hardwick, Woicester Co., Boston 75, Worcester (by highway) 22 
Harvard, Worcester Co., Boston 38, Worcester 25 
Harwich, Barnstable Co., Boston 85, Barnstable 12 
Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 120, Northampton 4 
Haverhill. Essex Co., Boston 33, Salem 31, Newburyport 12 
Hawley, Franklin Co., Boston 120, Greenfield (by highway) 14 
Heath, Franklin Co., Boston 119, Greenfield (by highway) 13 
Hingham, Plymouth Co., Boston 17, (by water 12), Plymouth (by 

highway) 26 
Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., Boston 143,f Pitt'field 8 
Holden, Worcester Co., Boston 52, Worcester 8 
Holland, Hampden Co., Boston 70, Springfield (by highway) 23 
Holiiston, Middlesex Co., Boston 26, Lowell 35 
Holyoke, Hampden Co., Boston 106, Springfield 8 
Hopkioton, Middlesex Co., from Boston 30 miles, from Lowell 37 miles 

(stage to Cordaville) 
Hubbardston, Worcester Co., Boston 64, Worcester 20 
Hudson, Middlesex Co., Boston 34, Lowell 27 

Hull, Plymouth Co., Boston 22 (by water 9), Plymouth (by water) 30 
Huntington, Hampshire Co., Boston 119, Northampton (by highway) 12 
Hyde Park, Norfolk Co., Boston 7, Dedham 3 
Ipswich, Plymouth Co., Boston 27, Salem 11, Newburyport 9 


Kingston, Plymouth Co., Boston 33, Plymouth 4 

Lakeville, Plymouth Co., Boston 34^, Plymouth (by highway) 18 

Lancaster, Worcester Co., Boston 44, Worcester 19 

Lanesborough, Berk.shire Co., Boston 157, Pittsfield 6 

Lawrence, Esses Co., Boston 20, Salem 20 

Lee, Berkshh-e Co., Boston 162, Pittsfield 11 

Leicester. Worcester Co., Boston 50, Worcester (by highway) 6 

Lenox, Berkshire Co., Boston 159, Pittsfield 8 

Leominster, Worcester Co., Boston 46, Worcester 21 

Leverett, Franklin Co., Boston 106, Greenfield 16 

Lexington, Middlesex Co., Boston 11, Lowell (by highway) 15 

Leyden, Faanklin Co., Boston 115, Greenfield (by highway) 9 

Lincoln, Middlesex Co., Boston 17, Lowell (by highway)* 14 

Littleton, Middlesex Co., Boston 31, Loweir21 

Longmeadow, Hampden Co., Boston 102, Springfield 4 

Lowell, Middlesex Co., Boston 26 

Ludlow, Hampden Co., Boston 90, Springfield 9 

Lunenburg, Worcester Co., Boston 42, Worcester 29 

Lynn, Essex Co., Boston 11, Salem 5 

Lynnfield, Essex Co., Bo.ston 13, Salem 8 

Maiden, Middlesex Co., Boston 4, Lowell 23 

Manchester, Essex Co., Boston 25, Salem 9 

Mansfield, Bristol Co., Boston 24, New Bedford 31, Taunton 12 

Marblehead, Essex Co., Boston 20, Salem 4 

Marion, Plymouth Co., Boston 50, Plymouth (by highway) 18 

Marlboro', Middlesex Co., Boston 32, Lowell 40 (by highway 24) 

Marshfield, Plymouth Co , Boston 30, Plymouth (by highway) 15 

Marshpee, Barnstable Co., Boston 64, Barnstable (by highway) 8 

Mattapoisett, Plymouth Co., Boston 55, Plymouth (by highway) 24 

Maynard, Middlesex Co., Boston 27, Concord 7 

Medfield, Norfolk Co.. Boston 20, Dedham 18 

Medford, Middlesex Co., Boston 5, Lowell 21 

Medway, Norfolk Co., Boston 25, Dedham 19 

Melrose, Middlesex Co., Boston 7, Lowell 20 

Mendon, Worcester Co., Boston 32, Worcester 22 

Methuen, Essex Co., Boston 28, Salem 20 

Middleboro', Plymouth Co., Boston 35, Plymouth (by highway) 14 

Middlefield, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton 39 (by highway 

Middleton, Essex Co., Boston 18, Salem 8 
Milford, Worcester Co., Boston 35, Worcester 28 
Millbury, Worcester Co., Boston 42, Worcester 6 
Milton, Norfolk Co., Boston 7, Dedham 6 
Monroe, Franklin Co., Boston 136, Greenfield 34 
Monson, Hampden Co., Boston 87, Springfield 19 
Montague, Franklin Co., Boston 102, Greenfield 4 
Monterey, Berkshire Co., from Boston 136 miles, from Pittsfield (by 

highway) 18 miles 
Montgomery, Hampden Co., Boston 118, Springfield 20 
Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., Boston 183, Pittsfield (by highway 

32 > 
Nahant, Essex Co., Boston 14 (by water 10), Lynn 4 
Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Boston 110 
Natick, Middlesex Co., Boston 17 

Needham, Norfolk Co.. Boston 12, Dedham (by highway) 5 
New Ashford, Berkshire Co., Boston 164, Pittsfield (by highway) 13 
New Bedford, Bristol Co., Boston 55, Taunton 20 


New Braintree, Worcester Co., Boston 62, Worcester (by highway) 18 

Newbury, Essex Co., Boston 34, Newburyport 3 

Newburyport, Essex Co., Boston 36, Salem 20 

New Marlboro', Berkshire Co., Boston 133, Pittsfield (by highway) 24 

New Salem, Franklin Co., Boston 91, Greenfield (by highway) 15 

Newton, Middlesex Co., Boston 7, Lowell 33 

Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Boston 23, Dedhara 11 

Northampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 115 

North Andover, Essex Co., Boston 28, Lawrence 2 

Northborough, Worcester Co., Boston 35, Worcester (by highway) 10 

Northbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 46, Worcester 13 

North Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Boston 20, Plymouth 24 

North Brookfield, Worcester Co., Boston 67, Worcester 28 

Northfield, FrankUn Co., Boston 101, Greenfield (by highway) 6 

North Beading, Middlesex Co., Boston 23, Lowell 14 

Norton, Bristol Co., Boston 28, Taunton 8 

Oakham, Worcester Co., Boston 59, Worcester (by highway) 15 

Orange, Franklin Co., Boston 87, Greenfield 19 

Orleans, Barnstable Co., Boston 94, Barnstable 21 

Otis, Berkshire Co., Boston 128, Pittsfield (by highway) 22 

Oxford, Worcester Co., Boston 55, Worcester 11 

Palmer, Hampden Co., Boston 83, Springfield 15 

Paxton, Worcester Co., Boston 51, Worcester (by highway) 7 

Peabody, Essex Co., Boston 18, Salem 2, Newburyport 22 

Pelliam, Hampshire Co., Boston 76, Northampton (by highway) 14 

Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Boston 26, Plymouth (by highway) 12 

Pepperell, Middlesex Co., Boston 43, Worcester 36 

Peru, Berkshire Co., Boston 140, Pittsfield (by highway) 12 

Petersham, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 65, Worcester (by 

highway) 27 
Phillipston, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 58, Worcester (by 

highway) 27 
Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Boston 151 

Plainfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 124, Northampton (by highway) 29 
Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Boston 37^ 
Plympton, Plymouth Co., Boston 30, Plymouth 8 
Prescott, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 67, Northampton (by 

highway) 16 
Princeton, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester 16 
Provincetown, Barnstable Co., Boston 118 (by water 55), Barnstable 

45 (by water 26) 
Quincy, Norfolk Co., Boston 8, Dedham (by highway) 10 
Randolph, Norfolk Co., from Boston 15, from Dedham (by highway) 8 
Eaynham, Bristol Co.. Boston 30, Taunton 3 
Beading, Middlesex Co., Boston 12, Lowell 15 
Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Boston 39, Taunton (by highway) 10 
Revere, Suffolk Co., Boston 6 
Richmond, Berkshire Co., Boston 159, Pittsfield 8 
Rochester, Plymouth Co., Boston 49, Plymouth (by highway) 16 
Rockport, Essex Co., Boston 36, Salem 20 
Rowe, Franklin Co., Boston 132, Greenfield 26 
Rowley, Essex Co., Boston 31, Salem 15, Newburyport 5 
Royalston, Worcester Co., Boston 77, Worcester 53 
Russell, Hampden Co., Boston 116, Springfield 18 
Rutland, Worcester Co., Boston 54, Worcester (by highway) 13 
Salem, Essex Co., Boston 16, Newburyport 20 
Salisbury, Essex Co., Boston 38, Newburyport 2 


Sanclisfield, Berkshire Co., Boston (by highway to Springfield) 125, 

Pittsfield (by highway) 27 
Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Boston 62, Barnstable 11 
Saiigus, Essex Co., Boston 9, Salem 10 

Savoy, Berkshire Co., Boston 133, Pittsfield (by highway) 15 
Scituate, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth (by highway) 20 
Seekonk, Bristol Co., Boston 40, Taunton (by highway) l-l 
Sharon, Norfolk Co., Boston 22, Dedham 14 
Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Boston 182, Pittsfield 81 
Shelburne, Franklin Co., Boston 113, Greenfield 7 
Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Boston 24, Framingham 4 
Shirley, Middlesex Co., Boston 40, Lowell -2 
Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 36, Worcester (by 

highway) 5 
Shutesbury, Franklin Co., Boston 112, Greenfield 22 (by highway) 13 
Somerset, Bristol Co., Boston 44, Taunton 10^- 
Somerville, Middlesex Co., Boston 2, Lowell 24 
Southampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 115, Northampton 9 
Southboro', Worcester Co., Boston 28, Worcester 17 
Southbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 70, Worcester 27 
South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Boston 112, Springfield 14 
South Scituate, Plymouth Co., Boston 20, Plymouth (by highway) 16 
Southwick, Hampden Co., Boston 114, Springfield 18 
Spencer, Worcester Co., Boston 62, Worcester 18 
Springfield, Hatnpden Co., Boston 98 
Sterling, Worcester Co., Boston 49, Worcester 14 
Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Boston 168, Pittsfield 17 
Stoneham, Middlesex Co., Boston 9, Lowell 16 
Stoughton, Norfolk Co., Boston 18, Dedham 6 
Stow, Middlesex Co., Boston 30,- Lowell 32 

Sturbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester (by highway) 18 
Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Boston (hy highway) 26, Lowell 20 
Sunderland, Franklin Co., Boston 107, Greenfield (by highway) 9 
Sutton, Worcester Co., Boston 40, Worcester 9 
Swampscott, E-sex Co., Boston 12, Salem 4, Newburyport 24 
Swanzey, Bristol Co., Boston 48, Taunton 13 
Taunton, Bristol Co., Boston 33, New Bedford 20 
Templeton, Worcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester 45 (by highway) 26 
Tewksbury, Middlesex Co., Boston 21, Lowell 5 
Tisbury, Dukes Co., from Boston 77 miles, from Edgartown 8 miles 
Tolland, Hampden Co., Boston 123, Springfield (by highway) 22 
Topsfield, Essex Co., Boston 25, Salem 9, Newburyport 15 
Townsend, Middlesex Co., Boston 45, Lowell 27 
Truro, Barnstable Co., Boston 112 (by water 60), Provineetown 9, 

Barnstable 37 
Tyngsborough, Middlesex Co.. Boston 33, Lowell 7 
Tyringbam, Berkshire Co., Boston 142, Pittsfield 20 
Upton. Worcester Co.,. Boston 36, Worcester (by highway) 13 
Uxbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 30, Worcester 18 
Wakefield, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell 28 
Wales, Hampden Co., Boston 93, Springfield 25 
Walpole, Norfolk Co., Boston 19, Dedham 9 
Waltham, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell (by highway) 18 
Ware, Hampshire Co., Boston 91, Northampton 40 
Wareham, Plymouth Co., Boston 50, Plymouth (by highway) 15 
Warren, Worcester Co., Boston 73, Worcester 28 
Warwick, Franklin Co., Boston 87, Greenfield 14 



Washingfon, Berkshire Co., Boston 138, Pittsfield 13 

WatertDwn, Middlesex Co., Boston 8, Lowell 34, Cambridge 5 

Wayland, Middlesex Co., Boston (by bigbway) 16, Lowell 42 

Webster, Worcester Co.. Boston 59, Worcester 16 

Wellfleet, Barnstable Co., Boston 106 (by water 65), Barnstable 33 

Wendell, Franklin Co., Boston 90, Greenfield 16 

Wenham, Essex Co., Boston 22, Salem 6, Newburyport 14 

Westborougb, Worcester Co., Boston 32, Worcester 12 

West Boylston, Worcester Co., Boston 53, Worcester 9 

West Briiigewater, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth 25 

West Brookfield, Worcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester 25 

Westfield, Hampden Co., Boston 108, Springfield 10 

Westford, Middlesex Co., Boston 33, Lowell 7 

West Hampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 123, Northampton (by highway) 8 

Westminster, Worcester Co., Boston 55, Worcester 30 

West Newbury, Essex Co., Boston 38, Newburyport 4 

Weston, Middlesex Co., Boston 13, Lowell 39 (by highway) 18 

Westport, Bristol Co., Boston 56, New Bedford (by highway) 8 

West Springfield, Hampden Co., Boston 100, Springfield 2 

West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Boston 162, Pittsfield 11 

Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Boston 15, Dedham 24 (highway) 11 

Whately, Franklin Co., Boston 116, Greenfield 10 

Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Boston 89, Springfield 9 

Williamsburg, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton 7 

Williamstown, Berkshire Co., Bo.ston 140, Pittsfield 25 

Wilmington, Middlesex Co., Boston 15, Lowell 10, Lawrence 11 

Winchendon, Worcester Co., Boston 68. Worcester 44 

Winchester, Middlesex Co., Boston 8, Lowell 16 

Windsor, Berkshire Co., Boston 140, Pittsfield (by highway) 12 

Winthrop, Suffolk Co., Boston 10 (by water) 4 

Woburo, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell 16 

Worcester, Worcester Co., Boston 44 

Worthington, Hampshire Co.. Boston 143, Northampton (by highway) 17 

Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Boston 28, Dedham 19 

Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Boston 76, Barnstable 3 


Barnstable County. 

Barnstable, F. G. Kelly, Centreville 
Brewster, Chas. S. Foster 
Cliatbam, Levi Atwood 
Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d, West Dennis 
Eastbam, Joshua Paine 
Falmouth, Thus. Lewis 
Harwich, Freeman Snow 
Orleans, Freeman Mayo, East Orleans 
Provincetown, Seth Smith, jr. 
Sandwich, H. G. O. Ellis 
Truro. Samuel C. Paine 
Welhleet, James T. Atwood 
Yarmouth, Wni. P. Davis. 

Berkshire County. 
Adams, M) ron Barrows, North Adams 

Alford, R. C. Fitch 
Becket, Mark P. Carter 
Cheshire, Joseph G. Northrup 
Clarksburg, A. A. Lee, North Adamg 
Dal ton, John D. Carson 
Egremont, Joseph A. Benjamin, S. 

Florida, A. D. Tower 
Great Barrington, Isaac Seeley 
Hancock, Charles B. Wells 
Hinsdale, Charles C. Wright 
Lanesborough, Wm. A. Fuller 
Lee, John Stallman 
Lenox, Wm. D. Curtis 
Monterey, Merrick C Langdon 
Mount Washington, Orrin C. Whit- 
New Ashford, Charles W. White 



New Marlborough, Seth Pease, Mill 

Otis, Isaac I. Norton 
Peru, S. H. Pelton 
Pittsfield, Charles W. Yan De Mark. 
Richmond, Henry B. Stevens 
Sandisfit'ld. S. M. Castle, Montville 
Savov, N. E. Goff 
Sheffield, John D. Burtch 
Stockbridge, E. Sej'niour 
Tyringham, George W. Garfield 
Washington, A. B. Pomeroy 
W. Stockbridge, James S. Moore 
Williamstown, Charles Cole 
Windsor, James L. White 

Bristol County. 

Acushnet, George P. Morse 
Attleborough, Job B. Savory 
Berkley, T. P. Burt 
Dartmouth, George F. Holland 
Dighton, George A. Shove 
Easton, S. B. Strout 
Fairhaven, Tucker Damon, jr. 
Fall River, George A. Ballard 
Freetown, D. C. H. Hatheway 
Mansfield, Alfred V. Rogerson 
New Bedford, Henry T. Leonard 
Norton, Austin Messenger 
Ray nil am, Joseph W. White 
Rehoboth, Cyrus M. Wheaton 
Seekonk, Jonathan Chafl'ee, E. Prov- 
idence, R. I. 
Somerset, John G. Tinkham 
Swansey, Joseph G. Luther 
Taunton, James M. Cushman 
Westport, Albert C. Kirby, Central 

Dukes County. 
Chilmark, William Norton 
Edgartown, B. C. Marchant 
Gosnold, Samuel E. Skifi 
Tisbury, Lot Luce, Vineyard Haven 

Essex County. 
Amesbury, Jos. Merrill 
Andover, E. K. Jenkins 
Beverly. James Hill 
Boxford, Ansel Dorman 
Bradford, Nathaniel Hatch 
Danvers, A. S. Howard 
Essex, John C. Choate 
Georgetown, Joseph E. Bailey 
Gloucester, John J. Somes 
Groveland, Charles H. Hopkinson 
Hamilton, I. F. Knowlton 
Haverhill, D. B. Tenney 
Ipswich, Wesley K. Bell 
Lawrence, Geo. R. Rowe 
Lynn, Benjamin H. Jones 
Lynnfield, John Danforth, Lynnfield 

Manchester, John Lee 
Marblehead, William Gilley, jr. 
Methuen, Samuel G. Sargent 

Middleton, Joseph A. Batchelder 
Nahant. Alfred D. Johnson 
Newbury, Wm. Little 
Newburyport, George H. Stevens 
North Andover, Andrew Smith 
Peabody, Nathan H. Poor 
Rockport, Calvin W. Pool 
Rowley, John S. Prime 
Salem, Henry M. Meek 
Salisbury, Samuel J. Brown 
Saugus, Wm. H. Newhall 
Swampscott, George H. Holden 
Topsfield. J. P. Towne 
Wenham, Wellington Pool 
West Newbury, John C. Carr 

Franklin County. 
Ashfield, Henry S. Ranney 
Bernardston, S. J. Green 
Buekland, R. L. Packard, Shelburne 

Charlemont, B. A. Farnsworth 
Coleraine, A. C. Smith 
Conway, H. W. Billings 
Deerfield, Elisha Wells 
Erving, Noah Rankin 
Gill, O. T. Hale 
Greenfield, Noah S. Wells 
Hawley, Edwin Scott 
Heath, Amos Temple 
Leverett, E. M. Ingram 
Leyden, U. T. Darling, jr. 
Monroe, Joseph H. Hicks 
Montague, J. H. Root 
New Salem, Royal Whitaker 
Northfield. Samuel W. Dutton 
Orange, R. D. Chase 
Rowe, Charles H. Scott, Zoar 
Shelburne, Alanson K. Hawkes 
Shutesbury, Samuel H. Crandall 
Sunderland, John M. Smith 
Warwick, A. S. Atherton 
Wendell, Lyman G. Gould 
Whately, Samuel Lesure 

Hampden County. 

Agawam, S. H. Bodurtha 
Blandford, Elisha W. Shepard 
Brimfield, Henry F. Brown 
Chester, George N. Cone 
Chicopee, Lester Dickinson 
Granville, R. S. Brown 
Holland, F. B. Blodgett 
Holyoke, E. A. Ramsay 
Longmeadow, Oliver 

Ludlow, Benjamin F. Burr 
Monson, Alvin A. P. 
Montgomery, A. A. Moore 
Palmer, James B. Shaw 
Russell, Justus B. Smith 
Southwick, Henry B. Webb 
Springfield, Albert T. Folsom 
Tolland, Francis R. Moore 
Wales, H. H. Harradon 



Westfield, Robert R. Robinson 
W. Springfield, J. M. Harmon 
Wilbraliam, William P. Spellman, 
South Wilbraham 

Hampshire County. 
Amherst, Samuel C. Carter 
Bekhertown, Nathaniel D wight 
Chesterfield, Albert Nichols 
Cummington, Almon Mitchell 
Easthampton, La Fayette Clapp 
Enfield, Aufjustus Moody- 
Goshen, Elijah Billings 
Gran by, Charles S. Ferry 
Greenwich, David Allen 
Hadley, Wm. S. Shipman 
Hatfield, Wm. D. Billinos 
Huntington, Win. S. Tinker 
Middlefield, J. McElwain 
Northampton, ^V. F. Arnold 
Pelham, George W. Shephard 
Plainfield, Freeman Hamlen 
Prsscott, Frederick N. Pierce 
South Hadley, Ira B. Wiight, South 

Hadley Falls 
Southampton. E. A. Edwards 
Ware, Herbert M. Coney 
Westliampton, Fred H. Judd 
Williamsburg, Thomas M. Carter 
Worthington, Charles K. Brewster 

Middlesex County. 
Acton, William D. Tuttle 
Arlin'^ton, John F. Allen 
Ashby, A. A. Carr 
Ashland, William A. Tilton 
Ayer, Andrew Felch 
Bedford, Charles A. Corey 
Belmont, William W. Mead 
Bellerica, Dudley Foster 
Boxborough, Ephraim B. Cobleigh 
Burlington, Samuel Sewall 
Cambridge, Justin A. Jacobs 
Cai'lisle, Austin Marsh 
Chelmsford, Geo. A. Parkhurst 
Concord, George Heywood 
Dracut Henry L. Newhall 
Dunstable, Henry J. Toller 
Everett, Joseph H. Cannell 
Framingham, Charles S. AVhitmore 
Groton, George D. Brigham 
HoUiston, John D. Shippee 
Hopkinton, B. F. Coburn 
Hudson, Edwin Amsden 
Lexington, Leonard G. Babcock 
Lincoln, Henry C. Chapin 
Littleton, Wm. Kimball 
Lowell, Samuel A. McPhetres 
Maiden, Albert F. Sargent 
Marlborough, William A. Alley 
Maynard, E. R. Chase 
Medford, Parker R. Litchfield 
Melrose, John Larrabee 
Natick, George L. Sleeper 
Newton, Marshall S. Rice 

North Reading, Charles P. Howard 
Pepperell, David W. Jewett 
Reading, Wm. J. Wightman 
Sherborn, Jos. Dowse 
Shirley, Jonas Longley 
Somerville, Charles E. Gilman 
Stoneham, Silas Dean 
Stow, Henry Gates 
Sudbury, Jonas S. Hunt 
Tewksbury, Heni-y E. Warner 
Townsend, Christopher Gates 
Tyngsborough, Howard Coburn 
Wakefield, Charles F. Hartshorne 
Waltliam, Daniel F. Viles 
Watertown, Joseph Crafts 
Wayland, J. A. Roby 
Westford, Edwin Hodgman 
Weston George W. Cutting, jr 
Wilmington, W. H. Carter, North 

Winchester, Warren F. Foster 
Woburn, M. S. Seely 

Nantucket County. 
Nantucket, Geo. W. Jenks. 

Norfolk County. 
Bellingham, Joseph T. Massey 
Braintree, Elias Hayward 
Brookline, Benjamin F. Baker 
Canton, Andrew Lopez 
Coll asset. Ni'wcomb B. Tower 
1) .dham Jomthan H. Cobb 
Dover, A!jn.r L. Smith 
Foxborough, James F. Leonard 
Franklin, Alpheus A. Russegue 
Hyde Park, Henry B. Terry 
Medfield, C. C. Sewall 
Medway, O. A. Mason 
Milton, Jason Reed 
Needham, Solomon Flagg, Wellesley 
Norfolk, Silas E. Fales 
Quincy, George L. Gill 
Randolph, Hiram C. Alden 
Sharon, Otis Johnson 
Stoughton, Luther S. Leai-h 
Walpole, George P. Morey 
Weymouth, Francis Ambler 
Wrentham, Samuel Warner 

Plymouth County. 

Abington, Henry Noyes 
Bridgewater, J. E. Crane 
Carver, Peleg McFarlin 
Duxbury, Josiah Peterson 
East Bridgewater, Jacob A. Rogers 
Halifax, Edwin Inglee 
Hanover, Bernard Damon, West Han- 
Hanson, Josephus Bryant 
Hingham, Charles N. Marsh 
Hull, Lewis P. Loring 
Kingston, Nathan Brooks 
Lakeville, C T. Westgate 
Marion, Charles H. Delano 



Marshfield, Daniel Stevens 
Mattapoisett, Thomas Nelson 
Middle I lorough, Cornelius B. Wood 
North Bridorewater, W. H. Wales 
Pembroke, Georoe H. Ryder 
Plymouth, Curtis H. Davee 
Plympton, Lewis B. Parker 
Rochester, Henry C. Nye 
Scituate, J. L. Mei'ritt, fecituc* v. 

South Scituate, Ebenezer T. Fogg 
Wareham, A. Frank Gibbs 
West Bridgewater, Austin Packaru 

Suffolk County. 
Boston, Samuel F. McCleary 
Chelsea, Samuel Bassett 
Revere, William T. Hall 
Winthrop, Warren Belcher 

Worcester County. 

Ashburnham, Newton Hayden 
Athol, E. Ellis 
Auburn, Emory Stone 
Barre, M. J. Uillman 
Berlin, Josiah E. Sawyer 
Blackston^, Aaron S. Estej 
Bolton, Ririiard S. Edes 
Boy'ston, H. H. Brigham, Boyiston 

Brookfield, H. V. Crosby 
Charlton. Alfred E. Fiske 
Clinton, Lurius Field 
Dana, D. L. Richards, North Dana 
Douglas, William H. Moore 
Duilley, Moses Barnes, jr 
Fitchbuig, Henry Jackson 
Gardner, Francis Richardson 
Grafion, James W. White 
Hardwick, Albert E. Knight 

Harvard, Hiram AVhitney 
Holden, S. W. Armington 
Hubbardston, Lyman Woodward 
Lancaster, J. L. S. Thompson 
Leicester, Joseph A. Denny 
Leominster, Joel C. Allen 
Lunenburir, James Putnam 
Mendon, David Adams 
Milford, Lewis Fales 
Mill bury, L-a N. Goddard 
New Braintree, Georfre K. Tuns 
Northhorough, A. S. AVaite 
Northbridge, Hiram Wing 
North Brookfield, Hiram Knight 
Oakham. Je«se Allen 
Oxford, Alfred W. Long 
Paxton, E. D. Bigelow 
Petersham, Lewis Whitney 
Phillipston, Albert A. Bolton 
Princeton, D. H. Gregory 
Royalston, Joseph T. Nichols 
Rutland, George A. Putnam 
Shrewsbury, Arunah Harlow 
Soutliborough, Franklin Este 
Southbridge, S. S. Perry 
Spencer, J. W. Temple 
Sterling, William D. Peck 
Sturbridge, H. D. Haynes 
Sutton, David T. Thurston 
Templeton, Gerard Bushnell 
Upton, Jerome Wilmarth 
Uxbridge, Henry Capron 
Warren, Samuel E. Blair- 
Webster, S. A. Tingier 
Westborough, Samuel INL Grigux 
West Boylston, Horatio Houghton 
West Brookfield, E. H. Blair 
Westminster, William Mayo 
Winchendon, D. H. Barnes 
Worcester, Samuel Smith 


Towns are also given which are not Post offices, but their Post-office immediately follows. 
Names in Italics denote Money-Order Offices. 

Adonir.irn Vaughn 

Joshua S. Smith 

Geovf^G Cleverly 

All)ert Davis 

A. M. Robbins 

I. W. Flagg 

Jona. K. AV. Wetlicrhee 

S. W. Hopkins 

Cyrus K. Clark 

"John E. Mole 

Edwin Rogers 

Edward W. Blackinton 


East Abington, 


South " 


South Acton, 

West " 

North Adams, 

Adamsville, see Colerain 
Agawarn, Lyman Allen 

Feeding Hills, Ezra G. (Jaylord 

Alford, James II. Edwards 

Allston, see Boston 

Amesbury, Joseph T. Clarkson 

South Amesbury, Chas. E. RowcU 

West " Joseph W. Sargent 

Amherst, Jairus L. Skinner 

North Amherst, Forester P. Ainsworth 
Soutli " Waitstill Dickinson 

Andorer, William Marland 

Ballard Vale, Isaac 0. Blunt 

Annisquam, see Gloucester 

Arlington, Frederick E. Fowie 

Ashburnham, Geo. C. Winchester 

Ashburnlnun Depot, W. F. Whitney 

Burrageville, Jonas W. Dwinell 

Ashl)y, Charles 0. Green 

Ash field, Moses G. Cook 

South Ashfield, Chandler A. Ward 

Ashland, James H. Jones 



Ashley Falls, see Sheffield 

Aslileyville, see West Springfield 

Athol^ Thomas H. Goodspeed 

Athot Depot, Lucieii Lord 

South Athol, H. H. Rice 

Atlaiific, see Quincy 

Attleboro', Nathan C. Lnther 

Attleboro' Falls, J. J. Freeman 

North Attleboro' Thos. R. Jones 

South " James S. Day 

Hebrouville, Charles W. Lillibridge 

Auburn, Alvin Howe 

Auburndale, see Newton 

Ayei; L. A. Buck 

Ayer's ViIlao;e, see Haverhill 

B:\ldwinsville, see Templeton 

Ballard Vale, see Aiulover 

Bancroft, see Middlefield 

Bardwell's Ferry, see Shelburne 

Barnstable, James Clagg 

Centreville, Ferdinand G. Kelley 

Cotuit, Charles C. Bearce 

Hyannis, Tlico. F. Bassett 

Marston's Mills, Russell Hinclvley 

Osterville, George H. Hinckley 

W. Barnstable, Shadrack N. Howland 

Bavre, H. F. Brooks 

Barre Plains, Edward Denny 

Smithville, J. Edwin Smith 

Barrowsvilie, see Norton 

Bay View, see Gloucester 

Becket, Jarvis Norcott 

Becket Centre, Mrs. Ruth G. Smith 

West Becket, Henderson Ward 

Bedford, Marcus B. Webber 

Beechwood, see Cohasset 

BeIcherto^^ul, Samuel W. Longley 

Bellingham, Ruel F. Thayer 

No. Bellingham, Stephen B. Smith 

Caryvilie, Calvin Fairbanks 

Belmont, A. A. Adams 

Waverley, H. H. Russell 

Berkley, Daniel S. Briggs 

Berkshire, see Lanesboro' 

Berlin, Rufus S. Hastings 

West Berlin, Silas R. Carter 

Bernardston, Tsrael Putnam 

Beverly, ■- Thomas D. Davis 

North Beverly, G. E. Johnson 

Beverly Farms, Isaac S. Daj' 

.Billerica,' C. H. Parker 

North Billerica, James Whittmore 

Blackinton, see Adams 

Blackstone, Junius Bates 

East Blackstone, Myron Daniels 

Mill^ille, Lyman Legg 

Blatidford, Mrs. J. E. Robinson 

North Blandford, Charles M. Waite 

Bolton, . G. B. Newton 

Bond's Village, see Palmer 

Boston, William L. Burt 

East Boston Station, Chas. T. Jenkins, 

Chief Clerk 
South Boston Station, Thomas Burns, 

Chief Clerk 
South End Station, Mrs. D. C. Hollister, 

Chief Clerk 
Roxbury Station, R. A. Backup, Chief 

Dorchester Station, G. H. Rexford, Chief 

Chelsea Station, C. A. Blanchard, Chief 

Ch'irlestown Station, C. A. Page, Chief 

Cambridge Station, G. M. Osgood, Chief 

Cambridgeport Station, R. H. Hodgkins, 
Chief Clerk 

East Cambridge Station, Rufus R. Wade, 

Chief Clerk 
North Cambridge Station, J. A. Good- 
win, Chief Clerk 
Somerville Station, N. A. Daniels, Chief 

Roslindale, S. F. Dearborn 

W^st Roxbury, Wm. S. Keith 

Boylston Station, Albert Tower 

Brighton, Mrs. Sybil S. Day 

Allston, John Parkhurst 

North Brighton, Thomas Hunt 

Boxboro', nearest P. 0. West .Acton 

Boxford, Frederick A. Howe 

West Boxford, Wm. R. Kimball 

Boylston, James A. Weeks 

Boylston Centre, Henry White 

Boj'lston Station, see Boston 

Bradford, James Kimball, jr. 

Braggville, see Holliston 

Brain tree, Charles W. Proctor 

South Braintree, Elias Hayward 

Brewster, Mrs. Martha B. Huckins 

West Brewster, Eben F. Ryder 

East " Joseph Foster 

South " R. H. Hopkins 

Bridgewater, Lewis Holmes 

Scotland, Miss Hasadiah K. Chipman 

Brimfield, Henry F. Brown 

East Brimfield, Charles Varney 

Brookfield, John L. Ainsworth 

East Brookfield, George Forbes 

Brookline, Cvrus W. Ruggles 

Brookville, see Holbrook 

Bucklund, Samuel B. Taylor 

Burlington, Silas Cutler 

Burrageville, see Ashburnhara 

By field, see Newbury 

Cambridge, see Boston 

Cainbridgeport " " 

Campello, see No. Bridgewater 

Canton, Rufus C. Wood 

Carlisle, Sydney A. Bull 

Carver, E. "W. Shaw 

North Carver, Benj. Ransom, jr. 

South " Augustus F. Tillson 

Caryvilie, see Bellingham 

Centreville, see Barnstable 

Central Village, see Westport 

Charlemont, Ansel L. Taylor 

East Charlemont, Lorin Merriam 

Zoar, Isaac Hawks 

Charles River Village, see Dover 

Charlestown, see Boston 

Charlton, Alfred E. Fiske 

Charlton City, Mrs. Julia A. Mclntire 
Charlton Depot, Almon Sampson 

Chatham, Ziba Nickerson 

Chatham Port, Enos Kent 

North Chatham, Benj. T. Freeman 

South " Levi Elbridge, jr. 

West " Samuel Doane 

Chelmsford, George A. Parkhurst 

North Chelmsford, "Elisha H. Shaw 

South " Thomas M. Gerrish 

West " Christopher Roby 

Middlesex Village, John W. Damon 

Chelsea, see Boston 

Cherry Valley, see Leicester 

Cheshire, Henry C. Bowen 

Chester, William Fay 

North Chester, Herman Powers 

Chester Centre, James W. Smith 

Chesterfield. Joel Engram, jr. 

West Chesterfield, Joseph W. Tirrell 

Chestnut Hill, see Newton 

Chicopee, Andrew S. Hunter 

Chicopee Falls, A. W. Page 

Willimansett, Pascal J. Newell 



Post- Offices and Post-Masters — conVd. 

Cliiliniirk, John Dunhfim 

Chiltonville, see Plymoutli 

Clarksburg, no P. 6.; address N. Adams. 

Clayton, see New Marlboro 

Cliftondale, see Sagus 

Clinton, Charles H. Dinsmore 

Cochesett, see West Bridgewater 

Cochituate, see Way land 

Cohasset, C. A. Goss 

North Cohasset, Welconip. Beal 

Beechwood, Ezra Brown 

Cold Brook Springs, see Oakham 

Colerain, Orson B. Curtis 

Adamsville, 0. B. Kendrick 

Elm Grove, Nelson Joy 

Griswoldville, Josepli Griswold, jr. 

Shattuckville, Calvin W. Shattuck 

College Hill, see Jledford 

Collins's Depot, see Wilbraliam 

Concord, Henry L. Whitcomb 

Westvale, D. A. Fletcher 

Conway, Kichard Tucker 

Cooleyville, see New Salem 

Cordaville, see Southboro' 

Cotuit, see Barnstable 

Cumininrjton, Darius W. Lovell 

Cummington W. Village, Chas. Harlow 
Swift River Wm. H. Guilford 

Curtisville, see Stockbrldge 

Dalton, ' Elisha Clark 

Dana, William H. .Balcom 

North Dana, E. A. Hale 

Danvers, Joseph K. Hood 

Danvers Centre, Frederick A. Wilkins 
Danversport, David i\Iead 

Tapleyville, N. P. Merriam 

West Danvers, J. E. Horlor 

Dartmouth, Francis W. Mason 

North Dartmouth, _ Abner P. Barker 
South " a. H. Sherman 

Dedham, Ambrose B. Galucia 

West Dedham, Theodore Gay, 2d 

Deerfield, Miss Martha G. Pratt 

South Deerfield, Obeil S. Arms 

Dennis, Luther Hall 

Dennis Port, Thos. Howes, jr. 

South Dennis, C. !\I. Underwood 

East " Lothrop Howes, jr. 

West " Salmon Crowell 

Dighton, William B. VVhitmarsh 

North Dighton, Edward Almy 

Dorchester, see Boston 

Douglas. Miss Mary Ann Holman 

J^^iist Douglas, Ljnnan Parsons 

Dover, Isaac Howe 

Charles River Village, Marshall Newell 

Dracut, James H. Wilson 

Dudley, Moses Barnes, jr. 

West Dudley, George Edwards 

Dunstable, L. H. Parker 

Duxbury, Henry L. Sampson 

South Duxbury, ' Harvey Soule 

West " A. P. Barstow 

East Bridgewater, Benj. W. Keith 

Elmwood, W. K. Churchill 

East Cambridge, see Boston 

Eastham, Micah S. Paine 

North Eastham, Abram M. Hurton 

Easthampton, Jeremiah H. Bardwcll 

Easton, John Kimball 

North Easton, George B. Cogswell 

South " George Copeland 

Edgartown, Jared W. Coffiti 

Vineyai-d Grove, F. P. Vincent 


North Egremont, Seymour B. Dewey 
South " Josepli A. Benjamin 

Ellsworth, see Acton 

Elm Grove, see Colerain 

Elmwood, see East Bridgewater 

Enfield, J. E. Woods 

Erving, Noah Rankin 

Essex, Daniel W. Bartlett 

Everett, J. B. Everett 

Factory Village, see Greenfield 

Fairhaven, " C. H. Morton 

Long Plain, John Manter, jr. 

Fall River, Edwin Shaw 

Steep Brook, A. W. Winslow 

Falmouth, Thomas H. Lawrence 

East Falmouth, .Joshua W. Davis 

North " Ferdinand G. Nve 

West " G. R. Bovce 

Hatchville, Silas Hatch," 2d 

Wood's Hole, Owen Eldridge 

Waquoit, Crocker H. Bearse 

Farnumsville, see Grafion 

Fayville, see Southboro' 

Feeding Hills, see Agawam 

Fiskilale, see Sturbridge 

Fitchburg, George E. Goodrich 

West Fitchburg, William Baldwin 

Florence, see Northampton 

Florida, Nathan White 

Hoosac Tunnel, Michael B. Collins 

Foige Village, see Westford 

Foxboro^ Joseph F. Hodges 

East Foxboro' David Wyman 

West " Miss Fannie S. Everett 

Framingham, Mrs. Julia H. S. Wilde 

South Framingham, Willard Howe 

Saxonville, Luther F. Fuller 

FrankUn, Joseph A. Woodward 

South Franklin, Joseph H. Wadsworth 

Franklin City, see Norfolk 

Freetown, D. L. Johnson 

East Freetown, Reuel Washburn 

Gardner, Miss S. K. Richardson 

South Gardner, Simeon W. A. Stevens 

Gay Head, L D. Rose 

Georgetown, Oliver S. Butler. 

Gilbertville, see Hardwick 

Gill. Josiah D. Canning 

Riverside, David A. Wood 

Glendale, see Stockbridge 

Globe Village, see Southbridge 

Gloucester, David W. Low 

Annisquam, John D. Davis 

Bay View, Henry H. Bennett 

Laiiesville, Levi Denner 

East Gloucester, H. M. Coffin 

West Gloucester, Henry C. L. Haskell 

Goshen, Joseph Hawks 

Grafton, J. FranR Searle 

Farnumsville, James A. Morse 

New England Village, S. B. Allen 

Saunilersvllle, Gilbert C. Taft 

Granby, Philo Chapin 

Graniteville, see Westford 

Grantville, see Needham 

Granville Corners, Rufus H. Barlow 

East Granville, Ralph S. Brown 

West " Francis Clark 

Great Barrington, Isaac Seeley 

Housatonic, John M. Seeley 

Van Deusenville, Harvey S. Gordon 

Greenfield, Lewis Merriam 

Factory Village, Seth Woods 

Greenwich, H. C. Longley 

Greenwich Village, Henry M. Brown 

Greenwood, see Wakefield 

Griswoldville, see Colerain 

Groton, Hattie E. Farnsworth 

West Groton, Charles H. Hill 

Groveland, Chas. H. Hopkinson 

South Groveland, Eustis P. Parker 




North Hadley, 

South Hanover, 


South Hanson, 


William S. Shipman 

B. T. Carter 

H. D. Packard 

F. C. Norton 

Wm. H. Laphani 

Robert S. Curtis 

Isaac G. Stetson 

Hoi-atio B. JIagoun 

Andrew Bowker 

Cyrus A. Bates 

Albert E. Knight 

Lewis N. Gilbert 

Harrison Square, see Dorchester 

Hartsville, see New Marlboro' 

Harvard, Hiram Joy 

Still River, William F. Bateman 

Harwich, C. E. Brett 

East Harwich, Hiram E. Nickerson 

North " .Mrs. E. B. Sears 

South " William M. Eldridge 

West " Erastus Chase 

Harwich Port, Shubael B. Kelley 

Hatchville, see Falmouth 
Hatfield, Sirs. Ursula B. Graves 

North Hatfield, Reuben H. Betden 

HavevhUl, David Boynton 

East Haverhill, John B. Nichols 

Ayer's Village, Charles H. Burnham 
Hawley Edwin Scott 

West Hawley, Mark H. Vincent 

Hayden Row, see Hopkinton 
Haydenville, see Williamsburgh 
Heath, Horace McGee 

Hebronville, see Attleboro' 
Highlandville, see Needham 
Hingham, Edwin Wilder, 2d 

Hinghara Centre, Henry Siders 

South Hingham, Alonzo Gushing 

Hinsdale, John Cadv 

Holbrook, J. T. Southworth 

Brookville. M. B. Faxon 

Holden, Samuel W. Armington 

Jeffersonville, M. V. B. JelTerson 

Holland, Francis E. Kinney 

HoUiston, James F. Fiske 

East HoUiston, Edward C. Parker 

Braggville, Dennis Hartshorn 

Holyoke, Charles B. Prescott 

Ireland, E. R. Crafts 

Hoosac Tunnel, see Florida 
Hopedale, see Milford 
Hopkinton, Mrs. Ann F. Pierce 

Hayden Row, Benjamin Phipps 

Woodville, Albert Wood 

Housatonic, see Great Harrington 
Hubbardston, Lyman Woodward 

Williamsville, L. W. Browning 

Hudson, Silas F. Manson 

Hull, Joseph Pope 

Huntington, Edward Pease 

Norwich, Osman E. Knight 

Hvannis, see Barnstable 
Hyde Park, S. P. Blodgett 

Readville Station, Enoch P. Davis 

Indian Orchard, see Springfield 
Ipswich, John H. Cogswell 

Ireland, see Holyoke 
Jamaica Plain, see Boston 
Jeffersonville, see Holden 
Kingston, Azel H. Sampson 

Lakeville, Cephas Haskins 

Lancaster, Humphrey Barrett 

South Lancaster, T. E. Burdett 

Lanesboro', CharlesiL. Wood 

Berkshire, Wm. G. Harding 

Lanesville, see Gloucester 
Lawrence, Geo. S. Merrill 

Lee, Eliphalet Wright 

East Lee, William P. Hamblin 

South Lee, William G. Merrill 

Leeds, see Northampton 

Leicester, Lyman D. Thurston 

Cherry Valley, E. W. Conant 

Rochdale, Miss S. M. Rouse 

Lenox, Thomas Post 

Lenox Fui-nace, Andrew T. Servin 

New Lenox, James S. Hutchinson 

Leominster, Charles H. Colburn 

North Leominster, Wm. F. Howe 

Leverett, Bradford M. Field 

North Leverett, Otis Chittenden 

Lexington, Leonard G. Babcock 

East Lexington, Augustus Cbild3 

Leyden, Mrs. Nancy J. Vining 

Lincoln, James L. Chapin 

South Lincoln, Albert A. Cook 

Littleton. Joseph A. Harwood 

Lock's Village, see Wendell 

Longmeadow, Jldwin H. Colton 

East Longmeadow, Cortez F. Russell 

Loudville, see Northampton 

Long Plain, see Fairhaven 

Lowell, John A. Goodwin 

Ludlow, David Joy 

Lunenburg, Daniel Putman 

Lynn, John Batchelder 

Lynnfield, James .Jackson 

Lynnfield Centre, Levi H. Russell 

Maiden, Temple Dodge 

Maplewood, Elkanah A. Cummings 

Manchaug, see Sutton 

Manchester, Julius F. Rabardy 

Mansfield, Samuel C. Lovell 

West Mansfield, Albert Perry 

Maplewood, see Maiden 

lUarblehead, Knott V. Martin 

Marion, Sylvanus W. Hall 

Marlboro\ John S. Fay 

Marshfield, • George W. Baker 

East Marshfield, Mrs. Almira L. Damon 
North " Benjamin Hatch 

Marshpee, Solomon Ataquin 

JIarston's Mills, see Barnstable 

Mattapoisett, William E. Sparrow 

Mattfield, see West Bridgewater 

Maynard, Abel G. Haynes 

Medfield, Isaac Fisko 

Medford, John H. Eames 

East Medford, A. P. Pen-y 

West " Reuben Wiley 

College Hill, Benj. T. White 

Medwaij, Henry E. Mason 

East Medway, Mrs. MariamW. Daniels 
West " Joseph N. Tourtillotte 

Rockville, Frederic Swai'man 

Melrose, Mrs. Susan E. Eastman 

Mendon, Henry A. Aldrich 

Methuen, Samuel G. Sargent 

Middleboro' , Andrew L. Tinkham 

East Middleboro' Anna C. Eddy 

North " Solomon White 

South " John L. Benson 

Rock, Israel Smith 

Middlefield, Oliver Church 

Bancroft, Chester W. Merrifield 

Middlesex Village, see Chelmsford 

Middleton, Joseph A. Batchelder 

Milford, George G. Pond 

South Milford, Hamlet B. Fisk 

Hopedale, George Draper 

Millbury, Rowland E. Bowen 

West Millbury, Mrs. Emily C. Goulding 

Mill River, see New Marlboro' 

Miller's Falls, see Montague 

Millington, see New Salem 

Millville, see Blackstone 

Milton, Henry Pope 

East Milton, J. W. Babcock 



Post- Offices and Post-Masters — confd. 
Jlilton Railway is a Sub-office 
Mirickville, see Taunton 
Mittineague, see West Springfield 
Monroe, Stillman Whitcomb 

Monson, Rice S. i\Iunn 

Montague, Isaac Chenery 

Montague City, Daniel Wilder 

Miller's Falls, Edward E. Conant 

Turner's Falls, Rector L. Goss 

Monterey, Wilbur C. Langdon 

Montgomery, Henry S. Stiles 

Montville, see Sandisfield 
Monument, see Sandwich 
Mount Wacliusett, see Princeton 
Mount Washington, no P. 0.; address So. 


Nahant, Welcome W. Johnson 

Nantucket, Andrew Whitnej' 

Siasconset, Miss Love Baxter 

Natick, Mrs. Caroline Brigham 

South Natick, Gustavus Smith 

Needham, Charles C. Greenwood 

Grantville, Alvin Fuller, 2d 

Highlandville, Jonathan Averv 

Wellesley, C. H. Mansfield 

New Asliford, P. L. Harmon 

New Bedford, Edmund Anthony 

New Boston, see Sandisfield 

New Braintree, George K. Tufts 


Bvfield, J. 0. Rogers 

South Byfield, J. W. Wheelwright 

Neicbunjport, Richard Plumer 

New England Village, see Grafton 

New Lenox, see Lenox 

New Marlboro', Sheldon W. Wright 

Clayton, C. E. Barnes 

Harts vide, Frederick E. Starks 

Mil! River, Elind Taylor 

Southfield, William R. Baldwin 

New Salem, Frederick A. Haskell 

Cooleyville, Zephaniah Abbott 

North" New Salem, Erasmus D. Andrews 

Millington, Lyman E. Moore 

Newton, . ' John G. Latta 

Newton Centre, Miss Lucy A. White 

Newton Highlands, C. W. Fandiam 

Newton Lower Falls, William R. Dimond 

Newton Upper Falls, Joseph F. Webster 

NewtonviUe, Jeremiah B. Lovett 

West Newton, C. H. Stacey 

Auburndale, George L. Bourne 

Chestnut Hill, ■ Isaac Kingsbury 

Norfolk, Henry Trowbridge 

Franklin City, John F. Torrey 

Northampton, Lorenzo W. Joy 

Florence, Henrj' F. Cutler 

Leeds, Alfred P. Critchlow 

Loudville, A. D. Chamberlain 

North Andover, , John Foster 

North Andover Depot, Andrew Smith 

Northboro', James S. Baird 

Northbridge, G. R. Brown 

Northbridge Centre, Wm. B. Fuller 

Whitin'ville, James F. Whitin 

North Brid</ewater, A. T. Jones 

C:impello', Albert Keith 

North Brookfield, Mrs. H. A. Poland 

Northfield, Lewis T. Welister 

Northfield Farms, Mrs. Marv FIfield 

West Northfield, Elijah E.'Belding 

North Cambridge, sec Cambridge 

North Reading, Alonzo E. Damon 

Norton, Mrs. Harriet Hodges 

Barrowsville, Horatio Bates 

Norwich, see Huntington 

Norwood, Willard Gay 

Oakdale, see West Boylston 

Oakham, Alanson Pronty 

Cold Brook Springs, Geo. L. Ripley 

Oranrie, Davis Goddard 

North Orange, Nathan L. Johnson 

Orleans, Jliss Amelia Snow 

South Orleans, John Kenrick 

East Orleans, Lot Higgins 

Osterville, see Barnstable 

Otis, Joseph Kenvon 

West Otis, Jabez C. Ward 

Otter River, see Templeton 

Oxford, William E. Pease 

North Oxford, Miss Martha E. Stone 

Palmer, Cvrus Knox 

Thorndike, Hiram E." W. Clark 

Three Rivers, C. H. Murdock 

Bond's Village, Natlian I). Wiglit 

Paxton, Nathaniel Clai-k 

Peabody, Winsor M. Ward 

Pelham, Myret E. Boynton 

Pembroke, Seth Whitman 

East Pembroke, A. E Poole 

North Pembroke, Francis V. Arnold 

Pepperell, .John Loring 

East Pepperell, James A. Elliott 

Peru, Sylvester S. Bowen 

Petersham, "Samson Wetherell 

Phillipston, Jason Goulding 

Pigeon Cove, see Rockport 

Pittsfield, Henry Chickering 

West Pittsfield, Augustus W. Williams 

Plaiiifield, Leonard Campbell 

Plainville, see Wrentham 

Pii/mouth, Geo. F. Weston 

South Plvmouth, Miss Adelaide Hovev 
Chiltonville, G. W. Bramha'll 

Plymyton, Zacheus Parker 

Plympton Station, N. ^L Drake 

North Plympton, James M. Harrub 

Pocasset, see Sandwich 

Pratt's .Junction, see Sterling 

Prescott, Liberty Cosette 

North Prescott, John F. Sampson 

Princeton, David H. Gregory 

East Princeton, John A. Mirick 

Mount Wachusett, D. A. Putnam 

Provhicetown, Paron C. Young 

Quincy, John B. Bass 

Quincy Point, E. H. Starbuck 

Atlantic, Thomas Gurney 

Wollaston, Joseph C. Russe'll 

West Quincy, Enoch H. Doble 

Randol[di, John G. Poole 

Raynham, Elmer Lincoln 

North Raynham, Samuel W. Robinson 

Reading, Lewis E. Gleason 

Readville Station, see Dedham 

Rehoboth, John C. Mai-vel 

North Rehoboth, Greenville Stevens 

Revere, James L. Wiggin 

Richmond, Miss Jennie E. Williams 

Richmond Furnace, Hiram SheaJ 

RingviUe, see Worthington 

Riverside, see Gill 

Rochdale, see Leicester 

Rochester, Henry C. Nye 

Rock, see Middleboro' 

Rockbottoin, see Stow 

Rock Dale Mills, see West Stockbridgo 

Rockport, Wra. W. Marshall 

Pigeon Cove, Austin W. Story 

Rockville, sec Medway 

Roslindale, sec Boston 

Rowe, G. M. Ballon 

Rowlej', J. Scott Todd 

Royalston, Obadiali Walker 

South Royalston, Burton B. Murdock 

Russell, George Pease 

Rutland, Alouzo Davis 



North Rutland, 
West Rutland, 


East Salisbury, 

Herbert G. Thomas 

A. J. Pierce 

Geo. H. Peirson 

Ezra Merrill, jr. 

Samuel H. Chapin 

Sandisfieid, Miss Harmony Putnam 

Montville, Samuel M. Castle 

New Boston, Orlo Burt 

South Sandisfieid, A. S. Webster 

Sandwich, Frederick S. Pope 

East Sandwich, F. B. Holway 

North Sandwich, Charles Bourne 

South Sandwich, Solomon C. Howiand 
West Sandwich, Isaac N. Keith 

Monument, Abram F. Swift 

Pocassett, Asa Raymond 

Spring Hill, Joseph G. Hoi way 

Saugus, Charles Mdls 

Saugus Centre, John E. Stocker 

Cliftondale, A. H. Sweetser 

Saundersville, see Grafton 

Savoy, Calvin Bowker 

Saxonville, see Framingham 

Scituate, - Ezekiel .Tones, jr. 

Scituate Centre, Benj. Brown jr. 

North Scituate, Henry A. Seaverns 

Scotland, see Bridgewater 

Seekonk, Andrew N. Medbury 

South Seekonk, Nathan Munroe 

Sharon, Charles F. Bryant 

East Sharon Warren Cobb 

ShattuckviUe, see Colerain 

Sheffield, Mrs. Abigail R. Ensign 

Asliley Falls, Albert LeRoy 

Shelburne, A. Kellogg 

East Shelburne, Henry M. Fisk 

Shelburne Falls, Alfred Bowen 

Bardwell's Ferry, Levi Dole 

Sheldonville, see Wrentham 

Sherborn, J. R. Hawes 

Shirlev, Jonas Longiey 

Shirley Village, William W. Edgerton 

Shrewsbury, Samuel J. Howe 

Shutesbury, Abe] P. Brown 

Siasconset, see Nantucket 

Smithville, see Barre 

Somerset, Nathan S. FJavis 

Somervilie, see Boston 

Southampton, Ard G. Judd 

Southboro' Daniel S. Whitney 

Cordaville, Curtis Wood 

Fayville, Dexter Newton 

Soiithbriclye, P. Henry Carpenter 

Globe Village, B. U. Bugbee 

South Byflelcl, see Newbury 

Southfield, see New Jlarlboro' 

South Hadley, Gilbert M. Smith 

South Hadiey Falls, Hiram Smith, jr. 

South Scituate, Ebenezer T. Fogg, jr. 

West Scituate, Benj. N. Curtis 

Southwick, Joseph W. Rockwell 

Spencer, Emerson Stone 

Springfield, H. C. Lee 

Indian Orchard, Calvin J. Eaton 

Spring Hill, see Sandwich 

State Line, see West Stockbridge 

Steep Brook, see Fall River 

Sterling, Perley Bartlett 

West Sterling, Julius Fitts 

Pratt's Junction, Isaac H. Currier 

Still River, see Harvard 

Stockbridge, Nathaniel A. Waters 

Curtisville, Henry M. Burrall 

Glendale, Chai'les Goodrich 

Stoneham, Charles E. Home 

Stoughton, Jesse Holmes 

East Stoughton, James Keith 

North Stoughton, Leander Matthews 

Stow, John S. Fletcher 

Rock Bottom, 


North Sudbury, 

Soutli Suilbury, 

West Sutton, 



North Swansey, 

Augustus Rice 

Henry Haynes 

Emory L. Bates 

Jonas S Hunt 

Edwin A. Conant 

Emory Hunt 

Horace Lvniau 

J. W. Stock well 

Henry B. lUillard 

Wiliiam Abbott 

David T. Dudley 

D. P. Stimpson 

Henry 0. Wood 

W. P. Mason 

Swift River, see Cummington 

Taplevville, see Danvers 

Taunton, E. E. Fuller 

East Taunton, Chauncy G. Washburn 
Myrickville, William Simms 

Tenipleton, Percival Blodgett 

Baldwinsville, Otis D. Sawin 

East Templeton, Fitch L. Sargent 

Otter River, Francis Leland 

Tewksbnry, Henry E. Preston 

Thorndike, see Palmer 

Three Rivers, see Palmer 

Tisbury : 
North Tisbury, Thomas Merry 

Vineyard Haven, James D. Peakes 

West Tisbury, Mrs. Caroline W. Nicker- 

Tolland, Mrs. J. E. Harrison 

Topsfield, Benjamin P. Adams. 

Townsend, William P. Taylor 

Townsend Harbor, Charles Emory 

West Townsend, Albert Howe 

Truro, Samuel C. Paine 

North Truro, E. P. Worthen 

Turner's Falls, see Montague 

Tyngsboro', J. H. D. Littlehale 

Tyringham, Geo. W. Garfield 

Upton, Horace P'orbush 

West Upton, Eli W. Batchelor 

Uxhridfje, Charles A. Taft 

North Uxbridge, Arnold S. Sweet 

Van Deusenville, see Great Barrington 

Vineyard Grove, see Kdgarton 

Vinexjnrd Haven, see Tisbury 

Wachusett Village, see Westminister 

Wakefield, John W. Locke 

Greenwood, W. A. Sunnington 

Wales, Warren Siiaw 

Walpole, James G. Hartshorn 

East VValpole, Geo. W. Johnson 

South Walpole, Naaman B. Wilmarth 

Waltham, Samuel 0. Upham 

Waquoit, see Fahnouth 

Ware, John W. Cummings 

Wareham, Miss Ann C. Churchill 

East Wareham, W. H. Houdlette 

South " Wallace Snow 

West Wareham, Moses S. F. Tobey 

Warwick, Abner Albee 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock 

West Warren, Lewis Elwell 

Washington, Henry M. Spear 

Wateriown, Archibald M. McMaster 

Waverly, see Belmont 

Wayland, Charles L. Howard 

Cochituate, Joseph M. Moore 

Webster, Augustus E. Daj' 

Welksley, see Needham 

Welljieet, George T. Wyer 

South Weimeet, William Ward 

Wendell, Lyman G. Gould 

Wendell Depot, J. C. Browc 

Lock's Village, Abram K. Haskell 

Wenham, Henry Hobbs 

Westboro\ Frank W. BuUard 



Post'- Offices and Posl-Masters — cont'd. 

West Boylston, David P. Waite 

Oakdale, G. A. Howe 

West Bridgewater, Jarvis D. Burrell 

Cochesett, Edward Tisdale 

Mattfield, G. H. Carleton 

West Brookfield, Ezra H. Blair 

Westfield. Thomas Kiieil 

Westford, Sherman D. Fletcher 

Forge Village, Luther Prescott 

Graniteville, Arthur Wright 

West Gloucester, see Glducester 

Westhampton, Thomas C. Davenport 

Westminster, Samuel G. Kendall 

Westminster Depot, Geo. K. Walcott 

Wachusett Village, Benjamin Wyman 

West Newbury, Henry T. Bailey 

Weston, George W. (,uttin'g 

Westport, John C. Macomber 

South Westport, R. S. Cornell 

Central Village, Benjamin T. Shaw 

North Westport, C. H. Macomber 

Westport Point, Alexander H. Cory 

West Roxbury, see Boston 

Boylston Station, Albert Tower 

Jamaica Plain, Silas Poole 

Roslindale, C. S- Dearborn 

West Scituate, see South Scituate 

West Springfield, Henry A. Phelon 

Ashlej'ville, Edward Kneeland 

Mittineague, Luke Bliss 

West Stockbridge, William C. Spaulding 

Rock Dale Mills, Charles S. Piatt 

West Stockbridge Centre, Jas. B. Munn 

State Line, George Arnold 

Westvale, see Concord 

Weymouth, George W. White, jr. 

East Weymouth, Henry Loud 

South Weymnutli, A. H. Wright 

North Weymouth, John W. Bartlett 

Whately, Samuel Lesure 

East Whately, Horace H. Hastings 

Whitinsville, see Northbridge 

Wilbraham, Mrs. Hannah E. Hempstead 
South Wilbraham, Sullivan W. Staunton 
CoUins's Depot, Warren Collins 

Wilkinsonville, see Sutton 

Wi/liamsburqh, Henry L. James 

Haydenviile, Joel Hayden jr. 

WiUlamstoivn, Calvin R. Taft 

South Williamstnwn, Wm. E. Johnson 

Williamsville, see Hubbardston 

Willimansett, see Chicopee 

Wilmington, Joseph A. Ames 

North Wilmington, Silas Buck 

Winchendon, Edwin S. J\lerrill 

Winchester, George P. Brown 

Windsor, E. M. Robinson 

East Windsor, Reuben Pierce 

Winthrop, Warren Belcher 

Woburn, Nathan Wyman 

North Woburn, Edward E. Thompson 
East Woburn, Albert L. Richardson 

Wollaston, see Quincy . 

Wood's Hole, see Falmouth 

Woodville, see Hopkinton 

Worcester Josiah Pickett 

Worth ington, Horace Cole 

West Worthington, David Jones 

RingviUe, Wm. D. Sanderson 

South Worthington, L D. Thrasher 

Wrentham, Mrs. Sarah D. Barnard 

West Wrentham, Philander P. Cook 

Plainville, Henry George 

Sheldonville, Homer A. Follett 

Yarmouth, Isaac Ryder 

Yariiioufhport, John Hale 

West Yarmouth, Higgins Crowell 

South Yarmouth Peleg P. Akin 

Zoar, see Charlemont 


District of Boston and Charlestown. 

The Custom House opens at 9 

o'clock, A.M., and closes at 3 o'clock, 


Collector, Thomas Russell. 

Deputij Collector and Auditor, John 
M. Fiske. 

Deputi/ Collectors, James Baxter, 
jr. T. B. Dix, Wm. W. McKim, 
Nathan R. Thayer. 

Cashier, Ephm. L. Frothingham, jr. 

Naval Officer, Walter Harriraan. 

Deputy Naval Officer, Hiram 

Surveyor, A. B. Underwood. 

Deputy Surveyor, Thos. Shervvin. 

Superintendent of Warehouses, Asa 
M. Cook. 

General Appraiser, H. S. Briggs, 
177 State St. 

Appraisers, Thos. G. Rice, Robert 
K. Darrah. 

Assistant Appraisers, George C. 
Joslin, Francis Blake. 

Boarding Officers, R. Torrey, jr, 
H. Newcomb, S. Carruth. 

Port of Hingham, Isaac Winslow, 

Port of Cohasset, J. Q. A. Lothrop, 

Revenue Cutter, " Levi Wood- 
Captain, David Evans; 1st Lieut. 
Thomas S. Smyth ; 2d Lieut., Alfred 
Werton ; 3d Lieuls., M. G. Woodward, 
E. C. Chaytor. 

Revenue Ste.4.m Cutter, " H. 
1st Lieut. Com., T. B. Mullett ; En- 
gineer, Daniel F. Kelly ; Pilot, E. N. 

District of Barnstable. 
Port of Barnstable. — Chas. F. 
Swift, Collector; Walter Cbipman, 
Deputy Collector. 



Port of Chatham. — Isaac B. Young, 
Deputji Collector. 

Port of Falmouth. — John W. 
Davis, Deputy Collector. 

Port of Hyannis. — Alvan S. Hal- 
lett, Deputy Collector. 

Port of South Dennis. — Samuel 
B. Baker, Deputy Collector. 

Port of Hancich. — Erastus Chase, 

Port of Wcllfleet. — Simeon At- 
wood, Deputy Collector. 

Port of Provincetoivn. — James 
GifFord, Deputy Collector ; Nathaniel 
E. Atwood, Aid to the Revenue. 

District of Edgartown. 

Port of Edgartown. — C. B. Mar- 
chant, Collector ; Jeremiah Pease, 
Deputy Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Gosnold. — Abram C. 
White, Collector; James C. Osborne, 
I. N. Luce, S. N. Norton, Inspectors. 

Port of Vineyard Haven. — Henry 
TV. Beetle, Dep. Collector and Insp. 
Henry Smith, Night Inspector. 

District of Fall Biver. 

Port of Fall River. — James Brady, 

jr., Collector; Edward T. Marvel, 

Deputy Collector and Insp. ; Earl P. 

Bowen, John L. Burt, Inspectors, Sfc. 

District of Gloucester. 

Port of Gloucester. — Fitz J. Bab- 
son, Collector ; Addison Center, Dep- 
uty Collector , B. H. Smith, Surveyor; 
B. F. Cook, B. F. Blatcbford, J. F. 
Foster, T. J. Burpess, Alvin Smith, 
Sidney Gardner, Inspectors ; George 
G. Reed, Nath'l Duley, A. A. Story, 
weighers ; Aaron Parsons, Clerk. 

Port of Rockport. — T. F. Parsons, 
jr.. Inspector. 

Port of Bay Vieio. — Daniel Rob- 
inson, Inspector. 

District of Marblehead. 

Port of Marblehead. — Simeon 
Dodge, Collector ; William H. Coates, 
Deputy Collector. 

Port 0/ Xpm. — William C. Hol- 
der, Deputy Collector and Inspector. 

District of Nantucket. 
Port of Nantucket. — T. C. De 
Friez, Collector ; W. H. Waitt, Dep. 
C oil. ; Matthew Macy, Inspector. 

District of New Bedford. 

Port of New Bedford. — J. A. P. 
Allen, Collector : James Taylor, Dep- 
uty Collector; Orrick Smalley, In- 
spector ; James V. Cox, Inspector 
and Boarding Officer ; James C. 
Hitch, Clerk. 

Port of Fairhaven. — Joseph Ta- 
ber. Inspector. 

Port of Mattapoisett. — Jonathan 
H. Holmes, Inspector. 

Port of Sippican. — George H. 
Kelley, Inspector. 

Port of Wareham. — Silas T. 
Soule, Dep. Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Dartmouth. — David H. 
Bartlett, Inspector. 

Port of Westport. — Geo. F. Sis- 
son, Inspector. 

District of Wewburyport. 

Port of Newhuryport. — William 
H. Huse, Collector ; Daniel P. Pike, 
Deputy Collector and Inspector ; Moses 
Pettingill, jr. Inspector and Deputy 
Surveyor ; William A. Little, Weigher 
and Measurer; Henry Stover, Sur- 
veyor; John D. Parsons, Janitor. 

Port of Ipswich. — Philip E. Clark, 

District of Plymouth. 

Port of Plymouth. — Thomas Lor- 
ing. Collector ; Charles O. Churchill, 
Henry H. Robbins, Deputy Collectors 
and Inspectors. 

Port of Duxhury. — William J. 
Alden, jr. Dep. Coll. and Inspector. 

Port of Kingston. — Steph. Holmes, 
Deputy Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Scituate. — Joseph S. 
Drew, Dep. Collector and Inspector. 

District of Salem and Beverly. 

Port of Salem. — Charles H. Odell, 
Collector; J. Frank Dalton, Deputy 
Collector ; Charles D. Howard, Sur- 
veyor ; Edwin B. George, Clerk ; Eph- 
raim F. Miller, Nathaniel M. Hooper, 
A. Frank Hitchings, Samuel R. Hath- 
away, G. Parker Bray, Charles A. 
Beckford, Ephraim Burr, Inspectors ; 
Simon O. Dalrymple, Weigher and 

Port of Beverly. — Gustavus Ober, 

Port of Danvers. — Abner S. 
Meade, Inspector. 

United States Sub-Treasury. 

Assistant Treasurer ; Boston, Franklin Haven, jr. 

United States Light-House Engineer. 

Gen. James C. Duane, Engineer of first and second. Light-House Dis- 
tricts, of the United States. Maine and New Hampshire 1st District, 
and Mass. 2d District; office 18 Exchange St., Boston. 






1. — H. M. Knowlton, New Bedford. 

2. — Samuel B. Noyes, Canton. 

3. — F. W. Palfrey, Boston. 

4. — Samuel L. Thorndike, Boston. 
5. — Benjamin C. Perkins, Salem. 


G. — Edgar J. Sbermnn, Laiorence. 

7. — Andrew F. Jewett, Lowell. 

8. — Peter C. Bacon, Worcester. 

9. — Itliamar F. Conkey, Amherst. 

10. — Gideon Wells, Sjjrlngjield. 

United States Court of Claims. 

Charles D. Drake, Chief Justice. Edward G. Lorin^, E. Peck, C. C. 

Notts, S. Milligan, Judges. S. H. Huntington, Chief Clerk. The Court 
holds its sessions in the Capitol, at Washington, D. C. 

Commissioners Court of Claims. 

Boston, D. S. Gilchrist ; Neiv Bedfor<l, Thomas M. Stetson ; Salem, Joseph 
B. F. O.-good ; ^Yorceste7', J. Henry Hill. 



1st. C. B. H. Fesseuden, Fcdl River. 

2d. L. S. Leach, Boston. 

3d. Charles W. Slack, Boston. 

4th. Otis Clapp, Boston. 

5tb. C. C. Dame, Newhuryport. 


Glh. George Cogswell, fl^ayer^i7/. 
7th. Geori^e H. Gordon, Boston. 
8th. Adin Thayer, Worcester. 
9th. B. F. Wallis, Fitchhurg. 
10th. E. R. Tinker, North Adams. 

Supervisor, Dist. of New England, Wm. A. Simmons, Boston. 


CHARLES A. PHELPS, Agent for New England. 
Office, 15 Kilby Street, [Boston. 


Abington, B. F. Hastings 
Athol Depot, Vernon O. Taylor 
Ayer, J. Q. A. McCollister 
Barnstable, John M. Smith 
Belchertown, G. F. Thompson 
Boston, Horace Chase, J. B. Tread- 
well, Hugh Doherty 
Bridgewater, Asa INIillett 
Clinton, G. M. Morse 
Danvers, Ebenezer Hunt 
Edgartown, John Pierce 
Fall River, Jerome Dwelly 
Fitchhurg, Geo. Jewett, Alf. Miller 
Greenfield, Adams C. Deane 
Haverhill, Kendall Flint 
Heath, Cyrus Temple 
Hyannis, P. Pinneo 
Lawrence, Henry M. Chase 
Lee, Eliphalet Wright 
Lowell, Nathan Allen 
Lynn, Isaac F. Galloupe 
Maiden, J. L. Sullivan 
Mendon, J. G. Metcalf 

Nantucket, John B. King 
Natick, J. H Wright 
New Bedford, John H. Machie 
Newburyport, Geo. W. Snow 
North Adams, N. S. Babbitt, George 

C. Lawrence 
Northampton, Samuel A. Fisk 
No. Brooktield, Josliua Porter 
Orange, Edward Barton 
Palmer, William Holbrook 
Pittsfield, Heni'y Eastman 
Plymouth, Alex. Jackson 
Salem, Chas. A. Carlton 
Springfield, Calvin C. Chaffee, 

David P. Smith, Chas. P. Kemp 
Taunton, John B. Chace 
Wareham, F. A. Sawyer 
Warren, J. W. Hastings 
Watertown, Samuel Richardson 
Wincheidon, Ira Russell 
Winchester, Alonzo Chapin 
Worcester, Henry Clarke, Oramel 

Martin, Albert Wood 


W. B. SEARS, Agent, BOSTON. 

CAPITAL, SIO,000,000. 

H. E. BOWERS, Special Agent for New England. 

Firemans Fund Ins. Co, 

©-A.N" r"R,A.]VC;iSCO, CA.TL.. 

T>. J. STAPLES, President. GEORGE D. DORNIN, Secretary. 

ASSETS $640,000.00 


Insurance Agency, 

North British & Mercantile Ins. Oo. 
Firemans Fund Insurance Oo. 
Commerce Insurance Co. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Co. 
Fairfield County Fire Ins. Co. 

74 Devonshire St. 




Statement — Assets — Jan. 1, 1874. 

Registered United-States Bonds, (Market Value $262,200 00 

Real Estate, (Commerce Building, 57 State Street) 45,000 00 

Albany Bank Stocks, (Market Value) 21,250 00 

Cash on hand and in Bank 35,412 66 

Due from Agents and Accrued Interest 6,739 98 

LIABILITIES. $370,608 64 

Unpaid Losses, comprising all claims $17,650 00 

All other Demands 1,957 25 

ADAM VAN ALLEN, Pres. G. A. VAN ALLEN, Vice-Pres. 

$19,607 25 

Equitable Fire Ins. Co. 

Statement Jan. 1, 1874. 

Subscribed Capital $1,000,000 00 

Paid-up 200,000 00 


U. S., State, County, and Municipal Bonds, (Market Value) $141,257 79 

Railroad and other Bonds and Stocks, (Market Value) 35,000 00 

Bills Receivable, secured by State and City Bonds 14,500 00 

Cash on hand and in Bank 61,898 21 

Interest Due and Accrued 6, 1 00 84 

Premiums in Course of Collection 14,734 01 

Office Furniture, Personal Accounts and other Assets 3,352 01 


Losses unpaid $5,300 00 

Due Reinsuring Companies and othera 889 47 

Pres. W. W. BERRY. 

Sec. WM. A. WEBB. 

$275,842 86 

$6,189 47 


Fairfield Co. Fire Ins. Co. 

SOUTH NORWALK, CONN., Jan. 1, 1874. 
CASH CAPITAL $200,000.00. ASSETS $312,366.04. 

Loans on Bond and Mortgage , 

Loans on Collaterals 

Cash in Bank $30,063.43, in Office $5,076.69. . . . 

Fairfield County Bonds 

Norwalk War Bonds 

Real Estate 

Premiums Due 

Interest Due and Accrued 

Office Furniture $2,000, Due for Rents $510.35. 


.$163,900 00 

30,407 22 

. 35.140 12 

, 20,000 00 

3,000 00 

28,800 00 

22,710 02 

5,898 33 

2,510 35 


Capital Stock $200,000 00 

All Claims for Losses 4,782 00 

Commission Due Agents 3,068 26 

Surplus 104,515 78 

$313,366 04 

H. R. TURNER, Secretary. 

W. S. HANFORD, President. 

$312,366 04 




W. B. SEARS, Agent. 



Account mid Book 

Ballister J. F. 27 State 
QU.MMIXGS G. W. 107 State, 

Downing O. E. 5 Court 
Frotliinghara C. II. G2 Devonshire 
Ilolbrook George. l;l Exchange 
Hunting George V. 3 School 
Kettell James, 2i Cornhill 
Kurtz C. C. l-'5 Treinout 
Mair George H. 11 State 
Nason W. K. 41 Hanover 
Pollard Uriah A. 27 Tremont row 
Soule Charles, 5;; Devonshire 
rpURXER A. K., Treas., office 

Williams J. 1{. 2 Change avenue 

Wright Elizur, 3y State, room 22 

Adhesive Paper. 

Q.REENE W. A. & CO. 541 Wash. 

WOODBFRY A. I. & CO. 683>i 
' ' ^Vashingtou 

Adjusters of ]Unrine 
and JPire J.iOsses. 

Bradford & Folgcr. 5G State 
Davis D. S. 55 State 
Dillawav C. H. 57 Tremont 
Dixon ii Winship, 1113 State 
Fiske Samuel N. 'J State 
Goodwin D. 81 Wash., room 5 
Haves II. Y. 61 State 
KeFlogg E. A. 55 State 
pHKLPS F. S. 55 State 

IJIYLER JOHN S. 23 State, nn. 6 

Advertising Agents. 

Austin R. 34 Studio building 
Dale & Thompson, 32 Winter 
Dodd Horace, 121 Washington 
■Evans T. C. 100 Washington 
Kiles S. R. 6 Tremont 
Pettengill S. M. & Co. 10 State 

Advertising Signs. 


■'-' Washington 

QRANE J. H. 22 Kingston 

]\^£ARSIIALL J. P. C. 122 Waeh- 

' ' Battervmarch 


King Samuel A. 102 Wash. 

Agents, Keal Estate. 

(See'dtso Heal Estate Agents.) 
pORTER J. K. & Co. 5 Court, 
■*■ cor. Wash, (see page 707) 

Agricultural Engineers. 

CHEDD & SAWYER, 7 Court 
^ square, room .3.S ( see page 697) 
Wheeler William, 32 Pemb. sq. 

Agricultural Iniple'ts. 

pEASE A., room 4, over Quincy 
■^ Market (cider presses) 

Agricultural Stores. 

(See also Seed Stores.} 
_^]MES PLOW CO., Quincy Hall 

Breck Jos. & Sons, 51 N. Jlarket 
JJ^OVEY & CO. 53 North Market 

Lummus E. E. 20 South Market 
jyjUXSON S. H. 6 Liberty sq. 

■*• Jlarket. and 46 Merchants' row 
*-* 16 S. Market (seeds) (see page 


•^ 38 Old State House (manuf.) 
rrOLMAN CllAS. P. & SON, 
•*■ Washington, n. 16th ward rni. 
' ' 34 Merch. row 


•'-' IvINS, 115 Washington 


riRAVES C. H. & SONS, 35 

^-" Hawkins 

Mills D. T. & Co. 13 Central whf. 

Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

Berlin Jlineral Water Co. 135 Eliot 
Bi.xby S. C. 88 Broad 
Breunan J. 1U7 Water 
Briggs Williaui, 20>^ Howard 
Brigiiam G. W. 12 Cliardon 
BuiKe M. J. 161 Blackstone 
Campbell John i: Co. 40 Oneida 
Churcli M. II. 12 Spring lane 
nOBURN, LAXG, & CO., Lib- 
^ erty square and 100 Worcester 

(see page 6721 » 

Coburn S. A. 14 Waverley Pub. 

House, Citj' sq., Charlestown 
^ Beach, and 2W W. Broadway 
riOMSTOCK, GOVE, & CO. 30 
^^ Canal 
QOOK ISAAC & CO. 25 Central 

Cox H. F., J. E. Greenleaf, agent, 

38 Battervmarch 
Cummings'C. D. 343 Tremont 
T)EVINE P. &. M. 139 Dorchester 
■"-^ avenue 

-"■ Howard Athena-um 
Fleming & Co., Fleming's golden 

ale, J. C. Laugiituu, agent, 9 

Court avenue 
pORD JOHN, 156 and 158 Fede- 
■*■ ral 

Greenleaf Jas. E. 38 Battervmarch 
"U AYNES & TAYLOR, 2^ Court 
■"-^ square 

Hyneman Charles, 206 Eliot 
TONES FRANK & CO. 77 Dev- 
" onshire 

Linehan John, 9 Williams court 
McCormick Matthew, 13 Devon. 
McKnight John's Son, 20 Kilby 
pOTTER & FOSTER, 140 Lin- 
-*■ coin, corner Kneeland 
C C K I P T U K E & PARKER, 31 
^-' Court square 
Sinionds Parker, 13 Water 
Smith James M. & Co. 9 Court sq. 
Smith William J. 18 E.xchano-e pi. 
Spurr George W. 117 Comincrcial 
tr I N C E N T , HATHAWAY, & 
* CO. 109 Broad 


■^ SWIFT, 23 and 25 Commer- 
cial (see page674j 
Luf kin Nathn'l. 136 Bremen, E. B. 
" 33 Commercial 


g^OWE & GOODWIN, 11 India 


(^REIGHTON & HALL, 14 Char- 

PULLER SETH W. 25 Devon- 
■*■ shire 

prOLMES E. T. & Co. 70 Devon- 
-*-'- shire (see page 704) 
pEDDING J. & CO. 30 Hanover 
■" (see page 664) 

Antique Furnitul<e. 

•*-' (see page 665) 


TyrAY & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
-*-'*- inside b.aek cover) 
"WILKINSON A. J. & CO. 31 
^^ Brattle 


Those marked Kith a* are members 

of the Mass.\(;;husetts Col- 
lege OF Pharmacy. 

Adams A. L. 295 Meridian, E.B. 
*Alden E. Ames, 26 Guild row 
♦Allen Wni. M. 569 and 1152 Trem't 
*Almy Sylvester, 64 Tremont, cor. 

Appleton G. H. 271 Meridian, E.B. 
Atkinson W. D. jr. 185 Tremont 
Babbitt Wm. C. l."6.j Tremont 
*Babo Leopold, 12 Boylston 
Bailey AV. A. & Co. 91 Siiaw. ave. 
Balkan! H. G. Lexington, comer 

Barrett & Co. 387 Shawmut ave. 
Bariy Daniel E. 373 West Broad'y, 

corner E 
Barteaux & Tay, 166 Court 
Bartlett & Co. W. & Co. 470 Shaw- 
mut avenue 
Bartlett & Darling, 175 North 
Bates G. H. W. 13.5 Cambridge 
Baxter John H. & Co., I, cor. East 

Berry N. \\. 149 Hampden 
Bispham II. C. W. 309 W. Fourth, 

cor. D 
Blasland Thomas (estate of), 301 

W. Broadway 
Bohrmann Wm. 1106 Tremont 
Boston Dispensary, Ash, c. Bennet 
Boston Homeopatliic Dispensary, 

14 Burroughs place 
Bowen A. \V. 1 Blue Hill avenue, 

corner Dudley 
*Boyden Ashel, Joy, cor. Myrtle 
Bradley J. P., Shawmut ave. cor. 

Brook's Geo. P. 1835 Dorch. ave. 

ward 16 

■*-' 5 Beacon 

■" 292 Washinstou 
Burbank J. O. 1.56 Endicott 
Burland Samuel C, Essex, corner 

Bushee J. A. 46 Maverick square 
Caine James F., 80 Oak, c. Hudson 
Call Charles H. 1981 Wasliington 
♦Campbell Isaac T. 2,39 W. B^way 
♦Canning & Patch, 90 Green 
Choate Henry A. & Co. 1 Revere 

House, and 271 Wash. 
Church F. T. & Co., Court, comer 

Clock Frank B., Cambridge, cor. 

Cobb G. W., Meridian, c. London 

and Saratoga, corner Brooks 
Cofren .lames W. 131 Leverett 
♦Colton G. 165 Cambridge 
Colton James B. 766 Tremont 
Colton John J. 160 Hanover 
Connelly Wm. A. 1648 Wash. 
Cordwell Geo. B. ia56 Wash. 
Craig J. S., Neponset avenue, cor- 
ner Minot, ward 16 
Crosby B. E. 75 Beach 
Crosby George, 9 Lewis 
Day C. H. & F. B. 18 Maverick sq. 

and Meridian, cor. Saratoga 
Dows G. D. 525 Washington 
Duard F., P^'uchon, corner Heath 
Duncan J. E. 93 (jreen 
♦Dyer J. Howes, l!Jl Eliot 
Eames Charles.E. .396 Hanover 
♦Eaton Charles 1. 123^3 Wash. 
Ellis John, 98 Salem 
FenelonJ. J. & M. F. 206 Cam- 
♦Ferguson Dennis. 2 W.Broadway, 

and Dorchester, eor. E. Eighth 
Finney Louis, .".8 Leverett 
Flynn W.H. 559Dorchester ave 



Folger W. S. & Co. 723 Tremont 
"POLSOM JAMES, 26y Coramcr- 
■^ cial (see paj;e7i5) 
•pOWLK H. D. 71 1'lince 

Fraser Chas. L. Mrs. 110 Meridian 
Fuller S. II.. Hancock, near Co- 
lumbia, ward 10 
Gale George W. Sl> W. Broadway 
Gardner Benj. W. 1721 Wash. 
George Jas. W.. Dearborn, c. Eustis 
Gilnian Ai. 468 West Broadway 
Gilman J. T. 171 North 
Gilson Andrew .1. 327 Shawmut V. 
Gilson A. P. Ii;;il Tremont 
*Gleeson J. A. 1.51 Harrison ave. 
♦Gleeson M. II. 1121 Washington 
Gordon K. K. 1.31 and l.iG Dudley 
Graves Wm). E. 'Jo Cambridge 
Grover E. II.17!IW. Fourth, cor. B. 
Guild Bros. IKi Pleasant 
♦Guild Wm. A., Beach, c. Lincoln 
Hardy J. P. Jlrs. 701 E Broadway 
Hams Theiidore S. 130 Tremont 
Hathawny B. .7. 12.")7 Washington 
Heald W. F. 207 Warren avenue 
♦Henchman Daniel, Go Cambridge 
Hicks H. E. 44 Hnnison avenue 
Hill J. W. 11. ill Shawnmt avenue 
Hoagland P. E., Harrison avenue, 

corner East Newton 
Holden & Co. 141 W. Broadway 
Hollis J. O. 4". and 43 Salem 
*riOLLIS THOMAS, 23 Union 

House Manlcy. 376 W. Broadway 
*T-I O V E Y CHARLES H. 185 

J^l AVarren 
♦Howard Wm. P. 3.>1 Hanover 
Howlaiul F. P. jr. 24 Grove 

HYDE S. F.. Woods' block, opp. 
Deiiot, ward 1(1 
Ivers & Stetson, 017 E. Broad'y,and 

853 East Fourth 
Jackson J. W. C. 312 Harrison avc. 
Jenkins L. L. Hi) Leverett 
Jenks T. L., Merrimac, c. Travcrs 
♦Kelley E. S. under Hotel Berkeley 
♦KentKiibt. K. 7 Winthrop block, 

and 536 Saratoga 
Kidder Darius B. 28 Maverick sq. 
Kilgore John P. 105 Salem 
King Theodore E., Adams, near 

Chureh, ward 16 
Knight Henry T. 86 Merrmrac 
Knights E. li. i)7 Court 
Lakm J. 11. 40 Causeway 
Lamb E. C. 351 Tremont 
Lawiey Edwin A. 2M Bennington 
Leeds Stillman, 675 Shawmut ave. 
♦Lincoln H. W., Charles, corner 

Lusconib A. T., Fourth, corner 

Dorchester avenue 
Maeaulay James, 1181 Tremont 
Macey P. W. 887 Washingtcjn 
♦Markoe George F.H., Warren, c. 

Marshall James H. Hill Wash. 
McDonald A. E. 105 Salem 
♦■VfELVIN & BADGER,43 Tem- 

■^^ pie place 
lT± Xreinont, and 27 Pemb. sq. 

Morris Patrick, Federal, c. Beach, 

and 3.52 E 
Keilson Herbert, 1601 Washington 
Nims O. F. 80 Cambridge 
Noble S. J. 55 Green 
Nowell W. F. 192 Merrimac 
♦O'Brien James J., Hudson, cor. 

Page W. W., Tremont, c. Pleasant 
Paine Newell, 10.55 Tremont 
♦Parker J. L. 2.32 Tremont 
♦Parmenter G. W. 270 Hanover 
Patch John W. 1008 Washington 
♦Patten I. B. & Co. ;17 Harrison av. 

and ISO W. Seventh 
Peabody N. C. (horn.) 50 Beach 
Percival P. T. 68 Wash. 
♦Perrv E. II. 745 Washington 
Perry" John A. & Co. 623 Shaw. av. 
Pierce Wm. C. 1153 Tremont 
pRAY J. W. 29 Blossom 

Randall Chas. L. agt. 147 Leverett 
Raymond G. T., Washington, cor. 

Harvard, ward 16 
Restieaux Thomas, 29 Tremont 
Richmond Wm. B. 72 Church 
♦Ricker George D. 178 Salem 
Rideout J. W. & Co., Sumner, cor. 

Cottage, E. B. 
Rogers J. C. 7 Fleet 
Russell Edward, 117 Hampden 
Russell James D. 540 East Eighth 
Sanborn Jeremiah jr., Adams, cor. 

Dorclie.'^ter ave. w nrd 16 
Savcll Clias. E., Blue Hill avenue 

corner Marston avenue 

Sheehy J. J. 4.32 Commercial 
♦Sheppard S. A. D. & Co. SSlWash. 
♦Smalley Elijah. ^70 Harrison ave. 
Smith Charles A. 47 Border 
Smith T. H. 98 Salem 
Snow J. AValkcr, 113 Portland 
Souther E. 75 Green, e. Lyman 
Spiller F. M & Co., Havre, comer 

Decatur, E. B. 
Stebbins E. S. 1 and 2 Charlestown 
CTOVER J. W. 105 Trenton 

Stowell Daniel, 823 Washington 
Sullivan & Lotz, 6.3 Tremont 
Swett Geo. W. 107 Wash, (bot.) 
♦Tappan C. E. & Co. 0.55 Tremont 
Thayer Eli & Co. 384 Hanover 
Thorndike Edward, 817 Wash. 
♦T'ower Levi, jr 1 JUl Washington 
Tower Lewis, 77 South 
Tower Walter S., Eliot square, cor. 

Trask C. M. 21 Pleasant 
Tucker Frank, l;!88 Tremont 
Tufts J. W. & Co., Hanover, comer 

Underwood C. G.,Mav.sq.c. Lewis 
♦Warren George, 1S05 Wash. 
Webster S. & Son, 63 Warren ave. 
"Wetherbee F. M. 20 Boylston 
Wetherbee H. li. 507 Tremont 
White J. F. 48 .Sudbury 
"White Robt. jr. .'Wl Hanover 
♦Wilbor A. G. .i47 Washington 
Wilkins Daniel G. 11 Charles 
Willson J. W. F. 479 W. Broadway 
"Wilson Wm. J. ISio Tremont 
Winn F. G., Ash., corner Bennet 
Wood E. C. 1216 Shawmut avc. 
Woodman D. S 20 Central sq.,E.B. 
Woodruff Galen, 494 Tremont 
"Woods B. O. (esiate of), 3.51 Fed'l 
♦Woodward W . E. 258 Dudley 
♦Wright Wm. R. & Son, 51 West 

Young P. Ambrose, 697 Wash. 


Coolid^e L. L., Cambridge, corner 

Moore Frank W., June. N. Beacon, 

and Cambridge, Union] square, 

AUston, P. O. 
Tuttle E. A., Mason's bl'k. Wash. 
"Warren George W., Washington, 
opp. Rockland 


Annis George W., Cambridge, cor. 

Batchelder Charles W. 171 Bun- 
ker Hill 

Bond Wm. L. 313 Main 

Brown Joseph, ;>3 JIain 

Chcever John, 2.3(1 Main 

Davol Albert F. 10 Main 

Dodge & Page, 53(1 Main 

Donovan Alfred Q. & Co., Bunker 
Hill, cor. Moulton 

Downs H. P. 574 Main, and 2 Cam- 

Emerson George. 68 High 

Holt , Main, cor. Baldwin 

Hovey William, 418 Main 

Kettell George P. 250 Main 

Kidder Sanmel & Cu. 48 iMain 

Leland L. A. 55 Main 

Morse William B. 119 JIain 

Robinson Oscar, 196 Alain 

Stacey B. F. 51 \'ine 

Stowell & Cu. 48 Main 

Toppan Niith'l D., Uartlett, c. Elm 

Tower Walter S. 1 Waverley block 

Townc J. W. 236 Bunker Hill 

"Willard George F., 128 Main and 
75 Elm 

Woodbridge Geo. W. 95 Chelsea 

West Roxbituy. 

Barrett George N., Centre, oppo- 
site White's block 

Dearborn S. F., Ashland, comer 

Eayrs Albert H., Elson bldg. opp. 
Jamaica Plain Station 

Rogers Charles B., Centre, oppo- 
6ite Burroughs 


TVTA.'^ON W. 11. & CO. 41 Tre- 
■"^ mont and li? Pemberton sq. 
pORTEK J. K. & CO. 5 Court, 
•*■ cor. Washington (seepage 707) 
UINCY & CO. 179 Wash. 



•" 121 and 123 Chauncy 


Allen Francis, 61 State, room 11 
■^ berton square 
Atwood Chas. B. 1 Pemberton sq. 
Barton S. M. .'K Pemberton sq. 
Beal C. R. 81 Washiii^on, room 18 
Besarick J. H. 32 Peniherton sq. 
Billings H. 33 School, room 15 
Billings J. E. 3;i School, room 15 
Either Alfred S. 3.3 School, room T 
Bradlee Nath. J. 18 Pemberton sq. 
Brig^s L. & Co. 81 Wash, room 35 
Brooks B. H. 15 Pemberton sq. 
Bryant G. J. F. & L. P. Rogers, 17 

Pemberton scjuare 
Burr Horace F. 18 Pemberton sq. 
Cabot E. C. 29 Pemberton sq. 
Clark Theodore M. 41 Devonshire 
Clough George A. 36 Bromfield 
Clough J. H. 1(1 1'emberton sij. 
Colburn T. E. '^7 Studio building 
Cummings & Sears, 9 Pemb. sq. 
Dahl J. H. 420 Border, E.B. (naval) 
Dorr Morris, .'Id .Studio building 
Dwight B. F. 1..0 Tiemoiit 
Earle & Fuller, 9 Pemberton sq. 
Eaton J. F. 1 I'euib. sq., room 17 
Emerson Wm. K 12West, room 16 
Esty Alexander K. 2 Change ave. 
Farrell W. R. 12 Maverick 
Faulkner H. Floyd & George R. 

Clarke, 23 and 2'4 Studio bldg. 
Fehmer Carl, \r.l A, Tremont 
Files R. F. Ill Warren, ward 21 
-*■ pie place 
Ford P. W. 3 School 
Fox John A. 54 Devonshire 
Frink A. 28 S'.a.e, and 22 Guild row 
Fuller George F. 18 Pemberton sq. 
Gerrish Thomas G. 18 Pemb. sq. 
Graves H. 13 Congress 
Griffin, T. 54 De\onshire 
Hall Henry P. 7 Pemberton sq. 
Hall John R. 27 O.d State House 

HARDING GEO. M. 60 Sears 
Hartwell, Swasey, & Co. 29 Pem- 
berton s<|uare 
Hill J. P. 19 Central 
"TEPSON SA.MUEL, 1806 "Wash- 
" ington 

Jones W. Hatch. 3 State 
Kirbv Chas. K. 17 Pemberton sq. 
T AfTELD J. G. 3 School, room A 

Langerfeldt T. O. 28 Pemb'ton sq. 
Littlefleld J. 11. 8 Pemberton sq. 
Lord & Fuller, 5 Pemberton sq. 
Lummus W. W. 40 State, room 42 
Martin A. C. 18 Pemberton sq. 
Meacham George F. 16 Water and 

41 Devon.sliiie 
Melander E. 149 Tremont 
Mitchell J. A. 1 Pemberton sciuare 
Mott'ette it Tolmaii, 10 Pemb. sq. 
Moore Fred'k 11. 33 School, r'm 20 
Moore & Starbuek, 10 Penih'n sq. 
Newcomb L. & Sou, 5 Pemb. sq. 
Ober J. Foster. 15 Pemberton sq. 
Parker Chas. Edward, 39 Court 
Peabody & Steams, (10 Devonshire 
PopcFred, 81 Washington, room 18 
■'■ berton siiiiarc 
Preston J. 15 Devonshire, room IG 
Preston Wm. G. ISDevon. room 16 
Putnam & Tilden, 4 Pemberton sq. 
piCE L. FREDERICK, 9 Pem- 
■^^ berton squai'c 
Richards Henry, 4 Pemberton sq. 
Richards J. R. 46 Court 
piNN BROTHERS, 154 Tremont 

Ropes George, 32 Pemberton sq. 
Ryder Calvin, 41 Tremont 
Samuels Isaac B. 40 Court 
Savage W'm. F. l.'.o .Main, Chastn. 
Silloway Thomas W. 71 Green 
Slack R. H. 18 Pemberton sq. 
Smith O. F. 15 State 
Snell & Gregerson, 15 Studio bldg. 
Sparrell Wm. 81 Wash, room 25 
Stephenson II. M. 10 Pemb'ton sq. 
Stevens John, 7 Pemberton 5(i. 
SturgisJ. H. & Charles Brigham, 

7 Pemberton S(|uare 
rPAYLOR JAMES V. 81 Wash- 
•*- ington, room li4 
Thayer Geo. B. 15 Pemberton sq. 
Thayer S. J. F. 39 Court, room 16 
Tow'le John D. 33 Studio building 
Tyler John, 18 India 
Underwood L. 13 Exchange 
Wadlin Horace G. 5 Pcinb. sq. 
■Wait R. P. 39 Court 
Wallis George F. 9 Pemberton sq. 
Ware & Van Brunt, 2 Pemb'ton sq. 
TA;^ASIIBIIRN wm. 7 change 

*' avenue 
■Wcissbciu L. 3 State 



'' row (srcpasc(i70) 
Wester J. 1). l'j;!]nidley 
"VVeston .<; liaiul, 17 Peinbertoii sq. 

■\ViM>Imv Walter T. l.S Pcinb. sq. 

■\\7-oonm:i!HY cuakles d. 

' * 111 HrcMUl 

Woodouck S. S. 1.1 Exchange 
Young Geo. H. Ij Devonshire 

Architectural Oriia- 

■^ IRON CO. Peinberton sq. 
The Art Garden Co. 13 West 

Art I'lililishers. 

pRANG L. & CO. ilSi'Wash- 
•^ ington 

iVrtesiau 'Wells. 

JjATHKOP SI. A. 17 Court 

piERCE EDWIN R. 17 Court 
-^ and -G Bremen 

A.rtilici:il Flowers. 
Afeld F. 32 Kendall 

A.rtiliciul I^iinhs. 
■piSK IIENKY A., Park, c. Tre- 
■•■ niont (sei' pnset;71) 
Jewett Los Co., iVrk, c. Tremont 
T INCOL.S' JIARVIN, 3 Chardon 
■L" (soopa-'cti70) 
pAL.MERB K. & CO. 83 Green 
■■■ (sec i).i"e727) 
RaudlHl G. W. G3 Blaekstone (mf.) 

Artificial Stone. 

Cosnio|)<iHtun Einerv Wlieel and 
Artitieial .Slone. lift Eliot 

N. E. .Maible Co. U Peniberton sq. 

^ chanKt (see inside baek cover) 

Kew England .Marble Co. 41 Med- 
ford, Cnarlestown 

Artificial Wood Oriia- 

GLEASOX W. B. & CO. West 
Camdci). n. B. & P. R.R. (see 
page 72S) 


(See Painters, Portrait, Etc.) 

Artists' Materials. 

PROST & ADAMS, .33 and 3S 
-'■ Cornhill (see page 66i) 

HASTINGS F. C. & CO. 64 

WALKER A. A. 127 Tremont 

Assayers and Refiners. 

Haves A. A. i State (state) 

Haves S. Dana, 4 State (state) 

PI "000 & REYNOLDS, 5 Jack- 

•'-'- son place 

Kerr & Carpenter, 4 Hamilton pi. 

jV [ERRICK & GR.iY', 59 Broad 


*^ State (State, see page fl74) 

Atomizing ITubes. 

^^ andlJTremont (see page 694) 
JJOLMES TIIOS. J. 62 Sudbury 


Atwood Geo. M. 81 Wash, room 12 
Beck Gideon & Son, 164 Tremont 
J^IRD C. G. & CO. 13 Tremont 

Bird H. C. & Co. 14C Tremont 
Blood C. S. & Co. 219 Broadway 
Brown Bros. 19 Tremont row 
gROWN U. A. 86 Devonshire 

Burkett & Wing, 57 Court 
nOLLAMORE H. L. HI and 113* 
^ Court 

fjOLiMAN MOSES & SON, 121 
^ and 125 Portland, and 190 

Conway John, jr. 81 Washington 
Cook CJoleman, 8 Maverick sq. E.B. 
Cook Wm. & Co. 194 Commercial 
Dearborn & Co., Court House 
Diman J. H. 3 Tremont row 
Drowne T. S. & Co. 19 Trem't row 
Drury C. F. & Co. 106 Court 
Eaton George E. 102 Washington 
Farnham J. C. 31 State 
Glover Win. J. S. 14 Tremont 
Hill Edward F. 31 Devonshire 

Harris C. L. & Co. 9 Central whf. 
Harris Horatio & Co. IS Inaia 
Harris .lolin T. 29 Peinberton sq. 
Hatch Samuel *: Co. 9 Congress 
-'-'- (stock) 

Henry John J. 42 Washington sq. 
Hichborn Geo. R. & Co. 6:j Court 
J^OLBROOK & FOX, 8 Kilby 

Howe Albert, Market, near Wash- 
ington, Brighton 
Howe, Elton, & Co. 171 Tremont 
Hoyt, Wheeler, it Bradley, 75 Essex 
Hunting G. F. 3 School 
Ihdc J. F. C. 3 Court square 
Isbnrgh & Walker, 8 and 10 East 
Jones J. A. 5 Court 
Kilrov Patrick, 1317 Tremont 
Kyle W. S. & T. 10 State, room 4 
Leonard & Co. 48 Bromfield 
Lester, Johnson, it Moody (shoes), 

12 Washington square 
Lester J. 11. jt Siiiitli, i) Pemb. sq. 
Libbev M. II. 124 W. Broadway 
Logan S. U. S4 Washington 
TVrASON W. H. it CO. 41 Tre- 
-'-'-'- nujut and 27 Peniberton sq. 

MOUSE 1-. FOSTER, 113 Dud- 
lev, room 2 
Nasoii ,<: .Motealf, £1 School 
■VT E W M A N it P E R R I N, 134 
-'-^ Washington and 16 Guild row 
Osgood Freeman D. 27 Guild row 
Osgood John H. .34 Canal 
Otis George II. & Co. 57 Hanover 
Pierce Wm. P. & Co. 81 Wash. 
pORTER J. K. it CO. 5 Court, 
■*• cor. Wash, (see page 707) 
Quiglev Geo. V. & Co. 1700 Wash. 
QUINCY & CO. 179 Washington 
Kay T. W. 11 Court 
Riddle E. & Son, 12fi Union 
Saunders A.N. it Co. (boots and 

shoes), ,')9 Washington square 
Servant it Ray, 23 Court 
CPALDING R. H. 113 Washing- 
•^ ton and 148 Hanover 
- Spraguc Francis & Co. 11 Central 
Stockwell George, 31 Exchange 
*-' 3Scliool 
Thompson Newell A. & Co. 10 and 

11 old State House 
Tliompson R. W. 14 Old State Ho. 
TOWNE WJI. J. 59 Bromfleld 
Tyler John, 18 India 
■\7"0SE ROBT. Jk. 123Washing- 
' ton 
Walker Samuel A. 19 Doane 
AVhite .lohn N. & Co. 614 Wash. 
Whitmarsh & Co. 18 Pemb. square 
Wyeth J. H. 31 Exchange, room 5 

Carter A. J. IIS Main 
Cook B. J. 258 Main 
Cooper & Kelso, 154 Main 
Gary E. & Co. 92 Main 
Hart Joseph S. 2 Warren ave. 
Hastings A. it Co. 126 Main 
Oldham Jonathan, 5 Chelsea 

Auditor of Accounts. 

mURNER A. R., Treas. office, 
■■- B. & M. R. R. 


Lighthill A. P. SM Beacon 

Automatic Oilers. 

■'-'- Ilaymarket square 

Automatic Pumps. 

-tl PU.MP CO. 121 Water (see 

page 657) 


BASCOM J. A. 607 Washington 
pRICKSON A. 38 North Market 
■'-' (see page 699) 
Hammond & Terhune, 62 Comm'l 
■^-^ Commercial 

•^■^ Commercial 
Nelson M. 86 Commercial 
Nicliols A. M. 152 Commercial 
nPRUNDY & CO. 59 Broad, cor. 
■^ Milk 

VALE R. M. 2 South Market 
■*■ (agent for the improved Aqua- 

peKe goods, water and mildew 

proof ) 


Amoskeag Axe Co. 43 Kilby 
Douglas Axe Mauuf. Co. 217 Fed'l 

Axle Orease Manur. 

Brooks J. B. ,32 Fulton 

RICHMOND C. C. i CO. 26 Cen- 
tral wharf 


jj^BBOTT & HOWARD, Oliver 

nilASE, SHUTE, & C0.32Kil- 
^ by 


Bacon Works. 

Curtis, Knowles, it Co. 514 and 520 
Harrison ave., and North, cor. 

Wiggiii L. P. & Co.470 Harrison av. 


pOBBINS JOHN, 42 Kneeland 
■'■'' (see page 658) 

Baggage Checks. 

pOBBINS JOHN, 42 Kneeland 
■*•" (sec page 658) 

Bags and Bagging. 

Boston Bag Co. 3 John 
Cliasc H. it L. 23;3 State 
Kimball Daniel, 100 Fulton 
Tai)paii J. H. A. &. Co. Broad, cor. 

Bail Commissioner. 

Burbank Robert I. 46 Court 

Adam Wm. F. 219 West Eighth 
Aiken Geo. C, 680 Ilarrisouave. 
Allen John, 85 Brighton 
Amrhcin A. 44 Oneida and 193 

Shawmut avenue 
A USTIN C. F. & CO. 116 Com- 
■"- mercial (ship) 
Bain AVm. 92 Princeton, E.B. 
Barry E. W. £67 Fourth, and 189 

Dorchester avenue 
■RARTLETT A. G. & CO. 869 
•'-' Albany 

Bean Addie Mrs. 726 Harrison ave. 
Beau John C. 104 Cambridge 
Bemis Eugene, 59 Dearborn and 

260 Cabot 
Bills J. P. 631 Tremont 
Binford Clara C. 106 Salem 
Blacknioor Joseph, 238 Dorch. 
Blaser John J. Mrs. 147 Eliot 
Bogan F. 327 North 
Bogle Mary, .301 D street 
poND CRACKER CO. 90 Port- 
-" land (see page 683) 
•" CO. 12 Canal and 1480 Wash., 

Thomas J. Gargan, treas. 
Breivogeil Daniel, 102 Saleni 
Breivogeil John, 296 Sumner, E.B. 
Brigham John A. 654 Shawmut av. 
Brown Clias. N. 696 Washington 
Brown Francis Mrs. 52 W. Canton 
Brown Gilbert C. 53 Pleasant, and 

343 Shawmut avenue 
Brown J. II. 99 Prince 
Brown Wm. & Co. 216 Friend 
Butler J. W. it T. 3 Com'l (bread) 
Callaghan Michael, 16 Central sq. 
Callaghan Philip, 43 Goucli and 55 

Cameron A. I Benningon 
Chase Wm. & Co. 52 Hudson, 219 

Ninth, and 154 F 
Chater James, 875 Washington, 

and 197 South 
Clark George, 61 Portland 
Connell Austin II. 151 Hampden 
Conners Julia, 555 East Second 
Connor Joanna M. 18 N. Russell 
Cumming Robert, 2113 Wash. 
Currier A. F. 217 Shawmut ave. 
Darragh James, Wash. opp. Rock- 
laud, Brighton 
Darragh J. 1360 Tremont 
Davis Wm. 2SI5 West Fourth 
Deviiie John, 182 F 
Dodge & Storer, 228 Dorchester 
Dore Wm. 115 South 

Dupalla Mrs. 79 Albany 

Edwards K. Miss, 134 W. Canton 
Elder P. 221 North 
Emhoff Joseph, 24 Hampshire 
English Maurice, 45 WestDedham 

and West Sixth, cor. F 
Field George H. Mrs. 31 Pleasant 
Fish C. Mrs. 76 Cambridge 
Fisher E. 144 Court 
Foster E. H. 146 Northampton 
PROST GEO. 34 Taber, corner 
.*- Winslow 

Garel Augiiste, 1162 Washington 
Gaut Samuel N. 474 and 1519 Wash. 
Gemson Lawrence, 11 W. Sixth 



Goodnow Joseph W., 137 'WaiTen, 

and Centre, opp. Burroughs.W.B. 
Gould Bros. 83a Washington 
Grace Joseph, B2 £utaw 
Grant F., Bennington, c. Marion 
Grau'i F. 2i5 London 
Greene D. T. 150 Broadway 
Greim L. 281 Ruggles 
Greiser Edward, Boylston, opp. 

Boylston Station, W. Koxbury 
Eagerty Daniel, Dorchester ave. n. 

Commercial, ward 10 
Hale William A. 116 Tyler 
Hall N. 425 West Second 
Harlan K. 165 Beach, 572 E.Second, 

532 Dorch. ave., and 33 Lincoln 
Henan Wm. T. 312 W. Fourth 
Hennessey Mary, 210 W. Second 
Henry & Johnson, 76 Levcrctt 
Heyl A. A. 173 West Broadway 
Hodges William A., Norfolk, near 

Blue Hill avenue, ward 16 
Hoe Joseph, 24 Hampshire 
Hoefdank John, lS.'i>; Cambridge 
JJOISRNLE J. C. 6 Bennet 

Hoernle L. 91 Warrenton 
Homer John.Marion, e. Paris,E.B. 
Howard E. L. & Co. 55 Causeway 
Howard Samuel Mrs. 42 Sljrtle 
Hutchinson Sarah Miss, 161 Cam- 
bridge and 115 Beach 
Irving W. J. 14 Cambridge 
James A. 1764 Washington 
James B. F. & Co. 1842 Wash. 
Jolinson Sarah B. W Meridian 
Kahurl & Marsh, 140 Prince 
Kaiser M. yi George (cocoa-nut) 
Kieseles Ferdinaijd, 42 Heath 
Knight C. 1. 16 Anderson, 14 Cross 

and 144 Cambridge 
Kniglits R. H. 114 Jijast Canton 
Koenker M. Mrs. 51*Poplar 
Kraft A. 178 West Eighth 
Krone Wm. ISIO Washington and 

44 Yeoman 
Lake J. H. & Co., Dorchester ave- 
nue, n. Linden, ward 16 
Lambrecht John, 418 Hanover 
Lang John P. 1685 Washington, 

and 550 Shawmut avenue 
Leeds Henry, 313 Meridian 
Lepold £. 3I2 Sumner 
Loud J. C. & E. A. 39 Prince and 

294 Hanover 
Mann August, 11 Winchester 
Martin F., Stoughton, u. Hudson, 

ward 16 
McAidle Henry Sirs. 291 Ilarr. av. 
McDevitt Robert, 42 W. Broadway 
McGili J. 194 E, corner W. Eighth 

McGowan , 49 Pitts 

MeKee Laura, 6 Cliadwiek 
McKenna Chas. 3;J8 Broadway 
McKenzie Isabella Miss, 133 West 

McKinnon & Gregory, London, n. 

Decatur, E.B. 
McShane Henry, 132 W. Fourth 
Merello J. 1090 Washington, 3G2 

Tremout, and 1;B iS'orth 
Miller John, 84 Salem and 16 Essex 
Millett Charles L. 90 W. Cedar 
Morlock Jacob, 22 Fleet 
Morrill Geo. E. 66 Maverick, E.B. 
Morse A. 322 Broadway, 108 Dor- 
chester and 128 W. Ihird 
Mullen James, 1044 Ilarr. ave. 
Mullen Tliomas, 05 Green 
Murdock John s: Son,687 E.Fourth, 

and 800 E. Fifth 
Murphy Thomas, 41 Clarendon 
Myer David, 11 Phillips 
Kewmarch H. J. Si Kingston 
Nightingale George E. 3 North sq. 
Parmelee L. G. r. 15 Cliester Park 
Pastor J. T. 63 La Grange 
Perry Alnion, 225 Cabot, 645 Par- 
ker, 12;i3 Tremont and 27 Prentiss 
Kamsill Taylor Mrs. 76 Pleasant 
Randall Chas. A. 303 Sumner, E.B. 
Randall W. B. Mrs. 134 Pleasant 
Robertson Daniel, 23 Chadwick 
Rotlifuchs Christian, 296Uarr. ave. 
Bugg M. F. 1534 Washington and 

970 Tremont 
Sanborn Charles, 160 Salem 
Sanderson George A. 10 Ontario, 

and W. Third, bet. A and B 
Sawyer F. P. 21 Camden 
Schell Peter, 1068 AVashington 
Shenard Horatio G., Hancock, c. 

W inter, ward 16 
Shields James Mrs. 81 Maverick 
CTUART C. D. 12 Church, 182 
^ Essex, USKneelandand 19 East 

Dedham (see page 668) 
Shute M. H. 1(K) Princeton, E.B. 
Smith Jonas G. 11 Warren ave. 
Smith J. R. 69 and 71 Maverick 
Stackpole S. A. 120 W. Fourth 
Stephenson James E. .598 Har. ave. 
Stone Eben, 423 Hanover 

Storer S. A. 115 Beach 

Stripp John, 341 E 

Taylor & Co. 857 Washington and 

68 Beach [Tremont 
Thomas John H. 1054 and 1 I 
Thompson & McKcnna, 229 West 

Fourth, and D, cor. Seventh 
Trobitz Edward, 1116 Tremont 
IJTKXEK JAS., 132 Cambrdge 

Tattle Thomas W. 104 Essex 
Vegkle Charles, 42 Northampton 
A'ogel George, W. 52 Fifth, cor.B 
Wachtler Moritz, 7 Park man 
AVallace J. C. 348 Dorchester 
Wallace R. 230 West Third 
Walsh Mary Mrs. 169 Vernon 
Watsher II." II. 48 I.cverett 
Weatherlv James. 67 Lincoln 
Weber Jl" .\. 174 W^■^t '1 bird 
Weisbrod Simon, 4S Shawmut ave. 
Welchlin Clnis. F. 1332 Tremont 

and 57 W. Dedham 
Wentworth J. B. 317 Harrison ave. 
Werner Francis, 1040 Tremont 
Wesner M. 73 Shawmut avenue 
"Weston Charles D. 139 Lincoln 
WIIITCUMB E. D. 18.54 Wash- 
'• ington and Cabot, c. Ruggles 
Wood J. E. Miss, 115 Pynchon 
Wjeth N. S., Harrison avenue, c. 

Young O. L. & C. L. 202 Eliot, 237 

Hanover and 242 Harr. ave. 
Zielinger Charles, 372 Chelsea 
Zittel Peter, 541 E. Seventh 


Armstrong John, 107 Main 

Berry James, Lexington, comer 

Blood John G. 270 Bunker Hill 
Curtis Charles, 356 and 490 Main, 

and 103 Bunker Hill 
Davis Wm. 48 Henley 
Elder Peter, 54 Russell 
Gilmore Orriu, 216 Bunker Hill 
Goodrich Charles B. crackers, 392 

Bunker Hill 
Gove II. B. 46 Walker 
Lewis Francis, 73 Bartlett 
McNamara John, 58 Henley 
Moody Benj. iSIrs. 72 Green 
Morse Geo. A. & Co. 40 Park, and 

69 Austin 

Murphy Honora, bread and cake 

store, 127 Chelsea 
O'Flanagan David, 40 Bow 
O'Flanagan John, 230 Jlain 
O'Keefe Patrick J. 59 Bartlett 
Parker Thomas, 40 Bunker Hill 
Sanderson George A. 319 and 509 

Main, cor. Medford, 42 Decatur, 

and 86 Bow 
Shedd Thos. A. 637 Slain (cracker) 
Stetson E. B. 148 Main 

Baking Powder. 


^ Commercial (see page 663) 
Woodridge J. B. m Co. 21 Black- 


(See also Scales and Balances.) 


^ 2 Milk 

pRESTON WM. B. 9 Friend 


Battis W. L. 127 Commercial 
Brown J. 188 Commercial 
Brown & Mcintosh, 188 Comm'I 
Frost E. R., Russia wharf 

HAYES M. A. 17 Court and SO 
Band Saw Alaeliines. 

WELCH & CHIPiSIAN, 23 W^est 


Attwood Gilbert & Co. 14 Mer- 
chants Exchange 
Baldwin Geo. P. ic Co. 54 Devon. 
Bangs Elisha D. & Co. 88 State 
Bates & Albee, 43 Devonshire 
Bennett C. H. & Co. 12 State 
Blake Bros. & Co. 28 State 
Bolles Matthew & Co. 90 State 
Brewster, Sweet, St Co. 40 State 
Briggs Harrison O. & Co. 60 State 
Brooks .1. I. 43 Scars' bnikling 
Brown Bros. & Co. 66 State 
Brown. Riley, & Co. 9 Congress 
^ 46 Federal 

Cowles, l>ovejov, & Co. .39 State 
Day R. L. & Cobb, 85 Devonshire 
Dwight Charles, 76 State 
■"■ Congress 
Foote & Irench, 7 Congress 

Fuller C. E. & Co. 2 State 
Gilbert B. W . 64 Devonshire 
Gooding J. 5 Scars' building 
Goodnow Nathan B. & Co. 7 State 
^WLEY " 
on shire 

Head & Perkins, 68 Devonshire 
Hill, Scott, & Co. 64 Devonshire 

Kidder, Peabody, & Co. 40 State, 

roiim 8 
Lawrence Wm. F. 85 Devonshire 
Lee,lIigginson,itCo. 40 and 44 State 
Lee Thomas J. & Hill, 00 State 
Mifflin B. C. S; Co. 25 Congress sq. 
Moors J. B. & Co. 70 State 
Kash & Cushing, 4 Congress 
Nickerson S. iJ. 06 State 
-*■ 70 State 

Parker & Cobb, 78 Devonshire 
Paj'ton H. F. 32 Washington 
Putnam Charles A. 60 State 
^*' 16 State 
Richardson, Hill, & Co. 8 Sears 

Rogers, Bush, & Co. 74 State 
gllAW C. A. 110 Tremout 

Smith Edward M. & Co. 64 Devon. 
Stark's Banking Co. .'6 Kilby 
Stevens, Amory, & Co. 3.i State 
Stone & Downer, 28 State, basement 
Thayer Edward F. & Co. 31 State, 

room 8 
Thayer J. E. & Bro. 21 Sears bldg. 
Tileston E. G. & Co. 17 Sears bldg. 
Tower, Giddings, & Torrey, Dev- 
onshire, corner Water 
"Ward S. G. & G. C. 28 State, rm. 17 
"Warren George W. & Co. 60 State 
"Worster & Babson, basement Old 
State House 

Bank I^ocks. 

{See also Safes.) 
■'-'■ Sudbury 
JIcPhersLPU K. M. 85 Devonshire 

' SAFE & LOCK CO. 35Doane 


No. 8 Kllhv Street :—liKorpnrat- 
ed, lsi:8: Capital, S750,ij(hI: Pre- 
sident, Isaac Pratt, jr. ; Cashier, 
Benjamin Dodd. Discount, Mon- 
day and Thursday at 1, V. M. 

iLtlas National Bank, 
No. 10 Kilby Street :— Incorpor- 
ated 183:^ ; Organized as National, 
1804; Capital, §1,500,000: Presi- 
dent, M. D. Spaulding; Cashier, 
Charles L. Lane. Discount, 
Tuesday and Friday, I2X, 1'. 51. 

Blac-kstone Ka"t'l Bank, 
Union, corner Hanover Street: — 
Incorporated, 1851; Capital, .$!,- 
500,000; President, Joshua Lor- 
ing; Cashier, S. D. Loring. Dis- 
count, Jlonday and Thursday, at 
12, M. 

Blue Hill Xat'l Bank, 
W'ashington St. cor. Richmond, 
ward 16; organized, January, 
18<J5; Capital, $.'500,000: Presi- 
dent, Asaph Churchill ; Cashier, 
E. J. Bispbam. Discount, Mon- 

Boston !IVational Bank, ' 
No. 01 State Street :— Incorporat- 
ed, 1853; Capital, .51,000,000; 
President, Lyman Nichols ; Cash- 
ier, CharlesB. Hall. Discount, 
Tuesday and Friday, at 12, M. 

Boylston ATat'I Bank, 
Washington Street : — Im-orpor- 
atcd, 1845, Capital, S6(_HI,0tl0; Pre- 
sident, Joseph T. BuiU-y; Cash- 
ier, John J. Soren. Discount, 
Wednesday and Saturday, at 9Xi 
A. .V. 

Broadway Xat'I Bank, 
490 Washington,— Incoriioratcd, 
1853; Organized as National, 
18W; Capital, iS200,OIH.); Presi- 
dent, Henry Souther; Cashier, 
Hornee H. White. Discount, 
"Wednesday, 10, A. M. 

Bunker Hill Xational 
Bank or Cliarlt-Ktown, 
21 City Square, \iaril Ji:— Incor- 
porated IS2.T ; Ke..iu'aiii/eil, 18(»; 
Capital, S500,tHKi; President, Ed- 
ward Lawrence; Cis'.iicr, James 
Adams, jr. J" 
and Fridays 



CentrnI Tfntional Bank, 

Bovlstun, cor. Tivuiont Street:— 
Ii.i-oriM.riitea. lN:;i; Capital, 
$."liO,(MU ; Prcsiilent, lienry 
Siiiitli; Cashier, L. W. Young; 
Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Colluterni Lioan Co.. No. 
35 Union Street: — Incorporated, 
April 5, 18.i!); Ciipital, $120,400; 
President, John Biyelow : Cash- 
ier, E. B. Foster. IJiscouut daily. 

Coliinihiaii Nitt'I Bank, 
No. li.5 State Street :— Incorporat- 
ed, IS:.'!'; Capital. $1.0(K1,000; 
President, Jolm T. CooUduc; 
Cashier, J. M. Gordon. Dis- 
count, Monday and Tliursday. 

Continental Xat'I Bank, 
51 Ch.iunev Street: — Organized 
as State Bank IStiO; Capital, §1,- 
000.000 ; Presidenj, Oliver Ditson ; 
Vice-President, 'VViUiam T. 

Hart; Cashier, ; Dis. 

count, Tuesday and Friday, at 9, 
A. M. 

Eleventh "W^ard Xat'l 
Bank, IJl.) Washington St:— 
Ortranized, ISTL': Capital, .«300,- 
(KHi: President, Elimh C. Drew, 
Cashier, G. S. \Vlieelwright. 
Di^euunt, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

£li<>t Xational Bank, ^o. 
lol Devonshire Street : — Incor- 
porated, lSo3; Organized as Na- 
tional, ISltt; Capnul, $1,000,000; 
President. AVilliani 11. Goodwin ; 
Cashier, R. B. Conant. Discount, 
Monday and Thursdaj", at 11, 
A. .M. 

Everett Xational Bank 
of Boston, CO State Street: — 
Organized, 1S65; Capital, §200,- 
Otlo- President, Warren Sawyer; 
Cashier, Geo. E. Curr. Discount. 
Tuesday and Friday, at lO^s', A.M. 

Fjiiieiiil Ilall Xational 
Ba nk, 4:! South Market Street : 
— Incorporated, ISol; Organized 
as National, lUGo ; Capital, Sl,- 
000,000; President, Nathan Robb- 
ins; Cashier. Edward L. Tead; 
Discount, Monday and Tuesday, 
at 1. V. M. 

first Xational Bank, 
Ko. 17 State Street :— Organized, 
1864; Capital, Sl,000,OuO; Presi- 
dent, Abraham T. Eovve; Cash- 
ier, John Carr; Discount, Mon- 
day andThursd.iy, at 1, r. M. 

First "Warti" X'ational 
Bank, 1 Winthrnp Bluck, 
E. B. :— Incorporatrd, l.s7." ; Cap- 
ital. S:;00,000; President, Wni.iL. 
SUirtevant; Cashier, Henry A. 
Roberts. Discount, Tuesday and 
Friday, at 2, r. M. 

rreeinan's Xat'l Bank, 
No. 204 Devonshire Street : -In- 
corporated, 1836; Capital, .gSOO,- 
000; President, .John II. Rogers; 
Cashier, Jeremy Drake. Dis- 
count. Monday and Thursday, 
at 10, A. -M. 

Criobe Xational Bank, 
No. 40 State Street :— Incorporat- 
ed, 1824 ; Organized as National, 
im; Capital, §1,000,000; Presi- 
dent, W. B. Stevens ; Cashier, 
Charles J. Sprague. Discount, 
Monday and Thursday, at 1, 1". M. 

Hamilton Xat'l Bank, 
No. ()0 Devonshire Street: — In- 
corporated, 18.32; Capital, $750,- 
000; President, S. S. Blanchard; 
Cashier, Geo. W. Newhall. Dis- 
count, Wednesday and Saturday, 
at 1, l>. M. 

Ho»-ar<l Xat'l Bank, 
No. S.5 State Street : — Incorporat- 
ed, 1853; Organized as National, 
18G5; Capital, §1,000,000; Presi- 
dent. Reuben £. Demmon ; Cash- 
ier, S. F. Wilkins. Discount, 
Monday and Thursday, at 1, l>. M.- 

Alanutacturers' Xat'l 
Bank, 131 Devonshire: — In- 
corporated, 1873: Capital, §500,- 
000; President, Edward Turner; 
Cashier. Francis E. Seaver. Dis- 
count, Monday and Thursday, at 
12, M. 

Alai-ket Xational Bank, 
No. SH State Street: — Incorporat- 
ed, lS;i2 ; Capital, -SSOO.OOO ; Presi- 
dent, Charles O. Whitmore; Ca- 
shier. Jonathan Brown, jr. Dis- 
count, Tuesday and Friday, at 
12, M. 

Alassiicliiisetts Xational 
Bank, No. 00 Uevonshire St. ; 
after July 1, Congress, corner 
Water :— Incorporated, 1784 ; Or- 

ganized as National, 1865; Capi- 
tal, S800,000; President, Henry 
A. Rice; Cashier, 11. K. Froth- 
ingham. Discount, Monday aud 
Thursday, at 12, ji. 

Maverick Xat'l Bank, 
No. .")4 Devonshire .Street: — In- 
corporated, 18.">4; Orn:iiiiz<'d as 
National, 1865 ; Capita;, .i?4nii,000: 
President, Neheininli (iibson; 
Cashier, Sanuiel I'hiliips, jr. 
Discount, Wednesday and Sa- 
tiu-day, at UX< A. M. 

JUerlianics' Xat'l Bank 
of Boston, No. 115 Dorches- 
ter ave. : — Incorporated, 1S3B; 
Organized as National, 186.T ; Ca- 
pital, $250,000; President, James 
\V. Converse; Cashier, Alvan Si- 
monds. Discount, Jlonday, at 
3, V. M. 

Jllerehnnts' Xat'l Bank 
of Boston, No. 28 St;ite St.: 
—Incorporated. 1831; Organized 
as National, 1864; Capital, $3,- 
000,01KI; President, Franklin Ha- 
ven ; Cashier, Geo. R. Chapman. 
Disc't, Monday and Thursday, 
at 1, 1'. M. 

Slonuiiieiit Xat'l Bank 
of <'hai-les«<)«n, 1) City 
6(|uarc, ward 20.— Iiu'i>rpoi-ated, 
1854; Keomauizcd, 1S05; Capital, 

S 150,000; President, James O. 
urtis ; Cashier, Warren Sanger. 
Discount, Monday and Tuesday. 

AIf>iint Vernon Xational 
B:enk, No. 3 Franklin Street: 
—(Organized as State Bank, I8G0; 
Capital, $:!(XI,00O; President, 
Carmi E. King ; Cashier, H. W. 
Perkins, jr. 

Xational Baiik of 

Brighton, Washington St. 
corner Chestnut Hill ave., ward 
19 :— Organized, March 31, 1865 ; 
Capital, $200,000; President, 
John L. Ordway ; Cashier, Bela 
S. Fiske. Discount, Wednesday. 

Xational Bank of Com- 
nieree, No. 9 Sears Building: 
—Incorporated, 18.50 ; Capital, 

f 2,000,000; President, Beni. E. 
ates; Cashier, Caleb H. War- 
ner. Discount, daily 

Xati4»nal Bank of the 
Coinnton\ve:iltli, No. 121 
Devonshire Street : — Organized, 
1871; Capital, $.300,000: Presi- 
dent, E. C. Sherman ; Cashier, 
John J. Eddy. Discount, Tues- 
day and Friday, at 11, A. M. 

Xational Bank of Xortli 
America, Franklin, corner 
Devonshire Street : — Incorporat- 
ed, 1850 ; Capital, $100,000 ; Presi- 
dent, Isaac T. Burr; Cashier, 
John K. Hall. Discount, Wed- 
nesday and Saturday, at 12)^ I'-M. 

Xational Bank of JCe- 
<Ieni|>tion, No. 85 Devonshire 
Street: — Incorporated, 1858; Or- 
ganized as National, 1864: Capi- 
tal, $l,OflO,000; President, Wm. 
D. Forbes ; Cashier, Edward A. 
Presbrey. Discount, daily. 

Xatiitnal Bank of the 
Bepiihlic, No. 3 Merchants 
Row:— Organized as State Bank, 
1859; as National, 1861 ; Capital, 
$1,500,0(K) ; President, David 
Snow; Cashier, Chas. A. Vialle. 
Discount, Jlonday and Thurs- 
day, at 1, 1". M. 

Xational City Bank, No. 
61 State Street : — Incorporated, 
1822;, $1,000,000: Presi- 
dent, Charles L. Thayer; Cash- 
ier, Charles C. Barry. Discount, 
Tuesday and Friday, at 1, 1'. M. 

Xational Ea^le Bank, 
No. 16 Kilby Street: — Incorpor- 
ated, 1822; Capital, $1,000,000; 
President, Robert S. Covell ; Ca- 
shier, William G. Brooks, jr. 
Discount, Wednesday and Sa- 
turday, at 10, A. M. 

Xat'l Exch, Bank, No. 
28 State Street : — Incorporated, 
1847 ; Organized as National, 
1864; Capital, $1,000,000; Presi- 
dent, A. I. Benyon ; Cashier, J. 
JI. Pettengill. Discount, Mon- 
day and Tliursday, 1, v. M. 

Xat'l Hide and ILieatlier 
Bank, No. 70 Federal Street: 
— Incorporated, 1858; Organized 
as National, 1864 ; Capital, $1,- 
500,000; President, Win. Claflin; 
Cashier, William Basset. Dis- 
count, Tuesday and Friday, at 
12, M. 

Xat'l IMFarket Bank of 

BritcUtoii, Washil]^ton, opp. 
Cattle F:ur Hotel, waiil 19:-Or- 
ganized, April, 18(w; Capital, 
|250,000; President, Life Bal- 
dwin ; Cashier, Edward P. 
Wright. Discount, Wednesday. 

Xational JRevere Bank, 

No. 4 Sears Building; after May 
1, Franklin, corner Devonshire : 
— Or";anizcd as State Bank, 1859; 
as National, 1865; Capital, $2,- 
000,IX)«; President, Samuel H. 
Walley; Cashier, H. Blasdale. 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday 

Xat'l IC.«»ckIaud Bank, 
li)35 Washington Street: — Incor- 
porated, 1853; Organized as Na- 
tional, ISIH; Capital, .pOO,000; 
President, Samuel Little; Cash- 
ier, Robert B. Fairbairn. Dis- 
count, Tuesday, A. M. Bank 
hours, from 8, A. M. to 4, r. M. 

Xation'l Security Bank, 
Court, cor. Brattle Street: — Or- 
ganized, 1867; Capital, $200,000; 
Authorized to increase to $1,000- 
000; President, Samuel A. Carl- 
ton; Cashier, Charles R. Batt. 
Discount, Monday and Thurs- 
day, at 10>^^, A. M. 

Xational ITnion Bank, 
No 40 .State Street : — Incorporat- 
ed, 1792; Organized as National, 
1865; Capital, $1,000,(WO; Presi- 
dent, George C. Richardson; 
Cashier, ATmarin Trowbridge. 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday, 
at 1, 1>. M. 

Xation'l Webster Bank, 
No. 39 State, and 2 Congress St. : — 
Incorporated, 1853; Capital, $1,- 
500,000 ; President, Solomon Lin- 
coln ; Cashier, Edward R. Hall. 
Discount, Tuesday aud Friday, 
at 10>i^, A. M. 

Xew Ensland Xational 
Bank, No. 66 State St. :— In- 
corporated, 1813; Capital, $1,- 
000,000; President, Thos. Lamb: 
Cashier, Seth Pettee. Discount, 
Tuesday aud Friday, at 12}4, P.M. 

Xew England frust Co, 
81 Devonshire Street: — Capital, 

t 500,000; President, Amos. A. 
iawrence; Secretary, N. H. 
Henchman; Actuary, J. H. 

Xortli Xational Bank, 
No. 53 Devonshire Street: — In- 
corporated, 1825 ; Organized .as 
National, 1864; Capital, $1,000,- 
000; President, C. R. Ransom: 
Cashier, Johrj B. Witherbee. 
Discount, Monday and Thurs- 
day, at 1, 1". JI. 

Old Boston Xational 
Bank of Boston, No. 48 
State Street: — Incorporated, 1803; 
Capital, $900,000; President, Jae. 
C. Wild; Cashier, Frederick L. 
Church. Discount, Monday and 
Thursday, at 1, v. ji. 

People's Xat'l Bank, 114 
DuQley : — Incorporated, 1833 ; 
Organized as National, 1864; 
Capital, $300,000; Free., Henry 
Guild; Cashier, Geo. C. Leaeh; 
Discount, Tuesday. 

Second Xational Bank 
of Boston, 1 and 2 Sears 
Bldg. :— Incorporated, as Granite 
Bank, 1,S.';2; Organized as Na- 
tional, 1864; Capital, $1,600,000; 
President, James H. Seal ; Cash- 
ier, Andrew J. Loud. Discount, 
Monday and Thursday, at 12.^, 
p. M. 

Shaivinut Xat'l Bank, 
No. 43 State Street; after May 15, 
Congress, cor. Water : — Incor- 
porated, 1836; Organized as Na- 
tional, Nov, 22, 1804; Capital, 
^1,000,000; President, John Cum- 
mings; Ca.shier, Stephen G. Da- 
vis. "■ Discount, Monday and 
Thursday, at 1, I'. M, 

Shoe and ll.e;»ther Xa- 
tional B:ink, No. 1:1 Kilby 
Street:— Incorporated, 18:)6; Ca- 
pital, $1,0110,0011; Pvc.-idi-nt, Seth 
Turner; Cashier, Samuel Carr; 
Asst. Cash. S. Carr, jr. Discount, 
Tuesday and Friday, at 11, A. M. 

State Xational Bank, 
No. 40 State Street:— Incorporat- 
ed, 1811 ; Organized as National, 
1865; Capital, $2,000,000; Presi- 
dent, Amos W. Stetson ; Cashier, 
C. E. Patten, Discount, Mon- 
day and Thursday, at 1, p. M. 



Suffolk Katiniial Hank, 

No. IXI State Street :—Ini'orporat- 
ed, 1S18; Or{;anizcd as National, 
186.5; Capital, §1,5(;U,U00; Presi- 
dent, Samuel W. Swett; Cashier, 
Edward Tyler. Disc't, Wednes- 
day and Saturday, at 11, A. M. 

Third National Bank of 
Boston, No. 66 State Street: 
- Organized, 1864 ; Capital, |300- 
(KK); President. Pereival L. Ever- 
ett; Cashier, Francis B. Scars; 
Discount, Jlonday and Thurs- 
day, at l,r- M. 

Traders' Wat'I Bank, No. 
91 State Street:— Incorporated, 
laSl; Capital, $600,000; Presi- 
dent, Edward Sands; Cashier, 
F S. Davis. Discount, Wednes- 
dav and Saturday, at 1, r. M. 

TremontWat'lBank, No. 
41 State Street :— Incorporated, 
1814; Capital, $2,000,000; Presi- 
dent, Andrew T. Hall ; Cashier, 
Amos T. Frothingham. Disc't, 
Slonday and Thursday, at IK, 
r. M. 

"W^asliington National 
Bank, No. 4" State Street:— 
Incorporated, 1823 ; Organized as 
National, 18(M ; Capital, $750,000 ; 
President, Alnion D. Hodges; 
Cashier, W. Henry Brackett. 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday, 
at 12 M. 

Boston Clearins Bonse, 
65 State Street :—Ors:anized, 1846; 
Chairman, James H. Beal ; Sec- 
retary and Manager, Henry B. 

Banner Painter. 

CAVORY T. C. 13 Tremont row 
•^ (see page 69a) 

Bark. ( Tanners .) 
Burnhani Bros., Broadway exten- 
sion, corner Old Harbor 
Miller J. & J. & Co. 31) Charlestown 

(bark extract) 
Swift Wm. H. & Co. 12 India (ex- 

Barometer Alannrs. 

{See also Instrument Manvfs.) 
Huddleston J. S. F. OfiWashington 
Siefert Charles A. 70 Washington 

Barometers and Ther- 

T BAXTER S. & SON, 123 State 
(see page 708) 

Barrels, Casks, and 

{See also Coopers.) 
Boston Barrel Co., S. S. Gray, 
treas., E. Seventh, corner N 

EII.L & WRIGHT, 145 and 15T 
S Mil II WILXAJiD W. 196 Port- 

Basket Alakers. 

pORTER JAMES, 145 and 138 
■*■ Blackstonc 

Baskets and Toys. 

HEYER BROS., 302 Washing- 
■'■ ell place 
field (see page 658) 
Ware P. A. 63 Temple place 


JIarlboro' Hotel, 2:;i Wash- 
ington, R. S.Nolan, manager 
Brown Wm. II. 75 Lc\crett 
Bruce Cyrus, Craigie's bridge 
CoU Rafael, 70 .Main, Cliariestown 
Herchenrodcr John, 1486 Wash. 
Holland Wm. A. 478 Washington 
Lawrence H. S. 1939 Washington 
Lewis Dio, 17 Beacon and 34 Bow- 

doin (Turkish) 
Lipman J. C. 8:3 Sudbury 
"Williams Henry C. 1616 Wash. 

Bay Rum. 

CHENERY & CO. 196 State and 
18 Coinmerce (importers) (see 
page 664) 


•*• 51 Hanover 

Bedding, Feathers, <fec. 

Boston Bedding Co. 56 Fulton 
Brabrook E. H. 4 Union 

BROOKS W. P. B. & CO. 114 
Blackstone, 9 Marshall, and 
151 Hanover 
Cram J. B. & Co. 63 Blackstone 
POWEE & HKRSEY, 24 Knee- 
-*- land (see page 66.5) 
Glover & Wilcomb, 100 Hanover 
JJALLETT & CO. 17 Dock sq. 

prASKELL A. L. & SON, 124 
•'-'- Hanover 

HOLMAN J. & CO. 60 Union 
and 31 Friend 
Hopkins Charles, 39 Cornhill 
■*■ BLIND, 20 Bromfleld (see page 

Kittrcdge F. O. (husks), 26 Canal 
■»-' HULL, 42 to 48 Cornhill 
-'• 464 Washington 
Sammett G. A. 1.56 Hanover 

and 215 Tremont 
rHEELER A. W. & CO. 21 




Bedstead Manufs. 

Coffin & Hoyt. 518 Harrison are. 
nOMINS GEO. T. 154 North 

nODFREY JOHN, 139 Border 

Ladd F. E. 23 Fulton 

Beer. ( Small or Hoot.) 

erty square and 100 Worcester 
( see page 672) 
^ Canal 

-^ Howard AtheuEeum building 
McConologue D. 119 North [ley 
Stowe S. F. & L. II. & Co. 13.5 Diid- 
' Co. ll»9 Broad 

Beer JPowders. 

■VTOYES PERSON, 47 India (see 
-l-^ page 680) 

Bees Wax. 

■pOWDLEAR W. H. 192 State 

Bell Hangers. 

pARNEY' J. E. & CO. 26 Charles- 

■^ town 

Bartlett & Richardson, 389 B'wav 

Beckford E. S. 5 Beach 


■^ 1772 Washington 

Chandler S. S. 1176 Washington 

Crane A. B. 5 Beach 

Duify Wm. H., Lee, near Keyes, 

West Roxbury 
pULLER SEl'H W. 25 Devon- 
^ shire 

Harrington Geo. E. 3 Province ct. 
prARROD B. C. 488 Tremont 

Heminway B. E. 19)i Union Park 
lOLMES E. T. & CO. 70 

Devonshire (see pnge 704) 
[ORAN BROS. 1201 and 1203 
James George E., 10 Maverick sq. 
Janes D. W. & Co., Tremont, cor. 

REDDING J. & CO. 30 Hanover 
Rowe A. E . & Co. 26 Washington 
QHIELDS EDW. T. 144 North- 
'-' ampton 
Trcfry G. W. 93 Chapman 

Belt A; r.eath. Stuffing. 

XrOY'ES PERSON, 47 India (see 
-^^ page 680) 

Belt Studs. 

HOOD GEO. H. (Blake's patent) 
98 Commercial 


(See also Lealher Belting.) 

Ambrose J, S. 24 Charlestown 
-^ C 1 1 1 N E CO . 84 K i n gston 

56 Chauncy (see page 805) 

CO. !75Dcvonsliireand Arch 
Bremer Isidur, 31 Walker, Chastn. 
pLAPP C. M. & CO. 183 Dev- 
^ onshire and 46 Arch (see page 

pL.VKK A. N. & CO. (manufs.) 
^ :!8 Siidbnrv (see page 714) 
rjOKBETT A. O. 126 Broad 

HILL, CL.'VRKE, & CO. Milk, 
cor. Oliver (see page 708) 
45 Arch ( see page 662) 
King C. W., Quincy Hall 
^ING & ADAMS, 22 Milk 

MAY' & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
inside back cover) 
-'- change and 18 Devonshire 
pAGE E. F. & CO. 58 Friend 

PAGE & WESTON, 123 Havei^ 
'' 67 Sudbury 

Bill Posters. 

Cushman J. Q. A., office, D. O. 

Sanger's, Wash., Brighton 
Donnelly John & Sons. 6 Spring la. 
Ericksoii Ileniming, 4 Ciiestnut 

and 1 Main, Charlestown 
Kelly & Lane, 5 Williams court 

BiIIiar<l Rooms. 

Bailey & Marshall, 114 Sudbury 
Brooks L S. & Co. 57 Temple pi. 
Clough Alexander P., Centre, cor. 

Burroughs, W. Roxbury 
Cutler James, jr. 148 Meridian 
Daniels E. 7 Green 
Dean Alonzo, 580)^ Washington 
Donnelly John H. 209 West Bway 
Flack John H. & Co. 307 Wash. 
Galiigan Thomas, 803 Tremont 
Golden James, Allen's blk.. Wash., 

Green Geo. F. 339 W. Broadway 
Hancock S. A. 101 Cambridge 
Homer Valentine, 1863 Wash. 
Kane James H., junc. East Broad- 
way, and Emerson 
Kendall& Eastman, 1 Coolidgeblk. 
Leckie Charles D. 1.557 Wash. 
Lincoln M. 501 Washington 
Lowd T. Q. 84 West Springfield 
McGovern James, ;i3J W. li'way 
Merrill & Dalton, 12 Maverick sq. 
Mitchell T. 21 School 
Murphy J. J. 11-5 Court 
NewTiall L. C. 75 Court 
Newman Charles, 6 Canal 
Newton W. W. 5.',8 Washington 
Porter & Co. 865 Washington 
Portlock Charles, 557 Washington 
Pulsifer D. T. & Co. 57 Temple pi. 
Rogers John, 123 North 
Saville George K., Palmer, corner 

Schleicher L. 2.'56 Broadway 
Sherman A. 6 Canal 
Skerry E. A. 69 West Concord 
Stearns W. A., Ncponset ave.. cor. 

Walnut, ward 16 
Sullivan E. J. 221 East Eighth and 

29! Dorchester 
TwicklerTlieo. 809 Washington 
Waterhouse II. A. 1525X Wash. 
Werner George, 1095 Tremont 
Werner J. 1260 Tremont 
Willey John T. 245 Tremont 

Armstrong Caleb H. 587 Main 
Gahm .Toseph, 10 Bow 
Ham Ivorv C. 358 .Main 
Morse George .-V. 1 B iw 
Smith & Brown, Hancock square 
Walsh James W. 532 JIain 

Billiard Table Makers. 

:Y a. W. 294 

venue (see page 714) 
IGGS O. L. 720 " 

BAILEY A. W. 294 Harrison 
avenue (see page 714) 
pRIGGS O. L. 720 Washington 


n.VME J. E. & CO. 114 Sudbury 
Schouller Mishelle, 1049 Wash. 

BiIliar<I Tahle Trim's. 

Ilavcns S. 90 Court 

Bird Perches. 

(Mdom Spring Perch.) 

U Bowdoin square 



Birdifi nnfl Cages. 

Baker George TI. S."i Kingston 
Colburn A. J. ■^^^l Wnsliington 
GoiKlaleC. I. ',1.; Siulhury 

NY, 1111 C.iiirt 
GUV & HIIO riUCRS, 33 and 35 
Kclfoixl u':iKf<) 
doin S(uuue 
Saroui Cliarlcs A. 142 Dudley 

Bitters IM:iiiuf. 


•'-' chaiise 

Farric Win. A. & Co. lOG Sudbury 

•^ Commercial 
Stone & Ilayward, 181 Sliawmnt 

ave. (Nafl tonic) 
■Wheeler L. & Co. ;> Custom House 

street (slierrv wine) 
Wiuslow Clark D. 4 Merch. row 

Itlack-boaril 3Iaiiiirs. 

■^ Brattle. H. A. Clark, agent 


Bartlctt H. A. X: Co. 43 Broad 

BRAY & II.\.YES, 145 Milk, agt. 
Day & Miirtiu 
BROW'N B. F. .<: CO. lot; Com- 
morcinl aud '.Hi High (sec page 
n.-VlIILL M. S. 4 India square 
^ (bronze) 

Collamorc William. 28 N. Market 
Cragin I. L. & Co. 144 State (Dob- 
Hauthawav C. I<. & Sons, 4o4 Fed'l 
Reed George H. & Sons, 570 Coni'l 

CO. 'X Cen'l whf. (harness oil) 
gAWYER H. -X No. Market 

Stewart George C. 43 Broad 

17G Lincoln 

BlarU X^ead. 

Schumacher J. & Co. 19 Doane 

AVOKKS, Morse Bros, props., 
Canton. Mass. 
Webb S: Smith, 134 Fulton 


(^See also Horse Slioers; also Skip~ 

American Vise and Tool Works, 
A. J. Drake, prop. Plympton, 
near Harrison avenue 
A RBUCKLE W.M. J. & CO., F, 
-^ corner West Tliird 
■DABB E. A. & CO. 130 Harrison 
■'-' avenue 

Barry John. 51j East Second 
Bartlett S. A., Reed, cor. North- 
Batterman John & Son, 471 Harri- 
son avenue 
Berry G. W., Neponset ave. near 

Walnut, waril Id 
Brackctt Andrew D. 810 Sliaw. ave. 
Bramhall Otis, 2d, 4:18 Federal 
Bramhall O. .i(i Cove 
Brennan S. 88.3 Harrison avenue 
Brock William, 21.57 Washington 
Burnham & Lowell, "j." Hawkins 
Buss George W. & Co., Winsor 

block, 204 Dover, cor. Albany 
Bussey O. B. 38 Bcverlv 
■OUZZEl/L J. O. 51 Pitts (see 
^ page 8(18) 
Callahan N. 25 Stillman 
Cameron J. F. Ill Merrimac 
Campbell Frank J. 11 Hawkins 
Chadwick A. R. 224 Dover 
Chisholm Alexander, 37 Foundry 
Copithorne W. E. 33 Richmond 
Crane U., Wash. n. River, wd. 16 
Cunningham Wm. H. fi:)3 E.Fourth 
Daniels John, Dorcliester ave. n. 

Commercial, ward Ifi 
Davenport Oliver, Hancock, near 

Stoughton, ward l(i 
Dodd Geo. II. Wl .Medford 
Dodge & Rowell, Itti Portland 
Dolan&Mellyn, 03 and ft5 Hampden 
Donovan J., Neponset ave., near 

Tayl ir, ward 10 
Dow Jonathan R. 9 Lime 
Dowd E. & J. .55 Palmer 
Duelos Z. 1734 Washington 
Dutton William, 53 Pitts 
Eastman Richard, 11 Hawkins 
Eaton H. K. 1179 Trcmont 
■pALL HENRY, 277 Federal (see 
^ page 664) 

FLYNN JAMES, 79 Plympton 
(see page 7<I3) 
Foss A. S. 240 Sumner, E. B. 
Gannnon J. E. l.W East Canton, 

corner Albany 
Gcraghtv Wm. 15I7 Trcmont 
Goldie Brothers, 09 W. Dedham 
lliiggerty John, Uorch. ave. near 

Commercial, ward 16 
Hall H. G. 1.59 Bench 

avenue, opp. Dover place (see 
page 702) 
Hatch Brotiiers, 84 Chardon 
Hathaway S. 150 Uordcr 
Hersey ,/amcs A., River, above 

Noriblk, ward 10 
Hewitt John, 20 Hampshire 
Higgins William, 154 Liverpool 
Hooker David S. 127 Sumner 
Howe T. W., Reed, cor. Farnham 
Keefe Martin, 450 Harrison ave. 
Kindlon John, .511 Hampden 
Lallv & Lenehan, 21 W. First 
Lcw"is Joel W. rear 3ii2 Comm'l 
Libbv Charles W. 1.1 N. Anderson 
T OHD S. S. Jk. 312 Dorchester 
•L' avenue ( see pise 063) 
Low William H. 7 Province ct. 
Lund C. A. 40 Lincoln 

LUND J. B. 10 Lincoln (see page 
Black N. 1342 Shawmut ave. 
Maclean Edward, Adams, near 

Park, ward 10 
JIagrath P. II. 21 I-ancaster 
Mason Lewis & Son, 03)^ Wareham 
McBarron & Lucas, 07 E. Dedham 
McBarron & Patan, .55 Emerald 
McDonald John, Commercial, n. 

Union, ward Ki 

McDON.VLI) IIIOMAS, rear 12 
Li)iigw<in<l ave. near Parker 
McKec H. J. 3li; W. Second 

MiLAUTIlLIN G. T. & CO. 120 
Fulton (sec p:igc 002) 
Meade William, 02y Harrison ave. 
Mennig George, Parker, n. Long- 

Mildram Samuel. 358 Federal 
Miller David, 11 Castle 

MOODY & BURNETT, 12 and 
14 Bowker, 
Morris Peter, 406 Blue Hill ave. 
MuUownev Michael. 115 Merrimao 
Newman A. W. 44 Eustis 
O'Brien Joseph, 15 Fourth 
O'Brien P. J. 885 Harrison ave. 
O'Callahan J. C, Columbia, opp. 

Bird, ward 10 
Oliver & Williams, 22X Pitts 
Oxenham & Honeii. 59 Hampden 
Perry & Bickford, 58 Beverly 
Richards David W. .501 Commerc'l 
Riddle Bros. 1 to 9 Norfolk ave. 
Rourke & Co. 1.35 Beach 
Ryan J. T. 85 Hampden 
Sands Theodore T. 159 Tyler 
Sawyer W. W. 05 Beverly 
Scannell John,River, near Norfolk, 

ward 10 
Shafer & O'Connor, 112 Orleans 
Shannahan & Co., F, cor. Athens 
Shepard Wm. lfl(! Travers 
Simpson D. S. 144 Beach 
CMITH G. W. S: F. 409 Federal 

CJIITH & LOVETT, 125 to 129 
►^ Albany 

CTONE "HENRY N. 132 Com- 
•J mercial (see page 002) 
Stone W. P. & Co. 179 First 
Surles H. R. & Co., Culvert, near 

rpiIOMAS JOHN, SO Eustis 

Twitchell & Libby, 49 Causeway 
Weekes Richard £. 224 Centre 

Brennan John, rear Town Hall 
Callahan John, Washington, opp. 

Brighton Hotel 
Kennedy & Co. No. Beacon, cor. 

Merrifield Hosea F. 
Moley M., No. Harvard 
O'Kcefe M. L., Western ave. 
White Charles, Washington, opp. 

Reservoir House 

Bartlett Nelson, 7 Chamber 
Blaisdell J. E., Richmond, near 

Bowden & Flinn, 48 Miller 
Carroll M. N. & Sons, 20 Canal 
Cook, Rymes, & Co., Water, cor. 

Danforth O. & Son, 48 Miller 
Doty Z., Cambridge, near Somer- 

ville line 
Fowler C. & Son, rear 408 Main 
Gitford G. & E. H. 217 Medford 

Glincs & Trickey, Charles River 

avenue, cor. Water 
Ham Piiilip, 510 Main 
Harmon S. L. 5.57 Main 
Heath Thomas V. 27 Joiner 
Judkins & Munroc, 87 Richmond 
Restarrick John, 5 jMiddlesex 
Ripley James G. 183 Medford 

West Roxhuky. 
Cainc Patrick, Spring, n. railroad 
Carroll Daniel, Shawmut, n. Green 
Denief John, South, n. Keyes 
Guild Henry, Centre, n. Lagrange 
Hartshorn Charles P., Centre, n. 

Hodgdcn A. P., Canterbury, near 

Kane Patrick, Spring, n. depot 
Lindall Horace, Siiawiuut avenue, 

near Roslindale Station 
Starr William H., Union avenue, 

near Green 

Blacksnilths' Xools. 

•nRAKE A. .1., Plympton street 
■'-' (see page 678) 
"IVrlNOT & CO., Franklin, cor- 
■*■'•'- ner Oliver (see page 067 ) 
•WILKINSON A. J. & CO. 31 
** Brattle 

Black Walnut Frames. 

KINS, 115 Washington 

Blank Book Manufs. 

Bennett B. F. 73 Devonshire 

BROOKS W. A. 15 Spring lane 
(see page 800) 
COLLINS T. F. 73 Federal (see 
• page 802) 
ri UT T E li, TOWER, & CO. 117 
'-' Devonshire 

Exchange (see page 705) 
T) ELAND W. L. 22 Congress 

Fletcher David B. 14 Bromfield 
ri AY AARON R. & CO. 130 State 

Groom Thomas & Co. 82 State 
Hallsreen H. J. 128 High 
TtOOPER, LEWLi, & CO. 120 

Humphrey B. F. Hi State 
Johnson H. T. & Co. 40 Wash. 
r AWRENCE L. F. & CO. 169 
i-' Devonshire, and 30 St 32 Arch 
••-' 5.5 Washington 
Little N. & Co. 00 CornhiU 
Locke & Bubier, 34 Cornhill 
jU-o ADAMS JAMES, 74 State 

NICHOLS & HALL, 32 Brora- 
tield (see page •068) 
•"- (see Dage 713) 
■RUSSELL B. B. 55 Coruhia 

QTILLINGS E. B. & CO. 173 

*-' Blackstone 

TXTARD & G.IY, 8 State, and 

•"^ .58 Washington 
-IITARREN M. R. & CO. 141 

*' Washington 
•yERELNTON F. JL 50 Wash- 

•'- ingtoii 

Blank Book jVtimlberer. 

pEARCE SAMUEL T. 80 State 
■*• (see page 713) 


(See also Bonnet £ Hal SUacheries.) 
Danvers Bleachery, Walker Bros. 

17 Mereliant's row 
Lee James, jr., Middlesex Bleach^ 

cry and Ove works, 9 India 
I>owell S- G" Snellina-. 47 State 
«JTOREB J. W. 519 Washin gtou 

Blind and .Sasfa 3IaT£.ers> 

CaldwcU William. 34 Oliver 
Mcintosh H. U. 01 Hampshire 
Washburn B.D. i Co. 3'. Battery'h 

Blowers and Hilxttanst 

•^ hurv 



Ni>. Market 
Gardner B. A. 132 Soutli Market 




gAWYER H. 20 North Market 

Boai-diiig Houses. 

Adams 1. 139 Harrison avenue 
Ames Asa, 4 Montgomery pi. 
Anderson Delia B. 84 Essex 
Andrew Charles, 19G Harrison ave. 
Atkinson Chas. II. 155 Court 
Augustine F. 9 Prentiss 
Ba''ley .S. J. Mrs. S3 Green 
Baker Ann Miss, 488 Tremont 
Baker Daniel W. 42 Staniford 
Barney E. G. 1(1 Leverett 
Becker Chris. GS6 Washington 
Bennett A. A. 79 Dover 
Berry John B. 767 Tremont 
Berry Mary H. Miss, 80 Myrtle 
Berry Sarah Mrs., Union, corner 

Commercial, ward IG 
Bigelow I. E. Mrs. ,3.39 Shawmut av. 
Bitlinos John, "S^ Washington 
Bitzer Louis, .".3 Kirkland 
Bodenschatz H. 12G Hampden 
Bond CD. 15 Indiana pf 
Brackett B. F. Iil2 Tremont 
Bradford J. R. Mrs. .32 Poplar 
Brown Solomon, 47 Clark 
Burgess S. G. 73 Harrison ave. 
Butler Patrick, 88 Oak 
Cann Robert, 273 North 
Carsou John C. 38 Leverett 
Caulkins L. B. Mrs. 41 Border 
Chamberlin Ivory J. 34 Templepl. 
Champlin Sarah B. 102 Tyler 
Clapp Julia E. Mrs. 1236 ^Vash. 
Clark C. F. 84 Friend 
Clark George, 153 Northampton 
Clark H. M. Mrs. 172 Harr. ave. 
Clark Lorinda Jlrs. i<95 Wash. 
Clark Rebecca Mrs. 222 ShawmutaT 
Clark T. H. Jlrs. 339 Harrison av. 
Cole Albert C. Mrs. .38 Tipton 
Collamore Eliza Mrs. 220 Camb. 
Collins John H. Mrs. 350 Tremont 
Colson W. A. Mrs. 20 Chester park 
Cronan C. 98 B 
Cronan William, 29 Maiden 
Crowe J. 260 D 

Cummings Albert Mr.s. 30 Dwight 
Cushing A. M. Sirs. 628 Tremont 
Davis C.Mrs.S«A 
Davis M. A. Mrs. 8 Pine 
Bemeritt J. M,261D 
DesGrandschamp Alfred, 1 and 2 

Boylston square 
DeWitt George, 341 Harrison ave. 
Dillaine Charles, 21 Hudson 
Ditson George H. 198 Harr. ave. 
Donovan John, 26 Ihidson 
Dowling Martin, 14 Pitts 
Dunn Isaiah, 13 Montgomery pi. 
Eagan Hannah Miss, 57 Kneeland 
Earl James, 89 Oak 
Egglestou Alfred A. 1167 Wash. 
Egflngton J. Mrs. 104 W. Canton 
Eldredge Betsev Mrs. 16 Joy 
Elliott Timothy, 7 Dwight 
Elhvell A. JI. *J2 Broadway 
Emary Mary .Mrs. 38 Leverett 
Estabrook Caroline, 13 Montgom- 
ery place 
I'aber Sarah Miss, 13 La Grange 
Farr Daniel, 66 Green 
Fay James, 7 Chickering place 
Finncrfy Mary Sirs. 557 llarr. ave. 
Fisher Louis, 12 Harvard 
Fletcher George, 862 Washington 
Fletcher S. A. Mrs. 5 Chelsea 
Fogg M. Miss :i3 Harrison ave. 
Fortes Chas. SI. .51 Richmond 
GatesGeo. 6!3Fi<lh 
Gibson I. W. 1065 Washington 
Giles Eunice B. 312 Shawmut ave. 
Gleason B. F. .331 Sliawnmt ave. 
Gleason John W. (» Indiana place 
Gordon Michael, .">61 Harrison ave. 
Gould Mai-v, "di Harrison avenue 
Greenw.H.ii J. L. l.'.o Dorch. ave. 
Griffitb H. C. HMs Washington 
Hall Al.ijali, .-/.i' Wrst Tliird>hii.»)Parthuid 
Ilanov F. 20 Wi .<t linadwnv 
Heath Mary 1,. .Mrs. Ml^i Wash. 
Heenan Thomas, 517 Harrison ave. 
Hellbaeli Cliurles. 1 122 'i'reuiont 
H<?nncssey Aim, Xcpimsct avenue, 

near Cn'miiiricial. ward 16 
Hildr.-th a. \V.54 .Myrtle 
..Ini.injst \.'i W.-.t .Sixth 
./wani A. T. :V'i -X'.rthanipton 
owv Cliarlnlt.'. 7 Hiilfinch place 
untJ. .Mrs. 81 Umiler 
ussey James, 14 .Montgomery pi. 
nstoii John. '.16 Leverett 
Warren. 2S Hanson 
i.hnson Cliarles F. '.HI Carver 
ojinson I), Jl. Mrs, 14 N. Hennet 
(ilinson W. K. 21 Central s(|nare 
i.ihnston JIa.rriet, 76 to 80 (Jreen 
Kccnau Thomas, 517 Harrison av. 

Kelley David, 110 Kneeland 
Kelly Ann Sirs., Neponset ave. opp. 

Walnut, ward lij 
Kelt George S. Sirs. 79 Walthara 
Kennedy L. .36 Bradford 
Koltzback Theo. G. 86 Can'er 
Knapp Slarv J. Sirs. 13 Hancock 
Knecht J. ll4 C 
Lally J. 306 Broadway 
Lally Slary, Wl Hudson 
Laveau A. 1 1 Lowell aud 240 Dorch. 
Lawrence B. 7 Davis 
Learned F. 187 West Third 
Leslie A. SI. 46 LaUrange 
Lever Joseph, .^21 Harrison ave. 
Lewis Daniel P. 66 I>everett 
Lewis E. J. 470 and 472 Hanover 
Little H. B. 38 Hanson 
Littlefield E. J. 101 Tyler 
Loring Samnel V. 7 Cambridge 
Lowe Geo. 90 Slerrimac 
Lynch Jeremiah, 6 Hudson 
Slauuing Anna SI. Mrs. 88 Essex 
March T. L. Sirs. 9 Montgom'y pi. 

and 401 Shawmut ave. 
Martin Joseph, 3 Lewis 
Maxwell N. R. 220 Harrison ave. 
May Isaac W. 14 Joy 
May Pamelia, 7 AUston 
McGee Samuel, 18 North sq. 
McKay Samuel, 51 Leverett 
Monard L. 36(i Hanover 
MoronyE.S. 38 Dover 
Neale E. Sirs. 30 Leverett 
Nelson E. L. Mrs. 284 Shaw. ave. 
Nesmith Slary Sliss, 14 Staniford 
Norcross A. C. 3 Bultinch place 
Nourse Caroline Mrs. 37 Tremont 
Nowell Ann, 50 Walthara 
Olsen G. 2 Arch i)lace 
Orphen Henry Sirs. 31 E. Dedham 
Osborn J. B. Mrs. 45 La Grange 
Osgood C. S. Sirs. 5 Cambridge 
Palfrey SI. L. Sirs. 1271 Washin'tn 
Park il. B. Sirs. .337 Harrison ave. 
Parker Love Sirs. 8 Bowdoin 
Parker Slary A. Sirs. 1 Lindall pi. 
Parker Slarv E. Sirs. 60 Hudson 
Paye John W. 59 Fourth 
Perrin R. SI. Sirs. 78 Harrison ave. 
Pettis L. A. 13 Cooper 
Peyser Louis, rear 580 Washington 
Pierce John S. 28 Somerset 
Pond William, 1 Bartlett pi. 
Proctor P. K. Sirs. 30 Hudson 
Raymore E. H. Sirs. 228 Harr. ave. 
Reanny M. H., Neponset avenue, 

corner Slinot, ward 16 
Reynolds C. W. 4 Bradford 
Ritchie H. K. 1073 Washington 
Robinson SI. E. Sirs. 10 Fayette 
Rodriquez Ralph, 422 Hanover 
Rogers Sarah A. Miss, 79 Myrtle 
Ross E. 226 D 
Ross E. C. 148 Court 
Ruth Elizabeth, 1 Canton st. place 
Saalwaechter Hermann. 32 Hudson 
Schuchart Fred. 31 Eliot 
Shaw Kate E. Sirs. 71 Dover 
Small Julia P. Sirs. 1 Hanover 
Smith George, 132 Kneeland 
Smith W. if 25 Tyler 
Starratt Theodore, 226 HaiT. ave. 
Steinkrauss Chas. L. 39 Causeway 
Stevens E. J. Sirs. 2.50 Harrison av. 
Stewart C. Mrs. 44 Dover 
Stoddard S. P. 1614 Washington 
Stone S. O. 141 Hudson 
Talbot Jesse, 8 Lindall place 
Thompson SI. Sirs. 7 Hancock 
T^ernblom J. O. 76 Hanover 
Towdonf Anthon3-, 45 Albany 
Towne C. F. Sirs. 29 East Canton 
Towne Louisa P. 1.58 Dudley 
Voght Albert, 75 Eliot 
Walker Henry, 90 Lincoln 
Walker Slary C. Mrs. 208 Camb. 
Walton M. A. Sirs. .32 Leverett 
Weisse Jacob, 104 West Fourth 
Welch William, 40 Salem 
Wheeler H. SI. Sirs. 13 Bowdoin 
White SI. SI. Sirs. 216 W. Springfi'd 
Whitehead R. 37 SVay 
Whitten C. A. 71 WestBrooklino 
Wilbur C. W. 26 Hanson 
Willis J. A. 21 Kneeland 
Woods Josepii, 262 I) 
Wilson Charles, 20! North 
Woodworth Olivia Sirs. 4 Oak pi. 
Wyman J. F. Sirs. 216 Shaw. ave. 


Andrews SI. Sliss. 48 Chelsea 
Brock Orren, 14 Chelsea 
Bryant Walt. r. 41 Slain 
Burke Slarv, s.-, Warren 
ChttinbiThiin K. 1,. 20 Winthrop 
Oolli.T SI. .Mrs. 200 .Main 
Corliitt Janus Mrs. 12 liuiney 
Di'Coster F. W. 3 Homestead pi. 
Flannagan SI. C. 102 WatiT 
(iardner Slartlia Mrs. 1 Winthrop 
Gcrriah Edward F. 468 Maia 

Gillooly Thomas, 5 Chamber 
Glufling Edward, 62 Henley 
Haley John, 92 Sledfurd 
Holmes Henry SI. 474 Slain 
Howe Daniel B. Sirs. 9 Park 
Kimball Geo. SI. 81 Pearl 
Lane James S. IS Chelsea 
Lewis J. H. 38 Slunument square 
Mason Eunice Mrs. 381 Slain 
McGowan Ann Mrs. 53 Chapman 
Poor Slary J. Sirs. 276 Slain 
Savage D. M. 125 Slain 
Sawtell John Sirs. 21 Edgeworth 
Schwab Antoine, 54 Slain 
Shackley Slary L. 55 Cambridge 
Soulis B. P. 33 Winthrop 
Spurr Thomas H., Clinton pl. near 

Stark Hezekiah A. 459 Slain 
Tibbetts Ruth, 24 Washington 
Walsh Slorris J. 12 Chelsea 
Webster Kate Sirs. 13 Park 
West Roxkuby. 
Bowker A. Sliss, Brookside ave. 
Breunon Thomas, Shawmut ave- 
nue, corner South 
Card Reuben Sirs., Green, comer 

Kelley Slichael, Shawmut avenue, 

near railroad 
Parker S. Sirs., Brookside avenue 
Vaughan Eben, Pond, near Eliot 
Wentworth Elizabeth P. Sirs., Cen- 
tre, corner Pond 

Soats <&: Roat Builders. 

A NDERSON SA'SI. L. foot of K, 
-'^ City Point (south side) 
Bibber & Holbrook, ,S85 E. Sixth 
Cox .James, 165 Sumner 
Cragin & Sheldon, 184 Broad 
Horgau Thomas, East Seventh, c. 

O street 
Macomher C. D. &31 j!,ast Sixth 
Moore Wm., Chaucer, n. Pope, E.B. 
Norcross SVm. T, 297 Commercial 
O'Rilev Garret, Carlton's whf.E.B. 
■pARTLOW C. SI. 353 Commer- 
■'- cial 

Pierce Bros. 819 E. Sixth, near P 
Pierce J. li. 115 Sumner, E.B. 
Ritchie J. A. 171 Sumner, E.B. 
White A. F. 421 Conunercial 
Winsor Parker, 13 Comm'I wharf 

Boats to I^et. 

A NDERSON WSI. L. foot of K, 
■^ City Point (south side) 
Harking H., Slargiiial, n. Jeffries 
Macomber C. D. 831 E. SLxth 
Quinn J. 53 Long wharf 

Boiler Feed Kegulators. 

Fowler B. A. & Co. 78 Devonshire 

Boiler Iron. 

ITIAFT JOHN B. 10 Oliver 

Boiler Alakers. 

Atlantic Works, 72 Border, E.B. 

CO. 1176 Tremont 
rtHXrBBUCK S. E. & SONS, 971 
^ Tremont 

nLOGSTON T. S. & CO. 80 and 
'-' 82 Sndburj' 
Cook, Rymes, & Co., Water, cor. 

Chamber. Charlestown 
^ Central (see front col'd page) 

76 Portland 
JJANFORD M. 8 Oliver 

TTILL, CLARKE, & CO., Milk, 

■'-'- cor. Oliver (sec paae 708) 

TTGDGE E. &CO. UKI Liverpool, 

■'-•- E.B. (see page 676) 

T ALLY JOIIN'^W., First, cor. 

-'-' Granite 


-LJ (see page 671 1 

120 Fulton (see page 662) 
55 Sears bl<lg. (see page 799) 
Sliles (Jeorge, First, near B 

OSBOHX LOUIS ,v CO. 74 Lewis, 
Robinson Boiler Works, New St., 

E.B.. ottiee 28 Slate 
^ ..fA 

-■■ TINE WORKS, 439 Albany 
'"^ 67 Sudbury 

Boiler SafetyApparatua 

Ashton's Lock Safety Valve Co. 
C. J. Bishop, 9 Howe's wharf 



Boiler l^iltes Jk Rivets. 

American Tuhf Wiirks, 97 State 
Cuti- Isaai- M. 1.! Cust.mi-IIouse et. 
t OTIIKOP .V; tX). U to 20 Cus- 
-L* toin Ii,„is,. stivet 
Nat. TuIh- W..I ks C. 7 Pomb. sq. 
Ki'cii ,1. II. ,<;: Co. :; IViubciton sq. 
XrOKUliS, TASKKK, S: CO. 36 
■"■'- Oliver (see page 805) 

Boiler Tube Sernpers. 

■VTEWELI, .lAiMES S. & CO. 53 

-■■^ ami .« Uuverliill 

"YyOODS & CO. 4 Charlcstown 

Boiler «fc Pipe Covering. 

■^ II. AV. Sayre, supt., U Peiu- 
bertuii square 

Bolt AlnhLers. 

Giftord A. AV. & Co., J. H. Work, 

agent. 44 Broad 
Haskell AV. II. & Co., J. H. Work, 

agent, 44 Broad 
TJEKSEV BKOS., W. Second, 
•'■•'■ eor. E 

•^ J. H. AVork, agent, 44 Broad 

(see page (KB) 
XJ. S. JIanuf. Co., G. H.Fox.treas. 

lOG Conunercial 

Boltliis Cloths. 

-*-*■ Ilayniarket sq. 

Bolts, Xiits, cfc Washers. 

nilASE, SIIITTE, & CO. 32 Kil- 
'-' bv 

"]\[AV & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
•^'-'- inside back cover* 
•^ 11. AVork, agent, 44 Broad fsee 

page iwn 

^ CO., Geo. II. Fox, treasurer, 

llHi Coiiiniercial 
TXfARREX ai. C. & CO. 9 Dock 

' ' sq. 

Bonds, Drafts, Checks, 

•^ 4!XlAA'ashingtou (see adv. facing 

Bonnet and Hat 

Aldrieh E. C. 11 Province court 

Clark & Pitts, 196 Sumner, E.B. 
Cutler James, 22 ITauover 
Dnrman Charles H. 1S57 Wash. 
JPISRER AV. JI. 3 Tremont ro w 

King D. J. 429 Washington 
Lesure AA'ni. C. 2Jl AA'ashington 
PetteeN. A. Mrs. 11 AA'inthrop, 

pOUL BROTHERS, 16 Hanover 

gTORER J. W. 519 AA'ashington 

Thomas James,19 Province (hat) 

Bonnet Frame Mlauufg. 

Henderson R. B. 17 Avon 
Schnrter Ernest, I'j Essex 
Sheplic Do L. & Co. 22 AA'inter 
Shorey A. C. 26 AA'est 


Abbott S. K. & Co., 'M Federal 
Adams Benj. 27 Cornliill 
Adams & Baker, 93 Federal 
Bradley Ira & Co. 20 AA'ashing on 
Carter Geo. P. & Co. 76 Sudbury 
Chick M. M. 179 AA'ashington 
Clark Onis, 15 School 
nOLE.AlAX GEO. & CO. 7 WU- 
^ liams court and 123 AA'ash. 
QOLLINS T. F. 2 AA'illiams court 

Coonlbcs & Bulling, ?A Comhill 

nROAVELL THUS Y., 93 Fed- 

^ eral (see page OSfi) 

■RELES F. 50 Bromfield (see page 

■■^ 6S6) 

Flattich G. H.. Boston Athenjenm 

Fleming Edwin & Co., Franklin, 

comer Hawiev 
Foster H.T. lo;! Court 
Q.ATELY M. K. 8 Bromfield 

Go'dsmith Seth, Hancock squar 

Gorham Andrew, 1.30 State 
Guardenier Jolm, 50 Bromfleld 
JJOLZER U. 541 AVashington 

Jackson, Dale, & Co. 27 Boylston 
Jones R. S. 114 AVashington 
Merrick C. L. 27 Cornlull 
]yj[OORE ALEX. &C0. 3 School 


•*• (see page 713) 
Rand O. J., lAIiik, cor. Federal 
Rijiley Josepli AV. 21 Cornhill 
Roberts J. (i. .t Co. 17 Province 
puss AViM. II. 15 AVatcr 

g.VNBORN S. H. 73 Federal 

Seidenestieker J. N. 119 AA'ash. 
Terry Henrv G. (!2 Sudbury 
Ulm'an AVilliam, 429 AVashington 
Wilson & Ccrvi, 41 Hanover, room 

Bookbinders' Stock and 

Gane II. A. .<t Son, 50 Cornhill 
Marshall, Son, & Co. 47 CornhiU 

Bottk Case Slanuf. 

^ AA'areliam, corner Maiden 
Book I.iCttering and 

(JHASE AA'M. P. 53 AVashington 

TTARRIiAIAN H. C. 144 Wash- 
-'-'■ ington (sec page 671) 

Book Pager. 

pEARCE SAMUEL T. 80 State 
■*■ (sec page 713) 

Booksellers and Fub* 

(See also Periodicals.) 
Adams, Sampson, & Co. see Samp- 
son, Davenport, & Co., 341>^ 
AVash. near the Boston Theatre 
Adams & Co. 25 Bromfield 
Allen J. H. 601 Dorchester ave. 
Allyn Jolm, 21 Bromlield 
Am. Miss. Assoc, 21 Cong'l House 
-^ CO. 334 AVashington 
Am. S. S. Union, 40 Winter 
Am. Tract Society, 219 AVash. 
Am. Tract Society, N. E. Branch, 

116 AVashington 
Am. Unitarian Assoc, 7 Trem't pi. 
Arnold ,.<i Beers, 4 Studio building 
gACKUP JOHN, 117 Dudley 

Bartlett N. J. G2 and 64 Cornhill 
Bible and Publication Society, N. 

E. branch, 2 Tremont Temple 
Bixby Luther W. IflOl AVash. 
Boston X^ews Co. 4 Province ct. 
Bowles Leonard C. .36 Bromfield 
■'-' AVashington 
Briggs & Co. 17 Batfervmarch 
pKUOKS AV. A. 15 Spring lane 
-'-' (see page 806) 
Brown F. G. 3 Tremont row, rm. 8 
Brown Henry D. & Co. 59 Wash- 
ington (subscription) 
r own O. F. & Bro. 31 Exchange 
umham T. H. U. P. 68 School 
-'-' AA'asliington (also subscription 

bonks, see page 806) 
QAAIPBELL JAS. 18 Tremont 

Carter & Pettee, 3 Beacon 
^ AA'ashington (see page 700) 
fjLAPP UTIS & SON, 3 Beacon 
^ (honiccopathic) 
fjOLBY & RICH, 9 Montgomery 
^ place 

Colesworthy D. C. 60 Cornhill 
fjOLLINS T. F. 73 Federal (see 
^ page 802) 

Cong. ]Pub. Society, Congregation- 
al House, BcacLin 
riOOLIDGE GEO. A. (ladies' 
'-' almanac). Box 1292 Boston P.O. 
Crocker & Brewster, 51 AVash. 
Cutter A. E. & Co. 21 ilain, Chst'n. 
Darre Addi, 37 Tremont 
Davis Robert S. Jk Co. .36 Bromfield 
Dennct AVni. II. 102 AVashington 
-Dockhain C. A. 9(i AVashington 
Donahoe Patc'k, 23.25, & 27 Boyls'n 
TARAKE S. G. 17 Bromfleld (an- 
-^ tic|uarian) 
Dudlev Dcun, SI Exchange 
Durke'e & Foxcrofl, 151 AVash. 
Earle James H. 11 Cornhill 

NOYES, 127 Tremont 

Estcs & Lauriat, 143 Washington 
Felt F. H. OSfute (publisher) 
FORI) .1. li. ,v CO, 11 Bromfield 
Fowler & Goldsmitli, l.'il C.)nnn'l 
Fuller Horace B. 14 Bromfield 
ATELEY M. R. 8 Bromfleld 


Gill Edwin II. 231 Broadway • 
Gillman J. AV. C. & Co. 131 Frank- 
lin (school) 
Q.1NN BROTHERS, 4 Beacon 

Gleason F. AVash. cor. Harvard 
Goddard N. C. SO AVashington 
Goodspeed A. S. & Co. 147 Trem't. 
Gospel Book and Tract Depository, 

n.OULU .>t LINCOLN, 59 Wash- 
^^ ington 

Grant & Brown, 6(i2 AVash. 
Graves A. F. 20 Cornliill 
Greenleaf .M. II., Brighton 
Greenongli, Ji.nes, & Co. 96 Wash. 
TTALL TIIO.AIAS, 19 Bromfield 
J-'- (.seepa-e6S2) 
Hallidav AV. II. & Co. 27 AVest 

HAMMEIT J. L. 37 and 39 
Hastings H. L. 538 AVashington 
Heath Laban & Co. 30 Hanover 
Hobbs G. AV. 83 Main, Chastn. 
££ODGES S. W. 14 Bromfleld 

Hoyt Henry, 9 Cornhill 
Huubard B'ros., Henry Hale, man- 
ager, .53 AVasluMgton 
XqYDE GEO. M. & CO.206Hau- 
^^ over 

Johnson, AVilson, & Co. 21 Brom'd 
Keith Chas. E. 36 Bromfield 
Kniglit, Adams, & Co. 32 Cornhill 
Kunze Otto, 77 Shawnnit avenue 
Lee & Shepard, 149 AVashington 
Littell & Gav, 17 Bromfield 
-L" AVashiTigton 
Littlefield George E. 67 Cornhill 
Locke & Bnhier, 34 and 36 CornhiU 
Loring A. K. 205 AVashington 
Lothrop D. & Co. 38 & 40 CornhiU 
Lovering Albert W. 2.33 AVash. 
Lunt AVm. Parsons, 102 AVash. 
Maclean George, 3 School 
Magee James P. agt. 38 Bromfield 
Marsh Thomas, 46 Beach 
Marvin T. R. & Son, 27 CornhiU 
Mason Perry S: Co. 41 Temple pi. 
Mass. Bible Societv, 15 Cornhill 
McAllaster Charles II. 107 Endicott 
Mendum J. P. 84 AVashingtoii, 
Meth(jdist Book Depository, 38 

■]\/riLLIKEN & GOULD, 21 
■^'■^ Bromfield (see page 712) 
rOORE ALEX. & CO. 3 School 



Pemberton sq. (.see page 807) 

New England News Co. 37 and 41 

fiJICHOLS & HALL, 32 Brom- 

-'■^ field (see page 668) 

Noyes, Holmes, & Co. 219 Wash. 


'-' way (Catholic) 

Neill S. M. & Co. 50 School, rm.8 
sgood Jas. R.&Co., 1.^1 Franklin 

Piper AV. H. & Co. 133 Wash. 


■*■ Tremont (Masonic and Odd 
Fellows, see page 661) 

Richardson I. N. & Co. 68 Cornhill 

Richardson AValter L. 14 Hanover 

Biday J. F. & Co. 147 Tremont 

Rol)erts Brotliers, 143 AVash. 

JJ^USSELL B. B. 55 CornhUl 

^ CO. Puirt.ISIir.RS OF THE 

Boston Diiiec'Toky, Bos- 
ton Ai,M,\N,\<; AND Bus- 
iness DlRTCi Tc )UV, New 
Excr.ANO ])iui;(T(iuv, New 
York .St.\'I'k Directory, 


AN 11 Directory; Di- 


Tkoy, PRoviDENt^E, Lynn, 


poRT,, Fat.i. River, 
]M.\Ni iicsi Eit, Taunton, 
La\\ki:n< i:, Lowell, and 

Gl.l ircESl ER. lJIi;l',( Ti IRIES 
Burned out Nov. 10, 1872, from 
47 Congress, —again Aliiy .30, 
1873, from 366 AVasliiiigton,— 
Present office PAli^ AVashing- 
ton, near the Boston Theatre 
(see back col'd page) 



Sargent M. H., Beacon, cor. Som- 
Schoenhof & Moeller, 40 Winter 
Shepard & Gill, 1.51 Washington 
Shorey John L. ."(i Bionifield 
Smitli George M. S; Co. 11 Brom'd 
Sprague C. 1". 32 Brattle (antique 
and modern) 

SPRINGER GEO. II. 2 Tremont 
Temple (sec page OS)) 
Sturgis B. R. 81 Wash, room 1.5 
Synionds J. Ileiirv, 4 Mcrriniac 
TavlorCharks Il.'x: Co. V2:\ Wash. 
mliUTUORN .U'LIUy. 10 Beach 
•^ (German, see page (18-) 
Thomcs & Talbot, ;«; Bronificld 

and 29 Cornliill 
Tilton J. E. & Co. 44 Temple place 
Tomlinson Wm. .".8 Cornliill 
'-' ING, 37 Cornhill 

(see page 722) 
trrbinoS. R. 40 Winter 
Usher James M. 27 Washington 
Valentine E. 30 Hanover (bible 

Virgin George A. 11 Water (sec- 
Virtue & Yorston, 50 Bromfield 
■Walker Samuel & Co 18 Arch 
Walker Thomas O. 2 Hamilton pi. 
Wesleyan Assoc, A. S. Weed, agt. 

.?G Bromfield 
White Wm. & Co. 9 Montgomery 

Whitteniore J. M. &Co. 116 Wash. 
Willard Tract Repository, 12 West 
Williams A. & Co. 1.15 Washington 
Williams N. M. 1181 Wash.(Cath.) 
Wilson, Hinkle, & Co. ."i School 
Worthington R. agent, 187 Wash. 
Young Henry A. & Co. 24 Cornhill 

Boot stntl Shoe Dealers. 


Abbott & Breed. 41 Hannver 
Abbott & Richarilsc n, IC Portland 
Abell J. G. l:ll Kingston 
Adams John O. it Co. 99 Oliver 
Adden John. .3.i John 
Adden J. II. & Co.:ii John 
Allen & Min'hew, 57 Hanover 
Allen J. S. "44 Hanover 
Ames & Cobnrii, 112 Pear! 
Anderson Thomas & Co. 12 Bul- 

Anderson & Revnolds, 17 High 
Andre P. A. (i;i High 
Andrews John S. 48 Hanover 
Appleton, Noycs, & Co. 128 Sum 

Badger & Mann v, 145 Federal 
Bailey E. C. 81 Pearl 
Bailey G. W. & J. W. 07 Pearl 
Bailey T. O. & C. E. 81 High 
Balch William H. 49 High 
Balch& Co. 49 High 
Barnard J. W. 1(«! Pearl 
Batehelder M. T. 99 Oliver 
-'-' 96 Federal (see page 804) 
Batcheller E. & A. H. & Co. 106 

Batchelor D. W. & Co. 14 High 
Bates E. 48 Hanover 
Battles W. J.& Co, 10 Hanover 
Beals Augustus, 48 Hanover 
Belcher C. S. 12 Portland 
Belcher G. W. 42 Hanover 
Bent R. S. 61 Hanover 
Berrv. Field. & Co. 57 Hanover 
Bird J. 11.5 Hanover 
Bisnham W. H. & Co. 18 Portland 
Blake G. B. & Co. 3 Tremont row 
Blake H. A. 120 Pearl 
Blake, Iligbcc, & Co. 41 Hanover 
Blake S. & H. A. 45 Wash, square 
Blake & Balcom. 48 Hanover 
Blanchard Ira, 35 Sudbury 
Blanchard L. .'JO Hanover 
Blanchard W. G, agent N. Y. As- 
soc. Press, 3 Merchant's row 
Blanchard W. & C. 149 Pearl 
Boardman N. H. 44 Hanover 
Boardman & Parsons, 48 Hanover 
Bowker L. H. & Co. l.'W Summer 
Boyd, Corey, & Co. 1P;5 Summer 
Boyd J. & Co. 1.35 Scnnmer 
Boynton H. E. .V.I Hanover 
Boi-nton W. H. (il Hanover 
Boyson J. M. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Bradt B. N.30 HaTiovcr, room 2 
Brett George, 48 Hanover 
Brigham J. Vv'. & Co. 114 Pearl 
Brooks M. D. & Co. 8X Hanover 
Brown Joiiutlnin. 44 Han..ver 
Brown Wm. K. 2rl, 61 Hanover 
Brvant P, ,v Co. 4S Hanover 
Bryant Scth, 41 Hanover 
Bucknam J. C 145 Pearl 
Buflura D. C. 105 Pearl 

Calley B. F. 48 Hanover 
Callev J. B. & Son. 65 Hanover 
Campbell B. F. & Co. 77 Pearl 
Canterbury N. D. 61 High 
Chase, MeVritt, & Blanchard, Pearl, 

corner High 
Child & Co. 57 Charlestown 
Claflin, Allen, & Co. 136 Summer 
Claflin, CobunijikCo. l'i() Summer 
Claflin Wm. & Co. 136 Summer 
Claflin &. Thayer, 129 and 13 

pLAPP A. W. & CO. 187 and 189 
^ Congress 

Clapp James H. & Co. 12 Hanover 
Clapp Joseph H. 126 Pearl 
Clapp & Billings, 11.S Pearl 
Clark, Kent. & Co. 106 Pearl 
Clark & Warren, 164 Congress 
Clement, Colburn, & Co. 126 Sum- 
Cloudman M. C. 4S Hanover 
Coburn A. & Co. 136 Summer 
Coggin G. A. 48 Hanover 
Cole. Wood, & Co. 8.1 Pearl 
Conant A. P. & Co. 127 Summer 
Converse Franklin, 97 Oliver 
Copeland P. & N. & Co. SO Ilan'r 
Corev, Cliainplin, & Co. 41 Pearl 
Corning, Putnam, & Co. 91 Pearl 
Cowing S; Hatch, 21 High 
Cox C. & M. 12 Hanover 
Crain, Lcland, & Moody, 79Linc'ln 
Crane II. B. 12 Hanover 
Crooks & Co. 136 Summer 
Cross D. K. 75 High 
Cummings D. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Cunningham Edward & Co. 43 

Curtis Abner, 88 Pearl 
Curtis Bros. & Co. 30 Hanover 
Curtis George E. 41 Hanover 
Curtis T. & Co. 143 Federal 
Daggett H. L. & Co. 10:i Pearl 
Damon Henry, .33 and .'i'! Pearl 
Damon, Thomas, & Lewis, 57 Han- 
Dane Francis, 24 India whf. 
Dane J.F., Grinnell &Co.69Pearl 
Darling D. II. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Davis Paul S. 48 Hanover 
Davis & Bennett, CO High 
Dearborn J. J. 49 High 
Dempsey & Legro, 48 Hanover 
Dickenson E. M. & Co. 12 Bulfinch 
Dike Lyman & Co. 81 Pearl 
DillCll. 2d, 53 Hanover 
Dill D. W. 40 Elm 
Dizer M. C. & Co. 17 High 
Doggett, Bassett, & Hills, 77 Pearl 
Drew & Busswell, 48 Hanover 
Dunliam & Whitney, 30 and 48 

Durgin J. & Son, 121 Summer 
Durgin Sanniel, 48 Hanover 
Dyer H. 48 Hanover 
Eilnnmds & Mayo, 155; Congress 

and 150 Frank. in 
Edson & Seaverns. 19 Portland 
Einstein Z. Bros. & Co. 107 Pearl 
Eldridgc E. D. 14 Elm 
Ellis C. D. 24 Portland 
Ellis J. F. & Co. 75 High 
Emerson Isaac, 32 AVash. (com.) 
Emerson R. W. & Co. 115 Summer 

Emmons Nelson, 114 Pearl 
Farrar Brothers, 61 Hanover 
Farnum & Otis, 117 Nm-th 
Farren AV. D. & Co. 205 Hanover 
Farwell C. C. & Co. 44 High 
Faxon B. E. & Co., 19 Portland 
Faxon & Tibbetts, Summer, cor. 

Field P. A., 88 Hanover 
Field, Thayer, & Co., Congre 

cor. Franklin 
Fisher M. F. P.O Hanover 
Fisher Wm. F. 30 Hanover, room 2 
Fitch C. H. & Co. 81 Pearl 
Fogg, Houghton, & Coolidgc, 66 

Foss J. F. .St Co. .58 Blackstone 
Foster & Perkins, 48 Hanover 
French Daniel, 48 Hanover 
French S. L. ,>t Co. :!,-. lliuh 
Fricdiiuiii Brothers, liii; Summer 
Fuller Kcluard, 61 Hanover 
Fuller II, E 44 Hanover 
Furber Edward H, it Co, 120 Pearl 
Gibbs Rufus&Co, lS3and 18.5 Cong. 
Gilniorc A. A. & Co. 127 Sunnner 
Gihnore Sanf'ord,& Co. 87 Pearl 
Glover Wm. B. 24 Elm 
Gore Geo. P. & Co., High, comer 

Gould Charles H, 47 Hanover 
Gould llMuiilton, 9:; High 
Green J, it Co, 12 Portland 
Greensf.lder, Roeiithal, & Co. 33 

Griffiu II. F. 61 Hanover 

Griffin R, B, jr, 61 Hanover 
Griffin R, H,i;i Hanover 
Guild C, P. 44 Hanover 
Hackney Wm. K. 60 High 
Hall J. t). 41 Hanover 
Hall P. C. it Co. 54 High 
Hanford II. B. &. Co. 104 Pearl 
Hans..ii ,t Goldthwait, 72 Purchase 

a..^t -■.'• Broad 
Uapgooii ; Co. .54 Pearl 
Hn--is 1 ,,eph if; Sons, 115 Summer 
li„,.> ,, Spanlding. it Co. 17 High 
Harwood D. iC Co'. 108 Pearl 
Hatch J. W. 48 Hanover 
Ilayden, Gnardenicr, & Co. 33 

Hayes C. E. & S. C. 1'27 Summer 
Haves J. M. 26 Portland 
Hayes R. & Son, 61 Hanover 
Ilecht Bros. &Co. 116 Sunnner 
Henry John & Co. IS High 
Henry John J. HO I'.-arl 
Henry S. G. & Co. 126 Pearl 
Ilenrv & Daniels, .5:! Hanover 
Herrick Charles it Co. 44 Hanover 
Hersey Caleb W. 89 Hanover 
Hersey T, W. it L. P. 61 Hanover 
Hidden Sanmel U. jr. 61 Hanover 
Higgins, Cobb, it Co, 126 Pearl 
Higgins E. R, 59 Hanover 
Hifl F. S. & Co. 65 Hanover 
Hill John & Co. 57 Hanover 
Hill & Rowe, 112 Pearl 
Hirshberg S., 1 16 Pearl 
Hitchings C, S. 4S Hanover 
Hitehings O. M. it Co. 61 Hanover 
Hixon A. & E. G. 41 Hanover 
Hobart, Wood, & Co. 100 Hanover 
Holbrook A. & Co. 124 Pearl 
Holbrook, Hobart, & Porter, 101 

Holmes C. M. & Co. 44 High 
Hopkins, Knight, S: Wood, 88 

Hosmer & Winch Bros., 130 and 

134 Federal 
Houghton George, 14 High 
Howard Warren A, 121 Summer 
Howard & Page. 87 Hanover 
Howe Abel, .30 Hanover, room 2 
Howe T. J, 40 Hanover 
Hubbard H. B. 48 Hanover 
Humphrey B. H. 10.) High 
Hunt C. P. & Co. 61 Hanover 
Hunt David, 15 Higli 
Hunt E. Athertou, 5 Hanover 
Hunt & Russell, 181 Congress 
Hurd J. H. it Son, 81 Pearl (bro- 

Hutehins Charles S. 48 Hanover 
Hutchinson, Littlefield, & Hoag, 177 

Hydc'i'eabody, & Co. 168 Cong. 
Ireson J. & Sons, 19 Portland 
Jaquith B. F. 5 Hanover 
Jefts L. T. & Co. .59 Hanover 
Johnson C. E. 6:1 High 
Johnson, Davis, St Forbes, 44 

Johnson, Kelly, & Co. 10!) High 
Johnson, Rust, it Co. 106 Hanover 
Jones A. R. .30 Hanover, room 2 
Jones Frederick & Co. 102 Pearl 
Jones Nahum & Co. 14 Wash. sq. 
Keift'er Brothers, 120 Pearl 
Keith A. B. & Co. 147 Federal 
Keith I. N. 65 Hanover 
Keith M. L. 1.55 Federal 
Keith P. B. 19 Portland 
Kilburn W. B, 12 Portland 
Kimball John it Son. 62 Sudbury 
Kimball J. B. it Co. 18 High 
King J. B. & Co. 125 Sinnuier 
Kingman E. it E. .59 Hanover 
Kingsbury Brothers, 6:! High 
Kinnear E. C. 106 Pearl 
Knight Brothers, 48 Hanover 
Knowlton it James, 44 Hanover 
Lamkin & Foster. 166 Congress 
Lancaster Charles B. 79 Pearl 
LaneC. H. .30 Hanover 
Lane Everett it Co. 110 Summer 
•'-' Summer 
Lane John, .Ti John 
Lawrence, Boardman, & Co. 44 

Learmird W. II. 10 Marshall 
Lee C. M. 70 Higii 
Lee J. H. it Co, 111 High 
Leeds .% Ross. 174 Lincoln 
Leland Alden, 88 Hanover 
Leonard, Redpath, & Lamb, 108 

Lester, Johnson.itMoody, 110 Pearl 
Lewis J, B. jr. 31 .lohn 
Lewis O. J. 12 BnlHnch 
Lilly, Young, Pratt, it Brackett, 63 

Lincoln H. W. .59 Hanover 
Lindslev J. C. it Co. 143 Congress 
Linton P. H. 48 Hanover 
LitcUmau Brothers, 43 Uauovcr 



Littlefieia E. W. & G. W. W. 121 

Littlcfifld G. 48 Hanover 
Loring. Reynolds, & Co. 4 High 
Mallon & Hougliton, 48 India sq. 
Mann, Bculs, S: Co. IS High 
Wunn, Bowers, & Sawyer, 29 Pearl 
JInnn Elbridge & Son, 104 Pearl 
Mann & BraeTkett, IL'I Summer 
Martin George B. 44 Hanover * 

Martin & Skinner, 14 Higli [ver 
Mawliinney H. H. & Co' 4:2 Hano- 
Mayliew A. C. & Co. .>7 Hanover 
McDonald Georg'e, 4S Hanover 
McKce & Clapp, l-'t> Pearl 
JIcKev \Vm. R. 126 Pearl 
Mclondy, Uixon, & Co. 106 Sud- 
Meleridy H. J. & Co., Pearl, corner 

Congress place 
Merriam J. N. & Son. L"4 Summer 
Merrill & Larter. 32 F. H. square 
Merritt George F. 57 Hanover 
Merritt & Cone, (>.) Hanover 
Messinser W. B. 24 Portland 
Mever Rubber Co. IT'.VDevon. 
Mitlcr, Patterson. & Co. 6;1 High 
Jlorse W. V. & Co. 12 Bultinch 
Morton N. & Co. 40 Hanover 
Mudirc E. & A. & Co. 12 High 
Mullen J. D. & Co. 14 Wash. sq. 
Murdoch & Dickson, 12 BuMnch 
Muzzv E. A. & Co. 41 Hanover 
Nash," French, & Co. 60 High 
Kash S. W. & E. GO High 
Newcomb W.J. 41 Peart 
Newiiall D. S. 48 Hanover 
Newhall H. & Co. Ai High 
Newhall H. M. & Co. 12'"Bulfiiich 
Newhall & Tebbetts, 6.i Hanover 
Newman M. W. 102 Pearl 
Newton, Hartt, & Co. 2 High 
Nichols, Winn, & Co. 42 Portland 
Nichols & Farnsworth, G.'i Hanover 
Norwood Seth & Co. 59 Hanover 
KowellT.S. IS Portland 
Nute Lewis W. 42 Hanover 
Nutter C. S. 48 Hanover 
O'Connell .lohn, 122 Pearl 
Ordway & Pike, 41 Hanover 
Orne & Cropley. 75 High 
Orr & Sears, 48 Hanover 
Otis George H. & Co. 57 Hanover 
Packard 15. H. 48 Hanover 
Page J. C. 12 Portland 
Page R. H. 57 Hanover 
Page & Sloran, 99 Oliver 
Parker, Brvant. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Parker. Cassell, & Parker, 42 Han. 
Parker David & Co., Pearl, c. High 
Parker S. E. 49 High 
Parsons C. S. & Sons, 104 Pearl 
Pebbles Riley, 47 Elm 
Perrv A. W. 34 Washington sq. 
Perrv J. S; Co. 61 Hanover 
Perrv W. G. 52 Pearl 
Phillips E. Burt, a-l Hanover 
Phillips E. P. & Co. 81 Pearl 
Phipps Wm. H. & Co. 6.5 High 
Pike J. D. & Co. 143 Broad 
Piper C. S. 30 Hanover 
Poland Benj. & Sons, 44 Hanover 
Ponieroy J. P. & Co. 7 High 
Pope Ira P. 47 Hanover 
Porter F. E. 41 Hanover 
Porter & Packard, 104 Pearl 
Potter S. & Co. 103 High 
Potter,White,S:Bavlev,130 Summer 
Pray J. H. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Pray Thomas O. 108 Pearl 
Prentiss Henry, 4S Hanover 
Preston & Stetson, 110 Summer 
Proctor John, 2d, 48 Hanover 
Purinton Jas. 48 Hanover (shoes) 
Putnam John C. 145 Pearl 
Putnam J. H. & Wheeler, 65 High 
Putnam W. E. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Quiner John, 4S Hanover 
Haddin C. E. & Co. 124 Pearl 
Rawson D. G. & Co. 2 High 
Ravniond C. A. 157 Hanover 
Redman A. JI. & Co. 44 High 
Reed Isaac, 48 Hanover 
Reed & Closson, 112 Summer 
Reynolds II. W. 12 Hanover 
Reynolds J. O. 41 Hanover 
Reynolds J. W. 78 Friend 
Revnolds Jt Herod, 48 Hanover 
Rhodes. Paige i: Co. 102 Pearl 
Rice & HutcHins, 125 Summer 
Richards A. S. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Richards P. D. 99 Oliver 
Rising, Dale, & Co. 61 High 
Rubbi IS A. B. 42 Hanover 
Robljins & Kello,'>:, 75 High 
Robson T. T. 44 High 
Rogers F. AV. 61 Hanover 
Rogers J. W. K Co. 125 Summer 
Rogers, Corev, & Co. 41 and 43 Pearl 
Rosenstock S. AV. & Co. L20 Pearl 
Rosenthal, Fcder, & Co. 54 High 
Rosenthal Joseph. 102 Pearl 
Bounds, Danforth, S: Go. 48 Han'vr 

Ruddock Thomas S. 53 Hanover 
Ruggles & Aldrich,64 High 
Russ, Thomp.son, & Co. 4 High 
Sanders A. N. S; Co. 122 Pearl 
Sans' Seam Boot and Shoe Co. 67 

Saunders E.W. 49 High 
Schmertz W. E. & Co. 34 Wash. 
Scott & Co. 110 Court 
Seamars Shoe Co. 3 Trcmont Row, 

room 14X 
Seaverns T. W. jr. 19 Portlan 
Semonin & Dixon, 31 John 
Shaw S. jr. 65 High 
Shaw Thomas & Co. 157 Federal 
Shaw W. A. 63 High 
Sibley C. JI. 59 Hanover 
Sillars M. & Douffherty, 61 Han'o'r 
Skinner J. & Co. 44 Hanover 
Sloconib J. W. Si S(n). 114 Pearl 
Smith Adoniram, IX> Hanover 
Smith Andrew G. 137 Pearl 
Smith Charles, 48 Hanover 
Sparhawk S. 47 Hanover 
Sparrow B. F. 12 Port and 
Spihnan B. F. & Co. 93 High 
Sprague E. Jj. & Co. 41 Elm 
Stern Louis, 102 Pearl 
Ste\ens Wm. jr. 48 Hanover 
Stiles F. 61 Hanover 
Stone Albert, .►'.High . 

Stone Jas. S. & Co. 61 High 
Stone S. B. & Co. 73 Pearl 
Stoughton Boot and Shoe Co. 127 

Stowe, Bills, & Whitney, High, c. 

Strong E. A. & Burt, 97 Pearl 
Turner J. S. 48 Hanover 
Swanberg C. G. T. 48 Hanover 
Swett L. G. & Co. 97 State 
Tapley Amos P. & Co. 91 Broad, 

after June 1st 40 Pearl 
Temple Hiram, 145 Pearl 
Tenney, Aldrich, & Co. 243 Trem't 
Tennev & Co. 121 Summer 
Tewksliury JI. W. 3 School 
Thaxter S. B. 3 Tremont row 
Thayer C. H. & Co. 93 High 
Thayer E. W. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Thayer G. L. & Co. 47 Hanover 
Thing & Norris, 14 Wash. sq. 
Thompson Erastus & Co. 78 Friend 
Thurston Charles W. 12 Bulfinch 
Tirrell F. N. & Co. 132 Pearl 
Tirrell H. A. 47 Hanover 
Torrey A. & Co. 114 Pearl 
Torrey C. A. )I2 Sunimer 
Torrey C. W. 65 Hanover 
Torrey & Gurney, 48 Hanover 
Travis A. F. 30 Hanover (brogans) 
Tucker E. & Son, 115 Sunimer 
Tucker James & Co., 34 to .38 High 
Varney,Henderson, & Co. 105 Pearl 
Varney William H. 31 John 
Vauglian G. D. 48 Hanover 
Vaughn Joseph & Co. 10 Hanover 
Vimont John JI. 63 High 
Vincent & Co. 126 Pearl 
Vining A. 44 Hanover 
■Walcott John B. 44 Hanover 
Wales George, 48 Hanover 
Wales T. C. S: Co. (rubber) 179 

Walker, Short, & Co. Federal 
Wallace W. & Co. 44 Hartford 
Wallace & Elliott, .30 Hanover.'r. 2 
Wallace & JIacomber, 8S Pearl 
Walton & Wilson, 48 Hanover 
Ward Charles H. 35 High 
Ware P. jr. & Co. 138 Pearl 
Warren C. C.47 Hanover 
Warren Horace S. 143 Broad 
Warren John D. & Co. 127 Summ'r 
Wentworth G. B. 75 High 
Wentworth J. 48 Hanover 
Wheeler Frederic L. & Co. 134 

Wheeler W. H. 61 State 
Whicher J. D. & Co. 1.57 Federal 
Whitcomb & Paine, 1.55 Federal 
Whitcomb & Thaver, 1.32 High 
White Brothers, 48 Hanover 
White Thomas & Co. 61 Hanover 
White Walter. 35 Elm 
Whiting Leonard, 49 High 
Whitman, Whitcomb, & Co. 65 

"Wild Jlartin, jr. 48 Hanover 
Williams J. R. & E. S. 4S Hanover 
Williams W. K. 12 Portland 
Williams & Cox, li2 High, agents 
Wise L. & C. 24 Portland 
Wood E. G. 48 Hanover 
Woodman B. P. 61 Hanover 
Wooldredge & Bartlett, 48 Hanover 
Wormstead & Woodfin, 106 Pearl 
Yancey & HoJgcs, 120 Pearl 

ISoots and Shoes. {Retail,) 

Abele Frank 1. 1975 Wash. 
AUeu Wm. H. 91 Cambridge 

Appleton Chas. T. P. 122 Court 
Atwood W. O. 562 Wash, (ladies) 
Barnard J. W. 171 Hanover 
BatcheUler M. F. 99 O.ivcr 

36Fiineuil Hall sq. & 5 North 
(see page 678) 
Bath John, 539 Washington 
Baxter T. T., Connn'l, near Dor- 
chester ttve., ward 16 
Belcher J. S: Co. 97 Meridian 
Bell Tlico. II. I.-.:! Washington 
Benari Joseph, 2:1 Kiteeland 
Brown J. K. 53i; Washington 
Brown Thomas, 289 l^orchester 
Buettncr L. 688 Wash. 
Burgess E. M. 61 Pleasant 
Byrnes Thomas F. 1684 Wash. 
Caddick JIurgaiot, :',I1 Bennington 
Carleton Itolurt 11. 196 Hanover 
Chaplin H. & Son, 228 West B'way 
Cobb S. T. jr. KS6I Washington 
Colburn H. 40 Jlerchants row 
Colby H. C. 61 Leverett 

Corthell & Shurtleff, 243 Jleridian 
Crocker Jos. 208 Com'l, & 1 Lewis 
Cummiskey Michael, 58 Merrimac 
Currier John B. 1848 Wash. 
Cutler C. II. 15 Leverett 
Dalton J. H. 187 AVest Broadway 
DamonIIenrv.25 Essex, T83Wash. 

17 Camb. lu.d Il'S Jk-ridian 
Day J. AV. 126;!Tichi..iit 
Doane J. C. 204 llunover 
Dole Charles E. 272 Hanover 
Dondera John, 271 Hanover 
Done^an AV. 105 North 
Dore Johii P. 52 Essex 
Drouin F. & Co. lOllO Tremont 
Dyer J. & P. 269 Broadway 
Edney Geo. P. 140 Cambridge 
English William, 28 Eliot 
Fenner Chas. E. 1895 AVash. 
Fenner AVm. B. 1583 AVashington 
■■■ Washington 
Field F. H. 6 JIavcriek sq. E. B. 
Field P. A. .561 Washinu'ton 
Fillebrown AVm. 134 Court 
Flanagan James, 225 W. Four h 
Folsom F. 18.37 Washington 
Fuller John E. 17 Jloriuiau 
Gabel Henry, 10 Yeoman 
Gil! James, 182 Jlerriniac 
Gleason L. G. 110 Dorch. 
Gleason L. P. 869 AVash. 
Goldthwait Jos. C. 605 AVash. 
Gomes Charles H. 31 Jleridian 
Hall Graham, 1900 Washington 
Halpin J. 480 Dorchester ave. 
Harding C. P. 298 West Broadway 
Harris Joseph, 41 Essex 
Hathaway F. E., Jlerch. row, cor. 

Healey James, 1278 Tremont 
Hechinger Alex. .333 AV. Broadway 
Heilman Wm. 125 Cambridge 
Hobart Josiah & V>>. -347 Wash. 
Holton Sam'l S.. Hanover c. AVash. 
Hook Aaron, 2.54 Hanover 
Hutchinson & Colcord, 101 Hanover 
Hyde Henry, 45X Hnion 
Ingalls G.W. & Co. 162 and 164 

Jenks II. AV. & Co. 100 Court 

TONES R. E., Neponset avenue, 
^ near Jlinot, ward 16 
Kemp Robert 11. 792 it 794 AVash. 
Kemoton & Turner, 1.36 Court 
Knott R. 43 BromfiehH ladies') 
Lahm Daniel, 1141! Washington 
Lamkin (iuy, ll> Tremont row 
Lamkin G. it Co. 6911 'rremont 
Learnard W. H. 10 .Marshall 
Leonard S. W., Adams, near Au- 
burn, ward 16 
Lincoln P. 8 West Broadway 
Litchtield & Howe, 1829 Wash. 
Lothrop AVm. L. 429 AV. Broadway 
Loughlin Bros. 88 AVest Fourth 
Mansfield II. D. 14 Tremont row 
Mara T. & J., Shawmut avenue, c. 

McArdle J. 663 E. Broadway 
McCarthy Patrick, 6 Chelsea, E.B. 
McDougall Donald, 2.55 Meridian 
McGrann Thonjas K. 77 Everett 
McLean Archibald, .S4 Jlerrimac 
McLean R. M. X. Co.,Bway,cor. D 
McLean & Co. lloo.urt 
McLees Thomas, ,\3;i AVashington 
Merrill JI. L. 261 AVest Broadway 
Mills N. C. itCo. 161 Court 
Mitchell E. C. ■■!47 Hanover 
Mitchell Jolin, 10.59 Washington 
Mitchell John A. 66;l Wash. 
Monroe Geo. R. 25 .Meridian, E.B. 
Mooar Chas. A. 1745 Wash. 
Mooar Orrin G. 1715 AVash. 
Moseley T. E. & Co, 293 Wash. 



Moses N. A. & Co. 139 Court 
Mosher Daniel, 11 Causeway 
Mudgett & Co. 1703 Wash. 
Murphy John. S2^2 Sunuuer 
Murphy J. II. 1272 Tremout 
Neil! James, 128 Cambridge 
Newcomb .John W. 84 W. B'way 
Ncwcomb T. C. & C. F. ICG HanVr 
Newcomb & Co. 43 Bromfleld 
Newell J. A., Chauuey, cor. Essex 
O'Laughliii Bros. 88 W. Fourth 
Oliver H. B. 46 Essex 
pALMER E. B. & CO. 25 Guild 
-'■ row 

ParkerN. M. &Co. 305 W. B'way 
Parker Wm. J. 326 Hanover 
Pearson Geo. E. 28 Essex 
Pearson \V. H. & Co. 21 and 23 

Temple nl. 
Pevear C. B. 18S3 Washington 
Perear James M. 340 Washington 
Peyser J. 43 Cambridge 
Pigeon E. T. & Co. 147 Meridian 
Pray John F. & Son, 311 Wash. 
Regan John B. 42 Essex 
Robbins Albert F. 1517 Wash. 
Rogers John H. 1 and 3 Tremont 
Rowe B. S. & Co. 19 Kneeland 
Russell Lawrence, 195 Broadway 
Sargent G. W. 214 Hanover 
Schayer Bros. 59 Cornhill 
Sears E. 323 Hanover 
Sinnott Wm. 92 Merrimac 
Southworth Clias. 215 Hanover 
Stetson Geo. 11. l.Vs llaiiover 
Stevens L. S. llo Dorchester 
Stoddard Thomas (J. l.jsii Tremont 
Stewart R. AV. ISCl Wash. 
Stratton Charles, 8.i I.ieverett 
Sullivan Bros. 478 West Broadway 
Thayer E. II. 50 Cambridge 
Topham J. 149 West Broadway 
Turner Chas. A. 364 Hanover 
Turner Geo. E. 159 Court 
Tuttle H. H. & Co. 259 and 261 

Twonibly Josiah F., Washington, 

opp. River, ward 16 
Van Kuran Cornelius, 567 Trem't 
Vining D. W. (ladies' boots), 20 

Waters Abrani, 77 Jleridian 
Weber Andrew, 1348 Tremont 
Wendermuth Ernest R., Wash., n. 

Dorch. ave., ward 16 
Whiting S. C. 1.58 Court 
Whitney F. L. & Co. 22<l Federal 
Whittredge T. J. 238 Federal 
Wliittrcdge & Bro. 807 Wash. 
Wiswsll 1). W. 222 Hanover 
W<.',f L. i;i;o Washington 
W.iods c. II. 3 Central sq. 
Woodward Kdgar, 1283 Tremont 

Minchin Daniel, Washington, next 

Town Hall 
Trainor & Finegan, Mason's blk., 

Witliingtoii IsaaCjAVash. opp. Cat- 
tle Fair Hotel 

Alley Wm. 177 Bunker Hill 
Barker Charles A. 3!1 Main 
Bvam Charles F. 277 Main 
Cox & Badger, 36 Main 
Dooley James, 26 Bunker Hill 
Hale A. 4S Bunker Hill 
Martin Xewhall & Co. 158 Main 
Poor George, 93 Main 
Quirk D. G. 7 Main 
Smith E. H. 170 .Main 
Stoddard .I.e. 117 .Main 
Sullivan John C. .Mrs. 199 Main 
White Ebenezer, 27 City square 

West Roxijtjey. 
Blundel! James, Boylston, near 

the station 
Buchanan J., James' block, Cen- 
tre, near Green 
Ferguson Thomas N., Green, opp. 

Fricse AVilliam, South, near Ros- 

lindale station 
Kolb Peter J., Green, n. depot 
Rudolp]! Frederick, Boylston, near 

Vogel L., Green, opp. Providence 

railroad depot 

ISoot 4!U SUnc Blacking:. 

Billings & .Sons, 57 .South 

BKOWX H. F. & CO. 156 Com- 
mercial, and 96 High (sco 
page 705) 
Ilauthaway C. L. & Sons, 102 High 
Reed George H. & Sons 51)8 and 
572 C'-'mniercial 

Boot :intl Shoe Buckles. 

CO. 19 High 

Boot auci 8]ioe Cable 

Screw Wire Mst- 


American Cable Screw Wire Co. 

Boot and 8hoe ('riinping 

■DROOKS & YOUNG, 90 High 
•'-' (see page 713) 

Boot and Shoe Dies and 

Blanchard & Lavers. 87 High 
Draper .S. F. & Co. 96 High 

HARTFORD T. T. 3 Friend (see 
page 689) 
CO. 19 High 
ipAYLOR S. K. &CO. 297 South 

Boot and Shoe Findings. 

Baxter L. & Co. 7 Union 

Boyce W. S. & Sons, 511 High 

Breed Geo. F. 18:3 Hanover 

■RROpKS & YOUNG, 90 Hi h 

•" (ffie page 713) 

•RUTLER E. K. & BRO. 57 High 

-'-' (see page 713) 

Clapp Benj. & Co. 97 High 

Cou'swell B. F. 60 High (shoe) 


Ciagin, Page, & Co. ftS High 
Daggett II. L.k Co. Pearl, n. High 
Daniels G. F. 4 Portland 
Dunham Chas. H. & Co. 91 Hano. 
Dver J.N. 5U High 
Faxon. Elms. & Co. 115 High 
Flint E. S. 104 High (soles, &c.) 
Foss John F. & Co. 58 Blackstone 
Frost S: Calcf, 26 Washington 
Haskell B. C. & Dickerman, 48 

Hauthawav C. L. & Sons, 102 High 
Haven & Wright, 87 High 

Holbrook H. J. S3 Hanover 
J]^OW BROS. & CO. 62 High 

Kellcy H. II. 49 Union 
Kittield H. P. 89 High 
Slerriam & Norton, (macliine shoe 

binding,) 31 High 
Nichols &Farnsworth, 63 Hanover 
Noves M. A. 67 High 
Patent Shoe Stay Co. ia3 Summer 
Phillips E. Burt, 126 Cross (shoe 

and slipper) 
Pninnev & Phillips, 77 Kingston 
Pitman"T]ios. P. 2 and 4 North 
pOPE ALBERT A. & Co. 45 High 
^ (laees, see page soil) 
Rand H. C. & Co. 45 Merchant'srow 

ROSS, PEARCE, K CO. 159 Dev- 
onshire (see page 713) 
Sears Isaac H. 41. High 
Sears & Warner, High, cor. Fed' 
^ MAN, Summer, opp. Chauncy 

(machine twi.5t) 
»^ CO. 19 High 
Siebert F. F. 52 Eliot 
Smith & Marsh, SI High 
Swan S: Whitcher, 154 Essex 

AYLOR S. K. & CO. 297 South 


rpiLLSON & CO. 179 Hanover 

Weiler Joseph, 269 Ruggles 
Whall, Macomber, & Tolman, 52 

W hall S. J. & Co. 5S High (linin 
Wilson & Merrill, 22tJ Congress 

oung Edward, 94 Hanover 

Boot and Shoe Heel and 
'I'oe Irons. 

■'-' 36 l-'aneuil Hall square (see 

BROOKS & YOUNG, 90 High 
(sec page 713) 

Boot <&; Shoe Heeler, 

Hurd J. W. 24 Elm 

Boot an<I Shoe Ilceline 

Boot and Shoe Heels. 

Bailey Heel Manuf. Co. (wooden 

heels) 48 Hanover 
Crane A. O. 98 Kingston, patent re- 

Slontier, Lyon, & Co. 48 Hanover 
N. E. Boot & Shoe Heel Co. 1 Pem- 
berton sq., F. E. Faxon, pres. 
. Union Heel Co. 55 Haverhill 

Boot and Shoe Hiaciug 

■^ G. Trippc, agent, 6 Portland 
Haskell B. C. & Dickerman, 90 

Innian Manuf. Co. 14 Canal 
Jenkins Bro. & Co. 41 High 
■*^ High (see page 800) 
Pratt J. W. & Co. 124 Pearl (leather) 
Robbins N. 49 (dealer) 

Boot <fc Shoe IVIachineg. 

Am. AVire Quilting Sole Associa- 
tion, 19 High 

Bean Edwin E. 89 Hanover 

Bigelow Heeling Machine Ass'n, 
100 High 

Blanchard & Lavers, 87 High 

Boot Pricking JIachine Assooitt- 
tion, 43 Haverhill 

Brooks E. D. 157 Summer 

PROOKS & YOUNG, 90 High 

■D (seepfc"e713) 


^ High 


CHINE C0.38Chardon 

riDDY M. L. & CO. 100 High 

EDDY SAMUEL JK. 26 Charles- 
Folsom J. R. 89 Hanover 
Gilmore O. 100 High 
Hawkins, Clay, & Brett, 90 Hi9h 
Hawkins G. C. 64 Sudbury 
McKay Heeling Machine Associa- 
tion, 54 Devonshire 
McKay Lasting Machine Co. 54 

McKay Sewing Machine Asso. 54 

Noble i Brooks, 106 Fulton 
GEELYE N. M. 43 Beverly 

*-> CO. 19 High 
Stevens E. JI. 62 Sudbury 
Tapley Heel Burnishing Machine 

Ass'n, 19 High 
rp AYLOR S. K. & CO. 297 South 

Tripp Boot and Shoe Machine Co. 

75 Hanover 
■Whittemore David, 19 High 

Boot <fe Shoe >f anufs. 

Bodwell Nathaniel, 73 Kingston 

Farrar Bros., State Prison, Chnstn. 

Hersev T. W. & L. P. 257^ Feder- 
al (fadies) 

Merrill & Larter, 32 Faneuil H. sq. 

Scott George, 110 Court 

Vining D. Vf. 20 Tremont (ladies 

Boot and Shoe ]Uanufs. 

Bovce W. S. & Sons, .10 High 
phOOKS & YOUNG, 90 High 
^ (scep.'ige713) 
pUTLER Ji. K. & BRO. 57 High 
^ (see page 713) 
JLBUir" " ■ 

Dunham C. H. & Co. 91 Hanover 
Haven Jt AVright, 87 High 
•il Ili.'h 

Hill & IJiown, 44 Hanover 
JJOW BROS. & CO. 62 High 


^ High (see page 800) 


■'■*' onshirc and 18 Arch (see page 

Phinnev & Phillip.", 97 Pearl 
Ronsmhniere & Kimball, 97 Pearl 
Kiissell, Johnson, ,t Co. 97 Pearl 
Sears & Warner, 25 Hii-'h 
Skilton, Dole, .>t Co- 105 High 
rplLLSON & Co. 179 Hanover 

AValker S. 58 E. Canton (tapes and 

W)iall, Macomber, & Tolman, 52 



Boot <fe Shoe Patterns. 

Damon & White, 9 Brattle square 

(also ladies lap boards) 
-'-'■ Friend (.see page tas) 
Miller Hubert A. 3 Hamilton pi. 
Moore & Penney, I'J llisjh 
Kumery &Rowe, 17 Bniitle sq. 
Shorcy & Co., Summer, c. South. 
Whittemore AV. E. 17 South 

Boot aiKl Shoe Se-nrine 

Keith Wire Lock Stitch Associa- 
tion, 147 Federal 
•J CO. lU High 

Boot aiKl Shoe Shank 

TyATSON J. M. & CO. 153 Fed- 
' ' eral (see page SOU) 

Boot <fc Shoe Stampers. 
•QEAN & CO. 11 John 

Boot <fe Shoe Xhread 

"DOSS, PEAKCE, & CO. 159 Dev- 
•^'' onshire (see page 713) 

Boot and Shoe Xips. 

American Shoe TipCo.133 Summer 

Boot Buttoners. 

pARR M. W. & CO. 50 Sudbury 
^ (Goldtliwaite's) 

Boot Counter ]lfanuf. 

Cushin" E. J. 9 Ferry and 99 

Boot Crimpers. 

Corcoran P. 150 Hanover 
Kellcy J. L. & Co. IJGX Exchange 

Boot Crimp. ^Machines. 

■DROOKS & YOUNG, 90 High 
■^ (see page 713) 

Boot Fitters. 

Blanchard T. liPortlaiid 
Casey JI. 4115 Harrison avenue 
Farrow Wm. 150 Hanover 
Kaminler Bros. 73 Kingston 
Kelley Hiram H. 40 Union 
Murray F. W. 83 Sudbury 
Power M. 121 Court, rm. 17 
West John, lliS Blackstone 
■Wicks W. H. 44 High 

Boot Webbing. 

■ROSS, PEARCE, & CO . 159 Dev- 
■'■'' onshire (sue page 713) 
■Walker S. 58 East Canton 

Boot <fe Shoe Alakers. 

Abel Andrew, 315 West Third 
Acker Andrew, 33S Foirrth 
Adams Joseph K. 7 Pinekney 
Adler John C. fi2!l Wasn. 
Allen H. E. L>79 Meridian 
Anderson H. M. 14 Oak 
Auderus G., Eliot, cor. Carver 
Arnold Samuel V. 16 Brattle 
Artesani A. 1764 Washington 
Bailey James, 112 Pleasant 
Bannon T. 17 Benton 
Barker James, 181 Essex 
Barntio John H. 22 Cunard 
Bartholomez George. 17 Water 
Bates S: Hughson, 014 E. B'way 
Bean John, 39 Merchant's row 
Blanding A. M. 112 Pleasant 
Blaney Uaniel, 58 Blackstone 
Bodenbrown Wm. Idi Wash. 
Boethcl Wm. 198 Shawmut ave 
Boivin Charles, 168 Friend 
Boyd Wm. 12LaGrange 
Brandenburg Joseph, 109 Hudson 
Bresnahau Timothy, 223 Federal 
Broderick Thomas, 238 Cabot 
Brooks Wm. 1829 Washington 
Brown Benj. 82 Meridian, E.B. 
Brown Charles H. 2099 Wash. 
Brown James B. 2 Everett 
Brown Thomas, 168 Fifth 
Bryant Joseph, 25 Guild row 
Buettner L. 638 Washington 
Burchard Thos. A., June. S ough- 

ton and Dudley, ward 16 
Burekhart George, River, near 

Blue Hill ave. ward 16 
Burke P. H. 109 Havre 
Burke William, .55 Maverick, E.B. 
Burns Wm. J. 70 Cross 
Bush P. W. 610 Washington 
Callahan C. 234 Athens 

Cannavan Patrick, 58 Decatur.E.B . 
Cannavan Thomas, 122 Havre 
Carev Mattliews, 110 Northampton 
Carlfsle James, 14 Curve 
Casey E. .V.i.'i Harrison ave. 
Case'v "\V. 4',l.j Harrison ave. 
Chambers J. (i. 703 East Fourth 
Childs .l.iseph, 2(11 Sumner, E.B. 
Cleary Wm. Is Newton place 
Coan \V. .\. ,"17 .Maverick sq. 
Coburn Janus F. I."i0 Hanover 
Comniin Andrew, 21 Avery 
Coudong William, ,;1 Castle 
Connell Richard. Ill W. Brookline 
'-' School 

Converse B. M. 217 W. Broadway 
Cook Henrv, 101 Washington 
Cotter S: Ba'ker, 22 Castle 
Covle .Michael, 21,S Sunnier, E.B. 
Croiiiii Daniel, I'.io West Fourth 
Cunningham Edward, 43 Portland 
Cunningham Patrick, 1250Trem't 
Dadinun J. 2.'j>2 Union Park st. 
Dailev James, 200 Broad 
Daly'r. 124 Sunnier, E.B. 
Davidson .hinies, 02:! llariison av. 
Davis ^^'illiaIn, 2;'.0 Hanover 
De La Kui Amliew, 24 Carver 
Devlin J., Iteilf.inl, cor. Kingston 
Doherty I'litriek, ."> Thacher 
Dolan John, 1442 Tremout 
Dolan Jliehael, 13 Eustis 
Dolan M., Cottage place 
Dolan Patrick, 25 Avery 
Donnelly D. 311 Federal 
Donnelly Michael, 42 Prentiss 
Dorccy janics, 201 Federal 
Dure Patrick, 03 Chambers 
Downey John, 171 Doieh. ave. 
Dreehskr Lnnis, 2i;l W. Fifth 
Dreskel & Kinnernian, 175 Camb'ge 
Durham F. G. 22M Exchange 
Ecker L. 101 D 
Elliott W. R., Chelsea, opp. Hose 

Engel Peter, 7 Hotel Pelham 
Ennis Izantious, 5 Yeoinan 
Evans Wm. 11 Monmouth 
Fandel M. & T. 127 West Canton 
Fenton Thomas, 81 C 
Finn Cornelius, 134 Essex 
Fish Henry, 38 Central square 
Flaherty Martin, Commercial, op. 

gas house, ward 16 
Flynn J. 136 Dorchester ave. 
Foley John, 34 Border 
Folej' Thomas, 16 Swan 
Fu.x Flank, Carver, near Pleasant 
French F. W. & Bro. 18 Bedford 
French J. W. 9 Merch. row 
Friese Henry, 70 Warren 
Gabel Henry, 10 Yeoman 
Gannon John F. 37 Faneuil H. sq. 
Gaschet Joseph, 8 Harrison ave. 

Gauderer G., Park, near the depot, 

ward 16 
Gemson Lawrence, 217 W. B'way 
Gill James, 182 Jlerrimac 
Giliain Frank, 142Kneeland 
Glavin John, Nepouset ave. near 

'Taj'lor, wjird 16 
Gorman Peter, 1756 Washington 
Graham & Co. 4 Water 
' Green John, 223 Harrison ave. 
Griiiin Thomas, 52 Liverpool, E.B. 
Gunning E. C. 9 Alden 
Gninjy lehabod, rear 65 Emer aid 
Guihrfe John, 464 Harrison ave. 
Hall A. M. 16 Garden 
Hall S. P. 24 Myrtle 
Halpin James, 480 Dorchester ave. 
Hamilton P. 32 Cross 
Harrington James, 4 Clay 
Hart Karaiij Dorchester ave. cor. 

Commercial, ward 16 
Hart Patrick, 4 Stoddard 
Haskius Theodore, 102 Dover 
Hauser M., Draper's court, ward 16 
Hayden Arthur L. 24 Green 
Hayes Blichael, 903 Tremont 
Hayes William, 19 River 
Heilman Wm. 125 Cambridge 
Hennessey J. 373 Federal 
Henehy P. J. 1.30 Charles 
Henry W. C. 01 Cabot 
Hernan B. 307 Dorchester ave. 
Hesz Andrew, 7 Beach 
Higgins Patrick, 67 Pitts 
Hirsch Myer, .^0 Pleasant 
Hobbs John G. 224 Dorch. ave. 
Hock Gabriel, 74 Green 
Holderried J. 103 Dorchester 
Holnian John, 1814 Washington 
Holman J. S. 232 Federal 
Huber John, 60 Hampden 
Huebener J. G., Granite, ward 16 
Hughrough H. H. 614 E. B'way 
Hunter N. C. 14 North Russell 
Hurley John, .381 Federal 
Hurley JL, Neponset ave. ward 16 
Isingberg L. 19 Salem 

Jenkins Wm. 11 Oak place 
Jesser F. J. 804 Washington and 68 

Jesser Louis, 22 Hampshire 
Jewell Brothers, 120 Kingston 
Jher Sebastian, 844 Albany 
Johnson William T.,AVashington, 

near Ri\er, ward 16 
Jones William 11. 4 Bennett 
Judge Bernard, 11 Prentiss 
Karcher C. 37 Ward, W.V. 
Karns Michael, Church, comer 

Katz Alexander, 141 Eliot 
Keefe .Vndrew, 24 A 
Kellev Thos., Commercial, w'd 16 
Kelley William, 145 Salem 
Kennedy John, 20.3 South 
K.ennedy S. 120 Bolton 
Kerns M. 334 Albany 
King Henry A., Adams, near Mil- 
ton line 
Kinlin Timothy B., Eliot square 
Kirchgesncr Martin, 1 Emerald 
Knauber Frederick, 7S;l Tremout 
Knott R. 43 Bromiicld (ladies') 
Krebs Augustus, 28 Friend 
Lacount T. 66 Anderson 
Lahni Daniel, 1146 Washington 
Lallv Patrirk, .3 Winslow 
Lanilin IVter, 05 Dudley 
Langelier lieiiii, :'M Broadway 
Lanigan James, 114 Smith 
Lanigan John, 4 Oswego 
Lantiii Arhini, 42 Dearborn 
Lary Richard, Nepouset avenue, 

near Miiiot 
Lawler James, A. cor. West Third 
Lee Henry, 3.5 Harvard 
Leear Henry, 1678 Washington 
Leonard Edward, 154 E 
Leonard S. W., Adams, near 

Auburn, ward 16 
Leussler J. E. 88 Union 
Levi S. 153 Leverett 
Lichter M. 488 Tremont 
Lonergan Patrick, 16 Camden 
Long Charles, 180 Border 
Lowenthal A. 1033 Washington 
Lutz J. J. 10 Adams 
Lynch Thomas, 65 Church 
Lyons P. H. 9 Oneida 
Lyons William, 4 Wharf 
A'lackin Joseph F. 203 W. Eighth 
Maher P. 55 Kneeland 
Malone Martin, 1174 Wash. 
Malone Robert, 18 Bedford 
Manary James, 61 Emerson 
Manger P. J. 186 West Seventh 
Ma reliant John F. II Trenton 
Marquand Henry, 149 Marion 
Mathews W. A. rear Taylor, wd. 16 
Matt Xavier, 24 Groton 
Mavhew Chas. 37 Faneuil Hall sq. 
MciCallum Wm. M. 100 Eutaw 
MeCuen Owen, ISO Vernon 
MeDavitt John N. 3 Tremont row 
McDonald Allen, 32 West Dedham 
McDonald Arthur, 1198 Tremont 
McDonald James, 473 Shawm't av. 
McGarrey D. F. 202 Federal 
McGrann Thomas R. 04 Everett, 

and Porter, near Havre 

"|y/[CGRATII BROS. 51 Bromfield 

McGrath C. J. 6X Prospect 
McGrath E. 86 South 
McKcnna N., Granite, c. Baldwin 
McKenzie & Co. .57 Church 
McKie W. C. 6 Bennington 
McLaughlin B. 602 Harrison ave. 
McJIahon Janics, 42 Beverly 
MeMastcr Beniard, 253 Harr. ave 
MeMullen A. 120 Border 
McNaught Alex. 12 Gouch 
McNeil James S. 69 Hampden 
MePherson J. F. 260 Havre 
Meade Michael, 71 Devonshire 
Meyer Jacob, 209 Ruggles 
Jliller Robert A. 3 Hamilton pla e 
Mittelstadt Wm. ,35 Clarendon 
Moens N. 328 Ruggles 
Moloney T. 40^ Faneuil Hall sq. 
Morrison Peter, 101 Cambridge 
Munro Andrew. .'19 Merchants row 
Murphy Bros. 1272 Tremont 
Murphy Felix, 115 Beach 
Murphy John, .322 Sumner, E.B. 
Murphy Richard, 53 Poplar 
Murray David, 1777 Washington 
Murray Hugh, 106 Quincy, near 

Blue Hill ave. 
Myers Frederick, 92 Salem 
Naught Frank, 12 Gouch 
Neal Hugh, 93 West Fifth 
Newcomb C. J. .37 Salem 
Newcomb W. M. 7 Change ave. 
Newcomb & Co. 43 Bromfield 
Newman Wm. 570 Shawmut ave. 
Niles Charles, 1054X Tremont 
Norwood C. 295 Sumner, E.B. 
O'Brien Felix, Lamson, u. Everett 
O'Brien John, 28 Eliot 



O'Brien M. 10 Howard 
O'Connor U. 5(1 I^iiicoln 
Odenwald Geo. A., 63)^ Chestnut, 

near Charles 
O'Donnell Michael, 100 Endicott 
Oelschleger A. '2S Brattle 
O'Meara James P. 1)0 Kingston 
O'Neil Francis, o Sun-court st. 
Osborn Carlos, 4 Market 
O'Sliea Thomas, 2'M Federal 
O'SuUivan M. l:il West Second 
Parker James, lL'5 Kingston 
Penninian & Donaldson, 6 Water 
Peppard Thomas, 37S Chelsea 
Pier Robert, 5;; Portland 
Pitman John, 11 Franklin ave. 
Porter David, 01 Cross 
Pryor John, 211 Harrison ave. 
Quinlan P. F. 7 W. Broadway 
Kauel George, 8.Sfi Harrison ave. 
Kavnor James J. \'J~ Ruggles 
Keardon T. 01 Pitts 
Bcid A. B. 10 Blossom 
Kemmes Bernard, 311 Harrison av. 
Reynolds J. F. 30.) Tremont 
Riley Patrick, 7".) Cove 
Ritter John, 50 Lenox 
Roach Denham, y Beach 
Rubbins I. H. 5 Spring lane 
Roberts James, jr. 34 Last Canton 
Roche Patrick C. 7 Province 
Koonev Peter, 1532 Washington 
Rossee" Charles, 54 Wall 
Roth Jlathias, 6.W Parker 
Rupert George L. SOj^ Joy 
Ryan D. F. ti2,« Levcrett 
Schayer Vincent Z. I'J Water 
Schavler Bros. .50 Crnhill 
Sehlei>:her Adam, IIW Hampden 
Schnetz Carl, 15 Indiana 
Schnitz Charles, 48 Dorch. ave. 
Scholpp C. Louis, 9'J W. Concord 
Scholz J. A., F, near W. First 
Schwartz Simon, 92 Hampden 
Schwehr Jacob, 1171 Harrison ave. 
Schworer Win. 14(5 Pyuchou 
Shaw J. T. 40 Orleans 
Shay J. K. 1874 Washington 
Shea Timothy, SU Hudson 
•^ Cornhill (rubber repairing) 
Sigins J. A. So?, Albany 
Slatterv Jeremiah, W. Third, n. U 
Small Frederick, 52 Bromfield 
Smith A. 313 Sumner, E.B. 
Smith James, 450 Commercial 
Smith John, 42 Fifth 
Smith K. 100 Eustis 
Smith M. 8 Citv Hall avenue 
Smith Thomas, 21 Congress 
Snapp P. J. 124 Kingston 
Somers P. 10(5 Blackstone 
Spillane .Michael, 211 Cambridge 
Sprague C. H. 132 Leverett 
Standen Simeon. 82 Salem 
Stevenson H. J. 1015 Water 
Stewart J:imc-s 51 West Canton 
Strange Pierci'. 1.15 Kin^'ston 
Streck llenrv, rj7 Eliot 
Stroeber Rupert. 4 Wright's court 
Suetz Charles, 107 Knefland 
Sullivan C. 187 West Fourth 
Sullivan John, 403 Chelsea 
Sullivan Michael, 187 Hampden 
Sutter Joseph, 233 Dorchester 
Sutton B. ilO Leverett 
Swam S. 529 East Seventh 
Sylve-.ter J. W. 17(i Bowen 
Tackaberry J. H. .53 Causeway 
Thaver A. L. 57 Church 
Todtman Jacob, 39 Fleet 
Townsend Geo. W. 74 Brighton 
Tracy J. 27 is'ortli Anderson 
Trainer James. 214 Dover 
Tyler Asa, 21 Cornhill 
Waffenbach A. (5 Webber 
"Wallstab Louis. 121 Vernon 
■Walsh Martin, 20 West Second 
■Ward Patrick, 30(5 and 383 Harri- 
son ave. 
■Ware Ralph, Allbright ct., ward 16 
'Wattendorf John, 1 Market 
Weiler .Joseph, 200 Rugbies 
■Weisse Jacob, 104 Fourth 
Welch M. 84 Decatur, E.B. 
Welch James, ISO Dorchester ave 
"Whelton D. CA Causeway 
'White John, 118 Border 
While Robert. 110 Xorthampton 
'Whitaker Wm. 20 Pleasant 
'Wilfert Chas. C, Centre, near the 

■Wilhelm Nicholas, 3r,2 Doreh. 
Willett George & Co. 81 Warren 
■Willis Edward, Hancock, cor. Co- 
lumbia, ward 10 
•Willwcrth L. 199 Cambridge 
■Wir z John, 141 Eliot [ward 16 
Withe-ell N. B., Wash. n. River, 
Woodworth E. F. 2 City Hall ave. 
'Worden Charles, 110 Harrison ave. 
Young, 12>i Pleasant and 
102 Dover 

Yunker Geo. 77 Dorchester 
Ziegler Peter, 43 Charles 
Zom John, 71 Pynchon 
Fowler John, jjnct. No. Beacon 

and Cambridge 
Kenncy John, Market, near Wash. 
Morley Patrick, Western ave. near 

Murray P. 
Trainer & Finnigan, 
Withington Isaac, 

Barr Alexander, 31 Joiner 
Barr Wm. A. 30 liichmond 
Cameron John, 15 Perkins and 

(530 Main 
Campbell John H. G Winthrop 
Chestnut Thomas, 40 AVater 
Christie Michael, 13.3 Chelsea 
Clark J. M. 118 Chelsea 
Coats John, 554 Medford 
Condon Richard, 410.^ -Main 
Connoly Cornelius, 62 Bunker H. 
Conway James, 1 Miller 
Coughlan John, 1 Bow 
Denehy M. B Cnestnut 
Donahoe Wm. 1 Lincoln 
Dowd James, 22 Warren ave. 
Foster Charles, 50 School 
Frost George P. 30 Elm 
Fry Levi, Canal, rear Cambridge 
Greiner J. F. S^ Pleasant 
Gross Andrew C. 62 Austin 
Haley M. 269 Medford 
Harmon Elias W. rear 410 Main 
Isaac M. 454 Jlain 
Larkiu Stephen, 502 Main 
Mahoney James, 8 Water 
Slarshall Geo. W. 5a3 Main 
McCurdy John, 132 Chelsea 
Jlorrison Patrick, 123 Chelsea 
Murphy J. 514 Main 
Murray J. C. 75 Warren 
O'Meara J. 36 Richmond 
O'Meara S. 58 Warren 
Power Edward, 44 Vine 
Quirk D. G. 7 Main 
Ragan C. 2 Wapping 
Reno C. 33 Bartittt 
SuUivan Daniel, 21 Winthrop 

West Roxuuky. 
Cochrane Richard E., Walkhill, 

cor. Shawmut ave. 
lollmar Casper F., Centre, near 

Harris avenue 
Glennon Thomas, Canterbury, c. 

Mt. Hope 
Jordan Chauncy, Lagrange, near 

Jordan Royal C, South, n. Ros- 

lindale station 
Thompson J. D., Centre, opposite 

Seaverns avenue 

ISotunic Medicines. 

Chccver John, 230 Main, Chastn. 
^ & CO. 15 Union 
Cummings Henry, 83 Bartlett, 

ftWETT GEORGE W. 107 Wash- 




Campbell ,Tohn, 40 Oneida 
pOBURN, LANG, & CO., Lib- 
'-' square (see p. 672) 
^ Canal 
Fox H. F., James E. Greenleaf, 

agent, 38 Battervmarch 
Devine P. & M. ISO Dorch. ave. 

Howard Atheiiieum 
fTAYNES & TAYLOR, 2 1-2 
■•^ Court so. 

' CO. 109 Broad 


BURR M. S. & CO. 10 Oak 
TyTUNKOE A. B. JE. 35 Sudbury 

Bowling Saloons. 

Emerson Abner J. 2 Chapman pi. 
•ROACH SAMUEL, 66 Portland 

Box Mnniiracturers. 

(See aUo Paper Boxes) 

BAIRD JACOB, 18 Bedford (pa- 
•" (paper) 

Bennett W. W., Decatur, corner 

^ over (paper) 

BRAY M. & CO. 5.5 Haverhill 
(seamless tin, see page 676) 
■niCKERMAN GEO. H. 32, 34 
■'-' and 30 Green (paper) 
Drisko P. C, Swett. near Reed 

FLICK G. F. 53 Washington (see 
page 678) 
Getehell & Eldredge, 36 Water, 

PROSE J. R. 109 Court (paper) 

TTATCH BROS. 280 Washington 

McNUTT JOHN J., Novelty 
Wood Works, Warehani, cor. 

■ State, 

Mt. Washington Box Co. 
Parker .Merrill, agent 

Geo. F. Flick, agent, 53 Wash. 
ton Lower Mills 
Strieder W. & J. 3 Williams, cor. 
Wash, (cigar) 


Roberts Bros. 6 Franklin avenue, 


Boxes. (Jeivellers.) 
rpHYJI GEO. W. 9 Hayward pi. 

Boys' Clothing. 

(See also Clothing.) 
pARXE.S GEO. W. & CO. 204 
'-' Washington 

and 4'J4 Washington 

GILLIS W. K. SCO. 241 Wash- 
HOLL.\NDER L. P. & CO. 32 
Temple place 
Holman S. A. Mrs. 164 Tremont 

& CO. 19, 22, and 23 Dock sci- 

Bracelet lUaniifs. 

Greenwood & Young, 91 Chauncy 

Bracket A, Book Back 

change (see page 057) 
rown An'ios, 46 and 50 Lawrence, J 

& DRISKO, Swett, 


Percival Gustavus & Co. 81 Bristol { 
WlLLErr, DRAKE, & CO. 491 
'^' and 51 Warehaiu 1 

JACOBS BROS. 18 North Mar- 
" ket (distillers') 

Brass <fe Copper Xiibing. 

613 E. Broadway 
Brass Finishers. 
•pONN & WARD, 11 Hawkin* j 

Clark 'Wm. P. 39 Bowker 
pLOG.STON T. S. & CO. 80 and 1 
^ 82 Sudbury 

urlev S; Lennon, 4 Province ct. 
J'ES'TE & CO. 115 Court and 23 j 
^ Howard 

Grundy Joseph, 121 W'atcr 
Holmes T. J. 62 Sudbury 
■L" .S7 Border, E.B. 
Wuttius H. & .Son, 8 Province ct. 

M< GAXX THOMAS F.83Port.| 
land (see page 704) 
Metallic Art Works, W. A. Blodg- 
ett, 27 Devonshire 

MILLS W.M. & CO., 121 Waterl 
(si'c pa<:e(;i7) I 

MUXTtiOMERY H. C. 76l 
Kingston I 

MUltK.vY ROBERT, 19 Har-^ 
vard place (see page 6(53) 
Peterson A. 1720 Washington 
Putter .v. D. 48 Portland 
Redfern W. C. 9 (ireen, Gore blk. , 
'~-' 77 and 79 Travers 
'--' mcrcial (see page 662) 
Strater H. & Sons, 78 Sudbury 
Summers & Hunt, 57 Uaverhill 



TTPHAM THOS. A. 17 Harvard 

^ place (see iw ge 708) 
TTAKNEVAK k.. B. & CO. 58 

' Fulton 
VoseW.T. SGVtica 
2'ANE J. & CU. SI Sudbury 

Brass Finishers' Xools. 

-^ CIlINli: CU. S4 Kingston 

ISrsiss Founders. 

Blake Win. & Co., Brighton, cor- 
ner Alien 
Bonn & Ward. 11 Hawkins 
riODY EliWARD, 33 Hawkins 

CROWLEY J., Curie, corner 
Curlev & Lenuiiii. 4 Province court 

FOS'lER & KUBY, 178 and ISO 
Gillies Rt belt, I'.l Harvard place 
Grundv Jus. Ill,, l:l Water 

HAI-l. J01i:v & SOX, 25 South 
Hill Ro« lar.d, Carlton's whf. E.B. 
Iiigolls J. P. iiCo. ll.'iA 
Litchtield U. T. 72 Lewis, E.B. 
I/itchtieUl W. 17;i Irunt, cor. Sec- 
ond, CbarleMMV.n 
Metallic Art Works, W. A. Blodg- 
ett. 27 Levunsbiie 

MORSE A. J. & SON, 83 Haver- 
hill ai.d (vl Beverly 
MO^^RY M lliILLlPS, 120 to 
i;;o Cross 

Plant R.lieil. 42 Long wharf 
*^ 77 ai.d 7i> 'l"ravers 

STONE 11. N. 132 Commercial 
(see page I (12) 
TIY1-. WUi.KS, 43a Albany 
The Pcet Yahc Co. 152 Hampden 

VANNEYAR E. B. & CO. 58 
Brass Alanufacttirers. 

JIANVF. CO..-,7 01iver,H.W. 
Bruuks, iigeiit (see trout col- 
<.ud pi.^e;, 

& CO. agei,ts,14 to 2(1 Oliver 
DENS,lh federal 
TVTAY & c;u. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
•^'-*- inside back cover) 
•^ CO. 21 Beae;i 

The Plume ^t Atwood Manufactur- 
ing Co. 13 1 ederal 

Brass Polish. 

Box 12'j2. Boston P. O. 

CO. 12 C: iial 
TVTHlTCOiiB E. D. 1S54 Wash- 
'' ington 


-"- Brewerv, Heath, cor. Parker 
Boston Beef Co., D. H. Tulley, 

treas., I'J Ceir.ial w hf. 
Boylston Brewery, Hatfenreffer & 

Co. proprs Bisiiiarck, W. Rox. 
Burkhardt Gotieib F., Parker, cor. 

Station, depot 3 (central) 
"DLRTON BRE^^■ERY, Alley & 
■'-' Nichols, heath, cor. Parker 
Carbeny Thomas & Co., (Cold 

Spring Brewery 1, 1482Tremont 
Carter John T. S; Co. agts. 3tj Kilby 
(^OBLKN, LANG, & CO. 116 
'-' Water (see p. 672) 
fiOJlSTOCK, GOVE, & CO. 30 
^ Canal 
QOOK ISAAC & CO. 25 Central 

Cushing 11 :78 Commercial 

East Bef' n trewerj-, C. Decher. 
Alno e 


■'■ Howard Athenseum 

TONES FRANK & CO. 35 Devon- 

** shire 

Jutz C. 37 Station 

Kenney Neil, rear 1209 Tremont 

Sit. Wasliington Brewery, East 
Eighth , cor. G 

Kortoik Brewery, Edw. Habich, 
171 Cedar, cor. Pynchon 

Pfaff H. & J. :;8 Broad, and Pynch- 
on. corner Cedar 

Eockiand Brewery, A. J. Houghton 
& Co., Hallock, near Prentis 

Boessle John & Son, 74 Pynchon 


Euctcr & Alley, Highland Spring 
Brewerv, New Heath, cor. Parker 

Souther lleniv iL Co. 528 E. Second 

Standard Brewei>-, F. A. Walter, 
Elmwoiid. eor. king 

Van N..sir:iml Win. T. & Co. 40 
Ali'.ir.l, CliarUstown 

♦ CO. Kiy Broad 


Babbitt W. ^V. 17 Court [square 

Bav State Briek Co. 17 Peinberton 


■'-' bertoii s({. (coal burnt) 

Bisphaiii John F. 17 Court 

Bnz/cU & Osborii, 17 Court 

Cambridge Brick Co. 13G Wash. 

CotVan S. M. 17 Court 

Dana James, 14 Old State House 

Davis & Chaddock (tire), 19 

Day George II. & Co. 17 Court 

Edmestor W. 17 Court 

Eureka Briek Co. 7 Fulton 

Fisk Benjamin, 17 Court 

Foster O. S. 17 Court 


^ Kilby 

Glidden E. H. 107 State (eastern) 

Ham Joseph, Northampton, cor- 
ner Albany 

Holt Chauneey, 17 Court 

Jacpies William, 17 Court 

Lamprev J. S. 17 Court 

Littletield Samuel, 17 Court 

Massachusetts Brick Co., R. H. 
Shelton, treas. 12 Pembcrton sq. 

SlcClure John, 17 Court 

Middlesex St ;i.e Brick Co., Ed- 
mund M. Wood, treas. 56 Broad 

Mills Samuel E. 17 Court 

New England Brick Co. 14 Pem- 
bcrton stpiare 

N. E. Metallic Brick Press Co. 14 
Pemberton square 
TOYES B. 17 Court, and 502 

Old Colony Brick Co. 70 Devon. 

Portland Brick Co. 11 Pemb. sq. 

Sands J. L. 17 Court 


^ 22 Congress square (sec p. 707) 

CO., 44 Broad, eon. Milk, 


The Howe Brick Co., East Bridge- 
water, F. Howe, agent, 7 Doane 
Tufts Brick Manutacturing Co. 

16Penibeiti.n sq. 
Washburn Caleb, 17 Court 


Brick Afachines. 

Ash James M. & Co. 17 Court 
■'-' Causeway, cor. Friend (man- 
Heath Charles, 8 Pemberton sq. 
Hunter Briek Machine Co. 48 State 

12U Fulton (see page 662) 

Bridge and ~fVharr 

(See also Contractors,) 
Bixby & Cole, 17 Court 
Boynton Brothers & Freeman, 22 

Congress square 
Bovnton Brothers, 17 Court 
■^ H. 17 Court and 68 Devonshire 
Draper & Vaughn, 17 Court 
Edwards Chanes H. 17 Court 
Kenrick AV. A. 17 Court 
Mayo W. G. 17 Court 
-■■^ CO. 27 Pemb. square (iron) 
Norton W. A. 17 Court 
Parker C. II. & Co. 400 Border,E.B. 
Ross & Lord, 17 Court 
Whitcomb & Potter, 17 Court 

Britannisi Polish. 

Box 121)2 Boston P. O. 

Britannia Ware Mauiif. 

(See also Silver Ware.) 

J)EWEY F. 0.28 Canal 

Dover Stamping Co. 88 North 
PLETCHER \V. G. 51 Chardon 

n.UY & BROTHERS, 33 Bedford 
'-' (dealers) 

MOREY & SMITH, 49 Haverhill 
( see page 679) 
Smith, Caldwell, & Co. 65 Union 



Coler W. N. & Co. 7 State 
Grant D. F. 9 Congress 
Blanchard J. lleurv, 118 Milk 
Clark George A. 159 Milk 

Bird C. G. & Co. 13 Tremont row 
Carruthers W. F. 11 Cmirt 
Lord, Read, it Co. 24 rreniont row 
Niles C. E. & Co. 15 licvonshire 
Richards C. D. & Co. 610 Wash. 
Simmons M. 116 Court 

j^ENDRICK HENRY C. 31 State 

Custom House, 
Stone & Downer, 28 State 

Cole F. W. 19 Central 
Cushing, Porter, & Cades, 101 Milk 
French C. E. 11 Central wharf 
Hovey A. W. 19 Lewis wharf 

Floxtr and Grain. 
Colton Geo. E. 202 State 
Davis S. M. 4 No. .Market 
Greeley Joseph, 188 State 
Jackson George S. 174 State 
Spring Charles !•'. 198 State 
Towne Leonard' 1/3 State 

Phipps Wm. 5 Chatham row 

Littlehale A. W. 149 Pearl 
Marcn H. B. & Co. 140 Milk 
Soutliwick & Sands, 211 Congress 

Allen & Lord, 37 State 
Baker Chas. T. 53 Devonshire 
Bean Jacob, 70 Levoiishire 

BLANEY D. H. 3 Winthrop 
block, E.B. 
Bradlord & Folger, 50 State 
Brewster, Graves, & Wills, 2 Cong. 
■DROWN H. A., POPE, & cO. 
-'-' 86 Devonshire 
Cartwright & Swords, 9 State 
Cobb E. W. 27 S;ate, room 15 
Codman Wm. C. 44 Kilby 
Cotfin G. W. 4 Merchants Ejch. 
Cowles, Lovejoy, & Co. 39 State 
-lUMMINGS G. W. 107 State 


Downing 0. E. 5 Court 
Endicott G. M. 00 Devonshire 
-*■ 62 Devonshire 
Grcgerson Geo. W. 29^ State 
Guild Geo. H. 51 State, room B 
-'-'- Dorchester avenue 
Hayes H. Y. 61 State 
Herriman H. & Co. 43 Devonshire 
Hinckley Frederick, 53 Devon. 
Howard H. 20 Central 
Littler Charles, 74 Devonshire 
Lincoln Wm. 37 .State 
Loring & Clark, 15 Kilby 
McLauthlin JL P. 120 Fulton 
Meehan Wm. 91 Washington 
Mudge Frank N. 21 Water 
Norns Wm. H. 81 Wash, room 9 
Nazro C. G. & Sou, 54 Kilby 
Pearce George W . 25 State 
Putnam J. C. 25 State 
Russell & Walley, 27 State 
Sawyer & Blake, 29>^ State 
GEARS WM. B. 74 Devonshire 
^ (see leaf opp. page 113) 
Staples H. A. 142 Washington 
Stephenson L. 105 Washington 
Tatt Philip W. 70 Devonshire 
Thompson & Reed, 78 Devonshire 
"Ward H. B. 2 Court square 
Wheeler Wm. A. 104 Wash. 
White Joseph, jr. 13 Congress 


Abom, Fay, & Co. .",0 Kilbv 
A LDEN & EDMANDS,"l90Con- 

■^^ gress (rubber and guttapercha) 

Arnold Edward, 65 Hanover (ma- 

Atkins .1. R. 22>^ Exchange 

Austin Wm. R. 59 Broad 

Bacon F. E. 50 State (cotton print 

Bagnall T. 25 Kilby (metals) 

Banchor John F. & Co. (spirit), 
112 Broad 

Banks D. S. (tea), 5 Chatham row 

Barnes L. B. (tobacco), 47 Broad 



Barnes L.B. & Son (tea),47 Broad 
Beanian Bros. 230 State 
Bovlstun .^ Co. 19 Central 
-olsU GEORGE H. & CO. 33 
-D central 

Cabut, Bowles, & Co. 44 Kilby 
Canterbury & Co. 33 Central 
Clark George, jr. 89 Court 
Cole Fred W. 19 Central 
Cushman A. W. 45 ICortli Market 
Dickerman B. Chatham row 
D'Wolf J. L. & Co. 24 Central 
Elliot H. F. 1C3 Blackstone 
Elliott Luther, 254 Treniont 
Emmons J. A. S: Co. 19 India (su- 
gar and molasses) 
Fowler E. B. 149 Milk 
Francis C. T. i Change avenue 
Freeman & Co. 34 Central (cotton) 
French Charles E. (drugs) 11 Cen- 
tral whart' 
Fuller J. B. 54 Broad 
Goddard J. F. 11 Dock square 
Gould H. A. (dye stufts), 55 Oliver 
Gregory I). A. (J Chatham row 
Hall a" B. S; Co. 144 State 
Hall George T. & Co. 28 Central 
Hartshorne J. F. & Son (tea) 15 

Central , , „. 

Jewett D. E. 38 Central (cofiee and 

Lincoln L. J. B. 144 State 
Mattison & Hill, Sununer, c. Soutli 

(leather) „ 

McBride Georee. 199 Broad 
McGregor Geo. C. 69 Devonshire 
McCleiian "VVm. H. 11 Central 
Morse Albert H. & Co. 12 India 
Morse Mason, 2G South Market 
Morse S. Henry (spirit), 31 India 
Kims M. D. L. 144 State 
O'Hara & Bullard, 23 India 
Parker B. VV. 11 Central 
Parker K. K. 21 Commercial 
Poole Bros. 4 Brattle square 
Putnam E. 27 Doane (metal) 
Randall David .<: Co. 29 India 
Reynolds E. B. 15 Kilby 
Shattuck L. A. & Co. 5 Broad 

(metals) ^ 

Silsbee & Murphy, 17 Batterymarch 
Snow John \V. (i Franklin avenue 
Soule S. 13 Doane ,, . , , „„ 

Southwick & Sands (hides), 29 


Starbuck Walter, 110 Water [hara 
Stone J. W. (provisions), 12 Chat- 
Swain P. M. 13 Doane 
Swasey John II. 101 State 
Thompson A. E. & Co. 11 Central 
Townsend & Co. SH Central 
Tuckernian G. & Co. 26 Ivilby 
Turner A. T. jr. & Co. G Cent. whf. 
Van Alstine C. W. 13 Central whf. 

WardJ.W. 128 High 
Waters Wm. C. & Co. (tobacco), 

6 Central 
Webb W. E. (hemp), 5 Kilby 
Weld Aaron D's Sons, 127 State 
Wilktt, Hamlen, & Co. 30 Central 
AVilli;Uii.s Robert it Son, 13 Broad 
Woudworth A. S., Central (tea) 


Adricli H. A. 12 State 
>IRD C. G. & CO. 13 Tremont 



Brown C. Warren, 34 School 

BROWN H. A., POPE & CO. 86 
Burnham W. G. & Co. 70 Devon. 
Bustced J. W. 21 Commercial 
Chandler H. P. 53 Devonshire 
Clapp J. J. 134 Wash., room 3 
Clark Wm. T. & Co. 122 Wash. 
Cotfin & Gray, 31 State, room 1 
Dorr J. :i3 School, room 2 
Dowse B. T. 94 Tremont 
Drew Beiij. 47 Court, room C 
Edmunds Chas. 105 Washington 
Evans B. S. 28 State, room 8 
Fav C. F. 3 School 
Fowler Bcnj. A. 78 Devonshire 
•piRENCH JAMES, 80 Washing- 
-T ton Csliire 

Fiothingham W. II. S. 62 Devon- 
Gates Albert, jr. EO Devonshire 
/UIODWIN GEO. B. 84 Wash- 
'J ill ''ton 

IIOLliKOOK & FOX, 8 Kilby 
Hvde U. P. 95K Wash, room 7 
JaVksiiii F. II. *; J. 40 .State,room 10 
" or.shirc 
Kimball Edw. R. 21 Water 

KINGSLEY G. P. 33|Devon- 
Knight A. Brooks, 13 Pemb. sq. 
Lincoln William, 37 Slate 
Little S. O. & Co. 32 Wash., room 7 
Magoon A. B. 3 Tremont row 
Merrill Josiah, 95X Wash. 

Monroe & Co. 134 Washington 
■J^AYLOR R. F. 89 Court, room 


' Washington 
pORTER J. K. & CO. 5 Court, 
■•• cor. Wash, (see page 707) 
Ray T. W. 11 Court 
Read J. S. 5 Peniberton square 
Shaw John W. & Co. 97 State 
Smith Jt Morgan, 31 State, rooms 

14 and 15 
Stark John H. 30 Kilby 
Sturtcvant J. D. 51 .State 
Sullivan & Macdonald, 3 School 
Wakefield E. 11. 81 Washington 
Warren A. B. CO State 
Wellington Avery, 31 Exchange 
Wilder & Holway, 3 Tremont row 

Alderman J. F. & Co. 4 Congress 
Briggs Harrison O. & Co. 60 State 
Busteed Geoige W. 21 Commercial 
Clapp John J. 134 Washington 
Mav W. B. 9 Tiavolk-r Building 
Clisby & Berry, School 
Cowles, Lovejoy, !k Co. 39 State. 

Craig William C 12 School 
Curtis Lawrence, 40 Kilby 
Davis J. C. & Co. 12 School 
Dorr Clarence A. 51 State, room A 
FRENCH JAMES, 80 Wash. • 
Gay Wm. B. S. 51 .State, room 3 
riRANT D. F. 9 Congress 

Hecht Ljwis, basement Old State 

Hill A. B. 6 Congress 
Holmes Lysander, 23 Water 
Kelley Joseph, 280 Washington 
Kellogg Henry, jr. 60 Devonshire, 

Lawrence W. F. 41 Devonshire 
Long J. R. 3 Tremont row 
March J. S. 75 State 
May AV. B. 9 Traveller building 
Nash & Gushing, 2 and 4 Congress 
" TAYLOR R. F. 89 Court, room 



O'Neill J. 22 Kilby 

Peters & Parkinson, 127 State 

Pickering John & Moseley, 40 

State, room 24 
Rogers, Bush, & Co. 74 State 
Seaver Georjre, 5 Kilby 
Seymour C. \V. 4 Congress 
Sisson D. C. ^; Co. 15 School 
Smith Edward M. & Co. 04 Devon. 
Smith Geo. II. 102 State 
Spoltord Samuel W. 9 State 
Steward II. O. SO Devonshire 
Strauss Charles M. basement Old 

State House 
Taylor & Co. 3 State 
Warner E. & Co. 29 Washington 


Anderson A. 88 Friend 
Anderson W. L. 88 Friend 
Aronson Abraham. 27 Kueeland 
Arunson llenrv, 1913 Washington 
Bowman M. O'salcm 
Bnubcc (iillicit D. 288 Hanover 
Caisidv P. F. 120 Knceland 
Colien'lJ. 5 >; Endicott 
Colien R. 23 Endicott 
Cohen S. IS Salem 
Cronibie Wm. G. 10 Bfattle sq. 
Eddy George R. 10 Brattle square 
Ehrlich N. 99 Cambridge 
Ehrlich S. 502 Washington 
Elliott Luther, 254 Tremont 
Emerv & Scliiih, 15 Endicott 
Felch"ll. E.4 Sulem 
Frank Isaac, 271 Treniont 
Friedlaiidi r Adoliis, 144 W.B'way 
Gill C. II. 7 Cli:iiif,'e avenue 
Hall Geo. II. i Faiuuil Hall sq. 
Heinemann B. 20 Brattle square 
Levi A. 01 Cambridge 
Levi W. 20 Salem 
Lissner B. L. 24 Merrimac 
Lissncr Ephraim, 36 Slerrimac 
Long J. R. 3 Tremont row 
Lowe James, 20 Jlerrimac 
Myers A. 30 Jleirimac 
Myers Isaac, 7 I'liasant 
Nelson B.HI. Men inuic 
Nelson II. .M. L's l•;s^c^- 
Nelson N. M. 35) Hanover 
Noyes A. L. 15 i;.S. Hotel 
Page M.S. & Co., Salem, c. Endicott 
Perkins A. P. ISO .A'errimac 
Phillips G. 40 Merrimac 
Pierce J. (i. 25 Howard 
Rnvmond Ihnrv, 32 Jlerrimac 
Ricli Seth, 11 Sa'icm 
Richards J. L. 7 Brattle square 
RiggsP. L. 319 Hanover 
Ryan SI. J. 60 Merrimac 
Savage T. L. 3 and 5 Endicott 

Schwartz I. 49 Merrimac 
Stackpole & Wentworth, 45 Green 
Sternburg H. 46 Jlerrimac 
ThornerS. L. 6 Howard 
Troeder Abram, l:;9 Harrison ave. 
Warshauer Jacob, 6'.I2 Wash. 
Williamson E. V. S. 793 Wash. 
Young Henry P. 108 Portland 

Keal Estate. 
Aldrich H. A. 12 State 
Alexander J. L. 14 Pemberton sq. 
Andrews J. L. 16 Pemberton sq. 
Apthoip R. E. 86 Devonshire 
Arey & Dickey, 57 Washington 
g AKER K. W. 59 Court, room 5 

■gARNES & CARTER, 50 School 

■DIED C. G. & CO. 13 Tremont 
•'-' row 

Blanchard Charles, 31 Exchange 
Brown J. H. 105 Washington 
Brown J. & Co. 81 Washington 
Brown AV. B. 5 Pemberton stjuare 
"pURNHAM W. G. & CO. 70 
■^ Devonshire 
Clapp J. B. & Son, 63 Court 
Clapp J. C. 17 Scars building 
Clark Wm. T. & Co. 122 Wash. 
nLARKE GEO. F. & CO. 113 
^ Washington 
Cobb E. W. 27 State, room 15 
Coffin & Gray, 31 State, room 1 
Collins A. D. 70 Devonshire 
Conway John, jr. 81 Wash., rm. 9 
Dearborn S. O. 105 Washington 
Dillon E. S. instate 
Drew Benj. 47 Court, room 6 
Eastman J. S. 101 State 
Edmunds Chas. 105 Wash. 
Eldredge J. T. & Co. 27 State 
Elliott Russell C. 40 Washington 
Evans B. S. 28 State, roohi 8 
Farnsworth E. S. 106 Washington 
Farrington H. 4 Congress square 
Fenno James W. 7 State 
Fiske O. W. 96 Washington 
Flanders O. H. 81 Washington 
Folsoni Charles R. 96 Wash. 
Forbes William W. 31 Exchange 
Foster D. W. 61 State, room 11 
pRENCH J. 80 Washington 

Fuller Samuel D. 32 Washington 
Gates Albert, jr., 86 Devmishire 
Gleason L. W. 102 Washington 
riOODWIN GEO. B. 84 Wash. 
^-^ room 6 
JJALE H. O. 36 Kilby 

Hall E. H. & Son, ^X Wash. 
TTARDING WM. B. 168 Dor- 
•^ Chester avenue 
Harris E. W. 29 Pemberton square 
Hart S. Rowland, 31 Exchange 
Haskins Ralph, 29 Pcmbeiton sq. 
Hawkes T. B. 70 Devonshire 
Hichborn Geo. R. & Co. IB Court 

Hunting G. F. 3 School 
Hyde J. F. C. 3 Court square 
Jackson F. H. & J. 40 State, rni. 10 
Jackson S. S. 15 Congress 
Jackson & Hill, 36 Kilby 
James & Bowen, 467 VV. Broadway 
Jones William, 13 Exchange, r'mS 
Kingsbury W. C. 18 Exchange 

Kuhn John, 17 Court 
Lincoln F. II. 54 Devonshire 
T LCE D. G. 7 Tremont row 

Mavnard J. W. 106 Washington 
Mclntire Charles, 40 Washington 
McNeil Francis, 357 Hanover 
Merrill John, 27 State, room 18 
Moore J. M. .^ Son, 31 Slate 
Monroe & Co. l."4 Wasli. 
TVIOKSE L. lOSTER, 113 Dud- 
■'''■'- ley, room 2 
Mullav John, 59 Court 
"]\,|Ui{RAY JAMES I. 48 State, 
■"^ room 6 

MIRRAY ROB'T A. 48 State, 
room 6 
J^AYLOR R. F. 89 Court, r'ln II 

■'■' Washington 
Nichols R. C. r.» Central 
Nichol.s Will. W. 417 W. Broadway 
Norrisll. A. IS Exchange 
O'Connor M. 6 Franklin ave. 
Peirce AV. P. & Co. 81 Wash, r'mll 
Peterson C. A. 86 Court 
Pierce AV. P. 13 Exchange 
Pinkham Clias. E. 46 Court, r'ml2' 
Porter Alex. S. 27 Slate 
poRTER J. K. & CO. 5 Court 
■*■ (see page 707) 




Power T. C. 15 School 
Priest D. II. & C... :i Tremont row 
Qniglcv Geo. V. & Co. 1700 Wash. 
QUINCV & CO. 17J Washington 
Koiid J. Stui'V, ."> 1 Liiiljcrtoii sq. 
Reed & Co. Ti rrici.d 
Ric» Homer, 4 C.mgress so. 
Kiilgwny Edward \V. 15 Congress 
Roberts U. S. 7 Tremont 
Ru..;sell S: Wallev, L7 State 
Saunders H. .'K Wusliington 
Sereaut & Hay, 23 Cunt 
Shattuck Isiiaj, 1-' S:ate 
Skilton Juliii, 18 Kveliange 
Spiuiicy Edwin B. i: Co. 15 Cong. 
Spooner S. KIG Blaekstoue 
Stra«- H. Levi. 27 .State 

•J a sciiooi, 

Thacher Wm. T. PJ<7 Wash. 
Tliaver E. E. E. 1 Pemberton sq. 
Thompson N. A. Si Co. 10 and 11 

Old State House 
Tilden Nelson H. t!l Sears bldg. 
Townsend T. W. 105 Wash 
Cuttle C. F. & Co. -'S School 
Vcazie J. A. 70 Stute 
A'ila .li):i.5ph. 13 C uigross 
Wakefield E. II. .n1 Wash. 
Warsli;iiiei-.I. (i'.ii; W-i'^hington 
Wliite Charles II. '1 Waslungton 
Whittemoie B. F. h<:> Wash. 
Willis James D. K. L'7 State, rra.18 

Binnev C. J. F. U Kilby 
Bird. Perkins. & .loii, 10.3 State 
Bixbv Thomas E. S: Co. 32 Cen- 
tral wharf [merce 
Blanehard Alfred & Co. 140 Com- 
Bridge, Lord. & C >. 17.'! State 
Clark Geo. P. .>i C ■. 104 State 
Cook Wm. & Co. 104 Cuml 
Coombs J. R. 127 Cmnmercial 
Dawes C. S. 182 Commercial 
Doane & Crowell, 105 Commercial 
Enierv J. S. & Cu. l.'>4 State 
Fitz firos. & Co. Ill Commercial 
Folger John B. X Co. 107 State 
Frothingham X. F. 104 State 
Hall J. G. & Co. 04 Chatham 
Haninim James \V. & Co. 3 Com'l 
Haskell .\saG. 51 India 
Haskell T. H. I.'O State 
Holt F. A. 7 India square 
Hunt Charles, 150 State 
Hunter Geo. W. & Co. 1 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Kilham, Loud, & Co. 21 Com'l 
Linnell J. W. 127 Com'l 
Lovell C. & .Son, head Com'l whf. 

CO. 27 Central (see page 729) 
Page David P. & Co. SO State 
Pickcrirg JI. F. & Co. 134 State 
Reed P. W. & Co. 73 Commercial 
Rvder Geo. G. & Geo. E. 101 Com'l 
Seaman A. & Co. 02 State 
Sturges R. C. & Co. 173 State 
Thayer & Lincoln, 104 State 
Vpton 11. P. 1 Commercial wharf 
■Walter John & Co. 108 State 
Weltch Samuel & C ). 129 State 
Wilde Geo. F. 128 State 

Alden J. H. 7 State 
Bangs Elisha 1). & Co. 88 State 
Bennett C. H. & Co. 12 State 
Hammett .Tames, S' State 
Mann & Rhodes, 31 State 
Stone & Downer, 28 State 
Worster S:Babson, basement Old 
State House 

Stock and Exchange. 
ASHLEY O. D. 102 State 
Attwood Gilbert & Co. 14 Mer- 
chants Exchange 
Ballon SI. R. fiO Devonshire 
Bates H. M. 2 State 
Bates & Albee, 43 Devonshire 
Beck Brothers, 80 Devonshire 
Bennett C. II. & Co. 12 .State 
Bolles >Iatthew & Co. 90 State 
Bradstreet & Vinton, 09 Devonsh'e 
Brewer James P. room A, Travel- 
ler building, .31 State 
Brewster Benj. 15 Kilby 
Brewster, Sweet, & Co. 40 State 
Broadhcad D. 1). 7 Doane 
Brown Benjamin & Sons, 56 State 
Brown J Howard, <X> Devonshire 
Brown, Rilev, & Co. 9 Congress 
T>URXHA.M W. G. & CO. 70 
■^ Devonshire 
gURR 4: FRANCIS, 15 Congress 

Chandler Albert F. 41 Devonshire 
Clark & Jones, 51 State and 14 Ex- 
change plaie 
Comins L. H 31 State 
Cowles, Lovejoy, & Co. 39 State 
Curtis Lawrence, 40 Kilby 

Cutter J. A. B. 21 Central 
Davis F. A. 2 Change avenue 
Davis James W. 2 Cliange avenue 
Davis Wm. F. 2 Change avenue 
Day R. L. & Cobb, 51 .State 
Doane Geo. A. 2 Change avenue 
Dwight Charles, 70 State 
Farley Gustavus, 2 Change ave. 
Farley J. P. 60 Devonshire 
Farley Robert, 2 Change avenue 
Fay Wilson W. & Co. 7 Traveller 

Foote & French. 7 Congress 
Fuller C. E. & Co. 2 .State 
Gilbert Samuel, 14 Mereh. Exch. 
ri I L L E Y J O II N E. M. 2 Old 
'-^ State House 
Gorham Francis, 15 Congress 

(RANT D. F. y Congress 


Hall C. C. 12 State 

Hall Henry, 4 Fanenil Hall sq. 

Hammett James, .'17 State 


-'"'- (auctioneers) 

TTAWLEY F. A. & CO. 41 Dev- 

-'"'• onshirc 

Hayward Charles L. 13 Exchange 

Head & Perkins, OS Devonshire 

Heath C. II. 2 Cliange ave. 

Heath F. A. 2 Change avenue 

Hill, Scott, & Co. 04 Devonshire 

Howe W. G. 2 Change ave. 


-■-'- 00 Devon., rm. 2 

Johnston T. A. 2 Change avenue 

Jones William, 13 Kxchange,r'm26 

Keith Wm. W. 15 Congress 

Lee, Danforth, & Co. 4 State 

Lee, Higginson, & Co. 44 State 

Lee John R. 40 State 

Lee Thos. J. & Hill, 00 State 

Lincoln C. D. Oi! Devonshire 

Long G. W. & Co. 24 Congress sq. 

Marey George O. 70 State 

Martin Joseph G. 10 State 

May Wm. B. 9 Traveller building 

Blead Samuel O. 2 Change ave. 

Mifflin B. C. & Co. 25 Congress sq. 

Monks Brothers, 490 Wash. 

Morse E. Rollins & Bro. 28 State 

Morse Geo. M., basement Old State 

Mussey E. W. 23 Congress sq. 
^ 70 State 

Parker & Cobb, 78 Devonshire 
Perkins Chas. E. 089 Washington 
Perkins T. Henry, 23 Congress sq. 
Peters & Parkinson, 27 State 
Pickering H. W. 48 State, room 5 
Pickering John, Si Moselej', 40 

State, room 24 
Pratt R. M. 103 State 
Pratt Wm. 103 State 
Prince John B. 00 Devonshire 
Putnam Chas. A. 00 State 
Randall O. G. & Co. 16 State 
Reed Wm. 31 State, room 11 
Rogers, Bush, & Co. 74 State 
Smith C. H. 54 Devonshire 
Smith C. W. 76 Devonshire 
Smith G. H. & Co. 102 State 
Soley J. J. 13 Exchange 
Spencer A. W. 31 State, room Z% 
Stevens, Amory, .t Co. .'19 State 
Stowell Joliii B". jr. 00 Devonshire 
Sturtevant J. D. ."lO .State 
Taylor & Co. ;! State 
Tenney B. F. 1 Post Office ave. 
Tower, Giddings. & Torrey, Dev- 
onshire, cor. Water 
Tyler W. C. 28 State 
Vila Joseph. 15 Congress 
Wainwright.^Am.rv,40 State, r'mlO 
Wheelock Joseph B. 31 State 
Wilder George E. 60 Devonshire 
Willett, Hamleii & (to. 30 Central 
Williams J. F. 2 Congress 
Wilson George, 48 State, room 3 
Worster S:Babson, basement Old 
State House 

Bronze for Boots and 


■DROWN B. F, & CO. 156 Com- 
^ mercial and 96 High (see page 

pAHILL M. S. 4 India square 

Bronze Ooods. 

TX7-ARREN M. C. & CO. (all gen- 
'' nine) 9 Dock sq. 

Bronze Powders. 

DONALD W. C. & CO. 20 Spring 
TTATCH & UFFORD, 19 Court 
-'--'- (see page 069) 
ORRS AM ■ ■■■ 

Bronze Statuary. 


■•^ Washington 


■*■ 2011 Wa.shingtoii 

CTE'ISON S. A. St. CO. 173 Tre- 

Bronzer and Klectro 

Whiteley II. 3 Province court 


T^OWNE ARTHUR, 3 Shawmut 
•^ (liquid) 

Broom Blanaifs. 

Annis C. W. 422 West Second 
Ilallard John, wo: kshop for the 

blind, 103 Bolton 
■•■ BLIND, 20 Bronifield (see p 

80S I 
Luis J. M. 424 West Second 
'* Chardon (rattan, see p. 70G) 
Wotton, Marden, & Co. 92 and 94 


Brush Manuracturers. 

Averill & Hunting, 101 Wash, and 

75 Austin, Ciianestown 
Burton, Fellows, ,>i Co. 21 Exc'ge 
J^ASTHAM W.W. 127 Broad 

Ilallard John, 103 Bolton 
■•-'J- MANUFACl'ORY, Murphy, 
Leavens, & Co. 28 Exchange 
Metallic Brusli Co., B. Poland, 

manager, 44 Ila.iover 
Morris Geo. G. & Co , F, c. Third 
■"■ Exchange 

Sheritt' & Co. 146 Washington 
'* teryniiiicli 
-^YHl'i'l^ <-'• f^ CO. i-iy. Exchange 

White D. & Sons, 27 Exchange 
Whiting J. L. 8 Blaekstonc 
Chaidoii ( see p; ge 700) 

Brush Veneers Alanuf. 

ri OLDSMITIl F. L. 30j^ Char- 
^-' don 

Building Materials. 

^ IRON CO. 5 Pemberton sq. 
TJ AYES MARTIN & CO. 3 and 5 
■'-'- Berkeley 

Lash A. F. 151 Essex (2d hand) 
Proctor J. & Co. 4.33 Ilardson ave. 
^ Swett, foot of Northampton, 

and 22 Congress square (see 

page 707 ) 

Building Al^overg. 

pLAIR JOHN S. 444 Harrison 

■'-' avenue 

Boyntoii Bros. & Freeman, 22 Con- 
gress, and 17 Coirt 

Cavanagli John, 107 W. Fourth 

Cavanaugh William R., foot of E, 
office, 207 E 

Drinan M. it Co. 93 Shirley 

Richards Sylvester & David, 39 
Lexington, Cliarlestown 

Bungs and Taps. 

Buokin luster E.F. 10 Beverly (mf J 

150 Portland 

Burglar Alarm Xele- 

prOLMES E. T. & CO. 70 
-'-'- Devonshire (see page 704) 
pEDDING J. & CO. 30 Hanover 
■'■'' (see page 004) 


Rogers Gorham & Co. 26 Cen'l wf 

Barker Bros. & Gardner, 26 Central 
Barker Wm. G. 1 Central wharf 
Eastern Burnetizing Works, 1 
Central wharf 

Burning Brands. 

BARNES & SMITH, 74 Wash- 
JACOBS BROS. 18 No. Market 
" (sec page 706) 



Burning Fluid. 

s PER; 

pORTER JOHN & CO. 46 India 

'» l.i'ii Trc-iiio 

ISiirr Mlllittones. 


•'--'- Ilavinarket square 

Wentwo til G. Henry, 1370 Trem t 

Burr Stone Cement. 

-'-'■ ilayniarket s(iuare 

JlSii»h llmnnters. 

•nEWICK C. F. & CO. 360 Dor- 
•^ Chester ave. 



Abbott R.. Brighton 

Boynton George, Western ave. 

Broch Ralph, Brighton 

Brooks Stephen, Abattoir 

Brooks Tunothv, Abattoir 

Chambi-rlaiu Bros., Cambridge 

Dana B. S., Brighton 

Dana Charles, Brighton 

Davis Samuel, jr. i; Son, Abattoir 

Dupee Ji'hn, Franklin 

Dyer I. T. ^^ ^ 

Dyer L. M. & Co., Abbattoir, No. 4 

Freitschiier & Co., Western ave. 

Golding .J., Brigliton . „ „ 

Goodenough H.B., Abattair,No.2 

Hollis George W., Abattoir, No. 1 

Hollis Hirani H., Abattoir, No. 1 

Hollis T. Quiucy, 

Horrigan 'I'homas, Abattoir 

Jackson Nathaniel, Abattoir 

Jordan H. W. 

Kane Martin, Rockland 

Keitz William. No. Harvard 

Lamed S;unuel S., Brighton 

Mavo &• Uyer, Abattoir, No. 3 

McBain William, Abattoir 

McLaughlin W., Washington, near 

Merriam J. W., Ab;ittoir 

Pratt Jeremiah, Cambridge, near 
Trotting parl< 

Sanderson Cliarles, Market 

Saunders & Hartwell, Union sq. 

Sawyer, Hollis, & Co., Abattoir 

Taylor Jacob F., Abattoir 

Weitz Augustus, Kiver 

Weitz William, River 

Whittaker F. 

"Whittaker H. & L. A., Abattoir 
Wilde G. & H. 

"Wilde Wni. B., Market 
Wilkins Walter, Western ave. 
ZoUer Edward, Brighton 
Zoller G. C, Brighton 
Zoller Henry, Western ave. 
Zoller J>ihii, Abattoir 
Lewis Martin G., Centre, near Al- 
lendale, W. Roxbury 
Werner V. 49 Chadwick 

Butt Hinge AlauufaC' 

MANUF. CO. 57 Oliver, H. 
\V. Brooks, agent (see front 
colored pai;e) 

22 Exchange 

Button Hole Alachineg. 




Edward Dewey, agt., 41 Avon 

JMPHREY BROS. 38 Chardon 



L. Wood, trustee, 55 Sudbury 

Button Hooks. • 

lARR M. W. & CO. 50 Sudbury 

Button Manufs. 

Boston Buttim Co. ."57 Cornliill 
Scovill Manuf. Co. 21 Beach 

Cabinet »Iakers. 

Armstrong George, 9 Change ave. 

Arnaud Derk, 107 Eustis 
Atkinson B. A. & Co. .39 Pleasant 
Beal,<: Peach, 91>^T:tica 
Bird F. H. 347 .Meridian 
■jioSSOM & BORSII, 52 Ware- 
■^ ham (see page 70tJ 

B RAMAN, SHAW, & CO. 27 

Brownel! B. C. .'S Sudbury 
Chadbourn Walier. Commercial, 

near Dorchester ave. ward 16 
Coffin & Ilovt, .ilS Harrison ave. 
nOLLINGS J. C. 37 Haverhill 

Coombs F. A. 97 Haverhill 
Costello Edward J. WX Utica 

CROSBY JOHN F. 52 Winches- 
nURRY P. W. & CO. 90 Utica 

Davenport James, Bowdoin, near 

Green, ward 16 
^ ince court 

Debock Matthew, 219 West Eighth 
Derby George II. 'JH Beverly 
Durant J. 70 Kingston 
■gLLIS JAMES, 94X Utica 

Oilman, Meade & Miller, 333 

Shawmut avenue 
Glover & Jones, Dorchester avenue, 

near Commercial, ward 16 
Hazlewood Samuel, Green, near 

Shawmut avenue, W. Roxbury 
Hixon E. .Si Co. 144 Tremont 
-riOLMES F. M. & CO. 186 Han- 
-'^ over 

Hottleman & Son, W. First, opp. E 
Howard James 11. W.) Haverhill 
Howard J. E. 146 Portland and 91 



Jelinek Chas R. 38;'. Federal 

Krasiiiski Anton 5; Co., Green, 
near the depot, W. Roxbury 


^ (see paiie 66.5 ) 

Lund J. J., 'Masonic Temple 


-''-*- Border, cor. Decatur, E. B. 

McDonnell W. I.'!8 Fulton 

Murphv J. 23 Derne 

Noone Michael, 16 Beverly _ 

Norwood & Crosby, Commercial, 
opp. Ellsworth, ward 16 

Perkins D. B., Lincoln, near Main, 

Perrv L. M. 2K Pvnchon 

Proud Brothers, 137 Border 


■•■ Richmond 

Rinn Brothers, 477 Tremont 

Roberts C. B. 14:i Cabot 

Robinson Geo. W. 139 Border 
•J Tremont 

Scales J. & H. 490 Tremont 
•J Washington 

^-^ 52Wareham {seepa;-'efi95) 
Boule John O. & Co., Commercial, 

near Dorchester ave. ward 16 
Soyard C. J. -"^W Tremont 
Stephens C. II. 1752 Washmgton 
rpAYLOR H. R. 1908 Washing- 
■•- ton (patent drawer) 
Thwaites Wm. G. 85 Hudson 
Touissaint W. & Co. .i26 AVash. 
Waldman & Myers, 3 Tremont row 
Walsh Wm. lo'l Merrimae 
Watts Edward, 23 Harvard 
Weafer Richard, 2 Irving 
Weeks jSl. T. C. 28 Eustis 
Wetherbee G. G. 132 Portland 
Whalan Geo. J., Plymptou, near 
Harrison avenue 

Cabinet Makers' Sup- 

Farless & Boynton, 13 Cornhill 

GOLDSMllTI F. L. 36X Char- 
don (headless wire nails) 

Calico Pi-«nters' Sup. 

150 State 

Calking Cotton. 

Morss A. S. 210 Commercial 
Caloric Engines. 

rpRIPP A. W. 277 to 281 South 

Cameo Cutter. 

King John C. 5 Hamilton place 
Camera Box Alanufs. 

tr IMBALL C. C. 19 Spring lane 

Roberts Bros. C Franklin avenue 
Wing Simon, Cambridge, n. Som- 
erville line, Charlestown 

Camp Stools. 

A tip. 

Can Afanufactnrers.' 

HOLLIS C & G. 11 Custom Ho. 
street (see page 6S0) 

Cancelling Stamps. 

pUTTER, TOWER, & CO. 117 
^ Devonshire 

Cane Furniture. 

PartheimuUer F. 4 Lowell place 

Canvas Cot Bedsteads. 

pOBBINS W. H. 12 Marshall 

Cap Makers. 

Bent & Bush, 273 Washington 
Brinkman Theo. 116 W. Broad wy 
Gould G. F. 119 Washington 
Hollander J. L. 19 Province court 
Louis & Cohen. .i.'W Wash. 
Ryan C. Miss, 28 Winter (dress) • 
Sanger & Baseh, "." Harrison ave. 
Schlossberg A.31 Kingston 
Streeker Bros. 101 Summer 
Taylor G. M. ,v Son, 2KG Washing- 
ton (and cloth hats) 
Wolff William, 656 Harrisonave. 

Capstans. (Poirer <t- Common.) 

(see page 662) 

Car Seat Manufs. 

Boston Furniture and Car Seat 
Recoloring Co. 121 Court, rm. 18 

CO. 139 Friend 

Car Springs. 

T. C. Loturop, man. 41 West 
New Eng. Car Spring Co., Stephen 

G. Deblois, a^ent. 9 Doanc 
New York Car Spring Co., M. C. 
& F. H. Andrews, agts. 23 Cent'l 


.. - I 
97 State 

■Li India 

Cardigan Jacket M'nf. 

Barnes Amos, Spring, near depot, 
West Roxbury 



HATCH & UFFORD, 19 Court 
(see paire tO.i) 
Perkins Lamson E., Suffolk place 


Cartls. (S*ow.) 
pUTMAN E. G. 213 Washington 

IVrARSHALL J. P. C. 122Wash- 

■"■*• ington 

Care and Management 
of Beal Kstate. 

pORTER J. K. & CO. 5 Court 
■^ (see page 707) 

Carpenters <fe Builders. 

Abbott Nathaniel T. 1293 Shawmut 

Adams W. D. 1196 Harrison ave. 

Albright John G., Albright court, 
ward 16 

Alexander W. B. rear 218 Shaw- 
mut ave. 

Ames S. & H. 71 Favette 

Annable C. C, Castle, c. Harr. av. 

Atkinson Robert J. 16 No. Russell 

Bacon J. F. 29 Fulton 

Bail , F, corner .Athens 

Bailcv H. 26 Everett, E.B. 

Bailev Paul, 68 Hrenn'n 

Baleli F. 14 Webster ave. 

Baldwin F. J. & Co. r. 1200 Trem't 

Barker C. & Co. 104 Travers 

Barker George, 'M Beverly 

pARKER J AS. A. 61 S. Margin 

Barker J. II. 52 Charles 
Barnes Curtis. IN2 Portland 
Bartlett K. L. 245 Federal 
Bartlett Henry J. 6.5 Warcham 
Barton William, Davenport's Mill, 



Barton Z. L. 45 Winslow 

Batcheldor J. S. 17 Court 

Bates Jnines \V. G4 Broiid 

Bates I.. I., roar 18 15edtord 

Battiscin Will. -'47 Harrison ave. 

Beal J. II. i',11 C.nisress 

Bean Ivorv, 17 Court 

Beekler D'. \V. KW Lehigh 

Bell James A., Broad, eor. Oliver 

Bennett S. P,, Chestnut, e. Charles 

Benson C. "l". 1-0 Ciiarlestown 

Berry D. A. i'A K 

Berry N. F., Mt. Washington ttTe., 

cor. Federal 
Blaukmaii Wni., Chapman, corner 

Blanihard II. W., Walnut, near 

Xepoii'Ct avenue, ward 1(5 
Blodgett C. II. «l(i Shawmut ave. 
Blood Wni.G. 121 Eliot 
Boles Warren, ^5 Bowkcr 
Bonnell H. C, .">8 Wincliester 
Bordin Ar:hur W. 17;! Eliot 
Bourn & L?avitt, 14(i .Mt. Vernon 
Bowers Alonzo, 17.! Portland 
Bowker Benj. C, Glide, ward 16 
Bowker George W., 57:! Albany 
Boj'd Thompson, 568 Dorchester 

ave.. ward 16 
Bovson W. i2 West Sixth 
Bracket* Ilenrv L. WS Travers 
UROWN E6EN F. 6UI Albany 

Brown G. H. & Co. 51X 'Wareham 
Brown Hugh W., .149 Warren 
Brown J. E. & N. 174 Federal 
Brown Thomas S. )il No. Russell 
Brown T. G. 6 Artisan's block, 

Union Park street 
Bruce Pereival A. 8 India 
"OURGESS L. M. 84 Chardon 

Burgess R. X. 84 Chardon 
Burnhain G. T. & Co. 16 Beverley 
Burr Theophilus, 17 Blossom 
Burrouahs G. W.& Co. 82 Chardon 
Burt J."H. & Co., Blue Hill ave., 

near Norfolk, ward 16 
Butler James A. .'!! No. Anderson 
Bvron John M. 664 Harrison ave. 
Cahill W. H. HH Dover 
Ciimpbell McKav, ;!8 Orleans 
Caniev Juhii J. .WO E. Fourth 
riARU JOHN F. 71 W. Dedham 
^ (see page (jJ2) 
Chandler Moses E. 89 Chapman 
Chapman J. M. 91 Chapman 
Chapman William, 185 Hanover 
Chase Sanmel S. 121 Ruggles 
Chase S. Y. 169 Border, E.B. 
Cheney Artcmas F. 8.58 Albany 
nllESLEY S. M. & CO. 71 Ware- 
^ ham, order box 17 Court 
Christian J.C.foot Atherton, Egle- 

ston square 
Clapp Brothers, 147 Border and 17 

Clark Eben C. Thornley, ward 16 
Clark F. O. rcnr 187 Dorchester 
Cleaves S. L. 264 Border 
Clement & Cressv, 17 Court 
Clifford J. J. 3fi0 "Federal 
Clough Wm. P. 146 Mt. Vernon 
Cloustoii Wm. 9 Lime 
Coffin U. II. 31 Plvmpton 
Colcord B. F. & Co. 475 Tremont 
Colter John, Adams, cor. Dickens, 

ward 16 
Conant Fred. P. 75 W. Dedham 
Cooper & Co. 31 Way 
Corbett Philip F. :33 Province 
Cotton Lewis £. ."3 Province 
Cowen & Vaughn, r. 1293 Shaw.av. 
Cowdin Wm. K. 1:^1 Ruggles 
Cox George D. 3 School 
Cox Thos. W. & Judah H., 4 Cox 

building and 143 Washington 
Craig D. W. 98 Emerson 
Crawford & JIcGaragle, 60 Char- 
Crcber Francis C. 15 Winslow 
Creesy & Noyes, 5.'1 to 59 Wareham 
Crcssey Darwin M., Russell pi. 
Crimp" John E. 16 Lincoln 
^ Mechanics' block. EastWal- 

tham (see page 7.31) 
Crosby & Dakin, 220 Pynchon 
Cummings S: Carlisle. 17 Court 
Cunningham G. H. 308 Bolton 
Curtis T. J. 79 West Dedham 
Damon C. A. 32 Tyler 
Damon Davis, "J.Vl Border, E. B. 
Damon Henry. 79 W. Dedham 
Damon M. 14 Hawkins 
Damrell & Long, 4 N. Russell 
Danforth Thomas S. 75 Ruggles 
Davenport Calvin, Green, n. Bow- 

doin, ward 16 
Davenport Harvev, 82 Chardon 
Davies Daniel & Son, 154 Mt. Ver- 
non, and 17 Court 
Davis C. B. 104 Travers 

Davison & Brnndage, 156 State 
Dean Jaivis W. 4 Winslow 
Dearborn J. B. & Son, 2 Pine • 
Delano J. W. 75 West Dedham 
DcLue George Y. 61 Tyler 
J)ELUE J. II. 44 Lincoln 

Delue Wm. II. 235 Federal 
D'Entiemont A. 120 Tyler 
Ditson Horatio, 54 Kingston, and 

17 Court 
Dobson J. IS Province court 
Dohertv Bros, rear 67 Warren 
Dohert'v J. 37 Fleet 
Domiviiu 1). J. 118 Dover 
])OW DANIEL, 200 Portland 

Dowling Mark, 54 Kingsten 
Downing & Co., Dorchester ave., 

near Richmond, ward 16 
Driseoll M. 12 Swan 
■HROWN J. FRANK, 690 Wash- 
■^ iiigtjn 

Dunbar Luther W. 271 Charles 
Dupee Charles, 32 Lancaster 
Dupee Louis, 4 Mechanics block, 

Waltham, near Harrison ave. 
Earl & Marks, rear 220 Federal 
Easterbrook Isaac. 7 River 
Eaton Alonzo J. 16 North Russell 
PLDER GEO. G. & SON, 401 
■'^ Albany and 17 Court 
•^ Tremont 

Emery A. J. 75 West Dedham 
Ewell Charles, Green, near Bow- 

doiii, ward 16 
Fairfield E. C. 117 Mcrrimac 
Farrcll .>t Yeaton, :) JMechanics blk. 
T^^ERNALD GEO. S. 47 Ware- 
-*■ ham 

Fifield O. 1194 Harrison avenue 
Finn W. B. & M. D. 168 Dover 
Fisk A. B. rear Manson & Peter- 
son's mill, Border 
Fitch Jonas & Co. .383 Federal 
Fitzgibbon E. J. 178 West Second 
Flanders B. II. 285 South 
Fletcher J. F. rear 67 Warren 
Flynn Henry, 208 West Fourth 
Folsom James A. 154 Mt. Vernon 
I\ird Alfred, Stoughton, corner 

Humphreys, ward 16 
Ford Daniel H. 101 W. Brookline 
Foster Jacob, Foster, near Dorch. 

avenue, ward 16 
Fowle Wm. E. K., Hancock, near 

Columbia, ward 16 
Frame James, 99 Border, E.B. 
Freeman Albert, 105 Merrimac 
French, Emerson, & Co. 635 Fourth 
Frizell Charles. 37 Troy 
Frost J. JI 2 Bread 
Fuller Chas. C, 618 Albany 
Fuller L. L. 11 Pemberton square 
Gift'ord & Goodwin, 112 Beverly 
Gilbert Cummings, 1560 Wash. 
Gilbert John, 1206 Harrison ave. 
Gillespie John W. 6 Artisan's blk. 

Union Park street 
Glidden R. T., Myrtle, n. Stough- 
ton, ward Ifi 
Goodwin A. E. 267 Tremont 
Gould D. F. 31 Way 
Grace F. E. & Co. 5"6 Cove 
Grant D. 142 Tyler 
Grant D. R. 80^ Northampton 
Greber F. C. 15 Winslow 
Greenleaf J. W., East Canton, cor- 
ner Albany » 
Grimes & Murray. 31 Bowker 

HADLOCK J. E., Neponset, wd. 
HiiU & Eaton, 160 F 
Hancock & Greely, 17 Court 
Hanning James, 621 Harrison ave. 
Hanson A. 84 Hudson 
Harding Valentine, 73 Dover 
Harding & Nelly, Albany, near 

East Canton 
Ilargrave George, 33 Central sq. 
Harrinian N. G. 151 Portland 
Hart Nathaniel O. 75 Wareham 
Harvey A. F. 52 Charles 
Haskell T. F. 57 Joy 
Hathaway A. foot River 
Hawes Benj. & Son, 158 Harr. ave. 
Ilawkes Benj. 254 East Dover 
Hayford Warren, 88 Chapman 
Heath Dana. 134 Charlestown 
Hildreth J. W. 231 Broad 
Hill Jacob J. 65 Wareham 
Hilt Henry, Park, near the depot, 

ward 16" 
nine E. B. 2 Creek sq. 
-'--^ vard place 
Holbrook & Harlow, H, between 

Second and Third 
Holden Henry A. 7 Mechanics blk. 

•'-'■ Creek square 

fTOPKINS A. C. & CO. a 
■^■^ Wareham 

Horgan Timothy H.46 Lincoln 
Hucstis B. II. & C. P. 260 Broad 
JJ^UFF OWEN, 399 Albany 

Hughes & Downing, ."3 Travers 
Hughson is; Co. 122 Shawmut ave. 
Huiikins J. B. 164 ijover 
Hunt Wm. 500 Harrison avenue 
Hunt & Anderson, 8 Cherry 
Hutchinson W. 735 E. Sixth 
Ingalls James, 5 Garden 
Irving & Casson, 32 Sudbury 
Jackson James, 127 Rugbies 
James Wm. 31 Richmond 
Johnson A. 175 Eiidicott 
Johnson A. 47 Zie";Ier 
Joyce Alonzo, 40 Batterymarch 
Keene J. B. & J. W. 656 Dorch. av. 
Kenney Henry, 1.33 Border 
Kent Barker B. .3118 Commercial 
Keyes Thomas, 43 Foundry 
King Z. 242 Hanover 
Kingsbury & Co. 121 Ruggles 
J^NOX & COFFIN, 5 Jackson pi. 

T AMINO & DRISKO, Swett, c. 

^ Reed and 17 Court 

Lapliam R. M., Bowdoin avenue, 

ward 16 
Leach Stutson, 127 Ruggles 
Leach & Ivinson, 37 Eliiiwood 
Leavitt Frank. 146 Mt. Vernon 
Leavitt & Blaisdell, 5 Mechanics 

block, Waltham 
Lehmann J. C. A. 700 Washington 
Lewis Asa, 11 East Springfieltl 
Lewis John, 412 Hanover 
Lewis William 11., Chestnut, cor- 
ner Charles 
Libbcy A. B. 90 Utica 
Lincoln Geo. L. 80 North 
Litchfield Ira, 16 N. Russell 
Littlefield A. P., River, n. Wash- 
ington, ward 1(! 
Lockhart Samuel, 399 Albany 
Loughlin James, Pynchon, ne^r 

New Heath 
Low W.A. & T. C. 1.32 Harrison av. 
Lund J. C. 1.50 Charlestown 
Lvdstoii A. H. 48 Winslow 
l^vfonl Tliniiias & Co. 21 Barrett 
■^'-*- 47 \\'archam 
Magrath Jolm, 4.53 Tremont 
Mainland John Y. .37 Trov 
Blair Alexander, 82 Chardon 
Malone Edward, 51 North Margiii 
"IVr A N S O N & PETERSON, 101 
■"■'- Border, cor. Decatur, E. B. 
Marlow John B. 1 Mechanics blk. 
Marshall Samuel, 87 Hudson 
Marshall Wm. 5 Mason 
Marston J. F. 2;54 Broad 
Marston J. M. 6 Taber 
Mason J. O. 98 Travers 
McAleer I. 21 Province 
McDonald Donald, 5 Mechanics 

block, Waltham 
McGonagle Charles. 1 No. Centre 
McKay D. H. 3 Tremont row 
McKechnie Edward, Humphrey's, 

ward 16 
McLaren A. & J. 13.5 Border 
McLean Isaac, 34 Province 
McNeil & Bros., Commercial, near 

Shamrock, ward 16 
lyrcNUTT J. J., Novelty Wood 
■"^ Works, Wareham, cor. Mai- 
Merrill S. W. ,32 Tyler 
Merriman Thomas, 20 Norfolk 
Miller James E. 4 Gates 
Moore J. Newlnirn pi. 
Morrison J. W. 47 Wareham 
Morrison N. M. 20 Pitts 
Morse William, 4 Mall 
Jlorton C. B. 169 Hanover 
Morton & Chesley, 71 and 73 Ware- 
Moulton David, 175 Portland 
Munroe Henry, 16 Chapman pi. 
Murphy John, 453 Tremont 
Murray Alexander, 46.5 Blue Hill 

Newell S. 178 W. Second [wd. 16 
Nichols P. P., Park, near Adams, 
NickersonA. R. & Co. 16 North 

Nowell C. 86 Church 
Nowell G. 86 Church 
Nowell O. S. 690 Washington 
Noyes J. & C. A. 5 Province court 
Oaknian Henry P., 1 Oakman 

OJTiONAHUE P. 434 Harrison 
-'-' avenue (see page 687) 
PATTERSON WM. 3 Arti.sans' 
block. East Union Park street 
(see page 709) 
Peard W. .54 A 
Perkins David, 68 Kingston 
Perkins E. A., Fulton, ward 16 



Perkins S. S. IT Court 
pERKINS & WEEKS, 57 Joy 

Persons J. R. & Co. 33 Travers 
Peterson & Goodwin, 77 Joy 
Pickering Leonard, Bremen, near 

Maverick, E. B. 
Pickett J. S!) Chapman 
Pickett \Vm. B., 35 Orleans, E. B. 
Pierce Jolin, 134 Cliariestown 
Pike Andrew, 87 Causew ay 
Pike Geo. S. 117 MeiTimac 
Pike Job R., Clicstnut, cor. Charles 

PINKIIA.M A. B. ly Province 

Pinkliarn A. B., Church pi. wd. 16 
Poland D. E. & Co. 118 Water 
Poland W. C. & Son, 17 Court 
Pope James, Adams, near Dorch. 

avenue, ward Hi 
Porter George, 2 Pine 
Powers James, 27y Norfolk ave. 
Purdy J. D. 7U0 Washington 
pUTNAM J. H. K CO., 29 
■*• Plympton (see page 730) 
Pratt V. h. .1 Beach 
Quigley H. K. & W.B. 1700 Wash. 
Quimby Ira B. 4 Murray ct. E. B. 
(Juinn John F. 151 Fourth 
Randall J. AV. 00 Piedmont 
Rawson John, 2 Meclianics block, 

Read Alton G. 171 Dudley 
Reed Otho H. 18'J1 Washington 
Rhoades D. 84 l\jlton 
Rice Thomas, Chipman, ward 16 
Richards Henry, Linden, ward 16 
■t'' Beverly 

Rickcr & Randall, 60 Piedmont 
Ripley A. S. 55 Knierald,order-box 

17 Court 
Roberts C. F. 20 Pitts 
ROBERTS H, & SON, 132 Dover 
Robinson Seth, 166 Harrison ave. 
Robinson W. S. 500 Harrison ave. 
Rogers T. B. 20 Prince 
Rose Fabius, 1200 Harrison ave. 
Rumrill & Stanton, 183 AVarren, 

cor. Walnut ave. 
■pUNEV FRANK, 89 Cliapraan 

Russell True, rear 67 Warren 
Sanders Wni. 165 West Fourth 
Schell F. A. 21 King 
Scofield O. B. Conim'l, opposite 

Ellsworth, ward 16 
Scott Russell, 1293 Shawmut ave. 
Scars J. H. 17 Court 
ia land 

Seymour F. 50 Cliariestown 
Shaw L. W. 43 Way 
Sheehan J. 88 West Broadway 
Sherwood G. H. 37 Troy 
Silloway Nath'l A. 13 N. Anderson 
Simmons Charles, head of Sum- 
ner. E.B. 
Simmons Hiram, 9 Lime 
Smith C. S. 148 Portland and 93 

Smith Edward N. 91 Chapman 
Smith N. S. 313 West Fourth 
Smith William, 20 Bowker 
Smith W. N. 313 West Fourth 
Snow Joel, 110 Portland 
Soule William & Co. 107 Albany 
Southard W. W. 312 Commercicl 
Spear J. Q. A., Wash. av. wd. 16 
Si)ence Andrew, 4 Head place 
Spencely C. J. r. 23 Sawyer 
Si)illaneJ. J. rear 12Longwood av. 
Sprague James H. rear 67 AVarren 
Stackpolc Albert, 36 North Russell 
Statlord Rowland, 278 Federal 
Stedman Albert, 101 AV. Brookline 
Steele A. E. 110 Portland 
Stetson C. P. 128 Cambridge 
Stevens John S. 67 Beverly 
Stewart Wm. H. 309 Albany and 17 

Stiles L. D. 75 West Dedham 
Stockman John A. foot W. Wal- 
nut Park 
Stone George, 179 Cambridge 
Stone Marshall S. 33 Tyler 
Strout A. J. rear 67 AVarren 
Stubbs Samuel, 17 Court 
Studley Bros., Park, n. the Depot, 

ward 16 
Studicy & Cunningham, 20 Lenox 

86 Beverly 
Surles H. R., Culvert, n. Tremont 
Sutherland John A 67 Bartlett 
Swallow Calvin, 17 Court 
Swett Sonmel, 1208 Harr. ave. 
Talpey .lohn L. 44 Lincoln 
Tate M. AV. rear 267 Tremont 
Tatro George, 12.") W. Brookline 
Tenney & AVIiite, Blossom place 
Tewksburj' Jolm I>. 3 Eutaw court 
Thaxter if. 66 Tyler 

Thomas Joseph M. 41 Way 
Thompson Miles, rear 14 AVarren 
Thwing C. G. 118 Dover 
Tibbetts A. J . 5 Statlord 
Tilden Chris, jr. 85 and 87 Warren 
Tobin & Best, 11 Chadwick 
Tolman F. H. 52 AVinchcster 
Tomlinson R. 235 Federal 
Towle Sanmel F. 15;10 AVashington 
Towle S. F. & Co. 27 Bowker 
Towne John, .34 McLean 
Townseud George O. 26 Avery 
Tupper & AVade, 2:« D 
A'au IJcisen M. 68 Kinsston 
AVakefield Jeremiah, ^it9 Albany 
Walcott F. D. 2 Creek square 
Warner J. R., Castle, c. Harr. ave. 
Warner VV. H. 230 Federal 
Wate.'s S. T. 13 Castle 
Weaver Robt. C. 10 E. Springfield 
Webster F. W., Hancock, corner 

Columbia, ward 16 
Welis O. S. 117 Merrimac 
Weltch Henry, rear 267 Tremont 
We.n J. AV. rear 218 Federal 
Wester John D. 193 Dudley 
Wetmore Brothers, 14.! Cabot 
Whitcomb Benj. D. 25 to 33 Ware- 
ham, and 17 Court 
White P. & W. S. 80 North 
Wier Brothers. 131 Border 
Wilbur N. S. 17 Court 
AVilder B. C, Dorch. avenue, near 

Commercial, ward 16 
AA'ile& Libby, 3 Artisans block, 

Union-park street 
AVillcutt John, 113 Merrimac 
AVilloughby Wm. AV. 84 Leverett 
A\'ilson Bros, rear 1769 AVash. 
Wilson & Stedman, 125 AV. Brook- 
Wiswell AV. rear 839 East Fourth 
^ ' ham 

Wittaker H. E. .37 Beverly 
AA'ood Moses, 6S Kingston 
AVright John, 75 AVest Dedham 
AVylie Charles, 5 Jackson place 
Young C. H. 101 AV. Brookline 

Berry I. W., AUston 
Bowers Chas. S. rear Town Hall 
Campbell John G., Oak souare 
Davenport Samuel, Franklin 
McCausland John H., AVashington 
O'Connell Daniel, Washington 
AVadleigh Joseph C., AVestcrn ave., 
rear Charles River Hotel, Brigh- 
ton Corner 

Archer Edwin AV. 36 South Edeu 
Barron Geo. A., Cambridge, near 

Somerville line 
Brown Amos, 46 and 50 Lawrence 
Brown AVni. 5 Sullivan 
Burns Lawrence, 80 Decatur 
Cass John, 25 Clielsea 
Harmon Benj. 95 Bartlett 
Hill Joseph AV. 34 South Eden 
Jones Jesse U. AViUiams 
Longworth J. H. 4 Homestead pi. 
Lord J. B. & Co. 410 Main 
l/und AVm. jr. 37 Lexington 
Maynard J. B. 80 School 
Meserve John B. 29 Miller 
Moxon W. S. 4JIomestcad place 
Norris E. J. 8.5 Kichmond 
Patterson AVilliam, Richmond, n. 

Shaw & Stockbridge, 61 Harvard 
Starbird Geo. M. 10 Sullivan 
Stone Charles S. 38 South Eden 
Stone Cyrus, 326 Main 
Stone Joseph, 42 Chapman 
Tucker D. S. 5 South Eden 
Ward & Co. 506 Main 
AVellin^on Charles W. rear 151 

Med ford 
Wilson Jeremy, 12 Wood 
Wilson J. B. 45 Chelsea, cor. Gray 
Wyman Earle, 639 Main 

Ayers A. A., Green, n. Shaw. ave. 
Benedict & Foster, Centre, oppo. 

AVaite's block 
Bruhn Theodore, Curtis.n.Boyls'n 
Deshon Orlando, Walkhill, near 

Fogg Charles AV., Centre.n.Perkins 
Havey G. A., Ashland, near Shaw- 
mut avenue 
Jordan H. R. & Co., Green, cor. 

Union avenue 
Leroy Charles, Lamartine, near 

Lincoln Paul, Green, n. Centre 
Nickerson Andrew J., Beethoven, 

near Acadia 
Koycs C. D. & F. A., Montgomery, 

near Baker 

Eendall John D., Centre, opposite 

White's block 
Rogers Alexander, Poplar, opp. 

Brown ave. n. Hilburn ave. 
Shaw Joseph P., Green, corner 

Brookside avenue 
Smith Edward, Spring Park, near 

Spear Geo. A., Bellevue, c. Centre 
Sumner AVilliam S., Star lane, neat 

Thurlough Reuben, Roslindale 
Tobin Lawrence F., Green, near 

Trott George P., Centre, opposite 

Greenough avenue 
Walker Gideon, Green, opp. the 

Wason Jas. AV., .Spring, n. Baker 
W'aterman Ansel H., Spring, near 

Wester John D., Elm, n. Green 
Wood II. A., Poplar, near South 


Carpenters' Tools. 

WARREN M. C. & CO. 9 Dock 
'' square 

Carpenters' <fe Builders' 

HALLETT G. W. & CO. 84 
WARREN M. C. & CO. 9 Dock 
'' square 

Cstrpet Bags. 

J^ICH & YOUNG, 86 Union 

Carpet Cleaning. 

Boston Air Carpet Cleaning Co. 

112 East Brookline 
Carter G. AV. 513 Albany 
■PATON & GATES, 348 Wash- 
■*-' ington (see page 674) 
N. Y. Carpet Renovating Co. 39 

O'Leary Patrick, Albany, near E. 

CMART RICHARD, Beacon, n. 
*^ Parker 
Thompson A. H. & Co., Emerald, 

corner Chapman 
^ CO., C. II. Walker, Camb'dg, 
corner Charles 


■DROOKS AV. P. B. & CO. 114 
-^ Blackstone, 9 Marshall, and 

151 Hanover 
Carstensen A. 60 and 02 Meridian 
Childs, Crosby, & Lane, 116 Tre- 
Crowell C. II. 387 Washington 
Cunningham B. P. & Co. 296 Wash. 
POLSOM A. & SUNS, Long- 
^ wood ave. (nianufs. floor oil 

•pOAVLE, TORREY, & CO. 168 
■^ and 170 AVashington 
^ KNIGHT, 43 and 45 AVash. 
•'-'- successorstoGeorgeW. Chip- 
man & Co. 93 Court and 5 
Ilervcy Win. H. & Co. 5 Union 
Learnard & IIartle3', 78 Hanover 
T OVEJOY J. & SONS, 178 and 
■«-' 179 Tremont 

Mcintosh M. 61 Hampshire (man- 
N. E. Carpet Co. 373 AVash. 
pEASLEY & BOND, 47 Wash- 
^ ington 

pRAY J. H. SONS & CO. 328 
■*■ and 3Si> Washington 
Putney & Corson, 75 Court 
Thayer & Sears, 322 AVashington 
Roxbury Carpet Co. 7X Beacon 

CarpetiuKS (Oil.) 

POLSOM A. & SONS, Longwood 
■"■ avenue 

Carpet Joining. 

rjHIPMAN GEO. AV. 5 Hanover 

Chipman G. AV. & Co., Sherman, 
near the R. R., Cliariestown 

Mayall Manuf. Co., Geo. AV. May- 
all, agent, 22 Custom House at. 

Carpet IMnkers. 

Beck E. Mrs. 36 Lawrence 
Berry Rachel D. 37 Knccland 



Blake Sarah P. Mrs. 3 Champney 

Clark Maria F. 45 Piedmont 
Englisli Philip, jr. SS-t W. B'way 
Farrell Maigaiet -V. otiO Harr. ave. 
Fisk Caroline H.i;W Eliot 
Hurley Mary Mrs. I'i) Taber, wd. 13 
Leavih Sarah Sirs. 37,) Charles 
Nye A. S. Mrs. G8 Albion 
Osgood Harriet Miss, 8 Plymouth 

PearsaU Thomas, 40 Temple place 
Rcagh Sarah J. iMiss, oU Hudson 
Kowell M. A. .')!! Kneeiand 
Stewart Elizabetli, 6 Carroll i)lace 
Stoddard Harriet G. 16 Atlantic 

Carpet Sweepers. 

■^yEED OTISH. S: CO. I'o Court 

Carriage Builders. 

(See also tllieelarighls.) 

NY, .12 Broad 
-^ cor. West Third 
Bailev .1. H. *: Co. 43 Bowker 
UALKAM CYHUS.Neponsetav. 
■'-' near Walnut, ward 16 
Bartlett Francis E. % Travers 
J^ATES A. M. 09 and 71 Union 

Bird George H., River, near Blue 
Hill avenue, ward HJ 

Blood & Judkius, 14a Beach 

Brainard E. H., Dorchester ave., 
corner Sixth 

Brown B. F., Bowdoin, near Ge- 
neva, w ard IG 

Burnside A. 21.10 Washington 

Carroll Bros., H, cor. E. Second 

Currier W. A. 13 Temple place 

Danielson & Jolmson, 24.i Charles 

Dowd James, 77 West Fifth 

Eaton H. R. lI79Trenioiit 

Emond & Quinsley, AVilliams, c. 

Finnegan M. A., Wash., n. Dorch. 
avenue, ward 16 

Frye J. 435 Dorchester 

Gilchrist Wni. 171 Border, E.B. 

nUKNEY J. THEO. 24 Warren, 

^^ and 3 to 5 Taber 


"*-■*- kins 

Hayes D. M., Washington, opp. 
Reservoir House, Biij^hton 

J^IMBALL BROS. 112 Sudbury 

Merriam G. C, Dorch. ave. near 

Conunercial, ward 16 
Merrifield Hosea !■'., Brighton, cor. 

Western ave., Brighton 

rlTCHELI^ & CO. I'J to 25 Eliot 


Newman A. W. 44 Enstis 
Nichols D. P. & Co. 118 W. Brook- 
Penn, Baldwin, & Co. 264 Friend 

Perry Bradford, 90 W. Brookline 
Pray Bros., E. Concord, c. James 
Riddle Bros. 1 to 12 Noifolk ave. 
Russ C. &. Co. 26:3 Northampton 
RvanJoseph T. S3 Hampden 
'■-' and 73 Sudbury 
O ARGENT WM. P. & CO. 14 
*-' Sudbury and 155 Tremont 
Sargent ^ Ham, 26 to 30 Bowker 
Scott John A. 42 to 46 Warren 
Shapleigh & Gemeiner, 1734 Wash. 
Slade Howard, 263 Federal and 28 

and 30 East 
Smith John, 323 Dorch. avenue 
Smith John T. 1826 Washington 
Taylor O. G. 303 West Thiid 
Thomas Chauncy, foot Chestnut 
"Warnke E. 59 Palmer 
Webb Wni. W. 17 Court 
■Welcome F. F. 101 Sunnier, E.B. 

Bryant John, 15 Austin 
Louer & Rice, 41 Chelsea 
Robiusou Benj. F. 50.S Main 

West Roxhury. 
Dickson Alexander, Green, near 

Henderson P. H., South, n. Keyes 
McDonald Alexander, Green, near 

Wallace Edmund, Green, corner 

Union avenue 

Carriage Uepositories. 

-"- NY, ,32 Broad 
gATES A. M. 69 and 71 Union 

pOLMAN JI. & SON, 121 to 125 
'-' Portland and 190 Friend 

Emond & Quinsley, Williams, cor- 
ner AVashington 
Gilchrist Wni. 152 Border 
rjUKNEY J. TIIEO. 24 Warren 
^^ and 3 to 5 Taber 
Isburgh & Walker, 8 and 10 East 
l^iaiBALE BROS. 112 Sudbury 

Riddle Edward & Son, 126 Union 
'-' to 73 Sndburv 
CARGENT W'M. P. & CO. 14 
^ Sudbury and l.i.5 Tremont 
Thurston it Strong, 189 Sumner 
Walker & Co. 25 and 27 Haverhill 

Carriage <Taek8. 

Moore G. P. 230 Congress, corner 

Carriage Painters. 

rpUTTLE J. W. 147 Beach 

Donnelley Francis J., Wash., opp. 

Reser\'uir House, Brightini 
Polcchin Joseph, Allstou, Brigliton 

Clark Enoch J., Call, cor. Park 
Dana W. II. 508 Blain 
Tecling Benj. F. 7 Middlesex 

West Roxijcky. 
Fuller Geo. W. li. Child, n. South 
Greene Robert, Green, c. Union av. 
Pratt Chas. I/., Green, n. Centre 

Carriage Polish. 

1292 Boston Post-Otfice 

Carriage Sinitlis. 


■^ corner West Third 

Batterman John & Son, 471 Harri- 
son avenue 

Braekett A. D. 816 Shawmut ave. 

Cutter J. M., North Beacon, near 
AUston, Brighton 

Daniels J., Dorchester ave., near 
Commercial, ward 16 

Dodge & Rowell, 18:1 Portland 

Hathaway Samuel, 150 Border 

Kennedy John, 89 Travers 

Lazell W. H. & Son,, F, c. Athens 

T OKD S. S. Je. 312 Dorchet;ter 

" avenue (see page 6C3) 

McCrillis A. 155 Liverpool 

Meade William, 62;i Harrison ave. 

Mildram S., Mt. Washington ave.. 
cor. Federal 

Newman Andrew W. 44 Eustis 

J^OBINSON A. E. 185 W. Second 

Sampson D S. 144 Beach 
Emery James & Co. rear 15 Austin 
Fowler C. & Son, rear 408 Main 
O'Brien Wm. 50 Chelsea 

Carriage Spokes, Hubs, 

ShatYs, Kims, aud 


•*■ Merrimac 

Carriage Stoclc. 

American Sleigh & Carriage Iron 

Co. 39 Bowker 
Bond T. 92 Utica 

■piOSTER, COLBURN, & CO. 25 
-*■ Merrimac 

■piRENCH & COFFIN, 100 and 
•*- 102 Federal 

pILLETT E. A. & O. S. & CO. 
^ 711 and 72 Beverly (manufs. 

bent work) 
Peabody B. I. 31 Travers 
Reed S. G. 86 and 88 Utica 
■piCHMOND C. 0. & Co. 26 
•'-*' Central wharf (carriage-top 

Winde Lewis & Son, 421 Comm'l 
Wood A. M. & C. M. 53 Beverly 

Carriage 'Jfriiiimers. 

Blaisdell Albert, rear 15 Austin, 

Dickson Jos. 69 Chapman, Chastn. 
Shapleigh J. F. 1734 Washington 
York G. W. 90 Travers 

Carriages. (Public.) 

McCarthy Chas. J., State, n. Kilby • 
Somes John, 18:33 Washingt07i 
Weeks Chase C, State, opp Kilby 

Carvers. (Architectural.') 

McNUTT J. J., Wareham, cor. 

Carvers. (Ornamental.) 
QURRY P. W. 90 Utica 

Dimond C. C. 109 Court 
Lees A. 35 Sudbury 
McClcllan & Smith, 28 Beverly 
Mosman C. F. 94>^ Utica 
O'Neil Dennis J. 29 Beverly 
Ostheimer A. 99 Bristol 
■*■ Wash, (artificial wood) 
Pereival G. & Co. 81 Bristol 
Priestman James, 3 Bristol 
Quinn Bros. 146 Portland 
Bosse H. P. 41 Way (antique) 

Carvers. (Ship.) 
Gleason Herbert, 21 Commercial 
Hastings E. W. 51 Commercial 
Rumncy W. H. 223 Commercial 

Carving 1*0018. 

'-" 23 Cornhill (see page 691) 
TXriLKINSON A. J. & CO. 31 
** Brattle 

Cask l>ealer. 

Neiss David L. 23 Chelsea, Chastn. 


pEAK JOHN & SON, 146 Friend 
•*- and 1184 Wash, (see page 676) 

Castor Oil Itressing. 

NO YES PERSON, 47 India (see 
page CSO) 

Cast Steel X.oconiotive 

rpAFT JOHN B. 10 Oliver 


Barnes Thomas, Devonshire, near 

Dock square 
Cook T. D., Cottage, near Frank- 
lin, ward 16 
Dooling James, 1249 Wash. 
McElrov E. J. 3 iMain, Chastn. 
Moore J. J. 5 City Hall avenue 
Pierce Jonas, 190l Washington 
Reed C. E. 1622 Washington 
Scarborough Richard O." fe Co. 137 

Main, Charlestown 
Smith J. B. 10 Bulfinch 
Tufts Wm. 513 Tremont 
Wilkins Alfred, 133 Charles 


DRAY & HAYES, 145 Milk 
'-' (Roman and Portland) 
Brigham & Piper, 230 Federal 

GO R E L Y G. H. 54 Kilby 
TTOXIE T. W. & CO. 38 Long 
■'-'• wharf (Newark Co.'s, Roman 

and Portland) 
Ingraham D. H. 75 State 
"]Y|oGBEGOR ALEX. & CO. 27 
■^■^ Central wharf { Portland and 

Roman, see page 729) 
Osborn O. W. 25 Central whf. and 

17 Court 
•'• CO. George C. Du'nie, a^ent, 
21 Congress and 444 Federal 
(see last white page) 
'"-' 22 Congress sq. (see page 707) 
^-' Cornhill (rubber) 
*-' change (see inside back cov-) 
*' ertv ,sq. (see front col'd page) 
Webster W. F. 17 Court 
*' 240 Federal 

•"^ 198 Broad 

■*■ State and 445 Commercial 

Barry Jothani, Maiden bridge 
Keyes Edmund & Son, 109 Jledford 
Wellington & Hunnewell, Charles- 
River ave. near Water 

Chain ('ables and 

■P E A R I N (i , RODMAN, St 
■•^ SWIFT. 2:i and 25 Coininerc'l 
(see pa^e 677) 

,■5.3 CoMimereial 
' ' Couiroercial 



Chain Makers. 

Colev Thos. 3(1,) Mcdf.irti, Chastn. 
^ SWIFT, 2a and 25 Cumnierc 1 

(see puge 077) 
Hill Brothers, F, eor. Third 

Chair Bealers and 

(See also Furniture Manufs.) 

BACON E. T. 464 Washington, 
(McGregor's Folding easy) 
BOSSOM .<i BORSH, 52 Ware- 
Bowker F. 109 Fulton 
Brown W. H. 81 Fulton 
Conant Bros. & Co. :X Richmond 
Forsyth, Leland, & Co. 84 North 
Hodson Henry, 72 Fulton 
Hohnan R. 3b Fulton 
McLean, R. & Co. 178 North 

MOORE J. A. & CO. 108 and 
112 Fulton 
Keagle William, IGG North 
Parker, White, & Co. 100 a'nd 162 

North (manuf. cane seat) 
pEIRCE F. & CO. 70 Richmond 

Saiford Hiram & Son, 4 North 

Market ^ ,^ 

CHAIT-'UCK W. G. 73 Fulton 

Stuart B. & J. H. 9.". and 101 Fulton 

STUART F. E. 93 and 101 i ul- 
Wadsworth Geo. P. 173 Fulton and 

198 Commercial 
■Watson J. 77 and 81 Fulton 

Chair Mauiifs. 

Anderson John, Linden, n. Dorch- 
chester avc. w.ud 10 

BOSSOM & BORSH, 52 Ware- 
ham (see page 704) 
Bassett. 144 N.irth 
Derby P. & Co. 141 North 

HOLMES F. M. & CO. 186 
Hubbard J. C. 701 Washington 
•^ (see page 065) 

MOORE J. A. & CO. 108 and 112 
Koach, Bradbury, & Co. 131 Fulton 

STUART F. £. U3 a,.d 101 Ful- 
ton „, , 
Thompson, Perley, & Waite, 84 and 
8fi North , , 
Witherell B. & Co. 88H Portland 

Chalk. (Importers.) 

HASSE & PRATT, Maverick, n. 
Orleans, E.B. (see page 711) 
CO. 27 Central wharf (im- 
porters, see page 72U) 
CTICKNEY J. W. & CO. 04 
•^ Broad 

Chamber Furniture. 

pODFREY J. 1.39 Border (black 
'J walnut) 

80 Beverly 
■yOGL F. & Co. 24 Crescent pi., 


chase (see pa^e ti77) 
ROGERS & CO. 02 Canal and 
155 Friend 

Charcoal I>ealers. 

Chattee & Cummings, 17 Court 


■pOGG JULIAN A. 1141 Wash- 

TOlVk'SON & SCHULE, 121 
^ Court 

WALDRON J. V. & BRO. 115 
Court and 115 Sudbury (heral- 

Check and Ticket Num- 

PEARCE SAME. T. SO State (see 
page 713) 
i:heck 3Ianufs. 

Robbins D. C. 42 Kneeland (key) 
XJOBBINS JOHN, 42 Kneeland 
■" (key & baggage, see page 058) 

Chemical Apparatus. 

312 Washington (see page 715) 


(See also Drugs, etc.) 
Boston Chemical Works, Edward 

Chamberlain & Co. 21 Central 
Boston Drug Mills, Sargent's whf 
Boston Dvewood & Chemical Co. 

3 Central wharf 

29S Washington 
■pUSH GEO. II. & CO. 33 Central 


^ 291 Hanover 

rjOCHRANE A. & CO. 22 Broad 

Henshaw John A. 21 Commercial 
Hobbs, Pope, & Co. (importers), 35 

Hodges, Coolidge, & Co. 39 India 
ir ING E. & F. & CO. 20 India 

Merrimac Chemical Co., B. How- 
ard's Sons, agents, 19 Doane 
-^'^ Tremont (see page 689) 
National Chemical Co. 207 State 
New England Chemical Co., Win. 

H. Foster, treasurer, 26 Kllby 
pOOR, TOWNE, Si Co. 30 India 

Salem Laboratory Co., T. P. Sy- 
monds, agent, 3 Central wharf 

Suftolk Chemical Co. 32 North 

CWIFT WM. II. & CO. 12 India 

Thayer, Babson, & Co. 208 State 
Thompson Edwin & Co. 32 Broad 
• * & CO. 34 India 

150 State 
Whitney D. R. & Co. 141 Milk 
"VINSLOW W. H. & CO. 147 


Adams Isaac, 8 Bovlston 
Atwood C. II. 14 Central wharl 

ton (analytical Jt consultiirg) 
Billings, Clapp, & Co. 34 Oliver 

Bowker H. L. & Co. 29 Broad 
Brown John I. & Sons, Summer, 

cor. Federal 
Butterworth John, 135 Cambridge 
nOCHRANE A. & CO. 22 Broad 
^ (manuf.) 

■pOLSO.M JAMES, 209 Commer- 
^ cial (sec pase 715) 
pOWLE IIEN'RY D. 71 Prince 

Hawes J. H. 197 Broad 
Hayes A. A. 4 Stale (analytical) 
Hayes S. Dana. 4 Stale (analytical) 
Hodges, Coolidge, & Co. Kilby, 

cor. Water (manufs.) 

tOLLIS THOMAS, 23 Union 


Leonard W. A. 8 Boylston 
TVrERUICK & GRAY, 59 Broad 
■^^ (analtytical and consulting) 
Preston & Alcrrill, 77 State, and 
JMt. Washington ave. (manufs.) 
dllARl'LES STEPHEN P. 114 
tJ State (analytical, see page 674) 

Commercial (manuf.) 
Stowell John, 48 Main, Charlest'n, 

Children's Carriages. 

Bell Henry S. & Co. 94 Kingston 

Fancnil Hall square 
■pROOKS H. T. 18 West 

HEYER BROS., 44 Franklin, 
retail, 302 Washington 
TTEYER C. A. 154 Tremont, 
-*-^ room 8 
Kimball S. II. 25 Union 
T APPEN O. it CO. 20 Dock sq. 

•L* Faneuil Hall si|. 

PETERS & J O N E S, 5 and 6 
Holmes block. Haymarket si). 
Richardson & McKee, 77 Union 
•^ Washington (manufs.) 
Woods B. F. 94 Kingston 

Chimney Sweeps. 

Ablcton F. 18 Brattle 
Minot O. :;4 Brattle 
Scarlett Joseph, 40 BratUe 

Chimney Tops. 

L'O Charlestown 
M ELLEN &TAPPAN, 124 Tre- 
mont (see page OSS) 
^ Co.. George C. Uunne, agent, 
21 Congress, and 444 Federal 
(see last white page) 

Liberty sq.(see front col'd p.) 

China Clay. 

Central wharf (see page 729) 
Liberty sq. (seeffont col'dp.) 

China Decorators. 

Boston China Decorating Works, 

rear Charles, corner Poplar 
■^ ington 

•PRENCH ABRAM & Co. 151 
-C Milk 
r^UY & BROTHERS, 33 Bedford 

" TON, 24 South Market (see 
page 069) 
Walter Theodore, 16 Newton place 

China Kepairer. 

Clement E. 158 Tremont 

China Ware. 


^ Milk 

nUY & BROTHERS, 33 Bedford 

Morton Joseph, 161 Washington 
■pOGERS & CO. 02 Canal and 155 
•I^ Friend 


Caro E. A. Mrs. 32 Warrenton 
Eckstadt John G. 73 Hanover, 
room 3 
3WAR_ , 
mont (sec page 715) 

mont, corner Winter (see page 
TTENISON G. S. 23 Winter 

Kenison N. & Son, tu Temple pi., 

23 Winter, and 37 Tremont 
Konison Parker, 145 Tremont 
Liscnm Levi, 0:!5 Tremont 
Perkins F. B. 3 Winter 
Tucker Caroline A. 3 Hamilton pi. 
Whiting G. C. 94 Tremont 

Chocolate Slanufs. 

pRESTON JOHN, 162 State 

Webb Josiah & Co. 48 Chatham 

Chopping Machines. 

nSBORN LOUIS & C0.74 Lewis, 

^ E.B. 

Chromo ILiithographers. 

A RMSTRONG & CO. 43 Bristol 
-'^ (see page 678) 

490 Wash, (sec leaf opposite 
pRAXG L. & CO. 2182 Wash- 
•'• ington 


A RMSTRONG & Co. 43 Bristol, 

■'^ (see page 078 

Bost m Frame and Chronio Co. 292 

Washintrton. and 11 llarr. ave. 

KINS, 115 Wasliington 
^ NOVES, 127 Tremont 
r<OULU J. JAY, LO Biomfleld 

JACOBS B. 99 Court (see page 
" 070) 

T ATIIAM J. & CO. 292 Wash- 
■Lj ington 

Washington (see page 096) 


Munroe James & Son, 127 State 

Church Furniture. 

BRIDGMAN E. B. 27 Washing- 
ton, cor. Cornhill 



cider Presses. 

PEASE A. roum 4, over Quincy 

Cigar Blauiifaetnrers. 

Aarons L. 127 Po rliester avenue 
Aberle Jacob, lti> .Slutwmut ave, 
Alii-ii John & Co. :i';il Hanover 
A LLES JOllX, ly Cambridge 

Ash Michael, 222 Commercial 
Au^'ardo H. .'i;! hJsscx 

BartiisehG. l.!4 Cnmniercial 
Becker J. & Son, 5.". Xcwiand 
Besserli,'li .Joliann, >S8 Silver 
Boston Co-opera, ive Association, 

18 N. Market 
■OKEWER C. & SOXS, 14 South 
■'-' M a rk et ( see p :i .i,'e ra 1) 
Diaz. I. 1,58 llariiio., avenue 
Evssen G. 77'.) Washington 
Fauss H. I2i3 Tienuint 
Feklman .lo^cpii. !(W State 
Fonseca L. 1112 Cambridge 
Fretch Win. S. jr. i) Change ave. 
Geisheeker Matliias, .'iO Yeoman 
Q.1LLETT O. L. 72 Washington 

GOLDSJUTII I. II. 816 Wash- 
intt >n, and 149 Dover (see 
page (182) 

GO'ri'HAKDT II. M. 682 Wash- 
Grodjinski P. 20 Court, rra. 9 
Hare Thos. & Co. otfice 3U Broad 
Harris I. 1;X1 C .nunercial 
Hook Martin, lii7 Uowen 
Jacobs J. 2;ftlFe<leial 
Jacobs Mark, ;i l.over place 
Jaromasky Jusp]):i, 4 Lehigh 
Kantrowitz Mar:is. 1219 Treinont 
Kimball Charles !■'. (J.I Cambridge 
Legor Samuel, Id...'! Wasliington 
Lopez F. 51 Conuiicreial 
Martin A. A. 17 Lewis. E.B. 
Marzynski II. '.\2 India stjuare 
Alilan & Queenan, :W Border 
Myers Benjamin. 1812 Washington 
Noonan T. L. 126 l-.s-ex 
pBKIEN JOILV, 1343 Tremont 


Paine J. 87 Zsigler 
Palmer E. L. (;(I7 Washington 
Park L. 21 C'liimievcial 
Pfeitler .Jacob, '.IS);I 'Ircmont 
Piller & Co. 2ii \Vest Broadway 
Kobinsou F. W. .'i Lewis 
Rock P. E. 132 Water 
Roy John H., Jackson pi. ward 16 
Sawtere J. C. 2! (jardner 
Schoendorf & I-a\ren, 88^ Dover 
Segar Samuel, 1(13! Washington 
Slade Geo. F. 14 Broad (cheroots) 
Waitt Cookson, I.'K) Conmiercial 
Waitt SBond, 4 B ackstone 
xyASSERBOEUR J. & Son, 83 
'' Ilai'.over • 

Werzansky J. 484 WesfBroadway 

Gillett O. L. 21>< City square 
Huntiujjton Tnomas, .572 Main 
Junio Maximilian, 5 Cnelsea and 
254 Main 

Cigar and 8u»fr Stores. 

(See aUn Tobacco.) 
Aberle Jacob, 1.S.5 S -awmut avenue 
Aborn, Fav,& Co. 30 Ivilby(cigars) 
Abraham FcrJinand, 1169 and 1188 

Adam John. 144 Eliot 
^LLES JOHN, 19 Cambridge 

Apted Henrv E. 1.12 Leverett 
Ashton J. 11. 50 No.Hi Market 
Bacharach M. B. 298 Tremont 
Bacim Nathaniel, jr. 5 Comm'l 
Bacon .S. H. 27 G.^een 

• AKGEnrilK MAX, 1148 
Barnett Abrunam, 9 Leverett 
Barton K. J. & Co. 121 Broad 

Barton & O'Keet'e, 54 Essex 
Bcaven T. S. 117 Dorch. avenue 
Bsllegarde Philip, 1076 Tremont 
Bliss James E. agent, 130 Wash. 
Bowman W. II. 28 Green 
■'-' South Market (see page 691) 
Brieklev John J. (iJI E. Broadway 
Briggs G. Nixon. 1773 Wash. 
Bromberg L?vi, 12:tt Tremont 
Brown C. W. B. ,S8 Brighton 
Bi'ownell C. F. 1.54 Lincoln 
Bullock A. 10 Evchange, and SI 




Carrnth C. 11. & Co. 40 Hanover 
Cliadwin Wenzcl, Broadway, cor. 

Doreheiter avenue 
Clark J. W. 40 Nona Market 
Clark & Hill, 24 Sm^wmut avenue 
Cleverly II. F. 97 Northampton 
Cormack M. Mrs. 61 W. Dedham 
Cowie George, 1 India 
Crane Daniel F. 138 Merrimac 
Crawford T. 452 West Broidway 
Dashu k A. 5 Hotel Pelham 
Dashuik Jacob, 7 Camden 
David: on L. 11 Court square 
Davis C. \V. 325 Treinont 
Day Horace, & Co. ,'!.5 Green 
Dennis Wm. W. 21 Commercial 
Devine William, 181S Wash. 
Dingley James & Co. 18 .Milk 
Donovan Lawrence, 37 Hanover 
Elgard Philip, 1(1,0 Tremont 
Engel Isaac, 1.345 Tremont 
Estahrook R. i; Co. 78 Wash. 
!K\viti«; <fe ln^righam, 33 

Biomhcld, and 10 Montgomery 

place (Havana cigars only) 
Ej'ssen G. 779 Wasjiiiigtou 
Forrester iM. 371 Federal 
Fiftch Wni. S. ir. 9 Change ave. 
/'ILLETT O. L. 72 Washing- 
^^ ton, and 141 Hanover 
Ginn Thomas, 1742 Wash. 
Going (icoriie, 17 School 
Goldsmith L H. 816 Washington 
Goldstein S. J. K'U? 'J'remont 
rj.OT'rHAR.>T H. M. 682Wash- 
^-^ ington 

Goulston E. S. l.iS State 
Grant George, 1079 Washington 
Green Charles, 127 Cambridge 
Grodjinski M. J. 91 Washington 
Grzymisch Sanmel, 291 Tremont 
Guggenlieim J. 1755 Washington 
Haborn Charles, .587 Shawmut av. 
Hale George E. ;W Tremont 
Hallett J. H. 25.5 West Broadway 
Hambro L. 1042 Washington 
Hambro S. 104.5 Tremont 
Hardy G. A. S2X Leverett 
Hellbach Wil.i.iTn, 1231 Tremont 
Henan J. H. 2i5 U 
Himan J. agt. 749 and 751 Wash. 
Hineke Gustavus. 3.5 Boylston 
Hyams Ilenry M. 584 Washington 
Jackson Bros. .337 W. Broadway 
Jacobson B. 134 Commercial 
JolmsJn N. 77 Hanover 
Kane J. 45 Fleet 
Killilea William, 83 Cottage 
Kinunel John & .1. Schmidgruber, 

1705 Washing:on 
Krattl Gustavc, 95 Pleasant 
Krause F. 1.38 Court 
Laughlin Margaiet, 92 W. B'way 
Leonard D. A. 5.) Emerson, and 87 

Looney Timothy, 24 Pleasant 
Lord John, 10 Canseway 
Lyons Lewis J. 7.39 Washino;ton 
Maguire Daniel J. 1754 Wash. 
Marks B. A. 685 Washington 
Martin Antoine A. 17 Lewis, E.B. 
Masse W. 1307 T eiuont 
Maynard Alonzo, 23 Bedford 
Milant C. A. 36 B.jrder. E.B. 
Miles J. F. 222 Wash, (cigars) 
Mintz Ellis, 1234 Tremont 
Mitchell A. R. ;« Central 
Mock Gideon. 1449 Washington, & 

1223 Tremont 
Mohr C. .37 Camb idge 
Moore Charles, 1055 Washington 
Moore E. N. & Co. 177 Washmgton 
Mower J. W. 94 Union 
Murray M. II. 8 Guild row 
Myers Benjamin, 1812 Wash. 
Negrini A. 116 Cambridge and 61 

Nelson Henry, 53 West 
Newhall, Kimball, & Co. 4 City 

Hall avenue 
Noonan Thomas L. 126 Essex 
Norton John, 73 Silver 

kJBRIEN JOHN, 1343 Tremont 


CEtenger Joseph, 114 Pleasant 
Oliver G. W. 100 Wa-^hington 
O'Neil J. J. 316 West Broadway 
Palmer Charles E. .50 Causeway 
Palmer E. L. 607 Wasliington 
Park B. iMrs. 158 Dorchester ave. 
Parker Chas. D. 159 W. Broadway 
Peek L. L. 9 Boyl ton 
Perkins C. B. 159 Milk (importer) 

PIERCE S. S., Tremont, corner 
Piller & Co. 26 West Broadway 
Pimentel D. 1 14 Dorchester ave. 
Porter L. W. 375 Washington 
Queenan James. 91 Meiidian. E.B. 
Quick Brothers, 47 and 49 Sudbury, 

and Wasliing,on. cor. Pleasant 
Quinn Francis. 64 Merrimac 
Quinn James, 300 Federal 

Quinn John, 251 Hanover 
Quinn Josenh, 210 South 
Kaddin F. L. & J. A. 146 Hanover 
Randall George 11. & Co. 25 South. 

Ravcll Charles, 42 Dorchester ava. 
Reed J. K. P. 3 Green 
Reynolds & Cassidy, 223 Hanover 
RiceT. G. .365 Hanover 
Rich I. A. 154 Court 
Rich L. A. 575 Washington 
Richardson Albert, jr. 1.56 Camb'ge 
Kosenb jrg Samuel, 87X Pleasant 
Samuel Nathan, 17 and ;i4 Kilby 

(importers) [Court ave. 

Sanborn \. II. 6 Charuon and 6 
Shattuck & Farwell, 92 Court 
Simonds A. 1917 Washington 
Skall Henry, 37 West Fourth 
Slade Henry, 129 State 
Slade LaRdv S. 24 Broad 
Smalley L. "\V. ,'12 Court 
Smith George O. 3 Cornhill court 

Smith Tliomas E. 345 Wash. 
Somers L. 10;J8 Tremont 
Stadelman Chas. N. 694 Wash. 
Steftens F. W. 610 Wasliington 
Stobkovsky M. 1289 'jrc mont 
Stock well & W' right, 2.V) W. B'way 
Story E. A. jr. 160 Harr son ave. 
Susmann Bros. 105 State 
Sweetser Bros., 36 South Market 
Taftt John, 154 West Broadway 
Tannenbaum J. lim Washington 
Thayer E. A. 45 Noith .Warket 
Thayer E. L S. 9X Bt'ach 
Thayer E. L. 108 Kingston 
Thompson A. Mrs. 225 Broadway 
Tilden Brothers, 6 Court square 
Traiser Heniy, 125 Court 
Tufts E. H. 5 Howard 
Verveer L. 309 Hanover 
Wainwright Benj., 190 Sumner 
Waitt & Bond, 4 Blaek.stone 
Walsh R. 145 Court 
Wasserboehr J. E. & Son, S! Han'r 
Waters C. it W. A. & Co. 124 State 
Webb W. R. & Co. 14 Central wlif. 

Webber & Perkins, 51 Kingston 
Weil Fred, 2 Howard 
Weil Isaac, 38 Broad 
Wezcnskv J. 326 and 428 W. B'way 
Whiton J. P. 24 Broad 
Whiton .1. W. 29 Province 
Wilder & Estabrook, 7 Commercial 
WithercU P. S. jr. 1.34 Dudley 
Withington P. 1174 Washington 
Wolf Joseph, 500 Washington 
Wood, Pollard, & Co. 61 Devon. 
Wright George, 591 Washingtoa 
'ycaton R. H. 87 Sudbury 
Young II. W. 1795 Washington 


Junio J. 121 Main 
McElroy E. J. 3 Main 
McTague B. J. 44 Main 
Moulton J. M. 3 Wavctley Pub. 

House, City square 
NeUoM A. 23'City sriuare 
Nicolini Joseph, 53 Warren ave. 
Pliillips & Hulton, 33 Vine 
AVade H. M. & Co. 13 Main 
Weiss Nathan, 63 iMaiii 

Cistern ISnilders. 

■now DANIEL, £00 Portland 

Slade Wm. J. & Sous, 151 and 153 

Civil Engineers and 

(See also Enghuers, Mechanical.) 

ANDREN ALB.VN, 4 Liberty 
-"- square 

Appleton Edw. 11 Pcniberton sq. 
Appleton T. 11 reiiibe.ton sq. 

BARBOUR W. S. & A. Hedges, 
28 State, room :« (.-ee p. 697) 
Batchelder J. M. 16 i euiberton sq. 
OOWDITCH E. W. 62 Devou- 
■^ shire (see pug'' 08.5) 
Brett Henry, 60 Levonsi.ire 
Briggs L. & Co. 81 Wash., room 35 
nOOK RUFIIS, 66 State, room i 

RAFTS N. HENRY, 7 Court 
square, room-41 
Crane Edward B. 27 Pcniberton sq. 
Cunningham J. B. 131 Devon. 
Curtis Joseph H. 16 Pcniberton sq. 
Danforth J. H. 11 Pembcnon sq. 
Davis Joseph P., City Hall (City 

Davis Thomas W., Citv Surveyor. 

City Hall [City Hail 

EUis S. Clarence, Surveyor's office, 
Fish W. B. 06 Stute 




Frizell J. P. CO Sears building 
tpROSX BROS. 68 Cornhiil 

Fuller & Whitnev, 39 Court, rm. 20 
Garbett & Wood, 22 Guild row [sq. 
Granger «t lli.bart. 18 I'eniberton 
Hardy Geo. K., B. & A. K.R. depot 
Hardv & Kimball, il Pembertou sq. 

Streets. Citv Hall 
TJERSCHEL C. 9 State (also hy- 
■•^ draulic engineer) 
HerFchel Cleineus, Barllctt's bldg. 

opposite depot 
Hunking Anhnr W., Green, Bart- 
lett's bids;., opp. depot. W. Rox. 
JACKSON WM. H. 33 School, 
** room G 

mer (see pa-e 709) 
pAGE FRED R. 11 Pemberton 

Learned W. F., City Eng. office, 

Citv Hall 
Lcwando Charles, CO Devonshire 
Mauley H., City Engineer's office. 

City Hal) 
McConuell Walter F. 7 Court sq. 
Minot S. L. 7 Court sq., room 47 
Morton C, Citv Surveyor's office 
Moses H. H. 113 Dudley 
Noble John, .'Jl) Conrt and 6Win- 

throp block, E. B. 
Nott Gordon H., Boston & Lowell 

R. R. depot. Causeway 
Palfrey H. G. 11 Pemberton sq. 
Perkins C. C. Surveyor's office, 

Citv Hall 
piIlLBRICK EDWD. S., con- 
■'■ suiting enoineer, Hoosac Tun- 
nel. 12 West 
PRATT T. WILLIS, 59 Sears 
•DICE L. FRED'K, 9 Pemberton 
•^ square 

Richardson Geo. L. 28 State, rm. 31 
■ROBINSON J. R.' 28 State 

Kuggles S. P. 1IM.5 Washington 
CiIEdD & SAWYER, 7 Court 
^^ sciuare, room 38 (see page 697) 
*~> fifUl 

-'■ Tvemont row 
Tidd M. M. 4C Court, room 18 
mOWEU CilAs. P. Ill Pemberton 
-^ square (see p:iL;e 729) 
Tucker S: W'ood, 41 State, room 12 
Tudo ■ Fradcric, ,51) Sears building 
Vonzio Brotliers. 7B State, room 16 
WALLING H. F. 192 Chauney 

Wheeler William, ."2Pemb't«n so. 
Whitman & BrecU, 85 Devonshire 
Wightnian H. J!, asst. City Engi- 
neer, Citv Hall 
"Wilson Henry W. I'JO Dorchester 


Ames T. Edu ;ir.l, 25 City square 
Brown E. L., City Hall 
Doanc Thcnuas, 21 City square 
Pearson Chas. A. 25 City square 

Clnini .Vgents. 

"DELL JAMES B. 12 Old State 

-^ House 

Clark I. P. 113 Washington 

Cowley Charles, 27 Merchants' Ex. 

Drew S. S. 59 Court 

Fletcher Josiah, ■'>'> Court 

Hobbs Wm. 10 State 

Howe JI. G. :".5 Court 

Frescott Levi T. HG Court 

Woodman Horatio, 37 Court sq 


Bell Annio Miss, 113 Warrcnton 
Be ry Madame, .")4 Shawmut ave. 
Bibber II. J. Mrs. (blind), 131 

Brown David. .WOak 
Campbell Frank .Mrs. CIO Wash. 
Cotliu W. H.4s.'<Treinont 
C'-llett Leah, 1 Indiana place 
Cutter A. v: . Mrs. .V>4 Wash. 

Wasiiii ;;ton 
Dexter F C, .Mrs. 494 Tremont 
Dunning S. W. (ifri^ Washin:,'ton 
Dwinells Augusta, 153 Harrison av. 
Eldridcc A. 7 OjK 
Flora P. Miss, 1 Milnor place 
Fowler Angle ilrs, (578 Wasli. 
Francis Madame, 28 Carver 
Franks A'.!nes Mrs. 877 Wash. 
Gabriel Al:ii-tlia Mrs. 1195 Wash, 
liardliiu' H;iuu- .Mrs. 21 Dover 
Hare a: II. 7 Tremont row 
Hcnrie .Madame; 1 Piedmont 
Hodges Arthur, 82 Dover 
Hottuiau Madauic, i Tyler 

Johnson Sarah, .51 Eli6t 

Jouitaz luex Donna. 228 Harr. av. 

Lamot A. M. Miss, 24 Spring 

I^ature Madame, 40 Eliot 

Le"Vere H. A. Madame, 37 Indiana 

Lillie Miss, 143 Court 
Litch L. W. Mrs. ICO Court 
Lula Madame. 2.1 Poylston 
Lull H. C. 1083 Washington 
Maryett JI. Mrs. 147 Court 
Morse N. J. Mrs. 4(1 Beach 
Mumler W. H. Mrs. 170 West 

Myrtle M. Mrs. 13 Harrison ave. 
Nelson N. Mrs. 5.34 Washington 
Newell L. E. Mrs. 28 Winter 
Newman M. Mrs. 93 Levcrett 
-'-^ Dover (see page 731) 
Pierce A. P. 41 East Newton 
Porter M. A. Mrs. 28 Kneeland 
Potter J. W. Mrs. 11 Oak 
Rivers Madame, 7 Tyler 
Roval Grace, 21 Lagranse 
Stella Madame, 19 Kneeland place 
"Victor Miss, 1 Milner place 
Walker M. C. Mrs. 10s:! Wash. 
Wilmot M. J.H.Mrs. 13 Temple pi. 
Wilson Anna Miss, 43 Esse.x 
York Loana, 341 Harrison avenue 


StubbsJ. A. 133 Commercial 

Adams Neheniiah (C.T.) 16.31 l"re- 

Alden Edmund K. (C.T.) 449 

Alger Wm. R. (C.U.) 6 Brimmer 
Allen Frederick B. :« Brimmer 
Ames J. A. (M.E.) :t!9 Tremont 
Angler L. H. (Pres.) 384 W. B'way 
AnnandEdw.(Pres.) 233 Princeton 
BabcockWm. G. (C.U.) 10 Flor- 
Badger Henry C (C.U.) 34 New- 
Bapst John (R.C.), 7G1 Harr. ave. 
Baker A. R. (C.T.), Washington, 

near Centre, ward 16 
Barrows William, Cong'l House 
Barry Joseph E. (C.U.) 277 Trem't 
Bartol Cyrus A. (Cong.) 17 Ches'nt 
Bassett Isaac A. ( C.T. I 8 Gates 
Biewend Adolf (G.L.), 24 Smith 
Beckley JonnT. (B.) CoolidgeHo. 
Benedict Henry L. ( E.) 22 Stanif d 
Bigelow Andrew (C.U.) 3 Hanc'k 
Blackmer J. W. (E.t Jamaica,wl6. 
Blagden George W. (C.T.) 40 

BlaikieAlex. (Pres.) 42 Chandler 
Blenkinsop WiliiaiuA. (R.C.) 55 

"West Broadway 
Borgialli V. R. (R.C.) Fourth, c. I 
Bradlee Caleb D. (C.U.) 17 Ches- 
ter Park 
Brady Robert W. (R.C.) 109 Salem 
Briggs L. L. (Uv.)75 W. Brookline 
Brooks Phillips (E.) Hotel Kemp- 
ton, Berkley, corner Newbury 
Browne Percy (E.) 108 Walnut av. 
BuUard Asa, Cong'l House 
Burroughs Henry (E.) 82 Mount 

Bush S. W. (C.U.) 34 Lambert 
Buteu.x S. (R.C.) 40 Sawyer 
Byrne Wm. (R.C.) 1192 Wash. 
Capen Francis L. (U.) at Milton 
Carpenter Carlos C. (C.U.) Com- 
monwealth Hotel. 1511 Wash. 
Carroll M. H. (R.C.i, Vernon st. 
Cassin .Joseph H. (R.C.) 404 Sum- 
ner, E.B. 
Chadbourn Geo. S. 11 Moreland 
Chaney Geo. L. (C.U.) 21 IloUia 
Charlier Alphonso, (R. C.) T61 

Harrison avenue 
Cheney D. B. (B.) ,14 Saratoga 
Clark Michael (R.C.) M.averick 
Clarke James Freeman (C. U.), 

Warren ave. cor. W. Brookline 
Clarke Wm. B. (C.T.) Forest lEliU 

ave. cor. Sanford, ward 16 
Clinch J. H. ( E.) 514 Brna-lway 
Coggcshall Freeborn (E.) 22 Stam- 
Conlon John (R. O 6 Allen 
Conterno A. J. (Iv.C. i, F ce: st. 
Converse Geo. S. ( E. ) 98 Cedar 
Cook Louis (R.C.) 1545 Tremont 
Co ike Henry A. (B) Qui ■■■v Ho. 
CooUdgo J. t. T. (E) 394 Br .ntlw'y 
Cooper Henry (B.C.), I."h.i Trem t 
Cruft Samuel B. (U) 433 Shawmut 

Cudworth Warren 11. (C. U.) 1 

Cunningham Cyrus (E.A.) 59 East 
Brookline [gomery 

CusUmftu Henry I (Uv.) 73 Mout- 

Cutler Elijah (C.T.) Washington, 

near School, ward 16 
Dadinun John W. (M. E.) Deer 

Daly Wm. J. 1192 Washington 
Davenport John S. (C. A. C.) La 

Grange House 
Davies Philip (Missionary), 102 

de Haw Alfred (R.C), 1.J45 Trem't 
Denham Geo. (E.) 45 Chelsea.E.B. 
DeWittJohn (C.T.) 19 St. James 

Dexter Henry M. (C.T.) 6 Cong. 

Dickerson J. S. (B.) 539 E. Fourth 
DickersonW. F. (M.E.) 22(;arden 
Donegan James (R.C.) 74 Harvard 
Donnelly Richard (R.C), North- 
Dougherty M. Angelo (B.), Pleas- 
ant, n. Savin Hill ave. ward 16 
Duncan Wm. (R.C) 109 Salem 
Dunn James B. (Pres.) 187 West 

Durrell J. M. 27 AVhite 
Eastman L.R. (C.T.) 170 Trem't 
Eaton W.F. (F.B.) 13 Frothing- 

ham avenue 
Eddy D. C, Shawnmt avenue, cor. 

Edmunds Edwanl (Ch. )77 Dover 
Ellis Alexander (B.) 9 .Strong pi. 
Ellis Geo. E. llli Marlboro' 
Ellis Rufus (C.U.I 100 Marlboro" 
Emmons Henry (C.U.),23 Warren 

EnwrightT. (R.C.) 1.545 Tremont 
Farnham Lutiier. 12 W'est 
Farrell Dennis J. (R.C.) 588 Ben- 
Fick Herman (G.L.) 286 Shawmut 

Fitton James (R.OMaverick.E.B. 
Freitag A. M. (R.C.) 1545Trem't 
Fulton Robert (li. C), pres. Bos- 
ton College, 7Ut Harrison ave. 
Gallagher Jo.seph II. (R.C.) 89 

Gannett George (C.U.), 69 Chester 

Garner Wm. V. (B.) 69 Charles 
Gordon A.J. (B.) 182 W. Brookline 
Grafton Charles (E.) 22 Staniford 
Gratz Francis G. (G M.), 779 

Shawmut avenue 
Greathead John (E.) 22 Staniford 
Green Geo. W. (C. U.) 17 Chester 

Griffin James (R.C) 105 "Vernon 
Hale Edward E. (C.U.) 39 High- 
Hall H. P. (M.E.) 16 Chester sq. 
Hall Nathaniel (C.U.) Colunibin, 

near Bellevue, ward 16 
Hamburger Mark J. (Hoi. Jew) 142 

Hamilton J. W. (M.E.) 16 Temple 
Hamilton "»'. F. (R.C.) 761 Harri- 
son avenue 
Hannegan John (R.C.) 6 Allen 
Hayes S. H. (CT.l 76 Chester sq. 
Healy James A. (R.C.) 74 Hanover 
Higgins M. F. (R.C) Fourth, c. I 
Hitselberger A. L (R-C) 761 Har- 
rison avenue 
Hudson H. N. ( E.) 5 Bnlfinch pi. 
Humphrey Charles A. (U.) 53 

Chester Park 
Jamison A. L. (R.C) 761 Harr. av. 
Johnson J. A. (M.) 21 Camden 
Johnson Richard (R.C.) 55 West 

Kennedy b. B. (R.C.) 74 Harvard 
Kieley .James ( R.C 1 6 Allen 
King"lleniy M. (B.I 1 Danforth pi. 
Kirk Edward N. (C.T.) 5 Staniford 
Kolbe Otto F. ^Ger. Lut.) Maver- 
ick llcuisc 
Krans Edward H. (E.) La Grange 

Lane Michael (R.C.) 2r, W. Third 
Leonard W. G. (.M.E.) Norf"olk, 
near Capen, wurd 10 
• Lewis John J. ( U v. ) (H)8 E. Seventh 
Lorimer Geo. C. (B.) 504 Colum- 
bus avenue 
Lothrop Samuel K. (C.U.) 12 

Lummis Henry (M. E.), 3 Kear- 

sarge avenue 
Lyndon Patrick F. (R.C.) G Allen 
Mallalieu W. F. (M.E.) 122 Dorch. 
Manning Jacob M. (C.T.) Dart- 
mouth, cor. Uovlstiui 
McCaiihv L. P. (R.C.) Maverick 
JIcFall David (Pres.), 3 Winter 
McGrath Christopher (R. C.) M 

SVest Br,)inl«av 

McGuigan Ja-. (R.C), 109 Salem 

McMahon J. "W. (K.C)2North sq. 

McNulty Thos. J. (R.C.) Dorche*- 

ter ave. u. Kichmoud, ward 16 



McQuaid W. P. (R.C.) 105 Vernon 
Means JaiiKs H. (C.T.) Washing- 

tou, near Ccntie, ward 16 
Means Jolin U. (C. T.) 81 Mt. 

Pleasant avenne 
Merrill A. U. (Jl-.E.) Hancock, n. 

Glendale, ward l(i 
MctcalfTlieo. A. lU.OUOa Wash. 
Slilcs J. B. S2 .Mciiimoiiierv 
Miller Francis (U.C. ) i:>4j'Trem't 
Millericlt J. t/l. (K.C.I -' North sq. 
Mills Wni. 11. (K.) Hancock, cor. 

Glendale, ward Ki 
Miner Aloiizo A. (Uv.)528 Colum- 
bus avenue 
Moor Clark K. (Uv.) 142 Blue Hill 

Moran M. (R.C.) 2 North- sq. 
Morgan Henry (M.) SI Shaw. ave. 
Morton James F. (B) Jlinot, wd. 16 
Mottc M. 1. (C.U.I ;)'.].> Beacon 
Muniford Thos. J. (C.U.) Wash., 

cor. Sanford, ward 16 
Munroe John JI. (Pres) Springfield 
Munson Jlyron A. (C. T.), 18 Wal- 
nut, Ncponset 
Murray Wiliiani II. H. (C. T.) 

Park Street Chnrch 
Neale Kollin II. (B.) 19 Somerset 
Nickerson A. C. (C. U.) Walnut, 

near Ericsson, ward i6 
NopperF. X. (K.C.) :S Middlesex 
Noyes George S. (M.E.) Bethel 

Church, Noith sniare 
O'Bcirne Patrick (R.C.) 55 Circuit 
O'Callahan Dennis (R. C.) E, cor. 
' Tudor 

O'Connor Wni. (R.C.) 1545 Trem't 
O'Farrell D. J. (R. C.) 558 Ben- 
nington, E.B. 
O'Reiilv JI. (K.C.) Vernon, 
Palmer E. B. (E.) 246 Princeton 
Parsons Henry M. (C.T.) 63 West 

Patterson A. J. (Uv.) 38 Forest 
Pehrson G. A. (S.L.) 57 Gray 
Peirce B. K. (Al.E.) at Newton 
Pentecost G. F. (B.I 211 W.Canton 
Petsch Leopold (R.C.) 1545 Trem't 
Phillips John C. 74 Marlboro' 
Pollard .-Vndrew (B.) 748 E. Fourth 
Pride E. W. (B.) 116 Mt. Pleasant 

avenue [land 

Putnam George (C.U.) ISO High- 
Rand Edward A. (C.T.I 16 Linden 
Randolph Peter (B.), 1019 Wash. 
Reed James (Swcd.) 45 Pinckney 
Richards Austin, (C.T.) 690 Shaw- 

mut ave. 
Ritterinan Isaac (Jew), 4 Corey av. 
Bobbins Chandler (C. U.), lU 

Robertsoji J(jlin (E.) 22 Staniford 
Rogers C. S. (.M. K.), Wash., near 

Sanford, ward 16 
Ronan Peter (R. C.). Percival ave. 

cor. Bowdoin, ward 16 
Ryan John, (R.C.) 55 Circuit 
Sallaway James (C. U.), 415 Dor- 

chester,_Washington Village 
Schwarz Louis B. (German Refd) 

157 Charle.^ 
Schwarz Philip A. (G. R.) La 

Grange place [chapel 

Scott (i. K. W., Chambers street 
Sco^t Joseph (M. E.), 1 Melrose 
Seymour R. G. (B.), Warwick, n. 

Silver Abiel (N.J.), 2 Moreland 
Simeon James (R. C), 32 Mid- 
Simons V. M. (JI. E.) 5 Waverley 

Slafter E. F. (E.) 11 Beacon 
Smith John C. (.M.E.) 5 National 
Smyth John B. iK.C), 1192 Wash. 
Spaulding Ilenrv G. (C. U.) Ash- 

niont, n. Uorch. ave. ward 16 
Thayer Geo. A. (C.U.) 784 Fourth 
Thompson A. C. (C.T.) Linwood, 

cor. Lewis Park 
Tilden Wm. P. (C.U) 597 Shaw- 

mut avenue 
Townsend Luther T. (M.E.) 3C 

Vibbert Geortre II. (Uv.) sr, White 
VidaverFalk (?.J.), 287 Shawmut 

Vinton Alexander II.(E.) 77Marl- 

Waldcn Trcadwell (E.), St. Paul's 

Chu c 1 
Waldrou D. W. (C.T.), 19 Congre- 
gational IIoUS'? 
Walker Allen (.Meth), 48 North 

Ware J. F. AV. 14 Worcester 
Webb Edwin B. ( C. T. 038 Trem't 
Welch Edward II. (R. C.) 761 

Harrison n'-'»nne 
Wells E. M. P. (E.) 14 Oxford 
Whitakf-r George ;M. K.), 112 


White J. S. (Adv.) 28 Saratoga 
Wiley Isaac W., Bishop (M.E.),57 

Williams John J. (R. C), 1192 

Williams Pelham (E.) 40 Pinckney 
Winchester C. M. 201 North (mis- 
Winkley Samuel II. (C. U.) 7 

Winslow Wm. C. (E.) 429 Beacon 
Wissel Joseph (R.C), 1545 Trem't 
WoodL. L. (B.) 101 Warren ave. 
Wright M. Emory (M.E.), 44 Sara- 
toga, E.B. 
Wright Wm. Burnet (C.T.), 103 

West Canton 
Xavier Francis (R.C), 1545 Trem't 

Galvin E. S. (C.U.) Wash, near 

Brookline Hill 
Holbrook Chas. A. (E.) Foster 
Otis J. P. (M.E.) Allstou 
Packard U. T. (C T.) Lake 
Rogers P. J. (U.C). Market 
Wilson J. V. (Uv.) Murdock 

Barnard C F. (Ind.) 3 .Edgeworth 
Boyd W. W. (B.) Prescott House 
Crawford George, 92 Bunker Hill 
Denvir W. J. J. (R.C) 325 Bunker 

Eastman C. L. (M.E.) 7 Elra 
Eaton Wm. F. ( F.B.), 92 High 
Ford F. F. (C.T.) 21 Cross 
Hamilton G. A.( R.C. ).52 Richmond 
Lambert T. R. (E.) 112 Chelsea 
Rand James (F.B.) 
Randolph Peter, 2u Webster 
Speare S. L. B. (Evan.), 78 High 
Stowe W. T. (U'.) 4 Harvard place 
Supple M. J. (R. C.) 325 Bunker 

Trafton Mark (M.E.) 51 Chestnut 
Twombly A. S. (C.T.) 37 High 

West Rdxbury. 

Clark Joseph B. (Con".), Oak pi. 

Huntington W. E., AsTiland, near 

Magennis Thomas L. (Catholic), 
South, near White avenue 

Miller II. F. II. (Baptist), house 
bet. Brown avenue, and Rowe 

Morgan Dura P. (Baptist), Chest- 
nut place 

Strong Edward (Cong.), house Mt. 
Vernon, near Centre 

Thompson James W. (Unit), h. 
Burroughs, near Brewer 

Cloaks anil Alaiitillas. 

Carter C N. & Co. 35 Winter 
Cohen J. 15 Summer 
Dole Wm. D. CO.; SV'ashington 
TPIELU O. M. JlRii. 131 Treraont 


OODNOW E. H. 13 Winter 

pringer Brothers, 13 Summer 

OTEVENS JOHN J. 282 Wash- 

^ iu^ton 

Sykes J. C 15 Cambridge 

■Webber II.F. Mrs. 103 Court (man- 

Clock. E»ials. 

Bennett Wm. R. 9 Hamilton place 

Clock Maimracturers. 

T)AVIS D. P. 118 Water 

CO. Ill Tremont (see front 
^ Uni.m 

(^TEVENS G. M. & CO. 90 Sud- 
^ bury (tower clocks, see p. 666) 


Adams A. K. & Co. 35 Maverick 

square, E.B. 
Albro Warren M., Dorchester ave., 

near Adums, ward 16 
Archer J. 172 West Kighth 
BanHcld, Forri^tall, & Co. 28 Fed'l 
Beals J. J. 1(iHlno^er 

3:;l Wasningion 
Bradlev B. & Co. 1:12 Hanover 
r ickott Willisun H. 2 Bromfield 

BROOKS WM. P. B. & CO. 114 
Biiick-toiK', 9 Marshall, and 
151 Hanor,..- 
PRAXE .MOSE.S G. 130 Wash- 

iagtou (tuckuo) 


Gruebv Edw. L. 150 Meridian 

HAliWOOD BROS. '26 Brom- 
Haynes J. jr. 173 Wash, (repairer) 

H'EYER BROS., 44 Franklin 
TTOLLINUS R. & CO. 369 Wash. 

CO. 114 Tremont (see front 
colored page) 
-^ CO. 200 Wasiiington 
p.^RTRIDGE II. i CO. 51 Han- 
■*- over 

Plunkctt R. 101 Warrenton (re- 
•^ Union 

^ Beach (manufs) 
GTETSON S. A. & CO. 173 Tre- 
^ mont 

CTEVENS G. M. & CO. 90 Sud- 
■^ burv (tower clocks, see p. 666) 
ESTON BROS. 141 Harrison 

Cloth Finishers. 

Birkmair J. J. & Co. 23 South 
Burns H. 123 Eliot 
Crohn Moses, 92 Iliih 
Hebdon William, 60 LaGrange 

Cloth Presses. 
pEASE A. room 4 over Quincy 
■'• Market 

Cloth Printers. 

Birkmaer J. J. & Co. 23 South 
Locke Print Works, B. D. Locke 
23 Temple place 

Cloth Printer.-*' Sup- 

Swift Wm. II. & Co. 12 India 

Clothes <:;!eaners. 

AlbeeJ. A. 90 Friend 
Alexander Ilfury, 10 Brattle 
Alexander J. 11 Citv Hall ave. 
Allen Edward .M. 260 Waslungton 
Anderson Sanuiel F. 95 South 
Bacheller C. A. 5S8 Washington ■ 
Bacheller G. H. & Co. 17 Causeway 

and Shawmut ave., cor. Ohio 
Brown Geo. 1 Stanif ird 
Copeland S. B. 164 Blackstone 
Dinsmore O. A. 11 Dock s(iuare 
Dinsmore Wm. M. 11 Dock sq. 
Gardner Richard, 74 Leverett 
Gaskin Cliarlc-, 10 Franklin ave. 
Gault C. II. 2S Avery 
(ireen Mose^. 197 West Broadway 
Hammonil J.iliii, IS Spring lane 
llarrell J. & D. :!2'S:uibury 
Hawkins J. M. .3 .VUlon 
Hicks P. B. North Russell 
Hurd Charles, 18 Camden 
Johnson J. J. 22 Brattle 
Johnson Richmonil, 103 Eliot 
Jones E. F. & C.>. lOO^ Blacicstone 
Kelley P. .593 Siiawnuit ave. 
Kellihcr Taos. 59 C.iurch 
Knox J. 15 .Sch .ol 
LevyM. 132 Undlev 
Lew J. A. Wiot irop, Chastn. 
Lewey W. II. 4.'> Cambridge 
Long John, U Howard 
Martin James, 3 Bennett 
Matthews Cias. W. 7 City Hall av. 
Matthews E. & C 7 City Hall ave. 
Murray Geo. H. 7 Park, Chasn. 
Pierce'j. G. 25 Howard 
Pitts & Brown, 24 Brattle 
RidleyT. A. 112 Plea-ant 
Scott George, 9.S West Dedham 
Scott James, 129 .Merriniac 
Scott John, 1562 Wash. 

SIDNEY J. T. 97 State (see page 
Smith J, rear 700 Wash. 
Thompson J. \'. 9 City Hall ave. 
TJ^ALKER DAVID, 7 Province 

Walton G. W. 61 Bromfield and 18 

Montgomery place 
Washington S: Watson, Franklin 

avenue „ ,^ ,_ 

Watson Charles H. 8)^ Bulfinch, 
AVatson T. R. 3 Cambridge 
Williams Joseph, 8 Bovlston 
Williams & West, 20 Garden 
Wyzanski Julius, 69 Pleasant 

Clothes Mriers. 

Fellows & Day, 57 Haverhill 
Gale & Co. 15' and 16 Fan. Hall sq. 

ORRIS G. L. 25 Merrimao 




Clothes Wringers. 

pLAPP C. M. & CO. 183 Devon. 
^ and 44 Arch (rubber rolls, see 

page 7:1 ) 
Eureka Wringer Co., T. J. Alex- 
ander, agent, 01 Broad 
. Brattle 

/ pj^ENDEKSOX D. 7.3 Conihm 

"tlOOD GEORGE II. agent, 98 
•^^ Cotuniereial 

11. Work, a":ent, 44 Broad 
(Providence Wringer, see p. 


CHERMAN B. agent, 107 Elaek- 

'--' stone 

■^EED OTIS II. & CO. 25 Court 

Clothing. (Wholesale.) 
Bliss, Beard, & Moulton, 72 Sum'r 
Calef W. II. 11. agent, 12 West 
Chamberlin & Currier, Summer, 

between Iluivle.v and Areh 
Davis lleriiian, .j6 Cliarlestown st. 

"prXNO ISA.VC & CO. 28 Sum- 
-*- mer 
Fisher Sidney & Co. 32 F. H. sq. 

(shirts and overalls) 
Freeland, Harding, & Loomis, 250 

Gilbert G. H. 179 Court 
Green B. F. 577 Washington 
Hodgdon U. M. & Co. 33 Otis and 

114 Areh 
Jordan, Clark, & Co.Go Summer 
Keating, Lane, & Co. 2.30 Devon. 
Knowles, Leland, & Co. (i5 Frank- 
Lake, Cushirg, & Daniels, 87 

Le'and, Rice, & Co. Arch, near 

Frank in 
Lothrop. Everbeck, & Co. 48 Char- 
don (overalls, junipers, etc.) 
Iiovejoy G. II. 36 Cliarlestown 

(pants nianuf.) 
Lovejov & Co. 34 IX Wash. 
■L'J- PARKER, 2()2 Washington 
Miner, Beal. & Ilaekett, Summer, 

cor. Channey 
Morris N. & Co. 179 Court 
Morse Johnsjn, & Co. 73 Summer 
Fa mer J. B. & Co. 74 Summer 
I-hilippi, Shutnan & Co.234and236 
Wasnington (boys) 

Rhodes, Riplev, & Co. 99 Summer 
Eothwell, Lnilier, Martin, &Foote, 

lUtlAreh and 21 Otis 
SimmcmsG.W. & Son, 32 North 
Smith , Richaidson, & Corson, 79 

Stone, Bier, & Weiss, 80 Blackstone 
Sunnnortield & White, 143 and 145 

Wcntworth II. N. 127 Cross (pant 

Whitten, Burdett, & Young, 

Winthrop square 

Clothing. {Retail.) 
(See also and Drapers.) 
AarouEon A. 118 Sumner, E.B. 
Adams it Son, 15 (iicen 
AlbeeJ. A. aOFiiend 
Allen R. B. (boys') 314 Wash. 
Alves J. ,1. & Co. :'A'> Hanover 
Atwriod Bro=. 31; and 38 Wash. 
TWOOD ,1. N. & CO. 1783 and 
Baker Morris, 212 West Broadway 
Bamber Isaac, 11)4 Eliot 
Barnard S. .39 Salcni 
Bean N. J. 10 and 12 North 
Bergen P. 1 nnd 5 ICastern avenue 
Berry Geo. W. 2(5 Hanover 
Bird J. Warren, 1813 Washington 
Bock Jacob, .Vi I'nion 
Boies G, F. ol2 Hanover and 211 

Boise L. D. & Son, 1.58 Wash. 
Born«tein llenrv, 9 Union 

ton, near River, ward 10 
Bornstein I. 52 Salem 
Bornsteln J.I-. OINorlh 
Boston Clotliiitg Co. .32 Central sq. 

and LIW I!n aduay 
Boutclji- 1!. ION rorchester ave. 
Bvrnei .-i' West, ■12 Washington 
riARNES G. W. & CO. 204 Wash. 
'-' (boys') 

ChiFhohn .Ian'e«, 3'^0 North 
Colie Philip .'i Co.. Union, corner 

Blackrtoiie aid Inion. cor. Elm 
Comer Joseph, 10 to 24 Wash, 


nONNOR C. A. & CO. 274 and 

^ 276 West Bioadway 
Crosby Anthony, :C0 Hanover 
Curtis John, (i and 8 North 
Dean Amos.T. m'" Washington 
^ Washington 
Eaton C. W, 25 Washington and 

12 Cornhill 
Eaton i Merritt, COI Washington 
Eaton is: Paine, 257 Njrth 
Eldridge J. W. 2ii.". H mover 
Farrington Bros. a Washington 
Farrington G. F. 1771 Wash. 
Fernandez John, 4il0 Hanover 
Fossett W, G, tVXi Washington 
Frankenstein H. 2:!2 W.Broadway 
Freednian D. II. 8.5 Union 
Freeland. Ilardi:ig, & Loomis, fe66 

and572AVashi igton 
Freeman, Carev, & Co. 155 Wash. 
Fricdlarder Adolpli, i.08 W. B'way 
Ganibiin Wm. E. 9 Meridian 
QILLIS W. K. Ik Co. 241 Wash. 

Glassett Thomas, 812 Wash. 

Globe CI. ■thing llojsc, 3 Dock sq. 

Goldstein EstluT .Mrs. ,54 Border 

Goldstein 11. lOi' S inner, E. B. 

Grant Charles H. 17.'i'J Wash. 

Greenbauni Goodman, 1341 Trem. 

Grirt'en T. J. (seamans'), 75 Rich- 

Hamilton Na haniel, U North sq. 

Hapg.Hirt W. 4S Washington 

Harris II. S. '.r, Cnion 

Hearn J. 294 W. Broadway 

Henderson Gror^r, Bartlett's bldg. 

Green, near dcjjot, W. Roxburv 

rrOLLANDER L. P. & Co. 32 

■*■ Temple pi. (mens' and boys', 

Holman S. A. Jlrs. 1C4 Tremont 

Holmes A.Miss,17Waltham (boys') 

Hunting Joseph Sc Charles, 270 

Jordan, C.ark, X: Co. .32 Central sq. 

Josslyn T. A. 171 and 182 Com'l 

Kalish Him in, 44 Salem 

Kaliskv M. 15 Siile n 

Kellv 'W. O. 333 Hanover 

Ken'nev P. II. 211 North 

King Francis H. 1881 Wash. 

Krey H. 14 Fleet 

Lane Geo. II.. agent, ,31 Dock sq. 

Lane & Bond, 2(17 North [ington 

Larrabee L. Preseott, rear 250 Lex- 

Latz M. 73C.'inil):idge 

Lawrence H. S. & Co. 1933 and 1937 

Levi Himan, 24 North 

Levi Morris, 240 W. Broadway 

Levi W. 24 Salem 

Levy M. H. 199 Hanover 

Linscott John, CO Elm, 12 Friend, 
an(3 2S Commercial 

Lombard II. S. 52 Clinton 

Lovejov Chares J. 1 North 

PARKER, 202 Washington 
Mansfield R. C. Mrs. 54 Temple pi. 

Marko Jlarcus, 1688 Washington 
Marshall C. S. 3 N. Market 
McLarty Wm. 154 Sumner, E, B. 
Merrill A. J. & J. A. 12 and 13 
Dock square, corner Elm 

MESSENGER V. A. & CO. 19, 
22, and 23 I'ock square. TlIE 
BoysSpak Ci.<itiuk« Store 
the best place in Boston to 
clothe vour boys at low prices 
and One Price Only. 
Pi>T.K.\ SuiTH. Sailor Suits, 
Grecian Suits, Jacket, 
Pants and Vests, Y'outiis' 
Suits and suits of all kinds 
and description ior Boys from 
3 years upwards 
Mock B. 172 Dorchester ave. 
Mode Joseph, 099 Washington 
Monnev S. 2.'!5 Hanover 
Morris'Wm.5Lewis, E. R. 
Morse l.e iioUl ,<; Co. 29 Dock sq, 
Moses Hannah, 21" Ilunover 
Moses R.ibert, 1;;.'5 Tuinont 
Muviihv .liivnii;ih, 251 Federal 
Ni'lson'N. .M. ;'.5I Hanover 
NcirdiiishitUl Fiiisl, -a Wash. 
O'Kellv William, 33:! Hanover 
Oliver F. M. 275 West Broadway 
Oliver F- .M. Kl.'l Seventh 
Olnistead Moses. 28 Avery 
Paretts Isaac, 141 Essex 
Pearson H. A. 8 Hamilton place, 

Phillips L. 363 Hanover 
Pitcher Anson, 1(48 Washington 
Pond S, ll,&Co.S03and.')03Wash- 

Prager, Bock, & Co. 14 & 15 Dock 

sq. and 131 and 1.55 Hanover 
Pructor N. B. & A, E. 2U0 Cora'! 

Pushee Jas. H. 1.57 Court (boys') 
Reinstein S. 1796 Washington 
Richards Geo. 11.24 TOL-k square 
Rogers & Allen, 13S Washington 
Rowe Bros. 28 Washington 
Scheinfcldt J. 302 Federal 
Shuman Abraham, 1884 Wash. 
Silber Soioinan, 275 Hanover 
Simmons G. W. .\: Son, 32 North 
Pi-non .Vlbert, .380 Hmover 
Simon Brothers, 155*W, Broadway 
Solomons & Samuels, 081 Wash- 
Spitz J, 361 Hanover 
Stern Caroline, 12.52 Tremont 
Sulzbury Jonas, 41 Car\er 
Summerfield M., Neponset ave.| 

ward 16 
Tewksbury & Ken'Jall, llf3 Wash- 
Toppan F. L. & Co. 788 Wash- 
Toppan Lewis, 741 Washington 
Trufant & Davis, 2'i2 Com'l 
Tucker & Getclieli, 027 
Warshauer E. 20 No.-ih 
Waxman Nathan, 344 Hanover 
"Welch E. C. & Co. 7 Lewis, E. B. 
Whitebone A. & S. 171 & 175 Eliot 
"Wilmot U. B. & C.i. 121 Wash. 
Wilncr Bros. 79 Union 
Wingerskv Samuel, .'i02 Hanover 
■Wolf Jacob, .•;25 Hanover 
Worrenberg II. Mrs. 8 Border 

Denvir Wm. 20 City square 
Jacobs M. 450 .Main 
KlousE. J. (il.Main 
Klouis Louis, 9, 10, and 11 Waver- 

ley Publishing House, City sq. 
Levy S. 471 Main 
Merrill Stephen, II Main 
Reinstein Oscar, 43 Main 
Wolf Lewis, 88 Main 

Clothing. (Second Hand.) 

Abrams I. 10 Salem 
Alexander Henry, 10 Brattle 
Api)lebauin O. 125 Essex 
Barnard D. .58 Salem 
BarnottD. Mrs. 1.50 .Merrimao 
Bensemol .S. 13 13 T.-eniont 
Borkowski C. 1200 I'reinont 
Boutelje R. 108 Dorchester ave. 
Buitekan Alex. 144 Essex 
Buitekan I. 98 Dorchester ave. 
Clark Jonas W. IS Brattle 
Coburii W. T. 20 Brattle 
Cohen A. 23 Endicott 
Cohen S. .54 Merriinac 
Copelaiid S. 100 1! ackstone 
Dami H. E. 04 Saleiii 
Delanev Marv, 11 .Maverick sq. 
De Yoiing Estlicr, :V. Kneeiand 
Dc Young SiiiioM, 121 Dover 
Durnan .lames, ;J1 Endicott 
Ehrlieh N. 99 Cinibriilge 
Ellis Jos. ph E. 1921 Washington 
Fitzgerald James, 04 W. Broadway 
Galvin Daniel, 53 l.liot 
Green Henrv, 147 Dover 
Hart B. 84 Joy 
Higgin J. 366 Federal 
Isaacs Ilenrv, 151 Dover 
Jacobs SohnniMi, 2!2 Dover • 
Johnson J. J. 22 Brattle 
Johnson Ricliinoml, 103 Eliot 
Jones & Sewell, loojj Blackstone 
Kantorowich J. 74 S ilcin 
Kelliher Thomas, .59 Church 
Kenedy M. .S5Sa'eiii 
Levi Jiark, .'i:;;! Federal 
Levi ..<.■ Siigariimii. 29 .Salem 
Levy Lewis, 141 Dover 
Levy M. 14 Salem 
Levy Samuel, 149 Dover 
Levy Samuel, 00 Salem 
Lewis S. 11.40 Brattle 
Lipp J. 104 West Broadway 
Jlahonev Ann, 09 Fourth 
Marshall M. -130 Hanover 
Martin J. I!. :i Rennet 
Moses S. 123Caiiil)riilge 
O'Brien Eiliminil, 101 mid 165 Eliot 
Pitts & Brown, 24 Brattle 
Reinstein Samuel, 1240 Tremont 
Rnnkel Jacob, 104 Eliot 
Ryan Matthias, 06 Merrimac 
Samelsolin Ail'ilpli, 100 Merrimac 
Seott James, 127 .M.Tiimac 
Stanlev 'I'li.niias, 70 Salem 
Sugarniaii Le>i. 29 Salem 
Sngariiiaii Simon. 1:5 Dover 
Sugarman S il.piiion. 12. 1 Dover 
Vanvolen Nathan, l:;7 l)..ver 
Walker Marv K. Mrs. :!3 Salem 
Weiss M. 68Pi ts 
Wiener Jacob, 5 LaGrango 

Cloths <fe IVoolen Oooda. 

{Sec Wuolcna.) 




Boston Hotels Cuacli Co. IGG Port- 
Coal Sealers. {Wholesale.) 

Alcion.Tohn C. '.iKi hv 
Allen George D. L'4 Kflby 
Allen *: Siiule. 7 Doaue 
Audeiiried Lewis & Co. 14 Kilby 
Audeniied, ^"ortun, & Co.27 Doane 
Bnbson C. jr. 7 Unane 
Baldwin & Kice, II Uoane 
Bangs & Horton. 18 Ivilby 
Borda & Keller, ."> l.'oaiie 
Bowen Otis E. 5 Jlerehants row 
Boyce James, 9 KilUy 
Brown H. M. IX Devonshire 
Brown Samuel H. a Kilby 
Brvant Nathaniel H. 75 State 
Burton J. S. 21 D.iane 
Bush J. P. & Co. 9 Doanc 
Caldwell .1. 1. 54 l>urehestcr avc. 
Carlton W. A. I'J Doane 
Castner, Stickney, & Wellington, 

11 Kilby 
Currier & Greeley, r,0 Devonsliise 
Darrow, Mann, S; Co. 75 State 

Dean J. t. & Co. 2:5 Doane 
Drake Alden L. 75 State 
JPOWLE W. B. Si: Devonshire 

Gooch N. G. 13 Kilbv 
Q.ORELY G. :H. 54 Kilby 

GraeflF, Rotherniel, & Co. 9 Kilby 
Hall Frank A. ;!(> Chardon 
Hayward & Co. 97 State 
Howe B. M. l;! Doane, room 5 
Howes B. L. &. Co. li) Doane 
Kahlcr Jeremiah, 97 State 
Kingsley C. W. 13 Kilby 
Lee D. W. 27 Doanc 
Little S. O. 32 Washington 
Lochman J. E. 29 Doane 
Meeker & Dean, 23 Doane 
Mitchell II. II. I.'i Doane 
Moseley C. H. agent, 32 Dorch.ave. 
Moseley Elisha, Sii Devonshire 
Neill & McCreary, 99 State 
Nevin G. P. 13 Ivilby 
QDIOKNE F. II. & CO. S6 State 

Paige C. E. 7 Central 
Ratnburn John E. 5 Kilby 
Rommel J. jr. & Bro. 21 Doane 
Rugg S. F. 29 Doane 
Scott John C. & Suns. 7 Doane 
Sherwin Edward, 2.'! Water 
Sinnickson & Co. S6 Dtvonshire 
Snclline Howard & Cu. 7 Kilby, 

5S8 Albany and 521 Commercial 
Stevenson & Pierson, 44 Kilby 
Stone D. P. 13 Kilby 
Timing S. C. & Co. 77 State 
Van Dusen, Brother, & Co. "5 

Vaughan B. 42 India 
Wallace W. & Co. 11 Doane 
Walter, Donaldson, & Co J7 Doane 
Ward & Talbot, 75 State 
Weld G. E. & Co. 22 Kilby 
Willard L. P. 7 Doane 
Williams James M. W. 22 Central 
Winslow George JI. & Co. 228 

Causcwav, and 1:19 Cross 
WITHEREEL O. D. 93 State 
' ' (sec page ()75; 

Coal Alining Companies. 

Acadia Coal Co., F. H. Odiome, 
86 State 

American Coal Co., F.H. Odiome, 
86 State 

Caledonia Coal and Railway Co., 
J. H. Converse, treas, 39 State 

Del., Lack., & Western R. R. Co., 
F. H. Odiorne, 86 State 

EverhartCoal Co., E. Smith, treas. 
44 Scars building 

Excelsior Coal Mining Co., C. W. 
Kingsley, treas. l.T Kilbv 

Gilbeiton Coal Co., G. L. Hunt- 
ington, treas. S4 Sears building 

Girardville, MciMichael. & Ham- 
mond Collieries, Agard, Bush, & 
Co. 9 Doane 

Gowrie Mines, F. H. Odiorne, 86 

Intercolonial Coal Co. (X.S.) Alex. 
McGregor & Co. agents, 27 Cen- 
tral wharf 

International Coal & Railway Co., 
F. H. Odiorne. 86 State 

Nova Scotia Coal Co., Darrow, 
Mann, & Co. 75 State 

Pennsylvania Gas Coal Co., F. H. 
Odiorne, SO State 

Philadelphia ■& Reading Coal and 
Iron Co.. E. A. Quintard, agent, 
8 Exchange place 

Potomac Coal Co., C. Chadbourne, 

treasurer, 61) Devonshire 
Red Bank Mining Co. 103 State 
Roaring Brook Coal Co., J. F. 

Dean, treas. 23 Donne 
Suffolk Coal Co., T. H. Bacon, 

treasurer, 22 Congress 
QU.MMn' 15RA.NCII R. R. CO., 
►J Willi:iiii 15. l\,wle, manager. 

Post build ill-, m; Devonshire 
Westmoreland Coal Co. U« State 

Coal cfc \%'oo«l Dealers. 

Abbott J. & Co. ,370 Charles 
Adams .I.E. & Cd. Mil) Albany 
Adams Wm. lleiirv, :' Wuler 
Alden J. II. 19ii; Wa-liin{;ton 
Andrews E. ,i94 Siiawmut ave. 
A NDREWS & CO. 27 Waltliam 

Armor W. L. 419 Albany 
Barry Jothiim, 24 Ki bv 
Batehelder Ijiotliei-, 3>i; Federal 
Bell John & Co. 2i;i: Caisoway 

Bosworth' & Hamlin, 236 Federal 
Brennaii .stciihen, 3Gouch 
Brighaiu Nullum, 379 Federal 
Briyhani S; Piper, 23U Federal and 

256 Broad 
Bullard, Thomas, & Co. 548 Al- 
bany, and 101 State 
Burnham Brothers, Broadway, c. 
Dorchester avenue, Burnham's 
■wharf, East Ninth, and 75 State 
Burnham L. G. & Co. 132 Charles 
JYARD R. 66 Melrose 


Caldwell J. I. 54 Dorchester ave. 
Calef A. D. 418 Federal 
Cahill Daniel, 28 Winchester 
Chaffee & Cunimings, 17 Court 

Chapin & Co., Liverpool wharf 
Clark Wm. & Co. 564 Albany and 

1164 Tremont 
Coal Consumers Association, O. E. 

Bowen, agent, 5 Merchants row 
Cole James, 151 Dorchester ave. 
Comcrford M. J. S9>^ Carver 
(JORBETT A. O. 126 Broad 

Crafts' Henry Sons, 28 Dorch. ave. 
Crowell J. D. 129 Commercial 
Cushing Perez, 165 C, cor. First 
Cutter D. J., Tenean wharf, Com- 
mercial, ward 16 
Dillingham Geo. B. 17 N. Russell 
Donovan J. W., Commercial, opp. 

Ellsworth, ward 16 
pOREY & WALSH, 15 Indiana 

Downes Geo. W. 600 Shawmut av. 
Drake Alden L. 75 State and 326 

Emery Wm. H. & S. L. 288 Federal 
Estoup Noel, 18 Carver 
Faunee C. B. 1301 'Iremont 
Fernandez Francis, 128 Lsverett 
Finley it Lovell, 831 Albany 
Fisher John, 9 Clark 
Fisher P. & Co. 2: 2 Shawmut ave. 
Fitzgerald Richard, rearllOOWash. 
Flanagan P. 52 Gimeh 
Foss Geo. W. 1545 Washington 
Foster Thomas P. & Son, foot of 

tpOWLE WM. B. ,SG Devonshire 
-*• and .32 Dorchester av. 
Fowle, 32 Dorchester avenue 
and 86 Devonshire 
French Charles E. 418 Federal 
Frost Geo. H., Neponset avenue, 

near Taylor, ward 16 
Gibson Nehemiah & Co. 110 Lewis 
Golden John, jr. 3 Linden park 
Gove A. & Son, Weeks' wharf, 212 

Border, E.B. 
Green A. 45 West Dedham 
Greenlaw & Gillis.Boylston station. 

West Ruxburv 
Hall Alfred A. A5 Church 
Hall C. E. 2 Pine 

Hall L. & Co., Webster, corner Or- 
leans, and 25 Lewis 
Hall S. & Co. 148 Border 
Ham Joseph, Northampton, cor. 

Harris J. & Son, B, cor. W. Third 

Hart Jason, 9X 'I'yier 

Washington a\'enue 


C, W. 18 Mt. 

Hofedank John J. 183 Cambridge 
Holmes Jacob R. 222 Border 
Hoyt J. A. 109FiniMdiy 
Hughes Frank W. 90 Leverett 
Jacobs B. F.. Lincoln's wharf 
Leach Charles, 12 West Dedham 
T OYELL JOHN H, West Can- 
■'-' ton, corner Shawmut avenue 
(sec page 6SUJ 

Lyons H. O. 38 Harrison ave. 
McCobb W. P. 119 Beach 
Macdonald A. A. 14 Pleasant 
McMahon John. 2,"2 West Fourth 
Morse L. B. S!-,!! Uiiriisini a\eime 
Morse & Jordan, 1 lOu Washington, 

486 to 504 Albauv iind 17 Court 
Moselev ('. II. iigent, .'IL' Dciich. av 
Murphy .111 eioiaii, lO. e. W. Nint 
Miirphv Puiriekl). iH 'lylcr 
QDIOKNE F. II. i CO. 86 State 

Osgood F. D. 210 Ruggles, and 

Chester Park 
Parkinson Wm. 15S Canal 
Futtersiin Geo. K. 1 IS Essex 
pENNLM.VN II.O. cor. Eighth, 
•'■ and 631 Ka^t liniiuhvay 
Penniiiian J. M. .'.27 W. Fourth 
Philadelphia & Kiadiiig Coal and 

Iron Co. 23 \\'ater 
Pitman John F. 15 Congress 
Pratt C. H. 139 Cross 
Prentice Theodoic, .326 Broad 
Prentice W. H. & Son, 234 Broad 
Prescott W. L. S; C. J. SOI Harri- 
son avenue 
Prescott W. S. & Co. 113 Harr. ave. 
Prescott & Chapin, Liverpool wf. 
Rafferty Wm. 202 West Eighth 
Retcl Wm. C. jr. 136 Kingston 
Riley Andrew W., Second, comer 

Robbins J. & Co. 119 Sumner[mont 
Robbins S. 350 Broad and 306 Tre- 
Roby D. & Co. 2S0 Causeway 
Ruggles David S. 108 Brighton 
Seaver E. 25 Kilby 
Snelling Howard & Co. 7 Kilby, 521 

Comm'l, and 588 Albany 
Staples J. E. & Co. 5 Chariestown 
Stebbins O. F., Berkeley, opposite 

Warren avenue 
Stetson A. M. & Co., First, foot of I 
Stevens R. 20 Blossnm 
Sweeney James, 11 Cypress 
Talbot Jesse, 124 West Fourth 
Taylor Simeon P. 12 State 
Thayer D. W. & Co. 114 Dover 
Thomas Bros. 820 Shawmut ave. 
Tirrell Jesse & Co. .304 Federal 

TURNER JAMES, rear 130 Cam- 
Warren F. C. 326 Charles 

240 Federal 
White A. Hemy, 25 Gouch 
White luhn R. & Son, opposite 

254 Federal 
Williams J. M. W. 22 Central 
Wilson Chas. L. 1050 Wash. 
'' Broad 
Winslow G. M. & Co. 228 Cause- 
way and 139 Cross 
Wiswall & Co. 252 Federal 
WITHER ELL O. D. 95 State 
' ' ( See page 075 ) 
Wood C. B. 410 Charles 
WY^LVN WM. 40 State, room 8 

■■■ Com'l and 75 State 

Barry Jotham, Maiden bridge 
Burns Edward A. 311 Medford 

and Cambridge, near Parker 
Carleton A., Monument ave., cor. 

DeCosta & Sawver, 9 City sq. 
Fall S. II. & G.'l'.i7 McUford 
Fitz & Tcidd, ;» War.eiiave. 
Hadley .M. M Co. 511 Jhiin 
Keyes Edmund & S.iii, lO'.l Medford 
Knight Samuel, 99 Water 
Ladd & Brown, 226 Jlain 
Prescott Geo. 143 Bunker Hill 
Smith & Richards, 79 Austin 
Stearns J. & Co., Main, c. Beach 
Wellington & Huniicwell, Charles- 
River ave., near Water 
Wild Charles D., Cambridge, cor. 

Williams Gilbert, 2G7 Jiedtord 
Winslow, Stewart, & Co. 31 City 
square and 65 iJedford 

(/Ocoa liiitter. 


-'-' State 

pRESTON JOHN, 162 State 

Cttcoa Af anufs. 

pRESTON JOHN, 162 State 

Webb Josiah & Co. 48 Chatham 
Cocoa M^nt. (Prepared.) 
Robinson Wm. F. 8 N. Market 



Oocoa-X lit CakelSakers. 

Kaiser Maxiiniiiiin, 111 Genrge 
Kriegel George, '21 CImilwick 

CofTee n.iid Spice Alills. 

Berry N. & Suns, :Vi Central 
Briggs & Parker, 4 Blackstmie 
nAKTEK, MANN, Ji CO. 207 
^ State 

Chase, Ravmund. & Aver, 34 Broad 

EVINE J. M. & CO. 121 Elliot 


Dwinell & Co., 1 and 3 Hamilton, 

cor. Batterymareli 
Fullarton J. lu Co. 8 No. Market 
Gartield Wni. H. 11) Harvard place 
Glines J. T. & N. 2 Haynmrket sq. 
Grant J. 1 I'itts 

Hayward & Ci>. 5 and ZHaverliill 
Lane 0. F. 27 Cliarlestciwn 
Newliall H. B. 4:! Broad 
Oriental Tea Co. S7 Court 
Prince & Cotton, .32 Chatham 
Rand W. U. ItIO .State 
Sanb irn J. S. & Co. 3 Hamilton 

SL.\DE D. & L. 21 India (see 
page 790) 
Stiekney & Poor, 91 and 20 India, 
and 111) Cambridge, Charlestown 
CWAIN, EAKLE, & CO. 63 and 
'--' 65 ConiMiereial (see page 6«i3) 
Thompson B. S. G Blackstone 
TreinontC'ittee Mills, J. F. Gault 
& Cj. 43 Way 

Cufliii Warehouses. 

Brown W. H. Hi Bennington 

Cole .J. T. ll« West Broadway 

Cotter Jaiiie.~, 2'.)f) Federal 

DalvT. .S.'l ,\Ia. Click 

Fiefd P. E. (13 B 

Glejson Sarell, Washington, cor. 

Harvard, ward KJ 

[EINTZ JOHN, 1124 Trcmont 


" Orange 
Kennedv Pliil. ."71 Harrison ave. 

Mardeu"D. 9 and 11 No. Bonnet 
New England Casket Co., Com- 
mercial, opp. Ellsworth, wd. 16 
O'Siillivan J. 12 i Havre 

PE.VK J. & SON, 146 Friend and 
11!S4 Wash, (see page 676) 
piEKCE J. W. 164 liarrisou ave. 

Raffcrty P. 02 Mcrrimac 
■pEAUE JOHN, 187 Main 

*-" mont 

Tinkham J. 20 Howard 
'' Washington 
Whitney N. P. 19 Blossom 

Coburn E. N. 21 .Solev 
Perry Jolin L. 103 .Vhiin 
>EADE JOHN, 187 Main 



Ahlborn Henry, Camb-idge Bridge 


Battles Jona., Coniniercinl, wd. 10 
Baxter Francis J. 3 Court s [Uare 
Bowen Henry, 43 Cliauncy 
^ (see page 685) 
Caverlv Ciiarles, 17 Court 
nUP/'LICS J. E. & CO. 3 School, 
'-' r. 1.-. (MM. pa','c682) 
\1LLIN;;1IA.M W. C. 33 School, 



Emerv C. S. ll54Trem't(constabIe) 

EVEREl'T C. W. & CO. form- 
erly of and successors to Byrne, 
Everett, & Co., proprietors of 
the Merchants' Bureau for Col- 
lections. Collections attended 
to by regularly retained attor- 
neys, throu.;hout the United 
States an:l Canada. 8 Pember- 
ton sf|iiare 
Farnsworih .t Conant, U Court 
Gill C. II. 7 Change avenue 
Gould C. E. 2.3 School, rm. 2G (U. 

S. Iusp"Ctorl 
Ilavf.ird II. L. 16^3 Washington 
Hunter Ileiiiv .M. :12 Wash. 
Ilvd'' Alhc^r't, Stougiiton, corner 

>I.>rtli aveuar.. ward 16 
Knowles I. C. 2.1 Court 
Martin D. A. 341>^ Washington 

"M- A S O N WM. H. & CO. 41 
-"-•■ Tremont, and 27 Pemb. square 
Munroe James VV. 3,3 School, room 

26 (U. S. Oeputy) 
Ncale John B. 41 O. S. House 
New England Collecting Agency, 3 

Paine I. jr. 22 School 
Raymond E. 106 Court 
SilsbvJ. P. 46Court 
Spooner & Co. 99 Court 
Tlioinpsau George, 76 Tremont 
rplLMANN JOSi^JPII, 541 Wash. 

Warren joniifon, 2."»9 Saratoga 
Watts Caleb V. 6,1 Uevoiishire 
Williams W. W. 14 Peinberton sq. 

Color Manufacturers. 

Bay State Col r C.>. 211 No. Market 

BRIGGS & ROiilNSUN, 31 and 
.3.3 Battervniarch 
^ & MOR ION. 77 Clinton 

DONALD W. C. ii CO. 20 Spring 
gWIFT WM. H. & CO. 12 India 

Wood Henry's Son & Co. 56 Broad 

ConiI> Makers. 

Greenwood J. JI. 91 Cliauncy 
^ Cliauncy (dealers) 
Schmidt Simon, 130 Wash. 

C»niiii<')'cia1 A-Scncies, 

BRADS TKKEr J. M. & SON, 119 
22 Milk 

Commercial Brokers. 

{.See Jirokem.) 
Commercial Colleges. 

BILL A. D. 289 Washington (see 
piige 71181 
Bryant i .Stn.t on, 366 Wash. 
Coiner (ieor-'c N., president, 323 

Sawyer George A. 161 Tremont 

Borges M. de F. H. 27 Central whf. 
iOWDLEAR W. H. 192 State 



French i Chamberlain, 46() 
Washington (sec front Col'd 

Commission merchants. 

Abbott George W. St. Co. 21 Cen- 
tral whai-f 
Aborn, Fav, & Co. .30 Kilby 
Adams C. W. & Co. 7 Doane 
Adams, Taylor, & Co. 113 Broad 

A LDEN & EDMANDS, 190 Con- 
■^ gress 
Aldrieh & Cressey, 208 State 

■"- CO. .3 to 9 India square 
Andrews L., Kiibv, e. Water 
Andrews, Green, & Co. 148 South 

Amsden He., v F. 12 West 
Archibald G. 1-". 30 Kilby 
Atwood E. H. 113 Commercial 
Austin Joseph. .")7 Fulton 
Austin W. R. .").i Broad 
Averv II. N. 4" North Market 
Avei'& Far.vell, 2 Commerce 




Babson Win. .39 Le«is wharf 
Bacon F. E. & Co. .j(l State 
Bailey A. II .V Ci. 12 N. Market 
Baker & Morrill. 211 Kilby 
Baldwin Win. H. 127 .So. Market 
Banchor John F. .<; Co. 112 Broad 
Bangs Win. II. 218 State 
Barker Win. G. 1 Central wharf 
Barnard G. .M. .<; <'o. .3'.l State, r. 11 
Barr George L. 127 Hr.iad 
Barrett Echvin S. 2-'ii State 

CO. 16 Broad 
Bartlett C. S. 133 Tremont 

BARTLETT J. R. & CO. 28 
Battles S: Sherburne, 14 Bedford 

(yarns and wool) 
Bayley J. R. 18 S. Market, (hair 
B.VyleV, Rollins. & C >. 91 State 
Beamaii Brothers, 230 State 
Belknap L.& Co. 12 Clint in 
Beniicr E. & Co. 1 Coiiiiiri wharf 
Bickford Ira H. 61 Clinton 
Bird, Perkins, & Job. lli:l State 
Bitttier A. -V. It. 4ii So. .Marke 
Bi.xbyThos. E i Co. 32 Central 

Blackden E. A. 28 Winter 
Blaneliard A. * Co. 140 Comm'l 
Blaiichard F. A. .t Co. 107 State 
Boggs Si Co. 213 Cumm'l 

Bowman O. P. 38 Central wharf 

BOYLE J. O. & CO. 21 India 
Boynton N. & Co. 87 and 89 Com'l 
Boynton W. H. & Co. 7 Central 
Bradish L. J. 19 Kingston 
Bradsliaw & Patch, 7 Central whf. 
Bray T. C. 21 Central wf. (liquors) 
Brigham Edw'd A. 53 Devonshire 
Brigham J. B. & Co. 3.S Central 
Brintiiall N. Y. 4 Central wharf 
Brockway C. G. 220 Friend 
Bryant is. R. 10 C. niton 
Burgess Beiij. & Sons, 23 Mer- 
chants Exchange 
pUSIl GEO. H. & CO. 33 Central 

Butman F. C. 38 Central 

Byrnes W. B. 220 State and 28 

Cabot, Bowles, & Co. 13 Kilby 
Carruth & Sweetser, 114 State 
Carter O. & Co. 53 Chatham 
Chapin Chas. T. 18 No. Market 
rjHASE & TRULL, 43 No. Mar- 

nHENERY & CO. 196 State and 
^ 18 Commerce (foreign, see p. 
HESSMAN W. II. 9 Central 


Child Dudley R. 73 Devon.shire 
Clark, Abbott, & Co. 102 Federal 
Clark B. C. 4: Co. 4 Central wharf 
Clark & Co. 3, India 
Clark & Woodward, Fort Hill whf. 
Clarke II. JSl. & Co. l.T) State 
Cobb Samuel C. 3 Merchants row 
Coffin N. R. Jk Co. 134 So. Market 
Cohen Jacob, 13 Summer 
rjOLLAMORE H. L. Ill Court 

Collins W. P. 48 Kingston 
Conant E. S. & Co. 47 Long wharf, 

cor. Atlantic avenue 
Coolidge A. R. 173 S. JIarket 
Copela'nd C. F. 47 Broad 
Cotton & Halev, 128 State 
Crocker M. & Co. 9 India 
Crockett Brothers, S Central wharf 
Curtis N. & N. W. 1,30 State 
Gushing Joshua M. & Co. 241 

Cushin", Porter, & Cades, ICl Milk 
Cutler J. E. 3 Commercial 
Cutler, McLean, & Co. 107 State 
Cutter C. L. & Co. 28 So. JIarket 
Daland Brothers, 97 State 
Dana Brotliere, 40 Central 
Daniels F. J. & Co. 20 Kingston 
Darling C. B. & Son, 129 State 
Darling J. G. 47 Commercial 
Davis Adolphiis, 10 Central wharf 
Davis Francis G. 07 Coininercial 
Davis W. 11.67 Broad 
Decoster, Pluiner, & Co. 46 and 53 

North Market 
Belong & Seaman, 3 Central whf. 
Dennis James, 220 State 
Dennis Wm. W. 21 Commercial 
Denny, Rice, & Co. 14 Uamilton 

Deshon James, l.">6 State 

143 to 147 South (hides and 
Dillon James, 114 State, room 8 
Doane & Crowcll, 103 Commercial 
Drake Geo. B. .1 Co. 13 India whf. 
Drost G. A. 24 Chauney 
Drury Otis. 12 R. R. Exchange 
Dupce John. .3 Coinm;Tcial 
Dyer E. C. 1.57 Tremont 
nYER S. N. Jk. 17 Central wlif. 


Eaton, Cumings, & Co. 26 Central 
Eaton, Sawyer, & Co. 27 and 28 

South Market 
Eldridge ,t Co. 14 North Market 
Ellisjiu .<;.Iohiisoii. 1(10 Court 
Eust'is & Philliii-s :M India wharf 
Farlow.lolm S". S: Co. .38 India 
Farmini & Ad ims, 11 \o. :\larket 
FarwcU A. G. & Co. 1 IVmb. sq. 
Fenno, Son,X.- Co. i'.",3 BrnaiKwool) 
Ferris John, 10 North .Market 
Fisher*; Co. -M Central »liarf 
Fishery Fairbanks, 45 N. Market 

Fla.-'g J. I* J^ Co. 1.36 Milk (wool) 
Flint ;c Henderson, 4 India 
Folgcr John B. & Co. 107 State 
Forrest W. B. 228 Broad 
Foster, Candler, & Co. 3 Mer- 
chants row 
Foster J. H.& Co. 2fl Kilby 
Fowle Geo. B. 49 Wash. 
Fowle 4: Carroll, 31 India wharf 
Fowler M. Field Si Co. 144^State 
Foy Fred. B. & Co. 12 Cliutou 



French S. L. 22 Con<n-C9S 

Frost George.:;! Avcju goods) 

Fuller J.B. 54Bruad 

Gale Milton & Co. 'Mi Broad 

Gallison 1,. 1). & Co. G Suttolk pi. 

Q ARUNKli E. ly Uoane 

Garduer, Stone, & Co. 20 South 

Gayle & Co. SI Commercial 
Gill S; Lootz, G Centra! wharf 
Gliilden 10. II. 107 State 
Go.dsnilth N.F. & Co. G Central 

Goodall, Kenerson, & Parker, 13 

Goudnougli S. D. 50 No. Market 
Goodwin, Locke. & Co. L'17 State 
Gorman William, 118 Broad 
Goss Abiel, 2'S5 State 
Gould, Kice, & Co. 22 No. Market 
Gould T. Warren & Co. 37 Temple 

Gray Uavid B. 78 Commercial 
Gray Geo. 11. it Danfoith, 4S India 
Greeley Wm. H. Jk Co. 27 Doane 
Griswokl, Whitney, Jk Co. 37 Mer- 
chants row 
Haukett G. G. 3 Atlantic ave. m'k't 
Hall Francis A. 41 State 
Hall Jacob, 23 India 
Hall John G. & Co. C4 Chatham 
Hall, Myriek, Ik Co. 214 State 
Hancock Solomon, 35 Broad 
Harding, Grey, & Dewey, 169 

Hardina N. L. Kilby, cor. Water 
Hardy Alpheus S; Co. 127 State 
HarrisT.B. 107 State 
Hart S. Rowland, 31 Exchange 
Hartsliorne James, 2t> West, room 8 
Haseltine J. E. II" Water 
Hase tine W. B. & Co. 13 Fosters 

Haskell T. II. 130 State 
Haskins & Montague. 170 Broad 
Hatch I. A. S: Co. 23 Kingston 
Hathaway & Woods, 3 Connnerce 
Hemenway & Browne, 37 Lewis 

■p EVER C. A. 165 Devonshire 

Hicks John J. 16 Central wharf 
Hill Vanuim H. & Co., 23 Ilawley 

Faneuil Hall Market, cellar 
Hobbs J. S. it Co. S9 State (lime 

and cement) 
Hobbs, Pope, & Co. 35 India 
Hodson B. P. & Co. 11 N. Market 

Hollingdale J. 24 Chauncy 
Holmes. Bates,iS; Nichols, 62 Broad 
Hovev, Butler, & Co. 71 North,'and 

25 North Market 
Howard B.'s Sons, 19 Doane 
Tl OWE B. M. 7 Doane 

Howes, Scudder, & Crocker, 138 

South Market 
Howes & Crowell, l.'M State 
Howland, Luce, & Co. 4 State 

Howlett Geo. C. 11 Central wharf 
TJOXIE T. W. & CO. 38 Long 
-'-'- wharl' 

Hughes & Co. 21 Lewis wharf 
Humphrey & Co. 214 State 
Hunt F. W. & Co. 36 North Market 
Hunt Rowland, 29 InUia 
Hunt Seth B. Ik Co. 102 Chauncy 
Hyson C. & Co. 214 State 
Ingraham David H. 75 State 
Jaquith N. D. & Co. 82 Chauncy 
Jenkins & Co. 27 Doane 
^ India (oils, see page 715) 
Johnson, Fav, & Co. 124 S. Market 
Johnson T. J. & Co. 28 Winter 
Jones T. J. & Co. 236 State (fish 

and oil) 
Joy & Gibson, 6 Oliver 
Kean Geo. 13 Central wharf 
Keck & Jlosser, 90 High 
Kemble & Hastings, 193 State 
Kent William H. & Co. 144 State 

Keyes Amos & Co. 26 Blackstone, 

and 2U Clinton 
Kidder Frederic, 18 Somerset 
Kilham A. D. ik Co. 5 No. Market 
Kilbert W. H. G Oliver 
Kimball & Bates, G5 Commercial 
Kinsman W. H. i Co. 19 Broad 
Lat'orme A. B., 217 State 
Lamson J. F. 4 North Market 
Lang, De.ano, S; Co. 3 India sq. 
Langdon S; Burleigh, 186 State 
Lawrence C. H. & Co. 51 Long wf. 
Lawrence Daniel W. 127 Broad 
Lawrence Geo. W. 8 Central wharf 

(teas and tobacco) 

Leland Chas. M. & Co. 17 Kingston 
Leoboldti & Mayer, 4G Chauncy 
Lewis A. S. Jk W. G. Jk Co. 58 

Long wharf 
Lewis & Hall, 9 Merchants row 
Lindcr&iMeycr, 118 Milk 
Linncman C. A. 28 Chaimcy (im- 
Litchfield & Downic, 12 West 
Littlcfield Jk Rav. 6 Commercial 
T O.MBAKD &" CO., Atlantic ave. 
•'-' cor. Lewis wharf 
Lord Geo. C. & Co. 24 Merchants 

Loring Abbott & Co. 35 Fulton 
Loiing Horace, 26 Broad 
Loring & Co. 1113 State 
Luce IJ. W. 29 niKl ;il Pearl 
Lvon & Vose, 123 Washington 
M"aiiii X. P. Jk Co. 204 Slate 
jMaiiniiig J. E. 5 Chutliain row 
INlaich A. S. .t Co. 20 Lincoln 
Maxwell E. II. 18 Central wharl 

Mayo J. E. 67 Commercial wharf 
MeElrov Brothers, 31 Broad 
Mclniies Julni & Co. head of 
Rowe's wharf (wool) 

& CO. 27 Central wharf (see 
page 729) 
•^'•*- CO. 225 State (lumber) 
Morev & Co. 197 State 
Morse 1). D. 188 State 
JNIorse G. J. & Co. 48 Bedford 
Morse Mason. 26 South Market 
Moselev, Wheelwright, & Co. 44 

Jloscnthal, Paddon, & Co. 19 Cen- 
tral wharf (wool) 
Munlton Geo. S. ik Co. 73 Chauncy 
Jlowry W. B. 28 North Market 
Nash,"Spaulding, & Co. 23 Broad 
Nason & Higgiiis, 28 No. Market 
Nazro & Co. 43 Commercial 
Neal & Crowinshield, 6 Central ■ 
Newcomb John J. 60 Commercial 
Nichols, Parker, & Dupee, 4 Ham- 
ilton (wool) 
Norcross W. F. 19 Doane 
Norris Joseph B. 9 Central 
Noursc B. F. 44 Kilby (cotton) 
vUIORNE F. II. Jk CO. 86 State 


O'Donnell J. 162 Broad 
Osboru J. W. 123 Commercial 
■^ 70 State 

OSBORN A. & CO. 25 Central 
0SBOU.N J. & H. K. 194 and 
Congress ' see page 80S) 
Parker, Burgess, Jk Co. 206 State 
Parker JSIason G. 11 Centrol 
Parker S. T. & Co. 141 iMilk 
p.\RKER T. L. 1 South Market 
-*- (cellar) 

Patch Daniel A. 13 Central wharf 
•*- 41 India wharf 
Percival, Montague, & Co. 3 School, 

room B 
Perkins II. R. 5 Chatham row 
Perley W. II. 2 Exeter place 
Peters E. D. & Co. 12 Central whf. 
Peters Wm. C. 12 Central wharf 
Pickhardt & Kuttrott', 43 Kilby 
Pierce & Williams, 92 Chauncy 
Plummer C. K. 24 Chauncy 
Plummer & Co. 173 State 
Pollard S. S. Jk Co. 7 Central 
Porter Brothers & Co. 58 Summer 
Pratt, Porter, & Co. 89 Summer 
pRAY B. S. & CO. 189 State 

Priehard & Co. 6 Central 
Priest H. A. Jk Co. 217 Federal 
Priest John L. 14 Central wharf 
Quincv Thomas D. & Co. 40 Com'l 
Kaeder Henrv & Co. 225 State 
Randall D. & Co. 29 India 
Randall J. W. Ji J. L. 9 N. Market 
ReaWm. A. 36 Kilby 
Reed P. W. 73 Commercial 
Reed & Bowen, 36 Kilby 
Reynolds W. B. & Co. 201 State, 

wharf, 376 Albany 
Rice & Davis, 5 Central wharf 
Richardson C. H. & L. G. 19 Court 
Richardson Joseph, 19 Court 
Richardson ik Co. 21 Commercial 

Central wharf 
Robeits. Savward, & Co. 1.56 State 
■DOBERTS & CO. 2 Quiney Hall 
-'-*' (see page 666) 
Robinson W.F. 8 North Market 
Robinson & Co. 38 Canal 
Robinson & Robinson, Battery wf. 
Bockwood Chas. £. 133 Tremont 

Rodocanaclii J. M. & Co. 17 Cen- 
tral wharf 
RoEcrs Gorham & Co. 2 Central 

Rogers John P. & Co. 217 Federal 
puss, PEARCE. & CO. 159 Dev- 
■*-^ oiisliiia (see i)ai;e713) 
Ryder George G. & (ieorge E. 101 

CALTER J. II. Jk CO. 6 Suffolk 
» place 
Sawyer, Hollis, & Co. 61 North 

Market (produce Jk provisions) 
Scluiitzer Jacob, 33 Central wharf 
Schumacher J. & Co. 19 Doane 
Scott William, 4 Liberty square 
Scott & Bridge, 122 South Market 
Scudder Harvey & Co. 174 State 
Sears J. Henry & Co. 92 State 
Seaver Jacob VV. & Co. 11 Central 
Seaver & Weld, 11 Central 
Shackell Samuel, 123 Wash. 
Shelton P. S & Co. 4 Central whf. 
Sherman L. W. 47 Commercial 
Shute James M. jr. 26 Congress sq. 
Siders Chas. & Co. 119 Commercial 
Siders Josiah B. 119 Commercial 
Simpson & Tiittle. 16 Clinton 
Sise Albert, 42 Biiterymarch 
Small, Haines, & Co. 4 Liberty sq. 
CM nil CHARLES & CO. 7 
^ Central whaif 
Snelling S. G. 47 State 
Snow i Co. 31 No. Market (cellar) 
CPALDING R. H. 113 Wash- 
^ ington, and 148 Hanover 
Sparhawk D. II. jk Co. 113 State 
Speare, Gregory, & Co. 3 Cen- 
tral wharf 
Spooner W. B. & Co. 43 South 
Sprague Francis & Co. 11 Central 
Spragne, Soule, & Co. 40 Kilby 
Sproat Horace M. 4 Liberty square 
Staples J. E. & Co. 5 Charlestown 
Steele John W. 3 Commerce 
Stetson & Pratt, 28 Broad 
Steven,son II. R. 156 State 
Stodder Charles, 131 Devonshire, 

room 36 
Stone C. II. 94 Hanover (hardware) 
Stone, Hall, & Co. Si4 Washington 
Stone Henry W. 3 Central wharf 
Stone J. W. 12 South MarKet 
Sturtevant J. D. 50 State 
Surette Louis A. 62 Commercial 
Swasey, Ellis, & Co. 99 State 
Tappaii J. H. &Co., Broad, corner 

Taylor C. L. & Co. 104 State 
Taylor Simeon P. 12 State 
Teel Arthur F. Jk Co. 1!) Central 
Thacher II. C. &Co. 48 Kilby 
Thaxter Benjamin, 218 State 
Thayer, Brigham, ik Co. 32 India 
Thayer ik Lincoln, 104 Slate 
Thompson E. ik Co. 32 Broad 
Thwing S. C. it Co. 77 State 
Tileston E. G. ik Co. 17 Sears bld'g 
Tilton Stephen ik Co. 10 Central wh 
Tinison Bros., India, c. Atlantic av. 
Todd F. W. ik Co. ,-i3 Central 
Townsend ik Co. 36 Central 
Townsend ik Yale, 26 Kneeland 
Tully D. H. & Co. 19 Central whf. 
■Turner John B. 30 Central 
Turner, Prescott, & Co. 50 Temple 

Van Praag J. ik Co. 160 State 
Van Wart, Son, & Co. 48 India 
Vaughan Benj. 42 India 
Vittuni, Talbot, it Co. 8 Central wM 
Vose Thomas B. 210 State 
Wadsworth George W. 5 Chat, row 
' ' Liberty sq. (see front col'd 

Ware J. S. 3 Commercial 
Webb Wm. W. 3 Central wharf 
Webb W. E. 5 Kilby 
Weissbein Adolph, 133 Tremont 
Welch & West, 234 State 
Wells Henry B. 59 Kingston 
Weltch Samuel & Co. 129 State 
Wentworth ik Co . 79 Bedford 
Wheeler F. S. 174 State 
Wheelock F. F. ik Co. 28 Chauncy 
Whidden A. A. Co. 3 Chatham row 
White G. F. ,37 Temple place 
Whitmore C. O. ik Sons, 15 Central 
Whitney T. D. & Co. 92 Chauncy 
Wilbur Edward P. ];J8 Harr. ave. 
Wilbur ik Walton, 40 Long wharf 
Wildes A. H. 57 Fulton 
Williams Horace P. fkCo.. 320 Wash. 
Williams & Ramseyer, 3 Com'l 
Wilson John L. 58 Long wharf 
Winsor Alfred ik Son, 134 State 
Winter Royal, 98 Broad 
Wise L. ik Co. 24 Portland 
AVise it Russell, 213 >*tnte 
Wood H. T. & Co. 226 State 



Woodward, 13™%'!!, & Co. 27 So. 

"Woodsvard Harrison E.&Co.,Fort 

Hill wharf 
Young J. C. 23 Temple place 


iSce page Si)) 

Condensed Milk (.Plain.) 
Lewis W. K. & ijro. 93 Broad 
Maynard & Lothrop, 28 West 

Confectioners. (.Vanu/s.) 
Becker Bros. 132 W. Broadway 
Blanchard George I'. 104 Eliot 
Bradsliaw Albert. ISl Wash. 
nHASE Sc Co. 3(1 and 32 Oliver 
^ (lozenfres) (see page 806) 
Clement Wni. B., Diamond blk., 

Neponset avenue, ward IG 
Colcord Wm. H. 4 Blossom 
Conelaud A. F. 291 Washington 
^ montrow 

Dickev N. S. & Co. 104 Portland 
UERA GEO. 343 Washington 
^ (see page 691) 
^ 96 and '.IS Sudbury (wholesale, 

(see panf UtiS) 
Goward William F. & Co. 15 Mer- 
chants row , 
Gunther Otto, 238 Hanover 

JESSOP J. H. 10 Tremont (see 
(page 6711) 
Mayer Si. Mrs. 8 Hotel Pelham 
Mushett James, :'. Tremont row 
Roberts J. .\. .Vil W. Broadway 
Schnetzer & Abendroth, 11 Charies- 

Schrafl'tW. F. H Elm 
Southmayd & Co., Tremont, cor- 
ner Bromtield 

Union Chocolate Cream Co. 2 

Wachter H. 11. .36 North Bennet 
TtrEBER FRED. E. 25 and 27 
' ' Temple place 

" "IIGH "" '"" 


Beard James, 142 Chelsea 
Morgan James, 2 Waverley House 
Pepper C. H. 57U Main 
Sawtell B. W. 307 .Main (manuf.) 


Armstrong George, 110(JX Wash. 
Averill G. U. 721 Washington 
Barnard M. 213 Eliot 
Barnstead R. P. Mrs. 1193>^ Wash. 
Baxter I. E. 2ii7 Federal 
Bavne T. D. & Co. 482 W. B'way 
Bellhonse Margaret, 307 Tremont 
Bellizia P. 54 liect 
Benedict .James, 1100)^ "Washing'n 
Blakeiioy Hugli. 443 W. Broadway 
Blunt H. 715 Tremont 
Boutlier Sarah A. l.B Everett 
Bowman C. Mrs. 57 Emerson 
Brackett G. H. 245 Meridian 
B utcher William, l."i3 Chelsea 
Biizzell Frank A. :W< Cambridge 
Clark F. .M. iVIis?. lllil .Shaw't ave. 
Ciipcland \. F. 2'.tl Washington 
^ mont row 

Copeland Daniel T. 128 Tremont 
Crafc Elsie J. Miss, 120 Dudley 
Currier I. 217 Sliawniut ave. 
Daley Michael. 214 Siuuiier 
Devine&Co. I>r7 Washington 
DoolingJames, 1247 and 1249 Wash. 
Dorman Francis, 905 E. Fourth 
Dyer John, Charlestown bridge 
Drew Frank, 3.58 Harrison ave. 
Felker Chas. E. & Co. 125 Dudley 
TiERA GEO. 343 Washington 
^ (see page 691) 
Fernald Chas. 332 Tremont 
Fessenden J. R. 457 W. Broadway 
Fielding Albert A. 439X W. B'way 
^ and 98 Sudbury (wholesale, 

(see page (itiSi 
Friedman M. W 223 Hanover 
Frost Fred. W. 1877 Washington 
Gisner J. A. Jlrs. 12 Oak 
Gleason C. P. I Green 
Goodrich Chas. H. 420 Hanover 
Grace John, 60 Decatnr 
Gregg lie... II. 1617 Wash. 
Grois Philip. 2 16 Harrison ave. 
Gunther Otto, 238 Hanover 
Ilankey Joseph, Centre, opposite 

Grcenougli avenue W. Rox. 
Hathaway II. F. 600 Wash. 
Hayes James, 37 Church 

Hope A. J. .309 Washington 
Jenkins I. N. 113 Dorchester 
TESSOP J. H. 10 Tremont (see 
" pa^e 679) 
Jones C. R. 139 Harrison ave. and 

11 Boylston 
LeBarrun John. N. Ferrv ave. E.B. 
Lef'evie E. 61 Eliot (Frei'ichJ 
Lewis F. T. .'lOl Tremont 
Lillienthal L. .M. 251 Ham ave. 
Locke O. B. 71 Conihill 
Ixrw A. F. 55 iMeridian 
Warden E. W. .",fii .^hawmut ave. 
Marks B. A. 68.5 Washington 
Mathieson Mary K. 38 Grove 
Mayer & Co. 8 flutel Pelham 
McKee Lura Ms. 6 Chadwick 
McKeene F. L. 789 Wash. 
Montgomery W. C. 11 Avon 
Monic Richard, 211 Broadway 

MORSE & HOLT, 6X Cam- 
Murdoch John, 16 Green 
Musket J. A. 37 Union 
Nelson J. H. 772 Tremont 
Page & Bailc.v, 45 West 
Parnicnter Daniel, 114 Dorch. ave. 
Pcaslee Flint, 113 Wash. 
Pepper J. W. 154 lianovcr 
Perkins A. S. 216 Tremont 
Pierce Ada. 103 Leverett 
Prince Zelotes, 191 Paris, E.B. 
Read S. C. 65.-. Wash. 
Richardson F. .\. 98 Tremont 
Ricker M. H. 75 Dudley 
Roberts David, 43 Phillips 
Roberts James A. i«l W. B'way 
Roberts L., Charlestown bridge 
Kochel C. 18 Tennyson 
Rosenborg Sani'l,87>i Pleasant 
Sawtell Hiraiii F. 1787 Wash. 
Schrafft Wm. F. 11 Elm 
ScottH.M. 1197 Tremont 
Seller & Bickel, 12 Oak 
Shapleigh John, 4.39>; W. B'way 
Silshy B. F. 94 Court 
Skilton Nathan B. 1.575 'Wash. 
Sloeum & Son, 1899 Wash, and 

1213 Tremont 
Southmayd & Co., Tremont cor. 

gTAHL WJI. F. 37 Essex 

Taylor John N. .580 Washington 
Thayer Warren S., Thayer's Hotel, 
ward 16 [Grimes 

Thielberg Henry, Seventh, corner 
Thomas C. F. 722 Wash. 
Thomas R. I.. 41 Charter 
Tr.fts Wm. 513 Tremont 
Walker AVni. li. 726 Harrison ave. 
Wallace M. .Mrs. 1102 Ticmont 
WFBER FRED. E. 25 and 27 

»' Temple place 
Webster Alb"rt, 2.'1.'; Washington 
Wells Beni. F. 173 Court 
Wcntwortli & Co. 48 Kingston 
West Wm. & Co. 7 Hanover 
Wheeler James B. 545 Wash. 
Wi'son WiPiam Mrs. 277 Sumner 
i;\rRIGHT & MOODY, whole- 

** sale, ISCornhill 
Young Isaac D. 1059 Tremont 

Buxton Sarali W. 252 Main 
Colburn D. S. l.'J7 Main 
Day L. S. Miss, 107 Bunker Hill 
Mumler Julius, jr. 89 Main 
Piper W. M. & Co. 1:53 Main 
Whittemore Alfred, 45 Main 


Argentine Reimhlic, David D. 

Stackpole. 48 State, room 10 
Austrian Vice Consul. SO State 
Belgian Consul, H. W. Warren, 6 

Central wharf 
British Consul, C. A. Henderson, 

()8 Devonshire, room 55 
British 'Vice Consul. W. H. Stuart, 

68 Devonsliire, room 55 
Danish Vice-Consul, E. C. Ham- 
mer, G. Lootz (acting), 6 Central 

French Consular Agcnt,;j. A. las- 

igi, 13 Exchange 
German Empire Consul, S. B. 

Schlesinger, 6 Oliver 
Greek Consul, J. M. Rodocanachi, 

17 Central wharf 
Hawaiian Consul, E. M. Brewer, 

209 State 
Haytian Consul, B. C. Clark, 4 

Central wharf 
Italian Vice Consul, Gustavus M. 

Finnotti, 113 .State 
Mexican Viee-Consul, C. L. Bart- 

lett, 16 Broad 
Netherlands Consul, G. Lootz, 6 

Central wharf [State 

Nicaragua, Jorge Oyarzabal, 103 
Portugese Consul, 27 Central whl. 

Russian Vice-Consul, W. Brandt 

Storer, 5S India 
Spanish Consul, G. Armstrong, 22 

Spanish Vice Consul, Ignacia de 

Soto Leicna,'22 Congress 
Swedish and Norwegian Vice- 
Consul, G. Lootz, 6 Central whf. 
Turkish Consul General, Joseph 

lasigi, 44 Broad 
Turkish Vice Consul, Oscar lasigi, 

44 Broad 
Uruguay Vice Consul, Charles 

Soule, 53 Devonshire 


(.Digging, Grading, and Carting.) 

Automatic Hatch Cover and Eleva- 
tor Co. 283 Washiuffton 

Boston Co-operative Building As- 
sociation, C. P. Burrage, treas. 28 

Coyne & Briscoe, E. Seventh, bet. 
M and N 

Dacev J. B. & Co. 28 Pemb. sq. 

DeanB. W. 17 Court 

■nOHERTY JAMES, 9 Medford 

Dolan Thomas, 115 Hampden 

Drurv J. W. 17 Court 

Ford Samuei, 17 Court 

rjALLIGAN PETER,'Foundry, 

'-' corner Dorchester ave. 

ri AY PHINEAS E. 2 Hamilton 

^-* jjlace 

Hall Aaron A, 17 Court 


^'- anil .-.0 Randolph 

Mi.Morrow I'u'rick & Son, Forest 

Ilills, near Wi:liams, W. Rox. 
Nawn Owen, Wash., cor. Nawn 

Contractors for Bnild'gr. 

(See al'io Catpenters and Builders.) 
Adanij Edwin, 17 Court 
Adams Wm. 19'; West Newton 
A LEXANDER B. D. 5 Jackson 
■^- place 

Brown J. E. & N. 174 Federal 
CoxT. W. & J. H. 171 Wash. 
Dolan Thus. 115 Hampden (stone) 
■T-iLDEll GEO. G. & SON, 401 
^ Albany 

Fitch Jonas ,t Co. .383 Federal 
J^iOX CHARLES A. 53 Appleton 

Gerrish G.W. 81 Washington, rm. 2 

Gibson G. M. & G. A. 81 Wash. 

Harmon I. & H. M. 149 "A ' Tre- 
HAYES MARTIN & Co. 3 Berk- 

Howe G. S. & F., Ilunneman, n. 
Harrison avenue 


^ C(u-ncr Reed 

Leightmi John W. ,55 Devonshire 

Marsh Robert. Ilij Salem 

Mead F. & F. W. 17 Court 

Mead, Mason, & Co. 86 Beverly 

Norton T. R. .87 Village 

Peirce A. P. 103 Leverett 

Pope Frederick, 81 Washington 

Richards L. 17 Court (stonel 

Richmond Aug. C. 9 Woodward 
Rollins Charles, 89 Washington 

RUNEY FRANK, Chapman, c. 
CEWARD & MORGAN, 39 Port- 
»-' land 

Smith J. T. 17 Court (sewer) 
gTEVENS WM. A. 104 Lexing- 

Stoddard Stephen, 105 Revere 
CTLriVRT T. E. 664 Washington 
^ and 17 Court 

•J 86 Ikn'crlv 

WadKigh Dexter E. 13 Dexter 
'' 19 Broad 

<^on tractors for Public 

Covne & Briscoe. E. .Seventh, c. N 
Daccy J. B. & Co. 28 Pemb. sq. 
Drurv James W. 794 Parker and 

17 Court 
Evans William, 48 Winter 
Evans Wm. J. R. 48 Winter 
TACKSON WM. H. & CO. 33 
" SvlnMjl,n>om G 
I,"c'ke Friun-is, 17 Court (sea-wall) 
Mnnsc.n X. ('. 12 Studio building 
Rowo S. S. 59.3 Albanv 
Satlonl Edward S. 172 Washington 
Smith Jacob P. .369 Shawnmt ave. 



Safford TAvr. S. 172 Washington 
COUTUEU .1. & CO., foot of A 

Treuiont row 


Coiitriictor. (Sub-,yfarine.) 
Towusciid G. W. 17 Court 


ARXI:j« & C.UITER, 30 School, 


Bonv .M H-rill V. \SST Wash. 

BIliELOW GliO. B. 2-2 Old State 
■DOWDirca V.-.M. I. S Railroad 
-'-' Exchange 
Clark I. W. il,-! Washington 

CLARKE GEO. F. & CO. 113 
Crocker G. G. M Peniberton sq. 
Crocker U. II. M P.-mhcrtun sq. 
Darv George A 41! Washiii.^ton 
•JJARIJING W.M. B. 108Dorch- 
■'-'- ester avenue 
Hassan) .John 1 . :V> Court 
Kern & Fiteli, '-'.Conrt sqilare 
Mills John 0.47 Court » 

fAYLOR R. r. S9 Court 


PROCTOR D. A. 109 Washing- 
Shedd \. B. ir, city sq., Chastn. 
Smith AniOi. 1 li \V:islungton 
Spraguo' II. II. 14 I'einherton sq. 

STAHK JOHN II. l-Jo K, and 36 
StevensE. G. & Daughter, 7 Pera- 

berton S(|nare 
Thompson Wni. A^ 19 Court 
Wadsworth Alexander F. 9 Rail- 
road Exehaiig" 
TXfATSON \VM. F. 37 Harrison 
'' avenno (sec page 682) 
Wightman J. M. .'.;■, School, rm. 12 
Wright A. B. Il' Old State House 

CookiniLc A.;>pnr:itiis. 

CMITII & I.VXCII. 49 Portland 

-^HITELEY E. 61 Charlestown 

Cook's Patent Uiviclers. 

XT A L L E T T G. W. & CO. 84 
-'-'- Wasliingtjn 


Armstrong & Scutt, Atlantic ave. n. 

Beck L. & Son, Boston wharf 
Bolzer P. F. 118 Butterymarch 
Carlton John IC, Carlton's wharf 
Cate Sanuiel, nop. 7 Central whf. 
Cook He ir3', S .VUnray ct., E.B. 
Crowley .lereniiili K., Comme'rcial, 

corner Commerce 
Daniels William, "T Utica 
Davis Siinr.HT, .".'jr, Charles 
Donegal! Opt.- g,-. l'(I,; First 
Eatini .7. B. .".4ii C ■inmereial 
Goddanl E. W. 27 Richmond 
Grnber A. D. 2.'i(> Commercial 

HILl & WRt'JIII', 145 and 157 
Sumner. E.B. 
Hinckley F. liWi Commercial 
Hopkins .lames. First, corner B 
Hussey J. & Co. 212 Comm'l 
Kelley Edwin A. r. 58 Kingston 
Kenny Thomas, 130 Orleans and 

1S2 6.-en.e:i 
Kurrus D. W.. First, cor. B 
liucas J. 18.5X Broad 
.Lynch & Vei-go, I:W Milk 
Mace & Swett. 'S X'l. Centre 
McKenna P. W., First, near B 
Mois3 A. P. StC.)., First, cor. B 
O'Brien William. 244 Comm'l 
Pa t;n Wm. C. i Co. 163 Causeway 
Perkins E. K., Bnstou wharf 
Pitman Jci«hna II. 25 Ferry 
Pou'tior William S., .323 Comm'l 
Sanger Z., 17 Custom House street 
Sawyer H. A. 192 Commercial 
Tondarf .Tisppii, 82 Longwood av. 
Tr.jwc- Wiiliam. 310 Conun'l 
■Vannevar Alex. 2W< State II. 7i; Broad 
Wells J. L. ;ea 40 Orleans 

Fisher .Tohn, C ilumbia 
Johnson l.^wis, Columbia 
■"■ Medfurd (see page 734) 
Lee;iui, Arlington ave., near 

Lund Frederick, 518 JIain (kegs) 
Lund James, .i48 Main 

Coopersige Stock. 

Mills James L. Sc Sons, 160 State 

Copper siikI Itrass 

QODY EDWARD, 33 Hawkins 

flROWLEY J., Albany, corner 
'-' Curve 
Copperplate Printer. 

•" 490 W:ish. (see adv. facing 

Copper I>ealers. 

•VTAY & CO., agents for New 
■^^^ Bedford Coi^per Co. 14 to 20 
01i\er (sec inside bnek co\'er) 
-^^ J. C. Roge.s & Co., agents, 30 

Revere Copper Co. J. Revere, treas. 

47 Kilbv 
CTIOWART J. & W. 230 Federal 
*^ (sec page 666) 
-*■ Crocker Bros. .>t Co.. agents, 
11 Broad (see page 76(1) 

Copper Mining; Cos., 

Having Officr^ in Boston. 

Allouez iVIining Co., O. B. Cook, 
treas. 54 Uevonsliire 

Boston & Co.orado Smelting Co., 
J. Warren Jlerrill, treasurer, 77 

Calumet & Hecia Mining Co., 
Chas.W. Seabnrv. treas. 114 State 

Copper Falls Mining Co., O. B. 
Cook, treas. .")4 Devonshire 

Dana Mining Co., II. W. Nelson, 
treas. 68 Dex-onshire, room 57 

Franklin Mining Com., D. L. 
Demnion, treas. 130 State 

Hancock Mining Co., Jno. Brooks, 
treas. 54 Devonshire 

Hanover Mining Co., H. W. Nel- 
son, treas. 68 i.evon.shire, r'm .57 

Humboldt Copper Co., H. W. 
Nelson, treas. 6S Devon., r'm 57 

Madison Mining Co., F. Beck, 
treas. 80 Devo.isiure 

Mesnard .Minii g Co., Wm. Reed, 
treas. 31 .State 

N.ative Mining Co.. John Brooks, 
treas. 54 De\'ni;sl,ire 

Osceola Consolitlated Mining Co. 
68 Devonshire 

Petherick Mining Co., 78 Devon- 
shire, room .'iS 

Pewabic Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
nion, treas. 130 State 

Phajnix Copper Co., J. H. Tuttle, 
treas. 8 Oliver 

Quincy Mining Co., Horatio Bige- 
low, pres. 78 iJevonshire 

Rockland Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
nion, treas. l.SO State 

South Side Jlining Co., H.W. Nel- 
son, treas. 68 Devon, room 57 

Star Copper Co., H. W. Nelson, 
treas. 68 Devo, shire, room 57 

St. Clair Copper Co.,C.H. Sprague, 
treas. 86 State 

Tremont Mining Co., C. T. How- 
ard, treas. 19 ivoane 

Winthroj) Mining Co., H.W. Nel- 
son, treas. 68 Devon, room 57 

Copper I'olish. 

1292 Boston P. O. 

Copper Pumps. 

"lyrAY & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
■^'■*- inside back cover) 


Allen Phineas D. & Co. 1747 Wash. 
^ Merrimac 
Bekkenhiiis & Essman, Broadway 

Extension, 51 Way 
Clinton & Phillips, l28 Harr. ave. 

DOCKER GEO. & SON, 15 Bow- 
ker (sec p.ige 691) 
Dudley B.F.2s'llarvard 
riAY C. M. 66 Warren 

Hallberg C. B. .367 Commercial 

Havward L. H. 6 Chamber, Chstn. 

■UlCKS & BADGER, 65 Pitts 

■'-'- (see nag" (XT) 

Hunneman Jt Co. 26 Union 

T ORING A. B. & S. II., Tyler, 

■L' cor. Harvard 

]y[ORSE A. J. & SON. 63 Bever- 

Peterson A. 1726 Wash. 
Putter A. D. 48 Portland 
Sharp David, 31 First 
Strater H. & Sons. 78 Sudbury 
Stuart & Dadnian, 92 Second 

Taylor & Coltman, 84 Marginal 
Tompkins Franklin, 47 Union 
■y-ANNEVAR E. B. & CO. 58 

' I'ulton 
•WATERS EBEN, 8 WaiTcn ave. 

" (spepnge702) 
Waters Wm. & Son, 141 Sumner 

Copper Weather Vanes. 

gUBIER & CO. 23 Exchange 
Harris A. J. & Co. 73 Kingston 


Allen J. H. 28 School 
Kidder S. B. Miss .34 School, r. IS 
Sherwood J. C. 14 Pemberton sq 
Smith C. D. Mrs. 49 Sears bldg/ 


^ NY, 104 Court 


TTALL H K. W. 7 Williams 
■^^ court from III.! Washintnon 
^^ Whiton, Brother, & Co. 31 

and 33 Conniicrcial 
Lecky .John, Western av., Brighton 
Myers P.J. I.V) Ward 

CO., Fearing, Rodman, & 

Switt, 23 and 25 Commercial 

(see page 674) 
■^ 95 Conimei-cial 
Pearson Bros. & Co -14 Central wf. 
Plymouth Cordage Co. 5 Chatham 

POBERTS & CO. 2 Quincy HaU 
■^'' (see page 6<)C) 
Rogers John P. & Co. 217 Federal 
Scudder, Rogers, .<; Co. r,:, Com'l 
Sewall, Day, & Co. 8.3 Comm'l 
Whiton, Bro. & Co. 33 Commercial 

Cork Clutters. 

-DEECHING R. & CO. SO Black- 

■^^ stone 

JJ^OL.MES & CO. 109 Blackstone 

McQuadc H. 13 Bowker 
-"'J- l.-iO Portland 
Stinson M. F. & Co. 4 Fan. II. sq. 


Corn ISalls antl Corn 

iOLSOM J. F. 48 Richmond 

Godfrey Henry I. .il) Cambridge 
■"^ASKINS J. W. & CO. 5 Fulton 



^ IRON CO. 5 Pemberton sq. 
rvAVlGHT Gi O. JR. & CO'. 25 
■^ Doane (galvanized iron) 
Hicks James K. 59 Beverly (gal- 
vanized iron) 
Smith & ■S'an Noordeu, 394 Harri- 
son avenue 


(See 2^arieGG.) 

Corrngated Iron. 

-> IRON C0_. (arches, doors, and 
sluitters) 5 iVmberton square, 
■JOPELAND E. T. 25Doane(see 
■^ ( see page 6.">7 ) 
~)WIGliT GEIo. jr. & CO. 25 
-' Doane 


Boston Comfort Corset Co. 76 

•nUTLER WM. S. & CO. 90 
-'-' Tremont, successors to But- 
ler & Norwood (see front col- 
ored page) 
Cook J. E. Mrs. 164 Tremont 
-^ 'Temple place 
Dodge E. L. & Co. 225 Waverley 

Pub. House, City sc;., Chastn. 
FoUetteL. B. 1127 Washington 
P''ORD J. G. JlKS. 51 Temple pi. 

•]V,TERRILL AIARY M. 9 Harvard 

-^'-*- place (see pacre 727) 

^EFF W. J. MliS. 17 Winter 

Palmer, Willinnis, .% Potter, 63 

Bristol (Jac (ueline) 
Saunders I). B. & Co. 30 Ediuboro ' 

and 145 Kingston 




Atwood Daniel .7. 7 Haywardpl. 

B RICHER WJl. Mlts. 594 Wash- 
Coots S.W. 15 Unity 
Curtis & Weld. 14 Hnyward place 
TTAYDEN GEO. E. 556 Wasli- 
-" ington 

Tuttle Marv B. 2 Edgerly place 
Weilcr Frank F. 42 Jlelrose 
Wilson Mary A. Mrs. 01) Chambers 

Cotton Buyers. 

Applcton Tlionias, 10 Pemb. sq. 
Baker J. I. 7 Doaiie 
Brown A. D. .■?! I'eniberton sq. 
Bryant II. P. 12 Central wharf 
Dexter & Saltonstall, 5 Pemb. sq. 
Dickson B. H. 85 Devon, room 6 
Dorr E. L. & Co., 61 State 
Loring & Atkinson, 128 State 
Stanwood E. H. & Co. 22 Congress 
Storrow & Van Brunt, 1.3 Pemb. sq. 

Cotton IJertlers. 

Adams Brothers, 215 Federal 
Beebe L. & Co. !t Merchants row 
Bemis Bros. & Co. IfW Milk 
Bieelow E. C. SO Kilby 
"OISHOP R. 393 Broad 

Brooks J. N. 4 liiberty sq. (broker) 
Brown Charles II. 23 India II. P. 12 Central wharf 

Burnhani J. A. S Pemberton sq. 
Carter ,1. M. 41 Central wf (broker) 
Chamberlain Bros. & Co. 9 Howe's 

Dabney & Stackpole, 25 Kilby 

Darling F. D. 23 Central 
Dewey Solon W. 32 Central wharf 
Emerson A. & Co. 249 Broad 

Freeman & Co. 34 Central (broker) 
Gray & Co. 44 Kilbv- 
Gurnev & Lougee, 4 Liberty square 

HallJacob, 23 India 
Hartshorn E. H. 23 India (broker) 

HEWITT & SCOTT, 17 Battery- 
march (brokers) 
Hobbs ,1. 25 Kilby (broker) 
Lawton & Stoddard, 253 and 255 
Broad , , ^ 

Loring&Atkinson, 128 State(brok.) 
Manning & Sears, 5 Central wharf 
McDavitt C. F. 14 Central wharf 
McDavitt Daniel, 14 Central whf. 
Remick T. IX Howe's wharf 
Bice & Davis, 5 Central wharf 
Scott Robert, 5 Central wf (broker) 
Seaver George, 5 Kilbv (broker) 
Smith B. R. & Co. 44 Broad (com.) 
Spragne, Soule, &Co. 40 Kilby 
Thaciicr H. C. & Co. 48 Kilby 
Tileston J. C. 5 Central wharf 

Torrev J. C. (broker), 44 Broad 
Walker D. M., Kilby, cor. Water 
Walker Ford B. (broker), 6 Cen- 
tral wharf 
Wavniiinth George, 23 Central 
Wellman J. W. (broker), 36 Kilby 

Cotton-Oin Mivnufs. 

BATES, HYDE, & CO. 136 Wash- 
Piatt Bros. & Co. 60 Devonshire, 
room 14, Sannicl Wood, agent 

Cotton an«l Wool Wad- 

■OACON JOHN II. 1 Union 

Cotton "Waste. 

Adams Brothers, 2I.'i Federal 
■pISlIOP ROBERT, 393 Broad 

Clarke K. A. M. 162 Broad 
QORBETT A. O. 126 Broad 

Emerson A. & Co. 249 Broad 
Lawton & Stoddard, 253 and 255 

Broad , ^ 

Remick T. IX Rowc's wharf 

Cotton an«I Woolen 

T EIGII F. A. & CO. 57 Searj 
.'-' building (see page 675) 

M Sears building (see p. 799) 
pLATT BROS. & Co. 60 Dcvon- 
■'• shire 
room 14, Samuel Wood, aeen 

RAYER & LINCOLN, 147 Tre- 


(See Lawyers.) 

Counting- Room Furni- 

pROSBY JOHN F. 52 Winchcs- 

^ ter 

JJAGERTY J. S. 124 Cross 



-■- 43 and 45 Cornliill 
•'■ Albany (also Bank, office, and 

■ROSS J. L. 42 Chardon 

^J Cornhill 

and 51 Warcham 


CO. 179 Washington (see 
page 689) 

Court Plaster. 

GREENE W. A. & CO. 541 
'' Washington 

Cracker Bakers. 

A USTIN C. F. & CO. 116 Com- 
-^ mereial 

■'-' land, L. Bright, agent (see p. 


CO. 12 Canal 
Shedd Thos. A. (»7 Main, Chastn. 
rrllURSTON, HALL, & CO. 40 
•*- Long wharf 

Cream Tartar Alauiifs. 

CLADE D. & L. 21 India (see 
^-' page 790) 

Credit Mohilier. 

'-' J. H. Stark, manager, 125 K, 
and 30 Kilby 

Cribs and Cradles. 

Hazard Crib Co. 314 Washington 

(China, Glass, and Earthenware.) 
Armstrong Andelusia Mrs. 1043 

Barnard Joel, 81 Green 
-'-* ington 

Caldwell H. P. 219 Tremont 
n A S H S. W. 1108 Washington 

Cash Wm. E. 5:30 Washington 
Clark, Adams, & Clark, 82 Canal 

and 15 Winter 
^ Union (plumbers') 

DEN ON P. M. 104 Dover (see p. 
Ellison, Nickerson, & Miller, 22 to 

26 Merchants row 
Fall Henry, 117 Beach 
^ bury 

Ferdinand Francis, 175 W. B'way 
pLETCHER W. G. 51 Chardon 

^ Milk 

Gould Fred. W. 78 Cambridge 
Gould, Ilitcheoek, & Co. 147 >lilk 
p UY & BROTHERS, 33 Bedford 

Hall John, 7 Doane 

Hawkins Thomas. ,317 Tremont 

HOMER, LANE, & CO. .W Un- 
ion, factory. Condor st., E. B. 
(see page ('78) 
Jenness S. B., White's blk. Centre, 

W. Roxbury 
TONES, %U' D U F F E E, & 
" STRATTON, 24 So. Market 

(see page 609) 
Kelley IMward, .560 Washington 
Lvthgoc Geo. Z. & Co. 1;J6 Merid'n 
Matthews AVm. A. 16 Charlestown 
McDonald E. .Mrs. 31 Maverick sq. 

M ELLEN & TAPPAN. 124 Tre- 
nuint (see page 68.3) 
MOREY & SMITH, 49 Ilavcrill 
(glass, see page 079) 
Nelson A. M. & Co. 15 Charlestown 

139 Milk 

Norcross, Mcllen, & Co. 16 to 20 

Merchants row 
Pbinney & Co. 12 Green 
Pierce .1. H. Roberson & Clark, 295 

Plvmpton H. 51 Chardon 
P.kter J. O. 54 Ki bv 
Rogers G. W., Wasliingt n Market 
"ROGERS & CO. 62 Canal and 155 
Ai' Friend 

Sawyer Wm. 041 Washington 
Smith, Caldwell, & Co. 05 Union 
QTEDMAN D. B. & Co. 103 Broad 
•J (see page 091 ) 
rpOLMAjf CHAS. P. & SON, 
■*• Washington, ward 16 
Wells Chas. G. 704 Washington 
Wheeler A. B. & Co. 69 Broad 
Wiggin C. E. 140 Hanover 
Willis George, 117 Beach 
Gage Benj. W. 150 Main 
Heiishaw Peter, 402X Main 
Moore William B. &. Son, 26 and 

28 Main 

Crockery Manufs. 

KO M E R, LAN E. & CO. 52 
Union (see page 078) 

Croquet Implements. 

pRIGGS OLIVER L. 720 Wash- 
■'-' ington ^„ 

-'-' 55 Washington 


^ O. 312 Washington (see p. 715) 
^ Union 


see inside back cover) 




■•■*- vard place (see page 712) 

Curers of Fish. 

Marginal, cor. Jetlries, E. B. 

Curled Hair Manufs. 

143 Milk 
Capen J. & Son, 123 Tyler 
Cram J. B. & Co. 63 Biackstone 
Glover &Willconib, 100 Hanover 
XJ A S K E L L A. L. & SON, 124 
-'^ Hanover 

•^-*- Union 

Kitching J. A. 15 Bowker (picker) 
Sammett G. A. 1.50 Hanover 
WHEELER A. W. & CO. 21 
'' Union 


Arey W. H. 282 Commercial 
Bro'derick John, Ciapp, ward 16 
Bryant Edward, Franklin ct.,wd.l6 
Byron Joseph & Sons, Byron ciArt, 

near Schonl, W. Roxbury 
Carl F. 100 Merrimac 
Cogan W. F. rear 771 E. Fiflli 
Dunnev J. J. 113 Haverhill 
Foley B. & A. 19 John and Edgc- 

wo"od street 
Gill George, 239 Albany 
Higgins H. M. 69 Fulton 
Horn R. T. & Co. 29 Haverhill 
Marshall Andrew, Heath place 
IMaynard E. F. 145 Pearl (harness 

Murray John, 76 Border 
Porter Andrew B. 76 Border 
Porter James, 7.S Border 
Schayer Bros. 44 Cliudwick 
Waldmeycr P. .t Co. 92 High 
Wall James, 6.3 Charlestown 
Withercll C. H. 5(i Comin'l wharf 

Guild J.F., Tutts wharf, and Cam- 
bridge, near the H. II. 
Lane George, rear 2,ii; Main 
McGiness M. 6 Ilamiltou court 

Curtain Fixtures. 

{Sec also Window Shades.) 
Bray Edward L. 122 Eliot 
Brintiuill .li Osgood, 77 Main, 



Pease B. E. 28 Walnut, ward Ifi 
pEASE CHARLES F. 217 Tre- 
^ mont 

pUTNAM S. S. & CO., Ericsson, 
•'- opp. Walnut, ward 16 



Sproul Chiirles "W., Allston, near 

\Varroii, Brijihton (cord) 
TTNDEHWOOD E. C. 251 Wash- 
^ ingtoii 
Woods B. F. 94 Kingston 

Cutlers ixuA Cutlery. 

Ayer Wells W. 1-16 Washington 
Bantteld, Forristall, & Co. -'8 Fcd'l 
Baitlett & Butmau, 1(J3 and 197 

DOWKER J. E. & CO. 508 
^-^ Washington 

•^ 1S6 Wasliington 

and 21) Dock square 
^ CornUill 


and LW Milk 
Q.UY & BROTHERS, 33 Bedford 

HORAN BROS. 1201 and 1203 
Lautz George, 9 Green 
Mills M. L. 4 F. H. Mk't (outside) 
Keltlianier Geo. 5 Spring lane 
Oberhauser Martin, 9 Water 

51 Hanover 
ROGERS it CO. 62 Canal, and 
155 Friend 
Smith Brothers, 191 Washington 
CTEARNS N. C. 10 Bromtield 
'--' (see page tioS) 
CTEUMAN D. B. & CO. 103 
^ Broad t see page ()91) 
The Waterman Kitihen Furnish- 
ing Store. 11 and 13 Essex 
TONKS JOSEPH, 46 and 49 

WALKER F. A. & CO. 83 and 
85 Cornhill, and 6 and 8 
Ward & Ferlev, 07 Devonshii'e 
-TIT ARREN M. C. & CO. 9 Dock 
' ' square 

Cymbals and Oongs. 
Richardson S: Lehnert, 13 Bowker 

Daguerreotype A.ppa> 

KLSS, 115 Washington 

D&niper Kegulators. 

Ty'JiLCH & CHIPMAN,23We8t 

JSecaleoniauie Ooods. 

SPRINGER L. R. Mks. 351 
Washington (see page ti69) 
it CO. 34 India 
TyALKEli A. A. 127 Tremont 


Beals William & Son, 68 Pitts 
■DELL JAMES W. 477 Tremont 

pARL & MODLICH, 3 Studio 
'-' building (see page 708) 
•'-' Commereial 

MCPHERSON W. J. 19, 339 and 
440 Tremont 
•*■ Masonic Temple 
Rinn Bros. 154 and 477 Tremont 
Roeth C. ^V. 595 Tremont 
Schulz Adolph & Co. 744 Wash. 
StiegerF. & Co. 5 Temple place 
VALE R. M. 2 South Market 

Demijohns, Bottles, and 

97 State 
•O change 

Foster G. Vt. agent, 45 N. Market 
^ India 

Dental College. 


■" I. J. Wetherbee, pres., Shaw- 

mut avenue, cor. Dover 


Adams Sylvester R. 28 Temple pi. 
Ayling Isaac, 49 East Nemon 
Bacon H. W. 20S Tremont 
Ball J. Warren, 168 Tremont 
Bali & Fitch, 41 Tremont 

Bartlett James W. SG Bovlston 
Bartlett S. P. & Son, 142 Boylston 
Battles W. P. 1897 Washington 
Bell John, 120 Tremont 
Bigelow A. T. 8 Beacon 
Bixbv G. H. 143 Bovlston 
Blaisdell John H. lt!9 Tremont 
Blake E. 1 Columbus square 
Bourne Francis, 608 Washington 
Bowthorpe S. T. 384 W. Broadway 
Brackett E. F. 206 Tremont 
Bradbury E. P., Hotel Bovlston 
Brighani & HoUacc, 28 Winter 
Brown J. A. 19 Winter 
Bullock A. 15. 22 Hanover 
Burtchaell P. E. 170 Tremont 
Caldwell Wm. B. 120 Court 
Chandler B. B. 1669 Washington 
Chandler Thomas U. 222 Tremont 
Chase J. 18 Barton 
Clapp Dwiglit .M. 422 Columbus av. 
Clark Wm. D. 645 Washington 
Clarke John O. 1 Fuvette 
Clements T. W. 224 Tremont 
Codmau John T. 347 Columbus av. 
Codman W. W. ;« Bovlston 
Cogswell Thomas, 149 A, Tremont 
CoRou Dental Assoc'n, 3X Beacon 
Coolidge J. B., M. D., D. D. S. 74 

Currier B. T. 99 Court 
Daly JS: Rolfe, 29 HoUis 
Daniels E. H. 19 Tremont row 
Dearborn C. E. 132 Boylston 
Dickerman D. S. 224 Tremont 
Dickinson D. D. 4 Hamilton place 
Dillingham Geo. E. ;35 Shaw'tave. 
Dixon Rufus E. 1 Carver 
Donham B. E. 94 Tremont 
Dorr James, 13 Temple place 
Drake D. F. 1945 Washington 
Draper J. A. 169 Tremont 
Drumniond James II.. W^ash. near 

Dorchester ave. ward 16 
DuttonL. B., Warren, cor. Zeigler 
Eastham Charles, 25 Tremont 
Edson F. 110 Court 
Emery Albert T. 1 Mount "Vernon 
Ensworth Chas. P. 3 Lewis, E.B. 
Flagg & Osgood, 25 Tremont 
foster E. W. .W2 Tremont 
Fowler N. C. 216 Warren 
Garland K. A. 65 Dover 
Gaylord E. D. 129 Tremont 
Gilbert N. W. .3X Beacon 
Glover N. A. 498 Tremont 
Goldsmith II. S. 819 Wash. 
Grant George F. 166 Cambridge 
Hall S. A. 21 LaGrange 
Ham S. F. 1.35 Bovlston 
Hamlin E. L. 13 Tremont row 
Harriman G. B. 14 Trem't Temple 
Harrington D. G. 33 Boylston 
Harris E. N. 579 Tremont 
Harwood Daniel, 109 Boylston 
Hawes N. W. 12 Boylston 
Henderson J. B. 91 Court 
Hitchcock D. K. 169 Tremont 
Hitchcock T. B. 222 Tremont 
Hodgdon C. W. 169 Court 
Horn F. N. 14 Chester Park 
Hudson R. R. 132 Court 
Humphrey J. 626 Washington 
Huse James M. 484 Tremont 
Jewett W. S. 475 W. Broadway 
Johnson W. L. 28 Winter 
Jones L. F. 3X Beacon 
Keep N. C. 74 Boylston 
Keyes John W. 347 Columbus ave. 
Kingman G. M. 19 Winter 
Knight J. King. 34 Temple place 
Krauichfeld W . 684 Parker 
Lane D. 616 Washington 
Leach D.W., Field's corner, over 

P. O., ward 16 
Leach E. G. 422 Columbus ave. 
Leavitt Wm. P. 19 Tremont row 
Leseur Horatio, 34 Temple 
Libby Henry F. 631 Shawmut ave. 
Livermore A.'H. 140 Court 
Locke F. A. 3 Berkeley 
LovelandT. O. 1 Columbus sq. 
Lundbeck Charles, 41 Hanover 
Macdonald W. L. 176 Treniont 
Mavo U. K. 2 Dover, cor. Tremont 
McDougall S. J. 581 Tremont 
Mead Wm. F. 1071>^ Wash. 
Methot E. 106 Court 
Miller W. S. 169 Tremont 
Moffatt, Shepard, & Tucker, Hotel 

Moffott Geo. T. 1 Hotel Boylston 
Mulloy J. J. 314 Meridian 
Munroe Chas. M. 49 Temple place 
Newman J. Frank, 169 Tremont 
Newton M. 127 Court 
Nolen Spencer, 41 Upton 
Noyes N. N. 12.^5 Washington 
Oliver & Taber. 144 Tremont 
Osgood Charles H. 143 Tremont 
Osgood Enoch. 21 Pine 
Osgood James M. 23 Tremont 
Parker A. H. 109 Boylston 

Parker D. S. 19 Tremont row 
Parker Levi, 3^ Beacon 
Plumb L. A. 29X Tremont 
Pray M. W. 129 Tremont 
Prescott Benj. T. jr. 17 Tremont, 

and 2.35 West Canton 
Preston A. F. 21 Mt. Vernon 
Provan W. S., 370 W. Broadway 
Putnam J. J. 6 Park square 
Reed Ednuind, 6.38 Washington 
Reed G. S. 18X Boylston 
Rice O. P. 94 Tremont 
Robbins R. L. 708 Tremont 
Robinson Fred. M. 12 Boylston 
Russell H. F. 169 Tremont 
Salmon George A. 070 Tremont 
Salmon Ira A. 670 Tremont 
Sanborn William A. 91 Court 
Sawyer J. W. 016 Washington 
Shepard L. D., Hotel Boylston 
Shepherd & Ridgway, 3 Hara'l pi. 
Simouds J. L. 21 La Grange 
Skinner & Beaman, 50 School 
Starbuck W. C. 721 Tremont 
Steams S. F. 49 Hancock 
Stetson J. T. 169 Tremont 
Stone W. F. 25 Winter 
Streeter I. N. 1897 Washington 
Taber George A. 224 Tremont 
TaftE.F. 135 Bovlston 
Thresher J. M. 132 Court 
Tucker E. G. 11 Asliburton pi. 
Tucker Joshua, Hotel Boylston 
Tucker W. L. 11 Ashburton place 
■yyATERS G. F. 8 Beacon 

Webb Edgar, 31 Boylston 
Webber & Peters, 3/ Tremont 
Webber & Twitchell, SIX Dwight 
^ETHERBEE L J. 46 Dover 

Whitechurch Chas. ISX Boylston 
Whitney W. F. 132 Court 

:.LIAMS D. G. 552 Tremont 


Williams Jacob L. 1 Mt. "Vernon 
^ILSON C. 50 Allen 

Wilson C. P. 143 Bovlston 
Woodman Wm. E. I70 Tremont 

Daigneau D. P. 57 Main 
Page Edward, 142 Main 
Phipps Wm. S. 81 Main 
White D. S. 208 Maiu 

Dentists' Iftlaterials and 

^ and 15 Tremont (see page 694) 
Goodyear Dental Vulcanite Co. 5 

Temple place 
Kerr & Carpenter, 4 Hamilton pi. 
•TO'HITE SAMUEL S. 13 and 16 
* ' Tremout row 

Deposit "Vaults. 

Union Safe Deposit Vaults, Lee, 
Higgiuson, & Co. 40 State 


Babcock George W. 28 Winter 
Gordon L. H. Sirs. 32 Winter, rm.5 
Hopkins W. A. 1 AUeu place 

Derrick Alanufacturer. 

Fernald A. W. foot Dorchester 
Richmond Augustus C. 9 Wood- 


(See also Engravers.) 
ANDREN ALBAN, 4 Liberty 
-'*- square 

BEUGNIES H. 28 Winter, room 
.34 (ieweh-y) 
(JOFFIN D. N. B. Je. 224 State 

Harley John J. 4 Alden 
Howe E. R. 12 West 
■VTATTHEWS G. H. 84 Wash- 
-"■*- ington (see page 087) 
lyrORSE E. R. 3 School, room 6 

Rudd Nathaniel, 1 Pemberton sq. 
■'■'' Court 

Shute A. B. 53 Washington 
•^ Lincoln (see page 695) 

SPEAR WM. F. 34 School, room 
CTRAUSS F. A. 339 Washington 

'' Court, room 33 



Desk JUaniifactiirers. 

(See also CouiUing-Boom FurnUure) 
nOJMANT A. & CO. 105 Hanover 

McNUTT J. J., Wareham, cor. 
IJedham (see page C65) 
^ 4a Curnhill 

'-' Coruhill 

'' and 51 Wareham 


Chapman George W. 188 Harrison 

avenue (private) 
Hunt J. S. 16!) Tremont 
Watts Caleb B. W Devonshire 


(See also tVaicUes, Jewelry, etc.) 

.'Jol VVashimrton 
/ iRUsBY, AloilSE, & FOSS, 240 
^ \V ashington Isee page tW5) 
( ' ALE WlLLIAJl T. & CU. 221 
^ Washington 
pUILU & DELANO, 2 Winter 

■^ ilUU VVasuingtuu (mounted and 

Kemicli John A. 20 Tremont 

Siiiinoiid Cutters. 

Washington (see page (JS5j 


CPRINGEK L. R. 351 Wash, (see 
►J pageWiilJ 

l»ie SiHkej-s and Iietter 

(See also tlUncU Plates.) 
T5ERRY J. & J. & Co. 68 Cornhill 

BRIGHAM W. C. & CO. 18 Brat- 
tie square 
iaston & Bieliford, 8 Doclc square 

EJGE C. 4 Province court (see p. 
N. E. Die Co. 14 Chardon 

EiUvDALL P.O. 50 Sudbury (see 
OAIITH W.H. 95X Washington 

CPEAR WILLIAM F. 54 School, 
*^ room 15 

SPENCER S. M. 117 Hanover 
(see page b08) 

Ifies and Cutters. 

Blanehard & Lavers, 87 High, and 
45 Bristol ^^ ,„ 

'^ High (agents) 
Draper S. i. it Co. 89 Hanover 

BARTiORD T. T. a Friend 
(see page 689) 
MEAD A. G. 90 Utica (see page 
NEWt-LL J. S. & CO. 53 and 65 
Hav erliiil (see page 696) 
-\TO\ELTV MANljF. CO. 50 
-L^ Sudbury (see page 665) 
npAYLOR s. K. Hi CO. 297 South 

Mirectory Publishers. 

'i-J CO. .'MIX Washington, n. the 
Boston Tlieatre 


/rjHASE & TRULL, 45 No. Mar- 

■ Chase K TruH, B2 Water, Chastu. 
1 ) E M A R E S T' J. M. 60 Broad 
*-' (see page 664) 
.Felton & stone, ajy State 
Trench J. 11. 179 Essex, and 18 Old 
State House ,,, „ - 

,Gib.son J.'s Son & Co. 121 Broad 

SONS, 3.5 llasvkins 
Xawrence D. & Sons, 127 to 133 

rPRACEY JOHN & CO. 85 Broad 

Divorce Kureau. 

JFriarWm.& C0.27 Merchants Ex.' 
■Spooner Si Co. 99 Court, rm. 4 

Dog Deposltorv. 

Walton George, 121 Haverliill 
Door Plates. 

BRIGHAM W. C. & CO. 18 
Brattle so. 
rjARLETON A. D. 21 Brattle 

JJOLT JOHN, 553^ Sudbury 


►J School 


■*■ 2 Bedford (see page 804) 

Doors, Sashes, and 

Albee E. A. 101 Jlerrimac 
Bailcv Job F. 'M Kneeland 
Bangs, Weston, & Co. 118 Eliot 
TJOLES L. & SON, Sudbury, cor. 
^ Havmarket square 
Brown Joseph L. &. Co. 19 Ware- 
ham (doors) 
Chase T. & J. F. 50 Ware'm (doors) 
Colby Philip N. 4 Mechanics blk., 

W'altham (maimf.) 
riUTTER & PARKER,9 Charles- 
^ town 

Doe George I. & Co. 62 Fulton 
Feeley 1'. 53 Wareham 
Flint & Hervey, 19 Wareham 
Glendon Co. 1 Central wharf 
"I J ALL JOHN, 177 Biackstone 

and 8 Charlestovvn 
Hardy & Co. 181 Biackstone 
Hastings Alb't W. & Co. 142 Friend 
Hatch Isaac, Wareham, c. Maiden 

HOPKINS A. C. 21 and 23 Ware- 
ham (doors) 
IRVINE J. E. 94X Utica 

Johnson Thomas J. 615 Wash. 
Langniaid S. P. & Co. 28 and 29 

McNUTT JOHN J., Wareham, 
cor. Maiden 
piERCE S. H. L. 415 Dorchester 
^ avenue 
Pratt M. C. 17 Court 
Priest John W., Brighton 

Cause vi'ay 
ROBERTSON J. A. 393 Federal 
(hard wood) 
CPLNNEY L. & C0.123Merrimac 

•^ 86 Beverly 
Taylor J. L. 20 Bowker 
Veazie Warren, Swett, near Reed 
Walcott F. D. 2 Creek square 
Waterman Frederick, 425 Medford. 

Doors antl Windows. 


Drain Builders. 

Barnev George C. 17 Court 
Tarbell Stepueu H. 17 Court 

Drain and Sewer Pipe. 

(Ceme7U, Clay and Stone.) 
A LLEN SAMUEL H. 39 Haver- 
■"• hill (see pa;,'e >i76) 

Plympton and Dedham, near 
Harrison ave., and 17 Court 

21 Congress 
PIPE CO. 17 Water 
n ARTER THOMAS W. 17 Water 

Day and Collins, 40 Bromfield, and 
Fulton, ward 16 

EU.MANDS & CO. 41 Medford, 
T?DJ10ND JAMES & CO. 394 
J^ Fe<leral 
Goodrich George D. & Co. 21 Con. 

HOXIE T. W. & CO. 38 Long 
TTELLY & ALLEN, 1400 Tre- 
■■^ niont 

Lewis David W. & Co., Long d av. 
■"-•- CO. 27 Central wharf (sec 
page 729) 

MILLS WM. & CO. 119 Water 
(see page <>i7) 

■'■' B. Noyes, agent, 17 Court and 
*U2 Albany 

■I CO., Geo. C. Dunne, agent, 21 
Congress (see last white page) 
Swain C. D. & Co. 116 Dudley 
Tavlor S. P. 12 State 
•' Liberty square (see front 
colored page) 

Drain Xile. 


^ CO., Geo. C. Dunne, agent, 21 

Congress (see last whiie page) 

Drapery Curtains. 

T^LINT BROS., 100 Tremont 


■•■ Masonic Temple 

pEASE CHAS. F. 217 Tremont 


(See also Designers.) 
ANDREN ALBAN, 4 Liberty 
■^ square 

■D Washington 

Brown C. Warren, 34 School, rm. 5 
(JOFFIN D. N. B., Jk.. 224 

T)AME GEO. E. 50 Sudbury 

■pDSON WM. 40 Studio building 

Fish W. R. 66 State 

Harley John J. sU Court 

Johnson & Dyer, 91 Washington 

(on wood) 
Leuchars Alexander, 9 Pemb. sq. 
T OJIBARD N. C. 40 State, room 
-L' 44 

Wyrick Frank, 91 Washington 
Paiker Frank G. 40 and 41 Studio 

building 1 

Perrigo Oscar F. 11 Pemb. square m 
OHEDD & SAWYER, 7 Court ■ 
*-' square (sec page 697) M 

•^ Lincoln (meehauical, see page 

Spring F. H. at Surveyor's office. 

City Hall 

Court (see page 700) 
Wilde M. S. G. 5a Sears building 

Drawing Instruments. 

^ Cornhill (see page 691) 

Drawing Materials. 

FROST & ADAMS, 33 and 35 
Cornhill (see page 684) 
HASTINGS F. C. it CO. 54 Corn- 
■yyALKER A. A. 127 Tremont 

Drawings. (Uechanical) 

Lincoln (see page (195) 

Dredging Machines. 

•^ cor. Richards 
Wooley Chas. it Co., Condor, opp. 
Putnam, office 92 Cominercial 

Dressings. (Boot & Shoe.) 

BROWN B. F. & CO. l.">6 Com- 
mereial and 96 High (see 
Grant & Lovcjoy, 93 High (oil 
proof composition) 


Abbott J. G. Miss 36 Kneeland 
Achorn M. A. iMrs. IS Orange 
Adams C. M. Miss, 149 A I'remont 
Aiken L. S. 42 Leverett 
Alexander B. A. & E. K8 Waltham 
Alexander jM. H. 1 Briggs place 
Anderson Jane, Linden, u. Dorch. 

ave. « aid 16. 
Andrews Josephine Mrs. 10 Deca- 
Andrews M. A., Stonghton, wd. 16 
Arthur Anna Miss, 5 Charles 
Ashman J. S. Mrs. .",4 Cabot 
Atwund A. P. .Mrs.:;i; Winter 
Aubrey C. Ia2 TreMi..iit 
Austni II. iM. Mrs. 7 liennet 
Babeock E. R. Mrs. 24 Lawrence 
Bacharach Pauline Miss, 296 Tre- 



Bailey A. B. 12 Grove 
Bairaaiu il. II. Mrs. I'l West 
Baker Annie B. Mrs. 1.5S4 Wash, 
baker llattie, tW W. Springtield 
Baneiott i. J. .Mrs. Wk"i K. Bway 
Bannon Josepliiue, (IL' Causeway 
Barker Misses, :."J So. Kussell 
Barker Ci. II. ..Mrs. oil Green 
Barlow i'annie Mrs. IS Indiana pi. 
Barnes Caroline F. loO'.l Wash. 
Barr Fannie Mrs. yl.i Albany 
Barrie Lotta, X lievere 
Barteau.v S. J. 14li Ireiiiont 
Bartlctt G. H. Miss, L'.j Indiana pi. 
Bates C. Miss, :iS Temple plaee 
Baxter Julia J., Winter, u. Church, 

.ward 1(! 
Baxter M. A. Mrs. oS Prince 
Baxter Prudence E., Winter,wd. 16 
Beal Liouisa W. 27 Career 
Beal L. A. Mrs. o\H i.ast Sixth 
Beal M. A., Neponset ave. opp. 

AValnut, ward Itj 
Beanian E. JI. Jlrs. ftM Harr. ave. 
Beckwith Maria K. Mrs. li>7 Hud- 
Bennett Mary A. 3 Lovering pi. 
Benson M. C. 2'.» Dover 
Bent C, Neponset avenue, opp. 

Chickatawbut, ward 16 
Bent II. S. Mrs. 4 Saratoga 
Billings xMvra Miss, 12 Taylor 
Bissell M. A., 2Corfolk, n. Wash. 

ward It) 
Black Sarah H. 6 Kendall 
Blackstoiie Alisses, i;4j Wash. 
Blake A. M. Mrs. (ilj Treiuont 
Blake C. A. Jlrs. 1:J Tvler 
Blood Mary A. Mrs. 2i(il Wash. 
Bohannan Amanda .). 7(> Pavette 
Boothby Caroline Jliss, 147 Trem't 
Boothbv F. V. 132 Tremont 
Bowler'A. Miss, 112 Dover 
Bradley C. Jlrs. 12 Fayette 
Brennau Eliza, 121 Essex 
Brennan Mary, 27 Shawmut ave. 
Brooks Anna Mrs. 54 Tyler 
Brown C. S. Mrs. 1.5t! Meridian 
Brown Eliza M. 47 Warren ave. 
Brown Fannie A. Mrs. 56 Webster 
Brown Francis E. 13 Phillips 
Brown Henrietta, 1 Emerald 
Brown Josie, 344 Broadway 
Brown Clarion C. 73 Veoinan 
Brown Mary A. Mrs. 34 Lynde 
Bruty E. S. Airs. 244 Harrison ave. 
Buckley Ann, 3 UnciUa 
Burbeck H. L. Aliss, Ilamilt'n pi. 
Burk Eaura Miss, 171 Court 
Burke E. B. Miss, 2a North sq. 
Burke Joanna Miss, Usboru's blk., 

Washington, Brighton 
Calnan M. E .Mrs. 61 JMeridian 
Cameron Jessie Miss, 399 Charlea 
Carney T. F. Mrs. 7S Carver 
Carroll Louis, 3U4 West Third 
Carter A. H. Mrs. 22 Tyler 
Cartwright F. M. 41 Mail 
Case C. 211 Nurthfield 
Caswell Hattie D. Mrs. 59Jiidiana 
Cavanaugh E. Miss, 17 Cherry 
Cavvau S. D. Mrs. 6 Bates place 
Chadwick M. F. 362 Tremont 
Chambers M. A. Jlrs. 718 E.Fourth 
Chaplin K. Mrs. 201 W. Broadway 
Chase Fannie E. 120 Tremont 
Chase Lydia Jlrs. 120 Saratoga 
Cherest E. A. Mrs. 1 Anderson 
Child C. E., Minot, c. Narragan- 

sett, ward 16 
Chisholm Jane Mrs. 8 Groton 
Christie A. F. & Co. 1011 Wash. 
Churchill S. L. Jliss, 149 A, Tre- 
Clapp Adelaide, Temple, ward 13 
Clapp Sarah A. Miss, 34 Common 
Clark M. J. 693 Tremont 
Clark Win. A. Mrs. 54 Dearborn 
Clarke Hannah Miss, 326 Harrison 

Clemens H. M. Mrs. II Riverside 
Clones L. A. Aliss, 372 Tremont 
Clough L. B. Mrs. 253 W. B way 
Cloutmau & Smith, 362 Tremont 
Cody B. 103 Broadway 
Cotiiu S. E. 1171 Wasnington 
Cogswell A. M. Mrs. 345 Tremont 
Coml'rey A. L. Jliss, 131 Tremont 
Connors E. Mrs. 49 Lowell 
Conroy L. J. Miss, 2 Hamilton pi. 
Costigan F. 30 West Third 
Creehiian M. J. Mrs., Dorch. ave. 

near Adams, ward 16 
Crowe M. 29 Pinckney 
Crowell A. H. Miss, 132 Tremont 
Cunift' C. & R. Misses. 7 Guild row 
Cunningham A., Washington, c. 

Baker s court 
Cunningham Catherine, 68 East 

Cunningham Sarah, .37 Sheafe 
Curran Julia Mrs. 54 Carver 
CURRLE C. M. Mes. 199 Albany 

Curwick Mary Mrs. 417 Harr. ave. 
Cushman Lucy M. Miss, 149 Hud- 
Cutting E. W. Mrs. 141 Hudson 
Dailies M. .Miss. SO Revere 
Daisley M.T. .Miss, 49 Alaverick sq. 
Davenport Annie Mrs. 6 Dover 
Davidson iMarv Miss, 103 Camden 
Davis C. M. Airs. 10 Common 
Davis M. .\. & Co. 319 W. Broad'y 
DeBlois Lizzie M. 29 Wash. 
Demiiig S. H. Airs. 45 Bradford 
[ ) E AI O It E S T ALVDAME, 17 
■"-^ Temple place 
Devens Chas. Mrs. 1522 Wash. 
Devmanu E. 57 Oak 
Do'dge AI. R. Airs. 18 Irving 
Donaldson I. R. Aliss, 2'.t7 Havre 
Douavan AI. A. Aliss, 639 Tremont 
Donovan C. 2 Lynde-st. place 
Doyle AI. 17 Billerica 
DriscoU C. F. Miss, 821 Wash. 
Duncan E. Airs. 411 Dorchester 
Durbur Kliziilieth .Mis. 43 Weston 
Dutly L. -Mis,,. .Hi West Uedliam 
Duriiing AI. B. Airs., Eustis, corner 

Dwinel H. 164 Broadway 
Dyer E. J. 128 Tremont 
Edmunds AI. E. Aliss, 1484 Wash. 
Eiinis K. L. Miss, 15 Essex 
Farmer S. Aliss, 605 E. Broadway 
Farrar AI. B. Aliss, 45 Revere 
F'eely Alarv J. Aliss, 59 Prentiss 
I'ellows AI. T. 51 Clarendon 
Fentres Aladam, 48 Winter 
UlELU O. AI. AIRS. 131 Trem't 
■'- (see page 471) 
Filkins Olive C. 61 Oak 
Fisher A. H. Airs. 13 Havre 
Fisher N. W. Airs. 347 Sumner 
F'iske Anna D. 10 Common 
Fitzpatrick AI. Aliss, 33 Central sq. 
Fleming Alice R. Airs., Lawrence, 

corner Berkelev 
Flint AL H. 798 Wash, room 8 
Flynn AI. Airs. 123 Broadway 
Fogg A. G. Aliss, 2 Hamilton pi. 

Forbes Airs. 208 Cambridge 

I'orrestall AI. Airs. 1049 Tremont 
Forristall J. E. 25 Winter 
F'oss Kate, 25 Winter, room 23 
I'raser Jane, 487 Tremont 
French L. E. 129 London 
Gale J. G. Mrs. 179 Shawmut ave. 
Germaine S. A. 21 Aladison place 
Gettican Jane Miss, 117 W. Canton 
Giggey M. A. 325 Sumner, E.B. 
Given & Chesley, 37 Winter 
Gleason S. Airs. 46 Stauiford 
Glover P. A. 31 Winter 
Godfrey Alary H. 1609 Wash. 
Goodrich AI. F. 358 Shawmut ave. 
Goodwin O. A. 32 Clarendon 
Gough Anil Mrs., Commercial, n. 

Union, ward 16 
Graham AI. E. 802 Shawmut ave. 
Granger S. Airs. 8 Bradford 
Gray L. P. Aliss, 43 Essex 
Grears J. Airs. 19 East Dedhara 
Greenlaw R. R. Airs. 96 W. Cedar 
Grirtin Catlieriue, 61 Albany 
Grubb A. C. 218 Tremont 
Grunbaum T. 146 Pleasant 
Haggerty S. AI. Airs. 247 Saratoga 
Haley E. C. Aliss, H&i^ E. Broad'y 
Hall C. E. Airs. 663^ Wash. 
Hallett Jennie Aliss, 635 Wash. 
Ham Sarah Mrs. 18 Pleasant 
Hambleton K. H. 28 Orange 
Harding D. C. Airs. 197 Hampden 
Harrington M. Aliss, 316 Broadway 
Harvey Annie M. 290 Aleridian 
Harvey Sarah A. 290 Aleridian 
Hassou C. 171 West Third 
Hayden Fanny A. Miss, 63 Eustis 
Hayes Abigail, 22 Chambers 
Haynes & Inman, 1712 Wash. 
Henville A. AI. Airs. 296 Tremont 
Hickman C. N. Airs. 143 Havre 
Hildreth Sisters, 423 Broadway 
Hill L. E. 1 Lovering place 
Hislop C. Aliss, 26 I"ayette 
Holbrook A. B. Airs. 95>^ Pleasant 
Holinan F. Aliss, 4 Bowdoin 
Uolines C. P. Aliss, 14 Temple pi. 
Holmes E. S. Airs. 254 Shawmut av. 
Hopkins AI. C. 25 Lyman 
Hougii A. L. Aladarne, 19 Winter 
Howard AI. A. Miss, 132 Tremont 
Howe J. W. Airs. 1130 Tremont 
Hurll A. R. Aliss, 11 Common 
Hutchinson E. 17 W. Broadway 
Inmldsby Alargaret Aliss, 10>.^ Joy 
Ireland Annie Aliss, 12 Lawrence 
Jackson A. P. Mrs. 98 W. Dedham 
Jackson AI. 140 Northampton 
Jackson AI. J. Aliss, 47 Leverett 
James AI. E. 57 Kendall 
Jamieson ALE. 16 Grenville pi. 
Janes W. S. Mrs. 16 Henry 
Jenkins Nellie, 12 Henrv 
Jewett E. W. 43 Blue Hfll avenue 

Jewett Susan, 43 Warrenton 
Jones Ella Aliss, 22 Ash 
Josselyn & Geary, 332 Aleridian 
Kahlhofer E. Caroline, 10 Adams 
Keating W. Aliss, 349 W. B'way 
Keller A. AI. 1653 Washington 
Kelley Ann, 59 Leverett 
Kelley Clara, 40 Warren 
Kelley C. A. Airs. 116 Kingston 
Kelley AVinifred Airs. 9 Guild row 
Kendall A. Aliss, Centre, near Dor- 

cliester ave. ward 16 
Kendall AI. E. Airs. 63.5 Wash. 
Kennedy Caroline Miss, 80 Deca- 
tur, E.B. 
KeiMiey;Sarah, 25 La Grange 
Keiivick J. Airs. 417 Ilarnson ave. 
Keves E. A. Aliss, 3 Albion 
Keyes E. A. & H. N. 798 Wash. 
Killiam Ruth L. 27 Rutland 
King H. M. Mrs. J9 Porter 
Kittredge J. AI. Airs. 19 Temple pi. 
Knight L.M.AIrs. 254 Shawmut av. 
Knights H. AI. Airs. 676 Shaw. ave. 
Lacomte Aladanie, 164 Tremont 
Landers Joanna AI. 47 Winter 
Lane Jennie S. Miss, 1897 Wash. 
Lang Adelia A. iiUX Tremont 
Laviii Alary, .59 West Cedar 
Leary Ala/garet Mrs. 11 Newton 

Lee Lottie E. Aliss, 47 Clarance 
Leighton Ellen M. 1 Allen court 
Leinhart Anna, 76 East Canton 
Leitcn B. F. Airs. 66 W. Dedhain 
Leonard A. N. 88 Kendall 
Lewis Julia Miss, 8 i''ayette 
Lewis L. F. Airs. 25 Winter 
Lewis R. F. Airs. 32 Winter 
I-ibbey J. AI. Airs. 1051 Tremont 
Linscott E. 7 West 
Linton S. E. 43 Essex 
Alack Ellen, 36 Winter 
Mack Alary A. Aliss, 42 Fayette 
Alackeuzie L. Airs. 33 Clarendon 
Mahoiiey E. F. Aliss, 11 Cox bid'g 
Manu A. B. 5 AI. H. Bates place 
Mannke AI. K. 79 West Concord 
Manstield Thos. Airs. 86 Vernon 
Mardeu Kate Airs. 1166 Wash. 
Marsh A. M. 71 Joy 
Mason E. E. Airs. 34 Hanson 
Mason R. R. Aliss, 29 S. Russell 
Mathews AI. A. AlrS. 3 Trem. row 
McCabe Kate Aliss, 195 Vernon 
AlcCabe AI. Airs. 259 Hanover 
McCatt'rey Sarah, 21 Broadway 
McCauley H. Aliss. 70 C 
McDaniel H. C. 187 Hampden 
McDonald A. F. Aliss, 42 Shawmut 

McDonald A. J. 132 Tremont 
McDonald O. 13 W. Si.xth [row 
McDonough E. V. Mrs. 11 Guild 
AlcGettigau J. Miss, 117 West 

McKee Andrew Mrs. 3 Union pi. 
McKenna L. N. Airs. 8 Green 
AlcLaiie A. Mrs. 37 London 
JIcLaugliUn Alary Airs. 91 Decatur 
McLean Agnes, 89 Leverett 
McAIanus Alary A. Mrs. 13 Pem- 
McAIanus AI. T. Aliss, 102 Emerson 
Meade A. E., Winter, ward 16 
Merrill S. F. 43 Blue Hill avenue 
Metcalf AI. J. 233 Tremont 
Miles Sarah T. 18 Chickering pi. 
Monuey S. P. Airs. 83 Alaverick 
Monroe S. C. 149 A, Tremont 
Montgomery' AI. T. 3X Beacon 
Moran K. Aliss, 113 Dudley, room 7 
Moraiid AI. E. 1528 Wasliington 
Alorgan S. A. 360 Harrison avenue 
Morrissey H. E. Aliss, 328 West 

Morse & Slieidegger, 95 Warren 
Morton Hannah S. 33 Lawrence 
Sluuroe AI. A. Aliss, 87 .Sliaw't ave. 
Murphy J. Airs. 89 Shawmut ave. 
Nason S. S. Aliss, 635 Wash., rm. 7 
Neily Nellie Aliss, 134 London 
Nickersou S. S. 25 Winter 
Niles Nettie Miss, 32 Ash 
Ni.xon AI. Aliss, 316 Harrison ave. 
Nolle Lucille, 1 18 Alt. Vernon 
Noonan B. 30 Camden 
Nowlaii AI. A. C. 18 Dover 
Nugent E. Mrs. 38 Broadway 
Nugent R. A.W. Airs. (i5 Clarendon 
O'Neill A. Airs. 66 W. Dedham 
Osborne R. P. Aliss, 28 West 
O'Staiider A. H. 594 Wash. 
Padelford E. D. 90 W. Springfield 
Page C. K. 25 Winter 
Paine S. J., Dexter House, room 11 
Palmer Henrietta,143 Trem't, r'm 6 
Pavson AI. A. Airs., Stoughtou, n. 

Pleasant, ward 16 
Perkins .M. P. Si Temple 
Perlev S. F. Airs. 193 Shawmut ave 
Philbrook E. W. Aliss, 144 I'rem't 
Pickering E. E. Mrs. 13 Trenton 



Pomeroy B. A. 319 E 
Poor Sarah A. 9 Shawniut 
Puwcrs Sophia, 44 Anderson 
Powers S. A. 4B(i W. Broadway 
Prentiss U. C. Mrs. L'5 Avon 
Proutv Sarah A. Mrs. 169 Brooks 
Piitna'ni G. Mrs. rear 13 Auburn ct. 
Quiniby E. Miss, 25 Avon 
Eandall B. L. Mrs. 9 Highland 
Kasloigh E. Mrs. 29 Cooper 
Riivniond Mary, 32.5 Sumner, E.B. 
R(i;an M. A. Mrs. 2 Uneida 
Kedington Kate, 29 Porter 
Kecd Lnev M. 31 Warren 
Reed A'eirie Mrs. 61 Sliawmut ave. 
"6 EVERE E. Mrs. 31s Ilarrisou 
-" a\enue 
Rinjj M. A. Mrs. 169 Tremout (and 

Robbins A. 29 Glenwood 
Robbius L. E. Miss, 6S Dover 
Robinson M. F. Mrs. 2 Chester pi. 
EoUius M . A. 158 Cambridge 
Ross Ellen Miss, 129 Treniont 
Rowe A. Mrs. 2U3 Harrison ave. 
Rowe A. V. Mrs. 10 Elmwood 
RumrillJaueR. Mrs. 83 Shawmut 

Rvan B. E. Miss, 78 West Cedar 
Ryder Carrie Miss, 189 Harr. ave. 
Sands T. G. Mrs. 44 Dover 
Sargeant L. C. Miss, 26S Harr. ave. 
SawverN. Mrs. 1671 Wash. 
Schiiiitz M. Miss, 36 Pini-kney 
Schneider P. 2 Hamilton p.aee 
Schulez A. E. Miss, 79 Warreuton 
Scott A. M. 231 Tremont 
Seiders E. Miss, 129 Tremont 
Seiders M. A. Mrs. 616 Wash. 
Seller C. 3U2 Broadway 
Shane A. E. 7 Connnon 
Shattuck E. F. 147 Tremont 
Shaw E. S. 233 Tremont 
Shay Mary E. Miss, 1878 Wash. 
Shepard S. Miss, 2 Ennnet 
Shurtleff'L. L. Mrs. 16 Gardner 
Simonds Mary E. Mrs. 39 Garden 
Skene H. E. Mrs. 189 W. Third 
Slack 51. L. Mrs., Lawrence, cor. 

Smith A. J. Mrs. 25 Winter, rooms 

3 and 4 
Smith C. J. Miss, 1836 Wash. 
Smith Emeline", 140 Castle 
Smith H. T. 25 Winter 
Sniitli iSlary Mrs. 89 Hudson 
Smith & Thompson. 36 Winter 
Snow R. C. Mrs. 149 Shawmut ave. 
Spaulding M. R. Mrs. 90 Princeton 
Staunton J. 289 Sumner. E.B. 
Stedman .7. W. 6 Winchester 
CTEVENS JOHN J. 282 Wash- 
•^ iugton 

Stevens N. Mrs. 3 Tremont row 
Stewart E. 8 Strong place 
Stickney M. F. 2 Hamilton place 
Still M. A. Miss, 798 Wash. rni. 8 
Storey Jlary Miss, 36 Kneelaud 
Stiattou Bessie Miss, 139 Eliot 
Sullivan C. M. 73 Bedford 
Sullivan Mary Mrs. L9 Harr. ave. 
Sullivan M. A. Mrs. 87)v; Pleasant 
Sweetser A. Mrs. 135 Hudson 
Swett J. Mrs. 133 Princeton 
Tewksbuiy S.A. Miss,Washiugton, 

opp. Bailey, ward 16 
Thomas ,1. fi. Miss, 72 Cambridge 
Thomas L. C. Mrs. 102 Decatur 
Tli.'iiipson Mary A. Mrs, 25 Oxford 
nillU.MPSOX k. A. 1088 Wasn- 
■'- ingtcm (see page 668) 
Thnniiison Susan, 39 Camden 
Tlion)son M. E. 143 Tremont 
Tibbctts F. J. Miss, 12 West 
Tilibitts S. B. & L. C. 51 Howard 
Timmins C. E. Miss, 150 Tremont 
Tiinmons M. J. Miss, 1.308 Trcm't 
Tiiiiicy .Jennie Mrs. 80 Decatur 
Tower H. Mrs. 84 Green 
Townsend E. J. Miss, 14 LaGra'ge 
Townscnd E. R. Miss, 7 Edinboro' 
Towie B. Mrs. 3 Kemp 
Tral'tiiii Nancy H. 43 AVinter 
Trask Emma V. 15 Marshall 
Travirs K. Mrs. 1 Oak place 
Ticdick S. A., Kennedy Hall, 

Tiipp Annie, 56 Oak 
Tucker H. A. 1669 Washington 
Tukty A. B. Miss, 26 West 
Turner U. J. Mrs. 91 Village 
Twigg Lizzie Miss, .38 Hudson 
Twing Sarah. 11 Burroughs place 
Twoliig M. A. Mrs. 131 Tremont 
Vickc TV Siirali,92 llnd^on 
Wiidlcfgh Louise A. 144 Tremont 
Wakefield Louisa Mrs. n-i Beach 
Wales S. E. Mrs. 14 Cliapnian 
Wardman A: Hopkins, .i7;i Tremont 
Watson H. W. Alias, 10 Fayette 
A'aylami ,1. W. Mrs. .57 Eiisiis 
A'elibM.&C. 6:!5Wasli. 
ebber S. A. Miss, II Nassau 

Welch J. 110 Broadway 

Welles Misses, 36 Winter, 

room 1 
West Emma J. Mrs. 40 Warren 
White .Vnna Mrs. 46;! Shaw'mt ave 
AVhite C. M. Mrs. S3Shawmut ave. 
White H. O. 256 Tremont 
Wilkms Edward Mrs. 25 Avon 
Williams A. Miss, 340 Tremont 
Williams Laura Mrs. 20 Chambers 
Willoughby M. A. & Mason, 59 

Wilson E. M. Mrs. 19 Winter 
Wingate L. Jliss, 48 Winter 
WisCvell Emily Miss, 3 Hanson 
Wolf .Maiv .\lVs. 28 Phillips Lizzie, 185 West Fourth 
Woodman 1. A. 144 Tremont 
Woods C. C. Mrs. 241 W. B'way 
Worrill HeniT Mrs., Saratoga,junc. 

Chelsea, E."B. 
Wright E. J. Mrs. 695 Tremont 
Wyman E. Mrs. 144 Tremont 
Zwicker Kate Miss, 39 West 

Adrian William Mrs. 40 Lexington 
Archer E. S. Mrs. 27 Elm 
Barker Augusta A. 10 Austin 
Carleton M. J. Mrs. 20 Cottage 
CasWeU C. M. 169 Chealsea 
Caswell Harriet Mrs. 18 Concord 
Cliapman P. M. Mrs. 157 Bun- 
ker Hill 
C"ltl\- M. Mrs. 102 Chelsea 
Cole Eliza J. 255 Bunker Hill 
Crosby L. A. Mrs. 35 Lexington 
Dickson Augusta Mrs. 60 Pearl 
Dustin Sarah Mrs. 327 Slain 
Field Nancv, 44 Walker 
Gill Abbie L. 37 Aloulton [lin 

Grennell Nettie A. Mrs. 22 Frauk- 
Hackett R. F. Mrs. 144 Main 
Handy Lvdia M. 34 Cross 
Haskell M. D. 274 .Main 
Higgiiis .Marv .Miss, 212 Main 
Hills Nellie X. 30 Lawrence 
Hinds Marv L. 326 Bunker HiU 
Hotfnian J.' Mrs. 20 Lincoln 
Holt JI. L. Mrs. 5 HuU's row 
liigalls E. P. Mrs. 107 Warren 
Joimson Ellen, Bow, c. Jeimer 
Jones W. W. Mrs. 23 Middlesex 
Landergaii Mary C. Miss, 138 Main 
Lincoln Charlotte Mrs. 14 Thomp- 
McCarty Mary A. 32 Marion 
McKinnon T. Mrs. 8 Monument 

McKirchy Anna, 242 Main 
Moody M. Miss, 0.34 Main 
Nagli- Maurice Mrs. 80 Green 
IS eagle .Susan, 83 Ferriii 
OBrien HonoraMiss, 4S Park 
Porter G. W. Mrs. 17 iSIonumeiit 
Proutv Sarah A. 55 Cambridge 
Ryder M. i\ Mrs. 157 Bunker HiU 
Sargent Mary S. Mrs. 32 Russell 
Smith Annie P. Miss, 8 Salem-st. 

Spragne Elizabeth Miss, 11 Lex- 
Teuney J. E. 15 Chapman 
Trundy L. A.314Main 
Tj'pham S. J. Mrs. 117 Bartlett 
Warr Geo. M. Mrs. .iS Warren 
Walls Frances Mrs. 16 Monument 

Wetmore S. M. 1 Johnson ave. 
Williams J. Mrs. 65 Bartlett 
Wright C. A. Mrs. 121 Bartlett 

Wekt RoxnuKY. 

Blye E. Mrs. house Lamartine, n. 

Boylstou [Elm 

Cheney Lizzie M. Mrs., Green, n. 

Dolan Margaret, house Boylston 

avenue, near Green 
Goodwin B. E. Miss, Green, cor- 
ner Boylston avenue 
Green Robert Mrs. house Porter, 
near Boj'lston avijnue [Centre 
Hathaway A. Miss, Bcllevue, cor. 

I>rug Mill Msiiiuts. 
-'-'• Haymarket sq. 

Iti-iisgistM' jVrtic-Ies. 

Bellamy William, .32 Broiritield 
JJURK M. S. Hi CO. 10 Oak 

Carter, Harris, & Uawley, 174 

TTEYEH BROS., 44 Franklin 

EYER C.A. 165 Devonshire 

Ives D. P. & Co. 26 and 28 Franklin 
Keeler F. M. & Co. 142 Wash. 
Kelley J. B. & Co. 160 Wash. 
Levin J. F. & Co. 33 Bromfield 
Ried Camille i Co. 32 Hawlcy 
Shaw, Livermorc, it Co. ILi Waeh. 

Sherwood & Haynes, 208 Wash. 
►J 10 North 

I>rugs;i8ts' Olass Ware. 

97 State 
rtUAMBEKLAIN H. B. & W. 0. 

'-' 312 Wash, (see page 715) 
Fowle G. B. 49 Washington 
Thayer, Babsou, Ji: Co. 208 State 

]>riiggists' Polish. 

1292 Boston P. O. 

Drugs, Aletliciues, <fec. 

Allen Chas. H. 81 Hanover 
Bird J. A. & W. Sc Co. 211 State 
Boston Drug Mills, 5 Sargent's wf. 

8 India 
■gURRjM. S. & CO. 10 Oak 

BUSH GEO. H. & CO. 33 Cen- 
pARTER & WILEY, 174 Wash- 
^ iugton 

^ & Co. 15 Union 
QOCHRANE A. Ik. CO. 22 Broad 

Conant B. W. 23 Haverhill 
Crafts & Co. 148 Commercial 
Cutler Bros. & Co. 89 Broad 
fiUTLER A. L. S CO. 147 MUk 
^ (see pa"e 664) 
Dexter Brotliers, 55 Broad 
Eliot J. F. 74 Commercial (ship) 
UOLSOM C. E. & CO. 10 India 
■*■ (see page 715) 
Folsom James, 269 Commercial 
Fowle Sfth W. & Sous, 86 Harr. av. 
Gilmaii Bros. 22 Custom House st. 
/ 1 UODWIN GEO. C. & CO. 38 
^^ Hanoxer 

Ilenshaw, Burt, & Tarr, 154 State 

Hovey A. W. 19 Lewis wf. (broker) 
Howe & French, 69Blackstoiie 
J? I N G E. & F. S: CO. 26 India 

132 Milk 
Troniont (see page 689) 
Noleini (J. A. 156 State 
Richardson Charles ScCo. 61 Broad 
Rust Bros. & Bird, 43 Hanover 
Smith, Doolittlc & Smith, 26Trein't 
Stevens II. R. 464 B'way (vcgetine) 
Stowell John, 48 Alain, Chastn. 
a WETT GEORGE W. 107 Wash- 
^ ington 

Thayer, Babsoii, & Co. 208 State 
Weeks 6t Potter, 176 Washington 
Wheeler L. S: Co. 3 Custom Ho. st. 
"UrlLSON B. O. Hi G. C. IS and 
'' 20 Central (botanic) 

Dry Docks. 

East Boston Dry Dock Co., A. H. 

White, treas. 13 Doane 
Eric Basin Dry l^ock Co., W. C. 

Hicbborn, trea., 13 Doane 
Fort Hill Dry Dock, B. F. Groton, 

232 Broad 
Pioneer Dry Dock, A. Story & Son, 

188 Broad 
Sectional Dry Dock Co., Reuben 

Burnham, manager. Border 
Simpson's Patent Dry Docks, Mar- 
ginal, E.B.,Octavius Howe, supt. 

73 Commercial 

Dry Ooods. 

Wholesale Cummiasion Merchants. 
{See also Cloths «t Woollen Goods.) 
Allen, Lane, & Co. 262 Devon. 
Amidon, Lane, & Co. 17 Kiiiggston 
Amsden II. F. & Co. 23 Kingston 
Bailey R. AI. it Co. 32 Hawley 
Barry & Brother, 65 Chauncy 
Bates G. H. W. & Co. 106 Sudbury 
Beck F. Alleyn, 6 Suli'olk jjlacc 
Blackburn Geo. & Co. 6;! Chauncy 
Blodgett i: Lamb, 16 Lincoln 
Brunmn Geo. II. 110 Chauncy 

22 Alilk 
ChaceD. K. 20 Avon 
Converse, Stanton, & Davis, 20 Eliot 
Al.i; BROTHERS Si CO. 152 


Danfoitli, (Jiurk, & Co. 15 Otis 
Davis it Frost, 76 Chauncy 
Denny, Poor, & Co. 268 Devon. 
Doxtcr, Abbot, & Co. 80 Chauncy 



Drer E. C. 157 Tromont 
Faulkner, Page.ji; Co. («i Franklin 
Faxon I. & Son, 48 Bodt'ord 
Flovd Bros. & Co. 93 Summer 
Flues & Co. 32 Avon 
Frost Rufus S. & Co., Franklin, 

corner Arch 
Fumcss & Wales, 19 Summer 
Gowing & Grew, 51 Franklin 
Gross .Tno. A. D. & Co. IH Chaun'y 
Hale Theodore P. 63 Clmnnov 
Harding Bros. & Co. G5 Clian'ncy 
Harding, Colbv, & Co. 7S Chauncy 
Hatch I. A. & Co. 109 Cliauucy 
Healey B. 12 West, room 11 
Herrnian H. & Co. 7'' Summer 
Hodgdon JI. W. 9+ Anh 
Holb'rook E. W. i Co. lM Bedford 
Hollingdale JeftVev. 24 Ch:uiiiuy 
Howe J. C. & Co. lU'. SiMiiin.T 
Hovt, Spragues, & Co. J'.i Bedford 
JacKsou P. r. "5 Chauncv 
Jenkins & Co. 27 Doane " 
Joy, Langdon, & Co. 75 Chauncy 
Kettle Bros. 20 Lincoln 
Lawrence & Co. 13 Chauncy 
Lea J. & J. T. & Co. 75 Channcv 
Leiand, Allen, & Bates, 38 Bedford 

and 51 Avon 
Leiand C. M. 17 Kingston 
Lewis Brothers & Co. 33 Eliot 
Linneman C. A. 28 Chauncy 
Little James L. & Co. 24 Franklin 
Lovejoy A. L. & Co. 24 Chauncy 
Mackintire, Lawrie, it Co., Edln- 

boro', cor. Essex 
Mackintosh, Green, & Co. 21 

MarchA."S. & Co. 20 Lincoln 
Williken Bros. 24 Chauncv 
Minot, Hooper. & Co, 21 Chauncy 
Motiev T. jr. & Co. 17 Otis 
VtcDgE E. R., SAWYER & CO. 
-"-•■ 15 Chauncv 
Kevins & Co. 63 Chauncy 
Parker,Wilder,&Co.,4Winthrop sq. 
Pearee S. H. & Co. 1 Edinboro' 
Perkins & Plummer, 48 Kingston 
Perry, Wendell, Fay, & Co. 65 

Phipps S. jr. 1 Edinboro' 
Pierce, Hardy, & Co. 15 Harr. ave. 
Porter Brothers & Co. 23 Chauncy 
Pratt A. S. 41 Temple iilace 
-"' Devonshire 
Sampson, Hall, & Co. 40 Otis 
Scott James, 29 Avon 
Stetson. S. W. 17 Kingston 
Stewart A. T. & Co. 1 Winthrop sq. 
Stoddard, Lovering, & Co. 4 Milk 
Strong W. L. & Co. 26 Bedford 

(flannels and blankets) 
Townsend & Yale, 26 Kneeland 
Tufts E. O. & Co. 22 Chauncv 
Turner.Prescott.&Co. 50 Temple pi. 
'■^ Chauncy 

Wells Henry B. 59 Kingston 
Wentworth & Co., 79 Bedford 
Wheelock F. F. & Co. 28 Chauncy 
Wheelwright, Anderson, & Co. 70 

White, Browne, & Co. 43 Avon and 

•30 Bedford 
Whitnev & Shelton, 2 Exeter place 
Whittemore, Cabot, & Co. 17 and 

19 Kingston [wash. 

Williams Horace P. & Co. 320 
Winter R. 9S Broad 
Witham J. G. & Co. .55 Kingston 
Woods Joseph W. 115 Chauncy 
Wright J. S. & E. & Co., 100 Sum- 
' '' Chauncy and .39 Central whf. 

Vty Goods — Importers and 


■D ABCOCK 3. B. & CO. 21 Sum- 

■*-' mer 

Bendix John H. 14 Bromfield 

Blodgett, Hidden, & Swan, 69 

Chandler & Co. 25 Winter 
Churchill, Watson, & Co. 269 

Wash., and 1, 3 and 5 Winter 
Evans, Webster, & Co. 36 Bedford, 

and 49 Avon 
Ewing & Co. 101 Chauncy 
Farley. Har\ey, & Co. 4.s Chauncy 
Frank M. H. agent, 19 Summer 
Greene Bros. & Co. 41 Chauncy, 

and 55 .\von 
n RISWOLD D. C. & CO. 89 
^^ and 91 Chauncy 
Hamilton. Richardson, & Whitney, 

83 Summer 
Hau^hton, Perkins, Woods, & Co. 

43 Chauncy 
Heath, Anderson, & Co. 45 Avon, 

and 32 Bedford 

Hovey C. F. & Co. S3 Summer 
Ilow.nrd P. B. 75 Sumujer 
Hunt Seth B. & Co. 102 Chauncv 
Jacks,, u, JIandell, & Uanicll,"18 

Jonlan, Marsh, & Co. 242 Wash., 

mill ;;s Avon 
Kollv Tlmmas, & Co. 23 Otis 
Mavliow, Snelling, & Co. 18 Avon 
Wcssingcr E. F. & Co. 22 Harr. ay. 
JMiiIs& Gibb, 29Avon 
Mitchell, Green, & Stevens, 318 

Morse, Shcpard, & Co,, Winthrop 

Perry, Cook, & Tower, 96 Summer 
Pingrce, AVoods, & Clark, 107 

Putter, Sanborn, & Co. 104 and 106 

J^USS, dOBB, & CO. 19 Summer 

Sargent Bros. & Co., Winthrop sq. 
Sawver F. M. agent, 27 Essex 
Spalding. Hay, & Wales, 9 Winter 
Taylor, Thomas, & Co. 67 and 69 

Wellington Bros.& Co. 06 Chauncy 
Whittemin-e, Cabot, & Co. 17 and 19 

Woodbury Henry, 98 Broad 

Wry Ooocls. (HelaU.) 
Abbot W. 74 Hanover 
A:len William H. 31 Winter 
Antliony 1-. 367 Federal 
Aufclitfe M. Mrs. 308 Sumner 

18:39 Washington 
Barker, Mann, & Co. 23 Trem. row 
Barnard .Toel, 81 Green 
Bauer Lizzie C. 605 Dorch. avenue 
Bennett G. W. 33 Central square 
Berke Adolph, 1120 Tremont 
Bowker C. 31 Green 
Brooks N. T. & Co. 18 Hanover 
Brown E. Mrs. 95 Orleans 
Brown E. J., Leverett, cor. Green 
Brown W. H. 589 Washington 
Buckley Alary S. Mrs. 781 E. Six-th 
•^ 90 Tremont, successors to 
Butler & Norwood (see front 
colored page) 
Carbrey 51. A. 451 W. Second 
Carpenter Harve3', 300 Hanover 
Casey Catharine, 157 W. Ninth 
Chandler & Co. 27 and 29 Winter 
Chapman Thos. B. 1673 Wash. 
Churchill.Watson, & Co. 269 Wash- 
ington and 1, 5, and 7 Winter 
Clough J. N. M. 36 Hanover 
Clough & Co. 34 Hanover 
Cohen Michael, 340 Hanover 
Crooks William, 155 Meridian 
Gushing & Ames, 128 Hanover 
Cushman & Brooks, 37 Temple pi. 
Dame Seth T. 18 Tremont row 
Damon G. A. & Co. 803 Wash. 
Davis Geo. B. & Co. 281 Wash. 
Davis & Greenwood, 240 Meridian 
Dean A. J. 1843 Washington 
Dempsey M. M. 801 E. Fourth 
Deuison G. E. 77 Harrison avenue 
Downe Sumner, 151 Court 
Dutfv James Jlrs. 17:17 Wash. 
Eldrldge & Harris, 289 W. B'way 
Ellis M. M. 114 Dorchester 
Farmer S. Miss, 605 E. Broadway 
Fessenden & Osgood, 156 Hanover 
Fishel R. & Brother, 324 Hanover 
Flannag'an George, 3.30 Federal 
Flusk SI. C, Dorchester ave., opp. 

Charles, ward 16 
J^ Parker 

French J. 51. & Co. 129 Jleridian 
Fmley S. 370 AVest Broadway 
Gallagher Hugh, 31 Prince 
Gallagher Wm. Jlrs. 306 Meridian 
Gates A. 1011 Washington 
Gates M. K. Mrs. 1013 Wash. 
Gibbs & Stinson, 25 Tremont row 
Gould F. A. &. Co. 290 Hanover 
Oourley James, 33 and 87 Green 
Grand Estelle, 3 Chadwick 
Haley C. A. 15 Tremont row 
Hall'C. P. 673 Washingt.jn 
Hall .James E. 370 W. Broadway 
Halliday J. 138 West Fourth 
Handy A. L. Miss, 06.5 £. B'way 
Harran AVilliam, 1.3:i6 Tremont 
Harris E. L. 615 East Broadway 
Hawkins W. D. 164 Sumner 
Ilavden S. W. bet. Walnut and 

Taylor, ward 16 
Hendrie Ellen Mrs. 154 D 
Henry George F., Osborn's block, 

Washington, Brighton 
Hogg, Brown, & Tavlor, 299 and 
301 Wash., and 70 'l^emple place 
Hovey C. F. & Co. 33 Summer 

Howard Marj' IMrs. 020 E. B'way 
Howe James, Eliot square 
Howe Jane W. Mrs. lUiO J'remont 
Hurlbut & Elliott, 246 Hanover 
Hutchinson W. H. & Co. 20 Tre- 
mont row 
Jai'olis P. 27:! Hanover 

JON'KS I{. K., Neponset ave. n. 
.Minot, ward 16 
Jordnii, Marsh, & Co. 242 to 250 

Kcllv Hn;3i, 169 W. Broadway 
Kolly II. .vc Co. 8,55 Washington 
Kendall Henderson, Washington, 

ne;\r the Inklge, ward 16 
Kennev C. W. 159 Saratoga 
Ko..p U. E. Jlrs. 314 Hanover 
La. 1(1 Chiis. T. & Co. 1095 Tremont 
Laws..n William & Co. 24 Wilder 


Lceornu JuFia, 45 Hampden 
Libby G. AV. & Co. 3:58 Hanover 
Libby & Tavlor, 27 Tremont 
Littlefield Moses W., AVashington, 

near Milton bridge, ward 16 
Loring A. N. 21 Tremont row 
Loring J. C. 26 and 28 Trem't row 
Loring, AVatcrhouse, & Co. 339 and 

:U1 Washington 
T OUGEE GEO. H. & CO. 1601 
^ AVashington 
Low AI. P. 1381 Washington 
JIaheux Mary L. Mrs. 8 Chadwick 
MeCarty Ellen Mrs. 134 D 
JlcClure J. F. 60 Hanover 
McDonald John, 1267 Tremont 
McDougall D. 125 Meridian 
JlcDowcll S.H. ];519 Tremont 
McGowan H. 98 AVest Fourth 
JIcLean Henry, 1243 Tremont 
Morse E. G. 53 Cambridge 
Murphy E. C, Adams, cor. Dor- 
chester avenue, ward IG 
Murphy Jeremiah, 251 Federal 
Murray & Dempsey, 801 E. Fourth 
Newman Jacob, 26" Central square 
Obst H. .56 Oneida 
O'Connor Thomas, .320 Hanover 
Oliver F. Al. 275 West Broadway 
Ordway J. M. Mrs., Dorch. ave., 

cor. East, ward 16 
Page S. A. 331>^ AVest Broadway 
■*■ Tremont 

Palmer M. A. 564 Dorchester a\e. 
Parsons Richard S., AA'ashingtou, 

opp. Town Hall, Brighti m 
Perkins M. J. Miss, 089 Wash. 
Perle Moses, 717 Wash. 
Peyser H. 87 Cambridge 
Peyser Robert, 1255 AVashington 
Pierce James & Co., Hanover, cor. 

Pierce William L. 27 Tremont 
PiiikofskiS. 104andl0fi Sumner 
Plummer G. A. 45 AVinter and 

21 Tremont 
Plummer & Woods, 52 Hanover 
Proby & A'inal, 389 Washington 
Ramsdell C. C. Mrs. 315 W. Bw.ay 
Riley Lawrence & Co. 43 Tremont 
Sanborn J. R. & Co. Ill Dudley 
Sanborn AI. B. 75 Cambridge 
Scott J. & Co. 379 and 381 Wash. 
Shankland E. E. 549 Dorch. ave. 
Sliaw Mary, 291 Sumner 
Shepard, Jforwell, & Co. 26 and 30 

Simmonds AI. R. 603 E. Broadway 
Siuve Joseph A. & Co. 284 Hanover 
Slocomb A. 733 Washington 
Smith James J. & Co. 317 Wash. 
Smith S.A. Airs. 466 W. Broadway 
Smith Timothy, 1903 AVashington 
Smith & Cutter, 19 Tremont 
Snow I. B. 26 and 28 Tremont row 
Snow N. P. 703 Washington 
Solomon Joseph, 1941 Avash. 
Spalding, Hav, & Wales, 9 Winter 
Stearns H. N.' 17 Leverett 

STEARNS R. H. & CO. 131 and 
132 Tremont 
Stetson & Savil, AValnut, ward 16 
Stinson James T. 301 Tremont 
Stolkovsky Alorris, 1289 Tremont 
Stone & Howard, 978 Tremont 
Storms AV. R. .371 Washington 
Stratton J. J. Airs. 510 E. Eighth 
Sullivan Eugene, 221 AV. Eighth 
Sullivan H. .Miss, I'lOAV. Br.jadw'y 
Swift .-v.. P. ::-'7 West Broadway 
Swift Ellis Al. Ill Dorchester 
Taylor Albert H. 26AIaveriok sq. 
Taylor O. T. 27 Cambridge 
Taylor Thomas, 27 Tremont 
Tower E. H. &Co., Guild row, cor. 

Van Dam Aloses, 315 Federal 
Vcever William H. 1217 Tremont 
A'inal S. E. & Co. 8 Tremont row 
AVade N. jr. 8.55 AVashington 
Walsh Catharine, 212 E 
Waters Al. J. 101 Hampden 



Weldon A. K. 115 London 
Wells Sarah, 91 Levcrett 
WeiiboriL Jaue Jlrs. 1128 Tremont 
West J. ;55 A 

White R.H.&Co. 44and 46 Winter 
Whiting W. H. 113 Dorchester 
Williams Geo. I. 1743 Washington 
Williams James, 1108 Tremont 
Williams & Coggins, 13.3 Levcrett 
Wood C. H. llo Leverctt 
Woodman W. B. & Co. 2.ip B'way 
Young Isaac, l{l59andl'J4y Tremont 

E.arrett E. J. 215 Main 
Biiiitiiall J. M. & Co. 29 Main, cor. 

Carr John C. 329 Main 
Chandler H. H. 51 and 53 Main 
Chandler Paul L. & Co. 27 Main 
Crowley Bridget, 502 Main 
I'ish W ni. W. 355 Main 
Flowers Emory T. 49 Bunker Hill 
Uammans Geo. H. 39 Main 
Hurley P. 534 Main 
Louis B. Mrs. 49 Main 
Murray Wm. & Son, 67 Main 
N ichols Manfred E. 72 and 74 Main 
Tucker A. M. 85 Main 
■Whitten & Coombs, 2f»5 Main 
Young M. E. 361 Main 

West Roxbuky. 
Clark E. W., White's blk.. Centre 
Matliews Francis, Bovlston, n.K.R. 

McNally , Centre, n. Thomas 

Olpin k. S., Mrs.. Elson building, 

opp. Jamaica Plain station 
Payne S. A. Miss, P.O. bl'g. Centre 
Sprague H. P. Mrs., Shawmut ave. 

corner Poplar 
Werdersum John C, Boylston, n. 


StisUin >I»iiuf8. 
Dittmar Carl, 3 Franklin, ward IG, 

and 41 West 
Rand & Co. 51 State 
Sampson G.H.agent,74Devoush'e 


-■^ Nickerson & Co. 95 Com'l 
Boynton N. & Co. 87, and 89 Com- 

niercial (manuf.) 
^ SWIFT, 25 Connnercial (see 

pagr 1174) 
Fitchliurg Duck Mills, George 

Blackburn & Co. Rl Chauncy 
^ ing, Rodman,&Switt, 25 Com- 
mercial (see page 674) 
ICKERSON J. & CO. 95 Com- 

'-' Fearing, Rodman, & Swift, 25 

Connnercial (see pngc 674) 
"UrlHTON BRO. & CO. .33 Com- 
'^' mercial 

]»innl> Wsiiter Wheels. 


-'■^ and55Havernill(see p.696) 



Barrett & Bro. 140 Wash. 

Bi' Dvc House, 606 Wash. 

BROOK'S W. A. 140 Washington 
^ LAUNDRY, S. Sibley, 12 

Temple pi. 
QRAWFORD J. G. 607 Wash. 

DanversBleacherj', Walker & Bro. 

agents, 17 Merchants row 
Jamaica Plain Dve House, F. 
Kohllie|)p, Brookside avenue, 
near Green, W. Roxbury 
KoU'-evJE 17 Lagrange 
^ pie place, 1844 Washington, 
and 332 West Broadway (see 
back colored page) 

■^ Tremont row 

Van Rensselaer Steam Cleansing 
and Dyeing Establishment, 528 





Ziegler Conrad, 54 George, near 
Ityestufls, l>nitj;8, <fec. 

(See also Urnj/ginta; also Ohem- 

Boston Dyewood and Chemical 

Co. 3 Central wliarf 
Bovl un & Co. IHCiNitral 

8 India 
^ 291 Hanover 

COCHRANE A. & CO. 22 Broad 

(JUTLER A. L. & CO. 147 Milk 

Cutler Bros. & Co. 89 Broad 
■pOLSOM C. E. & CO. 10 India 

Gould Henry A., Oliver, -c. Pearl 

place (broker) 
Howe Mauley, .'i76 AV. Broadway 
Howe .'<: French, 69 Blackstoue 
Howe & Goodwin. 11 India 

Pickhardt Wm. & KuttrofT, 43 Kilby 
pOOR, TOWNE, & CO. 30 India 

Rice Edward E. & Co.297 Franklin 
Thayer, Babson, & Co. 208 State 
Tnckerman G. & Co. 25 Kilby 

Ji CO. .34 India 
' ' 150 .State 
Whitnev Dvewood and Dye Stuif 

mill, 8 NeV 
Whitney D. R. & Co. 141 Milk 
Wiliiams R. & Son, 13 Broad 

Earth <*losets. 

Earth Closet Co. 19 Doane 
Holmes C. D. 20 Creek sriuare 
"]y_[URDOCK & CO. 11 Marshall 

Earthen TVare. 

(See also Crockery.) 
CORMERAIS H. ft CO. 56 Eliot 
Pierce J. H., Robertson & Clark, 

21t5 Franklin 
Plympton Nathaniel, 51 Chardon 

Eating House. 

(See also Restaurants.) 
JjOVEJOY WM. S. 21 Court 

Edge-'FooIs IMaiiurs. 

Douglass Axe Manufacturing Co. 

217 Federal 
Rverson E. & Son, Kemble, near 

Hampden (si>litting knives) 
Underbill Brothers, 71 Haverhill 
Underbill Edge Tool Co. 26 Broad 

Elastic '^oods AXanufs. 

(See also Rubber Goods.) 
-L* CO. 173 and 175 Devonshire 
^ Washington 
Union Elastic Goods Co. 153 Essex 

Elastic Stockings. 

'-' and 15 Tremont (see p. 694) 
T EACH & GREENE, 1 Hamilton 
•'-' place 
White C. W. & Co. 99 Court 


Sargent, Greenleaf, & Co. 26 Cong, 
square (patent adjustable) 

Electric Batteries. 

■pLECTRIC DISK, 6 Hamilton 
■^ place 

Electric Bells. 

■PULLER SETH W. 63 Devon- 
-^ shire 

TTOLMES E. T. & CO. 70 Dev- 
-'■-'- onshire (see page 704) 

REDDING J. & CO. 30 Ilanove 
(see page 6(>4) 

Electric Fire /%.larni. 

Mumler W. H. 94 Tremont, room 
9 (automatic) 

Electric Ooods. 


Anders G. L. & Co. ;',0 Hanover 
^ Hamilt.mpl. 

HALL THO.MAS, 19 Bromfleld 
(see pane t»2) 
REDDING J. & CO. 30 Hanover 
(see page 664) 
White Wm. B. 4 .Jefferson place 
\\riLLIAMS C. Jk. 109 Court 
''' (ace page 697) 

Electro Silver Platers. 

PARLETON A. D. 21 Brattle 


Electrotypers and Ste- 

Washington (.see page 688) 
CO. I."' Cornhill (see p. 705) 
BO S ']■ ON S T E R E O T Y PE 
FOUNDRY, George Deake, 
agent, 19 Spring lane (see 
pa-e 673) 

John K. Rogers, agent, Kilby. 
cor. Milk (see page 730) 
pUMMINGS J. A. & CO. 102 
^ Wash, (see page 68(i) 

Sudbury (see page 665) 
pETERS C. J. & SON, 73 Fed- 
-'■ eral (see page 706) 
TD H E L P S, DALTON, & CO. 3 
■T Court ave. (seepage 686) 
•*' IL'L' Wiishington 

WlHTCoMB H. C. & CO. 15 
Water (see page 686) 
Wilcox J. W. 188 Charles 


Automatic Hatch Cover and Ele- 
vator Co. 283 Washington 
'-' CO. 1176 Tremont 
Canfield F. P. 96 Utica 
Cohn M., Bash & Co. 40 High 
TT A N F O R D M. 8 Oliver 

Macomb John, 17 Court (brick) 

120 Fulton (see page 662) 
McLean C. R. 100 Lewis, E.B. 
g E E L Y E N. M. 43 Beverly 

Stone Elisha, 57 Washington 
-•- 37 Foundry 


BAXTER STACY, 13 Tremont 
row. room 8 (voice building, 
(see page 707) 
Winter, room 14 
T EONARD T. F. 176 Tremont 
-'-' house 57 do. 

Enihleniatic Signs. 

■pUBIER & Co. 23 Exchange 

Embossed Xickets. 

T)ENNISON & CO., Suli'olk pi. 

Embossing Presses and 

■DRIGHAM W.C. & C0.18 Brattle 

•^ stinare 

pUTTER, TOWER, & CO. 117 

^ Devonshire 

n OLDING & CO. 14 Kilby (see 

^-^ page 658) 

En«l>roidery Stampers. 

Brenniek C. B. 28 Winter, rm. 19 
rjLAPP JOHN D. 31 Winter 

Connors U. Miss, & A. Mrs. 28 

Cross B. T. Mrs. 2011 Washington 
nOL.VN M. A. & CO. 165 Trem't 

Grady M. T. Miss. 37 Winter 
Greenwood Madame, 187 Shaw- 

nmt avenue 
Parsons & Co., 28 Winter 
States E. J. 25 Winter 
Tavlor C. A. 179 Washington 

(gold and silver) 
rpHOMPSON R. A. MRS. 1088 
■•■ Washington (see page 668) 
Walker .>t Co. 21 Winter 
Wasley J. R. 6 Winter, room 4 

Emery tt Emery Paper 
and Cloth. 

143 Milk 
nORBETT A. O. 126 Broad 

T.-ING D.WEBSTER & Co. 208 
■■^ State 

"VTAY it CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
-"-*- inside back cover) 
Merrill E. C. 114 and 116 Eliot 
Russell Jesse (munuf. ) '£', Central 
Smyrna Enu'ry Mills, 208 Slate 
^ change (see inside back cov.) 
Wellington Mills, Geo. H. Gray 
& i>anforth, agts. 48 India (em- 
ery I 




Emery Wheels, Solid. 

-'-'- inorcinl 

MerriU K. A. 114 nnd 116 Eliot 

'^ cliaiiff.- 1 s,,- iiisi.i.- buck cov.) 
Xy-U-K^I-^'^'ON A. J. & CO. 31 

• ' Brattle 

£ini>Ioyment Aeents. 

(See Intelligence Offices.) 

Enipluyiueiit Iturenii. 



Emporium of Fashions. 

DE M O R E S T .MADA31E, 17 
Temple place 

EiiKixe Hose. 

Cli;uliK-v iseopawSOJt 

chants row 
pLAPP C. JI. & CO. 183 Devon- 
^ shire and 24 Arch (seep. 727) 
QLARK JOHN, 113 Washington 

Hnnneman & Co. 26 Union 
■'-'- 82 Channcv (see paseGfi21 

MANUF. CO., Robert Gems, 
treas., 179 Washington (see 
page 689) 

£nsine Hose Oiler. 


NOTES PERSON, 47 India (see 
page 6801 


{See also Steam Boilers <fc Engines^) 
Atlantic Works, 72 Border 
Bird Geort'e M. & Co. 70 Lewia 
^ CO. 1176 Tremont 
riHlTBBUCK S. E. & SONS, 971 
^ Tremont 

Eddv Sanniel ir. 26 Charlestown 
-'-' Wm. Burlingame. agent, 76 

JJANFORD M. 8 Oliver 

-*-*■ Second, cor. E 
-'-^ Devonshire 

120 Fulton (see page 662) 
McLean Charles R. 100 Lewis, K. B. 
QSBORN LOUIS, 74 Lewis, E.B. 

Robbins Joseph A. 7 Province ct. 

Rollins C. C. 43 HaverhiU (porta- 

' ' 67 Sudbury 

Engines. (Caloric.) 
ITRIPP A. W. 277 and 281 South 

Engineer. (Civil.) 
•"- mer (see page 709) 

Engineers. (Constructing.) 
^NDREN ALBAN, 4 Liberty sq. 

JACKSON WM. H. 33 Schoo:, 

" room G 

pARKER C. H. & CO. 15 State 

Engineers. (Gat.) 
JJATENPORT E. J. 4 Decatur 

CHEDD & SAWYER, 7 .Court 
*-" square (see page 697) 

Engineers. (Hydraulic.) 
•^-^ room 7 

JACKSON WM. H. 33 School, 
" room G 

Engineers. (Mechanical.) 

CHINE CO. 84 Kingston 
ANDREN ALBAN, 4 Liberty 
-'^ SfJ. 

Bacon F. W. 10 Pen»b. sq. 
■'-' H. Hart, treas., 8 Oliver, and 
Granite, c. First 

Brown Wm. S. 46 Court 
^ CO. 1 176 Trcnunit 
QOFFIN D. N. B. jR. 224 State 

QROSBY & GOULD, 34 School 

^ Sudbury 

Hibbard W. C. 40 State 
l^-EITH HERBERT F. 185 Sum- 
-■^ mer (see page 709) 
Lockwood A. 1). 56 Sears building 

(cntton mills) 
T OMBARD N. C. 40 State, room 
•Li 41 

120 Fulton (see page 6(3) 
Nudel Carlos, 56 Sears building 

(cotton mills) 
CHEDD & SAWYER, 7 Court 
'--' square (see page ()97) 
^ Lincoln (see page 695) 
Wendte W. C. 18 Pemberton sq. 
Wheeler Wn). 32 Pemberton sq. 
Wickersham W. 13 Pemberton sq. 
Wilde M. S. G. 53 Sears building 

Engineer. (Mining.) 
JACKSON WM. H. 33 School, 
" room G 

Engineers. (Steam.) 
Robinson Henry S. 28 State, rm. 34 
"ROBINSON J. R. 28 Stote, room 
■'■'' 34 (consulting) 

Engineer. (Telegraphic.) 
Farmer M. G. 15 Congress 

Engineers. (Topographical.) 
•^ Devonshire (see page 685) 
Brett Henrv, 60 Devonshire 
WALLING H. F. 102 Chauncy 

Engraved Aletal Signs. 

QALEY J. & CO. 2 Spring lane 

JPOGG JULIAN A. 1141 Wash- 
•*• ington 


Ailraan G. Wm. 14 Bronifi'd (silver) 
Allen Benj. F. 36 Charlestown 
Allen J. N. 36 Charlestown 
Allen & Lawler, 2 Bedford (plate) 

■"- A. Claxton Cary, manager, 39 

State (see page 657) 
Andrew John & Son, 5 Temple pi. 

Andrews Joseph, 132 Tremont 

A RM STRONG & CO. 43 Bristol 
■"■ (see page 678) 
J) AC ON WM. J. 12 Winter, 
-•-' room 1 

Berry J. &-J. & Co. 68 Cornhill 
Berry & Bouve, 12 West (card) 
■DLAIR ALFRED A. 184 Wash. 
•^ (see page 807) 
Bolton J. B. 221 Washington 
Bouve E. W. 6 Bromfield (card) 

BOYNTON G. W. 257 Washing- 
ton (plate) 
T>RETT WJI. H. & CO. 313 
-'-' Washington 

Wash, (wood) 
Briggs Albt. W. 213 Wash, (metal) 
r)ROWN C. F. 14 Bromfield 
■'-' (door plates) 
Brown Nathan, 46 Court (wood) 
Brown S. E. 144 Wash, ^ivood) 
■^ 490 Washington (stone, steel, 

and copper, see adv. facing 

Bunten A. 15 School (wood) 
pARPENTER R. 173 Washing- 
'-' ton 
Clapp George W. 193 Wash. 

DALEY'' WM. A. 519 Washing- 
Daniels J. H. 91 Wash, (plate) 
Davenport Bros. 395 Washington 

T)EARBORN N. S. 23 West 

Driscoll D. C. 125 Tremont (music) 
Dunlop F. P. 39 West (metal) 
Fenno Charles H. 105 Wash. 
■p LETCHER C. J. F. 19 Harvard 
^ place 

T^OGG JULIAN A. 1141 Wash - 
■*■ ington (letter and ornamental) 
■pORBES & CO. 159 Washington 

Fowle E. A. 7 Pemberton square 
Haskell Lyman, 62 Hanover 

HASTINGS H. J. 41 Brattle (see 
page 68:?) 
TJEDGE F. 36 Winter (wood) 

Hill Frank, 25 Court (silver plate) 
Jenks L. E. 37 Avon (silver) 
Jesson Robert, 7 Province court 
Johnson & Dver, 91 Wash, (wood) 
Kendrick D. T. 53 Studio building 

Kilburn S. S. 96 Washington 
Lawler Wni. 2 Bedford 
J O N G F E L L O W H. W. 114 
•i-' Wasliington 

mont, cor. Bcjylston, and 471 
XTX Waaler (see page (WJ) 
Marsli Henrv, 109 Washington 
■VTATTHEWS G. H. 84 Wash- 
"^ ington (wood, sec page 687) 
]y[AYER JULIUS & CO. 4 State 

McLellan H. B. 7 Pemberton sq. 
Mitchell A. W. & Co. 9 Change av. 
Af ITCHELL henry, 5 Tre- 
^■^ mont (stone and seal) 
Mitchell Henrv A. i73 Wash. 
A/TORSE E. R. 3 School, corner 
•"J- Wash, (wood) 
Morse Geo. H. 12 West 
Mumler A. C. 94 Tremont (gold 

and silver) 
Murray Alexander H. 8 Bromfield 
Penney & Co. 17 Brattle sq. (wood) 
■*■ School (wood, see page 728) 
Plunimer J. W. 75 Hanover 
pROCTOR & MOODY, 37 West 

Richards J. B. 490 Wash, (lith.) 
Rudd Nathaniel, 1 Pemberton sq. 
-'*' gomerv pi. (wood) 

52 Wash, (wood) 
^ School 

Scamman J. B. 213 Wash, (metal) 
gCHUMACHER WM. 3 School 

Shute A. B. 53 Washington 
Smith S. L. 109 Wash, (plate) 
Smith W. H. 199 Washington 
GPEAR WILLIAM F. 34 School, 
'^ room 15 

Stockwell F. F. 99 Court 
gTRAUSS F. A. 339 Washington 

Stuart F. T. 42 Court (steel) 
rpAY'LOR J. L. 81 Washington 
-'■ (wood) 

Tennev W. M. 147 Tremont 
-•• CO. 2 Bedford (see page 804) 
Tilton J. E. & Co. 44 Tenjple place 
-*- Washington (stone and plate, 
Tuttle Otis P. 283 Washington 
WALKER CHAS. A. 42 Court, 

' ' room .'33 
Weygand George, 339Wash. (map) 
WILCOX J. A. J. 131 Tremont 

' ' (steel, see page 826) 

Bank Notes, Bonds, Bills of Ex- 
change, Certificates, Drafts, &c. 
-^ A. Claxton Cary, manager, 39 

State (see page 657) 
■^ Washington (see leaf opposite 
CO., John A. Lowell & Co., 
agents, Tremont, corner Boyl- 

Engravers Tools. 




(See also Pictures, Frames, &c) 
A RMSTRONG & CO. 43 Bristol 

BUFFORD'S J. 11. SONS, 490 
Washington (see leaf opp. 
Cunan R. H. & Co. 28 School, 
rooms 52 and 53 

KINS, 115 Washington 
NOY'ES, 127 Tremont 
pOULD J. JAY, 20 Bromfield 

J ATHAM J. & CO. 292 Wash- 

-'■' ington 

Lewisson Louis, 147 Tremont 




jyjOTTLTON B. S. 13 Hanover 

Smith Ebcn & Co. IIC Kingston 
•' Wasliington, and 3 and 6 
Bctilbrd (see page 696) 

Envelope JManiifs. 

VELOPE CO. 11 John, J. 
Dean, agent 
■DRETT AVJI. H. & CO. 313 
^ Wasliington 

velope Co., B. A. Gardner, agt. 
1S2 South Market 
pROCTOR & MOODY, 471 Tre- 

Erasihle Tablets. 


Clark, L^J Brattle 

Excelsior Alaniirs. 

Blanehard Wm. 18 Battcryniarch 
Boston Excelsior Co., R. C. Jones, 

agent, 26 Canal 
Kittredge F. 0. 26 Canal 

Express Offices. 

(See also Contents,) 

36 Court sq. (see page 826) 

pOOR J. E. & Co. eyn Wash, (city 

•"■ express, see page 716) 

Wade's General, 57 Kingston 

Bean Ephraim W. 11 City square 

Burnett J. F., Navy jiard 

Enierton L. jr. 12 Jlain 

Kilbrith Dennis, 32 Main 

Locke Benjamin, 8 Main 

Smith & Co. 278 Main 

West RoxutniY. 

Skillings D. 1). (Boylston station, 
Shawmut ave. and Boston), office 
Merchants row, Boston, house 
rear Glen, n. Boylston 

Walker & Watson, order box, Rob- 
ert Seaver & Sons, Centre, office, 
Merchants row 

Wentworth Jacob, West Roxbury 
and Boston Express, Maple, near 

White Alvin C. order box Norcross 
& Myricks, and Robert Seaver 
& Sons, Centre, J. P. office. Cen- 
tre, opp. Seavern.? ave. J. P., and 
84 and 36 Court sq. and 3 Wash- 

White Frank E. order box, Robert 
Seaver & Sons, Centre, and 54 

Eyelet Xools. 

Eyelet T"oI Co., G. W. Robbins, 
agent, 9 Green 

Fail SloTvers. 

TV/TAY S: CO. ll to 20 Oliver (see 
■'-'-'- inside back cover) 

Fancy Boxes. 

QONANT A. & Co. 103 Hanover 

Eancy Dresses. 

^-' Washington 

Eancy Feathers. 

Contellier Bros. 43 Winter (manf.) 
Oidney P. M. 32 Winter 

Fancy Ooods. 

^Importers and Wholesale Dealers. 
Alexander C. Mrs., Dorchester ave. 

near Ellsworth, ward 16 
Allen Ezra & Son. 2,15 Washington 
Allen J. O. 220 Dorchester 
Almosnino J. & Co. 17U Tremont 
Antclitte M. Mrs 308 Sumner 
-*-' Purchase (Bohemian goods 

(see pane 677) 
Banfield, Forristall, & Co. 28 

and 30 Federal, and 127 Congress 
Barnes C. H. 1.509 Washington 
Barrett Bros. 163 Hanover 
Bates G. H. W. 106 Sudbury 
Bates Joseph L. 7 Beacon 
'Baokman Cliipman, 675 and' 711 

Beekett II. B. Mrs. 96 Carver 
•Bellamy William, 32 Bromfield 
Bertram August, 17 Beach 
Blssett E. A. Mrs. 299 Havre 

Blair J. & Co. 35 Leverett 

Boston Diatite Co., A. C. Gushing, 

treasurer, .33 Avon 

■'-' 186 Washington 
Breekett H. B. 96 Carver 
Brimer J. 57 Eliot 
pROOKS HENRY T. 18 West 

Brown E. J., Leverett, cor. Green, 

and Warrenton, corner Eliot 
Brown J. D. 105 Shawmut avenue 
Bryant Elias A. 106 Cauibridge 
Bryant Ira, Poplar, cor. Spring 
Bryant & OInev, 11 Harrison ave. 
Bryner J. 57 Eliot 
Burr Chas. H. 332 Hanover 
■'-' 90 Tremont, successors to But- 
ler & Norwood (see front col- 

ored pa^e ) 
Chapman Tho 

L^homasB. 1673 Wash. 
Chatel M. 33 Green 
Christie A. F. Miss, 1071 Wash. 
Clark E. E. 290 Washington 
Coleman Lewis & Co. 9 and 11 

♦Cormerais H. & Co. 56 Eliot 
Cowley M. 305 Sumner 
Crandon M. A. 107 Hanover 
^ Washington 
CrotTut F. 1849 ■\\'ashington 
Crow George, 645 Tremont 
Cunningliam P. F. 13 Guild row 
♦Cutter, Hyde, & Co. 52 Chauncy 
Dalton M. A. 335 W. Broadway 
Davis Lewis F., Dorchester avenue, 

corner Mt. Vernon, ward 16 
Davis M. A. Mrs. .319 W.Broadway 
Dearborn Walter W. 250 Hanover 
Dodge J. S. 84 Hanover 
Donovan M. A. Miss, 6.39 Tremont 
Dorsey John, 545 Saratoga 
pOW, HUNT, & CO. 33 Avon 

Eaton Amelia C, Eliot square 
Elliott Russell D.47 Meridian,E.B. 
Ellis Mary M. 114 Dorchester 
Erlebach M. 131 Tremont 
Farwell Addison Mrs., Hancock, 
near Columbia, ward 16 

Ferguson F. JI. Miss, ISG Cabot 
Fitield M. B.Mrs. 263 Dudley 
Flusk M. C, Dorchester ave., opp. 

Charles, ward 16 
Flynn M. J. 53 Harvard 
*Fogg it Sawyer, 122 Hanover 
^ and 153 Milk 
Frost Bros. & Co. 26 Avon 
Furness & Wales, 19 Summer 
Gallagher Wm. Mrs. 304 Meridian 
riOODWIN GEO. C. & CO. 38 
^ Hanover 

Gray T. A. 523 Washington 
Green F. A. 521 Washington 
n. REENLE.\F G. J. & ANTHO- 
"^ NY, 104 Court 
♦nRLSWOLD D. C. & CO. 89 

^^ and 91 Chauncy 
Guinzburgh M. & V. 96 and 173 

W, Broadwav 
QUY & BROTHERS, 33 Bedford 

Gwinn Isabella Miss, 81 Meridian 
Hadley W. H. 1821 Washington 
Hammerich Anna B. 129 Warren 
Hanson Maria Mrs. 105 Leverett 
Harms C. 26 West 
Hawes Brothers, 167 Washington 
Hawkins W. D. KM Sumner 
Haynes &Inman. 1713 Washington 
Hecht Brothers, 37 Temple place 
Heinold Charles F. 721 AN'ash. 
Hendrie James Mrs. 154 D 
Herman & Co. 265 Washington 
"UEYER BROS. 44 Franklin, 
-'-'- retail, 302 Washington 
JJEYER C. A. 165 Devonshire 

HoUey Maria, .37 Clarendon 
Hood M. A. Miss, 91 Dudley (dry) 
*Hood M. C. & Co. 9 School 
Horton M. A. Mrs. 307 W. Broad'y 
Houghton E., Cedar, near River, 

ward 16 
Houghton & Co. 55 and 72 Tremont 
Ilowe H. F. 58 Green 
Hunter L. G., W. Cedar, c. Revere 
Hurd W. J. 50Kneclnnd 
Isaacs, Herman, k Co. 265 Wash- 
ington (dry) 
*Ives D. P. & Co. 20 & 22 Franklin 
Johnson Wm. F. 40(^ Cambridge 
*Jones J. A. Hi Co. 27 Avon 
Kean J. E. Miss, 67 Meridian, E.B. 
Kelley J. B. & Co. 160 Washington 
♦Kenimrd C. W. & Co. 122 Trem't 
KiTuball Lucy Mrs. 1263 Wash. 
Lang Adelia A. 492>i Tremont 

Lathe & Armstrong, 321 W. B'way 
Learned K. L. Miss, 497 Tremont 
♦Levin James F. & Co. ?A Bromfi'd 

and 10 Montgomery place 
Levy L. I. 587 Washington 
♦Lewis M. A. & Co. 6 Blilk 
♦Linneman C. A. 28 Chauncy 
Liscom A. M. ()35 Tremont 
Littletield Moses W., Washington, 

near Bridge, ward 16 
Long Thomas, jr. 25 Avon 
T O U G E E G. H. & CO. 1601 
-'-' Wash, and 83 Lenox 
Louis Frederick, 37 Temple place 
Lofejoy Alvan L. 229 Wash. 
Mackintosh A. 100 Dorchester 
♦JIaguire Ann, 181 Eliot 
McBride F. 121 Dudley 
McCarthy E. Mrs. 234 Fourth 
McCloskey John Mrs. 2 Meridian 
McDonald Annie S. 14 Myrtle 
JIcDonald C. 25 Mavericli square 
McDonald Mary, 127 Lincoln 
McDonald & O'Hare, .360 Tremont 
McKenna Margaret, 292 Meridian 
McLean & Hopkins, 841 Washing- 
ton [Broadway 
IMcManus Anna A. Mrs. 612 East 
Melius E. H. 114 Harrison avenue 

(mauuf. ruffles) 
TVfELLEN & TAPPAN, 124 Tre- 
•^'-'- mont (see page 683) 
Mendum J. O. Mrs. 697 Tremont 
Moller L. H. 129 Warren (dry) 
Needham Bn.tliers, 1407 Wash. 
Newhall A. Mrs. 249 Broadway 

-'■^ CO. 154 Wash, (importers) 
Newton M. A. 709 Tremont 
JS^ILES H. H. 29 Washington 

Noble R. 30 Brooks 
Noonan John, 405 Chelsea 
fVRDWAY J. M. Mks., Dorch. 
'-' ave. corner East, ward 16 
Ormiston & Co. 33 Bromtield 
Owen Charles W. 707 Washington 
Palmer JI. A. 564 Dorchester ave. 
Parker J. B. & Co. 254 Wash. 

■*• 51 and 53 Hanover 
Patterson Henry W. 1063 Wash. 
Perkins S. R. 383 Shawmut avenue 
Phelps. Bloom. & Brown, 218 Wash. 
Pike Sarah, 371 W. Broadway 
Prior H. F. & Co. 92 Dover 
Quinn C. E. .309 Tremont 
Ravmond Bros. 522, 524 and 528 

■'-'' State House 
Reinhard Charles S., Bowdoin, 

near Episcopal Chnreh, ward 16 
Ripley & Hager, 1419 Wash. 
♦Rossman A. & Co. 224 Washing- 
ton, room 3 
Russell Henry B. 121 Tremont 
Saftord Geo. F. 20 JIaverick sq. 
♦Salom Mark, 351, 365 and 643 

Sanborn E. W. B. 74 Cambridge 
Sanborn JI. B. 75 Cambridge 
Sanders Elizabeth T. 109 Brooks 
^ Chauncy (importers) 
Saunders M. E. 190 West Eighth 
Savill S., Walnut, ward 16 
Sawyer Laban, Beach, cor. Tyler 
Schafter J. M. 62 Church 
Schnitzer S. (Turkish). 3 West 
Schwarz R. 256 Washington 
Seabury C. 49 Hanover 
Seabury Isaac, 45 Hanover 
♦Shaw, Livermore, & Co. 112 Wash. 
Shepard H. C. 22 Court 
Sherwood & Haynes, 208 Wash. 
Slocum A. 733 Washington 
Smart Charles A. 5 Meridian 
Smith E. B. 66 Cambridge 
Smith P. A. 172X West Si.xth 
Solomon Samuel, 8l;i Washington 
Sondheim'J. 727 Washington 
Spearc Mary E., Neponsct avenue, 

near Cliickatawbut, ward 16 
Stewart E. C. 1261 Wasliington 
Stoddard Geo. W. j\Irs. OS Yeoman 
Stone E. T. Miss, 277 Bmiidway 
Stone & Howard, 97s Tremont 
Sullivan E. J. 22:3 W, Eiglith 
Sullivan MarvA. Mrs.S7j<: Pleasant 
Sullivan M. U. 31 Maverfek 
Swift E. M. & Co. 34 Temple place 

and 111 Doreliester 
Tnvlor Jane, 143 Marion 
♦Temple Cliarles K. 112 Court 
TewksburvCJeorge II. 69.5 Tremont 
ThoTiipson C. I. 262 Meridian 
rpiIo.MPSox R. A. 1088 Waeh- 
■^ iiigtoM (seepageMS) 
Tolmiin George S. 2.55 Wash. 
Toppan F. B. 19 West 
Treat Wm. P. Mrs. 7 Henry and 30 

Maverick square 



TrefVy & Prior, !)2 Dover 
Turney E. SI. Miss, 280 Hanover 
Veevers W. H. 1217 Treinont 
Wade N. jr. 8.35 Wasliington 
Wallach A. & E. 17 Broinfield 
Wardwell E. J. & Co. 102 Court 
WardwcU & Co. 7 Bowdoin sq. 
Wasserboelir C. F. 125 Hanover 
■Waterman C. D. & Co. 220 AVash. 
Watson T. R. 5 HaiTison ave. 
Weldon A. K. 115 London 
West Josenh Mrs. ;B A 
Westbur" jNIarv A. IG Maverick 
Weston John H. 3l> Central square 
Whippen Charles D. tiO Green 
Whitmarsh Eliza T. Miss, 51G Tre- 

Wier Henrv. (K Temple place 
Wilmot H.'B. 371 Washington 
Wilson E. J. .Mrs. .il7 Trcmont 
Wolf Louis & Co. !M South 
Woodbnrv II. E. I West Dednam 
Woods Jo'hn H. los Court 

Goddard Guilford, Union square, 

Gordon SI., Union sq., Allston 
Grecnleaf Slark H., Post-office 

building, Washington 
Parsons KiulKi id S., Washington, 

opp. Town Hall 

Baker J. SI. 297 Slain 
Barles L. Sirs. 144 Chelsea 
Beckett B. G. 3Ui Slain 
Conner J. R. (fe Bow 
Devine Thomas Sirs. 3<S Vine 
Field SI. S. Sliss, 318 Slain 
Havnes W. S. 1 Perkins 
Hurlev P. 334 Slain 
Jones John G. 219 Slain 
Louis B. Sirs. 49 Slain 

Mavnard , So Slain 

BIc'Cart Anthony, 472 Slain 
Jlerrill Henry ,). 226 Bunker Hill 
Nichols SI. E. 72 and 74 Slain 
Feirce Geo. SV. 8 Waverley Pub. 

Perley W. H. Mrs. 310 Slain 
Warner F. 51. Sirs. 188 Slain 
W'cniyss Clias. C. 2.32 Bunker HiU 
Whittemore A. 45 Slain 
Whittle John SV. 2S3 Slain 
Young SI. E. 3G1 Slain 

West Roxbttrt. 
Chase H. H. Sirs., Green, n. depot 
SIcXallv John, Centre, near P.O. 
Olpin i!. S., Elson bids. opp. depot 
Payne S. A. Miss, P.O. bldg.Centre 

Fancy I.eather Ooods. 

BREMER ISIDOR, .34 Walker, 
ward 20 (see page GSO) 
FORGIE, SIAAS. & CO. 3 Hotel 
Pelham and lOG Water 
Hipkiss Samuel, G8 Waverley Pub. 

House, Charlcstown 

'' BURN. 14S Summer (see 

page 804) 

Fancy Paper. 
■'-'- (see page (!Gy) 

Fancy Saddlery. 

Barry ,Tohn, 4 Slerrimac 
Daly Patrick, 4 Slerrimac 

Fancy Woods. 

P OLDSSIITH F. L. 36>^ Char- 

^ don 

pARICER H. & CO. 10 Travers 

^ 27,29 and 31 Portland (seepage 

Fai'm Agents. 

Chapin George H. 24 Tremont row 
Gleason L. W. & Co. 102 Wash. 
Nason & Sletealf, 21 School 

Faucets. ^ 

■DRASLiN. DOW, & CO. 3 and 
-'-' 4 Ha^■ma^ket square 
^ Union 

-'■•'- ston icrvstal faucets) 
VANE JOSEPH & CO. 81 Sud- 
^ bury (self-closing and hot 

Feathers, Beds, «fec. 

(See also Bedding, Feathers, etc.) 

Capen J. & Son, 130 Tyler 

Cram J. B. & Co. 03 Blackstone 
JJALLETT & CO. 17 Dock sq. 

-*-*- ington 

-■■ BLIND, 20 Bromfleld (see p. 

TyllEELER A. W. & CO. 21 
'" Union 

Feather and Hair Ren- 

■'-'■ ington 

Feather Dusters. 

•"- change (st'c page 057) 
Elliott C. A. 48.3 Tremont 
Gwillim Bros. 19 Lewis, E.B. 
gHOURDS C. F. 15 Marshall 

Feather Xrimniings. 

Briere E. Sirs. G Winter 
Contellier Brothers, 4:; Winter 
Gidney Paul SI. 32 Winter 

Feed for Horses and 

Mathews D. P. ISG Commercial 
Felt Sfanufs. 

■"- W. Sayre, agt. 11 Pemberton 

T).4.C0N JOHN H. 1 Union 
-'-' manuf. at Winchester 
^ Water (roofing felt) 
Elliott Felting Slills, 17 Kingston 

HALL HENRY J. 16 Sit. Wash. 
ave. (importer of boiler felts, 
Lowell Felting Slills, treas.'s office 
85 Devonshire 

CO. 17 Central (roofing felt) 
GTOREY J. C. & CO. 10 State 
^ (rooting) 

Train S. G. 40 Wash, amporter) 
U. S. & Foreign Salamander Felt- 
ing, N. E. Branch, John Babson, 
treasurer, 130 Connn'l 


A SIES PLOW CO., Quincy Hall 

BARTLETT C. L. & CO. 16 
Bowker & Sparrow, 53 No. Market 
Bradley Fertilizer Co. 24 Broad 
Bradley Wm. L. 24 Broad 
Davis & Smith, wharf foot of Dor- 
ranee, Charlcstown 
Foote Oscar & Co. 51 Blackstone 
<ORELY G. H.54Kilby 

OVEY & CO. 53 North Slarket 



TTOXIE T. W. & CO. 3S Long 
-LI wharf 

27 Faneuil Hall Slarket 
Pacific Guano Co., John SI. Glid- 

den, 112 State 
■*■ Slarket and W Slerchants row 
Randall Benj. 43 Broad 
Tucker Joseph A. 13 Doane (Coe's 

Upton George, Western avenue, 


'■^ Andrew H. Ward, treas. 
Quincy Hall, over Quincy 

34 Slerchants Row 

Fibrous Plaster. 

(For Ceilings, tkc,) 
■pORDEN & WILLIS, 114 Eliot 

File Slanufacturers. 

ver and 2:32 Franklin 
Gorman SI. 92 Beverlv 

FILE CO. (formerly Earl, 
Smith, & Co.). .James Skinner, 
agent, 80 State, room 5 (see 
front colored page) 

ELLISON, & CO., Small, 
Wetherell, & Co. agents, Oli- 
ver, near Slilk (see front col- 
ored page) 

Kilner .Tames. 40 Dorelicster ave. 
Moore Bros. GS Lewis, K.B. 
•^ Oliver, near Milk 
Sunderland & Ogden, P, cor. First 
rpAFT JOHN B. 10 Oliver 

Weed A. & Co. 25 Charlcstown 
Fire Apparatus. 

way, corner Friend (Blake'a 
Patent Steam Pump, see 
page 804) 

Fire Bricks, Clay and 

Davis & Cliaddock. 19 Central 

^ Kilby 

HOXIE T. W.-& CO. 38 Long 
CO. 27 Central wliarf (see 
page 729) 
^ CO., Geo. C. Dunne, a^ent, 
21 Congress and 444 Federal 
(see last white page) 

WALDO J. ADAN & CO. 4 Lib- 
erty sq. (see front col'd page) 

Fire Clay. 

■pDMANDS & CO. 41 Sledford, 
-'-' Charlcstown 


Fire Engines. 
^ ENGINES, W. C. Stoddard, 

general agent, 7 State 
Chemical Fire Engine Co., Gibbs 

& Gordon, agents, 75 Kingston 
Hunneman & Co. 26 Union 
U. S. Chemical Fire Engine Co. U 
Custom House street 

Fire Extinguishers. 

American Consolidated Fire Ex- 
tinguisher Co. 22 South Slarket 
Boston Hydraulic Protector, Chas. 
Soule, agent, E. S. Tobey, pat- 
entee, 53 Devonshire 
^ GUISHER, W. C. Stoddard, 

agent, 7 State 
Chemical Fire Engine Co., Gibbs 

& Gordon, agents, 75 Kingston 
Hall Brothers, 3G Chardon 
Teel Arthur F. & Co. 19 Central 
'-' FIRE ENGINE CO., C. & G. 
Hollis, agents.ll Custom House 
street (see page G8i,i) 

Fire Proof Construc- 

T) WIGHT GEO. JR. & CO. 25 
^ Doane 
Fire Proof 3Iaterial. 

Plumb C. SI. & Co. 17 Court 
Fire Works. 

Hasten C. E. 132 Eustis 


Dealers in Fresh Fish. 
Adams J. & Co. 27 Comra'l wharf, 

north side 
Anderson Frank, 257 D 
Andrews, Rich, & Co. 9 and U 

Comm'l wharf, north side 
Arrowsmith Richard, 185 Sumner 
Atwood E. 106 Pleasant 
Atwood T. A. 150 Court 
AuU J. R. & Co. 13 C(jnmi'l wharf, 

north side 
Bailey Alfred L. 691 E. Fourth 
Baker, Witherell, & Co. 35 and 36 

Commercial wharf 
Barrett S. 1247 Tremont 
Brown, Seavey, & Co. 17, 18, 20, 

and 34 Commercial wharf 
Brown & Wood, 78 W. Springfield 
Buckman J. 75 Connnercial wharf 
Bunting & Emery, 53 and 54 Com- 
mercial wharf 
Chapman Amos & Co. 19 Charles 
Chapman SVm. N. 54 Green 
Chipman E. S: Co. 315 E 
Chipman W. & Co. 107 Dorchester 
Clark & Snow, 2i) Connn'l wharf', 

north side 
Clay Thomas W., Shawmut ave., 

cor. Garland [wharf 

Coleman, Son, & Co. 57 Commerc'I 



Cook Richard, Dorchester avenue, 

junction Boston street 
Cuoli Robert. Washington, n. the 

bridge, ward 16 
Coolev L. & C. E., Craigie's bridge 

Cushing G. B. 1152 Washington 
Day Charles A. 211 Ru^gles 
Dudley George A. 739 i.. B'way 
Dyer Caleb, llsa Washington 
Eastman S. E. 15 Comiu 1 wharf,, 

north side 
Enslin Edward, 1384 Tremont 
Flanders Charles E. 210 Friend 
TfOGG E. Cl'ark.n, Exchange, 
^ ward IC 

Foote & Dolliver, 170 JIarion 
Foster Joel E. 242 Friend 
Freeman Jesse, 131 W. Brookline 
Gray W. Y. 1060 Washington 
Griffin S. W. & Co. 11 Com'l wharf 
Handford A. P. 118 Harrison ave- 
nue, and 6iy Chapman 
Harding, Knowles, & Co. 247 Meri- 
dian, and 3^11 Sumner 
Harding & Nolan, 26 Com'l wharf, 

north side 
Han-ington N., Han'e, c. Simmer 
Harris Geo. M. hi! Warren 
Harris Matthew, 11 Dudley and 163 

Haskell Wm. jr. 11>4 Cambridge 
Haskins M. W. & Bro. 38 Comm'l 

Hasson John, 40 Hampden 
Hawes J. Y. 342 Hanover 
Hill Joseph, 73U East Broadway 
HiUard Richard W. 6 Bennington 
Holbrook H. A. & Co. 9 and 10 

Commercial wharf 
Hopkins R. R. 1178 Washington 
Hopkins S. E. 83 Meridian 
Huntley J. G. & Sons, 355 Shaw- 

mut ave. 
Jackson G. D. 64 Anderson 
Johnson B. C. 34 Charles 
Johnson William, 327 Saratoga 
Johnson & Smith, 49 Bromfield 
Kelly S. S. 664 and 827 Wash. 
Lakeman R. W. 105 C 
Langlcv F. A. 632 Tremont 
Litchfield D. & Co. 210 Friend 
Lombard D. 121 Cliambers 
Lurten W. C. 18 Prince 

Marginal, cor. Jeflries, E.B. 
Mar.stoii Julm & Co. 1 Lewis wharf 

and 207 Commercial 
WcKinley Edward, Marion, cor. 

Morse L. M. 40 Princeton 
Nason Sanmel C. 1779 Washington 
Kve A. & I). B. li;2 Wasliingtou 
O'DonncU Patrick, 77 Decatur 
Oliver Brotln-rs, Washington, cor. 

Chestnut Hill avc. Brighton 
Paine Barzila. Adams, n. Ash- 

mont, ward 16 
Paine I. B. 308 Tremont 
Paine Sam'l F., Adams, near Ash- 

mont. ward 16 
-*- ham's Corner 
pARSONS &CO. 43and44Com- 
-*- mercial wharf 
Phillips William H. 119 Marginal 

Prior P. H. & Co. .10 Comm'l wharf 
Putter Napoleon B. 592 Shawnmt 
Reed Joseph. 71 Pleasant [ave. 
Rich N. D. 17 Guild row 
Rich S. & Co. 51 I/ong wharf 
Rogers & Watts, 6 Commc'l whf. 
RoUins Benj. A. 41 Dearborn 
Rugg & Litchfield, 108 Blackstone 
Rvder Gilman M. 12.'i2 Wash. 
Sfiattuck & Jones, 128 F.U. market 
Small John,^r. 60 Beach 
Smith John & Son, 738 Wash, and 

4 Warren avemie 
Smith W. C. 88 Kingston 
Smith W. H. 28 Derne 
Snow & Fuller, 11 and 12 Com'l wf. 
Sparrow T. C. 15 Comm'l wharf 

north side 
Stokell G. L. jr. 684 Harrison ave. 
Stone George C. 105 Cambridge 
Stone, Richards. & Co. 31 and 32 

Connnercial wharf 
Stowe C. H. 154 Cambridge 
Tavlor Beni. F. 409 Dorchester 
Taylor L. W. 34 Wash, market 
Taylor & Mayo, 28 Commercial 

wharf, north side 
Tirrell John, 17 Blossom 
Tripp George D., Dorch. avenue, 

Fields corner, ward 16 
Tvler Lot W. 1528 Washington 
Upton R. A. & Son, 1.560 Wash. and 

52 Washington market 
Webb Joseph. 1311 Tremont 
Whitcomb m J>udley, 739 East 

Williams Jas. E. 26 Williams mk't 
Wood A. W. 785 Tremont 
Wood Lowell M. 559 Tremont 
AVoodward H. E. & Co., Fort Hill 
wharf (wholesale) 


Boardman Thomas C. 235X Bun- 
ker Hill 
Bowker Sarah P. Mrs. 43 Henley 
Brackctt U. C. 49 Warren 
Doolev Brothers. 15 Bunker Hill 
Fall Otis & Son. 36 Mcdford 
Getehell J. A. 57 Chelsea 
Holbrook J. G. 126 Main 
Howe & Co. 5o)4 Cambridge 
Krogmau Joseph, 15 Main 
Marsh Eli C. 66 Bartlett 
McTa^ue B. J., Bunker Hill, opp. 

Morse Hiram, 5 Miller 
Starks & Hall. 375 Main 
Starks Richard C. SiSH Main 
Withington H. O. 49 Russell 

West Roxbuby. 
Bearse S.. Shawmut avenue, near 

Forest Hill station 
Fallon W. F. & J. D., Reed buUd- 

ing. Centre, opp. P. O. 
Kcczer David, Green, opp. deno 
Locke Abel, Centre, near South 

Dealers in Salt and Pickled Fish. 
Baker, Witherell, & Co. 35 and 36 

Commercial wliarf 
Brown Edward, 35 Long wharf 
Brown. Seavey, & Co. 17, 18, 20 

and 34 Comiiiercial wharf 
Burr F. & Co.. Carlton's wharf 
Cape Ann Fish Store, George F. 

Brown, agent, 224 State 
Woodward H. E. & Co., Fort Hill 

Curtis John, 80 Norfolk avenue 
Davis Saml. G. & Co. 56 I,ong whf. 
Endicott S. A. & Co. 222 State 
Freeman Knowles & Co., Snow's 

Gerrish, French, & Co. 21 Com- 
mercial and Carleton's whf. E.B. 
Haskins M. W. & Bro. 37 and 38 

Commercial wharf 
Holbrook H. A. & Co. 9 Com'l whf. 
Howes Richard A. & Co. 51 Com'l 
Lawrence C. H. 8 New 
^^ Marginal, cor. Jeft'ries, E. B. 
Mayo Henrv & Co. 5 Commerce 

and Mayn's wharf. E. B. 
Mayo Noah, jr., 47 Long wharf 

and Mayo's wharf. E. B. 
Nickerson Edward G. 2:56 State 
Nickerson E. & Co. 7 Commerce 
Rich Isaac & Co. 35 Comm'l 
Rich Richard, Jeftries, opp. Everett 
Snow David, jr., & Co. 204 and 208 

Snow E. 30 New and 13 Com'l whf. 
Snow Franklin & Co.,Atlantic ave., 

head T wharf 
Snow & Fuller, 11 Comm'l wharf 
Stone, Richards, & Co. 31 and 32 

Commercial wharf 
Wheeler F. D. 88 Commercial 
White, Frame, it Co. 180 Broad 
Wiley & Stubbs, 55 Commercial 

Wood A. W. 785 Tremont 
Woodward H. E. & Co., Fort HiU 


Dealers in Smoked Fish. 
Allen James, 3 Union ct. E. B. 
Burr Francis & Co., Carlton's wf. 
Curtis John, 80 Norfolk avenue 
Freeman Knowles & Co., Snow's 

ginal, corner Jeffries, E. B. 
White, Frame, & Co. 180 Broad 

l<'ish Curers. 

ginal cor. Jeft'ries, E. B. 

Fishint; I^ines. 

-^ CO. 43 Comm'l (see page 806) 

fishiiie Xuckle. 

186 Wash. 
Hall John, Waverlev Publishing 
Ilnuse, room 98 (rods) Charlest'n 
-'-' Dock sq. (see page 676) 
■READ WM. & SONS, 13 F. H. 

rpROWBRIDGE J. S. & CO. 6 
■'■ F. H. enuare 


(WIN i: E; 

Plvnipton and Dedhani, near 
Al"banv (No. River flagging) 
Blanchard B. J. & Co. 17 Court 
QARTER T. W. 17 Water 


gOWEN R. S. & CO. 173 State 

L. _ . . 
(see page 699) 

SWIFT. 23 and 25 Commercial 
(see page 674) 
■'-' Commercial 

-'- Tremont (see page 661) 
rpRl' ^'DY & CO. 59 Broad, cor. 
J- Milk 

YALE R. M. 2 South Market (im- 
proved aiiua-pelle bunting) 

Flavoring Fxtract AJCau- 

Bowker U. L. & Co. '29 Broad 


Chapman, McNeil & Co. 24;^ Cent. 


■^'- Blackstone 

Holmes T. H. & Co. 107 Dudley 

Hursell J. C. & Co. 184 Shawmut 

Leavitt John L. 64 Bmad 

Martin, Leland & Co. 54 Broad 

National Chemical Co.,C. D.Weld, 
agent, 207 State 

Preston & Merrill, 77 State 

Pvnchon J. L. 59 Eliot 


'■-' Commercial 


Boston Flax Mills, Chas. T. Hub- 
bard, treas. 85 Coinirrercial 

Floor Tiles. 

T\7-ALDO J. ADAN & CO., 4 
'* Liberty sq. (see front col'dp.) 

Flooring (>Istrq«etry.) 

pRIDGMAN E. B. 27 Washing- 
-'-' ton, corner Cornhill 


(See also Nurserymen,) 
Black John A. 411 Warren 
Blanchard John W., Park, corner 

Commercial, ward 16 
Bowditch A. 645 Warren 
ri ALDER & OTIS, Tremont, cor. 
^ Bovlston 

Cefrev A. T. 4 Trenront row 
Clapp F. A., Boston, n. Mt.Vernon, 

ward 16 
Clark J, P. 1 Park 
Coft'ee JI.. Stoughton, n. Cottage 
Conrpton Thomas, .556 Warren 
Curtrs D. T. & Co. 161 Tremont 
Davenport E., Mather, n. Dorch. 

ave., ward 16 
Dee & Doyle, 57 Tremont 
Doogue Wm. 679 Washinrton 
Foster J. L., Adams, ward 16 
Foster L. H., Dorchester ave., near 

Centre, war-d 16 
pALVIN BROS., 61 Tremont 

Gormley John, 11 Tremont 
Greenlaw Alex. 1727 Washington 
Grundel H. 1.J45 Shawnmt ave. 
Hession Stephen J. 138 Main, 

TTOLBROOK G. L. 633 Warren 
-'-'- (see page 678) 
Lawl(>r John, Milton, cor. Gran- 
ite, ward 16 
Love Wm., Withington, ward 16 
Maroth Jolin, Hudson, ward 16 

MAY H. A. & CO. 9 Hotel Pel- 
McDermott Andrew, Dudley, cor. 

McNuIty E. P., Savin Hill ave., 

ward 16 
McTcar James, 1539 Shawmut av6. 
Minton Bernard, Adams, corner 

ShcltoTi, ward 16 
Minton James, 1209 Washington 
Mnrrav .his. .Mrs. 9.", Blue Hill ave. 
Norfcur Brotliers. Bowdoin, corner 

Green, ward 16 
Began Chas. B. & Son, Wash., near 

Piirk, ward 16 
Snow T. N., Mather, near Dorch. 

avenue, ward H> 
GPOONER WJNI. H. 4 Beacon 

Thaver H. F. agent, SilO Warren 
rpRlVUT.MAN M. 303 and 301 
■^ Warren 



Wnban Conspnatnries, E. M. 

Wood, treas.. M Broad 
Wells B. F. lUO Trcinont 

WkST UoxuiTKY. 
Caldcr Au;justiis P., junction Blue 

Hill avt'. and Back St.. Boston line 
Uaw sou .Jackson, at Bussc^ Inst., 

South, n. Forest Hill station 
Galvin .lohn M., Scarborough, n. 

Morton • 
McLaren Antlionv M.. Shawmut 

av. c. Morton, I'orest Hill station 
Nnsont ■James, Lamartine, corner 

Cedar aveiuie 
O'Brien .James, UnioQ ave. near 

Sliawinut avenue 
Weltm Charles, Shawnint ave. cor. 

Morton, Forest Hills station 

Floor Cloth Oclire. 

Caverly Clias. jr. 27 Doaue 

Flour «fc Oraiii Itealers. 

Ayer it Farwell, 2 Commerce 
Baker Timothv, 154 Commercial 
Balch AV. P. 2'8 Blackstone 
Barker H. & Co. 7ti Commercial 
Bartlett Brothers & Co. SI Counner- 

cial (receivers) 
Bassett. French, & Co. 51 Com'l 
Belknap & Bovntou, 1 Blackstone 
Blake, liase, & Co. 211 Broad 
Blake Sr Page, 47 Commercial 
Blaney W. O. 6 Commerce 
Boston City Flour Mills, 45 Com- 
mercial wharf 
Boston Flour Co., J. S. Knowei, 

assent, lift Union 
Boswoi-tlt Bros. 173 State 
Bowdlear S. G. & Co. 1>»4 State 
Bradbnrv Wm. 40 Central wliarf 
Brav. Robinson. JS Co. 188 State 
UllOCKWAY C. G. S; CO. 220 
-'-' Friend (sec page fil53 ) 
Brown W. E. & Co. 220 Federal 
Brvant David & Co. I(i3 Causeway 
Carter W. C. & Co. 2 Blackstone 
Chadbourn H. & Co. 58 Com'l 
Cheever George H. 174 State (oat- 

Chiokering & Adams, 54 Comm'l 
Clark & Co. 3 India 
Connell P. 160 Commercial 
Cotton Mvron L.202 State (broker) 
Crocker, Wade. & Bassett, 57 Com'l 
Crockett Bros. 8 Central wharf 
Crosby S. & Son, 21 Dorchester av. 
Crowell P. & Sons, 70 Commercial 
Cumminijs C. H. & Co. 46 Com'l 
Cutter C. L. & Co. 28 So. Market 
Cutting, Winch, & Co. 6C Com'l 
Davis Samuel M. (broker), 4 Nort-i 

Davis & Taylor, 24 Canal 
Dean Russell, 126 Lincoln 
Demond T. D. & Co. 184 State 
Dorr, Fitch, & Co. 2 Commerce 
J)Y£R N. A. 5 Blackstone 

Eaton, Sawyer, & Co.' 27 S. Market 
Edgerly Charles B. 4 Com'l wharf 
Edmands James F. & Co. 172 State 
Eldridge & Co. 14 North Jlarket 
Eustis & Darling, lOG S. .Market 
Faber & Pullen, 46 Commercial 
Faunce C. B. 1313 Tremont 
Faxon,'\Villiams,& Faxon, 72 Com'l 
Fellows O. D. 32 Canal 
Felt & Chase, 27 Connnercial 
Fenno J. P. & Co., Centre, corner 
Green, West Roxbury, and 238 
Centre. B. H. 
Galligan P. & Co. 29 Lewis, E.B. 
Gardner, Stone, & Co. 20 S. Mark't 
George N,. M. 218 State 
Gilman, Cheney, & Co. 28 Mer- 
chants row 
Grant S. M. 374 Harrison ave. 
Greeley Joseph (broker), 188 State 
Greenough James & Co. 47 Com'l 
Griggs Benj. F. ft34 Shawmut ave. 
Hagar G. W. & J. B. 37 Long whf. 
Haney Chas. C. & Co. 166 State 
Hathaway & Woods, 3 Commerce 
Hill S. Prentiss & Co. 12(1 Main and 

m Warren, Charlestown 
Hills & Bro. 243 South and 68 Utica 
Hinman i; Co. 78 Connnercial 
TJ OL.MES F. M. 40 and 42 Com- 
^-'- mercial 

Houghton Joseph, 1147 Tremont 
£J^OSVE B.M. 13 Doane (comrais.) 

Howe F. I. & Co. 64 Commercial 
Howes, Scudder, i Co. 138 So.M'ket 
Humphrey & Co. 214 State 
Johnson E. D. & Hiram, 52 Com'l 
Jones Joseph & Co. 75 Haverhill 
Kemble & Hastings, 193 State 
Kimball & Bates, 65 Connnercial 
Lamson J. F. 4 North Market 
Lane & Co. 200 State 

LANE & CO. 91 Lowell 

Langdon & Burleigli. ISO State 
Lincoln S; Beal, 124 Commercial 
Litchfield J. 11. & Co. 226 Federal 
Lord. Raidett. & Co. 8 E.xchange 

place, room 9 
Lord S: Webster, 250 Commercial 
Mnxiiard .>t Sons, .'il Comnu-rcial 
Mcb.moii-h Al.tis Ilami.d, 11 
Mcl-:in.v ftenrv, 1S02 Wnsliington 
Jlcliitv'rc P. iCo. 196 Com'l 

& CO. 225 State 
Monks & Co., Sec(md. cor. C, 116 

Broad and Dorch. ave., c. First 
Moore. Aver, \ Co. L'29 State 
Morrill .lerrv T.. Cambridge, opp. 

All-ton depot, Briiiliton 
Morrison &Blanchard, 70 Meridian 
Munroe Otis, 92 Commercial 
Nazro & Co. 43 Commercial 
PaL'e,Kidder,& Co. 27 Connnercial 
Phillips & Upham, 206 State 
Pierce C. H. U14 Lincoln 
Pigeon E. T. 130 London 
Pitcher, Flitner, & Co. 200 Com'l 
Plumstead M. jr. 19 Blackstone 
Porter Eleazer, 185 & 187 Camb'ge 
Porter & Co. 328 Broad and 382 

West Broadway 
Powers, Melvin, & Co. 10 Canal 
Proctor & Jones, 50 Leverett 
Quincy Thomas D. & O. 40 Com'l 
Bay & Dadnnm, 190 Lincoln 
TjtAD & WILLLUIS, 202 State 

Rice & Davis, 5 Central wharf 
Richardson & Co. 21 Connnercial 
Robinson James F., Neponset ave. 

near Taylor, ward 16 
Robinson N. T., Dorchester ave., 

near Commercial, ward 16 
Robinson & Fellows, 32 Canal 
Sendder, Harvev, & Co. 174 State 
Shackford Jolin, 218 State 
Smith & Monks, 490 Washington 
Soper J. E. & Co. 2 India 
Spring Chas. & Co. 198 State(brok.) 
Stewart, Noyes, & Co. 68 Com'l 
Surette Louis A. 62 Commercial 
Sweet B. D. 234 State 
Tevlin Thos. 16 Richmond (grain) 
Tower & Jov, 55 Commercial 
Tufts N. & Son, 46 Warren av. and 

rear 553 Main, Cliarlestown 
Upham G. P. & Co. 206 State 
Upton S. J. 201 Causeway 
■Vmal H.W. 1 12 Commercial (grain) 
Vinal Quinev A. 174 State 
Vittum, Talbot, & Co. 8 Cent'l wf. 
Wadleigh & Littlefield, 84 Com'l 
Ware John S. & Co. 3 Commercial 

Webster , 156 State (com.) 

Wheeler F.S. 174 State 

Whipple F. H. & C. S., Chestnut 

Hill ave., near Wash., Brighton 
Whitteniore C. W., Green, corner 

Shawmut ave. and Green, c. Elm 

W. Roxbnrv 
Wilde E. A. b'9 Commercial 
Willcut & Co. 432 Commercial 
Williams E. & Co. 15 Central whf. 
Woodward, Brown, & Co. 27 So. 

Wright & Whitcomb, 3 Commerce 
Wyman & Potter, 1 Commerce 

Flouring >lills. 

Boston City Flour Mills, 45 to 52 
Commercial wharf 

Flower Pots. 

lyrELLEN & TAPPAN, 124 Tre- 
-^'-^ mont (see page tiS^j) 
■*■ CO., Geo. C. Dunne, agent, 

21 (iongress and 444 Federal 

(see last white page) 

Flower Stands. 

POGERS F. O. & CO. 124 Mal- 
^ den 

Flutins Machines. 

■DACON E. T. 464 Washington 

Folding Chairs. 

■•■ Brattle 

Force Pumps. 



T)REW & COFFIN, 11 Bowker, 
-^ cor. Sudbury 
"YyiSWALL H. M., Quincy Hall 


Boston Forge Co., James Smith, 

treasurer, foot Maverick 
TkRAKE A. J., Plympton, near 
-"-^ Harrison ave. (see page 698) 

Lnzell, Perkins, & Co. 2S Broad 
^ IS Battervmarch (portable) 

Brattle, agent Keystone Por- 
table Forges 

Forwarding A.gents. 

Adams J. Q. & Co. 99 Oliver 

India wliarf 
Carlton II. .-V. 1U3 Devonshire 
N. '^'. S; Boston Despatch Express 

Co.. .".4 Washington 
Stibbiiis John & Co. 80 Utica 
Foundry Facings. 
Dover Stamping Co. 88 & 90 North 
^ Kilby 

"]y,r A Y & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver 
-"■'- (see inside back cover) 

Liberty sq. (see front colored 

Foundry (Iron.) 


Foundry Supplies. 

-T Kilby 

Ty-ALDO J. ADAN & CO. 4 
*' Liberty square (see fiont col- 
ored page) 

Foivls and Pet Animals. 

■" Bowdoin sq. 

Freestone and Hiime- 

Dedham and Plympton, order 
box 17 Court 

HOUSE, Reed, near Swett, 
Bride M. rear 327 Medford, Chstn. 

B. Noyes, 17 Court 
Bnsteed Geo. W. 21 Commercial 
pAMPBELL P. & SON, Swett, 
^ cor. Reed 
Carew & Walsh, 17 Court 
Crowley & Coughlan, Maiden, cor. 

Cumberland Free Stone Co., H. A. 

Darling, agent, .572 Albany 
Dugan & Rutherford, 400 Charles 
Lee, Carroll, & Co., Albany, opp 

T OMBARD & CO., Atlantic ave. 
-'-' cor. Lewis wharf 
■]\|EANY EDWARD F., 534 Al- 
-'■'•'- bany ( see page 711) 
Middlesex Stone Brick Co. 56 Broad 

ham, near Albany (see page 

Fresco Painters. 
(See also Painters— Fresco.) 
Arnold C. D. 103 West Concord 

■DARRETT T. W., Creek square 

/■lARL & MODLICH, 3 Studio 
^ building (see page 708) 
pLARK (JYRUS T. 7 Pember- 
^ ton square and 45 Wareham 

FLOOD HUGH, 19 Province and 
14 Chapman place 
"ELPA PHLLIP, 121 Court • 


-'-*- (see page 681) 

ANDCOCK Z. & CO. 5 Tre- 
mont (see page 730) 
ASTINGS SAiVI'L, 85 Charles 

-VfcPHERSON W. J. 440 to 444 

1»X Tremont „ 


-1-^ 60S Washington 

VrUGENT JAMES H. 25 Sawyer 

-'■~ (see page 697 ) 

pERRY LEWIS F. 9 Hamilton 


room 8 (see page 684) 
* ' Harrison ave. 
Wolkins F. L. H. 106 Eliot 
Fret Sawing. 
pH ESTER W M. F. 18 and 21 
^ Harvard pi. (see page 694) 

LAMING & DRISKO, Swett, n. 



Littlehale Albert. 8i TJtica 
Lvdiard J. G. m Border 

J. J. McNLtTT, Wareham, 
cor. Jlalileii 
C MITII & JACOBS, Go, 67, & 69 
*-^ Wareham 

'' and 51 Wareham 

Fringes and T'sissels. 

■HAY JOSEPH, Hampden, cor. 
■^ Howard 

Walker .Samuel, 58 E. Canton 
Zeigler A. .32 Avon 

Truit. (Wholesale.) 
Alexander Bros. & Co. 47 Chatham 
Andrews, Green, & Co. 138 South 

Baker G. & Co. 1 Merchants row 
Barrett & Hooper, 11 So. Jfarket 
■'-' Soutli ilarket 
Bliss William C. 22 So. JIarket 
Brown A. S. & J. & Co. 110 State 
Cole & Robbins, 6 and 8 Broad 
Conant J. F. .% Co. 50 Chatham 
Crocker & Blake, .57 Chatham 
Currier & Dean, 13 Jlerchants row 
Doane S. P. & Co. 49 Commercial 
^-' market cellar (seepage 6(33) 
Femald & Barker, 150 Blaekstone 
Gavle A. W. 31 and 32 Chatham 
Gould, Rice, & Co. 22 No. JIarket 
Grant E. T. & Co. 12 Fan. Hall sq. 
Jones & Farley, 1.35 State 
Jjovejoy A. W. & Co. 3 Chatham 
Lunt & .Morrill, 117 Friend 
lyrAXWELL R. F. south-wes 
■^'■^ cor. new Faneuil Hall market 
Merritt J. W. & G. H. 7 Mereh. row 
Merritt & Richardson, 1 F. H. sq. 
Philbrook Bros. 141 Blaekstone 
Pierce & Buchanan, 9 Merch. row 
Russell & Willey, 19 Merch. row 
Sawyer & Sawtell, 1 Fane'l HaU eq. 
Smith C. W. 123 Lincoln 
Snow & Co. 31 North Market 

Snear & Co. 16 and IS Union 
Stratton & Moors, 14 Broad 
Tyler J. C. & Co. 54 Chatham 
AV^eeks E. L. & Co. 14 iMercli. row 
Woodman & Grover, 106 State 

Fruit. (Retail) 
Adams J. west end New F. H.Mk't 
Bartlett H. M. G^ Cambridge 
Bean & Hadwin, 1.50 Tremont 
Bell J. P. 140 Merrimac 
Blanchard (Jeo. P., Eliot, c. Trem't 
Clark J. F. jr., Ruggles, c. Wash. 
Cochrane D. M. & Co. 5 Commer'I 
Colburn D. S. 137 Main, Charles'n 
Dixon C. S. 15 Change a%'enue 
Finan Martin, west end F.H. Mk't 
Giberson J. H. 242 Hanover 
Harris M. E. 2 Change ave. 
Himmell Adolph, 10G3 Tremont 
Jones C. R. 11 Boylston 
Kelley S. S. G64 Washington 
Lincoln M. 21 Essex 
Locke Oliver B. 71 Comhill 

MAXWEI-L R. F., south west 
corner New F. H. Market 
Mead George A. W\H Court 

PaddleforS P. H. & Co. 17 Wash- 
ington market 
Paine B F. 2 Cornhill 
Parker Hervey J. 102 Harrison av. 
Richardson F. A. 98 Tremont 
Sawtell Hiram F. 1787 Wash. 
Silsby B. F. 94 Court 
Skelt'on Nathan B. 1575 Wash. 
Slocom & Son, 1821 Washington 
gOULE BENJ. T. 22 Union 

Squadron John, 173 North 
Stevens II. P. G<! Chelsea, Chaetn. 
Sullivan L. 161 W. Broadway 
Tinkham Edwin, 6 Boylston 
Washburn & Co. 100 Tremont 
White Isaiah, 44 School 
White J. & Co. 44 School 
White & Dolbeare, 1067 Wash. 
Whittemore A. 43 .Main, Chastn. 
Witherell Geo. W. IGSG Wash. 
Woods A. C. 11 Leverett 

Fruit Jars. 

97 State 
^ India 

Fur Dealers. ' 

(See also Furriers.) 
Bates Slartin i Sons, 27 Elin 
Dodd George D. IMO .Milk 
Dodd Horace, 130 .Milk 
Dodd Timothy, 130 Milk 
Grinnell C. B. :« Temple pi. 
-'-'- Chauncy (see page 688) 
Slocum Wm. H. 43 Cliauncy 
Wight Bros. G South 

Fur Dressers. 

McGinnis S; Corridan, 43 Way 

Furnaces and Ranges. 

gALLOU JOHN, 112 Portland 

IIG North 
DRY CO. 139 Friend 
4.54 Broadway 
Brown Geo. \. jr. 117 Blaekstone 
^ 11 Union 

^ Federal 

^ Blaekstone 
(JHUBBUCK LEVI, 10 Bedford 

Collins Thomas D. 144 South 
Cooper & Burgess, 6 .Main, Chastn. 
^ "GHTON ^UR"' — "" ~" 

and iW Xorth 

■■■ 21 Bedf.nd ( S"e front col'd p.) 
Hanson J. L. 31 Union 

HOBBS ^ STEELE, 483 Tre- 
TTOHLER J. & A. & CO. 718 
-•^ Washington 

T eBOSQT'ET BROS. 14 Bedford, 
•L' Dr. Xich. lis Wn.nghtlron Fur- 
nace (s'l' liok (-.■lored nage) 
T EOXAHI) J( )IIX L. 4 Hayward 
■'-' place (hot air) 

E. Smith, treasurer, 36 and 38 
]y[URDOCK & CO. 11 JIarshall 

Pond Moses & Co. 79 and 81 Black- 

Pond & Duncklee, 87 Blaekstone 

Pratt & Wentworth, 87 North 

Siemans Reg. Gas Furnace Co., 
Richmond, Potts, & Loriug, agts., 
5 Pemberton square 

Stevens N. H. & Son, 12 Warren 
avenue. 13 Charles River avenue, 
and G-S Clielsea, Charlestown 


-*- Wa.sliiiigton.wardlG 

W-i^LKER GEO. W. & CO. 48 
•'' and 50 Union 

"YyHITE GEO.W.&CO. 19 Elm 

WILDER CHAS. B. & CO. 103 

Furniture Dealers. . 

Adams O. & Son, 79 W. Broadway 
Albee H. L. (53 Union (spring be(J 

Allen A. H. 1 Dock square 
Allen John, 1792 Washington 
Allen, Leavitt, & Co. 35 Sudbury 
Atkins Isaiah, 13 Lewis, E.B. 
Atkinson B. A. & Co. 39 Pleasant 
Baeall W. K. & Son, 611 Wash. 
-^ Tremont (see page G59) 

.VRXUiM & FRYE, 21 and 23 

Bartlett A. E. 1683 Washington 
r> AUCII CH.VS. A., Bowdoin, n. 
■'-' Green (willow, sec page 730) 
Beal & Hooper, 93 to 99 Friend 
Bean Weslev P. agt. 1209 Tremont 
Berry George W. & Co. 89 Friend 
Black A. F. 20 Charlestown 
Blake Christopher, 100 North 
Blake & Alden, 178 Tremont 
Boardrnaii Thos. 27 Maverick sq. 

BO X X i: V, T II A Y ER, & 
WKillT, .5Gl'i]i.oi 
Bornstcin Louis. 143 Charlestown 
UOSSO.'M .t BOKSII, 32 Ware- 
■'-' ham (parlor and library, see 

■DR.VMAN, SH.iW, & CO. 27 
■•-' Sudbury and 69 Portland 
Brigg L. C. & Co. 97 Cross 
TJROOKS W. P. B. & CO. 151 
'-' Hanover, 9 Marshall, and 114 

Browne W. II. 5 Union 
Burr S. S. 220 Trem't (parlor beds) 
/J.VREY J. 258 West Broadway 

Carstensen A. G4 Meridian 

Cederlund John, KI'J B 

Chandler & Skinner, 44 Kneeland 

(second hand) 
Chapman & Hall, 132 Friend 

Coburn S. D. & Co. 2 Charter 
Colbv M. 234 Broadway 

'"'...VMORE H. L. 113 Court 




Boston Furniture Co. 133 Friend 
Bowles James I. Ill Simth 
Boyee Bros. 3.SI Wasliiiigton 
Brabrook E. II. 4 and 8 Union and 

4 to K Friend 
Brady Thonuis F. 400 Ilarr. ave. 
Braiiiard J. L. 55 Charlestown 

rjOMINS GEO. T. 154 North 

Connor Wm. 31 Orleans (second 

pROOME GEO. & CO. 304 
'-' Washington (see page G701 
Cunningham B. P. & Co. 298 
Washington [bury 

Daniels, Harrison, & Co. 25 Sud- 
Davenport A. M. S; Co. 28 Comhill 
Delaney Mary, 11 and 15 Maverick 

T) ENON P. M. 104 to 114 Dover 
■^ (see page GlfS) 
Dette & Mitchell, 77 W. Canton 
DeVitt John. 147 W. B'way St 95 B 
Dinsmore James, 289 Hanover 
Doe & Hunnewell, 198 and 200 Tre- 
Dolan Thomas, 88 Meridian 
Dunning G. C. 78 Cambridge 
■'-' Tremont 

EnwTight, Kerr, & Co. 99 Charles- 
town [town 
Fairbrother E. F. i Co. 19 Charles- 
Ferdinand Frank, 1872 Washing'n 
Finnegan Anthony, 245 Federal 

(second hand) 
Flynn David, 57 Prince 
Foley Patrick, 93 Salem 
Foster Edward & Co. 1644 Wash. 
Foster & Luther, 100 Cambridge 

and 69 Leverett 
Fox John, 308 Hanover 
Gill Albert S. 93 Dorchester ave. 
^^ mill. Commercial, ward 16 
Graves J. G. 6;l Blaekstone 
Graves Samuel, 139 Blaekstone 
Gray & Bail, 34 Union 
Greeley Newell & Co. 123 London 
Greene P. J. 370 Hanover 
Granden Charles F. & Co. 1480 

Hagget S. G. Mrs. 152 and 154 Jle- 

■'■^ Washington 
Hallett Francys, 701 Tremont and 

83 West Concord 
Harding Stephen, 323 Harr. ave. 
Hatch N. M. 877 Washington 
TTAYNES J. G. 254 Harrison av. 

Hazard Crib Co. 314 Wash, (cribs 
and cradles) 

Henry ii Rboades, 771 Wash. 

Herniann C. H. 130 Harrison ave. 

Hewes C. E. 740 Washington 

Higgins James, 3G6 Federal (sec- 
ond hand)) 

Hill Benjamin S. 6 Hamilton place 
(union adjustable table) 

Hill, Van Wart, .% Co. 53 Blackst'e 

-Hills Henry S. & Co. 53 to 59 Ful- 
ton (cottage) 

Hoar ,1. 12:3 Essex 

Hobby G. W. 1.3S0 Tremont 

Ilolnian R. 36 Fulton 

TTOL.MES F. M. & CO. 180 Han- 

■*"*- over 

Hopkins Charles, .39 Cornhill 

Hopkins &Coolidge, 21 Blaekstone 
(whr)lesale com.) 

Howard J. II. 109 Haverhill J. 2S l']..nsaMt 

Johnson .K:, .57.H E. B'way 

Jo'ies Ilenrv, Ihio Wash, (second 

Jones T. B. & Co. 164 Commercial 
and 141 Fulton 

Kclham, Fitz, *: Co. 159 i ricnd and 
6.5 Canal 

Kemp Thomas, 20 Charlestown • 

Kendall D. H. .<.■ Co. 173 Blaekstone 

Kennard George, Osborn's block, 
AVaslii.igtnn, liriglitnu 

Kirniirlv P. 2i;;l Harrison ave. 

Kiin.y I'-atriek, 1317 Tremont 

King Thomas, 2;)2 West Fourth 

Kingman J. .\. 98 -Merrimac .(new 
and second-hand) 



Lamson W'm. IS Pleasant 


^ HULL, 41' to 4S CornhiU 

T EWIS J. U. -27 Portlaud (see 

-'-' page t!7(l) 

Liucicrgreeii Olof, tJ8 Jleridian 

Lipinaii Solomon, 1-40 Treiuout 

Magan John, 'Ji) Priuee 

ManstiLld S: George, 3ii2 W. B'way 

Maxwell K. 10 Sleridiau (second 

McAlev.v Charles C. 44 Travcrs 
McAitliur it Brown, iL'Si Portland 
McCarthy Callaghan, U Canideu 
McConnell James A. M Shaw'mut 

McConnell J. A. 220 Cambridge 
McCullv & Co. 47 and 4'J Utica 
McGuekian J. (second hand), 1079 

MeXeil Daniel, 431 Commercial 
Slcnifield Jloses, 674 Washington 
Morrow John, 120 Charlestowu 
Morrow J. ^V . 27o Causeway 
Mulcahey D. 57 Cambridge 
Nealon 4: Co. 135 Kndicoit 
OBrienE. Hu Kliot 
O'Connor William, Broadway, cor. 

Olander P. J. 31 Lewis, E.B. 
ORiley Allen, 172 Mcrrimac 
Outten G. B. 132 Cambridge 
Ontten & Co. 50 Green 

PAIXE J. S., 4S Canal and 141 
pALMEK & W U I T Jl A X , 13 
■•- Charlestowu 

Parsons C. W.231 and 23;3 Hanover 
Parsons C. W. & Son, 75 Portland 
-*■ Washiusrton 
PAUL it Co. 239 to 243 Tremont 

Phinuey W. S. 112 & 114 Mcrrimac 
Plimpton H. K. 052 Wash. 
pooLE A. C. 12S0 Washington 

Proud Bros. 137 Border 
pUTXAM & COCHRAN, 40 & 42 
-*• Richmond. (chamber) 
\UIGLEY W. H. lU Beach 


Riley A. 172 Mcrrimac 

Roach, Bradbury, & Co. 113 to 131 

POBBINS W. H. 12 MarshaU 

Rogers G. W. 1645 Wash. 
pOSS J. L. 42 Chardon, opposite 
■'-'' Hawkins (school) 
pUDDELL TUOS. C. 279 Han- 
•*■*' over (seepage 6S5) 
Kyan John E. 1931 Washington 
Samuel i: Colbert, Green, opp. De- 
pot, West Ro.xbury 
Savage & Lamson, l04 Fulton 
Scott \Vm., 1074 and 1192 Tremont 
OHACKFOKD E. 1467 AVasii. 

CHERMAX A. & CO., Ware- 
^ ham, cor. Maiden (wiiolesale, 

(see page 695) 
Shine Bros. 144 Kneeland 
Shine D. C. 102 Pleasant 
Smith Brothers, 1047 \Vash. 
Smith F. B. i Co. 1709 Wash. 
'-^ Cornhill 

•^ and 215 Tremont 
Souther John B. 44 and 46 Union 
Springtield Iron Furniture, B. W. 

B. Hinkley, agent, SS Shawmut 

Squires Sidney & Co. 569 and 571 

Stevens G. W. 601 Washington 
Sullivan P. F. 74 Pleasant 
■*■ 158 Tremont 
Travis J. II. y6 Cross 
Treadwell S. A. 641 Shamiiut are. 
Q1URXER H. A. & CO. 31 West 

Wakefield C. (cane). 36 Canal 
Walsh P. J. 64 Prince 
Ware George W. & Co. 43 West 
Weber Herman, 308 Broadway 
Whidden & Jameson, 124 Meridian 
Whittaker Wm. 20 Pleasant 
Wilson George JI. 52 Green 
Wormwood O. T. 43 W. Canton 
Wright James, 24 Prince 
Yeoman H. A. 388 W. Broadway 

Brown Sunnier,339 Medford,cham- 

ber mauuf. 
Carter A. J. 118 Main 
^ Main 


Chamberlain Mary BIrs. 6 War- 
ren avenue (second hand) 

Foster i Clark, 38 Water (station- 
ery wash stand manuf's.) 

Fnlfoiiton E. 145 Main 

Gary E. ii Co. 92 Main and 17 City 

Hol'niesV. M. Ik Co. 121 Medford 

Kendall D. II. & Co. 427 Medford 

Lord, Jackson, & Co. 425 Medford 

Pope Si Shute, 44 Lawrence (tables) 
Reagan & Lippincott, 38 Wash. 

Robinson & Brown, 30 to.40,Chap- 

RuiUlell William, 500 Main 
SanncUrs Zilia M. 9 Perkins 
WeiiiN >> liius. & Co. 511 and 513 

Medford (.manufs.) 
Winslow S. & Co. 425 Medford 

(chamber manufs.) 

FiirnitHre Finishers. 

Lord & Hamilton, 27 Beverly 

Furniture Alauufs. 

Arnand D. 107 Eustis 

Bunch Chiis. A., Bowdoin, near 

(ireen, ward 16 (willow) 
Beal & Hooper, 93 to 99 Friend 
Bent & Peasley, 124 Fulton 
Berry Geo. W^. & Co. 89 Friend 
Black A. F. 250 Charles 
Blake Christopher, 100 North 

BO X X E Y , T H A Y E R , & 
WIGHT, 56 and 58 Union 
BOSSO JI & BORSH, 52 Wareham 
(see page 704) 
Boston Excelsior Co. 26 Canal 
Boston Furniture Co., A. E. Far- 

rar, treas. 135 Friend 
Brainard J. L. 55 Charlestown 
KA.MAN, SHAW, & CO. 27 
Cain JIanley W., Temple, near 

Sanford, ward 16 
Clarke John, 16 Cliarlestown 
QOJUNS GEO. T. 154 North 

Cooley A. L. & Co. 40 Lancaster 
Coombs F. A. 97 Haverhill 
QURRY P. W. 90 Utica 

Fairfield Geo. W. 805 Washington 

Gerrish & O'Brien, 97 Lowell 
Glover Oliver. Connnercial, near 

Ellsworth, ward 16 
Glover & Jones, Dorchester ave., 

near Commercial, ward 16 

GODFREY JOHN, 139 Border 
(bureaus and commodes, 
black walnut) 

null, Conuiiereial, ward 16 
TALEY, MORSE, & CO. 411 
Wash, and 31 Brattle 

Hall Oliver »: Son, Adams, near 
East, ward 16 

Hazard Cril) Co. 314 Washington 

"U OL.MES F. M. & CO. 186 and 

-'-J- 188 Hanover 

Homes Warren, Parkman, near 
Dorchester avenue, ward 16 

Howard J. II. 109 Haverhill (cham- 
ber, wholesale) 

Hntehiusou Bros., Dorch. ave. cor. 
Codman, ward 16 

Kendall I). H. & Co. 173Blackstone 

Keuuey Zelotes, Sanford, u. For- 
est Hill avenue, ward 16 

T AXGEVL>^ & HUNT, 41 Way 

■'-' (see page 665) 

T EWIS J. D. 27 Portland (see 

■LI page 670) 

T ORD, JACKSON, & CO. 173 

■L' Blackstone 


■*-' Dedham (rustic) 

Maher E. 475 Tremont 


■"-*- Border, cor. Decatur (ship) 

McAlevey Charles C. 44 Travers 

McArthur S: Brown, 129 Portland 


McDonald Wm. I:j8 Fulton 

Meaglier J. W. 94 "^ Utica 

Messer it Dee. agents, 145 Border 

AJURDOCK BROS, 97 Border, 

Korcross Wm., Sanford, near For- 
est Hill avenue, ward 16, office, 78 

Olander P. J. 31 Lewis, E.B. 

PAIXE J. S. 48 Canal and 141 
■*- Charlestown 

•*■ 45 Coruhill 



-■■ Albany (bank ami ottiec) 
pEIRCE F. & CO. 76 Richmond 

■*■ TLE, 109 Connn'Ucentre, ex- 
tension, and library tables) 
Pope & Shute, 46 North (extension 

Proud Brothers, 137 Border 
^ Richmond (chamber) 
Reed Bros. 1:« Portland 
J^OBBINS WM. II. 12 Marshall 


Robinson Geo. W. 1.37 Border 
>OSS J. L. 42 Chardon. (church 
and school) 

Shales U. & Co., W. First, between 
E and F (parlor) 

Shattuck W. G. 73 Fulton (school) 


'-' CO., McNutt's bldg., Wareham 
(see page 695) 

Smith William A. 9 Merrimac 

Sturtevant C. W. 97 to 103 Cross 


^ 86 Beverly 

Tolman S., Adams, near Ashmont, 
ward 16 

Toussaint, William, & Co. 526 

Travis J. H. 96 Cross 

A'ogel F. & Co. 24 Crescent place 

Wassineus & Whittle, 1480 Tremont 

Watson Walter S., River, n. Tem- 
ple, ward 16 

Weeks M. T. C. 28 Eustis 

Woodbury, Gray, & Co. 129 Port- 

Furniture ilMtovera. 

A BBOTT & CO. 1176 Wash. 
-^^ (see page 700) 
Beckler A. O., order box 1526 

(^'OOK J. W. successor to Chap- 
^ man & Co. 10 Avery 
PATON Ik GATES, 346 Wash- 
■^ ington (seepage 674) 
Jordan C, A. & Co. 580 Wash. 
Kidder & Chase, 57 Cornhill 
Morse Geo. H. 18 Brattle 
pOOR JAMES E. & CO. 690 
-"- Washington (see page 716) 
Potter W. F. 143 Harrison ave. 

Furniture Oriisiinents. 

Camden, near B. & P. R. K. 
(see page 728) 

Furniture Polish. 

■'-' Washington, e. Boylston 

Furniture Kenovjitor. 

Hazeltou J. E. 114 Merrimac 

Furniture Kepairers. 

Blandin^ George £. 16 Indiana 
(chair uottoiner) 

Boardman Thos. 27 Maverick sq. 

Boston F'urniture & Car Seat He- 
coloring Co. 121 Court 

ptADY W. A., Clarendon, corner 

^ Warren avenue (see page 732) 

"HEX ON P. M. 104 Dover (see 

-^ page 698) 

'Po^" Ciias. W., South, nearKeyes, 
■West Roxbury 

Hall Geo. A., Cedar, ward 16 

Hare He Co. 127 Merrimac 

Hazlewood Samuel, Green, near 
the depot, W. Roxbury 

Hicks G. B., Xeponset ave. near 
Hotel, ward 16 

Hoar M. J. 123 Esse.-c 

HunkinsT. J. 11 Middle 

Johnson & Foley, 28 Pleasant 

Melville Philip, 3 Emerald 

"pHILLU^S TUOS. S. lol^State . 

Robinson A. 27X Blossom 
Weafer Richard, 2 Irving 
Homer H. W. 143 Main 
Johnson John L. 402 JMain 
Thayer Joseph, 101 High 


Barta & Ornstein, 6 Tremont 
Bates Martin & Son, 25 Elm 
Batten J, jr. 1799 Washington 
Brostrom G. W. 28 Winter, rm. C 
Eichorn A. F. 73 Kingston 
Hiudel Geo. W. 19 Province 
Hollander J. L. 19 Province court 
Kakas E. 40 Winter 
Knai)pc Emil, 247 Wash. 
Kofusy L. F. 19 Summer 



Norton Jacob, 251 Wash. 
Meher E. T. Mrs. 2(i Winchester 
Paul Julius, 1 Wells place 
Pazolt Thus. C. & Sou, 12 Harri- 

Piehic'r O.^icar, 213 Wash. 
Slocum Will. II. 42 CUauncy 
Walko Martin, & Cn. VJ Siiinmer 

Widmer Theodore G. 283 Wash. 
Furs «fe Skins. (Wholesale.) 
TT A II T , T.\YLOR, & CO. 36 
■^^ Chauiicy (see page (B8J 
Wight Bros. 2S .-joutli 

OaIva.nize<l Iron ripe. 

BRA.M.\N, DOW, & CO. 3, 
and 4 Ilayniarket square 

Oalvaniziiig Kettles. 

r OKIiN'G HAllHISON, First, n. 
^ M, City Point 


Adams & Cn. Ho Broiufield 


•Li oJWabhingion 

Uaiiie «*: Sporting; Ap- 


Oardeii Kngines. 

TTOLLIS C. & G. II Custom Ho. 
-'-'- street 

CSartlen Ornaments. 

The Art Garden Co. 13 and J.5_West 
<»ai'«len Jloofers. 

"DOGER.S F. O. & CO. 124 Maiden 

Oarden "Vases. 

Lewis David W. & Co., Duiigwood 

& CO. 27 Central wiiarf (see 
liagc 72'J) 
■•^ CO., G. C. Duiiue, agent, 21 
Congress and 444 Federal (see 
last wliite page.i 
The An (jarden Co. 13 West 
'"^ Liberty si|uare (see front col- 
ored page) 

Oarden ant! StaJsIe Fair- 

CO., Keinble, near Haiiipdeu 
(see page 7u'J) 


HAYES M. A. 17 Court and 50 

Oas and AVater Mains. 

•JjAN'I.-i i FARXUM, 134 Wasli- 

CO., Keinljie, near Boston 
Lead WorKs (see page 70y) 

Gas and Water Pipe. 

B K.V.MAN, DOW, & CO. 3 and 4 
llaviuai'ket snuare 
T)AVIS & FAKN'UM, 1.34 Wash- 
-^ ington 

MAY^.^t CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
inside back cover) 

Oas Burners. 

BACON E. T. 4IJ4 Washington 
Bciuiett S. I', l-'il Tremont 

36y Washing:oa 
JAEATON A. J. liKl7 Washington 

vard place (sec p.ige iKi.",) 
C I'ETSOX S. A. K CO. 173 Tre- 
►J nioiit 

• ' t;7 tu 73 Kilby (sjc page 7il7) 
Wortli J. & Co. 121) Treinom 

Oas ISurning Improve- 

■pACON E. T. 4iH Washington 

TJ OLLINGS R. & CO. .339 Wash- 
•■-*• ington 

Oas Companies. 

American Coal Oas Light Im- 
provement Co. r^ Pemb^rtun S(j. 

American Improved Gas Light Co. 
of B istun, Moses W. Ividder, 
agent and trcas. 47 India 


-'-' W. Greeuougli, treasurer, 20 

Charlestown Gas Co.,Geo.B.Neal, 
treas. 25 Main, Ciiarlestowu 

Dorchester Gas Light Co., Wni. 
Pope, treas., W. B. Brooks, agt., 
Commercial, n. Dorchester av. 

East Boston Gas Light Co., Geo. 
H. Pluinmer, treas. 2 Winthrop 
blocK, Maverick square, E.B. 

Globe Gas Light Co. 22 School, 
room 1 

Gray S. S. & Bro. 34 Lincoln 

Jamaica Plain Gas Lignt Co., J. 
P. George, treas., Centre, near 

N. England Gas Light Co., F. A. 
Brown, agent, .53 Devonshire 

Ro.\bnry Gas Light Co., Wm. C. 
Appleton, treas. 39 Dudley 

South Boston Gas Light Co., F. 
H. Odiorne, treas., £. J. Daven- 
port, pres. and agt., Dorchester, 
cor. West First and 11 Traveller 

Oas EnKineers. 

■nAVEXPORT E. G. 4 Decatur 

Oas Engines. 

Brayton George B. 1 Pemberton 
square (maiiuf.) 

Oas Fitting A, Fixtures. 

UACON E. T. 4tj4 Washington 

Bailey Geo. S. 57 Warren, Chastn. 
Barrett James, 223 Tremont 
Bliss & Perkins, 25 and 27 West 
Bosworth B. S. 8 Pleasant 
■UOSWORTH N. 392 Tremont 

Burns David, 6 Charlestown 

Carruthers Henry & Co., Maverick 

s:iuare, E.B. 
"r)RE\V & COFFIN, 11 Bowker 
•^ near .Sudburv 
■^ Essex 
pENNELLY J. C. 110 Sudbury 

Franey James M. 1211 Tremont 
umo'ST G. W. 07 Warren 

TJOLLINGS R. & CO. 309 Wash- 
■'-' ingcon 

Houghtim Brothers, 9 Pleasant 
IT EATON A. J. 1907 Washington 

lYfcGANN THOMAS F. 83 Port- 
-^''- land (see page 7114) 

CO. Ml Wash. 
M(IKi;i>. lA.SKER, & CO. 36 
Oiiv.r (se page 805) 
AroKroX A. M.&CO. 87 Friend 
-^'-'- ( see front colored page) 
■"^ varl piace (see page OdJ) 
pAUL GEO. K. & CO. 64 Union 

pEIRCE M. W. & CO. 12 Sud- 

^ bury 

piKE JOHN, 144 Blackstone 

Richards S. W. & Co. 68 Warren 
Shrcve, Crump, it Low, Washing- 

Stepheusmi Thomas, 40 Bromfield 

STETSON S. A. ,K CO. 173 Tre- 
Tarbell E. & Son, 1.5 Bromfield 
Titns Franklin A. 143 .Main, Ch.stn. 
Turner N. W. 27 Bromfield 

67 to 7.3 Kiibv(see 0.797) 
■ '' Niirtlianipton 

; i'H « 


^Vlutney A. & Co. 15 Winter 
Wilkins Frederic A. 23 West 
Wi«id W. A. .".2 Emerson 

159 .Milk 

Oas Holders. 



Oas House Castings. 

CO., Kemble, n. Hampden 
(see page 709) 

Oas Hiigliters. 

■nOWDLEAR W. H. 192 State 

Oas Meter Manufs. 

American Meter Co. 324 Wash. 

Tufts Brothers, 42, 44, and 46 Sud- 

Tufts Brothers, Front, cor.'BIason, 

Oas Pipe Fitters. 

■p.VCON E. T. 464 Washington 

Bartlett & Richardson, 389 West 
Broadway, and Com'l, n. Dorch. 
avenue, ward 16 

114:3 Washington and 33 Wal- 
Bliss & Perkins, 25 West' 
Bosworth B. S. 8 Pleasant 
gOSWORTH N. 392 Tremont 

Bowman J. G. 7 Spring lane 
Carruthers Henry & Co. I Maverick 

square, E.B. 
Doherty W. J. 39 Sudbury 
■QREW & COFFIN, 11 Bowker 


'-' Essex 

pESSENDEN A. rear 61 Pleasant 

Franev James M. 1211 Tremont 
FROST G. W. 67 Warren 
Gorman & Kinnelly, 129 Dover 
Grant A. H. 2 Market (and steam) 

Wash, ward 16 
-'-'■ 369 Washington 
Holloran John, 107 Beach 
KEATON A. J. 1907 Wash. 
Keuuedy J. 19 Maverick s<i. E.B. 
Kneeland S. R. 88 Hanover 
LadJ H. A. 37X Hanover 
■L" Border, E. B. 
Lee, Daniel, .58 F.iend 
Lotted T. s; W. 369 W. Broadway 
AloGANN T. F. 83 Portland (see 
-"-"- (see page 7W) 
MeKeuney, Bullard, & Co. 564 

Moffit Charles A. 86 Richmond 
■^'-*- yard place (see j>age 663) 
pAUL GEO. K. & CO. 64 Union 

Peirce Charles, 56 Charles 
PERRY J. P. Si CO. 71 Devon- 
■•■ shire 

Perrv R. G. & Co. 1060 Wash. 
PIKE JOHN, 144 Blackstone 
QUINLAN Si CO. 259 Dudley 

Richards S. N. & Co. 68 Warren 
ROBIXSOX J. E. 808 Wash. 
Russell & Burke, 16 Howard 
Sawver E. G. 13 City Hall avenue 
Shute C. O. 1441 Washington 
^LADER FRED. 1880 Washing- 
•^ ton 
Slader Geo. W., Centre, n. Eliot, 

W. Roxbury 
Smith .-V Donaghev, 38 Beverly 
G TETSON S. A. CO. 173 Tre- 
^ mont 

Tarbell E. & Son, 15 Bromfield 
Turner Nath'l. 27 Bromfield 

' ' 67 to 73 Kilbv ( .see Jiage 797) 

'' Thomas Cunningham, pro- 
prietor, 8 Central ( see tront 
colored page opp. title) 
YV"ATEKS EB^N,8 Warren av- 

'* enue (see page 702) 
W"EBBER F. W. 19S Shawmut 

'' avcuue (see page 699) 
Weymouth & Gornain, 61 Kingston 
Wneelan Thomas J. 46 Lincofii 

'' CO., Kemble, n. Hampden 
(see page 709) 
Wilkins Frederick A. 23 West 
W I Win. .v., 52 Emerson 

159 Milk 

Oas-Pipe Mlanufs. 

■DRA.M.VX, DOW, m CO. Sand 
•'-' 4 Havmarket square 

^ Central (see front colored page 


■niGlrrox furnace co. 96 

•'-' nnil'.wN..rth 

MORToX A. M.& CO. 87 Friend 
( see colored page) 
-'• and 66 Union 




' ' Ii7 to 7:j Kilbv ( sou page 7y7) 
** iMilk 

Ous Regiilntors. 

■2 Milk 
Kirbx- K. P. 133 Tremontj 
Places Gas Hegulator Co. 132 Tre- 

Oas Retorts. (Clay). 
pROST G. VV. 07 AVarreu 

]y£AY I. W. 39 State 


■"■'■ CO. 27 Central wliait (see 
page T£)) 

O-as Stoves. 

•^^ chant;e (see page fi.",;) 
■UACON E. T. 4ti4 Washington 

J^EATON A. J. ilRl7 Washington 

AleKenney, BuUaid, & Co. Sdi 

Shaw Wni. F. 24 Knccland 

Wl-LUi^R CHAS. B. & CO. 
'* SUAorth 

Oas \V ftrks STauurs. 

Araerieau Coal Gas-light-Iinprove- 

luent Co. 5 Peniberton square 
Boston Gas Mueliines, 75 Kingston 
"r)AVIS& FAKMUM, 13i VVash- 
^ ington 

"IJ ODGE E. & CO. 160 Liverpool, 
•'-' E. B. (gasometers, see p. U76) 
lyrOKKIS, I'ASlvEK. & CO. 36 
■"■'- Oliver (see page SU5) 
TV/fORTOX A. M. it CO. 87 Friend 
■'•-'■ (see front eoiored page) 
N. £. Gas Condenser Co. Isaac P. 
Gragg, treasurer, 31 Devonshire 
pAUL G. K. i; CO. 61 Union 


* 67 to 7.'i Kilby (solargasgeu- 

eratois, »eu page 797) 


' * Co., Kenible, near Hampden 

(see page 70jj 


TTODGE E. &. CO. 16U Liverpool, 
■'-'- E. B. (see page 676) 
■•^ bridgeport 


_^SHCROFr E. H. 55 Sudbury 

TJ CDDLESTON J.S. F. 96 Wash. 
••-'• (Me.c.iiiai, I-ressuie and 


■•- GAUGE CO. 3S Chardon 

Oear ('uttiug. 

-"•^ HaveriiiU (see page 6J0j 


^IXG D. WEBSTER, 208 State 

(jr'ts f (iniisliiiig !!»tores. 

( ii'holesaU.) 
Bacon F. H. 50 Hanover 
Brainard, Davy, A: Co. 'Mi Chauncy 
Biigliani VV . i'. a Co. li^ Harr. av. 
IJivkANT F. it CO. 11 Harrison 
■'-' avenue 

Uanieis F. J. & Co. 20 Kingston 
■*■ successors to FaiT, Hatch, & 
Co. manufs. of H. & F. im- 
proved shirts, 27 Essex 
"PENNO GEO. A. 4: CO. -492 and 
■*■ 4W Washington 
Fisher Sidne.v & Co'. 32 F. H. sq. 

(,voolen siiirts) 
Fitts F. E. & Co. 33 La Grange 
r iIUSWOLD D. C. i£ CO. »y and 
^^ td Chauney 

riROUSE S.M. 33 Temple place 
^~* (mauuf.) 
Hawiey, Foisom, & Martin, 106 

Arch, and 2i Otis 
Hawiey W. Henry, UUl to 1405 


TTAWLEY & CO. 12 Elm and 

^^ 79 Hanover 

Hinckley, Fleming, & Co. 32 

Jacobs J. 515 Washington 

Lcland E. & Co. 19 & 21 Bovlston 

Lcland, Wheelock, it Co.- 91 Sum- 

JjYONS D. & CO., 480 Wash. 

March Bros., Fierce, & Co. 32 

Mechanics Shirt Depot, 540 Wash. 
Mode A. 12 Winter 
Norris, Turner, & Co. 75 Summer 
Ravmond. I'erkins, & Co. 522 and 

524 Wasliington 
Read Charles & Co. 23 Hawiey 
Simons Bros. & Co., Summer, cor- 
ner Arch 
Tasker Brothers, Brush, & Co. 44 

Walker Joseph & Co. 283 Wash. 
Weil Bros. & Drevfus, 64 Summer 
Weil Henry J. & Co. 13 Kingston 
Wilson, Brown, & Co. 12 Bedford 

Adams George T. 167 Hanover 
A TVVOOD J. N. & CO. 1783 and 
-^ 1785 Wusli ington 
Bacon F. H. 50 Ilunover 
Barnes S. M. 24 Tromont 
Bates, Aldrieli, ,<; Sibkv, 0,^ Essex 
Beekhard S. A. 540 VVasliiiigtou 
Billings Brolliers, ■U:. Hanover 
Blair J. L. \ Co. 35 Leverett 
BKIDGHA.vr BKOS. 1041 Wash. 
Brvant Eliiis A. loil Cambridge 
Bu'rbank W. II. 177 Cambridge 
Burslev H. 8:!7 Washington 
Butler'Alford 197 Washington 
fiAKNES GEO. W. 204 Wash- 
^ ington 

Carter C. L. jr. 555 Washington 
Chaffin John C. it Co. Wash., cor- 
ner Franklin 
Chipinan Bros. 97 Court 
Coltin C. H. iSi Co. 48 Cambridge 
pONNOR C. A. St CO. 274 and 
^ 276 West Broadway 
Cromarty C. J. 157 Can'ibridge 
Dolbeare & Hawkins, 98 Court 
YER J. T. 19 Green 


^ Washington 
Enos A. 295 Hanover 
Esty Austin S. 207 Hanover 
^ Washington 
Foster Amos, 243 Wash. 
Friedlanrler Adolph, 208 W.B'way 
GaultG. C. 71 Court 
Gove A. B. 72 Hanover 
Gowing Oscar 13 Bromfield 

GROUSE S. M. 33 Temple place 
Hallett & Bearse, 16 U. S. Hotel b'k 
Hamblin R. W. 663 and 665 Wash. 
Hawlev Wm. Henrv iS: Co. 1401 
and l40,l Washiiigt(m 

HAWLEY it CO. 12 Elm, i 
79 Hanover 
Hayes J. F. 507 Washington 
Ilearu J. 294 Broadway 
Henderson Geo., Bartlett's bldg., 

Green, near depot, W. Roxbury 
Henderson it Stanwood, 9 and 13 

Hewins & Hollis, 47 Temple, place 
Hotbs A. & Son, 4 Maverick sq. 
Houghton H. 1073 Washington 
TTOWE I. A. 221 Washington 

Howes A. M. 1119 Washington 

Hunter J. Mrs. 60 Merrimac 

Kinney Geo. E. S. it Co. 18 Camb'r 

Lawrence James it Co. 1513 Wash. 

Levi M. 240 Broadway 

T ORING JOHN P. 12 Tremont 

■^ row 

Low A. F. 101 Meridian 

PARKER, 202 Washington 
Mansfield C. G. 8 Brattle si[iiare 
McDowell S. H. 1319 Tremont 
Merrill Lewis H. W. 97 Wash. 
Noyes Bros. 51 West 
Ray J. J- 224 Hanover 
Read Chas. it Co. 23 Hawiey 
Reed William N., Green, comer 

Bovlston avenue, W. Roxbury 
Reeves Wm. C. 431 Washington 
Rickard P. R, 263 Washington 
Sanson H. 609 Washington 
Sawyer G. A. S; Co. 325 Wash. 
Singleton Geo. W. 165 Court 
Smith E. B. 66 Cambridge 
Solomon Josepli, likl Wash. 
Spellman P. H. 13S W. Broadway 
Spitz I. .361 Hanover 
Sterues Caroline, 1329 Tremont 

Stinson J. T. .'?01 Tremont 
Strauss R. it Co. 1.37 Court 
Taylor W. R. it Co. .16 Cambridge 
Tewksburv,>t Kcnihill, llS3Wash, 
Toppan L. 741 VVasliinutoM 
Tunibull VV. II. .-.7 .Vl.ri.lian 
Tvler Bros. 6 and 8 llanuvcr and 

47 Elm 
Warner H. A. Ill Court 
Weston J. H. .36 Central square 
Whittredge it Brother, 807 Wash. 
Williams C. T. 1611 Washington 
Williams Henry C. 1616 Wash. 

Gilley R. O. 18 Jlain 
Murpliv Geo. A. L') Citv square 
PilsburvE. L. 305Maiii 
Whiting it Stetson, 275 Main 

German Bronze Paw. 

T) O N A.L D W. C. & CO. 20 
■'-' Spring lane 

Oerinan Opal Olobes. 

gACON E. T. 464 Washington 

JJOLLINGS R. & C0.369Wa8h. 

♦Jernian Silver Afanufs. 

gCOVILL MFG. CO. 21 Beach 

Oilflers nf Pictnre 
Frames, tfce. 

(See also Picture Frames, <£c.) 
Andrews Jacob R. 76 Tremont 
Cabot Jos. F. & Bro., 89 Sudbury 
Casev H. D. 61 Hanover 
riOClIRAN S. it CO. a59 Albany 
^ and 99 Bristol 
Condon T. J. 8 .Meridian 
Ellard G. E. & Co. 106 Sudbury 
Fielding .las. P. it Son, 441 B'way 
Foster J. C. 5 Avery 
Hastings & Davenpcn-t, 8 Province 
Hatch William, 460 Washington 
Hyde John W. 14 Bn.mHeld 
Lombard James X. L'u' School 
-IvrEAGIIER T. C. 11 Hayward 
■'■'-'■ place 

IVrEYER CHAS. E. & CO. 7 and 
-^'^ 8 Holmes bl'k, a. id 105 Friend 
O'Brien William, 25 Bromfield 
Olsson J. F. 5 Kiiecland place 
Rolle H. it Co. 43 Tvler 
Ross it Hatebmaii, 800 Wash. 
Sarctent C. H. 69 Cornhill 
Smith H. Q. 40 Washington 
Wright John, 39 Sudbury 

Oilders' Whiting, 

TTASSE it PRATT, Maverick, 
■'■-'■ near Orleans (see page 711) 


Flint- Glass Afamifactiirers, 

Sam'l Oakman, agt., 97 State 
Boston and Sandwich' Glass Co., 

S. H. Fessenden, agent. 13 Broad 
Buck E. A. & Co. 14 Blackstone 
TjiLETCH^R W. G. 51 Chardon, 
' agt. Pittsburg Glass .Manufs. 
Fowle Geo. B. 40 Wash, manfs.agt. 
Hohbs J. H., Brokunier & Co: 51 

Locke W. H.,agent,15 Charlestown 
-*-' India, J. D. Putnam, agenf 
Lvon James B. & Co. 49 Wash. 
Mount Washington Glass Works, 

141 Milk 
N. E. Glass Co.. AVm. L. Libbey, 

treasurer, 41 State 
^ Congress, corner Franklin 
•^ kins, treas., Lorenzo Hodsdon, 

agent, 84 AVashington 
'-' Gregory, agent. Milk, corner 

Western Glass Agency, J. N. 

Chapman, agent, 27 Doane 

Xmpnrfers of Plate Glass, 

Tremont (see pa^'c 6.i;l) 
■DOLES LEVI & SON, Haymar- 
■'-' ket St]., corner Sudbury 

HILL .S, T U R N E R, it HAR- 
MON, 195 State 
T AMBERT BROS. 10 and 12 
-*-' Merchants row 

MEYER CHAS. E. & CO. 7 and 
8 Hnvmarket square and 105 
antl 107 Friend 
Page, Harding. & Co. 191 State 
ailERBTJRNE R. it \V^ 20 and 
•^ 22 Canal, and 21 Merrimac 



Washingtun (see page 6%) 
Glass M'are Dealers, 
Ashlev J E. snv Union 
DACtlELUKk WM. H. 20 Pur- 
^ chase ( ser page (>77) 

Samuel ( laknian, 07 State 
BRAXKiAN & CUDDY, 19 and 
■2i Harvard place 
BRKiUS RICHARD, 137 Wash- 
Bnck E. A. & Co. 14 Blackstone 

Callcnder John B. 75 Portland 
Cornierais H. & Co. 56 Eliot 

DEWEY F. O. 29 Merriniac and 
28 Canal 
Fowle Geoige B. (nmnufs. agent), 

49 Washington (room 6 
■piRENCH ABRAM & CO. 151 
^ Milk 
Q.UY &. BROTHERS, 33 Bedford 

HO M E R. L A N E, & C 0. 52 
Union (see page 678) 
Johnston A. V. 15 Charlestown 
" STRA'J"1'0N, 24 So. Market 

(see page 669) 
■'-' India, J. D. Putnam, agent 
Marshall J. P. & Bro. 27 Joliu 
TV/rELLEN i TAPPAN, 124 Tre- 
-^*-'- mont (sliades, see page 683) 
TVTOHEY it SMITH, 49 Haverhill 
-"•'- (seepage 679) 

1.S9 -Milk 
Rice J. E. & Co. 65 Sudbury 
Rogers George W. 1645 Wash. 

ROGERS & CO. 62 Canal and 
155 Friend 
Smith, Caldwell, & Co. 65 Union 
CTEDMAN D.B. &Co. 1U3 Broad 
►J (see page 691) 
Wheeler A. B. Jt Co. 69 Broad 

Dealers in Window Glass. 
^ market sq. cor. Sudbury 

8 India 
fiOOK, REDDING, & CO., Con- 
gress, cor. Franklin 
MON, 193 State (importers, 
-'-' and 12 Merchauts Jow 
•jVIcI'IIEKSUN W. J. & CO. 440 
J.IX Tremont (stained and cut) 

MEYER CHAS. E. & CO. 7 and 
8 Holmes block, Haymarket 
sq. and 1(15 and 1(J7 Friend 
Page, Hardhig, & Co. 191 State 

CHERBUKNE R. & W. 20 and 
'-' 22 Canal, and 19 i 21 Merrimac 

Olass, Ilfinieopathic 


Olass (IVindnw) Import- 
ers uikI Dealers. 

MON, UK State 
T A:\1BERT BROTHERS, 10 and 
■ ■'-' and 12 .Merchants row 

Olass Atlvertising Sitjns. 

QRANE J. II. 22 Kingston 

■MTHITNEY W. H. 40 Battery- 
' "^ march 

Criass aixl Chemicals. 

KINS, 115 Washington 

Olass Cliiinney Alaniifs. 


Olass Cutters and En- 


Harvard place 
fOOK, REDDING, & CO., 149 
^ Congress 
J^ELLEY HENRY, 7 Spring lane 

■DICE J. E. & CO. 65 Sudburj 

■'-^ (see page 666) 

Tilghmau's Sand Blast, Gorhani 

Blake, agent, 31 .State, room 5 
Welch David & Co. 14 Cliardon 
■yyEST SAMUEL, 115 Eliot 

Olass Olobes. 

gACON E. T. 464 Washington 

Olass Shades. 

■D ACIIELDER WM. H. 20 Pur- 

■"-^ chase 

QORMERAIS H. & CO. 56 Eliot 

■]\ TELLEN & TAPPAN, 124 Tre- 

•'-'-■- mout (see page 683) 

■DICE J. E. & CO. 65 Sudbury 

■'-'' (see page 666) 

■ROGERS & CO. 62 Canal and 

-'-'' 155 Friend 

Olass Makers' Supplies. 

WI.N"SLOW W. H. & CO. 147 
'^* Milk 

Olass Stainers. 

nOOK, REDDING, & CO., 149 

^ Congress 

TVPcPlIERSON W. J. & CO. 440 

■^'-■- to 444 Tremont 

■yyEST SAMUEL, 115 Eliot 

Olaziers' I'oints and 

-'-'• MOX. l;i:; State 
-'-' and 12 Merchants' row 
gHERBURNE R. & W. 20 Canal 

Olohe Alaiiuf. 

Joslin Gilinan, 5 Mt. Vernon ave. 

Oloves and Slittens. 

(See also Kid Gloves.) 
Judson G. C. & Co. (manuf. buck- 
skin), 46 Bedford 
Kent JI. A. (manuf. Plymouth 

buckskin), 44 Bronifield 
Marshall & Cutter, 147 Tremont 
White Bros. & Kilburn, 148 Sum- 
mer (manuts.) 

Oliie Alanufaeturers. 

14:3 Milk 
Barney Joseph, 18 and 20 India sq. 
Essex Glue Co., Walkers Brother, 

17 Merchants row 

Robinson, Barney, & Co. 18 and 

20 India square 

Oliie Stock. 

■yyARD N. & CO. 448 Federal 


-'-' Central 

Ooat and Sheep Skins. 

A LDEN & EDMANDS, 190 Con- 
■'-^ gress 

Oold Beaters. 

Bacon W. Frank, 33 Hawkins 
Cabot E. S. 83 Sudbury 
Davis G. W. 17 Spring lane 
Drew Jos. L. & Son, 3 Province ct. 
fJ OOD & REYNOLDS, 5 Jack- 
■'-■'- son place 
Laforme V. 23 Water 
J_^OTUROP E. W. 16 Harvard pi. 

Oold Foil. 

■OOOD & REYNOLDS, 5 Jack- 

-•■•*■ son place 

Kerr & Carpenter, 4 Hamilton pi. 

Oold Pen Alanufs. 

Mead Charles W. 91 Washington 
gNOW F. W. 95i^ Washington 

Oold and Silver Em- 

ipAY^LOR C. A. 179 Washington 

Oold and .Silver Platera. . 

Craniphorn James, 83 Sudbury 

rtRUAH>EY WM. & CO. 9Prov- 

^ ince 

llillnmn J. J. 24 Sudbury 

T> I C H A R D S H. M. & CO. 7 

GreeUj cor. Chardon 
Turner it Kaupp, 50 Bromfield 


Gillespie Governor Co. (hydraulic) 

Boardnian E. Palmer & Co. SX 

Sprague's .Vutomatic Heat Gover- 
nor, 59 Blackstone 

Orain Elevators. 

B. & A. R. R. 23 Chandler 

East Boston, Grand Junction whl. 

Stebbins S. B. 40 to 58 Eastern ave. 

Orain Aleasurer. 

Ray George P. 121 Commercial 

Oralners and Polishers. 

Folan J. 39 Sudburv 

NUGENT JAMilS H. 25 Sawyer 
(see page 697 ) 
Ross jNIunro, 121 Court 
gHAY M. F. 4 MaU 

Oranite Dealers. 

Andrews J. .S: J. M. 17 Court 
■^ ham, near Plympton 
Barker Henry & firos. 17 Court 
Blessington teter, 17 Court 
■^ B. Wendell, treasurer, 75 State 
Butnian J. & Co. 17 Court 
riAMPBELL P. Jk SON, Swett, 
^ near Reed, order box, 17 Court 
Cape Ann Granite Co., Jonas II. 
French, pres. 18 Old State House 
Chapin E. S. & Co. 17 Court 
Churchill & Hitchcock, 17 Court 
Clapp & Ballon, 17 Court 
Corliss D. G. Co. 17 Court 
Davis D. C. 17 Court 
Davis & Goodrich, 17 Court 
Dell & Bi^aness, 250 Federal, order 

box 17 Court 
^ C. H. 17 Court,box40 (sea waU) 
Eames Ezra & Co. 17 Court 
Edmands & Lane, 17 Court 
Farwell Bros., Dorch., order box 

17 Court 
Frederick & Field, 17 Court 
Oilman J. F. & F. L. 17 Court 
niLMAN & CHENEY, 49 Med- 
^-* ford, Charlestown, office 17 

Court (see page 794) 
Gloucester (Jranjte Co. 17 Court 
Granite Railwav- Co. 31 Pemberton 

sq., O. E. Sheldon, agt. 
■*"'- Charlestown and 101 Haver- 
hill (scotch, see back colored 
Hardwick C. H. & Co. 17 Court 
Helah W. S. & Co. 17 Court 
Larry J. W. & Co. 120 Border, E.B. 
Leavitt T. H. 75 State 
Lyons John S. & Co., Boston whf. 
McDonald & Co. 17 Court 
McLaughlin Robert, 325 Medford, 

WORKS, 75 State, C. R. Mit- 
chell, agent 
Mullen Martin, 309 Dorch avenue 
Parker A. 17 Court (contractor) 
Pigeini Hill Granite Co. 17 Court 

p Fawcett, agent, 6 Traveller 

75 State, Mitchell, Wendell, 
& Co. 
Richards Lawrence, 286 Broad 
Ricker E. .304 Charles 
Rockport Granite Co., J. Stiinpaon, 

agent. 31 State 
Rogers O. F. & Co. 17 Court 
Runnells & Davis, 17 Court 
a ANBORN A. C. & CO. at East 
*--' Cambridge, order box 17 Court 

Orate Bars. 

rtORBETT A. O. 126 Broad 
'-' (Randall Skeleton) 
Rvder H i; Co. 69 Washington 
The American Standard Grate Bar 

Co , George D. Putpam, agent, 

06 Sudbury 


Bean B. F. 80 North 
Q.RIGG J. W. 59Bromfleld 

]yj[URDOCK 8: CO. 11 Marshall 

Oravel Paper. 

(For Bird Cages.) 

•'•'' 9 Bowdoin square 

Oreen House Boilers afs 

gMITII & LYNCH, 49 Portland 

WHITELEY E. 69 Charlestown 




T OMBARD & CO., Lewis whf. 
"*-' cur. Atlantic uve(scc page (571) 
■'•»' Office and depot Sargent's wht 

(sec page (k'.li) 
Seaman A. i: Co.. 442 Federal 
Seaman J. T. & CO. 3 Eastern ave. 
^ change(see iitside back cover) 

Grist Alills. 

Melvin, Powers, & Co., Cambridge 

street, Cliarlestown 
piCKEMS L. V,'., Parker, near 
■"■ Beacon 

Kyan Patrick, IL'O Fulton 
Turts N. & Son, 'J'.itts Mill, r. 553 

Slain, Charlcstown 

Grist Mill Ulnniifs. 

Carpenter, Woodward, & Morton, 

73 and 75 Clinton 
■'-'■ Hai'uiavket square 


Allen Daniel & Co. 149 Blackstone 
Allen & Woodworth. 50 Broad 
Avers & Eaton. 5(1 Central 
Baker C. & J . F. & Co. 2il Com'l 
Batchelder, Mann, & Co. 210 State 
Bliss .lames. 116 Biuad 
Bovd, Leeds, & Co. 216 State 
Bnggs & Sliattuck, 1(!5 Milk 
Callender Ileui v & Co. I Com'l 
Cannv P. 441 and 445 Hanover 
nARTER, MANX, & CO. 207 
^ State 
Claflin, Allison, & Somes, 8 South 

^ Market 

Dana, Hyde, & Co. S? Broad 
Dana Tlionias i Co. t) and H Com- 
Danforth, Scudder, & Co. 203 State 
Darling George, iw Blackstone 
Davis & Coker, :;U4 Commercial 
Deniond Thomas D. & Co. 18t 

Dorr, Parks, & Co. 2 Commerce 
Eaton Chas. F. 40 Long wharf 
Fellows, Weeks, & Co., Battery- 
march, cor. Hamilton 
Gammans & Co. 10:; Commercial 
Gay Timotiiy & Co. 22 India 
Goodnow G. & Co. 20 So. Market 
Hall M. L. & Co. 34 Faneuil Hall 

Haskell & Adams, 219 State 
Higgins & Dana, 103 Milk 
Hurd G. F. & B. & Co. 5 South 

Kaulback John G. jr. 128 Water 
Wagrath & Page, 37 India 
Slclntyre P. S; Co. IDG Comm'l 
Meriam S. & W. & Co. 30 and 40 

South Market 
Merrill E. O. & F. H. 45 Charlest'n 
Moody Charles E. & Co. 75 and 77 

Morse Bros. & Co. 45 Commercial 
Moulton & Goodwin, 01 Com'l 
Munroe I. W. & Co. 5 Com'l 
Nowell J. A. IGO Blackstone 
Feirce, Dana, Ji Co. 40 and 42 

Peirce Silas & Co. 50 and 01 Com- 
Pendleton & Rose, 48 Long wharf 
piEKCiD S. S. Jt CO., Court, cor. 
•^ TiC.nont 

Plummer H. X. & E. L. 133 entral 
pOTTER & FOST£R,140 Lincoln 

Raymond F. H. & Co. S7 Broad 
Rice F. & F. & Co. 78 Broad 
Rich John & Co. I;}!) Commercial 
Rich Mattliias & Co. 104 Com'l 
Richards A. & Co. 2;i5 State 
Roberts J. W. & A. 148 Blackstone 
Rogers A. C. & Co. U Commercial 

Rogers & Archibald, 145 Blacksfne 
Rosenfield M. 1113 Wash. 
Sawtell A. & Co. .33 South Market 
Sears & Co. 178 and 180 State 
Sleeper S. S. & Co.:i5 South Market 
Smith W. D. & Co. 78 North 
Steams Wm. & Co. CO Chatham 
Stedman, C'line, & Co. 91 Broad 
Sullivan, Finotti. & Co. Ill State 
Torrev George W. & Co. 25 and 26 

South JIarket 
Torrey, Hall, i Co. 148 State 
AVadlcy, Spnrr, S; Co. 47 to 53 Broad 
Wason, Pierce, & Co. Bl Chatham 
"Wentworth, Cressey, Co. 208 State 
"Wniting L O. & Co. 2» Central 

Winchester, Talbot, & Co. 5G Chat- 
Winslow & Mvriek, 191) State 
"Woodman & Groxer, lOB State 



Abbott James E. S; Bro. 110 Pleas- 
ant and 74 Church 
Acorn Catharine, Mrs. C "Veoman 
Adams C. II. 31 l,incoln 
Adams, Fessenden, & Co. 177 
Court, and Berkeley, cor. Provi- 
Adams James II. & Co. 47 Dear- 
Adams J. Frank, 1701 Wasn. 
Adams & Eaton, 51:7 Jt 529 Treraont 
Agry William U. .■;94 Hanover 
Ahern Cornelius, (k"» Baxter 
Ahem Daniel, J(2 .V 
Airola G. B. ;t.';.7 Hanover 
Albree John & Co. 2030 Wash. 
Alden G. O. 12.) Warren 
Altieri P. 28 !■ crry 
Andrews Charles, 28 Kneeland 
Angell Isaac, 89 Union 
Arbecam & Lincoln, 603 Shaw. av. 
Arey L. H. &Co. 1 Chelsea 
AtwoodE. L. & Co. l.W Hanover 
Austin H. B. 2ii Causeway 
Ayer & Co. 36;l Siiawmut avenue 
Bacon Wm. J., B, cor. Filth 
Bailey A. W. 134 Lexington 
Bailey George O. .'iOO Saratoga 
Baker E. & Co. 554 Uorch. ave. 
Baker Geo. W., Dorch. ave., cor. 

Leeds, ward Hi 
Baker Stephen, jr.. Bird, cor. Cey- 
lon, ward 10 
Baldwin John J. 103 Hampden 
Bampton & Lovejoy, 1889 Wash. 

and 872 Albany 
Bancour L. 151 kneeland 
Bancroft S: Robinson, 565 Trem't 
Barcellos T. J. & Bro. 377 Hanover 
Barry Edward, 02 Cove 
Barry M. .M. 2(,(i l-.ast Eighth 
Barry Patrick, in and 22B W.B'way 
Barry Wm. ISO South 
Barry Wm. F. 10". H 
Bartlett A. M. .Mrs. 86 Sumner,E.B. 
Bartlett J. B. L., Blue Hill ave.. 

cor. River, wa^d IG 
Bartley Henry. 57 Phillips 
Bates £. W. & Co. 542 E. Eighth 
Bcal Wilder & M>n, KKIO Trcmont 
Belcher Daniel E. 153 Hampden 
Bell Wm. Mrs. 1L57 Tremont 
Bennett Geo. S. 75 Saratoga 
Bennighotf A. 1210 Tremont 
Bennison & Co. 1002 Wash. 
BestThos. 11 Coadwick 
Bickford W. D. •:28 and 230 Broad 
Bieknell N. B. Jt Co. 44 Howard 
Bird C. F., SJiawnmt ave., corner 

Indiana pi. 
Bisch Bernard, 30 Xorthampton 
Bixby Elbridse S. 22 Central so. 
Blarney N. T. 149 West Second' 
Blanchard O. J. 134 Salem and 31 



Blasser Joseph, 29 Russell place, 

ward 15 
Bond Geo. H. 04 Richmond 
Bond & Winch, 378 Broadway and 

61 and 117 Dorcoester 
Bonner D. 157 Ei.dicott 
Bowe Patrick, 25 I, cor. Second 
Bowles Thomas. 158 D 
Bowman J. M. H. &Co.312Ruggles 
Boyee M. 70 Joy 
Boyd Annie, 25 Genesee 
Brannon Daniel, 1.J5 Tyler 
Bresnahan .M. 100 Eliot 
Brett John, .320 Harrison ave. 
Brockwav J. L. 18 Suffolk market 
Broderick AI. HO Ruggles 
Brooks John C. (> Lowell 
Brooks Levi S. '.8 Meridian, E.B. 
Brown Dennis, 102 Warrenton 
Brown J. A. & Son, 10 Central sq. 
Brown J. C. COO c. Broadway 
Brown Wm. 14 S«an 
Bruen P. C. 70 Tudor 
Bryden W. R., Curve, cor. Tyler 
Buckley Timoihy, 27 Swan 
Buffum Carlon, 191 Friend 
Bullard N. G. .'MIS Harrison ave. 
Burchell Samuel, 2;! Norwich 
Burke D. Mrs. 201 West Second 
Burke Richard, 8.3 Everett 
Burnham Lewi"!, 120 Meridian 
Burns James, 25 Prentiss 
Burt & WhitmarsI), 431 Hanover 
Butler & Watt, 32 Pleasant 
Butt John, 23 C ark 
Buxton Heni-y. 202 Salem 
Buxton Wm. & Soii, 24G Harr. av. 
Buzzell A/.ro, 3.")0 Hanover 
Byrnes Edward. Second, cor. F 
Cahill John, 1014 Harrison ave 

(■tALLAGHAN J. 322 Harrison 
^^ avenue 

Cnlhihan Marv, 49 Swan 
Callbtek & Cortin, 303 .Meridian 
Came Bros. 292 Harrison avenue 
Canning & Jlonnahan, 224 East 

Cannv H. 173 Eiidicott 
Cannv 1'. 441 
Cantlau Tlu.s. Ill Warrenton 
Carey James, 14 Taber 
Carey John, 2<I2 West Fifth 
Carey P. .■t3 Avon jjliue 
Carnes John, SS") .\!baiiy 
Carr J. A. l.:o;! Wusljiuiiton 
Carroll John & Co. 2.)! '^Vlbany 
Cairoll Patrick, 1293 Tremont 
Carter George C. ,'s- Co. 97 Leverett 
Casey Edmund, 7 iioeliestcr 
Casey Williau), 170 North 
Ciisey Si Sullivan, ."9 Decatur, E.B. 
Cassidy Patrick, Ml B 
Cassidy P. N. 177 \\est Fourth 
Caswell Thomas, 212 Harrison ave. 
Cavanagh & Co. 199 W. 
Cawley 1). jr. 5; Co. 174 Endicott 
Chaffee George A. 24 Pinckney 
Chase E. P. 214 Dorch. ave. 
Chase J. W. 170 Salem 
Chester J. H. 20 Dover 
Chute James M. & Co. IOO Saratoga 
Clancy Michael, 170 Veriion 
Clapp D. & S. B. 7, 9, and 11 Wash- 
ington market 
Clark James, .51 So. Margin and 

34 Phillips 
Clark P. J. 72 Merrimac 
Clarke & Ford, 34 Phillips 
ClearJohn, li7D 
Cleary Thomas, (il Albanv 
Cobb, Bates, & Verxa, 511} Wash. 

and 4 Bowdoin square 
Cobb Brothers & Co. Iw;5 Wash. 
Cobb C. D. & Bros. .V50 M'ash., 96 

Meridian, and 140 Hanover 
Cobb Edward & Co. 1J4 Cjimbridge 
Cobb H. E. & Co. 113.3 Wash. 
Cobb J. H. Son & Co., 1037 Wash. 
Cobleigh George, ."«7 Tivmout and 

19 Washington joarket 
Cochran J- A. & Co. 1.35 Princeton 
Cochrane P. R, 199 West Canton 
Coffey Daniel, 1.51 Peach 
Coffev Edmund, 10 i.orch. 
Cole A. F. 142 W. Broadway 
Cole Geo. S., W. Eighth, cor. F 
Cole Richard S. 120l)orcli. 
Coleman Catharine ,^lrs. 137 Tyler 
Coleman Edward, US B 
Collier W. H. 27 Border 
Collins Dennis, B, cor. Bolton 
Collins Patrick, UF.ect 
Conbov Martin, 5 Oneida 
Condon John, 179 I 
Condriek Peter, 75 A 
Connell J. 145 D 
Connell Maurice, CG Baxter 
Connelly John, 320 Federal and 13 

Connelly Thos. 3 !3 E 
Cbnnolley T. 407 Commercial 
Connor James, bV! Doreh. ave. 
Connors Tho.-. 2i2 West Third 
Conway Thomas, SG Endicott 
Ceok Thomas F. I2l Charlcstown 
Cooledge Wm. C. 90 Kneeland 
Cooper Alex. 349 Chelsea 
CorbettMary Jlr.-v. 118 I) 
Corrigan William, Iii9 .South 
Corthell & Tower, 1085 Tremont 
Coughlan Thomas, 170 Endicott 
Crane M. 64 South Margin 
Creightou Geo. E. 140 O 
Cresto J. S. 20 Green 
Crinmiins J. L. 59 Lowell 
C'rorv Brothers, 12'.H> Tremont 
Crosby P. 1). 100 Hampden 
Cross Alexander, 190 Lexington 
Crudden James, ]SO>i W. Fourth 
Cuddy Lawrence, Swett, near the 

gas works 
Cunnnings Patrick, 213 Cambridge 
Cunningham John B. 112 Nortn- 

Cunningham Peter, .523 E. Third 
Curran Thomas P. 148 Essex 
Curtin M. L. 220 Foundry 
Curtis John, 8(1 Xorfolk 
Dailey J. 153 Kneeland 
Daley Daniel, 2'.i0 Federal 
Daley John, 75 Hampden 
Daley John J. 294 Federal 
Darhng & Ham, 115 Tyler 
Darling & Pomeroy,ll)"0 Blackstone 
Davis Frederick. .54 Beach 
Davis Joseph, 357 Meridian, E.B. 
Davis N. G. 393 Siiawmut avenue 
Davis Thomas, OIKJ L-orcli. ave. 
Day Tea Co. .50 Bromfield 
Drery W. SO Village 
Demerritt C. D. & C. O. 77 Leverett 
Dempsv P. J. 1(17 Cabot 
Derry H. A. 54 Decatur 



Devine James, 153 Eighth,'cor E 
Devlin Patrick, li7 Salem 
Deviiv E,i/a Mrs. :;7'.) \V. Fourth 
Bowiic C.i; . 1 I,.. , , ,ur. Bolton 
Dextt'rX. . i ' ,; <: : il'7 i'reniont 
Dinnuuc ;^ - -. . _ ,. i.t, c. George 
Dolieit.v J-;i...... :>.:< Mauner 

Doliert'v Uth. aril, M .Salem 
Dolierty Edward, Vl{> Kndicott 
Doliertv Ileiirv, lU'.l Harrison ave. 
DoiiertV John", ];;i; Prince 
DohertV Julm E. lit! Eiidicott 
Dolic-tV .M. fill Eiidicott 
Dolierty Xci!, '£j Cooper and 58 

Dolierty Patrick. 184 D 
Dol.eitV P. !'5 Prince 
DohertV ■J'h..nias, 118 Prince 
Dolan i!. VW Ilanmden 
Dolan Edward, 1;« Albany 
Dolan !■;., Albany, eor. Oak 
Dolan Marti I F. 4 Franklin place 
Donaher P. L'l Dorchester 
Donahoc Mary A. 4(1 Winchester 
Donegan Catharine, 21C Fourth 
Donnelly Patrick, 81 Blaldeu 
Donovan bennis, 8 Ontario 
Donovan J. ll'S Essex 
Donovan JMary, 01 Paris 
Donovan Micfiael, 1:> Burke 
Donovan .M. 01 Preble 
Donovan TiinothvO.GS Middlesex 
Dowues <;. K. Whj"Dorch. 
Doyle Bros. ■■\U I'.'deral 
Doyle John J. 9 Fleet 
Doyle Pstrick, 12:12 I'remont 
Drew Mary, 10 W. Fifth 
Drinan James, 29> North 

Drisculi \^ J .\oith 

Driscoll II. C. Mr,. 74 AV. Dedham 
Driscoil .^.^■:■ r. -:, Xnrth 
Driscoll .\1 :n Burke 

Driscoll .'.1 ' \ cinoii 

Driscoll !'-■., • i r-t 

Driscoll; ,i • ■ Ji 

Drury Pur • ^ \ <•• ll:miiiden 
Duanc.h-;- : .1 - ; .-iiiniicr, E.B. 

Duccv v'i (_;u,i ..; llair. avc. 

Dudli-v •:•. A. ::.:i i;. Broadway 
Dntley M. A. .Mrs. Lit .Mcrrimac 
Dugan IJ. C. ii-J Federal 
Dnkelow & .Morgan, B, corner W. 

Dunn iM. 240 Centre 
Eatini Center L. lO Pleasant 
Edgcit G. W. I'.SJ Hanover 
Edwards Picrpoiit & Co., Beacon, 

opposite Pai ker 
Edwards Richard, 9 Chadwick 
Edwards Win. C. KO West Cedar 
Egan James, ll'.l Pynchon 
Eichorn Jl. .Mrs. 8 Yeoman 
ElkinsC. 11.121 Brighton 
Elkins J. G., Blossom, c. Parkman 
Emery Sa.ler. 1101 Tremont 
Emmons John S.."ll Carver 
Ennis Igimlioiis, .> Yeoman 
Erskhic' llciliicid, Ti Lexington, 

and rrSi .Mi-iiiliaii 
Erwiii Wi.iiniii, 148 West Sixth 
Eu.stacc William, Church, corner 

Evans J. M. 70 and 275 Meridian, 
Everbeck Gertrude, Middlesex, c. 

Fales & Fuller, Neponset avenue, 

near Miiiot, ward IG 
Falvey Jeremiah, Orleans, corner 

Falvey J. M. .".3 Albany 
Farre'il VVm. iiS Atlantic avenue 
Farriugtou Franklin, Dorch. ave. 

corner Kast, ward 16 
Faunce C. B. 1313 Tremont 
Faunce & Putnam, 2107 Wash. 
Favor E. W. 130 Cambridge 
Favor Z. T. S8 Cambridge 
Fay Ilenrv I.. 58 Church 
Fay Peter, 173 Cabot 
Fay Thomas 1(102 Tremont 
Feelev Micliacl. 20 Carver 
Fento'n Ellen, :!<l C 
Ferguson P. P. 2K3 W. Broadway 
FenialJ J. C. 194 Tremont, Hotel 

Finley William, 11 Mindoro 
Finneran Thomas, 2 'I'abor 
Finnerty .Martin, 1:1.52 Tremont 
Fish Brothers, .38 Border 
Fisher Horace', :iO0 Dorch. 
Fisher .Michael, 1 1.". West Third 
Fitzgerald Bros. ."lO Wc-t Canton 
Fitzgerald M. Mrs. 92 Di.rch. avc. 
Fitzgihbcns .1. .Mrs. 174 W. Ninth 
Fitzgihhon ,lamcs, 170 W. Ninth 
Fitzpatrick F. A. I.'i7 Charlestown 
Flalu-rtv Margaret, .-.:!0 E. Eighth 
FlahertV K..-cr, 109 West Second 
Fleming Tin. mas, l:;2 Kingsdni 
Fleming William .Mrs. 04 W. Fifth 
Fletcher .Margaret. 228 Fourth 
Flinn K. H. 288 Dorchester 
Flynn Henry, 210 W. Fourth 

Flynn Mary E. 165 W. Ninth 
Flynn Thomas, l:;o Everett 
Flynn T. 100 West Broadway 
Fogg T. J. & Co. 110 Blackstone 
Foley C. 33 First 
Foley John, 107 West Fifth 
Foltv Margaret, 107 W. Sixth 
Folev William Mrs. 83 W. Fifth 
Ford John, 3 Pitts 
Fox C E. & Co. 085 Tremont 
Freeman B. jr. & Co. 232 Comra'l 
Freeman & Cole, 120 Dorchester 
French J. A., Adams, «or. Park, 

ward IG 
Frenzel Adam, 1089 Tremont 
Frisbie A. 73 Bennington 
Frohock & Y'oiing. 824 Albany 
Frve II. B. & Co. :I0 Blackstone 
Fuller & Keitoii, 100 K and lOG P 
Funke & Berghouse, ISO Shaw- 

nnit avenue 
Furness & Twombly, W^ashington, 

near River, ward W 
Gaffncy Peter, 38 Cooper 
Gallahcr J. & Son, Clay, c. Hamp- 
Gallivan D. 202 West Fourth 
Galvin Jlichael, 93 Albany 
Galvin Wm. H. l.w Albany 
Gannon Wm. 9 W. Third 
Gardiner J. H. 181 Cambridge 
Gardner Jos. II. .500 Shawmut ave. 
Garvin Slary E. l::s Mcrrimac 
Gearing Geo. 74 Cabot 
Geraghty John J. 2sl Sumner, E.B. 
Gerret J. L. 287 North 
Gerrv Daniel. 4;il Parker 
Giblin Hugh, 81 W. Sixth 
Gilbert John, jr. S. Co. 2 Tremont 

row, 2S West, and 45 Essex 
Gilbert & Kiiiglit, Pleasant, comer 

Gile Stephen, 201 Dorchester 
Gilese Bridget, l:J7 Beach 
Gilfeather Daniel, HI W. Fourth 
GilfeatherF. IK; D 
Gilfeather M. 247 V,'. Third 
Gillingham Albert i; Co. 212 Eliot 
Gilmartm .\hhy .Mrs. 142 Mcrrimac 
Gilmore Joscp,:. 1(;2 D 
GinnThonvis, 1742 Wash. 
Gleason Koswc'l, Wash, near Bow- 

doin. ward 10 
Goldie Thus. 8.1 W. Canton 
Gorman Thomas, 217 E 
Goltlob Julius, 31 Pleasant 
Gourley John, :i4 Prince 
Gove lAicy, 42li Saratoga 
Gove Milo, Mvrtle, cor. Anderson 
Gradv A. N. I'.i3 Havre 
Grady James, 20 Burke 
Graham Geo. .'■09 Broadway, cor. O 
Grant J. H. 112 Cambridge 
Graves James, 1070 Tremont 
Gray C. & Bro. 51 Cottajje, E. B. 
Greelev J. II.. E, cor. W. Seventh 
Green "H. & Co. 77 Portland 
Green M., Ward, cor. R.Il. 
Greenwood Wm. 20 Chelsea 
Griffin .Michiiel, 278 E. Eiglith 
Gross F. A. 79 West Cedar and 69 

Dover • 

GuiltovleM. 17Gandl78 W. Third 
Gunn H. Mill Tremont 
Hagerty '1'. F., Emerald, cor. Paul 
Ha^ner Francis it Co.,'Castle, near 

Shawmut ave. 
Haigh Will. H. 188 A'ernon 
Haley JI. 28 Clark 
Haley M. 350 W. Broadway 
Hall Abijah, Ciaiendon, cor. Ap- 

Hall 1). W. 207 Harrison avenue 
Hall Harrison B. 1894 Washington 
Hall Joseph F., Dorchester ave., 

cor. Adams, ward 10 
^^ Harrison avenue 
Hanson J. 95 W. Second 
Harahan T. & Son, 340 Harr. ave. 
Harding Edwaid W., Neponsetav. 

cor. Walnut, ward IG 
Harkins James. 51 Endicott 
Harkins John, 10 Cross 
Harrington R. 102 Brighton 
Harrington W. S. 152 Sumner 

ami .53 Chelsea, E. B. 
Harris Wm. H. 4 Pynchon 
HartiiettTimothv C. l:!l Brighton 
Hartiiett Richaid. 102 Havre 
Hart Chas. 23 Oi.eida 
Haskell E<lw. B. .v; Co. 149 Tyler 
Hass Gerhard, IWl Tremont 
Ilassi.ft Jcrald, 97 Loiigwood ave. 
Havcy Daniel, 172 Centre 
Havden S. W. bet. Taylor and 

Walnut, ward 10 
Haves Hciirv, Willow ct. ward 16 
Haves Jam.'-s, 10 Wall 
Hayford Natliim H. 1093 Wash. 
Uaynes Frank II. & Co., Dudley, 

cor. Blue Hiil avenue 
Healey Patrick, 306 W. Second 

Hcnchon J. H. 25 Oswego 
Henderson W. II., Beacon, comer 

Hennessey Edward, B. cor. Third 
Hennessey Marv, 22 Swan 
HennesseV P. Mrs. 68 West Fifth 
Hergitt H. C. 48 Prince 
Hersey T. & Co., Hancock, near 

Columbia, ward 10 
Herz Herman Mrs. 1004 Tremont 
Higgins Bernard, 117 D 
Hill Thomas, Dorch. ave. corner 

Shamrock, ward 16 
Hills C. C. 20 Causeway 
Hirschauer Anton, 29 & 31 Church 
Hitchcock R. W. 193 W. Third 
Hodgdon & Ridey. 87 Marion 
Hodgkins Samuel B. :19U Chelsea 
Hottnian Wm. 2 Chadwick and 

41 Hampden 
Ilogan J..hii, li'.53 Tremont 
Hoibrook S. 11. & Co. 201 and 263 

Meridian, E.B. 
Holland .lohn, 2::2 West Fourth 
Holland M. 90 C 
Hollis Charlotte, 2 Cunard 
Holmes W. A. & Co. 91 Causeway 
Holmquist Rudolph, 3 and 7 West 
Sixth [avenue 

Hoinans & Fottler, 470 Blue Hill 
Hooper A. G., London, cor. Mari- 
on, E.B. 
Hopkins Albert H. .522 Parker 
Horton Louis, :!42 Dorchester 
Horton W, .500 Dorchester ave. 
Houghton Bros. 02 Lowell 
Houghton C. 105 Norfolk avenue 
Howard John, 180 .\,,rth 
Howard Wm. A 03 Billerica 
Howe Wm. H. 177 Salem 
Howland C C. 048 Shawmut ave. 
Humphrcvs G. H. 5 Chadwick 
Hughes B'a.thomew, 803 Albany 
Hughes Patrick, 103 Chelsea 
Hugo Barbara, 147 Shawmut ave. 
Hunt James, 83 Prince 
Hurley Corne.ius, lOOI Harr. ave. 
Hurley George T. 649 Parker 
Hurlev Jeremiah, 22 Webber 
Hyland Wm. F. l:iO D 
Jackson E. M. 10 Boylston 
Jackson S. A. 75 Webster 
Jar\'is Charles, 21 Leverett 
Johnson E. S. 1.501 and 156.3 Wash. 
Johnson J. F. 251 Shawmut ave. 
" Broadway 

Johnson & Ldwards, 380 Dudley 
Johnston J. S. jr. 81 W. Concord 
Jones Geo. A., i ield's corner, Dor- 
chester avenue, near Adams 
Jones & Nute, Exchange, n. Park, 

ward 16 
" tral wharf- 
Jordan F. W. Si Co. 3 andS Blue 

Hill avenue 
Joyce Thomas, 177 W. Ninth 
Joyce & Moon', 20 B 
Kdne Johii,24Fif h 
Kane Thomas, HI W. Second 
Karle John B., River, near Tem- 
ple, ward 16 
Keane T. J. 1 . Second, cor. I 
Keany M. 2:!2 North 
Kearney M. J. 74 Endicott 
Kearns John, 948 Harr. ave. 
Kearns Patrick, 290 Blue Hill ave. 
Keating William, 21 Spring 
Keef'e IMary, 1.59 W. Ninth 
Keegan Henry P. 51 Prince 
Keenan P., ]Sia\eiick, c. 1-iverpool 
Keenan Thoimis, 215 North 
Keene Thos. .1. 557 E, Seventh 
Kelleher Johr. .S9 Lucas 
Kellev Bridge., -10 Everett 
Kelley Daniel, 019 Harrison ave 
Kelley HaniKii, Mrs. .■•,80 W. Second 
Kelley John F. II Fellows 
Kelley Patrick, 42 Gouch 
Kelley Thomas A., Boston opp. 

Clap]) ward 16 
Kellv .lohn, 470 Commercial 
KellV John, 31 Decatur 
Keniiedv Win. R. 1 Atiiens 
Kennev E. J. .36 Prince 
Kcnney .Alnitin, Quincy, c. Cher- 
ry, w'ard 14 
Keniiey Michael, 13 Culvert 
Kenny M. 9 Culvert 
Kent S. P. S: Son, 346 Shawmut 

Kerrigan M. A. 108 Charter 
Kicnuin P., Minot, cor. Nashua 
Kildav Timothv. Riigghs, c. Cabot 
Kilcv' Daniel, 9t Eondon 
Kiin'hall Gcor;;e F. 49and51 Elm 
Kirchgassncr J.iKcph, 41 Kirkland 
KiriligassiierS-i plicn, 203 W. Fifth 
Kliver.losepli,31 A\ chbrr 
Kneeland Patrick, 48 Clmnnian 
Knight D. T. & Frost, 1 Shawwut 
ave. and 294 Tremont 



Knowlcs Z. 210 Shawmut ave. 
Knowlton Bros. '.IS Bliu-kstone 
Konicr Anna, ^V for. Second 
Krini Philip, Ifi.'i Sli:iwinut ave. 
I.iiluv Thomas, i;nr W. Ei',;lith 
Lamb .John, .".14 Sliawniut ave. 
Lane Uu-ih. V2 Kndicott 
I.anc, l:; A 
-Lane Thomas .]. L11 Avory 
l>aiitelnni John, 111 \V. N'inth 
Lappcn ,7olin, i;7S \V. Fourtli 
Larkin James, :W' Sunnier 
Larkin .lohn, 4.")8 Conini'l 
Laskey S. G. .SO Bennington 
Leach Win. T. & Co., lioich. ave. 

cor. Mt. Vernon wd. 16 
Leahy .John, J 14 Prince 
Lcahv John, US Hudson 
Leahv Thomas, air \\'. Eighth 
Leavens 11. N. 14 Katon 
Lei'hton John, Central sq. comer 

Leonard Christopher, .WO Corac'l 
Leonard Lawrence, 87 Salem 
Lewis II. M. 514 Shawnuit ave. 
Leyden Patrick, 44 W. Third 
Lilv Thomas, 03 Kndicott 
Lingham H. E. 25.i Dudley 
Lingham C. T. 275 Kuggles 
Linnehan Garrett, 54 E. Dedham 
Lipp Simon, 181 1) 
Lishon Edward, IW Chelsea 
Litchfield J. A. 121 Leverett 
Locke Henry T. Ii3 Re\ere 
Lodge Patrick Mrs. :>jO Harr. ave. 
Logan P. F. (15 Kneeland 
Loonev Catherine .Mrs. 13 C 
Lord & Dudley, 7.i Boyiston 
Longhlin Bros. :'^) Broadway 
Lovcll Andrew J. U2 and 04 Cam- 
Lydon Patrick, 44 W. Third 
Lydstoii Wm., Eighth, near Dor- 
chester ave. 
Lvnch.Iolin. Ill Oswego 
Lvncli .M. L'lM Cansewav 
Lyons Patrick II. II Oneida 
L\'on? Timo:liy,l.J23 Tremont 
Sladden Bros. 43 Oneida 
Magee Tuos. 2S Genesee 
Maguirc Michael. 19 Albany 
Jfaguire P. CA Pilts 
Maguire Wm. A. 352 Harrison ave. 
Shuler John, IOC 
Malone James, 175 W. Seventh 
Blalone .Michael, 48 .Jov 
Maloney Michael, 225 \V. Ninth 
Malvey Jo,\n, 3S Canard 
Mann E., cor. Jov, cor. Myrtle 
Manning J. 281 W. Second 
Manning .^I. J. 823 Albany 
Manning P. H. 3fil Tremont 
Manstic.d & Co. 89 Atj'rtle 
Marsh Win. II. 302 Commercial 
Martin A. 475 Hanover 
Martin J. M. 73>^ Chapman 
Jlason Albert, 257 Federal 
Mass. Grocery Co. 49 Elm 
JIaxwell R. J. & Co. 4'J Leverett 
McAvoy James, 65 Salem 
McB.een Michael, 49 Emerald 
McCanhy C. 337 W. Second 
McCarthy John, 171 Hampden 
McCarthy Wm. 173 West Fifth 
JlcCarty Michael, 317 W. Third 
Mi-Carvill P. 57 S. Margin 
McCaskcr Wm 88 W. Second 
McCluskv John Mrs. 203 W. Fifth 
McCue liobert. 291 Federal 
McCullagh Kobert, 1224 Shawmut 

McDavitt Daniel, 109 Prince 
MclJerm >tt Bridget, 661 Harr. ave. 
McDermolt W. L). 1(18 Longsv'dav. 
McDevitt Doininick, 168 liVerett 
McDevitt J. C. 20S Everett 
McDevitt Rose, 162 Everett 
McDewell & Adams, 22 Boyiston 
McDonald James A. 55 Portland 
McDonald J. W. 170 Eliot 
McDonald Patrick, 66 C 
McDonnell Joseph, 42 Cabot 
McDonnell Patrick, 69 Pitts 
McDonough Philip, 582 E. B'way 
JIcDougall T. 13 West Third 
McEvoy James, 63 Salem 
Mc:Ginuis M,4.34 Cnmm'l 
McGreavy Patrick, 147 London 
McGreevy Bartholomew,t!69Parker 
McGregor Lina Jlrs. 511 E.Eighth 
McGue X. W. & W. S. 2 Fifth 
McHenry Joseph, 88 W. Cedar 
McHenry Robert, 78 Phillips 
Mclntyre Chas. D. 165 Saratoga 
McKay Patrick, 2.5 K 
McKeever Michael, 13 So. Margin 
McKenna Bernard, 68 Salem 
McKenna Patrick, 110 Warrenton 
McKenna Peter, 517 E. Eighth 
McLaughlin B. 131 Endicott 
McLaughlin Daiiiel, 175 Endicott 
McLaughlin .Michl H. 73 Albany 
McLean Alouzo D. 922 Albany 


McMahon John, 240 W. Fourth 
McMahon Thomas, 158 W. Eighth 
McMahon & Brothers, 043 and 851 

Harrison avenue 
Mc.Manus Patrick, 450 Comm'l 
"VToMANUS PETER, 30 Cooper 

McQuiltv Margaret, Sixth, near E 
Mead Charles H. 1789 Wash. 
Meagher James Mrs. 79 Phillips 
Mcaley James, 44 and 61 Prince 
Meanv Jcihn, 120 Cabot 
Meisel Ma.x, 179 West Eighth 
Melligan Margaret, 10 K. Grove 
Melone C. W. 305 Meridian 
Mendum W. B. & Co. 162 Dor. av. 
Jlerriam Ephraim, 8 Beach 
Merrill E. O. ft F. H. 15 Charlest'n 
Merrill iM. W. (t Co. 6.5 Causeway 
Merrill .>l Fairar, 105 Chambers 
Merrill .>^ Kowe, M Poplar 
Mcver .Marcus, l(l7(i Tremont 
Miller Williaui A. ii.', Kneeland 
Slockler.Marv, D cor. W. Sixth 
Monahan Mieliael, 13 Palmer 
Monahan & Canning, 224 E. Eighth 
Moore J. W. & Co. 22 Church, and 

1525 Washington 
MoorheadJohn C. 697 E. Fourth 
Moran John J., Dorch. c. Emerson 
Moran .Marv Mrs. 2.55 Albany 
Moran Michael, 43 Seneca 
Moreland .v; .McDonald, Causeway 

corner Lowell 
Morgan ,Tohn .33 Prentiss 
Morgan & Baker, B, cor. W. Fifth 
Morrison Brothers, 41 Portland 
Morrison D. & P. 17 Monmouth 
Morrison Jol\n, 36 Thacher 
Morrissev Patrick, 23 Genesee 
Morse L. W. & II. F. 187 and 189 


• O R S E WM. W. 1855 Wash- 
Morse & Siraw, 18 Derne 
Morton Wni. II. 79 Prescott 
Moses John, 155 Cabot 
Moulton Calvin, 143 Leverett 
Moulton & Pearson, 1632 Wash. 
MuUloon O.ven, 106 Kneeland 
Mulhern H. P., Commercial, June. 

Union, ward 16 
Mullalv Thomas, 501 E. Eighth 
Mullane Jeremiah M.y96 Harr. av. 
Mullen Patrick T. 404 W. Second 
JIuiloy John. 81 Cottage 
Mulready C. 36 Haynes 
Mulrey James, Coinmmercial, cor. 

Shanu'ock, wd. 16 
Munguvan Patrick, 259 W. Fourth 
Muruock E. G. 010 l^orch. ave. 
Murphy Ednmnd, 567 E. Second 
Murphy Edw ard, 31 Veoman 
Murphy George H. 173 I 
Murphy James, Colony, c. Foundry 
Murphy John M. 72 Vv. Dedliam 
Murphy J. 25 \Vest Third 
Murjjhy Patrick, 41 First 
Murphy Patrick, 51 Preble 
Murphy Piiilip, 24 C 
Murphj' Thomas, 61 Middlesex 
Murpiiv T. I. 1 Foster 
Murphy Timothy, 2(1 Fabin 
MurphV William, 65 George 
Murphy Wm. B. 203 Second 
Murray Edward, 71 Lowell 
Murray Ilonoro, 53 Oswego 
Murray James. 987 Harr. ave. 
Murray John, 102.5 Tremont 
Murray Patrick, 11 Palmer 
Murray T. H. 268 D and 100 Dorch. 

Nash F. J. ,<;: Co. 40 School 
Nash James, 342 Broadway and 813 

E. Fourth 
Neary A. 12 A 

Nelson Henry H. & E. B. 082 Har- 
rison avenue 
Newhall & Holden, 358 and 362 

Shawnmt avenue 
Nichols Henry M. 174 Dorchester 
Nightingale J. F., 37 West Canton, 

cor. Sliawnmt axemie 
Niles Joliu B. 25 Border, E.B. 
Nixon Ann Mrs. 13 Linden Park 
Nolan T. 189 North 
Nolen John J. 588 Dorch. ave. 
Noyes Frank, 7 Blossom 
Nven Daniel, 35 O 
O'Brien Hugh, 6,3 W. Fifth 
O'Brien John, 363 E 
O'Brien John, 34 W. Seventh 
O'Brien Tliomas, 95 N. Margin 
O'Brien James, 477 Harr. ave. 
O'Brien John, Dorchester avenue, 

n. Linden, ward 16 
O'Brien Thomas, 78 W. Broadway 
O'Brien & Ryan, 44 Gouch 
O'Connell P. 642 Sliawmut ave. 
O'Connor Bros. 99 Lincoln 
O'Connor Ij. & T. 112 Leverett 
O'Connor John, 1 Wendell 
O'Connor Michael, 62 Prince 

O'Connor M. & Bro. 87 South 
Q> CONNOR P. 78 South 

O'Connor T. 185 Eliot 
O'Dea Daniel M. 373 Charles 
O'Dcaly Peter, 125 E. Dover 
O'Donnell John, 4 Greenough lane 
O'Donnell John, Chelsea, corner 

Saratoga, E.B. 
0'Uouo\au Timotliv, 56 Middlesex 
O'Hearn P. 401 W. First 
O'Keefe John, 1295 Tremont 
O'Kcef'e Mary, 42 Swan 
O'Lally P. K., I, cor. E. Third 
O'Leary Daniel C. 66 Leno.x 
O'Leary Dennis, 597 E. Second 
O'Malcy Frank, 151 W. Ninth 
O'Mallev E. 463 Hanover 
O'.Mara James, 224 W. Fourth 
O'Neil Daniel, 2 Rochester 
O'Neil Daniel, 245 Albany 
O'Neil J. F. l.W Leverett 
O'Neill John, 26 1 
O'Neill J. T. 111.-. Hudson 
O'Neill iMarv, ;» Charter 
O'Neill MaiT E. 130 Lenox 
O'Neill Patrick, 384 E 
O'Reilly Dennis, 323 W. Third 
O'Reilly Matthew, Comm'l neM 

Dorch. avenue, ward 10 
O'Shea Dennis, 70 W. Broadway 
O'Shea John, 157 D 
Owen Thomas, 37 So. Margin 
Packaixl C. H., Trenton, c. Prescott 
Page William I. 86 Webster 
Parsons G. B. & Co. 77 Maverick 
Pear C. M. & Co. Ill Green 
Peckett W. E. 763 Tremont 
Percy Isaac W. 154 F 
Perkins & Currier, 74 Brooks 
Fcrlev George. 56 Hudson 
Pettes J. O. & Co. 11 Tremont 
Phinney Geo. P. 4 Winthrop blk. 
Pierce i3ros. 13 and 14 Wash. Mkt. 
piERCE S. S. & CO.. Tremont, 
•*- corner Court ^ 

Plummer Geo. H. 2 Maverick sq. 
Piunkett John, 29 Fleet 
pOTTER & FOSTER, 140 Lin- 
■*■ coin 

Powers John, 681 E. Second 
Powers John T., Pleasant, comer 

Priest Jonas II., Chestnut, corner 

Priest & Gushing, 293 Hanover 
Prince I. M. 175 Hanover 
Purington J. A. 75 Dartmouth 
Purneil C. T. & J. 44 Phillips 
Putnam A. W. 326 Sumner 
Quilty Jertrev, 677 E. Kiglith 
Quiltv Margaret, 161 W. Fifth 
Haftery Patrick, 50 K 
Ray Thomas, 64 West Dedham 
Read J. H. & Co., 966 Tremont and 

Station, corner Miiidoro 
Reagan E. 3 Granite 
Reed II. T. & Co., Beach, c.LlncoIa 
Reed James H. 98 Carver 
Reilley Thomas, 2:i8 Cabot 
Reinich B. J. 505 Washington 
Reynolds G. W. 317 Hanover 
Rice George, 126 Leverett 
Rich Josiah F. Hancock, n. Adanu 

ward 16 
Richards & Call, 99 Warren 
Richardson C. L. 87 Lincoln 
Richardson J. 133 Lexington 
Richmond Wm. 155 Endicott 
Riley Ann Mrs. 151 Everett 
Ring Robert, 138 Havre 
RipFey J. T., Washington, near 

Bowdoin, ward 16 
Risteen Frederick S. 1051 Wash. 
Roberts D. S. 713 E. Fourth 
Roberts & Webster, 96 Blackstone 
Robinson R. K. 1191 Tremont 
Roche J., Albany, cor. Oswego 
Rogers Alfred, 7X3 E. Broadway 
Rogers A. C. & Co. 14 Comm'l whf. 
Kogers H. D. 189 Cambridge 
Roonie Wm. H., Trenton, corner 

Roonev & Dolan, 146 Albany 
Rosenield M. 1113 Washington 

and 218 Sliawmut avenue 
Rosenfield Charles, 257 Tremont 
Ross D. 11.79 Prince 
Rowe Almon T. 15SI6 Wash. 
Rowe E. W. 64 Poplar 
Russell T.. Nort'olk, near Blue Hill 

avenue, ward 16 
Ryan B. 104 W. Cedar 
Ryan Cornelius, .346 E 
Ryan John A. 56 Pitts 
Ryan John P. 29 Anderson 
Ryan Patrick P. 104 W. Cedar 
Ryder C. C. 609 Tremont 
Ryder M. J. 309 D 
Salmon Edgar T. F. 92 Brighton 
Sampson H. &. Co. E, c. W. Sixth 
Sanderson Robert, jr., Eutaw, cor. 




Sanis P., Elmwood, cor. Clay 

Sawyer Joseph, 76 Merrimac 

Scaiincll Lawrcncf, 2S B 

Schambert D. B. 82 Baxter 

Schleihubcr Joseph, Heath place 

Schmidt Clement, 24 Beed 

Sohuler Chas. 472 Saratoi^a 

Sclnvaar Clias. 71 Maverick sq. 

ScoUard J. Mrs. 13 Way 

Scott T. H. 335 North 

Seaver Nathaniel, 14 JNIaverick eq. 

Seaver"Wni.& Son, 1143 Tremont 

Seavev G. S. &'» Tremont 

Sexton John, 50 Swan 

Shattiier F. L. ;fi9 Washington 

Shaneck Bros. 40 London 

Shannon Philip, 4:? Yeoman 

Sharkev Catherine, (»!> Parker 

Sharkey C. 2175 Washington 

Shattuck S. W. 47 Charles 

Shaw Jeremiah, 144 C 

Shea Julia, 22 Genesee 

Sheehan Daniel, E. Sixth, cor. O 

Sheehan D. 2!> W. Second. 

Sheehan Jeremiah, 130 Brand 

Sheehan Wm. 6.5 B 

Shcerin Michael, 4 Texas ave. 

Sheran Peter, 4y Charter 

Sheridan Bernard Mrs. 162 "Wert 

Sherry Thomas, SO C 

Shirley Reuben W., Eliot square 

Shumb Josepli , Longwoodavenue, 
near Parker 

Shumb Louis, 37 Smith 

Silverman David, 52 Salem 

Simmons & Co. 227 Broadway 

Slattery A. 18 So. Margin 

Slattery N. Mrs. 18 Gouch 

Small F. W.,50 Mount Vernon 

Smith C. S. 114 Cambridge 

Smith Geo., Phillips, cor. Irving 

Smith J. S. 148 North 

Smith P. H.43 Lowell 

Smith K. R. & Son, Webster, cor. 

Smith W. P. agent, 3C2 Dorchester 
Smith & Snell, »1 Kneeland 
Soule E. S. & Co. 357 Tiemont and 

6 Church 
Spear Charles E. 65 Beach 
^ence & Burnett. 714 Uarr. are. 
Spillane James M. 134 C 
Sprague Aaron K. 127i Wash. 
Sprague F. W. 111)3 Washington 
Spring A. V. 241 Dorchester 
Stadelman Emma Mrs. 21i D 
Staftord Catherine, 107 Hudson 
Stearns Chas. H. & Son, 410 Com- 
Stearns & Trull, 92 Blarkstone 
Steele Henry, jr. 31 Charter 
Stein John, 129 Charlestown 
Stevens G. W.M E. Canton 
Stoddard Geo. W. 26 Adams 
Stoll Mary. 159 Eliot 
Strain Andrew R, 14 Dorchester 
Sullivan Cornelius. 81 Dccatur,E.B. 
Sullivan Daniel, 12 C 
Sullivan Daniel F. .320 Federal 
Sullivan D. .3.S6 Commercial 
Sullivan E. 88 Cove [nnton 

Sullivan Florence Mrs. lOy War- 
Sullivan Junies, 22 Avery 
Sullivan Jas. 103 and 105 Lincoln 
Sullivan Jeremiah, 1519 Tremont 
Sullivan John, Kneeland, corner 

Sullivan John J. 556 E. Second 
Swain Charles D. & Co. 24 Guild 

row and 116 Dudley 
Sweeney John C. 261 Sumner, E.B. 
Sweeney M. ail North 
Swift P. J. 26Kin5 
Talbot John C, Washington, near 

River, ward IG 
Tallon J. H. 673 and 675 Harr. av. 
Taylor A. C. 407 W, Fourth 
Taylor Edward, 170 Pynchon 
Teevan James, 581 Shawmut ave. 

and 96 Church 
Tliayer Daniel K. 137 Cambridge 
Tibbetts J. C, Fourth, cor. B 
Tice Arthur W., Stoughton, cor. 

North ave. ward 16 
Tierney Matthew, 112 W. Eighth 
Tighe & Burke, 33 Charles 
Tisdale Henry W. 1800 Wash. 
Tombs & Parker, 112 Fourth 
Towle Albeit, 52 and 54 Kneeland 
Towie James F., Shawnuit avenue, 

cor. Chapman 
Towle Joseph A. 16 East Dcdham 
Tracy Simon, 212 Dorchester ave. 
Tratton I. S. 65 and 67 Hudson 
Treanor Patrick, 49 C 
Tuck A. R., Blue Hill ave. c. Nor- 
folk, ward 16 
Tuesley S. B. 18 and 20Deme 
Turner J. F. & Cn. 201 Cambridge 
Turner Wm. A. 201 Cambridge 

UPHAM J. H. & CO., Hancock, 
cor. Stoughton, ward 16 

Vila Nicholas, 18 Chadwick 
Viles Clinton, £01 Hanover 
"Wadhams Charles W. 246 D 
Waitt P. R. 31 Sudbury 
Waldmyer Antliony Mrs. 46 

Walker & Roberts, 482 Tremont 
"Wall John. 9 Wendell 
Wallace Richard, Commercial, n. 

Dorchester ave. ward 16 
Wallis M.L. 819 Washington 
"Walsh J. H. 1.5U West Third 
Walsh J. J. 648 Parker 
Walsh P. 98 A 

"Walther Liuis, 329 Sumner, E.B. 
Ward F. H. 32 Winchester 
Ward Oiville A. 72 Beach 
Ward Peter, 370 Chelsea, E.B. 
Ward & Comings, 257 W. Filth 
Warren John, Neponset avenue, 

near Walnut, ward 16 
Watson A. & B. H. 788 Tremont 
WatiTS Robert, 295 W. Fourth 
Webb A. N. 705 Tremont 
AVtbb N. B. 150 Saratoga 
Webster Elias N. 191 Hampden 
"Weeks Stephen & Co. 2.36 Tremont 
Weiler Nicholas, 20 Chadwick 
Welch E. R. -ZiX Charter 
Welch Julia, 5 Lehigh 
"Welch P. 127 West Eighth 
Wellbrock A. H. 531 Dorch. ave. 
Wermers John G. 2.38 W. Fourth 
Wetmore John W. 45 Windsor 
White Albert S. 23 Guild row 
White F. O. 1873 Washington 
Wliite George, 652 Washington 
White H.T. F. 97 W. Second 
White Joanna Mrs. 48 Joy 
Wiley B.F.,Chelsea, iuLC.Saratoga 
Willcutt Charles H. 52 Dorch. 
Willey & Orew, 1665 Washington 
Williams A. 467 Hanover 
Williams D. F. 154 Chelsea 
Williams P. 78 A 
AVilliams & Garland, AVash., near 

Centre, ward 16 
Williams & Lakcman, 120 Pleasant 
Wilson Charles A. 118.5 Tremont 
AVilsou C. A. & Co. 21 Meridian 
AVilson James C. 260 E. Eighth 
Wilson William, 58 Clarendon 
Winn F. J. 176E 
Winston Thomas, 190 Marion 
Wise Anthony, Mrs. 104 Cabot 
Wood Minard, K, cor. Emerson 
Wood & TruU, 4 Bower 
"Woodsidc & Wescott, 121 London . 
Woollard Geo. 399 Chelsea, E.B. 
Young James & Co. ,3 Charles 
Young John, 334 Federal 
Ziegler John J. & Son, 1339 Tre- 


Connell William, Western avenue, 
opp. Lecky's ropewalk 

Groce & Co., junc. No. Beacon and 

Harding Francis, Wash. opp. Cat- 
tle Fair Hotel 

Hunt Thomas, Western ave., near 

Kendall Salma, Market, opposite 
Charles River Hotel 

Manning John B., junc. Cambridge 
and No. Beacon, Allston P. O. 

Sanger D. O., Allen's block. Wash. 

Adams John Q. 13 Waverley block 
Baldwin C. F. 43 Princeton 
Bates S. F. 99 Washington 
Bray & Stowell, 73 Mam 
Bro"oks Jk Stover, 299 Main 
Burgess E. B. 2,"19 Bunker Ilill 
Burns L. 41 Henley 
Butler M. O. 113 Bunker Hill 
Callahan John, 27 "S'ine 
Cassidy Chas. 470 Medford 
Cassidy Edward, 3J Corey 
Chandler Luther S. 107 High 
Charlestown Workin-'men's Trad- 
ing Association, 71 High, c. Elm, 
Seth Sweetser, agent 
Churchill James C. 38 Medford 
Coady David, 82 Tremont 
Coftey J. W. 486 JUilf jrd 
Coffey Patrick F. 3:32 Bunker Hill 
Corey John W. 5 Mnultun 
Cowles W. A. & A. S. .■>S'J Main 
Cronin John, 3.5 Park 
Currier John P. 136 Main 
Dennett & Cooper, 162 iMnin 
Downer F. E. 18 City 8(iuare 
Downing Learnerd, 152 Main 
Dunigan John, 27 Bunker Hill 
Dunn V. M. 540 and 542 Main 
Farrington Geo. M. 139 Main 
Fillebrown Samuel L. 189 Bun- 
ker Hill 
Fitzgerald M. W. 49 Chelsea 
Flanagan George & John, 390 Bun- 
ker Ilill 

Flanagan Patrick, 4S6 Main 
Flanagan Wm. 526 Medford 
Fox David B. 31 Main 
Freeman Maurice, Medford, cor. 

French J. A. 46 Henley 
Fultz Geo. H. 377 Main 
Ginn James F. 156 Bunker Hill 
Gline B. E. Ill Bunker Hill 
Gould Chas. A. & Co. 29 Austin 
Grey it Higgins, 470 Main 
Hall Moses B. 271 Main 
Harity James, 46 Moulton 
Harrington Daniel J. 32 Bow 
Hathon Otis I. 245 Main 
Haves John Mrs. 385 Bunker Hill 
Hcustis M. L. P. 15 Russell 
Higgins S. 414 Main 
Hill S. Prentiss &. Co. 129 Main and 

9i Warren 
Iloey Patrick J. 550 Medford i 
Hooper C. A. 334 and 331 Main 
Jarvis Brothers, 1 and 3 Baiiibridgo 
Jennings Wm. H. 170 Medford 
.Tones C. G. 549 Main 
Kecnan Owen, 1.'53 Front 
Kelley D. B. 467 Main 
Kelley Jlichael, 40 Cook 
Kevifl P. Mrs. 142 Bunker Hill 
Leonard Luke, 90 Decatur 
Le Tourneau Geo. E. 203 Main 
Lougee S. C. 51 Cambridge 
Levering Geo. H. 400 Main 
Malioney Wm. H. 87 Warren 
Maloney Walter, 6 Walnut 
Martin James Mrs. 16 Jledford 
McBride John, Lawrence, c. John- 
son avenue 
Mdlroy John, 264 Main 
McMahon Thomas, 3116 Medford 
McSwceney Dennis, 12 Wapping 
McSweeney Edward, 2 Maudlin 
Meserve John S. 211 Bunker Hill 
Mitchell James, 86 Tremont 
Monahan Patrick, 504 Main 
Moore James, 84 JUdfurd 
Morrill John L. 139 Bunker Hill 
Morris A. J. Mrs. 79 'I'reinont 
Morrison Wm. Mrs. 5 Short 
Mulcahy John, 127 Front 
MuUett John. 71 and 73 Chelsea 
Murphy M. B. & J. H. 57 Chapman 
Nary P. J. 3 Decatur 
Nason Richard, 149 Bunker Hill 
Nesmith Samuel M. .03 Warren 
O'Brien AVni. 479 Main 
O'Neil aiichael, 143 Chelsea 
Parker John A. 52 Bunker Hill 
Parker & Reed, Perkins, cor. Hav- 
Peaslee & King, 624 JIain 
Pingree Charles B. 560 Main 
Poor Edw. H. 54 Russell 
Poor & Bobbins, 323 and 325 Main 
Porter Sanmel A. 419 Bunker UiU 
Powers Bridget Mis. 17 Bunker H. 
Prime Oliver, 214 Main 
Rea J. & Son, 84 Main 
Riley John, 40 Belmont 
Roberts Brothers, Perkins, corner 

Sanborn Geo. D. & Co. 98 Green 
Sawin S. D. & Co. 350 and ai2 Main 
Seanlan Joseph, 11 Corey 
Sharkey H., Bunker Hill, comer 

Simonds & Ditson, 190 Chelsea 
Spaulding Geo. II. 213 Bunker Hill 
Spear A. 660 Main 
Stevens Geo. W. 58 Green 
Sullivan Charles Mrs. 548 Medford 
Sullivan F. Mrs. & Son, 484 Main 
Sullivan Patrick, 38 and 40 Henley 
Swallow A. N. 12 and 13 City sq. 
Wiley John L. 60 BartUtt 
"Worthen Wm. II. jr. 26 Moulton 

West RuxnuuY. 
Andrews Frederick, Centre, opp. 

Bearse Stephen, Shawmut avenue, 

near Forest Hill station 
Belford George Mrs., Shawmut av. 

near Green 
Blackburn John, Green, cmp. depot 
Blake John J., Centre, e. Lagrange 
Blakeinoie Wni.B.,South,n. station 
Brown D. A., Green, corner Boyl- 

sti'ii avenue 
Colbiirn Henry F., Centre, corner 

Dennis & Abbott, Green, op. depot 
Fallon Daniel Jlrs., Shawmut ave. 

near Railroad 
Grover & Tower, Boylston, near 

the station 
James George & Co., Centre, near 

Keith Wm. S. Centre, n. Park 
King N. S. ,t Son, Sliawniut ave. 

corner Poplar 
Leonard Joseph M., Green, opp. 

Brooksidu avenue 



LfOgan Margaret Mrs., Shawmut 

avenue, near li.K. 
Marshall Cvrns M., South, corner 

Morris Martin, Canterbury, near 

Mt. Hope station 
Korcross & Mvrick, Centre, comer 

Kj-an John, Kcyes, near R.K. 
Seaver Robert & Son, Centre, near 

Seaverns G. S., South, n.Roslindale 

Oroeers' Polish. 

Box l:i92, Boston P. O. 

Oum Ijahels. 

•nENNISON & CO. SufVolk pi. 

GOLDING & CO. U Kilby (see 
page G58) 


May George R. 1 V block, Waltham 
(perfumed chewing) 

Ouiiny Cloth unci Bags. 

Chase II. & L. 23;! State 
Kimball Daniel, 100 l'"iilton 
McKenney A. t'8l' Commercial 
King SI. A. it Sons, 213 Broad 

a till po wile r. 

■^ State 

DER CO., Chas. Burrill, treas. 
7 Doane (see page (itil) 
T OVELL .T. P. & SONS, 27 Dock 
■^-^ square (see page (i7fj) 

13 Bioad 
■DEAD AVM. & SONS, 13 Fan- 
•'-'' eui! Hall sqnare 
•^ wharf 

m O N K S JOSEPH, 45 and 49 
•*■ Union 


T OVELL J. P. & SONS, 27 Dock 
■'-' square (see page Urti) 
Pratt Henry, 07 Dudley 
Schaefer William R. 61 Elm 
qi O N K S JOSEPH, 45 and 49 
■*■ Union 

tfuns and Sporting .^p. 

Karnes Thomas P. 2S Dock square 
Bovd Francis, 81 Wash, room 6 
-^ "Washington 

T OVELL J. P. & SONS, 27 Dock 
-" square (see page fiTO) 
T)EAD WM. & SONS, 13 Fan- 
■" euil Hall square 

O N K S JOSEPH, 45 and 49 

rpROWBlilDGE J. S. & CO. 6 
■*• Faneuil Hail sq. 

Criitta. Peroha. 

A LDEN & ED3IANDS, 190 Con- 
■'*- gress 

Oiitters <fe Contliictors. 

EDDY OTIS & CO., Park, cor. 
n.ILMORE R. S. & CO. .35 to 39 
^~' Wareham 
Hopkins Franklin, 243 Medford, 

Iiancaster & ITpham, 285 Medford, 

pIERCE S. H. L. 415 Dorchester 
■*- avenue 

SONS, 470 Albany, 22 Con|;. 
square, and Taylor, ward 16 


Boston Youn^ Jlen's Christian As- 
sociation, 03 Eliot 
Wash., SI'.OO per year, inclu- 
ding membersnip to Union 
Butler D. P. 43 West (lifting cure) 
Cobb M. R. Mrs. G81 Tremont 
PaulJ.F. 149 A, Tremont (health 

Txr I N D S n I P G E 0. B. 351 
*" Washington 

Oymnastic A.pparata8. 

■'-' 55 Wasliiugton 


Hair* (^Humaiu) 


■^ (importers) 

Cadogan E. M. Miss, 122 Dudley 

p A L D W E L L T. B. & CO. "288 

^ Wash. 

Cancgalv & Berwick, 307 Wash. 

Cohen S. 118 Tremont 

Cutter George 11. IIU Tremont 

Dupimd Madame, 17 Esse.x 

Emerson Edward, 202 Wash. 

T|i E L L O W S J. M. Si CO. 270 

■* Wash. 

Gray T. A. 523 Washington 

TJ O L B R O O K H. W., 268 

■'■-'- Wash, (wholesale only) 

Kimball John, 221 Washington 

TVrEDINA J. & CO. 315 Wash- 

■"-'• ington 

Moore Madeline, 717 Tremont 

Palmer N. .M. Miss, 247 Wash. 

rrOWER E. E. 34 LaGrange (im- 

■*■ porter) 

Wadleigh G. 58 Winter 

Albret Ulrich, 1812 Washington 
Almeda L. D. 25 Fleet 
Arnngio Joseph, 344X Hanover 
Avers Ira, 00 Broad 
Baeumler Charles & Co., Tremont 

Bailev Emilv C. 10 Blossom 
Bailey Martin 11)8 D 
Barnard L. 050 Washington 
Barnard Maurice, basement Hotel 

Bauer Ciiarles H. ISa Wash. 
Ba.xter Ezra, o'lo Tremont 
Baxter Jeremiah, 040 llarr. ave. 
Bernhardt B. 108 West Broadway 
Bessom 'I'homas, 01 Ivnceland 
Bettencourt J. S. 14 Exchange 
Bieler C. 11. 205 Broadway 
Bingham J. II. lOi Dorchester 
Birnbaum J. 88 Sudbury 
Bloom Axel, 113 Pleasant 
Bogue John W. 158 Commercial 
Boodro Peter, 242 Federal 
Boston Elijah, 1.^1 Dover 
Braser A. M. 2 Kenilwortli 
Bronner G. 1110 Tremont 
Brown Charles A. T Cross 
Brown Frank C.34 Northampton 
Brown G. W. 101 Prince 
Brown Joseph H. 1(12 Sumner 
Brown William H. 75 Leverett 
Cadogan E. M. Miss, 122 Dudley 
Calef Frank. 40(1 Hanover 
Cannata Frank, 544 Dorchester av. 
Cannata Joseph, I'JC D, &51 Fleet 
Carbone James F. 18;i North 
Cardozo M. S. 40 Fleet 
Carle Josiah P. 3 Winthrop, E.B. 
Carle & Reynolds, 82 W. Springfield 
Carteaux Madame, 43 Winter 

Carter J. J. 32 Shawmut avenue 
Cavalier E. Miss, 268 Meridian 
Ceaser Eli, 179 Broad 
Chandler C. R. 151 Eliot 
Charlton William, 311 Tremont 
Chelly Charles, 4 Lowell 
Chemin Fred. 133 Dorchester ave. 
Clatfey E. J. Miss, 039 Tremont 
Clark Marsliall A. 4 Bennet 
Cleai-y M. B. 187 Washington 
Colbert & Co. 91 Kneeland 
Coleman R. 88 «^ Brighton 
Collins John F. XiS Federal 
Colson W. N. 4 Change avenue 
Condon Frederick A., basement 

Sherman House 
Condon N. D. 3 Hotel Pel ham 
Connor Thomas, 853 Albany 
Conway Patrick E. 2;3C>^ Dorch. 
Corbet! Alexander, archway under 

Marlboro' Hotel 
Corrao ,)<;iui lb". Court 
Cowper 5, .'iciiodlev, 10 Bedford 
Crane M. B. Mrs."(ladies'), 303 W. 

Daroii Edward, 140 Cambridge 
Davis Daniel. .iS Warrenton 
Dean Chas. II., Harrison ave., cor. 

DeCaro John, 187 Hanover 
Deleo G. 95 Albany 
Dixon John J. 182 W. Fourth 
Dixon Joseph, 194 W. Fourth 
Dohr Louis, 092 Washington 
Downing Rosa A. Mrs. 27 War- 
wick (ladies') 
Drew Misses (ladies') 2.';S Wash. 
Dudley William, 33 School 
Dugan T. A. IX Lewis 
Dunlava Charles A. 10 Court aye. 
Dunlop J. C. 1588 Washington 
Duruing Chirks 11. 810 Wash. 
Easton David, 214 Cambridge 
Edwards J. S. 21 Fleet 
Eichler A. W. Jliss, 012 Wa»hing- 

ton (ladies') 

Elsacsser John, 21 Congress 
Elwell Oscar, Bulfineh 
Farrenkopf Rudolph, 04 Kneeland 
Fcrreira S. J. 281 Meridian 
Farrier Augustus. 521>^ Wash. 
Finkenauvr V. 205 Sumner, E. B. 
Fisher John, 1 Exchange place 
Fiumara & LoCascio, 1 Court ave. 
Fogg & Eldridge, 15 Spring lane 
Foster Chas. F. 1080 Tremont 
Frank A. 1279 Tremont 
Frve llenrv A. 581 Dorchester ave. 
Gaflield James M. 134 Dudley 
Gale A. A. E. 1 Cambridge 
Gammon D. S. 208 Washington 
Gay & Gerrj', 21 Kneeland 
Geary John:, 103 Court 
Geller Edward, 55 Devonshire 
Genslcr Aug. 247 Dorchester 
Gensler Win. 594 East Broadway 
Giannetto John, 54 Gouch 
Gilbert A. Madame. 191 W. B'way 
O.ILBERT A. & CO. 43 West 

Glasgow Willis R. 24 Tracers 
Gold J. 161 Hanover 
Gomez J. C. 35 Central sq. 
Goodridge G. Frank, 80 Court 
Gourley Frank D. 29X Howard 
Gousseiairc C. G. 339 Hanover 
Gowcn R. M. 184 Commercial 
Gray Edward J. 25 Ncwiand 
Gray Francis P. 172 Shawmut av. 
Green Wm. D. 108 Harrison ave. 
Griffin Isaac, 23 Derne 
Guellow W. 11 Dock sq. 
Gwinn, Reeves, Harrington, & Co. 

72 State 
Hall William P. 23^ Pynchon 
Hare William, 52 Merrijnac 
Harris 3. B. W. 143 Hanover 
*-^ rison avenue 
Hartless Isaiah, 105 Beach 
Haynes A- A, 740 East Broadway 
Heihuc Julius, 104 Leverett 
H«nnesseWilliaiu H. 989 Trem't 
Herchenroder Fred. 54 Temple pi. 
Herchenroder i. 1486 Washingtoa 
Heyl John A., under Revere House 
Hill & Emery. 03 Court 
Hopfer Lawrence, 290 Federal 
Home J. W. 221 Court 
Houghton Charles IC J. 338 Sum'r 
Howard E- F. 1 Mason 
Howard John R. 85 Causeway 
Howard J. E. 121 Meridian 
Huhne Jnljus, 104 Leverett 
Hurd F. M. 42 Elm 
Hyers S. B. 19 Brattle 
Ivers James, 95 Meridian 
Jackson Benj. D. 93 Cambridge 
Johnson Edward I. 7S Meridian 
Johnson William A. 112 Pleasant 
Jones A- W. 13 Camden 
Jones Geo. R. 1303 Tremont 
Jones J. W. A. 20(3 South 
Jones R P., SL James Hotel 
Jones Samuel C, Columbia, cor- 
ner Hancock, ward Ifi 
Jordan Alfred A. 11 Blossom 
Jorse John W. 189 South 
Katzmann H., Eliot square 
■•^ ington, near River, ward 16 
Kenney Edward, 148 Lincoln 
Kenney John, 40 l-'rinee 
Kerner A. Mrs. 1351 Tremont 
Killion Thomas, 1870 Wash. 
Kimball C. basement 1)^ Court sq. 
King Barney, 18 Province 
King H. F. M., Clinton, cornet 

King Walter F. 13 North 
Kirnies C. 21 West 
Kirmes Fiank L. 245 Tremont 
Kitsman Robert, 13 Endicott 
Knowlton Levi, 390)^ Hanover 
Kolb Jacob, 9 Bromiield 
Korb Henry, Thayer's Hotel, 

ward 10 
Kraiie Alice, 358 Harrison avenue 
Labua Salvodora, 94 Tremont 
Landy Richard, 4 Henry, E.B. 
Larose Robert 58 Lincoln 
L/atham C. W. 1 Mason 
Law Henry, 3 JIaverick square 
Lawler B. F. 1 North square 
Leverton J.ihn F. 241 i\leridian 
Libbey F. F. 19}^ Bratt.'e 
Lipman J. C, 8:3 Sudbury 
Logan John, 59 Union 
Looniis S. II. Miss (ladies') 7 Tre- 
mont row 
Lowthcr Geo. W. CO Causeway 
Luding John, 1220 Tremont 
Maas Christopher, 4 Ilarr. ave. 
Marsh G. H. 35!^ Harrison ave. 
Marsh Samuel B., O.C.B.B.r.77F 
Mason J. P. 29 Cross 
Moson S. Mrs, 73 Hanover 
Mathews John 11.193 W.Broadway 
McCarty John J. 4 Crosa 



McDonald Charles, 1017 Tremont 
McDonald P. E. 1357 Tremont and 

27 Yeoman 
McDowell Wm. H. 47S Ilarr. ave. 
McKoneP. II. 'Jo Porter 
McLaughlin T. 1G6 tTanibridge 
McLellan B. 2-J7 South 
MeSwiney James, 29 Bovlston 
Mendum George K., B. & M. R.R. 

Mideros & McCurdy, 1591 Wash. 
Miller Charles. 355 Harrison ave. 

and 196 D 
Mills James, l"fi Cambridge 
Minton Wm. H. BS Leverett 
Moore Edwin, Neponset avenue, 

near Minot, ward 16 
Morris Charles, 308 Broadway 
Morrison AVilliani, Wood's block, 

opp. Depot, ward 16 
Mosher Fred. 1963 Washington 
Nagle Bonaventur, 2^7 Eliot 
Neuman Eugene, 106 Eliot 
Newhall Charles, 47 Hanover 
Kolte E, F., Parker House 
Noonan Timothy, 72.3 Wash. 
O'Connell William, Adams House 
O'Donnell C. J. Mrs. (ladies') 1245 

O'Dowd C. 91 Endicott 
Onley & Robertson, 23 Travers 
OReilly D. 323 West Third 
Osborn Wm. A. 140 Leverett 
Otis & Reed, 232 Meridian 
Palmer George, 252 Sumner, E.B. 
Paradise P., Quincy House 
Paretts Abraham, 88 Hanovec 
Park E. A. Miss, 292>^ Wash.( la- 
Parker C. H. 717 Tremont 
Patterson Alexander, 1005 Trem't 
Patriquin & Spooner, rear 322 E 
Perkins William, 50 Beach 
Perry A. F. 45.3 Hanover 
Peters F. 12'27 Tremont 
Peters L. H. 152 Commercial 
Pevey Frank, liKi Dorchester ave. 
Peyser J. 593 Washinoton 
Pfeiffer Christopher, I), c. B'way 
Pfeifl'er Jacob, 114 Kinaston 
Pimental J. 3:52 North 
Pindell J. J. 1156 Washington 
Portland Simeon, 291 Harr. ave. 
Potter Charles W. 13 State 
Potter F. A. 16)4 Chapman 
Pye Henry F. 149 North 
Band William, Dorchester avenue, 

corner Leeds, ward 16 
Randolph H. 105 Beach 
Kehm George F., Centre, near R. 

Road bridge 
Revaleon Charles F. 8 Boylstou 
Revaleon J. D. 97 Union 
Reveare James, 152 Commercial 
Reynolds Andrew, 45 Merrimac 
Reynolds Carle, 82 W. Sprinjjiield 
Richardson G. JI. 39 Harvard 
Richardson J. H., Evans House 
Kiddle & Garey, 594 Washington 

Ripp Simon, 181 D 
Robinson John E. 125 Causeway 
Robinson Richard, 97 South 
Rogers F. E. 6 Connnereial 
Rose (Charles, 218 Hanover 
Ross Frank, 58 West Broadway 
•pOSS T. E. 15 Water 

Ruffin J. D. & J. L. 62 Green 
Russell R. G. W. 247 D 
Santos J. A. A. 360 Hanover 
Sassard J. A. 'HtS Beacon 
Sawyer Walter W. 16!)2 Wash. 
Schirmer C. F. 13 Beach 
Sclmyler Eli, 51 Portland 
Schwartz Jacob, CtSTX Washington 
Schwerer J.. 659 Parker 
Scott W. 249 North 
Shafer H. E. J.38 Kneeland 
Sharper Geo. Warren, 57 Charles 
Shaw G. G. 641 Tremont 
Silva Frank P. 133 Blackstono 
Silva J. F. 384 Commercial 
Simons J. W. 1164 Tremont 
Smith James, 1751 Washington 
Smith John II. .M Leverett 
Smith John J. 74 Washington 
Smith J. B. I95.S Washington 
Smith J. S., Dorchester, n. Com- 
mercial, ward 16 
Smith Sergio P. 14 Brattle square 
Smith William, 40)^ F. H. square 
Smith & Lane, 112 Dorchester ave. 
Spach Henry P. 1833 Washington 
Sparrell George F. & Co., 6 City 

Hall avenue 
Sprague W. .57 Temple place 
Steambur" T, W. 23 Avery 
Stemhcr Charles, Warwick House 
Stewart Wm. IS West Third 
StodderAsa A. 1879 Washington 
Streeker Henry, 678 Washington 
Strecker W. 2l Congress 

Sullivan J. T. 1112 Washington 
Sweet & Pavav, 196 Doreh. ave. 
Tanner F. 346 West Broadway 
Taylor Charles, American House 
Thomas C. J. & Co., Charlestown, 

cor. Causeway 
Trow bridge Thomas, 659 Wash. 
Turk Eben, 15 Marshall 
Vanderhoof J. H. 199 Sumner 
Visall .loseph, 14 U. S. Hotel blk. 

and 308 Commercial 
Wallace Frank W. 89 Merrimac 
Walsh P. i;i6 Dorchester ave. 
Ward D. W. 6,13 E. Broadway 
Watson T. A. 29 Eliot 
Welbv James, 86 A 
Wengehroth Adolph, 191 Wash. 
Wentworth G. W. .34 Garden 
■WEST THOMAS, 234 Atlantic 
'• avenue 

White James A. 923 Tremont 
Wienstack Joseph, 23 Causeway 
Willey J. F. 715 Washington 
Williams John, 40^ Fan. Hall sq. 
Williams Henry C. 1616 Wash. 
Williams J. M. 2 North Market 
Williams R. A. 18 Province 
Wingfield T. M 11 Montgom'y pi. 
Winnett Geo. H. 1719 Wash. 
Wise J. room 2, over Boylston 

Wood Thomas, 1775 Wash. 
Woodsum C. S. 1007 Washington 
"V'oung J. B. 368 Chelsea, E.B. 
Zanillia M., Liverpool wharf 

Adams Oliver S., Allen's block, 

Freeman John, June. No. Beacon, 

and Cambridge 
Osborn Moses, Western ave., near 

Sanborn B. F., Washington, opp. 
Cattle Fair Hotel 

Andrews Mary J., Waverley Pub. 

House (ladies) 
Ballou J. F. & Co. 180 Main 
Baylus Wilson, 68 Henley 
Beal & Brookings, 20 City sq. 
Biddies Robert S. 40 Main 
Bobrosky Ferdinand, 164 Bun- 
ker Hill 
Coll Rafael, 70 Main 
Cullin J.W.&Co. 194 Main(ladies) 
Dwyer J. D., City sq. cor. Bow 
Eaton Henry S. 84 Austin 
Fitzgerald M. Mrs. 115 Main 
Green Frances A. 25 Trenton 
Greenman Orin A. 628 Main 
Hawkins J. P. & P. E. 524 Main 
Ilsley Caleb B. 31 City square 
Jones L. A. 58 Chelsea 
Meesic Robert, 459 Main 
Morrison W. N. 280 Main 
Oliver Joseph & Co. 1 Bow 
O'Neil William J., Moulton, cor. 

Oxley IM. W. 7 Bunker Hill 
Pearson J. A. 300 Main 
Richardson Edward A. 247 Bun- 
ker Hill 
Roberts Alexander, 141 Chelsea 
Serra Julius A. .WS Main 
Silva Joseph, 75 Main 
Silvyra A. H., Hancock square 
Tuthill Augustus, 29 Elm 
Vasconsellos J. M. 7 City square 
TJart John M. 45 Bunker Hiil 
Waughn J. S. 222 Main 
Whiting John W. 52 Bartlett 

West Koxhurt. 
Albrecht Nicholas, Green, op. depot 
Murray Bernard E., White's block. 

Centre, near Severance avenue 
Seymour Felix, Shawumt avenue 
corner South 

If nir Dressers' Supplies. 

Clilford W. & F. S. 40 Bromfleld 

HOLBROOK H. W. '268 Wash- 
ington (wholesale) 
Smith Brothers, 191 AVashington 
Smith Sergio H. 14 Br.ittle square 
WIKSELL J. E. MRS. 31 Ex- 
'' change 

Hair for Plasterers, 
Sa«l€Uers, «*:e. 

143 Miik 
HOXIE T. W. & CO. 38 Long 
Kent Enoch T.163BIackstoneand 

Tiif.s' wharf. Charles'n 
Kent E. S. 75 State 
whf. 198 Broad 

Hair Croods. 

HOLBROOK H. W. 263 Wash- 
ington (wholesale) 

Hair Inner Soles. 

Andrews John S. 48 Hanover 
Hair Jewelry. 

V. & CO. 2* 
ingtun (seepage 700) 
Morgan Augustus, 3 Bromiield 

Hair Work Alaniifs. 

283 Washington 
Bogle W.43 Winter 
Bogliacca P. 48 and 52 Winter 

BRANDLY' V. & CO. 247 Wash- 
ington (see page 700) 
■RURGESS B. F. & SON, 9 West 



Cadogan E. M. Miss. 122 Dudley 
Canegaly & Berwick, 267 Wash. 
Carlton A. & Co. 5 West 
Cohen M. M. & Co. 34 Winter, 

and 208 Washington 
Cohen S. & Co. 285 Washington, 

and 208 Tremont 
Crane S. 1. Mrs. 454 Shawniutave. 
Cutter Geo. H. 119 Tremont 
Eichler A. W. Iviiss, 642 Wash. 
Emerson Edward, 162 Wash. 
Emerson & Meserve. 262 Wash. 
f^^ELLOWS J. M. & CO. 270 
-'- Washington 
pOSS A. M. 22 Kingston 

ILBERT A. & CO. 43 West 


Gray H. A. Miss & Co. 140 Court 
Harmon S: Murphy, 7 West 
Hill A. & Co. 91 Cross (switches) 
TTOLBROOK II. W. 268 Wash- 
•*--'- ington (wholesale only) 
Kimball J. 221 Wash, (dealer) 
Kirmes Christopher, 21 West 
Leonard Henry P. 200 Wash. 
T OUGEE G. H. 1601 Wash, and 
•'-' 13 Avon 

Lowe S. E. Mrs. 149 A, Tremont 
McCabe& Collins Misses, 25 Win- 
AjEDINA J. & CO. 315 Wasn- 
-^■^ ington 

Merck G. G. Jlrs. I Oak place 
Moore J. H. Mrs. 717 Tremont 
Murray A. C. Mrs. 16 Boylston 
Nicholson & Adams, 58 Temple pi. 

N ORRIS JOSlAU,283Wa3hing- 
Park E. A. Miss, 292 Washington 
Parker (J. H. Mrs. 12 Meridian 
Rothe Charles, 313 Washington 
Sassard J. A. 8^ Beacon 
Singleton M. A. 165 Court 

Hammer 31ai»«fs. 

-^ WORKS, A J. Drake, propr., 
Plympton, near Harrison av. 
sleilges, see page 698) 

MLNOT & CO., Franklin, cor. 
Oliver (see page 667) 

Hand Stamps. 

Belknap Chas. J. & Co. 3 School 

4S AVintcr 
T31ICK W. H. 73 Devonshire 

raiAMBERLAIN N. L. 257 

^ \\'ashington 

Cook (i. K. i: Co. Iu5 Washington 

Cook, Smith, & Co. (N.Y.) 41 State 

46 School 
pOLI)IX(i & CO. 14Kilby (see 
^ puge 6VS) 

"TTAS TiNtiS II. J. 41 Brattle (see 
-•■J- pagi'i;,S3) 

TfEELEK &: BARNES. 218Wash. 
■l^ niblier, sue page 790) 
Pcrlmultcr F. 3 state 
Small F. l.",4 Washington 

SPENCER S. M. 117 Hanover 
(see page 808) 

Handles and Spokea. 

Nichols David L. 19 Oliver 

Har]>or Sfaster. 

Gardner John T., Eastern avenue 



Hardware Sealers. 

Adams & Chute, Ifl Oliver 
Allen & Noble, iH ll:iii<>ver 
Austin F. B. & Co. !tl' and M North 
Bailey J. W. & Co. 2L' Kneeiand 
Barnes Thomas P. L'S Dock square 
gAKNES \VM. H.4L' Union 

Bartlott & Riehardson, Commer- 
cial, near Uoreli. ave. , ward 16 
Bird .lohn Q. ilfi West Broadway 
jJIRD WM. G. liH •I'rcmont 

Bliss Bros. 16S Commercial (gal- 

BogMinn & Vinal, " Dock square 

■ROWKER J. E. .>tCU.50SWash- 

■'-' injiton 

Bradford George II. & Co. 99 Sud- 


■^ isr. Wnshiniton 


•^ (new and secoTid-liand) 

"DROOKS IT. W. 5; Oliver (see 

■"■^ front colored paijo) 

Brooks .t Darling', (i t)ock square 

Brown B. B. & Co. ILM Dorch. ave. 

gROWN T. W. & CO. 2:2 Oliver 

-'-' Dock square (wholesale and 

Butler II. B. 25 and 27 Lewis, and 

159 Meridian 
Callendcr Bcnj. & Co. 07 Com'l 
Carter Geo. T. 6J7 Washin<^on 
Chase, Shute, & Co. 3i Kilby 

Corey, brooks, & Co. 127 Milk, 

opp. Kilbv 
Dane C. R.l.iOj and 1C12 Wash. 
Davis, Stebbins, & Co. HS Sudbury 

Eaton, Harrington, & Dana, 120 

Eaton & Gate, C07 Dorchester ave. 
^ Cornhill 

Fenn George, 1S69 Washington 
Field Gilbert. 1(17 India 
Flint & Henderson, 4 India (com.) 
Frier & Fiel, 85 Cambridge 
Frj-e. Phipps, & Co. UA ililk 
Gardner F. E. 12fi Dudlev 
Gardner & Chandler, I l;i7 Wash. 
Gill Abbott D. 115 Dudley 

17 to 23 Cornhill (see p. 691) 
Gray George H. & Danforth, 48 

TTALLETT G. W. & CO. 84 
•'■•'- Washington 
Harris Henry S. 1205 Washington 
Haven Albert S. 529 Wash. 
Hawkes & Co. 09 ! Tremont 
Hill Thomas, 23*. W. Broadway 
Hill T. E. & Co. .'i59 W. Broadway 
Hogan, Clark, & Sleeper, 105 Broad 

TJOLT JOHN & SON, .55X Sud- 
-'-'- bury (saddlery ) 
TTORAN BROS. 1201 and 1203 
•'-'- Washin^on 
Home Wm. M. 1U4 Broad (lieavy) 
Hoyt & Lawrence. .'!47 W. B'way 
Hunt Lewis, 111 Miiu. Chastn. 
Johnson Henry M. .'JC I iidia ( heavy) 
" Dock square 
Jones. I. W. A. 2116 South 
Jordan A. A. 11 Blossom 
T EWIS & HA.\SE, 35 Wareham 
■^ (see pao;e G87) 
Lincoln & Garrett, 59 Haverhill 
Litchfield &Chamberlin, 20 Guild 

LivingR.G. 43 Kilby 
T OTHROP G. B. i; CO. 22XEx- 
-'-' change (builders') 
■'-' Dock square (see page 676) 
-"••-DOWSE, successors to Homer, 
Bishop, & Co. 42 to 48 Battery- 
Martin Henry O. .32 Wash. 
ATAY & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
-^-*- inside back cover) 

McCANN Jk BURNS, 11 and 13 
Milligan James, 231 Federal 
ATINOT & CO.. 2:39 Franklin, cor. 
-^'■'- O.iver (heavy, see page 607) 
Moselcy .\buer, 115 Court (door 

44 Broad 
Morss Anthony S. 210 Commercial 

Morss Charles W. 24 Union 

Norcross & MvricV, Centre, corner 

Green, W. Roxbury 
-"- Broad (see page 09:!) 
Read Wm.& Son.s, 13 F. H. so. 
Kehm George H., Feuno's block, 

1^ SO.\, H. L. Richards, ageut, 18 

Scudder, Rogers, & Co. 35 Com- 
Sise Albert F. 42 Batterymarch 
Snelling W. 22 Maverick sq. and 

253 Meridian 
Stansell C. C. 76 Cross (cabinet) 
Star Tool Co. 84 Washington 

STEARNS N. C. 12 to 18 Brom- 
field (see page (558) 
Stetson Wm. F. & Co. over Quincy 



Stevens N. B. & Co. 43 Kilby 
Stone, Brown & Co. 22 (_)liver 
gTRATTON H.O. Xl Doaue 

Thompson Edward, 186 Merrimac 
Tobey & Co. KI81 Washiugtou 
fJiOr.MAN CH.\S. P. .>t SON, 

*■ Washington, ward 16 
Torsleff, Hinckley, & Hammond, 

13 audio Ferrv"(heavy; 
W^achtel P. 341 llanover 

TALKEK F. A. & CO. 83 
Wallace & Bryant. 06 Eliot 
"UZ-ARREN M. C. & Co. 9 Dock 

'' sq. (builders) 
Webster E. O. 289 Main, Chastn. 
West, Parkman, \- Son, 5 Dock sa. 
W'etherelljohn W. jr. 1354 Trem't 
TiriLKINSON A. J. & CO. 31 

»"' Brattle 
Woodman, Johnson, & Co. 61 

Wright F. S. & Co. 207 Federal 

Hardware Alaiiurs. 

BINNS JOSEPH (builders'), 83 
O street 
Jones M. D. & Co. 52 Sudbury 
Lewis, Oliver, & Phillips, J. H. 
Work, agent, 44 Broad (heavy) 

MINOT & CO., Franklin, cor. 
Oliver (see page 607) 
H. Work, ftsent, 44 Broad 
(heavy, see page (>93) 

Hardware Polish. 

Box 1292, Boston P. O. 

Harness Alakers. 

American Saddle Co., J. W. Lin- 

nell, treas. 127 Commercial 
Barrieau P. foot of Cambridge 
gARRY JOHN, 4 Merrimac 

Bates James D. 173 Dorch. aye. 
Beckmau G. H. J. (52 Lagrange 
Bowman Lewis, Richmond, wd.l6 
■^ chants row 

■DUCKPITT JOHN, Park, near 
■^ Exchange, ward 16 
Callane C. 319 West Third 
Carleton Hiram, 4;j Eustis 
QASHMAN J., Dover, c. Albany 

Cogan Joseph, 79 Sudbury 
Crocker Harvey, 117 Sumner 
Cross Mark W. 50 and 52 Chardon 
ALY PATRICK, 4 Merrimac 
fancy saddlery) 
Denning J. F. 224 Second 
I'leming J. W., Ri^■er, near Nor- 
folk, ward 16 
■pORGIE, MAAS, & CO. 3 Hotel 
•*• Pelham and 100 Water 
Fox G.J. 19 Cove 
Gardiner Fred. E. 126 Dudley 
Gilchrist Wm. 171 Border 
Given William, 121 Court (harness 

saddles and pads) 
Grout J. H. 56 Portland 

lilNlILTON OTHO & CO. 25 

and 27 Fiiend 
ANLON J. W. 802 Albany, cor. 
Ilanlon O. H. 150 Tremont 
Harvey John, »;& 154 Charlestown 
Iloggfc. B. 140 Eliot 
Holenburg A. 104 Merrimac 
Hovey Elbridge A. 87 Warren 
James William (also collars), 87 

Jewett Oliver, 85 Merrimac 
Kemlo Si Owen, :507 Tremont 
Kennedy J. J. 1.394 Tremont 
Kenney John, 242 Sunmer, E.B. 
Leonard H. 1207 Wash, and 664 
Harrison ave. 


McCaffrey Hugh, 93 Charlestown 
McCarthy l>cnnis J. 471 llarr. ave. 
McDowell Janios, 1204 Tremont 
Meserve N. J. 411 Chiirles 
Miller & Black, :i41 Federal 
Murphy James T., Neponsct aye., 

near ChickataVbnt, ward 10 
Murphy Thomas, 41f Federal 
Newhall (). 1>. "St' Hartisuu ave. 
Newman John, l.'iCO Washington 
O'Connor John T., Beach, corner 

pE'l'ERSON .1. F., Park, near 
•'- Adams, ward 16 
Power William, 270 Friend 
Prendergast James, 1 Byron 
Read James J. lOS Sudbury 
Reardon J. F. 145 Beach 
Ross W. B., Dorch. ave. n. Com- 
mercial, ward 16 
'-' and 73 Sudburv 
CARGENT WM. P. & CO. 14 
^ Sudbury 

Smith John"& Co. 50 Charles 
gMITH J. & Col 26 Sudbury 

Smytli Hugh, 196". Washington 
Snodgrass 11. B. 05 .Sudbury 
Springall Geo. & Co. 1 Sudbury 

and 1521 Washington 
Taylor James, 24 Eliot 
Thurston & Strong. 187 Sumner 
Tobey & Co. lOSl M'ashington 
Trask H. P. l'X> I'li.-nd 
Tucker John A., Washington, n. 

River, w'ard 16 
Warnke Ernst, 59 Palmer 
Wiggin Thomas B. jr. 391 W. 

Winship ll. A. & Co. 7 Tremont 
Wise W. 141 Dorchester avenue 

Bradlee John B., Western avenue, 

near Watertown line 
Cogswell J. A., Market, cor. Wash. 
Colety P. II., Washington, opp. 

Reservoir House 
Fiske Jonas, Washington, opp. 

Chestnut Hill avenue 

Carroll James A. 515 Main 
Cutter John, 12 Cambridge 
Dickson J. 09 Chapman 
Domett Joseph W., Henley, cor. 

McGregor D. L. & Co. 31 Chelsea 
Jlullett Charles T. ;i73 Main 
Pearson Joseph A. .'JdO -Main 
Power Rieliard, 4 Chaiid)er 
Toppau Wm. O., Henley, c. Park, 

(carriage triuuner) 

West Koxisurv. 
Bestwick Alfred A., Green, n.depot 
Brophy Edward & Co., Centre, n. 

Kelley & Cormack, Green, corner 

Robinson Thomas W., Centre, cor. 

Sea^ens avenue 

Harness Ornaments. 

" Court 

Harness Soap and Pol. 

Box 1292, Boston P. O. 
rrllORNTON & TURNER, 12 
■*- Carver (see page 698) 

WHITNEY G. F. & CO., 1732 
Wash, (neats foot, see p. 683) 


Holmes & Bonnclli, 20 Friend 
McGloughliu WiiJ. H. jr. & Co. 30i 

pEASLEY & BOND, 47 W8sh> 
•*- ington 

Hat :BIock Makers^ 
Cliadwick N. H., Harrison ave^ 

cor. E. Dedham 
Dimond J. S. s BoylstoA square- 
Howard N. F. 79 Cl'.wtth (plaster) 

Hats, Caps, Furs, <&c. 

( Mlicilcsale.) 

A BORN S. O. 95 Washington 
•^*- (see back colored page) 
Assnms A. F.. Jlrs. 12iiii Tremont 
Bent & Bush, 273 Washington 
Dyer, Taylyr, & Rice. 01 Chauncy 
Foster George & Co. lU'l Snnuner 
Gould, Davenport, & Spaulding, 53 

TiAKT. TAYLOR, & CO. 36 to 
-'-'• 40 Chauncy (-ec page (i88) 
Jackson, Rice, & Vinson, 109 Court 
Klous S. & Co. 514 WasJiiugton 



LevengstoTi J. & Co. 1 TIayward pi. 
Louis &Coliun.l;lKii'gst'ii(manuf) 
Moore, Sjnitli, & l!72 Co., Devon. 
Alyers SI., agriit, 'M Chauiicy 
Noitli, Fiske, & Co. ii7 Smniner 
Osgood George, liso Washington 
Peek A. U. i: Co. 380 Washington 
pLATT K, iM. 4a and 45 Sud- 
•'■ bury 

Strecker Bros. ,31 Essex 
Taylor G. Al. & Son, 2SG Wash, 

A BORN S. O. ilj Washington 
■"- (see back coioied page) 
Adams George T. I(i7 llauover 
Applcton Cliarles E. (Wl Wash. 
Bacon T C. *. C". 1 Union 
Bennett .1. A. IW Union 
Bent & Bush, 27;j Washington 
Bigelow Geoige X. 4S Temple pi. 
Billings BroF. :31.j Hanover 
Bolton Cliarles, .ill' Hanover 
Borden Clias. J. & Co. 119 Court 
Bridge J. H. 7'M Washington 
Bursley Henry. ,S.i7 Washington 
Carter H. L. 1,S17 Washington 
Chamberlain & Hayes, 50? Wash. 
Clark ,v Fuller. Si Dock square 
C(»hen Simon K. 7ti Union 
Colnian N. H. & Co. 101 Conrt 
Comer Joseph, Hi to 24 Wash. 

COXXOIl C. A. Jt CO. 274 and 276 
W. Broadway 
Cook A. N. & Co. 215 and 217 

Cook & Aidrieh, 145 and 147 Wash. 
Cotter Win., 2>2 Union 
Cutter E. P. 14 Dock square 
Cutter Geo. W. & Co. 3 Dock eq. 
Elliot JI. P. 77 Court 
Fowle H.O Union 
Fox ,lolin L. 879 Wasihin^on 
Frev Godfrey, a4.i Washington 
Hallct & Bearse, (11 Lincoln, and 16 

U. S. Hotel block 
Harlow iJcxtcr. (!:> .Maverick so. 
Harrington .lereiniuli A. 13 Dock 

s(i.,(ij EUu aiid 14 .School 
Harrington John, 71 Hanover 
Hibbaid II. K. W. :« West, (child- 
Hilborn & Co. Si Tremont 
Hilsebuseh FrcUeriek, 1885 Wash. 
Hobbs A. & Son, 4 Maverick sq. 
Hollander J. L. Ill Province court 
Ilsley D. P. & Co. 22:! Wash. 
Jackson J. A. & Co. 59 Tremont 
Jackson S. jr. lf-75 Washington 
Kantrowitz Joseph, 127 ifanover 

and GdX TInion 
Kractzer Bros.2G Dock square, and 

2 Friend 
Kwinkelenberg D. S Hanover 
LeavittH. H.lil Court 
Lovpe A. F. 101 Mi-iiilian, E. B. 
Mason Charle- B. 21 & 22 Dock sq. 
McDougall D. 2.").V .Meridian 
McDowell Sani'l II. 1:U9 Tremont 
McKenna .John «t Co. 19 Wash. 
Morse E. H. 32!) Hanover 
Morse L. & Co. 30 Dock square 
Mullen H. RID Wasliington 
Murta^hL. & H. lliO Broadway 
Osgood Geo. IS.') Washington 
Parker John S. 132 Washington 
Pazolt T. C. & Son. 72 Harr. ave. 
Pinkham H. V. & Co. 237 Wash. 
Piatt E. M. 43 and 45 Sudbury 
Randall J. E. 555 Washington 
Raphael Bros.. 32 Faneuil Hall Bq. 
Rhodes A. A. 12!) Court 
Robinson A. 51. 12 Union 
Sanger C. H. & G. G23 and 1175 

Sanson II. (;o:i Washington 
Shute Will. M. & Son, 175 Wash. 
Stone J. .'4: Co. IU-1 Washington 
Tcuiipf John 11. 3 Hanover 
Tiirnlmll W. H.."i7 .Aleridian 
Waldnian & Mvcrs, 3 Treni't row 
Walko M. Jt Co. 3!) Summer 
Waters Ahram, 77 Meridian 

Wycth George E. 342 Washington 

MarinerD. A. 147Maln 
Murphy Geo. A. I.") City square 
piper ftncl W. 1 "..-. .Main 
Kand John W. 71 .Main 

Hat A, Csii» XrimminKg. 

Gallishan G. K. W. 44 Union 
Turner (ieorge, :Vi LaGrango 
"Weissbein A. 123 Tremont 
H Jitters. 

A BORN S. O. 95 Washington 
(see back colored page) 
Bartlet S. F. 9 Franklin avenue 
Bent & Bush, 273 Washington 

Bingham A. & Co. 18 Province 

Brooks S. G.47 Hanover 

Brown & Wilcox, 8 Boylston sq. 

Campbell C. K. l+;7 Washington 

Clark & Foulkes, 32 Faneuil Hall 

Condit S. & Co. 5 Change avenue 

Doyle Thomas 37 Faneuil Hall sq. 

Guyer J. D. (feit mauiif.)C56 Har- 
rison ave. 

Harlow Dexter, (13 Maverick sq. 

King Charles II. i;o7 Wash. 

Knapp Geo. 15 Ma shall 

23 Friend 
Mason Samuel jr. 2fi Washington 
Parker & Stark, 1003 Washington 
pi.ATT E. Jl. 43 Sudbury 

Sanger C. H. & G. 023 Washington 
Sloconib O.J. 83 Union 
Taylor Chas. 5 Province 
Warner W. A. 191 Washington 
Weilhart & Greeley, 13 Franklin 

Whiting Edward, Ifil Hanover 
Wilkins J. W. & C". 90 Hanover 
Zoellig Charles, 37 l.aGrange 
Zoellig & Weilhart, 3 Hotel Pelham 

Hay and Straw. 

Bayley James R. IS South Market 
Caldw'ell J. I. 54 Dorchester ave. 
Calef A. D. 418 Federal 
Duty N. P. 130 Can^l 
Edgerly P. & Co. 1.52 Canal 
Gill John W. 1910 Washington 
Glidden E. H. 107 State 
Hall Alfred A. .55 Church 
Hoitt A. D. 112 Canal 
Hoitt A. & Sons, 108 Canal 
Judd M. l.'B and 1.1.5 .Merrimac 
Lincoln William, 13.4 Canal 
McElroy Ileiiiy, 1802 Washington 
Morrill J. T., Cambridge, opp. 

Allston depcjt, Brighton 
Morrison & Blanchard 70 Meridian 
Murcli Geo. O. 2 Russia wharf 
New En'gland Hay Co., Wm. F. 

Wade & Sons, 140 Canal and 272 

Parkinson William, 158 Canal 
Porter Eleazar, 185 Cambridge 
Robinson N. T., Dorch. ave. n. 

Commercial, ward 10 
Robinson & Robinson, Battery wf. 
Staples J. E. S: Co. 5 Charlestown 
Temple Henry M., Orleans, near 

Wade William F. & Sons,14G Canal 
Ty-ADSWORTH G. W. 5 Chat- 
' ' ham row 

Wood Eli C. SO Everett 

Cook & Coffin, Cambridge, comer 

Crampton & Co., Austin, c. Front 
Woodsum Brothers, June. Main 
and Mystic avenue 

Hearse ami Military 

CHOURDS C. F. 15 Marshall 

Heating Apparatus. 

T) ACON E. .T. 4!i4 Washington 

Heating Apparatus. 


CLOGSTON T. S. & CO. SO and 
82 Sudbury 
The Gold Sanitary Heating Co. 14 

Pemb. sq. 
Tingley's Automatic Heat Gover- 
eriior, 81 Washington, room G 


Thompson C. F. 5 Custom Ho. et. 

Hemietieally Sealed 

Aborn, Fav, & Co. .30 Kilby 
pOWDRfcY E. T. & CO. 80 and 
^ 82 Broad (fruits, vegetables, 

meats, fish, &c. (see p. G79) 
Hamblen, Baker, & Co. (provis- 
ions), 113 Comniercial 
Hiiekiiis J. H. W. 20 and 22 Water- 
Lewis W. K. & Bros. a3 Broad 
Plummer J. P.& D.9and 10 Black- 

POOLE C. Je. & CO. 32 Com- 
Underwood Wm. & Co. 67 Broad 

Hide and !Lieather ma- 

CHINE CO. 51 High (see 
page 800) 

Hides and I.>eather. 

(See also Leather Dealers.) 
A LDEN & EDiMANDS, 220 State 

Alger & Meader, 205 Purchase 
Alley John B. & Co. 70 High 
Arnold Edward L. 12 to Ifi JMatthews 
Arnold S. S. 12 (o 10 Matthews 
Avery H. N. 40 North Market 
Barrett C. M. 220 Congress 
Barrett E. S. 2lU State 
Bigelow A. M. & Co. 98 High 
Billings Horace & Son. (i5 High 
Blood Geo.W. Jt Co. 17 Batteiym'ch 
Boardman B. G. & Co. 1S3 Cong. 
Bond Henry & Co. 2;j5 Congresa 
Booth & Co. 4 Cciinmeiee 
Buck Cliarles. 20 Clinton 
Bucknam, Rayner, &■ Co. 147 Pearl 
Capen E. A. si Co. 99 High 
Converse & Stanwood, 27 South 
Cook E. G. 5 HartfoiU 
Coon, Crocker, ii Hobart, 36 

Cumniings John, jr. & Co. land 3 

Davis, Bros. & Co. 75 High, (sheep 


143 to 147 South 
Dow Stephen & Co. 4 High 
Farnum & Fish, 10 and 12 India sq. 
Faxon E. & JI. 134 and 130 Broad 
French Hiram W., High street 
Frye Jos. F. 17>s' South 
Gerrish & Barieit, 53 No. Market 
Guild J. F. 51 High 
Healy W. H. & Son, 10 and 12 

India square 
Hersey, Washburn, & Co. 27G Pur- 
Higbee, Foster, & Co. 134 Pearl 
HightM. C. 77 High (broker) 
HiU & Brown, 44 Hanover 
Holmes CM.- 44 High 
Homer Bros. 84 High 
HullE. B.iCo. 3;3 South 
Jackson, Loring, & Whittier, 78 

Jacobs & Sawyer, 139 Blackstone 
Johnson, Eaton, & Brackett, 233 

and 235 Broad 
Jones J. M. & Co. SO High 
Knight A. G3 Haierhilll 
Lenian N. R. jr. 128 High, (sheep 

Leonard H. & Co. 21 Chatham(Balt 

Littlehale A. W. 149 Pearl 
Low, Hersey, & Co. 1 and 3 Pur- 
Low & Knight, 274 Purchase 
Manson F. W. & Co. 204 Congress 
Marsh Charles & Co. 134 So. M'ket 
Merrow John F. G Fulton and 1 

Merrow John & Co., Abattoir, 

Morey W. C. & Co. 128 High 

Morey & West, 101 High 
Moselcy Alexander, 47 South 
Newhall & Thacher, 39 Broad 
Osborn F. jr. & Co. 89 Broad 

OSBORN J. & II. K. 194 Congress 
(see pa";e 808) 
Palmer S. G. 18 Batteryniarch 
Pearson S. G. B. & Co. 24 India 

square (hides and tallow) 
Pembeiion Bros. '22^ Portland 
Perry, Cutler, & Co. LO High 
Plaisted Geo. ,>t Son, 1 Rowe's wf. 
Poor Hciirv & Son, 84 Sturgis 
Priest & Alhree, 130 Purchase 
Proctor Thomas E. 100 High 
Quirin & Edwards, 10 and 12 South 
Rice N. W. & Co. 307 Broad 
Richardson H. G..'!.5 John 
Roberts Geo. F., High, c. Oliver 
Roberts James A., High, c, Oliver 
Rockport Hide Maiiuf. Co. 105 

Rodgers J. L. & H. C. 149 South 

Rogers J. P. S: Co. 48 Wash. sq. 
Satfoid James O. & Co. 1.00 Cong. 
Sawin & Edwards, 15 Blackstone 
Smith B. F. 249 Purchase (salted 

sheep skins) 
Spanldini: Edward & Bninstead, 

im High 
Spooner W. B. & Co. 174 Congress 
Stevens C. C. & Co. 42 Portland 
Thompson Albert itCo. 311 Broad 
Thompson B. F. & Co. 19 Brattle 
Thorndike J. P, 27 India wharf 



Tirrell J. & A. & Co. 149 Pearl 

Torr H. C. SS Fulton [Broad 

Treadwdl, Diigaii. & Osgood, 106 
Trowbrid-i' & llill, 81 Washing- 
ton, room 11 
Turner Kdnard. 1".!) Pearl 
Tweed llenrv, S riilt.m 
Upton l''rank"lin & Co. S3 and 85 

"U'iUroiisIK& D, W. Ul Pearl 
Wav, Ilewins, & Kced.lSS Purehase 
■Webster, Dwvcr, & Co. 2l'.5 Cong. 
Whall ,1.11. 4-Jlliah 
Winn J. K. Js: C.:!'.) High 
Wynian F. A. •2»7 Broad 

Hobsou's Choice Steel. 

TVII-KI^'SON A. J. & CO. 31 
»' Brattle 

Hod elevators. 

Phinncy E. K. & Son, 53^ Ware- 
nogs, I.iive and Dressed. 

27 Fanenil Hall Market 

Hoistiits Alacliines. 

^ CO. lUUTreniont 

Hollow Ware. 

and 98 North 


Q P R I N G E R L. R. MRS. 351 
'-' Washington sec page (i<i9) 



Homoeopathic Phar- 

QLAPP OTIS, & SON, 3 Beacon 

Peabody N. C. 5G Beach 

Homa^o]ilathic Vials. 

STANIEORD .1. W. & CO. 10 


^ Treniont 


^ (see inside back cover) 

Honey Wealers. 

pOWDREY E. T. & CO. SO and 
^ 82 Broad (see pr ge GTll) 

Hoop Skirt Sf anufs. 

Baxter I. .1. 047 Washington 
VORD JOHN G. Mn:i. 51 Tem- 
-*■ iile place 

Jlason, Tucker, & Co. 74 Channcy 
Ji^EFF W. J. Mks. 17 Winter 

The Walpole Skirt Co. 2ft5 Wash. 
Turncy E. M. Miss, 230 Hanover 
Young A. K. & Conaut Manuf. 
Co. 71 Sudburv 

OLE BROS. 12 Blaekstone" 


Jones & Chipninn, 3 Chatham 
Mathews D. P. l.'iil Cunim'l 
Pennock & Andrews, 4 S. Market 
Pratt Isaac, jr. l:U Milk 
WILSON B. O. & G. C. 20 Cen- 
^^ tral 
Worcester M. A. 12 So. Market 

Slorse Clippers. 

Donahue, Grimes, & Co. 54 Char- 

Prcndergast, Murray, & Co. S Char- 

Horse Clothing. 

QASn.MAN J., Dover, c. Albany 

Chase L. C. & CO. 38 .Sudbury 
Coleman M. & Son, 121 to 123 Port- 
Eager P. B.. Tower & Co. 03 Essex 
Gill J. C. 78 .Merriiiiac, (boots) 
Grout J. n.35 Sudburv 
Roberts f?co. A. l.;l Warren 
Sabin & Page, Hw and 107 Federal 
g.MITII J. & CO. 20 Sudbuiy 

Trott Charles II. CO Sudbury 
Horse Collar 3Ianufs. 

Bustin Wni. 11. 2113 Cambridge 
■pORGIE, .MAAS, ,<; CO. 3 Hotel 
■■• Pelhani and liai Water 
James William, 87 Chestnut 
Muiphy Thomas, 411 Federal 

Horse Dealers. 

McKinnev Daniel 
Molev Patrick 
Willi's John D. 

Horse Powders. 

Wilder & Burrows, 1844 Washing- 
Horse Shoe Xails. 

Globe Nail Co., Howard, Boston 

■]\T.\Y & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (se« 

-"•*• inside back cover) 

pUTNA.M S. S. & CO., Ericsson, 

■*■ opp. Walnut, ward 16 (forged) 

Horse Shoers. 

(Sec also Blacksmiths.) 
Allen W. M. & Co. 150 Border 
Benton G. A. & Co. 00 Dorchester 
ave. and 142>ii' Pleasant 

BREWSTER-pRANlv, 27 Bow- 
Bridges C. A., Third, nearB 
Burgess Wm. J., Pynchon, near 

New Heath 
Carroll Daniel, Shawmut ave., n. 

Green, W. Iloxbury 
Cornish J. 12 Peoples Ferry ave. 
Connolly T. G(U Harrison ave. 
Corbett "Geo. W. rear 207 Tremont 
Couilliard & Haley, 78 North- 
Deasy T. foot of Chestnut 
Denton G. A. & Co. (II) Dorch. ave. 
Doherty Edward, 30 Charlestown 
Donnovan John, Ncponset avenue, 

ward 10 
Fo"g Brothers, 82 Chardon 
Fuller Gustavus, Centre, opposite 
Greenough avenue, W. Roxbury 
Garitv N. rear 1204 Tremont 
Goodwin R. H. 37 Haverhill 
Gra,v Edward, 207 Causeway 
Halev George W. 148 Beach 
XJARDY WM., Harrison avenue, 
opp. Dover p. ace (see p. 702) 
Harrigan &; Burroughs, 5 Mount 

AVashington avenue 
Hartigan B. rear 10 Swan 
HartiMU J. 494 Harrison ave. 
Hill f. M.. foot of Cambridge 
Kindlon John, 3'J Hampden 
Mahoncy J. 71 .Middle, W.V. 
Maloney N. 1 ly.mcaster 
MoBarron Micliael & Co. G70 Har- 
rison ave. 
McClosky D. A. 43 Sumner, E.B. 
TV/fcDONALD THOS. rear 12 
-'■'-'- Longwood ave. 
Mclntirex Gamage, 215 Friend 
McKennev D. 10 l^ecatur 
Murphy Patrick, 55 Emerald 
Murray Henry J., Chaucer, cor. 

O'Sullivan D. F. 070 Harrison ave. 
llamsey Archibald, Green, near 

Centre, W. Rii.xhury 
Ray Richard. Granite, Boston whf. 
Ray R., 295 W. Second 
Robblee F. .V. (>!3 East Fourth 
Rouke Jas. l.Vi Beach 
Rourke Fi ank. West First, cor. A 
Sands T. T. 139 Tyler 
Shannahan j\I., F, cor. Athens 
rpiIOxMAS JOHN, 50 Eustis 

Tuckerman W. I. 237 Dorch. ave. 
Turner Michael, F, c. West Third 
Very &. Co. 22 Pitts 

Collins & Sheehan, 48 Chapman 
Garland A. S. 31 Park 
Harmon S. L. 537 Main 
Mitchell Geo. L., South Eden 
Powers William, 3115 .Medford 
Strand T. D., Chelsea, cor. Gray 

H<crse Shoes. 

Cornish J. 12 Peoi)le's Ferry ave. 

TV/fAY & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver (see 
-'■'-*- inside hack cover) 


31 Otis 
Channcv (see page 803) 
CO. 173 and 175 Devonshire 
BOYD JAS. & SONS, 27 Mer- 
chants row 
■D RAMAN. DOW, & CO. 3 and i 
■^ Hayinaikct s<|uare 
Carter John S. & Co. 30 Kilby, (lin- 
en and leather) 
pLAPP C. .M. & CO. 183 Devon- 
'-' shire (rubber aud leather, see 
page 727} 

pLARK JOHN, 32 Hawley (lin- 
^ en tire) 

^-^ Devonshire (see page 727) 

82 Channcy 
MANUF. CO., Robert Gems, 
treas. 179 Washington (linen 
and rubber, see page 089) 

PAGE E. F. 5i CO. 58 Friend 
(linen firel 
CTONE HENRY N. 1.32 Com'l 
^ (rubber and linen, see p. 602) 

Hose Oilers. 

■NJOYES PERSON, 47 India (see 

■^^ page 085) 

Hose Pipes and Coup- 

T>RYANT F. & CO.. 11 Harrison 

■'-' avenue 

QLARK JOHN, 32 Hawley 

dJTTiSTE & CO. 22 Howard and 
^ 115 Court 
Loner & Rice, 41 Chelsea, Charles- 
town (carriages) 
CTONE HENRY N. 132 Com- 
•^ inercial (see page 062) 
TXriSWALL H. M., Quincy Hall 
'' over Quincy Market 

Hosiery and Gloves. 

A LLEN & ADAMS, 295 Wash- 
■^ ington 

Allen & Goodwin, 115 Channcy 
■DRYANT F. & CO. 11 Harrison 
-^ avenue 

Burr. Tat^ & Co. 40 Summer 
-'-' 90 Tremont, successors to But- 
ler & Norwood (see inside front 
Champnev Brothers & Co. 30 Avon 
Christian"T. & CO. 98 Arch 
Claflin, Larraboe, & Co. 76 and 78 

Coleman Lewis & Co. 9 Chauncy 
Cotter John, .544 AVashington 
Everett E. D. 230 Hanover 
FollettcL. B. 1127 Wash. 
Forbes, Richardson, S: Co. 31 Avon 
Glazier Geo. .M. 77 and 81 Summer 
Green F. A. 521 Washington 
riRISWOLD D. C. & CO. 89 
'^ Chauncy 

GROSS & STRAUSS, 321 and 
323 Washington 
Holmes Given, 391 Washington 
Hood M. C. & Co. 9 School 
Howard J. A. 40 Winter 
Lewis, Brown, .V; Co. 25 Summer 
T ORING JOHN P. 12 Tremont 
-'-' row 

■'-' 8 and 10 Winter 
Marsh D. F. 713 Tremont 
Mason, Tucker, & Co. 74 Chauncy 

MORSE, HAM.\10ND, & CO. 
90 Chauuey 
Read Brothers, .39 Winter 
Salisbury & Adams. 94 Chauncy 
Shedd A. A. & Co. 14 Harr. ave. 
CTEARNS R. II. & CO. 27 Sum- 
^ mer (wholesale) also (retail) 

131 Tremont 
Traflon, Wilco.x, & Co. 323 Wash. 
Walker Joseph & Co. 283 Wash. 
Whitney N. D. & Co. 129 Tremont 

Hot £nsi»es. 

rpRIPP A. AV. 277 and 281 South 

Hot tVater Furnaces. 

XyiHTELEY E. 01 Charlestown 

Hotel A.iiiiianciator. 


TTOLMES E. T.& CO. 70 Dev- 
-'-'- onshirc (see page 704) 

Hotel <;hecks. 

POBBIXS JOHN, 42 Knceland 
^ (see page 03S) 

SPENCER S. .M. 117 Hanover 
(see page SOS) 

Hotel Cooking Appa- 

TyillTELEY E. 59 Charlestown 

Hotel Polish. 

1292 Boston Post-Office 




Adams, 371 Washington, D.Cham- 

Alden House, 7 Allien 
A MERICAN, X Hanover, L. 
■"- Kice & Son 

Amory, 4 Aniorv. J- J. Grozinger 
Arcade Hotel, "11 Pitts, Mrs. A. 

Asliland, 10j2 Washington, Chas. 

Avenue Hotel, 131 Dorchester av., 

Thomas F. Leavitt 
Avon House, S xVvon, F. Merrill 

Barton House, S9 Lowell, N. Dean 
Beach House, 879 EastSixtli, F. F. 

Biekford House, Bicktord, ward 

15, S. C. Davis 
Bismarck House, 50 Carver, E. 

Blue Bonnet, 5 Scwall place, Mrs. 

Wm. G. Dobbins 
Boston, Harrison ave., c. Beach, 

W. M. Pray 
Bowdoin House, 2 Bowdoin sq. 
Burns Hotel, 13 La Grange, James 

Cambria House, C3 Beach, O. J. 

Carney's Hotel, 7G9 Washington, 

John M. Towne 
Central House, 4 Central square, 

E.B., William Austin 
Cheever Hotel, U57 Tremont, P. 

Chester House, 10 Harvard, E. R. 

City, 55 Bratde, Gray & Bell 
Clarendon House, 523 Tremont, J. 

P. Draper 
Columbia House, 29 Eliot, Henry 

Columbus House, 151 Pleasant, 

L. F. Simmons 
Commercial, OS and 70 Causeway, 

C. F. Clark & Co. 
Commonwealth, 1511 Washington, 

J. W. Woleott 
Continental House, 119 and 121 

Causcwav, J. B. Sampson 
Coolidge, Bowdoin sq., Samuel B. 

Crasvford House, 85 Court to 13 

Brattle, Stmncke & Goodwin 
Creighton House, 245 Tremont, 

J. T. Willev 
Dartmouth, Dudley, cor. Warren 
Deichert Hotel, 35 Essex, J. J. 

Derby, 25 Cambridge, G. H. Kent 
Dew'DropInu, Si.>cth, cor. P., C. 

D. Macomber 
Dighton, 12.5(i Washington 
Eagle, Lewis, c. Fulton, N. Bossey 
Eliot House, 75 Eliot. A. Vogt 

EVANS HOUSE, 175 Tremont 
Howe .t Elmer 
Everett House, Wash., c. Camden, 

N. C. Severance 
Glendon House, 4(;i Chelsea, E.B., 
Benjamin Wainwright 

HANCOCK, 1 Corn court, J. H. 
Highland House, 2117 Washing- 
ton, George White 
Holmes House, 4 Province court, 

Elias Holmes 
Hotel Bellevue, 17 Beacon 
Hotel Berkeley, Berkeley, corner 

Boylston. I'ienry SEumcke 
Hotel Blackstone, 423 Shawmutav. 
Hotel Bovlston, Boylston, corner 

Hotel Bradford, Union Park st. 

near Albany 
Hotel Florence, Wash. c. Horence 
Hotel Franklin, 710 Harrison ave. 
Ilotel Hamilton, corner Conunon- 

wealth ave. and Clarendon 
Ilotel Harrison, 7iO Harrison ave. 
Hotel Kempton, Berkeley, corner 

Hotel Newton. Newton, corner 

Harrison avenue 
Hotel Norwood, 8 Oak [mont 

Hotel Pelham, Boylston. cor. Trc- 
Hotel Somerset, 27 Somerset, D. C. 

Hotel Tennj'son, Tennyaon, cor. 

Hotel Van Rensselaer, 219 Tre- 
mont •, 
Hotel Vcndonie, Commonwealth 

avf-nue, corner Dartmouth, C. A. 

Hotil Windsor, Shawmutave. cor. 

Huntington House, Cortes, near 

Ferdinand [.Moriarty 

Xrviug Uuusc. 23 Howard, John T. 

JefTerson House, 18 North, M. J. 

Junction House, 52 Marginal, near 
Orleans, E.B., .M. Keenau 

LaGrauge House, 218 Tremont 

Lancaster ('I'he), Wash. cor. East 
Concord, Thomas L. Robinson 

Lefevre's Hotel, 1458 Tremont H. 
J. Lcfevre 

Lowell House, 73 and 75 Causeway, 
H. Woodward 

Mariners House, 11 North stiuare 

]\,IARLBORO', 227 Washington, 

-'•'-'- Sanborn & Farr 

Marshall, 10 Marshall, J. Wads- 

Marston House. 17 Brattle 

cor. Cross, Russell & Dow 
Ma\-erick House, 24 Maverick sq., 

E.B.. John A. Parks, agent 
Merchants E.xchauge, 57 and 59 

Portland, John Harvey, manager 
Merchants', 13 Change avenue, 

L. B. Miller 
Merrimac, Merrimac, cor. Friend, 

G. W. .Stackpole 
Metropolitan, 1028 Washington, 

Barnes & Buck 
Milliken House, 187 Washington, 

F. Milliken 

Montgomery House, 4U Province, 

G. G. Bachelder 

Montreal, 44 Portland, Merrill & 

National, Blackstone, cor. Cross, 
Oliver Stacpole 

National House, J. Walker, propr. 
30 Chelsea, Charlestown 

Neponset House, Neponset ave., 
opp. Minot, ward 10, Moseley & 

New England, Clinton, cor. Black- 
stone, liambert Maynard 

Nortblk, Eliot sq., Clias. A. Jones 

Park House, Central court, Wm. 

D. Park 

PARKER, GO School, H. D. Par- 
■*■ kcr & Co. [ner 

Pavilion, 57 Tremont, II. F. Gard- 
Pfatfs, 155 Pleasant, Wm. C. Piatt 
Phillips House, 91 Sudbury, Mrs. 

A. G. Phillips 
Plymouth House, Kueeland, cor. 

.South, Ferry & Erickson 
Preble House, 12 Beach, G. W. 

Prescott House, Mrs. Sarah A. 

Downer, 11 Lawrence, Chastn. 
Providence House, 145 Pleasant, 

John Lyons 
■'■ and 11 Province court, J. Cowan 
Quincy, 1 Brattle sq., A. Long 
Revere, Bowdoin sq. cor. BuUmch, 

Chapiu, Gurney, &. Co. 
Robertson House, 181 Hanover, 

W. F. Robertson 
Rob Roy House, 34 Portland, Ed- 
win B'lack 
Rugbv Ilotel, 5G Kneeland, James 


(UTXAND house, 1421 Wash. 
F. Paradise 
Sears House, Wash, corner Dover, 

John S. Landers 
Sea View Cottage, E. Eighth, cor. 

O. P. Coyne 
Selwyn House, 29 Harrison ave., 

L. R. Morri's 
Shawmut Hotel, G44 Shawmutave. 

Orin Fairbanks 
Sheridan House, 37 and 39 Green, 

Daniel W. Fling 
Sherman House, Court sq., B. Hull 
Snell's Hotel, 147 Pleasant, W. A. 

South Boston Hotel, 101 W. Fourth, 

Mrs. T. a. Ferrand 
Stackpole House, 15 Brattle square, 

Wm. Stone 
Steamboat House, 152 Broad, C. T. 

St. Charles, 14 Eliot, C. E. B. 

St. Cioud,"Trem't,opp. Union Park 
St. Elmo, 130 West liiookline 
St. George, 19 Howard. W. A. 

St. James, Franklin square, H. S. 

Crocker & Son [Beatty 

Stinsou House, 71 Beach, G. F. 
Strangers' Home, Marginal, corner 

Haynes, E.B., Thouuts Larkin 
Temple I louse, 8 & 9 Bowdoin sq., 

E. B. Pierce 

Thayer's, Wnsliington, n. Bridge, 

ward 10, Warren S. Thayer 
Tremont, Tieuioiit, cor. Beacon, 

Chapiu, <;nrui'V..>t Co. 
Union Hotel, Stephen 1,. Burkctt, 

prop.. Smith, corner Shawuiut 

ftveuue, W. Koxbury 



Union House, fi Alden 
TTNITED STATES, Beach, cor. 
^ Lincoln, X: Buck 
Warreritoii Ilotel, 00 Warrenton, 

Chester &Dodg_> 
Washington House, 15 Howard. N. 

B. Stevens 
Watson's Hotel, D. C. Watson, 

fi a'ul 8 Bulfiueh 
V. . bsx 1 House, 382 Hanover, S. W. 

Webster, 182 Sumner,A. D. Jaquith 
Wilde's, 4G Elm, Giay, Bell, & 

Winter House, 1 Winter place, J. 

(i. Hill 
Winthrop House, 34 Bowdoin, 

T. Ilcndcrscn 
YOUNG'S HOTEL, Court ave., 
•'- George Young 

Brighton Hotel, JosiahT. Wilson, 

prop., Wash. opp. Wiudship 
Cattle Fair Hotel, Z.T. Harrington, 

prop., Wash. cor. iVIarket 
Charles River Ilotel, S. R. Perkins, 

prop.. Market, cor. Western ave. 
Kagle's Hotel, E. Nagle, prop., 

Washington, cor. Wiudship 
Reservoir House, Thomas Mellen, 

prop., Wash, ucn: Wiudship 
Emerson, prop., Cambridge, 
opp. Trotting park 
Rockland House, J<ihn H. Lee, 

prop.. Wash. cor. Rockland 
Scates Hotel, A. 11. Broderick, 

prop., Washington eor. Chestnut 

Hill avenue 

House niKl <'ai'r>a&;e 

T ORD S. S. Jr. 312 Dorch. ave. 
■*-' (see page GU:i) 

House -Fiii-iiishiiig A.r« 

Adams O. & Sons, 7!) to 87 B'way 
-^ Exchange (see page 057) 
^ Faneni! Hall s^juare 

1292, Boston Post-Otfice 
BRO.MWICll C. iM. G13 East 
Carv & l>alv,(.".5 East Broadway 
nilAP.MAN C. C. 470 W. Broad- 
^ w.ay 

Coburn Silas D. & Co. 2 Charter 
Fall Henry, 117 Beaeh [Wash. 

Ferdinand F. June. Warren and 


153 Milk 
Greene P. J. .370 Hanover 
nUY & BROl'HERS, 33 Bedford 

Hatch N. M. 877 Washington 

T7AYNES JAMES G. 25411arri- 

■'-'■ son ave. 

Hildreth & Johnson, fi7 Blackstone 


•'-' and IG Faneuil Hall square 

ATASON GEO. 11. 154 Black- 

•^'-^ stone 

jyiORANDI F. 100 Union 

Murraj' J. A. 141 Cambridge 
Noves Edward W. & Co. 1827 

Phinuey W. S. 112 Merrimac 
piHNNEY & CO. 12 Green 

Rogers G. W. KA.'i Washington 
Saroni Charles A. 142 i)i;dley 
Spear John M. 49 West Canton 
CTEAHXS N.C. 10 and IS Brom- 
'-' held (importers, see page 0."j8) 
Sterling II. 01 Wall i 24 Causeway 
■IXrALKEK F. A. & CO. S3 and 
*♦ 85 Cornhill,and & S Brattle 
Wright Tlmuias, 1080 Washington 
Ycomans H. A. 388 W. Broadway 

Iloiiseliold A.ft. 

THE IIoi:si;il()I.I) ART CO., 
Antiiinriniil .Vitistie Furniture, 
FloorTile., .Maiiiel-piece Tiles, 
Brass Handles, .Vc. 153 Tremont 

House Siind. 

pRENN.VN D.VNIEL, successor 
^ to C. l^eonard, .100 Conuncrcial 

Hart letfs wharf 
■nAVIS JOHN A. 272 Federal 

House Xriniiiiintis. 

LEWIS & HAASE, .">-. Wareham 
■*■ Union 



Hyatt Sidewalk r,ight. 

flROFT & KEYES, 97 Beverly 

ENIO, HAM, & CO. 15S Port- 
MITH & LOVETT, 127 Albany 




•'-'- Washington 

Siefert Charles A. 70 Washington 

Ice Cream. 

Belcher E. J. 2S Oxford 
Blakeney Hugh, 44.'> W. Broadway 
Boston lee Cream Co. 9 Spring lane 
Nichols John, 2.10 W. Broadwav 

DEPOT, 3X Hamilton place, 
Chas. F. Baker, prop. 

Ice Cream Freezers. 

■^*- E.xchange (see p:ige 6o7) 

Ice Sealers. 

gOSTON ICE CO. 99 State 

Bright H. O. 99 State 

Citizen's Ice Co. 26 North Market 

Gage Addison & Co. 128 State 

JjriTINGER JACOB, 101 State 

Jamaica Pond Ice Co., Office, 27 

Ouild Row, Boston Highlands 
Kennebec & Boston Ice Co., H. W. 

Goodwin, a^ent, 91 Commercial 
Kin°; & Co., Neponset ave., opp. 

Adams, ward 1*> 
Kussell Charles, 20 North Market 
Strong W. C, Kenrick, Brighton 
XJnion Ice Co. 37 Conim'l wharf 

Boston Ice Co. 23 Front and 85 

Gage Addison & Co. 85 Water 
Hittinger Jacob, Hittinger's wharf 
Tudor Co., Tudor's wharf 


Xiinneman C. A. 28 Channcy 
Dunbar T. J. & Co. 70 Broad 

Indelible Ink Alanurs. 



pOWER 3. H. & CO. 64 High 

GPENCER S. M. 117 Hanover 
^ (see page 808) 

India Rubber. 

A LDEN & EDMANDS, 190 Con- 
■"- gress 
India Rubber Ooods. 

(See also Rnhher Goods.) 
■pENSON & B.\.NKS, 50 Wash- 
-'-' ington (see pa^e 711) 
■^ Chauncy (see page S05) 

Boston Elastic Fabric Co. 173 and 

175 Devonshire, and .32 Arch 
rjLAPP C. M. & CO. IS5 Devon. 
^ 44 Arch (see page 727) 
••■^ Washington 

■^-' School 

■'-'■ 45 Arch (see page 662) 

Indian Croods. 


-*■ 51 Hanover 

Infants' Farnishins 

gURR <M. S. S CO. 10 Oak 

riALDWELL T. B. & CO. 288 

^^ Washington 

pORD J. G. Mes. 51 Temple pi. 

•^ ington 

flARTER BROS. & CO. 94 
^ Washington 

Carter, Dinsmore, & Co. 89 Broad 
T)ONALD W. C. & CO. 20 
^-^ Spring lane (printing) 
Flagg J. llenry, 4 Libertv square 
UREEM-VN GEO. H.' 20 North 
-'■ Market (Crystal Ink) 
Goodwill ie W. S. & Co. 25 Court 
Hauthaway C. L. & Sons, 454 Fed'l 
Maynard X: Noyes, 9 and 11 Mer- 
chants row 

MORRILL GEO. H. 30Hawley 

-L»-l- (printing) 


Pase Nathaniel, 15 Marshall 

WARD SAMUEL & CO. 8 State 
and 5S Wash, (manufs.) 
176 Lincoln 
Wright Bruthei », 30 Shawmut ave. 

Ink Fraser. 

Independent Inst., 1924 Washing- 
ton (blind ink eraser) 

Inner Soles, Heels, <fec. 

Adams A. H. & Co. 41 Wash. sq. 
Andrews John S. 48 Hanover 
Bav State Inner Sole Co. 103 

Belcher 0."F. 315 North 
Calanan Patrick, 10 Water, Chastn. 
Harding John. 282 Commercial 
Mansfield John F. & Co. 219 North 
Nichols A. D. .'i'l Cliarlestown 
O'DonncU & JIcLaughiin, 311No'th 
Wing Geo. 10 Water, Chastn. 

Insolvency, Coniniission- 
eVs of. 

Blackmar Wilnion W. 14 Tremont 
Coolidge David H. 32 Peniberton 

Willard Joseph, Niles block 

Faulkner Geo. C. 1 Comm'l wharf 
Hatch Edward. 1 Comm'l wharf 
Kenney John, 1 Connnercial whf. 
Tewksbury A. R. 1 Commercial 

Burnham Andrew, 194 Comm'l 
Savage A. J. 191 Commercial 

Ball J. JI., Gray's wharf 
Cole Winslow,"Fort Hill wharf 
Freeman K. & Co.. Snow's wharf 
Maxwell J. M. 218 Broad 
Nickerson T. W. 7 Connnerce 
Parker George O., Gray's wharf 
Snow E. jr. 13 Connn'l wharf 

Slack W. G. 1S6 State 
Tracy Christopher, 82 Comm'l 
Wade Asa, ISO State 
Young R. S. 74 Commercial 

Gas and Meters, 
Hinman C. W. II Montgomery pi. 

Barnes Israel M. 120 Canal 
Dudley £. G. 2'26 Federal 
Livermore Sanmel B. 129 Comm'l 
Small Jas. H. Orleans, n. Sumner 

Hall J. P. 19 Lewis wharf 

Bragdon William &. Sons, 44 Hano- 
ver and 233 Broad 
CandageR. G. F. 17 Merchants 

Davis Ebenezer, 17 Merchants Ex- 

Faxon Henry, at City Hall 

Oils, (Coal.) 
Cleaves Nathaniel, 3 Central whf. 
Means R. F. Custom House st. 

Pot and Pearl Ashes. 

Cook M. D. 106 Canal 


Gourland. Smith. & Co. 226 Friend, 

and lis .South Market 


Chesley F. .31^ I"di-i 
Cleaves Nathaniel & Son, 3 Cen- 
tral wharf 
Davis R. L. 11 Central wharf 
O'Malley M. 11 Central wharf 

Burnham Andrew, 194 Comm'l 
Savage A. J. 194 Cmmnercial 

Bemis Emery, 24 I}idia square 

312 Wasliingtou (see p. 715) 

^ and 15 Tremont (see page 694) 
TylllTE SAMUEL S. 13 and 16 
'' Tremont row 


T?ROST & "ADAMS, .33 and 35 
^ Coriiliill (seepagr 684) 

Cornhill (see page 691) 
Hastings F. C. .-t Co. :A Cornhill 
rrHAXTER S. & SON, 125 State 
■"• (see page 70S) 

fTALL THOMAS, 19 Bromfield 
*■•'■ (see page 6,S2) 
Lowe N. AL 603 Court (Hygrodiek) 

109 Court (see page 697) 
-^ CO., .'IS Chardon 

Mathematical and Optical. 

Boston Optical AVorks, Charles 

.Stodder, agent, 7.") Devonshire 

BUFF & BERGER, 9 Province 
pLSON JULIUS, 12 West 

IjiROST & ADAMS, a", and 35 
*^ Cornhill (see page 684) 
Moody J. E. between Walnut and 

Tavlor, opp. dejiot. ward 16 

-■- 12.5 State (s^e page 708) 
TTPll.VM THOMAS A. 17 Har- 

^ vnrd place (see page 708) 
Widdifield & Co. 34 West 

Mathematical and Nautical, also 
Books and Charts. 
Lincoln F. W. jr. & Co. 126 Com'l 
PARKMAN S. N. 174 Connner- 
^ cial 

Temple John H., Centre, near Cen- 
tral station, We>t Roxbury 
-•• 125 State (see page 708) 

Watts Joseph, 21 Brattle 
piIAMBERLAIN H. B. & W. 0. 
^ 312 Wash, (see page 715) 
Finger Louis, 130 Commercial 
XT ALL THOJIAS, 19 Bromfield 
■*--'- (see pase 682) 

rAMMETT J. L. 37 Brattle 

STON J. S. F. 96 


-'-■'• Washington 

Ritchie E. :'•. & Son, 1.50 Tremont 


^ vard plu e (see page 708) 

Surgical and Dental. 

BURR M. S. & CO., medicated 
inhaler, 10 Oak 
^ and 15 Tremont (see page 694) 
T EACH & GREENE, 1 Hamil- 
-'-' ton place 

WHITE S. S. 13 and 16 Trem't 
' ' row 

Surveying and Astronomical. 
pUFF & BERGER, 9 Province 
■^ court 

125 State (see page 708) 
Anders G.L. .".0 Hanover 
77 ALL TIIO.MAS, 19 Bromfield 
-•-•- (see page IW2J 

REDDING J. & CO. .30 Hanover 
(see page 664) 

109 Court (see page 697) 

Insurance Agents. 

Allen H. F. 106 Washington 
Allen & Lord, 37 State 
A LLIGER BROS. 104 Washing- 
^ ton 

Atkins J. R. 22X E.xchange 
Barker EdniunU P. 106 W'ash. 
^ Devonshire 
Barrows R. S. 93 Washington 
Bartlett W. B. IK Devonshire 
Seattle William A. 22 ICilby 
Bird & Wliittcniore, 40 Wash. 

throp block, Maverick sq. E.B. 
■DLODGEX H. T. 70 State 





Eoardman Charles IT. 102 Wash. 
Bonney Pelham. 27 State 
Bortells F. L. 122 Wasliiiiston 
Bowers H. E. 74 Devon, (insurance 


■ OWKER ALBERT, 1 Old State 

Boyden Warren. 7 4 Devonshire 
■DREWER CYRUS, 5 Old State 
■'-' House, (ipp. 12 State 
Brighani iMosos B. % Washington 

BROWN H. A., POPE& CO. 86 
Brown I. .1. (ill Devonshire 
Brown John N. 71 Devonshire 
Brown Sanuiel W. Ca Wash. 
Brown, Smith, & Whittemore, 62 

■DUiMSTEAD JOHN, 173 Wash- 
•*-' ington 

■RURGESS JAS. M. 70 Wash- 
■'-' iiigton 

■RURKHAM L. W. lOG Wash- 
■" iuKton 

■DUITERFIELD J. 33 School, 
•*-^ room 2j 
Callahan Cornelius H. 48 State and 

390 West Broadway 
Capen T. W., Norfolk, n. Wash- 
ington, ward IG 
riARPENTER GEO. O. 1 and 3 
^ Merehiuits' Exohange 
Carr J. F. 221 Wasliiiigton, rm. B 
BARTER C. W. 1 Pemberton 
^ square (lifel 

^ State 

nHAM BERLIN W. S. 10 Pem- 
^ berton sijuare 
Chandler H. P. l.'i Devonshire 
Chapman A. F. <.SX Wash. {Berk- 
shire Life) 
'-' 15 State 
Cherrington L. J. 134 Wash. 

(Aetna Life) 
Childs David W. 14 Sears' bldg. 
Churchill F. A. .58 Meridian 
Clappjohn C. 17 Sears building 
Clapp John P., Adams, n. Dorch. 

avenue, ward 111 
Clarke E. A. Jlrs. 36 Bromfield 
Codinan Wm. C. & J. G. Freeman, 

40 Kilbv 
Coniey C H. 173 Washington 
ComeV H. H. 173 AVashington 
Corki'ns Charles R. 22 School 
Crane W. C. 86 Devonshire 
Cushing S. SO Washington 
T) ALTON & WATSON, 3 Kilby 

Daniell J. N. 70 Washington 
Darlin" Henrv A. 10 Pemb. square 
"nARLING H. E. 43 Devonshire 

Dix George L. 136 Washington 
Dobson I. F. 48 .State, room 2 
Dow Edwin B. 7 State 
Eaton George E. 102 Washington 
"PDDY P. E. 43 Devonshire 

Edwards Henry, 14 Kilby 
Ellison, HoUis, S; Co. 8.3 Devon. 
■^ Washington 


-*- gress and 20 Cong'rss square 

Fav C. F. 3 Seliool 

]jiL E T C II E R ED.MUND, 28 

-* School, room ;15 (litei 


J- School 

■pOSS F. .L D.))<f Washington 

-"• (Berkshire Life) 

Foster Nathaniel, jr. 5 Devonshire 

(tire and marine) 
Foster & Cole, l.j Devonshire 
Fox Jacob. 1 Pemberton square 
J- Kcv.Hisl.irc 

■•- Devonshire 

Fuller Raii-nm B. 68 Devonshire Chas. J. 81 Washington 
Furna' Ibury. 70 Washington 
Gannett Wm. P. .1 Studio bldg. 

GERItY & SLACK, 14 .'wears' 
bid--, agents John Hancock 
L;fV Insuram e Co. (see p. G.5U) 
Gleasun L. W. 1I12 Washington 

Gou'd Ji>se.'<cSon,4State 
Grcplv (icp. B. 102 Washington 
/iUlLD CHARLES K. 68 State 

GUILD WM. II. 12y Wasfling- 


^^ bldg. room 3 (life) 

TTALL EDWIN A. 134 Wash- 

-'-'- ington (life) 

Hall E. H. S: Son, 05 >^ Wash. 

Harding Wm. B. 168 Dorches'rav. 

XTARTWELL J. F. 10 Studio 

-*-^ building 

Hayes H. Y. 61 State 

Headley, Fletcher, & Hall, 52 Wash. 

Heidenrich E. 41 Devonsliirc 

Herrick S. K. 151 Washington 

JJOAG G. C. 32 Old State House 

Hodgate J. M. 113 Dudley 

TI OLDEN C. W. & "CO. 102 

-'-'■ Washington 

JJOLLIS E. P. 36 Kilby 

Holman E. 82 Devonshire 
Holvoke Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of 
Salem, C. T. Powell, agt. 5 Court 
Hovey & Fenno, 31 State 
Howard H. 1.34 Wash., room 3 
Hughes AV. K. 1164 Tremont 
HUTCHINGS W. V. 23 State 
Jennev Wni. P. .i2 Devonsliire 
TONES J. GREENE, 119 Wash- 
" ington 

Jordan A. S. 70 Washington 
Jordan, Lovett, & Co. 11 State 
Jordan W. H. S. 70 Washington 
Kennedy T. C. 6 Winthrop block 

KILGORE J. M. 105 Washing- 
rvlmball Samuel, 31 Exchange 
Kinsley J. W. & Co., 28 State 

aey E. D. 70 Washington 
Lambert Thomas E. 5 Studio bldg. 
T ANE & KENDRICK, 84 Dev- 
-^ onshire 

T ET'l'S CHARLES, general agt. 
-'-' Penn. Mutual Life Ins. Co. 7 

Studio building 
Libbev JNI. H. 124 W. Broadway 
Little "A. F. & Co. 27 Wash. 
LONG E. J. & CO. 120 Tremont 
Lovett H. II. III2 Washington 
Macdonald II. J. 70 Wnsli. 
TVI ACY & MARSH, 1 and 3 Mer- 
■^'-'- chants Exchange 
Mandell W. A. 1 Pemberton square 
Marsh Stillman P. 74 Devonshire 
Maynard S. B. 33 School, room 25 
McCoy George M. 70 Washington 
Mclntire Farringtcm, 3 State 
Mercer Edwin, 4 Congress 
Mercer & Gcjodrich, 40 State 
Merritt N. T. 111! Washington 
Mittel Charles, 693 Wash, (life) 

flTEWMAN & PERRIN , 84 and 
-'■' 134 Wash, and June. Warren 

and Harrison ave. room 1 
Niver J. Barton. 3 Seais building 
>JORMAN J. S. 1453 Washing- 
■'■^ ton, agent Niagara Fire Ins. 

Norris D. II 173 Wa^hington 
Norris W. II. Kl W:ish.. room 9 
Olivers. C. 1 Pemberton square 
pALMER II. M. 114 Washington 

pAKSONS JOHN Jr. 1 Pcmber- 

•*■ ton square 

Pearson F. W. Congress 

Perkins G. Henrv, 64 Sears bld'g 


-•■ State 

pilELPS JAMES T. 90 Wnsh- 

-*- ington 


■•■ Kiihv 

Pierce E. A. 64 Sears building 

Pitman JIark, 22 School 

pLUMMEK C. G. C. 89Wash- 

Pollard S. S & Co. 7 Central 
Poole II. J. .376 W. Broadway 
Pope & Co. 86 Devonshire 
Porter Edward P. 31 Devonshire 
pORTER J. AV. 27 State 

pORTER W. 27 State 

POWELL C. T. 5 Court, agent 
■^ Ilolyoke Jlutnal Fire Ins. Co. 

of Salem 
Pray On in B. Ji; Co. 54 Devonshire 
Prince F. W. 7.'> IJevojishire 
Prince James- II. 7.'i Devonshire 
Prvor John, 6 Studio bnilding 
T>"AY E1>WIN, 84 Washington 

Raymond F. 1.33 Tremont 
ReedL. jr. 3Tlemontrow 
T>KEI) T. FRANK, 66 Devon- 
■" shire 
■REED K BRO. 2 Old Slate House 

IIOADES S. II. 13 Old State 

Rice Edmund, 221 Wash.. roomB 
Richards Edward E. 1898 Wash. 
Richards Elias, 36 Kilby 
Rohan Charles B. 27 Court 
Rolfe J. A. 93 Washington 
Rowe Richard, 82 Devonshire 
Sage Deimis, 84 Devonshire 
Sampson Wm. II. 53 Devonshire 
Sanborn E. W. 7 State 
g.-VWYER & BLAKE, 29X State 

Scott Elbridge G. 22 Guild row 

GEARS W. B. 74 Devonshire 

'-' (see leaf opp. page 113) 


^ room 1 

Sherman William F. 76 Tremont 

dlMPSON J. B. 27 Guild row. 

*--' room 2 

Slack D. E. 14 Sears building 

CMITII AMOS D. 3d, 3 Sears 

'^ bnilding 

Smith Edward J. 5 Studio bldg. 

Smith F. II. ai>(^ Washington 

Smith Henrv A. 14 .Sears building 

Smith Wni.'V. 28 State 

Snow- E. G. 85 Devonshire 

Snow H. Allen, 96 Washington 

Spaldin" John J. 14 Sears building 

Sproat Charles AV. 4 Washington 

Staples H. A. 4 State 

CTEARNS BROS. 12 Kilby, and 

^ 134 Summer 

Stephenson L. jr. 105 AVashington 

^ chants Exchange 
Stone E. AV. 86 Devonshire 
Sully John, 31 State, room 16 
Tapley Charles, 14 Sears building 
Tapley Daniel J. 14 Sears building 
Tapley George, 14 Sears building 
rpIIAYER WM. D. room C, 
^ Sears bnilding 
Thompson & Reed, 34 Devonshire 

Tilden Nelson 11.64 Sears building 
rriLMAN JOSEPH, 129 Shaw- 
-"- mnt avenue 

Tobin John M. & Co. 69 Devon. 
mOWNE AVJI. J. 59 Bromfield 

Townsend James, 33 Central sa. 
Tozer Charles A. 10 Pemb. sq. 
•L CO., Charles G. C. Plummer, 

gen'l agent, 89 AA'ashingtcm 
••■ Washingtim and AVa*h. opp. 

Cat. Fair Hotel, Biighlon(tire) 
True George S. 153 'I'remont 
Tyler John S. 28 State, room 6 
Y IN CENT AV. II. 25 State 

AA'alker Daniel. 27 Court 
AVard J. 11. 70 AVashington 
AVarren Gtorge, 86 Devonshire 
*' AVashington 
Wells Charles F. 13 Old State 

Westgate J. E & Son, 69 Devonsh'e 
•\Yl'I'i'COMB AVM. H. & CO. 
' ^ 74 Devonshire 
Whitney AVm. Sewall, 14 Sears 

AA'ildcr & Ilolway, 3 Tremont row 
AVillis James D."K. 27 State, rni. 18 
AVinnctt J. & Co. 5 'I'remont 
AVorks Geo, F. 14 Sears bldg. 
Y'oung D. & Co. 69 Devonshire 

Brown B. F. 19 City square 
Clark Jndson G. ii AVcbster, agent 

Union Mutual Life Insurance 

Cooper & Kelso, 1.34 Main 
DeCosta & Sawyer, 9 City square 
Kendall Isaac iS. 2.3 lAIaiu 
Long Geo. 11. 25 Jlain 
Raymond Francis, 51 High, agent, 

Union Mutual Life Insurance 

Shcdd A. b. 25 City square 
Wolston Jc'hn R. 1 Chelsea 
Dudley Ephraim, South, comer 

Dudley avenue 
George . I. Phillips, James' block, 

Centre, near Cireen 
PaL'c Charles J. Bartlett's building. 

Green, opp. the depot 

Insurance Cuiiiniiiiitiou- 

Clarke L. .33 Pcmbertonn sq. 

InKiiriiiicc Statistics. 


•*■ Devonshiru 



Insurance Companies. 

Ameuioan INSUKANCE COMl-A.- 
XY, Mo. 54 Stiue Stret-t. Incor- 
porated, 1SI8. Capital. ,$".IX),OCK). 
Pres., Frauds Peabody : Sec, J. 
\V. Field. 

Akkwrigiit Mutual Fire In- 
surance COMl-ANY, No. 10 
Peinherton square. Ineorporat- 
ed, IWiU. President, Waido Hig- 
ginson; See., K. U. .Sprague. 

Boston iManufactureks' Mu- 
tual Insurance Comi'any, 
lai Devonsliire Street. Incorpo- 
rated, 1S50. President, K. E. 
Mantonj Secretary, William B. 

BOYLSTON Mutual Insur- 
ance COMi'ANY, No. 43 state 
Street. Incorporated, 1873. Cap- 
ital, §1,0U0,IIUU. President, Jos. 
W. Buich ; Sec, N. S. Jenney. 

Builders' Mutual Fire In- 
surance CO.Ml-ANY, No. 70 
Devonsliire Street. President, 
J. C. Hoadlcy ; Secretary, H. E. 

China Mutiial Insurance 
Co.mi'any, No. 52 State Street. 
Incorporated, 185;l. Assets, §1,- 
000,000. Pres., Francis Bacon ; 
Secretary, Geo. L. Ueblois. 

Citizens' iMutual Fike Ins. 
COMl'ANY, 51' Washington St. 
Incorporated, lS-16. Assets, $200,- 
8&5,y6. President, S. W. Irow- 
bridge; Sec, J. W. Peabody. 

City Mutual Fire Insurance 
COMVANY, 1935 Washington St. 
Incorporated, 1810. President, 
Laban S. Beticher; Secretary, 
Edward Richards. 

J>oi-clie$ter AEiititnl Fire 
Iiisiiraiic-e C<>uii>:iiiv. — 
Neponset, Ward l(i. Incorpo- 
rated, 1S55. Cash Assets, $142,- 
800. President, E. J. BuUer; 
Secretary, W. F. Temple. 

Dwelling House Insur.\nce 
Co.Ml'ANY, No. 2!) State street. 
Incorporated, 1872. Capital, 
$3011,000. President, Arthur Wm. 
Hobart; Secretary, Henry F. 

Eliot Insurance Company, 
No. fii State Street, Incorporat- 
ed, 1872. Capital, $200,0110. 
President, George A. Curtis; 
Secretary, Wni. ;>I. L,athrop. 

FANEUIL H.'VLL Insur.vnce 
Co.Ml'ANY, office, 28 State Street. 
Incorporated, 1872. Capital, 
8200,000. President, K.W.Chaf- 
fee i Secretary, J. W. Kinsley. 

Firemen's Fire Insurance 
Co.MrANV, No. 73 State Street. 
Incorporated, 1872. Capital, 
S.300.IKX). President, Shubael G. 
Koges; Secretary, Thomas W. 

Franklin Insurance Com- 
1".\NY OF Boston, No. 46 State 
Street. Incorporated, 1873. Cap- 
ital, $200,000. President, Wm. 
M. Byrnes; Secretary, Edmund 
B. Whitney. 

India Mutual iNsirRANCE 
Co.Ml'ANY, No. 57 State Street. 
Incorporated, 181)7, Capital, 
$2IX),000, President, JohTi H. 
Dane ; Secretary, W. L. Caverly. 

John Hancock AXutiial 
l.iit°e Iiisni-siiice 4'oni- 
Pitn.v, No. 10 Sears' Building. 
President, 1... A. Lyon ; Vice- 
President, Farnham Plummer; 
Secretary, George B. Alger (see 
page 650) 

Manufacturers' Fire and 
JIarine Insurance Compa- 
ny, No. 5'J State Street. Incor- 
porated, .Tannery 9, 1873. Capi- 
tal, $.500 000. President, Samuel 
Gould ; Secretary, Jas. J. Good- 


Life Insurance Co.mpany, 
No. 50 State Street. Incorporat- 
ed, 1818. Capital, $500,000. Ac- 
tuary, George T. Bigelow; Sec- 
retary, Cyrus K. Hale. 

Massachusetts Mutual In- 
surance CoMP.\NY, No. .39 
Court Street. Incorporated, 1872. 
President, Charles B. Cumings; 
Secretary, John M. Corbett. 

Mercantile Marine Insur- 
ance Company, No. 58 State 
Street. Incorporatid. 1823. Cap- 
ital, $.;0U,UO0. President, George 
K. Rogers ; Sec, B. F. Field, jr. 

Mill Owners' Mutual Fire 
Insurance Company, No. 131 
Devonshire Street. Incorporat- 
ed, 1873. President, William H. 
Kent; Secretary, Frederick S. 

Mutual Protection Fire In- 
sur.vnce Co.mpany, 1 Chelsea 
street. Ward 20. Incorporated, 
1801. Capital, $-)0,000. Presi- 
dent, Amos Stoue; Secretary, 
John R. Wolston. 

Neptune J'ire and Marine 
Insurance Co.mpany, No. 61 
State Street. Incorporated, 1872. 
Capital, $:!00,000. President, 
George F. Osborne; Secretary, 
Eugene B. Iliukley. 

New England Mutual Life 
INSUR.\NCE Company, No. 39 
State Stieet. Organized, 1844. 
Net Assets, $12,'22.h,360.77. Pres- 
ident, Benjamin F. Stevens; 
Secretary, Joseph M. Gibbens. 

New England .AIutual Ins. 
Company, 62 State Street. In- 
corporated, 1872. Capita', $350,- 
000. President, George C. Lord; 
Secretary, Alfred Pressou. 

North American Insurance 
Company, No. l O.d State Ho. 
Incorporated, 1872. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Albert Bow- 
ker; Secretary, E. E. Partridge. 

Prescott Insurance Compa- 
ny of Boston, No. 56 Devon- 
shire Street. Incorporated, 1873. 
Capital, $200,000. Pres., Frank- 
lin Greene; Secretary, Francis 
H. Stevens. 

Shoe and Leather Insur- 
ance Co.mpany, No. 52 Devon- 
shire Street. Incorporated, 1872. 
Capital, S.'MO.OOO. President, 
JohnC. Abbott; Secretary, Henry 
B. White J' J 

Union Mutual Life Insur- 
ance CoMi-ANY, of Augusta, 
Maine. Incoiporated, 1848. Di- 
rectors' Office, 153 Tiemont.— 
President, Henry Crocker; Sec- 
retary, Whiting II. Ho. lister. 

Unity Mutual Life Insur- 
ance AUSOCIAI'ION, 375 Harri- 
son avenue. Incorporated, 1867. 
President, C. J. Bishop ; Secre- 
tary, C. W. Carter. 

■Washington Fire and Ma- 
EiNE Insurance Co.mpany, 
No. 38 State Street. Incorporat- 
ed, 1873. Capital, $300,000. Pres., 
Isaac Srt-eetser; Secretary, Benj. 


AIutual Fire Insurance 

Office, 27 WASHINGTON ST., 
Saleni, Msiss. 
Directors— Willard P. Phil- 
lips, Aaron Perkins, Augustus 
Story, James Chamberlain, Chas. 
II. Price, Salem ; Jonn D. Parker, 
Boston; Alfred A. Abbott, Pea- 
body; G. Augustus Tapley, Dan- 
vers ; Frederick Mitchell, Ipswich ; 
Joseph O. Procter, G.oucester. 
President., AUGUSTUS Story. 
Secretary, TlIoS. H. JOHNSON. 
Statement of Condition, Feb 1, 1873. 

Amount insured $22,530,663.47 

Real estate 17,.582,810.52 

Personal estace 4,947,852.95 

Guarantee Capital, 

(Cash) $100,000.00 

Total availab.e cash 

assets 310,622.68 

Deduct for reinsur- 
ance and other lia- 
bilities 220,618.02 

Surplus $90,005.67 

Proposals for insurance may be 
made through 

for Boston and vicinity. 

No. 5 Court Street, cor. Washing- 
ton St., Boston. 

Intelligence Offices. 

(See also Emploijmcnt Bureau.) 
Adams M. l:'.(l Tiemont 
Beigland C. A. 11 Staniford 
Boston Young .Men's Christian As- 
sociation, 68 Kliot 
Butler W. T. ,!< Co. 13 School 
Carnes R. H. N. 49^ W. Canton 
Cummings T. J. 1 Cambridge 
Driscoll K. Mrs., 475 W.Broadway 
Dwight & Co. 678 Washington 
Elder Jane C. Mrs. 52 Leveiett 
Emery W. E. X; Co. 4 Ilollis 
Fisher A. T. 1104 Washington 
Forristall M. 104'J Tremont 
Glover Wm. J. S. 14 Tiemont 
Goodwin I. 56 Washington 
Hanks S. A. Mrs. 49 Kiieeland 
Harris B. Mrs. 217 Cambridge 
Home Guardian office, 6 Oak 
Kelly T.2J Bjylston 
Kingman Elizabeth, 36 Bromfield 
Leake A Mrs. 9 Carver 
IMeCullum Mary Mrs. r. 727 Wash. 
McKclvey R. 373 Harrison arc 
McMulkin Mary J. Mrs. 81 Charles 
McNally John, Centre, n. Thomas, 

West Roxbury 
Morgan Chapel, 87 Shawmut ave. 
Nova Scotia Employment Co. 21 

Patson M. J. 5S6 Washington 
Pierce E. I. Mrs. 130 Washington 
Pierce Geo. L. 14 Tremont 
Pitts C. .Mrs. 67 Joy 
Porter W.H. Mrs. 17 Tyler 
Power T. C. 144 Washington 
Savage W. F. Mrs. 130 Main, 

Sdiulze A. E. 17 Chapman (Ger- 
Shope C.G. Mrs. 143)^ No'hampton 
Smith E. jr. 683X Washington 
Smith H. L. Mrs. 3 Garden 

Starreft J. S. 28 Sudbury 
Steele Rosa, 13 Oait 
Sullivan L. .Mrs. 19 East Dedliam 
Tracy & Co. 517 Wash. 
Vaught Clara iMrs. 3 Sears place 
Wakefield S. 75 Hanover 
Washington B. F. 5 Smith's court 
White Sarah E. Mrs. 1088 Wash. 
Wing L. H. 32 Harvard 
Women's Homestead League, 85 

Wright A. Mrs. 41 Winslow 

Interior Decorators. 

{See aUo Vrapcri/ Curtains; also 

Fresco Painters.) 
^ and 215 Tremont 
Spurr Chas. W. 522 Harrison ave. 

Internal Revenue. 

{See page 'JS'l.) 


Creighton James R. 5 Beach 
Culver J. C. 27 Pemb. square 
Goodale John, 5 Beaeh 
Hill Benj. 158 Ilajrison ave. 
Miller William. 700 Wash. 
Shorey S. W., Summer, c. South 
'' Court (see page 700) 

Iowa Lands. 

QOFFIN JOHN L. 1.30 State 

Iron ISiilI<lln<; Sl Bridge 

IRON CO., 5 Pemberton sq. 
'-' Granite, cor. West First, and 

8 Oliver 
rjOPELAND E. T. 25 Doane 
^ (see page 657) 
QROFT & KEYj;S, 97 Beverly 

DENIO, IIAJI, & CO. 158 Port- 
^-^ 2.5 Doane 
(see page 676) 
T ALLY' JOHN, First, c. Granite, 

-l-^ AVOKKS, 27 Pemberton sq., 

C. II Parker & Co. 
CMITH G. W. & F., Federal, c. 
^ Furnace 

Iron Columns. 

CO., Kemble (see page 709) 



Iron Crestings. 

■gUBIER & CO. 23 Exchange 

TjiLYNN JAMES, 79 Flympton 
■^ (see paj^e 70;J,i 

Iron Fence Builders. 

■D ABB E. A. & CO. ISO Harrison 

■'-' ave. 

Bianiliall Otis, 50 Cove 

•g U B I E K & CO. 23 Exchange 

Burnham & Lowell, 33 Hawkins 

DEMO, HAM, & CO. 158 Port- 
"PLYXN JAMES, 79 Plynipton 
■*- (see page 703) 
Goldie Brothers. (iO W. Dedham 

ll'O Fulton (s?e page (i<>2) 
J^OBIXSOX A. E. 185 W. Second 

CMITH G. W. & F., Federal, cor. 
^ Furnace 

Iron Founders. 

-^ CIIIXE CO. 8i Kingston 
Bisboe, Endicott. & Co. 2-t Kilby 
■t> H. Hart, treas. 8 Oliver, and 
Granite, cor. West First 

DRY CO., A. J. Blanchard. 

agt., J. Hunnewell,, treas., 139 

Friend and iii Canal 
■DOWERS GEO. P., Woburn 
^ Iron Foundry, oftice, S Dock sn. 
^ Dver & Gurney, 2(t' Border 
Clie'.n'isford Iron Foundry Co. 48 

Bi-verlv, G. T. Sheldon, "agent 
^ .stone 

'-' & Co. 198 Second 
TJAVIS & FARNUM. 134 Wash- 

and ',)S North 

DYEK .V GUllNEY, 202 Border 
opposite Central sn. E.B. 
Fulton Iron Foundry Co., Charles 
A. 'lliaclicr, treas. ;!9 Broad 

WORKS, .T.O Albany 
-'"'• Ilayniarket sq. 
Howard Joshua D. & Co., Earl, near 

'^ gles 
Lincoln R. B. & Son, foot of Alger 

(sash weights) 
■L* Oliver 
Ncponset Iron Foundry, Holmes & 

Blancliard. Taylor, ward 16 
Osgood, Davis, & Hart, 3 Sherman, 

Pratt .Allies & Co., High, n. Oliver 
Pratt & Wentwortli, .S'.i North 
'-' Bride, treas. 24 Oliver 
South Boston Iron Co. 55 Foundry 
Treniont Foundry Co., Hampshire, 

ciM-ner Culvert 
yANCE &. CO. 198 Second 

*' S^ Oliver (malleable and 
coMuuon castings) 
CO., B. E. Whiting, agent, 
Keiuble, near Hampden (see 
page 709) 

Iron Fronts. 

IRON CO. 5 I'emberton sq. 
(solid cast iron) 

Iron Furniture. 

■DUBIER &CO. 23 Exchange 

T^LYNN JAMES, 79 Plympton 
■•• (see page 703) 
rr UCKER MANUF. CO. 117 
-■- Court (bedsteads) 

Iron and Steel. 

A BBOTT .% HOWARD, 35 Oli- 
■^ vcraiid 2.'i2 Franklin 
Bacon «; Brown, (W and 70 Fulton 

bertiMi so. and 4!l.'> First 
WORKS, office, 42 Battery- 
march (seepage 698) 
IRON CO.oPeniberton square 
Bridgewater Iron Manuf. Co., N. 
Stetson, treas. 134 Milk 



Cate Isaac M. 13 Custom House st. 
Clapp F. & Sons, 1211 North 
Cottin W. E. & Co. 8 Oliver 
Coniey W. G. 15 Foundry, agent, 

Wevmoutli Iron Co. 
Cutler E. P. 15 Kilby 
Dennis S. James ,t Co. 122 Water 
East Bridgew.Tter Iron Co., Rogers 

& Sheldon, 179 Water 
Ellis W. R. ,>!; Co 17 Batterynmrch 
UIRTH TIIO.S. & SONS, 35 Oli- 
■*■ ver and 2:12 Franklin 
Franconia Iron & Steel Co. 8 Oliv'r 
riULLER, DANA, & FITZ, 110 
•"- North 

Gav, Mauson, & Co. 22 Fulton 
Goldsmith J. Morliuier, 41 Long 

Greenough Joseph F. 13 Exchange 

(pig iron) 
Home Wm. M. 104 Broad 
Howe Elijah, jr. agent, 42 Batty'ch 

P. Hunt, agent, 13 and 15 Cus- 


TESSOP W.M. & SONS, 141 Fed- 
^ eral (see front co.ored page) 

•J [ton 

Joyce & Richardson, 41 and 43 Ful- 
Lang W. Bailev & Co. 102 North 
■L* North 

Lehigh Valley Iron Co. 44 Broad 
-L' Fulton 

T OTHROP & CO. 14 to 20 Cus- 
^ torn House st. 

AT A Y & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver 
■^'-'- (also tin plate, see inside back 

McCANN & BURNS, 11 and 13 
Moseley, Hodgman, & Co. 44 Broad 
Nashua Iron and Steel Co., JI. A. 

Herrick, agent, 8 Pemb. square 
Naylor & Co. 6 Oliver, and Consti- 
tution wharf 
Newell J. W. 19 B-rttervmarch 
Old Colony Iron Co., tV. R. Paine, 
agent, 36 Broad 

John B. Taft, agent, 10 Oliver 
pAGE EDWARD & CO. 17 Bat- 
•*■ teryniareh 

Page, iS'ewell, & Co. 19 Batterv'ch 
PARK, BROTHER, & CO." 42 & 
•■ 44 Battery march, E. Howe, jr. 

agent (B'uiek Diamond Steel, 

( sV'c page 698 1 
Pembroke Iron Co. 8 Oliver 
Pratt Isaac jr. 134 Milk (steel) 
pEi:D JOHN H. & CO. 2 Pem- 
^^ beilou sq., warehouse 96 Broad 
Richards & (Jo. 40 to 44 North 
Richardson J. & Bros. 2 Cent. whf. 
^ Batteryniarch 
Stevenson "& Pierson, 44 Kilby (pig 

CTEWART J. & W. 250 Federal 
^ (scrap, sie page 666) 
Supple Francis. I!t5 Dorch. avenue 
rTAFT JOHN B. agent, 10 Oliver 

rjiAYLOR BROS. & CO., John 
-L B.Taft, agent, 10 Oliver 
Thompson C. & F. 5 Custom H. st. 
Toby Horace P. ILO .Milk 
Tomkins Arthur (i. 59 Broad 
Tyler William P. 59 Broad 
Union Iron Co., A. G.Tompkins, 
agent, 59 Broad 
rALDO J. ADAN & CO. 4 
Liberty s(|. (see front colored 
"Wales .1. M. & Co. 6 Oliver 
Warren Henry W. & Co. 6 Central 

Biattle, agent for " UoB- 
.S(l^'t^ CIIOK'K ST7CEL" 
AVilliams G. W. A. 22 Central 
WillianisJanie.s M. VV. 22 Central 
WITIIKRELL O. D. 95 State 



• page 675) 

Iron :ind\Vire lEailingg. 

gUBlERit CO. 23 Exchange 

PLYNN JAMES, 79 Plympton 
-*- (see page 70:1) 

I I Pipe. 

MA Y & CO. 14 to 20 Oliver 
(see inside back cover) 
Oliver fse.' pngc 805) 
11. Chadwick & Co. agts. 24 and 
26 Oliver (see page 68S) 
'' 67 to 73 Kilby (see page 797) 


Iron Koofers. 

IRO.X CO. 5 Pemberton square 
TiWIGIIT GEO. Jk. & CO. 25 
•^ Doane 

-"^ CO. 27 Pemberton sq., C. H. 

Parker & Co. (trusses) 
Smith & ^'an Norden, 394 to 398 
Harrison avenue 

Iron Shutters. 

Clark & Co., J. G. Wilson, agent, 
10 Pemberton s(|unre 

Iron Stnltle Fixtures. 

■RUBIER & CO. 23 Exchange 

PLY'NN J.AJIES, 79 Plympton 
-*■ (see page 703) 

Iron Steamsliii> and "Ves- 
sel JSiiiltler. 

^ City Point (see page_671) 

Iron "Window and Door 

IRON CO. 5 Pemberton square 

Iron "Workers. 

DENIO, HAM, & CO. 158 Port- 
Mason L. & Son, 17 Court 

CO. 27 Pemberton sq., C. H. 
I'arker & Co., proprietors 
Smith &Van Norden, 394 to 898 
Harrison avenue 


Barney Joseuh, IS and 20 India sq. 
pUSH GEOP.GE H. & CO. 33 
■^ Central (American) 
Robinson, Barney, & Co. 18 and 20 
India square 

Italian Awnings. 

{See aUo Awnings.) 
pOWEN R. S. & CO. 173 State 

ERICKSON A. 38 Xo. Market 
(see page 699) 
■'-' Conmiercial 

YALE R. M. 2 South Market, 
■^ corner Commercial (agent for 
the improved aquapelle goods, 
water and mildew proof) 

Ivory, Horns, and Xor- 
toise Sliells. 

Greenwood J. M. 91 Chauncy 

"Woodford Philip R. 98 Broad 

dapanned Ware AIana> 

Peterson Andrew, 1726 "Wash. 
Scavey & Co. 9:! North 
The Waterman Kitchen Furnish- 
ing Stove, 11 and 13 Esse-X 


Atkinson Charles J. 272 Federal 
Bennett Wm. R. 9 Hamilton place 
Davis S. O. & Co. 94 Blackstone 
Faxon O. J. & Co. 20 and 22 Beach 
Fitzenw'ver Fred. 138 Blackstone 

Jones R. ',I4 Blackstone 

Jewellers. (Mann/.) 
(See also Jctvflrt/, Watches^ and 

Bi'ilevE. E. & Co. 208 Wash. 
Bell .loseph (J. SO Washington 

BEUGNIKS II. 28 Winter, room 
34 (designs to order) 
331 Washington 
Brooks L. F. & Co. 221 Washing- 
ton, room 18 
Burrows II. 41 Hanover 
Cubill John, 9 Vernon 
CAUR M. W. & CO. .W Sudbury 
Cluisc Charles (). L. 12 West 
CliattellicrSi Spence, 12 West 
Clarkson & Selueiber. 11 West 
Cohen & Siegel, 19 Sunmier (job- 
Cook Henry, jr. 191 Washington 
/1ROSBY, MORSE, & FOSS, 240 
^ Washington (see page 685) 
Cunningham D. II. 92 Court 




EARIXr, G. W. & CO. 165 

Deariii^ M. 11. :JMl Hanover 
Elm't F. L'lN Wasliinstun 
■pOGCi .U'l.I.VN A. IHl Wash- 
••- iiiKton 

Ford .1. M. ;l Winter, room 1 
POYE O. i\ & CO. I'Jo \Yash- 
•'■ iuKton 

Glecson T. 41 Hanover 
Q.UIL1> & DELANO, 2 Winter 

Harod Vi'm. F. 218 Wasliin<;;ton 
Hcrjev U. A. 2S'.I Wasliingtoa 
Hindi & A'bec. iLMVinter 
Jo?cto Ji Wliite!and. U'lJl Wash. 
T ONG ■] HO.'.IAS, -'.5 Avon 

Mathcv F. A. & Co. in:il Tremont 
Jlcciuii Charles K. U West 
Meel< Saniuc'!.'12 Winter 
Morgan Augustus, 3 Bromfield 

Norlins;- & tJlooni. 221 Washington 
Pil<e CT 1'. jr. 2(;s Washington 
Presby E. 0. K; Co. agts. 6 Suffolk 

u'lMBY M. T. & CO. 14 Han- 


corner Ciia.don 
Ricker & Wallace. Ii2 Sudbnrv 
Riplcv, Howlaiid, & Co. 221 SVash. 
Sackctt. Davis, & Co. 114 Tremont 
Schell A. F. 12 West 
Schuebeier Ciias. l.iS Tremont 
Warren Clias. W. ISO Hanover 
Warren S; Hiclimond, 7 Treni. row 
Warring D. & Co. lU Summer 

Jewellers' Findings. 

■nENXISON & CO., Suilbllc pi. 

dfewellefa' Polish. 

Bo.x 12'.t2, Boston P. O. 

Jewellei'.s' Xrays. 

rpHV-M G. W.9 Hayward place 

Jewelry Boxes. 

rpiIYM GEO. W. 9 llaj-ward pi. 

Jewelry <!i«se Slauufs. 

Lorev A. n Bromfield 

ijhV-M G. W. y Hayward place 

Jewelry, "^Vatclies, and 

Abbott C. B. .".l«'^ Tremont 
Allen, Ciciiuc. & Co. X'A Wash. 
BacoM & Co., i.hii, corner Wash. 
Bacr X. 'V.i'-i Wa^liington 
Bailey E. E. .>t Co. KIS Wash. 
Bailev Simon W. UK Washington 
Baldwin C. W. 1711 Washington 
Banta .J. .J. '.'."> Sudbury 
Barry W. T. C i Court" 
Basford J. L. '•'>' V»'arren 
Bates A. K. 3 O^born's blk., Wash- 
ington, B- igulon 
su ^^ asii. 

Bond Wni. S: Son, 17 Congress 
Bradford W. H. ."2 Temple pi. (Jet) 
Braman C. A- I2J Washington 

BRANDLY A'. & CO. .113 Wash- 
ington (sec pa<:e7(X)) 
Brooks llenrv Li. IIS Cambridge 
Brooks William A. 1885 Wash. 
Brooks & Currier. UK) Dudley 
Bryant Horatio, IWI Hanover 
Burdick O. E. :!lll W. Broadway 
Burrows H. 41 Hanover, room 7 
Christen L. Ill Beach 
Crombie W. G lu Brattle square 
Crosby C. A. W. 2:'.! Washington 
^ (see page C85) 
Cunningham D. H. '.12 Court 
Currier. Trott, (t Co. 47 West 
Cutting H. G. r.2 Hanover 
"nEAUING G. W. & CO. 165 
■^ Washington 
Bearing .M. H. 2.«n Hanover 
Dinzcy F. Y. 12 West 
Eddv Geii. ]{. In Brattle square 
Fagin J. K. CI Couit 
Fairbanks S. W. 1825 Wash. 
Fall Albeit, -ill Faneuil Hall sq. 
Fan- W. W. (;4 Green 
Federlien John, 84 Tremont, and 53 

■pOGG JULIAX A. 1141 Wash- 
■•■ ington 

Fogg & Sawyer, 122 Hanover 
Ford H. O. ,■; Co. 7 Beacon 
■pOYE GEO. F. & CO. 195 Wash- 
•^ ington 

Frisselle Isaac M. 80 Tremont 
p ALE WM. T. & CO. 221Wash- 
^^ ington 

Gav Levi B. .127 Washington 
Gooding & Lvf.rd, 8'5 AVash. 
Gniinliciin A.' 1110 Tremont 
Gra\- .V LihhN-, 2:;:! Washington 
Grcl nlcaf .Murk II., Brighton 
Gruchv Edward L. 1511 Aleridian 
QUILD & DELANO, 2 Winter 

Hadley Wm, II, 1821 Washington 
Harding Newell, 12 Court square 

Hastings D. B. & J. 520 Wash. 
Hills Richard, 320 Washington 
Hirsche I. M. .>t Co. 2(w Washing- 
ton (imported) 
Ilolbrook C. W. 599 Washington 
Horn Edwin B. .■)2 Hanover 
TJOWARD E. & CO. 114 Tre- 
■'■•'■ mont (see front colored page) 
Jackson Edward, 2.S7 Broadway 
Kendall James, '.iO Hanover 
Kennard Charles W, & Co, 122 

Kerr William, 11 Hanover 
Kettell J. V. 12 West 
King M, A., Wash., n. Dorch. aye. 

ward 16 
Lincoln Albert L. 181 Wash. 
Lord Charles F. ,'105 W. Broadway 
Lord & Handy, Gu5 E. Broadway 
Lovinski St Martin, 12 Brattle sq. 
Lowe James, 20 Merrimac 
Ma.vnard Geingc II. 39 Hanover 
Mayiuiid Wm. ,M. 19 Brattle sq. 
Blo'ntaire John, II Brattle square 
Won^e II. II. 179 Washington (jet) 
lY'ERS S. i; J. 90 Washington 


Necdham Bros. 1407 AYashington 
Neely H. 585 Washington 
Neilson Wm. 777 Washington 


ilsonWm. IK Washington 
CO. 154 Wash, (importers) 


■"■ CO. 200 Washington 

51 Hanover 
Paul A. & Co. 8 Bromfield 
Pearson Edward G. 40 Cambridge 
Peirce C. II. 24 llanoier 
Percival & Morris. 20S Wash. 
Perry George A. 73 Court 
Perrv Joseph S. 435 Commercial 
Pike'Benj. S. 1505 Wasliington 
Poole Bros. 4 Brattle square 
Potter & Pike, 43 Bromfield 
Pratt William & Sons, ,523 Wash. 

QUIMBY M.T. &C0. UHano- 
over (wholesale jobbers) 
Richards F.ank L. 120 Harr. aye. 
Rowe B. F. 34 Salem 
Rowe Joseph R. 45 Court 
Savary B. B. 049 Washington 
Seabury C. 49 Hanover 
Sherman C. J. F. & Co. 220 Han'r 
Shreve, Crump, & Low, 228 and 230 

Simonds Joseph, 731 Wash. 
Skinner A. 02 Hanover 
Smith H. W. 2:1 Washington 
Smith Wm. A. 10 Brattle square 
*^ Washington 

Stackpole & VYentworth, 45 Green 
Stanwood J. D. 143 Tremont, rm. 4 
Stewart Ed.son, 1201 Washington 
Stowell A. & Co. 10 Winter 
Temple Chas. E. 112 Court 
Toland Hugh J. 121 Dorchester av. 
Twiiig Almon, 313 W, Broadway 
Walker G. A. 235 Tremont 
Waterman C. D. & Co. 220 Wash. 
Williamson E. V. S. 793 Wash. 
Wood N. G. & Son, 95 Court and 

3 Hanover 
Wyeth J. H. 25 Court 
Zwicker A. G. 68.3 Washington 

Jis Sawing. 

(See also Sawing and Turning.) 
Brown Amos, 40 and 50 Lawrence, 

Burt G. L. 9 Way 

HOPKINS A. C. & CO. 21 and 
2.". Wareham 
-^^ mercial, ward 10 
\17-A1TT & THOMPSON, Com- 
*' mercial, opp. Ellsworth, wd. 

10 (see page 702) 
*' 49 and 51 Wareham 
' ' ny (also turning and mortis- 
ing, see page 703) 

Junk Dealers. 

Ballou G. S: A. 285 C(nnmcrcial 
Barlow Edward, 101 Essex- 
Barnes D. H. jr. 141 Atlantic aye. 
Ba.\ter J., Northampton, corner 

Hari43Kon avenue 
Blanehard VV. jM. 309 Harr. ave. 
Bovie C. 107 Merrimac 
Boyle D. ;42W Leverett 
Butler T. 249 Causeway 
Caniphell Patrick, Athens, cor. A 
Cheevers James. 205 Causeway 
Coftey John. 94 Lincoln 
Coghlan J. I:;") Endicott 
Colliiison J. 214 Albany 
. Comcy S. A. 2M) Commercial 
Conner Jolin, 951 Harrison aye. 
Conway John, 2.55 Causeway 
Cronin D. M. 140 Dover 
Cronin John, 2^2 D(jrchester aye. 
Daccy Timothv, 258 Broad 

Dolaii Willia Vshland, near 

Brown avenue, W. Roxbbury 
Downey Martin, 12 W. First 
Downey Michael, .".SS Harrison ay. 
Dunbar & Titcomb, 281 Comc'l 
Dunn M.90 Lincoln 
Fanning John & Co. 303 Comm'l 
Fines N(n-ris, 127 Uaveiiiill 
■pLYNN WiM. J, 35 Alger & 152 
^ Essex (see page 091) 
Folsom Mark, 293 Broad 
Gateley James, 24 Dearborn 
Geary E. & Son, 458 Federal 
Gorman J. 48 Lincoln 
Gi'eaves J. 49 Prentiss 
Griffin M.7S Cove 
Grimes Wm. 55 Hampden 
Halligan John, 481 llarris6n aye. 
Hartigan P. 253 Causew.iy 
Haskins & Jlontague, 170 Broad 
Kill & Cutler, Atlantic avenue, cor. 

Howe John, 289 Commercial 
Jackson Thomas, 131 Rugglea 
T^ANE JOHN F. 12 Longwood 
•*■*- avenue 

Kemp James A. 050 Dorch. ave. 
Kent & Gore, 104 Canal 
King M. S. & Co., Sliawm ut cor. 
Poplar, Roslindale, W. Rx,bury 
Kiiiglit Hiram, 121 Merrimac 
Locke Samuel B. 257 Causeway 
Lodge John, 45 Fulton 
Lynch Daniel, 72 Lincoln 
Lynch William II. 287 Causeway 
Maiistield Benianihi, 02 Kingston 
IMcConnell C. 172 Canal 
j\!c('ulloimh Jolin, 2 No. Grove 
JUClinn.iolin E. 309 Commercial 
SIcLaivn ■William, 230 Dover 
SlcMahon W. 308 Federal 
McNaui;ht Peter & Son, 29 Burke 
WokelvWm. 82 Lincoln 
Mnllcii P. hill federal 
Wurpliy D.,313 Ccnnmercial 
Nichols John, Belmont, c. Ruggles 
Nichols & Avery, l(i.5 Fulton 
Norton Mieliael, 499 Commercial 
Norton Patrick, SSO Harrison ave. 
O'Connor John, 225 Broad 
O'Harra John, 285 Broad 
O'Neil John, 58 Hampden 
O'Rourke S. A, 275 Federal 
Phillips Connor, 70 W. Fourth 
Power James & Co. 52 W. First 
Quilty D. & Son, 1.58 Dover 
Raddy Owen, 014 Harrison ave. 
Ransom E. A. 243 J>orchester ave. 
Ring M. A. & Sons, 213 Broad 
Schuitzer, Myeisou, & Co. 8 Ver- 
Shea T. F. 194 Dorchester ave. 
Sheerin Patrick, 77 Pitts 

STEWART J. & W. 250 Fed- 
eral (see pageOGO) 
gULLIYAN D. 85 Cove 

Sullivan D. J. 210 East Dover 
Tolson AVilliam, 21 King 
Weatherbee F. F. 47 Atlantic ave. 

' Commercial 
WILLIAMS F. J. 127 W. Sec- 
'^' ond 
Woods Wm. 80 Lincoln 

Burns Arthur, 24 Water 
Klous J., Hudson, cor. Chelsea 
Laverty J. A., Ham's court 
McCulIough J. 327 Jledtord 
Pembroke Christoplier, 7 Water 
Quinn Patrick, 25 Charles-River 


Curtis T. J. 27 Doane, room 8 
■PDMANDS & CO. 41 Medford 
-'-' Charlestown 

TTOXIE T. W. & CO. 38 Long 
■'-'■ wharf 



-C CO. 21 Congress and 444 Fed- 
eral (see last white page) 
' ' Liberty sq. (see front colored 
page) %( 

Kerosene Burners and 

HOLLIXGS II. & CO. 309 Wash- 
564 Washington 

Kerosene Fixtures. 

"DACON E. T. 4C4 Wasnington 

Kerosene I>:iinps and 

AVashington, J. .lenkins, treas- 
urer; L. Ilodson, agent 


riOWDREY E. 'J'. & CO. 80 and 
^ 82 Broad (see page (JTU) 
-'-' CO. DO Blaekstune 

Key Clieeks. 

Eobbins D. C. 42 Knecland 

BOBBINS JOHN, 42 Kneeland 
(see page IJoS) 
SPENCER S. M. 117 Hanover 
(see page SOS)) 

Kid Glove <;ieaning <fe 

BROOKS W. A. & CO. 140 
Wasliington (see page 777) 
Reed Josiah T. &. Co., Hancock sq. 

Kid Gloves. 

Holton F. L. & Co. 51) Temple pi. 
Goodsell, Budillon, & Co. 91 

Levy Simeon, 19 Summer 
Marshall & Cutter, -.fli Wash. [pi. 
Parisian Kid Giovc Co. 9 Temple 
Peyser Henry M. 24 Chauncy 

Kindling Wood. 

CO.. W. L. Armor & Co. 419 
Donovan J. W., Commercial, opp. 
Ellsworth, ward 10 
lOREV & WALSII, 15 Indiana 


Huntley Wn). C, rear 8 Liberty 

Pattcr.son George K. 118 Esse.v 


^ Water 

Robinson L. 118 Dover 

Stewart & Cliampney, Foundry, c. 

West Fourth 
Suffolk Kindling Co., East First, 

near K 

Kitchen Furnishing 

-"■ Exchange (see page 657) 
Cary I'hincas, 775 Washington 
Clapp Cornelius, Green, n.Chestnt 

^^■est Ro.\bury 
Fenn George, 1809 Washington 
CTEARNS N. C. 10 Bronificld 
^^ (see page 058) 
The Waterman Kitchen Furnish- 
ing Store, 11 and 13 Esse.x 
TOLM.\N CIIAS. P., Washing- 
iip'ton, wanl 10 
TOL.MAN .ION AS P., E.xchange, 
cor. Park 
Williams F. G. & Co. 80)^ Union 
Wright Thomas, 1080 Washington 

Cooper & Burgess. Main 
Moore Wm. B. & Son, 26 Main 
Stevens N. H. S: Son, 12 Warren 

ave. 13 Charles River ave., and 

C8 Chelsea 

Knife Grinder. 

Miles Wm. 10 Clinton 

Knitting Machines. 

T).VCON E. T. 404 Washington 

Lamb Family Knitting Machine, 
102 Washington 

Young A. E. 36 Charlestowu 



T)ENNISON & CO., Suffolk pi. 

TvOWNES M. H. 53 Washington 
^ (see i)age 074) 
pOLDING & CO. UKilby (ad- 
^^ hesive, see page iJoS) 

!l.ace I^eather. 


■*• change and 18 Devonshire 

liaces, Finhroideries, 

Abbott Walter, 74 Hanover 
A LLEN & ADAMS, 295 Wash- 
■'^ ington 

Blacknier & Mandell, 48 Bedford 

successors to Butler & Nor- 
wood 90 Treuiout (see inside 
front cover) 
Falkenberg I. 53 Temple place 
Flint M. 11. Miss, 798 Wash., rm.8 
Furber T. F. 59 TeiiipJe place 
p OODMAN B. 131 Tremont 

GROSS & STRAUSS, 321 and 
323 Washington 
Holbrook C. C, Sliawmutave. cor. 

Holmes G. 391 Washington 
Houghton S. S. & Co. 55 Tremont 
Mudge A. C. 220 Washington 
Pierrot Madam, 19 Myrtle 
Read Brothers, 39 Winter 
Stearns R. H. & Co. 131 and 132 

Veazie Wm. II. 2.">S Washington 
Walther G.J.Mrs. 14 West 

I.,adies' and t;hil«lren's 
Un«ler\vear. (.Manv/s.) 

121 and 123 Chtuncy 
Isaacs Herman }t Co. -05 Wash. 
Mackenzie Martin, 221 Wash. 
Owen & Ricker, 14 Bedford 
Wheeler T. J. Mrs. 45 Green 

Ladies' F«irnisliing 


A LLEN & ADAJIS, 295 Wash. 

Baxter I. J. 647 Washington 
Bemis Henry J. 29 Avon 

121 and 123 Chauncy 
Bryant & Oliicy, 11 Harrison ave. 
Chase II. II. Mrs., Green, n. depot. 

West Roxburv 
Dav Henry, 25 Bedford (velvet 

FoUette L. B. 1127 Washington 
Frank M. H. 19 Summer (ties, 

scaifs, etc., wholesale) 
Dole William D. 0(i5 Washington 
■pORD J. G. Mna. 51 Temple pi. 

Hill II. Mrs. 1007 Wash. 

T ORING JOHN P. 12 Tremont 

■L" row 

Slurdock Eliza A. 49 West 
Murphy Wm. 11. 2S7 W.Broadway 
Paviie S. A. Miss, I'ost Office bldg. 

Centre, W. lioxbury 
Stevens John J. 2*2 Wash. 
Svkes J. C. 15 Cambridge 
■Williams C. T. 1011 Washington 

]l.adies' Under Garni'ts. 

Clark M. A. Mrs. 28 Knecland 
Glidden & Baker, 221 Washington 
Moore Mary E.;|2 Winter 
Rice &. Peck, 73 Chauncy 

Imager Beer Saloong. 

Abe Christion, 07 .Maverick square 
Aechtler Philip, 10.1 Pynchon 
Anderson S. '.(U Hanover 
Anthes F. 541 Washington 
Baderschncider Andrew, 9 Pro- 
Baier Anton, 41 La Grange 
Baldnp Peter, 274 We Third 
Barthclene A. 38 Winchester 
Bauer J. N. basement 20 Spring la. 
Baumann Leopold & Co. 101 Dev- 
Becker C. H. 086 Washington 
Becker Ernst. 47 Eliot 
Bcllew W. OlOTiilnolit 
Bciiz Anton, 1154 Washington 
BergnerF. A ON Sujlmry 
BcssuiigiT iM. 529 Washington 
HIassrr .\ihini, 121 llumpden 
Bhischwcilz J. lOS Cabot 
Blciitlinnlt (I. 37 Adams 
Blutlmrdt Gustav, 80 W. Spring- 

Bosscit A. 68 Sudbury 

Boylston Lager Co. 2 Liberty sq. 
Boynton John, 139 Hanover 
Bryant Geo. 1007 Wasliington 
Bub Henry, 40 Levciett 
Burke & Kalbskopf, 170 Tremont 

Chanman R. H. 25 Essex 
riHURCH HENRY, 24 Union 

Corrigan Edward, £06 Wash. 
.Coveney J. J. 2 Causeway 
Cusick Patrick, Com), n. Dorch. 

avenue, waid 10 
Decher C, Alna pace, E.B. 
Dengler Charles, ."jO Winchester 
Deniiev Thomas J. 20 Harvard 

DOIAN IHOMAS W. 0:;0 Har- 
rison avenue 
Donaher Michael, 22 Lancaster 
Donovan M. 4,S4 l,orch. ave. 
Dowling James, 01 Washington 
Dubuc J. P. P. .3 Central 
Dyer C. W. OU Charles 
Elliott Saniuel. 114 Castle 
VN WRIGHT M. II. CO Kneeland 
^ (see page C93) 
Evers Gustav, 13 Essex 
Fachon Frank A. 84 Court 
Firdio John B. H4 Pleasant 
Francis J. S. 253 W. Fourth 
Fuchs Hcnrv, 49 Friend 
Garvey P. a". 10 Elm 
Gebhardt M. G. Mrs. 52 Pleasant 
Geib Jacob, Stoughton, cor. Hud- 

.son, ward 10 
Geishecker Adam, 4 and Ward 
^ sex and 4.3 Court 
Gray Edward S. 3(K Tremont 
Griiier M. & Son 077 Washington 

Haves George. 2 and 4 Chardon 
Hellhach Charles, 1422 Tremont 
Hellbach Wm. 12,31 Tremont 
Hinselman C. 17X School 
Hocnenmann '\\ m. OK Boylston 
Hoernle John C. 580 Wash. 
Hoftniann George, 10 Camden 
Holland Hannaii Mrs. 531 Harri- 
son avenue 
Houseman Fred. 58 Brattle 
Hurst Joseph, 3,5 Smith 
Ilvnenian C. Wx Eliot 
Iiiihott' S. Ill Warunton place 
Jager Henry, 510 Washington 
Jones Morris, 511 Beach [Prentiss 
Jucn^ling Heniy, Tremont, cor. 
Karcher .1. 4 IMason 
Keenan Janu s, ."i::! Wash. 
Kelsch John, 2^u Wi st Broadway 
KilnerE..-;41 Last Ligliih 
Kraft Ferdiiiaiil, 351 Sliawmut av. 
Kianur Aduliih. 5 Warrenton pi. 
Lambrccht J. 105 Court 
Langfiitz lleiirv, 75 Sliawmut ar. 
Lie Hiinh, 54 Wi st Dedliam 
Leister Louis, r5 .Mechanic 
Liennenian 1.. 15 IJiot 
IMattheis B. 25 Mii.nt 
Matthiew A. 1-12 Portland 
Maver Hcnrv, 11 Cl apnuin 
Mclntvrc P. '11. I-IO Portland 
Mcyle'Wilhelni F. 093 V.'ashington 
Jliller J. C. 149Coiirt aiKl2 Aldcn 
Blilmorc'i'homas, 113 W.Brookliue 
Muller C. Slate 
Alurrav David, 1775 Wash. 
Myers'T. F. & J. A. 171 Wash. 
Nauer Jacob, 1094 Tremot^ 
Neiireuter Andrew , I('09 Wash. 
Newberger Frank. Mason's block, 

Washington. Bi- glitun 
Noonan J. list; 'Ir, mont 
Norton Bernard, r. 1.S21 Wash. 
Ochs George, 744 K. Broadway 
Ochs & Lctziiig, 1.3 W. Canton 
O'Connor Win. J. 04 Ilarrisou ave. 
Pickart P. M. \i'.<y. Green 
Portlock Charles," ,:57 Wash. 
Punch Daiid, 2S',i 1 lemont 
Reagan J. P. >'.i Kingston 
R.iig.'in T. mm; Ihinover 
R.-al Chinlrs, i;;;i I'.liut 
Rtiiihciia I. F. liil Ihiinpden 
Roeiiiir Giiirge. 12 La (Jrange 
R...ssle Jnhii, ,stue ot, 472 Wash. 
R(. liar John, 1IM2 Tiemont 
Riithfiiss G. l.'.-.l Tremont 
Uiick J. 1893 Washingtoi^ 
Saahvaechter Herman, Knecland, 

cor. Hudson 
Sachse August, 2 Common 
Salvi G. 1231 Tremont 
Scanlan J. M.8(.nnrn 
Schira John, ll:i Curt 
Schirtz Henry, 2t Iniion 
Schmidt C. Chickering pi. cor. 

Schneider C. 1100 'I'remont 
Schoelch John, 1082 Tremont 
Schocndoerf John B. 1 West 
Seeber Jacob, 10 Avery 



Shechan B. 959 Tremont 
Slieelmii Win. 1,m Eliot 
' SliLTidiLii ^Vlll. 'Mi Comniexcial 
Sieber C. US Cauibriage 
SieJ'ert A. F. & K. C. 2X State 
Solari J. G. & Co. 88 lluion 
Souneiimu John, 2'J La Grange 
Speidel L., Water cor. Wash. 
Steiiikrauss Cluis. L. 18 Howard 
Toinf'ourde A. 2S Hanover 
Tonliotf S. 10 Warrenton place 
Uugercr K. 1 and 1' Sudbury 
Verrill John L. 40 Carver 
Vetters D. 78 Ljngwood ave. 
Volk Anton, L.ougwood aveuuet 

near Parker 
Von Euw F. Jlrs. 20 Conant 
Wahl Jacob, lM; Dorchester 
Weinz J. U! Sudburv 
Weisse J. UH W. Fourth 
Werner K. loll TreniOQt 
AVirth Jacob liil Eliot 
Zininierinaii M. T2 Marshall 
Zimmins John P. 3(1:1 Tremont 
Zitter George, 170r Washington 

I^ainpkliick. (Manv/s.) 
•nONALl) WM. C. & CO. 20 

•^ Spring lane 

jy^OKKlLJ. GEO. H. 30 Haw ey 

JLanip Afaniifs. aud 

Ashley John E. S9X Union 
U ACllELUER WM. H. 20 Pur- 
•^ chase (see page (177) 
Callender John B. 75 Portland 
(^AKLETON WM. 30 Beach 

Crosby Jacob W. 1131 Harr. ave. 
Dodge E. P. i: Co. 8 Tremont 
QUiT &BROS. 33&35 Bedford 

^ TON, 24 South Market (see 

page tJ6'J) 
-^'■^ CO. 504 Washington 
"VrOREY & SMITH, 49 HaverhiU 
-'-'-'- (see page 079) 
Mt. Washington Glass Works, 141 

■'-^ 139 Milk ( lamps & chandeliers) 
MOVES PERSON, 47 India (see 
-"■' page iJSU) 

"OOGERS & CO. 62 Canal & 155 
••■'' Friend 

CTETSON S. A. & CO. 173 Tre- 
*~' mont 

Sunburst Lamp & Oil Co. 149JUik 
Tarbell £. & Son, 15 Bromfield 
The Standard Lamp & Glass Pipe 

Co. 27 Commercial 
Titus Franklin A. 143 Main, Ch'fn 
'^ Gregory, agent, 110 and 114 

Universal Self Lighting Lamp Co. 

29 Boylston 

1370 Tremont 
Whitney A it Co. 15 Winter 
AVilliams F. G. & Co. 89^ Union 

I^anip Posts. 

'' ' CO., Kemble (see page 709) 

Hiainp Shades. 

Dana Manuf Co. 75 Hanover 
Lamp ^Vicks. 

■*• S. G Trippe, agent. 6 Portland 

]l<and Companies. 

Anawan Land Co. 89 Court, and 

Eliot, corner Carver rCourt 

Arlington Land Co. 7 Pemb. sq. 
Back Bay Land Co. 25 Trem't row 
Bellevue Park Land Associates, 89 

Boston Land Co., Edward Turner, 

treas. 102 State 
Boston Water Power Co., A. F. 

Thayer, treasurer, 17 State 
Boston & Ro.xbnrv Jlill Corpora- 
tion, W. F. Matchett, treas. 68 

Devonshire, rm. 41 
Cary Improvement Co., William 

Pratt, treas. 103 State [Court 

Central Park Land Associates, 89 
E. B. Improvement Co., J. Weth- 

erbee, treas. 102 State 
East Boston Land Co.,Johu Noble, 

supt. and treas. 3(1 Court 
Essex Co. Land & Water PowerCo. 

of Lawrence. 47 State 
■*• Coffin, 130 State 

Metropolitan Land Co., A. P. 

Blake, trustee, D. Loring, tieas., 

387 Washington 
Missouri, Kansas, and Texas R. R. 

Co., Arey & Dickey, agents, 57 

Mt. Bowdoin Land Co., J.H. Beale. 

agent, 3 State ■ 
Real Estate & Building Co., A. P. 

Blake, agent, 387 Wash. 
Southern Land Co., J. P. Snow, 

agent, 52 Washington [89 Court 
Siiuantum Highland Associates, 
Siiuautum Land Assoc, 89 Court 
Waverley Land Co., D. L. Dem- 

nion, treasurer, 130 State 
Winnisimniet Co., N. Matthews, 

pres. 96 Washington 
WoUaston Land Associates, G. F. 

Pinkham, gen. agent, 3 State 

!L<aiid T'iles. 

■•■ CO. 21 Congress and 444 Fed- 
eral (see last white page) 
WALDO J. ADAN & CO. 4 Lib- 
' ' erty sq. (see front col'd page) 

I^aiidscape Oardeners. 

Copeland Franklin, 62 Devon. 
Copeland K. Morris, 60 Devonsh'e 
Lee Francis L. 16 Pemberton sq. 

MA Y HENRY A. 9 Hotel Pel- 
Meacham G. F. 16 Water and 41 

(SHEDD & SAWYER, 17 Court 
*^ square (see page 697) 

■DINNEY JOHN, 124 Broad (ship 
'-' and street) 

Bowman Benj. P. (street), 66 Union 
'-' O. 312 Washington (magic, see 

page 715) 
QORBETT A. O. 126 Broad 

MOREY & SMITH, 49 Haver- 
hill (seepage 679) 
ROGERS Si CO. 62 Canal and 155 
Tufts Brothers, 42 Sudbury 
'-' gory, agent, 110 and 114 Water 


Reynolds S. jr. 221 Wash, room 12 
X>ard Oil IVIanufs. 

-"■^ 27 and 29 Faneuil Hall Market 
SQUIRE JOHN P. & CO. 23 and 
^ 25 F. H. Market (see page 710) 
Wright C. & Co. 35 Norfolk ave. 
oflice 5 John 

Lard and Xallow. 

Furbush Andrew, Furbush court, 

-■■^ 27 and 29 Faneuil Hall Blarket 
GQUIRE JOHN P. & CO. 23 and 
^ 25 F. H. JIarket (see page 710) 
Whitaker Lewis, G4 Norfolk ave. 
Wright C. & Co. 5 John 

Lard Presses. 

pEASE A. room 4, over Quincy 
■*• Market 

Last Makers. 

UDWARDS H. C. 130 Tremont 
■'-' (see page 715) 

Frohock Last Co. 51 Hanover, fac- 
tory 15 Hampden 
Gilson & Walker, 48 Hanover 
Linfleld M. 48 Hanover 
jyj^ACE & KEYES, 7 to 13 Barrett 

McComber Joel, 154 Washington 
»* High 


Christie John, 17 Court 
Nugent James, 17 Court 


American, Miss H. T. Brown, 17 

LAUNDRY, 12 Temple place 
Citizens Laundry, S. M. Clark, 

810 Washington 
City Laundry, 96, 98 and 100 Lenox, 

office 431 Washington 
nLARK S. M. 810 Washington 
^ (see page 684) 

^ Washington 

•^ eyn, 877 Wasli. (see page 687) 
•^ BLIND, 20 Bromfield (see p. 

Jugean Madame, 32 North Russell 

(French laundress) 
Parker Charles, 8 Cherry 
People's Laundry, Catherine S. 

Dakin, 8 Osborn place 
Perry Alfred Mrs. 16 Newton place 
Snow ilake Laundry, J. Brad- 

shaw, agent, 367 Wash. 
South Boston Laundry, F. L. 

Wedgeworth, 146 Dorchester ave. 
OT. JAMES, J. G. Crawford, 607 
'~' Washington 

Tremont Laundry, 309 Tremont 
Troy Branch Laundry, 376 West 

Broadway, and 588 Wash. 
Weymouth Charity Mrs. 5 Dover 

Young Jennie, 37 Harvard 

Law Collection Office. 

ftARROLL R. S. 59 Court (see 

'-' page 685) 

Dillingham W.C. 33 School, rm.l9 

Law Blank Piiblisliers. 

^^ change (see page 705) 

WARREN M. K. Hi CO. 141 


Abbot Abiel, 19 Mercliants Exch. 
Abbott Charles E. 47 Court, rm. 6 
Abbott Curtis, 68 Cornhill 
Abbot Edwin H. 13 Pemberton so. 
Abbott John E. 21 Merch. Exch. 
Abbott John S. 21 Merchants Ex. 
Abbott Josiah G. 42 Court 
^BBOTT S. A. B. 42 Court 

Abbott S. P. 19 Merch. Exchange 
Abbott & Jones, 13 Pemberton su. 
ABBOTT ii LOVEltlNG, 43 
-^ Court 

Adams Brooks, 4 I'emberton sq. 
Adams Charles F. jr.31 Pemberton 

Adams George Z. 52 Washington 
Adams J. Qumcy, 31 Pemb. sq. 
Adams Walter, 32 Pemberton sq. 
_^LBEE SUMNER, 20 Court 

Aldrich Samuel N. 52 Washington 
Alger Edwin A. 23 Court square 
Alger Edwin A. jr. 46 Washington 
Alger & Griffin, 46 Washington 
Allen Charles, 30 Court 
Allen Charles Edward, 1 Pember- 
ton square 
Allen Stillman B. 20 Court 
Ames Fisher, 2 Pemberton square 
Amory Thomas C. 19 Common- 
wealth aveime 
Andrews Augustus, 42 Court 
Andrews W. H. II. 28 State, rm. 23 
■'^ Washington, room 1 
Apsley G. E. 22 School 
-^ State 

Arnold Howard P. 4 Pehiberton S(j. 
Askenasy 11. Xi School (German) 
Aspinwall William, 42 Court 
Austin A. W. 48 State, room 8 
Austin James W. 13 Pemberton sq. 
Avery Edward, 86 Devonshire 
A VERY & HOBBS, 86 Devon- 
-'^ shire 

Babson Thomas Mc. C. 85 Devon. 
Bacon John W., Court House 
Baker J. Murray, 33 School, rm. 3 

and 390 West Broadway 
Baker Wm. P. 30 Court square 
Balch F. V. 39 Court, room 9 
Baldwin George W. 39 State, rm. 8 
Baldwin Henry, 9 Pemberton sq. 
Ball J. D. 40 State 
Ballard J. M. 11 Bromfield 
Bancroft Geo. 13 Pemb. sq. rm. 17 ' 
Bancroft Solon, 47 Court, room 6 
Bancroft S. C. 40 Washington 
Bangs Edward, 31 Pemberton sq. 
Barnard Charles A., Court House 
Barney E. L. 12 Pemberton square 
Barrett Jonatlian F. 42 Court 
Bairy George M. 70 Washington 
Bartlett Francis, 13 Exchange 
Bartlett Sidney, 13 Exchange 
Barton Charles C. 32 Pemberton sq. 

and 113 Dudley, room 6 
Bassett Elisha, U. S. Court House 
•'-' Washington, room 4 
Batehelder L. R. 32 Washington 
Batchelder Samuel jr. 16 Pemb. sq. 
Bates J. E. 89 Court 
Bates S. W. 5 Pemberton square 
Baylies Henry, 13 Court sq. rm. 



Bello S. C. 94 East Biooklin