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**v *■*. 

o. o 

Counsellor and Attorney at Law, 




Collections made in all parts of the United States, and particular attention 
given to Bankruptcy and Patent Matters. 



ALBEET EUSSELL & SONS, Pkopkietoks, 



Russell's Patent American BouWe-Actinff Ship Pomp, 

Single-Acting Ship Pump, Ziffle Giant Windlass Reams, 
Improved Amazeen Windlass Reams, Capstans, Poicer 
& Plain, Chain, Stoppers., Windlass Purchases, Open 
and Closed, Ripper Windlass Purchases, Windlass 
Jackets, Jiitt Cargo Winches. Portable Cargo 
Winches, Sail Winches, Double- Acting Side 
Winches, Gypsey Windlasses, 
Cat-Head Cleats, Chocks, Chock-Pings, Chain Pipes, Man- 
Holes, Hiding Pitts, &c, &c. 


mm Celebrated" WASHING CRYSTAL. 


Having an AdTantage over all English Crystals, as 

CO jx> 





























P **s 


nn o 


tUF" SlOO.OO Reward -will he paid, "by the Proprietors if 
found, injurious to Hands, Color or Fabric when used ac- 
cording to directions. 

To whom all orders should be addressed;] QUINCY POINT, Mass. 


Try our JAMAICA GI1VGER, Best and Cheapest in the Market. Also, FLAVOR. 
I1VG EXTKAOTS of all kinds. 


(Successor to DAVID H. KING & CO.) 



Provisions, Produce, Flour, Butter, Cheese, 





Pnblishers and Importers, 







Also, a preparation for preventing OIL. striking through LEATHER. 

BOSTON-, _ _ _ _ T MASS. 

Samples sent on applicution. 


The Largest 


on the Globe. 

J. ESTEY & CO., 


HUNT BROS., IV. £2. General Agents, 


Also. N. E. General Agents for the 



BOSTON, ■ ■ ■ - - MASS. 



Gold, Silver, and Plated Ware, 






We have tried your ORLEINE faithfully, and have never found anything 
fo satisfactory, as it cleans Silver quicker, better, and with less trouble than 
any other preparation. Our polisher, who is an old and experienced silver- 
smith, says he has never seen anything to equal it. 


444: Washington Street, BOSTOJT. 


85 So. Water Street, PROVIDENCE, B. I. 



am Pressed Sower and Drain FIFE. 

Miners and Shippers of Fire Clay, Fire Sand, Kaolin and Fire Mortar. 

Works and Mines at Woodbridge, N. J. 








Etc, Etc. 



(Successors to the late J. S. TIIXINGHASTV) 





i No. 44 North Water Street, 


Capital represented, over $60,000,000. 
Insurance effected to any amount in Safe and Reliable Companies. 








To any height and distance. Out Town Hotels 
and Private Residences may have an abundant 
supply for Bath Booms, Kitchen Boilers, and 
General Plumbing, as well as if supplied from 
city main. Furnishing plenty fresh water for 
Stock on Farms, and well adapted to Irrigation. 


Office, 120 FULTON STREET, 








Celebrated Philadelphia 


65 anil 67 Ferry Street, 



Pres. and Treas. 


& Moen M 


Vice-Pres. and Sec. 


CAPITA^ - - $1,500,000. * 


Manufacturers of Iron, 


IRON & STEE L TOE of Eve ry Description. 

WIRE RODS of all Grades; ROUND IRON, Rivet quality, 3-16 in. to 1-2 
in. cut to any length. 

Owners and exclusive operators of the Patent Continuous Rolling Mill, 
producing Iron and Steel WIRE, in coils of 100 pounds, without Seam or Weld. 

Patent Galvanized Telegraph Wire, Market and Stone Wire, Annealed 
Fence and Grape Wire in long lengths ; Coppered Pail-Bail Wire ; Rope, 
Bridge, Bolt, Screw, Rivet, Buckle and Chain Wire. 

Wire for the manufacture of Card Clothing, Heddles, Reeds, Etc. Piano- 
string Covering Wire, Tinned Broom Wire and Tin-plated Wire of all sizes. 

A specialty is made of Clock, Machinery, Gun Screw and Spiral SpringWire, 
and Refined Wire to Pattern for particular purposes, from selected stamps of 
Norway Iron. Any grade of Wire furnished, Annealed, Bright, Polished, Cop- 
pered, Galvanized or Tin Plated. 

Wire furnished, Straightened and Cut to any length. 

Sole Manufacturers of the most approved pattern of Steel Bale Ties for 
bundling Hay, Straw and other material. 

Steel Crinoline Wire, Patent Linen finish. Unrivalled Steel Music Wire. 

Steel Wire for Springs, Needles and Drills. Market Steel Wire kept in stock, 

all sizes. sole manufacturers, east of Chicago, of 

Patent Steel Barb Fencing, 

■ n^»»i Ja iiai» i ^»i»f< » Lii)mi»y u»^"i' r j'^ " 

'P» ■ ■ rv ■ i'. i ■ a y a a i p Bi i 

M> i' ^ y 

" The Farmer' 's Comfort" — " The Gardener's Security." 
ic4 «a p^J'jj t fL ■ji . 1 , m t i m m^t m a U m » «■ ■ » ii » *^* " ■ I" 1 — m ^ ■ * f ~* 

1 I r «i » Bili rj t y ■> u y i ^nirj e ft I t rl m g ^ 

A Steel Thorn Hedge. No other Fencing so cheap or put up so easily or j 
quickly. Never rusts, stains, decays, shrinks, nor warps. Unaffected by tire, 
| wind, or flood. A complete barrier to the most unruly stock. Impassable Dy| 
man or beast. [Full Size.] 

Two Thousand Tons Sold and put up during the Last Year. 

For sale at the leading hardware stores, with Stretchers and Staples. 

Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. 

Highland Spring Brewery, 


City Depot, 103 and 105 Devonshire Street, 






of well-known and acknowledged Superiority. 

Judges' Award, Centennial Exhibition, 

" PERFECTION in every requisite of Good Ale, viz.: in Color, 
Brightness, Taste, and Aroma." 


Awarded its Silver Medal in 
1875 for 


And in 1876 and 1877 for 



Agencies established in the principal business centres throughout New 

England. Responsible Dealers in places not yet assigned 

are solicited to apply. 

xxon&xiHs t:e*_-a.:d:el 

Orders are received at the above depot from the Wholesale and Retail 
Trade of the City, and for Family use. 

% &es?>^- 



w 5 


fctfSSSHS ^ 










No. XCIX. 







Entebed accobding to Act of, in the yeak 1S78, by SAMPSON, DAVENPORT, & CO., 
is the Office of the Liijkariai* of Congbess at Washington. 



Academies, .... 106 

Advertising Index, - - .... - - - - Q 

Agent Province Lands, - - - --- 28 

Almshouses, State, - - - - - - - - - 101 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, - ... - - -100 

Bail Commissioners, - - -- 41, 185 

Bankruptcy, Registers in, ..... . . 127, 253 

Banks, - - 110, 114, 164 

Barnstable County Civil Officers, - - - - - - - -27 

Baths, - - - - - - 164 

Berkshire County Civil Officers, -. - 28 

Blind Asylum, - - - - - .... - - 102 
Board of Agriculture, State, - -- - - - - -103 

Board of Education, 103 

Board of Health and Vital Statistics, - - -.;"..- - - - 103 

Board of State Charities, - - 103 

Boston Almanac, - - ... - 160 

Boston Business Directory, - 161 

Boston Post-office, - -- - -63 

Bristol County Civil Officers, - - .... . . 30 

Bureau of Labor Statistics, - - - - - - - -107 

Business Directory of Boston, -- - - - - - -161 

Business Directory of Massachusetts, - - - - - - 305 

Business Directory of Patrons in other States, - - <• - - 11 
Census of Massachusetts, 1875, - - - - - -285 

City Clerks, -■■- - - - - - - - - - - 134 

Clergymen, - - - - - -180,394 

Clerks of Court, - 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 39, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56 

Collectors of Internal Revenue, 127 

Colleges, -103 

Commercial Colleges, - - -184 

Commissioners, County, - 27,29,30,32,33,36,38,39,41,45, 47 
Commissioners in other States for Massachusetts, - - - - 108 

Commissioners for other States, - - - - - 107,185, 414 

Commissioners of Insolvency, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56 
Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 37, 38, 40, 

41, 45, 46, 48, 49, 56, 187 


Commissioners, State, - - - - . 1 07 

Commissioners U. S. Court of Claims, 127 

Commissioners U. S. Circuit Court, 24 

Commissioners of Wrecks, - - - 27, 30, 32, 33, 45, 46, 47, 56 

Committees of the Legislature, 19 

Congress, Massachusetts Members, - - - - - - - 21 

Congressional Districts, 23 

Constables, 55, 417 

Consuls, 187 

Coronors, (See Medical Examiners.) 

Councillor Districts, -21 

Councillors, State, 15 

Counsellors, 218, 528 

County Commissioners, - 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 45, 47, 56 
County Treasurers, - 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 39, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56 

Courts of Insolvency, 28, 33, 36, 38, 47 

Courts, District, -- 25 

Courts, Municipal, - - - -- - 26 

Courts, Police, ----- 26 

Courts, Probate, - 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56 

Courts, Superior, -- - - 24 

Courts, Supreme Judicial -.-.-..- - - - - -24 

Courts, United States, - ...... . - - . 24 

Custom House Officers, - - - - 125 

Deputy Sheriffs, - 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56 

Directories, 133, 160, 273, 858, 859 

Distances of Towns from Boston, ....-.- 142 

District Attorneys, 25, 49 

District Courts, - - - - - . . .. . -25 

Dukes County Civil Officers, - - - 32 

Essex County Civil Officers, - - 33 

Expresses, 274 

Franklin County Civil Officers, - 36 

Gas Light Companies, - - ... . . 124, 201 

Governor's Staff, - - - - - -97 

Hampden County Civil Officers, - - - - - - - 37 

Hampshire County Civil Officers, - - 39 

Harbor Commissioners, ... 107 

Horse Railroads, - - - ■ » . - - -- - - -62 

Hospitals, - - - - - ... . . -101 

Hotels, - - - - -.- . - - - - 210, 507 

House of Representatives, - - - - - - • - - 17 

Index to Advertisements, - - -- - - - - -6 

Insolvency Courts, - - - - - - - 28,33,36,38, 47 

Insurance Agents, - - - 212, 516 

Insurance Commissioner, - -. -- - - - - - 107, 213 

Insurance Companies, - - - - - - - 121, 123, 213, 520 

Internal Revenue Officers, - - ... - - - 127 

Jailers,- 27,28,30,33,36,37,41,45,47, 56 

Judges of Probate, - 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 39, 40, 45, 47, 49, 56 
Judiciary of Massachusetts, - - - - - - - -24 

Justices of the Peace, 27, 29, 30, 32, 34, 37, 38, 40, 41, 45, 46,48, 50, 55, 57 

Lawyers, 218, 528 

Legislature, - - - . - . 16 

Libraries, 223, 535 

Manufacturing Companies, - - - - - - - - 149 

Massachusetts Business Directory, ....... 305 


Massachusetts School for Idiotic and F«eble-Minded Youth, - - 102 

Massachusetts State Detective Force, . - „ 100 

Masters Houses of Correction, - - - - - 33, 4-1, 49, 56 

Masters in Chancery, . - 27, 29, 30, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 45, 48, 49, 56 
Medical Examiners, - - 28,30,32,36,37,39,40,44,45,49,55, 59 
Metric Laws, - - - -- - -- - - - 699 

Metric Tables of Weights and Measures, ----- 700 

Middlesex County Civil Officers, - - - 40 

Militia of Massachusetts, - - -- , - - - - - - 97 

Money Order Post Offices, - --.- -- - -128 

Municipal Courts, - - - - - ... . - 26 

Nantucket County Civil Officers, - - - - 45 

National Soldiers' Home, - - - . - " "C - " 1^2 

Nativity of Persons living in Massachusetts, 304 

New England Directory, - - -.- - - - - - 859 

Newspapers, - - - ...... . . . 137, 232 

Norfolk County Civil Officers, - - - - - -- 45 

Normal Schools, - - - . - 103 

Notaries Public, 28, 29, 31, 32, 36, 37, 39, 40, 44, 45, 47, 48, 55, 59, 233, 568 
Overseers Houses of Correction, ----- 28, 30, 56 

Packets, - - - - 237 

Pension Agent, U. S., - - - 126 

Pension Examining Surgeons, , - - - - - -126 

Periodicals, ------- -. - - 137, 232 

Physicians, - 242, 592 

Pilot Commissioners, 107 

Plummer Farm School of Reform for Boys, 103 

Plymouth County Civil Officers, -- 47 

Police Courts, 26 

Population of Connecticut, --------64 

Population of Foreign Cities, - 304 

Population of Massachusetts, 285 

Population of Principal Cities in the United States ... - 304 

Population of Principal Nations, - - 304 

Population of the United States, 304 

Port Wardens, - - . *** - - 33 

Post Offices and Post Masters in Massachusetts, - - - 63, 128 

Probate Courts, - - 27,28,30,32,33,36,38,39,41,45,47,49, 56 
Public Administrators, - 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56 

Railroad Commissioners, - - - 107 

Railroads, ------------ 59 

Reform School, State, - - - -- - - - - -103 

Registers in Bankruptcy, - - - - - - - - 127, 253 

Registers of Deeds, - 27,28,30,32,33,36,37,39,41,45,47,49, 56 
Registers of Probate, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 39, 40, 45, 47, 49, 56 

Representative Districts, - - - 17 

Savings Banks, - - 116, 120, 255 

Senate Districts, -----------22 

Senate, State, - - - - - - - - - - 16 

Sheriffs, - - - 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 39, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56 

State Almshouses, - - - -101 

State Board of Agriculture, - - - - " - - - -103 

State Business Directories, back colored page, opposite - 860 

State Charities, - - - - - - - - -.- -103 

State Detectives, - -- 100 

State Government, - - - - - - - - - -15 

State Industrial School for Girls, 103 


State Library, - ... - - - - - * -103 

State Normal Schools, - - — •- 103 

State Prison, - - - - - - - - - - - - 102 

State Reform School for Boys, - - - 103 

State Representative Districts, - ... - - - -17 
Suffolk County Civil Officers, -------- 49 

Superior Court in Massachusetts, - - - 24 

Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts, - - - - - 24 

Teachers and Schools, - - -- -- - - - 264, ,656 

Town Clerks, - - - - - - 134 

Towns in Massachusetts, with their distances from Boston, - - - 142 
Trial Justices, 28, 29, 32, 36, 37, 39, 40, 44, 45, 47, 55, 59 

U. S. Court of Claims, -i - - - 127 

U. S. Courts in Massachusetts, - - 24 

U. S. Life Saving- Service, - - -- -- - - - 126 

U. S. Light Houses, - - ... - • - - - - 126 

U. S. Internal Revenue, - - - 127 

U. S. Pension Agency, ...-.---- 126 

U. S. Representatives from Massachusetts, 21 

U. S. Senators from Massachusetts, - - - - - - - 21 

U. S. Sub-Treasury, 126 

Volunteer Militia of Massachusetts, - - --- - - 97 

Vote of Massachusetts for Governor, - ... - - - 304 
Worcester County Civil Officers, ------- 56 



Adams W. K. & Son, Providence, R. 1 857 

Ailman John H., Boston heads 

Aldrich H. P., Boston 723 

Allen D. & Co., Boston 703 

Allen William & Sons, Worcester 739 

Allen & Boyden, Lynn 796 

Allen & Cowan, Palmer 811 

AllstineA. K., Chelsea 759 

American Net and Twine Co., Boston 717 

American Tack Co., Fairhaven 775 

American Tool and Machine Co , Boston, .heads 

Ames Manufacturing Co., Chicopee 820 

AndrewsD. H., Boston 732 

Angell George T. , Boston heads 

Anness Chas. & Sous, l'rov., K. I... front colored 

Anthouy & Cushman, Taunton 783 

Armstrong S. & Co., Boston 830 

Arnold James G., Worcester 745 

Arthur Brothers, Beading 756 

Atkins & Small, Boston 712 

Atwood Brothers, South Abington 805 

Atwood William & Co., Plymouth 8i>8 

Austin John, Providence, R. 1 851 

Austin & Carlton, Lowell 751 

Avery & Doton, Plymouth 807 

Babbitt F. S., Taunton 778 

Backus Q. S-, Holyoke 812 

Badger E. S., Boston 711 

Baguley J. H., Boston , heads 

Bailey A. W., Boston 710 

Bailey G. H., Boston 850 

Bailey H. F., Springfield 818 


Baird J., Boston inside back cover 

Baker Walter & Co., Boston heads 

Barbour Brothers, Boston 707 

Barbour W. S.& A. Hodges, Boston 706 

Barlow J. W., Lawrence 757 

Barnes E. & J. C, Plymouth 808 

Barnes William, Marlboro' 756 

Barnum Benjamin, Boston 732 

Bass C. H., Boston 851 

Batehelder C, Boston 728 

Batchelder & Lincoln, Boston head 

Bates G. W., Cambridgeport 706 

Bates Thomas S. & Co., Boston 849 

Baxter Sarah Mrs., Providence, R. I 857 

Beck Samuel & Co., Allston 729 

Beckford E. S., Boston heads 

Belcher A. F., Foxboro' 790 

Belcher B. & J. W., Chicopee Falls 822 

Belcher Daniel, Easton 781 

Belier A., Boston 703 

Bell James B., Boston heads 

Bieberbach George, Worcester 740 

Billings J., Allston 725 

Binney John, Boston heads 

Birkenhead John, Mansfield. . 794 

Bissett Joseph, Boston 718 

BlackwellR. W. S., Foxboro' 790 

Blake Brothers, East Pepperell 745 

Bond William & Son, Boston ..heads 

Borden Cook & Co., Fail River 786 

Bossoin & Borsh, Boston 724 

Boston Belting Co., Boston heads 



BostonBlower Co., Boston heads 

Boston Bridge Works, Boston 732 

Boston Herald, Boston 835 

Boston Home Journal, Boston 539 

•Boston Journal of Commerce, Boston. 837 

Boston Post, Boston. 834 

Boston Type Foundry, Boston 721 

Boston and Sandwich Glass Co., Boston.... 703 

Bouchard Eli, Worcester 737 

Bradford James C, New Bedford 776 

Bradford Joint Co., Plymouth 809 

Brandley H. F., Boston. 730 

Brandon Mining Co., Boston 830 

Brewer C & Sons, Boston 717 

Briggs R. F. & Co., Amesbury 795 

BrooksF. A., Springfield S15 

Brooks John, Boston. 728 

Brown Brothers, Boston. ._ 718 

Brown D. Son & Co., Fall River. 787 

Brown H. A., Boston 705 

Brown J. A. & Co., Providence, R. 1 856 

Brown William H., Worcester 740 

Brown&Theal, Boston 723 

Bryant George S. & Co., Boston 701 

Bryant Henry E., South Abin gton 805 

Buck Brothers, Millbury 714 

Buckley William P., Boston 730 

Bunker A. S., Lawrence 757 

Burlen Robert, Boston 728 

Burley John, Boston 723 

Burbeck Joseph N., Peabody 799 

Burgin Thomas & Son, Springfield 818 

BurtD. Arthur, Taunton 784 

Bush& Co., Worcester 736 

Butler Edward K., Boston 718 

Butler Joseph W., Newburyport 793 

Butterworth S. D., Lowell 750 

Butterworth Wilbur & Co., Fall River 787 

Buxton J. L., Milford 765 

Cabot Edwin S., Boston heads 

Caldwell J. A., Boston heads 

Calkins C. W., Boston 827 

Camb. Mut- Fire Ins. Co., Cambridgeport. . . 760 
Camr/bell Brothers & Co., Cambridgeport.... 759 

Capron M. R-, Providence, R. 1 852 

Carey William A., Boston 849 

Carey & Harris, Lowell.... 752 

Carter John F., Gloucester 796 

Carter Rice & Co., Boston 830 

Central Wharf Co., Provineetown 765 

Champion Dryer Co., Worcester 744 

Chapin Jason, Worcester 745 

Chapman James W., Boston heads 

Chapman John H., New Bedford 773 

Chapman & Soden, Boston 732 

Chase David A., Athol 754 

Chase Frederick D., Boston 712 

Cheever Henry A., Chelsea 829 

Cheevers James, Boston 722 

Chelmsford Foundry Co., Boston heads 

Christian Register Asso., Boston 844 

Churchill & Hitchcock, Quincy 803 

Clapp David & Son, Boston 711 

Claremont Manuf. Co., Claremont, N. H 753 

Clark Henry N-, Boston 724 

Clark Joseph W., Franklin 789 

Clark Robert, Plymouth 809 

Clark Rufus F. & Co., Boston 82G 

Clark & Chapman Machine Co., Turner's 

Falls 772 

Clark & Hastings, Thorndike 815 

Clarke & Raymond, Boston...... 731 

Cleaveland W. F., Brockton 768 

Clemson & Co., Boston 716 

Close George, Cambridgeport 759 

Cobb Samuel T. & Co., Boston 839 

Cobb & Drew, Plymouth 810 

Codman & Shurtlefr', Boston 709 

Coghlan David F., Holyoke 813 

Cogswell J. A., Brighton 724 

Colby Sarah A. Dr.,Roston 704 

Colvin Joseph, Webster 768 

Commercial Bulletin, Boston 836 

Commonwealth (the), Boston 838 

Congregationalist, Boston : 843 


Conlan & Sullivan, Boston. 729 

Connelly John L_ Boston 827 

Connors Philip, Lowell- 750 

Cook H. & S. & Co.. Provineetown. 764 

Cook, Redding, & Co., Boston heads 

Cook Thomas N. jr., Boston. heads 

Cook&Durfee, Fall River. 786 

Cooper B. A., Wakefield back colored 

Corliss D. G. & Co., Milton 788 

Corliss Safe Mfg Co., Providence, R. 1 857 

Crocker Brothers & Co., Taunton 782 

Crosby & Gregory, Boston..... heads 

Crowther Joseph, Boston 722 

Cummings J. A. & Co., Boston 716 

Cunningham E. E-, Worcester. 746 

Currier S- E., Boston 70S 

Curtis F., Boston head 

Curtis & Partridge, Springfield 821 

Cutler A. L. & Co., Boston 716 

Cutler Nathaniel, Lowell.... 751 

Daggett H. N., Attleboro' Falls 788 

Daley John, Bos-ton 722 

Dantorth, Hoitt, & Co., Lynn 80S 

Darling Charles K-, Boston 715 

Davis J. &E., Fall River 787 

Day & Armstrong. Millville 766 

Dean John & Co., Worcester. 747 

Deming Morris B., Providence. R.I. 858 

Deuison Brothers & Co., New Bedford 774 

Deunet& Stearns, Amesbury 793 

Devine William, Boston 720 

Dickermau J. E , WestTownsend 752 

Dightou Furnace Co., North Dighton 783 

Dizer J. T., Boston front colored 

Dimond Henry C-, Boston 851 

Dobbins Boiler Works, Lowell 752 

Docker George & Son, Boston 713 

Dodge James E., Plymouth 811 

Dodge Thomas H., Worcester 744 

Donald W. C. & Co., Boston 725 

Dow John C, Cambridgeport 762 

Dow W. H., Cambridgeport 762 

Dowd P. A., Boston 848 

Downes John H., Salem 801 

Downie, Trainer, & Co., Boston heads 

Downing W. E. & Co., Lynn 798 

Drake William H.. Palmer 814 

Dresser William M., Haverhill 753 

Drew H. C. & Co., Boston 848 

Dunbar S. O., Taunton 777 

Dunham A. B. agent. Providence, R. 1 856 

Dunham William E., Fall River.. .front colored 

Eaton R. P. & Co., Boston 846 

Edmands E. P. & Co., Lynn 799 

Edwards Henry C, Boston 712 

Egsers S., New Bedford 773 

Eldridge & Co., Taunton 777 

Ellis Minot, Greenfield 707 

Emory P. P. & Co., Springfield 819 

Engelhardt M. & Co., Boston.. inside back cover 

Erickson A., Boston 726 

Estabrook R. & Son, Boston 720 

E. Stebbins Manufacturing Co., Springfield. 821 

Evans A. M., Worcester 739 

Everett C. W. & Co., Boston lines 

Fairbanks A. F., South Abingtou 766 

Fairbanks, Brown, & Co., Boston heads 

Fairbanks H. II., Lynn 8(10 

Fall River Coal Co 786 

Falvey Thomas O., Taunton 777 

Farnsworth B. F., Lancaster 752 

Farrell Henry L. P.. Ayer .... 755 

Fearing H. L. & Co., Boston 716 

Fernald A. W. & Co., Gloucester 792 

Field A. & S0116, Taunton 782 

Finney & Hughes, Haverhill 758 

First Nat. Fire Insurance Co., Worcester — 736 

Fischer Louis, Boston 728 

Fish William R., Boston 833 

FiskJ. Pliny, Boston 831 

Fitz & Martin, Boston 830 

Fletcher A. F, Athol 754 

Flick G. F., Boston 717 

Forbes, Hayward, & Co., Boston 713 

Forbes Lithograph Manuf Co., Boston, opp. 304 



Ford Brothers, Quincy Point front colored 

Foster C. A. & W. A., I'itehburg 755 

Foundry Supply Co., Boston 721 

Frederick & Field, Quincy 802 

French Abrain & Co., Boston heads 

French & Winslow, Taunton 777 

FrizzellW. H., Boston 730 

Frost Brothers & Co., Boston front colored 

Frost & Adams, Boston.... heads 

Fuller F. J., Quincy 804 

Fuller G. & Sou, Boston 726 

Fuller Seth W., Boston 706 

Galambos & Ilalbe, Brockton 764 

Gallagher & Lally, Boston heads 

GarrattA. C, Boston 701 

Gates Ira G., Boston 715 

Gitford Charles, Vineyard Haven 768 

Ginn David R., Oak Blutfs 763 

Gleason W. B., Boston 826 

Globe Gas Light Co., Boston 705 

Golding& Co., Boston 702 

Goldsmith W. F., Lynn 798 

Goodnow & Wightman, Boston 710 

Goodspeed & Wyman, Winchendon 745 

GorhamW. B.& Co., Boston 833 

Gorman M., Boston 732 

Gowdey J. A. & Son, Providence, R.I 856 

Grant George B., Boston 722 

Greany John, Boston 702 

Greene W. L. & Co., Boston 843 

Greenfield Tool Co., Greenfield 770 

Greenleaf George J. & Co., Boston 727 

Greenleaf G. & Co., Boston 704 

Grossmith C. W. & Co., Boston 730 

Guild Curtis & Co.. Boston 836 

Guild & Delano, Boston heads 

Haberstroh L. & Son, Boston 829 

Hale Alfred & Co., Boston. ..opp. ins. back cover 

HallH. K. W., Boston front colored 

Hall John, Quincy 804 

Hall Thomas, Lawrence 757 

Hall & Safford, Boston 711 

Hallahan John, Boston 705 

Hampden Paint and Chemical Co., Spring. 

field 819 

Hancock Inspirator Co., Boston 731 

Harding W. W. & Co., Boston 827 

Hardy William A., Fitchburg 755 

Harrington John and Clark, Boston 701 

Harris William A., Providence, R. 1 860 

Harwood G.F. Worcester 741 

Hastings F. C. & Co., Boston heads 

Hastings F. M., Palmer 815 

Hatch H. & Co., Boston 729 

Hawes Simeon & Sons, North Dartmouth... 776 

Hawkins E. M., Fall River 779 

Hawkins R. F., Springfield 817 

Hawthorne & Tucker, Boston ....heads 

Hay Robert, Worcester 738 

Hayden D. W., Providence, R. 1 854 

Haynes Amos, Boston S47 

Heald S. & Sons, Barre 821 

Heaphy Tnomas & Smis, Lee 772 

Henry William T., Full River 7S7 

Hero J. H-, Worcester 740 

Hersom & Bryant, New Bedford 778 

Hewitt George F., Worcester 737 

Heyer Brothers, Boston heads 

Higgins & Gift'ord, Gloucester 792 

Hill E. B., Barre 815 

Hill Franklin, Worcester 743 

Hills, Turner, & Co., Boston heads 

Hiscox A. J., Worcester 733 

Hiscox File Manuf. Co., West Chelmsford. . 748 

Hiscox & Co., Worcester 733 

Hodges Leonard L., Boston heads 

Holmes Frank H., Kingston 808 

Holyoke Steam Boiler Works, Holyoke, 816 

Holzer U., Boston heads 

Hood & Reynolds, Boston heads 

Houston & Ferguson, Holyoke 814 

Hovey C. F. & Co., Boston heads 

Howard's B. Sons, Boston heads 

Howard E. Si Co., Boston opp. 161 

Howe Albert, Brighton 731 


Howe E. D., Gardner 752 

Howe Machine Co., Boston heads 

Howe & Goodwin, Boston heads 

Howe & Putney, Cambridgeport 762 

Hubbard& Bowen, Boston... heads 

Huddleston J. S. F., Boston 829 

Humes Charles F., Taunton 777 

Hunt Brothers, Boston front colored 

Hunter James A: Son, North Adams 7f2 

Hurst & Penrose, Fall River 784 

Hutchins C. H. & Co., Worcester 741 

Hyde Samuel. Fall River front colored 

Jack man M. B. & Co., Newburyport 792 

Jacobs Brothers, Boston 713 

Jamieson & Aikens, Boston 721 

J. B.Parker Machine Co., Clinton 824, S25 

Jenkins Brothers & Co., South Abingtou.... 805 

Jenney Stephen & Co., Boston ... 831 

Jennings H. J., Worcester 742 

Jennison Samuel, Boston heads 

Johnson, Clark, & Co., Boston 702 

Jones Edward J., Boston heads 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton, Boston 704 

Jones R. S., Boston 702 

Jordan J. W., Worcester 741 

KelleyE., Full River r 785 

Kelley & Holland, Boston heads 

Kelly B. A., Merrimac 793 

Kelly Jeremiah, Fall River 784 

Kendal! & Roberts, Cambridgeport 761 

KennenE. L., Worcester 742 

Keyes I. N. & Co., Worcester heads 

Kilburn, Lincoln,* Co., Fall River 785 « 

Kimball Charles W., Lowell 750 

King D. Webster & Co., Boston heads 

King Simeon W., Chicago, Ills -. 813 

Klein John Henry, Boston 732 

Kneip Fred R., Boston 829 

Knight Edward H., Salem 791 

Knowles Robert & Co., Provincetown 764 

Knowles Steam Pump Works, Warren 823 

Knox C. H., Boston 729 

Knox D., Lynn 7H8 

Laflamme Louis, Lowell 751 

LaflinMfg. Co.,Westfield 771 

Lally & Russell, Boston ^ 720 

Lang & Jacobs, Boston 724 

Lamson & Goodnow, Shelburne Falls lines 

Lathrop E. & J. W., Worcester 735 

Lawson Robert J., Merrimac 795 

Leatherbce Win. H. &Sou, Boston 718 

Leeson J. R. & Co., Boston heads 

Leighton S. P. & Co., Boston heads 

Leonard Samuel & Co., New Bedford 776 

Lewando's French Dye House, Boston 718 

Lewis Daniel F., Provincetown 763 

Lewis F. H. & Co., Cambridgeport 758 

Lewis Willard, Walpole 795 

Lihby A. B., Boston 728 

Liebig Dry Compressed Yeast Co., Lynn 798 

Lincoln L. & Co., North Dightou 779 

Lincoln Marvin, Boston 713 

Linder& Hamblen, Boston 827 

Little, Brown, &Co., Boston front colored 

Littlefield J. F., Rockland 807 

Lockwood, Brooks, & Co., Boston heads 

Loftus & Richardson, Chelsea 762 

Lombard & Co., Boston 712 

Long Martin W., Boston 703 

Longfellow Nathan, Haverhill 753 

Loring Samuel, Plymouth 810 

LovellJ.L., Amherst 815 

Loveren & Ritz, Boston 833 

Low David W., Gloucester 795 

Lubin L. T., Boston 848 

Lubin T. J. & Co., Boston 833 

Lumb William & Cj., Boston heads 

Lummus Thomas J., Lynn 7H8 

Lundell Charles G., Boston heads 

Luther & Wheeler, Worcester... 737 

Lutz Jacob C, Springfield 818 

Lynn Leather Cement Co., Lynn StM) 

Lyon George & Co., Boston 708 

Macdonald & Sons, Boston 727 

Mackenzie & Campbell, Boston 705 



Macy George W., Nantucket 763 

MaddocksF. H., Boston 832 

Maitland James, Ca mbri dgeport 758 

Mandel & Werlitz, Boston heads 

Mann & Co., Lynn 797 

Manter & Blaekmer, Plymouth 809 

Margot Brothers, Boston heads 

Marjerison Brothers, Lawrence.. 757 

Marrah E., Lynn 799 

Mason Frank A. & Co., Taunton 783 

Mason Machine Works, Taunton 780 

Mason & Lincoln, Worcester 740 

Massachusetts Ploughman, Boston 845 

Masta Joseph A., Lowell map opp. title 

Masten C. E., Boston 830 

May L. A. & Co., Lynn 782 

Mayer J. & Co., Boston 708 

Mayo Isaac F., Provincetown 767 

Mayo I. C, Gloucester 792 

McCurdy Alex., East Gloucester 795 

McDade Hugh, Boston 723 

McDonald S. D., Quincy 801 

McGrath Brothers, Quincy 804 

McKenzie & Paterson, Quincy 802 

McLauthlin George T. & Co., Boston 849 

McNutt J. J.. Boston 705 

McPherson W. J., Boston 727 

Meaney M., Lowell 750 

Meisel Francis, Boston 720 

Minehew Henry & Co., North Dighton 778 

Mitchell Granite Works, Quincy 803 

Mitchell Wm. H., Quincy 804 

Morgan Iron Works, Lowell 749 

Morse C. D. & Co., Millbury 770 

Morse C. O., Newburyport front colored 

Morton E. S., Plymouth 847 

Mowbray George M., North Adams 773 

Mowry & Hathaway, Providence, R. 1 856 

MullinB. F„ Holyoke 815 

Miirdock Parlor Grate Co., Boston heads 

Murray R. M., Providence, R. 1 856 

National Needle Co., Springfield 819 

National Paper Co., Holyoke 812 

Nelson Thomas, Mattapoisett 773 

New Bedford Tool Co., New Bedford 776 

Newell CM., M. D., Boston 730 

Newell James S. & Co., Boston 703 

New Eng. Cons, of Music, Boston opp. 160 

New England Farmer, Boston 846 

New Englaud Felt Roofing Co., Boston.... heads 
New England Linen Hose Mfg. Co., Boston. 699 

New England Piano Co., Boston 704 

New Eng. Type Foundry Co., Boston 711 

Nichols & Hall, Boston 712 

Nicholson File Co., Providence, R. 1 858 

Nickerson L., Swampscott 796 

Niles J. A., Lynn 799 

Nourbourn Alfred, Lowell 751 

Noyes F. V., Newburyport 796 

Noyes George, Boston 845 

Noyes, Snow, & Co., Worcester 740 

Noyes & Blakeslee, Boston heads 

Nye Edwin B., Sandwich 768 

Nye Wm. F., New Bedford 775 

O'Brien Charles, Worcester 744 

Olds F., Providence, R. 1 852 

Osgood J. H. & Co., Boston 829 

Owen D. E., Cambridgeport 759 

Owen Paper Co., Housatonic leaf opp. 700 

Packer C. & Co., Lynn 799 

Paige H., Ware 815 

Paige M. B., Peabody 800 

Palmer, Bachelder, & Co , Boston heads 

Park Brother & Co., Boston 714 

Parker Bowdoin S., Greenfield 770 

Parker Wm. R., Providence, R.I... .front colored 

Parmenter & Walker, Waltham 756 

Partheiniuller F., Boston 699 

Patent Metallic Brush Co., Boston 831 

PaulL. C, Boston 704 

Paul& Co., Boston heads 

Pearce Samuel T., Boston ". 713 

Petitcler Felix F., Cheshire 770 

Phelps, Dalton, & Co., Boston 710 

Phillips Eben B. & Co., Boston 715 


Phillips E. & Sons, South Hanover 806 

Phillips Manuf. Co., Springfield 820 

Phinney James P. & Co., Boston 849 

Phoenix Manuf. Co., Taunton 783 

Pierce Charles B., Plymouth 808 

Pike Charles, Cambridge 762 

Pike James N., Lynn 797 

Pinkham Lydia E., Lynn 797 

Piper E. J., Springfield 816 

Plymouth Hammer Works, Plymouth 809 

Plymouth Mills, Plymouth 810 

Plymouth Tack and Rivet Works, Plymouth 810 

Poliard, Alford, & Co., Boston heads 

Pollard C. F., Lynn 801 

Pollard L. L-, Worcester 742 

Pond & Shepard, Worcester 747 

Porter Charles, Winchester 754 

Post Publishing Co., Boston 834 

Potter W. R., Taunton 781 

Prang L. & Co., Boston heads 

Pratt's D. Sons, Boston 729 

Pratt&Babb, Lynn 797 

PrescottD. M., Lowell 750 

Proctor & Moody, Boston.... ....heads 

Providence Machine Co., Providence, R. I-. 855 

Providence Tool Co., Boston 828 

Providence and Stonington Steamship Co., 

Providence, R.I back colored 

Pulsifer R. M. & Co., Boston 833 

Putnam A. L. & Co., Provincetown 764 

Putnam George D. & Co., Boston heads 

Quincy Granite Co., West Quincy 804 

Quincy Marble & Granite Works, Quincy. . . . 804 

Rankin & Dale, Boston 729 

Raymond Charles, Plymouth 809 

Read John R., Providence, R. I on map 

Redding J. & Co., Boston 71i^ 

Reed Franklin, Canton 790 

Renshaw L. F., Boston 731 

Reynolds & Co., Providence, R. 1 855 

Rhodes M. M. & Sons, Taunton 783 

Rice George A., Oak Bluffs 768 

Rice Kendall & Co., Boston 828 

Richards C. J., Worcester 741 

Richardson George W. & Co., Boston 706 

Richardson, Hill, & Co., Boston heads 

Richardson Horace A., Worcester 742 

Rinn Louis, Boston 728 

Ritchie E. S. & Sons, Boston 850 

Bobbins John, Boston 714 

Rocheleau P., Worcester 737 

RoebuckS. & Co., Boston heads 

Rogers O. T. & Co., West Quincy 803 

Rogers S. R., Lynn 799 

Rogers Thomas L., Boston 841 

Rollins F. W. & Co., Abington 807 

Rollins & Sargent, Lowell 750 

Roosa Samuel, Newton 766 

Routley Henry, Hyde Park 789 

Rueter & Alley, Boston, front colored, opp. map 

Rugg Charles F., Worcester 743 

Russell A. & Sons, Newburyport front color'd 

Russell A. W.,Natick 766 

Russell & Day, Springfield 817 

Russell & Richardson, Boston 850 

Salem Foundry & Machine Shop, Salem.... 801 

Salem Glue Co., Salem 800 

Salmon George, Providence, R. 1 857 

Sampson G. H., Boston heads 

Sanborn S. H.. Boston 728 

Sanderson Brothers, Steel Co., Boston heads 

Sargent Card Clothing Co., Worcester 734 

Sauer Joseph, Worcester 741 

Saunders S. K., Lee 773 

Savory T. C, Boston 729 

Sawin J. J.,Natick 768 

Sawyer E. C, Beverly 793 

Sawyer H., Boston heads 

Schlegel, Everett, & Co., Boston head 

Schmidt Simon, Boston 826 

Schouler W. C, Boston heads 

Seymour Alvin C, Fall River 785 

S. Harris & Sons Manuf. Co., Clinton 755 

Shaw Wallace, Springfield 813 

Shedd & Sawyer, Boston 708 




Sherburne R., Boston heads 

Sherman & Fullum, Milford 766 

Shoules Charles W., Fall River 784 

Shute H. C. & Co.. Westfield 773 

Sibley F. K., Waltham 754 

Sibley Stephen, Chelsea 758 

Sisson George P., Springfield 817 

Sizer Emerson, .Westfield 772 

SkayT. Y., Amesbury 793 

Skilton, Foote, & Co., Boston 826 

Skoog Axel, Cambridgeport. . . . 756 

Slack Charles W. & Son, Boston 838 

Small Nathan S., Foxboro' 791 

Smith Amos D. 3d, Boston... . * lines 

Smith Brothers, New Bedford 776 

Smith Daniel T , Salem 800 

Smith Frank C, Oak Bluffs 763 

Smith John C, Holyoke 812 

Smith Lewis, Oak Bluffs 763 

Smith Win. & Co., Franklin City, front colored 

Smith Wm. T., Providence, R. 1 853 

Smith W. French, Boston 831 

Smith & Jacobs, Boston 787 

Smith & Perkins, Boston 728 

Smith & Van Noorden, Boston heads 

So. Abington Marble Works, So. Abington 766 

Southbridge Brick Co., Southbridge 765 

Southwick H. A. & Co., Worcester 735 

South worth L. & G., Stoughton 789 

Spear J. H. & Co., Boston 830 

Spencer A. H., Boston 705 

Springer G. H., Boston heads 

Springfield Foundry Co., Springfield 817 

Squire John P. & Co., Ea6t Cambridge 762 

Staniford J. W., Boston heads 

Staples & Phillips, Taunton 778 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co., Worcester 746 

Staten Daniel F., Salem 800 

Stark John, Waltham 754 

Starkie John, Worcester 740 

Stearns A. T., Boston 832 

Stearns N. C. & Co., Boston 717 

Stetson & Talbot. Holliston 769 

Stevens, Lang, & Co., Boston 704 

Stewart & Antcliffe, Boston 727 

Stockman Charles C, Newburyport 793 

Stodder Charles, Boston 708 

Stone Henry N., Boston 731 

Stone's T. S. Sons, Worcester 743 

Storey J. C. & Co., Boston 850 

Storrs A. & Co., Boston 827 

Stott Samuel E. & T., Lowell 753 

StrawnD. G., Boston 827 

Strieder J. W., Boston 829 

Sullivan J. L. D., Boston 832 

Sullivan & Nolan, Boston 820 

Swain, Earle, & Co., Boston 715 

Swift J. H. &Co., Gloucester 792 

Taber J. D., Stoughton 789 

Taber Organ Co., Worcester 735 

Tateum T. E., Worcester 736 

Taunton Iron Works Co., Taunton. 781 

Taylor Waldo E., Lynn 798 

Terry J. C, Fall River 779 

Thayer W. J., Worcester 742 

Tillinghast & Alden, New Bedford, .front colored 

Tirrell & Sons, Quiney 801 

Todd James & Co., Boston 832 

Tolman & Hunting, Boston 832 

Tower George, Worcester 746 

Trafton J. II., Boston 729 

Train, Husford, & Co., Boston 719 

Tucker Manufacturing Co., Boston heads 

TuckL. W.Mrs. Dr., Boston 711 


Turtle & Adams, Fitchburg 756 

Tyler A. F., Athol 754 

XJihlein H. P., Boston 825 

Union Boiler Works, New Bedford 776 

Union Casket Co., South Abington 805 

Union Stone Co., Boston inside back cover 

Universal ist Publishing House, Boston 842 

Unquomonk Silk Mills, Holyoke 814 

Upham Thomas A., Boston 830 

VegelahnF. O., Boston... 723 

Verge Joseph A., Boston 704 

Vogel Adam & Sons, Quiney 769 

Wade & Brackett, Boston heads 

Wadsworth William, Fall River 784 

Wakeling W. H., Brockton 784 

Wales P. A. & Sons, Randolph 807 

Wallace Benjamin, Plymouth 809 

Walworth Manufacturing Co., Boston 716 

Warren Bread Co., Warren 815 

Washburn & Moen Manuf 'g. Co., Worcester, 

front colored 

Watchman (the), Boston 841 

Waterman L. C. & Co., Hanover 807 

Watson A. S., Worcester 741 

Watson L. S. & Co., Leicester 811 

Watson & Bisbee, Boston 726 

Way moth C. H. & Co., Fitchburg 755 

Webster C. C, Worcester 737 

Weed A. S., Boston 840 

Welch & Anders, Boston ; heads 

Wellington Coal Co , Worcester 743 

Wells B. T., Boston 830 

Wendell George B. & Co., Quiney 802 

Westcott A. A., Hopedale 768 

Westgate James G., Fall River 785 

Wheeler H. L., Worcester 737 

Whidden S. F., Provincetown 764 

Whitcomb A. G., Boston inside front cover 

Whitcomb H. C. & Co., Boston 732 

White A. A., Providence, R. 1 851 

White A. N.,Lee 767 

White Brothers & Kilburn, Boston 717 

White George W. & Son, Taunton 779 

White Samuel S., Boston 847 

Whiting George A., East Holliston 766 

Whiting Iron Foundry Co., Boston, back colored 

Whitman Josiah A., Providence, R. 1 856 

Whitmyre C. F. &Co., Chelsea 758 

Whitney Giles H., Winchendon 744 

Whitten & Lascell, Lynn 791 

Whittier Machine Co., Boston heads 

Widdoes Levi, New Bedford 776 

Wild J. Q. & Co., Quiney 804 

Wilder Charles W., Fitchburg... . .back colored 

Wilder S. & Co., Holliston 772 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co., Boston 708 

Williams Brick Co., Taunton 777 

Williams C. jr., Boston 704 

Williams Henry W., Boston lines 

Williams John, Worcester 744 

Williams J.R., Taunton 779 

WitherellO. D., Boston 713 

Withington John H., Lawrence 757 

Wilson & Co., New Bedford 774 

Worcester Steam Boiler Works, Worcester.. 739 

Worcester Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Worcester 747 

Worcester Needle Co., Worcester 738 

Worcester Wire Co., Worcester 738 

Worcester W. H. & E. C, Lowell 751 

Work J. H. agent, Boston 828 

Wright A. J., Boston 847 

Yerrington F. M., Boston lines 

Zion's Herald, Boston 840 




Advertising Agency. 

'HEELER C. J. (Newspaper), 49 Wey- 
bosset, Providence 


'ALKER & GOULD, 37 Weybosset, Providence 


.7STIN JOHN & CO. (see page 851), 74 

Clifford, Providence 

! IITH WILLIAM T. (see page 853), Black- 
stone, cor. Hawkins,. " 


ARLAND CHAS. A. 56 East av., Pawtucket, R.I. 

Axle Washers. 

EAL> JOHN R. (see map), 135 So. Main, Providence 

Baking Powders. 

N.D.Arnold, treas.,58to 60S. Water, Providence 

Bank Stamps. 

TIITE A. A. (see page 851), 3 Weybosset, Providence 


DERING CO., Geo. Bridge, treas., 26 
Exchange place, Providence 

Boilers and Steam Engine Manufs. 

EMING MORRIS B. (dealer, see page 858), 
76 and 78 Orange, Providence 

ARKER WILLIAM R. (dealer, see front 
colored page), 20 Eddy, " 

to 379 South Main, " 

Burglar Proof Safe Manufs. 

857), 149 Cove, 


Card Screens. 

APRON M. R. (see page 852), 10 Martin, 


Carriage Axle Washers. 

IEAD JOHN R. (see map), 135 S. Main, Providence 

Carriage Hardware. 

tEAD. JOHN R. (champion sole leather 

washers, see map), 135 South Main, Providence 

Chemicals (Mamifs.) 

'ARPENTER H. F. 29 and 31 Page, Providence 

nold, treas. 58 to 60 South Water, " 

Church and Chapel Organ Builders. 

lDAMS W. K. & SON (see page 857), 10 

Linwood avenue, Providence 

Commission Merchants. 

BURROUGH F. M. (oils, starch, etc., see 

back colored page), 22 South Water, Providence 

DEMING MORRIS B. (machinery, etc., see 
page 858), 76 and 78 Orange. 

MURRAY ROBERT M. (lumber, see page 
856), 270 Dyer, " 

Commissioners of Deeds. 

HOYNE PHTLIP A., Chicago, Illinois 

KING SIMEON W. (for all the States and 

Territories, see page 813), Chicago, " 

NETTLETON CHARLES, 117 Broadway, N. York 
PURKIS JOHN C. . (Commissioner in K. I. 

for Mass.), 25 Westminster, room 2, Prov., R. I. 
CHATTIN EDWARD, 442 California street, 

Sau Francisco, California 
CRAIG L. D. 611 Montgomery st., 

San Francisco, " 
WILKINS JOHN H. B. 442 California street, 

San Francisco, " 

Cop Tube Manufacturer. 

RALSTON WILLIAM (paper), 35 Dyer, Providence 


SALMON GEO. (see page 857), 50 Friendship, 

PHILLIPS THOMAS & CO. 75 South Main, " 

Cotton Dealers. 

BURROUGH F. M. (see back colored page), 

22 South Water, Providence 

Cotton Waste. 

CLAFLIN C. J. & CO., Cove Lands, Providence 
PARKER WILLIAM R. (see front colored 
page), 20 Eddy 

Cotton and Woolen Mach. Manufs. 

CAPRON M. R. (card screens, see page 852), 

10 ]\Iartin, Providence 


Co., Charles street, 
HAY DEN D. W. (stop motions, see page 

854), 2 Lafavette, " 


855), 564 Eddy, " 

Drain Pipe. 


colored page), 85 South Water, Providence 

Druggists (Wholesale.) 

CLAFLIN GEO. L. & CO. 56 to 66 So. Main, 


Dye Stuffs. 




ENDERING CO., George Bridge, treas. 
26 Exchange place, Providence 



Engine Builders. 

HARRTS WILLIAM A. (see page 860), Park 

street, Providence 

Files and Rasps. (Manuf.) 

NICHOLSON FILE CO. (see page 858), 118 

Acorn, Providence 

Fire Brick. 


coloied page), 85 South Water, Providence 

Fire Clay. 


colored page), 85 South Water, Providence 

Fire Department Supplies. 

WALDRON E. M. 32 Middle, ' Providence 

Fire Extinguisher and Garden Engine. 

WHITMAN J. A. (see page 856), 128 North 

Main, Providence 

Flour Mills. 


(see page 855), 225 Richmond, Providence 

Fountain Pumps and Sprinklers. 

WHITMAN J. A. (see page 856), 128 North 

Main, Providence 

French Burrs. 

OLDS FRANKLIN (see page 852), 361 and 

365 Eddy, . Providence 

Garden Engine and Fire Extinguisher. 

WHITMAN J. A. (see page 856), 128 North 

Main, Providence 

Gold and Silver Refiners. 

AUSTIN JOHN & CO. (see page 851), 74 

Clifford, Providence 

CARPENTER H. F. 29 and 31 Page, " 

SMITH WILLIAM T. (see page 853), Black- 
stone, cor. Hawkins, " 

Gold Watch Case Manufs. 

BROWN J. A. & CO. (see page 856), 41 
Maiden lane, New York; also, 104 Eddy, 


Graham Flour and Wheat Meal. 


(see page 855), 225 Richmond, Providence 

Grinding Mill Manuf. 

OLDS FRANKLIN (see page 852), 361 and 

365 Eddy, Providence 

Grist Mill Manuf. 

OLDS FRANKLIN (see page 852), 361 and 

365 Eddy, Providence 

Grist Mills. 


(see page 855), 225 Richmond Providence 

Harness and Reed Manufs. 

DUNHAM A. B., agent (see page 856), 118 

Dorrance, Providence 

GOWDttY J. A. & SON (see page 856), 40 

Clifford, Providence, R.I., and at Fall River, Mass. 

Hose Couplings, &c. 

WALDRON E. M. 32 Middle, Providence 

Indellible Ink Manuf. 

WHITE A. A. (see p. 851), 3 Weybosset, Providence 

Indian Doctress. 

BAXTER SARAH (see p. 857), 23 Bark, Providence 



KING SIMEON W. (see page 813), Chicago, I 

MAGOUN S. L. Hudson* N." 

STILPHEN A. C. Gardiner, M 

Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead. 

PROVIDENCE LEAD CO., Thos. Phillips 

& Co., proprietors, 75 South Main, Providen 

Leather Washers. 

READ JOHN R. (see map), 135 S. Main, Provide* 


ender, Providen 

Lumber Dealers. 

MURRAY ROBERT M. (wholesale, see page 

856), 270 Dyer, Providen 

Machinery Dealers, 

CLAFLIN C. J. & CO. (new and second 

hand), Cove Lands, Providen 

DEMING MORRIS B. (new and second 
hand, see page 858), 76 and 78 Orange, " 

PARKER WILLIAM R. (new and second 
hand, see front colored page), 20 Eddy, " 

Mill Supplies. 

DUNHAM A. B., agent (see page 856), 118 

Dorrance, Providen 

GOWDEY J. A. & SON (see page 856), 40 

Clifford, Providence, R.I., and at Fall River, Mai 
PARKER WILLIAM R. (see front colored 

page), 20 Eddy, Providen 

SALMON GEORGE (coppersmith, see page 

857), 50 Friendship, « 


OLDS FRANKLIN (see page 852), 361 and 

365 Eddy, ProvideD 


ANNESS CHARLES & SONS (Are clay, fire 
sand, kaolin and tire mortar, see front 
colored page), 85 South Water, Providen 



Frank F. Tingley, 4' Exchange, Providen 

Notaries Public. 

KING SIMEON W. (see page 813), Chicago. I 

PURKIS JOHN C. 25 Westminster, room 2, 
^■n T ^i t Providen 

CRAIG L. D. 611 Montgomery, San Francisco, Cl 
KING JAMES L. 442 California, San Francisco, Ci 
VARNEY Wm., Lock box 1774, San Francisco, Ci 

Oils (Wholesale.) 

BURROUGH F. M. (see back colored page), 

22 South Water, Providen 

Organ Builders. 

ADAMS W. K. & SON (cbuuh and chapel, 

see page 857), 10 Linwood avc. iAoviden 

Paper Manufacturers. 


(see page 753), Clareniont, N.I 

Plumbers' Materials. 

SALMON GEORGE (seepage 857), 50Friend- 

sljl P. Providen. 



(see page 753), Claremout, NJ 



(see page 753), Clareuiont, N.I 



Pulleys, Shafting and Hangers. 

IING MORRIS B. (see page 858), 76 and 
8 Orange, Providence 

:KER WILLIAM R. (see front colored 
>age), 20 Eddy, " 

Pumps (Fountain Pumps.) 

ITMAN J. A. (see page 856), 128 North 

Slain, Providence 

Railroad Supplies. 

tROUGH F. M. (see back colored page), 

i2 South Water, Providence 

Rasps and Files (Manuf.) 


>58), 118 Acorn, Providence 

Real Estate Agent. 

RLAND CHAS. A. 56 East av., Pawtucket, R.I. 

Reed and Harness Manufs. 

JHAM A. B., agent (see page 856), 118 
Torrance, Providence 

v'DEY J. A. & SON (see page 856), 40 
Clifford, Providence, R.I., and at Fall River, Mass. 

Refiners and Smelters. 

1TIN JOHN & CO. (see page 851), 74 
Jlifford, Providence 

TH WILLIAM T. (see page 853), Black- 
itone, cor. Hawkins, " 

Roving Frames (Manuf.) 


i55), 564 Eddy, Providence 

Safe Manufacturers. 

LISS SAFE MANUF. CO. (see page 

(57), 149 Cove, Providence 

Saw Manufacturers. 


irons, agent, 25 Calender, Providence 

Seal Presses. 

ITE A. A. (see page 851), 3 Weybosset, 


Sewer Pipe. 

JESS CHARLES & SONS (see front 
;olored page), 85 South Water, Providence 

Soap Manufacturers. 

?DALL MANUF. CO. (tine toilet and 
aundry soaps), Friendship, cor. Page, Providence 
VRY & HATHAWAY (Centennial or 
Vienna soap, see page 856), 305 Fountain, " 

Solicitor in Bankruptcy. 

:G SIMEON W. (see page 813), Chicago, HI. 

Steam Engine Builders. 

IRIS WILLIAM A. (see page 860), Park 
itreet, Providence 

o 379 South Main, " 

Steamship Company. 

STEAMSHIP CO., F. M. Burrough, gen. 
agent (see back colored page), 22 South 
Water, Providence 

Stencil Alphabets (Patent.) 

WHITE A. A. (see page 851), 3 Weybosset, 


Stencil Cutter. 

WHITE A. A. (see page 851), 3 Weybosset, 


Stop Motions. 

HAYDEN D. W. (for drawing frames and 
railway heads, see page 854), 2 Lafayette, 


Sulphate of Copper. 

AUSTIN JOHN & CO. (see page 851), 74 

Clifford, Providence 

SMITH WILLIAM T. (see page 853), Black- 
stone, corner Hawkins, " 

Sweep Smelters. 

AUSTIN JOHN & CO. (see page 851), 74 

Clifford, Providence 

SMITH WILLIAM T. (see page 853), Black- 
stone, corner Hawkins, " 

U. S. Commissioner. 

HOYNE PHILIP A., Chicago, 111. 

Vitriol (Blue.) 

AUSTIN JOHN & CO. (see page 851), 74 

Clifford, Providence 

SMITH WILLIAM T. (see page 853), Black- 
stone, corner Hawkins, " 


READ JOHN R. (champion sole leather, see 

map), 135 South Main, Providence 

Watch Case Manufs. (Gold.) 

BROWN J. A. & CO. (see page 856), 41 Mai- 
den lane, New York; also, 104 Eddy, Providence 

Water Pipe. 


colored page), 85 South Water, Providence 

Wines & Liquors. (Importers & Jobbers.) 


Canal, Providence 

PALMER & MADIGAN, Hay, cor. Friendship, " 

Woolen or Cotton Carding Machines. 

CAPRON M. R. (see page 852), 10 Martin, Providence 

Woolen Machinery Manufacturers. 


855), 564 Eddy, Providence 

Worsted Machinery Manufacturers. 


855), 564 Eddy, Providence 



FOR 1B77. 

Tie most valuable Reference Boot era MM 

Containing the names and P. 0. address of all Merchants, Mam 
f acturers, Professional and other Business Men throughout 

This Volume also contains full and complete lists of the 

Banks, Insurance, Manufacturing and other incorporated Con 
panies, Post-Offices, Newspapers, Academies, Expresses, 
Railroads, Population of each City and Town in 

Together with other useful information often required in the Counting Roor 



With each County separately Colored, and representing a pa 
of all the adjoining States, measuring about 16 x 22 inches, 
showing plainly all the 


LAKES, Etc. 

Thus it will be seen that this "Volume is a 

Complete Guide to the BUSINESS INTERESTS of the SIX STATE 

It forms a large octavo vol ume of over 1500 pages, handsomely printed on fine paper, 
and strongly bound. 




1*5 *5 Franklin Street, 

BOSTON, - - - MASS. 




And Officers immediately connected therewith, with places of residence. 


Annual Election Tuesday after First Monday in November. Legislature 
meets First Wednesday in January. 


His Excellency ALEXANDER H. RICE of Boston Governor. 

His Honob HORATIO G. KNIGHT of Easthampton, Lieut.-Governor. 


District 1. — Joseph K. Baker of Dennis. 

" 5. — Harrison Tweed of Taunton. 

" 3. — Francis Childs of Boston. 

" 4. — William W. Tucker of Boston. 

" 5. — Harmon Hall ., of Saugus. 

" 6. — Joseph A. Harwood of Littleton. 

" 7. — William Upham..... .. of Spencer. 

" 8. — Tilly Haynes of Springfield. 

Private Secretary to the Governor, George H. Campbell of Boston. 

Messenger to the Governor and Council, Edward F. Hamlin. . . .of Northampton. 
Assistant Messenger to the Governor and Council, Charles F. A. 
Francis of Boston. 

(For Governor's Staff, see page 97.) 


Henry B. Peirce. of Abington. 

1st Clerk, Henry J. Coolidge of Boston. | 2d Clerk, Isaac H. Edgett of Beverly. 


Charles Endicott of Canton. 

1st Clerk, Dan'l H. Rogers of Brookline. I 2d Clerk, John Q. Adams. ..of Boston. 


Daniel A. Gleason of Medford. 

Clerk, Andrew J. Morton of Boston. 


Julius L. Clarke of Newton. 

1st Clerk, Augustus Brown of Maiden. | 2d Clerk, Edward S. Davis of Lynn. 


Charles R. Train .of Boston. 


W. Caleb Loring of Boston. 




Hon. J. B. D. Cogswell of Yarmouth 
Stephen N. Gifford of Duxbury 
Hilton F. Hosmer of Boston. . 
O. F. Mitchell of Bridgewater . . 
Rev. Isaac Dunham of Bridgewater . 
S. W. Edgell 



Assistant Clerk. 




Suffolk County. 

of Boston, 

of Boston, 

of Boston, 

of Boston, 

of Boston, 

of Boston, 

of Boston. 

District 1. — Henry B. Hill . .'", . . . 

" 2. — Marcellus Day . . . . . 

3:— M. J. Flatley . ... 

" 4. — James White 

" 5. — Thomas Gogin 

" 6. — Alvah A. Burrage .... 

" 7. — Albert Palmer 

" 8. — Joseph S. Ropes of Boston. 

Essex County. 

District 1. — Am osF. Breed . ... . .of Lynn. 

" 2. — James J. H. Gregory of Marblehead. 

" 3. — Allan Rogers of Gloucester. 

" 4. — George W. Gate of Amesbury. 

" 5. — Jackson B. Swett of Haverhili. 

" 6. — Byron Truell of Lawrence. 

Middlesex County. 

District 1. — Benjamin F. Hayes . 

" 2. — Robert R. Bishop 

" 3. — Charles T. Russell . 

" 4. — Luther H. Sherman 

" 5.— Amos J. Saunders , 

" 6. —Abraham B. Coffin . 

" 7. —James C. Abbott . 

of Medford. 
of Newton. 
of Cambridge, 
of Wayland. 
of Peppered, 
of Winchester, 
of Lowell. 

Worcester County. 

District 1. — George S. Barton . 
" 2. — William Knowltori . 
" 3. — Ebenezer B. Lynde . 
" 4. — Charles Adams, jr. . 
" 5. — Charles H. Merriam 

of Worcester, 
of Upton, 
of West Brookfield 
of North Brookfield 
of Leominster. 

Hampden County. 

District 1. — Charles L. Gardner . .'"". . . . of Palmer. 
" 2. — Henry C. Ewing of Holyoke. 

Hampshire, Frauklin, and Berkshire Counties. 

Hampshire District. — Lewis N. Gilbert . . . .of Ware. 

Franklin " Henry Winn . . . . . of Buckland. 

North Berkshire District. — Frederick P. Brown ;. . of Adams. 

South Berkshire " Horace J. Cantield . . of Stockbridge. 

Norfolk County. 

District 1. — Henry F. Barker of Quincy. 

" 2. — Frederick D. Ely of Dedham. 

Plymouth County. 

District 1. — Joseph S. Beal ...... of Kingston. 

" 2. — Jonathan White . of Brockton. 

Bristol County. 

District 1. — Ezra Davol of Taunton. 

" 2. — Charles J. Holmes . . . . ...... of Fall River. 

" 3. — Hosea M. Knowlton of New Bedford. 

Barnstable, Nantucket, and Dukes Counties. 

Cape District. — J. B. D. Cogswell . . . . .of Yarmouth. 

(Senate Districts on page 22.) 






With the numher of Legal Voters in each District (according to the Census of 
1875). Number of Representatives 240. Average number of Voters to each 
Representative 1,462. 

John D. Long of Hinghara . 
George A. Harden of Lowell 
Wm. S. Southworth of Lowell 
Rev. Robert G. Seymour of Boston 
O. F. Mitchell of Brklgewater . 



Ass't. Clerk. 





1 Sandwich, Falmouth, 1,519 voters -.-Isaiah 
Fish of Sandwich. 

2 Barnstable, Mashpee, 1,268 voters — An- 
drew Lovell of Barnstable. 

3 Yarmouth, Dennis, 1,502 voters — Thomas 
P. Howes of Dennis. 

4 Harwich, Chatham, 1,468 voters — Abiathar 
Doane of Harwich. 

5 Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, 
1,457 voters — Freeman Doane of Orleans. 

6 Truro, Provincetown, 1,223 voters — Henry 
Shortle of Provincetown. 


1 Hancock, Lanesborough, New Ashford, 
Clarksburg, Williamstown, 1,346 voters 

— Daniel White of Hancock. 

2 Adams, 2,820 voters — J. K. Anthony and 
C.H. Ingalis of North Adams. 

3 Pittsfield, Dalton, 2,863 voters— J. N. Dun- 
ham, S. N. Russell, of Pittsfield. 

4 Florida, Savoy, Cheshire, Windsor, Wash- 
ington, Peru, Hinsdale, 1,423 voters — John 
W. Curtice of Hinsdale. 

5 Becket, Lee, Otis, Tyringham, 1,446 voters 

— Sidney Barnes of Becket. 

6 Richmond, Lenox, Stockbridge, West 
Stockbridge, 1,477 voters — Hiram N. 
Cooke of Lenox. 

7 Alford, Egremont, Great Barrington, 
Monterey, 1,457 voters — William B. Bliss 
of Great Barrington. 

8 Mt. Washington, New Marlborough, San- 
disfield, Sheffield, 1,303 voters —Henry M. 
Wilcox of Sandisfield. 


1 Attleboro', Norton, Mansfield, 2,894 voters 

— A. T. Wales and George Price of Attle- 

2 Easton, Raynham, 1,301 voters — George 
C. Belcher of Easton. 

3 Taunton, Berkley, 4,628 voters — John W. 
Hart, William Reed, jr., and John H. Gal- 
ligan, of Taunton. 

4 Acushnet, Fairhaven, Freetown, 1,396 
voters — Elbridge G. Morton, jr., of Fair- 

6 New Bedford, 1st, 2d, and 3d wards, 3,000 
voters — C. A. Case and Rufus A. Soule. 

6 New Bedford, 4th, 5th, and 6th wards, 
3,004 voters— T. B. Hathaway and Israel 
C. Cornish. 

7 Westport, Dartmouth, 1,622 voters — Chas. 
Fisher of Westport. 



8 Fall River, 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th wards, 4,670 
voters — H. B. Coffin, John W. Cummings, 
P. M. McGlynn. 

9 Fall River, 5th and 6th wards, Somerset, 
2,788 voters — Andrew J. Jennings and 
Pardon Macomber of Fall River. 

10 Seekonk, Swansea, Rehoboth, Dighton, 
1,573 voters— John A. Lewis of Dighton. 


1 Chilmark, Edgartown, Gay Head, Gos- 
nold, Tisbury, 1,117 voters — Benjamin 
Clough of Tisbury. 


1 Rockport, Gloucester, 7th ward, 1,596 
voters — Jason L. Curtis of Rockport. 

2 Gloucester, 1st to 6th wards, 2,611 voters 

— Charles H. Wonson and Edward H. 

3 Gloucester, 8th ward, Essex, Manchester, 
Hamilton, 1,388 voters — Jesper Richard- 
son of Gloucester. 

4 Wenham, Danvers, 1,441 voters — Israel 
W. Andrews of Danvers. 

5 Beverly, 1,748 voters — John I. Baker. 

6 Salem, 1st, 2d, and 5th wards, 2,821 voters 

— Charles S. Osgood and Charles H. 

7 Salem, 3d, 4th, and 6th wards, 2,477 voters 

— Henry W. Putnam and John Jackson. 

8 Marblehead, Swampscott, 2,440 voters — 
Lewis Carroll and B. A. Phillips of Mar- 

9 Lynn, 3d ward, 1,560 voters — James H. 

10 Lynn, 1st, 2d, 4th, 5th, and 7th wards, 
Nahant, 4,633 voters — Aug. Jones, John 
Marlor, N. M. Hawkes, of Lynn. 

11 Lynn, 6th ward, 1,689 voters — S. S. Mc- 

12 Peabody, 1,720 voters — James E. T. Bart- 

13 Saugus, Lynnfield, Middleton, Topsfield, 
1,446 voters — Joseph Whitehead of Sau- 

14 Andover, North Andover, 1,446 voters — 
John Cornell of Andover. 

15 Boxford, Rowley, Ipswich, 1,519 voters — 
Asa F. Howe of Rowley. 

16 Newhury, Newouryport, 1st to 6th wards, 
3,229 voters — Eben F. Stone and J. W. 
Ricker of Newburyport. 

17 Georgetown, Groveland, Bradford, 1,668 
voters — Chauncey O. Noyes of George- 



18 West Newbury, Salisbury, Amesbury, 
Merrimac, 2,962 voters — Samuel Coffin of 
Salisbury and James D. Pike of Merrimac. 

19 Haverhill, 1st to 6th wards, Methuen, 4,633 
voters — William A. Brooks, John W. 
Tilton, of Haverhill, Edmund P. Sargent 
of Methuen. 

20 Lawrence, 1st, 2d, and 3d wards, 2,780 
voters — Abel Webster and Michael Rinn. 

21 Lawrence, 4th, 5th, and 6th wards, 2,823 
voters — Levi Emery and Melvin Beal. 


1 Erving, Warwick, Orange, New Salem, 
1,416 voters — James W. Emery of Orange. 

2 Montague, Sunderland, Leverett, Shutes- 
bury, Wendell, 1,467 voters — Ralph A. 
Field of Leverett. 

3 Greenfield, Gill, Shelburne, 1,417 voters — 
Alanson K. Hawkes of Shelburne. 

4 Deerfield, Conway, Whateley, 1,382 voters 

— C. P. Aldrich of South Deerfield. 

5 Northfield, Bernardston, Leyden, Cole- 
raine, Heath, 1,368 voters — Orson B. Curtis 
of Coleraine. 

6 Ashfield, Buckland, Charlemont, Hawley, 
Rowe, Monroe, 1,466 voters — Nelson 
Gardner of Ashfield. 


1 Monson, Holland, Brimfield, Wales, 1,349 
voters — Pliny P. Spaulding of Brimfield. 

2 Palmer, Wilbraham, Ludlow, 1,630 voters 

— Timothy D. Potter of Palmer. 

3 Chicopee, 1,686 voters — Jarvis P. Kelly. 

4 Springfield, 1st and 2d wards, 2,589 voters 

— William Pynchon, T. D. Beach. 

5 Springfield, 3d and 6th wards, 1,481 voters 

— Leonard Clark. 

6 Springfield, 4th and 7th wards, Long- 
meadow, 1,455 voters — Rawson Hathaway 
of Springfield. 

7 Springfield, 5th and 8th wards, 1,568 voters 

— M. P. Knowlton. 

8 Holyoke, 1st to 5th wards, 1,592 voters — 
John H. Wright. 

9 Holyoke 6th and 7th wards, West Spring- 
field, 1,463 voters — E. P. Bartholomew of 
West Springfield. 

10 Westfield, Agawam, Montgomery, 2,620 
voters — Joseph G. Noble of Westfield and 
Henry S. Stiles of Montgomery. 

11 Southwick, Granville, Tolland, Blandford, 
Chester, Russell, 1,479 voters — Edwin 
Gilbert of Southwick. 


1 Easthampton, Northampton, Southamp- 
ton, 3,125 voters — Timothy G. Spaulding 
and J. L. Otis of Northampton. 

:2 Hadley, Hatfield, Westhampton, Williams- 
burg, 1,312 voters — Joseph Billings of 

3 Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Hun- 
tington, Middlefk-ld, Plainfield, Worthing- 
ton, 1,326 voters — Matthew Smith of 

4 Amherst, Pelham, Prescott, South Hadley, 
1,706 voters— M. W. Burnett of South 

5 Belchertown, Enfield, Granby, Greenwich, 
Ware, 1,784 voters — T. R. Greene of 

' Belchertown. 


1 Cambridge, 1st and 5th wards, 2,704 voters 

— Levi L. Cushing and Edwin B. Hale. 

.2 Cambridge, 2d and 4th wards, 4,789 voters 

— Lucius R. Paige, Oliver J. Rand, Charles 
F. Thurston. 

3 Cambridge, 3d ward, 1,720 voters — Joseph 
J. Kelley. 

4 Somerville, 1st ward, 1,538 voters — R. E. 

5 Somerville, 2d ward, 1,396 voters — Thos. 

6 Somerville, 3d and 4th wards, 1,531 voters 

— Jacob T. Glines. 

7 Medford, 1,512 voters — John H. Hooper. 

8 Maiden, Everett, 3,126 voters — Elisha S. 
Converse of Maiden and George S. Mar- 
shall of Everett. 

9 Melrose, 1,035 voters — W. Irving Ellis. 

10 Stoneham, 1,281 voters — George A. Cow- 

11 Wakefield, 1,218 voters — Solon Walton. 

12 Reading, North Reading, Wilmington, 1,319 
voters — Gardner French of Reading. 

13 Woburn, 1,958 voters — Leonard Thomp- 
son, jr. 

14 Arlington, Winchester, 1,425 voters — 
William G. Peck of Arlington. 

15 Watertown, Belmont, 1,457 voters — Robt. 
L. Davis of Watertown. 

16 Newton, 3,278 voters — Levi C. Wade and 
Charles E. Ranlett. 

17 Waltham, 1,897 voters — David Randall. 

18 Lexington, Burlington, Bedford, Billerica, 
1,359 voters — John Winn of Burlington. 

19 Tewksbury, Chelmsford, Tyngsborough, 
Dracut, 1,258 voters — William Manning of 


20 Lowell, 1st ward, 1,617 voters — Patrick 

21 Lowell, 2d ward, 1,528 voters — W. A. 

22 Lowell, 3d ward, 1,484 voters — Albert 

23 Lowell, 4th ward, 1,554 voters — Francis 

24 Lowell, 5th ward, 1,377 voters — William 
H. Wiggin. 

25 Lowell, 6th ward, 1,501 voters — Henry H. 

26 Concord, Acton, Carlisle, Lincoln, 1,407 
voters — Geo. M. Baker of Lincoln. 

27 Weston, Wayland, Sudbury, Maynard, 
1,396 voters — Myron W. Bent of Wayland. 

28 Natick, 1,716 voters —Noah L. Hardy. 

29 Holliston, Sherborn, 1,105 voters — Sydney 
Wilder of Holliston. 

30 Hopkinton, Ashland, 1,470 voters — John 
Mahon of Hopkinton. 

31 Framingham, 1,054 voters — Charles S. 

32 Marlborough, 1,645 voters — S. Herbert 

33 Hudson, Stowe, Boxborough, Littleton, 
1,256 voters — Solon Wood of Hudson. 

34 Westford, Groton, Dunstable, Pepperell, 
1,518 voters — William Read, 1st, of West- 

35 Ayer, Shirley, Townsend, Ashby, 1,614 
voters — George V. Barrett of Ayer. 


1 Nantucket, 890 voters — Henry Paddock. 


1 Dedham, Norwood, 1,514 voters — Henry C. 
Bonney of Dedham. 

2 Brookline, 1,247 voters — Edw'd I. Thomas. 

3 Hyde Park, 1,237 voters — W. J. Stuart. 

4 Milton, Canton, 1,312 voters — Edward R. 
Eager of Canton. 

5 Quincy, Weymouth, 4,440 voters — Edwin 
W. Marsh of Quincy, Benjamin S. Lovell 
and George F. Hayden of Weymouth. 

6 Braintree, Holbrook, 1,433 voters — Newton 
White of Holbrook. 

7 Randolph, Stoughton, Sharon, Walpole, 
3,046 voters — Francis W. Bird of Wal- 
pole and John T. Flood of Randolph. 

8 Franklin, Foxborough, Wrentham, Bel- 
lingham, Medway, 2,972 voters — James F. 
Leonard of Foxborough and David A. 
Partridge of Medway. 

9 Needham, Dover, Medfield, Norfolk, 1,554 
voters — John Humphrey of Dover. 


1 Hingham, Hull, 1,147 voters— John D. 
Long of Hingham. 

2 Cohasset, Scituate, South Scituate, 1,610 
voters — Amos W. Merritt of Scituate. 



3 Marshfield, Pembroke, Hanson, Halifax, 
1,443 voters — William C. Oakman of 

4 Duxbury, Kingston, Plympton, Carver, 
1,565 voters — Philander Cobb of Kings- 

5 Plymouth, 1,656 voters, Charles E. Barnes. 

6 Wareham, Rochester, Marion, Mattapoi- 
sett, 1,502 voters — Noble W. Everett of 

7 Mideleborough, Lakeville, 1,671 voters — 
James P. Pierce of Lakeville. 

8 Bridgewater, E. Bridgewater, 1,516 voters 

— Van R. Swift of Bridgewater. 

9 Rockland, Hanover, 1,509 voters — Ezekiel 
R. Studley of Rockland. 

10 Brockton, West Bridgewater, 2,804 voters 

— Henry B. Packard and Baalis Sanford, 
jr., of Brockton. 

11 Abington, South Abington, 1,513 voters — 
H. W. Powers of South Abington. 


{First twenty-five districts are wards in 

1 2,719 voters — E. M. McPherson and Ed- 
win R. Webster. 

2 2,645 voters — James L. Walsh and Sidney 
F. Whitehouse. 

3 2,652 voters — Eugene L. Norton and Free- 
man L. Oilman. 

4 2,612 voters — John Turner. 

5 2,660 voters — Nahum Chapin and Charles 
R. Byram. 

6 2,860 voters — Anthony C. Daly and Cor- 
nelius Desmond. 

7 2,799 voters — Samuel H. Wentworth and 
Daniel Doherty. 

8 2,908 voters — James L. Locke and Francis 

9 2,910 voters — George W. Lowther and 
Edwin F. Leighton. 

10 2,950 voters — Clement H. Hill and Alex- 
ander Wadsworth. 

11 2,936 voters — Charles J. Prescott and 
Hamilton A. Hill. 

12 2,961 voters — Edward J. Jenkins and 
Patrick F. Murphy. 

13 2,888 voters— John B. Shea and James T. 

14 3,126 voters — Alonzo Bancroft and C. J. 

15 2,615 voters — Alonzo Warren and Stephen 
A. Stackpole. 

16 2,958 voters — J. H. O'Neil and Frederic A. 

17 3,077 voters — Albert E. Pillsbury and J. 
Q. A. Brackett. 

18 3,000 voters — Charles H. Allen and H. D. 

19 3,221 voters — James H. Nugent and C. B. 

20 2,913 voters — Payson E. Tucker and Wm. 
S. King. 

21 2,878 voters — William Blanchard and John 
F. Newton. 

22 1,601 voters — William H. Carberry. 

23 2,639 voters — H. Aug. Johnson and Mat- 
thew Bolles. 

24 2,872 voters — Joseph Wiswell and Fred. P. 

25 1,415 voters — George A. Wilson. 

26 Chelsea, Revere, Winthrop, 4,946 voters — 
William Robinson and Eben Hutchinson 
of Chelsea, Ensign Kimball of Revere. 


1 Blackstone, Uxbridge, 1,399 voters — Zadok 
A. Taft of Uxbridge. 

2 Mendon, Milford, Upton, 2,870 voters — 
W. H. Cook of Milford and, Charles A. 
Davis of Upton. 

3 Northb ridge, Grafton, 1,513 voters — Lu- I 
cius M. Sargent of Grafton. 

4 Westboro', Southboro', 1,545 voters — 
George O. Brigham of Westboro'. 

5 Clinton, Berlin, Bolton, Sterling, Lancas- 
ter, Harvard, Lunenburgh, 3,098 voters — 
Lucius Field of Clinton, and James Hil- 
dreth, 2d, of Lunenburg. 

6 Fitchburg, 2,815 voters — Leander Sprague 
and Luther J. Brown. 

7 Winchendon, Ashburnham, Gardner, 
Westminster, Princeton, 3,030 voters — 
Charles W. Bush of Gardner and Arte- 
mus Merriam of Westminster. 

8 Athol, Royalston, 1,405 voters — J. S. Par- 
menter of Athol. 

9 Petersham, Phillipston, Templeton, Hub- 
bardston, 1,547 voters — Horace Under- 
wood of Hubbardston. 

10 Dana, Hardwick, Barry, Oakham, New 
Braintree, 1,584 voters — John B. Fairbank 
of Oakham. 

11 Rutland, Holden, Paxton, Leicester, 1,437 
voters — William Howe of Holden. 

12 West Brookfield, Warren, Brookfield, 
North Brookfield, Sturbridge, 2,932 voters 
— George C. Lincoln of North Brookfield, 
and A. B. Chamberlain of Sturbridge. 

13 Spencer, Charlton, Southbridge, Oxford, 
2,908 voters — James H. Ames of Spencer, 
and Calvin D. Paige of Southbridge. 

14 Douglas, Webster, Dudley, 1,679 voters — 
Josiah Perry of Dudley. 

15 Auburn, Millbury, Sutton, 1,485 voters — 
George W. Rice of Sutton. 

16 Shrewsbury, Northboro', Boylston, West 
Boylston, 1,400 voters — Oliver B. Wyman 
of Shrewsbury. 

17 Leominster, 1,391 voters — George F. Col- 

18 Worcester, 1st ward, 1,342 voters — Thofl. 
J. Hastings. 

19 Worcester, 2d ward, 1,31 5 voters — W. A. 
S. Smyth. 

20 Worcester, 3d ward, 1,359 voters — Frank 
D. Leary. 

21 Worcester, 4th ward, 1,368 voters — Philip 

22 Worcester, 5th ward, 1,374 voters — James 
H. Mellen. 

23 Worcester, 6th ward, 1,396 voters — Francis 
P. Goulding. 

24 Worcester, 7th ward, 1,346 voters — John 
D. Lovell. 

25 Worcester, 8th ward, 1,353 voters — John 
D. Washburn. 




Judiciary. — Messrs. Russell of Middlesex, 
White of Plymouth, Cofiin of Middlesex, 
Merriam of Worcester, and Brown of Berk- 

Probate and Chancery. — Messrs. White of 
Plymouth, Gardner of Hampden, and Abbott 
of Middlesex. 

Treasury. — Messrs. Adams of Worcester, 
Breed of Essex, and Flatley of Suffolk. 

Bills in the Third Reading. — Messrs. 
Bishop of Middlesex, Knowlton of Bristol, 
Abbott of Middlesex, Beal of Plymouth, and 
Cate of Essex. 

Engrossed Bills. — Messrs. Gregory of Es- 
sex, Lynde of Worcester, Davol of Bristol. 

Leave of Absence. — Messrs. Adams of Wor- 
cester, Cate of Essex, Canfield of Berkshire. 




Judiciary. — Messrs. Clement Hugh Hill of 
Boston, Wade of Newton, Pillsbury of Bos- 
ton, Goulding of Worcester, Walsh of Boston, 
Knowlton of Springfield, and Jennings of Fall 

Probate, and Chancery. — Messrs. Brackett 
of Boston, Wentworth of Boston, Fairbank 
of Oakham, Hyde of Boston, Spaulding of 
Northampton, Oalligan of Taunton, and Daly 
of Boston. 

Finance. — Messrs. Stone of Newburyport, 
Bird of Walpole, Cushing of Cambridge, 
Allen of Boston, H. A. Hill of Boston, Bolles 
of Boston, and Brown of Fitchburg. 

Elections. — Messrs. Hawkes of Lynn, 
Beach of Springfield, Doane of Harwich, Gar- 
gan of Boston, Manning of Chelmsford, Cur- 
tice of Hinsdale, and Paddock of Nantucket. 
Bills in the Third Reading. — Messrs. 
Hutchinson of Chelsea, Whitehead of Saugus, 
Bush of Gardner, Howe of Rowley, Richard- 
son of Gloucester, Kelly of Chicopee, and 
Rice of Sutton. 

Engrossed Bills. — Messrs. Powers of South 
Abington, French of Reading, Curtis of Rock- 
port, Webster of Lawrence, Cook of Lenox, 
Moore of Worcester, and Fisher of West- 

County Estimates. — Messrs. Cunningham 
of Somerville, Lovell of Worcester, Bonney of 
Dedham, Pynchon of Springfield, Billings of 
Hatfield, Price of Attleboro', and White 
of Hancock. 

Pay Roll. — Messrs. Humphrey of Dover, 
Ames of Spencer, Hathaway of New Bedford, 
Merriam of Westminster, Potter of Palmer, 
Emory of Orange, and Sargent of Methuen. 

Leave of Absence. — Messrs. Gardner of 
Ashfield, Peirce of Lakeville, Bliss of Great 
Barrington, Wonson of Gloucester, Spauld- 
ing of Brimfield, Rinn of Lawrence, and 
Mahon of Hopkinton. 

Public Buildings. — Messrs. Gilbert of 
Southwick, Belcher of Easton, McGibbons of 
Lynn, Hathaway of Springfield, Brooks 
ot Haverhill, Lincoln of North Brookfield, 
and Cornell of Andover. 

Rules and Orders. — Messrs. Osgood of 
Salem, Cummings of Fall River, Leary of 
Worcester, Phillips of Marblehead, Wood 
of Hudson, Barnes of Becket, and Carberry 
of Boston. 


Agriculture. — Messrs. Gregory of Essex 
and Lynde of Worcester, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Baker of Lincoln, Smith of Middle- 
field, Webster of Boston, Winn of Burling- 
ton, and Lewis of Dighton, of the House. 

Banks and Banking. — Messrs. Holmes of 
Bristol, Ropes of Suffolk, and Barker of Nor- 
folk, of the Senate. Messrs. Thomas of 
Brookline, McPherson of Boston, Hawks of 
Shelburne, Wilson of Boston, Whitmore 
of Framingham, Parmenter of Athol, Brig- 
ham of Westboro', and Marshall of Everett, 
of the House. 

Claims. — Messrs. Hill of Suffolk, White of 
Suffolk, and Canfield of Berkshire, of the 
Senate. Messrs. Clark of Springfield, Rus- 
sell of Pittstield, Fairbank of Oakham, Par- 
tridge of Medway, Swift of Bridgewater, 
Wilcox of Sandisfield, Stackpole of Boston, 
and Reed of Westford, of the House. 

Education. — Messrs. Saunders of Middle- 
sex and White of Suffolk, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Hale of Cambridge, Brackett of Bos- 
ton, Peck of Arlington, Everett of Wareham, 
and Sargent of Grafton, of the House. 

Federal Relations. — Messrs. Palmer of 
Suffolk and Russell of Middlesex, of the 
Senate. Messrs. Goulding of Worcester, Bar- 
rett of Ayer, Case of New Bedford, Cham- 
berlain of Sturbridge, and Shea of Boston, of 
the House. 

Fisheries. — Messrs. Ewing of Hampden 

and Rogers of Essex, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Andrews of Danvers, Lovell of Barnstable, 
Wales of Attleboro', Coffin of Salisbury, 
and Flood of Randolph, of the House. 

Harbors. — Messrs. Hill of Suffolk, Day of 
Suffolk, and Rogers of Essex, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Norton of Boston, Shortle of Prov- 
incetown, Robinson of Chelsea, Noyes of 
Boston, Whitehouse of Boston, Pike of Mer- 
rimac, Cobb of Kingston, and Howes of Den- 
nis, of the House. 

Insurance. Messrs. Barton of Worcester, 
and Gogin of Suffolk, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Dunham of Pittsfield, Doane of Orleans, 
Smyth of Worcester, Eager of Canton, and 
Walton of Wakefield, of the House. 

Library. — Messrs. Gregory of Essex and 
Davol of Bristol, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Paige of Cambridge, Desmond of Boston. 
Hildreth of Lunenburg, Greene of Belcher- 
town, and Stiles of Montgomery, of the 

Manufactures. — Messrs. Gilbert of Hamp 
shire and Gogin of Suffolk, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Howe- of Marlboro', Stuart of 
Hyde Park, Hart of Taunton, Perry of Dud- 
ley, and Moors of Lowell, of the House. 

Mercantile Affairs. — Messrs. Truell of 
Essex, Knowlton of Worcester, and Sher- 
man of Middlesex, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Randall of Waltham, Tilton of Haverhill, 
Lovell of Weymouth, Sanford of Brockton, 
Johnson of Boston, Keyes of Lowell, Jenkins 
of Boston, Davis of Watertown, of the 

Military Affairs. — Messrs. Winn of Frank- 
lin, Merriam of Worcester, and Canfield of 
Berkshire, of the Senate. Messrs. Ellis of 
Melrose, Thurston of Cambridge, Otis 
of Northampton, Beal of Lawrence, Wright 
of Holyoke, Ricker of Newburyport, Oil- 
man of Boston, and Davis of Upton, of the 

Parishes and Religious Societies. — Messrs 
Swett of Essex and Sherman of Middlesex, 
of the Senate. Messrs. White of Holbrook, 
Curtis of Coleraine, Wilder of Holliston, Bur- 
nett of South Hadley, and Wyman of Shrews- 
bury, of the House. 

Printing. — Messrs. Davol of Bristol and 
Cate of Essex, of the Senate. Messrs. Pills 
bury of Boston, Putnam of Salem, Rand of 
Cambridge, Field of Clinton, Haskell of 
Gloucester, of the House. 

Prisons. — Messrs Truell of Essex, Flatley 
of Suffolk, and Knowlton of Worcester, of 
the Senate. Messrs. King of Boston, Chase 
of Salem, Locke of Boston, Emery of Law- 
rence, Anthony of Adams, Wiggin of Lowell, 
Byram of Boston, and Hardy of Natick, of 
the House. 

Public Charitable Institutions. — Messrs. 
Ely of Norfolk, Burrage of Suffolk, and 
Gardner of Hampden, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Washburn of Worcester, Prescott of Boston, 
Bird of Walpole, Bancroft of Boston, Kelley 
of Cambridge, Macomber of Fall River, 
Jones of Lynn, and Blanchard of Boston, of 
the House. 

Public Lands. — Messrs. Sherman of Mid- 
dlesex and Beal of Plymouth, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Wiswell of Boston, Thompson of 
Woburn, Wade of Newton, Underwood of 
Hubbardston, and Clough of Tisbury, of the 

Railroads. — Messrs. Palmer of Suffolk, 
Gilbert of Hampshire,- and Knowlton of 
Bristol, of the Senate. Messrs. Osgood of 
Salem, Hawkes of Lynn, Chapin of Boston, 
Wilder of Lowell, Dunham of Pittsfield, 
Moseley of Boston, Tucker of Boston, and 
Soule of New Bedford, of the House. 

Roads and Bridges. — Messrs. Swett of 
Essex and Beal of Plymouth, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Kimball of Revere, Bartlett of Pea- 
body, Barnes of Plymouth, Doherty of Bos- 
on, and Taft of Uxbridge, of the House. 

The State House. — Messrs. Flatley of Suf- 
folk and Knowlton of Worcester, of the 


Senate. Messrs. Nugent of Boston, Oakman 
of Marshfield, Aldrich of Deerficld, Carroll 
of Marblehead, and Packard of Brockton, of 
the House. 

Street Railways. — Messrs. Breed of Essex, 
Hayes of Middlesex, and Gogin of Suffolk, of 
the Senate. Messrs. Turner of Boston, New- 
ton of Boston, Marsh of Quincy, Noyes of 
Georgetown, Glines of Somerville, Jackson 
of Salem, Morton of Fairhaven, and Murphy 
of Boston, of the House. 

Towns. — Messrs. Hayes of Middlesex 
and Adams of Worcester, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Studley of Rockland, Read of Lowell, 
Niekerson of Somerville, Hutchinson of Chel- 
sea, and Colburn of Leominster, of the 

Water Supply and Drainage. — Messrs. 
Barton of Worcester, Ropes of Suffolk, and 
Bishop of Middlesex, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Warren of Boston, Carll of Lowell, Cornish 
of New Bedford, Wadsworth of Boston, Reed 
of Taunton, Marden of Boston, Hooper of 
Medford, and Beat of Wayland, of the 


Labor. — Messrs. Holmes of Bristol, Gard- 
ner of Hampden, and Day of Suffolk, of the 
Senate. Messrs. Mellen of Worcester, Hay- 
den of Weymouth, Bartholomew of West 
Springfield, Howe of Holden, Field of Lev- 
erett, Coffin of Fall River, Marlor of Lynn, 
and Lowther of Boston, of the House. 

Hoosac Tunnel and Troy and Greenfield 
Railroad. — Messrs. Winn of Franklin, Bur- 
rage of Suffolk, and Ewing of Hampden, of 
the Senate. Messrs. Noyes of Boston, Baker 
of Beverly, Norton of Boston, Cook of Mil- 
ford, Ingalls of Adams, Converse of Maiden, 

Sprague of Fitchburg, and Leighton of Bos- 
ton, of the House. 

Liquor Law. — Messrs. Merriam of Wor- 
cester, Cate of Essex, and Abbott of Middle- 
sex, of the Senate. Messrs. Baker of Beverly, 
Andrews of Danvers, Knowlton of Spring- 
field, Fish of Sandwich, Merritt of Scituate, 
Cowdrey of Stoneham, O'Neil of Boston, and 
Jager of Boston, of the House. 

Woman Suffrage. — Messrs. Bishop of Mid- 
dlesex, Palmer of Suffolk, and Saunders of 
Middlesex, of the Senate. Messrs. Shortle 
of Provincetown, C. H. Hill of Boston, Jones 
of Lynn, Warren of Boston, Hastings of 
Worcester, Richards of Lynn, Kelley of Cam- 
bridge, and McGlynn of Fall River, of the 

Taxation. — Messrs. Coffin of Middlesex, 
Lynde of Worcester, and Bishop of Middle- 
sex, of the Senate. Messrs. Hyde of Boston, 
H. A. Hill of Boston, Ranlett of Newton, 
Hastings of Worcester, Mahoney of Boston, 
Richards of Lynn, Noble of Westfield, and 
Paige of Southbridge, of the House. 

Constitutional Amendments. — Messrs. 
Russell of Middlesex, White of Plymouth, 
Coffin of Middlesex, Merriam of Worcester, 
and Brown of Berkshire, of the Senate. 
Messrs. C. H. Hill of Boston, Wade of New- 
ton, Pillsbury of Boston, Goulding of 
Worcester, Walsh of Boston, Knowlton of 
Springfield, and Jennings of Fall River, of 
the House. 

State Detective. Force. — Messrs. Russell of 
Middlesex, White of Plymouth, Coffin of Mid- 
dlesex, Merriam of Worcester, and Brown of 
Berkshire, of the Senate. Messrs. C. H. 
Hill of Boston, Wade of Newton, Pillsbury 
of Boston, Goulding of Worcester, Walsh of 
Boston, Knowlton of Springfield, and Jen- 
nings of Fall River, of the House. 

Compensation of the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, <fcc. 

The salary of the Governor is $5,000 ; of the Lieutenant-Governor, $2,500 and expenses of 
travel. The pay of the Councillors is $1,200 and expenses of travel. The pay of senators 
and representatives is $650 for the annual session. 

The salary of the Secretary of the Commonwealth is $3,000 ; Treasurer, $5,000 ; Auditor, 
$3,000; Attorney-General, $5,000; Adjutant-General, $2,500. 


Henry L. Dawes, of Pittsfield term expires March 3, 1881 

George F. Hoar, of Worcester term expires March 3, 1883 


[Terms expire March 3, 1879.] 

District 1. William W. Crapo of New Bedford. 

" 2. Benjamin W. Harris of East Bridgewater. 

" 3. Walbridge A. Field of Boston. 

" 4. Leopold Morse of Boston. 

" 5. Nathaniel P. Banks of Waltham. 

" 6. George B. Loring of Salem. 

" 7. Benjamin F. Butler of Lowell. 

" 8. William Claflin of Newton. 

" 9. William W. Rice of Worcester. 

" 10. Amasa Norcross of Fitchburg. 

" 11. George D. Robinson of Chicopee. 


Established by Chap. 222, Acts of 1876. 
1.— The Cape, the First and Second Plymouth, and the Second and Third Bristol Sena- 
torial Districts. 

2. — The First Bristol, the First and Second Norfolk, the Eighth Suffolk, and the Second 

Worcester Senatorial Districts. 

3. — The First and Second Suffolk, and the First, Second, and Third Middlesex Senatorial 


4. — The Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Suffolk Senatorial Districts. 

5. — The First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Essex Senatorial Districts. 

6. — The Sixth Essex and the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Middlesex Senatorial 

7. — The First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Worcester, and the First. Franklin Senatorial 

8- — The Hampshire, the First and Second Hampden, and the North and South Berkshire 

Senatorial Districts. 




Established by Chap. 190, Acts of 1876, with Number of Legal Voters in each District. 
[Average ratio for the State 8,776 voters.] 


1. Chelsea, Revere, Wintbrop, and Wards 1 
and 2, Boston, 10,310 voters. 

2. Wards 3, 4, and 5, Boston, 7,924 voters. 

3. Wards 6, 7, and 8, Boston, 8,567 voters. 

4. Wards 9, 10, 11, and 12, Boston, 11,757 

5. Wards 13, 14, and 15, Boston, 8,629 voters. 

6. Wards 16, 17, and 18, Boston, 9,035 

T. Wards 19, 20, and 21, Boston, 9,012 

8. Wards, 22, 23, 24, and 25, Boston, 8,527 



1. Lynn, Nahant, Saugus, and Swampscott, 
9,067 voters. 

2. Lynnfield, Marhlehead, Peabody, and 
Salem, 9,103 voters. 

3. Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, 
Manchester, Rockport, and Wenham, 
7,594 voters. 

4. Amesbury, Ipswich, Merrimac, New- 
bury, Newburyport, Rowley, Salisbury, 
and West Newbury, 7,489 voters. 

5. Boxford, Bradford, Danvers, George- 
town, Groveland, Haverhill, Middleton, 
and Topsfield, 7,401 voters. 

6. Andover, Lawreuce, Methuen, and North 
Andover, 7,976 voters. 


1. Everett, Maiden, Medford, and Somer- 
ville, 9,103 voters. 

2. Arlington, Belmont, Lexington, Newton, 
Waltham, and Watertown, 7,993 voters. 

3. Cambridge, 9,213 voters. 

4. Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hop- 
kinton, Marlboro', Natick, Sherborn, 
Wayland, and Weston, 7,772 voters. 

5. Acton, Ashby, Ayer, Boxboro', Carlisle, 
Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Dunstable, 
Groton, Hudson, Lincoln, Littleton, May- 
nard, Pepperell, Shirley, Stow, Sudbury, 
Townsend, Tyngsboro', and. Westford, 
7,384 voters. 

6. Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Melrose, 
North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, 
Tewksbury, Wakefield, Wilmington, 
Winchester, and Woburn, 8,537 voters. 

T. Lowell, 9,061 voters, 


1. Worcester, 10,853 voters. 

2. Blackstone, Boylston, Douglas, Grafton, 
Mendon, Milford, Northboro', North- 
bridge, Shrewsbury, Southboro', Upton, 
Uxbridge, and Westboro', 8,647 voters. 

3. Auburn, Brookfield, Charlton, Dudley, 
Leicester, Millbury, Oxford, Southbridge, 
Spencer, Sturbridge, Sutton, Warren, 
Webster, and West Brookfield, 8,349 

4. Athol, Barre, Dana, Gardner, Hardwick, 
Holden, Hubbardston, New Braintree, 
North Brookfield, Oakham, Paxton, 
Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, Rut- 
land, Templeton, and Winchendon, 7,968 

5. Ashburnham, Berlin, Bolton, Clinton, 
Fitchburg, Harvard, Lancaster, Leomin- 
ster, Lunenburgh, Princeton, Sterling, 

, West Boylston, and Westminster, 9,074 


Hampshire District. — Amherst, Belcher- 
town, Chesterfield, Cummington, East- 
hampton, Enfield, Goshen, Granby, 
Greenwich, Hadley, Hatfield, Hunting- 

ton, Middlefield, Northampton, Pelham, 
Plainfield, Prescott, South Hadley, South- 
ampton, Ware, Westhampton, Williams- 
burg, and Worthington, 9,253 voters. 


1. Brimfield, Holland, Monson, Palmer, 
Springfield, Wales, and Wilbraham, 9,483 

2. Agawam, Blandford, Chester, Chicopee, 
Granville, Holyoke, Longmeadow, Lud- 
low, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick, 
Tolland, Westfield, and West Springfield, 
9,429 voters. 

Franklin District. — Ashfield, Bernardston, 
Buckland, Charlemont, Coleraine, Con- 
way, Deerfield, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, 
Hawley, Heath, Leverett, Leyden, Mon- 
roe, Montague, New Salem, Nortbfield, 
Orange, Rowe, Shelburne, Shutesbury, 
Sunderland, Warwick, Wendell, and 
Whately, 8,516 voters. 


North Berkshire District. — Adams, Ches- 
hire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Florida, Han- 
cock, Hinsdale, Lanesboro', New Ashford, 
Peru, Pittsfield, Savoy, Williamstown, 
and Windsor, 8,330 voters. 

South Berkshire District. — Alford, Becket, 
Egremont, Great Barrington, Lee, Lenox, 
Monterey, Mt. Washington, New Marl- 
boro', Otis, Richmond, Sandisfield, Shef- 
field, Stockbridge, Tyringham, Washing- 
ton, and West Stockbridge, 5,805 voters. 


1. Braintree, Canton, Holbrook, Milton, 
Quincy, Randolph, Stoughton, and Wey- 
mouth, 9,35a voters. 

2. Bellingham, Brookline, Dedham, Dover, 
Foxboro', Franklin, Hyde Park, Medfield, 
Medway, Needham, Norfolk, Norwood, 
Sharon, Walpole, and Wrentham, 9,360 


1. Carver, Duxbury, Halifax, Hanson, 

Kingston, Lakeville, Marion, Marsh- 
field, Mattapoisett, Middleboro', Pem- 
broke, Plymouth, Plympton, Rochester, 
Scituate, South Scituate, and Wareham, 
8,950 voters. 

2. Abington, Bridgewater, Brockton, Co- 
hassett, East Bridgewater, llingham, 
Hull, Hanover, Rockland, South Abing- 
ton, and West Bridgewater, 8,986 voters. 


1. Attleboro', Easton, Mansfield, Norton, 
Raynham, Seukonk, and Taunton, 8,909 

2. Berkley, Dighton, Fall River, Rehoboth, 
Somerset, and Swansea, 8,945 voters. 

3. Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Free- 
town, New Bedford, and Westport, 9,022 


Cape District. — Barnstable, Brewster, Chat- 
ham, Chilmark, Dennis, Eastham, Edgar- 
town, Falmouth, Gay Head, Gosnold, 
Harwich, Mashpee, Nantucket, Orleans, 
Provincetown, Sandwich, Tisbury, Truro, 
Wellileet, and Yarmouth, 10,444 voters. 




[established by chap. 300, acts of 1872, and chap. 113, acts of 1876.] 

District No. 1. 

Acuslinet, Barnstable, Brewster, Carver, 
Chatham, Chilmark, Dartmouth, Dennis, 
Duxbury, Eastham, Edgartown, Fairhaven, 
Fall River, Falmouth, Freetown, Gay Head, 
Gosnold, Halifax, Harwich, Kingston, Lake- 
ville, Marion, Marshfield, Mashpee, Mat- 
tapoisett, Middleboro', Nantucket, New 
Bedford, Orleans, Pembroke, Plymouth, 
Plympton, Provincetown, Rochester, Sand- 
wich, Somerset, Swanzey, Tisbury, Truro, 
Wareham, Wellfleet, Westport, and Yar- 

District No. 2. 

Abington, Attleboro', Berkley, Brain- 
tree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Cohas- 
set, Dighton, Easton, Bast Bridgewater, 
Foxboro', Hanover, Hanson, Hingham, 
Holbrook, Hyde Park, Hull, Mansfield, Mil- 
ton, Norfolk, Norton, Quincy, Randolph, 
Raynham, Rehoboth, Rockland, Scituate, 
Seekonk, Sharon, South Abington, South 
Scituate, Stoughton, Taunton, Walpole, "West 
Bridgewater, Weymouth, and Wrentham. 

District No. 3. 

"Wards 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 

Distict No. 4. 

"Wards 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Boston, 
Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop. 

District No. 5. 

Arlington, Belmont, "Wards, 3, 4, and 5, 
Boston, Burlington, Everett, Lexington, 
Lynn, Maiden, Medford, Melrose, Nahant, 
Saugus, Somerville, Stonehani, Swampscott, 
"Wakefield, Waltham, "Winchester, and. Wo- 

District No. 6. 

Amesbury, Beverly, Boxford, Bradford, 
Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Gloucester, 
Groveland, Hamilton, Haverhill, Ipswich, 
Lynnfield, Manchester, Marblehead, Merri- 
mac, Middleton, Newbury, Newburyport, 
North Andover, Peabody, Rockport, Row- 
ley, Salem, Salisbury, Topsfield, "Wenham, 
and West Newbury. 

District No. 7. 

Acton, Andover, Ashby, Ayer, Bedford, 
Berlin, Billerica, Bolton, Boxboro', Carlisle, 
Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Dunstable, 
Groton, Harvard, Hudson, Lancaster, Law- 
rence, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, Marl- 

boro', Maynard, Methuen, North Reading, 
Pepperell, Reading, Shirley, Stow, Sudbury, 
Tewksbury, Townsend, Tyngsboro', "West- 
ford, and Wilmington. 

District No. 8. 

Ashland, Wards 22, 23, 25, Boston, Brook- 
line, Cambridge, Dedham, Dover, Framing- 
ham, Franklin, Holliston, Hopkinton, Med- 
field, Medway, Milford, Natick, Needham, 
Newton, Norwood, Sherborn, Southboro', 
Watertown, Wayland, and Weston. 

District No. 9. 

Auburn, Barre, Bellingham, Blackstone, 
Boylston, Brookfield, Charlton, Douglas, 
Dudley, Grafton, Hardwick, Holden, Hub- 
bardston, Leicester, Mendon, Millbury, New 
Braintree, Northboro', Northbridge, North 
Brookfield, Oakham, Oxford, Paxton, Prince- 
ton, Rutland, Shrewsbury, Southbridge, 
Spencer, Sturbridge, Sutton, Upton, Ux- 
bridge, Warren, Webster, Westboro', West 
Boylston, West Brookfield, and Worcester. 

District No. 10. 

Amherst, Ashfield, Ashburnham, Athol, 
Belchertown, Bernardston, Buckland, Charle- 
mont, Chesterfield, Clinton, Coleraine, 
Conway, Cummington, Dana, Deerfield, 
Easthampton, Enfield, Erving, Fitchburg, 
Gardner, Gill, Goshen, Granby, Greenfield, 
Greenwich, Hadley, Hatfield, Hawley, Heath, 
Holyoke, Huntington, Leominster, Leverett, 
Leyden, Lunenburgh, Middlefield, Monroe, 
Montague, New Salem, Northampton, North- 
field, Orange, Pelham, Petersham, Philipston, 
Plainfield, Prescott, Rowe, Royalston, Shel- 
burne, Shutesbury, South Hadley, Southamp- 
ton, Sterling, Sunderland, Templeton, Ware, 
Warwick, Wendell, Westhampton, Westmin- 
ster, Whately. Williamsburg, Winchendon, 
and Wortblngton. 

District No. 11. 

Adams, Alford, Agawam, Becket, Bland- 
ford, Brimfield, Cheshire, Chester, Chicopee, 
Clarksburgh, Dalton, Egremont, Florida, 
Granville, Great Barrington, Hancock, Hins- 
dale, Holland, Lanesboro', Lee, Lenox, 
Longmeadow, Ludlow, Monson, Monterey, 
Montgomery, Mount Washington, New Ash- 
ford, New Marlboro', Otis, Palmer, Peru, 
Pittsfield, Richmond, Russell, Sandisfield, 
Savoy, Sheffield, Southwick, Springfield, 
Stockbridge, Tolland, Tyringharu, Wales, 
Washington, Westfield, West Springfield, 
West Stockbridge, Wilbraham, Williams- 
town, and Windsor. 





U. S. Court House, 140 Tremont St., Boston. 


Associate Justice, U. S. Supreme Court, 
Nathan Clifford. 

Circuit Judge, George F. Shepley. 

Attorney of the U. S. for Mass. District, 
George P. Sanger. 

Assistants, Prentiss Cummings, George P. 
Sanger, jr. 

Clerk, John G. Stetson. 

Deputy Clerk, A. H. Trowbridge. 

Crier, William M. Copeland. 

U. S. Marshal of the District of Mass., 
Roland G. Usher. 

Deputy Marshals, F. G. Pettigrove, C. B. 
Williams, George T. Newhall, William M. H. 
Copeland, Boston. 

Commissioners, Charles L. -Woodbury, Eli- 
as Merwin, Charles P. Curtis, Caleb William 
Loring, William S. Dexter, Henry L. Hallett, 
Charles W. Tuttle, Winslow Warren, jr., 
Edwin H. Abbot, Fisher Ames, John G. Stet- 
son, Boston ; William L. Smith, Springfield ; 
J. H. Hill, Worcester; George Marston, 
Charles Warren Clifford, New Bedford ; Ed- 
gar M. Wood, Pittsfield ; William Howland, 

Terms of the Court, May 15, Oct. 15. 


District Judge, John Lowell. 

Clerk, Edward Dexter. 

Deputy Clerk, Elisha Bassett. 

Terms of the Court, March, the 3d Tues. ; 
June, the 4th Tues. ; September, the 2d Tues. ; 
December, the 1st Tues. 


County Court House, Court Square. 

Chief Justice, Horace Gray. Salary $6,500. 

Associate Justices, James D. Colt, Seth 
Ames, Marcus Morton, William C. Endicott, 
Augustus L. Soule, Otis P. Lord. Salary 
$6,000 each. 

Attorney-General, Charles R. Train. Sal- 
ary $5,000, and $2,200 for clerk hire. 

Assistant Attorney -General, William C. 
Loring. Salary, $2,500. 

Reporter, John Lathrop. Salary $1,800, 
and proceeds of reports. 

Clerk, John Noble. Salary $3,000, and one- 
half the excess of fees above that sum. 

Assistant Clerk, Henry A. Clapp. Salary 

Clerk for the Commonwealth, George W. 
Nichols. Salary, $3,000. 


At Boston, 1st Wed. in January of each 
year, which term may be adjourned from time 
to time to such places and times as may be 
most conducive to the despatch of business and 
the interest of the public ; and all questions of 
law, whether arising upon appeal, exception, 
or otherwise, and from whichever court, shall 
be therein entered and determined, if the 
same arise in either of the following coun- 
ties : Suffolk, Middlesex, Norfolk, Barnstable, 
Dukes, or Nantucket. 

For Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 2d Tues. 

For Bristol Co., at Taunton, 4th Tues. Oct. 

For the Counties of Hampshire and Frank- 
lin, at Greenfield and Northampton, alternate 
years, Mon. after 2d Tues. Sept. 

For Hampden Co., at Springfield, 3d Mon. 
after 1st Tues. Sept. 

For Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 3d Tues. 

For Worcester Co., at Worcester, 1st Tues. 

For Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Tues. Nov. 


For the Counties of Barnstable and Dukes, 
at New Bedford, 2d Tues. Nov. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 2d Tues. May. 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 3d Tues. April; at 
New Bedford, 2d Tues. Nov. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 3d Tues. April, and 1st 
Tues. Nov. 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 2d Tues. April. 

Hampden Co., at Springfield, 4th Tues. 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 3d Tues. 

Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 3d Tues. April ; at 
Cambridge, 3d Tues. Oct. 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st Tues. 

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, 3d Tues. Feb. 

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d Tues. May. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. April, and 
2d Tues. Sept. 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 2d Tues. 


Chief Justice, Lincoln F. Brigham, Salem. 
Salary $5,700. 

Associate Justices, Julius Rockwell, Pitts- 
field; Francis H. Dewey, Worcester; Ezra 
Wilkinson, Wrentham ; John P. Putnam, 
Boston ; Robert C. Pitman, New Bedford ; 
John W. Bacon, Natick; William Allen, 
Northampton ; P. Emory Aldrich, Worcester ; 
Waldo Colburn, Dedham ; William S. Gard- 
ner, Newton. Salary $5,500. 
crviL session. 
39 Court Street, Boston. 

Clerk, Joseph A. Willard, Boston. 

Assistant Clerk, Edwin A. Wadleigh, Bos- 


Court House, Court Square, Boston. 
Clerk, John P. Manning. 
Commissioners to take bail, R. I. Burbank, 
Edwin H. Darling, Edward J. Jones. 


Barnstable Co., at Barnstable, on Tues. 
next after 1st Mon. April, and 2d Tues. Oct. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 4th Mon. Feb., 
June, and Oct. (civil), 2d Mon. Jan. and 
July (criminal). 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 2d Mon. March and 
Sept. ; at New Bedford, 2d Mon. June and 

Dukes Co., at Edgartown, last Tues. May 
and Sept. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Mon. June and 
Dec. (civil), 4th Mon. Jan. (criminal) ; at 
Lawrence, 1st Mon. March (civil), 1st Mon. 
Oct. (crimjnal) ; at Newburyport, 1st Mon. 
Sept. (civil), 2d Mon. May (criminal). 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 3d Mon. March, 
and 2d Mon. Aug. and Nov. 

Hampden Co., at Springfield, 2d Mon. 
March and June, and 4th Mon. Oct. (civil), 3d 
Mon. May, and 1st Mon. Dec. (criminal). 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 3d Mon. 
Feb., 1st Mon. June, 3d Mon. Oct. (civil), 
2d Mon. June and 3d Mon. Dec. (criminal). 



Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 2d Mon. March and 
1st Mon. Sept. (civil), and 3d Mon. Oct. (crim- 
inal) ; at Cambridge, 1st Mon. June, 2d Mon. 
Dec. (civil), and 2d Mon. Feb. and 4th Mon. 
June (criminal). 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st Mon. June 
and Oct. 

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, 4th Mon. April, 
Sept., and Dec. (civil), 1st Mon. April, Sept., 
and Dec. (criminal). 

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d Mon. Feb. 
and June, and 4th Mon. Oct. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. Jan., April, 
July, and Oct. (civil), and 1st Mon. every 
month (criminal). 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 1st Mon. 
March, Mon. next after 4th Mon. Aug., and 2d 
Mon. Dec. (civil), 3d Mon. Jan., 2d Mon. 
May, and 3d Mon. Oct. (criminal) ; at Fitch- 
burg, 2d Mon. June and Nov. (civil) , and 2d 
Mon. Aug. (criminal) . 


[Elected by the several districts for terms of 
three years, ending January, 1881.] 

Northern District. — Middlesex County, 
George Stevens of Lowell. 

Eastern District. — Essex County, Edgar 
J. Sherman of Lawrence. 

Southern District. — Bristol, Barnstable, 
Dukes, and Nantucket Counties, George Mar- 
ston of New Bedford. 

South -Eastern District. — Norfolk and 
Plymouth Counties, Asa French of Braintree. 

Middle District. — Worcester County, Ham- 
ilton B. Staples of Worcester. 

Western District. — Hampden and Berk- 
shire Counties, N. A. Leonard of Springfield. 

North - Western District. — Hampshire and 
Franklin Counties, Daniel W. Bond of North- 

Suffolk County. — Oliver Stevens of Bos- 
ton. Michael Norton, 1st Assistant Attorney; 
Melvin O. Adams, 2d Assistant Attorney. 



Pittsfield. Hancock, Lanesboro', Peru, 
Windsor, Dalton, Hinsdale, and Richmond. 
Joseph Tucker, Standing Justice. Wil- 
liam T. Filley and Lorenzo H. Gamwell, Spe- 
cial Justices. Walter B. Smith, Clerk. 


North Adams. Adams, Clarksburg, Savoy, 
Florida, and Cheshire. 
Jarvis Rockwell, Standing Justice. Fred- 
erick P. Brown and N. H. Bixby, Special 


Great Barrington. Alford, Egremont, Monte- 
rey, Mt. Washington, New Marlboro', 
and Sheffield. 

James Bradford, Standing Justice. Rens- 
selaer N. Couch and James H. Rowley, Spe- 
cial Justices. Thomas Siggins, Clerk. 


Taunton. Attleboro', Dighton, Easton, Mans- 
field, Raynham, Berkeley, Rehoboth, Nor- 
ton, and Seekonk. 

William H. Fox, Standing Justice. Wil- 
liam E. Fuller and Erastus M. Reed, Special 


Fall River. Freetown, Swansea, and Somer- 
Josiah C. Blaisdell, Standing Justice. Mil- 
ton Reed and Benjamin K. Lovatt, Special 


New Bedford. Westport, Acushnet, Dart- 
mouth, and Fairhaven. 

Alanson Borden, Standing Justice. Wil- 
liam W. Crapo and Francis W. Tappan, Spe- 
cial Justices. Charles H. Sanford, Clerk. 


Salem. Beverly, Danvers, Hamilton, Middle- 
ton, Topsfield, and Wenham. 
Joseph B. F. Osgood, Standing Justice. 
Daniel E. Safford and Nathaniel J. Holden, 
Special Justices. 


Palmer. Brimfield, Monson, Holland, and 
James G. Allen, Standing Justice. George 
Robinson and Ira G. Potter, Special Justices. 


Maiden, Wakefield, and Medford. Melrose, 
Everett, Reading, North Reading, Stone- 
ham, and Wilmington. 

John W. Pettingill, Standing Justice. 
Thomas S. Harlow and Solon Bancroft, Spe- 
cial Justices. 


Concord. Acton, Bedford, Carlisle, Con- 
cord, Lincoln, Maynard, Stow, and Lexing- 

John S. Keyes, Standing Justice. Aug. E. 
Scott and Charles Thompson, Special Jus- 


Ayer. Groton, Pepperell, Townsend, Ashby, 
Shirley, Westford, Littleton, and Boxboro'. 
Levi Wallace, Standing Justice. John 

Spaulding and Warren H. Attwood, Special 



Framingham. Ashland, Holliston,Hopkinton, 
Natick, Sherborn, Sudbury, and Wayland. 
C. C. Estey, Standing Justice. Edwin C. 

Morse and L. H. Wakefield, Special Justices. 


Q.uincy. Randolph, Braintree, Cohasset, 
Weymouth, Holbrook, and Milton. 
Everett C. Bumpus, Standing Justice. Jas. 
A. Tower and Solomon J. Beal, Special Jus- 
tices. J. White Belcher, Clerk. 


Brockton. Carver, Halifax, Bridgewater, East 
Bridgewater, and West Bridgewater. 
J. R. Perkins, Standing Justice. C. W. 
Sumner, Special Justice. D. L. Cowell, Clerk. 


Abington and Hingham. Hanson, Hanover, 
Hull, Rockland, South Abington, South 

Jesse E. Keith, Standing Justice. Zenas 
Perkins and James S. Lewis, Special Jus- 


Plymouth and Scituate. Duxbury, Kingston, 
Marshfield, Pembroke, and Plympton, 
Charles G. Davis, Standing Justice. Wil- 
liam S. Danforth and Frank T. Vinal, Special 


Middleboro' and Wareham. Lakeville, Mat- 
tapoisett, Marion, and Rochester. 
Francis M. Vaughn, Standing Justice. 
Samuel LeB. Holmes, Special Justice. 


Southbridge and Webster. Sturbridge, Charl- 
ton, Dudley, and Oxford. 



Clark Jillson, Standing Justice. Frederick 
W. Botham and "William H. Davis, Special 


Blackstone and Uxbridge. Douglas, and 
Arthur A. Putnam, Standing Justice. Za- 
dok A. Taft and F. N. Thayer, Special Jus- 


Milford. Mendon, and Upton. 
Charles A. Dewey, Standing Justice. 
James R. Davis and Charles E. Whitney, 
Special Justices. 


"Worcester. Millbury, Sutton, Auburn, Lei- 
cester, Paston, Bo3'lston, "West Boylston, 
Holden, and Shrewsbury. 
Hartley "Williams, Standing Justice. Sam- 
uel Utley and George M. "Woodward, Special 
Justices. Theodore S. Johnson, Clerk. 


Westboro' and Grafton. Northboro' and 
W. Trowbridge Forbes, Standing Justice. 
Benjamin B. Nourse and Hubbard Willson, 
Special Justices. 


Clinton. Berlin, Harvard, Bolton, Lancaster, 
and Sterling. 
Charles G. Stevens, Standing Justice. 
Christopher C. Stone, Special Justice. Frank 
E. Howard, Clerk. 



Mellen Chamberlain, Chief Justice. Joseph 
M. Churchill and William E. Parmenter, As- 
sociate Justices. William J. Forsaith, Spe- 
cial Justice. John C. Leighton, Clerk (crim- 
inal business). William T. Connolly, Clerk 
(civil business). 


Peter S. Wheelock, Justice. Solomon A. 
Bolster and Henry W. Fuller, Special Jus- 
tices. Alfred Williams, Clerk. 


Robert I. Burbank, Justice. Joseph D. 
Fallon and Benjamin F. Burnham, Special 
Justices. Joseph H. Allen, Clerk. 


Benjamin Pond, Justice. R. H. Thompson, 
Special Justice. Willard S. Allen, Clerk. 


George Washington Warren, Justice. Hen- 
ry W. Bragg and J. H. Cotton, Special Jus- 
tices. Daniel Williams, Clerk. 


Joseph R. Churchill, "Justice. George M. 
Reed and George A. Fisher, Special Jus- 
tices. Robert T. Swan, Clerk. 


Henry Baldwin, Justice. F. W. Galbraith 

and Michael Norton, Special Justices. James 
H. Rice, Clerk. 


J. M. F. Howard, Justice. George R. Fow- 
ler and Henry R. Brigham, Special Justices. 
William Maccarty, Clerk. 



John S. Ladd, Standing Justice. Henry 
W. Muzzey and Emery Woodward, Special 
Justices. Thomas Mclntyre, jr., Clerk. 


Hamlett Bates, Standing Justice. Erastus 
Rugg and Eben Hutchinson, Special Justices. 
Franklin O. Barnes, Clerk. 


Edwin O. Carter, Standing Justice. Simon 
G. Southworth and Luther White, Special 


Thornton K.Ware, Standing Justice. David 
H. Merriam, Edward. P. Loring, Special Jus- 
tices. George W. Cann, Clerk. 


James Davis, Standing Justice. Elbridge 
G. Friend, Special Justice. Sumner D. York, 


Henry Carter, Standing Justice. William 
E. Blunt, Ira A. Abbott, Special Justices. 
Edward B. George, Clerk. 


W. B. C. Pearsons, Standing Justice. 
Porter Underwood, E. W. Chapin, Special 


Nathan W. Harmon, Standing Justice. 
Wm. H. P. Wright, Wilbur F. Gile, Special 
Justices. Henry F. Hopkins, Clerk. 


Moses H. Pease, Standing Justice. James 
Bullard, Franklin W. Gibbs, Special Justices. 


Nathan Crosby, Standing Justice. John 
Davis, Frederick T. Greenhalge, Special 


James R. Newhall, Standing Justice. N. 
Mortimer Hawkes, Rollin E. Harmon, Special 
Justices. Henry C. Oliver, Clerk. 


Wm. E. Currier, Standing Justice. John 
N. Pike, Henry W. Chapman, Special Jus- 
tices. E. F. Bartlett, Clerk. 


W. W. Carruth, Standing Justice. Henry 
H. Mather, Edward H. Mason, Special Jus- 
tices. E. W. Cate, Clerk. 


Isaac Story, Standing Justice. Alpheus 
R. Brown, Spewal Justice. Lebbeus Stet- 
son, Clerk. 


Gideon Wells, Standing Justice. Samuel 
B. Spooner, Alfred M. Copeland, Special 
Justices. Charles C. Spellman, Clerk. 


John R. Buckley, Standing Justice. An- 
drew M. Smith, Henry L. Sabin, Special 




Incorporated June •£, 1685. 
Shirk Town Barnstable. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency . 

Clerk of the Courts 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 


Deputy Sheriffs. 
Barnstable, Thomas Harris. 
Dennis {West), John Small. 
Falmouth, Isaac S. Lawrence. 
Harwich Port, Elbridge G. Doane. 
Orleans, Ensign B. Rogers. 
Provincetown, Joseph Whitcomb. 
Sandwich, Ezra T. Pope. 
Wellfceet, Reuben C. Sparrow. 
Yarmouth, Charles M. Bray. 


Barnstable, Joseph Bursley. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Barnstable, 2d Tues. of January, Feb- 
ruary, March, August, September, and De- 
cember, and 3d Tues. of April and June. 

At Falmouth, 3d Tues. of November. 

At Harwich, 2d Mon. after 1st Tues. of May, 
and Mon. after 3d Tues. of October. 

At Provincetoicn, Wed. next after 3d Tues. 
of May, and Wed. next after 4th Tues. of 

At Wellfleet, 3d Tues. of May, and 4th Tues. 
of October. 

County Commissioners. 

Joshua C. Robinson, Falmouth; James S. 
Howes, Dennis; Jonathan Higgins, Orleans. 

Special Commissioners. — John W. Davis, 
Provincetown; Joshua M.Howes, Yarmouth. 

Times of Meeting. — At Barnstable, 2d 
Tues. of April and October. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Barnstable, Thomas Harris, Alvan S. Hal- 

Chatham, Hiram Harding. 

Dennis (Fast) , David P. Howes. 

Fastham, Abijah Mayo, Elijah E. Knowles. 

Forth Fastham, Isaiah H. Horton. 

Falmouth, Thomas Hinckley. 

Orleans, G. W. Cumings. 

Truro, Asa Sellew, Paul Knowles. 

Wellfleet, William Cleverly, Isaiah Hatch, 
Mulford Rich, Seth Newcomb, jr., Lewis 
Paine, Washington F. Pierce. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Barnstable, Samuel Snow. 
Provincetown, Henry Shortle. 
Yarmouth, Joshua M. Howes. 

master in Chancery. 

Barnstable, Smith K. Hopkins. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Barnstable, Joseph M. Day, David Bursley. 

Brexoster, Tully Crosby, William W. 

Dennis Samuel S. Baker, (West), Obed 
Baker, 2d, Zadoc Crowell. — Dennis Port, 
James Berry. 

Falmouth, George E. Clarke, Erasmus 
Gould, William Nye. 

Joseph M. Day Barnstable. 

Charles Thacher, 2d Yarmouth. 

Smith K. Hopkins Barnstable. 

AsaE. Lovell Barnstable. 

Charles H. Nye Barnstable. 

Levi L. Goodspeed Barnstable 

Harwich, Nathaniel Doane, jr. — West Har- 
wich, Nehemiah D. Kelley. 

Orleans, Jonathan Higgins. 

provincetown, Nathan D. Freeman, James 

Sandwich, E. Stowell Whittemore, Charles 

B. Hall. 

Wellfleet, Simeon Atwood, Thomas Hol- 

Yarmouth Port, James B. Crocker. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peac and Quorum, des- 
ignated by n *, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated bu a f.) 

Barnstable, Charles C. Bearse, David Burs- 
ley, Walter Chipman, f Joseph M. Day, Alvan 
S. Hallett, Thomas Harris, f Nathaniel Hinck- 
ley, Ferdinand G. Kelley, Elijah Lewis, 2d, 
Freeman H. Lothrop, Asa E. Lovell, George 
G. Lowell, Charles H. Nye, Augustus T. 
Perkins, Sylvanus B. Phinney, Erastus Scud- 
der, Nathaniel Sears, John P. Washburn. — 
Cotuit Port, Andrew Lovell. — West Barn- 
stable, f Levi L. Goodspeed, Frederick 
Parker. — Hyannis, Theodore F. Basset, 
Joseph R. Hall, Joseph T. Hall, Frederick 
Scudder, Samuel Snow. — Osterville, George 
H. Hinkley. 

Brewster, Freeman Cobb, Tully Crosby, 
Charles S. Foster. 

Chatham, Joshua T. Bearse, Benjamin 
D. Gifford, Josiah Hardy, Samuel Higgins, 
David Mayo, Isaac B. Young. — Forth Chat- 
ham, Benjamin T. Freeman. — South Chat- 
ham, Levi Eldridge. 

Dennis, Luther Fisk, James S. Howes. 
— Dennis Port, Joseph K. Baker, James 
Berry, Abner L. Ellis, Isaiah C. Inman, 
Thomas P. Howes, Nathan Sears, Seth 
Tobey. —Fast Dennis, Warren Applebee, 
Ernest H. Liseman. — Forth Dennis, Joshua 

C. Howes. — South Dennis, Samuel S. Baker, 
Miller W. Nickerson, T. . T. Nickerson, 
fMarshall S. Underwood. — West Dennis, 
Obed Baker, 2d, Edward E. Crowell, Zadok 
Crowell, Alvin Small. 

Fastham, Michael Collins, Elijah E. 
Knowles, Silas H. Stewart, Eben Tirrell, jr. 

Falmouth, George E. Clarke, Isaac S. 
Lawrence, Thomas Lewis. — Fast Fal- 
mouth, Joshua C. Robinson, Marcus Star- 
buck. — Hatchville, Silas Hatch. — Forth 
Falmouth, Francis A.Nye. — West Falmouth, 
Gilbert R. Boyce. — Wood's Holl, Jabez 

Hancich, Obed Brooks, Sidney Brooks, 
Cyrus Cahoon, Erastus Chase, Sheldon Crow- 
ell, James S. Paine, Joshua H. Paine, Bar- 
zillai Sears, Danforth S. Steele, Nathan 
Underwood. — Fast Harwich, America Nick- 
erson. — Harwich Port, Joseph C. Berry, 
Elbridge G. Doane, Nathaniel Doane, Shubael 
B. Kelley. — South Harwich, Zephaniah 
Nickerson. — West Harwich, Davis Lothrop. 

Mashpee, Solomon Attaquin, Seth Collins. 

Orleans, John Doane, \ Jonathan Higgins, 
Ensign B. Rogers. — South Orleans, f John 



Provincetown, Jonathan Cook, John W. 
Davis, Raymond Ellington, Nathan D. Free- 
man, James Gifford, Benjamin F. Hutchinson, 
Jeremiah Stone, Reuben W. Swift. 

Sandwich, Reuben Collins, Harrison G. O. 
Ellis, Edward W. Ewer, Charles B. Hall, 
Isaac N. Keith, Ebenezer Nye, Frederick S. 
Pope, Asa Raymond, fE. Stowell Whitte- 
more. — North Sandwich, Charles H. Burgess, 
2d. — South Sandwich, Solomon C. Howland. 
— West Sandwich, William R. Gibbs. 

Truro, Samuel Dyer, Wallace T. Miller. — 
North Truro, Smith K. Hopkins, Willard H. 
S. Packard. — South Truro, George H. Butler. 

Wellfleet, Ebenezer T. Atwood, Simeon 
Atwood, John M. Freeman, Hiram P. Harri- 
man, Albert W. Holbrook, Thomas Holbrook, 
Robert H. Libby, Noah Swett, Freeman A. 
Wiley, Nathaniel P. Wiley, George T. Wyer. 

Yarmouth, Charles Thacher, Daniel Wing. 
— Yarmouth Port, * James B.Crocker, Joshua 
M. Howes, f Charles F. Swift, Charles 
Thacher, 2d. — South Yarmouth, Russell D. 
Farris, John Larkin, Stephen Sears. — West 
Yarmouth, HemanB. Chase, Theodore Drew. 

Trial Justices. 

Barnstable, Smith K.Hopkins. — Hyannis, 
Theodore F. Basset. 
Dennis (South), Marshall S. Underwood. 
Harwich (Port), Shubael B. Kelley. 
Sandwich, E. Stowell Whittemore. 

Wellfleet, George T. Wyer. 

Truro (North) , Smith K. Hopkins. 

Yarmouth(Port) , James B. Crocker. 

Notaries Public. 

Barnstable, Freeman H. Lothrop. — Hyan- 
nis, Alvan S. Hallett. 

Brewster, 'fully Crosby. 

Chatham, Isaiah Harding, William P. 
Davis. * 

Dennis, Joseph K. Baker. — South Dennis, 
Samuel S. Baker. — West Dennis, Edward E. 

Falmouth, George E. Clarke. 

Harwich, Obed Brooks, William H. Under- 
wood. — West Harwich, Nehemiah D. Kelley. 

Orleans, John Kendrick. 

Provincetown, Thomas Hilliard, Benjamin 
F. Hutchinson, Reuben W. Swift. 

Sandwich, Charles B. Hall, E. Stowell 

Wellfleet, Simeon Atwood, Thomas Hol- 
brook, Thomas Kemp. 

Yarmouth (Port), William P.Davis. 

Medical Examiners. 

Harwich, George N. Munsell. 
Provincetown, John M. Crocker. 
Sandwich, Marcus F. Delano. 

Agent Province Lands. 

Provincetown, Joseph P. Johnson. 


Incorporated April 31, 1761. 

Shire Town Pittsfield. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency 
Register of Probate and Insolvency 

Clerk of the Courts 

Register of Deeds (North District) 
Register of Deeds (Middle District) 
Register of Deeds (South District) . 
County Treasurer 

Overseers of House of Corection 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Adams, William G. Farnworth, Horace S. 
Streeter. — North Adams, M. Preston, Josiah 
Q. Robinson, Rufus G. Walden. 

Dalton, John D'. Smith. 

Great Barrington, Harvey Holmes, W. W. 
Norton, William W. Langdon. 

Lanesboro', J. W. Newton. 

Lee, Charles H. Cutting, Edward A. Lang- 

Lenox, J. Curtis Arnold. 

Monterey, Merrick C. Langdon. 

Neio Marlboro', Henry N. Adams, John E. 

Otis, Edward L. Day. 

Pittsfield, Hiram B. Wellington, Austin W. 

Sheffield, John C. Smith. 

Stockbridge, Chester Averill. 

Washington, Robert M. Savery. 

West Stockbridge, George H. Cobb. 

Williamstown, Robert Noble, Thomas M. 

North Adams. 





Gt. Barrington. 





James T. Robinson. 
Andrew J. Waterman 
Henry W. Taft 
E. E. Merchant 
Theodore L. Allen 
Isaac Seeley . . 
George J. Tucker 
Lebbeus Scott 
Nelson Gardner 
\ William G. Root 
Graham A. Root 


Pittsfield, Graham A. Root. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Adams, Thurs. after 1st Tues. of Janu- 
ary and October, and Wed. next after 1st 
Tues. in March, and Thurs. after 3d Tues. of 

At Great Barrington, Wed. next after 1st 
Tues. in February, May, September, and De- 

At Lee, Wed. next after 1st Tues. of Janu- 
ary, April, and October, and Wed. next after 
3d Tues. in July. 

At Pittsfield, 1st Tues. of January, Febru- 
ary, March, April, May, June, September, 
October, and December, and 3d Tues. of July, 
and Wed. after 1st Mon. of November. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Pittsfield, 1st Wed. of every month. 



County Commissioners. 

H. J. Bliss, Adams; Justin Drury, Great 
Barrington; John Stallman, Lee. 

Special Commissioners. — Darius W. Dun- 
ham, Washington; Marshall Warner, Stock- 

Times of Meetings. — At Pittsfield, 1st 
Tues. in April, July, and September, and last 
Tues. in December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency, 

Adams, S. Proctor Thayer. 
Great Barrington, F. F. "Whiting. 
Pittsfield, Francis A. Rockwell. 

Public Administrator. 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 

Master in Chancery. 

Pittsfield, Andrew J. "Waterman. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Adams (North), Joel Bacon, Sylvander 
Johnson, Henry P. Phillips, Benjamin F. Rob- 
inson, James T. Robinson. 

Great Barrington, Herbert C. Joyner, 
Billings Palmer, Ralph Taylor. 

Lenox, "William S. Tucker. 

Pittsfield, R. W. Adam, James M. Barker, 
J. X. Dunham, William T. Filley, Henry "W. 
Taft, John Tatlock. 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 

William stow n, Henry L. Sabin, Keyes Dan- 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Qnoi-um, des- 
ignated by a*, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth designated by a f.) 

Adams, Nelson H. Bixby, Henry J. Bliss, 
Daniel F. Burlingame, James C. Chalmers, 
William G-. Farnsworth, E. Earl Merchant, 
Franklin H. B. Munson, Ira Richmond, 
Franklin O. Sayles, Daniel Upton. — Black- 
inton, Oscar A. Archer, Harvey H. Welling- 
ton, — North Adams, John F. Arnold, Joel Ba- 
con, Myron Barrows, Franklin R. Blackinton, 
Austin Bond, John A. Bond, Frederick P. 
Brown, Francis F. Colgrove, William F. Dar- 
by, George Davis, Lyruan M. Flagg, Wil- 
liam A. Gallup, S. Warren Ingalls, fSyl- 
vander Johnson, John I. LeRoy, William 
Martin, George F. Miller, Charles J. Park- 
hurst, George B. Perry, *Henry P. Phillips, 
Andrew Potter, Arnold G. Potter, Abiathar 
W. Preston, David H. Raymond, fBenjamin 
F. Robinson, fJames T. Robinson, Jarvis 
Rockwell, Sam'l P. Thayer, Shepard Thayer, 
Clarence F. W T hitaker, Ezra D. Whitaker, 
Valmore A. WThitaker. 

Alford, Reuben C. Fitch, Ezra C. Ticknor. 

Becket, Mark P. Carter, William S. Hun- 
tington. — West Becket, Stephen W. Carter. 

Cheshire, Henry J. Brown, Stephen Chap- 
man, Jackson B. Farnam, Edmund D. Fos- 
ter, S. Mervin Smith. 

Clarksburg ; No. Adams, Eleazer Ketchum, 
Joseph B. Wheeler. 

Dalton, Henry A. Barton, Edward H. 
Bridgman, Thomas G. Carson, Henry Ferre, 
Oliver Peck, Caleb S. Warren. 

Egremont (South), Joseph A. Benjamin, 
David Dalzell, jr. — Nbrth Egremont, Sey- 
mour B. Dewey, * James H. Rowley. 

Florida, Nahutii P. Brown, Israel Whit- 
comb. — Hoosac Tunnel, Alonzo D. Tower. 

Great BarHngton, George Church, R. N. 
Couch, Justin Dewey, Herbert C. Joyner, 
Billings Palmer, Isaac Seeley, Harvey Shel- 
don, Thomas Siggins, Charles J. Taylor, 
Henry "Van Deuseii, William I. Van Deusen, 
Frederick T. "Whiting. — J/ousatonic, John 
M. Seeley. 

Hancock, Lyman Eldridge, Calvin P. Lap- 
ham, Rufus L. Mason. 

Hinsdale, Theodore Barrows, Lysander 
M. Francis, *Milo Stowell. 

Lanesboro', Reuben W. Field, William A. 
Fuller, Jedediah W. Newton, Justus Tower. 

Lee, Prentiss C. Baird, William J. Bartlett, 
John Branning, Joseph C. Chaffee, Isaac M. 
Elkins, Harrison Garfield, Nathan Gibbs, 
Stephen V. Halsey, Stephen Hurlburt, 
Thomas M. Judd. Edward A. Langdon, Ed- 
ward A. Moore, Moses H. Pease, Norman W. 
Shores. —East Lee, Edwin Sturges. 

Lenox, William D. Curtis, John F. Morrill, 
Thomas Post, f Julius Rockwell, *William S. 
Tucker.— Lenox Furnace, Thomas Sedg- 

Monterey, Marshall S. Bidwell,, Rensselaer 
N. Couch, Milton Judd, Merrick C. Langdon, 
Wilber C. Langdon, Oscar A. Mansir. 

Mount Washington, Orrin C. Whitbeck. 

New Ashford, Phinehas Harmon, Elihu 
In graham. 

New Marlboro', Sheldon W. Wright.— 
Hartsville, Wilbur C. Underwood. — Mill 
River, Edwin Adams. 

Otis, Elam P. Norton, Samuel H. Norton, 
Pearl S. Tinker. 

Peru, Benjamin F. Peirce, George Wells. 

Pittsfield, Robert W. Adam, James M. 
Barker, f Samuel W. Bowerman, George P. 
Briggs, fHenry S. Briggs, Nathan G. Brown, 
Josiah Carter, fHenry Chickering, Russell 
J. Clapp, John B. Clarke, Henry Colt, 
FJames D. Colt, John Crosby, jr., fHenry L. 
Dawes, Daniel Day, James H. Dunham, Jar- 
vis N. Dunham, Frederic A. Francis, J. 
Dwight Francis, William T. Filley, Edward 

A. Gamwell, Lorenzo H. Gamwell, Samuel 
E. Howe, James W. Hull, Charles E. Merrill, 
John E. Merrill, Emory H. Nash, Henry H. 
Newton, Henry Noble, John C. Parker, 
Thomas P. Pingree, William R. Plunkett, 
Franklin F. Read, Frank W. Rockwell, Al- 
bert B. Root, Jason N. Shepardson, George 
Shipton, fHenry W. Taft, John Tatlock, 
*George J. Tucker, f Joseph Tucker, Addi- 
son S. Waite, Andrew J. Waterman, Hiram 

B. Wellington, John C. West, *Marshall Wil- 
cox, James Wilson, Edgar M. Wood. 

Richmond, William Bacon. 

SandUfield, — Montville, James H.Merrill, 
George A. Shepard. — New Boston, *Orlo 
Burt, Orlo Northway, Samuel C. Parsons, 
Joshua M. Sears, Philander F. Twining. 

Savoy, Franklin C. Bourne, Simeon P. 
Dresser, Nathan E. Goff, Leonard McCul- 

She-ffleld, James Bradford, John D. Burtch, 
Bela N. Clark, John C. Smith. — East Shef- 
field, Roscoe C. Taft. — Ashley Falls, Albert 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, Daniel B. 
Fenn, f John Z. Goodrich, Marshal Warner. — 
Curtisville, Henry M. Burrall. 

Tyringham, Eli G. Hale, Lucien B. Moore. 

Washington, Alanson B. Pomeroy, Robert 
M. Savery. 

West Stockbridge, William H. Barnes, 
George H. Cobb, George W. Kuiffin, William 
M. Kniffin, William C. Spaulding. 

Williamstown, John R. Bulkley, Keyes 
Danforth, Henry T. Tallmadge, fJoseph 
White. — South Williamstown, Benjamin F. 

Windsor, Norman Miner. — East Windsor, 
Reuben Pierce. 

Trial Justices. 

Pittsfield, William S. Tucker. 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 

West Stockbridge, W. C. Spaulding. 

Notaries Public. 

Adams (North), Stephen H. Fairfield, Her- 
bert A. Fuller, Arnold G. Potter, Shepard 
Thayer, Edward 8. Wilkinson. (South), 
Henry J. Bliss, Arnold H. Crandall, Harvey 
H. Wellington. 

Great Barrington, Fred. N. Deland, Jus- 
tin Dewey, Isaac Seeley. 

Lee, John L. Kilbon, Norman W. Shores, 
William Taylor, Marshall Wilcox. 

Lenox, Thomas Post. 



New Marlboro', Auren Smith. 

Pittsfield, Robert W. Adam, Ralph B. 
Bardwell, jr., James M. Barker, Irving D. 
Ferry, William T. Filley, Zenas C. Renne, 
Frank W. Rockwell. 

Sheffield, Frank 8. Gray. 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, Daniel R. 

Williarnstown, Keyes Danforth. 

Medical Examiners. 

Great Barrington, Samuel Camp. 
Lee, Charles C. Holcombe. 
Pittsfield, James F. A. Adams. 
Williarnstown, Henry L. Sabin. 


Incorporated June 2, 1685. 

County Towns Taunton and New Bbdfobd. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency .... Edmund H. Bennett . . . Taunton. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . William E. Fuller Taunton. 

Clerk of Courts Simeon Borden Fall River. 

Registers of j {North District) Joseph E. Wilbar Taunton. 

Deeds. > (South District) Charles C. Sayer New Bedford. 

County Treasurer George F. Pratt Taunton. 

Sheriff Andrew R. Wright .... Fall River. 

Jailer Isaac G. Carrier Taunton. 

Jailer and Keeper House Correction . . . Charles D. Burt New Bedford. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Acushnet, Walter R. Spooner. 

Attleboro', James W. Riley, Elijah Capron. 

Easton (North), Rufus S. Willis. 

Fairhaven, Tbomas S. Butman. 

Fall River, Jonathan Chaffee, Charles L. 
Dean, Franklin Gray, Jerome Westgate, 
Francis H. Wixon. 

Freetown, Hiram B. Wetherell. 

Mansfield, Jacob A. Blake. 

Norton, George H. Arnold. 

New Bedford, Charles D. Burt, Thomas J. 
Cobb, George Dunham, John W. Nickerson. 

Raynham, Chauncy G. Washburn. 

Somerset, Edmund Buffinton. 

Swansea, James Barney, Alf d P. Lawton. 
Taunton, Isaac G. Carrier, Isaac G. Car- 
rier, jr. Henry F. Cobb, David Dean, Thomas 
O. Falvey, Willis Potter, George F, Seaver, 
Peter C. Thayer. 

Westport, Albert C. Kirby. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Fall River, 1st Fri. of January, April, 
October, and 2d Fri. of July. 

At New Bedford, 1st Fri. of February, May, 
August, and November. 

At Taunton, 1st Fri. of March, June, Sep- 
tember, and December. 

County Commissioners. 

Franklin Gray, Fall River; E. T. Jackson, 
Taunton ; Elisha Thornton, jr., NewBedford. 

Special Commissioners. — George N. Cran- 
dall, Attleboro' 1 ; Daniel J. Lewis, Fairhaven. 

Times of Meeting. — At Taunton, on the 
4th Tues. in March and September. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Attleboro', George A. Adams. 
New Bedford, Charles T. Bonney. 
Taunton, George Edgar Williams. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

New Bedford, Job Altny. 
Westport, Abraham Dyer, Edward Akin, 
Humphrey A. Gilford, William Valentine. 

Public Administrators. 

Fall River, Andrew J. Jennings. 
New Bedford, Edwin L. Barney, Charles 
T. Bonney, Wendell H. Cobb. 
Taunton, Henry J. Fuller. 

Blasters in Chancery. 

Fall River, John J. Archer, H. K. Braley. 
Mansfield, Erastus M. Reed. 
New Bedford, Edward L. Barney. 
Taunton, Henry J. Fuller. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Offi- 

Fall River, Josiah C. Blaisdell, Simeon 
Borden, John S. Brayton, Benjamin Earl, 
Henry H. Earl. 

Freetown, Ebenezer W. Pierce. 

New Bedford, Wendell H. Cobb, Thomas 
M. James, George Marston, William H. Tay- 
lor, James D. Thompson, John T. Tillinghast, 
Joseph Tillinghast. 

Taunton, George H. Babbitt, Simeon Bor- 
den, Samuel L. Crocker, James P. Ellis, 
Thomas J. Lothrop, Joseph Wilbar, George 
M. Woodward. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, des- 
ignated by a *. and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a f.) 

Acushnet, Cyrus E. Clark, Charles L. 
Goodell, Charles E. Walker, Benjamin White, 
Abial N. Westgate. — Long Plain, Abial P. 

Attleboro', Joseph W. Capron, George N. 
Crandall, Homer M. Daggett, Homer M. 
Daggett, jr., John Daggett, Lyman W. Dean, 
Charles M. Gustin, George F. Ide, Elisha G. 
May, James Newell, Horatio N. Richardson, 
Alvin G. Sadler, Lyman M. Stanley, Alphonso 
E. White, Gardner C. Wright. — East Attle- 
boro', fGeorge A. Adams. — North Attleboro', 
Henry K. W. Allen, Thomas A. Barden, 
Simeon Bowen, Joseph E. Pond, jr., Edw. 
R. Price, *Henry Rice, Thomas G. Sandland. 
— South Attleboro', William P. Shaw. 

Berkley, William Babbitt, Daniel S. Briggs, 
Herbert A. Dean, Giles L. Leach, Walter D. 

Dartmouth, Elisha S. Crapo, Francis W. 
Mason. — North Dartmouth, William Barker, 
jr., Calvin K. Turner, 2d. — South Dartmouth, 
Samuel M. Davis, Elbridge L. Faunce, John 

Dighton, John J. Archer, Noah Chace, 
Oliver Eaton, Jeremiah P. Edson, George E. 
Gooding, Almon E. Hall, John A. Lewis, 
Alfred W. Paul, George A. Shove. 



Easton, Fred L. Ames, Alson A. Gilmore, 
Cyrus Lothrop, Charles H. Reed, Albert A. 
Rotch, George G. Withington. — North 
Easton, Oliver Ames, Joseph Barrows, Tis- 
dale Harlow, George W. Kennedy. — South 
Easton, John Qtis Dean, Harrison T. 

Fairhaven, Henry T. Aiken, Albert B. 
Collins, Charles Drew, John A. Hawes, Obed 
F. Hitch, Daniel J. Lewis, George H. Taber, 
Francis W. Tappan. 

Fall River, Charles M. Ballard, George A. 
Ballard, Honorius Beaugrand, Josiah C. 
Blaisdell, Philip D. Borden, t Simeon Bor- 
den, Seabury W. Bowen, James C. Brady, 
H. K. Braley, f John S. Brayton, Robert C. 
Brown, Samuel M. Brown, George B. Buffing- 
ton, Ichabod B. Burt,John Butler, Benjamin 
A. Chace, George A. Chace, Isaac B. Chace, 
S. Angier Chace, John A. Coffey, John E. 
Collins, Prelet D. Conant, Peter Connell, Wil- 
liam Connell, jr., Linden Cook, James E. Cun- 
neen, James F. Davenport, fRobert T. Davis, 
William C. Davol, jr., Charles C. Dillingham, 
Luther J. Drake, William E. Dunham , Horatio 
N. Durfee, {Walter C. Durfee, Benjamin Earl, 
Henry H. Earl, Morton Eddy, Stephen Fel- 
lows, Chester W. Greene, William S. Greene, 
Abraham G. Hart, Edward E. Hathaway, 
Guilford H. Hathaway, *Nicholas Hathaway, 
Freeman A. Holmes, Horatio P. Howard, 
Samuel D. Howland, James F. Jackson, 
Andrew J. Jennings, William H. Jennings, 
Jeremiah Kelley, Henry J. Langley, *Louis 
Lapham, Jeremiah R. Leary, Augustus B. 
Leonard, Edward J. L'Herault, Arba N. Lin- 
coln, George W. Locke, Charles R. Longley, 
*Benjamin K. Lovatt, Edward T. Marvel, 
Thomas Mather, Hugh C. McFarlane, James 
M. Morton, jr., Alfred F. Munroe, George W. 
Palmer, William H. Peirce, Francis A. Quinn, 
Albert A. Raymond, Milton Reed, Clinton V. 
S. Remington, Samuel H. Richmond, George 
Robertson, James F. Rockett, Stephen B. 
Sabens, John P. Slade, Isaac Smith, jr., 
{Charles P. Stickney, Marcus G. B. Swift, 
Elias A. Tuttle, Patrick H. Wallace, Benjamin 
M.Warren, *Eliab Williams, Benjamin F. 
Winslow, Robert M. Winslow, Francis H. 
Wixon, A. M. W. White, Isaac N. Wood, 
Jonathan M. Wood, {Stephen C. Wrighting- 

Freetown, Nicholas Hathaway, Alden 
Hatheway, D. C. H. Hatheway, Thomas G. 
Nichols, Silas P. Richmond. — East Freetoion, 
Osmond F. Brayley, Ruel Washburn, Ruel 

A. Washburn. 

Mansfield, William B. Bates, Jacob A. 
Blake, William F. Boyd, Thomas M. George, 
Herman Hall, Howard Perkins, Erastus M. 
Reed, William Robinson, Alfred V. Rogerson, 
Seth C. Shepard. — West Mansfield, Leonard 
W. Sweet. 

New Bedford, tCharles Almy, Charles E. 
Barney, {Edwin L. Barney, Joseph Arthur 
Beauvais, Charles T. Bonney, Josiah S. Bon- 
ney, Alanson Borden, George A. Bourne, 
James C. Briggs, Charles D. Burt, Samuel P. 
Burt, William A. Church, Albert E. Clarke, 
Charles W. Clifford, Walter Clifford, Thomas 
J. Cobb, Wendell H. Cobb, William S. Cobb, 
Thomas Coggeshall, Albert B. Collins, { James 

B. Congdon, Samuel H. Cook, Timothy D. 
Cook, Ivory S. Cornish, {William W. Crapo, 
John Davis, Tilson B. Denham, Tristram R. 
Dennison, Simeon Doane, {Rodney French, 
Francis L. Gilman, Francis B. Greene, {Al- 
bert D. Hatch, George C. Hatch, Moses E. 
Hatch, Henry C. Hathaway, Luther G. Hew- 
ins, James C. Hitch, *Joshua C. Hitch, Abra- 
ham H. Howland, jr., {George Howland, jr., 
Thomas M. James, William H. Johnson, 
David B. Kempton, Hosea M. Knowlton, 
Warren Ladd, {Elisha C. Leonard, Henry T. 
Leonard, Adam Mackie, {George Marston, 
William H. Matthews, Frank A. Milliken, 
John W. Nickerson, William C. Parker, jr., 
William A. Paulding, John H. Perry, George 
R. Phillips, William Phillips, Philip A. Pierce, 
Southward Potter, 2d, *01iver Prescott, Isaiah 

C. Ray, Benjamin T. Ricketson, Jones Rob- 
inson, Charles H. Sanford, Charles C. Sayer, 
Orrick Smalley, {George T. Stearns, Thomas 
M. Stetson, Eman Sullavou, William H. Tay- 
lor, Henry F. Thomas, * James D. Thompson, 
*John T. Tillinghast, Joseph Tillinghast, 
George F. Tucker, Charles W. Underwood, 
Hiram Van Campen, William H. Watkins, 
William W. Weeden, Hiram W. Wentworth, 
Henry N. West, Lemuel T. Willcox, Jabez 

Norton. — Horatio Bates, Daniel S.Cobb, 
Silas H. Cobb, George B. Crane, Leonard 
Hodges, Augustus Lane, Jacob A. Leonard, 
Austin Messenger, George R. Perry, John R. 
Rogerson, Lloyd E. White. 

Raynharn, Braddock Field, Daniel F. Fra- 
zer, Charles L. Haskins, Samuel Jones, Syl- 
vanus Makepeace, Joseph R. Presho, Godfrey 
Robinson, Job G. Robinson, Nathan W. Shaw, 
Ebenezer B. Towne, Joseph W. White, Seth 

D. Wilbur. — East Taunton, Enoch King, 
Chauncey G. Washburn. 

Rehoboth, George W. Bliss, Elisha Davis, 
Danforth G. Horton, John C. Marvel, Royal 
C. Peck, Esek H. Pierce, Cyrus M. Wheaton. 

Seekonk, Joseph Brown, Raymond H. Burr, 
Davis Carpenter, Viall Medbury. 

Somerset. George B. Bufnngton, William 
P. Hood, Job M. Leonard, Joseph Marble, 
Jonathan B. Slade, John G. Tinkham. 

Swansea, Elijah P. Chace, Welcome P. 
Gammons, jr., Joseph G. Luther, Allen Ma- 
son, James H. Nason, William Mitchell. — 
North Swansea, Mason Barney. 

Taunton, Arthur M. Alger, Otis Allen, 
Chas. H. Atwood, {Geo. T. Atwood, {Geo. H. 
Babbitt, Geo. W. Barrows, Chas. J. H. Bas- 
sett, Wm. H.Bent, {Edmund H.Bennett, Jas. 
Brown, James H. Codding, Joseph J. Cooper, 
f Samuel L. Crocker, James M. Cushman, Mar- 
cus A. Davy, David Dean, James H. Dean, 
*Jeremy B. Dennett, Horace W. Durgin, Na- 
than K. Eaton, Thomas O. Falvey, Charles 
Foster, f William H. Fox, Laurens N. Francis, 
Henry J. Fuller, William E. Fuller, James J. 
Galligan, John H. Galligan, Everett D. God- 
frey, Theodore P. Hall, Charles W. Hartshorn 
(for Worcester County only), John Holland, 
James R. Husband, Elisha T. Jackson, Charles 

F. Johnson, Edward King, {Thoinas J. Lo- 
throp, Charles L. Lovering, George E. Man- 
ning, {Frederick Mason, Frank A. Miliken, 
{Daniel L. Mitchell, Edward Mott, Charles H. 
Paul, Bartlett C. Peirce, Stephen Peirce, 
*George F. Pratt, Nathan D. Pratt, John Rad- 
ley, Charles A. Reed, George H. Rhodes, f John 
Sanford, William Simms, Peter C. Thayer, E. 
Sylvanus M. Thomas, Samuel R. Townsend, 
tWillard D. Tripp, {Harrison Tweed, George 
A. Washburn, Isaac Washburn, Philo T. 
Washburn, {Henry B. Wheelwright, Lloyd 

E. White, Joseph Wilbar, Joseph E. Wilbar, 

G. Edgar Williams, Henry Williams, Benja- 
min L. Wood, George M. Woodward. — East 
Taunton, David Dean. 

Westport, Stephen A. Brownell, George H. 
Gifford, Isaac Howland, Peter C. White. — 
South Westport, Charles Fisher, William Val- 
entine. — Central Village, Stephen A. Brow- 

Notaries Public. 

Attleboro', John Daggett, Lyman W. Dean. 
— North Attleboro', Joseph E. Pond, jr., 
Thomas G. Sandland. 

Dighton, George A. Shove. 

Easton {North), George W. Kennedy, 
John H. Swain. 

Fairhaven, Charles Drew. 

Fall River, Honorius Beaugland, William 
G. Bennett, Josiah C. Blaisdell, John S. Bray- 
ton, Robert C. Brown, John W. Cummings, 
Hugh A. Dubuque, Benjamin Earl, Henry H. 
Earl, Morton Eddy, Elisha T. Jackson, An- 
drew J. Jennings, Charles R. Longley, Benja- 
min K. Lovatt, Edward T. Marvel, James F. 
Rockett, Marcus G. B. Swift, Eliab Williams, 
Benjamin F. Winslow. 



New Bedford, Joseph Arthur Beauvais, 
Charles T. Bonney, Alanson Borden, Samuel 
P. Burt, Albert E. Clarke, Charles W. Clif- 
ford, Walter Clifford, Wendell H. Cobb, 
Samuel H. Cook, William W. Crapo, Francis 
B. Greene, George C. Hatch, James C. Hitch, 
Hosea M. Knowlton, Elisha C. Leonard, 
George R. Long, George Marston, Frank A. 
Miliken, Gardner T. Sanford, Thomas M. 
Stetson, James Taylor, William H. Taylor, 
Lemuel T. Terry, George F. Tucker, Fred- 
erick A. Washburn, Hiram Webb. 

Raynham (East Taunton P. 0.) , Chauncey 
G. Washburn. 

Somerset, William P. Hood, 

Taunton, William H. Fox, Henry J. Fuller, 
Everett D. Godfrey, Elisha T. Jackson, 
Charles A. Reed, Sylvanus M. Thomas, 
Joseph E. Wilbar. 

Medical Examiners, 

Attleboro', John R. Bronson. 

Fall River, Jerome Dwelly. 

New Bedford, Henry Johnson. 

Taunton, Silas D. Presbrey. 


Incorporated. 1683. 

Shibe Town Edgaktown. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency .... 
Register of Probate and Insolvency .... 

Clerk of Courts 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 


Deputy Sheriffs 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Edgartoion, 2d Mon. of January and 
July, and 1st Mon. of March and December. 

At Vineyard Haven in Tisbury, 3d Mon. of 
April, and 1st Mon. of September. 

At West Tisbury, 1st Mon. of June, and 3d 
Mon. of October. 

County Commissioners. 

Jonathan H. Munroe, Edgartown ; Asa 
Smith, Ghilmark ; Benjamin Clough, Tis- 

Special Commissioners. — Abram Rod- 
man, Gay Head; Vernal Clifford, Oosnold. 

Times of Meeting. — At Edgartown, Wed. 
next after 3d Mon. in May, and Wed. next 
after 2d Mon. in November. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Edgartoxcn, Archibald Mellen. 
Gay Head, Thomas Jeffries. 
Tisbury, Charles B. Allen. 

Public Administrators. 

Edgartown, Joseph T. Pease, Samuel Or. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Edgartown, William P. Chadwick, Charles 
Dunham, Thomas J. Dunham, Rufus F. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Edgartown, Joseph Dunham, Joseph T. 
Pease, Richard L. Pease, Hebron Vincent. 
Tisbury, Charles Bradley. 

Joseph T. Pease Edgartown. 

Hebron Vincent Edgartown. 

Samuel Keniston Edgartown. 

John S. Smith Edgartown. 

John S. Smith Edgartown. 

Francis C. Smith Edgartown. 

Jason L. Dexter ...... Edgartown. 

Frederick H. Lambert . . . Chilmark. 

John W. Nickerson .... New Bedford. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Pence and Quorum, desig- 
nated by a *, and Justices throughout the Coninvm 
wealth, designated by a f.) 

Chilmark, John W. Mayhew, Smith May- 
hew, James N. Tilton. — Vineyard Haven, 
Thurston W. Tilton. 

Edgartown, Sirson P. Coffin, Henry H. 
Davis, Charles G- M. Dunham, Samuel Ken- 
iston, *Ichabod N. Luce, Cornelius B. Mar- 
chant, John Mayhew, Archibald Mellen, 
fSamuel Osborne, jr., Jeremiah Pease, fJo- 
seph T. Pease, *Richard L. Pease, John S. 
Smith, Hebron Vincent. — Oak Bluffs, Lewis 
Smith. — Vineyard Grove, John D. King, 
Howes Norris. 

Gay Head, William A. Vanderhoop. 

Gosnold, Frederick S. Allen. 

Tisbury, Vineyard Haven, jCharles Brad- 
ley, Henry Bradley, Matthew P. Butler, 
David Mayhew, Eliakim Norton, *John D. 
O'Connoll. — West Tisbury, William B. May- 
hew, Horatio N. Pease, John D. Rotch. 

Trial Justice. 

Edgartown, Jeremiah Pease. 
Notaries Public. 

Edgartown, William Bradley, William P. 
Chadwick, Charles F. Dunham. — Vineyard 
Haven, Howes Norris, Cyrus H. Pease, Jo- 
seph T. Pease, Richard L. Pease. 

Gosnold, Abram C. White. 

Tisbury, Vineyard Haven, Henry W. 
Beetle, Charles Bradley, Henry Bradley, 
William M. Randall. — Holmes' Ho 11, Charles 
Holmes, John Holmes, jr., J. Wheldon 

Medical Examiners. 

Edgartown, Edwin Mayberry, John Pierce. 
Tisbury, John D. O'Connell. 




Shibe Towns 

Incorporated May 10, 1643. 
Salem, Newbttrypobt, and Lawrence. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency .... George F. Choate Salem. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . Abner C. Goodell Salem. 

Asst. Register of Probate and Insolvency . Ezra D. Hines Danversport. 

Cleric of Courts Alfred A. Abbott Peabody. 

Assistant Clerk of Courts George R. Lord Salem. 

Register of ) (Southern. District) .... Ephraim Brown Salem. 

Deeds, i {Northern District) .... John R. Poor Lawrence. 

County Treasurer Allen W. Dodge Hamilton. 

Horatio G. Herrick Lawrence. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Amesbury, Charles W. Morrill. 

Andover, E. Kendall Jenkins. 

Danvers, Daniel J. Preston. 

Essex, Ezra Perkins, jr. 

Georgetown, Otis Thompson, Solomon Nel- 

Gloucester, George Lane. 

Haverhill, F. O. Raymond, P. E. Davis. 

Ipswich, Joseph Spiller. 

Lawrence, Alanson Briggs, James M. Cur- 
rier, John P. Bradstreet. 

Lynn, Charles M. Merritt. 

Methuen, Charles E. Goss. 

Newburyport, James W. Cheney. 

Peabody, Stephen Upton. 

Salem, Daniel Potter, Samuel A. Johnson, 
John D. Cross. 

Salisbury, Charles W. Morrill. 


Lawrence, Horatio G. Herrick. 
Newburyport, James W. Cheney. 
Salem, John D. Cross. 

. Masters of House of Correction. 

Ipswich, Yorick G. Hurd. 
Lawrence, Horatio G. Herrick. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Gloucester, 4th Mon. in April and Oc- 

At Haverhill, 2d Mon. of April and Oc- 

At Lawrence, 2d Mon. in January, March, 
May, June, July, (September, and November. 

At Newburyport, 4th Mon. in January, 
March, May, June, July, September, and No- 

At Salem, 1st Mon. in every month, and 3d 
Mon. in every month, except August. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Salem, on the 2d and 4th Mon. of each 

At Lawrence, on Probate Court days, in af- 

At Newburyport, on Probate Court days, in 

County Commissioner*. 

Joseph O. Procter, Gloucester; Zachariah 
Graves, Lynn; James Kimball, Salem. 

Special Commissioners. Aaron Sawyer, 
Amesbury; Daniel W. Bartlett, Essex. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At Ips- 
wich, on the 2d Tues. of April. Salem, 2d 
Tues. in July. Nexcburyport, on the 2d Tues. 
of October. On the 4th Tues. of December, 
at Salem, Ipswich, or Newburyport, as the 
Court may determine at the term next pre- 
ceding. At Lawrence, on the last Tues. of 


Lawrence, William L. Thompson. 
Lynn, Dean Peabody. 
Salem, Nathaniel J. Holden. 

Public Administrators. 

Andover, George Foster. 
Danvers, John W. Porter. 
Gloucester, David W. Low. 
Lynn, Edward A. Berdge, Nathaniel In- 
Newburyport, Edmund Smith. 
Saugus, Elijah P. Robinson. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Haverhill, Edward C. Dubois. 

Lawrence, Aretas R. Sanborn, Andrew C 

Lynn, William C. Fabens, William Haw- 
land, Dean Peabody. 

Salem, Nathaniel J. Holden. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Gloucester, John Ayars, jr., Curtis C. 
Cressy, Nehemiah D. Cunningham. Bay View,. 
Daniel Robinson. 

Ipswich, Theodore Andrews, J. S. Glover. 

Lynn, Sylvester B. Breed. 

Nahant", Charles E. Gove, H. T. Dunham. 

Newburyport, Edmund Smith. 

Rockport, James W. Bradley. 

Swampscott, John Chapman. 

Port Wardens. 

Gloucester, Joseph B. Burnham, George 
W. Somes, David W. Low. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Andover, George Foster, Nathan W. Ha- 

Beverly, Fred. W. Choate, Isaac H. Edgett, 
James Hill. 

Gloucester^ Charles P. Thompson, John S. 

Haverhill, William E. Blunt, William Tag- 

Ipswich, Charles Kimball. 

Lawrence, James H. Eaton, Walter R.. 

Lynn, Rufus Kimball, Elbridge Lovejoy, 
Henry C'. Oliver. 

Newbury, Daniel Lunt. 

Newburyport. David J. Adams, John T. 
Brown, Nathan A. Moulton, Moses Pettingell, 
Edward W. Rand. 

Peabody, Alfred A. Abbott. 

Rockport, Henri N. Woods. 

Salem, Charles Kimball, George R. Lord, 
George Wheatland. 



Justices of the Peace* 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quo'-um, de- 
signated br a *, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, desiynuted by a i.) 

Amesbury, Orlando S. Baley, William C. 
Binney, George H. Briggs, George W. Cate, 
Joseph T. Clarkson, James H. Davis, John 
A. Douglass, Thomas H. Hoyt, Charles H. 
Marland, Joseph Merrill, *Jonathan Nayson, 
Orlando 16. Patten, Daniel J. Poore, jr., 
George Turner. 

Andover, Asa A. Abbott, Samuel H. 
Boutwell, fFrancis Cogswell, John Flint, 
t George Foster, George \V. Foster, Moses 
Foster, Nathan Frye, Moses V. Gleason, 
*Nathan W. Hazen, E. Kendall Jenkins, 
fMarcus Morton, George H. Poor, Joseph A. 
Smart, Benjamin F. Smith, William H. P. 
Woodlin. — Ballardvale, Isaac O. Blunt, Gil- 
bert C. Osgood. 

Beverly, Hooper A. Appleton, fJohn I. 
Baker, Stephens Baker, fFrederick W. 
Choate, Francis J. Crowell, Richard C. 
Dennis, Thomas H. Dunham, jr., Robert R. 
Endicott, William R. Gordon, Josiah A. 
Haskell, James Hill, Issachar Le Favour, 
Abraham B. Lord, Jeremiah Murphy, Fran- 
cis Norwood, Joseph E. Ober, Charles H. 
Odell, Samuel Porter, t John H. Reed, George 
Roundy, fWilliam Sohier, Seth T. Thacher, 
Joseph D. Tuck, Richard P. Waters. 

Boxford, Benjamin S. Barnes, Ansel Dor- 
man, Thomas P. Dorman, George Perley, 
John S. Sayward, James H. Webster. — 
West Boxford, William R. Kimball. 

Bradford, Samuel W. Carleton, Henry 
Carter, Harrison E. Chadwick, f George 
Cogswell, Charles B. Emerson, William 
Hazletine, Samuel W. Hopkinson, Albert L. 
Kimball, Nathan Longfellow, Francis H. 
Pearl, Horatio Pearl. 

Danvers, Charles H. Adams, Israel W. 
Andrews, Henry Derby, Francis Dodge, 
Albion S. Dudley, Samuel P. Fowler, Ezra 

D. Hines, Edward L. Hill, Joseph E. Hood, 
Walter S. Lovejoy, Dudley A. Massey, David 
Mead, Andrew Nichols, John W. Porter, Otis 
F.Putnam, Rufus Putnam, Charles Tapley, 
George Tapley, William L. Weston, John F. 
Whipple. — Danvers Port, D. Homer Batchel- 

Essex, Daniel W. Bartlett, Hervey Burn- 
ham, *Nehemiah Burnham, Abner Gregory, 
George T. Mears, Elmer F. Pember, Ezra 
Perkins, Ebenezer Stanwood. 

Georgetown, William H. Harriman, Charles 

E. Jewett, Boyd B. Jones, * Jeremiah P. Jones, 
Caleb Tenney, Gorham D. Tenney, Orlando 
B. Tenney, Richard Tenney. 

Gloucester, Albert C. Andrews, John J. 
Babson, William Babson, Francis Bennett, 
Henry A. Burnham, fBenjarnm F. Butler, 
Addison Center, Henry Center, Benjamin H. 
Corliss, John Corliss, John Cunningham, 
James Davis, William P. Dolliver, Robert R. 
Fears, Hazen L. Follansbee, William W. 
French, Elbridge G. Friend, Charles E. 
Grover, Henry C. L. Haskell, Henry C. 
Hubbard, Allen Knowlton, David W. Low, 
George J. Marsh, Joseph A. Moore, Charles 
H. Oxton, Aaron Parsons, Joseph O. Proc- 
tor, Allan Rogers, Samuel E. Sawyer, Ben- 
jamin H. Smith, John J. Somes, Munroe 
Stevens, Cyrus Story, Robert Tarr, Charles 
P. Thompson, *John .S. Webber, *Sumner 
D. York. — East Gloucester, Humphrey L. 
Calder. — Anisquam, John N. Davis, James 
8. Jewett. — Lanesville, Charles H. Sargent, 
Samuel L. Young. 

Groveland, Alexander Dight, Nathaniel H. 
Griflith, Charles H. Hopkinson, Gardner P. 
Ladd, Jeremiah B. P. Ladd, Nathaniel Ladd, 
Rufus H. Page, *Charles G. Savary. — South 
Groveland, Edward P. Reed. 

Hamilton, Joseph P. Lovering, Daniel E. 

Haverhill, Ira A. Abbott, jr., Daniel C. 
Bartlett, *William E. Blunt, Benjamin F. 
Brickettj Charles R. Brickett, Calvin Buttrick, 

Alpheus Currier, Henry Cummings, Phineas 
E. Davis, Edward C. Dubois, George W. 
Duncan, Luther Emerson, Otis Fernald, 
Jones Frankle, Edward G. Frothingham, jr., 
Edward B. George, Andrew W. Hammond, 
Jesse H. Harriman, Edwin P. Hill, William 
G. Howe, Edward H. Hoyte, Elias T. Ingalls, 
Addison B. Jaques, William Jeffers, fjoseph 
K. Jenness, Nathan S. Kimball, Arba N. 
Lincoln, John James Marsh, Gyles Merrill, 
Henry N. Merrill, George W. Noyes, John 
A. Page, John M. Poor, Frederick O. Ray- 
mond, Benjamin Addison Sawyer, f James V. 
Smiley, Leonard V. Spaulding, Jackson B. 
Swett, William Taggart, Levi Taylor, Martin 
Taylor, David B. Tenney, Alfred M. Tilton, 
John Whclan, Frank M. Whitman, Elbridge 
G. Wood. — Ayers Village, Orenzo T. Emer- 

Ipsxcich, Theodore Andrews, Wesley K. 
Bell, *Aaron Cogswell, Theodore F. Cogswell, 
Gilbert Conant, George Haskell, Yorick G. 
Hurd, jCharles Kimball, Edward P. Kimball, 
Joseph Ross, Charles A. Sayward, Joseph 
Spiller, *Abram D. Wait. 

Lawrence, George G. Abbott, Nathaniel 
Ambrose, Pardon Armington, Clark L. Aus- 
tin, tHorace C. Bacon, James S. Barrie, 
Charles U. Bell, Milton Bonney, Rober, 
Bower, Jonathan C. Bowker, Charles E. 
Briggs, Albert V. Bugbee, Elbridge T. Burt 
ley, George D. Cabot, Alonzo C. Chadwick- 
Edward F. Childs, Alfred P. Clark, Joseph 
Cleaveland, James M. Coburn, Ebenezer B. 
Currier, John E. Cushing, Vespasian Dan- 
forth, Samuel M. Davis, John J. Doland, John 
C. Dow, James H. Eaton, Albert Emerson, 
Herbert W. Field, W. Fisk Gile, tJohn S. 
Gile, John P. Gilmore, Henry H. Hall, Nathan 
W. Harmon, Michael D. Hart, Gilbert E. 
Hood, Henry F. Hopkins, Nathaniel P. 
Houghton, James M. Hubbard, William H. 
Jaquith, William T. Kimball, William S. Knox, 
A. E. Mack, Walter F. McConnell, George S. 
Merrill, Michael P. Merrill, Z. Taylor Mer- 
rill, Charles D. Moore, Cyrus T. Moore, 
Abiel Morrison, John K. Norwood, E. B. 
Osgood, Thomas A. Parsons, Joseph L. Par- 
tridge, William R. Pedrick, Moses Perkins, 
P. Grosvenor Pillsbury, George W. Plum- 
mer, Abbott A. Poor, John R. Poor, William 
J. Quinn, Phineas B. Robinson, John R. Rol- 
lins, *Walter R. Rowe, Aretas R. Sanborn, 
John C. Sanborn, Frank L. Sargent, Caleb 
Saunders, Daniel Saunders, James E.Shepard, 
*Edgar J. Sherman, Leonard M. Sherman, 
James H. Stannard, Ivan Stevens, Andrew C* 
Stone, Albert D. Swan, John P. Sweeney, 
John K. Tarbox, Robert H. Tewksbury, Wil- 
liam L. Thompson, Byron Truell, James M. 
Wheaton, Nathaniel G. White, Samuel White, 
Duncan Wood, William H. P. Wright, Albin 

Lynn, John G. B. Adams, Cornelius A. 
Ahearn, John H. Alley, David Austin, 
Charles C. Ayer, Ezra Baker, Thomas W. 
Barrell, Edwin Q. Bacheller, Jacob Batchel- 
der, John Batchelder, Ebenezer Beckford, 
Edward A. Berdge, John W. Berry, Samuel 
J. Berry, Abijah E. Blood, Charles H. 
Boardman, Andrews Breed, Hiram N. Breed, 
James E. Breed, Joseph B. Breed, George R. 
Breed, Sylvester B. Breed, Wilfred Breed, 
William A. Brown, John H. Bubier, James 
N. Buffum, Charles F. Caswell, Christopher D. 
Cbadwell, Henry F. Chase, Lyman F. Chase, 
Charles B. Clough, Ovando D. Olough, Al- 
vin Colburn, Henry H. Curtice, *Edward S. 
Davis, Albert W. Edgerly, James H. Ellis, 
William C. Fabens, Augustus B. Flanders, 
William H. Fletcher, Benjamin V. French, 
Henry W. French, Charles C. Fry, William 
H. Gove, Charles A. Hammond, Rollin E. 
Harmon, Isaac K. Harris, N. Mortimer 
Hawkes, George W. Hill, Gilbert C. Hoag, 
William C. Holder, William Howland, Henry 
J. B. Hudson, James U. Hunt, Henry F. 
Hurlburt, Ephraim A. Ingalls, Nathaniel 
Ingalls, John J. Ireson, William F. Johnson, 
Benjamin H. Jones, Ira B. Keith, S. Henry 



Kent, Rafus Kimball, Thomas B. Knight, 
Caleb Lamson, Larkin A. Lang, Jacob M. 
Lewis, Francis P. McHugh, John J. McMahon, 
Valentine Miader, Edwin J. Medbury, 
Charles M. Merritt, Henry Moore, Louis E. 
Moore, Ezra W. Mudge, Frank N. Mudge, 
Peter M. Neal, Janes R. Newhall, t Thomas 
B. Newhall, Wilbar F. Newhall, "William H. 
Nile*, Henry C. Oliver, Charles E. Parsons, 
Edward P. Parsons, Edwin Patch, Ira J. 
Patch, fDean Peabody, Edward K. Phillips, 
Charles J. Piekford, f John J. Pillsbury, Isaac 
Pinkham, William D. Pool, Benjamin E. Por- 
ter, Benjamin K. Prentiss, Frederick M. Put- 
nam, Thomas P. Richardson, John L. Robin- 
son, Stephen R. Rogers, Simon J. Rouey, 
George L>. Sargent, James M. Sargent, Horace 
Scale*, George L. Shorey, t John L. Shorey, 
James B. Silsbee, X. Everett Silsbee, Charles 
H. Stickuey, Patrick Strain, George R. Stone, 
David H. Sweetser, Charles A. Taber, Amos 
P. Tapley, Waldo Thompson, Wilder S. 
Thurston, Hall W. Tibbetts, Minot Tirrell, 
jr., Cyrus M. Tracy, George B. Tucker, 
fii-ai-diner Tufts, t Roland G. Usher, Benjamin 
A. Ward, Jabez Wood, John P. Wood, John 
P. Woodbury. 

Lynnjield, John Danforth, Andrew Mans- 
field, Josiah Newhall. — Lynnjield Centre, 
Jacob Hood, John Perkins, Levi H. Russell. 

Manchester, John Lee, Nathan P. Meldram, 
Francis H. Morgan, John Price. 

Marblehead, f William B. Brown, William 
H. Coates, John Conway, jr., *William Fa- 
bens, Thomas Foss, William Gilley, jr., 
fjohn F. Harris, Richardson Knowland, 
Charles H. Litchman, William Nutting, jr. 
J. H. Orne, Samuel S. Trefry, Benjamin P. 

Merrimac, \ Joshua Colby, William H. 
Haskell, Thomas H. Hoyt, Thomas B. Pat- 
ten, James D. Pike, Daniel Poore, jr., Bailey 
Sargent, M. Perry Sargent, David M. Tukes- 
bury. — Merrimac Port, Charles E. Rowell. 

Methuen, Joseph E. Buswell, Jacob Emer- 
son, jr., John W. Frederick, George W. 
Gage, Charles E. Hibbard, Joseph Howe, 
Joseph S. Howe, James Ingalls, James O. 
Parker, Darius Pierce, William M. Rogers, 
Ebenezer Sawyer, Samuel G. Sargent, Wil- 
liam C. Sleeper, Charles E. Trow, Charles S. 

J/iddleton, Joseph A. Batchelder, Eben S. 

Jfahant, fCharles Amory, fGeorge A. 
James, Edward J. Johnson, Washington H. 
Johnson, E. Francis Parker, Joseph T. Wil- 

Jfewbury, Moses Colman, Henry B. Little, 
William Little, Horace F. Longfellow, Charles 
M. Lunt, Joseph N. Rolfe. — Byfield, David 
S. Caldwell, Hermon D. Rogers, Martin 

Newburyport, David J. Adams, Joseph 
Akerman, Edward F. Bartlett, William H. 
Brewster, John T. Brown, Sylvester B. Car- 
ter, Frederick J. Coffin, Stephen Collins, 
Moody D. Cook, fRobert Couch, A.bert 
Currier, John J. Currier, Warren Currier, 
William E. Currier, fCharles C. Dame, 
Nuhaniel Foster, B. Gardiner Gerrish, Jo- 
seph G. Ge,rrish, Nathaniel Greely, Benja- 
min Hale, Joshua Hale, Moses E. Hale, 
George W. Hill, Philip K. Hills, Francis A. 
Howe, Thomas Huse, Thomas Huse, jr., 
George W. Jackman, jr., Charles A. John- 
son, Harrison G. Johnson, William C John- 
son, John A. Maynard, David J. Merrill, 
William H. Merrill, Joseph E. Moody, *Ed- 
ward S. Moseley, John A. L. Odde, C. 
Osgood Morse, Nathan A. Moulton, *Henry 
W. Moulton, *Amos Noyes, Thomas Pear- 
son, Nathaniel Pierce, fDaniel P. Pike, John 
N. Pike, Moses D. Randall, Thomas C. Simp- 
eon, jr., David Smith, *Edmund Smith, George 
H. Stevens, Charles C. Stockman, tEben F. 
Stone, Arthur J. Teeling, William Thurston, 
. David L. Withington. 

North Andover, Charles F. Allen, Joseph 
F. Allen, Daniel A. Carlton, tWilliam J. 

Dale, George L. Davis, Newton P. Frye, John 
C. Gage, Milon S. Jenkins, Juhn F. Kimball, 
Andrew Smith, Moses T. Stevens, fEben 
Sutton, Louis Weil. 

Peabody, fAlfred A. Abbott, Lewis Allen, 
Sidney C." Bancroft, John B. Clement, Charles 
E. Hoag, Edward W. Jacobs, James P. King, 
Edward McCarthy, Amos Merrill, Frank C. 
Merrill, George A. Osborne, George S. Os- 
borne, Benjamin C. Perkins, Nathan H. Poor, 
Franklin D. Rideout, Thomas M. Stimpson, 
fWilliam Sutton, William Walcott. 

Rockport, Zeno A. Appleton, Eben Blatch- 
ford, Henry Dennis, Henry Dennis, jr., 
Newell Giles, Eli Gott, Joseph Manning, 
John W. Marshall, Alfred Parsons, Calvin W. 
Pool, Henri N. Woods, Nathaniel F. 8. 

Rowley, George B. Blodgett, Joshua N. 
Foss, Benjamin P. Mighill, J. Scott Todd. 

Salem, fAlfred A. Abbott, James F. 
Almy, Samuel H. Almy, *Samuel P. An- 
drews, Charles A. Benjamin, Thomas Bowen, 
C. Warren Brown, Ephraim Brown, Henry A. 
Brown. fHorace Brown, f Albert G. Browne, 
jr., Caleb Buffum, Samuel B. Buttrick, 
fGeorge F. Choate, William S. Cleveland, 
fWilliam Cogswell, William F. M. Collins, 
Francis Cox, Henry J. Cross, John D. Cross, 
George R. Curwen, James B. Curwen, J. 
Frank Dalton, John H. Derby, *George H. 
Devereux, John D. Eaton, fWilliam C. 
Endicott, William S. Felton, Jerome H. 
Fiske, Andrew Fitz, George F. Flint, fCaleb 
Foote, William H. Foster, Charles B. Fow- 
ler, Rufus B. Gifford, James A. Gillis, Abner 
C. Goodell, jr., Frederick Grant, Benjamin A. 
Gray, John S. Griffin, Leonard B. Harring- 
ton, Mark Haskell, Charles H. Hayward, 
Charles H. Henderson, Lemuel Higbee, 
fNathaniel J. Holden, George Holman, 
Thomas F. Hunt, Arthur L. Huntington, 
fHorace Ingersoll, fStephen B. Ives, ''Ste- 
phen B. Ives, jr., George R. Jewett, Samuel 

A. Johnson, Thomas H. Johnson, William 
H. Kendall, *David B. Kimball, *James 
Kimball, Walter A. Kezar, John Kinsman, 
John H. Langmaid, fSolomon Lincoln, jr., 
*George R. Lord, fOtis P. Lord, fGeorge B. 
Loring, Samuel A. Macintire, John F. Ma- 
chado, Jeremiah T. Mahoney, Wil ia n 
Maynes, Henry M. Meek, Henry P. Moui- 
ton, fWilliam D. Northend, William Northey, 
Charles Odell, Charles S. Osgood, f Joseph 

B. F. Osgood, William B. Parker, Edward H. 
Payson, George W. Pease, George H. Peir- 
son, Benjamin 0. Perkins, fJonathan C. 
Perkins, Willard P. Phillips, George D. 
Phippen, Charles H. Price, Charles M. 
Richardson, Charles W. Richardson, -.athan- 
iel C. Robbins, fDavid Roberts, George San- 
born, Charles Sewall, James Shatswell, 
Augustus Story, Gilbert L. Streeter, Charles 
E. Symonds, Nathaniel G. Symonds, J. 
Hardy Towne, Leverett S. Tuckerman, Wil- 
liam P. Upham, fEben N. Walton, Henry 
Wardwell, *Joseph G. Waters, Joseph H. 
Webb, *Stephen P. Webb, Charles H. Web- 
ber, *George Wheatland, Isaac C. W. Wy- 
man, Ezra L. Woodbury. 

Salisbury, Charles L. Allen, fEbenezer T. 
Colby, Benjamin E. Fifield, Aaron Morrill, 
jr., *Robert Rich, Azor O. Webster, Charles 
Wing, O. P. Wright. — East Salisbury, 
Moses J. Bartlett, Joseph M. Eaton, P. 
Albert True. 

Saugv.8, George M. Amerige, Alfred G. 
Fisher, f Harmon Hall, Herbert B. Newhall, 
Wilbur F. Newhall, William H. Newhall, 
f Elijah P. Robinson, Albert H. Sweetser. 

Sicampscott, Everett Boynton, Allen W. 
Clough, Philander Holden, Samuel C. Pit- 
man, Daniel P. Stimpson. 

Topxfield, Jeremiah Balch, Joseph W. 
Batchelder, Charles H. Holmes, Samuel D. 
Hood, Samuel S. McKenzie, * Richard Phil- 

Wenham, Rufus A. Dodge, Simeon Dodge, 
William B. Morgan, Wellington Poole. 

West Newbury, f Hayden Brown, f John C 



Carr, Edmund Little, William Merrill, Joseph 
Newell, Charles W. Ordway, Orrin Warren. 

Trial Justices. 

Amesbury, Orlando S. Bailey, George W. 
Andover, George H. Poor. 
Georgetown, Orlando B. Tenney. 
Ipswich, Wesley K. Bell. 
Marble he ad, William Nutting, jr. 
Methuen, William M. Rogers. 
Ifahant, Joseph T. Wilson. 
Peabody, Amos Merrill. 
Rockport, Nathaniel F. S. York. 
Rowley, J. Scott Todd. 
/Salisbury, George W. Cate.' 

Notaries Public 

Amesbury, George W. Cate. 

Andover, George Foster, George W. Foster, 
George H. Poor. 

Beverly, Frederick W. Choate, Samuel J. 
Foster, Samuel Porter, Joseph D. Tuck. » 

Danvers, Edward L. Hill, John W. Porter. 
Danvers Port, David Mead. 

Essex, Ezra Perkins. 

Georgetown, Milton G. Tenney. 

Gloucester, James Davis, David W. Low, 
Cyrus Story, John S. Webber, William Wil- 
liams, Sumner D. York, Samuel L. Young. — 
East Gloucester, Humphrey L. Calder. 

Haverhill. Charles H. Coffin, Edward B. 
George, John L. Hobson, Joseph K. Jenness, 
John J. Marsh, Francis H. Pearl. 

Ipswich, Charles A. Sayward. 

Lawrence, Charles U. Bell, John F. Cogs- 
well, John S. Gile, W. Fisk Gile, Nathan W. 

Harmon, Sidney A. Jewett, William T. Kim- 
ball, Charles DeF. Moore, Leonard M. Sher- 
man, Nathaniel G. White. 

Lynn, Henry F. Chase, Edward S. Davis, 
Albert W. Edgerly, Rollin E. Harmon, Na- 
than M. Hawkes, William Howland, Ira B. 
Keith, Frank N. Mudge, James B. Newhall, 
Cyrus M. Tracy, Wallace W. Wright. 

Marblehead, William Fabens, Thomas Gar- 

Merrimac, James D. Pike. 

Methuen, William M. Rogers. 

Kewburyport, Edward F. Bartlett, John T. 

Peabody, Charles E. Hoag, George Holman. 

Rockport, Andrew F. Clark, Alfred Par- 

Salem, Samuel P. Andrews, Andrew Fitz, 
Daniel P. Fitz, George Holman, Louis W. 
Kelley, Henry M. Meek, Joseph B. F. Osgood, 
Ira J. Patch, Benjamin C. Perkins, David 
Roberts, Charles Sewall, Gilbert L. Streeter, 
Joseph G. Waters. 

Salisbury, David L. Bartlett. 

Topsfield, Sidney A. Merriam. 

Medical Examiners, 
Beverly, Charles Haddock. 
Georgetown, Richmond B. Root. 
Gloucester (Annisquam), J. Franklin Dyer. 
Haverhill, Samuel K. Towle. 
Ipswich, Yorick G. Hurd. 
Lawrence, William D. Lamb. 
Lynn, Joseph G. Pinkham. 
Newburyport, George W. Snow. 
Peabody, George S. Osborne. 
Salem, Charles A. Carlton. 


Incorporated June 24, 1811. 
Shire Town Greenfield. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency 
Register of Probate and Insolvency , 

Clerk of Courts 

Register of Heeds , 

County Treasurer 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Charlemont, Henry N. Warner. 

Conicay, William (J. Campbell. 

Heerfield (South), Austin Ware. 

Greenfield, Lorenzo D. Joslyn, Henry G. 
Nims, Chauncey Bryant. 

Montague, Edwin Demond, (Turner's 
Falls), Nathan D. Allen. 

^orthfield, (West), R. K. Caldwell. 

Orange, James H. Clark. 

Shelburne Palls, H. S. Swan. 

Jailer and Master of House of Cor- 

George A. Kimball, Greenfield. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Conway, 3d Tues. in May. 

At Greenfield, 1st Tues. of every month, 
except November. 

Northfield, on the 2d Tues. in May and 

Orange, 2d Tues, in March and December, 
and 3d Tues. in June. 

At Shelburne Falls, on the 2d Tues. in Feb- 
ruary, and 4th Tues. in May and October. 

Chester C. Conant Greenfield. 

Francis M. Thompson .... Greenfield. 

Edward E. Lyman Greenfield. 

Edward Benton Greenfield. 

C. Mason Moody Greenfield. 

George A. Kimball Greenfield. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Greenfield, on the 1st Mon. in each 

County Commissioners. 

Carlos Batchelder, Conicay, term expires 
December, 1880 ; John M. Smith, Sunderland, 
term expires December 1878; Lyman G. 
Barton, Greenfield, term expires December, 

Special Commissioners. — David L. Smith, 
Coleraine; Beriah W. Fay.JVew? Salem. 

Times of Meeting. — At Greenfield, 1st 
Tues. in March and September, and 2d Tues. 
in June and December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Coleraine, Roswell A. Buck. 

Conway, John Sprague. 

Orange, Hiram Woodward. 

Public Administiator. 

Greenfield, Anson K. Warner. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Greenfield, Franklin G. Fessenden, Samuel 
O. Lamb. 



Commisslone s to qualify Civil 

Charlemont, Ansel L. Tyler. 

Greenfield, Almon Brainard, Chester C. 
Conant, George Grennell, Edward E. Lyman, 
Francis M. Thompson, Noah S. Wells, Solo- 
mon C. Wells. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, John C. Felt, 
Davis Goddard, Edwin Stone, Hiram Wood- 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Tneltcd ng Justices of the Peac and Quomm,de*ig- 
tiated by a*, and Justices throughout the Common-' 
wealth, designated bg a \) 

Ashfield, Lot Bassett, Silas Blake, Henry 8" 
Eanney. — South Ashfield, Wait Bement. 

Bernardston, Samuel .T. Green, Timothy K. 
Horton, Almon Newcomb, Henry O. Root. 

Buckland, Ezekiel D. Bement, George D. 
Crittenden, Josiah Trow. — Shelburne Falls, 
t-James S. Halligan. 

Charlemont, Richard E. Field, Horace H. 
Mayhew, Ansel L. Tyler, John A. Winslow. 
— East Charlemont, *R. H. Leavitt, John P. 

Coleraine, Orson B. Curtis, Otis J. Daven- 
port, Oliver B. Kendriek, Fred. W.Mather, 
Hugh B. Miller, David L. Smith. 

Conway, Henry W. Billings, Edwin Cooley, 
E. L. Munn, Charles Parsons, jr., John 

Deerfield, Abijah W. Chapin, Henry S. 
Childs, "Virgil M. Howard, George W. Jones, 
George Sheldon. — South Dcrfidd, Obed S. 
Arms, William D. Bates, Charles Phelps, 
Charles Stoweli. 

Eming, Newton J. Benjamin, Charles A. 
Eddy, Noah Rankin. 

Gill, Nelson Burrows, Josiah D. Canning, 
Otis F. Hale. 

Greenfield, John A. Aiken, George L. Bar- 
ton, Lyman G. Barton, Edward Benton, *A1- 
moa Brainard, Henry A. Budington, Freder- 
ick Clapp, fChester C. Conant, Charles G. 
Delano, * Austin DeWolf, Joseph P. Felton, 
Franklin G. Fessenden, Charles R. Field, 
Eben A. Hall, tSamucl O. Lamb, Edward E. 
Lyman, Samuel J. Lyons, Lewis Merriam, 
Henry L. Nelson, Bowdom S. Parker, Frank- 
lin A. Pond, Henry K. Simons, *Franeis M. 
Thompson, Anson K. Warner, t William B. 
Washburn, *Noah S. Wells, Gorham D. Wil- 

Hawley, William O. Bassett, Willis Vin- 
eent. — Charlemont, Wesson E. Mansfield. 

Heath, Daniel Gale, Amos Temple. 

Leverett, Alden C. Field, "David Rice. — 
Worth Leverett, Luther Dudley, Sanford S. 

Ley den, George Childs, Uriah F. Darling, 
jr., David Mo wry. 

Monroe, Hiram G. Phelps. 

Montague, Robert B. Campbell. I. Chenery, 
Bernard N. Farren, Charles W. Hazleton, 
Richard N. Oakman, George E. Rogers, Har- 
rison F. Root, Joseph H. Root. — Turner's 
Falls, D. P. Abererombie, George L. Barton. 

yew Salem, William T. Giles, Willard 
Putnam, Jabez Sawyer, Samuel H. StowelL 

— Millington, Lyman E. Moore, Willard 
Putnam. — North New Salem, Beriah W. 
Fay, Francis W. Newland. 

Northfield, Edward Wells Colton, Samuel 
W. Dutton, Marshall S. Meade, Samuel H. 
Moody, Charles Osgood, Charles Pomeroy, 
Charles T. Preston. — Northfield Farms, 
Simeon A. Field. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, Andrew J. Clark, 
Samuel S. Dexter, Davis Goddard, Rufus 
Livermore, tEdwm Stone, John W. Wheeler, 
James H. Waite, George A. Whipple, Hiram 
Woodward. — North Orange, Philbrook Wor- 

Rowe, Veniah M. Porter. — Zoar, Charles 
H. Seott. 

Shelburne, Charles M. Duncan, Nathan O. 
Newhall.— Shelburne Falls, Samuel D. Bard- 
well, Samuel T. Field, Alanson K. Hawks, 
Henry M. Puffer, Edwin Stratton, Henry 

Shutesbury, George A. Berry, Hardin Hem- 

Sunderland, Henry J. Graves, tHorace 
Lyman, Albert Montague, John M. Smith, 
Levi P. Warner, D. Dwigtat Whitmore. — 
South Deerfield, Nathaniel G. Trow. 

Warwick, Hervey Barber, Jesse F. Bridge, 
Samuel Hastings, Ciark Stearns. 

Wendell, Trueman H. Bartlett, Thomas D. 
Brooks, Alvah B. Oatman, *Harrison G. O. 
Powers. — Wenddl Depot, Edward A. God- 
dard, John C. Holston. — Locksville, Daniel 

Whately, James M. Crafts, George Dickin- 
son, Samuel Lesure, Eleazer F. Orcutt, Sam- 
uel B. White. — East Whately, Silas W. Allis, 
Elihu Belden. 

Trial Justices. 

Ashfield, Silas Blake. 

Charlemont, John A. Winslow- 

Conway, Henry W. Billings. 

Greenfield, Almon Brainard, Gorham D. 

Montague, Joseph H. Root. — Turner's 
Falls, George L. Barton. 

Orange, Hiram Woodward. 

Shelburne Falls, Samuel D. BardwelL 

Sunderland, Albert Montague. 

Notaries Public. 

Conway, Henry W. Billings. 

Deerfield, Apo'llos W. Smith.— South Deer- 
field, William W. Foster. 

Greenfield, William H. Allen, Charles G. 
Delano, Franklin G. Fessenden, Lewis Mer- 
riam, Henry K. Simons, Francis M. Thomp- 
son, Gorham D. Williams. 

Montague, Turner's Falls, George L. Bar- 
ton, Richard N. Oakman. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, Maynard A. 

Shelburne Falls, Samuel T. Field, Alanson 
K. Hawks. 

Medical Examiners. 

Montague, Turner's Falls, Erastus C. Coy. 
Shelburne, Shelburne Falls, Francis J. 


Incorporated Feb. 20, 1813. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency .... William S. Shurtleff .... Springfield. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . . Samuel B. Spooner Springfield. 

Clerk of Courts Robert 0. Morris Springfield. 

Register of Deeds James E. Russell Springfield. 

County Treasurer M. Wells Bridge Springfield. 

Sheriff i Hiram Q. Sanderson .... Springfield. 

Jailer A. M. Bradley Springfield. 



Deputy Sheriffs. 

Agmcarn, J. H. Churchill. 

Blandford, Enos W, Boise. 

Chester, James Keefe. 

Chicopee, Nathaniel Cutler, Simeon A. Ja- 

Granville, Ansel D. King. 

Holgoke, T. W. Ordway. 

Zudlow, Frank McLean. 

Mittineaque, J. W. Cross. 

Monson, Frank H. King. 

Palmer, Herbert A. Northrop, Jason A. 
Palmer, P. W. Webster. 

Springfield, H. W. H. Blair, S. S. Bum- 
stead, R. S. Johnson, A. H. G. Lewis, Walter 
S. Miller. 

Tolland, G. W. Granger. 
Westfield, James Fowler, George H. Mose- 
ley, John H. Willard. 

West Springfield, W. F. Moseley. 
Wilbrahum, S. C. Spellman. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Monson, 2d Tues. of June. 

At Palmer, 2d Tues. of February, May, and 
September, and 4th Tues. of November. 

At Springfield, 1st Tues. of January, Febru- 
ary, March, April, May, June, July, Septem- 
ber, October, and December. 

At Westfield, 3d Tues. of February, May, 
September, and December. 

Sessions Court of Insolvency. 

At Springfield, 2d and 4th Sat. of each 

County Commissioners. 

Newton S. Hubbard, Brhnfield, Edward 
Chase, Uolyoke; L. F. Thayer, Westfield. 

Special Commissioners. — Ira G. Potter, 
Wilbraham, Samuel A. Bartholomew, North 

Times of Meeting. — At Springfield, 2d 
Tues. of April, 1st Tues. of October, and 4th 
Tues. of June and December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Brimfield, F. D. Lincoln. 
Springfield, William B. Rogers, 
Westfield, J. R. Dunbar. 

Public Administrators. 
Holyoke t Charles H. Heywood. 
Palmer, James G. Allen. 
Springfield, Albert T. Folsom, Joseph In- 

Masters in Cbancery. 
Springfield, Henry W. Bosworth, Alfred 
M. Copeland, Edward H. Lathvop. 

Commissioner* to qualify Civil 

Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Spi-ingfield, Samuel B. Spooner, William 
S. Shurtleff, Robert O.Morris, James E. Rus- 

Westfield, William G. Bates, Henry Fuller, 
Norman T. Leonard, Henry B. Lewis, Milton 
B. Whitney. 

Wilbraham (South), Solomon C. Spelman. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Inchiding Justices or' the Peace and Quetr*m,< I vig- 
netted by a *, and Justices throughout the Vommtnt- 
vealth designated by a f.) 

Agatoam, Edward K. Bodurtha, Samuel H. 
Waterhouse. — Feeding Hills, Charles C. 

Blandford, Enos W. Boise, Howard P. 
Robinson, Elisha W. Shepard. — North Bland- 
ford, Samuel A. Bartholomew. 

Brimfield, *Henry F. Brown, James B. 
Brown, Samuel W. Brown. 

Chester, Daniel Granger, George H. Hap- 
good, *Charles W. Knox, Elisha C. Pease, 
Rufus Smith, Charles H. Warner. — Chester 
Centre, *Thaddeus K. Dewolf.— North Ches- 
ter, Herman Powers. 

Chicopee, Jonathan Allen, Junius A. Bart- 

lett, Edwin O. Carter, Lester Dickinson, Lo- 
ranus E. Hitchcock, Marshal C. Pease, George 
D. Robinson, fGeorge M. Stearns, Phineas 
Stedman, John B. Vincent, jr., Jerome 
Wells, John D. White, Luther White.— 
Chicopee Palls, Charles J. Bellamy, John 
Herriek, tEnoch V. B. Holcomb, Josiah W. 
Osgood, Edgar T. Paige, Phineas W. Smith, 
George S. Taylor, James E. Taylor. 

Granville (Corners), Rufus H. Barlow, 
Ethan D. Dickinson, Ansel D. King, Edwin 
H. Seymour, William Wells. — East Gran- 
ville, Ralph S. Brown.— West Granville, 
James M. Goodwin, Edwin Webb. 
Holland, William A. Webber. 
Holyoke, Amos Andrews, Henry H. Bart- 
lett, William H. Brooks, Joseph P. Buckland, 
Patrick H. Casey, Edward W. Chapin, tEd- 
win Chase, William A. Chase, William C. 
Church, Pliny J. Crafts, James E- Delany, 
Hervey K. Hawes, Harrison Hume, Wilham 
S. Loomis, Timothy Merrick, Joseph Murray, 
Terrence B. ODonnell, Theophilus Parsons, 
jr., j William B. C. Pearsons, Edwin A. Ram- 
sav, Harris L. Sherman, Albert A. Tyler, 
*P*orter Underwood, William H. Wharlield, 
F. Clifford Whiting. 

Longmeadow, D. Erskine Burbank, Dimond 
Chandler, Edwin K. Colton. — Past Long- 
meadow, George W. Converse, Oliver Wol- 

Lvdlow, Lemuel H. Brigham, John P. Hub- 
bard.— Lvdlaic Centre, Chauncy L. Buell, 
Benjamin F. Burr. ' 

Monson, f William N. Flynt, Alvin A. 
Gage, George H. Newton, Carlos L. Peck, 
Daniel G. Potter, Rice M. Reynolds, William 
J. Ricketts, Joshua Tracy. 

J/o»<0o»ur^,;Horace Bartholomew, Berijah 
H. Kagwin. 

Palmer, Braman B. Adams, Frederick 
Allen, James G. Allen, Davis B. Bishop, 
Alonz,o V. Blanchard, Hiram E. W. Clark, 
Charles L. Gardner, Eliiah G. Murdock, 
George Robinson, Stephen S. Taft.— Thorn- 
dike, Abraham R. Murdock.— Bond's Vil- 
lage, Abraham R. Murdock, jr. — Three 
Rivers, George W. Randall, Dwight M. Steb- 

Russell, Newman Bishop, Horaee Parks, 
Nelson D. Parks, Roland Parks. 

Southwick, Seymour L. Granger, George 
W. Hamilton, Ransford W. Kellogg, Chauncy 
E. Kent, Bennett B. Loomis, Joseph W. 
Rockwell, Carmi Shurtleff. 

Springfield, John T. Abbott, fHemy Alex- 
ander, jr., Lucius C. Allin, Francis W. An- 
derson, William K. Baker, Theodore D. 
Beach, Ephraim W. Bond, Henry W. Bos- 
worth, Melville W. Bridge, Albert D. Briggs, 
Joseph W. Brown, Timothy M. Brown, 
Augustine Burt, Roderick Burt, Frank E. 
Carpenter, William G. Chamberlain, Abijah 
W. Chapin, E. Dudley Chapin, Henry A. 
Chapin, Samuel J. Chapman, Hubert M. 
Coney, Justin M. Cooley, fAlfred M. Cope- 
land, Chauncey L. Covell, Joseph H. Damon, 
Timothy M. Dewey, Isaac P. Dickinson, 
Levi A. Doane, Calvin J. Eaton, Hiram E. 
Emery, A. Charles Fisk, Michael T. Foley, 
Albert T. Folsom, William A. Fuller, Fred- 
erick H. Gillette, Homer G. Gilmore, William 
S. Greene, John A. Hall, Sanford J. Hall, 
Erastus Hayes, Charles E. Herriek, John W. 
Hersey, Charles P. Hill, Joseph W. Holmes, 
Albert Holt, Eli A. Hubbard, * Henry S. 
Hyde, * Joseph Ingraham, Frederick A. 
Judd, fEdward H. Lathrop, Edmund P. 
Kendrick, Marcus P. Knowlton, Charles K. 
Ladd, Henry S. Lee, Horace C. Lee, George 
Leonard, N. A. Leonard, James H. Lewis, 
Charles L. Long, Daniel J. Marsh, Elisha B. 
Maynard, James J. McDermott, James E. 
Mclntire, William E. Montague, John J. 
Moore, Roger S. Moore, Edward Morris, 
*Henry Morris, Robert O. Morris, Harwy 
E. Moseley, Adolph Nahmer, Elijah A. New- 
ell, Charles A. Nichols, Alexander Pabko, 
William Patton, Ephraim A. Perkin*. Sanriel 
W. Porter, Lewis J. Powers, Joseph. C P/a- 



chon, * Caleb Rice, Charles W. Rice, John L. 
Rice, Thomas F. Riley, Marcus S. Robinson, 
Joseph M. Ross, fJames A. Rumrill, James 
E. Russell, Stephen E. Seymour, Charles L. 
Shaw, Charles A. Sherman, fWilliam S. 
Shurtleff, Heman Smith, *William L. Smith, 
tAugustus L. Soule, Charles C. Spellman, 
Samuel B. Spooner, John M. Stebbins, White- 
man T. Steere, Warner C. Sturtevant, 
Thomas Thomas, Andrew Titus, fjames M. 
Thompson, Lewis A. Tifft, fEliphalet Trask, 
John P. Wall, Thomas B. Warren, tSlephen 
C. Warriner, Allen Webster, Daniel E. 
Webster, Gideon Wells, James R. Wells, 
William G-. White, Frederick Wiese, Theo- 
dore M. Zinsser. — Indian Orchard, Calvin 
J. Eaton. 

Tolland, George W. Granger, Fowler T. 

Wales, Ferdinand L. Burley, Frank L. 

Westfield, tWilliam G. Bates, Andrew L. 
Bush, Frederick Bush, E. W. Dickerman, 
James R. Dunbar, Henry W. Ely, * Henry 
Fuller, t Edward B. Gillett, Leroy C. Gillett, 
•fXehemiah A. Leonard, *Norman T. Leon- 
ard, * Henry B. Lewis, Thomas A. Lewis, 
Leicester Loomis, Herbert Lyman, Asa P. 
Rand, Millard L. Robinson, Robert B. Robin- 
son, Homer B. Stevens, Merritt Van Deusen, 
t Milton B. Whitney. 

West Springfield, Rufus Ames, Elisha P. 
Bartholomew, Richard Beebe, John M. Har- 
mon, Edward Parsons, Henry A. Phelon, 
Justin L. Worthy. 

Wilbraham, Henry M. Bliss, Francis E. 
Clark, William G. Melntyre, John M. Mer- 
rick, William W. Merrick, *Ira G. Potter. — 
South Wilbraham, Sumner Smith, Solomon 
C. Spellman. 

Trial Justices. 

Chester, Daniel Granger. 

Granville (West), James M. Goodwin. 
Westfield, Henry Fuller, Henry B. Lewis, 
Homer B. Stevens. 

Notaries PubTic. 

Chicopee, Charles J. Bellamy. — Chicopee 
Falls, Loranus E. Hitchcock, George D. Rob- 
inson, Luther White. 

Holyoke, Amos Andrews, Joseph P. Buck- 
land, Edward W.Chapin, Robert B. Johnson, 
Edwin L. Kirtland, William S. Loomis, John 
G. Mackintosh, Charles W. Ranlet, Porter 

Monson, Edward F. Morris, George H. 

Palmer, Stephen S. Taft. 

Springfield, William P. Alexander, Peter 
S. Bailey, Samuel S. Bailey, William K. 
Baker, E. P. Bartholomew, Charles J. Bell- 
amy, Henry H. Bowman, Timothy M. Brown, 
T. Alden Curtis, William S. Greene, Fred- 
eric H. Harris, Frederick A. Judd, Henry S, 
Lee, Edward H. Lathrop, George Leonard. 
Charles Marsh, James E. Mclntire, Edward 
Morris, Alexander Pabke, Henry M. Phillips, 
John L. Rice, William B. Rogers, Stephen 
E. Seymour, George M. Stearns, John M. 
Stebbins, Edward R. Stickney, James M. 
Thompson, Thomas Warner, jr., Daniel E. 
Webster, William G. White, Theodore M. 

Westfield, Andrew L. Bush, E. W. Dicker- 
man, James R. Dunbar, Henry Fuller, Henry 
B. Lewis, Asa P. Rand, Homer B. Stevens, 
Milton B. Whitney. 

West Springfield, Elisha P. Bartholomew. 

Medical Examiners. 
Holyoke, Lyman M. Tuttle. 
Palmer, William Holbrook. 
Springfield, Theodore F. Breck. 
Westfield, James H. Waterman. 


Incorporated May 7, 1662. 
Shibe Town Nobthampton. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency Charles Delano Northampton. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency .... Luke Lyman Northampton. 

Clerk of Courts William P. Strickland . . . Northampton. 

Register of Deeds Henry P. Billings .... Northampton. 

County Treasurer Watson L. Smith Northampton. 

Henry A. Longley .... Northampton. 

County Commissioners. 

Elnathan Graves, Williamsburg; Samuel 
M. Cook, Granby; Elisha A. Edwards. 

Special Commissioners. — Samuel L. Par- 
sons, Northampton; Charles E. Blood, Ware. 

Times of Meeting. — At Northampton, 1st 
Tues. in March, September, and December, 
and Tues. next after 2d Mon of June, annu- 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

South Hadley, Hadley, Benjamin Aldrich. 
Northampton, Timothy G. Spaulding. 
Ware, Franklin D. Richards. 

Public Administrators. 

Northampton, Samuel L. Parsons. 
Ware, Otis Lane. 

Master in Chancery. 
Northampton, William P. Strickland. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Amherst, George B. Gallond. 
Belchertown, Samuel W. Longley. 

Gummington, Aransford Rhoades. 
Easthampton, J. Lyman Campbell. 
Enfield, E. G. Wells. 
Hadley, Enos E. Cook. 
Huntington, G. M. Lindsey. 
Northampton, H. M. Potter, Ansel Wright. 
Plainfield, Leonard Campbell. 

South Hadley, Samuel N. Miller. 

Ware, W. C. Sheldon. 

Williamsburg, Benson Munyan. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Amherst, 2d Tues. in January, March, 
June, August, and November. 

At Belchertoicn, 2d Tues. in May and Octo- 

At Northampton, 1st Tues. of every month. 

At Williamsburg, 3d Tues. in May and 



Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Amherst, Ithamar F. Conkey, William A. 
Dickinson, Edward A. Thomas. 

Belchertown, Calvin Bridgman. 

Enfield, Josiah B. Wood. 

Northampton, Haynes H. Chilson, Harvey 
Kirkland, William P. Strickland, Eliphalet 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards. 

Ware, William Hyde, Franklin D. Richards, 
Charles A. Stevens. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, desig- 
nated by a*, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated 6?/ a f.) 

Amherst, Forster P. Ainswortb, Simeon 
Clark, William S. Clark, Edward Conkey, 
George Cutler, John C. Dillon, D. B. Nelson 
Fish, John Jameson, Oliver Pease, f Levi 
Btockhridge, Edward A. Thomas, Edward E. 

Belchertown, Leonard Barrett, Eliot Bridg- 
man, Franklin Dickinson, Asahel Goodell, 
Thomas R. Greene, * Samuel W. Longfey. 

Chesterfield, Chandler T. Macomber, Albert 
Nichols, Orson M. Pearl. — West Chesterfield, 
Loren L. Tower. 

Cummington, Francis H. Dawes, John 
Everett, William H. Guilford, Darius W. 
Lovell, Nathan F. Orcutt, Orange W. Snow. 
— West Cummington, Charles N. Harlow. 

Easthampton, Jeremiah H. Bardwell, 
William G. Bassett, Lafayette Clapp, La- 
fayette Clapp, jr., f Alburn J. Fargo, William 
Hill, Charles B. Johnson, t Horatio G. 
Knight, Moses H. Leonard, Lauren D. Lyman, 
*B. Parsons Mansfield, t Edmund H.Sawyer, 
Samuel T. Seelye, Sanford D. Sweetser, 
Joseph T. Thayer, Joseph W. Winslow. 

Enfield, Horace Hunt, William B. Kimball, 
♦Charles Richards. 

Goshen, Alvan Barrus. 

Granby, Philo Chapin, Charles S. Ferry, 
Frederick Taylor. 

Greenwich, Joseph P. Vaughn. 

Hadley, George Allen, Simon F. Cooley, 
John C. Hammond, fEleazer Porter, William 
P. Porter, Rodney Smith, Lewis W. West, 
Samuel C. Wilder. 

Hatfield, Samuel P. Billings, William H. 
Dickinson, Horace W. Field, Thaddeus 
Graves, Silas G. Hubbard, Henry 8. Porter, 

Huntinqtov, Nathan H. Daniels, Garry 
Munson, Elijah N. Woods. 

Middlefield, *John L. Bell, Solomon F. 

Northampton, William Allen, William F. 
Arnold, Francis A. Beals, Henry P. Billings, 
Luther Bodman, Daniel W. Bond, John B. 
Bottum, Haynes H. Chilson, Gilbert A. 
Christie, * Charles Delano, Pliny Earle, 
Franklin Edwards, James Ellsworth", William 
B. Hale, Gordon R. Hall, .James L. Hartwell, 
John C. Hammond, Henry R. Hinckley, 
George W. Hubbard, tHarvey Kirkland, 
Luke Lyman, Lafayette Maltby, John B. 
O'Donnell, T. B. O'Donnell, Chauncey 
H. Pierce, Enos Parsons, *A. Perry Peck, 

William Slattery, Albert E. Smith, Isaac 
Stone, William P. Strickland, Oliver Walker, 
Lewis Warner, James L. Warriner, John 
Whittlesey, Charles E. Williams, Lucien B. 
Williams. Florence, Emery C. Davis, Aaron 
R. Morse, Horace K. Parsons, A. Lyman 
Williston. — Leeds, Oran Storer. George P. 
Warner. — Zoudville, George B. Drury, Caleb 

Pelham, John Jones, Ariel C. Keith. 

Pktinfield, Albert Dyer, Jason Richards. 

Prescott, North Prescott, Joseph M. Har- 
rington, Frederic N. Peirce. 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards, Isaac 

South Hadley, Nathan Morse, *G. Morgan 
Smith. — South Hadley Falls, R. Ogden 
Dwight, Hiram Smith, Henrv W. Taylor, Ira 
B. Wright. 

Ware, David P. Billings, Henrv C. Davis, 
William C. Eaton, Charles D. Gilbert, J. H. 
G. Gilbert, Lewis N. Gilbert, Frederick D. 
Gilroore, t William Hyde, tOtis Lane, Owen 
McMahon, Franklin D. Richards, t Charles 
A. Stevens, Charles E. Stevens, George E.- 

Weslhampton, Thomas C. Davenport, Al- 
bert G. Jewett, Frederick H. Judd. 

Williamsburg, Henry M. Brewster, Thomas 
M. Carter, John B. Gleason, Addison H. 
White. — Ilaydenville, * Benjamin S. John- 
son, William W. Nash. 

Worthington, Charles K. Brewster, fElisha 
H. Brewster, Jonathan Brewster, Ethan 
Clarke, Samuel Cole. 

Trial Justices. 

Amherst, Edward A. Thomas. 

Belchertown., Franklin Dickinson. 

Cummington, Francis H. Dawes. 

Easthampton, Lafayette Clapp. 

Enfield, Charles Richards. 

Huntington, Garry Munsotr. 

Northampton, Haynes H. Chilson, A. Perry 

Ware, Franklin D. Richards. 

Notaries Public. 

Amherst, Ithamar F. Conkey, Edward 
Dickinson, William A. Dickinson, John 

Belchertown, Franklin Dickinson. 

Easthampton, William G. Bassett, Albert 
D. Saunders, Edmund H. Sawyer. 

Enfield, Charles Richard. 

Northampton, Daniel W. Bond, John B. 
Bottum, Haynes H. Chilson, Charles Delano, 
Gordon R. Hall, Edward F. Hamlin, Freder- 
ick N. Kneeland, Enos Parsons, A. Perry 
Peck, Chauncey H. Pierce, Timothy G. 
Spaulding, Carlos C. Tracy.— Flore nee, Henry 
H. Bond, George V. Rutherford, Oliver 
• Southampton, Elisha A. EdwaTds. 

Ware, William S. Hyde, Otis Lane. 

Medical Examiners. 

Amherst, Dyer B. N. Fish. 
Easthampton, Joseph W. Winslow. 
Northampton, Christopher Seymour. 
Ware, David W. Miner. 


Incorporated May 10, 1643. 

Shire Towns Cambridge and Loweij.. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency George M. Brooks .... Concord. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . . Joseph H. Tyler Winchester. 

Assistant Probate and Insolvency .... Samuel H. Folsom .... Winchester. 



Clerk of the Courts Theodore C. Hurd . . . . E. Cambridge. 

Assistant Clerk of Courts John J. Sawyer Somerville. 

Second Assistant Clerk J. L. Ambrose E. Cambridge. 

Register of Deeds {South District) .... Charles B. Stevens .... Cambridge. 

Register of Deeds {North District) .... Joseph F. Thompson . . . Lowell. 

County Treasurer Amos Stone Everett. 

Sheriff Charles Kimball Lowell. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ashland, Ezra Morse. 
Ayer, Peter Tarbell. 
Cambridge {East) , Luther L. Parker. 
Cambridge port, Ira Taylor. 
Concord, John B. Moore. 
Everett, William C. Dillingham. 
Framingham {South), Simeon F.Twitchell. 
Groton, Asa S. Lawrence. 
Hopkinton, Jonathan Whittemore. 
Hudson, Charles H. Robinson. 
Lowell, Jefferson Bancroft, Henry G. Cush- 
Maiden, Charles H. Rhodes. 
Marlboro', Charles F. Morse. 
Melrose, Moses Briggs. 
Medford, George W. W. Saville. 
Natick, C. H. Nutt. 
Newton, John M. Fisk. 
Somerville, Joshua E. Eldridge. 
Townsend, B. F. Lewis. 
Wakefield, Charles H. Davis. 
Waltham, Eben W. Fiske. 
Woburn, Horace Callamore. 


Lowell, Charles Kimball. 

Master of House of Correction. 

East Cambridge, Charles J. Adams. 
Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Cambridge, 1st, 2d, and 4th Tues. of 
each month, except August. 

At Lowell, 3d Tues. of January, March, 
May, July, September, and November. 

County Commissioners. 

Harrison Harwood, Natick; John H. Reed, 
Westford; Daniel G. Walton, Wakefield. 

Special Commissioners. — Samuel Staples, 
Concord; E. E. Thompson, Woburn. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At Cam- 
bridge, 1st Tues. of January and June; at 
Lowell, 1st Tues. of September. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

A>ier, John Spaulding. 
Lowell, F. T. Grecnhalge. 
Somerville, John Haskell Butler. 

Bail Commissioners. 

Lowell, John Davis, William H. Anderson. 
Woburn, H. W. Converse, P. Crehan. 

Public Administrators. 

Lowell, Jonathan Ladd, George Stevens. 
Winchester, Samuel H. Folsom. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Cambridge, Joseph H. Tyler. 
Framingham, Walter Adams. 
Lexington, Asa Cottrell. 
Lowell, Arthur P. Bonney, Charles F. 
Nwton, William C. Green. 
Wakefield, Samuel K. Hamilton. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Ayer, E. D. Bancroft, Charles E. Morrison. 

Cambridge, Edward G. Russell, Henry A. 

Concord, George M. Brooks, George Hey- 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams. 

Groton, Benjamin P. Dix, George D. Brig- 

Lowell, Nathan Crosby, James S. Hovey, 
Charles C. Hutchinson, George Stevens. 

Shirley, James O. Parker. 

Stoneham, Dexter Bucknam, George W. 
Dike, Alonzo V. Lynde. 

Winchester, Joseph H. Tyler. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, des- 
ignated by a*, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a tO 

Acton, Ebenezer Davis, fWinthrop E. 
Faulkner, Samuel Hosmer, Alvin M. Rob- 
bins, * Moses Taylor, William D. Tuttle, 
George C. Wright. — East Acton, Henry M. 
Smith, Daniel Wetherbee. — South Acton, 
Jonas K. Wetherbee. — West Acton, Isaiah 

Arlington, John F. Allen, Jonas M. Bailey, 
Joel Barnard, J. C. Bullard, Ira O. Carter, 
Samuel D. Hicks, Richard L. Hodgdon, Al- 
fred D. Hoyt, f Francis V. B. Kern, William 
E. Lloyd* B. Delmont Locke, John Osborn, 
t William E. Parmenter, Abel R. Proctor, 
William Stowe, j Oliver Warner, George Y. 
Wellington, Albert Winn. 

Ashby, Alonzo A. Carr, Dennis Fay, Charles 
O. Green, Jonas P. Hayward, FranciB W. 

Ashland, Henry Cutler, William F. Ellis, 
George T. Higley, Warren Morse, J. Newton 
Pike, William Seaver, George H. Stone, Wil- 
liam A. Tilton. 

Ay(r, Warren H. Atwood, fE. Dana Ban- 
croft, George V. Barrett, Charles Brown, Ed- 
win H. Hayward, Abel L. Lawton, Charles 
E. Morrison, Abel Prescott, Levi Sherwin, 
*John Spaulding, Peter Tarbell, George E. 
Underwood, Levi Wallace, F. A. Worcester. 

Bedford, *Phinehas W. Chamberlin, Amos 
B. Cutler, Elihu G. Loomis, t Henry Shaw, 
Thomas Stiles. 

Belmont, Winthrop L. Chenery, Thomas 
W. Davis, Warren S. Frost, James M. Riley. 

Billerica, Francis Baldwin, Dudley Foster, 
Charles H. Parker, * Charles A. Ranlet, Al- 
bert D. Stanton, George H. Whitman. — 
North Billerica, James Stott, Thomas Tal- 

Boxboro', Willard Blanchard, Reuel T. 
Cobleigh, Hiram E. Felch, Oliver Wetherbee. 

Burlington, Samuel Sewall, Abner Shed. 
Cambridge, Francis E. Abbott, Reuben 
Adams, *Edwin A. Alger, John L. Am- 
brose, Samuel Batchelder, jr., James M. 
Barker, John H. Bentley, Jonathan Bige- 
low, John Brewster (for Suffolk County 
only), John Cahill, Gilbert E. Chandler, 
Francis L. Chapman, Jeremiah W. Coveney, 
John B. Dana, Curtis Davis, William Dick- 
son, f William Everett, Thomas T. Ferguson, 
fJohn M. Fiske, John S. Flagg, William 
Frost, Leander M. Hannum, Henry W. Hol- 
land, Joseph A. Holmes, Homer C. Holt, Elias 
Howe, Estes Howe, f Harrison W. Huguley, 
Arthur E. Jones, Edward Kendall, Emerson 
W. Law, Samuel W. McDaniel, f George E. 
McNeil, f Isaac S. Morse, James R. Morse, 
t Henry W. Muzzey, Rufus W. Nason, 
Charles E. Norton, William H. Odiorne, 
Charles Porter, t Chandler R. Ransom, Ed- 
mund Reardon, Charles E. Richardson, t Wil- 
liam A. Richardson, John Rindge, Samuel F. 
Rugg, t Charles Theodore Russell, Edward 
G. Russell, f George P. Sanger, f Charles 
H. Saunders, George S. Saunders, William 
A. Saunders, William E. Saunders, William 
H. Sherman, Frederick T. Stevens, Fordyce 
M. Stimson, Jeremiah H. Sullivan, James 



B. Thayer, George H. Towne, Henry Ware, 
John W. Wellman, John White, Benlarain 
W. Whitney, Joseph Whitney, William L. 

Cambridgeport, Sumner Albee, George A. 
Alden, Alfred L. Barbour, John N. Barbour, 
J. Marshall Barker, Daniel A. Buckley, 
Edward Burnham, Michael S. Busnach, 
John Cahill, George P. Carter, Josiah G. 
Chase, Josiah H. Cobb, Josiah W. Cook, 
Watson G. Cutter, Robert Douglass, Ben- 
jamin Dow, William F. Engley, Edwin A. 
Hall, John W. Hammond, J. Watson Harris, 
Joseph A. Holmes, Homer C. Holt. Wil- 
liam L. Howard, Justin A. Jacobs, Edwin 
H. Jose, Benjamin King, Rufus Damson, 
John Lennon, flsaac Livermore, John Liver- 
more, William H. Martin, John McDuffee, 
*Lucius R. Paige, Charles G. Pope, J. Stacy 
Read, fJohn Sargent, fJoehua B. Smith, 
James H. Sparrow, John Stone, Henry 
Thayer, James M. Thresher, Henry H. Wins- 

East Cambridge, William Brine, William 
G. Carson, John Fairbairn, Samuel H. Fol- 
som, John W. Hammond, George H. Howard, 
Theodore C. Hurd, Edward B. Malley, Lo- 
renzo Marrett, Charles J. Mclntire, Thomas 
Mclntire, Charles W. Munroe, William A. 
Nason, Luther L. Parker, Benjamin R. 
Rand, William F. Richardson, Charles B. 
Stevens, George Stevens, Henry A. Stevens, 
John M. Tyler, Rufus R. Wade, William W. 

North Cambridge, D. Gilbert Dexter, 
Chester W. Kingsley, *John S. Ladd, Benja- 
min F. Rogers, fGeorge C. Trumbull. 

Carlisle, *George F. Duren, Selar Simons. 

Chelmsford, Samuel Parker, George A. 
Parkhurst, Joseph Reed, Edward F. Rich- 
ardson. — North Chelmsford, Nathan B. Ed- 
wards. — West Chelmsford, Jonathan J. 
Hoyt, Christopher Roby. 

Concord, Stephen J. Ballou, Richard Bar- 
rett, fGeorge M. Brooks, fHenry F. French, 
Frederick W. Griffin, fGeorge Heywood, 
Samuel Hoar, George A. King, D. Goodwin 
Lang, John B. Moore, George E. Potter, 
Charles Thompson, Charles H. Walcott. 

Dracut, George W. Coburn, Gayton M. 
Hall, Henry Richardson, Edward A. Stevens. 

Dunstable, James T. Burnap, Josiah C. 
Proctor, Alpheus Swallow, Andrew J. Wood- 

Everett, Dudley P. Bailey, jr., Robert M. 
Barnard, Andrew J. Bennett, Alpheus W. 
Buell, Joseph H. Cannell, Irving A. Evans, 
Joseph Gerrish, William Johnson, Thomas 
Lewis, Manson L. Mills, John D. Parker (also 
for Suffolk), Alfred N. Parlin, Amos Stone. 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams, Walter 
Adams, Charles S. Barker, Samuel B. Bird, 
James W. Clark, fConstantine C. Esty, 
Frederick M. Esty, David Fisk, Charles J. 
Frost, Robert Gordon, Jonathan Greenwood, 
Thomas Hastings, Benjamin K. Haven, * Wil- 
liam G. Lewis, Sidney A. Phillips, Francis C. 
Stearns, Simeon F. Twichell, Charles 8. Whit- 
more, Josiah S. Williams. — South Framing- 
ham, Newell Clark, Willard E. Clark, Wil- 
lard Howe, Francis C. Stearns, George C. 
Travis, jr. — Saxonville, Luther F. Fuller, 
Franklin H. Sprague. 

Groton, fGeorge S. Boutwell, George D. 
Brigham, George S. Gates, George 8. Graves, 
Samuel P. Lewis, f Daniel Needham, *Samuel 
W. Rowe, Andrew Spaulding, Miles Spaul- 
ding, Willard Torrey, Alden Warren, Charles 
H. Waters. 

Holliston, John M. Batchelder, Luther 
Bellows, Herman Bragg, James F. Fiske, 
Peter R. Johnson, Joseph H. Ladd, f Alden 
Leland, George H. Newell, Abel Pond, John 
D. Shippee, Orrin Thomson. 

Hopkinton, C. Winslow Clafiin, John A. 
Fitch, Clement Meserve, John A. Rice, Lucius 
H. Wakefield, Jonathan Whittemore, J. A. 
Woodbury. — Bayden Row, Martin V. 

Hudson, Edwin Amsden, Francis Brigham, 

Francis D. Brigham, George A. Cotting, 
*James T. Joslin, Henry E. Merrill, Knott H. 
Pedrick, Charles H. Robinson, George F. 
Stone, Daniel W. Stratton, Josiah S. Welsh, 
Charles A. Wood. 

Lexington, Asa Cottrell, Isaac N. Damon, 
George O. Davis, Howland Holmes, fCharles 
Hudson, Matthew H. Merriam, Franklin 
Patch, Loring S. Pierce, Hammon Reed, 
J. Russell Reed, Leonard A. Saville, *Aug. 
E. Scott, George W. Taylor. — East Lexing- 
ton, James E. Foster, Charles Nunn, *Maurice 
O'Connell, Abraham B. Shedd. 

Lincoln, James L. Chapin. — South Lincoln, 
George H. Smith. 

Littleton, John W. Adams, Peter C. Ed- 
wards, Shattuck Hartwell, George H. Jacobs, 
William Kimball, Rollin H. Phelps, Joseph 

A. Priest, Gardner Prouty, George W. San- 
derson, Samuel Smith. 

Lowell, Julian Abbot, James C. Abbott, 
Charles E. Adams, Horace J. Adams, Nathan 
Allen, *William H. Anderson, Sager Ash- 
worth, James Bailev, Beniamin C. Baldwin, 
*Jefferson Bancroft, Charles E. A. Bartlett, 
Wesley R. Batchelder, Alfred P. BaKman, 
Frank F. Battles, James M. Battles, John C. 
Bennett, William H. Bent, Amos A. Blan- 
I chard.William D. Blanchard, Charles It. Blais- 
dell, John C. Blood, f Arthur P. Bonney, 
George Bragdon, Thomas F. Burgess, Wil- 
liam G. Burnham, Robert H. Butcher, *Frank 
| O. Butterfield, James G. Buttrick, James P. 
Campbell, Elias L. Cardell, Francis Carll, 
fGeorge J. Carney, *Robert B. Caverly, Al- 
| fred D. Chandler, Samuel A. Chase, Jerc- 
j miah Clark, *William H. Clcmence, Alonzo 
I A. Coburn, Frank Coburn, Charles H. Co- 
| nant, Michael Corbett, Josiah Corner, Charles 
Cowley, fNathan Crosby, Edward J. Cross- 
man, *Jeremiah Crowley, Henry G. Cushing, 
John Cusack, Isaac S. Daly, John Davis, 
John S. D'Evelyn, Watson A. Dickinson, Lu- 
ther J. Eames, Charles W. Eaton, George M. 
Elliott, Thomas H. Elliott, Alonzo Falls, 
Jacob G. Favor, David S. Field, Charles T. 
Fish, Horatio R. Fletcher, Peter Flood, f J. 

B. Francis, *John F. Frye, Nathan W. Frye, 
Harrison H. Fuller, Alfred K. Garland, T. 
G. Gerrish, Alfred Gilman, f John A. Good- 
win, *Fred. T. Greenhalge, Nathan S. Green- 
leaf, Joseph 8. Grush, Charles 8. Hadley, 
*Samuel P. Hadley, *AIbert A. Haggett, Mar- 
tin L. Hamblett, Simon B. Harris, David 
Healey, jr. Epaphras A. Hill, Joseph Hill, 
George Hobson, Frederick Holton, James 
Hopkins, fHocum Hosford, James S. Hovey, 
*Charles F. Howe, Lorenzo G. Howe, John 
Q. A. Hubbard, John B. Hunt, George W. S. 
Hurd, Charles C. Hutchinson, Francis Jew- 
ett, Stephen H. Jones, J. Judson Judkins, 
Henry Kileski, fCharles Kimball, *J. Chcllis 
Kimball, John F. Kimball, Gardner W. King, 
Euos O. Kingsley, Joel Knapp, *John A. 
Knowles, G. W. Knowlton, *Jonathan Ladd, 
Alfred G. Lamson, Tobias L. P. Lamson, 
George P. Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence, f Pe- 
ter Lawson, fGeorge F. Lawton, Simeon G. 
Lyford, *Sewall G. Mack, John F. Manahan, 
James A. Manuel, James Marren, George A. 
Marden, James G. Marshall, fJoshua N. 
Marshall, Jared P. Maxfield, William Mc 
Aloon, John B. McAlvin, Walter H. McDan- 
iels, *John F. McEvoy, Owen McNamara, 
Samuel A. McPhetres, Fred C. Miller, Al- 
bert Moors, George F. Morey, Thomas Nes- 
mith, Francis A. Nichols, Martin O'Hearn, 
Henry S. Osgood, Orin F. Osgood, William 
F. Osgood, James Owens, *Ephraira B. Patch, 
Baldwin T. Peabody, f Josiah G. Peabody, 
*Henry P. Perkins, "Oliver H. Perry, jr., J. 
M. Pevey, John J. Pickman, Francis C. Plun- 
kett, Nathan D. Pratt, John W. Reed, David 
Hall Rice, Edward C. Rice, fDaniel S. Rich- 
ardson, fGeorge F. Richardson, Henri E. 
Richardson, John A. G. Richardson, Alex- 
ander H. Robinson, Ferdinand Rodliff, jr. 
Jacob Rogers, Edward T. Rowell, Alonzo L. 
Russell, *William F. Salmon, Benjamin F. 
Sargent, Joseph L. Sargent, Charles W. 



Saunders, George F. Scribner, John S. Searle, 
Jesse H. Shepard, *Luther E. Shepard, Wil- 
liam Shepard, Moses W. Shorey, Van B. 
Sleeper, *Lueian P. Stacy, Charles D. Star- 
bird, George Stevens, Lewis Stiles, Charles 
A. Stott, Albert G. Swan, *Theodore H. 
Sweetser, Dexter Symonds, Frederic Taylor, 
Joseph P. Thompson, Charles F. Tilton, Ed- 
ward Tuck, Edward M. Tucke, Artemas 
S. Tyler, Ervin Underbill, Atkinson C. Var- 
num, Leavitt R. J. Varnum, Benjamin Walk- 
er, Daniel R. Wallace, Charles R. Walling- 
ford, Edwin F. Watson, James Watson, Har- 
rison G. O. Weymouth, Channing Whitakcr, 
Rufus B. Whitney, *Henry W. B. Wight- 
man, Henry H. Wilder, Charles M. Williams, 
Frederick Woodies, George F. Woodward, 
Andrew C. Wright, Hapgood Wright, *Sam- 
uel B. Wyman. 

Maiden., Sylvester K. Abbott, David Ay- 
ers, George T. Bailey, Erskine F. Bickford, 
Augustus C. Carey, Elisha S. Converse, G.i 
T. Coverly, Alfred E. Cox, George P. Cox, 
Charles G. Fall, Frederick J. Foss, fTheo- 
dore N. Foque, Loren L. Fuller, Robert Gard- 
ner, William Hardy, fWilliam Hayden, C. A. 
Holmes, Erastus W. Leavens, Marvin Lin- 
coln, Charles A. Mayo, Charles Merrill, J. H. 
Millett, Otis Minott, Henry H. Murdock, Ed- 
ward B. Newhall, Jeremiah D. Parker, John 
W. Pettengill, f James Pierce, Albert F. 
Sargent, George S. Scammon, J. K. C. 
Sleeper, Freeman A. Smith, George H. 
Smith, Phineas Sprague, William G. Sprague, 
Francis C. Swett, Aaron B. Vannevar, 
Stephen P. Weld, William A. Wilde.— Lin- 
den, Charles N. Barstow. — Maplewood, 
James F. Eaton. 

Marlboro', Edward R. Alley, f Samuel N. 
Aldrich, William Barnes, Edward L. Bige- 
low, Levi Bigelow, John Chipman, Timothy 
A. Coolidge, Heman S. Fay, John S. Fay, 
♦William B. Gale, Charles M. Howe, Elbridge 
Howe, Simon H. Howe, Edward F. Johnson, 
Samuel B. Maynard, JamesW. McDonald, 
Charles F. Morse, Stephen Morse, John 
O'Connell, Stillman B. Pratt, Luther L. Tar- 
bell, Benjamin F. Underhill, Edmund C. 
Whitney, Nahum Witherbee. 

Maynard, Assabet, Asahel Balcom, John 
Hillis, Seth W. Merrill. 

Medford, James O. Curtis, Benjamin P. 
Cutter, Winslow W. Fifield, George A. Gib- 
son, fDaniel A. Gleason, James O. Goodwin, 
Benjamin F. Hayes, Samuel S. Holton, jr., 
Simon H. Howe, Asa Law, Daniel W. Law- 
rence, *Samuel C. Lawrence, Parker R. 
Litchfield, Baxter E. Perry, Alvin R. Reed, 
fCharles Russell, Alvin G. Sadler, George 
W. W. Saville, *James M. Usher, Lewis H. 
Washburn, John T. White.— West Medford, 
tAbner J. Phipps. 

Melrose, *William Bogle, Andrew H. 
Briggs, William B. Burgess, George P. 
Buruham, Nelson Cochran, Francis M. 
Edwards, Isaac Emerson, George W. Farns- 
worth, William J. Farnsworth, B. Marvin 
Fernald, fDaniel W. Gouch, Elbridge H. 
Goss, Levi S. Gould, John R. Jones, John 
Larrabee, *Alonzo V. Lynde, Selwyn Lynde, 
George A. Mansfield, Henry A. Norris, 
Frank E. Orcutt, Horatio N. Perkins, John 
L. Randall, Seth A. Ranlett, fSamuel E. 
Sewall, George Stockwell, James Worthen. 

Natick, Oliver 1ST. Bacon, Thomas E. Barry, 
George Beard, Alexander Blaney, Alpheus W. 
Burks, Royal E. Farwell, Charles B. Felch, 
Harrison Harwood, fFranklin F. Heard, 
Elisha P. Hollis, Charles L. Hosmer, Walter 
N. Mason, James McManus, William Nutt, 
Ashur Paiiin, Elijah Perry, John N. Shat- 
tuck, George L. Sleeper, Gideon D. Tower, 
Edward P. Travis. — South Natick, William 
Edwards, Elliot Perry. 

Newton, Joseph H. Adams, Benjamin F. 
Bacon, Joseph N. Bacon, James W. Bailey, 
Henry N. Baker, Leonard Blake, Edward W. 
Cate, Edwin O. Childs, fDaniel Dewey, 
Lorcnzu Fairbanks, David W. Farquhar, 
John M. Fisk, Henry Fuller, fWilliam S. 

Gardner, f John B. Goodrich, Ebenezer H. 
Greenwood, Isaac Hagar, Joseph Huestis, 
Horatio N. Hyde, Isaac L. Kidder, f Isaac F. 
Kingsbury, John C. Park, Henry M. Sheldon, 
fAdin B. Underwood, Samuel A. Walker, 
Ebenezer Woodward. — Newton Centre, 
fjames F. C. Hyde, Francis M. Johnson, 
William Morton, Edward H. Pierce, tRobert 
C. Pitman, fHarrison Prescott, George C. 
Rind, Marshall S. Rice, Justin K. Richard- 
son, Edward T. Slocum, George F. Stone, 
John Ward, Wilson J. Welch, tNathan 
Weston, Joseph M. White, Darius Young. — 
Newtonville, George E. Bridges, tWilliam 
Claflin, Oren F. Clark, Ezra S. Farnsworth, 
William C. Green, Cornelius P. Harkins, 
Dustin Lancey, Winfield 8. Slocum. — 
Auburndale, Abner I. Benyon, Ellsworth T. 
Buss, William I. Goodrich, Henry H. Mather, 
tWilliam E. Plummer. — Chestnut Hill, John 
Lowell, Henry B. Williams. — Newton Lower 
Falls, Isaac Hagar, Luther E. Leland. — New- 
ton Upper Falls, Charles Ellis, Hosea C. Hoyt, 
Otis Pettee, Levi C. Wade. — West Newton, 
tGeorge E. Allen, t Julius L. Clarke, fEdward 
J. Collins, tSeth Davis, Oliver C. Gibbs, 
Frank H. Graves, Lucius G. Pratt, tCharles 
Robinson, jr., Peter Thacher, Stephen 
Thacher, Edward Upham, Allston W. 

North Reading, Samuel P. Breed, Charles 
P. Howard, George H. Towle. 

Pepperell, Lorenzo P. Blood, Charles 
Crosby, Amos J. Saunders, Putnam Shat- 
tuck, Samuel P. Shattuck, Abel B. Winn.| 

Reading, Solon Bancroft, Hiram Barrus, 
Stephen Foster, Andrew Howes, Chauncy P. 
Judd, John B. Leathe, Stillman E. Parker, 
Nathan P. Pratt, Sydney P. Pratt, *Alfred 
A. Prescott, William J. Wightman, William 
H. Willis, Carroll D. Wright. 

Sherbom, Henry W. Bullard, Lowell 
Coolidge Joseph Dowse, Ira B. Forbes, 
James H. Leland. 

Shirley, Moses T. Gardner, James Ger- 
rish, Jacob P. Hazen, James P. Longley, 
Samuel Longley. — Shirley Centre, Stillman 
P. Holden. 

Somerville, W. George Alden, Clark Ben- 
nett, Gilman F. Besent, f Selwin Z. Bowman, 
1 George O. Brastow, John H. Brookhouse, 
*Alpheus R. Brown, tGeorge A. Bruce, John 
Haskell Butler, Samuel A. Carlton, David F. 
Crane, John A. Cummings, Thomas Cunning- 
ham, Jerome S. Daniels, Daniel L. Demmon, 
Charles D. Elliot, Michael F. Farrel, Doug- 
lass Frazar, Charles E. Gilman, Nathaniel 
Gilson, Jacob T. Glines, William F. Griffin, 
Millard D. Griggs, John K. Hall, Edward 
Hartshorn, Horace Haskins, William D. Hay- 
den, Silas H. Holland, Francis Houghton, 
Benjamin F. Hunt, jr., George W. Ireland, 
George F. Jelly, George A. Kimball, Stillman 
H. Libby, Charles S. Lincoln, Thomas F. 
Maguire, Melville C. Parkhurst, Albion A. 
Perry, Henry W. Pitman, tCharles G. Pope, 
James L. Powers, George A. Pratt, Edward 

C. Purdy, Stephen W. Reynolds, Horace B. 
Runey, Christopher E. Rymes, Aaron Sar- 
gent, fjames M. Shute, Albert H. Skilton, 
Thcophilus G. Smith, Henry F. Spencer, 
Lebbeus Stetson, tCharles H. Taylor, Orel 
Towle, Francis Tufts, *Columbus Tyler, 
John W. Vinal, Quincy A. Vinal, Robert 
A. Vinal, James H. Whittemore, Samuel 

D. G. Willcutt, Lewis Wilkins, Albert 

E. Winship, Alexander Wood. — East 
Somerville, Walter C. Bigelow, William H. 
Furber, John A. Hughes, William T. Plaisted, 
Cromwell G. Rowell, Sabin M.Smith. — North 
Somerville, John C. Magoun, Horace Par- 
tridge, Thomas G. Temple. — West Somerville, 
Melville Stacy. 

Stoneham, f John Botume, jr., Benjamin F. 
Briggs, *Dexter Bucknam, Silas Dean, Charles 
C. Dike, fGeorge W. Dike, *Lyman Dike, 
Amasa Farrier, Benjamin A. Fowler, Onslow 
Gilmore, Amos Hill, Charles E. Home, James 
Peyton, Almon A. Platts, Luther Reed, Wil- 
liam B. Stevens. 



Stow, Ephraim Stone, Edwin Whitney. — 
Rock Bottom, Wayne W. Blossom. 

Sudbury, Lucius P. Bent, Jonas 8. Hunt, 
James Moore, Homer Rogers. — South Sud- 
bury, B. H. Richardson. 

Ttwksbury, Charles A. Blaisdell, *01iver R. 
Clark, Jacob Coggin, tLeonard Huntress, 
tThomas J. Marsh, Elijah M. Read, *Benja- 
min F. Spaulding, Henry E. Warner. 

Townsend, Samuel S. Haynes, Albert Howe, 
Benjamin F. Lewis, Levi Stearns, Ephra- 
im S. Wilder, Frederic A. Worcester. — 
West Townsend, Albert Jenkins, Ithamar B. 
Sawtelle, George Taft. 

Tyngsboro', Ebenezer Bancroft, J. S. Ben- 
nett, Luther Butterfield, Reuben S. Coburn. 

Wakefield, Henry I). Austin, Nathaniel J. 
Bartlett, Lucius Beebe, Richard Britton, 
George W. Cutter, Arthur P. Dodge, Chester 
W. Eaton, Jameg F. Emerson, Charles W. 
Green, Samuel K. Hamilton, Charles F. 
Hartshorne, Abel F. Hutchinson, John W. 
Locke, Edward Mansfield, Robert L. Murk- 
land, Daniel Norcross, George H. Towle, 
William N. Tyler, Edward A. Upton, Cyrus 
Wakefield, Daniel G. Walton, Otis V. Water- 

Waltham, Thomas H. Armstrong, tNa- 
thaniel P. Banks, Josiah Beard, George P. 
Cauldwell, Thomas B. Eaton, *Eben W. 
Fiske, Daniel French, Henry C. Hall, Elliot 
A. Harrington, tB. Berkley Johnson, Jarvis 
Lewis, Horatio Moore, William E. Shedd, 
Sylvanus W. Smith, tFred M. Stone, Samuel 
O. Upham, Daniel F. Viles, Amory H. Wal- 
ker, Charles Wooley. 

Watertown, T. Grafton Abbott, George W. 
Andrew, Charles J. Barry, Isaac V. Bemis, 
Henry C. Derby, Abner French, David T. 
Huckins, William H. Ingraham, George R. 
Kidder, George L. Noyes, George E. Priest, 
Samuel Richardson, Isaac Robbins, George 
K. Snow, James Stevens, John K. Stickney, 
Jeremiah J. Sullivan, Jesse F. Wheeler, 
Hiram Whitney, Leonard Whitney, jr., B. Os- 
good Wilson. 

Wayland, James S. Draper, David Heard, 
Charlie A. Jones, Lewis Jones, Richard T. 
Lombard, Henry Wight. — Cochituate, Charles 
R. Damon, Lafayette Dudley. 

Westford, James Callahan, Nathaniel B. 
Fisk, John M. Fletcher, Asa Hildreth, Ed- 
ward Prescott, Luther Prescott, J. Henry 
Reed. — Forge Village, Howard R. Fille- 
hrown, Henry Fuller. — Graniteville, C. G. 

Weston, *Frank W. Bigelow. Frederick T. 
Bush, Alonzo S. Fiske, Edwin Hobbs, tjames 
F. B. Marshall. 

Wilmington, Henrv Blanchard, Cyrus L. 
Carter, William H. Carter, Chester W. Clark, 
Lemuel C. Fames, Samuel B. Nichols. 

Winchester, tHorace D. Bradbury, George 
P. Brown, Abraham B. Coffin, Daniel W. 
Kimball, John T. Manny, t Francis H. Nourse, 
George E. Rogers (for 'Suffolk County only), 
Andrew N. Shepard, Josiah F. Stone, f Joseph 
H. Tyler, tEdwin A. Wadleigh, John T. 

Woburn, Benjamin E. Bond, John R. Car- 
ter, Edward W. Champney, George H. Conn, 
Horace Collamore, Sherman Converse, Parker 
L. Converse, *J. Cummings, James N. Dow, 
John G. Maguire, George F. Hartshorne, Ed- 
ward D. Hayden, Thomas H. Hill, Sparrow 
Horton, John Johnson, John W. Johnson, 
George W. Norris, Rufus Pickering, Eliphaz 
Prior, Lawrence Reade, Lemuel G. Richard- 
eon, Edward E. Thompson, Leonard Thomp- 
son, jr., Lewis L. Whitney. — East Woburn, 
Charles D. Adams, Marcus Eaton, D: D. 
Hart, J. E. Littlefield, John I. Munroe, 
Stephen Nichols, Austin H. Perkins, Albert 
L. Richardson, A. E. Thompson. 
Trial Justices. 

Arlington, Ira O. Carter. 

Hudson, James T. Joslin. 

Marlboro', Nahum Wetherbee. 
Tewksbury, Leonard Huntress. 
Waltham, B. Berkley Johnson. 
Watertown, Jesse F. Wheeler. 
Westford, Henry Fuller. 
Manchester, George S. Littlefield. 
Woburn, Parker L. Converse. 

Notaries Public. 

Acton ( West) , Charles B. Stone. 

Ashland, George T. Higley, George W. 

Ayer, Warren H. Atwood, George V. Bar- 
rett, Levi Shcrwin. 

Bedford, Elihu G. Loomis. 

Cambridge, John Cahill, James A. Holmes, 
William L. Howard, Benjamin H. Richard- 
son, Charles E. Richardson, Edward G. Rus- 
sell, John Sargent, John C. Thurston, Benja 
min W. Whitney, Charles F. Walcott. — Cam- 
bridgeport, Alfred L. Barbour, Edward Burn- 
ham, John W. Hammond, Joseph G. Holt, 
Edwin H. Jose. — East Cambridge, John C. 
Bullard. — North Cambridge, Levi L. Cush- 
ing, jr. 

Concord, George M. Brooks, George Hey- 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams, Walter 
Adams, Frederick M. Esty. — Sarovville, 
Charles S. Barker. — South Framingham, 
George C. Travis. 

Hiidson, James T. Joslin. 

Holliston, Herman Bragg, Orrin Thompson, 
Lucius H. Wakefield. 

Hopkinton, Clement Meserve. 

Lexington, Augustus E. Scott. 

Lowell, Frank T. Benson, George J. Car- 
ney, Charles H. Conant, Almy J. Flint, 
Martin L. Hamblet, George D. Hills, Charles 
F. Howe, Charles C. Hutchinson, Jonathan 
Ladd, John B. McAlvin, John F. McEvoy, 
George Stevens, Abel Whitney, Samuel B. 

Maiden, Albert F. Sargent. 

Marlboro', William Barnes, Edmund C. 

Medford, Benjamin F. Hayes, Charles 

Melrose, John Larrabee, Frank E. Orcutt. 

Natick, William Nutt. 

Newton, Charles K. Amidon, John L. Bai- 
ley, Edwin O. Childs, Andrew B. Cobb, David 
W. Farquhar, J. Watson Taylor. — West New- 
ton, Stephen Thacher. — Newtonville, Ezra S. 
Farnsworth, Dustin Lancey. 

Pepperell, Levi Wallace. 

Reading, Solon Bancroft, Sydney P. Pratt. 

Somerville, William F. Griffin, Alexander 

Stoneham, Dexter Bucknam. 

Townsend, Edward Ordway, Charles Os- 

Wakefield, Arthur P. Dodge, Chester W. 
Eaton, Samuel K. Hamilton. 

Waltham, B. Berkley Johnson, Charles F. 
Stone, Frederick M. Stone. 

Watertown, George R. Kidder, Jesse F. 

Wilmington, Chester W. Clark. 

Winchester, George S. Littlefield, John T. 

Westford, Henry Fuller. 

Woburn, AlphaE. Thompson. 

Medical Examiners, 

Ayer, Benjamin H. Hartwell. 
Cambridge, John L. Hildreth. 
Concord, Henry A. Barrett. 
Framingham, Ephraim L. Warren. 
Lowell, John C. Irish. 
Maiden, John L. Sullivan. 
Marlboro', Nathan S. Chamberlain. 
Needham, A. D. Kingsbury. 
Wakefield, Samuel W. Abbott. 
Waterloicn, Alfred Hosmer. 
Winchester, Frederick Winsor. 




Incorporated Jane 20, 1695. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency .... Thaddeus C. Defriez .... Nantucket. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency .... Samuel Swain Nantucket. 

Town and County Treasurer Samuel Swain Nantucket. 

Clerk of the Courts George W. Jenks Nantucket. 

Register of Deeds Andrew M. Myrick Nantucket. 

Sheriff Josiah F. Barrett Nantucket. 

Jailer and Master of the House of Correction, Roland Folger Nantucket. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Nantucket, Thurs. next after 2d 
each month. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 

Nantucket, George W. Coffin, Alexander 
B. Dunham, Peter Folger, Andrew G. Hus- 
sey, Joseph B. Macy. 

Public Administrator. 

Nantucket, George Cobh. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Nantucket, Albert A. Gardner, Charles W. 
Hussey, Andrew M. Myrick. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Nantucket, Frederick A. Chase, George 
Cobb, George W. Jenks, Samuel Swain. 

Notaries Public. 

Thaddeus C. Defriez, Edward M. Gardner, 
George W. Jenks. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace ami Quorum, desig- 
nated by a', and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a -f.) 

Nantucket, John F. Brown, Samuel Chris- 
tian, Allen Coffin, Thomas B. Field, William 
C. Folger, George W. Jenks, George W. 
Macy, *Joseph Mitchell, Andrew M. Myrick, 
Samuel Swain, Andrew Whitney. 

Trial Justices. 

Allen Coffin, Thomas B. Field. 

Medical Examiner. 

Nantucket, John B. King. 


Incorporated March 26, 1793. 
Shire Town Dedham. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . 
Ass't Register of Probate and Insolvency . 

Clerk of Courts 

Assistant Clerk of Courts 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 

Sheriff and Jailer 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Canton, Samuel H. Capen. 
Dedham, Augustus B. Endicott. 
Hyde Park, John M. Twitchell. 
Medway (West), Valentine R. Coombs. 
Quincy, Washington M. French. 
Randolph, John Long. 
Stoughton, Abram C. Paul. 
Weymouth, George W. White, jr. 
Wrentham, Harvey B. Coleman. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Dedham, 1st and 3d Wed. of each month 
except August. 

At Quincy, 2d Wed. each month except 

At Hyde Park, 4th Wed. each month ex- 
cept August. 

At Wrentham, 3d Tues. in May, August, 
and November. 

At Medway, 3d Tues. in February, June, 
and October. 

George White Needham. 

Jonathan H. Cobb Dedham. 

Jonathan Cobb Dedham. 

Erastus Worthington Dedham. 

Edgar H. Kingsbury Dedham. 

John H. Burdakin Dedham. 

Chauncey C. Churchill .... Dedham. 

Rufus C. Wood Dedham. 

County Commissioners. 

Nathaniel F. Safford, Milton; Galen Orr, 
Needham; James Humphrey, Weymouth. 

Special Commissioners. — J. Q. A. Field, 
Quincy; George P. Morey, Walpole. 

Times of Meeting. — At Dedham, 3d Tues. 
of April, 4th Tues. of June and September, 
and last Wed. of December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Franklin, George W. Wiggin. 
Needham, Emery Grover. 
Quincy, James E. Tirrell. 

Public Administrator. 

Dedham, Ira Cleveland. 

Masters In Chancery. 

Canton, Thomas E. Grover. 
Dedham, Thomas L. Wakefield, Erastus 
Hyde Park, Henry B. Terry. ', 



Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Cohasset, Loring Bates, Warren Bates. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Braintree, Naainan L. White. 
Dedkam, Chaancey 0. Churchill, Jonathan 
Cobb, Jonathan H. Cobb. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, 
designated by a *, awl Justices throughout the Com- 
monwealth, designated by a f) . 

Bellingham, Seneca Burr, Nathan A. Cook, 
David Lawrence, Joseph T.Massey. — North 
Bellingham, Savel Metcalf. 

Braintree, fEdward Avery, Phillips Curtis, 
Eben Denton, N. F. T, Hayden, Arza B. 
Keith, William F. Locke, Amos W. Stetson, 
Ebenezer F. E. Thayer. Cranmore N. Wal- 
lace, tNaaman L. White. — South Braintree, 
David H. Bates, f Asa French, Elias Hay ward, 
Francis A. Hobart, Nathaniel H. Hunt, Noah 

Brookline, H. Edward Abbott, fSeth Ames, 
t William Aspinwall, Benjamin F. Baker, 
William I. Bowditch, Sumner C. Chandler, 
Horace D. Chapin, Joshua Crane, William D. 
Coolidge, David H. Daniels, Charles H. Drew, 
Gustavus M. Finotti, fCiement K. Fay, Wil- 
liam B. Hazeltine, Martin P. Kennard, Brad- 
ford Kingman, Francis W. Lawrence, George 
A. Mudge, fThomas Parsons, Charles F. 
Perkins, Peter W. Pierce, fFrederick A. 
Searle, fAugustine Shurtleff, Lewis Slack, 
fThomas H. Talbot, fGinery Twitchell, 
"fJames S. Whitney, Charles A. Williams, 
fMoses Williams, jr., Moses Withington. 

Canton, fEllis Ames, Frank M. Ames, 
Henry F. Buswell, George E. Downes, 
Nathaniel W. Dunbar, fOharles Endicott, 
fChurles H. French, Thomas E. Grover, Wil- 
liam Mansneld, fSamuel B. Noyes, Jacob 
Silloway, jr., James T. Sumner, fRufus C. 

Cohasset, Daniel J. Bates, fSolomon J. 
Beal, Louis T. Cashing, Edward E. ElLms, 
Martin Lincoln, John Q. A. Lothrop, jAaron 
Pratt, Henry Tolman. — North Cohasset, 
Franklin D. Goodrich. 

Dedham, fHenry C. Bigelow, John H. Bur- 
dakin, Charles J. Capen, *Ohauncey C. 
Churchill, *Ira Cleveland, John D. Cobb, 
Jonathan Cobb, *Jonathan H. Cobb, *Waldo 
Colburn, Charles Dean, Frederick D. Ely, 
Augustus B. Endicott, Charles H. Farring- 
ton, Calvin Guild, Alfred Hewins, fHenry 
O. Hildreth, Don. Gleason Hill, Lewis H. 
Kingsbury, tCharles A. Mackintosh, John N. 
McKerry, Henry W. Richards, *Charles C. 
Sanderson, Nathaniel Smith, Royal O. Storrs, 
Mirick P. Sumner, Ezra W. Taft, John W. 
Thomas, fEzra Wilkinson, Alonzo B. Went- 
worth, Henry White, tErastus Worthington, 
Philanders, Y"oung. — West Dedham, fFrank- 
lin Copeland, Merrill D. Ellis. 

Dover, Amos W. Shumway, Ephraim Wil- 
son. — Charles River Village, Edwin C. Moul- 

Foxboro', R. Walter S. Blackwell, William 
F. Boyd, James Capen, *James E. Carpenter, 
Robert W. Carpenter, Otis Cary, Edwin W. 
Clarke, Alfred Fales, Charles W. Hodges, 
James F. Leonard, Isaac Smith, A. Thomas 
Starkey, Charles W. Sumner. 

Franklin, Henry M. Greene, *Jesse L. 
Nason, William E. Nason, Stephen W. Rich- 
ardson, William Rockwood, Adin D. Sar- 
geant, Charles W. Stewart, George W. Wig- 

Holbrook, John Adams, David Blanchard, 
Elisha W. Thayer, John Underhay, Oramel 
White. — Brookville, Thomas West. 

Hyde Park, Joseph C. Bates, Henry S. 
Bunton, Charles M. Chapin, Charles G. 
Chick, William J. Corcoran, Edmund Davis, 
E. P. Davis, "Orin T. Gray, tlsaac G. Reed, 
♦Charles Sturtevant, Henry B. Terry, Benja- 
min C. Vose. 

Medfield, George H. Ellis, Jeremiah B. 
Hale, Charles Hamant, James Hewins, Charles 

C. Suwall. 

Medway, fMilton M. Fisher, Joel E. Hunt, 
Orion A. Mason, David A. Partridge. — West 
Medicay, Charles H. Deans, Asa M. B. Ful- 
ler, Israel P. Quimby, Addison P. Thayer. — 
Rotkville, Wiliard P. Clark, Erastus H. Tyler. 

Milton, Samuel Babcock, Gideon Beck, 
J. Walter Bradlee, Charles Breck, Jesse Bun- 
ton, Charles M. 8. Churchill, f Joseph McK. 
Churchill, f Robert B. Forbes, George Penni- 
man, fl£dw r ard L. Pierce, fHenry S. Russell, 
fNathaniel F. Saftbrd, James Tucker, George 
Vose, Horace E. Ware, Edwin D. Wads- 
worth, Henry Austin Whitney, Seth D. 

Needham, John T. Abbott, Thomas E. 
Barry, Charles Blaisdell, Edgar H. Bowers, 
Richard Boynton, Albion R. Clapp, William 
H. Crocker, George E. Eaton, Joseph E. 
Fiske, Charles C. Greenwood, Emery Gro- 
ver, Albert Jennings, William Jennings, 
Charles H. Mansneld, William R. Mills, 
Enoch L. Pope, Francis H. Stevens, fGeorge 
White. — Newton Lower Falls, Joshua J. 
Gould. — Grantville, George K. Daniell, 
Clough R. Miles. — Highlandville, Mark Lee. 

— Wellesley, Henry F. Durant, Solomon 

Norfolk, Charles J. Bryant, Adams Dan- 
iels, Daniel J. Holbrook, Henry Trowbridge. 

— Franklin City, James E. Pollard, Saul B. 

Norwood, Wiliard Gay, Francis Tinker, 
Francis O. Winslow. 

Qui?icy, Brooks Adams, f John Q. Adams, 
Henry Barker, Lewis Bass, Ebenezer Bent, 

D. Howard Bills, Charles W. Carter, Noah 
Cummings, R. Augustus Duggan, fWilliam 
B. Duggan, Williain Lyman Faxon, Ensign 
S. Fellows, Washington M. French, George 
L. Gill, John Hardwick, Charles A. Howland, 
Jedediah P. Jordan, George H. Locke, Joseph 
W. Lombard, Henry Lunt, Charles Marsh, 
Albert G. Olney, William S. Pattee, Whit- 
comb Porter, E. Granville Pratt, Josiah P. 
Quincy, Joseph W. Robertson, Horace B. 
Spear, James E. Tirrell, Edward Turner, 
John T. White, Isaiah G. Whiton. — North 
Quincy, Lewis F. Hobbs, Edmund B. Taylor. 

— Wollaston, Benjamin Dodge, Lucius W. 

Randolph, Hiram C. Alden, Horatio B. 
Alden, Eleazer Beal, f John V. Beal, f J. White 
Belcher, Ezra 8. Conant, Benjamin Dicker- 
man, John T. Flood, Charles G. Hathaway, 
Daniel Howard, Nathaniel Howard, John F. 
Kilton, Seth Mann, 2d, James E. O'Brien, 
John G. Poole, J. Winsor Pratt, John B. 
Thayer, James Augustus Tower, Royal W. 
Turner, fSeth Turner, George W. Wales, 
Jonathan Wales. 

Sharon, fSanford W. Billings, Charles T. 
Howard, Otis Johnson, William R. Mann, 
Lewis W. Morse, William B. Wickes. 

Stoughton, John A. Bowdlear, Lucius 
Clapp, Jonas C. Galvin, Jesse Holmes, James 
Keith, Henry C. Kimball, Oscar A. Harden, 
Abram C. Paul, George Talbot, Jabez Tal- 
bot, jr. — East Stoughton, Christopher Dyer, 
jr., Clifford Keith, John H. Simmons. — North 
Stoughton, Bradford Raymond. 

Walpole, fFrancis W. Bird, Nathaniel 
Bird, Joshua B. Hanners, James G. Harts- 
horn, George A. Kendall, James H. Leland, 
Isaac N. Lewis, William Moore, George P. 
Morey, James G. Scott. — Fast Walpole, 
Charles Bird, Henry A. Perkins. — South 
Walpole, Henry S. Clarke. 

Weymouth, Francis Ambler, fEverett C. 
Bumpus, John W. Hart, Ebenezer A. Hunt, 
Ebenezer W. Hunt, John J. Loud, Henry- 
Newton, George E. Porter, Thomas B. 
Porter, Augustus J. Richards, Elias Rich- 
ards, Samuel Webb, George W. White, jr. — 
Fast Weymouth, Zachariah L. Bicknell, Na- 
than Canterbury, John W. Fay, Nathan H. 
Pratt, *Alva Raymond, N. Quincy Tirrell. — 
North Weymouth, Elias S. Beals, fJames 



Humphrey, James Torrey. — South Wey- 
mouth,, Louis A. Cook, Joseph Dyer, Craw- 
ford S. Griffin, Jacob Loud, Quincy L. Reed, 
Noah Vining, John M. Whitcomb, B. F. 
White, Oran White. 

Wrentham, William W. Cowell, Nathan 
Ely, Abraham W. Harris, Silas Metcalf, Sam- 
uel Warner, George M. Warren. 
Trial Justices. 

Bellingham, Nathan A. Cook. 

Brookline, Charles H. Drew. 

Canton, Thomas E. Grover. 

Dedham, Frederick D. Ely. 

Franklin, George W. Wiggin. 

Hyde Park, Henry B. Terry. 

Medway ( West), Charles H. Deans. 

Needham, Thomas E. Barry, Emery Gro- 

Stoughtoti, J. Merrill Browne, Oscar A. 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 

-Votaries Public. 

Brookline, Joseph B. Braman, Bradford 

Canton, Francis W. Deane, Charles Endi- 
cott, Thomas E. Grover, Jacob Silloway, jr. 

Dedham, Chauucey C Churchill, Lewis H. 
Kingsbury, Royal O. Storrs. 

Franklin, William E. Nason. 

Hyde Park, Henry S. Bunton. 

Medxcay, Milton M. Fisher. 

Needham, Emery Grover. 

Quincy, Rupert F. Claflin. 

Randolph, Royal W. Turner. 

Weymouth, John J. Loud. — Fast Wey- 
mouth, Nathan H. Pratt. — /South Weymouth, 
Quincy L. Reed. 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 

Medical Examiners. 

Brookline, Robert Amory. 
Canton, Alexander R. Holmes. 
Cohasset, Gustavus P. Pratt. 
Foxboro', Joseph G. S. Hitchcock. 
Hyde Park, Charles Sturtevant. 
Medicay, Charles A. Bemis. 
Needham, Albert D. Kingsbury. 
Quincy, James Morison. 
South Weymouth, Christopher C. Tower. 


Incorporated June 3, 1685. 

Shire Town Plymouth. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency .... William H. Wood Middleboro' '. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . . Daniel E. Damon Plymouth. 

Clerk of Courts William H. Whitman .... Plymouth. 

ter of Deeds William S. Danforth Plymouth. 

John Morissey Plymouth. 

William H. Whitman .... Plymouth. 

D. J. Robbins Plymouth. 

Daniel E. Damon Plymouth. 

County Treasurer , 

Overseers of House of Correction 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Abington, Josiah Cushman. 
Bridgewater, P. D. Kingman. 
Brockton, Otis Hay ward, Ahira S. Porter. 
Duxbury, William J. Alden. 
Fast Bridgewater, George A. Wheeler. 
Fast Wareham, P. R. W. Pierce. 
Hanover, Hira W. Bates. 
Hingham, G. F. Hersey, Charles Spring. 
Marion, Daniel Hall. 
Marshfleld, F. W. Hatch. 
Mattapoisett, R. W. Bowles. 
Middleboro' , James Cole. 
North Carver, Benjamin Ransom. 
Pembroke, Francis Merritt. 
Plymouth, John Atwood, J. B. Colling- 
Rochester, R. C. Randall. 
Rockland, B. V. Bennett. 
South Scituate, Willard Torrey. 

Jailer and Master of House of 

Plymouth, Alpheus K. Harmon. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Abington, 4th Mon. of May, August, and 

At Bridgewater, 4th Mon. of September. 

At Brockton, 3d Mon. of April and Oc- 

At East Bridgewater, 4th Mon. of Febru- 
ary and December. 

At Hanover, 4th Mon. of June. 

At Hingham, 4th Mon. of March. 

Alpheus K. Harmon Plymouth. 

At Middleboro', 4th Mon. of January and 
April, and 2d Mon. of July. 

At Plymouth, 2d Mon. of January, Febru- 
ary, March, April, May, June, September, 
October, November, and December. 

At Wareham, 4th Mon. of October. 
Sessions of Insolvency Courts. 

At Plymouth, 2d Mon. in every month. 
County Commissioners. 

Charles H. Paine, Halifax; Jedediah Dwel- 
ley, Hanover; J. T. Wood, Middleboro'. 

Special Commissioners. — Frederick How- 
ard, Brockton; C. W. S. Seymour, Hingham. 

limes of Meeting. — At Plymouth, 3d Tues. 
in March, 1st Tues. in August and January. 
Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Abington, Jesse E. Keith. 

Bridgewater, Hosea Kingman. 

Brockton, Jonas R. Perkins. 

Plymouth, Albert Mason. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Duxbury, Elisha Holmes. 

Hull, Nehemiah Ripley, jr. 

Marshjield, John Baker, Curtis B. Goodsil, 
George H. Hall. Fast Marshfleld, Charles L. 

Plymouth, John D. Churchill. 

Scituate, Perry L. Parker, John Tilden. — 
North Scituate, William J. Newcomb. 
Public Administrators. 

Brockton, Jonas R. Perkins. 

Scituate, Caleb W. Prouty. 

South Abington, William P. Corthell. 



Masters in Chancery. 

Hingham, Joseph 0. Burdett. 
Plymouth, William H. Whitman. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Abington, Jesse E. Keith, Henry B. Peirce. 

Bridgexoater, Josh. E. Crane, Abram Wash- 
burn, 2d. 

Brockton, George W. Bryant, Jonas R. 

Hingham, Solomon Lincoln. 

Middleboro' , Everett Robinson, Eliab Ward. 

Plymouth, William S. Danforth, Jacob H. 
Loud, John J. Russell, William H. Whitman. 

Rochester, Joseph Haskell, Theophilus 
King, James Ruggles. 

Scituale, Charles A. Cole, J. 0. Cole. 

South Scituale, Samuel A. Turner. 

Wareham, Seth Miller. 

West Bridgexoater, Austin Packard. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, des- 
ignated by a', and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a f.) 

Abington, Moses X. Arnold, James F. Cox, 
Judson N. Farrar, Arthur P. Ford, Freeman 
P. Howland, Isaac C. Howland, James C. 
Murphy, Micah Nash, fHenry B. Peirce, 
George W. Pratt, Edward P. Reed, George 
L. Richardson, Otis W. Soule, fSamuel B. 

Bridgexoater, Charles F. Alden, A. Waldo 
Bassett, Joshua Bates, Henry A. Blake, Henry 
J. Clarke (for Worcester County), tJoshua 
E. Crane, Philip E. Hill, *Lewis Holmes, La- 
fayette Keith, Hosea Kingman, Philip D. 
Kingman, * Williams Latham, Franklin Leach, 
James C. Leach, Philander Leach, Spencer 
Leonard, tAsa Millett, Oreb F. Mitchell, 
Andrew H. Ward, Eli Washburn. 

Brockton, Charles C. Bixby, George W. 
Bryant, Lloyd E. Chamberlain, David L. 
Cowell, George Farwell, Henry A. Ford, 
Francis M. French, Charles D. Fullerton, 
Hamilton L. Gibbs, Sumner A. Hayward, 
Frederick Howard, Augustus T. Jones, Al- 
bert Keith, Isaac Kingman, Rufus P. King- 
man, Alfred Laws, Alfred C. Monroe, John 
Leroy Morgan, DeWitt C. Packard, E. L. 
Packard, S. Franklin Packard, Jonas R. Per- 
kins, Loring W. Puffer, tlsaac E. Snell, Wil- 
liam M. Thompson, John J. Whipple, tJon- 
athan White, Frank M. Wilkins, William W. 
Wilkins. — Campe/lo, Josiah W. Kingman. 

Carver {North), Benjamin Ransom. — South 
Carver, John Bent, tWilliam Savery, Thomas 
Southworth, Edward Williams. 

Durbury, tHorace G. Allen, Benjamin 
Boylston, Elbridge Chandler, William H. 
Cummings, Joshua M. Gushing, Jonathan S. 
Ford, John S. Loring, Henry Wadsworth, 
James Wilde. — South Dxixbury, Harvey 
Soule. — West Duxbwy, Elbridge Chandler, 
Isaac Keen. — Kingston, Henry B. Maglath- 

East Bridgexoater, Millard E. Brown, Aaron 
Hobart, jr., Henry Hobart, Benjamin W. 
Keith, Ezra S. Whitmarsh. — Elmwood, War- 
ren K. Churchill, Isaac N. Nutter, William 
H. Osborne. 

Halifax, Edwin Inglee, Nathaniel Morton, 
Charles H. Paine, Ira L. Sturtevant, Ephraim 
B. Thompson. 

Hanover, Hira W. Bates, Robert S. Curtis, 
Jedediah Dwelley, John F. Simmons, Perez 
Simmons, Robert S. Talbot. — Soxith Hano- 
ver, Charles F. Phillips, Edward Y. Perry. 

Hanson, Otis L. Bonney, Andrew Bowker, 
Josepbus Bryant, Elijah Damon, William T. 
Parker, Robert Perry. — South Hanson, Cy- 
rus A. Bates, Eben B. K. Gurney. 

Hingham, Quincy Bicknell, fFrancis H. 
Lincoln, George Lincoln, tSolomon Lincoln, 
tJohn D. Long, Charles N. Marsh, Henry 
Siders, Sidney Sprague, tLuther Stephenson, 
jr., tJoseph B. Thaxter, Joshua Tower. — 
Hingham Centre, James S. Lewis. — South 
Hingham, Elijah Shute. 

Hull, Harvey T. Litchfield, Lewis P. Lor- 

Kingston, Joseph S. Beal, Alden S. Brad- 
ford, Philander Cobb, Samuel E. Cushman, 
Walter H. Faunce, Edward Gray, Edwin 

Lakeville, Job Pierce, Warren H. South- 
worth, Leonard Washburne, Churchill T. 
Westgate, Asa T. Winslow. 

Marion, *Obed Delano, Daniel Hall, Bar- 
nabas Hiller, Joseph S. Luce, Moses H. Swift. 

Marshfield, John Baker, Henry G. Ford, 
Lysander S. Richards. — South Marshfield, 
Warren W. Barker, John H. Bourne, James 
Geddes Day, John Ford, Luther P. Hatch, 
James H. Humphrey. — North Marshfield, 
fHiram A. Oakman. 

Mattapoisett, Wilson Barstow, Samuel 
Dunn, Noah Hammond, Lemue^ LeBaron 
Holmes, Thomas Nelson, Noah C. 'Sturtevant. 

Middleboro', Ichabod F. Atwood, John Ben- 
nett, Thomas C. Collins, George B. Fitts, 
James H. Harlow, Sylvanus Hinckley, Noab 
C. Perkins, Everett Robinson, John C. Sulli- 
van, Andrew L. Tinkham, Edward D. Towle, 
Sidney Tucker, Francis M. Vaughan, Eliab 
Ward, Cornelius B. Wood, George W. Wood, 
Joseph T. Wood. — North 3fiddleboro', An- 
drew L. Alden. — East Middleboro', Joshua 
M. Eddy, Augustus H. Soule. — Bock, Icha- 
bod F. Atwood. — South Middleboro', Still- 
man Benson. 

Pembroke, Job H. Beal, J. Dean Bonney, 
William H. H. Bryant. — East Pembroke, 
George F. Hatch, George H. Ryder. — North 
Pembroke, Francis Collamore. — Bryantville, 
William H. H. Bryant. 

Plymouth, James M. Atwood, Gustavus D. 
Bates, Lemuel Bradford, Charles O. Churchill, 
James Cox, Daniel E. Damon, tWilliam 8. 
Danforth, tCharles Q-. Davis, tWilliam T. 
Davis, George G. Dyer, John T. Hall, Benja- 
min Hathaway, Benjamin A. Hathaway, Bar- 
nabas Hedge, * William T. Hollis, Barnabas H. 
Holmes, Arthur Lord, tJacob H. Loud, Lean, 
der Lovell, John H. Parks, ThomaB Pierce, 
Daniel J. Robbins, Edmund Robbins, tJohn 
J. Russell, Charles W. Spooner, Isaac N. 
Stoddard, Ezekiel C. Turner, *William H. 
Whitman, Oliver T. Wood. — Chiltonville, 
George W. Bramhall. 

Plympton, Herschel E. Briggs, Lewis B. 
Parker, Zaccheus Parker, William Perkins, 
Barsillai E. Wright, 

Rochester, Garrison B. Blackmer, John 
Blackmer, Henry K. Braley, Thomas Ellis, 
Theophilus King, James H. Look, George 
Pierce, George H. Pierce, James Ruggles, 
John S. Ryder. 

Rockland, Charles Bearse, J. Irving EsteB, 
Charles W. Howland, Zenas Jenkins, George 
W. Kelley, Phillip O'ConneU, Chester M. 
Perry, Horace C. Totman. 

Scituate, Charles A. Cole, Moseph O. Cole, 
Joseph S. Drew, William H. Litchfield, 
♦George Lunt, Thomas Tilden. — North Scitu- 
ate, George C. Lee, George W. Merritt. 

South Abington, Willard E. Brown, Wil- 
liam P. Corthell, Albert Davis, Samuel Dyer, 
Samuel Foster, Edward B. Peterson, William 
R. Vining, Hosea F. Whldden. 

South Scitxiate, Ebenezer T. Fogg, Charles 

A. Litchfield, George H. Torrey, Willard Tor- 
rey, *Samuel A. Turner. — Hanover, David 

B. Ford, Ebenezer C. Waterman, Lemuel C. 

Wareham, t William L. Chipman, Joseph P. 
Hayden, Philip R. W. Pierce, James G. 
Sproat, James R. Sproat. — East Wareham, 
Adolphus Savery, Nathaniel Sherman. — West 
Wareham, Noble Howard. 

West Bridgexoater, James Howard, William 
H. Jennings, Austin Packard. 

Notaries Public. 

Abington, James F. Cox, Charles W. How 
land, Otis W. Soule. 

Bridgexoater, Hosea Kingman. 

Brockton, Charles D. Fullerton, Jonas R. 
Perkins, Charles W. Sumner. 



Bingham, Joseph O. Burdett, Henry C. 

Mattapoisett, Lemuel LeBaron Holmes, 
Thomas Nelson. 

Middleboro', John C. Sullivan. 

Plymouth, William S. Danforth, Arthur 
Lord, John J. Russell. 

Rockland, C. W. Howland. 

Scituate, Andrew J. Waterman. 

South Abington, Noah A. Poole, Joseph 
Pettee, jr. 

Wareham, William L. Chipman. 

Medical Examiners. 

Brockton, A. Elliot Paine. 
Middleboro' , Ebenezer W. Drake. 
Plymouth, James B. Brewster. 
Rockland, Jubal C. Gleason. 


Incorporated May 10, 1643. 

Shire Town Boston. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency .... J. W. McKim Boston. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . Elijah George Boston. 

Ass' t. Register of Probate and Insolvency . John H. Paine Boston. 

Clerk of Supreme Court John Noble Boston. 

Clerk of Superior Court Joseph A. Willard Boston. 

Clerk of Superior Court, crim' I business . John P. Manning Boston. 





..... Boston. 

ter of Deeds Thomas F. Temple 

Ass't Register of Deeds Charles W. Kimball 

County Treasurer Charles H. Dennie 

District Attorney Oliver Stevens . . 

First Ass't District Attorney T. J. Dacey . . . 

Second Ass't District Attorney Melvin O. Adams Boston. 

Sheriff John M. Clark, office Ct. Souse . . . Boston. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Court House, Benjamin F. Bailey, George 
L. Clark, John B. Dearborn, John B. Ingalls, 
William D. Martin, Harum Merrill, John B. 
O'Brien, Jonathan Oldham. 

Criminal Court, George Booth, George B. 

Master of House of Correction. 

Martin V. B. Berry, South Boston. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At the Probate Office in Boston, every 
Mon. in each month. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Boston, Wilmon W. Blackmar, Robert I. 
Burbank, John Codman, Horace H. Coolidge, 
James Hewins, E. F. Hodges, Edward L. 
Pierce, Giles H. Rich, James B. Richardson. 

— Charlestown, Henry W. Bragg, Joseph H. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Boston, David H. Coolidge, James F. Far- 
ley, Edward J. Jones. 

Public Administrators. 

Boston, Timothy Bigelow, H. Burr Cran- 
dall, Francis E. Parker, James Schouler. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Boston, Andrew J. Bailey, Charles B. Hall, 
Robert W. Molineaux, John W. Pettengill, 
Benjamin C. Piper, Bickford Pulsifer, David 
Pulsifer, Amos Stone, Phinehas J. Stone, Ed- 
win A. Wadleigh, George Washington War- 
ren, Joseph A. Willard. 

Chelsea, Henry J. Coolidge, Hosea Ilsley. 

m* For BOSTON JUSTICES OF THE PEACE, see next page. 





[Justices of the Teace and Quorum designated bta*; Justices throughout the State 

BY A t-] 

Abbot Francis E. 

Abbot Henry J. 

Abbott Abiil 

Abbott Charles E. 

Abbott Curtis 

Abbott H. Edward 

Abbott John S. 

t Abbott J osiah G. 

tAbbott Samuel A. B. 

Abbott Samuel P. 

Adams Albert W. 

Adams Charl es D. 

Adams Charles F. jr. 

Adams Charles Hall 

Adams Edelbert P. 

Adams Fran is M. 

Adams George Z. 

Adams James 

Adams John Quincy 

Adams Joseph H. 

Adams J. tiedney 

Adams Nathaniel 

Adams Paul 

Adams Simeon P. 

Adams Thomas 

Ager George B. 

Ager Solomon 

Albee Sumner 

*Aldrich Samuel N. 

Alexander John L. 

Alger Edwin A. 

+ Ahen Charles 

tAllen Charles E. 

Allen George 

Allen Horace G. 

Allen James W. 

Allen Joseph H. 

Allen Lucius W. 

Allen Stephen M. 

Allen Stillman B. 
t Allen Thomas J. 
Allen Willard S. 
Ames Fisher 

Amidon Charles K. 
Amory Francis I. 
Amory Jonathan 
Amory Thomas C. 

Ande son William 
Anderson William P. 
Anderson William S. 
Andren Alban 
Andrew John F. 
Andrews Augustus 
tAndrews Frank W. 
Andrews Samuel 
Angell George T. 
Anthony Joseph B. 
Apollonio Nich. A. 
Appleton Guorge C. 
Apthorp Robert ; E. 
Armstrong Thos. H. 
Arnold Zenas S. 
tAtherton Samuel 
Atkins John E. 
Atkinson Edward 
Attwo.'d Gilbert 
Atwood Ujiniel J. 
Austin Arthur W. 
Austin James R. 
Austin James W. 
Austin Milton 
Avery Edward 
Avery J. Edward 
Ayer Adams 

Ayers Oliver 
Jiabbitt George F. 
Babcock John B. 
Babcock Lemuel H. 
Bahson Thus. McC. 
Bacall Charles H. 
Bacheller Melville C. 
Backup John 
Backup Robert A. 
Bacon Francis 
Bacon Francis C 
Bacou Thomas H. 
Bacon William 
Badlam William II. 
Bailey AlbonH. 
Biiiley Andrew J. 
Bailey Joseph T. 

Bailey William H. 
*Baker Edmund J. 
Baker Ezra H 
Baker J. Murray 
Baker Nelson K. 
Baker William P. 
Balch Francis V. 
Balch Joseph W. 
Baldwin Charles H. 
Bald vvin Ueoige W. 
Baldwin Henry 
.' aldwin J. Thomas 
Ball Joshua D. 
Ballard James M. 
Ballon Russell A. 
Bainriek John T. 
Bancroft George 
Barnard Charles A. 
Barnes Francis G. 
Barnes Isaac A. 
Barnes Parker 
Barrows Horace G. 
Barry George M. 
Barry John F. 
Barry H. Storer 
Bartholmesz J. G. 
Bartlett Alden 
Bartlett Charles W. 
Bartlett Charles W. 
Bartlett Francis 
Bartlett Schuvler S. 
♦Bartlett Siuney 
Barton Charles C. 
Barton Samuel M. 
Bassett Elisha 
Bassett E Austin, jr. 
Bassett John 
Bassett John F. 
Batchelder C. A. 
Bates James E. 
Bates Samuel W. 
Bates William M, 
Batt Charles R. 
Baxter Francis J. 
Baxier Joseph N. 
Baxter Thompson 
Bayley Benjamin F. 
Baylies Henry 
Beal Alexander 
Beal James H. 
Beal '1 nomas P. 
tBeals William 
Beckford Daniel R. 
tBell James B. 
Bell Theodore H. 
Bell William G. 
Bemis George 
Benn James C. 
Benner Frank. T. 
Bennett Joseph 
Bent George C. 
Benton Austin W. 
Benlon Josiah H. jr. 
Benyon Abner I. 
Berry Morrill P. 
Berry Nehemiah C. 
Betton George E. 
Bicknell Alfred 
Bicknell William E. 
Bigelow Abraham O. 
Bigelow A la i is. in 
Bigelow Edwin M. 
Bigelow George B. 
Bigelow George F. 
tBigelow Henry C. 
Bigelow John 
Bigelow Lyman H. 
Bigelow Timothy 
Bigelow William L. 
Billings Charles 0. 
Bird Charles 
Bird Charles G. 
Bishop Robert R. 
tBispham Eleazer J. 
Blackmar W. W. 
Blaisdell Mark A. 
Blake John H. 
Blake William P. 
Blanchaid Geo. D. B. 
Blanchard S. Stillman 
Blauey David H. 

Blaney Henry 
t Blasland Gideon B. 
Blatchford GeorgeW. 
Blodget Henrv T. 
Blodgett Caleb 
Blodgett Isaac D. 
Blood Charles S. 
Blossom William A. 
Blume Andreas 
tBoardman AlonzoW. 
Boardman Halsey J. 
Boardman Waldo E. 
Bolles H.Eugene 
Bolles Matthew 
Bolles M. Shepard 
Bolster Solomon A. 
Bond Edward P. 
Bonney Pelham 
Booth Charles A. 
Bordman John 
Bosson Albert D. 
Bourne Jacob F. 
Bouv6 Ephraim W. 
Bouve' James Henry 
Bowditch Charles P. 
BowditchJ. Ingersoll 
Bowditch William I. 
Bowen Hosea B. 
Bowker John E. 
Brackett Franklin B. 
Brackett J. Q. A. 
Bradbury Horace D. 
Bradford J.Russell 
Bradish Levi J. 
Bradlee JohnD. 
Bradlee John T. 
*Bradlee J. Putnam 
Bradlee Nathaniel J. 
tBradley Joseph H. 
Bradley 1 homas D. 
Bragg Henry W. 
Brainard Charles R. 
Brainard Edward H. 
Braman G. T. W. 
Braman James C. 
*Braman Joseph B. 
Brewer Nathaniel 
Brewer Nathaniel, jr. 
Brewer Thomas M. 
Brewster Augustus 0. 
Brewster John 
Bridgham Percy A. 
Briggs Andrew 'H. 
Briggs Frederick M. 
Briggs Harrison O. 
Briggs Lloyd 
Briggs Luther 
Briggs Moses 
Brlgham Cephas 
Brigham Henry R. 
Brigham William T. 
Brinley Walter C. 
Brodhead Josiah A. 
Brooks Benjamin F. 
Brooks Charles J. 
Brooks Francis A. 
Brooks Henry C. 
Brooks John 
Brooks William G. 
Brooks William P. B. 
Brown Alphcus R. 
Brown Augustus 
Brown Benjamin F. 
Brown Edward P. 
Brown Edwin W. 
Brown Henry A. 
Brown Jeremiah 
Brown John 
Brown John F. 
Brown John M. 
Brown John Murray 
Brown Jchn N. 
Brown John P. 
Brown J. Coffin Jones 
fBrown Nehemiah 
Brown Richard S. 
Brown Samuel N., jr. 
Brown Seth E. 
Brown Stephen 
Browne Charles Allen 
Browne Edward I. 

Browne J. Merrill 
Bryairt UridleyJ. F. 
Bryant John D. 
Bryant Napoleon B. 
Buckley John H. 
*Bugbee James M. 
Bullard Allied M. 
Bullard Daniel W. 
Bullard George E. 
Bullard John R. 
Bullen George A. 
Bullens GeorgeS. 
Bullock Brigham N. 
Bumstead John 
Bunker David T. 
Bunton William H. . 
tBurbank Robert I. 
Burge Lorenzo 
Burgess Thomas H. 
Burke Edmund 
Burke John H. 
BurlenM. W. 
Burlen William H. 
Burnett Lysander 
Burnham Daniel S. 
Burnham Edward E. 
Burrage Alvah A. 
Burrage William W. 
Burrill Charles 
tBurt William L. 
Burton Hazen J. 
Buswell Henry F. 
Butler Charles S. 
Butler John Haskell 
Butler John Henry 
Buttertield Simeon 
Callender Edward B. 
Call Edward P. 
Callender John B. 
Calrow William H. 
tCampbell Geo. H. 
Campbell Hiram A. 
Cambell Isaac T. 
Campbell Kenneth 
Candler John W. 
Cape.le William C. 
Capen Aaron Davis 
Capen John 
Capen Samuel B. 
Capen Samuel C, 
Carpenter Chas. A. 
Carpenter George O. 
Carpenter George S. 
Carpenter Harvey 
Carr George E. 
Carr John 
Carret James R. 
Carruth Nathan 
Carruth Wm. W. 
Carter Augustus W. 
Carter t C. Willard 
Carter Josiah H. 
Carter J. Melvin 
Cary Nathan C. 
Caverly Charles 
Chadbourne Wm. G. 
tChamberlain Mellen 
Chamberlin David 
Chamberlin Edwin M. 
Chamberlin L'wellW 
Chamberlin Win. S. 
Champney Edw'd W. 
Chandler Alfred D. 
Chandler Horace P. 
Chandler Parker C. 
tChandler Peleg W. 
Chapin Herbert A. 
Chapin Nathaniel G. 
tChaplin Hemaii W. 
Chapman Alfred F. 
Chapman George R. 
Chapman James W. 
Chester Dwight 
Chickering Munroe 
Child Dudley R. 
Child Frank D. 
Child Geo:f.e F. 
Child Linus M. 
Child William C. 
*Childs Francis 



Cliipman George W 
Choate Charles F. 
Christen Louis 
Church Henry A. 
tChurchill Asaph 
Churchill Joseph It. 
Clapp Arthur B. 
Clapp Charles M. 
Clapp Ebenezer 
Clapp Henry A. 
Clapp Horace B. 
Clapp Joshua \V. 
Clapp Walter, jr. 
Clapp Wm Channing 
t Clapp William W. 
Clark Albe C. 
Clark Benjamin C. 
Clark Chester W. 
Clark George L. 
Clark Isaiah It. 
tClark John M. 
Clark John T. 
Clark Lemuel 
Clark Ruben F. 
Clark William F. 
Clark William R. 
Clarke Henry M. 
t Clarke John J. 
Clarke Thomas W. 
Clary Henry D. 
Clayton William E. 
Clatur Alfred A. 
Cleaves Nathaniel 
Cleaves N. Porter 
Clifford SamT VV.jr. 
Clough Charles A. 
Cobb Edward W. 
tCobb Samuel C. 
Coburn Ethan N. 
Coburn George W. 
Coburn Joseph D. 
Cochrane Hugh 
♦Codiuau John 
Coclman Robert 
Coffin Cbarles H. 
Coffin G. Winthrop 
Coffin Henry A. 
Cogswell William 
Colburn Jeremiah 
Colby George 
Colliv John F. 
Colby Wm. R. 
Colcord Charles A. 
Cole Benja niii E. 
Cole Charles D. 
Cole Charles H. 
Collamore John 
Collins James 
Collins James H. 
Collins John H. 
tCollins Patrick A. 
Colt James D. 
Conant Ezra D. 
Conant John H. 
Congdon Louis 
Conlon John 
Connolly Wm. T. 
Converse Albert Y. 
Converse Benj. B. 
Converse Costello C. 
Converse James W. 
Conway Patrick C. 
Conwell Russell H. 
Cook Clarence L. 
Cook Coleman 
Cook Rufus R. 
Cook William H. 
Cook William P. 
*Cooke Josiah P. 
Coolidge Austin J. 
Coolidge David H. 
tCoolidge Horace H. 
Coolidge J. Randolph 
Coolidge John T. jr. 
Coombs John C. 
Cooney Patrick H. 
Copeland George W. 
Coppenhagen John H. 
Cornell Wm. Mason 
Cory Barney 
Cotting Charles U. 
Cotton Frank B. 
Cotton James M. 
Cotton Joseph H. 
Couthouy William A. 
Co veil Roberts. 
Coveney William 
Cowdiu John 
Cowing Walter H. 
Cowles William W. 
tCrafts AVilliam A. 
Craig William C. 
Cram George W. 

Crandall H. Burr 
Crane Charles T. 
Crane David F. 
Crane Horatio N. 
Crane Joshua 
tCrane Samuel D. 
Crawford J. Boyd 
Creech Sam'l W , jr. 
Crocker George G. 
Crocker Uriel 
Crocker Uriel H. 
Crockett William D. 
Crombie Daniel D. 
Crombie James L. 
Crone Louis E. 
Crooker Charles C. 
Crosby Franklin. 
Crosby James 
Crosby Joseph B. 
Crosby Samuel T. 
Crosby William 
t Crowell Henry G. 
Crowley John C. 
Crowninshield B. W. 
Cullis Charles 
Cumings Charles B. 
Cumunngs Prentiss 
Cundy William H. 
Cunningham Thos. 
♦Currier Benj. H. 
Currier George O. 
Currier Horace H. 
Currier Sereno E. D. 
Currier Thomas F. 
Curry Cadwalader 
Curtis Charles P. 
Curtis Daniel B. 
Curtis Frederick 
Curtis George 
Curtis George J. 
Curtis James F. 
tCurtis James W. 
Curtis Wm. D. C. 
Curtiss John L. 
Gushing Benjamin 
Cushing Charles W. 
Cutler Ebrn 
Cutler E.Waldo 
Cutler Joseph 
Cutter Benjamin F. 
Cutter Edmund F. 
Cutter Isaac J, 
Cutter John A. B. 
Cutter Leonard R. 
Dabney Frederick 
Dabney Lewis S. 
tDacey Timothy J. 
Daily James 
Dalton Henry D. 
♦Dame Abraham A. 
Dame Frank O. 
Dame Theodore S. 
Damon Charles E. 
Damon Samuel G. 
Damrell John S. 
Damrell John E. S. 
*Dana James 
tDana Richard H. jr. 
Danforth John X. 
Daniell Henry W 
Darling Charles K. 
Darling Edwin H. 
Darling George A. P. 
Darling Horace E. 
Darling Samuel C. 
Darrow Charles 
Dary George A. 
Davenport Amasa 
Davenport Henry 
Davidson Leopold 
Davidson William E. 
Davis Barnabas 
Davis Charles 
Davis Charles A. 
Davis Charles E. jr. 
Davis Charles H. 
Davis Daniel S. 
Davis Francis <J. 
Davis George F. 
tDavis James C. 
Davis Jerome 
Davis Joseph B. 
Davis Joshua W. 
Davis Thomas W. 
tDavis Timothy 
Davis William F. 
Davis William F. 
Day C. Frank 
Day Marcellus 
Dean Benjamin 
Dean Chauncey C. 
Dean Thomas 
Deans George W. 

Dearborn Axel 
Dearborn Edmund B. 
Dearborn John B. 
Deblois George L. 
Deblois Stephen G. 
Demond Charles 
Dennie James 
Dennison George 
Dtnny George P. 
Denny Henry G. 
Derby Isaac W. 
Devens Thomas M. 
Devereaux John 
Dewey S. Wm. 
Dewson Francis A. 
Dexter Everett K. 
Dexter S. Parkman 
Dexter William S. 
Dickerman Albert 
Dickinson M. F. jr. 
Dillaway Charles K. 
Dillaway Wm. E. L. 
Dillon Edward S. 
Dimick Frank E. 
Dix Stephen A. 
Doane Thomas 
Dockray James R. 
Dodge Frederic 
Doherty Michael 
Doherty Philip J. 
Doherty William W. 
Donahoe Patrick 
Donnelly Charles F. 
Doolittle Oscar E. 
Dorr Dudley A. 
Dorr Jonajhan 
Dow Charles H. 
Dowling Martin 
Downer Francis E. 
Dowse W. B. H. 
Drake George B. 
Drake Jeremy 
Drew Charles A. 
Drew Ira T. 
Driscoll Cornelius F. 
Driver William R. 
Drury Koger 
Drury William H. 
Dudley Ephraim M. 
Dudley Sanford H. 
bummer Edward 
Duncklee Joshua S. 
Dunham Charles E. 
Dunklee Benj. W. 
Durant Henry F. 
Durant William B. 
Dwight Albert 
Dwyer W. W. 
Dyer Benjamin F. 
Dyer Frank B. 
Dyer Henry T. 
Dyer Mieah, jr. 
Dyer Walter R. 
Eager George R. 
Easterbrook William 
Eastman Ambrose 
Eastman Geoige A. 
Eddy John J. 
Eddy Robert H. 
Edes Harry H. 
Edmands Thomas F. 
Edson William 
Edwards George II. 
Edwards Henderson J 
Ela Richard 
Elder Samuel J. 
Eldridge John L. 
Eliott Ihomas J. 
Elliot Charles E. 
Elliott William H. 
Ellis Charles M. 
Ellis George W. 
Ellis John T. 
Ellis Rowland 
Eison Julius 
Emery Caleb S. 
Emery George F. 
Emery Stephen L. 
Emery Thomas J. 
Emery William H. 
Emery Woodward 
Emmons Freeman 
Emmons Wm. H. H. 
Endicott Edward D. 
tEndicott William, jr. 
English James L. 
English James S. 
Ernst George A. Otis 
Estahrook George W. 
Evans Alfred D. 
Evans Alonzo H. 
Evans A. Otis 
Evans Ceorge E. 

Everett Edward F. 
Everett J. Mason 
Everett Otis 
Fairbairn Robert B. 
Fallon James Otis 
Fallon Joseph D. 
Farmer Jesse 
Farmer J. Frank 
Farmer Lewis G. 
Farnsworth Ezra 
Farnsworth Isaac D. 
Farr George W. 
Farwcll Luther 
Faunce George B. 
Faunce Sewall A. 
Faxon Francis E. 
Fay CharlesF. 
Fay F .rwellF. 
Fay Frank B. 
Fearing Andw. C. jr. 
Fearing Henry L. 
Fellows H. Parker 
Fennell.y Kichard J. 
Fenno Edward N. 
Fernald Albert J. 
Fernald Benjamin M. 
Field Benjami" F. 
Field G. 
Field George P. 
Field Walbridge A. 
Filkins George E. 
Finan Bernard 
Finney William H. 
Firth Abraham 
Fischacher Max 
Fish Frederick P. 
Fisher George A. 
Fisher Theodore W. 
Fiske Charles H. 
Fiske Orin W. 
Fitch Henry H. 
tFitch Jonas 
Fitz Daniel F. 
Fitz Eustace C. 
Fitzgerald James R. 
Fitzgerald John E. 
Flagg Fred. D. 
Flatley Patrick J. 
Fleming Charles H. 
Flint Horace P. 
Floyd Charles O. 
Floyd Edward E. 
Flynn James J. 
Folger George H. 
Folger John B. 
Folsom Alonzo W. 
Folsom Charles R. 
Folsom Henry A. 
Folsom .Norton 
Forbush George S. 
Ford Horace M. 
fForsaith William J. 
Foss E. Dewing 
Foss Frederic J. 
Foss L. Bacon 
Foster Alfred Dwight 
♦Foster David W. 
Foster Dwight 
Foster Eben B. 
Foster George E. 
Foster James W. 
Foster Nathaniel, jr. 
Fowle Seth A. 
Fowler George R. 
Fowler Wm. P. 
Fox Charles B. 
Fox Jabez 
Fox Jacob 
*Fox James A. 
Feemam Horace V. 
Freeman J. G. 
French Abram 
French Ferdinand F. 
French George 
French James 
French Lyman P. 
French William B. 
Frink Alden 
Frost George 
Frost Henry 
Frost Henry W. 
Frolhingham F. E. 
Frothingham H. K. 
Frothingham T. B. 
Fuller Frank 
♦Fuller Heury Weld 
Fuller Henry William 
Fuller Horace W. 
Fuller J. Franklin 
Fuller Samuel D. 
Gaftield Thomas 
tGalbiaith Fred W. 
Gallagher Charles T. 



Gallison Henry H. 
Galloupe Charles W. 
Galvin John 
Galvin Owen A. 
Gannett William C. 
Garbett William A. 
Gardner Henry F. 
tGardner Henry J. 
Gardner John 
Gardner William S. 
Gargan Thomas J. 
■(■Gaston William 
Gately John B. F. 
Gates Albert, jr. 
Gates Artemas W. 
*Gay Ebenezer 
Gay George F. 
Ga}- George W. 
Gay James F. 
George Elijah 
George J. Phillips 
Gerribh Benjamin J. 
Gibbs Franklin 
Giddings Edward C. 
Gilbert Fairfield 
Gilchrist Daniel S. 
Oilman John E. 
Gilson Joseph M. 
Girardin Louis 
Gleasun Horace 
Gleason Loring W. 
Glidden Daniel A. 
Ooddard Thomas 
Goeckritz F. F. F. 
Goldsmith Jacob 
Goodman James 
Goodrich Elijah D. 
Goodwin Charles E. 
Goodwin Edward L. 
Goodwin Frank 
Goodwin Richard D. 
Gookin Samuel H. 
Gordon George H. 
Gore Theodore W. 
Gorely Charles P. 
Gould Jesse 
Gould John A. 
Gould John M. 
Gould Lyman W". 
Gould Samuel 
Gove Dana B. 
Gove Horace D. 
Gove Jesse M. 
Gowing Henry A. 
Grafton Daniel G. 
Graves Edward C. 
Graves Frank H. 
Gray Edward 
■fGray John C. 
+Gray John C, jr. 
Gray Russell 
tGray William 

Gray William R. 
Green A. Pierce 

Greene Malcolm C. 

Greenleaf Richard C. 

Greenough Chas. P. 

Greenough D. S. jr. 

Greenough Wm. A. 
tGreenough Wm. W. 

Gregerson George W. 

Gregory Geo. Wm. 

Griffin George A. 

Griffin Martin 

Griffin William F. 

Griggs George 

Griggs John H. 

Grinnell Charles E. 

Griswold Daniel C. 

Grubb William F. 

Guerrini Joachim 

Guild Charles E. 

Guild Curtis 

Guild George K. 

Guild James 

Guild Josiah F. 

Guild William H. 

Gurnev Silas 

Hackett Horatio B. 

Hadley Eugene J. 

Hagar Eugene B. 

tHale Charles 

Hale Edwin B. 

tHale George 8. 

Hale Theodore P. 


Hall Adino H, 

Hall Alfred S. 

tHall Charles B. 

Hall I>. Winsor 

Hall Francis A. 

Hall Oustavus V. 

Hall James M. W. 

Hall John K. 
Hall Oliver 
Hall William S. 
tHamilton Edward 
Hamilton Nathaniel 
Hanson Hadley P. 
Hapgood Lyman S. 
Harding Hamlin R. 
Harding Lvman L. 
Harding William B. 
Harding William P. 
Hardy George R. 
Hardy John H. 
Harlow Thomas S. 
Harman Thomas L. 
Harmon Stephen W. 
Harrington Chas. F. 
Harrington E Iw'd T. 
Harrington John 
Harringion John C. 
Harrington Wm. H. 
Harris Elmer W. 
Harris James G. 
Harris Samuel T. 
Harris William G. 
Harris William H. 
Hart Horace S. 
Hart S. Rowland 
Hart William H. 
Harwood Irving I. 
Haskell Andrew L. 
Haskins David G. jr. 
Hassam Fred'k W. 
Hassam John T. 
Hastings Andrew J. 
Hastings Edward 
Hastings John W. 
Hatch Samuel 
Hatch Windsor, 2d 
Hatheway Simon W. 
ttlaven Franklin 
tHaven Franklin, jr. 
Hawes Forest O. 
Hayden Charles J. 
Hayden Horace J. 
Hayes Alexander L. 
fHayes Francis B. 
Hayes Francis L. 
Hayes William A. 
Haynes Henry P. 
Hazelton Horace L. 
Head Charles D. 
tHealy John P. 
Healy Joseph 
Heard J. Theodore 
Hebron John B. 
Hedge William 
Heidenreich E. 
Henn-nway Alfred 
Henchman Nath'l H. 
Henshaw Fredk. H. 
Herman J. Henry 
Herriek Charles P. 
Herrick William A. 
Hersey Albert W. 
Hesseltine FrancisJS. 

Hibbard Hermon E. 

Hibbard Salmon P. 
Hibbard William C. 

Hichborn George R. 

Hichborn Samuel 

Hichborn William 

Higgins Peter 

Higginson Henry L. 

Hill Edwin N. 

Hill Hamilton A. 

Hill Herbert E. 

Hill Joseph W. 

Hill Noble H. 

Hill Thnmas 

Hill William H.jr. 

Hillard George S. 

Hillard James L. 

tHills A G. 

Hills Frank H. 

Hills Joel H. 

Hills Thomas 

HilU William S. 

Hinds Calvin P. 

Hinds George J. 

Hohart Arthur Wm. 

Hobart Peter 

Hobbs George L. 

Hobbs George M. 

tHobbs William 

Hodges Samuel W. 

Hodgkins William H. 

Hodson Henry 

Holbrook Horatio N. 

Holbrook Moses 

Holbrook S. Pinckney 

Holden Artemas R. 

Holden Artemas R.jr. 

Holden Charles W. 
Holden Joshua B. 
Holland Henry W. 
Hollis J. Edward 
Holmes Edward J. 
Holmes Jabez S. 
Holmes John S. 
Holmes Oliver M. 
Holmes Oliver W., jr. 
Holmes Richard 
Holt Charles A. 
Holway Merrill S. 
Homaiis Charles D. 
f Homer Peter T. 
Hooper Edward W. 
Hooper George K. 
Hooper Robert 
Hopkins Albert H. 
Horton Charles M. 
Houghton Charles 
Houghton Charles H. 
Hovey Charles A. 
Hovey Charles H. 
Hovey Joseph F. 
Howard Edgar 
Howard James H. 
Howard James M. F. 
Howard Martin 
Howe A. Murray 
Howe Moses G. 
tHowe William G. 
*Howes Lewis W. 
Hoxie Timothy \V. 
Hovt Edward H. 
Hubbard Charles E. 
Hubbard Daniel B. 
Hubbard JosM) W. 
Hubbard Lucius L. 
Hudson John E. 
Hughes Francis M. 
♦Hull Liverus 
Humphrey Eugene 
Humphrey F. J. 
Humphreys Rich. C. 
Hunnewell Francis 
Hunt Harrison G. 
Hunt Henry C. 
Hunt Israel T. 
Hunt Wellington L.G. 
Hunter Henry M. 
Hunting Edward A. 
Huntington Chas. W. 
Huntress Geo'ge L. 
Huntress John E. 
Hurd Charles H. 
Hurd Francis W. 
Hurlburt Henry F. 
Hatchings William V. 
Hutchins Edward W. 
Hutchins Henry C. 
Hutchins Thomas A. 
Hutchinson Chas. O. 
Hutchinson Freedom 
Hutchinson Henry 
Hutchinson Wm. H. 
Hutchinson W. S. 
Hyde Henrv D. 
Hyde Hosea 
Irigalls John B. 
Ingersoll Ouarles D. 
*Ives Stephen B., jr. 
Jackson Charles E. 
Jackson John G. 
Jacobs Asa, jr. 
James E. Worth en 
t James tieorge A. 
James William E. 
Jaques Francis 
Jeffries John 
Jenkins Edward J. 
Jennison Samuel 
tJewell Harvey 
Johnson Eugene M. 
Johnson Henry A. 
Johnson Robert 
Johnson Samuel 
Johnston J. Albert 
Jones Augustine 
Jones Charles A. 
Jones Charles Willis 
tJones Edward J. 
Jones George N. 
Jones George Stevens 
Jones Jerome 
Jones Leonard A. 
Jordan Augustus C. 
Jordan Frank W. 
Jordan Wm. H. S. 
Joy Albion K. P. 
Judge James D. 
Judkins Charles S. 
Judson Gurdon C. 
Keefe Joseph P. 

Keefe William J. 
Keith Arthur M. 
Keith David B. 
tKeith James M. 
Keith John W. 
tKellen William V 
tKelley Edward A. 
Kelley George W. 
Kelso (ieorge R. 
Kemp Nathaniel P. 
Kendall Joseph S. 
Kennard Wm. H. 
Kennedy Thomas C. 
Kenney John 
Kent Daniel 
Kent William H. 
Kettell George P. 
Keyes Charles G. 
Keyes Richard E. D. 
Keyes Stephen F. 
Kidder Henry P. 
Kidder Isaac L. 
Killian John E. 
Kimball Benjamin 
Kimball Chailes W. 
Kimball David P. 
Kimball Edgar L. 
Kimball Edward R, 
tKimball Moses 
Kimball Otis 
King Francis L. 
King John G. 
tKing William S. 
Kingsbury Aaron 
Kingsbury George H. 
Kingsbury Isaac F. 
Kingsbury Wm. C. 
Kingsbury William S. 
Kingsley Chester W. 
KingSiey Daniel 
Kinney Edward A. 
tKinsley Edward W. 
Kittredge Francis W. 
Kittredge Henry W. 
Kittridge Charles F. 
Knapp George B. 
Knapp Oren S. 
Knapp Russell R. 
Knapp Thomas 
Knappe Carl 
Knight Andrew L. 
Knight Elbridge G. 
Knowlcs Isaiah, jr. 
Knowles William F. 
Kuhn George H. 
Kuhn John 
Kurtz Charles C. 
Kyle Winslow S. 
Ladd Babson S. 
Ladd Nathaniel W. 
LafonneA. Bernard 
Lamb George 
Lamb Thomas 
Lam kin Guy 
Lamson A. Ward 
Lamson John A. 
Lane Charles B. 
Lane Charles E. 
Lane John C. 
Lappen James A. 
Lathrop John 
Lauteii Albert F. 
Lawrence Abbott 
Lawrence Abbott, jr. 
Lawrence Amory A. 
♦Lawrence Amos A. 
Lawrence Edward 
Lawrence Edward, jr. 
Lawrence Francis W. 
Lawrence Wm. F. 
Leach George C. 
Leach Henry L. 
Leach James E. 
Learnard George W. 
Learned Francis H. 
Leatherbee John W. 
Lee Thomas J. 
Lee William 
Lee William H. 
tLee William R. 
♦Leighton John C. 
Leland Emerson 
Leman Augustus F. ""v 
Leonard George 
Letts Charles 
Leverett George V. 
Lewis Albert fi. 
Lewis Alfred R. 
Lewis Thomas 
Lewis Weston 
♦Lewis William G. 
Libbey Moses H. 
Lincoln Arthur 



Lincoln Charles S. 
t Lincoln Frederic W. 
Lincoln Roland C. 
Lincoln William 
Linscott Daniel C. 
Litchfield Ira 
Little Charles H. 
Little (ieorge 1$. 
Little James L. jr. 
Little J. Kussell 
tLittle Samuel 
Littlefield Charles L. 
Littletield George S. 
Littlefield Harr.sonD. 
Littlefield Walter 
Livermore Thos. L. 
Lockwood John S. 
Logan S. H. 
Lombard Nathan C. 
Lombard Richard J. 
Loomis Elihu G. 
Lord John 
Lord J. Brown 
Lord Thomas H". 
Loring Alden P. 
Loring Caleb William 
Loring Charles F. 
Loring Eleazer B. 
Loring Horace 
Loring Isaac W. 
Loring John A. 
Loring Joshua 
Loring Stanton D. 
Loring William C. 
Loud Andrew J. 
Loud Samuel C. 
Lovejoy Samuel M. 
Loverimg Charles T. 
Loverm; Daniel, jr. 
Lovett Joshua 
Lowell Augustus 
Lowell Edward J. 
Lucas Winslow B. 
Luce Daniel G. 
Luce Enos T. 
Lund Rodney 
Lunt Henry 
*Lynde Alonzo V. 
Lyndon Patrick F. 
Lyons John 
Macdonald E. A. 
Macdonald Jerome 
Maefarlane Wm. S. 
Mack Thomas 
Mackintosh H. B. 
Mackintosh Wm. H. 
Magee James B. 
Magnitzky Gustave 
Magoun Herbert 
Maguire Patrick 
Maguire Thomas F. 
Mahan John W. 
t Maine Sebeus C. 
Mair Thomas 
Mann George S. 
Mann John J. 
Mann Sewell B. 
Manning John P. 
Mansfield Gideon T 
Marble William 
March George N. 
Marden Oscar A. 
Marsh Frederick A. 
tMarsh Lucius B. 
Marsh Samuel B. 
Marshall Wvzeman. 
Martin Johii B. 
Martin William D. 
♦Martin William H. 
Mason Edward H. 
Mason Lyman 
Mason William H. 
Matehett William F. 
Mather Henry H. 
Matthews Richard S. 
Maxwell J. Audley 
May John 
May John J. 
tMay J. Wilder 
Maynaiier James E. 
McCarthy Thomas J. 
McCarthy William 
McCleary Samuel F 
McClellan Arthur D. 
*McClellan John 
McCormick James 
McFarland James II. 
McGeough James A. 
McGilvray Jacob B. 
Mclntire Charles J. 
McKay George E. 
McKim John W. 
McLaughlin Edw. A. 

McLeod Arthur J. 
McMahou James 
McManus James 
McN'utt John J. 
Meade .Michael 
Means William G. 
Mears John 
Mflcher Charles C. 
Mel vin James C. 
Mendum Georse E. 
Mercer Alfred J. 
Merriam Adolphus 
Mirriam Charles 
Merrill Charles H. 
Merrill Moody 
Merritt Franklin S. 
Merritt Neliemiah T. 
Merritt William F. 
Merwin Elias 
Meserve I<aac H. 
Metealf Henry B. 
Miles Frank C 
Miller George H. 
Miller Will, am H. 
11 illett Joshua H. 
Milliken Ebenezer C. 
Mills Dexter T. 
Mills Isaac B. 
Mills John F. 
Minot John 0. B. 
Minot William 
Minot William, jr. 
Mitchell Charles L. 
Mixter Calvin S. 
Molineaux Robert W. 
Moll John J. A. 
Moore Frederic H. 
Moore George F. 
Moore Hobart 
Moore James M. 
Morgan Charles H. 
Morison Frank 
Morrill George 
Morrill Joseph 
tMorris Robert 
■(■Morris Robert, jr 
tMorrissey Dennis H. 
Morse Bushrod 
Morse George W. 
Morse Godfrey 

Morse Horace E. 
♦Morse Isaac S. 

Morse James C. 

Morse John T. jr. 

Morse Nathan 

Morse Robert M. jr. 

Morss Anthony S. 

Morton Andrew J. 

Morton John D. 

Moseley Alexander 

Moseley Edward A. 

Moseley Frederick P. 

Motley Thomas 

Mouiton Baron C. 

Moulton Oliver 

Mowry Oscar B. 

Mullin William F. 

Mulvey Francis J. 

Munroe Francis J. 

Munroe James W. 

Munroe Jotham E. 

Munroe William 

Munroe William A. 

Murphy James R. 

Murray Robert A. 

Murray Thomas S. 

Musse3 r Edward W. 

♦Muzzey Henry W. 

Myrick George 

Nash Joseph 

Nash Samuel 

Nason Albert D. 

N ason Almond F. 

Nason Jesse L. 

Nason Robert W. 

Nason Rufus W. 

Nazro Charles G. 

tNeedham Daniel 

Nettleton Aaron F. 

Nettleton Edward P. 

Newell Edward A. 

Newton Jeremiah L. 

Nichols Charles C. 

Nichols George B. 

Nichols George W. 

Nichols John P. 

Nichols Lyman 

Nichols Richard C. 

Nichols William 

Nichols William W. 

Nickels Edward C. 

Nickerson F. S. 

Nickerson Fred. W. 

Nickerson Joseph 
Nickerson Pliny 
Ni es Stephen R. 
Nims Ormond F. 
Noble John 
Noble John, E.B. 
Noble Wiliiain 
Noorian Daniel 
tXorcross Otis 
Norcross Otis, jr. 
Norman James S. 
tNorton Eugene L. 
Norton Michael 
Nottage Henry B. 
Nourse Benjamin F 
Nowcll John A. 
Noyes Benjamin George 
Noyes George D. 
Nutter Charles C. 
Nutter Thomas F. 
Nye Allan R. 
O'Brien Cornelius 
O'Brien James W. 
O'Brien John B. 
O'Brien William J. 
O'Callaghan Cor. H. 
*0'Connell Maurice 
O'Connor Edward, jr. 
O'Connor Edward B. 
O'Gonnan Joseph S. 
0' Hare Joseph 
Oldham Jonathan 
Olmstead James M. 
Olnev Richard 
Orcu'tt William H. 
Ordway John P. 
Osborn Francis A. 
Osborne George F. 
Otis AlbertB. 
Otis Howland 
Otis William C. 
Owen Roscoe P. 
Paue Augustus 
Page Charles J. 
tPage Cyrus A. 
Page Edward 
Page Henry H. 
Page Timoihy R. 
Paige John C. 
Paine John H. 
Paine Robert Treat 
Paine Rob't Treat, jr. 
fPalfrey Francis W. 
Palmer George H. 
Park George W. 
Park John C. 
Park William D. 
Parker Benjamin F. 
Parker Charles H. 
Parker Francis E. 
Parker Francis J. 
Parker Horatio G. 
Parker Jeremiah D. 
Parktr John B. 
Parker John l>. 
Parker John D. jr. 
Parker John E. 
Parker Retire H. 
Parker William M. 
Parker William T. 
Parkinson John 
Parkman Henry 
Parkman William 
Parks Clarence A. 
Parks Ward J. 
Parsons Clarence T. 
Parsons Solomon 
Pastene Peter 
Patridge Eugene E. 
Pattee Charles H. 
Pattee William G. A. 
Patten I. Bartlett 
Patten Joseph M. 
Paul Joseph F. 
tPayne Charles F. 
Peabody Wm. B. O. 
Peabody William S. 
Pearce James W. 
Pearson Charles L. 
Pearson Francis W. 
Peck William G. 
Peirce Roger N. 
Peirce William 
tPeirson Charles L. 
Pelkus William 
Pelletier Wm. S. 
Pelton Florentine W. 
Pendergast Geo. H. 
Perkins Charles B. 
Perkins Edward C. 
Perkins Frederic B. 
Perkins Ge jrge T. 

Perkins Henry P. 
Perkins H. Russell 
Perkins Henry W. jr. 
Perkms John L. 
Perkins Thomas H. 
Perkins William 
Perkins William E. 
Perry Baxter E. 
Perry Francis A. 
Perry George A. 
Peters Alvah H. 
Peters G. H. 
Peterson Reuben, jr. 
Pettengill Jona. M 
Peyey Gilbert A. A. 
Philbrook George II. 
Phillips Charles A. 
♦Phillips George Wm. 
tPhillips Samuel 
Pickering Henry G. 
Pickering Henry W. 
Pickering James W. 
Pickering John 
Pierce Charles W. 
Pierce Edward H. 
tPierce Edward L. 
Pierce George W. 
Pierce Phineas 
Pierce Samuel B. 
Pigeon William B. 
PilHburv Albert E. 
Pindell Charles E. 
Pinkham George F. 
Piper George F. 
tPlumer Avery 
Plumer Joseph A. 
Plummet- C. G. C. 
Pollard Uriah A. 
Pond Benjamin 
Pool William F. 
Poole Benjamin 
Poole Benjamin, jr. 
Poole Silas 
Poor Franklin N. 
Poor George H. 
Poor John O. 
Pope Frederick G. 
Pope Richard 
Pope William 
Potter Andrew B. 
Potter Asa P. 
Potter H. Staples 
PowellJohn D. N. R. 
Power James 
Power Tilesion C. 
Powers Cassius C. 
Powers Charles E. 
Pratt Caleb I 
Pratt Charles E. 
Pratt Charles H. 
Pratt Eleazer F. 
Pratt Franklin S. 
Pratt Isaac, jr. 
Pratt John C. 
Pratt La ban 
Pratt William 
Pray Benjamin S. 
Prescott Charles J. 
Prescott Geo. Watson 
Prescott Washing. L. 
Preston James W. 
Preston Horatio W. 
♦Price E. Sewall 
Priest George E. 
Priest John T. 
Prince Charles Albert 
tPrince Frederick 0. 
Prince John T. 
Proctor George B. 
Proctor Thomas P. 
tPulsifer Bickford 
■fPnlsifer David 
Pulsifer Royal M. 
Putnam Allen P. 
Putnam Edwin M. 
Putnam George, jr. 
Putnam Henry \y. 
Quincy Edmund, jr. 
Quincy George H. 
tQuincy .losiah 
Quincy William H. 
Rand Arnold A. 
Rand Caleb 
Rand George C. 
tRand Edward S. 
Randall John L. 
Randall Otis Gray 
Randolph Peter 
Riiiney Ambrose A. 
Ray Edwin 
Raymond Edward M. 
Rea John P. 
Read Charles C. 



Reade Vincent De P. 
Reed Charles M. 
Reed Clarence M. 
Reed Edward 
Reed Franklin 0. 
Reed George M. 
Reed Isaac G. 
Reed James H. 
Reed John 
Reed Josiah T. 
Reed Samuel W. 
Reed T. Frank 
Reed'Warren A. 
Reed William Gordon 
Remele George H. 
Reynolds Frank W. 
Reynolds Henry R. 
Rhodes John B. 
*Kiee Alexander H. 
tRhodes Stephen H. 
Rice Edmund 
Rice George Woods 
Rice Henry A. 
Rice James H. 
Rice John H. 
Rice Willard 
Rich Giles H. 
Richards Calvin A. 
Richards Edward 
Richards George H. 
Richards J. Avery 
Richardson A Ibert L. 
Richardson Albert P. 
Richardson Frank P. 
Richardson George P. 
Richardson Ivory N. 
tKichardson Ivory W 
Richardson James B. 
Richardson Jeffrey 
Richardson Sp'nc'rW 
Richardson Win. E. 
Richardson Win. F. 
Riley Edward 
Riley 'l nomas 
Rinke Samuel B. 
Ring Constant Q. 
Ripli-y Ebed L. 
Ripley George 
Ritchie William K. 
Roberts Benjamin F. 
Roberts George L. 
Roberts James H. 
Roberts John H. 
Robeson W. R. jr. 
Robie John 
Robinson Alphonzo J 
tliobinson Cbas. jr. 
Robinson Edwin A. 
Robinson Marvin P. 
Robinson Prescott 
Rohii son Silas F. 
Robinson Thomas 
Robinson T. S. G. 
Rock wood Edward 0. 
Rogers Charles A. 
Rogers Daniel H. 
Rogers George E. 
Rogers Gotham 
Rogers Henry M. 
Rogers Joseph P. 
Rohan Charles B. 
Rollins Charles 
Rollins James W. 
Ropes John C. 
Ross Alphonso 
Ross Samuel J. 
Rowe Geo. H. M. 
Rowe Joseph 
Royce Uurnham 
Ruttin George L. 
Russ Augustus 
Russegue Ajpheus A. 
Russell Charles 
Russell Chas. T. jr. 
Russell Edwin F. 
Russell J. Henry 
Russell Samuel H. 
tRussell Thomas 
tRussell Thomas H. 
Russell William G. 
Ryder Francis W. 
Sai.ler Alvin G. 
Salmon Stephen D. jr 
Salom Mark 
Sampson Calvin P. 
Sampson Icnabod 
Sanborn Edward W. 
Sanborn Krastus W. 
Sanborn G. Gardner 
Sanborn John A. 
Sands Edward 
Sant'ord Alpheus 
Satiford Joseph B. 

Ranger George P. jr. 
Sanger William T. 
Sargent Gustavus F. 
Sargent Hor. Bin. ji 
Sargent Lucius M. 
♦Saunders Chas. G. 
Savage Edward H. 
Savage George A. 
Savage 1 nomas 
Savage William F. 
Sawin Samuel D. 
Sawyer Arthur W. 
Sawyer Charles W. 
Sawyer Jabez A. 
Sawyer Joseph 
Sawyer Joseph D. 
Sawyer Timothy T. 
Sayward William 
Scait'e Lauristou L. 
Scott Augustus E. 
fScudder Henry A. 
Sears Paul 
Sears Philip H. 
Sears Richard W. 
Sears Willard T. 
Sears William B. 
Seaver Fred. 
Seaver Nathanael 
Seaver Hobert 
Seaward Addison J. 
Sewall Samuel E. 
Shapleigh Samuel C. 
Sharp Daniel 
Sharp Daniel, jr. 
Shaw Arthur A. 
Shaw Charles A. 
+Shaw George A. 
Shaw George L. 
Shaw Henry S. 
Shaw John O. jr. 
Shaw Lemuel 
Shaw Oliver L. 
Shaw Robert G. 
Shaw Roland C. 
Shaw Samuel S. 
Sheffield George 
Sneldon William E. 
SbepardChas. A. B. 
Shepard Edward O. 
Shepard Harvey N. 
Shepard S. Prescott 
Sherburne John H. 
tSherman Eleazer C. 
Shimmin Charles F. 
Sbiverick George 
Shoninger Joseph 
Shuler-Schutz Lud.P. 
Shurtleff Hiram s. 
Shute James M. jr. 
Sibley Henry W. 
Sideis Charles 
Silsby Joseph P. 
Simonds Alvan 
Simons Stephen B. 
Sise Charles F. 
Skillings David N. 
tSlaek Charles W. 
Slade Lucius 
Slater Andrew C. 
tSleeper Jacob 
Smith Charles 
Smith Charles F. 
Smith Charles Henry 
Smith Chauncy 
Smith Edward J. 
Smith Emery B. 
Smith Francis M. 
Smiih Frank C. 
Smith Franklin W. 
Smith George A. 
Smith George E. 
tSmith Henry 
Smith Henry A. 
Smith Henry Hyde 
Smith Horace 
Smith James 
Smith James S. 
Smith Louis 
tSmith Phineas B. jr. 
SinithKobert D. 
Smith Thomas C. 
Smith Thomas M. 
Smith William A. 
Smith William E. 
Smyihe George A. 
Sneaden George R. 
Snell Henry M. 
Snellirg Samuel G. 
Snow Francis B. 
Snow Samuel 
Sohier William, 
Somerby Gustavus A. 
Southard Charles B. 

Southworth Robert A. 
Spach Henry F. 
Spalding John J. 
Spaulding Iran D. 
Speare Alden 
Spenceley Chris. J. 
Spinney Edwin B. 
Spinney Samuel R. 
Spitz Henry B. 
Spooner Nathaniel 
Sprague Charles J. 
Sprague Francis 
Sprague Henry H. 
Sprague Seth 
Sprague William G. 
Stacey Benjamin F. 
Stacey Melville 
Stackpole J. Lewis 
Standish L. Miles 
Stanwood Charles 
Stanwood Henry P. 
Stark John II. 
Stearns Edward 
Stearns William B. 
Stedman Francis D. 
Stetson S'dnev A. 
tStetson Wil'iam J. 
Stevens Alfred H. 
Stevens A. Hiram 
Stevens Charles E. 
Stevens Fied. T. 
Stevens Hazard 
Stevens Henry J. 
Stevens .Joseph C. 
Stevens Oliver 
Stevens William B. 
Stevenson John L. 
Stevenson Robert H. 
Stodder Henry F. 
Stone Alvah C. 
Stone Alison J. 
tStone James M". 
Sione Philip S. 
tStone P nuchas J. 
Stone i'hinehas J. jr. 
Stone Richard, jr. 
Storey Charles W. 
Storey Moortleld 
Storrow Charles S. 
Storrow James J. 
Story Isaac 
Story Joseph 
Story William F. 
Strain Andrew R. 
Stratton Charles E. 
Siubbe William H. 
Studley John H. 
tSturgis Jaiues 
Sufl'ern Edward L. 
Sullivan Barry 
Sullivan Edward 
Sullivan John J. 
Sullivan Thomas F. 
ts titer Hales W. 
Swan Charles H. 
Swan James 
Swan Robert T. 
Swan Willi: mW. 
Swasey Henry B. 
Swasey Horatio E. 
Sweetser Isaac 
Sweetser I. Homer 
Swcney Charles E. 
Swett Melville H. 
♦Swift Erdix T. 
Switt Henry W. 
Swords Thomas A. 
Talbot Newton 
Tallon Thomas A. 
Tappan Eugene 
Tap pan Josiah S. 
Tarbell John P. 
Taylor Frederick B. 
Taylor John 
Taylor John Henry 
Tai lor T. Albert 
Taylor William O. 
t'i'ead Edward L. 
Teele John O. 
Temple Thomas F. 
Tenney Alonzo C. 
Tenney Benjamin F. 
Tenney Charles S. 
Teschemacher P. E. 
Thacher Isaac 
Thacher Peter 
Thacher Stephen 
Thacher'William G. 
Thaxter David 
Thayer Charles F. 
Thayer Charles L. 

Thayer Frederic F. 
Thayer David 
Thayer James B. 
Thayer Nathaniel 
tThomns Benj. F. 
Thomas Charles G. 
Thomas James B. F. 
Thomas Seth J. 
Thomes William H. 
Thompson Chas. W. 
Thompson Edwin 
Thompson Robert M. 
Thomson James D. 
tThorndike John H. 
Thorndike John L. 
Thorndike S. Lothrop 
Thornton J. Wingate 
Tirrell Charles Q. 
Tisdale George w. 
Titus John W. 
Tobey Gerard C. 
Tobev Phineas .S. 
Todd" Charles R. 
Tolman Adams K. 
Tompkins Dexter A. 
Tompson Edw. W. E. 
Tompson Samuel 
Toner James A. 
Torrey Benjamin B. 
Torrey Everett 
Torssell Jacob W. 
Tourje'e Eben 
Tower Benj. L. M. 
Tower Gideon D. 
Towne Truman B. 
Towne William H. 
Townsend Edward B. 
Townsend Henry E. 
Townsend James 
tTrnin Charles K. 
Travers Patrick 
Treadwell Benj. F. 
Tripp George H. 
Trowbridge S. W. 
Tucker Daniel 
Tucker Horace G. 
Tucker James C. 
Tucker Joseph A. 
Tucker Joseph W. 
Tucker Pavson E. 
tTucker William W. 
Tufts Edwin 
Tufts George J. 
Turner Alfred T. 
Turner Charles W. 
Turner Roswell 
Tuttle Charles W. 
Tuxburv George W. 
Tyler Charles H. 
Tvler Edward 
Tyler John 
Tyler JohnE. 
Tyler J. Kendall 
Tyler William C. 
Tyndale Thco. H. 
I'nderwood Francis H 
Underwood Guy C. 
Underwood Wm. J. 
Upham Edward 
Upham James H. 
U-her James M. 
Van Derlip Willard C. 
Van Duzee Ira D. 
Vannevar Aaron B. 
Vaughan Alex. K. 
Vaughan William W. 
Vialle Charles A. 
Vila Joseph 
Vincent George H. 
Vinton Alfred C. 
Vose Robert, jr. 
Wade Joseph M. 
tWadleigh Edwin A. 
Wadsworth Alex. 
Wadswonh Alex. F. 
Wait Gilbert 
Waken' Id Enoch H. 
Waketteld John F. 
Wakefield Thomas H. 
Wakefield Thomas L. 
Walbridge Fred G. 
Waicott Charles F. 
Walcott Charles H. 
Wahlron John Q. A. 
Wales Nathaniel 
Walker Clement A. 
tWalker Edwin G. 
Walker Edwin R. 
Walker Henry A. 
Walker Henry W. 
Walker Sylvenus 
Wallace Cranmore N. 
Walley William P. 



Walsh James 
Walsh James L. 
Ward Clarence S. 
Ward Francis J. 
Ward Joseph H. 
Ward Langdon S. 
Ward Michael J. 
Wardrop David W. 
W -irdwell Henry- 
Ware Darwin E. 
Ware George W. jr. 
Ware Horace E. 
Warner Aaron E. 
Warner Joseph B. 
tWarren G. Wash'ton 
Warren Webster F. 
Warren Winslow 
Warren Wm. Wilkins 
Warren Wm. Wirt 
Washburn Alex C. 
Washburn B. Davis 
Washburn John M. 
Waterman D. S. 
Watson John C. 
Watson William F. 
Way John M. 
Webb Charles H. 
Webster David L. 
Weeks Andrew G. 
tWclch Charles A. 
Welch Francis C. 
Wellington Ambrose 
Wellington Asa 
Wellington Austin C. 
Wellington Chas. W. 
Wellington Henry W. 
Wellington Hiram 
Wellman John W. 
Wellman Joseph H. 
Wellman William A. 
Wells Charles P. 
Wells Henry J. 
Wells Samuel 
Welsh Edward J. 

Wentworth Alonzo B 
Wentworth Sam'l H. 
tWest Benjamin H. 
West Paul 
West William H. 
Weston Clarence P. 
Weston Thomas, jr. 
Wetherbee Fred. A. 
Wetherbee John E. 
Weth-rbeeJ. Otis 
Wharton Wm. Fisher 
Wheeler Alexander S. 
Wheeler Charles 
Wheelock Fordyce F. 
tWheelock Peter S. 
Wheelwright A. C. 
Whipple John L. 
Whitcomb Win. H. 
Wnite Edward A. 
White Henry B. 
White Moses Perkins 
White Robert 
White Willard 
Whitebone .Samuel 
Whiting Albert T. 
Whitman James H. 
Whitmarsh Wm. W. 
Whitmore Wm. H. 
Whitney Charles 
Whitney Chas. L. B. 
Whitnev Henry M. 
Whitney William S. 
Whittemore Benj. F. 
*Whittemorc E. S. 
Whittemore Henry 
Whittemore Winslow 
Whitten Charles V. 
Whittier A. E. 
Whittier Charles 
Whittier Charles A. 
Whittier D. B. 
Wiggin Andrew 
Wiggin Charles E. 
Wiggin Charles E. jr. 

Trial Justice. 

Winthrop, Edwin C. Gilman. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, des- 
ignated by a *, and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a f.) 

Chelsea, William Andrews, Edwin C. 
Barnes, Franklin O. Barnes, Samuel Bassett, 
tHamlet Bates, Ralph Beatley, Albert D. 
Bosson, George C. Bosson, William P. B. 
Brooks, John Buck, John E. Butler, Simeon 
Butteriield, Charles A. Campbell, Joseph 
R. Carr, jr., tMellen Chamberlain, H. L. 
Champlin, Tracy P. Cheever, Jonathan 
L. Choate, H. Hammond Cole, William 
C. Cutler, Elbridge C. Donnell, Albert 
Dwight, John Edmunds, James P. Farley, 
James P. Farley, jr., Frank B. Fay, John F. 
Fellows, Eustace C. Fitz, Oliver H. Flanders, 
John W. Fletcber.fRufus S. Frost, Benjamin 
J. Gerrish, Thomas Green, John H. Han- 
cock, William H. Hart, Andrew L. Haskell, 
William O. Haskell, Horatio B. Hersey, Otis 
Hinman, Merrill S. Holway, Thomas S. Hoyt, 
Charles C. Hutchinson, William M. Jewett, 
George H. Jones, David F. Kimball, Samuel B. 
Logan, William H. Long, Isaac W. Loring, 
Eben W. Lothrop, John Low, Stillman P. 
Marsh, William J. McCormick, Alfred J. 
Mercer, Charles A. Merriam, Otis Merriam, 
Eugene Millikin, George W. Moses, Samuel 
Orcutt, John P. Payson, William R. Pear- 
main, George H. Peters, James T. Phelps, 
Benjamin Phipps, jr., Allen Pratt, Benjamin 
C. Putnam, tlvory W. Richardson, Charles 

A. Rogers, Harvey Rogers, Erastus Rugg, 
William Shillaber, Heman A. Snow, Henry 

B. Swazey, Alonzo C. Tenney, John H. Ten- 
ney, Samuel P. Tenney, Francis S. Tent, 
James Tent, True W. Townsend, Frank T. 
Ware, John Warner, George D. Wildes. 

Revere, Charles Bird, Benjamin H. Dewing, 
Daniel T. Fuller, Wiliam T. Hall, Jonathan 
Harrington, John H. Proctor, Benjamin 

Winthrop, David Belcher, *Edward Floyd, 
Sumner Floyd, Newell Giles, Edwin C. Gil- 
man, Samuel G. Irwin, Edmund S. Read, 
William T. Thacher, J. Wingate Thornton. 

Winship J. P. Cashing 
Winslow Edward 
Wise Edward 
Wise Samuel H. 
Witherbee John B. 
Withington William 
Wolcott Koger 
Wolston John G. 
Wood Charles G. 
Wood Ueorge K. 
Wood George II. 
Woo tbury Charles 
Woodbury Charles L. 
Woodman Charles T. 
Woodman Horatio 
Woods Henry F. 
Woods John S. 
Woods Joseph E. 
Woodward Harlow E. 
Wooster Benj. M. 
Worcester Francis 
Worster John E. 
Worthington Roland 
Wright Albert J. 
W right Allah W. 
Wright Asahel I?. 
*Wright Carroll D. 
Wright Edwin 
♦Wright Isaac H. 
Wright John H. 
Wright John S. 
Wright Samuel C. 
Wright Smith 
Wymau Abraham G. 
Wyman Asa 
Wyman Ferdinand A. 
Wvman Isaac C. 
Wynne Patrick B. 
Yamada Eneas 
Young James H. 
Young Louis W. 

Wightman Joseph M. 
Wilbur Asa 
Wilbur Horace B. 
Wilder Charles W. 
iWilder Marshall P. 
Wildes Frank W. 
Wildes George D. 
Wilkins Charles W. 
Wilkins Frederick A. 
Wilkins Samuel F. 
Willard Joseph 
+Willird Joseph A. 
♦Willard Sidney F. 
Willard Timothy W. 
Willcutt Francis H. 
Willcutt Levi L. 
Willey Tolman 
Williams Alfred 
Williams Charles J. 
Williams Daniel 
Williams George F. 
Williams George W. 
Williams Henry 
Williams H. Bigelow 
Williams Henry W. 
Williams Horace P. 
Williams John 
Williams John R. 
Williams Nicholas M. 
Williams Robert B. 
Williams Stephen H. 
Williams Steph. H. jr. 
Williams W. Roscoe 
Williamson Win. C. 
Willis Clement 
Willis James D. K. 
Willson Samuel S. 
Wilson Arthur P. 
Wilson Henry W. 
Wilson John T. 
Wilson Joseph F. 
Wilson Thomas 
Winnett Jason 
Winship F. Lyman 

Medical Examiners. 
Boston, Frank W. Draper, Francis A. 

Chelsea, Francis A. Harris. 

Notaries Public. 

(For Boston Notaries, see Boston Business 

Directory, page 233.) 
Chelsea, Hamlet Bates, Charles Blanchard, 
Albert L. Brown, Arthur B. Clapp, W. M. 
Jewett, W. Frederick Kimball, William H. 
Long, Eugene Milliken, A. L. Morse. 

Constables in Boston. 

(Constables to make complaints against truant chil~ 
dren, designated by a' ; Health Department, by af; 
Collector's Deputies, by a $.) 

Francis M. Adams, Arthur F. Anderson, 
Richard F. Andrews, Ellery S. Ayer, {Wil- 
liam H. Badlam, James Ball, William S. 
Bangs, John R. Barry, Patrick Barry, Fran- 
cis J. Baxter, *Jacob T. Beers, Morrill P. 
Berry, William W. Blake, Charles S. Blood, 
Charles A. Booth, Samuel Brackett, Frank B. 
Brown, Moses P. Brown, {Francis V. Bul- 
finch, Charles Burcham, Frank H. Butler, 
Hiram A. Campbell, Samuel Canning, jr., 
James M. Carter, Lemuel Clai-k, Joseph D. 
Coburn, *Chase Cole, {George W. Conant, 
William P. Cook, W. M. H. Copeland, tDan- 
iel B. Curtis, Hinds R. Darling, {William G. 
Davies, {Isaac W. Derby, Alvin S. Drew, 
George G. Drew, William E. Easterbrook, 
Caleb S. Emery, David L. Fagin, Ephraim 
W. Farr, Thomas Fee, jr., *George M. Felch, 
fThomas Folger, {Henry M. Forristall, Wil- 
liam A. Fort, Elijah D. Foss, William T. 
Gardner, Sarell Gleason, James F. Goodwin, 
{Dennis J. Gorman, Augustus Grant, Thomas 
Hall, James G. Harrington, John C. Harring- 
ton, {Sylvester H. Hebard, {William I . 
Hicks, John M. Hodgate, Daniel J. Holkmd, 
Solomon Hovey, jr., Joseph Hubbard, Fred- 
erick P. Ingalls, Thomas A. Jackson, Isaac 
Jacobs, Charles P. Johnson, Stephen P. Kel- 
ley, {Nathaniel P. Kemp, Henry P. Kennedy, 
Fred. B. Knapp, Russell R. Knapp,*Abra- 
ham M. Leavitt, *James P. Leeds, Nicholas 
G- Lynch, {John MacConneU, {John S. 



MacCorry, F. X. Macdonald, William D. 
Martin, John May, *Samuel Mcintosh, fWil- 
liam H. Mcintosh, *Edward F. Mecuen, 
jBenjarnin Meriam, Michael Merrick, jr., 
James Miskelley, Abel B. Munroe, jr., George 
B. Munroe, JothamE. Munroe, Samuel Nash, 
Alonzo F. Neale, Aaron F. Nettleton, John 
Newell, John B. O'Brien, Isaiah Paine, jr., 
David Patterson, Alvah H. Peters, JHenry 
Prentiss, JJ. Edward Priest, George B. Proc- 
tor, John D. Reed, ^Augustus M. Rice, *Han- 
nibal F. Ripley, John Robie, William D. 
Rockwood, John Rogers, Joseph R. Rowe, 
William Sherburne, Charles Smith, Lebbeus 
W. Smith, Lorenzo Smith, Thomas M. Smith, 

tEdwin R. Smyth, Asa South worth, Henry F. 
Spach, JEdwin B. Spinney, *Warren J. 
Stokes, Barry Sullivan. JDenis A. Sullivan, 
*Jeremiah M. Swett, William H. Swift, Chas. 
S. Tasker, Henry Taylor, {William C. Thorn- 
as, George W. Tuckerman, *Charles E. Tur- 
ner, William G. Tyler, JElbridge G. Wallis, 
Morris J. Walsh, William H. Warren, *Sum- 
ner P. White, jGreorge R. Williams, Wright 
W. Williams, *Charles S. Wooffindale, *War- 
ren A. Wright, JAbraham G. Wyman. 

Commissioners of Wrecks* 

Boston, Moses B. Tower. 
Winthrop, Edward Floyd. 


Shire Towns 

Incorporated April 2, 1731. 
Worcester and Fitchburg. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency 

Register of Probate and Insolvency . . . . 
Assistant Register of Probate and Insolvency. 

Clerk of Courts 

Assistant Clerk 

Second Assistant Clerk 

Register of Deeds 

County Treasurer 

Overseers of Rouses of Correction . . . 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Athol, Gardiner Lord. 
Barre, Sylvester Bothwell. 
Blackstone, Edmund O. Bacon. 
Brookfield, H. E. Capen. 

Clinton, Enoch K. Gibbs. 

Douglas {East) .Cornelius Emmons. 
Fitchburg, Francis Buttrick, Henry G. 
Greene, Silas Holman. 

Gardner {South), Lucien W. Brown. 

Grafton, S. Davis Hall. 

Milford, Samuel W. Hayward, Augustus 
W. Keene. 

North Brookfield, Luther P. DeLand. 

Southbridge {Globe Village), Solomon 

Spencer, Nathan Hersey. 

Uxbridge, Merrill Green. 

Warren, William Combs. 

Webster, Rufus C. Hall. 

Westboro', Louis J. Elwell. 

Whitinsville, L. B. Carr. 

Winchendon, Eliphalet S. Wood. 

Worcester, David M. Earle, Ransom M. 
Gould, Edward J. Russell, J. M. Drennan, 
Charles Sibley. 

Masters of House of Correction, and 

Worcester, A.. B. R. Sprague. 
Fitchburg, Benjamin D. Dwinnell. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Barre, Wed. next after 2d Tues. of May 
and October. 

' At Fitchburg, 4th Tues. of April and Sep- 

At Milford, 2d Tues. of April and Septem- 

At Templeton, 2d Tues. of May and Octo- 

At Worcester, 1st and 3d Tues. of every 
month except August. 

Henry Chapin Worcester. 

Charles E. Stevens Worcester. 

Frederick W. Southwick . . . Worcester. 

John A. Dana Worcester. 

William T. Harlow Worcester. 

Elliott H. Peabody Worcester. 

Harvey B. Wilder Worcester. 

Edward A. Brown Fitchburg. 

John P. Sabin, "j 

W. H. Vose, } .... Fitchburg. 

William Kimball, J 

Augustus B. R. Sprague . . . Worcester. 

County Commissioners. 

William O. Brown, Fitchburg; Henry G. 
Taft, Uxbridge ; Henry E. Rice, Barre. 

Special Commissioners. — James R. Davis, 
Milford, Bethuel Ellis, Winchendon. 

Times of Meeting. — At Worcester, 4th 
Tues. in March, 3d Tues. in June, 2d Tues. 
in September, and 4th Tues. in December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Athol, Charles Field. 
Fitchburg, David H. Merriam. 
Westboro', Arthur G. Biscoe. 
Worcester, Frank P. Goulding. 

Public Administrators. 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock. 
Worcester, Francis T. Blackmer, James 
Green, jr. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Fitchburg, Edward P. Loring. 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill, Joseph Mason, 
Henry C. Rice, Samuel Utley, George M. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Athol, Charles Field, George W. Horr, 
Nathaniel Richardson. 

Barre, James W. Jenkins. 

Fitchburg, Harrison Bailey, Charles J. 
Billings, Edward P. Loring, Ebenezer Torrey 
George A. Torrey. 

Milford, James H. Barker, Thomas G. 

North Brookfield, Charles W. Adams, 
Frank A. Smith. 

Oxford, Jasper Brown. 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill, Giles H. 

Worcester, Henry Chapin, Charles A. Chase, 
John A. Dana, William T. Harlow, Joseph 



Mason, Elliott H. Peabody, George W. 
Richardson, William A. Smith, Hamilton B. 
Staples, Charles E. Stevens. 

Justices of tHe Peace. 

(Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, des- 
ignated by a * and Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth, designated by a f 

Ashburnham, S. Joseph Bradlee, John L. 
Cummings, Daniel Ellis, jr., William P. Ellis, 
Marshall Wetherbee, Austin Whitney, Ohio 
Whitney. — Ashburnham Depot, Wilbur F. 

Athol, Thomas D. Brooks, Farwell P. Pay, 
fCharles Field, Thomas H. Goodepeed, 
George H. Graves, Alpheus Harding, Enoch 
T. Lewis, Edgar V. Wilson. —Athol Centre, 
George W. Horr, Albert L. Newman, Samuel 
M. Osgood, J. Sumner Parmenter, Nathaniel 

Auburn, Horace Hobbs, Demosthenes Tif- 

Barre, Pliny H. Babbitt, Charles Brimble- 
com, Humphrey F. Brooks, J. Martin Gor- 
ham, *James W. Jenkins, Henry E. Rice, 
Henry J. Shattuck, Edwin Woods, Harding 

Berlin, Albert Babcock, Amory A. Bartlett, 
William Bassett, Lesley Hastings, Samuel M. 
Haynes, Josiah E. Sawyer, Pliny B. South- 

Blackstone, Estes Burdon, Theodore S. 
Johnson, Lyman Legg, Arthur A. Putnam, 
Richard K. Randolph, jr., Francis N. Thayer,' 
John L. Utley. — East Blackstone, Andrew 
Kelly. — Millville, John C. Scott. 

Bolton, Roswell Barrett, George B. Grassie, 
Silas Holman, Solomon H. Howe, Daniel 
Marsh, Edwin A. Whitcomb, Francis E. 
White omb. 

Boylston (Centre), Charles Andrews, fJohn 

B. Gough, Willard H. S. Packard, Jos. M. 

Brookfield, Stillman Butterworth, George 
S. Duell, George E. Forbes, *Dwight Hyde, 
George W. Johnson, Emmons Twitchell. — 
East Brookjield, Samuel D. Cole, David W. 

Charlton, Lewis E. Capen, Henry Clarke, 
Rufus B. Dodge, Alfred E. Fiske, William F. 
Gale, Allman Sampson. — Charlton City, 
Simeon Lamb. 

Clinton, Daniel H. Bemis, Henry N. Bige- 
low, Elisha Brimhall, Herbert J. Brown, Al- 
fred A. Burdett, John W. Corcoran, *John 
T. Dame, Franklin Forbes, Enoch K. Gibbs, 
Henry C. Greeley, Daniel B. Ingalls, Wil, 
liam B. Orcutt, Wellington E- Parkhurst, Ed- 
win N. Rice, Henry O. Sawyer, Charles G. 
Stevens, Edward G. Stevens, Christopher C. 
Stone, Joshua Thissell. 

Dana, Nathaniel L. Johnson, Charles A. 
Stone. —North Dana, Alpheus J. Nye, Dan- 
iel Stone. 

Douglas (East), William Abbott, Fenner 
Bacheller, Adolphus F. Brown, William D. 
Jones, Newton W. Preston. 

Dudley, Moses Barnes, jr., William L. Da- 
vis, Ira F. Jacobs, Charles C. Wood. 

Eitchburg, Frank W. Aldrich, Harrison 
Bailey, Charles F. Baker, William Baldwin, 
jr., Louis D. Bartlett, Henry Bigelow, 
fCharles J. Billings, f Hiram A. Blood, Lewis 
H. Bradford, William O. Brown, Francis 
Buttrick, Thomas C. Caldwell, George W. 
Cann, Henry F. Coggshall, Joseph E. Davis, 
Edward P. Dowse, Benjamin G. Dwinnell, 
Walter A. Eames, George F. Fay, David D. 
Ferson, Charles Fessenden, Henry A. Good- 
rich, Samuel L. Graves, William T. Grinnell, 
William A. Hardy, Edwin A. Harris, Harris 

C. Hartwell, Albert B. Haskell, Charles S. 
Hayden, *Stillman Haynes, Edward D. Hew- 
ins, Silas Holman, George S. Houghton, Sul- 
livan W. Huntley, Henry Jackson, Asa S. 
Lawton, Richard A. Leonard, Edward P. 
Loring, Moses G. Lyon, Hamilton Mayo, 
James H. McMahon, David H. Merriam, 
Charles A. Morgan, Daniel Messenger, Frank 
T. Noble, Erasmus A. Norris, Joseph L. Per- 

kins, fJohn B. Proctor, George E. Putnam, 
George Robbins, Edward B. Sawtell, Alvin 
M. Sawyer, Stephen Shepley, George H. 
Spencer, Leander Sprague, Cyrus Thurston, 
Charles Timon, jr., tEbenezer Torrey, f Geo. 
A. Torrey, f George E. Towne, Thomas Up- 
ton, Benjamin F. Wallis, Thornton K. Ware, 
Joseph Willard, Henry A. Willis, James M. 
Woodbury, William Woodbury, Frederic F. 
Woodward, Enoch P. Young. 

Gardner, Lucian W. Brown, Thatcher B. 
Dunn, John Edgell, John D. Edgell, Thomas 
E. Glazier, Charles Heywood, Ephraim D. 
Howe, Leander C. Lynde, Francis Richard- 
son, Edward J. Sawyer, Simeon W. A. Ste- 
vens. — South Gardner, John M. Moore. 

Gh'afton, Alphonzo A. Ballou, Joseph A. 
Dodge, George W. Fisher, Simon A. Knowles, 
Luther K. Leland, Peter S. Maher, John Mc- 
Ilvene, *D. Webster Norcross, James G. Put- 
nam, Watson E. Rice, Jonathan B. Sibley, 
George F. Slocomb, Rufus E. Warren, Charles 
H. Waters, f Jonathan D. Wheeler, Edward 
R. White, James W. White, Clark C. Willis, 
Henry F. Wing, Charles C. Wood, Jonathan 
H. Wood. — New England Village, Jesse H. 
Smith. — Saundersville, Gilbert C. Taft. 

Hardwick, James P. Fay, Albert E. Knight, 
John F. Rich. — Gilbertville, Alfred H. Rich- 
ardson, William H. Tucker, G. Albert Wil- 

Harvard, Trumbull Bull, Asa D. Farns- 
worth, Edwin A. Hildreth, John < Q. A. Mc- 
Collister, Enoch Perkins, Augustus J. Saw- 
yer, Samuel F. Whitney, William B. Willard. 

Holden, Waldo E. Austin, Israel M. Ball, 
Charles Chaffin, Isaac Damon, Charles Flagg, 
Joseph H. Gleason, Martin Van B. Jefferson, 
Jacob N. Tolman. 

Hubbardston, William Bennett, Samuel W. 
E. Goddard, Edward B. Savage, Lyman 
Woodward, Sumner C. Young. 

Lancaster, George W. Howe, William H. 
McNeil, Spencer R. Merrick, Caleb T. Symmes 
John L. S. Thompson. 

Leicester, John D. Cogswell, Charles A. 
Denny, Christopher C. Denny, Cheney Hatch, 
David E. Merriam, Henry O. Smith, H. Ar- 
thur White. — Cherry Valley, Albert E. 
Smith. — Rochdale, Elbridge G. Carlton. 

Leominster, Joel C. Allen, Arthur J. Bates, 
James Bennett, Alfred L. Burditt, Chauncey 
W. Carter, Caleb C. Field, Jonas W. Gates, 
George T. Lincoln, John H. Lockey, Hamil- 
ton Mayo, Charles H. Merriam, George F. 
Morse. — North Leominster, Manson D. Haws, 
Samuel Putnam. 

Lunenburgh, William Baker, Fernando 
Brooks, George A. Cunningham, Edmund S. 
Francis, Charles A. Goodrich, *Cyrus Kil- 

Mendon, Nathan George, John G. Metcalf, 
Samuel H. Taft, Gustavus B. Williams. 

Milford, James H. Barker, Charles F. Cha- 
pin, Lloyd H. Cook, James R. Davis, Henry 
E. Fales, Lewis Fales, Lewis Hayden, Lean- 
der Holbrook, Leander Holbrook, jr., fThom- 
as G. Kent, f Aaron C. Mayhew, George G. 
Parker, John S. Scammel, Henry C. Scott, 
Andrew J. Sumner, Orison Underwood, 
James E. Walker, Alexander T. Wilkinson, 
Joseph H. Wood. — Hopedale, William F. 
Draper, F. J. Dutcher. 

Millbury, David Atwood, George F. Ban- 
croft, Henry L. Bancroft, George A. Flagg, 
Rodney N. Holman, John Hopkins. — West 
Millbury, Jonathan E. Waters. 

New Braintree, Charles A. Gleason, George 
K. Tufts, Charles Wilcox. 

Northboro', Wilder Bush, Samuel Clark, 
George C. Davis, f Milo Hildreth, Anson Rice, 
Abraham W. Seaver, Addison S. Waite, 
Richard R. Yates. 

Northbridge, Charles O. Bachelor, Joel 
Bachelor. — Northbridge Centre, William D. 
Mascroft, Peter M. Taft, Hiram Wing. — 
Whitinsville, Augustus H. Goodell, fCharles 
E. Whitin. 

North Brookfield, fCharles Adams, jr., L, 
Emerson Barnes, George Harwood, John 



Hill, Charles E. Jenks, Hiram Knight, Bo- 
num Nye, Augustus Smith, Warren Tyler. 

Oakham, Jesse Allen, Moses O. Ayres, 
Mark Haskell. 

Oxford, Edward W. Bardwell, Jasper 
Brown, Orrin W. Chaffee, Jonathan P. Dana, 
George F. Daniels, Dennis S. B. Gates, Isaac 
B. Hartwell, William E. Pease, Samuel C. 
Willis, jr. — North Oxford, Samuel R. Bar- 
ton, E. Harris Howland. 

Paxton, John C. Bigelow, Ledyard Bill, 
Oliver Goodnow, Silas D. Harrington, Ham- 
mond W. Hubbard, William Mulligan. 

Petersham, Collins Andrews, Stephen D. 
Goddard, John G. Mudge, Joseph W. Upton, 
Lewis E. Whitney. 

Phillipston, Albert A. Bolton, Jason Gould- 
ing, Charles E. Lamb, Edward Powers. 

Princeton, Asa H. Goddard, William B. 
Goodnow, David H. Gregory, Albert C. 
Howe, fCharles Russell, fThomas H. Russell. 
— East Princeton, William H. Brown, Ephra- 
im Osgood, Frederick Parker. 

Royalsion, Francis W. Adams, Luke E. 
Bemis, Barnet Bullock, Horace Pierce, Alfred 
D. Raymond. — South Royalston, John N. 
Bartlett, Nahum Longley. 

Rutland, J. Warren Bigelow, Alonzo Davis, 
John A. Harris, Benjamin H. Tripp. 

Shrewsbury, Charles O. Green, *Charles O. 
Green, jr., George H. Harlow, Levi J. Hemen- 
way, Samuel I. Howe, William H. Knowlton, 
George Leonard, Nahum A. Newton, Thomas 
Rice, Josiah G. Stone, Thomas W. Ward. — 
Mew England Village, Asa H. Allen. 

Southboro', William H. Buck, Franklin 
Este, Jonas Fay, Sylvester C. Fay, Francis 
Fisher, Henry S. Wheeler. — Cordaville, 
Hubbard Willson, Curtis Woods. — Fayville, 
Curtis Newton, Dexter Newton (for Middle- 
sex County). 

Southbridge, Andrew J. Bartholomew, 
*Frederick W. Botham, John M. Cochran, 
Sylvester Dresser, Victor W. Lamoureux, 
Samuel M. Lane, Manning Leonard, John O. 
McKinstry, Elisha M. Phillips. 

Speixcer, George A. Craig, Albert W. Cur- 
tis, John N. Grout, Nathan Hersey, *Luther 
Hill, E. Harris Howland, Erastus Jones, 
Charles N. Prouty, Theodore C. Prouty, 
Thomas A. Prouty, William Sampson, Em- 
erson Stone, Richard Sugden, Joseph War- 
ren Temple, William Upham. 

Sterling, Daniel H. Bemis, Eli Kilburn, 
William D. Peck, Ezra Sawyer. 

Sturbridge, Rufus E. Bond, Elias M. Gif- 
ford, Henry Haynes, Noah D. Ladd, Simon 
F. Marsh. — Eiskdale, Emory L. Bates. 

Sutton, Henry B. Bullard, Charles H. 
Chase, Stephen B. Holbrook, Solomon Severy, 
James W. Stockwell, David T. Thurston, 
Russell Titus. — WilkinsonvUle, Isaac B. 
Hartwell, William R. Hill. 

Templeton, Percival Blodgett, Gerard Bush- 
nell, George P. Hawkes, Veranus P. Park- 
hurst, John W. Work. — Baldivinville, Still- 
man Cady, John F. Green. — Otter River, E. 
Wyman Stone. 

Upton, George S. Ball, William Knowlton, 
Levi W. Taft.— West Upton, fVelorous Taft. 

Uxbridge, Asahel F. Aldrich, Charles C. 
Capron, Henry Capron, Francis Deane, Mer- 
rill Greene, George W. Hobbs, John Mcll- 
vene, Charles A. Taft, Zadok A. Taft.— 
North Uxbridge, Arba C. Slater. 

Warren, James S. Davis, Samuel N. Glea- 
son, Daniel G. Hitchcock, fJoseph F. Hitch- 
cock, Joseph B. Lombard, George M. New- 
ton, Emery C. Sawyer, D. Warren Shepard, 
John Tyler. West Warren, Joseph E. Lorn- 

Webster, Hiram Allen, Edward S. Brad- 
ford, Chester C. Corbin, fWilliam H. Davis, 
John B. Hasler, James H. Marshall, Edwin 
May, Seymour A. Tingier, Cortland Wood. 

Westboro', Arthur G. Biscoe, George O. 
Brigham, William M. Child, Josiah Childs, 
Sherman Converse, John E. Day, John W. 
Fairbanks, John A. Fayerweather, W. Trow- 
bridge Forbes, Samuel M. Griggs, Charles B. 

Kittredge, Daniel F. Newton, Benjamin B. 
Nourse, Louis K. Travis. 

West Boylston, George T. Brigham, Charles 
Goodale, Horatio Houghton, George F. Howe, 
David P. Waite. — Oakdale, Henry F. Harris, 
Harrison E. Morton, Joseph E. Waite. 

West Mrookfield, G. F. Bancroft, Lemuel 
Fullam, Horace G. Rawson, Joseph E. 

Westminster, Leander H. Dupee, Charles 
G. Giles, Joel Merriam, Daniel C. Miles, 
Harrison G. Whitney, James B. Wood. 

Winchendon, Bethuel Ellis, Erwin J. Fuller, 
Charles A. Lowd, Orlando Mason, William 

A. Maynard, *Edwin S. Merrill, Lafayette 
W. Pierce, Charles J. Rice, Ira Russell, Frank 

B. Spalter, George M. Whitney, *Giles H. 

Worcester, Frederick E. Abbott, Joseph B. 
Adams, William R. Albertson, fP. Emory 
Aldrich, Warren Allds, Amos C. Allen, 
Charles F. Allen, Lucius S. Allen, Henry 
Bacon, Peter C. Bacon, Benjamin A. Ball, 
George H. Ball, Phineas Ball, Charles Bal- 
lard, James H. Bancroft, Forrest E. Barker,' 
Levi Barker, Frederick J. Barnard, Lewis 
Barnard, William S. Barton, Merrick Bemis, 
Francis C. Bigelow, Samuel T. Bigelow, Ed- 
ward F. Bisco", Francis T. Blackuier, Harri- 
son Bliss, John B. Bonnell, George E. Boy- 
den, William H. Briggs, Edward A. Brown, 
fAugustus G. Bullock, Asa L. Burbank, 
JCharles W. Burbank, Silas A. Burgess, 
Charles H. Burleigh, Albert C. Buttrick, Na- 
than H. Chandler, fHenry Chapin, f Anthony 
Chase, Charles A. Chase, *F. Linus Child, 
William L. Clark, Mirick H. Cowden, William 
Cross, Augustus N. Currier, f John A. Dana, 
fJoseph D. Daniels, Alfred Davis, Edward 
L. Davis, George D. Davis, flsaac Davis, 
Joseph E. Davis, William S. Davis, Francis 
Deane, Frederick B. Deane, fFrancis H. 
Dewey, Thomas H. Dodge, Samuel W.Dough- 
erty, James M. Drennan, Antipas F. Earle. 
David M. Earle, Barnard D. Eastman, A. 
Jones Eaton, Edwin Eldred, Lyman A. Ely, 
George H. Estabrook, Dana K. Fitch, Joel 
Fletcher, Francis A. Gaskill, William A. Gile, 
Samuel B. I. Goddard, Ransom M. Gould, 
Frank P. Goulding, Isaac D. Goulding, 
Harris R. Greene, Henry Griffin, Thomas 
Griffin, Obadiah B. Hadwen, Charles N. Hair, 
Theron E. Hall,' James P. Hamilton, Timothy 
W. Hammond, William B. Harding, Claren- 
don Harris, Calvin L. Hartshorn, fDaniel W. 
Haskins, Daniel A. Hawkins, William H. 
Heywood, Henry Eveleth Hill, *J. Henry 
Hill, Soloman K. Hindley, fGeorge F. Hoar, 
William H. Hobbs, William S. B. Hopkins, 
Alden A. Howe, tHenry J. Howland, Joseph 
A. Howland, Cyrus K. Hubbard, William E. 
Huse, Clark Jillson, Charles R. Johnson, 
Moses S. Johnson, Theodore S. Johnson, 
James P. Kelley, George A. Kimball, Simeon 

E. King, Francis H. Kinnicutt, Daniel Kins- 
ley, Asa L. Kneeland, Henry A. Knight, Wil- 
liam S. Knight, Joseph B. Knox, Samuel A. 
Knox, D. Waldo Lincoln, William S. Lincoln, 
Charles F. Mann, David Manning, jr., Jerome 

F. Manning, Edwin T. Marble, Henry A. 
Marsh, Asaph R. Marshall, *Joseph Mason, 
* William B. Maxwell, George McAleer, James 
J. McCafferty, Mathew J. McCafferty, Edwin. 

D. McFarland, James F. Meech, James Me- 
lanefy, Isaac S. Merriam, Charles A. Merrill, 
George E. Merrill, Charles M. Miles, Edwin 

E. Moore, Charles P. Morse, William H. 
Morse, Alexander C. Munroe, fThomas L. 
Nelson, D. F. Newton, John C. Otis, Nathan- 
iel Paine, Peter L. Paquette, John G. Park, 
Henry L. Parker, Loren C. Parks, Samuel B. 
Parsons, Elliott H. Peabody, David L. Petti- 
grew, fivers Phillips, Francis Plunkett, Bur- 
ton W. Potter, Charles B. Pratt, James F. 
Purcell, Charles L. Redding, Charles G. Reed, 
Charles W. Rice, Henry C. Rice, Herbert M. 
Rice, fWilliam W. Rice, fGeorge W. Rich- 
ardson, James S. Rogers, Thomas M. Rogers, 
Edward J. Russell, Stephen Salisbury, Ste- 
phen Salisbury, jr., George E. Smith, G. Ed- 



ward Smith, Samuel Smith, William Smith, 
Frederick W. Southwick, {Augustus B. R. 
Sprague, *Hamilton B. Staples, William ;E. 
Starr, Charles E. Stevens, Charles F. Stevens, 
Elisha D. Stocking, Edward D. Stoddard, 
fElijah B. Stoddard, Arthur M. Stone, fGeo. 
Swan, Burgess Taylor, fAdin Thayer, John 
R. Thayer, Joseph A. Titus, Jehiel Todd, 
Enoch H. Towne, Roger F. Upham, John L. 
Utley, fSamuel Utley, Edward W. Vaill, 
fGeorge F. Verry, Horace B. Verry, Albert 
H. Waite, Frederic W. Ward, Justin A. 
Ware, fJohn D. Washburn, William Ansel 
Washburn, fJohn W. Wetherell, George W. 
Wheeler, Franklin Whipple, G. Henry Whit- 
comb, Charles B. Whiting, Harvey B. Wilder, 
■(Hartley Williams, William A. Williams, 
Emery Wilson, Eugene A. Witt, Henry M. 
Witter, George M. Woodward, Henry Wood- 

Trial Justices. 
Ashburnham, S. J. Bradlee. 
Athol, Samuel M. Osgood. 
Barre, Edwin Woods. 
Brookfield, George S. Duell. 
Fast Douglas, Samuel W. Heath. 
Gardner, Thomas E. Glazier. 
Leominster, Charles H. Merriam. 
North Brookfield, Charles E. Jenks. 
Spencer, Luther Hill. 

Templeton, Stillman Cady, E.Wyman Stone. 
Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock. 
Winchendon, Bethuel Ellis, Giles H. Whit- 

Notaries Public. 
Ashburnham, S. Joseph Bradlee, John H. 

Athol, Farwell F. Fay. — Athol Centre, 
Charles Field, George W. Horr, Enoch T. 
Lewis, Nathaniel Richardson. 

Barre, Charles Brimblecom, J. Martin Gor- 
Brookfield, George W. Johnson. 
Clinton, Charles M. Dinsmore, Charles G. 
Douglas, William Abbott. 
Fitchburg, Harrison Bailey, Festus C. 
Currier, Charles B. Dennis, Charles S. Hay- 
den, Stillman Haynes, Omon H. Lawrence, 
Edward P. Loring, David H. Merriam, Amasa 
Norcross, George E. Putnam, Edward B. 
Sawtell, George A. Torrey, Thornton K. 
Ware, James M. Woodbury. 

Gardner, Ephraim D. Howe, Francis 

Grafton, E. Webster Norcross, E. B. 

Lancaster, John L. S. Thompson. 

Leicester, Charles A. Denny, Cheney Hatch. 

Leominster, Joel C. Allen, James Bennett, 
Chauncey W. Carter, Hamilton Mayo, Charles 
H. Merriam. , 

Lunenburgh, Charles A. Goodrich. 

Milford, Napoleon B. Johnson, Thomas G. 
Kent, James E. Walker, Alexander T. 

Millbury, Ira N. Goddard. 

Northboro', Samuel Clark. 

Northbridge {Whitinsville) ,Edw'd Whitin. 

Oxford, Charles A. Angell. 

Royalston, John N. Bartlett. 

Southbridge, Manning Leonard, Calvin A. 

Spencer, Luther Hill, Erastus Jones. 

Sturbridge, Emory L. Bates. 

Templeton, Stillman Cady. 

Uxbridge, Orville B. Seagrave. 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock, E. C. 

Webster, Edward S. Bradford, Henry J. 
Clarke, John F. Hinds, Seymour A. Tingier. 

Westboro', Arthur G. Biscoe, Samuel M. 
Griggs, Louis K. Travis. 

West Boylston, George T. Brigham, Henry 

F. Harris. 

Westminster, Leander H. Dupee, Charles 

G. Giles. 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill, Frank B. 
Spalter, Giles- H. Whitney. 

Worcester, James G. Arnold, George H. 
Ball, Frederick J. Barnard, William S. Bar- 
ton, Charles M. Bent, Samuel T. Bigelow, 
Edward F. Bisco, Silas A. Burgess, John A. 
Dana, George H. Estabrook, William A. Gile, 
Isaac D. Goulding, Henry F. Harris, William 
T. Harlow, Henry Eveleth Hill, J. Henry 
Hill, Charles F. Mann, David Manning, jr. 
Joseph Mason, James J. McCafferty, Charles 
A. Merrill, William H. Morse, Henry L. 
Parker, Elliott H. Peabody, David L. Pette- 
grew, James F. Purcell, Henry C. Rice, 
George E. Smith, Samuel Smith, Elijah B. 
Stoddard, Charles B. Whiting, Hartley 

Medical Examiners, 

Athol Centre, James P. Lynde. 
Barre, Charles W. Whitcomb. 
Brookfield, David W. Hodgkins. 
Clinton, George M. Morse. 
Fitchburg, Ernest P. Miller. 
Milford, William M. Parker. 
Northboro\ Henry A. Jewett. 
Northbridge, Rowse R. Clarke. 
Southbridge, Samuel C. Hartwell. 
Winchendon, Ira Russell. 
Worcester, J. Marcus Rice. 


Arranged alphabetically by name of Company. 

Abington and Bridgewater Branch 

Railroad. South Abington to Bridge- 
water. Branch of Old Colony R. R. 

Amesbnry Branch Railroad. From 
Newburyport to Amesbury. Branch of the 

Ashburnham Bailroad. South Ashburn- 
ham to Ashburnham. 3 miles. Proprietor, 
George C. Winchester, 

Attleboro' Branch Railroad. Attle- 
boro' to North Attleboro'. Branch of Bos- 
ton and Providence R. R. 

Attleboro' and Taunton Branch 
Railroad. Taunton to Attleboro'. Su- 
perintendent, A. E. Swasey, Taunton. 

Boston, Barre, St, Gardner Railroad. 
Incorporated 1847. Worcester to Winchen- 
don. President, Hon. Ginery Twichell, 
Brookline; Clerk and Treasurer, William 
E. Starr, Worcester; Superintendent, H. 
M.^Witter, Worcester. 

Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg, and Neve 

Bedford Railroad. Incorporated 1867. 
South Framingham to Fitchburg; South 
Framingbam to Lowell ; South Framing- 
ham to New Bedford. President, N. Thay- 
er, jr. ; Superintendent, S. A. Webber, 
Fitchburg; Treasurer, L. Grinnell; Agent, 
Hosea Hyde, Boston. 

Boston and Albany Railroad. Boston 
to Albany. President, C. W. Chapin, 
Springfield ; Treasurer, C. E. Stevens, Bos- 
ton; Superintendent, C. O. Russell, Spring- 
field; Assistant Superintendents, Walter 
H. Barnes, Boston; J. B. Chapin, Albany, 
N.Y.; General Manager, William Bliss, 

Boston, Lowell, & Nashua Railroad. 
Boston to Greenfield, Wilton, Nashua 
(N.H.), and Lowell (Mass.). Incorporated 
1830. Manager, Hocuni Hosford, Lowell; 
Superintendent, Wm. M. Parker; Treas- 



urer and Cashier, C. E. A. Bartlett, Bos- 

Boston and Maine Railroad. Incor- 
porated 1833. Boston to Portland, Me. 
President, Nathaniel G. White, Boston; 
/Superintendent, J. T. Furber, Boston; 
Treasurer, Amos Blanchard, Boston. 

ROAD. Incorporated 1831. Boston to 
Providence, R.I. President, H. A. Whit- 
ney, Boston; Treasurer, Benjamin B. Tor- 
rey, Boston; Superintendent, A. A. Fol- 
som, Boston. 

Boston, Revere Beach, & Lynn Rail- 
hoad. Boston to Lynn. Pre* ident, Edwin 
Walden; Treasurer, J. G. Webster; Su- 
perintendent, Edward H. Whorf. 

Boston, Winthrop, and Point Shirley 
Railroad. Boston to Winthrop. Presi- 
dent, Samuel G-. Irvin; Treasurer, Frank 
H. Hill. Office, 40 Water Street, Boston. 

Brookline Branch Railroad. Boston 
to Brookline. Branch of Boston and Al- 
bany R. R. 

Cheshire Railroad. Incorporated 1844. 
South Ashburnham, Mass., to Bellows 
Falls, Vt. President, E. Murdock, Win- 
chendon, Mass.; Treasurer, F. W. Ever- 
ett, Boston; Superintendent, R. Stewart, 
Keene, N.H. ; Cashier, F. H. Kingsbury, 
Keene, N.H. 

Chicopee Falls Branch Railroad. 
Springfield to Chicopee Falls. Branch of 
Connecticut River R.R. 

Connecticut Central Railroad. Spring- 
field. Incorporated 1872. Hartford to 
Springfield, and Hartford to Rockville. 
President and Treasurer, D. D. Warren, 
Springfield; Secretary, T. M. Maltbie, 
Hartford; Superintendent, D. D. Warren. 

Connecticut River Railroad. Incor- 

t porated January, 1842. Springfield, Mass., 
to South Vernon, Vt., with branches to 
Chicopee Falls, and from Easthampton to 
Mt. Tom. President, Daniel L. Harris, 
Springfield; Superintendent, J. Mulligan, 
Springfield ; Treasurer, Seth Hunt, Spring- 
field; Cashier, George E. Frink. 

Danvers and Newburyport Rail- 
BOAD. Wakefield Junction to Newbury- 
port. B. and M. Branch. 

Dedham Branch Railroad. Readville 
to Dedham. Branch of B. and P. 

Bast Boston Branch Railroad. From 
East Boston to Lynn. Branch of East- 

.Eastern Railroad. Boston to Portland, 
Me. President, A. P. Rockwell ; Treasurer, 
N. G. Chapin, Boston ; General Manager, 
Charles F. Hatch, Boston. 

Essex Branch Railroad. Wenham to 
Essex. Branch of Eastern. 

Fairhaven Branch Railroad. See 
Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg, and New Bed- 
ford Railroad. 

Fall River Railroad. Fall River to 
New Bedford. President, Harrison Bliss, 
Worcester ; Treasurer, E. D. Hewins, Fitch- 
burg; Superintendent, J. A. Ackley, Fall 

Fall River, Warren, and Provi- 
dence Railroad. Fall River, Mass., to 
Warren, R.I. President, John H. Clifford ; 
Agent, N. L. Barrus, Fall River, Mass. ; 
Treasurer, C. T. Child, Providence, R.I. ; 
Superintendent, Waterman Stone. 

Fitchburg Railroad. Incorporated 
1842. Boston to Fitchburg, with branches 
to Marlboro'; to Greenville, N.H.; and 
Boston to Waltham, M.asB., via Watertown. 
President, William B. Stearns, Boston; 
Superintendent, Charles L. Heywood, Bos- 
ton; Treasurer, M. D. Benson, Boston. 
Also lessees of Vt. and Mass. R. R. 

Fitchburg and Worcester Railroad. 
Worcester to Fitchburg. Branch of Bos- 
ton, Clinton, and Fitchburg. 

Framingham and Lowell Railroad. 
South Framingham to Lowell. Branch of 
Boston, Clinton, and Fitchburg. 

Gloucester Branch Railroad. From 
Beverly to Rockport. Branch of Eastern. 

Grafton Centre Railroad. Grafton 
Centre to B. and A. R. R., Grafton Depot. 
Incorporated 1873. President, Jonathan D. 
Wheeler ; Superintendent, W. L. Faulkner. 

Granite Branch Railroad. Atlantic to 
West Quincy. Branch of Old Colony. 

Hanover Branch Railroad. Incorpo- 
rated April 6, 1846. North Abington to 
Hanover. Branch of Old Colony. 

Holvoke Branch Kail road. Westfield 
to Holyoke. Branch of New Haven and 

Hopkintmi, Milford, and Woon- 
socket Railroad. Incorporated 1870. 
Woonsocket to Ashland. Leased to Provi- 
dence and Worcester R. R. 

H o ii sa tonic Railroad. Incorporated 
1837. Bridgeport, Conn., to Pittsfield, 
Mass., with branch from Van Deusenville, 
Mass., to State Line. President, W. H. 
Barnum; Assistant Superintendent, N. M. 

Lawrence Branch Railroad. Salem 
to Lawrence. Branch of Eastern. 

Lexington Branch Railroad. Somer- 
ville Centre to Lexington. Branch of B. 
and L. 

Lowell and Lawrence Railroad. 
Incorporated 1846. Lowell to Lawrence. 
President, William E. Livingston. Op- 
erated by Boston and Lowell Railroad. 
Treasurer, F. H. Nourse, Boston. 

Manchester and Lawrence R«il- 
road. Incorporated 1847. Manchester, 
N.H., to Lawrence, Mass. President, E. 

A. Straw, Manchester, N.H. ; Treasurer, 
George B. Chandler, Manchester, N.H. ; 
Cashier, J. Frank Webster, Concord, N.H. ; 
Assistant Superintendent, J. W. Hildreth, 
Concord, N.H. 

Mansfield and Framingham Rail- 
road. Mansfield to Framingham. Branch 
of Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg, and New 
Bedford Railroad. 

Marblehead Branch Railroad. Salem 
to Marblehead. Branch of Eastern. 

Marblehead 6c Swampscott Branch 
Railroad. Swampscott to Marblehead. 
Branch of Eastern. 

Marlboro' and Hudson Branch 
Railroad. South Acton to Marlboro', 
Mass. Branch of Fitchburg. 

Medford Branch Railroad. Boston to 
Medford. Branch of Boston and Maine. 

JMerrimac Branch Railroad. Newton 
Junction to Merrimac. Branch of Boston 
and Maine. 

Rf iddleboro' and Taunton Railroad. 
Incorporated 1848. Taunton to Middle-, 
boro'. President, A. O. Washburn, jr., 
Providence, R.I. ; Superintendent, A. E. 
Swasey, Taunton, Mass.; Treasurer and 
Clerk, E. Pickering, Boston. 

Middlesex Central Railroad. Lexing- 
ton to Concord, Mass. Operated by Boston 
and Lowell. 

Milford Branch. South Framingham to 
Milford. Branch of Boston and Albany. 

Millbury Branch. Millbury Junction to 
Millbury. Branch of Boston and Albany. 

Monadnock Railroad. Incorporated 

• 1868. Winchendon, Mass., to Peterboro', 
N. H. President and Superintendent, 
Jonas Livingston, Peterboro', N. H. 
Clerk and Treasurer, W. G. Livingston; 
Peterboro', N. H. Leased and operated 
by the Boston, Barre, and Gardner R.R. 

Mount Tom and Easthampton Kail- 
road. From Mount Tom Station on Con- 
necticut River Railroad to Easthampton. 
Leased and operated by Connecticut River 

Nashua, Acton, and Boston Railroad. 
Incorporated 1871. From Nashua, N.H., 
to West Concord, Mass. President, Peter 

B. Brigham, Boston; Treasurer, F. D. 
Cook, Nashua, N.H; Superintendent, H. 
E. Chamberlin, Concord, N.H. 



Nashua and Lowell Railroad. In- 
corporated 1836. (See Boston, Lowell, and 

New Bedford Railroad. Branch of 

Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg, and New Bed- 
ford Ii.R. New Bedford to Taunton. 

New Haven and Northampton Rail- 
road. Incorporated • 1846. New Haven, 
Conn., to Williamsburg, Mass., with 
branches from Farmington to New Hart- 
ford, and from Westfield to Holyoke, Mass. 
President and Superintendent, Charles N. 
Yeamans, New Haven, Conn; Treasurer. 
Edward A. Ray. 

New London Northern Railroad. 
Incorporated 1860. New London, Conn., 
to Brattleboro', Vt., President, I)r. Charles 
Osgood, Norwich, Conn. Superintendent 
and Treasurer, G. W. Bentley; Cashier, 
L. S. Olmstead, New London, Conn. 

Newton Lower Falls Branch Rail- 
road. Auburndale to Newton Lower 
Falls. Branch of Boston and Albany R.R. 

New York, New Haven, and Hart- 
ford Railroad. Incorporated 1872. 
New York to Springfield, Mass. President. 
W. D. Bishop, New York; Superintend- 
ent, John T. Moody, New Haven ; Treas- 
urer, W. A. Burroughs, New York; 
Superintendent, E. M. Reed. 

New York and New England Rail- 
road. Boston to Willimantic, Conn., and 
from East Thompson, Conn., to South- 
bridge, Mass., and from Boston to Woon- 
soeket, R.I. This railroad operated by 
trustees. Superintendent Eastern Division, 
H. M. Britton, Boston; Cashier, G. W. 
Little, Boston. Superintendent Woonsocket 
Division, E. H. Tucker, Boston. 

North Brookfield Branch Railroad. 
Incorporated 1875. East Brookfield to 
North Brookfield. President, B. Nye; 
Treasurer, Charles Adams, jr. Operated 
by Boston and Albany R.R. 

Norwich and Worcester Railroad. 
Incorporated 1832. Division of New York 
and New England R.R. AUyns Point, 
Conn., to Worcester, Mass. President, 
A. F. Smith, Norwich, Conn.; Treasurer, 
G. L. Perkins, Norwich, Conn. ; Super- 
intendent, P. St. M. Andrews, Norwich, 
Conn.; Cashier, E. T. Clapp, Norwich, 

Old Colony Railroad. Incorporated 
1S44. Boston to Newort, R.I., and. Prov- 
incetown, Woods Holl, and Plymouth, 
Mass. President, Onslow Stearns, Boston ; 
Superintendent, J. R. Kendrick, Boston; 
Treasurer, J. M. Washburn, Boston; 
Cashier, H. G. Nutter. 

Peter horo' and Shirley Railroad. 
Ayer Junction, Mass., to Greenville, N.H. 
Branch of Fitchburg. 

Pittsfield and North Adams Rail- 
road. Pittsfield to North Adams. Branch 
of Boston and Albany. 

Providence and Worcester Rail- 
road. Incorporated 1844. Providence, 
R.I., to Worcester, Mass. President, W. 
S. Slater, Providence ; Superintendent, 
William D. Hilton, Providence ; Treasurer, 
John R. Balch, Providence. 

Salem and Lowell Railroad. Incorpo- 
rated 1848. Tewsbury JunctiontoPeabody, 

Mass. President, William E. Livingston; 
Treasurer, F. H. Nourse, Boston. Operated 
by the Boston and Lowell R. R. 

Saugns Branch Railroad. Boston to 
Lynn. Branch of Eastern R. R. 

Saxonville Branch Railroad. Natick to 
Saxonville. Branch of Boston and Albany. 

Shawniut and Milton Branch Rail- 
road. Boston to Neponset and Mattapan. 
Branch of Old Colony R. R. 

South Reading Branch. Wakefield to 
Salem. Branch of Eastern. 

South Shore and Duxbury and Co- 
hasset Branch Railroad. Incorporated 
1848. Braintree to Plymouth. Branch of 
Old Colony. 

Springfield, Athol, and North-Eastem. 
Incorporated 1869. Springfield to Athol, 
Mass. President, Willis Phelps, Spring- 
field; Treasurer, T. H. Goodspeed, Athol; 
Superintendent, John W. Phelps, Spring- 
field ; Cashier, L. W. Bartlett, Springfield. 

Springfield and New London Kail- 
road. Incorporated 1875. Springfield, 
Mass., to Saybrook, Conn. Leased to Con- 
necticut Valley R. R. Company. 

Stoneham Branch Railroad. East Wo- 
burn to Stoneham. Branch of Boston and 

Stony Brook Branch Railroad. North 
Chelmsford to Ayer. Incorporated 1845. 
President, George F. Richardson, Lowell; 
Treasurer, Samuel W. Stickney, Lowell. 
Operated by Nashua and Lowell. 

Stoughton Branch Railroad. Canton 
to Stoughton. Branch of Boston and Provi- 

Troy and Boston Railroad. Incorpo- 
rated 1843. Troy, N.Y., to North Adams, 
Mass. President, D. Thomas Vail, Troy, 
N.Y. ; Superintendent, Charles W. Mose- 
ley, Troy, N.Y.; Treasurer, D. Robinson, 
Troy, N.Y. 

Troy and Greenfield Railroad and 
Hoosac Tunnel. Opened 1875. Green- 
field to North Adams. Leased by Fitch- 
burg R. R. 

Turner's Falls Branch Railroad. 
Greenfield to Turner's Falls. Branch of 
Vermont and Massachusetts. 

Vermont and Massachusetts Rail- 
road. Incorporated 1844. Fitchburg to 
Greenfield. Leased by Fitchburg R. R. 

Ware River Railroad. Palmer to Win- 
chendon, Mass. Branch of Boston and 

Watertown Branch Railroad. Boston 
to Waltham. Branch of Fitchburg. 

Woburn Branch Railroad. Winchester 
to Woburn Centre. Branch of Boston and 

ROAD Incorporated 1845. Worcester, 
Mass., to Nashua, N.H. President, F. H. 
Kinnicutt, Worcester; Superintendent, C. 
S. Turner, Worcester; Treasurer, T. W. 
Hammond, Worcester; Assistant Treas- 
urer, B. T. Hammond, Worcester. 

Worcester and Shrewsbury Railroad. 
Incorporated July 1, 1873. Worcester to 
Lake Quinsigamond. President, E. B. 
Stoddard, Worcester ; Superintendent 
Richard Barker, Worcester; Treasurer 
{acting), E. D. Stoddard, Worcester. 




Haverhill and Groreland Street 
Railway Co. Incorporated 1877. Presi- 
dent, J. B. Swett; Treasurer, George W. 

Highland Street Railway. Boston to 
Roxbury. Office 146 Dudley, Roxbury. 
President, Moody Merrill ; Treasurer, Sam- 
uel Little; Superintendent, Julius E. Rugg. 

IiOwell Horse Railroad. Incorporated 
1863. President, W. E. Livingston ; 
Treasurer and Superintendent, James A. 

Lynn and Boston Horse Railroad. 
Incorporated 1859. Boston to Charlestown. 
Chelsea, Lynn, and Swampscott. Office, 
73 Cornhill, Boston. President, Amos F, 
Breed; Treasurer, E. Frank Oliver; Su- 
perintendent, Stephen A. Green. 

L\ nu City Street Railway. Incorpo- 
rated 1873. Chestnut and Essex Sts. Lynn 
to Swampscott Line and Glenmere. Presi- 
dent, M. V. B. Mower. 

Merrimac Valley Horse Railroad. 
Incorporated 1865. From Methuen through 
Lawrence to North Andover. Branch to 
South Lawrence Depot. President, Wil- 
liam A. Russell ; Treasurer, James H. 
Eaton ; Superintendent, G. B. Trickey. 

Metropolitan Horse Railroad. Bos- 
ton to Roxbury, Dorchester, Brookline, 
Jamaica Plain, East Boston, and Chelsea. 
President, Calvin A. Richards; Superin- 
tendent, M. S. Starkweather. Office, 2000 
Washington St., Boston. 

Middlesex Horse Railroad. Boston 
to Charlestown, Maiden, Everett, and Som- 
erville. Office, 27 Tremont Row, Boston. 

Naumkeag Street Railway. Incorpo- 
rated 1874. Salem to Peabody and Bev- 
erly. President, Abner C. Goodell, jr. ; 
Treasurer, Henry Wheatland ; Superin- 
tendent, Willard B. Ferguson. 

Mew Bedford and Fairhaven Street 
Railway. Incorporated 1873. New Bed- 
ford to Fairhaven. President, Warren 
Ladd; Treasurer, Andrew G. Pierce; Su- 
perintendent, Warren Ladd ; Cashier, Wil- 
liam Henry Allen. 

Newburyport and Amesbury Rail- 
boad. Incorporated 1871. Newburyport 
to Amesbury and Salisbury Mills. Presi- 
dent, Jonathan Smith; Treasurer, W. C. 

Binney ; Superintendent, Paul Adams. 
Leased to E. T. Northend. 

Newburyport City Railroad. Presi- 
dent, Albert Currier; Treasurer, Albert 
W. Greenleaf. 

Northampton Street Railway. Incor- 
porated 1865. From Northampton to Flor- 
ence. President, Oscar Edwards ; Treas- 
urer and Superintendent, Emery B. Wells, 

North Woburn Street Railroad. 
Incorporated 1866. From Woburn Centre 
to North Woburn. President, E. E. Thom- 
son; Treasurer, Dexter Carter; Clerk, J.R. 

South Boston Railroad. Incorporated 
1854. City Point, South Boston, to north- 
ern depots, Boston. Office, 715 East Broad- 
way. President, J. B. Crosby ; Treasurer, 
William Reed ; SupeH?itendent, Phineas 

Springfield Street Railway. Incorpo- 
rated 1868. Brightwood to Boston Road, 
and State St. to Mill River. President and 
Treasurer, John Olmsted; Superintendent, 
F. E. King. 

Stoneham Street Railroad, from Depot 
at Melrose Highlands to Stoneham. Presi- 
dent, John Hill; Treasurer, Lyman Dike; 
Lessee and Superintendent, Benjamin Hib- 

Taunton Street Railway. Incorpo- 
rated 1871. Whittenton to Weir Village, 
Taunton. President, William C. Lovering; 
Treasurer, Henry M. Lovering ; Superin- 
tendent, George 0. Morse. 

Union Railway. Incorporated 1855. 
Cambridge to Boston. Office, Harvard 
8q., Cambridge. President, James W. 
Emery; Treasurer, F. T. Stevens; Super- 
intendent, Richard Hapgood. 

Walthain and Newion Street Rail- 
way. Waltham to West Newton. Presi- 
dent, Royal E. Robbins; Superintendent, 
Henry P. Sherman. 

WAY. Incorporated 1869. Harrington Av. 
to New Worcester, and branch line from 
Main St. to the Union Depot. President, 
Augustus Seeley ; Treasurer and Superin- 
tendent, Henry S. Searls. 




Devonshire Street, between Water and Milk. 

Bee open fr. 7)6 A. M., to 7)4 P. M. On Sundays, f r. 9 to 10 A. M. 


Postmaster, EDWARD S. TOBEY. 

Assistant Postmaster, CHART.ES SoulE. 

Postmaster's Secretary, EDWARD S. TOUEY, JR. 

Cashier, H. S. ADAMS. 

Chief Clerk, JOHN LEWIS. 

General Supt. City Delivery and Stations, EDWARD T. BARKER. 

Supt.of Carriers (Central office). GEO. S. BLUNT. 

Supt. Money -Order Office, OMAR LOHING. 

Supt.of Hails, D. A. HOLMES. 

Chief Clerk General Delivery, Al.ONZO F. JOHNSON. 

Chief Box Clerk, THOMAS K. Al'PLETON. 

Chief Clerk Foreign Department, WILLIAM BROOKS. 

Chief Clerk Register Department, A. J. HlLDEF.TH. 

flhief Clerk of Newspaper Delivery, J. Q. ADAMS. 

Chief Clerk of Stamp Department, T. A. HUTCHINS. 

Special Agent on Mail Depredations, CHARLES FIELD. 

Supt. Railway Mail Service, N. E. Div., THUS. P. CUEENEY. 

Daily Mail Arrangement. 

Mails Close. 

mthem, 7% and 12 M., 2, and 8 P.M. ; and on Sunday at 7%, P.M. 

Ibany, and on the route, 1 a.m., and 2 p.m. 

iestern, 4 a.m., 2, 5, and 8 P.M. 

Ipe Cod, 5 A.M., and 3 P.M., Nantucket, 5, A.M. 

brtheru Mail, 5 and 11; A.M., and 4>£ P.M. 

preign Mail, via. New York, day previous to sailing, at 7, P.M. 

astern, 5, A.M., and 2 and 7 P.M. 

When Due. 
luthem Mail averages 7, A.M., 5%, P.M., and 12, midnight, 
astern Mail averages 7, A.M., and" 2 and 8, r.M. 
Ibany Mail averages 7, and 11)£, a.m., i% P.M. 
orthern Mail averages 9^ a.m., and 7 P.M. 
antucket " " 6% P.M. 

ipe Cod " " H)£ A.M., and &% P.M. 

Canada Mails. 

Montreal, Canada East, close 5 a.m., and \% P.M. Due 9% A.M., 
id 11 P.M. West, 2 P. M. Due 4>£ p.m. 

Sunday Mails, 

A Mail is made up on Sunday for Worcester, Springfield, Conn., 
R. I., New York City, and the South, and closes at 7% P.M. 
leni, Roxbury, Brookline, Chelsea, Cambridge, Cambridge- 
rt, Charlestown, Lynn, 5 a.m. 

Money Orders, 

For any amount not exceeding $50 will be issued on deposits 
this Office on payment of the following fees: On Orders not 
ceeding $10,-5 cents. Over $10 and not exceeding $20,-10 
■its. Over $20 and not exceeding $30,— 15 cents. Over $30 and 
t exceeding $40, —20 cts. Over $40 and not exceeding $50,-25 
nts. Lists of Money Order Offices may be seen at P.O. Hours 
>m 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Money orders are issued from all the sta- 
ins, except Dorchester, Mattapan, and North Cambridge. 
Money Orders issued on the United Kingdom, Ireland, Ger- 
any, and Switzerland. Rates 25 cents for every $10. 
Note. — The issue to a single applicant, in one day, of more 
an three orders, pavable at the same office and to the same 
yee, is positively forbidden. 

Collection and Carriers' Delivery. 

Letters collected from Street Boxes at the hours marked upon 
2m : viz. 9, 12, 3, 6>£, 9. 

Collected from boxes at Station A., Roxbury, also from Red 
ixes at the Metropolitan Railroad Station, ".Middlesex Rail- 
ad Station, Cambridge Railroad Station, Old South Church, 
d Old State House every hour from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M., at 9 P.M., 
d,from Horse Railroad Stations at midnight. 
Letters delivered by carriers— Main Office— 8, 11, 2.30, 5. 
SUNDAYS. Letters collected from all boxes at 6 and 9 P. M. ; 
iO troin Horse Railroad Stations at midnight. 
So carrier delivery on Sunday, but curriers' letters can be 
lied for at the Carriers' Window between 9 and 10 A.M. 

South End Station. 

1569 Washington street. 
Chief Clerk— William H. Dupree. 

Bffice open daily from 7 a.m. to S p.m. 
arriers' delivery, 7.30 and 11 A.M. ; 3 and 5 P.M. 
Mads to and from the Station every hour from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. 
SUNDAYS. Office open from 9 to 10 A.M. Postage, 2 cents, 
street letter boxes collected every carriers' delivery. Number 
carriers, 11. 

It ox bury Station. 
49 Warren street, Hotel Dartmouth. 
Chief Clerk— R. W. Williams. 
Dffice open daily from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 
Carriers' delivery, 7.30 and 11 A.M. ; 3 and .5 P.M. 
Mails to aud from the Station every hour from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. 
SUNDAYS. Office open from 9 to 10 A.M. Postage, 2 cents. 
■street letter boxes collected every carriers' delivery. Number 
carriers, 13. 

East Boston Station. 

Maverick square, Winthrop block. 
Chief Clerk— Charles T. Jenkins. 
Office open daily from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 
Carriers' delivery, 7.30 and 11 A.M. ; 3 and 5 P.M. 
Mails for East Boston, 6.30 and 10.15 A.M. ; 1.30 and 5 P.M. 
Mails from East Boston, 9 A.M. 12 M. ; 3, 6, and 9 P.M. 
Sundays. Office open from 9 to 10 A.M. Postage, 2 cents. 
Street letter boxes collected every carriers' delivery. Number 
of carriers, 6. 

South Boston Station. 
417 Broadway, Hunt's block. 
Chief Clerk— William F. Clerke. 
Office open dailv from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 
Carriers' delivery 7.30 and 11 A.M. ; 3 and 5 P.M. 
Mails for South Boston, 6.30 and 10.15 A.M. ; 1.30 and 5 P.M. 
Mails from South Boston, 9 A.M. 12 M. ; .3, 6, and 9 P.M. 
Sundays. Office open from 9 to 10 a.m. Postage, 2 cents. 
Street letter boxes collected every carriers' delivery. Numbei 
of carriers, 8. 

Dorchester Station. 
Robinson block, Field's Corner. 
Chief Clerk— George H. Rexford. 
Office open daily from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 
Carriers' delivery, 7.30 A.M. ; 4 P.M. 
Mails for Dorchester, 5 and 10 A.M. ; 3 and .5.30 P.M. 
Mails from Dorchester, 8.30 and 11 A.M. ; 2 and 6 P.M. 
Sundays. Office open from 9 to 10 a.m. Postage, 2 cents. 
Street letter boxes collected every carriers' delivery. Number 
of carriers, 4. 

Mattapan Station. 
Junction of Blue-hill avenue and River street. 
Supt.-r-J. B. L. Bartlett. 
Office open daily from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 
Carrier s delivery, 7.30 A.M. ; 4 P.M. 
Mails for Mattapan, 5 A.M. ; 5 P.M. 
Mails from Mattapan, 9 A.M. ; 1.30 and 5.30 P.M. 
No carriers. 

Charlestown Station. 

23 Main street, Savings Bank building. 

Chief Clerk— Charles A. Page. 

Office open daily from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 

Carriers' delivery, 7.30 and 11 A.M. ; 3 and 5 P.M. • 

Mails to and from Charlestown every hour from 6 A.M. to 6 
P.M. ; also mail from the Station at 9 P.M. 

Sundays. Office open from 9 to 10 A.M. Postage, 2 cents. 

Street letter boxes collected every carriers' delivery. Number 
of carriers, 7. 

A collection of street letter boxes from the Somerville line, over 
Main street, Charlestown, to the Central Office, at 9 A.M., LJ M., 
3, 6.30, and 9 P.M. On SUNDAYS at 6 and 9 P.M. 

Jamaica Plain Station. 

Chief Clerk— Silas POOLE. 

Office open daily from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 

Carriers' delivery, 8 A.M. ; 4 P.M. 

Boylston Station is included in Jamaica Plain. 

Number of carriers, 3. 

Brighton Station. 

Chief Clerk— Mrs. S. S. Day. 

Office open daily from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 

Carriers' delivery, 8 A.M. ; 4 P.M. 

North Brighton and Allston are included in Brighton. 

Number of carriers, 3. 

West Roxbury Station. 
Chief Clerk— William S. Keith. 
Office open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 
Carriers' delivery, 8 a.m. ; 4 P.M. 
Rosliudale is included in West Roxbury. 

Kates of Postage, 


Letters in the United States, per % oz. (fractions same), 3 cents; 
must be prepaid by postage stamps. Letters, dropped for de- 
livery only, 2 cents "per % oz. ; must be prepaid by stamps. To or 
from the Dominion of Canada, Prince Edward's Island, Cape 
Breton, 3 cents per % oz. and Newfoundland 5 cents, prepayment 

Registered Letters, 10 cents each, in addition to regular letter 

Postal Cards, one cent each. 

Circulars, 1 cent for each ounce or fraction. 

Transient newspapers, periodicals, or any other articles of print- 
ed matter, except circulars, 1 cent for 2 ounces or fraction. News- 
papers, periodicals, and pamphlets to regular subscribers, printed 
once a week or oftener. 2 cents a pound; less frequently than once 
a week, 3 cents a pound. Must be prepaid by stamps. 

All transient matter must be sent in a cover open at the ends or 
sides. There must be no word or communication written or 
printed on the same after its publication, or upon the cover, ex- 
cept the name and address of the person to whom it is to be sent. 
There must be no paper or other thing inclosed in or with such 
printed matter. 

Parcel Postage.— All articles of merchandise (except liquids, 
glass, &c., liable to injure and are excluded from the mails), 1 cent 
for every ounce, not exceeding 4 pounds. 



POPULATION OP CONNECTICUT, 1870. Total, 537,884. 












New Canaan 

New Fairfield 













• 2,312 















East Granby 


East Hartford 


East Windsor 


















New Britain 




Rocky Hill 






South Windsor 




West Hartford 






Windsor Locks 



















New Hartford 

New Milford 


North Canaan 






















East Haddam 






Old Saybrook 









Bethany 1,136 

Branford 2,489 

Cheshire 2,344 

Derby 8,027 

East "Haven 2,713 

Guilford 2,576 

Hamden 3,028 

Madison 1,814 

Meriden 10,521 

Middlebury 696 

Milford 3,407 

Naugatuck 2,830 

New Haven 50,886 
North Branford 1,035 

North Haven 1,771 

Orange 2,633 

Oxford 1,338 

Prospect 551 

Seymour 2,123 

Southbury 1,319 

Wallingford 3,676 

Waterbury 13,148 


49 i 








East Lyme 


















New London 


North Stonington 




Old Lyme 















































































The number of Enrolled Militia in the Commonwealth for the year 1877 was 217,239. 

Agreeably to the provisions of Chap. 204, Acts of 1876, and Chap. 118, Acts 1877, the 
number of companies of the Volunteer Militia were apportioned as follows : of Infantry, 
sixty-one companies; of Cavalry, three companies; and of Light Artillery, three companies. 
These were exclusive of the two corps of Cadets. 

Commander-in-Chief and Staff. 

Commander-in-Chief, His Excellency Alexander H. Rice. 

Adjutant- General and Acting Quartermaster- General, Major-Gen. James A. Cunningham. 

Assistant Adjutant-Generals, Cols. Isaac F. Kingsbury, C. Frank Luther, John H. Rice. 

Inspector-General, Brig.-Gen. Cornelius G. Attwood. 

Assistant Inspector-Generals, Col. Edward G. Stevens, Lieut.-Cols, Frederick Mason, A. 

Hun Berry. 
Assistant Quartermaster- General, Col. Henry G. Parker. 
Judge-Advocate-General, Brig.-Gen. Wilmon W. Blackmar. 
Surgeon-General, Brig.-Gen. William J. Dale. 
Assistant Surgeon-General, Col. Joshua B. Treadwell. 
Aides-de-Camp, Cols. William V. Hutchings, William A. Tower, Arthur T. Lyman, William 

P. Alexander. 
Military Secretary to Governor, Col. George H. Campbell. 

First Brigade. 

{Headquarters, Boylston Hall, Boston.) 

Brigadier-General, Hobart Moore, Boston. 

Assistant Adjutant-General, Lieut.-Col. Solomon A. Bolster, Boston. 

Medical Director, Lieut.-Col. John L. Hildreth, Cambridge. 

Assistant Inspector-General, Major Edmund H. Hewins, Boston. 

Assistant Quartermaster, Capt. R. Julius Richardson, Boston. 

Aides-de-Camp, Capt. Herbert E. Hill, Somerviilej'Capt. W. H. Lethbridge, Boston. 

Engineer, Capt. Henry M. Nourse, Boston. 

Judge- Advocate, Capt. Henry E. Fales, Milford. 

Provost-Marshal, Capt. Lamont G. Burnham, Boston. 

Second Battalion of Infantry. 

{Headquarters at Springfield.) 

Lieutenant- Colonel, Robert J. Hamilton, 

Major, Benjamin F. Bridges, jr., So. Deer- 
Adjutant {rank of 1st Lieut.), Charles W. 

Mutell, Springfield. 
Quartermaster {rank of 1st. Lieut.) , William 

Mink, Pittsfield. 
Paymaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), Thomas F. 

Cordis, Longmeadow. 
Surgeon {rank of Major), David Clark, 

Chaplain, Albert H. Sweetser, Plymouth. 
Assistant Surgeon {rank of 1st Lieut.), George 

M. Reed, South Deerfield. 


B. — Springfield, Capt., Fred G. Southmayd. 

1st Lieut., Henry McDonald. 
2d Lieut., Charles H. Rust. 

C. — North Adams, Capt., Frank N. Ray. 

1st Lieut., Wallace Freeman. 
2d Lieut., William S. Johnson. 

'E. — Pittsfield, Capt. (capt. vacant.) 
1st Lieut., J. Brainard Clark. 
2d Lieut., John Nicholson. 

G-. — Springfield, Capt., George F. Sessions. 
1st Lieut., Simon J. Pierce. 
2d Lieut., George D. Smith. 

H. — South Deerfield, Capt. Pharcellas D. 
1st Lieut., Charles S. Thayer. 
2d Lieut., Worthington H. Lyman. 

I. — Shelburne Falls, Capt., Frederick W. 
1st Lieut., John A. Halligan. 
2d Lieut., Timothy C. Cronan. 


Third Battalion of Infantry. 

Major, Daniel A. Butler, New Bedford. 
Adjutant {rank of 1st Lieut.), William B. 

Tophatn, New Bedford. 
Quartermaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), Sierra L. 

Braley, Fall River. 
Paymaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), Orando F. 

Bly, New Bedford. 
Surgeon {rank of Major) , Stephen W. Hayes, 

New Bedford. 
Chaplain, George M. Hamlen, Taunton. 

E.— New Bedford, Capt., William Sanders. 
1st Lieut., John McAfee. 
2d Lieut., John H. Deane. 

F.— Taunton, Capt., Alfred B. Hodgea. 
1st Lieut., Henry C. Spence. 
2d Lieut., George F. Williams. 

Gr. — Taunton, Capt., William A. Willard. 
1st Lieut., Ferdinand S. Reed. 
2d Lieut., Leonard C. Couch. 

H. — Plymouth, Capt., Herbert Morissey. 
1st Lieut., James F. Berry. 
2d Lieut.,!.. Allen Bradford. 

Fourth Battalion of Infantry. 

{Headquarters, Boylston Hall, Boston.) 
Major, Austin C. Wellington, Cambridge. 
Adjutant, D. Austin Brown, Boston. 
Quartermaster, Edwin G. Smith, Boston. 
Paymaster, Louis H. Parkhurst, Boston. 
Surgeon, Horace E. Marion, Boston. 
Assistant Surgeon, George Stedman, Boston. 
Chaplain, J. F. W. Ware, Boston. 

A. — Boston, Capt., George O. Noyes. 
1st. Lieut., Henry F. Knowles. 
2d Lieut., Edward A. Hammond. 



B. — Cambridge, Capt., Levi Hawkes. 

1st Lieut., William E. Lloyd. 
2d Lieut., William H. Clark. 

C. — Boston, Capt., William Do wnie. 

1st Lieut., Samuel R. Field. 

2d Lieut., William M. Bullevant. 

D. — East Boston, Capt., Henry Parkinson, 

1st Lieut., George E. Harrington. 
2d Lieut., Edward Robbins. 

Sixth Regiment of Infantry. 

{Headquarters at Lawrence.) 

Colonel, Melvin Beal, Lawrence. 

Lieutenant-Colonel, Albert Pinder, Lowell. 

Major, Smith M. Decker, Lawrence. 

Adjutant {rank of 1st Lieut.), . 

Quartermaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), James 
L. Davis, Lawrence. 

Paymaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), . 

Surgeon {rank of Major), George E. Pink- 
ham, Lowell. 

Chaplain, George W. Perry, Lawrence. 

Assistant Surgeon {rank of 1st Lieut.), Na- 
than S. Chamberlain, Marlboro'. 


A.— Wakefield, Capt., Albert Mansfield, 

1st Lieut., Charles F. Woodward, Wake- 

2d Lieut., George M. Thompson, Wake- 

C. — Lowell, Capt., Alvin A. Hanscom. 
1st Lieut., William L. Gregg. 
2d Lieut., Eugene P. Messer. 

D. — Lowell, Capt., Henry M. Booth. 
1st Lieut., Frank B. Clements. 
2d Lieut., Alvin M. Lonkey. 

E.— Marlboro', Capt., Edmund C. Whitney. 
1st Lieut., Henry Parsous. 
2d Lieut., Ambrose M. Page. 

F.— Haverhill, Capt., JohnN. Ellsworth, jr. 
1st Lieut., Marshall Alden. 
2d Lieut., . 

Ct. — Lowell, Capt., Charles H. Richardson. 
1st Lieut., Allen Bailey. 
2d Lieut., Asa W. Mead. 

I. — Lawrence, Capt., Daniel F. Dolan. 
1st Lieut., John P. O'Connor. 
2d Lieut., William H. Donovan. 

K. — Lawrence, Capt., Lawrence N. Duches- 
1st Lieut, George W. Town. 
2d Lieut., Alvin E. Towne. 

Tenth Regiment of Infantry. 

{Headquarters at Fitchburg.) 

Colonel, John W. Kimball, Fitchburg. 

Lieutenant-Colonel, George E. Goodrich, 

Major, William H. King, Worcester. 

Adjutant {rank of 1st Lieut.), James E. 
Childs, Worcester. 

Quartermaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), Joel A. 
Stratton, Leominster. 

Paymaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), Frederick F. 
Woodward, Fitchburg. 

Surgeon {rank of Major), Frederick H. 
Thompson, Fitchburg. 

Chaplain, George S. Ball, Upton. 

Assistant Surgeon {rank of 1st Lieut.), Ben- 
jamin H. Hartwell, Ayer. 


A. — Worcester, Capt., Edwin R. Shumway. 
1st Lieut., Charles Tarbox. 
2d Lieut., Forbes B. Fay. 

B.— Fitchburg, Capt., Henry G. Greene. 
2d Lieut.', Herbert A. Willard. 

C. — Worcester, Capt., Joseph P. Mason. 
1st Lieut., Thomas E. Leavitt. 
2d Lieut., Frank L. Childs. 

D.— Fitchburg, Capt., John H. Kirby. 
1st Lieut., Michael Donlan. 
2d Lieut., William J. Winch. 

K. — Ashburnham, Capt., Walter O. Parker. 
1st Lieut., Josiah W. Bride. 
2d Lieut., Lucius R. Hodgman.. 

F. — Ayer, Capt., George V. Barrett. 
1st Lieut., Charles F. Williamson. 
2d Lieut., Charles F. Fisher. 

G. — Millbury, Capt, Arthur H. Batchelor. 
1st Lieut., George H. Chaffin. 
2d Lieut., George A. Flagg. 

K. — Leominster, Capt., Clesson Kenney. 
1st Lieut., Henry Joy. 
2d Lieut., Madison Beal. 

Unattached Company of Infantry 

Captain, Charles F. A. Francis. 

1st Lieut., Robert Bell. 

2d Lieut., George H. Worthington. 

First Battalion of L,ight Artillery. 

{Headquarters at Lawrence.) 

Major, George S. Merrill, Lawrence. 

Adjutant {rank of 1st Lieut.), James Ingalls, 

Quartermaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), George 
W. Russell, Lawrence. 

Paymaster {rank of 1st Lieut.), Albert D. 
Swan, Lawrence. 

Surgeon {rank of Major) , David Dana, Law- 

Chaplain, . 

Assistant Surgeon {rank of 1st Lieut.) , Ed- 
ward O. Otis, Boston. 


B. — Worcester, Capt., George L. Allen. 

1st Lieut., Charles Hartwell. 
1st Lieut., Charles L. Detose. 
2d Lieut., George H. Barnes. 
2d Lieut., . 

C. — Melrose, Capt., Clark B. Baldwin. 

1st Lieut., Charles O. Boyd. 
1st Lieut., Jacob M. Ellis. 
2d Lieut., Benjamin F. Cannon. 
2d Lieut., Frank T. Palmer. 

Company F, Cavalry. 

{Headquarters at Chelmsford.) 
Captain, Sherman H. Fletcher, Westford. 
Adjutant {rank of 1st Lieut.), Elijah D. Bearse, 

North' Chelmsford. 
Assistant Surgeon {rank of 1st Lieut.), 

1st Lieut., Nathan B. Lapham, Chelmsford. 
2d Lieut., Arthur M. Clement, Boston. 

Second Brigade. 

{Headquarters, 5^ Beacon Street, Boston.) 
Brigadier- General, Eben Sutton, North An- 

Assistant Adjutant-General, Lieut. -Col. Rob- 
ert G. Shaw, Boston. 

Medical Director, Lieut.-Col. . 

Assistant Lnspector- General, Major Hugh 

Cochrane, Boston. 
Assistant Quartermaster, Capt. Daniel W. 

Lawrence, Medford. 
Aides-de-Camp, Capt. Edward N. Fenno, 

Boston, Capt. A. Lawrence Edmands, 

Engineer, Capt. Horace Binney Sargent, jr., 




Judge-Advocate, Capt. Arthur Lincoln, Hing- 

Provost- Marshal, Capt. F. W. Lawrence, 


First Battalion of Infantry. 

(Headquarters, 60S Washington St., Boston.) 

Lieutenant- Colonel, Nathaniel Wales, Boston. 
Major, William A. Smith, Boston. 
Adjutant, John A. Lowell, Boston. 
Quartermaster, William H. Jones, Boston. 
Paymaster, Edw. B. Blasland, Boston. 
Surgeon, Horace Chase, Boston. 
Assistant Surgeon, Robert M. Lawrence, 

Chaplain, Warren H. Cudworth, E. Boston. 


A. — Boston, Capt., A. Spalding Weld. 
1st Lieut., Freeman A. Taber. 
Id Lieut., Frank N. Brown, Newton. 

C. — Newton, Capt., George N. B. Cousens. 

1st Lieut., Robert B. Safford. 
2d Lieut., Fred. H. Adams. 

D. — Boston, Capt., Albert W. Hersey. 

1st Lieut., Thomas R. Matthews. 
2d Lieut., . 

G. — Boston, Capt., Henry A. Snow. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., George H. Lincoln. 

H. — Chelsea, Capt, Henry Wilson, jr. 
1st Lieut., George W. White. 
2d Lieut., John F. Cook. 

!• — Brockton, Capt., Bradford Morse. 
1st Lieut., James N. Keith. 
2d Lieut., Frederick Wood. 

Fifth. Regiment of Infantry. 

(Headquarters, 82 Main Street, Charlestown.) 

Colonel, Ezra J. Trull, Boston. 

Lieutenant- Colonel, Leonard C. Lane, Wal- 

Major, Henry G. Jordan, Boston. 
Adjutant, Frank L. Stephenson, Boston. 
Quartermaster, Frank G. Williams, Somer- 

Paymaster, Charles A. Fairbanks, Boston. 
Surgeon, Edw. J. Forster, Boston. 
Chaplain, William T. Stowe, Boston. 
Assistant Surgeon, Samuel Howe, Boston. 


A. — Boston, Capt., John E. Phipps. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., . 

C — Concord, Cant., Alfred B. C. Dakin. . 
1st Lieut., William H. Benjamin. 
2d Lieut., Frank W. Holden. 

D.— Boston, Capt., Frederick B. Bogan. 
1st Lieut., John Marley. 
2d Lieut., Frank H. Rice. 

E. — Medford, Capt., Jophanus H. Whitney. 

1st Lieut., Charles R. Dawson. 
2d Lieut., Fred P. Harlow. 

P. — Waltham, Capt, G. Frank Frost. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut, John G. Miller. 

G.— Woburn, Capt, Alonzo L. Richardson. 

1st Lieut, . 

2d Lieut, . 

H.— Boston, Capt, Isaac W. Derby. 
1st Lieut, J. Henry Brown. 
2d Lieut., . 

K. — Cambridge, Capt, William L. B. Robin- 
1st Lieut., George P. Twitchell. 
2d Lieut, William A. Bancroft. 

Seventh Battalion of Infantry. 

(Headquarters at Lynn.) 

Major, Charles C. Fry, Lynn. 

Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut), Mark F. 

Hutehings, Lynn. 
Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), Charles 

W. Knapp, Lynn. 
Paymaster (rank of 1st Lieut), Charles H. 

Boardman, Lynn. 
Surgeon (rank of Major), George Perkins, 


Chaplain, . 

Assistant Surgeon (rank of 1st Lieut) , Uranus 

O. B. Wingate, Neednam. 

F. — Lynn, Capt, William J. Clark. 
1st Lieut, James H. Tumith. 
2d Lieut, Edwin C. Stone. 

I. — Lynn, Capt., Charles E. Chase. 
1st Lieut, James F. Pool. 
2d Lieut, Nathan E. Moulton. 

Eighth. Regiment of Infantry. 

(Headquarters at Lynn.) 

Colonel, Benjamin F. Peach, jr., Lynn. 

Lieutenant- Colonel, Charles L. Ayers, New- 

Major, Edward F. Bartlett, Newburyport. 

Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut), Francis A. Os- 
good, Marblehead. 

Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut) , Augustus 
Brown, Salem. 

Paymaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), William N. 
Tyler, Wakefield. 

Surgeon (rank of Major) , Preston M. Chase, 

Chaplain, Minot G Gage, Gloucester. 

Assistant Surgeon (rank of 1st Lieut.) , Charles 
A. Carlton, Salem. 


A. — Newburyport, Capt, David L. Withing- 
1st Lieut., Henry Walsh. 
2d Lieut., William Holker. 

B. — Newburyport, Capt, Samuel W. Tuck. 
1st Lieut, John W. Sargent. 
2d Lieut, James K. Adams. 

C — Marblehead, Capt, Charles O. Hare. 
1st Lieut, Henry N. Mudge. 
2d Lieut, Richard H. Salkins. 

D. — Lynn. Capt, John G. Warner. 
1st Lieut, Clarence M. Sprague. 
2d Lieut., Frederick E. Sprague. 

E. — Beverly, Capt., Charles L. Dodge. 
1st Lieut, Winthrop E. Perry. 
2d Lieut, John Banners. 

Gr. — Gloucester, Capt, Richard C. Lawrence 
1st Lieut., Henry A. Lane. 
2d Lieut, David Low. 

H. — Salem, Capt, Jonathan Osborn. 
Is* Lieut., George A. Copeland. 
2d Lieut, Nathaniel D. Pierce. 

K. — Salem, Capt, James Leonard. 
1st Lieut., Daniel Casey. 
2d Lieut, William J. Saunders. 

Ninth Battalion of Infantry. 

(Headquarters, 738 Washington St., Boston.) 

Lieutenant- Colonel, William M. Strachan, 

Major, George A. J. Colgan, South Boston. 
Adjutant, Matthew J. Callahan, Boston. 
Quartermaster, Simon S. Rankin, Boston. 
Paymaster, John Lyons, Boston. 
Surgeon, John H. Kenneally, Cambridge. 
Chaplain, Dennis J. O'Donovan, Dedhiim. 




A. — Boston, Capl., Patrick J. Reardon. 
1st Lieut., John J. Boyle. 
2d Lieut., William F. Grace. 

C. — Boston, Capt., Edmund B. Meehan. 
lit. Lieut., James H. Nugent. 
2d Lieut., . 

E. — Boston, Capt., Eugene E. Montgomery. 
1st Lieut., Lawrence J. Ford. 
2d Lieut,. John J. Gateley. 

G. — Boston, Capt., . 

1st Lieut., William H. O'Connor. 
2d Lieut., Francis J. Ivers. 

H. — Boston, Capt., Daniel J. Sweeney. 
1st Lieut., Patrick J. Grady. 
2d Lieut., J. F. Madigan. 

K. — Boston, Capt., William Barry. 
1st Lieut., James F. Barry. 
2d Lieut., . 

First Battalion of Cavalry. 

(Headquarters, 37 Tremont Street, Boston.) 

Major, Dexter H. Follett, Boston. 

Adjutant, . 

Quartermaster, Thomas Restieaux, Boston. 
Paymaster, John Sullivan, Boston. 
Surgeon, Walter Ela, Boston. 
Chaplain, Minot J. Savage, Boston. 
Assistant Surgeon, William A. Dunn, Boston. 

A. — Boston, Capt., George S. Holt. 
1st Lieut., Charles F. Thurston. 
2d Lieut., Aaron F. Nettleton. 

D. — Boston, Capt., Aaron A. Hall. 
1st Lieut., William B. Fenner. 
2d Lieut., . 

Battery A, Light Artillery. 

(Headquarters, Wareham Street, corner Har- 
rison Avenue, Boston.) 

■Captain, Nathan Appleton, Boston. 
Adjutant, George B. Cartwright, Maiden. 
Assistant Surgeon, William Appleton, Boston. 
1st Lieutenants, John F. Murray, Cambridge ; 

Joseph W. Smith, Cambridge. 
.2d Lieutenant, George W. Brooks, Boston. 

First Corps of Cadets. 

(Headquarters, 94 Tremont Street, Boston.) 

Lieutenant-Colonel, Thomas F. Edmands, 

Major, Charles P. Horton, Boston. 

Paymaster, Capt. Charles E. Stevens, Bos- 

1st Lieutenant and Adjutant, Francis H. Ap- 
pleton, Boston. 

1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster, Charles C. 
Melcher, Boston. 

Surgeon, Dr. William L. Richardson, Boston. 

Assistant Surgeon, Charles S. Williams, 
This corps has a battalion organization, 

with the following company officers : William 

F. Lawrence, Boston; William E. Perkins, 

Boston; George R. Rogers, Brookline; 

Charles J. Williams, Boston, — each with 

the rank of Captain. William L. Parker, 

Brookline; Eben Dale, Boston; Albert C. 

Pond, Boston ; William H. Alline, Boston, — 

rank of 1st Lieutenants. 

Second Corps of Cadets. 

(Headquarters at Salem.) 

Lieutenant-Colonel, Samuel Dalton, Salem. 

Major, . 

Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut.), John C. Chad- 
wick, Salem. 

Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), Edward 
A. Simonds, Salem. 

Paymaster (rank of Capt.), Thomas H. 
Johnson, Salem. 

Surgeon (rank of Major), George S. Osborn, 

Assistant Surgeon (rank of 1st Lieut.), David 
Coggin, Salem. 


A. — Salem, Capt., Edward Hobbs. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., George R. Hodgdon. 

B. — Salem, Capt., Charles H. Masury. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., Walter C. Harris. 

C. — Salem, Capt., J. Frank Dalton. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., . 

D. — Salem, Capt, John W. Hart. 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., . 


Officers for 1877 and 1878. 

Captain, Lieut. John L. Stevenson, Boston. 1st Lieutenant, Capt. Nicholas N. Noyes, 
Boston. 2d Lieutenant, Col. George M. Atwood, Maiden. Adjutant, Col. Ezra J. Trull, 
(Jharlestown. 1st Sergeant of Infantry, Lieut. Edward E. Allen, Boston. 2d Sergeant of 
Infantry, Sergt. George B. Martis, Boston. 3d Sergeant of Infantry, Sergt. George E. Hall, 
Roxbury. 4th Sergeant of Infantry, Capt. Charles B. Whiting, Worcester, bth Sergeant 
of Infantry, Col. F. W. Bigelow, Weston. 1st Sergeant of Artillery, Capt. Harvey B. 
Wilder, Worcester. 2d Sergeant of Artillery, Mr. B. Franklin Smith, Boston. 3d Sergeant 
of Artillery, Mr. H. C. Barnabee, Boston. 4th Sergeant of Artillery, Lieut. William H. Pat- 
tee, Arlington, bth Sergeant of Artillery, Mr. George H. Philbrook, Boston. Treasurer 
and Paymaster, Sergt. Vincent La Forme, Boston. Clerk and Assistant Paymaster, Lieut. 
George H. Allen, Boston. Armorer and Quartermaster, Sergt. George P. May, Boston. 


Chief Detective, Luther Stephenson, jr., office, 35 Pemberton Square, Boston. 

Detectives, Hollis C. Pinkham, James P. Wade, David B. Keith, Joseph H. Knox, Daniel 
Noonan, David L. Wentworth, George H. Innis, M. V. B. Hersom, Francis M. Smith, John 
B. Hollis, jr., Chase Philbrick, William E. Carleton, Boston ; Benjamin Buffinton, Fall River ; 
John Crosby, jr., Pittstield; Henry C. Joslyn, Holyoke; John C. Blood, Lowell; Charles A. 
W. Oesting, New Bedford; P. O'Day, jr., Worcester; Festus C. Currier, Fitchburg ; George 
W. Warren, Deerfield; Kendrick B. Webster, Springfield; Charles L. Ayers,Newburyport; 
Samuel T. Allen, Quincy; Josiah A. Bean, Natick; William Cronin, Gloucester; Andrew 
■ Campbell, Westfield; James U. Hunt, Lynn; William M. Hill, Salem; Horatio S. Kelley, 
Dennisport; George C. Pratt, North Abington. 




State Almshouse at Tewksbury. 

Francis H. Nourse, Winchester; Geo. P. 
Elliot, Billerica; William R. Spalding, 
Lawrence, Inspectors. William H. Lathrop, 
Resident Physician. Thomas J. Marsh, 

State Workhouse at Bridge water. 

Seabury W. Bowen, Fall River; Joshua E. 
Crane, Bridgewater ; J. White Belcher, Ran- 
dolph, Inspectors. Nahum Leonard, jr., Su- 

State Primary School at Mongou. 

E. V. B. Holcomb, Chicopee; Dr. 8. D. 

Brooks, Springfield, Inspectors. Rev. J. H. 

Bradford, P. O. Address, Palmer, Mass., 


State Lunatic Hospital at North- 

Incorporated 1856. 

Trustees : Silas M. Smith, Northampton ; 
Adams C. Deane, Greenfield; Henry W. 
Taft, Pittsfield; Edmund H. Sawyer, East- 
hampton; Edw. Hitchcock, Amherst. 

Residefit Officers: Pliny Earle, Physician 
and Superintendent ; Edward B. Ninas, As- 
sistant Physician ; Daniel Packard, 2d Assist- 
ant Physician; Walter B. Welton, Clerk; 
Pliny Earle, Treasurer. 

The Worcester Lunatic Hospital 

Was founded by the State, and was opened 
for patients Jan. 18, 1833. It has of late been 
sutained by the price of board of patients. 
Patients are committed by order of /Judges of 
Probate, by Overseers of the Poor, by war- 
rant from the Governor, and by private bonds, 
with sworn certificates of insanity from two 

Trustees: R. W. Hooper, Boston; W. S. 
Lincoln, John D. Washburn, Thomas H. 
Gage, Worcester ; James B. Thayer, Boston. 

Resident Officers: B. D. Eastman, Superin- 
tendent; John G. Park, Assistant Superintend- 
ent; H. M. Quimby, Assistant Physician; 
Daniel W. Bemis, Steward; Albert Wood, 

Taunton Lunatic Hospital. 

Trustees: Le Baron Russell, Boston ; George 
Howland, jr., New Bedford; William C. 
Lovering, Taunton ; Simeon Borden, Fall 
River; Samuel L. Crocker, Taunton. 

Resident Officers: William H. Gage, M.D., 
Superintendent; George L. Ellis, M. Hutch- 
inson, Assistant Physicians; John Kittredge, 
Treasurer and Clerk. 

Lunatic Hospital at Danvers. 

Trustees: Gardner A. Churchill, Boston; 
Charles P. Preston, Danvers; Daniel S.Rich- 
ardson, Lowell; Samuel W. Hopkinson, 
Bradford; James Sturgis, Boston. 

Boston Lunatic Hospital, South 

Supported by City of Boston. Clement A- 
Walker, M.D.,' Superintendent. George H- 
M. Rowe, M.D., Assistant Superintendent- 
John T. Carter, M.D., Apothecary. Rev. Jo- 
seph H. Clinch, Chaplain. 

Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Blossom Street, Boston. 
Incorporated, 1811. 
Henry B. Rogers, President. Nathaniel 
Thayer, Vice-President. Francis H. Peabody, 
Treasurer. Thomas B. Hall, Secretary. 
James H. Whittemore, Resident Physician 
and Superintendent. George C. Shattuck, 

Francis Minot, Calvin Ellis, Samuel L. Abbot, 
Benjamin S. Shaw, George G. Tarbell, Vis- 
iting Physicians. Henry J. Bigelow, Samuel 
Cabot, George H. Gay, Richard- M. Hodges, 
Charles B. Porter, John C. Warren, Visiting 
Surgeons. David H. Hayden, William L. 
Eichardson, Edward N. Whittier, Henry 
Tuck, Physicians to Out Patients. Henry H. 

A. Beach, Thomas B. Curtis, John Homans, 
Surgeons to Out Patients. James C. White, 
Physician to Out Patients with Diseases of 
the Skin. James J. Putnam, Physician to Out 
Patients with Diseases of the Nervous Sys- 
tem. Frederick I. Knight, Physician to Out 
Patients with Diseases of the Throat. Regi- 
nald H. Fitz, Curator of the Pathological 
Cabinet. Miss G. L. Sturtevant, Matron. 

McLean Asylum for Insane, Somer- 

George F. Jelly, M.D., Superintendent. 
Wilbur F. Sanborn, Assistant Physician. 
Lucius J. Curtis, Apothecary. William C. 
Bagley, Steward. Mrs. Sarah P. Rutherford, 
Matron. A. F. Abbot, Miss Lucia E. Wood- 
ward, Supervisors. 

City Hospital, Boston. 

Harrison Avenue, opposite Worcester 
Square. For those only who require tempo- 
rary relief. Nine Trustees are elected by 
concurrent vote of City Council in January 
of each year. 

Consulting Physicians and Surgeons, Ed- 
ward Reynolds, Silas Durkee, Benjamin E. 
Cotting, John N. Borland, J. Baxter Upham, 
Fitch E. Oliver. Visiting Physicians, John 
G. Blake, Hall Curtis, C. Ellery Stedman*, 
George H. Lyman, Robert T. Edes, George 
J. Arnold, Frank W. Draper, O. W. Doe. 
Visiting Surgeons, Charles D. Homans, David 
W. Cheever, William H. Thorndike, W. C. 

B. Fifield, William Ingalls, George W. Gay. 
Ophthalmic Surgeons, Henry W. Williams, 
Oliver F. Wadswoisth. Department for Medi- 
cal Out Patients, A.M. Sumner, A. L. Mason. 
Department for Diseases of Women, William 
E. Boardman, J. R. Chadwick. Department 
for Diseases of the Skin, Howard F. Damon. 
Department for Diseases of the Ear, J. Orne 
Greene. Department for Diseases of the 
Nervous System, Samuel G. Webber. De- 
partment for Diseases of the Throat, E. W. 
Cushing. Surgeons to Out Patients, Thomas 
Dwight, W. P. Bolles. House Surgeons, O. 
H. Marion, W. D. Robertson, S. W. French, 
W. T. Souther. House Physicians, E. O. 
Otis, C. C. Sheldon, C. P. Bancroft, S. E. 
Fitz. Pathologist, William P. Bolles. Resi- 
dent Physician and Superintendent, Edward 
Cowles, M.D.; residence and office in the 

Persons accidentally wounded, or otherwise 
disabled or injured, shall be received at all 

Carney Hospital, South Boston. 
Incorporated 1865. 

Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. 
Superioress, Sister Simplicia. Consulting 
Physicians and Surgeons, H. I. Bowditch, 
H. R. Storer, M. K. Hartnett, D. H. Hayden, 
J. G. Blake, S. G. Webber, S. W. Langmaid, 
John Homans, Thomas Dwight, C. H. Brad- 
ford, Hugh Ferguson, A. L. Mason, E. G. Cut- 
ler, George B. Shattuck, B. Joy Jeffries, Has- 
kett Derby, William E. Boardman, Hugh Do- 

Mass. Homoeopathic Hospital. 

East Concord Street, Boston. 

Incorporated 1855. 

Rufus S. Frost, President. Henry S. Rus- 
sell, William Clafiin, Liverus Hull, Otis Clapp, 



Vice-Presidents. Frank W. Andrews, Treas- 
urer. D. G. Woodvine, Secretary. William 
Pope, H. Ahlborn, Henry C. Angell, E. B. De 
Gersdorff, J. H. Woodbury, S. Whitney, I. T. 
Talbot, Conrad Wesselhoeft, David Thayer, 
David L. Webster, W. B. Merrill, Joel Gold- 
thwait, R. H. Stearns, Chester Guild, Joseph 
Story, Luther A. Wright, Mrs. A. Hemenway, 
Mrs. Isaac Fenno, Mrs. Oliver Ditson, Mrs. 
George R. Russell, Mrs. M. P. Kenuard, Mrs. 
W. H. Kennard, Mrs. Frank R. Allen, Mrs. 
H. B. Stanwood, Trustees. 

Boston Lying-in Hospital. 

24 McLean Street. 

Abbott Lawrence, President. Charles E. 
Ware, Vice-President. Lemuel Shaw, Treas- 
urer. Rev. Henry F. Jenks, Secretary. Fran- 
cis Minot, John P. Reynolds, Consulting 
Physicians. Henry Tuck, William M. Rich- 
ardson, Visiting Physicians. 

"Worcester City Hospital. 

Founded 1871. 
For those only who require temporary re- 
lief. Trustees, F. H. Kelly, Joseph Sargent, 
Stephen Salisbury, jr., Albert Curtis, Benja- 
min Walker, John R. Thayer, Sumner Pratt. 
Consulting Board, Joseph Sargent, F. H. 
Kelly, M.D., B. D. Eastman, M.D. Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, O. Martin, Joseph N. 
Bates, George A. Bates, Thomas H. Gage, 
Henry Clarke, Rufus Woodward, Albert 
Wood, George E. Francis, L. Wheeler, J. M. 
Rice, E. Warner, J. O. Marble. Superinten- 
dent, J. Bartlett Rich, M.D. 

Salem Hospital. 

Incorporated 1873. 

President, James B. Curwen. Trustees, 
James B. Curwen, L. B. Harrington, Charles 
A. Ropes, Aaron Perkins, Arthur Kemble, 
Joseph Price, Richard C. Manning, John C. 
Osgood, James Dugan, L. S. Tuckennan, Jo- 
seph Osgood, Oliver D. Way. Secretary and 
Treasurer, Charles S. Rea. Superintendent, 
Alfred R. Brooks. Admitting Physician, D. 

Springfield City Hospital. 

S. P. Howard, Superintendent. 

National Sailors' Home, Q,uincy. 

Organized 1865. 
Hon. Alexander H. Rice, President. James 
L. Little, jr., Treasurer. Joshua Crane, 23 
Sears Building, Washington, cor. Court street, 
Boston, Clerk. Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Faxon, 
Superintendent and Matron. 

Consumptives' Home. 

Grove Hall, Boston. 
Opened September, 1864, for the gratuitous 
care of poor, sick with consumption. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions. Charles 
Cullis, M.D., Physician and Superintendent. 

Sew England Hospital for Women 
and Children. 

Codman Avenue, Boston. 
Miss Lucy Goddard, President. George A. 
Goddard, Treasurer. Mrs. E. D. Cheney, 
Secretary. Miss F. Berlin, M.D., Resident 
Physician. Elizabeth C. Keller, T&.D., Attend- 
ing Surgeon. Marie E. Zakrzewska, Lucy E. 
Sewall, C. Annette Buckel, Helen Morton, 
Emily F. Pope, C. Augusta Pope, Emma L. 
Call, A. Adelaide Richardson, Attending 
Physicians. Samuel Cabot, Henry I. Bow- 
ditch, Edward Jarvis, Edward H. Clarke, 
Francis Minot, G. G. Tarbell, Con stilting 
Physicians. B. Joy Jeffries, Ophthalmic 
Surgeon. Reginald H. Fitz, Pathologist. 
C. H. Osgood, Dtntal Surgeon. Miss Jane C. 
Buxton, Matron. 

Massachusetts Infant Asylum. 

Jamaica Plain. 
E. S. Philbrick, Treasurer. L. W. Tap- 
pan, Secretary. 

Massachusetts Charitable Eye and 
Ear Infirmary. 

176 Charles Street, Boston. 
Willard P. Phillips, Salem ; Isaac N. Stod- 
dard, Plymouth, Trustees. George Stedman, 
Superintendent. Edward I. Browne, Secre- 

Children's Hospital. 

1583 Washington Street, Boston. 
Nathaniel Thayer, President. R. C. Win- 
throp, Vice-President. J. G.Wetherell, Treas- 
urer. Francis H. Brown, Secretary. Chand- 
ler Robbins, Nathaniel H. Emmons, Charles 
Faulkner, William Insralls, Charles H. Fiske, 
Samuel A. Green, Isaac Thacher, Jere. 
Abbott, George D. Howe, E. R. Mudge, 
Alanson Bigelow, W. P. Kuhn, Managers. 
A. M. Sumner, F. Gordon Morrill, J. P. 
Oliver, Physicians. S. W. Langmaid, Wil- 
liam Ingalls, E. H. Bradford, Surgeons. E. G. 
Cutler, Pathologist. F. H. Davenport, Assis- 
tant. V. O. B. Wingate, M.D., Physician to 
Convalescent Home. 

Free Hospital for Women. 
60 East Springfield Street, Boston. 
Joseph W. Woods, Secretary. E. H. Samp- 
son, Treasurer. 

C. S. Marine Hospital, Chelsea. 
J. B. Hamilton, Surgeon in charge. F. H. 
Brown, Assistant Surgyon. Andrew Bartlett, 
Chaplain. Office at Custom House, Boston. 

V. S. Naval Hospital, Chelsea. 

Samuel Jackson, U.S.N., Medical Director. 
Joseph Hugg, U.S.N., Surgeon. James C. 
Byrnes, U.S.N., Assistant Surgeon. Joseph 
Graham, Apothecary. 

State Prison. 
Located at Charlestown. 

Samuel E. Chamberlain, Warden. Al- 
mon Hale, Deputy Warden. William Peirce, 
Clerk. James A. Latimer, Physician. Ezra 
Parmenter (chairman). East Cambridge; 
Daniel E. Safford, Hamilton; George O. 
Brastow, Somerville, Inspectors. Daniel 
Russell, Boston, Agent for Discharged Con- 

Perkins Institution and Mass. School 
for the Blind, South Boston. 

Instituted 1828. 
Depository and Office, 37 Avon Street, Boston. 
Samuel Eliot, President. John Cummings, 
Vice-President. Henry Endicott, Treasurer. 
M. Anagnos, Director and Secretary. Josiah 
Quincy, James Sturgis, Francis Brooks, Ed- 
ward N. Perkins, Robert E. Apthorp, Joseph 
B Glover, George W. Wales, Samuel G. 
Snelling, Henry LrHigginson, John S. Dwight, 
Andrew P. Peabody, J. Theodore Heard, 

Massachusetts School for Idiotic and 
Feeble-Minded Vouth. 

723 Bast Eighth Street, South Boston. 
Samuel Eliot, President. Edward Jarvis, 
Vice-President. F. W. G. May, Treasurer. 
W Brandt Storer, Secretary. Samuel Eliot, 
J. S. Damrell, Henry G. Denny, Charles D. 
Homans, Samuel A. Green, Edward Jarvis, 
Boston; John Cummings, Woburn; Levi 
Howard, Chelmsford; John D. Washburn, 
Worcester ; Charles H. Waters, Groton ; Lew- 
is Allen, Peabody, Trustees. Edward Jarvis, 
Superintendent. Henry Tuck, Assistant Su- 



Institution for the Etlucntion of 
Feeble-Winded Youth., Barre. 

This is a private school. 
George Brown, M.D., Superintendent. 

Plummer Farm School of Reform 
for Boys, Salem. 

Incorporated 1855. 
"William I. Bowditch, President. Gilber* 
L. Streeter, Treasurer and Secretary. C. A* 
Johnson, Superintendent. 

Reformatory Prison for "Women, 
Mrs Eudora O. Atkinson, Superintendent. 
Miss Eliza M. Mosher, Physician. Miss Mary 
Fosdick, Chaplain. Col. John C. Whiton, 
Treasurer and Steward. 

State Reform School for Boys, West- 

Congregate and Family Asylum combined. 

Established 1848. 
Milo Hildreth, Northboi*o' ; Stephen G. De- 
blois, Boston ; Wm. H. Baldwin, Boston ; John 
L. Cummings, Ashburnham ; Jackson B. 
Swett, Haverhill ; Samuel R. Heywood, 
Worcester; Edwin B. Harvey, Westborough, 
Trustees. Samuel M. Griggs, Westboro', 
Treasurer. A. G. Shepherd, Superinten- 

Boston Asylum and "Farm School 
for Indiift-nt Boys. 

Office, 52 State Street, Boston. 
Theodore Lyman, President. William Per- 
kins, Vice-President. Charles P. Bowditch, 
Treasurer. George S. Deblois, Secretary. 

State Industrial School for Girls, 

Established 1855. 
Frank B. Fay, Chelsea; Henry C. Greeley,- 
Clinton ; A. L. Coolidge, Boston ; Lewis H. 
Bradford. Fitchburg; Richard H. Stearns, 
Boston ; Robert O. Fuller, Cambridge ; Joseph 
A. Allen, Newton; Mrs. Mary S. Lamson, 
Winchester; Anna B. Richardson, Lowell; 
Miss Anna R. Faulkner, Billerica, Trustees. 
Frank B. Fay, Treasurer. Russell Sturgis, 
jr., Secretary. William E. Currier, New- 
buryport, Commissioner to make Commit- 
ments. Loring Lothrop, Superintendent. 
A. E. Boynton, Farmer. J. L. S. Thomp- 
son, M.D., Physician. 


In the State House, for the use of the Gov- 
ernor, Lieutenant-Governor, the Council, the 
Senate, the House of Representatives, and 
such other officers of the government and 
other persons as may from time to time be 
permitted to use the same. 

The Library is open during the session of 
the legislature, each day, without intermis- 
sion, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on Satur- 
day p.m., when it is closed at 1 o'clock. 

All persons whatsoever may use the Library 
for consultation or reference. 

Edwin P. Whipple, Jacob M. Manning, 
George O. Shattuck, of Boston, Trusteea. 
John W. Dickinson, Librarian ex officio. 
Oliver Warner, Assistant Librarian. C. R. 
Jackson, E. M. Sawyer, Clerks. 


Members ex officiis, His Excellency Alexan- 
der H. Rice, His Honor Horatio G. Knight, 
Hon. Henry B. Peirce, Secretary of the Com- 
monwealth. President 3fassachusetts Agri- 
cultural College, William S. Clark. State Ag- 
ricultural Chemist, Charles A. Goessmann. 
Appointed by the Governor and Council, 
James S. Grinnell of Greenfield ; Marshall P. 
Wilder of Boston; Paul A. Chadbourne of 
Williamstown. And one member elected by 
each agricultural society. 


Nathan Allen, Lowell; Charles F. Don- 
nelly, Boston; Moses Kimball, Boston; S. C. 
Wrightington, Fall River, General Agent ; 
Sidney Andrews, Secretary. Office at State 


Henry I. Bowditch, Charles F. Folsom, 
Secretary, David L. Webster, Richard Froth- 
ingham, Boston, R. T. Davis, Fall River, 
and John C. Hoadley, Lawrence, Thos. B. 
Newhall, Lynn. 


{Established by an Act of the Legislature, 

April 20, 1837.) 

Office at the State House. 

The Governor and Lieutenant-Governor of 
the Commonwealth ex officiis, and eight mem- 
bers, one to be appointed annually by the 
Governor and Council; Henry Chapin, Wor- 
cester, Gardner G. Hubbard, Cambridge, 
William Rice, Springfield, Alonzo A. Miner, 
Boston, Constantine C. Esty, Framingham, 
Charles B. Rice, Danvers, Edward B. Gillett, 
Westfield, Christopher C. Hussey, Billerica. 

John W. Dickinson, Secretary; Oliver War- 
ner, Clerk and Treasurer; George A. Wal- 
ton, Westfield, E. A. Hubbard, Springfield, 
Agents; Walter Smith, Director of Art Edu- 


For full list of Academies, &c, see page 106. 


{Established by Law, 1838.) 
The State Normal Schools are designed for 
those only who purpose to teach, and especi- 
ally for those who purpose to teach in the 
Common Schools. Of those who avail them- 
selves of the advantages of these schools, and 
who afterwards become teachers in the Com- 
mon Schools of Massachusetts, no tuition-fee 
is required. 

There are at present five in the Common- 
wealth, as follows : — 

State Normal School, Framingham. 
Established 1839. 
for females only. 
Ellen Hyde, Principal. 
Originally established at Lexington, July 3, 
1839. Transferred in May, 1844, to West New- 
ton; from thence, in 1853, to Framingham. 



State Normal School, Beidgewater. 
Established 1840. 


Albert G. Boyden, A.M., Principal. 

Male applicants for admission must be at 
least 17 years of age ; female applicants, 16. 
Tuition free. Board at cost. Two courses 
of study ; one of two years, another of four 

State Normal School at Westfield. 
Incorporated 1844. 


J. G. Scott, A.M., Principal. 

This school first went into operation at 
Barre, Sept. 4, 1839. In 1841 it was suspend- 
ed, and in September, 1844, was recommenced 
at Westfield. 

State Normal School at Salem, 
for females only. 
Opened Sept. 13, 1854. 
Daniel B. Hagar, Ph D. Principal. 

State Noemal School, Worcester. 
Established 1874. ' 
foe both sexes. 
E. Harlow Russell, Principal. 
Rebecca Jones, Charles F. Adams, Florence 
Foster, Juliet Porter, Henry W. Brown, 
Helen F. Marsh, Assistants. 

Normal Art School. 
28 School Street, Boston. 
Established 1873. 
Walter Smith, Director. 
W. T. Meek, Curator. 

Tuition free to students residing in the 

Harvard Universit- , Camhridge. 

Incorporated 1636. 
Charles William Eliot, LL.D., President. 

John A. Lowell, LL.D., George T. Bigelow, 
LL.D.j Francis Parkman, A.M., Martin Brim- 
mer, A.B., Joseph H. Thayer, D.D., John 
Quincy Adams, A.B., Edward W. Hooper, 
LIj.B., Treasurer. 

The President and Treasurer of the Univer- 
sity, ex, officio, and thirty persons by election. 
Alexander McKenzie, A.M., Secretary. 
the college. 
Charles F. Dunbar, A.B., Dean. 
the divinity school. 
Oliver Stearns, D.D., Dean. 
the law school. 
Christopher C. Langdell, LL.D., Dean. 


Henry L. Eustis, A.M., Dean. 


Calvin Ellis, M.D., Deem. 


Thomas H. Chandler, D.M.D., Dean. 

Boston University, Boston. 

Incorporated, 1869. 
William F. Warren, LL.D., President. 
David Patten, S.T.D., Registrar. 


William Claflin, President. Jacob Sleeper, 
Vice-President. David Patten, Secretary. 
Richard W. Husted, Treasurer. 


36 Brornfield Street. 
James E. Latimer, S.T.D., Dean. 


36 Bromjield Street. 
Edmund H. Bennett, LL.D., Dean. 


JTast Concord Street. 
I. Tisdale Talbot, M.D., Dean. 


Somerset Street. 
Prof. Lewis B. Monroe, Dean. 


20 Beacon Street. 
John W. Lindsay, S.T.D., Dean. 


Music Halt. 
Dr. Eben Tourjee, Dean. 


20 Beacon Street. 
John W. Lindsay, S.T.D., Acting Dean. 
Williams College, Williamstown, 

Incorporated 1793. 
Paul A. Chadbourne, D.D., LL.D., Presi- 
dent. Joseph White, LL.D., Treasurer and 


Rev. Paul A. Chadbourne, Rev. Mark Hop- 
kins, Henry Lyman Sabin, Joseph White, 
Erastus Cornelius Benedict, William Hyde, 
Rev. Nahum Gale, James Denison Colt, Rev. 
Robert Russell Booth, William E. Dodge, 
Giles Bacon Kellogg, Rev. Samuel Irenasus 
Prime, Francis Henshaw Dewey, Rev. Ephra- 
irn Flint, Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, jr., James 
White, Arthur B. Graves. 

Amherst College, Amherst. 

Incorporated 1825. 
Rev. Julius H. Seelye, D.D., LL.D., Pres- 


Henry Edwards, Alexander H. Bullock, 
Henry Morris, Rev. Edward S. Dwight, Al- 
pheus Hardy, Nathan Allen, Edward B. Gil- 
lett, Rev. E. K. Alden, Rev. Richard S. Storrs, 
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, Rev. Roswell D. 
Hitchcock, John E. Sanford, Rufus B. Kel- 
logg, Rev. William S. Karr. Rev. Edward S. 
Dwight, Seen tary. William A. Dickinson, 
Treasurer. William L. Montague, Librarian. 

Tufts College, Mentford. 

Incorporated 1852. 
Rev. Elmer H. Capen, President. 


Israel Washburn, jr., President. Charles 
Robinson, jr., Vice -President. Newton Tal- 
bot, Secretary. William H. Finney, Treas- 

Rev. Elmer H. Capen, Rev. Alonzo A. 
Miner, Richard Frothingham, James O. Curtis, 
Rev. Thomas B. Thayer, Nathaniel Adams, 
Rev. L. R. Page, Timothy T. Sawyer, Henry 
B. Metcalf, Norman C. Munson, Charles G. 
Pope, Zebulon L. White, Charles S. Forbes, 
Charles H. Rogers, Rev. H. W. Rugg, H. M. 
Knowlton, Thomas H. Armstrong. 


Elmer H. Capen, John P. Marshall, Jerome 
Scbneider, Heman A. Dearborn, Benjamin G. 
Brown, William R. Shipman, Amos E. Dol- 
bear, Moses T. Brown, Charles E. Fay, Charles 
D. Bray, S. Minot Pitman, George L. Perry. 

Massachusetts Agricultural C ollege, 

William S. Clark, Ph.D., LL.D., President. 


Marshall P. Wilder, Charles G. Davis, 
Henry Colt, Phineas Stedman, Allen W. 
Dodge, George Marston, Henry L. Whiting, 



Henry F. Hills, Daniel Needham, William 
Knowlton, John Cummings. 


His Excellency the Governor, the Secretary 
of the Board of Agriculture, and Secretary 
of the Board of Education. George Mon- 
tague, Treasurer. 


William S. Clark, Levi Stockbridge, Henry 
H. Goodell, Charles H. Goessmann, Henry 
W. Parker, William B. Graves, Lieut. C. A. 
L. Totten, A. S. Packard, jr., Charles P. Ly- 
man, M. Fayette Dickinson, jr., Samuel T. 
Maynard, George Montague. 

Smith College (for Women), North- 

Rev. L. Clark Seelye, D.D., President. 


Rev. L. Clark Seelye, Rev. William S. Tyler, 
Rev. Julius H. Seelye, William B.Washburn, 
Rev. Edward A. Park, Joseph White, Birds- 
eye G. Northrop, Edward B Gillett, George 
W. Hubbard, Samuel T. Spaulding, Rev. An- 
drew P. Peabody, Rev. Phillips Brooks, A. 
Lyman Williston, Rev. R. M. Woods. 

Rev. L. Clark Seelye, Rev. H. M. Tyler, 
Elihu Root, Samuel A. Fisk, Rev. J. W. 
Churchill, J. W. Champney, George W. 
Steele, William H. Clarke, Bessie T. Capen, 
S. Louise Coy, Maria Whitney, Lucy B. Hunt, 
Kate E. Prince. 

Bussey Institution, Jamaica Plain. 

Francis H. Storer, Dean; Thos. Motley, 
Daniel D. Slade, Geo. L. Goodale, Wm. G. 
Farlow, B. M. Watson, David S. Lewis, In- 

Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology, Boston. 

Incorporated 1861. 
JohnD. Runkle, LL.D., President. Samuel 
Kneeland, Secretary. John Cummings, Treas- 

John B. Hcnck, William R. Ware, William 
P. Atkinson, George A. Osborne, John M. 
Ordway, James M. Crafts, Robert H. Rich- 
ards, T. Sterry Hunt, William R. Nichols, 
Charles R. Cross, Gaetano Lanza, Channing 
Whitaker, George H. Howison, Charles P. 
Otis, Charles H. Wing, Lieut. Henry. W. 

Massachusetts Colleee of Phar- 
macy, Ito.-tnn. 

Samuel M. Colcord, President. Daniel G. 
Wilkins, Recording Secretary. George F. 
H. Markoe, Corresponding Secretary. Edgar 
L. Patch, Treasurer. Charles I. Eaton, Audi- 


J. M. Merrick, William P. Bolles, George 
F. H. Markoe. 

Andover Theological Scmina>y 

Incorporated 1808. 
Rev. Austin Phelps, President. Rev. Ed- 
ward A. Park, Rev. Austin Phelps, Rev. 
Egbert C. Smyth, Rev. J. H. Thayer, Rev. 
Charles M. Mead, Rev. J. Wesley Churchill, 
Professors. Rev. William L. Ropes, Libra- 

Episcopal Theological School. 

Mason Street, Cambridge. 
Edward S. Rand, A.M., President. Amos 
A. Lawrence, A.M., Treasurer. John P. 
Putnam, A.M., Secretary. Rev. John S. 
Stone, Emeritus Dean. Rev. George Z. Gray, 

Newton Theological Institution, 
Newton Centre. 

Incorporated 1826. 

The Board of Trustees consists of forty- 
eight members. Gardner Colby, President. 
George W. Bosworth, Secretary. Thomas 
Nickerson, Treasurer. 


Rev. Alvah Hovey, D.D., President. Rev. 
Heman Lincoln, Rev. Oakman S. Stearns, 
Rev. Ezra P. Gould, Rev. S. L. Caldwell, 
Lebrun T. Conlee. John B. Houser, Libra- 

Boston Den al College. 

485 Tremont Street, Boston. 

Isaac J. Wetherbee, D.D.S., President 1 

John B. Coolidge, Secretary. Robert L" 

Robbins, Treasurer. Isaac Ayling, Auditor 

and Librarian. 

Boston College. 

761 Harrison Ave., Boston. 

Incorporated 1861. 

Rev. Robert Fulton, President. 

College" of the Holy Cross, 

Founded 1843. 
Rev. Joseph B. O'Hagan, President. 

Charles P. Bahan, Peter J. Blenkinsop, A. 
M. Marigliano, George I. Strong, Edward I. 
Devitt, Hugh A. Loague, James B. Becker, 
Thomas W. Hayes, F. D. S.Fullerton, Fabian 
S. Noel, John A. Chester, T. A. O'Callaghan, 
F. A. Gauren. 

Worcester Co. Free Institute of In- 
dustrial Science, Worcester. 

Incorporated 1865. 


Stephen Salisbury, President. Rev. Ed- 
ward H. Hall, Secretary. Philip L. Moen, 
Treasurer. Rev. Seth Sweetser, George F. 
Hoar, David Whiteornb, Rev. B. D. Marshall, 
Charles H. Morgan, Lucius J. Knowles. On 
the part of the Board of Education, Hon. 
William W. Rice. Ex, officio, Mayor Charles 

B. Batt. 


Charles O. Thompson, Principal. George 
I. Alden, George E. Gladwin, John E. Sin- 
clair, Alonzo S. Kimball, E. P. Smith, T. E. 
N. Eaton, Waldo Cutler, A. M. Chapin, 
Thomas S. Hunt, Walter U. Barnes. Super- 
intendent of Machine Shop, Milton P. Hig- 

Peabody Academy of Science, Salem, 

Incorporated 1868. 


William C. Endicott, G. Peabody Russell, 
Othniel C. March, Henry Wheatland, Abner 

C. Goodell, jr., James R. Nichols, S. Endicott 
Peabody, George Cogswell, John Robinson. 

W. C. Endicott, President. Henry Wheat- 
land, Vice-President. A. C. Goodell, jr., 
Secretary of the Trustees. John Robinson, 
Treasurtr. A. S. Packard, jr., Director of 
the Museum. A. S. Packard, jr., J. S. Kings- 
ley, Curators. Museum open to the public 
daily from 10 to 5. 

Essex Institute, Salem. 

Incorporated 1848. 
Henry Wheatland, President. A. C. Good- 
ell, jr., William Sutton, D. B. Hagar, F. W. 
Putnam, Vice-Presidents. George M. Whip- 
ple, Secretary. Henry M. Brooks, Treasurer. 
William P. Upham, Librarian. 



Boston Society of Natural History. 

Berkeley, corner Boylston Street. 

Thomas T. Bouve, President. Samuel H, 
Scudder, John Cumrnings, Vice-Presidents- 
Alpheus Hyatt, Custodian. S. L. Abbot. 
M.D., Honorary Secretary. Edward Bur. 

gess, Secretary and Librarian. Charles W. 
Scudder, Treasurer. 

Lowell Institute. 

Bear 399 Washington Street, Boston. 
John Amory Lowell, Trustee. Benjamin 
E. Cotting, Curator. John E. Pierce, Super- 


For Boston Schools, see Teachers and Schools, in Boston Business Directory. 

Mount Pleasant Institute for Boys. Prin- 
cipal, H. O. Nash, Amherst 

Abbott Academy. Principal, Miss Phi- 
lena McKeen, /f £.. y Andover 

Phillips Academy. Com. 1778. Prin- 
cipal, Cecil F. P. Bancroft, " 

Watatic Academy, Ashby 

Cushing Academy. Inc. 1865. Princi- 
cipal, Edwin Pierce, Ashburnham 

Barre Academy. Principal, A. Blan- 
chard, Barre 

Orchard Hill Family Boarding School. 

Principal, D. Mack, Belmont 

Powers Institute. Inc. 1858. Principal, 
F. E. Stratton, Bernardston 

Howe School. Principal, S. Tucker, Billerica 

Houghton School. Inc. 1849. Princi- 
pal, F. F. Phillips, Bolton 


Principal, H. C. Kendall, 26 Essex, Boston 

Bradford Academy. Inc. 1804. Princi- 
pal, Annie E. Johnson, Bradford 

Thayer Academy. Inc. 1877. Princi- 
pal, Professor J. B. Sewall, South 
Braintree, Braintree 

Hitchcock Free High School. Princi- 
pal, E. W. Norwood, Brimfield 

St. Mary's Parochial School. Principal, 

Rev. Thomas Scully, Cambridge 

Cambridge Conservatory of Music. Di- 
rector, G. Fisher, Cambridgep't, " 

Conway High School. Principal, D. O. 
Clark, Conway 

Deerfield Academy and High School. 
Inc. 1797. Principal, E. R. Downs, Deerfield 

Principal, M. Coggan, Dudley 

Partridge Academy. Inc. 1829. Prin- 
cipal, Edwin B. Maglauthlin, Duxbury 

Williston Seminary. Inc. 1841. Prin- 
cipal, James Morris Whiton, Easthampton 

South Egremont Academy. Principal, 
Mrs. Luella Smith, So. Egremont, Egremont 

Young Ladies' Seminary. Principals, 
Mrs. Potter and Miss Peirce, Everett 

Holmes International Commercial Col- 
lege. Org. Oct. 1, 1857. Principal, 
F. A. Holmes, Fall River 

Lawrence Academy. Inc. 1833. Prin- 
cipal, Lucian Hunt, A.M. Falmouth 

DEAN ACADEMY. Inc. 1865. Prin- 
cipal, Rev. J. P. Weston, D.D. Franklin 

Sedgwick Institute (boys). Principal, 
James Bird, Great Barrington 

Prospect Hill School (young ladies). 
Principal, Sabra Wright, Greenfield 

Lawrence Academy. Inc. 1793. Prin- 
cipal, E. S. Ball, A.M. Groton 

Merrimac Academy, Groveland 

Hanover Academy. Inc. 1828. Princi- 
pal, John G. Knight, Hanover 

Smith Academy. Inc. 1871. Principal, 

William B. Harding, Hatfield 

Derby Academy. Inc. 1784. Principal, 
Nathan H. Dole, Hingham 

Hopkins Academy. Principal, W. W. 
Mitchell, Hadley 

Lancaster Academy. Inc. 1847. Prin- 
cipal, W. A. Kilbourn, Lancaster 

Leicester Academy. Inc. 1784. Princi- 
pal, D. Newton Putney, Leicester 

Lowell Commercial College. Inc. 1860. 
Principal, James M. McCoy, Lowell 

English and Classical School. Princi- 
pal, S. P. Boynton, Lynn 

Tabor Academy. Principal, C. P. How- 
land, Marion 

Barstow School. Principal, Charles W. 
Benton, A.M. Mattapoisett 

Pierce Academy. Principal, George 
H. Coffin, Middleboro' 

Pratt Free School. Principal, T. W. 
Tilton, North Middleboro', " 

Monson Academy. Inc. 1804. Princi- 
pal, Rev. Charles Hammond, Monson 

Coffin School. Principal, E.B. Fox, Nantucket 

Wellesley College. President, Miss Ada 
L. Howard, Wellesley, Needham 

Friends' Academy. Principal, John 
Tetlow, New Bedford 

Dummer Academy. Principal, E. G. 
Parsons, Newbury 

Eagle-nest (boys). Principal, Dr. L. 

W. Hixon, Newburyport 

FOR GIRLS. Principals, Misses Su- 
sie W. and Annie D. Moulton, " 

South Berkshire Institute. Inc. 1856. 
Principal, Wm. H. Hubbard, New Marlboro' 

New Salern Academy. Inc. 1795. 
Principal, William H. Smiley, New Salem 

Lasell Female Seminary. Inc. 1851. 
Principal, Charles C. Bragdon, ^Au- 
burndale, " Newton 

West Newton English and Classical 
School. Org. 1854. Principal, Nath'l 
T. Allen, " 

Clarke Institute for Deaf-Mutes. Inc. • 
1867. Principal, Miss Harriet B. 
Rogers, Northampton 

Classical School for Girls. Inc. 1877. 
Principal, Miss Mary A. Burnham, " 

Wheaton Female Seminary. Principal, 
Miss Ellen M. Haskell, Norton 

Carter's Commercial College. Inc. 1861. 
Principal, E. F. Carter, Pittsfield 

Maplewood Institute for Young Ladies. 
Founded 1841. Principal, Rev. C. V. 
Spear, " 

ADAMS ACADEMY. Founded 1822. 
Principal, William R. Dimmock, Quincy 

Shelburne Falls Academy. Shelburne Falls 

Sawin Academy. Inc. 1871. Principal, 
Edward A. H. Allen, Sherborn 

St. Mark's School. Inc. 1865. Head 
Master, J. I. T. Coolidge, D.D. Southboro' 

Mount Holyoke Seminary. Inc. 1S36. 
Principal, Miss Julia E. Ward, So. Hadley 

Sheldon Academy, Southampton 

STITUTE. Principal, Kev. M. C. 
Stebbins, Springfield 

Edwards Place Family School for Boys. 
Principal, Ferd. Hoffman, Stockbridge 

Bristol Academy. Inc. 1792. Principal, 
Josiah C. Bartlett, Taunton 

Frank C. Browne, 45 Bank Row, 

Dukes County Academy, W. Tisbury .Tisbury. _ 

Mitchell's Select School for Boys. Prin- 
cipal, M. G. Mitchell, West Tisbury, " 



New Church Theological School (Swe- 
denborgian). Org. 1867. President, 
Thomas Worcester, Waltham 

Willow Park Seminary. Principal, N. 
P. Wood, Westboro' 

Howard Seminary. Inc.lS68. W. Bridgewater 

Wesleyan Academy. Com. 1824. Prin- 
cipal, Nathaniel Fellows, Wilbraham 

Greylock Institute. Inc. 1842. Princi- 
pal, Benjamin F. Mills, So. Williams- 
town, • Williamstown 

Highland Military Academy. Inc. 1856. 

Principal, C. B. Metcalf. Worcester 

Howes Business College. Principal, 
G. W. Thompson, " 

Oread Collegiate Institute for Young 
Ladies. Principal, Harris R. Greene, " 

Principal, Nathan Leavenworth; Sec- 
retary, George C. Whitney, " 


Harbor Commissioners. 

Fred. W. Lincoln, Boston; Francis A. Nye, 
North Falmouth; Albert Mason, Brookline. 
Office, 8 Pemberton Sq. Boston. 

Pilot Commissioners. 

Nathaniel Spooner, Boston ; Jacob G. Pierce, 
Milton. Office in Boston, 53 State st. 

Commissioner *o establish True 
Meridian Line. 

Edward Pevear, Leominster. 

Bur au of Labor Statistics. 

Carroll D. Wright, Beading, Chief; Charles 
F. Pidgin, Boston, First Clerk. 

Commissioners on Inland Fisheries. 

Theodore Lyman, Brookline; Edward A. 
Brackett, Winchester; Asa French, Braintree. 

Commissioners on Obstruction to 

Passage of Fish in Connecticut 

and Merrimack Rivers. 

Theodore Lyman, Brookline; Alfred A. 
Reed, Boston. 

Superintendents of Alien Passen- 

James V. Cox, Fairhaven, for New Bed- 
ford, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Westport, Mat- 
tapoisett, Marion, and Wareham; Ephraim 
Burr, Salem.; Parker Borden, Fall River; 
Lemuel Haskell, Gloucester. 

Commissioners of Prisons. 

Stephen W. Bowles, Springfield; Joseph 
Burnett, Southboro; Thomas Parsons, Brook- 
field; Thomas D. Howard, Boston, Secretary. 

Advisory Board of Overseers to 

Prisons for Women. 
Abbie R. Loring, Boston; Mrs. Pauline A. 
Durant, Needham; Mrs. Mary G. Ware, Lan- 

Land Commissioners. 
Willard P. Phillips, Salem; Horace C. 
Bacon, Lawrence; Edward C. Purdy, Somer- 
ville. Office, State House. 

Insurance Commissioner. 

Stephen H. Rhodes, Boston; Deputy, Wil- 
liam S. Smith, Boston. Office, 33 Pemberton 


Commissioners of Savings Banks. 

Cadwallader Curry, Brookline. Jeremiah 
Gatchell, Blackstone. Office in Boston at 
State House. 

Railroad Commissioners. 

A. D. Briggs, Springfield ; Francis M, 
Johnson, Neicton ; Charles Francis Adams, 
jr., Qitincy ; William A. Crafts, Clerk. Office 
7 Pemberton Square. 

State Assayers of Ores and Metals. 

S. Dana Hayes, Aug. A. Hayes, H. L. 
Bowker, Boston. S. P. Sharpies, Cambridge. 

State Assayer of Liquors. 

James F. Babcock, Boston. 

Commissioner of Corporations. 

Daniel A. Gleason. Office, State House. 

Inspector of Factories and Public 

F. C. Currier, Fitchburg. 

Inspector General of Fish. 

Wm. Cogswell, 15 Pemberton Sq. Boston. 


Resident in Massachusetts, appointed by other States to take testimony to be used, and 
Acknowledgments of Deeds to be recorded, in said States. 

{Those residing in Boston may be found in Boston Business Directory, page 185.) 


Westfield, N. T. Leonard ; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Amesbury, William C. Binney ; New Bed- 
ford, William H. Taylor ; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Cambridge, Edward G. Russell; Lowell, 
Robert B. Caverly, Jonathan Ladd; Spring- 
field, Smith R. Phillips; Worcester, J. Henry 
Hill, Charles F. Mann. 


Westfield, N. T. Leonard; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Westfield, IX. T. Leonard; Worcester, J. H. 


Westfield, N. T. Leonard. 


Great Barrinqton, Billings Palmer; Law- 
rence, Charles U. Bell; Lowell, Robert B. 



Caverly, Jonathan Ladd; Newbury port, 
Henry W. Moult-on; Worcester, J. Henry 


Lowell, Robert B. Caverly, Jonathan Ladd; 
Lynn,~&. K. Phillips; Piitsfield, William R. 
Plunkett; Westfield, N. T.Leonard; Worces- 
ter, J. Henry Hill. 


Lowell, Robert B. Caverly; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Westfield, N. T. Leonard; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Brockton, J. R. Perkins ; Cambridge, Ben- 
jamin A. G. Fuller, Edward G. Russell; Chel- 
sea, John E. Butler; Gloucester, John S. 
Webber; Lawrence, Charles U. Bell, Caleb 
Saunders; Lowell, R. B. Caverly, Samuel 
Lawrence; Lynn, E. K. Phillips; Maiden, 
John S. Scammon ; Neicburyporl, Henry W. 
Moulton; Salem, L. W. Kelley; Westfield, 
N. T. Leonard; Worcester, J. H. Hill. 


Lynn, E. K. Phillips; Westfield, N. T. 


Lowell, Jonathan Ladd; New Bedford, 
Wendell H. Cobb, William W. Crapo; Pitts- 
field, William R. Plunkett; Stow, Edwin 
Whitney; Westfield, jST. T. Leonard ; Worces- 
ter, J. Henry Hill, Elijah B. Stoddard. 


Lowell, Jonathan Ladd; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Lowell, Robert B. Caverly; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Amesbury, William C. Binney, George W. 
Cate, George Turner; Cambridge, Edward 
G. Russell; Lawrence, H. C. Bacon, Charles 
U. Bell, Henry F. Hopkins; Lowell, William 
H. Anderson, John Davis; Lynn, Nathan M 
Hawkes; Newburyport, C. Osgood Morse, 
Henry W. Moulton, Edmund Smith; Salem, 
L. W. Kelley; Wallham, Benjamin E. Por- 
ter; Winchendon, Giles H. Whitney, L. W. 
Pierce ; Worcester, J. H. Hill, J. A. Titus. 


Neioburyport, John N. Pike ; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Great Barrington, 'BiWrngs Palmer; Law- 
rence, Charles U. Bell; Loxcell, Robert B. 
Caverly ; New Bedford, W. H. Cobb. Thomas 
M. Stetson ; Pitts field, William R. Plunkett ; 
Springfield, E. W. Bond, S. R. Phillips, Wil- 
liam S. Shurtleff, A. L. Soule ; Westfield, N. T. 
Leonard; Worcester, J. Henry Hill, Charles 
F. Mann. 


Great Barrington, Billings Palmer ; Haver- 
hill, Charles E. Hayes; Lowell, Jonathan 
Ladd ; Worcester, J. H. Hill. 


Springfield, S. R. Phillips; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Neio Bedford, Alanson Borden; Salem, 
Robert S. Rantoul; Westfield,N. T.Leonard; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Amesbury, William C. Binney ; Cambridge, 
Edward G. Russell; New Bedford, W. H. 
Taylor; Westfield, N. T. Leonard; Worcester, 
J. Henry Hill, Charles F. Mann. 


Westfield, N. T. Leonard; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 


Westfield, N. T. Leonard. 


Westfield, N. T. Leonard. 


Cambridge, E. G. Russell; Loicell, Jona- 
than Ladd ; New Bedford, Thomas M. Stet- 
son; Lynn, Nathan M. Hawkes; Salem, L. 
W. Kelley ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Lynn, E. K. Phillips. 


Great Barrington, Billings Palmer ; Lowell' 

Jonathan Ladd; Westfield, N. T. Laonard; 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Resident in other States, who have been appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts to 
take testimony and depositions to be read in the courts of Massachusetts ; also to 
administer oaths, and to take the acknowledgment of deeds, powers of attorney, and all 
instruments under seal, to be recorded in said Commonwealth. 

[Note. — The term for which these Commissioners hold their office is restricted to three 


Los Angeles, Joseph B. Braman. 
Oakland City, William Hoskins. 
Sacramento, Benjamin D. Kennedy. 
San Francisco, Lee D. Craig. 

" Edward Chatlin. 

, " Erastus V. Joice. 

" William Harvey. 

" Samuel Hermann. 

" Samuel S. Murfey. 

" Jay E. Russell. 

" N. Proctor Smith. 

" Edward Gray Stetson. 

John H. B. Wilkins. 
Santa Barbara, Nelson W. Winton. 


Bridgeport, George W. Warner. 
Hartford, Edward Goodman. 

" David G. Gordon. 

" Henry E. Taintor. 

New Haven, Frederick W. Babcock. 

" Charles H. Fowler. 

" John C. Hollister. 

" S. Arthur Marsden. 

New London, John Danforth. 


Washington, Samuel C. Mills. 

" John C. Starkweather. 

Fernandina, Charles V. Hillyer. 


Atlanta, Benjamin R. Freeman. 
Savannah, John W. Burroughs. 

Chicago, Philip A. Hoyne. 

SIMEON W. KING (see page 813) . 




Louisville, Harry Stucky. 


Neio Orleans, John G. Eustis. 
" James Graham. 

" Andrew Hero, jr. 

" Alfred Ingraham. 


Augusta, Winfield S. Choate. 
Gardiner, Asbury Coke Stilphen. 
Portland, James O'Donnell. 
Rockland, William H. Titcomb. 


Baltimore, Joseph T. Atkinson. 
" Murray Hanson. 

" William B. Hill. 

" Philip H. Hoffman. 

" James 8. Key. 

" William W. Latimer. 


Detroit, William J. Waterman. 
Grand Rapids, James W. Converse, jr. 

St Louis, Charles D. Greene, jr. 
" John W. Hodgkin. 


Austin, Alfred E. Shannon. 


Concord, Asa Fowler. 
Dover, Charles W. Woodman. 
Keene, Francis A. Faulkner. 
Portsmouth, William H. Hackett. 
Sutton, Moses Hazen. 


Camden, James M. Cassady. 

Egg Harbor City, August Stephany. 

Newark, James F. Bond. 

" John Dane, jr. 

" Levy Maybaum. 

" Henry J. Stratmeyer, jr. 
Orange, George P. Kingsley. 


Albany, Monroe Crannell. 

" Edward Wade. 
Brooklyn, Elisha E. Lombard. 
Hudson, Stephen L. Magoun. 
New York, Franklin P. Abbott. 

" Harold A. Bagley. 

" Henry C. Banks. 

" Henry Bischoff. 

" William H. Bowers. 

" George W. Browne. 

" Charles T. Bruen. 

'* Richard M. Bruno. 

" WilUam H. Clarkson. 

" Thomas B. Clifford. 

" George Wetmore Colles. 

" Edwin F. Corey. 

,' Spencer C. Doty. 

" Francis S. Driscoll. 

" Jacob DuBois. 

" Clarence C. Edgerton. 

" James H. Fay. 

New York, Edward W. Francis. 

" Samuel B. Goodale. 

" David P. Hall, jr. 

" John A. Hillery. 

" Eleazer Jackson. 

" George R. Jaques. 

" Thomas Kilvert. 

" Frederick I. King. 

" William F. Lett. 

" Rufus K. McHarg. 

" Marvin J. Merchant. 

" Edward B. Merrill. 

" George B. Morris. 

" Charles Nettleton. 

" Alexander H. Nones. 

" Joseph B. Nones. 

" Alexander Ostrander. 

" Nathaniel A. Prentiss. 

" John Pierpont. 

" N. Pendleton Schenck. 

" Charles H. Smith. 

" James Taylor. 

" Robert B. Valentine. 

" Earnest C. Webb. 
Rochester, George M. Elwood. 
Troy, Charles L. Alden. . 

Cincinnati, Samuel S. Carpenter. 
Cleveland, James Wade, jr. 


Philadelphia, J. Edward Carpenter. 

" Charles Chauncy. 

" J. Paul Diver. 

" Francis C. Fallen. 

" Thomas A. Gummey. 

" Henry E Hindmarsh. 

" Edward F. Hoffman. 

" Thomas J. Hunt. 

" John D. Lewis. 

" Benjamin F. Moore. 

" Joseph S. Perot. 

" Henry Phillips, jr. 

" Theodore D. Rand. 

" Alexander Ramsey. 

" Henry Reed. 

" Edward Shippen. 

" William Knight Shryock. 

" John Sparhawk. 

" Charles H. Steelman. 

" Samuel L. Taylor. 

" Kinley J. Tener. 
Pittsburg, William F. Robb. 


Johnston, J. Erastus Lester. 
Newport, Francis Brinley. 
Pawtucket, Charles A. Warland. 
Providence, John C. Purkis. 
" Philip C. Scott. 


Aiken, Edward P. Henderson. 
Charleston, Walter Steele. 

Galveston, Robert D. Johnson. 
Houston, Emile Simmler. 


Norfolk, Warren G. Elliott. 





Boston Banks at end of this list. 

Abington National Bank, Abington. 
Organized 1850. Capital, $150,000. Pres- 
ident, R. J. Lane. Cashier, J. N. Farrar. 
Discount, Mondays. 

ADAMS, South Adams. Organized June, 
1861. Capital, $150,000. President, Henry 
J. Bliss. Cashier, Harvey H. "Wellington. 
Directors, H. J. Bliss, L. L. Brown, S. W. 
Bowerman, Daniel Jenks, L. J. Cole, James 
Renfrew, jr., H. H. Wellington, D. J. 

Adams. Incorporated 1832. Re-organized 
June 2, 1865. Capital, $500,000. President, 
Sanford Blackinton. Vice-President, S. W. 
Brayton. Cashier, B. S. Wilkinson. Dis- 
count, Thursdays. 

First National Bank of Amhemt. 
Amherst. Organized April, 1864. Capital, 
$150,000. President, L. D. Hills. Cashier, 
R. J. D. Westcott. Discount, daily. 

Powow ttiver National Bank of 
Salisbury, Amesbury. Organized 1836. 
Nationalized 1865. Capital, $100,000. Pres- 
ident, George F. Bagley. Cashier, Albert 
B. Brown. Discount, Mondays. 

Andover National Bank, Andover. 
Organized 1S65. Capital, $250,000. Pres- 
ident, John L. Taylor. Cashier, Moses 
Foster. Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

First National Bunk of A-lihurii- 
ham, Ashburnham. Organized June, 1873. 
Capital, $50,000. President, George C. Win- 
chester. Cashier, George W. Eddy. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Athol National Bank, Athol. Incor- 
porated March 6, 1874. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Thomas H. Goodspeed. Cashier, 
Charles A. Chapman. Discount, Mondays. 

Miller's River National Bank, Athol. 
Organized March, 1865. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Alpheus Harding. Cashier, A. 
L. Newman. Discount, daily. 

First National Bank, Attleboro'. In- 
corporated March, 1875. Capital, $100,000. 
President, J. M. Bates. Cashier, H. M. 
Daggett. Discount, Mondays. 

Attle<>oro' National Bank, North At- 
, tleboro'. Organized Jan. 1, 1S65. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Daniel Evans. Cashier, 
E. R. Price. Discount, Mondays. 

HYANNIS, Hyannis, Barnstable. Organ- 
ized March, 1865. Capital, $100,000. Pres- 
ident, Sylvanus B. Phinney. Cashier, 
Joseph R. Hall. Discount, Mondays. 

First National Bank of Barre, Barre, 
Organized June 23, 1863. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Hiram Wadsworth. Cashier, 
Edwin Woods. Discount, Mondays. 

erly. Organized March, 1865. Capital, 
$200,000. President, John Pickett. Cashier, 
Robert G. Bennett. Discount, Mondays 
and Thursdays. 

Home Nation-) I Bank, Brockton. Or- 
ganized 1874. Capital, $200,000. President, 
R. P. Kingman. Cashier, Charles D. Ful- 
lerton. Discount, Mondays. 

Charles River National Bank of Cam- 
bridge. Organized 1864. Capital, $100,- 
000. President, 8. B. Rindge. Cashier, 
Eben Snow. Discount, daily. 

Cambridgeport National Bank, Cam- 
bridgeport. Organized 1865. Capital, $100,- 
000. President, R. Douglass. Cashier, S. 
B. Snow. Discount, Mondays. 

National City Bank of Cambridge, 

Cambridgeport. Organized May, 1865. 
Capital, $100,000; surplus, $50,000. Pres- 
ident, George T. Gale. Cashier, H. B. 
Davis. Discount, daily. 

First National Bank of Cambridge, 
Cambridgeport. Organized May 14, 1864. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Benjamin 
Tilton. Cashier, W. A. Bullard. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

liicliiiwi-f National Bank, East Cam- 
bridge, Cambridge. Re-organized i864. 
Capital, $150,000; surplus, $100,000. Pres- 
ident, Lewis Hall. Cashier, T. H. Hudson. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Cambridge National Bank, East Cam- 
bridge, Cambridge. Organized June 1, 
1864. Capital, $100,000. President, Daniel 
R. Sortwell. Cashier, J. C. Bullard. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays. 

Neponset National Bank of Canton. 
Organized Dec. 30, 1865. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Charles H. French. Cashier, 
Francis W. Deane. Discount, Mondays. 

CHELSEA, Chelsea. Organized 1864. 
Capital, $300,000. President, Isaac Steb- 
bins. Cashier, William R. Pearmain. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

First .national Bank of Chicopee, 
Chicopee. Organized April 30, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $150,000. President, Jerome Wells. 
Cashier, F. B. Doten. Discount, daily. 

TON, Clinton. Organized April, 1864. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Charles G. 
Stevens. Cashier, C. L. S. Hammond. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays. 

Concord National Bank of Concord. 
Organized 1833 as a State bank. Capital, 
$100,000. President, George Heywood. 
Cashier, Henry J. Walcott. Discount, 

Conway National Bank, Conway. Or- 
ganized 1854. Capital, $150,000. President, 
E. D. Hamilton. Cashier, E. L. Munn. 
Discount, daily. 

First National Bank of Danvera, 
Danvers. Organized October, 1864. Cap- 
ital, $150,000. President, Daniel Richards. 
Cashier, William L. Weston. Discount, 

DEDHAM. Incorporated Dec. 30, 1864. 
Capital, $300,000. President, Ezra W. 
Taft. Cashier, L. H. Kingsbury. Dis- 
count, Saturdays. 

First National Bank of Fasthamp- 
ton, Easthampton. Organized May 21, 
1861. Capital, $200,000. President, H. G. 
Knight. Cashier, A. D. Sanders. Dis- 
count, daily. 

Fi«-st National Bank of Faston, 
North Easton, Easton. Organized March 
11, 1864. Capital, $300,000. President, 
Fred L. Ames. Cashier, Pardon A. Gif- 
ford. Discount, daily. 

Martha's Vineyard National Bank 
OF Edgartown, Edgartown. Organized 
Sept. 1, 1865. Capital, $100,000. President, 
Joseph T. Pease. Cashier, Cyrus H. 
Pease. Discount, Tuesdays. 

National Bank of Fairhaven, Fair- 
haven. Organized 1864. Capital, $240,- 
000. President, George F. Tripp. Cashier, 
Reuben Nye. Discount, Mondays and 

Fall Ki-ver National Bank. Fall River. 
Organized June 27, 1864. Capital, $400,- 



000. President, G. H. Hathaway. Vice 
President, R. B. Borden. Cashier, F. H. 
Gifford. Discount, Mondays. 

First National Bank, Fall River. Or- 
ganized Jan. 23, 1864. Capital, §400,000; 
assets, $400,000. President, John S. Bray- 
ton. Cashier, H. A. Brayton. Discount, 

Massasoit National Bank, Fall River. 
Organized Dec. 8, 1864. Capital, $200,000. 
President, Charles P. Stickney. Cashier, 
Leander Borden. Discount, Wednesdays. 

Metacomet National Bank of Fa'l 
Riveb. Organized 1865. Capital, $600,- 
000. President, Jefferson Borden. Cashier, 
Azariah S. Tripp. Discount, Mondays and 

National Union Bmk of Fall River, 
Organized 1865. Capital, $300,000. Pres- 
ident, Cook Borden. Cashier, D. A. Oha- 
pin. Discount, Fridays. 

Pocasset National Bank, Fall River. 
Organized May, 1854. Capital, $200,000. 
President, Weaver Osborn. Cashier, E. E. 
Hathaway. Discount, Tuesdays. 

Second National Bankot" • all River. 
Organized May 21, 1864., Capital, $150,000. 
President, S. Angier Chace. Cashier, 
Charles J. Holmes. Discount, Thursdays. 

Falmouth National Bank, Falmouth. 
Organized June 22, 1865. Capital, $100,000. 
President, E. Gould. Cashier, George E. 
Clarke. Discount, Mondays. 

Fitchburg national Bank, Fitchburg. 
Organized May 1, 1865. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Ebenezer Torrey. Cashier, 
Charles J. Billings. Discount, Mondays. 

Rollslone national Bank. Fitchburg. 
Re-organized 1865. Capital, $250,000. Pres- 
ident, Henry A. Willis. Cashier, John M. 
Graham. Discount, Mondays. 

Safety Fund national Bank, Fitch- 
burg. Incorporated April 17, 1874. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, Henry Allison. 
Cashier, F. F. Woodward. Discount, Mon- 

Wachusett National Bank, Fitchburg. 
Organized May 20, 1875. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Abraham W. Seaver. Cashier, 
Henry L. Jewett. Discount, Mondays. 

Framingnam National Bank, Fra- 
mingham. Organized Oct. 10, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, James W. Clark. 
Cashier, James J. Valentine. Discount, 

Franklin National Bank, Franklin. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $200,000. Pres- 
ident, James P. Ray. Cashier, Moses 
Farnum. Discount, Wednesdays. 

First National Bank of Gardner. 
Organized Feb. 25, 1865. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Charles Heywood. Cashier, 
John D. Edgell. Discount, Mondays. 

Georgetown National Bank, George- 
town. Organized 1875. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Henry P. Chaplin. Cashier, 
George H. Carleton. 

Cape Ann National Bank of filouces- 
ter, Gloucester. Organized 1864. Capi- 
tal, $150,000. President, Gorham P. Low 
Cashier, Hiram Rich. Discount, Thurs 

City National Bank, Gloucester. Capi 
tal, $150,000. President, Addison Gilbert 
Cashier, William A. Pew. 

Fii -t National Bank of Gloucester 
Organized Oct. 28, 1864. Capital, $200,000 
President, Josiah O. Friend. Cashier, 
George R. Bradford. Discount, Wednes- 
day afternoons. 

Gloucester National Bank. Organized 
June 1, 1865. Capital, $300,000. President, 
E. W. Merchant. Cashier, William Bab- 
eon. Discount, Tuesdays. 

F.rst National Bank of Grafton. Or- 
ganized October, 1863. Capital, $100,000. 
President, George F. Slocomb. Cashier, 
A. A. Ballou. Discount, Mondays. 

Grafton Natio ,ai Bank, Grafton. Or- 
ganized Feb. 18, 1865. Capital, $100,000. 

President, Jonathan D. Wheeler. Cash- 
ier, Henry F. Wing. Discount, Mondays. 

National Mahaivve Bank, Great Bar- 
rington. Organized June 30, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $200,000. President, J. L. Dodge. 
Cashier, F. N. Deland. Discount, Tuesdays. 

GREENFIELD, Greenfield. Organized 
September, 1864. Capital, $300,000. Pres- 
ident, William B. Washburn. Cashier, J. 
W. Stevens. Discount, daily. 

Packard National Bank, Greenfield. 
Incorporated May 1, 1875. Capital, $100,000. 
President, W. N. Packard. Cashier, Rufus 
A. Packard. Discount, daily. 

Fiahklin County national Bank, 
Greenfield. Organized 1849. Capital, $200,- 
000. President, William Keith. Cashier, 
H. K. Simons. Discount, daily. 

Cape Cod national Bauk, Harwich. 
Organized Jan. 12, 1865. Capital, $300,000. 
President, J. K. Baker. Cashier, George 
H. Snow. Discount, Mondays. 

Essci National Bank ot Haverhill, 
Haverhill. Organized Jan. 1, 1865. Capi- 
tal, $100,000. President, John C. Tilton. 
Cashier, W. Caldwell. Discount, Mondays. 

First National Bank of Haverhill, 
Haverhill. Organized July 11, 1864. Cap- 
ital, $300,000. President, Moses How. 
Cashier, E. G. Wood. Discount, Mondays. 

Haverhill National Bank. Haverhill. 
Organized August, 1864. Capital, $200,000. 
President, John A. Appleton. Cashier, 
James E. Gale. Discount, Mondays. 

Merrimack National Bank, Haverhill, 
Organized December, 1864. Capital, $240,- 
000. President, E. J. M. Hale. Cashier, 
John L. Hobson. Discount, Mondays. 

Hingham National Bank, Hingham. 
Organized May 6, 1865. Capital, $140,000. 
President, Joseph Jacobs, jr. Cashier, J. 
S. Tileston. Discount, Mondays. 

Holliston National Bank, Holliston. 
Organized Jan. 23, 1865. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Alden Leland. Cashier, T. E. 
Andrews. Discount, Mondays. 

Hadley Falls National Bank, Hol- 
yoke. Organized July 1, 1865. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Charles W. Ranlet. 
Cashier, H. P. Terry. Discount, daily. 

Holyoke national Bank. Holyoke. 
Organized March, 1872. Capital, $200,000. 
President, William Whiting. Cashier, W. 
C. Simonds. 

Hopkintou National Bank, Hopkin- 
ton. Organized Dec. 14, 1864. Capital, 
$150,000. President, L. B. Mabury. Cash- 
ier, E. J. Jenks. Discount, Mondays. 

Lancaster National Bank, Lancaster. 
Organized Dec. 19, 1864. Capital, $100,000. 
President, George W. Howe. Cashier, W. 
H. McNeil. Discount, Mondays. 

Lawrence National Bank. Lawrence. 
Organized February, 1872. Capital, $300,- 
000. President, A. W. Stearns. Cashier, 
P. G. Pillsbury. Discount, Monday. 

Bay ."*ta»e National Ba k of Law 
eence, Lawrence. Organized May 1, 1865. 
Capital, $375,000. President, George L. 
Davis. Cashier, Samuel White. Discount, 

National Pemberton Bank of Law> 
bence, Lawrence. Organized as a State 
bank 1855. Capital, $150,000. President, 
Levi Sprague. Cashier, J. M. Coburn. 
Discount, Wednesdays. 

LAWRENCE. Organized January, 1877. 
Capital, $100,000. President, James H. 
Kidder. Cashier, William H. Jaquith. 
Discount, Wednesdays. 

Lee National B»ni>, Lee. Organized 
May 1, 1865. Capital, $210,000. President, 
Harrison Garfield. Cashier, John L. Kil- 
bon. Discount, Mondays. 

Leicester National Bank, Leicester. 
Organized March, 1865. Capital, §2i«0,0uu. 
President, Cheney Hatch. Cashier, 1). E. 
Merriam. Discount, Mondays. 



First National Bank of Leominster, 

Leominster. Organized July 5, 1S64. Cap- 
ital, $300,000. President, Samuel Putnam. 
Cashier, A. L. Burditt. Discount, Mon- 

Appleton Rational Bank of Lowell, 
Lowell. Organized 1865. Capital, $300,000. 
President, John F. Kimball. Cashier, E. 
K. Perley. Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 

ELL, Lowell. Organized February, 1864. 
Capital, $250,000. President, Arthur P. 
Bonney. Cashier, George B. Allen. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Merchants' JVational Bank, Lowell. 
Organized Sept. 1, 1864. Capital, $400,000. 
President, H. W. B. Wightman. Cashier, 
Charles W. Eaton. Discount, Mondays 
and Thursdays. 

Prescott JVational Bank, Lowell. Or- 
ganized March, 1865. Capital, $300,000. 
President, D. S. Richardson. Cashier, 
A. A. Coburn. Discount, Mondays and 

Railroad National Bank, Lowell, Re- 
organized 1865. Capital, $800,000. Presi- 
dent, Jacob Rogers. Cashier, James S. 
Hovey. Discount, daily. 

Old Lowell National Bank, Lowell. 
Organized June 22, 1865. Capital, $200,000. 
President, Edw. Tuck. Cashier, Charles 
M. Williams. Discount, Mondays and 

Wamesit National Bank of Lowell, 
Lowell. Organized Feb. 3, 1865. Capital, 
$250,000. President, Charles Whitney. 
Cashier, G-. Winiield Knowlton. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Central National Bank of Lynn, 
Lynn. Organized 1865. Capital, $200,000. 
President, P. A. Chase. Cashier, Warren 
M. Breed. Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 

National City Bank of Lynn, Lynn. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $300,000. Presi- 
dent, Amos P. Tapley. Cashier, Benjamin 
V. French. Discount, Tuesdays. 

LYNN, Lynn. Organized Dec. 9, 1864. 
Capital, $500,000. President, John Wool- 
dredge. Cashier, Owen Dame. Discount, 
Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Fi'St National Bank of Maiden, 
Maiden. Organized Jan. 12, 1865. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Elisha S. Converse. 
Cashier, Charles Merrill. Discount, Mon- 

Marblehead National Bank, Mar- 
blehead. Organized March 1, 1865. Capi- 
tal, $102,000. President, Isaac C. Wyman. 
Cashier, William Reynolds. Discount, 
Mondays and Thursdays. 

National Grand Bank of Marble- 
head, Marblehead. Organized Dee. 15. 
1864. Capital, $120,000. President, Henry 
F. Pitman. Cashier, Joseph P. Turner. 
Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

MARLBORO', Marlboro'. Organized Sept. 
26, 1863. Capital, $200,000. President, 
William Gibbon. Cashier, Edmund C. 
Whitney. Discount, Mondays. 

First National Bank of Mprrlmac, 
Merrimac. Organized Feb. 4, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, William H. 
Haskell. Cashier, D. J. Poore, jr. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

National Bank of Met linen, Methuen. 
Organized July, 1865. Capital $100,000. 
President, James Walton. Cashier, Jacob 
Emerson. Discount, Mondays. 

Home National Bank, Milford. Or- 
ganized May, 1875. Capital, $130,000. 
President, Samuel Walker. Cashier, N. B. 
Johnson. Discount, Thursdays. 

Mil lord National Bank. Milford. Or- 
ganized March, 1865. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Aaron C. Mayhew. Cashier, 
A. Wheeler. Discount, Mondays. 

Millbnry National Bank, Millbury. 
Organized Nov. 16, 1864. Capital, $200,000. 
President, Hosea Crane. Cashier, Amos 
Armsby. Discount, Tuesdays. 

Monson Nation. tl KanJk, Monson. Or- 
ganized Aug. 11, 1864. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Cyrus W. Holmes. Cashier, 
E. F. Morris. Discount, daily. 

Crocker Nation. il Bank, Turner's Falls, 
Montague. Organized Oct. 1, 1872. Capi- 
tal, $300,000. President, R. N. Oakman. 
Cashier, D. P. Abercrombie. Discount, 

' NANTUCKET, Nantucket. Organized 
Jan. 13, 1865. Capital, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, Frederick C. Sanford. Cashier, 
Joseph Mitchell. Discount, Tuesdays and 

Natick National Bank of Natick. 
Organized Nov. 2, 1872. Capital, $100,- 
000. President, Leonard Winch. Cashier, 
George S. Trowbridge. Discount, Thurs- 

Citizen*' National Bank of New 
Bedford. Organized May 1, 1875. Capi- 
tal, $500,000. .President, J. A. Beauvais. 
Cashier, T. B. Fuller. Discount, Mondays 
and Thursdays. 

First National Bank of New Bed' 
ford, New Bedford. Orgarized Feb. 18, 
1864. Capital, $1,000,000. President, Joseph 
Grinnell. Cashier, W. P. Winsor. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Merchants' National Bank. New Bed- 
ford. Organized Jan. 25, 1865. Capital, 
$1,000,000. President, J. Bourne. Cashier, 
P. C. Howland. Discount, Tuesdays and 

National Bank of Commerce of New 
Bedford. Organized Dec. 19, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $1,000,000. President, Thomas S. 
Hathaway. Cashier, J. H. Tallman. Dis- 
count, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Mechanics' National Bank of New 
Bedford. Organized December, 1864. 
Capital, $600,000. President, William W. 
Carpo. Cashier, E. W. Hervey. Discount, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

First National Bank, Newburyport. Or- 
ganized Feb. 22, 1864. Capital, $300,000. 
President, Charles H. Coltin. Cashier, 
T. P. Stickney. Discount, daily. 

Mechanics' National Bank of New- 
buryport, Newburyport. Incorporated 
1812. Re-organized Nov. 25, 1864. Capital, 
$250,000. President, Edward 8. Moscley. 
Cashier, Frank O. Woods. Discount, 

Merchant*' National Bank of New- 
burtport, Newburyport. Organized 
April, 1865. Capital, $120,000. President, 
Nathaniel Hills. Cashier, A. W. Green- 
leaf. Discount, daily. 

NEWBURYPORT, Newburyport. Organ- 
ized April, 1865. Capital, $150,000. Presi- 
dent, Charles Lunt. Cashier, Philip H. 
Lunt. Discount, daily. 

Newton National Bank, Newton. Or- 
ganized December, 1864. Capital paid, 
$200,000. President, Joseph N. Bacon. 
Cashier, B. F. Bacon. Discount, Thurs- 

First National Bank, Northampton. 
Organized April 11, 1864. Capital, $500,- 
000. President, William B. Hale. Cashier, 
Henry Roberts. Discount, daily. 

Northampton National Bank, North- 
ampton. Organized May, 1865. Capital, 
$400,000. President, Oscar Edwards. 
Cashier, John Whittlesey . 

BANK, Northampton. Organized May 
21, 1864. Capital, $250,000. President, 
Luther Bodman. Cashier, Lewis Warner. 
Discount, daily. 

Northboro' National Bank, North- 
boro'. Organized 1855. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Wilder Bush. Cashier, O. H. 



Lawrence. Discount, Monday, Wednes- 
day, Friday, and Saturday. 

WhHinsville National Bank, Whitins- 
ville, Northbridge. Organized January, 
1S65. Capital, $100,000. President, Paul 
Whitin. Cashier, H. A. Goodell. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Orange National Bank, Orange. Or- 
ganized April, 1875. Capital $100,000. 
President, Damon E. Cheney. Cashier, 
James H. Waite. Discount, Mondays. 

Oxford National Bank, Oxford. Or- 
ganized, Jan. 28, 1865. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Samuel C. Paine. Cashier, 
C. A. Angell. Discount, Tuesdays. 

Palmer National Bank, Palmer. Or- 
ganized November, 1875. Capital, $75,000. 
President, M. W. French. Cashier, W. A. 
Lincoln. Discount, daily. 

South. Dauvers National Bank, Pea- 
body. Incorporated a State bank in 1825 ; 
organized a National, March, 1865. Capital 
$150,000. President, Edward W. Jacobs. 
Cashier, G. A. Osborne. Discount, Tues- 

Warren National Bank, Peabody. Or- 
ganized Dec. 8, 1864. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Lewis Allen. Cashier, Frank C. 
Merrill. Discount, Mondays. 

Agricultural National Bank of 
Pittsfield, Pittstield. Organized May 1, 
1865. Capital, 8200,000. President, Ensign 
H. Kellogg. Vice-President, I. N. Dun- 
ham. Cashier, John R. Warriner. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays. 

Pittsfield National Bank of Pitts- 
field, Pittstield. Organized June 10, 1865. 
Capital, $500,000. President, Julius Rock- 
well. Cashier, Edward S. Francis. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays. 

The Old Colony National Bank, 
Plymouth. Organized Feb. 27, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $250,000; surplus, $100,000. Presi- 
dent, George G. Dyer. Cashier, W. S. 
Morissey. Discount, Mondays. 

Plymouth National Bank, Plymouth. 
Organized 1845. Capital, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, William T. Davis. Cashier, I. N. 
Stoddard. Discount, Fridays. 

First National Bank of Province- 
town, Provincetown. Organized February 
1865. Capital $200,000. President, Stephen 
Cook. Cashier, Moses N. Gifford. Dis- 
count, Mondays, 

National Granite Bank of Quincy, 
Quincy. Organized 1865. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Charles Marsh. Cashier, R. F. 
Claflin. Discount, Thursdays. 

National Mount Wollaston Bank, 
Quincy. Organized Sept. 13, 1864. Cap- 
ital, $150,000. President, Joseph W. Rob- 
ertson. Cashier, Horace B. Spear. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays. 

Randolph National Bank, Randolph. 
Organized November, 1864. Capital, $200,- 
000. President, Royal W. Turner. Cashier, 
Charles G. Hathaway. Discount, Monda3^s. 

Bockport National Bank. Rockport. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $150,000. Presi- 
dent, Charles Tarr. Cashier, H. H. Paul. 
Discount, Wednesdays. 

Asiatic National Bank, Salem. Organ- 
ized 1S64. Capital $315,000. President, 
L. B. Harrington. Cashier, William H. 
Foster. Discount, dailv. 

OF SALEM. Organized Jan. 9, 1865. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Aaron Per- 
kins. Cashier, Joseph H. Phippen. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

National Exchange Bank of Salem. 
Salem. Organized Feb. 4, 1865. Capital, 
$200,000 ; surplus, $50,000. President, John 
Webster. Cashier, Joseph H. Webb. Dis- 
count, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Naumkeag National Bank of Salem, 
Salem. Organized December, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $500,000; surplus, $250,000. President, 
William B. Parker. Cashier, Joseph H. 
Towne. Discount, daily. 


Organized Dec. 30, 1864, Capital, $300,000 
President, Augustus Story. Cashier, Geo 
D. Phippen. Discount, Mondays and Thurs 

First National Bank of Salem, Salem 
Organized June, 1864. Capital, $300,000 
President, William Sutton. Cashier, Ed 
ward H. Payson. Discount, daily. 

Merchants* National Bank, Salem 
Organized Jan. 19, 1865. Capital, $200,000 
President, Benjamin H. Silsbee. Cashier. 
Nathaniel B. Perkins. Discount, Wednes 
days and Saturdays. 

BANK. Shelburne Falls. Organized Aug. 
24, 1S65. Capital, $200,000. President, 
Jarvis B. Bardwell. Cashier, O. R. May- 

Southbridge National Bank, South- 
bridge. Organized April 1, 1865. Capital, 
$150,000. President, Jacob Edwards. C'cr-s^- 
ier, Francis L. Chapin. Discount, Mondays. 

Spencer National Bank, Spencer. Or- 
ganized May, 1875. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Erastus Jones. Cashier, W. 
L. Demond. Discount, Mondays. 

Chicopee National Bank, Springfield. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $400,000. Presi- 
dent, Henry Fuller, jr. Cashier, Thomas 
Warner, jr. Discount, daily. 

John Hancock National Bank, 
Springfield. Organized 1865. Capital, 
$150,000. President, R. S. Moore. Cashier, 
Edmund D. Chapin. Discount, daily. 

Pvnchon National Bank, Springfield. 
Organized April, 1864. Capital, $200,000. 
President, H. N. Case. Cashier, Charles 
Marsh. Discount, daily. 

Agawam National Bank of Spring- 
field, Springfield. Organized April, 1865. 
Capital, $500,000. President, H. S. Hyde. 
Cashier, Frederick S. Bailey. Discount, 

Chapin Banking and Trust Co. of 
Springfield. Organized July 1, 1872. 
Capital, $500,000. President, Chester W. 
Chapin. Vice-President, W. K. Baker. 
Secretary and Cashier, James D. Saflbrd. 
Discount, daily. 

First. National Bank, Springfield. Or- 
ganized April 4, 1863. Capital, $400,000. 
President, James Kirkham. Cashier, D. 
A. Folsom. Discount, daily. 

Second National Bank, Springfield. 
Organized 1864. Capital, $300,000; sur- 
plus, $230,000. President, HenryAlexander, 
jr. Cashier, Lewis Warriner. Discount, 

Third National Bank, Springfield. 
Organized Feb. 20, 1864. Capital, $500,- 
000. President, J. C. Parsons. Cashier, 
Frederick H. Harris. Assistant Cashier, 
Frederick Harris. Discount, daily. 

Housatonic National Bank, Stock- 
bridge. Organized July 1, 1865. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Daniel R. Williams. 
Cashier, Daniel A. Kimball. Discount, 

BANK, Taunton. Organized Jan. 30, 
1865. Capital, $500,000. President, Theo- 
dore Dean. Cashier, A. C. Place. Dis- 
count, daily. 

Machinists' National Bank of Tann- 
ton, Taunton. Organized March 4, 1865. 
Capital, $200,000. President, C. R. Vickery. 
Cashier, E. King. Discount, Thursdays. 

Taunton National Bank. Taunton. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $600,000. Presi- 
dent, C. J. H. Basset. Cashier, George 
W. Andros. Discount, daily. 

Townsend National Bank, Townsend. 
Organized 1864. Capital, $100,000. Presi- 
dent, Walter Fessi-nden. Cashier, Ed- 
ward Ordway. Discount, daily. 

Blackstone National iS..nk, Uxbridge. 
Organized March 28, 1825. Capital, $100,- 
000. President, Moses Taft. Cashier, C. 
S. Weston. Discount, Mondays. 



National Bank of Soutli Reading, 
Wakefield. Organized July 17, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $100,000. President, Lucius Beebe. 
Cashier, Thomas Winship. Discount, 

Waltham Notional Bank, Waltham. 
Organized 1864. Capital, $150,000. Presi- 
dent, F. M. Stone. Cashier, J. S. Wil- 
liams. Discount, Mondays. 

Ware national, bank, ware. 

Organized December, 1864. Capital $400,- 
000. President, William Hyde. Cashier, 
William S. Hyde. Discount, daily. 

Wareham. Organized June 30, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $100,000. President, Gerard 0. Tobey. 
Cashier, T. R. Miles. Discount, Mon- 

Union Market National Bank, Water- 
town. Organized 1873. Capital, $200,000. 
President, George N. March. Cashier, 
John K. Stickney. Discount, Mondays. 

Organized Dec. 15, 1875. Capital, $100,- 
000. President, C. C. Corbin. Cashier, 
E. L. Spalding. Discount, Mondays. 

First National Bank ot" Westboro', 
Westboro. Organized May, 1864. Capital, 
$150,000. President, John A. Fayerweath- 
er. Cashier, George O. Brigham. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

First National Bank of Westfield, 
Westfield. Organized 1864. Capital, $250,- 
000; surplus, $113,500. President, George 
L. Laflin. Cashier, H. Hooker. Discount, 

Hampden National Bank of West- 
pield. Organized July 5, 1865. Capital, 
$150,000. President, Edward B. Gillett. 
Cashier, Royal Weller. Discount, daily. 

"Westminster National Bank, West- 
minster. Organized May 26, 1875. Capi- 
tal, $100,000. President, D. C. Miles. 
Cashier, William Mayo. Discount, Mon- 

First National Bank of South Wey- 
mouth, South Weymouth. Organized No- 
vember, 1864. Capital, $150,000. President, 
John S. Fogg. Cashier, Benjamin F. 
White. Discount, Saturdays. 

MOUTH, Weymouth. Organized Sept. 6, 
1864. Capital, $400,000. President, Albert 
Humphrey. Cashier, John J. Loud. Dis- 
count, Wednesdays. 

The First National Bank of Win- 
chendon, Winchendon. Organized 1864. 
Capital, $200,000. President, John H. 

Fairbank. Cashier, Charles L. Beals. 
Discount, Mondays. 
Firxt National Bank of Woburn, 

Woburn. Organized April 1, 1865. Capi- 
tal, $300,000. President, E. D. Hayden. 
Cashier, J. R. Green. Discount, Mon- 

Central National Bank, Worcester. 
Organized May IS, 1864. Capital, $300,000. 
President, John C. Mason. Cashier, Hen- 
ry A. Marsh. Discount, Mondays. 

Citizens' National Bank of Worces- 
ter. Organized Feb. 1, 1865. Capital, 
$150,000. President, F. H. Kinnicutt. 
Cashier, L. W. Hammond. Discount, 

City National Batik of Worcester, 
Worcester. Organized July, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $400,000. President, George W. Rich- 
ardson. Cashier, Nathaniel Paine. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Mechanics' National Bank of 
Worcester. Organized June 1, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $350,000. President, Harrison Bliss. 
Cashier, G. E. Merrill. Discount, Tues- 

First National Bank Worcester. 
Organized September 1863. Capital, $300,- 
000. President, Edward A. Goodnow. 
Cashier, Arthur M. Stone. Discount, Mon- 

Quinsigamond National Bank of 
Worcester. Organized May 1, 1865. 
Capital, $250,000. President, Isaac Davis. 
Cashier, A. A. Howe. Discount, Mondays. 

Security National Bank, Worcester. 
Organized June 7, 1875. Capital, $100,000. 
President, William H. Morse. Cashier, A. 
H. Waite. Discount, Mondays. 

Worcester National lianu, Worcester. 
Organized May 9, 1864. Capital, $500,000. 
President, Stephen Salisbury. Vice-Presi- 
dent, William Cross. Cashier, James P. 
Hamilton. Discount, Tuesdays. 

TRUST CO., Worcester. Incorporated 
1868. Capital, $200,000. President, George 
M. Rice. Secretary and Treasurer, Ed- 
ward F. Bisco. Discount, Mondays. 

National Bank of Wrenthain, Wren- 
thani. Organized 1864. Capital, $105,000. 
President, Otis Carey. Cashier, Francis 
N. Plimpton. Discount, Mondays. 

MOUTH, Yarmouthport. Organized No- 
vember, 1864. Capital, $525,000. Presi- 
dent, David K. Akin. Cashier, William 
P. Davis. Discount, Mondays. 


Boston Clearing House. No. 65 State 
St. Chairman, James H. Beal of the 
Second National Bank. Secretary, N. G. 
Snelling. Manager, Nathaniel G. Snel- 

Atlantic National Bank, No. 13 Kilby 
St. Incorporated 1828. Capital, $750,000. 
President, Isaac Pratt, jr. Cashier, James 
T. Drown. Discount, Monday and Thurs- 
day, at 1 p.m. 

Building. Incorporated 1833; organized 
as National 1864. Capital, $1,500,000. 
President, William P. Hunt. Cashier, 
Charles L. Lane. Discount, Tuesday and 
Friday, 12| p.m. 

Blackstone National Bank, No. 132 
Hanover St. Incorporated 1851. Capital, 
$2,000,000. President, Joshua Loring. 
Cashier, James Adams, jr. Discount, 
Monday and Thursday, at 12 m. 

Blue Hill National Bank, Washington 
St., corner Richmond, Dorchester. Or- 

ganized January, 1865. Capital, $300,000. 
President, E. J. Bispham. Cashier, S. 
J. Willis. Discount, Monday. 

Boston National Bank, No. 61 State 
St. Incorporated 1853. Capital, $1,000,000. 
President, Lyman Nichols. Cashier, 
Charles B. Hall. Discount Tuesday and 
Friday, at 12 m. 

TRUST CO. Post-ofiice Sq. Incorporated 
1874. Capital, $400,000. President, F. M. 
Stone. Manager Safe Deposit Department, 
E. P. Bond. Treasurer, F. C. Miles. 

Boylston National Bank, No. 616 
Washington St. Incorporated 1864. Capi- 
tal, $700,000. President, Joseph T. Bailey. 
Cashier, D. S. Waterman. Discount, 
Wednesday and Saturday, at 9k a.m. 

Broadway National Bank, Equitable 
Building. Incorporated 1853; organized 
as National 1864. Capital, $200,000. Pres- 
ident, A. Dearborn. Cashier, A. Adams. 
Discount, Wednesday, 10 a.m. 



Bnnker Hill National Bank of 

Charlestown, No. 21 City Sq. Incorpo- 
rated 1825 ; re-organized 1865. Capital, 
$500,000. President, Edward Lawrence. 
Cashier, C. R. Lawrence. Discount, Tues- 
day and Friday. 

Central National Bank, 121 Devonshire 
St. Incorporated 1873. Capital, $500,000. 
President, Charles J. Rishop. Cashier, 
L. W. Young. Discount, Tuesday and 

Collateral Loan Co., No. 117 Summer 
St. Incorporated April 5, 1859. Capital, 
$150,000. President, John D. Parker. 
Cashier, Edwin H. Batchelcr. Discount, 

Columbian National Bank, No. 65 
State St. Incorporated 1822. Capital, 
$1,000,000. President, John T. Coolidge. 
Cashier, J. M. Gordon. Discount, Mon- 
day and Thursday. 

Continental National Bank, No. 51 
Summer St. Organized as State Bank 
1860. Capital, $1,000,000. President, Oli- 
ver Ditson. Cashier, Charles F. Smith. 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday, at 9 a.m. 

Eleventh Ward National Bank, 264 
Devonshire St. Organized 1872. Capitel, 
$200,000. President, Francis J. Parker. 
Cashier, G. S. Wheelwright. Discount, 
Monday, 9J a.m. 

Eliot National Bank, No. 121 Devon- 
shire St. Incorporated 1853 ; organized 
as National, 1864. Capital, $1,000,000. 
President, William H. Goodwin. Cashier, 
R. B. Conant. Discount, Monday and 
Thursday, at 11 a.m. 

Everett National Bank of Boston, 
Milk, corner Congress. Organized 1865. 
Capital, $400,000. President, Warren Saw- 
yer. Cashier, George E. Carr. Discount, 
Tuesdays and Fridays, at 10£ a.m. 

Faneull Hall National Bank. 3 South 
Market Street. Incorporated 1851; or- 
ganized as National 1865. Capital, $1,000,- 
000. President, Nathan Roobins. Cashier, 
T. G. Hiler. Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 
days, at 1 p.m. 

First National Bank, No. 17 State Street. 
Organized 1864. Capital, $1,000,000. Presi- 
dent, Abraham T. Lowe. Cashier, John 
Carr. Discount, Mondays and Thursdays, 
at 1 p.m. 

First Ward National Bank, 1 Win- 
throp Block, E.B. Incorporated 1873. 
Capital, $300,000. President, Charles R. 
McLean. Cashier, George B. Ford. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 2 p.m. 

Blackstone Street. Organized 1875. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, S. F. Woodbridge. 
Cashier, F. N. Robbins. Discount, Mon- 
days and Thursdays, 1 p.m. 

Freeman's National Bank, No. Ill 
Summer Street. Incorporated 1836. Capi- 
tal, $800,000. President, John H. Rogers. 
Cashier, Jeremy Drake. Discount, Mon- 
days and Thursdays, at 10 a.m. 

State Street. Incorporated 1824 ; organized 
asNationallS65. Capital, $1,000,000. Presi- 
dent, William B. Stevens. Cashier, Charles 
J. Sprague. Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 
days, at 1 p.m. 

Hamilton National Bank, No. 60 Dev- 
onshire Street. Incorporated 1832. Capital, 
.$750,000. President, S. S. Blanchard. Cash- 
ier, George W. Newhall. Discount, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 1 p.m. 

Howard National Bank, No. 85 State 
Street. Incorporated 1853; organized as 
National 1865. Capital, $1,000,000. Presi- 
dent, Reuben E. Demmon. Cashier, S. F. 
Wilkins. Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 
days, at 1 p.m. 

Manufacturers' National Bank. 88 
Summer Street. Incorporated 1873. Capi- 
tal, $500,000. President, Edward Turner. 
Cashier, Francis E. Seaver. Discount, 
Tuesdays and Fridays, at 12 m. 

Market National Bank, No. 86 State 
Street. Incorporated 1832. Capital, $800,- 
000. President, Charles O. Whitmore. 
Cashier, Jonathan Brown, jr. Discount, 
Tuesdays and Fridays, at 12 m. 

Massachusetts Loan and Trust Co., 
18 Post-Office Square. Capital, $500, uuu. 
President, G. W. Rice. Treasurer, Stephen 
M. Crosby. 

Massachusetts National Bank. 60 Con- 
gress Street. Incorporated 1784 ; organized 
as National 1865. Capital, $800,000. Presi- 
dent, Henry A. Rice. Cashier, H. K. Froth- 
ingham. Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 
days, at 12 m. 

Maverick National Bank, cor. Water 
and Congress Streets. Incorporated 1854; 
organized as National 1S64. Capital, $400,- 
000. President, Asa P. Potter. Cashier, 
Samuel Phillips, jr. Discount, Wednesdays 
and Saturda3's, at \\\ A.M. 

Mechanics' National Bank of Boston, 
No. 115 Dorchester Avenue. Incorporated 
1836; organized as National! 865. Capital, 
$250,000. President, James W. Converse. 
Cashier, Alvan Simonds. Discount, Mon- 
days, at 3 p.m. 

Merchandise National Bank, Milk, cor. 
Congress Street. Incorporated 1874. Capi- 
tal, $1,000,000. President, Israel G. Whit- 
, ney. Cashier, J. F. R. Foss. Discount, 
Tuesdays and Fridays, at 11 a.m. 

Merchants' National Bank of Bos- 
ton, No. 28 State Street. Incorporated 
1831; organized as National 1864. Capi- 
tal $3,000,000. President, Franklin Haven. 
Cashier, George R. Chapman. Discount, 
Mondays and Thursdays, at 1 p.m. 

Metropolitan National Bank, 57 
Brattle Street. Organized 1875. Capital. 
$500,000. President, S. W. Richardson. 
Cashier, G. Howe Davis. Discount, Mon- 
days and Thursdays, at 11 a.m. 

Monumrnt National Bank of Charles- 
town, Thompson Square. Incorporated 
1854; re-ofganized 1865. Capital, $150,000. 
President, James O. Curtis. Cashier, War- 
ren Sanger. Discount, Mondays and Tues- 

Mount "Vernon National Bank, No. 13 
Franklin Street. Organized as State Bank 
1860. Capital, $200,000. President, Carmi 
E. King. Cashier, H. W. Perkins, jr. 

National Bank of Brighton, Washing- 
ton Street, cor. Chestnut Hill Avenue. Or- 
ganized March 31, 1865. Capital, $300,000. 
President, Chester W. Kingsley. Cashier, 
Bela S. Fiske. Discount, Wednesdays. 

National Bank of Commerc , No. 9 
Sears Building. Incorporated 1850. Capi- 
tal, $2,000,000. President, Caleb H. 
Warner. Cashier, George W. Harris. 
Discount, daily. 

National Bank of the Common- 
wealth, No. 121 Devonshire Street. Or- 
ganized 1871. Capital, $500,000. President, 
E. C. Sherman. Cashier, John J. Eddy. 
Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 11 a.m. 

National Bank of North America, 
No. 106 Franklin Street. Incorporated 
1850. Capital, $1,000,000. President, Isaac 
T. Burr. Cashier, John K. Hall. Dis- 
count, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 12 m. 

National Bank Of Redemption, No. 
85 Devonshire Street. Incorporated 1858; 
organized as National 1864. Capital, $1,- 
000,000. President, William D. Forbes. 
Cashier, Edward A. Presbrey. Discount, 

National Bank of the Republic, No. 3 
Merchants Row. Organized as State Bank 
1859; as National 1864. Capital, $1,500,000. 
President, Harrison O. Briggs. Cashier, 
Charles A. Vialle. Discount, Mondays and 
Thursdays, at 1 p.m. 

National City Bank, No. 61 State Street. 
Incorporated 1822. Capital, $1,000,000 
President, Charles L. Thayer. Cashier, 
Charles C. Barry. Discount, Tuesdays and 
Fridays, at 1 p.m. 



National Eagle Bank, No. 16 Kilby 
Street. Incorporated 1S22. Capital, $1,- 
000,000. President, Robert S. Covell. Cash- 
ier, "William G. Brooks, jr. Discount, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 10 a.m. 

National Exchange Bank, No. 28 State 
Street. Incorporated 1847; organized as 
National 1864. Capital, $1,000,000. Presi- 
dent, Edward L. Tead. Cashier, J. M. 
Pettengill. Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 
days, 1 P.M. 

National Hide and leather Bank, 
No. 70 Federal Street. Incorporated 1858; 
organized as National 1S64. Capital, $1,- 
500,000. President, George Ripley. Cash- 
ier, George N. Jones. Discount, Tuesdays 
and Fridays, at 12 M. 

Nitiotia) >I rkct Bank of Brighton, 
Washington, opp. Cattle Fair Hotel. Or- 
ganized April, 1865. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Life Baldwin. Cashier, Edward 
P. Wright. Discount, Wednesdays. 

National ttevere Hank. 100 Franklin St. 
Organized as State Bank 1859 ; as National 
1865. Capital, $1,500,000. President, Samuel 
C. Cobb. Cashier, H. Blasdale. Discount, 
Tuesday and Friday. 

National Rockland Bank, 1935 Wash- 
ington St. Incorporated 1S53; organized 
as National 1864. Capital, $300,000. Presi- 
dent, Samuel Little. Cashier, Robert B. 
Fairbairn. Discount, Tuesday, a.m. Bank 
hours, from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. 

cor. Brattle St. Organized 1867. Capital, 
$200,000 ; authorized to increase to $1,000,- 
000. President, Samuel A. Carlton. Cash- 
ier, Charles R. Batt. Discount, Tuesday 
and Friday, at 11 a.m. 

St. Incorporated 1792; organized as Na- 
tional 1865. Capital, $1,000,000. President, 
Charles L. Young. Cashier, Almarin Trow- 
bridge. Discount, Tuesday and Friday, at 
1 P.M. 

National Webster Bank, Milk, cor. 
Congress St. Incorporated 1853. Capital, 
$1,500,000. President, Francis Jaques. Cash- 
ier, C. L. Riddle. Discount, Tuesday and 
Friday, at 10£ a.m. 

New Englaud National Bank, No. 
67 State St. Incorporated 1813. Capital, 
$1,000,000. President.Thomas Lamb. Cash- 
ier, Charles F. Swan. Discount, Tuesday 
and Friday, at 12| p.m. 

New England Trust Co., 85 Devonshire 
St. Capital, $500,000. President, Otis Nor- 
cross. Secretary, N. H. Henchman. Actu- 
ary, J. H. Loud. 

North National Bank, No. 109 Frank- 
lin St. Incorporated 1825; organized as 
National 1864. Capital, $1,000,000. Presi- 
dent, George Whitney. Cashier, John B. 
Witherbee. Discount, Monday and Thurs- 
day, at 1 p.m. 

Old Boston National Bank of Bos- 
ton, No. 48 State St. Incorporated 1803. 
Capital, $900,000. President, Henry W. 
Pickering. Cashier, Frederick L. Cburch. 
Discount, Monday and Thursday, at 1 p.m. 

onshire St. Organized 1877. President, A. 
I. Benyon. Cashier, F. J. Chick. 

People's National Bank, 114 Dudley. 
Incorporated 1833; organized as National 
1864. Capital, $300,000. President, Henry 
Guild. Cashier, George C. Leach. Dis- 
count, Tuesday. 

Secon-i National Bank of Boston, 
1 and 2 Sears Building. Incorporated as 
Granite Bank 1833; organized as National 

1864. Capital, $1,600,000. President, James 
H. Beal. Cashier, Andrew J. Loud. Dis- 
count, Monday and Thursday, at 12^ p.m. 

Shawmut National Bank, 60 Congress 
St. Incorporated 1S36; organized as Na- 
tional Nov. 22, 1864. Capital, $1,000,000. 
President, John Cummings. Cashier, 
James P. Stearns. Discouut, Monday and 
Thursday, at 1 p.m. 

Shoe an<t Leather National Bank, 
]S o. 150 Devonshire St. Incorporated 1836. 
Capital, $1,000,000. President, Seth Tur- 
ner. Cashier, Samuel Carr. Assistant 
Cashier, S. Carr, jr. Discount, Tuesday 
and Friday, at 11 a.m. 

State National Bank, No. 40 State St. 
Incorporated 1811 ; organized as National 

1865. Capital, $2,000,000. President, Amos 
W. Stetson. Cashier, C. B. Patten. Dis- 
count, Monday and Thursday, at 1 p.m. 

SnflTo»k National Bank, No. 60 State St. 
Incorporated 1818; organized as National 
1865. Capital, $1,500,000. President, David 
R. Whitney. Cashier, Edward Tyler. Dis- 
count, Wednesday and Saturday, at 11 a.m. 

Third National Bank of Boston, No. 
66 State St. Organized 1864. Capital, 
$300,000. President, Percival L. Everett. 
Cashier, Francis B. Sears. Discount, Mon- 
day and Thursday, at 1 p.m. 

Traders' National Bank, No. 91 State 
St. Incorporated 1831. Capital, $600,000. 
President, Edward Sands. Cashier, F. S. 
Davis. Discount, Wednesday and Satur- 
day, at 1 p.m. 

41 State St. Incorporated 1814. Capital, 
$2,000,000. President, William Perkins. 
Cashier, Amos T. Frothingham. Discount, 
Monday and Thursday, at 1^ p.m. 

40 State St. Manager, Henry Lee. Sub- 
Manager, George C. Lee. Solicitors, Wil- 
liam Minot and Francis V. Balch. 

No. 47 State St. Incorporated 1825; or- 
ganized as National 1864. Capital, $750,- 
000. President, AlmonD. Hodges. Cashier, 
W. Henry Brackett. Discount, Tuesday 
and Friday, at 12 m. 



Boston Savings Banks on page 120. 

Ahinston Savings Bank, Abington. 
Incorporated 1853. Assets, $906,663.49. 
President, Z. N. Whltmarsh; Secretary 
and Treasurer, J. N. Farrar. 

Adams. Incorporated 1869. Assets, $334,- 
Ov>7.76, Sept. 1, 1877. President, Henry J. 
Bliss; Treasurer, H. H. Wellington; Sec- 
retary, James C. Chalmers. 

Provident Institute for Savings, 
Amesbury. Incorporated 1828. President, 

Stephen Woodman ; Treasurer, A. C. Web- 
ster; Secretary, David L. Dearborn. 

herst. Organized 1865. Assets, $467,000. 
President, Enos F. Cook ; Treasurer, Sam'l 
C. Carter ; Clerk, George Cutler. 

Andnver Savings Bank, Andover. In- 
corporated 1835. Assets, $1,588,460. Presi- 
dent, Nathaniel Swift ; Treasurer and Sec- 
retary, John F. Kimball. 

Arlington Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Arlington. Incorporated 1860. President, 



Albert "Winn; Treasurer and Secretary, 
Abel R. Proctor. 
Ashburnham Savings Bank, Ash- 

burnbam. Incorporated 1871. President, 
A. A. Walker ; Treasurer, George W. Eddy ; 
Secretary, G. F. Stevens. 

Athol Savines Bank, Athol. Incorpo- 
rated 1867. President, Charles C. Bassett; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Alpheus Harding. 

Attleboro' Saving* Bunk, North Attle- 
boro', Attleboro'. Incorporated Feb. 1, 1860. 
Assets, $300,000. President, A. Codding, 
jr. ; Treasurer and Secretary, Edward It. 

Attleboro' Savings and Loan Associ 
ation. J. T. Bates, Treasurer, Attleboro'. 

Barnstable Saving-* Bank. Barnstable. 
Incorporated 1831. Assets, $1,412,126.82. 
President, Nathan Crocker; Treasurer, G. 

A. Hinckley. 

Hyannis Savings Bank. Hyannis. 
Barnstable. Incorporated 1868. Assets, 
$600,000. President, F. G. Kelley ; Treas- 
urer and Secretary, Franklin Thaoher. 

Barre Savings Bank, Barre. Incorpo- 
rated 1863. Assets, $325,000. President, 
Charles Brimblecom ; Treasurer, Edwin 
Woods; Clerk, S. F. Smith. 

ly. Incorporated 1867. Assets, $531,000. 
President, William Endicott; Treasurer 
and Secretary, R. G. Bennett. 

Braintree Savings Bank, South Brain- 
tree. Incorporated 1871. Assets, $75,000. 
President, E. A. Hollingsworth ; Secretary 
and Treasurer, C. Harrison Hobart. 

Bridgewater Savings Bank, Bridge- 
water. Incorporated 1872. Amount of de- 
posits, $240,000. President, ; 

Treasurer, S. P. Gates; Secretary, Lafay- 
ette Keith. 

North Bridgewater Savings Bank, 
Brockton. (In liquidation.) 

Brookneld Savings Bank, Brookfield. 
Incorporated 1872. Assets, $60,000. Presi- 
dent, Emmons Twichell; Secretary and 
Treasurer, George E. Forbes. 

Brookline Savings Bank, Brookline. 
Incorporated 1871. Assets, $180,000. Presi- 
dent, William H. Lincoln; Treasurer and 
Secretary, F. W. Prescott. 

Cambridge Savings Bank, Cambridge. 
Incorporated 1834. Assets, $2,000,000. 
President, J. B. Dana; Treasurer, James 
M. Thurston; Secretary, James H. Wyeth. 

Cambridgep^rt Savings Bank, Cam- 
bridgeport. Incorporated 1853. President, 
Benjamin Tilton ; Treasurer, Edward Hyde. 

East Cambridge Five Cents Savings 
Bank, East Cambridge. Incorporated 1854. 
Assets, $950,000. President, George Ste- 
vens ; Treasurer, Samuel Slocomb ; Secre- 
tary, Lorenzo Marrett. 

North Avenue Savings Rank, 173 North 
Avenue, Cambridge. Incorporated March 
7, 1872. Assets, $80,000. President, S. F. 
Woodbridge; Treasurer, M. L. Walton; 
Secretary, George W. Park. 

Canton Institution for Savings, Can- 
ton. Incorporated May 4, 1835. Assets, 
$359,018.57. President, Charles H. French ; 
Treasurer and Secretary, Francis W. Deane. 

Chelsea Savings Bank, Chelsea. In- 
corporated April 28, 1854. Assets, $1,188,- 
057.44. President, John H. Osgood; Treas- 
urer, John F. Fellows; Secretary, Louise 

B. Fellows. 

Chicopee Savings Bank, Chicopee. In- 
corporated 1854. Assets, $475,000. Presi- 
dent, George D. Robinson ; Treasurer, 
Henry H. Harris; Secretary, George V. 

Chicopee Palls Savings Bank, Chic- 
opee Falls. Incorporated 1S75. Assets, 
$19,000. President, Josiah W. Osgood; 
Treasurer and Secretary, E. T. Paiee. 

Incorporated 1851. Assets, $766,000. Presi- 
dent, Franklin Forbes ; Treasurer, C. L. S. 
Hammond; Secretary, C. G. Stevens. 

Cohasset Savines Bank, Cohasset. In- 
corporated 1845. President, Martin Lincoln ; . 
Treasurer and Secretary, Levi N. Bates. 

The Middlesex Institution for Sav- 
ings, Concord. Incorporated 1835. Presi- 
dent, George M. Brooks; Treasurer and 
Secretayy, George Heywood. 

Danvers Savings Bank. Danvers. In- 
corporated 1850. Assets, $1,092,150. Presi- 
dent, I. H. Putnam ; Treasurer and Secre- 
tary, W. L. Weston. 

Dedham Institution f<»r Savines, 
Dedham. Incorporated 1831. Assets, $1,- 
282,329.16. President, Waldo Colburn; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Calvin Guild. 

East Bridge, water "•avings Bank, 
East Bridgewater. Incorporated 1871. 
Assets, $114,783.89. President, Henry Ho- 
bart; Secretary and Treasurer, I. N. 

Easthampton Savines Bank, East- 
hampton. Incorporated 1870. Assets, 
$205,000. President,^,. H. Sawyer; Treas- 
urer, Samuel T. Seelye; Secretary, O. G. 

N«rth Knston Savings Bank, North 
Easton,Easton. Incorporated 1864. Assets, 
$300,000. President, Fred L.Ames; Treas- 
urer and Secretary, Pardon A. Gifford. 

Efistvilie Savings Bank, Edgartown. 
Incorporated 1872. President, Lorenzo 
Smith; Treasurer, Oliver E. Linton. 

Fairhaven Institution tor Savings, 
Fairhaven. Incorporated 1832. Assets, 
$1,148,000. President, Isaiah F. Terry; 
Treasurer and Secretary, Charles Drew. 

Citizens' Savings Bank, Fall River. 
Incorporated. 1851. Assets, $1,800,511. 
President, Joseph Osborn ; Treasurer, E. 
E. Hathaway; Secretary, John C. Milne. 

Fall River Five Cents savings Bank. 
Fall River. Incorporated 1856. Assets, 
$1,400,000. President, S. Angier Chace; 
Treasurer, Charles J. Holmes ; Secretary, 
John P. Slade. 

Fall River Savings Bank. Falll River. 
Incorporated 1828. Assets, over $5,000,000. 
President, J. B. French; Treasurer, C. A. 
Bassett; Secretary, Isaac B. Chace. 

Union Savings Bank. Fall River. In- 
corporated 1869. Assets, $632,000. Presi- 
dent, Augustus Chace; Treasurer, D. A. 
Chapin; Secretary, James M. Morton, jr. 

Fitchburg Savings Bank, Fitchburg. 
Incorporated 1846. President, T. K. Ware ; 
Treasurer, C. J. Billings; Clerk, Thomas 
C. Caldwell. 

Worcester North Savings Tnstitu- 
tion, Fitchburg. Incorporated 1S68. As- 
sets, $1,312,728".19. President, Augustus 
Whitman ; Treasurer, H. A. Willis ; Clerk, 
Lewis H. Bradford. 

Foxboro' Savings Bank. Foxboro'. In- 
corporated 1855. Assets, $229,500. Presi- 
dent, Otis Cary ; Treasurer and Secretary, 
James F. Leonard. 

Frainingham Savings Bank, Fram- 
ingham. Incorporated 1846. President, 
Charles Upham ; Treasurer, C. S.Adamt. 
Deposits draw interest from the first Satur- 
day of November, February, May, and 

Benjamin Franklin Savinsrs Bank, 
Franklin. Incorporated Feb. 23, 1871. As- 
sets, $229,089.81. President, Davis Thayer, 
jr. ; Treasurer and Secretary, Charles W. 

Gardner Savings Fa»k. Gardner. In- 
corporated 1868. Assets, $600,000. Presi- 
dent, Henry C. Hill ; Treasurer, John D. 
Edgell ; Secretary, Volney W. Howe. 

Georgetown Savings Bank, George- 
town. Incorporated 1868. Assets, $133,- 
700. President, J. P. Jones ; Treasurer, O. 
B. Tenney; Secretary, George S. Weston. 

Cape Ann SavinsjH Bunk, Gloucester, 
Incorporated 1846. Assets, $1,150,000. Pres- 
ident, Gorham P. Low ; Treasurer, George 
J. Marsh. 



Grafton Savings Bank, Grafton. In- 
corporated 1869. President, George K. 
Nichols. Secretary and Treasurer, Henry 
F. Wing. 
Great Harrington Savings Bank, 
Great Barrington. Incorporated 1869. Pres- 
ident, E. Hollister ; Treasurer, W. H. Parks ; 
Secretary, M. L. Whitlock. 
TION, Greenfield. Incorporated 1834. 
Assets, $3,000,000, Oct. 7, 1877. President, 
Samuel O. Lamb; Treasurer, William H. 
Allen ; Secretary, Franklin R. Allen. 
Greenfield Havings Bank, Greenfield. 
Incorporated 1869. Assets, $944,389.01. 
President, John Sanderson; Treasurer, 
Henry K. Simons; Secretary, Chester G. 

Groveland Savings Bank, Groveland, 
Incorporated 1871. Assets, $44,000. Pres- 
ident, Moses Foster ; Treasurer and Secre- 
tary, Nathaniel H. Griffith. 

BANK, Harwich. Incorporated 1855. 
Assets, $500,000. President, Josiah Hardy ; 
Treasurer, Obed Brooks; Secretary, Au- 
gustus C. Snow, 2d. 

City Five t.'e-its Savings Bank of 
Haverhill. Incorporated 1870. Assets, 
$941,000. President, S. W. Hopkinson; 
Secretary and Treasurer, George W. 

Haverliill Savings Bank. Haverhill. 
Incorporated 1828. Assets, $2,893,186.63. 
President, John A. Appleton; Treasurer, 
A. B. Jaques ; Secretary, J. Fred Adams. 

Hinttham Institution tor Savines, 
Hingham. Incorporated 1834. Assets, 
$1,644,029.29. President, Daniel Bassett; 
Treasurer, Henry C. Harding. 

Hoilistoit Savings Bank. Holliston. 
Incorporated April 1, 1872. Assets, $240,- 
000. President, S. Thayer; Treasurer and 
Secretary, Orrin Thompson. 

Ho I yoke Savings Bank, Holyoke. In- 
corporated 1855. Assets, $980,741.55. Pres- 
ident, Joel Russell; Treasurer, R. B. 
Johnson ; Secretary, W. B. C. Pearsons. 

Mechanics' Savings Bank, Holyoke. 
Incorporated 1872. President, J. H. New- 
ton; Treasurer, C. B. Prescott; Secretary, 
E. W. Chapin. 

The Hopkinton Savings Bank, Hop- 
kinton. Incorporated 1867. Assets, $225,- 
000. President, A. A. Sweet; Secretary 
and Treasurer, E. J. Jenks. 

Hudson Savings Bank, Hudson. In- 
corporated 1869. Assets, $234,083.69. Pres- 
ident, Francis Brigham ; Treasurer, Francis 
D. Brigham. 

Hyde r»ark Savings Bank. Hyde Park. 
Incorporated 1871. President, Isaac J. 
Brown; Treasurer and Secretary, H. S. 

Ipswich Savings Bank, Ipswich. Or- 
ganized 1871. Assets, $121,084. President, 
Joseph Ross; Treasurer and Secretary, 
Theodore F. Cogswell. 

Lancaster Savings Bank, Lancaster. 
(In liquidation.) 

Broadway savings Bank, Lawrence. 
Incorporated 1872. Assets, $1,160,596.66. 
President, John Fallon; Secretary and 
Treasurer, G. E. Hood. 

Essen Savings Bank, Lawrence. In- 
corporated 1847. Assets, $3,200,000. Pres- 
ident, Joseph Shattuck; Treasurer and 
Secretary, James H. Eaton. 

lawicuce Savings Bank, Lawrence. 
Incorporated 1868. Assets, $510,000. Pres- 
ident, Milton Bonney; Secretary and 
Treasurer, William R. Spalding. 

Lee Savings Hank. Lee. Incorporated 
1852. Assets, $475,000. President, Harri- 
son Garfield. Treasurer and Secretary, 
John L. Kilbon. 

Leicester Savings Bank, Leicester. 
Incorporated 1869. Assets, $278,157. Pres- 
ident, Cheney Hatch; Treasurer, D. E. 
Merriam; Secretary, George H. Sprague. 

Leominster Savings Bank, Leominster- 
Incorporated 1867. Assets, $541,302.98. 
President, Leonard Burrage; Treasurer 
and Secretary, A. L. Burditt. 

Lexington avings Bank, Lexington. 
Incorporated 1871. Assets, $122,000. Pres- 
ident, George W. Robinson; Treasurer, 
Charles T. West; Secretary, A. E. Scott. 

Central Savings Bank, Lowell. In- 
corporated 1871. Assets, $1,200,000. Pres- 
ident, Oliver H. Moulton; Treasurer and 
Secretary, Samuel A. Chase. 

City Institution for Savings. Lowell. 
Incorporated 1837. Assets, $3,647,092. 
President, Nathan Allen; Treasurer, Fred 
A. Buttrick. 

Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Lowell. Incorporated 1854. Assets, $2,920, - 
579.19. President, Horatio Wood; Treas- 
urer, Artemas S. Tyler; Secretary, David 
Healey, jr. 

Lowell Institution for Savings, 
Lowell. Incorporated 1829. Assets, $2,420,- 
719.37. President, Theodore Edson ; Treas- 
urer and Clerk, George J. Carney. 

Mechanics' Savings Bank. Lowell. 
Incorporated 1861. Asset6, $2,200,000. 
President, W. A. Burke; Treasurer, 
Charles C. Hutchinson. 

Merrimack Kiver Savings Bank, 
Lowell. Incorporated 1874. Assets, $300,-, 
000.90. President, J. G. Peabody; Treas- 
urer, A. J. Flint. 

Lynn Five Cents Savings Bank, Lynn. 
Incorporated 1855. Assets, $1,700,000. 
President, Thomas B.Newhall; Treasurer, 
Benjamin V. French; Clerk, Henry E. 

Lynn Institution for Savings, Lynn. 
Incorporated 1826. Assets, $1,912,500. 
President, P. A. Chase; Treasurer, David 
H. Sweetser; Secretary, Valentine Meader. 

Maiden Savings Bank, Maiden. In- 
corporated 1860. Assets, $306,000. Presi- 
dent, Caleb Wait ; Treasurer and Secretary, 
Charles Merrill. 

Marblehead Savings Bank. Marble- 
head. Incorporated 1871. President, Isaac 
C. Wyman; Treasurer, William Gilley; 
Secretary, M. J. Doak. 

boro'. Incorporated 1860. Assets, $700,- 
000. Preside nt, Elbridge Howe ; Treasurer 
and Clerk, Edmund C. Whitney. 

Medford Savings Bank, Medford. In- 
corporated 1869. President, Henry Has- 
tings; Treasurer, Daniel W. Lawrence; 
Clerk, J. Gilman Waite. 

Medway Savings Bank, Medway. In- 
corporated 1871. Assets, $160,716.61. Pres- 
ident, Milton M. Fisher; Treasurer, Orion 

A. Mason ; Secretary, C. H. Deans. 
Melrose Savings Bank. Melrose. In- 
corporated 1872; organized Aug. 5, 1874. 
President, Wingate P. Sargent. Treasurer, 
E. H. Goss ; Secretary, W. Littlefield. 

Merrimac Savings Bank, Merrimac. 

Incorporated 1871. Deposits, $125,000. 

President, John S. Poyen; Treasurer, D. 

J. Poore, jr. ; Secretary, James D. Pike. 
Middleboro* Savings Bank, Middle- 

boro'. Incorporated 1873. President, 

Everett Robinson; Treasurer, Cornelius 

B. Wood. 

Milfonl Savings Bank, Milford. Or- 
ganized January, 1852. Assets, $630,000. 
President, Orison Underwood; Secretary 
and Treasurer, James E. Walker. 

Millbury Savings Bank, Millbury. 
Incorporated 1854. Assets, $412,576.28. 
President, Thomas J. Harrington. Treas- 
urer, David Atwood; Secretary, A. Arms- 


Sluiison Savings Bank, Monson. In- 
corporated 1872. Assets, $386,S91; Presi- 
dent, C. H. Merrick ; Treasurer and Clerk, 
E. F. Morris. 

Crocker Institution for Savings. 
Turner's Falls, Montague. Commenced 
business Jan. 1, 1873. Assets, $90,000 



President, George O. Peabody ; Treasurer, 
D. P. Abercrombie; Secretary, W. H. P. 
Nantucket Institution for Savings, 

Nantucket. Incorporated 1834. Assets, 
$692,722.14. President, Joseph C. Chase. 
Treasurer and Secretary, Matthew Barney ; 
Assistant Secretary, Alexander Macy, jr. 

Nattck Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Natick. Incorporated 1859. Assets, $489,- 
577.15. President, John Kimball. Secretary 
and Treasurer, James Whitney. 

Nrerihain Savings Hank, Needham. 
Incorporated 1874. President, Galen Orr. 
Treasurer and Secretary, Emery Grover. 

New Bedford Five Cents Savinsrs 
Bank, New Bedford. Incorporated 1855. 
President, George Howland, jr. Treasurer. 
B. Ricketson, jr. Secretary, Charles Almy. 

New fctedford Tnstitu'ion lor >av» 
ings, New Bedford. Incorporated 1825. 
Assets, $9,900,000. President, William Wat- 
kins. Treasurer, Charles H. Peirce, Secre- 
tary, Henry T. Wood. 

Newburyport. Incorporated 1820. Assets, 
$5,000,000. President, Edward S. Moseley. 
Treasurer, Richard Stone. Secretary, Philip 
K. Hills. 

Newburyport Five Cents Savings 
Bank, Newburyport. Incorporated 1854. 
Assets, $1,200,000. President,' Eben Sum- 
ner. Treasurer, J. A. Maynard. Clerk, 
William H. Stacy. 

Newton Savings Bank, Newton. In- 
corporated 1831. Assets, $680,52S.40. Presi- 
dent, George Hyde. Treasurer, E. J. Col- 

ams. Incorporated 1870. Assets, $125,- 
764.24. President, C. H. Reed. Secretary, 
J. A. Bond. Treasurer, Austin Bond. 

North Adams Savings Bank, North 
Adams, Adams. Incorporated 1848. Assets, 
Oct. 1, 1877, $789,345.83. President, C. T. 
Sampson. Treasurer, V. A. Whitaker. 

Florence Savings Bank, Florence, 
Northampton. Incorporated 1873. Assets, 
$88,092.50. President, A. T. Lilley. Treas- 
urer, H. H. Bond. 

Northampton Institution for Sav- 
ings, Northampton. Incorporated 1842. 
Assets, $1,925,000. President, H. G. Knight. 
Treasurer, L. Maltby. 

BANK, Northampton. Incorporated 1869. 
Assets, $500,000. President, Luther Bod- 
man. Treasurer and Secretary, Lewis 

Whitinsville Savings Bank, Whitins- 
ville, Northbridge. Incorporated 1872. 
Assets, $144,632. President, John C. Whit- 
in. Treasurer, H. A. Goodell. Secretary, 
William H. Whitin. 

North Brookfield Savings Bank, 
North Brookfield. Incorporated 1854. As- 
sets, $295,527.78. President, Samuel S. 
Edmands. Treasurer and Secretary, B. 

Orange Savings Bank. Orange. In- 
corporated 1871.' Assets, $157,739.64. Presi- 
dent, A. J. Clark. Treasurer, J. H. Waite. 
Secretary, R. I). Chase. 

Palmer Savings Bank. Palmer. Incor- 
porated 1870. Assets, $348,557.23. Presi- 
dent, H. P. Wakefield. Treasurer, W. A. 
Lincoln. Secretary, James G. Allen. 

AVarren Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Peabody. Incorporated 1854. Assets, $1,- 
363,681.76. President, Rufus H. Brown. 
Treasurer and Secretary, Albert H. Mer- 

BANK, Pittsfield. Incorporated 1846. As- 
sets, $1,952,442.56. President, Julius Rock- 
well. Treasurer, Robert W. Adam. Sec- 
retary, John R. Warriner. 

Plymouth Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Plymouth. Incorporated 1855. Deposits, 

$543,089.09. President, William R. Drew. 
Secretary and Treasurer, Daniel J. Rob- 

Plymouth Savings Bank, Plymouth. 
Incorporated 1828. Assets, $2,300,000. 
President, Jacob H. Loud. Treasurer and 
Secretary, J. J. Russell. 

Seaman s Savings Bank, Provincetown. 
Incorporated 1851. Assets, $649,954.54. 
President, L. N. Paine. Treasurer and 
Secretary, J. H. Dyer. 

Incorporated 1845. Amount of deposits, 
$1,294,083,49. President, Edward Turner. 
Treasurer and Secretary, George L. Gill. 

Randolph Havings B*nk. Randolph. 
Incorporated 1851. Assets, $828,611. Presi- 
dent, J. White Belcher. Secretary and 
Treasurer, Seth Turner. 

Reading Savings Bank, Reading. In- 
corporated 1869. Assets, $250,000. Presi- 
dent, P. O. Dewey, Treasurer and Secre- 
tary, Nathan Parker Pratt. 

Rockland Savings Bank. Rockland. 
Incorporated March 30, 1868. Assets, $366,- 
000. President, Richmond J. Lane. Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, E. R. Studley. 

Rockport Savings Bunk, Rockport. 
Incorporated 1853. President, Joshua Tarr. 
Treasurer, Joseph Manning. Secretary, 
Eben Blatchford. Secretary of the Trus- 
tees, Calvin W. Pool. 

Salem. Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Salem. Incorporated 1855. Assets, $2,- 
450,000. President, Henry L. Williams. 
Treasurer and Secretary, Charles H. Hen- 

Salem Savings Bank. Salem. Incorpo- 
rated 1818. Assets, $6,400,000. President, 
B. H. Silsbee. Treasurer, Charles E. Sy- 
monds. Secretary, William H. Simonds, jr. 

Provitie«t Institution for Savings 
in the Towns of Salisbury and Ames- 
bury, Amesbury, Salisbury. Incorporated 
1828. Assets, $1,343,078.67. President, 
Stephen Woodman. Treasurer, Alfred C. 
Webster. Secretary, David L. Dearborn. 

Sandwich Savings Bank, Sandwich. 
Incorporated 1866. President, William E. 
Boyden. Treasurer, H. G. O. Ellis. Sec- 
retary, Charles Dillingham. 

Scituate Savings Bank, Scituate Har- 
bor. Incorporated 1851. President, Ho- 
ratio G. Reed. Treasurer, Charles A. 

Shelhurne Falls Savings Bank, Shel- 
burne Falls. Incorporated 1855. Assets, 
$700,201.48. President, F. A. Ball. Treas- 
urer, A. K. Hawks. Secretary, H. O. 

Southbridge Savings Bank, South- 
bridge. Incorporated 1848. Assets, $919,- 
726.92. President, John P. Stedman. 
Treasurer, Samuel M. Lane. Secretary, 
Manning Leonard. 

South Scituate Savings Bank, South 
Scituatt. Incorporated 1834. President, 
G. H. Weatherbee. Treasurer, Ebenezer 
T. Fogg. 

Spencer Savings Bank, Spencer. Incor- 
porated 1871. President, Erastus Jones. 
Secretary and Treasurer, W. L. Demond. 

Hampden Savings Bank, Springfield. 
Incorporated 1852. Assets, $1,730,000. 
President, Eliphalet Trask. Secretary and 
Treasurer, Peter S. Bailey. 

Springfield Five tents Savings 
Bank, Springfield. Incorporated 1854. 
President, Joseph C. Pynchon. Treasurer, 
Daniel J. Marsh. Secretary, Ephraim W. 

Springfield Institution for Savings, 
Springfield. Incorporated 1827. Deposits, 
$6,375,000. President, James M. Thomp- 
son. Treasurer, Henry S. Lee. Secretary, 
W. S. Shurtleff. 

Stockbridge Savings Bank, Stock- 
bridge. Incorporated 1871. Assets, $60, 
000. President, Mason Van Deusen. Treas 
urer and Secretary, Charles H. Willis. 



Stoncham Five Cents * avings Bank, 

Stoneham. Incorporated 1852. Deposits, 
$363,000. President, Lyman Dike. Treas- 
urer and Secretary, Onslow Gilmore. ' 

Bi-isiol Coun y savings Kimit, Taun- 
ton. Incorporated 1846. Assets, $3,340,- 
000. President, Joseph Wilbur. Treas- 
urer and Clerk, C. H. Atwood. 

Taunton Savings Bank. Taunton. In- 
corporated 1869. Assets, $1,656,772.96. 
President, John E. Sanford. Treasurer 
and Clerk, Henry R. Wood. 

Trmpleto Savings Bank, Baldwin- 
ville. Incorporated 1871. Assets, $57,- 
953.86. President, Charles A. Perley ; Treas- 
urer, Otis D. Sawin; Secretary, Stilhnan 

hridge. Incorporated 1870. Assets, $622,- 
000. President, Moses Taft; Treasurer, 
Charles A. Taft ; Secretary, Merrill Green. 

South Heading Mechanic and igi-i- 
cultural Institution, Wakefield. In- 
corporated 1833. Capital, $10,000. Presi- 
dent, Lemuel Sweetser; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Thomas Winship. 

Wakefield Savings Bank, AVakefield. 
Incorporated 1869. President, James F. 
Emerson ; Secretary and Treasurer, Ches- 
ter W. Eaton. 

"Wales Savings Bank, Wales. Incor- 
porated 1870. President, Elijah Shaw; 
Treasurer, J. C. Burley ; Secretary, H. A. 

Waltham Savings Bank, Waltham. 
Incorporated 1853. Assets, $1,206,064.85. 
President, Horatio Moore; Treasurer, F. 
M. Stone ; Secretary, William W. Clark. 

Ware Savings Bank, Ware. Incorpo- 
rated 1S50. Assets, $1,600,000. President, 
William Hyde; Treasurer and Secretary, 
Otis Lane. 

ham. Incorporated 1847. Assets, $624,- 
117.10. President, Gerard C. Tobey; 
Treasurer, Thomas R. Miles; Secretary, 
J. F. Murdock. 

Watertown Savings Bank, Water- 
town. Incorporated April IS, 1870. Assets, 
$146,898.92. President, Charles J. Barry; 
Treasurer, John K. Stickney; Secretary, 
S. S. Gleason. 

Webster Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Webster. Incorporated 1868. Assets, $252,- 
883.63. President, F. D. Brown; Treas- 
urer, Edwin May ; Secretary, Seymour A. 

Wellflett Savings Bank, Wellfleet. 
Incorporated 1S63. Assets, $370,000. Presi- 
dent, Richard R. Freeman ; Treasurer and 
Secretary, Thomas Kemp. 

Westboro' Savings Bank. Westboro'. 
Organized 1869. Assets, $341,441.29. Presi- 
dent, Cyrus Fay; Treasurer, George O. 
Brigham ; Secretary, Arthur G. Biscoe. 
Westfield havings Bank, Westfield. 
Incorporated 1853. Assets, $732,968. Presi- 
dent, William G. Bates; Treasurer, V. W. 
Crowson; Secretary, M. B. Whitney. 

Worouoce Savings Bank, Westfield. 
Incorporated 1871. Assets, $540,000. Presi- 
dent, Samuel Horton ; Treasurer, R. Wel- 
ler; Secretary, Edward B. Gillett. 

Miner's Savings Bank, West Stock- 
bridge. Incorporated 1872. Assets, $40,- 
000. President, George W. Kniffin ; Treas- 
urer, W. C. Spaulding; Secretary, H. F. 

Wr ymouth Savings Bank, Weymouth. 
Incorporated 1S33. Assets, $917,1S1.54. 
President, James Humphrey ; Treasurer 
and Secretary, Amos S. White. 

East. \V«ymout.h Five t ems *avines 
Bank, East Weymouth. Incorporated 1872. 
President, J. P. Lovell; Treasurer, Nathan 

South Weymouth Savings Bank, 
South Weymouth, Weymouth. Incorpo- 
rated 1868. Assets, $396,677. President, 
Albert Tirrell ; Treasurer, B. F. White. 

Haydenville Savings Bank, Hayden- 
ville, Williamsburg. Incorporated March 
17, 1869. Assets, about $230,000. President, 
Joel Hayden; Treasurer, B. S. Johnson; 
Secretary, Aaron R. Morse. 

Winchcurton Savings Bank, Winchen- 
don. Incorporated 1854. Assets, $565,- 
597.73. President, Orlando Mason; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, Charles L. Beals. 

Winchester Savings Bank, Winches- 
ter. Incorporated 1871. President, David 
N. Skillings. Treasurer, John T.Manny; 
Secretary, Charles O. Billings. 

Wobnru Agricultural and Mechan- 
ics' Association Institution for Say- 
ings, Wohurn. Incorporated 1830. Cap- 
ital, $60,000. President, E. N. Blake; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, John Johnson. 

Wnburn Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Woburn. Incorporated 1854. President, 
Stephen Dow; Treasurer and Secretary, 
James N. Dow. 

cester. Incorporated Mav 13, 1864. Assets, 
$3,933,463.77. President, William Cross; 
Treasurer, C. M. Bent; Clerk, H. C. 


INGS BANK, Worcester. Incorporated 
May 15, 1851. Assets, $3,058,440.41. Presi- 
dent, Harrison Bliss ; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Henry Woodward. 

Worcester Five t'niis Savings B'k, 
Worcester. Incorporated 1854. Assets, 
$1,938,959.89. President, G. W. Richard- 
son ; Treasurer, George W. Wheeler ; 
Clerk, E. B. Stoddard. 

TION FOR SAVINGS, Worcester. Incor- 
porated 1828. Assets, $6,761,087. Presi- 
dent, Alexander H. Bullock. Treasurer, 
Charles A. Hamilton; Secretary, J. Henry 

Bass River Savings Bank, South Yar- 
mouth, Yarmouth. Incorporated 1874. 
President, David Kelley ; Treasurer, D. 
D. Kelley ; Secretary, F. Larkin. 



BANK, 38 School St. Incorporated 1854. 
Assets, $18,000,000. President, Alonzo H. 
Evans; Treasurer, Curtis C. Nichols; Sec- 
retary, Edward Edmunds. 

Boston Penny Savings Bank, 1371 
Washington St. Organized 1864. Assets, 
$1,200,000. President, Eben Howes ; Treas- 
urer, Henry R. Reynolds; Clerk, Stephen 
G. Deblois. 

Brighton Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Washington, cor. Chestnut Hill Av. Incor- 
porated 1861. Assets, $272,000. President, 

Samuel Phillips; Treasurer, William A. 

SAVINGS BANK, Thompson Sq.. Incor- 
porated 1854. Assets, $3,400,000. Presi- 
dent, Phinehas J. Stone; Treasurer, Amos 
Stone; Secretary, Duncan Bradford. 

Dorchester Savings Bank, Harrison 
Sq. Incorporated 1853. Assets, $599,000. 
President, William Pope; Treasurer and 
Secretary, J. Frank Pope. 

East Boston Savings Bank, 12 Mav- 
erick Sq. E.B. Incorporated 1849. Assets, 



$2,425,000. President, Phineas M. Crane; 
Treasurer and Secretary, Albert Bowker. 

Eliot Five Cent Savings Bank, 114 
Dudley St. Incorporated 1864. Assets, 
$1,365^000. President, William C. Ap- 
pleton ; Treasurer, George C. Leach ; Sec- 
retary, John F. Newton. 

Eui'uVant Savings Bank, 590 Wash- 
ington St. Incorporated 1870. President, 
Charles F. Donnelly ; Treasurer, James 
Havey ; Secretary, John B. O'Brien. 

Franklin Savinsrs Bank of the City 
of Boston, 20 Boylston St. Incorporated 
1861. Assets, $4,972,551.49. President, 
Osmyn Brewster; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Henry Whittemore. 

Home Savings Hunk. Masonic Temple, 
cor. Tremont and Boylston Sts. Organized 
December, 1870. Assets, $3,413,758.31. 
President, Henry Smith; Treasurer and 
Clerk, B. N. Bullock. 

Institution for savings in Roxbury 
and Vicinity, 2343 Washington St. In- 
corporated 1825. Assets, $2,900,000. Pres- 
ident, A. D. Hodges; Treasurer, Edward 
Richards- Secretary, Robert G. Molineux. 

Jamaica Plain Savings Bank, Centre 
St., near Green. Organized 1872. Presi- 
dent, John C. Pratt; Treasurer and Secre- 
tary, J. Phillips George. 

Mechanics' Savings Bank, 30 School 
St. (In liquidation.) 

Mercantile Savings Institution, 581 
Washington St. Incorporated 1861. As- 

sets, $3,539,264.99. President, Lyman S. 
Hapgood ; Clerk and Treasurer, Anson J. 

Worth End Saving's Bank, 57 Court 
St. Incorporated 1870. Assets, $678,000. 
President, Thomas L. Jenks ; Treasurer, 
George C. Trumbull; Secretary, William 
C. Williamson. 

Provident Institution for Savings 
in the Town of Boston, 36 Temple PI. 
Incorporated 1816. Assets, $17,805,000. 
President, James S. Amory; Treasurer, C. 
J. Morrill ; Secretary, Edward I. Brown. 

South Boston Savings Bank, 368 
Broadway. Organized 1863. Assets, 
$1,888,000. President, G. E. Alden; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, George W. Ellis. 

Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen 
and Others, 49 Tremont St. Incorporated 
1833. Assets, $10,500,000. President, 
Thomas Lamb ; Clerk, Herbert Magoun ; 
Treasurer, Charles H. Parker. 

Union Institution for Savings, 37 
Bedford St. Incorporated 1865. Assets, 
$3,800,000. President, John C. Crowley; 
Treasurer, George F. Emery ; Clerk, Wil- 
liam S. Pelletier. 

Warren Institution for Savings, 25 
Main St. Incorporated February, 1829. As- 
sets, $4,000,000. President, James Adams ; 
Treasurer, George F. Tufts; Secretary, 
George S. Poole. 

West Boston Savings Bank. Cam- 
bridge, cor. Stamford St. In liquidation. 


ALPHABETICALLY arranged by companies. 

SURANCE CO., Abington. Incorporated 
1856. President, Joseph Vaughn ; Secre- 
tary and Treasurer, Freeman P. Howland. 

Annisquam Mutual Insurance Co., 
Annisquam, Gloucester. President, J. 
Franklin Dyer ; Secretary, James S. Jewett. 

Ashfield Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 
Ashfield. Incorporated 1873. President, 
H. S. Ranney ; Secretary, A. E. Bronson. 

Atlantic Mutual Fire and Marine 
Insurance Co., Provincetown. Incorpo- 
rated 1854. Capital, $100,000. President, 
Joshua Paine ; Secretary, Lewis Nickerson. 

Atileboro' Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Attleboro'. Cash assets, $7,566.51. 
President, J. W. Capron; Secretary, H. N. 

FIRE INSURANCE CO., Yarmouthport. 
Incorporated March 2, 1833. President, 
David K. Akin ; Secretary, George Otis. 

Berkshire kife Insurance Co., Pitts- 
field. Incorporated 1851. Assets, $3,400,000. 
President, Edward Boltwood; Secretary, 
James W. Hull; Vice-President, James M. 

Berkshire Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Pittsfield. Incorporated 1835. Cash 
assets, $56,398.61. President, John C. 
West ; Secretary, A. B. Root. 

Beverly Insurance Co.. Beverly. In- 
corporated 1852. Capital, $50,000. Presi- 
dent, Frederick W. Choate; Secretary, 
Samuel J. Foster. 

INSURANCE CO., New Bedford. Incor- 
porated 1829. President, William H. Tay- 
lor; Secretai~y and Treasurer, George N. 

SURANCE CO., 555 Main St., Cambridge- 
port. Incorporated 1833. Cash assets and 
deposit notes, $170,000. President, Rufus 
Lamson; Secretary, A. L.Barbour. (See 
page 760.) 

Cape Ann Mutual Fishing Co., 

Gloucester. Organized 1873. President, 
James G. Tarr; Secretary, Joseph O. 

Cohasset Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Cohasset. Incorporated 1846. Presi- 
dent, Martin Lincoln ; Secretary, J. Q. A. 

Commercial Mutual Marine Insur- 
ance Co., New Bedford. Incorporated 
1863. Capital, $200,000. President, Charles 
L. Wood ; Secretary, Samuel H. Cook. 

ANCE CO., Dedham. Incorporated 1873. 
Cash surplus, $41,750. President, George 
B. Faunce; Secretary, Preston R. Mans- 

Dennis and Harwich Mutual In- 
surance Co., West Dennis. Incorporated 
1837. Capital, $45,000. President, M. W. 
Nickerson; Secretary, Edward E. Cro well. 

Equitable Marine Insurance Co., 
Provincetown. Incorporated 1845. Capi- 
tal, $50,000. President, Artemas Paine; 
Secretary, Enos N. Young. 

Essex Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 
Salem. Incorporated 1829. President, 
Stephen B. Ives; Secretary, Charles S. 

Incorporated May 1, 1870. President, 
Stephen Davol; Secretary and Treasurer, 
Isaac B. Chace. 

ANCE CO., Worcester. Organized Janu- 
ary, 1869. Capital, $200,000. President, 
Charles B. Pratt; Treasurer, Hartley Wil- 
liams ; Secretary, George E. Kendall. (See 
page 736.) 

SURANCE CO., Fitchburg. Incorporated 
1847. Assets, $251,500. President and 
Treasurer, Lewis H. Bradford; Secretary, 
Edward P. Downe. 



SURANCE CO., Greenfield. Incorporated 
Feb. 11, 1828. Cash fund, $30,000. Presi- 
dent, William Keith'; Secretary, Gorham 
D. Williams ; Treasurer, R. Howland. 

CO., Gloucester. Incorporated 1869. Capi- 
tal, $100,000. President, Robert R. Fears ; 
Secretary, John Cunningham. 

Gloucester mutual Fishing Insur- 
ance Co., Gloucester. Incorporated 1847. 
President, George Steele ; Secretary, Cyrus 

Gran by Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Granhy. President, S. M. Cook; Sec- 
retary, C. E. Hunt. 

Groveland Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Groveland. Incorporated 1828. Presi- 
dent, M. Foster; Secretary, N. H. Griffith. 

Hampshire Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Northampton. Incorporated 1831. 
Capital, $143,000. President, George W. 
Hubbard; Secretary and Treasurer, Har- 
vey Kirkland. 

Hingham and Gohasset Mutual 
Fishing Insurance Co., Cohasset. In- 
corporated 1852. President, A. H. Tower ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, A. H. Tower,' jr. 

ANCE CO., Hingham. Incorporated 1826. 
Cash assets, $310,163.72. President, Amos 
Bates ; Secretary, Henry W. Cushing. 

Holyoke Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Salem. Incorporated March 14, 1843. 
President, Augustus Story; Secretary, 
Thomas H. Johnson. 

Iiowell Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Lowell. Incorporated 1832. Presi- 
dent, James K. Fellows ; Secretary, Charles 
W. Drew. 

CO., Lynn. Incorporated 1828. President, 
Thomas B. Netvhall; Secretary, William 

F. Johnson. 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Tnsur- 
ance Co., Springfield. Incorporated 1851. 
President, E. W. Bond; Secretary, Avery 
J. Smith. 

Merchants' and Farmers' Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co., Worcester. Incor- 
porated 1846. Assets, $220,000. President, 
Isaac Davis; Secretary, E. B. Stoddard; 
Treasurer, William Dickinson. 

Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Andover. Incorporated 1828. Capital, 
$360,671.03. President, Samuel Gray; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, J. A. Smart. 

SURANCE CO., Concord. Incorporated 
March 3, 1826. President, George Hey- 
wood; Secretary, Richard Barrett. 

ANCE CO., Milford. Incorporated 1851. 
President, A. A. Cooke ; Secretary, George 

G. Parker. 

Mutual Fire Assurance Co., Spring- 
field. Incorporated 1827. Assets, $100,000. 
President, W. C. .Sturtevant; Secretary, 
Frank R. Young. 

Mutual Fire Insurance Co.. Salem. 
Incorporated 1836. President, Charles S. 
Nichols ; Secretary, Samuel A. Potter. 

Mutual Safety Fire Insurance Co., 
Wakefield. Incorporated 1853. President, 
Edward H. Walton; Secretary, Greeley 

Newburyport Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Co., Newburyport. Incorporated Feb. 
11, 1829. Assets, including notes, &c, $80,- 
000. President, Amos Noyes; Secretary, 
Joseph J. Knapp. 

ANC CO., Dedham. Incorporated 1825. 
Surplus fund, $125,567. President, Ira 
Cleveland; Secretary, Preston R. Mansfield. 

Northampton Mutual Fire Insiir- 

ance Co., Northampton. Organized Octo- 
ber, 1876. President, Isaac Stone; Secre- 
tary, Gilbert A. Christie; Special Agent, 
Walter S. Edwards, Boston. 

Ocean Marine Insurance Co.. Well- 
fleet. Organized 1875. Capital $75,000. 
President, A. W. Holbrook ; Secretary, R. 
H. Libby. 

Pemberton Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Lawrence. Incorporated 1870. Presi- 
dent, A. J.French; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, J. K. Norwood. 

ANCE CO., Quincy. Incorporated 1851. 
Capital, $365,000. President and Treasurer, 
I. W. Munroe , Secretary, Charles A. How- 

Salem Marine Insurance Co.. Salem. 
Incorporated 1856. Capital, $100,000. Presi- 
dent, William Northey; Secretary, F. P. 

Salisbury and Ameshury Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co., Amesbury. Incor- 
porated 1855. President, David L. Dear- 
torn ; Secretary, William C. Binney. 

Saugus Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 
Saugus ; branch office, Lynn. Incorporated 
April, 1852. Capital, $308,532. President, 
Harmon Hall; Secretary and Treasurer, 
Wilbur F. Newhall. 

South Danvers Mutual Fire Insur- 
anck Co., Peabody. Incorporated 1829. 
President, Isaac B. Elliot; Secretary, G. 
A. Osborne. 

ANCE CO., Worcester. Incorporated 
1844. Accumulations, $2,100,000. Presi- 
dent, Isaac Davis; Secretary, George E. 
Kendall; Treasurer, Hartley Williams. 
(See page 746) 

INSURANCE CO., Springfield. Incor- 
porated 1849. Capital, $750,000. Presi- 
dent,!). R. Smith; Secretary, S. J. Hall; 
Treasurer, Andrew J. Wright. 

Traders' and Mechanics' Insurance 
Co., Lowell. Incorporated 1848. Assets, 
$100,000. President, Levi Sprague ; Secre- 
tary, E. M. Tucke. 

INCETOWN. Organized 1865. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Francis M. Freeman ; 
Secretary, A. P. Hannum. 

Village Insurance Co., Chatham. Presi- 
dent, J. G. Bearse. 

Wellfieet Marine Insurance Co., 
Wellfleet. Organized 1864. Capital, $60,- 
000. President, James Swett; Secretary, 
Thomas Kemp. 

Westfield Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Westfield. Incorporated 1852. Presi- 
dent, Samuel Horton; Secretary, W. H. 

West Newbury Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., West Newbury. Incorporated 1828. 
Capital, $102,944.93. President, William 
Merrill ; Secretary, George W. Carr. 

mouth. Incorporated 1833. Assets, $75,- 
690. President, Naaman L. White; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, Elias Richards. 

Whately Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 

Worcester Manufacturers' Mutual In- 
surance Co., Worcester. Incorporated 
1855. President, George M. Rice; Secre- 
tary, S. R. Barton. 

SURANCE CO., Worcester. Incorporated 
1823. Assets, over $1,000,000. President, 
Anthony Chase; Secretary, Charles M. 
Miles ; Assistant Secretary, R. F. Upham. 
(Seepage 747.) 




Alliance Insurance Co., 43 Milk St. 
Incorporated 1875. Assets, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, George H. Long; Secretary, Charles 
R. Howard. 
American Insurance Co.. 54 State St. 
Incorporated 1818. Capital, $300,000. Presi- 
dent, Francis Peabody; Secretary, J. W. 
Arkwright Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., 70 Devonshire St. Incorporated 1860. 
President, Waldo Higginson; Secretary, 
E. H. Sprague. 
Boot Manufacturers' Mutual Fire 
Insurance Co., 109 Summer. Incorpo- 
rated 1876. President, C. A. Grinnell; 
Secretary, T. F. Boynton. 

Boston Manufacturers' Mutual In- 
sdkance Co., 131 Devonshire St. Incorpo- 
rated 1850. President, E. E. Manton; Sec- 
retary, William B. Whiting. 

Boston Marine Insurance Co., 17 
State St. Incorporated 1874. Capital, 
$500,000. President, R. B. Fuller; Secre- 
tary, Thomas H. Lord. 

Boylston Mutual Insurance Co., 45 
State St. Incorporated December, 1872. 
Capital, $1,000,000. President, Joseph W. 
Balcn ; Secretary, Washington Glover. 

Builders' Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Receivers, 70 Devonshire St. 

China Mutual Insurance Co.. 52 State 
St. Incorporated 1853. Assets, $1,340,000. 
President, William Perkins; Secretary, 
George L. Deblois. 

CO., 42 Congress St. Incorporated 1846. 
Cash assets, $250,000. President, H. C. 
Bigelow ; Secretary, J. W. Peabody, 

City Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 
2343 Washington St. Incorporated 1846. 
President, Aaron D. Williams; Secretary, 
Edward Richards. 

Commonwealth. Insurance Co., 30 
Congress St. Incorporated May, 1875. Cap- 
ital, $500,000. President, John Hitchcock; 
Secretary, Samuel Appleton. 

Cotton and Woolen Manufacturers' 
Mutual Insurance Co. of New Eng- 
land, 131 Devonshire St. Incorporated 
October, 1875. President, William C. Plun- 
kett; Secretary, B. F. Taft. 

Dorchester Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Neponset. Incorporated 1855. Presi- 
dent, E. J. Baker ; Secretary, W. F. Temple. 

Dwelling- House Insurance Co., 29 
State SU Incorporated 1872. Capital, 
$300,000. President, Arthur William Ho- 
bart; Seecretary, Henry F. Perkins. 

Eliot Insurance Co., 63 State St. In- 
corporated 1872. Capital, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, George A. Curtis ; Secretary, Green- 
leaf C. George. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society of 
the U. S. ; branch office, Equitable Build- 
ing. Incorporated 1859. Assets, $32,000,000. 
President, H. B. Hyde ; Secretary, Samuel 
Borrowe; Manager, H. T. Blodget. 

Factory Mutual Insurance Co., 64 
Simmons Building. Incorporated 1876. 
President, Alfred A. Hall; Secretary and 
Treasurer, F. Ernest Cabot. 

Faneuil Hall Insurance Co., 28 State 
St. Incorporated 1871. Capital, $400,000. 
President, K. S.Chaffee; Secretary, H. D. 

Firemen's Fire Insurance Co., 48 
Congress St. Incorporated 1872. Capital, 
$300,000. President, Thomas W. Tucker; 
Secretary, Henry C. Short. 

Franklin Insurance Co, of Boston, 
46 State St. Incorporated 1873. Capital, 
$200,000. President, William M. Byrnes; 
Secretary, Edmund B. Whitney. 

Globe Insurance Co., 7 Exchange PI. 
Closing up business. 

Home Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 
242 Washington St. Incorporated May, 

1876. President, Charles A. Stott; Treas- 
urer, George Butterfield ; Secretary, Walter 
S. Edwards. 
India Mutual Insurance Co., 49 State 
St. Incorporated 1867. President, John H. 
Dane ; Secretary, W. L. Caverly. 
John Hancock Mutual Lite Insur- 
ance Co., 16 Sears Building. Incorporated 
April 21, 1862. President, George Thorn- 
ton; Secretary, George B. Woodward; 
Treasurer, Charles G. Wood. 
Manufacturers' Fire and Marine In- 
surance Co., 59 State St. Incorporated 
Jan. 9, 1873. Capital, $500,000. President, 
Sam'liGould ; Secretary, James J. Goodrich. 
Manufacturers' Insurance Union, 70 
Devonshire St. Inc. 1868. President, J. C. 
Hoadley; Secretary, H. E. Abbott. 
Massachusetts Hospital Life Insnr- 
ance Co., 50 State St. Incorporated 1818. 
Capital, $500,000. President, Peter C. 
Brooks ; Secretary, James C. Braman. 

Massachusetts Mutual Insurance 
Co., 39 Court St. Incorporated 1872. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, Charles B. Cum- 
ings ; Secretary, John M. Corbett. 
Mechanics' Mutual Insurance Co., 
45 Milk St. Incorporated May, 1875. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, Alfred Bicknell; 
Secretary, John H. Robinson. 

Mercantile Marine Insurance Co., 
5S State St. Incorporated 1823. Capital, 
$400,000. President, George R. Rogers; 
Secretary, B. F. Field, jr. 

Mill-Owners' Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 131 Devonshire St. Incorporated 
1873. President, William H. Kent; Secre- 
tary, Frederick S. Cabot. 

Mutual Boiler Insurance Co. of 
Boston, 64 Simmons Building. Incorpo- 
rated April, 1877. President, C. C. Wal- 
worth ; Secretary, F. Ernest Cabot. 

Mutual Protection Fire Insurance 
Co., Thompson sq., Charlestown. Inc. 1861. 
Capital, $50,000. President, Amos Stone; 
Secretary, Geo. H. Pendergast. 

Neptune Fire and Marine Insur- 
ance Co., 64 State St. Incorporated 1872. 
Capital, $300,000. President, George F. 
Osborne; Secretary, Eugene B. Hinkley. 

New Ensland Mutual Life Insiir- 
ance Co., Milk, cor. Congress St. Organ- 
ized April 1, 1835. President, Benjamin F. 
Stevens ; Secretary, Joseph M. Gibbens. 

New England Mutual Insurance 
Co., 62 State St. Incorporated 1872. Capi- 
tal, $350,000. President, George C. Lord; 
Secretary, Alfred Presson. 

North American Insurance Co., 1 
Old State House. Incorporated 1872. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, Albert Bowker; 
Secretary, E. E. Patridge. 

Prescott Insurance Co. of Boston, 56 
Devonshire St. Incorporated 1872. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, Franklin Greene ; 
Secretary, Francis H. Stevens. 

48 Congress St. Incorporated 1875. Capi- 
tal, $200,000'. President, Joseph H. Well- 
man ; Secretary, John W. Belches. 

Sq. Organized 1875. Capital, $500,000. 
President, William S. Denny; Secretary, 
U. C. Crosby. 

Shoe and Leather Insurance Co., 
52 Devonshire St. Incorporated 1872. 
Capital, $300,000. President, John C. 
Abbott; Secretary, Henry B. White. 

CO. of Augusta, Me. Incorporated 1848. 
Directors' office, 153 Tremont St. Presi- 
dent, John E. DeWitt; Secretary, David L. 

Washington Fire and Marine In- 
surance Co., 38 State St. Incorporated 
1872. Capital, $400,000. President, Isaac 
Sweetser; Secretary, Benjamin Sweetser. 





Adams Gas-Light Co., South Adams. 
Organized 1858. Capital, $17,500. Presi- 
dent, Daniel Upton; Secretary, William 
C. Plunkett; Superintendent, Charles A. 

Amherst Gas-Light Co., Amherst. In- 
corporated 1877. Capital, $5,000. President, 
Henry F. Hills; Treasurer, C. H. Mann; 
Superintendent, N. H. Lee. 

Arlington Gas-Light Co.. Arlington. 
Incorporated 1859. Capital, $66,600. Presi- 
dent, Estes Howe; Treasurer, J. H. Con- 
verse ; Superintendent, C. H. Wharton. 

Athol Gas-Light Co., Athol. Incorpo- 
rated 1874. Capital, $50,000. President, A. 
H. Smith; Superintendent, S. L. Wiley. 

Attleboro' Union Gas-bight Co., At- 
tleboro'. Organized 1862. President, J. 
W. Capron; Treasurer and Agent, G. N. 

Incorporated 1860. Capital, $40,000. Presi- 
dent, John I. Baker ; Secretary a?id Super- 
intendent, John B. Hill. 

rated 1822. Capital, $2,500,000. President, 
James L. Little ; Treasurer, W. W. Green- 
ough, 24 West st. ; Secretary, Charles C. 
Smith; Superintendent, Charles D. Lam- 

Charlestown Gas Co., Boston. Organ- 
ized 1852. Capital, $500,000. President, 
Andrew Sawtell; Treasurer, George B. 
Neal, Thompson Sq., Charlestown; Super- 
intendent, Richard Coyle. 

Dorchester Gas-Light Co., Boston. 
Treasurer, William Pope; Agent, J. Q. A. 
Spear, Commercial, near Dorchester Ave. 

East Boston Gas Co., East Boston. In- 
corporated 1853. Capital, $220,000. Presi- 
dent, S. P. Langmaid ; Treasurer, George H. 
Plummer ; Superintendent, J. H. Burnham. 

GLOBE GA-i-LIGHT CO., Boston. In- 
corporated 1874. Capital, $250,000. Presi- 
dent, George B. Loring ; Treasurer, Pelham 
Bonney, 68 Water St. ; Agents, John A. 
Fletcher, Frederick A. Brown. 

Jamaica Plain. Incorporated April, 1S52. 
Capital, $200,000. President, John C. Pratt ; 
Treasurer, J. P. George, Centre, near Green; 
Superintendent, James F. Rogers. 

Incorporated 1852. Capital, $600,000. Presi- 
dent, James Guild; Treasurer, William C. 
Appleton; Secretary, Charles R. Todd; 
Superintendent, Thomas J. Pishon. 

South Boston Gas-Light Co., South 
Boston. President, Benjamin James; 
Treasurer and Agent, R. J. Monks, 35 
Congress St; Clerk, Louis A. Wyman. 

Ipswich Gas-Light Co., Ipswich. In- 
corporated 1877. Capital, $16,000. presi- 
dent, E. L. Merriam ; Treasurer, Edward F. 
Reed ; Superintendent, Roger Wait. 

North Brid gewater Gas-Light Co., 
Brockton. Incorporated 1859. Capital, 
$64,000. President, Noah Chesman; Treas- 
urer, H. W. Robinson ; Secretary, John R. 
Perkins; Superintendent, David Brayton. 

Brookline Gas-Light Co.. Brookline. 
Incorporated 1853. Capital, $350,000. Presi- 
dent, John C. Abbott; Treasurer, D. W. 
Salisbury; Secretary, W. A. Wellman; 
Superintendent, C. F. Spaulding. 

Cambridge Gas-Light Co., Cambridge. 
Incorporated 1852. Capital, $700,000. Presi- 
dent, J. M. Tyler ; Treasurer, Estes Howe ; 
Superintendent, H. A. Allyn. 

Incorporated 1852. Capital, $300,000. 
President, Isaac Stebbins; Treasurer, Eras- 
tus Rugg; Superintendent, John Andrew. 

Chicopee Gas Works, Chicopee. In- 
corporated 1852. Capital, $30,000. Presi- 
dent, J. Howard Nichols; Secretary and 
Treasurer, N. Whittier; Superintendent, 
E. N. Snow. 

Clinton Gas-Light Co., Clinton. In- 
corporated 1853. Capital, $50,000. Presi- 
dent, Franklin Forbes; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Charles L. Swan; Superintend- 
ent, Milton Jewett. 

Dan vers Gas- Light Co.. Dan vers. In- 
corporated 1860. "Capital, $20,000. Presi- 
dent, Daniel Richards; Treasurer and 
Secretary, William L. Weston; Superin- 
tendent, Henry A. Perkins. 

Dedham and Hyde Park: Gas Co., 
Dedham. Incorporated 1853. Capital, 
$125,000. President, Joseph W. Clark J 
Treasurer and Clerk, Cornelius A. Taft; 
Superintendent, Henry A. Atwood. 

Easthampton Gas Co., Easthampton. 
Organized 1864. Capital, $25,000. Presi- 
dent, E. Thomas Sawyer; Treasurer, H. L. 
Clark; Superintendent, George L. Man- 

Fall River Gas Co., Fall River. Incor- 
porated 1847. Capital, $26,000. Superin- 
tendent, William B. Durfee. 

Manufacturers' Gas Co., Fall River. 
Incorporated 1867. Capital, $55,400. Presi- 
dent, S. Angier Chace; Treasurer and 
Secretary, Charles P. Stickney. 

Fitchburg Gas Co., Fitchburg. Incor- 
porated 1853. Capital, $60,000. President, 
Rodney Wallace; Secretary, Treasurer, 
and Superintendent, H. F. Coggshall. 

Gloucester Gas-Light Co., Gloucester. 
Incorporated 1853. Capital, $62,300. Presi- 
dent, F. H. Odiorne ; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, David W. Low ; Superintendent, 
Charles W. Cochrane. 

Great Baririiigton Gas Co., Great Bar- 
rington. Incorporated 1855. Capital, $5,000. 
President, L. G. Robbins ; Treasurer, P. A. 
Russell; Secretary, E. P. Woodworth; 
Agent, P. A. Russell. 

Greenfield Gas-Light C«.. Greenfield. 
Incorporated 1860. Capital, $50,000. Presi- 
dent, Rufus Howland ; Secretary, Samuel O. 
Lamb ; Superintendent, R. C. McKenney. 

Haverhill Gas-Light Co , Haverhill. 
Incorporated 1853. Capital, $75,000. Presi- 
dent, J. V. Smiley; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, William Caldwell; Superintendent, 
W. H. Stratton. 

Holyoke Water-Power Co., Holyoke. 
President, George M. Bartholomew; Treas- 
urer and Agent, William A. Chase. 

LAWRENt E GAS CO., Lawrence. In- 
corporated 1849. Capital, $400,000. Presi- 
dent, James J. Storrow; Agent, George D. 
Cabot ; Treasurer, G. P. Gates ; Secretary, 
A. C. Tenney; Superintendent, C. H. 

Leominster Gas-Light Co., Leominster. 
Organized 1873. Capital, $50,000. Presi- 
dtnt, C. L. Joslin; Treasurer and Super- 
intendent, Merrick Howe. 

Lexington Gas-Light Co., Lexington. 
Incorporated 1875. Capital, $20,000. Presi- 
dent, Hammon Reed; Treasurer, Leonard 
A. Saville; Superintendent, Otis Went- 

Lowell Gas-Light Co., Lowell. Incor- 
porated 1849. Capital, $500,000. President, 
Sewall G. Mack ; Treasurer, Jacob Rogers ; 
Paymaster, D. B. Bartlett; Agent, Oliver 
E. Cushing. 

Lynn Gas-Light Co., Lynn. Incor- 
porated 1853. Capital, $300,000. President, 
James N. Buffum ; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Valentine Meader; Superintendent, 
Edwin Evans. 



Maiden and Melrose Gas-Light Co., 

Maiden. Incorporated 1855. Capital, 
$100,000. President, George P. Cox; 
Treasurer and Secretary, J. H. Converse ; 
Superintendent, George D. Bill. 
Maroleliead Gas-Light Co., Marble- 
head. Incorporated 1854. Capital, $40,000. 
President, W. Eliot Fette ; Superintendent, 
L. W. Wells; Treasurer and Secretary, 
L. A. Wyman. 

Marlboro' Gas-Light Co., Marlboro'. 
Incorporated 1865. Capital, $50,000. Presi- 
dent, E. F. Johnson; Treasurer, H. 8. 

MidcUeboro' Gas Co., Middleboro'. In- 
corporated 1855. Capital, $20,000. Proprie- 
tor and Superintendent, N. D. Wilbur. 

Millorcl Gas- Light Co.. Milford. In- 
corporated, 1S54. Capital, $75,100. Presi- 
dent. Allen C. Fay; Secretary, L. H. 
Cook ; Treasurer, B. E. Harris ; Superin- 
tendent, I. N. Davis. 

Nantucket Gas-Light Co., Nan- 
tucket. Incorporated 1854. Capital, 
$36,000. President, Almon T. Mowry; 
Treasurer and Secretary, Andrew M. 
Myrick; Superintendent, John A. Coffin. 

Natick Gas-Light Co., Natick. Incor- 
porated 1873. Capital, $30,000. President, 
Edward Clarke. 

Ne*v Bedford Gas-Light Co., New 
Bedford. Incorporated 1852. Capital, 
$225,000. President, William C. Taber; 
Treasurer, James B. Congdon; Superin- 
tendent, Gideon Wood. 

Newbury port <ias Co., Newburyport. 
Incorporated 1850. Capital, $80,000. Presi- 
dent, John Osgood; Treasurer, Eben F. 
Stone; Superintendent, D. D. Tilton. 

Newton and Watertown Gas- Light 
Co., Newton. Incorporated 1854. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Joseph N. Bacon; 
Secretary, B. F. Bacon ; Agent and Super- 
intendent, L. P. Gerould. 

"North Adams Gas-Light Co , North 
Adams. Organized 1864. Capital, $50,000. 
President, John B. Tyler; Secretary and 
Treasurer, H. Clay Bliss ; Superintendent, 
L. W. Woodward. 

Northampton Gas Co., Northampton. 
Incorporated 1853; commenced 1856. Capi- 
tal, $50,000. President, Marvin M. French ; 
Treasurer, William B. Hale; Secretary, 
A. P. Peck; Superintendent, David W. 

North Attleboro' Gas-Light Co., 
North Attleboro'. Incorporated 1855. 
Capital, $45,500. President, A. Codding, jr. ; 
Secretary and Superintendent, Charles 8. 
Colbath; Treasurer, J. G. Barden. 

Pittxfield Coat Gas Co., Pittsfield. In- 
corporated 1854. Capital, $62,500. Presi- 
dent, Robert W. Adam; Secretary and 
Treasurer, William R. Plunkett; Superin- 
tendent, George S. Dunbar. 

Plymouth Gas-Light Co., Plymouth. 
Incorporated 1S53. Capital, $40,000. Pres- 
ident, F. H. Odiorne; Treasurer, William 
Reed; Superintendent, William H. Frost. 

Citizens' Ga*-Light Co., Quincy. In- 
corporated 1860. Capital, $12,500. Presi- 
dent and Treasurer, E. H. Dewson ; Super- 
intendent, Benjamin F. Bass. 

Organized 1850. Capital, $300,000. Presi- 
dent, William H. Jelly; Treasurer and 
Superintendent, David Moore; Secretary, 
Benjamin W. Sluman. 

Salisbury and Amesbury Gas Co., 
Amesbury Mills. President, Joseph N. 
Clark ; Treasurer, George Turner. 

Southbridge Mutual Gas-Light Co., 
Southbridge. Incorporated 1870. Capital, 
$15,000. "President, William C. Barnes; 
Secretary, Frank Edwards ; Treasurer and 
Superintendent, Samuel S. Perry. 

Glasgow Manuf. Co.'s Gas Works, 
South Hadley Falls, South Hadley. 

Springfiela Gas Co., Springfield. In- 
corporated 1847. Capital, $400,000. Presi- 
dent, J. M. Thompson ; Treasurer, James 
D. Brewer; Superintendent and Clerk, 
George Dwight. 

TAUN lOJf GAS CO., Taunton. In- 
corporated 1853. Capital, $80,000. Presi- 
dent, John E. Sanlbrd; Treasurer and 
Agent, Edwin Keith. 

Citizens' Gas-Light Co. of Reading, 
Wakefield, and Stoneham, Wakefield. 
Incorporated 1859. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Cyrus Wakefield; Treasurer 
and Secretary, Thomas Winship; Super- 
intendent, B. B. Burbank. 

Waltham Gas-Light Co, Waltham. 
Incorporated 1853. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Isaac R. Scott; Treasurer and 
Secretary, Horatio Moore ; Superintendent, 
William Tarbell. 

Otis Company Gas Works, Ware. 
President, E. Wright; Treasurer, George 
F. Fabyan. 

Webster «*as-Light Co., Webster. In- 
corporated 1866. Capital, $50,000. Presi- 
dent, David Nevins; Treasurer, Henry S. 
Shaw; Superintendent, E. P. Morton. 

Westfield Gas-Light Co., Westfleld. 
Incorporated 1860. Capital, $54,000. 
President, Samuel Fowler; Secretary and 
Treasurer, L. C. Norton. 

Woburn Gas-Light Co., Woburn. In- 
corporated 1855. Capital, $45,100. Presi- 
dent, John M. Harlow; Treasurer and 
Superintendent, Aaron Thompson. 

Worcester. Incorporated 1849. Capital, 
$500,000. President, Joseph Sargent; 
Treasurer, William Cross ; Agent and 
Superintendent, James H. Rollins. 


District of Boston and Charlestown. 

The Custom House opens at 9 o'clock a.m., 
and closes at 4 o'clock p.m. 

Collector, William A. Simmons. 

Special Deputy Collector, John M. Fiske. 

Deputy Collectors, Harrison W. Huguly, 
Joseph H. Barnes, John L. Swift. 

Cashier, Ephraim L. Frothingham, jr. 

Auditor, Frederick Grant. 

Naval Officer, Daniel Hall. 

Deputy 'Naval Officer, Ivory H. Pope. 

Surveyor, A. B. Underwood. 

Deputy Surveyor, A. D. Wass. 

Superintendent of Warehouses, E. K. Mc- 

General Appraiser, Henry S. Briggs, 177 
State St. 

Appraisers, Thomas G. Rice, Robert K. 

Assistant Appraisers, George C. Joslin, 
Joseph E. Jones. 

Boarding Officers, John A. Thomas, D. H. 
L. Gleason, Chester B. Kenfield. 

Port of Hingham, Isaac Winslow, Collector. 

Port of Co'hasset, J. Q. A. Lothrop, Col- 

Revenue Cutter "Albert Gallatin." 

Commander, Eric Gabrielson; Chief En- 
gineer, Charles H. Ball. 

Steam Revenue Tug "H. Hamlin." 

Commander, Lieut. Thomas W. Lay; En- 
gineer, Charles A. Laws; Pilot, E. N. 



District of Barnstable. 

Port of Barnstable. — Franklin B. Gobs. 
Collector; Walter Chipman, Deputy Collector. 

Port of Chatham. — Benjamin D. Gifford, 
Deputy Collector. 

Port of Falmouth. — Solomon L. Hamlin, 
Deputy Collector. 

Port of Hyannis. — Edward G. Crowell, 
Deputy Collector. 

Port of South Dennis. — Samuel S. Baker, 
Deputy Collector. 

Port of Wellfleet. — Simeon Atwood, Deputy 

Port of Provincetoion. — James Gifford, 
Deputy Collector; Nathaniel E. Atwood, Aid 
to the Revenue. 

District of Edgartown. 

Port of Edgartown. — Charles B. Marchant, 
Collector; Jeremiah Pease, Deputy Collector 
and Inspector. 

Port of Vineyard Haven. — Henry W. 
Beetle, Deputy Collector. 

District of Fall River. 

Port of Fall River. — William G. Hender- 
son, Collector; Edward T. Marvel, Deputy 
Collector and Inspector; Earl P. Bowen, 
Jeremiah Gray, Inspectors, &c. 

District of Gloucester. 

Port of Gloucester. — Fitz J. Babson, Col- 
lector; Addison Center, Deputy Collector. 
Howard Low, John J. Coffin, B. F. Cook, B. 
F. Blatchford, Sidney Gardner, Inspectors; 
George G. Reed, Nathaniel Dulcy, A. A. 
Story, Weighers; Aaron Parsons; Clerk, John 
H. Gale, Store Keeper. 

Port of Rockport. — T. F. Parsons, jr., In- 

District of Marblehead. 

Port of Marblehead. — Simeon Dodge, Col- 
lector; William H. Coates, Deputy Collector. 

District of Nantucket. 

Port of Nantucket. — William P. Hiller, 
Collector; Albert B. Holmes, William H, 
Gibbs, Deputy Collectors. 

District of New Bedford. 

Port of New Bedford. — J. A. P. Allen, 
Collector; James Taylor, Deputy Collector; 
Orrick Smalley, James V. Cox, Inspectors. 

Port of Fairhaven. — Joseph Taber, In- 

Port of ' Mattapoisett. — Jonathan H. Holmes, 

Port of Westport. — George F. Sisson, In- 

District of BJewburyport. 

Port of Newbury port. — William H. Huse, 
Collector; Daniel P. Pike, Deputy Collector 
and Inspector; Moses Pettingill, William A. 
Ajttle, Inspectors, Weighers, and Gangers; 
Harvey Kimball, Storekeeper; Samuel Pettin- 
gell, Inspector and Measurer. 

District of Plymouth. 

Port of Plymouth. — Thomas Loring, Col- 
lector; Charles O. Churchill, Deputy Collector. 

Port of Duxbury. — William J. Alden, jr., 
Deputy Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Scituate. — Joseph S. Drew, Deputy 
Collector and Inspector. 

District of Salem and Beverly. ' 

Port of Salem. — Charles H. Odell, Collec- 
tor; J. Frank Dalton, Deputy Collector; Ed- 
win B. George, Inspector and Clerk; A. Frank 
Hitchings, G. Parker Bray, William H. Gold- 
smith, Stephen A. Powars, Inspectors. 

Port of Beverly. — Gustavus Obear, Inspec- 
United States Life-Saving Service. 

Benjamin C. Sparrow, SupeHntendent, Dis- 
trict No. 2 (comprising coast of Massachu- 
setts) , East Orleans, Mass. There are fourteen 
Life-Saving Stations in this district. 

United States Lighthouse Establish- 

Gen. James C. Duane, Engineer of 1st and 
2d Lighthouse Districts of the United States, — 
Maine and New Hampshire 1st District, and 
Massachusetts 2d District. Office, 13 Ex- 
change St., Boston. Commodore S. D. Ames, 
Inspector 2d District. Office, 14 Pemberton 
Sq., Boston. There are sixty Lighthouses 
and vessels on the Massachusetts coast. 


Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Franklin 
Haven, jr. U. S. Treasury Agents, Norman 
W. Bingham, M. H. Hale. 


States of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

Pension Agent, DANIEL W. GOOCH. 

Office, Post-Office Building, Boston. 



Ayer, B. H. Hartwell. 

Belchertown, G. F. Thompson. 

Boston, George G. Tarbell, C. B. Porter, Azel 

Clinton, G. M. Morse. 
Danvers, P. M. Chase. 
East Bridgewater, Asa Millett. 
Edgartown, John Pierce. 
Fall River, Jerome Dwelly. 
Fitchburg, George Jewett. 
Foxboro' J. G. S. Hitchcock. 
Gloucester, Albert S. Garland. 
Greenfield, C. L. Fisk, jr. 
Haverhill, Kendall Flint. 
Hyannis, Peter Pinneo. 
Lawrence, Henry M. Chase. 

Lee, Eliphalet Wright. 
Leverett, David Rice. 
Lowell, Nathan Allen. 
Lynn, Isaac F. Galloupe. 
Maiden, J. L. Sullivan. 
Medway, A. L. B. Monroe. 
Mendon, J. G. Metcalf. 
Nantucket, John B. King. 
Natick, J. H. Wright. 
New Bedford, John H. Mackie. 
Newburyport, George W. Snow. 
North Adams, N. 8. Babbitt, George C. Law- 
Northampton, Christopher Seymour. 
North Brookfield, Warren Tyler. 
Orange, Edward Barton. 



Palmer, William Holbrook. 
Pittsfield, J. F. A. Adams. 
Plymouth, Alexander Jackson. 
Proviucetown, John Blackmer. 
Salem, Charles A. Carlton. 
Sheffield, Horace D. Train. 
South Abington, B. F. Hastings. 
Springfield, Calvin C. Chaffee, David P. Smith, 

Charles P. Kemp. 
Taunton, John B. Chace. 
Warehain, F. A. Sawyer. 
"Warren, J. W. Hastings. 
Watertown, Samuel Richardson. 
"Winchester, Daniel W. Wright. 
Worcester, Henry Clarke, Oramel Martin, 

Albert Wood, J. M. Rice. 

United States Commissioners. 

Edwin H. Abbott, Fisher Ames, John Bab- 
son (shipping), W. S. Dexter, E. B. Grant 
(shipping), Elias Merwin, C. W. Tuttle, Win- 
slow Warren, Boston. 

Thomas A. Codd (deputy shipping), George 
Marston, Charles W. Clifford, New Bedford. 

Edgar M. Wood, Pittsfield. 

John S. Griffen (shipping), Salem. 

Bangs Hallet (shipping), Yarmouthport. 

United States Navy Yard, 

Commodore, Foxhall A. Parker. 
Captain of Yard, E. Y. McCauley. 




1. H. M. Knowlton, Nero Bedford. 

2. Samuel B. Noyes, Canton. 

3. Francis W. Palfrey, Boston. 

4. S. Lothrop Thorndike, Boston. 

5. Benjamin C. Perkins, Salem. 

6. Edgar J. Sherman, Lawrence. 

7. Charles F. Howe, Lowell. 

8. Peter C. Bacon, Worcester. 

9. Charles G. Delano, Greenfield. 

10. T. M. Brown, Springfield. 

United States Court of Claims. 

Charles D. Drake, Chief Justice. Edward 

G. Loring, Ebenezer Peck, C. C. Nott, Wil- 
liam A. Richardson, Judges. Archibald Hop- 
kins, Chief Clerk. The Court holds its ses- 
sions in the Capitol at Washington, D.C. 

Commissioners Court of 

John Codman, Samuel Jennison, Boston. 
Thomas M. Stetson, New Bedford. Joseph B. 
F. Osgood, Salem. J. Henry Hill, Worces- 




3. Charles W. Slack, Post-office Building, 

5. C. C. Dame, 19 City square, Charlestown. 


9. E. R. Tinker, North Adams. 

10. William Baker, Deputy, Fitchburg. 

Revenue Agent, C. M. Horton, Post-office Building, Boston. 


List of articles and occupations subject to tax. 


Distilled spirits, per gallon, $0.90. Recti- 
fiers (special tax), $200. Wines, liquors, or 
compounds known or denominated as wine, 
and made in imitation of sparkling wine or 
champagne, but not made from grapes grown 
in the United States; and liquors not made 
from grapes, currants, rhubarb, or berries 
grown in the United States, but produced by 
being rectified or mixed with distilled spirits, 
or by the infusion of any matter in spirits, to 
be sold as wine, or as a substitute for wine, in 
bottles containing not more than one pint, — 
per bottle or package, $0.10. Same, in bottles 
containing more than one pint, and not more 
than one quart, per bottle, $0.20. Retail 
liquor-dealers (special tax), $25. Wholesale 
liquor-dealers (special tax), $100. Manufac- 
facturers of stills (special tax) , $50. Stills or 
worms (manufactured), each, $20. Stamps 
for distilled spirits intended for export, each, 
$0.25. Distillery warehouse stamps, each, 
$0.10. Stamps for rectified spirits, each, 
$0.10. Wholesale liquor-dealers' stamps, 
each, $0.10. 


Fermented liquors, per barrel, $1. Brewers, 
annual manufacture less than five hundred 
barrels (special tax), $50. Brewers, annual 
manufacture not less than five hundred bar- 
rels (special tax), $100. Retail dealers in 
malt liquors, $20. Wholesale dealers in malt 
liquors, $50. 


Cigars and cheroots of all descriptions, do- 
mestic or imported, per thousand, $6. Ciga- 
rettes, domestic or imported, weighing not 
over three pounds per thousand, per thou- 
sand, $1.75. Cigarettes, domestic or imported, 
weighing over three pounds per thousand, 
per thousand, $6. Manufacturers of cigars 
(special tax), $10. Snuff of all descriptions, 
per pound, $0.32. Tobacco, chewing and 
smoking, of every description, per pound, 
$0.24. Stamps for tobacco or snuff intended 
for export, each, $0.10. Dealers in leaf to- 
bacco (special tax), $25. Retail dealers in 
leaf tobacco, annual sales not over $1,000 
(special tax), $500. Retail dealers in leaf 



tobacco, annual sales over $1,000, for every $1 
over $1,000, $0.50. Dealers in manufactured 
tobacco (special tax), $5. Manufacturers of 
tobacco (special tax) , $10. Peddlers of to- 
bacco, when travelling with more than two 
horses, mules, or other animals, 1st class 
(special tax) , $50. Peddlers of tobacco, when 
travelling with two horses, mules, or other 
animals, 2d class (special tax), $25. Peddlers 
of tobacco, when travelling with one horse, 
mule, or other animal, 3d class (special tax), 
$15. Peddlers of tobacco, when travelling 
oh foot or by public conveyance, 4th class 
(special tax), $10. 


Bank deposits, per month, 1-24 of 1 per 
cent. Bank deposits, savings, &c, having no 
capital stock, per six months, 1-4 of 1 per 
cent. Bank capital, per month, 1-24 of 1 per 
cent. Bank circulation, per month, 1-12 of 1 
per cent. Bank circulation exceeding 90 per 
cent of capital in addition, per month, 1-6 of 1 
per cent. Banks, on amount of notes of any 
person, State bank, or State banking associa- 
tion, used for circulation and paid out, 10 per 


Proprietary medicines, perfumery, and cos- 

metics, for every packet, box, bottle, pot, 
phial, or other enclosure, not exceeding the 
retail price of twenty-rive cents, $0.01. Ex- 
ceeding twenty-rive, and not exceeding fifty 
cents, $0.02. Exceeding fifty, and not exceed- 
ing seventy-five cents, $0.03. Exceeding sev- 
enty-five cents, and not exceeding one dollar, 
$0.04. Exceeding one dollar, for every ad- 
ditional fifty cents, or fractional part thereof 
in excess of one dollar, $0.02. 

Friction matches, for and upon every parcel 
or package of one hundred or less, $0.01. 
More than one hundred, and not more than 
two hundred, $0.02. For every additional 
hundred or fractional part thereof, $0.01. 

Wax tapers, double the rates for friction 

Cigar-lights, containing twenty-five lights 
or less in each parcel or package, $0.01. 
When in parcels or packages containing more 
than twenty-five, and not more than fifty 
lights, $0.02. For every additional twenty- 
five lights, or fractional part of that number, 

Playing-cards, for and upon every pack riot 
exceeding fifty-two cards in number, irre- 
spective of price or value, $0.05. 

Bank checks, drafts, or orders, $0.02. 


Towns are also given which are not Post-Offices ; but their Post-Offices immediately follow. 
Italics denote Money-Order Offices. 

Abington, John W. Sproul 

North Abington, George Cleverly 

Acton, Alvin M. Bobbins 

Ellsworth, Isaac W. Flagg 

South Acton, Jonathan K. Wetherbee 

West Acton, N. B. Conant 

Acushnet, Cyrus E. Clark 

Long Plain, Richard Davis, jr. 

Adams, John E. Mole 

North Adams, Edwin Rogers 

Blackinton, Edward W. Blackinton 

Adamsville, see Coleraine 

Agawam, Lyman Allen 

Feeding Hills, John G. Freeland 

Alford, James H. Edwards 

Amesbury, Joseph T. Clarkson 

Amherst, John Jameson 

North Amherst, Forester 1'. Ainsworth 
South Amherst, Waitstill Dickinson 

Andover, William Marland 

Ballardvale, C. H. Marland 

Annisquam, see Gloucester 

Apponegansett, see Dartmouth 

Arlington, Frederick E. Fowle 

Arlington Heights, Charles L. Howard 

Ashburnham, *" Mrs. E. L. Evans 

Ashburnham Depot, Miss A. J. Cushing 
Burrageville, Jonas W. Dwinnell 

Ashby, Charles O. Green 

Ashtield, Moses G. Cook 

South Ashfield, Chandler A. Ward 

Ashland, James H. Jones 

Ashley Falls, see Sheffield, 

Ashleyville, see West Springfield 

Athol, Lucien Lord 

Athol Centre, Thomas H. Goodspeed 

South Athol, Henry H. Rice 

Atlantic, see Quincy 

Attleboro', Nathan C. Luther 

Attleboro' Falls, Joseph J. Freeman 

Dodgeville, W. H. McDavitt 

North Attleboro', Thomas R. Jones 

South Attleboro', James S. Day 

Hebronville, G. C. Stillman 

Auburn, Alvin Howe 

Auburndale, see Newton 

Ayer, Leonard A. Buck 

Ayer's Village, see Haverhill 

Baklwinville, see Templeton 

Ballardvale, see Andover 

Bancroft, see Middlefield 

Bardwell's Ferry, see Shelburne, 

Barnstable, James Clagg 

Centreville, Ferdinand G. Kelley 

Cotuit, Charles C. Bearce 

Hyannis, Theodore F. Bassett 

Hyannis Port, W. L. Hinckley 

Marston's Mills, J. J. Backus 

Osterville, George H. Hinckley 

W. Barnstable, Shadrack N. Howland 

Barre, Humphrey F. Brooks 

Barre Plains, A. H. Thomas 

Smithville, J. Edwin Smith 

Barrowsville, see Norton 

Bay View, see Gloucester 

Becket, Jarvis Norcott 

West Becket, Joshua Shaw 

Bedford, C. G. Fox 

Beechwood, see Cohasset 

Belchertown, Samuel W. Longley 

Bellingham, Ruel F. Thayer 

North Bellingham, Stephen B. Smith 

Caryville, Calvin Fairbanks 

Belmont, Aaron A. Adams 

Waverly, Herbert H. Russell 

Berkley, Daniel S. Briggs 

Berkshire, see Lanesboro' 

Berlin, A. A. Bartlett 

West Berlin, Silas R. Carter 

Beruardston, Israel Putnam 

Beverly, Thomas D. Davis 

North Beverly, Philip S. Young 

Beverly Farms, Isaac S. Day 

Billerica, Charles H. Parker 

East Billerica, P. B. Bohanan 

North Billerica, James Whittemore 

Blackinton, see Adams 

Blackstone, Junius Bates 

East Blackstone, Myron Daniels 

Millville, Lyman Legg 

Blandford, Mrs. Jane C. Robinson 

North Blandford, Spencer Watson 

Blue Hill, see Milton 

Bolton, George B. Newton 



Bond's Village, see Palmer 

Boston, Edward S. Tobey 

Brighton, Mrs. Sybil 8. Day 

Cambridge Station, Miss O. 8. Bragdon 
C'ambridgeport Station, William S. Arnaud 
Charlestown Station, Charles A. Page 

Chelsea Station, C. A. Blanchard 

Dorchester Station, G. H. Rexford 

East Boston Station, Charles T. Jenkins 
East Cambridge Station, Rufus R. Wade 
Jamaica Plain, Silas Poole 

Mattapan, J. B. L. Bartlett 

North Cambridge Station, A. D. Jordan 
Revere, C. Edson Perkins 

Roslindale, S. T. Dearborn 

Boxbury Station, ■ R. W. Williams 

Somerville Station, Charles W. Morss 

South Boston Station, William F. Clerke 
Station A, W. H. Dupree 

West Roxbury, William S. Keith 

Winthrop, Warren Belcher 

Boxboro', nearest P. O. West Acton 

Boxford, Frederick A. Howe 

West Boxford, William F. Harriman 

Boylston, E. C. Forbes 

Boylston Centre, Preston P. Lane 

Bradford, James Kimball, jr. 

Braggviile, see Holliston 

Braintree, Charles W. Proctor 

East Braintree, C. N. Wallace 

South Braintree, Mrs. Julia F. Hayward 

Brewster, Mrs. Martha B. Huckins 

East Brewster, Joseph Foster 

South Brewster, Richard H. Hopkins 

West Brewster, Eben F. Ryder 

Bridgewater, Lewis Holmes 

Scotland, Miss Hasadiah K. Chipman 

Brightwood, see Springfield 

Brighton, see Boston 

Brimfield, Henry F. Brown 

East Brimfield, Charles Varney 

West Brimfield, Royal D. Butler 

Brockton, George H. Fullerton 

Campello, Albert Keith 

Brookfield, E. E. Chapin 

East Brookfield, Samuel D. Cole 

Brookline, Cyrus W. Ruggles 

Brook Station, see Princeton 

Brookville, see Holbrook 

Bryantville, see Pembroke 

Buckland, Jonathan Temple 

Burlington, Silas Cutler 

Burrageville, see Ashburnham 

By field, see Newbury 

Cambridge, see Boston 

C'ambridgeport,, see Boston 

Campello, see Brockton 

Canton, V. J. Messenger 

Ponkapoag, George M. Davenport 

Carlisle, Sydney A. Bull 

Carver, Edward W. Shaw 

North Carver, Benjamin Ransom, jr. 

South Carver, Peleg McFarlin 

Caryville, see Bellingham 

Centreville, see Barnstable 

Central Village, see Westport 

Charlemont, Ansel L. Tyler 

East Charlemont, Loring Merriam 

Zoar, Isaac D. Hawkes 

Charles River Village, see Needham 

Charlestown, see Boston 

Charlton, Alfred E. Fiske 

Charlton City, Mrs. Julia A. Mclntire 

Charlton Depot, Almon Sampson 

Chatham, Ziba Nickerson 

Chatham Port, Emma F. Kent 

North Chatham, Benjamin T. Freeman 

South Chatham, Levi Eldridge 

West Chatham, Samuel Doane 

Chelmsford, George A. Parkhurst 

North Chelmsford, Elisha H. Shaw 

South Chelmsford, Thomas M. Gerrish 

West Chelmsford, Christopher Roby 

Chelsea, see Boston 

Cherry Valley, see Leicester 

Cheshire, Henry C. Bowen 

Chester, William Fay 

North Chester, H. Bowers 

Chester Centre, James W. Smith 

Chesterfield, Joel Eugram, jr. 

West Chesterfield, Joseph W. Tirrell 

Chestnut Hill, see Newton 
Chicopee, Andrew S. Hunter 

Chicopee Falls, Albert McFarland 

Willimansett, Pascal J. Newell 

Chilmark, John Dunham 

Chiltonville, see Plymouth 

Clarksburg, no P. O., address North Adams 

Clayton, see New Marlboro' 

Cliftondale, see Saugus 

Clinton, Charles M. Dinsmore 

Cochesett, see West Bridgewater 

Cochituate, see Wayland 

Cohasset, Charles A. Goss 

Nantasket, Welcome Beal 

Beechwood, Ezra Brown 

Cohasset Narrows, see Sandwich 

Cold Brook Springs, see Oakham 

Coleraine, Orson B. Curtis 

Adamsville, Oliver B. Kendrick 

Elm Grove, Nelson Joy 

Griswoldville, Joseph Griswold,jr. 

Shattuckyille, Calvin W. Shattuck 

College Hill, see Medford 

Collins's Depot, see Wilbraham 

Concord, Henry L. Whitcomb 

Waruerville, Ralph Warner 

Westvale, James D. Wright 

Conway, Harvey Townsend 

Cooleyville, see New Salem 

Cordaville, see Southboro' 

Cotuit. see Barnstable 

Cummington, Darius W. Lovell 

Cummington West Village, L. E. Bicknell 
Swift River, John Hussey 

Curtisville, see Stockbridge 

Dalton, Elisha Clark 

Dana, Henry C. Longley 

North Dana, J. Henry Freeman 

Danvers, Joseph E. Hood 

Danvers Centre, Frederick A. Wilkins 

Danvers Port, David Mead 

Tapley ville, Nathaniel P. Merriam 

West Danvers, A. V. Fisher 

Dartmouth, Francis W. Mason 

Apponegansett, Mrs. O B. Thatcher 

North Dartmouth, Abner P. Barker 

South Dartmouth, Gideon H. Sherman 


Islington, A. B. Wentworth 

West Dedham, Theodore Gay, 2d 

Deerfield, Miss Martha G. Pratt 

South Deerfield, Obed 8. Arms 

Dennis, Luther Hall 

Dennis Port, Thomas Howes 

South Dennis, Charles M. Underwood 

East Dennis, Lothrop Howes 

West Dennis, Salmon Crowell 

Dighton, William B. Whitmarsh 

North Dighton, Edward Almy 

Dorchester, see Boston 

Dodgeville, see Attleboro' 

Douglas, Miss Mary Ann Holmes 

East Douglas, Stillman Russell 

Dover, George L. Howe 

Dracut, James H. Wilson 

Dudley, Moses Barnes, jr. 

West Dudley, George Edwards 

Dunstable, F. N. To lies 

Duxbury, Henry L. Sampson 

South Duxbury, Harvey Soule 

West Duxbury, Augustus P. Barstow 

East Bridgewater, Benjamin W. Keith 

Elmwood, W. K. Churchill 

East Cambridge, see Boston 

Eastham, Micah S. Paine 

North Eastham, Abram M. Horton 

Easthampton, Jeremiah H. Bard well 

Mount Tom, Uriel Clark 

Easton, John Kimball 

North Easton, George B. Coggswell 

South Easton, George Copeland 

Edgariown, Jared W. Coffin 

Vineyard Grove, Francis P. Vincent 

Egremont : 
North Egremont, Seymour B. Dewey 

South Egremont, Winthrop E. Phelps 

Ellsworth, tee Acton 

Elm Grove, see Coleraine 

Elmwood, see East Bridgewater 



Enfield, Jonathan E. Woods 

Erving, Noah Rankin 

Esses, Daniel W. Bartlett 

Everett, James B. Everett 

Factory Village, see Greenfield 

Fairhaven, Charles H. Morton 

Fall River, Chester W. Greene 

Steep Brook, Walter D. Read 

Falmouth, Herbert F. Robinson 

East Falmouth, Joshua W. Davis 

North Falmouth, Ferdinand G. Nye 

West Falmouth, Gilbert R. Boyce 

Hatchville, Silas Hatch, 2d 

Woods Holl, Jabez Davis 

Waquoit, Crooker H. Bearse 

Farnumsville, see Grafton 

Fayville, see Southboro' 

Feeding Hills, see Agawam 

Fiskdale, see Sturbridge 

Fitchburg, George E. Goodrich 

West Fitchhurg, William Baldwin, jr. 

Florence, see Northampton 

Florida, Nathan White 

Hoosac Tunnel, Michael B. Collins 

Forge Village, see Westford 

Foxboro', Charles H. Briggs 

East Foxboro', David Wyman 

West Foxboro', Miss Fannie S. Everett 

Framingham, George F. Hartwell 

South Framingham, Willard Howe 

Saxonville, Luther F. Fuller 

Franklin, Joseph A. Woodward 

South Franklin, Joseph H. Wadsworth 

Franklin City, see Norfolk 

Freetown, Daniel L. Johnson 

East Freetown, . Reuel Washburn 

Furnace, see Hanson 

Gardner, Miss S. E. Richardson 

South Gardner, Simeon W. A. Stevens 

Gay Head, Isaac D. Rose 

Georgetown, Oliver S. Butler 

Gilbertvillo, see Hardwick 

Gill, O. F. Hale 

Riverside, William G. Johnson 

Glendale, see Stockbridge 

Glenwood, see Medford 

Globe Village, see Southbridge 

Gloucester, David W. Low 

Annisquam, John D. Davis 

Bay View, Henry H. Bennett 

Lanesville, Levi Dennen 

East Gloucester, Joseph Parsons 

West Gloucester, Henry C. L. Haskell 

Magnolia, L. D. Story 

Goshen, Joseph Hawks 

Grafton, Miss S. E. Searle 

Farnumsville, Clark C. Willis 

New England Village, Simon B. Allen 

Saundersville, Gilhert C. Taft 

Granby, Philo Chapin 

Graniteville, see Westford 

Grantville, see Needham 

Granville : 
Granville Corners, J. M. Gibbons 

East Granville, Ralph S. Brown 

West Granville, L. W. Crocker 

Great Barrington, Miss Julia E. Seeley 

Housatonic, John M. Seeley 

Van Deusenville, Henry Baker 

Greenbush, see Scituate, 

Greenfield, Lewis Merriam 

Factory Village, Seta Woods 

Greenwich, Edward T. King 

Greenwich Village, Henry M. Brown 

Greenwood, see Wakefield 

Griswoldville, see Coleraine 

Groton, Hattie E. Farnsworth 

West Groton, Charles H. Hill 

Groveland Charles H. Hopkinson 

South Groveland, Eustis P. Parker 

Hadley, William S. Shipman 

North Hadley, Benjamin T. Carter 

Halifax, Harrison D. Packard 

Hamilton, Francis H. Norton 

Hancock, William H. Lapham 

Hanover, Mrs. E. A. Curtis 

South Hanover, Isaac G. Stetson 

West Hanover, Horatio B. Magoun 

Hanson, Andrew Bowker 

Furnace, B. F. Paige 

South Hanson, 

Cyrus A. Bates 
Albert E. Knight 
Lewis N. Gilbert 

Hartsville, see New Marlboro' 

Still River, 

East Harwich, 

Harwich Port, 

North Harwich, 

South Harwich, 

West Harwich, 

Hiram Joy 

Mrs. Louisa Bateman 

Charles E. Brett 

Hiram E. Nickerson 

Shubael B. Kelley 

Jonathan Burgess 

William M. Eldridge 

Erastus Chase 

Hatchville, see Falmouth 

Hatfield, Mrs. Ursula B. Graves 

North Hatfield, E. M. Martin 

Haverhill, W. E. Blunt 

Ayer's Village, C. C. Whittemore 

East Haverhill, John B. Nichols 

Hawley, Edwin Scott 

West Hawley, Mark H. Vincent 

Hayden Row, see Hopkinton 
Haydenville, see Williamsburgh 
Heath, Horace McGee 

Hebronville, see Attleboro' 
Highlandville, see Needham 

Edwin Wilder,'2d 

Hawkes Fearing 

Alonzo Cushing 

Walter F. Davison 

John T. Southworth 

Frederick Merrill 

Samuel K. Armington 

M. V. B. Jefferson 

Francis E. Kinney 

James F. Fiske 

Dennis Hartshorn 

Edward C. Parker 

Charles B. Prescott 

Edward R. Crafts 


Hingham Centre, 

South Hingham, 




East Holliston, 

Hoosac Tunnel, see Florida 
Hopedale, see Milford 
Hopkinton, Mrs. Ann F. Pierce 

Hayden Row, Benjamin Phipps 

Woodville, Albert Wood 

Housatonic, see Great Barrington 
Hubbardston, Lyman Woodward 

East Hubbardston, George Willis 

Williamsville, E. W. Sheldon 

Hudson, Silas F. Manson 

Hull, Joseph Pope 

Huntington, Edward Pease 

Norwich, Osman E. Knigh 

Hyannis, see Barnstable 
Hyannis Port, see Barnstable 
Hyde Park, Silas P. Blodgett 

Readville Station, Charles Paine 

Indian Orchard, see Springfield 
Ipswich, John H. Cogswell 

Ireland, see Holyoke 
Islington, see Dedham 
Jamaica Plain, see Boston 
Jeffersonville, see Holden 


South Lancaster, 


Azel H. Sampson 

Cephas Haskins 

Humphrey Barrett 

W. G. Wilder 

Charles L. Wood 

William G. Harding 

Lanesville, see Gloucester 

Lawrence, George S. Merrill 

Lee, Joseph C. Chaffee 

East Lee, William D. Avery 

South Lee, Charles G. Merrill 

Leeds, see Northampton 


Cherry Valley, 


Lenox Furnace, 

New Lenox, 

North Leominster, 

North Leverett, 

East Lexington, 

South Lincoln, 
Linden, see Maiden 

Lyman D. Thurston 

Everett W. Conant 

Mrs. S. M. Rouse 

Thomas Post 

R. G. Averill 

James S. Hutchinson 

Thomas A. Hills 

William F. Howe 

Bradford M. Field 

Otis Chittenden 

Leonard G. Babcock 

Augustus Childs 

Mrs. Nancy J. Vining 

James L. Chapin 

Albert A. Cook 



Littleton, Joseph A. Harwood 

Lock's Village, see Wendell 
Longraeadow, Edwin H. Colton 

East Longmeadow, Cortez F. Russell 

Long Plain, see Acushnet 
Loudville, see Northampton 
Lowell, Edward T. Rowell 

Middlesex Village, John W. Damon 

Ludlow, David Joy 

Ludlow Centre, Mrs. Susan A. Chapin 

Lunenburgh, Daniel Putnam 

Lynn, John G. B. Adams 

Lynnfield, James Jackson 

Lynnfield Centre, Francis P. Russell 

Magnolia, see Gloucester 
Maiden, Temple Dodge 

Linden, William E. Rohhins 

Maplewood, Julia F. Small 

Manchaug, see Sutton 

Manchester, Julius F. Rabardy 

Mansfield, Samuel C. Lovell 

West Mansfield, Albert Perry 

Maplewood, see Maiden 

Marblehead, Knott V. Martin 

Marion, Sylvanus W. Hall 

Marlboro 1 , John S. Fay 

Marshfleld, George M. Baker 

Centre Marshfleld, F. H. Keen 

East Marshfleld, Mrs. Almira L. Damon 

North Marshfleld, Benjamin Hatch 

Marshpee, Solomon Ataquin 

Marston's Mills, see Barnstable 

Mattapan, see Boston 

Mattnpoisett, William E. Sparrow 

Mattfield, see West Bridgewater 

Maynard, Abel G. Haynes 

Medfield, Isaac Fiske 

Medford, John H. Eames 

College Hill, Benjamin T. White 

Glenwood, Andrew P. Perry 

West Medford, Reuben Wiley 

Medway, Henry E. Mason 

East Medway, George B. Fisher 

Rockville, Frederick Swarman 

West Medway, Mrs. M. A. Tourtellotte 

Melrose, Mrs. Susan E. Eastman 

Melrose Highlands, John Singer, jr. 

Mendon, Henry A. Aldri'ch 

Merrimac, George E. Ricker 

Merrimacport, C. E. Rowell 

Methuen, Charles S. Whittier 

Middleboro' Andrew L. Tinkham 

East Middleboro', Anna C. Eddy 

North Middleboro', Solomon White 

Rock Israel Smith 

South Middleboro', John S. Benson 

Middlefield, Oliver Church 

Bancroft, William Royce 

Middlesex Village, see Lowell 

Middleton, Joseph A. Batchelder 

Milford, George G. Pond 

Hopedale, George Draper 

South Milford, Hamblet B. Fisk 

MiUburu, Roland E. Bowen 

West Millbury, Mrs. Emily C. Goulding 

Miller's Falls, see Montague 

Millington, see New Salem 

Mill River, see New Marlboro' 

Millville, see Blackstone 

Milton, Henry Pope 

Blue Hill, Stillman L. tucker 

East Milton, J. W. Babcock 

Mittineague, see West Springfield 
Myrickville, see Taunton 
Monroe, David H. Sherman 

Monson, Rice S. Munn 

Montague, Isaac Cheney 

Miller's Falls, Edward E. Conant 

Montague City, Ephraim Rugg 

Turner's Falls, B. W. Mayo 

Monterey, H. W. Langdon 

Montgomery, Henry S. Stiles 

Montville. see Sandisfleld 
Monument, see Sandwich 
Mount Tom, see Easthampton 
Mount Wachusett, see Princeton 
Mount Washington, no P.O., address South 

Nahant, Welcome W. Johnson 

Nantucket, Andrew Whitney 

Nashoba, see Westford 

Natick, Mrs. Caroline A. Brigham 

South Natick, Gustavus Smith 

Needharn, Charles C. Greenwood 

Charles River Village, Marshall Newell 
Grantville, Mary P. Austin 

Highlandville, Mark Lee 

Wellesley, W. H. Flagg 

.New Ashford, Phineas Harmon 

New Bedford, Thomas Coggeshall 

New Boston, see Sandisfleld 

New Braintree, George K. Tufts 

Newbury Old Town, Eben Little, jr. 

Byfield, Justin O. Rogers 

South Byfield, Isaac W. Wheelwright 

Newburyport, Isaac P. Noyes 

New England Village, see Grafton 

New Lenox, see Lenox 

New Marlboro', Sheldon W. Wright 

Clayton, Calvin E. Barnes 

Hartsville, David J. Huggins 

Mill River, Dyer Stannard 

Southfield, William R. Baldwin 

New Salem, W. H. Amsden 

Cooleyville, Zephaniah Abbott 

Millington, Lyman E. Moore 

North New Salem, Erasmus D. Andrews 

Newton, John G. Latta 

Auburndale, George L. Bourne 

Chestnut Hill, Isaac Kingsbury 

Newton Centre, Miss Lucy A. White 

Newton Highlands, C. S. Ohadbourne 

Newton Lower Falls, William R. Dimond 
Newton Upper Falls, Joseph F. Webster 
Newtonville, Jeremiah B. Lovett 

West Newton, Charles H. Stacy 

Norfolk, Henry Trowbridge 

Franklin City, John F. Torrey 

Northampton, Lorenzo W. Joy 

Florence, Henry F. Cutler 

Leeds, Edson S. Ross 

Loudville, A. D. Chaniberlin 

Smith's Ferry, C. C. Cogswell 

West Farms, F. E. Stockwell 

North Andover, I. F. Osgood 

North Andover Depot, Andrew Smith 

Northboro', James S. Baiid 

Northbridge, George R. Brown 

Northbridge Centre, William B. Fuller 

Whitinsville, James F. Whitiu 

North Brookfield, Mrs. Harriet A. Poland 

North Cambridge, see Boston 

North-field, Lewis T. Webster 

Northfield Farms, Charles Moulton 

West Northfield, Elijah E. Belding 

North Reading, James L. Eaton 

Norton, Mrs. Harriet Hodges 

Barrowsville, Horatio Bates 

East Norton, George R. Perry 

Norwich, see Huntington 

Norwood, Willard Gay 

Oakdale, see West Boylston 

Oakham, Alanson Prouty 

Cold Brook Springs, George L. Ripley 

Orange, Davis Goddard. 

North Orange, Nathan L. Johnson 

Orleans, Miss Amelia Snow 

East Orleans, Lot Higgins 

South Orleans, John Henrick 

Osterville, sec Barnstable 

Otis, Joseph Kenyon 

West Otis, Jabez C. Ward 

Otter River, see Templeton 

Oxford, William E. Pease 

North Oxford, Miss Martha E. Stone 

Palmer, Cyrus Knox 

Bond's Village, Nathan D. Wight 

Thorndike, Hiram E. W. Clark, jr. 

Three Rivers, D. F. Holden 

Paxton, Nathaniel Clark 

Peabody, Winsor M. Ward 

South Peabody, Charles Shaw 

West Peabody, L. B. French 

Pelham, Myret E. Boynton 

Pembroke, E. Morton Jones 

Bryantville, William H. H. Bryant 

East Pembroke, Andrew E. Poole 

North Pembroke, Edwin A. Collamore 

Pepperell, John Loring 

East Pepperell, Charles P. Shattuck 



Peru, Sylvester S. Bowen 

, Petersham, John G. Mudge 

Phillipston, Jason Goulding 

Pigeon Cove, see Rockport 

Pittsfield, Henry Chickering 

West Pittsfield, Augustus W. Williams 

Plainfield, Leonard Campbell 

Plainville, see Wrentham 

Plymouth, Albert Davis 

Chiltonville, George W. Bramhall 

North Plymouth, James M. Harlow 

South Ptymouth, Miss Adelaide Hovey 

Plympton, Zacheus Parker 

North Plympton, James M. Harrub 

Plympton Station, G. F. Lane 

Pocasset, see Sandwich 

Ponkapoag, see Canton 

Pratt's Junction, see Sterling 

Prescott, Liberty Crossett 

North Prescott, S. K. Baker 

Princeton, David H. Gregory 

Brook Station, Charles Bartlett 

East Princeton, 

Mount Wachusett, M. H. Bullard 

Princeton Depot, G. F. Wetherbee 

Provincetown, Paron C. Young 

Quincy, John B. Bass 

Atlantic, Thomas Gurney 

Quincy Point, Edward H. Starbuck 

West Quincy, Enoch H. Doble 

Wollaston, Joseph C. Russell 

Randolph, John G. Poole 

Raynham, Elmer Lincoln 

North Raynham, Samuel W. Robinson 

Reading, Lewis E. Gleason 

Readville Station, see Hyde Park 

Rehoboth, John C. Marvel 

North Rehoboth, Frank W. Stevens 

Revere, see Boston 

Richmond, Miss Jennie E. Williams 

Richmond Furnace, Hiram Shead 

Ringville, see Worthington 

Riverside, see Gill 

Rochdale, see Leicester 

Rochester, Andrew G. Fearing 

Rock, see Middleboro' 

Rockbottom, see Stow 

Rock Dale Mills, see West Stockbridge 

Rockland, Joshua S. Smith 

Rockport, William W. Marshall 

Pigeon Cove, Austin W. Story 

Rockville, sec Medway 

Roslindale, see Boston 

Rowe, E. E. Amidon 

Rowley, J. Scott Todd 

Royalston, Obadiah Walker 

South Royalston, Amelia I. Day 

Russell, George Pease 

Rutland, Alonzo Davis 

North Rutland, Herbert G. Thomas 

West Rutland, A. J. Pierce 

Salem, George H. Peirson 

Salisbury, Ezra Merrill 

East Salisbury, Samuel H. Chapin 

Sandistield, Andrew Sackett 

Montville, J. H. Merrill 

New Boston, Bruce Persons 

South Sandisfield, Abner S. Webster 

Sandwich, Frederick S. Pope 

Cohasset Narrows, Isaac Small, jr. 

East Sandwich, Frederick B. Holway 

Monument, Abram F. Swift 

North Sandwich, W. A. Nye 

Pocasset, Asa Raymond 

South Sandwich, Solomon C. Howland 

Spring Hill, Joseph G. Holway 

West Sandwich, Isaac N. Keith 

Saugus, John E. Stocker 

Cliftondale, Maria A. Putnam 

East Saugus, Charles Mills 

Saundersville, see Grafton 

Savoy, Calvin Bowker 

Saroti.ville, see Framingham 

Scituate, Ezekiel Jones, jr. 

Greenhush, John J. Ford 

North Scituate, Henry A. Seaverns 

Scituate Centre, Benjamin Brown, jr. 

Scotland, see Bridgewater 

Seekonk, Andrew N. Medbury 

South Seekonk, Miss Mary A. Munroe 

Sharon, Charles F. Bryant 

East Sharon, Warren Cobb 

Shattuckville, see Coleraine 

Sheffield, John D. Burtch 

Ashley Falls, Albert LeRoy 

Shelburne, Ai Kellogg 

Bardwell's Ferry, Levi Dole 

East Shelburne, Charles Wilson 

Shelburne Falls, John F. Severance 

Sheldonville, see Wrentham 

Sherborn, J. R. Hawes 

Shirley, Jonas Longley 

Shirley Village, William W. Edgerton 

Shrewsbury, Samuel J. Howe 

Shutesbury, Alvah Haskins 

Smithville, see Barre 

Smith's Ferry, see Northampton 

Somerset, Nathan S. Davis 

Somerville, see Boston 

South Abington, Albert Davis 

Southampton, Ard G. Judd 

Southboro' , David S. Whitney 

Cordaville, Curtis Wood 

Fayville, Dexter Wood 

Southbridge, P. Henry Carpenter 

Globe Village, B. U. Bugbee 

South Byfield, see Newbury 

Southfield, see New Marlboro' 

South Hadley, Gilbert M. Smith 

South Hadley Falls, Hiram Smith 

South Scituate, Ebenexer T. Fogg, jr. 

West Scituate, Benjamin N. Curtis 

Southwick, Joseph W. Rockwell 

Spencer, Emerson Stone 

Springfield, Horace C. Lee 

Brightwood, H. S. Hyde 

Indian Orchard, Calvin J. Eaton 

Spring Hill, see Sandwich 

State Line, see West Stockbridge 

Steep Brook, see Fall River 

Sterling, Perley Bartlett 

Pratt's Junction, Isaac H. Currier 

West Sterling, Julius Fitts 

Still River, see Harvard 

Stockbridge, Nathaniel A. Waters 

Curtisville, Henry M. Burrall 

Glendale, Charles Goodrich 

Stoneham, Charles E. Home 

Stoughton, Jesse Holmes 

East Stoughton, James Keith 

North Stoughton, Emory Hawes 

Stow, T. S. Fletcher 

Rock Bottom, W. W. Blossom 

Sturbridge, Henry Haynes 

Fiskdale, Emory L. Bates 

Sudbury, Jonas S. Hunt 

North Sudbury, Edwin A. Conant 

South Sudbury, Emory Hunt 

Sunderland, Horace Lyman 

Sutton, James W. Stockwell 

Manchaug, T. C. Page 

West Sutton, Henry B. Bullard 

Wilkinsonville, William R. Hill 

Swampscott, Everett Boynton 

Swansea, Henry O. Wood 

North Swansea, William P. Mason 

Swift River, see Cummington 

Tapleyville, see Danvers 

Taunton, Elias E. Fuller 

East Taunton, Chauncy G. Washburn 

Myrickville, George B. Burt 

Templeton, Percival Blodgett 

Baldwinville, Ezra A. Lamb 

East Templeton, Fitch L. Sargent 

Otter River, Francis Leland 

Tewksbury, Henry E. Preston 

Thorndike, see Palmer 

Three Rivers, see Palmer 

Tisbury : 
North Tisbury, Thomas Merry 

Vineyard Haven, James D. Peaks 

West Tisbury, 

Mrs. Caroline W. Nickerson 

Tolland, Mrs. Jane E. Harrison 

Topsfield, John Bailey 

Townsend, William P. Taylor 

Townsend Harbor, Charles Emery 

West Townsend, Albert Howe 

Truro, Samuel C. Paine 

North Truro, Edwin P. Worthen 



South Truro, John Elliott 

Turner's Falls, see Montague 
Tyngsboro', J. H. D. Littlehale 

Tyringham, George W. Garfield 

Upton, Charles H. Bull 

West Upton, Eli W. Batchelor 

Oxbridge, Charles A. Taft 

North Uxbridge, Arnold S. Sweet 

Van Deusenville, see Great Barrington 
Vineyard Grove, see Edg;irtown 
Vineyard Haven, see Tisbury 



East Walpole, 
South Walpole, 


Waquoit, see Falmouth 

John W. Locke 

G. W. Kimball 

E. Cady 

Sylvanus W. Hartshorn 

Henry A. Perkins 

Naaman B. Wilmarth 

Samuel O. Upham 


East Wareham, 
South Wareham, 
"West Wareham, 

John W. Cummings 

Miss Ann C. Churchill 

William H. Houdlette 

Wallace Snow 

John L. Adams 

Warnerville, see Concord 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock 

West Warren, 

Waverly, see Belmont 


Wellesley, see Needham 

So'uth Wellfleet, 

Lock's Village, 

Wendell Depot, 
West Boylston, 

West Bridgewater, 


West Brookfleld, 

Lewis Elwell 

Abner Albee 

Henry M. Spear 

Samuel S. Gleason 

Lorenzo K. Lovell 
Joseph M. Moore 
Augustus E. Day 

G. F. Manter 

William Ward 

J. N. Leach 

Abram K. Haskell 

Warren W. Putnam 

Henry Hobbs 

Frank W. Bullard 

David P. Waite 

George A. Howe 

Jarvis D. Burrell 

Edward Tisdale 

George H. Carleton 

Ezra H. Blair 

West Farms, see Northampton 

Westfield, Thomas Kneil 

Westford, S. S. Fletcher 

Forge Village, Luther Prescott 

Graniteville, Arthur Wright 

Nashoba, Joseph A. Sampson 

West Gloucester, see Gloucester 

Westhampton, Thomas C. Davenport 

Westminster, Wallace Cheney 

South Westminster, Artemus Merriam 

Westminster Depot, George K. Walcott 

West Newbury, Henry T. Bailey 


Central Village, 

North Westport, 

South Westport, 

Westport Point, 
West Roxbury, see Boston 
West Scituate, see South Scituate 

George W. Cutting 
John C. Macomber 
Benjamin T. Shaw 
Charles H. Macomber 
Mrs. Abby H. Gifford 
Alexander H. Cory 

George N. Gilbert 

Frank Smith 

Luke Bliss 

William C. Spaulding 

Charles S. Piatt 

Mrs. A. A. Arnold 

James B. Munn 

West Springfield, 


West Stockbridge, 

Rock Dale Mills, 

State Line, 

West Stockbridge Centre, 
Westvale, see Concord 
Weymouth, George W. White, jr. 

East Weymouth, Andrew J. Garey 

North Weymouth, John W. Bartlett 

South Weymouth, Alfred H. Wright 

Whately, Samuel Lesure 

EastWhately, Elihu Beldea 

Whitinsville, see Northbridge 
Wilbraham, Geo. W. Ely 

Collins Depot, Warren Collins 

South Wilbraham, Sullivan W. Stanton 
Wilkinsonville, see Sutton 
Williamsburgh, Henry L. James 

Haydenville, Joel Hayden 

Williamstown, Calvin R. Taft 

South Williamstown, Charles A. Mill* 

Williamsville, see Hubbardston 
Willimansett, see Chicopee 
Wilmington, Joseph A. Ames 

North Wilmington, Jonathan Carter 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill 

Winchester, George P. Brown 

Edward M. Robinson 


East Windsor, 
Winthrop, see Boston 

East Woburn, 

North Woburn, 
Wollaston, see Quincy 
Woods Holl, see Falmouth 
Woodville, see Hopkinton 


South Worthington, 

West Worthington, 



West Wrentham, 

South Yarmouth, 

West Yarmouth, 

Yarmouth Port, 

Zoar, see Charlemont 

Reuben Pierce 

Nathan Wyman 

Albert L. Richardson 

J. P. Tyler 

Josiah Pickett 

Samuel Cole 

David Sanderson 

I. D. Thrasher 

David Jones 

Miss A. S. Farrington 

H. E. Thompson 

George Sheldon 

Philander P. Cook 

Isaac Ryder 

Peleg P. Akin 

Isaiah Crowell 

John Hale 


! (Between Federal and Congress Sts.) ; 



Y Boston Directory, Boston Almanac and I 

f> Business Directory, New England 

<§ Business Directory, New York 

ey State Business Directory, 

% Massachusetts Register and Business 

^° Directory. 


ex Fall River, Gloucester, Lawrence, Lowell, ' 

W Lynn, Newburvport, Salem, Taunton, 

t<3 Mass., Providence, R. I., Man- 

f> Chester, N. H., Albany, N. Y., 

A and Troy, N. Y. 




Barnstable County. 

Barnstable, F. G. Kelly, Centre- 

Brewster, Chas. S. Foster 
Chatham, Levi Atwood 
Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d, West 

Eastham, Herman Doane 
Falmouth, Thomas Lewis 
Harwich, Freeman Snow 
Orleans, Freeman Mayo, East 

Provincetown, Seth Smith 
Sandwich, II. G. 0. Ellis 
Truro, Samuel C. Paine 
Wellfleet, Daniel C. New comb 
Yarmouth, Win. P. Davis 

Berkshire County. 

Adams, Chas. J. Parkhurst, No. 

Alford, Henry Tichnor 
Becket, Win. S. Huntington 
Cheshire, Joseph G. Nortbrnp 
Clarksburg, 0. J. Copeland, No. 

Dalton, John D. Carson 
Egremont, Warren G. Karner 
Florida, A. D. Tower 
Great Barrington, Isaac Seeley 
Hancock, Charles B. Wells 
Hinsdale, Charles C. Wright 
Lanesborongh, E. H. Sherman 
Lee, John Stallman 
Lenox, Wm. D. Curtis 
Monterey, Merrick C. Langdon 
Mount Washington, Orrin C. 

New Ashford, Elihu Ingraham 
New Marlborough, Seth Pease, 

Mill River 
Otis, Isaac I. Norton 
Peru, Edwin Shnmway 
Pittsfield, James Wilson 
Richmond, S. M. Reynolds 
Sandisfield, George A. Shepard 
Savoy, David Ingraham 
Sheffield. John D. Burtch 
Stockbiidge, II. S. Plumb 

Tyringham, George W. Garfield 
Washington, John J. Eagan 
W. Stockbridge, Jas. S. Moore 
Williamstown, Charles S. Cole 
Windsor, James L. White 

Bristol County. 

Aeushnet, George P. Morse 
Attleborough, Job B. Savory 
Berkley, John A. Reed 
Dartmouth, George F. nowland 
Dighton, George A. Shove 
Easton, S. B. Strout 
Fairhaven, Eben Akin 
Fall River, George A. Ballard 
Freetown, H. A. Francis 
Mansfield, Alfred V. Rogerson 
New Bedford, Henry T. Leonard 
Norton, Austin Messenger 
Raynham, Joseph W. White 
Rehoboth, Wm. II. Luther 
Seekonk, John II. Davis 
Somerset, Chester R. Fields 
Swansea, Joseph G. Luther 
Taunton, James M. Cushman 
Westport, J. A. Macomber, 2d. 

Bukes County. 

Chilmark, James N. Tilton 
Edgartown, B. C. Marchant 
Gosnold, Samuel E. Skiff 
Tisbury, Lot Luce, Vineyard 

Essex County. 

Amesbury, Jos. Merrill 
Andover, E. K. Jenkins 
Beverly, James Hill 
Boxford, Ansel Dormari 
Bradford, N. T. Kimball 
Danvers, A. S. Howard 
Essex, John C. Choate 
Georgetown, Joseph E. Bailey 
Gloucester, J. J. Somes (city) 
Groveland, Chas. II. Ilopkinson 
Hamilton, 0. F. Brown 
Haverhill. D. B. Tennoy 
Ipswich, Wesley K. Bell 
Lawrence, J. E. Shepard 
Lynn, Charles E. Parsons 



Lymifield, F. P. Russell, Lynn- 
field Centre 
Manchester, John Lee 
Marblehead, William Gilley 
Merrimac, Bailey Sargent 
Methuen, Chas. S. Whittier 
Middleton, Jos. A. Batchelder 
Nahant, Alfred D. Johnson 
Newbury, Wm. Little 
Newbury port, Geo. II. Stevens 

North Andover, Andrew Smith 
Peabody, Nathan II . Poor 
Rockport, Calvin W. Pool 
Rowley, John S. Prime 
Salem, Henry M. Meek 
Salisbury, Samuel J. Brown 
Saugus, Wrn. H. Newhall 
Swampscott, B. J. Lindsey 
Topsfield, J. P. Towne 
Wenham, Wellington Pool 
West Newbury, John C. Carr 

Franklin County. 

Ashfield, Henry S. Ranney 
Bernardston, Henry Slate 
Buckland, R. L. Packard, Shel- 

l^urne Falls 
Charlemont, William E. Niles 
Coleraine, A. C. Smith 
Conway, Henry W. Billings 
Deerfield, Elisha Wells 
Erving, J. B. Hunt 
Gill, 0. F. Hale 

Greenfield, Francis M. Thompson 
Hawley, J. W. Doane 
Heath, Amos Temple 
Leverett, E. M. Ingram 
Leyden, U. T. Darling, jr. 
Monroe, H. G. Phelps 
Montague, J. H. Root 
New Salem, Charles Chandler 
Northfield, Elias Lyman 
Orange, R. D. Chase 
Rowe, H. A. Smith 
Shelburne, George W. Mirick 
Shutesbury, George A. Paull 
Sunderland, John A. Smith 
Warwick, Samuel Hastings 
Wendell, Hiram Willis 
Whately, Samuel Lesure 

Hampden County. 

Agawam, S. II. Bodurtha 
Blanford, Elisha W. Shepard 
Brimfield, Henry F. Brown 
Chester, George N. Cone 

Chicopee, Lester Dickinson 
Granville, R. S. Brown 
Holland, F. E. Kinney 
Holyoke, James E. Delaney 
Longmeadow, Oliver Wolcotfc, 

East Longmeadow 
Ludlow, Benjamin F. Burr 
Monson, Alvin A. Gage 
Montgomery, A. A. Moore 
Palmer, James B. Shaw 
Russell, Justus B. Smith 
Southwick, William Strain, jr. 
Springfield, E. H. Blair 
Tolland, Homer P. Twining 
Wales, C. G. Needham 
Westfield, E. W. Dickerman 
W. Springfield, J. M. Harmon 
Wilbraham, E. B. Gates 

Hampshire County, 

Amherst, Samuel C. Carter 
Belchertown, C. L. Washburn 
Chesterfield, Albert Nichols 
Cummington, Almon Mitchell 
Easthampton, LaFayette Clappjr 
Enfield, Augustus Moody 
Goshen, Elijah Billings 
Granby, Charles S. Ferry 
Greenwich, Robert D. Bussey 
Hadley, Wm. S. Shipman 
Hatfield, Wm. D. Billings 
Huntington, Wm. S. Tinker 
Middlefield, Jona. McElwain 
Northampton, A. E. Smith 
Pelham, Arial C. Keith 
Plainfield, Charles N. Dyer 
Prescott, Frederick N. Pierce 
South Hadley, Ira B. Wright, 

South Hadley Falls 
Southampton, Frederick E.Judd 
Ware, A. F. Richardson 
Westhampton, Fred. H. Judd 
Williamsburg, Thos. M. Carter 
Worthington, Samuel Cole 

Middlesex County. 

Acton, William D. Tuttte 
Arlington, A. Delmont Locke 
Ashby, J. W. Sheldon 
Ashland, William A. Tilton 
Ayer, George V. Barrett 
Bedford, Charles A. Corey 
Belmont, William W. Mead 
Billerica, Dudley Foster 
Boxborough, Eph. B. Cobleigh 
Burlington, Samuel Sewall 
Cambridge, Justin A. Jacobs 



Carlisle, Austin Marsh 
Chelmsford, Geo. A. Parkhurst 
Concord, George Heywood 
Dracut, C. H. Stickney 
Dunstable, L. H. Parker 
Everett, Joseph II. Cannell 
Framingham, F. E. Hemenway 
Groton, George D. Brigham 
Ilolliston, John D. Shippee 
Hopkinton, B. F. Coburn 
Hudson, Edwin Amsden 
Lexington, Leonard A. Saville 
Lincoln, Henry C. Chapin 
Littleton, Wm. Kimball 
Lowell, Samuel A. McPhetres 
Maiden, Albert F. Sargent 
Marlborough, William A. Alley 
Maynard, E. R. Chase 
Medford, Parker R. Litchfield 
Melrose, John Larrabee 
Natick, George L. Sleeper . 
Newton, E. 0. Childs 
North Reading, Chas. P.Howard 
Pepperell, David W. Jewett 
Reading, Wm. J. Wightmau 
Sherborn, Joseph Dowse 
Shirley, Jonas Longley 
Someiville, Charles E. Gilman 
Stoneham, Silas Dean 
Stow, Henry Gates 
Sudbury, Jonas S. Hunt 
Tewksbury, Henry E. Warner 
Townsend, Charles Osgood 
Tyngsboro, J. H. D. Littlefield 
Wakefield, Chas. F. Hartshorue 
Waltham, Daniel F. Viles 
Water/town, T. Grafton Abbott 
Wayland, Henry Wight 
We6tford, Edwin R. Hodgman 
Weston, George W. Cutting, jr. 
Wilmington, W. H. Carter, No. 

Winchester, Warren F. Foster 
Woburn, M. S. Seely 

Nantucket County. 

Nantucket, John F. Brown 

Norfolk County. 

Belilingham, Joseph T. Massey 
Biaintree, S. A. Bates, South 

Brookline, Benjamin F. Baker 
Canton, Andrew Lopez 
Cohasset, Newcomb B. Tower 

Dedham, Chas. H. Farrington 
Dover, Charles II. Smith 
Foxborough, James F. Leonard 
Franklin, Geo. W. Wiggin 
Holbrook, John Underhay 
Hyde Park, Henry B. Terry 
Medfield, C. C. Sewall 
Medway, 0. A. Mason 
Milton, Henry B. Martin 
Needham, Sol. Flagg, Wellesley 
Norfolk, Silas E. Fales 
Norwood, Francis Tinker 
Quincy, George L. Gill 
Randolph, Charles C. Farnham 
Sharon, Otis Johnson 
Stoughton, II. C. Kimball 
Walpole, George P. Morey 
Weymouth, Francis Ambler 
Wrentham, Samuel Warner 

Plymouth County. 

Abington, George A. Beal 
Bridgewater, H. T. Pralt 
Brockton, W. H. Wales 
Carver, Peleg McFarlin 
Duxbury, Josiah Peterson 
East Bridgewater, J. A. Rogers 
Halifax, Nathaniel Morton 
Hanover, Bernard Damon, West 

Hanson, Josephus Bryant 
Hingham, Charles N. Marsh 
Hull, Lewis P. Loring 
Kingston, Nathan Brooks 
Lakeville, C. T. Westgate 
Marion, Charles H. Delano 
Marshfield, Luther P. Hatch 
Mattapoisett, Henry A. Shurtleff 
Middleborough, Corn. B. Wood 
Pembroke, Geo. H. Ryder 
Plymouth, Leander Lovell 
Plympton, Lewis B. Parker 
Rochester, John S. Ryder 
Rockland, E. R. Studley 
Scituate, Charles E. Bailey, No. 

South Abington, Samuel Foster 
So. Scituate, Ebenezer T. Fogg 
Wareham, A. Frank Gibbs 
West Bridgewater, Jas. Howard 

Suffolk County. 

Boston, Samuel F. McCleary 
Chelsea, Samuel Bassett 
Revere, William T. Hall 
Winthrop, Warren Belcher 



Worcester County. 

Ashburton, Geo. F. Stevens 
Athol, J. S. Parmenter 
Auburn/ Emory Stone 
Barre, J. C. Bartholomew 
Berlin, Albeit Babcock 
Blackstone, John Nugent 
Bolton, John II. Sanger 
Boylston, Ii. H. Brigham, 

Boylston Centre 
Brookfield, H. P. Gerald 
Charlton, Alfred E. Fiske 
Clinton, Lucius Field * 
Dana, D. L. Richards, No. Dana 
Douglas, Coryden Keith 
Dudley, Anson P. Goodell 
Fitchburg, Henry Jackson (city) 
Gardner, Francis Richardson 
Grafton, A. A. Ballou 
Hardwick. Albert E. Knight 
Harvard, Hiram Whitney 
Ilolden, Isaac Damon 
H n bbardston, Lyman Woodward 
Lancaster, J. L. S. Thompson 
Leicester, Charles A. Denny 
Leominster, Joel C. Allen 
Lunenburg, Fernando Brooks 
Mendon, David Adams 
Milford, Lewis Fales 
Millbury, Ira N. Goddard 

Npw Braintree, Geo. K. Tufts 
Northborough.John B. Crawford 
Northbridge, Hiram Wing 
North Brookfield, Hiram Knight 
Oakham, Jesse Allen 
Oxford, E. W. Bardwell 
Paxton, E. D. Bigelow 
Petersham, Lewis E. Whitney 
Phillipston, Albert A. Bolton 
Princeton, D. II. Gregory 
Royalston, F. W. Adams 
Rutland, George A. Putnam 
Shrewsbury, Anmah Harlow 
Southborough, Franklin Este 
Southbridge, S. S. Perry 
Spencer, A. W. Curtis 
Sterling, William D. Peck 
Sturbridge, A. C. Morse 
Sutton, B. L. Batcheller 
Templeton, Gerald Bushnell 
Upton, Jerome Wilmarth 
Uxbridge, Charles C. Capron 
Warren, Samuel E. Blair 
Webster, Cortland Wood 
Westborough, Sam'l M. Griggs 
W. Boylston, Horatio Houghton 
West Brookfield, E H. Blair 
Westminster, Marcus M. Nichols 
Winchendon, Geo. M. Whitney 
Worcester, Enoch H. Towue 


{Boston Newspapers in Business Directory, see page 232.) 

YMOUTH COUNTY JOURNAL, weekly, $2.00 ; F. W. 
Rollins & Co. 

ton Patriot, weekly, Friday, $2.00 ; C. W. Leach, So. Acton 
ith Adams Standard, weekly, 2.00 ; F. H. Fleming - 
ams Transcript, weekly, $2.00 ; James T. Robinson & Son, 

North Adams 

osac Valley News, weekly, E. D. Angell, North Adams 
urday Freeman, weekly, $2.00 ; B. F. Reynolds 
rriinac Journal, weekly, Sat., $2.00 ; Colby, Coombs, & Co. 
rrTT;i LLAGER ' weekl 7> Thursday, $1.75 ; Geo. W. Currier 
IHLRST RECORD, weekly, $2 00; McCloud & Williams 

iherst Student, $2 00 ; 

H1ERST TRANSCRIPT, wkly, Tues., $1.00 ; R. A. Marsh 

Abington . 







Bibliotheca Sacra, quarterly, W. F. Draper .... Andover 
Arlington Advocate, weekly, Sat., $1.50; Charles S. Parker Arlington 
Ashland Advertiser, weekly, $2.00 ; C. M. Vincent - - Ashland 
Athol Transcript, weekly, $1.50 ; Smith, Hill, & Co. - - Athol 
Worcester West Chronicle, weekly, $1.50 ; R. Wm. Waterman 
Attleboro' Advocate, weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; Pratt & Lowe Attleboro' 
Attleboro' Chronicle, weekly, $2.00 ; F. B. Greene & Co., 

North Attleboro' - 

Turner's Public Spirit, weekly, Sat., $1.00; John H. Turner Ayer 
Barnstable Patriot, weekly, $2.00 ; Goss & Richards - - Barnstable 
Barre Gazette, weekly, Friday, $2.00 ; Henry II. Cook - Barre 
Bedford Bulletin, weekly, $1.50; Charles S. Parker - - Bedford 
Beverly Citizen, weekly, John B. Cressy - Beverly 

Boxford Monitor, monthly, 0.50 { Sidney Perley - - - Boxford 
Bridgewater Independent, weekly, $1.00 ; H. T. Pratt - Bridgewater 
Brockton Advance, weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; A. H. Fuller Brockton . 
Brockton Gazette, weekly, $2.00 ; A. T. Jones & Co. - - "• 

Brookfield News, weekly, Curtis & Pickup - - - Brookfield 

Brookhne Chronicle, weekly, $2 50 ; C. M. Vincent - - Brpokhne 
Cambridge Chronicle, weekly, Saturday, $2.50 ; L. P. Porter Cambridge^ 
Cambridge Press, weekly, Saturday, $2.50 ; Hamlin R. Har- 
ding, editor, James Cox, publisher .... 
Canton Journal, weekly, Friday, $2.00 ; E. B. Thorndike - Canton 
Chatham Monitor, weekly, Thursday, $2.00 ; Levi Atwood 

H. Mason & Son Chatham 

CBELSEA TELEGRAPH AND PIONEER, weekly, $2,50; Chelsea 

Chelsea Record, weekly, $2.50 ; II. C Gray - - - • - 

Chelsea Public, weekly, $2.00 ; Abbott Bassett & Co. 

Clinton Courant, weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; W. J. Coulter - Clinton 

Weekly Record, Saturday, $1.50; J. VV.Ellam - 

Concord Freeman, weekly, Friday, $2.00 ; E. F. Phelps - Concord 

Danvers Mirror, weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; C. H. Shepard & Co. Danvers 

Dedham Transcript, weekly, $2.00 ; Samuel H. Cox - - Dedham 

Easthampton Enterprise, weekly, $1.50 ; H. M. Converse - Easthampti 

Vineyard Gazette, weekly, Friday, $1.50; Edgar Marchant Edgarlown 

New Star, monthlv, Willis G. Bnrnham Essex . 

Everett Free Press, weekly, $2.00 ; B. F. Morgan - - Everett 

Daily Journal, $6.00; Sevey & Co. Fall Biver 

FALL RIVER DAILY HERALD, $6.00; Herald Publishing 

Co., 86 Pocasset ■ 

Fall River Monitor, weekly, $1.50 ; Wm. S. Robertson - 
FALL RIVER NEWS, daily, $6.00, weekly, $2.00 ; Almy, 

Miine, & Co., Pleasant, cor. Second - 
La Republique, weekly, 2.50 ; H. Beaugrand ... - " 

Labor Journal, weekly, $1.50; Henry Sevey & Co., editors 
Labor Times, weekly, $1.00 ; Herald Publishing Co. 
Le Protecteur Canadien, weekly, $2.00 ; P. E. Pager & Brother 
Saturday Morning Bulletin, weekly, Fiske & Munroe - - " 

Sea Side Press, weekly, $2.00 ; Free Press Association - - Falmouth 
Fitchburg Sentinel, daily, $5.00,wkly, 2.00 ; Sent'l Printing Co. Fitchburg 
FOXBORO' TIMES, wkly, Friday, $2.00 ; Foxboro' Times Cu. Foxboro' 
Ashland Advertiser, weekly, $2.00; Middlesex Newspaper Co. 

South Framingham Framingh 

Framingham Gazette, wkly, $2.00 ; Middlesex Newspaper Co. 

South Framingham 

Holliston Transcript, wkly, $2.00 ; Middlesex Newspaper Co. 
South Framingham 


:opkinton News, weekly, $200 ; Middlesex Newspaper Co. 

South Framingham 

•anklin Register, weekly, Friday, $2.00; James M. Stewart 
ardner News, weekly, $1.50 ; A. G. Bushnell & Co. 
sorgetown Advocate, wkly, Sat., $2.00; Hammond & 

Harriman - 

*PE ANN ADVERTISER, wkly, Fri., $2.50 ; Procter Bros" 
ipe Ann Bulletin, wkly, Wed., $2.00 ; Woodbury, Low, & Co 
Jrkshire Courier, weekly, $2.00; Marcus H. Rogers - 
(ANKLIN COUNTY TIMES, wkly, Fri., $2.00; H.L. Nelson 
zette & Courier, weekly, Monday, $2.00; E. A. Hall 
iverhill Bulletin, daily and weekly, Mitchell & Hoyt - 
iverhill Gazette, semi-weekly, $3.00 ; Tuesdays and Fridays, 

r . J. Stevens & Co. -----'.. 
verhill Tri-weekly Publisher, $3.00; Woodward & Palmer 
sex Banner, weekly, Friday, $2.00 ; E. H. Safford 
hghara Journal & South Shore Adv'ser, wkly, J. Easterbrook 
lyoke Transcript, semi-weekly, $3.00 ; W. S. Loomis 
ependent Journal, weekly, $2.00 ; Norton & Blake - 
dson Pioneer, weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; Pratt Brothers - 
rfolk County Gazette, weeklv, $2.50 ; S. R. Moseley - 
wich Chronicle, weekly, Saturday, $2.00; L. H. Daniels 
irrence American and Andover Advertiser, daily aud weeklv 

George S. Merrill & Co. - . . . _ . 

i'rence Daily Eagle, H. Reed 

Ox Eagle, weekly, H. Reed - 

s-rence Journal, weekly, $1.50; Patrick Sweeney 
I'rence Sentinel, weekly, $2.00 ; A. Morrison & Co. 

E 7o?I ean ^ r and Berkshir e Farmers' Advocate, weekly, 
$2.00; Rockwell & Hill ... J 

■•MINSTER ENTERPRISE, weekly, $2.00; F. N. Boutwell 

>ngton Minute-Man, weekly, Sat., $1.50; Chas. S. Parker 

Incan Citizen, weekly, $2.00; C. L. Knapp - 

>e Daily Citizen and News, $5.00 ; C. L. Knapp 

»e Daily Courier, $6.00 ; Marden & Rowell - - 

fell Morning Times, daily, $6.00 ; J. H. Smith - 

feU Real Estate Journal, Monday, $0.50; Thomas H. Elliott 

"ell Sunday News, Mills & Co. 

|jj Weekly Journal, $2.00; Marden & Rowell - 

|ll Weekly Times, $2.00; Joseph H. Smith - 

» Estate Index, Shepard & Russell - 

I'Populi, weekly, $2.00; Stone, Huse, & Co. - - 

Un E ZS NING 1TEM > $ 2 - 50 ; Hastings & Sons 

IN CITY ITEM weekly, Sat., $1.00 ; Hastings & Sons 

J Semi- Weekly Reporter, $4.50; P. L. Cox - - 

i ?n« R AJl S x? T ^ T i weeU * ^ ; °°; Abel G - Courtis 







G. Barrington 

UOAIOR, weekly, $2.00; Benjamin B. Scully 
fen Mirror, weekly, Sat., $2.00; II. C. Gray 
Jbeld News, weekly, Friday, $2 00 ; Thomas & Pratt - 
enead Messenger, weekly, $2.00 ; N. A. Lindsey & Co. 

I Z 1 ;V n * < ; r ; Jou ' ,naI ' we « k >y. Sat., $2.00; Pratt Bros. 
J, weekly, Thursday, $1.50 ; R. A. Bigelow 

Efl w7i al 'i7 k, . y ' F !„ i(Jay ' $1 - 50 ' Maynard Journal Co. 
fcid W eekly Review, $2.00 ; Review Publishing Co 



Hyde Park 








Medford Chronicle, weekly, $2.00 ; A. B Moras - - ^f^f 

Medway Gazette, weekly, $2.00 ; Cook & Sons - - - ^™V 

Melrose Journal, weekly, Walter R. Phillips - - - Melrose 
Stoneham Standard, Walter R. Phillips - - - " 
Methuen Transcript and Essex Farmer, weekly, bat., I^.uu , 

Charles E. Trow & Co. ff^ > 

Middleboro' Gazette, weekly, $2.00 ; J. Ml Coombs - - %% d Jfi™> 

Middleton Times, Monthly f ™.f et ? n 

Milford Journal, weekly, $2.00 ; Cook & Sons - . - Miljora 

Turner's Falls Reporter, weekly, Wed., $2.00 ; Cecil T. Bag- - 

nail, Turner's Falls - - - - n - . " " f° n a ^f . 

Inquirer and Mirror, weekly, $2.00 ; Hussey & Robinson Nantucket 
Island Review, semi-weekly, $2.00 ; Folger & Rich - - 

Natick Bulletin, weekly, $2.00 ; Cook & Sous - - - Natwfc 
Natick Citizen, weekly, D. B. Ryder, publisher - - - 
Needharn Chronicle and Wellesley Advertiser, weekly, bat., 

$2.50; George W. Southworth - - - - Needham 
NEW BEDFORD MERCURY, daily, $5.00, and weekly, $2.00; 

Mercury Publishing Co. " " " " " " New ^ ed f or ' 

EVENING STANDARD, daily, E. Anthony & Sons 
Radical Review, quarterly, $5.00 ; Benjamin R. Tucker 
Republican Standard, weekly, E. Anthony & Sons^ - - 
Whaleman's Shipping List and Merchant's Transcript, weekly, 
$3.00 ; Eben P. Raymond - - r , " _ " ! 

DAILY HERALD, $6.00, and semi-weekly, Tuesdays and 

Fridays, $4.00 ; W. H. Huse & Co. - - - - Newburypoi 

Eayne's Monthly Journal, $1.00 ; A. J. Haynes - - 

MERRIMAC VALLEY VISITOR, weekly, Saturday, $2.00; 

Colby, Coombs, & Co. - - - - - " it 

Word of Truth, weekly, Thursday, $1.00; J. E.Wolfe - 
Newton Journal, weekly, $2.50; H. M. Stimson - - Newton 

NEWTON REPUBLICAN, weekly, Friday, $2.00; Republican 
Publishing Co., J. H. Potter, manager - - . - 
Hampshire County Journal, weekly, Sat., $2.00 ; Wade, 

Warner, & Co. - - - . * | 

Hampshire Gazette and Northampton Courier, weekly, $^.00 ; 

Henry S. Gere „ "V " __ .,, , 

Northboro' Farmer, weekly, Friday, R. D. Pratt & Co _ - Northboro 
NORTH BROOKFIELD JOURNAL, weekly, $1.00; Lincoln 

& French - - - - • " " " " f; Br00 J c J x% 

Journal of Industry, weekly, $1.50; BL. Stevens - - Orange 
Palmer Journal, weekly, Saturday, $1.75; G M. Fisk & Co. Palmer 
Peabody Press, weekly, Charles D. Howard & Co. - - ^oftody 

Peabody Reporter, weekly, Tuesday, M. S. Bancroft Souh Peat 

Pittsfield Sun, weekly, $2.00; H. J. Canned _ - - - Pitt f eld 
Berkshire County Eagle, weekly, $2.00 ; Clnckering & Axtell 
OLD COLONY MEMORIAL, weekly, $2.50, or $2.00 in 

advance; Avery & Doten Plymouth 

Plymouth Weekly Press, $2.00; D. W. Andrews - - 
Word, monthly, $0.75; E.H.Haywood - - - - ^mceton 

Provincetown Advocate, weekly, $2.50 ; F. P. Goss - Province^ 

Quincy Patriot, weekly, $2.50 ; Green & Prescott - - Qumcy 

NORFOLK COUNTY REGISTER, weekly, $2.00; D. H. 

Tjfj . . . . -" - - - - Randolph 

News and° Chronicle", weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; Hill & Co. Reading 
Rockland Standard, weekly, J. S Smith .... Rockland 

Rockport Gleaner, monthly, L. Cleaves & Co. - - - Rockport 



Essex County Mercury, weekly, Wednesday, Foote & Horton Salei 

Essex Institute Historical Collections, quarterly, Essex Inst. 

Salem Gazette, somi- weekly, Foote & Horton ... 

Salem Post, weekly, Wednesday, $2.00 ; C. H. Webber 

Salem Register, semi-weekly, C. W. Palfrey & E. N. Walton 

Salem Observer, weekly, $2.00 ; Pease, Traill, & Fielden 

Sea Side Press, weekly, $2.00 ; F. S. Pope - - - Sandwich 

Shrewsbury News, weekly, Friday, $2.00 ; H. A. Maynard Shrewsbury 

Somerville Journal, weekly, Sat., $2.00; J. 0. Hayden & Co. Somerville 

South Abington Times, weekly, $2.00 ; A. W. Sherman - South Abington 

Southboro' Press, weekly, Friday, $2 00; S. B. Pratt & Co. Southboro' 

Southbridge Journal, weekly, Thur., $2.00 ; G. M. Whitaker Southbridge 

Spencer Sun, weekly, James Pickup Spencer 

Herald of Life, weekly, $2.25 ; The Life and Advent Union Springfield 
New England Homestead, wkly, $2.00; Homestead Print'g Co. " 

Springfield Democrat, weekly, John J. Toomey ... " 

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Bowles & Co. ---.---. << 

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Sunday Afternoon, monthly, $3.00 ; Washington Gladden 
Independent, wkly, $1.25 ; Edward T. Whittier, 4 Central sq. 
Stoughton Sentinel, weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; A. P. Smith 
BRISTOL COUNTY REPUBLICAN, weekly, $2.00; Dawes, 

Wilbar, & Davol 

TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE, daily, $6.00; Reed Brothers 
HOUSEHOLD GAZETTE, weekly, $2.00; Reed Brothers - 
Vorcester South Compendium, weekly, Saturday, $2.00; 
Compendium Publishing Co., G. W. Spencer, editor 

/Vakefield Citizen and Banner, weekly, Saturday, $2.00 ; W. 
H. Twombly - 

Valtham Free Press, weekly, $2.00; George Phinney 

Valtham Weekly Record, Friday, $1.50 ; E. L. Barry 

Vare Gazette, weekly, Friday, R. L. Hathaway 

Vare Standard, weekly, Saturday, $1.?5; G. M. Fisk & Co. 

Yareham News, weekly, $2.00; J. M. Coombs 

VARREN HERALD, weekly, $1.50; Melvin & Goodhue 

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Vebster Times, weekly, Saturday, $2.00; John Cort 

Vestboro' Chronotype, weekly, $2.00 ; Holton & Thurston 

Vestern Hampden Times and Westfield News Letter, Clark 
& Story -._ 

Vestfield Advertiser, weekly, Sherman Adams - 

Veymouth Gazette, weekly, C. G. Esterbrook - 

' Vmchendon Journal, weekly, $1.50; George W. Davis 

Voburn Advertiser, weekly, Mark Alleu .... 

Voburn Journal, weekly, Saturday, John L. Parker 

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t a Travalleur (French), weekly, '$2.20 ; Ferd. Gagnon 

1ASSACIIUSETTS WEEKLY SPY, weekly, $2.00; J. D. 

Baldwin & Co. " 

IVORCESTER DAILY SPY, $8.00; J. D. Baldwin & Co. 

Doe & Co. 

VORCESTER PRESS, daily (morning), and weekly, Wor- 
cester Press Company - - - - - ' - - " 

Yarmouth Register, wkly, $2.00; C. F. Swift, Yarmouthport Yarmouth 





















The distances from other important points are also given in some 

cases. The figures denote the number of miles by the 

shortest railroad route, unless otherwise stated. 

For Tillages in each Town see Post Office list on previous pages.) 

Abington, Plymouth Co., from Boston 19 miles, from Plymouth 16 

Acton, Middlesex Co., Boston 26, Lowell 12 
Acushnet, Bristol Co., Boston 62, Taunton 19 
Adams, Berkshire Co., Boston 120, Pittsfield 17 
Agawam, Hampden Co., Boston 100, Springfield 3 
Alford, Berkshire Co., Boston 190, Pittsfield 19 
Amesbnry, Essex Co., Boston 40, Newburyport 6 
Amherst, Hampshire Co., Boston 103, Northampton(by highway )8 
Andover, Essex Co., Boston 23, Lawrence 3, Newburyport 27 
Arlington, Middlesex Co., Boston 6, Cambridge 2, Lowell 31 
Ashburnham, Worcester Co., Boston 61, Worcester 30 
Ashby, Middlesex Co., Boston 51, Lowell 33 
Ashficld, Franklin Co., Boston 118, Greenfield (by highway) 12 
Ashland, Middlesex Co., Boston 24, Lowell (by highway) 30 
Athol, Worcester Co., Boston 83, Worcester 59 
Attleboro', Bristol Co., Boston 31, Taunton 12 
Auburn, Worcester,Co., Boston 49, Worcester 5 
Ayer, Middlesex Co., Boston 35, Lowell It 
Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Boston 73 
Barre, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 65, Worcester (by 

highway) 20 
Becket, Berkshire Co., Boston 135, Pittsfield 16 
Bedford, Middlesex Co., Boston (by highway) 14, Lowell 12 
Belchertown, Hampshire Co., Boston 94, Northampton (by high- 
way) 16 
Bellingham, Norfolk Co., Boston 31, Dedham 19 
Belmont, Middlesex Co., Boston 6, Cambridge 3|, Lowell 32 
Berkley, Bristol Co., Boston 37, Taunton 3, New Bedford 15 
Berlin, Worcester Co., Boston 41, Worcester 21 (by highway 12) 
Bernardston, Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenfield 7 
Beverly, Essex Co., Boston 18, Salem 2, Newburyport 18 


Billerica, Middlesex Co., Boston 19, Lowell 1 
Blaekstone, Worcester Co., Boston 31, Worcester 25 
Blandford, Hampden Co., Boston 119, Springfield 21 
Bolton, Worcester Co., Boston 43, Worcester 15 
Boxboro', Middlesex Co., Boston 27, Lowell 25 (by highway 13) 
Boxford, Essex Co., Boston 28, Newbnryport 12, Salem 18 
Boylston, Worcester Co., Boston 40, Worcester (by highway) 7 
Bradford, Essex Go., Boston 32, Salem 18, Newbnryport 14, Law- 
rence 6 
Braintree, Norfolk Co., Boston 10, Dedharn 19 (by highway 10) 
Brewster, Barnstable Co., Boston 89, Barnstable 16 
Bridgewater, Plymouth Co , Boston 27, Plymouth 24 
Brimfield, Hampden Co., Boston 79, Springfield 19 
Brockton, Plymouth Co., Boston 20, Plymouth 24 
Brookfield, Worcester Co., Boston 67, Worcester 23 
Brookline, Norfolk Co., Boston 4, Dedham 14 
Buckland, Franklin Co., Boston 116, Greenfield 10 
Burlington, Middlesex Co., Boston 13, Lowell 15 
Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Boston 3, Lowell 29 
Canton, Norfolk Co., Boston 14, Dedham 6 
Carlisle, Middlesex Co., Boston 18, Lowell 9 
Carver, Plymouth Co., Boston 42, Plymouth 8 
Charlemont, Franklin Co., Boston 119, Greenfield 13 
Charlton, Worcester Co., Boston 57, Worcester 13 
Chatham, Barnstable Co., Boston 90, Barnstable 17 
Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Boston 29, Lowell 3 
Chelsea, Suffolk Co., Boston 4 
Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Boston 136, Pittsfield 9 
Chester, Hampden Co., Boston 126, Springfield 28 
Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., Boston {40, Northampton 15 
Chicopee, Hampden Co., Boston 101, Springfield 3 
Chilmark, Dukes Co., Boston 85, Edgartown 12 
Clarksburg, Berkshire Co., Boston 141, i J ittsfield 23 
Clinton, Worcester Co., Boston 45, Worcester 17 
Cohasset, Norfolk Co., Boston 21, Dedham 20 
Coleraine, Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenfield (by highway) 9 
Concord, Middlesex Co., Boston 20, Lowell 14 
Conway, Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenfield (by highway) 8 
Cummington, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton (by high- 
way) 16 
Dalton, Berkshire Co., Boston 146, Pittsfield 5 
Dana, Worcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester (by highway) 25 
Dan vers, Essex Co., Boston 21, Salem 5 

Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Boston 60, New Bedford (by highway) 6 
Dedham, Norfolk Co., Boston 11 
Deerfield, Franklin Co., Boston 123, Greenfield 13 
Dennis, Barnstable Co., Boston 84, Barnstable 11 
Dighton, Bristol Co., Boston 41, Taunton 4, New Bedford 20 
Douglas, Worcester Co., Boston 48, Worcester 26 
Dover, Norfolk Co., Boston 16, Dedham 6 
Dracut, Middlesex Co., Boston 29, Lowell 3 
Dudley, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester 16 
Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Boston 35, Lowell 10 
Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Boston 37, Plymouth 8 
East Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth 19 
Eastham, Barnstable Co., Boston 97| (by highway 66), Barn- 
stable 24 


Eastliampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 119, Northampton 5 
Easton, Bristol Co., Boston 24|, Taunton 10 
Edgartown, Dukes Co., Boston 85 

Egremont, Berkshire Co., Boston 176 (by highway 140), Pitts- 
field 25 
Enfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 99, Northampton 16 
Erving, Franklin Co., Boston 92, Greenfield 14 
Essex, Essex Co., Boston 27, Salem 11, Newburyport 13 
Everett, Middlesex Co., Boston 3, Lowell 29 
Fairhaven, Bristol Co., Boston 60, Taunton 17, New Bedford 1 
Fall River, Bristol Co., Boston 48, Taunton 15, New Bedford 14 
Falmouth, Barnstable Co., Boston 65, Barnstable (by high- 
way) 22 
Fitchburg, Worcester Co,, Boston 50, Worcester 26 
Florida, Berkshire Co., Boston 132, Pittsfield 25 
Foxboro', Norfolk Co., Boston 24, Dedham 14 
Framingham, Middlesex Co., Boston 21, Worcester 23, Lowell 25 
Franklin, Norfolk Co., Boston 27, Dedham 17 
Freetown, Bristol Co., Boston 45, New Bedford 9 
Gardner, Worcester Co., Boston 70, Worcester 26 
Gay Head, Dukes Co., Boston 75, Edgartown 16 
Georgetown, Essex Co., Boston 31, Newburyport 9 
Gill, Franklin Co., Boston 106, Greenfield (by highway) 5 
Gloucester, Essex Co., Boston 32, Salem 16 . 

Goshen, Hampshire Co., Boston 122, Northampton 12 
Gosnold, Dukes Co., Boston 70, Edgartown 13 
Grafton, Worcester Co., Boston 38, Worcester 6 
Granby, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 85, Northampton 

(by highway) 9 
Granville, Hampden Co., Boston 117, Springfield (by highway) 14 
Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., Boston 174, Pittsfield 23 
Greenfield, Franklin Co., Boston 106 

Greenwich, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 73, Northamp- 
ton (by highway) 20 
Groton, Middlesex Co., Boston 38, Lowell 20 
Groveland, Essex Co., Boston 34, Salem 20, Newburyport 12 
Hadley, Hampshire Co., Boston 109, Northampton 3 
Halifax, Plymouth Co., Boston 28, Plymouth 9 
Hamilton, Essex Co., Boston 24, Newburyport 12 
Hancock, Berkshire Co., Boston 158, Pittsfield (by highway) 7 
Hanover, Plymouth Co., Boston 26, Plymouth 26 
Hanson, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth 13 
Hardwick, Worcester Co., Boston 75, Worcester (by highway) 22 
Harvard, Worcester Co., Boston 38, Worcester 25 
Harwich, Barnstable Co., Boston 85, Barnstable 12 
Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 120, Northampton 4 
Haverhill, Essex Co., Boston 33, Salem 23, Newburyport 15 
Hawley, Franklin Co., Boston 120, Greenfield (by highway) 14 
Heath, Franklin Co., Boston 119, Greenfield (by highway) 13 
Hingham, Plymouth Co., Boston 17, (by water 12), Plymouth (by 

highway) 26 
Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., Boston 143, Pittsfield 8 
Holbrook, Norfolk Co., Boston 15, Dedham 12 
Holden, Worcester Co., Boston 52, Worcester 8 
Holland, Hampden Co., Boston 70, Springfield (by highway) 23 
Holliston, Middlesex Co., Boston 26, Lowell 35 
Holyoke, Hampden Co., Boston 106, Springfield 8 


Hopkinton, Middlesex Co., Boston 30, Lowell 37, (stage to Cor- 

Hubbardston, Worcester Co., Boston 64, Worcester 20 
Hudson, Middlesex Co., Boston 34, Lowell 27 
Hull, Plymouth Co., Boston 22 (by water 9), Plymouth (by water) 

Huntington, Hampshire Co., Boston 119, Northampton (by high- 
way) 12 
Hyde Park, Norfolk Co., Boston 7, Dedham 3 
Ipswich, Plymouth Co., Boston 27, Salem 11, Newburyport 9 
Kingston, Plymouth Co., Boston 33, Plymouth 4 
Lakeville, Plymouth Co., Boston 34|, Plymouth (by highway) 18 
Lancaster, Worcester Co., Boston 44, Worcester 19 
Lanesborough, Berkshire Co., Boston 157, Pittsfield 6 
Lawrence, Essex Co., Boston 26, Salem 20 
Lee, Berkshire Co., Boston 162, Pittsfield 11 
Leicester, Worcester Co., Boston 50, Worcester (by highway) 6 
Lenox, Berkshire Co., Boston 159, Pittsfield 8 
Leominster, Worcester Co., Boston 46, Worcester 21 
Leverett, Franklin Co., Boston 106, Greenfield 16 
Lexington, Middlesex Co., Boston 11, Lowell (by highway) 15 
Leyden, Franklin Co., Boston 115, Greenfield (by highway) 9 
Lincoln, Middlesex Co., Boston 17, Lowell (by highway) 14 
Littleton, Middlesex Co., Boston 31, Lowell 21 
Longmeadow, Hampden Co., Boston 102, Springfield 4 
Lowell, Middlesex Co., Boston 26 
Ludlow, Hampden Co., Boston 90, Springfield 9 
Lunenburg, Worcester Co., Boston 42, Worcester 29 
Lynn, Essex Co., Boston 11, Salem 5 
Lynnfield, Essex Co., Boston 13, Salem 8 
Maiden, Middlesex Co., Boston 4, Lowell 23 
Manchester, Essex Co., Boston 25, Salem 9 
Mansfield, Bristol Co., Boston 24, New Bedford 31, Taunton 12 
Marblehead, Essex Co., Boston 16, Salem 4 
Marion, Plymouth Co., Boston 50, Plymouth (by highway) 18 
Marlboro', Middlesex Co., Boston 32, Lowell 40 (by highway 24) 
Marshfield, Plymouth Co., Boston 30, Plymouth (by highway) 15 
Marshpee, Barnstable Co., Boston 64, Barnstable (by highway) 8 
Mattapoisett, Plymouth Co., Boston 55, Plymouth (by highway) 24 
Maynard, Middlesex Co., Boston 27, Concord 7 
Medfield, Norfolk Co., Boston 20, Dedham 13 
Medford, Middlesex Co., Boston 5, Lowell 21 
Medway, Norfolk Co., Boston 25, Dedham 19 
Melrose, Middlesex Co., Boston 7, Lowell 20 
Mendon, Worcester Co., Boston 32, Worcester 22 
Merritnac, Essex Co., Boston 45|, Newburyport 7 
Metlmen, Esspx Co., Boston 28, Salem 20 

Middleboro', Plymouth Co., Boston 35, Plymouth (by highway) 14 
Middlefield, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton 39 (by 

highway 20) 
Middleton, Essex Co., Boston 18, Salem 8 
Milford, Worcester Co., Boston 35, Worcester 23 
Millbury, Worcester Co., Boston 42, Worcester 6 
Milton, Norfolk Co., Boston 7, Dedham 6 
Monroe, Franklin Co., Boston 136, Greenfield 34 
Monson, Hampden Co., Boston 87, Springfield 19 
Montague, Franklin Co., Boston 102, Greenfield 4 


Monterey, Berkshire Co., Boston 136. Pittsfield (by highway) 18 

Montgomery, Hampden Co., Boston 118, Springfield 20 

Mount Washington, Berkshire Co., Boston 183, Pittsfield (by 

highway) 32 
Nahant, Essex Co., Boston 14 (by water 10), Lynn 4 
Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Boston 110 
Natick, Middlesex Co., Boston IT 

Needham, Norfolk Co., Boston 12, Dedham (by highway) 5 
New Ashford, Berkshire Co., Boston 164, Pittsfield (by highway)13 
New Bedford, Bristol Co., Boston 55, Taunton 20 
New Braintree, Worcester Co., Boston 62, Worcester (by high- 
way) 18 
Newbury, Essex Co., Boston 34, Newbury port 3 
Newburyport, Essex Co., Boston 36, Salem 20 
New Marlboro', Berkshire Co., Boston 133, Pittsfield (by high- 
way) 24 
New Salem, Franklin Co., Boston 91, Greenfield (by highway) 15 
Newton, Middlesex Co., Boston T, Lowell 33 
Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Boston 23, Dedham 11 
Northampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 115 
North Andover, Essex Co., Boston 28, Lawrence 2 
Northborough, Worcester Co., Boston 35, Worcester (by high- 
way) 10 
Northbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 46, Worcester 13 
North Brookfield, Worcester Co., Boston 6T, Worcester 23 
Noithfield, Franklin Co., Boston 101, Greenfield (by highway) 6 
North Reading, Middlesex Co., Boston 23, Lowell 14 
Norton, Bristol Co., Boston 28, Taunton 8 
Norwood, Norfolk Co., Boston 14, Dedham 4 
Oakham, Worcester Co., Boston 59, Worcester (by highway) 15 
Orange, Franklin Co., Boston 8T, Greenfield 19 
Orleans, Harnstable Co., Boston 94, Barnstable 21 
Otis, Berkshire Co., Boston 128, Pittsfield (by highway) 22 
Oxford, Worcester Co., Boston 55, Worcester 11 
Palmer, Hampden Co., Boston 83, Springfield 15 
Paxton, Worcester Co., Boston 51, Worcester (by highway) T 
Peabody, Essex Co., Boston 18, Salem 2, Newburyport 22 
Pelham, Hampshire Co., Boston T6, Northampton (by highway)14 
Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Boston 26, Plymouth (by highway) 12 
Pepperell, Middlesex Co., Boston 43, Worcester 36 
Peru, Berkshire Co., Boston 140, Pittsfield (by highway) 12 
Petersham, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 65, Worcester 

(by highway) 2T 
Phillipston, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 58, Worcester 

(by highway) 2T 
Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Boston 151 

Plainfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 124, Northampton (by high- 
way) 29 
Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Boston 37J 
Plympton, Plymouth Co., Boston 30, Plymouth 8 
Prescott Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 6T, Northampton 

(by highway) 16 
Princeton, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester 16 
Provincetown, Barnstable Co., Boston 118 (by water 55), Barn- 
stable 45 (by water 26) 
Quincy, Norfolk Co., Boston 8. Dedham (by highway) 10 
Randolph, Norfolk Co., Boston 15, Dedham (by highway) 8 


Raynham, Bristol Co., Boston 30, Taunton 3 

Reading, Middlesex Co., Boston 12. Lowell 15 

Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Boston 39, Taunton (by highway) 10 

Revere, Suffolk Co., Boston 6 

Richmond, Berkshire Co., Boston 159, Pittsfield 8 

Rochester, Plymouth Co., Boston 49, Plymouth (by highway) 16 

Rockland, Plymouth Co., Boston 18, Plymouth It 

Rockport, Essex Co., Boston 36, Salem 20 

Rowe, Franklin Co., Boston 132, Greenfield 26 

Rowley, Essex Co., Boston 31, Salem 15, Newburyport 5 

Royalston, Worcester Co., Boston 77, Worcester 53 

Russell, Hampden Co., Boston 116, Springfield 18 

Rutland, Worcester Co., Boston 54, Worcester (by highway) 13 

Salem, Essex Co., Boston 16, Newburyport 20 

Salisbury, Essex Co., Boston 38, Newburyport 2 

Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., Boston (by highway to Springfield) 

125, Pittsfield (by highway) 27 
Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Boston 62, Barnstable 11 • 
Saugus, Essex Co., Boston 9, Salem 10 

Savoy, Berkshire Co., Boston 133, Pittsfield (by highway) 15 
Scituate, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth (by highway) 20 
Seekonk, Bristol Co., Boston 40, Taunton (by highway) 14 
Sharon, Norfolk Co., Boston 22, Dedham 14 
Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Boston 182, Pittsfield 31 
Shelburne, Franklin Co., Boston 113, Greenfield 7 
Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Boston 24, Framingham 4 
Shirley, Middlesex Co., Boston 40, Lowell 22 
Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 36, Worcester 

(by highway) 5 
Shutesbury, Franklin Co., Boston 112, Greenfield 22 (by highway 

Somerset, Bristol Co., Boston 44, Taunton 10| 
Somerville, Middlesex Co., Boston 2, Lowell 24 
South Abington, Ptymouth Co., Boston 22, Ptymouth 16 
Southampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 115, Northampton 9 
Southboro', Worcester Co., Boston 28, Worcester 17 
Southbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 70, Worcester 27 
South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Boston 112, Springfield 14 
South Scituate, Plymouth Co., Boston 20, Plymouth(by high way )16 
Southwick, Hampden Co., Boston 114, Springfield 18 
Spencer, Worcester Co., Boston 62, Worcester 18 
Springfield, Hampden Co., Boston 98 
Sterling, Worcester Co., Boston 49, Worcester 14 
Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Boston 168, Pittsfield 17 
Stoneham, Middlesex Co., Boston 9, Lowell 16 
Stoughton, Norfolk Co., Boston 18, Dedham 9 
Stow, Middlesex Co., Boston 30, Lowell 32 

Sturbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester (by highway) 18 
Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Boston (by highway) 26, Lowell 20 
Sunderland, Franklin Co., Boston 107, Greenfield (by highway) 9 
Sutton, Worcester Co., Boston 40, Worcester 9 
Swampscott, Essex Co., Boston 12, Salem 4, Newburyport 24 
Swansea, Bristol Co., Boston 48, Taunton 13 
Taunton, Bristol Co., Boston 33, New Bedford 20 
Templeton, Worcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester 45 (by high- 
way 26) 
Tewk^bury, Middlesex Co., Boston 21, Lowell 5 


Tisbury, Dukes Co., Boston 11, Edgaitown 8 

Tolland, Hampden Co., Boston 123, Springfield (by highway) 22 

Topsfield, Essex Co., Boston 25, Salem 9, Newburyport 15 

Townsend, Middlesex Co., Boston 45, Lowell 21 

Truro, Barnstable Co., Boston 112, (by water 60), Provincetown 

9, Barnstable 31 
Tyngsborough, Middlesex Co., Boston 33, Lowell 1 
Tyringham, Berkshire Co., Boston 142, Pittsfield 20 
Upton, Worcester Co., Boston 36, Worcester (by highway) 13 
Uxbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 35, Worcester 18 
Wakefield, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Luwell 28 
Wales, Hampden Co., Boston 93, Springfield 25 
Walpole, Norfolk Co., Boston 19, Dedham 9 
Waltham, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell (by highway) 18 
Ware, Hampshire Co., Boston 91, Northampton 40 
Wareham, Plymouth Co., Boston 50, Plymouth (by highway) 15 
Warren, Worcester Co., Boston 13, Worcester 28 
Warwick, %anklin Co., Boston 81, Greenfield 14 
Washington, Berkshire Co., Boston 138, Pittsfield 13 
Watertown, Middlesex Co., Boston 8, Lowell 34, Cambridge 5 
Wayland, Middlesex Co., Boston (by highway) 16, Lowell 42 
Webster, Worcester Co., Boston 59, Worcester 16 
Wellfleet, Barnstable Co., Boston 106 (by water 65), Barnstable 33 
Wendell, Franklin Co., Boston 90, Greenfield 16 
Wenham, Essex Co., Boston 22, Salem 6, Newburyport 14 
Westborough, Worcester Co., Boston 32, Worcester 12 
West Boylston, Worcester Co., Boston 53, Worcester 9 
West Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth 25 
West Brookfield, Worcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester 25 
Westfield, Hampden Co., Boston 108, Springfield 10 
Westford, Middlesex Co., Boston 33, Lowell 1 
West Hampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 123, Northampton (by 

highway) 8 
Westminster, Worcester Co., Boston 55, Worcester 30 
West Newbury, Essex Co., Boston 38, Newburyport 4 
Weston, Middlesex Co., Boston 13, Lowell 39 (by highway 18) 
Westport, Bristol Co., Boston 56, New Bedford (by highway) 8 
West Springfield, Hampden Co., Boston 100, Springfield 2 
West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Boston 162, Pittsfield 11 
Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Boston 15, Dedham 24 (by highway 11) 
Whately, Franklin Co., Boston 116, Greenfield 10 
Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Boston 89, Springfield 9 
Williamsburg, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton 1 
Williamstown, Berkshire Co., Boston 140, Pittsfield 25 
Wilmington, Middlesex Co., Boston 15, Lowell 10, Lawrence 11 
Winchendon, Worcester Co., Boston 68, Worcester 44 
Winchester, Middlesex Co., Boston 8, Lowell 16 
Windsor, Berkshire Co., Boston 140, Pittsfield (by highway) 12 
Wiuthrop, Suffolk Co., Boston 10 (by water 4) 
Wobum, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell 16 
Worcester, Worcester Co., Boston 44 
Worthington, Hampshire Co., Boston 143, Northampton (by 

highway) 11 
Wrentham, Norfolk Co., Boston 28, Dedham 19 
Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Boston 16, Barnstable 3 



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nj. Snow, jr. 
W. Whitman? 
s. 0. Chalme 
in Revere, 
»>. N. March, 






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; rubber articl 
ler belting a 
rs, engines, ai 
combs, brace 
38, ranges & h 
ware, lamps, 
ing cloths, 
ng and collar 
ry wheels, etc 
>r meters, etc. 
ing and worst 
llic cartridges 

i J? 3 o o 

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ri^ ' ti © CO 

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t- © © -r ~ i- t- t- t^ t- I- t- t- © 01 i- ' 

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M^i » . s S 5 P . 

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son a 

And we wish to call attention to onr NEW PATENT STEEL BAKKEL, STEM- 
ilNDING, and STEM-SETTING MOVEMENTS, which are acknowledged to be, in all 
■ spects, the most desirable Watch either of European or American manufacture 

I J8CS" For full description send for Circular. 

E. HOWARD <fc CO. 

13DWAED HOWAED, T>T? «nnPTf TT?Tn u « 

BROADWAY, cor. Fourth, NEW YORK. 

imcEs, \ «.■ 


Conservatory of Music, 



Oldest Music School in America 



It employs Seventy-Five eminent Teachers, and has had 17,00 
Pupils since 1867. 

Fifteen Dollars 

Pays for Tuition in Piano, Organ, Voice or Harmony; while th 
collateral advantages, consisting of Lectures, Concerts, Recital 
Sight-Reading, Normal Instructions, Analysis of Piano, Orgai 
and Vocal Works, etc., amount to 


New classes have been formed in the art of Conducting 
Oratorio Singing, Church Music, Tonic Sol-fa System, Elocutic 
and Modern Languages, Drawing and Painting. The increase 
facilities of this institution enable it to offer by far the best prn 
ileges for musical culture that can possibly be obtained in th 
country, and along with the 

College of Music of Boston University 

Affords every advantage that can be enjoyed in Europe. I 
peculiar methods of special opportunities for broad and liber 
culture, together with its wide reputation, have enabled its grai 
uates to take eminent positions as artists and teachers. 

Four Terms a Year, 

Beginning September, November, February, and Apri 
For circulars of the Conservatory, College of Music, Music 
Bureau, and Normal Institute, address 




Account and Boob 

BaUister J. F. 27 State 
Cummings Geo. W. 2G Commerce 
Frazar Douglas, B. & M. office 
AJ - State House, and 57 High, 

FTolbrook Geo. 13 Exchange, rm. S 
Kendall S. W. 231 Washington 
Keiteil James. 209 Washington 
Kurtz C. C. 4 P. O. square, room 14 
Sands A. 1. 43 Milk 
URNER A. R. 159 Devonshire 

iVilliams J. R. 2 Change avenue 


Wright Elizur, Milk, cor. Con- 
ess, room 51 

Adhesive Paper. 

roodbury A. I. 857 Washington 
Adjusters of Marine 
and Fire Losses, 
inderson W. P. 56 State 

Bradford & Forger, 50 State 
illaway C. 11- 57 Tremont 
oodwiu D. 209 Wash., room 14 
"Hogg E. A. B6State 
'Brien T. L. 7 Exchange place 
helps F. S. & Co. 00 State 
mith L. D. 40 Congress (fire) 
iVinship Bros, it Gore, 70 State 

Advertising Agents. 

LDAMS THOMAS, 329 Tremont 
Ilucas Henry, jr. 23.3 \\ ash. rm. 7 
AGENCY, 52 Kilby, room 7 
[rooker E. H. 325 E 
>odd Horace. 205 Washington 
Ivans T. C. 252 Washington 
layes Charles C. 266 Washington 
files S. It. Tremont 
ettengill S. M. & Co. 10 State 

CO. 155 Franklin 

tewart John G. jr. 4 Exch. place 

I'ilton & Co. 29 High 

.'arrmgton H. L. & Co. 08 Water 

1 Advertising Signs. 

[ISE .1. PUNY, 61 Kilby (see 
page 831) 
gricultural Implement 

SELLINGS J., Brighton avenue, 
Allstou (see page 725) 

I Agricultural Stores. 

' hues Plow Co., Quincy Hall 

•reck Joseph & Sons, 51 N. Market 
iverett & Small, 43 So. Market 
Jgg George P., Quincy Hall 

South Market 
"lbrook F. F. Plow Co. 5 Chat- 
ham row 
"mums E. E. & Co. 32 So. Market 

AilKEK & GANNETT, 49 N. 
Market, and40 Merchants' row 

hittemore Bros., 128 So. Market 


ills D. T. & Co. 40 India 

le, Porter, and Cider. 

(•See also Liquor*, Wines Ar ) 
NTHES ADOLFL1, 2 Head pi., 

' and 22 Exchange 

OBUKN, LANii, & CO., 56 

j h-dby, and Juo Worcester 
'" ',"■■ Gove, & Co. 30 Canal 
well rhomas, 9 Williams ct. 
OOk. ISAAC & CU. 25 Central 

i irt Owen ,1. 88 Broacl 
izelton F. L. £ Co. 20 Yeoman 

MeKnight's John Son, 20 Kilby 
Quigley Brothers, under Sherman 

- tt Sudbury 

"DUETEK & ALLEY", Highland 
xt Spring Brewerv, New Heath, 
cor. Parker, City depot, 103 
Devonshire (see front colored 
page opp. map) 
Smith James M. & Co. 9 Court sq. 
Smith Win. J. IS Exchange pi. 
Spurr George W. 120 Commercial 
Taylor William. '1% Court square 
¥ CO. 109 Broad 

Ale Pumps. 


10 78 Sudbury 


Boston Forge Co., foot Maverick 
Holmes Frank H. 20 Congress 
Luf kin Nath'l. 130 Bremen. E. B. 
Bobbins, Gorham, & Co. (anchor 
tripper) 98 Commercial 

Aniline J>yes. 

Beach & Co. 13 Broad 

Blodgett It. B. 12 India 

1 [OWE & GOODWIN, 52 Cen- 

XL tral, and 11 India 

Sehlbacii E.& Co. 145 Milk 

Anilines, Pigments, Ex- 
tracts, and t'oal Tar 

gLADE CHARLES W. 105 Milk 

Annunciators. - 

■OECKFOltD E. S.077 Washing- 
1J ton, and 9 La Grange 
IfULLER SETH W. 63 Devon- 
- 1 shire (see page 706) 
Hall O. B. & Co. 38 Cliardon 
±h Hanover (see page 717) 
WILLIAMS C. Jit. 109 Court 
vv (see page 704) 


Those marked with a* are members 

of tiic Massachusetts Coi,- 


Adams A. L. 295 Meridian, E.B. 
Adams J. II. T. 207 Warren ave. 
*Aiden E. Ames, 2388 Wasliington 
♦Alien Wm. M. 569 Tremont 
*Ahny Sylvester, 04 Tremont 
Annis Geo. W., Cambridge, cor. 

Kingston, Charlestown 
Arnold Geo. K. 470 SJiawmut ave. 
Aecry Fernando, Lexington, cor. 

Marion, E.B. 
*Bahu Leopold, 12 Boylston 
Barrett George N., Centre, cor. 

Myrtle, Jam. Plain 
*Barry Daniel E. 373 West Broad'y 
Barteaux F. A. 93 Green 
*liartlett & Darling, 175 North 
Berry N. W. 34 Dearborn 
•Uisphain 11. C. 309 W. Fourth 

and 468 W. Broadway 
Boston Dispensary, Ash, c. Bennet 
Boston Homoeopathic Di.spensary, 

East Concord 
♦Buyden & Son, Joy. cor. Myrtle 
Braconier F. L. 1001 Tremont 
URADBURY B. F. 443 Wash- 
•*-' ingtou 

♦Bradford S. S. 48 Main 
Broadway Pharmacy, West Broad- 
way, corner B 
Brooks Geo. P., Washington, near 

Dorchester avenue, L. M. 
*Bi own Geo. 'J'. & Co. 126 Tremont 

i> 504 Washington 
Buck.ev II. W. 031 E. Broadway 
Bugbee E., Blue Hill avenue, cor. 

River, Matiapan 
T> V It WELl, GEORGE, 72 
13 Church 

Bushee C. E. 123 Chelsea, E. B. 
Bushee J. A. 46 Maverick square 
Caine James F., SO Oak. c. Hudson 
Call Charles H. 51 Koxburv 
♦Campbell Isaac T. & Co. 239 West 

♦Canning & Patch, 90 Green 
Chapin & Anderson, Lincoln, cor. 

Cheever John, 236 Main (botanic) 
Choate Henry A. under Revere 

Church F. T. & Co., Court, corner 

Clock Frank B., Cambridge, cor. 

Cobb G. W., Saratoga, c. Brooks 
Cofren James W. 131 Leverett 
Cole S. A. & Co. 25 School 
♦Colton G. 16.5 Cambridge 
Colton James B. 766 Tremont 
Connelly Win. A. 1S92 Wash. 
Craig J. S., Nepouset avenue, cor- 
ner Minot, Net). 
Cramer Max, 1240 Tremont 
Crosby George. 9 Lewis 
Cummin gs 11. S3 Bartlett, Charles- 
town (bot.) 
Cummins Thos. J., Bunker Hill, 

cor. Moulton, Chas'n 
Davol Albert F. 10 Main 
Day C. 11. & F. B.. Saratoga, tor. 

Dearborn S. S. & Co. 4S2 AV.B'way 
Dearborne S. ¥., Ashland, corner 

Florence, Kosiindale 
Dodge Levi G. 435 ilain 
Downesll. P. 574 .Main 
Driver & Berry, 021 Shawrnut ave. 
Duard F. 189 Centre, ward 21 
Ealy J. A. 323 Harrison av. 
Eames Charles E. 396 Hanover 
♦Eatou Charles 1. 1433 Wash. 
Eayrs Albeit H., Elson bldg. opp. 

Jamaica Plain station 
Emerson Geo., Heath, c. Bromley 
Fairbanks A. P. 196 W. Seventh 
Feneion Joseph B., 45 Maverick 
Fenelon J. J. & M. F. 206 Cam- 
Ferguson Denis, 2W. Broadway, 

and Dorchester, cor. E. Eighth 
Finney Louis. 38 Leverett 
Flynn W.H.559 Dorchester ave. 
♦Folger W. S. & Co. 723 Tremont 
UOLSOM JAMES, 220 Comiuer- 
- 1 - cial 

FowleH. D. 71 Prince 
Fraser Chas. L. Mrs. 110 Meridian 
Fraser II. E. 20 Central sq. 
Fuller S. H.. Hancock, near Co- 
lumbia, Doreh. 
Gavin John H.352E 
Oilman J. T. 171 North 
Gilson A. P. 630 Tremont 
"Gleeson J. A. 151 Harrison aye. 
♦Gleeson M. H. 226 W. Broadway 
Gordon It. K., Dudley, c. Warreu 
Graves Wm E. 95 Cambridge 
Graver E. II. 179 W. Fourth 
Guild C. E. 116 Pleasant 
♦Guild W. A. S01 E. Fourth 
Hadcock II. L. 2700 Washington 
Hardy W.G. Mrs. 701 E. Broadway 
Hart Charles S. 75 Elm, Chas'n 
Hatch F. A. & Co.. Cox big.. Eliot sq 
Hathaway B. J. 1461 Washington 
♦Henchman Daniel, 05 Cambridge 
Hicks H. E. 44 Harrison avenue 

HIGBEE CHAS. It. 1305 Tre- 
Hoagland P. R., 744 Harrison ave. 
Hollis John O. 100 Ha, lover 
liovev William, 448 Main 
♦Howard Win. P. 354 Hanover 
1 j (J W E M A N L E Y , 374 W. 
Xi Broadway 

Hyde S. T, Woods" block, Nep. 
Jetiers S.T. jr., Dorchester avenue, 

cor. East, Dorchester 
JenkinftL. L. 119 Leverett 
Jenks Joseph H. 327 Sllawmut av. 
♦Jenks Thomas L., Men imac, cur. 

Jones J. T. 855 E. Fourth 



Apothecaries — Continued. 

Judi;e James D. & Co. 59 Beach 
Keetey John J. 196 Main 
•Ke'.'.ev E. S. under Hotel Berkeley 
Ke'.ev' F. S. 1063 Tremont 
•Ken: Kobt. R. 7 Winfhrop block 
Kenron & BuSum. 207 Warren av. 
•Ketteli George P. 250 Main 
Kidder D. B.*Mrs. 28 Maverick sq. 
Kimbali E. R. 135 Cambridge 
King Theodore E.. Washington, 

cor. Han-ard. Dorch. 
Knights E. R. 97 Court 
LakTn J. H. 40 Causeway 
Lamb E C. 549 Snawmut avenue 
L' avitt D. O.. Washington, opp. 

Canle Fair Hotel. Brighton 
Leavitt Palmer, Market, n. Lin- 
coln, Brighton 
Leland L. A.. Park, corner Henley, 

•Lincoln H. W. 185 Warren, cor- 
ner Walnut avenue 
Looinis J. O. 295 Bennington 
Loomis S: Weld. 157 Buuker Hill 

aud 155 Endicott 
Lotz George, 1 and 2 Hotel Pelham 
•luring Frank M. 655 Tremont 
•Markoe George F. H., Warren, c. 

McDonald A. E. 105 Salem 
Mclsaac Joseph. Boylston, comer 

Lamartine. Bovlston station 
Mcl-aren J. 336 Sumner, E. B. 
McSheehv S. 432 Commercial 

• \ f ELVLN i BADGER. 43 Tem- 
- L 'J- pie place _ __ 

• •\rE-lCALF THEO. ft CO. 39 
- >J - Tremont, 

Moore Frank W., Cambridge, n. 

Allston station 
Morand Alfred. W. Sixth, c. D 
Morris Pat'k. Federal, c. Knee.and 
M >rse William B. 119 Main 
Moulton E. B. agent. 1:36 Lamb ge 
Neilson Herbert, 1915 Washington 
5iin< O. F. SO Cambridge 
N..b!e S. J. agent, 55 Green 
Nowell W. F. 192 Merrimac 
Noyes x Co. 1381 Washington 
•O'Brien James J., Hudson, cor. 

Pa^e W. W., Tremont. c. Pleasant 
Paine Newe':!. 11S1 Tremont 
•Parker J. L. 2:2 Tremont 
•Pannenter G. W. 270 Hanover 
Patch John W. & Co. 1819 W ash. 
•Patten I. B- & Co. 39 Harrison av. 
Peabodv K. C. (hoin.) 56 Beach 
Peirce Wm. P. 271 Meridian, E.B. 
Perciva. John P. T. 215 Wash. 
Perrv E. H. 945 Washington 
PerrV John A. J: Co. 625 Shawmut 

av?. and llampden. c. Dudley 
Fierce Win. C. 1153 Tremont 
Putnam Bros. 301 Saratoga 
Randall Chas. L. 136 Leverett 
Ravmond G. T., Washington, c 

Euclid. Dorchester 
Reeve A. A. 1595 Washington 
Re«tieaux Thomas. 29 Tremont 
Richards E. S. 587 Shawmut ave. 
•Ricker George D. 178 Sa.em, and 

51 Vine, Charlestown 
Ricker W. A. 86 Merrimac 
Rilev John. 174 I 
Robertson James O. 8. . « asn. 
K»che J. H.. Main, cor. Columbia, 

Rogers Charles B.. Centre, oppo- 
site Burrougns, Jamaica Plain 
Russell Edward, 117 Hampden 
Russell James D., E. Seventn, c. I 
Sacker Walter E. 91 Shawmut ave. 
garment L. D. jr. 2224 Wash. 
Savell Chas. E.. Blue Hill avenue 

corner Marston avenue 
Sawver W.-F. 1152 Tremont 
gewall D. J., Dorchester avenue, 

cor. Adams. Dorch. 
Scwell Geo. E. 97 Chelsea. Chsn. 
•Shepnard S.A.D. & Co.ll>-J W ash. 
Skinner E. M. 1045 Washington 
•Smai'.ev Eliiah. 270 Harrison ave. 
Smith Theop'hilus, 301 W .Br way 
Smith T. H. 956 Tremont 
Snow J. Walker, Merrimac, cor. 
Friend, and Charles, c. Chestnut 
Sohl Henrv. Centre, opp. Perkins 
Souther E.' 75 Green _... 

Spalding R. C. 90 Warren, Chstn 
Spiller F. M. 93 Meridian. L. B. 
•Staccv B. F., Thompson square, 

Charlestown . 

Stebbins E. S. 1 and 2 Charts o«n 
Stetson Geo. M. 61i E. Broadway 
Sto:.e V. R. 160 Hanover 
Stover J. W. WBTre^ "?"^.- 
Stowell Daniel. 1067 W aslungton 
Sullivan John, 63 Tremont 
*weet Win. L. 3)07 Washington 
Tav J- N. ft Co. 166 Court 
Thayer Eli ft Co. 384 Uauover 

THAYER H. F. agent, S3 
Toppau Nathl D..3S Elm. Chas n 
•Tower Levi. jr. 1681 Washington 
Tower Waiter S., Eliot square, cor. 

Tower W. B. & Co. 191 Eliot 
Towne J. W. 230S, Bunker llill 
Trask C. M. & Co. 21 Pleasant 
Tucker Frank, 13SS Tremont 
Tufts J. W. ft Co. 50 Washington 
Tuttle E. E. £ Co. 55 Main 
Turtle X. M. 1 Blue Hill avenue 
Underwood C. G. . c. Lewis 
Underwood J. A. R. £ Co. 128 Main 
Von Der Hevde Otto, 137 Meridian 
•Warren George. 2147 Wasli. 
Warren George W.. Washington, 

opp. Rockland. Brighton 
Webster Stephen, 63 W arren ave. 
Wetherbee F. M. 635 Washington 
Weymouth A. L., W. Fourth, cor. 

Dorchester avenue 
White J. F. 113 Portland 
White Robert. 381 Hanover 
Whitford B. H. 124 Essex 
•Wi'.bor A. G. 707 Washington 
•Wilkins Daniel G. 11 Charles 
Willson J. W. F. & Son, 479 West 

Wilmot W. D. 559 Dorchester av. 
Wilson C. F. 343 Main. Clias'n 
Woodruff Ga'.en, 494 Tremont 
Woodward W. Elliot, 258 Dudley 
Wright Wm. R. & Son, 51 W est 

Young F. A. 129 Endicott 


...£ ALBERT. Ml 
Brighton (see page 731J 


Allen Francis, 61 State, room 10 
Appleton Daniel. 10 Pemberton sq. 
Avery Georse A. 76 State 
Batefuan Ctias. J. 1 Pemberton sq. 
Beal C. R. 209 Washington 
Besarick J. H. 32 Pemberton sq. 
Billings J. E. 33 School, room 15 
Bither A. S. 13 Pemberton square 
Bovd Thomas. 2S State, room 40 
BoVden E. X., 7 Exchange place, 

room 2S 
*-* Pemberton square 
Bricks L. i Co. 209 Wash, room 35 
B'\ ant G. J. F. 17 Pemberton sq. 
Cabot & Chandler. 60 Devonshire, 

room 14 
Cahill J. E. & Co. 1 Tremont place 
Clark Henrv P. 5 Pemberton sq. 
Ciark Theodore M. 60 Devonshire, 

room 16 
Clarke George R-, Studio bui.ding, 

room 23 
Clough George A., city architect, 

Citv Hall 
Clough J. H. 10 Pemberton sq. 
Copelaud Fred W. 71 Green 
Cuminings & Sears, 9 Pemb. sq. 
Dahl J.U.. Maverick, n. B. R. B. 

a: L. R. R., E. B. (naval) 
Dorr Morris. 27 Kilby 
Dwight B. F. 4 Park 
Earle S. C. 9 Pemberton «q. 
Eastman J. S.. Decatur, cor. Liv- 
erpool. E. B- 
Eaton J. F. 9 Pemb. sq., room 8 
Emerson Wm. R. 12 W est 
Estv & Hurd. 35 Congress, room 38 
FTaxon J.L. 16 Water 
F'ehnier Carl, Milk, cor. Congress, 

room 46 
Footman F.N. 7 Exchange pl.,r. 27 
Ford P. W. 9 School 
Fox John A. 12 Post office square 
Frink A. 2S State, room 31 
Fuller Geo. F. 18 Pemb. sq- rm. 11 
Graves H. 15 Congress, room U 
Griffin T. 172 Washington, roomie 
Hall Henrv P. 7 Pemberton so. 
Hail John'R. 17 Old State House 
Harding Geo. If. 1 Pemberton sq. 
Hartwell H. E. 12 West 
Hartwell & Tilden. 47 Devonshire 
Hayward Sam';, 43 West 
IpsenL. S. 47 Devonshire 
Jones W. Hatch. 3 State 
Kellev S. 1). 82 Devonshire 
Kirbv i Lewis, 18 Peuiberton sq. 

T AWLOR D. J-. Condor, cor. 
•^ Meridian (naval) 
Lewis W. W. 5 Pemb'n sq., rm. 13 
Longfellow W. P. P. 60 Devonshire 

room 16 „ . , 

Lord £ Fuller, 19 Exchange place, 

room 16 
Luce Clarence S. 11 Pemb. sq. 

Martin A. C. 24 Exchange pi. 

Meacham George F. S« W ater 

Moflette 4 Tolman, 10 Pemberton 
square, room 12 

Moore F. H. 33 School, room 20 
Newcomb L. i Son. 5 Pemb. sq. 
Ober A: Rand. 15 Pemberton sq. 
Parker Chas. Edward, 39 Court 
-t Water, room 15 
Feabody s Stearns, 60 Devonshire 

room 17 
Pone Fred. 18 
pKESTON HENRY J. 14 Feru- 
■*■ berton square 
Preston J. In! Devonshire 
Preston Wm. G. ISO Devonshire 
Putnam John Pickering. 4 Pem- 
berton square 
Rice L. Frederick, 9 Pemb ton sq. 
Richards J. R. 46 Court, room 16 
Richardson H. H. So Devonshire 1 
Rinn J. Philip, jr. 28 Pemberton sq. 
Rvder Calvin, 41 Tremont, room 9 
Sliaw G.R.SR.G. 4 Exeh. p. ace 
SiUoway Thomas W. 71 Green 
Sleeper'Chas. F. 33 School, room T 
Smith O. F. 53 Devonshire 
Snell & Gregerson, 15 Studio bldg. 
Sparrell Win. 152 Devonshire, rm 35 
Starbuck Henrv F. 633 Washington 
Stephens J. S. 1212 Washingiou 
Stephenson H. M. 10 Pembton sq. 
Stevens John, 194 Washington 
Sturgis & Brighain, 19 Exch. place 
Swasev Fred. 28 State, room 34 
Tavlof Henrv T. 13 Doane 
Thaver Geo.'B. 15 Pemberton sq; 
ThaVer S. J. F. 40 Water, room 53 
Towle John D. 7 Exchange place 
Underwood L. 13 Exchange, nn.a 
Yinal Arthur H. £53 Washington 
Wait R. Pole, 40 Water, room 53 
Walden H. G. 19 Exchange pi. r.16 
Wallis George F. *>S Wash. 
Ware £ Yan Brunt, 2 Pembton sq. 
Weissbein L. 3 State 
Wentworth W. P. 2372 Washington 
Wester J. D. 193 Dudley, and Elm, 

cor. Seaverns avenue, W.R. 
Weston Frank W.. 178 Devonshire 
Winslow Walter T. IS Pemb. sq. 
Woodcock S. S. 13 Exchaiige.rui.21 
Wright R. S. 172 Washington 
Young Geo. H. 186 Devonshire 

Army Ooods. 
T E1GHTON S. P. & CO. 2 
AJ West 

* 104 Tremont 

Aft Furniture. 

Clark Geo. R. 23 and 24 Studio bl'g 

Art Publishers. 
pRANG L. & CO. 286 Roxbury 

Artesian Wells. 


order box 242 

Robinson J. E. 1120 Washington 

Artificial Flowers. 

Afeld Franz, 197 Shawmut ave. 

Artificial Eyes. 
T UB1N T. J. ft CO. SO Tremont 
*-> (see page 833) 

Artificial Limb*. 
^ and 15 Tremont (see page 709) 
i isk i Arnold. 8 Hamilton place 
■ lj ton place (see page 713) 
Palmer B. Frank, 83 Green 

Artificial Teeth. 

WHITE SAMUEL S. 1 '■ and 16 
Tremont row (see page 847) 

Artificial Wood Orna- 

GLEASON W. B. 212 We»t 
Camden (see page 826) 

Artist in Hair. 

(see page 730) 

BRANDLY H. F. 22 Wiuter 

Artists' Materials. 

FROST & ADAMS, 33 and S» 
Cornhill „„ u 

A 1 Cornhiil 

T IBBY ALVIN B. 90 I ties 
^ (manuf.. see page 72S) 
'" HUWLAN'D, 76 Woshi'gtOB 
Walker A. A. i Co. 594 Wi. h. 
Waterman ft Co.533snd.W5 VW» 

OWEN D. E. State st. nt Cnui- 
bridgepor' (sec pagi 75UJ 




Artists' Wood Work. 

LLBBY A. B. 90 Utica(see page 

Asbestos Boiler Cover- 

" 150 Oliver 

Asbestos Cement. 
150 Otirei 

Asbestos Paints. 

150 Oliver 

Asbestos Hoofing. 

150 Oliver 

Asbestos Steam Pack- 

150 Oliver 
Assayer* and Refineri. 
Haves A. A. 4 state (State) 
Haves S. Dana, 4 state i State) 

HOOD a: REYXOLDS, 74 Tre- 
ruout. rooiu 1 
CHARPLEa S. P. 114 State 

Atomizing Apparatus. 

noDMAN' i suurti.eff, 13 

'-' and 15 'freraunt isee page 709) 
Holmes Thomas J. 50 Sudbury 


Atwood Geo. M. 2'tt Washington 
Baldwin a Howard. 2 Court sq. 
Barnes F. G. 4: son, 27 State, rm. 17 
Beck Gideon a: Sun, 164 Tremont 
Bird H. C. a: Co. 157 Tremont 
Blood C. S. 58 Dorchester avenue 
Brainard C. H. 148 TreiuonC 
DROWN H. A. it CO. 38 Water 
■" (see page 7U5) 
Barken H. A. 63 Hanover 
Carter A. J. 11» .Main 
Coles W. 37 Hanover 
Collamore U. L 11.; Court 
Colman Moses at Son, 121 Portland 
Congdon L. 48 Congress 
2onwav John, jr. 2U9 Washington 
OarlingX. K. -a Old Slate House 
9ay R. L. it Co. 51 State 
"Jennis James G. 20 Court, rm. 12 
3rurv C. F. loS Court 
iill J. M. 6 aud 8 City sq., Ch'stn 
iore George P. i Co. 119 Franklin 
lahn N. W. 33 Central sq., E.B. 
lall D. Almy. ill Washington 
lall Edward* F. ()9 Devonshire 
!|A1,I, Gl'STAVUS V. 35 Old 
"-*■ State House, and 57 High, 

Char'.estown , 

larris C. L. a: Co. 7 Central whi. 
larris Horatio n Co. 227 State 
larns & Jones, Cattle Fair Hotel, 

latch K. M. 176 Tremont 
latch Samuel a. Co. 9 Congress 
lawes a; Henshaw.ol State (stock) 
Hehborn Geo. R. it Co. 63 Court 
TOLBROOK x FOX, 12 Post 
--"- Office square 

I OWE ALBERT, Market, near 
-*■ Washington, Brighton (see 

page 731 ) 
lyde J. F. C. 3 Court square 
ohnson S. 52 School 
eonard George, 7 Exchange pi. 
eonard Joseph. 13 Beacon 
eonard & Co. 48 and 54 Bromfield 
ibbev M. H. 124 W. Broadway 
OGAX S. B. 3 State, room 1 

'.cClellan it Knights, 10 Oid State 


eKey W. R. it Co. 101 Summer 

oses T. B. jr. & Co. 531 Wash. 

ason J. L. a; Co. 21 School 

JASOX ft 11ETCALF, 21 

1 School 

(SGOOD F. D. Masonic Tem- 
ple, 183 Tremont 

"good John U. 84 Hawley 

>rter J. K. & Co. li' Coruhill 

>wer T. C. 9 School 

tchie W. K. jt Co. 37 Roxbury 

igg S. F. 6 Cout square 

lorn M. 19 and 21 Boviston 

unders Z. M. 26 Main, Chsn. 

«on E. C. lfio.5 Washington 

nth T. M. jr. 97 State 

ell Henry M. 131 Devonshire, 

• ■oom25 
ow it Ilsler, 80 Chauncy 
rague Francis i Co. 11 Central 
l.ivan st McDonald, 9 School 
sdale George W. 7 Exchange pi. 

Townsecd T. W. 7 Exchange pi. 
Vose Robert, jr. it Co. 75 Devon- 
shire, and W ashington.near Har- 
vard, Dorch. 
Wakerield E. H. 209 Washington 
Walker Samuel A. 19 Doane 
Watson J. M. & Co. 17" Tremont 
Watson Wm. R. 700 Washington 
Wheatland it Bird, 27 State, rm. 16 


Automatic Wind Mills. 

Fulton (see front colored page) 



■*-' Atlantic ave. 

Decker & Co. 62 Commercial 

"PRICKSOX A. 33 Xorth Market 

-t-' ( see page 726) 


-^ Commercial 

T YXCH W. H. & CO. 144 State 

rpRUXDY it CO. 59 Broad 


TURIXG CO. 217 Federal 

Axle Oil and Grease. 

Boston Lubricator Manufacturing 

Companv, 98 Fulton 
Leonard Geo. W. k Co. 119 Water 
Union Lubricator Co. 6 Haymarket 

square.. John D. Parker 




T EIGHTOX S. P. it CO. 22 

u West 


x 104 Tremont 

-DOBBIXS JOHX, 42 Kneeland 

■" (see page 714) 

Baggage and Hotel 

ROBBLXS JOILX, 42 Kneeland 
(see page 714) 

Bags and Bagging. 

Chase H. a L 233 State 
Jewett George D. 2i% Central 
Kelley John it Co. 33 Doane 
Scanlon B. 304 Commercial 

Bail Commissioners. 

Burbank Robert I. 61 Court 
Darling Edwin H. 13 Court square 

Rice J. H., Brighton Police Court 


(See also Bread Store*.) 
Abbott Julia, 11 Trenton, E.B. 
Allen John Mrs. 82 Brighton 
Anirhein A. 44 Oneida, and 193 

Shawmut avenue 
A USTIX C. F. it CO. 116 Com- 
■ a - mercial (ship) 
Bain Wm. 92 Princeton, E.B. 
Barry E. W. 267 West Fourth 
Bartlett A. G. 869 Albany 
Bemis Eugene, 59 Dearborn, and 

260 Cabot 
Bickford Geo. C. 52 West Canton 
Binton X". C. 740 East Broadway 
Blaser John J. Mrs. 147 Eliot 
Blood John G. 270 Bunker Hill 
Boardman J. L. 46 Walker, Chn. 
Boynton R. B. 92 Village 
Breivogel Daniel, 102 Salem 
Breivogel John, 312 Sumner, E.B. 
Brigham John A. 654 Shawmut av. 
Brown F. R. 356 aud 490 Main, 

and 103 Bunker Hill 
Brown Gilbert C. 53 Pleasant, and 

343 Shawmut avenue 
Brown J. H. 216 Friend, 99 Prince, 

and 10s Charter 
Browne Geo. A. 598 Harrison ave. 
Buck L. Mrs. 124 West Canton 
Bugbee Asa, 34 Border, and 133 

Cameron John, 306 West Third 
Campbell Areh'id. 59 Bartlett, Chn. 
Carle Daniel, W. Fifth, cor. D 
Carrahar Philip, 55 Salem, and 43 

Chater J. 1117 Washington 
Clarke A. W. jr. IS Green, 61 Port- 
land, and 14 Myrtle 
Corcoran P. J. 572 East Second 

Cott Frederick, 1354 Washington 
Cox Edwin A. 104 Cambridge 
Crager William. IBS Vernon 
Cr jTv.ev T. C. 331 Bunker Hili 
Cuddihy Thomas. 322 W. B'way 
Darragh J.. Wash. opp. Rockland, 
and Market, n- Lincoln, Brighton 
De'.anev John. 192 Xorth 
Devin John. 1S2 F. and 280 D 
Devitt W. L. 317 Harrison ave, 
Dickhaut Henry, 69 Austin, Chsn. 
Dorman W. H.317 Harrison ave. 
Dunbar it Gahl. 550 Shawmut ave., 

1732 Wash., and 46 Yeoman 
Elder Peter. *«) East Fifth 
Emhoff Joseph, 7 Parkman 
English Maurice. 223 West Sixth, 

104 C, and 186 D 
Field W. F. it Co. 74 Shawniut ar. 
Fisk Chester C. 631 Tremont 
T7TTZ it MARTIN, 115 Water 
r (see page 830) 
Foster J. 1 . 687 E. Fourth 
Frost Geo. (estate) 34 Taber 
Ganiard A. 0. 133 W. Third, and 

183 F 
Gaut Samuel K. 420, 648 and 1709 

Gilmore Orrin, 216 Bunker Hill 
Goodnow Joseph W., 137 WarreE, 
and Centre, opp. Burroughs, J. P. 
Greenwood Wm. 46 Eutaw, E.B. 
Gueth C. M. 56 Chelsea. E. B. 
Hale Wm. A. 132 Cambridge 
Happel Philip, 128 Everett, E. B. 
Harlan X. 532 Dorchester avenue 
Harrison A. EE West Fourth 
Henrich William, 82 Bennington 
Henry k Spaulding, 76 Leverett 
Heyl A. A. 179 West Broadway 
Hoberg Andrew. 10s8 Tremont 
Hoernle J. C. 6 Bennet 
Howard E. L. it Co. 42 Myrtle 
Hupprich Lonis, Boyiston, near 

station, J. P. 
TAMES B. F. k CO. 2200 Wash- 
** ington 

Jelley Sydney, 91 Cabot (pork pies) 
Jones E. S. 151 Hampden 
Kahurl it Marsh. 140 Prinee 
Kaiser M. 91 George 
Kelly M. J. 1S7 West Fonrth 
Kewer Henry, 27 Pleasant, 40 Win 

Chester, aud 12 Church 
Knight C. I. 52 Hudson 
Kraft Albert. 178 West Eighth 
Krauth Henry. 281 Ruggles 
Krone F. W. 2154 Washington 
Ku'.z Frederick, 42 Heath 
Laiubrecht John, 418 Hanover 
Lang J. P. 144 Court 
Lautz John, 296 Harrison avenne 
Loud J. C. it E. A. 39 Prince, 62 and 
167 Endicott, 294 Hanover, 39 
Charter, and 327 Xorth 
Lovering Laura A. 178 I 
Lnppoid £. 201 Paris, E.B. 
Madden Timothy. 208 Marion.E.B. 
Mann August, 11 Winchester 
Hanson Ephrahn L 104 Essex 
Marceiin Charles, 91 Wanenlon, 

and 78 Lenox 
Martin F. 52o Dudley 
McArdie Heurv Mrs! 291 Harr. ave. 
McArthur Andrew, 14 Cambridge 
McDevitt Robert, 42 W. Broadway 
McDowell J. J. 162 D 
McGill John, 194 £.cor. W. Eighth 
McXallv James. USb% Cambridge 
McXally John E. 14 Cross 
McXauutra John. 58 Henley, Chsn. 
McShane Henrv, 132 W. Fourth 
Merello J. L26U Washington. 107 
Xorth, 362 Tremont, and 36 X. 
Miller John. S4 Salem 
Millett Chas. L. 90 West Cedar 
Mitchell James D. 242 Harrison 
ave., 54 Kneeiaiid. and 165 Beach 
Moran M E- 142 Dorchester ave. 
Morrill Geo. £. 66 Maverick., K.B. 
Morse A. K"S Dorchester 
Moulton A. 48 Xorman 
Mullen Thomas. 65 Green 
Murdock it Co. 145 Harrison ave. 
Mullin James. 1044 Harrison ave., 

and 1013 Tremont 
O'Flauagan John, 230 Main 
O'Sullivan Robert, 661 Harrison av . 
Page Andrew A.. Xorfolk, Mat. 
Parker Edw. B. 116 Tvler 
Parker John A. 40 Bu'nker Hill 
Parmelee L. G. r. 15 Chester Park 
Perry Aimon, 645 Parker 
Pike'R. B.. Dorch. av. cor. Linden 
Pleau Mary Mrs. 541 E. Seventh 
Prentiss James W. 71 Bartlett, Chn. 
Randolph B. F. Ill Camb ge, Chn. 
Kice Charles A. 16 Central sq. 
Robertson Dau'l. Mrs. 23 Chadwick 
Rohde Charles. 1355 Washington 
Bommeh John M. 70 Lougwood 



Bakers — Contimied. 
Rotlifuchs Christian, 253 Shawmut 

Rothfuehs J. 296 Simmer, E.B. 
Rule John, 21a W. Eighth 
Sanderson George A. 509 Main, 

and 42 Decatur, Chsn. 
Sandman Charles, Hit' Salem 
Sehell Peter, 1226 Washington 
Shepard lloratio G., Hancock, cor. 

Winter, Dorchester 
Shields James, SI Maverick, and 

338 Sumner, E. B. 
Shute M. H. 100 Princeton, E.B. 
Sinclair Robert, 1 Bennington 
Smith Jonas G. 11 Warren ave. 
Smith J. R. 6il Maverick, and SO 

Meridian, E. B. 
Smith Nelson Mrs. rear 292 Hanover 

Smith William, 51 Poplar 
Stackpole S. A. 12U W. Fourth 
Stetson E. B. 148 Main 
Stokinger Frank, 302 Ruggle9 
Stone Eben, 42:; Hanover 
Sullivan C. T. 33 Vine, Chsn. 
Tavlor & Co. 1085 Washington, 68 

Beach, and 134 Pleasant 
Thomas H. 1054 ami 1271 Tremont 
Thompson M. A. 338 W. Broadway 
Vogel George, 52 West Fifth 
Wachtler Moritz. 22 .Medford 
Waite H. C. S00 E. Fifth 
Wakefield D. K. 55 Causeway 
Wallace .1. C. 348 Dorchester 
Wallace Robert, 363 E 
Wallace William jr. 1061 Wash. 
Webber M. A. 781 E. Sixth 
Webster James, 16 East 
Weild John, 107 Main, Chs'n 
Weisbrod Simon, 22 Fleet 
Welchlin C. F. 1332 Tremont, and 

54 W. D.dham 
Wentworth J. B. 325 Harrison ave. 
Werner Francis, HI40 Tremont 
Wesncr M. 73 Shawnmt avenue 
Weston Charles D. 139 Lincoln 
White, mb E. D. 2220 Wash., and 

139 Ruggles, cor. Cabot 
Wingate G. 511 Main 

* 815 Tremont (aerated bread) 
Young C. L. 301 Tremont 
Zielinger Charles, 372 Chelsea, E.B. 


(See also Scales and Balances.) 

■£ S3 Milk 

Page, & Co. agts, 145 Franklin 


Battis William E. 121 Commercial 
Bosson Geo. T. 1 Russia wharf 
Brown James, 188 Commercial 
Brown & Mcintosh, 188 Comm'l 

Hand Equipments. 

T EIGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 
*-* West 

-*■ 104 Tremont 

Band Saws. 
pLEMSoN & CO. 52Kilby (see 
v page 716) 


Albee Amos D. 59 Congress 
Bacon W. B., New England agent, 

Baring Bros. & Co. 28 State 
Baldwin Geo. P. & Co. 55 Congress, 
room [shire 

Ballou George W. & Co. 72 Devon- 
Bangs Elisha D. & Co. 88 State 
Blake Brothers & Co. 28 State 
Bolles Matthew & Co. 90 State 
Brewster, Basset. & Co. 35 Congress 
Brown Bros. & Co. 66 State 
Brown, Riley, & Co. 9 Congress 
Bullens & M'ixter, 45 Milk 
Burnham W. G. 7 Exchange place 
Chaffee E. L. 275 Washington 
Chase R. Gardner & Co. 158 Dev- 
Corbin Banking Co. 43 Milk 
Day R.L. & Co. 14 Exchange pi. 
Dexter G. 10 State 
Fay W. W. & Co. 31 State 
Fenno & Homer, 24 Congress sq. 
Field Win, N. fc Co. 48 State 
Fogg Brothers & Co., Summer, cor. 

Foote & French, 7 Congress 
Fuller C. E. & Co. 2 State 
Gilbert B. W. 64 Devonshire 
Goodnow Nathan B., Water, cor. 

Post-office square 
Gossler&Co. 70 State 
Hull F. A. 4 Post Office sq. 

TTAWLEY F. A. & CO. 84 Dev- 
J - i onshire, and 20 Water 
Head Charles & Co. 62 Devonshire 
Head C. D. & T. H. Perkins, 68 

Hecht Lewis, 62 Congress 
Hubbard Bros. & Co. 60 Devonsh'r 
Jenks J. H. 261 Washington 
Keith C. E. & Co. 235 Washington, 

room 12 
Kidder, Peabody, & Co. 40 State, 

room 8 
Lawrence Wm. F. & Co. 63 Federal 
Lee,Higginson,&Co. 40 and 44 State 
Lee Thomas J. & Dill. 60 State 
Moors J. B. & Co. 35 Congress, r. 12 
Munroe John & Co. (N. Y.) 4 Post 

Office square 
New England Mortgage Security 

Co. 43 .Milk 
Parker & Stackpole, 78 Devonshire 
Paterson & Co. 230 Washington 
Putnam Charles A. 60 State 

Simmons building, 40 Water, 
room 1 

Rockwood Edward O. 2 P. O. sq. 

Rogers, Tower, Wood, & Co. 167 

Shaw C. A. 20 Court 

Smith E. M. & Co. 64 Devonshire 

Starks Banking Co. 13 Exchange 

Stone & Downer, 28 State, basement 

Sweet Chas. A. & Co. 40 State, rill 4 

Thayer J. E. & Bro. 21 Sears' bldg. 

Tower, Giddings, & Co., Devon- 
shire, corner Water 

Ward S. G. &G. C. agents Baring 
Brothers & Co. 2S State 

Warren George W. & Co. 60 State 

Bank Examiners. 

Billings C. O. 28 State, room 36 
Needham Daniel, 45 Milk 
Bobbins C. W. 28 State, room 30 

Bank Locks. 

McPherson E. M. 85 Devonshire 

Atlantic National, 8 Kilby 
•"- building 

Blackstone National, 132 Hanover 
Blue Hill National, Washington, 

cor. Richmond, L.M. 
Boston Clearing House, 65 State 
Boston National, 61 State 
Boylston National, 616 Wash. 
Broadway National, Equitable bdg 
Bunker Hill National, 21 City sq. 

Central National, 121 Devonshire 
Collateral Loan Co. 117 Summer 
Columbian National, 65 State 
Continental National, 51 Summer 
Eleventh Ward National, 264 

Eliot National, 131 Devonshire 
Everett National, Milk, c. Congress 
Faneuil Hall National, 3 S. Market 
First National, 17 State 
First Ward National, 1 Winthrop 

block, E.B. 
Fourth National, 34 Blackstone 
Freeman's National, 111 Summer 
Globe National, 40 State 
Hamilton National, 60 Devonshire 
Howard National, So State 
Manufacturers National, Devon- 
shire, cor. Summer 
Market National, Hi State 
JX TRUST CO. 18 Post-office sq. 
Massachusetts National, 60 Cong. 
Maverick National, 50 Water 
Mechanics National, 115 Dorch.av. 
Merchandise National, Milk, cor. 

Merchants National, 28 State 
Metropolitan National, 57 Brattle 
Monument National, Thompson 

square, Charlestown 
Mt. Vernon National, 13 Franklin 
National Bank of Brighton, Wash. 

cor. Chestnut Hill ave. 
National Bank of Commerce, 9 

Sears' building 
National Bank of the Common- 
wealth, Devonshire, cor. Water 
National Bank of North America, 

106 Franklin [Devonshire 

National Bank of Redemption, 85 
National Bank of the Republic, 3 

Merchants row 
National City, 61 State 
National Eagle, 16 Kilbv 
National Exchange, 28 State 
National Hide and Leather, 70 

National Market, Washington, 

opp. Cattle Fair Hotel, Brighton 

National Revere, 100 Franklin 
National Rockland, 2313 Wash. 
National Security, Court, comer 

National Union. 40 State [grew 
National Webster, Milk. eor. Con- 
New England National, 67 State 
-^ 8.5 Devonshire, eor. Water' 
North National, 109 Franklin, cor. 

Old Boston National. 48 Sra*e 
- L onshire 

People's National, 114 Dudley 
-" Simmons' building, 40 Water, 
room 1. Managers, Speucer 
W. Richardson,' William H. 
Hill, jr., Edward D. Adams. 
Cashier, II. W. Dodd. Dis- 
count daily 
Second National, 1 and 2 Sears' 

Shawmut National, 60 Congress 
Shoe and Leather National, ISO 

State National. 40 State • 
Suffolk National, 60 State 
Third National, 66 State 
Trader's National, 91 State 
Tremont National, 41 State 
Washington National, 47 State 

Banner Painter. 

^ mont row (see page 729 J 


T EIGHTON S. P. & CO. 2 J 
•^ West 

x 104 Tremont 


(See Hairdressers.) 

Bark Machines. 

Thompson & Nowell, 82 Wash. I 

Barometers and Thei 

J " L Washington (see page 829) n 
CEITZ JACOB A. 103 Court I 

Barrels, Casks, and 

(See also Coopers.) 
- fl - ' mond-st. extension (see pa. 

Cahill Thos., Chelsea, ncarMari W 
Kenny Thomas, 50 Bremeu, E.I I 
Neiss D. L., Chamber, cor. C I 

sq., Chs'n (cellar) 
O'Donnell II. & Son, 464 Bremer • 
GCOTT WILLIAM, Eichnior. ^ 
k - ) st. extension 

Stearns S., Laugdon, cor. Gcorf 1 
VERGE JOSEPH A. 138 il '^ 
' (see page 704) 

Base Ball Goods. 

Howland George W. 26 Kneela •! 
Malm L. H., Green, opp. Cheats 

J. P. 
Wright George, 39 Eliot 

Basement Eights. 

Boston Daylight Reflector Co. 


Basket Makers. 

■*■ place (see advertising indai .# 


Elodgett J. L. 17 Beacon, and r 

399 Washington 
Condon F. A.. Sncrinan House I 
Davenport Ira, 7 Montgomery I 
fiREANVT JOHN, 10 llay» 
,J place (see page 702) 
Lawrence II. & Co. 2347 Wash. 
Lovejoy J. A. 7 Montgomery v 

(steam and air) 

Bedding, .Feathers, A ■ 

Albee Henrv L.& Co. 65 Unior. 
■"■ Pleasant 
Fowle C. L. 24 Kneeland 
Glover & Wilicomb, 36 Canal, 

129 Friend 
pi ALLETT & CO. 17 Docksqi 

ASK ELL A. L. i 
and 102 Hanover 

HOLM AN J. & CO. 76, fiO an 



nst. for the Blind. 37 Avon 
IcCrillis George S. (17 Union 
ammeft G. A. i; Son, 154 Hanover 
yilKiXER A. W. & CO. 126 
'" Hanover 

ted T.ounge and Otto- 
man Frames 
.XCDADE HUGH, 77 Travers 
VJ - (see page 723) 


entennial Wardrobe Bed Co., 36 

and 119 Court 

Beef Juice. 

>USII JAMES P. 9 Doane 

Bees Wax. 

1 & CO. 36 Central wharf 
'HIX.XEY .1. P. & CO. 151 
Summer (see page 849) 

Bell Founders. 

LAKE WM. & CO. Brighton. 

1 c. Allen 

Bell Hangers. 

ECKFORD E.S. 677 Washing- 
ton, and 9 LaGrange 
ane A. B. 75G Washington 
rnald G. M. II. 12 Brattle 
ULLER SETI1 W. 63 Devon- 
shire isee page 706) 
irringtoi) Geo. E. 3 Province et. 
igner F. 52 Bedford 
OLMES E. T. & CO. 342 

- Washington 

.lies George E., 6 Maverick sq. 
»rce Charles, 50 Charles 
we A. E. 4 Dock square 

Bells (Electric.) 

7ILLIAMS C. jr., 109 Court 
' (see page 704) 

Belt Knives. 

rERRILL J. G. 115, 119, and 

- 121 Eliot (see page 531) 


(See also Leather Belting.') 

DAMS THUS. B. successor to 
King & Adams. 176 Devonshire 

196 Devonshire, and 54 Arch 

LABK A. X. & CO. 58 Port- 

140 Congress 
UNT II. C. & CO. 45 Arch 

i.GE BELTING CO. 50 Fedr'l 

UfE E. F. & CO. 30 Wash- 

AGE, WESTON, & CO. 186 


SIGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 


104 'Fremont 

Bill Posters. 

'Ivmau J. Q. A., Washington, 

PP"':te Market, Brighton 

nnellyj. & Sons. 4 Province ct. 


ekson Hemming, 4 Chestnut, 


llj 6 Wogan, 5 Williams court 

Billiard Balls. 
\TLEY AMASA W. 294 Har- 

nsoii avenue i see pane 710) 
oiUard E. R. 114 Sudbury 

Billiard Rooms. 

on C. L. 13 Province 
;;;» Uayid 4 2_25 'Fremont 
Vpgreu C. F. 53 Hanover 
ikeW. H. 75 Court 
>wn Frank B. 148 Meridian 
.•s;er 1557 Washington 

'■•'■ Gorge. B. & p. depot 
"-ket W. i..::i'., Howard 

Joseph Ii. 12 Maverick sa. 
j niels L. i Green 

]•• Bernard, Hancock, n. Dudley 
I '-k John 11.545 Washington 

-. P. 11 North Russell 
- .524 Dudley 
W. P. (155 Washington 
dleyR. w. 109 Court 
lueock S. A. 107 Cambridge 

Harvey John F., junction East 

Broadway and Emerson 
Hicks John T., Hancock sq., Chn. 
Holland Charles L. 532 Main 
Homer Valentine, 2231 Wash. 
Kendrick J. B. & Co. 57 Temple pi- 
Lafayette Billiard Hall, Morse & 

Morris, 1 Coolidge block 
LoringJ. M. 358 Main 
Lunden & Burnnam, 245 Tremont 
Marshall W. P. 114 Sudbury 
Melvin James L. 388 Main 
Modee Vincent, 41 Hanover 
Morse George A. 2 Bow, Chs'n 
Murphy J. J. 115 Court 
Newman Charles, 6 Canal 
Newman Harry, 316 W. Broadway 
Perry & Richardson. 90 Court 
Piron Edward A. 40 Essex 
Porter F. L. 565 Washington 
Portlock Charles, 580 ^ Wash. 
Sargent Charles, 193 Hanover 
Sherman A. B.. Pierce's blk., H.S. 
Skerry E. A. 21 School 
Werner George. 1095 'Fremont 
Werner John, 1269 Tremont 

Billiard TaMe Makers. 
■DAILEY AMASA W. 294 Harri- 
XJ rison ave. (see page 710) 
■^ inston 

Butler J. H. 3 Tremont row, r. 9 
(JAME J. E. & CO. 114 Sudbury 

Collender H. W. 3 Tremont row 

Billiard Table Trim- 

fJAILEY AMASA W. 294 Har- 
- L ' -rison ave. (see page 710) 

Bird Cages. 

" 104 Court (see page 727) 

Birds and Cages. 

18 Arch 
Colbnrn A. J. 31 Boylston 
Durbeck C. R. Mrs. 50 Princeton 
Eaton Chester L. 77 Kinsston 
Gilnian Edward A. 23 Bedford 
vx 104 Court (see page 727) 
Holden G. H. 9 Bowdoin sq. 
Tucker L. G. 28 Causevvay(pig'ns) 

Bitters Manuf. 


JJ change 

Farrie Wm. A. & Co. 106 Sudbury 
(sherrv wine) 

Wheeler L.& Co. GO Broad (sher- 
ry wine) 

Black Boards. 

Swasey J. A. 19 Brattle 


Bartlett H. A. & Co. 115 Water 
Bixbv S. M. & Co. 35 Doane 

BROWN B. F. & CO. 156 Com- 
Bunker Hill Blacking Association, 

1 Fred, Charlestown 
QAHILL M. S. SI South 

Collamore Wm. & Co. 114 Merri- 

riROST BROS. & CO. 141 Devon- 

■*■ shire (see front colored page) 
Gould E. L. 173 State 
Hauthawav C. L. & Sons, 102 High 
Lincoln C. B. 49 High 
gAWYER H. 135 State 

-^yHITE S. A. 1U Fulton 

Whittemore, Bros. & Co. 176 Lin- 


(See also Horse Shoers; also Ship- 

Allen Joseph S., Canal, near R.R. 
crossing. Charlestown 

Banks J. II., Dorchester ave., near 

Batterman John & Son, 471 Harri- 
son avenue 

Beaudry Alex. 169 Sumner, E. B. 

Berry G. W., Neponset ave. near 
Walnut, Neponset 


AJ nington (see page 71S) 

Brackett Andrew D. 816 Shaw. ave. 

Bramhall Otis, 2d, 804 Federal 

Brennan S. 875 Harrison avenue 

Brock William, 257 Roxburv 

■UURNETT & BROWN, 12 and 

** 14 Bowker 

Burnham C. W. 33 Hawkins 
Callahan John. Washington, near 

Cambridge. Brighton 
Callahan N. 25 Stillnian 
Cameron Wm., Centre, opp.Green- 

ough av. J. P. 
Campbell John, 35 Richmond 
Carroll William, 104 Charlestown 
Chadwick A. R. 278 Dover 
Chadwick W. H., Swett, c. Albany 
Chisholni A. rear 37 Foundry 
Corcoran M., Centre, opp. Perkins 
Costello John I). 145 Doreh. av. 
Coyle John, 299 Dorchester avenue 
Crane H., Wash. opp. Dorchester 

avenue, L.M. 
Cunningham M., Dorch. avenue, 

near Commercial 
Curry John E., Wash, near Green, 

Jam. Plain 
Daly Thomas, Wash, near Green, 

Jam. Plain 
Daniels John, Commercial, near 

Dorchester avenue 
Davenport Oliver, Hancock, near 

Dobbratz Frederick. Winship, Br. 
Dodge J. H. 183 Portland ■ 
Doherty E. 50 Charlestown 
Donovan J., Neponset av. near 

Taylor, Nep. 
Dowd Edward. bO Palmer 
Dwyer, Cotton, & Quirk, 358 

Dorchester avenue 
Eastman Richard, 13 Bowker 
Fall Henry, 305 Federal 
Finnigan M. 55 Emerald 
Flavin Jeremiah, 70 Liverpool 
Fogg i Co. 22 Bowker 
Foss A. S. 246 Sumner, E. B. 
Gamage S. F. 29 Beverly (machine) 
Geraghtv Win. 1517 'Fremont 
Gilford G. & £. H. 217 Medford, 

Glines J. H., Water, cor. Charles 

River avenue. Chs'n 
Glynn P. & Sou, Fellows, cor. 

Goldie John, 69 West Dcdham 
Hackett Matthew. Western ave. c 

No. Harvard. Brighton 
Hall II. G. 159 Beach 
JJAM L. M. & CO. 158 Portland 

Ham Philip, 516 Main 
Harrigan P. F. 37 Haverhill 
Hartshorn Charles P., Centre, n. 

Park, W. B. sta. 
Hathawav S. 154 Border 
Herscy James A., River, near 

Norfolk, Maftapau 
Hewitt John. 26 Hampshire 
Hill James F. 264 Dover 
Hooker Dai id S. 127 Sumner, E.B. 
Howe T. W. 83 Hampden 
Howe i: Co. 21 Eastern ave. 
Isele A. W. 51 Pitts 
Kane John J., Spring-st. station, 

W. Rox. 
Keefe Martin, 4.56 Harrison av. 
Kennedy J. & Co., Brighton av., 

cor. All6ton 
Kilev Thomas, Swett, c. Albany 
Laliy P. & Co. 21, 23 and 25 West 

Laun H. 646 East Fourth 
Loney D. C. 130 B 
Low William H. 7 Province ct. 
Mack N. 2840 Washington 
Maclean Edward, Adams, near 

Park, Har. Sq. 
Madore J. 8 Swan 
McBarron John. 55 Emerald 
McBarron & Lucas, 67 E. Dedham 
McDonald Thomas, rear 12 Long- 
wood avenue 
Mcintosh James F., Harvard, near 

Washington. Dorchester 
McKee H, J. 32*3 AV. .Second 
Meade William, 623 Harrison av. 
Melledy M, B, corner W. First 
Mennig George, 611 Parker 
Merririekl Hosea F-, Western av.* 

No. Brighton 
Mildram Samuel, 35S Federal 
MolevM., Beacon park, Allston 
Murphy E. M. r. 78 Northampton 
Murray Henry J., Chaucer, near 

Newman A. W. 44 Eustis 
O'Callahan J. C, Columbia, opp. 

Bird, Dorchester 
O'Donncll M., Church, c. Colum- 
bus avenue 
O'Keefe M., Cambridge, opp. trot- 
ting park. Brighton 
Olivers Wil.iams. 22^ Pitts 
Oxley & Halev. 363 Chelsea, E. B. 
Ray Richard. Granite, c. W. First 
Raymond, March, & Co. 38 Beverly 
Richmond & Brown. 312 Dorch aw 
Rink & Sawyer. 16 Beverly • 
Kipley J. G.'lSS Medi'ord.'Chsn. 



Blacksmiths— Continued. 
BOBINSON A. E. 185 West 
Av Second 

Rodd & Kearnev, Wst'n av Allston 
Ronald Alexander. 2S4 E. Eighth 
Rourke Frank, W. First, c. A 
Russell John T. 55 Condor 
Sawyer W. W. 65 Beverly 
Scott D.D., River, L. M. 
Shepard Win. 106 Travers 
Simpson D. S. 144 Bench 
Smith G. W. & F., Federal, corner 

Smith John, rear 323 Dorrh. av. 
CMITH & LOVETT, 125 to 129 
^J Albany 
Smith & McCarthy, 48 Miller, 

CTANTON D. 197 South 

GTONE HENRY N. 132 Com- 
O mercial (see page 731) 
Stone W. P-& Co. 179 W. Firs! 
Sullivan & Collins, 36 Culvert 
rpiiOMAS JOHN, 5t>Eustis 

TwitchcU & Libby , 49> Causeway 
Weeks Reuben, Washington, near 

Roslindale station. W. R. 
Weekes Richard E. 224 Centre 
White Charies, Wasliington, near 

Winship. Brighton 
Wilson James. Walnut, n. Ncpon- 

get avenue, Neponse-S 

Blank Book Manufg. 
(See oho Stationer*-) 
^ CO. 117 Devon shire 

Exchange (see page 715) 
-rkOANE & GKEENOUGH, 116. 
•M State 
p AY AARON R. & CO. 130 State- 

GATES IRA G. 19 Spring lane 
♦seepage J 15) 
TIALL V7. W. 106 Eliot, eorner 
-H Tremont 

Humphrey B. F. 114 State 
JOHNSON II. T. Sl CO. 25 Arch 

TONES R. S. 258 Washington 
" (see page 702) 
Little N. & Co. 60 Cornhill 

NICHOLS & HALL. 32: Brom- 
field (see page 712) 
(6ee page 713) 

Blank Book STnmberer. 

pEARCE SAMUEL T. 80 State 
■*■ (see page 713) 


(See alto Bonnet & Hat Bleacheries. y 
Great Falls Bleachery, N. W. Far- 
well & Son, 56 Summer 
Lawrence Bleachery, N. W. Far- • 

well & Son, 56 Summer 
L* DYE WORKS, 40 Water, S. 

G. Snelling, treas , room 43 
Middlesex Bleachery and Dye 
Works, Jas, Lee, jr. 24 Congress 

Blind and Sash Makers' 

Caldwell Geo. H. 175 Fort Hill sq. 
Torry J. A. 175 Fort Hill souare 
Mclutosh H. M. 01 Hampshire 


'** Foster's wharf' 
Heswkins G. C. 140 Congress 
Sturtevant B. F. 72 Sudbury 


Bhftty S. M. & Co. S5 Doane 
liaOWN B. F. & CO. 156 Com- 
■*" .mercial 

Cogswell W. S. fc Co. 101 Union 
Gardner B. A. Ill Fulton 

CEAWYER H. 135 State 

-**■ Summer 

Boarding; House*. 

Abbott A. J. 69 Myrtle 
Anson W. 85 Chauncy 
Atkins J. R. 44 Chambers 
■Barrett L. B. Mrs. 17 Upton 
IBilliugs John, 35 West Newton 
^Bradford John K.Mrs. 32 Poplar 
iBroadbent N. Mrs. 187 Vernon 
fCalkins Rosana Mrs. 29 City sq. 

Clark William, 197 Harrison av. 

Clifford Dennis, 48 W. Fourth 

Ciough S. L. 359 Tremont 

Collins Mary Mrs. 29 Harrison av. 

Dix Joel, 26 Richmond, Chsn. 

Dudlev James W. 26 LaGrange 

Dunn"lsaiah, 13 Montgomery pi. 

Erskine D. 375 Columbus avenue 

Farnham George H. 10 Spring 

Gardner M. 20 Main 

Generaux Paul, 19 Eastern ave. 

Gleason John W. 63 and 65 Indi- 
ana Place 

Gorior Elias. 74 Broad 

Halpin John, SO Portland 

Hamilton Wm. H. Mrs. 60 Wash., 

Harmon A. W. 76 Main 

Hildicth G. W. 54 Myrtle 

Hutchinson H. 35 Boylston (lodg- 

Iden Catharine Mrs. 183 Harr. av. 

Johnson D. F. 11 Warren 

Kalbskopf Bros. 1 Boylston sq. 

Knights John, 50 Austin, Chs'n 

Korsters F. Mrs. 14 Eliot 

Lavan Alfred, 240 Dorchester 

Leavitt F. W. 95 Chambers 

Lewis E. J. 470 Hanover 

Little L. S. Mrs. 1324 Tremont 

Martell J. 42 W. Fourth 

Martin A. Mrs. 817 Tremont 

Maxwell Robert, 1 Ashland 

Morris E. 28 Goui-h 

Noether A. 47 LaGrange 

Prince L. A. Mrs. 192 Harrison av. 

Rae L. Miss 37 Warren 

Rahn C. M.Mrs. 78 Pinckney 

Richardson J. 65 Eastern ave. 

Savage D. M. 125 Main 

Tessier F. 156 Merrimac 

Thayer Edward L. 13J8 Tremont 

Thaver E. M 707 Shawmut ave. 

Wilfey J. F. 1 Howe place 

Willhanck V. 779 E. Sixth 

Woodburn Kate Mrs. 122 Essex 

Boats and Boat 

Anderson Wm. L. foot of K, City 

Point (south side) 
Bibber Robert W. 8S5 E. Sixth 
Bovlcs Augustine B., Decatur, cor. 

Border, E. B. 
Brown RoDert, Medford, opp. Lex- 
Cragin Daniel. 894 Atlantic ave. 
Davis II. A., Mill, n. Sumner.E.B. 
Dolan M. J. 117 Sumner, E.B. 
Holbrook Samuel E. jr. 20 Atlantic 

Horgan Thomas, East Seventh, c. 

O street 
Houghton Patrick, 165 Sumner 
Hutcliings & Pryor, E. Sixth, n. P 
Lawley Geo. & Son, rear horse car 

stabfes, South Boston 
Moore William, 3 Chaucer 
Norcross Geo. H. rear 421 Comm'l 
Norcross J. W. 12S Border 
Partelow C. M. 3.V1 Commercial 
Pendleton G. W. 270 Border 
Pierce & Ritchie, 115 Sumner, E.B. 
Ruddiek Wm. rear 381 Medford, 

Sullivan Richard, 421 Commercial 
West T. F. & Co. 13 Comm'l wharf 
White A. F. 421 Commercial 

Boiler Makers. 

;See also Steam Boilers and Engine*. 
der, E.B. 

BIRD GEO. M. & CO. 70 Lewis, 
E. B., and 9 Haverhill 
Burke Wm. J„ Tufts wharf. E.B. 
ftHUBBUCK S. E. & SONS, 971 
^-' Tremont 
Cook, Rymes, & Co., Water, cor. 

Chamber, Charlestown 
Cunningham Thomas, 29 Water, 

HODGE E. & CO. 160 Liverpool, 
Killilea Michael, 103 Sumner, E. B. 
T ALLY & RUSSELL, W. First, 
J - J cor. C (see page 720) 
*-* First, mar M 
Miles Geo., West First, c. Granite 

LewiB, E.B. 
ENSHAW L.F. SS School, rm. 
F (see page 731) 


22 New st., E.B., office, 28 State 
OOUTHER JOHN & CO., A, cor. 
° Richards, and 12 P. O. square 

91 Milk, and 1176 Tremont 

Boiler Tubes <fe Hivets. 


F North 

Howard Boiler Manuf. Co. 8 Pern. 

berton square 
Loring Clias. C. OS Water- 

(limited), 36 Oliver 
•^ CO. 8 Pemberton square 
Reed John H. & Co. 2 Pemb. sq. 

Boiler «fe Pipe Covering. 

"• H. W. Sayrc, supt., 11 Pem- 
berton square 

150 Oliver 

Bolt Makers. 

Bay State Manut. Co. 173 to 177 

Sumner, E.H. 
Boston Nut Co., W. II. Swift, agt., 

92 Broad 

H. Work, agent, 13 Pearl (see 
page S2S) 

Bolt Rods. 

-L* Exchange place 

Bolts, Nuts, «fc Washer*, 

■*■ Work, agent., 13 Pearl («« 
page 828) 

Bonds, Drafts, Cheek*, 
•V Stock Certificate*]! 

x MANUF. CO. 197 Dcvoushin 
(see leaf opposite page 3U4) 

Bonnet Frame Maiiuft, 

Giralt L. 576 Wasliington 
Henderson R. B. 17 Avon 
Russell B. D.83 Temple place 
Sheplie De L. & Co. 79 Summer 

Bonnet and Hat 

Baker Nelson. 339 Washington 
Copleston Edward, 11 Province ct 
Cutler James, 22 Hanover 
Dorinaii Charles 11. 2221 Wash. 
Fisher W. M. 3 Tremuiit row 
Guild F. E. 5.'!5 Washington 
King D. J. 27 Essex 
Newton P. A. 212 Main 
piTTS GEO. S. 10 Meridian, E.B 

pOOL BROTHERS, 16 llanove 

Rand M. 11 Province court (hat) 
Reynolds J. 419 Washington 
gTORER J. W. 673 Wushiiigto. 

Thomas James & Co. 19 Province 

Book hinders. 

Abbott S. K. St Co., 93 Federal 
Adams Benj. 37 Cornhill 
Adams Ephraim, 93 Federal 
Austin Geo. T. 451) W. Broadway 
Barnard V. J. 162 Wash, (agent) 
Bradley Ira & Co. 162 WashiiUBM 

BURLEN HOIST. 30 Exehaujj 
(seepage 728) 
Carter & Weston, 76 Sudbury 
Collins T. F. 7.1 Federal 
^ Federal 

T)ALE JOHN P. & CO., 27 Boyl 
L' 8ton 

Eeles F. 49 Federal 
Fleming Edwin & Co., 47 Frankli 
Foster Henry T. 31 Hawley 
Goldsmith B. W. 6 Hancock at, 

Guardenicr J. H. 50 Bromfleld 
Hobbs Frank A. 339 Washington 
TJOLZER U. 20 Avon 

Inglis Alex D. 93 Water 
Jones Geo. II. & Co. 178 Wash. 
TONES R. S. 258 Washington 
" (see page 7021 
Knight Wm. II. 171 Devonshire 
Lander C. M. 50 Bromfield, rin. 1 

Chardon (see page 717) 
Moore Alexander & Co. .". Sehool 

E. M. Taylor & Co. 493 Wash 
ington, room 9 
O'Shea William. 11 Cornhill 
Rand O. J.. Congress e. Franklin 
Ripley Joseph W. 21 Cornhill 
Roberts J. G. & Co. 17 Province 
Russ W. II. 4 Alden 
OANBORN S. H. 73 Federal (*' 
►-> page 728) 



Seidensticker R. A. 261 Wash. 
Sewall II. J. & Co. 267 Wash. 
Terry Henry G. 30 Franklin 
IJlinan William, 548 Washington 
Wi son William J. 79 Milk 

Bookbinders' Stock and 

Fleming William, .50 & 52 Cornhill 
Marshall, Son, & Co. 41 Federal 

Bookbinders' Threads. 
(see page 707) 

Book Lettering: and 

T>URLEN ROBT., 30 Exchange 

D (see page 728) 

QHASE WM. P. 179 Washington 

JJOLZER IT. 20 Avon 

TONES R. S. 258 Wash, (see 
° page 702) 

Book Marking. 
fJHASE W. P. 179 Washington 

Book Pagers. 

" change (see page 728) 
pEARCE SAMUEL T. 80 State 
■*- (see page 713) 

Booksellers and Pub- 

(See also Periodicals.) 
Adams, Sampson , & Co., see Samp- 
son, Davenport, & Co., 155 
Advent Pub. Society, O. Goodrich, 

agent, 144 Hanover 
Alden C. F. 35 Congress 
Allen William, 260 Washington 

Allyn John, 30 Franklin 
a TION SOCIETY, N.E.branch, 
George H. Springer, agent, 7, 
8and9Tremont Temple 
Am. Miss. Assoc, 21 Cong'l House 
Am. S. S. Union, 7;Beacon 
Am. Tract Society, 381 Wash. 
Am. Tract Society, N. E. Branch, 

23 Franklin 
Am. Unitarian Assoc, 7 Trem't pi. 
Appleton D. & Co. 22 Hawley 
Backup John, 117 Dudlev 
Bailey Thomas T. 23 Franklin 
Baker George M. & Co. 41 Franklin 
" DEPOSITORY, George H. 
Springer, agent, 2, 7, 8 and 9 
Tremont Temple 
Barry Fred. W. 108 Washington 
BartlettN. J. & Co. 28 Cornhill 
Bible and Publication Society, N. 

E. branch, 2 Tremont Temple 
Bird Frank W. 32 Brattle 
3ixby Luther W. 21S7 Wash. 
Boston and Paris Pub. Co. 4 Exch. 

place, room 12 
Briggs & Co. 17 Batterymarch 
Brown F. G. 1 Pemberton sq., rm. 8 
Brown H. D. 67 Cornhill (sub.) 
Browne O. F. & Bro. 31 Exchange, 
Bumham T. O. H. P. 68 School 
Butler H. Vincent, 45 Franklin 
^ampbell James, 17 Franklin 
barter H. H. 3 Beacon 
w Washington (see page 711) 
MLAPP OTIS & SON, 3 Beacon 
v (horn.) 

Clarke W. B. 340 Washington 
~olby & Rich, 9 Montgomery pi. 
-.olesworthy G. E. 62 Cornhill 
-olesworthy W. G. 06 Cornhill 
^ong. Pub. Society, Congregation- 
al House, Beacon 
Cook C.L. 96 Tremont (commer- 
cial hand books) 
Crocker & Brewster, 179 Wash. 
Crocker & Stickney, 21 Broomfield 
^rown W. S. 2 Bromfield (sub.) 
Curran R. H. & Co. 33 Bromfield 
Uavis Robert S. & Co. 36 Bromfield 
Dennet Win. H. 260 Washington 
Dockham C. A. & Co. 242 Wash. 
Dudley Dean, 286 Washington 
karle James H. 20 Hawley 
Edmands B. W. 2.5 Bromfield (gen- 
eral agent subscription) 
Estes & Lauriat, 301 Wash. 
fairchildL. W. & E. B. 31 Pem- 
berton square 
Fleetwood Henry, 309 Wash. , 
* rothingham & Co. 49 Franklin 
f.ately M. R., r enr 347 Washington 
Gi Edwin H. 231 W. Broadway 
Gill William F. « Co. 26 Hawley 

Gilman J. W. C. & Co. 13% Brom- 
field (school) 
Ginn & Heath, 13 Tremont place 
Goddard N. C. 260 Wash. 
Gospel Book and Tract Depository, 

2 Hamilton place 
Graves, Locke, & Co., 23 Franklin 
Greenough & Co. 22 School 
Halliday W. H. & Co. 27 West 
Hammett J. L. 37, 39. and 41 Brattle 
Hastings H. L. 342 Washington 
Hastings & Co. 36 Winter 
Heath Laban & Co. 30 & 48 Hanover 
XJTODGES S. W. 14 Bromfield 

Houghton B. O. & Co. 1 Somerset 
Hoye James A. 30 Hanover 
Hoyt Henry, 9 Cornhill 
Industrial Records, H. P. Weeks, 

agent, 30 Franklin 
Johnson & Miles, 21 Bromfield 
Jones George V. 15 State 
Jones J. G. 341 Main, Chas'n 
Keating & Co. 186 Devonshire 
Keith Chas. E. & Co. 235 Wash. 
Knight. Adams, & Co. 32 Cornhill 
Lee & Shepard, 41 to 45 Franklin 
T EIGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 West 
^ (Masonic and Odd Fellows) 
Littell & Gay, 17 Bromfield 
] ITTLE, BROWN, & CO. 254 
■'-' Wash, (see front colored page) 
Littlefield George E. 67 Cornhill 
- u 381 Washington 
Loring A. K. 369 Washington 
Lothrop D & Co. 32 Franklin 
Lovering Albert W. 399 Wash. 
Lunt Win. Parsons, 42 Congress 
Lynch Patrick, 64 Havre (Cath.) 
Magee James P. agt. 38 Bromfield 
Marsh Thomas, 58 Beach 

MARVIN T. R. & SON, 49 Fed- 
Mass. Bible Society (bibles), 8 

Maynard J. Frank, 83 Main 
McAllister Charles 11. 107 Eudicott 

McDevitt F. 89 Court 
Mendum J. P., Paine Mem. bldg., 

Appleton, near Tremont 
Methodist Book Depository, 38 

Moore Alex. & Co. 3 School 
Moore Brothers, 51 Washington 
Nat'l Association of Wool Manuf., 

11 Pemberton square 
New England News Co. 37 and 41 


riCIIOLS & HALL, 32 Brom- 
field (see page 712) 
Noonau Thos B. & Co. 23 Bovlston 
Noyes, Snow, & Co. 13>£ Bromfield 
()SGOOD JAMES 11. & CO. 220 
^ Devonshire 

Pilot Publishing Co. 578 Wash. 
Piper W. H. 341 Washington 

104 Tremont (Masonic and 
Odd Fellows) 
Policy George H. & Co. 99 Court 
pRANG L. & CO. 286 Roxbury 

Reed Frederic M. 21 Main, Chas'n 
Richardson Walter L. & Co. 14 

Riday J. F. 8 Exchange 

RIVERS FRANK. 28 School, rm. 
1 39 (Encyclopedia Britannia) 
Roberts Brothers, 299 Wash. 
Roffe Albert H. & Co. 11 Bromfield 
Russell B. B. 55 Cornhill 
•^ CO. 155 Franklin 
Sargent M. H. & Sons, 12 Bromfi'd 
Schoenhof & Moeller, 40 Winter 

Shorey John L. 36 Bromfield 
Shute Eben. 52 Bromfield 
Small Williard, 41 to 45 Franklin 
Smith George M. & Co. 309 Wash. 
Stockin A. C. 41 Franklin 
Stolp A. W. 53 Summer (sub.) 
Sturges B. R. 7 Tremont Temple 

Symonds J. Ilenrv, 68 Devonshire 
rpAYLOR E. M. & CO. 493 Wash- 
-*• ington (subscription) 
Teuthom Julius, 10 Beacli (Germ.) 
Tewksbury M. W. 3 School, rm. 9 

Thomes & Talbot, 23 Hawley 
Thompson W. H. &Co 2255 Wash. 
Thompson, Brown, & Co. 23 

Tilton S. W. & Co. 333 Washington 
Tucker Gilman H. 23 Hawley 
Turtle & Downie. 93 Federal 
Unitarian S. S. Soc, 7 Tremont pi, 

ING HOUSE, 37 Cornhill 
(see page 842) 

N 1 

Van Antwerp, Bragg, & Co. 3 

Van Slyck & Co. 7 Pember'n sq. 
Virgin Geo. A. 74 Tremont, room 

9 (second hand) 
Virtue & Yorston, 36 Winter 
Walker Samuel & Co 18 Arch 
Ware Wm. & Co. 47 Franklin 
Whituey N. H. & Co. 93 Federal 
Willard Tract Repository, 2 Bea- 
con Hill place 
Williams A. & Co.2S3 Washington 
Williams N. M. 1386 Wash.(Cath.) 
Winkficld A. W. 15 School 
Woodcock D. C. & Co. 69 Devon- 
Young H. A. & Co. 13 Bromfield 



Pnm.isHF.ns of the 
LlI Boston. Directory, 
O Boston Almanac and 
U_ Business Directory, 
~r New England, Busi- 
^ ness Directory, Kew 
York State Business 
Directory, Massa- 
chusetts Beyister and 
Business Directory. 
Also, Directories for 
Albany, Troy, Prov- 
idence, Manchester, 
Lawrence, Lowell, 
Lynn, Xewburyport, 
Gloticester, Salem, 
fall Biver, Taunton. 
Directories /or other parts of 
the United States for Sale. 
155 Franklin Street. 

Boot Crimpers. 

Kelleher J. & Son, 16% Bedford 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Adden J. II. .56 Pearl 
Aiken S. J. 143 Federal 
Abler. Eliot. 44 Hanover 
Allen J. H. 107 Summer 
Allen 3. S. 32 High 
Allen & Mayhew, 115 Summer 
Am. Shoe Manuf.. Co. 124 Summer 
Ames & Coburn, 112 Pear! 
Anderson Thos. &Co. 118 Summer 
Anderson & Reynolds, 84 Pearl 
Appleton, Noyes, & Maude, 128 

Badger E. N. 21 High 
Bailey E. C. 81 Pearl 
Baird H. M. 107 Summer 
Baker D. B. & Son, 17 High 
Balch William H. & Co. 87 Pearl 
Bartol John, 48 Hanover 

96 Federal 
Batcheller E. & A. H. & Co. 106 

Batchelor D. W. & Co. 14 High 
Beats Augustus, 21 High 
Belcher C. H. 106 Peari 
Belcher Geo. W. & Co. 23 South 
Benckenstein & Vance, 79 Bedford 
Bent R. S. & Co. 127% Summer 
Berwin J. & N. 122 Pearl 
Bird J. H. 70 Pearl 
Blanchard, Fuller, & Co. 92 Pearl 
Blanchard W. & C. 149 Pearl 
Boardman N. H. 19 High 
Bodwell N. 73 Kingston (manuf.) 
Bowie & Moore, 7.5 Pearl 
Boyd, Corey, Sc Co. 135 Summer 
Boyd J. & Co. 135 Summer 
Boynton H. E. 48 Pearl 
Boynton W. H. 19 High 
Bradley J. & Co. 72 Pearl 
Bradley J. W. 103 Summer 
Bradstfeet & Woodberry, 111 Sum- 
Bradt B. N. & Co. 129 Summer 
Brewster Henry & Co. 10.5 Summer 
Bridges & Co. IMS Summer 
Brigliam F. & Co. 77 Pearl 
Brigham J. W. & Co. 114 Pearl 
Brown Brothers, 65 Hanover 
Brown E. C. 21 High 
Brown Jonathan, 60 High 
Brown D. L. & Oliver. 48 Hanov 
Bryer A. W. & Co. 109 High 



Boots and Shoes, Wholesale 

Bueknam J. C. 14.5 Pearl 
Buffum C. & Co. 105 Summer 
Burtum I). C. MB Pearl 
Bur'.ev D. S. 4X Hanover 
Burre'll, Houghton, & Co. 125 Fed- 
Butler T. A. & Co. 22 High 
Cady Bros. 105 Summer 
C» dwell & Hodgdon, 111 Summer 
Galley B. F. 48 Hanover 
Calvcrf W. A. & Co. 61 Pearl 
Campbell B. F. 8c Co. 77 Pearl 
Canterbury & Haskell, 3 High 
Carr.J. C. 30 Hanover 
Cary Isaac & Co. 73 Pearl 
Chase, Merritt, & Blanehard, 94 

Child* Co. 04 Federal 
Claflin, Allen, & Co. 138 Summer 
Claflin William, Cobura,& Co. 138 

Claflin Si Tliayer, 102 Congress 
((LAPP A. W. & Co. 1S7 andlS9 
^ Congress 

Clap|).l. II. & Co. 47 Pearl 
ClappX Billings. I IS Pearl 
ClappX Brother, 42 High 
C'ark, Kent, & Co. CU High 
Clark & Warren, 164 Congress 
Clement, Colburn, & Co. 124 Sum- 

Cobb John F. 118 Summer 
Coburn A., Son, Si Co. 13 Summer 
Cole, Wood, & Co. 85 Pearl 
Conaut A. P. 42 High 

C land P. jji N. & Co. 122 Sum'r 

Copeland & Hartwell, 105 Summer 
Corning, Gilman, & Co. !)1 Pearl 
Cox C. Si M. & Co. 47 Pearl 
Cox John O. 48 Hanover 
Crain, Moody, & Rising, 127 Sum'r 
Crane II. li. 4 High 
Creesy Charles II. 105 Summer 
Croplev I. M. l-"5 Summer 
Cross D. K. 75 High 

Cui ings David & Co. 60 Pearl 

Curtin I!. E. 65 Hanover 
c'ur is Adam. 93 Pearl 
CurtisBros. & Co. 105 Summer 
Curtis ( E. lor Summer 
Curtis Joshua, 88 Pearl 
Curtis N. & Co. 143 Federal 
Curtis Otis v. & Co. 18 High 
Uoggett II. 1,. it ('... 103 Pearl 
Dane J. F., Grinnell &Co. 03 Pearl 
Dasheimer Brothers, 65 Hanover 
Davis Hn.s. Si Co. 18 High 
! avis Paul S. 18 Hanover 
Davis, Whitcomb. Si Co. 1 no Pearl 
Dickinson E.M.SiCo. 129 Summer 
Dike Lyman Si Co. 81 Pearl 
DiH C. II. 2d, 711 Pearl 
J -ill I). W. 13 High 
DillawayJ. B. 89 Pearl 
Hi ;er John T. lo.i Summer 
Doggett, Bassett, & Hills, 77 Pearl 
Drew W. 11. 129 Summer 
Drew & Buswell, 111 Summer 
Durgin.I. id Son, 72 Pearl 
I >urgin Samuel, 48 Hanover 
Dyer II. & W. 48 Hanover 
Edmunds & Mayo, 155 Congress 
Einstein Z. Bros. X Co. 107 Pearl 
Ellis St Brown, 22 High 
Emerson C. 54 High 
Emerson Isaac, 178 Wash, (com.) 
Emerson R. W. 8t Co. 115 Summer 
171 M E It S O N ' S T1IOS. SUNS, 
■^ 88 Pearl 

Farrar .1. B. 100 Summer 
Farrar J. P. 105 Summer 
Farwell C. C. & Co. 44 High 
Faulkner,Millard,Si Co. 70Bedford 
Field, Thayer, X Co. 240 Devonshire 
Fisher Wm. F. 120 Summer 
Fogg & Bramlelt, 64 Pearl 
Foster Si Quiggle, 48 Hanover 
Friedman Brothers, is Summer 
FryoJohn A. 30 High 
Fuller A. A. & Co. 21 High 
Furher E. H. Si Co. 89 Pearl 
Gardner & Packard. Ill Summer 
Gibb« RufiisStCo.lSSCongress 
Gilbert J. P. 87 Pearl 
Gilinore A. A. & Co. 13 High 

Go i l.C. 57 High 

Gore Geo. P. & Co., 110 Franklin 
Gould John M. & Son', 18 High 
Graf L. 127 Summer 
Green J. Si Co. 85 Pearl 
Green & Keith, 118 Summer 
Grecnsfeldor, Rosenthal, & Co. 37 

Griffin B. H. 87 Pearl 
Giiffin H. F. Ill Summer 
Grose C. & Sou, 105 Summer 
GroBe. Dexter, & Co. Ill Summer 
Gmveland Shoe Co. 17 High 
Ilapgonu I.. P.. 63 High 
liai ris doseph Si Sons, 115 Summer 

Harris R. P. A. Si Co. 72 Pearl 
Hart J. W. & Co. Ill Summer 
Harvell E. T. Ift5 Summer 
Harvey, Spalding, & Co. SO Pearl 
Harwood E. E. 135 Pearl 
Haskell W. L. Si Co. 3 High 
Hatch J. W. 48 Hanover 
Hathaway, Soule, Si Harrington, 

129 Summer 
Hayden A. W. 139 Pearl 
Havden, Gtiardenier. Si Co. SO Pearl 
Hayes C. E. & S. C. 84 Pearl 
Haves R. & Son, 120 Summer 
Hecht Bros. St Co. 75 Pearl 
Helflehower J. N. 115 Summer 
Henderson C. M. Si Co. 127 Summer 
Henderson F W. & Co. 105 Pearl 
Henry John & Co. 18 High 
Henrv Si Daniels, (18 Pearl 
Henry & Hatch, 110 Pearl 
Herrick Charles, 107 Summer 
Hersey Caleb W. 152 Federal 
Hersey T. W. Si L. P. 13 High 
Heywood S. R. & Co. 118 Summer 
Hill John E.& Co. 08 Pearl 
Hill Si Roue, 112 Pearl 
Hirshberg S., 116 Pear] 
Hitchcock A. L. & Co. 29 High 
nitcliings Chas. S. 105 Summer 
llixou A. W. Si Co. 184 Congress 
Hobart, Wood, Si Co. 116 Summer 
HolbrookA. Si Co. 17 High 
Holbrouk, Hobart, Si Porter, 14 

Hopkins Wm. II. 05 Hanover 
llorlon John, 21 High 
Hosmer, Codding. Si Co. 188 Fed'al 
Houghton, Coolidge.Si Co. 24 1 Iigh 
Houghton C. C. X Co. 105 Summer 
Houghton, Kittrcdge, & Mills, 118 

Howard C. II. 21 High 
Howard 1). S. & Co. 5 High 
Howard Edgar, 2.", South 
Howard Warren A. 121 Summer 
Howe Abel Si Co. 120 Summer 
Howe T. J. 136 Summer 
llovt B. W. 48 High 
Hunt ('. P. & Co. Ill Summer 
HuntE. A. 70 Pearl 
Hunt Si Russell, 181 Congress 
HurdJ.lI. Si Son, 81 Pearl (bro- 

HnrstS. J. & Co. 40 High 
Hutchinson, Littlclield, X Hoag, 177 

Hyde.Feabody, & Co. 170 Cong. 
Ireson .1. x Sons, 00 Pearl 
Jaquith B. F. 70 Pearl (rubber) 
.lefts L.T. S4 Pearl 
Johnson C. E. 116 Summer (brogO 
Johnson, Davis, Si Forbes, 107 

Johnson, Kelly,& Co. inoiligh 
Johnson L. & Co. IS High 
Johnson, Moody, it Co. 116 Pearl 
Johnson, Host, Si Co. 116 Summer 
Jones C. H. 68 Pearl 
Jones Frederick Si Co. 100 Pearl 
Keiffer Brothers, 83 Pearl 
Keith I. N. & Co. 65 High 
Keith Martin L. 155 Federal 
Keith P. B. 63 High 
Kilburn W. B. 153 Congress 
Kimball John Si Son. 02 Sudbury 
Kimball J. B. & Co. 18 High 
King J. B. 32 High 
Kingsbury, Blasland, Si Co. 33 High 
Kinnear E. C. & Son, 111 Summer 
Lake Boot and Shoe Manuf. Co. 

118 Summer 
Lamkin X Foster, 106 Congress 
Lancaster Charles B. 79 Pearl 
Lane Jenkins Si Sons, 110 Summer 
Lane John, 50 Pearl 
Langlev Si Smith, 13 High 
Lee C. M. 70 High 
Lee J. II. Si Co. 10 High 
Leeds George J. 107% Congress 
Lefavour David Si Son, llSSummer 
Leland & Chamberlain, 03 Pearl 
Leonard F. D. 106 Pearl 
Leonard, Lamb, Si Crosby, 168 

Lewis°0. J. Si Co. 118 Summer 
Lilly, Young, Pratt, Si Brackett, 

127 Federal 
Lindslcy J. C. 2 High 
Littleficld E. W.S: Co. 131 Summer 
Loring B. T. Si Co. 78 Pearl 
Lonngs Si Reynolds, 4 High 
Loud St Pool, 105 Summer 
Malum John St Son, 03 Pearl 
Mallon St Houghton, 125 Federal 
Mann, Beals. St Co. 18 High 
Mann W. J. & Co. 104 Pearl 
Mann & Bowers, 31 Pearl 
Mann Si Brackett, 121 Summer 
Manny John T. 108 Summer 
Marqueze St Varney, 105 Pearl 
Marshall II. T. 151 Summer 
Martin George B. 02 Pearl 
Martin, Skinner, & Fay, 14 High 

Marvel T. L. 152 Federal 
Mavbrv & Phipps, 135 Summer 
Mawhinnev II. II. Si Co., 27 High 
Mavhew A. C.St Co. 115 Summer 
Mc'Duffie A. Ill Summer 
McKecn W. 44 Hanover 
McKev W. R. Si Co. 103 Summer 
MeLeod IT. 23 South 
Meiss & Meyer. SI Pearl 
Merino Shoe Co. 109 Pearl 
Merkle Seamless Shoe Co. 13 High 
Merriam F. P. St Co. 134 Summer 
Merritt George F. 20 High 
Merritt Si Cone. 134 Summer 
Messinger W. B. 133 Summer 
Middlesex Co-operative Co. W 

Morgan W. II. 188 Summer 
Morrill J. F. 80 Pearl 
Morse F. W. & G. II. 129 Summer 
Morse Si Woodbury, SO Pearl 
Mudge E. Si A. St Co. 12 High 
Muudell John Si Co. 105 Summer 
Munroe F.W. x I. M. 10 High 
Murphy D. F. 127% Summer 
Nash P. 0. 87 Pearl 
Nash S. W. Si E. 00 High 
Nash Wm. O. 87 Pearl • 
Nelson .1. S. 22 High 
New Era Shoe Co! 48 Hanover 
Newhall Charles W. 107 Summer 
Newhall H. & Co. 33 High 
Newhall II. M. ,v Co. lis Summer 
Newhall J. W. 44 Hanover 
Newton. Hartt, Si Co. 2 High 
Nonas P.. L. 03 High 
Noyes N. D. 128 Summer 
NuW Lewis W. 27 High 
(('Council John Si Son, 122 Pearl 
Orein Samuel S. 25 School 
Orne J. II 40 High 
One W. P. 40 High 
Packard Fred, 111 Summer 
Packard .las. A.St Co. 105 Summei 
Packard N. R. St Co. 13 High 
Page J. C. 01 Pearl 
PaacSi Moran, 157 Federal 
Paige M. Frank, 125 Pearl 
Palcn, Nelson, Si Co. 35 High 
Parker C. F. 8i Co. 27 High 
Parker David X Co. 145 Summer 
Paulding, Reed, Si Gifford, 44 Hail- 

Peach J. C. 105 Summer 
Pebbles Riley Si Co., 21 High 
Perry A. W. 127 '.. Summer 
Perry E. C. 157 Federal 
Perry J. St Co. 157 Federal 
Perry W. G. 135 Summer 
Phillips E. Burt, 68 Pearl 
Phillips E. P. Si Co 81 Pearl 
Pike J. D. StCo. 44 Hanover 
Pike Nathan, 01 Pearl 
Piper C. S. 48 Hanover 
Poole M. L. 105 Summer 
Pope Ira P. 42 High 
Porter C. F. Si Co. 14 High 
Potter S. X; Co. 100 High [mc 

Potter, White, St Buvlcy, 130 Suuv 
Pray J. II. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Pray Thomas O. 135 Pearl 
Preston Si Stetson, 110 Summer 
Putnam J. II. X; Wheeler. 05 High 
Putnam W. E. Si Co. Id High 
Raddin X Clapp. 104 Pearl 
Rawson D. G. & Co. 2 High 
Ravmond C. A. 175 Congress 
Redpath E. W.Xi L. II. 70 Pearl 
Reed Brothers, 111 Summer 
Reed Isanejr., 105 Summer 
Reed II. B. St Co. 155 Federal 
Reed Samuel, 111 Summer 
Reed Sz Closson. 112 Summer 
Reed Si Hawes, 18 High 
Reynolds J. B. Ill Summer 
Rhodes St Co. 102 Pearl 
Pice X Htitchins, 125 Summer 
Richards A. S. Si Co. Ill Summer 
Richardson J. W. 00 High 
Robbins Adam B. 122 Summer 
Bobbins X Kellogg, 22 High 
Robinson .1. II. 107 Summer 
Rogers J. W. St Co. 125 Summer 
Rosenstock S. W. & Co. 120 Pearl 
Ross Silas Si Co. 170 Congress 
Rowe Henry, 125 Federal 
Royce II. A. Si Co. 103 Summer 
Ruddock Thomas S. 68 Pearl 
Buggies x Aldrich, 87 Pearl 
Russell X Allev, 127 H Summer 
Samory II. X N. 87 Pearl 
Sanborn Edward F. 72 Pearl 
Sargent Arthur W, 109 High 
Sawyer, Eaton, Si Sears, 111 Sum 

Seott, Wheeloek, St Co. 133 Sum'r 
Scarl Frank, 78 Pearl 
Sellers Malcomb, 107 Summer 
SluiwS. B. 0(1 High 
Shaw W. A. 63 High 
Silver Win. 0.3 Pearl 
Sleeper Bros. Hi Summer 
Slocomb J. W. & Son, 120 Suminc 



Smith Adoniram, 105 Summer 
Smith A. G. & Son, 137 Pearl 
Smith & Forbes, 13 High 
Snow Geo. G. Ill Summer 
Southworth & Mitchell. lUSum'er 
Sparhawk S. 118 Summer 
Sparrow B. F. 153 Congress t- 

Sprague K. I.. & Co. 34 Pearl 
Siirague P. N. 21 High 
Steele John, 01 High 
Stern Louis, 102 Pearl 
Stevens Wm. jr. Ill Summer 
Stockbridge, Brayton, & Co. 42 

Stoddard .1. E. 129 Summer 
Stone Albert, 33 High [High 

Stoughton Boot and Shoe Co. 30 
Stowe. Bills, & Whitney, 57 High 
Strong, Burt,& Moore, 99 Pearl 
Swanberg C. O. T. 43 Hanover 
Taber A. P. Ill Summer 
Tapley Amos P. & Co. -12 Pearl 
Temple Hiram & Son, 105 Summer 
Tenne\ , Aldrich, & Co. 70 Pearl 
Tenney Lewis F. 94 Pearl 
Tennev.v Co. 121 Summer 
Thnver C. II. & Co. Ill Summer 
Thayer Then. A. 118 Summer 
Thompson Erastus& Co. 4 High 
Thurston, Hersey, & Co. 118 Sum'r 
Tirrell, Chnreh, & Co. 00 Pearl 
Tirrell II. A. 42 High 
Torrev Alexis & Co. 129 Summer 
Torrey C. A. & Co. 37 High 
Torrey C. W. 109 Summer 
Torrev & Gurnev, 111 Summer 
Treadway John, 90 High 
Tucker E. & Son, 118 Summer 
Tucker James & Co., 34 to 38 High 
Turner J. S. 105 Summer 
Varnev William II. 94 Pearl 
Vaughn Joseph & Co. 12 High 
Ventilating Waterproof Shoe Co. 

109 Pearl 
Vincent & Co. 103 Summer 
Vining A. 107 Summer 
Walcott John B. 107 Summer 
Walcott Samuel, 107 Summer 
Walker, Short, & Co. 147 Congress, 

and 50 Federal 
Wallace E. G. & E. 48 High 
Wallace W. & Co. 151 Congress 
Wallace & Cloutmaii, 43 High 
Wallace &Maconiber, S8 Pearl 
Walton & Wilson, 48 Hanover 
Ward Charles II. 35 High 
Wardell & Walsh, 79 Bedford 
Ware P. jr. & Co. 138 Pearl (manf.) 
Warren C. C. 42 High 
Warren J. B. 44 Hanover 
Warren L. L. & Co. 14 High 
Wentworth J. 48 Hanover 
Whedon, Tyler, & Co. 79 Bedford 
Wheeler F. L. & Co. 22 High 
Wheeler John F. 119 Summer 
Wheeler J. H. Ill Summer 
Whicher J. D. & Co. 157 Federal 
Whitcomb & Paine, 155 Federal 
White A. A. 92 Pearl 
White Thomas & Co. '28 High 
White Walter. 188 Congress 
Whitnev E. & Son, 87 Pearl 
Willis P. J. & Bro. 81 Pearl 
Wilson & Morgan, 119 Summer 
Winch Bros. 130 Federal 
Winchester W. W. 05 Hanover 
Wmdram H.W. & Co. 129 Summer 
Wise L.&C. 23 South 
Wood George F. & Co. 88 Pearl 
Wood W. D. & Co. 1"5 Summer 
Woodbury Brothers, 73 Pearl 
Wright T. G. & Co. 129 Summer 

Boots and Shoes. {Retail.) 

Abell J. G. 3 Chester blk., Allston 

Alden C. AV. 177 Bunker Hiil 

Allen Ambrose, 202 Meridian 
1 Allen Win. II. 91 Cambridge 

Appleton Cbas. T. P. 122 Court 

Appleton C. F. 13 Court 

Baker J: L. 1047 Tremont 

Bannon T. 17 Benton 

Bartlett Charles C. 1093 Wash. 

Bath John, 755 Washington 

Baxter T. T.. Comm'l.'near Dor- 
chester ave. 

Bell Then. H. 311 Washington 
■ Ber.ari Joseph, 002 Washington 

Blake John B. 003 E. Broadway 
iBodweil N. 37 Boylston 

Bowser W. L. 299' West Broadway 
'Brown Frank, 347 Hanover 
I Brown Thomas, 289 Dorchester 
(Buchanan J. .Centre, n. Green, J.P. 

Burgess E. M. 319 Tvemont 

Beam Charles F. 277 .Main 

Caddiek Margaret. "1 1 Bennington 

Carleton Robert II. 190 Hanover 
jChnpli,, n & Son, 1329 Wash. 

I 2o Winter, room 12 

Clark T. E. 230 Hanover 
Clay Edward B. 2294 Wash. 
Coan Wm. A. i.3 Maverick sq. 
Cochran Richard E., Washington, 

near Forest Hills depot 
Colburn II. 40 Merchants row 
Colbv H. C. 49 Leverert 
Corthell & Davie, 112 Court 
Cummiskey Michael, 58 Merrimao 
Currier John B. 2212 Wash. 
Damon Ilenrv, 25 Essex 
Dav J. W. 1203 Tremont 
Doane J. C. 204 Hanover 
Dooley James, 20 Bunker Hill 
Donaldson Janus .<; Co. 21 Water 
Dore John P. 52 Essex 
Dver J. .^ P. 209 a iel 275 W. B'way 
Ednev Geo. P. 140 Cambridge 
Eldridgc E. D. 57 Elm 
Elliott Robert, 2s9 Sumner, E.B. 
English William. 28 Eliot 
J7*AUNCE W. T. & CO. 12 State 

Fenner Clias. E. 1080 Washington 
Fillebrown Win. 134 Court 
Folsom F. 21.S9 Washington 
Frve S. C. 095 Tremont 
Fuller R. A. 55 Elm 
Goldthwaite D. E. agt. 2259 Wash. 
Goodwin Reuben. 139 Meridian 
Graham M. II. 717 Washington 
Hale A. 48 Bunker Hill 
Harriman II. L. 347 Hanover 
Harris Joseph. Kneeland 
Hathaway F. E., Mereh. row, cor. 

Heaiey James, 1278 Tremont 
Heehi'nger Alex. 315 W. Broadway 
Hobbs Edward i: Co. 43 West 

Hogan Wm. 333 W. Broadway 
Holton Lemuel. 49 Wash. 
Hook Aaron & Co. 59 Washington 
Howe A. II. 2179 Washington 
Kemp B.H.&CO. 1090 & 1092\Vash. 
Kidnev Chas. 2214 Wash. 
KolbM., Green, J. P. sta. 
Lamkiu Guy, 9 Tremont row 
Leaniard W. II. It Marshall 
Letavour Amos, 40 Essex 
Leonard S. W.. Adams, n. Arcadia 
Lincoln P. 117 Dorchester avenue 
Linscott John. 00 Elm 
Mackman C. 10 Eliot 
Mansiield J.&Son, 14 Tremont row 
Martin Newhall & Co. 158 Main 
McCarthv Patrick, Chelsea, E.B. 
MeCormick T. F. 123 Main 
McDermutt Bros. 825 Washington 
McDougall Donald. 31 Central sq. 
McGrath Brothers, 51 Bromiield 
McLean & Co. 110 Court 
McLees Archibald, Washington, 

near Court House, Brighton 
Melendy Sidney H 17 Meridian 
Mills A". P. & Co. 100 Court 
Mills & Ingails. 104 Court 
Mitchell John, 1223 Washington 
Mitchell John A. 839 Wash. 
Mitchell S. II., Washington, near 

Court House, Brighton 
Monroe Geo. R. 25 Meridian, E.B. 
Mooar Chas. A. 2047 Wash. 
Mooar Orrin G. 1999 Wash. 
Moseley T. E. & Co. 409 Wash. 

MOSES N. A. & CO. 412 Wash- 
Mouiton Horace G. 129 Bunker H. 
Mudgett W. S. ag't. 37 Shawmut av. 
Murphy John, 514 Main 
Murphy John, 322 Sumner, E.B. 
Myers W. P. 208 Commercial 
Newcomb John W. 84 W. B'way 
Newcomb J. P. 45 Bromfield 
Newcomb T. C. & c. F. 100 Han'v'r 
Newcomb & Co. 10 Exchange 
Newell J. A., Chauney, cor. Essex 
Norris E. L. & Co. 110 Court 
O'Brien Felix, 27 .Meridian, E.B. 
O'Hara Bros. 142 W. Broadway 
Orem & Hopewell, 25 School 
Page N. P. 107 Hanover 
Palmer E. B. & Co. 23S7 Wash. 
Parker Wm. J. 320 I lanover 
Patterson A. J. 903 Wash. 
Pearson W. H. & Co. 21 Temple pi. 
Pevear James M. 037 Washington 
Peyser J. 43 Cambridge 
Pigeon E. T. 147 Meridian 
Poor George, 93 Main 
Power Thomas, 10 School 
Pray John F. & Son, 321 Wash. 
Redican P. P. 142 Hanover 
Regau John B. 42 Essex 
Rice & Sears, 1348 Tremont and 

1815 Washington 
Rogers John II. 1 and 3 Tremont 
Rowe & Co. 19 Kneeland 
Rudolph Frederick, Boylston, near 

Boylston station 
Schaver Bros. 73 Devonshire 
Scholpp C. L. 72 Eliot 
Shatter D.W. 24 Eliot 

Shea J. H. 1315 Tremont 
Shurtlert Flavel, 243 Meridian 
Sinnott Wm. 92 Merrimac 
Southworth Chas.. 215 Hanover 
Sprague Bros. 17 Cambridge 
Stetson Geo. II. 158 Hanover, and 

30 F. II. sq. 
Stevens C. L. 13 Devonshire 
Stevens L. S. 429 W. Broadway 
Stoddard W. II. 059 Washington 
Stoddard J. C. 117 Main 
Stratton Charles. 85 Leverett 
Sullivan Bros. 478 West Broadway 
Sullivan J. C. Mrs. 115 & 199 Main 
Thayer E. II. 50 Cambridge 
Turner Chas. A. 304 Hanover 
Turner Geo. E. 130 and 159 Court 

and 32 Essex 
Turner J. II. 1142 Tremont 
Tuttle II. II. & Co. 485 Washingt'n 
Van Kuren C. 099 Tremont 
Varnum & McXnught.529 Wash. 
Vaughn Austin C. 56 Eliot 
Vining D. W. 20 Tremont (ladies') 
Vogel L., Green, opp. J. P. station 
Wade Joseph M. 70 Portland 
W r aters Abram, 77 Meridian 
Wendermuth Ernest R., Wash., n. 

Doreh. ave., L.M. 
White Thomas, 16 Essex 
Whitman C. B. 115 London 
Whiting S. C. 15S Court 
Whittredge & Bro. 1017 Wash. 
Wiswell D. W. 222 Hanover 
Wright E. W. 1380 Tremont 

Boot «fc Shoe Blacking. 

(See Blacking.) 

Boot anil Shoe Cork In* 
ner Soles. 

Stinson M. F. & Co. 34 Mer. row 

Boot and Shoe Dies and 

Blanehard & Lavers, 87 High, and 

45 Bristol 
Tougas L. T. 114 High 

Boot a nil Shoe Findings. 

Baxter L & Co. 9 Union 
■OROOKS & YOUNG, 90 High 

- L ' (see page 718) 

r»AIULL M. S. 81 South (bronzes 
^ and blacking) 
Campbell H. & Co. 45 Union 
Cogswell B. F. 60 High ( shoe) 
Colburn & Baker, 47 High 
Cushing E. J. 132 Pearl (counters) 
T)ANIELS G. F. 190 Congress 

Dickerman A. L. & Co. 9G High 
Dow E. C. & Son, 231 Congress 
Dunham Chas. H. & Co. 75 High 
Estabrooks, Wires, & Co. 114 

Faxon. Elms, & Co. 115 High 
Foss John F. & Co. 4 Friend 
Freeman J. S. & Co. 30 Cornhill 
•PROST BROS. & CO. 141 Devon- 
- L shire (see front colored page) 
Frost Charles E. S Devonshire 
Haskell B. C. 03 High 
Haven & Wright, 87 High 


Holbrook H. J. 88 High 
How Bros. & Co. 02 High 
Jones I. II. 3 Hartford 
Kellev H. H. 20 and 24 Union 
Kemiard & Co. 100 Pearl 
Kimball Geo. E. & Co. 08 High 
T EESON J. R. & CO. 223 Con- 
- Li gress 

Lovejov F. E. & Co. 9G South 
McAuulty D. 87 South 
Merriam & Norton, (machine shoe 

binding manufs.,) 31 High 
Nichols & Farnsworth, 98 Summer 
NoyesM. A. 47 High 
Page William W. 29 High 
Patent Shoe Stav Co. 133 Summer 
Patten O. O. & Co. Ill Summer 
pHINNEY JAS. P. & CO., 151 
- 1 - Summer (see page 849) 
Phinney S. C. & J. G. 157 Summer 
Pierce F. A. 129 Summer 
Pomorov, Dole, & Co 78 High 
Pope Albert A. & Co. 45 High 
Rand II. C. & Co. 45 Merchant's row 

RHODES M. M. & SONS. 47 
High (buttons, see page 783) 
RobbinsN. 40 High 
T^OSS, TURNER, & CO. 159 
XL Devonshire, and IS Arch 
Rousmaniere .v. Kimball, 97 Pearl 
Russell L. B. 54 High 
Sears Isaac II. 41 High 
Sears & Warner, 25 High 
Siebert F. F. 52 Elioi 




Boot and Shoe Findings, 

Swan Wm. F. 82 South 
Thairlwell Wm. C. Ill Summer 
Union Patent Seam Co. 109 Pearl 
Weiler Joseph, 209 Ruggles 
Whall, Macomber, & dolman, 52 

Whall S.J. St Co. 56 High (lining) 
Whitcher Oscar W. 98 South 
Wilson & Merrill, 223 Congress 
Wood W. D. & Co. 48 Hanover 
Young Edward, 17 South 

Root ami Shoe Fitters. 

Barry R. 50 Bromfield 
French & Co. 15 Marshall 
Kammler Bros. 73 Kingston 
Murray F. W. & Co. 83 Sudbury 
Proctor J. 83 Sudbury 
West John, 108 Blackstone 
Wicks J. A. 11 Montgomery place 

Hoot and Shoe Heels. 

Belcher O.F. 315 North 
Paddock H. R. & Co. 130 Pearl 
Union Heel Co. 163 Pearl 

Boot and Shoe Inner 

Andrews John S. 48 Hanover 
Bay State Inner Sole Co. 220 Cong. 
Brackett Josiah & Son, 132 High 
Cushing C. J. 132 Pearl 
Mansfield John F. & Co. 219 North 
McLaughlin Henry & Co. 311 North 
Nichols A. D. 174 Purchase 
Nichols Oldin & Co. 181 Federal 
Shaw F. M. 5 Clark's building, 

Foster's wharf 
Thompson W. H. 98 High 

Boot and Shoe Lacing 

Fletcher Manuf. Co., S. G.Trippe, 

agent, 186 Franklin 
Jenkins Mauut. Co. 41 High 
jyjOSES N. A. & CO. 412 Wash. 

Pratt J. W. & Co. 17 High (leather) 

Boot A Shoe Machines. 

Arnold Edward, 65 Hanover 

Buzzell J. G. & Co. 96 Hi^h 

Carver Cotton Gin Co. 53 High 

T)\LEY JOHN, S3 Charlestown 

XJ (see page 722 \ 

Eddy Milton L. 100 High 

Fifield C. S. 53 High 

Fifield, Walker, & Co. 53 High 

Hawkins E. D. 49 High 

Hawkins Machine Co., 43 Beverly, 
office 49 High 

Holt J. S. &Co. 47 High 

Hough it Ruinney, 15 Spring lane 

Impression Stitch Machine Asso- 
ciation, 81 High 

Leavitt A. Si Co! 1,38 Congress 

McKay Easting Machine Assoc, 
40 Pearl 

McKay Metallic Fastening Asso. 
40 Pearl 

McKay Sewin" Machine Associa- 
tion, 40 Pearl 

McKay & Bigelow Heeling Ma- 
chine Association, 40 Pearl 


■"■*■ CO. 120 Kulton (wire lock 
stitch and metallic seam, see 
page 849) 

Moore Benj. F. 40 High 

Seam Finisher Co. 68 Sears buldg. 

Stevens E. M. 02 Sudbury, room 6 

S. W. Jameson Crimping Machine 
Co. 40 Lincoln 

Tapley Heel Burnishing Machine 
Ass r n, 81 High 

Touzet Shoe Fitting Machine Co. 
105 Summer 

Tbwnsend H. E. 87 Milk 

Union Edge Setter Co. 25 Tremont, 
factory 63 Beverly 

Walden Joseph, 105 Summer 

"YyHITTEMORE D. 141 Federal 

vv CHINE CO. 131 Devonshire, 
room 6, B 

Boot mill Shoe Slanii. 

tacttirei'K' Goods. 
*-* (see page 718) 
T EESON J. R. & CO. 223 Con- 
* J gress 

pHINNEY J. P. & Co. 151 Sum- 
■*■ mer (see page 849) 

Boot «fe Shoe Patterns. 

Clarke, & Soule. 64 High 
Cross D. E. 100 High 
Damon & White. 29 High 
Hartford Bros. 154 Federal 
Preston A. F. 137 High 
Sutherland I. G. 105 Summer 
Whittemore Walter E. 17 South 

Boot and Shoe Shank 
Ma n ufs. 

American Shoe Shank Co. 42 Fed'l 
Boot and Shoe Shank Co. 40 

piHNNEY J. P. St CO. 151 Sum- 
■*- mer (see page 849) 
Watson J. M. & Co. 153 Federal 

Hoot and Shoe Tips. 

American Box Toe Co. 160 Federal 
American Shoe Tip Co. 147 Suin'er 
StoekweU Boot and Shoe Tip Co. 

133 Summer 
Boot and ShoeWehhing. 
pHINNEY J. P. & CO. 151 Suin- 
Jr mer (see page 849) 
Walker S. 58 E. Canton 

Boot «fe Shoe linkers. 
Abel Andrew, S04 West Third 
Adams Joseph K. 7 Pinckney 
Alberto Giovani, 475 Hanover 
Anderson H. M. 26 Lincoln 
Anderson W. 9 Alden 
Anselm W. F. 1 Market pi., wd. 19 
Ayres George, 6 Winthrop, Chsn. 
Baker Charles, 20 Warren and 19 

Blue Hill avenue 
Baker James, Waltham, corner 

Olive place 
Barr Wm. A. 1 Bow, Charlestown 
Barry G. T. 55 Phillips 
Barth Henry, Boylston ave. Boyls- 

ton station 
Bartholmesz George, 17 Water 
Barutio John H. 9 Vernon 
Bean John, 39 Merchants' row 
Beatty Wm. L. 398 Hanover 
Bertram Adolph, 1098 Tremont 
Best Wm. R.. Commercial, H. S. 
Bigelow A. C. 18 Union 
Blundell James, Lamartine, near 

Boylston sta. 
Bodenbrown Wm. 13 Water 
Boethel Wm. 129 Shawmut ave. 
Brandenberg J. 41 Lincoln 
Bresnalian Cornelius, 116 W.B'way 
Bresnahan Timothy, 223 Federal 
Brown A. 8 City Hall avenue 
Brown Benj. 82 Meridian. E.B. 
Brown James B. 72 Havre 
Buckmaster William, 42 Clark 
Buettner L. C. 928 Washington 
Burchard Thos. A. 498 Dudley 
Burckhart George, River, near 

Blue Hill ave., Mat. 
Burke William, 4 Havre, E. B. 
Burns William J. 19 Portland 
Bush P. W. K00 Washington 
Callahan Cain, 234 Athens 
Cameron John, Perkins, u. the R.R. 

Campbell Jeremiah, 120 Border 
Canavan Patrick, 81 Decatur, E.B. 
Canavan Thomas, 124 Havre, E.B. 
Carlisle James, 14 Curve 
Casev E. 623 Harrison ave. 
Caughlin J. S. 19 Winthrop, Chn. 
Cavanaugh M. 167 South 
Chambers J. G. 703 East Fourth 
Choate J. 14 Blue Hill ave. 
Christv Michael, 1:13 Chelsea, Chn. 
^ 25 Winter, room 12 
Clancy John, 68 I 
Clark J. S., Carver, near Pleasant 
Cleary Wm. 18 Newton place 
Cluny L. 5 No. Benuet 
Coakley John, 34 Fleet 
Coan W. A. 53 Maverick sq. 
Coats John, 554 Medford, Chsn. 
Collins James, 570 Dorchester ave. 
Collins Michael L. 299 Havre 
Congdon William, Castle, cor. 

Connoly Cornelius, 62 Bunker II. 
Conway James, 500 Main 
Cotter & Baker. 9ii0 Washington 
Coyle Michael, 218 Sumner, E.B. 
Croniu Daniel, 19', West Fourth 
Croniii Jeremiah 33 Clark 
Cronin Wm. J. 502 Commercial 
Cropley Jacob M. I'M Summer 
Crowe J. II. 2313 Washington 
Cuminings A. 21 Avery 
Cummings Edward, 260 Havre 
Curtin James, 291 Sumner, E. B. 
Curtis C. II. 2,V Hamilton place 
Dadmun J. 28 Onion Park st. 
Dadmun W. E. 25 Harvard 
Deckert Joseph. 51 West Canton 
Delauy M. T. 7 West Broadway 

Dc La Roi H. D. 1562 Washington 
Denehy M. 6 Chestnut, Chs'n 
Doherty Patrick, Thacher, cor. N. 

Dolan B. 8 Texas av. 
Dolan John, 1442 Tremont 
Dolan Martin, Beacon, opposite 
ft West Chester Park 
Dolan Patrick, Haymarket plrice 
Donahoe T. F. 109 Cambridge, Co 
Donahue Wm. 1 Lincoln, Chsn. 
Dorcev James. 261 Federal 
Dore Patrick, 631 Main 
Dowd James, 22 Warren avenue • 
Driscoll John C. 159 Cambridge 
Duff Samuel, 63X Chambers 
Dunstan Thomas, 60 Hampilen 
Durham F. G. 570 Shawmut ate. 
Ecker Leonold, 161 D 
pDWARDS H. C. DR. 130 Tre- 
- CJ mont (see page 712) 
Edwards Thomas. 174 Hanover 
EUiott Wm. R. 388 Chelsea 
Enfield T. 251 Harrison avenue 
Engel P. 7 Hotel Pelham 
Erhard Frank, 1398 Tremont 
Erickson John, 28 Fleet 
Erickson J. E., Central, opp. Seav- 

erns avenue, J. P. 
Evans Wm. 11 Monmouth 
Fagerstein Chas. 50 Henley, Ch'tit 
Fahdel Bros. 127 West Canton 
Farrell P. 2099 Washington 
Ferguson T. N. 431 W. Broadway 
Finn Cornelius, 38 Hudson 
Finnegan James, Wash. op. Cattle 

Fair Hotel, Brighton 
Finnegan Thomas. 7 Change ave. 
Fischer Win. 1198 Tremont 
Flynn J. 17 Indiana 
Foley John, Havre, near Porter 
Foley Patrick F. 75 Middlesex 
Foster Charles, 50 School, Chsn. 
Fowle John, Union sq., Brighton 
Frates Joseph, 20 Fleet 
Freeman P. J. 570 Shawmut ave. 
Freeman T. 29 Beverly 
Friese Henry, 70 Warren 
Gabel Henry, 10 Yeoman • 
Gallagher Edward. 107 W. Eicth 
Gannon John F. 37 Faneuil II. ■<{. 
Gately P. 1194 Tremont 
Gill James, 182 Merrimac 
GilleyJohn,31 Garden 
Glavin John, Neponset ave. cornet 

Taylor, Nep. 
Good M. 72 Gold 
Gorman M. 444 Commercial 
Gorman P. 2937 Washington 
Graham & Co. 4 Water 
Greene John W. 124 Commerce 
Griffin Thomas, 52 Liverpool, E.I). 
Gross Andrew C. 62 Austin, Chsn. 
Haley James, 295 Federal 
Haley M. 271 Medford, Chsn. 
Hall A. M. 16 Garden 
Hall S. P. 24 Myrtle 
Harper W. E. 30 Atlantic ave. 
Harris J. L. 67 L 
Harrington J., Kevcs, J. P. 
Hart Karen, Dorch. av. n. Coni'l. 
Hart Patrick, 4 Stoddard 
Harvey George, 140 Putnam. E. B. 
HauseV M., Diaper's court, Dorch. 
Hayden Arthur L. 24 Green 
Hayes William, 19 River 
Heeker Charles, 8 Harrison ave, 
Heileman Wm. 125 Cambridge 
Heinold J. F. '&% Devonshire 
Hemman Charles, 853 Albany 
Henchy P. J. 130 Charles 
Hennessey James, 154 Sumner 
Hesz Andrew, 107 Devonshire 
Hilftnger J. 152 Dover 
Hill C. 4.3 Kingston 
Hill J. F. 3d Congress, room 8 
Hines Thomas, 7 P. O. square 
Hirsch Max, 319 Tremont 
Hirsche Mever, 58X WarrentOD 
Hock J. 74 Green 
I tollman C. 352 Dorchester 
Holderried J. 103 Dorchester 
Hole Francis, 45 Bromtield 
Honner Robert W. 2 Province ci 
Hurley J. 338 Federal 
Hurley M., Neponset av. Nep. 
Hurst William, 192 D 
Hutchinson P. 32 Battery 
Hyues J. 349 Warren 
JesserF. J. 1112 Washington an 

68 Emerald 
Johnson II. 80^ Jov 
Jordan Royal C, South n. Roslii 

dale station 
Jordan Chauncy, La Grange, nci 

depot, W. R. 
Juuge B. 1467 Tremont 
Kerarch C. 37 Ward, W.V. 
Keefe Andrew, 168 West Fifth 
Keefe John, 197 West Third 
Kelley Bernard, Dorchester ■* 

near Shamrock 
Kelley Thomas, 282 Blue Hill a* ; 




Kellev William, 38" Hanover 
Kellv'E. 30 Dorchester 
Kennedy C. II 547 Sliawmut ove. 
Kennedy John, 124 Albany 
Kilburn Walter A. 53 Poplar 
Kiley Henry, 334 Commercial 
Kinliu Timothy B., Eliot square 
Kinnerman C. H. 4 Blossom 
Kirchgesner M. 1 Emerald 
Knauber F. 783 Tremont 
Knott Robert, 45 Bromfield 
Krebs August, 537 Dudley . 

Lacouut T. 66 Anderson 
Lahm Daniel, 1346 Washington 
Lally Patrick, 13 Eustis 
Landin Peter, 95 Dudley 
Lang Charles, 27 Border. E. B. 
Langelier Kemi, 350 W. Broadway 
Lauigan James, 114 South 
Lanigan John, 4 Oswego 
Larkin S. 489 Main 
Lawler J.T. 111% West Brooklme 
Lawton Maurice, 612 E. Broadway 
Lee H. 35 Harvard 
Lee John, 127 Dorchester av. 
Leear Henry, 1930 Washington 
Leussler J. E. 14(1 Blackstone 
Levi Morris, 33 Harris 
Levi S. 36 Salem 
Levy Isaac, 14 Phillips 
Lichter M. 488 Tremont 
Loeffler Samuel, E, cor. W. Sixth 
Lonergan P. E. 16 Camden 
Looney Daniel. 26 Brattle 
Louge'e P. T. 391 Main 
Lupijold John, 13 Berkeley 
Lynch Thomas, 65 Church 
Lvons J., Market, cor. Bennett, Br. 
jfalier David. 107% Hudson 
Malier P. 55 Kneelnnd 
Maibach Joseph, 182 Eliot 
Malone M. 33 Leverett 
Malone Robert, rear 18 Bedford 
Moloney J., Wash. n. Winship, 

Manary James, 61 Emerson 
Matsh F. W. 136 Broad 
Mathall P. 72 Dorchester av. 
Matt Xavier. 24 Groton 
Maurer Jacob. 42 Hampden 
Mayhew C. 37 Faneuil Hall sq. 
McBride Daniel, 23 Travers 
McCallum Win. M. 100 Eutaw 
McCarthy J. 394 Atlantic av. 
McCurdv John, 132 Chelsea, Chsn 
McDonald Allen, 32 West Dedham 
McDonald James. 473 Shawmut av. 
McDonald J. 145 Salem 
McGilverv D. 516 E. Eighth 
HcGrainf T.K. 84 Maverick, E.B. 
UcGrath Ed ward, 137 Everett, E.B. 
vIcGrath E. 463 Atlantic ave. 
UcGrath M. 195 W. Eighth 
dcGrath Robert, 231 W. Ninth 
JcGuilloii Peter, 33 Cottage, E. B. 
■IcKay J. 208 Centre 
•lcKeun 0. 177 Cabot 
icLaughlin B. 512 Harrison av. 
tcMahon J. 64 Causeway 
■IcMahon J. P. 225% Cambridge 
IcNabb James, 6 Perkins, Chsn. 
IcNally John, 465 Chelsea, E. B. 
IcNaught Alex. 12 Norman 
JeNeil James S., Hampden, cor. 

IcPatchen Robert, 1 Allen's ct. 
lcPhee Win. 55 Bartlett, Chsn. 
lelka Frank, 79 W. Dedham 
letzler E. 35 Clarendon 
leyer Jacob, 19 Russell et. wd. 22 
tiller Robert A. 6% Hamilton pi. 
loens N. 328 Ruggles 
loloney T. 40 Faneuil Hall sq. 
loore Daniel, 74 Brighton 
loore R. L. 11 Warrenton place 
orrill John. 297 Tremont 
organ M . 463 Commercial 
orley John, 1 Chapman, Chsn. 
orrison Peter, 161 Cambridge 
unro A. 39 Merchants row 
urray 3. C. 75 Warren, Chsn. 
urray P., Western av., n. Market, 

urray T. H. 71 Lexington, Chsn. 
yers Frederick. 92 Salem 
vers H, 1 Province court 
?al Hugh, 100 W. Fifth 
ewcoinb Charles J. 37 Salem 
ewcomb J. P. 45 Bromfield 
ewcoinb & Co. 10 Exchange 
icholson W. C, W. Firth, cor. F 
lies Charles, 1054% Tremont 
ixon Wm. 14 North Russell 
ilan Daniel, Batterv wharf 
Brien M. 95 Sudbury 
Connor D. 50 Lincoln 
lenwald Geo A., 63% Chestnut 
Donnell M. 642 Shawmut av. 
•lschleger A 28 Brattle 
Meara John, 36 Richmond, Chsn. 
^ell Francis, 3 Sun-court St. 
chard John, 27 Hudson 
born Carlos, 58 Bedfora 

O'Shea Thos., Leverett, c. Auburn 
Page J. N. 70 Cross 
Parker James. 125 Kingston 
Patchell James. 30U E. Eighth 
Patterson Geo. T. 241 Centre, wd. 21 
Paul August, 110 Northampton 
Pcpaard Thos. S. 357 Chelsea, E.B. 
Piersen S. P. 180 Dorchester av. 
Pitman John, 3S Brattle 
Pitman T. P. 27 Dorchester ay. 
Porter David J. 61 Cross 
Porter P. J. 243 Hanover 
Power Edward, 44 Vine, Chsn. 
Power Thomas & Co. 12 School 
Prince J. P. 157 Eliot 
Quill M. H. 381 Medford, Chsn. 
Quinn P. 16 Brattle 
Raftery Michael, Market, Brighton 
Kay James W. 12 Sullivan. Chsn. 
Raynor James J. 197 Ruggles 
Reardon T. 60 Pitts 
Regan C. 2 Wapping, Chsn. 
Renames Bernard, 311 Harrison av. 
KennoC. 34 Elm, Chsn. 
Rich R. W. 1730 Washington 
Riley Patrick, 86 Cove 
Ritter John, 50 Lenox 
Roberts James, 54 E. Canton 
Roche P. C. 34 Province 
Roth Matthias, 653 Paiker 
Rupert George L. 917 Tremont 
Russell C. H. 104 Harrison ave. 
Sawers R. 459 Hanover 
Scanlon Thomas, 124 Havre 
Schayer Vincenz, 19 Water 
Schleicher Adam, 211 Ruggles 
Schlottmiller F. 101 Hampden 
Schmidtt F. M., Green, cor. Boyl- 

ston avenue, J. P. 
Schmidt Sebastian, 313 Sumner 
Schwehr Jacob, 1171 Harrison ave. 
Schworer Wni. 146 Pynchon 
Scribner G. 21 Park. Chsn. 
Sharp Thomas, 42 W. Fifth 
Shaw John T. 40 Orleans, E. B. 
Shea Timothy, 106 Eliot 
Sherburne C. Henry, 21 Cornhill 
Silva Joseph, 640% Main 
Small Frederick, 4 Bromfield 
Smith John, 42 W. Fifth 
Smith M. 8 City Hall ave. 
Smith Thomas, 14 Exchange 
Snapp P. J. 124 Kingston 
Snow Philip S. 999 Washington 
Spence E. H. 419 Hanover 
Sprague C. H. 153 Leverett 
Spillane Michael, 24% Leverett 
Staab W. 89 Shawmut av. 
Steelier William, 99 Sudbury 
Stehle Gottleib, 99 W. Concord 
Stevenson H. J. 114 Water 
Stock Wm., Neponset av. corner 

Minot, Dorchester 
Strange Pierce, 135 Kingston 
Streck Henry, 196 Eliot 
Strobl Robert, South, n. Roslin- 

dale station 
Sullivan Daniel, 11 Winthrop, Chn. 
Sullivan D. 223 Albany 
Sullivan John. 81 Chelsea, E. B. 
Sullivan P. 15 Sliawmut av. 
Sutter Joseph, 231 Dorchester 
Sutton B. 90 Leverett 
Sutton E. J. 106 Blackstone 
Swain Stephen, 529 E. Seventh 
Tomkinson Nath'l, 6 A, Mav'k sq. 
Townsend Geo. W. 104 Leverett 
Trainor Jame6. 212 Dover 
TJpton L. 19 Salem 
Vaas Henry, 102 Dover 
Valois Jacob, 39 La Grange 
Vining D. W. 20 Tremont 
Wallstab Louis, 42 Dearborn 
Walsh Martin, 20 W. Second 
Ward Patrick. 464 and 487 Harr. av. 
Wattendorf John, 1 Market 
Weis D. 70 Salem 
Weis Henry, 115 Salem 
Weise Antonv, Pynchon, e. Centre 
Wetherell N. B.Wash.n.River.L.M. 
Whiteinan T. B. 347 Meridian 
Whittaker S. 262 Federal 
* Wicks J. A. 11 Montgomery place 
and 433 Washington 
Wilfert John C. 2002 Washington 
Wilhelm N., E. Eighth, c. Mercer 
Willett George, 81 Warren 
Williams P. 81 C 
Williams W. M. 105 S. Market 
Willis Edward. Hancock, cor. Co- 
lumbia, ward 20 
Willwerth L. 44 Yeoman 
Wilson Charles, 19 Garden 
Winterlee Jacob, 295 Sumner, E.B. 
Wirtz John, 168 Friend 
Woods P.. Hampden, cor. George 
Woodworth E. F. 2 City Hall ave. 
Worden Charles, 1 Miller, Chsn. 
Young Jerem iah , 56% Rus6ell,Chn. 
Yout John, Park, H. s. 
Yunker Geo. 81 Dorchester 
Zerbel August F. 189 Roxbury 
Ziegler Peter, 43 Charles 

Botanic Medicines. 

nilENEY & MYRICK, 15 Union 

Milner, Downes, & Co., 19 Han'vr. 
Swett George W. 245 Washington 

WILSON B. O. & G. C. 20 Cen- 

Anthes A. 2 Head place 
Browne William, 12 Pleasant 
Clark & Roberts. .",98 Harrison av. 

GOBURN, LANG, & CO., 56 
Kilby, and 100 Worcester 
Cushing,' Baldwin, & Co. 278 Com- 

DOWS G. D. & Co. 41 to 46 Fort 
Hill sq. 
Emerson Brothers, 47 Eliot 
■*-' Washington, agents for Toledo 
beer, from Buckeye brewery 
(see inside back cover) 
1 Howard Athenaeum bldg. 
Gahm Joseph, 10 Bow, Charlest'n 
Gray J. O. 3S8 Tremont 
Hazelton F. L. & Co. 57 Chadwick 

MILLER G. W. & C. R., 3 
Clark s b'.dg. (brewers' agts.) 
pFAFF & HANSCOM, 135 Eliot 

Court avenue (also lager for 
Ryan Matthew C. 229 Everett, E.B. 
Shevliu P. F. 90 B 


97 State 
UINES NORRIS, 149 Broadway 

Gallagher Edward. 6S2 Harr. ave. 
Lynch William. 287 Causeway 
"DAUL L. C. 149 Blackstone (see 
J- page 704) 

Bowling: Saloons. 

Jones & Moore, CO Portland 
Rourke James, 473 Tremont 
Wylie W. C. 754 Wash. 

Box Manufacturers. 

(See also Paper Boxes.) 
■OAIRD JACOB. 21 Bedford (pa- 
" per, see inside hack cover) 
Barnes Walter S. 54 Chauncy 
Boston Box Co. 62 Sudbui v 
Drisko P. C. 4 Decatur, E."B. 
Getchell John M., rear 92 Cam- 
bridge, Cnarlestown 
GROSE JOSEPH K. 74 Chauncy 
Littletield N. 4 Decatur, E. B. 
Mt. Washington Box Co. 95 Milk, 
room 25, Parker Merrill, agent 

FACTORY, Geo. F. Flick, 
agent. 183 Washington (see 
page 717) 
Pettee Dean H., rear 92 Cam- 
bridge, Chsn. 
GTRIEDER J. W. 2109 Wash. 
•^ (cigar, see page 829) 
Tilton F. B. 12 Howard 

Boys' Clothing. 

(See also Clothing.) 
Curtis William D. Mrs. 9 Kendall 

HOLLANDER L. P. &. CO. 494 
Holman S. A. Mrs. 164 Tremont 
Mansfield William II. Mrs. 54 Tem- 
ple place 
McCarthy E. A. Miss, 415 Wash. 

Bracket «tr Book Rack 

Currier & Aull, 11 Hawkins 
Gray Chester H. 7 Province court 
Gray Joseph T. & Sons, 150 Port'ld. 
Heald Charles E. & Co. 87 Border 
Hickey M. A. 87 Border 
Hurd C. W. & Co. 87 Border 
Keyes E. P. & Co. 22 Beach 
Walcott E. & Co. 16 Beverly 


T EIGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 West 
* J (gold and silver) 

104 Tremont (gold and silver) 


JACOBS BROS. 22 No. Maiket 
" street (see page 713) 



Brass Finishers. 
QARBEE M. & CO 87 Border 

Bonn Si Co. 71 Sudbury 

Clark W. P. 33 Bowker 

Clarke G. W. & Co. 33 Charlestown 

(J'ESTE & CO. 65X Sudbury 

Dexter & Co. 71 Sudbury 
J^ENNON & CO. 19 Spring lane 

Mitchell R. & Co. 5 Havmarket so,. 
Murray Robert, 19 Harvard place 
pUFFER A. D. 48 Portland 

Redi'ern W. C. 13 Bowker 
Scrannage Bros. & Cook,77Trayers 
C.Y1ITH & PERKINS, 86 Knee- 
kJ land (see page 728) 
QTONE I-IENKY N. 132 Com- 
^ mercial (see page 7311 
Suffolk Mamii. Co. 71 Sudbury 
Summers & Hunt. 57 Haverhill 
Vose W. T. 86 Utica 
v * Sudbury 
2JANE J. & CO. 81 Sudbury 

Brass Finishers' Tools. 

■ a - CHINE CO. 84 Kingston 

Brass Founders. 

-*-> Brighton, e. Allen 
Chase M. W. 23 George 



f]KOWLEY J., Curve, cor. 

^ Albany 

^'ESTE & CO. 65}£ Sudbury 

Gillies Robert, 1!) Harvard place 

T I ILL ROWLAND, 157 Border, 

X1 E. B. 

IngolsJ. P. & Co. 113 A 

Litchfield W„ Union, Charlestown 


1YL Cross 

pEET VALVE CO. 152 Hamp- 

x den 

CMITH & PERKINS, 86 Knee- 

"^ land (see page 72S) 

Williams A. 19 Wareham, 

Brass Goods. 

CO. 41 West (see page 717) 

Brass Manufacturers. 

■D MANUF. CO. 57 Oliver, 

II. W. Brooks, agent 


■ LX DENS.E. C. Huxley, agent, 

18 Federal, and 117 Congress 

Scovill Manufacturing Co. 112 

x MANUF. CO. 13 Federal 


Lynn H. 1. 148 Kneeland 

Bread Stores. 

(See also Bakers.) 
Berry James, Lexington, corner 

Princeton, Charlestown 
Binford C. C. 10G Salem 
Blaser A., Ferdinand, c. Melrose 
Bogue Ellen Mrs. 217 E 
Bopp.l. 12Chadwick 
Bradley M. .1. -Miss, 12.19 Tremont 
Brown J. H. 103 Charter and 216 

Brown L. S. Mrs. 49 Northfield 
Carney C. 300 K. Eighth 
Chase' G. W. 122 Brighton 
Chisholm Margaret, 245 North 
Clark A. W.jr. 61 Portland 
Conner J. M. IS No. Russell 
Corbitt M. Miss, 146 D 
Dudley Hannah Miss, 240}£ Dorch. 
Edwards E. S. 31 Pleasant 
Edwards Kate, 134 W. Canton 
Fish C. .'Mrs. 76 Cambridge 
Fisher George, 451 W. Second 
Foster J. M. Miss, 115 Bunker Hill 
Gateley Hannah, 143 Pynchon 
Gerry John C. 59 Bartl'stt, Chsn. 
Grant George A. 192 Pleasant 
Harlan Nicholas, 136 Kneeland 
Hall F. D. Mrs. 83 Kingston 
Hawkins J. U. & C. M, 2141 Wash. 
Horan Catharine 219 W. Ninth 
Jones M. F. 732 Harrison av. 
Kareher Jacob, 1820 Washington 
KelleherMarv 10. 114 Cambridge 
Kelley Henry, 19 E. Dedham 
Kuclz George, Boylston station 
Leethousc John, 129 W. Seventh 
Leslie William, 170 D 

Loud J. C. & E. A. 39 Charter 
Madden M. M.J. Miss, 12S W.First 
McCarthy Margaret, 87 London 
McCauley T. 2S Norman 
McDonoiigh Mary, Heath, corner 

MeDougal M. Mrs. 680 Harr. av. 
McKenna Austeua, 127 Chelsea, 

McNamara J. B. 271 Hanover 
Merello J. 36 North Bennet 
Mitchell J. D. 165 Beach and 54 

Moore Geo. I. 16 Anderson 
Morse R. P. 79 Chambers 
Murdock Grosvenor T. 612 Dor- 
chester avenue 
Murdock & Co. 202 Eliot, and 145 

Harrison ave. 
Newhall M. P. Mrs. 726 Harr. av. 
Ogelvie N. J. Miss. 70^ Church 
ONeil Alice Mrs. 114 E. Canton 
Parker John A. 41 Lowell, 40 

B'ker Hill, and 39 Chelsea, Chsn. 
Pastor J. T. 63 La Grange 
Perigny Joseph. 29 Blossom 
Sartoris C. 89 W. Canton 
Schildknecht P. Mrs. 20 Camden 
Sleeper T. M. .S3 Kingston 
Smith G. W. 980 Tremont 
Smith J. R. 77 Meridian 
Stearns E. 99 Hampden 
Stone G. W. Mrs. 17 Oak 
Stoddard Annie, 3 North sq. 
Sweeney Julia, 145 Cambridge 
Vinton George, Neponset av. near 

Weatherly James, 168 Essex 
Welch M. Mrs. 169 Vernon 
Welchliu C. F. 57 W. Dedham 
Wilde M. Mrs. 24 Elmwood 
Winn Bridget Mrs. 40 Bow, Chsn. 


Boston Beer Co., D. H. Tully, 

treas., 19 Central whf. 
Boylston Brewery, Ilatfenreffer & 
Co., Bismarck, J. P. and 13 Cen- 

do, Ohio, M. Engeihardt & 
Co., agents, 209 Washington 
(see inside back cover) 
Burkhardt G. F. 65 Kilby, and 

Parker, corner Station 
" Patch & Engle, Heath, corner 

Continental, Frey & King, 86to 90 

Longwood av. 
QOOK ISAAC & CO. 25 Central 

Decher C. H,., Alna place, E. B., 

office 2 Avon 
Frey & King, Longwood ave. near 

Jones Frank & Co. S2 Washington 
Jones, Cook, & Co. 524 East Second, 

office 82 Washington 
Kenney J. W., Amory street 
Kenney Neil, rear 1207 Tremont 
Leavey & Keany Brewing Co. 8 

Central wharf 
Miller G. W. & C. R., Foster's 

Wharf, Atlantic avenue 
Norfolk Brewery, Edw. Habieh, 

171 Cedar, depot, 167 Devonshire 
Pfaff II. & J. 16 Arch, and Pynch- 
on, near Cedar 
Rockland & Vienna Breweries, A. 

J. Houghton & Co., Hallock and 

Station sts. 
Roessle John, 60 Pynchon 
TJUETER & ALLEY', Highland 
•" Spring Brewery, New Heath, 
corner Parker, and 103 Devon- 
shire (see front colored page, 
opposite map) 
Standard Brewery, II. F. Kenney 

& Co., Elmwood, cor. King 
Suffolk Brewery, East Eighth, c. G 

and 9 Court square, James M. 

Smith, treasurer 
Taylor & Son. 120 Commercial 
Van Nostrand William T. & Co. 

40 Alford, Charlestown 

Brewers' Machinery. 

First (see page 720) 

Brick Machines. 

120 Fulton (see page 849; 


Bay State Brick Co. 5 Pemb. sq. 
Carr Edward, 35 Hawley 
Cofran S. M. 35 Hawley 
Davis & Chaddock (fire). 107 Water 
Day George II. & Co. 35 Hawley 
Foster O. S. 35 Hawley [Hawley 
Glidden E. O. 19 Doane and 35 

Gray S. F. & J. A. 35 Hawley 
Ham Joseph, Albany, cor. North- 
Haverhill Brick & Tile Co. 2 P.O. sq. 
Heath A. II. 31 Hawley 
JJOiiBS J. S. & CO. 92 State 

Howe Francis, 19 Doane 

Hursh C. S. 16 Pemberton sq., r. i 

Lamprey J. S.85 Hawley 

Massachusetts Brick Co., R. H. 
Shelton, treas. 11 Pemberton sq. 

McClure John, 35 Hawley 

Peerless Brick Co. .35 Hawley 

Sanborn W. A. 35 Hawley 

Sands J. L. 35 Hawley 

Swett N. 35 Hawlev 

Taylor S. P. 35 Hawley 

The Howe Brick Co., E. Bridge- 
water, F. Howe, agent, 19 Doane 

Thrasher John, 35 Hawley 

Turner Job A. 5 Pemberton sq. 

Washburn D. & Sons, 35 Hawley 

Bridge Engineers. 

(See also Engineers.) 


■**■ Pemberton sq. (see page 732) 

Bridge and Wharf 


(See also Contractors.) 

Boynton Bros. 35 Congress, rm. 84 

Derry & Edwards, 26 & 33 Hawley 

Freeman J. H. & Co. 13 Court sq. 

room 8 
■^- Condor 

& Cowdrey, agents, 79 Water 
Morrison C. K. 58 Trenton, E.B. 
Morrison George II. 73 Watr 
Ross & Lord, 35 Hawley 


Bill and Currency. 
Kendrick Henry C. 31 State 

Blanchard J. Henry, 42 Battery- 
Clark George A. 117 Milk 

Albee J. 168 Blackstone 
pIRD C. G. & CO. 13 Tremont 
XJ row 

Blair 1. L. 118 Washington 
Carruthers W. F. 1S7 Washington 
Duncan C. W. & Co. 15 Congress 
Elliott II. F. 66 Fulton 
Goddard G. W. 11 Dock square 
Solomon & Co. 19 Tremont row 
Tuttle E. A. 267 Washington 
Vincent & Co. 69 Devonshire 

Custom House. 
Harrington John II., CustomHouse 
TVrUDGE C. E., Custom House 

Boylston T. jr. 24J£ Central 
dishing, Porter, & Cades, 161 Milk 
French C. E. 11 Central wharf 
Goodrich H.D.& Co. lOTrein'trow 
Horton W. F. 15 Central 
Thayer, White, & Co. 19 Central 

Gold Brokers' Exchange, 3 Con- 
gress sq. 

Morey G. V. 5 Kilby 
Fhipps Wm. 5 Chatham row 

Abbott G. II. S2 Devonshire, rm.B 
Archibald A. 53 Devonshire 
Baker Chas. T. .53 Devonshire, r.8 
JJEAN JACOB, 70 Devonshire 

Bowker W. L. 85 Devonshire 
Bnrnham W. G. & Co. 7 Exchange 

^ Merchants' Exchange 
Chapin Chas. M. 24 Exchange pi. | 
Coffin Henry P. 31 State, room 1 
Colbert Charles E., Equitable bldg. 
Crane W. C. 85 Devonshire , 
Curtis Horatio G. 30 Central , 
Dalton Henry R. 14 Exchange pi. 
Devens E. F. 21 Exchange pi. 
Dyer & Brother, 28 Congress I 
Ehdicott Geo Mini roe, 00 Devon. • 
Herriman & Whitney. 4", Devon. 
Hinckley Frederick, 53 Devon. 
Lincoln Wm. & Son, 84 Devon. 
NazroC. G. & Son, 54 Kilby 
Northey William. 53 Devonshire 
pAIGE JOHN C. 7 Exchang' ; 
x place 




Pearce Geo. W. 2.5 State 
Putnam J. C. 25 State 

KEED LUTHER A. 3 State, 
room 1 
■DEED & BROTHER, 2 Old State 
-" House 

Seratt W. D. 53 Devonshire 
CEARS W. B. 22 Water 

Sharp S. T. 2S Congress 
Smith C. J. 1 Old State House 
Stoddard P. S. 5:5 Devonshire 
Thwing S. C. & Co. 77 State 
"Ward H. B. 86 Court 

Wheaton A. F. 39 Simmons bldg. 
Williams S. A. 51 State, room A 


Ball Joseph A. 13 Broad 
Blanchard J. Henry, 42 Battery- 
Blodgett H. J. 12 India 
Bovlston Thomas, 24>» Central 
Brown R. B. 123 Water 
Bullard C. G. 1!) Central 
Cabot, Bowles. & Co. 44 Kilby 
Canterbury & Co. 17 Central 
Cushman A. W. 4.5 North Market 

(wines and spirits) 
Davis Charles, jr. 54 Kilby 
Davis J. C. 12 School 
Decker N. C. 14y West Fourth 
Dickerman B. 5 Chatham row 
Draper, Conor, & Co. 50 Central 
Dunbar W. II. 44 Central 
D'Wolf J. L. & Co. 24 Central 
Edmauds, Holden, & Co. 61 Kilby 
Ehrlieh Samuel, 909 Washington 
Emmons J. A. & Co. 22 Broad (su- 
gar and molasses) 
Fiske E. G. 6 Commercial 
Fowler E.B. 27 India 
Gregory D. A . 5 Chatham row 
Hall A. B. & Co. 144 State 
Hall George T. & Co. 28 Central 
Hall W. P. 40 Kilby 
Hawes J. P. jr. 103 .Milk 
Hunt II. N. 47 S. -Market [spices) 
JewettD.E.24>< 2 Central (coffee and 
Jones F. D. S. Commercial 
Lincoln L. J. B. 3 Chatham row 
Matthews & Widden, 17 Central 
McLeuan Win. II. 33 Central 
Morse Albert H. & Co. 9 Broad 

Kims M. D. L. 144 State 
Parker B. W. 11 Central 
Perkins A. P. 180 Merrimac 
Pierce George B. 47 Soutli Market 
Potter C. D. & Co. 75 Devonshire 
Prince C. J. & Co. 32 India (petro- 
Prior E. & Co. 89 Court 
Randall David & Co. 29 India 
Reynolds E. B. 15 Kilby 
Roberts John & Co. 600" Wash. 
Roberts John II. 10 India 
Seott J. M. & Co. 17 Batterymarch 
Silsbee & Murpliv, 4 Liberty sq. 
Southwielc, C. J." 98 High (hides) 
Starbuck Walter, 54 Kilby 
Stone J. W. 12 Chatham 
Swain P. M. 117 Milk 
SweetBer J. 69 Devonshire 
Thayer Frank W. 19 Central 
Thayer, White, & Co. 19 Central 

Thompson A. E. 26 Exchange 
Townsend & Co. 36 Central 
Turner A. T. jr. 108 Milk 
Twonibley J. S. 56 Chatham 
Uphain W. F. 21 Exchange place 
Warren Henry W. 54 Kilby 
Vickery R. 44 Central 
Weld's Aaron D. Sons, 127 State 

White E. R. 3 Tremont row 
Willett, Ilamlen, & Co. 30 Central 
"Williams Robert & Son, 13 Broad 

Apthorp R. E. 11 Simmons bldg. 
Btlden F. E. 216 Wash. 
Boston Loan Co., 275 Washington 
Brooks My ion D. 40 Water, nil. 19 
Brown J. II. 24:: Washington 
Butler Warren T. 21 School 
Chandler H. P. 47 Devonshire 
Clapp .7. .1. vgo Wash., room 3 
QLARK BROS. & CO. 7 Ex- 
J~ change place, room 11 
Doane S. S. 46 School, room 2 
Emery J. B. F. 7 Exchange place, 

room 7 
Fay Charles F. 48 Consress 
F-tr,,,-I.'. a. 243 Washington 
F-SterG. H. 2,1 Washington 
IVROST BROS. 141 Devonshire 

Frothingham W. H. S. 35 Con- 
gress, room 8 
Gates Albert, jr. & Co. 40 Water 
Gray Win. R. 31 State, room 1 
Hart S. Rowland, 31 Exchange 
X] OLBROOK a. FOX, 12 P. O. 
J - J - square 

Hyde Hailan P. 231 Washington 
Jackson James, 78 Devonshire 
Jeffries John & Sons, 78 Devonshire 
Libbey Hebron, 231 Washington 
Lincoln Francis H. 54 Devonshire 
TOGAN S. B. 3 State, room 1 

Magoon A. B. 4 Brattle sq. 
McKay David II. 33 School, rm. I 
Mercer W. L. .50 School 
Merrill J. 2.5 Congress 
Moore Emery X. 2:15 Washington 
Norris H. A. 242 Washington 
Nowlan W. E. 11 Pemberton sq. 

Prior E. & Co. S9 Court 
Quiney & Co. 339 Washington 
Rand C. F. 7 Exchange place 
■*■" room 1 

Bobbins Joseph W. 41 State 
Roberts Jno. X. 660 AVash. 
Shaw John W. & Co. 97 State 
Smith Alvah A. 31 State, rooml4 
Smith Wm. A. 22 School 
Sturtevant J. D. 10 State 
Thayer Edw. F. 35 Equitable bldg. 
White E. R. 3 Tremont row 


Alderman J. F. & Co. 25 Congress 

Cowles, Lovejoy, & Co. 57 State 
QURRIER GEO. O. 60 State 

Davis I. C. 12 School 

Dorr C. A. & Co. 51 State, room B 


■*- Washington 

Gay Wm. B. S. 51 State, room C 

Hurd G. F. 26 Exchange place 

Kellogg Henry, jr. 66 Devonshire 

March J. S. 76 State 

May George W. 76 Devonshire 

Nash & Gushing, 62 Congress 

O'Neil J. 31 Doane 

Parks W. J. 19 Exchange place 

Pickering J. & M. 40 State, room 24 

Seymour C. W. 2.5 Congress sq. 

Smith Edward M. & Co. 64 Devon. 

Spofford Samuel W. 9 State 

Strauss N. 120 Pearl 

Tyler William E. 23 Water, room 3 

Wakefield Enoch 11. 209 Wash. r. 2 

Wood TheodireH. 7 Exchange pi. 


Aaronson Abraham, 27 Kneeland 

Aaronson A., jr. 872 Washington 

Abranis M. 4 Salem 

Aronson Henry, 2311 Washington 

Bowers H. M.69 Devonshire 

Bowman H. 6 Salem 

Bugbee Gilbeit D. 272 Hanover 

BuiteUan I. 98 Dorchester ave. 

Caro Solomon M. 158 Essex 

Cassidy P. F. 120 Kneeland 

Cohen B. 2 Portland 

Felch H. E. 10 Brattle square 

Frank Meyer, 160 Harrison avenue 

Friedlander A. 150 Beach 

Frisselle J. M. 10 Brattle square 

Glass Morris, 03 Roxbury 

Hamburger J. 159 West Broadway 

Henderson D. 130 Harrison ave. 

llersburg R 23 Cross 

Jackson W. 30 Merrimac 

Kurtz D. .51 .Merrimac 

Latz Louis. 96 Merrimac 

Levi Abram, 18 Salem 

Levi A. 105 Cambridge 

Levy M. 279 Hanover 

Lewis Jacob, 787 Washington 

Lewis Simon, 34 Kneeland 

Lissner B. L. 24 .Merrimac 

Lowe .7. 43 Merrimac 

Magoun A. B. 4 Brattle square 

Miller J. W. 316 Main.Charlestown 

Myers A. 32 Merrimac 

Myers Isaac, 7 Pleasant 

Myers Lewis, 119 Court 

Nelson B. 76 Merrimac 

Nelson 11. M. 81 Harrison avenue 

Nelson N. M. 351 Hanover 

Page M.S. & Co., Salem, c. Endicott 

Perkins A. J. 17 Brattle square 

Phillips G. 40 Merrimac 

Pierce J. G. 25 Howard 

Rieli Seth. 12 Braltle square 

Richards J. L. 7 Brattle square 

ItiggsP. L. 291 Hanover 

Rosenkiaoz Bios.297W. Broadway 

Ross Wihiam.288 Hanover 

Savage T. I.. Sauda Endicott 

Schuli Jacoo, 15 Ewdicott 

Staekpole G. W. 4.5 Green 
Sternburg II . 46 Merrimac 
StockweH Geo. & Co. 817 Hanover 
Stolkovsky M. 198 South 
Sugarmau Solomon, 117 Dover 
Warren Geo. 10 Portland 
Warshauer Jacob. 988 Wash. 
Williamson E. V. S. 1108 Wash. 
Young Henry P. 105 Portland 

Ileal Estate. 

(See also Real Estate Agents.) 
Aldrich H. A. 35 Congress 
Apthorp J. V. 4 Exchange place 
Blake S. P. jr. 51 State, room A 
Bowers H. M. 69 Devonshire 
Browne A. J. 48 Congress 
nllAFMAN & SUAILER, 243 
^ Washington 
Clapp John J. 282 Washington 
Clark William T. 141 Devonshire 
Clement Arthur M. 243 Wash. 
Cobb E. W. iio Tremont 
Collins & Co. 10 State 
Emerson II. 231 Washington 
Evans B. S. 23 State, room 8 
Farrington Horace, 66 Devonshire, 

room 38 
Fiske O. W. 242 Washington 
Forbes W. W. 31 Exchange, rm. 7 
•*- Washington 
JfROST BROS. 141 Devonshire 

Glidden C. W. 615 Wash. 
Harris E. W. 37 Old State House 
Kingsbury G. E. 10 Commercial 
Kingsbury W. C. 235 Washington 
Lewis James, 194 Washington 
Macomber William, 7 Doane 
McGregor Geo. C. 69 Devonshire 
Moulton H. W. 282 Washington 
Niles & Co. 178 Washington 
Norris H. A. 242 Washington 
Osborne E. II. & E. L. Soule, 76 

Pearson Henry, 86 Court 

Pollard & Co. 235 Wash., room 12 

Pratt S. P. 12 Court 

"DEED LUTHER A. 3 State, 

- L '' room 1 

Rice Homer, 66 Devonshire, rm. 38 

Russell Charles F. 27 State 

Rutledge James S. 242 Washington 

Shaw James M. 97 State 

Sargent & Co. 9 Milk 

Smith W. A. 22 School 

Spinney E. B. 15 Congress 

Sprague A. W. 286 Washington 

Staekpole J. 243 Washington 

Sul.h'an ^ Maedonahi, School 

Vila Joseph, 15 Congress 

Ward H. B. 86 Court 

Wells Geo. H. & Co. 200 Wash. 

Whitteuiore B. F. 243 Wash. 

Bridge, Lord, & Co. 173 State 
Campbell J. A. 136 State 
Child Morris W. 12 Central wharf 
pLARK GEORGE P. & CO. 104 
^ State 

Cook Wm. & Co. 1 Com'l wharf 
Coombs J. R. 127 Commercial 
Crowell Peter H. & Co. 51 Com'l 
Doane & Crowell, 105 Commercial 
Emery John S. & Co. 154 State 
Fitz Bros. & Co. Ill Commercial 
Folger John B. S: Co. 98 Com'l 
Haiinum James W. 3 Commercial 
Hathaway & Co. 22 Central wharf 
Hunt Charles, 156 State 
Hunter Geo. W. & Co. 1 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Jones & Townsend. 17 Central whf. 
Kilham, Loud, & Co. 21 Commer- 
Linnell J. W. 122 Commercial 
Lombard's A. C. & Sons, 75 State 
Lovell C.S Son, head Comm'l whf. 
Marmaud Jas. L. 212 Atlantic av. 
Mayo & Sampson, PA}4 India whf. 
Mcivissoek Win. 102 State 
Merritc Jerome, 104 State 
pERKINS & JOB, 91 State 

Pickering M. F. & Co. 13 Exch. pi. 
Preston George W. 7 Central 
Reed P. W. & Co. 73 Commercial 
Roberts D. A. 176 Atlantic av. 
Rose H. & Co. 3 India 
Russell & Baker, 27 Commercial 
Sears .1. Henry & Co. 92 State 
Thaver & Lincoln, 114 State 
Upton II. P. 97 Stale 
Vlasto & Ude, IS India 
Walter John & Co. 168 State 
Weltch S. & Co. 129 State 
Wilde George F. 126 State 



Brokers — Specie. 
Alexander Jacob, S State 
Hammctt James, basement Old 

State House 
Kendrick Henry C. 31 State 
Rhodes John B. 31 State 

Stock and Exchange. 
Albee Amos D. 59 Congress 
Attwood Gilbert & Co. 14 Merch. ex. 
Babson F. H. & Co. basement Old 

State House 
Bailou M. 11. fifi Devonshire 
Bates II. M. & Walley. 4U State 
Bennett C. H. & Co. 70 Devonshire 
Brewer James P. 4 Exchange pi. 
Brewster, Bassett, & Co. 35 Cong. 
Brodhead D. 1). 2 Change avenue 
Brooks James 1. 21 Equitable bldg. 
Brown Benjamin & Sons, 5(i State 
Brown J. Howard, 06 Devonshire 
Brown, Riley, & Co. 9 Congress 
Brown Walter R. 2 Change avenue 
Chandler Albert, F. 2 P. O. square 
Clark Robert F. 51 State, and 14 

Exchange place 
Cooper A. B. & Co. 2 Old State Ho. 
Cowles, Lovejoy, & Co. 57 State 
Curtis Laurence, 28 State, room 9 
Curtis William M. 2 Change ave. 
Cutter J. A. B. 21 Central 
Davis F. A. 2 Change avenue 
Davis James W. 2 Change avenue 
Davis Win. F. 2 Change avenue 
Doane Geo. A. 2 Change avenue 
Farrington II. 60 Devonshire 
Fay Wilson W. & Co. 31 State, 

room 7 
Fenno & Homer, 24 Congress sq. 
Fisk Wm. C. 70 State, room 4 
Fogg Brothers Si Co. 27 Congress 
Foote & French, 7 Congress 
Gilbert Samuel, 14 Merchants Ex. 
Goodnow Nathan B. 38 Water 
Hall C. C. 60 State 
Harding & Co. 31 State, room 8 
Hawes& llenshaw.ol State (auc's) 
Hayward Charles L. 18 Exchange 
Head Charles & Co. 62 Devonshire 
Heath Charles II. 13 Kilby 
Hunt H. 3 State 

Jackson C. C. 40 Water, room 2 
Johnston T. A. 2 Change avenue 
Jones John C. 60 State 
Keith Win. W. 15 Congress 
Kendall J. 24 Devonshire 
Lee, Higginson, & Co. 44 State 
Lee John R. 57 State 
Lee Thomas J. & Hill, 60 State 
Lynch T. J. 48 State, room 3 
Mackintosh J. W. 66 State 
Martin Joseph G. 10 State 
May George W. 76 Devonshire 
Morse E. Rollins & Bro. 28 State, 

room 16 
Morse S. jr. 27 Congress 
AJussey E. W. 26 Congress sq. 
Peck F. II. 7 Exchange place 
Perkins T. Henry, 4 Congress sq. 
Peters & Parkinson, 35 Congress, 
Pickering John, ic Moselcy, 40 

State, room 24 
Pratt Wm. 103 State 
Prince John B. 66 Devonshire 
Putnam Chas. A. 60 State 
Randall O. G. 12 State 
Reed Wm. 31 State, room fi 
Rice Homer, 66 Devonshire 
Shute James M. jr. 66 Devonshire 
Smith C. H. 15 Congress 
Soley J. J. 13 Exchange, room 9 
Steadinan W. R. 66 State 
Stevens Horace 11. 23 Congress sq. 
Stowell John B. jr. 66 Devonshire 
Studley Samuel G. 23 Congress sq. 
Sturtevant J. D. 10 State 
Sweet Charles A. & Co. 40 State 
Taylor * Co. 3 State 
Tenney B. F. 76 State, room 4 
Torrey Ellsworth & Co. 66 State 
Tyler W. C. 28 State, room 31 
Wainwright Henry C. & Co. 40 

State, room 10 
Ward Charles H. 26 Congress sq. 
Watson John C. 60 Devonshire 
Wetherbee John, 18 Old State Ho. 
White Joseph, jr. 2 Change av. 
Wilder George E. 66 Devonshire 
Worcester Wm. B. 26 Congress sq. 


(For Boots and Shoes.) 
■DROWN B. F. & CO. 156 Com- 
■P mereial 
pAHlLL M. S. 81 South 

Bronze Goods. 

■*"■ Peinberton sq., room 9 (cast- 
ings, &.C.) 
•ROQERS Si CO. 62 Canal 

Bronze Powders. 


83 Sudbury. 


13 Franklin (see page 827) 

DONALD W. C. & CO. 17 Spring 
lane (see page 725) 

Bronze Statuary. 

394 Washington 

Jtroom Manufs. 

Annis C. W. 324 W. Third 
A UST1N & FELLOWS, 35 Ex- 
■**■ change 

Hallard David, Elmwood, n. King 
Hallard John, 103 Bolton 
Institution for the Blind, 37 Avon 
Lewis J. M. rear 100 Emerson 
Scott D. A. 221 West Third 
Woodum W. 53 Chatham 

Brush Bundles. 

Jenncss O. 48 Chardou (Jenness' 

Brush Manufacturers. 


■"■ change 

Averill, Hunting, & Carter, 323 

Bowditch J. F. 14 India square 

Burton A. & E. & Co. 21 Exc'ge 

Clifton Manuf Co. 157 Wash. 

UASTHAM W. W. 352 Wash. 

■^ ington 

Fitrpatrick W. H. & Co. 5 Hay- 
market square 

Hergest Q. L. agent, 40 Summer 

Jenness Orlando, 48 Chardon (pat- 
ent handles) 

Morris J. M. & Co. 874 E. Fourth 


•"•*■ 12 Devonshire 

CO., B. Poland, manager, 30 
Hanover (see page 831) 
Tucum Tooth Brush Co. 150 Port- 
Whiting J. L. 144 and 146 Oliver 
Worcester & Staudinger, 27 Exc'ge 

Builders' Hardware. 

" Dock square 
Thurston Knob Screw Co. 18 Avon 
WARREN, M. C. & CO. 9 Dock 

WASHBURN B. D. & CO. 35 
*" and 37 Batterymarch 

Building Materials. 

Ham Joseph, Northampton, cor. 
lSH A 

MOORE M. 50 Dorch. av. (new 
and second hand) 

Building Movers. 

Blair John S. 444 Harrison avenue, 

and 35 Hawley 
Cavanagh John, 167 W. Fourth, 

and 35 Hawley 
Cavanagh William R., rear 207 E 
Richards David, 39 Lexington, 

Quirk John, Keyes, J. P. 

Building and Machin. 
ery Castings. 

CO. Fanihuin street (see 
back colored page) 

Bungs and Taps. 

Bachelder John, 122 Water 
Convoy Edward, 36 India 
Wyman & Bowers, 32 Lancaster 

Burglar Alarm Tele* 

■DECKFORD E. S. 677 Wash. 

Boston Electric Protective Asso- 
ciation, 53 Summer 
DOWD P. A. 53 Summer, (sea 
XfiULLER SETH W. 63 Devon- 
* shire (see page 706) 

Hanover (see page 717) 


Davis & Winsor, 49 Federal 

Wyman F^dward, 9 Federal 


Eastern Burnettiziiig Co. 45 Kilby 


Burning Brands. 

ATCH H. U CO. 220 Wash- 
ington (see page 729) 



Butchers Slaughtering & Melting 

Association, Jacob F. Taylor, 

president, Abattoir 
Chamberlain N. & G. D. 14 Abattoir 
Dana Charles & Co. 12 Abattoir 
Goodenough H. B. 2 Abattoir 

Heath A. G. 1 Abattoir 
Horrigan Thomas, 3 Abattoir 
Jackson Nathaniel, 7 Abattoir 
Kane Martin, 6 Abattoir 
Kimball E. D., 2 Abattoir 
Lcarnard S. S.,8 Abattoir 
Locke Horatio, 13 Abattoir 
McBain William, 2 Abattoir 
McCarty D. 10 Abattoir 
Sanderson Charles W.5 Abattoir 
Saunders & Hartwclt, 15 Abattoir 
Sawyer, Hollis, & Co. 9 aud 16 

Taylor A. A.. 11 Abattoir 
Whittaker H. & L. A., 4 Abattoir 

Butter Manuf*. 

Waverley Butter Co. 4 Wavcrley 
block, Charlestown 

Butter and Cheese 

J» esilcrs. 

(See also Produce Dealers.) 
Aldrich Aaron & Co. 82 F. Hall 

Aldrich Ambrose, 5 Faneuil Hall 

market (cellar) 
Aldrich A. M. & Co. 4 Faneuil 

Hall market (cellar) 
Bailou I. H. & Co. 121 So. Market 
Batchelder& Palmer, 91 F. H. mkt. 
Benton, Caverly, & Co. 76 Faneuil 

Hall market 
Bickford & Bostwick, 22 Wash- 
ington market 
Blanchard & Lambert, 3 Central 

Blossom II. A. 8 Union market 
Boynton Geo. O. 10 New Faneuil 

Hall market 
Browne Theo. L. 5 New Faneuil 

Hall market 
Bryant & Scates, 17 New Faneuil 

Hall market 
Burt & Harris, 24 Fan. Hall mkt. 
Chambcrliu C. C. & Co. 79 F. Hull 

Chapin Geo. T. 13 Blackstone mkt. 
Cobleigh George, 19 Wash, market 
Cotton F. W. f7 Wash, market 
Crosby Bros. & Co. 57 Faneuil Hall 

market, and cellar 11 do. 
Davis & Wentworth, 4 Clinton 

Dinsmorc Thomas & Co. 1 Faneuil 

Hall market (cellar) 
"TJlZER J. T. 146 So. Market 
■*-' (see front colored page) 
Dolloff B. W. & Co. 56 Blackstone 
Fisk W. H. 7 Boylston market 
Friend Wm. H. 20 Williams mkt. 
Fuller Luther, 10 Union market 
Gass, Doe, & Chapin, 63 Fan. Hall 

Goodall, Peirce, & Co. 10 base- 
ment Faneuil Hall 
Griggs G. W. 10 Central market 
Hadley D. H. & Son, 23 New Fan- 
em! Hall market 
Hapgood L. 12 Wash, market 
Harmon Amasa, 7 Williams mkt. 
Hastings Si Co. 7 St. Charles mkt. 
Tl ILTON BROS. & CO. 3 Fan- 
J - L euil Hall market (cellar) 
Hinckley, Avers, & Co. 5 New 

Faneuil Hall market (cellar) 
Hovey 11. A. & Co. 32 F. H. mkt. 
Hubbard George M. 31 Wash. mkt. 
Huntley R. Si Son, 8 Blackstone 

Keene A Co. 89 Faneuil Hall mkt. 
Meloon & Chapin, 12 Blackstone 

Morrill F. W. 107 Fan. Hall mkt. 
Morrison H. P. 14 New F. II. mkt. 
Nichols D. & L. 87 Faneuil Hall 

Olin C. A. & Co. 105 Fan. H. mkt. 



Osgood Samuel, 4 and C Union 

Pa-e Perkins C. 24 Suffolk market 
Parker J. H. * Co. 3 New Faueuil 

Hall market 
Paul M. W. 15 Wash, market 
Pliilbrook G. II. & Co. 2 New Fan- 

euil Hall mkt. and cellar 11 do. 
Prince Stephen, 12 Williams lnkt. 
Rice Caivin, 60 Biackstone 
Rich L. B. & Co. 5 Central market 
Kicker C. S. 102 Biackstone 
Rowe S: Corliss. 9 New F. II. mkt. 
Kussell W. R. Ill Beach 
Sanderson L. F. 2 Globe market 
Sanger E. A. & Co. 34 New Fan. 

Hall market 

Scovell Geo. H. 8 New F. II. mkt. 
Sears & Evans, 42 North 
Strout Bros. 5 Boylston market 
Taylor Frank E. 2 Franklin mkt. 
Thomas F. H. 9 Boylston market 
Tinkham Geo. H. 6 Faueuil Hall 

market (cellar) 
Towne C. W. 7 Suffolk market 
Ware Johr. J. & Co. .13 Fan.H.mkt. 
Watts & Willis, 2 F.II.mkt.(eellar) 
Waverley Butter Co. 4 Waverley 

block, Charlestown 
White & Stickney, 20 Suffolk mkt. 

Sutton Dealers. 

■P chase (manuf.) 

Button Hole Machines. 
T UFKIN J. W. 38 Chardon 

Button Miiuiift. 
RHODES M. M. & SONS, 47 
■^ High (see page 783) 

Cabinet Maken. 
Arnaud Derk, 107 Eustis 
Armstrong Geo. 101 State, (rep'g) 
Beal T. M. 77 Travers 
UELIER ALFRED, 94>£ Utica 
P (see page 703) 
UOSSUM & BORSH, 82 Canal, 
•° and 171 Friend (see page 724) 
Bowden J. C. 72 Windsor 
IJKOWN & THEAL, 56 Beverly 
■ L> (see page 723) 
Burgess Jolm A., Norfolk, Mat. 
(JAIN M. W. Temple, L. M. 

Clark ic Phillips, 73 Haverhill 
Crowther W. H. 113 Merrimac 
Uei by George H. 28 Beverly 
Duraut J. 7U Kingston 
Eppler F. 35 Troy 
fcuye N. W. 11 Hawkins 
Ueald Charles E. i: Co. 87 Bower 
leliuek Carl R. 383 Federal 
Uuuier Joseph, Cedar, L. M. 
Murphy J. 23 Heme 
Reiuhold J. R. 36 LaGrange 
Kauch Edward, Dorchester av. 

opp. Greenwich 
Rossc H. P. 94X Utica 
joyard C. J. 13 Beacon 
Taylor H. R. 2316 Washington 

(patent drawer) 
Thompson James, 94>£ Utica 
fhwaites Wm. G. 85 Hudson 
Walsh William, 103 Merrimac 
Warner A. L. & C. A. 55 Bristol 
Weater Richard, 5 N. Anderson 
Werner Joseph, Cabot, c. Weston 
vv erly 

Cabinet Organs. 

gSTEY J. ti CO. Hunt Brothers, 

general New England agents, 
608 Wash, (see front c.oi'd p.) 

Calcined Plaster. 

fTOXIE J. B. & CO. (Albert 
*-*■ Mills) 239 State 

Calcium Lights. 

Ridgway John J. 36 Cambridge 

1'ulciilatiug Machines. 
^ erly (see page 722) 

Calcutta and East India, 

11 and 13 India 

Calico Printers' Sup. 
. , plies. 

wyland Thomas & Co. 62 India 

Campaign Flags. 

ftRICKSON A. 38 North Market 
. (see page 736) 

Can Manufacturers. 

■ L ', 126 Milk 
T f O L 1, 1 S C. & G. 11 Custom 
•*-*- House street 

Cane Furniture. 


- L place (see advertising index) 


PADGER E. S. 16 Temple place 
■^ (manuf. see page 711) 
ITRECKLER J. 0. 192 Shaw- 
■"-*- inut avenue 

Cap Makers, 

Brush & Woodle. 29 Avon 
Foster, Alexander, & Dinner, 99 

Court, room 14 
Gould F. E 63 Court 
Kroener William, 19 Bedford 
I EIGIITON S. P. & CO. 22 
XJ West (military and masonic) 
Myers S. 32.1 Wash. 
* Tremont (military & masonic) 
Ryan M. & E. 32 Avon (ladies 

dress, wholesale) 
Sanger & Busch, 102 Chauncey 
Strecker Brothers, 101 Summer 


(Potoer J: Common.) 
OTONE HENRY N. 132 Com- 
^ mercial (see page 731) 

Car Springs. 

SJ Geo. Dunbar & Co. agents, 109 

and 111 Miik 
^ A. Caldwell, agent, 199 Dev- 
onshire (see page 515) 
New Eng. Car Spring Co., Stephen 
G. Deblois, agent, 9 Doane 

Car Wheels. 

(Elastic Steel.) 
Woodbury James A. 40 State, 
room 41 

Carbolic Purifying 

American Sanitary Association, 
S. C. Bixby, agent, 105 Devou. 

Carbon Photographs. 

_A^LLEN & ROWELL, 25 Winter 

Card Holders and Fix- 

ALL W. W. 5 Court, corner 



Cardigan Jacket 

,J 250 Devonshire 

Cards and Card Hoards. 

nARTER, RICE, Si CO. 252 
v Devonshire, rear entrance, 

Sullivan place, 107 Federal 

(see page 830) 
FOLDING & CO. 40 Fort HiU 
*-* square (see page 702) 
Perkins E. Lanison, 25 Yale, and 

19 Milk 
QTORRS A. & CO. 81 Franklin, 
kJ corner Arch (see page 827) 

Carpenters «fc Huilders. 

Abbott Samuel, 330 W. Broadway 

Adams W. D. 251 Pynchon 

Akerly A. W. 84 Chardon 

Albright John G., Albright court, 

Aldeu J. 6S Kingston 

Alexander W. B. 91 Chapman 

Ames S. &. H. 71 Fayette 

Anderson Andrew, 35 llawley 

Andrews & Halsaii, 21 Barrett 

Amiable C. C, Motte, c. Ilarr. av. 

Appleyard E. 3 Mechanics' block, 
Lnion Park street 

Archer Edwin W. 37 Lexington, 

Atwood Isaac R., Neponset av. n. 
Mill, IIS. 

Austi n W . J . & Co. 3 North avenue, 

Ayers A. A., Green, n. Centre, J.P. 

Ayers M. D., Centre, near Bur- 
roughs, J.P. 

JJACON J. F. 29 Fulton 

Bail Wm. Y., Athens, c. F 
Bailey Henry, 2S Everett, E.B. 
Bailey Paul, 68 Bremen, E.B. 

Baker E. D. 211 Federal 

Balch Frederick. 14 Webster av. 

Barker C. & Co. 104 Travers 

Barker George, 32 Beverly 

Barker James A. 61 S. Margin 

Barker J. H. 52 Charles 

Barnes Curtis. 206 Portland 

Barrett & Matchett, S7 Causeway 

Bartlett E. L. 28 Lincoln 


AJ Wareham 

Bates James W. 64 Broad 

Bates L. L. rear 18 Bedford 

Beal J. H. 230 Congress 

Beal & Spear, Frrderika, Dorch. 

BellJ. A 211 Federal 

Bellows Eli B., Exchange, II. S. 

Bennett S. P., 63 Chestnut 

Benson C. T. 131 Charlestown 

Berry J. W., Allston, Allston 

Bertram John, 235 D 

Blackwood & Gardner, 75 West 

Blanchard II. W., Nenonset 
Blodgett A. W. 31 Bowker 
Blodgett C. H 810 Shawmut ove. 
Blood W. II. 46 Lincoln 
Bodwell C. II. 57 Pleasant 
Bounell H. C. 58 Winchester 
Bourn & Leavitt. 146 Mt. Yernon, 

and 35 llawley 
Bowers A. 179 Portland 
Bowers Chas. AV. rear Wash., near 

Rockiand, Brighton 
Bowker Benj. C, Glide, Nep. 
Bowker George W. .173 Albany 
Bowker Freeman, 94 W. Ci dar 
Brackett Henrv 1... 98 '1 ravers 
Brawley John P. 10 King 
Brazillian J. s. 10.1 .Merrimac 
Briggs T. P. 170 Merrimac 
Brown Amos, 50 Lawrence, Chsn. 
Brown E F., E. Canton, c. Albany 
Brown G. H. 51>i Wareham 
Brown Hugh W. 349 Warren 
Brown James, Allston, Allston 
Brown T. G. 6 Mechanics' b.ock. 

Union Park st. 
Brown Win. 5 Sullivan, Chsn. 
Brown & Thomas, 75 Wareham 
Burgess L. M. 33 Hawkins 
Burnham G. T. & Co. 16 Beverly 
Burns Lawrence, 82 Decatur, Chsn 
Burr Theophilus, 17 Blossom 
PURT J. II. & CO., Blue Hill 
" av. near Norfolk, Mat. 
Byron J. M. rear 218 Shawmut ave. 
Caldwell E. G. 17 Harvard place 
Cannon Thomas L. D. 128 Cam- 
Carlisle & Cummings, 35 Hawley 
Carr Francis, Union av , Dorch. 
Cassidy Andrew, Wash, n. School, 

ware! 23 
Casson Robert, 32 Sudbury 
Champion M. J., Maple, n. Weld, 

Har. So. 
Chadwick S. J. 203 Roxbury 
Chandler Moses E. rear 18 Bedford 
Chapman J. M. r. 218 Shawmut av. 
Chase S. Y. 169 Border, E.B. 
Cheney Artemas F. 8.18 Albany 
Chesley S. M.& Co. 108 E. Dedham, 

order-box 35 Hawley 
Clark Charles £. 35 Hawley 
(}LARK EBEN C. 11 Savin Hill 
KJ avenue, Dorchester 
Clark F. O., Tudor, near Dorch. 
Coffin U.H. 35 Hawley 
Colcord B. F. 47.1 A, Tremont 
Colter John, Adams, cor. Dickens, 

Conant Fred. P. 74 W. Dedham 
Connor J. 386 Harrison avenue 
Cooper E. T. 44 Lincoln 
Corbett Philip F. 33 Province 
Cowen J. M., rear 2783 Wash. 
Crane C. T. 375 Bennington, E. B. 
Creber Francis C. 4 Winslow 
Creesy & Noyes, 53 to 59 Ware- 
ham, and 33 Hawley 
Cressey D. M. 7 Russell pi. ward 8 
Crowe R. R. 113 Merrimac 
Cushman J. W., Parsons, Brighton 
Damon C. A. 32 Tyler 
Damon Davis. 254 Border, E. B. 
Damon Henry, 79 W. Dedham 
Damon & Pike, 117 Merrimac 
Damrell J. S. 4 Fruit 
Danforth Thomas S. 75 Ruggles 
Daniels C. C, River, n. Blue Hill 

ave., Mat. 
Davenport Calvin, Olney, n. Bow- 

doin, Dorch. 
Davenport Samuel, Taylor, Nep. 
Davenpoit Samuel N., Auburn, 

Davies Daniel & Son, 154 Mt. Ver- 
Davis C. B. 126 Charlestown 
DeLue Wm. H. 168 Biackstone 
DeLue & Simpson, 14 Norfolk pi. 
D'Eutreiuont Andrew , 1435 Trem't 



Carpenters, etc. — Continued. 

Dillun Joseph, 74 Cabot 
Ditson Horatio, 54 Kingston 
Dobson J. 21 Shawmut avenue 
Doherty Brothers, 2273 Wash. 
Dollman ,1. 470 Tremont 

DOLLOFF & HOWE, rear 16 
Donavan D. J. 50 Cove 
Doimellv & Me\'ane, 177 Cabot 
Du\f Daniel, 200 Portland 
Dowliug Mark, 54 Kingston 
Drake Herman, 140 Border, E.B. 
Driscoil M. (15 West Tliird 
Dunbar L. W. 271 Charles 
Duneanson G. M. 2 Taber 
Dunn I. II. 15.1 Dorchester ave. 
Dunn R. O. 'J4S Washington 
Dupee Louis, 75 West Dedhara 
Easterbrook Isaac. 1% River 
Eaton Win. T. 4S7 East Third 
EdgiT. Reuben, 71 Wareham, and 

and '& I Hawley 
• AJ 401 Albany, and 33 Hawley 
Elliott Henry, t546 East Fourth 
Emery A. J. 75 West Dedham 
Eweli diaries, Ol.iey, near Bow- 

doin, Dorch. 
Filicld O. 1191 II.Liris. >n avenue 
Fitch Jonas & Co. 388 Federal 
Flanders B. 11. 285 South, and 35 

Flynn Henry. 208 West Fourth 
Fogg Charles W., Centre, opp. 

Perkins, J. P. 
Ford J. 150 Cabot 
Fossett & Carter, Centre, n. Bur- 
roughs, J. I'. 
Foster Jacob, Foster, near Dorch. 

Frame & Patten, 09 Border, E. B. 
Freeman Albert. ."1 Bowker 
French Bros. 35 Wareham, order 

box 35 Hawley 
"EiRIZIiLL CHAS., Granite av. 
■*■ Neponset, and37 Troy 
Frost James M. 2 Bread 
Frosc William B. 2 Bread 
1'uller C. C. 21 Blue Hill avenue 
i'uller J. L. 39 Curve 
Fuller Lorin L. 11 Pemhertou sq. 
Galloupe Amos. 25 Barrett 
Gately J., Green, n. ( lentre, J. P. 
Giggle John II., Culvert, n.Trc'mt. 
Giioert C. 17SJ Washington 
Gilbert John, 12011 Harrison av. 
Glover A. II., Commercial, near 

Dorch. avenue 
Glynn M. T. & W. 7 Gates 
Good Daniel, 85s Albany 
Goodwin Isaiah. 77 Joy 
Goodwin N. jr. 112 Beverley 
Gould D. F. 250 ;.; Federal 
Gray J. 91 Chapman 
Griffin P. us Kingston 
Hadlock J. E., 12 Fulton, Nep. 
Haines J. F., Norfolk, near the 

depot, Dorch. 
Ham & Buzzell, 5 Creek sq. 
Hamilton Geo. W., Sidney, Dorch. 
Hammond & Laskey, 23 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Hancock & Greeley, 35 Hawley 
Hanson A. 142 Tyler 
Harding Charles, r. 21S Shawmut 

Hargrave George & Son, 33 Central 

Square, E.B. 
Harmon Benjamin, 95 Bartlett, 

Harmon I. & II. M., Milk, c. Con'gs 
Harvey A. F. 52 Charles 
Hathaway A. 1 River 
Hemenway M. HOB Portland 
Hildreth j. W. 3:17 Atlantic av. 
Hill Joseph W. 34 So. Eden, Chsn. 
Hill J.J. 5 East Springfield 
Hill Sylvester, 058 Dorchester av. 
Hilt Henry, Park, n.the depot.H.S. 
Hinc E. B. 2 Creek so. 
IIOBART PETER, 15 Harvard 
A - L place 

Hobart W. 44 Winchester 
Hodsdon James T. 134 Central 
Ilolbrook & Harlow, 33 H, and 

33 Hawley 
Holden II. A. CO Piedmont 
Holliday S. W., Centre, opposite 

Greenough ave., J. P. 
Holmes Bros. 15 Cortes 
Holmes Chester D. 20 Creek sq. 
Hurt Owen, 17 Orange 
Hun kins J. B. 108 Dover 
Hunt 11 D. 195 High 
Hunt 1.. 'J'., Nep. av. n. Tavlor 
Hunt William, 500 Harrison ave. 
lugulls James, 5 Garden 
Irving S; Casson,32 Sudbury 
Jackson James, 121 Buggies 

James William, 31 Ricfn id 

Johnson Alexander, 47 Zicgier 

lohnson D. rear -.OJ i^iiot 

Johnson Frederick, 32 Tyler 

Johnson G. E. 8 Taber 

Johnson W. D., Maverick, near 

Jordan II. J. 3 Boylston av., J. P. 
Joyce Alonzo & Co. 114 Water 
Junkins C. E., Columbus av. near 

Keene J. W. & J. B. Shelburne,Dor. 
Kelso J. G. lb' So. Eden, Chsn. 
Kendall J. T. 4 Taber 
Keyes Thomas. 43 Foundry 
KrumscheidJ. 73 W. Dedliam 
T AMINO & DRLSKO, Swett, c. 
-^ Reading, and 35 Hawley 
Lapham R. M., Mt. Bowdoiu av. 

Leroy Charles, Lamartine, near 

Boylston, Boylston station 
Lewis John, 23s Commercial 
Lewis W. L. 9 Ceylon, W. V. 
Libby A. B. 00 Ut'iea 
Lincoln George L. 40 North 
Litchfield Ira, 10 N. Russell 
Long J. S. & J. 21 No. Russell 
Lowe W. A. 132 Harrison avenue 
Lowe T. C. 20 South 
Lund J. C. 120 Charlestown 
Lydston A. 11. 48 Winslow 
Lynch C. G., Green, n. Wash. J. P. 
■*■"- 77 and 70 Wareham (see 

page 7051 
Mainland John Y. 37 Troy 
Mair A. 82 Cliardou 
Mansfield M. R. 17 Barrett 
Manson & Peterson, 101 Border 
Marshall Samuel, 87 Hudson 
Marshall Will, •"> .Mason 
Marston J.F. 43 Bristol 
Marston J. M. & CO. 20 Eustis 
Matthews J. H. 80 North 
Maynard J. B. SO School, Chasn. 
McAleerP. 21 Province 
McConologuc C. V;,8BS Harrison 

McCormick Wm., South, opp. car 

station, J. P. 

37 Fleet 
McDonald & McGilvray, S Taber 
McFarland W. & J. ( ;. 2 Spring la. 
McGaragle P. F. 50 Chardon 
McKissick.l. 52 Winchester 
McLean I. 32 Lancaster 
McLaren A. & J. 13". Border 
McLaughlin & Logue, 71 W. Ded- 

McMulkin J. J. 43 Irving 
McNeil Bros., Commercial, near 

Glovers corner 
-VJcNUTT J, J., Novelty Wood 
■ J -'- L Wks., Wareham, cor. Maiden 

(see page 705) 
Mead, Mason, & Co. 10 Canal 
Merriinan T. 20 Norfolk, ward 21 
Mintoii A. G. 3Se\vall place 
Mitchell W.H., Central station 

MOKCK & MURRAY, 05 Ware- 
rOKRILL G. L. 98 Essex 

M c 

Morris W.T., Starr lane, n. Centre, 

Jam. Plain 
Morrison George AV". 75 Wareham 
Morrison II. H. 10 Garden 
Morrison John W. 35 Hawley 
Morse William, 4 Mall 
Morton C. B. 1« Province court 
■VI ORTON & C11ESLEY, 10S to 
• m 114E. Dedham, and 35 Hawley 
Moulton David, 175 Portland 
Munroe Henry, IS Chapman place 
Murphy Bros. 85 Chelsea, Chsn. 
Murphv John, 58 Winchester 
Nichols P. P.. Park, n. Adains,II S. 
Nichols & Medland, r. 08 Kingston 
Nickerson A. R. 10 No. Centre 
Nixon James & Co. 35 Hawley 
Norris E. J., Canal, n. Chapman 
Nowell Charles, 83 Church 
Nowell G., Church, cor. Columbus 

Noyes F. A., Blue Hill ave., cor. 

Noyes J. & C. A. 5 Province court 
Oakman Henry P. 1 Oakman.Nep. 
O'Connell Dan'I.Winship, Bnght'n 
O'Donahue P. 434 Harrison av. 
O'Donnell J. A 300 Harrison av. 
OGrady Thomas. 54 Conaut 
Ordway F. J. 303 Commercial 
Patch F. 93 Travel's 
Patterson William, Richmond, n. 

Miller, Charlestown 
Peard William, 54 A 
Penney Geo. T. 218 Dudlev 
Perham A. B. Williams, Chsn. 
Perkins David, 50 Kingsiou 
Perkins J. M. 57 J. .V 
Perkins Robert R. 33 Endicott 
l-crkins S. S. 35 Hawley 
Perry Henry M., Allsiou, Allston 

Phillips R. 101 Warrenton 
Pickering L. 72 Biemeu 
Pickett W in. B., 37 Orleans, E. B. 
Pierce Johti, 184 Charlestown 
Pike Andrew, 117 Merrimac 
Pike G. S. 117 Merrimac 
Pinkham Alex. B. 83 Proi ince 
Pinkham Alex. B. Washington, n. 

Centre, Dorch. 
Piper Erastus E. 101 W. Broukline 
Pitts George, 44 Lincoln 
Poland D. E. & Co. 1 IS Water, and 
Pope James, Adams, near K;, -li- 
nn. ml, L.M. 
Potter J. E. 200 Washington, and 

OilO Beacon 
Powers .<; Byrne. 17 No. Russell 
Prescott B. F. 80 Court square 
Rand I). W. 75 W. Dedham 
Ratcliti'e William. 104 Warrenton 
Rawson John, .".5 Hawley 
Rawsou William, 35 Hawley 
Ravnes Francis, 44 Fen in" Chsn. 
Read Alton G. 171 Dudley 
Reed Otho R. 22,5 Washlngtou 
Rhoades D. 35 Richmond 
Richards Henry, Linden, Dorch. 
Richardson & Young, 28 B. verS 
Roberts C. F. 5 East Spriug.ield 
ROBERTS 11. & SON, 18-' Dover 

Robinson Seth. 2 Pine 
Robinson W. S. 500 Harrison av. 
Rogers .1. 11. (lo Chardon 
Rounds L. P. 78 l.cverett 
Rumrill & Stanton, 18.8 Warren 
Runey Frank, 80 Chapman 
Russell True, rear 07 Warren 
Sanders Wm. 107 West Fourth 
Sawyer E. 11.45 Winslow 
Seolt J. G. Si J. I'. 70 Essex 
Scott Russell, 27.8", Wash. 
Seward & Morgan, 30 Portland 
Seymour F. 70 Charlestown 
Shapleigh E. 88 Travels 
Shaw Freeman S. 01 Harvard, 

Chariest, inn 
Shaw Joseph P., Green, cornet 

Brooksiilc avenue, J. P. 
Shaw Levi W. 48 Bristol 
Silloway Nathaniel A., Orove, cor 

Simmons (i. II. 5 Jackson place 
Simmons Hiram, 71 Chestnut 
Smith David, rear 112 Ilan isoa av 
Smith Edward, Spring Park, null 

Centre, J. P. 
Smith J. F. 084 Shawmut av. 
Smith William, 211 Bowker 
Snow Joel, HO Portland 
Soule .v Seaborn, 4 Lowell pi. 
Spear Geo. A., Bellevue, e. Centre 
Spence Andrew jr. 4 Head place 
Spencclcy C. .1. 23 Sawyer 
Spencer S. C. 28 Chelsea, Chsn. 
Sprague James 11. rear 07 Warren 
Starbird Geo. M. lOSullivan, rii.-n 
Starrett John & W. N. 104 TruMn 
Steadmau A. 101 West Brookline 
Stedman Walter, 125 W. lir.,oklini 
Steele A. E. 08 Kingston 
Stewart Win. II. 01 Wareham 
Stoekbridge James O. 87 Lexing- 
ton. Chsn. 
Stockman .1. A., West Walnut part 
Stone Marshall S. 88 Tvler 
Strickland C. S. 158 Harrison av. 
Strout A. J., rear 07 Warren 
Stubbs Samuel, 85 Hawley 
Sludley Bros., Park, n. {be depot 

II. s: 

^ lantic ave. (see page 820) ' 
Sumner Wm. b., Starr lane, nein 

Centre, Jam. Plain 
Sutherland J. A 03 Bartlett, Rox. 
Swallow Calvin, 35 Hawley 
Talpey John L. 44 Lincoln 
Tate M. W. 25 Bowker 
Tatro George W. .500 Tremont 
Tenney & White, Blossom [.lace 
ThaxterE. 00 Tyler 
Thomas Joseph M. 41 Way 
Tilden Chris, jr. 85 and .87 Warret 
Tobin Lawrence, Green, n. Wash 

Jam. Plain 
Tobin T. J., Wash. n. Morton 
Tolman F. 11.52 Winchester 
Tomlinson R. 250^ Federal 
Toppan Benj. F. rear 8 Magazine 
rrOWLE S. F. 120 Shawmut av 

Triggs H. II. 89 Chapman 
yA% DUSEN M. 21 Bowke 

Wadleigh Joseph C, Western av. 

North Brighton 
WalcttF. D. 2 Creek square 
Walker (iideo.u Green, opp. til 1 

depot. Jam. Plain 
Walsh E. 104 Dover 
Warner J. it., Motte, c. Harr. RT 
Warren \V. H. 400 Harrison av. 



WWon ,Tas. W., Spring, n. Baker, 
Spring-st. station 

Wntcrhouses Laws. GS Kingston 

Weaver Robt. C. 10 E. Springfield 

Webster F. W., Davenport ay., 
near Columbia 

Weeks James, 7 Russell place 

AVedon C. L. '-'2 Province 

Wells O. S. 117 Merrimac 

Weltcli Henry, 5 Pleasant 

Wester John IX 19.1 Dudley, and 
Elm, cor. Seaverns av., J. P. 

Wheeler B. 34 Province 

Whitcomb Bcni. D. 25 Wareham 

White Philip, 80 North 

Whitney L L. & G. II. 75 Wareham 

Wilbur N. S. 483 Harrison av., and 
35 Hawlcy 

Willcutt John, 31 Travers 

Wilder B. C, Dorch. av. n. Com- 

Wilder J. IT., Bnwdoin, Dorch. 

Willoughbv G. T. 84 Levcrett 

Wilson Bros. 2091 Wash. 

Wilson John H. 45 Chelsea, Chsn. 

Witherspoou E. B. 25 Wareham 

Wood Benj.. Shepard, Brighton 

Wood Geo. W. 4(15 Blue Hill av. 

Wood H. A., Poplar, near South, 

Wood Moses. 08 Kingston 

Wood W. 32 Lancaster 

Wylie Charles, 1 Province court 

vVynian Earle, rear 540 Mam 

If errick Jacob, 72 Hampden 

I'oung C. II. 101 W. Brookline 

Carpet Cleaning. 

Mr Carpet Cleaning Co. 103 West 

65 Temple place (see page 718) 
f ONG MARTIN W„ Albany, c. 
u E. Canton (see page 703) 
2MART KICIIAHD, Beacon, n. 
J Parker 

•*■ Emerald, cor. Chapman 
u CO., F. S. Adams, 228 Cam- 

Carpet Linings. 
i.m. Carpet Lining Co. 103 Wash, 
yhipiiiuu Geo. W. & Co. '.'3 Court 
I'itcomb C. F. 215 Federal 

Carpet Makers. 

Jerry Rachel D. 18 Albion 
iovey T. L. 8 Common 
-eavitt Sarah Mrs. 375 Charles 
tye A. S. Mrs. OS Albion 
'earsall Thomas, 35 Avon 
'earsall Thomas, jr. 19 Bedford 

lutermeister F. L. 8 Melrose 

Carpet Sweepers. 
Tail's Carpet Sweeper Co. 165 Tre- 

iherman &Noves,67Chsn. (manf.) 
Veed Otis H. & Co. 194 Tremout 

Carpet Threads. 

D ARBOUR BROS. 153 Franklin 

" (see page 707) 

3ay State Carpet Co. 66 Hanover 


J. ELLIOT, 173 Wash- 

" BROS. 151 Hanover 
Julds, Crosby, & Lane, 116Trem't 
Jnpinaii's Sous & Co. 3 Hanover, 

and 93 Court 
QOBSON J. & J. 130 Hanover. 
" and 44 Washington 
^OLSOM A. & SONS, 177 Wash- 
1 lugton 
iohltiiwait Joel & Co. 167 and 169 

laniard. Hartley, & Co. 103 Wash, 
-ord, Wliittemore, &. Putney, 163 

and KB Wash. 

[ OVEJOY J. & SONS, 179 Tre- 
- 1 uiont 
J ray J. H. Sous & Co. 55S and 560 

?1 ' a yer B'ezcr 46 Washington, and 

142 Hanover 

350 Washington 
iseacou, factory, Simmons 

Carriage Builders. 

(See also Wheelivrit/IUs.) 
^"'Douning Co. 161 High, 

Kurt Hill square 
iJailey J. IT. & Co. 43 Bowker 



Balkam Cyrus. Neponset avenue, 
near Walnut, Nep. 

Bates A. M. 25 Haverhill 

Bird George IT., River, near Blue 
Hill avenue, Mat. 


xi ningion (see page 718) 

Boyhan, Daly, & Nye, Bowdoin.n. 
Geneva, Dorch. 

Brainard E. II. 248 Dorch. ave. 

Burnside A. 257 Roxbury 

Cluunberlin u. b. U02 Harr. ave. 


" 245 and 247 Charles 

Dickson A.S Co., Green, n. Centre, 
Jam. Plain 

Dodd G. II. 60 Medford 

Duclos Zem & Co. 514 Harr. av. 

Dwyer, Cotter, & Quirk, 358 Dor- 
chester ave. 

Edmonds Alfred, Green, c. Union 
avenue, J. P. 

Ellsworth ALT. 185 Portland 

T,\MONl) & QUINSLER, 2 Wil- 

XJ Mams, c. Washington 

Finnegan M. A., Wash., n. Dorch. 
avenue, L..M. 

Frye J. 435 Boston 

Gurney J. Theodore, 24 Warren 

Hall Geo., Columbia, n. Bird 

Hall II. G. 157 Beach 

1 I ALL JAMES & SON, 21 Ilaw- 

J - x kins 

Henderson P. IT.. South, n. Keyes 
Hooper E. jr., 41 Chelsea, Chsn. 
Hunt Thomas G., F, cor. W.Third 

JNGALLS, WYER, & CO., 147 

x Friend 

Judkins A. C. & Co. 149 Beach 

LMMBALL BROS. 112 and 114 

iv Sudbury 

Light & Gaflney, 159 Dorch. ave. 

Lownsbro .<: Beaudry, 171 Border 

McLeod George W. i7 Palmer 

Mellyn M. J. 81 and 63 Hampden 

Mitchell & Co. 21 Eliot 

Murphy Edward, Greenwich, H.S. 

Nash IT. 78 Northampton 

Nichols D. P. i: Co.118 W.Br'kline 

Fenn, Baldwin, & Co. 264 Friend 

Perry Bradford. 90 W. Brookline 
Pierce & Co. 26 Vernon 
Pray Bros., E. Concord, c. James 
Riddle Bros. 1 to 9 Norfolk ave. 
Robinson Beuj.F., Ham's et., Chsn. 
Ituss C. & Co. 263 Northampton 
Rvan Joseph T. 88 Hampden 
CARGENT W. P. s: CO. 14 Sud- 
kJ bury, 53 and 55 Portland, and 

155 Tremont 
C ARGENT & HAM, 26 to 30 
° Bowker 

Scott John A. 42 to 46 Warren 
Shepard George F. 250 .Sumner 
Slade Howard, 443 Tremont 
Smith John '1 . & Co. 2178 Wash. 
Taylor Oliver G. 317 Second 
So. Boston Carriage Factory, 159 

Dorch av. 
Strangman Thomas, at Milton 

Lower Mills 
Tessier F. 96 Travers 
Thomas Chauncy & Co. 103 Ch'nut 
Thurston & Strong, 187 Sunnier 
Wade George T., Beacon, opp. 

Parker [J. p. 

Wallace Edmund, Wash. n. Green, 
Warnke Ernest. 59 Palmer 

Carriage Depositories. 

Bates A. M. 25 Haverhill 
Henderson P. 11., South, n. Keyes, 

Jam. P. 
Isburgh& Walker, 8, 10 and 12 East 
Munroe William, Baker's court, 

L.M. (second hand) 
Page & Moses. 261 and 363 Federal 
^ 71 and 73 Sudbury 
Sargent Wm. P. &Co. 15.5 Tremont 
Sargent & Ham. 26 to 30 Bowker 
Stewart S. A. 63 Sudbury 

Carriage Painters. 

(See also Painters, Carriage.) 
T5ECIC SAMUEL & CO., Allston 
x * street, Aliston (see page 729) 
nOGSWELLJ. A., Arlington St., 
yJ Brighton (see page 724) 

Carriage Smiths. 

Baatz George, 41 Wav 
Ba.dwin Win. P. 16 Lancaster 
Barry John, 211 Pvnchon 
±J nington (see page 718) 
Brackett A. D. 816 shawmut av. 
Bryant John, 15 Austin, Cusn. 
Corrigau P. 211 Pynehon 
Curry ii Brown, 142 Border 
Dowd James, 77 W. Fifth 
Eaton Henry It. 1179 Tremont 

Emery James & Co. rear 168 Main 
Fowler S. W. 408 Main, Chun. 
Q.AMMON JAS. E. 591 A.bauy 

Heath T. V. 27 Joiner, Chs'n 
Kennedy John, 89 Travers 
McBanon & Lucas. 67 E. Dedham 
Newman A. AV. 44 Eustis 
Noonan James, 159 Dorch. av. 
Palmer Richard, 513 Main 
Restarriek John, 400 Canal, Chsn. 
Rowell II. T. 39 Beverly 
Scott D I)., River, opp. Central 
ave., L. M. 

Carriage Stock. 


Bond Thomas, 92 Utica 
Gillett E. A. & O. S. 68 to 72 

Jewell George M. 232 Friend 
Wood A. M. & C. M. 53 Beverly 

Carriage Trimmers. 

COGSWELL J. A , Arlington St., 
yJ Brighton (see page 724) 
Ostburg John A., W. Sixth, cor. 

Dorchester avenue 
Parsons J. G., Wash., near Wind- 
shin, Brighton 
Royal Edward, 14 Hawkins 

Carvers (Architectural). 
yj Harrison ave. (see page 729) 

Carters. (Ornamental.) 
Bray Benjamin. 164 Portland 

yJ Harrison ave (see page 729) 
J)IMOND C. C. 86 Utica 

Lees A. 35 Sudbury Cave. 

Friestman James, Dover, n. Harr. 
Treadwell H. S. 50 Emerson 
Carvers. (Ship.) 
Gleason Herbert, 21 Commercial 
Hastings E. W. 51 Commercial 
Runiney W. II., 30 Atlantic ave. 

Carving Tools. 
yA 23 Cornhill (see page 710) 



CO. Farnhain street (fence 
railings, crestings, posts, see 
back colored page) 


White H. J. 02 Sudbury 

Cast Steel Tools. 

■*-*• (see page 705) 


Barrows A. B. 32 Chauncy 
Blunt IT. 715 Tremont 
Cook T. D. 8 Province court 
Dooling James, 1449 Washington 
Dorsey S. 7 Province 
Moore J. J. 5 City Hall avenue 
Reed E. N. 75 Harrison av. 
Sewall Stephen, 24 Pemberton so. 
Smith J. B. lOBulrineh 
Tufts Wm. 513 Tremout 

Cattle Dealers. 

Colwell Wiliiam, Chestnut ave. n. 

Farrell Edward, Oakland, near 

Hathaway J. A., Academy Hill 
Leavitt Calvin, Cambridge, near 

Leavitt Wellington, Cambridge, n. 

Mc.Uurtrie Robert, North Beacon 
McFlynu James, Lake, n. Wash. 
Monroe Albeit N., Washington, n. 

Monroe James A., Foster 
Scollans William, Washington, 

corner Foster [and 

Stetson James, Wash. opp. Oak- 
Stone Andrew P., Western avenue, 

opp. Waverley 
Wales Jonathan W., Rockland, n. 



Boorman & Co., agents, 13 Doane 
Ciement E. 170 Tremout (china 

and glass) 
Cook Henry. 351 Wash, (leather) 
Cousens R. 13 Doane 
VDMOND JAS. & CO. 394 Fed- 
*-* eral 



Cement — Continued. 
Frost Clias. E. 8 Devon, (leather) 
VULLER G. & SON, Western 
-* ave., Brighton cor. (see p. 726) 
"1IOXIE J. B. & CO. 2:19 State 
*■*■ (American, Roman, and Port- 
Ian J) 
flOXIE T. W. & CO. 236 State 
J " L (Newark Co.'s, Eng. Roman 

and Portland) 
Norton F. O. 17 Congress (Ro- 

Norton WilliamA. 35 Hawley 
Russia Cement Co. 102 Central 
vy 1NGATE WM. A. 504 Albany 

Chain Cables and 


(See also Ship Stores.) 
Fearing H. L. 91 Commercial 
A \- I1ITON M. F. & CO. 33 Cora- 
' ' nicrcial 

Chain Makers. 

Coley Thos. rear 305 Medford. Chn. 
V'STA BROOK R. & SON. 198 
-* ' West Second (see page 720) 
Mill Brothers, 671 Dorchester ave. 
Pittsburgh Chain and Car Link 

Manui. Co. 82 Devonshire 
° WORKS, H. L. Fearing & Co. 

91 and 93 Commercial (see 

page 710) 

Chair Dealers and 

(See also Furniture Manu/s.) 

Forsyth & Co. 82 and 84 North 
Ncagle William, 05 Fulton 
Wadsworth Geo. P. 198 Commer- 
cial, and 173 and 177 Fulton 
Watson J. 77 Fulton 

Chair Afanufs. 

(See also Fttrnilure Manu/s.) 

BKLILK A. 94X L'tica (see 
page 703) 
Conant, Ball, & Co. 36 Richmond 
Curtain John, 18 Canal 
Derby P. St Co. 101 and 103 Cross 
Gardner 4; Co. 36 Wash, (rcnt'rated 

Hum Herbert II. 4 Merrimack 
Mahoney E. H. 90 Cross 
Mellish,"Bvncld,& Co. 619 Albany 
Parker, White, tt Co. 160 and 102 

North (cane seat) 
1 place (willow and cane seat, see 

advertising index) 
Stearns & Mollis, 85 Fulton 
Stuart B. & J. 11. 101 Fulton 
STUART F. E. 93 and 101 Ful- 
° ton 

Thompson, Perlev,&Waite,84North 
Witherell E. B. 8SX Portland 

WHITE WM. (invalid) 885 
"* Washington 

Chalk. (Importers.-} 

Philadelphia and Boston Whiting 

Co., Maverick, near Orleans 


** TON, 51 FederaKsee page 703) 

Charcoal Dealers. 

Chattee & Cummings, 35 Hawley 

Check Mamif. 
"DOBBINS JOHN, 42 Kneeland 
■" (key & baggage, see page 714) 

Check an«l TieketSum- 

(see page 713) 

Chemical Engravers. 

-"■*• Hanover 

Chemical Glass Ware. 


(See also Drugs, etc.) 
Boyside Alkali Works, East First 

and 48 Congress 
Boston Chemical Works, Edward 

Chamberlin i Co. 21 Central 
Boston Uyewood and Chemical 

Co. 108 Milk, cor. Kilby 
Chessman William 11. 9 Cerfal 
(jOCHRANE A. & CO. 55 Kilby 

Crocker M. & Co. 220 Congress, 

room 6 
JU'l'EE i SOREN. 79 Kilby 

-^-^ Doane 

11 tral. and 11 India 
JANNEY O. S. & Co. 75 Water 

1 OR1NG GAYTON P. 17 Cen- 
^ tral 

B. Howard's Sons agents, 19 
Doane (oil vitriol, &c.) 
National Chemical Co., C. D. 

Weld & Co. prop. 207 State 
North Adams Milling Co 38 Water 
gWIFT WM. H. & CO. 117 Milk 

WHITMORE W. H.. Bavside 
' * Alkali Works, 48 Congress 
Winslow W. H. St Co. 147 Milk 


Appleton Nath'l W., E. First, n. K 
Avery Charles E. 114 State 
Babcock James F. 10 Rollins (an- 
alytical and consulting) 
Bartlett Wm. W. i: Co. 189 High 

(man of.) 
Billings, Clapp, & Co. 125 Milk 
Bowker H. L. & Co. 132 Milk 
/COCHRANE A.& CO. 55 Kilby 
^ (inaiiuf.) 

Hawes J. II. 363 Atlantic ave. 
Hayes A. A. 4 State (analytical) 
Haves S. Dana. 4 State (analytical) 
Johnson II. M. 88 Water 
Liltlclicld A. & Co. 196 Lincoln 
Merrick J. M. 59 Broad 
Merrick. Otis, & Co. 81 Kilby 
Perry John A. St Co. 625 Shawmut 

Preston -<; Merrill, 95 Milk, room 

24, and 10 Mt. Wash. av. (m'fs.) 
SMITH W. FRENCH, 79 Water 
'■-' (technological, analytical an d 

consulting, see page 831) 
Stetson & Wood, 140 Commercial 
Wilbor A. B. 854 Wash, (mauuf.) 

Chilflren's Carriages. 

Faueuil 1 lull square 
1 - IMBALL S. II. 70 Washington 

TAPPEN O. & CO. 28 Dock sq. 

•'-' and 16 Faneuil Hall square 
Mclntire.1. F. Mrs 142 Dudley 
pET'ERS & JONES, 6 and 6 
1 Holmes' block, I lay market sq. 
Richardson St McKee, 241 Caul- 
bridge, and 6 Merrimac 
Snow & Haseltiuc, 763 Washington 

Chimney Sweeps. 

Ableton F. 16 Brattle 


^ SWEEP I )FFICE, 112 Portland 
Scarlett J. 40 Brattle 

China Decorators. 

" TON, 51 to 59 Federal, corner 

Franklin (see puge 704) 
Walter Theodore, 16 Newton place 

China Repairers. 

Butler James St Co. 38 Charles 
Clement E. 170 Tremont 
i.'1'TEN R. W.32 Avon 


China Ware. 

** TON, 51 to 59 Federal, corner 
Franklin (see page 704) 


Bond Leonard E. 29 Dartmouth 
Caro E. A. Mrs. 32 Warreutou 
Eckstadt John G. 199 Centre 
E* 130 Tremont (seepage 712) 
Judson .losiah, 88 Hanover 
Kenison N. & Sons, 57 Temple pi. 

and 37 Tremont 
Kenison Parker, 1 15 Tremont 
Liscom Levi, 035 Tremont 
Perkins F. B. 3 Winter and 433 

TuckerC. A. Mrs. b% Hamilton pi. 

(tor ladies') 

Chocolate Alanufs. 


Chromo lithographer*, 

1 MANUF. CO. 197 Devonshire 

(see leat opp. page 304) 
pRANG L. & CO. 286 Roxburjr 

plYERA G. 248 Wash, room T 

Chromo Mounters. 

Boston Chromo Mounting Co. 27 

1 lOLLYER ALEX. 75 Essex 


Gleason F. & Co. 738 Wash. 

T ATHAM J. & CO. 419 Wash- 

■ LJ ington 

pERKINS C. W. 73 Essex 

1JRANG L. & CO. 47 Frankliu, 
- 1 and 286 Roxburv 
» ' Wash. 


JJOND WM. & SON, 97 Water 

Church's Naphtha. 
■^ HOUSE, 65 Temple pi. (see 

page 718) 


T J AYNES AMOS, 49 So. Market, 
• L± and 4 Chatham (see page 847) 

Clear Box: Maiiuf. 

STRIEDER J. W. 2109 Wash- 
kJ ington (see page 829) 

Cigar I,ighters. 


x CO. Fuller & Bowker, 53 Ware- 

Cigar Muniiractiirert, 

Anfort George, 12 Carver 
Buiiash 11. 19 Kneeland place 
Harnett Abraham, 9 Leverett 
Beck Nathan. 122 Dorchester av. 
Becker C. J. 50 Conant 
Becker J. & Son, 55 Newland 
Bcrger M. 1059 Tremont 
Horkowsky C. 1201 Tremont 
Boston Co-operative Association, 

4 Chariest, iwn 

[REWER C. St SONS. 36 South 
.Market (see page 717) 
J> Todd, agent, 49,^ Central 
Cabiedes Peter, 81 Fulton 
Danner N. 3 Chadwick 
Diaz Joseph, 165 Milk 
Driscoll John, 212 Atlantic avenue 
Ehrlich N. 933 Washington 

- LJ (' nicrcial ( importers; 

Feldman Joseph, 4 Pearl 
Fcllman A 6 Cherry 
Flohr P. M. 1021, Tremont 
Folgueias Joseph, 114 Broad 
Gamer W. II. 3 Province court 
Geilis Louis, 37 Chelsea, Chsu. 
(^ILLETT O. L. 25 Oliver 

Goldsmith I. II. 1130 Washington, 

and 149 Dover 
Graunuum Charles, Bovlston sta. 
Hare Will. 11. 4 Central wht. 
Harris 1.30 Hanover 
Hathaway Edwin, 147 Milk 
Hathaway, Jacobson, St Mitchell, 

29 South Market 
Herbert Melchovi, 5 Bunker Hill 
Huntington Thos. 572 Muiu, Chs'n 
J ACOBS J. 239 Federal 

Jacobs Solomon, 108 W. Broadway 

Junio M. 254 .Main 

Kimmel & Schruidgruber, 1981 

Krafft Gustavus, ,33 Melrose 
Leary M. J. 17 Endicott 
Lopez F. 51 Commercial 
Martin A. A. 7 Lewis, E. B. 
Marzynnki 11. 50 India 
Moseley Fred P. 18 India 
Myer ,l'. 139 Cabot 
Myers Benjamin. 2158 Washington 
Nelson Henry, 145 Devonshire 
Noonau T. L. 61 Weston 
Ornelas C. & Co. 206 Dorchester av. 
Paine J. 87 Zeigler 
Phillips Win. J". 326V Main Chs'n 
Qneenan J. St J. P. 91 Meridian 
Robinson F. W. 3 Lewis 
KotteL. Hollis 
Rothschild J. 1441 Washington 
^ office square 
Schinitthcuner Jacob,7l3 E. Fourth 

B 1 



Schnetz & Knester, 76 Pleasant 
Severens William. 28 Hudson 
° Washington 

Slade Geo. F. 14 Broad (cheroots) 
Slade & Cardy, 129 State 
Spinoza B. 187 Dover 
rpODD H. II. 49}$ Central 

Traiser Henrv, 121 Court 

Van Euiden Aaron, 120 W. B'way 

Waitt Cookson, 130 Commercial 

"Waitt & Bond. 4 Blackstoue 

Warta C. rear 27.', D 

Wasserboehr John E. & Son, 83 

Wilde W. W. 147 Milk 
WILDER. C. W. 58 Kilby (im- 
"* porter) 
Young H. W. 2130 Wash. 

Cigar Maims*. Goods. 
QTBIEDER J. W. 2109 Wash- 
& iugton (see page 829) 

Cisitrs and Tobacco. 

(See also Tobacco.) 
Aarons L. 158 Dorchester avenue 
Abbott Lueius P. 2279 Wash. 
Aboni .v Co. 73 Water (nianufs.) 
Abraham Ferdinand, 1378 Wash. 
A LLKN JOHN .v CO. 319 Uan- 
A over 

Alles John, 10 Cambridge 
Anthony George W. 5 Chatham 
Ashton J. H. 50 North Market 
Bacharach M. B. 298 Tremont 
Bancroft J. B. 29 Province 
Barnes David, IS Kneeland 
Bassett W. A. Si Co. 2 Howard 
Bath Si Ferris, 31 School 
Belgard Philip, 1070 Tremont 
Berger M. 1059 Tremont 
DREWER C. & SONS, 30 South 
u Market (see page 717) 
3romberg Levi, 12.;5 Tremont 
3ruce D. B. 295Tiemont 
Bryant Edwin, 18 Meridian 
" Todd, agent, 49,^ Central 
Callahan D. 60 Merrimac 
Warmth C. II. St Co. 46 Hanover 
.'asey James, "(1 Dorchester ave. 
Castillo I. 1393 Washington 
laswell E. M. 42 Kilby (eiaars) 
JaswellG. W. 2209 Wash." 
Ihung Yen, 144 Eliot 
.'ohen M. 188 Main 
.'o.lins M. 977 Washington 
lonway Thomas. I'.iG Doreh. eve. 
)aly Brothers, 127 Lincoln 
)aly John A. 46 North Market 
lashuck A. 5 Hotel Pelham 
>ashuck Jacob, 7 Camden 
•avidson C. 52 School 
•avidson Leopold. It Court square 
•esmauSi Co. ISO Bioad 
•evenny T. J. 280 Hanover 
lodge F. A. & Co. 50 Causeway 
•oherty Cornelius F. 258 Sumner 
and 11 Meridian 
'onovan Lawrence, 59 Hanover 
'owsley George. 122 Dudley 
'rummond R. 35 Koxbury [ave. 
■ccleston & Sullivan, 355 Atlantic 
ngel Isaac, 1345 Tremont 
stabrook B. & Co. 224 W T ash. 
stabrook & Eaton, 7 Commercial 
ay i Co. 30 Kilby (cigars) 
idler H. N. 239 Hanover 
lagg Charles A. 07 % Leverett 
olqueras .1. 17 and 44 School 
orrcster M. 371 Federal 
arrester Thomas .1. 23 City sq. 

II and 15 Slate 
rench Fred E. 11 State 
retch Wm. S. 9 Change ave. 
rost E. B. 103 Devonshire ' 

ansL. 303 Hanover 
eary Eugene, 413 Federal 
Ieason Albert, 2.37X Bunker Hill 
oddard S. M. 443 W Broadway 
oosmann Wm. 35 Boylston 
°"l s 'on Edward S. 31 Broad and 
619 Washington 
rat' Egbert, 4S Dorchester ave. 
reen Charles, 127 Cambridge 
reenwood G. II. 11 Bovlstou 
rzyinisch Samuel, 291 Tremont 
uimon F. 105 Leverett 
willim Bros. 39 Essex 
abern Chas. 587 Shawmut ave. 
ale George E. 3.3 Tremont 
ale Jerome F. 27 Green 
anibroL. 1180 Washington 
[ARDING W. W. Si CO. 31 
-N. Market (cigars, see p. 827) 
" e . William II. 4 Central wharf 

Sirlirtown Thompsou 6 1 uare « 
art Angel, 121 Main 
art Owen J. 88 Broad 

Hathaway Edwin, 147Milk(cigars) 
Heerbrandt P. 170 Cabot 
Henoch H. 51 Beach 
Hirshe M. M. 52 Cambridge 
Hunt John A. 202 Washington 
Hyams Henry M. 704 Washington 
Hyneman Ashur, 111 P. O. square 
Jackson Bros. 337 W. Broadway 
JACOBS J. 239 Federal 

Johnson N. Si Son, 77 Hanover 
Kester s Pabst, 983 Washington 
Kimball Charles F. 09 Cambridge 
Kimball L. N. & Co.l City Hall av. 
Kimmel & Schmidgruber, 1981 

Klous B. 0.3 Main, Chs'n. 
Krause F. 1:18 Court 
Lantigua A. 309 W. Broadway 
Lathrop Bros. 2IS Washington 
Leavitt S. 1925 Washington 
Lechong John, 303 Tremont 
Leighton C. F. 834 Washington 
Lewiuski H. 2067 Washington 
Lewis Joseph, 116 Cambridge 
MarcuseMax, 117 Beach 
Marten Si Davis, 108 State 
Marzynski Philip, 104 Eliot 
Masse W. M. 1307 Tremont 
McElrov M. II. 2295 Washington 
McShaiie Bridget, 134 Merrimack 
Merritt J. Warren, 34 Doane 
Miles J. F. 422 Wash, (cigars) 
Mock Gideon. 1011 Washington 
Moffatt Charles A. 141 Hanover 
Mohr C. 37 Cambridge 
Morley Si Co. 52 Knecland 
Mower J. W. 94 Union [bridge 
Murch William H., Meridian-st. 
Murphy E. P. 38 Essex 
Murray E. M. 3 Union 
Nelson II., Milk, cor. Devonshire 
QLIVER G. W. 240 Washington 

Page James II. 33 Broad 
Parker Chas. D. 18.3 W. Broadway 
Peabody S. Miss, 120 Harrison av. 
Perkins C. B. 30 Kilby (importer) 
Perkins W. A. S. 51 Kingston 
Perry Theodore. 272 Washington 
Phillips J. P. 205 Hano\er 
Porter F. L. 505 Washington 
Pfau Blasius, 1.30 West Sixth 
Quick Brothers, 49 Sudbujy, and 

835 Washington 
Quimi Bros. & Leonard, 64 Merri- 
mac, 300 Federal, 251 Hanover, 
37 and 9<.ll Washington 
Quinn John, 200 South 
T>ADDIN F. L. & J. A. 55 Union 

Bich I. A. 154 Court 

Rich L. A. 005 Washington 

Rodriguez John, 154 Meridian, E.B. 

Rolt'e Joseph, 17 Eliot 

Bvan Dennis, 175 Cambridge 


^ office square (importer) 


" Washington 

Sing Yuet, 2o3 Tremont 

Skall Henry, 37 West Fourth 

Slade L. S. 24 Broad 

Smallev L. W. 32 Court 


^ (importer) 

Smith Peter A. 287 W. Broadway 

Smith Thomas E. 572 Wash. 

Sondheim J. 1394 Tremont 

Stadelman Chas. N. 936 Wash. 

Stahl H. 4" Green 

Steft'ens F. W. 798 Washington 

Stevens E. B. Mrs. 1*7 Shaw. ave. 

Stockwell E. 1631 Washington 

Susmann Bros. 105 State 

Sweetser Bros. lOS. Market (isnuff) 

Tanne.baum J. 2305 Washington 

Thayer R K. 1223 Tremont 

Thompson A. Mrs. 223 W. Bd'way 

Tishler Marks, 150 Cambridge 

Townsend S. 1045 Tremont 

Traiser Henry, 123 Court 

Tufts E. II. a Howard 

Verveer L. 309 Hanover 

Waitt Si Bond, 4 Blackstone 

Ward Peter, 107 W. Fourth 

Waters W. A. 126 State 

Webb W. R. Si Co. Central wharf 

Weil Isaac, 11 Exchange place 
Weiss Nathan, 27 City bo.. Chas'n 
Wezansky J. 319 and 484 W. B'way 
White M. A. 191 West Fourth 
Whiton J. P. 24 Broad 
Witherell P. S. jr. 134 Dudley 
Wolf Joseph, 684 Washington 

Circulars Addressed. 

CO. 155 Franklin. Lists of 
names copied, and circulars 
addressed from the latest State, 
County, and City Directories 

Cistern Builders. 

Slade Wm. J. & Sons, 151 and 153 

Civil Kngineers :md 

(See also Engineers, Mechanical.) 
A NDREWS D. H. 13 Pemberton 
•"- square (bridge, see page 732) 
Appleton Edw. 11 Pemberton »q. 
Appleton T. 1 1 Pemberton square 
Aspinwall Si Lincoln, 7 Court sq. 

room 41 
t> A B B O U R W. S. Sl A. 
" HODGES, 28 State, room 40 

(seepage 70S) 
Bates Walter C. 21 Union Park st. 
Baxter C. F., (Dorchester Branch 
City Surveyor's office), Field's 
Berry A- Hun, 7 Exchange pL 
*-* Pemberton sq. 
Blake Percy M. 7 Exchange ipH-ice 
Bolton E. D. 00 DevousJiine, ram. 19 
Bowditcli E- W.Ol Devonshire 
Bi-ackett Dexter, Engineer's office. 

City Hall 
Briggs L. & Co. 919 WasK i.o.ium 35 
Case H. A_, Whit* ave. Jans. Plain 
Chase John C 13 Pembe.r.toja sq. 
Clarke Eliet C-, City Engineer's 

office, 74 Tremont 
Coolklge D- $W West Bioadway, 

and 12 -Maverick fqojaa<6 
Crafts N. U. J4» Seavor 
CuauingJitm J. B. I»l Oo.von.rm.31 
Curtis Joseph 11. K fWtuberton sq. 
Davis Joseph P., .City Hull (City 


Davis Tkuinct W_ City Surveyor. 

Cityliill ' * 

Docne Tiiotuas, 2t City sq. Chas'n 

JSllis 8. Clarence, Surveyor's office. 

City Hail 
LUSH W. R. 186 Devonshire (see 
1 page 833) 

i"itzGeraJd Desmond, City Hall 
E.rizell Joseph P. 55 Sears'buildinar 
it rost Bros. 10 Pemberton square 
Fuller F. L. 7 Exchange place 
*■ Court, room 20 
iGaiiett Si Wood, 23S0 Washington 
'Granger Brownell, IS Pemb. sq. 
•Griggs George, 10 Pemberton sq. 
Harris Chas. Supt. Sts., City Hall I 
Harris John W., (Dorchester 
Branch City Surveyor's office). 
Field's Corner 
M * 60 State (also hydraulic eng'r) 
Hersey F. M. 7 Court sq ., room 40 
Hobart Robert D., City Hall(sewer) 
Howe Edward W., City Engineer's 

office, City Dnll 
Howland A. H. 12 West, room 20 
Jackson William, City Engineer's 

office, 74 Tremont 
Jackson Wm. II. 13 Franklin 
Learned W. F., Engineer's office, 

City Hall 
Lee Francis L. 16 Pemberton sq. 
Lucas I. S., (Dorchester Branch 
City Surveyor's office), Field's 
Mauley II., City Engineer's office, 

City Hall 
May Frank A., City Engineer's 

office, 74 Tremont 
McConnell Walter F. 7 Court sq. 
Minot S. L. 7 Court sip, room 40 
Morton C, City Surveyor's office, 

City Hall 
Moses H. H. 113 Dudley 
Noble John, 75 State, room 17, and 

Winthrop block, E. B. 
Osgood J. O. 54 India square 
Pearson Chas. A. 25 City square, 

room 12, Charltstown 
City U 

•*■ West, room 20 
Bice George 8., City Engineer's 

office, 74 Tremont 
Bice L. Frederick. 9 Pemberton sq. 
ROBINSON J. It. 55 Simmons 
■" building 

Ruggles S. P. 1209 Washington 
Sears W. H. 7 Exchange pfiiee 
CHEDD & SAWYEIt, 7 Court 
^ square, room 38 (see page 708) 
Smith Simeon B. 39 Broinrield 
Tidd M. M. 46 Court, room 18 
Walling H. F. I02Chauncy 
Weeks I. S. P. 21 City sq., Chas'n 
Whitman & Breck, 85 Devonshire, 

room 13 
Wightman H. M. assistant City 

Engineer, City Hall 
WiLson Henry W. 190 Dorchester 



Claim A gents. 

BELL JAS. B. 12 Old State 

"Woodman Horatio, 37 Court sq.r.ll 

(See also Physicians.) 
Bickford Clark Mrs. 3 West Con- 
cord square 
Boutelle Abby S. 770 Wash. 
Brown David, rear S93 Wash. 
Chapman Nellie, 91 Green 
Cooke Lucv A. Mrs. 1 James 
Cratts J. A."Mrs. 132 Princefn.E.B. 
Edmands Isabella Miss, lit) Court 
Field Clara A. Mrs. 7 Montgomery 

Franks Agnes Mrs. 20>j Tremont 
French M. A. Mrs. 7U Harrison av. 
Hnse A. H. 7 Tremont row 
Jackson S. Mrs. 34 Lynde 
Johnson Sadie, 37 Tremont 
Kimball K. G. Mrs. 45 Indiana pi. 
LaMont A. Miss, 71 Cambridge 
Lincoln Louise Miss, 2tl)£ Bedford 
Litch L. W. 169 Court 
Mav Annie, 14 Tremont 
Nelson N. Mrs. 730 Washington 
Newell L. Mrs. 140 Court 
Pickering A.M. 2S School, room 37 
Pierce A. P. 41 East Newton 
Porter M. A -Mrs. 28 Kneeland 
Rever • ... ith Miss. 8 Bennett 
Stella Madame. 54 Beach 
Vanderbilt Lottie Miss, (591 Wash. 
Warren Lottie. 86 Court 
Wellinan S. .507 Dudlev 
Wells E. J. Mrs. 79 Ma"in 
White Susie. 130 West Brookline 
Wilson Annie Miss, 673 Wash. 
York L. Mrs. 12 Harrison avenue 


Abbe Frederic K. (C.T.), Pleasant, 

cor. Pearl, Dorchester 
Abrams A. (Jew.), 2 Collamore pi. 
Adams Nehemiah (CT.) 1631 Tre- 
Alden Edmund K. (CT.) 397 W. 

Alexander Alexis, (J.) 17 Buck- 
ingham [mer 
Allen Frederick B. (CT.) 33 Brim- 
Ames J. A. (M.E.I. 19 Mt Vornon 
Anderson Kufus (CT. ). Cedar sq. 
Andrews E. W. (B.l, 20 Bultinch 
Appleby Warren (M.E.), 15 Gren- 

villc place 
Babcock Chas. H. (E.) 90 Mt. 

Pleasant ave. 
Babcock W.G. (C.U.), Clark.Dor. 
Badger IlenrvC. (CI'.) 34 Newb'y 
Baker Wni. M. (Prcs.), 9 Pacific 
Ballou Russell A. (Univ.) Centre, 

near Dorchester avenue, II. S. 
Banvard Joseph (B.), Chickalaw- 

but, Nep. 
Barnard Charles F. (Ind.), Edge- 
worth st. chapel, Charlestown 
Barrows Sam'l J.(CU.), 4 Downer 

court, Dorchester 
Barrows Win. (CT), 22 Congre- 
gational House 
Barry J. E. 277 Tremont 
Barry Richard J. (R.C), Spring, 

Spring-st. Station 
Bartol Cyrus A. (C) 17 Chestnut 
BashfordJ. W.,Parknian St., U.S. 
Bates Lewis B. (M.E.) 114 F 
Bausch Peter (R.C), 1515 Tremont 
Bennitt George S. 10 Van Winkle, 

Biewend AdoH'(E.L.), G Alleghany 
Birchmore John W. (E.), 219 West 

Bisbee Herman (C.U.) 16 Florence 
Blaekmar Joseph, 97 Pembroke 
BlagdenG.W. (CT.) 287 Marlboro' 
BlaikieAlex. (Pres.) 42 Chandler 
Blake Evinan II.(CT.) SCopeland 
Blenkinsop William A. (R.C.) 55 

West Broadway 
Bodrish Joshua (R.C), Harrison 

ave. c. Union Park st. 
BolandJ. B. F. (R.C) 325 Bun- 
ker Hill 
Borgialll V. F. (R.C.) Fourth, c. I 
Bradlec Caleb D. (C.U.) 17 Ches- 
ter Park 
Bradley Wni. (Ch.) Curtis, corner 

Sheridan ave., Boylston station 
Brady Robert W. (R.C.) 109 Salem 
Brooks J. G. (C.U.) 58 Cedar 
Brooks Phillips (E.), 175 Marlboro' 
Browne Percy (E.) 108 Walnut av. 
Brunton William (C U.), Mur- 

dock, Brighton 
Bullard Asa, Cong'l House 
Burroughs Henry (E.) 82 Mount 

Bush S. W. (C.U.) 9 Park square 
Byrne William (R.C), 77 Wash- 
ington, Charlestown 
Capen Francis L. 5 Worcester sq. 
Carpenter Carlos C (C.U.), 44 

Carroll M. X., rear Union Park, c. 

Harrison avenue 
Cassin J. H. (Ij.C) 404 Sumner 
Chaney Geo. L., Hollis-st. chapel 
Chaplin Jeremiah (B.),418 Colum- 
bus avenue 
Chapman Elias (CT.) 100 Warren 
Charlier Alphonso, (R. C) 761 

Harrison avenue 
Chilson M. D. (M.E.), 81 Church, 

room 9 
Chittick James J. (R.C.) Percival 

ave. Dorch. 
Clark Joseph B. (C.T.), Myrtle 

street, J. P. 
Clark Michaol(R.C),Mav'ck,E.B. 
Clark Wm.R. (M.E.) 85 Lexington 
Clarke Dorus (C.T.), 13 Walnut 
Clarke James Freeman (C.U.), 
Woodside ave. near Wash., J. P. 
Cleveland U. A. (M.E.) 11 More- 
Clinch Jos. H. (E.) 514 E. B'way 
Cole Tims. (E.).Waverlev,Bri»ht'n 
Collier R. Laird (C.U.), '671 Trcm't 
Column E. C. (E.). 54 Northfield 
Converse Geo. S. (E.) 98 Cedar 
Cook Joseph (C.T.), 17 Beacon 
Cooke Henry A.(B.) 240 W. Canton 
Cordo Henry A. (B.) 550 E. B'way 
Coughlan E. L. (R.C), Dudley, 

cor. Magazine 
Crafts E.P. (C.U.), Linden, Br'ton 
Cruft Sam'l B. (U.) 433Shaw't av. 
Cudworth Warren H. (C U.) 1 

Cunningham Cyrus (Advent) 59 

East Brookline 
Currv S. S. (M. E.) 16 Dover pi. 
Quick Thos. F. (R.C), 404 Sum- 
ner, E.B. 
Cutler Elijah (CT.) Washington 

near School, Dorchester 
Cutler Samuel (Reformed Epis.) 

8 Ashburton place 
Dadmun John W. (M. E.) Deer 

Daly P. J. (R.C), 105 Vernon 
Davics P. 102 Commercial (City 

Davis Wmi'. 201 North (North-st. 

Delahanty John (R.C), 105 Vernon 
Deming M. R., Tremont, cor. Eliot 
Denluim Geo. (E.) 45 Chelsea, E.B. 
Dennis W. C (B.). 82 Revere 
Denvir W. J. J. (R.C) 325 Bunker 
Hill [House 

Dexter Henry M. (CT.) 6 Cong. 
Dillingham P. (C.U.), 42 Win- 

throp, Ch'n 
Dold Louis (R.C), 1545 Tremont 
Dole C. F. (C.U.), Everett, near J. 

P. Btation 
Dompieri S. P. (R.C.) 761 Harr. av. 
Dougherty M. Angelo (B.), Pleas- 
ant, n. Savin Hill avenue 
Dow J. M. H. (CT.) 47 Chambers 
Duncan W. 11. (R.C.) 109 Salem 
Dunn James B. (Pres.) 187 West 

Dunning Alb'tE.(C.T.) 796 Parker 
Dyson Robt. II. (M.E.), 20 Grove 
Eastman Cyrus L. (M.E.) 1 Prince 
Eastman L. R. (CT.) 2 Hayw'dpl. 
Eddy D. C. (B.) 12 Myrtle, Dorch. 
Edes Henry F. (C.U.), River, near 

Blue Hill ave. Mat. 
Edmunds Edward (Ch.) 77 Dover 
Egan Ignatius P. (R.C), 74 Har- 
Ela David II. (M.E.) Washington, 

near Sanford, L.M. 
Ellis Alexander (B.), 11 Church 
Ellis Geo. E. (C. U.) 110 Marlboro' 
Ellis Rufus (C.U.) 106 Marlboro' 
Emerson C. W. (C.U.), 88 Dover 
Emerson Geo. H. 37 Cornhill 
Farnham Luther (CT.), 12 West 
Fick C. J. Hermann (Luth.) 286 

Shawmut avenue 
Fitton Jas. (R.C.) Maverick, E.B. 
Fitzpatrick W. H. (R.C.) Dorch. 

ave. near Richmond, L. M. 
Fleming John H.( R.C.) 74 Harvard 
Folsom Nathaniel S. 4 Wyoming 
Foote Henry W. (C.U.) 25 Brimmer 
Ereitag Aug. (R.C.) 1545 Tremont 
Fulmer C. II. (R.C), 109 Salem 
Fulton Robert (R. C), pres. Bos- 
ton College. 761 Harrison ave. 
Gaines John II. (B.),85 W. Con'rd 
Gallagher Joseph H. (R.C) Dud- 
ley, cor. Magazine 
Gaivin Join. B. (R.C.) 77 Wash- 
ington, Charlestown [square 
Gannett George (C.U.), 69 Chester 

Gannett W. C. (F.B.) 155 Bovlston 
Gardner C E. (E.) 22 Stanifurd 
Gerry Edwin J. (C.U.) 175 llanov'r 
house 12 Websti r, E. Somerville 
Gilbert S. (I'v.l, 3'1 White, E.B. 
Gordon A.J. (li.) 1*2 \V. Brookline 
Gould Edwin W. ( C), 15 Putnam 
Grafton Chas. C (E.) 22 Stauiford 
Gray Andrew (E.).6Tyler 
Green Geo. W. (C U.) Ericsson, 

Guerrini Joachim (R.C). 28 Prince 
GurneyJohn II. (C.T.), Blue Hill 

avenue, Dor. 
Hale Edward E. (C.U.) 39 High- 
Hall Arthur C. A. (E.) 22 Stauiford 
Hamburger Mark J. (Ilol. Jew), 
142 Essex [sq. 

Hamilton B. F. (CT.) 7 Linwood 
Hamilton J. W. (M.E.) 7 St, 

Hamilton W. F. (R.C.) 109 Salem 
Hand F. A. (CT.) Cottage, cor. 

Pleasant, Dorchester 
Hanks S. W. (Cong.) Congrega- 
tional House 
Hannigan Timothy (R.C); 6 Allen 
Harlow Robert II. \B ). 34 liar. av. 
Harris J. Lainbdin (CT.), 4 Carl- 
ton, Dorch. 
Ilartwell M. S. (M.E.), Huntington 

avenue, Ilvde Park st. 
Haskell A. M. (C.U.) Centre, near 

Church, J. P. 
Hastings II. 1.. 312 Washington 
Haves S. II. (CT. I 68 Chester sq. 
Herrick S. E. (CT.) 53 Chestnut 
Higgins M. F. (K.C.) Fourth, c. I 
Hill Joseph W. (E.l, 44 Temple 
Hinckley Frederick (C.U.), Park, 

near Dorchcste. ave., U.S. 
Hilton J. V. (C T.), 9 Princeton 
Holman Wm. O. (B.) 38 Mystic, 

Hunter Wm. H. (M.), 12 Grove 
Ignatius John (R.C.) 1 No. Bennet 
Jenks Henry F. (C.U.), 2Mt. Ver'n 
Johansson C. F. (Luth.) 57 Ham- 
Johanson L. (B.), SI Lenox 
Johnson Robert J. V K-C) 55 Welt 

Johnston J. W. (M.E.), 5 Tolman 

Kcgan S. (R.C), 55 Circuit 
Kendall Henry L. (CT.) 43 Green 

Kennedy D. B. (R.C), 267 Wert 

Killekelly Bryan B. (E.), 109 

King Henry M. (B.) 1 Danforth pi. 
Kolb J. (Ger. M. E.) 779 Shawmut 

Lambert Thos. R.(E.) 112 Chelsea, 

Lane Michael (R.C.) 267 W. Third 
Leonard W. G. (M. E.), 33 Shirley 
Lewis John J. (Uv.) 60S E. Seventh 
Loewekamp William (K.C), 1515 

Lorimer Geo. C. (B.) 501 Colum- 
bus avenue 
Lothrop Samuel K. (C.U.) IS 

Lounsbury Henry A. (M.), Mav- 
erick House 
Lyndon Patrick F. (R.C.) 6 Allen 
Macdonald Peter M. (Pres.) 283 

Columbus avenue 
Madden Henry (K.C), 6 Allen 
Magennis Thomas (R. C), South, 

near White avenue, J. P. 
Mallalieu Willard F. (M.E.) 223 

W. Canton 
Manning Jacob M. (CT.) Old 
V South Parsonage, Boylston 
Mansfield Jos. II. (M.E.), 3 Cedar, 

Mason A. P. (B.) 16 Trem. Temple 
Matthews John (B.), 20 Grove 
McCarthy L. P. (R.C.) Brooks, c. 

Church, E.B. 
McDonald Matthew, (R. C), 55 

McGrath Christopher (EC.) 55 
West Broadway [Temple 

McKeuzie W. S. (B.) 17 Tremont 
McLean A. S. (F.B. ), 7 Bolton pi. 
McMahon J. W. (R.C.) 2North sq. 
Mcyuade W. P. (R.C.) 105 Vernon 
Means James II. |C.T.) Wash- 
ington, near Centre, Dorch. 
Means John U. (C T.) 81 Mt. 

Pleasant avenue 
Meredith R. R. (M. E.) 16 Temple 
Merrill A. D. (M.E.) Hancock, n. 

Merriman Daniel (C.T.), 8 Com- 
monwealth ave. 
Metculf Theodore A. (R.C.) Union 
Park street, Cor. I la rrison ave. 



Miller Francis (R.C), 1545 Tre- 

Miller II. F. H. (E.), Allen, near 

Mt. Hope station 
Millerick J. E. (R.C.) 2 North sq. 
Minard Burton (F.W.B.), 29 Old 

Miner Alonzo A. (Uv.) 528 Colum- 
bus avenue 
Moran M. (R.C.) 2 North sq. 
Morgan Henry (M.), Morgan 

Chapel, 81 Sllawtnut avenue 
Motte M. I. (C.U.) 389 Beacon 
Mulcahy John (K.C.), E. Fourth, 

corner I 
Mumford Thos. J. (C.U.I Alban, 

Dorchester [Temple 

Murdock J. N. (B.) 15 Tremont 
Murphv T. (R C). 74 Harvard 
Murray William II. H. (C. T.) 

146 Tremont 
Ncale Bollin II. (B.) 19 Somerset 
Newton W. W. (E.),Ho. Vendome 
Nickerson A. C. (C. U.) Franklin, 

Nightingale Crawford (C. U.), 

Ashmont, Dorch. 
Nopper F. X. (R.C.) 21 Lucas 
Oates Michael iK.C), 1545 Tre- 
O'Beirne Patrick (R.C), 55 Circuit 
O'Regan Bernard (R. C.) Union 

Park. cor. Harrison avenue 
Osgood Gilbert C. (M.E.), Brown 

ave. cor. Pine, Mt. Hope station 
O'Toole L. .1. (R.C.) Harrison ave. 

cor. Union Park st. 
Paddock Beni. II. (E.) Rt. Rev. 

D.D. 2i3 Chestnut 
Paine Albert (C. T.), 29 Albion pi. 

Palterowich S. (Jew.), 48 Salem 
Parkman John. 20 Brimmer 
Paimer E. B. ( K. i. 90 Westminster 
Patten D. (M. E.I 20 Beacon 
Patterson A. J. (Uv.i Maple, Sea- 

Patterson G. J. (R.C), Dudley, 

cor. Magazine 
PehrssonY}. A. (S.L.) 57 Gray 
Peirce B. K. f.M.E. I 36 Bromfield 
Peirce Joshua K. (E) 746 Dudley 
Pentecost Geo. F. (B.), 130 West 

Perkins F. B. (C.T.) 23 Franklin 
Petsch Leopold (R.C) 1545 Trem't 
Pettegrew 0. J. (M.E ) 289 Trenton 
Phillips J. C (C T.l, 23 Marlboro' 
Pickles F. M. ( M. E.), 3 Weld ave. 
Piper Geo. F. (C.U.) 7 Tremont pi. 
Plumb Albert II iC.T.), Seaver, 

near Egleston square 
Pollard Andrew (B.l 748 E. Fourth 
Powers T. E. (R.C. I 2 Xorth sq. 
Prescott G. J. (E.) 218 Tremont 
Pride E. W. (B.) 22 Moreland 
Putnam Geo. (C.U.), 130 Highland 
Rand .lames (F.B.). 2 Sever, Chsn. 
Randolph Peter (B.), 26 Webster, 

Reblian John (R.C), 1545 Tremont 
Reed James (N.J.) 45 Pinckney 
Reinherz Isaac B. f Jew) 5 Stillman 
Richards Austin (C.T.), 696 Shaw- 

mut ave. 
Richardson W. G. (M.E.) Frank- 
lin, Allston 
Rogers J. P. (R. C.), Market, B"ton 
Rogers P.J. (B.C.) Market, Brigh'n 
Ronan Michael ( R.C). 74 Harvard 
Ronan Peter (R. C.i, Percival ave. 

cor. Bowdoin, Dorchester 
Ryan John (R.C.i. 5.5 Circuit 
Ryan Wm. II. (R c.) Maverick st. 
Sallaway James (C. U.l, 415 Dor- 

Chester, Washington Village [ter 
Savage Minot J. (C.U.) 14 Worces- 
Sehmdler S. (Jew), 1 Worthirgton 
Sehwarz Louis B. (German Refd) 

lo7 Charles 
Seymour It. G.(B.) 23 Ball 
Shahan T. II. (R.C.) 74 Harvard 
Shearman Sunnier U.(E.) J. Plain 
Sheedy R. J. (R.C.) fi Allen 
Shippen Rush R. (C U.), 7 Tre- 
mont place 
SHtfninger Joseph, (Jew) 47 Melrose 
Shorey II. A. (C T.), Mt. Vernon, 

Siel Charles (B.C.), 1545 Tremont 

CVrF Abiel (N - J '- ) ' Warren . cor - 
Silvester W. W. (E.), Winter, 

Slack Samuel R. (E.). Pond, near 

SlafterE. F. (E.)ll Beacon 
iSmith C. H. (F.B.) Freeman-place 

Smith John B. (R.C), Harrison 

ave. c. Union park 
bpaulding Henry G. (C U.) Ash- 

mont, u. Dorch. ave., L. M. 

Speare S. L. B. (C T.), 74 High, 

Squire Edmund, 2 Beacon nillpl. 
Stevens H. A. (C.T.), Murdock, 

Strong Edward (C.T.) Mt. Ver- 
non, W. R. 
StudleyWm. S. (M.E.).57 R'land 
Stuhl Aug. (R.C.) 1545 Tremont 
Supple James N., Deer Island, and 

9 F street 
Supple M. J. (R.C) 325 Bunker H. 
Tarbox Increase N. (C T.) 32 

Cong. House 
Taylor D. H. (B.), Seaverns ave. 

cor. Alveston, J. P. 
Tehan James (R.C. ) 103 Salem 
Thayer Geo. A. (C.U.) 930 East 

Thayer Thomas B. (Univ.), 407 

Shawmut avenue 
Thayer Wm. M. 30 Bromfield 
Thompson A. C. (C.T.) Linwood, 

cor. Lewis Park 
Thompson James W. (C.U.), h. 

Burroughs, near Centre, J. P. 
Thompson John (M.E.), 120 G 
Tliunnan William C. (Evan.) 10 

Lincoln, Charlestown 
Thurston Philander (C.T.) River, 

opp. Temple. L. M. 
Tiernev J. D. (R.C). 105 Vernon 
Tildeu Wm. P. (C.U) 597 Shaw- 
mut avenue 
Tower F. E. (B.) Brighton avenue, 

Twomhly A. S. (C T.) 37 High, 

Charlestown [pi. 

Van De Kreeke G. (C.T.) 11 Drury 
Vezina F. X. (R.C), 85 Vernon 
Vinton Alex. H.(E.) 77 Marlboro' 
Virgin E. W. (M.E.) Seaverns av. 
Wagner Jesse (M.E.), 122 Dor- 

Waldron D. W. (C T.), 23G Shaw- 
mut ave. and 111 Com:. House 
Walker O. T. i B.). 85S Washington 
Ware J. F. W. (C U.), Hotel 

Warfield F. A. (C.T.) 33 Holvoke 
Warren G. F. (B.l. 30 Princeton 
Waterbury J. H. (E.), 195 Trenton 
Waterston Robert C. (C. U.), 71 

Chester square 
WatkinsT. C. (M.E.) 36 Bromfield 
Webb Edwin B. (C. T.) 638 Trem't 
Webber Percv C. (E.), 18 Beacon 
Weiss John (F.R.) 32 E. Brookline 
Wells E. M. P. ( E.) 14 Oxford 
Wheeler J.E. (C.T.), 143 Appleton 
White J. S. (Adv.), 28 Saratoga 
Whitney F. A. (C.U.) Gardner, 

Wiggiri J. H. (CU.1, E, c. B'wav 
Wightman Jasper F. (C A.) 65 

Indiana place 
Williams John J. (R. C.) Union 

Park street, cor. Harrison ave. 
Williams Pelliam (E.) 40 Pinckney 
Wilson W. G. (M.E.), Egleston sq. 
Winkley Samuel H. (C U.) U 

Louisburg square 
Winslow Wm. C (E.), 429 Beacon 
Wissell J. (R.C.) 1545 Tremont 
Withrow J. L. (C.T.) 73 Hancock 
Wollf Phillipe (Swed.), Mav. Ho. 
Wood L. L. (B.) 780 E. Broadway 
Wright Alfred A. (M.E.), 51 Chest- 
nut, Chsn. 
Wright John (E.) 392 W.Broadway 
Wright Wm. Burnet (C.T.), 163 
West Canton 


Carter C. N. & Co. 35 Winter 
Hamilton A. & Co. 37 Kingston 
Horton E. G. 144 Tremont 
Lefevre E. 75 Harrison avenue 
New York Cloak Mfg Co. 6 Winter 
Springer Brothers, 13 Summer 
QTEVENS JOHN J. 490 Wash- 
^ ington 
Sullivan J. M. 6 Winter 

Clock Maiiiifiicturers. 

TJOWARD E. & CO. 114 Tre- 
xl - mont (see page opp. 161) 
- 1 - Union (see page 729) 
CTEVENS G. M. & CO. 90 
*"' Sudbury (tower clocks) 

Clock. Materials. 

A Union (see page 729) 


(See also Jewelry, Wafclies and 
Plate; also Walhmakers.) 
D ley 

Bradley B. & Co. 259 Washington 
Brickett William H. 2 Bromfield 

Havnes J. 333 Wash, (repairer) 
TTOWARD E. & CO. 114 Trem't 
XJ - (see page opp. Ml) 
J^YERS S. &J.236 Washington 

x CO. 394 Wash. (French) 
•*- Union (see page 729) 

Cloth Finishers. 

" South 

Crohn Moses, 7 Spring lane 
Potter Daniel, 49 Federal 

Cloth Printers. 

fJAPSTICK & MARSH, 258 Pur- 
yJ chase 

Clothes Cleaners. 

Albee J. A. 9 Brattle sq. 
Alexander H. W Brattle 
Allen Edward M. 11 Citv Hall ave. 
Bacheller C A. 770 Washington 
Bacheller II. A. I" Causeway 
Bearint A. 45 LaGrange 
Bell A., Harris ave. n. Centre, J.P. 
Bolaud Stephen, 11 Dock sq. 
Boss Felix, 59 La Grange 
Brookes G. A. 32 K Harrison ave. 
Brooks L. H. 83 Shawmut av. 
Butts A. L. 7 Park, Chsn. 
fJHURCH T. S. 927 Harrison 
^ J avenue 

Cobnrii W. T. 20 Brattle 
Copeiaud S. 66 Merrimac 
Crawford G W. 19 Union Park st, 
Dinsmore O. A. 3 Friend 
Doyle Joseph, 108 Warren, Ch'sa 
Duniont L. 8 Harrison ave, 
Galivin D. 53 Eliot 
Gill P. F.UH Brattle 
Green William A. 1340 Wash. 
Guydon Francis, 10 Camden 
Hambro John, 1194 Washington 
Hammond John, l&% Congress gq. 
Harrell D. 11 Brattle square 
Harrell J. 24 Portland 
Hawkins E. D. 1442 Tremont 
Hawkins J. M. 85 Green 
Hicks P. B. W Exchange place 
Horton J. HHavwardpl. 
Johnson J. J. 22 Brattle 
Johnson Richmond, 117 Eliot 
Kenswil! A. A. 30 Portland 
Lemelson II. 12-54 Washington 
Levi Morris. 142 Kingston 
Lew J. A. 6 Winthrop. Chas'n 

HOUSE, 6.5 Temple place. 2206 
Washington, and 326 West 
Broadway (see page 71S) 

Lewey W. II. 7 Change av. 

Lewis S. H. 40 Brattle 

Long J. 22 Howard 

Matthews Chas. W. 7 City Hall av. 

Miller Patrick, 1126 Wash. 

Murray A. jr. 8 Boylston 

Olmstead Moses, 30>j' Avery 

Pierce J. G. 35 Howard 

Roberts M. E. 100>j Blackstone 

Savoy William B. 35 Bromfield 

Sidney J. T. 32 Doane 

Smith J., Indiana, cor. Wash. 

Sprague A. 9 Howard 

Stott J. C. 126 Lenox 

Thompson J. V. 9 City Hall ave. 

Tishmann M. L. 1 Stamford 

Watson Chas. II. 46 Howard 

Watson G. W. 56 Howard 

Williams George N. 18 Spring lane 

Young H. 63 Chambers 

Clothes Driers. 

Fellows & Dav, 57 Haverhill 
Wilbur G. S. 11 Hawkins 

Clothes Wringers. 
A LEXANDER T. J. agt. Eureka 
- - Clothes Wringing Co., High, 

cor. Oliver 
Q.LASGOW R. F. 115 Chauncy 

McLaughlin W. H. 916 Wash. 
Sherman B. 107 Blackstone (re- 

Clothing. (Wholesale.) 
Beard, Moultpn, & Bouve, 72 

Summer ami 38 Otis 
Burton Brothers, 4S Summer 
Chamberlin, Currier, & Co. 38 

Davis, Lake, &Allen, 238 Devon. 
Fenno Isaac & Co. 28 Summer 
Freeland, Loomis & Co. 744 to 750 

Green B. F. 735 Wash, (manuf.) 
Herrick Winslow, 46 Summer 
Hodgdon D. M. & Co. 33 Otis, and 

114 Arch 



Clothing, Wholesale — Con- 

Jordan, Clark, & McLaughlin, 65 
and 60 Summer 

Knowles, Leland, & Co. 65 Frank- 

Kuhlman Henry, 188 Commercial 
(oiled clothing) 

Leland, Rice, & Co. 101 Arch 

Lord Henry. 65 Summer 

Louis, Reinstein,& Co. 89 Summer 

Macullar, Williams, & Parker, 400 

McKenna, Thompson, fcOlmstead, 
74 Summer 

Menzies J. (manuf.l, 174 Border 

Miner, Beal, & Hackett, ft! Sum'x. 

Morse Charles, 66 Summer 

OAK HALL, G. W. Simmons & 
Son, 32 to 38 North 
Pickering J. W. C. 68 Summer 

Rothwell, Martin, & Co. 100 Arch, 

and 21 Otis 
Shuman A. & Co. 436 Washington, 

and 9 Summer (boys) 
Stone & Bier, 175 Hanover 
Smith, Richardson, & Bates, 80 

The Wardrobe, 56 Summer 
Thompson & Leavitt, 111 Arch 
Whitten, Burdett, & Young, 3 

Winthrop square, and 36 Otis 
Willoughby C. L. & Co. 53 Sum- 
Willonghby, Hill, & Co. 53 Sum'r 
"Wilson Max, 2S4 Harrison avenue 

Clothing. {Detail.) 
(See also Tailors and Drapers.') 
Adams Isaac, 15 Green 
Allen R. B. (boys') 4 Hamilton pi. 
AlvesJ.J. 296 Hanover 
Atwood & Horsey. 176 Wash. 
Baker Rose, 132 W. Broadway 

ple place 
Bargman Maurice, 110 Dorch. av. 
Barnard S. 13 Dock square 
Baxter & Sanborn, Washington, 

opp. Market, Brighton 
Bearou S. 202 Federal 
Bergen P. 1 Eastern avenue 
Bock Jacob, 87 Hanover 
Boies G. F. 60 Washington 
Boise L. D. & Son. 345 Wash. 
Bornstein J. L. 1 Union 
Boylston Clothing Ho. 657 Wash. 
Brine George R. Ml5and317 Wash. 
Brooks Walter C. & Co. 6 Union 

CARNES G. W. & CO. 32 West 
Chase & Atwood, 2111 Wash. 
Chisholrn James, 380 North 
Cohen C. 367 Federal 
Cohen M. 340 Hanover 
Comer Joseph, 152 Washington 
^ HOUSE, 744 to 750 Wash. 
Cornhill Clothing Co. 12 to 18 

Dean Amos J. 2201 Washington 
Duke O. J. 205 W. Broadway 
Eagle Clothing Co. 622 Wash. 
Baton & Paine, 2.37 North 
Farrington I. H. 701 Washington 
Fenno Geo. A. & Co. 670 Wash. 
Fossett W. G. 761 Washington 
Frankenstein H. 232 W.Broadway 
Freedman & Greenbnum.145 Court 
Getehell J. II. & Co. 081 Wash. 
Goldstein H. 408 Hanover 
Greenbaum Goodman, 1283 Trem't 
Hearn J. 204 W. Broadway 
Herman S. Mrs. SO Merrhnac 
Hirshom A. 244 W. Broadway 

HOLLANDER L. P. & CO. 494 
Washington (men's and boy's) 
Holman S. A. Mrs. 164 Tremont 

Hunting Joseph & Charles B. 270 

Josslyn T. A. 171 Commercial 
Kalisii Iliman, 3S Salem 
Kelley J. T. & Co. 657 Wash. 
Klous Ezra J. 61 Main 
Klous Louis, 139 Main 
Krey H. 14 Fleet • 
Lan'e G. W. 267 North 
Latz L. 96 Merrimac 
Lawrence H. S. & Co. 2341 Wash. 
Levi Simon, 47 Knceland 
Levi W. 73 Washington 
Levy Iliman, 8 North 
Levy Samuel, 8 Portland 
Linscott John, 60 Elm, 12 Friend, 

and 28 Commercial 
Lombard II. S. 52 Clinton 
Macullar, Williams, & Parker, 400 


Marks M. 85 Washington 
Messinger V. A. & Co. 21 and" 22 

Dock Square 
Mode Joseph, 95 Washington 
Monroe G. A. 276 W. Broadway 
Morris William Mrs. 5 Lew is, E.B. 
Morse Leopold & Co., Wash. cor. 

Morse Ik Co. 20 and 30 Dock sq. 
Nordeushiekl F. Mrs 060 Wash. 

OAK HALL. G. W. Simmons & 
Son, 32 to 3S North 
O'Kellv William 333 Hanover 
Palmer J. B. & Co. 365 Wash. 
Phillipps J. 31 and 32 Dock square 
Finkofski S. 3" & 102 Sumner. E.B. 
Pond S. H. & Co. 702 Wash. 
Prager, Bock, & Co. 14 Dock sq. 
Proctor A. E. 206 Com'l 
Richards Geo. H.24 Dock square 
Rosnoskv Bros. 353 Federal 
Rowe Bros. 168 and 170 Wash. 
Shuman A. & Co. 440 Washington 
Shuman Abraham, 2277 Wash. 
Silber Soloman, 325 Hanover 
Simon Brothers, 195 W.Broadway 
Spitz J. 155 Hanover 
Sulzburv Jonas, 41 Carver 
Toppau'F. L. & Co. 1080 Wash. 
Trufant & Davis, 202 Com'l 
Van Pond & Co. 336 Wash. 
Vorenburg S. St Co. 67 Washington 
Warshauer E. 26 North 
Waxman Nathan, 10 North 
Welch E. C. 4 Winthrop blk., E.B. 
WilmotH. B. 263 Wash. 
Wingersky Samuel, 362 Hanover 
Wolf Jacob, 131 Hanover 
Wolf Lewis. 88 Main 

< llothinff. (Second Hand.) 
Abrams I. 10 Salem 
Bamott Dora Mrs. 88 Merrimac 
Bornstein I. 24 Salem 
Bouteije R. Mrs. 108 Dorchester av. 
Bronkhorst L. 120 Dover 
Buitekan Alex. Mrs. 144 Essex 
Carney Ellen, 20 Salem 
Cohen M. 6 Border, E. B. 
Copeland S. 66 Merrimac 
Delano Mary, 11 Maverick sq. 
De Young Esther, 85 Knceland 
DeYoung Simon. 145 Dover 
Doyle Lawrence, 26 Warren av. 
Ellis Joseph, 2333 Washington 
Fitzgerald J. Mrs. 96 W. Broadway 
Goodman H. 14 Salem 
Hamelbnrg Jacob, 114 Dorch. ave. 
Harris II. 6}£ Endicott 
Hart B. 84 Jov 
Hartman S. 74 Salem 
Herman Sarah, 80 Merrimac 
Higgins J. J. SOS Hanover 
Jackson W. 30 .Merrimac 
Jacobs H. 141 Dover 
Kantorowicz J. 66 Salem 
Kurtz D. 54 Merrimac 
Levi E. 121 Dover 
Levi Lewis, 25 Salem 
Levi S. 47 Knceland 
Mock Bernard, 8 W. Broadway 
Myers Simon, 151 Dover 
Peterowitz Simon, 39 and 48 Salem 
Richmond Louis, 52 Salem 
Samelsohn Hannah, 176 Merrimac 
Schahire II. 68 Portland 
Silverman M. 64 Salem 
Smith N. 157 Eliot 
Stanley Thomas, 58 Salem 
Susan Robert, 440 Hanover 
Walker Mary E. 33 Salem 
Young Henry, 63 Chambers 
Cloths A- Woolen Goods. 
(See Woolens.) 


CO. 166 Portland 
Coal Dealers. (Wholesale.) 
Alden John C. 9 Kilby 
Audenried W. G. & Co. 32 Kilby 
Bangs & Horton, 18 Kilby 
Betteley Albert, 11 Doane 
Boyce James, 9 Kilby 
Bright, Thomas, & Co. 11 Doane 
Brown S. II. & Co. 19 Exchange pi. 
Bryant Nathaniel II. 104 Water 
Burnham Choate & Son, West 

Broadway, corner Dorchester 

avenue, and 76 State 
Burton J. S. 23 Doane 
Butler E. P. 21 Doane 
Campbell C. A. 11 Kilby [Congress 
Caster, Stickncy, & Wellington, 17 
Darrow, Mann, & Co. 76 State 
Dean Joseph F. 53 Kilby 
pAY WARE B. 24 Kilby 

Ginn J. C. & Co. 7 Exchange pi. 
GoochN. G. 13 Kilby 
Gooch S. H. 18 Kilby 
Gorham Richard II. 82 Water 

Orach", Rothermel. & Co. 9 Kilby 
GiirfithB. & Co. 31 High 
Haddock John C. & Co. 21 Ex- 
change place 
Hare Robert Powell & Co. 22 Central 
Hartshorn F. J. 82 Water 
Heaton S. M. s Co. 21 Doane 
T£ENT JOIIX, 54 Kilby 

Kingslev C. AV. 13 Kilby 

Lee D. W. 11 Kilby 

Mann & Soule, 7 Doane 

Moore O. F. 5 Doane 

Morse II. & A. & Co. 14 Kilby 

Moselev Elisha, 82 Water, and 32 

Dorchester avenue 
Mumper A. L. & Co. 82 Water 
Neill & McCrearv, 23 Doane 

kDIORNE F. 11. & CO. 86 State 


Paige C. E. 7 Central 
pERKINS & JOB, 91 State 

Phila. & Reading Coal & Iron Co. 

8 Exchange place 
Powell Robt Hare & Co. 22 Central 
Rothermel D. N. Kilbv 
Scott John C. .* Sons, 7 Doane 
Sherwin Edward, 8 Exchange pi. 
Sinniekson & Co 82 Water 
Snelling Howard & Co. 7 Kilby 
SpraugeC H. 86 State 
Stevenson, Pierson, ,* Co. 44 Kilby 
Sturdivant Charles, 82 Water 
Thomas & Townscnd,77 State 
Vaughan B. 42 India 
Wait Walter S. 2 Exchange place 
Walter.Donaldson, & Co. 17 Doane 
Wannemacher Charles, 5 Kilby 
Ward & Oliphant, 76 State 
WARREN F. C.326 Charles 

Warren Henry W. 54 Kilby 
Warren & Co. 18 Post Otiiee square 

(importers of English caunel) 
Weld& Clark. 27 Kilbv 
Wellington 11. & Co. 11 Kilby 

*' 39 Charles River avenue, 

Charlestown, and 7 Doane 

Williams .lames M. W. 22 Central 


V » Albany 
•WITIIEK'ELL O. D. 95 State 

" * (see page 713) 

Coal Mining Companies. 

Acadia Coal Co., 86 State 
American Coal Co. 86 State 
Atlantic and George Creek Coal 

Co., Ware B. Guv', 24 Ki'liy 
Black Diamond Coal Co. 76 State 
Blacii Avon Coal Co., Ware B. 

Gay, agent, 24 Kilbv 
Caledoniu Coul and Railway Co., 

J. II. Converse, ticus. 47 Equitable 

building, and Darrow, Mann, & 

Co. 76 Slate 
Consolidation Coal Co. 76 State 
Cumberland ami Elk Lick Coal 

Co., Ware B. Gay, agt. 24 Kilxy 
Del., Lack., & Western 11. It. Co., 

F. II. Odiorne & Co. 86 State 
EverhartCoal Co., E. Smith, treas. 

27 Seurs building 
Excelsior Coal Mining Co., C. W. 

Kingsley, treas. 13 Kilbv 
Gilberton Coal Co., G. L. Hunt- 
ington, treas.. Milk, c. Congress 
Gowrie Mines, F. II. Odiorne & Co. 

86 State 
Hampshire and Baltimore Coal 

Co., Charles E. Parker, agent, 

14 Exchange place 
International Coal and Railway 

Co., F. H. Odiorne & Co. 86 State 
Lehigh & Wilkesbarre Coal Co. 18 

Lingam Mines, F. H. Odiorne & 

Co. 86 State 
Moingona Coal Co., 23 Sears bldg. 
New Central Coal Co., Thomas & 

Townsend, agents, 77 State 
Nova Scotia Coal Co., Darrow, 

Mann, & Co. 76 State 
Penn Gas Coal Co., F. II. Odiorne 

& Co. 86 State 
Philadelphia & Reading Coal and 

Iron Co. 8 Exchange p ace 
Potomac Coal Co.,C. Cnadhoiirne, 

treasurer, 17 State, loom 12 
Red Bank Mining Co., J. K. Baker, 

treas. 116 Tremont 
Roaring Brook Coal Co., J. F. 

Dean, treas. 53 Kilbv 
Suffolk Coal Co., T. II. Bacon, 

treasurer, 22 Consrross 
Summit Branch 11. H. Co., Elisha 

Moselej', agent, 82 Water 
Westmoreland Coal Co., Perkins* 

Job, agents. 91 State 
Youghioghcnv (las Coal Co., Dar- 
row, Mann, & Co. 76 State 



Coal Sifters, 

Nelson A. W. & Co. 18 Union 

Coal anil Sand Screens, 

rj. R E E N L E A F G. & CO. 99 
*-* Union (see page 704) 

Coal «fc Wood Healers. 

Abbott .1. & Co. 370 Charles 
Adams D. S. 17 No. Russell 
Adams J. .14 Crescent place 
AdamsJ.E. &Co., Albany, c. Swett 
Adams N. S. 86 Bennington, E.B. 
Adams Wm. Henrv, 23 Water 
Aldcn J. H. 2477 Washington 
Armor W. L. 419 Albany 
Baker John F., Dorchester avenue, 

corner Leeds 
Banagan P., O, corner E. Seventh 
Banks W. A_ Ferdinand, c. Knox 
Barry & Mayo, 19 Exchange p ace, 

and Maiden bridge 
Batchelder Brothers, SOT Federal 
Berrv S. 105 Pleasant (basement) 
Blaser A. 15.5 Eliot 
Bosworth & Hamlin, 256 Federal 
Brady James P. 2 Causeway 
Braham John, 191 Eustis 
Brennan Stephen. 85 Green 
Brown C. H. R. 75 Eliot 
Bryant J. C. 18 Spring lane 
Buckley John. 3 Gouch 
Bullard, Thomas, & Co. .548 Al- 
bany, and 21 Exchange place 
Burkman A. B. 1015 Leverett 
Burnham Choate & Son, W. B'ay, 
c. Dorchester avenue, Burnhani's 
wharf, K, cor. East Fourth, and 
76 State 
■RURXHAM L. G. & CO. Ches- 
■" ter Park, 132 Charles, office 75 

Burnham T. C. 70 Dover 
Burns Edward A. 311 Medford, 

Caldwell George H. 26 Dorch'r av. 
Calef A. D. 408 Federal 
Campbell D. 2 Cottage place 
Carney Michael, 2 Harrison ave. 
QHAPIN* CO., Liverpool wharf, 

Atlantic ave. opp. Pearl 
Clark George S. 10 Warren 
Clark Wm. & Co. 1164 Tremont. and 
Boylston, near Bovlston Station 
Clasby J. 1022 Tremont 
Cousens Brothers, Brighton ave.. 

Cottage Farm 
Cousens M. II. 53 Church 
Crafts' Henry Sons, 266 Albany 
Crowell J. D., Atlantic avenue, c. 

Eastern Packet Pier 
Cumings W S. 258 E. Eighth 
Cushing & Bail, C, cor. W. First 
Cutter D. J.. Tenean wharf. Com- 
mercial, cor. South 
Dalton J. IL, Castle, e. Shawmut av. 
Dean Joseph F. 18 Mt. Wash. av. 
Dickinson B. 102 Leverett 
Dike & Burehard, 192 Hampden 
Dillingham G. B. 21 North Russell 
i>ow Amos, 3 Norman 
Dowling Thomas, 189 E 
Dudily William, 54 Prince 
Dunkin Matthew, 27 Province ■ 
Dunn N. B. 25 Siiawmut avenue 
Edgert F. 5 Cherry 
Ellis William, 512 Harrison av. 
Emerson H. B. 25 Kilby 
£ 'V, e jy w m. H * s - J'-' 288 Federal 
Fall S. II. 195 Medford, Chsn. 
Fitz & Todd, 30 Warren ave. Chsn. 
Fitzgerald R. 101 W. Brookline 
Flanagan P. 52 Gouch 
loster Thomas P. & Son, foot of 

French Chas. E. 40S Federal 
irost Geo. IL, Neponset avenue, 

near Taylor, Neponset 
Galvm J. J. 554 Atlantic av. 
Gault D. W. 103j<; Shawmut ave. 
Gibson Nehemiah & Co. 110 Lewis 
Gum D. A. & Co. 330 Dorch. ave. 

and 326 Albany 
Goldie,John H.'69 W. Dedham 
trordon Jason, Commercial, near 

Ellsworth, Dor. 
Gormley & Burns, 210 Ruggles 
Gove A. & Sou, Weeks' wharf, 212 

Border, E.B. 
Griffin James, 151 Dorch. av. 
Haffley Waller M. 541 Maiu 
Haley B. F. 27 Waltham 
Wall L. & Co., Webster, corner Or- 
Hall S. & Co. 148 Border 
Ham Joseph, Northampton, corner 

Hamilton G. M. 322 Border 
Hartshorne C. W. 358 Federal 
Hartshorne F. II. (inn Shawmut av. 
Hawkins Thomas W. 40 Kilby. 
room 4 

Heenan John C. 85 Shawmut av. 
Henderson A. D., Brighton Cor. 
Horton W. 607 Dorchester av. 
Hovey T. F. 1081 Tremont 
Howard Patrick, 44 Nashua 
Jones Henry, Harr. av. cor. Eustig 
Jordan C. D. 119 Beach 
Jordan William, 1358 Wash. 
Kelly Edward. 201 Centre 
Keyes Edmund & Son, 109 Medford, 

Knight G. W. & Co. 2002 Wash. 
Knight Samuel. 99 Water, Chsn. 
Ladd Edward A. 226 Main 
Lamphier J. 85 Lenox 
Lewis Charles, 1.5 Garden 
Loney William, 240 Federal 
Loonier S. & Co. 3 Linden Park 
Lovell John H. 47 West Canton, 

and 479 Tremont 
Lowell D. B., Harvard, corner 

Harrison avenue 
Lucas & Langlois, F, cor. Bolton 
Alacdonald A. A. 3 Pleasant 
McMahon John. 149 Silver 
McTighe M. 39 Belmont, Ward 19 
Meserve J. B., Monument ave. cor. 

Mitchell Thomas, 215 W. Fifth 
Morse L. B. 880 Harrison av. 
■" x 498 Albany, 1383 Wash, and 

35 Hawlev 
Moseley C. H. agt. 32 Dorch. av. 

and 82 Water 
Moynihan M. 89 Chapman 
Murnhv John, l.",0 Cambridge 
Murphy John, 9 Wall 
Murphv J. F. 4.5 Green 
Murphy Patrick J. 40!£ Spring 
O'Neil John. 76 Hampden 
Otis Howland & Co. 224 Border 
Parker G. W. (wood), 524 Albany 
Parks W. D. 80 W. Fifth 
Patterson Thos. H. 39 Hudson 
Pattison Wm., south side Commer- 
cial wharf 
Penniman H. 327 West Fourth 
Perkins Joseph E., Cambridge, n. 

Somerville line, Chsn. 
Perkins Wm. F. 19 Kneeland 
Peters Louis, 10 Blossom 
Phipps A. A. & Co. 183 Camhridee 
piPER J. ELLERY & CO. 476 
x Atlantic av. 
Pratt C. II. 139 Cross 
Prentice AV. IL & Son, 2.50 Federal 
Prescott Geo. 143 Bunker Hill 
Prescott W. L. & C. J. 301 Harri- 
son avenue 
Prescott W. S. & Co. 113 Harr. ave. 
Quinn M. 2158 Wash, (cellar) 
Ray Albert M. 568 Dorchester av. 
Reed Clarence A. 4 North Russell 
Reed, Henderson. & Co. 41 Kirkland 
Robbins J. & Co. 119 Suiiiner.and 1 

North Ferry av. E.B. 
Robhins Solomon, 12! B 
Bobbins SlnpardJt Son, 608 Atlan- 
tic avenue and 306 Tremont 
Robv D. & Co. 2S0 Causeway 
Sanborn J. E. 2 Stone. Chsn. 
Scannell M. J. 203 W. Third 
Sims William A. 299 Harrison av. 
Smith Peter, 471 Main 
Smith Sabin M. 43 Commercial 
Smith & Richards, 79 Austin, Chn. 
Snelling IL & Co. 588 Albany, 521 

Commercial, and 7 Kilbv 
Starrett P. S., Oak, cor. Harr. av. 
Stearns John, Main, corner Med- 
ford, Chsn. 
Stebbius O. F. 439 Tremont 
Stetson A. M. & Co. 10 State, and 

First, foot of I . 
Stevens A. & Co. 122 Border 
Stewart James P. & Co. 65 Med- 
ford, Chsn. 
Sullivan John, 116 Essex 
Sullivan John, 26 Blossom 
Sweeney James, 15 No. Grove 
Sweeney Patrick, 114 Essex 
Taylor Simeon P. 68 Water 
Tirrell Jesse & Co. 304 Federal 
Voye G. 1103 Tremont 
Walker A. M. Dorch. ave. e. Leeds 
Walsh David A. 15 Indiana and 9 

Ward M. & Co. 820 Shawmut ave. 
WARREN F. C. 326 Charles 

WELLINGTON A. C. 438 Fed- 

" eral, and 17 Congress 

* " 39 Charles River ave., Chsn. 
and 7 Doane 
Wheeler A. B. 114 Dover 
White John R. & Son. 2.54 Federal 
Whiteside John H. 90 Leverett 
Whiting Frank, 4.5^ Green 
Whiting N. 15 Prospect 
Wild Charles D. & Son, 3 Canal, 

Willard Charles E., Harvard, n. 

Cambridge bridge 
Williams Gilbert, 267 Medford, Ch. 
yyTNGATE W. A. 564 Albany 

Winslow G. M. & Co. 22S Cause- 
way, and 139 Cross 
Wise G. II. 126 C 
Withercll H. 178 Shawmut av. 
Witheie 1 O. D. 9.5 state 
Wood C. B. 410 Charles 
Young J. B. 78 Warren 

Cocoa ISutter. 


Cocoa Mauufs. 

*' Chatham 

Cocoa Nut. 

Maltby's Patent, 8 North Market 
Coffee and Spice Mill 

31 an ii tar tii re i'x. 


x 83 Milk 


Commercial (see page 715) 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 

Berry W. H. & Co. 33 Central 


17 Sand 7 Haverhill 

Dwinell. Hay ward & Co. 1 Hamil'n 
Fernald J. C. Dorchester avenue, 

corner Foundry 
A Blackstone 

Garfield Win. H. 19 Harvard place 
Glines J. T. & Co. 2Haymarket si]. 
Higgins J. M. 3 Hamilton 
Kimball O.G.&C.I.35 Kilbv(coffee) 
not, near Neponset avenue 

JEWHALL H. B. 76 Broad 

N ] 

Parker G. L, 123 Water 
Sanborn J. S. & Co. 3 Hamilton 
Slade D. & I,. 13 India 
Stickney &Poor, 20 India 
Swain, Earle, & Co. 63 Commercial 
Thompson B. S. 6 Blackstone 
Tremont Coffee and Spice Mills, J. 

F. Gault & Co. 43 Way 
Waterbouse S. 115 Water 

Coffin Warehouses. 

(See also Undertakers.) 
flOGSWELL-A. A. IL, Arling- 
^ ton street, Brighton (see page 

Ahlborn Henr3', 33 Exchange 
Virgin George A. 74 Tremont, 
room 9 

Baker W. P. 30 Court square 
Baxter Francis J. 86 Court 
Bennett James IL, Masonic build- 
ing, Central square 
Brothers Joshua, 13 Court so., r. 6 
Carter & Co. 11 Court 
^ Washington 
Clark & Co. 231 Washington 
Darling Harry B. 33 Old State Ho. 
Edwards E. B. & Co. 23 Oid State 

Emery C. S. 1180Tre!!i'tf constable) 
VVERETT C. W. & CO. (Law 
JJ and collection office), 8 Pem- 

berton square 
Farnsworth & Conant. 11 Court 
Farr George W. 13 Court sq. 
Fobes Beoj.. N. Bcaron, Brighton 
Folsom H. W. 4 City Hall avenue 
Goodwin E. L. 6 Avery 
Hallet E. A. 209 Wash', room 10 
Hyde Albert, 519 Dudley 
Marshall & Co. 37 Tremont 
Martin Darius A. 15.5 Franklin 
Mason William H. 41 Tremont 
May John, 20 Court, room 26 
Merrill Alonzo B. 2:35 Wash. 
Metcalf E. S. 33 School, room 28 
Moll John J. A. 37 Tremont 
Morrison Thomas J. 46 Court 
Moulton C. J. B. 96 Court 
Neale J. B.226 Washington, r'm 1 
Nunn Charles, 2.5 Kilbv [House 
Powell John D. N. R. ;il Onl State 
Sanborn, Cook, & Smith, 96 Treni. 
Sawyer M. P. & Co. 24 Trem't row 
Sweeny C. F. 17 Milk 
Taber Geo. R. & Co. 28 School 
Tracy C. F. 40 Water, room 25 
Williams W. W.61 Court 
Wilsen Thomas, 24 Tremont row 



Color Manufacturers. 

T)ON.U.D W. C. S CO. 17 Spring 
U lane (see page 725) 
Sehlback K. .\ Co. 145 Milk 
Wood's Henry Sun ft Co. 3<i Broad 

Coloring Extracts. 


C'omo Milkers. 
Grnr T. A. 079 Washington (shell) 
Mudge W. A. 46 Summer 
^ ington (she 1, see page S26) 

Commercial A;cm'ie», 
(See Mercantile Ag-rncies.) 

Commercial lii'okert. 

(See Brokers.) 

Commercial Collefres. 
Bryant ft Stratton, 608 Wash. 

Comer's Commercial College, 666 

French's Business College, 630 

Kecki-rs .v' Bradford, 1< Boylston 
Sawyer George A. 101 Treniont 

Commission Merchants. 

Abbot George W. & Co. 21 Cen- 
tral wharf 
Adams William H. 208 Washing*n 
Adams, Taylor, .v Co. 115 Broad 
Ahlen Geo. A. ft Co. 190 Congress 
Aldrich A. ft Co. 83 F. 11. Market 

I produce) 
Aldrich E. E. 24 Chauncv 
Aldrich ft Cressej . 2U8 Mate 
Almosnino J. .">! Broad (rugs) 
Andrew S. W. 18 India 
Andrews Chas. Lowell, 55 Kilby 
Archibald <i. F. 30 Kilby 
Austin J. .'>7 Fulton 
Austin W. R. 1»4 Water 
Avery II N. 4" NortJi Market 

Bacim F. E. ft Co. 56 State 
Baker S Morrill, 40 Equitable bldg. 
Ballon 1. II ft Co. 121 So. Market 
Banehor John F. ft Co. 41 Cuauncy 
Bangs, Sendder, a Co. 9 India 
Barnard G. M. ft Co. 01 State, 

room 4 
Bartlett C. S. & Co. 2S7 Devonshire 
Beaman Brothers, 176 Atlantic av. 
Belknap L. ft Co. 12 Clinton 
Betmer E. ft Co. '.'7 State 
Bennett A. G. .">4 Kilby 
Bernays 1'aul ft Co. 259 Wash. 
Bernheimer A., Geo. Smith, agent, 

86 llawlev 
B : xbv Thus. E. ft Co. 32 Central 

Blaekden E. A. 19 Summer 
Blake Charles E. 209 Wash, (flour) 
Blauchard F. A. ft Co. 160 State 
B iggs Edwin P. 33 Central 
-" India whart 
Bowileu J. G. ft Co. 48 Summer 

BO W B L E A R W. II., 
SOUTHEB ft CO. 36 Ceu- 
tral wharf 
Bovnton X. & Co. S7 Commercial 
Brewer Charles & Co. 27 Kilby 
Briirhani J. B. ft Co. 3.x Central 
Brighom P. & Co. 70 Pearl 
Brown A. L. 2S Chauncy 
Brown Benj. 11 State 
Brownell T. W. 37 Avon 
Buckman T. G. 233 Congress 
Burgess Benj. & Sons, 24 Ej- 

ch'auae place, room 6 
Burrough P. O. 62 Broad 
Burseley Ira. 127 state 
Bush & Parker, 4 Libertvsq.(drugs) 
Biitman F. C. :>S Central 
Byrnes W. B. 195 Atlantic avenue 
Cabot, Bowles, & Co. 44 Kilbr 
Carruth N. ft C ft Co. 114 State 
Carstein T. 30 Bromfield 
Chenery ft Co. 196 State 
Clark Gen. L. 105 Summer 
PLAHK GEO. P. & CO. 104 State 
v dumber) 

Clark W. K. 5 Clark's wharf 
Cobb Samuel C, Milk, c. Congress 

room 16 
Coburn C. B. & Co. 145 Milk 
Colson H. W. P. 283 Washington 
Conant & Wilbur. 47 Long wharf 
Cottiiu ft Haley. 12S State 
Oovell II. A. 3»j Summer 
Crocker A. B. 37 Avon 
Crocker M. & Co. 220 Congress 
p ROW ELL TIMOTHY, 144 State 
^ (lumber) 

Cunningham, Heath, ft Co. 178 

Curtis BT. ft N. W.. 4 P. O. square 

Cushing, Porter, ft Cades, 161 Milk 

Cutler J. E. 173 Ma-e 

Daland Brothers, '.'7 State 

Dana Brothers, 40 Central 

Dana Charles ft Co. 52 No. Market 

Darling C. B. It Son, 129 State 

Davis G. G. 17 Kingston 

Day Wm. M. 17 Avon 

Dean W. B. ft Co. 176 Atlantic av. 

Deering, Millikeu, it Co. 48 

Delong ft Seaman. 5 Central whf. 
Demorest J. M. 210 State 
Dillon James. 114 State 
TJIZEK J. T. 146 South Market 
*-* I see front colored page) 
T)K1AY 11. C. ft CO. *i Central 
±J (see page MSI 
Drost G. A. 49 Summer 
Dunbar J. II. ft Co. 1 IS Comin'l 
Ellicott Joseph P. 12 Central wharf 
Ellis E. S. .v Co. 222 State 
Emmons 11. \\ . 20 Chauncy 
Farweil A. G. & Co. 1 Pein'b'n sq. 
Faxo:i Isaiah. '.'7 Chauncy 
Felt C. W. .v Co. ITS State 
FernaUl -v Wood. 7 Doane 
Ferris John, 82 Water 
FlitnerJ. II. ft Co. iim Commercial 
Forrest W. U. 336 Atlantic avenue 
Foster Chas. O. & Co. 22 Broad 
}' ■« le St Carroll. .14 India wharf 
Fowler M. Field .x Co. 27 India 
For Fre.l. B. a Co. IS Clinton 
PULLER, DANA, It Fl'i'Z. 110 
x North 

Gardieer Joseph II. 65 Commerce 
Gibbs N. B. 41 State 
Gill & Loots, US M Ik 
Good J. A. ,v Co, 24 Central wharf 
Goodwin, Locke, ft Co, IS India 
Gore Geo. P. * Co., J. D. Williams, 
agent, l'.fj Congress (boots and 
Goulston E. S. 88 Broad (cigars) 
Granger George (!. 22 Broad 
Gray G. II. ft Danforth, 48 India 
j Wm. 11. .-v Co. 19 Doane 
Griffin. Thompson, ft Co. 170 At- 
lantic avenue 

I .11. 37 South 
Guinzburg 11. A. s2 Chauncy 
Hail I. C. '.'7 Commercial 

Hall John t;. .x Co. 04 Chatham 
Hall T. A.& Co. 5 Chauncy 
Hall .v Co. 5 Chauncy 
llallett ft Hani, 105 Summer 
Hamlin J. C. HH Chauncy 
Hancock Solomon, 76 State 
Hanna Wm. 50 Chauncy 
Hardy Alpheus 11. ft Co. 32 Sears 

Harris .1. \Y. ft Co. 9 Merch'ts row 
Harris T. B. 107 State 
Hart S. Rowland, 11 Exchange 
HaseltineJ. E.,54 Kilby 
Hathaway ft Co 22 Central wharf 
Heath Geo. W. ft Co. 7 Otis 
Herriott Wm. 21 Commercial 
Higgins. Cobb, ft Co. 109 High 

(boots and shoes) 
Higginson K. M. 126 State 
Hill R. A. ft Co. 20 Clinton 
tilLTON BROS, .v CO. 3 F. H. 
XL Market | cellar, produce) 
TTOBBS, POPE, ft CO., 174 High 

II [Market 
Hodsdon B. P. ft Co. II North 
Hollingdale J. ft Co. 49 Summer 
Holmes. Bates, ft Nichols, 6 Oliver 
Horton W. F. 15 Central 
Howard ft Son, S North Market 
ix 11 and 13 India (Calcutta) 
Howes ft Crowell. 134 State 
Hudson II. B. 87 Avon 

Hughes ft Co. 21 Lewis wharf 
Hyde, W heeler, ft Co. 41 X. Market 
Ingraham David II. 25 Kilby 
Jackson E. M. 105 Summer 
Johnson G. E. 24 Chauncy 
Johnson T. J. ft Co. 19 Summer 
Jones F. D. S. 6 Commercial 
Jones T. J. & Co. 176 Atlantic ave. 
Kaan George, 13 Central wharf 
Kellev R. M. 176A.tlantic av. 
Kemble ft Hastings, 801 State 
Kendall, Hall, ft Co. 105 Summer 
Kendrick G. H. 13 Avon 
Kilvert ft Tappan, 25 Kingston 
Kinsman, Thurston, ft Co. 19 

T ANG ft JACOBS. 3 to 9 India 
- LJ square (see page 7241 
Lawrence C. II. ft Co. 176 Atlantic 

Leckebusch H. 20 Avon 
Lethbridge W. H. 56 Summer 
Lewis A. 31 Centra! wharf 
Lewis A. S. ft W. G. ft Co. 53 Long 

Lewis ft Hall, 22 Kilby 

Lincoln George E. S Oliver 
Linder ft Meyer, 21 Pearl 
Little James L. ft Co. 24 Franklin 
Locke G. 0. IS Avon 
Lombard's A. C. Sons. 23 Lewis 

wharf and 75 State 
T OMBARD ft CO.. Atlantic ar., 
- LJ cor. Lewis whart (see page 712) 
1-ord Geo. C. ft Co. U Merck. Rs. 
Lovejov A. L. ft Co. 105 Summer 
Lynch J. W. 42 Bedford 
Lyon ft Vose, 207 Washington 
Maas F. 19 Summer 
Macomber William. 7 Doane 
Mandt'U, Bailee, ft to. Is Summer 
Mann X. P. ft Co. 7 Doane 
Manning .1. E. 5 Chatham row 
March A. S. ft Co. 20 Lincoln 
Mayer Max S. 19 Summer 
Maym Edward, 81 South 
McConkcy D. E. 151 to 155 South 

Merrinm E. R. 29 Summer 
Merriil Jos. P. 29 Avon 
Metcalt David E. 3 Commercial 
Miller F. I). 29 Summer 
Mitchell Lincoln, 50 Chauncy 
Morcn A. W. ft Co. 160 State 
Morei .v. Co, 197 State 
Mowry W. U. 28 No. Market 
Munroe ft Harrington, 8 R,acks'm 
Myrick .1. II. 97 Commercial 
Na/ro ft Co. 4.'. Commercial 
Ncal ft Crowinshield, 4u Water, 

room 57 
Ncwcomh John J. 124 So. Market 
Nichols C. II. 10S State 
Nicholson W. II ft Co. 4< Summer 
Morcross W. F. 1 .", Doane 
Norris F. B. 56 Summer 
Norris Joseph B. 15 Broad 
Nudd ft Sawyer, 105 Summer 
Odell II. L. 1 Central wharf 

KDIORNE F. II. ft CO. sO State 


O'llara James R. 23 India (rice) 

ON 11. K. ft CO. 194 and 
Page W. R. 4.". Chatham 
p.VLMER D. ft C'LEWLEY.l* 
- 1 State 

Parker Mason G. 14 Central wharl 
Parker S. T. ft Co. 141 Milk 
Patterson J. K. 93 Chauncy 
PcabodvHenrvW.&Co. 1 1~'. Mill 
Pearson C. L. 195 Atlantic ave. . 
Peck Bradford. 287 Devonshire 
IVters E. D. ft Co. 12 Central whf 
Peters Geo. 1 1. ft Co. 12 Central wf 
Phalan M. F. 104 Pearl 
Phipps S. jr. 2s Chauncy 
Pickhardt Win. ft KuttrofT, l.'Uvilbj 
Pierce Robert, 17 Kingston 
Pierce T. M. 103 Summer 
Pillsburv O. D. 52 Commercial 
Plumer N. B. ft Co. 46 and R 

North Market 
Pollard S. S. ft Co. 7 Central 
Porter Bros, ft Co. 5.S Summer 
Potter ft Torrv. 25 So. Market 
Pratt Fred. I. ft Co. S7 Avon 
Pray B. S. ft Co. 80 State 
Priest John L. 14 Central wharf 
Quincv T. D. ft Co. 40 Commercial 
Kaederllenrv ft Co. IS India 
Kca Wm. A. 40 Kilbv 
Revnolds Win. B. ft'Co. 209 State, 

and 106 Central 
Richards Joel. 91 Stale 
Richardson ft Co. .'15 Congress 
"DIED CAMILLE, 42 Chauncj 
■" (importer) 

Robins Edward B. 56 Summer 
Robinson W. F. S North Market 
Robinson ft Robinson, Battery wf 
Rodochanachi J. M. ft Co. IB 

Rogers A. D. 40 North Market 
xx Federal 
Rogers John P. ft Co. 62 India sq. 

ROGERS W. O. ft CO. 152 South 
Ross Edward 1. 173 State 
Kussell Edward T. x Co. 213 State 
Itvder G. G. ft G. C. 6 Cnmmerc'l 
Sailer J. II. ft Co. 29 Summer 
Sanborn C. B. ft Co. 29 N. Market 

(poultry, ftc.) 
Sawyer. Hollis, ft Co. 51 North 

.Market (produce ft provisions) ; 
Sawver II 11.287 Devonshire 
Schumacher J. ft Co. 19 Doane 
Scott .lames. 53 Summer 
Sendder Ilarvev ft Co. 173 State 
Seaver Jacob W. ft Co. 85 Water 
CHERBl'RXE F. T. ft CO. B |. 
° North Market (produce) 
Shuck D. P. 23 South 
Siders Henry F. 161 Franklin 

(carriage goods) 
Simpson, Luce, ft Co. 235 Wash- 
ington, room 10 



Skinner Samuel P. 287 Devonshire 
Slater S. ft Sons. .36 Lincoln 
^ Central wharf 
Smith Joel II. 105 Summer 

3. Ci. 411 Water, r.iom 48 
Spalding It II. in; Chauncy 
Sprague Francis & Co.ll Central 
Sprague & Trott, 53 Avon 
Sprague, Soule, & Co. 40 Kilby 
Snroa: II. M. 122 Pearl 
Steams R. II & Co. 21 Chauncy 
Steere John W. 24 Commerce 
Stevens H. F. 2x7 Devonshire 
Stevens X. B. 43 Kilbv 
Stoddard, levering. & Co. 4 Milk 
'-' onsliiri-, room 86 (see page 7U8) 
Stone II. & Co. li)5 Summer 
Stone J. W. 12 Cliatliam (provi- 
Stone L. F. 50 Summer 
Swasey J. B. & Co., Milk, cor. Con- 
gress, room 22 
Taft Fred A. 33 Oliver 
Taft & Men ill, 18 Kingston [wharf 
1'appan J. II. A. & Co. 14 Central 
laylorC L. & Co. 1 14 State 
Timelier II C. & Co. 48 Kilby 
Thacher William G. 28 State 
'i'hayer. Brigham, St Co. 32 India 
Theobald J. II. 4ft Summer 
Thompson E. fc Co.. lfil High 
Tully D. II. & Co. 19 Central whf. 
Turnbull Win. & Co. 272 Devon- 
shire (woolens) 
Tuttle .). W. & Sons. 18 Clinton 
Ufley & Boynton. 53 Commercial 
Van Praag.Iudali& Co. 00 Long wf. 
VanBaaJteJ. 32 Broad 
Vose Thomas B 2im State 
Y> SIDoane 

Walkinshaw & Voight, 94 Areh 
Walton Geo. .* Co. 191 Atlantic av. 
■YyAKRLN HENRY W. 54 Kilby 

WARREN & Co. 18 Post-office 

Welch Chas. A. & Co. 13ft -State 
Wells A. m Co. 18 North Market 
Wells HenrvB. Ill Areh 
Wendell, Ilutchins, & Co. 284 

Devonshire I woolens) 
Wendell & Phillins, 21 Pearl 
Wheelock F. F. i C<>. 31 South 
wheelwright, Anderson & Co. 70 

Whitaker II. & L. A. 23 N. Market 
Whiting A. .1. 58 Summer 
vVhitinuio, Hamill, & O). 114 State 
Wilbur Edward P. 11 Kingston 
Wilder & Geiler, fi Central wharf 
Wildes A. H. 57 Fulton 
Williams II. P. & Co. 53 Summer 
WiIIb, Edmands, & Co. 8(5 State 
Window W. II. & Co. 147 Milk 
iVinsor Alfred & Sun. 11)3 State 
■Vood II. T. & Co. 221! State 
Woodford & Farlow, 3S India 
Woodward Bemamin, 224 State 
Woodward G. K. & Co. 122 South 

1 192 Congress 
foung J. C. 105 Summer 

Commissioner (Bail.) 
j]DWARD J. JONES, 61 Court 

Commissioner (Kail, 

idams Charles F. jr. 23 Court 


iesidenl in Boston, Mass., appointed 
by other Stales to take testimony to 
touted, and Acknowledgements of 
deeds to be recorded, in said Stales. 

»eo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
'as. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

l & n \ es W - Chapman, 243 


•ain'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 

Edward J. Jones, 61 


■ A B. Abbott, Albrrt W. Adams, 

harles II. Adams, Daniel Sharp. 

' eo * tl- Ansell, 96 Tremont 
as. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

fames XV. Chapman, 243 

arn'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
•dward J. Jones, 01 

A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
da ins. 

Geo. T. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
das. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennisnn, 186 Wash. 
Eihvartl <I. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 


Geo. T. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
J as. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James W . Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 180 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones. 61 

8. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. T\ Ansell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, ISO Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 01 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. 
Adams, Jos. B. Braman, Geo. A. 
Dary, A. V. Lynde, Aug. E. Scott, 
Dan'l Sharp, Rubt. M. Thompson. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

"tt ashingtoD 
Sam'l Jennison, 180 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

Court . 
S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B.Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 213 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J, Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
Charles Hall Adams. Charles C. 
Barton, D. II. Coolidge, A. P. 
Dodge, B. B. Johnson, Augustus 
E. Scott, Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A.B.Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B.Bell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
Benj. H. Currier, Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 1S6 Wash. 
Edward J . J ones, 61 

S. A.B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 1S6 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 01 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
Charles Hall Ada ins, Joseph B. 
Braman, Benj. H. Currier, George 
A. Dary, Dauiel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
Charles Hall Adams, Dan'l Sharp. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S.A.B. Abbott, Albert W.Adams. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 180 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott. Albert W.Adams, 
Geo. A. Darv. B. B. Johnson, Aug. 
E. Scott, Daniel Sharp, D. B. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 O.d State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l jennison, ISO Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 01 

S. A. B. Abbolt. Albert W. Adams, 
Charles II. Adams, B.B. Johusou, 
Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Ansell, M Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 180 Wash. 
Edward J. J one., 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
John L. Coffin, Benj. II. Currier, 
B. A. G. Fuller, B. B. Johnson, 
Edward C. Perkins, B. Benjamin 
Pond, Daniel Sharp, Horatio 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott. Albert W. Adams, 
J. Q. A. Brackett, Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l jennison, ISO Wash. 
Edward J. jones, 01 

S. A. B. Abbott. Albert W. Adams, 
Charles Hall Adams, B. H. Currier, 
Daniel Sharp, Edw. B. Townsend, 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
Charles Hall Adams, Geo. E. Bet- 
ton, Geo. A. Dary, Aug. E.Scott, 
Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State • 

James XV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. J ones, 01 




Commissioners — Continued '. 
A. A. Abbott, S. A. B. Abbott, 
Albert W. Adams, Charles Hatl 
Adams, Edwin A. Alger, F. H. 
App'eton, Percv A. Bridgham, 

A. H. Briggs, K.I. Burbank. John 
Edward Butler, D. H. Coolidge, 
Prentiss Cummings, Benjamin II. 
Currier, Samuel C. Barling, A. P. 
Dodge, Ambrose Eastman, W. J. 
Forsaith, B. A. G. Fuller, John M. 
Gould, S. K. Hamilton, T. S. Har- 
low, S. Rowland Hart, E.S. Hovey, 
L. W. Howes, E L. Hubbard, 

B. B. Johnson, S. C. Maine, Wm. 
F. Morrill, Frank S. Niekerson, 
Benj. Pond, Cassius Clay Powers, 
George S. Scammon, Aug. E. Scott, 
Daniel Sharp, Geo. A. Shaw, II. II. 
Smith, II. E. Swasev,I'eterThaeher, 
Stephen Thaehcr, J. D. Thomson, 
Henrv A. Walker, Samuel Wells, 
William B. Wood. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Trcmont 
James 15. ISell, 12 Old State 

James YV. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

6. A. B. Abbott, Albert W.Adams, 
Daniel Sharp. 


Geo. T. Angell, 96 Tremont 
James It. Kelt, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l J ennisnn, 186 Wash. 
)Cihv:ii'il J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott. Albert W. Adams, 
Charles Hall Adams, David II. 
Coolidge, Benjamin II. Currier, 
E. L. Hubbard, B. B. Johnson, 
Edward C. Perkins, Benj. Pond, 
Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. T. Angell, 96 Tremont 
James 15. ISell, 12 Old State 

Jatne* W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l J ennison, 186 Wash. 
F.dwiii'd J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Benj. II. Currier, I,. E. Hubbard, 
B. B. Johnson, Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. 1\ Angell, 96Tremont 
James IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

Jatnes W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edwni'd J. Jones, 61 

8. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Trcmont 
J as. IS. Hell, 12 Old State 

J nines W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Fdwui'd J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Charles Hall Adams, Benjamin H. 
Currier, Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
James IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Kdwiiril J- Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96Tremont 
James IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W ■ Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
JC«I\\ -hi-iI J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
Charles Hall Adams, Edward C. 
Perkins, Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Washington * 

Sam'l Jennison, 1S6 W r ash. 
E'lwni'd J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
£dward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Chas. Hall Adams, Sumner Albee, 
J. Q. A. Braekett, D. II. Coolidge, 
Benjamin II. Currier, A. P. Dodge, 
W. B. Dyer, B. Marvin Fernald, 
Wm. J. Forsaith, Geo. R. Fowler, 
Josiah W. Hubbard, George E. 
Huntress, B. B.Johnson, Wm. F. 
Merritt, Frank I. Morrill, Albert 
E. Pillsburv, Benj. Pond, Otis G. 
Randall. Edw.W. Sanborn, Aug.E. 
Scott, W. B. Sears, Dan'l Shani, 
Geo. A. Shaw, J. Oscar Teele. J. W. 
Titus, Alonzo B. Went worth, Chas. 
Wheeler, D. B. Whittier. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 1S6 Wash. 

I'ldiviird J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Chas. Hall Adams, B. II. Currier, 
Daniel Sharp. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Trcmont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James \V. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edwaril J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Trcmont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

J nines W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Ililwaril J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Edwin A. Alger, A. P. Dodge, 
B. B. Johnson, Francis W. Palfrey, 
Benjamin Pond, Augustus E.Scott, 
George A. Shaw. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l jennison, 186 Wash. 
J'<l ward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
George A. Dary. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W . Chapman, 243 

Sam'l jennison, 186 AVash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Benj. II. Currier, B. B. Johnson, 
Augustus E. Seott, Daniel Sharp, 
Hales W. Suter. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams, 
Benjamin U. Currier. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremont 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 o'd State 


James W. Chapman, 248 

Sam'l jennison, ISfi Wm 
Edn'iii'd J. Jones, 01 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams 
Chas. Hall Adams. R I. Bui-bank, 
Benj. II. Currier, E. E. Iluhhanl, 
B.B.Johnson, Augustus E. Scott, 
Daniel Sharp. 


Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremonl 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old Stat. 

James W. Chapman, 24: 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wasli 
Edward J. Jones, CI 

S. A.B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adams 
Chas. Hall Adams, Geo.' W. Cum- 
mings, T. S. Harlow, Josiah W 
Hubbard, B.B. Johnson, Augusta 
E. Scott, Daniel Sharp, R. JJ 

Geo. X. Angell, 'X Tremor 
Jas. IS. ISell, 12 Old Stilt 

James W. Chapman, 21 

Sam'l jennison, 18C Was 
Kihvai'il J. Jones, II 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adam' 
Chas. Hall Adams, Geo. A. Bar) 

Geo. X. Angell, 96Trerm>i 
James IS. ISell, 12 Old SB 

James \V. Chapman, - 

Sam'l jennison, 186 Was 
Edward J. Jones, ' 

S. A. B. Abbott. Albert W. Adorn 
Chas. Hall Adams, B. II. Currie 

Geo. X. Angell, 96 Tremo 
James IS. Bell, 12 0ldSta 

James TV. Chapman, '-' 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Was 
Edward J. Jones, 


S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adam 
Charles Hall Adams. Benjamin I 
Currier, George A. Dary, Geo. 
Hale, David P. Kimball. 

Geo. X. Angell, 96Tromoi 
James it. ISell. 120ldSte 

James W. Chapman, - 

Sam'l jennison, 186 Will 
Edward J. Jones, 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adam 

Geo. X. Angell, 06Tremn 
James IS. ISell, 12 old Si: 

James W. Chapman, 2 

Sam'l jennison, 186 Wae 
Edward J. Jones, 

S. A. B. Abbott, AlbertW. Adnn 
Chas. Hall Adams, Sumner Aim 
Henry R. Brigham, Alpheus ! 
Brown, Benj. II. Currier, A. , 
Dodge, J.W. Hubbard, R. Lim 
Augustus E. Scott, Daniel SI* 
D. B. Whittier. 

Geo. X. Angell, 9fiTremo 
James IS. ISell, 12 0ldSU 

James W. Chapman, • 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Was 
Edward J. Jones, 

S. A.B. Abbott, AlbertW. Allan 

Geo. X. Angell, 96Tromo| 
James IS. ISell, 12 Old Mi ■ 

James IV. Chapman, - 




Sant'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Edward J. Joiien, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Atbert W. Adams. 

Geo. T. Ansrell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 186 Wash. 
Kdward J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams. 

Oeo. X. Ansell, 96 Tremont 
James B. Bell, 12 Old State 

James W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l Jennison, 1S6 Wash. 
Eilivaid J. Jones, 61 

S. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams, 
B. B. Johnson, Benjamin Pond, 
Daniel Sharp, Horatio Woodman. 

Geo. X. Ansiell, 96 Tremont 
lames B. Bell, 12 Old State 

Tames "W. Chapman, 243 

Sam'l eJennison, 1S6 Wash. 
Edward J. Jones, 61 

5. A. B. Abbott, Albert W. Adams. 
Commissioners of Insol- 
vOolidge David II. 32 Pemb'n sq. 
Tones Kdward J. 61 Court 
aines F. Farley, 47 Court 

Commissioners for all the 
British Provinces. 

JAMES B. BELL, 12 Old State 

7JDWARD J. JONES, 61 Court 

Commissioners for Jfew 

fAMES B. BELL, 12 Old State 

(corge H. Mullin. 

Commissioners for Jfova 

r AMES B. BELL, 12 Old State 

J Washington 
jDWARD J. JONES, 61 Court 

rthur J. McLeod, 3Tremont row, 
room 4 

Commissioner for 


]DWARD J. JONES, 61 Court 


To qualify Civil Officer!. 
iiley Andrew J. 61 Court 
all Clias. B.61 State 
Jttengill John W. 223 Washington 
'per Ben;. C., State House 
AlsiferBickford, 19Bartlett,Chsn. 
rlsifer David, State House 
one Amos, Thompson sq., Chsn. 
one Pliinehas J., Thompson sq., 

'arren Geo. W. 54 Devonshire 
adleigh Edwin A. 3 Court House 
ulard Joseph A. 3 Court House 

Commissioners, (XT. S.) 

nes Fisher, 2 Pemberton square 
ibson John, 130 Com'l (shipping) 
-xterW. S. 40 State, rm. 37 
rant E. B. 130 Commercial (ship- 
Ping) ^ 
erwin Elias. 40 State, rm. 37 
ittle C. W. 27 Tremont row 
arren Winslow, 42 Court 

Conductors Punches. 

HWarren, 255 Washing'n,rm. 20 

(Confectioners. (Manufe.) 
ton J. H. 3118 Wash.. Egl'ton sq. 
uley John B. 45 West 

hy State Confectionery Co. 4 

■Mem mac 

drossian S. & D. 220 Tremont 
hors T ..•wis, 5.52 Washington 

.lapm Ahbie E. 574 Washington 
HASE & CO. 12 and 14 Kneeland 
c. Wash, (wholesale and retail 

Coleord Wm. II. 298 Washington 
Cook & .loll. 186 Merrimae 
Copeland A. F. 407 Washington 
^ 4 Tremont row 
Copeland D. T. 12S Tremont 
Davis Charles R. 96 South 
Dickey N. S. & Co. 25 Charlestown 
Doling James, 1447 Washington 
Driscoll Thos. L. 123 Cambridge 

JTERA GEORGE, 162 Tremont 


•*• and 98 Sudbury (wholesale, see 
page 713) 

Gunther Otto. 214 Hanover 

Jessop J. II. 10 Tremont 

Kriegel Geo. 24 Chad wick (cocoa- 
nut cakes) 

Lefevre E. 61 Eliot 

Morgan James, 265 Main 

Mum ler Julius, jr. 89 Main 

Murdoch John, 7 Tremont, 16 
Green, and 23S5 Washington 

Mushet J. A. 37 Union 

Pepper J. A. & Co. 154 Hanover 

Pitman Chas. A. 851 W. Brodaway 

Boeder H., 28 Causeway 

Sawtell B. W. 307 Main (manuf.) 

Schnctzer& Abendroth, 11 Charles- 


Southniavd & Co. 102 Tremont 

Wachter H. II. 334 Albany, and 224 
Dorchester av. 

Webster Albert, 405 Washington 

West William, 7 Hanover 

Wilson E. 45 Sudbury 

Wright & Moody, 18 Cornhill 
(lnanufs. and wholesale dealers) 


Baxter I. E. 207 Federal 
Bellhouse Margaret, .".07 Tremont 
Blunt II. 715 Tremont 
Canwell Oliver B. 1 Water 
rjHASE & CO. 12 and 14 Knee- 
yJ land. c. Wash, (wholesale and 

Clement W. B. Mrs., Neponset av. 

near Minot 
Cobb Harriet, 56 Bunker Hill 
^ SONS, 4 Tremont row 
Copeland J. AV., jr. 295 Main 
Cullen J. 224 Hanover 
Curio John, 12 Bunker Hill, Chsn. 
Daley Michael, 214 Sumner, E.B. 
Day L. S. Miss. 107 Bunker Hill 
Devine D. D. 48 Cambridge 
Dver J.. Charles River bridge 

Eichorn M. 6 Yeoman 
Ellenwood & Co. 2290 Washington 
pERA GEORGE, 102 Tremont 

■piOBES, HAYWARD, & CO. 96 

■*• and 98 Sudbtirv (see page 713) 
Gilman Frank N. 103 Eeverett 
Granger Edwin C. 94 W. Fifth 
Gaut S. N. 1709 Washington 
Graves Erving F. 2404 Wash. 
Hankey Joseph, Centre, cor. Eliot, 

Jamaica Plain 
Hass Gerhard, 1420 Tremont 
Himmel A. 1063 Tremont 
Houston I). 2315 Washington 
Jeffrey W. H. 1 Green 
Keith Sidney, 505 Washington 
Lantena Frank, 443 W. Bd Way. 
Leavitt S. 1925 Washington 
LeClair George, 14S Eliot 
Lefevre E. 61 Eliot 
Leonard P. 42 Dorchester ave. 
LINCOLN M. 26 West 

Lord Charles E. 837 Washington 
Marden E. W. 365 Shawmut ave. 
Marsh Herbegt C. 55 Poplar 
Marshall R. L. 71 Cornhill 
Mathews D. P. & Co. 1839 Wash. 
Matherson M. 14 Blossom 
McFarlane Wm. 2 Waverley block 
Moore J. F., Bartlett, cor. Wash. 
Moore Richard, 211 W. Broadway 
Morgan James, 265 Main 
Muniler Julius, jr. 89 Main 
Murdoch John, 7 Tremont, 16 

Green, and 2385 Washingion 
Nelson J. H. 772 Tremont 
Noyes & Stacy, Wash. cor. Dorch. 

avenue, L M. 
Palmer Richard, jr. 457 Main 
Peacock J. W. Mrs. 1075 Tremont 
Peare O. 11. & Co. 631 Washington 
Pepper J. W. & Co. 154 Hanover 
Pierce C. A. 142 '1 remont 
Pierce Jonas, 2374 Washington 
Prince R. B. 28 Green 

Ramsdr-H A. N. Mrs. HC, Main 
Ramsdell Thomas, 3 Graen 
Saddler J. J. 208 Dover 
Seiler& Felker. 2:'.74 Washington 
Simmen A. R 2317 Washington 
Simonds.T. 3.50 Warren 
Skilton N. B. 1807 Washington 
Sloane & Healey, 487 Washington 
Slocum &Sons, 395 W. Broadway 
Southniavd & Co.. 102 Tremont 
gTAHL WM. F. 37 Essex 

Starkev C. W. & Co. 10.57 Wash. 
Steinbruck Charles, 1226 Tremont 
Tucker H. A. 102 Harrison a%-. 
Tvler J. S. Airs. 457 W. Broadway 
TJPHAM J. H. 779 Dudley 

Wallace M. Mrs. 161 Cabot 
Weber Fred. E. 25 and 27 Temple 

Webster Albert, 405 Washington 
Wells B. F. 173 Court 
Whittemore A. 226 Bunker Hill 
Wilcutt S. Miss, 312 W. Fourth 
Wilson William S. 1102 Tremont 
Wingate J. 28 Cambridge 


(See also Index.) 
TUA.Y JOHN, 20 Court, room 26 


Argentine Republic, David D. 

Stackpole, 4S State, room 10 
Austrian Hungarian Consul, G. 

Lootz, 113 Milk 
Belgian Consul, C. S. Gill, 113 

Brazilian Vice-Consul, H. C. Ad- 
ams, 113 Milk 
British Consul, C. A. Henderson, 

13 Exchange place 
British Vice-Consul, W. H. Stuart, 

13 Exchange place 
Chilian Consul, Horace Fisher, 24 

Central wharf 
Costa Rica Consul, S. W. Dewey, 

45 Kilby 
Danish Vice-Consul, E. C. Ham- 
mer, 113 Milk 
Dominican Consul, Edward M. 

Fowle, 34 India wharf 
French Vice-Consul, Henri Yer- 

leye, 17 Pemberton sq., room 15 
German Empire Consul, S. B. 

Schlesinger, 6 Oliver 
Greek Consul, J. M. Rodocanachi, 

111 Milk 
Hawaiian Consul, E. M. Brewer, 

27 Kilby, cor. Exchange place 
Haytien Consul, B. C. Clark, 4 

Central wharf 
Italian Vice-Consul, Jose M. Ag- 

uayo, 35 Congress 
Mexican Vice-Consul, C. L. Bart- 
lett, 16 Broad 
Netherlands Consul, G. Lootz, 113 

Peruvian Consul, M. Crosby, jr., 

92 State 
Portugese Vice-Consul, Joao Ja- 

cintho Rebello, 39 Lewis wharf 
Russian Vice-Consul. W. Brandt 

Storer, 58 and 60 India square 
Spanish Consul, Enrique Guinart, 

35 Congress, room 40 
Spanish Vice-Counsul. Joaquin 

M. Torrosa, 35 Congress 
Swedish and Norwegian Vice- 
Consul, G. Lootz. 113 Milk _ 
Turkish Consul, Oscar Iasigi, 44 

TJraguay Viee-ConsuL Arthur 

Carroll, 34 India whan 


(Digging, Grading, and Carting.) 

Brown S. W., Harvaid av. cor. 
Brighton av., Allston 

Coyle Geo. 2S.5 Norfolk av. 

Dean B. W. 35 Hawlev 

Doherty Patrick, 31 and 34 Medford 

Drury J. W., Terrace, B. H. and 35 
Hawl ey 

TIALL AARON A., r. 76 North - 

•™ ampton 

Keating John, Washington, near 
the railroad, Dorchester 

King J. A., Leonard St., H. S. 

Meehan Patrick, Green, n. Brook- 
side av. J. P. 

Mulley Thomas, Dorchester ave., 
opp. Creek, Dorchester 

Nawn Owen, 2078 Washington 

Odorless Excavating Co. 9 Pem- 
berton square 

O'Riorden P. 50 Chelsea, Chsn. 

Russell John, Adams, cor. Park, 
H. S. 

Ryan J. H., River, n. Cedar, L. M. 




Contractor (Sul-Jtarine) 
Atlantic avenue 

Contractors for Build, 

(See alio Carpenters; also Masons) . 
Adams Edwin. 35 Hawley 

II. Andrews, engineer. 13 Pem- 
burton square (iron bridges, 
see page 732) 
'-' room H 

Fuller L. L. 11 Pemberton sq. 
Harmon I. & II. M., 87 Milk 
Haves Martin & (Jo. 23 Berkeley 

Noreross Bros. 9 Pemberton sq. 
Rollins Charles, 221 Washington 
Stuart, Snow. & Foss, II Pemb. sq. 
Tinkham B. C. 75 Warren 
TJTAM DUSEX M. 31 Bowker 

Wheeler W. .T. & E. P. 85 Hawley 

19 Broad 

Contractors for Public 

Ballou & Sylvester, 31 State, order 

box 35 Hawley 
Barms Elizur, Myrtle, cor. Myrtle 

place, Dorchester 
Boynton Bros. •"-"> Congress, r. 34 
Brown John B 7 Exchange place 
TVYCEY J. B. i: Co. 28 Pcmb. 
•*-' square 
Derry & Edwards, 26 and 35 

Hawley (wharf) 
Evans Win. .1. R. 48 Winter 
Freeman J. II. i; Co. 13 Court sq. 
Gay Phineas E. 1 Pemberton sq. 
1 I ALL &SAFFORD, r.76Xorth- 
J ~ L ampton (see page 711) 
Miuison N. C. 12 Studio building 
•^ P. O. Bquare 
Sweeney M. i Son, Wash., n. Bai- 

lev. Dorchester 
Tar'bell S. II. 35 Congress, rm. 34 


Barnes & Carter, 31 State, room 5 
Bigelow Geo. B. 4" Water, rm. 30 
-t-* Ezchansre 

Chamberlain 1.. W. 15 City sq. 
Clarke I. W. (ill State 
Coburn Eawin R. 25 Citv sq. 
rjURRIER GEO. O. GO State 

Cutler Joseph, 47 Court 

Holbrook Horatio X. 286 Wash. 

Kern & Fitch, 2 Court square 

Lamb George. 13 Kilby, room 2 

Eord Francis H. 30 Court 

Nash Samuel, 20 Court 

Pierce Geo. W. 12 Equitable bldg 

Pollard U. A. 27 Court 

Russeque A. A. 224 W. Springfield 

Shcdd Abraham B. 25 City square, 

room 11, Chsu. 
Shcpard H.N. IS Simmons bldg 
Stark John II. 13 Exchange, rm. 25 
Thompson Win. V. 19 Court 
Wadsworth Alexander F. 9 Rail- 
road Exchange 
Wright A. B. 11 Old State House 

Cooperage Stock. 

ARMSTROXG S. & CO., Rich- 
mond-street extension (see 
page 8301 
T AXG & JACOBS, 3 to 9 India 
- lJ square (see page 724) 
Mills Bros. 100 State 
Mills James E. & Sons, 160 State 
Morse A. P. & Co. 22 Broad 

st. extension 


A RMSTROXG S. & CO., Ricli- 
■"- mond-st. extension (see p. 830) 
Beck E. & Son, Boston whari 
Bolger P. F. 38 Battcrymarch 
Cate Samuel, 234 Atlantic av. 
Comee D. F. 3-18 Charles 
Connolly .1. R. 40 Central 
Cook Henry, 8 Murray ct., E.B. 
Crowley Jeremiah, Commercial, 

cor. Commerce 
Daniels William, 7 Tufts 
Davis Sumner, 396 Charles 
Donegau Augustine, 203 W. First 

II 1 

Eifler Stephen, Champney, S.B. 
English Philip, Paris, n. Marion, 

Fisher John, 17 Columbia. Chas'n 
George C. P. & Co., E. First, cor. K 
Goddard E. W. 323 Commercial 
Graves James K. 216 Commercial 
IILL .v WRIGHT, 145 Sumner, 

Hinckley F. 106 Commercial 
Hopkins Junes, West First, cor. B 
' Hussev J. & Co. 30 Atlantic av. 
Johnson Lewis, 9 Columbia, Clin. 
Kasburg F. S Prentiss 
Kellev t. A. rear 53 Kingston 
T AXG Si JACOBS, 3 to 9 India 
- L; square {see page 724) 
Lee William, Arlington av. Chsn. 
Lucas J. 179V Broad 
Lund Frederick, 548 Main (kegs) 
Lund James, 548 Main 
Morse A. P.. W. First, near B 
Neagle James. 56 Broad 
Philbrook W. S. 340 Commercial 
Sawyer II. A. 22 Atlantic av. 
'■-' street extension 
Swett H. J. jr. & Co. IS Xo. Centre 
rr-ROWER WILLIAM, 810 Coui- 
-*• mercial 

Yannevar Alex. 202 State 
* (see page 7(H> 
Walsh John H. 128 Broad 
Warren David, jr. 277 and 279 

Wells Joseph L.. rear 40 Orleans 
West Samuel & Co. -7 Richmond 
Wiggin W. R. 71 Bedford 
Winn John, Paris, n. Marion 

Copper Conductors and 

CWETT G. L. & CO. 120 B 

Copper Dealers. 

178 Commercial 

Holder D. C, agent for New Bed- 
ford Copper Co. 1:3 Milk 

Revere Copper Co., J. Revere, treas. 
47 Kilby 

Copper Foil. 


83 Sudbury 

Copper Founders. 

LAKE WM. & CO. Brighton, 
cor. Allen 


Copper Manufacturers. 


^ Broad (see page 782) 

New Bedford Copper Co. 123 Milk 

Copper Mining Cos., 

llaiing Offices in Boston. 
Blue Hill Copper Mining and 
Smelting Co. Phineas Pendleton, 
1 basement Old State House 
Culumet& HcclaMining Co., Chas. 
W. Senbury, treas., 84 Equita- 
ble building, Devonshire, c. Milk 
Copper Falls Mining Co., O. B. 

Cook, treas. 4 Exchange place 
Franklin Mining Com., D. L. 

Demmon, treas. 75 State 
Highland Copper Co., F. Beck, 

treas., 08 Devonshire, rin. 57 
Humboldt Copper Co. 4Exch'gepI. 
Hungarian Copper Co., F. Beck, 

treas., 68 Devonshire, rm. 57 
Mesnard Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
mon, treas. 75 State 
National Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
mon, treasurer, 75 State 
Osceola Consolidated Mining- Co., 
Albert S. Bigelow, secretary, 
178 Devonshire 
Petherick Mining Co., II. W. Nel- 
son, treas. 68 Devonshire, rm. 55 
Pewabic Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
mon, treas. 75 State 
Phoenix Copper Co., J. U. Tuttle, 

treas. 8 Oliver 
Pontiae Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
mon, treas. 75 State 
Rockland Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
mon, treas. 75 State 
Star Copper Co., II. AV. Nelson, 

treas. 68 Devonshire, room 55 
St. Mary's Copper Mining Co., F. 
Beck, treas., 68 Devonshire, r. 57 
Superior Mining Co., D. L. Dem- 
mon. treas.. 75 State 
Washington Copper Co., F. Beck, 

treas., 68 Devonshire, room 57 
Winthrop Mining Co., K.W. Nel- 
son, treas., 68 Devonshire, rm. 55 

Copper WeatherVanei 

TONES M. D. & CO., 115 Wash 
** ington 


tral, and II India 
Copperplate Printers, 
■fii O R 11 E S L I T II G RAPI 
- 1 - MANUF. CO. 197 Devoushm 
(see leaf opp. page 301) 
Coltman II. AV. & Co. 84 Margins 

Bowker (sec page 7131 
Dudley Beni. F. 28 aid 32 Ilarvar 
Havward L. H. 6 Chamber, Clutt 
"IIICKS & BADGER, 63 an 
XL 65 Pitts, 

■"- to 69 Merriinae, and 35 Ilawle 
pUl'FER A. D. 48 Portland 

Sharp David, 31 W. First 
^ Harrison avenue 
Stratcr II. & Sons, 78 Sudbury 
CTUART W. J. & CO., 92 We: 

° Second 

""TUFTS .IAS. W. 33 to 39 Bowk* 
yAXXEVAR E. B. 5S Fulto 


x 28 School, room 46 
Jones G. E.fiUTremont 
Kendall S. AV. 281 Washington 
l'IDDER S. B. Miss, 31 Schoo 
■*^ room 13 
Smith C. D. Mrs. 50 Scars buildil 


Arkerson Jas., West'n nve. Allsb 
Arkerson Leonard, Westcru av 1 

Hingham Cordage Co. 33 Coram' 
Lackey John. West'u ave.. Allstc I 

CO., II. L. Fearing * Co. 
ami '.13 Com'cial (see page 71 
■*■' mercial 

Pearson Cordage Co. 4 Central w .i 
Plymouth Cordage Co. 5 Chatha 

Rogers John P. & Co. 62 and ' 

India sq., cor. Atlantic uve. • I 
Sewall, Day, & Co., 88 Coininerci 

Sproul Chas. W., Allston, n. Wa 
ren, Allston 
Cork. Cutters. 
Beeching R. & Co. 65 Backstone > 
Mcyuadei Harrington, 8 Backst 
Power John, 107 id 10.1 Blaekstom 
Taylor M. & Co. 173 South 

Cork Mauufs. and In- 

■REECHING R. & CO. (« Blacl 

■ u stone 

Stinson M. F. & Co. 34 Merch. 10 

Corn Balls and Con 

■n ASKIXS J. AV. & CO. 7 Fulto 


Hicks James K. 59 Beverly (ga 
vanized iron) 

3S7 Harrison av. (sheet metal) 

Corrugated Iron. 

*~* Commercial 

Richardson J. B. 68 Water 


Badger S. M. 7:)5 Trcmont I 

ADA.MS Mils. 568 Washingtt; 
CO. 76 Chauncey 
Fairmount Manuf. Co. 87 South 
Fav Sylvester C. 17 Bovlstoii 
Follette S. F. Mrs. 149 A, Tremor 
Frost George & Co. (manuf.),* 

Hunter Jennie, 120 Tretn't. rm. 10 , 
Judson & Dudley, 13 Ktngstoi 

Merrill Mary M. 9 Havward plat 
Mills V. A. 'Miss, 505 WushinMM 
"V7EFF AV. J. MltS. 8 and ) 
-^ Winter 
Pierce & Williams, 73 Chauncy 




ntTRTIS & WELD, 5 niyward 

^ p. ace 

DeForrest C. "SO Washington 
-Isstx Cu8tuiue Rooms. ISEssex 
lavdcii lieo. E. 732 Washington 
leath 1". A. Mrs., Hotel Madison 
leury L. S., Mrs. 57 Oak 
'iersbn C. I'll remontrow 
'owle G. P. Mrs. 24 l'emb'n sq. 
,'uttle Mary B. 2 Edgerly place 

Cotton Buyers. 

wppleton Thomas, 79 Water 
akinson C. F. 4 Exchange place 
laker Jos. 1. 5 Broad 
larker George G. 45 Kilby 
'.iagdcn Geo. A: Co. 19 Exch. pi. 
,rown A. D. 35 Congress, room 25 
uriiham John A. »; Co. 40 Water, 
room 40 

usli a. D. 11 Central 
rafts samud D. 22 Central 
rombie A D. 40 Water, room 60 
avidson I. II. 7 Central 
avi- A. A. 30 Kilby 
exter Frederick, 19 Exchange pi. 
iclreon B. H. 44 Kilby 
orr Eilerton L. &: Co.. 61 State 
Listis W. Tracy, 70 State 
erris John, 82 Water 
I ibson Charles H. 178 Devonshire 
ray Edward, 50 Summer 
aines Geo. A. 131 Devonshire, 
room 211 

artshorn E. H. 52 Kilbv 
ickson P. T. 178 Devonshire 
eed Henry M. 7 Central 
iddle Charles W. 180 Devonshire 
amrui/il E. II. & Co. 22 Congress 
orrow ft Van Brunt, 180 Devon, 
ravis William A. 40 Water 
urner & Bryant, 2 Merchants' 
'illiains James F. 22 Central 

Cotton Sealers. 

:ebe L. i: Co. 9 Merchants row 

finis, Brotlier & Co. 26 Central 

igelow E. C. 35 Congress, rm. 33 

radlce II. 82 Water (broker) 

rooks J. N. 55 Kilby 

:own C. 11. 52 KiibV (broker) 

rown E. J. ic Co. 9 Oliver 

liter J. M. 55 Kiiby (broker) 

lamberlain J. A. 15 Central 

>rli»G. W.51Killey 

ividson 1. 11. 7 Central (broker) 

ivis A. A. 3n Kilby 

>wev S.W. & Co. 45 Kilby (brok.) 

raper G. E. 25 Kiiby 

eemaii & Co. 34 Central (broker) 

•ay & Co. 95 Water 

iraeys Lougee, 4 Liberty square 


ill Jacob. 52 Kilbv 

awkii.s T. K. &" Co. 40 Water, 

room 40 

?wirt S. & Co. 110 Water (broker) 

jbbs J. 7 Central (broker) 

nkins F. P. 55 Kilby 

aiming S: Sears, 87 "Water 

arkhani C. L. 35 Cong, (broker) 

cDavitt C. F. 14 Central wharf 

cDavitt Daniel, 14 Central whf. 

nurse, Dabney, St Co. ISP. O. sq. 

(■brokers ) 

-ed H. M. 7 Central 

ce & Davis, 5 Central wf. (com.) 

ott Joseph R. 87 Water 

ott J. M. S: Co. 17 Batterymarch 

ott Robert. 87 Water (broker) 

ott Wm. J. 87 Water 

lith B. R. & Co. 44 Broad (com.) 

lis A. J. 110 Water (broker) 

alkerD.M. 55 Kilby 

alker F. B. .55 Kilby (broker) 

ellman J. W. 30 Kilby (broker) 

Cotton-Gin Manufs. 

rver Cotton Gin Co., A. Hobart, 
f. trcas. 40 State, room 26 
vgle Cotton Gin Co. 17 State 

Cotton Hose. 

' MANCF. CO., Robert Gems, 

treas., 333 Washington (see 

advertising index) 

Cotton Tie. 

nthem Cotton Tie Co., John C. 
Nichols, 164 State 

Cotton Waste, 
lams Brothers. 215 Federal 
,ISUOP ROBERT, 571 Atlantic 

nereon A. St Co. 38 Purchase 
'-truck T. 204 and 200 Federal 

Cotton and Woolen 

Brigliam Edw'd A. 186 Devonshire 
Leigh F. A. *. Co. 40 Water, rm. 61 
Rayer it Lincoln, 24 Temple place 
Small V.A-ttCo.lVB Water 


(See Lawyers.) 

Counting. Room Furni- 

JJACON JOHN F." 29 Fulton 


■ L> Blackstone (see page 732) 
T7"RYE J. K. 32 Lancaster 

'"' lantic ave. (see page 820) 

Court riaster. 

Woodbury A. I. & Co. S57 Wash. 

Cover Makers and Fin- 

■"*■ Chardun (sec page 7^7j 

Cracker Bakers. 
AUSTIN C. F. & CO. UG Com- 
-**- mercial 

Blanchard William St Co. 12 Canal 
TTUTZ 6 MARTIN, 115 Water 
*■ (see page 830) 
GoodricO Cnas. B. 394 Bunker Hill 
JAMES B. F. & CO. 2200 Wash. 

Shedd T. A. 637 Main 

Thurston, Hall, St Co. 4S Long wf. 

Crayon Artists. 

Martin M. 28 Avon 

Creosoted Wood. 

WOKKS, Edward R.Audrews, 
propr. 4 P. O. square 


(China, Glass, and Earthen-ware.) 
Briggs Richard, 287 Washington 
Caldwell II. P. 219 Tremont 
Carlin D. X Middlesex 
Cash S. W. 1307 Washington 
Cash Win. E. Sis Washington 
Clianibieu Marv, 203 Hampden 
pHAPMAN 'J. N. 79 Water 
^ (manufs. agents) 
^ 1 Music Hall place, 46 Federal, 

and 147 Congress 
Ferdinand Joseph. 99 Harrison av. 
TjiLETCllER W. G. 130 Tremont 

- 1 - Franklin 

Geehan James. 210 W. Third 
Gould W. P. St Co. 101 Milk 
Gumpricht A. II. 101 Shawmut av. 
QUY St BROTHER, 33 Bedford 

Hall Charles E. 150 Main 
Hall John, 7 Doaue 
J - L Washington, and 38 Friend 
Howes St Harding, OS Cambridge 
Jenness S. B., White's blk. Centre, 
opp. Burroushs, J. P. 

Jones, McDuffee, & 
Stratton, 5t to s» 

Federal, c. Franklin 

(see page 704) 
Keeie J. ft. 44 Hunneman 
Kelley Edward. 730 Washington 
Marks Isaac, 90 Salem 
McDonald E. Mrs. 31 Maverick sq. 

Moore William B. & Son, 27 Main 
JJOREY St SMl'IH, 49 Haverhill 

Nelson A. M. St Co. 15 Charlestown 
Nichols C. Mrs. 245 W. Fourth 
-^ 137andl39Miik 
fJICKEK.SON & MILLER, 22, 24, 
- 11 and 20 Merchants row 
- 11 10 to 20 Merchants row 
Noyes E. W. & Co. 2175 Wash. 
Pierce St Ruben son. 21 Federal 
Robertson G. W.339 Chelsea, E.B. 
"DOGERS StCO. 02 Canal, and 155 
- li Friend 

Sagar Edw'd .* Co. 75 W. Broadway 
Smerkovich F. 40 Salem 
Smith Bros. 1207 Washington 
Weiscopf L. St Co. 0.5 Beach 
Wiggin Charles E. 147 Haiuver 
Yelland Henry, 03 Meridian 


x Cutler & Co. 10 Oliver (see 
page 721) 



^ and 15 Tremont (see page 7"9) 
T UBIN L. T. I Tremout Temple 
■*-' (see page 

Curled Hair Manuf*. 

Kitching J. A. 15 Bowker (picker) 
Mellen i Co. 8lFraiikliii 
Walpole Hair and B dding Manuf. 
Co., J. B. Cram, treas., 53 Eim 


(See also Tanners.) 
Arey Brothers, 284 Commercial 
JJ Chelsea, corner Marion, E. B. 

(see page 728) 
Broderick John, (Iapp, Dorch. 
Bryant C. P., Frank. in ct., Dorch. 
Byron J. b Sons, Bvronct., wd. 23 
Cogan W. F. rear 771 E. Firth 
Costello Patrick, rear 70 Border 
Dahl F. W. 174 Purchase 
Dahl Henry, 27 South 
Dolan M. 84 Beverly 
Downing Theodore. 124 Merrimac 
F.anaga.. P.J. 91 .Pearl, and 7s Bor- 
der, E.B. 
Foley B. & A. 67 High 
Gi;l George, 74 Purchase 
Hizgins U. M. 09 Fulton 
Lienau L. W. 8 KemOle 
Marshall Andrew, Heath place 
McCarthy J. 113 Haverhill 
McGinness Michael, 6 Hamilton 

court, Chsn. 
McGowan Patrick, 74 Purchase 
Murray J. i: O. 29 Haverhill 
O'Brien Patrick, old Atlantic Wk3. 

Chelsea, E.B 
Porter A. B., rear 76 Border 
Porter James, 70 Border 
Whitlenure G. 2s4 Commercial 
Woodman Pebbling Machine Co. 
131 Devonshire, room 6, B 

Curriers' Findings. 

"D ROOKS E. D. i CO. 173 Sum- 
XJ mer 

pLEMSON & CO. 52 Kiiby (se 
w page 716) 

Curriers' Supplies. 
CTOREY J. C. a CO. 10 State 
'-' (see page 850) 

Curriers' Xables, 

CULLIVAN i; NOLA.N. 403 A t- 
^ lantic ave. (see page S20) 

Curry Combs. 

(patent Metallic.) 
■*■ CO., B. Polanu, manager, 30 
Hanover (see page 831) 

Curtain Fixtures. 

(See also H'indoic Shades.) 
Baker W. G. & Co. 23 Bromrieid 
Brav Edward L. 122 Eliot (manuf.) 
^ Beach 

Cutlers and Cutlery. 

Aver Wells W. 304 Washington 
UARNES T. P. & SONS, 180 
■'-' Washington, and 19 Dev'shire 
-" 374 Wash. opp. BroinSeld 
■T)ARLING II. M. St CO. 632 
■ LJ Washington 
Grishave st Ua^ett. 11 Hawkins 
Krogman & Peirce. 580 Wash. 
JjAOTZ GEORGE, 8 Province 

Miles Wm. 10 Clinton (sharpener) 
Mills M. A. 4 F. H. mk't (outside) 
Murphy Robert, 18 Harvard place 
Neithamer George, 5 Spring lane 
Oberhauser Martin, 11 Water 
Proctor I. J. 39 Howard 
yMlTH BROS. 349 Washington 

Stuart J. 7 Province court 
Thompson W. H. & Co. 22.55 Wash. 
Ward & Perley, 27 Franklin 

Cymbals and Gongg. 
Richardson & Lehnert, 13 Bowker 

/ 1AKL & MODLICH. 3 Studio 
^ building 

TVrcPHERsON W, J. 440 Tre- 
1, - L munt (ecclesiastical, seep. 727) 
"PINN LOUIS, 502 Tiemout (see 
** page 728) 



Demijohns, Bottles, Etc. 

Glines .7. W. 44 North Market 

HALL E. E. & CO., 171 Black- 
CMALLEY A. G. & CO. 18 
*-> Blackstoue 


Acres B. C. 131 W. Brookline 
Adams Sylvester II. 2S Temple pi. 
Ainsworth Geo. C. 178 W. Spnug- 

Ayling Isaac, 4'.l East Newton 
Bacon II. W. 208 Tremont 
Ball J. Warren, 544 Tremont 
Ball & Fitch, 41 Tremont 
Bartlett Dennis S. 2257 Wash. 
Burtlett F. D., Wash., near Dor- 
chester av. L. M. 
Bartlett James W. 50 Boylston 
Bartlett M. K. 22 Tremont row 
Bartlett S. P. & Sun, 142 Boylston 
Bartlett W. L. 2257 Wash. 
Bates C. II. 324 E 
Battles W. Porter, 2279 Wash. 
Bell John, 120 Tremont, room 3 
Bourne Francis, 47 Blue Hill ave. 
Bouvc A. G. 149 (A) Tremont 
Bowthorpe S. T., Florence, near 

Ashland, W.R. 
Brackett E. F. 206 Tremont 
Bradbury E. P. 196 Boylston 
Brighani & Ilullace, 28 Winter 
Brown J. A. 11 Hamilton place 
Burtchaell P. E. 85 Newbury 
Cadwell W. B. 120 Court 
Chandler B. B. 174.5 Washington 
Chandler Thomas II. 222 Tremont 
Chase J. 18 Barton 
Cheney Clarence J., Centre, cor. 

Burroughs, J. P. 
Childs A. B. 50 School 
Clapp Dwight M. 515 Tremont 
Clark Wm. D. 25 Warren ave. 
Codman II. T. 33 Boylston 
Adman John T. 347 Columbus av. 
Codman W. W. 33 Boylston 
Cogswell Thomas, 149 A, Tremont 
Colton Dental Assoc'n, 3X Beacon 
Coolidge J. B. 23 Winter, room 1 
Currier & Purdy, 14:J Court 
Daigneau C. 11. 41 Main 
Daigueau D. P. 41 Main 
Daiy James II. 29 llollis 
Daly J. M. 29 llollis 
Daniels E. II. 19 Tremont row 
Da Silva Louis, 25 Tremont 
Dennett II. E. 583 Tremont 
Dickerman D. S. 224 Tremont 
Dickinson D. D. 4 Hamilton place 
Dickinson J. D. 4 Hamilton pi. 
Dixon Rufus E. I Carver 
Drake D. F. 5 Roxbury 
Dunkel Henry, (1 Stamford 
Dutton L. B., 124 Warren 
Eastham Charles, 25 Tremont 
Emerv Albert T. 1 Mount Vernon 
Ellsworth Chas. P. 3 Lewis, E.B. 
Fenderson Lory B.,E. Fourth, n. K 
Fernaldll. P. SPaik 
Flagg & Osgood, 2.5 Tremont 
Foltz J. Francis, 33 Maverick sq. 
Foster E. W. 5 Park 
Fowler N. C. 210 Warren [mont 
Gage Fred. F. (1). D. S.) 205 Tre- 
Gaylord E. D. 120 Tremont 
Giles E. P. 312 Shawmut avenue 
Glover N. A. 548 Tremont 
Gore Arthur, 1190 Harrison av. 
Grant George F. 102 Revere 
Ham S. F. 5 Newbury 
Hamlin E. L. 13 Tremont row 
Harding G. L. 230J* Tremont 
Harrinian G. B. 14 Tremt Temple 
Harrington D. G. 149 A Tremont 
Harris B. N. 752 E. Fourth 
Harris Edward N. 150 Tremont 
Harris W. J. 752 E. Fourth 
Harwood Daniel, 109 Boylston 
Hawes N. W. 12 Boylston 
Henderson J. B. 279 W. Broadway 
Uendrick W. L., Brighton Nat. 

Bank bldg. Washington 
Hilt A. S. 21! Tremont 
Hitchcock David K. 100 Tremont 
Hodgdon C. W. 169 Court 
Holder R. B. (D. D. S.) 233 Tre- 
mont, and Elm, Dorch. 
Horn F. N. 11 Central square 
HosmerT. B. 34 Temple place 
Hudson R. R. 120 Tremont 
Humphrey James, 14 E. Canton 
Huse James M. 480 Tremont 
Johnson W. L. 23 Winter, room 30 
Johnson W. W. 96 Tremont 
Kingman G. M. 31 Winter 
Lane Daniel, 109 Tremont 
Leach D. W. 1 Columbus square 
Leach Elbridge C. 422 Columbus av 
Leach E. G. 422 Columbus ave. 

Leavitt Wm. P. 19 Tremont row 
Leseur Horatio. 34 Temple place 
Libby II. F. 510 Shawmut ave. 
Livermore A. II. 140 Court 
Locke F. A. 725 Tremont 
Loveland T. O. 5 Newbury 
Macdonald W. L. 170 Tremont 
Mason H. W. James 
Mavo U. K. 378 Tremont 
Mcbougall S. J. 581 Tremont 
Meade W. F. 124.'! Washington 
Merrill F. A. 1 Mount Vernon 
Methot E. 106 Court 
Methot J. H. 43 Winter 
Mitchell G. Everett, 170 'lremont 
Moffatt Geo. T. 190 Boylston 
Morong J. P. 22 Chestnut, Chsn. 
Mulloy James J. 314 Meridian 
Muuroe Chas. M. 40 Temple place 
Newman J. Frank, 170 Tremont 
Nolen Spencer. 41 Upton 
Noyes Nicholas N. 13119 Wash. 
Osgood Charles 11. 147 Tremont 
Osgood James M. 23 Tremont 
Page Edward, 142 Main 
Page Washburn E. 142 Main, Chsn. 
Parker A. 11. 109 Boylston 
Parker D. M. 132 Boylston 
Parker D. S. 19 Tremont row 
Parker II. II. 3X Beacon 
Parker Levi, S)i Beacon 
Parker Wilbur B. 12 Beacon 
Peters S. J. 3 Tremont place 
Phipps William S. 81 Main 
Plumb L. A. 29^ Tremont 
Pray J. E. S. 170 Tremont 
Pray M. W. 170 Tremont 
Preston A. F. 21 Mt. Vernon 
Provan W. S., 372 W. Broadway 
Putnam J. K. 82 Harrison av. 
Reed G. S. 48 Essex 
Ridgway P. It. 3 Hamilton place 
Robbins R. L. 70S Tremont 
Robinson Fred. M. Hotel Boylston 
Rollins Wm. 11. 1 Mt. Vernon 
Russell II. F. 109 Tremont 
Salmon George A. 070 Tremont 
Salmon Ira A. 070 'Tremont 
Sanborn Wm. A. 88 Hanover 
Sargent It. C. 99 Court 
Sawyer J. W. jr. 109 Tremont 
Shepard L. D. 100 Boylston 
Shepherd James, .". Ham 1 pi. 
Simonds J. L. 21 La Grange 
Skinner & Bcaman, 50 School 
Smith C. H. 24 Monument av. Chn. 
Smith II. E. 100 Boylston 
Starbuck W. C., White's block, 

Centre, J. P. 
Stearns Elsie, 17 Tremont 
Stearns S. F. 49 Hancock 
Steams, Windsor, & Hybenuet, 17 

CTETSON J. T. 5 Park 

Stewart J. II. 48 Essex 
Stone W. F. 17 Beach 
CTRAWN DAVID G. 2279Wash- 
•3 ington (see page S27) 
Taber George A. 224 Tremont 
Tai't E. F. 1 Columbus square 
Taylor E. M. 57.5 Tremont 
Thresher J. M. 132 Court 
Torrens & Windsor, 17 Tremont 
Tremont Dentistry, 17 Tremont 
Tucker E. G. 11 Ashburto.i pi. 
Tucker Joshua, 190 Boylston 
Tucker W. L. II Ashburton plac« 
Twichell C. C. Siy> Dwight 
Waters G. F. 8 Beacon 
Webb Edgar, 31 Boylston 
Webber C. 41 Dwight 
Webber J. H. 37 Tremont 
Wetherbee I. J. 40 Dover 
White David S. 208 Main 
Whitechurch Chas. 48 Essex 
Whitney & Coggins, 129 Tremont 
Whitten D. F. 704 E. Broadway 
Williams D. G. 088 Tremont 
Williams Frank II. 121 Warren av. 
Williams George, Warren pi. cor. 

Williams Jacob L. 1 Mt. Vernon 
Wilson Charles, 50 Allen 
Wilson C. P. 85 Newbury 
W oodinan Wm. E. 170 Tremont 

Dentists' Materials and 

Cabot Edwin S. 83 Sudbury 
^ and 15 Tremont (see page 709) 
Goodyear Dental Vulcanite Co. 5 
Temple place 

mont, room 1 
THITE SAMUEL S. 13 and 16 
Tremont row (see page 847) 



' Wash., or Geo. C. Goodwin & 

Co. 38 Hanover (see page 827) 



I1 L 
W 1 


Babcock George W. 2S Winter, r.27 

Gordon L. II. Mrs. 32 Winter, rm.C 

Stellmau Mine. 41 Winter 


(See. also Enyravers.) 

BASS C. H. 7 Exchange place 
(see page 851) 
Avon (see page 840) 
(see page stii) 
*-* Washington 

^ Harrison ave. (see page 729) 
Crossman Abner, 17 Peinbertoii sq. 

room 18 
J ■Temple place (see page 730) 
Myrick Frank, 235 Wash., room 13 
Rudd Nathaniel, 1 Peinbertoii sq. 
■" 194 Washington (see page 850) 

rpAYLOR J. L. 203 Washington 

Desk. Manufacturers. 

(See also Colliding -Room Furniture) 
Bachclder A. 34 Canal 

BARNUM B E N J A M I N, 139 
Blackstone (see page 732) 
HAGERTY J. S. 120 and 124 

Detectives. (Independent.) 
Butman Asa O. 50 School, room 4 
Byrne William, 3 School, room 15 

Chapina.i George W. 188 Harrison 

avenue (private I 
Driscoll John J. 209 Wash., rooini 
Heath B. 50 School, room 4 
Myers 11. J. V. 40 School 
N. E. Secret Service Office, J. S. 

Temple, 41,5 Washington 

Rogers G. A. 29 Peinbertoii square 
Sampson & Co. 7 Exchange place 
Sargent Moses, 15 Peinbertoii sq. 
Smith Eugene, 210 Washington 
Temple J. S. 415 Washington 
Wilson George S. 32 Pemberton 

square, room 15 

Diamond Cutters. 

POHENNO II. St CO. 50 Broni- 

*-* field 

Humphrey J. B. 50 Bromtield 


(See also Watches, Jewelry, etc.) 
BedeeE. E. lOlWiishington 
/ 1 UILD & DELANO, 433 Wash., 
*J cor. Winter 
Morse H. D. 383 Wash 
* 394 Washington ( mounted aud 

Pollard A. J. 129 Tremont 
Pulsifer D. T. 57 Temple plaCS 

Remick John A. 20 Tremont 
Smith W. A. 110 Tremont, room 8 

Studio building 


(For Mechanical purposes.) 

UNION STONE CO. 38 Ilawley 
(see inside oack cover) 

Die Sinkers and Letter 

(See also Stencil Plates.) 
Berry J. & J. & Co. 08 Cornhill 
UGGE CONRAD, 4 Province cfc 
■^ room 6 

Phelps Fred. E. 7 Water 
Smith Wm. H. 231 Washington 
Spear W. F. 34 School, room 15 

Dies and Cutters. 

Blanchard it Leary, 43 Bristol 
Dawes F. S. 100 High 
Hill Warren, 235 Washington 
Howe A. M. 10,5 Summer 
■L' Lincoln (see page 703) 
Randall Philip G. & (Jo. 32 Sudbury 
Roberts it Hague, 50 Bedford 
Taylor S. K. & Co. 181 Federal 
WOODMAN R. 50 Sudbury 

Dining lCooms. 

(See Restaurants.) 




pARRATT A. C. 6 Hamilton 
1-* pluce (see page 701) 


Chase & Trull, 45 No. Market and 

62 Water, Cliarlestown 
Feltm. & Son, C, cor. West Fifth, 

office 17 15 road • 

French J. II. 179 Essex, office 40 

Water, room 12 
Freiberg & Woikum, 9 India 
Gaff J. VV. & Co. 6 Central whf. 
Gibson's John Son & Co. 121 Broad 
Lawrence Daniel it Smis, 12i Broad 
Schwarzenberg M. II. 9 India 
Smith D. & Co. 6 Central wharf 

Dug Depositories. 

Walton George, 121 Haverhill 
Watts Al. 1C4 Lincoln 

Dolls' Shoes. 

ANIELS G. F. 190 Congress 


Door Plates. 

Ballard J. L. 648 Wash, (glass) 
^ Beacon 


Doors, Sashes, «fc Blinds. 

Bailey Jub F. 20 Kneeland 

UOLES L. & SON, Haymarket 

*-> sq. cor. Sudbury 

Brown Joseph L. 19 Wareham 


u . (doors) 

Outter W. B., Dudley, cor. Wash. 

Oulter & Farker, 9 and 10 Chsn. 

Uensmore & Brackett, 177 and 183 

Doe George I. & Co. 62 Fulton 


u 177 Friend, and 80 Canal 

<"eeley Chas. 53 Wareham (sashes 
and blinds) 

•Mint Cyrus F. 19 Wareham 
Jrecn C. A. agent, 118 Eliot 
lardy Aug. & Co. 8 Cliarlestown 
lardy & Co. 173 & 175 Blackstone 
lastings A. W. & Co. 142 Friend 
latch Isaac, Wareham, c. Maiden 
layes Martin & Co. 475 Treniout 
ohiison Thomas J. 771 Wash, 
.aiigniaid S. F. & Co. 28 and 29 

ASH AUG. F. 151 Essex (sec- 
J ond hand) 

lorck & Murray, C5 Wareham 
JEDR1CK G. W. 234 Friend 

erry G. & Co. 121 E iot 

ratt M. C. Hi Co. 35 Hawley 

.ichardson & Irvine, U4X Utica 


v Federal 

yan Wm. E., Sweet, op. gas wks. 

7 ANCE A. M. & Co. 123 and 125 

eazie Warren, Commercial, Glo- 
ver's Corner 

'atcnnan Frederick, 425 Medford 
filson F. 1. 103 Merrimac 

Drain Tile. 

Federal, near O. C. depot 

Drain and Sewer Fine. 

(CemenI, Clay and Stotie.) 
oston Drain Pipe Co. 50 Kilbv 
PIPE CO., 730 Albany, op. 
City Hospital 
lARTER T. W. & CO. 730 Al- 

inlands & Co. 41 Medford, Chsn. 
DilOND JAMES & CO. 394 
,o,. e Ji eraI ' ,lear O. C. depot (see 
ISKE & COLEMAN, 72 Water 


t 1 ,^ Willett, 38 Hawlev 
UMB Wm. & CO. 10 Province 

'rtlanti Stone' Ware Co. 50 Kilby 
"tli lMioinus. 14 Exchange 
iaido Bros. 57 Kilby 

Drapery Curtains. 

: oom37 Aram L " ir ' ^ Scll00l • 

Drsiiiglita in en. 

(See also Designers.) 
Brown W. S.4(iConrt( mechanical) 

BURLEY JOHN, 30 Charles- 
town (mechanical, see p. 723) 
pAREY WILLIAM A. 23 Water 
^ (see page 849) 
Chadwick C. N. 415 Wash. 
Coombs Win. M., Citv Engineer's 

office, Citv Hall 
Curtis A. B. liU Sudbury 
Einerton J. II. 12 West, room 24 
hUSH W. R. 180 Devonshire 

I (see page 8:S3) 

Fogg Charles II. 7 Exchange place 
Houghton A. N. 12 West (map) 
Howe F. M. 2 Pemberton sq. mi. 19 
],ewis Robert, 30 Franklin 
LoringG. F. at Surveyor's office, 

City Hall 
Lothrop William U. 00 Devon. 
Merrill Frank T. Ill Doane, nil. 10 
JMyrick Frank, 235 Wash, room 13 
Parker Frank Ci. 7 Exchange pi. 
piERCE G. W. 31 Pemberton 
■*■ square, room 9 
Rennck H. E. 3 State 
■" 194 Washington (see page 850) 
^ Washington 
Spring F. 11. engineer's office, City 

Walker Sylvenus. 89 Court 
Wright It. S., Albion, Roslindale 

Drawing Instruments. 

Cornhill (see page 710) 

Drawing 31 aterials. 
TTiROST & ADAMS, 33 and 35 
J- Cornhill 

HASTINGS F. C. & CO. 54 Corn- 

Dredging Machines. 

Boston Steam Dredging Co. 9 

Change av. 

II CO., C. H. Souther, treas., 12 
P. O. sq. 

° cor. Richards, office 12 P. O. 

Woolley Chas. & Co. 92 Comm'l 


Abbott Evelyn Mrs.. 91 Pleasant 
Adams M. E. Miss Taylor av. 

Adams Clara M. Miss 149 A/Fre- 
Adatnson M. Mis?, 39 Old Harbor 
Ahem N. Mrs. 150 Dorchester ave. 
Archer M. Mrs., Pleasant, c. Creek, 

Arey S. B. Mrs. 149 A, Tremont 
Armstrong M. S. 331 W. Broadw'y 
Ashmau J. S. Mrs. 7 Salem 
Aubrey C. 132 Treniout, room 4 
Auger C. L. Mrs. 279 Dorchester 
Austin II. M. Mrs. 14 Tremont 
Bailey Lizzie Mrs. 23n)£ Tremont 
Bancroft S. J. Mrs. 605 E. B'wuy 
Banister M. Mrs. 1 Rowe place 
Barber M. Mrs. 89 Hudson 
Barker G. Mrs. 30 Green 
Barnard J. E. Mrs. 23 Winter.rm.12 
Barnes C. F. Miss 1507 Wash. 
Barr F. Mrs. 63 Northfield 
Barteaux S. J. 4 Hamilton place 
Bartusch V. Mrs. 1248 Tremont 
Baxter Julia J., Winter, Dorch. 
Baxter Prudence E.,Winter.Dorch. 
Beale M. A., Wood street court, 

T3ENNETT MARY A. 207 Tre- 
JJ mont 

Bent II. S. Mrs. 4 Saratoga 
Blackstone Misses, 811 Wash. 
Blake A. C. Miss, 615 Tremont ' 
Bohaunau A. J. Miss, 49 Bucking- 
Bolger M. Miss, 15 Boylston place 
Boothby C. Miss, 19 Winter 
Bowler A. L. 62 Dover 
Bradley C. Miss, 52 Fayette 
Briggs M. A. Mrs. 14i) Northamp'n 
Brophy S. E. Miss, 187 W. Third 
Brown Eliza M. 47 Warren av. 
Brown Maria E. 26 West 
Brown R. S. Mrs 70 Green 
Buck M. H. 11 South Russell 
Buckley A. & M. 334 Harrison av. 
Burbeck H. L. Miss, 6 Hamilt'n pi. 
Burille Francoise Madame, 53 

Burke Elizabeth Miss, 210 Hanover 
Burke J. Miss, 11 Osbom's block, 

Washington, Brighton 
Campbell M. 30 Sheaf'e 

Cantwell Mary, 326 Harrison ave. 
Capen D. L. 28 Winter, room 28 
Carroll C. W. 76 Tremont, Chs'n 
Carroll R. Mrs. 20 Cunard 
Chamberlin C. Mrs. 41 Hammond' 
Chandler M. B. Miss, 25 Kingston 
Chandler S. M. Mrs. 20M3 Wash. 
Chapman P. II. Mrs. 123 Bunker H. 
Cappiani L. 44 Winter 
Chase Fannie E. 41 Winter 
Cnild E. C., Minot, Neponset 
Chuff F. A. Mrs. 144 Tremont 
fjHURCH M. E. 25 Wiuter 

Cnurchill S. L. Miss, 149 A, Tre- 
Chutter G. Mrs. 4 Cedar 
Clapp Adelaide, Temple, L.M. 
Clapp Small A. Miss, 34 Common 
Clark H. Miss, 1043 Washington 
Clark Martha J. Mrs. 721 Tremont 
Cody Bridget, 103 W. Broadway 
Cottay Maria Mrs. 41 Park, Chsn. 
Collins A. S. Mrs. 163 Court 
Collins & Grace, 12 West, room 13 
Comfrey A. L. Miss, 48 Winter 
Conden 1). J. Mrs. 169 West Third 
Conroy L. J. Miss, 2 Hamilton pi. 
Cook L. E. Miss. 42 Warrenton 
Cooper II. Mrs. 45 Hammond 
Corliss Josephine A. 241 Meridian 
Crane Carrie R. Mrs. 76 Warren 
Crane It. S. Mrs. 109 Tremont 
Cuinmings Kate Miss 143 W. 

Cunningham M. Miss, 28 Winter 
Currie C. M. Mrs. 7 Bennet 
Currie Jennie R. 130 Tremont 
Cushman L. M. Miss, 889 Wash. 
Cutter R. M. 48 Cambridge 
Daisley M. T. Miss, 174 Sumner 
Daly N. Miss, 602 Shiuvinut av. 
Davidson M. 595 Washington 
Davis A. M. 346 Harrison avenue 
Davis M. A. 916 Washington 
Davis M. A. & Co. 415 W. Fourth 
Dawson H. Mrs. 85 Chandler 
DeBlois Lizzie M. (Fitzgerald), 

149 A. Tremont 
Deiss J Mrs. 1299 Tremont 
Devens Chas. Mrs. 1710 Wash. 
Dexter M. E. Mrs. 150 Tremont 
Dodge Hattie E. Mrs. 20 Chambers 
Dorner Emma Miss, 13 Oak 
Drew Ellen Miss, under Hotel 

DuBoistel A. Miss & Co. 86 Warren 
Duffy Kitty Miss, 75 Northfield 
Duffy Margaret Miss, 188 Dorches- 
ter avenue 
Dugan E. M. 28 Winter, room 26 
Duncan E. Mrs. rear 220 Dorch. 
Durning M. B. Mrs. 2784 Wash. 
Dustin Sarah Mrs. U Cordis, Chsn. 
Edmands M. E. Miss, 800 Tremont 
Ellis C. Mrs. Sheridan av. neur 

El.sworth A. L. 12 West, room In. 
Evans E. A. 75 Dudley 
Fellows M. T. 148 Warren av. 
Fetitres Madame, 48 Winter, r'm 2 
Field Nancy, 44 Walker, Charlcs'n 
Field O. M. Mrs. 5 Temple pi. r. 10 
Filkins O. C. 88 Dover 
Flynt O. P. Mrs. 157 Tremont 
Forristall M. A. Miss 104H Tremont 
Forrester Sarah A. 593 E. Fifth 
Foss Kate, 25 Winter, room 22 
Eraser Jane, 34 Warrenton 
Freeman M. E., Poplar c. Wash. 

French L. E. Mrs. 115 Meridian 
Frost E. C. Mrs. 39 Gouch 
Fuller Frances L. 4 Bradford 
Fuller S. N. Mrs. 19 Winter 
Gallagher Mary J. 7 Prince 
Garcelon O. D. Miss, 129 Tremont 
Gerrard E. & J. 26 Motte 
Gittord Etta Miss, 26 Richmond, 

Giles E. M. 133 Tremont 
Gleason S. J. Mrs. 46 Staniford 
Glover P. A. 307 Columbus av. 
Godfrey Mary II. 1845 Wash. 
Goodnow & Pittum, 116 Court 
Goodrich M. F. 338 Shawmut ave. 
Goodwin M. S. Mrs. 56 Chandler 
Goodwin O. A. 32 Clarendon 
Gordon Hannah Miss 15 Hunting- 
ton House 
Gorman M. A. Miss, 129 Warren 
Gough Ann Mrs., Commercial, n. 

Union, Commercial Point 
Goven C. B. Mrs. 47 W. Dedliam 
Graham M. E. Mrs. 149 A, Tremont 
Granger S. Mrs. 172 Northampton 
Grannis M. A. Miss, school, Eg- 

leston square 
Graves L. Mrs. 26 West 
Greenlaw R. R. Mrs. 49 W. Cedar 
Griffin & Durgin,31 Winter 
Grubb A. C. 2 Van Kensselaer pi. 
Hackett R. F. Mrs. 72 Warren.C n 



Dressmakers — Continued. 

Hall Kate M. Airs. 29 Hollis 

Hall Lizzie A. Mrs. Dudley c. 

Ilaniblcton Madame, 13 Temple pi. 
Hanson C. T. iMrs. 972 Tremont 
Hardy M. S. AI iss, 48 Winter, r'm 4 
Harring J. E. 1100 Tremont 
Hartshorn L. W. Mrs. 4 Bowdoin 
Hayden F. A. Miss 63 Eustis 
Ha*\ ford M. F. Mrs. 1U W. Dedham 
Hill S. J. 2(i Edinburo' 
Hislop C. Miss, 26 Fayette 
Uogan A. J. Jiiss, -S Temple place 
Holden M. A. Mrs. 33 Windsor 
Hollis A. A. Mrs. 140 Mt. Fleas, av. 
Holmes C. P. Mrs. 14 Temple pi. 
Homer C.J. 143 Tremont 
Hopkins M. li. Miss 49 Green 
Horstieid E. H. 25 Winter 
Horton E. G. m Co. 144 Tremont 
Houston E. Mrs. 2315 Washington 
Howard Mattie W. 32 Winter 
Howe En. ma Miss. 441 W. B'way 
Howe J. W. Mrs. 1130 Tremont 
Hovlaud N. M. Mrs. 140 A, Trem't 
Hubbard B. Miss 220 Koxbury 
Huey M. A. 3 Tremont row, r. 19 
Hurt E. B., Centre, corner Dorch- 
ester avenue 
Hurley D. II. Miss, 202 Main 
Hutchinson E. Miss, 17 W. B'way 
Jackson .Mary, li Dover 
Jackson Mary E. 170 Harrison ave. 
Jackson M. J. 47 Leverett 
Johnson Bridget A. 1248>; Tremont 
Johnson K. F. Miss, 22 Fountain 
Johnson 11. T. .Mrs. 33 Bradford 
Kain K. Mrs. 85 Shawmut avenue 
Kelley Winifred Mrs., 2865 Wash. 
Kelly A. Mis. 27 Warwick 
Kendrick L. F. 25 Winter 
Kennedy W. F. Mrs. 717 Shawmut 

Keyes E.A. Miss, 12 Camden 
Keyes E. A. & 11. N. 14 Warrenton 
Kezar L. 11. Mrs. 381 Main 
Kimball Mary C. Mrs. 7 Tremont 

Kittredge J. M. Mrs. 5 Temple pi. 
Knight D.M. Mrs. 254 Shawmut av. 
Kuli 11. B. Aliss, 8113 Washington 
Laha li. A. Mrs. 10 Green 
Lancaster Ami Miss, 450 E. Eighth 
Landers J. M. 47 Winter 
Lanigan M. Miss 34 Kendall 
Lanpher 8. Mrs. 03 Warren 
Laws Ellen A. 10;l Maverick 
Learned M. 1. 23 Rutland 
Leighton Angie Miss, 269 Mer- 
. idun 

Leighton E. M. Miss. 1 Allen ct. 
Le Fatourel Mary Mrs. 134 Dudley 
Lewis R. F. Mis. 32 Winter 
Lincoln E. li. Mrs. 251 W. B'way 
Linton S. E. Mrs. UK! I 
Lippencoft M. 44 Winter 
Litchfield E. A. 2 Hamilton place 
Lloyd J. M. .Mrs. 30 Northfield 
Lombard M. Mrs. 306 Hanover 
Lucey M. A. Mrs. 131 Tremont 
Ludovica Madame, 104 Tremont 
Lyman Mary Mrs. 024 E. B'way 
Mack Ellen, 30 Winter 
Mahoney E. F. Miss, 03 Warren 
Mann Ahbv S. 5 Bates place 
Marsh A. M. Mrs. 81 Joy 
Marshall J. E. Mrs. 100 Tremont 
Martin A. & K. Misses, 11 Hunt- 
ington House 
Mason Sarah Mrs. 38 Pleasant, C'n 
Mathews M. A. Mrs. 3 T'inont row 
Mayo Eliza J. 118 London 
McCabe C. Miss 221 Cabot 
McCanrev A. 082 Tremont 
McCaffrey S. A. Miss, 008 Tremont 
McCalman Hannah Airs. 153 D 
MeCaithy Margaret, 87 London 
McCaulev Ami Miss, 70 C 
McDonafd A. Mrs. 18 Groton 
McDonald M. Miss, 25 Avon 
McDonald Owen Mrs. 139 West 

McDonou-h M. Miss 250 Cabot 
McEnany M. A. Miss, 150 W.Sev'h 
Mctiettigan Jane, 117 West Canton 
McGinniss L. F. 132 Tremont 
McGonagle C. A. Miss, 317 Silver 
McGrady Etta Miss, 22 Lynde, C'n 
Mcintosh Lucretia,Mrs.2U46 Wash. 
McLane C. Mrs. 117 Warwick 
McManus C. C. 28 Winter 
Mc.Manus Mary A. Mrs. 385 Shaw- 
mut avenue 
Merrill E. 11. Mrs. 85 Appleton 
Monroe S. C. Mrs. 140 A, Tremont 
Moiangrie L. A. 28 Winter 
Morgan B. 25 Winter, room 13 
Montague E. A. Mrs. 24 Penib. sq. 
Morse R. C. Mrs. 220 Tremont 
Muddock Ellen Mrs. 7 Howe avc. 
Murphy M. Mrs. 77 Oak 
Murphy M. Miss, 1078 Tremont 

Murphy J. Mrs. 9G Brighton 
Nason S. S. Miss. 705 Wash. 
Nelson & Caswell, 231 Tremont 
Newhall M. Mrs. 143 Court, room 3 
Newhall S. E. 5 Winter, room 13 
Nichols C. C. Mrs. 41 Winter 
Nichols M. A. Miss, 137 Dorchester 
Nugent F. Mrs. 10:10 Tremont 
Nolle Lucille, 14 Newton place 
Noonan Alice, 31 Winter 
Olier D. Mrs. 31 Winter 
Osborne R. P. .Miss, 102 Tremont 
Ostrander A. H. Mrs. 297 Tremont 
Palmer Henrietta. 143 Trem't, r'm 6 
Parker T. Mrs. 90 Court, room 12 
Payson M. A. Mrs., Stoughton, n. 

Pleasant. Dorchester 
Pease F. B. 140 A, Tremont 
Pendergast L. T. Miss 82 Camden 
Perkins M. P. 23 Temple 
Perry A. Mrs. 43 Phillips 
Philbrook E. W. Miss, 505 Wash. 
Pickens A. J. Mrs. 31 Winter 
Pike E. A. 173 Charles (Taylor's 

Pooler A D. 25 Winter 
Porter G. V. Mrs. 17 Monument 
Pothicr A. Mrs. 37 La Grange 
Power I. Mrs. 10 Worcester place 
Prentiss II. C. Mrs. 25 Avon 
Purtell & McNeill Misses, 2323 

Qniniby E. Miss, 25 Avon 
Reed Ann Mrs. 52 Nashua 
Reed M. E. Miss 144 Tremont 
Revere E. Mrs. 318 Harrison ave. 
Rice E. W. Mrs. 228 Centre 
Ring M. A. Mrs. 1 Park sq. (and 

Roach II. L. Miss, 2.38 W. Third 
Roberts M. Mrs. 222 Silver 
Robhins L. E. 68 Dover 
Robinson M. A. 18 Pleasant 
Rodrigo Mine. 37 Warren 
Rollins M. A. E. Canton 
Ross Ellen Miss, 12S) Tremont 
Rumrili Jane R. Mrs. 83 Shawmut 

Ruther B. Mile 31 Bovlston 
Sadlier A. M. Miss. 130 Lennox 
Saul & Morrison, 140 A, Tremont 
Schmitz M. .Miss, 30 I'inekney 
Schneider P. II. 2 Hamilton place 
Seaver M. II. Mrs. 03 Waverley 

Seiders E. Miss, 150 Tremont 
Shannon M. E. 252 W. Broadway 
Shannon Nellie E. 870 Albany 
Shattuck C. P. Mrs. K2Quincy 
Shaw Eva Miss, 233 Tremont 
Simmons T. Miss, 27 Warwick 
Simons E. II. Mrs. 147 Tremont 
Slack M. L. Mrs., Lawrence, cor. 

Slader Alice, 222 Shawmut avenue 
Small Elizabeth W. Mrs. 201 W. 

Smith A. J. Miss 161 Court 
Smith C. J. Miss, 2188 Wash. 
Smith E. Si A. Misses, 140 Castle 
Smith L. E. Miss, 48 Winter 
Smith L. M. 25 Avon 
Snow R. C. .Mrs. 7 Oak 
Spare O. S. Mrs. 83 Princeton 
Splaine M. T. Miss, 3 Tremont pi. 
Spoor Annie M. Mrs. 202 Dudley 
Stackpole M. Mrs. 38 Cambridge 
Stacy N. T. 25 Bedford 
Stanley M. J. Mrs. 588 E. Fourth 
Staples T. R. & Co. 22 Winter 
Stevens Anna Mrs. 005 E. Fourth 
Stevens E. F. Mrs. 380 W. Broad'y 
CTEVENS JOHN J. 400 Wash. 

Stevens S. A. rear 18 Bedford 
Storer J. Mrs. 3>£ Beacon 
Storey M. D. Miss, 170 Tremont 
Strom Ida, Miss Alf'ord, cor. West, 

Sullivan Maggie M. 23 Park, Chn. 
Taylor G. C. Mrs. 86 Boylston 
Thayer A. II. 25 Winter, room 14 
Thomas C. C. Miss, 55 Chandler 
Tenney E. Mrs. 15 Chapman, Chsn. 
Thomas Mary B. Mrs. 72 Camh'ge. 
Thompson S. S. Miss, 36 Winter 
Tibbetts F. J. 12 West, room 10 
Timmons C. E. 147 Tremont 
Timmons M. J. Miss, 1310 Tremont 
Tower II. Mrs. 80 Green 
Towne M. F. Mrs. 340 W. Third 
Towne & Barry, 25 Winter 
Trafton II. N. Mrs. 50 E. Bro'kline 
Tripp L. L. Mrs. 12 Miiford pi. 
Tuck Sarah J. 223 Cambridge 
Tumor II. J. Mrs. 50 C.arendon 
Twohig M. A. Mrs. 48 Winter 
Varrell S. A. Mrs. 14 Cazenove pi. 
Vickcry Sarah, 92 Hudson 
Wadleigh L. A. Miss, 140 A, Trem't 
Wakefield M. 41 Winter 
"Wail M. IX. Miss, 857 Wash. 
Wallace Julia, 3 Garland 

Walls G. S. Mrs. 112 High, Chsn. 
Walther G. J. 14 West 
Wardman& Hopkins, 573 Tremont 
Webster C. A. Miss, 441 West 

Weiscopf & Campbell, 500 Wash. 
Welch Nellie, 111 B 
Wetmore S. At. Hotel Florence, 

room 1 
Whalen A. E. Mrs. 185 E. Eighth 
Wigley Lydia Mrs. 09 Silver 
Wilkins Edward Mrs. 25 Avon 
Williams A. P. Miss, 340 Treinout 
Williams J. L. Airs. 31 Dwight 
Williams R. T. Airs. 64 Kendall 
Wilson E. M. Airs. 10 Winter 
Winn J. A. Airs. 20,5 Tremont 
WinsorS. A. Airs. 105 Trenton 
Wiswell Emilv Aliss,3 Hanson 
Withee C. P. 28 Winter, room 31 
Witherel Jennie Airs. 50 Oak 
Wood Lizzie Aliss. 1010 Tremont 
Wood AI. A. Airs. 811 Wash. 
Woodman I. A 144 Tremont 
Woods C. C. Airs. 151 W. Broadway 
Wright C. A. Mrs. Ill Bartlelt, 

Wright E. J. 1189 Washington 
Wyman E. Airs. 144 Tremont 
Wyman E. A. Aliss, 1 Hotel 

Zwicker Kate Aliss. 39 West 
Veaton C. A. 811 Wash. 
Young AI. Aliss, 112 Dorchester 

Dressniiikers' Square, 

Durgan Nellie E. 31 Winter ■ 
Dress IMaiting. 

pURRlER S. E. 83 Washington 
^ (see page 705) 
Dudley & Lewis, 535 Washington 
French F. J. Mrs. 367 Tremont 
New York Plaiting Co. 25 Whiter 

Dress Reform. 

Dress Retorm Committee rooms, 

1)4. Hamilton place 
Rcadc Alary Aloore, 25 Winter 

Drug Mills. 

Nicholson J. L. & Co. 105 Border 
Druggists' A rticles. 

Levin J. F. & Co. 330 Wash. 
Druggists' Gluss Ware. 

07 State 
Dean, Foster & Co. 14 Blackstom 

PA II L L. C. 140 Blackstone 
(see page 704) 
SMALLEY A. G. & CO. 18 

x 167 Ali Ik 
Twitcbell E. 141 Milk 

Druggists' Sundries. 

■l-* Washington (importer) 
"HEYER BROS. 44 Franklin 

Drugs, Medicines, «fco. 

(See also Apothecaries.) 
Badger C. W. 60 Blackstone 
Bird J. A. & W. & Co. 110 Milk 
TJUSH & PARKER, 4 Liberty 
- L> square 

v LEY, 350 Washington 
^ Union 

Conant B. W., State, c. Broad 
Crafts & Co. 148 Commercial , 
(1UTLER A. L. m CU. 147 Mill 
'-' I see page 716) 
Cutler Bros. & Co. 89 Broad, an 
10 Hamilton 

FOLSO.M JAAIES, 220 Commer- 
Gilnian Brothers, 307 Washing 

(wholesale) Co 

Goodwin George C. & Co. 38 . 
Hall Wm. P. 4oKilby 
Hollis T. Si F. 23 Union 
Howe & French, 107 Milk 
Mills D. T. Ik Co. 40 India 
Milner, Downs, & Co. 10 Hanover 
Rust Bros. & Bird, 43 Hanover 
Salem Laboratory Co. T. P. Sy- 

monds, agent, 3 Central wliart 
Skinner E. AI.. Atlantic ave. cor. 

Central wharf 
•3 SMITH, 26 Tremont 
Stowell & Co. 46 Main 
Swett (Jeo. W. 245 Washington 
A Milk 
Weeks & Potter, 360 Washington 



B 1 


Dry I>ocfcs. 

East Boston Dry Dock Co. 96 Bor- 
der, R. Buruhain. supt., J. H. 
Whitaker, treas. 97 State 
Fort Hill Dry Dock, P. E. Dolli- 

ver, 404 Atlantic avenue 
Pioneer Dry Dock, A. Story, 396 

Atlantic avenue 
Simpson's Patent Dry Docks, Mar- 
ginal, E.B.,Octavius Howe, supt. 
73 Commercial 

l»ry Ootids. 
Wholesale Commission Merchantt. 

(See also Woolen Goods.) 
Mien, Lane, & Co. 266 Devonshire 
Immidown, Lane, & Co. 50 

Sanies, Ward & Co. 95 Arch 

Sartletl, Swadkins, & Miller 65 

03 Cliauncy 
Iranian Geo. H. 290 Devonshire 

CO. 202 Devonshire 
Jrigg, Entz, & Co. 49 Summer 
Brown Geo. T. 7 Otis 
ilrownell J. R 79 Bedford 
;ase, Leland & Co. 38 Bedford 
Hark George L. 105 Suiiiiner 
lurfiu, A. tennis .<: Co. 7 Otis 
ioilhis W. P. n% Bedford 
lonverse, Stanton, &. Davis, 62 

jrocker A. IS. 37 Avon 
lushing A. R. 28 Cliauncy 
lanforth, Clark, & Co. 95 Bedford 
lavis George (i. 76 Cliauncy 
lavis Henry C. 70 Cliauncy 
lavis John, 290 Devonshire 
lavis S. C. & Co. 88 Franklin 
J 43 Cliauncy 

lenny, Poor, & Co. 208 Devonshire 
lexter, Ahbot, & Co. 200 Devon- 
shire, and 112 Franklin 
'unliain, Ives, & Co. 75 Cliauncy 
.inerson II. P. & Co. 33 Kingston 
aulkner. Page,* Co. 00 Franklin 
iilebrowu C. B. 33 Kingston 
loyd Bros. & Co. 93 Summer 
rust Rufus S. & Co., 88 Franklin 
altield Frank W. 5 Cliauncy 
lasgow S. 93 Cliauncy 
owing. Grew & Co 51 Franklin 
ray Robert, 03 Franklin 
rossjno. A. D. & Co. 50 Cliauncy 
all II. A. jr. 50 Chauncy 
all Thomas A. 5 Cliauncy 
all & Co. 5 Cliauncy 
ammond Frank P. 25 Kingston 
annd Win. 50 Cliauncy 
aiding Bros, & Co. 101 Summer 
arding, Colby, & Co. 202 Devon- 

ateh I. A. & Co. 23 Kingston 
eath George W. & Co. 7 Otis 
errinan H. & Co. 75 Summer 
errinaiin, Aukam, &Co. 43 Sum- 
mer (manufs. fancy) 
olbrook E. W. & Co. 48 Chauncy 
icksou E. M. 105 Summer 
>y, Langdon, & Co. 22 Summer 
endall C. F. 105 Summer 
endal! R. W. & Co. 30 Lincoln 
imball, Barnes, & Co. 71 Chauncy 
ambll. A. 24 Lincoln 
awrence & Co. 13 Chauncy 
eland C. M. St Co. 17 Kingston 
swis Brothers & Co. 03 Franklin 
iniieman C. A. 34 Chauncy 
ittle James L. & Co. 24 Franklin 
ivejoy A. L. & Co. 105 Summer 
ynch J. W. 42 Bedford 
aekintire,Lawrie,& Co. 22Linc'n 
ackiutosh. Green, & Co. 66 

erriam E. R. 29 Summer 
inot, Hooper, & Co. 18 Kingston 
udge E. R., Sawyer & Co. 15 

evins & Co. 63 Chauncy 
arker. Wilder, & Co. 4 VViuthrop 

atterson J. K. 93 Chauncy 
;rry, Wendell, Fay, & Co. 37 

lippsS. jr. 28 Chaunev 
eree, Hardy, & Co. 234 Devon, 
erce W. P. 7 Exchange pi. nil. 7 
>rter Brothers & Co. 5s Summer 
att S. Braiuard&Co. 18King8ton 
icliardson George C. & Co. 178 
illins & Ashley, 79 Bedford 
ALTER J. H. & CO. 29 

impson O. II. & Co. 290 Devon, 
nipson William, Sons, & Co. 53 

Smith George, 84 Hawley 
Stetson John & Co. 32 Iluw-ley 
Stetson Slilliiiu.ii W. 50 Chauncy 
Stewart A. T. & Co. 1 Winthropsq. 
Stoddard, Lovering, & Co. 4 Milk 
Strong W. L & Co. 85 Franklin 

(flannels and blankets) 
Townsend & Yale, 41 Kingston 
^ Franklin 

Walker Ilarrv, 15 Kingston 
Walkinshaw & Yoight 94 Arch 
Wells Henry B. Ill Arch 
Wendell. Hutchinson, & Co. 284 

Wheelwright, Anderson, & Co. 70 

White, Puyson, &Co.43 Avon, and 

30 Bedford [ford 

Whittemore, Cabot, & Co. 89 Bed- 
Whitteniore, Peet, Post, & Co. 53 

Williams Horace P. & Co. 53 

Winter Royal, 24 Chaunev 
Wise & Holmes, 290 Devonshire 
Wright, Bliss, & Fabyan, 100 Sum- 
Young J. C. 105 Summer 

J»i-y Goods. 

(Importers and Jobbers.) 
Allen .<; Goodwin, 31 Avon 
Babcock J. B. S Co. 91 Bedford 
Buttertield Fred & Co. 5 Chauncy 
Chandler & Co. 25 to 29 Winter 
Churchi.l & Co. 453 to 403 Wash. 
Courtis William 29 Avon 
Kwing & Co. 45 Avon, and 32 Bed- 
Farley, Harvev, & Co. 97 Summer 
Frank M. II. 19 Summer 
Hadley C. L. & Co. 70 Chauncy 
JJ^OVEY C. F. & CO. 33 Summer 

Jackson, Mandell, & Daniel], 

Summer, cor. Chauncy 
Jordan, Marsh, & Co. 450 to 458 

Washington, and 55 Bedford 
Kelly Thomas &Co. 23 and 25 Otis, 

and 102 and 104 Arch 
Libby & Clark, 16 Kingston 
Luther B. S. 105 Summer 
Morse, Shepard, & Co., 5 Winthrop 

square, and 275 Devonshire 
Ordway, Blodgett, & Hidden, 52 

Summer and 128 Arch 
Perry, Cook. & Tower. 101 and 105 

Bedford, cor. Lincoln 
Pierce W. G. Si Co. 288 Devonshire 
Putter, Sanborn, * Co. 31 Kingston 
Richardson & Whitney, 111 bummer 
OUSS, COBB, & CO. 19 Sum- 
xt mer 

Sargent Bros. & Co., 250 Devon. 
Sawyer F. M. agent, 13 Otis 
Shepard, Norwell, & Co. 26 Winter 
Shuck D. P. 23 South 
Sniallage A. J. & Co. 115 Chauncy 
Spalding & Wales 9 Winter 
Taylor, Thomas, & Co. 67 Summer, 

and 21 Kingston 
Wellington Bros.& Co. 66 Chauncy 

l»i-y Goods. (Retail.) 
Abbot, Morse, S: Elliott, 148 Han- 
Abbott G. E. 1195 Tremont 
Abbott R. B. 74 Hanover 
Alden D. G. 33 Winter 
Allen William II. 414 Washington 
Bacon William & Augustus, 2193 

Barrett Ed\*n J. 215 Main 
Bauer Lizzie C. 605 Dorch. avenue 
Baxter & Sanborn, Wash. opp. 

Cattle Fair Hotel, Brighton 
Bayley C. S., Washington, corner 

Euclid, Dorch. 
Bennett G. W. 33 Central square 
Bonner Catherine, 300 Sumner 
Bowker Caleb, 34 Hanover 
Bowker W. E. & Co. 151 Court 
Brown Louisa F. Mrs. Green, n. 

J. P. Station 
Brown W. II. 747 Washington 
Bryant Ira, 70 Leverett 
Burns P. A. 1348 Tremont 
■" 90 and 92 Tremont 
Carey Win., Market, Brighton 
Carpenter H. 297 Main 
Casey C. Mrs. 158 W. Eighth 
Chanipuey John, Centre, opp. 

Bellevue, H.S. 
Chandler H. H. 51 and 53 Main 
Cliandler Paul L. 29 Main 
Chandler & Co. 27 and 29 Winter 
Churchill & Co. 459 Washington 
Clark E. W., Centre. J. P. 
Clough J. N. M. & Co. 507 Wash- 
ington, and 8 West 
Cohen M. 340 Hanover 

Cook G. C, River, cor. Oakland 
Cook H. F.Mrs. 183 Hampden 

Coolidge, Smith, & Co. 70 and 72 

Crooks William, 155 Meridian 
Currell Henry II. 503 Main 
Cushing & Ames, 128 Hanover 
Cushiuan E. F. 33 to 39 Temple pi. 
Damon G. A. & Co. 1089 Wash. 
DeAvellar M. J. 298 Hanover 
Denison G. E. 77 Harrison avenue 
Donovan A. M. Mrs. 394 Chelsea 
Dnrtv James Mrs. 2031 Wash. 
Eldridgc & Harris, 289 W. B'way 
Elliott R. D. 255 Meridian 
F.vuus A. B. 121 Dudley 
Farwell A. Mrs. Hancock, near 

Fay & Conley, 230 Hanover 
Ferguson & Co. 1114 Tremont 
Fitzpatrick W. T. 155 W. B'way 
Flanders A. P. 022 East Fifth 
Flusk M. C, Dorchester av., opp. 

Fly nn B. .380 Hanover 
Foley R. A., Dorch. ave. cor. East, 

Foxwell Benj. Mrs. 061 Parker 
Gaminans Geo. H. 73 Main 
Garrison N. T. Mrs. 56 Warren 
Gihbs L. & Co. 25 Tremont row 
Gilchrist R. & J. 5 and 7 Winter 
Gilfeather D. Mrs. Ill W. Fourth 
Gould F. A. & Co. 290 Hanover 
Gourley James F. 33 Green 
Hall C.*P. 843 Washington 
Hallidav John, 199 W. Broadway 
Hanson C. T. Mrs. 972 Tremont 
Harran Wni. 1330 and l.'!50 Trem't 
Harris E. L. Mrs. 615 E. Broadway 
Hatch M., W. Chester blk., Allsion 
Hawkins W. D. Mrs. 21 Meridian 
Hayden S. W. bet. Walnut and 

Taylor, Neponset 
Hendrie James Mrs. 154 D 
Henry George F., Osborn's block, 

Hogg, Brown, & Taylor, 477 to 

481 Wash., and 70 Temple place 
Houghton & Dutton, 55 Tremont 
UOVEY C. F. & CO. 33 
iJ - Summer 
Howard B. E. 233 Dudley 
Howard Mary, 020 E. Broadway 
Howe James, Eliot square 
Hunter Mary L. 122 W. Fourth 
Hurlburt W. R. 20 Hanover 
Hurley Patrick, 584 Mam 
Hutchinson F. E. 55 ISeach 
Hutchinson W. H. & Co. 20 Tre- 
mont row 
Jacques George n. 935 Wash. 
Jordan, Marsh, & Co. 450 to 458 

Kelly Hugh, 259 W. Broadway 
Kendall Henderson, Washington, 

near the bridge, L.M. 
Kenne3' C. W. 159 Saratoga 
Koop E. II. Mrs. 314 Hanover 
Lawson William & Co. 140 Trem't 

Libby G. W. 338 Hanover 
Libby & Taylor, 27 Tremont 
Light E. E. Neponset avenue, n. 

Lombard M. Mrs. 306 Hanover 
LoringJ. C. 20 and 28 Trem't row 
Loring, Waterhouse, & Co. 519 

Louis B. Mrs. 49 Main 
Mann G. S. 23 Tremont row 
McClure J. F. 21 Tremont row- 
McDonald John, 1267 Tremont 
McGone K. N. 98 West Fourth 
McNally John', Centre, J. P. 
Mitchell & Co. 542 Washington 
Morse E. G. 53 Cambridge 
Murphy F. J. 49 Bunker Hill 
Murphy Jeremiah, 251 Federal 
Murphy Win. 11.241 W.Broadway 
Murray Win. & Son, 67 Main 
Newman Jacob, 26 Central square 
Nichols M. E. 72 and 74 Main 
Obst Hyman 36 Oneida 
O'Connor Thomas, 320 Hanover 
Osgood E. P. 156 Hanover 
Palmer M. A. 504 Dorchester av. 
Payne S.A. Miss, Centre, opp. Har- 
ris av., J. P. 
Peyser H. 87 Cambridge 
Peyser Robert, 1307 Washington 
Plummer G. A. 70 Hanover, and 591 

Priesing George W. 1120 Tremont 
Proby W. & Co. 559 Wash. 
Riley Lawrence & Co. 43 Tremont 
Ritchie A. F. 12 Hanover 
Robinwich Marks, 59 Salem 
Rowe Anna Mrs. 203 Harrison av. 
Sanborn J. R. & Co. Ill Dudley 
Savil S., Wainut, Neponset 
Sawyer & Mack, 95 Green 
Scott J. Si Co. 571 Washington 




Dry Goods, Retail — Con- 
Shankland E. E. 560 porch, ay. 
Shepard, Norwell. 8t Co. 2b Winter 
Simmonds M. R. 60S E. Broadway 
Simon A. 324 Hanover 
Smith Timothy, 228o Washington 
Smiths Watson, 484 Washington 
Spalding & Wales. 9 Winter 
Stanton Kate Miss, Adams, near 

Dorchester avenue, Lower Mills 
Stearns H. N. 17 Leverett 
Stearns R. H. & Co. 131 Tremont 
Stewart E. C. 1465 Wash. 
Stone E. E. 978 Tremont 
Stratton J. J. Mrs. 5111 E. Eighth 
Taylor Albert H. 26Mavenck sq. 
Taylor O. T. & Co. 370 West 

Tivlor S. M. Mrs. 1966 Wash. 
Tighe H. A. 108 W. Fourth 
Tower E. H. & Co., 239j Wash. 
Tucker A. M. 85 Main 
Van Dam Moses, Slo ^eral 
Vinal S. E. & E. & Co. 601 Wash. 
Walsh Catharine, 212 E 
WamerS. M. 269 Main 
Welch John, 605 E. Broadway 
White R. H. & Co. 518 to 526 Wash 
Whitney, Warner, & Frost, 143 

Tremont , 

Wood Frank C. 12 Central squaie 
Woods C. R- 52 Hanover 
Wyzanski L. J. 129 Meridian 
Young Isaac, 1249 Tremont _ 
Zeller D. Mrs., Boylston station 

Dualin Manuf. 
CAMPSON G. H. 25 Congress 


Blackburn Geo. & Co. 63 Chnuncy 
Boynton N. & Co. 87 and 89 Com- 
mercial (manuf.) . 
Davis F.G. 07 Commercm 
Whiton Brother St Co. 31 Com 1 

Dumb Bells. 

JJ3IGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 

* 104 Tremont 


Batchelder G. E. 332 W. Broadw'y 
Bacheller II. A. 17 Causeway 
-L> 52 Temple pi. r „_ . „ Tr> 

*J LAUNDRY, S. Sibley, 

59 Temple pi. (see page /5bJ 
Engel Brothers, 520 Tremont 
Jamaica Plain Dye House F. 

Kohlhepp, Brookside ay., J.P. 
*-* HOUSE, 65 Temple place, 2106 ' 
Washingtou.and 326 W. Broad- 
way (see page 718) 
-*■"■ Hanover 

HOUSE, 12 Temple place ( see 
page 758) 
Middlesex Steam Dye House, C. 

Appleyard, 70 Prince . 

New England Crape Refiuishing 

Co. 41 Winter 
Nolden William, 95 Chelsea, E. B. 

REED J. T. & CO., Reed's bldg., 
Hancock square, Charlestown 

»J Tremont row (see page loS) 
Ziegler Conrad, 54 George 

Dyestuffs, Drugs, "fee- 
See also Druggists ; also Chemicals. 
Banning, Bissell, St Co. 45 Kilby 
Boston Dyewood and Chemical Co. 

pUTLER A. L. & CO. 147 Milk 
*-> (sec page 716) 
Dunham J. E. 193 Milk 
T)UPEE & SOREN, 79 Kilby 

Gould Henry A. 99 Milk 
Goulding G. K. & Co. 23 Central 

Hawes J. P. jr. 103 Milk (broker) 
Howe & French, 107 Milk 
TlOWE & GOODWIN, 11 India 
•tl and 52 Central 
TANNEY O. S. & CO. 75 Water 

Loring G. P. 17 Central 

T UTZ & MOVINS, 12 India 

MADDOCKS F. H. 53 Kilby 
(broker, set page 832) 
May, Nash, St Wiuslow, 65 and 6i 

Pickhardt Wm. & Kuttroff, W. K. 
Brown, ast., 43 Kilbvi importers) 
Rice Edward E.& Co. 297 Franklin 
Rollins & Ashley; 79 Bedford 

•3 DY r E STUFF MUX, 8 New, 

E.B., and 105 Milk 
Suffolk Milling Co. 33 Central 

(drug mill) -.,-»»•,, 

GWIFT WM. H. & CO. 117 Milk 

Thayt., White, & Co. 19 Central 
Turner A. T.jr 103 Milk (broker) 
AVI1ITMORE W. H- Bayside 
vv Alkali Works, 4S Congress, 

room 5 
Woodman F. & Co. 44 Kilby 

Earth Closets. 

Earth Closet Co. F. Howe, agt. 19 

li Creek square (manuf.) 

CO. 21 Washington 

Earthen Ware. 

(See also Crockery.) 
Bullard & Scott, Western avenue, 
Allston (manufs.) 

Killing Houses. 

(See Restaurants.) 

Edge Gilding and 3!ar- 

Chardon (see page 72i) 

Eilge-Touls Manufs. 
- 1 ' H.O. Stratton, agent, .".1 Oliver 
11 217 Federal 
Ryerson S. C. & Co., Kemble, near 

Underbill Brothers, 71 Haverhill 
Underbill Edge Tool Co. 26 Broad 

Egg Producing Food. 

Guy C. W. 33 Bedford 
Elastic Goods Ma n u is. 

(See also Rubber Goods.) 

Union Elastic Goods Co. 153 Essex 

Elastic Stockings. 

^ and 15 Tremont (see page 709) 
T UBIN L. T. 1 Tremont Temple 
•l-» ( se e page 848) 

Electric Annunciators. 

PULLER SETH W. 63 Devou- 
-1 shire (see page 706) 

Electric Apparatus. 

WELCH & ANDERS, 30 Han- 
Goodyear Geo. A. & Co. 8 Oliver 
Electric Batteries. 
"FULLER SETH W. 63 Devon- 
■T shire (see page 706) 

Electric Bells. 

BECKFORD E. S. 677 Wash, 
anil 9 LaGrange 
pOWD P. A. 53 Summer (see 
■L ; page 848) 

PULLER SETH W. 63 Devon- 
■*• shire (see page 706) 
"I TOLMES E. T. & CO. 342 Wash. 

■"> Hanover (see page 717) 

Court (see page 704) 

Electric Disks. 

GARRATT & CO. 6 Hamilton 
place (see page 701) 

Electric Goods. 

PULLER SETH W. 63 Devon- 
-T shire (see page 706) 
p ARRATT A. C. 6 Hamilton pi. 
« (see page 701) 

Gassett & Fisher, 9 Province ct. 
George J. N. 39 Pearl 
Hall Thomas, 19 Bromfield 
Hod»e M. E. 425 Shawmut avenue 
Ho»° G. H. 3 Court avenue 
At Hanover (see page 717) 
Sheehv R. J. 15 Water 
>' Court (see page 704) 

Electrotypers and Ste- 

FOUNDRY, L. W. Rogers, 15 

FOUNDRY, George Deake, 
agt. 19 Spring lane 

John K. Rogers, treas., MM 
Milk (see page 721) 
pUMMINtiS J. A. & CO. 24' 
^ Wash, (see page 716) 
-^ FOUNDRY CO. 243 WobIi 

(see page 711) 
pETERS C. J. Si SON, 73 Fed- 

p He" L P S, DALTON, & CO. ! 
•*■ Court ave. (see page 710) 
■ L «' 39 Arch 
Stark James H. 171 Devonshire 

Milk (see page 732) 
WOODS B. O. & CO. 49 Federa 


Abbott J F. &Co. 189 High 
l'AILEY GEO. H. 68 Devon 
JJ shire, room 40 (Wm. E. Hal 

& Co.'s, see page 850) 
Bash Henrv, 152 Fed'l (hydraulic 
Bathrick 11. E. 19 Tremont rov 
Cantield F. P. 96Utiea (hand) 
Cliase J. W. 152V Federal 
plIUBBUCK S. E. & SON, 91 
^ Tremont 

Fenno J. P. & Co. N. Y. & N. 1 
R. R. cor. Clapp 

120 Fulton (see page 849) 
Shawmut Elevator Co. 415 Conn 
GMI'I'H & LOVETT, 125 to 1 
° Albany 

^ Dorchester avenue 
1 37 Foundry 

(Whittier & Hanford's,) 
Milk, and 1176 Tremont 

Embossed Pictures. 

X) AIRD J. 21 Bcdlord (see insi 
J-* back cover) 

Embossing Presses an 

GOLDING & CO., 40 Fort 11 
square (see page 702) 

E in b roidery. 

( Gold and Silver. ) 
lj West 

Linz F. Madame, 143 Tremont 
r 104 Tremont 
Taylor C. A. 339 Washington 

Embroidery Stamper* 

Brennick C. B. & Co. 28 Whit 

room 19 
Coburn M. E. Mrs. 25 Winter, roc 

24 (French embroidery) 
Daigneau M. A. Mrs. 41 Ma 

Dolau M. A. & Co 5 West 
Grady M. T. Miss, 37 Winter 
Parsons Wm. & Co., 28 Wint 

room 13 
GTATES E. J. 11 Temple ph 

Wasley J. R. 433 Wash.(penmai 

Emery «fc Emery Pa|» 
and doth. 

Abbott Jere : 35 Oliver 


iv Oliver 

Russell Jesse, 17 Batterym'h(ma 

Taft.lohnB. 33 Oliver 


40 Hawley (see inside Di 

cover) __ 


' Washington (see page |"" 

w 1 

u 1 
w 1 

Emery Wheels and 

^ Hawley (see inside back ceo 

Engine Turners. 

jyf ARGOT BROS. 23 Water 
Engineer. (Brewer).) 
GMITH HUBERT, 247 Pym' 1 

Engineers. {Bridge.') 
ANDREWS I). H. 13 Pember- 
■**■ ton square (see page 732) 

Engineers. (Civil.) 
(See also Civil Engineers.) 

28 State, rm. 40 (see page 706) 
Moses T. B., Dale, near Poplar, 

Engineers. (Constructing.) 
A NDREWS D. H. 13 Pember- 
■**■ ton square (see page 732) 

Engineers. (Consulting.) 

Tower Geo. B. N. 33 School, rm. F 

Engineers. (Hydraulic.) 

WORKS uf Warren, Mass. 14 
Federal (see page 823) 

SHEDD & SAWYER, 7 Court sq. 
rm. 38 (see page 708) 

Engineers. (Mechanical.) 
Bacon F. W. 11 Pemb. sq. 
Bathriek H. E. 19 Tremont row 
Joyd James T. at Atlantic Works, 

East Boston 
Jrown Wm. S. 46 Court 
Coffin D. N. B. 224 State 
,'risp Joseph E. .'12 Hawley 
1USTIS W. E. C. 4 Pemberton sq. 
iates S. F. IS Pemberton square 
Iibbanl W. C. 40 State, room 45 

OMBARD N. C. 40 State, room 
J 41 

,x 120 Fulton (see page 849) 
ierce G W. 31 Pemberton square 

room 9 

2HEDD & SAWYER, 7 Court sq. 
' rm. 38 (see page 708) 
ower G. B. N. 33 School 
/endte W. C. 18 Pemberton sq. 

' Milk and 1176 Tremont 

Engineers (Metallurgical.) 
JUSTIS W. E. C. 4 Pemb. sq. 

Engineers. (Mining.) 
hnson G. J. 82 Devonshire 
jmpton C. W. 727 E. Fourth 

Engineers. (Telegraphic.) 
rmer M. G. 15 Congress 
ill Thomas, 19 Bromfield 
ebb & Stevens, 40Eromfield 

Engineers. (Topographical.) 
ailing H. F. 102 Chauncy 

Engineers Supplies. 

LLEN D. & CO. 28% Central 

(see page 703) 
LARK R. F. & CO. 72 Water 

(see page 826) 

Engine Hose. 

HOSE MF'G CO. Rob't Gems, 
treas. 3i3 Washington (see ad- 
vertising index) 


' e also Steam Boilers tfc Engines.) 
^iton Hydraulic Motor Co. 33 

lUJBBUCKS. E. & SONS, 971 

itOWTHER J. 35 Charlestown 

(see page 722) 
VLEY JOHN, 35 Charlestown 

(see page ~'>t) 

■|?n r r? R MACHINE WORKS, 
Vw Congress 
{llockj. W. (BHaverill 
ItG. F. 63 Haverhill 

SXb^ steam pump 

WOKlvS ot - warren, Mass. 14 
, ^r,,. e i a ^ lsee l> a S e «-3) 
, Lewis, E.B. 

I nr&&S i i lvr ' hm (hoisting) 
Milk, and 1170 Tremont 


"DASS C. H. 7 Exchange place 
XJ (see page 851) 
■*-' 28 Avon (plate, see page 849) 
■RERRY A. C. 12 West, room 7 
" (card) 

Blake & Bradbury, 498 Wash. 
Bolton J. B. 383 Washington 
Bouve E. W. 2 Winter (card) 
Boynton G. W. 425 Washington 
Bricher Henry W. 19 Tremont row 
Briggs Albert W. 370 Washington 

Briscoe D. 357 Washington 
Brown Nathan, 46 Court (wood) 
Brown S. E. 266 Wash, (wood) 
(]ARY W. A. 23 Water (wood, 
KJ see page 849) 

v Beacon 

Chabot Charles W. 23 Water 
Chambers Wm. S. 3 School, rm. 5 

Clapp George W. 353 Wash. 
fJLARK EDWARD E. 500 Wash- 
v ington 

fJOFFEY WM. H. 333 Washing. 
^ ton (wood) 

rjONANT JAMES S. 13 Franklin, 
v cor. Wash, (wood) 
^ (wood, see page 827) 
Dana W. J. 30 Franklin 
Daniels J. H. 223 Wash, (plate) 
Dearborn N. S. 3 School 
Eaton Henry M. 235 Wash. (wood) 
lenno Charles H. 327 Wash. 

x MANUF. CO. 197 Devonshire 

( see leaf opp . page 304) 
Fowle E. A. 7 Pemberton square 

-pRIZZ£LL W. H. 23 Temple 
■*■ place (see page 730) 
Griffin C. A. 351 Washington 
Griffin H. F. 49 Temple place 
Groibie Atnadee, 309 Washington 
Harriott John, 23 Winter, room 11 
Harris George G. 337 Washington 
Harvey L. A. 7 Tremont Row 
Haskell L. 75 Hanover 
Havens C. H. 12 West, room 14 
Hedge F. 36 Winter (wood) 
Holland J. W. R. ^35 Washington 
Johnson G. E. 9 Milk (wood) 
Kilburn S. S. 242 Wash., room 17 
]?NEIP FRED. R. 6 Province 
"■ court (stone seal, see page 829) 
Lowell John A. &. Co. 21 Exchange 

Lynch N. J. 25 Bromfield 
]\.f A N D E L & WERLITZ, 30 
*"■ Hanover (chemical; 
Matthews G. H. 12 School (wood) 
TVf AYER JULIUS & CO. 4 State 
■"■*■ (see page 708) 
McKechnie F. A. 178 Congress 
McLellan H. B. 7 Pemberton sq. 

Milliken D. L. 101 Milk 
Mitchell A. W. & Co. 192 Wash. 
■"■*■ inont 

Morse Geo. H. 12 West, room 14 
Porter E. F. 363 Wash, (frames) 
pROCTOR & MOODY, 37 West 


fe^,\^3g Charlestown 


it'i. axton Ca, y> manager, 
(| Wilk. cor. Congress 
'"od) & So "<' 5 Temple pi. 

ftlCHARDS JOS. B. & CO. 424 
■" Washington (stone) 
Rudd Nathaniel, 1 Pemberton sa. 
(wood) u 

Russell Albert C. 13 Pemberton sq. 

-" 194 Washington (see page 850) 
Scaiuman J. B. ji Bromh'eidOiietal ) 
^ School 

CCHOULER W. C. 302 Wash- 
KJ ington (wood) 
*^ (book binders' dies) 
Stockwell F. F. 99 Court 
Strauss F. A. 13 Franklin 
Stuart F. T. 42 Court (steel) 
Swett C. A. 21 Bromfield (steel) 
Talbot II. S. 26 School (silver) 
TPAYLOR J. L. 209 Washington, 
- 1 - room 39 (wood) 
Taylor W. H. 353 Wash. 
Walker Charles A. 42 Court, rooms 

22 and 23 (steel and wood) 
Wetherell C. E. & Co. 166 Cong. 
Whitney J. P. 433 Washington 
Wilcox J. A. J. 8 Pemberton square 

Wintrier C. A G. 172 Washington 
Xavier A. J. 245 Dudley 
Young Joseph D. 421 Washington 
Zetto John F. 235 Wash. rm. 16 


Bank Notes, Bonds, Bills of Ex- 
change, Certificates, Drafts, Ac. 
A. Claxton Cary, manager. 
Milk, cor. Congress 
1 MANUF. CO. 197 Devonshire 

(see leaf opp. page 304) 
Temple place (see page 730) 


(See also Pictures, Frames, &c) 
v Washington 
Crane A. O. 98 Kingston 
J)OLL & RICHARDS. 2 Park. 

J7JLLIOT L. A. & CO. 594 Wash. 

MANUF CO. 197 Devonshire 
(see leaf opp. page 804) 

M^ULT ON B. S. & CO. 42 

■"-"- Hanover 


~2 Tremont 

Washington (imported) 

Envelope 31 a nut's. 

BARTER, RICE, & CO. 252 
Devonshire, rear entrance Sul- 
livan place, 107 Federal (see 
page 830) ' 

Gardner B. A. Ill Fulton 

pROCTOR & MOODY, 37 West 


Souther George, 671 Dorchester av. 

Excelsior Ma nuts. 

Blanchard Wm. 18 Batterymarcb. 
Boston Excelsior Co., 26 Canal 
Brewer G. 75 Union 
Kittredge F. O. & Co. 10 Canal 

Experts in Patent Cases 

CPENCER A. H. 28 State, rm. 19 
•^ (see page 705) 


(See Index.) 

Extension Handle 

JJADGER E. S. 16 Temple place 
XJ (see page 711) 

Eyelet Manufacturers, 

Dunbar & Rhodes, 77 High 

Eyelet Tools. 

Eyelet Tool Co., G. W. Robbins, 
agent, 9 Green 

Ean Blowers. 


** ter s wharf 

fancy Soxes. 

pAIRD J. 21 Bedford (see inside 
back cover) 

Fancy Goods. 

* Importers and Wholesale Dealer t. 

Alexander C, Dorchester av. near 

" CO. 28 and 30 Federal, and 127 

Barrett Bros. 163 Hanover 
Bates G. H. W. & Co. 106 Sudbury 
Bauckman C. 845 and 895 Wash. 
Baxter I. J. 813 Washington 
Bayles L. Mrs. and Myra E. 144 

Chelsea, Charlestown 
♦Bellamy William, & Haley, 20 

Beloise H. H. 89 Dudley 
Bradley F. E. Mrs. 20 Mav'ck. sq. 
Brooks A. M. Mrs. 91 Leverett 
Brown F. P. Hi Dorchester 
Brown S. S. Miss, 263 Dudley 
" 90 and 92 Tremont 
Caro David, 749 Washington 
Chapman Thomas B. 1939 Wash. 
C '^l e ^ H - e , nry Mls ' U Pe^ins, C'tn 
(JOI.CORD WM. H. 298 Wash- 

Cole Isaac, 439& West Broadway 
Cole M. M. 637 Tremont 
Cole Etta M. 92 Entaw 
Crandon & Co. 89 Hanover 
CrofhitF. 2211 Washinston 
Crow George, 645 Tremont 
Crowhurst A. E. Mrs. 303 W.B'way 


Fancy Goods— Continued. 
Cutter K. M. Mrs. 46 Cambridge 
Davis Lewis F., Dorchester ave., 

cor. ML Vemou 
Davis W. S. & Co. 423 Wash. 
Dearborn Walter W. 2.34 Hanover 
Diamond H. W. 150 Tremont 
Dodge J. S. &Co.ll Hanover 
Dugan E. M. & W. A. Misses, 1843 

Eaton .1. S. Mrs. 129 Warren 
Ellis Maw M. 114 Dorchester 
Everett K*. D. Mrs. 246 Hanover 
Ferguson F. M. Miss. 186 Cabot | 
Flanders Adeline P. 622 E. Fifth 
Fogg Geo. E. & Co. 57 Hanover 
Ford S. J. 326 W. Broadway (toys) 
Foster M. E. 98 Carver 

" ~UCH A. & CO. 93 Franklin 


♦Frost Bros. & Co. 18 Chauncy 
Furniss K. T. Mrs. l'.Hil Wash. 
Gay E. E. Miss, 351 Tremont 
Gay & Wolf, 278 Devon. (wholesale) 
Gordon M. Mrs., Cambridge street, 

Green F. A. 675 Washington 
Greenleaf Mark H., Winship, 

Gwinn Isabella, SI Meridian 
Hadley W. II. 2167 Washington 
•Hammond F. P. 23 Kingston 
Harrington John & Co. li Tremont 

Tlarr >ld & Rowel], 4S0 Wash. 
Hasson Margaret, Miss, 255 West 

Broadway , 

Hawes, Butmau, & Co. 329 Wash. 
Haynes W. S. 1 Perkins. Chsn. 
Haynes & Ionian Mrs. 1997 Wash. 
♦Ilecht Bros. 498 Washington 

HEYEK BROS. 42 and 44 Frank- 
Houghton & Dutton, 6 Beacon 
Howe J. W. Mrs. 1130 Tremont 
Hunter L. G.,58 W. Cedar 
Hurd W. J. 1241 Washington 
Hyde * Co. 52 Chauncy 
Ives D. P. & Co. 26 and 28 Franklin 
Jackson Annie, Union sq., Allston 
Jackson llcnrv, 190 Princeton, E.B. 
Jackson Marv J. Mrs. 47 Leverett 
Johnson Win. F. 40V Cambridge 
♦Jones J. A. S: Co. 27 Avon 
Kean J. E. Miss. 69 Meridian, E.B. 
Kceler F. M. It Co. 298 Wash. 
Kendrick Geo. II. 13 Avon 
Learned It. L. 497 Tremont 
Levin Jas. F. 339 Washington 
Levy Ben & Co 119 Washington 
Levy J. C. 745 Washington 
Levy L.I. 721 Washington 
•Lewis M. A.&Co. 6 Milk 
Lewis Hi Blinn, 423 W. Broadway 
Lindsay R. A., Dorch, av. c. Locust 
•Linneniau C. A. 34 Chauncy 
Liscom A. M. 635 Tremont 
Livermore A. H. & Co. 11 Summer 
Long Thomas, 41 Summer 
Luring John C. 26 and 28 Tremont 

Lougee G. H. & Co, 1837 Wash. 
Lougce S. L. 126*4 Tremont 
Loveioy Alvan L. 393 W.asji. 
Marclungton J. P. & Co. 19 Fran- 

Marks B. A. Mrs. 733 Washington 
Mayhew A. M- 12 Tremont row 
Mayhew P. 36 Cambridge 
McCarthy E. Mrs. 15 W ; ay 
McCarthy E. Mrs. 234 W . Fourth 
McDonald A. S. Mrs 43 Koxbury 
McKenna M. 292 Meridian, E.B. 
♦McLauthlin C W, .56 Summer 
McLean O.H. Mrs. Scllopkins, 1U3 

McW<eeny Mary, 2 Meridian 
Mendum J. O. Mrs. 697 Tremont 
Morton M.B. & M.F. 25 Elm, Chsn. 
Munson 11. W. 18 Hanover 
Murphy S. A. Mrs. .1467 Wash. 
JNeagle K. & E. H28 Washington 
Nelson J. H. 772 Tremont 
Newcomb F- D. 15 Leverett 
Newton M- A..709 Tremont 
Nicholson W. II. & Co. 48 summer 
Norris & Co. 887 Washington 
Norton W. 2331 Washington 
JSludd Oliver F. .IDS Court 
Ormiston 11. M. & Co. 33 Bromfield 
Osgood G. K..59 Leverett 
Parker Brothers, 464 Washington 
-t 61 and £3 Hanover, and 102 

Patterson Henry W. 1227 Wash. 
Payson E T- 1« West Dedham 
Pearson & Moore, 98 Brooks, E. B. 
Perle Moses, 901 Washington 
Pike Sarah, 371 W Broadway 
Raymond Bros., 273 to 279 Wash- 
ington [row 
Raymond Goo. 4..-S;aud 8 Tremont 


Rogers S. I. Miss, 1455 Washington 
Rowe Annie Mrs. 203 Harrison av. 
•Sanders E. T. Mrs. 109 Brooks 
♦Sanders & Croswell, 23 Chauncy 
Sanderson G. A. Mrs. jO Berkeley 
Sawver Laban, 106 Cambridge 
Schafrer John M.62 Church 
Schmidt A. 108 Tremont 
CCHWARZ R. 497 Washington 

Shattuek M. F. & M. J. 106 Main 
•^ ington 

Smith E. B. 66 Cambridge 
Smith M. N. 405 Washington 
Sondlieini J. 1349 Tremont 
Southern E. II. 58 Green 
Spearman Alice Mrs. 32 W. Sev'nth 
♦Sprague & Trott, 53 Avon 
Stewart E. C. 1465 Washington 
Sullivan Kate Mrs. 56 Main, Chn. 
Taft Charles P. 102 Court 
Taylor George, 33 Oliver 
Tobey & Buker, basement Hotel 

Toppan F. B. 19 West [so. 

Treet Win. P. Mrs. 30 Maverick 
Tucker A. M. 85 Main (dry goods) 
Turncy E. M. Mrs. 284 Hanover 
Tyrrell Catharine, 224 E. Eighth 
Van Beerstyne B. 121 Court 
Wallach A. & E. 13 Avon 
Wardwcll & Co. 7 Bowdoin sq. 
Warner S. M. 269 Main 
Wemyss Chas. C. 232 Bunker Hill 
Werbalski M. 77 Salem 
Weston John H. 36 Central sq. 
White J. E. Mrs. 20.1 Ruggles 
Whiting A. .1. 58 Summer 
Whiting W. H. 486 W . Broadway 
Whittemore A. 226 Bunker Hill 
Wilde Wm. Mrs., Market, Brighton 
Williams gt Byard, 115 Leverett 
Woodman 11. A. 491 Washington 
Young Wm. jr. 105 Summer 

Fancy Leather. 

148 Summer (sec page 717) 

Fancy Leather Good*. 

Hipkiss S. 69 Cornhill 
Hodgdon John W. 23 School 
Nagle F. M. 29 Avery 
Spencer J. 14 Washington 

Fancy Paper Uoods, 

BAIRD J. 21 Bedford (see inside 
back cover) 

Fancy Woods. 

p OLDSMITH F. L. 36Ji Char- 

*-* don 

JOHNSON BROS. 159 Friend 

■*■ Travers 

Farm Agents. 

■NJASON & METCALF. 21 School 

Fayal Goods. 

Harper G. It. 23 Bedford 

Feather Dusters. 

-pASTHAM W. W. 352 Wash. 

Gwillim Bros. 26^ Portland 

SH O U It D S C. F. 20 Union 
(manuf. ostrich) 

Feather Trimmings. 

Briere E. Mrs. 37 Winter 
Gidney Paul M. 32 Winter 
Methot H. 43 Winter 

Feathers, Beds, .fee. 

(See also Bedding, Feathers, etc.) 
TJALLETT & CO. 17 Dock sq. 

Feed Cutters. 

BILLINGS J., Brighton avenue, 
AlWon (see page 725) 

Feed Water ltegulator 

and Alarm. 

RENSHAW L. F. 83 School, 
room F. (see page 731) 

Felt Manufs. 

Am. Ash Felting Co., C. M. O'Ha- 
ra, 55 Kilby 

■"- W ..Sayre., s.upt. 11 Pemberton 

BACON C. N. 22 Exchange place 

Boston Felt Wick Co. 8 N. Mark't 
*J Water (roofing felt, see p. 732 ) 


L' 55 Congress, room 67 I hair felts) 

CO., L. L. Willeutt, treasurer, 
22 Milk (roofing felt) 
- 1 - 46 Federal, and 143 Congress 

(hair and wooll 
piCi:, KENDALL, & CO., 91 
■** Federal (paper manufacturer! 

fcltmg, see page 828) 
Shuck D. P. 23 .south 
CTOREY J. C. & CO. 10 Stat* 
'--' ( see page 89 ' 1 

Train S. G. 24 Federal (importer) 
U. S. & Foreign Salamander Felt- 
ing, John Babson, 130 Connn'l 

Fencing Foils and 

T EIGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 
u West 

■*■ Tremont 


Arnold II. B. & Co. 59 Blackstone 

BARTLE1T C. L. & CO. 16 
Bowker W. II. & Co. 43 Chatham 

■L> 24 Brmul 

Bradlev Win. L. 27 Kilby, room 3 
■now' WILLIAM II. 59 Black- 
u stone (see page 762) 
• lJ Ballou, pics., 15 Pemberton sq. 
Matlield Fertilizer Co., 13 Doaue 
Pacific Guano Co. 23 Sears blilg. 
x Market, and 46 Merchants row 
Randall Benj., Chelsea, 11. Eagle, 
Tucker Joseph A. 13 Doane (Coe'i 

File Manufacturers and 

George E. & J., N. corner E. Sixth 
fiORMAN M. 92 Beverly (man- 
" ufacturcr, see page 732) 
llallainshiie Steel and File Co 
James Skinner, agent. 43 Kflta 
I£1LNER JAMES, 40 Dorch- 
■1^- ester uve. me 
Moore Bros. 68 Lewis, E.B. 
Sunderland & Ogdeu, P, cor. Fin 
T1IHLEIN 11. P. 15 Cornhil 
*~> (inanutr's agents, see p. 825) 


Puffer W. E. 50 Sudbury 

Finished Case Hard, 
ened Muts. 

agent, 92 and 94 Broad 

Fire Bricks, Clay ant 

PIPE CO., 730 Albany, opp 

City Hospital 
u Water 

■^ Federal, near O. C. depot „ 
r P. Cutler & Co. 10 Olive 

fsee page 721) 
TIO'XIE T. W. & CO. 236 Stat' 

K, near East First 
Stodder Charles, 131 Devonshire 

Fire Clay. 

K. near East First 
" onshire, room 36 (see p. iw 

Fire Fiiffines. 

flUNNEMAN & CO. 26 Union 
ll and 14 lluiineinau 

WORKS of Warren, Mais 
14 Federal (stationary, K 
page 823) 

Fire Extinguishers. 

Babcock Manuf. Co. 9 Federal 
Stoddard W. C. 9 Federal 

Fire Proof ISuildlng 



Fire Works. 

CO. 5S and .30 Federal 
HEYER BROS. 42 and 44 Frank- 
MYDE & C0.52Chauncv(man- 
'- J - ufaeturers) 

MASTEN C. E. 18 ITawley (see 
page 830) 
^yELLS B. T. 18 Hawley 


Dealers in Fi'esh Fish. 
Warns J. & Co. 27 Comm'l wharf, 

north side 
Andrews, Rich, & Co. 9 and 11 

Comm'l wharf, north side 
Lrrowsmith Richard, 185 Sumner 
UwoodE. 106 Pleasant 
Uwood Jes^e & Co. 58 Chelsea, C'n 
Uwood John, 1.5 Commercial whf. 
Itwood Simeon, 211 Federal 
Sacon J. & Sun. 6 Boylston 
Juker, Witherell, &"Co. 36 Com- 
mercial wharf' 
Jarrows C. E.. Washington, L. M. 
lennctt John C. 1780 Washington, 

and 158 Northampton 
JoardinanT. C. & Co. .323 Main 
irackett D. C. 49 Warren, Chsn. 
Irackett & Blunchard, 215 Com'l 
Jrown, Seavey, & Co. 20 and 34 

Commercial wharf 
5rown & Wood, 7S W. Springfield 
JuckmanJ. 75 Commercial wharf 
Junting & Emery, 54 Commercial 
-urns J. & Co. 49 Atlantic avenue 
-aiT Horace G.,Lynde,c. First.Ch. 
chamberlain E. U. 559 Treiuont 
Chapman Amos & Co. in Charles 
chapman Samuel, Idol Wash, 
chapman Wm. N. 54 (Jreen 
chipman & Higgins. .315 E 
clark W. G. 29 Comm'l wharf, 

north side 
coleinan. Son, & Co. 58 Comc'l whf. 
cook Robert, Dor. av. n. Wash. 

L. M. 
coyrie Patrick, O. cor. E. Eighth 
>osby Thomas. 15 Vernon 
>owell Fred. 064 East Broadway 
3yer Caleb, 1619 Washington 
inslin Edward, 1.384 Tremont 
?allon AV. F., Centre, near Bur- 
roughs, J. P. 
?lagg Owen, 56 Dorchester 
rreeman James E., 711 Tremont 
freeman R. R. 67 F 
Jardner Chas. 11. & Son, 2613 

Jould Charles W. 179 Bunker Hill 
jrnffin, Thompson, & Co. 176 At- 
lantic av. 
Hall Luke, Wash. opp. Market, 

Handford S. E. 118 Harrison av. 
Harding J. L. 2iiS .Meridian. E.B. 
Harding F. E. 26 Com'l whf. north 

Harris Geo. M. 10.5 Warren Dudley 
Haskell E. C. 1049 Washington 
Haskell Win. & Co. 44 Com'l whf. 
Haskins Brothers, 37 and : 38 Com. 

mercial wharf 
Hasson John, 40 Hampden 
Hawes J. Y. 342 Hanover 
l-rr'S 8 L - H - lu7 Dorchester, and 
691 E. Fourth 
Hinckley Isaiah, 34 Wash, market 
Holbrook H. A. & Co. 10 Com- 
mercial wharf 
Holbrook J. G. 126 Main 
Ho den A. H. 157 W. Broadway 
Holmes N. P. & Co. 11 Comm'l whf. 
Hopkins N. S . 562 Shawmut ave. 
Hopkins R. R. i-i;c Unio „ Park st- 
Horngan J. F. 34 Bunker Hill 
Howes R A. 1.3 Commercial wharf 
Hudson J. H. vol Dorchester 
Jackson G. D. 64 Anderson 
Johnson B. C. 34 Charles 
Johnson F. H. 114 F.H. market 
Johnson Geo. P. 100 Tremont, and 
19 Montgomery pi. 

I s '.-,, A £ " Union, c. Friend, 
and loll Court 

Johnson & Smith, 49 Bromfield 

^"yS-S 1035 Washington 

Kimball T.G. 199 Eliot 

K»owlesJi Sons, 121 F. H. mkt. 

frogman Joseph, is Derne 

LaKeinan R. \v. 103 C 

Lan.p.'e&MeMunns, 13 Commer- 
cial wharf, north side 

Langley F. A. fi.32 Tremont 
Levi I. 33 Church 

f Sc?i?i",4- 1- t] r ' uiId ™w 

ina,kef Brothers - 24 Williams 

Litchfield D. & Co. 210 Friend 

Lombard A. R. C. 38 Warren 
Lombard O. C. 28 Commercial wf. 

north side 
Lowe G. F. F. 40 Orleans 
Maguire E P. 206 Centre, ward 21 
Mangles A. J. 331 Sumner 
Manslield A. & Co. 71 Pleasant 
Marsh Eli C. 66 Bartlett. Chsn. 
Marston John &. Co. 207 Comm'l 
McManus Thomas, .371 Sumner 
Morse Hiram, i5s Main 
Nason Samuel C. 2107 Washington 
Newhall George A. 15 Bunker Hill 
Newton G. E. 270 .Main 
Oakman W. S. 2.31 Main 
Paine I. B..30S Tremont 
Parrot & Eldridge, 171 Hampden 
Phillips G. W. & Bro. 213 Comm'l, 

and 47 Atlantic avenue 
Prior P. II. & Co. .30 Comm'l whf. 
Prior Win. jr. & Co. 127 F. II. mkt. 
Proctor D. 9 St. Charles market 
Rich N. D., 2375 Washington 
Rich Samuel, 2 Suffolk market 
Rich S. & Co. 7 Com'l whf. (com.) 
Rich & Barnard, 14 Union market 
Richards & Wright, 31 and 32 Com- 
mercial wharf 
Robbins Henry G. 237 Bunker Hill 
Rogers & Watts, 40 Comm'l whf. 
Rugg & Litchfield. 108 B.ackstone 
Ruth Matthew. 124.'! Tremont 
Ryder G. M. .3.55 Shawmut avenue 
Ryder L. 23 Perkins, Chariestown 
Saunders & Bearse, 3.32 Tremont 
Saville J. B., Park, n. Clayton, U.S. 
Seaverns S. 41 Dearborn 
Seger & Story, 15 Commercial whf. 

north 6ide 
Shattuck & Jones, 128 Fan. II. mkt. 
Sheehan P. H. 135.3 Tremont 
Small E. 247 Meridian, E.B. 
Smith G. L. 83 Meridian 
> Smith John & Son, 4 Warren ave. 

Snell M. A. 2 Boylston market 

Snow Henry, 1 Boylston market 

Snow S. Si Co. 6 Commercial wharf 
Snow & Fuller, 12 Comm'l wharf 
Starks H. C. 375 Main 
Stone D. F. 203 South 
Stone George G. 102 Cambridge 
Stone Edward J. 62 Harvard, Chn. 
Stone H. D. & Bro. 56 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Stowe C. H. 154 Cambridge 
Sylvester J. S. 194 Cambridge 
Taylor James G 16 Meridian 
Taylor & Mayo, 7 and S Commercial 

Tewksbury M. G. 1403 Washington 
Tripp George D., Dor. av. near 

Tubman W. 116 Kendall 
Upton R. A. & Son, 52 Wash, mk't 
Wade G. W.. Union sq., Allston 
Walker & Rich. 113 Fan. H. market 
Ward Nath'l F. 19 Vine, Chsn. 
Whitten & Cropley. 8 Bennington 
Whitney W. H. 11^ Harrison av. 
Whittum Geo. E., Neponset ave. n. 

Wiley & Stnbbs, 15 Comm'l wht. 
Williams William, 12 Fleet 
Woodburn F. C. 1224 Tremont 

Dealers in Salt and Pickled Fish. 
Blanchard & Dickinson, 53 Long 

Brown Edward, 237 State 
Brown George F. & Co. 294 State 
Curtis John, SO Norfolk av. 
Davis Sam'l G. & Co. 56 Long whf. 
Dowd John, 7 Jeffries, E. B. 
Endieott S. A. & Co. 222 State 
Freeman Knowles & Co., Snow's 

wharf, and 382 Atlantic av. 
Gerrish, French, & Co. 21 Com- 
mercial, and Carleton's whf. E.B. 
XI AWLEY WM. II., Marginal, 
-*■■*■ corner Jeffries, E.B. (eurer) 
Jones T. J. & Co. 176 Atlantic av. 
Mayo Henry & Co. 54 Commerce, 
145 So. Market, and Mayo's whf. 
Mayo Noah, head T wharf 
Mitchell & Co. 51 Long whf. 
Nickerson Edward G. 214 State 
Pickert, DeButts, & Co. 404 Atlan- 
tic avenue 
Potter & Wrightington, 197 Atlan- 
tic av. (wharf and warehouses at 
East Boston) 
Rich Isaac & Co. 35 Comm'l 
Rich Richard, Jeffries, opposite 

Segar & Story, 15 Commercial whf. 

north side 
Skinner James, 19 Dorchester 
Snow David & Co. 416 to 428 Atlan- 
tic avenue 
Snow Franklin & Co., 176 Atlantic 
ave., bead T wharf 

Wade G. W., Union sq., Allston 
Walton Georges Co. 191 Atlantic 

White, Frame, & Co. 388 Atlantic 

Whittum G. E., Neponset av., cor. 

Woodward H. E. & Co., Fort Hill 

wharf, and 446 Atlantic aveuue 

Fish Bureau. 

Wilcox W. A. sec. 180 Atlan. av. 

Fishing Lines. 

■ a - CO 43 Commercial (see page 

Fishing Tackle. 
" 374 Wash. opp. BromfieM 
Nickerson & Baxter, 90 Commer- 
cial (deep sea) 


Baldwin & Emerson, Plympton, 

near Harrison avenue 
" cor. W. Fourth (see page 720) 



■pREWF.R & WHEELER, 498 

XJ Atlantic av. 

T?RICKS(>X A. 33 No. Market 

*-* (see page 726) 

LEIG11TOX S. P. & CO. 22 West 


x 104 Tremont 

VALE R. M. 29 South Market 
* opp. dome Quincy market 

Flavoring Extract Mail- 

piCKXELL W. F. & CO. 123 

\\ ater (coloring) 
Bowker II. L.&Co. 1.32 Milk 
Burnett Joseph & Co. 27 Central 
Chapman II. S. (agent) 59 Eliot 
Colgate & Co. 21 Blackstone 
rtROSSMITH C. W, & CO. 175 
*-" High, Fort Hill sq. (see p. 730) 
Kellogg L T. & Co. 390 Tremont 
Leavitt John L. 64 Broad 
Martin John B. & Co. 54 Broad 
National Chemical Co., C. D. 

Weld & Co. props.. 207 Siate 
Stetson & Wood, 140 Commercial 


Boston Flax Mills, Chas. T. Hub- 
bard, treas. 85 Commercial 


{See also Nurserymen.) 
Bartlett W. H. L. 525 Tremont 
Black John A. 411 Warren 
Blanchard John W., Park, corner 

Commercial, U.S. 
Bowditch A. 645 Warren 
pjOWDITCH W. E. 645 Warren 

Bunker M. B. 10 Main 

Calder Augustus P., junction Blue 

Hill ave. and Back st, Boston line 
Calder & Wiswall, Tremout, cor. 

Cefrey A. T. 4 Tremont row 
Clapp E. B. 369^ West Broadway, 

and Boston, near Mount Vernon 
Clarendon Floral Mart, 525 Tre- 
Clark J. P. 1 Park 
Coffey M., 612 Dudley 
XJ mont 
Croughan P., Arlington place, 

^ BURN, d5 Tremont 
Dady Michael, Buttonwood 
Deady Arthur, 208 H 
Dee & Doyle, 57 Tremont 
Dervin John, Olnev, n. Bowdoin. 

Doogue Wm. 849 Washington 
Eltz Richard, East, near Adams, 

Ewell William S.. Howard, near 

Bird-street station 
Foster J. A., Mather, Dorch. 
Foster L. H., King, Dorch. and 100 

yj mont 
Galvin John, Scarborough, near 

Morton, Forest Hills station 
Gammell J. F. 11 Tremont 
Gormley John, 11 Tremont 
Greenlaw Alexander, 2017 Wash. 




Florists — Continued. 
REENWOOD A. 1375 Wash. 

Treniont. and 53 West 
Grtindel H. 3053 Washington 
Hession Stephen J. 13S Main, 
Holbrook G. L. 633 Warren 
Hovey C. H. & Co. 22 Tremont 
Jackson James. S»j7 East Filth 
Lawkr Jolin, Milton, cor. Gran- 

ite av. Dorch. 
Love Wni., Withington, Dorch. 
Marroth John, 5 Hudson, ward 20 
May H. A. 193 Fremont 
McDowell F., E Sixth, between 

G and H 
McLaren Anthony M., Wash. cor. 

Morton, Forest Hills station 
McNulty E. P., Savin Hill av. 
McTear -hunts. Mrs. 3039 Wash. 
Minton Bros., Adams, c. Shelton, 

Niel & Kennerly, Washington, cor. 

Coffee court 
l^EWMAN J. & SONS, 7 Trem't 

Norton Bros. Hotel Berkeley, and 

Bowdoin, cor. Olney, Dorch. 
Nugent Jame6, Lamartine, corner 

Cedar avenue, J. P. 
O'Brien James, Union av. near 

Washington, J. P. 
Page William E., St. Mary's, n. 

Brighton av. 

PAKKEK R. G.& CO. 516 Tre- 
mout, and Washington, cor. 
Homer, Dorch 
Rough James 1559 Washington 
Smith H. E., Eliot so., and Wales 

pi. Dorch. 
Snow T. N.. Mather, Dnrch. 

STEIKRT BROS. 3070 Washing, 
Stewart W. J. £ Co. 98 Treniont 
Storv E. A. N.. Beacon, Allston 

STRONG WM. C. & CO. 98 Tre- 
mi nit, and Nouantum Hill, 
Thayer 11. F.890 Warren 
Townsend Bros. 169 Tremont 
Trautniau M. 803 and 307 Warren 

TWOMBLY S. W. & SONS, 161 
Vass William J., Columbia, opp. 

Stanwood av. 
"yyELLS B. T. 18Hawley 

Weltin Charles. Washington, cor 

Morton, Forest Hills station 
Flour «fc Grain l»ea»lers. 

Abbott & dishing. 49 Commercial 
Ayer & Farwell, 30 Commerce 
Baker Timothy, 154 Commercial 
Balch W. P. 28 Blackstone 
Bartlett Brothers & Co. 102 State 
Bartlelt John D., Cambridge, near 

Allston station (hay and straw) 
Battey W. A. 218 State (flour) 
Belknap & Boynton, 1 Blackstone 
Beckford C. II. & J. W., Dorch. av. 
near Comm'l. and Ncponset av., 
near Taylor, Dorch. 
Blake & Page, 47 Commercial 
Boston City Flour Mills, 41 Com- 
mercial wharf 
Boston Flour Co., H. Tucker, 

agent, 96 Union 
Bosworth C. E. 202 State (flour) 

BOWDLEAR S. G. & CO. 192 
and 194 State 
Brockway C. G. & Co. 220 to 226 

Bronson J. T. 221 State 
Butler, Adams, & Breed, 176 South 

Campbell Brothers. 187 and 189 

Dorchester avenue 
Chadbourn H. & Co. 58 Com'l 
Cheever George II. 3 Commercial 

(oat-meal, &c.) 
Checkering, Munroe, & Co. 54 

Clapp John J. 282 Wash. 
Clark Samuel, 37 Commercial 
Clark & Co. 5 India 
Clough B. F. & Co.. Canal, betw'n 

So. Eden and Mill, Chsn. 
Connell A. H. 1194 Harrison ave. 
Cotton Myron L. 202 State (broker) 
Crockett Bros. 8 Central wharf 
Crosby S. & Son, 21 Dorchester av. 
Crosby & Blanev, 60 Commerce, and 

153 South Market (flour) 
Crowell P. & Sons, 9 Merchants row 
Cuminings C. H. & Co. 26 Com'rce 
Cutter C. L. & Co. 22 So. Market 
Cutting, Winch, & Co. 3 Kilby 
Davis Sam'l M. (broker), 104 State 
Davis W. R. 102 State (grain) 
Davis St Taylor, 24 Canal 
Deau Gco.H. 185 and 187 Camb'ge 

Dean Russell. 202 Lincoln 
TMZER J. T. 146 So. Market (see 
V front colored page) 
Dodge & Smith. 22 Broad (corn) 
Dorr, Hcald. i Co. 30 Commerce 
Dorr, Loring, & Co. 32 Commerce 
Dow & Gurncy. Beacon, junction 

Brighton av. (grain) 
Duffy Philip & Son. 68 Hampden 
Dunn Patrick, 322 Albany 
Eaton, Saw ver, & Co. 21 S. Market 
Edgerly Charles B. 4 Com'l wharf 
Edmands James F. & Co. 172 State 
Eustis & Darling, 1»6 S. Market 
Faber Paul. 22 So. Market 
Favor F. F. 102 State 
Faxon, AVilliams, & Faxon, 203 

Felt Charles W. & Co. 173 State 
Feuno J. P. & Co.. 238 Centre, Wd. 
21, Green, n. Centre, J. P. ana 
176 Norfolk avenue 
Fisk W. C. & Co. 2 Kingston 
Foster J. 11. & Co. 104 State 
Frve J. C. & Co. 21 Faneuil Hall sq. 
Ga'lligan P. & Co. 21 Lewis, E.B. 
Gardner. Stone, & Co. 137 and 139 

S. Market, and 46 Commerce 
Gill John W. 2380 Washington 
Gilman, Cheney, St Co. 28 Mer- 
chants row 
Gould Edward L. 173 State (corn) 
Grant S. M. 374 Harrison ave. 
Gray ]). B. 78 Commercial 
Greeley Jos. 188 State (brok.) 
Greenougli James & Co. 27 Doane 
Griggs Benj. F. 634 Shawmut ave. 
Hagar G. W. & J. B. 278 State 
Hamlin & Wright, 5 Broad 
Hardy R. J. & Co. 21 Doane (com.) 
Harvey Chas. C. & Co. I6G State 
Hathaway & Woods, 24 Commerce 

HeathfleldT. D. 188 State (grain) 
Hills St Bro. 243 South. undOS I'tica 
Ilinman & Co. 78 Commercial 
Holmes F. M. 42 Commercial 
Hopkins James, W. First, cor. B 
Hosmer, Crampton, & Hammond, 

51 Commercial 
Houghton Joseph , 1147 Treniont 
Howard Owen, 112 Mcrrimac 
Howe F. I. & Co. 66 Commercial 
Howes, Crocker. & Co. 76 Comm'l 
Hovtst Reed, 127 State (coudimen- 

tal foods ) 
Humphrey & Co. 214 State 
Jackson E. F. & Co. 57 Corril. 
Jackson & Morss, ISO State 
Johnson Hiram, 52 Com'l 
Jones L. II. & Co. 227 Dorch. ave. 
Kennev Thomas, 1 Chelsea, E. B. 
Kimball & Bates, 3 Commercial 
Lamson J. F. 104 State 
T AM SON & COTTON, 10 Com- 
•^ mercial 
Lane & Co. 200 State 
Langdon & Burleigh, 186 State 
LeBetter D. L. 91 Lowell 
Lewis A. S. & W. G. & Co. 58 

Long wharf 
Lincoln Beza. 124 Commercial 
Litchfield J. 11. & Co. 151 South 
Lord & Webster, 250 Commercial 
Luther S. A. 57 Commercial 
May William, 155 South Market 
Maynard & Sons, 34 Commercial 
Mc'Conkey D. E. & Co. 153 South 

McElroy Henry, 2146 Washington 
McPherson & Kendall, 204 State 
Mendum W. B & Co. 12 Wash. 
Monks & Co., E, cor. Athens 
Moore, Ayer, St Co. 229 State 
Morrison Frank R. 70 Meridian 
Munroe Otis.92 ConnnercinKgrain) 
Newcomb John .1. 124 So. Market 
Newhall II. B. 70 Broad (grain) 
New England Flour Store, 205 

Nichols John S. jr. 38 So. Market 
Osboru J. W. 123 Commercial 
Page, Stearns, it Co. 27 Comm'l 
Paifrey & Pease. 93 Union 
Parsons Charles A. 30 Beverly 
Pierce A. D. & Co. 186 and 194 

Plumer & Co. 173 State (flour) 
Porter T. M. & J. M. 382 W. B'way 
Porter St Co. 615 Atlantic avenue 
Powers, Melvin, & Co. 16 Canal 
Proctor Brothers, 414 Charles 
Quincy Thomas D. & Co. 40 Com- 
mercial (flour and grain) 
Ranlet D. W. & Co. 8 Exchange 

Read, Hawkins, & Reed. 221 and 

223 State 
DEED H. T. & CO. 2 So. Market 

Robinson James F., Neponset ave. 

n. Taylor, Nep. 
Robinson & Fellows, 144 State 

Scudder Horace & Co. 123 Comm'l 
Suiail J. H.. Orlears, opp. Everett 
Smiths Monks, 189 State 
Soper J. E. & Co. 2 India 
Southard & Frost, 21 Com'l 
Stewart, Moves. & Co. 68 Com'l 
Stncklen P. 120 Hampden, and 467 

Blue Hill av. 
Sweet B. D. 2:4 State 
Taylor & Topper, No. Beacon, 

Tevlin Thos. 16 Richmond (grain) 
Thayer W. F.. agent. 202 State 
Tower it Joy, 55 Commercial 
Towne L. 202 State (flour) 
Tufts N. & Son, 52 Warren av. and 

rear 553 Main, Chsn. (grain) 
United States Feed Co. 96 Beverly 
Upham G. P. & Co. 206 State 
Upton S.J. 201 Causeway 
Wade C. H. 22 Broad 
Vinal H.W.I 12 Coiumercial(graln) 
Wade.* Bassett. 174 State 
Wadleigh & Littlefield, S4 Com'l 
W : are John S. & Co. 27 Commercial 
Welch Charles A. & Co. 130 State 
Wheeler F. S. 174 State 
Whitcher B. C. 224 State 
WhittenioreC. W., Given. c. Wash 

and Green, c. Elm, J. P. 
Wilde E. A. 68 Commercial 
Williams E. & Co. 15 Central wh» 
Williams St Beau, 221 State 
Wilison John, 48 State, r. 1 (flo r) 
Wise Frank W. 3 Kilby 
Wise Thomas, jr. 568 Dorch. av. 
Woodward, Brown, St Co. 21 So. 

Wright & Whitcomb. 38 Commerce 

Flower Pots. 
Clapp E. B. 369^ W. Broadway 

Flowers (IViituriil Pre. 

Cnshman A. W. .Mrs. 252 Sh'mtaT. 
Noble C. A. 265 Treniont 
Bobbins Marie B. Mrs., Stoughton, 

n. Pleasant, Ward 24 
Sherman A. A. 493 Washington 

Foreien Postage Stampi 

Trifet F. 61 Court 


Boston Forge Co., Win. N. Fisher, 

superintendent, foot of Maverick 

WILKINSON A. .1. & CO. 184 
Wash, (see page 708) 

Forwarding Agents. 

(See also Transportation Ai/enU.) 
Dana I. D. foot India wharf 
French & Co., O. C. R. R. height 
Pearson O. G. & Co. 99 Oliver 

Foundries (Stove.) 
Highland Foundry, 129 Pynehon 

Fouualry Facings. 


r Cutler St Co. 10 Oliver (se* 

page 721 ) 
Suffolk Milling Co. 33 Central 

Foundry Piddles. 

(See al*o Wire Workers.) j 
ion (see page 704) 

Foundry Supplies. 

r P. Cutler & Co. 10 Oliver (see 

page 721) 
U. S. Foundry Supply Co. 12 No. 

Freestone »fc I-iniestnne. 

** ing, c. Farnhnin (see page 721) 

LOMBARD & CO., Lewis whf., 
c. Atlantic ave. (see page 712) 

Fresco Painters. 

(See also Painters— Fresco.) 
L> berton square 

School 'see page 829) _ 

MoPl I ERSt )N W. J. 440 Treniont 
(see page 727) 
"T>INN LolUS, 502 Treniont (see 


vv Hair. av. „, 




Fret Snwlnff. 
flHEOTER WM. F. 18 and 21 
*-* Harvard pi. 
Frye W. R. 104 Portland 
Littichalc A. 84 Utica 
CMITII & JACOBS, 65 Wareham 

Fringe* and Xaggels. 

DURR, BROWN, & CO. 163 
*-* Devonshire (manufs.) 
Dav llcnrv. 19 Franklin 
1 44 Winter 

Shoenfuss F. 383 Wash, (manuf.) 
ShubertL. 33 Temple pi. 
Wolf Samuel (manuf), 102 Sum- 
ner. £. B. 

Fruit. (WTiokiale.) 
Alexander Bros. & Co. 47 Chatham 
Baker G. & Co. I Merchants row 
Bliss William C.24 Merchants row 
Bond J. & Co. 11 Fancnil Hall sq. 
Brown A. S.& J. & Co. 110 State 
Church E. P. 3 New F. H market 

Cole & Robbins, 6 and 8 Broad 
Cunant J. F. & Co. 50 Chatham 
Crocker & Blake. 57 Chatham 
Dean G. W. & Co. 13 Merch. row 
3rant E. T. & Co. 12 Fan. Hall sq. 
3rover & Merritt, 52 Chatham 
drover & Richardson, 7 Merch- 

chaiits row 
flanlv A. 30 Merchants row 
Hooper \V. L. & Co. 4! S. .Market 
Hudson & Daiip, 37 Washington 
Kendall A. A. 1 Faneuil Hall so. 
Patch A. G. & Co. 1 New Fan. Hall 

market (cellar) 
Philbrook Bros. 141 Blackstone 
Richardson Geo. E. & Co. 1 F. H. 

ROGERS W. O. & CO. 152 So. 
Ly - Market 

Sawyer SiSawtell, 11 Merchants row 
5pear Chas. II. & Co. 30 Broad 
Spear & Co. 10'j So. Market 
Stratton & Moors, 14 Broad 
Tyler J. C. & Co. .54 Chatham 
Weeks E. L. & Co. 14 Merch. row 

Fruit. (Retail) 
idams John. 2 N. F. H. Market 

(we6t end, outside) 
Andrews & Glcason,7 New Faneuil 

Hall market, and cellar 3% do. 
iverill Geo. H 14 Citv Hal av. 
Vvc-ry W. H. 15 Change av. 
ivery & Maynard, 18 F. II. Mar- 
ket, south side 
Bacigalupo Francois, 2112 Hanover 
iarnes & Stuart, l'J F. II. market 

Bourne & Co. 13 Fan. Hall market 

(cellar), north side 
Canterbury G. W. 2 Union market 
^anwell (J. B. 1 Water, cor. Wash. 
-arrellB. 118 Cambridge 
2asciO. 20 Merrim ac 
pollen R. 73 Cambridge 
^olbum & Carr, 147 Main 
3unant & Bean, ,84 Kan. Hall mkt. 
3oniior*tCo. 1231 Washington 
-urrierA. F. 87 Green 
-urtis & Co. 104 Faneuil Hall mkt. 
Javis.Chapin. & Co. 83 F. H. mkt. 
Davis John. 238 Friend 
De Ferari A. 261 Hanover 
DeFerrari & Lagorio,6 Howard 
Donati John, 400 Hanover 
Drake John B. & Co. 144 So. Mkt. 
Dunn C. T. & Co. 13 Fan. Hall mkt. 

Egerton Chaales C. 137 Court 
Ewings & Locke. II) Faneuil Hall 

market (cellar) 
FarnumJ. D. 19 Merchants' row 
Farnum & Co. 108 F. Hall market 
bascoli A. 85 Causeway 
Pinan M.T. west end F.H. market 
FiskeR. &Co. 11 Leverett 
Forsyth Robert, 91!) '1'remont 
Gallagher John, KB W. Broadway 
Gardello Lorenzo, 105 North 
Uazale & Nicolini, Washington, c. 

Giberson J. H. 242 Hanover 
Gieason Albert, 217X Bunker Hill 
Gleason W. & Co. 12 Faneuil Hall 

market (cellar) 
Goss William II. 1141 Wash. 
Grossman M. 121:; Treniont 
Grossman R. 12!) Cambridge 
Hae Henry N. 127 Kingston 
Hall H. A.& Son, 16 Fan. H.mkt. 

(cellar), and 95 Clinton 
Hall & Cole. 102 Faneuil Hall mkt. 
Harris M. E. 2 Change axe. 
HMand, Chessman, & Co. 21 Fan. 

Hall market (cellar) 

Hill, Tibbetts. & Co. 103 F. H. mkt., 

and 89 Clinton 
House J. L. 
Jenkins James J. 127 South 
Johnson George. 16 Boylston mkt. 
Law less Peter, 118 Kingston 
Lawrence Charics. New Faneuil 

Hall market (cellar) 
JINCOLN M. 21 Essex 

Locke I. 101 Faneuil Hall market 
Lowell Bros. 4 New Faneuil Hall 

market (cellar) 
Mackintosh & Frost, 21 Faneuil 

Hall market (cellar) 
Maxwell R. E. south west corner 

New Fan. Hall market 
McClusky P. U88 Shawmut av. 
Mead Frederick, I00U Court 
Montague E. M. 11 Wash. 
Morrison Chas. E. & Co. 14 Faneuil 

Hall market (cellar) 
Neville J., Atlantic avenue, cor. 

Lewis wharf 
Nicoline Joseph, Warren bridge 
NimsC. P. W. 8 Eliot 
Parker Nathan M. 1401 Wash. 
Patch A. G. & Co. 1 New F. Hall 

market (cellar) 
Pinientel Daniel, 175 W. Broadw'y 
Polearo G. 7 Eastern av. 
Ray & Howes, 13 Change av. 
Roberts A., Warren bridge 
Samuel M. 151 Dover 
Sands, Furber, & Co. 88 F. H. mkt. 
Shorey C. E. S. 957 Wash. 
Silsby B. F. 94 Court 
Simmons, Amsden, & Co. 94 Fan- 
euil Hall market 
Slocom Isaac E. & Son. 328 and 

395 Wesl Broadwav 
Smith C. W. & Co. 12) Lincoln 
Smith W. B. 97 and 99 Faneuil 

Hall market 
Solari M., Leverett. nr. bridge 
Solari Peter, 13(1 Blackstone 
Southwick B. F. 1 Suffolk market 
Stiibbe Charles, 80 Beach 
Thomas T. W. 260 Friei d 
Tierney Michael, so. east corner 

Faneuil Hall market 
Tucker Howard A. 102 Harr. ave. 
Ward A. H. 981 Washington 
Wellington & Smalley, 15 Bo}istun 

White Isaiah, 100 Tremont 
Whitney E. T., 21 Suffolk market 
Whittciimre George E. 57 Eliot 
Wingate John. 28 Cambridge 
Winn, Bicker, & Co. 9:; F. H. mkt. 
Wise C. 997 Washington 
Young James W., Saratoga, near 


Fruit Jars. 

PAUL L. C. 149 Blackstone (see 
- 1 page 704) 

Fur JJealers. 

(See Furriers.) 

Furnaces and Ranges. 
DALLOU JOHN, 112 Portland 


-^ 58 Union 

Boston Soapstone Furnace , Co. 59 

^ and 13 Union 

Carleton J. H. 91 and 93Blackstune 
^ and 101 Blackstone 
QHUBBUCK LEVI, 10 Bedlord 

1J Union (see page 783) 
Hawkes, Nash, & Co. 12 Bedford 
J ~ l C. C. Wentworth, treasr. 89 

Jarvis Furnace Co., A. F. Upton, 

agent, 239 Congress 
Kohlcr J. & A. & Co. 968 Wash. 
TE BOSQUET BROS. 14 Bedford 

J-'- 1 Parlin. treas., 32 to 3.8 Union 
Norcross F. D. 48 and 50 Union 

± 87 and 89 Blackstone (see page 

y INAL & DODGE, 475 Tremont 

Walker R. L. & Co. 72 Water 
WHITE GEO. W.&CO. 64and 

vv 66 Union 

Whiteley Edward, 61 Charlestown 

vv VENTILATING CO. 44 and 
46 Union 

Furniture Benlem, 

Allen A. H-, Wash. cor. Dock sq. 
Allen John, 2132 Wash, (antique i 
Atkins Isaiah, 13 Lewis, E.B. 

A TKINXJN B. A. & CO. 39 
-^ Pleasant 

1J Tremont 

Bartlett A. E. 1951 Washington 
Bigwood W. H. 132 Essex 
Blake & Alden, 178 Tremont 
Boardiuan Thomas, 27 May. sq. 
DOSSOM .v IioRSH, 82 Canal 
±J (see page 724) 
Bovce Bio j. 7:?.) Washington 
Brabrook E. H. 9S Washington 
Braman II. B. 2:1 Washington 
" BROS. 151 Hanover 
Brown. Horton, & Co. 876 Wash. 
Campbell E. G. 44 Kneeland 
Carey J. 222 West Broadway 
Carr C. H., Dorch. av. cor. Preble 

(second hand) 
Carstensen A. 64 Meridian 
Carter A. J. lis Main 
Cate X. S. 1895 Washington 
Centennial Wardrobe Bed Co., A. 

G. Frv , agent, 26 Washington 
Chapman Z. D. 132 Friend (office) 
^ Canal 
Colbert Wm. H. & Co., Green, near 

Wash., Jam. Plain 
Colbv M. 238 West Broadway 
Collamore H. L. 113 Court 
Connor Wm. 31 Orleans 
Cox & Sons, 12 West 
Crow lev James F., Neponset av., 

near Walnut 
Cunningham B. P. & Co. 512 Wash. 
Cushing Wm. 171 Tremont 
Daniels, Badirer. & Co. 25 Sudbury 
Denon P. M. 108 to 114 Dover 
Dinsmore James, 289 Hanover 
T)OE & HUNNEWELL, 577 to 
•*-' 579 Washington 
Dolan Thomas. 140 Meridian 
Donahoe Michael. 84 Leverett 
Doyle Lawrence, 20 Warren av. 

Chsn. (second hand) 
Ellis & Miltier, 32 Fulton 
Farquharson Thomas. 61 Leverett 
Ferdinand Frank. 2200 Wash, and 

79 Union 
Finnegan Anthony, 238 Federal 

(second hand) 
Flynn David, o< Prince 
pOGLER P. M. & CO. 164 North 

Foster D. K. 132 Cambridge 

Fox John, IS Chelsea, E. B. 

Gill Albert S. & Co. 9.5 Dorch. ave. 

(1 ILMAN, TUTTLE, & CO. 135 

^ Friend, and 42 Canal 

Gramer Antoine, on Milton bridge, 

Lower Mills 
Gray Hoiiis R. 36 to 40 Wash. 
Greeley N. 123 London 
Hallett Charles, 701 Tremont 
Harding Stephen, 1023 Washington 
Hay A. A. 92 Charlestown 
Ilenshaw Peter, 429 Main 
Hervey W. H. & Co. 5 Union 
Hewes C. E. & Co. 884 Washington 
Hill Ebenezcr.983 Wash. (2d hand) 
Hills Henry S. & Co. 53 to 59 Ful- 
ton (cottage) 
J - x Washington 
Hobby G. W. 1380 Tremont 
1 1 OLMES F. M. & CO. 186 Han- 

Hopkins Charles, 39 Cornhill 
Hopkins & Co. 21 Blackstone 

(wholesale com.) 
Household Art Co. 171 Tremont 
Johnson J. 12 Oak 
Jones T. B. & Co. SO Fulton 
Keating M. 117 North 
Keene Furniture Co. 82 Canal 
Kelham Daniel, 139 Friend, and 

46 Canal 
Kennard Geo., Wash, near Market, 

Kennedv P. J. 1109 Washington 1 
Kingman J. A. & A. D. 98 Merrimac 
Lambert M. A. F. & Co. 88 Meridian 
u 42 to 48 Cornhill 
Leavens & Trefry, 72 Fulton 
Lindergreen Olof, 68 Meridian 
Lippman S. 12S9 Tremont 
Lord John B. 414 Main 
Luther Chas. F. 69 Leverett 
Masann John. 29 Prince 
Margeson R. S 2324 Wash. 
McCarthy Callaghan, 1640 Wash. 
McGlinn J. E. 367 Commercial 
McLean John, 478 Main 
McNeil Susan. 448 Hanover 

MEAD. MASON. & CO. 10 



Furniture Dealers' — Cont'd. 
Messer & Dees, 96 and 98 North 
Miller John D. & Co. 2 Indiana pi. 
Molev Patrick, lli»2 Tremont 
Moley Patrick. 2061 Wash. 
Morris & Spring. 30S W. Broadway 
Morrow John, 126 Charlestown 
Morse & Boynton. 61.5 Wash. 
Muleahv 1). 57 Cambridge 
Kearv A. G. 95 B 
New England Furniture Exchange, 

27 Washington 
Nickelson John E. 22 Central sq. 
Nottage Josiah M. 23 Maverick sq. 

E. B. (second hand) 
Orcutt Elijah, 2012 Washington 
O'Riley Allen, 172 Merriniac 
Outten H. M. 100 Cambridge 
Paine J. S.48Canal,and HI Friend 
Parker, Van Wart. & o. 49 liich'd 
Parsons C. W. 23M Hanover 
■*■ 45 Cornhill (store and office) 
pAUL & CO. 492 and 404 Wash- 
■^ ington 
pEIRCE F. & CO. 76 Richmond 

Peirce & Loring, 5 Park 
Peterson N. 47 Border 
Plimpton H. R. 1077 Washington 
Quigley W.H.I 9 Beach 
Ransom Wm. 29 Pleasant 
Roach, Brown, & Co. 197 to 131 

Robinson T. S. G. 92 Main 

KOETII C. W. & MAY. S Hotel 
Rothwell Stephen, 167 W. B'way 
Ryan iM. 992 Washington 
Sagar Edward, 75 W. Broadway 

(new and second hand) 

Schaefer Kaspar, .".0 Longwood av. 
Scott Wm., 196(1 Tremont 
Seabury & Co. !M4 Wash. 
CHAW & APPLIN, 29 Sudbury 

Shea P. 388 West Broadway 
Smith Brothers, 1211 Wash. 
Smith F. B. 1991 Wash. 
Smith & Co. 51 Cornhill 
Smith & Lippincott, 01 Haverhill 
COMERS S. F. 514 Washintou 

Souther & Hooper, 7 and 8 Hay- 
market square 
Squires Sidney & Co. 727 Wash. 
Stevens G. W. 757 Washington 
Stockford L. B. 109 Shawmut ave. 
Strong & Kimball, 5.15 Wash. 
C 1'URTEVANT C. W. 144 North 

Sullivan P. F. 74 Pleasant 
Thompson & Thayer, IMS Wash. 
Treadwell & Ripley, 641 Shaw't av. 
rpURNER H. A. & CO. 31 West 

Wells C. 1029 Washington 
Whidden II. S. agent, 124 Meridian 


vv 1 Wash, and 93 to 99 Friend 
Wright James, 24 Prince 

Furniture Afanufb. 

CO. 81 Bristol 
Barnes A. E. & Co. 55 Charlestown 
Bauch Chas. A., Bowdoin square, 

Dorch. (willow) 
gELIERA. 94XU*ica(ssep. 703) 

Bent & Peasley, 124 Fulton 
Berry H. C. 57 Cornhill (lounge) 
Blake Christopher, loo North 

BOSSOM & BORSH, 82 Canal 
and 171 Friend, factory, 619 
Albany (see page 724) 
Boston Furniture Co., Warwick, 

near Madison sq. 
Boyd James, 23 Fulton 
Brown F. A. 129 Portland 
Brown Sumner, 339 Medford, 
Charlestown (chamber) 

BROWN S. W. 1.50 to 154 Charles- 
, town, and 267 to 271 Causeway 
pAIN MANLEY W, 32 Canal, 
^ and Temple, n.Saufbrd, E. M. 
Chadbourn Walter, Commercial, 
opp. Einden, Dorchester 
Medford, Chsn. and 32 Canal 
Comins George T. 134 North 
Cooley A. L. 40 Lancaster 
Coombs F. A. 164 Portland 
Costello E. J. 94% Utica 
Curry P. W. 63 Charlestown 
Ciirtm John, 18 Canal 
Daniels. Badger, & Co. 25 Sudbury 
DeBock M. 217 W. Eighth 
Dickey P. W. 65 Sudburv 
plNN WILLIAM, 57 Cornhill 

(J 1 

pOGLER P. M. & CO. 164 North 

Forsyth & Co. 82 North 
Gerrish & O'Brien. 175 Blaekstone 
Gilman, Tuttle, & Co. 135 Fciend 
Glover & Jones. Dorchester av., 

near Commercial, Dorch. 
Godfrey John G. 89 Beverly 
Grant William, 201] Lincoln 
Graves J. G. 53 Elm 
p RAVES S. & SON, 139 Black- 
^ stone 

Grundin C. F. 4 Guild row 
Hall Oliver & Son, Adams, near 

East, Dorch. [dolph 

Harrison, Beard, & Co. 9 Ean- 
Haskell Wm. O. 149 Fulton 
Hazard W. T. 180 Tremont (cribs) 
Holman Rufus & Co. 82 Richmond 
TTOLMES F. M. & CO. 186 Hau- 
•*-*- over 
Homes Warren, Parkman, near 

Dorchester avenue. II. Sq. 
Howard J. H. 109 Haverhill 

Kimball Luther E., Decatur, cor. 

Border, E. B. 
Leach, Anmible, & Co. 636 W' ash. 
Lord I. P. 63 Haverhill 
Mahar E. 475 Tremont 
Mason O. II & Co. 19 Canal 
McCullv Hugh & Co.47 & 49 Utica, 

and 2ii0 Lincoln 

McDADK HUGH, 77 Travers, 
(lounge frames) 

McFailane James, 49 Utica 

AJEAD, MASON, ,t CO. 10 

■**-*-Canal(factory at I.ahanon,N.H. 

Messer & Dees, 145 Border, E.B., 
and 98 North 

Murdock A. R. 4 Decatur, E. B. 

Norcross Win., Sanford, near For- 
est Dills ave., L. M. 

OlanilerP. .1. 10 Bennington. E.B. 

QRPIN BROS. 6! Charlestown 

■*■ place (willow, see adv. index) 
pAUL & CO. 402 and 404 Wash. 


x ton 

Poor & Peirce, 76 Richmond 
Proud George & Co. 137 Border 
Qiiinn C.Y.Si Co. 164 Portland 
Reagan J. II. rear 92 Cambridge, 

Bobbins Wm. II. 12 Marshall 
Robinson & Lord, 101 Border 
Rosse H. P., Studio bldg., room 13 

C1IALES D. & CO., Dorchester, 
^ cor. Newman 
CHAW & APPLIN, 27 Sudbury 

Small Bros, i; Lovejov. 26 Canal 

Squires Sidney & Co. 727 Wash. 

Soyard ('. .1. 13 B'con and 161 Alb'y 

CTUART F. E. 101 Fulton (also 

° settees) 

CTUKTEVANT C. W. 144 North 

(painted I 

Surprise Bedstead Co. 57 Boylston 

Taylor H. R. 2316 Wash. 

Tolinan S.. Adams, near Ashmont 

Tobin, Garland, & Co. 46 Law- 
rence, Charlestown 

Toussaint W. & Co., Brighton 
avenue, Cottage Farm 

Blaekstone (see page 723) 

Wassineus & Whittle, 1489 Tremont 

Watson Walter S., River, n. Tem- 
ple, L.M. 

Wemvss Bros. & Co. 511 to 517 
Medford, Chsn. 

Wetherbee J. W. 110 Portland 

VyTHTCOMB A. G. 73 Fulton 
* ' (see inside front cover) 

WHITMAN K. & CO. 34 Canal, 
' and 33 Merriniac 

Winslow S. & Co. 92 Canal (cham.) 

Furniture Movers. 

Abbott & Co. 1368 and 1629 Wash. 

Allen S.. Maverick sq. c. Sumner 

Bean C. T. 12 City square 

Carey J. F. 96 Kingston 

Cook J. W. 6 Avery 

Dolbeare A. II. 463 W. Broadway 

Eaton II. W. 588 Wash. cor. Hay- 
ward place 

Gates W. A. 171 Tremont 

Gilman & Co. 7 Avon 

Kinsman E. 52 Charles 

Mi'Anirlin James, Wash. c. Lenox 

McCarthy John, Kneeland. cor. 

Sawtelle G. II. M. 827 Wash. 

Smith A. 66 Prince 

Swan B. M. 143 Main 

Wellington F. H. 12 City sq. Chsn. 

Furniture Ornnnienta, 

*-* West Camden (see page 326) 

Furniture Repairers. 

Anderson Samuel, 4 Lowell place 
Baker S. II. 60 Chelsea. Chsn. 
Coates F. L. & Co. 97 Chambers 
Coates J. P. &Co. 10 Ohio 
Eecles Brothers, 108 Warren, Chsn 
Hall Geo. A., Cedar, Dorch., L.M 
Hoar M.J. 9 Tyler 
Homer H. W. 143 Main 
Lang Lewis, 48 Chardon 
Ostheimer A.. Boylston, near La- 

Reinhold .1. R. 36 I.aGrange 
Shea Patrick. 1.54 F 
Small A. G. 791 Tremont 
Smith James. 1644 Washington 
Soule M. M.. Com'), u. Doicheste 

Thayer Joseph, 101 High, Chsn. 
Weaver R. 5 North Anderson 


Arnstein A. 41.5 Washington 
Baita Louis, 6 Tremont 
Batten J. jr. 21.59 Washington 
Bernev J. P. 37.5 Washington 
Bradsliaw & Whitnev, 335 Wash. 
Bristrom G. W. 470 Washington 
Brostrom John, 470 Washington 
Eichhorn's A. F. Sons, 73Kingstoi 
Frey Frederick. 73 Carver 
Frey Godfrey, 38 Hanson 
Hindel Geo. w. 19 Province 
■J1.S1.EY D. P. & CO. 335 Wash 
-*■ ington 

Kakas Edward, 16 Summer 
Kapusv L. F. 19 Summer 
Mcher'E. T. Mrs. 15 Winchester 
TVIYERS S. 325 Washington 

Norton Jacob, 419 Wash. 
Paul Julius, 1 Wells place 
Pazolt Tlios. C. 86 Chauncy 
Popp II., Bovlston, u. Roylrto 

station,.!. P. 
Scharl B. 12 Bedford 
Sloeiini Win. II. 12 and HChaunc 
Stoerr William, 50 Chapman 
Streck Joseph. 98 Cabot 
Walko Martin, 162 Washington 
iA/IDMER T1IEO. G. 29 Sum 
' * mer 

Furs and Skins. 

Bates Martin & Sons. 16 Milk 
Dodd George I). 1:10 Milk 
Dodd Horace, 180 Milk 
Eichhorn John, 73 Kingston 
"U7TDMER T. G. 29 Summer 

Wight Bros. 72 Chauncy 

Ga.lvii.nic Balteriea. 


^ ami 1.5 Tremont (see page 709) 
v v 109 Court (see page 704) 

<J:ilvaiii7.e<l Iron Cor- 

Mullen & Clinton, 244 Federal 
^ Harrison avenue 
C WETT G. L. & CO. 295 Ham 
^ son avenue 


Adams & Co. 3% Beacon 
CCUWARZ R. 497 Washington 

Garden Vases, Statu 
ary. Settees, «fec. 

The Art Garden Co. 13 West 
TjUBIER & CO. 118 Milk 


TEWIS & WILLETT, 38 Hawle; 

Garden and Stab 


CO., Farnhain (see back 
ored page) 

Gas 16urnors. 

Anderson J. & Co. 114 Water I 
Boston Gas Burner Co. 517 Wash- 
Eureka Self Lighting Gas Burnei 

Co. 10 Tremont row 
Evans Edwin, 235 Wash., room 2 
TWoUANN T. F. 104 Portland 

Rust Chas. M. agent, 74 Treinoul 
loom 6 



a L v/ 

Gas Burn ins Improve. 

Boston Gas Economizing Co., Jas. 

M. Piilmer, sec'y and treasurer, 

1 Peniberton square 
Boston Gas Improvement Co. 60 

Equitable building 
Franklin Electric Gas Lighting 

Co. 15 Pemberton square, room 3 
Hillings R. ft Co. 547 Washington 
Nutting W. R. 243 Washington 
Robinson Street Illuminator Asso. 

20 Ilawley (reflectors) 
Rogers, Sanford, & Co. 1 Pern. sq. 
Watkins A. H. 294 Harrison ave. 

Gas Companies. 

American Gas Lighting Co. 31 

State, room 6 

Moses W. Kidder, agent and 
treas. 47 India 
■" W. Greenough, agent and 

treasurer. 24 West 
Brookline Gas Light Co. 40 State, 

room 31 
Cliarlestown Gas Light Co., Geo. 

B. Neal, treas., Thompson sq. 

Dorchester Gas Light Co., Wm. 

Pope, trens., J. Q. A. Spear, supt., 

Commercial, n. Dorchester av. 
East Boston Gas Light Co., Geo. 

H. Plummer. treas. II Henry, r. 8 
Exeter Gas Light Co. 31 State, r. 6 
B. Loving, pres. 54 Kilby (see 
page 7H5) 
Jamaica Plain Gas Light Co., J. 

P. George, treas., Elson building, 

opp. J. P. station 
Lawrence Gas Co., G. P. Gates, 

treas. 40 Water, room 3S 
Maiden and Melrose Gas Light Co. 

J. H Converse, treas. 47 Equita- 
ble building [Milk, room 33 
Mass. Hydro-Carbon Gas Co. 87 
National Gas Li:;ht Co.. C. W. 

Jenks, trens. 35 Congress 
New England Gas Light Co. 54 

Kilby [Devonshire 

Roxbury Gas Lignt Co., Wm. C. 

Appleton, treas. 39 Dudley 
South Boston Gas Light Co., 

Benj. James, pres., R. J. Monks, 

tras. and agent, 35 Congress, r. 21 
•*• MENT CU. 31 State and 77 
The Kidder Coal Gas Association, 

114 Water 
Union Gas Light Co., C. & G. Hid- 

lis, agents, 11 Custom House St. 

Gas Fittings «fc Fixtures 

J^AGULEY J. H. 7 Province 

Bailey Geo. S. 57 Warren, Chastn. 
Bliss & Perkins, 25 and 27 West 
]■{ RAMAN, DOW, & CO. 1,3 and 

4 Hayniarket square 
Bollard & Co. 740 Wash. [Beach 
L'arleton Wm. (executors of), 30 
Carruthers Henry & Co. 1 Maver- 
ick square, E. B. 

-slton J.F. 25 Doane 
Jonnell J. F. 300 Washington 
remielly J C. 108 and 110 Sudbury 
-riant Alex. H. 814 Washington 

,«7t B »\!£ 5 Couit l ur "P lights) 
POLLINGS R. & CO. 547 Wash- 
loughton Brothers. 9 Pleasant 
>™ tc>n A. .1. 2301 Washington 
Mrbv C. A. 121 Eliot 
MoGANN T. F. 104 Portland 

IcKenney C. H. & Co. 634 Wash. 

•iurray Robert, 19 Harvard place 
V S™S •»• 30 Union Park st. - 
P J 'HW3B M. W. & CO. 117 and • 

110 Court 
tichardson I. F. 33 Waltham 

\n.cF, redor '- k - (i < "■arren 
}MUH GEORGE, 141 Essex 

}TETSON S. A. & CO. 173 Tre- 

nT r -riT-. 1 v! £ , Son - 15 Bromfield 
PHUs FRANK A. 143 Main, 

F SP^N- W. & CO. 27 and 29 

Gas Generators. 

|}ANGS D. E. 57 Washington 

11- NE ?, A G - Paul > agent, 
Hi aud 119 Court 


Oas Ol ones. 

- lJ CO. 164 Devonshire, and 21 

Federal (see page 703) 

Oas House Castings. 

CO., Farniiain (see back col- 
ored page) 

Oas Lighting. 

State and 77 Kilby 

Oas Machine's (Portable.) 
JIANGS D. E. 57 Washington 

CHINES, A. G. Paul, agent, 

117 and 119 Court 
vv 69 Kilby 

Oas Pipe Fitters. 

Bartlett Wm. E. 389 W. Broadway 
" 33 Waltham 
Bosworth B. S. S Pleasant 
Davis Lewis F., Dorchester ave., 

near Mt. Vernon 
Grant A. II. 814 Wash, (and steam) 
Harmond E. C. 171 South 
Hooper J. E. 7 Province court 
LaddH. A. 21 Elm 
T UTTED T. & W. 357 W.Broad- 
•*-' wav 

Moffit Charles A. 00 Richmond 
Perry J. P. & Co. Ill Devonshire 
Pierce Charles, 56 (Onirics 
Richards S. N. 14 Zeigler 
Russell s Burke. 16 Howard 
Sawyer Edward G. 13 City Hall av. 
Sluite C. O. 1003 Washington 
Smith Wm. 29 Beverly 
Turner N. W. & Co. 27 Bromfield 

69 to 73 Kilby (see page 710) 
YV 41 and 43 Pearl 

Gas-Pipe Maiiufs. 

TJRAMAN, DOW, & CO. 3 and 
■■-' 4 Havmarket square 
Howard James H. HI Devonshire 
" 69 to 73 Kilby (see page 716) 

Oas Regulators. 

Chace Gas Burner, 48 Union 
Oas Stoves. 

fjHTLDS, FULLER, & CO. 680 
^ Washington 
Shaw Wm. F. 24 Kneeland 
Turner N. W. & Co. 27 Bromfield 

Oas Works Manufs. 

Drake Frank G. 226 Wash:n»ton 
CO., Farnhaiu (see back col- 
ored page) 


^-" Kilby (see page 705) 

Gear Cutting. 

■D ROOKS JOHN, 94^ Utiea (see 
■" page72S) 

n. RANT GEORGE B. 94 Beverly 
v * (see page 722) 

Gents' Furnishing 

Bacon Robert, 414 Washington 
Bowen, Phipps, & Co. 4(i Chauncy 
Brainard, Davy, & Co. 22 Chauney 
Damon, Temple, & Co. 11 Otis 
Daniels F. J. & Co. 17 Kingston 
Ellis J. D. & Co. 44 Bedford 
Glazier George M. 77 Summer 
Greaves M. C. 78 Chauncy 
Griswold D. C. & Co. 89 to 97 

Hawley, Folsom, & Martin, 108 

Arch, and 27 Otis 
Howard William II. 70 Summer 
Leland E. & Co. 26 Chauncy 
March Bros., Pierce, & Co. 32 to 36 

Mode Albert, 32 Avon (neck wear) 
Pierce Geo. Mi Summer (neck ties) 
Sawyer II. H. 5(1 Summer 
Simons, Hatch, & Whitten, 72 and 

74 Franklin 
Weil, Dreyfus, & Co. 64 Summer 
Weil Henry J. & Co. 13 Kingston 

Abbott Geo. E. 1195 Tremont 
Ashwurth A. E. 919 Washington 
Bacon F. H. 50 Hanover, and 82 

Barnes S. M. 24 Tremont 
Beckhard S. A. & Co. 714 Wash. 
BursleyH. 1059 Washington 
Carter C. L. jr. 557 Washington 
Chaffin John C. & Co. 384 Wash. 
Chamberlain & Co. 472 Wash. 
Chessman & Burrage, under Revere 

Chipinan Bros. Court, cor. Wash. 
Cottrell J. G. 1553 Washington 
Crispen & Dyer, 17 Beach 
Crosby Anthonv, 266 Hanover 
Deacon P. II. 030 Washington 
Doibeare & Hawkins, 373 Wash. 
DverJ. T. 19 Green 
Esty Austin S. 2o; Hanover 
Finkelsteiu X. 82 Salem 
Foster Amos, 411 Wash. 
Gault G. C. 71 Court 
Getchell J. H. & Co. GS1 Wash. 
Goldenburg S. 78 Sumner, E.B. 
Gove A. B. 72 Hanover 
Gowing Oscar. 4 State 
Hamblin R. W. 831 Wash. 
Harris Louis, 2057 Washington 
Hayes J. F. 603 Washington 
Henderson & Stanwood. 9 Court 
Hewins & Hollis, 47 Temple place 
Howe I. A. 383 Washington 
JORDAN JOHN M. 93 Court 

Keep Manuf. Co 112 Tremont 
Kinney Geo. E. S. 18 Cambridge 
Loenians W. C. 212 VV. Broadway 
Lovejoy W. M. & Co. 30 Hanover 
Mansfield C. G. & Co. 12 Elm, and 

79 Hanover 
Marr L. M. & Co. 21 Tremont 
McDermon II. 13111 Wash. 
McDowell Sain'l II. 1819 Tremont 
Murray A. N. & Co. Hi U. S. Hotel 

Nichols & Laster, Tremont House 
Noyes Bros. 4 Summer 
Pilshury E. L. 305 .Main 
Piper & Morrison, 139!) Washington 
Raymond Bros. 279 and 031 Wash- 
Raymond G. J. 5 Tremont row 
Reed William N. 1009 Wash. 
Reeves Wm. C. 641 Washington 
Richardson & Gerts, 343 Wash. 
Sawyer G. A. & Co., Tremont, cor. 

Stern C. 1299 Tremont 
Strauss R. & Co. 35 Tremont 
Stuart J. EL 1344 Tremont 
Warner H. A. Ill Court 

Gilders of Picture 
Frames, ifcc. 

(See also Picture Frames, &c.) 
Andrews Jacob R. 7 Beacon 
Brown & Co. 1021 Washington 
Casev H. D. 98 Hanover 
Gibson George, 8 Bovlston 
Hatchman John, iO-'l Washington 
Hyde John W. 14 Bromfield 
Smith H. Q. 261 Washington 
Whitechurch A. R. 46 School, r. 13 

Gilling Threads. 

I> ARBOUR BROS. 153 Franklin 
XJ (see page 707) 


Flinl-Glass Manufacturers. 
Atkins & Pike, 27 Doane 
" GLASS CO. 104 Devonshire, 
and 21 Federal (see paire 703) 
Central Glass Co., John HalT, agt., 

7 Doane 
Fowle Gco.B. 63 Kilby.nianuf. agt. 
Hobhs J. II., Brockunier & Co. 63 

Mt. Washington Glass Works, T. 

S. Ransom, 101 Franklin 
N. E. Glass Co., W. 11. Muiiroe, 

treas., 4 P. O. square 
Suffolk Glass Co., Lorenzo Hods- 
don, agent, 61 Kilbv 
^ Gregory, ageut, 129 Milk, cor. 

Importers of Plate Glass. 
J - L State 

T AM BERT BROS. 53 and 55 
±J Brattle, cor. Brattie sq. 
DAGE, HARDING, & CO., 191 
J State 

CHERBURNE II. 20 Canal, and 



Glass Ware Dealers. 
Atkins & Pike. 27 Doane 
Boston Druggist <"■!**? Co. 141 Milk 
■° GLASS CO. 104 Devon, and 

21 Federal (see page 703) 
Brannigan & Cuddy, 19 and 21 

Harvard place 
Cullender Joiin B. 53 Kilby 
p H A PMAN J. N. 79 Water 
'-' (nianufs. agent) 

DEWEY F. O. 28 Canal, and 29 
1 Franklin 

HOMER. LANE. & CO. 92 
1 «■ Washington 
Johnston A. V. 113 Milk 

Jones, McDuffee, & 

StrattOH, 51 Federal, 
c. Franklin, (see page 704) 

27 Pearl 
Marshall .). P. & Bro. 27 John 
Mills A. 25 Union 
Norcross, Mellen, & Co. 16 to 20 
Merchants row 

ROGERSs CO. 62 Canal, and 
155 Friend 
Scott W. H. agent, (tumblers), 58 

Smallev A. G. & Co. ISBlackstone 
CTANIFORD J. W. 23 Elm, 
•J (homoeopathic vials) 

The Star Salt Caster Co. 161 

Dealers in Window Glass. 

niarket square, cor. Sudbury 
Congress, and 146 and 148 
195 State 

CHERBURNE R. 20 Canal, and 
^ 21 Merrimac 

•J Harrison avenue (window aud 
rough plate) 

Glass Cutters and En- 

Boston SaTid Blast Works. 93 Fed- 

*' and 21 Harvard place 
POOK, REDDING, & CO., 149 
^ Congress, and 146 and 148 

" TON. 51 Federal, cor, Franklin 

(see page 7041 
^ 27 Pearl 
McConnell J. G. & Co. 19 Harvard 

-RICE JOHN E. & CO. 71 Sud- 
" bury 

Class ¥.:alM>ls. 

Lynch W. J. 20>£ Exchange 

Olass Moulds. 

VEWELL .IAS. S. & CO. 71 
•^ Lincoln (see page 703) 

Glass Screws. 

rnRAFTON J. II. 324 West First 
■»■ (see page 7211) 

Olass Shades. 

Waterman & Co. 533 and 535 

Olass Signs. 

flOOK, REDDING, & CO. 149 
V Congress, and 146 and 148 

SK J. PLINY, 81 Kilby (see 

page. 831) 

HALL W. W. 5 Court, corner 
Washington (gilded and cut) 
27 Pearl 
Olass Stainers. 
POOK, REDDING, & CO.. 149 
V Congress, and 146 and 148 
27 Pearl 
Mni-Dnnnld Donald. (Wayward pi. 

Mcil'HKRSON W. J. 410 Tre- 
mont (see page 727) 
WEST SAMUEL, 115 Eliot 


Olass (Window) Import- 
ers and Dealers. 

pOOK, REDDING, St CO. 149 

'-' Congress, and 140 and 148 

Franklin , . 


T \MBERT BROS., 53 and 55 
Li Brattle, cor. Brattle square 

MCPHERSON W. J. 440 Tre- 
mont (see page 727) 
CHERBURNE R. 20 Canal, and 
" 21 Merrimac 


-\ToPHERSON W. J. 440 Tre- 

■ L ' J - mont (see page 72i) 

Glaziers' Points and 

SHERBURNE R. 20 and 22 Canal 
and 21 Merrimac 
Globe Manufacturers. 
Joslin Oilman & Son, 5 Mt. Vernon 

Olove Threads. 


(see page 7071 

Oloves and Mittens. 

(See also Kid Gloves.) 
Judson & Dudley. 13 Kingston 
Kent M. A. (nianuf. Plymouth 

buck), 92 Arch 
T EIGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 
■L* West (military) 
Nudd Charles II. 56 Summer, 
room 16 _ __ 

•T 104 Tremont (military) 

BURN, 148 Sunnuer(seep.717) 


143 Milk (manuf.) 
Flint P. P. 31 Oliver 

42 Oliver 
*J works at Peabody and Alls- 
Walker & Bro. 17 Merchants row 

Oold Beaters. 

FOIL, &c. 

83 Sudbury 

Davis Geo. W. 37 Hawley, corner 

Drew Jos. L. & Son, 3 Province ct. 
■H mont, room 1 
Lothrop E. W. 16 Harvard place 

Oold Foil. 

mont, room 1 
Oold Fen Manuf. 

Snow F. W. 231 Washington 

Oold Trimmings. 

T EIGHTON S. P. & CO. 22 
I j West 

■£ 104 Tremont 

Oold and Silver Platers. 
Emanuels E. J. 83 Sudbury 


Nash Reuben R. 4 Province court 

UANKIN & DALE, 50 Sudbury 
(see page 729) 

rpURNER & KAUPP, 50 Brom- 
•*■ field (also nickel) 

Oongs. (Kleclric.) 

WILLIAMS C .III., 109 Court 
(see page 704) 

<J ; 


Allen Governor Co. 48 and 50 
Gillespie Governor Co. 189 Higli 

Trask & Co. 13 Bowker (.furnace) 

Grain Elevators. 

Arkansas Valley Elevator Co. 24 
Equitable building 

B. & A. R. R. 23 Chandler 

East Boston, Grand Junction wht. 

Shawmut Elevator Co., Constitu- 
tion wharf; office, 415 Come 1 

Stebbins S. B. 46 Eastern av. 

Grain Measurer. 

Ray George P. 123 Commercial 
Grainers and Polishers. 

Brazer L. R. 261 Washington 
Conway Win. 33 LaGrange 
Ross M. 121 Court 

Granite Dealers. 

(See also Stone Cutters, Etc.) 
Barker Henry & Bros. 35 Hawley 
Boston Granite Co., Geo, B. Wen- 
dell, treasurer. Curtis' wharf, 2j2 
Federal, and 35 Hawley 
Butman J. & Co. 35 Hawley 
Cape Ann Granite Co., Jonas H. 
French, pres., 40 Water, room 12 
Chapin E. S. 85 Hawley 
Clapp & Ballon, 31 Slate, room A 
Clark's Island Granite Co. 29 I'cm- 
berton square 

CORLISS 1). G. & CO. 35 Haw- 
J ley (seepage 788) 
Davis D. C. 35 Hawley 
Farwell Bros., toot of Dorr, near 

the It. It., order box 35 Hawley 
Fredericks Field, 35 Hawley 
Gilnian F. L. & Co. 47 to 61 Med- 

ford, Charlestowu 
Granite Railway Co. 31 Femberton 
square , _ 

Hardwick C. H. & Co. 3o HawleJ 

CLARK, 441 Tremont (sec 
page 701) > 

Hopewell Granite Co., 19 Old State 
House „ . 

Lyons John S. 600 Albany, and 

35 Hawley 
McDonald A. 35 Hawley 
Moselev F. P. 18 India (paving 

block and edgestono) , 
Parker A. 35 Hawley I contractor) 
Pigeon Cove Granite Co. 31 Slate, 
room A „ . _ 

Pigeon Hill Granite Co. 35Ilawl<J 
Reed William, 35 Hawley 
Ricker 10. 304 Charles. &3.> Hawley 
Rockport Granite Co. 31 State 
Rogers O. T. & Co. 35 Huwiey 
Runnels & Davis, 35 Hawley 
Sanborn A. C. & Co. 35 Hawley 
Trumbull Granite Co. 13 Court sq. 
room 8 

Orate Bars. 

57 Kilby 
Walker It. L. & Co. 72 Water 


BUCKLEY W. P. 63 Blackstone 
( see page 730 1 
nltlGU JOSEPH W. 59 Broni- 
\y field 

■«■»- CO. 21 Washington 

Green House Boilers «S 

GMITH & LYNCH, 86 Beveny 
TXTHITE T. C. 52X Charlestowu 


T OMBARD & CO., Lewis wharf 
l-< cor. Atlantic ave. (see page ,1-1 
I* Sargent's whart 
CEAifAN A. & CO. 51S Atlantic 
*-> avenue, Pearl-st. whart 

Grist Mill Manufs. 

rvREW & DUNCAN, 59 and 61 
*' Foundry „_, «, 


li and 37 Charlestowu 
Paul Geo. K. & Co. 50 Union 



C A 

Grist Mills. 

u & MORTON. 151 Milk 
Clapp John J. 23:.' Washington 
Dow & Gurncy, Beacon, junction 

Brighton avenue 
Fenno .1. P.& Co., N. Y. & N. E. 

R. R., cor. Clapp 
Hicks Thomas, 610 Albany 
■ ui 120 Fulton (see page 849) 
Powers, Melvin, & Co., Cambridge 

street, Charlestown 
Taylor & Tupper, N. Beacon, 

Tufts N. & Son, Tufts Mill, r. 553 

Main, Charlestown 
Alden O. W. & Co. 12 Blackstone 

Allen Daniel & Co. 20S State 
Allen & Wood worth, 50 Broad 
Baker C. & J. F. & Co. 29 Com'l 
Bovd, Leeds, & Co. 216 State 
]}KAY & HAYES, 99 Broad 

Briggs & Shattuek, 85 Broad, and 6 

Oallender Henry & Co. 1 and 3 


207 State 
21aflin, Allison, & Co 46 South 

Sonants & Sanborn, 35 So. Market 
3ana Luther H. 159 Milk 
Sana Thomas & Co. 9 and 11 Com- 

Janlbrth, Scuuder, & Co. 209 and 

211 State 
3avis F. G. 6" Commercial 
iemond, Hills, & Nickerson, 184 

Dorr, Loring, & Co. 32 Commerce 
iaton, Allen, & Co., 210 State 
r ellows, Weeks, & Co., Battery- 
march, cor. Hamilton 
5ay Timothy & Co. 18 India 
Joodnow G. & Co. 20 So. Market 
lall M. L. & Co. 34 Faneuil Hall 

laskell & Adams, 219 State 
Iyde, Warren, & Heard, 83 Broad 
muibaek John G. jr. & Co. 128 

Iclntyre P. &Co. 196 Comm'l, and 

171 Fulton 
leriam S. & W. & Co. 6 and 7 

South Market 

Icrrill E. O. & F. H. 45 Charlest'n 
loody Charles E. & Co. 75 Com'l 
lorse Bros. & Co. 45 Commercial 
loulton & Goodwin, 41 Broad 
lunroe Israel W. & Co. 5 Com'l 
J.E. Co-operative Board of Trade, 

John Or\is, manager, -43 North 
towell J. A. 169 Blackstone 
'eirce, Dana, & Co. 40 and 42 

'eirce Silas & Co. 59 Commercial 

lerce S. S. & Co.,Treni't, c. Court 
?EED II. T. & CO. 2 South 
• fc Market 

tice F. & F. & Co. 78 Broad 
>ich Matthias & Co. 3 N. Market 
.ichards A. & Co. 298 State 
.oberts J. W. & A. lis Blackstone 
.oberts & Webster, UK Blackstone 
iogers A. C. & Co. 14 Commercial 


Rogers & Archibald, 145 Blacksfne 
aville, Somes, & Co. 274 State 
awtell A. & Co. 14 South Market 
ears & Co. 178 and 180 State 
leeper S. S. & Co. 11 and 12 So. 

mith W, D. & Co. 78 North 
purr, Washburn, & Holmes, 75 
and 1 7 Broad 

teams Win. & Co. 60 Chatham 
tedman Wm. M. jr. 91 Broad 
* adley Andrews, & Co. 47 to 53 


Vason, Peirce, & Co. 61 Chatham 
J ins ow, Rand, & Co. 199 State 
V oodman G. W. 104 Commercial 


-hbottH. R. 189 Eliot 
■pbottL.B. 992 Albany 
-'iel & Ruecker, Bovlston station 
-clams Frederick H. 264 Main 
.dams John Q. 13 Waverley block, 
: Warren avenue 
Klanis 8. A. Mrs. 1973 Wash, 
.dams & Co. 55 Anderson 
t^ n8 ,££ flton ' ™ * s -'» Tremont 
tefen H - ^ Ha "° Ver ' 

Alden C. L. & Co., Centre, High- 
land Station, W. Rox. 
Alden G. O. 123 Warren 
Allen James. 203 West Ninth 
Alley Frank E. Ill Green 
Alteiri P. D. 36 Prince 
Andrews & Smith, 28 Kneeland 
Aniell E. A. 357 Tremont 
Andrews M. Mrs. 363 E 
Ansart B. Frank, 4 Pynchon 
Armstrong M. F. 30 Cooper 
Arnold G. C. 347 Warren 
Ar Peoy Leong (fanev) 5 Meridian 
AtwoodE. L. & Co. 153Hanover 
Averbeck Joseph Mrs., Middlesex, 

cor. Lucas 
Bacon George E. 325 Main 
Bailey W. R. 210 Shawmut ave. 
Baker E., Dorchester ave., cor. 

Bampton J. R. 2271 Wash. 
Bampton Robert, 289 Ruggles 
Barcellos F.lias J. 418% Hanover 
Barnes J. A. & E. R. 294 Medford, 

Barry Edward, 147 Kneeland 
Barry John, 18 Oneida 
Barry John H. 167 I 
Barry Mary, 295 D 
Barry Richard, 6 Fellows 
Barry Patrick. 69 Barton 
Barry Wm. Mrs.. 180 South 
Bartholomesz & Co. 13,39 Tremont 
Bartlett A. M. Mrs. 86 Simmer.E.B. 
Bates Henry A. 941 Washington 
Bearse Stephen, Washington, cor. 

Poplar, Roslindale station 
Beatty Robert, 713 East Fourth 
Bekkenhuis John, 125 W. Fourth 
Berghouse C. 180 Shawmut ave. 
Bicknell William E. 44 Howard 
Bills Theo. K. 1049 Tremont 
Bird F. D. 475 Albany 
Bishop S. A. 2610 Washington 
Blackburn John, Green,opp. depot, 

Jam. Plain 
Blackwell & Chamberlain, 134 

Lexington, E.B. 
Blair Alice, Station, cor. Mindoro 
Blake John J. .Centre, c. LaGrange, 

West Roxbury 
Blasser Joseph, 29 Russell court 
Bond Geortre II. 64 Richmond 
Bond Geo. 11. & Co. 378 Broadway, 

61, 117, and 362 Dorchester 
Bosselmann T. 134 W. Seventh 
Bowe Patrick, 25 I 
Bowles Thomas, 158 D 
Boyer R. C. 2935 Washington 
Brady Bros. 153 W. Seventh 
Brady & McMorrow, Dorchester 

avenue, cor. Shamrock 
Brannou T. F. 135 Tyler 
Bresnahan Ml. 106 Warrenton 
Brett John, 320 Harrison ave. 
Briston James E., Market, n. Rail- 
road, N. Brighton 
Brockwav J. L. & Co. 12, 14, 16 

Suffolk Market 
Brooks John C. 6 Lowell 
Brooks & Stover, 299 Main 
Brown Brothers, Olney, Dorch. 
Brown Charles, 19 Prentiss 
Brown D. A., Green, opp. J. P 

Brown F. G. 10 Central sq. 
Brown J. C. 666 E. Broadway 
Brown Mary, 19 Station 
Brown & Glover, Wash. c. Winship 

place, Brighton 
Bruen p. C. 76 Tudor 
Buckley F. F. 266 Dorchester ave. 
Butt'um Carlon, 191 Friend 
Bullard N. G. 30S Harrison ave. 
Bollard W. W. & Co. 1039 Wash. 
BurdettM. B. 433 Main 
Burgess E. B. 259 Bunker Hill 
Burke C. Mrs. 291 West Second 
Burke M. 105 Hudson 
Burke M. H. 88 Cove 
Burnett S. 55 Berkeley 
Burnett Wm. II. 60 Bartlett, Chsn. 
Burnham Lewis, 101 Meridian 
Burns James, 228 West Fourth 
Burns T. 46 Henley, Chsn. 
Butler John, 162 Beach 
Butler W. T. Mrs. ,35 Charter 
Butler & Watt, 32 Pleasant 
Buxton Henry, 202 Salem [ave. 
Buxton Wm. & Son, 246 Harrison 
Buzzell Azro, 350 Hanover 
Callaghan John, 171 W. Second 
Callahan B. F. 993 Tremont 
Cannon Martin, 29 Thacher 
Cannon William, 45S Commercial 
Carey Edmund. SO Lexington, Chn. 
Carey Thomas, 2942 Washington 
Carney James, 6 Wharf 
CarrJ.A. 1685 Washington 
Carroll Dennis. 184 W. Eighth 
Carter John, 395 West Second 
Casey Edmund, 7 Rochester 
Casey Frank, 37 Decatur, E.B. 

Casey Michael, Bowdoin, c. Olney, 

Casey William, 170 North 
Cassidy J. H., Child, c. Starr. J.P. 
Cawley D. jr. & Co. 174 Endieott 
Charlestown Workingraen's Trad- 
ing Association, 71 High, c. Elm, 

Chase F. E. & Co. 74 Beach 
Chester J. H. 26 Dover 
Chittenden S. N., Washington, n. 

Harvard, Dorch. 
Clancy Michael, 1212 Tremont 
Clapp J. G. & Co., Beacon, corner 

Clapp S.B. 7, 9, and 11 Wash. mkt. 
Clark C. F. 79 Pleasant 
Clark John M., Eliot square 
Clark P. J. 72 Mernmac 
Clark T. S. 15 Vine. Charlestown 
Clifford Mary Mrs. 90 Warrenton 
Coady Margaret, 126 Chelsea, Csn. 
Cobb, Bates, & Yerxa, 686 Wash. 

and 4 Bowdoin square 
Cobb Bros. 431 Hanover 
Cobb Brothers & Co. 2235 Wash. 
Cobb C. D. & Bros. 722 to 728 Wash. 

and 140 Hanover 
Cobb J. H. & Son, 1 Thompson sq. 
Cobb H. E. & Co. 1311 Wash. 
Cobb & Co. 96 Meridian 
Cobb & Mansfield, 156 Blackstone 
Cobleigh George, 357 Tremont 
Cochran J. A. & Co. 135 Princeton 
Cochrane P. R. 199 West Canton 
Cochran Michael B. 27 Bow, Cnsn. 
Coffey Patrick F. 332 Bunker Hill 
Cole A. F. 133 W. Broadway 
Cole Geo. S. 174 Dorchester 
Cole R. S. 126 Dorchester 
Colleton E. 96 West Canton 
Collins D. Mrs. 89 Porter, E.B. 
Collins M. B. 160 Blackstone, and 

91 Union 

Cillins P. 16 Rochester 

Collins P. 9 Fleet 

Colloton John, SO West Cedar 

Condon John M. 18 Derne 

Connell James, W Seventh, cor. D 

Connell J. 138 Pynchon 

Connell M. 82 Baxter 

Connelly John. 132 Kneeland, and 

92 Cove 

Connolly John, Gran ite, c. W. Sec. 
Connors J. Mrs. 573 East Second 
Conroy Thomas, 263 Havre 
Cook Geo. C, River, cor. Oakland 
Cook Thomas, 121 Charlestown 
Cooledge Wm. C. 90 Kneeland 
Corey John W. 5 Moultou, Chsn. 
Cotton E. S. SiO Dudley 
Coughlin John, 366 West Second 
Cowles A. S. 589 Main 
Crane John, 155 Leverett 
Crane M. 64 South Margin 
Creighton George E., Savin Hill 

ave., cor. Pleasant, Dorchester 
Cremiu D. 38 Swan 
Cronan Daniel. 174 W. Ninth 
Cronan J. 138 W Ninth 
Cronin John, 282 Dorchester, ave. 
Crosby A. B., Telegraph, c. Gates 
Crosbv Brothers, 176 E 
Crotty Michael H. 133 Canal, Chsn. 
Crowe William. 4<I9 Harrison ave. 
Crowe & Co. 276 Centre, ward 23 
Crudden James, 180% W. Fourth 
Cuddy Lawrence, Ml Norfolk ave. 
Cummings John, 672 E." Fifth 
Cummings Patrick, 184 London 
Cunningham J. M. 25 Norman 
Cunningham M. 403 Chelsea, E.B. 
Currier Chas., Wash., opp. Market, 

Currier John P. 136 Main 
Currier J. L. & Co., Green, opp. 

depot, J. P. 
Currier J. V. 355 Hanover 
Currier M. E. 559 Medford, Chsn. 
Currv Frank W. 79 West Cedar 
Curtin Peter, 249 East Eightn 
Curtis Bros. 139 M 
Dacev William, 89 Tudor 
Daily P. jr. 5 Burke 
Dale Henry, Hampden, c. Prescott 
Dale Margaret. 304 Main 
Daley John J. Mrs. 294 Federal 
Danahy Cornelius, 89 Endieott 
Darling George A. 63 Revere 
Davis G. F. 393 Shawmut ave. 
Davis J. W. & Co. 162 Lincoln 
Day Howard, 37 Bromfield 
Deering C. P. 41 Middlesex [den 
Deering G. II.. Dorch. av., c. Lin- 
DeFretis J. 115 Pynchon 
Delaney Patrick, 32 Bow, Chsn. 
Dempsey William. 107 W. Sixth 
Dever Hugh, 71 Emerson 
Devin Edward, Seventh, cor. C 
Devine James. 133 YV. Eighth 
Devine M. 37.3 Charles 
Devoy Eliza Mrs. 279 W. Fourth 
Dickmier Henry, 147 D 



Grocers, Retail — ( on tinned. 

Doherty Edward, 56 Salem 
Doherty Edward, 54 N. .Margin 
Doherty II. 145 Ruggles 
Doherty Joseph, 00 and OS Endicott 
Doherty Patrick. 1S4 D 
Doherty & Houghton, 180 North 
Dolan Edward. 120 Cabot 
Dolau P. F. 'JS Hampden 
Donaher P. 42 Dorchester 
Donegal! Catharine, 216' W. Fourth 
Donnelly Patrick. 31 Maiden 
Donovan Michael, 12 Fellows 
Donovan Michael, (il Preble 
Dooley B. 88 Smith 
Dorgan John, 52.i East Third 
Dowd Thomas, 119 Norfolk ave. 
Downer F. E. 18 City sq., Chsn. 
Downing Learned, 152 Main 
Downey John. 23 Auburn 
Doyle Edward, 31-1 Federal 
Doyle Kate Mrs. :!8 Corey. Chsn. 
Doyle Patrick, 1232 Treinont 
Drake Almond G . Bird, c. Ceylon 
Drinkwater & Merritt, 98 Canib'ge 
Driscoll Dennis, 41 Lynde, Chsn. 
Driscoll Patrick. 407 Main, Chsn. 
Drury Michael, 70 Hampden 
Drury Patrick J. 70 Norfolk ave. 
Duffey T. E. & Co. S8.5 Albany 
Dugan D. C. 325 Federal 
Duke T., Willow court, Dorch. 
Dunham F. 145 Main, Chsn. 
Dunican James, 1711 I 
Dunigan C. Airs. 210 W. Fourth 
Dunigan John, 27 Bunker Hill 
Dunn V. M. 54(1 Main 
Dwyer M. W. .",72 W. Second 
Edgett Geo. W. 285 Hanover 
Edwards Pierpont, Beacon, opp. 

Edwards & Linnell, 514 Shaw. ave. 
ElkinsC. 11.121 Brighton 
Elkins J. G. 17 Blossom 
Ellis J. C. 52 Main, Chsn. 
Emery A. H. lllli P 
Emery Salter, 1 101 Tremont 
Erskine Bedfield, 73 Lexington 
Eustace William, Church, corner 

Fahey M. F. 21 Charter 
Eales C. M., Neponset avenue, 

near Minot, Nop. 
Falvey J. M. 78 South 
Farnham & Harriman, 52 Green 
Farrar H. A. 47 Dearborn 
Farrar M. J. 51 Marion, E.B. 
Farrington & Co., Dorch. avenue, 

corner East, Dorch. 
Faunce C. B. 1313 Tremont 
Faunce & Putnam, 197 Roxbury 
Favor E. W. 150 Cambridge 
Fay Henry L. 58 Church 
Fay Peter, 173 Cabot 
Fay Thomas. 1002 Tremont 
FeunessevRich.. 125 Maverick, EB. 
Fenno .1. P. & Co. 170 Norfolk ave. 
Fernald J. C. 200 Tremont 
Fernands C. 70 West Cedar 
Fessenden, Russell, & Co. 177 Court 
Fillebrown Samuel L. 213 Bun- 
ker Hill 
Finley William, 11 Mindoro 
Fish Brothers, 58 Border 
Fisher E. M. 10 Oak 
Fiske II. A. & Co. 524 Harrison av. 
Fitzgerald J. 310 North 
Fitzgerald T. 407 Hanover 
Fitzpatrick John, 234 Everett. E.B. 
Flaherty D. 21 Wall 
Flaherty Margaret. 53(1 E. Eighth 
Flanagan G. A J. 385 Bunker Hill 
Flanagan Thomas, 00 C 
Fleming T. & Co. 129 Essex 
Flemming Thomas, 132 Kingston 
Flynn T. Mrs. 100 W. Broadway 
Fogg & Hall, 1 10 Bhickstone 
Foley Daniel, 24 Phillips, ward 22 
Ford Edward, Come'l, c. Shamrock 
Fox C. E. & Co. 085 Tremont 
Freeman Maurice, 328 Medford, 

Freeman Thomas, 1421 Tremont 
Frisbie Abraham, 235 London 
Fuller B. W. 288 Dorchester 
Funke M. 40 Cliadwick 
Furness & Twombly, Washington, 

opp. River, L.M. 
Gatfney Peter, 42 Norman 
Gallagher Patrick, 82 Trem't, Chn. 
Gallivan D. 202 West Fourth 
Galvin John M. 88 West Cedar 
Galvin Michael, 93 Albany 
Galvin Wm. H.155 Albany 
Gammell J. F. 11 Tremont 
Garland & Son. Washington, cor. 

Euclid, Dorchester 
Gary J. E. & Co. 7 and 9 Perkins, 

and Perkins, cor. Brighton, Chsn. 
Gately J. 148 Pyurlion 
Gibbons James, 23 Cooper 
Gibbons P. 14 Charter 
GibliuHugh,81W. Sixth 

Gilbert John, jr. & Co. 2 Tremont 

row, and 28 West 
Gilbert & Knight, Pleasant, corner 

Gilligan L., Shamrock. Dorce. 
Gillingham Albert & Co. 212 Eliot 
Gilmore John, 213 Cambridge 
Ginu Jas. F. 158 & 100 Bunker Hill 
Ginn Thomas, 007 Tremont 
Gladback Joseph. 24 l.nngwood av. 
Gline B. E. Ill Bunker Hill 
Goddin Joseph, S9 Brighton 
Goodwin J. 52 B [court. 

Gorden R., Hancock, opp. Dow tier 
Gottlob Julius, 31 Pleasant, and 

1240 Tremont 
Gougan Felix, 108 Brighton 
Gourley John, 34 Prince 
Gove Alilo, 29 Shawmut avenue 
Grady Mary, 28 Spring 
Graham Joseph, 02 Winchester 
Gray C. W. 150 Saratoga, E. B. 
Gray Dean F.,Alford, c.West,Chn. 
Green E. 24 Oswego 
Green E. A. 99 Washington, Chsn. 
Green H. & Co. 77 Portland 
Green John F. 52 Bunker Hill 
Green Thos. H. 480 Medford, Chsn. 
Groce & Co., Brighton av., Allston 
Grover Elmer C. 54 Beach 
Hagerty M. 12 Genesee 
HagertvR. 94 Endicott 
Hagerty T.F.& Sons.OIX Chapm'n 
Haigh \Vm. II. 188 Vernon 
Haley J. 1001 Harrison avenue 
Haley M. 356 W. Broadway 
Hall Abijah, 70 Anpleton * 
Hall Benj. B. 024 Main 
Hall D. W. 207 Harrison avenue 
Hall Harrison B. 91 Warren 
Hall Joseph E., Dorchester ave., 

cor. Adams, L.M. 
Hall Moses B. 271 Main 
Hallahan Thomas. 27 Blossom 
Halliday D., George, c. Magazine 
Halloran M. 81 Salem 
Ham B. A. & Co. 201 Dorchester 
Ham John L. 115 Tvler 
Hainbleton J. J. 49 Bow, Chsn. 
Hancock Rich'd, 208 Everett, E.B. 
Hanseom & Wcare, 070 E. B'way 
Hanson J. 408 Parker 
Hanson N. Mrs. 154 Essex 
Harahan Jas F. 340 Shawmut ave. 
Harahan T. 340 Harrison ave. 
Harding H. B., Neponset avenue, 

cor. Walnut, Neponset 
Harkins John, 102 Warrenton 
Harmon John, 200 Bennington 
Harrington Edward, 21 Monument 
Harrington P. 24 Spring 
Harrington W. S. 55 Chelsea, E. B. 
Harrington & Bibber, 152 Sumner 
Harrity James, 40 Moulton, Chsn. 
Hart Chas. 23 Oneida 
Hartnett John, 727 East Seventh 
Hartnett M. 2 Oswego 
Harvev M. R. 105 II 
Haskell L. P. 1S7 Summer 
Ilawkes W. C. 20X Blossom 
Ilayden S. W., bet. Taylor and 

Walnut, Nep. 
Hayes Henry, Willow ct. Dorch. 
Hayes James, 18 Wall 
Hayes P. J. 39 Middle. W.V. 
Hayford Nathan II. 191',;; Wash. 
Haynes Frank H. & Co., Dudley, 

cor. Blue Hill avenue 
Haywood Harry, 917 Albany 
Healey P. J. 184 F 
Henchon J. II. 25 Oswego 
Hennessey Edward. B, c. W Third 
Hentz G. A., Beach, c. Albany 
Hersey Theodore & Co., Hancock, 

near Dudley, Dorch. 
Higgins Bernard, 117 D 
Iliggins P. & Co. 45 Essex 
Higgs S. T. & Co.. Western av. cor. 

N. Harvard, Allston 
Hill I. G. & Co. 134 Bennington, 
Hills G. H. & Co. 00 Blackstone 
Hill S. Prentiss & Co. 120 Alain 
Hoar Thos. 273 Norfolk ave. 
Ilodgdon G. C. 87 Marlon, E.B. 
Hodgkins Samuel B. 385 Chelsea, 

East Boston 
Hogan John, Greenwich pi. cor. 

Dorchester avenue 
Holbrook S. II. 128 Aleridian.E.B. 
Holden & Cliadwick. 302 Shaw. av. 
Holland M. C. 93 C 
Holland Samson, 279 Centre 
Holmes W. A. & Co 91 Causeway 
Holmquist N. R. 202 Harrison ave. 
Holmtjuist Rudolph 2d, 7 W. Sixth, 

and Boston, cor. Clapp 
Hopkins Isaac C. 1385 Wash. 
Morgan Daniel J. 501 E. Eighth 
Hormel Ernest, 333 E 
llorton W. 007 Dorchester ave. 
Houghton J. L. 900 Tremont 
Howard B. Airs. 1343 Tremont 
Howe B. S. 34 Decatur, E.B. 

HoweW. H. 108 Salem 
Howland C C. 048 Shawmut ave. 
Howley R.. N. Harvard. Allston 
Hubbard M. N. 1800 Tremont 
Hucksam & Kelch. 21 Reading 
Hughes Patrick, 97 Chelsea, E.B. 
Humphreys G. 11.5 Cliadwick 
Hunt C. W. 215 Trenton, E. B. 
Hunt Thomas, Western ave., odd. 

Alarket, N. Brighton 
Hurd & Demeritt, 31 Cambridge 
Hurley George T. 049 Parker 
Hurley John, 214 Dover 
Hyland Wm. F. 130 |) 
Jackson George, 82 Phillips 
Jackson James, 3S P 
Jackson S. A. Airs. 281 Everett, E.B. 
Jacobs H. O., Alarket. ii. Western 

avenue, Brighton 
James George & Co., Centre, near 

Green, J. P. 
Jarvis Charles, 21 Leverett 
Jarvis Frank S. 1 Bainbridge, 

Jennings Martin. 00 Nashua 
Jennings W. H. 230 Medford, Chsn. 
Jerome B. F. 1090 Washington 
Jewett AI. I. & Co. 08 Leverett 
Johnson E. S. 1787 Washington 
Johnson J. F. 251 Shawmut ave. 
Johnson AI. Airs. 211 [> 
Johnson M. N.38 Grove 
Johnson S. R. 83 Bunker Hill 
Johnson & White, 480 W. B'way 

and 02 Dorchester 
Johnston J. S. jr. 81 W. Concord 
Jones Charles G. & Co. 549 Main 
Jones Geo. A., Dorchester avenue, 

Field's corner 
Jones G. W. & Co., Exchange, n. 

Park, II. S. 
Jouett AI. R. 08 Leverett 
Joyce John, 20 B 
Joyce Alary, 29 Bainbridge, Clum. 
Joyce .Michael, 82 Gold 
Joyce Thomas. 177 W. Ninth 
Judge M. Airs. 300 Dorchester 
Kaler Bros. 191 Dorchester 
Kean Wm. F. 349 Chelsea, E.B, 
Keane T. J., East Second, cor. I 
Keany AI. 232 North 
Kearney AI. J. 42 Pitts 
Kearns John. 048 Harrison av. 
Kearns Patrick, 290 Blue Hill ave. 
Keating William, 87 Spring 
KceteD. E. 520 East Third 
Keefe Alary Mrs. 42 Swan 
Keenan Owen, 200 Aledford, Chs'n 
Keenan P. 50 Liverpool, E.B. 
Keenan Thos. 215 North 
Keerchkerner S. 208 W. Fifth 
Keith Wm. S., Centre, Highland 

Keliher John, 03 Albion 
KelleherT. 149 Tyler 
Kelley Daniel, 019 Harrison ave. 
Kelley D. B. 405 Main 
Kelley Hannah, 880 W. Second 
Kelley John F. 205 Eostis 
Kelly Bridget. 213 Everett, E.B. 
Kelley John, 470 Commercial 
Kelly John, 90 London 
Kelly Michael, 048 Parker 
Kelly Michael, 42 Cook, Chsn. 
Ken'driek Henry, 1 Hooton court 
Kenney AI. 114 Quincy 
Kenney Thomas J. 70 W. B'way 
Kerrigan AI. A. 219 Endicott 
Kiesshng Frank J.. Grove, near 

Dedham line, W. Kox. 
KildufF Thomas, 82 Magazine 
Kiley Dennis. 16 Lowell 
Killion William, 74 Lenox 
Kilpatrick W. 1273 Tremont 
Kimball George F. 49 Elm, and 

114 Washington 
Kimball W. W. & Co. 52 to 68 

Kircngassner Stephen, 208 W. Fifth 
Klaeger Anton, I12Longwood ave. 
Knight & Frost, 1 Shawmut ave. 

and 294 Tremont 
Knowlton Bros. 98 Blackstone 
Krim Philip, 163 Shawmut ave. 
Lally P. G. 121 Chelsea, E.B. ' 
Lamb John, 594 Shawmut ave. 
LambXi Folev,822 Harrison ave. 
Lambreeht Matthias J. 18 Nashu* 
Land AI. A. Airs. 118 I) 
Landman Marinus, 810 Hugglel 
Lane Thomas J. 20 Avery 
Lantelum John, 111 W. Ninth 
Lappen John. 278 W. Fourth 
Larkin James, 807 Sumner, E.B. 
Lavelle Thomas F. 35 Park, Clun- 
Lawler C. Airs. 1 Old Harbor ct. 
Leach Win. T. & Co., Dorch. ate. 

cor. Mt. Vernon 
Leahy John, 114 Prince 
Leahy Thomas, 207 W. Eighth 
Leavens Heurv N.. N. Russell, cor. 

Lee Brothers, 113 Bunker Hill 



leighton John, 30.3 Meridia* 
Lenuon Timothy, 1415 Tremont 
Leonard Ciiristopher, 500 Comm'l 
Leonard Joscpli M., Green, opp. 

Brooksidc ave., J. P. 
Leonard Lawrence, 87 Salem 
Leonard Luke, 90 Decatur, Chsn. 
Leonard L. E., £. Eighth, corner 

Le Tourneau Geo. E. 203 Main 
Lewis L. L., Bower, cor. Warren 
Liiiehan Garrett, 54 E. Dedharn 
Lingham A. 275 Ruggles 
Linghaiu C.T.,375 Centre 
Lingham II. E. 253 Dudley 
Liunell John F. 514 Shawinut ay. 
Liuskey P. 191 Tndor 
Litchfield J. A. 121 Leverett 
Littlefield B. D. 105 Shawmut av. 
Long Dennis. 4'J Emerald 
Longfellow D. VV. 4 Chester block, 

Looney C. Mrs. 13 C 
Looney Timothy, 24 Pleasant 
Lord 1. C. &. Co. 75 Boylston 
Lord James 11. 359 Warren 
Loring George A. 699 llarr. ave. 
Lougoe S. C. 51 Cambridge, Chsn. 
Loughliu Bros. .'!G W. Broadway 
Lovejoy F. K. 872 Albany 
Lovell Andrew J. 02 Cambridge 
Lovering F. W. 339 Main 
Lovering Geo. 11. 400 Main 
Low Albert F. Son Saratoga 
Lowe Frank O. 77 Leverett 
Luther Bros. 100 K 
Lynch Bros. 73 and 75 Norfolk ave. 
Lvnch James J. 77 Norfolk ave. 
Lynch Jeremiah, 173 W. Fifth 

Madden Thomas, 652 E. Fourth 
Maguire 'Win. 352 Harrison ave. 
Mahan J. J. 57 South Margin 
Mahouey Daniel jr., London, c. 

Porter, E. B. 
Mahoney John, 330 Harrison ave. 
Mahoney Timothy J. 00 Porter 
Mahouey Win. il. 87 Warren, 

Malone James, 175 W. Seventh 
Maloney John, 552 Commercial 
Maney J. 99 Pynchon 
Mann E., Joy, cor. Myrtle 
Mannheiiner H. 4 Rockingham pi. 
Manning John, 281 West Second 
Manning M. J. 824 Albany 
Manning P. 11. 901 Tremont 
Mansfield & Co. 80 Myrtle 
Marlow William, 241 Dorchester 
Marsh H F. 53,^ Kendall 
Martin Jumes Mrs. 10 Medford, 

Martin & Kelsey, 1191 Wash. 
Mason Albert, '231 Federal 
McCabe Bernard, 44 Lowell 
McCarthy David, 2 Rochester 
McCaithy Jeremiah, 421 E.Eighth 
McCarthy John H. 1510 Tremont 
McCarthy Michael. 225 Havre, E.B. 
McCarthy Patrick, 320 Federal 
McCarthy Thomas, 357 Federal 
McCarthy T. 24 Burke 
McCarthy Win. 101 West Sixth 
McCarty John, Dorchester av. cor 

McCarty J. 11 Cherry, Dorchester 
McCarty Margaret Mrs. 195 Chel- 
sea. E. B. 
McConnell H. 12 Clay 
McCoy John, 334}^ Commercial 
McCue Hubert, 291 Federal 
McCullagh Hubert, 2700 Wash. 
McDcnnott 11. 44 Northampton 
McDevitt Daniel J. 109 Prince 
McDevitt ,]. 80 Lenox 
MeDevitt P. 98 Salem 
McDewell & Adams, 152 Tremont 
McDonald J. W. 170 Eliot 
McDonald Patrick, 00 C 
McDonnell Terence, 7 S. Margin 
JIcGear.y D. F. 118 Hudson 
McGinniss Edmund, 59 Lowell 
JlcGowan James, 507 E. Second 
McGrath J. C. .342 E. Eighth 
McGrath P. J. & Co. 202 Dorch. 
McGreavy Patrick, 147 London 
McGue N. & W. 2 West Fifth 
McHenry Robert, 78 Phillips 
Mclnnes Duncan, 157 F 
Mclntire & Co. 143 Northampton 
Mclntyre Chas. D. 105 Saratoga 
Mclvers Francis, 1003 Harr. av. 
McKay Patrick, 25 K 
McKenna John, 5 W. Third 
McKenna Maurice, 96 Wash., Ch'n 
McLaughlin Bros., D, c. W. Third 
McLaughlin Bros. 454 Commercial 
McLaughlin Daniel, 175Endicott 
McLaughlin James, 21 Spring 
McLaughlin Mich'l H. 73 Albany 
McLaughlin W. H 204 Endicott 
McMahon Thos., W.Eighth, cor.E 

McMahon Thomas, 30C Medford, 

McManus P. 450 Commercial 
McNeil S. 410 Commercial 
McXulty Bernard, 212 Dorch. ave. 
Mcltitchie Daniel, 67 X Prince 
McSweeney Dennis, 12 Wapping 
McSweeney Edward, 17 Wapping 
Mead Charles H. 2095 Wash. 
Mealy J. 05 Prince 
Melley Michael, 139 C 
Mendum W. B. & Co. 162 Dorch. 

ave., 246 D, 141 Hampden, and 

110 Union 
Merriaui Ephraim,8 Beach 
Merrigan Matthew, 335 Sumner 

MERRILL E. O. & F. H. 45 
Merrill Si Co. 97 Leverett 
Merrill & Farrar, 105 Chambers 
Merritt & Washburn, 88 Cambridge 
Meserve John S. 211 Buuiter Hin 
Messer A. P., Wash., c. School, 

Egleston square 
Miller Geo. N. 220 Lexington, E.B. 
Millowich Jane, 291 Bennington 
Misochi Louis, 37 North square 
Mitchell Ellen, 1 12 Pleasant 
Mitchell J. W., Cambridge, corner 

Brighton, Chsn. 
Mitchell M. 255 Pynchon 
Mitchell R. H., Lenox, cor. Sawyer 
Mitchell Thomas J. loo Cabot 
Mobbs H. Mrs. 273 Federal 
Moloney E. Airs. 67 Northtield 
Monahan Patrick, 498 Main 
Monument Sovereigns Distributing 

Asso. 15 Russell, Cliarlestown 
Moore Jas. Mrs. 84 Medford, Chsn. 
Moore J. W. 22 Church 
Moore Robert, 58 Endicott 
Mootry Edward, 143 W. Ninth 
Morrill E. D. 25 Prentiss 
Morrill John L. 1:13 Bunker Hill 
Morrison Brothers, 41 Portland 
Morrison Brothers, 17 Monmouth 
Morrison James, 526 Medford, Chn. 
Morrissev Patrick, 23 Genesee 
Morse L."W. & H . F. 1 and 5 Walnut 

ave., corner Warren 
Morse William W. 3U77 Wash. 
Moseley A. Mrs. 82 Cabot 
Moses John, 155 Cabot 
Moulton Calvin, 143 Leverett 
Moulton Erastus, 047 Tremont 
Muldoon Owen, 100 Kneelaud 
Mullane Jeremiah M.990 liarr. av. 
Mullen Patrick T. 404 W. Second 
Muilett John, Chelsea, c. Heniey, 

Mulloy Wm. A. 43 Decatur, E.B. 
Mulrain Thoraas, 010 Parker 
Mulvey Michael, 43 Belmont. Chs. 
Muugovan Patrick, 259 W. Fourth 
Murphy Edward, 507 E. Second 
Murphy Edward, C, c. W. Second 
Murphy James, jr. 208 Foundry 
Murphy John, 80 Village 
Murphy John, 25 West Third 
Murphy Mary A. Miss, 34 Cook.Ch. 
Murphy M. B. it J. H. 57 Chapman, 

Murphy Philip, 24 C 
Murphy P. 12U Cabot 
Murphy P. D. 53 Preble, W. V. 
Murphy William, 05 George 
Murphy & Co. 51 Prince 
Murray Ann, 158 Salem 
Murray James, 442 Saratoga 
Murray James J. 553 Harrison av. 
Murray Patrick, 48 Berlin 
Murtagh J. 232 Centre, ward 21 
Myeis David, 11 Phillips 
Mylod & Hichardson, Dudley. 

Nash James, 327 W. Broadway 
Nash & Bowers, 40 School 
Nason Richard, 159 Bunker Hill 
Neary P. J. 9 Bunker Hill 
Nelsou Henry H. & Bros., 633 Tre- 
Neureuter Andrew, 253 W. Fourth 
Newcomb & Frost, Warren ave. c. 

Newhall G. A. & Co. 1631 Wash. 
Nightingale J. F., 37 West Canton 
Noien John ,1.588 Dorch. ave. 
Nolan Thomas, 193 North 
Nolen M. 4 Rochester 
Nolette Francois, 84 Prescott, E. B. 
Noouan Daniel A. 004 E. B'dway 
Noonan John G., 73 Bennington 
Norcott William, 142 B 
Norcross & Myrick, Centre, onp. 

Green, J.P. 
Norton John, 94 Quincy 
Nute J. H., Chestnut Hill av., near 

Washington, Brighton 
Nyen Daniel A. East Broadway, 

corner O 
Ohermeyer John A. 101 South 
O'Brien Edward. 105 Eliot 
O'Brien James, 40 K 

O'Brien William, 479 Main 
O'Connell Jeffrey, 630 Shawmut av. 

O'Connell Patrick, 042 Shawmut 

O'Connor John, 1 Wendell, W. V. 
O'Connor John. 133 W. Fourth' 
O'Connor Samuel M. 95 Orleans 
O'Daly Peter, 125 Dover 
O'Donnell John, 390 Chelsea, E.B. 
O'Dowd John, 119 Bennington 
O'FlynnThos.&Co. 13 Linden nk 
O'Keefe John, law Tremont 
O'Keefe Patrick J. 323 Sumner 
O'Leary D. C. 00 Lenox 
O'Maley Frank, 151 W. Ninth 
O'Malley Edward, 422 Hanover 
O'Meara James, 40 A 
O'Neil Arthur, 246 Centre 
O'Neil Neil Mrs. 3 Emerald 
Orchard Margaret E. 66 Baxter 
O'Reilly Dennis, 321 W. Third 
O'Keilly Matthew, Comm'l near 

Dorch. avenue 
O'Sullivan B. 139 B 
Otis & Dexter, 325 Meridian 
Packard Alfred. 1U0 Sarah. ga 
Paine B. F. Wash. c. Ruekiand.Br 
Palmer Ann, 12 Rochester 
Park George W. 554 Dorchester av. 
Parker A. \V. 72 Shawmut ave. 
Parks C. E. & Son, 40" Tremoiit 
Pastene P. 229 Hanover 
Pearson G. 11. 1872 Wash. 
Pease C. R. 2340 Washington 
Peckett W. E. 763 Tremont 
Pendleton Bros. 74 Church 
Pendleton R. A. 124 Harrison av. 
Perkins & Currier, 142 Bennino-ton 
Perley George, 56 Hudson 
Peterson J. A. 480 Dorchester av 
Phiuney G. P. estate of, 275 Meri- 
Pierce Bros. 13 and 14 Wash. mkt. 
Pierce F. W. 56 Shawmut av. 
Pierce S. S. & Co., Trem't, c. Court 
Pillsbury & Linen .lOOk W. Bwav. 
Pingree Chas. B. 515 Alain 
Pitman A. J. 500 Shau unit avenue 
Plummer Geo. II. 2 Alaverick so. 
Plunkett John, 29 Fieet 
Pomeroy Samuel C. 71 Sullivan, 

Poore Edw. H.& Co. 54 Russell, and 

58 Green, Chsn. 
Porter Samuel A. 512 Sarato a 
Portunato F. J. 98 George 
Potter A. L. 84 Blue Hill ave. 
Powers John 'I'. 743 Tremont 
Powers P. 35 Hampden 
Priest Jonas II. 2 Chestnut 
Priest John P. 98 Green, Chsn. 
Priest Wm. It. & Co. 293 Hanover 
Prime Oliver, 419 Bunker Hill 
Prince Albert H. 191 Bennington 
Purcell J. 33 North Anderson 
Proffit J. F. 44 Goueh 
Purington J. A. 75 Dartmouth 
Putnam A. W. 320 Sumner, E.B. 
Quilty Jeffrey. 077 E. Eighth 
Quintan John, 25 Canal bank, Chsn 
Quinn J. 41 C 
Quinn P. W. 247 W. Third 
Quirk Alary Airs. 109 Everett, E.B. 
Rarterty William. 2UU W.Eighth 
Raftery Patrick, 50 K 
Kauseh Bros. 78 Alaverick 
Ray Thomas, 64 West Dedham 
Rea J. & Son, 84 Alain 
Keagan Ellen, 97 W. Second 
Reaidon Catharine Airs. 29 Corey, 

■DEED H. T. & CO., So. Market, 
•" c. Alerch. row 
Reed James H. 58 Clarendon 
Reynolds P. F. 48 Prince 
Rice G