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Full text of "The Massachusetts state directory : containing the names, residence, and business of every individual firm, or company, engaged in any occupation in the state, giving those possessing this work, most incalculable advantages over others, and imparting, in its various departments, a variety of useful information rarely attained in so cheap a publication : together with a short advertising register, carefully arranged for the year 1850-51"

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Acknowledged to be constructed on the most sci- 
entific principles of any Filter now in existence, as; 
it Purifies the Water perfectly, and is more easily 
cleansed. Warranted to give perfect satisfaction, 
or the money will be refunded. 



Acknowledged to be constructed on the most sci- 
entific principles of any Filter now in existence, as 
it Purifies the Water perfectly, and is more easily 
cleansed. Warranted to give perfect satisfaction, 
or the money will be refunded. 




169 Ilanovet; corner of Priiics st., and 
13 Frmiklin Jlvmue, Boston'. 

IS prepared to furnish Hats of all 
qualities and stjle?, at lower 
prices thau can be bouglit at any 
other store. Also,Caps, Umbrellas, 
Trunks, Valises, Carpet-Bags, &,c. 


made to order by the case or sin- 
gle Hat at short notice. 


Worker in Tortoise Shell, 152 
"Wa.shington st., Boston. Combs of 
the Latest Fashion constantly on 
hand, or made to order, 



Manufacturer of and Wliolesale 
and Pictail Dealer in 



No. 76 Congress Street, 

Corner of Milk St., E«STON. 
Tiimks Repaired at Sluyrt Notice. 




Jewelry Trays and Boxes, 




No. 40 Devoiisliire Street, 

Corner of Water Street, 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer ia 


No. 5 4* 6 Holm's Block, 

Haymarket Square, 


of all descriptions manufac- 
tured by S N. WILSON & Co., and 
for sale at their old stand in the 
Brick Buildinpf No. 3, comer of 
Merrimac and Deacon sts. opposite 
the city scales, Haymarket Square 

Sign Painting, Stained and Or- 
n?.mented Glasc, Ohio Firs 4' Water 
Proof Paint constantly on hand. 

^!^ Leaden and Metal Sashes 
made to order. No. 16 Atkinson 
Street, Boston. 

GALLERY.iVo. 267 WasJdngton 
Strea, Boston. 



16 & 17 Dock Square, 

BEDS, ready made or to order— 
Mattres'ses of Hair, Moss, 
Cotton, Palm-leaf, &c.,on hand and 
made to order. Also, Mattresses 
refitted in a Superior Manner. 
Feathers , kiln-dried, of different 

A large assortment of Cushious, 
Comfortables, Quilts, Blankets, 
and Upholstery Goods, at Whole 
sale or Retail. 

Every article warranted equal 
to recommendation. 


No. 210 Washington Street, 






"Y'OUR ATTENTION is respectfully called to A. FESSENDEN'S 
-*• Patent Pockkt Filter, an article which it would be well for 
every person to possess, as its use would undoubtedly prevent much 
sickness, which is more or less induced by drinking' impure water. 

This Filter is particularly adapted to those who are about visiting- 
the gold regions, and travelers generally. Any person having one 
of these Filters will be sure of drinking pure water from springs, 
brooks, ponds, or rivers, where there is always more or less of animal 
and vegetable matter, of which every person must necessarily drink a 
portion, without the use of this Filter. This Filter having been duly 
Patented, the public are cautioned against purchasing or using any 
article calculated to infringe upon the rights of the patentee, as any 
such infringement will be dealt with according to law. What we 
claim is, " The Filtering of Water by the very act of drinking." 

Tor Sale, Wholesale and Retail, by the manufacturer and inventor, 
I> FESSENDEN, corner of Beach and South st., Boston, also by W. 
r Lawre-n'ce, 18 Kingston st., J.imes Eaton, 44 Washington st., JoHo?f- 
»" <■ & Co., 21 Dock Square. 






56 & 58 Washington Street, 



CONSTANTLY ON HAND, a Large and Complete Assortment of 
Clothes, of every desirable make and color, Fashioihiile Pantaloon 
Goods and VesUngs, which will be made into garments to order, in su- 
perior style and finish, at low prices. Also, a large and fashionable 
stock of Fine Ready Made Clothing, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 
Tailors' Trimmings, Implements, &c. The latest reports of Fashions. 



THE Subscriber hemg often subject to great incon- 
venicnce by not being able to collect moneys due 
him, at such times as his own wants render it neces- 
sary, and wishing as far as practicable to do a cash 
business, oilers the following proposal, which he hopes will prove a 
means of increasing the number of his cash paying patrons. Every 
person employing iiirn to the amount of Five Dollars or upward, and 
paying therefor on the completioii of the work, v/ill receive a receipt 
with a number upon it. On the first of January and July, one of the 
numbers given out will be designated by lot, and the holder of the 
receipt bearing the drawn number will be presented with the full 
amount of their bill in cash, as a premium for their promptness. 


Surgeon Dentist, 
265 "Washington street, corner of Winter street. 

N. B. — All work warranted and prices same as heretofore. The most 
satisfactory references to medical men and others given at the offic* 



IT ia suited for burning Wood and Coal— with a small additional 
expense Hot Air can be conveyed to Rooms over or adjoining it. 
There are three sizes ; the largest is every way calculated for large 
Farm and Boarding Houses, while the smallest is just the article for 
those who have small families. 

This Range is warranted to work well at all seasons of the year. 
When it does not, if returned in thirty days, the money will be re- 

We, the undersigned, have in use the above-named article — we 
therefore express to the public our entire approval of its utility, com- 
prising cheapness, durability, and economy. Every variety of cook- 
ing is done in the best order in less time and with much less fuel 
than with any other cooking arrangement that we know of in use. 
Purchasers can rely on the durability, at the same time it is easily 
and cheaply repaired. We would advise all those in want of a Range- 
or Stove to examine this Range before they purchase elsewhere, as 
they will find it all that it is recommended to be. 

Dr. EPHRAIM BUCK, 146 Salem st., Boston. ^ 


JOHN CURTIS, Jr., 6 Ann st., Boston. 

JOHN P. SQUIRE, 23 and 25 F. H. Market, Boston. 


WM. O. LADD, Cambridge. 

NATHAN TILDEN, South Boston. 

WM. H. TILDEN, Lyceum Hall, South Boston. 

IRA CHEENEY, 842 Washington st., Boston. 

C. WAKEFIELD, 21 Commercial st., Boston. 

JAMES CARPENTER, 34 Milk st., Boston. 

JOSEPH STONE, 37 Court st., Boston. 

H. E.SMITH, Esq., 10 Court st., Boston. 
Read*8 Revolver, Parlor and Office Coal Stove. 
Aliso, Read's Patent Screw Boot Forms and Boot Crimping Machine* 






Inventor and Manufacturer of the well-known 


For gents and boys— also, Improved Shoulder Braces for Ladies and 

children, to remedy habitual stooping, round-shoulders, &c. 

221 Washington st., near Marlboro Hotel, BOSTON. 



No. 257 Washington St.. up stairs, four doors north of Winter st. 

THE Subscriber begs to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Bos- 
ton, and the public generally, that he is the inventor and solo 
proprietor of an entirely new and superior article of HAIR DYE, to 
which he has given the above name. It is manufactured by himself, 
and is warranted free from all proprrties which would injure tho 
Hair or the Skin. Applied to the Hiiir. it produces a most beautiful 
and permanent glossy jet black, natural black, or dark brown, as may 
be desired, the preparations being varied to suit dilierent tastes. The 
Hair afterwards retains a perfectly natural and healthy appearaac« 
and feeling. 

r. ij^i\NY & CO., 


HayiBLSirket Sqimre, 
WM. P. TENNY, ) 

J. AUG. FELT, f 



D E A 1. E R S 




Up the Arch, Rear of the Marlboro' Hotel, 
231 Washington St., Boston. 

strangers and Citizens are respectfully informed that the above 



Has Recently undergone Bxtenilve Improvenaenta 

And is now fitted up in the best style, comprising all the modem im> 
provements for the comfort and convenience of Bathers. 


So arranged that the Bather can change the Temperature of the 
Water to suit his liking, without getting out of tho tub. 



So that a person, after enjoying the luxury of the tub, can take an 

agreeable sprinkling of the pure Cochituate Water, before dressing. 

Open all hours of the Day and night. 



33 & 35 Congress Street, Boston. 







The Plumbing Work of the following Houses was put up by me^ 
and are named below as references. 

Revere House, Bowdoin Square, Boston, Paran Stevens, Es^. 
^ National House, Haymarket Square, Boston, W. S. Pendlktow, B«^ 
Brattle House, Cambridge, Mass., Lyman Willaed, Esq. 
Sagadahock House, Bath, Me., J. Patten, Esq. 
Stanley House, Augusta, Me., Hon. R. Wiluajo. 



INFORMS his friends in New England that he has returned from a 
ten years' residence in the West, and resumed his former business of 





161 William Street, 

Where he solicits a renewal of their former intercourse. His intimate 
knowledge of the Copper, Lead and Iron Ores of the West, has in- 
duced him to accept the Agency for the sale of many valuable loca- 
tions, as also for Farms and various tracts of farming lands, now for 
sale to individuals or companies. He will also buy and sell on Com- 
mission, Real Estate in the city or vicinity, and give all the necessary 
information desired by applicants,— but the above being a distinct 
Agency, will in no respect conflict with his business of receiving on 

Merchandise of all descriptions for Sale, 



On which he will make liberal advances when desired. 


Are the Proprietors of the New England Mercantile Union DireeUrry, 
and the Neu> York State Business Directory, containing the names of all 
persons engaged in any profession or business in those States ; the 
Uniied States Post Office Directory, and the Massachusetts Business Direo 
tory, all of which they can furnish to order, or by their Agents. 

161 WiUiam st., New York, Sept., 1850. 





OriiciAL and Original Guide Book, published on the 
^ ^ first and middle of evei-ymmUh, containing official and correct 
''^if^ijZ — -information concerning all 

Railroads, Steamboats, Expresses, Stages, Omnibuses, Mails, 
postajE, almanac, etc., 
With a Map of Boston, niid a Complete Railroad Map. 
GEO. R. HOLBROOK & CO., Publishers, No. 37 Court Square, 
Boston. Sold by all dealers. Five cents a copy. Yearly subscrip- 
tion, (-24 numbers,) 75 cents. The latest edition always reliable. 

The United States Railroad Guide is for sale at the Guide Office, 37 
Court Square, and by all dealers. Price 12% cents. 

The following letter to the publishers, fully indicates the correct- 
ness of the Ckiide, and the way they are received. No traveler should 
be without them. ' Reading, Pa., April 1, 1850. 

Messrs. G. R. Holbrook & Co., New York : 

Gents, — I send you our summer arrangement of passenger trains, 
commencing to-day, for publication in your very useful Guide. Pray 
put me down as a regular subscriber, and send it, when published, to 
my address. 1 have just returned from a journey of nearly 2000 miles, 
and found j-our little Guide most convenient and surprisingly accu- 
rate. Very respectfully, yours, 

Ens. and Siip^t. Reading Railroad. 


Tlie most carefully written and best arranged Paper 
in tlie United States. 

THIS Popular Family Weekly is supj)lied with a variety of read- 
ing matter which will reward the perusal of any intelligent per- 
son in the community, comprising Original anJ Selected Stories, 
Humorous Sketches, Talcs of Travel, Romances, Sketches of Real 
Life, Valuable Biographies, Poetry, Serious, Sentimental and Humor- 
ous, A Column for the Curious, Gems from New Vv'orks, Local Mat- 
ters, Reviews of New Publications, Agricultural Treasuries, Scientific 
Novelties, Anecdotes, Opinions, Glimpses at the Law, Foreign Corre- 
spondence, and Foreign and Domestic News to the latest hour, Con- 
gressioual and Legislative Intelligence, Accidents and Casualties:, 
Financial Articles, All the Markets, Miscellaneous Editorial Articles, 
and a combination of information and amusing sketches, facts and 
fancies, such as never before has been seen in one publicatioru 


It is unsurpassed for the variety and completeness of its contents, and 
for the great care that is taken, while it shall amuse, to instruct and 
elevate the mind to a sense of its natural dignity. For the old, it will 
be found stored with experience— for the young, it will possess a 
charm that will not contaminate or cloy the taste. 

Published by R. B. PITTS & CO., 

IVo. 37 Court Square, Boston. 

Terms, — Two Dollars per annum, payable in advance 


.^.Ir^ASHlNQTOH !«?, 



Orders of every description respectfully solicited of Pub- 
lishers and others in want of Printing or Binding. 

G. W. WHITE, Proprietor. 



THESE well-known Sakes constant- 
ly on hand and made to order, waiv 
ranted equal in all rcf^pccts to any now 
manufactured in the United States, and 
have in every instance given perfect 
satisfaction. They are finished with the 
most approved Locks in general use, and 
(when desired) with "Yale's" gun cot- 
ton and powder proof Locks,which have 
hitherto successfully resisted all at- 
tempts to open them without the proper 
key. An instance is known where one 
of them resisted four attempts upon it 
with gunpowder, and without the slightest injury to the Lock what- 
ever. In connection with the above, the Subsciiber continues to 
manufacture Machinery, Iron Doors, Shutters, Sashes, Fences, Bal- 
ustrades, Window Guards, &c., together with all descriptions of 
work usually furnished by manufactories of this kind. 

Bank Vaults and Burglar Proof Boxes made to order, and Locks 
furnished for from $26 to $200 each. 


No. 30 Causeivay, corner of liancaster Street, 




No. 1 Water Street, and 12 Spring Lane, 

Q(^ (LOWER FLOOR,) =^ 


GREAT attention is paid to Printing 
Cards for either Marriage, Address, 
II' Visiting, or Business, so that the ink 
will remain firm oa the Card, and not 
rub ofl". 

Job Printing. 
Particular attention is given to thig 
branch. Bill Heads, Circulars, Billets, 
Hand Bills, &c., done in neat style. 

Card Engraving 
Executed in a most beautiful manner. 
Ijj Address, Marriage, and Business Card 
" Plates done in the first style of art 
Copper Plate Printing. 
Cards printed from Copperplate at short 
notice — also. Maps, Heads, &c. 





RESPECTFULLY invite public attention to a new article 
of Patent Iron Railing, manufactured exclusively by 
themselves, of Wire or Rod Iron, of any desired size, securely 
fastened in heavy wrought or cast iron posts. The article is 
admirably adapted for enclosing cottages, cemeteries, public 
grounds, gardens, &c., for balconies, cornice work, arbors, ve- 
randahs, columns, summer houses, arches, window guards for 
banks, stores, and private dwellings, lattice work, grating for 
sky-lights, tree boxes, &c., and in fact for all purposes where 
Iron Railing is required. 

The comparative lightness, great strength and durability 
of the Wire Railing, the beauty of its varied ornamental de- 
signs, together with the 

At which it is sold, are causing it to supersede the Cast Iron 
Railing wherever their comparative merits have been tested. 

It is furnished ready for erection at prices varying from 
35 cents to $2,50 per lineal foot. 





THE largest and best assortment in the country of Wigs and Tou- 
pees for Gents and Ladies— Fris setts, Curls, and Bands of 
Long Hair, manufactured by myself at the lowest piices. 


Over Daniell & Co., 
291 Washington Street, Boston. 

(>g=' Persons residing at a distance can have 
Wigs made to order, by taking a measure aa 
here directed : 

^g 1. Round the head, Inches. 

^S 2. Forehead to the nape, 

3. From ear to ear across the head, 

4. From ear to ear across the forehead, 


Ofke and Store No. 176 Tremont Street, Oppositethe Tremont Home. 


rs constantly supplied from his own manufactory, 
L with a complete assortment of Trusses, Abdom- 
iNAL Supporters, Spinal Corslets, Shoulder Bra- 
.CES, Laced Stockings, Knee Caps, and Fracture 
Bandages . Also, apparatus for Deformed Feet and 
Bow Legs, m- These Instruments are all ot the 
very best construction, and are used and patronized 
V icaif->i^^ " by the Massachusetts General Hospital, and are re- 
commended by the first surgeons in th h_coun try and in Europe. 

360i WasMngton Street, 

A few doms north of Essex Street a7id over Teu-ks'nmfs Book Store, 

EVERY variety of Straw and Faucy Bonnets altered to fashionable 
shapes, cleansed and pressed in the very best manuer. Also— 
Gentlemen's Summer Hats. Straw Bonnets Colored. Particular at- 
tention paid to Bleaching Neapolitans. 

Oj7= Milliners furnished with Bonnet Blocks of the latest patterns. 
Goods forwarded by Express, &c., will receive immediate attention 


rziUiMEmxss. & iiZiZiisiKr, 


No. 18 Washingtcn Street, opposite Cmiihill, Boston^ 

ARE always in receipt of a large and well selected stock of Fash- 
ionabU Goods, adapted to the season ; rich and desirable styles 
for GENTLEMEN'S WEARING APPAREL, from which they are 
preoared to execute orders in strict conformity with the present pre- 
vailing fashions and taste of the day. Style and workmanship un- 
surpassed by any other establishment in the city. Also, an assort- 
ment of Gentekl Ready Made Clothing, Gentlemen-'s Furnishing 
Goods, Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Ready Made Linen, &c. — a large as- 
sortment, rich stvles, at very low prices, wholesale and retail. 




J^Ianirfactnrers and Importers, 

No. 131 Chatham St., New York, 

And STo. 19 X^ilk Street, Boston, 

WOULD call the attention of DEALERS to their large stock of 
WINDOW SH.IDES, of every description and quality— and 
materials for making and hanging the same. 

Qd^ Table Oil Cloths, Buff and White Holland, &c., &c., con- 
stantly on hand, and at prices not to be undersold in this city or in 
New York. Qf^ Shades from .50 cts. to $-25,00 a pair ! Also, Shades 
for Stores, Churches, Saloons, or Officer, Painted and Lettered in the best 
manner, and most approved styles. 


wholesale and retail dealer in 



^o. 15 Friend Street, 


a gars from this S/we tchirh do not p-ove as recommended, may be rettOTtcdt 
^ and the money will he refunded. 

MANY GENTLP:MEN have found it impossible to obtain well 
made and well fitting Shirts, and have submitted with more or 
less fortitude to the constant annoyance and vexation produced by an 
uncomfortable collar and badly "fitting front. The Subscriber has 
for the past seven years endeavored to remedy these evils by giving 
his attention entirely to the manufacture of the^ne?- qualiiies of Shirts 
to order, by careful and accurate measurement, and invites all who 
wish for a really good article to call and leave their measures. 


Joy's Building, entrance 81 Washington St, 


ClvUsorv's Improved Patent, (1850,) 


and Venti- 
lating of buildings 
Highly satisfacto- 
ry results accom- 
plished in warm- 
ing and ventilat- 
ing Dwellings, 
Churches, School- 
houses, Hospitals, 
Stores, &c. The 
final Invaluable 
Improvements are 
now added to Chil- 
son's Patent Jlir- 
JVarming and Ven- 
tilating Furnaces, 
and patented June, 
1850. His furnaces 
and ventilating ap- 
paratus are now 
perfect in every 
respect. Commit- 
tees and others, 
from any part of 
the world, in pur- 
suit of the best 
possible plan for 
warming and ven- 
1- Ti , , 7 T To-n tilating buildings 

Imp-evemeius Patented June, 18o0. ^^ ^n Classes, can 

see these improvements in operation in the public buildings of the 
City and State, and in the first class dwellings, etc. 

Mr. Chils on has abandoned the manufacture and use of the common 
red-hot iron pot furnaces, which create that scorching and suftbcat- 
ing odor caused by burning the oxygen, and destroying the vitality 
and freshness of the air. Many gentlemen well known for their 
scientific attainments in the matter of heat and ventilation, have 
thoroughly tested these improvements. They have also been unan- 
imously adopted by the various public committees who have been 
appointed from time to time to investigate the subject of heat and 
ventilation, as may be seen by their several printed reports. 

Also three sizes of a superior Portable Furnace. Dr. Clark's Bos- 
ton School Ventilating Stoves, Registers and Ventilators, of all 
patterns and sizes— and every article that is adapted to the above 
business. For sale, w'holesale and retail, at the Stove, Range, Grate, 
and Air- Warming and Ventilating Fw-nace Establishment, 

No. 51 & 53 Blackstone Street, BOSTON. 


Personal attention given to Wanning and Ventilating buildings in 

any part of the ccuntry. 



C^* The figure following the 
Town, shows the number of the 
Town on the Map — the second col- 
umn gives the Population of 1840. 


Barnstable 4,303 

Brewster, 8 1,522 

Chatham. 7 2,334 

Dennis, 5 2,942 

Easthani, 10 955 

Falmouth, 1 2,589 

Harwich, 6 2,930 

Marshpee District, 2 300 

Orleans, 9 1,974 

Provincftown 2. 122 

Sandwich, 3 3.719 

Truro, 12 1,920 

Wellfleet, 11 2,377 

Yarmouth, 4 2,554 


Adams, 25 3,703 

Alford, 8 481 

Becket, 13 1,342 

Boston Corner, 27 

Cheshire. 20 985 

Clarksburg, 29 370 

Dalton, 18 1.255 

Egremont, 7 1,038 

Florida. 30 441 

G. Barrington, 6 2,704 

Hancock, 22 922 

Hinsdale, 17 957 

Lanesborough, 21 1. 140 

Lee, 11 2 428 

Lenoi 1,304 

Mount Washington, 12 438 

New Ashlbrd, 26 227 

New Marlborough, 3 1,(382 

I Otis, 5 1,177 

Peru, 16 576 

Pittsfield, 19 3,761 

Richmond, 15 1,097 

Sandisfield, 1 1,464 

Savoy, 24 915 

Sheffield, 2 2,322 

Stockbridge, 10 1,992 

Tyringham, 4 1,477 

Washington, 14 989 

VV. Stockbridge, 9 1,449 

Williamstown, 28 2,153 

Windsor, 23 900 

Attleborough, 12 3,584 

Berkley, 10 886 

! Dartmouth, 2 4,142 

Dighton, 9 1,378 

Easton, 14 2,074 

Fairhaven, 3 3,952 

Fall River, 16 6,738 

Freetown, 4 1,772 

Mansfield, 13 1,382 

New Bedford 12,087 

Norton, 15 1,545 

Pawtucket, 8 2,184 

Raynham, 11 1,329 

Rchoboth, 17. 2,169 

Seekonk, 7 1,986 

Somerset, 5 1,005 

Swanzey, 6 1,489 

Taunton 7.645 

Westport, 1 2,820 

Chilmark, 1 702 

Edg irtown, 3 1,736 

Tisbury, 2 1,520 



Amesbur^', 23 2,471 

Andover, 13 5,207 

Beverly, 5 4,689 

Boiford, 15 641 

Bradford, 20 2,2>5 

Danvers, 4 5,020 

Essex, 9 1,453 

Georgetown, 16 1,540 

Gloacei;ter, 7 0,363 

Hamilton, 11 817 

HaverhiU,22 4,337 

Ipswich 3,001 

Lynn, 1 3,975 

Lynnfield, 25 701 

Manchester, 6 1,356 

Marbleliead, 3 5,575 

Methuen, 21 2,251 

Middleton, 12 657 

Kewbury, 18 3,789 


Rockport, 8 2,647 

Rowley, 17 1,203 

Salsm 15.083 

Salisbury, 24 2,740 

Saugtis, 2 1,098 

Topsfield, 14 1,067 

Wenham, 10 690 

West Newbury, 19 1,560 


Ashfield, 10 1,610 

Bernardston, 18 992 

Buckland, 8 1,084 

Charlemont, 22 1,127 

Colraiue, 21 1,971 

Conway, 5 1,410 

Deerfield, 9 1,912 

Erving, 16 309 

Gill, 17 798 

Greenfield 1,758 

Hawley, 7 978 

Heath, 25 897 

Leverett, 2 875 

Leyden, 19 632 

Monroe, 24 282 

MontafU6, 10 1,267 

New Salem, 12 1,305 

Nonhfield, 15 1,673 

Orange, 13 1.502 

Kowe, 23 703 

Shelburiie, 20 1.022 

Shutesbury, 1 .987 

Sunderlraid, 3 720 

Warwick, 14. 1,071 

Wendell, 11 875 

Whately, 4 1,069 


Blandford, 9 1,423 

Brimfield, 17 1,419 

Chester, 11 1,627 

Granville, 7 1,414 

Holland, 1 423 

Longmeadow, 5 1,270 

Ludlow, 15 1,267 

Monson, 3 2,151 

Mcntgomerj', 12 740 

Palmer, 16 2,139 

Russell. 10 956 

Southwick, 6 1,210 

Springfield 10,986 

Tolland, 8 627 

Wales, 2 686 

Westfield, 13 3,524 

West Springfield, 14 3,626 

Wilbraham, 4 1,864 


Amherst, 10 2,551 

Relchertown, 1 2,554 

Chesterfield, 17 1,132 

Cummington, 22 1,239 

Easthampton, 5 717 

Enfield, 11 976 

Goshen, 21 556 

Granbv, 3 971 

Greenwich, 12 824 

Hadley,9 1,816 

Hatfield, 15 932 

Middiefield, 19 1,715 

Northampton 3,750 

Nonvich, 7 750 

Pelham, 14 956 

Plainfield, 20 905 

Pre-scott, 13 780 

South Hadley, 4 1,458 

Southampton, 6 1,159 

Ware, 2 1,180 

Westhampton, 8 759 

Williamsburg. 16 1,308 

Worthingtou, 18 1,198 


Acton, 33 1,121 

Ashby, 37 1,346 

Ashland, 42 

Bedford, 22 929 

Billerica, 27 1,632 

Boxborough, 23 426 

Brighton, 8 1,425 

BurUngton, 21 510 

Cambridge 8,409 

Carliiie, 2C 556 


Charlestown, 9 11,483 I 

Chelmsford, 31 1,697 , 

Concord 1,784 

Dracut, 41 2,188; 

Dunstable, 39 603 ! 

Framingham, 4 3,034 

Groton, 34 2,136 

Holliston. 1 1,782 

Hopkinton, 2 1,245 

Lexington. 16 1,642 

Lincoln, 14 686 

Littleton, 25 937 

Lowell 20.816 

Maiden, 18 2,514 

Marlborough, 6 2,098 

Medlbrd, 17 2,478 

Natic, 5 1,285 

Newton, 7 3,351 

Pepperell. 38 1,571 

Readin<r,29 2,193 

Sherburne, 3 995 

Shirley, 35 957 

South Reading, 30 1,517 

Stoneham, 19 1.017 

Stow, 24 1,230 

Sudbury, 12 1,422 


Tewksbury, 31 906 

Townsend, 36 1.992 

Tyngsboroujih, 40 870 

Walthain, 11 2.504 

Watertown, 10 1,810 

Wayland, 13 998 

West Cambridge, 15 1.363 

Westford, 32 1,436 

Weston, 43 1,092 

Wilmington, 28 859 

Woburn, 20 2,990 


Nantucket 9,051 


Bellingham, 3 1,055 

Braintree, 13 2,1G8 

Brookline, 20 1,265 

Canton, 10 1,995 

Cohasset, 21 1,470 

Dedham 3,291 

Dorchester, 16 4,875 

Dover, 17 520 

Foxborough, 2 1,298 

Franklin, 4 1,717 

Medfield,8 883 

Medway.7 2.043 

Milton, 15 1,822 

Needham 18 1,488 


Quincy, 14 1,486 

Randolph, 11 3,213 

Ro.xbury, 19 9,089 

Sharon, 5 1,076 

Stoughton, 6 2,142 

Walpole, 9 1,491 

Weymouth, 12 3,738 

Wrentham, 1 2,015 


Abington, 10 3.214 

Bridgewater, 6 2,131 

Carver, 3 995 

Duxbury, 13 2,798 

East Bridgewater, 8 1,950 

Halifax, 15 734 

Hanover, 16 1,488 

Hanson, 11 1.040 

Hingham, 19 3,567 

Hull 231 

Kingston. 14 1,440 

Marshfield, 17 1,760 

Middleboroiigh, 4 5,085 

N. Bridgewater, 7 2,616 

Pembroke, 12 1,258 

Plymouth 5,281 

Plvmpton, 5 834 

Rdchester, 1 3,875 

Scituate, 18 3,886 

Wareham, 2 2,002 

West Bridgwater, 9 1,201 


Boston 93,470 

Chelsea, 2 2,390 




Ashburnham, 46 

Athol, 52 

Auburn, 12 649 

Barre, 37 2,751 

Berlin, 29.... _ 763 

Blackstone, 55 

Bolton, 33 1,188 

Boylston, 30 797 

Brookfield, 22 2,472 

Charlton, 8 2,117 

Dana, 38 691 

Doudas, 3 1,618 

Dudley, 5 1,352 

Fitchburg, 45 2,604 

Gardner, 49 1,260 

Grafton, 14 2,940 

Hardwick. 39 1,789 

Harvard, 47 1,579 

Holden,34 1,874 


Hubbardston. 41 1,7841 

Lancaster, 32 2,0J9 

Leicester, 20 1,707 

Leominster, 43 2,069 

Lunenburgh, 44 1,272 

Wendon, 1 3,524 

Milford, 16 1,772 

Millbury. 11 2.163 

New Braintree, 24 732 

Northborough, 27 1,218 

Is orthbridge, 17 1,448 

N. Brcokfield, 23 1 4R5 

Oakham, 25 1,038 

Oxford, 9 1,742 

Paxton, 26 071 

Petersham, 40 1,775 

Fhillipston, 57 918 

PrincetoiJ, 30 - 1,348 

Rovalston, 53 1,607 

Rutland. 35 1,260 

Sbrewsbury, 13 1.481 

Southborniigh, 28 1,145 

Southbridse, 6 2.031 

Spencer, 21 1,604 

Sterling, 42 1,G47 

Sturbridge, 7 2,6U5 

Sntton, 10 2,370 

Tempieton, 50 1,776 

Upton, 15 U06 

Uxbridge, 2 2,004 

Warren, 18 1,290 

Webster, 4 1,403 

Westborough, 19 1,055 

West Bovlston, 31 1,187 

Westminster, 48 1,645 

Winchendon, 54 1,754 



.5s denoted by corresponding figure* 
on the Map, 

Phimb Island, 1. 
gqiiam Bay, 2. 
Phillips' Point, 3. 
Nahant, 4. 

Boston Light House, 5 
Nantasket Bay, 6. 
Brant Point, 7. 
Green Harbor, 8. 
Plymouth E:iy, 9. 
Monument Point, 10, 
Barnstable Harbor, 11. 
Wellfleet Harbor, 12. 
Cape Cod Harbor, 13. 
Race Point, 14. 
Nauset Bcich, 15. 
Chatham Harbor, 16. 
Port Gammon, 17. 
Oyster Bay, 18. 
Nashann IslaiTd, 19. 
Nasshawenna.' Island, 20. 
Cuttyhunk Island, 21. 
Slartha's Vineyard, 22. 
Chappaquidick Island, 23. 
Old town Harbor, 24. 
Holmes' Hole, 25. 
Acchusatt River, 26. 













The Publishers of the Massachusetts Business Directory 
have now the pleasure of presenting to the Public a work of 
great utility, containing an amount of information seldom at- 
tained in a book of this size and price. 

A second part has been appended, bringing the changes and 
additions down to a later period than any other work out. It 
will be observed that the principal additions have been in the 
Metropolis.but when they have been numerous in other places, 
they have been noted. We have endeavored to obtain and in- 
sert the name, occupation, and residence of every individual in 
any business or profession in the Slate, and hope the two parts 
of the Directory will be found to have nearly attained this ob- 
ject. We do not flatter ourselves that they are free from er- 
rors and omissions, but they cannot be important, and will be 
corrected in any future editions. 

If the information sought should not be found in one part, 
please refer to the other ; and if not in either, it may be found 
among the Miscellaneous Items ; but we m.ay note that aU 
changes or new establishments within the year, are in Part 
Second, and most of the older in Part First. 

As this Book is not only a Directory which should be in 
the hands of every business man, but also an itinerary for the 
traveler, and guide to various sources of information and 
amusement, we confidently hope it will find favor with all 


W1AR31 1910 


Advertising Agency 

Anti-Friction Oil Manufacto- 


Anvils, Vices. 


.30 , Coal Dealers 12 

i Coal & Wood Dealers 12 

.30 Collectors 12 

.30 , Color Manufacturer 30 

Apothecaries 5 ^ Comb Manufacturer 30 

Architects 5 I Commission Merchants 12 

Attorneys & Counsellors 5 Do. . .{Domestic) 13 

Auctioneers 6 Do. . , (Forwarding) 14 

I Constables 14 

Bakers 6 j Contractors for Buildings 14 

Ballast Office 30 Coopers 14 

Bathing Rooms 31 ' Coppersmiths 14 

Blacksmiths 7 [ Cotton Bolting Manufacturer. .30 

Boarding Houses 7 

Bonnets & Straw Goods 7 

Bonnet Makers & Pressers 7 

Bookbinders 7 

Booksellers & Publishers 7 

Boot, Shoe, k Leather Dealers. .7 
Boot and Shoe Manufacturers.. .8 

Crockery 14 

Curled Hair Manufacturer 30 

Curriers 15 

Daguerrean Artists .15 

Dentists 15 

Doors, Sashes, Blinds, &c 30 

Box Manufacturers 8 Drygoods. . .(Retail) 15 

Brass Finishers 

Brokers. . . (Ship) H Engravers. 

Do (Merchandise) 9 Expresses. 

Do (Drug) 9 

Do (Insurance) 9 Fancy Goods 16 

Do (Specie) 9 i Feather Dealers 16 

Do (Money) 

Do (Real Estate). . .. 

Do (Stock Exchange. 

Cabinet Warehouses 18 

Cambooses 30 

Cameo Cutters 30 

Cap Makers 9 ! Fruit 

Cards 91 Furnaces and Ranges 

Diaphragm Filters 30 

Division Filters 39 

Fish. . .(Fresh) 16 

Flour and Grain Dealers 16 

French Shirrt 30 

Fringe, Tassel and Silk Manu- 
facturer 17 


Card Saloon 30 Furnishing warehouses (gents.) 13 

Carpenters and Builders 9 , Furniture Warehouses 13 

Carpetings 1*^ i ^ . t^ i ia 

Carriage Builders and Wheel- i Gram Dealers i» 

Wrights 10 : tt^- T)rp<!<!ers. 18 

Carriage & Coach Trimmers... 18, gairD^ress^ers,....^,^ . ^^ 

Carvers. . 10 ^^^^^ ^^.^^j. Manufacturer 2u & 31 

Cement Dealers . ^^ i Harness, Trunks, & Valine, . . .18 

Chocolate Mamifacturer 30 carriage Trimmers -...18 

Cigars and Snufl , ^^^^,,}'^^^ Dealers 18 

Cigar Manufacturers 10 , ^ ^^^ P^^.^ jg 

Civil Engineers S. Surveyors. • 1 [ Hat Manufacturers 19 

Sloff^rni^he^.-.V.-.-.V.'.V.V.-JS Hosiery and Gloves 19 

Clothing . . . (Readv Made) ... 12 Ice Dealers 19 

Clothing. . .(Second Hand). . ,12 Improvement of Speech 31 

Cloths & Woolen Goods 12 Intelligence Offices 19 


Jewellers 19 

Junk Dealers '. *.! !l9 

Justices '.,.20 

Lace Goods 

Lamp Dealers. . . . 


Leather Dealers. . . 
Liquors and Wines. 
Livery Stables. 


. . ..20 



... .20 

, ^- 20 

Lumber Dealers 21 

Machinists.. 21 

Market-men *.*.'.*.".'.'. 21 

Mattress Manufacturer.*.'.*.*.' 31 

Merchants '31 

Millinery & Fancy' Goods'. '.'.". '22 

Mesmeric Examinations 22 

Metals 22 

Midwives. ...*'.*. * '. ". ' ". *, ' *. \ [22 
Miscellaneous Items'.*.*.*.'.*.". *.]30 

New England Guide 31 

New England Wire R. R. Co. .31 

Oil and Candles 22 

Painters. House, Sign, Orna- 
mental and Fancy. ... 22 
Paints, Oils, and Glass. . . .*. '.23 

Painter's Rollers 31 

Paper Hangings 23 

Pattern Makers .23 

Pavers *.!.!*.*.' .23 

Physicians and Surgeons.*.*.'. .23 
Piano Forte Manufacturers. . .26 

Pickles Ofi 

Pilots ■.*.*.*.*.'.'.•.■ '.'26 

Plate Glass 31 

Plumbers *.','.'.' ..''26 

Printers. Book and'job'. ..'..'. '.26 
Produce Dealers 27 

Propeller Presses 31 

Provision Dealers .,'27 

Rail Roads 31 

Ratans * ... .31 

Restaurants .*.'.*.*.'.* .27 

Refrigerators .* '. ! .31 

Rivet Manufacturers. . , . . .*. .31 

Sail Makers 27 

Salamander Safes .**.'. .31 

Sand Houses 27 

Safe-Spring Manufacturer. . . .31 

Seal Engrravers 28 

Sealers of Weights and Meas- 
ures 28 

Sherifls and Deputies. . . .*. ...28 

Shipping Offices 28 

Shot 31 

Silver and Brass Platers*. *. *. .* '. .28 

Spikes 31 

Spring-makers 31 

Stair Builders 28 

Starch Dealers .'.28 

Stationers 2d 

Stove & Grate Manufacturers! .28 

Tailors 28 

The American Union 31 

Thread and Yarn 29 

Tobacco .' .29 

Truckmen.. . 29 

Turners 29 

Trunks and Valises 31 

Tuner of Pianos 31 

Type & Stereotype Founders. ^29 

Upholsterers 29 

Vaccine Office 31 

Veterinary Surgeons 29 

Watches and Jewelry 29 




Bartlett, J. T. 60 Salem st. Boston. 

Brady, F. A. Purchase st. cor. Fed- 

Creasy, C. P. Myrtle, cor. Bel- 
knap st. 

Dingley, Wm. H. & Co. Hanover, 
cor. Union st. 

Fales, J. J. Maverick sq. 

Ferguson, Robert, 343 Washing- 

" ton St. 

FovBle, G. H. & Co. 31 Essex st. 

Gordon, James, 103 Leveret st. 

Melzer, A. Sufiblk, cor. Canton st. 

Mizner, T. L. Harrison av. cor. 

Ricker, Geo. D. 142 Salem sfc. 

Spring. Jno. 100 Sea st. 

Teal, T. G. 91 Broad st. 

Ware, Wm. H. 95 Cambridge st. 

Wilbur, A. B. 156 Court st. 

Wilson, J. W. Broadway, near 


Bond & Parker, Suffolk Buildings, 
Bryant, David, 45 Hudson st. 
Cabot, E. C. 19 Tremont Row. 
Hall, Chas G. II do 

Hall, Juo. R. 11} do 
Jenkins, Joseph, Franklin sq. 
Preston, J. 6 Joys' buildings. 
Washburn & Alexander, 7 Ex- 
fe. change a v. 

Attorneys and Coiinsellors 
at Lia^v. 

Allen, F. H. 31 Court st. Boston. 
Andrews. F. L. 32 Massachusetts 
. Block. 

Ames, J. W. 26 Old State House. 
Austin, J. D. 20 Court st. 
Banks, N. P. Jr. 22 Mass. Block, j 
Batchelder, F. L. 39 Court st. 
Bates, Wm. 47 do 

Bigelow, Horatio, 1 Devonshire st 
Bigelow, Sam'l, 1 do 

Bigelow, Timothy, 10 State St. 
Burlingame, Anson, 180 State 

Cady, E. E. 7 Court sq. 
Chamberlain, M. 46 Washington st 
Chase, Marshall S. 17 State st. 
Cheever, Tracy P. 39 Court st. 
Choate, Rufus, 7} Tremont Row 
Codman, Jno. 4 Court st. 
Colby, R L. 47 do 
Cooke, Benj. F. 63 do 
Crockett, Geo. K. 27 State st' 
Danforth, J. C. 51 Court st 
Davis, A. B. 7 Court sq. 
Demond, Chas. 4 Court st. 
Dimon. Oliver. 46 Washington st 
Eames, J. B. 46 do 

Emmerson. Chas. H. 46 Court st. 
Farrar, W. H. 25 Old State House, 
Fuller, H. H. & Preston, 6 State st 
Fuller, R. F. 10 State st. 
Gale, Lucien, 20 Court st 
Gilchrist, D. S. 25 R. R. Exchange 
Goodrich, C. B. 30 Court st 
Griswold, A. W. 1 Devonshire st. 
Guild, Geo. D. 4 Court st 
Harlow, T. S. 27 State st 
Hilliard, Wm. 20 Old State House. 
Hoar, E. R. Old State House. 
Homer, G. H. 4 Court st. 
Hubbard, Nath'l D. 39 State st 
Hudson, Chas. H. 63 Court st 
Joy. A. K. P. 23 do 

Kimball, J. S. 7 Court sq. 
Kingsbury, Geo. H. 4G Court st. 
Lord & Palmer, 2 Mass. Block. 
Marcy, Jas.W. 18 R. R. Exchange, 
Maxwell, A. 31 Mass. Block. 



Merrill, J. O. Jr. 46 Coart st. 
Minot, George, 4 do 

Nulter. T. F. 10 """"" do 
Caine. J. T. 6 State st. 
Parker, E. G. 20 Tremont Row. 
Parker. H. G. 46 WashiDgton st. 
Parrin,'W.H. 4 Court st. 
Pike, Chas. E. 10 State st. 
Plumrner. Wm. 10 do 
Potter, O. B. 56 Washington st. 
Rar+oul & Putnam, 20 Mass. Bl'k. 
Richardson, N. & J.W. 46 Court st 
Rumsey, Jno. 63 Court rt. 
Russell, Jno. J. 23 do 
Sawyer, F. W. 20 do 
Searle. Geo.W. 20 Old State House 
Smith,' W. H. L. 47 Court st. 
Thaxter, D. 16 do 

Thomas, Seth J. 96 do 
Tremper, Geo. S. 4 do 
Tuxbury, G. W. 36 do 
Wakefield, T. 10 do 

Watson, T. A. 35 do 

Welsh, J. W. 6 Mass. Block. 
Welch J. W. 36 do do 
Webb, Seth Jr. 4 State st. 
Washburn. F. L. 19 Court st. 
Williams & Hall, 30 do 
Allen, Macon B. Charlesiotm. 

Austin, Arthur W. 
Austin, H. D. 
Cobb, M. G. Main st 
Willard. Paul, Jr. 
Stockwell, Amos. Chicopee. 

Hoar, Samuel, Concord. 

Cobb, Jonathan F. Dedham. 

Saxton, Jonathan JOterJleld. 

Mayhew, F. G. Mcisarton. 

Sumner, J. Gt. Bariingioii. 

Wheeler, H. 

Willard, D. GrsenJUld. 

Ripley, F. 
Sutler, C. 

Howe, N. S. „: Haverhill. 

Lincoln, J. Hingham. 

Swan, Geo. Hubbardstown. 

Lord, G. P., Ipswich. 

Ball, B. W. Lawrence. 

Chase, P. S. 
Jaunderg, B. R. 

Walker, J. A. Lennox. 

Ames, Seth, Lowell. 

Blood, B. F. 

Blaisdell, H. G. Cantral street 
Bonny, A. P. & Co. do 
Butler, B. F. do 

Butterfield, George A. do 
Goolis, H. G. F. do 

Dean, Benjamin, Central st. 

Farr, A. W. 

Farrell, J. C. 

Moore, Peter R. 

Poor, B. W. 

Peason, Ira B. 

Stearns, W. S. Maiden. 

Adams, Daniel, Medfield. 

Wood, Wm. H. Middleb<r.ough. 

Cross, W. G. New Bedford. 

Page, J. H. W. 

Prescott, Oliver. 

Maston, L. W. Ntwhurypint, 

Moseley, Eben. 

Suasey. S,W. ■■- 

Wildes; A. W. 

Chilson, H. H. Ncnthamptoir . 

Hall, P. L. Pittsjie^ 

Lancthon, M. R. 

Martin, C. 

Merwin, R. T, 


Allen, James M. 48 Federal st 

Baker, T. M. 20 Cornhill st 
Beal. Samuel H. 49 & 51 Pearl st 
Brackett, A. 10 Mass. Block 
GreennoughH. N. 30 Washingtoa 
Hall, E. F. & Co. 19 & 21 Kilby st 
Hood, Ti-'^mas, 6 Market square 
HuEsev, Thomas, 60 P'ederal at A 
]\If.llard, W. 45 & 47 Pearl st 
M'lnt^rc, John, 48 Federal st 
Pe9:Ti'"-:n & Hall, 4 Union Block 
Scl. vJer, C. H. 77 Union, and 10« 

Liackst. st 
Weed, O. H. & Co. 69 Hanover et 


Austin, T. & Co. 20 Commercial st. 
Bond, Thomas D. 12 Merrimac st 
Coolidge, F. 196 Washington st. 
Cowan, William, Fayette st 
Gant, Samuel, 396 AVashington st 
Harper, William, 73 Charter st 
Maynard & Brown, 99 Broad st. 
Mitchell, J. B, Kneeland, a. South' 

Morrell, H. H. Hawley, cor. Sum- 
mer st. 
Richardson, Amos H. 8 Brighton st 
Richardson, L. 348 Washington st 



Schaffer. , 681 Washington st 

Smith, J. B. 533 do 

Spring, A. 131 Fourth st. 


Adams, W. & Co. Cross, corner of 
Fulton St. Boston. 

Bramhall, Otis. 18 Water st 
Cumrnings, C. W. 2 N. Groye st 
Denio, Cheney, & Co. Causeway, 

corner of Friendship st 
Low, Wni. & Son, 42 Devonshire st 
Onderdonk.M. C. 258 Broad st 
Smith &; Lovell. 36 Devonshire st 

Boarding Houses* 

Babbs, Sarah S. 11 Harrison Av. 

Barnard. Clara, 6 Adams st 
Bingham, A. 35 Lincoln st 
Brownell. N T. 4 Channing st 
Carlisle. Sarah. 8 Le Grange Place 
Drinkwater, Nathaniel, 25 Com- 
mercial st. 
Ebert, Francis, 7 Hanover 
Hall. Sally, 7 Franklin st 
Holmes, M. 17 Brattle st 
Lovejoy, Lydia, 196 Harrison Av 
Pearson, D. S. 16 Albany st 
Perkins, Marv, 2 Crescent Place 
Plimpton, Alice. 22 Le Grange PI. 
Reed, Thomas. 26 Ann st. 
Ripley William L. 63 Bedford st 
Skimmings. William, 139 Hanover 

Stone Abbv, 30 Federal st 
Tappan, W. B. Mrs. 36 Essex st 
Ware Rhoda, 2 Brimner Place 
Weeks. Ezra, 15 Purchase st 
White, Ruth, 119 Hanover st 
Young, William, 39 Brattle st 

Bonnets and Straiv Goods 

Allen & Aldrich, 50 Milk street 

Bassert, 1. M. 52 Planover st 
Blair, L. 180 do 

Drigg & Ripley, 10 do 
Fisher, H. C. 67 Milk st 
Greenwood, C. S 5 Hanover st 
Harrington, Joseph. 63 Milk st 


Haynes, H. H. 347 Washington «t 
Lee, James W. 63 Kilby st 
Prescott & Bros. 23 Milk st 
Ring, R. G. 17 Hanover st 
Stringer, J. S. 22 Hanover st 
Tenney & Bros, 9 Milk st 
Warner, Sarah, 92 Court st 
Warren, W. L. 82 Milk st 

Bonnet Makers & Pressers. 

Blake, J 360^ Washington st. 

Claflin, AVm. H. 67 Milk st. 
Clark. J. & E. 147 Washington st. 
Day, Warren, 50 Milk st. 
Warren, Ralph, 115 Court st. 


Damrell Sc Moore, 16 Devonshire- 
st. Boston. 

Gould, George, 26 School st. 

Low, P. Devonshire st. cor. Water 

Williams, G. W. G. 362 Washing- 
ton st. 

Williams, G. W. 14 Water st. 

Booksellers and Publlslicrs. 

Copes. Jos. A. 51 Salem st. Boston. 
Drake, S. G. (antiquarian) 60 Corn- 
hill St. 
Fisher & Bros. 71 Court st. 
Gay, A. R. 13 State st. 
Hickmann, J. E. lU School st. 
Howe, Elias, 11 Cofnhillst. 
Ide, L. M. 138} Washington st. 
Sowerby, R. 107 Hanover st. 
Sweeny, Thos. 2 U. S. HoteL 
Veasie, Wra. 70 Cornhill st. 

Boot, Slioe & lieatber Deal- 


Ager, Geo. B. 23 Shoe & Leather- 
st. Boston. 

Anger, C. 40 Fulton st. 
Appleton, C. T. P. 53 Hanover st. 
Balcomb. A.B. 3. Shoe & Leather st. 
Bemis, T. W. 21 Fulton st. 
Cox, C. M. 26 & 23 S. & L. St. 
Claflin, W. L. 19 do 



Fogg & Burbank, 9 Central st. 

Folsom & Co. 5- Market sq. 

Frye. E. A. 87 Fulton st. 

Hale. A. Jr. i9 do 

Hodges. G. D. 12 Elm st 

Howard. D. 6 Blackstone st. 

Hunt, T. J. 12 Elm st. 

Johnson, Geo. & Co. 37 & 39 S. & 
L. st 

Jones. L. S. 4 Blackstone st 

King, Enos. 13 S. & L. st 

Lear. P. 9 Blackstone st 

Mallard, W. 4.5 & 47 Pearl st 

Montgomery & Co. 86 Ann st 

Penniman, E. & G. S. 33 N. Mar- 
ket st 

Porter. W. 19 Fulton st 

Randall & Husny. 20 Kingston st 

Stetsan, W. 25 Broad st 

Taylor &. Bavue. 68 & 70 Pearl st 

Tin ell & Bates; 60 Fulton st 

Vose & Southland, I & 2 Black- 
stone st 

Warren. J. & Son. 15 S. & L. st 

Webster k, Hodges, 12 Elm st 

Westcott. J. 9 tulton st 

Wilcox, Dodridge &Co. 13 Elm st 

Boot and Slioe Dealers. 

Allen, Lewis, 171 Washington st 

Bangs, Allen, Jr. 24 Cornhill st 
Colman. N. W. & Co. 52 N. Mar- 
ket st 
Day, Daniel & Co. 150 Court st 
Fisk. Benj. W. 7 Water st. 
Goldthwait, J. L. 198 Hanover st 
Ladd, Geo. H. 6 Lowell st 
Laforrest. E. A. 36 Hanover st 
Moseley, T. E. 233 Washington st 
Poor, Sam'l. 35 Court st 
Richards. A. 58 Blackstone st 
Tirrell, T. A. 349 Vv'ashington st 
Tuttle. H. H. 31 Tremont Row 
Upton, T. C. 9 Cornhill st 
Wallace, Francis.79 Washington st 
Wallace, James. 462 do 

Wiswell. A. 196 Hanorer st 
Wittington, G. W. 134 Cornhill st 

Boot and Slioe Manuiactu'- 


Alden, M.W. 40 Albany st Boston. 

Atwood, S. 1 Hawley st 

Babb. G. W. 38 Allen st 

Baker, At-«1, 1 Water st 

Baker, N. Norfolk av 

Basset, J. Bremen st B. Boston. 

Blakler, T. P. & Co. 102 Harrison 
av Boston. 

Bradley, Wm. B. 21 Union st 

Conny, Thos. 85 Essex st. 

Drown. Thos. 727 Washington st 

Fortune, John 

Garden. John, 64 Harrison ay 

Gerrial^ T. Stoddaid. cor. Court st 

Hargrave, J. 57 Charles st 

Holt, Jonathan. Sea st 

Jenkins, Wm. Kneeland, cor. Ty- 
ler st 

Kenniff, 120 Sea st 

Large, Thomas, 73 Chambers et. 

Leach, E. 46 Devonshire st 

Lovell, Patrick. 220 Broad st 

Mahler. Joseph. 18 Xewton pi 

McDewit. J. N. 116 Court st 

Mclnney, D. Federal st 

Penniman. J. T. 1 Hawley st 

Piandall, Alfred, 1:.'2 Cambridge st 

Reynolds, D. 119 Tyler st 

Roche, Daniel, 227 Broad st 

Stanley, J. 102 Tyler st 

Sullivan, T. South, near Kneelaad 

Tracy. P. 159 Endicott st 

Vose. Thomas J. Court, near Ha- 
nover street 

Williams, E. 30 South street 

Box MannfaeturerB. 

Cornetz, J. H. 2 Union Block 

Grunner. John. 543 Washington st 
Hall. Thomas, 292 do 

Brass Fiuietiers. 

Burton & Hamblet. 15 Hawley st 
Fowle, J. W. 16 East Orange st 
Grundy. J. & J. 42 Devon.shire st 
Morse i: Fletcher. 24 Water 8t 
Pufl'er, A. D. 16 Hawley st 

Brokers. Ship. 

Binray. C. J. F. 100 State etreet 



Cheney, J. H. 9 India st 
Forls, F. H. :■> Commercial st 
Rives. J. H. 5 do 

Warren, F. M. & Co. 3}^ do 
"Weld. George M. 25 Doane st 
Wymaa & Ashman. 6 Chatham pi. 

BROKERS. Merchandise. 

Crowell, P. 2 City Wharf, Soslon. 
Emmons. J. A. 19 India Wharf 
Field. S. S. 7 do 

Hartshorn. J. & Son, 139 Milk st 
Hill & Sears. 1.34 State st 
Penniman, A. P. 1 Central Wharf 
Philips, J. Jr. U do 

Searle. G. & Co. 36 Water st 
Turrell &. Bros, 92 State st 


Bradford & Lyman, 1 Long Wharf 

BROKERS . Insurance. 

Brewster & Hinckley, 4 State st 

Grosvenor & Moulton, 72 State st 
Moulton. C. J. B. 72 do 



Davis. J. P. 34>^ State st. Boston. 
Foster, J. 16 do 

Peirce, A. A. 60 Blackstone st 
Way, John M. 68 do 

BRofiERs . Money. 

Carley, H. D. 23 Sudbury st. 

Jones, William, 26 do 

Lawson, William. 40Blackgton«|st 
Merrill,' A. 7 Brattle Square 
Kohand. E. 12 do 

Smith, L. ^V 31 State st 
Streeter. O. 1 Lyceum Buildingi, 
Sudbury st 

BROKERS. Real Estate. 

Blang, J. R. :,Iassachusetts Block I 
Boston. \ 
Brackett. 10 do \ 

Chapin. B. T. 10 do ; 

Dexter, C. P. 21 do 

Dowse, Samuel F. 5 Congress st I 

Fislce, J. N. 

Ford, J. E. 25 State st 

Josselyn. J. H. 10 do 

Kenfield. E. 1 Harvard Place 

Martin, J. E. 16 Joy's Buildings 

Mason, J. 13 do 

.\i-Donough, T. C. 50 Cornhill st 

Porter, J. L. 6 Devonshire st 

Rowe, S. 6 Massachusetts Block 

Smith, L. W. 

Spooner, S. 60 Blackstone st 

BROKERS. Stock and Exchange. 

Ashley & Gorham, 23 State st 

Dana, Aaron. 5 Congress st 
Degrand, P. P. F. 9 do 
Evans, Franklin, 31 Kiiby st 
Fillebrown, H. R. 7 Exchange st 
Fisk. J. N. 4 Congress st 
Grant, E. B. 2 Change Av. 
Green. D. B. 2 Congress Square 
Hay ward, C. L. 31 State st 
Perry, John. Jr. 28 State st 
Savery. Charles. 24 State st 
Wood & Thompson, 14 Exch. st 

Cap Makei-s. Cloth mid Far. 

Gould & Stone, 18 Union street 

Lemberg & Co. 41 Washington st 
Lunz. B. F. 15 do 

Marks, L. 45 N. Market st 
Rice, P. W. rear 41 Washington it 


Coolidge & Wiley, 12 Watpr st 

Perkins, D. L. 17 Har\'ard st 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Adlington, B. W. 41 Brighton st 

Barker & Barnes, 14 Charlestown 

Basford, D. H. 6 Charlestown st 
Bennet & Jones, 18 Harvard pi 
Benson, B. T. Union, near liano- 

ver st 
Bowker, A. J. 36 Friend st 
Bowers, Alonzo, 92 Portlands! 
Bowker, T. P. 70 Pinckney st 
Bowker & Haff, Tyler, c Curve 



Carr & Moody. 96 Portland st 
Clark. D. W. 32 Tvler st 
Clouston. R. H. Bradford pi. 
Collins. Thos. G. 40 Merrimac st 
Cotter, Henry. Creek sq 
Cudworth, P. Merrimac, n. Pros- 
pect st. 
Damon, Calvin, 478 Washington st 
Ford, E. Charles st. footPinckney 
Grows, D. P. 4 Bridge st 
Gross, E. 9 Canal st 
Graham, A. -23 Exchange st 
Hathway & Woodcock. Furnace st 
Holland, J. F. 11 Merrimac st 
Howard & Warner, 72 Tyler st 
Jenkins, Wm. H. 29| Atkinson st 
Kelley. Wm. Tremont Road 
Kenneday & Leonard, 26 Atkinson 

Kelsey, A. H. Causeway st 
Locke, Lewis. 635 Washington st 
Lucus. S. 19 Hawley st 
Marshall. S. Hudson, n. Harvard st 
Marston, O. M. 655 Washington st 
Mason & Trows, 1 Bridge st 
Mason, J. O. 15 Friend st 
Murch, S. 70 Cross st 
Paul & Wilson, Harrison av. n. Do- 
ver st 
Parks, H. Allen, n. Hospital st 
Poland, E. Tyler, n. Oak st 
Rice. M. A. 14 Sudbury st 
Russell & Pollard. 7 Harvard pi 
Rust. Wm. P. 123 Endicott st 
JScott, R. 4:o\ Congress st 
Smith. James, Second st 
Snow. J. & B. 136 Leveret st 
Standish, Francis, Albany, corner 

Stimson, J. & Co. Deacon st 
Swift, Wm. A. Milldam st 
Thorp. C. M. 14 Causeway st 
Tighe, John. Sea. cor. Summer st 
Trainer. J. Suffolk, cor Lennox st 
Virgin, N. .Merrimac, n Prospect st 
Ware, Thos. 14 Avery st 
Wells & Farren. 35 t;"auseway st 
Whelter, Jno. D. 21 Lancaster st 
Wilson, N. 17 Harvard pi 
WiLon. J. H. Harrison av 
Woodman, J. Turnpike st 


Fairchild, Wm. B. 55 V.'ashington 
st Boston. 

Lewis. Dan'l, 72 Kilby st 

Nichols, Irish & Co. 46 Hanover st 
Read. E. B. 25* Milk st 
Sturtevant. A.'c. 25* Milk st 
Tenney, W. P. & Co: Marine R.R. 
Depot, Hay Market sq. 

Carriage BnlMers & TVlieel 

Baker, Francis, 69 Tremont st 

Blood, S. D. Broadway, cor Third 
Brigharn, C. L. 20 Hawley st 
Coles. E. G. 4 Beverly st 
Covell. T. 46 Hanover st 
Florence & Co. opp. 46 Charles st 
Leland, John, rear 46 Hanover st 
Hall, Jas. 2 Adams st 
Hovey, H. A. 63 Eliott st 
Turner & Frye. Turnpike, corner 
Swan st 

Carvers. Ornamental. 

Benari & Co. (Ivory,) 154 Wash- 
ington st. Boston. 
Dyer. IL. S. Cross.cor Charlestown 
Hobbs & Pratt. 8 Wilson's Lane 
Nye. A. 475 Washington st 
Thompson, D 7 Hickbormann Bl'k 

Cement Dealers* 

Banister, John F. 146 Sea st 

Boston . 
Loomis & Baldwin, 20 do 
Pv,oby, Dexter & Co. Causeway st 

Cigar and Snnff Stores. 

Brown. Dow & Co. (imps.) 3 Chat- 
ham Row Boston. 
Carruth. D. & J. 3 & 4 Gerrish bl'k 
Ford, P:. B. 4 Bromfield st 
Gonzalez. P. Adolfo, 23 Cambridge 
McLelian, G. W. 137 Hanover st 
Moran, E.' 424 Washington st 
Winslow, P. T. 12 N. Market st 

Cigar Manufactxirers. 

Douglass & Greenwood, 9 Market 
sq Boiton. 



Green. A. J. 6 Brattle sq ■ 
McLellan. 137 Hanover st 
Pearson & Co. Pearl, n Broad st 
Thayer, D. Haverhill st 

Civil Engineers and Sur- 

Briggs. R. Jr. 26 Devonshire $t 

Poole, Chas. H. 5 Congress st 
Tremper, Wm. B. 45 Washington 


Brooks, Charles, 12 Bedford st 

Gushing, Charles, 4 Auburn st 
Devans. K. M. 81 Charles st 
Dexter. H. ,M. 15 Pijie st 
Fairchild. J. H. 260 Fourth st 
Fitzsimmons. T. 35 Broadvvay 
Foxcraft. F. A. 5-2 Harris Av. 
Galligher. M. P. 23 Federal st 
Page, William. 12 Green 
Hoppen, N. (E.) Cavihridi;e. 

Hunton. Benjamin, (C.) Canton. 
Tingley, T. C. (B.) 
Keliey. .). (B.) Carver. 

Remington, B. B'. (B.) Charhmont. 
Palmer, Moses, 
Field, J. (U.) 

Tappan, B. J. Charlestowji. 

True. C. K. (\I.) 
Mann, W. H. 

Bug-bee, A. (Uv.) Charlton. 

Cobb, Davies. (B.) Ckatka?H. 

Britton, Joseph, Jr. (Uv.) 
Chatham, N. 

Adams, . (M.) Chelmsford. 

Bushnell, N. Y. (C. B.) Cheshire. 
Mason. A. W. (U.) 
Brigham, H. (0.) Chester Village. 
AUard, S. R. (C. B.) Chester Factory 
Mills, K. C. Chicliopee Falls. 

Thompson, Z. (U.) dnckopee. 

M'Keown. A. Cohasseit. 

Baker, , (B.) Colerain. 

Wilcox, W. (Uv.) 

Bugbee, , (C.) Conicay. 

Mellen, Jos. (Mormon) 

Flagg,A. C. (M.) 

Crowls, , Dalton. 

Braman. M. P. (C.) Dunvers. 

Eaton. J. W. (B.) 


Forluesh, , (B.) 

Putnam. J. W. (Uv.) 

Street, Thomas, (.M.) N. Danvers. 

Foster, -. 

Taylor, ^V. H. (B.) S. Dartmouth. 

Tripp. H. (Chn.) 

Collins, Barnabas, (B.) 

Richards, D. (M.) Dedham. 

White. John. (U.) 

Packard. S (C.) DeerJieU. 

Willard. S. (U.) 

Kirk, John. (M.) West Dennis. 

Gushee. Abraham, (U.) 

Kilton, G. (B.) Dighton. 

Lewis, W. 

.Means, J. H. (C.) Dorchester. 

Merrill. J. W. (M.) 

Porter. G. W. (E.) 

Holman, David. (C.) Douglass. 

Thompson. G. W. (C.) Dracutt. 

Curtis, Silas. (B.) 

Wallen. Joseph, (M.) 

Bradly,'C. A. (Ue.) Dudley. 

Baker, J. (Un.) 

Stebbias, Dixon. (M.) Eastham. 

Horton, Goodrich, (M.) Egremont. 

Farrrington, O. P. (M.) Edgertown. 

Prince, John, (Uv.) Essex. 

Robinson. E. L (Chn.) 

Gould, William. (C.) Fairhaven. 

Wood, Israel A. (Chn.) 

Morgridge, Charles, ^.Chn.) 

Fall Rive)-. 
Sargent, A. D. (M.) Fitchburg. 

Stacv, G. W. (U.) Hellislon. 

Withington, Wm. (E.) Hopkinton, 
Tupper. S. (M.) Huhhardston. 

French, C. D. (R. C.) Lawrence. 
Harrington, M. (B.) Leicester. 

Scott, J. L. (E.) 
.Mason, C. C. (M.) 

Pease, , (M.) Lennox. 

Smith. Amos, (U.) Leominster. 

Everett. S. (M.) Lecerett. 

Bacon, J. M. (C.) Littleton. 

Clift". William, (U.) 

Farrar, C. (B.) Logmfudow. 

Hastings, G. (Uv.) Lowell. 

Mason, L. B. (Uv.) 

Abbott. A. R. (Uv.) 

Willet. D. (M.) 

Cummings, H. (M.) 

Clark. J. B. (C.) Lynn. 

Mott. D. (Uv.) 

M-Clure, A. W. (C.) Maiden. 

Benton. J. A. (C.) South Maiden. 

Pratt, Siillman, North Maiden. 

Wallen, Joseph K. (M.) Mansjield. 



Wild. Z. P. (B.) Marblehead. 

Morse. W. (B.) Murshjidd. 
Pierce. L (M.) 

Haskins. D. G. (E.) Medford. 

Babbidge, C. (U.) Fepperell. 

Brown, T. G. (M.) Petersham. 

Clotliing— Ready Mad«. 

Allen, J. R. 25 N. Market, Bosto-n. 
Barrel!, J. E. & Co. 53 Commercial 

Bell. J. B. wholesale. 61 Milk st 
Blqisdell, W. H. 73 Ann st 
Burbank & Glenis, 19 Ann st 
Bui gess. AV m. 60 Commercial st 
Burton, H J. 35 Mercliants' How 
Carter & Treadwell. 46 Kilby st 
Fearing & Whiting. 3 Hinchborn 

Hapgood, W. IS Dock square 
Hazard. S. L. 47 N. Market 
Scoff & Co. 35 Ann st. wholesale 
Lovejoy & Co. 345 N. E. Block 
Mahony & Kenna. 50 Ann st 
Moran, F. 43 Ann st 
Murray, P. & ^V. 4(i Ann st 
Nye, D. jun. 51 Ann st 
O'Connell & Liscom, 53 Merrimac 
Palmer. J. B. Ann st. cor. N. Cen- 
ter street 
Plummer & Allen, 18 Washington 

Richardson & Albert, 8 Hanover 

Kauee & Allen, 3 Sea street 
Simonds. S. & Co. 3 N. Market 
Wilder & Sears, 90 Commercial st 
Williston, P. F. 4 Clinton st 

Clothing— Second-liand. 

Collins, D. 42 Blackstone st 

Crumwell. E. 3 Eliot st 
Haydea. Lewis. 107 Cambridge st 
Lewis, J. 44 Blackstone st 
Lucas, R. Belknap st 
Martin. J. R. 4 Spring lane 
Tyler, R. & Co. 44 Blackstone st 

Clotlis aud. "Woolen Goods. 

Allen. E. & Co. 20 Milk st Boston. 
AUen,' F. D. 58 do. 

Carpenter. Fairbanks & Co. 34 do. 
Dorrance, Newton & Co. 49 do. 
Fairchild, Wm. B. 55 Washington 

Jones. Hill & Co. 31 Milk st 
Kendall and Whitewell. 3 Pearl st 
Wilkinson, Stetson & Co. 53 Milk st 

Coal Dealers. 

Johnson, Chas. 15 State st Boston. 

Coal and Wood Dealers. 

Bannister. J. F. 146 Sea st Boston. 

Clary. J. V/. Wharf, foot of Allen 

Edgerly and Cole. Canal street 

Hall. Albert, Church st 

Hazard & Noyes, foot of Living- 
ston street 

Lowd. L. Albany, opposite Troy st 

Merrill. Geo. W. k, Co. Boston Wl 

Perkins, A.Haverhill, cor. Traveri 

Reinhard. John D. opp. 170 Sea st 

Bobbins & Williams,Cunningharas 

Whittier, Seth & Co.Minot street, 
corner Andover 


Bacon. F. A. 12 Oliver PI. Boston. 
Bcal. F. 28 State st 
Champlin,H. L. Dem. Read.Rooini 
Knapp, C. W. 15 State st 
M-Donough, F. C. 1 P. O. Avenue 
Procter, G. B. 4 Congress Square 
Swan, L. 51 Court st 

Cosnmission Mercliants. 

Alcott, W. W. 13 Long Wharf, 

Appleton, J. W. 7 Kilby st 
Auston and Gibbons, 20 City Whf 
Almy, Patterson & Co. 115 Milk st 
Bangs, Elkanah & Son. 11 Lewis 

Bartlett, Chas. L. 18 Broad st 
i Bates, J. C. 14 North Market st 
Eayley, Jas. R. IS S. Market st 
Black & Co. Francis Wharf, and 
60 Sea st 



Blanchard. Sherman & Co. 42 E. 

R. R. Wharf 
Bowker, J. jun. E. R. R. Wharf 
Briggs, Charles M. 145 Milk st 
Brighton, Win. A. 26 India Wharf 
Brigham & Stone, 5 R. U. Block 
Erowu, C. S. 29 South Market st 
Brown, Geo. N. 74 Utica st 
Brownell, J. A. 15 India st 
Bullard, Lewis, Si Co. hi Kilby st 
Burke, P. B. & Co. 86 State st 
Burrill. Chas. 5 Chatham st 
Butler, E. R. 3 Long Wharf 
Caldwell, W. P. 5 Lewis' Wharf 
Calef, H. G. K. o & 6 do. 
Callender, W. B. 72 Atkinson st 
Carruth, Chas. 13 India st 
Colburn & Hall. 21 Commercial st 
Cook, Geo. 3 Lewis' Wharf 
Craig & Dutilk, 5 Rove's Wharf 
Crismannfc Judkins. 6 R. R. Block 
Davenport. J. D. &, Co. 7 R. R. 

Block, Lincon 
Dennis, Wm. W. 13 Broad st 
Deshon & Co. 5 Long Wharf 
Eaton and Bates. 3d Commercial st 
Elliot and Greig, 11 Doane st 
Farwell, A. G, & Co. 8 Central st 
Fernald, Henry B. 1 Central Wharf 
Ferris, John. 7 North Market st 
Fish, H. M. 16 Long Wharf 
Foster, Henry. 26 do. 
Fowle, Smith &: Co. 32 Pearl st 
Frothingham, P. 54 Fulton st 
Fullerton & Raymond, 147 .Milk st 
Gardner. S. H. 133 btate st 
Glover, J. B. & Co. 131 Milk st 
Gowen, J. E. & Co. 23 India st 
Guild, Geo. F. 1 Central Wharf 
Hammond, D. C. 9S Water st 
Hanford, J. F. 3S South Market st 
Hanson, John A. a St 6 Bath st 
Harrod, Darling & Co. 22 Central 

Hayward, Osgood & Co. 19 Long 

Hill and Lears. 134 State st 
Havard. Son & Co. 27 Central Wf. 
Jacksoii, S S. & Co. 22 Long wf. 
Johnson, P. 33 Commercial st 
Judson ii Co. 4 India street 
Kidder, G. G. 13 Long Wharf 
Lewis, Daniel, 72^^ Kilby st 
Lyford, E. G. 26 Milk st 
M-lntyre, Lawrie & Co. 44 Water 

M'Intyre, T. B. 114 Comr.,Grcial st 
MerriamJ. W. 20 Elm at. 

Nash, Abner P. 95 Fulton st 

Peaks. Wm. 134 State st 
Perham J. Jr. 4 Liberty sq 
Pope, Josiah, Custom Ho. st 
Rice. Wm. & Co. h Chatham Row 
Richardson, A. & Co. 19 Central st 
Robinson, J. P. 1 Commercial wf 
Robinson, T. L. & Co. 1 do do 
Robinson. Wiggins & Co. 29 India 
Rogers, Geo. B. 13 India st 
Scates, D. 84 Utica st 
Scavei', J. W. 17 Commercial wf 
Seccomb, Taylor & Co. 31 do 
Skerry. S. H. 7 11. R. Bl'k, Lincoln 
Smith. H. D, 12 N. Market st 
Smith &. Shaw, 44 Kneelani st 
Sortwell & Co. 11 & 12 N. Market. 
Sturtevant, Newall & Co. 1 City 

Suasy, T. H. & Co. 21 Com'l st 
Swift. E. T. 31 State st 
Wade. Wm. F. 29 Long wharf 
Wait & Kellum, 10 R. R. Block, 

Ware. Jno. S. 11 S. Market st 
Webster, G. Wallace Si Co. 4 In- 
dia wf 
Witing. James. 10 State st 
Whituey Wm.'& Co.l3 Liberty sq 
Williams & Doland. 33 Long wf 
Willis, Clement, 97] State st 

Domestic Commission Mer- 

Almy, Patterson & Co, 115 P.Iilk st 
Blackburn, G. & Co. 55 do 
Bush St Wildes, 32 do 

Chase. Motley Sc Mills, 111 do 
Clark, Sweet & Co. 102 do 
Colby, Gardner. 22 do 

Denney.Rioe & Gardiner,90 do 
Dodge'St Tucker, 51 do 

Dutton.Lamb& Stearns, 131 do 
Fisher. Freeman & Son. 60 do 
Frothingham, S. Jr. Si Co. 119 

& 121 do 

Hastings, W^alter. 79 do 

Johnson. Sewell & Co. 133 do 
Kimball. D. Sc Co. 23 do 

Lawrence, A.Sc A. & Co. 82 do 
Lawrence, Stone & Co. 4 do 
Matron Sc Lawrence. 17 do 

Mills, Jas. K. & Co. 39 do 

1 Nelson, Geo. S. & Co. 65 do 



Paige. J. VV. &Co. 141 do 
Poor. Benj. & Co. 2 Federal st 
Read & Chadwick. 29 Milk st 
Seaver & Knouiton. 65 do 
Skinner, Francis;& Co. 91 do 
Stanfield & Wentworth, 8 and 10 

Pearl st 
Tarbell, T. & Co. 65 & 57 Water st 
Tremper. H. G. & Co. 15 Pearl st 
Wright & Whitman, 16 do 

For-wartlinsf and Commis- 
sion Mercliants. 

Burk & Co. 86 State st Eostan. 
Dennis. Wm. W. 13 Broad st 
Hill & Seais, 134 State st 


Ellis, M. 85 Salem st Boston. 

Harrington, J. C. 3 Franklin av 
Leighton. Jos. W. 34 School st 
Loring, Wm. 7 Mass. Block 
Sanhorn, E. W. 13 Court sq 
Shute, Eben'r, 6 Cotting st 
Taylor. Henry, 13 Court sq 
Viale, S. S. Unity, cor Tileston st 

Contractors for Building. 

Emery, F. W. R. 6 Devonshire st 
Paige, Nath'l. 5 Congress st 
Preston, Jona. 6 Joy's Building;? 


Beck, Lewis, Broad st, n. India 
whf Boston. 

Boman & Darron, 138 Milk st 
Brown. Henry, Spear's whf 
Goddard. E. W. Richmond, n Ful- 
ton st 
Dane, J. 1 Mercantile whf 
McGee. F. Summer st 
Moi'se, D. P. Second st 
Ober, E. G. 29 Doane st 
Pitman, J. H. 33 1\. IvTarketst 
Porter, C. H. 46 Chatham st 
Rhoades & Newhall, 149 Milk st 
Waraer, J. E. 49 E. R. R. whf 

Copper Smiths. 

Chamberlain, F. & Co. Charles- 
town st Boston. 
Dudley, B. F. 66 Harrison ay 
Hicks. H. D. 49 Causeway st 
Hotz, N. 48 Kneeland st 
Hunneman & Co. 20 Union st 


Andrews, Alpheus C. 136 Hanover 
st Boston. 

Andrews. E. G. 1S6 do 

Atkins, Stedman & Co. 13 Mer- 
chants Kow 
Briggs. E. T. 52 Chatham st 
Butmann, E. 4J3 Washington st 
Cash, W. E. 262 Washington st 

Collamore. J. Jr. & Co. 98 Wash't'n 
Eaton. P. Jr. 39 Federal st 
Ellis, George. 2.5 Doane st 
Flint. Ezra M. 135 Court st 
French, Wells & Co. 151 Milk st 
Gage, Benj. W. 144 Washington 
Hastings. Jos. H. & Son, 25 Doane 
Hinricht & Co. 11 Kilby st 
Holbrook fc Co. Maveric square 
Homer, W. F. & Co. 33 Union st 
Homes, B. M. 47 Hanover st 
Jarvis G. D. & Cormorant, Granite 

Johnson, L. 147 Hanover st 
King. R. 84 Sea st 
Kelley, Edward, 346 Washington 
Lord & Tileson, 37 Broad st 
.Marshall, J. P. 5 Haymarketsq 
Mason. E. B. 7 Hanover st 
Mathews, Wm. Jr. 507 Washing- 
ton st. 
Mellen & Co. 20 Merchant's Row 
Norcross Otis & Co. 23 South Mar- 
ket st 
Perkins, John & Co. 42 Broad st 
Peirce, Samuel B. 61 Broad st 
Pope & Waldron. 168 Washington 

Pratt. J. L. B. 105 Hanover st 
Sargent, Bodwell. 52 Chatham et 
Slau, N. B. 167 Hanover st 
Simpson & Caldwell. 51 Broad st 
Sumner, W. R. & A. H. 137 Wash- 
ington st 
Taylor & Waldron, 59 Broad st 
y/heeler, A. B. & Co. 71 Broad st 



Wiggin, C. E. Hanover corner of 
Marshall st 

Wymau & Proctor, 54 k, 56 Fede- 
ral st 


Armstrong, Jos. 21 Ferry st 

Downing, Edward, 53 Fulton st 
Maxwell, Charles, 6 Market gq. 
Munroe, J. H. fc E. 25 Ferry st 
Murphy, J. -26 Devonshire st 
Sullivan & Wilson, 65 Fulton st 
Tidd. S. 5 Market sq. 
Waldmeyer, B. 49 Fulton st 
"VVlaite Isaac D. 5 Matket sq. 
Williams, Stephen, 29 North Mar- 
ket St. 

Drugs and Medicines.— 

Badger, C. H. 49 Blackstone st 

Banker, Crocker & Co. 107 State st 
Briggs & Robinson, 27 Commer- 
cial st 
Cutler & Stickney. 1 India st 
Porter, Loringt Coswell, II India 

Randall, Brothers, 50 & 61 Chat- 
ham st 
Reed & Cutler. 33 India st 
Whittier & Sweetser, 4 Long 

Daguerrean Artists. 

Adams, Charles H. 190 Washing 

ton st Boston. 

Cannon, J. 2 Blanchard's Block. 

Court st 
Cole, C. 63 Court st 
Davis, Daug. Gallery, 257 Wash- 
ington st 
Fletcher, S. 32 Joy's Buildings 
Ives, L. M. 142 Washington st 
King, H. B. 121 Washington st 
Lloyd, S. H. llj-i Tremout Row 
Marshall, J. P. C. 268 Washington 

street ' 
riumbe's, Daug. Rooms, 75 Court 

Stone, G. W. 113 Washington st 
Thayer, C. llo Court st 


Bliss, S. 215 Washington st 

Bat ton. 
Cummings, J. A. 23 Tremont Row 
Dudley. A. S. 238 Washington st 
Edwards. Nelson, 497 Hanovfer st 
Goodno, D. H. 210 Washington st 
LeTett, W. P. 23 Tremont Row 
Leonard. J. 208 Broadway 
Luther. H. G. 265 Washington st 
Nolen. S. 29 Bovlston st 
Pickering, G. V. 1 Park st 
Ridgeway, P. R. 127 Court st 
Thomas, C. R. 38 Tremont Row 
Waters, Geo. F. 115 Court st 

Dry Goods Retailers. 

Barker & Bassett, 6 Tremont 

Bartlett, J, P. & Co. 163 Hanover 
Blanchard. Wm. E. 237 Wash'ton 
Black, A. F. 86^ Elliot 
Bradford. R, 6 Tremont Row 
Brett, W. F. 63 & 55 Federal 
Briard & Brcck. 120 Broadway 
Chamberlin, S. G. 49 Hanover 
Childs.F. 103 do 

Chipman. C. W. 82 do 

Crucia & Leonard, 43 Sea 
Farlev. N. "W. 70 Hanover 
Fox. B.. 631 Washington 
Gardner, Geo. C. 605 do 
Gurnev. E. 55 Federal 
Harrington, F. D. 273 Washington 
Holmes, G. 413 do 

Hoosman, F. A. 24 Hanover 
Hubbard, Geo. F. 126 do 
Jones, Joseph A. 204 do 
Lamkin, G. 113 Court 
Lane, S. 132 Hanover 
Lovejoy. B. B. 85 Charles 
Libbey'fc Brothers. 206 Hanover 
McKenna. M. Lexington. E. B. 
Murphv. D 3 U. S. Hotel 
Newell, H. I24'r Hanover 
Nickerson, B. 76 Pleasant 
Pickering, J. 607 Washington 
Pond, J. S. Central sq. E, B. 
Prescott. H. 2 Tremunt 
Shackford. J. E. 52 Hanover 
Smith, H. W. 124 do 

Smith, — oOV do 

Tavlor, O. T. 163 do 

Til'den, Ed. 191 Broadway 
Tooraey, Thos, 105 Sea st 



Valentine, D. N. Court^ cor Sud- 


Allen, B.F. (wood) l5V/ash'ton 
Bailey, Benj. 69 Coui-t 
Brown. S. E. 9 Doane 
Fowle,' E. A. 66 State 
Glover, D.L. 1 Summer 
Glover. Lloyd, 1 do 
Hart'.vell. A. 11)^ Trernont Row 
Libby, Ed. W. 1 Washingtoo 
Meadows. C. 6 Bromfield 
Schafl; S.A. 2-28 Washington 
Warren, A C. 38 Trernont Row 
Watts, James W. 228 Washington 


Actom, Bigelow & Co. R. R. Exch. 
Amherst. Massachusetts, do 

Amherst, N. H. Whitney & Co. do 
Ashburniiam. Bigelow & Co. do 
Auburndale. D. W. Smith. do 

Ballard Yale. Foster, 8 Court st 
Bellows Falls. Bigelow & Co. 

R. R. Exchange 
Beverly, Eliot, 7 State st 
Billingham, Clement. R. R. Exch. 
Bolton & Berlin. Pope, City Hotel 
Boston Express. Pollard, R. R. Ex. 
Boxford, W. 8 Court st 
Boylston, Bigelow & Co. R. R. Ex. 
Brandon. Bigelow & Co. R. 11. Ex. 
Branitree, rviillers, do 

Branitree. Linfield, 11 Elm 
Brooklyne. JMoose. R.. R. Express 
Bucksport. Hodgman & Co. do 
Bucksport. Bryant & Co. 7 State 
Chelsea. Ewan. 34 Merchant's Row 
Cambridge. Kent, 7 State 
Cambridgeport, Young, 1 Market 

Castine. Me., Hodgman & Co., R. 

R. Express 
Castine. Bryant & Co. 7 State st 
Cavendish, Bigelow & Co., R. R. 

Charlestown. Carter. S Court st 
Charleston. N. H., Bigelow & Co., 

R. R. Ex. 
Chester, Bigelow & Co., R. R. Ex. 
City Dispatch Post. 7 State st 
City Express. Pollard, R. R. Ex. 
do Southwick, 7 State st 

Claremont, Bigelow & Co. R.R.Ex. 
Chritonville. do do 

Cohassett, Jones & Sprague, City 

Dartmouth, Hatch & Gray, H. R. 

Deerfield, N. H., Dearborn & Co. 

8 Court 
Derby, N. H., Abbott & Co. 8 Court 

Dorchester and Milton, Hebard, 1$ 

State street 
Dorchester. Swan, R. R. Ex. 
Duxbury, Jones &. Sprague, City 

East Cambridge. Greaves 
East Needham. Davis, 158 Wash- 
ington street 
Edgertown Hatch-i_^Carey & Co., 

R. R. Express 
Essex, J. W Seefkin, 7 State street 
Fitzwilliam, Bigelow & Co., R. R. 

Hamilton, Seefkin, 7 State street 

Hanover. , R. R. Ex. 

Hingham. Studley. City Hotel 
Hilsboro'', Whitney & Co. R. R. 

Holmes' Hole, Hatch, Grey & Co. 

Pi. R. Exnress 
Lancaster,' Bigelow & Co., R. R. 

Lee, N. H., Dearborn & Co., 8 

Court street 
Leominster, Bigelow & Co., R. R. 

Littleton, Me., Bigelow & Co., R. 

R. Express 
Marshfield, Jones & Sprague, City 

Medfield. Parker, City Hotel 
Middlebury, Bigelow & Co. do 
Montague, do do 

Nashua, do do 

Nashua, Whitney & Co. R. R. Ex.., 
Natic. Leonard. 8 Court street 
New Boston, Bigelow & Co., R. R. 

Newport. N. H., Bigelow & Co. 

R. R. Express 
I Norwich. Adams & Co. 9 Court st 
Orange. Bigelow & Co, R. R. Ex. 
j Peterboro'. do do 

i Reading; N. W., Lemon & Co. R. 
j R. Express 
Reading, S. Eustis, 7 State st 
Rochester, N. H., Marshall, 8 Court 
' street 



Ridport. Mass., "Winchester, R. R. 

Royalston, Bigelow &. Co. R. R. 

Rutland, Bigelow & Co. R. R. Ex. 
Southboro'. Wheeler. do 

Searsport, Bryant & Co. 7 State st 
Scituate, Jones k, Sprague, City 

Sherburn, Davis, 158 Washington 

Shirly, Bigelow & Co. R. R. Ex. 
Slatersville, Balch, 153 W^ashing- 

ton street 
S. Boston Road, 7 State street 
S. Berwick, Clark, 7 State street 
S. Scituate, Gardner, City Hotel 
Sterling, Bigelow & Co. R. R. Ex. 
Stoughton, Butler, 158 Washing- 
ton street 
Stoughton, E. Hancock, 7 State st 
Tisbury, Hatch, Gray & Co. R. R. 

Troy. N. H., Bigelow & Co. R. R. 

■Waltham, Gibbs. 7 Elm street 
Wereham, Leefkin, 7 State street 
"Windsor, Bigelow & Co. R. R. 

Woods' Hole, Hatch, Gray & Co., 

R. R. Express 
Woodcock, Bigelow & Co. R. R. 

West Cambridge, Bonney, 8 Court 

Whittensville, Clement, R. R. Ex. 
Wrentham, Barnard, City Hotel 

Fancy Goods. 

Baldwin, T. C. 293 Washington 
Bortz.A. 45^^ Merrimac 
Byron, Calvin. 125 Hanover 
Colby, Amos, 2 Clinton 
Dodge, I. opp. 79 Commercial 
Dunham & Hovey, 70 Congress 
Gonzalez. P. Adolfo. 23 Cambiidge 
Goodrich,' D. O. 342 Washington 
Hiscock. S. 62 Cambridge 
Horn, i\l. J. G8 Pinckney 
Pearson. I. !-:.& Co. 106 Bl'kstone 
Prall, Wra. 14 Hanover 
Schwabe. B. L. 52 Federal 
Skeele. Ed. A. 22 Kilby 
Stimpson 4i Stony, 593 Wash'ton 
Wreck & Stscklleth, 46 Federal 
Withington, J. Jr. 26 Tremont 

Feather Dealers. 

Allen, A. H. 2 Dock sq 
Brabrook, E. H. & Co. 43 Black- 
Holden & Blanchard, 83 Hanover 
Manning, N. L. 32 Blackstone 

Flsli. {Fresh.) 

Atkins. J. n. 212 Hanover 
Buel. W. G. Meridian. E. B. '. 

Caleb & Turner. 23 Doane 
Flatally, Thos. First 
Lumbard & Bacon. 94 Chamber 
Paige. J. Grove, c South a c 
Sargent. S. E. cor Carver 
Wheeler, Ed. 42 Beach 
Wood, Lowell l.l. 543 Washington 
Woodbury, W. P. Myrtle, c West 

Flour and Grain Dealers. 

Barker & Chase, 43 Commercial 
Blanchard & Binney, 6 Canal 
Dana & Dimmock. 13 Long wf 
Fiske. E. G. 80Utica 
Gay, Timothy & Son. 33 Com'l 
Holden, A. P. & Co. 7 Sea 
Mullen Sc Holmes. 27 Foster's wf 
Munroe, E. J. 118 Commercial 
Sweet, J. D. 3 E. R. R. wf 
Taylor & Co. 31 Commercial wf 
Townsend, J. P. & Co. 25 do 

Fringe, Tassel & Slllc Man- 

Baker, J. & Sons, 3 Water st 

Johnson, J. G. 7 Milk 
Lacasto & Guigon, 193 Wash'ton 
Lanson & Harrington, 2S5 do 
Lincoln, Wilder &. Co. 50 Cornhill 
Outhawk, S. G. 14 Washington 
Tilt, B. P. & Co. 267 do 


Brown, A. S. & J. 106 State st 




Campbell, O. 161 Washington 
Draper, J.' !\I. 7 Merchants Row 
Gilson & Henry, Cornhill. c Court 
Hutchinson, Thos. O. N. Dock sq 
Roberts, J. W. 8 Market 
Taylor, Emery, 5 Dock sq 
Upton, J.M. & Co. 41 N. Market 

'^ Furnaces and Ranges. 

Ackers. J. & Co. 4 Water. Boston. 
Bulkley,Hays & Co. 33 Brkstone 
Goodrich & Mallory, 16 Gerrish 

Pond & Durklee, 40 Blackstone 
White, W. & W. 40 School 

Furniture Manufacturers. 

Brazell, James, 115 Sea st, Boston. 
Cassiot & Ellears, 47-5 Washington 
Ingram, James, 2 Orange lane 
Mackie, R. 57]- Court 
Marcy & Marggraf. 16 Merrimac 
Percival. J. F. Border. E. B. 
Weedea & Jefiers, 3 R. R. Block 

FurnlsMng. GentlemeiVs Rea- 
dy-made Clothing. 

Carlton & Co. Hanover, c Elm 
Hathaway, Tilson &Sears, 21 Milk 
Heard, G. W. 263 Washington 
Johnson. A. F. 11 do 

Thayer,' J, S. 134 Hanover 
Wallis, T. B. 79 Washington 

Grain Dealers. 

Barker & Chase, 43 Commercial 

Colburn,W. H. Turnpike n. bridge 
Gay. Tim. & Son, 33 Commercial 
Lord, T. H. Haverhill 
Mullen & Holmes, Foster's wf 
Nason, Wm. Harrison av 
Sweet, J. D. E. R. R. whf 

Hair Dressers. 

Angelopulo. H. Maverick sq 

Brown, J. J. 34 Sea 

Cadmus, J. E. Court, c Hanover 
Cadmus, W. H. 247 Washington 
Davis, Geo. Prince 
Gilbert. A. 3 Blanchard's c 
Grant, W. E. Fulton House 
Harris. H. E. R. R. whf 
Hill, Wm. 1 E. George 
Hill, J. H. Haymarkefsq 
Jenkins & Grover, 371 Wash'ton 
Leonard, J. Winthrop bl. E B 
Lowther, G. W. Stamford & Green 
Marcus, Samuel, 41i Salem 
Mertger, J. 3790Vashington 
Pampanella, S. 5 Fleet 
Parker & Ingersoll, 41,V Federal 
Phippen, Geo. 556 Washington 
Pike. Geo. S. 23 Portland 
Pindell, W. T. & J. J. 44S|Wash'ton 
Turk, Kben. 171 Hanover 
Waller & Benson. 2 West'n Exch 
Webster, G. 16 Hawley 
West, O. 10 Federal 

Harness, Trunks & Vallseg. 

Barnett, W. 8 Kingston Boston. 
Gould St Stowe. Union 
Hills & Chadwick, 62 Blackstone 
McCaffrey, H. Fulton, c PJchm'd 
Murphy, J. Chestnut, c River 
O'Keef, A. IS Haverhill 
Pagan, J. 8 West 
Prescott, Wm. Maverick sq E B 
Putnam, E. & W. 76 Congress 
Salisburg, C. P. Sudbury, c Court 
Shepherd, J. H. 293 Was'hington 
Spencer. John, Broadway- 
Turner & Frye, Turnpike c 
Whippen. J. R. 8 Fleet 
White, D. D. IS Bromfield 
Williams, Geo. W. 34i Union 
Winship & Willis, 31 Elm 

Carriage and Coaclx Trim- 

Reed & Reuben, 32 Elm Boston. 
Smith, Geo. 58 Tremont 

Hard-fvare Dealers. 

Ballard & Stearns, 16 Bromfield's 
lane Boston. 

Chase Brothers, Liberty sq 
Dodge, W. A. 80 Water 



Henry, W. 86 do 
Huror, Richards & Co. 41 S Mar- 
Harradan, Geo. Sumner, E B 
Holbrook k Co. Maverick sq 
Homer & Ladd, 34 Union 
Johonnot & Sanders. 21 Dock sq 
Pike, E. S. & A. C. 562 Washington 
Read. Wm. 6 .Market sq 
Sewall & JNlunroe, 48 Kilby 

Hats, Caps, and Furs. 

Bent & Bush, Court, corner Wash- 
ington street, Boston. 
Colley, G-. W. 5 Elm st 
Dana, O. S. 10 Commercial st 
DewhurstjThomas. 18 Washington 

Greely, Noah, 49 Court st 
Jones, S. B. 248 Commercial st 
Jones, T. R. 11 Union 
Leach. H. 1 Mercantile Wharf 
Lee, James W. 63 Kilby st 
Locke, Henry, Blackstone, corner 

Hanover st 
Osgood & Co., 183 Washington st 
Osgood. George, 72 Court st 
Pettingill, C. R. 50 Merchants' Row 
Riley. H. K. 78 Ann st 
Saroni & Co. 23 Elm st 
Shepard, J. H. 293 Washington st 
Thomas, Charles. 104 Court st 
Towne &, Kendrick. ',U Elm st 
Wales, Amasa, 29 Court st 

Hat Manufacturers. 

Bent & Bush, Court, corner of 
Washington st Boston. 

Greely, Noah. 61 Court st 
Keith, M. 64 Fourth 
Mason, S. J. 35 Washington st 
Mitchell, James, 27 Dock Square 
Osgood, G. 72 Court st 
Scott, Thomas, 4 Clinton st 
Vail & Lock, 17 Wilson's Lane 

Hosiery and Gloves. 

Bartlett, John, 128 Hanover st 

Bradish & Co., 1 Washington st 
Dyer, J. D. 160 Hanover st 

Houghton & Burditt, Washington 

Plympton.C. P. 269 Washington st 
Nichols, C. H. 319 do 

Smith, J. \V. 231 do 

Taylor, O. T. 158 Hanover st 
Whitney, N. D. 193 Washington st 
Wright & Wallis, 399 do 

Ice Dealers. 

Fabeus & Co., 100 State street 

Harrington, W. C. 46 F. H. Market 
Silver Lake Ice Co., 109 W^ashing- 
ton st 


Mullen, J. 9 State street Boston. 
Osgood, Alfred, 1 Bromfield st 
Stimpson, T. W. 45 Hanover st 
Whillredge & Loriug. 7 Court st 

Intelligence Offices. 

Baker, W. M. 11)^ School street 

Domett, M. G. 12 Hollis st 
Emerson, Mrs. H. B. 13 Bedford st 
Halpiug, H. H. 13 School st 
Kenfield, Eben, 1 Harvard Place 
Porter. David. 10 Portland st 
Prot. Office, RL Brown, 18 Sudbury 
Rohan, E. 3 Brattle Square 
Salter, James, 56 Prince st 
Williams, L. 8>^ Eliot st 
Wing, L. H. Mrs. 16 Franklin st 

Junk Dealers. 

Barrett, William, 205 Broad st 


Chislev, J. C. 273 Broad st 

Drake, J. Pills C 

Locke, George, 13 Causeway st 

Manike & Holman, head Battery 

Morrison, S. 62 E. R. R. Wharf 

Newcomb, E. O. & G. 217 Broad st 

Phillips, Cutler & Co. 276 Commer- 
cial st 

Pierce & Howe, 215 Broad 

Pike, Giles, 60 Sea 



Ranslead & Morse, 25 Foster's Whf 
Rutter 6c Xewcomb, 221 Broad st 
Sheldon, F. 304 Commercial st 
Titcomb, C. W. 114 Cambridge st 
Torsleff, J. op. head Union Whf. 


Tylor, Vr. K. N. Adams 
Farrar, Samuel. Andover 
Claflin. Noah. Attleboro' 
Arnold Noah. J. Bellingham 
Winship. Francis, Brighton 
Toby, John. Buckland 
Dean. Francis W. Canton 
Cook, John J Chester 
Proctor, John, W. Danvers 
Atwood, Ep. Freetown 
Walcott, S. C. Hopkinton 
Phinney, Klias, Lexington 
Stearns, W, S. Maldon 
Dean, Durevin, Mansfield 
Goodale. David, Marble Head 
Langley, Nathaniel, Marlboro' 
Walcott, Edward, Natick 
Allen. Amos. Newton 
Barrett, Benjamin. Northampton 
Alfred, Henrick, Orleans 
Turner. Elias, Falmer 
Stowell. Cyrus Pa-u 

Gold,Tho's G. Pittifield 

Herbert, Richard Rawley 

Abbott. Jehial Westfield 

Ely, Henry West Springfield 

Beebe, Sam'l Wilbraham 

Lace Goods. 

Morey, P. 78^ Hanover st 

Nichols, C. H. 319 Washington 
Payson, J. G. 26 Hanover 
Plympton, C. P. 269 Washington 
Thirwall, U. 19 Milk 
Tolman, E. 2 Tremont Row 

liamp Dealers. 

Howe, B. M. 47 Hanover st 

Marsh & Co. 293 Washington 
Stanwood. H. B. 253 do 

Leatlier Dealers. 

Brooks, GeorgCj 49 Fulton st 


Fletcher, Tim. 29 N. Market 
Gove, G. G. 12 Elm 
Higbee & Foster, 55 Fulton 
Johnson & Thompson, 25 do 
Smith. Amos. 29 N Market 
Southwick, P. R. 50 Fulton 
Turner, L. A. 4 Blackstone 
Warren, L. L., N. E. Block, Clin- 

lilquors and "Wines. 

Blaisdell, E. G. 54 Long wf 

Calder, J. W. 4 Canal 
Chenery & Co. 18 Long wf 
CLirk. Benj. 9 & 10 N Market 
Foster Si Taylor, 161 Milk 
Griggs. C. 24 Brattle sq 
Gunnison, E. P. Canal, Brkstone 
Ham k, Co. 46 India 
Harvey & Rhodes, 4 Canal 
Hobbs, John, 4 India 
Hollis. J. J. 292 Commercial 
Johnson & Sarvin, 9 Corn court 
Kidder & Co. 18 N. ^Market 
Livermore. E. 21 Sudbury 
Maxwell, E. & Co. 75 Broad 
Macarthy, Charles. 49 do 
Needham William W. 6 Canal 
Page, E. 41 N Market 
Paiten, W. 11. & Co. 123 Lererett 
Frescott. J. R. 3.34 Commercial 
Bead. W. B. & Co. 42 Federal 
Read & Clark. 122 Leverett 
Ricker, V. P. & Co. 8 Haverhill 
Rogers. H. P. 8 Charleston 
Rome. A. C. & Co. 68 Union 
Smith, Wm. 5 Chatham 
Sortwell & Co. 11 M Market 
Thompson & Warner, 98 Fulton 
Thompson & Atkinson, 38 Broad 
Thompson & Adams, 99 Comm'l 
Towle & Lawrence, 21 Congress 
Underwood. A. J. 344 Commercial 
Waldron, B. F. 114 Fulton 

lii-rery Stables. 

Brook & Emery, Paris, c Maver- 
ick Boston. 
Clark, John S. Deacon 
Dodge, Amos, Devonshire 
Gordale, Albert, foot Hanover 
Harvey D. Endicott 
Jones & Kendrick, 634 Waeh'ton 



Nelson P. Drew, Dorchester 
Putnam, D. E. Webster, E B 
Smiths Perham. 8 Federal 
Tarbox, J. T. near 36 Hanover 

liiimbcr Dealers. 

Gushing, H. D. B & W R R whf 

Gushing, S. B. 4 Central whf 
Demerritt. J. & Co. 126 Sea 
Haunn, C.H. & Co. Lehigh, n Al- 
Hancock, L. Marginal, E B 
MerriU, G. W. & Co 


Allen & Endicott, N Grove 

Andrews. Wm. Border, E B 
Denio, Cheny & Co. Causeway 
Doughty, Jos. 153 Harrison av 
Hayden, M. Harrison av 
Holmes & Burrell, 8 Charleston 
Hubbard &, Golding, Cambridge 
Levitt, R. & M. 42 Devonshire 
Martin & Crossman, 6 Haverhill 
Moulton, M. D. 2 Havmarket 
Roper & Andrews, 19 Harvard 
Smith & Lovett, 36 Devonshire 

Market Men. Provisio 

Blosiom & Proctor, 2 S. Market st 
Boston. I 
Bosworth, Benj. S. 6 S. Market st 
Downs, A. 8 do t 

English, J. W. Winthrop Block, ' 

E. Boston I 

Flanders, William B. 14 S. Market 
French, L. 10 Boylston i 

Hoogs, S. F. 18 S. Market 
Hosford, 0.5 do I 

Leland, G. A. 20 do j 

Peabody. F. 17 Winthrop Block, I 

E. Boston I 

Bobbins & Russell, 48 Faneuil 

Sanborn. A. 38 South Market 
Simonds' C. W. 10 do 
Thomas. L. 7 Boylston do 
Trescott, William, 7 S. Market 
True, J. M. 1 Boylston 


Bennett, James W.(cellar) Faneuil 
Hall Boston. 

Hiland, Ira. 102 Faneuil Hall 
Leland & Williams, S. M (cellar) 
Mackintosh, R. S. 105 F. Hall 
M-Clintock, William, 17 S. Market 
Noyes, George N. 28 do 

Sherman, Hatch, 16 do 

Waterman &. Goodman, 18 Win- 
throp's St., E. Boston 


Drew & Cobb, 34 S. Market BosUm. 
Harman, A. 29 S. Market 
Hurdley & Daniels, (cellar) F. Hall 
Newcomb, S. J. 33 S. Market 
Noyes, E. N. 32 do 

Richardson, A. 2 Winthrop's Bl'k 
Thayer & Hastings, 30 S, Market 

Johnson. , 23 S. Market Boston. 

Rich, Seth, Boylston Market 
Shathock, George, 126 Faneuil H. 


Bates, Joseph C. 47 State street 

Binney, 0. J. F. lOl State st 
Craig & Dutill. 15 Rowe's Wharf 
Dabney & Cunningham, 59 Com- 
mercial Wharf 
Fairfield, John, 22 Central Wharf 
Farnum, P. J. & Co. 2 Bath 
Fearing, A. & Co. 17 City 
Gardner. Henry. 70 State 
Glidden & Williams, 29 Lewis Wf 
Harris. W. A. 8 do 

Hayward & Smith. Hayward's Wl 
Headly. Mark. 66 State st 
Heath, Charles, 6 Devonshire st 
Henshaw & Edmonds, 36 India st 
Higginson, J. A. 38 Central Whf 
Hobart, A. J. 40 State st 
Haugh, B. K. 44 Commercial st 
Inches, Henderson, Inches Wharf 
Lewis, A. S. & G. G. 45 Commer- 
cial Wharf 
Lincoln, William, Lewis Wharf 
Lombard, A. C. 5 Chatham st 
Parsons, William. 44 Commercial 
Plympton, C. H. P. 38 India st 



Plympton. Henry. 38 do 
Prall, Eleazer F. 7 Long Wharf 
Keynolds, W. B. & Co., 33 Com- 
mercial "Wharf 
Tracy & Russell, 73 Long Wharf 
Tuckerman. Thompson & Co. 48 

Central Wharf 
Tremper. J. A. 24 India 
Wills, Charles, 21 Union 

JUlllinery and Fancy 

Baldwin, Elv, 19 Milk it. Boston. 
Blanchard, t. H. & Co. 25 Milk 
Brown & Custis, ir)4 Washington 
Eayrs, Joseph H. 69 Milk st 
George, L. A. 179 Washington st 
Griffiths, William, 12 Portland st 
Harrington. S. & J. 63 Milk st 
Mann, W. H. fc Co. 17 Milk st 
Plimpton. J. V. . & Co. 46 Milk st 
Prescott, Brothers, 23 Milk st 
Smith, Sumne : . & Co. 35 Milk st 
Tenney, Brotliors, 9 Milk st 

Mesmeric 'Sxamlnatlona. 

Macomber, P. i.. 6 Lowell st 

Parkhurst, O. :' 22 Billerica st 
Pinkerton! Tb'>mas H. 35 May st 

Metals. Dealers in. 

Farrar, Richards & Co., 41 South 
Market street Boaton. 

Fullerton & i; lymond, 147iMilk st 
Howard, Charios. 76 Water st 
May, Samuel, :o Co., I Broad st 

Mid wives. 

Alexander, -Mary A. 8 LeA-erett st 
Brown. Louisa S 1 Jefferson st 
Davis, Mart:. a. .il Salem st 
Jones, Rachnei. Wall st 
Porter, Mary S. 23 Liverpool, 

East Bost>n 
Sawin, Martha A. 91 Hanover st 
Spear, J. L. 203 Washington st 

Oil and Candles. 

Cole, M. 13 India Wharf. Boston. 
Deering. J. M. 7 India Wharf 
Rowland. George. 199 Broad st 
Hardly & Dimmick, 6 Geerish Blk 
Hawes, W. 9 India Wharf 
Milliken, C. T. &. Co. 21 N. Market 

Sturtevant & Edwards. 20 Broad st 
Swain. J. H. 84 Water st 
Thorndike, E. B. 787 Washington 

Painters— Houi^e, Sign and 

Adams, C. H. 7 Market square 

Archibald, W. S. & Co. 52 Cam- 
bridge street 
Bean, J. P. 149 Milk street 
Bovey & Lester, 40 Bromfield 
Cassill, G. J. 8 Court street 
Clark. Cyrus, 17 Devonshire st 
Cook, James M. 16 Atkinson st 
Desmond, D. 1 India Wharf 
Dexter. Alonzo, Dover st 
Gibson, K. 40 Bromfield 
Gill, J. B. Curve, corner Albany 
Hammond, John D. 56 Leverett st 
Hops & Breslau, 75 Union st 
Horn, C. T. 7 ISIarket square 
Rowland & Drummond, 71 Plea- 
sant street 
Jones. Thomas K. 21 Union st 
Kilbourn, A. Dover st 
Owen. Alonzo W. 79 Hudson st 
Park. J. B Sea, foot Summer 
Peabody, H. G. 36 Hanover st 
Porter & Baker. Richmond st 
Punchard & Goodwin. 160 Hanover 
Rice. J. F. 60>^ Court st 
Rockwood, C. P. 250 Fourth st 
Rogers & Willis, 10 Theater Alley 
Sanborn. J. E. Suffolk street 
Sanders,' W. H. Trumbull st 
Savage, Otis. 364 Washington st 
Spear, H. B. k Co. 133 Commercial 
Stevens, Charles, 48 Mount Vernon 
Stone, T. &9}i, Cambridge st 
Tailor, T.I. C. Tremont B.oad 
Tucker and Simpson, 46 Causeway 
Wardwell & Priest, 331^ Cam- 
bridge st 
Westou, W. Maverick sq. E. B. 



Brainard, A. H. Harvard Av. 

Bird. E. L. 58 Tremont st 
Gardner H. 143 Harrison st 
Lymaa, W. 24 Friend st 
Sargant, Benjamin, 46 Hanover st 



Childs. T. E. 27 Dock Sq. Boston. 
Codman, C. A. 12 Water st 
Eaton. C. O. Court st 
Gilbreth, B. F. 20 Union st 
Somerby, L. 362 Washington 
Somerby, W. L. 3 Derby Range 
Walcott. Josiah, Harvard Court 


Ames, Joseph, Amory Hall 

Champney Benj. 15 Tremont Row 
Codman, J. A. 8 Ainory Hall 
Fuller, J. A. 15 Tremont 
Hamblin, S. J. Havre 
Hathaway, J. Court 
Mason, b'. F. 12 Tremont Temple 
Morrison, William, 14 do 
Ordwav, A. 15 Tremont Row 
Smith, "H. W. 132 Court 
Southwart. N. 22S Washington st 
Tremper, R. L. 7 Tremont Row 
Willard, Henry. 257 Washington 
Winner, A. F. 247 Washington st 

Paints, Oils and Glass. 

Badger, O. H. 49 Blackstone st 

Banker, Crocker & Co., 107 State 
Day, Amos B. & Co. 7 Long Wharf 
Greenwood, Johil, 9 E. R. R. Whf 
Hovey, Hill & Caudler, 28 S. Mkt 
Page, Samuel. 22 Chatham st 
Pike, C. S. & A. G. 562 Washing- 
ton street 
Porter, Loring & Caswell, 11 India 
Randall & Brothers. 50 Chatham 
Stevens, Trott & Darling, 16 India 
Wheeler, Ashael, 59 Union 
Whittier & Sweetzer, 4 Long Whf 

Hadaway, J. T. & Co. 2 Union 
Block Boston. 

Hunter, Thomas. 73 Union 
Perkins. John & Co. 40 Broad 
Richardson, W. B. 10 .Merrimac 
Simpson & Caldwell, 51 Broad 

Pattern Makers. 

Rix & Coflin. 6 Water st Boston. 
Russell & Pollard, 17Harvard Place 
Winer. J. D. Second, corner of A. 


Davis. James. 26 Vine Boston 

Gore,' Haskell, 8 East 
Gore, S. 4 Newburn 
Mason, E, T. 82 Brighton 

^physicians and Sxirgeons. 

Garrett. Alfred C. Abington 

Babbitt,' N. S. South Adams 

Cauch. Wm. J. N Adams 

Robinson. A, D. 

Spackard, Tho's Amesbury Mills 

Goodraid, Benj'n 

Pierce, Mat. Ashhurnham 

Carpenter, Seba Attleboro^ 

Fuller, Lemuel 

Phelps. Thaddeus 

Martin', J. C. 

Savery. Phineas 

Ford, Oliver 


Stone, Andrew Auhum 

Green, Daniel Barnstable 

Parker. Daniel Bedford 

Stanly, J. A. Bellingham 

Hathaway, S. Berkley 

Adams, J. Q. (Thompsonian) 

Harris. H. (Homoepathy) 


Andrews, John Bolton 

Beacon, John, Jr. 2 Crescent place 
Buckingham, C.E. 2 Harrison av 
Capen, Robert. 42 Tyler 
Dalton, J. C. 20 Kingston 
Derbey, George. 12 West 
Dyer, J. F. 46 Harrison 



Finirly, H. llWesfc 
Fitzpatric'v, 1". jO Gouch 
Girardin. L. 2 tUiiott 
Hancock, Wm. K. 30 Beacon 
Harlow, Ed .v. W. 97 East 
Hawks, John, laverick bl 
Hilton, Join, 41 Beacli 
Ingalls, Wm. Cj }Jacon 
Irwin. R. ],j6 Kourtli 
Jeffries. J. \Valiiiit 
Jones, J. S. Ca:iibridge. c Boudoir 
Kennedy. T. J. W. Charles, c Lex- 
Lawrence ^,v'. R. 136 Tremont 
Lee. Henry S. Uarvley. c Franklin 
Lord, San, tie] \V. 67 Meridian 
Mason, Jrlvu 15^4 Hanover 
Mather. Czitt., H. 3 Asylum 
McGowan, John, 94 Tyler 
Mig-nault. L.j.J. 88 Federal 
Miles, Mason .-I. 1 Cambridge 
Morland, \V. W. Bulfinch place 
Morris. Geo. b' 8 Tremont temple 
O'Neil, Eugene. S2 South 
Otis, G. W. J r 33 Tremont 
Owens. R. T 7 Warren sq 
Palmer, J. K. i04 Hanover 
Prior, Justin, is Winter st 
Prouty, Ira K lo Kneeland 
Richardson. V L. 15 Hanover 
Robinson. J. H. :^6 Green 
Rolf, E. C, 12 Franklin 
Sabine, S. H. 5 do 
Sanders. O. S. 3 Howard 
Sargent, Howard. 710 Washington 
Starkley. J. '. teJeial, c.Purchse 
Shark, J. C. 2J \V Cedar 
Taft, A. C. 21 Bromfield Lane 
Tappan, H. ii. 36 Essex 
Tewksbry, o. 1 Almot pi 
Thayer, \V H. '24 Harrison av 
Townsend, .7. E. 10 Hancock 
Upham, J. B 79 Mt Vernon 
Wait St Prince. o7 Fourth 
Wait, Gilbeit. 72 Fourth 
Ward, Henry A. 73 Tremont 
Ware, John, 15'j 'i'remont 
Warren, Ira. < Jourt, c Bulfinch 
Wood. C. ivi 6 ( auseway 
Wright, T. S. 140 Harrison av 
Young, Wm. 3 ;»it Vernon av 
York, J. H. 4 Broadway 
Gleason. C. W. Braintreee 

Collamore. F. 
Richards, J. 

Clark, Johnson Brewster 

My rick, Samson Brookjield 

Porter, Joshua J. 

Plympton S. 
Hooper, Anson 
Bumpus, Charles 
Hvery. J. E. 
Bellows, A. J. 
Hartwell. John 
Baker, John 
Chase. Charles 
Forsyth, J. B. 
Loring, G. B. 
Toomey, John 
Dillingham. Doct 
Sawyer, Benjamin 
Taylor, O. B. 
Mason, A. 
Whitney, S. S. 
Stone. Joseph 
Talbott, Charles 
Wood, Alfred 
Davis, William A. 
Miller, C. D. 
Thaxter, Robert 
Simpson, Benj. T. 
Bidwell, J. D. 
Seymour, L. D, 
Stearns, S. 
Davis, Kendall 
Farnsworth, A. J. 
Green, Joshua 
Smith, Norman 
Bell, Reuben 
Gray, 1. H. 
Daw/D. A. 
Studley, Joshua 
Cutler, 1. J. 
Stone. Joseph 
Prall, G. Jr. 
Holman, E. A. 
Howard, Levi 
Willis, Eben. 
Kenison, Timothy 
Kidder, C. W. B. 
Smith, Moses 
Heard. John 
Lake. Hiram 
Martin, G. P. 
Pratt, J. 
Harris. J, C. 
Wildes, A. H. 
Goldour, William 
Morse, Geo. M. 
Peirce, Arthur 
Griswold, R, R. 
Atkinson, L. M. 
Clark, E. 
Ordway, Aaron 
Parant, J. F. 
Sargent, S. 


E Cumhridge 






E. Concord. 



West Dennis. 



G. Ban'ington. 


















Cobb, H. S. South Lee 

Holmes, Jacob Leicester. 

Walbiidge, A. 

Wilder, G. W. Leominster. 

Nelson, John Lexington. 

Spaulding, S. 

Cross, E. G. Leyden. 

Leonard .M. 

Hooker. George Longmeadow. 

Campbell, P. P. Lowell. 

Curtis, Josiah 

Dalton, J. C. 

Hill, W. R. 

Holt, Daniel 

Kidder, Moses 

Leach, I. T. 

Mane. Daniel 

Morsp. L. B. 

Parker. Hiram 

Pillsburj-, Harton 

Scribner, J. W. 

Caswell, C. Ludlow. 

Gunner. W. I. Lynn. 

Nye, James N. 

Prescott, William 

Read. William 

Blaisdell, Clark Murhlehead. 

Coggshall, J. H. 

Guile, Daniel 

Abbott, Josiah Marlborough. 

Miller, A. Mattupoisett 

Dickerman, L, 

Blanchard. A. D. Medford. 

Train. H. D. 

Knight. William Medway. 

Drake, E. W. Middleborough. 

Knight, William Middleborough. 

Miller, Jed. 

Perkins. John 

Robinson, M. 

Eaton. A. C. Milford. 

Leland, Francis 

Palmer. Simeon Milton. 

Ware, Jona. 

King, John B. Nantucket. 

West, Benjamin H. 

Winslow Charles F. 

Sewall, D. Natir.k. 

Warren, Dr. Needham. 

Green, Edward H. New Bedford. 

Hubbard, Levi 

Spooner, Paul 

Thompkins, S. 

Merrit, John New Braintree. 

Root, Martin 

Appleton, John Newbury. 

Brauchine, L. A. • Newburuport. 

Cummings, J. W. 

Noyes, T. V. 

.Mitchell, £. K. West Newton. 

Dearl)orn. A. D. 

Hubbins, J. 

Maynard. J. Newton. 

Francis, Doctor 

Knight, William Nnrthboro\ 

Holland, H. E. Northfield. 

Dexter, George T. Northampton. 

Underwood, P. (Botanic) 

Haggles, J). (Hydropathic) 

Brooks. S. D. Norwich. 

Campbell. Robert Pittsjield. 

Chase, F. H. 

t'hilds, Timo. 

Claugh, W. J. 

Coleman, Lyman 

Dickenson, S. F. 

Huntington. G. W. 

Boylston, Ward N. Princeton. 

Gushee, I. H. Raynham. 

Hay ward. Elisha 

Grosvenor, D, S. Reading. 

Bullock, Samuel Rehohoth. 

Carpenter, Royal 

Randall, M. R. 

Gatt. Samuel Rockport. 

Harris, B. N. 

Chapman, T. L. Roxbury. 

Dexter, W. P. 

Pierce, C. H. 

W'oodside, Anthony 

Cummins, 1. M. Salem. 

Homes, Frederick J. 

Quimby, E. 

Robinson, Horatio 

Treadwell. J. G. 

Gale. Josiah E. Salisbury. 

Bacheldor, John Sandwich. 

Phinney, Erastus 0. 

Gile. Daniel Saugu$. 

Gould, A. I. 

Foster, Freeman Scituate. 

Underwood, John 

Hutchins, Thomas Seekonk. 

Smith, N. W. Shutesbury. 

White, Albert 

Bartlett. J. IL Somerville. 

BelL L. V. 

Curtis, L. M. Southbridge. 

Heard, John 

Cutler, W. W. South Reading. 

Coland, Joseph 

Simille, E. R. 

Toothaper, F. A. 

Humphreys. L. W. Southwick. 

Ellis, Benjamin H. Springfield, 

Bridgman, I. B. 



Seabury, John 


White. Daniel 

Brown, A. Z. 


Wellington. J. S. 

Terrey. William 


Baylies. Alfred 


Chace J. B. 

Daws, Eben. 

Dean. I. B. 

Gordon, William 

Hubbard. H. B. 

Leonard. George 

Yale, LeRoy M. 


Gale, Levi B. 

Carpenter, H. 


Taff, A. C. 


Perry. Adams 

Stewart. C. M. 


Stone. Ebenezar 


Doggett. Peter 


Shurtleff. George A 

Snow, George 

White, John 


Cutting. F. 


Hawker, William 


Whitman. Noah West Bridgewufer. 

Nutting, J. G. West Stockbridge. 

Brown, Joel H. 


Gushee. John H. 

Hubbard, Benjamin 

Howell, Appleton 

Hillman, R. S. 


Gould. L. 


Scales. T. F. 


Adams. Willard 

Blood, Oliver H. 


Chandler, George 

Deland, Doctor 

Erving, J. F. 

Hatch, T. 


Tracy. S. 

Tenney. Jos. A. 

Woodward. Rufus 

Brown, T. H. 


Pianoforte Mamifacturers. 

Emerson, W. P. 393 Washington st 
Hill, Ryder & Owen, 419 Wash- 
ington st Boston. 


Bray, C. F. & Co. 36 Cornhill, 


Lewis, Wm. & Wm. K. 56 Broad st 
Underwood, Wm. & Co. 67 Broad 


Barchley East Boston. 

Burrows. Stephen, 25 Sai gents' wf 
Crispin, Wm. 19 Commercial 
Hunt. Reuben. 5 Terrace place 
Lampe, Wm. 25 Sargent's whf 
Martin. S. C. 46 Webster 
Reed. Maxwell East Boston. 

Robinson, David T. Summer st 


Bathany, G. 42 Devonshire st 

Byrnes, T. D. 4 Howard st 
Clifford, John. 20 Dover st 
Drew & Brothers. 54 Court st 
Dudley, B. T. 66 Harvard Avenue 
Hunt. James L & Co. 34 School st 
Kent & Hill. 17 Cornhill 
Lockwood, Lane & Lamb, 50 Der- 
by range 
Mosely, P. R. 14 Bedford st 
Morrison, C. G. & Co. 14 Lyceum 

Patterson & Wilson. 15 Lendall st 
Pearce. Wm. 33 & 35 Congress st 
Riley, M. Richmond. 

Roberts, W. R. 418 Washington st 
Smith, John J. 20 Essex st 
Stewart. S. B. 169 Tremont st 

Printers, Book and Job. 

Allen, Charles. 233 Washington 

Blake, S. E. 124 do 

Botefur & Roberts, 116 do 
Brazier, W. H. 142 do 

Davis, Thomas, 142 do 

Elder, William, 36 do 

Filmer,W. 152 do 

Hickling, Chas. 22 Devonshire 
Lears, W. C. 26 Washington 
Prince, Thos.36 do 

Snow, Geo. K. & Co. 5 do 
Stearns, R. E. C. 130 do i 
White, G. W. 154 do 

Wier & White, 11 Cornhill 



Produce Dealers. 

Avery, H. N. 23 Elm Boston 

Barnard & Carr, 62 Chatham i 

Bartlett. J. W. & Co. 46 do 
Brigham & Stone. 5 R R. Block 
Bowker, C. 7 Rail-road 
Chelsey, J. H. 47 Utica 
Dorr, Moses & Co 110 State 
Draper, J. :M. 7 Merchants' Row 
Fay, Isaac, 46 Brattle 
Frothingham, P. 54 Fulton 
Goodnough & Richardson, 80 

Harwood, James & Co 30 Com- 
Hicks & Hathway. 13 Commercial 
Hinckley & Kendall, 2 Market sq 
Jackson'fc Draper, 14 Elm 
Johnson. Philip, 28 Commercial 
Keyes, Amos, 10 Market 
Kimball & Miller, 1 Merchant's 

Knight, Cowant & Co, 11 Market 

Merriam. I; W. 20 Elm 
Miles, Chas. E. 24 do 

Provision Dealers. 

Adams, C, H. 21 Merrimac st 

Atwood & Higgins. 89 Charles st 
Baker, C. & 1. F. Broadway 
Carlisle. George. 241 Ann st 
Chamberlin & Xorris, 64 Mt. Ver- 
non street 
Faxton, F. G. 8 Bedford st 
Frost, Seth F. 92 Federal st 
Haynes & Thompson, 225 Tre- 

mont street 
Hervey ii Moore. 29 Leverett st 
Holmes, E. G. 249 Hanover st 
Learned &; Brimbacon, 9 Atkinson 

Lombard} . J. & L. Green st 
Lufkin, John, Summer st E. B. 
Mallard &: King. South st 
Roundlet, D. T. 112 Pleasant st 
Snow, Henry S. 460 Washington 

Sprague, F. H. 133 Pleasant st 
Taggard k, Guild. Grove st 
Upton & Murray, 16 Leverett 
Weston, Stephen. 10 Lewis st E. B. 
Williams & Buifree, 38 Merrimac 

Woster & Hart, 20 South Market 


Amory, H. C. 42 Congress st 

Bancroft & Co. 26 do 
Bean, J. D. 2 Wilson lane 
Bradford, J. F. Lewis st E. B. 
Butierfield, D. S. 90 Blackstone st 
Carter. J. B. 2 Central st 
Chandler, C. N. I S. Market st 
Clapp, J. O. 57 Brattle st 
Crosbj', G. Lindall st 
Dodman, T. W. 52 Union st 
Davis & Martin, 3 N. Market st 
Edgarton, Jos. 37 Merchants' Row 
Edwards, Albert, Oak c. Albany 

Emery & Stevens, 1 R. R. 
Fish, H. S. 68 Broad st 
Foster & Hinds, Charlestown cor. 

Cross street 
Gibson, J. M. 165 Milk st 
Higgins & Co. 9 Gerrish st 
Hixon & Jenness, 13 Merchants' 

Humphrey, S. 21 F. Hall Market 
Jameson & Valentine, 1 Spring la 
Jewett, J. 318 Washington st 
Knight, D. S. Howard c. Albany st 
Luddington, C. 10 Vv'iuter st 
Merrill & Thayer, 3 Rowe's wf 
Natally k, Carrol, 23 Doane st 
Paine, Summer. SO Fulton st 
Palpney, W. D.'l6 Hawley st 
Park, Thos. D. 2 .Morton pi 
Shaw, Joseph, 431 Washington st 
Smith, Eben, 133 Cambridge st 
Spaulding, S. W. 58 Commercial 

White, D. 54 Long wf 
Wiggin, N. Winthrop bl E. B. 

Sail Makers. 

Alexander & Went, 26 Foster's wf 
Emmons, W. S. 112 Commercial st 
Melzard, 0. Q. 42 India st 
Soule So Arrington. 119 Commer- 
cial st 
Stocker, Henry, 332 do 

Thayer Thoma.s, A. 21 do 
Yale, R. M. 2 Chatham st 

Sand Houses. 

Dodge, P. S. FarwelFs wf sea, 




Herrick, Lewis, 9 Bull wf 
Sawyer, J. M. Brown's wf 

Seal ISngr avers. 

Lemme, Wm. 215 Washington st 

Mitchell, F. N. 13 Tremont st 

Sealers of Weights and 

Dearborn, J. M. Devonshire st 

Loring, Edward, 21 Union st 

SlierlfTs and Deputies. 

Crane,' Carrington, G. Barrington 
Berkshire Co. 
Underwood, Harlow, N. Marl- 
Jones, Sidney Sheffield. 

Bulkley, Solomon Williatnstown. 

SMppIng Offices. 

Adams & Tales, 91 Commercial st 
Bowen, John & Co. 98 do 
Clark. Nathaniel, 102 do 
Cottrell. J. H. 99 do 

Currant, I. F. 80 do 

Fogg Ludolph G. 119 do 
Harding N. & Co- 48 do 

Littlefield, C. A. 222 Ann st 
Pedrick, J. B. & Co. 110 Commer- 
cial st 
Rees. John O. 76 do 

Sawyer. W. N. 84 do 

Titcomb, E. P. 52 do 

Smith & Welocon, 87 do 

Tewksbury, A. R. 90 do 

Silver and Brass Platers. 

Chase, Brothers, Liberty sq Boston. 
Green & Adams. 9 Hawley st 
Lindsay. J. N. 19 Water st 

Stair Builders. 

Bates, Hiram, 64 Harrison av 

Byrne, J. Tremont row 
Hawes, E. W. Harrison av 
Jacobs, W. Tyler st. near Oak 
Kelley, J. C. 6 Charlestown st 
Titcomb & Ormsby, 1st. n. E. 
Dunham, I. P. Cambridg 

Starch. Dealers. 

Barns, Edw. C. 19 India st Boston. 
Blake F. old Custom House 
Nash, D. R. old Custom House, 
and 7 S. wf 


Field, S. R. Maverick sq E, B. 

Haskins, C. A. & Co. 64 Cornhill 
Kidder, Isaac L. 20 do 

Phillips, Sampson & Co. 110 Wash- 
ington st 
Reynolds, W. J. & Qo. 24 Comhill 

Stove and Grate Manufac- 

Bulkley. Hays & Co. 33 Black- 
stone st Boston. 

Camp & Edwards. 29 Union st 
Caswell, George U. 224 4th st 
Divine, John Charlestown. 

Gregor. Patrick, 46 Portland st 
Greenman, Josiah, 16 Union .st 
Pond & Duncklee, 40Blackstone st 
Read, J. M. 4^ Gerrish bl. Ann 

Roberts S. K. 93 Blackstone st 
Robinson, E. T. 78 Water st 
Shepard, Chapin & Co. 28 do 
Webb & Co. 67 Blackstone st 
Westcott. T. A. 15 Marshall 


Ezekiel, J. W, 424 Washington st 
Gillespie, Joseph A. 56 do 
Hollingsworth, F. 705 do 
James F. 49 Cross st 
Jerauld, Albert A. 25^ Sudbury 
Kelley, W. D. & Soi, 55 Wash- 
Locke, Edwards & Co. 45 Kilby st 



Manning, Moses, 7 Kneeland st 
McBride. C. Maverick sq. E. B. 
Nelson, B. 536 Washington st 
O'Connell & Lincoln, 52 Merri- 

mac 8t 
Plummer & Allen, 18 Washington 
Pray. John H. 51 Washington st 
\ Raudidge. O. L. -25 School st 
Rosengaeton. D. H. 87 Eliot st 
Russell, Solomon P. 40 Brattle st 
Smith. L. G. 51 N. Market st 
[Smith, Charles A. 1 old State H. 
Smith, Andrew J. 63 Court st 
Small. C. .M. 2G5 Washington st 
Sawden. R. 91 do 

Stone. H. W. Union & Blackstone 

Thomas, Abraham, 354 Washing- 
ton st " 
Tobias M. 87i Cambridge st 
Wait, Charles, 48 Washington st 
Welharbee & Leland, 47 Ann st 

Thread and Yarn. 

Austin & Brown, 219 Washington 
street Boston. 

Bartlett, John W. 128 Hanover st 
Chamberlin. G. C. 68 do 
Cobb, T. W. 409 Washington st 
Holmes, A. 8 Tremont Row 
Holmes, John, 4 do do 
Stearns.' R. H. 369 Washington st 
Warren, Varnum. 92 Hanover st 
Whitney, xN. D. 193 Washington st 


Bryant, S. B. 1 Albany Block 

Grundy, J. & J. 41 Devonshire st 
Trafton, Joel H. 9 Haverhill st 
Wilk, Hanly, 475 Washington st 

Type and Stereotype. 

Butler, J. R. Scotch Type Foun- 
dry, 21 School st Boston. 


AUard, James M. 61 Kneeland st ' 
Allen, A. H. 2 Dock sq 
Bruce, Charles H. 517 Washing- 

ton street 
Caryl & Cushman, 7 Hichburn st 
Cunningham, Henry, 15 Brom- 

lield street 
Durand, T. B. 370 Washington st 
Hartwell, Thomas, 55 Blackstone 

Hersey, W. B. 13 Merrimac st 
Pearson, G. 7 Bromlield st 
Pearson & Co. 595 Washington st 
Whitcomb, C. P. 662 do 
Woodward, Benj. 284 do 


Carruth, G. T. & Co, 41 Hanover 
street Bosto?i. 

Colby, Benj. Broad st cor. C. H. 
Parisen, W. B. fii N., N. Market st 
Robertson, John C. 3 Lewis' wf 


Bissey, A. P. 23 Elm st Boston. 
Cliflbrd W. 136 Milk st 
Deveney, J. 7 N. xMarket st 
Doolittle. Seth O. 57 Broad st 
Forristall, Ezra, Custom House 
Holt, S. 12 Chatham st 
Johnson, White, & Co. Kilby st c. 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Dadd, Geo. H. 2 Holmes' Block 

LiUyman, W. H. Bradford pi 

Watclxes and Jewelry, 

Ayer.D. C. 11 Hanover st Sostvn. 
Beals, Wm. 81 do 
Beers, A. H. 73 do 
Bowen, Geo. A. 17 Joy's Building 
Elson, Julius, 129 Washington st 
Fenno, James, 41 Hanover st 
Foisom, Rufus. Court st cor. Han- 
Glasson, Elias,65 Court st 
Hastings, D. B. 422 Washington st 
Hoi way, P. 204 Hanover st 
Mitchell, L. S. 7 Ann st 
Prince, A. 2:)5 Washington st 
Stanwood, H. B. 2»3 do 
Stowell, A. 76 Hanover st 
Wood, N. G. St, Co. 1 do 



"West Idla Goods and Gro- 
ceries— Retail. 

Adams. A. B. 53 Federal st Boston. 

Adams. J. 5th near B. st 

Baker, A. N. & J. W. 65^ Lowell 

Bancroft. Wm. & Co. 48 Black- 
stone st 
Bartlett. John, Summer st. 
Bean. J. M. 72 Cambridge st 
Bickford. A. Central sq E. B. 
Beilman. John, Richmond. 

Bowdeu, Saul, 39 Prince st 
Brown, C. 4lh st 
Brown & Buflum. Endicotst 
Brown, G. M. Suffolk st 
Brown. William, 132 Sea st 
Burges, J. M. Harvard. 

Campbell, J. R. 7 Cross st 
Chase, George, Meridian st 
Cheney, Benj. F. 104 Endicot st 
Churchill. J.C. 16 Travers st 
Cleary & Brothers 637 Washing- 
ton st 
Collins, James, Sea st 
Crane J. DedJiam. 

Cummings. J. C. A. 

Cummings, Darling & Co. 29 Elm 

Cunningham, W. Northampton. 
Doly, John Turnpike. 

Dailey, George, do 

Bearing, Henry, 33 Salem st 
Bennison, C. N. 90 Charles st 
Doyle, James, 63 Atkinson st 
Dyer, F. S. Harrison av 
Farwell, J. R. 581 Washington st 
Findall, J. H. West Cedar st 
Flagg, Wm. ^Meridian st 
Flynn. James, 6 Conest 
Folsom, Paul, Broadway 
Foster, A. A. 44 aiount Vernon st 
Fuller. James, 39 Cambridge st 
Garland William. Southac st 
Gage, M. &. Co. North square 
Gill, Elijah B. South st 
Goodwin. B. Lewis st. E. B. 
Gove, John F. 36 Thatcher st 
Green, C. W. 62 Essex st 
Hallet, L. 450 Commercial st 
Halman, J. 81 Sea st 
HaidJnq-, Isaac, 705 Washington st 
Heakv. John, 102 Sea st 

Heiiiicssy, Swan st 

BA de, 01. Lowel 

Hyde, M. Chelsea. 

Johnson, Hiram, 841 Washington 

Jordan, J. Memmae. 

Keas, P. Chelse& st E. B. 
Kellev, J. B.. N. Margin 
Knight. G. &'C. Blossom st 
Lobaers, Union C. c. 4th 
Lawrence, W. C. 22 Kingston st 
Lake, Wm. F. 3d st, & Dmcliester 
Long, S. & J. 2d st, c. A 
Lynch. Michael, Beach st 
Lypard, James, Kneeland st 
Maun, D. F. Harvard av 
Mann. E. Belknap st 
.Manning. A. C. Oak st. 
McDonald, William, 39 Endicotst 
McDuff, F. 11 Prince st 
McGuire, P. 1C6>^ Purchase st 
McGuire, Thomas, 165 Ann st 
Mead, William, Causeway st 
Nash, John Taunton. 

Nolan, P. Coal st 
O'Donnell, John, 211 Broad st 
Owen. R. S. 230 Ann st 
Parr, Thomas, 5th, c. F st 
Perry, S. A. 204 Harvard av 
Peirce, James, 60 Leverett st 
Potter, J. & A. B. J 61 do 
Rand k, Cogswell, 478 Commer- 
cial st 
Richardson, P. 50 Merrimac st 
Richardson & Hartshorn, 92 

Blackstone st 
Rogers, J. 79 Hudson st 
Skinner, B, H. 112 Court st 
Slater & McKay. Maverick sq 
Smith, James, Commercial, c. Hull 
Tilden, N. 4th st, c. F 
Todd, Joshua G.'24>^ Foster's wf 
Tiemare, J. B. & Co. 277 Ann st 
Tudhope, J. 122 Cambridge st 
Vose, James W.272 Washington st 


Wallis & Co. 691 do 

Warden & Smith, 29 Portland st 
Wilder & Sleeper. 40 W. Cedar 
Williams, E. H. 161 4th st 
Williamson, W. Belknap 

Grocers— Whiolesale . 

Bird & Guild, 22 India st Boston. 

Cafran, A. Suffolk st 

Calton. J. P. & W. H. 3 India wf 

Curtis F. 21 India st 

Davis & Howe, 92 Commercial 

Eaton, C. F. 47 Long wf 

Hay ward & Morse, 19 Long wf ' 

Jackson, William M. Ill State et 



Mclntire, P. & Co, 39 S. Market st 
Nash, Callender & Co. 6 India st 
Parker & Hall, 63 Blackstone st 
Pits. Eobinson & Clay, 5 Long wf 
Rice. F. & F. 118 State st 
Shattuck, J. & Co. 5 Canal bl R, 
Thompson & Warner, 98 Fulton 
Theving, Jos. 45 E. R. R. 
Waldrou, B. F. 114 Fulton st 
Winsor & Soul«, 14 Commercial st 
Wood, C. & Co. 43 India st 

l¥lieelwrigl&ts & Carriage 

Baker, F. Tremont st, c. Dover, 

Sarry, David. Lewis, E. B. 
Hiland, I\I. Summer, E. B. 
Marstou, Josiah, 1st st. n. Turnpike 
May &, Bay ley, 2d st, c^ E 
Rowell, Rufus, Turnpike 


Btrtlett & Brothers, Bartlett's wf 
Howe, Hall, Jr. Boston wf 
Lincoln, N. Lincoln's wf 
Penniman, A. P. Bartlett's S. wf 

IVlndow Shade*. 

Kelty & Riker, 19 Milk st Boston. 
Martin, P. 8.i Hanover st 
Robertson & Co. 293 Washington st 
Steele, F. A. 361 do 

Wytal, J, G. 120 do 

Wool Dealer*. 

Bond, George W. Kilby st Boston 
Clark, Bingham & Co. 6 Chatham st 
Rice, F. St F. 118 State st 
Young, D. 73 Water st 

Miscellaneous Items. 

Anvils, Vices, and Hammert. 
James Massey, 165 Har av 

Ballast Offices. Adams & Yatee, 
90 Commercial st 

Camhooses. Barker & Binney, 
Commercial, head of Lewis st 

Cameo Cutting. P. Stevenson. 
5K Tremont Row 

J. A. Greenough, 179, Washing- 
ton st 

Card Saloon. Dearborn, N. S.. 
1 Water st, and 12 Spring lane 

Chocolate Manufacturer. John 
Preston. 6 Long wharf 

Cloth Finisher. J. J. Birkmare, 
cellar, 1 Congress st 

Color Manufacturer. W. S. An- 
derson, 19 Howard place 

Comh Mamifactnrcr. W. A. 
Justin, 152, Washington st 

Cotton Bolting Manufactory. Wm, 
Bradford, 2>^ Albany blk 

Cotton Duck. A. Fearing. 17 
City wharf 

Curled Hair Manufacturers. 
Sumner Flag, 9 Union st 
J. Capen and Son, 164 Tyler st 

Doors. Sashes, mid Blinds. Wil- 
son, S. N. and Co., cor. Merrimac 
and Deacon sts. 

Diaphragm Filters. Thatcher 
Beals, 451 Washington st , tdtf|a 

Division Filters. Fessenden, A. 

French Shirts- Wins, C. A. H.. 
Joy's Buildings, 81 Washington 
^ street 

Advertising and Country Sub- Granite State Flagging Company, 
tcriplion Agency. J. M. Pettingell, ' Tremper, Brothers, 12 Central 
10 State st j wharf 

Anti- Friction Oil Manufactory, \ Hair Seating. Alkn and Beal. 
Turnpike. Office, 145 Milk . _ Henry sq, Holmes's block 



Hair Work Manufacturers. Kitch- 
en. Andrew. '257 "Washington st 

kirmes and Co.. 251 Wasbing- Har av 
ton st 

I. H. Sweet, Har av 

Si»-ig Makers. H 'Jilman, 166 

/ > provement of Speech. 
Weeks. 265 Washington st 

1 Joseph Eaton, Beech st, cor. of 
C. ('Cove st 

I Charles W. Brewster, 14 Sadhu- 
' street 

Lapidary. S. Reynolds. Jr.. 8 j 
Court st i 

Marlhoro' Bathing Rooms. Rear, 
231 Washington st 

W. S. 

Tlie American Union. Fritts, R. 
B. and Co , 37 Court so 

Mattress Manufacturer. 
Henl}-; 8 Beech st 

New England Rail-road Guide. 
Holbiook, 37 Court sq 

J^ew England Wire Railroad 
Co. Lyman and Co., 4 Albany 

Plate Glass. Isaac L. Piatt, 52 
Pearl street 

PainUrs' Rollers. "W. Clapp, 8 
Congress st 

propeller Presses. 142 Washing- 
ton st 

Rattans. E. Eli, 32 Commercial 

Refrigei-ators. D. Eddy, 
Washington st 

A. Patien, 37 Tremont Row 

Tanks and Valises. Edward 
Putnam, 76 Congress ^-t 

Tu7-ver of Pianos. J. F. Suflbrd, 
365 Washington st 
D. H. Shirly, 197 Wa. hington st 
S. Hill, 17 Tremoni Row 

Surveyor of Work. T. C. Mo- 
Donough, 1 Post Office ar 

Vaccine Office, 20 Franklin st ; 

Schools, Academies, ffc. Adams' 
j Private Academy, Grantville, 
(Needham.) W. II. /dams, A.M., 
Principal. H. E. FettmgeU, As- 

Normal School. Bri 'gewaier. 
Both Sexes. N. Tillinghast, Prin- 
cipal. AtWestfield 

Perkin^s Institution for *he Blind. 
428 ' Instituted 1S31. South Boston 

Rivet Manufacturer. F. A. Can- 
non. 2 Haymarket sq 

Salamander Safes. Joseph R. 
Bryant, 30, Causeway 

Shot. Batchelder, Meecur. & 
Co., 143 State st 

Sofa Syring Manufacturer. S. B. 
Russ, 7 Dooley Range 

Spikes. D. H. Williams, 26 Broad 


Cave Cod Branch Railroad. 
Length 27 miles, from Middletoa, 

Providence and Worrciter Rail- 
road. Length, 43>^ miies. Capital, 


' Naicgatuck Railroad. Complet- 
ed from Bridgeport, Ct., to Wal- 



Academies and Schools 276 

Accountants md Copyists 45 

Agents for Publications 215 

Agricultural Warehouses 45 

Almanac 20 

Alphabetic"! List of Towns 1 

American C»rthoepic Institution.. 268 

Anchors 45, 254 

Apothecaries 45 

Architects 46 

Artificial Flowers 48 

Artists' Materials 48 

Assistant ami Broker OfTice 264 

Attorneys n'.d Counsellors at 

Law 48 

Auctioneers 55, 110 

Awl Manuf cturcrs 56 

Axe do 56 

Axletree do 56 

Baby Jumper 264 

Bacon 268 

Bakers .56, 

Ballast Offices 264 ' 

Banks 194 

Bar Iron 269 

Baskets 264 

Bass and Tenor Viols 209 

Bathing JIou<;es 57, 208 

Batting and Wicking .57 

Bedstead M inufacturers .58 

Beer, Small and Root 58 

Bell Founders .58 

Bell Hangers 58, 268 

Bellows Manufacturers 269 

Belting do 270 

Birds and C;!ges 264 

Bitts and Augurs 58 

Black Lead Manufacturers 58 

Blacking do 58 

Blacksmiths 58 

Boa t Builders 6() 

Bobbins and Spools 61 

Bolting Cloths and Burr Mill 

Stones 264 

Bonnet and Straw Goods, Deal- 
ers 61 

Bonnet and Straw Goods, Manu- 

focturers 61 

Book Binders 62 

Buok Binders' Stuck and Tools.. 264 
Booksellers, Pubhshers and Sta- 
tioners 62 

Boot and Shoe Dealers 64 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers 69 

Boot Counter Makers 64 

Boot Crimpers 64 

Boot Crimping M;ichines 265 

Boot Tree Manufacturers 78, 265 

Boston Gas Works 265 

Boston Parcel Post 264 

B-otaiiic Medicines 78, 268 

Botanic Physicians 78 

Boxe :, Manufacturer? 79 

Brad:; 232 

Brassfounders and Coppersmiths . .79 

Brewe.-s 80 

Bristol Tripoli Brick 265 

Britannia Ware Manuf 's 80, 2(>5 

Brokers 80 

Broom IManufacturers 82 

Brush Dealers 83 

Brush Manuficturers 83 

Buckle do 170 

Burning Fluid 269 

Button Munuiacturcrs 83 

Cabinet Makers 147 

Cables 265 

Calico Printers 83 

Cainbooses , 265 

Ca mbric 270 

BUnd Hinges and Fastenings 2«J8 ; C uneo Cutters 265 

Block and Pump 221, 268 'C iniphem- 269 

Block Cutt. rs 264 j Cane Seating 265 

Block Letter Sign Manufacturers. 2^)4 Candle Moulds 265 

KoMding HuH&es SiJ I Candle and Oil 1«? 


Candle and Soap 229 

Caaes 27i , 

Ciip Makers 8"^! 

Cap Visor Makers 265 j 

Cards 83' 

Cards , Machiiio 178, 266 

Car Manufacliyers 83 

( 'arpenters and Builders 84 

Carpetings 88 

Carpet jSlanufacUireri 89, 268 

Carritige and Coacli Depot«! 89 

Carri.'ige iers and VVlieel- 

wrights 89, 287 

Carriage Smitiis 92 

Carriage Springs, Manufacturers. 270 
Carriage TriuMiiings, do ..93 

Carver, ^. 93, 268 

Cement Dealers 93 

Ciiaiiis and Anchors 205 

Chain Cables 265 

Chair Dealers and Painters 93 

Chair Manulaciurer.? 93. 265 

Chandeliers 171 

Charcoal 270 

Chemists 94 

Chemical Refiners 94 

Childrens' Wagons 94 

Chimney Sweeps 265 

China, Glass, and Earthen Ware 94 

Chiropedists 265 

Chocolate Manufacturers 95, 265 

Chronometers 95 

Cigar and Suuff Stores 95 

Ciscar Manufacturers 96 

Cu-cuU Coiu-t oi' United States.. .290 

Cistern Builders 265 

City Crier 265 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors.. 96 

Clergyn>en 96 

Ciuck Case Makers 265 

Clock Dealers 105 

Cloihiei-5 107 

Clothing, Ready Made 105 

Clothing, Second Hand 107 

Cloths and Woollen Goods 107 

Coal and Wood Dealers 107 

Cocoa 95, 265 

Coifee Factories 109 

Cofiin Warehouses 109 

Collar Manufactory 265 

Collectors 109 

Colleges 278 

Comb Manuf. and Dealers.. 110, 265 

Commissioners of Insolvency 287 

Commission Merchants 110 

Conchologists 265 

Confectioners 115 

Constables 116 

Coopers 116 

Copper Dealers M7 

Copper 27» 

Copperplate Printers 210 

Copper ilolls 265 

Coppersmiths 265, 7* 

Copper, Tin & Sheet bon Work- 
ers 241 

Cordage and Duck Manuf 117 

Cord, Gimp & Tassel Trimmings 270 

Cork Cutters .118 

Corn Planters 270 

Cotton Battinir Manuf US 

Cotton Card Manuf. 205 

Cotton Dealers 118 

Cotton Goods, Manufacturers 

(see Statistics) 198 

Cotton Warp 118 

Cotton Waste 27a 

Counsellors 48 

Counter Cases 26S 

Courts of ConiHnon Pleas 286 

Curled Hair, Manufacturers. 118, 265 

Curriers 118, 238 

Cutlery Manufacturers lift 

Daguenean Artists 119^ 

Dentists 12a 

Deputy Sherilfs 225 

Die Sinkers and Letter Cutters. .121 

Distillers of Rose Water 265. 

Distillers 121, 268 

District Court of United States . .29* 

Dividers and Compasses 270 

Doors, Sash and Blind Dealers . .265 

Door, Sash and Blind Manuf 121 

Drugs and Medicines, Dealers... 122 

Dry Goods 12a 

Dry Goods, Retailers 125 

Dri" Goods, Groceries and Variety 129. 

Duck and Cordage Ill 

Dyers 139, 268, 270- 

Dye Woods, Dealers 13* 

Earthen Ware Manufasturers . . . ISft 

Edge Tools 170, 265,268 

Electricians 265, 267 

Electro Magnetic Instnimeuts . . . 16i 

Electrotyper 265 

Elliptic Springs 270 

Engine Hose 139< 

Engravers 139, 268 

Expresses 283 

Fancy Goods 140 

Feathers, Dealers 141 

Feather Dusters 266 

Feather Manufacturers 266 

Felloes, Bridge, Tree Nails, and 
Au.gurs JJ70 


Female Eruployment Ofiice 26G 

File Cutters 2136 

File Mtiimfacturers 1270 

FindiniT futures 141 

Fire Ap[);iratus 266 1 

Fire Engines, Builders 141, 208 j 

Fireworks 266 1 

Fish 141 

Fishing Taclcle 142 

Fish fuckers 188 1 

Flannels 173 

Flat Roof Composiiioners 266 

Flavoring Extracts 266 

Flour ami Grain Dealers 142 

Foreign Exchanges and Brokers. .143 

Fork Manufacturers 144 

Founders, Brass 79 

Founders, Iron 164 

Free Stone JIanufacturers 144 

French Shirts 266 

Fringe and Tassel Dealers 144 

Fringe. Tassel and Silk Manuf. .144 

Fruit, Foreign and Domestic 144 

Fruit and Vegetables 145 

Fur Dealers 145 

Furnaces and Ranges 145 

Furniture Dealers 145, 267 

Furniture Manufacturers 147 

Furriers 145 

Gardeners 266 

Gents' Furnishing Stores 149 

Gilders 175 

Gilding and Silvering 150 

Glass Cutters 150 

Glass Dealers 2G9, 11)4 

Glass Engraving 266 

Glass Knob Dealers 150 

Glass Manufacturers 150 

Globe Manufactxirers 266 

Glue Manufacturers 150, 26vS 

Gold Beaters 150, 26y 

Gold Pen Manufacturers 150 

Grain Dealers 150 

Green Houses 266 

Grinding Lac, Dye, Coal and 

Marble 266 

Grinding Salt 266 

Grinding Drugs 266 

Gun Covton 266 

Gunpov.der 266, 268 

Gunsmiths 151, 269 

Guns, Pistols, and Sporting Ap- 
paratus 151 

Gutta Percha Goods 266 

Gymnasiums 151 

Handles 151 

Hair Dressers 152 

Haij V7ork 'jSS 

Harness, Trunk and Valise 153 

Hardware Dealers 156 

Hat Block Manufacturers 266 

Hats, Caps and Furs 158 

Ilat Manufacturers 160 

Hay Dealers 160 

Hoe Manufacturers 161 

Hollow Warn 161 

Honiccnpathic Physicians 161 

Mops, Dealers 161 

Horticulturists 161 

Hosiery and Gloves 16! 

House Fiurnishing Articles 161 

Ice Dealers 161, 266, 2f)8 

liidia and French Goods 161 

India Rubber Goods 162, 270 

India Rubbers 162 

Ink Manufacturers 162, 268 

Inspector and Cutter of K. R. Iron 270 

Inspectors 162, 26G 

Institutions for Savings 284 

Instruments 163 

Insurance Agents 163 

Insurance Companies 279 

Iron and Steel Dealers 163 

Iron Fence Builders 164 

Iron Founders 154, 269 

Iron Spring Wire 270 

Jewclrv, Dealers 245 

Jewellers, Macufixturing. . .164. 26S 

Judiciary 285 

Junk Dealers 165 

Justices 165 

Keys 27G 

Ritt and Bucket Manuf 170, 270 

Knobs 270 

Knives and Tools 170 

Ladder Manuf. a>6, 2(® 

Lain p I )ea]ers 171 

Lanip Manufacturers 171 

Lamps and Burning Fluid 171 

Lard and Tallow Manufactorv ..2iJ6 

Last Manut: .'. . .171 

Laundries 171, 269 

Law Schools 279 

Law Terms 285 

Lead Pipe Manuf. 171 

Lead 171 

Leather Dealers 172 

Letter Copying and Seal Presses. 270 

Libraries, Circulating 172 

Lime and Sand 172 

Line and Twine 244, 266 

I Linen and Flannels 173 


Liquors and Wines 173 Notaries Public 187 

Lithographer.-! 173 Nurseries 187 

Livery Stable Keepers 1731 

Lobster Depot 266 | Oakum 269,270 

Locksmiths 175 Oars, Deiiicrs 187 

Lookins <Jl;iss & Pieture Fraineij. 175 Oil and Candles 187 

Loom Pickers '270 OH Dealers 188.194 

Lozenge Man.uC. 2G6 ; Oil Maaiuf. 18$ 

Lumber Dealers 176 ' Opticians 188- 

Lumber Maniif. 178 Organ Buildefs 188 

Machinists 178 

Magn«t>c InstrameniB 266 

MahogHijy- IBO 

Mahogany Chairs 180 

Manul'. C'o.'s (see St^iiistic;) 271 

Marble Mannf. 180 

Marine IJailwrtys ...181 

Marine Painters 191 

Marine Shells 207 

Market Me» 181 

Masts and J?p;us 183 

Mttch M.'.niit; 182, 267 

Match Sticks 183 

Matheniitical Instruments. . . — 163 
Meihils, CtMns and Curiosities. . .267 

Medical Schools 279 

Medicines 122 

Melodc'on Manufacturers Ir'd 

Mercantile Agency 183 

Merchants 183 

Ufercurj- Gilder 267 

Met^dlic Letters 270 

Metallii- Web'g & Elastic Cords.. 270 

Meii 1 li.)oier< 267 

Millinepy nnd F.incy Goorls 184 

Militiry" Goods 185 

Millwrinhts , ]!-.% 

Miner ! i Teeth &,: 

Miniature Case BJtikers 267 

Miniature Faiiyters 191 

Moore's Kssence of Life 270 

Mororcn De;'Jers 185 

Morocci) Minuf. (see Tar^aers) . .2,38 

Musical Instruuients 186 

MtiKical In truiiient Makers 186 

Music Puhiishers 186 

Mustard ami Pepper Sauce. .267, 270 

Nails, Dealers 186 

Nails, Manulactrtrers 186 

Nautical Instruments 163 

Naturalization Office 267 

Naval Stores 186 

Net and Twine 287 

New England Cordage Co 269 

Newspapers 273 

Norfolk Laboratory 2G9 

North River Fla^^ging Stone 367 

Packers of Fish 18& 

Pail Manufacturers 189' 

Painted Carpets and Oil Cloths. .26T 

Painted Window Shades 27» 

Painters, House 189, 192 

Painters, Carriage 189, 192 

Painters 27a 

Paints. Oil a nd Glass 194 

Palm Leaf Hats, Dealers.'. 19S 

Palm Leaf Mattresses 195 

Paper Stock. , 195 

Paper Hangings 195 

Paper Hangings, Manuf. 195, 196 

Paper .Manufiictarera 195 

Paper Rulers 196 

Paper Warehouses 196 

Parasols and Sunshades 197 

Patent Agency 197 

Patent Extension Tables 267 

Patent Leather 267 

P.itent Frinting Machinery 267 

Pattern Makers 197 

Pavers 197 

P rlumcry 197 

Periodical Depots 197 

Philosojihical Instmments 163 

Physicians and Surgeons 197 

Piano Forte ftlanufacturers. .267, 269 

Pile Drivers 269 

Plane Manufacturers 208 

Planing .^lachines 2~'> 

Plaster Dealers :^^ 

Piaster Image Ma kers 208 

Plough Manufacturers 208 

Plurabers 208 

Plume Manufectory 267 

Pocket Books 208 

Police Court 287 

Portable Vapor Bath Chairs 270 

Portrait Painters 191 

Potters 208 

Powder Flasks 270 

Powder Manufacturers 209, 267 

Printers, Book and Job 209 

Printers, Copperplate 210 

Printers' Ink, Dealers 210 

Printing Cloths 210 

Probate Cotuts 288 


Produce Dealers 210 Silver and Brass Platers 228 

Provision Dealers 181, 211iSilversmitlis .22& 

Prussian Blue 270 ] Soap and Candles 22& 

Publications, Agents for 214 Soap Stone .Sa^ 

Public Ilonse Keepers 2H Soda Manufuctiuers 22J> 

Public Schools 291ISota, Couch, and Chiiir Manuf... 230 

Publishers G2 Spindle Manufacturers. 230 

Pulpit Builders 2ti7 j Splint Manufacturers 267 

Pump and Block M;snuf. 268, 221 

Pump Manufactturers 221 

Railroads 291 

Rake Manufacturers 221 

Bet'd and Harness Manuf. 222 

Reflective furnaces 267 

Refrigerators 269 

BesUiuraiits 222, 268 

Bestoratives of Oil Paintings,. . .267 

Riggers 223 

Rivets ..270 

Boiling Milk 223 

Rope ALanuf. 223, 267 

Rule, Rod an^ Scale Makers 269, 270 

Saddlery Hardware 223 

Sail Makers. 223 

Salamander Safes 224 

Salajratus Manuf 267 

Salt Stores 224 

Sailors' Belts 27(> 

Saw Manufacturers 224 

Saw Wrench Manuf 271 

Scales ;ind Balances 224 

Schools and Academies 270 

Screws 271 

Sculptors 224 

Sy the Manuf, 225 

Sythe Snath Manuf. 225 

Sythe Stone Manuf. 225 

Seal Engravers 225 

Seed Stores 225 

Seraphines 188, 267 

Settee Minuf, 267 

Sewing Silk Manuf 225 

Sheet Iron Workers 241 

Sheet Lead 171 

Sherifis and their Deputies 225 

Ship Bread 227 

Ship Builders 227 

Ship Chandlers 227 

Shipsmiths 228 

Shoe Manuf. 69 

Shoe Pegs, Manuf. f&ia 

Shoe Tools, Manuf 228, 267 

Shoe Varnish 267 

Shovel and Spade Manuf. 228 

Shower Bath Manufacturers ^28 

Shuttle Manufacturers 228 

Silk Manufacturers 269 

Spring Makers 

Stair Builders 230 

Starch Dealers 230 

Starch Factories 230 

State Government 285 

State Lunatic Asylums 291 

State Prison 291 

Stationers 62 

Steam Boilers, Manufacturers. ..208 

Steam Coeks 271 

Steel and Iron Dealers 163. 

Steel Pens 271 

Steering Apparattis 268 

Stencil Cutting 231 

Stocking Weavers 269, 271 

Stone Cutters and Dealers 231 

Stone Ware Manufacturers 231 

Stoves and Grates, Manuf. 231 

Straw Cutters, Manufacturers.. 232 

Stucco Workers 232, 267 

Sugar Refiners 232 

Surgical Instruments 163, 2^ 

Suspender Buckles 271 

Tacks and Brads 232 

Tailors 232 

Tailors and Drapers 234 

Tailors' Shears 26a 

Tanners and Curriers 238 

Taxidermists 268 

Tea Dealers 240, 263 

Telescope Manufacturers 241 

Ten Pin Balls 268 

Theological Schools 27^ 

Thread and Harness Twine ....268 

Thread and Yarn 241 

Tin, Cop. & Sheet Iron Workers. 241 

Tobacconists 243 

Travelling Apparatus 268 

Truckmen 244 

Truss Manufacturers 244 

Tubs, Manufacturers 180 

Tuner of Pianos 268 

Turners 244 

Twine Manufacturers 244, 269 

Type and Stereotype 245 

Upholsterers 245 

Varnish Manuf, 345, 268 

Varnishing and Polishing 268 


•*ntilarors 268 | 

Tice Makers 268 

Wa?on Shifts 271 1 

Walfcn? Canes 271 i 

Washing Machines 271 ; 

Watches and Jewelry 245 ' 

Wateh Glass Manufactor/ 268 I 

Watch Tools 297 t 

Water Cure Establishments 247 | 

Water Wheels 271 1 

Westboro' Milk Co 268 [ 

West India Goods and Groceries. 248 j 

Whalebone Manufactory 268 

Wharfingers 262 

Wheehvr'ts & Carriage Mf..262 271 1 

Whip Mannfacturers 289 

White Lead Manufacturers 171 

Window Glass 263 

Wines and Liquors 163. 173 

Wire Workers 263 

Wood Dealers 107 

Wooden Ware 263, 268 

Wood Turners 245 

Wool Dealers 263 

Woollen Goods Mf. (see Statist's) 264 
Working Glens' Union Stores . . .268 

Worsted and Patterns 264 

Wrenches 271 

Wrought Brass Ferrules 271 

Wrought Iron Tiabes 260 




Accountants and Copyists. 

Chalwill, Geo. M. 25 Doane st 

Comer, G. N. 139 Washington st 
Jerauld & Rand, 148 Court st 
Laughlin, Geo. 6 Devonshire st 
Leavitt, T. H. 15 State st 
Benajah, T. Leonard, Wareham. 

Agricoltural Strares. 

Breck, Jos. & Co. 60 & 52 North 

Market street Boston. 

Hovey & Co. 7 Merchants' Row- 
Parker & White, 10- Gerrish Block, 

Blackstone street 
Prouty, Da-rid & Co^ 19 N- Market 

Ruggles, Nourse, Masott & Co. 

QuincT Hall, S. Market street 
Elliott, William, Greenfield. 

Reed, S. & Co. Pittsfield. 

Pafsons & Dickenson, under the 

Town HaM, Springfield. 

Conyerse, Otis, 220 Main st 

Foster, C. & Fox, 206 Main st 
Billing, Aaron, 10 & 16 Front st 

Anclior Manufacturers. 

Hanover Forge Co. Hanover. 

Curtis, George, do 

Stetson, Cobb & Co. do 

Holmes, Sturtevant & Co. 



Dyer, Nathaniel L. S. Mington. 
Richardson, David. <Si. Adams. 

Burlingame & Bradford 

North Adams. 
Norman, E. 

Nayson, Jonathan, Ameshiry. 

Fitch, Newton, Amherst. 

Kiuckley, 0^ Barnsiabk. 

Almy, A. J. Court st c. Howarcl 

Almy. Sylvester, Tremont st cor. 

Appleby, , Central sq E. B. 

Atwood, Charies H. Green st cor. 

Bartlett. James, 211 Ann at 
Bartlett, J. T. 60 Salem st 
Betts, T. W. North sq. 
Blasland, T. Broadway cor. D st 
Boyden, A. Hancock st c. Myrtle 
Boyden, M. N. Suffolk st c. Dover 
Brady, F. A. Purchase street cor- 

Brown, Frederick, 68 Washing- 
ton street 
Brown, John J. & Son 425 do 
Brown, J. T. 292 do 

Brown, William, 481 do 

Bruce, Robert, 18 Kingston st 
Burnett, Joseph, 33 Tremont Row 
Call. C.H. 1 Bowdoin sq 
Colton, Geo. Cambridge, st cor. 

Cutter, A. E. 400 Washington st 
Creasy, C.P. Myrtle st c. Belknap 
Dadd, George, 1 Holmes' Block 
Dingley, Wm. H. & Co. Hanove» 

street cor. Union 
Evans, J. Maverick sq E. B^ 
Evans, Jonas, Purchase st c. PearJ 
Fales, J. J. MftTerick sq 
Farrington, Thomas, 1 Tremont 

Ferguson, Robert, 348 Washing- 
ton street 
Folsom & Melzar, Suffolk st cori 

Fowle, H. D. 33 Prince st 
Fowle, S. N. 138 Washington gt 
Fowler, G. W. 31 Essex st 
French, Charles, opp. HanoTCi 

and Tileston st 
Fuller, D. D. Hudson st e. Knee- 
Geyer, Andrew, Lowell st Cor. 

Gleeson, M. H. Federal st cor- 



Goodhue, S. W. Broadway, cor. 

E street 
Gordon, James, 103 Leveret st 
Greene, Chas. G. 667 Washing- 
ton street 
Harding, Jesse, 70 Federal st 
Henchman, D. 41 Cambridge st 
Hinckley. G. 60 Salem st 
Holden, E. S. Lewis st cor Maver- 
HoUis, Thomas 30 Union st 
Howard, N. B st near Broadway, 

and 91 Broad street 
Howard, Wm. P. Hanover st cor. 

Kenney, John, Beach st near Sea 
Kidder, James Jr. Maverick sq 

E. B. 
Kidder, Joseph, 1 Derby Range 
Leatherbee, James W. Jr. 69 

Pleasant street 
Lincoln, H. W. 631 Washington st 
Little, Wm. B. & Co. 104 Hanover 

Littlefield, A. 10 & 11 U. S. Hotel 
McGowan, D. Turnpike c. Broad- 
Mead, Charles, Turnpike c. 4th st 
Melzer, A. P. Suffolk st cor Canton 
Miller, E. F. & W. D. Haymarket 

Mitchell, Geo, H. 579 Washing- 
ton street 
Mizner. T. C. Harrison av c. Pearl 

Oakes, Thomas F. 17 Portland st 
Parmenter, G. W. 178 Hanover st 
Philbrich, & Trafton, 160 Wash- 
ington street 
Phillips, W. F. & Co. Charles st 

cor. Chesnut 
Powers, John P. 7 Channing st 
Restieaux, Thos. 13-2 Hanover st 
Ricker. Geo. D. 142 Salem st 
Rowland. D. S. 188 Washington st 
Sharkley, J. P. Broad st cor. Fur- 
Sinsheimer, S. & A. 617 Washing- 
ton street 
Smalley. Elijah, 87 Pleasant st 
Smith & Melvin, 326 Washington 

Souther, E. Green st cor. Lyman 

Southwick & Winslow, 85 Tre- 
mont street 

Elevens. J. 73 Merrimac, and 3 
. asseway street 

Spring. John. 100 Sea st 
Teal. T. G. 91 Broad st 
! Thayer. S. S. 1 Revere House 
' Tilestnn, W. M. & Co. 462 Wash- 
ington street 
Tompkins. Orlando, 371 do 

Turner, T. D. 63 Cambridge st 
' Upham. W. B. Summer st cor. 

W^adsworth, S. Union st cor. Han- 
Wakefield, H. D. 733 Washington 

Ware, Wm.H. 95 Cambridge st 
1 AVhipple. J. T. Harrison av cor. 
! Curve street 

White & Ferguson, 348 Washing- 
ton street 
White, Joseph F. Hanover st cor. 

White. J. Jr. Leveret st cor- 

Whitwell, J. G. Trcmont st cor. 

Wilbur, A. B. 156 Court st 
Wilbur, A. G. 613 Washington st 
Wilbur, Joshua G. 89 Cambridge 

Wilson, George 155 Ann st 
Wilson^ J. W. Broadway near 

Dorchester street 
Wright, T. S. South st cor. Essex 
Wright. Wm. R. 84 Endicott st 
Warren, William, Brighton. . 

Shattuck, Rufus, JE. Cambridge. 
Mead, Jacob 
Gray, E. L. 
Kinsley, Eli C. 

Thayer, Henry, Camhridgepm-t. 
Orne, C. H. & J. S. 
Studley, Joseph 

Ramsay, A. H. & Co. Cambridge. 
Kittell & Co 15,1 Main st 

Kidder, Samuel & Co 71 Main st 
Hovey. William, 205 do 

Crafts, Elias, Jr. 154 do 

Walker, Joseph C. 39 Chelsea st 
Gage. S. M. & Co. 7 Elm st 
Taylor, T. H. Exchange st 

Procter, Sylvester, Main st 

Shed. Joseph, Main st 
! Pope, Horatio G. New Mills 

I Dixon, George, 
i Atkinson, Josiah, Nepons 
' Dorchetter 



Hill Aaron M. East Douglass, i 

Parker, J. M. G. CentralvUle 1 

Dracutt. ■ 

Richmond, H. J. Main st i 

Fair Haven. I 

Anthony, J. M. Main st | 

Full River. | 

Lane, J. B, Fitchbury. 

Hunnewell, E. 85 Front st 


Reynolds, Joseph 

House, B. J. & J. U. 

Great Barringlon. 

Whitney, F. T. 

Reed & Seymour, Greenfield. 

Howland, R. 

Hovy, Daniel 

Nichols, Moses, Haverhill 

Thayer, Ebenezer 

Nichols! J. R. 

Sutton, Eben. IpSwich 

Mason, Geo. R. Lawrence. 

Smith, Horatio I 

Wilson. Nathaniel 

Sargent. S. & Son 

Hooker, Fayette 

Wonhingto'n. Robert, Lenox. 

Manchester, J. S. 13d Central st 

Tower, Lewis N. 79 Central st 

Ayer. J. C. 84 do 

Carleton & Hovey, Merrimac st 

Maj nard, J. 192 do 

Scribner, J. W. Merrimac st cor. 

Hilliard. E. M. Merrimac st 

Kidder, Samuel, Jr. Merrimac st 
cor. John 

Lincoln & Guild, Merrimac st cor. 

Allen, Curtis, L. Davinson's Bl'k 

Webster, Wm. W. Middlesex st 

Soule, Samuel, 1 Exchange Build- \ 
ings Lynn. 

Proctor & Rhoades, S. Common st 

Holder, A. L. Washington sq 

Ambler, James B, Orange st cor. 

Ladd, Wm. M. 2 Sagamore Build- 

Cox, Wm. W. N. Maiden. 

Arnold, Edward, Murblthead. 

Evans & Hastings 

Anger, Luther, Medford. 

Shaw, J. B. & Co. Middlebormifih. 

Swift, D. M. AM'un 

Ho'ive, Joseph T. Natitk. 

Otis, Thomas, New Bedford. 

HuKter & Thornton 
Giflbrd, Albert 
Thornton, J. R. & E. Jr. 
Colby & Clark 
Clark, W. F. & Co. 
Gerrish, William L. 
Caldwell, W. P. S. 
Potter, Warren B. 
Hodge, Chas, Newburyport. 

Caldwell, Wm. W. 
Jones. Anthony S. 
Feulon, Wm. F. Newton. 

Willy er & Wood, Northampton. 
Cole J. S. Pittsfield. 

Merrill, S. H. Randolph. 

Cordwell, G. B. 100 Washington st 
Centre, Geo. J. P. Jamaica Plain. 
Marsh, Chaas. 55 & 57 Washing. 

ton street 
Thayer. F. W. 4 Guild's Building 
Williams, A. Tremont st near P^ug 
Wliite. H. Washington st opposite 

Norfolk House 
Barton, Gardener, 6 Franklin p 

Pratt, H. J. 141 Essex st 
Webb, Wm. 54 do 
Emerton, James. 123 & 256 do 
Farington, Geo. P. 35 do 
Putnam. Geo. 304 do 
Brown. B. F. 226 do 

Story. Chas. 9 Washington st 
Berry, N. A. 5 Central st 
Stone, Jas. Jr. 31 Lafayette pi 
Harris, N. B. 

Hartwell, S. & S. C. Southbridge. 
Shepperd, T. B. 

South Hadley Falls. 
Judd, J. W. Southumplon. 

Boutecon & Thayer, :Mainbt 

« Springfield 

Segur, G. C. Main st 
Brewer, H. & J. do 
Bigelow &. Co. do 
Bunker, H. L. State st 
Hawkins, B. H. & Co. do 
Bliss. B. K.7 Rust's Buildings 
Stebbins, E. C. Union House 
Woodward (2nd) Jas. 10 Mainst 

Bradbury, C. C. Weir Bridge. 

Uunbar, S. O. 

Badger, W. A. Main so Waltham. 
Brackenridge, W. S. IVeare. 

llo-ker, Wm. Westfield 

White. A. S. Weymouth. 

Robinson T. S. & Co. Williamstoum. 



Green, M. B. 200 Maia st 

Worcester. ; 
Coe, N. D. 225 do i 

Green. James & Co. 117 do i 

Coe, Wm. 115 do 

Harrington, C. A, & Co. 60 do I 
White, S. C. 24 Washington sq i 
Scott, D. Jr. & Co. 201 Main st \ 


Bailey, Edwin, Webster st I 

JE, Boston. ' 
Billings, H. Ill Tremont Row j 
Boston. : 
Billings, J. E. Hi do 
Bond & Parker. SuSblk Building 
Briggs, Luther, Jr. 4 Court st 
Bryant, David. 45 Hudson st 
Bryant. G. J. F. 4 Court st ] 

Bugbee. S. C. 2 Joy's Buildings 
Cabot. E. C. 19 Tremont Row 
Dexter, Geo, xM.lli do 
Gilman, A. 19 do 

Graves, Harvey, U Joy's Build- 
ings j 
Gray, Geo. W. 46 Court st ! 
Hall, Chas. 11^^ Tremont Row j 
Hall, John R. Hi do 
Lemolmer, Jas. 2l Court sq j 
Jenkins, Jos. Franklin sq i 
Nelvin & Young, 5 Congress st | 
rarker, C. E. 6 Devonshire st I 
Parris, A, 50 Massachusetts Block 
Preston, J. 6 Joy's Building 
Roath, Chas. 23 Joy's Building 
SparreL Wm. 4 State st 
Sullivan, Daniel, 30 School st 
Thorndike, John H. 29 Edinbor- \ 

ough street 
Towie, J. D. 11 Joy's Buildings ! 
Washburn & Alexander 7 Ex- 
change av 
Yoelckers, T. 12 Massachusetts 

Wheeiock, M. G. 11^ Tremont j 
Row I 

Young, A. B. Bulfinch st c. Court 
Coffin, F. J. Newburyport. 

Bond, Richard, Lambert av 


Hail, Charles G. 12 Centre st | 

Boyden & Joy, 20 Central Ex- ' 

change Worcester, j 

Artificial Flotvers. 

Newell W. & Co, 63 Kilby st 


Mann, J. Tremont Row \ 

Partridge, A 298 Washington st 1 

Artists' Materials. ' 

Adams, J. J. 90 Washington st 

Hrllis & Wheeler, 59 Union st 
Stearns, Oliver, (manufacturer) 

9 Armory Hall 
Whipple, M. J. 35 Cornhill £t 

Attorneys and Counsellors 
at LiaM^. 

Whitman, J. South Abingdon 

Hobert, Benjamin 

Bowerman, S. W. South Adams. 

Sales, F. A. 

Bliss, H. J. 

Robinson, T. & Sons N. Adams, 

Duncan, O. C B. 

Thayer. D. C. 

Dawes, HL. 

Dickenson & Bowdoin, Amherst. 

Boyden, J. W. 

Conkey, J. F. 

Boltwood, L. 

Stevens, Wm. North Andover. 

Field, Charles Athol^ 

Stevens, isaac 

Marston N. Marton Mills 


Marston, Geo. 

Lee, Z. 

Bryant, W. A. Barre. 

Brimblecom, Charles 

Bryant, N. F. & P. E. Aldrich. 

Lawrence, M. Belchertown. 

Doolittle, Mark 

Stevens, Thomas, Beverly 

Preston, Marshall, BUlerica. 

Todd, P. R. BlackstoTie. 

Abbott & Chase, 31 Court, Boston. 

Adams, Chas. F. 23 do 

Adams, GJeo. W. 8 Court sq 

Adams, John C. 23 Court st 

Allen, C. E. 18 Massachusetts Bl'k 

Allen, E.H. 4 Court st 

Allen, F. H. 31 do 

Allen, M. B. 42 Massachusetts Bl'k 

Ames Isaac, 20 Court st 

Andrews, F. L. 32 Massachusetts 

Ames, J. W. 26 Old State House 

Apthorp, Robt. E. 18 Joy's Build- 

Aspinwall, William, 46 Washing- 
ton street 



Atkinson. J, 35 Court st. Boston. 
Atwood, ClIa!l^•s. 3y Court st. 
Austin, Arthur W. 10 do 
Austin, Elbridce G. 19 do 
Austin, H. D, 10 do 

Austin & Young, Gray's Building, 30 

Court St. 
Aylvvin, Wm. C. 19 Court st. 
Baldwin, F. Eugene, 9 Court Square 
B:.llard, J. M. 9 Stalest. 
Bcincroft, Geo. 7 Court Square 
Biriies, Isaac O. 1 Coiirt House 
Barrett, J. F. 46 VV;»shiaglon st. 
Barstovv, Simoa F. 36 Massachusetts 

Eartlett, F. K. 18 Massachusetts 

Bartlett, Sidney. 16 Court st 
B irrett, Jan)es, 20 do 

Basse tt. Elisha. 12 Court House 
Beck, George F. 1 Story Place and 5 

Congress st. 
Bell, Joseph, 22 Old State House 
Bell. Josei)h M. 22 do 

Beniis, George, 5 Court st. 
Benjamin. .I;iiiies, 39 do 
Beiijiiniin&iMinot, 39 do 
Bettou, Geo. E. 31 do 
Betton,N.C. 31 do 

Bigelow, E. M. 10 do 
Bigelow. S. C. 27 Stale st 
Binney, Wm. C. 19 Court st 
Bishop, Joel P. 10 do 

BlMke, Edward, 39 do 

Boit, Edward D. 18 do 

Belles, John A. 10 do 

Boutell, Lewis H. 47 do 
Bowditch, Nathaniel I. 60 State st 
Bowditch W. I. 8 R. R. Exchange 
Bradley, J. H. 19 Court st. 
Burlingame, Ansnn. 18 O. St. House 
Brigham, Wm. 35 Court st. 
Brinley, Francis, 13 Massachu-^ett.> 

Brooks, Bei)j. F. 27 Stiite st 
Brooks, Edward, 10 Court st. 
Brooks. Fraiicis A. 22 Suite st. 
Brooks, Frmcis B. 10 Court st. 
Browne, George M. 10 Uld State 

Browne, John W. 19 Court-st. 
Buck, Edward, 11 do 

Bulriiich, Geo. S. 5 do 

Burbank, Robert I. 46 Court st., cor. 

of Tremont 
Butler, Benj: min, 20 Court st. 
Carpenter, D. M. H. 4 do 
Chace, William M. 27 State st. 
Chandler &, Andrew, 4 Court st. 

: Chandler, L. H. 17 State st. Boston. 

i Chandler, Peleg VV. 4 Court st. 

! Chapman, O. G. 17 State st. 

I Chase, Marshall S. 31 Court st. 
Cheever, Tracy P. 39 do 

Choate, Fred. W. 23 do 

'i Choate, Rulus, 4 Court street 

j Churchill, J. McKean, 1 Devonshire 

I street 

i Clarke, J. J. & M. S. 27 State street 

ICodman, Henry, 4()St;ite street 
Codmaa, Robert, 4(ni;ourt street 

iCodman, John, 4 do do 

j Cooke, Benj. F. 19 Massachu.sttts 

I Block 

i Cooke, Josiah P. 9 State street 
Cooley, Geo. W. 20 Court street 
Crafts, Wm. A. 27 State street 
Crockett, George K., 30 Court street 
Crowinshield, F. B. 4 do do 
Cummings, Cyrus, 20 do do 
Curtis, Benjamin R. 16 do do 
Curtis, Charles P. 16 do do 
Curtis, Charles P.. Jr. 16 do do 
Curtis, George T. 19 do do 

Cushing, Abel, 9 Joy's Building 
Cushing, A. L. 51 C( urt street 
Cushing, II. L. 9 Joy's Building 
Cu-hing, Lutfur S., Gray's Buildisig, 

30 Court street 
Cutler, Joseph, 47 Court street 
Dame, Abraham A. 9 State street 
Dana, Edward A. 19 Court street 
Dana, Richard U., Jr., 30 Court street 
Dana &, Colib, State street, 

Davis, A. B. 1 Massachusetts Block 
Davis, Charles G. 7 Court Square 
Davis, H. T. 19 Court street 
Davis, John Walton, 1 Devonshire 

i street 

I Day, J. M. 14 Massachusetts Block 

j Dehoii, Wm. 39 Cc.urt street 
Denton, \\ni.P. 51 do 
Derby &, Fuller, 1 Devonshire street 
Dtxter, Edward, 9 Court Square 

I Dexter, I-'ranklin, 9 do do 

i D.xter, Them; s A. 28 State street 

I Dickinson, F. W. 7 Court Square 
iJimon, Oliver, 35 Ci;urt street 
Dodge, John C. 39 State street 
Dorr, Win. B., Turnpike, cor. Fourth 

Dow & Prince, Gray's Building, 30 

Court street 
Draper, Moses, 1 Franklin Avenue 
Dudley, Elbridge G. 20 Court street 
Dustin, D. H. 51 Court street 
Eastmyu, W. 11. 21 Court Square 


E imes, Ithamar B. 15 Massachusetts 
Bl'ick Boston. 

Edwards, Newton, 20 Court street 
Elian, James, 19 Old Stnte House 
Eldridge, J. S. 35 Court street 
Eldridge, S ;inuM, 35 do 
Ellis, Charles M. 21 Old State House 
Ely, A. B. 16 Court street 
English, J. L. 9 Court Square 
Fabens, Francis A. 39 Court street 
Farnham, Horace P. 35 do 
Farrar, Timothy, 99 Stnte street 
Farrar, Wm. H.' 20 Court street 
Field, Ju-itin, 9 Stite street 
1* iske, Augu^tu- H. 5 Court street 
Fletcher, Richard, 46 Washington 

French, J. J., 1 Story Place and 5 

Congress street 
Fuller, H. H. & R. F. 6 State street 
Cale, Luc'n. 17 Massachusetts Block 
Gardiner, Wm. H 9 Court Square 
Gilchrist, D. S. 15 Massachusetts 

Giles, Alfred E, 46 Washington st. 
Giles, Joel, 4 Court street 
Gleason, Horace, 9 State street 
Goldsbury, John. 8 Railroad Exch. 
Gooch, Daniel W. 14 Massachusetts 

Goodrich & Crockett, 30 Court st, 
Gorhani, B. 19 Court street 
Gray, Willi in, Gray's Building, 30 

Court street 
Greenleaf, Simon, 4 Court street 
Greenough. D. S. 23 do 
Green, O. H. P. 46 Washington st. 
Gregg, W. P. City Hall 
Griggs, George, 4 Court street 
Griswold, A. W. 12 Massachusetts 

Guernsey, L. B. 37 Massachusetts 

Guild, Benj. 4 Court street 
Guild, Geo. D. 40 Washiigton street 
Guild, S:innF'l E. 4 Court street 
Hall, Franklin, 39 State street 
Hall & Bigeksvv, State street, corner 

Hall. Thomas B. 30 Court street 
Hallett, B. F. 20 Court street 
Hancock, Charles L. 10 Court-street 
Harlow, T. S, 16 M issachusetts Bl'k 
Harrington, Geo. F. 5 Court street 
Harrington, Jo-eph, 9 State street 
Haskell, Benjimin, J Massachusetts 

Hayes & Washburn, 1 Devonshire 
street i 

Hazelton, H. L. 1 Devon, st. Boston 
Head, Edward F., Gray's Building. 

30 Court street 
Healy, J, P., Court-st. cor. Tremont 
HillHrd, George S. 4 Court street 
Hilliard, Wm. 10 do do 

Hinds, C. P. 46 Court street, comer 

Hodges, Edward F. 46 Washington 

Holmes, J. S. 46 Washington street 
Homer & Minot, 4 Court street 
Howes, W. B., Gray's Building, 30 

Court street 
Hubbard, Gardiner G, 22 State street 
Hubbard, Nathaniel D. 4 Court street 
Hubbard, Win. J., Gray's Building, 

30 Court street 
Hutchins, Horace G. 5 Court Square 
Hutchins & Wheeler, 20 Court st. 
Ingersoll, Charles. 31 do 

Jackson, A., Jr., 47 do 

Jackson, John G. 47 do 

James, John W. 10 do 

Jennison, Samuel, Jr., 27 State st. 
Jewell, Harvey, 20 Court street 
Keith, J. M. 20 do do 

Kettelle, Jacob Q. 9 State street 
Kimball & Dickinson, 7 Court Sq. 
Kent, George, 4 Court street 
King, J. G., Brazer's Building, 27 

St ite street 
Larrabee, C. W. 30 Massachusetts 

Leland, S. 31 Court street 
Eeliind, W. S. 31 do 
Levery, J. T. 39 Massachusetts Bl'k 
List, Charles, 46 Washington street 
Lord, Jos. L. & H. C. 1 1-2 Massa- 

cliusetts Block 
Loring, Caleb W. 39 Court street 
Loring, Charles G. 39 do 

Lori.ig, Edward G. 16 do 

Loring, Ellis G., Brazer's Building, 

27 State street 
Loring, Frai.cis C. 39 Court street 
Lorii'.g, John A. 35 do 

Lovell, Michael, 9 State street 
Lovis, F. A. cor. Fourth street and 

Low, Ob'd B. 30 Court street 
Lowell, John, 40 State street 
Luiit, George, 4 Court street 
Lynde, A. V. 1 Devonshire st 
Miiine, S. C, State street, corner De- 
Marcy, James W.. Niles' Building 
iSlason, David H. 20 Court st. 
Mason, G. M. 46 Mass. Block 



Mn^on, Lvman, 20 Conrt st. Boston. 
Mayo, Charles, :20 do 

McArthur, A. 24 Railroad Exchange 
McCleary, Samuel F.. Jr. 10 C\.urt st. 
Merrill, A. & A. B. 10 do 

Merrill, J.C. (Judge Pulice Court,) 39 

Court street 
Miller, Thompson, 1 Fruiklin Av. 
Minns, George W. 11 Court ^^t. 
Minot. William. 39 do 

Minot, Wni., Jr.39 do 

Montgomerj^ Hugh, Turnpike near 

4th street 
Moore, Abram, 11 Court Pq. 
Moore, E. N. 11 do 

Morgan, David, 3 Sumner street 

East Boston, 
Morrell, Edward, 19 Court street 

Morris, Robert, Jr. 27 St !te st. 
Morse, Nathan, 10 Ci urt st. 
Morton, Marcus, Jr. 4 do 
Nash, S. G. 20 do 

Nicholson, A. A. 37 M is«. Block 
Nickerson, Sereno D. 21 Court Sq. 
Nichols, B. W. 28 Mass. Block 
Noyes, Georae F. 35 Court st. 
Nutter, C. C. 10 do 

Oliver, Andrew. 16 do 

Oliver, Peter, 16 do 

Osgood, I. P. 5 do 

Otis, Edward B. 9 State street 
Otis, Theodore, 4 dt) 

Palmer, George H. 51 Court street 
Park, J. C. 51 do 

Parker, Aurelius D. 20 do 

Parker, Charles Heiiry, 16 do 
Parker, Francis Edward, 30 do 
Parker, J. 46 Washini-tnn st. 
Parker, Henry M. 46 Washington st. 

Codman's Building. 
Parker. Henry T. 30 Ci urt street 
Parker, S. D, (County Attorney,) 16 

Court street 
Parmenter, Wm. E. 26 Ma. s. Block 
Parsons, Theophilus, 4 Court st. 
Peabody, A, 46 Court street, corner 

Peabody, O. G. 46 do do 

Pierce, R. N. 35 Court street 
Perkins, H. N. 20 do 
Perkins, J. L. 35 do 
Phillips, G. T. 11 do 
Phillips, Geo. VV. 9 Court Square 
Phillips, S. H. 27 Mass. Block 
Phillips, Wendell. 11 Court >trppt 
Pickering, Edward. 60 State street 
Pickering, John, 48 do 

Pinkerton, John M. 1 Devonshire st 

Plimpton, S. F. 5 Court st. Busion. 
Pond, Beiij. 35 do 

Pope, Thomas B. 16 do 
Potter, O. B. 32 Mas<. Block 
Prince. F. O. 30 Court street, Graj 's 

Prince, J. Hardy, 9 Ccurt Sq. 
Putnam, Join: Phelps, 19 C. urt si. 
Quincy, J., Jr. 16 Brazer's Buildi g 
Rand. Benj., 5 Court st. 
Rand Edward S., Gray's Building, JO 

Court street 
Ranuey, Ambrose A. 11 Court st. 
RarUiul. Woodbury &c Upham, 20 

Mass. Block 
Rice. Ceo. Edward, Gray's Block, 30 

C(,urt street 
Richard -OM & Hinds, 46 Court st. 
Ritchie, H. 19 Court street 
Richardson, Win. 1 Devonshire st. 
Riley, P;strick, I Court H{ use 
Ripley, C. G. 9 Court Sq. 
Robb, J. B. 24 RailroHd E.xchange 
Robins, Richard, 27 State st. 
Robinson, Geo. M. 19 Court st. 
Robinson, S. W. 18 .Mass. Block 
Roelker, Bernard. 39 Court street 
Rogers, Henr^- B. 39 do do 
Rogers. J. tiray, 19 Court street (.Jus- 
tices' Court) 
Rogers, Wm. 4 Court street 
Russell, Charles Theodore &. T. [I. 

& Bigelow, 23 and 30 Brazer's 

Rus-ell, J. D. 5 Court street 
Ru-sell. Wm. G. 35 do 
Sanger & Philli|)s, 27 Mass. Block 
Sargent, Honce B. 44 do do 
Sargent, H. J., Joy's Building 
Sargent, Lucius M. 40 State street 
Sawyer, Bei j. F. 9 Court Sq. 
Sawyer and Farrar, 20 Cou. t street 
Scudder, Henry .V. 1 Devonshire st. 
Searle, Geo. W. 21 Mass. Bhjck 
Sevvall, Samuel E.46 Washington st, 
Sheppard, John H. 20 Court st. 
Shipley. Horatio, 21 Court Sq. 
Simmons, Chas. F., Barker's Buihl- 

ing. South Boston. 

Simmons, D. A. 20 Court st. Boston. 
Small, E. & G. A. 20 do do 
Smith, H. E. 10 do do 

Smith, Henry Whiles, 22 Ola Smte 

Sohier & Lovell, 40 State street 
Sohier, Wiu. D. & Wm. 40 State st 
Sohier & Welch, 19 Court vt, 
Sparhawk. G. 4 do 

Spoouer, Allen C. 23 do 



Stanton & Smith, 10 Court st.^oston. 
Story, Isaac, Jr. 10 do 
Story, jHCob, Jr. 19 Old State House 
Strong, W. C. 20 Court street 
Sumner, Bradford, 20 do 
Sumner, Charles, 4 do 
Tisker, J. T. 21 Court Sq. 
Thomas, C. G. 20 Court st. 
Thonidike, Larkin, Sumner, near 

Havre East Boston. 

Thorndike, J. W. 20 Court ^t Boston. 
Tilton, Warren, 46 do 

Tohnan, T. City Build. 21 Court Sq. 
Upham, F. \V. 20 Mass. Bl,)ck 
Walsh, W. J. 37 Court Sq. 
Ward, Samuel D. 10 Court st. 
Ware, Henry, 21 Court S.i. 
Warren, Henry. 11 Court -t. 
Washburn, A. C. 1 Devonshire st. 
Washbiun, Fred. L. 30 Mass. Block. 
Washburn, W. R. P. 21 Court Sq. 
Wason, Milton. 20 Court st. 
Watts, F. O., Gray's Building, 30 

Court street 
Webster, Daniel, Court cor. Tremont 

Webster, F., Court cor. Tremont st. 
Welch, J. W. 5 Mass. Block 
Wellington, Hiram, 10 Court st. 
West, A. L. 47 do 

V\'heelock, P. S. 35 do 

White, Jonathan, 47 do 
Whiting, Wm. 35 do 

Whitman, Geo. H. 9 State street 
Whitman, Wm. H., Gray's Building, 

30 Court street. 
Willard, Joseph, 20 Court st. 
Willev & Hutchins 5 C, urt Sq. 
Williams, J. M. & J. O. 30 Court st. 
Willis, Horatio M., Registry Probate 

Wilmot, Geo. D. 20 Court st. 
Winthrop, R. C. 11 do 
Withington, O. W. 35 do 
Wood, W. H. 35 do 

Woodbury, C. L. 20 Mass. Block 
Woodman, Horatio, 2ti Railroad Ex. 
Litham, Wm. Brid^ewater. 

Grigg, Geo. Brookline. 

Marrett, L. East Canibridffe. 

Buttuck, Ephraim 
Lidd. J. S. 

Sawyer, Franklin Cambridg-eport. 
Ciiamberlain & Jacobs 
Livennore, G. W. 

Whitney, B. W. Cambridge. 

Noyes, Sam. B. Canton. 

Ames, Ellis 
Porter, E. H. Ckariemont. 

D ma & Cobb, Main st. Charlestown. 

Willard, Paul 

Warren & Farrar, (G. W. Warren— 
Geo. F. Farrar,) 5 Chelse-a sU 

Sawyer, Wm. 3 Chelsea st. 

Austin, Arthur W. 

Allen, M. B., M lin st. 

An -tin, Henry D. 

Wulcott, John C. Cheshire. 

Fillev, H. D. Chester Factory. 

Baiicrol't, D. Ckegterfield. 

Boies, R. P. Chicopee Falls. 

Wells, John, 7 Merchants' Row A 

Chicopee. % 

Walker, Georre 

Lidd, Chas. R. 

Lanf'air, Wm. Coleraine. 

Drury, John 

Brooks, Geo. M. Concord. 

Hoar, E. Rockwood* 

Brooks, Nathan 

Keyes, John S. 

Clark, Albert Conway. 

Bennett, Chas. F. JJalton. 

Northend, Wm. D., Allen's Block 


Abbott, Alfred .K., Main st. 

Proctor, J. W., Washington st. 

King, John, Centre st. Dedham. 

Riciiardson, J. 

Wilkin.son, E. 

Cleveland, J. 

Arms, Pliny Deerfidd. ■ 

Churchill, A<eph Dorchester. 

Loud, Samuel 

Hoberts, A. East Bridgeicater. 

Young, Welcome 

Thaxter, Leavitt Edgartown. 

Clark, E. Enfirtd. 

Ford, James, ] and 2 Pocassett Build 
ing Fall River. 

Towle, G. W., Section G, Granite 

B.ttelle & Williams, Letter A, Gra- 
nite Block 

Lapham, L. 13 Pocussett Building 

Perkins, Daniel, corner of Main and 
Bedford st<. 

Lindsey, John do do 

Alden, Cyrus do do 

Holmes & Andros, Section £ Gra- 
nite Block 

Whitney &l Norcross Fitchbwg. 

Torrey & Wood 

Mason, Charles 

Ware, T. K. 

Tr lin & Estey Framing-ham. 

Ad >m>, Josiali 

Saow, C. H. B. Gardner 



Nash, Lanson, Front st. Gloucester. 

Cooly, James Granville. 

Emerson, Chas. N. Gt. Harrington. 

Davis, Devens &. Dtivi.s Greenfietd. 

Grennell & Aiken 

Griswold, Whit.iey 

Brainard, Alnion 

Alvord, D. W. 

Newcomb, H. G. 

Newcomb, Richard E. 

Marcy, Laban Greenwich. 

FiirUy, LJeorge F. Orotun. 

Russell, Bradford 

Marsh, John J. Harerhill. 

Tagftart, William 

Dunham, J niies 11. 

Prittredge, Alfred 

Minot, Stephen 

Lincoln, !?. Hingham. 

Smith, N. .1. 

Bullard, E. Hullistun. 

Swan, Si.muel Hubbardstun. 

Haskell, George Ipswich. 

Dame, John T. Lancaster. 

Withington, G. R. M. 

Stevens, Chas. G., Glii tonville 

Filley, Wm. T. iMiiesboroufrh. 

Weed, Daniel Lawrence. 

Newton. C. G. 

Wright, Thomas 

Saumlers, Dai iel, Jr. 

Boardman, B<-; j;imin 

Clark, David J. 

Wright, Thomas 

Couch. Joseph 

Harmon, N. W.. E,«ex street 

Stevens & Clark, Bank Building 

Bartlett, E., cor. Oak and Lawrence 

Sturai-, Fnnklin Lee. 

Porter &. Chamberlin 

Brown, Lorenzo D. 

Cook, J. F. 

Bishop, H. W. Lenox. 

Tucker, G. J. 

Tucker, Wm. 

Fletcher, Joel W. Leominster. 

Tirrell, John C, .'Jpaulding's Build- 
ing, Central st. Lowell. 

Ladd, Jona, Spauldii g's Building 

Dean & Dinsmoor, Ce;; st. 

Abbot & Brown do 

Richardson, D. S. & W A. do 

Brown & Alger ' do 

Webster, Wm. P. 48 do 

Morse, L S. do 

Laphum, Rufus do 

Knowles & Mead do 

Reard & Gunni on do 

! Adams & Abbot, CfMitral t. Lowell. 
I Robinson &Blaisdell do 

|Caverly & Waldrou do 

Caverly, R. B. 56 do 

Leavitt, E. S. do 

Sweets er &l Poor, 28 Merrimack sL 

Butler & Farr do 

Wentworth, T., 

Sherman, E. F. 

Blood, Benjauiin F., Wentworth'S 

Hopkinson & Ames, cor. Merrimack 
and Kirk str(;<.'ts 

Smith, W. & W. F., Wells' Block 

Parker, F. 

Knowles & Mead 

Stickney, J. C. Lynn. 

Newhall, T. B., North Common st 

Newhall, James R.. Ui ion street 
iMudge, B. F., Broad street 
I Stevens, W^ S. Maiden. 

I Lewis, Charles 
|Fayben, Willi- m M.irblehecd. 

Farwell, Rich.-'.rd J\farlboro. 

Webster, Daniel J^hrsh field. 

Bishop, J. P. Mfdfield. 

Bartlett, Abner Mcdford. 

Perry, S. B. 

Lovering, Warren Mrdway. 

Tenny, John Methuen. 

Ward, Eliab Middleborough. 

Robinson, Everett 

Eddy, Z. 

Holbrook, Leander Milford. 

Scanmiel, John S. 

Randall, A. G. Milbvry. 

Miles, C.R. 

Saltbrd, N. F. Milton. 

Hartwell, J. Montagve. 

Bunker, Charles J^antuckit. 

Bunker, James M. 

Whitman, Charles K. 

Bacon. J. VV. JVatirk. 

Coffin, T. (;. JVeio Bedford. 

Mackie, Adam 

Perkins, J. K. 

Elliott & Kasson 

Colby, H. G. (). 

Dearborn, J. F. 

Clifford & Briiiham 

Wills, Nathaiii<l JVewburyport. 

Gerrish, Joseph CJ. 

Kinsman, H. V\'., State street 

Breton, E. L. L. do do 

Stone, Eben F. 

Martin, S. W. 

Kinsman, H. W. 

Turner, Augustus A'cm Marlboru\ 

Partridge, N. S. yVcwton. 


jSTorthboro^ . 




CI trk, S irnuel 

M ittoon, ChJsrles 

Baker & Delano 

Gorhara. Wiltiam O. 

Huntington, C. P. 

Allen, Wm. Jr. 

Suiith, Charles F. 

Hodfres, H. I. 

Kinnry, S, 

Gremell, J. S. 

Doane, John 

Filley, Lester 

Wilcox, Marshall 

Bowman, Charles D 

Fleming, S. L. 

Torrev, Calvin 

Wallace, F. T. 

S msworth, C. B. 

Lawrence, A. L. 

^Vitherell, C. K. 

Weed, Jared 

P ice, P. S. 

Bock we 11 fcColt 

Brisgs, H. S. 

Kelloff2, E. H. 

Gold. F. A. 

Spear, Wm. H. 

Morton, Wm. S. 

I'rescott. A. 

Berrv, N. C. 

Prescott, A. A. 

Judd, C. P. 

Manning. Joseph B. 

Pav*on, Thomas E. 

Clarke, John J. 69 Washington 

Gaston, Wm. 64 do 

HiUiard, Francis, 64 do 
Harrington, Joseph, Centre street 

near Washington 
Fimmons, D. A. 64 Washington st. 
Woods ide, J. F. 64 do 

Chevers, G. F., Washington street 
Phillips, Stephen C. 
Rodgers, Auiiii-tus D. 
Barstow, Ber.jarain, 159 Essex street 
Boberts, David do 

Wheatland, George do 

Brown, Nehemiih do 

ConoUy, H. L. 224 do 

Lord, Nath'l J. 194 do 

Holbrook, Amorv, 1P2 do 
Williams & Story 29 Washington st. 
Lord, Otis P. 29 do 

Huntington, A. 24 1-2 do 

Perkins, J. C. 24 1-2 do 

King, J, G. 23.5 Essex street 
Waters, J. G. do 


Palmer Depot. 


Pepper ell. 








Webb, S. P. 140 Essex street. 

Strickland, L. K. S.ivdi.v'eld 

Fessenden, C. B. H. Sandwicli. 

Nye, S. F. 

Fogg, E. South Scituate. 

Barnard, R. F. Sheffield. 

Palmer, Billings, 

Ensign, E. F. 

Gerrish, Jame^ Shirlen. 

B.tham, F. W. & Son Southbridge. 

B irlow, Merrill 

Bowdoin, Wm. South Hadley Fa'ls. 

Potter, O. P. South Reading. 

Tliompson, W., Main st. Springjieii. 

.Morris, Henry " do 

Morton, J. H. do 

Morris, Geo. B. do 

Bangs, Allen do 

Phelps, Ansel do 

Willard, Justice, Court House 

Beach, E. D., cor. of State and Main 

Hooker, Josiah, Main st. 
Seamans, O. A., opposite the Ar- 

Crooks, James W. do do 

Chapman, Ashman & Norton, Elm 

Bond. E. W., Elm st. 
Stehbiiis, Jas. do 

Heywo(!d, Charles, 6 Main st. 

P»^ewcomb, Joseph W., Burt's Block 

V'ose, Henry, Foot's Block 

Field, .1. E. " Stockbridge. 

Cu<hi'ig, A. L. Stoughton 

Whitins, Edward Stow 

Hyde, Benjamin D. Sturbridge. 

Davis, George 

Taft, H. W. Sunderland. 

Morton & Bennett. (Nathaniel Mor- 
ton— C. H. Bf^nj.ett) Taunton. 

Williams, Sidney 

Williams, Henry 

Pratt & Deanes, (Geo. W. Deanes- 
H. Pratt) 

Rreck, Samuel 

Presburg, Benj. F., Main st. 

Holmes, Charles Topsfield. 

Worcester, F. A. Tuwnscnd. 

Banning, John Tyrimrham. 

Boynton, Lucian C. Uxbridge, 

Deane, Francis, Jr. 

Garner, A. Wiles. 

Kutter, Josfah, Main st. Waltham. 

Moore, Arad 

Devens. Arthur L. Ware. 

Spaulding. Samuel T. 

Miller, Seth, Jr. Warehnm. 

Sqnier, George L. Warren. 



Watertuwn. i Buker, 

Piff'-low, F. W. 
Deiiiis, J. W. 

iSoiiiberly. G. A. Wayland. 

Rofjers, Edward H'cbster. 

PiCkitrd, Austin H\ Briilgewater. 
Clark, James fVest Cambridffe. 

Russell, James 

Leonard, Norman T. IVestfield. 

B lise, Patrick 
Blair, William 
Whitman, Wni. \V. 
B:'tes & Gilbert, (VVm.G. Bates, Ed- 
ward B. Gilbert) Westfidd. 
Abbott, John W, P. fVestport. 
Todd, J. WesUninster. 
1 isk, Isaac fVeston. 
B'gelow, Alpheus 

THft, Henry VV. W. Stochbridffe. 

Kit:g<l«y & Hall Weymouth. 

White, A. H. Williamsburffh. 

Dewey, D. N. tViUiamstown. 

Tyler, B. O. Winckendon. 

Nelsoti & Converse Wobum. 

Dewey, Francis H. 202 Main street 
l^.rtlott, Willimi O. 196 Main st. 
Allen, Chas. 196 do 

Ciiapin, Henrv, 130 do 

Williams & Wrtlierbee, 190 do 
Hill, Fr-mklin. 2 Waldo Itlock 
Stone, H. D., Cet-.tral Exchange 
Maxwell, William B. 3 Central Ex. 
Goodrich, Jesse W. do 

D uia, J. A. 6 do 

Bridge, A. L. 7 do 

Williams, W. A. 7 do 

M itthews, I. H. do 

P irker, G. do 

Richardson, Geo. W. 6 Brinley Hall 
Hill, J. H. 6 do do 

Clarke, Edward. 205 Main st. 
Thomas, B. F., Brinley Hall 
Bacon, Peter C, Central Exchange 
Barton, Ira M. do do 

Davis, Isaac, Main street 
Bigelow, A. 22 Front st. 
Davis. C. B. 202 Main street 
Goddard, S. B.I. 133 do 
Burnside, S. M. 190 do 

Warner, Samuel, Jr. Wrentham. 

Everett, M. 
Reed, John Yarmouth. 


Allen, James M. 36 Milk st. Boston 
Andrews, Wm., 4ih .^t., nd^r Turn- 

I BaKer, T. M. 90 Ann st. Boston. 

I Bayley, S. K. 31 Federal st. 

Beal, Samuel H. 71 Pearl st. 
; Beck, Gideon. 22 & 24 ^Federal st. 

Bracket, A. 17 Doane st. 

Brown, Stephen & Sons, 40 State st. 

Buckley & Bancroft, Beach st. cor. 

Clark & Hatch, 10 Water st. 

Cobb, Henr}-, 7 & 9 Fulton st. ' 

Qoolidge & Haskell, 29 & 31 W^ter 

Forbush, Jonathan, 2 and 4 Black 
stone street 

Gibbons, Wm. Vassall, India street, 
opjio-^ite Custom Hou^e 

Goddard & Adams, 67 Pearl st. 

Hall & Evans, 19 & 21 Kilby st. 
I Harris, Horatio & Co. 18 India st. 

Hart, S. Rowland, 6 St .te st. 

Hersey, Daniel & Co. 27 and 29 Ex- 

Holt &. Stockbridge, 24 Broomfieldst, 

King, D. P. 82 Washington st. 

liGonard &. Cunningham, 37 Tre- 
I mont Row 

I Lewis, Marshall A. 31 Washington 
I street 

Loring, Abbott & Porter, 25 and 27 
Water street 

Meredith, H. & Co. 17 Corgress st. 

Mitchell & Slater, 5 M.-rket Square 

M unlock. Wm. C. 34 Fulton street 

Nash, Abner P. 93 & 95 Fulton st. 

Norton, B. H. 154 Washington st 

Osgood k. Fro^:t, 12 Central st. 

Pearmain & Hall, 17 Merchants' Row 

Phillips & Sampson, 110 Washing- 
ton street 

Raymond, Samuel. 31 & 33- Broad sL 
' Reed, Wm. B. 42 Federal st. 

Rich, T. P. 45 & 47 Pearl st. 

Riddle, Edward, 65 Union st. 

Riddle, J. L. 36 Milk st. 

Riley & Strain, 25 Union st. 

Schaffer, C. H. 6 Market Square 

Skeele, E. A. 33 Congress st. 

Slatter &, Mitchell, 7 Ann st. 
^ Thompson, N. A., Old State House 
I Towne, Hunt & Co. 22 Milk st. 

Tucker, VVales & Co. 45 Fulton st. 
I Tyler, John, 9 Central Wharf 

Tyler, John, Jr. 9 do do 

Webb, T. C. & Co. 77 k. 79 Fulton 

Weed, O. H. & Co. 88 Court st. 

White, Ferdinand E. 22 Long Wf. 

Whitney, Prentiss,39 Washington st. 



Whitwells & Seaver, 5 Morton Block 
Woodman, George, 18 Central st. 
Baker, E. F. & Co. 118 Washington 

street Roxbury. 

Howe, Abraham F., Centre si., cor. 

Read & Bronsdon, 50 Washington 

street, cor. Eu^tis 

Awl ITIanufacturer. 

Woodward, Thomas, Jr. 

Houth Reading: 

Axe Manufacturers. 

Douglass Axe Manufacturing Co., 
Warren Hunt, Agent DouirLass. 
Leonard, Nathaniel Sharon. 

Pratt, J. Shelburne Falls. 

Wheeler, Asa fVarwick. 

Axletree I?Ianufactur's. 

Willis, Loring JVorton. 

Pomeroy, L. & Sons Pittsfield. 

Morton, Finney & Co. Plymouth. 
Keith, Isaac fVest Handwich. 


Warner, Wm. H. JSTorth Jldams. 
Albert, J. M., Canton st. Boston, 
Austin, T. & Co. 17 Commercial st. 
Beaman, E. T. 66 Cambridge st. 
Becker, Wm. 73 Charter st. 
Blood, Ai, 7 U. S. Hotel, Liiicoln st. 
Bond, Thos. D. (crackers), 12 Canal 


Budd, N. Jr. 8 Green st. 

Burke, Richard, Orleans St., corner of 

Crafts, Jacob, Dorchester st. opjxjsite 

Daniels, E. T., Colony St.. near Swan 
Dolan, M. E. 218 Ann st. 
Grant. Samuel N. 396 Washington st. 
Gibbs, Lyman, 134 Court ^t. 
Gorham & Ide, 18 Sudburv st. 
Gould & Willard. 50 Myrtle 
Hewe.s, J. F. & Co., 191 Hanover and 

G Prince 
Howard, Samuel, 54 Myrtle st 
Kelt. James. 505 Wnshington st. 
Kurtz, John E. 57 Warren st. 

• Licy, Hugh, 178 Ann st. Boston 
Lander John, Broadway, near '1 urn 
I pike 

Maynard, Jesse, 67 Warren st. 
Miyn ird. L. 99 Broad :,t 
McCouhie He Richardson, 8 Brighton 

Mitchell, J. B. 34 S. Margin st. 
Monroe &. Conner, 90 W. Cedar st. 

:md 3 Temple -t. 
Morrell. Jv.-.thaniel, 57 Hudson st. 
Newmarch, Joseph, 52 Cambridge st. 
Newmarch, S., Broidway and 288 

Washington st. 
Norton &- lleldenbrand, 52 Pleasant 

Ordwiy, J. M. 194 Hanover st., and 

48 Beach st. 
Ormsby, Hugh, rear of Sunmer st. 

East Boston. 
Parmelee, Asaph, 795 Washiijgton 

St. Boston. 

Parmelee, Gilbert, Northampton st., 

corner of Washington 
Paul, John F., Canton St., cor. er of 

Pike, Jona., Poplar st. near Spring 
Pike, Thomas H. 104 Cambridge st. 
Pitman, Thos. S., Sumner -t. 

East Boston, 
Ray & Coolidge, 796 Washington st. 
Bust on. 
Rich irdson, J. D., Fourth st.. cur. A. 
Kickseker, Snmuel, 59 Temple st. 
Robinson, Wm., Ann St., of 

S iwtell, Amos, 8 West Centre st. 
Shipley, S. G., Union st. near llauo- 

Smith, J. B. 2 Wheeler's Court 
Spri.g. £„ Gouch st., corner oi Mer- 
Spring, J. & A. 16 East st. 
Stephenson, J. E. 32 North Mirgin 

St., and 72 Salem st. 
Stone, E. 42 Prince st. 
Taylor, T. ik. J., 134 Pleasant st. 
Wattson, Thomas &, Sons, Fort Hili 

Wharf, and 25 Commercial st. 
Weld, J. & Co. (ship bread), 95 

Broad st. 
Weller, J., Lucas Place 
Withrow, Simon. 13 Hollis -t. 
Wright, Samuel, Leveret St., corner 

of Cotting 
Wyeth, Nahum S., Oneida st., corner 

of Albany 
Conant, J. A Cambridge street 

East Cambridge. 



Kennedy, Cambridgvport.] 

\\ onlworth, Eowin Canton. 

hiicham, Edwin A. 16 Hondly st. 


Davenport, Edwin, 12 Heiidly st. 

Bailey, J. S. 39 Bow st. 

Ladd & Bates, Centre st. Chicopee. 

Siimpson, Floyd & Co., Lowell st. 


Hall, Wm. JVorfA Danvers. 

Hewins, N. A. Dedham. 

Cox & Pavner, Upper Mills 


Hildreth, Sam., Commercial Point 

Hhepard, O. & Co., Hancock st. 

Stone, James 

Ward, Samuel L., Union street 


Buttrick, Jonathan. Main st. 

Chase & Ripley, 12 and 14 Anawan 
street Fall River. 

Johnston, J. S., Front street 


French, T. Kingston. 

Holden, Nathaniel & Co. layman. 

Fuller, David, Exchange st. 

Dennis, Benjamin Marblehead. 

Perry, J. H. jMedfield. 

Westgate, D. V. & Co. J^antucket. 

Rand, Nathaniel 

Watson &. Winchester 

JVe«7 Bedford. 

D.) nforth, Jacob J. A'twburyport. 

Closson, Wm. J\roT'fhaiiipton. 

Ross & White Pittsjield. 

Smith, S. M. Provincctown. 

liorton, S. G. (^uincy. 

Brigham, M. F. & J. A. 21 Washing- 
ion St., near Eustis Ruxbury. 

E>tabrook, Charles, toot of Factory 

Estabrook, S. R.. rear of 86 Washing- 
ton St., near Clock Dial 

Frost & Tillson, 40 Washington st, 
near Eustis 

Gorh;im & Ide, Factory st, near 

James, B. F. (crackers). 90 Washing- 
ton st, near Clock Dial 

McCarthy, Lawrence, Tremont st, 
corner of Cunard 

Nash, C. W., Eustis St., corner of 

Reed, Wm. N., Ruggles st., near Tre- 
mont (brown br-ad) 

Ropes, B. H., 98 Washington St., near 

Scott E. (i., Warren s^treet corner of 

Preston, John, Jr., 53 Sumner street 

Goss & Stone 

Ball, Wm. 22 Central street 
Pratt Leonard. 36 Peter st 
Siurtevant Warner C, Main street 

Blake & Dutton, near Railroad JJcpot 
Hatch, Benjamin C, Main street 

Smith & Walker H'are. 

Peltee, Jesse P. West Cambridge. 
Pierce, Benjamin Westlm. 

Boi.d, Albert Wilmington. 

Carter & Converse Wobum. 

Walton, J. B, & Co., Southbridge 
street Worcester. 

Rice, Benjamin P., Central street 
Smith, Sidney, Exchange street 
Goddard, John 

Batbing- Houses. 

American House, 42 Hanover street 

Blodgett Cm rear of Marlborough 

Blodgett Henr}-, Eastern Exchange 
Hotel, E. R. R. Wharf 

Braman's, opposite foot of Chestnut 

Cr.igie's Bridge, C. Bruce 

May, Henry B. (Medicated), 1 Cam- 
bridge street 

Miles, M. M. (Medicated), 12 Frank 
hn st 

Tremont House, J. Bra<nan 

U. S. Hotel, Beach St., corner of Lin- 

Warren Bridge, W. F. Veazie 

Western Avenue, T. Morey 

Satiord, Joseph F., Market street 


Morrey, John, Foster street 


Batting' and Wicking' 

Fuller, E. G. Ho/land. 

G.'.len, O. J^Tecdham. 

Putnam, Daniel Orange. 

Bailey, W. Js'orth Scituate. 

Joslyn, Henry South Hadley. 
Bemis, D. & L. (Wadding) Spencer. 

Dunham, H. G. Walis., A. & G. G. Wrentliav: 


Bedstead Ittanufac- 

Guild, G. H. 4 R, R. Blocks Lincoln 
street Boston. 

Pratt, Isaac B. 91 Endicott street 
Russell k. Baker, 72 Commercial st. 
Lyons, Lucius Coleraine. 

Copelaiid, Alfred Chester Village. 
Morse, Curtis G. South Dfdham. 
Colburn & Baker West Dedha/u. 
Allen, John 1?., (Sideboards) 

Woodbury, Larkin, (Sideboards) 
Tracy, J. S. J\i"orth Sunderland. 

Crane, W., New Boston Sandisjield. 
Kingsley, Joseph Westhampton. 

Beer—Small and Root. 

Barry & Pierce, rear of 682 Wa-hing 

ton street Boston 

Barney, S. & S., Curve street, near 

Beard, Luke. Howird Athonaiim 
Rice & Plummer, 748 Washington st 
Sawtell. L B. 7<i6 do 

Simonds, John, 756 do 

Bell Founders. 

Baker, John, Jr., agent for Ilolbrook's 
Foundry. 8 Long Wharf Boston. 

Hooper, H. N. & Co. 24 Commercial 
St., and Causeway st. corner of 

Hoi brook, Geo. H. Medway. 

Bell Hang^ers. 

Currier, T. J. 17 Wilson Lane 

Fuller, S. W. 8 Devonshire street 
Glynn, John, Hawley Place, rear of 

170 Washinglor. street 
Harrington, George E. 11 Devonshire 

H.iyries, S. S. 8 Court Avenue 
Mason & P tt^n, 10 Washington st. 
Wilton, A. 378 1-2 do 

Bitts and Aug-urs. 


Towne. Chaffee & Co 
Smith, Snell & Co. 

Black Lead Manufac- 

Monroe, Francis, (Pencils) Concord. 

Fay, A. G. (Pencils) 

Oliver, Edw. H., Grove st. Worcester* 

Blacking Manufac- 

Richards & Adams Quincy 

Turrey, T. Weymouth 

Stockbridge & Richardson Wkately. 


Adams, G. W. & and Co., Cau-eway 

street, cor. Friend Boston. 

Ad lias. Hammond & Co., Cross st 

cor. Fulton 
Bacon, L. 24 Friend st. 
Bradlev, J. Roach st. cor. Cove 
I Bn,-ant, J. R. 30 Causeway st. 
, Bunten & Eaton, junction Haverhill 
I and Charlestown st^. 
Coffin, G. S. & A. 58 Brattle .st. 
Cronan, Dennis, Turnpike, near 5th 

Cumminps, C. W., Cambridge street, 

near the Bridge 
Cunningham, B., Dorchester stp' t, 

coiner 2d 
Daniels, El>enezer, 8 Hawley st. 
Doughty, J., Dover street near tie 

Eaton, Joseph (spring maker). Beach 

St. corner Cove 
Farmer, J. P., Suffolk street, rear 

Foss & Irvin, Sumner st. E. Boston. 
Freeman, Moses H., Andover streft 
Fuller. J. P., Lewis st. K. Boston. 
Gill, Samuel W. 86 Portland street 

Googins, Mark, ' treet 

East Boston. 
Green & Davis, 1st st„ near Turn- 
pike Boston 
Heitz. D. 702 Washi! gton st. 
Hooker, David S., Decatur street 

East Boston. 
Howe, John, Jr.. Sumner st. 
Jennings, A. H. & Son, Charlestown 

St. corner Beverly Boston. 

Lakin, S.. Broad st. opposite Pren- 
I lice's Wharf 


Leach, Levi, Liverpool Wharf 

Lewis, Joel W.. rear 276 Commer- 
cial St. 
Little. N. 79 Endicot st. 
Lord,S. S., Jr., i"\ stroet, comer Bolton 
Low & Bramhall, 18 Water st. 
Lul'kin, N., Sumner st. E. Boston. 
McNaiiiMra, Geo., Harrison Av. cor, 

Oranpe st. Boston. 

M-'llen, William, Harrison Avenue 
^ute, J., Richmond st, 
Kutting, C, Harrison Avenue, cor. 

Orai;pe Lane 
Parker, Eber, 73 Sea st. 
Patch, Sidney, 42 Merrimack st. 
Penn & Fernald. 9 Canal st 
Pillslmrv. Stephen. 2d st. cor. E 
Riley. Patrick, A st. near 5th 
Sartbrd, Daniel &. Co. 36 Devonshire 

Sawyer. W. W., Beverly st. 
Sawyer & Thompson, do 
Shep ird. U'in., Charlest<Jwn street, 

cor. Medford 
Shute. Heni-y M. 9 West st. 
Sim. Wni. 54 Causeway st. 
Smith, George W., Sea street, near 

Thompon & French, Tremont Road 
Treadwell, Wm. H. H. M., Foster 

Tuttle, John, 15 1-2 Sudbury" street, 

cor. Ad;;ms 
Twitchfll & Libby, 28 Causeway st. 
Underbill & Leighton, 17 Haverhill 

Weeman, Ebenezer, 16 Merrimack 

Welch & Briggs, Causeway st. cor. 

Bergen, Richard, Proctor street 

Caldwell & Hardacker, Tremont st. 
Card, James. Union st. near Warren 
Chenerv, J. W., Warren street, near 

Grove Hall 
Childs, Aimer. South st. near Centre 
Corbett, Geo. W., South st, Jamaica 

Fickson, A., Green st 
Hankey, Stiles & Co., Washington 

st near Parker / 

Hartshorn, Chas. P., Spring street 

West Roxbury. 
Hayes, Timothy, Cabot street 

Hujibs, R, L., Pearl street, (Spring 

[Mayill, Miles, Williims' PI ce, rear 
I 37 Washington street Roxbury. 
iMilten, Thomas, Plymouth st. 
Newman, A. W., Eutis street, comer 

Poole, Samuel, Seaver st 
Richards, L. D., Turnpike, near 

South street 
Robinson, Dexter, Felton Place 
Stubbs, S., Ea^t .-t near Eaton 
Smith, P. B., Centre street near Rail- 
Smith, J. T., Washington street, cor. 

Weeks & Brock, Washington street, 

opposite Centre 
Weekes, Richard, Centre street, near 

Whittemore, A. E., Dudley st cor. 


Boardingr Houses. 

Atkins, John, 7 Winter st Boston. 
Atwell, Ann, 787 W'ashington st 
Baker, N. 148 Hanover st 
Baldwin, Mary, 5 Channing st. 
Baries, Samuel, 56 Federal .st. near 

Basconi. T. Mrs. 14 Morton Place 
Batchelder, S illv, 5 Bumstead Place 
Beck, Mary, S.'JG Washingtoa st. 
Becker, C, Suflblk street opposite 

Bctts, Daniel, 27 Atkinson st 
Bigelow, 11. 6 Avery st 
Bingham, .\. 414 Washington street, 

Bird, Thomas JI. 27 Boylfton st 
Blake. Snrah, 17 Lvnde st. 
Blanchard, David, 8 Bulfinch Place 
Boston, Hannah, 2 Oliver st. 
Brag- E. G, 252 Washington st 
Bricham, James M. 3 Bumstead 

Brewiiell, N. T. 24 Pearl street, near 

Pearl Place 
Brown, George, 374 Commercial st 
Brown. J. K. 1 Commercial Court 
Burrill, Seth, 14 Lowell st 
Butler, M. 16 Williams st 
Carlisle, Sarah, 4 Kneeland st. 
Cormier, J. H. 252 Hanover st 
Corse, William, 9 Province House 

Cram, Eli7Abeth. 11 Albany st 
Cro-by, H. 49 Portland .^t. 
Cutler, Ruth, 21 Somerset st 



Daggett, Milton, 1 Suffolk Place 

Delany, Wm. 222 Hanover st. 
Dillingham, E. A. 5 Lowell st. 
Dow, Charlotte, 26 Ptirctiase st, 
Drinkwater, Nathaniel, 229 Hanover 

Farwell, E, P. 12 Pitts st. 
Flagg, S. M. 6 & 8 Billerica st. 
Fletcher, A, K. 36 Friend st. 
Fletcher, S. 1 Otis Place 
Foster, Robert, 52 Leveret st. 
Frost, Joseph, 12 Hanover st. 
Furber, Geo. Y. 7 Washington Sq. 
Furnass, J. 12 Newton Place 
Gannett, M ir>-, 3(1 st. near Dorchester 
Goodwin, E. C. 10 AUston st. 
Cowing, Nancy, 508 Washington st. 
Graves, Horace, 19 Thacher st. 
Griffin, George, 31 Brattle st. 
Gustus, J. Frederic, Garden st. ct. 
Hall, Isaac, Jr. 2 Central Court 
Hall, Sally. 3 Winter Place 
Hardy, J. 30 Portland st. 
Harlow, 1. 151 Court st. 
Harper, J. 86 Hanover st. 
Harrington, E. 1 Chauncy place 
Harvey, Sarah E. 30 Pearl street, cor. 

Herrick, L. Y. 20 Purchase st. 
Holmes, E. 15 Morton Place 
Howard, Francis, 2 Bennet st. 
Howe, R. B. 74 Temple st. 
Huckins, Stephen, 445 W^ashington 

Hunt, Charlotte, 18 Billerica st. 
Jackson, Jane, 21 Franklin Place 
Johnson, E. 447 Washington st. 
Johnson, J. 48 Lowell st. 
Johnson, M. 18 Winter st. 
Jones, Louisa, 5 Mason st. 
Kent, Lewis, 35 Beach st. 
Kittridge, Abigail, 33 Brattle st. - 
Kittson. Thomas, 87 High st. 
Ladd. D. P. 39 Cooper st. 
Lekain. Eliznbeth, 40 Summer st. 
Martin, Andrew, 11 Pitts st. 
Mason, Joseph, 5 Morton st. 
Mastin, B. P. Mrs. 37 Portland st. 
May, Catherine, 161 Court st. 
May, Orra, 12 Sullivan Place 
May, Pamelia, 5 Cambridge st, 
Melzard, George, 123 Purchase st. 
Norris, John, 18 Franklin Place 
Parker, Caroline, 204 Hanover st. 
Peirce, Richard, 15 Brattle st. 
Perkins, C. M. 51 Summer st. 
Perry, C. M. 10 Ash st. 
Perry, Elizabeth, 17 Cross st 

Phillips Mary, 16 South Russell st. 

Pike, Moses, 11 Washington (Squire 

Pitman, Nancy, 2 Morton place. 

Plimpton, AlicH, 445 Washington st. 

Poor, Henry, 58 Eliot st. 

Potter, Henry G. 49 Atkinson st. 

Powers, Eliza H. 18 Bowdoin st. 

Prescott, .lane M. 47 Mt. Vernon st 

Randall, H, 9 Nasnua st. 

Reed, A. 27 Howard st 

Reed, Lucy, 19 Hancock st. 

Reed, Mana, 7 Province House Ct 

Rice, B. 2 Wall st 

Rice, E. 13 Gouch st 

Rich, H. F. 26 Ann st 

Ripley, VVm. Z. 24 Franklin Place 

Robbins, Abigail, 3 Jackson Place 

Rogers, Lydia, 58 Federal st 

Savage, John, 137 Purchase st 

Sawin, D. A. 196 Tr.-mont st. 

Schell, Karl, ((German) 76 Eliot st 

Shattuck, Abel B. 11 Channing st 

Sirovich, Luigi, 410 Commercial st 

Snelling, A. FT. Mrs. 37 Salem st 
i Spink. W. 51 Federal st 
! Stewart A. 42 Portland ^^t 

Stone, Abby, 30 Federal st 

Stone, W. C. 12 Province House Ct 

Taft Samuel J. 17 Franklin PI .ce 

Tileston, VVm. H. 8 William st. 

Walton. R. 14 Gouch st. 
I Ware, Rhoda, 10 Harrison Avenue 

Webb, Jeru ha, 2 Bowdoin st. 

Webster, Susan, 116 Court st 

Weeks, Ezra. 19 Washington S(juare 

Wentworth, M. 61 Poplar st. 

White, Joseph. Bedlord street cor. 

Ball, M. v., Davis st. cor. Mall 


Fairbanks, Mary, Highland st near 

Kingsbury, M. A., Williams st 

Mansfield, N.. Washington street op- 
i posite Norfolk House 
I Robbins, Sarah, Felton Place, oi)po- 
site Post Office 

Stowell, M. A., Warren street near 

Wheeler, E. H., (Ionic Hall) Wash- 
ington st 

Boat Builders. 

Cobum k. Tyler, 26 Foster's Wharf 


Cragin D., Broad corner Belmout st 



Nash & Jennings, Marine Railway 
Norcross, W. T. 210 Broad street 
Winde & Clinkard. Battery VVliarf 
VVinsor& Soiile, 14 Commercial Wf. 
Sparrow, Joel Chatham. 

Warren, James Dartmouth. 

Morse, Uriah Edgartown. 

Burnhum, Samuel Essex. 

Delano, Joshua Jr. Fairhaven. 

Caswell, Robert B. 
Parker, Henry W. 
Norton, Isaac D, 

Godfrey, Davis South Harwich. 

Godfrey, Zebina H. 
Barnard, Thomas G. J^antucket. 
Macy, Edmund 
Slociim, E. F., Leonard's Wharf 

JVew Bedford. 
Smith, Wm. H., Russell street 
Hart, George 

Coffin, S. E., Leonard's Wharf 
Beetle, James, 114 Purchase street 
Cornell, Joseph W. 133 Ray street 
Warren, Joseph. 144 Ray street 
Orue & Rolfe, Bailey's Wharf 

Piper & Lunt 

Kelly, David S. Provincetown. 

Smith, Warren 
Snow, O. 
Shelden, R. fVest Wrcntham. 

Bobbin & Spool Manu- 

Ellis, Frai.cis D. & Co. 64 Kil))y st 

Fish, M. W. 48 1-2 Hanover street 
Fislier, H. C. 45 Milk street 
Full irlon, J. Jr. 53 1-2 Hiiiiover st 
Gammon, Wm. H.49i VVashingloa st 
George, L. A. 179 Wasliiugton street 

up stairs 
HMrriiigton, Joseph, 28 Milk street 
Heckle, Wm. 51 Hanover street 
Holden, L. P. & Co. 219 Washington 

Knowlton, Wm. 32 Milk street 
Langdon & Warren, 92 Court street 
Litch, Jeremiah, 10 Green street 
Meserve. C. 317 Washington street 
Morey, R. K., Tremont Row, oppo- 
! site C. Hall 

Morey, Wm. C. 295 Washington st 
Newell, Wm. & Co. 63 Kilby street 
Pariridge, Adin, 298 Washington st 
Plimpton & Hazelton, 10 Milk street 

up stairs. 
Plimpton, J. W. & Co. 34 Milk street 
Rich;rrds, T. B. & Co. 3Ul Washing- 
ton street 
Ring, R. G. 166 Hanover street 
Ross, G. F. 322 Washington street 
Shedd, John H. 4 Tremont Row 
Stone, Wm. H. Tremont street, oppo- 
I site Congress Hall 
Vinton. H. H. 11 Hanover street 
i Wood, C. T. 48 Cambridge street 
Walker. H. W. & Co. 357 Washing- 
ton street 

Bonnet & Stra^r Goods 

Leonard, E. & A. JVorth Jldams. 

Leavitt, B. & Co. Chicopee. 

Clark & Ricliards, Dedham. ! 

Fiske, G. W., Dutton street Lowell. Payson, J. 1 Phoenix Row, JimhersU 

Land, Francis West Hampton. Clapp, O. M. East street 

Murdock, W. IVinchendon. 

Bonnet Makers and 

Blako, J. 378 1-2 Washington street 
Brown. E. F. 2.56 Washington street 
Cbtiin, VV'ui. H. 45 Milk street. 
Clark & Barnes, 147. Washington st 
Measures, D. B., Portland street, cor- 
ner Deacon 
Partridgf!, A. 298 Washington street 
Rutherford, A. 39 Warren street 
Titfany, I. 175 Washington street 
Thompson, L. 375 Washington st 
Newton, H. Main street FuLl liiotr. 

Bonnets Sc Straw Goods 

Alden & Aldrich, 2 School street 

Austin, Milton, 279 Washington st 
Bassert, I. M. 2 & 4 Diamond Block 
Banner, Henrv, Jr. 17 Hanover st 
Blake, Ann. 436 Washington st 
Bovvker, J. P. Jr. 163 Washington st 
Button, W. B. 147 Washington st 
Carpenter, Wm. 5 Milk st up stairs 
Crosby & Loomi^. 39 & 45 Hanover st 
Dunbar, N. F. 295 1-2 Washington st 

6J ]N'EW-ENGLAND mercantile UMON riRECTORY. 

Stunner, H. Fuxborough. 

Cirpeiiter O. & Co. 

Cirpenter, William 

Aiden & Aldrich 

B-issett &L Sumner 

Ciurk, Alexander S. Framlnffh-im. 

Richardso:!, George , 

Mansea, Franklin 

Putfer. Elij:ih, Saxonville 

Fisher, H. C. & Co. Frnnk.'in. 

Daniels & Green 

Hills, F. C. 

Gassett & Andrews Holliston. 

Phillips & Rockwood 

Rockwood, Thomas 

Slocum, Lewis 

Metcaif & Fisher Medway. 

Leoaard, VVni. C. Middleboroug-k. 

Merrick & Fay Munsun. 

Greene, F. H., Cheap-side 

Mew Bedford 
Draper, A. 260 Essex street Saieia. 
Wilcox, O.W. 8 State st. Springfield. 
Bowker, J. P. Waipole 

Gilbert, Simuel 
Clark, A. &. Co. Ware. 


Clark. Charles B. ^ndover. 

Abbott, J. H. 11 Coriihill Boston. 
Adains, Be.ijiniin. 81 Cornhill 
Ad iuis & White, 91 Washington st 
Bddlington, T. 26 School street 
Bradley, B. & Co. 57 Washington st 
Briggs, G. W., 403 Washington st 
Copeland, R, M. 37 Congress street 
Dtmrell & Moore, Devoiishire street 

adjoiuing Exchange Hotel 
Dean & Co. 12 Water street corner 

Eayrs & Fairbanks, 136 Washington 

Goldmith, Seth, 30 Cornhill 
Gu irdenier, J. 104 Washington st 
Hill, W. H. & Co. 32 Cornhill 
Hutchinson, A. R. 2 School street 
Jones, EInathan, 11 1-2 School st 
Kittield, Henry, 116 Washington st 
Liilie, Henry A. 24 Wilson Lane 
Long, J.F., Court street, cor. Trein-ont 
Low, H., Devonshire st. cor. W^ater 
Mc Adams, Brothers. 120 Washing- j 

ton street \ 

Meston, J, J. 6 Water street i 

Nourse k. Remick. 14 Water street ' 

R..bert^. J. G. & Co. 8 Water street! 

'Corner Devonshire j 

Simmonds, J. R. 22 School -^tr-^et 

I Boston, 

Stiinpson, C. 106 Washington street 

iTilden & Gane. 27 Cornhill 

Ulman, W^ni. 1 Fnnklin Avenue 

Warner, Geo. 10 1-2 Wilson Lane 

I Waterman, J. H. over 362 Washing- 
ton street 

Watson, J. 77 Cornhill 

Williams, G. W. G. 122 Washington 

McDonald, Hugh Cambridge. 

St icy, John Concord. 

Adams, R. & J. 28 South Mai;,p st 

Fall River. 

Fraprie, George W. 41 S. Main st 

Spalter, John H. Oroton. 

Gill, D. L. Hmgham. 

Heard, D.ivid Holliston. 

Stmley, J. G. Lenox. 

Allen, Jonathan, 81 Merrimack st 


Simonds, Saml. B. 71 Merrimack st 

Reed, A. E., corner Merrimack street 
aid John 

-Vlei-rill & Heywood. 36 Central st 

Howard, Lutiier, 49 Market street 


Breare, Thomas JUarblehead. 

Howe, W., Water st JVew Bedford. 

Parsons, I. F. 105 Union sUeet 

Taber, Augustus 

Crofoot, H. T. 3 Pleasant street 


Parsons, A. L. Pittsfield. 

Gill, Caleb & Co. Quincy. 

Bicknell, J. T. & Co. 60 Washington 
street Roxbury. 

Trout. H. J. M. 92 Washington st 

Perley, J. Jr. 191 Essex st Salem. 

Brown, H. A. .Maine st Springfield. 

W^esby, J. S. 124 Main street 


Allen, Wra. Main street 

Booksellers, Publishers, 
and 8ta.tiouers. 

Lossham, G. A. South Adams. 

Tibbetts, A. H. (Tfiriod".) Amesbury, 
Niins, H. B. Amherst. 

H irdvvell, H. Andover, 

Newman, Mark 

Hinkley, O. M. Barnstable. 

Felton, John Barre. 

Adams George, 95 1-2 Washington 
stieet Boston. 

Beane, J. V. & Co. 21 Cornhill 



Bowles, L. C. Ill Washington st. 

Bradbury & Guild,120 Washisigi'u st. 
Briggs, George \V. 403 do 

Burn ham & Brothers (Antique) 60 

Carter, O. C. B. 16 Devonshire street 
Carter, T. H. 1 1-2 Water street 
Clapp, Eben. Jr. 184 Wasliingtoa st. 
Clapp, Otis, 23 School street 
Coolidge & Wiley, 12 Water street, 

cor. Devonshire 
Coitrell, Geo. W. & Co. 64 Cornhill 
Crocker & Brewster, 47 Washington 

Crosby &. Nichols, 111 Washington 

Damrell & Moore, Devonshire street, 

adjoining E.xchange Hotel 
Davis, Robert S. 120 Washington st. 
Dona hoe, Patrick (Catholic) Spring 

Dow, James B. 141 Washington st. 
Drake, S. G. (Antiquarian) 62 1-2 

Fowle, Wm. B. 138 1-2 Washington 

Francis, Joseph H. 128 Washington 

French, James, 78 Washiivgton st. 
Gill, Caleb & Co., Bro.idw.iy, cor. C 

Gleason, F., Court street, cor. Tre- 

Gould, Kendal] &, Lincoln, 59 Wash- 
ington street 
Greene, B. H., 124 Washington st. 
Hiyden, Caleb C, 35 Cornhill 
Hill, John P. 17 and 19 do 
Hill. Wm. H & Co. 32 do 
Hiller, Thorn is, 123 Hanover street 
Hutchkiss &. Co. 13 Court stre<-t 
Jeuks, Palmer &, Co. 131 Wa-hiug- 

ton street 
Jevvett, John P. & Co. 23'Coriihili 
Jones, Justin. 82 Washinguju-street 
King, D.tvid P. 82 do do 

Light, G,;oiK ■ \V. 3 Cornhill 
Little ii. Briwn, 112 Washington st. 
Loring, Be. j. & Co. 122 State street 
M.rsh, Bfla, 25 Cornhill 
Marvin, T. R. 24 Conj^ress street 
Miss. S. S. Djp., C. C. Dean, 13 

Mooiiey. Patrick, (Cath.) 27 Frank- 
lin stieet 
Munroe & Francis, Devonshire st. 

cor. Spring Lane 
Munro •, J. & (.o. 134 W ishington st. 

Mu sey, B. ». fcCn. 29 Cor.;. Boston. 

New England S. S. Depositoiy, 79 

Otis, Broaders & Co. 154 Wasiiing- 
ton street 

Parker, Samuel H. 115 Washington 

Pierce, C.H. 3 Cornhill 

Perkins, Benjamia Hi. Co. 100 Wash- 
iagton street 

Perkins, Oliver L. 62 Cornhill 

Phillips &. Sampson, 110 Washing- 
ton street 

Pierce, Joshua V. 107 H mover st. 
I Rand. G. C & Co. 3 Cornaiil 

Redding &. Co 8 Stite street 
I Reynolds, Wm. J. &, Co. 20 Cornhill 

S .dlier, D. & J. 72 Federal street 
' Sa.Yton, F. S. 19 State -treet 

Sinipkins, S. G. 124 Washi;.gton st 
I Skinner, H. B. 60 1-2 Coraiiill 

Stiinpson, Charles, 106 VV'ashii'.gtoa 

' Strong & Brodhead, 1 Cornhill 

Sunday SchotA (Am.> Depository, 
W^ B. Tappan, 9 Cornhill 

Tappan, Whitleniore & Mason, 114 
W tsiiington street 

Tewk^bury, W. P. 362 Washington 

Ticknor, W. D. & Co. 135 Washing- 
j ton street 

Tompkins, Abel, 38 Cornhill 
[ Tract (Am.) Rooms, Seth Bliss, 28 
I Cornhill 

I Usher, James M. 37 Cor hill 
I Waite, Charles, 54 Cor!)iiill 
! Walker, Thos. O. 68 do 

\V^hip|)le, M. J. 35 do 
j While & Potter, 15 State street 
' Whittemore, Thomas 37 Cornhill 

Wiley, Thomas, Jr., 20 State street 

Wilkins, Carter &. Co. 16 VViUr st. 
\ Pearson, J. D. Cambridge Hurt. 

i Munr(ie, James & Co. Cambridge. 

Nichols, George 
I Patterson, C. 170 Main street 
I C/uirlestown. 

Emmo IS, Charles P. 47 and 49 Main 
; str.-et 

I Deming, G. S. Chicopee Fal/s. 

I Lane, C. V., Cabot street Ckicupee. 

St icy, John Concurd. 

I Dodge, Sylvauus, 2 Allen's Buildin:,' 
I Danvcrs. 

I Coolidge, Chas., High st. Dediinm. 
I Ferry, E. EasthampUn. 

Pope &. Chase. North Main tnei 
I Full Riecr. 


Adams, R. & J. 28 South Main st. i 
Fall River, j 

Earl, Beijamin, 7 Granite Block I 

Sheply, Stephen, M in si.Fitclibuyff.\ 

Bovnton &. Mar h^ll Frnmivgham. 

Sniith, Chas. 132 ctnd 133 Front st. i 

Williams, Wm., Froiii st. 

Dewey, T. Qieal Harrington. 

Merriam, Lewi^ Oreenjield. 

Phelps, A. i 

Spalton, John H. Oroton. ' 

Gill, D.L. Hingham. 

Heard, David HoUiston. 

Grant, Franklin Lawrence. 

Dow, John C. 

Stanley, J. G. Lenox. 

Davis, John Lexington. 

March, Oliver, Central st. Lowell. 

Williams, H. L. 71 do 

Sargeaat, B. C. 39 do 

Cambridge, W. G. 32 do 

Simonds, Samuel B. 11 Merrimack st. 

Waldron, W. H, 61 do 

Merrill & Heywood, 23 Central st. 

Davton, N, L. 32 Merrimack st. 

Bixby, D. & Co. 142 do 

Allen, Jonathan, 81 do 

Barney, Milton, 35 and 37 do 

!• razer. VVm. 59 Market st. Lynn. 

Oliver, Chas. A. 5 Exchange st. 

Butters, J. A. C, 8 do 

Cloon, W. F. Marblehcad. 

Breare, R. 

Richardson, Alpheus Methuen. 

Packard, Timothy Monson. 

M icy, Andrew M. JVantucket. 

Mitchell, Edward 

T ber, Charles JVeio Bedford. 

Waterman, N. 

Howe, Wm., Water street 

Greene, Charles S. 87 Purchase st. 

Ray, J, C. 19 do 

Taber, Augustus, 2 do 

Bourne & Lewis, 60 do 

Nelson. Nathan, 63 Willitim st. 

Whipple, Charles, 2 State st. 


Blanchard & Sargent, 3 Market Sq. 

Call, A. A., Market st. 

Tilton, John G., State st. 

Butler, J, H. .N'orthampton. 

Rich, T. G., Merchants' Row- 
Bowles, John Palmer Depot. 

Pepper, S. F. Thorndike Palmer. 

S imlys, Edwin Pittsfield. 

Werden, E. 

Allen, P & Sons 

Bishop, VVm. Plymouth. 

Gill, Caleb & Co. {^uivcy. 

Weston, J. Reading 

Bickr.ell, J. T. & Co. 60 Washii^glon 

stref-t Rozhury 

Trout. H. J. M. (Ci.-culating Librarj >, 

92 Washington stieci 
Jewett, John P. & Co., E-sex street 
Whipple, Henry, 190 Essex street 
Creamer, George, 140 do 

Ives, W. & S. B. 232 do 

Putnam, Francis. 186 1-2 do 
Hutchinson, H. W. & Co., Main st, 

Merriam, Chopin & Co., Main si. 
Woodward (2d), James, 10 Main st. 

Monroe, Francis S. 2 Main st. 
Dunbar, S. O. do 

Williams, V. S., Main st. Waltham. 
Emmons, S. B. 
Jordon, A. 

Pepper, S. F. Ware. 

Demon d, Lewis 

Learned, S. D. fVatertown. 

Ives, Matthew IVestjieid. 

Smith, H. B. 

Robinson, T. S. & Co. H'illiainstown. 
Fowle, George W. fioburn. 

Grout, J., Jr., 239 Main st. Worcester. 
Wesby, J. S. 124 do 
Lazell, W. 205 do 

Howland, S. A. 143 do 
Tucker & Ruggles, 100 Maiu st. 
Hutchinson, A, & Co., 69 do 
Livermore, Edward, do 

Boot Counter Makers. 

Briesler, G. M. 12 1-2 Clinton st. 

Hall, A. J. 40 Fulton ?t. 
Hall, J., Jr., 38 ^orth Market sU 

Boot Crimpers. 

Read, J. M., 3 Shoe and Leather st., 
(machinery; Boston. 

Singer, John, rear of 47 Congress st. 
Turk, J. 18 Exchange st. 

Boot and. Slioe Dealers. 

Bartlett, Theodore J\''orfh .^davis. 
Phel[is, J. jindovvr. 

Eweii, Henry Barnstabte. 



Pike, Pnmupl 
Roiiruly. John P. 
Uanlett, V. 



Alden, John, Jr., &. Co. 31 Shoe and 
Leather st. Boston. 

A^er, Solomon, 78 Pearl st. | 

Allen, Harris & Potter, 61 and 63 
Pearl st. ' 

Alley, Tapley & Co. 18 Blackstone st. 

Atherton. J. &. VV. 39 Central sL | 

Aihertoa, S. Sc Co. iJo Broad St., and i 
39 Central st. 

Baker. B. F. 75 Pearl st. 

B itcheller, T. & E. 72 Pearl st 

Br-lcher, L. & W. S. 35 Central st. 

Beale &. Pratt, 93 Fulton st. 

Blake & Bailey, 55 Pearl st. 

Blaiichard, L 12 Clinton st. 

Bowker, L. H. 21 and 23 Shoe and 
Leather st. 

Boyd, J. & S. 12 Elm st. 

Bragg, A. & Co. 25 Fulton st. 

Brooks, Franklin. 27 North Market st. 

Brooke & S lunders, 19 Fulton st. 

Bryant, Seth. 76 Pearl st 

Bucknam & Converse. 33 Xorth Mar- 
ket St. 

Buckniin. .1. C. & Co. 52 Fulton st. 

Burrage, VVm. & Co. 56 do 

Butlers & Ager, 21 and 23 Shoe and 
Leather >t. 

Buttrick «t Cubb, 21 Elm st. 

Capen. Wm. 29 Broad st. 

Chase, Kimball & Co., 5 and 7 
Doane st. 

Childs. Hills & Rising, 4 Broad st. 

Cobb, Henry, 7 and 9 Fultoa st. 

Cunningham, S, D. 10 Railroad Bl'k, 
Lincoln st. 

Curtis, Abner, 36 South Market st 

Daniels, J. P. 60 Fulton st. 

Davenport, S. D. 43 Shoe and Lea- 
ther st 

Dow, B. F. 7 do do 

Dowley, Levi A. &, Co. 57 and 59 
Pearl st 

Downs & Ball, 36 Kilby st, and 5 
Central st 

Dunbar, A. F. & G, C. 23 Fulton st 

Dunbar, W. H. 23 do 

Durant Hi-nry (commission). 3 do 

Emerson, Cochrane &. Co. 68 and 70 

Pearl st. 
Eldridge, E. 13 Elm st 
Fairbanks, Drurv & Co. 34 Broad st 

Beverly. \F&xon, Nathaniel & Co. 53 North 
Market si. Boston. 

Blackstone. Fay. F. L. 51 Fulton st 
Field, E. & 1. 63 do. 
Field, Pearson H. & Co, 172 Wash- 
ington st 
Flint Charles P. 5 Fulton st. 
Forbush, J. 2 -ind 4 Blackstone st 
Forbush, J. E. 9 and 11 Shoe and 

Leather st 
Frost & Co. 10 Bl ickstone st 
Frothiiigham, P. 54 Fulton st 
Gay, Eben F. 43 Merchant^' Row 
Gilmore, Harw ood &. Co. 77 Pearl st, 
Goddard & Adam^, 67 do 

Godfrey, Benj'm D. & Co. 20 Kings- 
ton st 
Godfrey & Mnyhew, 12 Elm st. 
Gould, T. R. 71 Fulton st 
Guild, C. & Co. 16 Blackstone st 
Guild, S. & J. & Co. 40 N. Market st 
Harrt John, 27 Central st 
Hobbs, Isaac, 65 Fulton st 
Hobbs, R. G. 65 do 

Holbrook, V. 25 do 

Hood, George, 38 do 

Hosum & Bailey, 39 Shoe and Lea- 

tloer St. 
Hunt & Cheney, 3 do do 

Hunt, Moses & Co. 5 Mirket Sq. 
Hutchins, James R. 29 H mover st 
Jones F. & N. 74 Pearl st 
Jones, I. H. 62 Fulton st 
Keen & Kennedy, 64 do 
Keith, C. E. & Co. 39 Shoe and Lea 

ther St. 
Kimball, D. B. 39 do do 

Kimball, J. B. & Co. 75 Pearl st 
Lamb, C. C. 74 Water st 
Lear, P. 37 Merchants' Row 
Leeds, Henry, 10 Ann st 
Lind4ey, J. C". 24 Central st 
Littletield, J. 59 Fulton st 
M inn, Seth. 53 do 

Manny & Weld. 72 Pearl st 
Massev, S. i). 81 and 83 Fulton st 
i Mitchell & H;;le, 19 do 

Morrison, Dtniel, 19 do 

Murdock, Wm. C. 34 do 

I Nash, French & Co. 42 Fulton st 
Nash, VV. & Co. 19 do 

Ncwhall, (Mieever & Co. 6 Central st 
Newhall, (Jcorgi", 6 do 

Otis, B. F. & Co, 8J Fnlton st 
Page, Frederick A. 12 1-2 Clinton st. 
Perkins, W. R. 4 Blackstone street 

(Spring Sole-) 
I Poland & Converse, 36 N. Mirket .st 
Porter, Charles, 11 &. 13 Central st 


PoUer, E. 83 Fulton st. Boston. ' 

Raridiii, Thomas, Jr., 30 Broad st. 

Raymond, SHm'l, 31 & 33 do 

Rhodes, T. M. 55 Fulton st. 

Rich. T. P. 45 & 47 Pearl st. 

Rohiiisou, Robert L. 20 Central st. 

Robinson, W. C. 57 Fulton st. 

Rogers, John H. 11 TremontRow 

Russell, Levi F. 6 Klackstone st. 

Spaulding, B. P. & Co. 53 Pearl st. 

Stetson, C. 23 Broad & 41 Central st. 

Stoddard, A. 32 North Market st. 

Stone, J. S. 13 Shoe & Leather st. 

Siiong, A. & Co. 30 & 32 Central st. 

Tapley, Amos P. &, Co. 15 & 17 Cen- 
tral St. 

Thayer. E. B. 21 Central street 

Thavcr, Geo. L. 40 do do 

Tirrell, J. & A. 8 Blackstone st. 

Tirrell, Minot, 5 Ferry st. 

Tucker. James, Jr. 50 Pearl st. 

Tucker, Wales, & Co. 45 Fulton st. 

Turner, John, Turnpike cor. Broad- 

Wales, Thomas C. 19 Broad st. cor. 

Webb, T. C. & Co. 79 Fulton st. 

Webster & Co. 39 North M:irket st. 

Webster, Charles W. 12 Elm st. 

Wheeler. James H. & Co. 6 and 8 
Central st. 

Whitney, Joseph & Co. 41 Pearl st. 

Whitney. J. A. & E. 71 Fulton st. 

Whitney, J. P. 3G Can tni 1st. 

Whittemore. Thos.. Jr. 21 Fulton st. 

Wym m, Abel, 46 Fulton st. 


Allen, Wm.W. 1 Market Sq. Boston. 

Andre, Charles, 364 Commercial st. 

Apple ton, C. T. P. 53 Unnover st. 

Atvvood, T. H.515 Washington st. 

Avers, Oliver E., Hanover st. corner 

B iker, Joseph, Broadway, cor. B 

Bancroft, Samuel A. 603 Washing- 
ton street 

B.ixter, Thomas A. T., Change Av. 

Belcher, 647 1-2 Washington st. 

Bell, Theo. H. 155 do 

Benari, J. 531 do 

Blanchard. Leonard. 12 Clinton st. 

Blaney, D. H., Maverick Square, cor. 
Summer st. 

Brackeit, R. 187 Hanover st. 

Brett & Rice. 10 School -t. 

Hrettel, M. 6 U. S. Hotel 

Brigham, J. W. 125 Court st. 

Brooks, J.N. 130 II; never st. Boston. 

Buxton, Stephen, 5 Lewis street 

East Boston, 

Carlton, D. F. 297 WasLiuj:ton st. 


Clapp, F.. Jr. 46 Cambridge st. 

Clement, Theodore. 54 Hanoyer st. 

Coburn. Charles, 55 Court st. 

Cox, C. & M. 171 Washington st. 

Crocker, Joseph, 3 Fleet st. 

Cunmiiskey, M. 48 Merrimac st. 

Daggett, Henry L. 202 Washington st. 

Damon, S. G. 77 Blackstone >t. 

Drske. James M. 61 Commercial st. 

Dunham. J. J. & Co. 116 Court st. 

Dyke, William, Union st. opposite 

Edney, George P. 109 Cambridge st. 

EUms, Archib;ild, Tur:;pike, n. 4th 

Emerson, Gorham &. Son, Broadw^ay, 
near D street 

Estabrook, Jas. A., Merchants* Row, 
cor. Ann st, 

Fairbanks, A. 33 Merchants' Rovr 

Farrington. J. G. 471 Washington st. 

Field. Pearson H. & Co. 172 do 

Field, S. R., Maverick Squ;ire 

Fillebrnwn, Wm. 109 H .hover .st. 

Folsom, Fred. 449 Washington st. 

Ford. Nath. M. 557 do 

Goklthvvait, Joseph L. 167 Hanover 

Greene. Joseph H. 157 Court st. 

Greenwood. Samuel, 5 Hanover st. 

Cross, J. 8 Clinton st. 

Groves, Isaac, Broadway, cor. D. 

Harlow, Ivory, Meridian street, cor. 
Havre East Boston. 

Hayden, Charles, 545 Washington 
street Boston. 

Haynes, W. F. 48 Hanover st. 

Holden, Dana, 126 do 

1 Holmes, Richard. 142 do 

Holton, Lemuel, 79 Court street 
■ Holton, S:imuel S. 43 do 

Houghton, Wm. S. 93 do 
' Hurd. Calvin, 40 Hanover st. 

Kimball, John, 53 Tremont Row 

Laforest, E. A. 503 Wn-hington st. 

Learnard, Wm. H. 10 Marshall st. 
j Leeds, Henry. 10 Ann >t. 

Lefler, C. 152 Court st. 

Lowe, J. H. 46 JVortli Market st. 

Mansfield & Kemp, 89 & 91 Hano- 
j ver street 

I Marvin & Brewer, 45 Hancver st. 
I Mclntire, Daniel, .50 Cambridge st 
[ AicLaughlin, Patrick, 86 Broad st. 
I Moore, E. B. 90 Court st. 



Moore, Jacob F. 17 Merrinmc st. 

Moseley & Fitch. 233 WashinKton st. 
Newcoinb, Norton & Son, 114 Hano- 
ver street 
Newell & Niebuhr, 401 Washington 

Norton, Charles T. 2 City Wharf, on 

Commercial st. 
Nowell, Charles & Co. 373 Washing- 
ton street 
Odell, Noah, 181 Hanover st. 
Penniman & Fiske, Water street, 

cor. Devonshire 
Pollard, S. N., Central Square 

East Boston. 
Poor, Samuel, .Ir. 119 Court street 

Pray, John F. 107 Washington st 
Ranlett & Bull-ird, Broadway, cor. A 
Reed, John, 261 Washington st 
Richardson. Jackson, Maverick Sq. 
Richardson, J. H. 53 Cambridge st 
Robinson, R. & R. & Co. 19 Fulton 

Roessle, John, 328 Washington st 
Rogers, John H. 11 Tremunt Row 
Salisbury, Jotham, 90 Conimerciiil st 
Sherburne, John, 9 Lewis street 

East Boston. 
Sibley. Solomon, 7 Court st. Boston. 
Simouds, George, Canton st 
Simonds, Wm. 57 Cambridge st 
Spence, Wm. P. 182 Hanover st 
Strong, Geo. O. 619 Washington st 
Strong, J. 477 do 

Swett, Silas, 372 do 

Taylor, Julius, Broadway, near C st 
Thompson, Chas. O. &. Co. 74 and 76 

Hanover street 
Timmins, Wm. 164 Broad st 
Tirrell, E. C. 26 Aim st 
Trescott, E., Jr. 389 Washington st 
Turner, Chas. A. 218 Hanover st 
Turner, G. E. 56 Merrimic st 
Turner, James, Tremont street, near 

Tiittle & Oakes, 31 Tremont Row 
Veazie, Geo. A. 136 Hanover st 
Wallis, Francis B. 79 W.ishiugton st 
Weatherbee, E. T. 110 Sunmier st. 

cor. Bro'id 
Weisbrod. b'. 2 Richmond st 
Weld, John, 412 Washington st 
Wenzell, Henrv. 180 do 
White, Charles G. 685 do 
Whittredge, T. J., cor. Fc^deral and 

High streets 
Wi^^well, D. W. 77 Broad st 

Young, Charles, 4.^0 Washington st 

Gaffney, Edward East Cambrida-e 

Maynard, Edw. H. Canibrid$re Port. 

Thayer, Luther, Jr. 

Russell, Nathan 

Buxton, Charles B. 

Wood, Jonas Cambridge. 

White, Thomas J. 

Danforth, Otis 

Fisher, LB. Canton. 

White, Ebenezer, corner Chelsea -t. 
& Charlestown Sq. Charlestown. 

Doyen, R. 151 Main street 

Winchester, M trk, 153 Main street 

Richard, Berry, 174 do 

Arnold, I. F. 72 do 

Hamilton, Nathaniel Chatham. 

Cook, Joshua, Chicopee Falls. 

Cutler, N. 8 Merchant's Row 


Tuck, I. A. Exchnnge street 

Waters, Abram, Ladies' Shoes, Ex- 
change street 

Parshley, S. H. Exchange street 

Hobbs, Wm. B., Main st. Banners. 

Bancroft, Tho-<. do 

Sneli, J. D., Centre street Dedham. 

Wiggin, Andrew. High street 

Tresscott. E., Mill Villige 

Holden, Edward, Lower Mills 


Mellen, John Enfield. 

Marble, J. B. Erving. 

Jenny, John, Central st Fairhaven. 

Drew, Charles, M lin street 

Taylor, Wm. H. Centre street 

Walter & Roth, Merchants' Block 

Full River. 

French, Richard C, Wholesale, 10 
Main & 1 Pleasant street 

French, Stephen L., South Main st 

Adams, John W. 88 .A.nniiwan st 

Smith, A., Main street Fitchburg. 

Merrill, L. A. Georgetown. 

Smith, Chas. 133 & 134 Fr<int street 

Parsons, Gorhmi. 24 & 25 Front st 

H.iskell, J. W. 76 Front street 

Sjjriguc, P. T. Greenfield. 

Ortt. John 

Noyes, James, Shoes Haoerhill. 

Montgomery & Co. 

Johnson, L. & Co. 

Fuller, John S., Shoes 

Fuller, Nathan, Shoes 

Whittier, A.G., Shoes 

Robliins & Brooks Lajorence. 

Lentell, John 



Footman &. Currier Lawrence. 

Pirnons, Solomon 

Stone, Edw. 92 Central st Lowell. 

Lyon, L. D. 106 Ceiitral street 

Wright, N. M. Jr. 112 Central street 

Brown, A. & Co. 114 do 

Wright, H. 51 do 

McLanathan, S., Shoe, 56 Merrimack 

Emery, Wm. E. 62 Merrimack street 

Whiteley, Jo^eph, 39 do 

Berry, Alfred, Ladies' Boots, 86 Mer- 
rimack street 

McLanathan, Henry L. S. 102 Merri- 
mack street 

Critchett, N.. Merrimack -treet 

Dix, Joel H. 148 do 

S mson, Wm. Jr. 184 do 

Merrill, D. do 

Reed, John, 228 do 

Swan, Daniel, 93 do 

. Cr:ini, J. T.. Ladies' Sh<-e , 23 Merri- 

Fox, Wni., Ladies' Shoes. 19 Merri- 
mack street 
Boardmaa, S. A., 18 MerruiKick st 
Rucon, Ranselear, 17 • do 

Boardman, Geo, F. 7 do 

Moore & Cheney, Midddlesex street 
BlMke, J. H. do 

Burrows, E. 65 Market street Lynn. 
Rhodes, Edwin 

Dixey, Benj. D. Marblehead. 

Phillips, J. 
Foss, Thomas 

Rogers, A. & A. Marshjield. 

Johnson, J. W. Milton. 

Ives, E. 1). Muin street Kantucket. 
Wood. David 

Calchtrt, E. H. Orange street 
Freeman & Childs, 95 Union street 
jYcw Bedford. 
Lawton, C. 89 Purchase street 
Ray, J. C. 79 do 

Logan, Wm. B. 80 do 
Prouty & May, 42 do 

Bryant & Dennison, 14 do 
Devon, Pardon, 26 do 

Ewer, Paul, Wholesale, 11 South 

Water street 
Keith, L. B. 150 Union street 
Smith, Wm. & Co. 3 Cheapside 
Bourne, Nelson, 19 do 

Swain, Oliver, 82 Main street 
Jenny, Francis, 16 T^ird street 
Matthews, Wm. 106 do 
Raymond, S. E., Purchase street 
Colby, R. C. Water st Xtwburyport. 
Piugrey, Dai.iel, State street 

Jordon, S. State st J^'ewburyport. 
Peabody, C. Jr. & Co. Pleasant .^t 
Converse, D. 18 Merchants' Row 
I J^orthamptuv. 

Slate, Erastus 
'Sacket, Rulus 

Howard, W. S. Pittsfield. 

Holmes. S. B. P/ymouih. 

Bailey & Smith Provincctoicn. 

.Smith, J. L. 
{ Young, L. 
I Randall, John 

Adims, E. B. Eustis street, cor: < r 
Dudley Rvxbury. 

Alleiidorf. Adam, 58 Washington st 

Bird, Chas. G. 93 do 

Higelow, J., Rubbers, 77 do 

Childs, Geo, 94 Washington street, 
opposite Water 

Colburn, Phineas, Tremont st. near 

Davis, Chas, H. Washington str» et 
ojiposite Norfolk Hou-e 

Field & Gould, head of Dudley st 

(Jhdley, Oliver L. & Co. 67 Washii g- 
ton, VVinih. Baj.k Puildii^g 

Perkins, N. W., L;. dies' Slioes, 78 
Washington street 

Strong, George, 101 Washington st 

Webber, Wm. 124 Washington street 
opposite Vernon 

Odell, Beij. G. 34 North st .<n/ ,n. 

Wilbmghby, C. D. South. i>a.,m. 

Basson & Glover. 4 Lnfayette st 

Rhodes, C. 46 Derby street 

B irlow, John, 149 Essex street 
I Richardson, J. 213 do 

Decoane. F. 273 do 

I Perley, John, 252 do 

Bus well, Eben, 238 do 

Palmer, C. & Co. 216 do 

Gomes, Joseph, Front street 
1 Keith & SturteVMUt Snndvich. 

(Jay lord, John, South Hndley Falls. 
\ Elmer, Rufus, M.nin st Springfield. 

KendMll, Joel, 11 do 
I Sphinney, W. N. 2 Hampden Hall 
I Elmer, Willard, 5 State ^treet 

Elmer, Nelson L., Agawam Block 

Stewart, Austin, Springfield Hill 

Riiidge, Lsaac Jr. 4 M.issasoit Row 

Seaver, Nathan B., Main street 


Hoard, N. S. & C. M. 

Gilbert, H. & Co. (wholesale and re- 
tail), 4 Main st 

Crane, Elisha C. 31 Main stv 

Sh^'ttuck. George E. 
I Elliott, Sauiutl Tyvgsborough, 



Stevens, N. E. Warwick. 

Russell, J. & W. E. 

Wheeler & Marsh Watertown. 

Iicson, J. & Son Webster. 

Rice, A. W. 

Pmith, Samuel C. • Westfield. 

T .linadge, E. G. 

Nash, Prince E. Weymouth. 

Thompson, L., Jr. Woburn. 

Bovven, E. H. (wholesale). 210 Main 

street Worcester. 

Rowen, George, 208 Main st 
R.Mnis, Edward, 223 do 
Fuller. Jos. D. 219 do 

Parsons, H. E. (wholesale), 119 Main 

Waldo, Winter & Co. 89 Main st 
Otis, B. B. & Co. (wholesale), 20 and 

22 Main st 
Li.njilev, Chas.W. & Co. (wholesale), 

144 Main st 
Thompson, Olney F. (wholesale), 

170 Main st 
Ayres, Wm. W. (Ladies'), 255 Main 

Swain, C. P. (Ladies'), Market st 
Chapin, I. S. 61 Main st 
Pirker, Elisha South Yarmouth. 

B iker, M. C. 
Jenkins, E. 

Boot and Shoe Manufac- 

Cleverly, Joseph Abington. 

E ird, James, Jr. 

Freeman, Joseph B. 

R ijiuond, H. A. 

F ;rd, E. 

Wales, S. R. & W. S. (Boot*;) 

Shaw, Philander 

Curtis, Leander 

B/ul, Benjamin 

Reed, W. & Co. East Abington. 

B -Hi & Thomp ;on 

Biitelow. James F. 

Poole, M. H. 

Shaw, Sumner 

Curtis, Abner 

Dill. Joseph 

Be il, Nathaniel 

P >llard, Isaac 

Jenkins, Geo. W. ^ 

Line, Jenkins 

V (U2han, Joseph 

Vaughan, Stetson 

N:isli, Joshua \j. 

Dunham, Henry 

Noyes, Tra, (Root';) East Abington. 

Hunt, Thomas J. 

Whitmarsh, Joshua 

Faxon, L. &. Co. 

Tha.xter & Cushing 

King. Jo'^hua 

Loud, Alden 

Fullerton, Jas. R. South Abington 

Norton, Sanmel 

Blake, S., Jr. 

Viuing, S., (Brogans) 

Gurney. John 

Gurney & Dyer, (Brogans) 

Gurney, Leander P. 

Fo-ter, Hector 

Fletcher, John Actnn. 

Dean, D. South Adams. 

Butler, A. P. & Co. jVorth Adams. 

Olds, Alfred 

Rogers, Edwin, (dealers) 

Hill, S. F. 

Rogers, Ingraham & Co. 

Collins, Herman Alford. 

Pettingill, Wm. P. (Ladies' Shoes) 

Perkins, George, (Ladies' Shoes) 
Jones, Wm., (Shoe.-) 
Kellogg, C. Amherst. 

liiihhani. Elijah 

Barnard, Gilbert Andooer. 

Jordan, R. B. jYorth Andover 

Sanderson. Asa Ashfield. 

Samson, H. R. Ashby. 

Til ton & Hanson, (Boots) Ashland. 

Kendall, Otis Athol. 

Jones & Simonds 

Lewis & Lee, (Kid Shoes) 

Stetson, Thomas, Jr. Barnstable. 

Rice, John W. Barre. 

Barnard, Joshua, Jr. Becket. 

Rutterfield, J. Bedford. 

Chamberlain & Billings 

(Ueason, Lewis P. (Shoe-) 

Freeman, James M. Bellingham. 

Colburn, Dwight, (Boots) 

Chilson, Paul 

Wheeler, E. T. (Shoes) Berlin. 

BMrnard, Lewis H. do 

Roundy, N. Beverly. 

Tuttle, O. 

Herrick, Joshua, (Shoes) 

Dickinson, Sam. J^orth Blandford. 

Wilson, Theodore Blandford. 

Adams, Joseph K. 7 Pinckney stn;et 

Anderson, H. M. G Theatre Alley 

Augustu", John, 5 FrmklLn Avenue 

Bibl), (i. W. :^8 .Mien st 

Baker, Abel, 1 Water st 



Bangs, A.. Jr., 248 CommerciHl st 

Barnard, George L. 3 Spriiig Lane 
Barrett, Thomas, 9 Btdford st. 
B trtholmesz, G. 545 Washington st 
Bassett, .J., Suinner st East Boston. 
Bates, Joel N., Russell st.. cor. Viae 
Becker, Wm., Franklin Place, corner 

of Hawley st 
Bigelow, Parker, 155 Endicott st 
Bisbee, R. & Co. 29 School st 
Blake, Win. 6 Bedford st 
Blanchurd, Nathaniel, VVe^t Cedar 

St. near Pinckney 
Brackett, R. 187 Hanover st 
Brtitell, M. 6 U. S. Hotel 
Bullard, James, 115 Cambridge si 
Carroll, Thomas, 76 Essex st 
Coburn, James F.. Jr., 13 Salem st. 
Colby, Moses L. 62 1-2 .Myrtle st. 
Collier, VVm., Suffolk st. near South 

Commin, Andrew, 14 Avery st 
Converse, B. M. 69 Cornhill 
Cook, Henry, 6 Friend st t 

Crocker, Joseph. 3 F'ieet st 
Crockett, G. B. 119 Court st 
Cummiskey, M. 48 Merrimack st 
Dean, Laomi, Lancaster st 
Devlin, J. 4 King-ton st 
Donnegan, T. & W. 105 Ann st 
Donaley, F. 564 Washington st 
Eckert, Valentine, Sumaer st., corner 

of South 
Edwards, A. 67 Leveret st 
Ellms A., Turnpike, near Fourth st 
Emerson, G. &c Son, Broadway, near 

D street 
Field, George, 30 Sudhurv st 
Flvnn, John, 103 Bro id st 
F(>rbe.s, Wm. 109 Charles st 
Foster, Rob; rt, 23 Leveret st 
Fowle, J. 19 Atkinson st 
Goldthwait, Jos. G. rear 4 Brattle Sq. 
Griggs, J. B., Harrison Avenue, op- 
posite Bennet st 
Gunning, E. C. 4 Avery st 
H.ger, J., Boylston st. corner Lowell 

Place ^ 

Hall, Eben. Webster st 
Hancock, Daniel, Pitts street, near 

Harluw, Ivory, Meridian st 
Harrington. Solomon, 48 Congress s 
Hasenfus, W., Poplar st. siear Spring 
Haserfughs, Francis, 2 Brid<;e st 
Hey wood, D. 1 Chestnut FLice 
HiU, J. 90 Eudicot st 

Holden, Martin, 10 Devonshire st 

Holman, J. S., opposite 99 Suinme.- »t 
Holmes, i: S. 222 Washington st 
Howe, Marcus, 8 Beach st 
Hoyt, David K. 4 B. Iknap st 
Jenkins, Wm. 664 Washington st 
Jeser, F. A., Northampton st 
Karcher, Chri.-tian, Broadway, near 

I) street 
Kolp, P. C. 74 Federal st 
Lane, Silas, Church st. cor. S. Cedar 
Larrabee, John, Broadway, n. C st 
Leach & Atwood, 46 Devonshire st 
Learned. Grant, 5 1-2 Brunifield st 
Leear, Henry, 559 Washington st 
Loheed, J., South st. near Beach 
Lynch, Charles, 144 Ann st 
Merchant, J. F., Sumner street, cor. 

Marden, David, 105 1-2 Salem st 
Martin, B. 10 Williams st 
Martis, A. 76 Cambridge st 
McCarthy, John, 34 Congress st 
McConelogue, J. 378 1-2 Washir.gtoQ 

McDougall, James, opposite 57 War- 
ren street 
McLitire, D. 50 Cambridge st 
M>rrtz, Thomas, Eliot st. near Wash- 
Miereng, Joseph, Kneeland st. cor. 

Mitchell, A. 3 Kneeland st 
Muiller, Dennis, 474 Washington t 
Mullen, John, Turnpike, corner Sil- 
ver street 
Murphy, John, Sumner st 
Murphy, J. 127 Sea st 
Myers, F., Sudbury st. cor. Portland 
Nigel. P. 16 N. Centre st 
Nefz, J. 212 Ann st 
Norton, T., Norfolk Avenue 
O'Brien, Tiiom s, 2d st. i.ear Dor- 

Odenwald, G. A. 22 & 24 Deme >t 
O'Hara, Michael. 49 Eliot st 
O'Neill, Matthew, Sumner st. n<^ar 
Havre East Boston. 

Parshley, J. S., Broadway, near Turn- 
pike Boston. 
Payne, Ellas, 15 Water st 
Peni.iman & Fiske, Water street cor. 

Perkin.s, W^m.26 Salem st 
Pogue, J. 82 Prii ce st 
Power, James, 67 Pleasant '^t 
Ranlett & Bullard, Broad\\ay, cor- 
ner A street 

finest Brewster, 




R mmes, T., HHrrison Avenue, near; Hay ward, Charles, Boot Braivtree. 
A ylum Boston. Stoddard, Aiicel, Boot S. liraiiitrce. 

Thayer, E. F. E., Boot Brxtntrtc. 

Arnold, K. S., Boot 

Arnold, John B. 

i\iles, Daniel H. 

Hollis, John A., Boot 

Holbrook, J.inios S., Boot 

Arnold, Jo-eph A. South Braintree 

Holbrook, Joel E., Boot 

Potter, E. & Co. do 

Stoddard, Jiid.on 

Dyer& Br; dtord 

Sears, Joseph E. 

Mitchell & Hale 

VVihis, Kathan 

King, P. C. & Co. 

Bri<i!j,s, Thomas C. 

KiniUnll & Robinson 

Birnard, W. 

Einer-oa, J. D. 

Tolnian, C. VV. 

Thayer, S. T. 

VVhi'tcoinb, Elliot 

Cutler, Silas 

Reed, Ei.os East Cambridge. 

Johnson, S. J., North 3d street 

Morey, William Cambridge Port. 

Clark, Chandler Charlemunt. 

Martin, Newhall, 113 Main street 

Mayhew, T. T. & D. 149 1-2 Main st 
Knight &. Poor, 98 do 

Everett, H. 94 do 

Gardner, Franklin, 92 do 

Poor, Charles, 76 do 

Miller, Charles, 74 do 

Barn..rd, John, corner Harvard and 

M:;in streets 
Cuminiigs, Raymond, Ladies' Shoes, 

cor. Main & Harvard streets 
Thayer, Davis Charlton. 

Sibley, Hiram J^orth Charlton. 

Mayo, Richard Chatham. 

Buck, Jonathan 

Lindsey, Nathaniel Chelmsford. 
Smith, Sherman B. Chicopee Falls. 
Hubbard, A. 

Bobbins, J. S., Exchange st Chicopee. 
Hitchcock, \V. L. & J. W., E.xchai ge 

street , 

Hastings, Jonas 
Tolman. Elisha 
Ktlsey, A. A. 

R ciiardson, James, 92 Tremoiit _ 

P.uiie, M. 296 Washington st 

Ruby, C. 85 1 2 Eliot st 

Rusn Daniel, R. R. Block, Lincoln st 

Schayer, John, 38 Congress st 

Schmidt, John C, Theatre Alley 

Schwoerer, L, 18 Howard st 

S caverns, Henry, 1 Chapman Place 

Shirley, Abner, opposite 72 Charles 

Simonds, George, Canton st 
Sinionds. L. 36 Portland st 
Sinnott, Wm. 220 Ann st 
Slocum, A. G. 6 1-2 Brighton st 
Small, Frederick, 6 Bed'tord st 
Smith, Geo. P., Purchase street, cor. 

Smith, James, 2 North End Block 
Smith, Thomas, 84 Cambridge st 
Standish, W., Sea st. cor. Beach 
Stone, J. A., Federal street corner 

Sturgis, J., Green st. cor. Lynde 
Swain. S., Broadway, near Dorches- 
ter street 
Tomlinson, Jas. 532 Washington st 
T(,wnsend, Geo. W. 5 North End 

Turner, James, Trcmont street, near 

Tyler, Asa, 192 Tremont st 
Viaal, P., Carver st. near Pleasant 
Wade, A., rear 204 Washington st 
Waitt, Isaac B. 5 School st 
Wallace, J. 6o Eliot st 
White, Chas. G. 685 Washington st 
Wright, G. B. 172 Ann st 

Bndwell, N., over 198 Washington 
street, Gaiter's Boston. 

Brown, A., rear 204 Washington st 
Hiiskell, J. C. 204 do 

Hills, Joseph. 72 Tremoi.t st 
KMOtt. James & Son, near 25 Brom- 

field street, Robert. 16 School st 
0.:born, J. J. & Son, 4 Bedford st 
Shirley. Abner, 72 Ch^irles st 
At wood, George East Bradford. 
Lucy, William '' 


S .vory, George, Shoe 
P.ukpr, Stephen, Shoe 
Griffin, Walter, Shoe 
P ge. Paul, Shoe 
Veazie, S., Boot 

iJ(iy, Franklin R. Cummington. 

jDane, Francis, Shoes (wholesale) 
I Lowell street Danvers. 

Phillips & Peabody, Shoes, 5 Allen's 


Morrison, Joseph & Co., Shoes, Main 
street Dahvers. 

D miels, David, Shoes, Mnin st 
Fuller, Edward, do do 

Potter, Charles, Shoes, Foster st 
Walker, Franklin, Boots, Central st 
Noyes, Francis, Maple street 

Jforth Danvers. 
Silvester, Nathaniel, Maple st 
Perley, Frederick. Shoes 
Boardman &. Gould, Shoes, Locust st 
Putnam, M. & Black, Shoes 
Putnam, Samuel do 

Trask, El bridge do 

Putnam. Stephen do 

Boardman, Nathaniel do 
Putnam, Aaron do 

Put lam, L H. do 

Pope, Ira P. do 

Putnam, Geo.^A. do 

Flint, Joseph P. do 

Puti-am, H. F. do 

Emerson, Daniel do 

Butler, J. C. do 

K lights, Allen do 

Allen, A. G. do 

Silvester, Joshua do 

Putnam. Elias & Co. do 
Corning, Phineas, Shoes, New Mills 
Friend, Isaac P., Shoes, New Mills 
Barker, Wni., Jr. J^'orth Dartmouth. 
Bate*, VVni. D. South Deerfield. 

Underwood, M S. South Dennis. 
Fowle, Henry L., Nepon-et 

Lucas, J., Jr. 
Nichols, Richard 
Sias, E. & J. 

Carben, B. A. Du'lley. 

Holmes, John Duxbary. 

Bryant. Seth East Bridgewater. 
Bates, Henry G. 
Edson, Henry 
Keith, Robert 
Hathaway, Joseph L, 
Jones, Samuel D. 

Rice, E. H. Ea.^thampton. 

Makely, Wra. J\,''orth Ea-rrniont. 

Stuart, Talmon, Main ^i.Kdirartown. 
Randall, A. "Enfield. 

Goldsmith, E. K. Essex. 

Sargent, Wm. H. 
Perkins, 3(1. Ezra 

Gilford, S.H. Fnirhaven. 

Cook, G. D. 10 Granite Block, M .rket 

Square FnJl River. 

French, Job B. 25 Merchants' Block, 

North Main street 

Graves, Gardner, South Main st 

Fall River, 
Smith, Thomas B. 72 Annawan st 
Cook, B. & L;,. 13 Pleasant st 
French. A^a P. 

Edwards, Watson Falmouth. 

Micks, John 

Smith, A., Main st. Fitchbur^ 

Currier, Jas. M., Shoe Framinghain, 
Washburn, Thomas 
Little & Noyes Oeorgetown. 

Nelson & Hood 
Perry, J. 

Piatt, John L., Shoe 
Cooker, John P. 

Stratton, Samuel Oill. 

Perkins, Dean, 2 Union Hill 

Evans, Wm. Oreat Barrington. 

Selkirk, W. 
Ives, Martin F, 

H tskins. A. P. Oreenfield. 

Cragin, E. Oroton. 

Robbins. Asa 

Blake, Wm. Hadley. 

Boice, G. A. J^orth Hadley. 

Lyon, Brian Halifaz. 

Mason, James Hancock. 

Everett, George 

Josselyn. S. Hanover. 

Blanchard, (Jhris. (Shoes) 

J^orth Hanover. 
Studley, John B. 
Cleverly, C. S. 

Drew, C. Hanson. 

Soper, Jeremiah 

Nickerson. Phineas Hanson Port. 
Underwood, Sidney 
Elliott, Sanmel, (Shoes 

East Haverhill. 
Whittier, George. (Shoes) Haverhill. 
Dresser, T. N. (Brogans) 
Hunking. C, D. (Shoes) 
Hobson, Daniel, do 
Fitts, Joseph do 

Kimball. Albert do 
Bradley & Tvler do 
Currier, G. C.& Co. do 
Woodman, B. P. & Co. (Shoes) 
Whittier, Leonard, do 

Bennett, N. P. do 

Corning & Davis, do 

George & Little, do 

Emerson, Mo^es E. do 

Sawyer, Samuel C. do 

Blanchard, J. 

Burr & Marsh Hinghant- 

French, Edward South Hingham. 
Nash, French & Co. 


Abbott, D vid II. South Hinffham. 

S;io\v, Charles Hinsdale. 

Leland, John P. (Root) HoLliston. 

Diuicl.s, Geo. D. du 

O'Brien, Iiu«h, do 

Cobiirn, N. P. do Hopkinton. 

Davenport & Gibb; 

Bouker & Manstield 

Parkhur<i, Will ird 

Sawyi^r, Ileiirv .1. 

B(jWKer, U. 

King, Knos 

Hills, Albert H. Ipswich. 

VVaile, J. &, Son 

VVellington & Daniels 

Bancroft. T., Xew Boston Lancaster. 

Haws M. D. (Kid Shoes), Clinton- 

Humphrey, Reuben Lanesboroxigh. 
Wuiie, S. V. Lawrence, 

Henderson, E. M. Suath Lee. 

Holdeu, William Lenox. 

Stevens. Darius 

N.i<h, O. Lexington. 

Wright, Geo. 88 Central st Lowell. 
Farr & Wliitoey, 123 Central st 
Mills & Plummer, 06 .Merrimack st 
Wright, A. C. & Co. 84 do 

B iscom, Win. 110 do 

Palmer, John A. 188 do 

Emerson, Moses, 120 do 

Leavilt, Wm. H. 170 do 

Emerson, George, 262 do 

Palmer, Asa Lynnjield. 

Moulton, EiMiJHinin 
Whitiredge, W. & G. 
Maiistield, M. (Ladies' Shoes) Lynn. 
liu!)ier, H. M. &. Co. (Shoe;) 
Breed, Ilearv A. do 

Newell 6l B'lchckler, 54 Market st 
Oliver, W. B. & J. (Ladies' Shoes), 

4 M irket street 
Newhall, Harrison (Ladies' Shoes), 

6 North Common st 
Spinney, John (Shoes), 22 North 

Common >t 
Phelps, Albert, 43 North Common 

B mcroft, Thomas F. (Ladies' Shoes), 

4") North Common st 
Kimball, Nathan, North Common st 
Ellis, David (Shoes), do 

Gale, Sanmel (Ladies' Shoes), 14 

Market st 
Baker, E. (Gents' Gaiters and Ladies' 

Shoes), Market st 
Wooldredge, John (Ladies' Shoes), 

33 Market st 
Graves, J imes, 35 Market st 

jOlivT Sti^phen. Jr., Ladies' Shoes, 
26 South Common st Lynn. 

Spinney, W. N., Shoe.s, S.iuth Com- 
I mon street 

Burrill, Chas. E., Shoes, South Com- 
mon street 
Richardson, T. P., Shoe^ 22 South 

Common st 
Newhall, Tjucian, Shoes, 30 South 

Common st 
Hayden & Downing, Shoes, South 

Common st 
Robinson, Christop'r, Ladies' Shoes, 

40 South Common st 
Newhall, Paul & Sons, Ladies' 
Shoes, 41 & 42 South Common st 
Webster, Wm., India Rubber Shoes, 

South Common st 
Taylor, David, Ladies' Shoes, South 

Common st 
Purinton, B., Shoes 
Newhall, Elbridge, Shoes 
Ireson & Johnson, do, South 

Common st 
Bowler, Thomas, Shoes, South Com- 
mon st 
Johnson, John B., Shoes, South Com- 
mon st 
Br led, Isaiah, Shoes, 19 Exchange st 
Fuller, J. M., Shoes, Willow st 
S.impson, John A., Exchange st 
Keene, Geo. W., Ladies' Shoes, 4 Ex- 
change st 
Green, Samuel A., Shoes, 18 Ex- 
change st 
Cobb, Isaac B., Shoes, 22 Exchange 

Sattwill, G., Shoes, 2 Broad st 
Breed, Moses, do, 4 - do 
Breed, Nathan, do, 6 do 

Sargent <Sc Breed, Gents' Gaiters and 

Ladies' Shoes, 2 Broad st 
Newhall, Jos. P., Shoes, 24 Broad st 
Chase, James B. do, 16 do 

Brown, N. do, 18 do 

Pratt, John, do, 24 do 

Pratt, M. C, do, 23 do 

Mower, Amos, do, 31 do 

Stacy, Thomas, do, 27 do 

Swain, J. H„ do, do 

Chase, Nathan D., do, 56 do 
Chase, Wm. A., Ladies', 62 do 
Cri.ise, John B., Shoes, 47 do 

Ingills, Albert, do, 36 do 

CliHse, Josiah, Shoes, 2 Washington 

Burrill, Alanson, Shoes, Newh ill st 
Wheeler. W. H. & Co., Shoes 
Strgei.t, Samuel, Shoes, Newhall st 


Richard, Benj., Jr., Shoes, 12 Broad 
sueet J^ynn. 

Riivel, B. P., Shoes, Union st 

Sanderson, J.C, Ladies' Shoes, 26 1-2 
Union st 

Story, John, Shoes, Swamscott st 

Doak, Francis S., Shoes, O. M. do 

Newhall, T. A. do, Market st 

Tapley, A. & Co. (Ladies' Shoes), 
Front St. 

Hill, Chas., Jr. Maiden. 

Howard, Caleb 

EuiersQn, Geo. & Co. J^orth Maiden. 

Upham, Freeman 

VV^est, Isaac S. Manchester. 

Sparhawk, J., Jr. Marblehead. 

Stevens, Wm. 

Knight, Win. M. 

Knight, Geo. & Co. 

Spirhawk, Samuel 

G.irney, Thomas, Jr. 

Harris, Joseph & Sons 

Manning, Samuel & Son 

Woodbridge, Thomas. Jr., (Shoes) 

Browu, Jonathan & Sou do 

Bassett, Joseph R. do 

Snow, Thomas do 

Reynolds, M. H. do 

Hidden, Samuel B. do 

Loi.g, John do 

Snow, James H. do 

Hawkes, Benjamin 

Hawkes, Moses 

Lawrence, E. 

Siiow (2d), T. 

Graves, Samuel E. 

Hjirris, Richard T. 

Jsicliolson, Thomas 

Nichols, Reuben 

St ;cy, WilUam 

Glover, John 

Hidden, Joseph 

Snow, Joseph 

Reynolds, Joseph 

Chapman, Samuel 

Homer, John, Jr. 

Collins &. Green Marlborough. 

Biijgham, Francis, Feltonville 

Stratton, Lorenzo 

Wadge, Rufus 

Fairbanks, E. & W. IVest Medicay. 

Parker, James 

Smith, John S. 

Daniels, Willard 

Daniels, Francis P., Ladies' Shoes 

Partridge. Clark 

Brown, Matthew, Rockville 



Hunting, Wm. H., Ladies' Shoes 
I East Medway. 

iTwing, A., Ladies' Shoes 

Comstock, Wm. H. 

Leach, Walter N. 
I White, Josiah G., Shoes 
I White, T. W. do 

I George, Frederick do 
I Merrill, Moses 

Currier, Daniel 

Clark & Dearborn 

Ward & Doggett 

Eaton, Leonard & Co. 

Clark, Amos V., Brogans 

Perkins, Elijah do 

Keith, N., Shoes and Brogans 

Meniam, H. P. & Co. Middleton. 

AveriU. E. P. & Co., Shoes 

Wilkins, E. & Co. do 

Parkhurst, O. B., Kip Boots Milford. 

Carpenter, S. P. do 

Day, Nathan, Boots 

Daniels, Edward, Kip Boots 

Leland & Barker do 

Perry, W. C. do. 

1 Mason, John, Boots 

I'hayer, Otis do 

Bowker, Geo. do 

Hunt, Adam do 

Underwood, O. do 

Godd:.rd &Rice Millbury. 

Dudley, Elijah 

Wood,' A. 

Pepper, Foster Monson. 

Kellogg, Be la 

Vosburgh, Henry Mt. Washington. 

Tyrrer, Lewis Monterey. 

Sweet & Starbuck JSTantucket. 

Crocker, Ezekiel, Cambridge st 

Hamblin, Thomas, Water st 

Gardner, Francis C. 59 Orai:ge st 

Tracy, Jared W. 61 do 

Orrington, Wm., Union st 

Jones, Lemuel. Broad st 

Lovell, Charles, Main st 

Salisbury, James 

Crocker, H. 

Childs & Hardy JVatick 

Brigham, E. & Son 

Hanchett, P. S., Shoe 

Morse, Leonard 

Hayes, Richard, Shoe 

Hanchett & Morse, Shoe 

Wolcott, E. & S. do 

Wolcott, Jonathan do 

Wolcott, J. B. do 

\Vilson, Henry do 

Trask, James H. do 

Hayes, CUesley do 


F.'lch & Phillip^ Shoe .Yatick. 

Wolcott. J. G. do 

Haucliett, Ebe;;czer,Shues lor South- 
era Trude 

Hayes & Gilmore, Shoe 

Whitney. J. & Co. do 

Bigelow, J. do 

Perry, Calvin do S. Xatick. 

Ewer,.Paul, 11 South W iter st 

Mew Bedford. 

Parker, Jacob S. 112 Union si 

Lathrop, A. 12 Purchase st 

Parker & Davis. 80 do 

Bryant & Dennison. 14 do 

Lawton. C. 89 Purch ise st 

Cohb. Prentiss M. HI Kenipton st 

Davenport, Edward VV. 75 William 
s rett 

Bosworth. Henry L.61 N. Sixth st 

Guumons. Lemuel, Jr., Lyndon st 

Johnson. Samuel, Middle st 

D I vis. James. 54 South Water st 

Gill'ord, C. 193 do do 

Parsons, Eben. 130 do do 

Hatheway, Martin. 152 Union st 

Wheeler, J. 8 Cheapside 

Swain, Oliver. 82 Union st 

Pearson, John, 9 Cornhill, state st 


Horton, Nathaniel, 11 Coruhill, State 

Cros>, Benjamin, Water st 

Johnson, Chas. 4 Merrimack st 

Kobinson, R. & R. 

furrier, Thomas, Water st 

Morse, Wm. B., Ladies' Shoes, 19 
State street 

Bartlett. B. F., Pleasant st 

Uuestrom, Chas. 1 Si te st 

Pingrey, Daniel do 

Danielson, C. II., Shoe 

Hilliard, Timothy 

Poole, John. State st 

Hager, VV^llter JVewton Low r Falls. 

Reed & Dant'orth do do do 

Guild. J. JVewton Corner. 

Adams, Warren JS'ortkbndge. 

Marshall, P. Murth Bridgewater. 

Copeland &. Hartwell 

White. G. 

Cary. B., Jr., Shoe 

Dunbar & Ford 

French. Wm., Jr. &. Co. 

Heb ird, VV. H. H. 

Reynolds. Benj uiiin F. 

Stoddard, Children^' Shoes 

Packard, Edward S., Brcgaus 

Howard, Henry 

Howard, David 

Curtis, Isaac F. ^V. Bridgewater. 

Whitney & Haskell, Calla.Td Kid 

Dewing & Edmonds JV". Broukjieid, 

Batcheller, T. & E. 

Billings, Wui. C. jXorthfieid. 

Slate, Erastus JVorthampttm. 

Knight, L. E. 

Sacket, Rufus 

Gates, C. & S. Orange. 

Sparrow, Jesse, Jr. Orleans. 

Davis, E., Shoe Oxford. 

Gay, T. T. do 

Southvvick, Samuel, Shoe 

Davis, C, Jr. do 

Carbin, L. Bi do 

Fleming, Joseph Palmer De'pot. 

Converse, Chancy 

Moores, George Thorndike Palmer. 

Little, J. B. 

Sweet, Wm. Pawtucket. 

Howe, H. H. Paxton. 

Larkin & Bigelow 

Pierce, Otis 

Davis, D. G. 

Mattuck. P. Pepperell. 

Brooks, Phineas Petersham. 

Drake & Co. 

Weller, John Pittsjield. 

Hungerford, R. 

Howard &. Cooley 

Brown, John 

Irving & Biyard 

May, Thomas Plymouth. 

Cobb, H., Jr. 

Hutchinson & Brooks Princeton. 

Knowles, J. P. Provincetuwn. 

Nash, Wm. (^uincy. 

Wild, N. A., Thick Boots 

Curtis, Noah 

Hardwick, H<?nry 

Whicher, John D. 

Curtis, Benjamin 

White, Nathan H. 

Curtis, Willi .m 

Hardwick, W. P. & J. M. 

Curtis C. & L. 

Curtis, A. & Co., Fine Boots 

Bigelow, Jabez 

Marsh. Charles & Co. 

Underwood, W. S. 

Nightingale, J. B. 

French, Luther, Shoo E. Randolph. 

French, Calvin do 

While, T. 

Whitconib, L. S., Sh(>e 

Faxon, D. do 

Adams, John do 

Parker, David Rinio'ph. 

Leeds, Jauies 



B Icher. John, Jr. Randolph. 

Bficiier, Henry 

Weritworth, W,, Boot 

Abbot, William 

Wiles, Isaac 

Niles, Jacob 

Thayer, J. E. 

Blanchard, D '.vid East Randolph. 

White, Jonaih ii:, Siidos 

Hayden, Elij.ih 

Holbrook, C. S., Shoe 

French, Thadeus 

French, Isaac. N. 

Derby, A. & S. 

Vining, S. A. 

Belcher, Elisha, Shoe 

Holbrook, E. N. do 

Whitcoiiib, Lewis 

Lincoln, Ephraim, Shoe 

While, Thos. J. & Co. do 

White, Jairus 

Wild, L. F. 

Wales, Erastus 

Alden, John Randolph. 

Alden, Hiram 

French, Sidney, Jr. 

Clark, iMatthevv 

Burrell & Mtguiie 

Thayer & Jenrangs 

Howard. Daniel 

Payne, D. L. 

Howard & French 

Thayer, L, F. 

P"ndcrgrass, Orlando 

Whitcomb. A. W. 

Perkins, W'. R. 'Reading. 

Foster, Stephen, Shoe 

H alden. Abiel do 

Richardson, Henry 

Briwn k. Mills Rockport. 

Po,)!. Alfred C. 

Pool & Farr 

Todd, Nathan 

Adams, E. B., Funis street, corner 

Dudley Rozbury. 

Barrows, James B., Ruggleg st. near 

Brooks, John, 2d, 35 Washington st 
Brooks, Wm. 35 VVashingtou st. near 

Barnard, J., Centre st. cor. Thomas 
Brown, Asa, Washington st. oppo- 
site Norfolk Hou^e 
Coverly, E. C, Tremont street, cor. 

Curtis, Nahum, Cabot street, corner 

Davis, Wm. J., Railroad Crossing, 

Forest Hill 

Donnally, Michael, Warren st. ccr. 
Union Rozbury. 

Hooper, Isaac D., Greeu St., Jamaica 

Jordan, C, Spring st. W. Rozbury. 

Jordan, Sylvanus, Dudley st. oppo- 
site City Hall Rozbury. 

Jordan, R. C. 128 Washingion street, 
opposite Vernon 

Lang, A., Webber st 

Lilley, Andrew, Cabot t. near Sud- 

McCarty, P., Davis st 

Pevear, Daniel S., Dudley st. near 

Pevear, Chas. B., Warren st. near 

Prescott, Joseph O., turnpike, cor. 
Forest Hill 

Perkins, N. W. 78 Washington st 

Tucker, Seth, Tremont street, near 

Wood, E. R. 29 Washington st 

Knight, W. 5 North st Salnm. 

Furguson, T. B. 4 Union st 

Dalton, E. M. 96 Essex st 

McCloy, Robert, 112 do 

Brown, John A. 31 Washington st 

Dalton, Joseph & Son, near Depot 
' Lake, C. H. 110 Derby st 
; Henderson, P., Jr. 9 1-2 St. Pettr st 

Hay, John, 35 Brown si 

Averell & Low, 78 Boston st 

Peabody & Ashby, Ladie.^' Shoes, 
178 Essex st 

Southward, T. W. 189 Essex st 
I Brown, J. & Co. Salisbvry. 

! Mellen, Washington Sandi.^fiti,d. 

Waldron, L. D. & Co. Haigtis. 

! Newhall, J. W., Shoe 
I Calley, Jacob do 
I Atherton, A. S. do 
I Jackson, P. do 

Daniels, A. C. Scituate. 

Hersey, Caleb 

Gay, George W., Boot Sharon. 

Winship & Johnson, Boot 
! Richards, L. A. 

Hixon, A. G. & C. D. do 
I Turner, Isaac Sheffield. 

' Eardwell, Apolas Shelburne falls. 

Bardwell, B. B. 

Bliss, Augustus Shrewsbury. 

Winter. J. H. Shutesbury. 

La Croix, Edward, Ladies Shoe 


Hawks, D. A., Ladies' Shoes 

!M-ivnnrd, T. South Hajliey. 

Pendleton, R. C. 


Cl'.apman, S. Southampton. 

Stowe, John, Shoe Sout/i Heading. 

Havvkes, Adiini 

Sweetser, A. N. & A. G. 

Willy, B. B. & Son 

Walton, Edward H. 

Emerson, Thomas, Shoe 

White, John do 

Abhott, B. F. do 

Grout, Bu h & Co., Boots Spencer. 

Jones, A. T. & E. do 

D?iiny, Charles E. do 

Greou, J. do 

Hixon& Dewey,Mainst. Springfield. 

S|j iiiney, W, N. 2 Haniptien Hall 

Eim--r, A'ehon L., Agau am Block. 

Townsly & Bali, Fi ,e, Main st 

Riiidge, IsHac Jr., 4 Massiisoil Row 

Dunb ir, M. C, French Boots, Main st 

Ferre, Horrace, State st 

L Die, J., Curtiiville Sluckbridge. 

Miller, M ircus 

Spr gue, D. L., Shoe Stuneham. 

Riiwe, Allen & Son, Shoe 

Sweetser, Warren do 

Hay, Ira & Co. do 

Richardson, Alpha do 

Emerson, D. F. do 

Howard, Amos do 

Cowdsey, George do 

Green, (George do ^ 

Uvke, Lyman & Co. do 

VVilli aiis, A. B. do 

Hdl & Dnike, Boot Stoughton. 

Savles, S. & Broiiiers, Boot 

Beales. J. & Co. 

Athertoii, J, & Wm. do 

Packard. Frmcis do 

Capen, i\.. Boot JVortA Stoughton. 

Norton, Aath ni I, Boot 

Goldthwait, Joseph do 

Belcher, L. & VV. d. 

Litlletield, C, lioot East Stoughton. 

Littlefield, D. do 

Smith, Aliiert, do 

Bl mchard, J. & H. 

Goldthw .it, L., Bi.ot 

Tucker, Ebenezer 

Smith & Bates Sturbridge. 

Rider, Enoch ^'iudbury. 

Burrill, E. 

Tuwnsend, A., Main.-^t Taunton. 

Tisdale, S. Jr., Weir Bridge 

Spring, Benj uuiu do 

Luce, Le inder fVest Tisbury. 

Branscnmli, O. P., Holmes' Hole 

Crowell, Jerenii ill do 

Luce. Timothy 

Herrick, Ch.irles Topsfield. 

Wriaht, John Topsj.dd. 

Bixl.y, E. S. 
L me, Thomas L. 
Perkins, R. D. 
Shepard, Samuel 

Hall, John B. West Townsend. 

Heath, L. B. Tynngkam. 

Willard. W. W. 

Wood, C. G. Uibridge. 

Whiting, Prentiss, Boots 
Keith, Joj^eph C. do 
Boycc, J. C. & Co. Wales. 

Mann. John, Boots South H'aJpo/e. 
Whitney, Joseph, Main st Waltham. 
Warren, Rulus do 

Clark. Ch:<rles do 

B iker, George F. do 
Whitlow, J. S. do 

Cutler, Isaac do 

Maynard, Josiah, do Lad. Shoes 
G;ile, Jonathan P. Ware. 

Bliss, Levi 

Hutchinson & Brooks 
Cogswell, A. Wireham. 

Morgan, d. M. IVarwick. 

Willi ims, E. Watertuwn. 

D vis, E., i^hoe Webster. 

Harwood, E. C. & Co., Shoe 
Hall, Lot Wrllfleet. 

Fish. A. B. 
Higgins. Bartlett 

Brooks, T. U. Wendell. 

Perkins, Edward, 2d Wenham. 

I Gould, A. & Son 
LN'ewton. Otis, Youths' Booii 
I Wtstboruugh. 

Edson, Melvin C, Shoe.s 

West Bridgewater. 
Tisd:ile, Josiah 
Hersey, Stillman W. 
Copcland, P. L. 

I F;iles & Brown, B.^ot W. Brookfield. 
Giddiiigs, Chandler 
i Ramsdell, Thos. West Cambridge. 
Trask. M. C, Ladies' Shoes 
Lewi^ B. F, & Co. Wcstficld. 

A\er3, t^olonion 

DurKin. Saniui'l, Shoes W. JVewbury. 
Ho-mer & Bailey, do 
Durgin, James do 
(iilman, Edw.ird G. Westport. 

Chamberlin, John West Stockbridge. 
\ Tirrell, E. ii. Weymouth. 

.Nash, Stephen W., Boot 
BeaN, Pratt &. Co., Shoes 
N ish, C. do 

Jones, J. do 

I Raymond, A.. Shoes E. Weymouth, 
1 Shaw, Oliver B. 



Fogjr, J. S. South Weymouth. ' French, F. 205 Main st Worcester. 

Thomas, E. | Wil<on, D. 205 do 

Vhii.ig & Tiirell | Pond, Cook & Co. Wrentham. 

Tinell Sc B ites \ Hallett, Kathan Yarmouth Port. 

Holbrook, A. East Weymouth.\ 

Humphrey, Albert 

Tirrell & Bailey South Weymouth. Boot Tree ManufactU- 

N:,e&Hunt | rers. 

Na;h, Prince E. 

CI i()p, Adoram 

Iv! wton, Lincoln, Shoe 

Stetson, Amos Warren 

Rich.irds, Elias, Boot 

T'layer, Chapin 

hunt. Richard A. 

Cushing. S. P. 

Ki gnian, E. C. 

Briggs & Loud 

Humphrey, Ebenezer, Shoe 

Cushi.ig, Harvey do 

Pr.itt, Elisha, Shoe JV. Weymouth. 

T.^rrey, L. do 

Toney, James do 

Newton, Henry, Shoe 

Dizer, M. C. do 

Lovell, D. & M. do E. Weymouth. 

Bmrell, G. 

Viiiiiig, Perez & Co. S. Weymouth. 

Shaw, Nathaniel & Co. 

Stowell, Noah & Son 

Rice, Chauncy, Haydensville 


I Whittemore, A. D., Last 

I Oreat Barringtun. 

Selkirk. W., Last 

Hale & Sessions, Patent Metalic, 
Heywood's Building Worcester. 

Botanic Medicines. 

Abbott, J. & B. F. (Thompsonian) 

140 Hanover st Boston. 

Chapman, J. W., Cambridge street, 

coriier of Temple 
Clark, Wm. (Thomp.; 80 Carver st 
Hall, J. P. 1 Belknap st 
Harris. B. N. 15 Lincoln st 
Humphrey, H., Fourth st near B 
Jackson, Joseph, 102 Court st 
Jenkins, Solon, 250 Broad st 
Johnson, Wm. rear 47 Hanover st 
Kelly, J. C. 54 Tremont st 
Lord, Wm. E. 27 Meridian st E. B. 
McKeiidr}', B. 52 Merrimuck st 
WiUiamstown.\Y\ke, J. T. Gilman, 79 & 81 Bl; ck- 

stone street 
Spear, J. S. 570 Washington street, 
I corner of Asa lum 
Taylor, T. K. 3 Hanover st 
Woburn. West, J. H. 139 do 

Wilson, B. O. &. G. C. (Wholesale) 

18 Central street 

Boots ! 

Noyes, Niles 

N'oyes, M. 

Co<jk, Noah 

Roberts, G. 

Bingham, E. 

Thompson, L. Jr. 

Cragin, F. K., Gaiters 

C:ioate & Flanders, Ladies 

and Shoes ! Perkins & Thompson, Merrimack st 

Fis'ld, John &. Son, Ladies' Boots and j Lowell. 

Shoes Dowse, John, 149 Central st 

Nichols, Wing & Co., Shoe ' Lawrence, George J\l'antucket. 

Parker, Edmund do i Watrous, Andrew Palmer Depot. 

Flinders, D. F. do Harlow, David Plymoi/th. 

M tten, William South Woburn. I Williams, V. S., Main st Waltham. 
Corbett, Otis, Boots, 222 Main st Emmons, S. B. do 

Worcester. Rice, J. 2d., Main st Worcester. 

South wick, E. & Co. 216 Main st. 

Hubbard, D. B. 192 do 

Bowman, A. 6 Front st 

SValker, Jos. Jr. 7 Main st 

Munyan, Jona. 207 do 

Stone, Timothy S., Southbridge st. 

Rice & McF,!rland, 89 Front st 

Bliss, Cyrus Main st 

B rker, Wm., Lincoln Squnre 

While, C. & F. 205 Main st 

Botanic Pliysicians. 

Jenkins, Jacob .^ndover. 

Abbott, J. & B. F. 140 Hanover st 

Chapman, J. W., Cambridge street, 

corner of Temple 
Clark, J. J. 51 1-2 Hanover st 



Clirk. W. (Thomp.) 80 & 82 Car- 
ver street Boston. 

Cu iiiuintrs, Henrj-, Robinson Alley 

liarris, B. N. 15 Liiicjla st 

lluini)hrey, H. Fourth st near B 

J cksoii, Joseph, 102 Court st 

Keir>-, J. C. 54 Tremont st 

Leach, Wm. 15 Minot st 

Lord, Wm. E. 27 Meridian st E. B. 

Lunt, M. D. 139 Hanover st 

Magoon, N. S. (Thorn.) 61 Salem st 

Mason, John, 114 Court st 

Pike, J. T. Gilmin, 79 & 81 Black- 
stone street 

Skinner. H. B. 60 1-2 Cornhill 

Snow, A. 103 Pinckney st 

Sl)e:ir, J. S. 570 Washington street, 
corner of Asylum 

T '.ylor, T. K 3 Hanover st 

AVrijrht, N. Cambridge Port. 

Wright, \V. E. 

Cheever & Renwick, 149 Main st 


Cheever, John, 129 Main st 

Brighnm. Hubbard H. Fitchburg. 

Aliirich, J, M. cor. Main slreet and 
Fr.nklin Fall River. 

Whig, Zera Hinsdale. 

L ke, Hiram HuUiston. 

Ames, Joseph N. Ipswich. 

Ordway, A. Lmcrence. 

Jenuess, L. W. & Co. Merrimack st 

Hamilton, J. & R. L., Central st 

Mrlvin, J. B. 286 Merrimack st 

M-'lvin, Jo.-hua, cor. Pearl street and 

Russell, J. (Indian Doctor) Methuen. 

Underwood, W. E. 
C.lkins, M. 
C-.'bb. Anson 
L'viming. P. S. 
Packer, H. T. 
R wso I, Charles 
Houjih, Henry C. 
Pittee, VV.kS.' 
Allen, E. A. 
Martin, E. F. 




JVew Bedford. 







M rgan, C. B. 56 Harbor st 5. Snlem.\ 
Quimby, Elisha, 18 .Marlboro st | 

Cardner, H. F., State st Springfield. 
Skinner. E. N., M.iin st I 

A idrevA's, J. S, 
1< Uou, E. ig, T. D. 
l>avi-i, Daniel 
B issett, Aaron 
Chapman. Carlos 

West Townsend 
West field. ' 

Prevovt, L. L. J. 227 M -in street 

Barnard. F. 79 Main street 
JN'ewton & H>)oker, corner of Front st 

and Carlt.),. 
Sciiuyler, Peier (Root) Summer st 

Box Manufacturers. 

Avery, .Tohn C. B«tnd and Fanry 11 

Washington street Boston. 

Byron, Calvin, Band and Fancy, 4 

iJi immid Block 
Campbell. John, Band and Fancy, 

09 Hanover street 
Dtckman, C. C, Band and Fancy, 18 

H veriiill street 
Goodrich, Silas, Band and Fancy, 

rear 25 Court street 
Smith, F. O., Band and Fancy, 102 

Hi ickstone street 
Wortliley, M:rk, Bind and Fancy, 

185 Washington street 
Butler, P., Pencil Point, Buckland. 
Thayer, Wm., Shaving 
Pear-ou, Henry, Band and Fancy 

Loomis, L. B.. Cheese, Che.ihire. 
Roberts, Isaac W., Shoe and Hat 

Mace &. Sawyer, Shoe 
(.^ifnminsrs, B., Shoe Dartmouth. 
Brown & Eaton, Truuk aid Box 

East BridgeiDatcr. 
Payson, Joseph & Son, Bonnet 

Cushing, N. W., Trunk Bodies 

Cobb & Cushing 

Blood. Wm.. Cheese Hawley 

Sherwin, Wm., Pill and Sand 
Vincent, John. Sliavii;g 
Be I yea & Howe, Coarse Lancaster 
Sears Freeman, Band Prcscott. 

Belcher, E. & G., Shoe Randolph. 
Oliver, Wm. M., East street opposite 

Eaton Rozbury. 

Reed. Augu^'tine Swett 
Merrill, J. J., Parker st. n. Ruecles 
Smith. E. G. Sandisfield. 

Di.v, Joseph O. South Reading. 

Hill, O. (J.. Shaving Williamsburg. 
Campbell. Wm.. Bind Worcester 
Haven, II. G., Fancy 

BrasN Founders and 

Bn-an, R.J. 33 Blnckstone st. Boston. 
Gouiett, A.D. 227 Main st Worcester., Cudy, Edw.. .\lbany st. or. Curve 



Francis, Daniel, Summer et. E. B. I Brokers* Ship, 

Gooding & Gavett, 12 Hawltins st | , 

»T .. o ^ «. ^ ^"^^"."r Brown, Vernon, 5 Merchants' Ex. 
Hooper, N. H. & Co. 24 Commercial Boston. 

street I Bnice & Cheney. 9 India st 

Loclie & Cordwell, B.irrett st. near |(j„bot, Ed\vMrd,'3 Merchf.Mts' Ex. 
./ulton Deshon, James. 23 India st 

Morse & Fletcher, 24 \\ ater st j)„^ j(,h„ r ^ Qo. 132 St te st 

Pierpont, \\ . A., H 'rnson Avenue : p^.^ter, Talbot & Co. 48 Ir.di. st 

corner Bl ke's Court 
Revere Copper Co. 97 State st 

Frothiiigh;im. N. F. 25 L.n jf Wharf 
Ha mien, Nathaniel. 92 Si te st 

Robinson, G. W^ & Co. Richinond st Haviland & Emmons, 7 Long Wharf 

Sinclair, Thos. 296 Commercial st 
Bush, O. H., Bedford st Fa/l River. 
Webb, Jo-iah W. Fairhaven. 

Dana, David. Jackson st. I^owell. 
Swain, James F. Kantacket. 

Field, B. &C. M. 

Gifford & Topham, Howard's Wharf 
JVew Bedford. 
Richmond, A. D. & Co. 
Jnckman & Goss, Copper, Salem. 
Waters, John & Son J^'orth Salem. 
Bruce, George, Harrison Avei ue 

Dale, Lombard, Lytnan street " 
Hankerson, Wm., Copper 
Sawyer & Par.'dy Taunton. 

Wheeler, Wm. A, / IVorcester, 
Filch &, Jones 


Judson & Co. 4 India st 
Mayhew, Nathaniel, 70 State st 
Sdvage, Charles T. 17 India st 
Silloway, J. 5 Commercial st 
Tilden, T. & Co. 134 State st 
Wnrren, F. M. & Co. 1 Cit>' Wharf 
Wells & Snelling, 134 State st 
White, Ambrose H. 70 do 
Wiusor, Nathaniel, Jr. 109 do 

BROKERS. Merchandise. 

Aspinwall, Augustus, 68 Broad st 

Bond, George W. 78 State st 
Bradford, Wm. B. 13 Broad st 
Harris, John S. 32 India st 
Hart, S. Rowland, 6 State st 
H:irt<horn, J. 109 Milk st., Cotton & 

Havili.nd & Emmons, 7 Long Wharf 
Havnes. Chas. 9 State st 
McLellan, W. H. 9 India st 
Packard & Freeman, 50 Kilby street, 


Boston Beer Co., office 47 and 49 

Broad street Bustun. 

Cook, Isaac, 25 Central st 
Kent, John, (Canal) 89 Water st 
Tremont Brewery, (^eorge O. Froth- „,.,,. , „ „, ^ 

ingham, West Casile & 69 Broad I Phiihps. J., Jr. 34 Doane street, err 

street "*"" Broad 

Donahue, O. M., State st Lowell. '' ^^^^ y^i": '^'"- ^- ^29 State St., Met;. Is 
Cook, Isa- c. Parker <t. near Ru-'gles, I ^ a"** "emp 

(officeSl Eroad st. Bo Vn)Roibury. ^^arle, George. 56 Water st 
HecK'inger. J., rear Hou tun PI ce 

Kr;:mer &l Roselle, Washii.gton st. 

near Tremont 
Hooker, John, East State street 


Brittania \Fare Manu- 

Trask, Israel 
Smith, Eben 
Gleason, Roswell 
PMtuam, James H. 



Seaver, George, 43 Water st., Cott 
Sullivan. J. W. 23 Long Wharf 
Turell, G. 92 State st 
Wakefield, C. 15 Commercial st 
Weld. Aaron D. 127 State st 
Williams, A. 4 Central Wharf 
Williams, Robert, 4 do 


Barrett, Samuel, 92 State st. Boston, 
Hovey, Abijah W. 46 Federal st 
Lefferts, L. 3 1-2 Commercial st 
I Stevens, Wm. H., Old Custom House 



BROKERS. Insurance. Diamond, Joseph, 8 Congress st 


Dc VVolf, E 63 Commercial street Dowse, Samuel F. 1 Thoradike 

Boston. Building 

Hales, Page & Richardson, 5 Mer- Dunbar, J. D. 5 Exchange st 

chants' Exchange Eaton, Ebenezer, 5 do 

Tvler, .1. S. & W. C, Suffold Building Eaton, Lemuel P. 5 do 

Taylor, W. H. JVew Bedford. 

BROKERS. Specie. 

Ambrose, C. 34 1-2 State st Boston. 
Blaisdell, T. K. 4 Brattle Square 
Burnett, Wellington, 72 State st 
Dodd, J. M. 72 State st 
Gooding & Co. 3 Exchange st 
Merrill, J. 16 Brattle Square 
Osborn, Wyman, 12 State st. 
Randall, O. G. 59 do 

Torrey & Smith, 10 Brattle Square 
Wallace, A. 11 do do 

BROKERS. Money. 

Coffin, Langdon, 5 Congress Square 

Boston, I Mason, John, 9 
Collins, J. 32 Blackstone st 
Drury, Andrew J. 5 Franklin Av. 
Evans, Thomas, 6 Salem st 
Evans, Hale, 10 do 

Ferdinand, J. F. 56 Blackstone st 
Gale, J. C. 4 Friend st 

Ford, J. E. 25 Doane >t 
Gale, J. C. 4 Friend st 
I Gould, .1. G. 5 Devoii.^hire st 
Greenwood, Ira, 2 C(v, siress Squ;;re 
Hall, Adin, 3 st 
Hammond, J. 15 Con<rrer:<; st 
iHart & Wadleigli. 27 Old St. House 
I Hawkes, T. B. 10 Exghunge st 
Haynes, Charles, 9 Slate st 
Howard, T. M. 24 Congress st 
Jackson, F., Fiazer's Building, 27 

State street 
Jackson, G. S. 9 State st 
Josselyn, J. H. 72 do 
Kenfield, E. 18 School st 
Kline, A. P. 3 Mass. Block 
Knights, H. L. 9 State st 
Lerow, L. 26 do 

May, Wm. B. 3 do 
Maynard, J. W. 5 Congress st 
McDonough, T. C. 6 Devonshire st 
Mclntire, Chas. 5 Exchange st 
Meacham, Geo. 9 Slate st 
I Merrill, A. 7 Bra tile Square 

Goodrich, Geo. K. 13 Brattle Square Monroe, N. 3 State st 
Merrill, J. 16 do 

S;reeter. O. 13 do 

Torrey & Smith, 10 do 

Wallace, A. 11 do 

BROKERS. Real Estate. 

Norris, H. A. 9 do 
Peirce & Porter, 679 Washington st 
Randall, O. G. 59 State st 
Rice, Samuel, 9 do 

Ridgway, John W. 9 do 
Rogers, Harvey, Mtverick Square 
Rogers, J. G. 21 Court Sciuare 
Adams, Seaver, 5 Exchange street Sargent, Gilman, 9 State st 

Boston. Severy. M. & Co. 5 Devonshire st 
Alexander, H. P., Broadway, near Shattuck, Wm. 5 Exchange st 

B street Smith, L. W. 23 Old Stale House 

Atkins, John, Paris st. cor. Meridian Spear, John I. 3 State st 
B ixter, A. G. 5 Exchange st i Stoddard, L. T. 21 do 

Beal, Madison, 5 do Swift, E. T. 23 Old SUite House 

lilaisdell, T. K. 4 Brattle Sq. I Veazie, Joseph A. 78 Slate st 

Bracken, A. 17 Doane st Wallace, A. 11 Brattle Square 

Brackett, DeWitt C, over 24 Wilson Whittemore, B. F. 24 State f^t 

Braynard, J. H. 1 Thorndike Build. 
Brett, C. & D. 5 Devonshire st 
Chapin, B. T. 17 Doane st 
Clapp, J. B. &. Son, Portland st. cor. 

Coffin, Langdon, 5 Congress Square 
Covfrly, S. 5 Exchange st 
Dawes, Henry, 5 1-2 Exchange st 

Brown Stephen D. Cambridge Port. 
Parker, Perley, Center\ille DracuU 
Felt, Jonathan P. 158 Essex street 

BROKERS. Stock and Exchange, 

Adams, Ashur, 5 Excliange *;t ) 



Adams, J. H., Jr., rear of 48 Stnte st 
Adams, Seaver, 5 Exchange st 
Ambrose, Goodhue, 34 1-2 State st 
Andrews, Heury, rear Boston Bank 
Bancroft, E. P. 3 Niles' Building 
BoUes, Matthew, State st., corner of 

Mercha;it^' Row 
Broadhe .d, D. U. 27 State st 
Brown, B . .Ir., 5fi do 

Brown, Joseph M. 92 do 
Brown, Stephen & Sons, 40 State st 
Center, John, 1 Niles' Building 
ClHrk, J. W. & Co. 24 State st 
Dana, Aaron, 2 Thorndike Building 
Dana. George E. 22 Merehants' Ex- 
Davenport, Benjamin, 15 Congress st 
D.tvis, J. Aniorv. 28 State st 
De-'ii'id. P. P. F. 29 do 
Ik xter, E. A. 28 do 

Dodd, .i. M. 72 do 

Evans, Fr uiklin, 4 Devonshire st 
Fa 1 ley, K..brrt, 24 State >t 
Ferris. J. Alexander, 2 Change Av. 
Fi^k, J. N. 11 Br.izer's Building 
F( o e, L. oE'cchanse st 
Fo-iter, George, 1 \iles' Building 
Gilhrt & Sons, 36 Stite st 
Gooding & Co. 3 Exchange st 
H.ll, Andrew, 5 1-2 do 

Hastings, A. 10 Thorndike Building 
Hayward, C. L. 3 Merchants' Ex- 
Head & Perkins, 45 State st 
Healy, Mark, 66 do 

Henshaw, Samuel & Son, 4 Mer- 
chants' Exchange 
Hinckley, Noah & Co. 10 Exchange 

Homer, W. H. 31 Court st 
Inches, Charles, Brazer's Building, 

Devonshire st 
Jennings, Levi. 26 Exchange st 
Johnson, Benj. 4 Joy's Building 
Keith, \Vm. W. 24 State st 
Lee & Higsinson, 47 do 
Lililiey, J. (Money), 3 Exchange st 
Lohdell, Thomas J. 3 Merchants' 

May, John W. 90 State st ^ 
Mead, Samuel O. 2 Niles' Building 
Mitchell, James H. 92 State st 
Munrne. Ednnind, 28 do 

O^born, A. K. 24 do 

Perrv, John, Jr., 28 do 

Perkins, T. Henrv. 29 do 

Pickering, H. W.'48 do 

PJummer, Eaoch uo 

Pratt, George W. 48 State st Boston. 
Rand ill. Otis G. 59 do 

Rice, Henry. 48 do 

Richardson, R. 17 Do^ne st 
Sewn 11, Thomas R. 59 St te st 
Sheafe, C. C. rear oi 48 do 
Solev, J. J. 48 do 

Stodd;ird. L. T. 21 do 

Sturti^VM? t, Wm. 2Chang(; Avenue 
Te ,\^py. B. F. 78 St:ite st 
Thach'er, G. M., over Ma^stchusetts 

Thayer, John E. & 28 St-ite 

Torrey, Charles, 3 Merchants' Ex- 
Tyler, J. S. & W. C, Suffolk Building 
Wetherbee Brothers, 29 St ite st 
Wheeler, Joseph, 2 Change Avenue 
Wildes & Green, 2 Congress Stiuare 
Williams, Eliphalet, 28 St le st 
Williams, G. B. 63 do 

Williams, S. G. 63 do 

Willis & Co. 25 do 

Winslow, Benj., rear Boston Bank 
Wood & Fillebrown, 7 Exch-uige st 
Wyman, George D. 3 Niles' Building 

Broom (Com) iWIakers. 

Shipman, John Hadley, 

Sliipman, Wm. S. 

Cook, Zcnos 

Cook, James, Jr. 

Smith, Wm. D. & C. 

Wli'-eler, Charles 

Dickinson, Simeon 

Reynolds, T. & F. 

Hooker, Sidney 

Hofiker, Emory 

Wallis, Addi 

Billings, Alonzo J\rnrth HacUey. 

Smith, Thaddeus 

Russell, Calvin 

Hurd, Thomas 

Hnrd, Hontio 

Brigham, AbL'l 

Hiliard, Cornelius 

Clark, Edmund C. 

Hiff ,rd, Willard 

Smith, Stephen C. 

Jones, A. S. Hatfield. 

Mosher, Solomon 

Mar.h, C. S. 

Boggs, T. 

Bhss, W. C. 

Sander ;o'i, Alvin 

B ardwell, Eljah, Jr. 


Brown, Josiah 
Curtis, Lucius 
Hrighnm, Cephas 
Fish, Rodolphus 
Wood, H. 


Montr, gun. 



Brusb Manufacturers 
and l>ealers. 

Adams, John J. 90 Washington st 

Curran, Thomas, 28 Exchange st 
Doaiie, Heniau S. 19 do 

Harvey & Burtons, 15 do 

Skiltoii, George, 19 do 

Stratton, Sherrifffc Co. 22 do 
Harvey & Bwtons East Cambridge. 
Chapman, Geo. W. Chicopee. 

Brisiiett, James B. Haverhill. 

Fellows, Chas., Franklin st Lowell. 
Stoddard, B. G. J^orth Bridgewater. 
Stone, VVillard, Brush Block 

Jones, Albert, Corn Brush 


Button Manufacturers 
and Bealers. 

Burnham, Welton & Co. 72 Congress 
street ■ Boston. 

Foster, n. J. 34 Milk st 
Horto.'i, L. B. 34 do 
Snow, E. L., Sewed Buttons 

Willi^ton, S. & C, Importers 
Ware, Abner, Buttton Jloulds 

Putney. E., Button Moulds 
Chaiuller, D. & Co. Lovgmeadow. 
Critchlow, Alfred J\\>rtliamptoii. 

Burdick & Co. Williamsburg. 

Hill. O. G., Button Moulds 
May, Marcus do do 

Calico Printer. 

Daily, John Watertown. 

Cap Maker$«, (Clotb and 

B rnstein, J. 15 Elm st Boston. 

Fishblait, John, 56 Washingt;)n st. 
and 45 Milk st 


Frisbee, Lyman P., rear of 41 Wash- 
injiton st Boston. 

Gould, 1.31 1-2 Elm st 
Greenough, Jame;-on & Co. 50 and 52 

Water st 
Hopkinson & Dimond, 81 Hanover st 
Howes & Hendley, 69 do 

Klous, S. 6 Old State House 
Ray, James, over 30 Elm st 
Saroni, A. S. 11 do 

Spitz, Peter, 4 Washington st 
I'aylor, George M. 5 do 

Woodman & Osgood. 72 Court st 
Turner, James R. 59 Main st 

Emerson, E. L. J^ewburypurt. 

Car Manufacturers. 

Mansfield, Warren South Braintree. 
Davenport &, Bridges 

Cambridge Port. 
Davenport, Bridges & Co. Fitchburg. 
Wason, T. &. C, East of R. R. Depot 
Springfield Car and Engine Company 
Nettleton & Bartlett, East of R. R. 

Bradley & Rice Worcester. 


Damrell & Moore, 16 Devonshire st 
Gay, Aaron R. 130 State st 
Haskell, Andrew W. 4 Washington 

Holmon, Oliver, 124 State st 
Mann, Samuel C. 25 Cornhill 
Perkins, D, L. & J. L. 16 E. Orange 

Perkins, E. L. (O. Holman Agent), 

124 State st 
Storrs, Amariah, 25 Cornhill, (Fancy 



Woods & Brothers Enfield. 

Smith, Walker & Co. 

Whitteniore, John H. Leicester. 

Denny, Henry A. 

White & Denny 

Upham, B. & Co. 

Bi-co & Denny 

Murdock, Joshua, Jr. 

Sargent, Josepli D. & Co. 


Lamb, Jo iah Q. & Co. Leicester. 
Southffate & Smith 
Woodcock, Knight & Co 
Murdock, J. & J. 

Wliite &L Puffer, (see advertisement,) 
Market st Lowell. 

Shepard, Thomas J. .'Springfield. 
Stetson, E. & Son fValpole. 

Whittem .re, G. & H. 

West Cambridge. 
(Jpham, Georjre Worcester. 

E rl, T. K., Washington Square 
Warner, Earle, 92 Front st 

Carpenters &. Builders. 

Olds, James & Brother 

South .^dams. 
Root, Charles S. jJt/iol. 

Ewer, James K., Hyanis Barnstable. 
Loring, Edward 

Doty, James Bemardston. 

Abbott & Tyler, 96 1-2 Portland st 

Adams, Joel M. 13 Hawley st 
Allen, Fnuicis F., Tyler st. near Oak 
Ames, Azcl & J., Richmond st. cor. 

of Hancock 
Ames, H. & S., Harrison Avenue 
Annable, Davis, Charlestown st 
Ayer. Thomas, Causeway st. oppo- 
site Merrim:ick 
Bigley, P. H., River st. cor. of Mount 

Bailey, Edwin, Webster st., E. B. 
B irker, C. & G., Beverly st 
B irtlett, H. 4 Haverhill st 
Barllett, Theodcre, 7 Hawley st 
Basford, D. H., rear of 3 Hanover st 
Bissett, R. B. 166 Harrison Avenue 
Batchelder & Whitney, Johnson's 

Block, Conmiercial st 
B;;tes, Hiram, Harrison Avenue, near 

B^ich st 
Bates, J., rear of 53 Broad st 
Biles &, Kelsey, Causeway st. oppo- 
site Nash - 
Bues, N. N., Broad st. cor. of Pearl 
Boles, Warren, Sudbury st. corner of 

Bonney, L., East Castle st 
Bonney, P. 66 Friend st 
Bourn & Leavitt, Lime st. corner of 

Bovyer, David, Causeway st. corner 

of Lancaster 
Bowers, Alonzo, Causeway st. cor- 
ner of Lancaster 

Bowker, Dexter, Smith Place 

Bowker. D. 90 Endicott st 
Bowk'T Edmui.d, rear of 135 Ann st 
Bowker (^to, W., Albany st. corner 

of Cii;ve 
Bradford, Thomas, Harrison Avenue, 

near Dover st 
Brown,J.E.& N.& Co., Piedmont st 
Brt>wn, .Tosi ,h. 12-3 Erdicot st 
Brown. S. J., Harvard Place 
Buck, Silas B. 2 Andover st 
Burbanks, A. L., Church st. 
Burckes, Lewis M. 90 Endicot st 
Burleigh k. Lang, Cove st. cornt* of 

Burnham, Arthur, 113 Chambers st 
Burr, Theophilus, 17 Blossom st 
Burr, T., Jr., 17 do 

C irr & Emerson, 96 Portland st 
Case, P. W., rear 375 Washington st 
Chamberlain, David, Tyler st, near 

Chase, Chauncy. Hobbs' Wh-'rf 
Clark, D. W., Fuller st. near Church 
Cothn, Aaron, Trunioiit Road 
Coffin, P., Harrison Avenue 
Collins, Benjamin, Meridian st 
Collins, M., rear of 21 Union st 
Collins, Walter R., over 11 Marshall 

Cook & Goodwin, 7 Merrimack st 
Copeland, Thos., Harrison Avenue, 

corner of Blake's Court 
Corthell, Hosea. 91 Portland st 
Crehore, Wm., Tremont Road 
Crooker, H. B., 102 Tyler st 
Cudworth, S. S., Nashua st. corner 

of Causeway 
Cunningham, G. H., 18 Atkinson st. 
Cushiiig & Bailey, 273 Broad st 
Cushing & Roby, Haverhill st. comer 

of Beveriy 
Damon, Calvin, 3 Eliot st 
Davenport, John, 16 Ha\^ ley st 
Davis, Charles, 1 Chapman Place 
Davies, Daniel, Lime st 
Dennison, James, West Castle st 
Denton, Jonathan, 35 Causeway st 
De Rochemont, Charles H., rear of 

716 Washington st 
Dickson. S. 98 Portland st 
Dillaway & Dodd, 1 Hawley and 

Tyler streets 
Ditson, H. 2 Hawley Place 
Dow, Daniel, 94 Portland st 
Downing, Ohver, opposite 72 Charles 

Doyen, J. S. 92 Portland st 



Drew, L. J., Tremont Rond Boston. 
Dunbar, Luther \V., loot of Pinckney 

Dunbar, M., foot of Pinckney st 
Dupce, Lewis, Harrison Avenue 
Diugin, M. W. F.. 12 Belknap st 
Eastman, W. H. &. J. S., rear of 49 

Fayette st 
Eddy, D., Cove st. near Beach 
Emerson, Jonatlian. Foster Place 
Eiuer.-on, J., Old Road 
Emerson, Otis, Fulton Court 
Emerson, Parker, do 
Favor, John, Lincoln st 
Fififld, John, 98 Portland st 
Flanders, J. L., Sister street, near 

Folger, J. W. 27 Hudson st 
Ford, D. B., Rutland st 
Frost, J. O. & J. M. 32 Haverhill st 
Fuller, H. & L". L., Causeway st. cor. 

of Portland 
Fuller, S. D. 18 Water st 
Garland, Jas., Hudson street, comer 

Goldsmith, J. 21 Endicot st 
Goodwin & Peterson, Zone st 
Graham, Aaron, Johnson's Block, 

Commercial st 
Grant, Daniel, Tremont Road 
Hadley, J. P., East Orange st 
Hanson, Anthony, opp. 52 Tyler st 
Hanson, Daniel, Johnson's Block, 

Commercial st 
Harris, Jeremiah, 33 Friend st 
Hart, N. O. 21 Endicot st 
Haskell, Thos. F., Zone st 
Hathaway, A. foot Pinckney st 
Hawkes, Henj., Harrison Avenue 
Hayden, R. 7 Akrrimack st 
Heath, Dana, 20 Charlestown st 
Heath & Hall, Meridian street, cor. 

Havre | 

Hersey, Nathan, 42 Merrimack st 
Hildreth, C. B., Tremo.-it Road 
Hill, Nathaniel, 90 Endicot st 
Hilt, Henry-, Lancaster st 
Hobart, Peter Jr. 17 Hawley st 
Holmes & Goodwin, r. 21 Union st 
Holmes, N. & Co., Deacon st 
Holmes, W. C. 4 Bridge st 
Hoogs, Wm.H., Tyler St. near Knee- 
Houston,Wm. P.. Broadway between 

B and C 
Howard & War-^er, Tyler st 
Huiihes, J. A. 7 Harvard Place 
Hunt, J.. Kneeland st. near Tyler 
(ngalls, H. P., Lincoln st 

Jackson, E. S. 42 Merrimack st 

Jackson, Austin, 13G Leveret 
Jame.s, Beiij., Broadw y near Dor- 
Jenkins, O., Tremont Rohd 
Jep.son, S., South Margin st 
Johnson, Chas., Cove .st. n. Beach 
Johnson, Joseph G., Beverly st 
Jones, Nath'l, rear 37 Btlknap st 
Kelly & Eastabrook, ojjposite 72 

Charles st 
Kendall, Stiles. 124 Endicot st 
Kilbourn, A., East Castle .st 
Knowles, W. J. 14 Charlestown st 
Lakeman, J. 88 Portland st 
Lakin & Austin, 135 Sea st 
Lane, Samuel, 95 Portland st 
Lang, Stephen, opp. 47 Cross st 
Leach, S., Tremont Road 
Leonard &.JCennedy, 26 Atkinson st 
Lewis, A., Marginal st 
Lincoln, Geo. L. 19 Hawley st 
Lincoln, Jas. L. 17 Hawley st 
Lincoln, Jared, rear 7 Belknap st 
Lincoln & Taylor, Charles st foot of 

Litchtield, W. G. & J. V. 29 1-2 At- 
kinson st 
Locke, Lewis, Harrison Avenue opp, 

Dover Place 
Lord, Joshua, 7 Leveret street, near 

the Bridge 
Lorlng, Thos. D., Tremont Road 
Lothrop, Ansel, Curve street, corner 

Lyford, Thos., Barrett st 
Mair, Ale.x. 10 Haverhill st 
Mair, Thos., Robinson Alley 
Marble, Jas. S., Harrison Avenue n. 

Florence street 
Marshall, Wm., 8 Bedford st 
Marston & De Rochemont, 653 

Washington street 
Mason, Saml. L., Charlestown st 
McKay, John, 5 do 

McKinney & Story, 81 Endicot st 
Merrill, S. W., Hudson street, corner 

Miner & Bowker, 34 1-2 Friend st 
Mitchell, Seward, Harvard Place 
Morgan, Enos, Cottage st 
Morton, E., Tremont Road 
Morton. J. 5 Province st 
Morton, Joshua B., Bradf<ird st 
Munroe, Henry, 1 Chapman Place 
Murray, J. 37 Poplar st 
Murray, John H., Hawkins st., cor. 
I vers 


Ncrris, J., West Cedar st Boston. 
Neal, Saiii'l, River st. cor. Chestnut 
Nifhols, \Vm., West Castle st 
Norris, Morris, H trrison Aveiaie 
Nuttage, Samuel C, Cau-eway st. 

corner Medford 
Nowell, Geo. Church st cor. Fuller 
Onlway, F. .1. 10 Thacher Court 
P irker. Moses, 25 Hudson st 
P irkhur<t, J* nathaii, Tremont Road 
Patch, F., Travf rs st 
Patten, David, Newbern Place 
Patterson, J. 20 Harvard Place 
Paul, J. F,, Tremont Road 
Payson, Henry, Tremont Road 
Pickering, Leon'd, Summer st E. B. 
Pircy, Calvin, Lime st cor. River 
Perkins, A. C, Harrison Av. cor. E. 

Perkins, E. W. 93 Portland st 
Perkins, S. S., Harrison Avenue near 

Florence street 
Peterson & Goodwin, Zone st 
Pickett, Wm. B., Orleans street near 

Pierce, John, 12 Causeway st 
Pike, E. W., Causeway street cor. 

Pike, Geo. S. 93 Portland st 
Pl:ice, J. B. 33 Friend st 
Poland. D. E. 13 Hawley st 
Pond & Laming, Tyler st near Oak 
Pratt, Caleb, 124 Sea st 
Pr.itt, C. I., Federal st cor. Summer 
Pratt & Judson, 84 Leveret st 
Pr:Ut, Obed, 91 Portland st 
Prince, N. S. 19 Hawley st 
Rafter, John, 91 Portland st 
Rand, Jas. r. Gas Hou^e, Bradford st 
R lymond, C. F., Creek Square 
R lyiies, Francis, rear 28 Union st 
Richardson, Wm., Harrison Av 
Ridlon, Noah, Charlestown st near 

Ridlon, Richard, opp. 44 S. Margin st 
Robinson S. 20 Harvard Place 
Robbins, T. F., Marginal street cor. 

Rollins & Demeritt, Tyler st n. Oak 
Rollins, N. F. 340 Commercial st 
Rowe, Greenleaf L. 6 Oliver st 
Safford, Edw. 17 Har\'ard Place 
Salter, Fred., Johnson's Block, Com- 
mercial street 
Sanborn, Alfred S., Wheeler's Court 
Sawyer, G. O. & J. M., Nashua st 

corner Cnuseway 
Scott, George, Washinston street n. 


Sears, Eben, Hudson st n. Harvard 

Sears & Fitch, opp. 42 Bedford st 
Seiberlich, F., Tremont Road 
Seymour, F., Charlestown street cor. 

Shackford, L. C, Orleans st 
Shaw,Jesse, Charles st cor. Pinckt^ey 
Sikes, John, 65 Friend st 
Simmons, Levi, Broad street opposite 

Prentice Wharf 
Simmons. Seth, Lime st n. River 
Skilliugs. D. N. 98 Portland st 
Slade, W. J. 81 do 

Sleeper, Frank, Nashua st comer of 

C lusevvay 
Smith. Jeremiah, foot Mt. Vernon 
Smith & Gould, 15 Harvard Place 
Snow. J. &. B. 136 Leveret st 
Spinney & Richardson, 34 1-2 Friend 

Sprague, M. 2d near E street 
Standish, Moses, Tremont Road 
Starret, John, 12 Causeway st 
Steele, A. E., 20 Harvard Place 
Stetson, Chas. P., VVe<t Cedar st 
Stone & Barker, 104 Harrison Av 
Stone, P. A., Charlestown st 
Swift, W. A., Harvard Place 
Tarr & Hall, Creek Square 
Thaxter, E., Tyler street n. Harvard 
Thayer & Linikin, Piper's Wharf 
Tilden, N. H.. D. st corner 6th 
Tobey, Joseph, E st cor. 3d 
Totman & Bowker, 72 Pinckney st 
Townsend, T., Avery :;t 
Travers & Davis, 13 Causeway st 
Tripp, Timothy K. 10 Haverhill st 
Turner, Job A. 122 Leveret st 
Turner, J., Tyler st near Oak 
Vennevar & Lund, opp. 208 Com- 
mercial street 
V-iughn, Samuel, Harrison Av 
I Ventress, M., 3d st near Dorchester 
Virsrin & Kenney, 46 Pearl st near 
I Broad 

W iterman, Thos., Fulton st corner 
I Richmond 

Webber, Aaron D. 13 Lindall st 
1 Weeks & Crooker, Broadway near 

Welch, J.!s. M., Albany st cor. Curve 
West, Warren, opp. 23 Kneeland st 
Wheeler & Parker, Charles st foot of 
! Pinckney, 

Whetter & Bov^'er, Lancaster st 
White & Child, Tyler st near Oak 
Whiting, O. R., Blackstone st opp. 
, Hiymarket Square 



WHiitnev, N. 19 Blossom st Foston. 
VVliitU-iiiure, Josliua, 14 Carver st 
Wliiuier, Isaac, 81 Endicot st 
Wilder, Lewis & Son, J^ayette st 
Willcutt & Murdock, Clark street 

corner Ann 
Willcutt, John, rear 45 Congress st 
Williams, C. C, 2d near D 
WilloUL'hby. W. opp. 44 S. Margin st 
Wood, .M. 2 North Grove st 
Wnnd, Moses, Jr., Harvard Place 
Leach, Franklin, Bridgewater. 

Allen &. Small, Brookline. 

Bradley, B. 
Stoddard &. Parkes 
Stone, Elisha 

Emery, John Chatham. 

Wetherbee, Ephraim C. Concord. 
Tilton &; Clary Conway. 

Braley, John S. South Dartmouth. 
Sisson, David, Russell's Mills 
Wilson, R. S, Dedham. 

Sturgis, Benjamin West Dennis. 
Crowell, Syivanus 
Pope, J. & A., Lower Mills 

Alden, Samuel G. & B. R. 

East Bridgewater. 
Smith, Syivanus Eastham. 

Lewis, Ellis Edgartown. 

Pease, Daniel H. 

Dexter, R. W. Fairhaven. 

HiL'iriiis, Nathaniel 
Wilbur, Bradford, Washington st 
Alden, John 

James, Samuel L. & Co. 51 Ferry st 
Fall Rivi-r. 
Hatch, Timothy East Falmouth. 
Bearse, Charles C. 
Thomas, Siillman Oreenfield. 

Avery, James 

Root, J. B. Oreenwir.h. 

Moodv. Jiimes H. South Harwich. 
Tripp', G. H. 

Parker, Benjamin Hingham. 

Bailey. H. & Co. Dawrvvce. 

Ha-k(41 & Cowdrey Leominster. 
Pearc(- & E;ilon Middleboro\ 

Swain, 2d, A., Ship Carpenter 

Easton & Thompson 
Sprague, Ch irles L. 
Briggs, Job, Ship Joiner 
Hussey, Charles, Chester st 
Fisher, S. & A. 
Coffin, Wm. N. 
Merchant, Frederick 
LyoQ, Wm., Newton Lower Fr.jls 


Lewis, Samuel, 94 North Wi.ter si 

JVeic Bedford. 
Vincent, Ambrose, .57 Summer st 
Swilt, Thomas P. liij County st 
Jenney, Warren, I'liomas st 
Foster, Ebenezer L., Maxlield st 
Vinal, John F. 66 Water st 
Allen S, 72 Sixth st 
Pierce, Otis M. 43 North Sixth st 
Ward, A. 32 iVIechu!:ici' Lane 
Durfey, ;Vm. 33 do do 

Pierce & White. 53 Foster st 
Cushiiig, John K. 49 Plensant st 
Sherman & Robinson, South Orange 

Allen &. Wdliston, Leonard's Wharf 
Cltrk, Ezra, 43 Foster st 
Potter, Warren S. 72 Washington st 
Wicks, P. 55 First st 
Greene, A. A. & Co. 38 Russell st 
Giflbrd, Wm. 29 Spring st 
Gifford, Braddock, Summer st. 
Maxfield & Tripp, Fourth st 
Brown, S. R. 26 Spring st 
Jenney, Franklin. 75 North st 
Walker, H., cor. Maxfield and Hill- 
man streets 
Smith & Jenkins, 93 Middle st 
Cook & Chase, 16 Elm st 
Hathaway, L. & B. 14 Elm st 
Bates, William. 149 North Water st 
Earnal. Wm. & Co. 143 do do 
Halh iway & Booth, 150 do do 
Francis, Bowman 

Smith, Svlv.mus, Orlennsf. 

Porter fc'Carter Otis. 

Crittenden, Hanson 
Sper.r & Bagby 

Thompson, D. L. Phil.'i;K^t.>n. 

Crocker & HoUey Prooincctuwu. 
Kiiowles, R. 
Smith, John 

M.iulton, E. Randolph. 

Adams, Wm. D., Warren st. near 
Dudley Roxbunj. 

Allen. R. S. Perkins st 
Armstrong. Benjamin, Centre st. Ja- 
maica Plain 
Ayers, Otis, Boston Avenue, Jamaica 

Brown. Lewis, Perkins st 
Ca~well, M. P., Tremont street, near 

Cate. J., Adams st 
Chamberhn, .\., Short st 
Clark, William D., Warren st. near 

Crossman & Liightou, Norfolk st. 
near Higldaiid 


Curtis, George, Washington st. oppo- 
site Centre Rozbury. 
Curtis. William, Dudley street, near 

Dean, Enos W., Water street, near 

Dr i.psr, C. R., Green st. near Centre 
Ebert, Geo. M., Tremont st. corner 
> Houston Place 
Foss, Charles, Fellows st 
Folsom, A. VV. a, H. A., Treaiont st 
Gliddan, D. W., Oak st. cor. Mount 

Hanson, J. L, 123 Washington st 
Hunt, James, Oxford st 
Hubbard, Dudley, Water street, near 

Humphris, E., Jr., Union st 
Josselyn. J. H., Jr. & Co. 36 Wash- 

i igton St. near Eustis 
Littlefield, O. H., Pearl st 
Litchfield, C, Eustis st. cor. Plym'th 
Litchfield, S. do do do 

Lord & Lewis, Water st 
Maloon, Benjamin, Tremont st. near 

Melvin & P;tge, Dudley st 
O'Rourke, Thomas, Dudley St. near 

Parker, Robert W., Walnut st. cor. 

Perry & Marston, East street, corner 

Pike, A. G., Dale st 
Randall, N. H., Water street, corner 

Rich irdson & Robbins, Euitis street, 

cor. Zeialer 
Rumrill, Wm. & Co., Warren street, 

cor. Walnut 
Russell, True, Dudley street, near 

Smith, Francis, Sudbury street, near 

Spurr, Samuel, Dadhara Turnpike, 

near Toll Gate 
Stockman, John, Oxford st 
Sweat, Thatcher, Water street, near 

Thayer, H., Spring st. IV. Rozbury. 
Thurston, John N,, Vernon st. cur. 

Washington Ruibury. 

Varney, L. H., Centre st. Jamaic t 

Wallingford, S. S., Warren st. near 

Wt!yrnouth, Wm., below Cunard & 

Coventry streets 
White, Edward, Green st 

Wilbur, Francis, Edinboro' st 

Williams, Tillson, Northampton st 
Withingtoa A. M., High st 
Harrington, Luther South Roylston. 
Allen, S. Sandisfield. 

Weeks, J. S, Shutesbury. 

Haskins, John 

Alden, James .M. S. Hadley Falls. 
Ferry, Henry, Miin st Springfield. 
Sanborn, Simim, Ur.ion st 
Morrison, E. H., Harrison Avenue 
Mayo, A. Lyman st 
Whitman, Junes S. Stockbridge> 
Goodrich, Horrace 
Lincoln, Hciiry 
Rathburn, Nathan B. 
Bliss, Joshua S. 

Shepard & Crary Westfield. 

Britman, Leander Westport. 

Graves, Franklin fVhately. 

Merrifield & Hapgood, Union street 

Wetherell, J. W., Union st 
Tower, H. N., Mechanics' st 
Ciu-by, Wm., Front st 
Farris, Allen South Yarmouth, 


Ames & Perry, 36 Hanover st 

Ballard & Prince, 7 & 9 Bromfield st 
Bates &L Goldthwait, 45 Washington 

Brewer, G. Alexander, 28 Court st 
Brooks, W. P. B. 66 Blackstone st 
Choate, E. &c Co. 58 Hanover st 
Clark, Jonathan, 313 Washington st 
Doggett, John & Co. 234 do 

Fifield, D. & Co. 5 and 6 Hohnes* 

Block, Haymirket Square 
Fovvle, Parker & Sons, 164 Wash- 
ing street 
Irish, F. O. 46 Hanover st 
Knight, Menasseh, 237 Washington 

Lawrence, Samuel C. 55 Washing- 
ton street 
Lewis, A. (painted), 11 Milk st 
Martin, P. & G. 85 Hanover st 
Pettes, H. &. Co. 224 Washington st 
Pray, John H. 51 do 

Stevens, E. C. 239 do 

Svveetser. Benj. 23 Tremont Row 
Taber & Willard, 84 Washington st 
Tenaey, W. P. 102 Hanover street, 
corner of Blackstone 



Goodhue, T. P. &. I. N. (Upholstery), 
41 Centnl st Lowell. 

Little & Allen, 7 Purchase st 

J^ew Bedford. 

Ellis, Thomas (wholesale,) 54 Pur- 
chrise St 

Fenii & Carter Pittsfield. 

Reed, Eiltrar H., M:iin st Taunton. 

Adam, VViUard, Main st Waltharn. 

Chamberlain, H. H. 162 & 164 Main 
street fVorcester. 

Carpet Manufacturers. 

Adams, James Canton. 

Pulsiler, 1). & J. (Painted Carprt), 

Hal em. 

Carriag-e and Coach 

Bayley. S. K., Federal st Boston. 
Hale, W. E. 12 Haverliill st 
Howe, E. L. 7 and 9 xMerrimack st 
Lynde, x\. 13 Haverhill st 
Kiddle, Edward, 32 and 34 and 65 to 
73 Union st 

Carriagre Builders and 
Wheel wrig-lits. 

Cobbett, Lewis East Abington. 

Pierce, Morton B. 

Bryant, John South Ming-ton. 

Thayer, E. J\i'ortk Jidams. 

Brayton, D. A. 

Blown, R. D. 

Field, Russel South Jidams. 

Nye, G. & L. Jllford. 

iSinith, George 

Russell, Emerson Jimlierst. 

Foster (St Burtt Jindouer. 

Elmer, Wm. H. Jlshjield. 

Hitchcock, C. L. Ashbij. 

Hammond, Elnathan Ashland. 

Crocker, B. F. & J., Hyanis 

Crocker, E. H. West Barnstable. 

Joaes, Silas F. 
Woodbury, Oliver G. 
Rice, Oliver J^orth Becket. 

Filer, H. T. Belchertown. 

Shumway, Harrison 
Griggs, S. D. & Co. 
Cowles, J. & Sons 
Pepper, Simeon 

Thayer (2d), Willard BeUinerham. 

Wallis, C. N. Beverly. 

Cushiiig, John T. 

Currier, Roh.rt 

English, Phillip 

Baker, Francis, 69 Cambridge st 

Bartlett, F. E. 24 Friend st 
Bowes, Michael, Turnpilce, near 

Second .st 
Bradshaw, Geo. H., Charlestowu st 

corner of Beverly 
Brainard, E. H., Turnjnke 
Briggs, Elbridge G. 21 East st 
Buckley, John, Summers st., E. B. 
Deturbee, P. J 3 Medford st 
Hayden, Ambrose, Harrison Avenue, 

near Dover st 
Lakin, S., Broad st. opposite Prentice 

Lunt, Andrew & Co. 81 and 90 Endi- 

cot st 
McCue, James, opposite 86 Fulton st 
Metcalf, HoUis, Turnpike, near First 

Norris, I. B, Beverly st 
Parker, Wm. 14 Boylston st 
Plageman, Henry, Harrison Avenue, 

corner of East Castle st 
Reed, Reuben, 43 Portland st 
Kichardson, Nathan, 90 do 
Kus^ell, J. W. 25 Causeway st 
Sinirler, John, Dover St., near Wash- 

Stont', M. P. & J. L., Decatur st 
Stone, W. P., Beverly st 
Ward & Spaulding, Beverly & Rich- 
mond streets, near Fulton 
Williams, Robert, Turnpike, opposite 

Fifth st 
Turner, Thomas, do do 

Blood, S. D., Broadway, corner of 

Third st 
Bi)yden, Daniel, Harrison Avenue, 

cornet of Orange Lane 
Brigham, Charles L. 20 Hawley st 
Coles. E. G. 4 Beverly st 
Farrell, H., Second st. near D 
Florance &. Co., opposite 46 Charles 

(ioddard, Thomas, 80 Federal st 
Hall, James, 2 Adams st 
Hovey, Henr>^ A. 53 Eliot st 
H)(ie, .Albert, Second st. corner of E 
Ma Hon, Kendall, rear of 715 Wash- 

i/igton st 
Maxwell &. Stoddard, rear of 46 

Hanover st 
Mitchell &L Capen, 9 Westst 



Rayner, John Si Co. 19 Sudbury st 

Robert*!, Anfirew J. 50 Charlestown st 
Rlafie &c Whiton, H nvloy st 
Sp lidiiig, C. & Co. 58 Treinont st 
M !ii-;fie!d, Warren South Braintree. 
Mallard, George Brewster. 

Forbes, Willird West Sridffcwater. 
Wentworth, Horace, Scoilmd Village 
Fi>her, B. A. Brighton. 

Stone, Charles 

Jones, A. Brimjield. 

B ishfield, A. & W. 
Ing ills, James M. Brookline. 

Lyon, Jeremiah 
Tri.wbridse & Murry 
Wright, Harris Buckland. 

Dickson, VVm. East Cambridge. 

Munroe, Enoch 

Martin, W. H. Cambridge Port, 

G lUagher, Michael 
Chapman, E. A. & F.A. Cam,bridge. 
Tucker, Ebenezer 
Randall, Geo. W. 

Hiagman, E. A. Canton. 

Wiswall, Timothy 
Whitman, James Chnrlemont. 

Cutter, John, Main st Charlestown. 
Sargent, S. S., Cambridge st 
Deck-<on. Oliver do 

Pnipps, B. 232 Union st 
Fr.uhinghani, Richard, Main st 
Mead, Frederick, Water st 
W itts, Richard, 19 Hendly st 
Bryant, John, Jr., Au-tin st 
Huiinewell, Thos. (wheel-maker). 

Chambers st 
Hiiteuger & Cooke (Ice wagons). 

Chambers st 
W ird. Be ij. & Charles Chatham. 
\V'tiittemore, James 

J^orth Chelmsford. 
Pr ictor, C. & A. Chelmsford. 

Brown. D. B. Cheshire. 

Strong, W. H. Chester Factory. 

Clough, Joseph Chicopee Falls. 

Fro-t & Robertson Chicopee. 

Gilmore, Wm. F., Stminer st 
Gove, S. P. Cohasset. 

Carey, W. W. Coleraine. 

Hosmer, G. & E. Concord, 

Hill, Wm. A. 
Thayer, Isaac F. 
Whiting, Wm. 
P.iland, Oliver, Washington st 

Wildron, E. T., New Mills 
Brown, Amos JVorth Danvers. 

O good, T. 

I Osgood, B. H. Ji'orth Danvers. 

Stall, Samuel South Dartmouth. 

Simons, Allen S. JVurth Dartmouth, 
jMacomber, Daniel, Russell's Mill-; 


Crocker, A. H. fVest Dedham, 

Bird, Charles, Centre st Dedham, 

Mcintosh, E. 

Smith, Henry 

Haselton, Nathaniel South Deerjield, 
I Billings, Ira 

Smalley, Samuel fVest Dennis. 

Thatcher, Joseph 

Tucker, Wm., Lower Mills 


Bowles, C, Neponset 

Brown. B. H. 

Upham, Charles A. 

Hammond, Wm. 

Tucker, W. 

Cross, T. W. 

Bennett, G. B., Lower Mills 

Balkam, C. 

Swan, Wm. G. 

Upham, Charles 

Dorr, Nathaa 

Jones, John 

Lucas, M. M. 

Stilwall, E. C. 

Harding, Henry 

Harding, Prince S. 

Delzell, David South Egremont. 

Kelsey. James J^'^orih Egremuut. 

Shaw, Geo. L. Enjieid. 

Gage, Caleb S. Essex. 

Simon, Robt. M., Main st Fairhaven. 

Eames, Asa, 14 2d st Fail River. 

E iton, Albert G. 14 2d st 

East hridgewater. 


Hatch, Ezra 
Benson, Seth S. 
Young, W. H. 
Sherman, Seth 
Richardson. H. F. 
Beaiis, Henry 
Royce, Robert 
Currier, Joseph 
B itiles, J. D. 
Perkins, Edw 
Loring, A. I. 
Nexon. J. D. 
Field, R. E. 
Phillips, S. 
Trask, D, 
Vaughan, M. P., Village 
Mason, Aaron 
Carr, Ephraim 
Stewart, Johial 
M :rston, Zen is 
Beau, Ira G. 


East Faimout.h, 


A. Fram/iigham. 




Wheel Gloucester. 

Great Barringtoiu 








Jines, Henry E. HoUiston. ' 

I'oilgkins. John Ipswich. 

Tiipp, James M., Wheel's Kiiia-ston. 
t?:i\vyer, Silas & Son, New Boston 
Village Lancaster. 

Ishell, A. L., Sleiphs Lee. | 

Hurbert, S. & A. &. Co., Sleighs , 

Coach. F. & P. do ! 

Miles, RichLird, Sleighs Lenox. 

Be lis, John East Lexington. 

Brigham, Wm. I 

Tucker, Chas. R. | 

Nt'whall, Francis Lincoln, j 

Day & Converse, 137 Central st I 

Eaton, J. B.. Button st 

Low & Skilh-r. Middlesex st 
Brabrook. J. A. 17 iM.irket st 
Kittredge, J. G. do 

Harding, Samuel Lynnfield. 

Reed, Jas. S., S. Common st Lynn. 

Ploof, John, Wheel, Front st 

Kent, Samuel 

Cutter, Artemas Maiden. 

Sinmions, Isaac B. Mattapoisett. 

W irren, Cyrus Medway. 

Torrey, Geo. B., Rockville 

Po id, Lym in P. IVest Medway. 

Pierce, Elisha Middleboroucrk. 

Shurtletf. Lathrop 

Harlow, Jas. H., Dealer 

Wood, Edw. Milford. 

Huntington, John E. Miiibury. 

Haskins, John Mojisun. 

Clapp, Avery Montague. 

Ciiuch, R. N. Mvntciey. 

Mitchell, Riibert J^Tintuckct. 

1 IS her, Leon-ird, Wheelwriiiht 

Pui-ifer, John, do jYeedharn. 

White, Wm. G. 84 Purchase st 

JVew Bedford. 

Doty, Wni. P. 77 William street 

N/e, Levi, 11 Mechanic-;' Lane 

Duty 6£. Cory, 20 Fourth st 

Br)vvnell, Geo. L. 49 Third st 

S.iil, Wm. N. 244 Purchase st- 

D lano, Henry A. JVtto Braintree. 

Sirgent, Moses, Belleville JVewbury. 

H lynes, Gilmm J^cwburyport. 

Ha.nes, H uniiton 

Huiklery, A. P. J^feic Marlboro. 

Stone, Joseph, West J\'ewton. 

Read & Lane, JsTorth Bridgcwater. 

Richmond, Ruel 

R^'ed, S. J^Torth Brool.field. 

D ivis, L., t^outh st J^orthanipton. 

Wood, E. T. 

Fiodgers, Royal B. J^orton. 

Johuson, Horace Orange. 

Rodgers, Samuel Orleans. 

Freeman, Abner 

Jackson, Ezra Otis, 

B.ildvvin, J.F. Palmer, 

Smith, N. Palmer Depot. 

Everett, G. W. & Co. Pawtucket. 

Underwood, Chas. Paxton, 

Cheney, E. Petersham. 

Bosworth, G. 

Hapgood, C. 

Goddird, Daniel 

Clapp, J. «^ Son Pittsfield, 

Ste.yens, Amos Plainfield. 

Fuller, George Plymouth, 

Drew, A. L. 

Barnes, Ellis, Jr. 

Tirrell, Chas. P. Quincy. 

Brndrick, Thomas H. Randolph, 

Jacobs, Wm. 

Kingman. A. Reading., A. Richmond, 

Holcomb, S. Rowe, 

Whittier, Moses T. Rowley. 

Burrell, Isaac S., Dudley street near 

Warren Roxbury. 

Burrell, Benj., Warren st 
Chamberlin, Ebenezer, Eustice st 

opp. Plymouth 
Carruth, A., Washington street cor. 

Davenport, A. & Co., Pearl st 
Farley, Henry W., East st 
Robinson & Adams, Felton Place 
Anderson, A. C, Warren street near 

Grove Hall 
Chamberlin, Eben., Eustis street opp. 

Dudley, Eben., Dedham Tiu-npike n. 

South street 
Hall, Leonard, Washington street n, 

Nash, Jacob L., Walnut street near 

Shepherd, Wm., Green st 
Sanip-^on, S., Highland street corner 

Cheney, E. Jr. Royalston, 

Morse, Nathaniel P. 56 Washington 
I street Salem, 

Hunt. John D. 50 Washington st 
I B .rker &, Uphani, 31 Liberty st 
; Stocker, J. W., Church st 
j Noah, Simuel, BostoD st 
j Warileigh, Jonathan Salisbury, 

Patten, George H. 
Coffin, John 

Burgess & Jones Sandwich. 

Waters, Sanmel JVest Scituate, 

I Holden, Geo. A. East Shcjjield. 


Crippen, F. B. Sheffidd. 

Foote, Miles M., Ashley villr 

Foster, D. P. fihdburne ■fills. 

Salisbury, James C. H/inTh.-m^:. 

Pinchard & Kavv^on SomervUle. 

Benton, J. B. & Co. S.Hadiey Falls. 

CI rk, Oliver N. Sout/iampton. 

Bush, D. A., Main st ISpringfield. 

Smith, David, Park st 

Childs, Charles, Sandford st 

Loomis, J. &, W. do 

Slate, John C, Pleasant st 

Taylor & Crane, South Main st 

Hinckley, L. T. Stockbridge. 

Turner, Frederick 

Ellis, G. W. Stoneham. 

Blood, Otis Sturbridge. 

B.ichellor, James 

Haynes, H. & M. 

Arnold, Edwin Sudbury. 

Aldrich, Sumner Tauntun. 

Mason, James H., Market st 

French, L., Weir Bridge 

Ashley, A. W. do 

Leach, T. K. Topsfield. 

Herrick, Benjamin 

Shaw & Brothers Wales. 

GHy, Albert C. 5. Walpole. 

Nason, Charles Walpole. 

PoUeys, Francis 

Shepard, Ephraim 

Winslow, George E. Ware. 

Ba-sett, Henry 

Wheeler, E. Warwick. 

Tucker, John Watertown. 

White, Warren 

Sparrow, ReuLien C. Wrllfleet. 

Hadley, Franklin Wenham. 

Lowell, E. West Boylstun. 

Warren, G. \X. 

Howard, Isiac, (wheels) 

West Bridgewnter. 
Copeland, A.. J. (wheels) 
Buckman, S. C. West Cambridge. 
Brown, Wm. R. Wentjidd. 

Fowler, Charies C. 
Raddock, Thomas West J\i''twbury. 
Berry, Enoch 

J ines, M. & J, Weston. 

White, H., Jr. Wcstport. 

Thompson, J. T. 
Snnv, Otis 
Giff)rd, George H. 
Clark, An-on K., Ireland 

West Springfield. 
Gilmore. P. X. 

Caswell, Wm. West Stockbridge. 
Kruin. Sylvanus 
Dorr, H. P. 

B xlsre, EMis, IVeynion'h. 

Ail-m,, ^a.vard .S. Wiuialn.m. 

L mm, A, E. WuiiamsOurg. 

B rdwell, Wui. E. 

Ely, Henrj- L. WtUiamstown. 

Smith, Deiiuis 

i'linn, Edw: rd 

Parker, J. F. & J. fVoburn. 

Jolinson, John. Jr. 

Parker. Oliver H. 

P.jie, T. W. 

Breck, M. T., School st Worcester. 

Farrington, B. Wrentham. 

Halletf, E., Jr. Yarmouth Fort. 

Thatcher, Watsou Yannoutk. 

Wliite, R. S. Yarmouth. 

Gilford, D. C. 

Carriag-e Smiths. 

Br idle y, Wm., Beach st. near Cove 
Daniels, Ebenezer, 8 Hawley st 
Hall, James, 2 Adams st 
Lilley, Thomas, Spring Maker, 89 

Portland sheet 
Maxwell & Sti-ddard, CharlestowQ 

St. and rear 40 Hanover 
Mellen, Wm.. Harrison Avenue 
Patterson, E. S. 253 Broad st 
Pillsbury. S. -id st. cor. E 
Treadwell. Wm. H. H. M., Foster 

Tuttle, John, 15 1-2 Sudbury st 
Wilder, Martin, 11 Hawley Place 
Wilkinson, Joseph W., Cau eway st 
Tuck, Harrison D. Concord. 

Mack, James J^orth Danvers. 

Delano, George Dorchester. 

Benson, David H. Sandwich. 

Jones, Watson F. 

Terry. Isaac, Spring st Fiirhnven. 
Smead, Julius Greenfield. 

StebbiiiS, Samuel 

Pool, Elias C. Hanson. 

Bryant, Alb( rt W. East Lciing on. 
jFolger, Charles A., South Wliarf 

Coleman, James B. South Wliarf 
Coleman, Josinh do do 

I Folger, Geo. B. 2d do do 

Sherman, Freeman do do 

Gardner, Fred'k C. do do 

Sisson, Job, Jr., Mechanic;' Lane 

JVcw Bedford. 
Hamlin, Thomas, Mechanics' Lai.e 
Brownell, Joeph, 34 Spring st 
Russell, Lewis, Walnut st 



Temple, Lewis, W.ilnut street 

j\'cw Bedford. 
Read & Lune JsTvrth Bridgewater. 
llmdfcrd, WhUIo 

iloiigkiiis, Joseph Prescott. 

Hubbs, R. L., Pearl st Roxbury. 

Robinson, D., Felton Place 
Smith, J. T., Washington street, cor. 

VVhittemore, A. E., Dudley st. cor. 

Leach, Lemuel Shutesbury. 

Avery, John, Main st Springfield. 
Carpenter, Wm. H., Weir Bridge 

Ellis, B. Walpole. 

Matthews, B. M. Yarmouth Port. 

Carriag'e Trimming's— 

Crane, J. E., Three Rivers Palmer. 

Carvers* Ornamental. 

Brown, Wm. H., Sumner street, op- 
posite Liverpool Boston. 
Cushing, Levi L., rear 11 Brighton -t 
Gleason, S. W. & Son, 82 Commer- 
cial street 
Harvey, Thomas, 475 Washington st 
Hobbs & Pratt, 10 Dock Square 
Hobbs, Wm. J. 36 Devonshire st 
Mason, J. W. 46 Commercial st 
Park, Thomas D. 2 Devonshire st 
Sampson, Charles A. L., Haverhill 

St. cor. Charlestown 
Winsor & Brother, 12 N. Market st 

Low, John, 83 Charles st Huston, 
Tuckir, Stepiieii, Haverhill st. near 

the Bridge 
Welherbee, J. & Co., Causeway st 
Wright. E., Jr. 11 T. wharf 
Young, C. &. Co., Brown's wharf 
Stanley, Samuel S. 11 Front st 

Flagging & Co., North River st 

Cbair Dealers and 

Bryant, S. 52 Commercial st Boston. 
Forsyth, G, 32 do 

Gates, J. W.& Co. 30 do 
Gates. M.L. 28 do 

(albert & Chapman, 112 Fulton st 
Haley, J. J. 92 & 96 do 

Halei", Will. P. 28 N. Market st 
Haskell, Wm. O. 66 Commercial st 
Heiine.-:sey, Edward, 21 fit 23 Brattle 

Heywood & Carnes, 26 Commercial 

Hills. H. S. 50 Commercial st 
Kendall, E. & S. 3 Adams st 
Nash, T. S. & A. 108 Fulton st 
i Neagle, W. & G. B. 73 Comuicrcial st 
' Pierce, F. & J. & Co. 36 do 

Rannpy, D. S. 40 do 

Safford, Hiram, 4 N. Market st 
Sage, Lewis. 91 Commerci;l st 
Samp-on & Keen, 135 Fulton st 
Scotchler & Wilcox. 116 do 
Shattuck, Wm. G. 80 Commercial st 
Wadsworth, Geo. P. 89 do 

Watson, J. 55 Blackstone st 
Wright, E. 17 Commercial st 

carvers'. Ship. 

Fowle, Isaac & Co, 260 Commercial 
street Boston. 

Gleason. S. W. & Son, 82 Commer- 
cial street 

Mason, John W. 46 Commercial st 

Winsor & Brother, 12 N. Market st 

Cement Dealers* 

Bass, S. G. 58 Long wharf Boston. 
D.vis & Cushing, Atkins' wharf 
Dickson, J. A. 36Cori!hill st.,English 
Floppin, John, Charles st. near the 

Hoxie, T. W. & Co. 46 Long wharf 

Chair Manufacturers* 

Corey, Burrett, Kittiney & Co. 

Piper. J. H„ Cane Seat Rocking 
Glazier, John C. 
Lee, Andrew, JMahogany. 195 Main 

street Charlestown. 

Robinson & Fifield. Solas, St)Ulh of 

the Scjuare 
Wetherbee. Warren B. Chester. 

Lyons. Lucius Coleraine. 

Heywood & Comee, 

Pratt & Davis, Cane Seat, iSewton 

Heywood &. Wood Ocrdner. 



Collistcr, Rugg &- Co. G.rdner. 

Gree ivvuod, Walter South Oardner. 

Gree nvoixi & Wright 

Sawiii, John, School Chairs 

Pierce, S. M. 

Howe, S. S., Office Chairs * 

Glazier, Thomas E. 

Bu<h, Charles VV. & Co. 

Perley, Asa 

Miles & Lyons Greenfield. 

Wood, Warrrn 

Walcutt, Samuel Hupkinton. 

Greenwood, E. R. Hubbardstown. 

Pease, Geor^ie, Maho^'a ly Maiden. 

Long &, Marble, Rocki;)<£ Chairs 

Danforth, Jeremiah, Chair Sofas 
Allen, H. P. 
Sn .w, Albert E. 

Dodge, Cyrus Mahog my & Walnut 
Ven;ird & Bii.gliam do do 

Hoy, VV. L. do do 

Jolinson, Willinm 

Whitmore &, Bruce S. Boylston. 
Upton, Wilcox & (/O. 
Kimball, J^im,'s, wholesale dealers, 
109 Essex St Salem. 

Couant, Lym HI Shelburne. 

Lee. Horace, ilarket st Springfield. 
Fitch, J. W. Sterling. 

Haughton, James 
Lynd-i, John 
Newhall, Timothy 
Stuart, Benj. & Sons 
Burpee, Edw trd 
Burghardt, Frederick, Curtisville 

Prouty, James B. Sunderland. 

Parker & Jen;ii>on Teinpletun. 

Greenwood, Thomas A. 
Potter, John, Sofa Frames 
Fales, Joel G. 
Parmenter k. Powers 
Partridge, J. & M. 
Colman & FoUett . 
Lancson, I^iac. Main st fValtham. 
Bellis, Mitthpw H. 
Lincoln, Jolh an Warwick. 

Brown. Ru-dl 

Whitney, J. M. Westminster. 

Keidall, E. i^G. 
Coolidge, Ca irles 
Wymm, Fr ncis 
Kiibotirne &. Dcmming 


Cl&emical Refiners. 


Henshaw, Chas. 15 Cutom Hou-e 
street Boston. 

Henshaw, Edmands, & Co. 3t) iiidi-i 

Holden, A. M. 2d st near F 

Cbemical Workers. 

Bradlee, D. F. & Son, 130 Wa^hi- g- 

ton street Bogtun. 

Cumerford, P. & Co., rear 795 Wa-h- 

ii gton st 
Holden, E. S., Lewis st E. B. 
Luiriat, Lewis A. 3 Camden «t 
Little, Wm. B. & Co. 104 Hanover st 
Macy, John F. 3 T-owell Court 
Mellen, G. W. F. 8 Hiichborn Block 
Palmer, J. K. 41 1-2 Salem st 
Preston, J. P. 18 Kilby st 
Stevens, Seriah, 3d ^t c^r. G 
Davies, H. V. & Co. jYew Bedford. 

Children's TlTag^on^. 

I Hey wood. Chandler South Amiurst. 
Dickinson, Enos, 2d 
Dickinson, Lucius 

Thayer, Silas H. Hadley. 

Dickenson, S. & E. 
Ring, E. & T., Worthington 

Cliina* Glass, & Crockery 


Richardson, A. A. Xorth Jldams. 

Andrews, Alpheus C. 136 Hn.over 
street Boston. 

Andrews, E. G. 162 Hanovpr -^t 

Atkins & Stedman, 13 Merchant's 

Baker & Bacon. 332 Washington •^t 
1 Briggs. Enos, 52 Chatham t 
I Briegs, Robert, 42 & 44 Co'Ur 1 st 

Briggs & Wheeler, 71 ^r<<■^^\ st 
I Brown, A. J. & Co. 54 & .56 Federal st 
' Butmin, E. 443 Washington «t 

Cash, Wm. E. 262 W isliington st 

CoUamore, J. Jr. & Co. 98 Wa.shi.".g- 
ton street 

Eaton, B. Jr. 39 Federal st 



Elliott, Walter M., Maverick Pqu-t re Everett, C, Upper Falls J\''eittnn. 
Boston. Th^ivcr. A. Jr. Pawtuckit, 

Ellis, Geo, 25 Dnane st 
Flint, Ezrn M. 135 Court st 
French, Wells & Co. 123 Milk st 
Gage, Benj. W. 144 Wnshiiigtou st 
Gridley, Gay & Co. 40 & 42 Broad st 
Hastings, J. S. & Son, 25 Doane st 
Hinrichs & Co. 11 Kilby st.Boheinian 
Homer, Wm. F. & Co. 33 Union st 
Hopkins, Solomon, 37 Broad st 
Howe, B. Miles, 47 Hanover st 
Jarves, G. D. & Cormerais, Granite 

Block, Federal street 
•Tohnson, L. 147 Hanover st 
K' lley, Edw. 346 Wasliington st 
Lord, F. M. & J. H. Jr. 49 Pearl st 
L.rd, J. H. 51 Pearl st 

Baker, John, 111 Washington street 

near P. O. Rorhury. 

Bird, C, Warren st cor. Washinsitou 

Faunce, S. & G. B., Washington st 

0[)p. Norfolk House 
Hunting, Reuben, head of Dudley st 
:\lar<h, Chas. 55 & 57 Washirglon st 
R.ind & Cogswell, Eustice st n. Elm 
Seaver, Wm. Tremont street near 

Williams, H. H., Guild's Building 
Bowditch, Wni. A. 221 Essex .-street 
Hatfield, Wm. 1 Hampden Hall 

Hamilton, John, Importers 

M ;son, EphraimB. 6 & 7Hanoverst Reed, Edgar H., Wholesale. Main st. 
M itthews, W. Jr. 507 Washington st I Oliver, F. P., Main st WorcesUr. 

Jrown, A. J. & Co., Importers, 48 
Main st 

Chocolate Manufac- 

Baker, W. 
Chase, H.& Son 
Berr>-, N. 



Mellen, M. & Co. 20 Jlerchant's Row 

i\orcross, Otis & Co. 23 S. Market st 

Pierce, Sam'l B. & Co. 51 Broad st 

Pope & Waldron, 168 Washington st 

Riley, A. 284 Washington st 

Sargent, Bodvvell, 52 Chatham st 

Simpson & Caldwell. 51 Broad st 

Sunmer, W. R. & A. H. 137 Wash- 
ington st 

T.I y lor & Waldron, 59 Broad st 

Wi'ggin, C. E., Hanover street cor. ; Webb & Twombly 
Marshall i Raddin, George W. 

Daniels, Wm. C. Cambridge Port, . 

Little, G.W. 77 Main st Charlestown. \ 

Crosby, Henry, 33 Main st Chronometers* 

BuUens, Amaziah, E.xchange st 

Chicopee. ' Bliss & Creighton, Manufr.cturers, 7 

Bancroft, Thos., Main st Danvers. Congress street Boston. 

Gage, O. A. & Co., Importers, 19 Bond, Wm. & Sons, 26 Cnnsress st 
Market st Fall River. Porter, George E., Manufacturer, 7 

Davis, Jas. & Brother Gloucester. - Congress st 

Allen, S. I Willard, Simon, Jr., 9 Congress st 

Loring, John T., Variety Lawrence. • 

Mansur, Stephen, 110 Central street 

/>0we//. Cig-ar and Snuff Stores* 

Lesner, B. F. 85 Central st | 

Weaver & Dwinell, Importers, 8; Brewer, Clark & Son, 14 S. Market 
Merrimack st | street Boston. 

Wood, A. H. 43 Merrimack st ' Brown, D. S.. 48 Chatham st 

Parker, John H., Glass and Brittania CiuTUth, G. 'J'. & Co., 41 Hanover st 
Ware, Wholesale, 30 Prescott st CliTk, Jno. 50 N. Market st 

Gardner, E.H. 10 E.xchange st Lijnn. Dunlap. (;., Theatre Alley 

Tappan, Geo., Importer, 113 Union st Greenwood & Granger. Tobacco, 9 
JVew Bedford. Market Scjuare 

Maxfield & Caleb, 130 Union st 
Allen, J. A. P. 121 do 

Bennett, Saml., Wholesale, 41 Pur- 
chase st 
Mardeu, J. M. J^ewbunjport. 

Jones & Farley, 88 State st 
Mtrden, D. H. 151 Washington st 
Mohrmann, C. 29 Court st 
Morgan, Thomas, Cigars, iO Central 


P lion. J. P. 16 Congress st Boston. 
Richardson, G. B. & Co. 1 xMirket 

Richardson, L.G., Importer, 86 State 

Slade, H. & Co., Order Box, 3 Long 

Whiston, F. G., 69 Broad st 

Ci^ar Manufacturers. 

Those marked S. also manufacture 

Bird, Martin, 232 Hanover st Boston. 
ClarJt, John, 50 x\. Market st 
Galeano, Antonio, 1 Lindall st 
Greenwood &. Granger, 9 Market 

Legg, Win. A. 47 Pearl st n. Broad 
Sedgely & Robinson, 3 Lewis st 
Sullivan, J. W., Bio tdvvay cor. A 
Tabour, Wm., Merrim ck street cor. 

Thompson, John, 19 May st 
Hammond, N., S. East Cambridge 

Douglass, R., S. 
Hewlett, E. T. 
Green, A. 
Howlett, Wm. 
Fretch, Wm. S., 

Cambridge Port. 

S., 169 Main st 

Gillet, Ozias, Court st Dedhavi. 

Waddington, S., 33 Second st 

Fall River. 
Tillinghast, C. W., 3 Pleasant st 
Jones, John Qloucester. 

Greenleaf, L. Bingham. 

Pratt & Burnham Kingston. 

Bigelow, T. S. 118 Oak st Lawrence. 
Farrar, Jas. Lexington. 

Whiting, H. A., Central st Lowell. 
Slocum, E. L. Mattafoisett. 

Russell, Wm. M.. S. ^Tantucket. 
TUden, Niles, 28 N. Second st 

JVew Bedford. 
Merrill, Wm. W., S., 5 Merrimack st 
French, H.V. & Co. JV. Bridgewater. 
Smith, John, 132 Derby st Salem. 
Battis & Brown, 86 do 
Skinner, Richard & Son 30 & 32 

Marlboro st 
Copp, J. M., S. Sangus. 

Sweetser, C. & Sons, S. 
Raddin, Chas., S. 
Raddin, H. A., S. 
Bond, C. M. 
Copp, John H. 

Parker. 2d, Wm., S. Saugtis. 

Fisk, Fr-mcis, .i'. 

Brown, Win. South wifk. 

Kind, D. W. 

Kneil, J. & T., S. tVestfidd. 

Harrison, H. & Co. 

Noble, 2d, Jas. 

Raymond, A. West Springfield. 

Root & Smith 

Wheelock, A. 253 1-2 Main st 

Curtis, Jas. M. & Co. 273 Main st 

Civil Eng^ineers and 

Ashbumer, S., Niles' Building 

Bi;iney, Amos B.. Suffolk BuiJdii g 
Boydeu, Uriah A. 7 Joy's do 
Briggs Robert, Jr. 43 Mass. do 
Brown & Hastings, 50 do do 
Darr icott, Franklin, 66 State st 
Dennison, Wm. 21 Joy's Building 
Dexter, Geo. M. 11 1-2 Tremont Row 
Eddy, R. H. 22 -Stue st 
Fuller, S. P. 37 Court Square 
Granger, DaVid A. 17 O. S. House & 

Broadway, S. B. 
Hibbard, Wm. C. 48 Mass. Block 
Inches, M. B. 34 State st 
Laurie, Jas. 22 Railroad Exchange 
Lincoln, Ezra, Jr. 4 Court st 
Nott, Samuel, State st cor. Exchange 
Parrott, Wm. P. 34 State street 
Sewall, Saml. 10 Dock Square 
Wadsvvorth, Al-.x. Suffolk Building 
Ingalls, Seth H. 7 Water st. 

jVew Bedford. 
Whitney, Charles, Land Survey( r, 

Guild's Building Roxbury. 

Onion, Henry, 64 Washington st 


To denote the different denomina- 
tions, the foUowitig abbreviations 
will be used; (C.) Congregational- 
i^ts; (P.) Presbyterian; (U.) Uni- 
tarian ; (C.B.) Calvinistic Bapti-t; 
(F. B.) Free Will Baptist; (Ch.) 
Christian ; (Uv.) Universalist ; 
(M.) Methodist; (E.) Episcopa- 
lian ; (R. C.) Catholic. 

Pierce, WUlard (C.) JV. AbingUm. 
Walker, H. D. do E. Mingion. 
Ward, Jas. W. do 
Peltee, Joseph, (Xi vv Jerusalem Ch.) 



Whittier, Jnmes (I'v.) E. Mington. 

Powers, Dennis ((\) A'. Jibington. 

Stubliert, Wm. F, (C. B.) 

Woodbury, James T. (C.) ^cton. 

Richardson, H. (C. B.) 

Dana, J. J. (C.) South Jldams. 

Mason, H. W. (Uv.) 

Love, H. P. (C. B.) J\''ortk Jldams. 

Crawford, R. B. 

Crande, M. (C.) Ji/ford. 

Mordoiigh, J. (C.) Jimesbury Mills. 

Sawyer, Isaac (C. B.) 

Estes, D, Gordon (St. James's Ch.) 

Coiton, A. M. (C.) Amherst. 

Ball, IVIason (U. B.) 

Belden, Pomeroy (C.) E. Amherst. 

Hitchcock, Edward (C.) President of 

Cook, George (C.) JV. Amherst. 

Cook, Phineas do 
Clark, Jonas M. (M.) 
Taylor, John (C.) Andover. 

Waterman, Henry (E.) 
Loring, Bailey (M.) 
Briggs, W. E. (C.) 

Davis, E. do Ashburnham. 

Clark, D. do Ashjleld. 

Egleston, A. B. (C. B.) 

Stone, (E.) 

Dixon, J. (M.) 

Wood, C. W. (C.) 

Doggett, T. P. (U.) 

Mills, Charles E. (C.) 

Bronson, Benjamin F. (C. 

Chipniiin, R. M. (C.) 

Clark, S.imuel (U.) 

Crane, T. (C.) 

Lovell, N, G. (C. B.) JV". Attlcburou<rh. 

Thayer, Alonzo (C.) W. Barnstable. 

Pollard, Andrew (C, B.) Hyanis 

Pope, R. S. (Uv.) do 

Bullard, A. (C.) Barre. 

Bond, H. F. (U.) 

Cate, G. W. (C. B.) 

Stevenson, R. V. (Uv.) 

Hyde, L. (C.) Becket. 

Sikes, C. do Bedford. 

Clancy, J. do BeUhertown. 

Curtis," Moses (C. B.) 

Massey, Joseph T. (C. B.) 

Adams, Henry (C.) Berlin. 

Kendnll, Chas do Bernardston. 
Bridge, A. M. (U.) 
Perkins, O, (Uv.) 

Abbott, Joseph (C.) Beverly. 

Dole, G. T. do 

Tannett, Allen do 
Flanders, C. H. (C. B.) 





Chandler, J. (U.) Becriy. 

Thayer, C.T. do 

j Washburn, Ira (Uv.) 
Stearns, J, G. D. (C.) Billcrica. 

, Putnam, Benjimin (C. B.) 
Proctor, George W. (Uv.) 
Thurston, James (U.) / 
Burdett, M. (C.) Blackstone. 

Peck, B. D. (F. B.) 
Hannaford, J. L. (M.) 

1 Hinsdale, Charles J. (C.) Blandford. 

I Ward, William (M.) 

' Sherman, D. do JV. Blandford. 
Merriam, A. (C. B.) Bolton. 

, Edles, R. S. (U.) 

Adams, Nehemiah, 4 Boylston Place 

(C.) Boston. 

Alvord, J. W., Broadway, near E 

street (C.) 
Ballou, Hosea, 24 Myrtle st (Uv.) 
Banfield, J. 8 Poplar ^t 
Banvard, Joseph, 14 Tyler st. (C. B.) 
Barnard, Charles F. 5 Warren st (U.) 
Barrett, Samuel, 40 Chambers st do 
Bartol, Cyras A. 17 Chestnut st do 
Beecher, Edward, 13 Hull st (C.) 
Bigelow, Andrew, 3 Hancock st (U.) 
Blagden, Geo. W. 9 Cent'l Court (C.) 
Blaikie, Ale.\. 5 Newbern Place 
Bosworth, G. W., Broadway, near 

Dorche.>ter st. (C. B.) 
Bourne, George W., Sailor's Home, 

house 3 Gridley st 
Boyle, I. 18 Harvard st 

i Briggs, Charles, 111 Washington st 

jChanning, W. H. 83 Mt. Vernon st 
Church, Pharcellus, Crescent Pb ce 
Clark, Thomas M. 4 Kingston st 
Clarke, J. Freeman, .'58 Pinckney 

street (Uv.) 
Cleverly, A. P., Mt. Vernon st. cor. 

Beach (U.) 
Clinch, Jo eph H., Broadway, near 

F street (E.) 
Cobb, Sylvanus, Webster st (Uv.) 
Colver, Nathaniel, 2 Province Hou e 

Court (C. B.) 
Cook, T. D. 4lh st. near E, between 

E & F (Uv.) 
Coolidge, J. I. T., Beach st. opposite 

Edinboro' (U.) 
Crosvvell, Wm. 7 Crescent PI. (E.) 
Craft, Samuel B., Suffolk st. opposite 

Blackstone Square (U.) 
Degen, H. E., South Boston 
Denison, Chas. W. 1 Arch Place 
Eastburn, Manton, 128Trem. st. (E.) 
Eaton, Asa, 40 Pinckr.ey st 
Edmunds, Edward, 2 Erie st. (Ch.) 


Fairchild, J. H. 4th st. near Erie (C.) 

Bon ton. 

Fitzpatrick. John B. 23 Federal st. 

(R, C.) Bishop 
Fitzsiuimons. T. 4th st, near Turn- 
pike (R. C.) 
Fox, T. B. 5 Warren st. (C.) 
Frothingham, Nathaniel L. 34 Sum- 
mer St. (C.) 
Frost, George W., Dedham st 
Gannett. Ezra S. 4 Bumstead PI. (C.) 
Gray, Frederick T. 59 Hancock st 
Hardey, Richard B. 23 Federal street 

(R. C.) 
H iskins, Geo. E. 222 Ann st. (R. C.) 
Hatch, Wm, H. 6 Clark st 
Hemstead, H. E., East Boston 
Higgins, Samuel H. 62 Tremont st 
Himes, Joshua V. 8 Chardon st 
Hitchcock, R. S., Central Square, 

E. B. (C.) 
Holland. F. W. 60 Pleasant st 
Howe, Wm. 11 Chambers st (C.B) 
Huntington F. D., at Roxhury (C.) 
Jenks, Win. 1 Crescei.t Place 
King, D. S. 3 Coriihill 
Kirk. Edw. N. 6 Montgomery PI. (C.) 
Lippitt, G. W., Bay st. near Dorches- 
ter (C.) 
Livermore. L. J., Webster st. E. B. 
Lothrop, S imuel K. 42 Court street, 

near Tremont (U.) 
Lowell, Chas. 10 Staniford st. (C.) 
Lynch, T.. rear Church st Northamp- 
ton (R. C.) 
Manahan, Ambrose, 23 Federal st. 

(R. C.) 
Mason, Chas. 6 Lonisburs Square 
McCalloin, Chas., Maverick st. E. B. 
McMahon, John B., Moon st 
Miner, A. A. 28 Green st 
Motte, Mellish I. 1 East Castle st 
Neale, RoUin H. 6 Crescent PI. (C. B.) 
O'Brien, N. J. A. 23 Federal st. (R. C.) 
Oviatt,-Geo. A., Suffolk street, cor. 

Rutland (C.) 
Parker, Tiieodore, 1 E.^eter PI. (C.) 
Parkman, Francis, 1 Bowdoiii Sq. do 
Peabody, E. 29 Sf)merset street do 
Pierce, B. K. 3 Cor.ihill, and at Rox- 

buy (M.) 
Pierce, T. C. 47 M irio;i st 
Plumb, D. H. 37 Lowell st. (Uv.) 
Pollard F. VV. 48 Poplar >t. (E.) 
R snd ill. Geo. M. 195 Harrison Ave- 
nue (E.) 
Rice, Wm. 72 Poplar st 
Richirds, Georse (C.) 
Rv.binsoa, J. P. 29 Charles st (E.) 

Rohbins, Chandler (C.) BostoTU 

Rogers, Wm. M., at Dorchester (C.) 
Sadler, L. L. 97 Leveret st 
Sanford. Miles. Princeton st. E. B. 
Schmidt, Frederick, 792 Washington 

Sharp, Daniel, 12 W. Cedar st. (C. B.) 
Smith, Amos, 12 Eliot st. (C.) 
Smith, M. Hale, 42 Boylstoii st. (C.) 
Snowden, Samu'-l, 5 Southac st (M.) 
Stow, B., Bowdoin street, opposite 

Bulfinch Place (C. B.) 
Stowe, Phineas, 8 Baldwin Place 
Streeter, Sebastian, 198 Hanovei 

street (Uv.) 
Tappan, Win. B. 9 Cornhill 
Taylor, E. T., Prince st. cor. Garden 

Court (M.) 
Vinton, A. H. 6 Temple Place (E.) 
Vinton, A. H. 6 Temple Place (E.) 
Waterbury, Jared B. 55 do (C.) 
Waterston, Robt.C. 11 Essex st. (C.) 
Wells. E. M. P. 34 Purchase st. (E. 
Winkley, Sam'l H. 4 Mi:!ot st. (C.) 
Wiiislow, Hubbard, Bacon Hill 
Woart, John, 4 Snowhill (E.) 
Worcester, Thomas, 9 Louisburg 

Square (New Jerusalem) 
Wormser, Bernard. 8 Pleasant st. ct. 
Young, Alexander, 48 Summer st (C.) 
Farnsworth, Jas. D. (C.) Boxboro\ 
Muaroe, Nathan (C.) Bradford. 

Park, Calvin E. do fVest Bradfurd. East Bradford. 
Morse, B. (.M.) 

Storrs, R. S. (C.) Bmintree. 

Newell, F. K. do Brewster. 

Damon, F. (C. B.) 

Brigham, D ivid (C.) Bridgewater, 
Raymond. Stetson do 
Bradford, Claudius do 
Rodman, Thomas P. (N. J.) 
Warland, William (E.) 
Swazy, A. (C.) Brighton. 

Whitney, S. A. (U.) 
. Hutchins. S niuael (C.) Brookjidd. 
. Green, W. B. (U.) 
I Lewis, Joseph W. (M.) 
H iven, Jo eph (C.) Brooklim^ 

Shailer, H. ((;. B.) 
Pierce, John (U.) 

Cu-hmap., S. (M.) Buck'avd. 

Smith, A. B. (C.) 
S.nuerson, P. P. (C.B.) 
iGarlind, David (C.) Burlington. 

Mellen, W. R. G. (Uv.) 

East Cambridge 
Ingersoll, G. G. (U) 
Perkins, F. T. (C.) 









Daugherty, M. (R. c^ 

East Cambridge. 
Leverett, Wm. (C. H.) 
Shepard, James (M ) 
Ware, Ji)hn F. W. {V.) 

Cambridge Port 
Parker, Joseph W. (C. B) 
Stearns, W. A. (C.) 
Stickney, Win. L. (E.) 
Lovejoy, Joseph C. (C.) 
Muzzy, Arteimis B. (U.) 
Collyer. Isaac J. P. (M.) 
Laiie. B. I. (C. B.) 
Newell, William (U.) 
Allen, John (C.) 
Hopkins, Nicholas (E.) 
Hummond, W. B. (C.) 
Mellen, Charles (Uv.) 
Banister, S. W. (C.) 
Gay, E. (C.) 
Smith, J. D. (C.) 

Hartley, (C. B.) 

Manning, E. A. (M.) 

Wilder, M. H. (C.) 

Ellis, George H, (IT.) 

Balfour, Walter (Uv.) 

King, T. S. do 

McGrath, M. (R. C.) 

Child, Wm. C. (C. R.> 

Greenleaf, P. H. (E.) 

Blain, J. (C. B. 

Buddington, Wm. J. (C.) 

Benton, J. A. do 

Guernsey, J. do 

Folsom. N. (U.) 

Frost, G. W. (M.) 

Clark. Nelson (C.) 

Leonard. William (M) 

Tucker, Elijah W. (C.) 

Clark. B. F. (C.) jXvrtli Chelmsford. 

Parkhurst, John (C. H.) Chelmsford. 

Stone, Richard (Uv.) 

Boomer, J. C. (C. B) 

Mason, Almond W. (Uv.) Cheshire. 

Clark, (C. B.) 

Clark, P. K. (C.) Chester Village. 

M trey, I. (M.) Chester Factory. 

Kingslev, Silas (C. B.) 

Warner, Oliver (C.) Chesterfield. 

Bardvvell, WilJi'im (M.) 

Be4or, F. (C. B.) 

Greely, Stephen S. N. (C.) 

Chicopee Falli. 
Kellen. Robert (M.) 
Bellamv. R. K. (C. B.) 
Clark, Eli B. ((\) 
Clapp, S. G. do 
Warren, J. G. (C. 15.) 
Porter, James (M.) 

Nightingale, Crawford (U.) Chicopee. 

Cro>vvell, Andrew (E.) 

Strain, James A. (R. C.) 

Osgood, Joseph (U.) 

Reed, Frederick A. (C.) 

Dimock, A. V. (C. B.) 

Brooman, William (M.) 

Mathews, Wm. A. (C.) 

Frost, B. (U.) 

Harris, Samuel (C.) 

Clark, T. J. do 

Chapman, J. D. (C.) 

Gilford, Earl (Uv.) 

Baldwin, Joseph B. (C.) 

West Cummington. 








Sears, O. M. (C.) 
Benedict, Timothy (M.) 
Keep, J. (C.) 
Lock, Joseph (Uv.) 
Field, Thomas P. (C.) 
Appleton, Frank P. (U.) 
Prince, John (Uv.) 
Stockman, Edward A. (M.) 

JVorth Danvers. 
Tolman, Richard (C.) 
Mandell, William A. (C.) 

South Dartmouth. 

Lentell, (C. B.) 

Grant, Elihu (M.) 

Goodwin, Joshua (Ch'n) 

Duffie, C. (C.) South Dcdham. 

Webster, C. H. (Uv.) 

Lamson, Alvan {V.) 

Burgess, Ebenezer (C.) 

Parkhurst, J. W. (C. B.) 

Babcock, Samuel B. (E.) 

Tyler, Josiah (C.) South Deerfield. 

Lyman, Geo. do 

Mciore, John T. (IT.) 

Seym<nir, Henry (C.) 

Frary, (C. B.) 

Tate, John (M.) 

Maynard, Lyman (C. ) JVorth Demi ia. 

Morris, Edward (M.) 

Dow, L M. H. (M.) West Dennis. 

Pcttingall, John U,(C.) 

Manning, L. W. (Uv.) South Dennis. 

Coane, Wm. (M.) Dighton. 

Tuckerman, O. P. (C. B ) 



East Dennis. 


Codman, John (C.) 
Bailey, Steph. do 
Dver, David do 
Pike, Richard (U.) 
Hall Nath'l do 
Richards, H. (C. B.) 
ShMiler, D.T. do 
Rice, C. D. (C.) 
Snow, S. P. (M.) 
Sanger, Ralph (U.) 





Adams, Geo. W. (C.) DracuL 

Merrill, Joseph (C.) 

Bates. Joshua {C.) Dudley. 

Merrill, David K. (M.) 

Brighain, Levi (C.) Dunstable. 

M >ore, Josiah (U.) Duxbury. 

Dunham, Isaac (M.) 

Talbot, M. I. do 

Whitman, Nathaniel (C.) 

East Bridffewater. 
Sanford, B. (C.) 
Hayward, T. B. (N. J.) 

Eldredge, (M.) 

Noble, E. W. (C.) Eastham. 

WilUston, Payson (C.) Easthampton. 

Bement, \Vm. do 

Ely. William do 

Bingham, Hiram do 

Lyman, Solomon do 

Clapp, Erastus do 

Pomeroy, Samuel (C. B.) Egremont. 

Hall, J. G. (C.) 

Horion, (M.) 

Upham, Fred, do Edgartown. 

Gooduow, S. B. (C.) 

McEvven, R. do Enfield. 

Dadman. J. W. (M.) 

Foster. Andrew B. (C.) Erving. 

Crovvell, Robert do Essex. 

Baker. Henry H. (Uv.) 

Wooding, Geo. W. (M.) Fairhaven. 

Roberts, Jacob (C.) 

Poor, Daniel W. (r.) 

Daws, Thomas (U.) • 

Baylis, Heurv (M.) 

Fowler, Orin (C.) Fall River. 

Washburn, Samuel (C.) 

Hotchkiss, V. R. (C. B.) 

Bronson, Asa do 

Longfellow, Sanmel (U.) 

Dean. W. W. (Uv.) 

Murphy, Edward (R. C.) 

Patten, D. (M.) 

Russell, P. R. (Ch.) 

Margrille, Charles (Ch.) 

Hooker, H. B. (C.) Falmouth. 

Kenny, P. T. (M.) 

Hyde, S. S. (C.) East Falmouth. 

Cobb, A. do JVorth Falmouth. 

BuUard, E. W. (C.) fUchburg. 

Trask, Geo. do 

Savage, E. (C. B.) 

Hawes, E. M. (Uv.) 

Lincoln, Calvin (U.) 

Poor, Daniel J. (C.) Foxborough. 

Ripley, Silas (C. B.) 

Tarbox.Increase N. {C.)Framivgham 

Aldrich, Jotham (C. B.) 

Northrop, B. G. (C.) Saxon ville 




Gran by. 

Mandell, E. J. (Uv.) Framinghnm. 

Field, Chester (M.) 

Southworth, T. D. (C.) 

Hixon, Asa (C.) 

Paine, J. C. (C.) 

Clitt, B. H. (C. B.) 

Stone, W. B. (C.) 

Miller, William (C.) 

Wait, Josiah R. (U.) 

Lamson, William (C. B.) 

Mayo, A. D. (Uv.) 

Nichols, M. P. (C.) 

Clark, WilUam S. (M.) 

Smith, Daniel D. (Uv.) 

Boardman, William (C.) 

Bates, James (C.) 

Felton, George D. (C. B.) Granville. 

Cooley, T. M. (C.) 

Smith, Henry B. (C.) 

Turner. J. W. (C.) Gt. Barrington. 

Stillwell, William (M.) 

Andrews, E. B. (C.) 

Partridge, Geo. do Greenfield. 

Marcy, Thomas (M.) 

StrongTitus, (E.) 

Blodgett, Edward P. (C.) Greenwich. 

Smith, Joseph C. (U.) Groton. 

Phelps, Dudley (C.) 

Holmes, Lewis (B.) 

Woudbridge, John (C.) Hadleij. 

Ayers, R. do 

Beman, W, H. (C.) J^orth Hadley. 

Sanford, Enoch, do Halifax. 

Kelley, Geo. W. do H imilton. 

Cutter, Sanmel (E.) Hanover. 

Ruckwood, Samuel L. (C.) Hanson. 

Carr, Samuel J. (B.) 

Mann, Asa (C.) 

King, Benjamin (M.) 

Smith, Benton (U.) 

Gibson, John A. (M.) 

Woodard, A. A. (M.) 

Stone, Cyrus (C.) 

Woodbury, Isaac (C. B.) Haverhill. 
.Hosford, B. F. (C.) 
iFrain, A. S. (C. B.) 
I Richardson, James, Jr. (C.) 
I Eastman, John (C.) Haitley. 

i Richardson, Joseph (Uv.) Hing/iam. 

Stearns, Oliver (U.) 

Howe, S. (B.) 

Preston, M. M. (Uv.) 

Dyer, E. W. (C.) 

Spilstree, Thomas (M.) 

Taylor, Edward (C.) Hinsdale. 

, Gilbert, (M.) 

Paine, W. P. (C.) Holden. 

iTilton, J. (C. B.) 
lOber, Benjumiu (C.) Holland. 





Stone, T. D. P. (C.) HvUishm. 

Nichols, John (Uv.) 

Twoiiibly, John U. (M.) 

Webster, John C. (C .; Nopkintun. 

Gallen, A. (K.) 

Hill. G. F. (,L"v.) Hubbardston. 

Bradford, D. B. (C.) 

Kimball, David S. (C.) Ipswich. 

Fitts, Daniel do 

dishing, Stephen (M.) 

Peckhsini, Joseph (C.) Kintrslon. 

Heely, Thomas E. (,C. B.) 

Pope. Augustus R. (Uv.; 

Corwiug, W. H. (C.) Clintonville. 

Bowers, C. M. (C. B.) 

Packard, Charles (C.) 

Bartol, G. M. (U.) 

Whittemore, Bei.jami!. (rv.) 

Ambler, I. B. (C. B.) Lmtesburough. 

Gilbert, A. A. (C.) 

Shaw, S. B. (E.) 

Davis, J. E. (F. B.) Later ence. 

Whitney, L. (C.) 

Richardson, J. G. (C. B.) 

Barrows, L. D. (M.) 

Packard. George (E.) 

Clark, G. H. (Uv.) 

Harrington, H. F. (U.) 

Smith, Riilph (C.) 

Ward, J. P. (M.) 

Nelson, John (C.) 

Hinkley, Frederic (U.) 

Clark, VV. C. (M.) 

Pool, G. F. (M.) 

Neill, Henrv (C.) 

Hubbard, Charles (C.) 

Witliiiigton, Hiram 

Dunham, L. B. C. (M.) 

Newton, Baxter (C. B.) 

Eastman, David (C.) 

Dorr.Theodore H. (U.) E. Lcxinffton. 

Randolph, W. B. (Uv.; 

Leland, Ira (C. B.) 

Jackson, Wm, P. (C.) Lincoln 

White, Wm. H. (U.) JMtUton 

Tupper, Martin (C.) /.onrrmiadow 




Edson, Theodore (E.) 
Eddy, Daniel C. (C. B.; 
Child, William (C.) 
Clark, Uriah (Uv.) 
TruU, Chas. K. (M.) 
Burnap, U. G. (C.) 
Miles, Henry A. (L'.> 
Porter, Lemuel (('. B.) 
Person, Ira do 

McDermot, James T. (R. C.) 
Crudden, Peter do 

Sanborn, Jacob (M.) 
Pattee, Edw. S. do 



Brewster, W. H. [M.] Lowdl. 

Curtis, Sil:'.. (F. B.) 

Hanks, Stedman W. (C.) 

Blanchiird. Amos do 

Town, D. W. do 

Smith, H.G.(Uv.) 

Barry, Wm. (Pilgrim Ci^urch.) 

Hull, William (C.) Ludlow. 

Tuck, J. W. do 

Mudjje, Z. A. (M.) 

C-. dwell, do 

Washburn, Jas. B. [M.] Lynnjield. 
Green, Henry S. [C] 
Cook. Parsons do Lijnn. 

Moore, John fUv.] 
Sanford. M. do 
Usher. J. M. do 
Lincoln, Warren [CL.] 
Shackford, Chas. H. [l.] 
Thayer, Lorenzo [i\:.] 
Merrill. Abrarn D. do 
Clark, John do 

Hallam. 1. W. fE.] 
Smith, C. B. [C. B.J Maiden. 

Dennison, James [M J 
Parsons. W. R. do 
Adams. John G. fUv.] 
Criswold. F. A, [E.] 
Blanchard. J. F. do jMansf.eld. 

Kinslev. William H. [U.] 
Blake, 'M. [C.J 
Ali.-n. John [C.B.I 
Russell, J. W\ [C. H.] 
Taylor, O. A. [C.J Mavchestcr. 

Russell, P. R. [Cb.J 
Lawreiice, A. [C.J Marblehead. 

Bartlett, John [U.J 
Ballard. Edward fj:.J 
Smith, John [M.J 
Robinson. Breare [U-. .J 
Davis, B. H. do jMarlborov^h. 

Ogden, D. L. fC.J 
Algier. Horatio [U.J 
B.ites, J. [M.J 

Farnhani, Luther [(".J Marshjieid. 
I Tappan, Dan. D, do 
i Bradley. John P. ( M.J 
[Gould. John B. [K.l 
[Leonard, Georgi- [L.J 
[Crocker, E. R. [Uv.J MattnpoisetL 
I Robinson, Charles fU.J Jilcdjieid. 
Riclimond. Thorn . [C.J 
.Phillips, Daniel W. [C. B.J 
Danforth, G. do Mcdford. 

I Stetson, Caleb [U.J 
Barker, A. R. [C.J 
; Warner, A. du 
lBHlIou(2ti). Ho ca [M.J 
i Tucker, T.W. do 


Haskins, Ralph [E.] 



Sanford, David [C 

Ide, Jacob do 

Bniley. Luther do** 

Harding, Sevvall do 

Jenkins, Samuel [U.] 

Tillotson, O. H. do Methuen. 

Phillips. John C. [C] 

Graves, Joseph M. [C B.] 

Nelson, Ebenezer do 

Todd, Benjamin [M.] 
Brigg^, Ebenezer [C. B.] 
Andern, James do 
Putnam, Israel W. [C.J 
Bragg, J. K. do 

Colby, Phillip do 

Storrs, John do 

Clark, Edward do Mlddlefield. 

Church, V'olney [B.J 
Long, David [C.J Milford. 

Griggs, L. do MUbary. 

Beach, Nath'l do 
Holman, S. do 
Brownson, S. J. [C. B.J 
Ainsworth. C. W. [M.J ' 
Morrison, John H. fU.] Milton. 

Cozzins, fC] 

Lesley. Peter do 

Ely. Alfred do Monson. 

Billings. James [M.] 

Kittredge, Charles B. [C.J 

Merrill, James H. do Movtague. 

Howe, Samuel do Munt.eri'y. 

Lovejov. John [M.J JVantucket. 

Trakey, E. D. do 

Knapp. VVillinm H. [C.J 

Hunt, Samuel do J^atick. 

Walton, Amos [M.] 

Gannett, Thomas [U.] 

Dill, C. H. A. do JVeedham. 

Newcomb. H. [C] 

Holmes, Sylvester [C] JVew Bedford. 

Weiss, John do 

Prentiss. Geo. L. do 

Burt. Daniel do 

Eldridge, A. do 

Brown, Jonathan [Ch.J 

Currier, John H. do 

Morton, A. G. do 

B tbcock, Rufus [C. B.J 

Howe, Mo-es do 

Horton, S. J. [Rector Grace Church.] 

Fillmore. Daniel [M.] 

Butler, J. D, do 

C idy, Jonathan do 

Fisk, John [C.J JVetc Braintrc.. 

Fiske, D. F. do .Xnwhu.ry. 

Dimniick, L. do JVeicburi/poH. 

Campbell, R. [C] Kewburyport 

Steirns, Jonathan F. 

Higginson, F. W. [U.J 

Wishburn, Edward A. [E.] 

Eaton, H. A. [Uv.J 

Fiske, D. P. [Ch.] 

Cameron, Patrick [R. C.J 

Medbnry, N. [C, B.J 

Benedict, do 

JVea? MarlborouffK. 

Fitch, Chester [C] 

Gilbert, Lyman do West JVewtoju 

Webster. Moses [M.J jsTewton. 

Teulon, Wm. F. [Uv.J 

Baury, Alfred L. [E.J 

Leavitt, Wm. S. [C.J 

Allen, Joseph [U.J J^orthborough, 

Houghton. Wm. A. [C.J 

Farrar, Charles [C. B.] 

Couch, Paul [C.J 

JVorth Bridgewater. 

Goddard. Warren [N. J.J 

Otheman, Edward [E.J 

Hu.itington, Daniel [C.J 

Everett, Oliver [U.J J^orthfield. 

Jones, W. [C.J 

Coller, H. [M.J 

Smith, E. Y. [C.J J^TorthamptoiL. 

Day, George E. [C.J 

Ellis, Rulus, [U.J 

Burroughs, Hearv, Jr. [E.J 

Crane, D. M. [C. B.J 

Mo wry, Jas. [M.J 

Barrows. Wm. Jr. [C.J JVorton. 

Miller, Jno. R. (C.) JVorwich. 

Taylor, Wm. (M.) 

Sweet, A. H. (C. B.) 

Wright, E. B. (C.) 

B irdwell. H. (C.) Oxford. 

Gridley, J, S. J. (M.) 

B'lyles, Charles (U.) Orange. 

White, Jacob (C.) Orleans, 

Branch, Nicholas (C. B.) 

B trden. Stillman (Uv.) 

Hueh, Gib-on (C.) Otis, 

Clark, B. F. (M.) 

Parker, (B.) Palmar. 

Wilson. Thomas (C.) Depot. 

Cross, T. C. K. do 

Cobley, N. E. (M.) 

Thorndike. Palmer. 

Chapln, (M.) Three Rivers. 

Blodgett. C. (C.) PawtMcket. 

Phipp«, W. (C.) Paxtov. 

Paee, A. C. do Pelhain- 

Bigelow. (M.) 

Smith, P. (C.) Pembroke. 

\ King. John D. (M.) 
! Babbidge, Chas. (U.) Peppercll. 









Andrew!!, Dnvid (p.) 
Kiiigiit, Joseph tlo 
Wilis, M. W. (U.) 
Cliirk. Solomon (C.) 
PL^rkins, A. E, P. ((',) 
Todd, John do 

Hunt, Thomas do 
Miner, B. (B.) 

Phillips, (M.) 

Chapman, (E.) 

Gaylord, H. J. (C.) 

Hawley, W. A. do 

Pease, VVm. A. (B.) 

Faunce, Wm. do 

VVhittemore, B. (C.) 

Porter, Chas. do 

Foster, Aaron do 

Whittemore, B. do 

Ames, S. L. do 

Kendall, James (U.) 

Harvey, A. (C. B.) 

Franklin, W. (E.) 

Thomlinson, R, (Uv.) 

Pardridge, E. do Provincetown 

Fox, Samuel (M.) 

Bradford, E. B. do 

Myrick, O. O. (C.) 

Allen, J. do 

Burrell, J. T. (M.) 

Lunt, S. (U.) 

P..-abody, Wm. A. (C.) E. Randolph 

Hitchcock, Calvin ilo 

Brown, R. W. E. (C. B.) 

Pickett, Aaron (C.) 

Grosvenor, Chas P. 

Clark, E. 

Gale, Wakefield (C.) 

Locke, E. W. (Uv.) 

Gilbert, Samupl G. (C. B 

Wauizh, George (M.) 

Parker. J. (C. B.) 

Clark, B. F. (C.) 

Stearns, VV. L. (U.) 

Pike, John (C.) 

Wilde, Z. P. (C. B.) 

Alger, VVm. R., Eustis street, near 

Dudley Roxbunj. 

Anderson, T. D. atM. Fairbank's 
Caldicott, Thomas F., Linden Park 

(C. B.) 
Clapp, Dexter, (U.) JV. Roxbury. 

Fairfield, Edmund B., Clilt sire-n 

(F. B.) Roxbury. 

Fay, Cyrus H., Dudley street, near 

Greenville (Uv.) 
Marsh, Christopher, Bellevue (C.) 

(Vest Roxbury. 
O'Beirue, P.. Dedhm Turnpike, i.e r 

Cedar streeH.R. C.) Roxbury. 







Putnam, George, Highland st (U.) 

Reynolds, G., Burrough st 
Slafter, Edmund G., Seavern's Av. 

Jamaica Plain (E.) 
Shailer, J. S. 5 Linden Park (C. B.) 
Thompson, Augustus C, HighLuid 

Avenue (C.) 
Wayland, John, Copeland st 
Hiizen, N. (C.) Royalston. 

Dunn, A. (C. B.) 

Flint. James (U.) Salem. 

Thompson, James W. (U.) 
Stone, Thomas T. do 

Frothingham, O. B. do 
Worcester, S. i\L (C.) 
Emerson, Brown do 
Sessions, A. J. do 
Bibcock, Wm. R. (E.) 
Mills, Robert C. (C. B.) 
Briesly, Benj. do 

Carlton, iMichael do 
Conway, James (R. C.) 
Fisher, E. (Uv.) 

Eaton, W. W. (M.) 
Winslow. David H. do 
Harvey, x\. (Free Church) 
Peirce, George (Ch.) Salisbury. 

Sawyer, Benjamin 
VV^right, D. G. (E.) New Boston 

Smith, J. T. (C. B.) 
Hawley, P. T. (C.) 
Crafts, E. P. Sandwich. 

Wells, Elias (C.) 
Hatfield, R. M. (M.) 

Abbot, (Uv.) 

Pease, Giles (C.) 

Garland, Joseph do 

Richard's, Wm. (M.) 

Cook, Edward do Saugus. 

Deniing, Amos (C. B.) Savoy. 

t-'lagg, A. S. (M.) 

Coiiant, Thomas (C. B.) Scituate. 

Wight, Daniel (C.) 

Nute, Ephraim (U.) 

Welsh, John C. (C. B.) Seekonk. 

Barney, James O. (C.) 

Jerolds, Thomas (M.) ~ Sheffield. 

Packard, Theophilus (C.) Sheibume. 

Parmelee, W. H. (C. B.) 

Sheibume Falls. 
Dowse, Edmund (C.) Sherburne. 

Stone, R. C. (U.) 

Eaton, J. R. M. (C.^ Shirley Fillage. 
Coolidge, Josiah C. (Uv.) 
Chandler, Seth (U.) 
Averill, James (C.) Shrewsbury. 

Newton, Ezra Shatesbar]f 


Stone, W. (C. B.) Somerville. 

Ciirpenter, E. (C.) Soutlibridge. 

Stevens, O. S. (C. B.) 

Stables, Mark (M.) 

Lee, A. K. (U.) 

Thompson, Leander S. Hadley Falls. 

Laurie, Thomas 

Scott, Ephraim (M.) Southampton. 

Batten, Henry do 

White, M. E. do 

Adams, P. S. (C. B.) South Reading. 

Enirr.^on, Alfred (C. ) 

Hitchborn, A. (Uv.) 

Cuolev, Henry (C.) Southwick. 

Russell, K. (C. B.) 

Piickard, Lewis (C.) Spencer. 

Adams, H. W. (E) State street 

Osjrood, S. (C.) 
Clark, E. B. do 
Russell, E. do 
Concklin, R. H. (C.) 
Clark, M. G. (C. B.) 
Thompson, — (Uv.) 
Clark, W. B. (M.) 

Allen, T. P. (U.) Sterling. 

Cumington, O. (C. B.) 
Davis, S. A. (Uv.) 
Giddings, Theodore, (C.) Curtisville 
Clark, T. S. (C.) 
Field, Justin, (E.) 

Haven, John. (C.) Stoneham. 

Marvin, Josiah, (Uv.) 
Cornell, Wm. M. (C.) Stoughton. 
Balluu, M. (Uv.) 

Smith, Isaric. (C.B.) East Stoughton. 
Cook, Theodore, (C.) Stowe. 

Bates, Reuben, (U.) 
Austin, D. R. (C.) Sturhridge. 

Driver, Thomas, (C. B.) 
Ballad, Josiah, (C.) Sudbury. 

Shaw. L. H. (U.) 
Spaulding, N. S. (M.) 
Cary-, Austin, (C.) Sunderland. 

Andrews, Erastus, (C. B.) 
Tracy. Hiram A. (C.) Sutton. 

Boomer, J. B. (C. B.) 
Leach, Sanford S. (C.B.) Templeton. 
Sabin, Lewis, (C.) 
\\ illington, Charles, (U.) 
Bushvvell, G. (Uv.) 
Coggin, Jacob, (C.) Tewksbury. 

Burrows, David, (B.) 
VV.lker, O. T. <C. B.) Tisbury. 

Ki noy, Fred do 
Tappan, S. S. (C.) 
Coggeshall, S. W. (M.) 
Sanderson, Alonzo, (C.) Tolland. 

Harrison, Rogers, (C.) Tollai.d. 
Bosise, Harper, do 
McLand, Amassa, do Topsfield. 
Stone, Wm. (M.) 

yicf.d. Caleb, (C. B.) Townsend. 

Sheldon, L. H. (C.) 
Goodyear, Geo. do Truro. 

Beadle, S.imuel, (M.) 
Newton, E. H. do 
Adams, Arnold, (Union.) 
Morse, Wm, (U.) Tyngsborough. 
Knight, Isaac S. (C. B.) 
Hooper, Wm. A. (Uv.) 
Phippen, Geo. (C. B.) Tyrivgham. 
j Clark, Samuel, (U.) Uxbridge. 

, Orcutt, John, (C.) 
Robbins, Au-tin, (C. B.) 
Allard, J. R. (C. B.) Wales. 

Wilson, Jarvis, (M.) 
Bigelow, A. (C.) Walpole. 

Merrick, J. M. (U.) 
Whitney, John, (C.) Waltham. 

Hill, Thomas, (U.) 
Sanborn, Jacob, (M.) 
Coburn, David (C.) IrVare. 

Gale, Nahum do 
Gale, Amory (C. B.) 
Eastman, C. L. (xM.) 
Ball, George (U.) 

Eldridge, A. (B.) Wareham. 

Gocjdrich, x\. (M.) 
IVott, Samuel, Jr. (C.) 
Smith, Charles do Warren. 

Moore, J. H. (Uv.) 

Kingsley, S. S. (C. B.) Warwick. 

Clark, George F. (U.) 
Hatch, Roger C. (C.) 
Norwood, Fred, do Washington. 
Colver, Chas. K. (C. B.) Watertown. 
Vose, Henry C. (Uv.) 
Adams, J. A. (M.) 
Flood, Patrick (R. C.) 
Mason, John Y. (M.) Wayland. 

Allen, Johs W. (C.) 
Gary, L. D. do* Webster. 

Jewett, Lyman (C. B.) 
McRedding, C. P. (M.) 
Munger, Silas do Wcllfieet. 

Van Houghton, Henry (C.) 
Beaman. C. C. do 

Leach, W^m. (C. B.) Wendell 

Dickinson, N. S. (C.) 
Taylor, Jeremiah do Wenham 

Keeley, J. (C. B.) 

Burr, Henry N. (C.) Westborough. 
Brown, W. L. (C. B.) 
Tracy, Leonard do West Boylston, 
Cross, Joseph W. (C.) 
Webb, D. (M.) West Bndgewater. 




Parker, L. S, (C^ fr''sf. Brookfield. 
Carlton, George (C. 1{.) 

West Cambridge. 
Hortou, Francis (C.) 
Brown, James (U.) 
Spaulding. Wiilard (Uv.) 
Underwood, U. (C. B.) Westfield. 
Perkins, N. M. do 

Day, A., Jr. do 

Merrill, N. J. (M.) 
Wright, J. do 
Raymond, M. do 
Davis, Emerson (C.) 
liUce, Leonard do Westford. 

Wiilard, John B. (U.) 
Coggin, Dnvid (C.) TVesthampton. 
Smith, Henry do 

Smith, S. S. do Westminster. 

Curtis, C. do 

Carpenter, M. (C. B.) 
Lincoln, L. (Uv.) 
Edgell, John Q. A. (C.) 

fVest JVewbury. 
Field, Joseph (Uv.) Weston. 

Crane, Origen (C. B.) 
Mudge, Thomas (M.) 
Pierce, I. L. (Ch.) Westport. 

Hinkley, E. B. (.AI.> 
Chapin, Asahel (C.B.) W. Springfd. 

Smith, (C.) 

Nichols, Henry M. (M.) 

Wood, A. Augustus (C] 

Chapman, G. E. (M.) 

Perry, Ralph (C.) 

Robinson, Asa A. (C. B.) 

Whiting. John (C.) W. Stockbridire. 

Emery, Joshua do Weynwath. 

Perkins, J. do 

Harding, Wil. M. (C.) S. Weymouth. 

Terry, James do 

Temple, J. Howard do Whately. 

Judd, J. S. do 

Beebe, Hubbard do Wilbrahnm. 

Bennett, Alvin (C.B.) S. Wilbraham. 

Biker, Charles (M.) 

Bowers, John (C.) 

Wilcox, Samuel do Williamsburg. 

Potter, E. S. (M.) Hayde. ville 

Peters, Absalom (C.) Williamstown. 

Lyle. George (C. B.) 

Devol, Charles (M.) 

Fay, B. M. (C.) Wilmington. 

Durgin, John M. (F. B.) 

Merrill, A. P. (C.) Winckcndon. 

Bullock, M. do 

Gordon, W. (M.) 

E.Uler, George R. (C.) Windsor. 

Edwards, Joni. do Woburn. 

Stockbridge, J.C. (C. B.) 

Cox, Leonard Jr. (C. B.) Woburn. 

Edes, Henry F. (U.) 

Steele, J. M. (C.) South Woburn. 

Allen, Geo. Hospital (C.) Worcester. 

Clark, George H. (E.) 

Smith, George P. (C.) 

Sweetser, S. (C.) 

Smalley, E. do 

Swain, S. B. (B.) 

Jennings, John (B.) 

Folsom, P. (F. B.) 

Hill, Alonzo (U.) 

Hale, E. E. (U.) 

Case, Albert (Uv.) 

Rust, R. S. (M.) 

Stockman, E. A. (M.) Worthington. 

Bisbee, John, (C.) 

Park, Elisha do Wrentham. 

James, Horace do 

Thacher, Tyler do 

Sears. E. G. (B ) 

Preston, (Uv.) 

Coggeshall, N. (C.) Yarmouth. 

Tainter, Nahuni (M.) Yarmouth Port. 
Farrington, Oliver (M.) S. Yarmouth. 

Clock Dealers. 

Beals, J. J. & Co., Ha3nTiaket Sq., 
Union st. cor. Blackstone, manu- 
facturers Boston. 

Beals, Wm., Hanover st. cor. Black- 

Hastings, Dnv, B. 422 Washington st. 

Howard & Davis, 34 Water st. manf. 

Kramer, M. & Co. 48 Cornhill 

McKay, Wm. P. & Co. 195 Wash- 
ington st 

Pond & Barnes, 71 & 73 Hanover st. 

Pratt, D. & Sons, 2 Union Block, up 
sttiirs, nianuf. 

Regally, M. 4 School st (French) 

Edgerl'y, S. 65 Washington st. near 
Post Office Roxbury. 

Taber, E., T7nion st 

Mason, H. G. 1 Barre Place, makers 

S'wln, John, 18 Court st. maker 

Weston, J. 8 Eliot st do 

Wiilard, Aa'n, 815 Wash, st do 

Clothing— Ready Made. 

Tibbets, Abial H. .^mesbury Mills. 
Turner, George 

Feiton. John Harre. 

Hopkins, A. B. Bnlchertown. 



Adanison, E. N. 42 Causeway street 
Andre, Charles, 264 Commercial st. 
Barnes, Martin, 181 Ann i=t 
Bayley, C. T., Sailors' Home Clothing 

Store, Broad st. oppo-ite Purchase 
Blaney, D. H., Marverick Sq., E. B. 
Butcher & Foster, 300 Ann st 
Carr, Ansel, 263 do 

Clark, Stephen H., 1 India wharf, 

cor. Broad st 
Cottrel, J. H. 99 Commercial st 
Crooker, H. 386 do 

Duffey, H. 105 Ann st 
Dusang, Peter, 268 Commercial st 
Eaton, Ezra O. 213 Ann st. and 97 

Fellows, Jacob, 4 Rovve's wharf 
Fisk, Nathan, 130 Sea st 
Freeman, James, Maverick Square 
Gove, John & Co., Hichborn Block, 

Ann st 
Harris, Henr>-, 219 Ann st 
Hoi brook, Samuel, 135 do 
Ingolls, Moses, 224 do 
Irish, Philip, 31 & 33 do 
Jameson, Edward, 129 Broad st 
Joseph, R. C. 44 Ann st. wholesale 
Land, Nicholas, 183 Ann st. 
Lawson, O. 261 do 

Locke, E. & Co. 26 North Market st. 

Lovejoy, VVm. R. & Son, 77 Com- 
mercial St., wholesale 
Mahony, John J. 50 Ann st., whol. 
McDonald, Henrv, 500 Commercial st 
McQuarrie &. Mattoon. 232 Ann st 
Merrill, Eaton & Co. 56 Ann st..whol. 
Moore, J. L. 69 Ann st. up stairs 
Moore. O. J., 223 do 
Mudgett, W. S. 1 N. M;irket 
Rich, S. 3 Mercantile wharf 
Ryan, J. 43 & 45 Ann st 
Schultz, H. 137 do 
Seaman Aid Society Store, North Sq. 
Shaw & Edmands, 2 Mercantile 

Shaw S. D. 3 Hichborn Block 
Smith & VVheaton, 23 Ann st 
Snelling & Hopkins, 60 do whol. 
Tracy, Daniel, 222 do 

Walker, Joseph, 224 do 
Weatherbee, E. T., Sumner st. cor, 

West & Fenno, 24 Dock Square 
Whiting & Kehoe, 40 Ann St., whol. 
Woodman, I. F. 48 N. Market 
McGrath, Hugh East Cambridffe. 
Leavitt, Joseph Canton. 

Crisp, Antonia, 226 12 M-in Ft 


Fitzgerald, Edward, 1 ExcLanpe st 

Page. O. L. Concord. 

Dix, And. N. 16 Mark. Sq. Fall Riv. 

Mason, Jeremiah B. cor. Mai.i street 
and Market Square 

Farrar, E. W. 6 Bedford st 

Farrar, M. J. 6 do 

Manning, Abel Fitchburg. 

Leverett & Co. 

Thompson, Bejamin, Saxonville 


Story, Cyrus & Son, 72 Front street 

Stacy, Samuel A. 72 Front st 

Tappan, J. S. 72 do 

Shaw, M. H. 77 do 

Girling, R. Oreat Barrivgton. 

Rust &: Clark Greenfield. 

Thayer & Jones 

Fletcher, Edmund Haverhill. 

Butters, C. W. 

Sider, J. B. Hingman. 

Meilen, C. N. & Co. JJopkinton. 

Baker, S. N. Ipswich. 

Burditt. A. P.,Clintonville Lancaster. 

Kimball &, Co., Furnishing Goods 

Later, nee. 

Ryan, Jeremiah 

Barry, T. N. F. 

Sp.uilding, Wm., Furnishing Good* 

Simons, Solomon 

Gcriy, Hollis East Lexiv<rfon. 

Grifhth, P. T. 2 American H( use 
Block Loicell. 

W atson, A. 25 Central sf 

Burnap &, Woodward, Indian Rub- 
ber Goods, 212 Merrimack st 

Barr, A. 27 do 

Gorden, Samuel F., Prescott st 

Colby & Totman, 10 and 11 Commer- 
cial st 

Allen, Eben W. JVantuckct. 

Cook, C. W. &. Co. 

Roice, Ashly, 17 South Water street 
JVew Bedford, 

Block. William, 72 Union st 

Burdick, Steph. 18 North Water st 

Ellis, J. W. 13 North Second st 

Svveetser, Moses, 9 Broadway 


Foster & Smith, Water st 

Campbell, George W. 

Nelson, John B. 
Griffith, R. Jr., Water st. 
Longley & Miles Palmer D^pot. 

Higginbotham, W. H. Pittsfivid. 



W'l h, Patrick Pittsfipld. 

Newell & FListings 

H if i)\v, Ju-:tus Plymouth. 

H .Irnes. B. H. 

Fuller, J. S. Provineetown. 

D;au, A. J. 99 Washington street 

Ldiinon, Peter, 41 Washington st. 

op[K)-;ite Eustis 
Morse, Cyrus E. 105 Washington st 
Richardson, J., Centre st., Jamaica 

St.xliier & Elliot. 62 Washington st 
Webber, Win., Washington st. oppo- 
site Vernon 
Simmons, A. F. 198 Essex st. Salem. 
Eilvv irds, Benjamin, 8 Front st 
P.ilmer, W. H., Phoenix Hall 
Libby, (ieorge V., Charter st 
PcTkins & Brown, 21 Neptune st 
Webb, John K. 197 Essex st 
Carpenter, D. P. 205 do 
Chanev, James, 211 do 
Derby,'Henry, 217 do 
Olds&MirWe Southbridge. 

Fisk &c Freeland, Fountain Row 

Laws, George M. 1 Fountain Row 
Lunt, James R., Main st 
Kenna, John P. do 
Reoch, Peter R. do 
Rindge, Wm. 6 Massasoit Row 
K indge, Isaac Jr. 2 do 

Colby, Samuel, 3 do 

Pearson, A. F. Sterling. 

Buiterick.J. S. & Co. 
Foster &. Lawton, 5 Main st 

Hodges, Wm. G., Weir st. corner of 

Larchar, E. M., Main st 
Stowell & Dean, Weir Bridge 
Noble, F. P. fVasMngton. 

McNeil, Alexander tVebster. 

Hand & Robbias Winchendun. 

Weiherbee & Warden (wholesale), 

.3 Merchants' Row fVorcester. 

Lutlier & Freeland, manufacturers, 

192 and 194 Main st 
Ware, A. P. & Co. 200 Main st 
Tn lyer &i, Co. 6 Merchants' Row 
Brigiiani, L. & Co., under Brinley 


Clotbiug^, (Second-hand.) 

A:ider.son, Arturo & Co. 100 Black- 
stone st Btriton. 
Carpenter, Henry, Fleet st 

CI irk, J. W. 18 Brattle st Boston 
Coburn, J. P. 24 do 

Guess, Solomon, 32 do 
H ill, Henry, 41 Ferry st 
Hammond, C. 46 Blackstone st 
Johnson, P. & J. 5 Endicot st 
Lawson, Wm. 36 and 38 Blackstone 

Lewis, S. H. 40 Brattle st 
Mundruca, E. F. B. 26 Brattle st 
Pitts, Coflin, 28 do 

Riley, Wm. 22 do 

Robinson. John, 42 do 

Rogers, John, 12 do 

Russell, P., Maverick Square 
Scott, James, 40 Blackstone st 
Smith, Thomas P. 38 Brattle st 
Smith, J. S. 11 Salem st 
Tyler, Henry, 5 Richmond st 
W'eeden, H.' 10 Franklin Avenue 
Wilson, Samuel, 10 Brattle st 
Wright, John, 56 Union st 
Brooms. John, 142 Washington st 

Simpson, A. T., Dudley street, near 

Guild's Building 
Thompson, T. J., Dudley st. near 

Norfolk House 
Thompson, T. 54 Washington st 

Clotlis and Woollen 

Allen, E. & Co. 2 SewalPs Block 

Ballard Vale Manufacturing Com- 
pany, (flannels.) 33 Milk st 
Batt's & Goldthwait, 42 Washington 

Edmunds, J. W. 62 Milk st 
Fearii^g & Whitney, 33 Washington 

Joiies, Hill & Co. 3 Bowdoin Bl.>ck 
Kendall, Carpenter &. Co. 1 &. 3 Pearl 

Kimball & Fisk, 28 Washinjrlon st 
Knight, Manasseh. 237 do 

Lawrence, Sam. C. 55 do 

Pray, John 11. 51 do 

Richardson &, Kendall, 24 do 

Waite, Charles, 48 do 

White, Andera & Co. 48 Milk st., up 

Coal and Wood Dealers. 


Pickett, R. & C. 
S tlibrd, John 


Atnes, L. W. 23 Old State House 

Court Boston. 

Child, Addison, 48 India st 
Child, Henry D. 59 State st 
Cutter, S. L. 18 South Market st 
Foster, A. (agency), 26 State st 
Foster, Talbot & Co. 48 India st 
Guild, A.. Lehigh st. opposite East 

Heath, N. 15 Long wharf 
Mayo, C. F. J 8 Chath.;m st 
Mosnian & Co., foot of Hanover St., 

and Fulton st. cor. of Barrett 
Nevers, B. M. 48 Hanover st. opposite 

Prentice, W. H. & Sons, Prentice's 

Tay, R. L. & Co., Cross st. corner of 

Thwing, S. C. & Co. (agency), 

8 Kilby st 
Abbott, J. C. 45 Brighton st 
Barnes & Reiuhard, Sea st. near the 

Belcher, Warren, Belcher's wharf, 

E. B. 
Benson, F. A., Sea street, and 1 City 

Brigham, N., Beach st. cor. of Utica 
Brooks, Wm. B., Second st. cor. of C 
Bullard & Carter, Harrison Avenue 

and Albany st. 
Capen & Co., Packard's wharf 
Child, Stephen & Son, Harrison Av. 

near Dover st 
Clay, H. T. & Co., Tirrel's wharf, 

Harrison Avenue 
Clear, R., Constitution wharf 
Cofran, Jarnes, Canal st. comer of 

Cole, Geo. M., Tremont street, near 

Colburn & Howard, Turnpike near 

the Bridge 
Crafts, Henry, Boston Wharf, 1st st 
Crosby & Gibson, Ferr\" Wharf, Lew- 
is street, E. B. 
Curtis, John & Son, Ciu-tis' Wharf, 

Sea st 
Daniels, N. C, Minot st cor Andover 
Davis &. Gushing, Atkins' Wharf 
Davis, J., Ripley's Wharf, Commer- 
cial st 
Drake, Tisdale, 40 Sea st 
Drown, John G. head Ripley's Wf 

Commercial st 
Earl, W., Wood, Richmond st cor. 

Emerson, R. &, J., Summer st Wf 

Emory & Tirrell, 136 Sea st Boston 
Far^ ell, (;. W. 170 do 
Fletcher, W. & Co., Haymarket Sq 
FretiCh, Chns., Maine Wharf 
French, Moses, Jr. do do 
French, Thos., i\?;rginal st 
Griggs & Forbes, Causeway st 
HazMrd, Snm'l L., foot Living.sttm st 
Her-ey, C, Eastern Packet Pier, 

Cemmercial st 
Hoppin, Jiio., Charles street near the 

Jackson, Wird & Co., Suffolk Build- 
ing and North Grove st 
Lecraw & Perkins, Bull wharf, foot 

Summer st 
Lewis, J. G. & Co., Harrison Av 
Lincoln, Noah & Son, Lincoln's w f, E. G.. 15 State st and 150 Sea 
McCrillis & Morse, Northampton st 

cor Harrison Av 
McHugh, T., Sea st near the Bridge 
Miller, Nason & Co., Harrison Av 

near the Bridge 
Moody & Norris, Boston w f. 1st st 
Mo- man & Co. foot Hanover st, and 

Fulton st cor Barret 
Paige, Chas. E. 42 India st 
Perrj-, Wm. & Co. C2 Sea st 
Piper, Solomon & Co. 30 Sea st 
Pratt &, Loring, 86 State sUeet and 

Thompson's wharf 
Pray. Amassa, 168 Sea st 
Prentice, W. H. Ik. Sons, Prentice's 

Prescott & Chapin, Liverpool wharf 

and 94 Harrison Av 
Proctor & Edgerlv, oi'.p. 8 Haverhill st 
Kobbius & Page, Otis' wharf 
Bobbins, S., Ti lesion's wf E. B. 
Robbins, Joseph, Cunningham's wf 
Roby, Dexter & Co., Causeway foot 

Charlestown st 
Russ, Dan'l H.. Canal st cor Market 
Sanderson, G. H. & Co., Pearl st wf 
Smith, Benj. 60 1-2 Commercial st 
Smith, Lewis, 6 Commercial wf 
Stetson, Alpheus, 1st st foot of I 
Stone & Adams, Cambridge st herr 

the Bridge 
Swinson, Peter. Harrison Av 
Tay, R. L. '&. Co., Cross st n. Fulton 
Tirrel, Jesse, Jr. 102 Sea st 
Twitchcll, J., Beach st cor. South 
Wadleigh & Clary, Brighton st foot 

Wadleigh, D. E., and Brick, 150 Sea 

Washburn &Phillips,Sunimer st E.B 



Wilder & Bosworth, 136 Sea st 

Wingnte & Lowd, ILirvard st near 

Wiswali. Eli<h^, Tileston's wf 
Wood^\. S. m & Co. opp. 50 Charles st 
Wood, C. B., LuveriU street near the 

Young, C. & Co., Brown's wf 
Chaffee, R. S. East Cambridge. 

Wyman, VV. 
Houghton. A. & Co. 
Taylor, Oliver, VVo!>d 
Fogg & Her^ey Cambridge Port. 
Fisher, Geo. 

Richardson, T. Cambridoe. 

Call, Robt.. .Vliin st Charleatowti. 
Seavey, J. R., W irren .\ venue 
Thompson, Be inmiii &c Co. 
Fuller. Jas. (i., VVood and Hay 
Goodridge, Oeorge 
Carleton, Alfn-d, 27 Water st 
Oakman & Eldridize. Cogswell's wf 
Thomas, W.irro.!, Old Bridge 
Holmes, Willi uns Dorchester. 

Curtis, Bretoi & Co. 
Kittredge, Wm.. Middle st Lowell. 
Perry, Edwud W. jYantucket. 

Myrick. A. H.. Main st 
Folger, B. &. T., South Wharf 
Blaney, N. R. Marblekead. 

Twisden, E. 
Shirley, F. .Ir. 
Kempton, Alfred, 90 N. Water st 

Xeic Bedford. 
Burt, Charles H. 199 N. W tter st 
Brown, Newin m, 1 Surry Whirf 

Granger & Birtlett 
Doten, S. H. Plymouth. 

Ellis, J. T. & Co., Swett st, Roxbury 

Point - Rorbury. 

Page, Jas. B., Rug?les st n. Tremont 
Putnam, A. & \. W., foot of Davis st 

cor. Swftt 
Wyman#\si & Sf>n, Northiimpton 

st near Bost^m liie 
Putnam, N. 50 Water st Salem. 

Dike, John, 33 do 
Graver, Johi 
Hunt, Joseph 
Dodge, Jacob L. 
Briggs, S., H y, 15 Lafayette st 
Alden, Lott, D.rhv st 
Sanborn, G. & F. 115 Derby st 
Bosworth, A. J., Weir Bridge 

Williams, Benj. F. 
Atwood, P. G. WeUfieet. 


Higgins, Snmuel WeUfieet. 

Union Wharf Co 

Loud, J. & Co. Weymouth. 

L:ine, Peter 

Bulfum & Earle, Park st Worcester. 

Hallett & Otis Yarmout/i Port. 

Coffee Factories. 

Byram & Co. 33 Blackstone st 

!• inney, Wm. 84 do 

Simmons, Benjamin, Charles street. 

cor. Cambridge 
Taylor & Shales, Haverhill st. cor. 

Tilley. J. A. & Co. 15 Hawley st 
Tyler, Simeon H. 3 Haverhill st 
Sluurt, Mose.s, Market st Loirell. 
Marrs, Augustus, Trumbull st 


Coffin Warehouses. 

Abbot, H. & Co. .Sndover. 

Bouve, E. O., Richmond st Boston, 
Colmrn, E. N. 16 Sudbury st 
Faxon, Oren, 548 Washington st 
Houghton, Charles, Silver st 
Mooney, John, 90 Endicot st 
Peak, John, Denccm st. cor. Friend 
Pratt, C. I. 71 Federal st. near Pur- 
"Virgin & Kelley, 46 Pearl st. near 

White, John, Summer st. E. B. 
Whitney, N. 19 Blossom st 
Whitney, M. G., Exchange street 


Adams, Nathaniel, 2d, Bartlett street 

cor. Washington Rojcbury. 

Taylor & Newell. 132 Washijigton 

St. near City Hotel 
Emmon, William H., Main st 

Hodge tt, W. ?., San ford st 


B^con, F. A. 2 London st Boston. 
Civerley, Chas. 2.52 Tremont ..t 
D ivi-:, Henry, 179 Hanover st 
D ivis, Timothy. 39 Pirickney st 
Field, Elishn, 5 E.'^change, and 4S 

Porter streets 
Harvey, James W. 21 Washington 



Jcnes, Philander A. J. P. 50 Oak st 

K ight, W. W. 18 Grove st 
La. ham, MMrcu-, 19 Brattle st 
LucHS, Samuel F. 7 Porter st 
Page, J. A. 104 Dedham st 
Rice, J. L. 31 Joy's Building 
Rich, Ed. !{., Dorchester street, near 

Bro'idw V 
Rich.Timolhy 1 1-2 Water st 
Smith, Albert, 15 st 
Smith, S.imu'l, 10 Congress st 
Whittle, Riilph L. 23 Harvard st 
Wilson, Joha, 25 Vernon st 
Bacon, Horace, Wiathrop Bank 

Building Roxbury. 

Haynes, Leonard, Washingt'n street, 

near Post Oilice 

Comb ITIanufatcturers dc 

COMBS. Fancy Goods. 

Bates & Jordan, 129 Washington st 

Blake, J. Q. 16 Hanover st 

Boy!) ton &. Woodford, 50 Washing- 
ton street 

Chnprn m, George H., Jr. &• Co. 74 
St ite street 

Federhen, J. 53 Court st 

Hovey, James, G. 149 Washington st 

Josseiyn. E. K. & W. A., Manufac- 
turers of Comb*, 128 Washingt'n st 

Kimball, John, 186 do 

Messer, W. W. & Co. 27 Kilby st 

Peck, Anson, 6 Essex street 

Spring, I. H. 52 Kilby st 

Maynard, Samuel I). E. Haverhill. 

Houghton & Josseiyn HuUiston. 

McCoUour & Lowe, Dressing Combs 

Sawyer, Charles, Pocket Combs 

Graham & Josseiyn, Fancy Combs 

Wakefield & Prescott, Horn 

Colburn. Seneca 

Smith & Chase, Fancy Combs 

Colman, George do do 

Woods, Leander, Horn Combs 

Wheelock. Jostlin & Co. 

Carter, James H. 

Morse, G. & A. 

Prescott, Emerson 

Noyse, S. C. & Co., Horn and Shell 
JVest J^ewbury. 

Emer^', Lucian, Horn and Shell | 

Bailey, Sam'I W., Horn and Sh--n 

fVest Meicbary. 
Smith, David, Side Combs 
Cair, James do do 
Chase, H. G. O. & T. M., Horn 
Emery, C. H., Horn & Shell 

Commission Mercbaiits. 

Those marked A, are Auctioneers. 

Greene, Samuel G., A. Beverly. 

Abbott, George W. & Co. 21 Central 
wharf Boston. 

Adams, C. P. 12 Merchants' Row 
Adams, Geo. 10 Liberty Square 
Allen, S. R. 133 State st 
Almy. Patterson & Co. 85 Milk st 
Appleton & Snelliiig, 6 Liberty Sq. 
Arminson, F. E. 18 City wharf 
Atkins & Freeman, 26 India wharf 
Atkinson, Rollins & Co. 51 Central 

Bacon, J. V. & Son 40 Central wf. 
Biiker & May. 66 T'tica n 
B;iker & Morrill, 44 Commercial st 
Ballard, George, 294 do 

Bangs. Elkanah & Son, 46 do 
Barbour, John N. 134 St. ;e st 
Barnard, Adams & Co. 41 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Barrett, J. & Co. 1 Mercantile wharl 
Bartlet, E. 127 State st 
Bass, S. G. 58 Long wharf 
Bates, Edward C. & Co 19 India wf. 
Benson & Hamblin, 8 City wharf 
Bent, J. P. 4 Central wharf 
Berry, R. N. 8 do do 

Bigelow, i!. 32 Commercial st 
Bishop, C. J. & Co. 8 Railroad Block, ' 

Lincoln st 
Bishop, John, 41 Central wharf 
Blake, Josiah W. 45 India st 
Blake, S. P. 7 Central st 
Blanchard & Wright, 75 &i»76 Com- 
mercial st 
BUnn, A. C. 7 Railroad Block 
Bond, Sewall B. 82 Utica st 
Bostock, W. & J. 55 & 56 India wf. 
Bowers, C. E. 38 Commerci:il st 
Bowker & Redding, 41 and 43 E. R, 

R. wharf 
Boyd & Frothingham. 16 Central wf. 
Bradford, Wm. B. 13 Broad st 
Bradlee, Josiah & Co. 34 Indi i st 
Bradley, Charles, Phillips' Building 
Bramhall, Fairbanks &- Co. O. South 



Bramhall &. Howe, 9 T wharf 

BriEham. E. D. & Co. 1 Lons wharf 
Brooks, Luke, Jr. 66 CoiumerciHl st ; 
Brown. Chirles S. '26 S. M irket st 1 
Brown, Win. A. & Co. 9 & 10 Lewis ' 
wharf I 

Buck, ChMrles, 24 Long wharf I 

Bucknani & Converge, 33 North Mar- 
ket street 
Burke, P. B. & Co, 92 State st 
Burnh ini, Welton & Co. 72 Congress 

Burrill, Charles, 33 Lewis wharf ; 
Bush. J. 58 Long wharf I 

Butmnn, F. C. L5 Commercial st } 
Calef, H. G, K. 29 & 30 Lewis wf. 
Callender, Geo. 42 Central wharf 
Callander, William B„ Jr. 22 Chat- ! 
ham st I 

Carlisle, .loseph, 146 Sea st I 

Chamberlain & Co. 5 Lewis wharf 
Chamberlain, Edward, 5 India st 
Chandler, Howard & Co. 27 Central 

Chase, Hez. & Son. 22 Long wharf 
Chapin, H. M. 13 Long wharf I 

Cheever & McBurney, 2 Liberty! 
Square | 

Cheever. Cartwright & Co. 13 Cen- 
tral wharf 
Chenery & Co. 18 Long wharf 
Child, Addison, 48 India st 
Clark, Bingham & Co. 4 & 6 Chat- 
ham Row 
Clirk & Jones. Fort Hill wharf 
CI irk, B. C. & Co. 64 Commercial wL 
Caldwell, J. S. 29 Lewis wharf 
Clark, T. E. 12 Commercial st 
Clelaad & Day, 26 South Market st 
Cobb, J. J. 18 City wharf 
Codman, Stephen, 7 India wharf 
Coffin & Weld, 43 Centnil wharf 
Cook. George, 21 Cdmnu-rciil wharf 
Coolidge, VV. D. 32 IVari st 1 

Copeland & Kidd'V. 33 India st 
Cox, Francis, 66 Commf^rcial st 
Crocker & Sturgis, 6i Commercial 

Cunningham, N. F. & Co. 38 and 27 ' 
India wharf [ 

Cunningham & Cobb, 169 Broad st 

opposite R(nve's wharf 
Curtis &L Greenough, 35 Central 
wharf , 

Curtis. Len-ens & Co. 106 St ite st | 
Dallinger, John, Jr. 17 Doane st ' 

Dana, N. & C. H. 1 Central wharf 
Dana &: Co. 27 Commercial do 

Dane, Dana & Co. 12 South Market 

street Boston. 

Darling. ^2 Central wharf 

Davis, Adolphus, 13 do 
Davis, H. .\. 74 Long wharf 
Davis, Wm.. Jr. 74 do 
DeiHiie & Lamson. 37 Lmig wharf 
Dennis. Wm. W. 6 South Market st 
Deshon, Daniel, 5 Long wharf 
Deshon, James, 23 India st. corner of 

Dewey, S. W. 87 Kilby st 
DeWolf, Elisha, 63 Commercial st 
Dexter, E. A. 28 State st 
Dodge, Rufus & Co. 9 R. R. Block, 

Lincoln st 
Dodge & Weld, 92 Utica st 
Dorr. R. S. 74 Long wharf 
Dowley, Levi A. & Co. 57 and 59 

Pe.ul st 
Drury, Otis, 7 Commercial wharf 
Dyer, E. C. 62 Kilby st 
E iger. Wm. 22 Central wharf 
Eaton, Wm. 83 Commercial st 
Edwards, Henry, 4 Liberty Square 
Elliott & Greig, 10 Merchants' E.^- 

Ellis, F. D. & Co. (domestics), 64 

Kilby st 
Evans, W. L. 69 Commercial st 
Farwell, A. G. & Co. 145 Milk st 
F;^v & Farwells, 38 India st 
Fessenden, C. B. 134 State st 
Fishblatt, John, 45 Milk st 
Fisher & Co. 23 and 24 Central wf 
Fiske, A. G. 80 UHc i st 
Flint & Kent, 11 Lo:«x wharf 
Flint & Train, 5 and 6 Commerciai 

Fogg, Brother & Co. giKilby st 
Forster, H. 26 Long wharf 
Fur-ter, Jacob, 26 do 
Fosdick, John, 86 Kilby st 
Foster, John H. & Co. 50 Central wf 
Foster, Talbot & Co. 48 India st 
B\.wle, C. S. 97 1-2 State st 
Fowlc, Gardner &. Co. 52 Federal st 
Fowler, M. Field, 13 and 15 India 

Frazar, A. .\. 63 State st 
Frost, Wm. 17 India st 
Frothingham. N. F. 25 Long wharf 
Gardner, George & Co. 5 Liberty 

Gardner, John D. & Co. 5 Chatham 

Gibbons, Wm. Vassall, India st 
Gilmore &. Clapp. 3 Merch mi ' Row 
Goddard la, Adams, 67 Pearl .-.t 


Gould, Jpviiies, 19 Merchants' Ex- 
change BostotK 
Grantham, F. VV. 26 Foster's wharf 
Gray & Morse, 44 Central wharf 
Greeley & Guild, 1 do 
HhU & Evans, A. 19 &. 21 Kilby st 
Hall, Henry A. 54 do 
Hallet & Blake, 19 Central wharf 
Hauford, J. T. 38 South Market st 
Hammett & Balch, 20 Broad st 
Hardy, A. 43 Conuiiercial st 
Harris, Horatio & Co. 18 India st 
Harris, John S. 32 do 
Harris, W. A. 8 Lewis wharf 
Hatch, Asa D. 21 Commercial st 
Haviland & Emmons, 7 Long wf 
Hawes, Chas. H. 16 Central wf 
Head, Chas, D. 13 do 
Heath, Nathaniel, 15 Long wf 
Hicks &c Hathaway, 13 Commercial 

Hicks, James H. & Co. 32 Central 

Hill, Chamberlain & Co. 11 Central 

Hills, Joel, 66 Utica st 
Hilton. VV. 97 1-2 St ite st 
Holbrook, J. G. 14 Central wf 
Howes & Crowell, 35 Commercial 

Rowland & Pope, 53 Central wf 
Hoxie, T. W. &, Co. 46 Long wf 
Humphrey, W. & Co. 45 and 46 

Long wharf 
Hurd & Bowers. 114 Stnte st 
Inches, H., Jr. 8 T wharf 
Inglis, W. &L T. 17 Doane st 
Jackson, E. W. 69 Commercial st 
Jenks, Lenmel P. 6 Centr il wharf 
Jeuney, Stephen & Co. 46 India st 
Judkins & Wait, 6 R. R. Block, Lin 

coin st 
Kahler, Jeremiah, 41 Central wf 
Kendall, D. S. 25 Doane st 
Kend .\\, S. 90 Utica st 
Kendall, Wm. B. 10 Ferrj- st 
Kettell, Collins & Co. 50 India wf 
Kettell, Geo. A. 41 Central wf 
KimbMll, Otis, 15 Lo:>g wf 
King, Benjamin, 97 Fulton st 
Ladd & Hail, 4 Chathnm st 
Lamb, E. &. Brother, O. Custom 

Lamb & Hanson, 2 and 6 Bnth st 
Lane, D. I., Conmiercial wharf, N. 

Langdon, John W. & Co. 14 India st 
Lee. James & Co. 18 India wf 
Letren>, L. 3 1-2 Commercial st 

] Lemist & Atkinson, 71 Congress st 
Leupold, Wm. H. 46 Federal st 
Lewis. A. S. & VV. G. 45 & 46 Com- 

mercii'l wharf 
Libbey, W. &, I. B. 71 Commercial st 
Liiider & Meyer. 8 ludi . wf 
Ijincoln, Henry &. Co. 17 India st 
Lincoln, R. & Co. 25 Central wf 
Locke, O. A. & Co. 87 Kilby st 
Lomb;<rd, A. C. 31 Lewis wharf 
Lombard & Hall. 13 do 
Lombard & VVhitmore, 19 Lewis wf 
Lord, Geo. C. & Co. 24 Long wf 
Loring, Abbott & Porter. 27 Water st 
Loring &. Sprague, 17 Merchants' 

Lowell & Hincklev. 64 Utica st 
Lyman, F. & Co. 134 State st 
Matthews, Nathan, 134 do 
Mayo, C. F. 18 South Market st 
Mcliityre & Sheppard, 114 Commer- 
cial street 
Means & Clark, 14 Central wharf 
Mellcdge. Jas. P. 26 Foster's wharf 
Merrill, Geo. 5 Commercial st 
Merritt, Jerome, 2 Long wharf 
Mills. J. K. & Co. 2 Morton Block 
Mitchell. J. H. 92 State street, E. A. 

Hathaway &, Co. Philadelphia 
Mixer & Pitman. 147 Milk st 
Mooher. C. Jr. 5 Chatham Row 
Morton, VVni. 3 Centrnl wharf 
Murdock, VV. C. 32 Fulton st 
Myrick &. Smith. 70 Utica st 
Nash. French & Co. 42 Fulton st 
Newcomb, John J. 21 Long wharf 
Noble & Sturtevants, 1 City do 
Norcross, L. 64 Kilby st 
Parker, Ebenezer, 10 City wharf 
Parrott, Wm. F. 45 Central do 
Parsons, Osgood & Co. 6 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Payson, A. L. 114 Slate .st 
Peabody, Wm. S. 13 Con)mercial st 
Pearce, S. H. & Co. 57 Coiigress st 
Pearmain & Hall, 17 Merchant's Row 
Pearson, J. H. & Co. 75 Long wf 
Perhara, Sewnll &. Co. 4 Liberty Sq 
Perry, Jacobs & Co. 10 S. Market .^.t 
Peters, E. D. &. Co. 12 Central wf 
Phillips, Jas. Jr. 34 Doane street cor. 

Pickering, Arthur, 15 & 16 Lewis wf 
Plummer, Farnhaiu, 19 & 20 Com- 

: mercial wharf 
Pottle & Brothers, 31 India st 

; Powers, Herman. 61 Kilby -t 

i Priest &, Ayling, 92 6t 94 Water st 



Priest J. L. 14 Central wf Boston. 
Proctor, J osiah C & Co, 22Couiiner- 

ci;il vvhiirf 
Quincy, Thos. D. 25 Commercial st 
Raymond, Sam'l, 31 & 33 BKoad st 
Raymond. Z. L. & Co. US. Market st 
Rf-ed, E. H. 28 Long wharf 
Reed & VVaimvright. 17 Central wf 
Reed. L\ man & Co. 103 State st 
Reggio & Newell. 31 Central wharf 
Reynolds, W. B, &, Co. 33 & 34 Com- 
mercial wharf 
Rice, Aaron & Co. 4 Central wf 
Rice & Thaxter, 27 Long wharf 
Richardson, ,\. & Co. 19 Central wf 
Richardson, Barrage &. Co. 3 Sewall 

Richardson, Joseph. 17 Long wf 
Richardson, P. 8 R. R. Block, Lincoln 

Rivers, J. H. 5 Commercial st 
Rogers, J. W. 70 State st 
Salisbury, Thos. L. 31 India st 
Sampson & Tappan.2,i & 26 Lev\is wf 
Sargent. J. T. VV. 7 Tlioradike Build. 
Saunders, I. 17 Doane st 
Savage, \Vm. (5 Thorndike Building 
Sawyer, Jas. 8 Chatham st 
Sawyer, VVm. B. 129 StUe st 
Savles & Fiske, 16 Long wharf 
Scudder. C. & Co. 33 & 35 Pearl st 
ScuddeV, H. & Co. 17 Commercial wf 
Sears, Joshua, 14 Long wh:irf 
Seccomlt, B irtlett & Co. 31 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Sharp. Daniel, Jr. & Co. 39 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Sharp, S. J. 92 State st 
Shaw, Geo. W. 115 Milk st 
Shaw, Juo. W. & Co. 115 Milk st 
Skianer, W. H. 68 Commercial st 
Silloway, J. 5 do 

Smith, Benj, A. 32 India st 
Smith, Chas. 6 Central wharf 
Smith, N. Proctor, Old Cus. House 
Smith. S. 5 Chath-'m Row 
Snow, Nathaniel. 76 State st 
Spooner, Wm. B. 79 Pearl st 
Stearns, C. J. 7 India wh irf 
Stearns & Bayley, 18 S. Market st 
Steele, Anderson & Stanfield, 8 & 10 

Pearl st 
Stetson, Cushing, 27 India wharf 
Stevens, Edw. L. 18 Central do 
Sticknev, H. & 1. 12 Chatham st 
Stoddird. David. 6 S. Market st 
Stone, H. L. 103 St ite .st 
Sullivan, J. VV. 23 Long wharf 
Burette, Louis A. 12 City do 

Tappan, J. G. 92 State st Boston. 
Tenny, Marshall, 4 Central whait' 
Thatcher & Billings, 20 Long do 
Thatcher & Sears, 31 do do 
Thayer, C. R. 17 Centr .1 ' do 
Thayer, C. & N. 32 India st 
Thayer & Bates, 14 N. Market st 
Thayer, HoUis & Co. 24 Ii.dia wf 
Thomas, Wm. & Co. 79 State st 
Thompson, B. L. 18 City wharf 
Thompson & Davidson, 28 India wf 
Thwing, S. C. & Co. 8 Kilby st 
Tilden, T. & Co. 134 State st 
Tilton, Benj. 7 Central st , 
Tilton, S. & Co. 30 Commercial wf 
Tiakham, S. & Co. 17 Broad st 
Towiie. Hunt & Co. 22 Milk st 
Townsend, I. P. & Co. 23 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Tracy & Russell, 59 & 60 Conimerci al 

Tremlett, Thos. 28 Foster's wharf 
Tucker, Wm. 37 Central do 
Twombly & Lamson, 13 &. 14 Cus- 
tom House st 
Tyler. John, A.. 9 Central wharf 
Tyler, John, ./5.. Jr. 9 do do 
Upham, Crane & Co 90 St ite st 
Vila, Jo.seph, 75 Kilbv st 
Vila, J. & Co. 1 Bath st n. Co.-igress 
Wade, J. 29 Long wharf 
Wakefield, C. 15 Commercial st 
Walker & Brother, 81 St^te st 
Walker, Wildes p. 5 Long wharf 
Ward, C. T. 136 State st 
Warren, H, A. 115 Milk st 
Waterman, F 92 State st 
Weld, Aaron D. 127 State Jt 
Weld & Minot, 136 do 
Weld, Wm. F. & Co. 30 Central wf 
Wells & Snelling, 134 State st 
Wellington, F. E., German ;;nd Eng- 
lish hardware, 86 Water st 
Welch,'l, 133 State st 
Wheelwright, A. 20 India st 
Whiston, Francis G. 69 Bmid st 
White, F. E. 22 Long wharf 
White, H. J. 67 Kilby st 
Whiting. James & Co. 86 State st 
Whitney, B. D. 17 Custom Mou-e st 
Whitney, Wm. 13 Liberty Square 
Whittemore, Elbridge, 32' Broad -a 
Whittemore, Geo. & Co. 32 Loig wf 
Whittemore, W, & F. H. & Co, 32 

Broad st 
Whittier & Swazev, 34 Long wharf 
Whitwells & Seaver, 5 Morton Bl'k 
Wiggin, Jas. S. 29 India st 
Wilkias, Chas. & Co. 33 Long wf 


Wilkinson, J. H. 63 Commercial st 

Williams E. & Co. 23 Long wharf 
Win-^lDW, I. & Sons, 15 & 16 Lewis 

Win- low, Edward, 5 Broad st 
Wiaslow, P. T. 46 Indi i t 
Win-^or, Nathan'l Jr. 109 Stite st 
Woodman, Geo. 18 Certral st 
Woodward, Abijali, 9 Doane st 
Wyman & Arklay, 46 &: 48 Pettrl st 
Zipcy &. Wyman, 16 Rowe's wharf 


Almy, Patterson & Co. 85 Milk st 
Blackburn. Geo. & Co. 33 do 
Bush & Wildes, 24 Milk st 
Bradley. Chas. Phillips' Building 
Chace, Motley & Mills, 81 Milk st 
Clark, Sweet & Co. 18 do 

Colby, Gardner, 3 Sevvall Block 
Denny, Rice & G trdiner. 56 Milk st 
Dodge & Tucker, 16 Pearl st 
Edmands, J. W, 62 Milk st 
Eldredge, Oliver &. Co. 15 Federal st 
Everett & Faulkner, 38 Milk st 
Fisher. Freeman & Son, 44 Milk st 

opp. Federal 
Frothingham, S. Jr. & Co. 89 and 91 

Milk st 
Goodnow, Peter, 29 Central st 
Hastings, Walter, Milk st corner of 

Howe, J. C. & Co. 21 Pearl st 
Johnson. Sewall & Co. 103 Milk st 
Kimball, Daniel & Co. 20 do 
Lawrence, A. & A. &. Co., Lawrence 

Block, Milk st 
Lawrence, Stone & Co. 2 Old South 

Lord, Thomas & Co. 83 Kilby st 
Mackintire, Lawrie & Co. 44 Water 

Mason & Lawrence, 13 Milk st 
Mills. Jas. K. & Co. 2 Morton Block 
Nelson, Geo. S. 33 Milk st 
Paige, J. W. & Co. Ill Milk st 
Parker. Wilder & Parker. 2 Pearl ^t 
Poor. Benj. & Co., Lawrence Block, 

Federal st 
Read & Chadwick, 2Bowdoin Block, 

Milk street 
Richardson, Burrage &. Co. 9 Morton 

Sayles, Merriam & Brewer, 25 Fede- 
ral street 
Schouler, Newton & Barbour, 17 

Pearl st 

Seaver & Knowlton, 60 Milk st 

Simpson, M. H. 31 Pearl .-t 
Skinner, Francis & Co. 61 Milk st 
Steele, Anderson &. Stautielu, 8 Pearl 

Stoddor, Chas. 75 Kilby st 
Vil.i, Joseph, 75 do 
Upham, Appleton & Co. 15 and 19 

Pearl st 
W^aterston, Pray & Co. 27 Federal st 
Wright & Whitman, 97 Milk st 


Hamden & Co. 41 Broad st 
Kimball, Otis, 15 Long wharf 


Those marked A. are Auctioneers. 

Leavitt, Joseph, ^. Canton. 

Clough. Daniel P., A., Maple st 

J^'ortk Danvers. 

Shute, Charles H., A., Main st 

Edgar town. 

Jennings. E. W.. A., Maia st. 

Renungton. Hale, Drugs and Chemi- 
cals, 27 Maia st Fall River. 

Thaxter, Samuel L., A., 18 Market 

Brown & Durfee, Steamboat wharf 

Mitchell, Richard, 31 Bedford .^t 

Harris. A. & W. H. & Co. Fitchburg. 

Dulliver, W. P., A. 89 and 90 Frout 
street Gloucester. 

Joslyn, W. D„ A. L,awrevce, 

Tvler, George, A. 

Bartlett, Bailey, A. 

Patch, E, B.. A. Lowell. 

Shapleiih & Farrington, A. 2, 3, 4 & 
5 Commercial Sq. 

Mi.xer, Pitman,485 Mechanics' Build. 

Hooker, L. H. & L. W., cor. Lowell 
and Dutton streets 

Hardy, Thomas, A., Middle st 

Kelley, Henry A. jYantucket. 

Crosby, M itthew 

Goodwin, E. W. 

Macy, Gorham. A. 

Swain, David C, Main st 

Read & W.'bb JVew? Bedford. 

Baylies. J. & Co.. A. 

Watermm, N.. A. 50 Union st 

Snell, Sylvester, A. 65 do 

B rtlett, L H. & Son 

Ricketson, Jos. 2d, 5 Commercial wf. 



H ^W!»rd, Benjamin B. JVpw Bedford. ■ Keyes, D. B. 184 H.inover streoi 
King, Josi ih B., A. 11 & 12 iNorih Boston. 

Waier st j Lecompte, Francis, 191 Wasliingioa 

RickeKon, B., Centre st st. and 10 Treiuont Mouse 

Cushiuan, Chias. D. & Co. I Mnrjor m. W. W. 13 Mnr>hall st 

Woo(i, .). B. & Co. 8 Coiuinercial wf. .Mayer, Philip J. 27 Tremonl Row 
Hasiiell &^ R^nd.lll iMcDon:ii(l, Agnes, 147 Court st 

Perry, Daniel, 9 and 11 Orange st JNlcDonaid, Rebecca, 359 Washing- 
Baker & Trussell, Taber's wharf ton street 
Greene, D.ivid R. & Co. do do Nason, E. 2 Bronifield st 
Hamlin & Perkins, cor. Centre and Nichols, L. 2 Derby Ringe 

Orange streets 
Taber, Henry &, Co., Central st 
Pope & Morgan, Roch's Square 
Greniiell. Wni. P. 
Rodman, VViu. R. 
Allen, Gideon, Hazzard's wharf 
Swift &. Allen, Middle st 
Parker, Joiin A. 
Paine, W. 19 William st 
Merrell, E. 5 Merrell's Block 
Currier, Amos S. 8 Green ley's wharf 
Cook, Moody D.. Water st 
Morrill, S. G. & Co. 
Tappan, Joseph, Jr. 
Doten, S. H., Lumber Plymouth. 
Sanborn, John D. Rockport. 

Nichols, George, ji. 42 Wasliington 

street Halem. 

Johnson, S. S., A. 14 Front st 
Shepard, I. D., A. 34 do 
Dodge, E. & Co., Pierce's wharf 
Phipps & Richardson, A., Fountain 


Pcverly, Rebecca, 178 Washington 

Richardson, Jas. 549 Washington st 
Roper, John B. 672 do 

Seiberlich, L. 423 do 

Siill, John, Broadway, near C st 
Tileston, H. Mrs. 49 H aiiover st 
Tilton, S. A. 11 Winter st 
Vinton, Geo. W. 343 Washington st 
Ware, Wm. 2 U. S. Hotel Building 
Webster. Albert, 3 Brittle st 
Wedger, John B. IJl Hanover st 
Wells, William, 353 Washington st 
Wheeler, James B. 479 do 
Douglas, Royal Cambridcre Port. Bailey Cambridge. 

Cassell, Wm. C. 110 Main street 

Childs. Geo. H. 68 Main st 
Hill, James B., Neponset Village 

Noyes, Wm. H., Front street 

Glouceste •. 

Taylor, W. R., A., Main st 
Perkins & Brown, wool 


Bense, Peter, Tremont street, near 
Pleasant Boston. 

Bradshaw, Jesse. 9 Marshall st 
Carpenter, Ann, Mrs. 284 Washing- 
ton street 

Spriiiffjield. South worth, C. Or eat Barrington. 

j House, B. J. & J. U. 

iB.iles, G. A. Oreevfield. 

French, A. B.37 Central st LoweU. 

Miles, Joseph, 94 Merriui ick st 

Proctor & Rhodes, 51 South Common 
street Lynn. 

Rogers, Franklin jyiarblcheuil. 

Ward. Jonathan JMontague. 

Kelly, J. S. 8 Purchase street 

JVew Bedford. 

Tildon, Robert, 14 Cheap>ide 

Castell, E(lw.;rd, .599 Washington st Co::geshall. Josiah, Second st 

Castell, Wm. G. 174 Hanc 
Clark & Co. 4 Tremont Temple 
Copeland, C. 87 Court st 
Coi)eland, Jo-eph W. 45 Court st 
Foster, M. 3 Portland st 

Suilings, Wm. 87 Purchase st 
Lucas, N. C. 190 do 
Payson, Samuel T. JVeioburyport, 
Danforth, Jacob 1., wholesale 
Musso, George W. 

Harris, Samuel, Broadway, cor. C st Hutchins, T. B., King street 

Haven, Abner, 11 .School st 
Henss, Charles, 115 Court st 
Homer, T. K.. Broadway, near D st 
Howland, M. 6 Franklin st 
Kellev, P. H. 8 Lewis st. E. B. 

Kemp, VV. H, 96 1-2 Commercial st I Sumner 

I jVurthampton. 

I Chapman & Ga:field Palmer Depot. 
j Hentz, F. W., Dudley st. cor. Kenil- 
worth liotbury. 

Ro|)es, B. H. 98 Washington st. near 


Williams, Wm. H. 66 Washington st. I Contractors for Building 

opposite Fu.-t Oiiice Ruxbury. \ 

Simon, John, 160 Es>.ex st iialem. Dexter, George M. 11 1-2 Tre-mont 

Rodgers, S. F. 272 do 
Simons, Kibbee &. Co., Main st 

Kibbee, Horace, Fountain Row 
Dayton &. Cl<ii»p, 151 Main st 

Arnold. Wni. 223 Mnin st 
Livermore, Reuben, Meclianics' st 


Adams, Francis M. 110 Court st 

Andrews, Joseph W. 3 Franklin Av. 
Baker, VVm. P. 21 Court Square 
Baldwin, Josiah, 1 Franklin Av. 
Clapp, Derastus, City Hall 
Clough, Willard, 97 Tiemont st 
Cooledge, Geo. J. 3 Franklin Av, 
Cooledge, I. A., Court Square, under 

Court House 
Dexter, George J., Court Square 
Easterbrook, Wni. 10 do do 
Ellis, M. 131 1-2 Ann st 
Glover, Eli^ha V. 1 Franklin Av. 
Harrington, J. C. 131 1-2 Ann st 
Hosea, Richard, 75 Cnnrier st 
Hunkins, James, re r 27 South st 
Jones, E. J. 3 Franklin Av. 
Kimball, Isaac B. 4th st 
Lawton, J. T. 7 Mass. BUick 
Leighton, Jos. W. 11 Ctiurt Square 
Loring, Wm. 1 Franklin A v. 
Munroe, Wm. 7 Mass. Block 
Neale, A. F. 3 Franklin Av. 
Patterson, David. 13 Court Square 
Pierce, James, 3 Fr.inklin Av. 
Prescott, Jonathan, 83 Cambridge st 
Rice, Edwin, 10 Court Squ ire 
Ryder, Thos. P. 13 do do 
Sanborn. Erastus W. 1 Court Av. 
Sawin, Charles, 8 Com-t Sq. 
Shute, Ebeiiezer, 6 Leveret (^ou t 
Smith, Chjsrles, Court Square 
Smith, Thos. M. do do 
Stratton, Jonas, Court House 
Tallant, Jacob C. 3 Franklin Av. 
Taylor, Henry, 1 Court Avenue 
Trescott, Ebeuezer, Broadway, near 

E street 
Vialle, Samuel S. 2 Franklin Av. 
Whipple, Jonathan, 7 Mass. Block 
Whilwell, Wm., under Court House 

Row Boston, 

Emery & Brown, 6 Devonshire st 
Russell, B. G., Plea.sant street, cor. 

Stmie, P. A., Charleslown st 
Wellman, J. W. 11 Joy's Building 


Those marked with a * are also Pack- 
ers of Fish. 

Foskett. Joel J^orth .^dams. 

Goodwin, R., Water st Beverty. 

Abbot, Benj., Medford st. Boston 

* Abrahams, B. 1 and 2 T wharf 
Boman & Darrow, 114 Milk st 
*Brown, J. & Co., Spear's wharf 
*Carlton, John K. 1 Lewis wharf 
Cite, Samuel, 81 Commercial st 
*Churchill, Otis. 55 Long wharf 
Clapp &, Goddard, Richmond street, 

near Fulton 
Clark, S. C, Harris' wharf 
Daniels, Wm. 78 H;.rrison Avenue 
Hedrick, Uriah, Ripley's wharf 
Hinckley, E. 52 Commerci il st 
*Hovvard. Wm. S. 13 T. wharf 
Kelley, Levi, 121 Milk st 
*Lar;e, J. 54 Ccmimercial st 
Lang, J. &. Son. 57 India wf (gnuger ) 
Lovett & Harrold, 97 Water street 

and 32 Broad 
Lovett & Rogers. Battery wharf 
Luzarder and Close, 207 Broad st 
Marshall, John Jr., 96 Fulton tlreel, 

E. side 
Mills, J. L. & Son, Commercial street 

near Bartlett's wharf 
Miller, Moses, New st. E. B. 
Nason, A., Lewis wharf 
*Ober, John P., head Union whnrf 
Perkins, Ezra, 5th st. near Sea 
Pitman, J. H. 27 N. Market st 
Rhoades & Beck, Broad st. near In- 
dia wharf 

* Richards, Joseph, Harris' wharf 
Ripley, Robert, Ripley's wharf 
Sanger & Ball, Cu torn House st 
Sawyer, H . A., E. Railroad wharf, 

cor. Commercial st 
Sawyer, J. P., Bartlett's wharf 
*Tuttle, J. & Co., Tuttle'.- wf. E. B. 
Urann, Joseph, 336 Commercial si 
Vannevar, Alex. Jr. 21 Loiig vvliarf 



Wurner, J. E., Lewis wharf Boston. 

Waters, VV. S. 9 & 10 Fulton st 

Wells J. HI Coinnierciitl st 

Knight, C. R., Cambridge st 


Mullett, G. Chatham. 

Burnham, Wm. 3d Essex. 

Pease, Joiin C, Water street 

Fair haven. 

Phimmond. David, Water st 

Delano. E. & S. 

Hatch, Franklin, Union wh irf 

Ricketts, James 

Eldridge. S. H. 

Cliase, B., Hogsheads Fall River. 
.Heredeen, Sandt'ord, Wood's Hole 


Kinsman. Jeremiah, Jr. Fitchburg. 

Snow, Caleb G. Harwich. 

Sweet, Henry 

Homedian, Benjamin J^Taniucket. 

Alyrjck, Charles G. 143 North Water 
street JVew Bedford. 

Howland. N. 143 North Water st 

Crowell, Seth 143 do do 

Blv, Isaac, 88 North Second st 

Hfiynes, Dyer & Co. 12 Maxtield st 

Southack, Henry. 1 Middle st 

Wilcox. John, N. Water st 

Girtlird. Abaer, Howland's wharf 

Jenney, Edwin & Co., N. Witer st 

Chase, Ichabod, Hazzird's wharf 

Dt'lano & Case, Fish Island 

Ellis. Caleb L. 40 North Sixth st 

Whitney, J. S. & A, 39 Fir<t st 

Chase, Jacob. 21 do 

Pierce, Seabury & Co. 99 South Wa- 
ter street 

Pierce, Lorenzo, 143 South First st 

Lord, E. B. Provincetown. 

DeWolf, George 

Roundy, H., Lafayette st Salem. 

West, J. A. & B. A. 

Morrill, Jonathan 

Low, Richard & Co. 

Smith, S. D., Holmes' Hole Tisbury. 

Lombard, David Truro. 

Howland, Wm. P fVestport. 

Br idlev, David S. 

Cole, P. R. Williams town. 

Weight. Henry 

Stoue, Silas 

Copper Dealers. 

Davis. Jas. Jr., Treas. Revere Copper 
Co. 97 State st Boston. 

Hooper. H. N. & Co. 24 Commercial 
sU Factory, Causeway st 

Copper Smitbs* 

Ayers & Vialle, 48 Charlestown st 

Barnicott, Geo. F., Sudbury st. opp'> 

site Hawkins 
Carpenter, Alfred. 8 Jlowe's wharf 
Carter, John H. 12 Marshall st 
Coltman. J. W., Lewis st, E. B. 
Gould, Jos. P., Causeway street, op- 
posite Lowell 
Hemmenway, B., Broad street, op{)o- 

site Purchase 
Hill & Chamberlain, Charlestown st. 

cor. Haverhill 
Hotz, N., Curve st. cor. Albany 
Huimeman & Co. 20 Union st 
j Kelley, Thmnas, 12 Marshall st. 
Locke & Cordwell, B irrett st 
Loring, A. B. & S. H. 76 Harrison 

Loring, John G. & Co. 40 Merrimack 

Pieper, Peter, Pumps. 13 Brattle st 
Rice & Jenkins, Merrimack st cor. 

Strater, Herman, .57 Union st 
Tompkins, I. S. 21 do 

Tuckerman, W. F. 37 Blackstone 

Waters & Co., Sumner st. E. B. 
Waters, Ebcnezer, 81 Eiidicot st 
Austin, Albert Mattapoisett. 

Huniienian & Co., Copper Founders, 

near Boston line Roxbii.ry. 

Bowers & Pratt, Copper Founders, 

Lowell st 

Cordagfe and I>«clc Man- 

Corliss, Bcijamin H. Oloucester. 

B ibson, W^m. 21 Front st 

Pettingell, C. D. & Co., Patent Cord- 
I age 

Chapin & Fr^er Great Barrivgton. 

Reading, David & Co. S. Hinfrham. 
, Pitman, John Mnrblfhcml. 

Bassett, James N. J^antucket. 

I Tucker, Chas. R. & Co.. Commercial 
I wharf J^ew Bedford. 

j Bryant & Perry. 19 Hamm> d st 

Piipe & Morgan, Roch's Squ-ro 
I Dunbar, I. & Co. 9 Perkias' Block 

Robbins Cordage Co. Plymouth, 

Churchill, S.S.& Co. 

Plymouth Cordage Co. 

Boynton, E. Rockpurt 


Chisholm, Thomas, Patent Cordage, 

12 Pleasant st Salem. 

Mann, G, R. & W. R. Sharon. 

Cord and tine Manufac- 

Hardy. Dtniel 
Hears. VVilli:<m H. 
Cowen, R. & Co. 
Iri.*h, J. B. & Co. 
Diinan, E. At B. 


Leonard, N. W. & Co. Plymouth. 
Boy den, W. & E. (carpet warp) 

South IVuipole, 

Whitman, A. B. (twine and carpet 

warp) . - fVestJield. 

Curled Hair Manufac- 

Cork Cutters. 

Barber, Smith A. 37 1-2 Blackstone 
street Boston. 

Holmes & Co. 57 Blackstone st 
Leman, E. C. 31 Exchange st 

Cotton Batting:. 

Shepard, J. S. Canton. 

Thompson & WilUams Coleraine. 

MiUer, W. B. 

Shattuck & Stark 

Whitmore, P. D. Oreat Barrington. 

Fuller, E. G. Holland. 

Eaton, J. S. Ludlow. 

Russell. S. N. & C. Pittsfield. 

Battles. Wm. L. Plymouth. 

Mats & Gushing 

Goiff& Brown Rrhvboth. 

Bailey. VV. Korth Scituate. 

Joslyn, Henry South Hadley. 

Bemis, D. & L. Spencer. 

Martin, Amos Tyringham. 

Dunham. H. G. Wales. 

Clapp, Simon, (wicking) Walpole. 

Boiden, W. & E. do 

Branch, Willard & Co. (wadding) 

Cotton Sealers. 

Fairbanks, G, N. 28 Lewis wharf 

Tenny. Oliver. 46 Wnter st 
Thatcher & Billiarr*. 20 Long wf 
Thayer, Hollis &: Co. 24 India wf 

Cotton TVarp Manufac- 

English, Wm. G. 
Wilson, John 
Dennis, John 


Pmith. D. & A. 
Hartwell, David R. 



Armstrong, James, 40 Fulton st 

Armstrong, Joseph, 93 Fulton st 
Brooks, George, 49 do 

Buckman, J. C. & Co. 52 do 
Buttrick & Cobb, 21 Em st 
Clapp. Henry B. 62 Fulton st 
Clark, E. 17 Ferrv st 
Clilford, G. 57 Fiiiton st 
Condron, John L. 28 Charlestown 

Durrell, Moses T. 5 Ferry st 
Ewers. John, 93 Fulton st 
Field. E. & L 63 do 

Foley. B. 73 do 

Folsom, E. J. 65 do 

Folsom. Peter W. 67 do 
Howe. George. 5 Market Square 
Hunter. E. G, 66 Fulton n 
Kaulback, Thomas M. 27 Fulton st 
Lawler & MuUane, 33 Ferry st 
Manning, Uriah & Son. 69 Fulton st 
Maxwell, Charles, 38 North Market 

Merrill, George. 62 Fulton st 
Morev, David W. 62 do 

Nve, 'Thomas, 93 do 

Read, A. H. 20 Elm st 
Thompson. B. F. & Son, 31 Shoe and 

Leather st 
Turk, J. 18 Exchange st 
Waldmeyer. B. 85 Fulton st 
Wall, James, 29 Ferry st 
Ward. Artemas, 34 North Market st 
Webster & Co. 39 North Market st 

and 26 Charlestown 
Westcott, Stephen & Son, 44 Fulton 

White. Isaac D. 38 North Miirket st 
Williams. Ebenezer. 9 Ferrv st 
Williams, Stephen, 34 North Market 
I street 


Win-, .T. B. & Co., Fulton st. corner Chase, E. B. & L. G. 247 Wnsh. g- 
Ot' Siioe mil L^ ther Boston. ton sireet Boston. 

Wiisoii Sl. L. r\ , 65 Fulton st Davis, J. .1. P. 34 Tr'^uiont Row 

Byrou, Josepli, Byron Court Foss, Plaminer, 190 VV;isi:ii..glun st 

Roxbitry. Hale, L. H. & Co. 109 do 

Colburn. Win., Eustis st Hayward, G. W, 4-25 1-2 do 

Eaton, VVn»., Davis st Holmes, A. 15 Treuiont Row 

Guild, S. & J. & Co., Bartlett street; Lerovv & Co. 91 Washington st 
also Tninont Tannery, opposite Lovering, R. F. 34 Treuiont Row 
Depot; store 40 North Market st., Luujiee, D. G. 257 Washington st 
Boston Moore & Co. 59 Court st 

Kennedy, Donald, Warren st. near North, Wm. C. 142 Washington st 
Rockland P"ttee, Joseph, 113 do 

Maxwell, Charles, Pmctor st Phimbe, Richard. 75 Court st 

Moriarty, John, Tremont st. corner Rice k. Heard, 32 .loy's Building 
of Texas Avenue I Shew, Wm. 123 Washington st 

Southack, George, Eaton st Southworlh &. H ivves, 5 1-2 Tremont 

Watts, Wm., Davis st \ Row 

White, Isaac D., Lowell st Whipple, J. A. 96 Washington st 

William^ Stephen, Bartlett st White, Asy, 36 do 

Winslow, Rniben, Eustis st. near Win<low. Abraham, Howard st. cor. 

Washington i of Court 

Young, Lott, Eustis st. near Wash- Woodward, Wm., Maverick Square, 
ington E. B. 

Welber, Wm. Canton. 

[For Curriers out of Boston, see Thayer, J. 1 Chelsea st 
" Tanners and Curriers." \ Charlestown. 

! Swift, Ripley Chicopee. 

Swasey & Chapin, 6 Exchange st 
Cutlery jWEamifacturers. Simpson, A. J. 28 Merrimack st 

I Loicell. 

Bishop, Wm. 40 Congress st Boston. Gilchrist, Geo. C. 82 Merrimack st 
Fininlev, H. 18 School st , H awes S. P. 112 do 

Hunt, N. & Co. 128 Wa<hii!gton st Pearson & G-ove. 128 do 

Weddell, A. 15 Hawiey st ! Hoyt, Samuel. 31 do 

Smith. W. & E. H. Dalton. Hastings, S. H. 146 do 

Ruvsell, J. Greenfield. Smith, M. 110 Union street 

White, H. H. & Co. (Shoe Knife) j A'ew Bedford. 

Mansfield. Hawes. C. E. & Co., Liberty H .11 
Peeler, David Montague. Fales. Chas. 22 Che-ipsido 

Lamson, Goodaow & Co. " Morrill & Smith, Market st 

Shelbume Falls. South jYewbnrijport. 

Sharon Knife Manufactory, J. M. Pike & Arbuckle, 4 M rchants' Row 

Sanger, Aj:eut— Shoe Knives JVorthampton. 

Sharon. Peters, M. B. Pit.tsfield. 

Towne, L. D., Litches Mills Buel. E. W. 

kVorcester. M isury, Sam., Es«ex st. Salem. 

Bowdoin, D. W. 208 E>sex st 
1 White, F. & Co., Main street 
Daffuerrean Artists. Spnufffield. 

Cooley, O. H. 
Carlton, G. C. J}inesbiiry.\^\<o\\, h. Taunton. 

Barrows, James, 379 1-2 Washiiigton j Williams & Co., Warren Block, i'e rl 
street Boston.] street fVorcestcr. 

Campbell, B. F. 69 Hanover st I Williams. L. 82 Main st 

Cannon, J. 99 Court st | Ad ims, Geo. 142 do 

Cathan, L. H. 20 Washington st Van Alstein, A. W. 9 Brinley Hall 

Charter, S. R. Miss, 8 Tremont Tem- ' 


Dentists. I 

Kayner. D. P. Suuth ^Idnms. 

Sauborn, Eastman Jinduver. 

Moules, C. K. Barre. 

Knigh, W. Eeverly. 

Ayling & Howard. 34 School >t 

Ball, A. 3 Kneeland st 
Ball, Fitch & Suiiiie, 34 Trcmont 

Barnard, C. F. 1 Montgomer^^ Place 
Bemis, Samuel A. 32 School st 
Blaisdell, Alvah, Bulfinch st. corner 

of Court 
Blake, D. S., Court st. cor. Bulfinch 
Blake, E. 38 Tremont Row 
Bramhall, S. 1 L grange Place 
Clarke, John D. 274 Washington st 
Clough, J. 9 Treaiont Temple 
Codman, Benj. S. 484 Washington st 
Codman, Will ird W., opposite 12 

Boylston st 
Cutter, R. 186 Washington st > 
Dana, Francis, 2 Biuiistead Place 
Dixon, Rufus E. 22 Winter st 
Draper, D. 286 Washington st 
Eastham, Chas. 83 Treuiont Row 
Emery, H. A. 10 Tremont Temple 
Fiske, E. W. 276 Washington st 
Fitch, L. M. 34 Tremont Row 
Flagg, Josiah F. 31 Winter st 
Grandiii & Dudley, 238 Washington 

Gray, Thos. 25 Winter st 
Greenwood, E. I^. 18 West st 
'Guild, Albert, 58 Hanover st. corner 

Gunn, J. 115 Court st. 
Hanson, iM. P. 38 Tremont Row 
Harris, B. N. 15 Lincoln st 
Hiirwood, D. 25 Summer .<t 
Haskell, L. P. 38 Tremont Row 
Hayden, G. G. 23 do 

Hine, Clermont E. 2 Albany st 
Hitchcock, D. K. 127 Court st 
Hoyt, A. L.'l Park st 
Hunt, John E. 121 Court st 
Keep, N. C. 74 Boylston st. corner of 

Kendall, S. H. 20 Winter st 
Le:iCh, E. G. 6 & 7 Tremont Temple 
Leseur, J. A. 19 Winter st 

Locke. , 379 1-2 Washington st 

Luther, H. G. 485 do 

Martin, Henrv J. 12 West st 
Mnyo, U. K. 39 Hanover st 
Morton, W. T. G., over 19 Tremont 


Neilson, James C. 31 Winter st 

Nichols, Wm. 1 1-2 Tremont Row 
Nolen, Spencer, Jr. 11 West 
Parker, D. M. 25 Summer st 
Parsons, T. W. 16 Winter st 
Patten, John R. 2 Albanv st 
Peabody, Nathaniel, 13 West st 
Prescott, Benj. T. 14 Howard st 
Pre.ston, .\. F. 18 Bedford st 
Randall, C. W. 95 Tremont st 
Robbins, R. L. 4 Portland st 
Sabine, J. 5 Franklin st 
Smilie, E. R. 34 Tremont Row 
Standish. J. O. 13 Porter st 
Stearns, S. F., Howard st. cor. Court 
Stocking, S. 266 Washington st 
Thresher, J. M. 132 Court st 
Tucker, J. & E. G. 4 Hamilton Place 
Weymouth, A. L. 425 Washington 

Whitechurch, Chas. 3 1-2 Tremont 

Wilson, D. P. 1 Park street, under 

Washburn, Nahum Bridgewater. 
Bacches, Geo. P. Cambridffe Port, 
Hawkes, D. B. C/iarieruont. 

j Wether bee, Isaac J. 44 Main st 
I CharLestown. 

Rogers, Z. 51 Main st. 
! Whitner, H. W. 54 Main st 
Phipps, Wm. S. 84 do 

j Lawrence, J. W. Chicopee Falls. 
I Jones, G. W., Cabot st Ciiicopee. 

Morgan, R., Exchange st 
I Edwards, A. Concord. 

I Clark, R. Conwny. 

I Hayes, E. D., Main st Danvcrs. 

Curtis, G. H. South Egreinunt. 

iNortham, John W. Enfield. 

Fairbanks, G. D., Section G, Gr" • ite 

Block Fall River. 

Ledoyt, Beal, 3 Pleasant st 
Palmer, T. Fitchburg. 

Blood, T. S. 

Downs, Wm. C. Foxhorough. 

I Cowles, H., Saxon ville Framingkam. 
I Davis, A. Gloucester. 

Brown, R. East Oranville. 

I Lacy, Z. Great Barrington. 

Beals, J. Greenfield. 

I M;u-tin, T. M. Havtrhill. 

White, Edward Y. Littleton. 

I Abbott, S. 15 Central st Lowell 

Vinal, W. D. 21 do 
Ladd, C. B. 21 do 

Lawrence, S. 24 do 
1 Mansfield, Geo. 16 do 



C(iok, J. W., corner of Merrimack 

and Central streets Lowdl. 

Gladwin, S. F. 90 MnrrimHck st 
Rus ell& Doa-ic, 118 do 

Clark, O. G. 122 do 

Lawre.'xe, Ainbrnsp, 27 do 
Knowles, , WellV Block. M rri- 

mack si 
Hewes, C, Wells' Block, Merrimack 

Dickinson, D. D. Medwny. 

Littlefield. J, Milton. 

Metcalf. John T. • J^antucket. 

Plant, E. 110 Union st J^eic Bedfurd. 
Miira, Ja-;. C. 22 Cheapsids 
Ward, E. G„ corner of Union and 

Sixth streets 
Kennison, G. W., State st 

Smith, M. G., State st 
Smith, J. VV^, J^orthnmpto-n . 

Wilson & Clough Pittsfield. 

Webber, C. 82 VVashington st. corner 

of Felton Plice Rozbury. 

Webster, G. H. 117 Washington st 
Batchelder, J. H.. Essex st Salem. 
Harris, J. T. 22 ^Vashineton st 
Robinson. J. A. 20 do 

Bowdoin, W. F. 28 Essex st 
Morse, S. Shelburne Falls. 

White, Geo. H. 2 Fountain Row 

Sprintr field, i 
Searle, F. 2 Fountain Row ' j 
Perkins, C, Miin st 
Woolworth & Co.. Miin st 
Dickerman, D. S.. Miin st Taunton. \ 
Sherman, N., Main st 

South TVa'tham. ' 
Field, F., Wellington's Buiidins 
Clark, E. L. fVestfield. 

Taylor, John West JVewhury. 

Nutting, J. E. rVest StncLbridire. 

Perrv, Ira Easl fVeymouth. 

Miller & Newton. 142 Miin st 

Bishops, H. F. 156 Main st 
Harris, O. F. 1.58 do 

Mead, L. G. 153 do 

Die Sinkers and lietter 

Gill. S. W. fee Portland st Boston. 

Hall, Jas. 10 Duck Squire 

Maciia, B., Bookbinder's stamps, 4 

Court Avenue 
Mitchell. F. N. 13 Tremont Road 
Smith. W. H. 1 C:)urt Avenue, over 

87 Washington st 

Distillers of Rum. 

Barnard, Jonn M. & Co., Ad uns st 

Bowman, S. 28 Long wharf 
Dyer, John, Indiana st 
Felton, John, rear 66 Prince st "~ 
Felton, L. <fc Son, 6 Long wharf and 

5th st 
French, W. E., Essex st 
Heard & Welch, Ivers' Counting 

Room, 1 Long wharf 
Howland, H. & Z. C. 1 Long wf 
Trull, Brothers &, Co. 30 Merrimack 

Trull, John & Co., Adams st 
Lawrence, Daniel jMedford. 

Door^ Sasli^ and. Blind 

Darling & Shellman, JV. Jidams. 
Pratt, Marcus 

Cowles, James M. Belchertown. 

Bailey & Jenkins, 613 Washington 

street Boston. 

Boles, Levi & Co., Deacon st and 

Haymarket Squ:ire 
Hall, John, 15 Blick<tone st 
Lingm lid &. Stimson, 6 Haverhill st 
Richardson, S. t?. 26 Chirlestown st 
Wilson, S. F., Merrimack st corner 

Wood, David H, 3 Merrimick -t 
Brackett, C. Briffhton. 

Grisvvold, Newton Buckland. 

Osborn, D. Cambridg-e Port. 

Thompson & Williams Coleraine. 
Fuller & Phelps JJanvers. 

Stone, Daniel Dana. 

Whitney, F. 
Doubelday, J. 

Reed & Wood E. Bridge water. 

Nash & Daniels ' Hadley. 

Rockwell, G. R. Lanesborough. 

Frederic, W. Hudson Leominster, 
Clark, Geo. W., Dealer, Prescott st 

Burnap, Ethan, Dealer, 
Kelly, Wm. cor. Dutton st & Fletcher 
Rand & PI ice 
P'ifield & Peabody 

Alden & Whitney Ludlow. 

Champlin & H irris 
Little, Geo., Front st Lynn. 

Hatch, I<rael J^i^rth Mirshfield. 

Wiitt, W. H. M-dford. 

White. Nathan Wc.<tMedway. 


Hodgers, Royal B. 
Dunn, John 
Stevens, A. D. 
Sawyer, Joseph 
Priest, David H. 
White, Henry 
Burnell, Jonathan 
Bickuell & White 
Foje, John O. 
Rice, Josiah E. 
Trull & Shed 





West Springfield, 

East Weymouth. 
Mt'rrifield, Wm. T., Exchange st 

Ballord, M. S. 25 Main st 
Litch, J. H. 
Ryder, E. H. Yarmouth Port. 

J>rugr8 and Medicines- 

Bro^vn, John J. ^ndover. 

Swift, J. 8 Main st 
Prince, L. R. Beverly. 

Stricl<land, G. W. 

Cady, John Blackstone. 

Baiter, Barnard & Co. 9 Cus. House 
street Boston. 

Barnes, John, 8 Ann st 
Bates & Rand ill, 50 & 51 Chatham st 
Bird, J. A. & W. & Co. 53 do 
Bigelow, Josiah & Co. 11 India st 
Brifjgs &. Robinson, 27 Commercial st 
Browers, Stevens &. Cushing, 90 

Wasliington st 
Brinley, E. & Co. 3 & 4 south side of 

Faneuil Hall 
Brown & Lani'^on, 44 India st 
Browne, C. Allen, 11 & 12 Commer- 
cial street 
Carruth, Whittier & Co. 4 J^ong wf 
Carter, Colcord & Preston, Hanover 

street cor. Portland 
Chapin & Whiton, 15 & 16 Commer- 
cial st 
Crocker & Badger, 49 Blackstone st 
Cutler, Day & Co. 1 India st 
Denny, Edward & Co. 80 Milk street 

cor. Kilby 
Eliot, J. F. 32 Commercial st 
Fletcher & Appleton, 2 Indi i st 
Fowle. Seth W. 138 Wishiugton st 
Hall, J. P. & Co. 1 Union st 
Henshaw, Edmands & Co. 36 India 

HoUis, Thomas, 30 Union st 
Hovey, Hill & Candler, 28 S. Market 

Hunnewell, J. L. & Co. 8 Commer 
ci;il wharf 

Jackson, Eben, Jr. 75 Hanover st 

King, E. & F. & Co. 26 India st cor. 

Little, Wm. B. & Co. 104 Hanover st 
M lyn ird & Noyes, 11 Merchants' 

Miller, E. F. & W. D., Havmarket Sq 
Philbrick &. Trafton, 160 Washington 

Pratt, Rogers & Co. 107 State st 
Randall, Batcheller & Co 31 India st 
Reed & Cutler, 54 Chatham st 
Ross & Poor, 19 Tremon! Row 
Russell, T. J. & G. C. 17 IVIerchants' 

Stevens, Trott & Darling, 16 India st 
Stimpson & Reed, 26 Merchants' 

Stone & Simpson, 1 Long wf 
Wadsworth &. Nye, 116 State st 
Wheeler, Lewis, 33 India st 
Whitney, Wm. F. 56 Chatham st 
Wight, Eben. 7 Custom House st 
Wilson, Fairbank & Co. 45 Hanover 

Fletcher, Nathan Bradford. 

Brooks, Daniel H. Brookline, 

Jones, S. S. C. 
Rogers, Chas. B. 31 Mam st. 

Bragg, I. S. & Co. Chicopee^ 

Bridgman &. Kent 
Smith, W., Exchange st 
Brewer, Darius & Son, Lower Mills 
Russell, John, 8 Granite Block 

Fall River. 
Brown, P. S. 6 Granite Block 
Burt, Jas. D. 11 S. Main st 
Chase, Edw. S. 23 do 
Wilbur, A. C. 68 do 
Whitaker, J. 24 Ferry st 
Taylor, E.S. Fitchhurg. 

Spaulding, N. S., Saxonville 
t Fratnino-ham. 

Dunbar, I. J. 
Pyncheon, Geo. 
Chace, Gamaliel 
Hunt, C. & L. 
Coburn, Stephen 


Ot. Barritiffton. 

W. Harwich. 



Bancroft, L. F., Clintonville 
i Lancaster. 

• Burgess, S. G. Lawrence. 

Eastman, C. S., cor. Central st and 
Merrimack Lowell. 

Staniels. Edw.L,, cor. Central stand 
! Merrim'.ck 
1 Lummus, G., N. Common st Lyun. 



Otis, Thos. 40 South W;iter st 

JVew Bedford, 
Hunter & Thornton, Wholesale, Vi'6 

Uni >a st 
Thorn ... I. K. & E. 
Colby & Clark, 97 Purchase st 
Cliirk, W. F. 74 do 

GerrisJi, VV. L., Wholesale, 84 Pur- 

chHst- -it 
Potter. W. B. cor. County street and 

Stow, S. F. 10 Third st cor. Bedford 
Tompkins, D. cor. Middle street and 

Stur'evant, Samuel Mattapoisett. 
Bar-tow, R. L. 
Barher, John Masoa 
Southworth, N. 
Hodge, Chas. M. State st 

Ball. J. J^ortliboro\ 

Cobb, Tyler JsTorth Brido-ewater. 
Hill. J. &. E. J\rorth BrookfieUI. 

Parsons, S. C. JsTurthampton. 

Starkweather, \V. 

Clark, A. B. Palmer Depot. 

Cushman, J. B. Pawtucket. 

Peck <fc Collins ■ Pittsfield. 

S.i;dv>, Edwin 
Cole. I. S. 

Hayden. Mrs. E. Quhicy. 

Pinkham, Charles H. 288 Essex st 

Webster, Stephen Salisbury. 

Bigelow, E. & Co., wholesale. Mi in 

street Sprincrfield. 

Brewer. H, & J., wholesale, Mtiin st 
Dean. M. B., Patent Medicine Depot, 

Main street 
Segur, Gideon C, Main st 
Monroe, Francis 1. 2 Main st 

Dunbar, S. O. 

Goodrich & Miner Ware. 

Crocker, P. S. Wareham. 

Tobb, Win. fVarwick. 

Prince, L. R. fVenhnm. 

Russell, James H. fV, Cambridrre. 
( lake. A. B. Westfield. 

Cooper, E. & Son Wohum 

Harrington, C. A. & E., wholesnie, 

50 Main st Worcester, 

White, Sam'l C. 24 Washington Sq 
Scott, D. Jr. & Co. 201 Main st 

Dry Goods. 

Jennison, Wm. 
Houghton, Alvin 


Diiggett, H. N. & H. M. Mtleboro\ 
Choate, H. Beverly. 

DRY GOODS. Importers, 

fSee Domestic Com. Merchants.] 

Andrews, C, Silk Goods, 68 Kilby st 
Baker, E. & Co. 4 Bowdoin Block 
Bichelder, John, 30 Churlestown st 
Barry & Brother, 24 Pearl st. Cruft 

Blake, Patterson & Co. 75 Milk st. 
Blaiichard, Converse & Co. 2 Fed- 
eral st 
Booth, Baker & Bradish, 51 Milk st. 

cor. Atkinson 
Burr & Pollock, 51 Milk st 
Chace, Daniel K. 69 do 
Gihon, John & Co. 73 do 
Hemsley & Cropper, 34 do 
Homer, Sidney, 05 Congress st 
Kendall, Carpenter & Co. 1 and 3 

Pearl street 
Lane, Lamson & Co. 47 W^nter st 
Little, Alden & Co., Milk street, cor. 

Milton, Cushman & Co. 4 Old South 

I'earce, S. H. &, Co. 57 Coi.gress st 
Piiipps, W. & S. & Co. 6 Old South 

Rovlaiice & Briggs, 44 Federal st 
Stoddard, Charles & J. S. Lovering, 

50 Milk street 
Tarbell, T. <St Co. 55 and 57 Water st 
Wjinwright, B. 0. 3 Federal st 
White. Charles A. & Co. 8 Morton 

Block / 

Whiton & March, 79 Kilby st 
Wilkinson, Stetson &- Co. 10 Morton 

Williams, John, 46 Milk st. opposite 

Wymaa &l Arklay, 46 &.48 Pearl st 


[See also Silk Goods.] 

Allen, E. & Co. 2 Sewall Block 

Allen. Frederick D. 42 Milk st 
Ammidown, Bowman &. Co. 23 and 

27 Pearl street 
Anderson & Sargent, 30 and 32 Kil- 

bv .■^trei't 
Arnol.., Ch.irL's & Co. 17 Federal st 


Baldwin, E. & E. 9 Milk st Boston. 1 
Bartlett, Daniel, 14 Central st 
Bates, George W. & Co. 52 Milk st. 

opposite Federal I 

Beclje, James M. & Co. 88 and 90 

Hanover :<treet 
Blake, Patterson & Co. 75 Milk st 
Blanchard, Converse & Co. 2 Fed- 
eral street 
Blanchard, F. H. & Co. 11 Milk st., 

Ribbon.s. &c. 
Blanchard. Wni. E, 5 Milk st 
Blodget, »J. W. & Co. 26, 28 and 30 

Pearl street 
Branihall, Fairbanks & Co. 3 Old 

South Block 
Brewster, John & Co. 63, 65, and 67 

Water street 
Brigham, John & Co. 1 Sewall Bl'k. 
Brittan, S. A. & Co. 53 Milk st. cor. 

Brown & Dix, 29 Pearl st 
Brown & Eustis, 154 Washington st 
Brown, VV. A. Jr. & Co. 95 Milk st 
Burr &c Polhick, 51 do 

Carter, Rankin & Cotting, 39 do 
Champney, Edward W. 32 do 
Chase, Kimball & Co. 16 Kilbv st 
Clement, Salisbury & Co. 58 Milk st 
Cragin, Greeiileaf & Co. 87 do 
Curtis, Preston & Co., Milk st. cor, 

Darrah, Morse & Co. 13 Milk st 
Davis, D. C. 28 do 

Deane & Davis, 29 Kilby st 
Deiii.son, J. N. & Co. 81 do 
Dutton, Richardson & Co. 29 and 31 

Federal st 
Eayrs, Joseph H. 9 MHk st 
Ehrlich, Moses, 28 do 
Fales & Dana, 71 Water st. and 65 

Farnsworth & Shaw, 65 Milk st 
Fearing. A. C. 16 Morton Place 
Feely, P. 42 Congress st 
Fosdick, John, 83 Kilby st 
French, Abner & Co. 67 Milk st 
Gannett, Balch & Co. 50 do 
Hale, Rice &• Amorv, 71 do 
Hale, T. P. 69 Water st 
Hall, Olmsted &- Co., Milk st. corner 

Haskell & Howland, 249 Washing- 
ton street 
Hathorne, Jacob H. 5 Milk st 
Haughton, Sawyer & Co., Milk st. 

cor. Congress 
Hill, Geo. & Co. 327 Washington st 
Hobart, Albert, 18 Pearl st 

Hobart & Briggs, 67 Congress n 

Holbrook, Henry J. 47 Milk st 
Holbrook, Carter & Co. 36, 38 and 40 

Pearl street 
Hovey. C. F. & Co. 13 Winter st 
Howe, Wm. A. & Co. 52 1-2 Milk st 
Jenness, Gage & Co. 1 and 3 Liberty 

Jewett & Prescott, 1 Old S. Block 
Jewett, McGilvray & Co. 51 and 53 

Water street 
Jewett, Tebbetts & Co. 44 Milk st 
Jones, Hill & Co. 3 Bowdoin Block 
Jones, F. A. & Co. 1 Tremont Row 
Lambert, Edmands & Co. 99 Milk st 
Lambert & Co. 12 and 14 Pearl st 
Lincoln, M. S. & Co. 33 Water st 
Little, Spear & Co. 89 Kilby st 
Lord, Wm. C. 57 do 

Lovvden, Cushitig & Co. 69 Kilby st 
Lowry, Wm. 38 and 40 Water st 
Lyford, Billings & Co. 20 Pearl st 
Mann, John, Tremont st. opposite 

Mann, W^iiliam H. & Co., French 

Goods, 1 Bowdoin Block, Milk st 
Manning, Glover & Co., Domestics, 
i 1, 9 and 10 Faneuil Hall 
' Morse, Samufl F. & Co. 37 Milk st 
Nichols, C. C. 7 Kilby st 
Nichols, Pierce & Co. 46 Milk st 
Norris. S. H. & Co. 55 do 

Paige, David &, Co. 53 Milk st. cor. 

Paine & W^heelock, Milk st. corner 

of Congress 
Palmer, (iage & Co. 32 Pearl st 
Parker & Ha mien, 49 Water st 
Parsons, Samuel & Co. 21 and 23 

Federal st 
Pearl & Smith, 62 Hanover st 
Perkins, l)oe & Co. 79 Milk st 
Plimpton, J. W^ & Co. 34 do 
Poor, B. & Co. 2 Federal st 
Poor, Henry, 77 Kilby st 
Rawson, Brigham & Pratt, 35 Milk 

Reed, Muzzey & Co. 5 Pearl st 
Richardson & Childs, 102 Hanover 

Shepherd, John, 28 Kilby st 
Shorey & Co. 168 Washington st 
Skeele. Edwin A. 33 Congress st 
Smith. Sumner & Co. 5 Bowdoin 

Stacey & Brother, 34 Hanover st 
Stevens, Grenviile, 34 Kilby st 
Stone & Page, 60 do 



Stone, Robert, Jr. & Co. 4 md 6 
Pearl st Boston. 

Stowe, Freeman, 59 and fil W it r st 
Sumner, Brewer & Co. 83 Milk st 
Talbot, Birchani & Co. 72 Kilby st 
Tenney, Brothers, (silk good-,) 4 

Milk st 
Tenney & Ballister, 70 Kilby si 
T'hacher, Bascom & Co. 4 Morton 

Wade, Xathaniel, 9 Milk st 
Warren, C. & Co. 20 Milk st. corner 

of Devonshire 
Warren, Geo. W. & Co. 192 Wash- 
ington st 
Washlmrn, A., Jr., Milk-<treet Block, 

40 Milk st 
Washburn, Nichols & Co. 85 Kilby 

Waterston, Pray & Co. 27 Federal st 
Webster, H. A. & Co. 70 ('..: st 
Wetherell, H. B. & H. W. 203 Wash- 
ington st 
Wetherell, Stone & Wood, 63 Milk st 
White, Andem & Co. 48 do 

White, Charles A. & Co. 9 Morton 

White, H. J. 67 Kilby st 
Whiting, Ch-irles A. .59 Kilby st 
Whitnev & PY-nno, 93 I\lilk st 
Wight. Reed & Co. 52 Milk st. oppo- 

sit;^ Pearl 
Wilkinson, Stetson &: Co. 10 Mortm 

Williams. John S. 46 Milk st 
Williamson & Smith, 26 Kilby st 
Winslow, Ad ims & Cm. 40 Milk st 
Woodbury, Henrv. 28 Kilby st 
Wymun, Jas. K. 28 do 

Dry Goods— Retailers. 

Adams, C. B. 112 H mover st 
Adams C. J. & Co., Broadway, near 

C street 
Allan, Geo. W. Canton st 
Allen, H., Broadway, corner of Dor- 

chestrr st 
Allen. William H., (French goods), \ 

216 Washington st 
Ames &. Bickford, 30 Hanover st | 
Andrews, John S., Sumner st. corner 

of Paris, E. B. 
Atkins. Thomas G. 143 Washington j 

Badger, D. B. 151 Broad st ! 

Bad'^y & Stu ut, 66 Hanover st ! 

Baker & Bruce, 321 Washington st ' 

B.ildwin, S, M. k. Brother, 6Tremont 
Row • Boston. 

B Tn y, M. S. 204 Hanover st 
B:ir;U'tt, Brothers. 503 Washington st 
Ilartlelt, .lohn W. 128 Hanover st 
Bell, K. !). 9 Tnuiiorit Row 
, B.';nd;\. John, 525 VVMshiugton st 
JBe^ent & Hu(i<on, 287 do 

Bliss, Henry P. 12 Tremont Row 
Bi'dwell, M. R., Leveret st. comer of 

Bond, T. D. 415 Washington st 
Mow( rs, Chas. 46 Hanover st 
Bowers, F. H. 72 do 

Bowers, H. M. 132 do 

Brackett, S. E. 227 Washington st 
Brett, Wm. F. (wholesale), 60 1-2 

and 62 Feder^ st 
Brown & Lamkin, 123 Court st 
Brovv.iell, Gilbert &. Co. 255 W^ash- 

ington st 
Burbauk, Geo. G., Broadway, corner 

of B st 
Capon, A. 155 Court st 
C irpenter, H., .Ir. 196 Hanover st 
Chipman, G. W. 82. 84 and 86 Hano- 
ver street 
Christian, T.& A. 391 Wasliington st 
Cobb, Fred. W. 409 do 

Coleman, Leu i , 379 do 

Collins, E. K. &,("o. 64 1-2 Hanover 

Cooper, Edw. 78 Pleasant .^t 
Dunon. McAllasler & Co. 10 Htino- 

ver st 
Daniell, J. N. & Co. 201 Washington 

Davenport, M. A. 226 Hanover ^t 
Davis Horatio E. & Co. 281 Wash- 
ington street 
D-ivis, N. T. 135 Hanover st 
Dickinson, G. D. 99 Cimbrid.Te st 
Doherty, H. & Co. 341 Washingto.-i st 
Duft'y, J:imes. Bltter^ march st 
Dyer, S. D. 1.50 Hanover st 
Kilis, A. P. 369 Washington st 
Evans, B. S. 56 Hanover st 
Fenton, Henri H. (French Goods), 

212 Washington st 
Fisher, S. & Co. 421 Wa-^hington st 
Foote. C. R. 121 Court st 
Fox, B. 86 1-2 Eliot st 
G illnKher, P. 5 Tremont Row 
Gimnion, W. H. 491 Washii.gton st 
Gavetl, George B. 581 'do 

Gav, Thomas, 166 Ann st 
Gould, F. A. 188 Harover st 
Graves & Stevens, 105 do 
Green &, Carr, 44 do 


Greenwood, J. M. 361 Washington st 
• Boston, 
Hammatt. A. 585 Washington st 
Harris, Wm. G. 13 Lpvpre t st 
Haskell & Howland, 249 Washing- 
ton street 
Haynes, Mary, 651 do 

Henry, Martha C. 132 st 
Hill, Geo. & Co. 327 VVh hir.gton st 
Hill, Lincoln & Geer, 333 do 

Holbrook, C. 93 Hanover st 
Holden, L. P. & Co. 219 Washington 

Hooper & Pond, Hanover st. corner 

of Friend 
Holmes, G. 413 Washington st 
Horn, B. F. 505 do 

Houghton & Burditt, 345 do 
Hovey, C. F. & Co. 13 Winter .st 
Howe, J. 405 1-2 Washington st 
Huston, H. 337 do 

Ide, G. L„ Green st. cor. of Staniford 
Jarves, J. L. 50 Hanover st 
Jewett & Prescott, 1 Old South 

Jones, F. A. & Co. 1 Tremont Row 
Jordon, Eben D. 146 Hanover st 
Jordon, Wm. L., Broadway, corner 
of B street ' 

Keyes. Z. W. 70 Hanover st 
Kinsley, Ann, (French Goods,) 174 

Washington st 
Kirkpatrick, John, Broadway near 

Knight, Manasseh, 237 Washington 

Lawrence, Geo. D. 202 Hanover st 
Lepean, John, opposite 3 Commer- 
cial street 
Libby, M. & S. H. 190 Hanover st 
Libbey & Kendall, 206 -md 2108 Hano- 
ver street 
Lucas, Edmund D. 407 Washington 

M ickintosh, S. T. 170 Hanover st 
Mann, J. H. (Ribbons). 264 Washing- 
ton street 
Marsh, B. L. & Co. 168 Hanover st 
McConologue, M. 136 Ann st 
Messinger, C. 427 Washington st 
Me^singer, E. F. 395 do 

Middleton, Tho^. 349 do 

Metcalf D. E. 431 do 

Molineux, Jas. 487 do 

Molineux, R. W. 39 do 

Morse, E. G. 51 Cambridge st 
Nay & McClure, 3 Tremont Row 
Nelson, R. Turnpike cor 4th st 
Noyes, U. W. &. Co. 48 Hanover st 

Partridge, Harvey P. 78 Federal st 

Peabody, E. 236 Washington st 
Pc Tl & Smith, 62 Hanover st cor. 

Perr\-, N. W. 2 Tremont Row 
Peterson & Mcintosh, Misses, 149 

Court st 
Pollard, S. N., Central Square, E. B. 
Pratt, Solomon, 158 Hanover st 
Richardson & Childs, 102 Hanover st 
Ritchie, S. & Co. 6 Summer st E. B. 
Rogers, J.'^S. 509 Washington st 
Rogers, H. F. 605 do 

Safford & Geffrov, 52 Hanover st 
Shillaber,J. G. 61 Court st 
Simmonds. Joseph, 55 Cambridge st 
Smith, J. 50 1-2 Hanover st 
Snow, Jnde & Co. 64 Hanover st 
Sperry, Henrj-. 1 Maverick Square 
Stacey & Brother, 34 Hanover st 
Stetson, Hopkins & Co. 183 Wash 

ington st 
Storms, W. R. 315 Washington st 
Taylor, A. H. 6 Maverick Square 
Tilden, W. H. &, Co., Broadway cor- 
ner of E st 
Tilton, Samuel, 647 Washington st 
Tolman, Eliot, Tremont Row opp. 

Hanover st 
Trumbull, Wm., Broadway n. B 
Trefethen, Nath'l, 32 Prince st 
Tucker & Brothers, 211 Washington 

Tufts, Gardner G. 34 School st 
TurnbuU, G. & Co. 241 Washington 

Vanstane, W. 685 1-2 Washington st 
Warren, (Jeo. W. & Co. 192 Wasii- 

ington st 
Warren, Varnum. 92 Ha'iover st 
Wells, Sar:.!h. 58 W. Ced>.r st 
Wheelock, Dwight, 37 Hanover st 
Whitman, S., 5th st cor. C. 
Wilkins, John, 38 Hanover st 
Wright & W;illis, 399 Washington st 
Hitchborn, Geo. Brighton. 

Kolly & Spring 

Wheeler, Jonathan E. Cambridge. 
Cokly, T., Gose st 
Jordon, C. & Co., Cambridge st 
Green, C. O. & Co do 
Murdock, Asa Cambridge Port. 

Bruce & Gregory 
Morse, Calvin 
Thurston, John C. 
Watriss, Wm. Cambridge. 

Read, John & Co. 
Bates & Saunders 



Patch, J. K. Charlemont. 

Francis, D. S. 85 Main street 

Ckarlesto icn. 
Phipps, S. G. 202 Main st 
Heath, A. H. 84 do 

Fosdick. Win. 50 do 

Flagg, John P. 4G do 

Skiiton, J. 36 & 38 do 
Wheeler & Cloggeit. Exchange st 

Gillet, Alfred S. 7 Exchange st 
Williams. S. F. 1 Exchange Block, 

Exchange it 
Jenks, Liberty, Exch xnge st 
Cutler, Lewis, corner Exchange sL 

and Perkins 
Culbertson, John H. Concord. 

Cutler, Win., Main st Uanwrs. 

Daniels, R. S. do 

Field, William, Centre st Dedham. 
Damon, N. do 

Richards, Mason, High st 
Conant, Calvin tVest Dennis. 

Marshall, J. V., Lower Mills 

Bispham, E. J., Lower Mill^, 
Southwick, Joseph 
Snow, E. L. Easthampfon. 

Sayer, J, F, V. W. Edirartuwn.^ 

Worth, Benj., Water st 
Church &• Almy, Main st 

Clark, A. S. 1 Granite Block 

Fall River. 
Buffington, Jas, 21 S. Main ^t 
Chase, W. M. 2 Exchange Block, N. 

Main st 
Page, B., Exchange Building 
Clark, Albert L. 1 Market Square i 
Almy, Chas. 14 South Main st 
M ison, Wm. H. 16 do 
White, Dennis, 26 do 
Smith, L 17 do 

Girlbrd, P. 20 do 

Dean, C. H. 15 do 

Collins, John, 40 do 

Crowell & Brothers, 18 Exchange 

Pratt, Lavina Fitchburg. 

Harden, J. J. 
Mayes, M. K., Saxonville 

Lancaster, T, S., corner Short and 

Front st Oloucester. 

Stevens, Samuel &. Co., Front st 
Calef, John C. 

Flint. F. B. Haverhill. 

Page, Abel 
Bradley & Tyler 

B iker, S. N. Ipswich. 

Stearns. A. W. & Co. Lawrence. 

Hunt, M. J. 

CLtntillon, Joseph O'Hea 

Gage, W. L. F. 

Smith, Geo. W. 

Damon, Henry Lexington. 

Gerry, HoUis 

Tarr & Battles, Wholesale, 40 Mer- 
rimack st J^oicdl. 

Tucker & Patch, Wholesale, 42 
Merrimack st 

Fern, Otis L. & Co., Wholesale. 44 
Merrimack st 

West, D., Jobber, 46 Merrimack st 

Peabody & Wyman. 48 do 

Davis, Simon S., Wholesale, 4 Cen- 
tral st 

Davis & Thayer, Ladies' Exchange, 
8 Central st 

Nichols, C. C. 6 Central st 

Parkhurst, M. 102 do 

Tower, James, 101 do 

Bradt, Daniel, 36 Merrimack st 

Gardner & Wilson, 38 do 

Haley, S, A. & H. 52 do 

Brown, Joseph S. 54 do 

Maguire & Cassidy, 78 do 

Holiis, Samuel, Wholesale, 168 Mer- 
rimack st 

McDo:K)Ugh, Michael, 116 Merrimack 

Keating, James, 124 Merrimack st 

H;(rdy, Francis, 132 do 

Culver & Hurd, Wholesale, 144 Mer- 
rim ick st 

Smith. John, 292 Merrimack st 

Chaniberlin & Dwinnel, 1 Bradt'3 

Hardy, Benj. T. 2 Wells' Block 

Fowl(!r, Joseph M. do 

Hildreth & Hanson, 120 Merrimack st 

Han^com, E.. Fancv, 101 do 

Ward & Thompson, 91 do 

Abbott, Joseph T. do 

Cufley, Wm.. East Merrimack st 

Pulloc. Thomas, John st 

D ivis, F. H. 66 \. Conjmon st Lynn. 

Whitten, H. 3 Exchange Building 

Ireson, N. H. P. 23 M irket st 

Holmes, Chas. B. 8 S. Common st 

Batchelder, Jonathan, M irket st 

Ch ise, Wm. & Co. 65 S. Common st 

Eames. Lucius, 16 Exchange sL 

Chase, Blaney, 56 Broad st 

Chase, John B. 47 do 

Mudge, Geo. W. 

Sweetser, Mary, Liberty st 

knight, John Marblehead. 


M rritt, Thos. H. Marblehead. 

Evans, Thomas 

Brown. I. H. &. Son 

Chitmberlain, S. S. & G. 

Barstow. R. L. Jilattapoisett. 

Blake, Oliver Jiledfi/rd. 

Cohurn, Jonas 

Morose, Geo. W Methuen. 

Merrill, Moses 

Richardson, 2d, Samuel 

Vaughan & Toliey JiIid'lleboro\ 

Leonard, Wm. C. 

Sturtevant, J. JVantucket. 

Lawrence. Justin 

Cook,C. W. &Co. 

Pratt, Chas. K., Main st 

Gardner, F. & Co. 

Cook & Snow, Wholesale, 

jVcw Bedford. 

Richmond & Wood, Wh.lesale, 3J 
N. Water st 

Read & Webb, N. Water st 

Almy, Chas. 55 Union st 

Parkhurst, J. & Co. 28 S. Water st 

Howard, A., South Water st 

Rexford, C. W., Wholesale, 20 South 
Water st 

Dow, Wm. F., Wholesale, 16 South 
Water st 

Bourne, Elisha, 15 S. Water st 

Weils, W. & Baker, S., 2 1-2 Pur- 
chase st 

Haumiett, Nathan E. 4 Purchase st 

Knowles, Thomas & Co. 24 Union st 

Eddy, G. W., Wholesale, 108 do 

Cushman, C. D. do 101 do 

Mentz, John, 103 Purchase st 

Forbes, Jas. D, 81 do 

Mentz, N. 77 do 

Bryant, P. 75 do 

Chandler, C, Wholesale, 46 Purchase 

Crapo & Strong, 22 Purchase st 

Southgate, Sam'l, 40 do 

Chase, Nathan, 32 do 

Bovey, J«io. M. 38 do 

Watrous, A. N. 57 do 

Himmett, Jas. 44 do 

Fisher, Jas. 20 do 

Bradford, Wm., Wholesale, (Friends' 
Goods) 16 Purcha-<e st 

Baker. W. L. 2 1-2 Purchase st 

Hainn)ett, Nathan, 4 do 

Drew, Rufus W. 1 Cheap<ide st 

Landers, Thomas C. 20 do 

Hammett, Albert, 22 Cheapside 

jVew Bedford. 

Pedro & King, 137 South Water .>t 

Chase, F. P. & T. J. 158 Purchase st 

Field, Wm. P. 29 Middle st 

jVcw Bedford. 

Collins, B. W^ 25 Purcha.^e st 

Plunmier, Richard, lOConihill, State 
street JVewburyport, 

Palmer, W. W. 14 State si 

Davenport, M. 10 do 

Richardson, Ira, 6 do 

Hardy, David, corner Water and 
! Charles streets 

Griffin, E. 25 Pleasant st 

Brown, Charles M. 4 Pleasant st 
i Sweetser, S. & Sons, 5 Liberty st 
i Dodge, Dana, Pleasant st 

Tappan & Bassett do 

Ellis, Wm. R. 14 do 

Caldwell, James, State st 

Hardy, Edward T. 8 do 

Stevens, S. & Son, 5 do 

Ingalls, O. P. 6 do 

Bilhngs, Albert, Upper Falls 


Stoddard, Lathrop & C(j. 


Hawks & Littlefield 

Lincoln, L. R. 

Dickinson, G. P., Main st 
: Longley & Miles, wholesale 
I Palmer Depot. 

: Bates, W. & Co. Pawtuaet. 

I Plunket & Ilalbert PitUjieid. 

Davi<, H. G. 
' Alderman & Gooding Plymuutli. 

Btirnes, S. 

Hart, Jason, wholesale 

Tufts, Richard Rockport. 

i Harris, James 
I Brooks, Samuel H. 

Bacon & Atwood, 73 Washington ^t. 
opposite Clock Dial Rvxbury. 

; Bacon, W. & A. 85 Washiiigion st. / 
j opposite Clock Dial 
j Davis, Chas. 11 Washington street, 
! opposite Norfolk House 

Dexter, Samuel, 71 Washington st. 
Winthrop Bank Building 

Draper, Wm. W. H^est Roxbury, 

Field & Gould, head Dudley st 


Frost, Geo. 68 Washington st 

James, George & Co., Centre street, 
near Green, Jamaica Plain 

Lemist & Kellogg, 84 Washington st. 
r:ear Clock Dial 

Pettes, Geo. W. 1 Guild's Building 

Austin & Work Royaiston. 

Bemis & Jones South Royaiston. 

Dix, Asa C. 240 Essex st Salem. 

Jackson, S. P. 242 do 



Henfiold & Gillcy, Broadcloth 12 
Front street Salem. 

Piine, J. A. 153 Es<ex st 

Goldthvvait & Luscumb, 153 Essex st 

Downine, Thomas & Co. do 

Goldthwait, M. Jr. & Co, 223 do 

Plumrner. MU^ R. 310 do 

McKenzie & Welli :!?ton, 188 1-2 do 

Choate, Francis, 2-i2 do 

Shepard, J. B. & S. D. 152 do 

Gavett & Co. 192 do 

Webster, Daniel Salisbary. 

Flanders, Susan 

Ballard, Martha Saug'us. 

Rand, Joshua Somerville. 

Potter & Cadv, Main st Springfield. 

Taylor & Paliiier do 

Willard, Woods & Rollins, 4 Hamp- 
den Hall 

Gay, Daniel, 3 State st 

Rockwood & Hopkins, 7 State st 

Pratt, A., near the Depot, Main st 

Lee & Strickland, wholesale, Mainst 

B liley, Samuel do do 

Thayer & Taylor do 3 Burt's Bk. 

Rice, James do 4 do 

Lord & Field do 3 Union H. 

Wilson & Co. do Main st 

Reed, John, 54 Main st Taunton. 

Babbitt, Geo. H. do 

Godfrey, Chas. do 

Perkins, C. do 

Woodward, S. do 

Hodges, Reed do 

Tisdale, S. Jr., Weir Bridge 

Burtt, J. O., Main st 

Runnels, Jabez S. 

Crane, A. B. 

Upham & Clark, Main st tValtham. 

Bigelow & Newell 

Adams, Willard 

Maynard, Josiah 

Jordan, A. 

Wheeler & March Watertown. 

Rogers & Sanger 

Ingraham, Wm. H. 

McNeil, Alexander Webster. 

Holbrook, (Jiles Wellfleet. 

Rice, C. A. 

Fearing, Israel South Weymouth. 

Heywood, J. M. Winchenden. 

Wyman, N. Jr. Woburn. 

Fowle, John, 2d 

Maynard, Geo. C. 198 Mun st 


Hackett, William. 194 Maiii st 

.?ouvet, John H. 86 do 

Hall & Thompson, wholesale, 134 
Main st 

Hardon, B. L. & Co., wholesale, 146 

Main st Worcester. 

Bryant, George P., wholesale, 154 

Main st 
Newcorab, C. J., wholesale, 160 Main 

Dayton, G. M. 155 Main st 
Stebbins, O. F. &. Co., wholesale, 178 

Main st 
Stowe, Martin, Main st 
Chamberlain, H. H. 162 and 164 

Main st 
Upton, C. A. & Co. 140 Main st 
Crowell, Sylvanus West Yarmouth. 

JBry Goods, Groceries, & 

' Field, H. N. & W. Abinston. 

Ford, James, Jr. 

Freeman, Joseph B. 

Curtis, Leander 

EUis, Samuel East Abington. 

Curtis, Abner 
: Dill, Joseph 
j Beal, Nathaniel 
'Torrey, Harvey 
jWhitmarsh, Z.N. 
! Nash, B. T. & Co. 

Whitmirsh, James 

Faxon, L. & Co. 

King & Nash 

Norton, Samuel 

Estes, Rufus P. & Co. 

Dyer, Nathaniel L. 

Holden, R. Acton. 

Burbeck & Fuller 

Mosinan, Ephraim ^ 

Tuttle, James 

1 Tarbox & Cook South Adams. 

I Arnold, S. L. & S. H. 

Adams, Washington & Co. 

Wood & Sales 

Richardson, David 

Smith & Burton 

Morse, Millard 

Johnson & Wheeler ^ 

Burton, A. 

Hu-band, Edward 

Richardson, A. W. JVorfA Adams. 

Robinson. J. Q,. & Son 

Galigan, M. G. 

Brolly, Daniel 

Cady & Brothers 

Rice, Bly & Co. 

Martin, W. 

Graves, Theodore 

Mills & Smith 

Collins, S. 


Gallup M, & Son ^Torth Adams. 

Potter, J. M. & Co. 

McLellan, R. VV. 

Thayer, M. 

Turner, C. B. 

Southwick, E. 

Dimonds, D. 

Bhickinton, S. 

Vandeusen, M. R. Mford. 

French, David Amesbury. 

Squires & Jones 

Stacy & Babson 

Jones, William Amesbury Mills. 

Young, Benjamin 

Robinson, F. JVorth Amherst. 

Draper, L. L. 

Kellogg, VVm. Jr. Amherst. 

Sweetser & Cutler 

Pierce & Whitney. 1 Phoenix Row 

Holland, Seneca, 7 & 8 do do 

Hastings, J. & H., East st 

Hayvvard, Chas. F. South Amherst. 

Derby, John /induver, 

Abbott, H. W. 

Higgins & Abbott 

W. M.P.Union Store 

Swift, Niithaniel 

Abbott, Albert 

O.sgood. J. Ashburnham. 

Corey, Barrett, Kittiney & Co. 

Winchester, Charles 

Rockwood, George 

War;ier, Alvin Ashjield. 

Walker & Crafts 

Hall, Samuel W. 

Bement, Jo:^eph 

Williams, John 

Cook, Richard 

Bement, Jasper 

Rockwood, Howard & Gibson 

Adams, Nathaniel 
F-iirbanks, G. W. Ashland. 

Wiggins, S. VV. 

Bassett, Chickering & Co. Athol. 
Thorpe & Co. 
Jones, T. & Son 
Colliding, James J. 
Hayward, A. Attleborough. 

Hale & Riley 

W.iles & Conant Barnstable. 

B.con, Eben 

Whitman, Isaac fV. Barnstable. 

P ;rker, Seth, Jr. 
Baker, Timothy & Son, Hyaiius 
Tobv. F. C. 
Hall'ett, A. W. & Son 
Scudder, Frederick 
Scudder, Josiah, Jr., Oysterville 

Scudder, Erastus Bamatable 

Crosby, W. & Son, Centreville 
Kelley, J. & Son do 

Marston, Wm., Marston Mills 
Hinckley, W. B. do do 
Jenkins, Gorhara & Co. Barre. 

Woods & Co. 
Nichols & Carter 
Wardsworth &. Allen 
Phelps, Benj. J^ortk Bec!:et. 

Geer, VVm. M. 

B;tird, Kendall West Becket. 

Bacon, Albert Bedford. 

Styles, Thomas 
Munroe, Jonas 

j Bridgman, Calvin Belchertown. 

\ Bridgman, Wright 
1 Filer, George 
: Longley, H. A. & Co. 
I Crooks, Jeremiah Bellingham. 

I Craig, E. C. 

' Hastings, R. S. & Co. Berlin. 

, Moore, S. 
Newton, John F. 

Ferry, Aretus Bernardston. 

Howe, Alvan 
Nev.comb, Z. C. 

Clark, Augustus N. Beverly, 

Endicott, William 
Tuck, John, 2d 

Franklin, J. R. & Co. Billerica. 

Baldwin, John, Jr. 
Parker, C. E. & N. 
Wilder. C. C. BlacLstone. 

Singer, J. H. 
Brown, W. & Co. 
Root, Norton & Co. 

J\''orth Blandford. 
Shepard & Wilson 
Gibbs, George C. 
Shurtleft; David 
Robinson. Z. & Co. 
Gibbs, W. H. & O. F. 
Holnian, Abraham & Co. Bn/ton. 
Vosburgh, A. I. Boston Corner. 

' Bigelow, L. W. , Boxburough. 
Jenkins, Samuel W. Bozford. 

' Heywood. John B. East BuyL^ton. 
Perkins, Oliver Braintrre. 

I Higgins & Co. Kast Brewster. 

Mayo, Albert 
Mayo, Jeremiah 
Myrick, Nathaniel 
! Winslow, Nathan 
I Sears, Joseph E. West Brewster. 
I Sears, Elijah B. 

I Perkins & Hobart Bridgewater. 

Holmes. Lewis & Co. 
, Morton & Hoxcy, Scotland 



Perry, Ezra & Co. Brimjield. 

IS'ewtoQ, John 

Sii^Duraey, William 

Converse, W. B. 

H w, Fra xis Brookfidd. 

Warren, N. East Broolijield. 

M.iyiinrd, E. Buckland. 

Ciishinan, Solomon 

C.l jison, Ge jrge Burlington. 

R,chard:so:i, Franklin 

Iljde, Edward Cambridge Port. 

Capen, E. Canton. 

Tucker. A. E. 

Leonard, R. F. 

Shu'iiwiy, F. P. 

Tucker, Robert 

M tkendry, John 

Everett, L. 

Shuniway, Franklin P. 

Cr ine. Friend 

Ellis, B. & Co. Carver. 

Rider, Cliarles 

Seibury, William S. 

H.irlovv. N. C. 

Mayiiew. F. L. Claremont. 

Tyler & Avery 

Bodman, L., Jr. 

Bishop, Robert L. 

S.uiford & Tucker Charlton. 

Sibley, Hiram ^rorth Charlton. 

Hill, Daniel S. 

Marble, John P. 

Howes, David Chatham. 

Taylor, Washington 

Howes, Benjamin 

Howes, Elisha 

Mayo, Josiah 

H irdy, Josiah, Jr. 

Howes, Collins 

Could. J;imes 

Harding. Stephen 

Nicker>on. Silas 

Nickerson, Youth 

Taylor, N. C. 

Eniery, Samuel 

Nickerson, Joshua, Jr. 

J^orth Chatham. 
Ryder, T, 

Eldridge, Kimball IVest Chatham. 
Eldridge, Hinm T. &. Co. 
P.irkhurst, S. S. Chelmsford. 

Webster. E. F. 

Brown, R. C. Cheshire. 

Cole, R. M. 
Dean, J. B. 
Jenks, E. 
Dincock, Hannum &. Co. 

Chester tillage. 
Williaius, J. B. & Co. 

M inson & Clark Chester Vitiage. 

Shep ird & Barber Chesti^r. 

Hoot, L. M. & A. C. Chester Fut.iry. 

Cuok, John J. &. Co. jVurlh Ch/'-iter. 

CI ipp. Utley Chesttrjieid. 

Edwards, O. &. Sons 

Bryant, Bfiijamin 

Davis, P. C. Ckicopee Falls. 

Adams, F. A. L. 

Sh ickford &. Taylor 

Wells, Jerome, 11 Merchants' Row 

Malony, Hugh, Exchange st 
Jenkias, Jacob, do 

Roche, R. W. 
Flinders. William 
Willis, E. 
Snow, E.. Jr. 
Whittiagton, Alfred 
Stoddard, Zenas 
Slution, Morgan 
Pratt, Thomas 
White, R. 
Davis. Charles B. 
Page, O. L. 
Hildreth, George W. 
Ctuipbell, W. C. 
Shep ird, Anson 
Whitney, James S. 
D:ivves & Brown 
Drcutt. N. F. 
Packard, L. M. 

[ Mitchell, C. W. JVcst Cummington. 
Nelson, J. D. &, Co. 
Bennett, Ch .rles F. 
I Crane & Co. 
j Carson, David & Sons 
I Flint, Austin 
; Bram m, G. G. 
Stone, J. E. 
Russell & Johnson 
Johnson, G. N. 
Danly, Dale & Co., Lowell st 

B itchelder. O. F., Mun st 
Morrill. R. W., do 

Lambert & Merrill, do 
Griffin, E. A., New Mills 
Warren, A. W. &l Co., New Mills 
Perley, A. P. & Co., Maple st 

J^orth Danrers, 
Perley, Fred.. Locust and Ceil • sts 
Ellis, Wm. 8. narlinout/i. 

Potter, Wm. South Dartm..n:.t'i. 

S in ford &. Sherman 
Tucker, Ainer R. 
Thomas. T. & Co. 
Hovvland &. Whayon 

.Vjrlh Dun.iioiUh 








Cummings, John JVorth Dartmouth. 

Tucker, Charles, RusseU's Mills 

tSeabury, O. H. do do 

Gay, Ebenezer F. South Dedham. 

Crocker, A. H. IVcst Dedham. 

Gay, Ellis 

Boyden, Benjamin, Mill Village 

Pease, Luman South Deerfield. 

Cowing & Park 

Ware, Edwin Deerfield. 

Abercrombie, Ira 

Sears, Barnabas H. East Dennis. 

Sears, O. 

Howes, James 

Clark, Thatcher 

Howes, James Korth Dennis. 

Chapman & Howes 

Howes, Samuel 

Howes, Shubael 

Baker, Nathan West Dennis. 

Baker, John 

Nicholson, Eleazar &. Co. 

South Dennis. 
Baker & Downs Dennis. 

Gleason, Roswell, Lower Mill 

Howe, Charles 
Temple, H., River st 
Chase. Gardner East Doufflas. 

Metcalf & Balcom 
Rogerson, Robert 
Heath. Samuel VV.- 
Bemis, Phineas Dudley. 

Hancock, VVilliim 
Haskell, Christopher 
Alden (2d), John Duxbury. 

Bradford & Sampson 
Sampson, Knowles & Co. 
Shaw, Minot C. East Bridgewater. 
Conaut, John A. 
Orr, H. O. A. 
Carpenter, C. A. 
Y.iung, S. A. & Co. 
Jenkins, John VV. 
'!'< rrell, William 
Alien, S. B. 
Churchill. Levi 

Smith, Stephen Eastham. 

Knowles, E. E. 
Horton, A. M. 

Ferry, E. Easthampton. 

Bartholomew, Harris 
Brown &. Bates South Egremont. 
Bills, N. K. 

Lester & Dewey JVorth Egremont. 
Austi.i, L. 
Lawrence, George, Main st 

Coffin, Jared VV., Main st 

Baylies, Fred., Main st Edgurtoion' 

Baylies, John A. do 

N(irth, Jonathan 

Bryant &. Richards Enfield. 

Jones, J. S. 
I Field & Leland 

I Alexander, F. &. L.L. Erving. 

' Blackmer, D. 

Bardwell &. Thayer, Grant's Corner, 

Dexter, John Essei. 

1 Burnham, Geo. W. 

Whitwell. F. R. Fairhaven. 

Gibhs & Jenny, Union st 
I Wilcox, A. P. &c Co., Centre st 
I Church, Nathan, Water st 

Pope, Lewis S, 
j Collins, David 

Proctor, Chas. head Union wf 
j Damon, Tucker, Main st 
: Church, Lemuel 
I Hall, A. 96 S. M lin st Fall River. 

Albro, Jas. D.. Washington st 
1 Byrna & Udell, 76 & 78 Annawan st 

Baxter, Caleb & Co. 68 do 

I Snow, C. B. 91 &L 93 do 

Craig & Brownell, cor. Pleasant st 
and Second 

Holmes, B. Jr. & Co. Falmouth. 

Bourne, S. J. 

Gould, E. & Co. 

Davis, Frederick 

Dillingham, S, West Falmouth. 

Boyce, Gilbert 

Lawrence, Ancel 

Robinson, John East Falmouth. 

Jones, Cyrus 

Packard, Eliphalet 

Ide, Charles Fitchburg. 

Stockwell, S. H. 

Heywood & Comee 

Crehore & Smith 

Carpenter, N. Fozboruvgh. 

Hyde & Kingsbury Depot 

Carpenter, Edson 

Alden, Charles H. 

VV'heeler & Co. Framingham. 

Wheeler. T.H. & Co. S. Framivghom. 

Fiske, C, Saxonville, Framinghovi. 

Ingraham, Augustus 

Bassett & Hastings Franklin City. 

Russeque, A. A. & Co. 
Baker, D. P. 
Stewart, C. W. 
Rockwood, Asa & Son 
Nye, C. D. 
Snow, C. B. 
Heywood & Wood 
Bradford, L. H. & Co. 
Stimson, Mirick 


S. Oardner, 



Garter, Moses 


1 Chase. Job 

West Hirwich. 

Stickney, J. P 

Eldrea. B. F. 

East Harwich. 

Smith, C. C. 

Brooks Ohed, Jr. 

Bates, E. A. 


Snow, Labau Jr. E. 

Harwich Port. 

Friend, J. S. & Co. 

3 Union Hill 

Eldridge, Benj. W. 


Doaiie, Vale::tine 

Williams, Hinkley 


Burgess, Ensign 

Siunders, E. & Brother Grafton. 

Nickerson, Abtier South Harwich. 

Fisher. VV. A. & Co 

, Farnumville, 

Nickerson, J. P. & Cu 

Web<ter, George 

Brown, Josiah 


Wright & Morse 

Atwood, Daniel East Haverhill. 

Dickinson, H. E. 


Ames, Ezra C. 

Thayer, A. E. 

— -, 

Porter, Ebenezer 

Brown & Cooley 

East Granville. 

George & Little 

Barlow & King 

Longley, Calvin S. 


Seymour, E. 

Ward, L.M. 


Curtis & Cooley 

TVist Granville. 

Lane, Chas. B. W. 


Berkshire Manu. Co 


Lincoln, Geo. Jr. 

Buel & Co. 

Colriton, Royal 

Pyncheon, Geo. 

Bussett, Daniel Jr. 

Durind & Hollister 

Hersey, Zadock 

Dresser, Julius, Van 


Hunt, C. & L. 

Munson &. Peabody 


Burr, F. & Co. 

Van Deu^en, J. 


Jacob, D. & L, 

Selkirk, W.. Housatonicville 

Hersey, J. Jr. & C o. 

Taylor, C. & C. J. 

Abbott, David H. 

Strong & Ripley 


Whitcomb, Edwin B. 

S. HiiJirhTm.. 

Root, C. & S. B. 

Kittredge, C. J. & Co. 


Elliot, Wm. 


Allen, S. & Sons 

Emmons, M. & N. 


Stonehill & Co. 

Nash, E. T, 

Wood & Cushman, 

Factor)' Village. 

Knowlton, Chas. L. 

Hoi den. 

Smith, Thos, 


Davis. Avery 

Smith & Hodgkin 

Kinny, Elisha 


Haskell, In, Village, 

Fuller. C. P. W. 

Crosby & Wood 


Metcalf, Stephen 


Shattuck, W. & G. 

Daniels & Johnson 

Boutwell, Geo. S. 

Houghton, L. M. 

Potter & Garish 

Thompson & Barber 


Montague, S. S. 


Coburn & Johnsf)n 

Vinton, George 

Mellen, C. N. & Co. 

Porter, J. B. 

Smith, John 

Leonora, D. M, 

Korth Hadley. 

Phips, Benj. 

Thompson, Z. Jr. 


Phelps & Warren 


Inglee, Edwin 

Clark, S. Abijah 

Poll, Caleb 

Bennett, W. Jr. 

Lapham, Henry 


Bennett, Asa 

Tracy, Elenry 

Willett. Geo. 


Davis, James 

Lord, Asa 

Cleverly, C. S. 


Cogswell, Daniel 

Blanchard E. N. 

Jewett, L K. 

Wilder, J. W. 

Cobb, Philander 


Mitchell, T. S. 

Korth Hin.son. 

Robbins, Charles 

Soper Jeremiah 


Holmes, Horace 

Delano, F. W. & Co 


Faunce & Emerson 

Makepeace, A. 

Colhinore. Horace L. 

Small, David H. 

fVest Harwich. 

Diman. J. W. & C. S 

Rogers, John A. 

Keith, Henry K. & Co 


Foster, Nathan 


Phelps, J. W. 



Thurston, W. S. Lancaster. 

Whitcomb, O. 

Thurston, John G., N. Boston Village 

Divis, Mollis do do 

Bancroft, L. F., Clintonville 

Pierce, A. H. do 

Burditt, A. P. do 

Smith, G. P. 

Kendall, Geo. H. do 

VVerdf n, Wm. B. Lanesboro%igh. 

Chappell, R. K. 

Muinler, J. G. J. Ijnwrcnce. 

Merrill, J. T. & Co. South Lee. 

Tavlor, VVillium 

Milb, L. L. & Co. 

Smith. .John R. 

Sabin, Henry 

Beach & Royce 

Sturges, O. East Lee. 

Smith, Lyman 

Sargent, John Leicester. 

Rice & F.iirbanka 

Hurd. Samuel 

Cook, Samuel Lenox. 

Richardson, H. W. 

Walker & Divis 

Allen, Geo. VV. Leominster. 

Gates, E. 

Pierce, J. Q.. A. 

Hatch, E. M. & Co. Xorth Lererctt. 

Billings, Smith &. Co. E. Lexiiiffton. 

Adams, Amos 

Carpenter, Abel Leyden. 

Shattuck, S. L. 

Rice, Henry Lincoln. 

Edmonds. Benjamin Littletuji. 

Smith, Warren 

Kimliall, Wm. 

White, Wm. I.ongmendow. 

Callender, Geo. W. 

Calkins, A. H. 

Springfield Manufacturing Co. 

Jenks, H. P., Jenk ville 
Spinney, Charles Lyvnfietd. 

Porter, Oliver Lynn. 

Sprague & French Maiden. 

Robinson & Shaw Mansfield. 

Shepard, I^aac R. 

Burnham & Geiitlee Manchester. 
Adams & Dfidge 

Johnson, John Marblehead. 

Loring, HoUis Alarlborough. 

Bucklin & CuUing 
Lambert, Bigelnw & Co. 
Manson & Bi igham, Tellonville 
Wood, Wm. H. do 

Bourne & H;irlow Marshfield. 

Conant, Rufus L. 

Ames, W. & C. JV. Marshfield. 

Damon, James L. 

Culeman, John, Cotuit Port 

iPhinney, Elijah, Cotuit Port 
jChilds, Daniel do do 

' Rodgers, Henry W. do do 

Mendell, John Jlnttapcisett. 

Harlow & Lebarron 

King, Caleb, Jr. 

Sturtevant, D. 

Rodgers, Luther, Jr. 

Tilden, Henry 

Fiske, Isaac Medfield. 

Barney, J. & T. L. 

! Mason, Andrew B. Medford. 

iBlanchard, Gilbert 
I Porter, Geo. W. 

' Harding, A. S. &, Co. Medway. 

, Nichols & Co, East Medway. 

Fuller, Simeon West Medway. 

j Pond, Nathan C. 
' CheeVer, David A. 

Blake, E. B. 

Blake, E. B.. Rockville 
1 Aldrich & Brother Mendon 

Carleton, G. Methucn 

Howe, J. S. 

Waldo & Co. 

(TUtterson, B. G. 

Tucker, Sidney Middleborouffk. 

'I'inkham & Peckens 

Washburn, Wood & Co. 

Samps(!n &Co. 

Clark, Robert C. 

Smith, Chandler R. 
j Boise, Smith & Root Middlefield. 
'Church, U. & Sons 

Hunt, Hiram Milford- 

Crocker, Wm. 
I Hay ward, W. A. 
I Pope &L Brierly Millbury 

(ioddard & Rice 

Cram, B. F. & Co. 

Johnson, Wm. R. 

Hill, Wm. R., Wilkinsonville 

B. bcock, Josiah Milton. 

Gordon, David W. 

Locke, Geo. H. 

C'onverse, W. B. Movson. 

Norcross, Albert 

Newton & Co. 

Rogers & Williams 

Chenery & Root Montaffue. 

Delano, E. L. 

Ward, John 

Langdon, W. C. Monterey 

Union Co. 

Rewey, Zadock 



Sanford, F. C. JSTantucket. 

Seward, J. M. & Son J^Taticlc. 

Clark & Winch 

Clark, Edward South J^atick. 

Fuller, E. J^eedham. 

Hoogs, G. W., Newton Lower Falls 

Morse, Henry JVest JVeedham, 

Revere, Geo. B. 

Johnson, R. C. & C. R. 25 S. Water 

street JVew Bedford. 

Brownell, Isaac, corner County and 

Kempton sts 
Hathaway, B. G. 109 Third st 
Read. Edwin jVew Braintree. 

Jackman, Joseph, Belleville 

Sheldon & Norton JVejo Marlboro 
Sage & Pettebone 
Bradford & Callender 
Orcutt, Hiram J^ew Salem. 

Dexter, F. D. JTortk Salem. 

Wheeler, C. W., Cooley Ville 
Richards, David 

Mead, John West JVewton. 

Barney, J. & T. L., Upper Falls 
Putman, Franklin 
Lamed, James, Lower Falls 
Cole & Locke JVetoton Corner. 

Bacon, George W. 
Rice & Co. 
I'arnes, George 
Gale, Cyrus, Jr. 
Plummer, E. 
Thompson & Bates 
Batchelder, Joel 
Southworth, Edward 

JVorth Bridge-water 
Howard, W. P. & Co. 
Cobb, David 
Eames, Daniel 
Robinson. H. W. 

Adams, Wm. F. J^orth Brookfield, 
Clark & Knight 
Osgood, Charles 
Murdock, B, B. 
Morgan, E. 
North, Benjamin 
Hill, S. L, 
Howard, L. 
Sumner, Seth 
Williams, Asa 
Taylor, S. 

Goddard (2d), Jonas 
Warrick, P. 
Goddard & Ward 
Pomroy & Bigelow 
l^parrow, Seth, Jr. 
^Crosby, Leander 
Croiby, D. H. 






East Orleans. 

Young, Jonathan East Orleans. 

Edson, Eliphalot, Jr. 

Hurd, Davis 

Seymrnr, H. Otis. 

Marton. ?. C. East Otis. 

Gibbs, C. B. 

Orm?vbee, Erastus Oxford, 

Rockdale Manufcturing Company 

Allen, A. & Brothers, (wholesale) 

Palmer Deput. 
Munger & Murdock, (wholesali ) 
Pack .rd, \V. N., Thorndike Palmer. 
Collins, G. 
Kendill k. Talcott 
Shearer, S. D. & Co., Bonville 
Brown, A., Three Rivers 
Shumway, Asa do 
Atwood, S. do 

Harrington, S. D. & L. Paxton. 

Ward, Thomas 

Wheeler & Crossett Pelham. 

Eaton, C. D. 

Collamer, Horace Pembroke. 

Bryaiit, M. & Co. 
S imond, Peter 
Shepard, Calvin 
Cubb, Joseph, John & Co. Pepperell. 

Tucker, J. A. 
Tarbell. L. 

Na-h, Oliver Prru. 

Miller & Rogers Petersham. 

Wetherell, Field & Hawes 
Guniding, Jason Phillipston. 

Lee & Bassett 

Morey & White Pittsfield. 

Ch ipin, A. B. & Co. 
West, J. C. & Brother 
Willis. G. S. & S. A. 
Chapin. A. B. 
Bliss, X. 

Warriner, James 
Peck, J. & E. 
Pomeroy, L. & Sons 
Stearns, D. & H. 

Gilbert, W. C. Plaiiijield. 

Clark, Levi 
Campbell, L. 

Bramhall, George Plymouth. 

Robhins, Josiah 
Spooner, Nathaniel 
Lindsey, Stacy Prescolt. 

Hunt, Horace 
Thomas, Alpheus 

Gregory, D. H. & Co. Princeton. 

Goodnow, E. A. 
Folger, G. F. 

Smith, Atkins & Co. Provincctown. 
Rider, Stephen 


C'!ok (2d), P. Provincetown. 

Jsickerson, S. L. 

Hillard, Johnson & Co. 

Cook, Chandler^ Co. 

Lmcy, Benjamin, Jr. 

FreemtD, Elisha 

Nickerson, Charles 

Nickerson, John 

Nickerson, Eldridge 

Cook, E. R. 

Thatcher, R. L. 

Ryder, Godfrey 

Small, Jesse 

Small, Daniel 

Cook, Parker 

Crowell, David 

Snow, John 

Adams, John 

Whitney, J. Quincy. 

Newcomb, George 

Hardwick, F. 

Brigham. Josiah & Co. 

Baxter, Daniel & Co. 

Abercrombie &. Bent 

Packard, Elisha 

Briesler, J. & Co. 

Lewis, I. W. Randolph. 

Turner, R. W. 

Lincoln, E. W. 

Packard, H. H. 

Keith, James 

Pratt, Thomas Reading. 

Frost, Jonathan 

Foster, Stephen 

Murvel (2d). Wm. & Son Rehoboth. 

Williams, E. K. &. E. Richmond. 

Gott, Addison Rockport. 

Drury, J. C. Rowe. 

Blackington, Oliver Rowley. 

Morrison, Samuel 

Prime, Daniel A. 

Estabrook, Joseph Royalston. 

Bullock, B. 

Albee, H. W. South Royalston. 

Bemis & Jones 

Symonds, E. B. 24 Summer st Salem. 

Symonds, B. R. 109 North st 

Prune, Thomas, 115 do 

J^forth Salem. 
Symonds, Thomas, North street 
Symouds, Samuel, Jr. do 
Symonds, W. H. & Co. 4 Franklin 

Kimball, Eben D. South Salem. 

Foster, I. P. 109 Derby street 
Griffiths, E. A., Harbor street 
Kimball, John Salisbury. 

Norton, J. H., New Boston 


Williams &. Bosworth Sandisfield. 

Hull, George 

Durfee, Hiram Sandwich. 

Lapham, W. F, 

Loring, William 

Giddings, George 

Hinkley & Stetson 

Forsyth & Stone 

HoUway, A. 

Burgess, Charles West Sandwich. 

Crowell, Paul 

Ellis, James S. 

Collins, P. 

Bowker & White Savoy. 

Hersey, Caleb Scituate. 

Jacobs, Edward 

Gilbert, E. B. South Scituate. 

Nash, John K. 

Torrey, George H. 

Clapp, Henry 

Allen, George M. 

Prouty, Jenkins & Co. 

Scituate Harbor. 
Blanchard, C. 

Gray, Anthony JVortA Scituate. 

Litchfield, WiUiam H. 
Bailey, J. 
\'inot. Dexter 
Peirce, Foster 
Bailey, Hannah W. 
Litchfield, E. 

Hixon, Charles Sharon. 

Turner, Calvin 
Dickerman & Maxhan 
Mansfield & Root Sheffield. 

Whitney, J. B. Shelburne Falls. 

Lamson, Goodnow &.Co. 
Clark, G. Sherburne. 

Clark, A. & Son 

Longley, S. Shirley Village. 

Barrett & Whitney 
Gardner, M, T. 

Maynard & Hall Shrewsbury. 

Green, CO. 

Hemenway, J. P. Shutesbury. 

Hamilton Harrison 
Fitts, Edw. Jr., Lock's Village 
Dexter, Fay & Sons Southborough. 
Ammidon. L. & Co. Southbridge. 
Vinton, Geo. A. 
Ammidon, Oliver 
Newell, N. F., Globe Vill:iffe 
McKinsley & Co. Southbridge. 

Edwards, J. Jr. & Co. 
Goodman & Bardwell 

S. Hadiey Falls. 
Dickenson, D. O. 
Firman &; Co. 
Bumham, J. "S. Hadiet . 


Dickenson, II. & E. S. HadUy. 

South Had ley Falls. 
Judd, Asa Southampton. 

Sheldon, James K. 
Gardner & H irtshorn S. Reading. 
Mansfield. Edw, 

Forward & Co. Southwick. 

Shurlleft: C. 

Grout, J. N. & Co. Spencer. 

Bemis, D. & L. 
Beniis, Lewis & Co. 
Bond. Geo. T. Springfield Hill. 

Maynard, H. Sterling. 

Pearson, A. F. 
Buttrick, J. P. & Co. 
Hosmer. J. B. Stockbridge. 

Burrell, H. M., Curtisvllle, 
Sheldon, N. & Co., Glendale 
Williams, D. R. 
Hosford. VV. H. 
Shaw, C. H. 
Stockbridge Iron Co. 
Hill, John & Co. Stonehnm. 

Beales. J. & Co. Stuaghton. 

Pales, Martin 

Tucker, W. J^". Stoughton. 

Smith, Isaac T. E. Stoughton. 

Blanchard, N. 

Robinson, Wii;throp Stowe. 

Charles & Smith Sturbridge. 

Smith &. Bates 
Merrick, A. M. 

Rodiiers. S. R. Sudbury. 

Hunt, C. & E. & Co, 
Stone, Ephraim 

Warner, S.S. Sunderland. 

Gleason, J. B. 

Holman, A. A. Sutton. 

Putnam & Baker 

Woodbury, S. J. 

Dary. Henr>- Taunton. 

Lee & Lincoln Tcmp.'^ton. 

Davis & Ray 

Preston, Henry E. Tewksbury. 

Gray. Wm. H.' 

Luce, J. W. Tishury. 

Crocker, W. & Co.. Holmes' Hoh; 

Barrows, T. & Co., Holmes' Hole 

Bradley. Thrmas 

Smith, liUcius Toiland. 

Barrett, C. B. fV. Townsend. 

Blood, Joseph 

Howe, Albert 

Brooks, John & Co. 

Rich, Atwood S. Truro. 

Rich, Nehemiiih 

Whove, Joseph Truro. 

Smith, John 

Rider, Samuel 




Kenny, John 

Paine, Solomon & Co. 

Paine, Elkan:ih, 2d, k. Co 

Wilder, Josiah 

Dyer, Samuel 

Knowles, Joshua Jr. 

Small, Francis 

Smith, David D. 

M:;rcv, J. 

Abbott, Chas. H. 

Fargo, Samuel 

Sevmour, Wm. 

Mowrv, R. D. 

Taft, R. & J. 

Warren, C. 

Royce, J. (L & Co. 

Fosket, James 

Stowell & Rogers 

Hartshorn, J. G. & C. D. Walpole. 

Clapp. Edmund 

Hartshorn, W. &. N. 

Ellis. J. 

Boyden, Jeremiah 

Cutter, Albert 

Stratton, Thomas D., Main 

.\'. Truro. 

T;;)' IT 'borough. 



S. fValpole. 

Crowell, J. & J. P. 
j Lane & Sanford 

Newbourer, S. & Brother 

Jessup, Albert R. 

Converse, D. &, Co. 

Billings, D. P. 
1 Ferring. Benjamin 

Sprague, C. C. 

Gibbs, Alvin 

Burrows, A. & Co. 

Brett. Z. F. 
' Everett. J. L. & C". 
\ Savory, Wpston & Kenny 
! Sproot, Jas. R 

Sessions. W. H. & < 'o. 
i Hitchcock, J. F. & Co. 
j Blair. A. & S. E. 

Moore, John 

Richardson. S. B. & Co. 

Taylor, A. A. & Co 

Bartlett, J. W. 

Ballou & Davis 

Sindley & Broad 

White, L. B. 

Bent, Jas. M. 
I Damon, Charles R. 

Upham & Crosby 

Shumway, F. 
I Tucker, Chas. 
I Davis, Z. & Co. 

Arnold & Lester 

Manning, Henry 
I Kawson, Rufus 

Waif ham. 





Water ford. 




A'. Webster. 


Dixon, John & Son E. Webster. 

Cole, Collins S. fVellficet. 

Rich, Benjamin 
Higgins, Enoch 
Holbrook, Benjamin 
Atwood, C. N. 
Knowles, Dyer & Co. 
Harding, Stephen A. 
Higgins, Samuel 

Chittenden, Otis Wendell. 

Brooks, Otis 

Putnam, Danforth Wendell Depot. 
Putnam, B. C. & J. A. Wenham. 

Warner, George G. Westborough. 
J^ayer^eather & Griggs 
Vinton, Otis F. 

Winter & Houghton West Boylston. 
Holt, Henry F. 
Sawyer & Baldwin 
Boker & Williams W. Bridgewater. 
Alger, Martin 

Bates, H. West Brookfield. 

Newell, Allen 
Gidding^, Chandler 
Fish &. Howland 

Prescott &. Proctor West Cambridge. 
Allen, Alonzo Westjield. 

Arnold, E. 
Alden, Caleb 
Carson, David B. 
Thomas, C. C. 
Johnson, Philo 
Rand, J. R. & Sons 
Cowles. Martin 
Chad wick, A. G. 
Fletcher & Co. 

Fletcher, S. & S. D. Westford. 

Fish & Lyman Westkampton. 

Chapman, Anson 

Whitman, J. M. Westminster. 

Bradbury-, W. S. 
Whitney, H. G. 

Church,' C. A. & Co. Westport. 

Anthony, John L. 
Browneil, G. E. & E. P. 
Cory, Alexander 
Mayhew, Thos. W. & Co. 
Crafts, C. & Co., Ireland 

West Springfield. 
Chapin, C. & J. 
Conklin, John J. 
Weston. E. 
Smith, H. Jr. & Co. 
Marsh, Charles 
Whitman, Wyman 
Root & Smith 
Buel, Sheldon & Co. 

West Stockbridge. 
Milligan, Thomas 

' Kellogg, M. R. West Stockbridge. 

' Benson, John &. Co. 

. Shaw, Nathan 'Aa^' 

! Ellis, Thomas Weymouth. 

Wright, Charles A. S. Weymouth. 

Rodgers, John G. 

Wright, E. S. & Co. 

Humphrey, Albert East Weymouth. 

Chipman, W. H. 

Humphrey, Ebenezer 

Gushing. Hervey 

Torrey, L. JVorth Weymouth. 

Newton, Henry 

Dizer, M. C. East Weymouth. 

Loud, H. & C. 

Lovell, D. & M. 

Burrell. G. 

I Stowell, Noah South Weymouth. 
I Wood. H. Whately. 

Lesure, Samuel 
j Sanderson, Wm. W. 

Spelman, Wm. P. South Wilbraham. 

Spelman, T. C. 

Leech, S. 

Wright & Burt 

Sigourney, Wilbraham 
I Boardman, J. M. Williamsburg. 

Boardman, Lewis & Co. 

James, E. 

Thayer, W. & W. E. 

Taft. C. R. & Co. Williamstown. 

Cole, H. I. 

Mather, B. F. 

Whitman, Se^•mour 

Sanderson, Edwin 

Allen & Eldridge S. Williamstown. 

Carter, Wm. H. Wilmington. 

Howe. T. 

Watson, J. & Son Winchendon. 

Hand & Bobbins 

I Converse, Chapin Windsor. 

I Buckman & Thompson Woburn. 

Converse, M. L. 
, Taylor, A. & Co. South Woburn. 

Cole & Clapp Worthington. 

Brewster, S. & E. H. 

Hewitt, D. K. 

Ward, William 

Cook, D. A. & Co. Wrentham. 

Aldrich, Artemas 

Hallett, N. T, Yarmouth Port. 

Crocker, Daniel 

Thacher, P. 

Knowles, James 

Dunbar, Frederick Yarmouth. 

Sears, Barnabas South Yarmouth. 

Matthews, Freeman 





Birrett & Brothers, 140 Washington 
>treet Boston. 

H.ll, C. S.TOCornhill 

Moore, H. A., Court st. cor. Hanover 

Ruxbury Dye Hou<e, 47 Brattle st 

Woburu Dye Hou>e, A. B. Balcoui, 
19 Howard st 

Moulton, VVm. & Son, 142 Main st 

Hall. C. S., Gray st 

Phelps, Timothy, Centre st Dedham. 

Coiinell, Patrick O. FaU River. 

Storey, James, Pleasant st 

Cochran, John Maiden. 

Baldwin, C. & \V. 

Cartland, Nathan P. Kantucket. 

Roles, Samuel, Jr. J^orth Salem. 

Bitner, John, Bristol Co. Dye House 

Gray, S., Walpole Bieachery 


McCarver, John Watertown. 

Dixon, G. &. R. East IVebster. 

Wliitteiiu)re, John South fVoburn. 

Adams, Htnry, Grove st Worcester. 

Adams, H. B. 6 Central st 

Dye Wood Dealers. 

Talbot, C. P. & Co., wholesale 

Russell, T. J. & G., Manufacturers 
West Cambridge. 

Earthen IVare IVIanuf ac- 

Reed, Joseph Danvers. 
Osborne, Richard 

Bradford, Stephen Kingston. 

Tohuan, H., Jr. & Co. W. Sterling. 

Hewes, A. &, Sons Weston. 

Edg^e Tool IVanufac- 

Dickinson, Porter, East st J^mherst. 
H mnum. C. W. Chester Village. 
Griffin, Edmond East Bridgewater. 
Robbins, W. Oreat Barrington. 

I'oby, E. P. 

Tobey, P. G. Mattapoisett. 

Witherby, Thomas H. Milbury. 

Potter, Leonard J^ew Marlboro'. 
Hammon, Moses J^orwich. 

Howes, Lewis Korth Sandwich. 
Show &. Brother Wales. 

Baker, B. K. Williamsburg. 

HitcVicock, Herman 
lirooks & Kellogg Williainstown. 

Engine BEose. 

Boyd, J. & Sons, 27 Merchants' Row 


Shelton & Cheever, 7 Washington st 


Allen, B. F., wood, Haskins' Build- 
ing Boston, 
Andrews, J., historical, 66 State st 
Archer, James, 410 Washington st 
Bolton, J. B. 123 do 
Boynton, G. W. 160 do 
Brown, Nathan, wood, 27 School st 
Brown, S. E., wood. 1:20 Wash, st 
Buliord, J. H. & Co. 204 do 
Chandler, J. G., wood, 116 do 
Crosman, J. C, wood, 13 Franklin st 
Dearborn, xVathaniel, 104 Washing- 
ton street 
Deeley, C. 31 Court st 
Fenno, Charles H., over 87 Wash- 
ington st 
Fowle, Edward A. 52 Mass. Block 
Glover, D. L. 113 Washington st 
Glover, Lloyd, 113 do 
Haskell, Thomas, Jr. 70 Cornhill 
Hitchcock, D. C, wood, 5 1-2 Joy's 

Hobbs, Nathan, 16 Washington st 
House, Tim'y, historical, 204 Wash- 
ington street 
Johnston, D. C, artist, 5 1-2 Tremont 

Kurtz, Henry, wood, 210 Wash, st 
Marsh, Henry, do 113 do 
Meadows, C. 128 do 

Morse & Tuttle, 70 do 

New England Bank Note Co., Isaac 
Gary, Agent, 204 Washington st 
Nichols, Henry, wood, 210 do 
Pelton, Oliver, 39 State st 
Smith, George G. 186 Washington st 
Swett, C. A. 251 do 

Tajtpan & Bradford, 221 do 
Toppan, Carpenter & Co. 66 State st 
Warren. A. C. 39 State st 
Watts, James W. 52 Mass. Block 
Webster, D. C. 4 Court Avenue 
Worcester, F. E. 152 Washington st 
Wright & Mallory, wood, 96 do 
Phelps, E., Main st JVorthampton. 


Loomis, James M. Springfield. 

Chubbuck, Thomas 

Lowe, Robert, Main st Worcester. 

Fancy Goods. 


[See " Combs," &.c.] 

[ Those with an * are Importers and 
Wholesale Dealers.^ 

Baker, Stephen Beverly. 

Masurj', George 

♦Abbott, J. E. 222 Washington st 

*Ahrenfeldt, Charles, 14 Kilby st 
♦Ashton, Eli-^ha V. & Co. 117 Wash- 
ington street 
•Bates & Jordon. 129 Washington st 
Bellamy, X. 139 Court st 
*Bellamy, Wui. 21 Treinont Row 
Bement, C. 7 Ann st 
*Boynton &, Woodford, 50 Washing- 
ton street 
•Bray, C. F. & Co. 36 Cornhill 
Brewer, H. A. 57 Hanover st 
Brown, Wm. 125 lio 

Burnham, E. J. .Mrs. 80 do 
Cffisar, Eli, 117 Bro:;d st 
Callender, H. G. 7 School st 
•Chapman, G. H., Jr. &, Co. 74 State 

Cotton. N. D. 13 Tremont Row 
Dyer, E. E. 141 Washington st 
•Fay, T. G. & Co. (cutlery,) 1 and 3 

Kilby street 
Greene, R. 50 Belknap street 
Glynn & Greenleaf, 342 Washington 

Hall, Thomas, 248 do 

Herman, S. 166 do 

*Hinrichs & Co. 11 Kilby st 
Holman, G. C. 15 and 17 do 
Hopkins, C. 151 Hanover st 
Hood, T. 13 Ann st 
Hovey, James G. 149 Washington st 
Hunt, Hiram, near City wharf 
Hunt^ James G., head of City wharf 
Jacobs. E. 12 Kilby street 
Kimball, John, 186 Washington st 
•Kelley & Levin, 5 Kilby street 
•Kramer, M. & Co. 48 Cornhill 
•Leupold, Wm. H. 46 Federal st 
Litchtield, C. L., Washin^'ton st. cor. 

of Pleasant 
•Messer, W. W. & Co. 27 Kilby st 

[ Milliken, J. J. 368 Washingtoj: st 
I Boston. 

Mills & Forristall, 8 Market 

Pearson. I. E. & Co. 64 Union st 

Peck, Anson, 6 Essex st 

Pickering, L. Mrs., Maverick st. near 
Maverick Square, E. B. 

Pratt, E. C. 25 Kilbv street 

•Preston & Merrill,' 18 and 20 Kilby 

I Reed, Thomas C. 43 South street 

Snow, J. F. 1 Lewis street 
I •Spring, I. H. 52 Kilby street 
I Stockwell. E. R. 30 1-2 Cambridge st 
'Thompson, John, 553 Washington st 
j *Wadleigh &. Putnam, 9 Kilby st 

•Webster, Wm. 17 Doane st 

•Weeks, J. H. & Co. 133 Washii:g- 
I ton street 

j Willcott, Mary, 117 Hanover st 
j Weld, Sarah, Derne st. cor. Temple 

Wells, Abigail, 57 Leveret st 

Woodford, O. F. 309 Washington st 

Pratt, Joseph Cambridge Port. 

Wilbur, William Canton. 

Locke, Jonathan, 180 Main st 


Bemis, Nancy, 142 Main st 

Harris, J. T. 80 do 

Winchell, Roland Chicopee. 

Collins, A. C. Chicopee Fa/ is. 

Randall, M. 

Merrill, Levi, Maple st 

JVorth Dnnners. 

Russell, John, 8 Granite Block 

Fall River. 

Brown, P. S. 6 Granite Blvick 

Burtt, James D. 11 South Jtiain st, Edward S. 23 do 

Grinnell, Daniel, Granite Block 

Stiles, James T. (wholesale) 

Fitchbv rg. 

Wingate, M. & P. Haverhill. 

Cole, William 

Williams, H. L., Central st Lowell. 

Maynard, C. J. W. 76 Merrimack st 

Crary, N. A. 67 do 

Marry. Nathan B. 3 do 

Osgood, Charles P. 3 Bridge st 

Wiswell. M. 8 John st 

C(X)per, Harriet, 6 do 

Davis, Sarah G. J^''antucket. 

Easton, Abiel H. 

Green, S. A. 98 William st 

JVew Brdford, 

Mentz, John, 103 Purchase st 

Dennis, Jas. W. 64 do 

j Green, Lydia B. 43 do 

iPaul, C. (worsted) 



Smith, E. W. 19 Sfcvte st 

Johnson, H. G. 
Pumam, A. D., Pleasant st 
Moury & Perry Pawtucket. 

Chase, H. T. & Co. 
HickensDti, W. 

Ellis, B-.\rtlett Plymouth. 

Smith, I). F. Provineetown. 

Hayden, Mrs, E. Quincy. 

Brooks, John, 95 Washington st 

Bu^bee, Joseph, (Boots and Shoes,) 

Yeoman street 
Dean, Sarah, 89 Washington street, 

Dean's Block 
Moore, E. A. 86 Washington st. near 

Clock Dial 
Pulsit'er, Rebecca H., Treniont street, 

near Ruggles 
Stodder, A. 38 Washington st. near 

Clock Dial 
Sherry, Francis, Jr. 184 Essex street 
Potter, S. C. 250 Essex street 
Wiilsh, Elizabeth Salisbury. 

Firmin, H. G., State st Spririffjield. 
Briggs, Henry West Bridgewater. 

Feathers— Dealers. 

Allen & Beal, 3 and 4 Holmes' Bl'k., 
Hayuiarket Square Boston. 

Austin, David, 2 and 3 Union st 
Bean, James A. 64 1-2 Hanover st 
Brabrook, G. T. 38 and 39 Blackstone 

Brtioks, A. B. 102 Summer st 
Brooks, W. P. B. 66 Blackstone st 
Croome (t llixon, 166 Washington 

Doe & Hfizieton, 55 and 59 Cornhill 
Furjisvvorth, John, 7 Canal st 
Fessenden & Haskell, 35 and 37 

Federal street 
Flagg, Sumner, (curled hair,) 4 Union 

HHllett, James H. 16 Dock Square 
Holden & Blanchard, 83 & 85 Hano- 
ver street 
Kiitredge & Blakes, Brattle st and 

Mnnning, Glover & Co. 1 F. Hill 
Me lien &. Hopkins, 38 Union st. and 

4 Ann st 
Rogers, John & Son, 2 Salem st 
Russell & Allen, 1 and 2 Dock 

Sales Ro:>m of the Blind, 20 Brona- 

field street 
Simpson, D. P, 72 Blackstone st 
Simpson, John K. &. Co. 1 Ann st 

I Finding Stores. 

I Armstrong, John, 32 Clinton street 

Child, William C. 23 Elm st 

: Favur, H. S. 1 Blackstone st 
Hall, James, 10 Dock Square 

j Johnson, Daniel, 5 Blackstone st 
Mitchell, W. & Co. 43 and 44 North 

I Market street 
Nichols, L. W. 3 Blackstone st 
Penniman & Co. 9 do 

Russell, Levi F. 6 do 

Tilson, J. &. Co. 23 North Market st 
White, A. L. &. Co. 1 Blackstone st 
Wales, Thos. C. 19 Broad st. corner 
of Central 

Fire Engines— Builders. 

Howard &, Davis, 34 Water street 

Hunneman & Co. 20 Union st 
Thayer, S. & E. 145 Harrison Av., 
opposite Curve st 



Cobb &. Smith Barnstable. 

AUarton & Bell, 663 Washington st 

Atwood, Lewis, 89 Charles st 
.\twood, E., Pleasant st cor. S.Cedar 
Atwood, R. &, Co., Treniont st near 

Bacon, John, 20 School st 
Beane, Monroe, 8 Bedford st 
Bell, Henry, Prince st cor. Margaret 
Blanchard, S., Beach st cor. Oxford 
Brown, P. & B. A., 4th street near 

Burgess & Talbot, Merrimac Market 
Cobb, M., 70 Atkinson st 
("obb & Lombard, 28 Derne st 
Cook, Elisha. Lewis st n. Webster 
Doane, H. 449 Commercial st 
Greenough, Wm. H. 19 .\tkinson st 
Hatch, J. H. L. 118 Leveret st 
Holbrook, Smiths & Co., Commercial 

Johnson, G. L. 25 Broomfield st 
Jo'ies, Allen H. 144 Court st 


Lombard, Daniel, 94 Chambers st I 
Boston. ! 
McClannan, J., Lewis wf 
Mellen, Tiios. & Co., head Philadel-' 

phia Packet Pier 
Newc'iuil), S. &. L., Cambridge st cor. 

Rich, S. 92 Federal st 
Rich, S., Bovlston Market 
Rich. Tlios.'& Sam'l, Fleet st near 

Rich & Wendell, 2 Green st 
y.uicry, J. 6 Bovlston st 
Stevens, M. E., Elliot st cor. Carver 
Wheeler, C. Jr. 348 Washington st 


Abrahams, Benj. 1 T wharf 
Barnes, B. .Jr. 42 Long do 
Butterfield, t^. 23 1-2 Long wf 
Churchill, Otis, 35 do 
Churchill, Wm. 30 do 
Clark & Jones, Broad st cor. Ft. Hill 

Green, J. W. 6 T wharf 
Flint, H. W. 27 & 42 Long wf 
Lane, Jonathan, 54 Commercial st 
Leavitt, B. & J. M., Philadelphia 

Packet Pier 
L'jcke, Chas. A. 20 Cit^- wharf 
Mann, N. P. 44 Loug vvliarf 
Mansfield, C. H. & Co. 29 Long wf 
Nickerson, Eben. & Co. 39 do 
Ober, J. P., head Union wharf 
Pruden, L R. 16 1-2 Long do 
Snow & Rich, head City do 
Whitney, S. & Co. 38 Long wf 
Wilkins, C. &. Co. 33 do 


Duffee, R. & Co., Market Building 

fail River. 

Hale, D. & J. 14 Greenlenf wf 


Dill. John S., Federal st 

Sylvester, Abiel 

Ryder, (Godfrey Provincetown. 

Conant, S. 

Cobb & Rich, Washington st.. Cen- 
tral Market Roxbury. 

Emerson, Wm. 59 Washington st 

Freeman, B., Centre st. Jam. Plain 

Wiswell, S., Washington st, opposite 

Wright, David, 21 Front st Salem. 

Salshy, C.D.H., Mnin st Springfield. 

Olcott &- Co. do 

Fisliliig Tackier 

Bradford, Martin L. 142 Washington 
street Boston. 

Eaton. J. 44 Washington st 
Frost, J. W. 182 do 
Thompson, Waldo, Swamscot, 


Flour &. Grain Dealers. 

Ford, D. A. Minffton. 

Greenleaf, A. &. Co. (wholesale) 

Cora-tock, A. Blackstone. 

Apthorp & Co., 3 S. Market st 

B ilch, W. P. Jr. 14 & 15 City wf 
Bancroft, Geo. M. 74 Utica st 
Bangs &. Co. 15 Long wharf 
r.igelow, E. 32 CoiTnnercinl st 
Blaiichard, Henry, 6 Canal st. & 14 

Blanchard & Wright, 75 Commer- 
cial st 
Blanchard, W. 21 and 22 Lewis wf 
Bowdlear, S. G. & Co. 17 Long wf 
Bradshaw, Ai.drew, 2^3 Citv wf 
Brighau), E. D. & Co., Ager.t Boston 

Ste im Flour Co. 1 Lo; g wf 
Brown, Wm. A. & Co. 9 & 10 Lewis 

Bryant & Clark, Beverly -treet cor. 

Call, Moses H. 40 Comincrcial st 
Carter & Davis, Charlesu»wn st cor. 

Chiidbourne & DarUug, 61 Commer- 
{ cial st 

Chickering. Horatio & Co. 22 Com- 
I mercial st 

CouArerse, C. C. 33 Eastern R. R. wf 
Davenport, Geo. 5 Commercial st cor. 
I Chatham 

Fay, Dexter & Sons, 41 India st 
FMsher, Mark, 40 Long wharf 
Foster & Doane, 19 City wf 
I George & Shackford. 27 Long wf 
Hardy, Isaac & Co. 43 Commercial st 
, Hicks & Dana, 13 Long wf 
Howes, Baker & Co. 67 Commercial 

Humphrey, David, 22 Long wf 
Humphrey, Wm. & Co. 45 Long wf 
J.ickson. S. S. & Co. 22 do 

Libbev, W. & I. B. 71 Commercial 

Lincoln & Beal, 57 Commercial st 
Mathes, Chas. L., Haverhill st 



Morse, E. 37 Commercial st Boston. 

Paddock & Co. 10 do 

Pearson, A. L. 3 do 

Plainer & Co. 5 City whiirf 

Rjed, A. «t A. S. 13 Railro id Block 

Robi: soil, S. 7 City uh uf 

Rogers & StHndisli, 34 & 36 E. Rail- 
road wli.irf 

Sayles & Fish, 16 Long wharf 

Scudder, Chipman & Co. 1 &, 2 City 

Scudder, Harvey & Co. 17 & 18 Com- 
mercial wh irf 

S ccomb, B irtlett & Co. 31 Commer- 
cial whirf 

Snow & Rich, head City wharf 

Staniels, C. 31 Commercial do 

Swift, J. J. 17 Loi.g wf 

Tilton, S. & Co. 30 wf 

Vinal.N. 51 Commercial st, & Vinal's 
wharf opposite Ch irter st 

Vinal, R. A, & Brother, 11 and 12 
Lewis vvh:irf 

Wade, Geo. 13 Long wharf 

Weld, Jas. & Co. 9.5 Broad st 

Wells & Libby, 21 Long \vh:irf 

Williams, E. & Co. 23 Long wf 

Wood &L Cook, 12 do 

Wright. W. A., Sea st n. the Bridge 

Davis, Her^ey Cainbriflffe Port. 

Mason & Brooks 

Tufts, N. & G., Main st Charlestown. 

Wessan &. Gny, Boston Avenue 

Marsh, R. G. & Co. Chicopee. 

T lylor. West & Co., Springfi.-ld st 

Warren, Jon IS, New Mills, Danvers. 

Whitmore, D. D. & J. 

Noyes & Field Dorchester. 

Kenedy, J. F., Neponset Village 

Moore & Balcom E. Douglass. 

Irish, O. S., Main st Fairhaven. 

Harris, A. & W. H. & Co. Fttchburg. 

Carleton, Ira & Co. 

Daniels, 9. O. 5. Framingham. 

Barber, C. H. 

Whiten, Mvises, Hinghan. 

Corner, Josiah, Merrimack street 


R ly, D. M., Market street 

Crosby, H. 14 do do 

Winnek, Jas. C. Medford. 

Adams, Jas. H. JN'antucket. 

Russell, Daniel & Son 

Macomber, Perry G., Union st 

J\rew Bedford. 

Shaw & Whittredge, Union st 

Crane, Levi L., Orange st 

Woud, John & Son, Water st/ 


(tU mison, W. & Son JSTewburyport. 
Siuuiier &C Swasey 
Jossleyii & Keith JV*. Bridgewater. 
Rust, Theo., Exchangt; Ui>w 

Sanford, Emery Ozfurd. 

Hildrelh, Dexter K. Oxford. 

Huntington, Albert 
Sniitn, Rufus 

Hill, S. H. Palmer Depot. 

Chapin, A, P. & Co. 
Munger & Murdock 
Savvyur, Silas Phillipston. 

Lane, John Pittsjicld. 

Loriag, Thos. P/ymuuth. 

Barnes, Levi 

Sht^rman, E. C. (wholesale) 
Souther, E. B. Quinaj. 

Buwker, D. R. B. & Co., Fish st 

Ropes, R. W. & Co. 11 Water st 
Brooks, Augustus T. 117 Derby st 
Harding, G. C. Saudisfield. 

Bangs. John, Sanford st Springfield. 
Freein m, Edmund, Lym m st 
Parker & Harris, (wholesale) 5 Union 

Whitmore, D. D. & J. Sunderland. 
Wihu rih, L. J., Main «t Taunton. 
B isworth, A. J., Weir Bridge 
Brlgis, A, do do 

Paull, A. (wholesale) do 
Manning, Samuel West Townsend. 
Ellis & Howard, (wholesale) 

Holmes, R. G. fVestborough. 

Crossnian, J. H. W. Bridgewater. 
Russell, JoMah H. fV. Cambridge. 
Gitfird, E. B. West port. 

Loud, J. «t Co. Weymouth. 

Bliss, H. & Co. 183 Main ^tiett 

Sprague, Lee & Co. (wholesale) 42 

Main st 
Harris, A. & W. H. 
Draper, Clark & Co. (wholesale) 103, 

10.), and 107 Front st 
Bram in, Otis, (wholesale) 13 VV^ash- 

ingtoa Squ ire 
WiUon & Flint, 84 Main st 
Sutton, T. & J., Mechanics st 
Matthews, D. i". Yarmouth. 

B.iker, Silas 

Foreig^n Exchang-es and 

Brown, Brothers & Co. 63 State st 


Curd*, T. B. 63 Stnte st Boston. 

Davis, J. A., (Exchange,) 28 State st 
Ward, T. W. 28 State st 

Fork Iflaniifacturers. 

Root, Daniel Belch ertown. 

Sibley & Co. Oreenwich Village. 
Butterfield, H. & M. 
Gaylonl, L., N. Boston, Lancaster. 
Gates, W. R, Lee. 

Partridge, Henry Medford. 

Spooner, Lucius Petersham. 

Hopkins, S. & S. F. W. Cambridge. 
Hopkins, J. F. & S. F. 

Free Stone Manufactu- 

Dwelly, A. & Co. E. Long Meadow. 

McGregory & Pease 

Crooks, H. J. 

Kilby S. & O. 

Kilby, Sydney 

Taylor, Alfred 

Fringe and Tassels- 

Baker, J. & Sons, 8 Water street 

Johnson, J. G. 163 Washington st 
Lacoste & Guigon, 196 do 

Lawson & Harrington, 285 do 
Lincoln & Leavitt, 51 Cornhill 
Tilt, B. B. & Co. 267 Washington st 

Fringre? Tassel, and Silk 

Bainard & Wall, Treniont st, near 
Boston Line Rozbury. 

Johnson, J. G., Williams' Place 
Tilt, B. B. &. Co., Tremont street cor. 

Ford, E. B. 4 Bromfield st Boston. 

Gibbens, D. L. & Son, 218 Washing- 
ton street 

Gilniore, A. W., Merchants' Row, 
cor. Market Square 

Greenwood, Win. A. 31 Washington 



Ball, J. G. 45 Congress st Boston. 
Bntterfield, John M. 625 Washington 

Childs, E. D. 23 Elm st 
Childs, N. 5 Dock Square 
Cotfin, N. R. 24 Merchants' Row 
Conant, J. F. 3 Faneuil Hall 
Cram &. Wilson, 424 Washington st 
Davis, H. 80 Leveret st 
Flanders, S. B. 52 Brattle st 

I street 

' Hall, Isaac, 2 Boylston st 
' Howes, E. 465 Washington st 
Hunnewi'U. Ciiarles H, 58 Court St. 

and 58 Treniont Row 
Isaacs, H. 293 Washington st 
Jones & Farley, 88 State st 
Kimball, Chas. 1 Merchants' Row 
Maxham, I. W. 162 Tremont st 
McGeoch, Alex., 11 Market Square 
Paine & Newcomb, 77 Washington 

Reed & Kenny, 21 Merchants' Row 
Richardson, G. B. & Co. 1 Market 

Rogers, H. P. 6 Chatham st 
Shaw, Earl, 7 Merchants' Row 
Stone & Anderson, 3 Market Sq. 
Taylor, N. D. V. 15 Merchants' Row 
Tyler, J. C. & Co. 46 and 47 Chat- 
ham street 
Webster, Wm. P. 2 Merchants' Row 
Wilson, Henry F. 1 Dock Square 

Fruit & Confectionery. 

Masur}% George Beverly. 

Osborn, Albert W., Exchange st 


Nicholas &. Whitaker, 30 Annawan 
street Fall River. 

Winters, Joseph, Annawan st 

Lloyd, Geo. A. Lawrence. 

Stone, Salmon, Central st Lowell. 

Fox, Wm. 19 Merrimack st 

Carter, John C. do 

Hoyt, Samuel, 31 do 

Whithead, Darius, 3 John st 

Pearson & Co., Foreign Fruit, 5 Sav- 
ings Bank Building 

Bunker, Chas. L. JVantucket. 

Hooper, L. A. 

Folger, George R. 

Hawes, Jonathan JVew Bedford, 

Cobb, C. 85 Purchase st 

Carver, John, 57 William st 

Anthony, Benj. 66 do 

Pearson, Levi, Water st 


Clement & Isaac, Water st 

McKusker, John, Market Square 

Wheeler, Moses B. do do 

Musso, J. H., Stale st 



Bo^vvorth, H. C. nttsfidd. Pond, Moses & Co. 28 and 30 Mer- 

H ill, John T. Fiijmoutk. chants' Row Boston. 

Willard, H. iM. D. Prooiiicetown. Prouly, D. & Co. 19 N. Market st 

Crocker, Samuel P. 203 Essex st Stinipson, H. & F., Coiigiess st. cor. 

Salem. Water 

Salisbury. Whiteley, Edward, 22 Water st 

Taunton. Whiteley & Gallup, 22 do 
Miller, Henry VV. 46 Main st 

Prev.tux, John 

Washburn, B. A. 

Wilson, J., Fruit 

Dooley, John. Main st 

Martin & Blake, corner of Water and 

Weir streets 
Bnnvn, Simu.l, Main st 
Washburn, James M. Wareham. 

Fruit and Veg-etabies. 



Alexander, H.S. 11 Cornhill Boston. 
Bornstein, J. 15 Elm st 
Fishblatt, John, 56 Washington st 
I and 45 Milk 
Fish, George L. 8 Market Building Klous, S. 27 Court st 

Fall River. Lovell, T. 52 Washing;ton st 
Underhill, Ransom, 4 Market Build. Norton, Jacob, 17 Wilson Lane 
Fisher & Brifr^s, 10 & 12 do do P;iS(jlt, T. C. 356 Washington st 
Downiiio;, D. R., City Market Lowell. Poppendicks, E. 357 do 
Wait. J. G. I Saroni, A. S. 11 Elm st 

Twist, Francis A. Streck. Joseph, 68 Court st 

Spaulding. Lewis. Samuel fVest Camhri(l<re. 

Parker, William, 10 Union st ~ 

J\rew Bedford. 
Potter, Isaac R. 1 City Market 
D.ivis & Boniurtha Pitt.sfield. 

Rose, J., Stalls 5 & 6 Market House 

Blanchard, John East Lczin^tln. 
Hanscomb, James 

Furniture Dealers. 

Fur Dealers. 

& Co. Ann street. 

Salem. Allen & Beal, 3 & 4 Holmes' Block, 
Haymarket Square Boston. 

Andrews, Wm. 4th st. near A 
Atkins & Greeley, 12 Lewis st. E. B. 
Au<tin, David, 2 and 3 Union street, 

Bacon, Thomas C 

cor. Union Boston.\ Lindley's Patent Bedsteads 

Bates, Martin & Sons, 26 Ehn st : Bacall & Woodward, 387 Wash st 
Brown, E. 12 Ann st I Barker, Alexander W. 19 and 21 

Ciiverly, Ed wan! & Son, 7 Union st: i Bromfiold street 

Hatters' Goods Barr>^ &, Gridlev, 33 Exchange st 

Duuick, C. 19 Wa«h. st., up stairs Beal, Samuel, 31 Hanover st 
Dodd, Horace, 102 Milk st Beal, Wm. L. 47 Cornhill 

Dodd, Timothy. 102 do 
Emmes, S. & Co. 10 Elm st 
Greenougli, Jameson & Co. 50 and 
52 Water street 

Bean, James A. 64 1-2 Hanover st 
Bird, Geo. 44 Merrimack st 
Blanchard, J. W. 6 and 8 Federal st 
Bogue, E., Sea st. near Sumi 

o^ »v ,iier sueei liogue, i^., Sea st. near Summer 

Ke-idrick & Web-ter, 33 and 34 Ehn Brabrook, Geo. T. 38 and 39 Black- 
street i stone street 
I-ocke. P. A. 15 Dock Square I Brabrook, E. H. 50 and 52 Black- 
O borne, Stephen, 26 Brattle Square ! stone street 

Sherburne, J(«eph M. 24 Elm st 
Shute, Wm. M. 173 Washington st 

Furnaces and Rangres. 

Blaney, Benjamin, 4 Water st 

Bryent & Hennan, 61 Congress st 
Cbilsoa, G. 51 and .53 Blackstone st 
Duaklee, B. \W. 40 & 41 do 

I Brooks, A. B. 102 Suiimier st 

! Brooks, W. P. B. 66 Blackstone st 

I Buckley & Bancroft, Beach st. cor. 

Caldwell. H. P. 14 Atkinson st 
Caryl & Cushnnn, 7 Hichborn Bl'k 
( 'Olby, M. &L Co. 483 Washington st 
Cr(>nin(> & Ilixon. 166 do 

Cutter, S. & Fl. & Co. 7 and 8 Holmes' 
I Block, Haymarket Sq. 


Daniels & Whipple, 11 Charlestovvn | 

st.e. t Boston. 

D.vis & Noble, 14 C mal Block, 

Blacks tone 
Doe &, Hiizleton, 55 and 59 Cornhill 
Evans, A. 15 Merrimack st I 

Farnsworth, John, 7 Canal st 
FessBiiden & Haskell, 35 and 37 Fed- 
eral street 
Fifield, D. & Co. 5 Holmes' Block 
Hennessy, Edw. 21 and 23 Brattle st 
Holden & Blanchard, 83 Hanover st 
Hopkins, Chas. 39 and 41 Cornhill 
Hubbard, J. C. 583 Washington st 
Hull & Smith, 2 Canal Block, Black- 
stone st 
Jenkins, VV. C, Broadway, corner 

Kendall. E. C. 4 Canal Block 
Kittredge k. Blakes, Cornhill &. Brat- 
tle streets 
Meade & Palmer, Washington street, 

cor. Kneeland 
Mellen, Moses, 38 Union, and 4 Ann 

Metcalf, N. & Co. Merrimack st. cor. 

Mountford, X. B. 172 Hanover st 
Packard, P. F., Union st. opposite 

Union Block 
Parker, Henry F. 32 Blackstone st | 
Parsons, C. W. 250 Hanover st 
Perkins, John, 404 Washington st 
Pierce, Jonathan, 51 Cornhill 1 

Pruden, G. W. &. Son, 39 Hanover st 
Quigley. James, Washington st. cor. 

Roberts & Mesick. 71 Cambridge st 
Rogers, Geo. M. 73 Union st 
'Rogers, John & Son, 2 Salem st 
Russell &. Allen,' 2 Dock Square 
Ru sell &. Baker, 72 Commercial, & 

129 Fulton st 
Sargent, Isaac, 64 Leveret st 
Shales & Stoddard, 431 Washington 

Shearer, L. B. 75 & 83 Blackstone st 
Simpson, D. P. 72 do 

Smallwood, Thos. 1 Railroad Block, 

Tiincoln st 
Smith, J., Hawley st 
Strqut, T. S. & Co. 541 Washington 

Whitten, I., Fleet street, opposite 

Garden Court 
Whitton & Gale, 58 Cambridge st 
Witherell. Benj. 55 Blackstone st 
Kfr i!il. James Cambridffe. 

Whitney, Bracket & Co. 

Carter, Fosdick & Co., Charlestown 
Square CharlenLuwn. 

Merick, H. 
Viles, Wm. A. 

Walcott &. Holden Conccrd. 

Westgate &. Borden, 62 -South Main 
street Fall Rivir, 

Borden & Almy, 5 and 7 Annuwan ss 
Willis, Sidney D. FitchOur<r. 

Boynton, William Oeorgetoicii. 

Elbry, Benjamin Gloucester. 

Dolliver. E. S. L. (Feathers,) Front ht 
Grover, Chas. E., Spring st 
Girdler & Ingersol Haverhill. 

White, L. S. Hopkinton. 

Willard, J. W., Clintonviile 

Bean & Whittier, (Feathers and 

Adams & North, (Carjiets and Fea- 
thers, wholesale,) 108 Central st 

Weaver & Brothers, (see advertise- 
ment,^ corner of Central and Mer- 
rimack streets 
Newcomb & HUton, 66 1-2 Market st 
I Lynn. 

' Harding, A. S. & Co. Medway. 

Pollard, Edward Methuen. 

\ Wilson. E. T. Kantucket. 

I Foiger. Frederick 
1 Maxfield, Caleb, 110 Main st 

JVezc Bedford. 
I Ellis, Thomas, .55 Purchase st 
Howard, William H. 
Otiwell, Wm. 62 William st 
Nye, T. 45 and 47 Purchase st 
Dana, Dexter, 9 State st 

Bassett, Nathaniel G., Market Sq. 
Seidenburg, Henry, State st 
Howard &. Clark 

J^orth Bridgpwater. 
Camqtie & Allen Pawtucket. 

Baker, Philander 

I Brown. S. P. & Co. Plymouth. 

Thurston, Winthrop Rockport. 

Bird. C, Warren st. cor. of Wash- 
ington street Roihoroufrh. 
Foster & Leonard, 83 Washington st. 
I opposite Dial 

Read & Bronsdon, 50 Washington st. 
I corner of Eustis 
Goss. Ezekiel. 212 Essex st Salem. 
I Berr>', L. S. 24 Washington st 
I Wallis, Joseph, (wholesale,) 205 1-2 

Essex st . 
j Jewett, John, (Feathers,) 259 and 261 
Essex street 



M;inning & S;irgent, (Feathers,) 286 
Essex street Salem. 

May, C. W. 274 Essex street 
Crocker, N. L. 4 and 5 Main st 

Crossett & Kirkham 
Dv'wey, George 
Washburn, William, 89 Main st 

Wood & Washburn 
Peaks, James D., Hohnes' Hole 

DeWitt, W. TVare. 

Blanchard, I. S. Weymouth. 

Allen, C. W. Woburn: 

Oliver, C. W. 137 Main st Worcester. 
Noves & Kimball, 157 Main st 
Partridge & Taber, do 

Furniture Manufac- 

VVilley & King Abington. 

Stetson, S. South Adams. 

Ingraham & Adams J^orth Adams. 

Dewey & Isbell 

Workman, D. 

Marsh. M. Amherst. 

Strickland, Wm. G. 

Abbott, H. & Co. Andover. 

Wilder, J. P. (washstands) 

Howes, Cyrus Ashfield. 

Snow, John H. Athol. 

Spooner, Grover Barre. 

C.irter, Jacob Belchertown. 

Cole & Dodge Beverly. 

AUird, J. M. 22 Lincoln st Boston. 
Babbs, John, (antique,) 14 Railroad 

Bac ill & Woodward, 387 Washing- 
ton street 
Barnes, D, C. 57 1-2 Court st 
Bean, J. M., rear of 81 Endicot st 
Blaiichnrd, Simon T. 117 Cambridge 

Bouve, Ephraim, Richmond st. near 

BriiT'-'s, C. C. & J. 507 Washington st 
Mri^iis, Seth, 5 Province st 
Burl),nk, Wm. T. 4 Albany Block, 

Albany st 
Caigley, James, 8 Beach st 
Canterbury-, L.. Orange Lane 
Cnse, Albert B, 378 1-2 Washington 

Croome & Hixon, 166 Washington 

Crosby, Chas. W. 2 Boyl^ton st 

Daley, John, Dedham st 
Daniels & Whipple, (pine furniture,) 

11 Charlestown st 
Delano, A. C, (pine furniture.) Se- 
cond St. corner of A 
Debt no, G. H. (pine furniture,) Har- 
rison Avenue 
Doherty, Patrick, 91 Endicot st 
Durant, J. 364 Washington st 
Eggleston. F. F., Second st 
Flacke, E., Harrison Avenue, corner 

of Orange Lane 
Flanders, E. F., Merrimack st. near 

Ct\usevvay st 
Flint, L. 63 Blackstone st 
Ham, C. W. 57 Portland st 
Hancock, Henry K. 667 Washington 

Hirth, D. J. 16 Sudbury st 
Hotfman, J. C. H. 19 Blossom st 
Hubbard, J. C. (chairs and settees,) 

583 Washington st 
Kendall, Wm. 90 Harrison Avenue 
Loud, George W. 104 Ctmit st 
Malmstrom. C. 177 Cambriiliie st 
Mithews, W. T. 6 Merrim ck st 
Mellish, Wm. E. 51 Cambridge st 
Noyes, I. J. Charlestown st. corner 

of Cross 
Packard, S. 595 Washington st 
Parsons, Wm. A. 7 Charlotown st 
Pettingill, Aaron, Broadv\ay, near D 

Pierce, John W. 81 Endicot st 
Roberts, John, 14 Watpr st 
I Ross, Joseph L.. corner i.f Hawkias 

and Ivers streets 
Ruggles, D tniel, 101 Charles st. cor- 
I n'er of Chestnut 

I Ruggles, Levi, 101 Charles st. cor. of 
I Chestnut 

Sayer, Matthias, Graphic Court 
Sherman, Charles, Broadway, near 

Dorchester st 
Sherman, Jacob, Athens st. near E 
Smith, Stephen, 44 Conihill 
Stevens, G. W. 515 Wa-^hi ;gton st 
Thaxter, Warren, 32 Sea st 
Treadwell, J. 29 1-2 Atkinson st 
Treadwell, Samuel, Lesvis st, E. B. 
White, Benjamin F., Sea st. near 
I Furnace 

' Willis, R. B. 3 Adams st 
Winslow, John, 7 <;ree;i('U!:h Av. 
Wiiislow & Fi ind r , Merriiiiack st. 

corner of 
Parker, P. Brimfield. 


Nutter. G. F. East Cambridge. 

Hancock, Horace A. 

Cambridcre Port. 

Lawrence, Foster & Co. 99 Main st 

Holmes, P. B. (sofas and couches,) 
corner of Water st. and Old Bridge 
Avenue i 

Delano, J., Chelsea st | 

Mnrtin, Moses Chatham. 

Brown, D, B. Cheshire. 

Fay, Wni. Chester Factory. 

Strong, E., cor. of Main and Spring- 
field streets Chicopee. 

Jackson. Thomas Coleraine. 

Lyon, David Conway. 

Little, E. L. Dalto'n. 

Eustis, Ebenezer, Grove st Danvers. 

Russell & Baker Dedham. 

Rhodes, L. S. (tables only) I 

South Dedham. 

Webb, M. E. (tables) ' 

Morse, S. 

Lincoln, C. H. (cribs and couches) 

Everett (2d), W. (tables) 

Ruggles, E. H. k. (tables), Lower 
Mills Dorchester. 

Goodwin & Clark, D. & C. & S., 
Lower Mills 

Ruggles, Samuel, Neponset 

French, Daniel East Bridgewater. 

Sanford, Stephen Egremont. 

Tinkham, Samuel Enfield. 

CI trk, H. B. Er'ving. 

Shaw, John. Main st Fairhaven. 

Gilford, Russell, 37 Second st 

Fall River. 

Peck & Denham, 11 Bedford st 

Fale*, E. Copeland Foxborovgh. ' 

Childs, Otis Framivgham. 

Baker, Bradford & Baker 

South Gardiner . 

Ellerj', Benjamin Oloucester. 

Langsdorff, F. O. Barrington. 

Hitchcock, Augustus 

Maxfield, George 

Miles & Lyon Greevfield. 

Edson, Noah Hadley. 

Baker. Jo.seph Harwich. 

Randall, J. D. Hnverhill. 

Ripley & Newhall Hinghnm. 

CI irk, Daniel Ipswich. 

Newniun. M:irk 

Jenkins, Wm. I,ee. 

Upton & Co., Middle st Lowell. 

Lovejoy, Noah do 

Woodbury, Seth D. 6 Market st 


Kelham&Litz Manchester, 

Allen & Decker Manchester 

Boardman, S. O. 

Allen & Ames 

Tappan, Samuel H. a 

Flint, David Marblehead. 

Nelson, Thos. Jiattapoisett. 

Nelson, Thomas 

Heyer, Walter G. 

Trefethen, Leonard Med ford. 

Adams, Stephen W. Medicny. 

Wood, Daniel Medwuii. 

Dale, E. Methuen. 

Soule, George Middleboro\ 

Tucker, Lewis Miltvn. 

Clapp, Lewis 

Myers, John 

White, Alfred O, Monson. 

Whall, Wm. JSTeedhavu 

Maxfield, Caleb, 130 Main st 

J\rew Bedford. 

Ellis, Watson, 53 S. Water st 

Russell, P., Merrimack st 


Safl^ord, Samuel, Middle st 

Poor, Nathan do 

Seidenburg, Henry, State st 

Walker, Wm. F. fV. JsTewton. 

Wall, Geo. F. JVewton Corner. 

Kingman, J. W. JV. Bridgewater. 

Kingman, Davis 

Smith, S. M. J\rorthampton. 

Moody, Marcus T. 2 E.xchange Row 

Longley & Loomis Palmer Depot. 

Browing, Silas Petersham. 

Goodrich, M. G. Pittsfield. 

Barnes, A. & Son 

French, W. M. Quincy. 

Houghton, Ralph Randolph. 

Brown, Moses A. Reading, 

Harnden, Sylvester 

Kingman, Henry 

Badger. George 

Kingman, Josiah A. 

Eaton, E. & E. B. (Bureaus) 

Ruggles, Samuel 

Kingman, F. 

Sanborn, T. D. 

Brown, H. A. (Bureaus and Secreta- 

Choate, A. & Co. (Chairs) Rockport. 

Sandford & Leach (Chairs) 

Adams, Nath'l. 2d, (Coffins,) Bartl<>tt 
st cor. Washington. Roxbury. 

Davidson, HoUister, Water street n. 

Evans, J. H., Washington street n. 
Boston Line 

La wson & H;irrington,(Manufactor3") 
Tremout st 



Pony, L. M.. (Pofa and Chair M mii- 
factory) Elm Place Roxbunj. 

Patten, Asa, (^edar st cor. Dedhani 
Turnpike; Order box, 24 CornhLll, 

Riker, N. H., Cedar st 

Koskell, J. & G. 6 Washington st n. 
!?i> Line 

Sancr>', F. (Chairs) Cabot st 

'I aylor & NewL-ll, 132 Washington st 
near City Hotel 

White k. (iuiiuby, (Sofa Manufac- 
tory) Wa^hiiiL'to'n st cor. Treaiont 

\vTT\. \atli'l, 2(1, Salem. 

\\ hippie & Fellows, 199 Essex st 

Henderson & Kiiab^iU 

Appleton, Xath'l, 80 Derby st 

Hilton, Aaroa S. Salisbury. 

Mansfield, Jessee A. New Boston 


Clark, J. M. 

Allyne, Siniuel H. Sandwich. 

Ciippeu, Silas, Ashleyville 


Tolman.C.C.& Co. Shelburne Falls. 

Baker, Jacob Shutesbiiry. 

Feider, L. C, Main st Springfield. 

Crosse tt &l K.rkham 

Dinginan, J. S. Stockbridge. 

Washburn. A. G., Main st Taunton. 

Dickernian & Co.. do 

Uphani, Joshua C. Templeton. 

Liinson, Isaac, Main st TValtkam. 

Washbiun. C. F. Warehnm. 

Hastings, David IVarwick. 

Ball, David 

Bent, Luther fVatertoicn. 

Richardson, Geo. B. IVendell. 

Grant, John fVestfield. 

Douglass, Chas. F. 

Kendall, E. & G. Westminster. 

Shattuck, Aniassa Williamstown. 

Noyes & Kimball Worcester. 

Oliver. C. W. 

Partridge & Taber 

Edson, E, Yarmouth Port. 

Gentlemen's Furnishing' 
Stores and Ready i7Iade 

Adams, George T. 87 Hanover street 
.Adams. Thomas, 354 Washington st 
Bates, S. M. 2 Milk st.. Shirt manu- 
Bowen & Brother, 97 Wash, st 
Brown & T,amkin, 123 Court st 
Calrow & Co., Hanover st. cor. Elm 

Carter, Nathaniel, 31 Washington st 


Chiffin, John C, Washington stcor. 

Dallinger, Wm. 9 Hanover st 
Durant, A. 311 Washington st 
Dver, A. M. 57 Court st 
Elliot, M. P. 11 and 13 Washington s» 
Ellis, Bartlett, 36 do 

Gove, Charles J. 54 Hanover st 
Grafton & Co. 85 Washington st 
Gushee, F. A. 263 do 

Ha wley, F. A. & Co. 6 Elm st 
Henderson, F. A. 2 Court st 
Kimball & Fisk, 28 Washington st 
Locke, F. B. 179 do 

Macomber, James B. 87 do 
Merrill, L M. 116 do hnen? 

Merriam & Baker, 2 Milk st • 
Lyon & Powers, 58 Washii gton st 
iPlummer & Allen, 18 do 
Rice, J. P. 80 do 

-S;ixt<)n. W. R. 206 do 

Sibley, Solomon, 7 Court st 
,Till<on, Chandler & Co. 9 Milk st 
Webb. S. S. 1 Diamond Bl ,ck, Han 

over street 
Wright, J. H. & Co. 38 Washington 

Thomas, John C. 82 Main st 

Wentworth, W. E. t'kicupee. 

Hollo. W. E., near cor. of Dwight & 

Exchange streets 
Tuke-^bury, 50 Central st Lowell. 
Putnam, A. & Co. 2 American House 

I'utnum & Haywood, 80 Central st 
Merrill, J. 69 do 

liilbert & Taft, 33 do 

Bnizer, Wrn. P., cor. Central and 

Market st 
Harlow, John R. 53 Central st 
F.irrington, Honce 57 do 
H.tch,S. W. 59 do 

Morse, Jonathan 
Glines, Albert. 10 Merrimack st 
Knapp, I). & Wetherby S. 30 Merri- 
mack st 
Farrington, Daniel, 150 Merrimack st 
Elliott, H. do 

Palmer. .John A. 188 do 

Gorden, John, 49 do 

Evans, J. F., Middlesex st 
Harney. G. B. & Co., cor. of Market 

and Liberty streets lAjnn. 

Valpsey. J. H. 59 South Common sf 
Chase, Frederick W. Kantucket. 
Price, Geo. R. & Co. 


Geiry, Wm. H. 

Alley, E. H. 

Swriin, Josiah C. 

Diivenport, Cornelius, 128 Union st 
jVew Bedford. 

Hall. Wm. 131 Union st 

Foster & Smith, Water st 


Cnmpbell, George 

Billion, J. W.& C.N. 

Nelson, John B. 

Jackson, E. Jr. & Co., Main st 


Bates, D. C. 72 W^ashington st. oppo- 
site Post Office Roxbury. 

Dean, A. J. 99 Washington st 

Dudley. David, 74 do 

Morse! Cyru< E. 105 Washington st. 
opposite Summer 

Gilding and Silvering*. 

Davis, Daniel, Jr. 428 Washington st 
Mnrtin, V. 32 Washington st 
McGirr. Francis, 2 Water st 
Rogers, Augustus, over 87 Washing- 
ton street 
Holcomb, E. M., Main st Springfield. 

Glass Cutters. 

Mitchell & Riley, Andover street 

Ranagan, P. 15 Hawley st 
Loughran, Thos., 2d street cor. A 

Olass Knob Dealers. 

Boston Lock and Knob Co., over 32 
Washington st Boston. 

Jones & Farwell, 37 Exchange st 

Robinson, G. W. & Co. 4 Richmond 
street » 

Robinson, E. 4 W^ashington st 

Glass Manufactories. 

American Glass Manufactory, P. F. 
Slane. 2d st. office 13 Doane 


Boston & Sandwich Glass Co., Gran- 
ite Block. Federal st 

Cains, Thomas, 2d st., warehouse 51 
Pearl street 

Jarves, G. D. & Cormerai^, 1st street. 
Office Granite Block. Federal. st 

Lord, Joseph H. 51 Pearl st 

New England Glass Co., Battery- 

J^Tantucket.' march, between 121 and 123 Milk 

stree.t Boston. 

Preston, John A., Batterymarch st 

Smith &L Co. 3 Haverhill St., Dealers 

United States Glass Co. Falmouth. 

Glue Manufacturers. 

Barber, A. J. Bellinffhnm. 

Anderson, J. M. jMarbiehead 

Brown, Thomas, 2d 

Moton & Winslow J\~eedhani. 

Kingsbury, Lemuel 

Mills, John 

Mills, Matthias 

Fisher, Reuben Warwick. 

Gold Beaters. 

Bacon, C, rear 35 Washington st 

Comerford, P. & Co., rear Northamp- 
ton street 
Drew, Joseph L., rear 39 Wash, st 
McGirr, Francis S., rear 45 do 
McGirr, F. 2 Water st 

Gold Pen Manufac- 

Bard & Brother, 1 Court Avenue 


Crossett & Brown, 141 W^ashington 

Wilmarth & Brother. 56 Washing- 
ton St. and 21 Cornhill 

Welh. Hyde & Co., Haydcn's Pen, 
Haydenville Williamsbvrgh, 

Grain Dealers. 

Balch, W. P. Jr. 14 and 15 City wf 

Bigelow, E.32 and 33 Commercial st 

Blanchard, W. 21 and ^ Lewi^ wf 

Bryant & Clarke, Beverly st corner 

Carter & Davis, Charlestown st. cor. 

Chase, C. 99 Lowell st 

Chadbourn & Darling, 61 Commer- 
cial street 

Child, D, W., Harrison Avenue, cor, 
Dover street 

Clark, Moses, Harrison Avenue, near 
Dover street 

Converse, C. C. 33 Eastern Railroad 



Edserly, J. S. & Co.Sand 4 Coiiiuicr- 

cial wharf Boston. 

Ellis, George & Co. 37 Long wf 
Foster & Doane, 19 ('ity wf 
Glover, J. Jr. 82 Sea st 
Godfrey, George, Turnpike, near the 

Hagar, G. W. & J. B., Philadelphia 

Packet Pier 
H '.rdy, Isaac & Co. 43 Commercial st 
Howes, Baker & Co. 67 do 
Kingsbury, Thomas N., Russia wf 
Lincoln & Beal, 57 Commercial st 
Lockwood, Rhodes G., Baltimore 

Packet Pier 
M ithes. Charles L. 1 Haverhill st 
Mullin, Frederick B., Foster's wf 
Munroe, Edwin, Jr. 118 Com'l. st 
Munroe, Otis, 41 do 

Rogers & Standish, 34 and 36 Eastern 

Railroad wharf 
Scudder, Chipman & Co. 1 & 2 City 

Simmons, Benj., Charles st cor. Cam- 
Staniels, C. 31 Commercial st 
Vinal, N,, Commercial st. opposite 

Vinal. R. A. & Brother, 11 and 12 

Lewis wharf 
Vinal, S. J. 51 Commercial st 
Wright, Will. A. &. C. L., Sea street, 

near the Bridge 
Downe-, Ephraim, 11 Washington st 

near Boston line Rozbury. 

Fauiice, Calvin B., Tremont st. near 

Houghton, Joseph, Tremont st. near 

Litchfield. V. E., East st.. Flour 
White &, (iuimby, Tremont st. cor. 



Lombard & Hall, 13 Lewis wh irf 

O'Donnel, James, opposite 10 Haver- 
hill street 
Sprague & Soule, T wharf 


Bishop, Henry H., over 32 Exchange 
street Boston. 

Bisliop, Wni. 40 Congress st 
Cohuan, H. 11 Water st 
fiewerson, R. C st, cor. Silver 
Hapgood, J. 30 Washington st 

Lovell, J. P. 27 Dock Sq., up stiirs 

Wilmot, N. N., Change Avenui- 
Jordan, L. South .idams. 

Babcock, Moses, 39 Chanestowi: Sq. 
Pratt, Alvan Concord. 

Richardson, O. A., Middle st LowcU. 
Hobbs, P. Mintcrey. 

Groot, Henry Pittsficld. 

Miller, W. D. 

Merritt, Allen East Randolph. 

Hall, E. L., S. Mam st Sprin<ffiild. 
Haynes, Joshua IVaithani. 

Ware, Orlando Worcester. 

Guns, Pistols, & Sport- 
ing' Apparatus. 

Dwight, H. D. BeJchertown. 

Eaton, J. 44 Washington st Boston. 

Eaton, J. &L Co., Coptube mule spin- 
ning, 44 Washington st 

Hapgood, J. 30 VV^ashington st 

Lovell. J. P. 27 Dock Square, up 

Lane & Read, 6 Market Square 

Sargent & Smith JCewbunjpnrt. 

Allen &. Thurber fVorccsitr. 

Ware, J. S. 125 Main st 


D'Orsey, A., Franklin st. cor. Haw- 
ley Boston. 
Kav T. B. 8 Winter st 


Howes, S., Sythe Nibs Buckiand. 
Stetson, Levi, do do 
Ward, J. P., Broom 
Pntt, Luther do 
Craiisou, J. do 
Thayer & Bement 
Davis, Asa 

Bisbee, Uzal, Broom, Bru-h, Hoe, 
aad Fork IV. Cumminglon. 

Elder &. Williams, Broom 
Stone, Luther, Broom Goshen. 

Dresser, Francis, Broom and Uoe 
Dresser, Moses, Broom 
R mney & Gage, do 
Blood, William, do Hawhy. 

Sberwin, Wm., Chisel 
Ripley, J. & E., Lock's Vill.;ac 
' a/iutcsbury. 


Hair Dressers* 

Allej', Will. H. 32 Merrimack st and 

8 Warren Square Boston. 

Ambush, Wni. E., Stillman st corner 

Avory, Peter, 411-2 Federal st 
Ayres, Ira, 150 Court st 
Barteiiius, Wni., Canton street near 

Basford, S. P., Devonshire st n. Milk 
Bassett, Benj. P., Endicot n. Cross 
Bense, H., Suffolk st n. Canton 
Berry, W. H. 4 I.ewis st. E. B. 
Bixby, Chas. P. 22 Franklin st 
Board wine, Geo. H. 4 I.owell st 
Bogle, VVm. 277 VVashir.gton st 
Brown, John N. 92 Cambridge st 
Brown, R., 2d. 86 Commercial st 
Brown, Wm. 101 do 

Bugbee, Edw., 601 Washington st 
Burns, E. 130 Purchase st 
Burr, Lemuel, 65 Court st 
Carles, P. 6 N. Square 
Cassell, & Martin, Merrimack st cor. 

Csesar, Eli, 117 Broad st 
Castell, Wm. H., Tremont street n. 

Clark, A. F. 14 School st 
Clark, M. A., Cross st n. Fulton 
Chemin, F., Turnpike, n. Broadway 
Collins, Thos. 21 Devonshire st 
Cram, J. W. 379 1-2 Washington st 
C.-eamer, A., Court st. cor. Howard 
Creech, A. A. 6 Court Square 
Creech, S. W. 50 Court st 
Dalton, Geo., Sumner st E. B. 
Delancy, Wm., Kneeland st 
Deming, E. C. 56 Brattle st 
Dudley, Wm. 4 Congress st 
Edwards, J. S. 435 Commercial st 
Emerson, W.W. 46 Merchant's Row 
Gardner, H. A. under Amer. House 
Gilliard &. West, 10 Federal st 
Gray, Edw. J., Washington st cor. 

Gray, J. B., Broad st n. Summer 
Grush, J. H. 177 Hanover st 
(iwinn & Fuller, 12 Congress st 
Hadley, C. J., Merchants' Row, cor. 

Hadley. Samuel B. 14 Boylston st 
Hand, P. 115 Ann st 
Henderson, H. 34 Causeway st 
Henderson, W. O., Bowdoin Square, 

5 Revere House 
Hill, Wm. 478 Washington st 
Hilton. J. T. 32 Brattle st 

Howard, A. G. 20 H.ward ~t Boston, 
Howard, E. A., Beach st under West 

em Exchange 
Howard, E. F. 130 Washington st 
Howard, Peter M., 82 Cambridge st 
Jackson, Edw. 94 Eliot st 
Jacoby, M. 3 Bromfield st 
Johnson, William H. 10 Merrimack 

Keyon, J. M. & Co.. Congress Square 
Kimball, N. R. 62 Blackstone st 
King, H. F. M., Clinton st cor. Black- 
Kitchen & Henderson, 41 Congress st 
Larose, R. 204 Hanover st 
Lawrence, Geo. C. 13 School st 
Lawless, Jas. 91 1-2 Hanover st 
1 Lewis, A. V. 62 1-2 Leveret st 
Locke, A. C. 69 Merrimack st 
Marshall, J. L. 4 Change Avenue 
Markers, G. 252 Commercial st 
Mason, H. 184 Harrison Avenue 
Mason & Co. 9 Tremont House 
Mason & Brother, 35 Elm st 
Maxwell, C, Eastern R. Road wf 
i Mavo, Philip, 34 Sea st 
McCrea, J. B. 14 Doane st 
Mesick, Robert, Chapel Place 
iMinton, H. 17 Lindall st 
I Mooney, S. S. 222 Washington st 
j Morrison M., Turnpike near 1st st 
I Nassau & Stodder, 28 Congress st 
Nourse. F. J. 93 Broad st 
Powell. C, Chambers st cor. Poplar 
Putnam, G., South st n. Kneeland 
Reeves & Dwyer, 14 Brattle Square 
Revaleon, C. F. 24 Blackstone st 
IRevaleon, J. D. 115 Blackstone st, 
I Haymarket Square 
Rose," Chas. 142 Hanover s 
Sabin, VVm. 8 Battenniarch st 
Shiloh, Wni. H.. Bei'ch st cor. Lin- 
coln, and 456 Washington st 
Smith, L. F. 7 Devonshire st 
Smith. J. F. 115 Cambridge st 
Smith, Thomas, 21 1-2 Union st 
Sparrell, George P. 32 Bromfield st 
Spitz, Julius, 154 Washington st 
i Steamburgh, T. W., Turnpike near 
I Broadway 

I Stratton, J. H. 364 Commercial st 
Telford, J. T. 662 Washington st 
Uart, John, Causeway street corner 
j Charlestown 

I Waters, T. S., 4th st cor. Turnpike 
' Wells, G. R. 366 Washington st 
I We.ston, Jas. H. 13 U. S. Hotel 
I Wheeler, W. Z. 2 N. Market st 
! Williams, Chas. 42 Blackstone st 



wise, Jdhn, 429 12 Wishinrton st 

West, O. Brookline. 

Johnson, J. M., Main street 

Ringold, Thos. 6 Merchants' Row 

Sweet, R. 2 Merchants' Row 
Pope, Orlando E., Main sir.'et 

B iskerville, R. D., do 
Fisher, Aniory, Centre st Dcdham. 
Ambush, J. S S., Lower MiHs 

Freeman, E. B., Main st Fiirhaven. 
Putnam, John Orecnfidd. 

Hill, J. B., Union Block Lijnn. 

Stewart, W. H., Sagamore Building 
Ma-ion, John Jilattapoiseit. 

Williams, James C Manchester, 
Brooks, Daniel 

Nohar, A. M. Mantucket. 

West, Wni. H. 
Crouch & Gorden, 63 Purchase st 

jVew Bedford. 
Lyons, M. J. 130 Purchase st 
R lymoud, Andrew, Broadway 

Young. John, Merrima<:k st 
Slater, Abel E., Market st 
Osborn, John, State st 
Pearson, Enos, 8 Granite Row 

Thomas, D. S. Pittsjield. 

Laytoa. R. M. Quincy. 

Amos, C. B., Centre st J. Plain 

B ites;, D. C. 72 Washington st 
Brooks, John, 95 & 97 Washington 

street. Dean's Bicck 
Glynn, W. T. 6 Guild's Building 
St.inford, Edw., Tremont street cor. 

Telford, James T. 2 Washington st 
Osltorne, N. B., Essex st Salem. 

Rovve, Joseph 
B '.bcock, James 
Gardner. Benjamin, 4Centrilst 
Harris, Willi;ims Sandwich. 

Dexter, E., Holmes' Hole Tisburij. 
Gleason, G. F. fVcstJield. 

Clough, Francis, Main street 

Morrey, J. under American Temp. 

Jenkins, Wm. S., Main st 
Toney, A. 105 Main st 
Roberts, Ladies' Hair, Main st 

Hair %Vork. 


Bogle, W. 227 Washington st Boston. 
Bourguett, F. 267 Washington st 
Burgess, B. F. 303 do 
Charrier, Peter, 250 do 
Dolidon, Mrs. 203 do 

Dolidon, John B. 141 do 
Dyer, E. E. 141 do 

Gilbert & Co. 4 Hanover st 
Kirmes, C. 119 Court st 
Sassard, J. A. 33 School st 
Wilkinson, E. 250 Washington st 

Harness^ Trunks^ and 

Streeter, O. South Jidams. 

I Hall, John 

I Taylor, Charles JVorth Adams. 

I Stearns, L. W, 
I Nooney, Grove, Trunks, Alford. 

Ames, E. 10 Phoenix Row Amherst. 
^ Whitney, S. W., East st 

Foster & Burtt 

Coleman. L. E. Ash fir Id. 

Crocker, H., Hyannis Barnstable. 

Paine, John 

White & Walbridge Barre. 

Dwight, C. H. Belchertown. 

Cook, E. D., Trunk, 

Hoyt, R. H. Bernardstnn. 

Barr, Wm. Beverly. 

Baker, John B. 12 Court st Boston. 

Bateman, H. 60 Blackstone st 
I Bell, Wm. (trunks), 56 Court st 

Bowen, John D. 10 Kingston st 
I Boyd, James &. Son, 27 Merchants' 
] Row 

Brickett, James P., Broadway, near 
Dorchester ^t 

Brown, T., Maverick Square 

Bryant, S. D., Harrison Avenue, near 
Troy street 

Clark, A. A. (trunks). 30 Elm st. and 
15 School st 

Cooper, E. M. (trunks), 6 Dock Sq. 

Cooper, R. M. (trunks), 29 1-2 Haao 
ver street 

Cross, Henry, 3 Museum Buildiag 

Cummings, J. R. (tru 'ks), ju ction of 
Union and Mar-h ill tnets 

Davis, Charles, Charlestown st. near 

Dixon, George, 54 Federal sL near 
; Channing 
[Farrel, P. 23 Causeway st 


Griswold, A. 38 Portland st Boston. Ballard, J. Char'cmont 

Haley, J. G. (trunks), Milk st. corner Cutter, John, Main st Charlestowru 

of Devonshire Sarfrent, Samuel S., Cambridge st 

Ham. D,iniel, 85 1-2 Washington st Phipps. B. 232 Main st 
lianaford. F. VV. 50 Union st Cole. L. 4 Warren st 

H ivuMrd, Moses, (travelling appara- ^ Hull, Harrison jYortA Chelmsford, 
tus,) 3 Tremont Tem. I Frost & Robertson Chicupte. 

Holmes, Wm. 25 Tremont Row Johnson, T. M. 

Hortm. R. & Sons, order box, 42 Searle, J. P. 1 Exchange st 

Union 't Ho-mer, G. & E. Concord. 

Main & Mayo, 113 Sea st Bartlett, Phiueas Conwni', 

McCartney, John, rear of 4 Brattle Burding, Wm. Danvers. 

Square Burr, J. S. J^Torth Danvers. 

Neat, Nathan, (trunks,) 19 Elm st ' Osgood, B. H. 
O'Conner, E. 98 Beach st I Bostwick, Fred. L., Centre st 

Pratt, S. G. 15 1-2 Sudbury st Dedham. 

Read, .Joseph S. 11 1-2 Exchange st i Boyden, Augustas South Detrfidd. 
Reed, Reuben. 32 Elm st Tucker, John A., Lower Mills 

Reed, Wm. 20 Hawley st | Dorchester. 

Roberts & Edmunds, (trunks,) Has- Bown, Benjamin T. 

kins' Building, Howard st Cross, T. W. 

Roulstone, E. A. G. (trunks), Hano- Hammond, J., Neponset Village 

ver st I Washburn, Charles 

Shelton & Cheever, 7 Washington st Swift, Joshua W. Duxbury. 

Springall, George, 5 Merrimack st Dorr, Nathan 
Tisdale, Wm., Jr. (trunks), 77 Union i Nutter, Isaac East Bridgewater. 

street i Stilwall, E. C. 

Trask. Henry P. (trunks), 69 Cam- Hanks, E. B. Enfield. 

bridge st Robinson, E. L. Essex. 

Tucke'r, Jehial, Sudbury st. corner of Potter, J. B. & Co. 31 North Main st 

Court Fall River. 

Turner, Francis A., Harrison Av., Coburn & Fanno, Borden's Block 

corner of Oranse st 1 Winchester. John P., 23 Bedford st 

Williams, James, 9 West st Shiverick. Wm. Falmouth. 

Wiiiship & Willis, 31 Elm st \ Gray, F. D. Foxboruuffh. 

Brickett, J. P., Broadway, near Dor- Bott, James L. Gloucester. 

che-ter st Crane, A. S. Oreat Bnrrington. 

English, C. Chestnut st. cor. River Graves, L. L. Greenfield. 

Sprague, Thomas, Friend st. corner Megrath, A. P. 

of Sudbury > Sanderson, A. E. Groton. 

Stoddard, Alfred, 90 Portland st | Brigham. George 

Thaxter, Theodore, Harrison Av. Hubbard, W. A. Hadley. 

Trisk, H. P., Charleston st. corner of Jones, Henry E. (Harnesses) 

Beverly I Holliston. 

Winchester, F. E., Endicot st. corner Stutson, J. (Harness) Kinffston. 

of Cooper 

Rogers, A. East Brewster. 

Seiver, Richard Bridffewater. 

Cogswell & Fiske Brifrhton. 

Townsend, John, (Carriage Trim- 
mer,) New Boston J.ancaster. 

Stearns, A. (Carriage Trimmer,) Clin- 

Brown. H. F. ' Brimfield. Webster, W. E. South, 

Brown, W. H. Brookline. Priest, Roswell 

Ffirguson. Joseph Spencer, Edmund Denoz. 

Newton, E. A. East Cambridge. Smith, S. W. (Chaise) Lexington. 

Livermore, Chas. Cam.bridge Port. McLanathan, S. (trunk and valise 

Hancock, Belcher I dealer,) Merrimack st Lowell. 

Morris, Christopher ! Emerj-, Wm. E. (trunk and valis*,) 

Tucker, Ebenezer Cambridge, i 62 Merrimack st 

Wiswall, Timothy Canton. Allen, Otis L. (trunk and valise,) 68 

Wilder, Peter Charlemont. j Merrimack st 



Berry, Allrcd, (trunk ai:(l vali-^e.) 86 
Mi-rrim .ck St LowaU. 

P ck ird &. Lconartl, (trutik ;iad va- 
lise.) 1-26 M.Triin ick st 

Burgees, J. (harness,) 12 Coiiiiiierci:il 

Brabrook, J. A. (harness,) 17 Market 

Sissioii, Robert, (chiise and harness) 

Dodge, T. (chaise and harnes.s) 


Thayer, Wm. S. (chaise and hir- 
ness) • Marlborough. 

Howe, John, (trunks) Medford. 

Hixon. Eli-is H. Medway. 

Dimnnd, M. P., Rockville 

Varnum, Corliss Methuen. 

Lazell, Thomas MidSleborong-fi. 

B icon, Daniel Milford. 

Smith, Benjamin Monson. 

Bigelow, A. VV. Monterey. 

Coleman, Q,. Mmtucket. 

Ray, Alexander 

Coffin & Jenks 

Willis, H. P. 126 Union st 

J\rew Bedford. 

Tirrell, E 5 North Second st 

Kempton &c Makenzie, 66 Main st 

Gray, Henry, Fourth st 

Allen, Thimas, 5 Purchase st 

S irgent, Moses, (chai-e) J^ewbury. 

Lord, T. H. & A. W. (dealers in up- 
holstery and trunks) J\rewburyport. 

Ash, George, Liberty st 

Seward. J. B., Pleasant st 

Lakeman. Daniel, Green st, S. W., Cooleyville 

jVew Salem. ' 

Jonas, Smith JVewton Corner. 

Leavitt. A. M. J^orth Bridgewater 

Atkins, B. F. 
Thayer, S. D. 
Hancock, E. 
Hastings, C. W. 
Taylor, Z. 
Keith, James 
Mace, John 
Butler, M. 
Raymond, N. 
Streeter, S. & Co. 
Jackson, W. H. 
Hathaway, Edward 
Lowe, Ralph 
Kellogg, Theodore 
Wilkins, J. P. D. 
Cartwright, Walter 
Carlton, N. 
Haniford, Daniel 




Palmrr Depot. 







Adams, James E., Felton Place 

Brooks, Benjamin, 12 Wasliiiiot<in A 
Brooks, Kendall. 33 Washington st. 

opposite Eustis 
Brown, E., Washington street, cor. 

C irletoii, Hiram, Eustis st. opposite 

Goodman, Wm. J.. Pearl st 
Hovey, Klbridge A., Warren st. cor. 

Spencer, John, \Vashington street, 

opposite Norfolk House 
Watscn, Nathan, Warren st. near 

Whalley, F. S., Eustis street, near 

Zeigler, Collar Maker 
Willi ims, J. E. <& G. H.. Centre st. 

Gor. Green, Jamaica Plain 
Adams, J. E., Felton Place 
Brown, E., Washington street, cor. 

Carleton, H., Eustis st. opp. Mall 
Goodman, Wm. J., Pearl st 
Hovey, E. A., Warren street, corner 

Price, E. X. 10 Norman st Salem. 
Coombs, D. S. 74 North st 
Coimell, Martin, 7 Peters st 
Bennett. C. F. 9 Church st 
Turtle, Henry G. 36 Boston st 
Chipman, John do 

Bennett, Geo. W. 321 Essex st 
Freeman, Alanson, New Boston 

Childs, Bn-.ddock R. Sattd'tcick. 

Corwins, E. & I. Southbridge. 

Burnham. (ieorge W. South Uadley. 
Stearns, Charles R. 
Hitchcock, E. Southampton. 

Mvgalt 6l May, State st Springfield. 
Aniad.)n, E. T., Main st 
Twing, H. E., Springfield Hill 
Huljb trd &. Lyman, Main st 
Montague, VV'. E., State st 
Erwm. James D. Sterling. 

Bristol. E. H. Stockbridge. 

Stone, Henry B. Stowe. 

Aldrich, Sumner, Harness Taunton, 
Washburn, Philo do Weir st 
Cochran, Silas do Tops field. 

Hobbs, William, Harness & Chiise, 

xMain st fValtham. 

Fiske, E. W., Harness and Chaise, 

Main street 
Farwell, Wm., Harness and Collar, 

Main street 
French, Harrison fVare, 


I'ratt, E. H. fVare. 

Crocker, Walton Wareham. 

Adlingtoii, Thomas, Chaise and Har- 
ness fVayland. 

Gifford, J. H. fVenham. 

Clark, Will. fVest Cambridge. 

TalmiMlge, E. G. (Vestjield. 

Holcoiiil.. \V. C. 

BriNlfil. A. L. (Vest Stockbridge. 

Park, Clias. fVeymuuth. 

Cruni|), James A. WhateLy. 

Stevens, Henry Williamsburg. 

Alford, G. VV. Williamstown. 

Davenport, E. C. 

Felton, M. B. fVinchendon. 

Parker, Samuel P. Woburn. 

Cushman, Hiram, 10 Front st 


Parsons, R. 89 Main st 

Allen, W. E., under American Tem- 
perance House 

Hutchinson, B. E. 166 Main street 

Whiting, Wm. C, West st 

Netf, Joseph, 2 Mechanics' st 

King, J. L.21 Washington Square 

White, John Wrentliam. 

Lovell, E. Yarmouth Port. 

Hyllett, Benjamin 

Hatch, F. 

Farris, D, Piussell S. Yarmouth Port. 

Hard^var e— Deale rs. 

Herrick, Samuel D. Beverly. 

Allen &. Noble, 10 Washington st 

Barnes, Thomas P. 28 Dock Square 
Birnes, Wm. H. 5 Union st 
Bellamy, W. 21 Tremont Row 
Blancliard, Win. & Co. 3 Dock Sq. 
Bogmaii, G. E. 7 do 

Bradford, Martin L. 142 Washing- 
ton street 
Brooks, Chas. & Co. 6 Dock Square 
Brown, B. B., Turnpike, near Broad- 
Brown & Pike, 554 Washington st. 

cor. Indiana 
Builer, James. 13 Dock Sq. 
Callender & West. 8 Washington st 
Charlton, Thomas, 78 State st 
Clark Hi. Reed, 3 Union Block 
Condit. D. S. & Brother, 42 Union st 
Cutler &. Rohirson, Domestic, 54 

Kilhy and 68 Water st 
DaUon &, Ingersoll, 4 Union st 
Dodge, S, H. 106 State st^ Mechanics* 

Doggett, N. B. & N. A. 408 Wash- 
ington street Boston. 
Domett, Sewall & Co., Cutler^-, 48 

Kilby street 
Eaton, Joseph B. & Co. 2 Union st 
Elliott, Walter M., Maverick Sq. 
Eustis, Wm. T. & Co. 42 & 44 Pearl 

Fairbanks, H. P., Saddlery, 56 Pearl 

Fairbai.ks, H. W., Saddlery, 23 Kil- 
by street 
Flint &. Carter, 37 Union st 
Frost, Walter 1. 182 Washington st 
Fullerton &. Raymond, 119 Milk st 
Gardner &, Thuyer, 8 Liberty Sq. 
Gray, George H. & Co. Milk st. cor. 

Atkinson, ManutHClurers' Agents 
Greenough, W. & Co. 14 Merchants' 

Hall, Richard, 11 Kilby st 
Haven, Geo. W. 451 Washington st 
Hewes, John B. 157 dw 

Hill, Thomas, Jr. 4th st. near B 
Holbrook, Brothers, 66 Milk st 
Holland, Wm. A. 15 Dock Sq. 
Homer &. Co. 24 Merchants' Row 
Homer, C. W. & S. J. M. 34 Union s* 
Homer, F. H. P. 562 Washington st 
Horton, Cordis & Co, 84 Milk st 
Hosmer, Zelotes, 82 Milk st 
Jacobs, Elisha, Cutlery, 9 Kilby st. 

cor. Doane 
Jaszynsky, L. 11 Kilby st 
Johuson, A. J. 11 ai d 12 Dock Sq. 
Johonnot, A. E. 25 Merchants' Row 
Lane & Read, 6 Market Sq. 
Leupold, Wm. H. 46 & 48 Federal st 
Lewis, H. H. 130 Court st 
Lewis, J. Jr. 11 Union st 
{ Lincoln, Henry E.336 Washington st 
i Lincoln, Joseph, Jr. 6 Union st 
Living, Robert G. 15 do 

Loring, C. G. & Co. 10 Merchat.t^j' 

Loring, Fiske & Co. 58 Pearl st 
Lovett & Wellington, 9 Merchants' 

Mansfield, T. 30 Washington st. near 

Dock Square 
May, Samuel & Co. 1 Broad st 
Mead, Wm. W. 5 Union Bl.^ck 
Mitchell, N. & Sons, 10 Kilby st 
Morss, A. S. 101 Commercial st 
Newell, Montgomerv, 83 State st 
Oliphaiit & Co. 37 a'l d 39 Poar! ■•t.. 

Manut cturers' Agents 
Palmer, A. C. 8 Union st 
Parker Jonathan, 3 do 



Pickering. Loring, l\Iaverick st. near 
r.iris, E. B. I 

Pond, J. W. 34 Merchants' Row | 

Proctor & Butler. 89 Sfite st ' 

Saun(l.'?r>. Charles H. 14 Union st 

Saunders & Gafheld, 21 Dock Sq. 

Saunders. VV. A. 29 .Merchants' Row 

Scudder, Charles & Co. 33 and 3.5 
Pearl st 

Smith, Franklin W. 32 Dock Square 

Thorn, Brown & Co. 64 Milk st ! 

Tuckernrin. Gustavus, 83 State st 

Van W\n, Son & Co., Birmlnghun. i 
Eng.. G. H. Gray & Co. Agents, 57 
Milk street 

Vinal, Oti-;, 20 Dock Sq. 

Warren, M. C. 9 do 

Wellington, F. E. 86 Water st., Com- 

- mission 

West, J. & Co. 5 Dock Sq. 

Whiting & Brother, 31 Union st 

Wilkinson, Andrew J. 2 Washing- 
ton street 

Chamberlain, Daniel U. 

Cambridge Port. 

Stary, J. M. R. 

Osgood, iS'athaniel 

Todd, Benj. P. Cambridge. 

Adams, James, Importer, 57 Main st 

Edes, Robert B. Jr. & Co., Importers, 
86 Main st 

Brewer, Darius & Son, Lower Mill 

Stoddard, Noah Fairhaven. 

Hersey, J. S., Middle st 

Tripp, Hervey, Water st 

Bradford, M. O. 

Still well, D. & Son, 2 North Main st 
Fall River. 

Cotton, John S. 1 North Main, and 1 
Bedford st 

Willard & Mason. 12 Granite Block 

Toliiian & Proctor, Dealers in Iron 
and Steel, Nail-:. Vices, Anvils, 
Washers, and Wood Pump? 


Litch & Sawtell, Importers 

Garfield & Bullock, opposite Fitch- 
burg Hotel 

LehOHiuet, B. B. Haverhill. 

Appleton, J. A. & G. 

Cushiiig, Dvid, 2d 

Pond &L Thaver, Holliston. 

Cole & G'le,' 32 Essex st Lawrence. 

Viles & Reed East Lezington. 

Mansur, Stephen, 110 Central st 


Burbank & Chase, Ijnp-^rteis. 5 Cen- 
tral street Lowell. 

W.itson, A. 25 Central st 

Rogers, J no.. Importer, Savings Bai,k 

Breed, T. N. (manufacturer), 4 Ex- 
chance Building Lymu 

Myrick, N. H. & F. F., 27 Union st 

At att, J. F. & E. S. JMattapoisetU 

Smith. C. F, 

Kir.g, Caleb 

Barker, Wm. S. Medford. 

B issett, J;;ines N. J\raiUucket, 

Svvaini, Wm. C. 

Macy, George W. 

Collins, James H. (Importer), 55 
Union st J\''tw Bedford. 

Sullings & Kingman, (Importers.) 23 
Union st 

Tabor, F. & J. C. & Co. (Importer-"), 
111 Union st 

Tallman. Wm., Jr. 91 Union st 

Richie, E. S. (Importer), 6 1-2 North 
Water st 

Palmer, M. B. &, Co. 28 Central st 

Childs, S. 93 Purchase st 

Snow &. Purrinirton, Huwlnnd's wf 

Hudson, Chas. H.. Market Square 


Boardman, Samuel, 6 East Row, 
Market Square 

Hale, Mose^, (cutlery.) 21 State st 

Lord, T. H. & A. W., ^Market Squ ire 

Chesley, Merrill & Co. 

Tuppan, Amos corner of Essex and 
State streets 

Bassett, N. G., Market st 

Wills, John N., Market Square 

Tnindy, T. J. jVorthampton. 

Arnold, W. F., Main st 

Goodridge, R. Palmer Depot, 

Messer, Nathaniel Pittsfield. 

Bird, C, Warren st. corner of VV sh- 
ington Roxbury. 

Brown, J. P. 2 Guild's Building 

Marsh, Charles, 55 and 57 Washing- 
ton street 

Seaver, Wm., Treinont st. corner of 

Brooks, Asa, (wholesale,) 120 Essex 
street Salem. 

Chase, Wm. 206 Essex st 

Hale, J. & H. (Importers), 215 Essex 

Simonds, S. C. & E. .\. 32 Front st 

Adams & Richardson, (lnjportor>.) 
207 Essex st 

Chase, Wm. H, (lnjp.rter), 186 E<- 
sex street 


Ropes, Timothy, 214 Essex st Salem. | Clarke, Thomas, 46 North Market st 
Church, J. Sheffield. Boston. 

Brewer, JamesD. (Importer), MmIu &t Colburn, H. 2 City wharf, ou Com- 

Sjjrhifffield. mercial st 

Adnms & Richards, (Importers,) Aga- Colburn, Jeremiah, 60 Washington st 

wain Block Colby, Amos, 10 Commerci .1 st 

(ail, Amos, (Manufactm-er,) South Colman, N. H. 51 North Market st 

Main st 
F(>t)t, Humer & Co. (Importers), Main 

Pi ase, George F., Main st 
iirititon, E. S. Stochbrid^e. 

Rugg, O. L. Taunton. 

B. bbitt, Charles L. 
AVo.)d &L Washburn 
Small, D. S. &. H. C, Main st 

Cook. Wm. T. 15 Court st 

Cotter, Wm. 1 Ann st 

Cutter, E. G. & Co. 9. 10, 11 Fanuiel 

Cutter, E. W. 5 and 9 Elm st 

Dal linger, Wm. 9 Hanover st 

Daniels, John, opposite 77 Commer- 
cial street 

Dolan, M. F. 26 and 28 Dock Square 

Washburn, John N.(Importer) 8 Main Durant, A. 311 Washington st 

Cook, Matthew M., Weir Bridge 
Gorham & Hillman West Tisbury. 
Hall, Charles, Main st Waltham. 

DeWitt. W. mire. 

Lewis & Van Deusen Westfield. 

Kimball & Ladd IVoburn. 

I Easter, Samuel, 18 Washington st 
I E.iton, I. A., Commercial st. corner 

of Lewis 
Egan, John, 11 Commercial st 
Elliott, M. P. ll and 13 Washington st 
Emerson, C. H. 299 do 

Emmes, Samuel & Co. 10 Elm st 


Main st 
Bates, I. K. 197 Main st 
Miller, Henry W. 46 Main st 
Kin'.iicutt & Co. (Importers) 

Main st 


HatSf Caps, and. Furs. 

South Jldams. 

Foster, C. & Fox, (Importers,) 206 Fisk, Wm.. corner of Blackstone and 

Hanover streets 
Frisbee, L. P., rear of 39 and 41 

Wishington st 
Gould, T. ii. Co. 18 Union st 
Gould, Levi. 521 Washington st 
Greenough, Jameson & Co. 50 and 52 

Water st 
Hicgins, Peter. 1 City wharf 
Hilbourn, P. O. 9 Elm st * 

Holt, Willr.rd, 49 North Market st 
Horn, Henry, 10 Turnpike, near 

Hiukins. C. A. 49 Court st 
Kendrick &. Webster, 33 and 34 Elm 

Kelley, W. F. A. 7 Dock Square 
Klous, S. 27 Court st 
Kuhlman, Henry. 95 Commercial st 
Leavitt, H. H. 9i Court st 
Locke, P. A. 14 Dock Square 
Lovejoy, Geo. 4 Clinton st 
Lovejoy. Wm. R. & Sons, 77 Com 

mercial st 
Mason, C. B. 41 Merchants* Row 
Murray, P. & W. 46 and 48 Ann st 
Murtagh, D. 104 do 

MurtHgh, P. 378 Washington st 
Newell, Wm. & Co. 63 Kilby st 
Nichols & Jacobs, 4 Market Square 

and 5 Ann st 

JVort/j Jldams. 


Lapham, G. A. 

Wiulman, Wm. S. 

Furgerson, Wm. 

Gallisham, G. K. W 

Carlton, Isaac 

Ames, Abel 

Ijiinson, Wm. 

Abom, S. O. 95 Washington st 

Adams, Geo. T. 87 Hanover st 
Adams, Thomas, 354 Washington st 
B.I con. Thos. C. & Co., Ann st. corner 

of Union 
Bartlett & Harlow. 79 Cambridse st 
Bates, Martin & Sons. 26 and 27 Elm 

Bennett, Wm. 7 Market Square 
Betteley, G. W. 138 Hanover st 
Bernstein, J. 15 Elm st 
Brown, Elbridge. 12 Ann st 
Bruce & Co. 30 Dock Squnre 

C irter, Nathaniel, 31 Washington st OIney. Stephen W. 29 Washington st 
Chapman, J. &. Co. 7 and 8 Fanuiel Osborne, Stephen, 26 Brattle Square 
Hall Peck, T. R. & Co. 23 and 25 

Glark & Linscott, 1 North Market st ' i.igion street 



Pollard &. Barry, 54 Washington st 

Porter, Edw. P. 3 VV^ashington st. cor. 

of Dock Squ ire 
Pratt, S. K. 50 Merchants' Row 
Proctor, S. B. 52 Hanover st 
Rhoades, S. & A, H., Washington st. 

corner of Court 
Ridloii, T. H. 5 & 6 Diamond Block 
Ryder, Crocker & Co. 497 Washing- 
ton street 
Saroni, A. S. 11 Elm st 
Shaw & Edminds, 2 Mercantile wf. 
Sherburne, .lohn, 9 Lewis st. E. B. 
Sherburne, Joseph M. 24 Ehn st 
Shute, Wm. M. 173 W.-shington st 
Spear, George M. 18 1-2 Commercial 

Stone, J. & Co. 37 Court st 
Taylor, Charles, 163 Washington st 
Towle, Lym-in &. Co., Hanover st. 

corner of Elm 
Washburn & Co. 87 Washington st 
W heeler, S. B. 7 and 8 U. S. Hotel 
Whiton, F. 67 Hmover st 
Wingate, John, 169 Hanover st 
Woodman, I. F. 47 \orth Market st 
Woodman & Osgood, 72 Court st 
Gleason, Hiram Cambridge Port. 
Smith, J. C. 

Turner, Henr>-, Charlestown Square 
Thomas, John C. 84 Main st 
Cutler, N. 8 Merchants' Row 

Parshley, S. H., Exchange st 
Burtt, W. A. 11 North Main st 

Fall River. 
Gibbs, R. S. & Co., South Main st 
ColUns, Jiilui, 40 do do 

Shepard, I'hii.eas, 21 Pleasant st 
EUwell, Andrew, 18 Front st 

Haskell, J. W. 16 Front st 
Stacy, Samuel A. do 
Tappan. J. S. do 

Shaw, M. H. 77 do 

Banks, G. O. Oreat Barrivg-ton. 

Pond, Amos Oreenjicld, 

Clemen se, R. IT. Hubbardaton. 

Spaulding, Wui. R. Lawrence. 

Hall, R. H. 
Gage, W L. F. 

Bent & Bu<h, 30 Central st Lowell. 
Hopkinsoii & Leavitt, (wholesale,) 

44 Centril st 
Griffith, P. T. 2 American House 

Critcheit, N., Merrimack st 

Dix, Joel H. 148 Merrimack street 


Samson, Wm.. Jr. 184 Merrimack st 

Emerson, Geo. 262 do 

Mason, S. J., Prescolt <t 

Mansfield, Samuel Lynn. 

Phillips, J. Marblehead. 

Fo,s, Thomas 

Richardson, B. Jiledford. 

Read, Charles L. 8 South W iter st 
JVew Bedford. 

Eaton, Augustus, 84 Ui ion .<t 

Davenport, Cornelius, 128 do 

Simpson, D. 103 do 

Horton, Daniel, Market Squ ire 


Geary, Geo. W. 9 Cornhill, State si 

Remick, Philip K. 1 State st 

Dikeni m, N. &. Son JVortknmpton. 

Shepard, George, 9 Granite Row 

Ellis, Ira Pawtucket. 

Pratt, C. B. Pittsjieid. 

Dodge, D. J. 

Robert, S. M. 

Weston, H. W. Plymouth. 

Peterson, Reuben 

Bird, Charies G. 93 Washi <.'t(in st 


Chubhuck, H. H., Tremont st. corner 
of Ruggles 

Dean, A. J. 99 Washington st 

Lyons & Kane, 37 do 

Webber, Wui., Washington st. op- 
posite Warren 

Maynes, Wm., 35 Washington st 


Johnson, W. 15 Front st 

Kimball, William, 209 Essex st 

Web^t-r, C. & Son,225 do 

Cook, Humphrey, 233 do 

Allen, Edward Salisbtirrf. 

B issett, John Savdirir.'i. 

RfKlgers, R. S. SheffivU. 

Cole, Cyru ■, 10 Main st Spriva^fiftd. 

Norton, Roderick Sprinirjieid Hill. 

Loomis, James M., Main rt 

Sanderson & Gage do 

Roberts. G. H. 

Bli s, Wm. H., 6 Burt's Block 

Seaver, Nathan B. 23 Main st 


Hoard, N. S. & C. M. 

Cnne, Elisha C. 31 Miin st 

Spinny. Be gamin. Weir Bridge 

Shattuck, Geo. ()., Main st 
j Chase, Hiram, Ilohues' Hole 
i Tishhnry, 

I Demond, Lewis tVnre. 

I Sawyer, J. N. Hebster. 


Pettes, W. B. Westfield. Gifford, Thos., Union House, Sn>ith 

Leonard & Goodhue, 233 Main st ! Mills J^urth Dartmoutk. 

Barker & Easterbrook, (wholesale,) Phelps, Timothy, Centre st Dcdhariu 
228 Main st Worcester. Euiery, Daniel &. Co. Fitchburg. 

Clapp, Levi, 223 Main st Hunt & Jones 

Merrill, Enoch, 4 doors south of ; Banks, G. O. 

American Temperance House 
Retell, J. P. 215 Main st 
Knight, J. H. 103 do 
Bowies & Blood, 125 Main st 
Kendall, M. 271 do 

Hat Iffanufacturers. 

O. Barrivgton. 

I Rogers & Holmes 

Webster, Nathan Haverhill. 

Lancaster. T. & J. P. 

Tilden, Atherton Hingham. 

Whiton. Elijah L. 

Clemense, R. H. Hubbardston. 

Ingal«, Charles & Co, Lawrence. 

Bent & Bush, 30 Central st Lowell. 
Adams, J. Q.. & Co. 7 Market Square Merrill, J. 69 do 

Boston. Richardson, B. JHedford. 

Abom, S. O. 95 Washington st Lyon, L. & Co. J^eedham, 

Bacon, T. C. & Co. Ann st cor. Union Lyon, J. B. & H. 
Bartlett & Harlow, 79 Cambridge st \ Eaton, Augustus J. 80 Union st 
Bent & Demsey, 51 Court st J^ew Bedford, 

Betteley, G. W. 138 Hanover st I Hall, William, 131 Union st 

Clough, S., Covered Hats, 4 India wf Simpson, D. 103 do 

Cook, Wm. T. 15 Court st I Emerson, C. L. J^ewburyport. 

Fell, Charles, 4th st near C. Remick, Philip K. 

Greeiiough, J;imeson & Co. 50 &. 52 Morton, E. J. JV*. Bridgewater. 

Water st JAlden. L. P. Orange. 

Haslam, J. R. 31 Exchange st Guild, E. , Oxford. 

Higgins, Peter, 1 City wf iGasfield, C. M. Palmer Depot. 

Horn. H 10 Turnpike n. Broadway j Lyons & Kane, Tremont st^ and 87 

Keffe, M. 4th st n. Turnpike 
IjOthrop, I. 35 Elm st 

Washington cor. W'ater Rozbvry. 
\ Ryan, Patrick, Davis st opp. Yeoman 

Lovejoy, Geo. H., Covered Hats, 4 Haslam, W. & T., W^eir st Taunton. 

Clinton st Tolman, J. fVore. 

McKenna, J. 16 Turnpike Pettes, W. B. fVestfldd. 

Peck. T. R. & Co. 25 Washington st 

Perkins, H. H. 27 Dock Square Hay Dealers. 

Ridlon, T. H. 5 and 6 Diamond Bl'k 
Ryder, Crocker & Co. 497 Washing- Barnes & Reinhard, Sea st. near the 

ton street Bridge Boston. 

Sherburne & Btusley, 3 Wilson Capen & Co, Packard's wharf, 220 

Lane j Broad street 

Sherburne, J. 9 Lewis st, E. B. I Cofran, James, Canal st. cor. Travers 

Sloan. S. VY- rear 35 Washington st Crafts, Henry, Boston wharf, 1st st 
Smith, H. & Co. East Grange st i Davis, John. Ripley's wharf 
Smith, J. 21 Union st Earl, Wni., Fulton st. cor. Richmond 

Taylor, Chas. 103 Washington st Field. A. H., Tileston's wharf 
Wales, Amasa. 1 Franklin Av French, Moses, Jr., Maine wharf 

Washburn & Co. 87 Washington st 'Griggs & Forbes, Causeway st 
Willard, G. 35 W^ashington st ^MUhes, Charles L. 1 Haverhill st 

Wingate, John, 169 Hanover st | Moody & Norris, 1st st 

Woodman, Edwin, 6 Haverhill st 
Woodman & Osgood, 72 Court st 
Woody, B. D. East Cambridge. 

Armes, Christopher Conway. 

Roby, Dexter & Co., Causeway st. 

near the Bridge 
Urann. F. W. 150 Sea st 
Vinal & Rice, Causeway st 

Symonds, Chas., Essex Hou<e, Fos- Young, C. & Co.. Brown's wharf 

ter street Danvers. Dovvnes, E. 11 Washington st. near 

Ham, Samuel j Boston Line Rozbury. 

Preston, D. J., Naumkeag House Houghton, Joseph, Tremout st, near 

J^orth Danvers.] Ruggles ' 



Litchfield. V. E., Eist street, near 
Adains Rozbury. 

Hoe jTIanufacturers. 

Booth &c Tipton 
Morse, I,. 
Gates, W. R. 
Nutting, Lucius 
Tower. Henry 
Falps. Otis 
Gilford, Edward S. 




South Leverett, 




Hollow TFare. 

Bowers & Pratt. 107 Milk st Boston. 
Cutler & Robinson, 54 Kilbv st 
Fullerton & R:nmnnd. 119 Milk st 
Harvey, Page & Co. 1 and 2 South 

Market street 
Nutter, R. 20 Broad st 

HomcBopathic Pby- 

Bugbee, Aurin Charlton. 

Foster, Chicopee. 

Sawyer. B. E. Concord. 

Page. French I^oujell. 

Fleming, L. D. 109 Elm street 

J\reiB Bedford. 
Roche. M. B.. Fifth st 
Swazey, G, \V.. State st .Springfield. 
Warner, G. E., Foot's Block 

Hops— Dealers. 

Blanchard, W. 21 Lewis wharf 

Blanchard & Wright, 75 and 76 Com- 
mercial st 
Pratt, Isaac, Jr. 110 Milk st 
Skinner, Wm. H. 68 Commerciil st 
Thompson, B. L. 16 City wharf 


Gregory. Joseph J\Iarhl>-hrad. 

Bowdich. Azel. Eustis st Roibury. 
Meller, VVni., W irren st 
Merriam. Benj. Jr. 
O'Connor. M.. Highland Greenhouse, 

Ediiiboro' st 
Walker, Samuel, Eustis St., Trees & 

Wcld^, S.. Heath st. cor. Cross 
Bliss, B. K.. Main st Springfield. 
Jaqups. Geo. P., Trees & Shrubbsrv. 

Main st Worcester. 


Hosiery and Gloves, 

Andrews. Alfred A. & Co. 161 Wash- 
ington st Boston. 
Bates, Geo. VV. & Co. 52 Milk street, 

opposite Federal ^ 

Bell. E. D. 9 Trrmvt Row 
Caldwell & Lovett, 38.) Wish, st 
Clarke & Plimpton. 2G9 do 
Driggs & Riplev. 10 Hanover st 
Everett, E. D. 68 do 

Holbrook. Charles C. 305 Wash, st 
Howe. J. 405 1-2 do 

King. C. E. 245 do 

Moroy, J. E. 7 Tremont Row. Manu 

Shorey & Co. 168 Washington st 
Smith, H. & Son, 150 do 
Tufts, Quincv. 105 do 

Warren. C. & Co. 36 Milk street, cor 

Devonshire, maiufactiirer 
Warren, Varnum. 92 Flanover st 
Brown, J. W. 98 Merrimack street 

Buntin, John, Yarn and Thre >d 

i Keith, Amos R. 174 E^sex st SaUm.. 
Chamberlain. R. H.236 do 
Clark & Sandford, 4 Merchr,nts' Rnw 
Hevwood, D. 188 Main "^t 
("lark, Win. H. & Co. 178 Main st 
Phelps, Russell, manufacturer 

House Furnishing' Ar- 

Ballard & Stearns, 16 Bromfield <:t 

Robinson, Daniel, 94 Court st 
Lincoln. H. E. 336 Wasliinjrton st 
Waterman, N. 85 Corahill st 

Ice Dealers. 

Gage, Hittinger &, Co. 72 State st 

Hill, John. 103 F. H. Market 
Russell. J. 46 do 

India and French Goods. 

Andrews, C, Importer, chambers <iR 
Kilby st Boston. 

Pearce, S. H. & Co. 57 Congress st 


India Rubber Goods, i 

Cheever & McBurney, 2 Liberty Sq 
Boston. I 
Fitton, Jas. 12 Bromfield st 
Hiile. A., Broadway n. E st 
Haskins, John. 94 Washington st I 
Hohnes, Wni. 25 Tremont Row ' 

Miller, John, India Rubber Cloth, 
South Main st Springfield. 

India Rubbers. 

Breeden, A. 28 Central st Boston. 
Downs & Bali, 36 Kilby st, and 5 

Hayward Rubber Co. 22 Central st 
J ickson, J. G. 26 Central st 
Peirce. J. 36 Kilby st 
P.-irre, S. B. 22 Central st 
Day, H. H. Qreat Barrington. 


Curtis, E. S. 66 Broad st Boston. 

M lynard & Noyes, 11 Merchants' 

Mellen, G. W. F. 5 Hitchborn Block 



Pitman, Jno. H. 27 N. Market st 

Wells, Jno. B., Ins. General, 38 Com- 
mercial st 


Hall, Sam'l, Havre st, E. B. 


Yelland, Wm. H., Chelsea. 


Brown, Francis, 3 Distill-house Sq. 
Counting-Room, 10 Blackstone st 

Aiirahams, B., T. wharf 
Brown, Junes & Co., Spear's wf 
Churchill, Otis. 55 Lonff wf. n. T 
Ciiurchill, Wm. & Co. 30 Long wf 

Hedrick, Uriah, Ripley's wf Boston. 

Howard, Wm. S. 13 T wf 

Little, E. H., Ins. Gen., 28 Comme^ 

cial street 
Lovett. Alex., Battery wf 
Mann, N. P. 44 Long wf 
Miller. Moses, Miller's wf. E. B. 
Nickerson. E. 39 Long wf n. T 
Obpr, J. P., head Union wf 
Pniden, I. R. 16 1-2 Long wf 
Richards. Joseph, Harris' wf 
Tuttle, J. & Co., Tuttle's wf E. B. 
Baker, Isaiah Harwich. 

Doane, E. G. Harwich Port. 

Humphrey, Leavitt Hingham. 

Lane, R. & C, Dealers 
Whiton. L.P., Dealers 
Nye, John do 

Cahoon, David K., Dealer, Market «!t 
Lambard, David Truro. 

L'unbard. Lewis 
Rich, A. & Co. 

Atwood, P. G. Wellfleet. 

Mayo, Noah 

Paine, Nathan South Wellfleet. 

Oliver, Benj. JsTorth. Wellfleet. 


Wade, Geo. 13 Long wf Boston, 

Davis, Ebenezer, 41 State st 
Pearce, Samuel, Suffolk Building, 

Change Avenue 
Pearson, Chas. 41 State st 


Cleaves, N., Successors to J. W. 

Hirris. 30 India st 
Cutter. C. C. Fish. 91 Fulton st 
Hussev, Joseph. 7 Central wf 
Vinson, T. M., Spirits, 42 India st 


Howe, Samuel, Ins. Gen., 27 North 
Market .st 


Townsend, S. D., Causeway st near 


Dodd, John, 39 India st 





Long, Claudius B., Warren Block 
I Worcester. 

Boardiuan, Benj., Haverhill Iiis. (\i. 
Tnmple, J. H. 51 Court st Boston. Josselyn, W. D., Gen. Ins. Agent 
VViddifield, D. B. & Co. 148 Wash- Tillinghast, J. S. do do do 

iiigton St J^ew Bedford, 

Btlter, David, JV>w5 Bedford. James Thos. S., Connecticut Mutual 

Billings, J. M., Litche's Millx | Life Ins. Co. 

fVorcester. Barmard, Geo. F. 


Breed, Aaron, 166 Broad st Boston. 
Hi'wes, E. J. 107 Commercial st 
King, Chas. G. 7 Broad st 
Li icoln, F. VV. .Ir. 62 Commercial st 
Thaxter, S. & Son, 1*25 State st 

Swain, Samuel Kantuckei. 

Kelly, E. & J. 

'I'aber, Chas. J^ew Bedford. 

Kehew, John 

Emery, Samuel, 12 Water st Salem. 


Chamberlain, N. B. 9 School st 

D ivis, D. Jr. 428 Washington st 
Dr ike, O. P. 182 do 

Huddle.-^ toM, J. S. F.. Barometer and 

Thermometer, 96 Washington st 
Satford & Williams, 36 do 
Wightman, J. M. 33 Cornhill 


D ivis, Daniel Jr. 428 Washington st. 
Wightman, J. M. 33 Cornhill 

Gerrish, W. L. 84 Purchase st 

JVej/) Bedford. 
Boehmer, F. Shelbume Falls. 

Insurance Agfents. 

Hayes, T. M. 3 Main st Haverhill. 
Smith, N. J. Hinsdale. 

Rice, George, Life, Health and Fire, 
.Main st Springfield. 

Stearns. Henry, Main st 
Williams. Sidney Taunton. 

Mills, Philip E. 

Iron and Steel Dealers. 

Brayton, W. E. J\rorth .^dnms. 

Allen, S. G. 31 Central st., Tin PI le 


Allen, Samuel P. 11 Broad street, Tin 

Ballord, A. & Co. 43 Fulton st 
Bull ird, Lewis, 51 Kilby st 
Chadbourn & Gilman, 41 and 43 

Fulton street 
Coffin, W. E. & Co. 105 State st 
Crane & Taggard, 16 Long whyrf 
Curtis, Leavens & Co. 106 State st 
Eaton, Wm. J. 7 Indii wharf 
Edinond, James, 2 Market Square 
Ellis & Meriam, 36 India st 
Emmons S.. Malleable, 107 Stntest 
Fuller, Robert, Fulton st, cor. Cross 
Fullerton & Raymond, Wm. Jessop 

& Sons' Steel, '119 Milk <t 
Gay & Stratton, 115 and 117 Milk -it 
Gould, Jacob S. & Co. 8 Faneuil Hall 

and 8 Gerrish Block 
Gray, Geo. H. & Co. 57 Milk st 
Harvey, Page & Co. 1 and 2 South 

Market street 
Limsoii. Nathaniel, 36 Brond st 
Lang, Wm. B. (Sanderson, Brothers 

& Co.'s Steel,) 9 Liberty Sq. 
May, Sanmel & Co. 1 Broad st., Tin 

Mor-e, B. E., American Pig Iron. 34 

Central street 
Naylor &, Co. 59 Milk st.. Steel Man- 
Newell, J. Jr. 65 Broad st 
Phillips & Moseley. 66 Broad st 
Priest & Ayliiig. 92 Water st., Amer- 
ican Pig, Bar, and Boiler Iron 
Richardson & Edmond*, 22 Broid st 
Rich;irds, G. H. & H. 109 State vt 
Richnrdson, J. & Brothers, 2 Central 

Thomas, Wm. & Co. 79 State st 
Thomp'^on & Lapham, 50 Broad st 
Wilson. Hawksworth, Moss & Elli- 
I son, 82 Milk st. 


Allen's. S. Sons Greenfield. 

Kelly. Henry A. JVantacket, 

Crosby, Matthew J. 
Watkins, Wm., Centre street 

JVew Bedford. 
Ashly, Wm. Jr. jVcwbun/port. 

Mumford, G. & Co., Mill street 

Foot, Homer & Co., Importers, M lin 
street Sprincrfield. 

Pratt, J. & Earle, Washington Sq. 

Richardson & Loring, 73 Main &t 

Irou Fence Builders. 

Adams, Geo. W. & Co.. Causeway 
St. cor. Friend Boston. 

Bryant, Joseph R. 30 Causewity st 
Bunten & Eaton, Junction of Haver- 
hill and Charlestown sts 
Safford, D. & Co. 36 Devonshire st 
Weemin, E. 16 Merrimack st. near 

Welch & Briggs, Causeway, st. cor. 

Iron Founders. 

Hunton, James &. Co. JV. jSdams. 
Hoar & Nadean ^f/ioL 

Moulton, O. & W. M. E. Brookfield. 
Bowers & Pratt, 107 Milk <t Boston. 
Easton Iron Foundn'. Lincoln Drake, 

58 Pearl st. and 107 Sttite 
Fulton Iron Foundry Co., Turnpike, 

S. B., office 43 and 45 Broad st 
Kinsley, Lyman, 106 St >,te st 
South Boston Iron Co. 2 Central wf. 

and Foundry st S. B. 
Taunton Iron Foundry, H. T. Butler, 

32 Union st 
Walpole Iron Foundry, H. A. Hil- 

dreth, agent. 33 Broad st 
We 4 Boston Iron Co., L. Fuller, N. 

Grove st and Vine 
Weymouth Iron Co., 110 Milk st 
Cobb. Benj. & Co. Carver. 

Pratt. Lewis & Co. 
Pratt, David & Son 
Thayer, D. S. & R. C. Ckarlemont. 
Drake, Lincoln JV. Chelmsford. 

Moor &. Litchfield, Rockfield, 

Belcher, J. W. Chicopee Falls. 

Gleason, S. W. Colernine. 

Richards, Gilbert Cummina-ton. 

Hooper, M.. New Mills Dan vers. 
Tubbs, B. H. & Co. ff. Dedham. 

Brown & Eaton E. Bridg-cwater. 
Keith, li. <k Sons 

Green, Asher, Water st Fitchburff. 
Jones, Mitchell & Co. Greenfield. 
Lypham, Pardey Hancock, 

Hoiden, AsaA. Hinglinm. 

Old Colony Foundry, Caleb Bates, 

agent Kingston. 

Palmer, E. M,, Clintonville, 

Kittredge & Co., Middle st l.oiceU. 
Shaw, E. & D. Middliboro'. 

Bradway, W. H. JMillbury. 

Russell & Walker JCewburyport. 
Brown, J. S. J\^ortlianipton. 

Harrington & Whitney Orange. 

Wells, Miles D., Smeller. Otis. 

.Squires, J. A. & Co. Palmer Depot. 
Chapin, E. S. & Co. Plymouth. 

Smith, J. R. & S. South Salem. 

Monument Iron Co, JV. Sandwich. 
Trask, Lauren, South M lin st 

Sizer & Co. 

Ingell &L Eddy, Weir Bridge Taunton. 
Leonard. Lemuel 
Woods, H. A. & Co. 

Townsend Harbor. 
Blackburn, John fValpole. 

Davis, Reuben P. Waltkam. 

Read, Herbert A. IVebster. 

Fobea, Dwelley JV. Bridgewater. 
Alger, A. 
Toiman & Keith 

Lewis, A. Thomas fVestfield. 

Root & Kingsley, Haydenville 

Gilmore & Beaman fVinchendon. 
Wheeler, Wm, A. IVorcestir. 

Fitch &, Jones, Rice &. Goddard's 


Jeiwellers.— I?Ianufac- 

Draper & Sunderland, Gilt Buttons 

Robinson, Wm. H. & Son. 
By con. J.T. & Co. 
Richardson, C. B. & Co, 
Tift't & Whiting, Gold Jewelry and 

Silver Combs 
Richtrds, J. J, & E. SL, Silver Combs 
Tifft. Horace. Block 
Richards, H. M. 
Wi there 11 & Draper 
Morse & Bsiley 
Richards, Ira & Co. 
Evans, D. & Co., Military' Buttons 


Allen, John H., rear 15 Court street 
Dr,rli;ig, B. F. 1 Court Avenue 
Delano, T. I., over 87 Washington st 
Ford, Jas. M. 32 Court st 
Guild, Henry, 4 Court Avenue 
Hunnewell, J. A. 16 Washington st 
Leonard, Joseph, 1 Court Avenue 
Lothrop, E. W. 4 Harvard Pkice 
Lymin, Joseph, 248 Washington st 
Martin, Valentine, 32 Washington st 
Meek, Samuel, 4 Court Avenue 
Morse, H. D., Ornamental Engraver, 

7 Court Avenue 
Munroe, C. A. B. 11 1-2 School st 
Neilson, W., Filagree, 11 1-2 do 
Sweet, J. H. & Co. 8 Court Avenue 
T.q)e, R. 154 Washington st 
Miller, T. Cambridge Port. 

Kent & Colton, Spectacles 

West Granville. 
Holt, Moses K. Haverhill. 

Carlton, Jas, H. 
Kimball, Leverett 
Colton, Hollister & Co., Gold and 

Silver Spectacles Longmeadow. 
Farrington & Hatchman, Spoons, 

Ladles, &c. Lowell. 

Moody, D. D., Silver Spectacles 

Pitman, Benj,, Silver Ware, 80 Union 

street JVeio Bedford. 

Hodgkins, J. F., Pleasant st 

Moulton, Joseph, Spoons and Beads 
Amniidon & Son, Spectacles 

Eldridge, B., Market st Springfield. 
Huntoon, Lemuel, Silver Spoons, 

M;irket st 
Handerson, L. H., Spoons, Knives, 

&,c., 12 Central st Worcester. 

Junk Dealers. 

Avery, G. W. 138 Fulton st Boston. 
Barrv, P. 356 Commercial st 
Calllhan, J.301 do 
Coburn, S. D. 38 Cross st 
Colcord & Ru<sell, 3 Richmond st 
D isey, John &. Co., Sarjient's wf i 
Ennick, Wm. 124 Endicotst 
Hawes, N. P. 60 Sea st 
Hill, Cyrus & Co. 205 Broad st ' 

Kent, E. T. & Co. 18 Haverhill st 
Locke, J. H. & Co. 29 Ferry st i 

Lyon, M.. Sumner st, E. B. I 

Mawke. Jno.. head of Bnttfrv wf I 
McDavitt, D. 406 Commercial st | 


McKenny, A., Lincom's vi^harf 

McNamara, P. 5 Charlestown st 
Meirs, L W. 5 Causeway st 
Miller &. Holman, Commercial st op. 

Lewis wharf 
Newcomb, Lewis, 117 Broad st 
Nickerson & Putnam, 1 Arch wf 
Peirce, Ira, 304 Commercial st 
Perry & Worsters, Broad st cor. of 

India wharf 
Tale & Goodwin JVewburyport, 

Davis, B. & Son, 4 Ferry wf 


Whitman, Jared 


Hobart, Benj. 

Heywood, Stephen 


Chapin, Robert 

Bovverman, S. W. 

S. Jidams. 

Millard, Geo. 

JV. .a dams. 

Rohinson, B. F. 

Fitch, Reuben G. 


Pickett, R, 

Colby, Joshua 


Bagley, Lowell 

Kellogg, James 


Boltwood, — 

Johnson, Wm. Jr, 


Stevens, Wm. 

Jewett, Joseph 


Parker, Geo. G. 

Waight, F. W. 


WeUington, Luke 

Bement, Jasper 


Bissett, Henry 

Leland, Samuel 


Ellis, Wm. F. 

Stevens, Isaac 


Field, Charles 

Briggs, Alkaniah 


May, Elisha G. 

Drury, Thonns 


Emerson, Wm. 

Mtrston, Nymphus 


Marston, Geo. 

Aldrich, P. Emory 


Bryant, N. F. 

Bryant, W. A. 

Perkins, C. O. 


Carter, M. P. 

Bncon, Reuben 


Chamberlain, P. W. 

Doolittle, Mark 


Lawrence, Mvron 

Scammell, J C. 


Wright, Eliab 

Burt, Chas. D. 



Crane, W. S. 


Low, John 


Brigham, Thomas 


VVilcott, J. C. 


Sawyer, Asa 

Richmond, J. M. 

Ferry, Aretiis 

Bernardston. j 

Williams, J. B. 


Burk, John E. 


Copeland, M. 

Rantoul, Robert 


Bancroft, D. 


Stevens, Thomas 

Edwards, Oliver 

Preston, Marshall 


Wells, John 


Stearns, Sewall 

Cadwell, P. 

Benson, Jared 


Skiff, Stephen 


Wilder, Abel 

Bli<s, Stephen 

Gibbs, Lyman 


Clark, Salah 


Boyes, E. 


Doane. J. C. 


Holman, Amory 


Bates, Levi N. 

Houghton. Thomas 

Lanfair, William 


Hartwell, S. 


Thompson, Charles 

Heywood, Samuel 

Hoar, E. R. 


Low, Solomon 


Keyes, John S. 

Sawyer, George W. 

Whitney. Jnmes S. 


Davenport, Nathaniel 


B-'rtlett, Phineas 

Moore, William H. 

Mitchell, Eh- ha 


Balch, VVm. S. 


Packard. Eliplinlet 

Ladd, Nathaniel 

Chamberlain, John 


Thayer, Minot 


Ferry, H. 

French, Asa 

Amsden, Russell 


Copeland, George 


J<)hn<on, NMthrmiel 

Foster, Freeman 

Northend, Wm. D. 


Hale, Artemus 


Abbott, Alfred A. 

Ames, Horace 

Gifford. J. 


Heard, Charles 


Slocum, Elihu 

Warren, William 

Cleveland, Ira 


Lincoln, Asa 


Ellis, William 

Knight, Ebeneze; 

Saxton, J. A. 


Hayden, Otis 


W,4re, Samuel 

Abbott, Lewis 

Baker, Samuel 


Aspinwall. A. 


Berry, James 

Goddard, Beujamin 

BMbliitt. Crocker 


Porter, John 


Chase, Caleb 

Howes, Ezra 

Churchill, Asaph 


Blanchard, N. 


Loud, S. P. 

Shedd, Abner 

Brown, Enoch 


Marett, L. 


Warren, Humes 

Channing, E. T. 

Sherman. B. 


Ames, Ellis 


Parker, Perley 


French, Thomas 

Webster. William P. 

Barrett, Benjamin 


Btrnes. Moses 


Healt, Calvin 

Eddy, John 

Barrows, W^ilham 


Cummings, Josinh 


Pratt, Lewis 

PHrkhurst. Henry 

Maxwell, A. P. 


Sprague, Seth 

Dux bury. 

Bates, Stephen 

Weston, G. B. 

WillMrd, Paul 


Harris, Wm. East Bridgewater. 

Farrnr, George W. 

Hobart, Aaron 

Clarke, Henry 


Clark. Myrick 


Hammond, Levi 


Ryder, Thntcher 


Dunbar, M. C. 


Adamsi Be; janjin 


Lathrop, Howard 

Reed, Joseph 

Williston. Samuel 


Fay, Francis B. 


1 Clark, Luther, Jr. 



Newm in, S«muel Ea-remont. 

Th ixter, Leavitt Kdgartoion. 

Fellows, Daniel 

Cltrk. E. Ejijietd. 

p. pe, Ichabod 

Ahx inder, F. Erving. 

Smith, Elisha 

Pe -kins, Ezra, Jr. Essex. 

Choate, Divid 

Spooiier, \. S. Fairhaven. 

Tripp, Joseph 

Towle, G. VV. Fall River. 

Laphain, L. 

Fih, Thomas Falmouth. 

Swift, EUjih 

Mason, Charles Fitchburff. 

W;)od, Nathiiniel 

Whitcoinb, Israel Florida. 

Bird, \V;trrea Foxburoucrh. 

Train, Charles R. Framingliam 

Brewer, Rufus 

Aduns. Peter Franklin. 

Daniels, A, E. 

Bnrt, Benjamin Freetown. 

Hatiiaway, E. P, 

Wood, Ai^iph South Gardner. 

Bradford, L. H. 

Dole, Paul Oeorgetown. 

Jone<, J. P. 

Darling, E. S. Gill. 

Na^h, Lonson Gloucester. 

L^ne, Gideon 

Stone, LiUher Goshen. 

White, Bdiijamin 

Adams, Otis Grafton. 

Allen, Simuel 

Taylor, Levi Granbv. 

Belcher, William 

Cooley, Jtmes Granville. 

Emerson, Charles N. 

Great Barrington. 
Seely, Isaac, Jr. 

Alvord, D. VV. Greenfield. 

Davis, Wendell T. 
Greiinell, George 

Warner, John Greenwich. 

Nnrtham, John 

Farley, George F. Groton. 

Park, John G. 

Dickinson, S. Hadley. 

Porter, Moses 

Thomi)son, J. P. Halifaz. 

Morton, Cyrus 

Doty, Leonard Hancock. 

Gardner, J'lios. J. Hanover. 

Mann, Be:ijaniia 

Smith, Joshua Hanson. 

Mixter, Jasun Hardwick. 

Paige, Stephea W. 

Brainard, Emory 


s.ardner, Jerome 

Bker, Richard, Jr. 


Brooks, Obed 

Lo ;gley, Alpheus 


Marsh, John J. 


T .ggnrt, Wnl. 

Longley, Thomas 


Loiigley, Edmund 

Gale, Luther 


Buck, Winslow 

Lincoln, Solomon 


Caching, Henry 

Smith, N. J. 


C idy, John 

Chatfiii. Charles 


Damon, Samuel 

VV:illace, John 


Bullard, Elias 


Johnson, Abner 

I'tiipps, Augustus 


Diveiip )rt, S. D. 

.Sw in, Samuel 


Be.inett, Wm. Jr. 

Kimball, Chirles 


Haskell, George 

Cu hman, Samuel 


Gray, John 

D line, John T. 


Carlton, Albert 8. 

Filley, Wm. T. 


Shaw, Henry 

Boardman, Benjamin 


f^tarrow, Charles S. 

Sturgis, Franklin 


Barilett, Hubbard 

D nny, Nathaniel P. 


l-'hat, A. 

Bishop, H. W. 


Tucker, Wm. 

Sedgwick, Charles 

Leonard, Barrage 


Field, Zebina 


Field, Alden C. 

Hatch, E. M. 

Ritbinson, Jacob, Jr. 


Chandler, Wm. 

Colton, F. W. 


Baker, C. W. 

Fiske, Elijah 

Lineal ju 

Dix, Benjamin 


Bolle., Duiiel 

Wnite, Wm. 


Newell, Simeon 

RoDinson, John P. 


Smith, IJenry W, 

Siickiiev, Samuel W. 

Sw.->>t>er, Theodore I 


W..ipi.le, U. M. 


Jeiiks, E, C, . Ludlow. 

Sikes, Theodore | 

Bard, Aaron Lunenburg. 

Newhall, Asa T. Lynnjield. 

Hewes, Joshua 

Stickney, J. C. Lynn. 

Newhall, James 

Stevens, W, S. Maiden. 

Lewis, Charles 

Pratt, Solomon Mansfield. 

Hodges, Elijah 

Hooper, Joseph Manchester. 

AUen, J. P. 

Gregory, James Marblekead. 

Turner, Joseph 

Farwell, Richard Marlboroufrh. 

Rice, Eli 

Ford, John Marshfield. 

Hatch, Luther 

Allen, Obed Medfield. 

Bishop, Jonathan P. 

Perry, Sanford S. Medford. 

Porter, Henry 

Adams, Joseph Medway. 

Jones, J. P. 

Rawson, Warren Mendon. 

Davenport, Benjamin 

Tenny, John Methuen. 

Carlton, J. W. 

Ward, Eliab Middleboroufr/i. 

King, Nathan 

Church, Uriah Middlefield. 

Dickson, John 

Phelps, E. S. Middleton. 

Martin, Nathan C. 

Claflin, John Milford. 

Carpenter, S, P. 

Miles, C. R. Millbury. 

Randall, A. G. 

Safford, Nathaniel F. Milton. 

Martin, N. 0. 

Phelps, Charles Monroe. 

Fuller, Austin Monson. 

H;irtwell, J. Montague. 

Gunn, ApoUos 

Taylor, Edwin Montgomery. 

Allen, David 

Campbell, John Mt. Washington. 

Freeman, James Monterey. 

Bunker, Charles JVantucket. 

Banker, James M. 

B^'.con, J. VV. JVatick. 

Adams, Chester 

Flagg, Wm. J^eedham. 

Kimball, Daniel 

Harmon, Phineas JVeio Ashford. 

Tillinghast, J. S. JVew Bedford, 

Prescott, Oliver 

Haskell, Eli 

Felton, Amory 

JsTew Braintree. 

Tidd, HoUis 

Atkinson, Jacob 


Little, Josiah 

Cook, John 


Frothiigham, J. P. 

Norton, Selli jVeio Marlborovirh. 

Smith, Levi L. 

Harding, Alpheus 

J\rew Saieni. 

Fay, Emerson 

Ward, Andrew 


Jackson, Wm. 

Clark, ShuiuoI 


Fay. John F. 

Cadwell, Etienezer 


Taylor, John 

Ames, Franklin 

jY. Bridgewater. 

Bryant, Geo. W. 

Adams, Wm. JVortA Brookfield. 

Gilbert, Diiniel 

Mattoon, Charles 


Allen, Zebulon 

Gorham, \\n\. O. 


Huntington, (;. P. 

Baker, O.^myn 

Whcaton, Laban 


Cobb, Daniel S. 

Harwood, Francis 


Taylor, Honce 

Allen, James 


Crawford, Wm. 

Emery, Stephen 


Whipple, John R. 

Doane, John 


Freeman, iNathaniel 

Filley, Lester 


, Seymour, Henrj- 

1 Bowman, Charles 


Brown, Jasper 

Torrey, Calvin 


1 Barnes, Moses 

1 Chase, Simpson 


Cushman, ApoUos 

Day, James 


Goddard, Tyler 

Kingman, Cyrus 


Parmenter, John 

Bryant, Martin 


Collamore, Horace 

Bellows, C. W. 


Lawrence, A. F. 

Haskell, Ebenezer 


Weed, Jared 

Hapgood, Seth 

Goulding, Jason 


Powers, Oliver 

Bassett, C. C. 

Kello-g. E. H. 


Gold, F. A. 



Clark, Elijah 


Butler, Jeremiah 


Snoll, Ebe:iczer 

Parker, James O. 


Gilbert, Gusuvus 


Brown, Zenas 

Thorn IS, John B. 


Harrington, A. 


Bryant, Zenas 


Howe, Nathan 

Ellis, Josiah T. 

Sm illedge, J. L. 


Hunt. Horace 


Hem men way. flardi 


Linzie, St icy 

Slade, John B. 


Russell, Charles 


Allen, Alfred 


Brooks, Al[)hoiiso 

Tufts, Edmund 

Rider, Godfrey 


Fay, De.xtiM- 


Thatcher, Rufiis L. 

Newton. Will ird 

Morton, Win. S. 


Botht'.m. F, W. 


Whitney. John 

Bacon, Daniel F. 

Prescott, Aaron 


Bowdoin, Wm. 

South Hadley. 

Turner, R,»yal 

Lamb. Alopzo 

Bullock, Stniuf^l 


Edwards. E. 


Hall, Amos 

Lyman, Samuel 

Weston, John 


Wiley, B. B. 

South Reading. 

Foster, Stephen 

Smith, Noah 

Bliss, Asaph L, 


Forward, J. M. 


Blanding. James 

Baldwin, William 


Bacon, Wm. 


Capen, Daniel 

Gates, Samuel 

Ashmun, George 


Whipple. Wm. 


Morris, Henry 

Haskell, James 

Bliss, Richard 

Barstow, R. L, 


Pratt, Joel 


Perkins, Noah C. 

Houghton, Samuel 

Taylor, Wm. 


Field, J. E. 


Dole, Lewis H. 


Lane, J. 

Hilliird, I'rancis 


Dike, George W. 


Harrington, Joseph 

Buckman, Edward 

Bachelder, Stephen 


Pierce, Jesse 


Davis, J. 

French, Charles A. 

Bishop. James 


Hale. Elijah 


Parks, Rf)\vland 

Walcott. Joel 

Brooks. Horic.^ 


Davis, (;eorge 


Eastbrook, Stillman 

Holbrook, Erasmus 

Phillips, St<^phen C. 


Cutler, C. G. 


W'aters, Joseph G. 

Taft, Horace W. 


Brown, Heury M. 


Hubbard, Ashley 

Clark, Thomis I. 

Sibley. J. L. 


Strickland, U K. 


Clarke, Edward 

Beach, E. 

Austin, (ieorge 


Fessenden, C. B, H. 


Barney. Mason 

Pope. Elisha 

Breck. Samuel 


Newhall, B. F. 


Williams, Henry 

Dunham. Bradish 


Morton, Nathaniel 

Collamore. John 


Lee, Samuel 


Turner. John B. 

Stone, Leonard 

Gardner. Johnson 


Thompson, Samuel 


Ma on, John 

Clark, Jonathan 

Drike. Asahel H. 


Skiff. Stephen 


Hewins. Elijah 
Ensign. E. F. 

Slocum, Joseph D. 



Bachelder. J. W. 


B irnard, R. F. 

Worcester. F, A. 


Birdwell, J. B. 


Sherwin, Levi 

Tabor. S. J. W. 

Davis. Solomon 


Clark, Alpheus 


Hinckley, Allen 



Farwell, John 
Sweet. J. VV. 
Holbrook, Nahum W 
Warren, E. 
Deane, Fiaiicis Jr. 
Gardner, A. 
Smith, John 
Haws, Joseph 
Rutter, Josiah 
Devens, Arthur i^. 
Spaulding, Samuel T, 
Miller, Seth 
Allen, Pardon 
Davis, James S. 
Brainard. Henry 
Awnes, Philip 
Bell, William S. 
Abbott, J. W. P. 
Fletcher, John B. 
Bigelow, F. VV. 

Bemis, ChMrles 

Somerby. G. A. 

Bridge, William 

Rogers, Edward 

Day, Jonathan 

Holbrook, Thomas 

Brooks, Otis 

Cooke, Lucius 

Porter, John 

Harrington, Nahum 

BuUard, Mnrtin 

DmvIs. Barnabas 

Pierce, Levi 

Packard, Austin TVest Bridgewater. 

Ames, Jonathan 

Potter, Jesse P. 

Clark, James 

Bates, William G, 

Blair, William 

Abbott, J. W. P. 

Abbott. Ephraim 

Cook, Joel 

Judd, John A. 

Kendall, Edward 

Bradburv. William S. 

Emery, Eliphalet TVest J^ewbury, 

Robinson, Deane 

Fiske, Isaac 

Pierce, Benjamin 

Hicks, Andrew 

Champion, R. 

Parsons, Edward 

Taft, Henrj- VV. 

Torrey, Noah 

Tirrell, Benj imin 
Brown, Daniel 
White, L. B. 
Rice, Jesse VV. 
McGregory, Joseph 

Tyvffisborough.' Boardman, Lewis 
Tyrinffham. \ Ciapp, S. H. 










Way I and 




West Boylston. 

West Cambridge. 





Bartlett, Liberty 
Dewey, Daniel N. 
Jaques, James 
Dunbar, Wm. 
White, Joseph 
Bates William A. 
Wright, Philo 
Thompson, Leonard 
Buckman, B. 
Newton, Rejoice 
Allen, Charles 
Barton, L M. 
Brewster, E. H. 
Ward, William 
Warner, Samuel, Jr. 
Everett, Melatiah 
Reed, John 
Doane, Elisha 









Kitt and Bucket IVIanii- 

Tower, Joshua & Co. 

South Hinghavu 
Stowell, Jared South Weyvwuih. 

Knives, Tools, Ac. 

Ward & Shelden, (chopping knives,) 

Little, Wm. H. (leather splitting 
knives,) Foster st Danvers. 

Jacobs, Joseph, (hatchets and ham- 
mers) South Hinghnm. 

Cook, Martin, (drawshaves and shoe- 
knives) Kingston. 

Gray, John, (axes, chisels, draw- 
shaves, &c.) 

liace Goods. 

Ames, E. F. 28 Hanover st Boston. 
Baldwin, E. & E. 9 Milkst. up stairs 
Blair & Haynes, 180 Hanover st 
Brackett, Samuel E. 227 Washing- 
ton st 
Brownell, G. & Co. 255 do 

Bryant. D. S. 383 do 

Chamberlin & Co. 49 Hanover st 
Clarke & Plimpton, 269 Washington 

St. cor. Winter 
DeBacon, Char'es. 22 Hanover st 
Driggs & Ripley, 10 do 

Ezekiel, C. 351 Washington st 
Wilbraham. \ Fenton, Henri H. 264 do 

i Heathe & Downe, 30 Hanover st 


West Springfield. 

West Stockbridge. 




Holbrook, C. C, 305 Washington st 

Houghton, Geo. W. 6 Hanover st 
Houghton, S. S. 175 Treiiiont st 
Howard, N. Jr., 56 1-2 Hanover st 
Merrill, C. T. Devonshire st. n. Milk 
Middleton, Thos. 349 W ishington st 
Netr, W. J., Adams House, 3G9Wash- 

ington st 
Oliver, Ebenezer, 78 1-2 Hanover st 
Oudkerk, N. 9 Milk ^t. up stairs 
Paniienter, 11.291 Washington st 
Phillips, Edwin, 251 do 

Remick & Co. 170 Hanover st. (Fan- 
cy Good ) 
Viles & Munroe, 275 Washington st 
Wright & Wallis 399 do 

Lamp ]n:akers. 

Carleton, Wm. 12 Beach st. Boston. 
Gooding & Gavett, 12 Hawkins st 
Harrington, E. S. 40 Congress st 
Hooper, H. N. & Co. 24 Coml. st 
Horn, Edwin B. 8 Hanover st 
Jarves, G. D. & Connerais, Federal 

St. near Milk 
Puffer, Alvin D. 15 Hawley st 
Shaw. W. F. 270 Washington st 
Smith & Tarbell, 19 do 

I^amp Dealers. 

Adams & Farnsworth, 67 Washing- 
ton st 
Collamore, J. Jr. & Co. 98 do 
Dodge, E. P. 200 Treinont st 
Foster, Geo. B. 29 Treinont Row 
French, Wells & Co. 123 Milk st 
Gage, Benj. W. 144 Washington st 
Harrington, E. S. 40 Conirress st 
Harris & Stanwood, 253 Washing- 
ton st 
Horn, Edwin B. 8 Hanover st 
Jarves, G. D. &, Coimeniis, Federal 

St. near Milk 
Jones, Ball, &. Poor, 123 Washing- 
ton st 
Palmer & Bachelders, 91 do 
Porter, H. (Burning Fluid) 2 Court 

Shaw, W. F. 270 Washington st 
Smith & Tarbell, (Camphene and 
Chemical Oil Lanips) 19 Wash- 
ington st 
Sumner, W. R. & A. H. 137 do 
Woodbury, I. D. (Burning Fluid) 60 
Court St. and Tremont 

Shackford, E. G, (Burning Fluid) 60 
Central st JMwell. 

Dearden, Wm. (Burning Fluid) 107 
Merriuiack st 

Brewer & Wright, (Burning Fluid) 
216 Main st Worcenter. 

Last Makers. 

Kijnball, .lohn, 43 Tremont Row 

Stovi-'is & Collins, 21 BlMckstoue , t 

and 7 Albany Block, Albai.y st 
Wieht & Gilson, 30 Fulton st 
Brown &. Sanger Danvers. 

Goodwin, A. F. Lynn. 

Goodwin, Samuel 
Cox, Samuel &. Son (Boot Trees) 



Chelsea Laundrj-, S. Sibley Chelsea. 
Fall River Laundry, Geo. J. Prentice, 

11 Pocassett st Fall River. 

Springlield I-aundry, Chadwick & 

Palmer, Worthington st Sprivfrfield. 

Hampden Laundry, Safford & I'erre 

South Main st 

Lead Pipe Sc Slieet Lead. 

LeRoy, T. O. & Co. 33 Broad st 


Pieper, Peter, 1 i Bfttle st 

Proctor &. Butler, 89 State st 

Stearns, Geo. L., Water st. cor. Con- 

White. A. 10 Market Square, and 
109 Ann street 

Root, Hiram Deerfield. 

Smith. Ellas Orecuwich. 

Bird, Calvin, Washuigton st. cor. 
Warren Rnibury. 

Boston Lead Works, Northampton st 

Ellis, J. T. & Co., Swctt st 

How.ird, R. 36 Washington st, near 
B. Line 

Wliite Lead Manufac- 

Carruth, F. S. 16 Custom House st 

Chandler, Howi-rd & Co. 27 Cen- 
tal wharf 
Ward, Jo.seph W. 36 India st 
I Dedham Le.d Co. Dedham 


liCatlier Dealers. 

(See Boot, Shoe, and Leather Deal- 

Bond, Hen. 15 Black'Jtone st Boston. 
Brooks, Frfinklin, 27 N. Mnrket st 
Brooks & Saunders, 19 Fulton st 
Bucknani, John C. & Co. 52 do 
Buttrick &, Cobh, 21 Elm st 
Claflin, Lee, 17 Shoe and Leather st 
Claflin, Wm. 17 do do 

Comins, Linus B. 22 Dock Square 
Conant, A. P. 7 Blackstone st 
Cummings, John Jr. 3 do 
Dyar, Smith, 73 Fulton st 
Field, E. & I. 61 and 63 Fulton st 
Folsom, E. J. 21 Fulton st 
Folsom, P. W. 67 do 
Godfrey, B. D. & Co. 20 Kingston st 
Goldthwait, H. 25 and 27 Shoe and 

Leather st 
Gove. John G. 75 Fulton st 
(,uild, C. & Co. 16 Blackstone st 
Guild, S. & J. & Co. 40 N. Market st 
Hall, Daniel, 25 Shoe and Leather st 
Hodgdon, George C. 14 Blackstone st 
Hunt, Moses & Co. 5 Market Square 
Jones, J. M. 72 Pearl st 
Lear, Peter, 37 Merchants' Row 
Lillie, Thos. E. & Co. 24 Exchange st 
Littlefield, James, 59 Fulton st 
Manning, Uriah & Son, 69 do 
Massey, S. D. 83 Fulton st 
McConnell, R. 12 Elm st 
Mitchell, Wm. & Co. 43 and 44 N. 

Market st. 
Moseley, Poor & Co. 84 Ann st 
Kash, Abner P. 93 and 95 Fulton st 
Kewhall, F. S. & Co. 15 & 17 do 
Penniman & Co. 9 Blackstone st 
Read, A. H. 20 Elm st 
Sawyer, W. 79 Fulton st 
Spaulding & Bryant. 19 Blackstone sr 
Stackpole, R. M. 47 Fulton st 
Strong, A. & Co. 30& 32 Central st 
Thompson, A. 31 Shoe & Leather st 
Thompson, Abijah & Co. 7 Shoe and 

Leather st 
Thompson, B. F. & Son, 29 and 31 

Shoe and Leather st 
Tillson, J, & Co. 23 N. Market st 
Underhill. O. H. 49 Fulton .st 
Ward, A. 34 N. Market st 
Webb, T. C. & Co. 77 & 79 Fulton st 
Webster & Co. 39 N. Mnrket st 
Westcott, S. & Son, 44 Fulton st 
White. L D. 38 N. Mirket st 
Whittemore, Thos. Jr. 21 Fulton st 

Winn, J. B. &Co. 1 Shoe and Lecth- 

er street Boston, 

Woodman, C. T. 4 Fulton st 
Tufts, Daniel, Main st Charlestuwn. 
Saunders, O., Foster st Daiivers, 
French, Job B. 26 Merchants' Block 

Fall River. 
Parsons, G., Front st Gloucester. 
Sprague, P. T. Oreevjield. 

Di.x, Benj. P. Grotan. 

Hoyt& Harding Haverhill. 

Johnson, L. & Co. 
Woodman, B. P. & Co. 
Whittier, Leonard 
Bnindridge, C. V. N. 3 Prescott st 

Bixby, T., Linings and Findings, 2 

Middle st 
Newhall, F. S. & H., Tieatherand 

Goat Skins Lynn. 

Boyce, W. S., Shoe Stocks and Last- 

ings, 22 Broad st 
Eaton, Leonard & Co, 

Godfrey & Mayo Milford. 

Gilbert, H. & Co. 4 Main st Taunton. 
Bowen, E. H. 210 do Worcester. 
Bowen, Geo. 208 do 
Clapp, Chas.C.225 do 
Otis, B. B. & Co., Wholesale, 20 and 

22 Main st 
Southgale, J. P. & Co., Wholesale, 

Findings, 269 Main st 
Stone, T. S., South bridge st 

liibrarieeu — Circulating^. 

Ashly, Mary. 124 Charles st Boston. 
Boston Circulating Lib. Ill Wash 

ington st 
Burnham & Brothers, 60 Cornhill 
Callender, H. G. 7 School st 
Foreign Circulating Library, E. P. 

Peabody, 13 West st 
Moore, C. 446 Washington st 
N. End Circulating Library, T. Hiller, 

123 Hanover st 
Tompkins, D. A. 127 Hanover st 
Walker, Thos. O. 68 Cornhill 

liime and Sand. 

Child, Stephen & Son, Harvard Av. 
near the Bridge Boston, 

Crafts, H., Boston wharf, 1st st 
Curtis, J. & Son, Curtis' wf Sea st 
Davis, John, Lime, Ripley's wharf 
Drake, Tisdale, 42 Sea st 



Earlc, Win., Lime, Fulton st. comer 

Richmond Boston. 

Godfrey, G., Turnpike n. the Bridge 
Hivith, F. A., Harrison Av. above the 

Hersey, C. Eastern Packet Pier, 

Commercial st 
Hoppin, John, 21 Charles st 
Hoxie, T. W. & Co, 46 Long wf 
Piper, Solomon & Co. 30 Sea st 
Roby, Dexter & Co., Causeway st n. 

the Bridge 
Vinal & Rice, Canseway st 
Young, C. & Co., Brown's wf 
Ellis, J, T, & Co, Swett st, Roxbury 

Point Roxhury. 

Putnam, A. & A. W., Mason's Stock, 

foot Davis st cor. Swett 

liinens, Flannels, etc. 

Baker & Bruce, 321 Washington st 

Brownell, Gilbert & Co. 2.55 Wash- 
ington st 

Daniell & Co. 201 Washington st 

Jacobs, B. & E. &, Co, Linens. House- 
keeping Articles, &c. 230 Wash- 
ington st 

Messinger, C. 427 Washington st 

liiquors and \i^ines. 

Banchor, J. 3 Chatham st Boston. 
Boardman. E. A. 20 Congress st. 
Brigham, L. & Son, 7 Congres-; Sq 
Carruth, D. .T. 6 & 7 Gerrish Block, 

Blackstone st 
Chamberlain, G. W. 7 and 8 Canal 

Clifford & Fernald,404 Coinmorcial st 
Cochran. S. Q.. & Co. 30 Congress st 
Codman, Edw. & Co. 9.5 State st 
Cojieland, F. &, Co. 47 India st 
Cummings, C. D. 74 Commercial st 
Denton, Wm. 37 Central st 
Eaton, Thayer & Co. 12.5 Fulton st 
Felt, G. W. 1 Canal Block, Black- 
stone st 
Flint, Amos, 10 Central wharf 
Gassett, Lotan & Co., Canal st cor. 

(iolding, R. P. 133 Ann st 
Heustis & Wheeler, 4 Canal Block 
Hilliard. D. B. & Co. 21 Federal st 
Hyde & Blan chard, 35 Ferry st 
Line, Chas. 334 Commercial «;t 
Lewi*, T. & Co. Cust-m Ilou^e st 
Leupold, W. H. 46 md 48 Federal si 

Livermore, E. 27 Sudbury' ^t Boston- 
Locke & Trradwel), 11 City wf 
Loud, W. 28 S. Market st 
Patten, Jas. & Co. 40 do 
Reed, Wade & Co. 15 N. Market st 
Rhoades, Wm. 1 Canal Block 
Richards, Isaiah D. 25 Elm st 
Smith, C. S. & J. G. 19 Ferry st 
Smith &. Lougee. 7 N. Market st 
Smith, Ralph, 20 E.xchi^nge st 
Snelling & Seaver, 86 Fulton st 
Snow, D.F. & Co. 18 Merchants' Row 
Snow, Isaac & Co. 8 do 

Stanwood & Reed, 9 N. Market st 
Weld, A. H. 6 do 

Wellman, G. P. & Co. 75 Broad st 
Wells, Gowen & Co. 28 India st 
White, William F. & Co. 24 and 25 

Brattle Square 
Williams, J. D. & M. 33 S. Market st 
Willis, S. B. 11 Clinton st 
Woods, Joseph, 18 Haverhill st 
Gardner, D. B. 14 Front st SaJein. 
Knapp, C. C. 17 Washington Squ re 
Davis, J., Wholesale, 15 Washington 



Buffbrd, J. H. &Co. 204 Washington 
street Boston, 

Cook, Chas. 20 .Toy's Buildi-.g 

Scott, J. W. A. 16 Trem^nit Temple 

Sharp & Peirce, 251 Washington ^t 

Sharp, W. 20 Klng<toi< st 

Tappan & Bradford, 221 Washing- 
ton street 

Hosford, B., Main st Sprivffficld. 

liivery Stable Keepers. 

McKenny, Samuel H. Jihivirlon. 

Arnold, John Soulh Jhlama. 

McElvvin& Kimball J\''urth ..^ilivis. 
Crosby, G., Centreville, Barnstahle. 
Hallett, Lot Jr., Hyannis 
Ellsworth, Samuel Barre. 

Swan, Baxter 

Adams, D. J., Lancaster st Boston. 
Aiken. R. 62 South st 
Batchelder, H. H. 5 N. Russell st 
Bixby, S. C, Hacks & Cabs. 1 Fleet st 
Bolkcom. A. T. & Co., Paris st E. B. 
Boynton & Wood. Charlestown st 
Brown, H. rear 1.58 Washington st 
Brown & Severance, Charles st cor. 

Calfe, Joseph, 74 High st 


Chandler. H. 3 Beverly st Buston. Wriphtington & Riedel, 53 Eliot and 
Crosby, M rk. 12 Fleet st 103 Tremont streets Boston. 

David, Richard, Kingston st Barnard, W. Brookiine. 

Dean, Nith'l, 42 Portland st Glover, J. 

Dexter, Hixton &. Dexter, 16 Federal Lambert & Hersey 

street Tamplin, J. B., Chelsea street 

Doolittle, E. H., Cambridge st corner Charlestotcn. 

Garden Wait, A. Chicopee Falls. 

Eastman, E. S., Sudbury st corner Kendall, Madison, Exchange st 

Friend Chicopee. 

Foster. Isaac, Devonshire st I Miller, Elijah 

Fnllam, J. F. & Co., r. 2 Bowdoin Sq Wait, A. & Co. 

Garcelon, A. 25 Franklin Place 

Gragg & Homer, West st 

Grout & Morse, Beach st cor. Cove 

Hirwood & Dodge, opp. 19 Atkin- 
son street 

Hawley, H. H. 19 Hanover st 

Healey & Spaulding, 106 Tremont st 

Hinkson, Samuel, 8 Lancaster st 

Jones, I. H.. East Orange st 

Kurr, L. H., Washington st opposite 

Leavitt, Thos., Turnpike street near 

Leonard, Nehemiah, 56 Leveret st 

Lord, J. P. 97 Hanover st 

Lord. Nahum, 172 do 

Lovejoy, Philip, Mason st 

I^nvejoy. Reuben, 534 Wash, st 

Lucas, Benj. 4th st. near D 

Marsh. Warren & Co., Oliver st 

Meriam, Charles, Exchange Coflfee 

Jlerriam, Lewis. 52 Atkinson st 

Mills, C. H., Jackson Place 

Billings, J. M. Concord 

Carroll, Sanford, Centre st Dcdham. 

Carter, J. B. 

Pond, Joseph, Mill Village 

Holbrook, Nathan, Neponset 


White, John K. 

Nutter, Isaac East Bridgewater. 

Griffin. Alfred 

Hudson, J. O. 

Dunham, Rufus A., Middle st 


Sawin, George W., Union st 

Burr, James, Pleasant st Fall River. 

Slocum, M. A. do 

Almy, Cranston, 21 Granite st 

Leonard, W. Forborough. 

Wells & Warner Orcenfield. 

Joslyn & Eldridge 

Kendall & Newbury 5. Onrdner. 

Hill, Edwin Oardner. 

Haywood, C. Lancaster. 

Bancroft & Harlow, Clintonville 

Curtis & Bates Jjcnor. 

Niles, Wm. J. & Co. rear 33 School st ; Ranney, L. B. & Co. Ludlow. 

Nims N. E. & Co. 36 Hanover st Stanley, Benj. O. 5 Market st Lynn, 
Perkins, Aaron N. 3 Willow st I Partridge, Stephen fiest Medway. 

Phippen, George, 444 Washington st#<'^dams, John, Jr. 
Pratt, Daniel E. 2 Sudbnrv st iHathon, Collins Medwaj. 

Pray, Joseph C, Turnpike n. 4th st Fuller, Wm. 
Rea, Samuel, 8 Federal Court ! White. Anson 

Read, James R., Howard st Truesdell, L. E. Moi:siin. 

Rockwood. A. W., rear 433 Wash- Norcross, A. 

ington street 
Seaver. J. 97 and 99 Fulton st 
Seward, Joshua, 44 J^chool st 
Simmons, James E. 15 1-2 Portland 

street & Whiton, Hawley street, cor. 

Smith. Joseph M., rear Church st. 

Franklin Place 
Streeter & Parker, Bromfield st 
Sulli%'aii, D. & Co. 8 Arch st 
Trull. A. 45 Belknap st 
Williams. J, 44 Hanover st 
Willis, Andrew, 7 Sudbury st 

Kingsley, Henry D. 

Gibbs, Joshua, 3d, 8 and 9 Fourth st 

JWzc Bedford. 
Thomas, James, Parker House 
Chase & Hathaway, 52 Elm st 
Richards. Silas, 54 do 

Gray, P. 22 South Second st 
Hayes, E. 248 Purchase st 
Shaw, Wm. Jr. J<'ewburyport 

Remick, John C, Essex st 
Colman. Moses, Temple st 
Clark. Peleg B., Purchase st 

.N'eio Bedford. 
Remington, E., South Second st 



Brownell, Wm. 24 Foxirlh st 

J\rew Bedford. 

P.ickard, S,. Fourth st 

Wood, Asahol, Main street 

J^orthampt n. 

Twiichell, S. E. Orange. 

Higs;i.,s, Simeon Orle.aH.<. 

Dewey & Bradley Palmer Depot. 

Merrick &. Co. 

Converse, John M. 

Sheldon, H. V. Thorndike Palmer. 

Gibbs, Hiram 
Rockwell & Fowler 
Brown, N. G. 
Burlingham, S. J. 
Gardner, G. 
Lucas, Stephen 
Jones, G. J. 
Rowe & Dustin 
Hiyden. Elij ih 
Howard, Lucius 



East Randolph. 

Franklin, Benj., Sumner street, near 
Washington, also Eustis Rozbury. 

Freeman, A., Centre street, Jamaica 

Mathes, A. R. 125 Washington st. 
cor. Vernon 

M ithes, Wm. J., Washington street, 
opposite Norfolk House 

Beaver, Joseph, Centre st. Jamaica 

Boyden, Wm. E. Sandwich. 

Newhall, Wm. N. Saugus. 

Whitney, E. M. Shelhume Falls. 

Easworth, J. B,, U. S. Hotel 


Fuller & Cooley. Sanford st 

Truesdell, W. & O., St-Ue st 

P Itch, E. H. (Feeding) Sanford st 

Wells, N. G. do 

Smith, Henry & Norton, Hampden 
House, Stable in Court si 

Parsons & Jenks, State st 

Dowd, V. W. do 

Fuller, Hamilton & Co., rear Union 
House Springfield. 

Whimans, Charles, Curtisville 


Danbe & Pf)meroy 

Burrows. E. W. Stoughton. 

Willis, J. East Stoughton. 

Wilde, Simuel, Jr., Lincoln & Han- 
over streets Taunton. 

Van Deusen, R. fVest Stnckbridffe. 

Tildt'n, Thomas VV. fVeymouth. 

Norton, L. Williamsburg. 

Pirker, Alfred, School st fVorcester. 

Brown, Isaac L.5 Mechanics' st 

Parker, Nahum, Fo ler st 

Paine & Dennis, Thos. st fVorcester 

B.iraes & Wood, Mechanics' st 

String &, Sweetser, Foster st 

Wait, A. J. &. S. D., Green st 

DeWitt, E. F„ Front st 

Day, J. & Co., Front st 

Haskell, Henry, rear of Court House 


B liley. Hart, 18 Water st Boston. 
Bargery, Thos. 704 Washington st 
Bell & Winsor, 5 Marshall st 
Bishop, Henry H. 32 Exchange st 
Bi-shop, Wm. 40 Congress st 
Bvriim, R. J. 33 Blackstone st 
Coffin, G. S. & A. 58 Brattle st 
Colman, Henry, 11 Water st 
Edwards & Holman, 51 Congress st 
Francis, A. J. (bronzer), 42 School st 
Hall, Wm. 27 Dock Square 
Haynes, S. S. 8 Court Avenue 
Hobbs, Wm. 26 Charlestown st 
Jones & Farwell, 37 Exchange st 
Martin, D. A. (curtain lixtures), 24 

Water st 
Morse, E. R. 5 Union st 
Robinson, E. 4 Washington st 
Robinson, G. W. & Co. 4 Richmond 

Sears, John A. 108 Court st 
Thaxter, Davis, 4 Harrison Avenue 
Wilton, A. B. 378 1-2 Washington st 
Wilton, Wm. B. 137 Sea st 
Bates, Moses, Jr. (locks, latches, 

knobs, springs and fastenings) 

East Bridge-water. 
Hooper, John Lawrence. 

Young & Harvey, 14 Bowker Block 

Call, Amos, (patent knob, with night 

lock and latch attached,) South 

Main st Springfield. 

Talbot, Lemuel, Weir Bridge 

Washburn, H. L. (mortice locks) 

West Bridgewater. 

Liookingr Glass^ Picture 
Frames^ & Gilders* 

.Arnaud &; Coombs, 17 1-2 Tremont 
Row Boston. 

B ilch, Wm. Y. 10 Tremont Row 
Btrt'ett, Elmer, 30 Union st 
Childs, Alfred A. 35 Washington st 
Curtis. Samuel, 15 and 17 do 

H ■ keil, A. C. & Co. 43 Cornhill 
Liuculn, Warren, 20 Washington st 


Lloyd, Chas. B. 66 Court st Boston. 

Rogers, S. 18 Court st 

Ross & Hatchnian, 403 Washington 

Sowie & Shaw, 50 Cornhill, (uj) 

Wnrd, Joseph, 52 Cornhill 
Williams, Dudley, 234 Washington st 


Fessenden, C. P., BJMckstone st. op- 
posite Haymarket Sq. Boston. 

Gerald, Wm. L. 18 Haverhill st I 

Turner, Azro, 50 Merrimack st 

Burnet & Delvin, Middle st 


Dyer, W. H. 20 Central st Lowell. 

Sowle & Shaw, 115 Purchase st 

JsTew Bedford. 

Dana. Dexter, (looking glasses.; 9 
State st J^ewburyport. 

Shaw, X. H. Halem. 

Flower, C. & Co., New Boston 


Whitcoinb, Charles M. fVinchevdon. 

I^umber Dealers. | 

Hinckley. Josiah Barnstable. 

Cobb & Smith 

Pickard. Thomas Beverly. 

Black & Co., Francis' wharf. 60 Sea 

street Boston. 

Bosworth, H. & J. S.. foot of Allen st 
Boynton, Wm. F., Boston wharf 

First street 
Brooks. William B., Second st. cor- 
ner of C 
BuUard, Calvin, Sea street, opposite 

Sumner st 
Clay, H. T. & Co.. Tirrell's wharf, 

Harrison Avenue 
Cooper, J. &, W.. Minot st. corner of 

Andover I 

Cowdin, Robert, Albany st. opposite; 

Rochester < 

Cushing, H. D., South R.iilroad whf. 
Cushing, S. B., Bartlett's wharf 
Eaton & Dupree, 2 Boston wharf. 

First street 
Emery & Brown. Harrison Avenue, 

above the bridge 
Evans, Horatio, Albany st. opposite 

Foiling. G. (h'ird wwd). 100 Beach st 
Foster. Talbot & Co. 48 India ;■ t 
Frederick, J. & Co., Fiske's wharf 

G-rdiner, Chas. F. & H. D., Week> 

wharf, E. B. 
Goodnow, L. & J., opposite fool of 

Prince st Boston. 

(.uild. Aaron, Lincoln st. cor. Orai ge 
Gutterson, Wm. E. & H. B., Lehigh 

St. corner of Albany 
Hfirmon, John, Cunningham's whar^ 

E. B. 
H'wes, Wm. 200 Commercial st 
Heath, F. A., Harrison Avenue, near 

the bridge 
Hersey, C. Eastern Packet Pier, Com 

mercial st 
Hobbs, P. & T. J. 90 Sea st 
Howe, Thomas, Howe's wharf, 126 

Sea street 
Jackson. Ward & Co., North Grove 

and Poplar sts., and Suffolk Build. 
Lewis & Clapp, Commercial st. foot 

of Cliarter 
I-ovejoy, L., Causeway st 
Miller, Nason & Co.,. Harrison Av. 

near Dover st 
Monks, John P.. Second st. near E 
Moody & Norris, 2 Boston wharf, 

First street 
Pern-, W. S., Lehigh st 
Plyn'ipton. R. & Co., Fiske's wharf 
Pope, Wm. & Sons, Harrison A v. 

near the bridge 
Pratt, J. & (;. S.. Causeway st. oppo- 
site Medford 
Rankin, Geo. &. Co., Albany st. cor- 
ner of Lehigh 
Smith & Hopkins, IngersoH's wharf 
Stetson, A., First st. foot of I 
Swett & Bailey. Boston wf.. First st 
Thurston, Caleb, Fcundry st. renr of 

Fourth, near the lri«lge 
Tirrill, W. & O.. HHnison Avciuie, 

near Binke's Couri 
Vinal & Rice, Causeway st. opposite 

W;trren. Moses & Co., Andover st 
West, Wm. B, & Co., Marginal .st. 

E. B. 
Wood, A., Son & Co., opjmsite 50 

Chiirles st 
Wright, E., Jr. 11 T wharf 

Copeland & Kidder, (pitch pine lum- 
ber.) 33 India st Boston. 

Cowdin, Rc>bert, Albany st. opposite 

Foiling, Geo., Beach st. cor. of Cove 

Guild, ■^ajron, Lincoln st. cor. Orange 



Kendall, Wm. B. (storage), 10 Ferry 

street Boston. 

Jones. Henry &. Co., Clifton's wharf, 

E. B. 
Ross, Joseph L., Hawkins st. corner 

of Ivers 
Young, C. & Co., Brown's wharf 
Fuller & Baker Briffhton. 

Reed, A. W. & D. (ash. oak and 
walnut) East Brookfield. 

Warren, Moses & Co. 

East Cambridge. 
Hall, J. & Sons 
Hastings, Oliver 

Fogg & Hersey Cambridge Port. 
Burrage & Gale 
Greenleaf, T. & Co., Main st 

Johnson, George, do 
Heywood & Canes, (steam saw-mill, 

office 26 Commercial st., Boston) 
Thompson, Benj. & Co. 
Boynton & Doughty, wharf, head of 

Charlestown Bridge 
Young & White, Bvnny's wharf 
Hutch, John B., foot of Tuft st 
Murdock & Swift, (planing, sawing 

and box making) Washington st 
Willis, David C, Chapm m's wf 
Blood & Sweet J^Torth Chelmsford. 
Thayer, Clark & Co. (sawing and 
planing mill) Clarksburg. 

Gardner, L. k. E, 

West Cummington. 
Bi<bee, Uziel 
Elder & Williams 

Putnam, Calvin, New Mills Danvers. 
Roberts, Isaac W. do 
r Sawyer, Asa do 

Cumraings, Benj., Russell's Mills 

Howes, James J^orth Dennis. 

Curtis, Preston & Co., Commercial 
Point and Neponset Dorchester. 
Chamberlain, W. H. & Co. 
Pope, A. & W. 

Robinson, J. H., Commerciil Point 
Brown & Eaton East Bridn-fwater. 
Jones & Clarks East Hampton. 

Clapp & Lvman 

Ward, Kimball & Hanks Enfield. 
Fletcher, James 

Alexander, F. & L. L. Erring. 

Higgins, NathMtiiel Fairhaven. 

Fi-:h & Huttle<fon, TTnion wharf 
Wilher &. Bradford. Washington st 
Alden, John 
hull, John & Co., Fcrr}' street 

'Fall River. 

Vining, J. H., Ferry- st Fall River. 
Munday, Wm., Steamboat wharf 
F'rench, Asa P. 

Rockwood, Asa &. Son Franklin. 
E-tey, Edward S. Oreenioich. 

I Bailey, E. & Son 

ISmith, S. &R. Hadley. 

I Smith & Granger J\''urth Hadley. 
Doane, Valentine Harwich Port. 
Ellis, Dexter Hatfield. 

Billings, S. P. 

Montgomery & Co. Haverhill. 

Cushing, David, 2d Hingham. 

Hersey, Ebed 

Parish, G. & E. H. Hinsdale. 

Sawyer, Luke Hubbardston. 

Read, Alexander Kingston. 

!S!<.rgent, Dana (Lime) Lawrence. 
Walker, Geo. Lenox. 

Johnson, B. 

Fletcher & Ayer Lowell. 

Brooks & Tyler 
Fiske, Wm„ Dutton st 
Bridge, J. P. & C. W., Western Av. 
Howard, H. 

Patch, Joshua & Co. Lynn. 

Tufts, Samuel, 2.5 Front st 
Smith, S. & G. W. Manchester. 

Appleton, Thomas Marblehead. 

Martin, Samuel 

Cannon, E. Mattapoisett. 

Bhnchard, Andrew Medford. 

Whitney, S. D. Milton. 

Todd, R. M. 

Swain, C. B. Nantucket. 

Macy, Peleg, South wharf 
Lawrence, Joseph B. 
Paine, Samuel S., Hazzard's wharf 
JVe;/7 Bedford. 
Kempton, H. A. .'53 Pleasant st 
Leonard & Green, Leonard's wf 
French, Rodney, 203 Rodmui's wf 
Davenport, Dudley, 33 S. Water st 
Richmond, J. C. 62 do 

Pierce, David R. 132 N, Second st 
Granger &. Bartlett JVewburyport 
Granger, George T. 
Pearson, W. M. & J. L. 
Grnnger. Geo. F., Mnrket Squ-ire 
Hill, S. L. Bensonville JVorfhnmpton. 
Cro<by, Obed Orleans. 

Hunt ik Norton East Otis. 

Marther, Newton 

Powers, Edward Ph/llipstnn. 

Doten, S. H. Plijmoiitk. 

Battles, John 
Roht)ins. L.T. 

Smith. David Province town. 

Hill. J. 


Dearborn &. Keith Quincy. 

Porter, Win. 

Ellis, J. T. & Co., Swett st. Roxbury 
Point Rozbury. 

Heath, Frederick A., Pine Island 
WhitiMore &. Bruce South Roylston, 
Farnhain, J, M. 12 Fish st Salem. 
Thayer, Oliver, 45 Water st 
Austin, Ebenezer South Salem. 

Ward, H. B. 
Buffum, David & Co. 
Goodhue, VVin. 34 Water st 
Smith, Amos, 5 do 

Hatch, L. B. 113 Derby st 
Otis, H. & E. Scituate Harbor. 

Hodgkins, Aaron, Lock's Village 

Decreet, Boynton & Co. Springfield. 
Dickenson, John, South Main st 
Goodrich, Levi Stockbridge. 

Williams, Benj. F., Weir Bridge 

Staples, S. N. & Co., Weir Bridge 
Coggeshall, H. W. & Co. 
Anthony, James H., Sumner st 
Nichols k. Conant West Townsend. 
Paine, Olkanah, 2d & Co. Truro. 
Briggs, Jedediah fVareham. 

Moore, G. W. Warwick. 

Gale, A. J. R. 
Reed, S. C. 

Knovvles, Dyer & Co. Wellfieet. 

At wood, J. P. G. 
Union Wharf Co. 

Curtis. Ira Weymouth. 

Lord & Rhines 
.lackson, Isaac 
Merrifield, Wm. 7 Exchange st 

Gates, John, Union st 
Matthews, D. South Yarmouth. 

Liumber Manufacturers. 

Ward, Isaac ' .Sshburnham. 

Whitmore & Jones 
Allard, Alden .Ashland. 

Sprague, George .dthol. 

Jennings, J. L. & W. T. 

JSTorth Becket. 
Phelps & Barnes 

Ward, Austin P. Buckland. 

Warner, John Greenwich Village. 
Lee, Henry F. jManchester. 

Dodge, Cyrus 

Allen, John P I 

Waterman & Litchfield Medford. 
White, O. Monsun. 

Lawrence, C. & D. Montague. 

Steam Mill Co., (Cooper's ware,) 

Wilcox, Rice & Bodfish, Steam Pla- 
ning Mill, 142 Aor;h Water street 
jVew Bedford. 

Band, Emelius, BoiiviUe Palmer. 

Culler, Robert Pelham. 

Gray, Horace 

Campbell, Levi Plainfield. 

Cook, James 

Stowell, David 

I Gibbs, Solomon Prescott. 

' Cowles, Edwin W. 
' Shannon, J. W., Front st Salem. 

Pierce &, Reynolds, Lock's Village 
1 Shutesbury. 

Ward, Elisha, Lock's Village 

Builard, O. C, West Suttoii. 

Merriam & Tozier Waltham. 

Read & Chapin Washington. 

Bell & Watkins 

Whitaker. J. E. Wendell. 

Putnam, Frederic, Depot 

Lyman, Jesse Westhampton. 

Burt, Levi 


Dickenson, Porter, East st .Amherst. 
Gleason & Davis, (Cotton and Wool- 
len) JVorth Andurer. 
Goodsell, J. jithol. 
Richardson, N. &, L. B. 
Adams, G. W. At Co., Causeway st, 

cor. Friend Boston. 

Adam-J, Hammond, & Co., Cross .>t. 

cor. Fulton 
Ad ims, Seth & Co., Foundry st. ne if 

the bridge 
Baldwin, D. P. 2d st. cor. A 
Biyant, J. R. 30 C .usew.y street 
Buntin &c Eaton, junction Haverhill 

and Charlestown streets 
Center, Joseph H., West Castle st 
Chamberlain, Daniel, Jr. 3 Albany 

block, Albany st 
Cleaves, Charles, Friend street, cor. 

Coney, Jabez, Foundry st. near the 

Critcherson & Gage, 2 Andover st 
Fowle & Defrees, 16 East Orange st 
Fovvle. J. W. 16 East Orange st 
Fox, Geo. H., Charles st. cor. Cam- 

Gill, S. W. 86 Portland st 
Harvv(iod, B. R. 475 Washington st 
Haskell, Edward, 9 Hawlev .>i 
Haskell, John A, 77 Cori.hiU 



Hepworth, G., A st. cor. 2(1 Boston. Warren & Dean, 
Hubbiird. Win. W. 129 Cambridge st 
Kendall, James, North Grove 
Kniglits & Jones, Harrison av. cor. 

Loring, Harrison, 1st st. n. Turnpike 
Lyman & Souther, 1st st cor. A 
Magoun, S. 8 Beach st 
Mason & King, Charles st. cor. Cam- 
Miller, David, 16 East Orange st 
Orcutt, Samuel, 8 Court Av 
Perkins, W. R. & Co. 2d st n. C 
Phelps, O. C. 17 Harvard Place 
Robinson, G. W. & Co., Richmond st ' 
Safford, D. & Co. 36 Devonshire st 
Sibley, Henry, 15 Hawley st 
Thompson & French, Tremont st. 

near Dover 
Travers & Weston, A st. cor. 2d 
Tucker, John E. 17 Haverhil st 
Tufts, Otis, foot Webster, E. B. office, 

90 State st 
Webster, J. & Co. IB Harvnrd Place 
Welch & Briggs, Causeway st. cor. 

Willis, Charles, 8 & 9 Charlestown st 
Wilmarth. Seth. Foundry st. S. B. 
Woodward, H. M. 9 Haverhill st 
Man-field, Warren, South. Brnintree. 
Mavo, David, Bretrster. 

Bates, Hyde & Co. (Cotton Gins,) 
Lozell, Perkins & Co. (Nail iVla- 

Carver, Washburn & Co. (Cotton 

Lovell, Perkins & Co. (all kinds of JMcLauthlin & Brothers, (Rolling 

Machinery) | & Splitting Machines) Marshfeld. 

Stevens, Silas Brookfield. i Thayer, E. P. (Bonnet Pressing Ma- 

Morse & Mansfield, (Printing Press- ! chines) 

es) Cnvton. i Waters, A. H. & Co. (Machine Tools 

Bullock, Lewis P. (Cotton and Wool- and Cotton Machinery) JMillbury. 

len Machines) Lehind, J. (Cotton and Woollen Ma- 

Fisher, Cyrus chinery) 

Hittenger dt Cook, Chamber street Hatheway & Arnold, Xew Bedford. 

Main street 

Fall River. 

Kilburn, E. C. & Co. (Water Wheels, 
Mill Gearing, Shafting, Washing 
Machines, Power Looms and Ma- 

Ewer, Zenas Falmouth. 

1 Putnam, J. & S. W. Fitchburg. 

iAldrich & White, (Hay Cutter 
Knives, Breast Wheels. &c.) 

Draper, W. W. (Screw Plates) 
I Oreenjield. 

\ Moody, S. P. 

Old Colony Machine Shop, Caleb 
Bates, agent Kingston. 

Bailey, Nathan, (Augurs) 

Drew, S. & Son, do 

lay, Fisher & Co. (Tenoning Ma- 
chines) Lancaster. 

Bassett, Martin & Curtis, (Woollen 
and Paper Machinery) Lee. 

Tanner & Perkins 

Royce, E. & Co. 

Kent, Samuel W. (Card Setting Ma- 
chines) Leicester. 

McFarland, David Jr., (Card Setting 

Ward, M. (Comb Cutting Machines 
and Dentists' Instruments) 


Aldrich,Tyng & Co. (See Advertise- 
ment) Lowell. 

Snow & Crockett. (Cotton & Wool- 
len Machinery Tools, &c.) 19 Mar- 
ket street 

Kimball, J. N. (Machinery) 

j Thompson, John JMarblehead. 

Gray, Silver & Co. JV. Chelmsford. 
Benedict & Ball. (Steam Engines, 
Faucets and Rolling Mill) Chicopee. 
Abbe &. Lambdin Dolton. 

Smith, Henry Dedham. 

Holmes &. Dunbar, R. R. Depot |Cooley, M. B., Cooley 

Hubbard & Goulding, (Lathes and Kew Salem. 

Tools) Pettee, O. (Cotton Machinery) Up- 

Root. Hiram Deerfield. per Falls J\''ewton. 

Ashcroft, T. Dorchester. Kingman, J. W. (Washing Machines 

Root, Joseph, (Shingle Machines) and Leather Rolling Machines) 

Knfield, J^Torth Bridgcvaler. 

Hussey, Chas. H. 25 Russell st 

Sargent & Smith, (Small Steam En- 
gines) J^ewburyport. 

Johnson, E. D. (Puper Msichirieri) 
Newton Lower Falls jVeedham. 

Atherton, Otis, (Paper Machinery) 
, Cooley Villf, 


Herrick, W. (Pattern Maker) Lower 
Mills j\'orthampton. 

Spear, Isaac Orange. 

Tenny, D. 

McKay, G. (Steam Engines) 


Chapin, E. S. & Co. Plymuuth.. 

Whiting & Cole 

Adams, Nathan Provincetown. 

Chubbuck &. Crimpbell, Ru^gles st 
opposite Cabot Roxbury. 

Hayden, M. 37 Washington st near 

Hutchinson, C. E. 36 Washington st 

Mayall, Miles, 37 do 

Mcintosh, H. M., Orange st near the 
Rubber Works 

Watt, R., Tremont st opp. Factory 

Newcomb, Geo. L. South Salem. 

Andrews & Burnett,(Steam Engines) 

Smith, J. R. & S. 

Norfolk & Marden 

Goodell, Abner C, Front st 

Monument Iron Co. JV. Sandwich. 

Stevens & Gay, (Shoe Tools) 


Lumbard, Z., S. Main st Springfield. 

Trask, Lauren, do 

Ellis, W. C. do 

Jud^on & De Wolf, (Iron) 

Perry & Rowland, (Patent Mortice 
Ml chines) 

Burghardt, W. H., Curtisville 


Dresver, .1. &. Son, 

M ison, William & Co. Taunton. 

Potter, Bennet, Jr. Templeton. 

Hart, Willirim fValpoLe. 

Robbins. L. W. &. E. -j 

Ray. Pliny Waltham. 

Bosworth, Pliny 

Snell, Thos. (Axigurs) Ware. 

Halladay & Dickerman Westfield. 

Emerv. G, W. & E. R. W. J^ewbury. 

Coolidge &, Sibley, (.Cotton & Wool- 
len Tools) fVeston. 

Gilford. E. S. Westport. \ 

Washburn, A. (Cotton Gin) | 


Thayer, W. & W. E. (Screwdrivers, 
&c.) William.'ibv.rg. \ 

Baxter & Whitney, (for Worden 
Ware) Winchendon, \ 

Whitney, Joel JVoburn, 

Combs, S.C.& Co. (Iron) Worcester.l 

Woodburn, Light & Co. (Iron) | 

Fitch & Jones,(Patent Coupling Iron) ' 

Gooding, J. Jr. & Brother, (Iron) 

Ainswo.'th, X. (Card Setting) 

Tourtellott, Davis & Co. (PaiPr, 
Steam Engines) Worcester. 

Ruggles, Nourse & Mison, (Iron) 
Thompson, Skinner & Co do 
Phelps & Bickford, (Woollen) Grove 

HmtI )n, A. B. (Steim Engines) Unioa 

Price, Chas. E. (Iron) Central st 
Goulding, H. (Woollen) do 
Thayer, A. & S. (Iron) do 
Flagg & Co. do do 

Goddard & Rice, (Calico & Paper) 
Hosmer, L. (Iron) 


Allen, John P. 6 Canal Block 


Cutter, S. & H. & Co. 7, 3 Holmes- 
Block, Haymarket ?q. 

Gates, J. W. & Co. 30 Commercial st 

Harrod & Fernald, 127 Ann st.. and 
37 Terry 

Heywood &. Carnes, 26 Commercial 

Hoyt, B. E. 11 Ferry st 

Kittredge & Blakes, City Market, 
Brattle st 

Prime, Kenny & Co. 100 and 102 
Fulton st 

Syrames, Gardner, 47 Blackstone st 

Mal&og^aiiy Cl&airs. 

Stevens, G. W. 515 Washington st 

Willis, R. B., Adams st 

Iflarble Manufacturers. 

Sabins, Chandler East ..Amherst. 

Holmes, Nathaniel Barnstable. 

Walkw. W. Barre. 

Goodale. Moses Belcher town. 

Franklin, Wm. Beverly. 

Barry, Richard, 6 Haverhill st 


Bavley, Thos. J. 72 Harrison Av. 

Bowkers, Torrey & Stafford, 44 
Charlestovvn st 

Cary, Alpheus, 72 Harrison Avenue 

Fitzpatrick, John L. 99 Sea st 

Fleming, John, Blackstone .'5t. near 
Haymarket Sq. 

Grant, J. & M., First st. near Turn- 

Green, M. & T.. Harrison Avennf> 

Harlow, Wm., Jr. 16 Charle.stown st 



Hughes, Timothy E. 7 Kneelaiul st 

Hyland, Wm., Sea st. near Beach 
M'Enally, F., Dedham 
Payne. David, 5 Haverhill s( 
Roberts, John, Friend st. corner of 

Teinpleton, J., Cambridge st. corner 

of Charles 
Warren, H. 9 Haverhill st 
Webb, Joseph, 14 do 

Wentworth, A. 40 Haverhill st., and 

15 Hawley 
Woods. Michael & Co. 65 Charles st 
Eveleth, Eli-^ha & Co. Bridffewatcr. 
Welch, Jo^. W. Cambridge Port. 
H.Mrtwell, J. Ckarlemont. 

Clusson. M irtin Charlestown. 

Brown, R. P. South Egreviont. 

Goodrich, Chester 
Warren, E., South Main st 

Fall River. 
Tibbie, Hiram Kingston. 

Slur?es, T. & E. Lee. 

Barrett, S. & J. Lenox. 

Nichols, David, Dutton st . Lowell. 
Warren, Theodore, Middlesex st 
Sturges, Josiah J\''antucket. 

Taylor, John JVew Bedford. 

Allen, Joseph, Jr., North Second st 
Manchester, Bryant &Gooding.(stone 

cutters.) cor. of North nnd Hill sts 
Kinney, C. M. JVorthampton. 

Hopkins, Thomas A. Orleans. 

Volk, John Pittsfield. 

Holmes, Tribbell & Co. Plymouth. 
Jackson, Nathaniel, St. Peter st 

Sturgis, John & Co. Sandwich. 

Gilbert, Luther Sheffield. 

Shears & Graves 
Shears (2d), Samuel 
Tomlinson, A. & F., Main st 

Keep, George, Lyman st 
Woods, H. Sunderland. 

Hathaway, J. A. C. Taunton. 

Winslow, George R. & Son IVare. 
Rankin, Willinm Westfield. 

Bidwell, Hiram West Stockbridge. 
Fuary, Andrew, (building marble) 
Dtirling, Charles, (manufacturer and 

Freedley, J. K. do do ' 

Milligan, Thomas do do 

Lewis, J. & Co., Market st Worcester. 
Kinney, Benj. H. 
Fisher, Jabez AL Yarmouth. 


Marine RailTrays. 

Morse, Stephen, North wharf 

Ed trartoKm,. 
Robinson & Swift Falmouth. 

Fisher & Holmes J^'antuckeL 

Market Men. 

Boylston, Fanevil Hall and Western 
Railroad Markets. 


Atwood, F, A. 31 F. H. Boston. 

Baldwin, B. D. 11 do 

Bird, C. 65 and 67 do 

Bird, H. & Co. 38 and 40 F. H. 

Brown, A. F. 6 do . 

Brown, Geo. N. 5 Boylston 

Brown, S. P. 20 W. R. R. Market 

Conant & Gross, 62 and 64 F, H. 

Converse, Benj. 13 Boylston 

Davis, Henr}' T. 78 F. H. 

Davis, Wm. & Son, 26 do 

Davis, A. 16 W. R. R. Market 

Drury. C. S. 3 F. H. 

Dunbar C. S. & D. A. 10 and IS 

F. H. 
Dyer & Bramhall, 2 and 4 F. H. 
Dyer & Glover, 7 do 

Ellis, Geo. 12 Boylston 
Ellis, J. S. 30 F. H. 
Ellis, W. 21 do 
Fisher & Chapin, 74 and 76 F. H. 
Fletcher, J. V. 66 and 68 do 
Flint & Richnrds, 28 do 

Gay, Lewis H. 13 do 

Hall, David. 2 and 4 Boylston 
Hall, Thomas, 1 do 

Heustis & Heald, 46 F. H, 

Hiscock, S. 9 do 

Holden & Bullard, 49 and 51 do . 
Horn, J. 19 do 

Jameson, H. 10 Boylston 
King. Geo. W. 3 do 
Krogman, S. B. 8 F. H. 
Learnard, S. S. 50 and 52 F, H. 
Learned, A., Jr. 14 do 

Lock wood & Page. 34 do • 

J-ocke, S. & H. 42 and 44 do 
Melvin, Wm. 16 do 

Merrill, Lewis F. 70 and 72 do 
Morse & Jordan, 6 Boylston 
Newcomb, Jas. 5. W. R. R, Market 
Payson. John F. 75 F. H. 
Pearson, John, 56 do 
Peck, 0. 9 Boylston 


Penney, S. S. & Brother, 8 and 10^ 
W. R. R. Market I 

Potter, Leland & Co. 61 and 63 F. H. ' 
Pntt, Andrew, 45 do 

Pulsifer. David & Co. 77 do 

Rice, Emery, 53 do 

Rice, I. C. & VV. & Co. 69 & 71 do 
Robbins, Joshua, 48 do 

Robbins, Nathan, Jr. 33 and 35 do 
Robinson, Orren. 36 do 

Rus-;ell, Jesse, 1 do 

Sanderson, J. G. 58 do 

Seaverns & Sanderson, MBoylston 
Squire, James C. 29 F. H. 

Squire, John P. 23 & 25 do 

Squire, Jo-eph, 20 do 

Squire, M. P. 18 do 

Sumner, E. & J. H. 37 and 39 do 
Symonds, C. W. 7 W. R. R. Market 
Wales, G. 5 F. H. 

Walker, Edward, 54 do 

"Wellington, George, 7 Boylston 
Withington, Josiah, 8 do 
Whittemore & Davis, 27 F. H 
Wilkins, C. S. 11 Boylston 
Williams, M. 15 F. H. 
Winslow & Skilton, 24 do 
Worthley, D. 41 &. 43 do 
Wood, Wm. 4 & 6 W. R. R. Market 


Adams & Furber, 86 F. H. 
Bell, A. 16 Bovlston 
Briggs, W. P. 17 do 
Butterfield,Winn & Pitts,93 & 95 F.H. 
Brooks & Hiland, 102 do 

Corey, Charles R. 89 do 

Curtis & Co. 104 and 106 do 

Davis, Benj imin B. 83 do 

Davis & Sherman, 2 VV, R. R. Market 
Gowen & Richardson, 85 F. H. 
Hall & Gray, 87 do 

Hill, James. Jr. 107 and 109 do 

Hill, John, 103 do 

Locke & Sawyer, 101 do 

Long & Cate, 91 do 

Moody, Wm. 92 do 

Porter & Simmons, 96 do 

Rand, I. & L. &. Co. 84 do 

Rand & Scott. 108 and 110 do 

Sands & Crafts. 88 and 90 do 

Slack, Lewis, 18 Boylston 
Tombs, M. & Co. 97 and 99 F. H. 
Weld & Mackintosh, 105 do 

Wellington & Reed, 15 Boylston 
Whiting, Dana & Co. 98 & 100 F. H. 
WiUiams, A. D. 102 do 


Aldrich, A. 82 F. H. Boston. 

Chamberlin & Gove, (cellar), 1 F. H. 
Chamberlin & Kimball, 80 do 

Daniels, N. & W. (cellar), 9 do 

Dean, Henry, 79 and 81 do 

Emerson, Edward, 47 do 

FoUett, D. (cellar), 2 and 3 do 

Holden, John A. & Co. 22 do 

Hovey, Wm. B. & Co. (Butter and 

Eggs), 32 F. H. 
Humphrey. Bartlett & Co. 57 and 59 

Faneuil Hall 
Hunter, Wm. (cellar), 4 F. H. 
Sherwin, J. 60 do 

Whittemore & Davis, (cellar), 5 F. H. 


Baker & Shattuck, 126, 128 & 130 F. 

Covell, Reuben, 121 and 123 F. H. 
riolbrook & Newcomb, 129 & 131 do 
New comb & Atwood, 114, 116 & 118 

Faneuil Hall 
Walker & Davis, 113 and 117 F. B. 

Mast and Spar Manu- 

Allen, E. 273 Commercial street, and 

Sumner, East Boston 
Aspinwall, S., Commercial st. near 

Blanchard, Benj. G.. Otis's wf 
Fernald, A. W. & B. L., New street, 

Miller's wharf 
Harris, Isaac & Co., Commercial st, 

near Chelsea Ferry 
Pigeon & Pool, Commercial street, 

nearUnion wharf and Sumner st 

Blanchard, Benj. G. Charlestowiu 
Hutchins, P., Union wf Fairhaven. 
Hatch, Joseph M. Falmouth, 

Crosby. Jesse Kavtucket. 

Bliss & Carday, School street 

A"e7C Bedford, 
Titcomb & Lunt JVeicburyport. 

Smith, Lewis Provivcetown. 

Harding, John IVellJleet, 

Matcb Manufacturers. 

Byam. Ezekiel 
Smith & Snow 
Searl, Jesse 






Match Sticks. 

Lnnd, Francis & Sons dshburnham. 

Einei^', E. (match boxes) 

Lane, E. do do 

Ward, Alvin 

Ellis, D. 

Willard. Alonzo 

Foster, Leonard 

Hasten, Ellis 

Hapgood, L. W. ^thol. 

Mat Manufacturers. 

Lyman, P. Dorchester. 

Peirce, George C. (sheep skins) 


Mercantile Ag^enci s. 

Cleveland, W. A. 8 Merchants' Ex. 
Gordon, Geo. W. 25 Kilby st 
Kimball, James VV. 56 Water st 


Principdlly skip owners, and import- 
ers uf cargoes of Russia, Huut/i 
American, Calcutta, Canton, Eu- 
ropean, and fVest India Goods, ire 

Appleton, William &. Co. 35 and 36 
Lewis vvh:irf Boston. 

Atkins & Freeman, 26 India wt' 
Atkinson, Rollins &l Co. 51 Central 

Austin, Edward, 34 India wf 
Austin, Samuel, 34 do 
Bacon, D. C. 47 Commercial wf 
Bacon, D. G. &W. B.47do 
Bacon, J. V. & Son, 40 Central wf 
Bangs, Benj. 39 and 40 Lewis wf 
Bangs, Elk &, Son, 46 Commercial st 
Bates, Edward C. &. Co. 19 India wf 
Bates &. Co. 55 Commercial wf 
Belknap, John, 15 Congress st 
Binney, C. J. F. 74 Water st 
Boardman, Wm. H. 37 India w f 
Boynton, Edmund, 48 do 
Bramhall &. Howe, 9 T wf 
Brooks, P. C. Jr. 34 (Central wf 
Brown, George, 76 {state st 
Bryant & Sturgis, 1 Commercial wf 
Bullard, Lee & Co. 39 India wf 
Burgess, Benj. &. Sons, 28 do 
Capen, F. W. 65 Commercial wf 
Chase, Theodore, 48 State st 
Chenery &. Co. 18 Long wf 

Clark, B. C. & Co. 63 and 64 Com- 
mercial wf Boston. 
Cobb, Matthew, 4 Central wf 
Codman, S. 7 India wf 
Codman, W. C. 46 Central wf 
Coolidge, J. T. 16 Union wf 
Crocker & Sturgis, 61 Com' I wf 
Cunningham, A. & C. 17 Rowe's wf 
Cunningham, Brothers, 46Cent'l wf 
Cunninghams & Cobb, 169 Broad st. 

opposite head of Rowe's wl' 
Cuiiningham, Jas., Eastern Steam- 
boat wf 
Curtis & Greenough, 48 Central wf 
Curtis &. Peabody, 50 India st 
Curtis. Thomas, 15 Central wf 
Dalton, P. R. 34 do 

Day, Joseph, 21 India wf 
Dexter, F. G. 48 do 
Dixon, Thos. & Son, 41 India wf 
Dixwell, J. J. 56 State st 
Draper, Daniel, 6 Broad st 
Evans, Alfred, 13 do 
Farley, Robert, 24 State :<t 
Fay, Wm. C. 49 Indiawf 
Fenno, James W. 54 Central wf 
Field, Benj. F. & Co. 52 do 
Forbes, John M. 48 State st 
Forbes, R. B. 48 do 

Foster, John H. & Co. 50 Central wf 
Francis, Ebenezer, 60 State st 
Gardner, John L. &. Co. 5 Liberty Sq. 
Glover, Samuel G. 53 wf 
Goddard, Benj. 39 do 

Goddard, Nath'l, Jr. 39 do 
Goddard, Wm. W. 17 Union wf 
Gossler & Co. 31 India wf 
Gould, B. A. 20 Union wf 
Gray, F. A. 31 Central wf 
Gray, S. C. 31 do 

Greely & Guild, 1 do 
Hall, Andrew T. 88 Milk st 
Harrington, Theodore, 50 India st 
Hathaway, John, 101 Milk st 
Hawes, Gray & Co. 5 Central wf 
Haydon, Wm. A. 52 do 

Hay ward & Morse, 11 Foster's wf 
Head, Francis C. 40 State si 
Hemenway, A. 39 Le«'is wf 
Henshaw, Chas. 15 Custon House st 
Henshaw, Edwards & Co. 36 India st 
Hersey, A. C. 67 Commercial wf 
Hicks, J. II. & Co. 32 Central wf 
Higginson, Stephen, 5 Congress st 
Homer & Sprague, 45 &. 20 India wf 
Hooper, Robt. 53 Commercial wf 
Hooper, Robt. C. 26 Central wf 
Howes &. Crowell, 35 Commercial wf 
Huckins, James 35 do 


Hunnewell, James, 25 Commerc'l wf 
Hunting & Tufts, 49 India st 
Hyde, VVm. A. 49 India wf 
lasigi & Goddard, 36 Central wf 
Ingersoli, James & Co. 33 do 
Jellison, Zachariah, 18 do 
Jones, Henrv H. 47 do 

Kent, Wm. V. 28 Long wf 
Kettell, Geo. A. 41 Central wf 
Kittredge, J. & Co. 34 Commercial st 
Kuhn, Geo, H. 40 State st 
Leeds, Jas. 18 Long wf 
Leeds, T. C. 18 do 
Lincoln, R. & Co. 25 Central wf 
Lodge, Jas. 67 Commercial wf 
Lodge, J. E. 67 do 
Lombard, A. C. 31 Lewis wf 
Lombard & Whitmore, 19 Lewis wf 
Loring, Elisha T. 53 India wf • 
Lyman, Geo. T. 32 do 
Mackuy, R. C. 16 Union wf 
Mugoun, T. & Son, 66 State st 
Mayo. John M. & Co. 5 India wf 
McGaw, J. A. 8 Lewis wf 
McLellen, Isaac, 18 Central wf 
Means & Clark, 14 do 
Melledge, J. P. 26 Foster's wf 
Merritt, Jerome, 3 Long wf 
Minol &. Hooper, 40 India wf 
Minut, J. O. B.8Longwf 
Montague, VV.H. & G.L. 5 Congress st 
Morse, Beiij. E. 34 Central wf 
Nichdls, Thaddeus, 19 Central wf 
Nickerson, F.& Co. 11 Commerc'l wf 
Odin. Geo. 69 Broad st 
Oxnnrd, H. P. 53 Commercial wf 
Parker, Daniel P. 40 State st 
Parkman. P. M. 32 India wf 
Parrott, Wm. F. 45 Central wf 
Payson. A. L. 114 State st 
Pear-on, J. H. &. Co. 75 Long wf 
Peirce, H. A. 25 Commercial wf 
Perkin.s & Higginson, 38 Central wf 
Perkins. Wm. 49 Commercial wf 
Phelps. Abel, 18 Long wf 
Philips, James Jr. 34 Doane st 
Pr at, Geo. 46 India wf 
Pratt. Geo. L. 46 India wf 
Prescott, Charles H. 48 India wf 
Rea,\Vm. A. 49 Central wf 
Reggio & Newell, 31 do 
Rope>, Wm. & Co. 36 India wf 
Siimpson &. Tappan, 25 and 26 

Lewis wf 
Sariford, S imuel, 3 India wf 
Santord W^m. H., Counting Room. 3 

India wf 
Savage. Wm. 5 Thorudike Building 

Scudder, H. &. Co. 1 Mercantile v\f 
Seccomb, Taylor & Co. 31 and 32 

Commercial wf 
Shaw, R. G. & Co. 52 Commerc'l wl 
Sharp, D. Jr. & Co. .52 do 

Shelton, Philo S. 44 India wf 
Sunpson, M. H.31 Pearl st 
Spooner, D. N. 34 Central wf 
Sprague, P. & Co. 13 Commercial wi 
Storer, R. B. 47 India wf 
Sturgis, H. P. 56 State st 
Tenny, Marshall, 4 Central wf 
Thatcher & Billings, 20 Long wf 
Thatcher, Isaac, 31 Long wf 
Thompson, B. L. 16 City wf 
Thwing. S. C. & Co. 8 Kilby st 
Torrey, Samuel, 15 Congress st 
Tracy & Russell, 59 and 60 Commer- 
cial street 
Train. E. & Co. 37 and 38 Lewis wf 
Tremlett, Thos. 28 Foster's wf 
Tudor, Fred'k 20 Court st 
Wainwright& Tappan. 29 Central wf 
Wales, T. B. & Co. Wales' wf 
Walker & Brother, 81 Slate st 
Weld, Wm. F. & Co. 30 Central wf 
Welch, G. W. 63 and 65 Eastern Rail 

Road wf 
Welch, J. 63 and 65 East. R. Road wf 
Welles, B. 27 Merchants' Exchange 
Wells, Chas. 20 Union wf 
Weston, E. & Sons, 37 Commerc'l wf 
Wheeler, Jos. P. 48 Central wf 
VV^heelwright. E. 30 Commercial st 
White, B. C. 47 Central wf 
White, B. F. 5 Morton Block 
Wigglesworth, Edward, 16 India wf 
Wigglesworth, Thos. 16 do 

Wigglesworth. Thos. Jr. 16 do 
Williams, H. P. 21 Union st 
Winsor, Henry, 9 Commercial wf 
Worthington. W. & Co. 20 Central wf 
Zipcy & Wyman, 16 Rowe's wf 

Millinery and Fancy- 

French, H. B. & A. D. Ameshurij. 

Dunbar. C. Cantun. 

Saunders, G. W. 

Tucker, Betsy 

Wait, A. Chicopee Falls. 

Ilutchins, H., Exchange st Chicopee. 

Wait, A. do 

Wetherbee, J. M. (Bleacher and 

Pressor) Exchange st 
Williams, Mary Dorchester. 

Nye, James, Main st Fairhaven. 






Patridge, J. \V. 

Filley, C. 

Bickloid, Mary 

Sio;iehill & Co. 

t5inith, J me P. 

Forbes, S. B. 

Works, S. H. 

Lord, A. P. 

Newman, S. A. 

Whtill, S. (Variety) Lawrence. 

R mdall. Win. F. 

Stokes, i\. 

Uaiuoii, Henry East Lexington. 

Robinson, F. VV. (wholesale; 10 Cen- 
tral street Lowell. 

Packard & Leonard. 126 Merrimack st 

Webster, C. (wholesale) 25 do 

Cram, A. D. 23 do 

Ilerrick, S. C. Methuen. 

Dean, Joshua Middleburough. 

Soule, Mrs. Geo. H. 

Sporgs & Tucker Milton. 

Swift, Judith 

Kempton, Mary T. 28 Purchase st 

Aew? Bedford. 

Baker, F. E. 4 Cheapside st 

Blake, Sarah, 7 do 

Leonard, L. 10 do 

Rogers, John. 11 do 

Green, F. H. 12 do 

Briggs, A. S. 21 do 

Tabor, Abba, 113 Purcha^^e st 

Kettell, J. W., State st jYeic bury port. 

Moody, Sarah, do 

Richardson, M. do 

Washburn, J. J^Torth Bridgewater. 

Smith, Miss M. JVorthanipton. 

Osborne, S. & C. 

Wilson, Geo., Merchants' Row 

Blodgett, M. M. Palmer Depot. 

Fulton & Hnm Pittsfield. 

Brummett. H. Quiiicy. 

Harris, Josephus Randolph. 

Short, Joseph, 210 Essex st Salem. 

Perry, Mrs, A. 254 do 

Morrill, P., & Walker, M. M., Misses 
248 Essex st 

Pitten& Lamprey,Misses Salisbury. 

Smith, Mrs. E. A. 5. Hadley Falls. 

Trenbath, Mrs. G. Z., Fou itain Row 

Mann, Chas. A., Main st j 

Hubb!ird, Mrs. E. M. 5 Hampden Hall ' 

Pomeroy, Miss R., State st i 

Wilcox, O. VV. 8 St ite st ' 

Colton, Iriiid I, Springfie/d Hill. 

iJolbeare. Mr-. S. S., Foots' lUock 

Briggs, H. 24 Main st Taunton. 

Copeland, E. do i 


Clark, A. ff^are. 

Crowell, Hannah B. IVareham, 

Chapmjin, Lewis tVestfield. 

Flint, Austin, Main st Worcester, 
William >, Martin R. (wholeiale) 121 

Main st 
Felton, Mrs. 88 M aa st 
Bl ick, H. M. & M. C. 13 M an st 
Jenks, L. A. 149 do 

Upton, Isaac H. (wholesale) Waldo 

Goodale, Eunice, 97 Mriin st 
Bellows, E. 57 do 

Winchester, S. 49 do 
Rand, Jas. S. 90 do 

Military Goodsi 

Baker, J. B. (caps) 12 Court st Boston. 
Cunningham, H. (upholsterer) 3 

Milk street 
Foster, Geo. B. 29Tremont Row 
Jones, Bail & Poor, 123 Wa hingtoo 

Roulotone, E. A. G. 9 Hanover st 


Holmes & Dunbar 
Sport'urd, Uriah G. 
Ewer, Zenas 
Manly, W. R. 
Everett, Horatio 
Blake, S. W. 
Gibbs, VVm. 








Morocco Lieatber Deal- 

Alley, Tapley & Co. 18 Blackstone st 
Bassett, C. 44 N. Market st 
Brackett, J. 11 Exch ingest 
Brackett. R. 38 N. Market st 
Fernald, W. R. 42 do (up stairs) 
Hall, G. S.. Fulton st cor. Shoe and 

Hartshorn. J. Jr. 13 Fulton st 
Hunt & Cutter, 29 N. Market st 
L ihr, P. A. 21 Devonshire st 
Lillie. Thos. E. &, Co. 24 E.vchangest 
Newhall, F. S. &, Co. 15 & 17 Fultoa 

Oliver, J. E. 39 N. Market st 
Picker, C. & Co. 27 do 
Packer. Geo. 10 Bl ickstune st 
Reynolds & Waitt, 34 \. M rketst 
Sevvall, Moses B, 7 Bl;tcksto,.e si 
Souther, Joseph, 61 Fulton st 


Sweeuer, Samuel, 32 N. Market st 

Webster & Co, 39 N. Market st 
Wuittemure, Thos. Jr. 21 Fulton st 

Iflusic Publishers. 

Beal, Thos. over 184 Washington st 
Day, H W. 8 Court Sq. (up stairs) 
Ditson, Oliver, 115 Washington st 
Fisher. J. & W. R. 71 Court st 
Howe, Elias, 11 Cornhill 
Keith, C. H. 67 and 68 Court st 
Marsh, S. W. 371 Washington st 
O ikes, W. H. 197 do 

Ordway, A. &J.P. 339 do 
Parker, Sam' 1 H. 115 do 
Reed, G. P. 17 Tremont Row 
Tolman, H. 153 Washington st 
Wade, E. H. 197 do 

Iflusical Instruments. 

Curtis, W. F. (teacher of music) 

Oreat Barrington. 
Bates & Jordan, 129 Washington st 
Binney & Co. 77 Court st 
Ditson, Oliver, 115 Washington st 
Keith, C. H. 67 and 69 Court st 
Marsh, S. W. 5 Adams House, 371 

Washington st 
Prentiss, Henry, 33 Court st 
Reed, Geo. P. 17 Tremont Row 
Tolman, Geo. S. 213 Washington st 
Tolman, Henrv, 153 do 

Wade, E. H. 197 do 

Lyon, Nicholas U. 9 North Main st 

Fall River. 
Shephard, B. H. 77 Merrimack st 

Leland, A. (teacher of music) M lin 

street Upringfield. 

Elli . C. S. 112 Main st Worcester. 
Loring, Caleb, 203 do 
Hopkins, John 5 Purchase street 

JVew Bedford. 

musical Instrument 

Cioshy, W. 15 Hawley st Boston. 
Hunting', W. S. 11 Charlestown st 
Lyuii, G. W. 153 Washington st 
Schatz, Henry, (guitar and violin) 17 

Boylston Square 
Schuiffler, F. G. & Co. 555 Wash- 
ington st 
Tolman, H. 153 Washington st 

White, I. J. & J. H. 59 Court st 


Wright, E. G. 115 Court st 

Cheeney, I. E. (repairer) 50 Middle st 


Moor, J. S. (copper and brass insini- 

Ruck, J., Adams st Roxbury. 

Schneider, V., Ad ims st n. Yeoman 
Merritt, W. (reed instruments) 


Fiske, I. (copper and brass) Litche's 

Mill Worcester. 

Nail Manufacturers. 

Gmrney, David B. (tacks) 

Houth, Jibirtgton. 
Hobert, Benj. J. (tacks and nails) 
Loring, Samuel, Jr. (tacks, finishing 
nails, &c.) Duxbury. 

Brown, Charles & Co.(nails & plate.-) 
East Bridgewater. 
Hanson Iron Works J\'orth Hanson, 
Thomas, Wm (spike-) Hiiiffham. 
Ellis, Joseph L. (cut nail<) 

J^ewton Upper Falls. 
White, F. A. (shoe nails; Mansfield. 
Russell, M. &L, Co. (anchors; 

Phiuney, Herman & Co (cut luiils) 

Burdick & Co. (trunk n lils) 


Nails— Dealers. 

Bullai-d, Lewis, 51 Kilby st Boston. 
Coffin, Wni. E. Hi. Co. \<io St ue st 

i Cutler & Robinson, Kilby street, cor. 

[ Water 

EUis & Meriam, 35 India st 
Fullerton & Raymond, 119 Milk st 

, Gould, J. S. &. Co. 8 Faneuil Hall 

j Building 
Harvey, Page & Co. 1 and 2 South 

Market st 
Messinger & Co. 22 Broad st 
Old Colony Iron Cn, 79 State st 
Parker Mills Co. 26 Broad st 
Ranstead, C. & Co. 25 Foster's wf 
I'homas, Wm. & Co. 79 State st 
Tobey, J. B. 9 City wf 
Weymouth Iron Co. 110 Milk st 

Naval Stores. 

Bates & Randall, 51 Chatham st 




CI irk & Jones, Fort Hill \vf Boston. 
Copeliin<l & Kidder, 33 India st 
H 'iishMW, Chas. 15 Custom Housast 
Kittredge, Jeremiah & Co. 34 Com- 
mercial St 
Simmons, Thomas, 7 India st 

Notaries Public. 

Lawrence, Myron Belchertown. 

Adams, Charles B. F. 27 State st 

Bigelow, J. P. 46 State st 
Bigelow. Prescott, 46 do 
Clark, Henry, 24 do 

Currier, Beiij. H.2 New Court House 
Dexter, Thomas A. 28 State st 
Ewer, Charles, 33 Spring st 
Hayvvard, Chas. 59 State st 
Jenks, S. H. 17 do 

Montgomery, Hugh, Turnpike, near 

Fourth st 
Parker, M. S. 13 Brazer's Building 
Tyler. J. S. 2 Suflblk Build., Change 

Heard, Charles Briarhton. 

Kelly, John 

Clark, Epaphras Enfield. 

Saville, Wm. Gloucester. 

Emerson, Charles X. 

Great Barrin«tton. 
Ripley, Franklin Greenfield. 

Weed, D iniel I^awrence. 

Pierce, Wm. 

Martin, Nathan C. Milton. 

Whitman, Charles K. Kantacket. 
Mitchell, Sanmel 

Taylor, W. H. JVew Bedford. 

Congdon, Benjamin F. 
Cook, John jXewbunjport. 

Frotliingham, Joseph A. 
Bacon, Wm. 69 Washington st 

Russell, James, Chestnut st 
Simmons, David A. 64 Wash, st 
Wiiiting, Wm., Guild's Building 
Cirlton, Oliver Salem. 

Cloutman, Joseph 
Miller, E])hraim 
Punchard, John 
Kussell, John 
Thorndike, Larkin 
Waters, Joseph G. 
Webb, Stephen P. 
Williams, John S. 
Williams, Daniel R. Stockbridge. 
Presbury, Benjamin F., Main st 

Holmes, John Tisbury. 

Duxhame, George Tisbury. 

Tatt, Henry. W. (Vest Stockbridge. 


Bond, Thomas JVurth Brookfield. 

Chandler, George F. 

Messer, Haren 

Crapo, Henry H. 

Wa-shburn, John 

Jaques, George 



J\rew Bedford. 



Oars— Dealers. 

Barker & Page, 35 Eastern Railroad 

wharf Boston. 

Gardner, S. H., Eastern Railroad wf 

Winsor &. Soule, 14 Comnjercial wf 

Oil aud Candles. 

♦ Denotes the Manufacturers., 

Callender, W. B. Jr. 22 Chatham st. 

(linseed and lard) Boston, 

Chipman, T. G. 4 Boylston st. (New 

Bedford Oil Co.) 
Col.Mnan, L. 22 Water st 
I * Downer, Samuel, Jr. 100 State st 
Fernald, A. C, Travers st. oppos't© 

National Theatre 
*Fisk, R. F. & J. C, 26 S. Market st 
I *nsk, Wm. P. & Co. 13 Long wf 
*Fisher, Warren &. Co. 7 Cent'l wf 
Cray, H. D. & Co, 24 India st 
Hunting & Tufts, 49 do 
Kidder, J, G. 4 South Market st 
* Lambert, George, 38 Broad st 
r>iiicoln, Henry &. Co. 17 India st 
*Milliken, E. C. & Co. 21 North Mar- 
ket street 
i Mixer & Pitman, 147 Milk st 
1 Murdock, James M. 19 and 20 South 
t Market st 

Oliver, Wm. B. 19 Union st 
*Siminons, Geo. A. 21 Long wf 
*Southard, Zibeon & Co. 27 Broid ^\. 
South End Oil Co. 13 E. Dedhwn 
I *Slearns, Henry L. (linseed oil.) Wa- 

ter St. cor. Congress 
j *Sturtevant, Edwards & Co. 20 

Broad st 
*Sturtevant, Noah & Co. 8 Broad st 

Thayer, C. & N. 32 India st 
Ware k. Demond, 32 Loi c \vf 
Whitney &, Swain, 84 Water st 


Whittemore, W. & F. H. & Co. 32 
Broad st Boston. \ 

Wiggin & Morse. 101 State st 
May, Thomas, Straight wharf 

*Howland, Isaac, Jr. & Co. 3 Com- 
mercial wf J^ew Bedford. 
•Crocker, Oliver & Geo. 
Grinnell, L. & J. G. 32 Centre st 
Rodman & Leonard. 31 Rodman st 
Baker. Edward L. 17 Middle st 
Leonard, N. 

Baker, George T. 50 South Water st 
♦Morgan, C. W., Roich's Sq. 

Oil Manufacturers. 

Brown, Oliver, (neats foot oil.) 197 
Main st Charlestown. 

Cummings, John, (linseed oil) 

Kurth Dartmouth. 

Fisher, David &c Co. ('jperm and 
whale) Edgartown. 

Gorham, Josiah (sperm and whale) 

Kelley, Henr}- A. JVantucket. 

Crosby, Matthew. Jr. 

Gardner. Robert F. 

Masy, Thomas (dealer) 

Thain & Wing 

Morgan, C. VV. Rotch's Square 

J^''eiD Bedford. 

Leonard, Samuel, I-eonard's vvf 

Barker & Athern, Second st 

Hathaway & Luce (dealers) Wal- 
nut street 

Gardner, Edward (dealers) 16 Cof- 
fin street 

Smith, Caleb (sperm and whale) 

South Snlem. 

Leonard, E. C. (wholes;ile dealer) 
Water st Sprivgfield. 

Huntington & Avery (lard oil) Main 

Hastings & Co. (lard and sperm) 
Main street 

Clough, Isaac S. (dealer) Waltham. 

Oil Dealers. 


Alden, E. G. 199 Broad st Boston, 
Coburn, Henry R. 29 India st 
Hanaford, James W. 38 S. Market st 
Jones, C. L. & Co. 4 do 

Jones, Thomas. 72 Atkinson st 
Lane, Charles & Co. 22 South Mar- 
ket street 
Mears, Granville, 99 Water st 

Palmer, George W. 45 Pearl st. near 
Broad Boston. 

Ward & Boott, 90 Milk st 
Phillips, E. B. (fish oil— dealers) 



Goldsmith, Wm. 300 Washington st 
Paine, C. M. 238 Washington st 
Prince, Abraham, 295 1-2 do 
Raymond, F. C. 229 do 

Thaxter & Brother, 162 do 
Widdifield, D. B. & Co. 148 do 
Paine, Geo. 2 Walnut st Worcester. 

Org^an Builders. "^ 

Appleton & Warren, 123 Cambridge 
street Boston. 

Hook, E. & G. G. 1 Second st 
Simmons & Mclntire, Causeway st 

Org^anS) Seraph ines and 

Holbrook & Wall .East Medwav. 

Holbrook. G. H. 

Alley, Joseph, Brown's wharf 

Kent, Josh, (organs and melodeons) 
Nichols, M. O. (reed organs) 

West JVewton 
Emerson, Thos. J. do do 
Packard, C. H. (reed organs and se- 

raphines) J\''nrth Bridgewatn: 

Packard, Foss & Co. (reed orgaiis 

and seraphines). Plain Village 
Pierce, Samuel, (organs and pips 

manufacturers) Reading. 

Jemunder, A. & Brothers, State vt 


Smith & Grant 
Johnson, Wm. A. 

Clark, Edwin H. 

(church and par- 
West Stockbridge. 

Farley & Pearson, (wholesale ai;d 
retail) Worcester. 

Jewett, N. B. & Co. 82 Main st 

Packers of Fisb. 

Loveland. T. O. & Co. Chathnm. 

Hardy. Josiah. Jr. 

Sparrow, Reed & Lewis 

Bates John, (inspector) Cohassei. 

Lawrence, Josiah do 

Snow, E., Jr. do 



Wliittiugton, Alfred, (inspector) 

Hall, Henry K. do 

Tower, Thomas do 

Wilcot, James do 

P irker, John do 

Howes, James, (inspector and dealer) 
J\rorth Dennis. 
rovvell, Wm. (deputy inspector) 
Harbor, George, (inspector) 

Union Wharf Company Inspector 

Atvvood, John, Jr. 
Wyman & Cook, (inspectors) 

Scituate Harbor. 
Hawes & Taylor Yarmouth Port. 

Pails and Tubs--]Hanu- 

Tenney & Lawrence Ashburvham. 

Burr & White Jishby. 

Allen &. Lawrence 

Dexter, E. Jlthol. 

K-incroft, Amasa South Oardner. 

Ballard & James Oill. 

Wilder, C. & A. South Hingham. 

Hobert, Thomas, (tubs) 

Whitney, M. B. Warwick. 

Delve!, C. W. 

Putman, F. Wendell Depot. 

Painters— House^ Sig°n & 

Cilson, Lorenzo East J)bivcrton. 

Dutcher, L I. South JJdmns. 

Cole & Ford JVorfA Adams. 

Ellis, Nathan Anduver, 

Robbins, L. Osterville Barnstable. 
Edwards. Richard L. Beverly. 

Remmonds. John 
Edwirds, William 
Foster, A. & \. H. 
Adams, J., Atliens street, ^ear E 

Babb, N. P. 3 Camev Place 
Baker, R. & Son, 410 Washington st 
B<lcom & Williams, 72 Piiickney st 
Barnard & Sprague, Turnpike, near 

Fourth st 
BHny, Wm. 16 Hawley st 
Bites, John. 3 Province st- 
Bites, S. D. 57 1-2 Court st 
Bates, Wm. A. 39 Eastern Railroad 

Rat-^on, J. P., Broadway, near C st 
Booth, E. H. 57 PorUand st 

Brown, John G.. 24 Wilson Lane 

Bruce, J. L., Commercial wharf 
Bruce, J. N, 8 Salem st 
' Bugbee, Charles, Tremont Road 
I Burgess, Chas. S. 1 Hawley. st 
Butts, G. & Son, Mirginal st. E, B. 
' Buzzell, John T. 40 Congress st 
Cabot, H. 86 Blackstone st 
' Cass, C. C. 91 Water st 
Cassell, E. D. 60 1-2 Cornhill 
ICassell, Gideon. 33 PYiend st 
Cassidy, Geo. W. .52 Cambridge st 
' Childs, F, E. 27 Dock Sq. 
Clark, B. M. & Co. 71 Broad st., and 

2 Lewis St. cor. of Commercial 
Clarke. Wm., 10 Railroad Block, Lin- 
coln st 
Cloutman, J. S. 190 Washington st 
Cook, James M. & Co. 5 Atkinson st 
Crispin, Wm. C. 9 Hawley st 
Currier, Lewis, rear of 3 Hanover st 
Currier, S. Q. & J. M., rear of 3 

Hanover st 
Cushing. Wm., 62 1-2 Mvrtle st 
Denton &. Wight, ov.-r 26 School st 
Dexter, H. N.. Fayette Court 
Dodge, J. H. 105 1-2 Commercinl st 
Ellis, Samuel & Co., Sumner street, 

Everbeck, John, 95 Water st 
Fernald, Eli, 7 Albany st 
Fifield, C. S., Newbury Place, comer 

of Washington st 
Follett, J. H. (graiuer), 63 Blackstone 

French & Nye, re:'r of 1 Howard st 
Frost, H. 24 Congress st 
Gibson, K. 168 Tremont st 
Gill. J, B.. Curve st. cor. of Hudson 
Goliling, Wm. B., Devonshire st. near 

Goodwin, W. F. & E. S., Bromfield 

St. opposite Bromfield House 
Graffam, S. W. Hi Federal st 
Green, John. Jr. 6.')9 Washington st 
Griffith, E. R., Avery st 
Halloran, Nicholas, 612 Washington 

Hamblin & Kelley. London st. E. B 
I Hamblin, Eli, Meridian st 
IHaiid, Wm., Lenox st 
Harriman, J. 91 Water st 
[Hxsting.s, Cyrus, Hawlev st 
Haven, Calvin W. 8 Esse.x st 
Hayes, Wm. 294 (^onmiercial st 
Henderson, C. & Son, 31 Hanover st 
H ivward & Freeborn, 51 Cambridge 
I St. and City Market 


Hiller, Benj. H. 1 India whf. Boston. 
Homer, Albert, 68 Court st i 

Homer, F. H. P. 562 Wa-<hington st 
Hooper & Stevens, 48 1-2 Mount 

Vernon st 
Hopps, Charles, Sudbury st. corner ' 

of Adams 
Horn.C F. 7 Market Square, Change 

Ilsley, Hosea, 54 Commercial st 
Jacobs & Desmond, 3 Rowe's whf 
Jenkins, Henry, Arch wharf, 216 

Broad st 
Jenkins, Solon, 250 Broad st. head of 

Holbrook & Dillon's Dry Dock 
Jenkins, Joshua, Broadway, near B 

Jennin§;s, John J. 18 School st 
Johns, Wm. M. 1 Winter st 
Kauffer, John T., Suffolk st. comer 

of Canton 
Kittredge, J. D. 4 Bennet st 
Knox, Charles H. 121 Milk st 
Leeds & Ricker, 97 Ha hover st 
Longley, A. C. 112 C:imbridge st 
Magee, John A. 16 Leveret st 
Martin, J. S. 1 Hawley Place 
Martin, R. S. 8 Province st 
Massy, Hugh, 59 Endicot st 
McDonald, John, Broadway, near 

Dorchester st 
McLane, L. 7 Albany st 
McMath, John. 12 Causeway st 
McPherson, VV. J. & W., Derby 

Range Court 
Morris, T. D. over 153 Washington st 
Morton, E. G. 20 Kingston st 
Morton & Sharp. 29 1-2 Atkinson st 
Muhlig, J. M. 210 1-2 Broad st 
Newell & Hathaway, Kneeland st n. 

Nichols & Miller, over 31 Congress st 
Noyes, C. E. 92 Harrison Avenue 
Noyes, E. L. rear 375 Washington st 
Noyes, Wm. A, 14 Lewis st, E. B. 
Orcutt, J. P. 44 N. Mtrket st 
Osborn. John H. 24 Water st 
Osgood, John B. .50 Merrimack st 
Paine, A. C, Washington st n. Dover 
Park, C. R. 301 Washington st 
Park, J. B. Sea st. foot Summer 
Park, Wm. A. 10 Garden st 
Pea body, W. H. 66 Harrison Av 
Phillips J. L. 54 Warren st 
Poland, O & N. 13 Hawley st 
Pond & Clark. 16 Sudbury st 
Porter, O. 63 Blacks tone st 
Punchard, Thos. 209 Hanover st 
Redding, Chas. 98 Court st 

Richards &. Noyes, 42 School st 

Ricker, E. B. 66 Cambridge st 
Robinson & Roberts, 12 Green st 
Robinson, R. T., Richmord st comer 

Rogers, J. W. H. 75 Union st 
Rolland, John H. 17 Bios (iui st 
Rose & Ropes, 54 Federal st near 

Sargent & Rowin. 3 Dix Place 
Sargent, Wm. 91 Portland st 
Sawyer & Hopkins, 96 Federal st 
Schell, L. 702 Washington st 
Sexton, J. M. Federal st c. Purchase 
Smith, C. A. 11 Kingston st 
Snow & Clark, 8 Devonshire st 
Staff()rd, C. F. 14 Carver st 
Stewart, H. L. & Co. 71 Pleasant st 
Stiles, C. W. 51 Cani!)ridge st 
Stone, N. 75 Union st 
Street, J., Tremont st n. Pleasant 
Thaxter, Jacob, 4 Harrison Avenue 
Thomas, John, 165 Hanover st 
Todd, B. D. 21 Union st 
Tompkins, Wm. O. 21 Union st 
Tovvnsend, C. B. rear 48 Congress st 
Tncker, W. A. 303 Commercial st 
Tyler, F. L. 1 Pleasant st 
Vinal, Ezra, 112 Commercial st 
Vose, Edvv. A. head Marine Railway 
Wiiitt, G. P. 378 1-2 Washington st 
Ware, Daniel L. 69 1-2 Cambridge st 
Warren, L. 103 Hanover st 
Wetherbee, D. 1 1-2 Sprini; Lane 
Wharton & Locke, Washington st 

cor. Pleasant 
W^hitcher, J. & J. P., Turnpike near 

2d street 
W^hitney & Gritfin, V2 Cambridge st 
Wills, Henry, opp. 10 We^t st. 
Woodbury, T. S., Haverhill st cob. 

Yendell, Geo. 17 Lindall st 


Beadles. James, 24 Friend st Boston, 
Brainard, A. H., A st. near Second 
Brainard. E. H., Turnpike 
Briesler, Geo., Buinstead Court 
Coles. R. G., Beverly st 
Frothingham, Abner P. 9 West st 
Goodwin, G. K. 90 Portland st 
Phelps, Jerome, Harrison Av., and 9 

Orange st 
Salmon, John, Jr., Hawley st 
WilUams, T. A. 53 Eliot st 





Drew, C. 18 Court st 
Scott, John W. A. 16 Tremont st n. 


Clark, Alvan, 15 Tromont Row 
Livermore, M. S. Mr<. 38 do 
Russell, M. B. 21 School st 
Staigg, R. M. 4 Amory Hall 


Blakemore, W. 10 Theatre Alley 
Blanchard, G. H. (shades) 30 Brom- 

field street 
Burt, Jas. (sign) 12 Water st 
Dearborn, S. H. 1 Harvard Place 
Druinniond &. Co. 505 Washington st 
Hayes & Co.(iransparent shades) 293 

VVashington st 
Horn, C. F. 7 Market Square, Change 

Lloyd, D. (shades) 284 Washington st 
Phillips, N. M. 21 Cornhill 
Savory, T. C, Court street, Haskin's 

Smith & Moore, 32 Washington st 
Somerby, F. T. 50 Cornhill 
Soraerby & Wolcott, 5 Water st 
Weston, VV. (niarbler) 14 Lewis st 
Whytal, Thos. G. (sign and window 

shades) 120 Wasliington st 


Alexander, Francis, 34 Tremont Row 
Badger, Thos. 7 Federal Court 
Badger, Thos. H. 7 do 
B ill, T. (:irtist) 17 1-2 Tremont Row 
Brackeit, VV. M. 8 1-2 do 

Bond, C. V, 3 Aiiiory Hall 
Clark, A. 15 Tremont Row 
Crockett, S. L. 3 Amory Hall 
Edwards, Thos. 38 Tremont Row 
Fisher, A. (landscape) 220 Washing- 
ton street 
Fish, Geo. G. 26 Bromfield st 
Flagg, H. C. (artist), 17 Trem. Temp. 
Greenough, .1. (landscape) 17 1-2 

Tremont Row 
Hall, Geo. H. 5 Amory Hall 
Hamblin. S. .1.. Webster st E. R. 
Haskell, H. B., Court st cor. Howard 
Havward, .1. H. 3 Amory Hall 
Heiidley, C. 11 Tremont Temple 

Hoit, A. G. 5 1-2 Tremont Row 

Hollingsworth, G. 259 Washiniiion >t 
Hubbard, Chas. 1 1-2 Tremont Row 
Hudson, W. Jr. 5 1-2 do 

Johnson, J. E. (artist) 13 Tremont 

Temple ' 
Joh<;son,'D. C. (artist) 5 1-2 Tremont 

Morse, A. C. (artist) 11 1-2 Tremont 

Nutting, Benj. F. 20 Washington st 
Otis, B. 8 Bennet st 
Pope, John, 12 Tremont Temple 
Prior, W. M., Trenton st n. Meridian, 

E. B. 
Pratt, H. C. 251 Washington st 
Seager, Edw. 11 1-2 Tremont ^Row 
Seaman, E. 138 Hanover st 
Smith, J. a. (landscape) 46 Orange 

Spear, T. T. (historical) 38 Tremont 

Thompson, C. G. 2,57 Washington st 
Wight, M. 5 1-2 Tremont Row 
Hawes, S. P. 112 Merrimack street 

Burrell, A. M. Quincy. 

Mason, S. Taunton. 

Stock, J. W., Foots' Block 

Woodward, Henry, 4 Warren Block 
Bemis, Wm. O., Warren Block 
Hinsdale, R. L., Waits' Block 
Peckham, Robt. 87 Summer st 


Clark, B. M. & Co. 71 Broad street 

Ellis, S. & Co., Sumner st E. B. 
Jenkins, H.. Arch wf. 216 Broad st 
Ilsley, Hosea, 54 Commercial st 
Nickerson, A., Cunningham's wharf 

E. B. 
Small, Clement, Sumner st E. B. 
Stinson, S., New st n. Sumner, E. B. 
Vose, Edw. A., Lincoln's wf 


Cook, Jas. M. & Co. 5 Atkinson st 
Kittredgo, J. D. 4 Bennet st 
Noyes, E. L., rear 375 VVashington st 
RouNtone, M. 61 Poplar st 
Siielliiig.. Enoch H., Richmond street 
cor. Hanover 




Cutter & Stevens 

Hooper, Thomas 

Canham, Win. 

Morgan, J. VV. 

Baker &, Farrinjrton 

A-qiiith. Thditias 

Tufts, E. T. East Cambridge. 

Newell, Timothy Cambridge Part. 

Thayer, J. IJ. & J. P, 

Richardson, J:imes 

Boardman & Tucker 

Lopez, Andrew Canton. 

Waldron, H. G. 6 Charlestown Sq. 

Phillips & Simonds, Main st 
Fuller, Geor;jte do 

Weston &c Ma^on do 

Edmonds, Beiij. 9 Charlestown Sq. 
Clark, Enoch .1.. Water st 
Fish &, Harding, 3 Union st 
Beddoe, Thomas, 55 xMain st 
Poole, Chas. 138 do 

Holden, Nehemiah, 4 Water st 
Bradford, Henry Chelmsford. 

Gove. S. S. Cohasset. 

Giles, James Concord. 

Brown, .Joshua R., on the Mill Dam 
Smith, Julius M. 

Blaney, Philip, M-^in st Danvers. 
Osborn, J. VV. (fresco painter) 10; 

Park st 
Putnam, Ehen J^orth Danvers. \ 

Spaulding, A.J. j 

Eldridge & Manly S. Dartmouth. I 
Smith, Wm. S., Russell's Mill^ | 

Ellis, Oliver, Ce'stre st Dedham 

Gardner, Henry .\. 
Galucia, A. B., Centre st 
Brooks, L. A. 
Henderson, H. E. 

Tileston, Samuel, Lower Mills j 

Dorchester. \ 
Blackman, L. S. 
Hoyt, Benjamin 
Capen, George 
Legalle, John W., Xeponset 
Stearns, Caleb, Morrison Sq. j 

Sanborn, G. j 

Swift, Joshua W. Duxbury. ] 

Brown, H. East Bridgewater. j 

Readclitf, Joseph J. 
Allen, Charles H., Central wharf 

Fairhave-n. i 
Southworth & Pitman, 44 S. Main 

street Fall River. 

Munroe, Hezekiah, 34 Second st I 

Butts, Wm. 79 West Central st 

Fall River. 
Haskell, John, 17 Pocasset st 
Whittemore. H. C. Foxborough. 

Graham, Geo. Framinghaia. 

Loker, Charles, Saxonville 
Perr)-, Wm. J. do 

Babson, D. F., Front st Gloucester. 
Millet, Lewis 

Bacon, John F. Ot. Barrington. 
Moulton & Smith 

Gilligan, Geo. Greenfield. 

Brigham, George D. Groton. 

Lanes & Kingman Hingham. 

Newman, Benj. Ip.^wich. 

Hedrick, Geo., Central st LoicelL 
Hanson, J. L. do 
Moulton & Fielding, 75 Central st 
Blaisdell, W. A. 73 do 

Cobb, W. A. 48 do 

Stilton, Josiah, Merrimack st 
Conant, O. J; do 

Shaw, J. H. 11 Prescott st 
Kittredge, J. do 

Clark, Geo. W. do 
Burnap, Ethan do 
Newman & Mason, 4 Middle sb 
Kittredge, A. do 

Minot, William, Middlesex st 
Waters, S. T. do 

Farson, Simon do 

Chase, Jacob, Front st Lynn. 

Ashton, S. G. Jr. 
Johnson, Albert, 5 Summer st 
Osborne, E. F. . Marblehead. 

Bartol, John 
Bowden, John A. 

Willkey & Jones Jilatfapoisftt, 

Byirrows, G. 

Bullard, John E. Mrdjic/d, 

Merrill, Moses Jledford. 

White, Elihu JVest Medioay. 

Scott & Gilson jMedway, 

Pollard, Edward Methuen. 

Wood & Clark Middieboro\ 

Sparrow, Jacob G. 
Short, Phillips & Co. 
Vose & Chapman Milton. 

Rice, L. G. Montague. 

Paddock & Whippy J\'antuckct. 

Paddock, John & Co. 
Walker, Nathan, Water st 
Smith, Wm. P. do 

Long, Obed do 

Ray, Benj., Orange st 
Long & Meader, North wf 
Coffin, Wm. H.. Washington st 
Freeman, Deiter & Co. 2l Union st 
JVew Bedford, 



Underwood, Charles W. 16 Commer- 
cial wf J^ew Bedford. 

Hradford & Ru^spU, Orringe st 

Russell, Will. \V., O.'iiiniercial wf 

Tobey & Maxficid, Cmitral st 

Potter. Hillman & Co. 72 N. Water st 

Hill, Asa, 92 • do 

Covell, Benj. B., Middle st 

Sanford, Thomas, 62 Elm st 

DeWolf, 105 Third st 

Sturtevant, Win. H.26 Spring st 

Parker, Wm. C. 49 Second st 

Wade & Bates, 147 North Market st 

Dunham & Wood, Water st 

Scotchler. James, 33 William st 

Warren, J. 

Manchester, A. P. 93 Middle st 

Cutter, Th imas H. 6 Merrimack st 

*" J^Tewburyport. 

Creasey, J. C. 

Burrill, John & Co. 

Burbank, G. A., Liberty st 

Lord. Philip do 

Johnson & Woods, 6 Inn st 

Huse, Charles L. 3 Middle st 

Sears, Chas. 0„ Cooley Vill 

J^ew Salem. 

Martin, A. G. West Xewton. 

Sargent, S. A. J^orth Bridgewater. 

Skinner, VV'm. E. 

Whitcomb, D. B. J^orthampton. 

Messingcr, J. O. jYnrton. 

Mead, G. H. Pittsfield. 

Morton, H. M. Plymouth. 

Tribbell, Gideon 

Savory. Win. & Co. 

Cook, Caleb Provincetown. 

Litchfield, W. & L. Ouuicy. 

Churchill, T. 

Hersey, E. B. 

Brown, J. L. Randolph. 

Buck, x\. 

Thayer, Simeon O. 

Ayers, B. F., Warren st. cor. Dudley 

Brownell, U. T., Water street, near 

Cross, D. I.. Tremoiit st. cor. Hous- 
ton Place 

Davis, G. B. 139 Washington street, 
op[)Osite Ciiy Hotel 

Davenport, Jas., Pearl st. (coach and 

D'H'e, J>hn, 61 Washington st 

Dove, Will. 61 Wash. st. near P. O. 

Eagaii, John, Pearl st 

Erskine, John, Eusiis st. cor. Elm 

Lang, Charles E., Card's BuilJing, 
Tremont st 


Nason, L. H., Centre st. Jam. Plain 

Myers, H. J. V., Vernon street, near 

Robinson &, Adams, Felton Place, 

Saunders & Fillebrown, 103 Wash- 
ington street 
Saow, Edward, (glazier). Walk Hill, 

near Tollgate Station 
Warner & Robbins, Eu tis st. cor. 

Mall (carriage and sign) 
Wiggin, H. Y. & J., Washington st. 

cor. Ruggles 
Wiswall. Richard H. Dudley street, 

near Warren (carriag'^) 
Whittemore & Littlefijld, Dudley st. 

cor. City Hall 
Wilson, G. W., Tremont street, over 

Faunce's Store 
Young & Hodge, Vernon near 

ington and E aststs 
Lowd & Calley, 8 North st Salem. 
Glover. B. A. & J. P. 9 Beckford st 
Hardy, Augustus, 35 North st 
Pearson, David. Jr. South Salem. 
Felt, John G. 23 Front st 
Mansfii-ld, Joseph, 9 Lafayette st 
Kimball & Skerry, 3 Neptune st 
Abbott, Philip, Jr., Church st 
Carney, Joseph W. 7 & 9 Boston st 
Fergurson, Sam'l & J. B.341 Ess-.x st 
Evans, John Q. Sali.tbury. 

Fowler, J. 

Perry & Spring Sandwich. 

Prouty, B. S. Scitunte Hnrbor. 

Hunt, S. J. A*. Scitunte Harhor. 

Smilledge, Henry Shutfsburn. 

Preston, Jo eph S. 5. HntHiy Falls. 
Clark. F., Main st Sprliirfield. 

Jaynes, Charter & Co.. Market" st 
Walker, Timothy M., Main st 
Lydston. F. A. do 

Devine, William do 

Skinner & Hancox, 12 State st 
Estes. J. C, Market st 
Robinson, C. L., Pleasant st 
Heiirv, S. N.. Springfield Hill 
Clarke, F., State st 
Whitman, A. Stouirhton. 

Graves, Hubbard Sunder' and. 

! Perry, F. D. & C. D. Taunton. 

JGerrish, Charies H., Market st 
I Everly, Dwight, W^eir Bridge 
I Darke, James, Weir st 
I Jevvett, Moses TopnHeld. 

I Allen. De Witt Ware. 

Page, H. P Watrrtnwn, 

Snow, Timothy Westjield. 


Marsh, J. C. Westfield. 

F rnham, George Westpnrt. 

Stoddard, S. L. Weymouth. 

Shittuck, J. M. WilliamsUncn. 

Carter & Cole Woburn. 

Drury & Albert, 14 1-2 Front st 

Rice, Dexter, 2 Mechanics st 
Tubbs, J. O., Norwich st 
Chapin, C. P.. Main st 
Pease, I. B. 82 do 
Nichols, Chas. P., Norwich st 
Willard, Josiah 

Miinroe, C. D. Wrentham. 

Mitthews, H. South Yarmouth. 

Paints, Oils and Glass. 

Torrey, Harvey East Mivfftoti. 

Baker, Barnard & Co. 9 Custom 
House Boston. 

Baker, R. & Son, 410 Washington st 
Barnes, John, 8 Ann st 
Bates & Randall, 51 Chatham st 
Bigelow, Josiah & Co. 11 Indi;i st 
Bird, J. A. & W. & Co. 53 Chatham 

Briggs & Robinson, 27 Commercial st 
Brinley, Edw. & Co. 3 and 4 south 

side of Faneuil Hall 
Brown & Lamson, 44 India st 
Carruth, Whittier & Co. 4 Long wf 
Chapin & Whiton, 15 and 16 Com- 
mercial st 
Crocker & Badger, 49 Blackstone st 
Cutler, Day & Co. 1 India st 
Damon. Jas. (glass), 13 Canal Block, 

Blackstone st 
Fletcher & Appleton, 2 India st 
Henderson, C. & Son, 31 Hanover 

Hollis, Thomas. 30 Union st 
Hollis & Wheeler. 59 Union st 
Homer, F. H. P. 562 Washington st 
Huiinewell, J. L. & Co. 8 Commer- 
cial wharf 
King, E. & F. & Co. 26 India st 
Pritt, Rogers & Co. 107 State st 
Randall, Batch»'ller & Co. 31 India st 
Redding, Ch is. 98 Court st 
Reed & Cutlor, 54 Chatham st 
Stim-on & Whiting. 55 Broad st 
Stone & Simpson, 1 Long wf 
Trull, S., Merriinick st. cor. of Port- 
Wadsworth & Nye, 116 State st 
Wheeler, Lewis, 33 India st 
Whitney, Wm. F. 56 Chatham st 

Whitney, S. F. (importer). 140 Main 
street, and 36 Warren street 


Smith, Julius M. Concord. 

Brown, J. R. 

Haskell, John, 22 Second st 

« Fall River. 

Babson, Nathaniel, 69 Front st 


Reed & Seymour Oreenfidd. 

Howland, R. 

Hovey, Daniel 

Moulion & Fielding, (paper hang- 
ings.) 75 Central st Lowell. 

Blaisdell, W. A. 73 Central st 

Clark, Geo, W., Prescott st 

Burnap, Ethan 

Newu)an & Mason, 4 Middlesex st 

Kittredge, A. 

Mixer, Pitman & Co. (wholesale), 4 
and 5 Mechanics' Building 

Farson, Simon, Middlesex st 

Gardner, R. E., Market st 

Buffum, J. 7 Union st Lynn. 

Chase, Jacob. Jr., Front st 

Warmstead, Joseph Marhlehead. 

Wood & Clark Jiliddleboroug-h. 

Sparrow, Jacob G. 

Short, Phipp^ & Co. 

Sanford & Humphrey, ("wholesale,) 
24 C^entre st JVew Bedford. 

Tobey, Elisha. Jr., Centre st 

Russell, Wm. W.. Commercial wl 

Cutter, Thos. H. 6 Merrimack st 


Burrill, John & Co. 

Boardman. Samuel, Market Sq. 

Parsons, S. C. J^orthampt.on. 

Goodridge, R. Palmer Depot. 

Dove, Wm. 61 Washington st. near 
Post Office Roxbury. 

Ellis, John T. & Co., Swett st 

Spinner & Hancock, (wholesale.) 12 
State st Springfield. 

Washburn, A. G., Main street 


Washburn, Wm. 89 do 

Wood & Washburn", do 

Nye, H. F. (wholesale). Holmes' 
Hole Tisbury. 

Clark, A. B. Westfidd. 

Kendall, E. & G. Westminster. 

White, Sam. C. 24 Washington Sq. 

Barbour & Chapin, 205 Main st 

Litch, J. H. 

Tenney. J imes. 62 Front st 

Marsh, T. 1 Wasliington Sq. 



Palm lieaf Hat Maiiu- 

Twitchell, A. ^V. Athol. 

Jenkins, Gorh im &. Co. Bar re. 

Woods &i. Co. 
Jenkins, Gortiim & Co. 55 Pearl st 

Lee, Harding & Jones, 73 Peurl st 
Morse, K. M. & Co. 9 S. Market st 
Perrin, A. \V. &, S. C. 53 Kilby st 
Rand & Ellis, 135 Milk st 
R^ed, Kenney it. Co. 19 and 21 Mer- 

chant^' Row 
Rice & Wason, 69 Pearl st 
Woods, Field & Co. 32 do 
Johnson, Apollus Dana. 

Amsden, Seth W. 
Brown, James S. 

Town, Oren Oreenwich. 

Tolaian & Sautle Petersham. 

Rodgers, Jesse 

Palm Lieaf Mattresiv 

Blanchard, Lorin 
Woods, John 

East Amherst. 

Paper Stock. 

Banks, G. W. 93 Water st Boston. 

Bird. S. J. 15 Lindali st 

Lawton, Geo. &, Co., head of Gray's 

Stearns, A. F. 56 Brattle st 
Merry, Joseph Millbury. 

Weston. P. R. 19 Water st Salem. 
Greenleaf &, Co., Harrison Avenue 

Paper Hang^ingr^* 

• Denotes the Manufacturers. 

Trask, Israel . Beverly. 

Allen, Zenas. 3rSchool st Boston. 
Atkins & Stedinm, 13 Merch. Row 
*Barrey & Bijielow, 41 Federal st 
Breed, H. A. 431 Washington st 
Budd, Xathani.'l, 414 do 

Bumstead, E. W. & Co. 113 do 
•Bumstead, Josiah F. 134 do 
Cook, Ch IS. Edward, 220 do 
•Eaton, Wm. G. 70 Congress st 
Ford, John V., Camden st 
Foster, J. H. & Son, 156 Washing- 
ton street 

French, Wells & Co. 123 Milk st 

•Grant, Charles E. 12 Union st 
*iircgory,'l H. tic C >. 25 Court st 
Gridley, Gay it Co. 40 & 42 Broad st 
Hayden, Chis. H. 175 VV ish. st 
•Hazleton, Cowdin &. Company, 44 

Charleslown st 
Homer. Wui. F. & Co. 33 Union st 
Hunt. D. W., Lewis st. E. B. 
•Hunter, Thomas, 42 Congress st 
•Locke & Richardson, 10 Merri- 
mack street 
Mellen. M. «t Co. 20 Merchants' Row 
*Merriam, Otis, 4 Union Block 
*Merrill, J. S. 86 Blackstone st 
Norcross, Otis & Co. 23 and 24 South 

Market st 
Noyes, Wm. A. 14 Lewis st. E. B. 
Pierce, Samuel B. & Co. 51 Broad st 
♦Rider, N. M. Jr. 542 Washington st 
•Thomson &. Walker. 5 Merrimack st 
Wheeler, Reuben, Turnpike near 

Wiggin, C. E., Hanover street, corner 

Daniels, Wm. C. Cambridge Port. 
•Pearson, Henry 

Worcester, J. A. D. & Co. 43 Main st 
Stillton, Josiah, Merrimack st 

Kittridge, J., Prescott st 
Oliver, Charles A. 5 Exchange st 

Hathaway, S. & S. P. Murblehead. 
Pike, J. T. 5 Pleas't st jYewburyport. 
•Baxter & Kimber, Yeoman st. near 

East Roxbury. 

•E iton, W. G., Ruggles street, near 

W^ashington, office 70 Congress st. 

•Eaton. D. S. 108 Washington street, 

cor. Warren 
•Mayal, James, 36 Washington st 
Nye, H. & F., Hohnes' Hole 

Allen & Dewitt fVare. 

Page, H. P. Water toion. 

•Lampson &. Newton, Foster st 

Brown, A. I. & Co. (Importers) 148 

M in st 

Paper ITIanufacturers. 

Roberts, S. & Co. (stnw, board, and 
wrapping paper, 20.000 re iois) 

jYorth Amherst. 


Cu-hman, E. & J. (straw and blue Newell, Benjtunhi (wrapping papei) 
and white board paper,) $60,000, Perkins, John (paper hanging:^) 1^9 
worth per Annum J^. j3 luherst. i and 141 Union st Mew Bedjord. 

Shepird, Calvin (printing p:.per) jCrehore, Lemuel, Lower FaUs 

Ashland. \ Kewton. 

Gibbs. W. H. & O, F. (wrapping pa- Curtis, A. C, & W. ,.,, 

pe.) J\J'ort/i Blandfurd. Fnce, P. C. (wrapping paper). Mill 

Lee. J. E. f^Vest Brewster.] River J^-cw Marlborough 

Mor^e & Mansfield (printing paper) 

Ames, J. & D. (^wriung p.iper) 

Chamberlain, Henry (wrili.ig paper) 
Crane & Co. (wriiii.g paper) 
Carson, David & Son (writing paper) 
Mann, Samuel C. (marble and fancy- 
color' d paper, enameled cards, &c.) 
Tileston & HolUngsworth Dorch'r. 
Lyon, Jesse & Son (press, board, bon- 
net, printing paper, &,c.) FitchOurg. 
Whitney & Bogert (shoe paper) 
Crocker, S. S. & Co. (news, book, & 

hanging paper) 
Smith la. Brown (writing paper) 

Hoar, J.N. (wrapping piper) Oroton. 
Hart well, J. R. do do 

Owen & Hurlbut (cap and letter pa- 
per) Lee. 
Mills, L. L. (wrapping p; per) 
Whyte «^ Hurlljurt (printing paper) 
Thatcher '& Ingersoll (colored paper) 
Benton & Gartield (cap, letter, and 

blank botjk pi per) 
Heath, Orton ^vrapping paper) 
May, E. & S. (^hanging p ipcr) 
Sedgwick, Sabin & Co. (printing 

p. per) 
Greenwood. Joseph Leominster. 
Crehore, Edward 
Mann, John (wrapping paper) 

Cranes & Martin (])aper haiigings 
andwrappii.g piper) Middleton. 
Siiep-.rd, i;alviu (printing paper) 

M.cDowel, R. C. Monterey. 

Fariet's, Beiijamin (book paper) New- 
ton Lo«er Falls jVeedhani. 
i ice & Curtis (printing piper) New- 
ton Low er Falls 
Rice & (Jarlield (printing paper) 

Newton Lower Falls 
Wc.les & xVIill> (printing paper) New- 
ton Lower Fails 
Longfellow, .\. (piper hangings) 
Newton Lower Falls 

Wheeler, Wnrren & Co. (cap ana 

letter paper). Mill River 
Carriel, John, (wrapping paper,) Mill 

Bond, C. D. (printing and wrapping 
paper) Pepper ell. 

Harvey, I. R. (printing paper) 

Deane & Co. (tine paper) Pepperell. 

Mansfield & Root, (cap and letter 
paper) Sheffield. 

HolUngsworth, J. M. & L. (wrapping 
paper) Shirley FUlage. 

Goodman Paper Manufaclurii.g Co. 
(printing paper), Sam. Judd, Presi- 
dent, and J. W. Goodman, Agent; 
Capital. $10,000—100 shares— par 
value, ^100 South Hadley. 

Ingraham, James, (wrapping paper) 

Taunton Paper Manufacturing Co., 
C. R. Ransom, Agent; Capital, 
$35,000 — 70 shares — par value, 
$500 Taunton. 

Robinson & Bliss, (printing paper) 

Heath &. Bass, (wrapping paper) 


Campbell, F. & G. (wrapping paper) 

May, Wm. Water town. 

Wilder, VV. (all kinds) Westviinsttr. 

Souihworth Manufacturing Compa- 
ny, (writing paper) W. Sprinffjield. 

Barnes & Comstock, (wrapping pa- 

Souihworth Manufacturing Co., W. 
Southworth, Prest., and E. South- 
worth, Agent; Capital, $30,000— 
300 shares— par value, $100 ; manu- 
factures $60,000 worth of writing 
paper annually 

Paper Rulers, 

Haines, R. P. 21 Cornhill Boston. 
Hill, Wm. H. & Co. 32 Cornhill 
J.iquith, M. &. A. 6 Water st 
McAdams, Brothers, 120 Wash, st 

Paper Warehouses. 

Austin, Edward, 23 Water st 




Bird, S. J. 15 Lind.ill st Boston. 

Charier, John, 82 Ulackstone st 
(Jraue, L. otiice 35 Devonshire st 
Crehore, E d;^) do 

Curtis, A. C. & VV. office 35 do 
Eniersoa, A. 35 Devonshire st. corner 

of Spring Line 
French, 78 Washington st 
(irant, Duuiel Sa. Co. 10 Union st 
Groom, Thoin is, 32 Sttite st 
HoUingswortli, J. M. & L. 14 Water 

Jones & VViieeiwright, 110 State st 
Massey, S. I). 83 Fulton st 
Nortons & Yale, 12 Water st 
Parker, Win. T. 116 State st. (up 

Taft & Wheelock, 8 Water s-t 
Wilder & C). 94 State st 
W ilkins, Carter &. Co. 16 Water st 

Parasols and Sunsliades 

Allen, Otis L. (Hairwork), 68 Merri- 
in;:ck st LuweLl. 

McLanathan, H. L. S. 102 Merri- 
mack st 

She, aid, B. H. 

Cook, Wni. S. (manufacturers of um- 
bn-li .s. p.4r isdls, &.e.), 2 North Se- 
co.:d st J^ew Bedford. 

Patent Ag-ency. 

Eddy, R. H. 22 St ite st Boston. 

Fay, E. W. 86 Stn te st 
Lincoln, E. 4 Court sj 

Pattern Makers. 

.Arm>lty. W. 16 H-ivvley st Boston 
Drew. Luther, 6 Water st 
Prince, JS'. S. 19 Hiiwley st 
Russell &. Pollard, rear of 17 Hawley 

Tower, S. (I., Haverhill st. corner of 

Wilson, John, Harvard Place 
Holmes, Hor.ce \. E. JV. ,^dams. 
Tabor &. Toby, 48 North Second st 
JVeio Bedford. 


Davis, Jonathan, 44 Chambers st 

Fawcett, Samuel H. Z Spring >t 
Goodnow, Jones, 7 Blossoni-^kCourt 

Gore, Asa, 8 Eist- t. Place Boston. 
Gore, Haskell, 4 \ewberu Court 
Gore, John, 8 East-st. PI ice 
Lilch, S. VV. 1U7 Chambers st 


Preston & Merrill, ISKilbyst Boston, 
Pynchon, James L. 10 Eliot t 
Ross & Poor, 19 Tremont Row 

Periodical Depots. 

Russell, E. A. 8 Main st .^ndover. 
Ho-mer, T. B. Bedford. 

Wark, S. Cambridn-e Fort. 

Brown, E. F. 4 Merchants' Row 

Davis, John W. 5 John st J.owetl. 
Hoyt, S. F. 15 Purchase st 

JVezo Bedford. 
Robinson, William 
Fisk, George W. J^orthampton. 

Bessey, Marshall, R. R. st 

Brockett, Wm. B., Main and S md- 

ford streets 
Ingraham, Austin S. HadLey Falls. 
Gray, John, Jr. 199 Main st 


Pbysicians & Surgeons. 

Thaxter, Ezekiel .^bbiffton. 

Chapin, Alonzo East .Bbinirtun. 

Underwood, James M. 

Chase, Albion P. ISouth Abiv<rtnn. 

Miles, John M. Jir.ton. 

Cowdrey. Harris 

Babbitt, S. South .Sdams. 

Barker, John L. 

Lawrence, George C. 

Taylor, Thomas JVorth Jidavis. 

Hawkes. E. S. 

Tyler, Wm. H. 

Phillips, H. P. 

Babbitt, N. S. 

Hodges, Isaac 

Tilton, James A. Amesbury Mills. 

Carey, Milan G. 

Gale, J. B. 

Fish, Seth Amherst. 

Gridley. T. J. 

Smith, B. F. 

Brewster, John M. 

Knight, F. M. 

Jersdorff, D. Andover. 

Johnson, Samuel 

Wardwell, Daniel 


Strong, Simeon ^ndover. 

Kittridge. Joseph J^orth inducer. 

Cutler, W. H. Askburnkam. 

Miller, A. 

Knowlton, Charles jishfield. 

Hitchcock & French ,8skby. 

Harris, J. C. Ashland. 

Barrett, Wm. M. 

Colony, G. D. AtJiol. 

Hoyt, George 

Hatch, Joseph Attlchorough. 

Maccolum, H. E., Marston iMills 

Knox, T. P., Hyanis 
Doan, G. H., do 
Kitche, S., Jr. 
Jenkins, Freeman H. 

West Barnstable. 
J ickson, Thomas P. 
Wilbur, H. B. Barre. 

Bites, Joseph N. 
Russell, W. L. 

Pratt, Henry J^orth Becket. 

B"ll, William O. 
Freeland, J. C. 

Cogswell, Francis Bedford. 

Adams, Abel B. 

Allen, L. S. Belchertown. 

Thompson, Horatio 
Nelson, George Bellingham. 

H irtshorn, Edward Berlin. 

C irpenter, E. W. Bernardston. 

Brooks, John 

Haddock, Charles Beverly. 

Kittridge, Ingalls 
Kittridge, Ingalls, Jr. 
B oyden, Myatt C. 
Torry, Augustus 
T >rry, Joseph 

Howe, Zadock Billerica. 

Hill. Joseph F. 

Wilder, A. Blackstone. 

Poster, Allen 
Kimball, W. M. 

CliHmplin, H. C. J^orth Blandford. 
Webb, S. P. Blandford. 

Wright, S. P. 

Vincent, C. H. Bolton. 

Parker, Amos 
Aube, Alanson, Boylston street, cor. 

Lowell Place Boston. 

Abbot, S. L. 16 Winter St 
Adams, Edwin, 23 Oxford st 
Adims, Zabdiel B. 157 Tremont 

Ainsworth, F. S. 11 Howard st 
Alexander, A., Broadway near C 

Alley, J. B. 19 Winter st 

' Andrews, Aaron, 10 1-2 New Prince 
j street Boston. 

\ Appleton, Benjamin B. 1 Hayward 

i Ayer, James, 169 Hanover st 
' B::ll, Stephen, 5 Bumstead Place 
j Barnard, Charles F. 1 Montgomery 
I Place 

I Bartlett, Geo. 1 Chardon st 
Bethune, Geo. A. 129 Tremont st 
Bigelow, G. F. 425 Washii^gton ?t 
Bigelow, Henry Jacob, 5 Chauncy 

Bigelow, Jacob, Sumner st. opposite 

Birnstill, J. 538 Washington st 
Blake, E. W. 28 Harrison Av. 
Bowditch, Henry I. 8 Otis Place 
Brewer, Thomas M. 10 Rowe st 
Briggs, W. A., Bedford street, corner 

Bronson, C. P. 18 Winter st 
Brown, Buckminster, 24 Bulfinch st. 

cor. AUston 
Brown, D. 7 Brattle st 
Brown, John B. 65 Belknap st 
Bryant. Henry, 16 Franklin Place 
Ruck, Ephraim, 100 Salem st 
Buckingham, C. E. 3 Beach st 
Bumstead, E. D. G. 22 Bowdoin >t 
Butnstead, S. E. D. 22 do 
Cabot, Samuel, Jr. 17 Winter st 
Calef, J. S., Broadway, cor. C st 
Calkins, Chas. W. 147 Pleasant st 
Channing, Walter, 178 Tremont st 
Channing, William F. 83 Mt. Ver- 
non street 
Chickering, Jesse, 491 Wash, st 
Clark, F. B. 55 Leveret st 
Clark, Henry G. 184 Hanover st 
Clark, Luther, 77 Pinckney st 
Clarke, Edward H. 2 Harrison Av. 
Cleveland. C. D. 45 do 

Coile, Wm. Edw. 17 Cambridge st 
Coifin, W. S. 115 Court st 
Colt, Daniel T. 12 High street, near 

Coles, L. B. .'54 Essex st 
Cooper, William H., Howard st. cor. 

Cornell, Wm. M. 9 Kneeland st 
Cox, A. D. 136 Hanover st 
Crane, P. M., Maverick street, corner 

Cross, J, B. 19 Temple Place (med. 

Dale, Wm. J. 3 Cambridge st 
Davenport, E. J. (oculist) 28 Winter 




Derby, , Ceo. 1 Montgomery Place 

Dickinson. Chas. M. 033 \Va>h. >t 
Dix, John H. (ociilisij 175 Treiuont >l 
Dixon, Robert E. 2i> VVii.ter st 
Douglass, Peter G. 40 Salem ^«t 
Downes, ^;Uh'l, 489 VVn.sliiiigton st 
Drew, E. C, Bowdoin street, corner 

Dudley, Albion S. 238 Washington st 
Dupee, Horace, Jr. 575 do 

Durkee, Silas, 26 Howard st 
Dyer, Henry, 1 Bulfinch st 
Ellis, Thomas T. 1 Albany st 
Fales, Joseph J., Maverick st. near 

Felch, W., Lexington street, (water 

Fi>hcher, Chas, 6 Shawniut st 
Fisher, John D. 11 Hayward Place 
Fitzpatrick, Francis, liio Hanover i>t 
4^1int, John, Warren st. cor. Wash- 
Folts, D. V. 3 Lewis st. E. B. 
Frank, A. 4 Allston st 
Gay, Geo. H. Hollis st. cor. Tremont 
Gay, Martin, 33 Essex st 
Geist, C. F. 43 Bedford st 
Geruiaine, T. H. 21 Richmond st 
Gilbert, Daniel. 64 Allen st 
Gilman, Benj. F. 61 Federal st 
Girardin, L. 244 Washington st 
Glover, Lewis J. 3 Pleasant st 
Gordon, Charles. 6 We-t st 
Gordon, F. A. 12 Winter st 
Gould, A. A. 15 Westst 
Gray, F. H. 5 Hancock st 
Cray, Thomas, Jr. 25 Winter st 
Greene, Moses C, Merrimack st. cor. 

Gregerson, Jas. B. 33 Hanc<ick st 
fJiugg, Samuel, 5 Ht)ward st 
M agar, Joseph, 157 Hanover st 
Hale, Enoch, 3 Avon Place 
Hall, Edw. 489 Washington st 
Hancock, Wm. E. 30 Bencon st 
Hanaford. Wm. G. 3 Bowdoin .'Sq. 
Hanson, M. P. 38 Tremont R^vv 
Harlow, James F. 47 Cambridge st 
Hartnett, M. K., Pearl st. corner Pur- 
Harvvood, Daniel, 25 Sunmier st 
Hawes, Wn». 37 Common st 
Hayden, John C. 131 'J'remont st 
Hayward, Geo. 16 Pemberton Sq. 
Hiyward. Geo. Jr. 7 Winter st 
Heaton, Geo. 2 Exeter Place 
Hewett, S. C. 25 Rowe st 
Hey wood, C. F. 3 Chardon st 

Hill, Kimball, Beach st. cor. Harrison 
Av. at Fountain House Boston. 
Hiickley, J. W. 7 Meridian st 
Hinckley, Rulu~ L., Maverick Sq. 
Ildbbs, Alvah, Sutiolk st. n. Canton 
Hortendahl, Chas. F. 9 Somerset st 
Holmes, O. W. 8 Montgcmerv Place 
HoUirook, C. G. 653 Washit gton st 
Homans, John, 158 Tremont st 
Hooper, R. W. 44 Summer st 
Howard, Nathaniel, B street, near 

Hubbard, Geo. 56 1-2 Hanover st 
Flumphrey, H.4th st. between A &. B 
Hyiulman, Jas. 47 Atkinson st 
Inche-.?, H. B. 320 Washington st 
liigalls, Wm. 17 Bedford st 
Ihgills, Wm. Jr. 17 do 
Jackson, C. T. 31 Somerset st 
Jackson, James, 6 Pemberton Sq. 
Jackson. J. B. S. 6 Bedford Place 
Jeti'ries, John, 9 Franklin st 
Jones, Geo. S. 81 Charles st 
Jones, J. S. 10 Southuc st 
Kelley, J. C. 54 Tremont st 
Kennedy, T. J. W., Green st. corner 

Kittredge, E. A. (water cure,) 14 

Montgomery Place 
Kneeland, Sam'l, Jr. 22 Crescent PI. 
Lane. J. F. W. 1 Bennet st 
Lane, Jonas H. 4 Mmtgomery Place 
Lawrer.ce, W. R. 136 Tremont st 
Lee. Henry S. 8 Hayward Place 
Lewis, Win.slow, Jr. 80 Boylston st 
Lod?e, G. H. 2 Bedford street, and 

744 Washington 
Lord, Wm. E., Meridian st. E. B. 
Ludwig, Warren, 38 Caiseway st 
Lyman, George H., opposite 14 Boyl- 
ston street 
Malcolm, Alcx'r B. 22 Richmond st 
Mar>ton, E. 202 Harri-^on Avenue 
.Martin, Henry J. 12 West st 
Martin, Joseph L. 12 Boylston st (ho- 

Merrill, Jesse, 3 Lewis st. E. B. 
Merrill, Levi, 103 Hudson st 
McCJowan, D, S., Turnpike, corner 

McGowan, John J. 56 Kneeland st 
McLcllan, F. M. 1 Cambridge st 
Mittlin, Chas. 80 Beacon st 
Mignault. Pierre B. 2 Williams st 
Miles, Mason M. 12 Franklin st 
Minot, Frai.cis, 120 Charles st 
M.illoy, P. E. 45 Federal st 
Moore, Edward. B. 133 Hanover st 
Moore, M. A. 32 High st 


Morland, W. W. 18 Bovvdoin st 

Morrill, Samuel, Federal street, cor. 

Newell, R. W. 6 Staniford st 
Odin, John, Jr. 88 Tremontst 
O'Donnell, C. B., Broadway, near 

B street 
Oliver, F. E., cor. Cambridge and 

Staniford sts 
Osgood, David, 1 Rowe st 
Otis, G. W. Jr., School street, corner 

Paige, A. 21 Bedf. st. (electropathic) 
Palmer, E. D, G. 3 1-2 Portland st 
Palmer, Ezra, Jr. 1 Tremont Place 
Palmer, J. K. 41 1-2 Salem st 
Parcher, Sewell F., Maverick Sq. 
Parker, D. M. 25 Summer st 
Parker, Thomas I. 7 Mason st 
Parker, W. Thornton, Broadway, n. 

Parkman, Geo. 8 Walnut st 
Parkman, Simuel, 7 West st 
Parks, Geo. B. 156 Tremont st 
Parks, Luther, Jr., Suffolk st. oppo- 
site Blackstone Sq. 
Peabody, N. 13 West st 
Perry, M. S. 16 Rowe st 
Phelps, Abner, 82 Tremont st 
Phelps. Chas. A. 82 do 
Philbrick, S. R. 45 High st 
Phinney, E. O. 127 Hanover st 
Phipps, James M., Carver street, cor. 

Pratt, J. 38 Harrison A v. 
Prescott. B. T. 14 Howard st 
Putnam, Chas. G. 41 Summer st 
Randall. B. P. F. 95 Tremont st 
Read, Wm. 585 Washington st 
Reedy, Maurice O'Keefe, 60 Atkin- 
son st 
Renton, Peter, 14 Bedford st 
Reynolds Edw. Jr. 29 Winter st 
Richardson, A. P. .36 Green st 
Richardson. S. O. 15 Hanover st 
Russell, Gen. 2Lynde st 
Russell. Le Baron, 1 Otis Place 
Salter. Richard H. 1 Staniford st 
Shattuck, G. C, Staniford, corner of 

Cambridge st 
Shattuck, G. C. Jr. 15 Cambridge st 
Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. 2 Beacon st 
Skinner. H. B. 60 1-2 Cornhill 
Small, Ebenezer, 1 Central Court 
Small, J. (oculist) 128 Hanover st 
Smille, E. R. 16 Prosi)ect st 
Smith. J. V. C. 12 Bowdoin st. and 
21 Court Square 

Smith, T. H., Richmond '^t. corner of 

Salem Boston. 

Snow, A. 103 Pinckney st 
Snow, Asa B. 20 Harrison Avenue 
Southard, A., Fourth st. cor. of B 
Spear, J. S. 570 Washington st 
Spence, John, Jr., Baldwin Place 
Stacy, H. 36 Essex st 
Stedman, C. H., Boston Lunatic Hos- 
Stevens, Calvin, 20 Winter st 
Stevens, Ebenezer, Broadway, near 

B street 
Stevens, J. E. 2 Howard st 
Stevens, John A., Broadway, near B 

Stevens, N. C. 6 Brookline st 
Stone, H. Osgood, 9 Kingston st 
Stone, James W. 6 Bowdoin Sq. 
Storer. D. H. 14 Winter st 
Strong, Woodbridge, 5 Cambridge si 
Sumner, F. A. 4 Alden st 
Taft. A. C. 475 Washington st 
Tarbell, J. A. 7 Crescent Place 
Taylor, Gustavus, 42 Green st 
Thayer, David, 36 Oxford st 
Thayer, W. H. 12 Essex st 
Thomson, G. N. 286 Washington st 
Thurston. Horace, 697 do 

Tobie, I. W. 28 Salem st 
Tower, George. 707 Washington st 
Townsend, Solomon D. 18 Somerset 

Townsend, W. E. 2 Bowdoin st 
Trafton, C. T. 45 High st 
Upham. J. B. 41 Essex st 
Ward. Henry A. 3 South st 
Ware, Charles E. 6 Allston st 
Ware, Francis D. 2 Lowell st 
Ware, John, 6 Allston st 
Warren, John C. 2 Park st 
Warren, J. M. 6 do 

Warren, J. W., Jr. 10 Channing st 
Watson, A. A. 25 Harrison Avenue, 

corner of Beach st 
Weld, M. W,, Court street, near 

Wesselhoeft, Wm. 18 Bedford st 
Weymouth, A. L. 6 Wall st 
Whipple, S. S. 172 Harrison Av, 
Whitney, W. J. High st. corner of 

Willard, F. A. 9 Allston st. and 8 

Allen st 
Williams, Henry W. (oculist), 20 

Temple Place 
Winship, Chas. W. 1 Ciuiiicy Place 
Wright, T. S.. corner of South and 

Essex streets 



YorK, J. H. 4 Rroiidvvay Boston. 

SpotFord, Jeremiah E. Bradford. 

Cogswell. (George Bradford. 

Gould, S. H. Brewstrr. 

Pratt, Calvin B. Bridgewater. 

A I den, Samuel 

Whittiniorp, James M. Brigkton. 

Brayman, I^aac G. 

Knight. Ebenezer Brimjield. 

Lincoln, Asa 

Gilmore, Henry Brookjield. 

Fisk, Daniel 

Dexter, Wm. P. Brookline. 

Wild. E. A. 

Wild. Charles 

Trow. N. G. Bvckland. 

Hooker, Anson East Cambridge. 

Cl^irk, Moses 

Taylor, John P. 

Becker, \. C. Cambridge Port. 

Allen. C. H. 

Chaplin, C. F. 

Chaplin. D. 

Wellington, W.W. 

Landry, A. 

Wymai!. M. Cambridge. 

Howe. E. 

Tafts C. S, Canton. 

Abbott, E. 

Marsh, Austin Car/isfe. 

Barrows, William Carver. 

Hawkes, D. B. Cliar/emont. 

Bates, Stephen 

Potter, M. F. 

Kurd, J. S. 73 Main st Charlestown. 

Bends, J. W. 93 do 

Haves, J;. cob. 103 do 

Thl-mpson. A. R. 106 Main st 

Lyon, Henry, 127 do 

Whitney. Ausrusiu-:, 162 do 

Braun, E. E. 15 Bi)w -t 

Cutler, Geor<ie. corner of Elm and 

Bartlett street-; 
Seabury, B"nj. 45 High st 
Stearns, Thos. J. 9 do 
Porter, Isaac Charlton. 

Lamb. I). 

Carpentf-r, Elijvh W. Chatham. 

Cliff)rd, Daniel P. 
Jones, Frederick 

Edwards, Nathan B. JV. Chelmsford. 
B irtlett. John C. Chelmsford. 

Hmvard, Levi 

Hilland, C. J. Chester Villnge. 

Smith. J. W. 

D;^Wolf. T. K. Chester. 

Lucas, H, S., Chester Factory 
St! rk weather. Robert Chesterfield. 
St irkweather, Rodi.ey 

Perrj-, D. O. Chesterfield. 

Wilber, John R. Lhicuyee Falls. 

Halladay, E. 
Jacobs, Horace, Exchange st 

Pearsons, Daniel K. 
Ellis. B. H, 

Hubbard, Levi, Centre st 
Pearson. William 
Bemis, David 
Dennison, G, W. 
Bridgman, J. W. 

Pratt, Ezekiel Cohasset. 

Foster, F. 

Puffer, C. Coleraine. 

Deane, Christopher 
Deane, A. C. 

Barrett, Henr^' A. Concord. 

Bartlett, Josiah 

Hamilton, E. D. Conway. 

Hamilton, W. 
Rogers, George 

Joy. Royal Cummington, 

Bemis, Nathan M. 
Gale, George F. 

Ferre, H. Dalton. 

Smith, A. M. 

Osgood, Joseph. Park st Danvers. 
Nichols, Andrew. Main st 
Osborne, George do 

Lord, S. A., Lo^\•el! st 
Grosvenor, David A. A". Danvers. 
Osgood. George 
Hunt, Ebenezer, New Mills 

Bartlett, Francis D. S. Dartmouth. 
Mason. Wm. W. Dartmouth. 

Fogg, D. S. South Did ham. 

H',)we, Francis lV,est Dcdhnm. 

Wright, D. P. Dedham. 

Stimson, J. 
Thayer, E. 

Dwight. Wm. South Deerfield. 

Williams, S. W. Deerfield. 

Pocle, Alexander Xorth Dennis. 
Webster. Joseph U^est Dennis. 

fJoirch, Wm. B. 

Sinpson. Ira Dighton. 

Miller, E. D., Washington st 

Thaxter, Robert, Winter st 
Spooner, J. P., Neponset Vilbge 
Atkinson, J. do do 

dishing. Benjamin 
J irvis. Edward 

; Lainell. J. E. East Dougla^r. 

I White. David P. 
: Wood, E. 
i Bradley, Peleg Dracut. 


Br idiey, W. H. Dracut. ! 

Thurston, Nathaniel 

Hildreth, lsr:iel 

Kuight, S inniel P. Dudley. 

E lines, Ambrose 

Spauldiiig, Miles Dunstable. 

Porter, John Duxbury. 

Wilde, Jjinies 

Orr, Hector East Bridgewater. 

Orr, S-imuel A. 

Millet. Asa 

Phillips, John Eastham. 

Clark, Atherton Eastkampton. 

Pieice, John Edgartown. 

Gage, J. T. E. 

Lucas, I. H., Water st 

Winslow, J. W, Enfield. 

Smith, N. A. 

Lamson, Josiah Essex. 

Crary. W. H. A., Section A., Gr mite 
Block Fall River. 

Hithaway, B. W., Granite Block 

Wilbur, A. C. 

Dvvelly, Jerome, 13 S. M lin st 

Fifield, M. 22 Annawam st 

Learned, E. T., Granite Block 

Hooker, Foster, N. Main st 

Hathaway, B. W. 

Willard, Henry 

Glazier, Amery, 87 N. Main st 

Cornish, Aaron Falmouth. 

Rogers, Moses 

Bassett, M. f. 

Huntley, O. L., cor. Miin st. and Me- 
chanics Fitchburg. 

Boutell & Norcross, (T. R. Boutelle, 
J. Norcroi?,; cor. M line street and 

Robinson, C. 

Blood, T. S. 

Pillsbury, Levi 

Mann, Benj. Foxborough. 

Foster, J. W. 

Hoyt, Enos Framingham. 

Whitney, Simon 

Osgood, J. W., Saxonville 

Mann, Jonathan Franklin. 

Atwood. S. 

Parker, David Oardner. 

H irriinui, H. C. 

Clark, M. P. Oeorgetown. 

Smith, I. P. Gloucester. 

Reynolds, Joseph, Front st 

Smith. D. D. 

Pierce, Daniel Ooshen. 

Field, G. A., Farnumsville, Qrafton. 

Rawson, Levi 

Monroe, A. Lee Bucon Oranby. 

Wright, E. Granville. 

Holcomb, Abinson 
HoUeiibroke. E. R. 
McAllister, George 
McAllister, Chas. 
Lee, J. Edwards 
Parks, VVm. H. 
Bell, Wni. C. 
Pickett, N. B. 
Stone, Alpheus F. 
Dean, J. 

Cliamberlain, Levi 
Bancroft, Amos B. 
Stearns, George 
Lester, Wm. 
Bonney, Franklin 
F airfield, C. D. 
Norton, Cyrus 

Creasey, Oliver 
' Forbes, Joseph 

, Barriagtoa. 




JV". Had'.ey. 


Barker, Bowen 

Ranney, Lafayette 

Dodge, Franklin 

Stone, Joseph 

Peck, A. S. Hatfield. 

Wadleijih, John B. Haver kill. 

Flint. Kendall 

Longley. Rufus 

Taylor, Heath. 

Fisk, R. T. W. Hinghum. 

Stephenson, Ezra 

Underwood, Jonas 

Kittridge, Benj. T. Hinsdale. 

Robbins, Augustus Hulden. 

Davis, David 

Dean, D. B. HoU-ind. 

Fiske, Timothy Hoitiston. 

Burnap, Sewall G. 

Scammell, S. S. Hopkinton. 

Martin, O. 

Phelps, Moses Habbardston. 

Billings, D, F. 

Wildes, A, H. Ipswich. 

Brown, Ch irles H. 

Manning, Thomas 

Hall, A. B. Kingston. 

Nichols, P. L. 

Lincoln, Henry Lancaster. 

Carter & Thompson 

Cummings, W. 

Burdett, Geo. W., Clintonville 

Morse, G. M. 

Norton, H. J. Lanesbomugh, 

Lamb, Wm. D. Lawrence. 

Blanchard, A. D. 

Dana, D ivid 

Curtis, J. S.. Common st 

Morse, Julius H. 

Allen, E. B. 

Murch, Chas 



S nborn, Geo. W. J^awrence. 

Hirris, Jerome 

Ayer, Washington 

Judsoii, Adariih South Lee. 

Guiteiiur, Coridon 

Bartlftl, Hubbard 

Welch, Asa G. 

Fhnt, Edward Leicester. 

Whitconib, Chas. W. 

Miller, Sabin Lenoz. 

Worthington, Robert 

Pierce, G. W. Leominster. 

Field, C. C. 

Tewksbury, C. 

Rice. David Leverett. 

Currier, Win, J. Lexington. 

Chapiii, Henry Lincoln. 

Elliot, J. G. Littleton. 

Chapman, Thos. L. Longmcadow. 

Strickland, R. 

Pillsbiiry, J. D. 21 Centnil st Lowell. 

Gonlet, A. 27 do 

Cohaan. J. S. 118 Merrimack st 

Churchill, G. W. 122 do 

Fitch. V. H. 122 do 

Burbank, Oscar, 122 do 

Wells, Da%id, 128 do 

Mason, Augustus, 128 do 

Batchelder, C. do 

Fitzernon, Thomas do 

Sanborn, E. K. 162 do 

Kimball, Gilman, 162 do 

Brown, A. H. 162 do 

Batchelder, Calvin do 

Boynton, A. R. 27 do 

Kidder, W. do 

Simpson, S. L. F. 10 E. do 

Gale, Geo. W. 

Spaulding, Joel, 5 Wells' Block 

Mann, Cyrus S. 9 do 

Green, Jno. O., Savings Bk. Build. 

Morrell, Fred. 11 Middle st 

Person, J. W., Middlesex st 

Burnham, W. do 

Ames, Selh C. do 

Whittemore, J., Market st 

Toothaker, Charles, 4 Hurd st 

Allen, Nathan, 12 do 

Huntington, E. 14 do 

Graves, John W. 16 do 

Perham, Otis, 22 do 

Dickey, Hanover do 

Shackford, Rufus do 

Jewett, P., Kirk st 

Caswell, Elijah Ludlow. 

Alden, W. B. 

Smith, H. M. T. 

Miller, W. B. 

Manning, Peter Lunenburg. 

King, S. D. Lunenburg. 

Hiirmon, W. L. 70 Mnket .st Lynn. 

Eistman, E. P. 10 Broad st 

Weeks, C. M. 10 do 

Newhall, A. T., Olive st 

Gould, Abram, Bo-ton st 

Kittredge, Edward A. 

Perley, Daniel 

French, Nathan Maiden. 

Gould. Daniel 

Gould, Levi J^ortk J\Ialden. 

Parker, Moses 

Perry, Wm. F. Mansfield. 

Story, Asa Manchester. 

Story, A. B. 

Gile, Daniel Marblehead. 

Briggs, James C. 
I Briggs, Calvin 
I Fiagg, Chandler 
iBIai-dell, C. 

Baker, John Marlboro*. 

[ Barnes, Edward F. 

Piine. Isaac Marshfield. 

Blanchard, Henry B. 

S])arrovv, Wm. E. Mattapoisett. 

Gallup. J. S. Medfield. 

Swan, Daniel Medford. 

Fuller, Milton 

Bemis, Charles N. 

Knight, Wm. West Medway. 

Brown, Artemas Medway. 

; Salisbury, S. 
I Metcalf, John G. Mendon. 

Huse, S. Methuen. 

Gale, S. M. 

King, George Middleboro\ 

Briirgs, Ebenezer 

VV^cils, Wm. R. 

Sturtevant, George 

Warren. Joseph Middlefir/d. 

Phelps, E. S. Middleton. 

Fay, Allen C. Milfwd. 

Fletcher, F. 

Corlew, Joseph E. Millbury. 

Davis, H. G. 

Spaulding, L. 

Holms, C. C. Milton. 

Cady, Henry Monson. 

Smith, Alvin 

McKinstrey, Oliver 

\V'right, George Montague. 

Bradford, D. 

Turner, A. H. Monterey. 

Ruggles, Nathaniel JsTantucket. 

Fearing, Elisha P., Centre st 

Parkin.son, J. C, Fair st 

Hoyt, John J\''atick. 

Noyse, Josiah J^Teedham. 

Brown, M.34 Union st JVew Bedford. 


Jennings, J. H., Union st 

JVeaj Bedford. 

Spooner, Paul, Spring st 

Bartlett, Lyman 

Folsoin, Levi, cur. Purchase & Mid- 
dle sts 

Reed, Alexander. 197 Union st 

Mackie, Andrew, 60 Purcliase st 

Hardy, Benj. F. 87 William st 

Shiverick, Clpiuent F. 134^ U ion st 

Whittredge, Win. C, cor. of County 
and Elm sts 

Bartlett, Lyman, cor. of William and 
County r-ts 

Gordon, Wm. A. 94 William st 

M;iyhew, J., corner of Tiiird and 
School sts 

Gordon, Wm. A., cor. William and 
Eighth sts 

Miner. Julius F. J\''ew Rr lintrre. 

Grosvenor, E. P., Belleville 


Perkins, Henry C, E-^sex st 

jVe 10 bury port. 

Spofford, Rich-rd S., Fair .st 

Johnson, Jonathan G., Spring st 

Wym in, S vmu 1 W., Or mge st 

Plummer, Daniel T., Lime st 

Kelly, E. G., Hiu'h st 

Atkinson, J., Strong st 

Cross, Enoch. Middle st 

Perkins, John .Vew Marlborough. 

Rising, Julius A. 

Brown, J. H. fVest J\''ewton. 

Tculon, William F., Upper F;:lls 


Dearborn. A. D., Upper Falls 

Nichols, Ezra, Lower Falls 

Warren, Edward do do 

Bigelow, Henry J^ewton Corner. 

Johnson, J. J. jVorthb(iro\ 

Barnes. Hen.-v 

Clark, R. R. ' J^orthbridge. 

Robinson, E. 

Brvant, Horatio JV*. Bridgewater. 

Borden, A. K. 

Kingman. Abel W. 

Wade, Edmund R. 

Mead, M. S. J^orthfield. 

Hall, Philip 

Stratton, E. 

Thompson, D. &. J. J^orthampton. 

Barrett, B. 

Hall, C. A. 

Woodward, S. B, 

Walker, C. 

Dennison, E. 

Hopkins, Peleg F. JVorton. 

Rounds, Benj. M. 

Barrows, Ira J^nrton. 

Elder, Wm. J^'orwic/i. 

Adams, Charles Oakham. 

Eaton, A. J. 

B;irton, Edward Orange. 

Lee, Geo. H. 

Barton, Parlny 

Seabury, Benj, F. Orleans. 

Wilson, Timothy 

Beard, Wm. Otis. 

Spelman, H. K. 

Paine, S. C. Oxford. 

Holman, Davd 

King, Aaron Pnlmer. 

White, A. J. Palmer Dcpnt., 

Burke, C. W. 

Thomas, J. B.. Thomdike Palmer. 

Hartwell, Win., Bonvilie 

Davis, A., Three Rivers 

C irpenter, B. Pawtuckct. 

Albee, F. T. 

Wheeler, E. M. Paxtun. 

Taylor, Israel IL Pe:hmn. 

Coll\more, F. Pembroke. 

Walton, John ^ Pepperell. 

Parker, C. E. 

Cutler, N. 

Davis, Kendall 

Kittredge, John Peru. 

Taylor, Samuel Petersham. 

Parkhurst, Wm. 

Lindsey, Daniel 

Hodges, Jeremiah 

Stone, James Phillipston. 

Wilson, N. J. Pittsfield. 

Brewster, Oliver 

Brewster, John 

Childs, H. H. 

Cady, F. A. 

Colt, B. B. 

Pierce, Enoch 

Root, O. S. 

Shaw, Samuel Plainfield. 

Jackson, A. Plymouth. 

Warren, Winslow 

Gordon, Timothy 

Hattard, Benjamin 

Merritt, Samuel 

Pattredge, W. Princeton 

Brooks, A. 

Stone, J, Provincetown. 

Paine, S. P. 

Whitney, Isaiah 

Lathrop, J. 

Bugbee, W. B. Quincy. 

Woodard, E. 

Stetson, James 

Goodnoe, L. E. 

Wood, T. E. Randolph. 






Wales, E. Randolph. 

Wales, B. L. 
Howard, F. 
Alden, E. 

Huntington, Geo. W, 
WakeHeld, H.P. 
Sanborn, Jose|ili 
Mansfield, Josppli U. 
Blanding, A. O. 
Jennings, Ebenezer 
Manning, John 
Ha.skell, Benjaniia 
Gould, Humphrey- 
Proctor, ChHrle-! 
Herbert, Richnrd 
Adams, John Q.., Washington st. cor. 
. Lowell RozJniry. 

Bartlett, H., Bartlett st. cor. Dcdha.m 

Getting, Benjamin E., Bartlett st. cor. 

Gumming'', A. I., Belmont st 
Darling, Elij ih, D;ivi.s st 
Draper, A. W., Spri-ig street 

West Roxhury. 
Faulkner, George. Centre st. J^nnica 

Plain Roxhury. 

Flint, J. S., Dudley street, opposite 

Foster, Chas. F., Elm st 
(ileason, Ezra VV., at Norfolk House 
Harris, L. M., Centre street, Jamaica 

Martin, H. A., Eu stis st. cor. Sumner 
Morse, H. G., Zeielr-r st. n. Warren 
Bobbins, P. G. 163 Washington st. 

cor. Williams 
Rogers, Samuel. 12 Linden Park 
Stewart, E. (med. office; Centre st. 

cor. Highland Av. 
Streeter, "Joseph H., Kenilvvorth st. 

near Dudley 
Train, Horace D. 116 Washington st. 

near Vernon 
Wales, Thomas B., Elliot street, cor. 

Weld, C. M., Centre st. near Elliot, 

Jamaica PI lin 
Whitmore, Geo. H.. Washington st. 

opposite Norfolk Hou<e 
Windship, C. M., Dudley street, near 

Batchelor, S. Royalston. 

Willis, J. P. 

H.iwe<, Frederick, Essex st. Salem. 
M"ick, William, Essex st 
Pierson, Abel L. 
Johnson, Samuel, 4 Brown st 
Cox, Benjamin, Jr. 

Fisk, Joseph E. 11 Washington -t 

Pierson, Edward B. 
Hoh okp, Edward A. 
Farnum, Joseph. 2()5 Essex st 
Hubbard, Oliver, 249 Essex st 
Colby, Isaac, 24 St. Potev st 
Williams William, ;J2 Federal st 
Prince, Wilham H. 2.'S9 Essex st 
Choate, George, 255 Essex st 
Dearborn, Cyrus, East HaiJsbury. 
Pcirsons, S. C, New Boston 

Balch, E. 
Bench, E. 

Harjier, John Sandwich. 

Wakefield, A. G. 
Leonard, Jonathan, Jr. 
Russell, Henry 

Allen, D. 8. Snugus, 

Weston, Nathan, Savoy. 

Adams, J. Scituaic. 

James, Elisha 

Thomas, Francis, East Scituate. 
Aspinwall, Thomas W. Seekonk. 
Gardner, Johnson 

Turrill, N. O. Sharon. 

Darman, Uriah, Sheffield. 

Peck, Oliver 
Sherman, Truman F. 
Wilson, Milo, Shelbume Falls. 

Tabor, S. J. W. 
Duncan, Charles M. 
Everett, Edward O. Sherburne. 

Dawse, Charles D. Shirley Fillas^e. 
Hill, E. P. " . ^ 

Parker, James O. 

Towne, David, Shrewsbury. 

Brigham, A. 

Sewall, S. B. SomerviUe. 

Fay, Charles M. Southbridge. 

Hartvvell, S. & S. H. 
Spooner, B. A. 

Goodman, Otis, South Hadlcy Fnl/.t. 
Bailey, Charles 

Brooks, S. D. s. Hadley. 

Strong, Edward "^ 

Ufford, Edward G. 

Gridley, Josiah A. Southampton. 
Bell, Artemas 

Mansfield, .Joseph D. South Rendinir. 
Rockwell, J. W. Southwick. 

Guilford, J. Spencer. 

Dyer, E. C. 
Church, Jefferson, Main street 

Pierce, A. M., Main st 
Smith, J. M., West State st 
Segur, Edwin, Pleasant st 


Valle, H. R. S., Main st Springfield. 

Jones, B. B. Elm st 

Kibbee, Charles P., Bliss st 

Cleveland, William H., Walnut st 

Hatch, Ira, Main st 

Gray, James H., State st 

Ramsdell, Q. F., Soringfield HiU 

English, R. G. W., Bliss st 

Chaffer, C. C, Main st 

Fitch, W. L., West Washington st 

Wood, G. C, Main st 

Rodgers, S. J. S., Hasling's Building 

Bridgman, William, Main st 

Kendall & Peck Sterling. 

White, v., Curtisville Stockbrid^e. 

Adams, L. S. 

Fowler, R. 

Stevens, W. F. Stoneham. 

Tucker, S. Stoughton. 

Walker, J. B. East Stoughton. 

Chandler, H. Stowe. 

Kittredge, F. G. 

Saunders, W. S. Sturbridge. 

Fisk, C. P. 

Goodnough, L. Sudbury. 

Johnson, Ocis O. 

Trow, Josiah Sunderland. 

Beals, D. S. 

Smith, D. S. C. H. Sutton. 

Barrows & Graves, Main st Taunton. 

Runnels, A. J., Market st 

Stickney, C. W., Weir Bridge 

King, Daniel, 2 School st 

Richards, John, Spring st 

Osgood, J. M. D. Templeton. 

Spooner, Mason 

Brown, Jonathan Tewkshury. 

Batchelder, J. C. Topsfie.Ld. 

Merriam, R. M. 

Stickney, A. G. West Townsend. 

Gerry, Henry A. 

Knight, N ithaniel J. Truro. 

Pierce, Auau tus, Tijngshorovgh. 

Thomas, Ctlvin 

Bennett, A. W. Uxbridge. 

Robbins, James W. 

Smith, J. fVnIes. 

Tappaii, Bond H. fVaJpole. 

Warren, R. S , Main-st. Waltkam. 

Kittridge, Theodore 

Russell, George 

Adams, Hor i tio 

Gale, John Ware. 

Goodrich & Miner 

Richardson, E. L. 

Mackie, Peter fVnreham. 

Carpenter, N. Warren. 

Warriner, L. 

Taylor, Amos Warwick. 

Field, George Warwick. 

Huckius, D. T. Watcrtown. 

Richardson, Samuel 

Hosmer, Hiram 

Ames, Ebeiiezer Wayland 

Negus, Charles Webster 

Burrows, E. A. 

Fenney, J. M. 

MitcheU, Jacob Wellfleet. 

Stone, Thomas N. 

Cook, Lucius Wendell. 

Jones, Nathan Wen/iam. 

Borner, J, E. 

Pond, Benjamin Westborough. 

Risings, H. H. 

Curtis, W. West Brookfield. 

My rick, L. 

Howland & Holmes W. Cambridge. 

Willington, Timothy 

Underwood, Thomas' 

Robinson, M. E. Westfield. 

Wright, Lucius 

Bassett, John J. 

Abbott, J. 

Shurtleff, Simeon 

Holland, James 

Holland, Holmes 

Drinkwater, S. Westford. 

•Osgood, Benjamin 

<Jrcutt, Henry Westhampton. 

Cutting. Flavel Westminster. 

White, John 

Appleton, John West J^ewbury. 

Hunt, Otis E. Weston. 

Sisson, B. B. Westport. 

Handy, James H. 

White, George F. S. 

Whit well, B., Ireland 

West Springfield. 
Pierce, E. G., Ireland 
Chapman. S. 
Long, Lawson 
Long, Lawsun A. 
Stickney, P. L. B. 
Champion. Reuben 
Cr ly. Edwia M. 
B ill, Cyrus 

Leavitt, D. & N. West Stockbridge. 
Dewey. Luke 
Newman, J. V. 

Weston, Henry E. Weymouth. 

f airfield, Noah 
Ball. A. 
Gibbens, D. L. 

Perrv, Ira East Weymouth. 

Bard well, Chester Whately. 

Harwood, Myron 

I Cady, M. South Wilbraham. 

Bottom, Abial 



Rice, Jesse W. South fVilbraham. 

Kibbe, Gideon 

Collins, DLinitl WiUiamsburff. 

Shaw, W.. Haydenville 

Meekins, Thomas 

Bulkiey, J. VV. fVUliamstown. 

Sabine, H. L. 

Sniitli, Saiiiuel 

Sniitli, Andrew M. 

Duncan, S. 

Brown, Silas Wilmington. 

Toothaker, Samuel A. 

Gooding, A. Winchendon. 

Russell, Ira 

Foster, George T. Windsor. 

Richard, T. Wobtirn. 

Saxton, F. T. 

Plynipton, Augustus 

Cutter, Benjamin 

Drew, S. W. 

Touiigm in. David 

Piper, R. U. South Woburn. 

Bates, Henry G. 208 Main st 

Fl;ig2, Sam. 3 Wnldo Block 
Hey wood, B. & F. 110 iMain st 
Heywood, B. F. 109 do 

Bates, Geo. A., Park st 
Darling. H. G., Congress st 
Green, John, 106 Main st 
Johnson, H. F. 1 Walnut st 
Sargent, Henry, 241 Main st 
Sargent, Jo-eph, 230 do 
Workman, Win., Elm st 
Andrew, John A. 
Hawes, R. L. 202 Mainst 
Newton, Cnivin, Front st 
Lyman & Bull Worthinffton. 

Knowlton. E. L. 

Clapp, E. H. Wrentham. 

Larkin, L. B. 
Comstock, W. W. 

Shore, George Yarmouth Port. 

Hedge, James 
Jones, Luther South Yarmouth. 

Piauo Forte Manufac- 

Chickering, J. 234 Washington st 

Chickering & Co. rm^ do 

Gilbert, Lemuel, 416 do 

Gilbert, T. & Co. 400 do 

Hallet, Cumston & Allen, 339 do 
Hallet, Davis & Co. 417 do 

Hallett & Ladd, 296 do 

Harper, Edward, 96 Court st 
Hews, George, 365 Washington st 

Lord, George, 493 Washii.gton st 


Marsh, S. W\ 371 and 393 Washing- 
ton street * 

Niebuhr, H. 372 do 

Paul, Charles, 2 Boylston st 

Whitman, S. F. 405 Washington st 

Wilkins & Newliall, 344 do 

Winchester. W. P. & Co. 497 do 

Woodward & Brown, 352 do 

Stone, J. E. Dana. 

Hale, Warren 

Tileston, N. W. & T. N., Nepoiiset 
Viil.ige Durchoster. 

Page & Hawkins, (piano forte cases) 

Stone, Luther J^cuminster. 

Gore, J. C, 

Lune. J. C. 

Hedrick, Geo. (dealers) Lotcell. 

Stevens, Abiel &, Son, (piano forte 
case<) Lawrence. 

Wilder & Rugg Montague. 

Allen, Alvan, 214 Main street 



Office, 25 Sargent's Wharf, Boston. 

Bruce, Jonathan, Jr., Webster St., 

E. B. 
Burrows, Wm. do do 

Chnndler, Henry P. 6 Charter st 
Colby. S;imuel,'6 do 

Dolliver, Jas. M. 66 do 

Eaton, James M. 6 do 

Pow ler, James L. 4 Foster st 
Fowler, Wm. 5 Phipps Place 
Gurney, Henry. 66 Charter st 
Gurney. Henry L.. Webster st. E. B. 
Hayden, Abel T. 89 Salem st 
Heiiessey, Richard, Webster st. E. B 
Hunt, Matthew, 19 Liverpool st. do 
Hunt, Reuben, do do 

Kelly, Robert, Salem Court 
Kelly, Wm., Liverpool st. near Sum- 
ner, E. B. 
Lakin, Benj. 3 Unity st 
Lakin. Isaac, Centre st. E. B. 
Lunt, .lacob K., Webster st. E. B. 
Macfield. John, do do 

Martin, Elbridge, do do 

Morse, Ezekiel, Saratoga st. do 
Nash, Alfred, 3 Phipps 
Nash, Geftrge, 11 Sheafe st 
(Oliver. Jcdin, Webster st. E. B. 
Oliver, John, Jr. do do 
Phillips, Wm. A. 4 Phipps Place 


Sullivan, George, 2 Tiloston ^t 

Sullivan, John J. 18 Fleet st 
Towksbury, Frank William, Harbor 

Master, Cottage st. E. B. 
Tevvksbury, G, P. 6 Tileston st 
Tremere, B. B. 189 Hanover st 
Williamson, George, 19 Tileston st 
Wilson, John, 8 Fleet st 

Plane Manufacturers. 

Kellogg, James Jlmherst. 

Burnham, George East j^mlierst. 

Nutting, Truman South Jlmliprst. 

Cooley, Wm. 10 R. R. Block, Lincoln 
street Boston. 

Cummings, Allen, Merrimack st. cor. 
of Deacon 

Gardner, L. 4 Green st 

Stevens, James, (rulers,) 5 Merri- 
mack st 

Tileston, T. 73 Harrison Avenue 

Ballard, Franklin, (plane wood ) 


Hubbard, Parker & Co. Conway. 

Copeland, Melvin Cummiiitrton. 

Toluian, R, Joseph Hanover. 

Parker, Benjamin Uingham. 

Tabor, Wing H.. Market st Lowell. 

Tabor, John M. J^Tew Bedford. 

Kellogg, J. D., South st 


Brown, Wm. Pittsfe/d. 

Hills, Hirvey Sprinrrjield. 

Davis, Wm. S. Stockbrido-e. 

Chapin, N. fVestfic'd. 

Ring, E. & T. & Co. fVorthinffton. 

Gouch, F. J., Litche's Mills 


Plaster Dealers. 

Hoxie, T. W. & Co. (calcined and 
ground), 46 Long whf Boston. 

Sprague, Soule & Co. 7 T whf 

Wright, E., Jr. (calcined plaster), 11 
T wharf 

Young, C. & Co., Brown's wharf 

Plaster Imag^e Makers. 

Chickev & Garey, 24 School st 
G .ribaldi. P. & Co. 36 do 

Podesta, S. 12 Green st 

Plougfb Manufacturers. 

Howard, Ch-irles Hingham. 

Wi!,on, G. E. (Southern ploughs) 4 

Hvde, T. do do 

Colton. E. H. JSTorthfield, 

Lane, D. W. & Co. Orange. 

Einer\-, Horace fVest Townsend. 
Beebe, Marcus (Southern) 

South Wilbraham. 


Baird, Geo. 83 Cambridge st Boston, 
Bothamlv, Geo. 10 Theatre Alley 
Clarke, John & Son, 118 Conrt st 
Ditson, Samuel J. 62 Portland street, 

(candle moulds) 
Fessenden & Co., Beach street, cor. 

Floyd, Thomas, 18 Water st 
Hunt, N. &. Co. 5 do 

Learnard & Pollard, 16 Devonshire «t 
Locke & Cordwell, Barrett st. (ship) 
Pieper, P. 13 Brattle st 
Pearce, Wm. 90 Blackstone st 
Puffer, A. D. 15 Hawley st 
Snelling, E. H., Richmond street, cor. 

West, Richard, 2 Water st 

Pocket Book Manufac- 

Dyer, E. E, 141 Washington st 

Dyer, James, 114 Washington st and 

124 Cambridge 
Marsh, John, 77 Washington st 
Smith. S. J. H. 182 do 
Thaxter, Jo'^hua, Dev. st. cor. Water 
Vreeland, J. H. 11 Devonshire st 
Pratt, Joseph Cambridge Port. 

Cobb & Sparks Lancaster. 

Harvvood, R. B. Whately. 

Doane, Samuel 


Parker, Benj. West Barnstable.. 

Wilcox, B. J. (fire brick stove linings) 

Weir Bridge Taunton. 

Presby, Wm. (fire brick stove linings) 

Weir Bridge 
Ingell, J. W. (fire brick stove linings) 

Weir Bridge 
Ingell, W. H. (fire brick stove linings) 

Weir Bridge 



PoTvdcr ITIanufacturers. 

Brown & Cooley Oranville. 

Whipple, Oliver M. Lowell. 

Kellogg, Lnngdon South Lee. 

Howe, J. \V. JsTew Marlboro'. 

Smith, John Southwick. 

Bemis & Hall Spevccr. 

Trvon. Charles Westjield. 
Noble, Seth 

Loud, Francis Westhampton. 

Printers— Book «k Job. 

W.irdwell, Wm. H. Jlndovcr. 

Andrews & Prentiss, 11 Devonshire 
street Boston. 

Balch, Edward T,. 24 Congress »t 
Bang, Jacob N. 40 Cornhill 
Bazin, Geo. W. 37 do 
Beals & Greene. 21 Water st 
Bemis, Geo. F. 22 School st 
Bense, Wm. 3 State st 
Br.idbury, Harmon & Co. 7 State st 
Bradbury, W. L., Sudbury st. cor. 

Bradley, J. N. 14 and 16 State st 
Brewer, O. 22 North Market st 
Bulger & Watson, 14 Devonshire st 
Butts, I, R.. School st cor. Wash. 
Carter, T. H. 1 and 3 Water st 
Cliadwick, Wni. 18 Exchange st 
Chisholm. John B. 5 Water st 
Clapp, David, over 184 Wash, st 
Clapp, C.W. & W. W. Jr. 142i do 
Colton, Chas. W. 2 Water st 
Coolidge & Wiley, 12 Water st. cor. 

Crocker & Brewster, 47 Wash, st 
Damrell &. .Mo^re, Devonshire st. ad- 
joining Exchange Hotel 
Dearborn. Nathaniel. 104 Washing- 
ton street 
De irborn, xV. P. 1 W-'tcr st 
Devereux, H. L. iro Washington st 
Dow, Moses A. 27 Devonshire st 
Dutton & Wentworth, 37 Congress st 
Eastburn, John H. 18 State st 
Estabrook. Silas, 142 Washington st 
Evans, .John D. 12 School st 
Farwell. J E. & Co. 32 Congress st 
Farwell. J. H. & F. F. 14 do 
Felch. H. E. 4 Water st 
Folch, W. C. 124 W^i'^hington st 
Forbes, Abner, 37 Cornhill 
Freeborn. Ja^. .Jr. 3 Water st 
Freeman & Bolles, 26 Devonshire st 
Hall, John B. 60 Cornhill 
Hall, Wm. A. 22 School st 

Hallworth, Joseph L. 8 Congress st 

Hart, S. R. 6 State st 
Harris. Samuel, 66 Cornhill 
Haskell, A. W. 4 Washiiigton st 
Holbrook.Geo. R.&C0.5 do 
Hooton, David, Ha- kins' Ruildii-g 
Howe, Jonathan, 39 Morch's Row 
Hutchinson, T. J. 128 Wash, -t 
Jenks, George, C. 4 Diamoiid Block, 

Hanover st 
•lones, Justin, li Water st 
Kelley, James, 67 Court st (music) 
Kidder, Andrew B. 7 Cornhill, (mu- 
Laing, D. Jr. H Water st 
Learned, Thompson & Co. 86 State 

Lincoln. Ezra, 14 Congress st 
Marden, W. 32 do 

Marvin, T. R. 24 do 

Mead, Charles C. 4 State st 
Mendum, J. P. 35 Washington st 
Moody, C.C. P.52 do 

JIudge & Corliss, 21 School st 
Morcy, Thos. 138^ Washington st 
Munroe & Francis, Devonshire st. 

cor. Spring Lane 
Neeh, W. & S. 4 Water st. (German) 
Putnam, John, 81 Cornhill 
Rand, Geo. C.& Co. 3 do 
Ruggles, S. P. (printer for the blind,) 

152 Washington st 
Seaman, S. P. 152 Washington st 
Simonds, Wm. & Co. 12 School st 
Sleeper & Rogers, 12 State st 
Stacy, Richardson & Co. 5 Milk st 
Thurston, Torrey & Co. 31 Devon- 
shire st 
Torrey, Joseph G. 23 Devonshire st 
Tiiitle & Donnet, 21 School st 
Watson, Geo. B. 60 Congress st 
White & Potter, Spring Lane 
White, George W., Court st. corner 

Wilson, John, 21 School st 
Wilson, J. L. 182 Washington st 
Wright. A. J. 3 Water st 
Metcalf&Co. Cambrhlffe. 

Rand. Caleb, Main st Ckarli-stown. 
Mann, Herman, High st Derlhnm. 
Merrick. Chas. A. Ornnjield. 

Hall, J. W. D., School st Tmvton. 
Hastings, Josiah, Main st H'aUham. 


Wilson, E. F. I,er,oT 

Norton, John B. 56 Centr;il >t Lowell. 


Penh.iUow, B. H. 28 Merrimack st | 

Pillsbury & Burgess, 9 Coiumercicil 

Tildea, Henry, 20 North Water st 

Kew Bedford. 

Giluian, John, Phoenix Buildings 


Mete ilf, J. & L. 2 Court street 


Axdell, W. D. Pittsjield. 

Montigue, C. 

Cox, John, over Central Market, op- 
poiite Guild's Building Roibury. 

Ewer, W. B. & Co. Gl Washington st 

Andrea & Tannatt, Main st 

6>' ingjieUl. 

Taylor, H. S., Main st 

Wood, John M., Main st 

H ill, J. W. D., School St. Taunton. 

Cashing & Gerrish, 10 Central Ex- 
change Worcester. 

Earle, John Milton, 188 Main st 

laiicoln &. Hickox, Buim in Block 

Dodge, Benj. J. 11 & 12 Central Ex. 

Howland, H. J., 199 Main st 


Andrews, Robert, 116 Washington 
street Boston. 

Butford, J. H. & Co. 204 Wash'n st 
Cary, Isaac, 204 Washington st 
Dainrell & Moore, Devonshire St., 

adjoining Exchange Hotel 
De irborn, Nathaniel, 104 Wash'n st 
De-irbora, N. S. 1 Water st 
Deeley, C, 31 Court st 
Freebiirn, Jame<, Jr. 8 Water st 
Holland, T. R. 12 School st 
Russell, David, 138^ Washington st 
Savory, Willi !m H., Court St., Has- 

kiii's Building 
StHVens, Luther, 186 Washington st 
Wdso.i, W. W. 23 Court st 
Tileston, H. S., Haydenville 

Beaman, A. C. 196 Main st 


Printer's Ink Dealers. 

Boston Type and Stereotype Foun- 
dry, Spring L iiie Boston. 
Brewer, H irvey, 18 School st 
Cnadwick, William, 18 Exchange st 
Ciark, Isaac P. 113 Washington -t 
Curti-, George A. 66 Congress st 
Dutto.i & Weatwonh, 37 Congress st 

Hill, Wm. H. & Co. 32 Cornhill 



Pratt, Charles 
Laiie, Thomas 
Hale, WiUiam 
Ervvins, Stephen 



Produce Dealers. 

Adams, C. P. 12 Merchants' Row 

Ayer & Ellis, 7 Market Square 
Baker, Freeman, 21 Cross st 
Bailey, Beiij iinin, 46 Brattle st 
Balilwin & Stone, 9 Market Square 
Belkc.ap, L. & A. 55 Brattle st 
Blinn, .Aaron C. 7 R. R. Block, Lin- 
coln st 
Ch mberlain, John H. 8 Market Sq. 
Child, Jonas D. 45 Kneeland st 
Childs, E. D. 28 Elm st 
Cl^irk, Bingham, & Co. 4 Chatham 

Coffin, N. R. 24 Merchants' Row 
Colby, John, Maverick Square 
Cristy, J. B. & Co. 45 Kneeland st 
Crosett, Wm. C. & Co. 24 Ehn st 
Cushman & Pierce, 10 R. R. Block, 

Lincoln st 
Davis, John, 8 Market Square 
Dolby, Hubbard, 10 Merchants' Row 
Ellis, David, & Co. 10 Market Square 
Emerson, H. 8 Market Squ ire 
Emerson & Fitz, 8^ Market Square 
E wings, W. W. 87 IV. Market st 
Gihnore, A. W., Merchants' Row, 

cor. M irket Square 
Goodnough, Jacob N. 52 Federal st^ 

near Channing 
Hatch, W. & Co. 4 Albany Block 
Hemmenway, Luke, 12 Long wharf 
Hendleyfc Emerson, 28 N. Market st 
Heu.tis Warren, 50 N. Market st 
Hobbs, Wm. J. C. 46 K' ee;and st 
Holden, Freeman, 5 R. R. Blnck, Lin 

coin st 
Humphrey, Bartlett, & Co. 13 North 

Market st 
Jackson, S. S. & Co. 22 Long wharf 
Johnson, Alfred, 14 Elm st 
Jones & Farley, 88 State st 
Joy, Charles F. 7 Chatham Row 
Kilham, C. A. &c Co. 33 Commercial st 
Kimball, Charles, 1 Merchants' Row 
Lm wrence & Bradbury, 8 R. R. Blo'k, 

Lincoln st 



Loring, Fiske, & Co. 12 & 14 W. R. 

R. Market Boston. 

Lovejoy, E. F. 127 State st 
Lowell & Hinckley, G4 Utica st 
Morrison, Samuel J. 6 Market Square 
Moulton, \. H. 50 Brattle st 
Mower & Randall, 30^ Merrimack st 
Noyes, Moses, 8 Brattle Square 
Proctor, Rice & Co. 118 State st 
Ranker, Woods, & Co. 101 State st 
Raymond, Z. L. & Co. 11 S. Market st 
Reed & Kenny, 21 Merchants' Row 
Richardson, G. B. & Co. 1 Market 

Richardson, P 8 R. R. Block 
Sartwell, S. Jr. 20 Wm st 
Sartwell & Walker, 4 Market Square 
Scates, Dodavah, 84 Utica st 
Shaw, Earl, 7 Merchants' Row 
SonweU & Co. 11 & 12 N. Market st 
Stickney, H. '& I. 12 Chatham st., 

and 8 Chatham Row 
Stickney & Parks, 99 State st 
Stone & Anderson, 3 Market Square 
Talt & Wheelock, 8 Water st 
Taylor, N. D. V. 15 Merchants' Row 
Teel, G. S. 32 Merchants' Row 
True, J. M. 398 Washington st 
Tyler, J. C. & Co. 46 & 47 Chatham st 
Wait, J. 7 R. R. Block, Lincoln st 
Watts, Samuel F. 8 Chath:;m Row 
Worster & Hart, 2U S. Market st 
Yeaton, Georye H. 33 Commercial st 
Hunting, E. N,, Charlestown Square 
Chariest own. 
Shelden, .Tessie Beverly. 

Greene, John A. &. Co. (Wholesale; 

Provision Dealers* 

Allen, S. W., Atkinson st. cor. High 
Atwood, Lewis, 89 Charles st 
Andrew.^, A. 38 School st 
BabI), Eben I'., North Square 
Bartlett, Lemuel, 225 Tremont st 
Bartlett, Lewis P., Brouifield st 
Blacker, J. U., Broadway, between 

F st and Dorchester 
Belding, John, HI Cambridge st 
Bemis, E. P., Lowell st cor. Cotting 
Berry, A.M. 11 Bedford st 
Bliisdell, D., Endicot st cor. Cross 
Blasdell, P. O., Kingston st corner ot 

Bod-e 6l Cutter, Myrtle st cor. West 

Bridge, Hereraan, 93 Chambers st 

Brown &l Mason, 6 Derne st Boston. 
Brown, G. M., Sullolk st n. Canton 
Burgess &, Talbot, Merrimack Mark't 
Burnett & Foster. 4 Green st 
Burnett, W. 469 Washinfiton st 
: Burrell, J., Beach st cor. Tvler 
Burt, Chas. F. 233 Ann st' 
I Campbell, J., Hanover st cor. Clark 
Chandler, Beiij. Jr. 152 Ann st 
Chandler, E. J\. 597 Washington st 
Chase & Pierce, 46 Mt. Vernon st 
Churchill, H. 1 N. End Block 
Clark, F. Bowdoin >X opp. Derne 
Clark, J. H., Oak st cor. Hudson 
Clark & Wilder, 112 Court st 
Colby, John, Maverick Sq. E. B.— 
Coolidge, T. & E. 114 Charles st 
Copeland, M. W. 123 and 125 Cam- 
bridge st 
Cutter, Geo. 113 Hanover st 
Dodge. John H. 24 Elm st 
Dudley, S. W., Federal st cor. Fede- 
ral Court 
Dunnels, Amos, 41 Lowell st 
Edgerly & Lovejoy, Endicot st cor. 

English, A. T., Hanover st cor. Cross 
Faden, A. M. 623 Washington st 
Fisher, Edvv. 8 Bedford st 
Fitzgibbons & O'Leary, Sea st. cor. 

Flanders, Cyrus, 22 Esse.x st 
Frost & Waldron, 92 Federal st 
Foster, A. A. & Co. 23 Howard st 
Gallison, J. H. 73 Cambridge st 
Gile, N. & S, W., Southac street cor. 

Gleason, Wm. H., Prince street cor. 

Goddard, Geo. W. 110 Purchase st 
Goddard, W.W., Green st cor. Gouch 
Goodale, H. L., South stcor. Essex 
Green, C. W., Hudson st cor. Har- 
Grose, Wm. & Co. 11 Merrimack st 
Haley, W. 29 Leveret st 
Hall & Patten, Havre st. n. Maver 

ick, E. B. 
Hayden, A. B. 45 Chambers st 
Herrick, Sam'l, 78 Carver st 
Higgins, Paul, 370 Commercial st 
Hildrelh, Henry, 1 Cambridge st 
Hinds, A. M. 30 Derne st 
Hook, W. R. M. 49 Salem st 
Howe & Brother. 7 Blossom st 
I Howe, B. H. 170 Tremont st 
I Humphrey, W. A., Canton st cor. 
I Sullblk 
I Jones, G. F. & Co. 101 Leveret st 


Kidder, A. C, Harrison Avenue cor. 

Kneeland Boston. 

Kimball, W., Broadway cor. E. st j 

Kingsbury, W. C, Dover street cor. : 

Knights, H. 49 Charter st 
Knowles, Thos., Sumner st corner | 

London, E. B. 
Lukemnn, M. B. 140 & 14-2 Court st i 
Leamard, Samnel S. 21 Lincoln st j 
Liilind, VV. 741 Washington st 
Litchfi.ld, Noih, 21 Merrimrick st 
Littletield, J. M. 249 Hanover st 
Locke & Olough, Essex st cor. Co- 
Locke, Jos. A. 22 & 24 Salem st 
Look, '^ >., Hiiili ^t opp. Uuincy Place 
Lovejoy, R. 597 Washington st 
Lucas, L. 629 Washington st 
McAleer, Pet-r, 76 Prince st 
M.ihan, Jas. .Merrimack st cor. Pitts 
Manning, J., Sea st cor. Summer 
Merriam, Jos. W. 9 .\tkinson st 
Merrill, J. N. & Co. i:3« I'leas;int st 
Mills, B. T., Pleasant st cor. Tremont 
Morse, Perley, Jr. 8 Pinckney st 
Mower & Rand-ill, 30^ Merrimack st 
Muiiroe, Jas. 200 Ha lover st 
Murray, John, 54 E-sex st 
Murray, S. B., Cau-cway cor. BiUe- 

lica street 
Murray. R. F. 16 Leveret st 
Myers, J. H., Leveret st c. Brighton 
Noyes, (i. N. & Co. Broadway n. B. 
Parker. E. 130 Ann st 
Patten, J. 44 Eliot st 
Piercy, H. C. 197 Hanover st 
Potter, A. B. 57 Brighton st 
Pulsiter, T. P. 104 S^lem st 
Reed, C.T. 101 Ch rles st c. Chest.nut 
Reed, W. C. 51 & .53 W. Cedir st 
Rlio:ide<, S. H. 2-27 Ha-iover st 
Richard-on, J. D. 4th st cor. A 
Rich, Rich.ird, Centrl Squire, E B. 
Ripley, W. H. Suflolk st c. Dedhcun 
Robinson, N. 20 Merrimack st 
Rollins, Benj. 112 Salem st 
Rogers, A. C, Curve st cor. Hud-on 
Royce & Shedd, Carver .-t c. Eliot 
Sabine & Folsom, 72 Salem st 
Sanderson, J., Portland st c. Sudbury 
Sanderson, L. 214 Hanover st 
Seaverns, A. &. Co. 26 School st 
Shattuck, M.J. Beach st c. Albany 
Slater & Co. Maverick Sq. E. B. 
Sm alley, L. W., Tremont st. corner 

Smith, Abner, Central Sq. E. B. 
Smith, T. H, & J. L. 20 School st 

Steele, W. M. 65 Endicot st Boston. 
Stevens, Chas. T. 9 Sun Court 
Sunmer, C. H, 25 Bromfield st 
Swallow, C, Thacherst. c. Charles- 
Sweetser &. Shumway, 693 Wash- 
ington st 
Symonds, Chas. W. 140 Pleasant st 
Tent & Baird, 93E^sexst 
Thomas, Wash'n, 659 Washington st 
Thompson, S. N. 855 do 

Towle, Henry, 190 H Trison Av 
Townsend, H. J. 460 Wishington st 
Tyler & Weston, 10 L-wis st E. B. 
Virgin, G. W. Jr. 705 Wa^hii:gton st 
Wait, Gilbert, 4th st n. \ 
Walker, A. G. 28 Poplar st 
Walsh, E., 4th st n. A 
Webster, G. W. 61 Myrtle st 
Weeks, Jas. A. 36 Federal st 
Weld, D. M., Webster* st n. Orleans 
Wellington &. Son, Beach c. Hudson 
Wentworth. Lewis, 110 Pleasant st 
Wentworth, S.56 Cambridge st 
Weston, W. J., Pearl stcor. Broad 
Whitney & W^inship. .55 Ch;inibers st 
Williams, H. E. 58 Merrimack st 
WiKon. T. P. 90 Harri-on Av 
Woodbridge, J. M. 267 Ann st 


Dana &. Co. 27 ("ommercial st 
Fay, Harri-on, 43 S. Market -t 
Fisher &Cha pis. 74 & 75 F. H.M ir't 
Jacobs, A. & A. 12 Long m f 
Lane, Chas. & Co. 22 S. Market st 
Rice, I. C. & W. & Co. 69 &l 71 F. H. 
Valentine, C. & Co. 4 S, Market st 
Winchester, E. A. & W. 15 do 


Bracket, Cephas H. Brighton. 

H irbach, John W. Brookline. 

George, G. C. 

Welch, John East Cambridge. 

Jones, James, Gose st 

Burdakin, J. C. 

Plummer, W., Cambridge st 

Gay, S. W. Cambridffe Port 

Ward, J. F. ■ 

Smith, Samuel 

Mc In tire & Livermore 

Cutler, J. C. Charlestowiu 

Walker, Henry B. 139 Main st 

Raymond, O. F. 119 d > 

Walker, H. B. 139 d-. 

Allen, David, 275 do 



Conant, E. G. 268 Main st 


Frost. S. 200 Main st 

Cristy, VVni. C. 130 M:un st 

Piimer & Harding, 56 Charlestowa 

Webster, Beniah, Clielsea st 

Ciiapin, Naiiuni (wholesale and re- 
tail) cor. of Chelsea and Chestnut 

Tapley, William, corner of High and 
Green streets 

VVasson, Robert & Co., corner War- 
ren and Thompson streets 

Wiiherell & Field, cor. Warren and 
Winthrop streets 

Jones, Daniel, 6 Winthrop st 

Taylor, Sylvester Chicopee Falls. 

Johnson, Wm. W. Chicopee. 

Dennison, J., Cabot st 

Eastman & Bugbee 

Reynolds &. Derby Concord. 

Woodbury, T. JtTorth Danvers. 

Gay, Ellis ff'est Dedham. 

Pierce, Oliver 

Everett, Leonard Dorchester. 

Frost, T. 

Stone & Frost 

Towner, B. 

Parker, Wm. 

Eddy, James, 37 South Main st 

Fall River. 

Holt, James, 6 Market Building 

Eddy, James, 84 Anna warn st 

Smith & Sherman, 2 Market Build. 

Allen, Abram, 3 do 

Buffington, E. P. & Co. 1 do 

Stores, S. W. 9 and 11 do 

Ripley, Henry Hinffham. 

Baker, S. & Co. Ipswich. 

Kittredge & Garland, 109 Central st 

Farnsworth & Stuart, 7^ Central st 

Owen, Wm. N. 164 Merrininck st 

Copp & Thatcher do 

Smith & Nichols do 

Dane & Manahan do 

Wing & Upton do 

Bartlett & Atkinson, cor. Bridge and 
Paige sts 

Prescott, Bell, City Market 

Hunt, E. S. do 

Whitney, Geo. T. do 

Rice, H. M. & J. do 

Rich, StilUnan, North Common st 


Goodwin, M. R. G., South Common st 

Breed &- Page, 9 Exchange -t 

Shelden, Edwin, 37 Front st 

I Merrill & Johnson Maiden. 

Perry, Edward W. JVantucket. 

I Winn, John 
iOlin, John W., Water st 
Russell. Daniel & Son 
Wilcox & Post (wholesale) Commer- 
cial wf JsTeui Bedford. 
Davenport, Richard, 6 City Market 
I Brett & Gifford, 4 do 
! Mills. James R. 2 do 
Whiting C. & Son, 3 do 
Wood, Stephen, 5 do 
Parker, J. W. & I. P. 7 do 
Davis, Nicholas, 8 do 
Packard, Howard & Co. 99 Middle st 
Heath & Weaver, cor. Russell and 

Third sts 
Davis, Benjamin, comer Russell and 

Third sts 
Perreyman, B. 2 Second st 
Crapo, H. R. 167 South Water st 
Swift, Wm. 149 Purchase st 
Little, Samuel, 177i do 
Howland, J. D., corner Second and 

School sts 
Tenney, R. & D. S., Market House 

Adams, Richard, Market House 
Carter, Jeremiah do 

Colman, Daniel do 

Cary, J. & D. E. do 

Mooney, A. W. (wholesale) 
Akerman. Joseph, 2 Liberty st 
Gilman, S. K. 5 Inn st 
Denton & Bourne, Lower Falls 

Field, C. C. J<'orth Bridgewater. 
Thayer, Justin, 6 Granite Row 

Lawrence, S. R. Palmer Depot. 

Olney, Z. Plymouth. 

Holmes, A. & Co. 
Nelson, Elisha 

Conant, S. (fish) Provivcctown. 

Blatchford, E. Rockport. 

Marshall, J. W. & Co. 
Beal, Wilder, Tremont st cor. Cunard 
Fuller, Wm. D. 2 Yeoman st 
Day, E, 50 Wash. st. cor. Enstis 
Emerson. Wm. 59 Washington st. n. 

Post Oflice 
Fulton, J. K., Davis st. cor. East 
Henrichs, J. T., Tremont street, near 

Litilefield, G., Tremont Place 
McInto<h, W. H. & A. S.. Central 
Market, opposite Guild's Buildiiig 
and Oak cor. Dedham Turnpike 


Mead. J. D., Treniont Market, Tre- 
mont St. near Ruggles Roxbury. 

Newton, Antipas. 120 Wash, st 

Nute, Eaoch, South street, cor. Walk 

O' Brenner, Owen, Parker street, near 

Palmer, VVm. H., Warren st. near 

Pierce, G. W. & H. W., Dudley 

Rand & Whicher, Eiistis st. cor. Elm 

Reed, J. C. & Co., Centre st. Jamaica 

Stone, Nathan, Treniont street, near 

Williams, Joseph, Centre street, Ja- 
maica Plain 

Wiswall, Samuel, 103 Washington 
St. opposite Warren 

Smith, Robert J^orth Salem. 

Wiggin, Levi, 91 Essex st 

Wheeler, B. S.l and 2 Market House 

Elliot, Isaac, 3 and 4 do 

Reed, John, 7. 8. 9. 10 & U do 

Wheeler, Asa, 12, 13 & 14 do 

Craig, S. 15 do 

Merrill, A. W. 16 do 

Sawyer, Asa, 17 and 18 do 

Gardner, O. S. 14 Newbury st 

Daniel;-, S. 38 Marlboro' st 

Houghton, E. R., near Railroad Depot 

Stowell. E. T. & Co., Main si 

Bliss & Ells, Ehn st 

CafTran & Fay, Main st 

Dunham & Bates do 

Crawford & Son do 

White, A. & Co. Taunton. 

Leonard, P. & Brother. Market st 

White, W. L. & Co., Weir Bridge 

SUvnley, Whittier & Co., Main st 


Locke & Pattee West Cambridge. 

Cummings. E. fVubum. 

Harvey, Thos. C. 

V\ hile, Wm. 

Gates, Chas. 3 City Hall Worcester. 

I'onverse, Joseph do 

(Jate-: & Stowell, 54 xMain st 

t?l)rague, Lee & Co. (wholesale) 42 
M lin st 

Diaper, Clirk & Co. (wholesale) 103 
105 and 107 Front st 

Br.iinan, Otis, (wholesale) 13 Wash- 
ington Sq. 

Coes, John G. (fish market) 17 Ex- 
change st 

Bugbee & Stebbens, 15 Exchange st 

Hunter, J. L, Exchange street 

Prentice, Henry, 45 Front st 



Barnard, Moses H. 47 Cambridge st 

Davis, W. R. 16 State st 
Fliun, C. E. 473 Washington st 
Hiller, Joseph M. 141 Hanover st 
Hiller, Thos. 123 do 

Hotchkiss & Co. 13 Court st 
Redding & Co. 8 State st 
Safford, E., Maverick Square 
Saxton, F. S. 19 State st 
Tower, Luke B. 137 Hanover st 
Wheeler, G., Boston and Maine R. 

R. Depot 
Wiley, Thomas, Jr. 20 State st 

Public Houses— Keepers. 

King, Benjamin Mington, 

Tuttle, Daniel, Centre House Jicton. 
Richmond, Z. H., Lafayette House 

South Jidams, 
Smith, O. C, South Adams House 
Bailey, E., Berkshire do 

Tremain, C. S., North Adams do 

JVorth Jidam.s. 
Morrill, J. B., Manufacturers' Hotel 

Howe, A. P., Amherst House 

Whitney, S. W., Hampshire, 

East .<t 
Merrill, E. S. Jlndover. 

Ki.ight, I. W., Central House 


Cross, Lyman JlsAfield. 

Blanchard, Artemas, Blanchard's 

Hoiel Ashby. 

Thayer, S. F., Ashland Hotel 

Barton, Hiram, Temperance House 

Phillips, A. D., Village Hotel 
Dean, L. W., R. R. House 

Kidden, Wm., Union House 

JsTorth Attleborough. 
Goodspeed, Charles, Hyanis Hotel, 
Hyaiiis Barnstable. 

Howland, Albert, Meadow Hour^e 

West Barnstable. 
Eldridge, N. & E. H.. Globe Hotel 
Cliiford, Warner, Barre Hotel Barre. 



Rice, F. A., Barre Hou^e Barre. 

B lird, Kendall Ber.ket. 

Putnam, W. A. Bedford. 

Gates, A. L. Belchrrtown. 

Thayer, Ellery BelUngkam. 

Ford, VV. S. Bernardston. 

Cushman, P. L. 

Pearson, Daniel, Atlantic House 


Haynes, Lyman, Travellers' Home 

Hardy, Wm., R. R. House 

Wheeler, Joseph, Blackstone House 

Clark, Wm., Union House 

JsTorth Blandford. 

Lewis, John 

Hohnan, A. Bolton. 

Chainberlin & Co., Adams house, 371 
Washington st Boston. 

Morgan, O. F., Albany hotel, Albany 
St. cor. of Kneeland 

Barton, J. W., Albion house, Tre- 
mont St. cf>rn'^r of BeMCon 

Huntoon. Wm. R., Americtn Change 
hotel, 176 Harrison Avenue 

Rice, Lewis & Co., American house, 
42 Hanover st 

Byrnes, F. D., Athenaeum house, 9 
Howard st 

Hastings, Wm., Bite tavern, 8 Mar- 
ket Square 

Stackhouse. I. N., Branch hotel, 47 
Portland st 

Crockett, S., Bromfield house, Brom- 
field st 

Blerritt, J.. Buffalo house, South st. 
cor. of East 

Cunimings, D. G., Cambridge house, 
112 Cambridge st 

Slade, L., Central house, 9 Brattle 

Graffam. B., Chestnut cottage, 15 
Portland st 

Chamberlin &. Gage, City hotel. Brat- 
tle st 

Walker, Benj., Commercial Coffee- 
house, Milk st 

Brigham, P. B., Concert Hall, Hano- 
ver St. cor. of Court 

Chenev, A., Congress house, Pearl 
St. cor. of High 

raft, C. M., Cornhill Coffee-house, 
1 Cornhill Court 

Cutler, E. B.. Cunard house, Web- 
ster St. E. B. 

Rogers, H. P., Engle hotel, 24 Ann st 

Readheid, A. T., East. Steamboat 
house, 23 Commercial st 

Emery. A., E istem Exchange hotel, 

Ei^tern Av. E. R. K. vvf Boston. 
Croail»i"% Wm. M., Empire house, 67 

E i>tf^rn Avenuii 
Sheridan, B., Endicot house, Endicot 

St. cor. of Cross 
McGill & Fe:iri!ig, Exchange Coffee- 
house, Congress Sq. and Devon- 
shire st 
Robinson, L., Farmers' house, 20 

Ann st 
Hutchinon, T., Fire Department 

hotel, South Boston 
Whitiier & B.igley, Fitchburg Ex- 

changf. Canal st. cor. Causeway 
Fountain house. Beach st. corner of 

Harrison Avenue 
Cross, Simp on & Co., Franklin 

house, 44 Merchants' Row 
Brown, Jeremiah, Freeman's Inn, 

Sea St. ne tr the bridge 
Clark & M irhle, Fulton house. Cross 

st. near Fulton 
Pf iff, Charles, German Coffee-house, 

155 Plea.saHt st 
Weixler, J. P., German hotel, 16 

IVderal st 
Shute, Wm., Globe hotel, Hanover 

St. cor. of Commerci^il 
Duugin, J. A Hancock house, cor. 

Wilson, C. B., Hanover house, 50 

Ilanov^-r st 
Richardson, J. W., Jefferson house, 

16 Ann st 
B con, , Lafayette hotel, 392 

W.ishington st 
Clark, L., La Grange hotel, 17 Union 

Oher, C, Lowell house, Lowell st. 

corner of fenrton 
M : comber, J. T., Macornber's hotel, 

9 Elm st 
Guiii-on, E., Mansion house, 95 

Hanover st 
Curtis, H. A., Mariner's house. North 

Pr(!Ctor, M. S., Marlborough hotel, 

229 Washington st 
Hirvey, D., Massjichusetts house, 

Endicot st. cor. of Cross 
Bry int, D., Maverick himse, Mave- 
rick Square 
Dooley, Henry, Merchants' Exch. 

hotel. State st 
Moulton, Andrew, Merchants' hotel. 

(yhange Avenue 
Hanson, J. L., Merrimack house 

Merrimack st 


Bancroft, Samuel M., Montezuma 

house, 52 Kneeland st Boston. 
Tubbs, H., National house, Black- 
stone St. cor. of Cross 
Maynard, L., New England House, 

Clinton street 
Merritt, W., Norfolk House, 25 Elm st 
Holly, Patrick, Old Colony House, 

South, cor. Kneeland st 
Waite, T., Old Province House, rear 

165 Washington st 
Helton, John, Pantheon House, 439 

Washington st 
Eayrs, J. Howard, Park House, Boyl- 

ston, cor. Treniont st 
Wildes, M. & M., Patterson House, 

11 Elm st 
Russell, W. E., Pavilion, 41 Tremont 

Hitchcock & Huggins, Pearl Street 

house. Pearl, cor. Milk st 
Murdock, A. H., Pemberton house, 

Howard st 
Buckley, Wm., Providence house. 

Church St. cor. Providence 
Wheelock, Eli, Q.uincy house, 1 

Brattle Square 
Leavitt, T., Railroad house, Turn- 
pike St. S. Boston 
Stevens, P. Revere house, Bowdoin 

Sq, cor. Bulfinch st 
Pingrey, D., Richmond house. Rich 

mond street 
Newton, Charles H„ Ryan hotel 

Theatre Alley 
Chancy, John O., Sailors home, 99 

Purchase st 
Sargent, B. B., Sargent's hotel, 3 

Lewis st 
Barnes, Martin, 2d, Seaman's hotel, 

Langdon Place 
Bates, Thomas, Shades, 2 Cornhill 

Chandler, J., Shawraut house, 32 

Hanover st 
Titcomb, S., S. Boston hotel, 4th st 
McGregor, Alex., Stackpole house, 

38 Milk st 
Tucker, J. L. & Co., Tremont house, 

Tremont st 
Haseltine, H. W. Tremont st. hotel, 

Tremont st. cor. Canton 
Holmes, I)., Twelfth Ward hotel, 

4th St. cor. Turnpike 
Hoynes, P. J.. Union hotel, Maverick 

Square, E. Boston 
Hohnan &. Silsby, United States ho- 
tel, Beach st. cor. Lincoln 
Baker, C, Utica house, Utica st. 

Goodnow, E. S., Washington Coffee 
houie, 1.55 Washington st 


Prouty & Manning, Westeni Ex- 
change, Beach st. cor. Line >ln 

Hopkins, D. W., Western Aveiue 
hotel. Mill Diim 

Doolittle, E. H., Western hotel, 94 & 
96 Cambridge st 

Whitney, Chas., Whitney's hotel, 
Lincoln st 

Winthrop house, Tremont st. 

cor. Boylston 

Vosburgh, A. J. Boston Corner. 

Knowles, D. C, Bradford. 

Burlingame, Albert S. Market hotel, 

Wilson, Wm. G. 

Brown, H. F. Brimfield 

Dodge, S. Brookfield 

Wetherell, E. P., Western Avenue, 

Howard, Elisha, East Cambridge 

Fiske, T. H., Lechniere house 

Sherman, John Cambridge Port. 

Bright, Winslovv 

Porter, Z., Cattle Fair hotel 


Stetson, J., Massapoag house, Can^oK. 

Fletcher, Charles G. Carlisle. 

Bradford, Lewis, Franklin house 


Parker, Rodney, Russell house. Main 
street Charlestown. 

Parker, Ebenezer, Middlesex house, 
Charlestown Square 

Carr, Uriah, Mansion house, Charles- 
town Square 

Cutter, Oliver C, National house, 22 
Chelsea st 

Smith, Jacob Chatham. 

Eldridge, Levi West Chatham. 

Burtt, Arnold J^orth Chelmsford. 

Proctor, Henry B. Chelmsford. 

Dresser, G. W., Cheshire hou <e 


Lindsey, Wm., Rail Roa 1 hotel 

Chester Village. 

Smith, C, Temperance hotel 

LazeU, J. Chester Factorrt. 

R. W. Clapp Chesterfield. 

Adams, E., Chicopee Falls hotel 

Chicopee Falls. 

Kelly, John, Willimansett house, 
Willimansett ChicHpee 

Mosher, Rnfus, Junction hotel. Ex- 
change st 

Adams, Horace, Eagle hotel, Ex- 
change st 



Mead, C. W., Connecticut River i Moulton, Daniel, VVashin-rton house 

house Chicopee. 

Chapin, H. J., Cabot house 
Cooley, Titus, Fnnklin house 

Morey, Xhonias, Commercial house 
Thompson, T. W. Coleraine. 

Wilson. John 
Holbrook, Joseph, Coffee house 

Bigelow, H. 

Doton, I. L., Middlesex hotel 
Lyman, H. M., Cummington. 

Whitman, Ephraim 

fVest Cummin o-ton. 
Branch, G. W. Dalton. 

Mitchell, Chester 

Howe, J. D., Phoenix house Dedhnm 
Shumner, Jos'h, Temperince house 
South Dedham. 
r.irter, J. B., Norfblk house, Dedham. 
Sirgent, T. S,, Bloody Brook house 

South Deerfeld. 
Abercrombie, Asahel, Cheapside 
house Deerfield. 

Holbrook, Nathan, Neponset hotel 

Th^-yer, Minot 

Cumtninfr, H. East Douglas. 

Hodge, E., Centralville house 

Parkhurst, Leonard, Massapoag Fo 
rest house Dunstable 

Proctor, S. B., Massapoag hnu<e 
Joslyn, Lucius, En'st Bridgesvater 
hotel East Bridgewater. 

Cobb, Scotter, Tr iveller's home 

Richardson, Wni. Hampshire house 
Oibbs, A., Water St Edgartown. 

Thaxter, M;ir^', Mansion house 
Hirner, S. H. South Kgremont. 

Baldwin, Ephraim J^''orth' Egrrmovt. 
Church, R., E 'field hotel Enfield. 
Alr>xander, E. M. Errivij. 

Wing. Jas., Globe hotel Fairhaven. 
Horton, S. & Son, Mount Hope hou-^e 
North Mnin st Fall River. 

Wilbur. Eber, Natioial house 
Wrnte, Win. A,, American house, 

Bedford st 
Sinfnrd. Sitmnel, Exchange hotel 
Webster. J. L., Webster's hotel, 
Wood's Hole Falmouth. 

Phinney, Asa, Phinney hou-;e 

East Falmouth. 

Day, Wm. F.. American housp. opp. 

R. R. Depot Fitchburg. 

Jaquith & Comee, Fitchburg hotel 
Rice, E. Florida. 

Kingman, Martin, Coca^sett house 

Fox borough. 
Fuller, Joseph Framingham. 

Clark & Brock, Mansion house 

South Frarnnin-ham. 
DeWitt, Archibald, Frankli ■ house 

Greenwood, J, H. Gardner. 

Dunbar, T. J., Golden Rule 

Purple, Roswell Gilt. 

Burnhara. C. Gloucester. 

Peabody, A., Ocean house 
Diskell, D., Wincheckquer house 
Morgan, A., Gloucester hou^e 
Bridgman, Edward Goshen. 

Bellows, J., Farnumsville Grafton. 
Kellogg, David Granby. 

Brown & Cooley, Union hinise 

Rockwell. A., Granville Hotel 
Forbes, W. A. & J. R., Berkshire 
hotel Great Barrington. 

Gorham, Mrs. 

Tickner, H., Van DusenviUe 
Keith, Wm., American house 

Field, Geo., Mansion house 
Earle, L., Greenwich hou<e 

Gibbs, George H. 

Gill, Moses, Tremont house Groton. 
Hunt, Daniel, Central house 
Crane, L., Hadley hou*;e Hadley. 
Lyman. R., Holyoke house 
:^mith, Thaddeus JV. Hadley. 

White, A. P., Massachusetts hon e 

Lapham, Pardey, Berkshire house 
M^rsh, O. Hatfield. 

Andrews, J. P., Steamboat house 

East Haverhill. 
voy & Spofftrd, Merrimack house 
Brown, Wm., E igle hou^e 
Smith, A.. Temp, house Heath. 

Little. J., Union bouse Himrham. 
Kipley, N.. Old Colony house 
Tutfle, J. M. Hinsdale. 

Abbott, Cheney Hulden. 

Kinney, Elisha, Holland hotel 

<^reen, L. Hol/i.<,ton. 

Coolidge. Jonathan Hopkinton. 

B;irbcr. Thos,. Centre Coffee house 
Mareaa, M., Star hotel Hubbardston, 


Peirce, L., Central Hotel 


Ross, Hannah Ipswich. 

Robinson, A. 

Haskell, J. A., N. Lancaster house 

Haywood, C, Lancaster house 

Faulkner & Burditt, Clinton house, 

Chappell, R. K., American hotel 


Baker, Wm. R., Berkshire hotel 

King & Co., Merrimack house 


Colburn, T. J., Colburn's hotel 

Gleason, J. E., Eagle house, 57 Com- 
mon street 

Merrill, Wm. South Lee. 

Squire, A. M. 

Brown, H. C, Brown's Hotel 

Hatch, VV. Leicester. 

Wilson, M. S., Wilson's hotel Lenoz. 

Ives, J. C, Ives' Hotel 

Balch, E. R. Leominster. 

Bigalow, G., Lexington house 


Rice, Henry Lincoln. 

Chamberlin, W., Temp, hou ;e 


Bumham & Colton, Longmeadow 
hotel Longmeadow. 

Crooks, H. J. 

Gushee, J. H., City hotel Lowell. 

Donohoe, O. M , Exchange Coffee 
House, Lowell st 

Heath, G. Harvard house 

Taft, Richard, Washington Temper- 
ance House, Central st 

Emery, Henry, Merrimack house, 
cor. Merrim tck st and Dutton 

Ferren, G,, Amer. house. Central st 

Hancock, E. H., Jenksville Manu- 
facturers' hotel Ludlow. 

Andrews, John, Lynnfield hotel 

Lynn field. 

Dow, M., Lynn hotel Lynn. 

Williams, B., Rail Road house 

Parley, Wm., Exchange hotel 

Alker, Thos., Ocean house, Phillip's 

Wardwell, M., Marshall house, Phil- 
lip's Point 

Reed, John, Swanscot house 

Pratt, John Maiden. 

Smith, A. W., Rail Road house 


Decker, J. M. 

Brown, J. C, Rail Road house 


Wetherbee, J. S., Gates' hotel 


Cox, Loring, Marlboro' house, Fel- 

White, Cyrus Mnttapoisett. 

Hammond, T. C, Plymouth Com. 

Johnson, Moses H. Medfield. 

Biker, A., Medford house Medford. 

Butler, E., Temperance house 

tV. Medway. 

Collins, Hathon, Cluinobequin house 

Metcalf, Richard Mr.ndon. 

Taylor, Edw., Methuen hotel 


Lane, Isaac, Middleboro' hotel 


Sampson, Uriah, Sampson's hotel 

Batchelder, Amos Middle.ton. 

Felton, L. B., Milford hotel Milford. 

Simpson, Reuben, Rail Road house 

Marbel, jno., Washington house 


Truesdell, L. E., Monson hotel 


Hinsdale, S. Montague. 

Bartlett, J. C. 

Henry, N. F. 

Pratt, Samuel 

Stocking, A. Montgomery. 

Mansier, Henry Monterey. 

Parker, Robert F. 

Bowtell, L., Mansion house 

Kingsley, H. D. JVantucket. 

Whittemore, Jas. .S\ JVatick. 

Hoogs, George W., Newtoa Lower 
Falls JVcedham. 

Stone, Daniel, Grantville house 

Hayes, E., Exch. hotel jYew Bedford. 

Packard, S., City hotel 

Jacknie, Geo. W., Belleville hotel 


Brown, Thos., Franklin house 


Kimball, Isaac F., Hancock house 

Tilton, E., Merrinifick house 

Norton. Seth JVew Marlborough. 

Pierce, Wm. W. JVew Salem. 

Whittemore, Wm. JV. JSTew Salem. 

Putnam, A. J., Railroad house 

fVest J\rcwton. 

Boyden, John E., Manufacturers' ho- 
tel. Upper Falls JVewton. 

Wales, Nathaniel, Lower Falls ho- 
tel. Lower Falls 

Ames, Asa J^ewton Corner. 

Blake, E. D., Northboro' hotel 




Brown, P. .\''<irthbridge. 

Joslyn & Keith, Satucket house 

J^orth Bridgewater. 
Blake, J. H., Railroad house 

Phelps, Theodore 

Collins, D., Nonotuc house, cor. of 
Pleasant and Pearl streets 

Chamberlain, F., Mansion house 
Warner, Oliver, Coffee house, Main 

Stone, Dvvight, Mansion Hou«:e 

Putnam, Benj. G. Korth Orange. 
Twitchell, S. W., Franklin House 

Higgins, Simeon, Globe hotel 

Strickland. L. J. Otis. 

Hunt, Ira P. -East Otis. 

Turner, E., Centre hotel Palmer. 
Shaw, C. M., R. R. house 

Palmer Depot. 
Merrick & Co., Palmer hotel 
Cooley, Merrick, Three River hotel 

Abell, B. R., Mechanics' hotel 

Jenerson, Otis Paxton. 

Eaton, C. D. Pelham. 

Veasy. G. M. Pepperell, 

Twitchell, Francis Petersham. 

Cooley, Wra. B., Berkshire house 

Granger. Tryon. Exchange 
Holder. G., Worthington hotel 
Brown, N. G., Railroad house 
Streeter, S. & Co. Plainfield. 

Perry. N. M. Plymouth. 

Parker & Tribou, Samoset house 
Rnndall, Wm., Old Colony house 
Fuller, S. Provincetown. 

Gifford, James, Pilgrim hou<e 
French, George Quincy. 

Howard, Lucius, Norfolk house 

Richardson, Eliza, Halfway house 

Norwood, Caleb Rockport. 

Smith, Edward Rowley. 

Bates. S. C. City hotel. 140 Wash- 
ington St. junction Dedliam Turn- 
pike Roxbnry 
Wilcox, John D. F., Franklin house, 

W.ishingU)n st. eor. Sumner 
Towle, J. B., Mmsiou house, War- 
ren St. cor. Zeigler 
Niles, £., Norfolk hou,e, Roxb'y Hill 

Bates. R., Mechanics' hotel, Wash- 
ington St. opposite Centre Rozbury. 

Souther. W., Souther's hotel, Can- 

Tafts, R., Tafts' hotel. South street, 
junction Dedham Turnpike 

Sanderson, A., Union house, Tre- 
mont St 

Jncobs, Loring Royalstoru 

Ward, B. A. South Royalston. 

Leavitt. J. S., Essex hou-e Salem. 

Harvey, J. M.. City hotel, Essex st 

Seymour, Allen, Jr., New Boston ho- 
tel Sandisfield. 

Teasdale, Wm., Sportman's Retreat 

Bowker, Calvin, Green Mountain 
Coffee house Savoy. 

Hall, Atherton 

Cobb, W. Sharon. 

Callender, E. S. Sheffield. 

Roraback, W. F. East Sheffield. 

Huggins, J. B. 

Merrill, Joseph, Shelburne Falls 
house Shelburne, 

Farnsworth, S., Farnsworth hotel 


Wellington, W Shrewsbury. 

Preston, J. Shutesbury. 

Ames, Eli, Lock's Village 

Turner, E. M., Southbridge house 


Healy, Abiel, Village hotel 

Bugbee, C. L., South Hadley Falls 
house South Hadley Falls. 

Smith, G. L. 

Pomeroy, Gamaliel Southampton. 

Graves, E. 

Svveetser, Stephen South Reading. 

Loomis, B. B. Southwick. 

T.nft, Stephen Spencer. 

Chapin, M. & E. S., Massasoit hi>u<e 
near Railroad Depot Springfield. 

Anable. John, Water st 

Ensworth, J. B., United Suites hotel, 
Main st 

Truesdell, A., Clinton house, State st 

Winchester, D. D. &. Son, Exchange 
hotel. Main st 

White, C. R., Hampd. house, M lin st 

M >rgin & Day, American house, n. 
Railroad Depot 

Hayden, Ashley, Columbian Coffee 
House, State st 

Hiyden, L. hotel, State st 

Warriner. L., Union house. Main st 
Reed, P. K., Central house Sterling. 
Parker, John, Curti^ville hotel 



Goodwin, T. & E., Stockbridge house 
Goldsmith, Benj. Stune/iam. 

Capen, Abraham, Capen hou-e 

Conant, Francis Stowe. 

Maynard, Luther 
Carder, C. W., Central house 

Monroe, Am >■;, Fi^kedale iiouse 
Fessenden, F. S., Pequod house 

Page, M., Old Sudbury hotel 
Graves, A. JSTorth Sunderland. 

Russell, VVm. W. 

Tnurtellotte, C. A. West Sutton. 

Wetherell, E. P.. Washington hotel 

Paull, Milton, Marine house 
Dean, Z., Weir Bridge house 
Cushm m, C, Taunton house 
Andrews, F. P., Templeton hotel 

Brown, Abiel Tewksbury. 

Gould, L. H., Village hotel Topsfield. 
Jo^line, S. fVest Townsend. 

Cobleigh, A. B. 
Willard. George 
Green, Georse 

Wilder, Josiah Truro. 

Bond, A. Tyngsboroas^k. 

Twitchell, Otis, Cent'l house IVales. 
Clapp, E. W. IVnIpo'e. 

P^ge, E. T., Cent'l house fValtham. 
Bud. A. H., Massasoit hou-e 
Smith, Leonard, Prospect htmse 
Morell, John, Ware Village hotel 

M trse, S. F., Cent'l hotel Wareham. 
Chipman, Lloyd, VVinkingo hou,e 
Harl.iw, L H., Egawam hotel 

East tVareham. 
Hitchcock, C. S., Warren hotel 

Fe-!«enden, S. Warwick. 

Bride, K., Watertown house 

Wilson, John, Spring hotel 
Sherman, C. H., Central hou<e 

Warren, C. >L, Railroad house 

Joslin, N., Temperance house 
Kellev, N. East Webster. 

Dill, Mvrtin, Dill's hotel Wellfleet. 
Brigham, B., Weslboroush hotel 

Toombi, Will., Vallev hotel 

'West Buy Is ton. 

Co wee & Hathew \y W. Brookfield. 

Tufts, J. C, Tutts' Tavern 

West Cambridge. 

Whittemnre, W. H., West Cam- 
bridge house 

Chapman, Lewis Westfield, 

Rockwell, P, A., Park house 

Smith, Edward, Pontoosuc house 

Loomis, Thomas 

Taylor, M. 

King, Bos well 

Johnson. L., Railroad house 

Norton, B., Norton's hotel 


Allen, Willard, WiUard's hotel 


Carlton, Joseph West J^ewbury. 

Jones, James Weston. 

Dana, Charles, Westport hotel 


Casterlin, J. B., Cataract house, Ire- 
land West Springfield. 

Crafts, Chester W. 

Abbe, E. B., Lion hotel 

Perkins, E. E., Mechanics' hotel 

Beach, William 

Moore, J. West Stockbridrre. 

Campbell, D. B.. Railroad house 

Truesdell, P., U. S. hotel 

Wales, A. B. Weymouth. 

Farrington, J. South Weymouth. 

Richardson, H. J. Whatelu. 

Baldwin, John Wilbraham. 

Brown, E. G^ Haydenville house 


Hubbard, J. 

Gray, John S,, Mansion house 


Hosford & Kellogg, Union house 

Jordan, J. P. 

Davis, Daniel 

Parsons, Aaron Wilmington. 

Morse, M. S., American house 


Burrows, George, Halfway house 


Young, Sumner 

Tucker & Bonney, American Tem- 
perance house Worcester. 

Fessenden, John, Eagle hotel 

Wail, P. W., Temperance Exchnnpe 

Wesson, William R., Wasiiingt -n 
Square hotel 

Wood, T. E., Worcester house 

Bonney, Z.. Central hotel 

Sibley & William^, U. S. hotel 

Perry, A. Wcrthins-ton. 

Farrington, C. W. Wrentham. 

Sears, Charles Yarmouth Port. 



Pump and Block. Manu- 

Jaggave, Sylvanus Barnstable. 

Br.iy, William Beverly. 

Bagnall &c Loud, 29 Fullon st 

Bentley & Green, Ann st. cor. Clark 
Carr, John K.. Sumner st. E. B. 
Cate & Whittle, Cunningham's wf., 

E. B. 
Clark. Jos. 33 Fulton st 
Clark, Win. G. 301 Commercial st 
Dcvvhurst, VVm. 258 do 

Dyer, Daniel A., head of Foster's 

whirf • 
Francis & Lovell, 52 India wharf 
Hosea, Samuel, Jr. 282 Conunercial 

Installs, John E. 12 Merrimack st 
Lawson. J. W., rear of 135 Ann st 
Morse, Edmund, do do do 

Pierce. Jona. 107 i^ Commercial st. 

head of Lewis' wharf 
Shelton, T. J., Liverpool st. North 

Sitnmons, Joseph, 300 Commercial st 
Fay, Lowell Concord. 

Young, Joseph Chatham. 

Kelley, Jo'^eph B. Edgartown. 

Knisht. Thomas Essex. 

Hurnhrim. Parker, Jr. 
Hammond, Benjamin, Union wharf 
Caswell & Swan, do 

Cosgeshall, R. H. do 

P^ckhau) (2d), Perry M. Fall River. 
Jone-! & Daniels Oloucester. 

Smith, James Mcdford. 

CogireshH II, Charles G. J^Tantucket. 
Gint'ier, Timothy M. 
Farnham. Wm. H. 
Mitchell, Thomas F. 
Whi[)pey, John G. 
Oman & Bcton, 90 Commerci;il wf 
JVeic Bedford. 
Taher, Joseph & Thomas R., Orange 

Mast/n & Swift. 17 do 

Card, Charles E. do 

Clark, Joseph, Hazard's wharf 
Atsatt, .T. T, & E. S. Mattapoisett. 
Luce, Wm. 
Stockman, H, & M. 
Lewis, Mark Kewhurrjport. 

Currier, Nathaniel 
Keith. Charles J^Torth Bridrrewater. 
T irner, David Plymouth. 

Holmes, Cif^rze 

Russell, John, 8 Union st iSalem. 
Nichols, John, 9 do 

Donaldson, A. 5 Neptune st 
Felt, Benjamin, 118 Derby st 
Crowd, David Yarmouth Port. 

Pump Manufacturers. 

McCaskrie, James & Co. (pump and 
spirit levels) Cambridge Port. 

Peabody, S., Foster st Danvers. 

Colton, J. P. Dorchester. 

Smith, Elias, (copper pumps) 

Greenwich Village. 

Houghton, Joslyn & Co. (copper 
pumps) Holliston. 

Stratton, George, New Boston 


Harlow, Gilman & Co. Lawrence. 

Richardson, Horace Leominster. 

Ash, James M. Maiden. 

Bagg, Martin, (pumps and lead pipe) 

Bird, C, Warren st. cor. of Washing- 
ton Riizbury. 

Howard, R. 30 Washington st., nei^r 
Boston line 

Scott, E. B. 45 Washington st. oppo- 
site Eu^tis 

Knight, Asa M. (copper pumps and 
lead pipe), Harrison Avenue 


Rice, Charles G. (pumps and lead 
pipe), S. Main st 

Littlefield, Levi, (pumps and hy- 
draulic rams,) Worthington st 

Sutton, John, 12 School st 


Tartellott, Davis &. Co. (pumps of ail 

Rake Manufacturers. 

Butler, Peter 
Rico, Timothy 
Rugg, Amos 

' Thompson, S. 

i Brago, Jndd 
Boyce, N. W. 
In^'raham, Edward 
Whitney, Lorenzo 
St( dman, VVm. 
McColton, Daniel 
Floath. Ezra 
Heath, H. &. D. 









Reed Sc Harness Manu- 

Dodge, J. S. (loom harness) 

Baker, E. R. (reeds) Fitchbarg. 

Stevens, A. & S. (power-loom har- 
nes>). Fletcher st Lowell. 

G;i^e, J. F. 20 Market st 
Kendall, C. M., Three Rivers 

Dinmore, Silas, 61 Main st 



Dunbar, D. R., Phoenix Row 

Dunbar, Rufus T. 
Allen, \\m. 131 Cambridge st 

Amory, H. C. 4 Lindall st 
Arnistu-.d, John P. 93 Water st 
Badger, O. H. 34 BraUle st 
Bailey & Fi^k. 196^ Washington st 
Baker, Thomas, (cellar,) Boylston 

m irket 
Ball, J. G. 45 Congress st 
Batchelcier. H. 10 Boylston st 
Bates, T. 2 Cornhill Court, rear of 

Joy's Building 
Bates, Thomas, 431 Washington st 
Bemis &l Ford, rear of 26 Co.igres.s st 
Boynton, Frmklin Z., State st. cor. 

of Congress 
Bradshaw, C. T. & H. H. 112 F. Hall 

M irket 
Cimpbell, Abner R. 5 and 7 Wilson 

Campbell & Howe. 46 N. Market st 
Campbell, J. R. 9 Lindall st 
Chandler, J. G. 7 Maverick Block, E. 

Crafts, Caleb H., Lewis st. near the 

Cummings, Gilbert, Portland st. cor. 

of Merrimack 
Currier, H. M. & A. M. 44 Mer- 
chants' Row, cor. of S Market -t 
Daniels, Vincent. 10 Theatre Alley 
Dtvis, John, 11 Franklin st 
Dearth, T. W. 43 Brattle st 
Draper, E. B. 3 North Market st 
Eaton, R. 1 Fulton st 
t'enno, Wm., Theatre Alley 
Fuller. A. M. 48 Brattle st 
G le, r<aac, 1 Boylston Market 
G.bjs, J. B.. Massachuseits' Block, 

Court riquare 

I Gibson, J. M., near 143 Milk st 

Gihnan. J. P. 17 Brattle Sq. 
j Gilmore, Armanda, 2 Foster's whf. 
i Gilson & Henry, Court st. cor. Corn- 

! hill 

Gooch. Samuel, 80 Fulton st 
Gorham, Clark I., Albany st. cor. Oak 
I (^oss, Emery, (cellar) 6 F. H. Market 
I Guppy. J. H. 54 Brattle st 
Harvy, S. D. 39 Congress st 
Hews, Thomas, 68 Utic:i st 
Hinds, Wm. A. 44 Congress st 
Hixen & Jenness, 5 Market Sq. 
Hodgdo.i, Henry B. 4 Cornhill Sq. 
Howe, Charles, Charlestown st. cor. 

Hu sey, Silvanus, 8 Long whf. 
Joiie^, A. opp. 75 Commercial st 
Jones, John, 58 Commercial st 
Jones, Win., Broad st. cor. Summer 
Kendall, S. E., Old State House 
Knux & D.iy, 64 Blackstone st 
Lambert, Henry, Hi Commercial st 
Learned, Isaac M., 31 Congress st 
Leeds, Wm. S. H., 168 Tremcmt st 
Lyman, Gad C, Post Otlice Aveaue 
Milliken, Francis, Norfolk Avenue, 

and 318 Washington st 
Moses & Lewis, 176 Washington st 
Mulsill, S. D., 214 Broad st 
Newell, Benj. F. 11 Lewis st. E. B, 
O'Brien, T., Post Office Avenue 
Orne, William, 30 Brittle st 
Page, W. 53 N. Market st 
Paige, E. 41 N. Market st 
Paine & Newcomb, under 77 Wash- 
ington st 
Parker, H. D. 3 Court Square 
Parker & Saveis, 11 Harvard Place 
Patrick, James, 57 Union st 
Pearson & Rowe, 58 Union st 
Perkins, Edward, 43 Congress st 
Perkins, T. H. 12 Franklin Avenue 
Pierce, Stephen A. 19 &. 23 Doane st 
Price, C. P., Boston and Maine R. R. 

Roberts, E. 1 Spring Lane 
Richards &. Giddings, 101 Lowell st 
Riddle, E. S. & Co. 29 N. Market st 
Salisbury, Ambrose, 22 Commercial 

Sawyer, M. K., 3 Rowe's whf. 
Severance, Charles W., 6 Lindall st 
Smith, M., 45 North Market st 
Smith, J. T., 16 Hawley st 
Southworth, C, Merchants' Row, 

cor. Clinton st 
Sperry, M., Blackstone st. c jr. Clinton 



Stevens, A. J. 1 R. R. Block, I-ii.coln 
street Bostun. 

Stone, \Vm. 94 Fulton st 

Thompson, George, 25 Exchange st 

Todd, Thomas, Pleasant ^t. op. Eliot 

Wade &. Atkinson, 9 Wilson Lane 

Webster, D. G., under City Hotel, 
Brattle st 

Wright, John, 16 Exchange st 

Dustiii, J. Brookline. 

Gardner, John W. East Cambridge. 

Root & Bradley Chester Factory. 

Billings, S. Chicopee Falls. 

Fisher, L. W. Dedham. 

Reed, A. E. Oreenjield. 

Allen, Asa, 83 Union st 

JVew Bedford. 

Leonard, A. JVorth Bridgewater. 

Felton, W. H. Jsi'orthampton. 

Stevens, Josiah, 2 Merchants' Row 

Stevens, J. 

Elliott, T. E., Exchange Row 

Hastings, Miiiot Orange. 

Murdock, E. B. Palmer Depot. 

Field, J. Pittsjield. 

Reed, Nathan 

Bristol, Barnes & Co. 

WiUey, J. H. Q_uincy. 

Crane, Seth 

Thayer, L. F. Randolph. 

Shaw, Samuel B. 

Marks, J. ic Son, 277 Essex st. Salem. 

Snow, Reuben, opp. R. R. Depot 


Ward & Haskell, opp. R. K. Depot 

Drake & White Utoughton. 

Ferro, M. 8 Front st Worcester. 

Peirce, James R. 257 Main st 

Gates, Daniel, under Central Hotel 

Thurston, D. C, under Worcester 

Temple, G. D. 147^ Main st 

Priest, J. G. 9 Maii; st 

Spurr & Lewis, 2G9 Main st 


Albert, J. 260 Conmiercial st Boston. 
Brewster, W. M., Cunningham's wf.. 

East Boston 
Games, E. &. Co., Crojs st. cor. Fulloii 
Clinkard & Fenlee, Commercial whf. 
Fishburn, James, 183 Commer'l st 
Handy, P. 294 Commercial st 
Low, Francis, & Son, Union wharf 

and Sumner st., E. B. 
McCl(;nnan, Geo., Arch st whf. 
McClennan, J. J. & C. S. 22 India wf. 
White, James A. 15 Foster's wht. 

Ratliff, Robert KaniuckeU 

Chase, James F. 

Ki;ig, James, Parker's whf. 

J\'cw Bedford, 
Jenney, Luther, North Wi ter st 
Homer, Georgt^, Rodm m's wf 
Baker, Amos, Rodman's wf 
Phillips, George Salei/u 

Rollingr millii* 

Fisher, R. H. Greenfield. 

Washburn, Moeu k. Co., Quinsig, - 

mond Village Worcester, 

Rope Manufacturers. 

Chm-ch, George, Worthington st 

Slater, Luther Worcester. 

Saddlery HardTrare. 

Fairbanks, Heurj- P. 56 Pearl st 

Fairbanks, H. W. 23 Kilby st 
Loring k, Graupner, 38 do 
Mitchell, N. & Sons, lU do 
Taylor & Harris, 13 do 

Barry, Joseph, (Manf. Silver & Brass) 

210 Main st Ckarlestown. 

Howard & Brothers, (Impcrters) 

State st Springfield. 

Walker, Appleton, 67 Main st 


Sail Makers. 

Batcheldor, George Beverly. 

Aiken &, Amerige, 1 Commercial wf 
Alden, Robert T. 108 Conunercial st 
Amee, Jacob, 42 India st 
Blake, Nathaniel, 21 Commercial st 
Blaney & Martin, 8 Long wf 
Blaslaiid &- Leach, Arch wharf, 216 

Broad st 
Bolton, Wm. Jr. 47 Eastern R. R. wf 
Boss, Isaac, 7 Lewis st 
Bromade, Abram, & Son, 53 Long wf 
Child & Crocker, 2 North Market st 
Child, John, over 12 Commercial st 
Crocker & Uiis, 11 Comm( rcial wf 
Devereux. J. N. 11 Eastern R. R. wf 
Dorrill, Theodore, 1 Foster's wf 
Gair, John, Liverpool wf 
Hardii:g, J. M. 6 T. wf 
Hayden, T. T. 110 Conmiercial st 
Hootou, John, 290 Comuiercial st 


Hutchinson & Burrill 44 Coininerciiil 
street Boston. 

Jones, Joseph & Son. 1 Rovve's wf 

Kemp, S. 54 Coimiiercial st 

Kinfrman, George, &, Co. 12 City wf 

Kingsman, H. A., Wales' wf 

Lambert, C. S. 11 E istern R. R. wf 

Lombard, N. K. 6 T wf 

Loring & Ciishinp. 48 Commercial st 

Loring, J. &. Son, Ujiioii <Vf 

Lothrop, Juo., Ei-stern R. R. wf 

aielzard, O. a.. 47 do do 

Norton, Dan'i Jr. 48 India st 

Norton, J., Pioneer wf. 214 Broad st 

Peak, Philip, 7 Eist. R. R. wf 

Porter, E. F., Sumner st opp. Lon- 
don, E. B. 

Porter, S. A.. Cunningham's wf E.B. 

Prince & Baker, 22 India wf 

Rhoadcs, S.iml. 54 Commercial st 

Russell, G. VV., CommercLtl st head 
Union wf 

Tuttie, S. 85 Commercial -t 

Goodwin, Thos. R. Ckarlestown. 

Marchant &. Maliew Edgartown. 

Hitch. Tabor & Co., Centr 1 wf 


Peckham, Jonathan, Central wf 

Fall River. 

Friend, R., Spring st Oloucester. 

Marsh & Mayhevv Hiuffham. 

Gilbert, Thos. MarbUhead. 

Lyon, Samuel 

Graves, E. 

Ceeley, Wm. J^antiicket. 

Co^'geshall, Wni. B. 

Sawyer, Thomas 

Coieman & Pi .kman 

Brown, Be; j min 

Cuihm an, Z. Xew Bedford. 

Chapm 'n k. Bonney, Merchants' wl 

Hart, S. 33 Commercial wf 

Hitch, Cha^. STaber's wf 

Wilcox. Robert L., Walnut st 

Huit & Chapman do 

Haines, Andrew J^ewburyport. 

Tale & Goodwin 

Davis, B. & Son 

H ■ le. Geo. VV. 

Alistrum, Benjamin Proviacetown. 

B rgs, Solomon 

Ad im^, Altn d, Charles A. 

Al en, David Rockport. 

L n ■, Edw. B. Salem. 

HolJe,,, Nath'l & Co. 

Eel ton, J as. 51 Water st 

Damon, Franklin Scituate Harbor. 

Cook, M. M., Weir Bridge Taunton. 

Hinc' 1 y, Eben 
Southward, Eli F. 
Peacks, John C. 
Nooning, Jonathan 




Salamander Safes. 

Adams, Geo. W. & Co., Cau -eway 

st cor. Friend Bostun. 

Adams. Hammond & Co., cor. Fuiton 

and Cross 
Edwards & Holman, Water st cor. 

Wilder, John E. 90 State st comer of 

Merchants' Row 

Salt Stores. 

Bent & Blake, 48 Long wf Boston. 
Hjlbrook, Edw. 52 do 
Oakes, Edw. 49 do 
Oakes, Jas. 49 do 

Thacher & Sears, 31 Long wf 

SaTv Manufacturers. 

Griffiths, Chas. & Co. 62 Congress st 

Henshaw &. Woodrough, 36 Con- 
gress st 

Mousley, William, Merrim tck st cor. 
Friend, and 18 Haverhill st 

Griffith & Co. (Vest Cambridge. 

Woodruff, Joseph 

Schwartz, J., (wood saws) Medford. 

Scales and Balances. 

Drake, O. P. (npothecary) 182 Wa h- 

ington st Boslon. 

Fairbanks, E. & T. & Co. (Z. Hos- 

mer agent) 82 .^'ilk st 
Howard & Davis, 34 Davi< n 
Locke, Lyman, 7 Market Squire 
S lunders, C. H. 14 Union st (agf-nt) 
Stephenson, L. &. Co. 72 Water . t 
Stevens & Perkiiis, 15 Bro d st 
Walsh, Wm. S. 5 Market Sq, south 

side Faneuil H.-.ll 
Heard, Wm. R., Hancock st 



Brackett, E. A. 8i Tremont How 

Carew & Brother. 143 Harrison Av 
Gentilini, Joseph, Derby Range 
Greenough, R. S., 5^ Tremunt Row 



King, J. C. 259 Washington st 

Stephenson, P. SiTremonl Row 

Sythe Manufacturers. 

Siblev. P. -^^f^ol. 

Smith, Russell 

R ce, Paul Barre. 

Pif rce & Stone 

Rohy&Siwyer JV. Chtlmsford. 

Kiuib.-iU, Alpheus Fitckbur^h. 

Tarwell, J. T. & Co. 

Warner & Allen Greenwich Fillage. 

Nutting, Lucius J.ercrvti. 

Hall, Charles & Son MUlhury. 

Blanchard, A. N. & Co. 

Palmer Depot 
Morse, J. H. & Son Shelburve F:.Us 
Newton, Geo. (-hovels and tcik-) 
Whipple, Parley Wurren 

Sytbe Snath ITIanufac- 

Bernardstov . 

Ferry, Aretas 

Taylor, Avery 

Bodm-tn, L. Jr. 

Clapp, J. & E. S. Montague. 

Lunison, Goodnovv & Co. 

Shelhurnc Fat's. 

Sytbe Stones— IWanufac- 

Stafford. J. S. & Co. Cuwmiii<rioii. 

Jiirdan, E. 

Merritt, Asa Xorwick. 

Seal Engravers. 

Mitchell, F, N. 13 Treniont Row 

Stott, J., (herald painter) 9 Stale st 

Seed Stores. 

Blanchard, H. 16 Long wf Boston. 
Bovvditch, A. (Horticuhural Hall; 

Sch0<:l St 

Breck, J. & Co. 52 N. Market st 
Clark, Bingham & Co, 4 and 6 Ch;it- 

ham Row 
Dana, N. & C. B. 1 Central wf 
Davenport, Geo. 5 Commercial st cor 
Fay, Dexter & Sons, 41 India st 
Gibbens, D. L. & Son, 218 Washing- 
ton st 

Hovey & Co. 7 Merchai.ts' Ri w 

Parker & White, 10 Gerrish Block 
Prouty, David &. Co. 19 N. Market st 
Ruggles, Kourse, Masou &. Cow 
Quincy Hall 

SeTiring' Silk IVIanufac- 

Messinger & Brother Canton. 

Warner, Holland fc Co. 

Hill, S. L., BensonviUe 
Sidney, W. W. B. Suutk liobum. 

Slieriffs and tbeir Depu- 


Marston, Charles, Sheriff of the 

County Barnstable. 
Hinkley, Luther 
Lewis, Charles 

Cliirk, S. Brewster. 

Collins, Michael Fasthain. 

Donaldson, Geo. W. Fai mouth. 

Keiirickv Alex. Orleans. 

Billiard, Thomas Provincetuwn. 

Hamblin, Joseph Snvdirich. 

Sears, Charles Yarmouth. 


Twining, Thomas, Sheriff of tho 

Couiity Lenox. 

Holden, John JSI'orth .Adams. 

Hod>kins, William 

Soulhwick, Edmond 

Baliitt, Er.ismus D. South J]dain.t. 

Hall, Jabcz 

Knox, Charles W. Chester Factory. 

Branch, G. W. Dai ton. 

Avery, Isaac Gt. Barrington. 

Kellogg. A. W. 

Grant, Russell Hancock. 

Hail, Lyman, Jr. Lanesboro. 

Pease, Abiel Dee. 

Ives, C. 

Mansier, John G. Monterey. 

Palmer, Charles D. J^T. JMarlborough. 

I Dav, Moses Otis. 

I Wright, Charles Pittsfield. 

1 Bosworth, E. Sandisjield. 

\ Little, Ralph Jr. Sheffield. 

\ Fenn, Daniel B. Stockbridge. 
1 Jones, Wm. IVcst Stockbridge. 


Bulkley, J. R. 

fVili iavistown. 


Parish, C. C. 


Rice, C.'.leb, Sheriff of the County 



Brown, James 


Danforth, HoMtio L. 

Sh riff of the 

Knox, Charles W. 




Cooley, Tim. M. 2d 


Richards, George B. 


Converse, Eli- ha Jr. 


Burt, Dp:tn 


Gorham, ^V. 


Mosher, Lemuel 


Cutler, Nathaniel 


Dean, Edward VV. 


Adams, E. 

Chicopee Falls. 

Greene, Chester W. 

Fall River. 

Bingham, Chas. K. 


Baylies, John 

J^'-ew Bedford. 

Gordon, William 


Porter. Jacob L. 


Witherell, H. B. 


Hinkley. Samuel L. 

, Sheriff of the 

Sherman, Robert 




Morse, Elias A., 


Longley, Henry A. 


Woodward, James. 

Knox, Chas. W. 


Francis, Isaac 


Stetson, William L. 


Clay, George 



Church, Rufus 


Wri-ht, Ansel 


Pease, Isaiah D., 

Sheriff of the 

Wright. George F. 



Miller, Joel 

South Hadley. 

Lumbert, Thomas L 


H;irtwell. Joseph 


Luce, Jonathan, Jr. 


Parish, Charles C. 





Chandler, Samuel, 

Sheriff of the 

Sprague, Joseph E.. 

Sheriff of the 



County, 384 Essex 

St. Salem. 

Fiske, Nathan Cambridge Port. 

Merril, J. B. 


Sumner. Thomas 


Bridges, Moody J\^orth Andover. 

Prichard, Moses 


Torr, Andrew' 


Parker, Levi East Cambridge. 

Thf)uipson, Otis 


Wheeler. Eliphalet 


Brown, John 


Lewis, Wm. C. 


Howe, Jacob 


Phipps. Wm. A. 


Andrews, Theodore 


Butterfield, Joseph 


Merritt, Chas. 


Varnum. J. B. 

Bowden, Sam. 2nd. 


Smith, Adolphus 

West JVewton. 

(Jreenleaf, George 


Powers. Chas. 


Akermdn John 

Heard, Horace 


Smith, GorhHm 


Thouipson, Albert 


Brown, Nehemiali 




Stari)uck, Elisha, Sheriffof the Coun- 



Reed, Samuel H., Sheriff of the 

Gardner, Uriah 



Bennett. Anson 



Potter, Samurai 


Magee, Thomas 


Mann, J. N. E.. Sheriff of the County 

Frink, Henry 



Wells, S.)lumon C. 


Endicott, Chas. 


Andrews, Wilson 

JV'ew Salem. 

Jones, Nathan 

East Mcdwav- 

Lesure, Ansel 

Orange, j 

Dubois, Alexander 




Adams, Thomas Rozbvry. 

Binney, Silas Wcyiiumth. 

Farrington, Bradford .S, Hmitkam. 


Harlow, Branch, Sheriff of the Coun- 
ty J\Iiddleboro\ 
Kingman, P. D. Bridgcwater. 
Chamberlain, Joseph 

East Bridgewater. 
Hersey, E. HivfrUam. 

Cushman, Spencer Kingston. 

Jackson, Joseph jMiddleboro\ 

Kingman, Benj. JV. Bridgewater. 
Perkins, John Plymouth. 

Weston, C. 

Hall, Daniel Rochester. 

Haskell, George W 
Clapp, iVathauiel 
Barilett, S, 
Tobey, M. S. F, 

South Scitunte. 

finest Scituate. 


£ead, John M. West Bridgewater. 

Evereleth, Joseph, Sheriff of the 
County Boston. 

Andrews, Gustavus 
Coburn. Daniel J. 
Freeman, Watson 
Pratt, J;tbez 
Tarbell. Sibis P. 
Rugg, Eraslus 


Lincoln. John W., 

Partridge. John H. 
Clifford, Luther 
Duell, George S. 
Balcom, Sumner 
Harwood, Kilburn 
Baker, Loveli, Jr. 
Rand, Nathaniel 
Gates, Whiting 
Smith, Samuel 
Willard. Cephas 
Amidown, Andrew 
Truman, Charles 
Whipple, John W. 
Hosmer, Joshua 
Capron, Wm. C. 
Day, Jonathan 
Reed, Phineas W. 
Joues, George 

Sheriff of the 






Fitch burg. 






F. Southbridge. 




Ux bridge. 




Ship Bread. 

Austin, T. & Co. 18 Commercial st 

Wattson. T. & Sons, Ft. Hill wf 
Weld, James & Co. 95 Broad st 

Sliip Builders. 

Matthews, Mashow & Co. 

South Dartmouth. 
Matthews, Josiah 
Matthews. Joshua 
Thatcher &. Matthews 
Strong, E. Essex, 

Hardy, Thomas 
Strong, Andrew 
Storry, Abel 
James & McKenzie 
Burkham, Luke 
Burnham, Oliver 
Burnham, Jertmiah 
Burnham, Aaron, 2d 
Courtney, Benjamin 
Parkhurvt, Chas. 
Burnham, Ebenezer 
Menihew, Phineas E. Fairhavcn. 
Mors^e, J. B. 

Fish & Huttleson, Union wf 
Waterman & Bar- tow Hanover. 

Holmes, Joseph 

Parson, N. H. 

Curtis, James O. 

Ewell, Henry 

Hayden & Cudworth 

Taylor, John 

Taster, Turner J. 

Lapham, Samuel 

Fuller, George 

Curtis, Ppul 

Stetson. J. 

Dew, Wm. 

Jones, F. P. 

Kenniston, Jonathan & Son 

Turner, Otis & Co. Scituate Harbor. 





Ship Chandler««. 

Adams, Edward, Jr. 43 India st 


Baker & Hall, 39 Commercial st 

Baker, J. & Co. 49 do 

Barnes, D. W. & S. H. 4 do 

Blanchard, Sherman & Co. 42 East- 
ern Railroad wf 

Boynton & Miller, 5 Eastern Rail 
road wharf 

Brown &. Dyer, 59 Commercial st 


Farwell & Stevens, 109 Commercial 
street Boston. 

Greene, Otis, 7 India st 
Gregerson & Sumner, 10 Com'l \vf 
Haraden, Geo., Sumner st. cor. Liv- 
erpool, E. B. 
Howiand, Hinckley & Co. 45 Com 

mercial st 
Miller & Hatch, 2 Commercial \vf 
Nickerson, Joseph, 46 and 47 Com- 
mercial st 
Norton, Diilaway & Co. 4 Lewis wf 
P.irsons, Osgood & Co. 6 Com'l wf 
Ryder & Co. 13 City wf 
Searle & Co. 51 India st 
Snow &. Lombard, 83 Commercial st 
Taylor & Pearson. 54 do 

Tenney & Rice, 6 Central wf 
Thayer & Merrill. 65 Commercial st 
Treat & Peirce, 113 do 

Whiton, Train & Co. 1 City wf 
Winsor & Sonle, 14 Com'l wf 
Macy, Geo. W. J^antucket. 

Nye, Nathaniel H. JVeio Bedford. 
Parker, J :cob, 15 Centre st 
Watkins, Wm. do 

Tabor, F. & J. C. Ill Union st 
Knapp, Charles, Water st 

Wills, John N., Market Sq. 
Boardman, Samuel, 6 East Row 

Ship Smiths. 

Batchelder, Israel Beverly. 

Basse tt & Veazie, Constitution wf. 
Bridge, Wm. 239 Broad st. 
Chandler & Smith, Marine Railway 

and Summer. 
Godbold, G. A. & Son, Battery wf. 
Howe, John, J. Sumner, E. B. 
Jenkins, Horatio 3.V2 Coml. w f. 
Leman, John, near 218 Broad st. 
Lufkin, Nathaniel, Sumner, E. B. 
Perkins, James, Lincoln's wf. 
Ulmar, Wm., Sumner, cor. Lewis & 

214 Commercial st. 
Briggs, H. S., Dartmouth. 

Cushman, Obed South Dartmouth. 
Gilford & Eldridge Falmouth. 

Menehew, P. E. Fairhnven. 

Haskell, Benjamin Gloucester. 

Smith, Gilbert Harwich Port. 

Durfee, J. & T. JVew Bedford. 

Butts & Smith, Hnzard's wf. 
Dean & Driggs, Merrill's wf. 
Adams, Nathan Provincetown. 

Westford, R. C. 

Ward & Alexander Provincetown.. 
Verry, Nathaniel Sa/em. 

Stoddard, D. & B. South Salem. 

Blood. 1., Weir Bridsre Taunton. 

Sherman, William D. TVcst.port. 

Shoe Pea:s— :TIa,iiufac- 

Otkbs Athol. 

Hitchcock, Ethan Hawley. 

Cuhing, Laban South Hingham. 

Shoe Tools— Manufac- 

Howard k. Fisher 

JVorth Bridgewnter. 
Mann, J. B. 

Merritt, Allen East Randolph. 

Merritt, Washington fVenmouth, 
Merritt, A. & Son South Weymouth. 

Shovel and Spade iUanu* 

Ames, O. & Sons Canton. 

Washburn. Philarvd. .Middleborouglu 
Eddy, N. & W. S. 
Peirce & Wood 
Ames, Oliver & Sons 

fVest Bridffewater. 

ShOTwer Baths— ITIanu- 

B-dger. L. V. 8 Fulton pi. rNlngan 
Bath Co.) Boston. 

Butler, Wm. R. 23 School st. 
Hreen, Orion, 3 Albany block 
Haskell, Wm. O. 66 Commercial st. 

Shuttle IVanufacturers* 

Blackington, Willard & Son 


Learitt, B. & Co., (Bobbins & Spools) 

Chi cope e. 

Fi«ke, George W., (Bobbins & Spools) 

Button st Lowell. 

Chase, A. D. & Co. Sutton. 

Marble, Ezra S. (Handles) 
Worcester Shuttle Co., S. Pratt, 

Agt. 14 Front st. Worcester. 

Silver & Brass Platers. 

Plympton, William Bdchertown, 



Eaton, Timothy fc Co. 9 Hawley si 
Holt, J. & J. E. 44 Union st 
Unruh &. Havens. Bromfield st 
Vialle. D. 86 RlacJislone st 
Douglass & Doal<, Orpfnirich. 

Rlunt. Dnvid Pittsfie.ld. 

Howard & Brother^ Sprixs-Jield. 

Walker, Appleton, 67 Main st" 



Clark, M. B.. Harvard pi. Boston. 

Farrin<rton & Hunnewell, 4 Court 

Haddock. Henr\-. 5 Court av. 

Halstrick, J. 40'Bromfield st 

Harding, Newell, 12 Cimrt sq. 

liafonue, V. 1^ Spring lane 

Pear & Bacall, .5 .Averv 

Rich. Obadiah 69 Wash. & 7 Chap- 
man pi. 

Rogers, Augustus, over 87 Wash. 

Ptanwood. J. V. 20 H;\vvley 

Whiton, Ehed 6 Court Av. 

Woodward & Grosjean, 13 Court sq. 

Soap mranufactiirers. 

Pike, Nathan J\''ort/i Adams. 

Pike, Willard (Soap & Candles") 

Hildreth, D. & P. (Soap & Candles) 

Dunbar, J. 4th st near C Bosto'v. 
Earl, Thomas, Turnpike, near .5th 
Jones, C. L. & Co. 4 S. M:irket 
Learned, Henry, 2d, near F 
Chapin, H. M. (Soap & Candles) 13 

Long wf. 
Fisk, R. F. & J. C. (Soap & Candles) 

26 S. Market 
Herbert, H. W. (S. & C.) 103 State 
Morill, J. (S. fe C.) 6 S. Market 
Tibbetts & Hill, (S. & C.) 22 Long 

Valf-ntine, Charles & Co. (S. & C.) 

4 S. Market 
Ward. Nahum & Co. (S. & C.) 104 

& 106 Fulton 
Winchester. F. A. & W. (S. & C.) 

15 S. Murkel 
Alger, George (S. & C.) Bridgewater. 
Plotch, A. F. (fancy soap) 

F.nst Cnmhridcre. 
Valentine, C. & Co. Camhridire Port. 
Livermore, N. & Son, (fancy soap) 
Davi-, E. (fancy soap) 


Bigelow, G. M. (soap and caj>dles) 

Hildreth, Jos. W. (soap and candles) 
Main st Dniivers. 

Shaw, J. (soap and candles) M;iin st 
Glynn, Jno., Lewis st Dorchester. 
Hunt, Charles 
Pierce, William 
Mason, Wm. 60 and 64 S. Main st 

Fa/ 1 River. 
Hildreth, Sam'l, (soap and candles) 
Spruce st Li/nv. 

Goodnow, E. W. (soap and candles) 
Derby, Moses 
Howiand, Benj. F. (fancy soap) 

J\''c r Bedford, 
Dyer. Jas. G., South Or mge st 
Whittemore, Z. (soap and candles) 

14 South Second st 

Pearson, W., Water st J\''ewbvriiport. 
Stanwood, A., Liberty st 
Rundlett, J. D. do 
Lawrence, S. R., Thorndike Palmer. 
Cooper, Chas., High st n. Orange 

Morse, Ezra, Davis st 
Rndger< & Morse, Davis st cor. East 
Ward, N., (candles, bone, and jerked 

beef) Parker st n. Ruggles 
Whitaker, Daniel, Chemical Av 
Robertson, S. W., Boston st Snlem 
Wilder, S., S. Main st Sprivp-fe/d. 
Cooley, R. M. (soap and candles) 

State st 
Bigelow, J. P., Pleasant st 
Breyton, Wm. .\. Taunton. 

Leonard, Job M., Bank Row 
Ruggles, George W., Prospect st 

Brown, Willard, Park st 

Soap Stone. 

Bnrrill, J. 7 Charlestown st Boston. 
Fonte & Currier, 3 Province st 
H;(mblctt, James. 13 Haverhill st 
Millard, C. J. 64 Harrison Av 
Murphy, M., 26 TTnion st 
Stevens, A. J. 78 Harrison Av 
Stevens & West, 67 do 
Wertworth, A. 40 Haverhill st and 

15 Hawley 

Doane, E., (inanufacturer) Dana. 

Soda Manufacturers. 

Ireland, W. H. & G. W., Franklin Av 


Rowland, Daniel G., Court Sq 


Howard & Vaughan, Westmin ter 

slreet Taunton. 

Sofa^ Coucb, and Cbair 

Fifield, D. & Co. 5 & 6 Holmes' Bl'k 

Hubbard, J. C. (settees) 583 Wash- 
ington St 

Smilhvood, T., 1 Rail Road Block, 
Lincoln st 

Willis, Royal B. 3 Adams st 

Spindle Manufacturers. 

Morton, Phinney & Co. Pittsfield. 
Rice, Sewall Worcester. 

Stair Builders. 

Adams, C, West Cedar st n. Charles 
Annable, Davis, Chitrlestown st 
Applin, B. & W.. Beverly st 
Bl ickmer. H.. IG Causeway st 
Brown, Chester, Harrison Avenue n. 

East Dedhani t 
Burbank, A. S., Ciiurch st near Rail 

Crawford, I. rear 24 Fayette st 
Favor, J., Lincoln st near Essex 
Fox, Philip, 3 Beverly st 
Galusha, R. W., South st 
Gardner, W. 2 North Grove st 
Hackett, J. C. 12 Haverhill st 
Hill, E. A., Marginal st E. B. 
Hogan, H. T., Tremont Road 
Hunt, Benj., Harvard Av. n. E. Ded- 

hnm st 
Jacobs, J. & W. C. 36 Friend st 
Ketchum, S., River st cor. Lime 
Kohler, A. & R., Tremont Road 
Leach, S. do do 

McKinney & Story, 81 Endicot st 
Mullett & Kelly, Charlestown st 
Robertson & jMoulton, 52 Albany st 
Pratt, J., Cove st n. Kneeland 
Sellew, A. 12 Causeway st 
Smith, D. 3 Beverley st 
Smith, E. Jr.. Harvard st n, Dover 
SpraL'ue, R. O., Albany st n. Harvard 
Tilden & Smith, Orleans st E. B. 
Titcomb, Robert, 1st st near E. 
Cate<, J., Adams st Roxbury. 

McDun-'ld, G., Dudley st 
Rice, R. H., Adams st n. Yeoman 

Starch Dealers. 

Apthorp & Co. 3 S. Market st Boston, 
Flint & Train, 5 Commercial wf 
H;)lbrook, J, G. 14 Central wf 
Mixer & Pitman, 147 Milk st 
Nash, David R. 36 S. Market st 
Thayer, C. & N. 32 India st 
Whittemore, W. & F. H. & Co. (N. 

E. Sfcirch Co.) 32 Broad st 
Liversidge, W. T. Dorchester. 

Taylor, A. W. 

Starch Factories. 

Flint & Train, Tremont st (office, 5 
Commercial wf. Boston) Roxbury. 

Graham, Alden, High st cor. Orange 

Huckins, Jas., High st cor. Orange, 
(office, 35 Commercial wf. Boston) 

Nash, D. R., Boylston st (office, 36 
S. Market st Boston) 


Allen & Co. 80 State st Boston, 

Clapp, E. Jr. 184 Washington st 
Cotton, N. D. 13 Tremont Row 
Eayrs & Fairbanks, 136 Washing- 
ton street 
French, Jas. 78 Washington st 
Gay, Aaron R. 130 State st 
Groom, Thos. 83 do 
Haines, R. P. 21 Comhill 
Hill, Wm. H. & Co. 30 & 32 Cornhill 
Holman, Oliver, 124 State st 
Hunt, J., Custom House st cor. Broad 
Loring, Benj. &Co. 120 & 122 State st 
Marsh, John, 77 Washington st 
Oakes & Solomons, 20 State st 
Perkins, B. & Co. 100 Washington st 
Prince, J. T. 112 State st 
Simpkiiis, S, G. 124 Washington st 
Stimpson, Chas. 106 do 

Tappan, Whittemore &. Mason, 114 

Washington st 
Whipple, M. J. 35 Comhill 

Steam Sawing' and 

Curtis, H., Harrison Av Boston. 

Emery &. Brown, Merrimack corner 
Causeway st and Harrison Av and 
Sea street 

Herrick, H. H. & Co., Maverick st 

Little, Wm. 2d st near E. 

Mason & King, Charles st cor. Cam- 



Paige, C, Monk's wf. 1st st near E. 

Rogers, Lawrence, Groton st 
Ross, J. 1.., Ivers si cor. Hawkins 
Watson & Bisbee, Causeway st cor. 

Woodbury, J. P. & J. A., Border st, 

E. Bo-tou 
HaU, H., East st, Roxbury Point 

Merrill, J. J., Parker st n. Ruggles 
Parker, A. G., Treinont st 
White & Quiniby, (water power) 

Treinont st n. Washington 

Stencil Cutting^. 

Dearborn, N. 104 Washington st 

GiU, S. W. 86 Portland st 
Hall, Jas. 10 Dock Squrtre 
Smith, W. H. over 87 Washington st 

Stone Cutters & Dealers. 

Cole, J., Broad st opp. Prentice's wf 

FJeming, John, 86 Friend st 

Green, M. & T. & Co., opp. 126 Har- 
rison Avenue 

Griggs & Forbes, (cellar stones) 
Causeway st 

Looniis & Baldwin, (flagging) Piper's 

Meany, E. F,, Tyler st n. Harvard 

Pray, A., Benson's wf 168 Sea st 

Richards & Muun, Sea st, near the 

Warren, Henry. 9 Haverhill st 

Wetherbee, J. & Co., Causeway st 

Woods, M. & Co. 65 Charles st 

Sanborn, A. C. & Co, E. Cambridge. 

Whicher, .!. B. & Co. Milton. 

Shelden, O. E. & Co. 

Moshier, A. J. & Co. 

Kelley &. Seward 

Newcoinb &l Chapin Quincy. 

Hardwick, Charles & Co. 

JSewciiiiib, .lames 

Richards, Mann & Co. 

Wood, Henry 

Beale, Ezra 

Barker & Wright 

Jewett, E. 

Owens, Rowland 

Field, F. & Co. 

Bachelor, James 

Nightingale, Moses 

Flanders, H. H> 

Hollis, Thomas Quincy 

Seward, G. W. 

Rowe, J.P. 

Uodgers, O. T. & Co. 

Dudley, R. F. & Co. 

Knox, D. M. C, 

Williird, Solomon 

Granite Rriilway Co. 

Fenial, Preston & Co. Rockport. 

Stimpson, Eames &. Co. 

Coborn, B. 

Ballou, Frederick 

Knowlton, H. H. 

Knowlton, Addison & Co. 

Torry, William 

Park, L. W. SpringfielcL 

Woodward, David, Green st 


Stone Ware Manufac- 

Orcutt, Guilford & Co. Jishfield. 

Tolman & Wright West Sterlivff. 
Edmunds, Barnabus & Co., Moulton 
street Charlestorcn. 

Standis, Wright & Co., Weir Bridge 

Stoves & Grates— Manu- 

Barker & Binney, (cambooses,) 165 
Commercial st Boston. 

Bates, L. S. 42 Congress st 
Ba.xter, Wm. S. 46 do 
Binney, John & Co. (cambooses), 7 

Rowe's wharf 
Bluckmer & Eveleth, 5 R. R. Block, 

Lincoln st 
Boyd & Shepard, 6 Water st 
Brownell, Asa C. 25 and 27 Black- 
stone st 
Bryent & Herman, 61 Congress st 
Butler, Henry T. &. Co. 32 Union st 
Butler, Wm. R. 25 School st 
Carpenter. A (camboo;>es), 8 Rowe's 

Carpenter, Cyrus, 28 Union st 
Cate, E. M. & Co. 104 Summer st 
Chapin, E. S. &. Co. 35 Congres.s st 
Chilson, G. 51 and 53 Blickstone st 
Coburn, S. D. & E. R. 38 & 40 Cross 

Cutler & Robinson, 54 Kilby st. cor. 

of Water 
Dearborn, John M. 25 Devonshire st 
Dickson. J. P. 64 Union st. corner of 


Dodd &L Wilson, 4 Derby Range 

Dodd, John W. 49 Congress st 
Dunklee, B. W. 40 and 41 Blackstone 

Fol.;oin. S. M. 35 Bl Mckstone st 
Greeninan, Josiah, 22 Union st 
Goodrxh & Mallary, 15 and 16 Ger- 

rish Block 
Hartshorn & Ame«, 98 Blackstone st 
Headley. Janie-, 587 Washington st 
Hewett & Westcott, 15 Marshall st 
Hunt, J. S. 195 Flanover st 
Huse, Joseph. 27 Union st 
Jones Lewis & Son, 36 Union st 
Leavitt, C. F. 16 do 

Lincoln, Alex. 8 Market Square 
Morse, Harvey M. 13 Lewis st. E. B. 
Morandi, F. 164 Hanover st 
Nutter, Rich;ird, 20 Broad st 
Oliver, Win. B. 19 Union st 
Osgood. Gove & C<). 21 Congress st" 
Perry, Wm. 501 Washington st 
Pond, Moses & Co. 28 Merchants' 

Prouty, David & Co. 19 N. Market st 
Read, J. M. 3 Shoe and Leather st 
Rogers, W, H. 4 U. S. Hotel 
Ross, Isaac. 9i Milk st 
Rotch, Wni. 29 Union st 
Sargent, Jos. (canibooses), 10 Clinton 

Starbuck, N. & Son, 22 Union st 
Stinipson, H. & F., Congress st. cor. 

of Water 
Stodder, J. W. T. 626 Washington st 
Story, J. W.. E st. cor. of Broadway 
Watson, S. N. & Co. 43 &l 45 Black- 
stone st 
White. W. & W. K. 40 School st 
Whiteley, Edward, 22 Water st 
Winchester, I. T. 65 blackstone st 
Andrews, John Cambridg-e. 

Ellis, B. & Co. (inanufs.) Carver. 
Hathaway, Wni. L. do Dighton. 
Stacy, John H., Front st Olouceste.r. 
Woodbury. Story fc Co. Ipswich. 
Sawyer, Elijah, New Boston 

Boynton, N. A. & T. J., Chntonville 
Brickett, W. H. & C. (house furnish- 
ing goods) iMwrence. 
Bennett & Marshall, Common st 
Butler, John Q. A. 46 Central st 


Adams, , 112 Merrimack st 

Curbing & M;ick, Market street, (see 

Thompson, M. E. Medway. 

Chase, Frederick C^ Union st 


Palmer, M. B, & Co. 28 Central st 

J\''ew Bedford. 

Chamberlin, Silas, Market Stiuare 


Kelsey, John B., Pleasant st 

Hale, Jacob, Merrimack st 

Chamberlin, Gillm., M irket st 

Frothingham, N. & T. H. 29 and 31 
Front st Salem. 

Peck & Co. 7 Main st Springfield. 

Pease, George F. do 

Wilcox, VVilUam L. 2, 3, and 4 Mar- 
ket street 

Clough, Isaac S. & Co. Walthnm. 

Lewis & Van Dawson fVestfield. 

Moore, J. West Stockbridge. 

Williston, Gordon, 2 Mechanics st 

Stra\r Cutters—Manu- 

Stevens. Silas Brookfield. 

Tower, Henry Millbury. 

Hovey, C. & Co. 35 Sumner st 


Stucco TForkers. 

James, Wm. E., Deacon st Boston. 
Kelley, P. & T., opposite 42 Bedford 

Kettelle, Samuel, 114 Pleasant st 
Tolman, S. P., rear of 22 Kingston st 

Sug-ar Refineries. 

Boston Sugar Refinery, Josiah Stick- 
ney and I. Schofield, Jr., Agents, 
1 Commercial wharf Boston. 

White, S., Gouch st 

Surgical Instrument 

Fininlev, H. 18 School st Boston. 
Hunt, N. 128 Washington st 
Phelps, J. W. 176 Tremont st. and 63 

Court st 
WeddeU, A. 15 Hawley st 

Tacks and Brads—ITIan- 

! Randall, A. Soiith Braintree. 

\ Keith, Zenas &. Scott. (Tacks) 

I East Bridgewater. 



Keith, Zebina East Bridsrewater, 
Dyer, Charles Hanover. 

S ilmond, Samuel 

Howlaiid. Luther Hanson. 

Russell, Thomas, (Tacks) Kingston. 
Soule, Henry, (Tacks and Fine Cut- 
Reed, Edwin. (Tacks) 
Walker, Charles, (Cut Tacks) 

Reed, Horatio, (Tacks) 

J\i''orth Scituate. 
Chamberlain, Jonathan (Brads and 
Sparrowbills) Carterville 

Mason, L. G. (Brads) Union st 



McRaith, James Abin^ton, 

Hindley, George JsTorth Adams. 

Richrirdson, E. W. Andover. 

Trulan, Hugh 

Burchmore, J. J^Turth Andover. 

Hrillett. A., Hyannis Barnstable. 
Hopkins, A. A. B. Belchertown. 

Slate, C. R. Bernardston. 

H;ile. Z. O. Beverly. 

Smithies, John Jforth Blandford. 
Bronson, H. 

Hohn, Phihp Brewster. 

Butterfield, Wm. H. Brimfield. 

Scanlan, John Cambridge Port. 

Scanlan, James 

Rutledge. Barnard Canton. 

Niles, W. E. Charlemont. 

Alberty, R. B. 10 Charlestown Sq. 

Young, David G. Chatham. 

Furber, Geo. D. Chelmsford, 

Mcehan, Dennis Cheshire. 

Tinker, Wm. S. Chester Village. 
Samuols & Browning 
Blair, L. A. Chester Factory. 

Wilcutt, Harrison 

Elmer. A. L. Chesterfield. 

Ellis, A. Chicopee Falls. 

Barnes, M. H. 
Mahoney, John D School street 

Smith. G. VV. Conway. 

Eaton. Thomas E. Cummington. 
White. W. H. 

Thompson, G. B. Main st. Danvers. 
Tucker, Abner R. South Dartmouth. 
Gilford, Perry J\rorth Dartmouth. 
McCann. West Dedham. 

Lyiich, J. 


;Dolan, J. Deilhnvi. 

I Pierce. Charles A. South Deerfi,.d. 
I Patch, David F. 

Kennedy. Robert Duxbury. 

Stewart, James G. E. Bridgewater. 

Jones, Jarvis South Egremont. 

Coffin, J. D., Water st Edgartown. 

Adlington, Francis 

Leonard, D. M. Enfield. 

Cook, Silas D. 

Stevens, Israel Framingham. 

Cooper, Nathaniel, Sa.xomille 

Robinson, Wm. K., Franklin City 


Legate, Wm. M. South Oardmr. 

Osgood, Stephen Oeorgetown. 

Blodgett, S. C. 

Stickney, James H. 77 Front st 


Stearns, H. H. Oranby. 

Hopkins, L. Ot. Barrington. 

Lewis, T. B., Factory Village 


Blanchard, Samuel Orotun. 

Hewes, W. F. 

Jewett, E. Hadiey. 

Gooch. S. D. Hmgham. 

Rollet, Franz Hinsdale. 

Dibble, Moses 

Barrows, Theodore 

Davis, Charles F. Holliston. 

Ruggles, Charles Lancaster. 

Rice, A. C, Clintonville 

Bailey. A. H. Lee. 

Davis, Wm. L. 

Dickinson, N. A. East Leverett. 

Jenness, J. Jiledfield. 

Hughes, Robert, Rockville, Jledwny. 

Grant, S. 

Williams, F. J. Montague. 

Stearns, J. H. 

Smith, John, Third st JVezc Bedford. 

Bean, Henry 

Burbank. Samuel Mattapoisctt. 

Knight, Frederick, State st 


Pierce, B., jr. 3 State st 

Spiller, Henry 

Cranston, A. J^ew Marlborough. 

Burnham, Ezra H. J^Teuton Corner. 

O'Neill, Edw'd, Korth Bridgewater. 

HoUiwood, P. F. 

Bampus, E. B, 

McRaith, James 

Cisco, George JVorthampton. 

Crosby, J. M., Thorndike Pa/mer. 

Boylston, J. C. 

Whipple, A. F. Pepperell. 

risk, Amos Pittsfield. 


Latham, S. D. Plainfidd. 

Beckford, J. M. Quincy. 

Casey, J. Randolph. 

Dugan, James 

Colby, J. S. Salisbury. 

Colbert, J. W. Sandinfield. 

Allen, Joshua N. Sandwich. 

Hinckley, Freeman 

Richards, E. Skaion. 

Utter. William Sheffield. 

Crosby, W. J. 

Barber, VV. 5. H.idley Falls. 

Knight, D. R. Southampton. 

Buckingham, J. P. Soutkwick. 

Hensler, Conrad Springfield. 

Pilling, Benjamin Stockbridge. 

Waters, N. A. 

Leonard, Z. A. Sunderland. 

Faulds, Robert J., Market st 

Needham, J. F. PVales. 

Gardner, James A. 
Simmons, N. S. fVare. 

RumroU, Geo. W. Warwick. 

H(jlton, Ciuartus Wendell. 

Hill, Wra. West Camby idge. 

Tryon, Isaac C. Westfield. 

Gates, H. C. 

Taylor, Wm. Westport. 

Patrick, Morrison, Ireland 

West Springfield. 
Ch :pman, L, B. 

Adlington, F. M. Weymouth. 

Rolie, John 

Hyde, M. South Weymouth. 

Taylor, L. C. East Weymouth. 

Taylor, John Wilbraham. 

McCrae, C. Williamsburg. 

Poist, George, Haydenvilie 
Sullivan, J. Williamstown. 

(nilliver, J. S. 

Teare, Philip Woburn. 

Tyler, James P. 

Tailors and Drapers. 

Walch, Lawrence Abington. 

Howard. E. C. 

Pierce, S. G. 

Estes, Rufus P. & Co. S. Jibington. 

Lathrop, Wm. R. .Acton. 

Collins, Isaac South Adams. 

Mole, John 

Sanders, Bcnj. J^orth Adams. 

Smith & Homer 

Bliss, Er.tstus L. 

Butler, C. B. 

Brown, Bailey C. Amesbury. 

Colton, Joseph &, Co. Amherst. 

Kimberly, Thompson Amherst. 

Cowles, Erastus 
Merrick, L. 

McGinley, John Andover. 

Millett, Wm. P. 

Miller, D. P. Ashfield, 

Hammond, J. W. AthoL 

Snmpson, Wra. Barnstable. 

Smith, A. E. Belchertown., 

Gerstle, John J. Bellingharfu 

Tuck & Batchelder Beverly. 

Lord, Wm. 

Bates, E. D.fc Co. Blackstone. 

Albee, Joseph A. & Co. 3 Diamond 

Block Boston. 

Allen & Starbird, 5 Market Sq. south 

side Faneuil Hall 
Almy, G. W. 52 N. Market st 
Appleton, Samuel B. 56 Wash, st 
Annington, H. E. 136 do 

Babson, Deacon & Lemoyne, 4, 5, 6, 

and 7 Faneuil Hall Building 
Barnes, Martin, 181 Ann st 
Barrel!, J. A. & Co. 53 Com'l st 
Bayley, C. T., Broad st. opposite Pur- 
chase, (Sailor's Home Clothing 
Berry, Wm. C, Ann st. cor. Black- 
Blaisdell, Wm. H. 73 and 75 Ann st 
Bluxome, Joseph, 30 Green st 
Bornstein; I. 468 Washington st 
Bornstein, J. & Brother, 414 do 
Brookhouse, John H. 113 do 
Brown, Lawrence &. Stickney, Old 

State House 
Burgess, John, 44 llromfield st 
Call & Tuttle, 121 Washington st 
Calrow & Co., Hanover st. cor. Elm 
Carnes, Henry, 68 Court st 
Carver, David, 20 Washington st 
Cass, A. J. L. 72 Cambridge st 
Chapin, Orris T. H Tremont Row 
Chadwick, Wm., Hanover st. corner 

Clapp, Seth E. 59 Court st 
Clark, J. a. A. & Co. 8 Congress Sq. 
I Clark, S. H. 1 India vvtcor. Broad st 
j Clement & Wetherbee, 47 Ann st 
I Collier, David J. 47 Congress st 
' Connell, M. & Co. 53 Merrimack st 
I Cook, Justin E. 123 Wash, st 
I Coyle, Wm. 4 Richmond st 
Curtis, John, Jr. 6 Ann st 
Dale, S. 24 do 

Doblin, A. 536 Washington st 
Dorr, E. R. 61 Commercial st 
Douglass, Henry, 13 W.iter st 
I Driscoll, C, &. Co. 14 Court st 



Dudley, N. A. M., junction of Union 
and Bl ;cksUine sts Boston. 

Enrle, John, Jr. & Co. 139 Washing- 
ton street 
Eaton, Ezra, 81 Commercial st 
E;aon, Ezra OAVi Ann >t 
Ellison, Andrew. 19 Bnittle st 
Fearing & Whitney, S."} \Va>hington 

St. and 5 Hichborn Block 
Field, Benj. F. 109 Washington st 
Fisk & dishing, 96 do 

Flanagan, George, 76 st 
Eraser, G. 75 Court st 
Gallagher, James, 7 Leuis st. E. B. 
Gault, Wm. 36 Washington st 
Gerrish, Geo. 52 do 

Godfrey, Chas. G. & Co. 154 Court st 
Goodrich &. Dyer, 5 Joy's Building 
Gould, Levi, 521 VVaslui.gton st 
Gove, John & Co., Hichborn Block 

and 60 Commercial st 
Green & Capeu, 118 Washington st 
Hammond, T. 11 and 12 Turnpike. 

near Broadway 
Hapgood, Warren, 18 Dock Sq. 
Haskell &. Chapman, 2 Museum 

Building, Treinont st 
Haynes, John H. 59 Court st 
Hclger, A. 328 Washington st 
Huber. Peter. 116 do 

Hudson, Oliver & Co. 4 Brattle st. 

(boys' clothing) 
Huntington. L. A. 76 W^ash. st 
Hyneman, Chas. 176 Wash. st. and 

U. S. Hotel 
Irish, Philip, 31 and 33 Ann st 
Jacobs & Deane, 21 C(>urt st - 
Janes, H. B. & Co., Broadway near 

B street 
Jerauld, Albert A. 60 Hanover st 
Johnson, Earl W. 30 Dock Sq. 
KcUey, Wm. D. & .Son, 19 Congress 

Kimball & Fisk, 28 Washington st 
Knowles, Nathan, .Ir. 6 Clinton st 
Levi & Bennett. 386 Washington st 
Lincoln. J. F. 97 do 

Locke, Edward & Co. 26 N. Market st 
Long, Jas. H. 103 Comnierci il st 
Lothrop, Adams B. 123 Wash, st 
Lvon &. Powers, .58 do 

Macomber & Barki r, 132 do 
McLarty, Wm., iSunmer st. near Ha- 
vre, E. B. 
Mennard & Stone, Bromfield st. cor. 

Merrill, Eaton & Co. 56 Ar.n st 
Miller &. Allen. 37 N. Market st 
Mixliell, J. C. 70 Washir.gton st 

Moody, C. P. 5 Hanover st Boston. 
Moore, J. L. 69 Ann st 
Moore & Enif ry, 14 Ann st 
Motley & Clapp, corner Beacon and 

Tremont sts 
Mudgett, W. S. 1 N. Market st 
Murray, P. & \V. 46 and 48 Ann st 
I Newman, Robert, 360 Washington st 
Newman, Samuel H. 41 Court st 
Nichols, Geo. N. 96 Washington st 
Nye, David, Jr. 51 and 53 Ann st 
< >Maley, Thos. 4th st. near B 
Osgood, Isaac, 31 Dock Sq. 
Palmer, Simeon, 49 Ann st 
Palmer & Sovvden, 5 Gerrish Block, 

crtr. Ann st 
Phillips, E. H. 1 U. S. Hotel 
Pickett, Geo. B. 6 Wash, st 
Pincus, I. 5 U. S. Hotel 
Plununer & Allen, 18 Wash, st 
Pollard, A. W,6 Court st 
Preble & Brazier, 22 do 
Prentice, Wm., opposite 157 Broad st 
Proctor, N. B. Jr. 94 Commercial st 
Randidge, Geo. L. 109 Washington st 
Richardson & Messenger, 72 and 74 

Washington st 
Richardson & Norwood. 9 Hanover st 
Ross, Jeremiah, 42 Washington st 
Ross, W. W. 42 do 

Rutledge, J. S. 30 Ann st 
Ryan, Michael, 35 Brattle st 
Sahlein & Brother, 452 Wash, st 
Salvo. B. 59 Court st 
Sherburne, Lewis O. 36 Wash, st 
Simmons, G. W. (Oak Hall) 32 & 34 

Ann st 
Simmons, John & Co., Ciiiincy Hall 
Simonds, Shepherd & Co. 3 N. Mar- 
ket st 
Skinner, Isaac B. 169 Wash, st 
Skinner, N.K.& S.N. 37 do 
Smith, L. G. 51 N. Market st. and 21 

Starbird, A. T. 5 Market Sq. 
Stiles & Chapin, junction Union and 

Marshall sts 
Sumner, A. 683 Washington st 
Thomas, Abraham, 90 Federal st 
Tolman, Jas. 13 Conuress st 
TurnbuU. Geo. 10 Sumner st. E. B. 
Waldock, James, 414 Washington st 
Walker & Moore, 364^ do 

Wallis, Wm. 95i do 

Washburn, Roderick F. 9 Lewis st, 

E. Boston 
Weatherbee, E. T., Sumner st. cor. 

i Weir, A. A. 86 Washington st 


Wentz, Daniel, 3 Richmond st 

Whitaker, W. H. 7 Brattle st 
Whitmir^h & Smith, Old State H. 
VVhittrodse, E. F. 354 Wash, st 
Williston, P. F, 4 Clinton st 
Wils<m, Geo. W. 86 Washington st 
Wilson, John, Jr. 24 Court st 
Wilson, Wm. H. 9 Water st 
Wiich & Patterson, 12 Wash, st "" 
Winkley & Co. 93 do 

Wood, F. 59 Court st 
Silver, J. W. Brookline. 

McLiughlin, C. East Cambridge. 
Connaughv. Patrick 
Kimball, Wm. Cambridge. 

Beach, G. W. 
Allen, Andrew 

Capen, E. Canton. 

Shankland. Roben 
H unmond, Ezra, Charle^town Sq. 

P itterson, Wn). C. & Co. 83 Main st 
Bigelow, Chas. 78^ do 

Jewett & Gates, cor. of Warren and 

Charles River Avenue 
Denvir, Wm. 5 Warren Av. 
Ames, Philander, 26 City Sq. 
McElroy, Ch is., cor. Bmv st 
Whitton. James, 64 Mii-i st 
Gerald. E. B. Chicopee Falls. 

Dickinson, L. 
Dow, J. T. 5 Merchants' Row 

Lane, Lorenzo, Exchange st 
Russell, T. W. Coleraine. 

Latham, Wm, V. 

Dickinson, T. S. Conway. 

Warner. C. S, Dalton. 

Gardner, John 

Telyea, M., Main st Danvers. 

Lord, Ephm., Main st 
Batchelder, N. S., Maple st 

J^orth Danvers. 
Botts, S. R.. Maple st 
Allen, Wm. New Mills Danvers. 
Thomas. T. &Co. South Dartmouth. 
Tucker, Chs., Russells MiUs 
Potter, Leander, do 
Morse, Oliver South Dedham. 

Niswell, Joseph, Lower Mills 

Henfield, John East Douglas. 

Mecorney, H. 

Shaw, Minot C. East Bridgeinater. 
Allen, S. B. 

Preston, L. Ensthampton. 

Saver. J. F. V. W. Edgartown. 

Bailey & Fisher, Water st 

Menihew, James Jr. Fairhaven. 

Church ^ Almy, Main st 

Sisson & Weaver, 14 Granite Block 

Market Sq. Fall River. 

Strobridge, W. C. & J. M. 5 Granite 

Brightman, W. H. 28 Merchants Bl. 
Bliss, James L. 8 Pocassett House 
Gibbs, R. S. & Co. 1 & 2 Pocits^ett 

Hou-e, South Main st. 
Mc auittv, R. G. 70 Ana uvam st. 
Hathaway, E. 66 North Mi in st 
Burgess, E. G. Falmouth. 

Cross, D. & Co. Fitchburg. 

Leverett & Co., oppo^ite I'ltciiburg 

Turner, Willard P., Foxborough. 
Burlingame. R. A. 
Bassett & Hastings, Franklin City 

Dean, S. L. 

Elwell, Andr. 18 Front Gloucester. 
Gardner, Charles 63 do 
Cook, Sam. K. 75 do 
White, Homer Oranby. 

Ritchie, William G. Barrington. 
Rust & Clark Greenfield. 

Thayer & Jones 
Kingsby, E. W. 

Plunmier, Chs. Haverhill. 

rietcher. Edmund 
Woodward, C. & C. D. 
Kimball, Gilbert 
Pear-on, H. A. 

Snider, I. B. Hingham. 

Todd, John 
Corbett, I. K. 

Harvey, C. H. Hubbnrdston. 

Flynn, John B 

Jordan, Robert Ipswich. 

Wade, John W. Kingston. 

Riley, Philip H., New Boston Village 
Field, C. W., Clintonville 
Showell, Alfred Lawrence. 

Bean, L. O. 
Sanborn & Kelly 
Blake & Keyes 
Hull. Stephen 
Riley, John 
N ts6n, S. F. 
Gillispie, John 

Leonard & Warner I^ee. 

Peek, J. N. 

Mann, Elias Leominster, 

Carter, Charles 

Munroe, H. A. Lexington. 

Drew & Goldsmith, 26 Central st. 

Lowi 'I. 



Lewis & Baise, 34 Central st. Lowell. 
Smith & I^itncaster, 22 do 
Mc Evoy, Himh 58 do 

Dean, II. C. \\'ym. ns Exchange 
Burhaiik & Cliase. 5 Ceiiinil st. 
Bennett, \V. S. 11 do 

Baxter, H. J. 29 do 

York, A. F., East Merrimack st 
Dean, Barnes do 

Evans, Ransom, Middlesex st 
Oolburn, Aufiiistus 14 Merrimack 
Williams, J. & J.. North Common st, 
Smith, Richard R. 7 Exchange st 
Burbeck & Boardman, Washii gton 
St. JIarble/icad. 

Conway, John, Washington st 
Gardner, J. do 

Harvey, Geo. Medford. 

Cu-ihing, John West J\Iedu:ay. 

Barnes, Johii G. Medway. 

Nichols & Co. East Jiledwnu. 

Ropes, Joseph Met/iuen. 

Atkinson, John B. 
Haskins, Edmoiid Middleboro. 

Webb & Dyer MiUford. 

Hudson, W. H. Millbury. 

Denecke, Theodore C, Munson. 

Congdon, James C. JVantucket. 

Tummerbiys, Wm. 
Allen, Avery T., Main st 
Barnard, C. Jr. do 

Spooner, Seth C. 70 Union st 

J\rcw Bedford. 
Thurston, E. H. 76 Union st. 
Seaburv, O. & E. W. 86 do 
Kelly, H, C. & Co. 106 do 
Stir, J. T.& Co. 97 do 
Kenncv, John 91 do 

Pope, Thomas Jr. 36 North Water 
Hicks &. Chapman, 25 do 
Herrman, Henry 19 do 

Brown, H. P, & Co. • do 

Tobey & Doane, 91 Purchase st 
Davis & Allen 82 do 

Smith, .John Wm. A. 6 Third st 
King, Francis A. 11 do 

Chase, T. P. & T. J. 1.58 Purchase st 
Nelson, John B. Water st 

Cook, Rufus 

Greeley, Nathaniel 9^ State st 
Currier, Wm. 61 State c. Essex st 
Barnum, J. G. 3 State st 
Stevens, Isaac, cor. Center & Water 
Poole, Charles. Pleasant st 
Smart, James T.. Water st 
Tavlor, Jame's. Upper Falls J^ewton. 
Bartlett, A. W. Xi>rtli Broukficld. 

Stratton, W. J^'unhjield. 

Clapp, S. S. & Co. 6 Merchants Riiw 

Kinsley, Daniel 

Kellogg, David 

Reed, James, 5 Granite Row 

Wells, Geo. do 

Merrick & Parker Orange. 

Hodgkins, F. R. Otis. 

Freeman & Davis Oxford. 

B;iiley, L. A. Palmer Depot, 

Barber, J. D. 

Longley, C. P. 

Munger, H. W. & Co. 

Gillmur, J. M.. Bonville Palmer. 

Webber, A., Three Rivers 

Braman, J. W., Front st Pawtucket. 

Watress, Chas. H. Pittsfield. 

Golden, C. B. 

Dunham, J. H. 

Hodgkins, Joseph W. 

Small, D. F. Provincetown. 

Russell, John Quincy. 

Dinegan, John 

Gray, Ira Reading. 

Swift, E. G. RockporU 

Todd, Milton Rowley. 

Bell, George Rozbury. 

Chublmck, Hiram H., Tremontst.cor. 
of Ruggles 

Dean, A. J. 99 Wasliington street. 
Dean's Block 

Morse, Cyrus E. 105 Washington st 

Richardson, John, Centre street, Jar 
mMica Plain 

Stodder & Elliott, 62 Washington st 

Miller, Geo. S. Royalston. 

Chamberlain, Samuel, 29 Washing- 
ton st Salem. 

Melcher, J. A. 39 Essex st 

Smith, E. F. 22^ Washington st 

Gray, Benj. A. 12 do 

Jones, S. G. 8 Front st 

Bates & Perkins, 175 E-sex st 

Dolan, John, 275 do 

Derby, T. P. 196 do 

Perkins, J. S. & Son, 182 do 

Cornelia & Lafavour. 178 do 

Gardner & Purbeck, 264 do 

Brown & Davis, 230 do 

Duffy, A. , Sandwich, 

Cutler, R., Ashleyville Sheffield, 

Dalr^mple, L. Shelbnrne Falls, 

Montague, T. B. 

Bailies, Bradford Sonthbridge. 

Walcott, H. F. 5. IJatlley Fnlls. 

Kingman, Samuel .S. Reading. 

Palmer & Clark, Main st Springfield, 

Fairchild, M. S., Fountain Row 


Ray, S. C, Fountain Row 

Cadvvell, George G., Main st 
Herrick, C. G. do 

Brownell, J. C, Springfield Hill 
Brown, Joseph C. do do 
Fuller, H., Jr., Main st 
Fitzpatrick, Jas. do 
Rindge, Isaac, Jr. 2 Massasoit Row 
Rindge, VVui. 6 do do 

Frizzell & Avery, 2 Burt's Block 
Shaw, E. F. Starbridge. 

Foster &. Lawton, 5 Main -t 

Hodges, Win. G., corner of Main and 

Weir streets 
Larcher, E. M., Main st 
Stowell & Daane, Weir Bridge 
Marnel, Dexter, do 

Clark, Thomas S. do 
Hadwen, Isaac R. do 
rf Jeruegan, Cyrus, Holmes' Hole 

Farrar, Thomas Townsend. 

Manley, M. Ujcbridge. 

Parly, John fValpule. 

Richardson, James 
Brown, Curtis, Main st Waltham. 
Gillespie & Whitman 
Maynard, Josiah 

Willard, W. H. Ware. 

Fox &. Stewart 

McMaster, A. Waterlown. 

Whitman, J. H. ^ 

S^iwyer, J. N Webster. 

Hethington, Wm. 

Higgins, John K. Welljleei. 

Jetiries, Henry H. 

Holland, John West Boylston. 

Foot, T. E. WestfieLd. 

Stow, John H., Jr. 
Fowler, G. W. 

Worthy, T. G. West Stockbridse. 
Hass, Henry 

Merrick, W. W. Wilbraham. 

Metcalf, J. H. Wiltijinsburg. 

Sanderson & Blaksle Williamstown. 
Gage & Towle Wuburn. 

Walker, Asa, 217 Main street 

Parker, Samuel, 139 do 
Brown, H. & A. & Co. do 
Sturtevant, L. W. 131 do 
Morse, Henry S. 261 do 
Minturn, Wm. E. & Co. 271 Main st 
Richmond, Willard, '229 do 

McConbill, Hugn, 113 do 

Tanners and Curriers. 

Ball, Rufus, (currier) East Jibington. 

Dean, H. N. South jldams. 

Butler, A. P. & Co. 

Olds, Alfred J^orth .Sdivis. 

Caswell, Wm. B. East Amherst. 

Adams, James, (tanner) 


Birber, Samuel As/ijind. 

Sanderson, Asa 

Burr, L. & J. Ashby. 

Wheeler & Claflin JV. Bccket. 

Osborn, Jarvis, (^tanner) Blandford. 

Bates. David, do 

Farrall, Kimball, (currier) Bradford. 

Parker, Stephen East Bradford. 

Winslow, Wm. West Brewster. 

Ward, Wm. M. Brimfeid. 

Warren, James J. (card leather; 

Farrington, Z. 

Robinson, A. (tanner) Brookline. 

Robinson, J. do 

Townsby, Daniel C. Buckland. 

Pease & Cudworth CharlemuiU. 

Richards, Lewis 

Lane, George, Main st Charlestown. 

Pollard, Asa D. do 

Guild, Chester, do 

Smith, Amos, Bunker Hill st 

Bacon, B. J^orth Charlton. 

Dean, A. P. & S. M. Cheshire. 

Hubbard, Edmund, Jr. Chester. 

Higgins, Jacob G., Rockville 


Cudworth, P. H.-& J. 

Rice, Moses Coleraine. 

Parsons, John S. Cummington. 

Shaw, Fayette' 

Nelson, J. D. & Co. 

West Cummington. 

Poole &. Jacobs, (manufacturur.s of 
boot and shoe linings, skivers, and 
bindings) Danvers, 

Jacobs, Joseph, Foster st 

Kimball, Obadiah do 

Little. Wm. W. do 

Torr, Andrew do 

Osborne, Franklin do 

Smith, Richard do 

Little, J. B. do 

Upton, Franklin do 

Goodrich, Benj. do 

Gillion. John W. do 

Holmes, T. (currier) do 

Hodgkins, J. S. do do 

Lord, John, (currier,) Central st 

Poor, Nathan do do 

Poor, Henry, (tanner) do 



Monroe, Isaac, (tanner,) Central st 

R >berts. David do 

P.ior, Joseph, Jr. (tanner) do 
Hardy, Isa<ic, Jr. do do 
Kiost, Caleb do do 

Riibinson, Nathan do 

Pierce, David, (tanner) do 
H irris, Samuel do do 

Osborne, D. W. do do 

Peader & Brown, (curriers,) 3 Grove 

Welch, T. W. (currier) 5 Grove st 
Poole. Leonard, Grove st 
Piummer, H. (currier) Grove st 
Fernald, S. do Spring st 

Lcroyd, John A. JV. Danvers. 

Merrill, Joseph, (currier) New Mills 
Pony, Jacob F. (tanner) 
Fowler, Sam'l P. do New Mills 
Fowler, Augustus do 

Cheever, Geo. P. (tanner) do 
Webb, Putnam (currier) do 
Harriman, J. P. do do 

Black, N.&M. (kid bindings, lining<, 

&c.) New Mills 
Potter, Luther JV. Dartmouth. 

Thompson, Robert S. Dedkain. 

Smith & Winslow 
D.iy, Joseph (factory leather) 
Billings, S. D. S. Deerfield. 

Van Rimple, J, (currier) Dorchester. 
Adtms, Seth (currier) 
Young, Calvin do 
Clapp, Wm. (tanner) 
Humphreys, H. do 
House, Enos do 
Shoals & Son East Hnmpton. 

Mellen, John Enfield. 

Carey, Edward 

French, A. P. Fall River. 

Chase, Edmund & Son, 52 Bedtbrd st 
Murse, Nathaniel Qeurgetown. 

Stratton, Samuel Gill. 

Rosseter, Mark O. Barrington. 

Kilbourn, Levi 

Peabody, John Oroton. 

Dickinson, S. & E. Hadley. 

White, Joseph JV*. Hanson. 

Nickerson, Elkanah Harwich. 

JetTers, Wm. (currier) Haverhill. 
Butters, H. A. do 
Kimball, E. (morocco dressor) 
Sawyer, Milton (tanner) Hawley. 
Ru^fT, Joel Heath. 

Loring, Alfred S. Hingham. 

Btodder, Laban 

Sawyer, Aaron Hinsdale. 

Stutson, 'm. Kingston. 

Cu-;hman, Samuel Kingston. 

Luwry, F. N. South 

Davis, Edwin Lenox. 

Babcock, Burridge&Co. Leominster. 

Graves, L. M. Leverett. 

Fitts, Robert East Leverett. 

Bridge, A, E. (currier) E. Lexington. 

Everts, E. & S. Longmeadow. 

Dwight, Oliver 

Newhall, F.S. &. H. (morocco) Lynn. 

Russell, J. L. (currier) Market st 

Oliver, A. (morocco) 10 do 

Kelly & Drown, (morocco) do 

Lovejoy, E. (kid and morocco) 19 
and 21 Market st 

Long, C. M. (ciu-rier) Market st 

Roberts, Pevere & Co. (kid and mo- 
rocco) Market st 

Carroll, E. (morocco) Front st 

Rirry. D. do M/inrne st 

Hlaney, S, & C. do Harrison Ct. 

Tapley, A. &C. do Front st 

Taylor, L. (currier) Maiden. 

Woods, L. do J\Jedway. 

Emerson, O. 2d, (currier) JMethaen. 

Godfrey & Mayo do Mil ford. 

Childs, E. N. JSIiUbury. 

Adams, James & Co. Milton. 

Sumner, Jabez 

Whitney, M. & Co. (boot linings) 

Toby, Stephen Monson. 

Davis, John Montague. 

Clapp, Zenas 

Cushman & Hinkley JVeio Bedford. 

■■ heldon, O. &. M. E. 

J^ew Marlborough. 

Osgood, Geo. JV'ew Salem. 

Smith, A. K. J^orth JVew Salem. 

Parsons, A. C. jYurthjidd. 

Clark, Asa Petersham. 

Bryant & Artemas 

Sanderson, C. Phillipston. 

Simonds, Warren 

Osborne & Deane Pittsfield. 

Latham, R. A. (sole) Plaiufirld. 

Richmond, U. Plymouth. 

Plumber & Whiting Quincy. 

Williams, F. 

Dunbar, A. W. 

Rodgers, Clift 

Benton, C. & S. Richmond. 

Scott, Thomas Rowe. 

Jewett, George Rowley. 

Cressey, John 

Cressey, Nathaniel 

Guild, S. & J. & Co., Bartlett «t and 
Tremont Rnxbury. 

Meriam, A. S., Boylston st 

White, Isaac D., Lowell st 


Winslow, R., Eustis st n. Wash. 

Billings, Jo5. H. (morocco dressers) 

Spring st, West Roxbury 
Hunt & Cutter, (morocco dressers) 

42 Washington st n. Eu-tis 
Mo 1 roe, Jas. M. (morocco dresser) 

Vernon st n. Washington. 
Packer, G. (morocco dresser) Wash- 
ington st cor. Tremont 
Brewster, \. A. (currier) JV. Salem. 
Conrey, J. H. do 
Carlton, F- (tanner) 
Annable, Ephraim (currier) 
Porter, Benj. P. 
Sanborn, J. (currier) 
Evans, Alvah A. (currier) Salem. 
Lord, Jas. (U\nner) 96 Federal st 
Carthy, Michael 
Conaway, H. (currier) 
Nichols, Dan'l F. (tanner) 
Varney, Wm. & Co. 
Porter & Frye, (tanners) 
Walden, J. F. (currier) Boston st 
Higbee, L. do 55 do 

Hughes, John, do 59 do 
Culliton, John, do do 

Turner, C. W. (tanner) Goodhue st 
Turner, Calvin, do do 

Looby, Thomas, (currier) do 
Nichols, Thomas, do do 

Osgood, N. W. (tinner) do 

Haskell, Daniel C. (currier) do 
Higbee, Charles, (tanner) do 
Band, Lewis, do do 

Poor, William, do do 

Nichols, Samuel, do do 

Putnam, J. & Low, do do 

Frye, Joseph, do do 

Hanson, E. A. do do 

Pitman, Samuel, (currier) 2 do 
Putman, Jacob, Boston st 
Varney, W. D. & S. 2 Boston st 
Thorndike, W. D. (currier) Bo^ton st 
Gould & McGearj-, do 45 do 
Noah, Samuel, Jr. do 34 do 
Harrington, L. B. do do 

Hodgdon. G. C. do 32 do 

Pitman, N. do 24 do 

Turtle, Nathaniel do 2i do 
Weston, Charles, May st 
Fowler, Harrison B. Salisbury. 

Burt, F. H., N. Boston, Sandisfield. 
Burt, Orlo 
Hardy, Geo, W. (morocco and kid) 

Baker & Cudworth, (tanners) Savoy. 
Kellogg, J. T. Sheffield. 

Bardwell, Apolas Shelburne Falls. 

Birdwell, Alonzo, (tanner) 

South riadley FiUa. 
Chamberlain A. (harness and b 'It 

Miller, A. D. (harness and belt) 

South Hadley. 
Snow, Spencer 

Howe, Chauncy Spring-field. 

Root, James O. Stockbridg-e. 

Tidd & Bloomer, (currier) Stonehanu 
Buckman, Stephen, do 
Fletcher & Nevvhall, (curriers) 

Allen, Liberty, (tanner) Sturbridge, 
Snow, Daniel, Templeton. 

Trull, Herbert Tewksbury. 

Tinker, E. & W. ToUavd. 

Wheeler, A. F. West Townsend. 
Orr, John, (morocco) 
Tolman, John fVare, 

Stevens, C. C. Warwick. 

Stevens, N. E. 

Snow, Watson M. Westfield. 

Kellogg, Lorenzo 
Smith, Daniel 
McNeil, Alexander 
Rice, M. Westhampton. 

Furbush, Joseph Westminster. 

Hobbs & Hager Weston. 

Leich, E. W. Weymouth. 

Frary, Dexter Wliately. 

West, Strong (upper leather) 

South Wilbraham. 
Bodman, Erastus (upper leather) 

Bartlett, Liberty Williamstown. 

Morse, Isaac Winchendon. 

Winn, J. B. & Co. Woburn. 

Parks, Leonard W. 
Ingerson, Geo. L. (currier) 
Tidd, Charles do 

Cummings, John 
Cummings, Cyrus (patent leather) 
Bond & Tidd (curriers) 
Tidd, Wm. (currier) 
Th(jmpson, A. & Co. (tanners) 
Thompson, B. F. & Son S. Woburtu 
Medberry, A, B. Worthington. 

Tea Dealers. 

Dane, Dana & Co. 12 North Market 
street Boston. 

Hill, Chamberlain & Co. 11 Cent'l wf 

Jones & Curtis, 54 Broad st 

McGregor, James & Co. 7 Central wf 

Redding & Co. 193 Washington st 
and 78 Hanover 

Stoddard, David, 6 S. M; et st 



Telescope Manufac- 

Holcomb, Amnsa Southwicn. 

Allen, B. J. (telescopes ami lenses) 

Main st Springjie'd. 

Tbread and ITarn. 

Webber, John P. Beverly^ Boston. 
Andrews, A. A. & Co. l(ii Wash, st 
Burr, Henian M. Jr. 225 do 

Cass, F. W. 429 do 

Clapp, Win. & Co. 307 do 

Clark, Uriel, 291 do 

Dyer, S. D. 150 Hanover st 
Everett, E. D. 68 do 
Greenwood, J. M. 361 Washington st 
Holden, L/ P. & Co. 219 do 

King. C. E. 245 do 

Langley, J. T. 8 Tremont Row 
Metcalf, 1). E. 431 Washington st 
Peyser, F. M. (worsteds) 181 do 
Shorey & Co. (jobbers) 168 do 
Smith, John W. 231 do 

Tolnian, Joseph A. 4 Tremont Row 
Ware, Jas. 223 Washington st 

Tbread inanufacturers. 

Coombs, C. C. Attleborough. 

Tilson, I. F. Canton. 

Southworth, J. & A. 
Ware, B. B. (white and colored) 

Fisher, Cl:\rk 

Wilson, James B. Medway. 

Mason, Orion 

Thayer, A. P. West Medway. 

Thread M mufacturing Company 

Southworth, C. &. A. Stmigkton. 
Lawrence, A. tValpole. 

Boutell, James Wrcntkam. 

Daniels, Adim 

Newcomb, Chas. & Co. (twine, cords, 
yarn, &.c.) Kingston. 

Tin; Copper^ SUeet Iron^ 
& Stove Jlauui'acturers. 

French, P. & Co. Mington. 

Henderson, Rovvell & Co. Acton. 
Wilbur, S. A. South Adams. 

Decker & Holden J^orth Adams. 
Brown &. Waterbury 
Hadskin, Wm. 

Littlefield & Sawyer Amesbury. 
Montague, J. W. Amherst. 


Reed, Wm. G. Anduner, 

Morse. Jas. E. Athol. 

Thompson, A. Attleboro\ 

Berse, (ieo. H., Hyannis Barnstable. 
Spencer, J. H. Barre. 

White, Thomas 

Richardson, J. W. Belchertown. 

Lunt, B. S. Beverly. 

Benson, S. H. Blackstone, 

Acres, George T., Sargent's wf 

Austin, J. 236 Ann st 
Binney, John & Co. 7 Rowe's wf 
Blaney. A. 113 Cambridge st 
Brown. George, 11 Marshall st 
Carpenter, Alfred, 8 Rowe's wf 
Caswell, Geo. W. 4th si. cor. D 
Gate, E. M. & Co. 104 Sunmier st 
Chipman, Thos. G. 4 Boylston st 
Divine, John, 30 Prince st 
Emmons, Joshua, 26 School st 
Gallagher & Oliver, Turnpike, oppo- 
site Silver st 
Hall, Timothy, N. Centre street, neai 

Harrison, J. J. 93 Water st 
Hendley, James. .587 Wash, st 
Hunt, J. L. 195 Hanover st 
Jones, L. & Son, 36 Union 
Lambord, Win. 117 Commercial st 
Lincoln, Alex. 8 Market Sq. 
Morandi, Francis, 164 Hanover st 
Morse, H. M., Lewis st. E. B. 
Oliver, W. B. 19 Union st 
Perry, Wm. 501 Washington st 
Peterson, A. 54 Essex street, and 273 

Price, Edward (planished) Wash. st. 

cor. Dover 
Robinson, Daniel, 94 Court st 
Rogers, W. H. 4 U. S. Hotel 
Ross, Isaac, 9^ Milk st 
Soule & Richards, 15 Lewis st. E. B. 
Stodder, J. W. T. 625 Wa>h. st 
Story, Joseph W., E st. cor. Broad- 
Swan, D. 22 Merrimack st 
Thayer, Warren, 5 Kneeland st 
Waterman, N. 83 and 85 Cornhill 
Wilbur, Samuel, 68 Cambridge st 
Dillingham & Huckins Brewster, 
Homer, Francis D. Bridgewnter. 
Sampson, Joshua Brighton. 

Parks, F. B. Brookline. 

Bailey & Cole, Cambridge st 

East Cambridge. 
Kelley, Daniel Cambridge Port. 

Hawkes, Levi 
Eaton & Haley 


Merrifield & Donnell Cambridge. 
Harden, C. \V. Canton. 

Trask, Isaac P. 123 Main st 

Edmonds, William M. 3 City Hall, 

Charlestown Sq. 
Robertson, John, cor. of Front and 

First sts 
St:irks, Robinson & Co. 34 Chelsea st 
Harrison, Geo. N. 24 do 

Rogers, Sullivan Chatham. 

Bruwn, Allen Chester Village. 

Bliss, C, S. Chicopee Fails. 

Pease, Charles M., Exchange st 

Bliss, Wm. G., Exchange st 
Bates, Samuel Cohassett. 

Dean & Parks Concord. 

Merrick &. Cloyes Conway. 

Wiley, Arney, Main st Danvers. 
Batchelder. J. H., New Mills 
Ropes, Joseph W. J^orth Danvers. 
Fairbanks, J. West Dedham. 

Shumway, E. Dedham. 

Smith, Wm. West Dennis. 

Haynes, Geo., Lower Mills 

Tilestone, Charles, Lower Mills 
Bicon & Baird, Neponset 
Gleason, R. 
Sumner, Charles 

Stone, E. F. East Douglas. 

Clark, Willard Duxbury. 

Coleman, Robert Edgartown. 

Draper, A. L. Enfield. 

Bisbee, J. B., Middle st Fairhaven. 
Brown, Wm. E., Water st 
Bisbee, Jonatlian 
Battey, Wm. E. 31 South Main st 

Fail River. 
Chase, Wm. 35 North Main st 
Hood. F. B. 32 South Main st 
Cunningham & Root, 39 Pleasant st 
Litch & Sawtell Fit.chburg. 

Holt, Ira 

Rowell, A. & Co. Framingham. 

Frost, James L , Saxonville 
Boynton, William (stoves) 

Cartwright, J. do 

Woodbiu-y, Story & Co. (stoves) 

Stevens, George, Front st 
Strong, Sanfonl East Granville. 
Patterson. B. W. (stoves) 

Great Harrington. 
Jones, Mitchell & Co. (stoves) 

Wiley, Robert (stoves) 

Small, J. C. South Harwich. 

Loriiig, E OS Hiiigham. 

Currier, A. N. Holliston. 

Clark, Jonas Hubbardston, 

Sawyer, Elijah (Stone Dealer) New 
I Boston Village Lancaster. 

Boynton, N. A. & T. J.. Clintouville 
, Smith, S. & A. A. 155 Oak .st 


Dana, J. H. &. Co. (Coppersmiths) 

Bennett &. Marshall, 42 Common st 

Plielp<, G. H. Lee. 

Nichols, B. S. Leominster. 

1 Forbs, Henry East Lezington. 

\ Bangs, I. W. &L D., Central st Lowell. 
I Littlefield, D. G. 146 Merrimack st 
I Foot, James L. 52^ do 

JLangley &. Whitten (Dealers) East 
I Merrimack st. 
i Parker, John H. (Dealer) 
I Mate, .Alonzo M., Middle st 
! Bangs, I. & W. D.. Middlesex st 

Paul, John N. & Co. 48 North Com- 
mon st Lynn. 

Brown, Edward 

Rust, Samuel, 29 Front st. 

H.ilden. Timothy Maiden. 

Pratt, Joseph 

Puti:ani, James H. 


j Davis, Thomas A. 

Goddurd &, Hoisington 

Willis, Geo E. 
'Thomson, M. E. 

Walker. A. J. 

Brooks, Joseph M. 
j Doatie, (jeorge H. 

Weed, Daniel 
! Kelley. Elisha 

Barton, N. P. 
j May, Frederick C. 

Mitchell & .Austin 
' Hussey, Joh^. A. 

Chase, Frederick C, Union st 

Hussey, Christopher, Federal st 

Goodwin, Henry, Main st 

Wood, Brightman &. Co. 

JVew Bedford. 

Tripp, Stephen A. & Co., 11 North 
Water st 

Wir.g, William G. & Co., 15 North 
Water st 

Chi Ids, S. 93 Purchase st 

Freeman, Marcus L. (Dealer) 
I .Yew Bedford. 

\ Almy, James, 12 Market sq. 

Richard <on, A. B. 

Lurd, J. p. 

Sii;iih, C. F. & Co. Matt.poisetL 











D. jeiin, Eugene, Broadway 


MiTse, Riitus K., Water st 

Dodge, Samuel, Essex st 

Sargent, H., Water st 

Hrown, J.O. W. do 

Pierce, F. A. do 

Balch, John H. do 

Stover, Geo. do 

Kelsey, John B., Pleasant st. 

Hale, Jacob, 8 AlerrimHck st 

Aldrich. I. West J^ewton 

Stites, William, Newton Corner 

Snnth&. Hervey JVorfA Bridgewater. 

Bennett, G. JVorthampton. 

Lee, S. W., Main st 

Felton, A. H., Court st 

Arnold, W. A., Main st 

Washburn, Enoch Orange. 

Snow, Calvin Orleans. 

Garric, Gilbert Otis. 

Taylor, Amos S. Oxford. 

Bailey, J, S. Palmer Depot. 

Fifield, S. & M. S. (Wholesale) 


Andrews, Collins Petersham. 

Butler & ^ears Pittsfield. 

Backus, W. G. 

Gullow, D. 

Butler & Sears 

Peck, Jabez & Son 

Washburn, John Plymouth. 

Drew, Win. R. 

Holmes, Hiram Provincetown. 

Snow, N. A. 

Bowly, A. F. 

Fellows, E. S. Quincy. 

Holmes, Charles 

Welcome, Sijloway & Co. Randolph. 

Bailett, J. Rock-port. 

Bird, Calvin, Warren cor. Wash. 


Kent, Goo. N., 79 Washington st 

Holmes, Jos. I2G Washington st. op- 
posite Vernon 

Tolman, John. Centre. Jam. Plain 

Fuller. William G., 43 Washington 
street Salem. 

Horton, J.. 26 Lawrence Place 

Ropes. John S. & Co., 17 & 19 Front 

Preston, Jonathan, 12 Central st 

Pease. S. l'J8 Derby st 

Chipman, A. M. & E. M. 347 Essex 

Chipman, Richard M. 356 do 

Littlcfield, J. & D, Salisbury. 

Foster, Jnsinh Sandwich. 

Burbank, William 

Snow, B. Scituate Harbor. 

Brooks & Mills South Hadley Falls. 

Woodrufl; W. B., Main st 

Welsh, Henry, Main st. 
Wilcox, W. L. 2, 3 & 4 Mnrkei -t 
Pepper, G. C. Springfield Hill, 

Sawyer, Henry Sterling. 

Van Dusen, Mason Stuckbridge. 
Cox, Enoch Sturbridge. 

Briggs & Francis TauiUun 

Hutchinson, Wm., Main st 
Eddv, Saben, Weir Bridge 
Ingell, W. H. & G. do 
Whitcomb, David Templeton. 

Elliott & Clark West Tu^cvsend. 

Cill, John M. Truro. 

Wing, Charles Uxhridge. 

Carroll & Garside South Wulpuie. 
Warner, John A., Main st Waltham. 
Stickney, Rutus 

Pepper & Wetherell Ware. 

Doane, Calvin Wareham. 

White, W. & Co. Warren. 

Stiles, William Watertowv. 

Spaulding. Erastus S. Webster. 

Sparrow, Reuben Wellflcct. 

Higgins & Stubbs 

Boynton & Dickinson Westborough. 
Merriam & Bailey West Boylston. 
Mendum, A. W., West Cambridgi'. 
Chapman, Asahel Westfieid. 

Tuller, Gilbert 

Parker, J., Ireland W. Springfield. 
Woodruti; C. H. West Stuckbridge. 
Freiermuth George A. Weymouth. 
French, P. &, Co. East Weymouth. 
Cook, J. William stolen. 

Caswell. W. Winchendon. 

Trull, Eldridge Wobum. 

Hilton & Dodge, cor. Main st. aid 
Pearl Worcester. 

Clark & Phelps, 65 Front st 
Oliver, James L, 112 Main st 
Lucas, Wm., Central st 
Russell. J. D. 47 Front st 
Halle t, Henry Yarmouth Port, 

Crocker, B. W. 


Bemis & Robertson, 3 and 4 licwis 
wf Boston. 

Bicklbrd. John, Broad st. cor. Cus 
torn House 

Bruvvn. D. S. 48 Chathnm st 

Clark, John, 50 N. Market st 

Dodd, Jiimes E. 39 India st 

Dodd, John, 39 India st 

Dodd. John A. 39 India st 

Parker, Ebenezer, 10 City wf 


Tilton, S. & Co. 30 Commercial wf 

Whiston, F. G. 69 Broad st 
Wiggin, R. P. 21 India st 
House, E. (Wholesale Cigar, Snuff, 
and Tobacco) Water st 



Ball, J. W., East, packet pier. Com- 
mercial st Boston. 
Bancroft, Aaron, Central st. cor. In- 
Bancroft, Thomas & Co., Central st. 

cor. India 
Buttrick & Co. 17 Broad st and 20 

Commercial wf 
Cheney, Ward & Co. Kilby 
Conant, Nathan, 13 India st 
Cooley, Azariiih, 36 Broad st 
Coy, H. C. & A. 36 S. Market st 
Doolittle & Peimell, 5 Broad st 
Downes, Simeon E., Long wf 
Dunbar, P. &. Co. 17 Custom H. st 
Fisher, D. 89 State st 
Fisher, P., 116 State st 
Ford, B. 46 Long wf 
Forristall, Ezra, 112 Milk st 
George, T. C. 3 S. Market st 
Gile. John, 5 T. wf 
Griffin, Abner C, Causeway st. op[). 

Jaques, James, Causeway st. cor. of 

Jones, Isaac, 7 Custom House st 
Kellum, Brown & Co. 50 Kilhy st 
Luders, J. & Co. 14 Lewis wf 
Miles, Oliver, 57 Broad st 
Miles, Walter, 57 Broad st 
Moore, Abra'm M., & Co. 57 Broad 

Moore, B. P. 4 Clinton st 
Moore, Wm., Charlestown st 
Nason & Foster, Med ford st 
O'Connor, Timothy, 665 Wash'n st 
Paige, Charles E. 42 India st 
Patch & White. 7 Custom H. st 
Prescott, John C. 5 Broad st 
Roberts & Plru-^ted, 7 Broad st 
Rouinson. James, 21 Commercial wf 

and 27 Long wf 
Simonds, Montraville. Long wf 
Simonds, Thos. E. 306 Commercial 

Smith, Lewis, 6 Commercial wf 
Wheelock, S. .\. 29 Long wf 
White, H. K. 4 Foster's wf 

Trusjs Manufacturers* 

Bartlett, A. F. 221 Washington st 

Beath, Lydia, (Ladies') 36 Warren st 
Foster, J. F. 407 Washington st 
Foster, Mrs. (Ladies') do 
Phelps, J. W. 75 Court st 
Stark, Lewis Springfield. 

Cutting, Abraham, 227 Market st 



Ayling, C. H. 8 Beach st Boston. 

Bradford. F. A. 17 Harvard Place 

Brown, W. B. Andover st 

Jones, Asa, Groton st 

Moore. Isaac, rear 17 Hawley st 

Ross, J. L., Ivers st. cor. Hawkins 

Schauffler, F. G. & Co. 555 Wash, st 

Stevens, G. W. 515 Washington st 

Trafton, Joel H., A st. cor. 2d 

Watson & Bis bee, Causeway st. cor. 

Fowle, A. S. & J. W. (Brass) Har- 
vard Av. cdr. Curve st 

Putfer, A. D. (Brass) 15 Hawley st 

Nightingale, W. H. & G. E. Lower 
Mills Dorchester. 

Norcross, Wm. 

Smith, Edwin 

Copeland &. Hussey, Pleasant st 

Fall River. 

Bullock, Laban Fitchburg. 

Kempton, Ezra, 83 Purchase st 

JVew Bedford. 

Swift, James, 66 William st 

(loodrich, Caleb Pittsfield. 

Tnicy. J. S. J^orth Sunderland. 

Witt, A. Litche's Mill Worcester. 

Tiwine Mlanufacturers. 

Shepard, J. S. Can tun. 

Vose, Thos. B. 

Hood, Samuel Dorchester. 

Whitmore, P. D. Great Barri?iffton. 

Eaton, J. L. I.ndlow. 

Besson. R. H. Marb.'ihead. 

Goiff & Brown Rchoboth. 

White & (iuimby, Tremont st. cor. 

Washington Roxbury. 

Wyman, Justin M., East st. near 


iMirtin. Amos, Ti/rivg-ham. 

Shepard & Upham fValpole. 

Allen. Jerrniiah 
1 AUen, O. W. &, Co. 



Bowden, W. & E, 

Sackel & Brewer 

South IValpole. Lamson, Asa. 296 Essex st 
ff'estjleid. Farraut, Robert H. do 

Type and Stereotype. iVarnisli manufacturers. 

Boston Type and Stereotype Fonn-' 
dry, James M. Shute, Agent. Spring 
Lane Boston. \ 

Chadwick. Wm. (Agent for English j 
Foundries) 18 Exchange st 

Dickinson Type Foundry, Phelps & 
Dalton. 52 Washington st i 

Holmes & Curtis, 41 Coi-gress j 

New England Type and Stereotype 
Foundry, George A. Curtis, 66 Con- ; 
gress st 

Upho] sterers. 

Allard, James M. 2^ Lincoln st 

Bacall & Woodward, 387 Washing- 
ton st 
Beal, Samuel, 31 Hanover st 
Beal, Wm. L. (importers), 47 Corn- 
Bosson, J. D. 225 Commercial st 
Croome & Ilixun, 166 Wnshington st 
Cunningham, Henry, 3 Milk st 
Currier. Hush M 27 Cornhill 
Doe & Hazletni), 59 do 
Eberle, Chas. 505 Washington st 
Elder. Robert. 11 and 13 Bromfield st 
Ferrin. A. 40 Levoret st 
Fowle, Johii D. n21 Washington st 
Hirth, D. J. 15 Sudbury st 
Plixon, Edward, 71 Cornhill and 170 

Washington st 
Kittrcdge & Blakes, 12 Cornhill and 

Brattle st 
Lawson & Harrington, 285 Wash- 
ington st 
Lemon, Henry. 412 do 

Paul & Co., over 10 Tremont Row 
Pearson, Gorham D. 4 Albany Block 
Pearson &. Henderson, 595 Wash- 

inffton St. (up st>iirs) 
Phillips, Wm. H., Beach st. cor. of 

Lincoln st 
Salps Room of the Institution for the 

Blind, 20 and 22 Bromfield st 
Simpson, J. K. & Co. 1 Ann st 
Smallwood, Thos. 1 R. R. Block, 

Lincoln st 
Stevens, G. W. 515 Washington st 
Stewart, Alexander, 30 Common st 
Whitmore, G. D. 344 WashinirTon st 
Wood. Henry, Feiieral st. cor. Fede- 
ral Court 


Gardner, R. E., Market st Lowell. 
Sanford &. Humphrey J\i^ew Bedford. 

Watches and Je\irelry. 


Noyes, Isaiah Jibivgton. 

Root & Chaffe J^forth Jidams. 

Mitchell, W. M. 

Munn, E. & C. 

Brewer & Garfield Amesbury. 

Horton & Stone 

Kellogg, Nathaniel, Phoenix Row 

Harrington, S. , 

Munroe, John Barnstable. 

Cummings. Daniel Barre. 

Hill, John B. Beverly. 

Adams, Daniel R. 1 Washington st 
Adams & Famsworth, 67 Washing- 
ton st 
Bachelder, C. F. 55 Massachusetts' 

Bacon & Smith, 4 E!m st 
Bailey, Simon W. 91 WashiT-gton st 
Bigelow, Brothers & Kennard, 121 

Washington st 
Bigelow, J. J. 195 Washington st 
Bond, Chas. 186 do 

Bond, Wm. & Sons, 26 Congress st 
Brackett & Crosby, 69 AVasliington st 
Burbank & Brothers, 235 do 

Bvron, Daniel, 76 Broad st 
Byron, J. C. 5 Lewis st. E. B. 
Campbell. John, 34 Washington st 
Currier & Trott, 148 do 

Cutler, E. 217 do 

Dennison, A. L. & Co. 205 do 
Federhen, Jacob, 1 17 Court st 
Federhen, John. 29 do 

Foster. Geo. B. 29 Tremont Row 
Geer & Tnrrill, 367 Washington st 
Goldsmith. Wm. 300 do 

Goodii'g, Henry, 16 State st 
Gooding, Josi- h, 83 Washington st 
Hampton, Samuel. 134 Flanoverst 
Harris & Stiinwood, 2.53 Washington 

Heineman, B., Court st. cor. of Hano- 
Hews, A., Jr. & Co. 165 Washington' 


Hinckley, Henry H. 1 N. Market st 

Hodieme, William, 2 Hanover st 
Holmes, Aaron, 16 Washington st 
Horn, Edwin B. 8 Hanover st 
Howe, Jubal, 123 Washington st 
Jepson, Wm. 7 Elm st 
Jones, Ball & Poor, 123 Washington 

Jones, Wm. 52 Union st 
Kemlo, Francis, 18 Congress st 
Kendall, D. C. 77 Broad st 
Kettell, J. V. 32 Cf)urt st 
Knapp, Jesse, 129 Hanover st 
Knight, VVm. N. 470 Washington st 
Lincoln & Fois, Washington st. cor. 

of Court 
Mahn, F. 32 Washington st 
McKay, W. P. & Co. 195 Washing- 
ton street 
Mills & Forestall, Market Sq. 
Munroe, Daniel, 149 Washington st 
O'Connell, Maurice, 226 Ann st 
Osgood, John, Jr. 342 Washington st 
Palmer & Bachelders. 91 do 

Peirce, Albert A. 60 Blackstone st 
Perkins. M. 120 Hanover st 
Perry, Wm., Jr. & Co. 2 do 
Pond, Wm. 61 Commercial st 
Porter, Geo. E. 7 Congress st 
Pratt, Wm. & Brother. 14 Hanover st 
Raymond, F. C. 229 Washington st 
Regally, M. 4 School st 
Richards, J. L. 42 Merchants' Row 
Ridgway, John & Son, 34 Cambridge 

Sherman, C. J. F. 77 Ann st 
Skinner & Sweet, 17 Hanover st 
Slatter & Mitchell, 7 .Ann st 
Sutherland, Geo. 144 Hanover st 
Sutton, Enoch, 377 Washington st 
Tarbell, Edmund, Turnpike, near 

Veazie, Geo. E. 26 Sudbury- st 
Vellinger, L. F. 531 Washington st 
Watson, John, Washington st. cor. 

of Court 
Willar !, Josiah, Jr. 238 Washington 

Willard, Simon, Jr. 9 Congress st 
Wood, Benj. B. 139 Washington st 
Dunallan, J. W., Canal st 

East Cambridrre. 
Gibbs, Benj. Cambridge Port. 

Hill, Ephraim, 147 M.iin st 

Stowell, Francis, 66 Main st 
• Pcice, Phineas, Charlestovvn Square 
Cjwen, J. R. do do 

Winchell, Volney, 3 Merch'ts' Rovir 

Morgan, T. S., opposite the bridge 

Wells, Dexter, Exchange st 

Collier, Asa C, on the Mill Dam 


Kendall, S. P. Dedhatn. 

Stevens, Geo. W. 2 Granite Block 

Fall River. 

Halverson, Canute, S. Main st 

Shove, Stephen, 51 N. do 

Arnzen, Niles, 5 Pleasant st 

Gitibrd, Ellis, corner of Pocassett and 
South M dn streets 

Goodnow & Smith, opposite Fitch- 
burg Hotel Fitckburg. 

Lowe, Henry J., Main st 

Griswold, H. D. C. Framingham. 

Johnson, Levi, Saxonville 

Tibbets, R. A. 71 Front st 


HolUster, J. H. Oreenfield, 

Munsell, G. C. 

Ru-^sell, D. N. J^Torth Hadlcy. 

Kimball, Leverett Haverhill. 

Wilder, Joshua South Hing/iam. 

Tower, Wm. 

Bennett, Humphrey Lancaster. 

Green, G., Clinionville 

Stearns, A. W. & Co. (plate and 
jewelry) Lawrence. 

Brooks, L. S. & Co. 

Brown & Garfield 

Burgess, S. G. 

Merrill, S. C. 

Heath, T. S. Lee. 

Tibbets, George F. 26 st 


Lyman, Roland, 100 Central st 

B irstow, Addison, 129 do 

Thompson, L. 31 do 

Raynes, Joseph. 43 do 

Delano, A. 90 Merrimack st 

Hale, David R. 120 do 

Johnson. J. 130 do 

Fellows, J. K. & Co. 134 Merrim.-ick 

Lamson & Farr, 182 do 

Dodge, D. M. <i.. 

Sanborn, Amos, (wholesale,) 21 Mer- 
rimack st 

Hutchins & Parsons, 34 Merrimack 

Lafavour, Charles, North Common st 

Prevear, Edward, Exchange Budd. 

Fowler, Geo. C. 9j Union st 

Homar, Samuel, Marhlehead. 

Hathaway, W. Medford. 


Pitts, Abner, jr. Middleburouffh. 

Waterman, Henry Miilburxj. 

Glover, Win, Milton. 

Eaton, James, 2d J^anlucket. 

Kelly, E. & J. 
Swain, Samuel 

Hussey. David G. 1 

Folger, Walter, jr., Washington st ; 
Kelly, A. & S. South Water st 

JV«ic Bedford. 
Bates. Amos, 92 Union st 
Brownell, A. P. 94 Union st 
Cannon, Edward I. 96 Union st 
Bourne & Lewis. 60 Purchase st 
Monroe, James, 98 Union st 
Fales, James 

Dexter, Benj. 33 Purchase st 
Pitman, Wm. R. 13 do 
Jordan & Co. 17 do 

Davis, John R. 
Balch, Daniel, Merrimack st 

Greenough. N. C. 7 Broadway 
Drown, Richard W., Merrimacii st 
Roberts, Jo.-eph 

Hale. Moses, (Jewehy) 21 State st 
B irlon, John, State st 
Hodgkins, J. F.. Pleasant st 
Foster, N. & T. 12 State st 
Moullon, Joseph, 10 Broadway 
Studley, D. F. J^ortk Bridgewater. 
Cook, B. E. J^'orthampton. 

Towle. J. H. 

Hannum. John, Granite Row 
Haskell, V.W. Orleans 


Phelps, Liberty, 
Ct)le, Robert H. 
Whipple & Skiff, Main st 

Sargeant, Henrj', do 
Bailt y, S. E. & Brother, 3 Hampden 

Shaw, C. R., Leland's Building 
Woodworth & Kirkham, 2 Foot's 

Manley, Amos B. Stockbridgc. 

Pitts, Abner. Main st Taunton. 

Tisdale, E. D. 6 Main st 
Standish, E. E. 18 Main st 
Warren. Andrew, Main st Waltham. 
Fogg, C. W., Main st 
Pepper. S. F, 
Brainard, E. L. 
Pitts, Joseph 
Harwood, Lucien 
Whiting, Hiram 
Rogers. William 
Stock well. D. R. 
Morse, James H. 
Ketchuui, D. C. 
Gushing, P. H. 






Coleman, Charles C. 219 Main st 

Dunbar & Bangs, (^Wholesale) 205 

Main st 
Story. S. N. 149 Main st 
Goddard. Ber.j. 174 Main st 
Putnam. F. H. (Silver Ware) 253 

Main st 
Mason, L. L. 2.53 JIain st 

Blodgett, A. Palmer Depot, (ioddard, D. & Co.. Main st 

Hyde & Burnell Pittsfield. Eaton, Leander, 131 :Maiii st 

Root & ChatTee, (Silver Ware) j Champney, S. P., Main st 


Bearse, R. 


South Yarmouth. 


Walker, W. M. 

Gooding, John 

Swift, Benjamin 

Hodgkins, Joseph, (Watches) 


Holden. J., jr. Quincy. , loi 

Pratt, Daniel, jr. (Clocks) /ieadr/i;?-. Bigelow, Brothers, & Kennanl. 1.1 

I Washington st Boston. 

Edgerly, Sylvester, 65 Washington Brackctt &. Crosby. 69 Washing'n st 

St., near Post Ofhce Roxbury. Davis, Samuel. 1 M'l'' ^^ , , 

Harlow, George, 81 Washington st Jones. Ball & Poor. 123 VVash n st 

Miller. George S. RoyaLston. Palmer & Batchelders, 91 do 

Lakeman, Eben K. 180 Essex st 

Archer, William, jr. 188 Essex st 
Luscomb. J. G. 14 Central st 
Currier, E. 181 E-^sex st 
Smith & Ch.unberlain, 201 Essex st 
Smith, Jesse, 262 Essex st 
Sawyer. Amos 299 K<sex st 
Goodhue, John, 162 Essex st 


Cure Establisli- 

Ho>-t's Water Cure, George Hoyt, 
Physician and Proprietor jSthol. 

Ruegles' Water Cure. David Bug- 
gies, Physician and Proprietor 



Rmnd Hill Water Cure, S.B. Wood- 
ward, Physician 


TFest India Goods and 

Grout, Austin 
Stevens, Warren 
Stevens. Enocii 
Foster. Daniel 
Orcutt, Walter 
Jones, George W. 
Leland, Albert 
Hauton. G. M. 
Heath, E. B. 
Day, J. S. 
Holmes, Harrison 
Richards, E. G. 
Howland, S.N. 
Rice, John W. 
Smith. Samuel, Jr. 
Chaflee, Budd & Co 
Batchelder, N. 
Cole, Gideon 
Porter, J. B. 
Wallis. Caleb 
Pau<land. E. 
Herrick. Samuel D. 
Foster & Lovett 
SafTord, John 
Wales, A. 
Russell & Abbott 
Frame, J. F. & J. 
Richardson, F. E. 


Adams, S. P. 167 Court st Boston. 

Aiken, James B. 'JO Atkinson st 

Allen, Joseph, Pitts st. cor. S. Mar<'in 

Allen, Wm. S. 48 Kneelaad st 

Ames, G. A. 4 Lewis st 

Ames, S. S., Dedham st. cor. Suffolk 

Andrews, Wm. 4th street near Turn- 

Atkinson. James, 76 Eliot st 

Atwood. C. H., Southac street, cor. 

Backman, H. 65 Sea st 

Backus, E. W. 3 Railroad Block, Lin- 
coln st 

Ballou, Ira, Beach st cor. Kingston 

Banfield, Ira, 10 Prince st 

Bannan, James, Meridian street cor. 
Trenton i 

Barker, A. H. 60 Leveret st , 

Barnett, Patrick, Kneeiand st corner 
Cove I 

JVorth .^ndover. 




J^orth Bf.cket. 


Barry, Geo. E.. E. Dedham st cor-er 
Harrison Avenue Boston- 

Bittles, Anson, 40 West Cedar st 
Beige. Henry, Sumner st 
BickfVrd, S. L. & W. D. 160 Pur- 
chase st 
Bicki.ell, N. B. 24 Howard st 
Bishop, C. C, Turnpike, cor. 2d st 
Blacker, J. D., Broadway, between F 

and Dorchester sts 
Blalsdell, David, Cross st cor. Endi- 

Blake, William, Gouch st cor. South 

Blanchard, J. & Son, 15 Elm st 
Bliss, James & Co., Russia wf 
Holies, Joseph, 11 Prince st 
Bond & Co. 102 Beach st cor. Cove 
Bovven, O. E. & Co., Dover st corner 

Harrison Avenue 
Bowers & Pierce, 78 Beach st 
Bowman & Eaton, 28 &. 47 Long wf 
Bowman, O. P. 119 Cambridge st 
Boyle, Patrick, 6 Wharf st 
Boynton, David A. 103 Ann st 
Bridshaw, S. C. Jr. 75 Union st. and 

104 Blackstone 
Bradstreet, Wm. 56 Cambridge .st 
Br^lley, .John, 7 Han)ilton st 
Breck, H. Jr.. Blossom st cor. Vine 
Brick-ett& Bundv. 48 BlMck^tor.e st 
Bridgham, Cha-.', E st cor. Athens 
Brintnall, Thomas, Jr. 5th st cor. E 
Brock, Ephraim, Centrnl Sq. 
Brown & Little, 128 Charles st 
Bryd-^n, C. H., Curve st cor. Tyler 
Ruffum, C 77 Chambers st 
Bulger. Jas. 179 Purchase st 
Bullard, N, G. 44 Utica st 
Buibeck &. Sedgwick, Dover st cor. 

Burrill. John, Causeway st cor. Lan- 
Burrill. J. & S., Meridian st 
Buss, Asaph E. 22 Dover st. corner 

Buss, S;»n)uel L. Grove st cor. May 
Bussell, Win. C, Lowell st cr. Mi not 
Butler, C. H. & Co. 185 Hanover st 
Butterfield, H. T., Merrimack st cor. 

Calder, J, W. & Co., Myrtle st cor. 
Belknap, and corner Centre and 
Capen, S. C. 38 Sea st 
Carruth. D. J. 3 and 4 Gerri^ih Block 
Carter, J. W. & Brother, 17 Wnt-r <t 
Carver & Hodgman, Johnson's Bl'k, 
Commercial st 



iCasey. Woi., Brv)adway, cor. A st FenuiUl, John C, Tremont st corner 
I ' Boston. Warren Boston. 

Chaffee, Geo. A. 24 Pinckney st Fillebrown Edwy rd, 5 Boylstoa si 

Chaiuberlain &. Foster, Salem st cor. Finney, Wni. 84 IJlack-u-ne st 

Chase, Asa C. 169 Tremont st | 

Church. Asa, Endicot st cor. Cooper 
Clapp, Samuel. Jr. 747 Wash, st 
Clapp, VVm. 112 Pleasant st 
Cleiuent, J. 805 Washington st 
Chilurd &L Feriiald. 404 Coai'l st 
Clones, Aaron R., Wehster st. E. B. 
Cobb, Charles D. 54 Cambridge st 
Coburn, Caleb, ii6 Foster's wf 
Coffren, A., Suffolk st near W. CasUe 
Collins & Dower, 119 Broad st 
Colman, Edward, Kingston st corner 

Comee, VV. & C. 25 Merrimack st 
Cooledge, L. A. 374 Washington st 
Coolidge, N. T., Portland street, r.or. 

Cottle, J. 4 Water st 
Cove, A., Atkinson st cor. High 
Cragin. D., Broad st cor. Belmont 
Cuinmings, Amos, 338 Wash, st 
Cutting & Kendall, Commercial st. 

cor. Hanover 
Danforth, B. F., Mill Dam 
Danforth, J., Broadway, near D st 
Daniels, Thomas, 38 Cambridge st 
Diirting, George, Causeway st corner 

Davis, Joshua, East st cor. South 
Dec, John S., Endicot st cr. Stiliman 
Deluce, John F., Bnadway, cor. I st 
DeVVolf, E. A. opposite 24 May st 
Doherty, M. 54 Endicot st 
Dolan, M. E. 218 Ann st 
Donovan, M. H. 87 Warren st 
Drew, John B., Central Sq. E. B. 
Drew, Joseph, 151 Pleasant st corner 

Dudley, E. G., Harrison Avenue cor. 

Dudley, T. 131 Ann st 
Dudley, T. Jr. 509 Washington st 
Dutton, Benj. 113 Leveret st 
Edwards, Wm. & Co. 79 West Ce- 
dar st 
Ellis, S., Harvard st cor. Hudson 
Emerson, E., Old Road. cor. J st 
Emery, J. S. lOtii Purchase st 
Evans, A. H. 141 Court st 
Evans, J. O., Beach -t cor. Hudson 
Farlow, Johns. 20 High st. corner 

Fay, Chas. H. 112 Charles st 

Fisk, Prescott, 10 West st 
Fisk, W. H., Salem st cor. Charier 
Fisk, Wm. C, Meridian st cor. Sara- 
Fitzgibbon & O'Leary, Sea st corner 

Fit/patrick, T., Dedham st n. Suffolk 
Flagg, D. F. 97 Hanover st 
Flagg, D. F. &. Co. 120 Cambridge st 
Flagg, M. & Ct). 05 do 

Flvnii, H. 135 Broad st 
Ford & Hobbs, 075 Washington st 
Ford, Jeremiah, 87 Broad st 
Francis, S., Dorchester street near 

French, John A. 56 Long wf 
Fuller, C. B. 62 Myrtle st 
Furbush, Milo, 41 Federal st 
Gale, L. B. 27 Harrison Av. 
Gay, Daniel, 35 Salem st 
Gibbens, D. L. &. Son, 218 Washing 

ton street 
Giddings, D. L., Cambridge st corner 

Gilben, J. Jr. & Co. 165 Tremont st 
Gilbert &, Granville, 17 Leveret st 
Gilbert &. Knighi, Pleasant st corner 

Gile &. Brother, Oak st cor. Tyler 
Gilman. Geo. W. 153 Ann st 
Gleasun, T. D. 4th st near C 
Gleeson, Wm. 2d st cor. Turnpike 
Golding, John P. 133 Ann st 
Gould, B. T., Merrimack street, cor. 

Gove, J. F., Creek Sq. 
Gray, Thos. S., Maverick st cor. Liv- 

erpfiol, E. B. 
Gritfin, M. 4th st near C 
Griggs, John H. 713 Wash, st 
Hagerty, Timothy, Suffolk st. neai 

West Castle 
Hahn, Jacob, Maverick street, near 

Haight. Wm., Com'l st cor. Hull ^ 
Hale, J. B. 388 Washington st 
Haley, S. W., Suffolk st opposite 3. 

Hall, Nathaniel, Green street, comer 

Hall & Patten, Havre st near Maver- 
ick, E. B. 
Harahan, Thos. 151 Harrison Av. 
I Hardinz. Lemon P., Turnpike, near 

Fay, Levi, Suffolk st cor. S. Lowell , 5th sUeet 


Ilartneit, R. 104 Essex st Boston. 
Haskell, L. P., Broad st. head Pren- 
tice's \vf 
HaskeU, George S. & Co. 220 Hano- 
ver .street 
Hayturd, R. 10 Elm st 
Hayvvard, Arza H. 71 Merrimack st 
Heiider.son, W. H., Beacon st corner 

Henderson, Wm. 46 Merrimack st 
Hicks, Charles S., Essex street, cor. 

Hill, Timothy D. 179 Ann st 
llillman, George, Commercial st cor. 

Hobbs, J. W. 165 Ann st 
Hodgkins. Jos. W., Fed'l st c. Purch. 
Holhrook, J. Jr.. Belknap st c. Pink'y 
JloUaiid, Paul, 49 West Cedar st 
Holli-s, 1. J. 292 Conmiercial st 
Horgan, James, Lincoln, c. Orange 
Houten, R., Cottage st 
Howard, Samuel, 54 Myrtle st 
llowlett, Geo. C, 4lh, n. C 
Hoyt, J. F., 113 Sea st 
Huckiiis, Samuel D., 4th, cor. B 
Hurley, P., Oswego st. c. Albany. 
Hutchinson, A. B. 69 Purchase st 
Hyde &- Blanchard, 35 Ferry st 
Johnson, C. S. & Co. 7 Mi rrimack st 
Jones, Charles G. 183 Commerci il st 
Jones, Geo. F. & Co. 101 Leveret st. 
Jones, Wm. 694 W.tshintrton st 
Jordan, Edwin B. 126 Endicot st 
Jordan, I. G. 801 W;i»hington st 
Jordan, J. 72 Cambridge st 
Judkins, Benj. 91 Camuridge st 
Keelan, N. 6 Norwich st 
Keenan, Owen, Maverick st 
Kenney, Thomas Lewis, E. B. 
Kent, Samuel P. 82 Harrison Av. 
Kibbe, A., Essex st cur. Lincoln. 
Kimball, Warren, Broadw.y cor. E 
Knowles, Hen., Brighton st c. 2d 
Knovvlton, A. Butolph st opposite 

Knuppe, H. H. 2 Bridge st 
Lakeman, R. W. 33 Oliver st 
Lancaster, J. H. 5 Brittle .q. 
Langmaid, Chase, 112 Court st., and 

65i LovveU 
Langen, Wm. 41 Endicot st 
Lavery, Francis A., c r. Silver st 
Learnard, Geo. W. 127 & 129 Camb. 
Leavens, Hen. N. N., Russell st cor. 

Leavett, D. D. 36 Thacher st. 
Leavitt, Thos., Turnpike, n. B'dway 
Lee, N. S., Endicot st c. Cross 

Lincoln, R. B., W'est st c. Ma^on 

Livermore, Ai.ron, 12 Atkinson st 
Longworth, S. & J., 2(1 st. 
Low, Geo. &. Son, Hanover st cor. 

Madden, John, Oneida st c. Albany 
Mahan, Benj. F. 50 Long wharf 
Mahan, John A. 53 do 
Makendry, John H., Eliot st. cor. 

Mann, Jos., Southac st cor. Grove 
Mann & Thayer, 72 Prince st 
Mayhew, A. C, Charles st c. Lime 
McCarty, Cornelius, 76 Essex st 
McKay, S., Meridian st. 
McManus, James, 77 Sea st 
JVlcNally James, 84 Eliot st 
Mead, Thomas, Kneeland st c. South 
iMei.dum, OhverP. & Co. 20 Cross st 
Mendum, Willis B. 52 Sakm st 
Meriam, Jonas Jr. &. Co. 81 Leveret 

Merriam & Co. 49 Causeway 
Merrifield, Moses, 9 Sea st 
Merrill, James A. 123 Broad st 
Messer, Stillman, 84 Carver st 
Messenger, R. E. 14 R. R. block, 

Lincoln st 
Milne, Geo. P., 28 Prince st 
Mogan, Richard, Essex st corner 

Mower & Randall, 30^ Merrini'ick st 
Nason, Jas. B., Derne st cor. Temple 
Nelson, Nehemiah, Salem st corner 

Newell, C. F. & Co., Endicot st cor. 

Nightingale, J. F., Canton st corner 

Nightingale, J. W., 459 & 461 Wash- 
ington st 
Noyes, E. & E. 67 Sea st 
i Oberrieag, J. 666 Washington st 
O'Keefe, Thomas F., Cove st cor. 

O'Neil, P. 24 Pleasant st 
Orne, O. 546 Washington st 
Palmer, J. P. & D. R. 19 School st 
Parker & Hall, 68 Blackstone st 
Parker, William, Broad st opposite 

Rowe's wf 
Partridge, Wm. J., Salem st comer 

Patterson, Sam. H., 2d, near F 
Payne. S. B.. Tyler st cor. Kneeland 
Pearce, R. 519 Washiustcin st 
Pearson & French, 7 I'runifield st 
Peck, John, 58 Long wf 



Perlnns, Israel, Harrison Av. corner 

Northampton Boston. 

Perry & Gowing. 14 Lowell st . 

Perry, Stephen A., Albany st. cor. 

Phelan, Mar)% 88 Broad st 
Phelps. S. B. 50 Pleasant st 
Pierce, S. S., Treniont st cor. Court 
Piper, Calvin, Tyler st cor. Oak 
Plummer, Geo. H., Maverick sq. cor. 

Piiunmer, Isaac L., Maverick st cor. 

Paris, E. B. 
Plummer, J. F., Southac st. corner 

Plummer, M. D. 478 Commercial st 
Power, Charles J. 92 Harrison Av. 
Powers, Eli, 210 Hanover st. 
Pratt, J. Jr., Sum.ier st cor. Paris 
Prescott, Geo. E. 261 Broad st 
Priest, Jonas H., VV'alnut st corner 

R'lymond, Jos. P.. Ann st cor. Fleet 
Raymond, F. F. 103 Hanover st 
Raynolds, Brewster, Broadway c. B 
Redding & Hill, Sumner st c. Cottage 
Rice &. Crosby, Leveret st comer 

Rice & Nichols, 50 Merrimack st 
Rich, M.itthias Jr., Friend st corner 

Richards, W. D., 11 R. R. block, 

Richardson, J. D., 4th, cor. A. 
Robbins, C. L. 180 Harrison Av. 
Rogers, A. C, Hudson cor. Curve 
Rosenfeld, C. W. 106 Warren >t 
Ry in, James, 110 Ann st 
Ryder, C. C. 1 Sudbury sq. 
Sabine, Jona., Church st. cor. Pied- 
Sanderson, L., Pleasant st c. Carver 
Sirgeant, Steph. 549 Washington st 
Sarijent & Mouiton, 6 Rnwe's wf 
Savage, James H. 71 Prince st 
Si^aver & Twitcholi, Maverick sq. 
Seaverns, G. S. 8 Buylstoii st 
Staverns. Thos. VV. & Co. Gil Wash- 
ington st 
Seavey, T. H., Poplar st cor. Spring 
Shaw. John. 133 Hanover st 
Sherburne, David, 25 Sea st 
Sheridan, B.. Endicot st cor. Cross 
Sheridan, H. S.. Margin st c. Gouch 
Sherman, J., Broadway, near D 
Sbimmiiis, Robert, 205 Hanov:r st 
Sinimo>is. James E. 44 Mt. V^-rnon, R. H., Trem., cor. How.ird 
Slater &. McKay, Maverick ^q. 

Small, Cyrus, 721 Washington st 

Smith, Abner, Central fq. E. B. 
Smith, Joshua R., Sumner st corner 

New, East Boston 
Smith, Wm. H., 4th st cor. C 
Smith &. Weeks, Tremont st corner 

Snelling, Chri>topher H., Meridian st 

cor. Pri.ceioii, E. B. 
Snow & H rrington. Sumner, E. B. 
Spalding, Benj. 37 Hanover st 
Spear & BurFum, 4 R. R. block, Lin- 
Sprague, S. S., Richmond st near 

Stearns, Charles H. 410 Commercial 

Stearns, Elijah, Salem st cor. Prince 
Stearns, Z., Kneeland st cor. .Alliany 
St' phensoii & Blanchard, 55 Charles 

Stevens &. Temi)le, Commercial st 

opi). Railway 
Stewart, C Nashua & Minot st 
Stodder, Wm. P., Mi not st corner 

Stone, H., New Pii-ice st cor. N. sq. 
Siuart, Arthur, 430 \V shington st 
Swasey, G. B. & Co. 88 Prijice st 
Sylvester, Nathaniel, 13 R. R. block, 

Tasker, E. 234 Hanover st 
Tebbetts, Allen C, Meridian st cor, 

Tent & Baird, 93 Essex st 
Thomas, Charles A. 330 Washing- 
ton st 
Thompson, John L. 450 Commercial 

Thompson, S. N., Washington sf. 

cor. Arnold 
Thondike, E. A. & Co. 785 Wash- 

ii gton St. 
Tilcston, John, 2d, near Dorchester 
Td!on. S., Jr., Dedham st. cor, of 

Tonibv Jona. H., Turnpike, cor. of 

Fourth st 
Trull, S. &. Co. Cau-eway st. cor. of 

Tnte, Nicholas, 2 Belmont st 
Uphara, Thos. 433 Washington st 
'Virgin. G.W., Jr. 705 do 

Vo-e. Ch IS. H., Charlestown st. cor 

of Med ford 
Vose, James VV. 272 Washington st 

vvaiiis & Co.eyi do 

Walsh, James, 141 Broad st 


W.'.lsh, Richard, Turapike, comer of 

Silver st Boston, 

Ward, A. L. & Co. Essex st. cor. of 

Harrison Av. 
Ware, H. G. 66 Cambridge st 
Waters, Chas. 81 Endicot st 
Way, N. O. 581 Washington st 
Webster, D. H. 37 Atltinson st 
Welch. Elbridge G, 25 Charter st 
Welch, John, Broadway, near D st 
Wellington, A. A. 23 Dock Sq. 
Wellington, Charles, Fourth st. cor. 

of D st 
Wescott, Edward, 106 Sea st 
Wesselmann, George, 659 Washing- 
ton st 
Wheeler, Wm., Harrison Avenue, 

rear of 730 Washington st 
White, A. T., Dorchester st. cor. of 

White, George & Co. 438 Washing- 
ton st 
White & Hanson. 30 School st 
Whitney, Marshall, 28 Winter st 
Whittemore. C. P. 6 Green st 
Williams, Edward, W. Centre st. cor. 

of Southac 
Wiswall, Elisha, Tileston's whf 
Witherby, J. 470 Commercial st. cor. 

of Foster 
Wood, Alexander, 109 Salem st 
Wood. Caleb, 104 Broad st 
Woodward, E. Gilman, Friend st. cor. 

of Travers 
Woodworth & Tower, 192 Harrison 

Workingmen's Commercial Union, 

22 Kingston st 
Workingmen's Protective Union,— 
Stores : Di%ision No. 1, Warren st 

under Universalist church 
No. 3, C St. cor. of Fourth 
No. 5. 15 Merrimack st 
No. 34, Maverick Sq. E. B. 
Wright, Jnraes, 159 Hanover st 
Wright, W. A. & C. L., Sea st. near 

the bridge 
Wvman, Abraham G. 23 Green st 
Yendall, Chas. 382 Commercial st 
Gale, Jacob Bradford. 

Johnson, F. 
Pressey, E. G. 

Parker, Benj. East Bradford. 

Spofford & Page 
Hudson, George 
Atwood, Moses P. 
Parker, Peter 
Parker, Amos 
Savory, Gei)rge 

Collins & Bourne Brijihton 

Allen, W. C. 
Stratton, N. 

Hunt, Thomas 

Dawse, George S. 

Guild, J. A. Brookline. 

Seamans, A. W. & J. M. 
Thayer, Seth 

Stevens, A. H. East Cambridge. 

Hagarty, Dennis 

Welch, Francis 

Palmer, John, Gose st 

Hovey, H. N. do 

Perkins & Cumminps 

Hunnewell, Wm., Cambridge st 

Wardsworth, Ira, do 

Rupp. George 

Stone & Lathe Cambridge Port. 

Munroe, Wm. W. 

H (limes, J. & Co. 

Wood, Charles & Co. 

Childs & James 

Hovey, J. D. 

Cook, Aaron & Co. 

Spring, W. S. 

Mason, W. R. 

Goodhue. C. H. 

Lovejoy, Charles 

Wood & Hall Cambridge. 

Marshall, J. N. 

Sawtell & Atwell 

Stiles, Lucius Carlisle. 

Barker, Artemas 

Munroe, Varnum 

Sawtell,Andrevv, 11 Charlestown Sq. 

Downing, Learned, Main st 

Wyman, T. B., Jr. 134 do 

Gibson & Curtis, 141 do 

Flanders, Asa, 185 do 

Albee. G. B. do 

Mackintire, James do 

Hutchinson, Harmon, 282 Main st 

Johnson. Samuel T., cor. of Bunker- 
hill and Medford sts 

Sticknev, Wm. 220 Main st 

Hail, M6>es B. 198 do 

Barker, Chas. A. 190 do 

Abbott, Sam. & Co. 136 do 

Tyler, Jonas, 132 Main st. and 34 

Bowman, D. & Z. 62 Main st 

Hill, Henry & S. Prentis, 58 Main st 

Cutter, T, M., cor. of Water and Maia 

Downer, E. 38 Water st 

Johnson, J., Jr. 26 Hendley st 

Adams, Geo. W. 41 Chelsea st 

Decosier, A. R. 26 Bunker Hill st 



Trout, Wm.. cor. of Bunker Hill and Mitchell, Chester Dalton 

Coucortl streets Charustutcii. , Merrill, W. S. & Co., Lowell st 

Betiiusoti, R. B., cor. oi' Bunker Hill | Danvcr» 

and Green streets j Townsend, D. H., Main st 

Currier, John P., corner of High and , Morrison, J. & Co. do 
Elm streeU Foster, William do 

Moserve, H., corner of Bartiett and McCrillis, Samuel do 
Green streets i Daniels & Co. do 

Coper, G. D., cor, of Green and Bart- 1 Perkins, I. &, Co., Central st 
lett streets, and Gresn street Richards, Daniel JV. Danvers 

Caldwell, Geo. A., c .r. of Wiuthrop Potter, Henry A., New Mills 
and Warren streets 

Bears, Clark A. & Co., cor. Winthop 
and W irren streets 

Mirick, Henry, 14 Hendley st 

Harris, Josiah A. 26 Chelsea st 

Howland, Geo. W. 40 Chelsea st. and 
31 Hendley st 

Gerry, Wm., cor. of Bow and Har- 
vard streets 

Cook & Powers, corner of Front and 

Union streets 
Keys, G. W. 46 Washington st 
Sawyer, J. &. Co. JV. C/iel ins ford. 
Spaulding & Wilson 
Nesmith, J. A. 

Billings, Mary Chelmsford. 

Smith, Joseph W. 
Rhodes, G. VV., RockviUe 

Belcher, Benj. B. 
Gleason & Davi<on 

JV. Dartmouth. 

South Dedhiim. 

West Dedham. 

Dedham Village. 


French, Geo. W. 

Gilford. Perry 

Allen, B. F, 

Dean, L. 

Gay, T. & Co. 

Bryant, Austin 

Adams, B. H. 

Alden, George 

Stone, L., Mill Village 

Guild, Joseph 

Chapman, Wm. South Deefield. 

Willard, Samuel, Jr. Deerfield 

Howes, Eben, JVo'rth Dennis. 

Howes, Crowell & Co. 

Crowell, Samuel fVest Dennis. 

Almy, Edward Dighton. 

Marshall, J. V., Lower Mills 

Talbot, John, Lower Mills 
Chicopee Falls. ] Tolman, R. F. do 

Hersey, Lewis G., Bowdoin st 

Kimball, E. P. 2 -Mcichauts' Row | Upham, A. & L H, 
Chicopee. VVood, Sjiuuiel G. 

Bragg, I. S. & Co. 
Fitzgerald, Edward, 1 Exchange st 
Hildreth, J. L do 

Gi)rman, P. do 

Ballard, Benj.. corner of Dwlght and j Pierce, Edward 
Exchange streets | -\oyes & Field 

Daugherty, A. H.. cor, of Dwight and ' Heiidrick, John 

I'owner, B. VV. 

Tolm in, James, Upper Milla 

M irshall, J. 

Ruggles, E. H. 

lii)gan, James 

Hutchinson, Joseph, Neponset 

Parker & Howland, do 

Moore & Balcom East Doug-las. 

Reed, Robt., Ceutralville, Dracut. 

Hovey, Joshua 

Exchange slieets 
Green, Cheney, Exchange st 
Wright, A. 
Albro, Clark, cor. of School and Cabot 

Bridgman & K-^nt 
Smith, W., E.vchanire st 
Lyon, James L., Springfield st 
B ites, John Cohassett. 

Curtis, O. B. 
Walcott & Hoidea 
Potter, Wm. F. 
Howe, Phi neas 

Brown, John, Jr. Bradley, Wm., Main st Edffartutciu 

Haywood, Sylvester, Factory Villnge Smith, K., Osborn's wharf 
Gardner, B. Cuinming-ton. Pease, E. G. & J. H. 

Chamberlin, B. &c A. S. Dalton. Pease, T. D., Nt>rtli wharf 

Gallup, L. S. Viason, Wm., Main st 

Worse, Oliver 
Dunn, William 
Wilson, Warren 
Coleraine. ' Keith, Lewis 
Concord, j 11 irris, William 
Shaw, Samuel D. 
Doane, Ezekiel 


E. Bridcrewater. 



Smith &. Snow Erving. 

Proctor, Samuel Essex, 

Cogswell, Humphrey C. 
Courtney, Benj. 

Allen, 'Rufus, Union st Fairhaven. 
Hersey. J. S., Middle st 
Stoddard, Noah, Main st 
Damon, Tucker, do 
Tripp, Geo. F„ Central st 
Tripp, Hervey, Wnur st 
Jenny. Levi, Jr., NVasliington st 
Rand, Samuel C., Main st 
Church, Lemuel 

Barnard, L. li., 11 Granite Block, 
Market Squrire Fail River. 

Thompson, R. 27 S. Main st 
Hambly, Berij., do 

Borden, Luther E. do 
Arnold, L. L. 17 Main st 
Cotton, J. S. 1 N. Main st 
Briggs, B. F. 54 S. Main st 
Mason, W. 60 &. 64 do 
Borden, L. do 

Collins, J. 40 do 

Pettey & Adams. 34 do 
Campbell, Jas. 52 Annawam st 
Lindsey & Brothers 
Bullard, C, W. Central st 
Winsiow. F. B., N. Main st 
Dyer, David, 25 Pleasant st 
Shaw, Edwin. 20 do 
Bliss, Hiram, 16 do 
Mitchell, R. 31 Bedford st 
Boen, A. do 

Winsiow, B. F. do 
Chase, J. E. do 

Bourne & Fish Falmouth. 

Butler, J. & K. 
Lewis, Peter, 
Baldwin &. Hunt. 1 Granite Row 

Wallace, Waldo 

Stratton & Carpenter, Foxborough. 
Dunbar, I. J. OeorgeUiwn. 

Garland, G., Front st Gloucester. 
Mansfield, J. & Sun, Front st 
Babson, WiEiani. 21 do 
Elwell, Henr}', 30 do 

Saville, George, 73 do 
Story, C. & Son, 72 do 
Grover, Geo., Siwing st 
Parkhurst, Dav,d 
Merchant, A. &. Co. 
Friend, G. 

Woodbury, John, Front st 
Davis, J. & Bn-tlier, 23 Front st 
Dolliver, W. P. F9 & 90 do 
FUnt, E. S., Front st 
Crane, A. S. Great Barrington. 

Beckworth, R. J. Great Barrington. 

Waite, T. & Co. Greenfield. 

Reed, A. E. 

Reed & Seymour 

Kellogg, C. A. Hadley. 

Porter, Dudley Hamilton. 

Conant, John 

Torrey & Blood Hanover. 

Baker, Richard West Harwich. 

Kellev, Oliver 

Hall. D. H. East Haverhill. 

Currier & Taylor 

Fitts, Daniel F. 

Emery, David 

Webster & Bowley 

Davis, John 

Burrill, Nathan 

Coburn, S. M. 

Smiley, William 

Hoyt, James B. 

Gardner, Calvin Hingham. 

Gardner, Solomon S. Hingham. 

Lane, Q.. 

French, Edward 

Hersey, Seth S. 

Sprague, B. T. 

Reading, David & Co. 

Barnes. L. J. & L ' 

Day, Alvin Hinsdale, 

Pond & Thayer HoUislon. 

Morse, H. A. 

Working Men's Protective Union 

Dodge, Manning Ipswich. 

Quimby, James 

Hilcomb, D. L. 

Waite, J. & Son 

Coburn, Stephen 

Cogswell, Ebenezer 

Russell, A. Kingston. 

Gilbert & Burt Lawrence. 

Loring, L. & F. C. 
I Clark & Hard v. 14 Merchants' Row 

Bridgeman, W. H. 114 Oak st 

Drew, C. S, & Co. 74 Common st 

Morse, John H. 
I Cole & Gale 

I Vandeusen, G. J. Lee. 

I Fish, Wm. S. 
I Sturges, S. D. East Lee. 

Robbins, James B. J^eicester. 

Young, Wm. H. Leominster. 

Smith. Wm. H. East Lexington. 

Viles & Reed Lexington. 

Parker, Jor.athan S. 

Mor-e, Rufus Lincoln. 

Dudley, D. & Co.. Central st Lowell. 

Col burn, G. W. & Co. 

Whitehouse, Chisnm & Co. 90 Cen- 
tral street 



Holden, B. F. & Co. 98 Central st 

Nichols, Win. Jr. 116 & 118 do 
Watson, Benj I min, 12.5 do 
Coburn, Franklin, 40 do 

Plimpton, J. D., cor. Merrimack and 

Worthen st 
Page, Simon, Merrimnck st 
Worthen, E. B. 180 do 
lailey & Cheney. 230 do 
Locke & Clitlord, (lea and coffee, 

wholesale) 224 Merrimack st 
Tapley, Joseph, cor. Merrimack and 

Prescott sts 
Reynolds & Co., Merrimack st 
Brown & Ames, do 

Eaton & Jewett, do 
Page, Samuel, cor. Merrimack st and 

Jenness, Jacob, E. Merrimack st. 
Russ, Charles B. do 

Thompson, Alvin, do 
Morrill, C. K., cor. Merrimack st and 

Elliott. Geo. P. 6 & 7 Bink Building 
Waugh & Nealley, cor. Lowell st & 

Goddard, Benjamin, Middlesex st 
Fisher, W. A. do 

Kenney & White do 

Webster, A. do 

Frye & Young, Market st 
Bancroft, S. do 

Dartt & Howes do 
Whittredge, W. & G. Lynnfield. 
Wiley, Jacob 

Hallowell, T. Lynn. 

Oliver, Stephen, 35 N. Common st 
Selman, Joseph, 42 do 

Newhall, H. B. 55 do 

Mouiton, Joseph Jr. 
Clark & Stim^on, 1 Market st 
Tilton, Daniel, 49 S. Common st 
Cogswell, Wm. 57 do 

Breed, Joseph 
Wiley, Caleb 

Breed, Daniel N.. ISIarket st 
Gardner, E. H. 10 Exchmge st 
Murick, N. A. & F. F. 27 Union st 
Hutchinson, A. F. 34 do 

lagalls, N.. cor. Essex st & Chestnut 
Felt, W. F. B. cor. North .st &. Essex 
Ramsdell, Oliver 
Vickary, Joseph 

Thompson, Waldo, Svvnmscot st 
Brickitt, W. D. do 

Alley, Daniel, 4 Summer st 
Tilton, Wm. 16 Front st 
Green & Nichols Maiden, 

Holden, N. W. Maiden. 

Wait, Thos. Jr. 

Howard, Caleb JV. Maiden. 

Wells, Henry B. 

Emerson, Geo. & Co. 

Patten, L. H. & Co. 

West, Isaac Manchester, 

Sparhawk, J. Jr. Marblehead. 

Knight, Wm. M. 

Knight, Geo. & Co. 

Hawks, Wm. Jr. 

LeMaster, George 

Sparhawk, Samuel, 

Haskell, Thomas 

Pitman, Henry F. 

Green, J. 

Greaves, A. E. 

Morse, Levi, Jr. 

Paine, Henry 

Goldwaith, Moses 

Hathaway, S. & S. P. 

Manning, Samuel & Son 

Snow, 1st, Thomas 

Reynolds, M. H. 

Thrasher, John 

Goodwin, 2d, S. & Co. 

Snow, James H. 

Gilley, W. & J. 

Simpson & Cloutman 

Haskell, Wm. 

Adams, Conway 

Bowler, Wm. 

Pitman. John, Jr. 

Sturtevant, Samuel Mattapoisett, 

Bastow, Richard 

Hadley, D. H. Medford. 

Hyde, James 

Barker, Wm. S. 

Working Man's Protective Union, 

Division No. 54 
Ellsworth, George W. 
Thatcher & Waterman Middleboro\ 
Thomas, Amos 
Thomas, H., N. & W. S. 
Perkins, Elijah 

Merriam, H. P. & Co. Middleton. 
Averill, E. P. & Co. 
Wilkins, E. & C. 

Cook, B, B. Milford. 

Cutting, T. Mil bury. 

Winter, Lewis 
Fenner, Wm. B. 

Durell, Henry G. & Co. Milton. 

Ward, J. S. Montague. 

Stearns, J. C. 
Adams, Amos 

Swain, John P. J^antucket. 

Adams & Parker 


M icy, Joseph P. 1 Strait wharf 

Colburn, Francis, Main st 
MjTick, A. M. do 

Cartwright, Alex, do 
Garfield, Jonas, Union st 
Carder, Timothy, Main st 

VVaitt, 8 UiHon Block 

Coffin, John B., Centre st 
Fitzgerald, T. & N.. Fair st 
Gorham, Davis, Orange st 
Sprague. N. A. & A. K., Centre st 
Herinon, Crocker, 5 do 

Coleman, Rolind 
Clark, Edward G., Orange st 
Hussey, Peter, Pleasant st 
Munroe, John do 

Joy, Alexander S., Main st 
Barton, A. F., York st 
Chase, Frederick A., Union st 
Nickerson, Franklin, Main st 
Cleland, J. & J. W. South J^atick. 
Pullen, R. E. Keedham. 

Thompson & Co. 36 South Water st 
J^ew Bedford. 
Paine, S. 9 do do 

Cushman, E. 5 do do 

Hatford, Jos. & Co. 10 do do 

Wood, Porter & Brownel. S. Water st 

3 and 5 Orange and 118 Union 
Ashley & Barnaby, 1, 3 and 7 Third 

Snell, Sylvester, 65 Union st 
Groves, Philip. 63 do 

Brownell, J. 37 do 

Eastman. R. K. 19 do 

Nye & Warden, 11 do 

Gushee, Horace, 12 & 14 do 
Wilcox. T. B. 22 do 

Barrows & Cory 30 do 

Wood, Potter & Brownell, 3 and 5 

Orange st 
Ingalls & Lucas, 9 Commercial vvf 
Howe, G. G. 

Brj-ant & Perr^', 19 Hamilton st 
Nye. Nathaniel H. 83 N. Water st 
Baker & Fu^sell. 1 Taber's wf 
Thompson, E. & Son, 7 do 
Clifford & Thompson, 15 Orange st 
Nye, E. 101 Purchase st 
Brownell & Ashley. 97 Purchase st 
Macomber & Mendell, 100 do 
Swift & Allen, Middle st 
Paine, W. 91 William st 
Collins & White, 15 Sixth st 
B iker, Joseph, Keiupton st 
Bell, Enoch G. do 

Isaacs. Wm. do 

Jones, Thorn .s do 

Merchant, Henry C. Kempton st 

JVeu? Bedford, 
Webb, Jas. Jr. 113 do 
Richardson, Joseph, 180 County st 
Hall, Nathan B., corner County and 

Mayfield sts 
Gifford, C. 139 County st 
Gifford, P. 79 Cedar st 
Torrey, Job W., corner Mayfield and 

Walden sts 
Gans, Wm., Maxfield st 
Wait, Leavitt, corner of North and 

Foster sts 
Nash & Pierce, comer of Elm and 

North Sixth sts 
Davis, Howard, County st 
Allen & Tripp, cor. Allen and Cont»- 

ty streets 
Irish, Otis, 81 William st 
Rich & Clark, 33 do 
Studley, S. E., cor. Spring and Thiwi 

Cook, John S. 15 Bedford st 
Bliss, Thomas. lOfli Third st 
Howland, S. Jr. 93 do 

Kelley, Ezra, 9*2 do 

Coleman, H., comer of Second and 

School sts 
Macomber, Richard E. 139 South 

Water st 
Hussey, Edward, 47 S. Water st 
Howland, William P. & Co., Walnut 

Perry, John H., corner of South and 

Water sts 
Holcomb, Henry, 194 S. Water st 
Nye, Ebenezer, lol Purchase st 
Hewins, Luther G. 134 do 
Lawton, James M. 185 do 
Parker, Elisha, 195 do 

Rice, John, 220 do 

Shaw, E. P. & Co. 229 do 

Swift, A. M., corner Purchase and 

Willis sts 
Cobb, C. R. corner of Second and 

Middle streets 
Beetle, Chas. H. 90 North Second st 
Working Min's Protective Union, 

Division 55, No. 10 Market Sq. 
Burt, Chas. D., N. Water st 
Sherman, Isaac C. 19 Bedford st 
Bourne, Edward 
Hathaway, Leonard 
Devoll, P. B. 168 Purchase st 
Evans, George E. Ill Elm st 
Bartlett, Joseph, Belleville J^ewbury. 
Storer & Fowler do 
Dunning & Dutton do 
Tukesbury, John M. 



Black, Leonidas, 4 Market Square 

Chase, Tristram do do 

Ross, Moses M. do do 

Grindall, John L. 11 Broadway 
Johnson, Harrison 
Wood, Hiram, Merrimack st 
FoUansbee, Nathan, Broadway 
Moore, John do 

Adams, Washington, Market Sq 
Plummer, Joseph 
Knight & Luut 
Goodwin, J. B. 
Brown, J. 6 Water st 
Bayiey, Robert & Son 
Green, George W., Water st 
Goodwin, G. do 

Goodwin. M. do 

Plummer. Ebenezer 
Lnnt, Tristram 
Harris, Wm. E. 
Adams, Aaron B. 
Wood, John &l Son, Water st 
Toppan, Henrj-, 11 Pleasant st 
Alexander, C. do 

Pressey. Thos. C. do 

Roberts, Parker, corner Market and 

Liberty sts 
Holmes, S. L., cor. Fair & Liberty sts 
Bickford, Jonathan, Water st 
Pilhbury, Stephen M. 
Chesley, Merrill & Co. 
Balch, J. A. 

Sumner & Swasey, Water st 
Goodhue, Jo eph, Market Square 
Curtis, R. S. & Co. do do 

Munson, David JVew MarLboro\ 

Cook, C. C, IVcst JVewton. 

Snow, L H. & C. E. 
Rice & Holden, Upper Falls JVewton. 
Petty, Otis do 

Starr, Horace, Lower Falls 
Ball, J. J^Torthborough. 

Wake, L. AVrf/t B r id gt water. 

Tilden, John 
French, E. C. & Co. 
Wales, v.. Plain Village ^ 

Hill, J. & E. J\'-ortk Brookfield. 

Clark, Henry JVurthjield. 

Williams, Michnel JVorthatnpton. 
Starkweather, Wilson 
Clark, Chri>.topher& Co, 
Rust, Theodore, Exchange Row 
Wright, Ansel & Son, Main st 
Mclnt re, L, 

Wetherell, H. B. & H. H. J^orton. 
Sumner, Seth 

Nims, D. W. Orange, 

Pelton, Joseph Oxfvrd. 





Stanford, Emory 
Camque & Allen 
Mason, Geo. 
Cogswell, E. S. 
, Wells, Wm. S. 
Cargill, Charles 
Rockwell, J. P. 
Brown, O. 
Sturtevant, Jos. 
j Turner, E. C. 
' Bradford, Lemuel 
Wells, P. 
Wood, Nathaniel 
Finney, E. C. 
Barnes, Levi 
Hollis, W. l. 
Barnes, C. 
Jackson, S. 
Gooding, William 
Crandon, Benj. W. 
Mills, Henry 
Farlow, S. 
Sherman, S. &. T. B 
Finney, B. C. 
Bradford, L. 
Smith, E. 
Derby, Charles 
Faxon, I. & H. H 
M irih, Thos. H. 
W. M. P., Union Store 
Parker, Wm. Jr. & Co. 
Cate, Horatio N. 
Poole, John 
Buynton, William 
Bovnt<m, David P. 
Marshall &c Foster 
Poole, Ebenezer 
Clarke, H. Jr. 
Haskell, James 
Low, Daniel 
Hoyt, John 
Gott, George Jr. 
Baker, John, 111 Washington st n. 

P. O. Rozbury. 

Basford, Henry, 121 Washington st 
Berran, J. 51 Washington st 
Berran, P. Tremont st- 
Beal, Wilder, Tremont st corner 

Bowditch, Galen, 114 Washington st 
Brawley, Henry, Tremont st opp. 

Tremont place 
Brewer, Albert, 106 Washington st 

corner Warren 
Bullock, Kingsley, Tremont st cor. 

Milford place 
Carroll, William, 24 Washington s( 

near Boston line 
Connelly, M., Tremout st near Clay 






Champney, John, Washington st 

corner Parker 
Cusiick, Owen, 144 Washington st 
Cuaningh in, Charles, VVarien st 

near Regent 
Day, E., 50 Washington cor. Eustis 
Draper, Wni. W., West Roxbury 
Faunce, S. & G. B., WasWugtou st 

opposite Norfolk House 
Faunce, Calvin B., Tremont st near 

Fisher, Chs. G., Warren st near 

Grove Hall 
Fowle, J., Centre st near Cross 
Fulton, J. K., Davis st corner East 
Gerry, P., Clay st 

Howe, B. B., Tremont st cor. Tre- 
mont pi .ce 
Hunting, Reuben, Dudley st near 

Norfolk House 
James, Geo., Centre st, Jam. Plain 
Keene, James, Turnpike st tor. Oak 
Keith, William S., Spring st, West 

Lion, Le« is, Tremont .st cor. Factory 
Liiigh; m, Wm. Jr., Ruggles st near 

Loveduy, R., Eaton st near East 
Lynch, J. H., Tremont st 
McDonnell, M., 186 W^ishington st 
McGettnck &, MclJonough, 137 

Washington st near Vernon 
Morion, Wm., Cabot st opposite 

Mallane, Dennis, Plymouth st 
Muiry, Michael, Tremont st comer 

Houston place 
Nason, Jas., 9 Washington st near 

Boston line 
Nute, Enuch, South corner Walk 

Hill, Jamaica plain 
Parker, Caleb, 107 Washington st 

opposite Sunmer 
Read & Cugawell, Eustis st c. Elm 
Rich irds, E., Spring st, W. Roxbury 
Seaver, Roiiert, Centre st. Jam. plain 
Seaver, William, Tremont st corner 

Stanton, John L., Tremont st opp. 

Tebbetts, Enoch, Eustis st c. East 

Trowbridge, A., W^ cor. Wash- 

Union Store, Division No. 2, G. W. 
Newell, Warr. st near Washington 

Wilson, John, Tremont st cor. Clay 

Williams, Geo., Davis st 

Wmiams, Henry M., 3 Guild's BuUd. 

Payne, Samuel, 12 Mill st Salem. 
Libby, Joseph, 14 do 
Webster, Peter E. 121 Essex st 
Calef, Jiihn, 26 Washiugiou st 
Chaniberlin, John, 3 do 

Chamberlin, S. & Son, 26 Front st 
Clarke &. Noyj^e, 6 do 

Pierce, John B. do 

Stevens, Wm. 13 and 13 Derby st 
Roberts, Ezekiel, 25 Lafayette st 
Brooks, N. H. 26 Water st 
Howard, John C, 135 Derby st 

I Wright, Peter E. do 

'Tufts. Samuel C. 47 do 

Goodhue, Wm. P. 44 do 

Markoe, Philip, 39 do 

Gray, Wm. B. 16 English st 
Brooks, Luke, 4 St. Peter st 
Harvey, Temple, 36 do 
B irton, Wm. 68 Brown st 
Bnrbeck, Aaron, 13 Church st 
Palfrey, Thos. 2 l-ederal st 
Chandler, J. D. 39 do 

Siickney, M. A. 106 Boston st 
Mann, James B. do 

Verry, John, 22 do 

Grant, John, 18 do 

Battis & Brown, 86 Derby st 
Shaw, J. N. 5 Boston :-t 
Crush &L Savory, 159 and 161 Essex 

Fogg, F. A. 391 Essex st 
Fowler & Kingsbury Salisbury. 

Fitield, N. &. Sons 
Merrill, E. 
Pahuer, S. D. 
Baley, Moses 

I Allen, Wm. 

1 Carruthers & Brown 
Marston & Bartley Sandwich. 

I W. M. P. Union, Division 23 
Marshall, Beiij. F. Saugas 

j Jackson, Peter 
]iaddin, George W. 

[Newhall, George 

I Scott, Francis 

jScoit, Andrew 

I Deming, E. S. East Sheffield. 

'i'aft, A. & O., Ashleyviiie 

I Strong, T. B. 

I Andrews, J. E. 

• Ensign & Jones 
Little, Lucius 

I Wells, Charles Shelburne Falls. 

; Merrill & Dole 

' Paul, Daniel Shelburne. 

jFarnsworth, Samuel Shirley. 

I Lyons, Thomas Shrewsbury. 

I Winter, J. H. Shutusbui-y 



Marrelt, D. A. &, S. H. Somerville. 

Tiiomas, H. B. 

Dunbar, F. Wm. 5. Hadlerj Falls. 

Biain ird, Robert A. 

Wiley, Beiij. & Sdh S. Reading. 

VV. M. P. Union, Division 57 

Thompson, John A. 

Hale, James H. &. Co., Main st 

Rowland & Ht>lman, Main st 
Payne, B. F. 4 do 

Daniels, Samuel do 

S ilisbury, C. & H. do 

Stearns, Theodore do 

Dcine, R., cor. Main and Worihing- 

ton streets 
W. M. P. Union, Divis. 51, Market st 
Cooley, S. F. & D. S., State st 
Callander, Wm. do 

Cate, Nathaniel. Springfield Hill 
Harrison, G. W. do do 

Graves, S. P. do do 

Bags & Cutler, 6 StUe st 
Pil<bury, Gilbert, Main st 
W. M. P. Union, Division 14, Main st 
Hubbard k. Henry, M.issasoit Row 
Emerson & Ripley, 6 do do 
Gunn, E. & Co., St vte st 
Davis, L. A. D., Curtis ville 

Dike, Geo. W. Stoneham. 

Conant, Geo. J. Utowe. 

Rice & Bates 
Brooks, Silas J. 

Goodman, A. & Co. Sudbury. 

Thompson, Nahum 
Smith, Jesse B., Main st Taunton. 
Seabury, John W. 
Peirce, C. R., Main st 
Leonard, Geo. do 
Reed, Wm. do 

Leonard, E. B. do 
Woodard, Calvin do 
Atwood, Geo. B. & Co., Main st 
Shaw, Nathan R., Broadway 
Small, D. S. & H. (J., Main st 
Leonard, Job M., Bank Row 
Elmer, Chns. D. 
Galligan, Edward, cor. of Main and 

Market streets 
Woodward, Calvin, Westminster st 
Canity, Hugh do 

Briggs, A., Weir Bridge 
Presbur>', Seth do 
Thompson, George, Weir Bridge 
Atwood & Deaiie, do 

Brown, J. C, Summer st 
M \tterson, Ransom 
Foster, Enoch Tewksbury. 

Kitteredge, Henry A. Tewksbury. 

Gorham &. Hillm in East Tisbary. 

Luce, Wm. C, Holmes' Hole 

Weeks, Wm. do do 

Holmes, John, do do 

Adams. B. P. TopsfieLd. 

Kimball & Gould 

Adams, Daniel Townsend. 

Walcott, H. 

Elliott. S unuel Tyngsborouirh. 

Pope & Whitney, Main st Wallkain. 

Priest, Jonas H. do 

Richardson, Charles do 

Hall, Charles do 

Stearns, John P. do 

Pratt, E. H. & Co. Ware. 

Hyland, L. 

Swift, Ephraim Wareham. 

Coff, Wm. fVarwick. 

Dibble & Johnson Washington, 

Noble, V. P. 

Robinson, E. & W. Watertoicn. 

Noyes, Suiuiel 

Heard, Newell Wayland. 

Wood, D. A. Webster. 

Ad ims, J. a. 

Union Wharf Co. Welljleet. 

Higgins, Samuel, Jr. 

Grossman, J. H. West Bridgewattr. 

Proctor, Mo-es litest Cambridge, 

Russell, T. J. & G. C. 

Hardy, S. 

Shepard. James H. 

<;haiidler, Silas Westfidd. 

CJhandler, C. 

Greenwood, Alpheus 

Prescott, Asa Westford 

Prescott, Luther 

Rogers, S.imuel, Jr. West J\rewbiiiy. 

Carr, John C. 

Durgin, Samuel 

Hasum & Bailey 

Durgin, James 

Cutting, Geo. W. Weston. 

(iillijrd, C. B. Wcstpurt. 

Brownell, F. W. 

Brownell, Frederick S. We.itport. 

Giddings &. Co., Ircl uui 
j West SprtJigJield. 

Fuiry, J. M. West Stockbndgr.. 

Hunt, R. B. 

Thompson, R. B. 

Baker, Henry 
I Griffin, E. L. 
; Davis, B. T. 

j Tirrell, E. G. Weymouth. 

\ Nash, Wm. G. South Hiymouth. 

Bliss, L. B. tViibraham. 

Morton, Dennis WUiiamsburg. 


Talmadge, H. S. Willi amstown. 

Weston, fc. W. & Co. Winchendon. 

Woodbury, Wni. tVoburn. 

Wilson, Edward A. ; 

Bugbee, Amos ! 

Trull, Elbridge , 

Converge, Josiah 

Bridge, James ' 

Usher &. Adiiiis South fVoburn. 

Ayres, Horace, 220 Main- street | 

Brewer & Wright. 216 do | 

Boardman, Charles, 4 Front st 

Harrington &. Gleason, 2 do 

Howe, Edwin J. 09 Main st 

Spring, L, 2d., 297 do 

Dexter, W. H. 20 Southbridge st 

Thayer, A., Exchange st 

Baylies, A. 55 Main st 
, MoreU, H. 45 do 

Keyes, D. U. (Working Man's Pro- 
tective Union, Division No. 12; 51 
Main st 

Flagg, Levi B., School st 

WiUon & FUnt, 84 Man st 

Thayer, C, Southl)ridge st 

Spiulding, Gilbert do 

Brosnilen, John, Front st 

Edwards. R. C, Washirgton Sq. 

B '.rton, J. H. & Co.. Park st 

Working Man's Protective Union, 
Division 42, No. 5 Front st 

Myrick, Isaac Yarmouth Port. 

Matthews, D. South Yarmouth Port. 

Baker, tsilas 


Adams, Edward J. 43 India st 

Atkins, Weld & Co. 37 and 38 South 

Market st 
Avery, Henry & Co. 1 Com'l wf 
Babcock & Coolidge. 21 S. Market st 
Bartlett, Levi & Co. 7 Long wf 
Batchelder & Mann, 128 State st 
B txter & Howe. 10 T wf 
Benner & Kilbnrii. Eastern Railroad 

wf. cor. Commercial 
Bennett, J. H. & Co. 88 Com'l st 
Bishop, C. C, Turnpike cor. 2d st 
Blanchard, J. & Son, 15 Elm st 
Bliss, James & Co., Rus.-ia wf 
Bowm in & E iton, 28 & 47 Long wf 
Boynton & Miller, 5 East. R. R. wf 
Briggs, Guild & Co. 8 Long wf 
Brigham, Jones & Co. 26 Long wf 
Brown, F. W. & Co. 
Bruce, Calvin, 5 Chatham st 

Butler, Nowell &Co. 11 Canal Bl'k 

Carruth, D. J. 3 and 4 Gerrish Block 
Carter, J. W. &: Brother, 17 Water st 
Claflin & Saville, 8 S. Market st 
Clark & Jones, Broad st. corner Fort 

Hill wf 
Clifford & Fernald, 404 Com'l st 
Coburn & Tyler, 26 Foster's wf 
Conant, J. F. 3 Faneuil Hall 
Cotton, Isaac, 3 India wf 
Crockett, Peters & Co. 12 Central wf 
Crowell, Brooks & Co. 38 Com'l wf 
Cummings & Long, 29 Elm st 
Cushing & Clapp, 29 Com'l st 
Dana, Farrar &, Hyde, 44 Broad st 
Danforth, I. & Son, 18 S. Market st 
Denton, Wm. 37 Central st 
Dexter, Harrington & Co., Fulton st. 

cor. Richmond 
Dix & Freeman, 3 Long wf 
Dudley, J. H. & Co. 14 Broad st 
Duucklee, J. & J. 14 do 

Eastman & King, 143 Milk st 
Ellis, Ebenezer, lOU State st 
Fay, Dexter & Sons, 41 India st 
Fletcher, R. F. & Co. 3 Merchants' 

Foster, Matthias S. 34 Hlackstone st 
Foster & Taylor, 137 Milk st. (spirits 

and wine) 
Fowle & Fletcher, 1 Lewis wf 
Gardner & Bartlett, 13 S. Market st 
Gassett, Lotan & Co., Canal st. cor. 

Gilmore, A. W. 34 Merchants' Row 
Giiuiore & Clapp, 3 Merchants' Row 

(up stairs) 
Glover, J, B. & Co. 106 Milk st 
Goodnovv, J. D. & G. 29 S. Market st 
Grav, Henry D. & Co. 24 India st 
Hali, Martin L. & Co. 2 and 3 Mar- 
ket Square 
Hall, Myrick & Co. 35 Com'l st 
Hall, S. W. 79 do 

Hanson, John B. 1 Museum Building 

Tremont st 
Hay ward & Morse, 11 Foster's wf 
Hayward, Osgood & Co. 19 Long uf 
Hinman, Geo. J. 43 India st 
Hitchcock, Cobb & Winslow, 10 In- 
dia street 
Hodges & Emmons, 32 S. Market st 
Hodgkins, G. L. 108 and 110 Fulton 
Howe, Francis & Co. 24 Long wf 
Humphrey, Bartlett & Co. 13 North 

Market st 
Hunting & Tufts, 49 India st 
Hiud, Hutchins &. Co. 6 S. Market st 



Hyde & Blanchard, 35 Ferry st 

Jrimes, Milton, 5 Canal Block 
Kidder & Co. 17 and 18 N. Market st 
Lang, Wm. 16 S. M rket st 
Lowis & CI ipp, 18 Central wf 
Loring & Wiiiche^ter. 88 & 90 Water 
Ma comber, Win. 36 Broad st 
Mansur, Samuel, 20 S. Market st 
Manning & Stanwood, 15 Cent'l wf 
Mason, Brooks & Co. 25 N. Market st 
Wayo & Brown. 69 and 70 Com'l st 
Merriam, S. & W. & Co. 39 and 40 

South Market st 
Miller & Hatch, 2 Commercial wf 
Morse R. M. <Sc Co. 9 S. M irket st 
Nash, Callender & Co. 2 Long wf 
Nickerson & Co. 12 Commercial wf 
Norris & Lincoln, 111 State st 
Parker, S. T. & Co. 59 and 61 Black- 
stone st 
Parker, Wra , Broad street, opposite 

Rowe's wf 
Patten, Jan)es & Co. 40 S. Market st 
Pecker, R. E. & Co. 136 Stale st 
Peirce, Silas & Co. 22 Elm st 
Peirce & Bacon, 34 Long wf 
Preston, Eli<ha & Co. 6 Long wf 
Proctor, Rice & Co. 118 State st 
Rand & Ellis, 135 Milk st 
Raymond, E. & Co. 2 and 9 F. Hall 
Rich mis, W. D. 11 Raib-oad Block, 

Lincoln st 
Richardson. G. B. & Co. 1 Mark't Sq 
Robinson & Hollirook, 3 Canal Bl'k 
Ryder & Co. 13 City wf 
Seamans & Junes, 5 & 6 Holmes' B'k 
Searle & Co. 51 India st 
Sears, .loshua, 14 Long wf 
Shapleigh & Kel-ey, 19 and 20 India 
Smith, C. S. & J. G. 19 Ferry ,^l 
Sprague, Souie & Co. 7 T wf 
Stearns, Wm. & Co. 9 Chatham st 
Stedman, W. M. & Co. 3 wf 
Stevens, Trott & Darling, 16 India st 
Stone & Bradford, 132 St ite st 
Stone, Wai. 98 Fulton st 
Stratton & Ayre-i, 50 Ontral st 
Symmes, Euon & Co. 5 T wf 
Tabott, G. B. 96 Water st 
Tarbell & Rice, 5 & 6 N. Market st 
Thacher & Sears. 31 Long wf 
Thayer & Merrill, 65 Commercial st 
Thompson, Benj. 25 S. Market st 
Thwing, Will. &, Co. 14 Central st 
Torrey, G. W. 25 S. Market st 
Walker, Wildes P. 5 Long wf 
Ware & Demond, 32 do 
Wason, Pierce &. Co. 7 Chatham st 

1 Webb & Low, 97 C mmercial st 
I Boston 

Weld, D. & Co. 36 S. M.rket st 
Wellington, A. A. 23 Dock Sq 
I Wellman, Geo. F. & Co. 75 Broad st 
I Wells, Gowen & Co. 28 India s^ 
j Whiton, Meserve & Co. 24 Bio*d st 
^Viggin & Morse, 101 Stale st 
Wilder, M. P. Jr. & Co. 30 India st 
Williams, Bird & Co. 22 do 
Winsor & Sonle. 14 Commercial wf 
Woodbury, E. 5 Haymarket Sq 
Woods, Joseph, 18 Haver'nill st 
Wright, Priest & Co. 6 Lidia and 19 

Broad street 
Train, E. & Co., Bridge st 

East Cambridgt, 
Hastings, T. & Co., Biidge st 
Bradley &, Richardson, 16 Charles- 
town Square Charlestoum. 
Bradshaw, B. F., cor. Boston Av. & 

Front st 
Bullens, Isaac, cor. Exchange st and 
Cabot Chicopee. 

Irish, O. S. Fairhaven. 

Borden, N. B. & Co. cor. Pocassett st 
and Second st Fall River. 

Hathaway, J. B. 13 Bedford st 
Brewer & Uurfce, Steamboat wf 
Beaman & Hutchinson, Mtckburg. 
Wilson & Lincoln 

Graves, G., Sprii-g st Gloucester. 
Colburn. G. W.42 Central st Lowdi. 
Bnnvn & Ames, Merrimack st 
Buttrick & Co., Market st 
Tallant, Nathaniel J^antucket. 

Chase & Bradbury 
Andrews, C, 27 S. Water st 

A>M Bedford. 
Hall, J. D. & Co. 60 Uniun st 
Wood, Porter & Brownell S. Water 

St. 3 &. 5 Orange st. & 118 Union 
Baker, George F. 117 Union st 
Howland, G. W. &b do 
Nye, S. G. 25 do 

Rich, German, 32 do 

Gammons. A. it Son, 79 N. Market «1 
Drown, W. F. & Co. 25 Ci;m'rcial wf 
Perry, Daniel, 9 and 11 Orange st 
Tiionipson, E. & So!>, 7 Taber's v> f 
H. nilin & Perkins, Oranue st 
Taber, Henry & Co. Central wf 
Toby & Macomber 
Knight & Lurit J^ewburyjtort. 

Goodwin, J. B., Market Square 
Tappan &. Pingrey, ccr. State stand 

Smith, Ruftis, Market t 
' Curtis, K. S. &. Co., Market Sq 


Hall, S. H. Palmer Depot. 

Chapin. A. P. & Co. 
Crowninshield, A. & W., Main st 

Gunn, Wm,, Main st Springfitld. 
Simons & Lee, Main street 
Huntington &. Avery, do 
Webster, S.. 1 Burt's Block 
PauJ, A., Weir Bridgre Taunton. 

Moise &. Williams, 218 Main st 

Bliss, H. & Co. 1 and 3 Main st 
Reed &, Ckirk. 34 and 40 do 
Butman, Benjamin, 180 do 
Perkins & Flanders, 209 do 
Andrews, J., Front st 
Draper, Clark &. Co. 103, 105, & 107 
Front st 


Barrett, S. F., Atlantic Steamship wf 
Blaney, Jas. M. 28 Central wf 
Brown, Chas. H. 25 India wf 
Chaddock, E. N., Comey's wf 
Clark & Jones, Fort Hill wf 
Crowell, J. D. (Dept.) East. Packet 

Cushing, S. B., Bartlett's wf 
David, Barnab;is, 1 Mercantile wf 
Davison, E. E. 24 Lewis wf 
Dow, Chas. J. 13 Foster's wi 
Elwell, D. 33 Constitution wf 
Frederick, J. & Co., Fisk's wf. East. 

Steamboat wf 
Hersey, A. C. 67 Commercial wf 
Hersey, Heiir), B.irtlett's wf 
Holmes, Oliver. 27 Foster's wf 
Homer, E. Jr. Battery wf 
Kidder, Daniel T. 13 Rowe's wf 
Miller, James. 11 Commercial st 
Parker, David, 14 City wf 
Pearce, Geo. W. 30 Union wf 
Pearson, J. H. & Co. 75 Long wf 
Redding, E. H., E. Boston wf. Lewis 

street, E. B. 
Runey, Jas., Gray's wf 
Sawyer, J. P., Bartlett's wf 
Steele, J. C. Arch wf 
Tremere, John B., Sargent's wf 
Tremere, J. S. do 

West, M. K. (Dept.) 67 Commercial 

Willett, W. of Boston wf, 1st 
Wright, E. Jr. 11 T wf 

\llieeli«rrig:hts and Car- 
riage Makers. 

Baker. F. 69 Cambridge st Boston. 
Bartlett. F. E. 24 Friend st 
Bowes, M., Turnpike near 2d st 
Bradshaw, Geo. H., Charlestown st 

cor. Beverly 
Brainard, E. H., Turnpike 
Hriggs, E. G, 21 East st 
Buckley, J., Sumner st, E. B. 
Deturbe, P. 13 Medford st 
Hayden, A., Harvard Av.n, Dover st 
Lakin, S., Broad st op. Prentice's wf 
Lunt, A. & Co. 81 and 90 Endicot st 
McCue. Jas. opp. 86 Fulton st 
Metcalf, H., 1st st near Turnpike 
Norris, I. B. 1 Beverly st 
Parker, Wm., rear 14 Boylston st 
Pl.igeman, H., Harrison Av. cor. E. 

Castle st 
Reed Reuben, 43 Portland st 
Richardson, Nathan, 90 do 
Russell, J. W., 25 Causeway st 
Singler, John, Dover st n. Washingt. 
Stone, M. P. & J. L., Decatur st 
Stone, W. P., Beverly st 
Turner, Thos., Turnpike, opposite 

5th street 
Ward & Spaulding, Beverly, and 

Richmond st near Fulton 
Williams, Robert, Turnpike, opposite 

5th street 

Whip Manufacturers. 

Melendy & David, 8 Dock Sq Boston. 
Shelton & Cheever, 7 Washii.gton st 
Wheelwright, George, li) Dock ?q. 
Emerson, S. I., 207 Main st 

Pratt, Willard Brighton. 

Barnes, Thomas J., 52 Central st 

Dawse, Benjamin Sherburne. 

Rand, J. R, &. Son Westfield. 

Harrison, H. &Co. 
Noble, James 2d 
Loomis & Nelson 
Loomis, R. 
Sacket, H. & Co. 
Cross, J. L. & Co. 
Dow, S. & Co. 
Phelps, Edwin 
Hull. Hiram 
Lewis, L. H. 
Lewis, L. M. 
Loomis, John 
Arthur, F. 


flubbard, Ezra Westfidd. 

D y, M, Jr. iLCo. 

Kiiowles, J. S. 

t-perry, A. 

Holconib, Loomis 

Emerson, S. J., 207 Main st 


Wmdow Glass. 

Baker, Bernard & Co., 9 Custom 
House St Boston. 

Barnes, John, 8 Ann st 
feigelow, Josiah & Co., 11 India st. 
Briggs & Robinson. 27 Commercial 
Brown & Lanison, 44 India st 
Carrutii, Whittier & Co 4 Long \vf 
Crocker & Badger, 49 Blackstone st 
Cutler, Day & Co. 1 India st 
Damon, Jas. 13 Canal block. Black- 
stone st 
King, E. & F. & Co. 26 India st 
Loring, C. G. & Co. 10 Merch. Row 
Pratt, Rogers & Co. 107 State st 
Stimson & Whiting, 55 Broad st 
btone & Simpson, 1 Long wf 
Wheeler, Lewis, 33 India st 

Wines and Teas. 

Codman, Edward & Co. 95 State st 
Copeland, F. & Co. 47 India st 
Munroe, J. H. 49 Federnl st 
I'ettes & McMuilen, 15 Tremont R. 
Williams, J. D. k. M. 32 & 34 S. Wkt. 

Wire Workers. 

Atwood, Albert (Wire Selves) 

Walker. Asa M. (Wire Selves) 
Adams, John F. 121 Endicot st 

Coley, John, 37^ Blackstone st 
Moore, A. GQi Court st 
^Vhyte, Oliver, 75 Cornhill st 
Williams L F. & Co., 67 & 69 Corn- 
hill st 
Johnson, John (Selves) Marblefiead, 
Clark, Nathan JVort/i Hadley. 

(ireeleaf &, Dinsmoor, Prescoit st 

Bigelow, C, Sandford st Springfield. 
Weeks,Wm.(Hair Selves) Warwick. 
Adams, Nathaniel, 82 Main st 

Moyers & Ayers, 25 First st 
Bigelow &. Hinds, 1 Maple st 

Wooden Ware. 

Ebbons, John L. (Manufacturer) 

J^orth Blandford. 
Case, P. W., 340 Washington st 

Cummings, D. & Co. 42 S, M irket st 
Dickinson, P. & Co. 26 Dock Sq. 
Herman, S. 166 Washington st 
Kingman, M. & Co., 26 Broad st 

Kingsbury, Reuben, 21 Dock Sq. 
Robinson, Daniel, 94 Court st 
Saunders, K. P. 4."^2 Washington st 
Wakefield, E. H. 92 Cuuunercial st 
Wariier, R. & Co., 14 Conuuercial st 
Waterman, N., 85 Cornhill & 73 

Court st 
Winchester, L T. 67 Bl'ickstone st 
W^ait, A. L. Cambridge Port. 

Dawes, William (Manuficturtr) 

Merritt, John Marbie/iead, 

Barrows & Corey, 3 Unioa st 

JV^ew Bedford. 
Webb, James Jr. 113 Keuiptoa st 
Frary, Asa (Manufacturer) Orange. 
Prouty, W. do Royals ton. 

!• arrar, S. S. do South Ruyalston. 
Phelps, Edward do New Boston 
Murdock, Ephraim (Manulkcturer) 

Wool Dealers. 

Cnpen, Wm. 29 Broad st Boston. 
Coolidge, W. 1). 32 Pearl st 
Bond, (jJeorge W. 78 State st 
Davis & Aubin, 85 do 
Erickson & Treadwell, 54 Pearl st 
Hilton, Wm. 97^ State st 
Hurd & Bowers, 114 do 
Kendall, H. R. 43 Water st 
Livermore, G. & E. M. 36 Pearl st 
Perham, Sewall & Co. 4 Liberty 

Proctor, Rice & Co. 118 State st 
Reed, Lyman &. Co. 103 do 
Steele, Anderson & Stanfield, 8 

Pearl st 
Townsend, E. B. & Son, 23 Central 
Vila, James & Co. Bath si. near Con- 
Whitney. Wm. & Co. 13 Liberty Sq. 
Poole & Jacobs Danvera. 

Blaney, Stephen 
Perkins &, Brown, Main st 
1 Springfield, 


Beach, L. (wholesale) Mechanics' st 

Cole & Clapp 


Uroollen Goods— JTlaiiu- 

Smith, Reuben, (cardin?) 

J^'orth Becket. 
Pease, H. ^/furd. 

Briidley & Hale Charlemont. 

Beers, P. Cheshire. 

Abels, Franklin L. (woollen, flannel, 
and knitting yarn) Cummington. 
Dunkp, T. L. Diskton. 

Bradford, John, (woollen yarn) 


Alexander, F. & L. L. Ervivg. 

Robinson, John, (^satinets, kersey-;, 

&,C.) East Fcdviouth. 

Pacific Cotton and Woollen Manu- 

facturir.g Co. (cotton and woollen 

flannels), Alex. Clark, Agent 

Frier & Hallett Fitchburff. 

Snow, Zf'ba Greenwich. 

Landcn. William Hancock. 

Eaton, J. S. Ludlow. 

R;imsden, Jas. (satinets) Mansfield. 
Scott & Segraves Mil ford. 

Lawrence, C. Montaffue. 

Kingsley, Zenas JSTorthampton . 

Low, Lyni'sn P. (satinets) Oxford. 
Hodges, George, Jr. (flannels) 

IVest Oxford. 
Harding. C. L. 
Holden & Beane, (satinets) 

Spooner, Judson 

Little, J S. Pittsfield. 

Day, S. S. (satinets) Rows. 

Bullock, Rufus, (cassimeres) 

South Royalston. 
Kellett, John Shelbume Falls. 

Russell. J. & Sons Southampton. 
Baker & B:^llows. (satinets) Spencer. 
Lyman, H. J. & Co. do 
Baker, \V;irren & Co. (satinet warp) 
Elbrid!je &. Hand-;h;iw do do 

Hodges, L. (satinets) Stovffhton. 

Jones, D. VV. &. Co. Templeton. 

Bradley. Thomas, (satinets and ker- 
seys,) Holmes' Hole Tisbury. 
Norton, Sikes & Co. (satinets) 

West Springfield. 
Rees, I. M. IVest Stockbridve. 

Bardwell, Seth, (^atinet^ Whately. 
Boardinan, Lewi^, (yam) 


James, E. Williamsburg. 

Stearns, Abisha 
Butler & Davis Williamstown. 

Coflin, G. S. (woollen flannels) 


South Worcester Co. (s itinets). A. 

Bigelow, Agent South Worcester. 

Worsted and Patterns. 

Boos, J. 319 Washington st Boston.' 
Furst, Louis, 381 do 

Harrington, Samuel, (wholesale), 28 

Milk st 
Holden, L. P. & Co. 219 Wash, st 
King, C. E. 245 do 

Peyser. S. M. 181 do 

Shroeder, John M. 301 do 

Whitney, JS'. D. 193 do 



.Anchors. Cyrus Alger, 2 Central 

j^ssistant and Broker Office. W. 
M. Baker, Hi School st. 

Biihy .Tumper. Henry Boweu, SOJ 

School St. 

Ballast Offices. J. Davis, 87 Com- 
mercial street. 

A. R. Tewksbury, 90 Commerl. st. 

B. W. Parker, 80 • do 

Baskets. French and German. A. 
A. SchcEllher, Dock Sq. cor. Brattle st 

Birds and Cages. J. Cooley, 37^ 
Blackstone street. 
A. Moore, 60i Court street. 

Block Cutter. W. A. Wilson, rear 
of 47 Congress street. 

Block Letter Sign Manufacturer. 
N. M. Phillips, 21 Corn hill 

Bolting Cloths and Burr Mill- 
stones. B. F. White, 5 Morton Block. 

Boston Parcel Post. J. H. Patter- 
son, 23 Sudbury street. 

Bookbinders' Stock <S- Tools. Wm. 
H. HiU & Co. 32 Cornhiii. 


Boot Crimpivg- Machines (patent). | Citij Crier. S;mnpl T. Edwards 

J. M. Reed. 3 Shoe and Leather 

Boot. Treeivg and Machinery. W. 
R. Bliss, -21 Blackstoiie street. 

Boston Gas Works. Hull street. 
Office 102 Washingto.i st., (i. Darra- 
cntt, Agent. 

Bristol Tripoli Brick. G. M. 
Cheever, Agent, 21 Dock Square. 

Britannia Ware Manufacturers. 
Smith & Co, 3 Haverhill wtreet. 
E. Eldridge, 15 Hawley ^tl•eet. 

C^mbooses. Jos. S-<rgent, (manu- 
facturer,) 10 Clinton street. 

Cameo Cutting. P. Stephenson, 5i 
Tremoiit Row. 

Candle Mould Manufacturer. Sam. 
J. Ditson, G2 Portltnd "street. 

Cane Seating. 20 and 22 Brom- 
field street. 

Cap Visor Maker. G. M. Taylor, 
5 Washington street. 

Casks. Dealers in. A. B. Wether- 
bee, 6 W. Centre street. 

B. Welch, Jr. 103 W. Cedar st. 
John Hugerty, 8 Avery st. 
David Pike, Cove st. 

Chains and .Anchors. J. Mat- 
thews & Co., head of Rovve's wharf. 

Chain Cables. Cotton, Hill & Co. 
(manul'aciurersj, 105 State street. 
A. Fearing &, Co. l(i City wharf. 

Chair and Settee Manufacturer. 
J. C. Hubbard, 583 \Va.shington st. 

Chimney Sweep. Henry Robinson, 
5 Spring Lane. 

Chiropedists. B. Caro, 17 Frank- 
lin Place. 

C. Merrifield, 51i Hanover street. 

Chocolate MmivfarJurers. Heze- 
kiah & Son, 22 Long wharf. 
W. Baker. 32 S. M.irket st 

order-box. Post Office ; residence, 18 
Sudbury st. 

Cistern Builder. W. J. Slade, 81 
Portland st. 

Clock Case Maker. Henry Wil- 
lard, 843 Washingtua st. 

Collar Manufactory. Robert Holl, 
20 Court Square. 

Comb Makers. E. K. & W. A. Jcxs- 
selyn, 128 Washington st. 

Conchologists . J. Warren, 34 
School St. 
S. Emmons, 107 St ite st. 

Copper Rolls. Barton & Co. 17 
Doane street. 

Cotton Card Manufacturers. Wm. 
Whittemure & Co. 50 iNorlh Market 

Counter Cases. J. A. Hughes, 7 
Harvard Plice. 

Country JVeicspaper .Advertising 
and Subscription .dgcncy. V, B. 
Palmer, 8 street. 

Curled Hair. Allen & Beal. Hay- 
market Square, Holmes Blijck. 

Curled Hair Manufacturers. J. 
Capen & Son, 164 T3 Itr street 

Distiller of Rose Water. John L. 
Leavitt. 168 Cambridge street 

Doors, Blinds, &-c.. Dealers in. 
Boles dt Ceichell, Endicot st, cori,ct 
of C.iu-eway. 

Warren Boles, Sudbury St., corner 
of Portland. 

FAge Tool Makers. Underhill & 
Leighlon, 17 Haverhill street. 

Electrician. W. A. Orcutt, 77 

Electrotyper. J. Wilcox, 428 
W^ashin}.ton street 

Engineers and Manufacturers of 


Wrought Iron Tubes. Walworth & ' Orindinff Salt. Thacher & Sears, 

^ a ^on, 22 I)evon^5hire street. 

Feather Dusters. J. J. Adams, 99 
VVa.j;hington street. 

Feather Manufacturer. Mrs. Jane 
Wheeleck, 335 Washington street. 

31 Long vvf. and 2d st 

Grinding and Powdering Drugs, 
Spices, Si-c. Henshaw, Ediuands &c 
Co. 36 India st 

Gunpowder. G. G. Newhall, 86 
I State street 

Female Employment Office. Tre- l Charles Smith, 6 Central wf 
moiit Temple. 

I Gun Cotton. M. L. Bradford, ag't, 
File Cutt-ers. J. & F. Butler, S. 142 Washington st 

Boston, near the bridge. 
B. Stokes, First street, near A. 
Wm. Barney, 17 Haverhill street. 

Fire .Apparatus. E. A. G. Roul- 
stone, 9 Hanover st 

Fire Works. James G. Hovey, 149 
Washington st 

Flat Roof Compositioners. Luther 
Barnes, order box, 7 State st. 
P. Crosby, 14 Merrimack st 

Flavoring Extracts, Manufactur- 
er of. John L. Leavitt, 168 Cam- 
bridge street 

Flouring Mill. Emery & Brown, 
Harrison Avenue 

French Shirts. C. A. Hewins, 
Joy's Building 

Gardeners. Wm. Osborn, 7 Bed- 
ford street 
James Maguire, Williams st 
Daniel B. Haynes, Gold st near F 

Glass Engraving. Francis Doms, 
300 Washington st 

Globe Manufacturer. Gil man Jos- 
lin, 6 Mount Vernon Av. 

Green House. Wm. McCullough, 
S. Boston near Point 

Grinding Corn, Benj. Sinunons, 
Charles st cor. Cambridge 
Emery &, Brown, 135 Sea st 

Grinding hac Dye, Coal, Marble. 
E. Kingsley. 5 Butolph st 

Gutta Percha Goods. Chas. Stod- 
der, 75 Kilby st 

Hat Block Manufactory. Oral Di- 
mond, 66 Harrison A v. 

Ice Co. (Plympton Branch R. R. 
Co.) B. W. Foster, Treasurer, office 
109 Washington st 

Inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes. 
S. D. Townsend, Causeway st. cor. 

Isinglass or Mica. Geo. H. Rug- 
gles, 31 Union st 

Japan Leather. Linus B. Comins, 
22 Dock Square (ttp stairs) 

Japanners. Wm. Blakemore, 10 
Theatre Alley. 

W. R. Bennet, 7 Harvard Place 

Ladder and Cistern Maker. John 
Evans, 610 Washington st 

Lard and Tallow Manufactory, 
J. W. Crafts, Gold st near A 

Line and Twine Manufactory. W. 
N. Tyler, Dover st cor. Harrison Av. 

Lobster Depot. E. & J. Weeks, 
Suumer st. E. B. (%vholesale) 

JjOienge Manufacturers. Chase 
& Co. 19 Water st 

Machine and Hand Card Manu- 
factory. W. Whittemore & Co. 50 
N. Market st 

Magnetical Instruments. Daniel 
Davis, Jr. 428 Washington st 



JSfachinerv and Tools for Working'. Painted Carpets and Oil Clothe 
'' ~ P. & G. Martin, 85 Hanover -t 

A. Lewis, 10 Milk st (basement) 

Leather. Moses Hunt & Co. 5 Mar- 
ket Square 

jManufacturer of Syrup. WilluLm 
Finney, 84 Blackstone st 

Marine Shells, Stuffed Birds, Tri- 
sects, (S-c. S. Euuiions, 107 St.ite st 

Matches. S. Thayer, 19 Haverhill 
Byain &. Pearson, 76 Union st 

Measurer of Marble. Nathaniel 
Bryant, 31 Dover st 

Medals, Coins and Curiosities. D. 
E. Groux, 2^ Green st 

Medical Electrician & Oalvanist. 
A. S. Dudley, Central Court, corner 
Washington st 

Mercury Oilder. V. Laforme, 1^ 
Spring Lai e 

Metal Roofers Wheeler & Par- 
ker, Charles st. foot Pinckney. 

Mineral Teeth. M. P. Hanson, M. 
D. 38 Trt- moat Row (.manufacturer) 

Miniature Case Makers. H. Stud- 
ley, 16 Haskins' Building 

Wm. Shew, 123 Washington st 

Mustard and Pepper Sauce Manu- 
factory. Rufus B. Stickney, A st. 
cor. Second 

J^aturafization Office, 47 Federal, 
nearly opposite Williams st., Thom- 
as Rowe 1 n 

J^etSr Twine Manufactory. Amer- 
ican Co.. William Stowe, agent, 56 
Commercial street 

J^orth River F/affging Stone. Loo- 
mis & B ildwiii. Piper's wf 
Wm. G. Stephens, Curve st 

Omnibus Builders. S. B. Blond, 
Broadway, near Mount Washington 

M. Kendall, rear 715 Wash, st 

Patent Extension Tables. C. C. 
& J. Briggs, 507 Washington st 

Patent Leather. L. B. Comins, 22 
Duck Square 

Patent Printing Machinery. S. 
P. Ruggles, 152 Washington st 

Pile Drivers and Hoisting by 
Steam. Bichelder& Whitney, John- 
son's Block, Commercial st 

Plasterers and Stucco Workers 
S. P. Tohnan, rear 22 Kingston. 
J. Low, 53 Charles st 

Plume Manufactory. G. Decous. 

Powder. (Whii)ple's MilLs) G. G. 
Newhall, 86 State st 

Professor of .Astrology. T. Lister, 
1 Nashua st 

Pulpit Builder. 3. ^hcriutin. B'way 

Reflective and Oas Burning Fur- 
n'cesfor Oenerating Steam. James 
Gould, 19 Merchants' Exchange 

Restorers of Old Paintings. D. 
Ch ise, 96 Washington st 
R. Sadler, 38 Tremont Row 

Rope Maker. Josiah Dunham, 
5th st near B. 

Sal<Brntus Manufacturers. Edw. 
Chaniberlln, office 5 India st 
F. f. Brigham, 5 India st 

School House Furniture. S. Wales 
Jr., 14 Bromlield st 

Seraphines and MeJodeons. W. S. 
Hunting, 11 Chtirlcstown st 

Settee Manufactory. W. O. Has- 
kell, 66 Commerci il st 

Shoe Tools. Jas. Hall, 10 Dock sq. 

Shoe Famish and HpcI Bills. L. 
W. Nichols Jr., 3 Black tone st 

Splint Maker. H. P. Ingalls, Lin- 
coln st near Essex. 



I Spring Maker. David A. Ed- 
w; rds, Orange lane, c. Harrison Av. 

Steering .Apparatus. E. Allyn, 
210i Broad st 

Tailors'' Shears. Martin L. Brad- 
ford, 142 Washington st 

Taxidermists. A. H. Ogden, 17^ 
^rtniont Temple. 
John Mann, 22 Water st 

Ten Pin Balls. F. A. Bradford, 
17 Harvard pi. 

Thread and Harness Twine Ma 
nufactory. Thomas B. Vose, 98 
Water st 

Travelling .Apparatus. Moses 
Hayward. 3 Trenionl Temple. 

Tuner of Pianos. G. Cutting, 33 st 

Varnish and Japan Manufac- 
tories. M. 8. Hvde, Castle 
J. M. Salnion.l2 H iwley st 
A. Rogers & Son, 5 Haymarket sq. 

Varnishing and Polishing. Wni. 
Tile ton, 4 Somer et st 

R. F. Gray, 621 Washington st 

Ventilators. (Emerson's) W. J. 
Slade, 81 Portland st 

Vice Maker. J. Woolley, Salu- 
tatinu st 

iVaiter and Tendfr on Parties, 
and Caterer. J. B. Smith, 10 Bnittle 

tVatch Olass Manufactory. Jos. 
McCurty, 86 Washington st 

fVcstboro^ Milk Companii. H. 
Mills, Agent, Boylston st cor. Wash- 
i .irlon 

fVhalebone Manufactory. N. God- 
dard, 11 R. R. Iiluck. Lincoln. 
A. Sevev, 47 Co' gress st. 
N. Chesiey, 60 Blackstone. 

H'orkin omen's Union Stores. See 
W. I. Goods (retail) 

Pump and Block Maker. John 
Bowditch, Water st near Williams 

Refreshments. Enoch Nute, South 
corner Walk-Hill, near Toll Gate 

Steam Boiler Manufactory. M. 
Mavall, 37 Washington st 

Wooden Ware. C. Bird, W^arreu 
st cor. Washington 

.American Orthopmdic Institute. 
Alanson Abbe, M. D., Grove Hall, 
Warren, office in Boston 20 Boylston 

Bathing. John Bovvdlear, Water 
st near Washington 

Bell Hanger. Reuben Howard, 
36 Washington near Boston line 

Blind-Hinges and Fastenings. 
Henry M. Mcintosh, Steam power 
Factory, Orange st 

Botanic Medicines. Jeffers, Bro 
thers, 96 Washington st 

Carver. E. Litchfield, Eustis, opp. 
Plymouth st 

Carpet Weaving (Domestic). 
Thomas Colbert, Washington st n. 

Distiller. S. Bowman, Davis st 
office 23 Long wf., Boston 

Dyer. Melznr Waterman, Wash- 
ington st near Vernon 

Edge Tool Makers. Hankey, 
Stiles & Co., Washington st near 

Engraver. John Jones, 80 Wash- 
ington st 

Fire Engine Builders. Hunne- 
man & Co., Hunneman st. near 20 

Otue .Manufactory. Evans &. 
Mnyo, Dedham Turnpike, above 
Green st 



G >ld Beater. Is-iac Chuiuberliii, 
r^'a;- 71 Washiagtim st 

Grinding- Cum. White & auiiu- 
by, Washington st corTreuiont 

Gun and Locksmith. Henry Pratt, 
Dudley st n. Keuilworth 

Gunpowder. J. T. Ellis & Co., 
Svvett st 

Ice. J. Seaver, Centre st, Jamaica 

Ink Minufactory. George Clark. 
Roxbury Point, (office 113 Washing- 
ton st, Boston) 

Iron Founders. Bowers & Pratt, 
Lowell st 

Jeweller. Sylve-:ter Edgarly, next 
south of Post Office. 

Ladder and Cistern Manufactory. 
Benjamin C. Evans, Treinout stnear 
Boston Line. 

Laundry, (Ro.\l)ui-y and Boston.) 
Naso 1 &. Sumner, 20 Wi<hington st 
cor. Huiinewell, (office 97 Washing- 
ton street, Boston.) 

Last Manufactory, .lohn Arm- 
strong, East street opp. Adams. 

Leather Splitting Machine Knives. 
E. Ryerson, East street near Eaton. 

Looking Glass Frame Manufac- 
turer. Dudley Williams, Williams' 
Place, (store, '2;M Wasliiiglon street, 

Master in Chancery. D. A. Sim- 
mons, G4 Washington street. 

Mew-Ena-l/ind Cor da ire Company, 
Northampton and Plyinnuth streets. 
Incorporated : c ipital, .$7.5.000 ; build- 
ing, fire-proof throushout. Office, 
35 and 36 Pearl street, BoUon ; .lohn 
Webber, agent ; John Webber, jun., 
superintendent. Avnrige number of 
persons employed, 130 ; steam pow- 
er, 75 horses. 

J\rorfolk Laboratory, Dedham 

Turnpike nenr Green street; 0. W. 
F. iMellen ; office, Hitcliborn Block, 
.\nn street, Boston. 

Oakum Manufactory. William 
Montgomery, Ea^ strer't. 

Piano Forte Manufactory. C. W 
Baker &c Co., Pearl street. 

Pile D rivers and Movers of B u ild- 
ings. Shubael Bill-:, Jese Bills, 
Ruggles street near Parker 

Porter's Burning Fluid. David 
Dudley, 74 Washington .-trcet 

Real Estate Agency Office for 
Williams' Farm. East street. 

Refrigerator Manufactory. A. 
P itten, Cedar street corner of Ded- 
hini Turnpike. Order bo.x, 24 Cora- 
hill, Boston. 

Rule. Rod, and Scale Maker. W 
H. Rook, rear of 37 Washington st., 
opposite Eustis. 

Silk Manufacturer. J. Q. Ad:<ms, 
Tremout street corner of Court. 

Stocking Weaver. Piml. Sutton, 
Jr., Heath street near VVashiagton. 

Twine, Line, and Mmilln Mat 

Manufacturers. J. C. Hood, Tre- 

mont street corner of Fr inkli:i PI ice. 

A. Hood, Cabot street opp. Cunard. 

Window Glass. Wm. Dove, 61 
Washington st. near Post Office. 

Vitriol Manufactory. Roxbury 
Point ; office, 27 South Market street, 

Bacon. E. Hovey & Co. (manu- 
facturer), Cambridge Port. 

Bar Iron. Hanson Iron Works, 
(manufacturers), North Hanson. 

' Bass and Tenor Viols. SMmuel 
Br^ioks, (manufacturers), Ashburn- 
I ham. 

! Bellows. E. Jenkins, (manufac- 
lurji), Dorchester. 


Belt riff. Josiah Gates, (manu- 
f cturer), Lowell. 

Cambric. William F. Holbrook, 
(m mufucturer), Mansfield. 

Charcoal. Chaffee, Budd & Co. 
North Beckett. 

Copper. Crocker, Brothers & Co. 
(manuf icturers), Taunton. 

Cord, Oimp, and Tassel Triin- 
miiiffs. J. Baker & Sons, (manufac- 
turers), South Hingham. 

Corn Planters. Sabins & McGre- 
gnry, (nunuf icturers), Bachelder's 
P.i.ent, Sturbridge. 

Cotton Waste and Batting. Jas. 
a (1 Francis Ray, (dealers) Frank- 

Dividers and Compasses. Steph. 
C. Beuiis, (manufacturer), Spring- 

Dying of Skins. George Champ- 
iiey, Natick. 

Eliptic Springs. L. French, Pep- 
pprell. Jason Morse, Taunton, (man- 
uf icturers). 

FcUoes, Bridge, Tree J^ails, and 
..8 rriirs. Joseph Adams &c Sons, 

Files. H. & A. Chambers, (man- 
ulicturers), Buckland. 

Fish Kitts. Jared Stowell, (man- 
ut cturer). South Weymouth. 

Gum Copal. J. Hunt, (manufac- 
turer), Salem. 

India Rubber Goods. Stanley &. 
Co., (dealers), Beverly. 

Inspector and Cutter of R. R. Iron. 
J. Glidden, Charlestown. 

Iron Spring Wire. 
& Co., Worcester. 


Keys. Joseph Arrington, (manu- 
facturer), South Salem. 

Knobs. Alvan Cheney, (manu 
facturer), South Woburn. 

Letter Copying and Seal Presses. 
Geortre C. Taft, (manufacturer), 

Loom Pickers. William Gooding, 
(manufacturer and dealer in belting), 

Metallic Letters. Chas. L. Bab- 
bett, (manufacturer), Taunton. 

Metallic Webbing and Fancy Elas- 
tic Cords. J. Miller & Co., (manu- 
facturers), Springfield. 

Moore's Essence of Life. Elijah 
E. Haywood, Hadley. 

Mustard. Jno. P. Webb, Beverly. 

Oakum. C. Livingston & Co., 
(manufacturers), Tewksbury. 

Paints, Seth Russell, (manufac- 
turer), New Bedford. 

Painted Window Shades. J. A. D. 
Worcester & Co., (manufacturers), 

Planing Machines. Ball & Rice, 
(manufacturers), Daniels' Patent, 

S. B. Schenck, (manufacturer), 

Portable ^apor Baths. L. B. 
Larkin, (manufacturer), Wrentham 

Powder Flasks. John J. Batty & 
Co., Springfield. 

Prussian Blue. Henry V. Davis 
&. Co., 15 North Water street, New 

Rivets. Mills & Co., (manufac 
turer.,), Plymouth. 

Rules arid Scales. Joseph Watts, 
(manufacturer), 6 Winthrop street, 

Sailor\<} Belts and Scabbards. 
Newell Townsley, (manufacturer), 



Saic Wrench. C, F )Ster & Fox, l 
(miiiul' cuir r,), Coos' Patent, 206 
Main street, Worcester. 

Screws. Russell, Bartlett & Co., 
(m inul'dCturers), VVorthinnton. 

Steam Cocks. John M. Colton, 
\Vorthiagtoii street, Spriiigrield. 

Steel Pens. J. P. Snow, (iiianu- 
facturer). East Haiuptoa. 

Stnckino-s. J. Turner &: Co., (lu iii- 
u. icturefs;, Ne^dhaiu. 

Stone Tools and Salamander Sifes. 
Ricliarlsoi & Chalk, (miuuf.ictur- 
er ;, Charlestown. 

Suspender Buckles. D. Chandler 
& Co., (manufacturers), Longniea- 
d vv. 

fVagnn Shafts. Ignatius Perkins, 

IValking Canes. Herman L. Day, 

A litield. 

IVashiuff Machines. John Wil- 
IM rih &- Co., ( iiinuihcturcrs), Leo- 
nard's wiiart', i\evv Bedibrd. 

IVater fVheels. Stephen D.iven- 
p )ri, Manufaciurer of Porcu--;ion 
a d Centnfug .1 VVueels. Fitchburg. 

IVheels. A. W. & D. Ref;d, (man- 
u aclurers), Cast Bcokfield. 

Wrenches. S. .Merick, (luanufac- 
turirj, Spri..giield. 

IVroucrht Brass Ferrules. An- White, (nianuikctuier;, Barre. 

Manufacturing- Com- 

American Co., George Hill, trensu- 

rer, 4 Bovvdoin Block. 
Ainoskeaii Manufacturing Co., Wm. 

Amury, 65 State st 
Api)le!on Co., T. G. Cary, treasiurer, 

8j Treiuont Row 

Atlantic Cotton Mills, Wm. Gray, 
30 Court St 

B II ml Vale (Flannel and Worsted) 
M .nuiacturing Co. 33 Milk st., J 
iVI rland. Agent 

Bellville White Lead Co., oflice 33 
Broad .-st., U. C. Van Ar.iam 

Belvidere Manuficturiug Comp., E. 
Baker &c Co. 4 Bowdoin Block 

Boott Cotton Mills, J. A. Lowell, 3 
Oliver st 

Boston Chain Cable Work.s, Cotton, 
Hill & Co. 105 St.tte st 

Boston Duck Co. Wright & Whit- 
man, 97 Milk st 

Boston Gas Light Co., office 102 
Wasington St., G. Darracott, Agent 

Boston Hemp Manutacturiug Co., A. 
G. Brown, 66 Commercial st 

Boston Iron Co., Wm. Appleton & 
Co. 36 Lewis wharf 

Boston Japanned Leather Co., S. P. 
Blake. Agent, 7 Central st 

Boston Lead Co., F. S. Carruth, 
Agent, 16 Custom House st 

Boston Locomotive Works, D. F. 
Child, Treasurer, Harrison Av^ 
near the bridge 

Boston Maaufaccuring Co., J. Pick- 
ering Putnam, Treasurer, 3 Oliver 

Boston Marine Railway, H. Hall, 11^ 
Trimont Row 

Boston and Roxbury Mill Corpora- 
tion, S. Nicholson, Treasurer, 7 
\iles' Buildi.ig 

Boston and Sandwich Gluss Comp., 
counting-room, Federal st., D. Jar- 
ves, Agent 

Boston Steam Flour Mill Co., Lom- 
bird's whf. E. B. ; counting room, 
1 Long whi'., E. D. Brigh^m & Co. 

Boston Steam Putty Mills, T. H. Car- 
ruth &L Co 4 Long whiirf 

Boston Sui;ar Relinery, office, 1 Com- 
mercial wharf 

Bo ton Type & Stereotype Foundry, 
James .\I. Shute. Spring Lane 

Boston Water Power Co. S. Nicol- 
son, Tre.asurer, 7 Niles' Building 

Boston Whiting Company, Carruth 
& Whittier, 4 Long wharf 

Bridgewater Iron Manufacturing Co., 
X. Stetson, .\genl. 110 Milk st 

Cascade Mill Co., Wm. B. Callender, 
Jr., 22 Chatham st 

Chelmsford Co., W. Hastings, agent, 
Milk St. ''oruer of Federal 


Clinton Company, J. S. Amor)', 65 

State St 
Columbian Manufacturing Ccmpa-iy, 

Wright & VVhitaiaii, 97 Milli st 
Cordage Manufi during Co., Sewall, 

Day & Co. 20 Conuiierci il st 
Cordis Co., Wriglit & Whitman, 97 

Milk st 
Douglass Axe Manufacturing Co., 

Geo. Rogers, 19 B ittervniarch st 
East Boton Iron and Gas. Co., S. 

Curtis, Treasurer, 15 & 17 Wash- 
ington st 
East Boston Wharf Co., J, B. Jones, 

Treasurer. Lewis st. E. B. 
Essex Company, C. S. Storrow, 47 

State st 
Essex Printing Co., J. Means, Agent, 

55 Kilby st 
Fulton Iron Foundry Company, G. C. 

Thacher, 45 Broad st 
Glendon Rolling Mill, C. Jack.son, Jr., 

Treasurer, 5 Liberty Square 
Great Fall> Manufacturing Co., John 

Clark. 47 State st 
Hamilton Manufacturing Co., T. G. 

Cary, 8^ Tremont Row 
Hamilton Woollen Co., John Gard- 
ner, 40 Stite st 
Hancock Free Brid;;e Corporation, I. 

Livermore, President, 61 State st 
Jackson Couip., A. & A. Lawrence, 

Agents, Milk st. ; J. S. Amury, 

Treasurer. 65 State si 
Kennebec Co., F. Cal)ot, Treasurer, 

10 Broad st 
Laconis Manufacturing Co., 61 State 

St., Wm. Dvvight 
Lake Superior Copper Co., 92 State st 
Lancaster Mills, J. S. Aniory, 65 

St;ite st 
Lawrence Manufacturing Co., Henry 

Hall, lUTiemout Row 
Linseed Oil Co., F. S. Carruth, Ag't, 

16 Custom House st 
Lowell Bleachery, C. T. Appleton, 6 

Liberty Square 
Lowell Machine Shop, J. T. Steven- 
son, Hi Tremont Row 
Lowell Manufacturing Co., Israel 

Whitney, 8^ Tremoat Row 
Manchester Mint Works, J. C. Howe 

& Co., Agents, 21 Pearl st 
Massachusetts Cotton Mills, J. A. 

Lowell, 3 Oliver st 
Massachusetts Iron Co., foot of I st, ; 

office 9 Congress st 
Merrimack Manufacturing Co., E. 

Chadwick, 11^ Tremont Row 

Merrimack (N. H.) Mills, L. Livei- 

more, I'reasurer, 61 State st 
Middlesex Iron Co., A. Fullerton, 119 

Milk st 
Nashua Manufacturing Co., Upham, 

Appleton & Co., 15 Pearl st. ; J. S. 

Amory, Treasurer, 65 State st^ 
New England Car Co., Tim. Fcurrar, 

Treasurer, 99 State st 
New England Glass Co., J. N. Howe, 

Agent, Batterymarch st., between 

121 and 123 Milk st 
New England Starch Co.. W. & F. 

H. Whittemore, 32 Broad st 
New England Steam and Gas Pipe 

Co., R. Reed, Agent, 28 Charles- 
town st 
New England Worsted Co., M. H. 

Simpson, 31 Pearl st 
Norfolk Lead Co., Ui)ham, Crane & 

Co., Agents, 99 St-'.te st 
Northampton Woollen Manufactuf- 

ing Co., E. H. Robbiiis, 46 Kilby st 
Norway Plains Co., F. Cabot, Trea- 
surer, 10 Broad st 
Ogden Mills, Tenney & Cowles, 5 

Sewall Block 
Old Colony Iron Co., Wm. Thomas 

& Co. 79 State st 
Otis Co.,Wright & Whiiman. 97 Milk 
Palmer Co., Wright &, VVliituian, 97 

Milk st 
Parker Mills, N. Stetson, Agent, 110 

Milk st 
Plymouth Cordage Co., A. D. Hatch, 

Agent, 17 Doane st 
Portsmouth Steam Co., D. H. Tread- 
well, Treasurer, 4 Bowdoin Block 
Prescott Manufacturing Co., J. A. 

Lowell, Oliver street 
Proprietors of the Locks and Canals 

oa Merrimack river, John T.Morse, 

47 State street 
Revere Copper Co., J. Davis, Jr. 

treasurer, 97 State st 
Robbins Cordage Co., P. Sprague & 

Co. agents, 13 Commercial vvf 
Rockbottom Manufacturing Comp., 

Clias. Bradley, PhilUps' Building 
Roxbury Color and Chemical Co., L. 

Fearing, 70 State st 
Roxbury Rubber Factory, J. Has- 

Kins, 25 Tremont Row 
Saco Water Power Co., 61 State St., 

Wm. Dwight 
Salisbury Manufacturing Co., John 

W. Tread well, treas., 54 Pearl st 
Salmon Falls Manufacturing Conip., 

Amos A. Lawrence treas. 13 ^liJk 



Sonth Boston Iron Co., Cyru?* Alger 
& Co. 2 Centnl wt' 

St ;rk Mills, Ch s. Am('ry,65 State st 

Suffolk Le id Works, 4tli st near D, 
Joseph \V. W.iril, treas. 36 India 

Suffolk Maniif iciuring Co,, Henry 
ILill, IliTremont Row 

Sylvic Gas Light Co.'s Shop, Second 
st near A 

Thoriidike Co., Wright & Whitman, 
97 Milk st 

Trent out Iron Co., N. Stetson, age at. 
110 Milk st 

Treaiont Mills, Henry Hall, lliTre- 
uiont Row 

Weymouth Iron Co., Nahum Stet- 
son, 110 Milk st 

York M inufacturing Co., Pliny Cut- 
ler, 8 Kilby st 


American Factory for the manufac- 
ture of C irpeting, on Simmons st. 
Joseph Crawshaw, agent; Henry 
Pettes & Co. proprietors 

Boston Belting Co., Orange st. ; India 
Rubber Gooils. Dennis C. Gately, 

Boston Refined Starch Co., Orange 
street ; James Huckins, agent, 35 
Commerciil wf 

Boston Hemp Co., Mill Dam ; A. G. 
Brown, agent, 63 Com'l st. Boston 

Bo ton Lead Co., Northampton st; 
Daniel P.Upton, superintendent; 
F. S. Carruth, agent, 13 Custom 
House St. Boston 

Boston and Providence Railroad Ma- 
chine Shop, near Boston line, north 
from Tremont street, for the stor- 
ing, building and repairing of the 
cars; George S. Griggs, superin- 

Boston Japan Leather Co.. Eustis st. 
cor. Plym )Uth ; Wm. D. Seaver, 
superi.itende:it. S. P. Blake, treas. 
and ag.'nt. 7 Centr il st. Boston 

Candle .Manuf ictory. Joseph Morrill, 
Jr., High st near Orange 

Card .Manuf ictory. Dale street. E. 
Lam on Perkins, proprietor ; office 
in Boston, 124 State street, O. Hol- 
man, agent 

CaiTiet Manufactory, Water st. near 
W^ashinuton, Lab in S. Beecher 

Chemical Works, Dedhani Tur ipike 
near Green st. for the manuf icture 
of Epsom Salts, Soda, Saltpetre, 

&c., F. Fearing & Co. ; agent in 
Boston, L. Fearing, 70 State st 

Clock and Balance Minufactory, 
East street, Howard & Davis, office 
34 Water st. Boston 

Cotton B itting Manufactory, Henry 
M. Mcintosh, Steam Power Fac- 
tory, Orange street, near India 
Rubber Works 

Day's Rope Walk, Parker st. ; Sewn 11 
Day &, Co. ; office in Boston, 20 
Commercial st 

Dorr Hosiery Manufacturing Corap., 
Orange st foat of High 

Friage, Tassel and Trimming Manu- 
factory, J. G. Johnson, Williams' 

Roxbury Color and Chemical Com 
pany. Centre st near Railroad J. 
M. Ordway, superintendent ; Lin- 
coln Fearing, agent, 70 State street, 

Norfolk Lead Co., Water street ; E. 
Crane, agent ; office 99 State street, 

Patent Leather Manufactory, Wil- 
liams' Place ; Linus B. Comins, 22 
Dock Square, Boston 

Roxbury Finishing Company, Fac- 
tory on Simmons street ; E. Baiter 
&, Co. proprietors. 4 Bowdoin Bl'k, 
Bo >ton ; Walter McKinley, super- 

Roxbury Iron Foundry, Lowell st. , 
Bovvers & Pratt ; office in Boston, 
107- Milk .st 

Roxbury India Rubber Factory, Sim- 
mons street; J. Haskins, superin- 
tendent and agent ; office and store 
in Boston, 2 Liberty Square 

Silk and Trimming Manufictory, 
Tremont st. near Boston line ; B. 
B. Tilt & Co. ; office in Boston, 147 
Washington st 

Turpentine and Rosin Manufactory, 
Roxbury Point, office, India street, 
Boston ; Thomas Simmons 


Weekly Transcript, Henry Chic- 
kering, North Adams 

Hampshire &c Franklin Express, 
Homer A. Cook, Amherst 


Advertiser. Nathan Hale, 6 Con 
gress, $8 per ann. 


Atlas, Schouler & Brewer, 5 Old 
State House, State, $8 per ann. 

Bee, Bradbury, Harnon & Co., 7 
State, 3 per aim. 

Chroiiotype, Elizur Wright, editor ; 
White, Potter & Wright, publishers, 
15 State, 3 per ann. 

Courier, E. B, Foster & Co., 10 
Congress, 8 per ann. 

Herald, S. K. Head, 19 State, 3 
per ann. 

Journal, Sleeper & Rogers, 12 
State, 6 per ann. 

Mail, John N. Bradley, 14 & 16 
State, 3 per ann. 

Post, Reals & Greene, 21 Water, 
8 per ann. 

Republican, Wilson, Damrell & 
Co., 15 State, 5 per ann. 

Signal, Farwell & Co., 32 Con- 
gress, 3 per ana. 

Times, Robert*! & Garfield, 3 per 
ann., and 1 cent each. 

Transcript, Epes Sargent, editor. 
Button &. Wentworth, proprietors 
and publishers, 37 Congress, 4 per 

Traveller, Henry Flanders & Co.. 
Old State House, F. Andrews & 
George Punchard, editors, 5 per ann. 


Advertiser, Nathan Hale, 6 Con- 
gress, 4 per ann. 

Atlas, Schouler, & Brewer, 5 Old 
State House, State, 4 per ann. 

Courier, E. B. Foster & Co., 10 
Congress, 4 per ann. 

Journal, Sleeper &. Rogers, 12 
State, 4 per ann, 

Path-Finder & Business Intelli- 
gencer, George R. Holbrook &. Co., 
5 Washinszton, 1.50 per ann. 

Press and Post, Beals & Greene, 21 
Water, 4 per ann. 

Republican, Wilson, Damrell & 
Co., 15 State, 2.50 per ann. 

Shipping List, Learned, Thomp- 
son & Co., 86 State, 6 per ann. 

Traveller, Heniy Flanders & Co., 
8 Old State House, F. Andrews & 
George Punchard, editors, 4 p. ann. 


Advent Herald, Rev. J. V. Himes, 
Chardon, 2 per ann. 
American Cabinet, H. Mason & 

Co., editors & publishers, 22 School, 
$2 per ann. Literature. 

American Union, R. B. Fitts &, 
Co., Newspaper Exchange, 22 School, 

Athenaeum, Bradbury & Guild, 
120 Washington, 2 per ann. 

Atlas, Schouler &, Brewer, 5 Old 
State House, State, 2 per ann. 

Bee, Bradbury, Harmon & Co., 
7 State, 1.50 per ann. 

Boston Mercury, William Neeb & 
Co., 4 Water, 2. 50 per ann. 

Boston Museum, Wm. O. Eaton, 
editor, Putnam & Mellen, publishers, 
27 Devonshire, 2. 50 per ann. 

Child's Companion & Youth's 
Friend, W. B. 'J', 9 Cornhill. 

Christian Alliance and Family 
Visiter, Rev. D. Clarke and Rev. J. 
O. Choules, D.D., editors, 141 Wash- 
ington, 2 per ann. 

Christian Freeman and Family 
Visiter, Rev. Sylvanns Cobb, 37 
Washington, 2 per ann. 

Christian Watchman and Chris- 
tian Reflector, Rev. W. Olmstei.d, 
editor, Washington, corner Water, 

2 per ann. 

Christian Rationalist and Theolo- 
gical Reformer, W. M. Femald, 11 
Cornhill. 2 per ann. 

Christian Register, David Reed, 
publisher; N. S. Folsom, editor, 22 
School, 2. 50 per ann. 

(;!hristian World, George G. Chan- 
ning, 128 Washington, 2. 50 per aim. 

Christian Witness and Church 
Advocate, Rev. G. M. Randall, edi- 
tor ; James B. Dow, prnprietor. 

Chronotype, Elizur Wright, edi- 
tor; White, Potter & Wright, pub- 
lishers, 15 State, 2 per ann. 

Courier, E. B. Foster & Co., 10 
Congress, 2 per ann. 

Cultivator, Otis Brewer, 22 North 
Market, 2 per ann. Agricultural 

Dollar Times, Roberts &. Garfield, 

3 and 5 State, 1 per ann. 
Evening Gazette, C. W. & W. W. 

Clapp, Jr., 9 0. S. House, 3 per ann. 

Excelsior, a Journal of the Sons 
of Temperance, Charles W. Slack, 
and James M. W. Yerrinton, editors ; 
Rev. E. H. Chapin, principal contri- 
butor ; 2 per ann. ; Stacy, Richard- 
son & Co., publisher-, 5 Milk. 

Flag of our Union, F. Gleason, 
Tremont cor. Court, 2 per ann. 



Herald, S.K.Head, State, $1 pr ann. 

Horiiculturist, J. Breck & Co., 52 
N. Market, $3 per ann. 

Inve>tigalor, Horace Seaver, edi- 
tor ; J. P. Mendum, 35 Washington, 
2 per ann. 

Journal, Sleeper & Rodgers, 12 
State, 2 per ann. 

Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison, 
21 Cornhill, weekly, 2 per ann. 

Mail, John N. Bradley, 14 and 16 
State, 1 per ann. 

Massachusetts Ploughman, W. &. 
W. J. Buckmiuster, Uuincy Hall, 2 
per ann. Agricultural. 

Medical and Surgical Journal, J. 
V. C. Smith, l&l Wash., 3 per ann. 

New lingliud Farmer, S. W.Cole, 
editor, Joel Nurse, pubUsher, Q,uincy 
Hall, 1 per ann. 

Odd Fellow, Cochran, Cole & Co., 
66 Cornhill, 2 per ann. 

Olive Braixh, Rev. Thomas F. 
Norris, 5 Washington, 2 per ann. 

Orphans' Advocate and Social 
Monitor, A. & E. C. FeUows, Tre- 
mont corner Common. 

Pilot, Patrick Donahoe, 1 Spring 
Lane, 2,50 per ann. 

Puritan, Woodbridge, Raynolds & 
Co., 22 School, 2 per ann. 

Recorder, Martin Moore, 122 W^ash- 
ingtoii, 2 per ann. 

Reporter, E. D. Moore, editor and 
publisher, 22 School, 1 per ann. 

Republican, Wilson, Damrell & 
Co., 15 State, 1,50 per ann. 

Sheet Anchor and Light Ship, 
Learned, Tomp^on, & Co., 86 State. 

Statesman, Beales &. Green, 21 
Water, 2 per ann. 

Signal, Farwell & Co., 32 Congress, 

2 per ann. 

Saturday Rambler, Wm. Simonds 
& Co., 12 School, 2 per ann. 

Star Spangled Banner, J. Jones, 
82 Washington, 2 per ann. 

South Boston Gazette, A J.Wright, 

3 Water, 1 per ann. 

Sunday School Journal, W. B. 
Tappan, 9 Cornhill. 

Symbol, Jordan & Co., 22 School, 
2 per ann. 

Thursday Messenger, Clapp &. Co., 
9 Old State House, 2 per ann. 

Traveller, Henry Flanders & Co., 
8 Old Stale House, F. Andrews & 
George Punchard. editors, 2 per ann. 

Trumpet and Uuiversalist Maga- 

zine, Rev. T. Whittemore, 37 Corn- 
lull, 2 per ann. 

Uncle Sam, Geo. H. WiUiams, 52 
Wishington, 2 per ann. 

Union Jack, J.Jones, 82 Washing- 
lOT), 2 per ann. 

Vindicator, P. Sullivan, 1| Spring 
Lane, 2,50 per ann. 

Washingtonian, J. F. Coles, & S. 
Col)b, Jr., editors, 22 School, 2 per 

Weekly Messenger, Nathan Hale, 

6 Congress, 2 per ann. 

Yankee Blide. Matthews, Stev 
ens & Co., 138i Wash., 2 per ann. 

Youth's Companion, Nathaniel 
Willis, 11 Cornhill, 2 per ann. 

Zion's Herald and Wesleyan Jour- 
nal, Rev. Abel Stevens, office, over 

7 Cornhill, 2 per ann. 
Cambridge Chronicle, John Ford, 

publisher, Cambridge Port. 

Bunker Hill Aurora & Boston 
Mirror, W.W.Wheildon, 25 Charles 
town St., Charlestown. 

Middlesex Freeman, D. Adams, 
publisher, Charlestown. 

Cabotville Mirror, Henrj' Russell, 
editor and proprietor, Chicopee. 

Chicopee Telegraph, J. C. Stoe- 
ver, editor and proprietor, Chicopee. 

Middlesex Freeman, Daniel H. 
Adam.s, publisher. Concord. 

Danvers Courier, Geo. R. Carleton, 
editor, Danvers. 

Norfolk Democrat, £. G. Robin- 
son, publisher, Dedham. 

Vineyard Gazette, E. Marchant, 
editor and proprietor, Edgartown. 

Fall River Monitor, Henry Pratt, 
publisher, J.Ford, editor. Fall River. 

Massachussetts Observer, Wm. 
Cogswell, publisher, Gloucester. 

The Telegraph, Jos. K. Rodgers, 

Berkshire Courier, J. D. Cushing, 
publi.sher. Great Barrington. 

Franklin Democrat, S. O. Lamb, 
publisher, Greenfield. 

Gazette & Courier, C. J. J. Inger- 
soll, publisher, Greenfield. 

Life in Lowell, J. C. Palmer, 44 
Central st. Lpwell. 

Lowell Daily Journal & Courier, 
James Atkinson, Lowell. 

Lowell Gazette, William Living- 
stim, Lowell. 

Lowell Patriot & Republican, F. A, 
Hildreih, Lowell. 


Lowell Tri- Weekly Advertiser, | American Whi":, J. W. Hall, pub- 

T. A. Hildreth, Lowell 

Lowell Weekly Journal & Cou- 
rier. James Atkinson, Lowell. 

Vox Pupuli Daily, S. J. Varney, 
21 State St., Lowell. 

Lynn Forum, J. J. Bowler, Lynn. 

Lynn News, J. F. Kimball, Lynn. 

Pioneer & Herald of Liberty, H. 
Robinson, Lynn. 

M:irblehe;!d Mercury, Robinson 
Brear, Mublehead. 

Mirror, John Morrison, proprietor, 

New Bedford Mercur>% Benjamin 
Lindsey, New Bedford. 

Whaleman Shipping List, G. H. 
Lindsey, New Bedford. 

Christian Herald, published by the 
Eastern Christian Publishing Asso- 
ciation, Newburyport. 

Daily & Semi-Weekly Herald, 
Morse & Brewster 

Newburyport Advertiser, Huse & 

Watch tower, John Coombs 

Northampton Courier, VVm. Tyler, 

Hampshire Gazette, W. A. Haw- 

Old Colony Memorial, James 
Thurber, Publisher, Plymouth. 

Plyn)outh Rock, Samuel Baldwin, 

Berk<hire Culturist. S. Reed & 
Co., publi-hers, Pittsfield. 

Massachussetts E;igle, Charles 
Montague, publisher, Piitsfield. 

Pittofield Sun, P. Allen & Son, 

Quincy Patriot, John A. Green, 
publisher, Quincy. 

Essex County Mercury, C. Foot 
&. Wm. Brown, publishers, Salem. 

Salem Advertiser, Eben N. Wal- 
ton, publisher. Central st Salem. 

Salem Gi.zette, C. Fool & Win. 
Brown, publishers, 191 Essex street 

Usher, School St., Taunton. 

Bristol County Democrat, Edmund 
Anthony, Main st 

Taunton Daily Gazette, E. An- 
thony, publisher, Main st 

The Dew Drop, B. W. Williams, 
publisher, Taunton. 

Waltham Mirror, H. B. Stickney 
& Ed. W. Williams, publ. Waltli#m. 

Village Gazette, W. A. Hemming 
& G. M. Trisk. publi<hers. Ware. 

Westfield Standard, William W. 
Whitman, proprietor, Westfield. 

Christian Citizen, Eliihu Burritt, 
publisher, 196 Main St., Worcester. ^ 

Daily Spy, John Milton Earl, pub- 
lisher, 188 Main st 

Daily Telegraph, Julius li. Clark, 
publisher, 10 Cen-tral Exchange 

Massachusetts Spy, John Milton 
Earle, publisher, ISS'Main st 

National ^gis, Lincoln & Hickcox, 
publishers, Butman bkick. Main st 

New England Botanic Medical & 
Surgical Journal, Dr. Newton, publ. 

Worcester Palladium, J. S. C. 
Knowlton, publ., 9 Central Exch. 

Yarmouth Register, W. I. Fisher 
& Charles F. Swift, publishers, 
Yarmouth Port. 

Scl&ools and. Academies* 

Abivgton Union Academy. — W. 
N. Stone, Principal, Abington. 

Jidelphian Academy. — S. L. & L. 
F. C. Loomis, Principals, N. Bridge- 

Amherst Academy. — John S. Spen- 
cer, A. B., Pnncipal. Miss Jane T. 
Humphrey, Preceptress. Number of 
scholars for the year 1847, 112. 

Berlin Boarding School. — Josiah 
Bride, Principal. 

Beverly Academy. — Incorporated 
in 1835. I. Leafaver, Teacher. 

Bradford Academy. — Incorporated 

Salem Observer, Ives &. George in 1804. Capital, $15,000. Abigail 
W. Pease, pubhshers, 130 Essex st C. Hessleton, Principal. Scholars, 

Salem Register, John Chapin & 
Chas. W. Palfrey, 125 Essex st 

Sandwich Observer, Geo. Phiney, 
publisher, Sandwich. 

Daily Republican, Samuel Bowler, 
publisher, cor. Main & Elm streets 

Hampden Post, D. T. Ashley 

Springfield Gazette, Wm. Stowe 


Deerfield Academy.— C. M Crit- 
tenden, Principal. 

Drury Academy. — Alpheus Smith, 
President; John Arnold, Secretary; 
Lyman Thompson, Principal. North 

East Bridgewater Academy. — W. 
Allen, Principal. 



East Oranville ^cadrmy. — Rev. 
T. M. C(K)ley, President ; E. Seymour, 

English Classical School. — E. D. 
Bangs, Priiicipil, Court st.. Spring- 

Framinffham Academy. — Incorpo- 
rated in 1798. Capitil, $5,000. John 
Hastings, Principul. 

Hopkins Jicademy, — Henry K. Ed- 
son, Priiicipil ; Miss Joanna Stan- 
wood, Preceptress. Hadley. 

Ipswich Academy. — Incorporated 
In J828. John P. Cowles, Principal. 

Ladies' School. — Caloline A. Ray- 
mond, Teacher. West Townsend. 

Lee Academy. — S. A. Hall, Princi- 

iMcester Academy. — Jos. Clark, 

Lenoz Academy. — J. Lyman, Prin- 

Mount Pleasant Boarding School 
(for Boys).— Rev. J. A. Nash, A. M.. 
Principal ; E. W. Stoddard. Teacher 
of Music ; Jas. VV. Raynor. Teacher 
of Mathematics, Latin and Greek; 
H. C. Nash, Assistant Teacher. Am- 

Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. 
—Capital. $00,000. Miss Mary Lyon, 
Principal ; Miss Mary C. Whitman, 
Associate Principal. Number of 
scholars for 1847-8, 235. South Had- 

Monsnn Academy. — Charles Ham- 
mond, M. A., Principal, and Teacher 
in the Classical Department ; Wm. 
C. Dickinson, B. A., Teaeher of the 
English Department; Miss Martha C. 
Dickenson, Teacher of the Female 
Dep'.rtment; S. Gittins Bucknall, 
Teacher of Mu^ic. 

JVew Srilem Academy. — J. Stacy, 
A. M., Principal ; Terissa Giles, Pre- 

J^ichols Academy. — Alden South- 
worth, Principal. Dudley. 

Pierce Academy. — Incorporated in 
1831. John VV. I. Jenks, Principal ; 
Sarah E. Smith, Preceptress. Mid- 
d ebrouih. 

Philips Academy. — Incorporated 
in 1780. Samuel H. Taylor, Princi- 
pal. .Andover. 

Putwim Free School. — Incorporated 
in 183ff Capital, $.>0,000. Wm. 
Wells, A. M., Principal; Luther 
Dame, Assistant. Newbiu-yport. 

Pine Orove Seminary. — Sidney 
Br;)uks, Principal. 

Sheffield Academy. — J. H. Sawyer, 

Shelburne Falls Academy. — Incor- 
porated, March, 1847. Endowed, 
$10,000. Number of students, 100. 
Emory Lyon. M.D„ Principal ; H. A. 
Pratt, A. M., Associate Principal; Mrs. 
Mary C. B. Lyon, Preceptress, and 
Teacher of Music ; J. B. Bardwell, 
Secretary. Shelburne Falls. [For 
particulars, see Advertising Regis- 

State J^Tormal School. — C. Pierce, 
Priiicipal. West Newton. 

Townsend Female Seminary. — In- 
corporated in 183(5. Hon. Isaac Da- 
vis, President; Hannah P. Dodge, 

Westminster Academy. — John R, 
Gott, Principal. 

West JVeedham Academy. — Wra. 
H. Adams, Principal. 

Wesleyan Academy. — Rev. Mines 
Raymond, A. M., Principal, and 
Teacher of Men tal and Moral Science; 
Wm. H. Bussell, A. M., Teacher of 
Ancient and Modern Languages; 
Isaac T. Goodnow, A. M., Teacher 
of Natural Science ; Oliver Marcy, A. 
B.. Teacher of Matiiematics ; Orange 
Judd, A. B., Teacher of Natural 
Science. Isabella Hill, Preceptress, 
and Teacher of the Ornamental 
Branches; Mrs. Eliza G. Brewer, 
Teacher of Mu-ic ; Mr«. Elizabeth E. 
Marcy, Teacher of French and Bo- 
tany. Wilbnhim. 

fVheaton Female Seminary. In- 
corporated in 1834. Elizabeth A. 
Cate, Principal : Su<an A. Whitwell, 
Instiuctress of Mu<ic. Norton. 

Williston Seminary. L. Wright, 
M,A, Principal Teacher of Latin 
and Greek; E. A. Hubbard, M.A.. 
Teacher of N itural Philosophy. As- 
tronomy, and Geometry ; Wm How- 
land, B,.A., Teacher of Latin, Greek, 
and Enclish Grunmar; Hanson L. 
Read. B.,A,, Teacher of Latin, Arith- 
metic, and Geography; William S. 
Clark, B.A., Teacher of Chemistry, 
Phy~iologv, Mineralogy, and Natu- 
ral History. Gertrude M. Chandler, 
Preceptre-s, Teacher of French and 
Botaijy ; C. Mattnon Alvord. Teach- 
er of Penmanship ; E. S. Hoidley, 
Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental 


Music. Number of Scholars, 481. 
East Hampton. 

iVilliams' Academy. E. W. B. 
Canning, Principal. Stockbridge. 

Williamstown Jicademy. Y. Har- 
leuv!, I'rincipal. Stockbridge. 

IVinchendon Jicademy. A. W 
Merriam. Principal. Stockbridge. 

Yuung Ladies'' School. Miss C. E. 
Fenn, Principal. Stockbridge. 

Colleges in N. Eng-land. 

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. 
Founded in 1794. Leonard Woods, 
Jr., D.D., President ; Instructors, 8 ; 
Alumni, 971 ; Ministers, 15.5 ; Stu- 
dents. 125 ; Volumes in Libraries. 
25,450; Commencement first Wed- 
nesday in September; Annuil Ex- 
penses of Instruction, .$24 ; Room, 
Rent, and other College Exi)enses. 
$22 ; Board, 39 weeks, §.58 .50 ; Wood, 
Light, and Washing, $35. 

fVaterville College, Waterville, 
Maine. Founded in 1820. David N. 
Sheldon, D.D., President ; Instruc- 
tors, 6 ; Alumni. 237 ; Ministers, 59 ; 
Students, 75 ; Volumes in Library, 
7000 ; Commencement, second Wed- 
nesday in August. 

Dartmouth College., Hanover, N. 
H. Founded in 1769. Nathan Lord, 
D.D., Pres. ; Instructors, 9 ; Alumni, 
2517 ; Ministers, 600 ; Students, 201 ; 
Volumes in Library', 16,500 ; Com- 
mencement, last Thursday in July ; 
Annual Expense of Instruction, $27 ; 
Room, Rent, and other College Ex- 
p»enses, $13 24 ; Boird, 38 weeks, 
from $50 to 60; Lights, Wood, and 
W.ishiiig, $10. 

University of Vermovt, Burling- 
ton, Vt. Founded in 1791. Worth- 
ington Smith, D.D., President: In- 
structors, 6 ; Alumni, 463 ; Minis- 
ter<, 76; Students, 97; Volumes in 
Library, 10,000 ; Commencement, 
first Wednesday in August. 

Middlebury College, Middlebury, 
Vt. Founded in 1800. B. Labaree, 
D.D.. Pres. ; Instniclors, 7 ; Alumni, 
852; Ministers, 300; Students, 60 ; 
Volumes in Library, 7,050 ; Com- 
mencement fourth Wednesday in 

JVorwich University, Norwich, Vt. 
Founded in 1834. Henry S. Whea- 
ton, Pres. ; Instructors, 7 ; Alumni, 

107 ; Ministors, not known ; Stu- 
dents, 88 ; Volumes in Library, 1000 ; 
Commencement, second Thursday 
r,i July. 

Harvard UniversitJi. Cambridge, 
Mass. Founded in 1638. Edward 
Everett, L.L.D.. Pres.; Instructors, 
20: Alumni, 6131; Ministers, 1628; 
Students. 277; Volumes in Library', 
82.000 ; Commencement, fourth Wed 
nesday in .\ui:ust ; .Annuil Expen 
ses of Instruction, $75; Room Rent, 
and other College Expenses, $15 ; 
Board, 40 weeks, from .$70 to 100 ; 
Wood, Lights, and Washing, .$40. 

fVilliams College. WiUi nistown, 
Mass. Founded in 1793. M irk Hop- 
kins, D. D.. President. Number of 
Instruct! )rs, 9 ; Alumni, 1,.581 ; Minis- 
j ter<, 318 : Students, 177 ; volumes in 
I Library, 8 500; commencement, third 
Wednesday in August. Annual ex- 
lienses: Instruction, $30; Room 
Rent and other college expenses, 9; 
Board, 39 weeks, from $55 to 65. 

.Amherst College. Amherst, Mass. 
Founded in 1821. Edward Hitch- 
cock, L. L. D., President. Instruc- 
tors, 11 ; Alumni, 858 ; Ministers, 
340 ; Students, 150 ; volumes in Li- 
brary, 20,000 ; commencement, se- 
cond Thursday in August. Annual 
expenses: Instruction, $33; Room 
Rent and other college e.xpenses,$15; 
Board, for 40 weeks, $60; wood, 
lights, and washing. $20. 

Holy Cross. (Catholic). Worces- 
ter. Mass, Founded in 1843. Jas. 
Rider, President. Number of In- 
structors, 9 ; number of Students, 
117; voluiues in Library-, 4,300; 
commencement, last week in July. 

Brown University. Providence, 
Rhode Island. Founded in 1764. 
Francis Wayland. D. D.. President. 
Instructors, 7 ; Alumni, 1.613 ; minis- 
ters, 414 ; students, 152; volumes in 
Library, 27.000 ; commencement, first 
Wednesday in September. Annual 
expenses : Instruction, $40 : Room 
Rent and other college expenses, 
23 : Board. 39 weeks, from $50 to 60. 
Yale College, New Haven, Conn. 
Founded in 1700. Theo. U. Wool- 
sev, Pres. ; Instructors, 17 ; Alumni, 
5/62; Ministers, 1497; Students, 
379; Volumes in Library. 46,000; 
Commencement, third Thursday in 
August ; Annual Expenses of In- 



struction, $33 ; Room Rent, and other 
ColL-ge Expenses, 21 ; Board, 40 
weeks, from 40 to 100 ; Wood, 
LL'hts, and VV tshing, 21. 

Trinity ColLege, Hartford, Conn. 
Founded in 1824. John Willi ims, 
D.D., Pies.; Instructors, 9 ; Alumni, 
257; Ministers, 117; Students, 66 . 
Volumes in Library, 9004 ; Com- 
mencement, first Thursday in Au- 

WesUyan (7rtioers/<y,Middletovvn, 
Conn. Fou ided in 1831. Stephen 
Oli'i, D.D., Pres. ; Instructors, 7 ; 
Alumni, 306 ; Ministers, 104 ; Stu- 
dents, 118 ; Volumes in Library, 
20,000 ; Commencement, first Wed- 
nesday in August. 

Xheologfical Schools. 

Bangor Theological Seminary. 
Bangor, Maine (Congregational). Es- 
tablished in 1816. Professors 3. Stu- 
dents in 1848, 37. Vols in Library, 

Theological Seminary. Concord, 
N. H. (Methodist). 

J^ew Hampshire Theological Se- 
minary. New H impton (B iptisi). 
Estiblished in 182.5. Profes-^ors 2. 
Students, 36. Vols, in Library, 2000. 

Theological Seminary. (Congre- 
gational) A)dover, Miss. Estab- 
lished in 1807. Professors, 5. Stu- 
dents in 1848, 93. Volumes in Lib- 
rary, 21,0.)0. 

Divinity School, Harvard Univer- 
sitif. (Congregational Unitarians). 
Cambridge, Mass. Established in 
1816. Professors, 2. Students in 
1848, 23. Volumes in Library. 3000. 

Theological Institution. (Calvin- 
istic Baptist) Newton, Mass. Es- 
tablished in 1825. Professors, 3. Stu- 
dents in 1848, 33. Volumes in Lib- 
rary, 5500. 

Theological Depnrtment, Yale 
College. (Congregation!! I) New Ha- 
ven, Connecticut. E-stiblished in 
1822. Professors, 4. Students in 1848, 
35. Volumes in Library, 9000. 

Theological Institution of Connec- 
ticut. (Congregition iH E ist Wind- 
sor.. E-tablished in 1834. Profe-isors, 
3. Students in 1848, 17. Volumes 
in Library, 5000. 

LiaTW^ Schools. 

Harvard University. Camlmdge, 
M is<. 3 Professors, and 95 Students. 
Yale College., Kew Haven, Ct. 
'3 Professors, and 41 Students. 

Medical Schools. 

Maine Medical School. Bmns- 
wick. .Maiae. Founded in 1820. 
Professors, 4. Students, 81. Lectures 
commence Februtry 15th. 

j^rw Hampshire Medical School, 
Hanover. JV. H. Founded in 1797. 
Professors, 6. Student*, 50. Lec- 
tures commence 2d Thursday in 

Castleton Medical College., Custle- 
ton, Vermont. Founded in 1818. 
Professors. 7. Students 104. Lec- 
tures commence 4th Thursday in 


Vermont Medical College. Wood- 
stock,' Vermont. Founded in 1835. 
Professors, 7. Students, 96. Lec- 
tures commence 1st Thur.-'day in 

Medical School, Harvard Univer- 
sity. Cambridge, Ms. Founded in 
1782. Professors, 6. Students, 16.5. 
Lectures commence 1st Wednesday 
: in Novrmber. 

1 Berkshire Medical School, Pitts- 
' field. Mass. Founded in 1823. Pro- 
I fessors, 5. Students, 153. Lectures 
I commence 1st Thursd ly in Sept. 

Me'lical Institution. Yale College, 
I JVew Haven Ct. Founded in 1810. 
Professors, 6. Students, 85. Lectures 
commence 6 weeks after the third 
Tliursday in August. 

Insurance Companies. 

[marine, fire, life and health.] 

Merrimack Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Co., Jindover. Samuel Mer- 
rill, President; S.imuel Gray, Secre- 
tary and Treasurer. 

Essex County Health Insurance 
Co.. Beverly. Capital, $.iO,000. J. 
Silford, President; Charles Davis, 
Secretary; R. G. Bennet. Treasurer. 

American Insurance Co. J. I. Bow- 
ditch, President, 54 State st. Boston, 


American Life Insurance Co, B. 
Silliuian, President, 4 State st. 


Boston, Insurance Co. Lern. Pope, 
President, 62 Stale st. 

BuyLston Fire and Marine Insu- 
rance Co. Francis Bacon, President, 
45 State st. 

Coasters^ Mutual Marine Insu- 
rance Co. John Williams, 68 State 

Connecticut Mutual Life Insu- 
rance Co, E. B. Pratt, President, 
Merchants' Exchange. 

Essex County Insurance Co. Oli- 
ver Brewster, President, 4 State st. 

Equitable Safety Marine ($- Fire 
hsurance Co., John Clark, Mer- 
chants' Exchange. 

Firemen's Insurance Co. Thos. 
C. Amory, 75 St ite st. 

Franklin Insurance Co. T. Welch, 
President, 44 State st. 

Hartford Insurance Co. J. H. 
Ward &. Co., Agents, 4 Devonshire 

Hope Insurance Co. Sam. Q.uincy, 
President, 46 State st. 

Lonff Pond Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co. Charles A. Wells, President, 13 
State St. 

Manufacturers' Insurance Co. C. 
W. Cartwright, President, 59 State 

Massachusetts' Health Insurance 
Co. Thos. Tarbell, President, 4 Mu- 
seum Building. 

Massachusetts' Hospital Life In- 
surance Co. Peter C. Brooks, Presi- 
dent, 50 Stnte st. 

Massachusetts' Mutual Fire Insu 
ranee Co. Charles Wells, President, 
31 StHte St. 

Mechanics' Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Co. A. W. Thaxter, President, 
27 State st. 

Mercantile Marine Insurance Cn. 
Nathaniel Merriam, President, 58 
State St. 

Merchants' Insurance Co. Jos. 
Balch, President, 38 State st. 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance 
Co. R. L. Patterson, President, 17 
State St. 

JiTational Insurance Co. Samuel 
W. Swett. President, 66 State st. 

.Neptune Insurance Co. C. Curtis, 
President, 64 State st. 

J^ew England Health Insurance 

Co. Joel W. White, President, 15 
8tate St. Boston. 

J^Tew England Mutual Life Insu- 
rance Co. Willard Phillips, Presi- 
dent, 28 State st. 

JVew England Mutual Marine In- 
surance Co. Joseph H. Adams, Ex- 
change Building. 

JVcM York Life Insurance and 
Trust Co. P. Bigelow, Agent, 46 
State St. 

JVorfolk County Health Insurance 
Co. Sher'n Leland, Presideiit, Mer- 
chants' Exchange. 

People's Equitable Mutual Fire 
In.surance Co., Albert Field, Presi- 
dent, 4 State St. 

People's Mutual Insurance Co. 
Jos. Southwick, President. 8 O. State 

Real Estate Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Co. Willard Sears, President, 
81 Washington st. 

South Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
James Barker, President, cor. Fourth 
and Turnpike streets. 

State Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
E. Harrington, President, 21 Sfcite 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
Nathaniel Ford, President, 21 State 

Suffolk Insurance Co. P. W. Hay- 
ward, President, State st. cor. Con- 

Tremont Insurance Co. John G. 
Nazro, President, 43 State st. 

United States Health Insurance 
Co. James Clark, President, 17 
Slate St. 

United States Insurance Co. R. 
B. Williams, President, 52 State st. 

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
Enoch Hobart, President, 10 O. State 

Warren Insurance Co. J. L. 
Dimmock, President, Merchants' Ex- 

Washington Insurance Co. Thos, 
Lamb, President, 42 State st. 

Brewster Insurance Co.. Brews- 
ter. Capital. ^0,000; 200 shares, 
par value $100 ; Jeremiah Mayo, Pre- 

Citizens' Mutual Insurance Co., 
Brighton. Edward Spnrhawk, Pre- 
sident; Charles Spicy, Secretitry. 

Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Cambridge Port. Robert Fuller, 



President; H. M. Chamberlain, Se- 
cretary and Treasurer. 

Cohassct Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Cokasset. J. C. Doane, Presi- 
dent; Henry J. Turner, Secretary. 

Middlesex, Mutual Insurance Co., 
Concord. Umiel Shattuck, Presi- 
dent; N.Brooks, Secretary and Trea- 

J^orfolk Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Dedham. James Richardson, 
President ; I. Cleveland, Secretary ; 
Martin, Treasurer. 

Fitchbur^ Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Fitchburg. Nathaniel Wood, 
President; I. Phillips, Secretiry. 

Farmers^ Mutual Insurance Co., 
Oeorgetown. Incorporated, 1844. D. 
Wright, President; Wni. Boynton, 
Secretary and Treasurer, 

Gloucester Marine Insurance Co., 
Gloucester. Cipitil, $50,000; 500 
shares, par value $100; George H. 
Rodgers, President; Alfred Presson, 

Franklin Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Greenfield. H. G. Newconib, 
President; A. Brai^iard, Secretary. 

Havcrkill Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Haverkir. A. Kittridge, Presi- 
dent; T. M. H <yes, S-cretary. 

Haverhill Health Insurance Co., 
Haverhill. Capitd. $50 000; 2,000 
shares, par value $25 ; Caleb Hersey, 
President ; G. Ames, Actuary. 

Hinsrham Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Hingham. Solomon Lincoln, 
President; Rufus Lane, Treasurer ; 
David Harding, Secretary. 

Lawrence Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Lawrence. Daniel Weed, Presi- 
dent; Charles Stark Newell, Secre- 

Lowell Traders^ and Mechanics' 
Mutual Insurance Co., Lowell. T. 
Hopkinson, President; James Dins- 
irioor. Secret try. 

Lowell Health Insurance Co., 
Lowell. Capit il, 50.000 ; 2,000 shares, 
pir value $25; Elisha Huntington, 
Pre^ident; F. Parker, Secretary and 

Howard Fire Insurance Co., Lo- 
well. $50,000: shares, 500; $100 p. r 
value. Oliver M. Whip!)le, Presi- 
dent ; T. Parker, Secretary & Trea- 

Lynn Mechanics^ Fire and Marine 
Insurance Com/)., Lynn. $50,000; 

shares, .500. $100 par value. M. C. 
Pratt, President ; Amos Rhodes, Se- 
cret try. 

Commercial Insurance Co.. J^an- 
tucket. C ip. $75,0W. H. Bernard, 
President; A. J. Morton, Secretary. 

Mutual Marine Insurance Co., 
JVew Bedford. A. Barker, Pre.sideiU; 
Wm. H. Taylor, Secret iry. 

IVkaling Insurance Co.. jYew Bed- 
ford. Geo. Howland Jr., President ; 

B. Wood, Secretary. 

Bedford Commercial Insurance 
Co., JVew Bedford. James Howla' d, 
2d, President ; R. R. Crocker, Secre- 
tary. Cap. $50,000. 

Pacific Insurance Co., JVeic Brd- 
ford. J. Perry, President; L. Lum- 
hard. Secretary. Cap. $100 000. 

Mechanics' Insurance Co., JsTcw 
Bedford. Andrew Robinson, Pre- 
sident; Joseph Shivprick, Secretuy. 
Cap. $100,000. 1000 shares. $100 
par value. 

Bristol County Mutual Fire In- 
surance Co., JVew Bedford. Henry 
H. Cnipo. President ; Jo-eph S. Til- 
linghast, Secretary & Treasurer. 

Berkshire Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Pittsfield. Nathan Willis, Pre- 
sident ; James BupI, Secretary. 

Old Colony Insurance Co., Ply- 
mouth. Cap. $50 000. Ezra Finney, 
President; Allen Dantbrth, Sec. 

Equitable Marine Insurance Co., 
Provincetnwn. Caj). $50,000. 500 
shares. $100 par v.ilue. Thomas 
Nickersoii. President ; Enos Nicker- 
son, Secret;iry and Treasurer. 

Union Insurance Co., Province- 
town. Cap. $75,000. 750 shares. 
$100 par value. E. S. Smith, Pre- 
sident ; David Fairbanks, Sec. 

Holyoke Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Salem. John S. Williims, Pre- 
sident; John T. Burnham, Sec. 

Oriental Insurnnce Co., Salrm. 
Cap. $200,000. 2000 shares. $100 
par value. N. E:idicott, President; 
N. Pifrce Jr., Secretary. 

Essex Fire and Marine Insurnnce 
Co, Salem. Cap. $100,000. 1000 
shares. $100 par v ilue. Jame-i B. 
Briggs, President ; C. F. W. Brown, 

Mechanics^ and Farmers* Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co., Stockbridn-e. 

C. M. Orren, President; J. E. Fi^ld, 
Secretary ; J. D. Adams, Tre.isUier. 


Peoples'' Equitable Mutual Fire 
Insurance Co., Taunton. Albert 
Field, I'resident; Philip E. Hill, 
Secret iry. 

Mirchants^ Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Co., 102 Main st., Worcester. 
Isa:ic Davis. Pre^ideiit ; C. L. Put- 
nam, Secretary. 

IVorcFster Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Office Court House, Worcester. 
F W. Paine, President; A, Chase, 

Manufacturers^ Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Co., Worcester. Jas. Shopard, 
President; Samuel All<»n, Sec. 

Peoples' Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., 176 Main st., Worcester. E. H. 
Heminway, President; O.Harring- 
ton, Secretary. 

State Mutual Life Insurance Co., 
104 Main st., Worcester. John Da- 
vis, President ; C. Harris, Secretarj". 

Worcester Htnlth Insurance Co., 
Brinly Row, Worcester. Charles 
Hartshorn, President ; O. Harrington, 

Chatham Insurance Co., Yar- 
mouth. Nathaniel Snow, President 
and Treasurer. 


Abington, Ms., Ford & Co. 21 Elm 

St. ; Abingtim, S., Keith, Cellar 6 

F. Hill M. rket 
Albany. N. Y., Thompson & Co. 8 

Court street 
Amesbury. Ms., Batchelder, 7 Rail- 

ro'id Exchange 
Andover, Ms., O. Foster. 8 Court st 
Athol, do Bigelow, 45 Brattle st 
Augusta, Me., Carpenter & Co. Rail- 
road Ex. ; Child & Co. 7 State st 
Ashby, M., Bi^eiow. 45 Brattle st 
B ildwiiiville, M-.. Bigelow. 45 do 
Barnstable. Ms.. Witherell & Co., R. 

R. Exchange 
Bangor, Me., .Teronie & Co. 7 State 

street; Hodgmaii & Co. R. R. Ex. 
Bath, Me., Carpenter & Co. Railroad 

Ex. ; Child & Co. 7 State st 
Belfast, Me., .Jerome & Co. 7 State st. ; 

Hodgman & C). R lilroad Ex. 
Berlin & Bolton, Ms.. Sawyer, 1 1 Elm 
Buckspnrt. Me., Jerome & Co. 7 State 

St. ; Hodgm m & Co. Railroad Ex. 
Bedford, Ms. Manning, 11 Elm st. ; 

Corey, 7 Ehn 
Beverly, Ms., Davis, Railroad Ex. 


Boylston, W., Ms., Pope, City Hotel 

Bradford, Ms., Rollins, 7 State st 

Braintree, S., Ms., Melius, cellar 6 
auiiicy Market ; Lindfield, 11 Elm 

Brattleboro', Vt., White, Quincy H. ; 
Bigelow, 45 Brattle st. ; Leonard, 8 
Court ; Porter, Railroad Ex. 

Bridgewater. Ms., Witherells, R. R 
Ex. ; Bridgewater, N., Hancock, 11 
Elm street 

Brighton, Ms., Ta inter, 5 Market Sq. 
and Railroad Ex. 

Burlington, Vt.. Bigelow, 45 Brattle 
st ; Cheney & Co. Railroad Ex. 

Boston Express, Pollard, Railroad Ex. 

Carlisle, Ms., Corey, 7 Elm st 

CheLsea, Ms.. Hobbs, Railroad Ex. &, 
4 Gerrish Block 

Chatham, Ms., Witherell &. Co, Rail- 
road Exchange 

Charlestown, N. H., Porter, R. R. Ex. 

Calais, Me., Carey & Co. do 

Cambridge, Ms.. Smith, Railroad Ex ; 
Buck. 43 Brattle ; C. Stratton. 43 
Brattle ; Sawin & Co. R. R. Ex. 

Camhridgeport, Wait, 43 Brattle st; 
Burnell, 43 Brattle 

Camden, Me., Jerome & Co. Rail 
road Ex ; Hodgman & Co. Rail- 
road Exchanue 

Canadas, B, Prov., Cheney & Co. 
Railroad Exchange ; Thompson &. 
Co. 8 Court st 

Cape Cod, Ms.. Witherells Railroad 
Ex; City Express, Pollard, Rail- 
road Ex; Southwick, 7 State st 

Concord. N. H., Cheney & Co. Rail- 
road Ex. 

Coh.isset, Ms., Reals, Cit}^ Hotel 

Concord, Ms.. Adams do 

Dorchester, Ms., Swan, Railroad Ex. 

Danvers, Ms., Townsend, Railroad 
Ex ; Town, 1 Fulton st 

Dedham, Ms., O. Capen, 14 and 16 
State st 

Dennis, Ms.. Witherell & Co. Rail- 
road Ex. 

Duxbury, Ms.. Reals. Railroad Ex. 

Dover, N. H., Niles, 8 Court st 

Easton, Ms., Tihien, 158 Wash, st 

Eastport, Me., Gunnison &. Co. Rail 
road Ex. 

Exeter, N. H., Odlin, 8 Court st 

Essex, Ms., Proctor & Haskel, City 

Fall River, Ms., R. B. Kinsley, 7 
State street 

Falmouth, Ms., Witherell & Comp., 
Railroad Ex. 



Feltonville, Ms.. Pope, City Hotel 
Fitchburg, Ms., Bigelovv, 43 Brattle 
Frainingliain, Ms., Leoiiarii, 8 Court 

street ; B mister, 7 Elm st 
Fniiktbrt, Me., Hodgiuau & Co. R. 

R. E.i;chHnge 
Frankfort, Me., Jerome & Co. 7 State 
Franklin, Ms., Law &. Houghton, 43 

Brattle st 
Gardiner, Me., Carpenter & Co. Rail- 
road Excliange 
Georgetown, Ms., Spofford, 8 Court 
Gloucester, Ms., Merchant's, City 

Hotel ; Winchester, R. R. Ex. 
Grafton, Ms., Leonard, 8 Court st 
Great Falls, N. H., M irshal, 8 Court 

street ; Wood, 7 State st 
Greenfield, Ms., Robbins, Railroad 

Ex ; T. Wait, City Hotel 
Groton. Ms.. Bigelow, 45 Brattle st ; 

(^orey, 7 Elm st 
Hinghaui, Ms., Sales, Liverpool wf 
H lUowell, Me., Carpenter, R. R. Ex. 
Hampton, N. H., Walker & Jackson, 

Railroad Exchange 
Hartford, Ct., Thompson & Comp., 8 

Court street 
Haverhill, Ms., HHliard, City Hotel ; 

Bradley, 8 Court st 
Haverhill, N. H., Cheney & Co. R. 

R. Exchange 
Holliston, Ms., J. C. Harrington, 11 

Elm street 
Hopkinton, M<., Leonard, 8 Court st 
Ipswich, Ms., Forbes, Railroad Ex ; 

G. Willett, 7 State st 
Jamaica Plain, Ms., Stiles & Couip., 

Railroad Exchange 
Jeifrey, M-., Bigelow, 45 Brattle st 
Kennebuuk, Me., Child & Comp., 7 

State st; Hills & Co. 7 State st ; 

Lsmgley & Co. Railroad Ex. 
Keene, N. H., Bigelow, 45 Brittle st ; 

Porter, R-iilroad Ex. 
Kiagsto.i, M .., Bl-iIs, Railroad Ex ; 

Bradford & Gardner, Railroad Ex ; 

Rich, 7 Suite st 
Lawrence, Ms., Abbott & Comp., 8 

Court st; Stevens &. Robinson, R. 

R. Exchange 
Lebanon, N. H., Cheney &. Co. Rail- 
road Exchange 
Lexington, Ms., Corey, 7 Elm street ; 

Manning, 11 Elm <t 
Lou -dale, Ms., Balkcom, R. R. Ex. 
Lowell, Ms.. Sargent, 7 State street ; 

Tuck& Co. Railru.d Ex. 
Lynn, Ms., Hilton. 29 Merch. Row & 

7 State st ; S. B. Pratt, R. R. Ex. 

Ludlow, Ms., Bigelow, 45 Brattle st 
Mendim, Ms., Clement, 45 do 
Manchester, Ms., Proctor & Haskel, 

City Hotel 
Manchester, N. H., Cheney & Co. 

Railroad Ex. 
Marblehead, Ms., Paine, 7 St ite st 
Mason Village, Ms., Bigelow, 45 

Brattle .st ; Porter, Railioid Ex. 
Medway, Ms., Law &. Houghtoii, 45 

Br Lttle st ; Medway, E., Davis, 158 

Washington st 
M.idford, Ms., Barters 29 Elm st 
Methuen, Ms., Stevens & Robinson, 

Railroad Ex. 
Millbu;y. Ms., Leonird, 8 Court st 
Milford, Ms.. Clement, 45 Brattle st ; 

Milford & Mendon, Harrington, 11 

Elm street 
Milton, Ms., Hobart, Drew's Hotel, 

Uiuon st 
Middleboro', Ms., Witherells, Rail- 
road Exch inge 
Nantucket, Ms., Hatch, Gray & Co. 

R'.ilroad Ex. 
Nashua, N. H., Porter, Railroad Ex. 
Nashville, N. H., Porter do 
Needham. Ms., Leonard, 8 Court st 
New Bedford, Ms., Dnke & Co. 7 

Slate st; Hatch, Gray &, Co. Rail- 

ro id Exchange 
Newbiirvport. Ms., Forbes, R. R. Ex. 
Newbury, W., Ms., Rollins, 7 State 

street; Spotford, 8 Ci.urt st 
Northboro', Ms., Rice, 45 Brattle st 
i\. Haven, Ct., Th(mipson, 8 Court st 
New Ipswich, N. IL. Biselow, 45 

Brattle st ; Porter, llaiiro id Ex. 
New Market, N. H., Dearborn & Co. 

8 Court st 
New York, Adams & Co. 9 Court st ; 

Gay, Kinsley & Co, 7 State st; 

Harndea & Co. 8 Court st 
Newport, R. I., R. B. Kinsley, 11 

State st 
New London, Ct., Adams & Com p. 9 

Court st 
Newton, Ms., Leonnrd, 8 Court st ; 

Newion Corner, Tainter, Railro ui 

Exch mge ; Newton U. F.,Lothrop, 

29 Elm st 
N. Berwick, Me., Child & Co. 7 State 

st ; Longley &. Co. Railroad Ex. 
Pawtucket. II. 1., Earle, do 
Pepperell, M .. Bigelow, 45 Brattle st 
Peterboro', Ms., Porter, Railroad Ex. 
Pembroke, M^., Church, 9 Elm st 
Portland, Me., Child & Co. 7 State st ; 

Longley &. Co. Railroad Ex. 


Plymouth, Ms., Rich. 7 State street; 

Bmdford & Gardner. R lilroad Ex. 
PortMuuuth, N. H., Walker & Jack- 
son, Railroad Ex, 
Providence, R. I., Earl, Railroad Ex. 
Cinincy, Ms., Abhot, 7 Elm st 
Randolph, Ms., Long, City Hotel ; | 

Randolph, E., S. White, under 53 

N. Market st 
Reading, X. and W., Ms., Lovejoy, 8 

Court st 
Roxhury, Ms , C. Coverly, R. R. Ex. 
Roxbury &, Boston, Brown, 7 State 
South Boston, Lucas, 7 do 

S. Berwick, Me., Thompson, 27 State 

street ; Wood, 7 State st 
Saco, Me., Child & Co. 7 State st ; 

Longley &. Co. Railroad Ex. 
Salem, Ms., Arrington, City Hotel ; 

Haraden 7 State ; Low. R.R. Ex. & 

11 Elm st ; Simmons. City Hotel 
Salmon Falls, Ms., Thompson, 20 

State st ; Wood, 20 State st 
Salisbur)^ M<.. Batchelder, R. R. Ex. 
Sandwich do Witherells do 

Saugus do Lincoln do 

SaxonN-ille do Banister, 7 Elm st 
Shrewsbury, Ms.. Rice, 45 Brattle st 
Slatersville do Balch. 158 W.ish. st 
Springfield do Thompson & Co. 8 

Court st 
Southborough, Ms., A. Parker, 20 

Congress st 
Scituate and Hanover, Ms., Pocomy, 

16 State st 
Sudbury, Ms., Fessenden, 11 Elm st 
St. John, N. B , Gunni on, R. R. Ex. 
Stoneham, Ms., J. P. Kimpton, 29 N. 

Market st 
Thomaston, Me., Jerome & Com p. 7 

State st ; Hodgmnn & Co. R R. Ex. 
Taunton, Ms., Davenport & Co. 11 

State st 
Templeton, Ms., Bigelow, 45 Brattle 
Temple do Bigelow, 45 do 

Townsend do Bigelow, 45 do 
Upton, Ms., Davis & Leach, 45 do 
Uxbridge, Ms., Clement, 45 Bra.ttle st ; 

Parker & Davis, 45 do 

Walpole, Ms., M. Pierce, 16 State st 
Wayland do Binister, 7 Elm st 
Wells do Hills & Co. 7 State st 
Warehamdo Witherells. R. R. Ex. 
Watertown, Ms., Tainter, 5 Market 

Waltham & Watertown, Ms., Field, 

11 Elm st; Howe, City Hotel 
Wayland, Ms., Fessenden, 11 Elm st 
Worcester do Leonard, 8 Court st 

Westboro' Ms., Leonard, 8 Court st 
Woburn, Ms., Young & Conveis. 7 
State st ; W. D. Warren, 7 Elm st 
Woonsocket, R. L, Balch, 1.58 Wash- 
ington street 
Winchenden, Ms., Bigelow, 45 Brat- 
tle street 
Whittinsville, Ms., Davis &. Leach, 

45 Brattle st 
Weston, M ., Banister, 7 Elm st 
Westford do Corey, 7 do 

Weymouth, Ms., Thompson, Rail 
road Ex ; Weymouth, N. and E., 
Raymond, 11 JElm st ; Weymouth, 
S., Linfield, 11 Elm st 
Yarmouth, Ms., Witherell &. Co. R. 
R. Exchange 

Institutions for Savingps. 

Andover Institution for Savings 

Barnstable Institution for Savings 

Berkshire County Institution Ibi 

Provident Institution for Savings. Pe 
tr-r C. Brooks, President; Pett-r 
Wainright, Treasurer; William 
T. Andrews, Secretary. Office, 
Tremont street Boston, 

Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen 
and others. Thomas Lamb, Prt-si- 
dent; H. Walley Jr.. Treasurer; 
Charles H. Parker, Secretary. Of- 
fice, Museum Building 

Bristol County Institution for S:'V- 
ings Taunton. 

Cambridge Institution for Savings 

Cape Ann Institution for Savings 

Concord Institution for Savings 

Warren Institutions for Savings 

/ Charlestown. 

Canton Institution for Savings 

Cohasset Institution for Savings 

Dedham Institution for Savings 


Framingham Institution for Savings 



28 i 

Fitchburg Institittinn for Sivings 

Franklin County Institution for Sav- 
ings OrecnfieLd. 

Fall River Institution for Savings 

Fall River. 
Fair Haven Institution for Stvings 

Haverhill Institution for livings 

Hingham Institution for Savings 

Hi no-ham. 
Lynn Institution for Savings Lynn. 

Lowell Institution for Savings 

Lancaster Institution for Savings 

Middlesex Institution for Savings 

Newton Institution for Savings 


Northampton Institution for Savings 


Newbury Port Institution for S tvings 

J^ewbunj Port. 

Nantucket Institution for Savings 

New Bedford Institution for Sivings 
Mew Bedford. 
Plymouth Institution for Savings 

Quincy Institution for Savings 

Roxburj- Institution for Savings 

Salem Institution for Savings Salem. 

Salisbury and Amesbury Institution 
for Savings Amesbary. 

Springfiald Institution for Savings 

Scituate Institution for Savings 

Weymouth &. Braintree Institution 
for Savings IVeymouth. 

Warehain Institution for Savings 


Worcester County Institution for 

Savings fVorcester. 

The first of September 1847, the 
number of depontors to all the banks 
was 68 312. Totil amount depo- 
sited. $11 G80,812 74. Annml divi- 
dend for the last five years a fraction 
over 5j \)er cent. Annual Expenses 
of all the Institutions, $34,490 11. 

State Govennuent. 


George N. Briggs, PitLsfield, 

Governor $2500 

John Reed, Yarmouth, Lieut. 
Governor, $4 per day 

Wm. B. Calhoun, Secretary of 
Stite 1600 

Jos. Barrett, Concord, Treas. 
aiid Receiver General 1600 

Geo. H. Devereux, Salem, Ad- 
jutant General and Keeper 
of Military Stores 1500 

Wm. Taft.=, 1st Clerk in Sec- 
retary of State's Office 1200 

Joseph Foster, 1st Clerk in 
Treasurer's Office 1200 

Barnas Sears, Newton, Sec. of 
the Board of Education 1500 



Lemuel Shaw, Boston, Chief 

Justice ,$3,.50O 

S. S. Wilde. Boston, Ju^ice 3,000 
Chas. A. Dewey, Northamp- 
ton, Justice 3 000 
Theron Mete tlf, Boston, Just. 3.»()0 
Richard Fletcher, do do 3.000 
Luther, S. Cushing, Boston, 

Reporter 300 

Chas. R. Train, Framinghara, 

District Att'y, North Dist. 1,000 
John H. Clifford, New Bed- 
ford, District Att'y, Southern 
District 1,000 

Ezra Wilkinson, Boston, Dis- 
trict Attorney, Middle Dist. 800 
Wm. Porter. Jr., Lee, Di<t. At- 
torney, Western District 800 
Asihel Huntington, Snlem, 

Dinrict Att'y. Eastern Dist. 800 
Samuel D. Parker, Boston, At- 
torney Suffolk County 2,000 

Law Terms. 


Boston, 1st Tuesday of March. 


Lenox, Second Tuesday of Sep- 



Northnmpton,on Monday next pre- 
ceding 4th Tuesday of September. 


Worcester, 1st 'Tuesd ly next after 
4th Tuesday of September. 


Cambridge, on the 3d Tuesday next 
after the 4th Tuesdiiy of September. 

Taunton and Plymouth alternate- 
ly ; beginning at Taunton for the 
Counties of Bristol, Plymouth, Barn- 
sttble, and Dukes County, on the 4th 
Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesday 
of September. 

Dedham, 5th Tuesday next after 
the 4th Tuesday of September 

Salem, 6th Tuesdiy after 4th 
Tuesday of September. 

Terms for the Trial of Jury Cases. 


Barnstable, 9th TuPsday next after 
the 1st Tuesday of March. 


Lenox, 10th Tuesday next after 1st 
Tuesday of March. 

Taunton, 7th Tuesday next after | ySOC'ateJu-'Uce 
1st Tue-^dav of M irch. 
New Bedford, 2d Tuesday of Nov. 

Tuesday of March, and 2d Tuesday 
of September. 

Springfield, 8th Tuesday after the 
1st Tuesday of March, and 1st Tues 
day of September. 


North.ampton, 7th Tuesday next 
after 1st Tuesday of March. 


Lowell, 2d Tuesday of April. 


Nantucket, 1st Tuesday of July. 


Dedharn, 3d Tuesday of February. 


Plymouth, 10th Tuesday next after 
1st i'uesday of March. 


Boston, 7th Tuesday next after the 
4th Tuesday of September. 


Worcester, 6th Tuesday after 1st 
Tuesday of March. 


Dan'l Wells, Greenfield, Chief 

.Justice $2,100 

Edward Mellen,Wayland, As- 


Horatio Byingtort, Stockbridge, 

Associate Ju-tice 1,800 

George Tyler Bigelow, Boston, 

Associate Justice 1,800 

Jonathan C. Perkins, Salem, 
Ipswich, 8th Tuesday after the 1st Associate Justice 1,800 


Tuesday of March 


Greenfield, 6th Tuesday after 1st 

Thomas Hopkingson, Lowell, 
Associate Justice 1,800 





Barnstable, 2(1 Tuesday next after 
1st Monl ly of April, and 1st Tues- 
day of tfopteuiber. 


Lenox, 4th Mondays of February, 
June, and Oct(jber. 

Taunton. 2d Mondays of March 
aud SeptLMuber. 

New Bedford, 2d Mondays of June 
and December. 

Ediiirtown, last Mondays of May 
aud rfep.euiber. 

Ipswich, 3d Monday of June, an- 

S ilein, 3d Monday of March. 

Newburyport, 3d Monday of Sep- 


Greenfield, 3d Monday of March, 
and 2d Mondays of August and Nov. 


Springfield, 2d^Iondays of Febru- 
ary and June, {criminal) 3d Monday 
ol'May, and 1st Monday of Dec. 


Northampton, 3d Monday of Feb- 
ruary and of October, and Ist Mon- 
day of June. 


Concord, 2d Monday of March and 

Cambridge, 2d Monday of D^c. 

Concord, for Criminal business, 
4th Monday in June. 

Lowell, 3d Monday of Oct. 

Cambridge, 2d do do 


Nantucket, 1st Mondays of June 
and October. 

Dedham, 4th Monday of April, and 
3d Mondays of September aud Dec. 

Plymouth, 2d Mondays of April 
and Au^Uoit, and 1st Monday of Dec. 

Boston, 1st Tuesdays of January, 
April, July, and October. 


Worcester, 1st Monday of March, 
3d .Monday of June, Mond ly next 
after 4th Monday of Augun, and 1st 
Monday of December. For criminal 
business, 3d Monday of Janu try, the 
last Monday of iMay, and 4th Mon- 
day of September. 



John G. Rogers, John C. 
M.rrili, Abel Gushing, 
Justices, each $1,508 



Zeno Scudder, Barnstable. 


Thomas Robinson, Adams. 


David Perkins, Fail River. 


Leavitt Thaxter, Edg iriown. 



John G. King, Salem. 


Nymphas Marston, Judge, 
Tiuioihy Reed, Register. 


Wm. P. Walker, Judge, 
Henry VV. Bishop, Register, 

Oliver Prescott, Judge, 
An eiiii Bassett, Register, 




Theodore G. Mayhew, Judge, $100 
B. C. Marchant, Register. 150 


Daniel W. Alvord, Greenfield. 

Daniel A. White. Judge, 



Nathaniel Lord, Jr., Register, 


George B. Morris, Springfield. 



R. E. Newconib, Judge, 


George Grennell, Register, 


Myron Lawrence, Belchertown. 



Oliver B. Morris, Judge, 


Asa F. Lawrence, PepperelL 

Justice Willard, Register, 




George Cobb, Nantucket. 

Ithamar Conkey, Judge, 


Samuel F. Lyman, Register, 




Francis HilUard, Roxbury. 

Samuel P. P. Fay, Judge, 



Isaac Fiske, Register, 


Welcome Young, East Bridgewater. 



Samuel Mitchell, Judge, 


George Cobb, Register, 


John M. Williams, Boston. 



Sherman Leland, Judge, 


Henry Chapin, Worcester. 

Jonathan H. Cobb, Register, 




Aaron Hobart, Judge, 



Jacob H. Loud, Register, 




Edward G. Loring, Judge, 
H. M. Willis, Register, 



Thomas Kinnicutt, Judge, 600 

Charles G. Prentiss, Register, 1,500 



Btrnstable, 2 id Tuesday of Janu- 
arj', March, September, aud Decern- 



ber, and the 3d Tuesday of May and 

Sandwich, 2nd Tuesday of No- 

Falmouth, Wednesdiy next after 
2(i Tuesday of November. 

Yarmouth, 2d Tuesday of Au^ist. 

Harwich, 3d Monday of April, and 
1 ist Monday of October. 

Brewster, Tuesday next after 3d 
Monday of April, and Tuesday next 
after last Monday of October, 

Orleans, Wednesdny next after 3d 
Monday of April, and Wednesday 
next after last Monday of October. 

Truro, Thursday next after 3d 
Monday of April. 

Welllleet, Thursday next after last 
Monday of October. 

Provincetown, Friday next after 3(1 
Monday of April, and Prid ly next 
afier last Monday in October. 


Lenox, 1st Tuesday and Wednes- 
day next after Tuesday of every 

Great Barrington, 2d Tuesday of 
February, May, August, and No- 

Lanesboro', 2d Tuesday of Janu- 
ary, April, July and October. 

Adams, on Wednesday next after 
2d Tuesday of January, April, July 
and October. 

Tisbury, 3d Mondays of June and 

Edgartown, 3d Mondays of July 
and October. 

At the Probate Office, in Fp^wich, 
1st Tuesday in Febru'y, M irc i, May, 
June, August, September, Novem- 
ber and December. 

Silem, 1st Tuesday in January, 
April, July and October, and 3il Tues- 
day in February, May, Augu t and 

Newburyport, last Tuesday in 
March, June, September, and De- 

Haverhill, 3d Tuesdiy in AprU 
and October. 

Gloucester, 3d Tuesday in 
and November. 


Taunton, Friday next after 1st 
Tuesday of January ; 1st Tuesday of 
March and November ; Friday next 
after 1st Tuesday of June, and Fri- 
day next after first Tuesday of Au- 

New Bedford, 1st Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary, and 1st Tuesday of June and 

Freetown, 1st Tuesday of Janu- 

Rehoboth. 1 t Tuesday of April. 

Diu'hton, Friday next after 1st 
Tuesday of April and October. 

Norton, 1st Tuesday of July 

Lynn, Wednesdays following first 
Tuesday in January and July. 

Marblehead, Wednesdays follow- 
ing 1st Tuesday in April and October. 

Andover, 2d Tuesday in February 
and August. 

Lawrence, 2d Tuesday of June 
and December. 


Greenfield, 1st Tuesday of Novem- 
ber, 2d Tuesday of Febru-ry, Mirch 
May and October, 3d Tuesday of 
December, and 4th Tuesday of Au- 

Conway, 1st Tuesday of February, 
and 3d Tuesday of July. 

CJharlemont, 3d Tuesday of May 
and October. 

Wendell, last Tuesday of April 
and 3d Tuesday of September. 

Warwick, Wednesday next arter 
last Tuesday of April, and 3d Tues- 
day of September. 


Springfield, 1st Tuesday of Janu- 
ary, February, March, April, May, 
July. September, November, and De- 

West.nort, l<t Tuesday of August. I ceiriber. 

Seekonk, 1st Tuesdiy of S^pt. Westfield, 2d Tuesday of March 

F.i River, IstTue^day of October. ' and December, and first Tuesday of 
Attleborougii, 1st Tuesday of May. June and October. ^ 



Monson. 2d Tuesdny of June. 
Pdlermo, 2d Tuesday of September. 


Northampioa, 1st Tuesday of each 

Amherst, 2d Tuesday of January, 
August, and April. 

Belchertuvva, 2d Tuesday of May, 
October and February. 

Chestertield, 3d Tuesday of May 
and October. 


Cambridge, 2d Tuesday of Janu- 
ary, June and October, and 3d Tues- 
day in March, May, November, and 
December, and 1st Tuesday of Sep- 

Concord, 2d Tuesday of February, 
April, August, and November. 

Charlest.)\v:i, 3d Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary and August. 

Framinghara, last Tuesday of June 
and October. 

Groton, 1st Tuesday of May and 

Lowell, 1st Tuesday of June, De- 
cember, and March, and on the 3rd 
Tuesday of September. 

Woburn, 4th Tuesday of April. 


Nantucket, l^t Saturday of every 


Dedham, 1st Tuesday of everj- 

Quincy, 2d Tuesday of February, 
May, and August. 

Roxbury, 4th Tuesday of Febru- 
ary, May, August, and November. 

Wrentham, 3d Tuesday of May, 
August, and November. 

Medway, 3d Tuesday of February, 
June and October. 


At Probate Office in Plymouth, 3d 
Monday of January, February, and 
May, 2d Monday of April and Au- 
gust, 1st Monday of December. 

Scituate, 1st Tuesday of March 
and June, and last Tuesday of Au 
gust and November. 

East Bridgevvater, 1st Tuesday of 
April, -July, and October. 

Middleborough, 1st Tuesday of 

May, and 1st Tuesday of August and 

Rochester,~Wednesday next after 
1st Tuesday of May, and Wednes- 
day next after 1st Tuesday of Nov. 


Every Monday in each month, ex- 
cept the lirst and last Monday in 
June, every Monday in July, and the 
first Monday of August, September, 
October, November, and December. 


At Probate Office, in Court House, 
in Worcester, first Tuesday of every 

West Brookfield, 2d Tuesday of 
May and October. 

Lancaster, 3d Tuesday of May and 

Fitchburg, Wednesday next after 
3d Tuesday in May and October. 

Templeton, Thursday next after 
3d Tuesday of May and October. 

Mendon, 4th Tuesday in May. 

Uxbridge, 4th Tuesday in October. 

Barre, Iriday next after 3d Tues- 
day of May and October. 


Levi Woodbur^', Portsmouth, 

N. H. Associate Judge, $4,500 

Peleg Sprague, District Judge, 2,500 
Robert Rantoul, Jr., District 

Chas. L. Woodbury, and Geo. 

Minot, Report, of the Court. 
James B. Robb, Clerk. 
Ebenezer Trescott, Crier. 
Isaac O. Barnes. Marshal. 
Fred. Warren, Boston, Wm. 

Gordon, New Bedford, and 

Josiah B. French, Lowell, 

Deputy Marshalls. 


Peleg Sprague, District Judge. 
Seth E. Sprague, Clerk. 

This Court has four terms annual- 
ly, viz.: — On the third Tuesday m 
M irch ; the fourth Tuesday in June ; 
the second Tuesday in September ; 
and the first Tuesday in December, 



Public Scbools. 

There is raised annually in the 
State by taxation, about six hundred 
and sixty-three thousand dollars lor 
the support of Public Schools. The 
sxuplus revenue is also appropriated 
for the use of schools, amounting 
annually to near eight thousand dol- 
lars, to which we may add contribu- 
tions in board and fuel, to the 
amount of more than thirty thou- 
sand dollars. Number of children 
in the State between the ages of 
four and sixteen years, 210,200; 
average attendance on school, 130,- 
500 ; no. of public schools, 3538 ; male 
teachers, 2,437 ; female teachers, 
5,238. In addition to the above more 
than 12,000 attend private schools. 
Average wages per month, including 
board for male teachers, about $32 ; 
female teachers, $13. 

State Liunatic HospitaL 

George Chandler, M.D.. Superin 
tendant. Number of rooms for the 
use of patients, 351 ; average num- 
ber of patients for the year, 1847, 
378 ; discharged during the year, 183 ; 
males, 98 ; females, 85 ; 103 of this 
number have recovered ; 23 im- 
proved ; 36 incurable and harmless ; 
21 incurable and dangerous, and 30 
deaths. Receipts for the year, $45,- 
»j62 92. Expenses, $39,444 45. 

State Prison, Cliarles- 

Sept. 30th, 1847. Whole number 
of prisoners, 288 ; received during 
the year, 123; discharged, 88. Of 
this number 218 were cunuuitt d for 
theft ; 11 for malicious olfences 
against property ; 12 for adultery ; 5 
for rape ; 7 for arson ; 1 for perjury 
3 for escapes ; 31 for assaults, mur 
ders, &c. Of this number, 94 are 
confined for two years or less ; 4 l\)r 
eighteen years ; 1 for thirty-five 
years, and 18 for life. Average num- 
ber of convicts during tiie year. 262, 
Deaths none. Expenses, $32,271 71 
Eeceipts, $32,397 97. 


Banffor and Piscataquis Railroad. 
From Bangor to Oldiown. Length, 
12 mUes ; cost $350,000. 

Berkshire Railroad. Completed 
in 1841. Length, 21 miles ; capital 
paid in, $600,000 ; total income in 
1847, $42,000 ; dividend for 1847, 7 
per cent. 

Boston and Lowell Railroad. 
Completed in 1835. Length, 25J 
miles; capital paid in, $1,800,000; 
div. in 1847, 8 pr ct. ; whole amount 
do., 87^ pr ct. The Woburn branch 
two miles long, belongs to this road. 

Boston and Maine Railroad. 
Completed in 1843. Length, 7293 
miles ; capital paid in, $2 601,391 ; 
div. 9 per cent. ; total amount do. 
since road commenced, 63 per cent. 

Boston and Providence Railroad. 
Completed in 1835. Length 41 miles; 
'cost, $2,520,000 ; div. in 1847, 7i per 
cent. ; total amount do. since ro;'.d 
commenced, 89 per cent. The Ded- 
ham branch 2 2-5 miles belong to 
this road. 1 

Boston and Worcester Railroad. ^ 
Completed in 1835. Length, 44-62 
miles ; cost, $3,500,000. Dividends, 
1847, 10 per cent. ; total amount of 
div. since commencement of road, 
85 per cent. The Brook line Branch, 
1-6 miles, the Newton, Lower Falls, 
Branch, 2-5 miles, the Saxonviilu 
Branch, 4 miles, the Millbury Branch, 
3i miles, and the Milford Branch, 12 
miles, belong to this road. 

Connecticut River Railroad. Com- 
pleted in 1846. Length, 35-90 miles. 
Capiial paid in $800,900; dividends 
for 1847, 7 per cent. ; tot il amount of 
div. since completed, 13 per cent. 

Eastern Railroad, JV. H. Length, 
16-8 miles. 

Eastern Railroad. Completed in 
1840. Length, 3.S-15 miles. Total 
capital paid in, $2.250,000 ; div. for 
I 1847, 8 per cent.; total amount of 
I div. since the commencement of the 


road, 59i per cent. The Marblehead 
Branch. 3 miles, the Gloucester 
Branch, 12 miles, and the Salisbury 
Branch, 3 miles, belong to this road. 

Fall River Railroad. Completed 
in 1846. Leiisth, 41-80 miles. Capi- 
tal paid in, $1,050,000 ; div, for 1847, 
3 per cent. ; tuial amount of div. since 
the road commenced, 3 per cent, 

Fitchburff Railroad. Completed 
in 1845. Length, 49-30 miles. Capi- 
tal paid in, $2,235,900 ; div. for 1847, 
9 per cent. ; total div. since the com- 
mencement of the road, 28 per cent. 
The Fresh Pond and Watertown 
Branch, 5 miles, belongs to this road. 

Hartford and JVew Haven Rail- 
road. Length, 38 miles. Cost of 
construction, $1,100,000. 

Hartford and Springfield Rail- 
road. Leiigth, 25 miles. Cost of con- 
struction, $540,000. 

JVas/iua and Concord Railroad. 
Length, 35 miles. Cost of construc- 
tion, $1,042 718. 

J^ashua and Lowell Railroad. 
Completed in 1838. Lenglli, 14-25 
miles. Capital paid in, $.500,000; 
div. for 1847, 10 per cent.; total 
amount of div. since completed, 89^ 
per cent. 

JVew Bedford and Taunton Rail- 
road. Completed in 1840. Length, 
20-13 miles. Capital paid in, $400,000 ; 
div. for 1847, 8 per cent.; tntnl 
amount of div. since completed, 54 
per cent. 

Northern Railroad. Length 70 
miles ; cost of construction $2,590,000. 

JVoricich and Worcester Railroad. 
Completed in 1839 : leneth 66 miles. 
Capital p-.iid in, $1,653,500. Total 
income for 1847, $234,895. Total ex- 
penses for 1847. $141,432. Surplus 
ou hand, $258,805. 

Old Colony Railroad. Com- 
pleted in 1845; lenL'th 37^ miles; 
capital paid in $1199,300; dividend 
for the year 1847, 7^ per cent. ; total 

amount of div. since the road com- 
menced 13^ per cent. 

Pittsfield and J^orth Adams Rail- 
\road. Completed in 1846; length 
18,65 miles ; capital pi id in $443,000 ; 
total income for 1847. $25,974 ; totai 
expenditiu-e do $17,798. 

Portland., Saco, and Portsmouth 
Railroad. Length 52 miles ; cost of 
construction $1,271,824. 

Providence and Stonington Rail- 
road. Length 48 miles ; cost of con- 
struction $2,614,404. 

Stoughton Branch Railroad. Com- 
pleted in 1845 : length 5 miles ; capi- 
t-il paid in $85.600 ; dividend 1847, 3 
per cent. ; whole amount of dividend 
since commenced 10^ per cent. 

Taunton Branch Railroad. Com- 
pleted in 1836 ; length 11 mile.s ; capi- 
tal paid in $250,000 ; dividend 1847, 
8 percent.; totiil amount div. since 
construction 77^ per cent. 

fVcstern Railroad. Completed in 
1842; length, including the Albany 
and We>t Stockbridge Railroad of 
38i miles, 156 miles ; capital paid in 
$4 000,000; total income in 1847, 
$1,325,336; expenses do $676,699, 
div. for 1847, 8 per cent.; whole 
amount of div. since commenced 22 
per cent. 

I.ines of Railroads in 
Progrress of Construc- 
tion in New Eng°land 

October 1st, 1848. 

Atlantic and St. iMwrence Rail- 
road. Length 156 miles, extending 
from Portland to Canada line ; open- 
ed 13 miles to North Yarmouth, Me,, 
and will be opened to Mechanic's 
Falls, 37 miles, the coming winter. 
A branch of this road, from Mechan- 
ic's Falls to Buckfield, has already 
been commenced. 

Kennebec, Bath and Portland Rail- 
road. Now in process of construc- 
tion from Portland to Augusta ; 
length 60 miles. This road has a 
branch from Brunswick to Bath. 



.Androscoggin and Kennfbec Rail- 
road. Is now in progress of con- 
struction from Aufinsta to Lewiston 
Fulls ; length 30 miles, to connect 
with the Atlantic and St. Lawrence 

Oincord and Montreal Railroad. 
From Concord, N. H., throusjh Ply- 
ni ;uth and Haverhill to intersect 
with one of the Montreal roads. 
Open to Meredith Bridge, 27 miles ; 
whole length 69 miles. 

Cheshire Railroad. From South 
Ashburnham, Mass., by way of 
Keene, N. H. to Bellows Falls, Ver- 
mont ; whole length 50 miles ; open 
to Keene, 32 miles. 

Connecticut and Passumsic River 
Railroad. From Hartford, Vermont, 
to the State line at Derby, where it 
will connect with the St. Lawrence 
and Canada Road ; opened to New 
bur}-, Vermont, 40 miles ; whole 
length 114 miles. 

Fitchburff and Worcester Rail- 
road. This road is mostly graded. 
Length, 12 miles. 

Chrand Junction and Union Rail 
road. Length, 6 miles. Runiiing from 
deep water at Ea<t Boston to the 
Worcester Railroad in Brighton. 

Lowell and Lawrence Railroad. 
Now opened. Length, 12 miles. 

Manchester and Lawrence Rail- 
road From Manchester, N. H. to 
Lawrence, Mass. Length, 23^ miles. 

JVew London and fVillimantic Rail- 
road. From New London, Ct., by 
way of Willimantic to Palmer Depot, 
Mass. Length. 68 miles. 

J^Tew-York and J^ew- Haven Rail- 
road. From Williams Bridge 14 
miles, from New-York on the 

lem Roid to New Haven, length, 140 
miles. Now opened. 

J^orfolk County Railroad. From 
the Boston and Providence Road 
within 10 miles of Boston, to Black- 
stone, Mass. 

Peterboro' and Shirley Railroad 
From the Fitchburg Railroad at Cro- 
ton, Mass. to Peterboro, N.H. Length, 
30 miles. Opened to We:^t Towns- 
end 12 miles. 

Portsmouth and Concord Railroad, 
From Portsmouth to Concord, N. H. 
Length, 40 miles. 

Rutland Railroad. From Bellows 
Falls to Middlebury, Vt. Length, 117 
miles. A branch from this road is 
projected from Rutland by way of 
Castleton to Whitehall, N. Y. 

South Shore Railroad. From 
Q,uincy on the Old Colony Road, to 
Duxbiiry. Length, 22 miles. 

Stony Brook Railroad. From 
Groton, Mass. on the Fitchburg road 
to Lowell, Mass. Length, 13-16 mL 

Sullivan Railroad. From Bellows 
Falls to Hartford, Vt., uniting the 
Cheshire and Northern roads. 
Length, 25 miles. 

Vermont Central Railroad. From 
Hartford to Montpelier, thence to 
Burlington, Vt. Length, 115 miles. 
Opened to Roxbury, Vt., 45 miles. 

Vermont and Massachusetts Rail- 
road. From Fitchburg, Mass. to 
Brattleboro, Vt. Whole length, 70 
miles. Opened to Montague, Mass., 
48 miles. 

Worcester and J^ashua Railroad. 
Length, 45*55 miles. Rece.illy 



qVA!g§S :8§§§§8S :S^^8§§SSSSg8§g 


o c o o ; 

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X r: — — c t- L-: . 

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i c o 2 2' S S = S' X 5 — ' — S S' S ? '^' S 2 s' = S s' 2 =" ~' '=^' 

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sS-cC'- c---o''^ g^^goi-s-S ce 


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J5H :2 s 5555 fe'B^iiSlii 

:; 02 02 : 02 5 % S 02 02 ^ 02 02 O^ O: 02 02 O^ 02 
5C Tt> to Oi 



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ftn 0000 0000000 00^000 S 000 000 000 00 

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O — ~| ^ 0( ^ (H -. 0< C< ■* rt — 1 ^ J» C< -H rM -H r-l C< -i tt< rt -H -^ r-l C« (N 

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CO I a; "^' Ig ai >:S O O < gc H ^ Q i-i' r-i r^ O aifc^Q H '^' S 3 W 

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^ '£ c ^-1 - = >'T3 > S .£f .S£ c -Q = c « ■- -^ S c c ^ ifo .i: 


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_• JC J c -= ni -^.t: 


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»» a -:* -■ -' a _^' >^ 02 < ^ <!' d J ^- a d ai cB d aj hJ 6 C5 ^ isV fc ^ 6 




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I ^ -1 c t^ 

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O = O _• C = C 
O O O ~ ®. O O 

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^we-e-c <E-i>aiOccaiq2&.c^iKa.a2«iai«ia2OCxsuiCQC 


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lO ■* G< X —I --I 

^^^1^^^ Stalls 

CL, a. a. CO O a- o o- ai eosu soeu 

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C» •=■ 3 c: C-. LI lO = v= i.-^ 
o -r -?» ic r^ s> i~ i.~ cv Tj< 
05 Tf Ti<' (ji -4 si _' lo oj d' 


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«■ (N o o «o' 

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•/, ^: ^ a- M 


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5^ . rt o lo c; £: £2 
•<»< • rp -s- a< •<i< c^ ■* 


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DO K X cr (« l« 

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1 '-^ di — o\ yn o^ '-^ -s 

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lO'T Tf 

o i 5 S,o,S S 5 5 -2 
o ors o 'w T = o c; r^ 
m o — ' o ■ 

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^^0 S^'O 

rrj w X X — X ? o 02 ,^ • 

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. ft- sl, Q- a, i- c- 2: 2? 


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m o c o lo 

(J< CO 00 o — 


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■s -3 -c -a -p -p -js 

S O = 0_0,=; 0_ 
O »' lO o o' O O* 
lO K -^ M 'S' >-': o 
»> CO'* 


OO O ! 
=; s 3 : 


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cl2 -g ,S ^ = -g ■? . 

« O c ^ to ^ -- 
£ J= -S ? = = i 

■g y S = S £ 

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o >o o o » s o (^« lo L's Li o o o 
(?* X t- = .-; Tf o w c5 X » = ic ic 


SO-f = SOS 
= O X =: = = u-S 
O 00 -3- = L-; s i>. 

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QJ ® OJ OJ cs 

72 2 ci a H 






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:n> ^'-' o ® « 



S iC2 i ■ 




To give correct business infonnation, for the benefit of the business 
community, is the object for which we labor. To better accomplish this, 
we have engaged to distribute among Merch:ints, Manufacturers, and 
Consumers, throughout the United States, more than one hundred thou- 
sand copies of the following Register. In its columns you will find the 
address and business of one or more firms of importers and wholesale 
dealers in each branch of business. We have placed in our Register the 
names of such Firms only as we can reconunend, selecting those who 
keep constantly on hand large supplies of goods, and where orders from 
all parts of the country will be received and promptly answered, on terms 
satisfactory to the purchaser. Further information will be given by those 
in our employ, who will, during the year, call on most of the principal 
merchants and manufacturers. 

^grlcttl. Implements. 


el cultural Warehouse and Plough 
Manufactory, 195 Front-street (two 
doors South of Fulton) Now York. 


A LARGE assortment of .SoT^cit/- 
J\ turai Implements, and Brass 
and Iron Wire Cloth. 

193 Front-st.. N. Y. 

D. BERRIEN, Jr., & CO., 

Brush and BelIo\rs 


No. 357 & 240 Pearl street, 


Blacksmith's Bellows, warranted. 

Bolting Clotljs, 


n EES & HOYT, First Premium 
XV Patent Riveted Stretched Lea- 
ther Bands. In the joints, these 
Bands present a smooth surface on 
both sides. Manufactory. 67 and 69 
Frankfort-street, New York. These 
Bands are sold under the fullest 
guarantee to run straight, hold the 
width evenly, and have a uniform 
bearing upon the Pulleys. 

■^f & W. LIVINGSTON, 70 
i>i. Broad-street, New York, Im- 
porters of Bolting Cloths and Burr 
Blocks, and Manufacturers of French 
Burr Mill Stones. 


T^ APPLETON & CO.. No. 200 
U, Broadway, New York, Pub- 
lishers, Importers, and Wholesale 
and Retail Dealers in English and 
American Books. Public and Pri- 
vate Libraries supplied on favorable 
terms. School Book8 in kvbry 


Bank Note Cist. 


IVholesale Prices Current, ire. 
Published weekly, at 35 Wall-st., 
;N.Y. Terms: .fj per an. in advance. 

A S. BARNES & CO.. Whole- 
XJL. sale Booksellers and Station- 
ers, 51 John-street, corner of Dutch, 
New York. 


sa - 

,l.l.\S & BRUTHLK, Whole T) i.i. k 3ri v 

le Booksellers, Publishers, and I JtJ UttOnS ttUU ChnaU. 
lers, 254 Pcdrl-street, N. York. ^ 

den Lane, Nevv York. Blank 
Books, Pa()er and Stationary, all 
kinds, at low c ish prices. 

SAMUEL HART & CO., Import- 
ers of Stationary, 82 John-street, 
New York. 

GATES, S T E D M A xN & 
CO., Publishers, Booksellers, 
and Stationers, 116 Nassau-st., N. Y 

HALSTED, Law Bookseller. No. 
2 Wall-street, near Broadway, 
(2d story) New York. 

Blank Book Manufacturers and 
Wholesale Booksellers and St:ition- 
ers, 88 John-street, corner of Gold. 
New York. 

WIN, 160 Pearl-street, New 
York, Importers and Wholesale 
Dealers in Buttons, Threads, Combs, 
Brushes, Suspenders, &.c. 

LEVI COOK & CO., Wholesale 
Dealers in Combs, Buttons, 
Lmen Thread, Spool Cotton. Brush- 
es, and every description of Foreign 
and Domestic Small Wares, 138 
Pearl-street, New York, 

€ljtna 111 arc. 

Boots aub jSljors. 


ufacturers and Wholesale Deal- 
ers in Boots and Shoes, 58 Broad- 
street, New York. 

JH. RANSOM. & CO., Manu- 
• facturers of and Whole.«ale 
Dealers in Boots, Shoes, and Lea- 
ther, 32 Courtlandt-street, N. York. 

STOUT & WARD, Manufacturers 
and Wholesale Dealers in Boots, 
Shoes, Leather, Morocco, &c.. No. 
253 Pearl-street, New York. 

CURTIS & LUMBY, Importers 
and Dealers in China, Glass and 
Earthenware, No. 2 Liberty street. 
New York. 

DG. & D. HAVILAND, Import- 
• ers of French China, No. 74 
John-street, near William-st., New- 



Britannia iDarc. 

facturers and Dealers in Bri- 
tannia Ware. Plain and Japanned 
Im Ware, Cone and Globe Lan- 
terns— Importers of Block Tin and 
Planished Ware, 27!?i Pearl-street, 
(near Fulton) New York. 

J P. BLACKWELL, No. 179 
• Broadway, has on hand a gene 
ral assortment of Fashionable Cloth 
ing ; also. Cloths, Cassimeres, Vest 
ings, &c., which will be made up to 
order at short notice. 

D& J. DEVLIN, Clothing, at 
• W^holesale and Retail, Nos. 33 
a-id 35 John street. N. E. corner of 
Nassau. New- York. A stock of 
^100,000 worth of fresh, seasonable 
Clotliing, always on hand. 

• turer and Wholesale Dealer in 
Clothing, No. 64 Nassau street, be- 
tween John street and Maiden Lane. 
New York. 


ROSS & LEITCH, Wholesale 
Clothing Wnrehouse, J15 and 
i 17 VVilliani-street, New- York. 
VV. T RO-S, 

Wholesale Clothinsj Merchants, 
• ) Nassau-strest. New York. 


SAU, {between J^iberty-street 
.ad Maiden I^ane) Dealers in Cloths, 
^assimeres, VestinL^s. Ser^e-;, and 
i'riinmings of the best styles, adaiited 
} Merchant, Tailor, and Clothing 


BASSETT & ABORN, Importers 
and Dealers in Cloths, Cassi- 
iieres and Vestint;s, 13 Pine-street, 
corner of Nassau) New York. 


\ V Importers and .lohbers of Ger- 
man and French Cloths, Cassimeres, 
Vestings. &c., !»7 William-st., (up 
stairs) New York. 


John-street, New York, Im- 
porters of Cloths, Cassimeres, Coat- 
ings, Vestings, Serges, Satins, Vel- 
vets,Trimniings, &c., and all descrip- 
tions of goods ad ipted to the trade 
of Merchant Tailors and Clothiers. 


VAIL, Importers and .Jobbers 
of Cloths, Cassimeres, Waistcoat- 
ings, and goods generally for men's 
wear. No. 41 John-street, N. York. 

Importers and Dealers in Foreign 
and Domestic Dry Goods, Cloths, 
Cassimeres, Vestings, Linens, Satins 
Velvets. &c., No. 2 Maiden Lane 
New York. 

€omml0. illercljants. 

Cassimeres. and Vestings, 47 and 49 -ii- and W^oollen Goods Coimnission 
iberty-street, opposite Post Otfice. j Merchants, 9 Broad street, N. Y. 

Dealers in Cloths, A NDERSf 
Vestings, 47 and 49 -^^ and Wot 

98 William-street, cor. of Piatt, 


if Staple Dry Goods, particulirly in 
vloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, Ve>t- 
ngs, and other goods adapted to 
lien's wear. 





BEALS, BUSH & CO.. Commis 
sion Merchants for the sale of 
Cotton and Woollen Goods, 32 Broad 
street. New York. 

ers in French, English, and Ger- 
man Cloths, Cassimeres, Serges, 
Vestings, &c., 62 Maiden Lane, cor. 
William-^treet, New York. 

mission Merchants for the sale 
of Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, 
51 Pine-street, New York. 

DBRIGHAM & CO., Conimis- 
• sion Merchants for the salf 
of American Cotton and Woollen 
Goods, No. 33 Broad-street, N. Y. 

sion Merch mt, 17 Bro id-t. N.Y 
For the sale of Foreign and Domes- 
tic Dry Goods. 


Commission Merchants for the 
sale of Foreign and Domestic Dry 
Goods, 44 Exchange Place, N. Y. 

FEARING & HALL, Commis- 
sion Merchants for the sale of 
American Cotton andWooUen Goods, 
No. 55 Exchange Place, New York. 

mestic Commission Merchants, 
Xos. 58 and 59 Pine-street, N. Y. 

Woollen and Cotton Goods 
Commission Merchants, 50 Exchange 
Place, New York. 

CoM)mission Merchants for 
the sale of American Cotton and 
Woollen Goods, 25 Broad-st., N. Y. 

J Commission Merchants for the 
sale of American Cotton and Wool- 
len Goods, 35 and 37 Broad-street, 
New York. 

Goods Commission Merchants, 
29 Broad-street, New York. 

sion Merchants for the sale of 
American and Foreign Dry Goods, 
No. 44 Exchange Place, New York. 

& SPENCER. Commission 
Merchants f r the sale of American 
Cotton and Woollen Goods, No. 30 
Broad-street, New York. 

Domestic Commission Mer- 
chants, No. 47 Broad-street, N. Y. 

NESMITH & CO., Commission 
Merchants for the sale of Ame- 
rican Cotton and Woollen Goods, No. 
50 and 52 Pine-street, New York. 

T PUTNAM & CO.. Domestic 
• Commission Merchants, No. 
58 Pine-street. New York. 

Commission Merchants for the 
sale of American Cotton and AVool-" 
len Goods, No. 26 Broad-street, N.Y. 

Domestic Commission Mer 
chants. No. 61 Milk street, Bost(;n 
and 39 Broad street, New York. 

RUFF. Dry Goods Comniissior 
Merchants, 43 Broad street, N. York 

• No. 59 Broadway, New York 
Commission Merchants for the sah 
of Brown Sheetings, Drills, Cotto; 
Yarn, Batts, Wadding, Twine, Wick 
ing, &c. &.C. 

THOMAS & DALE, Commission 
Merchants for the sale of Ame 
rican Cotton and Woollen Goods, 53 
Exchange Place, New York. 

Commission Merchants for the 
sale of American Cotton and Wool 
leil Goods, No. 15 Broad street, N. Y 


F WHEELER. 85 William-street, 
• New York, agent for the Wa- 
terville Manufactm-ing Company 
Waterbury, Conn. 

?]Dnitist0 Stock. 

JONES, WHITE & CO., Manu- 
facturers of Porcelain Teeth. Gold 
and Tin Foil, Gold and Silver Plate, 
Spiral Springs, Emery Wheels and 
Slabs. &c. Constantly on hand. Den- 
tal Chairs, Files and Instruments. 
No. 263 Broadway, New York, and 
No. 273 Race-street, Philadelphia.