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sale of duplicates. 



































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stf i> 



Every town should 
own one. If you want 
to know why they are 
the best, ask any owner 
or user, or write to 


15 COURT SQ., BOSTON b. e. holmes, Mgr. 

Tel. 897 Main 

Bankers Surety Company 

of Cleveland, Ohio 

General Surety and Bonding Business 

Pardcular attention given to special fonns of bonds ohen required by 
attorneys and others at short notice. 

New England Department 

60 State Street 

Main 6145 

Boston, Massachusetts 

ADDISON R. PIKE, Attorney and Manager 


Attorneys and Agents in principal cities and towns can furnish bonds without delay 









Eastern Teachers' Agency 


50 Bromfield Street 

Boston, Mass. 


Fellow of the Americarr Association of Public Accounts and of Incorporated 
Public Accountants of Massachusetts. 

Public Accountant and Auditor 

Many years' experience in 
all branches of Accountancy 





^«ncfls OF 


Church ciochs 

AAARtNi: Clocks 

CHMAN'S Clocks L(ifi«ny Clocks Church cio 

»ce Clock* school Clocks H«ll Clocks 

IK Clocks Asthonomical Clocks AAARtNi: Clo4 

Railroad Clocks 


"e. howard 6, co. watches* 
Boston Office. 373 Washington Street 

FACTOFtT. 20€ EutlU £l. tlle&^uPv DUt.. BciHa; PIEW YORK OFFICE. 41 Miiden Lane 

Asa E. Chandler 

A. F.T A 

Manufacturing and Busineaa 




Offices, Deskrooma, Stores, Lofts 

Buildings, Wharves, etc. 



Mill-Sites, Timber-lands 

54 Kilby Street, Boston, Mass. 


TelephoBC Main 3SS6-4 

54 Kilby St., J^7J^°: Boston 

Silver, Burdett & Company 

PuUifhcrs of 

School and College Text-Books, Musical Instruction-Books, 

Standard Literature 

Send^ojEductiond or Gen««l Cmlotue 221-223 ColumbuS AvcnUC, BoStOn 

New York Chicago PhiUdelpfaia Atlanta San Franciaco 

Charles Head 4? Company 


74 State Street, Boston. Mass. 

1 Z Broad St. , New York, N. Y. 20 King St. W. , Toronto, Ont. 

86 St. Francis Xavier St., Montreal, P. Q. 

Connected by Private Wine 

The Worcester Trust Company 

State Mutual Building, Worcester, Mass. 
Capital, $500,000 Accounta Solicited Surplus, $500,000 

William D. Luey, President 


u^ ^ A vf c ».T <.!. • 1 *» • Charles S. Barton Charles H. Hutchins Charles M. Thayer 

Henry A. Ma«h, Ntthaniel Paine, George F. Blake Lincoln N. Kinnicutt Robert M. Washburn 

Henry P. Marray, Vice-Presidents A. George Bullock Edwin T. Marble George VV. Wells 

Samuel H Clanr Treasurer Jo**" H. Coes J. Russel Marble M. J. Whittall 

17 . , ;. . V c "**"'^^'^ Alexander De Witt A. VV. Parmelce G. Marston Whitin 

Alvin J. Danielt, Secretary Thomas B. Eaton Neal Rantoul Robert Winsor. 

Henry A. Manh. William Endicott, Jr. William H. Sawyer A. O. Young 

Chairman of Board of Directors Henry F. Harris Frank Bulkeley Smith 

A DEPOSIT in Massachusetts Savings Banks 

The Beat Form of Inveatment 

The People's Savings Bank 

452 Main Street, Worcester, Mass., 

will receive deposits of not less than $i.oo nor more than $iooo, that may be made by mail if preferred. 

Guaranty Fund, $590,000 


SATURDAY, 9 to i, 6 to 8. CHARLES M. BENT, Treasurer 










New England Selling Agents for 

Makers of Pine Book Papers 


Makers of High Grade Bond and 

Ledger Papers 



Makers of Pine Cardboards 


161 Pearl Street 


Frank L. Fuller 


Surveys* Plans, Estimates and Consulta- 
tion regarding Water Supply, 
Sewerage, Etc., 

12 Pearl St., 33^^d?4, Boston, Mass, 

Near Post 0£Ftce Square 

Geo. E. Damon Company 

Law Stationers 

A Full Line of Law Blanks, Stationery 
and Office Supplies 

13 Pemberton Sq., Boston, Mass. 

Telephone 1374 Haymarket 











An Effective Teachers' Agency 


** Your educational ideas have been of a high chaiacter; I have never heard 
your reputation for integrity and square dealing questioned; and you are entitled to 
the confidence of others as you have mine.'* 

June, 1897 Secretary of Massachusetts Board of Education 


Kenney Brothers & Wolkins 


School Furniture and Settees 

Slate Blackboards 


MembcM Ineoiponted Public Aeeountantf 
of MuMchuMtta 

Members American Ajto^iedoii of 
Public Accountente 


Public Accountants and Auditors 

Telephone Main 3660 

Audits and Special 
Investigations of Mer- 
cantile, Manufacturing 
and Municipal Accounts 



James L. Richakds. Pres. Boston Consolidated Gas Co. 

Hon. Nathan Matthews Moorfield Stokey. Esq. 

Augustus P. Loring. Esq. Francis B. Sears. Esq. 

Richardson. Hill & Co. E. H. Gay & Co. 

H. L. BuRRAGi. Prcs. Eliot National Bank Geo. A. Fernald & Co. 

Geo. VV. Grant. Trcas. City Trust Co. F. G. Pousland, Trcas. O. C. Trust Co. 

W. M. Bacon. Pres. American Tool and Machine Co.. and Others 


7 iS 


' TticiiAi amn t^ 

Ephraim Adams ^ Co. 





287-293 Congress Street, 

Boston, Mass. 


Such as Briefs, Legal Blanks, Special Forms, 
Interference Cases, Testimony, Records, 
Laiv Books, etc. 

executed in a superior manner 
and on short notice by 

*Ihe Blanchard Press, 6 Walnut St., 'Worcester, Mass. 







187 TO 195 Congress Street 
Boston, Mass. 


Labor-saving Profit-earning 

Printing Macliinery and Tools 

The Golding Jobber, Pearl Press, Official Press, Golding 
Paper Cutters, Boston Card Cutters, Little Giant Lead 
and Rule Cutters, Golding's Rule Miterers, Shapers, 
Curvers, etc. For sale by 

Golding Manufacturing Co. 

183 Fort Hill Sq., Boston, Mass. 






^".t:;o, Printers* Inking Rollers ^°Bi1^"r* 

■pOR reliability, durability and economy, our Patent Rollers and Roller Compoaitions 
*^ are unequalled. They are adapted to every climate, season, press or work. We 
are prepared to cast Rollers for all kinds of presses, and to furnish Hand Brayers, 
Hand Rollers, Frames and Cores, Boxes for Transportation, Stocks for any Press, or 
any other material in our line that may be required. 

Safe Deposit & Trust Co. 

87 Milk Street, Boston 

In Active Business since 1875 

Capital $1,000,000 Surplus (earned) $2,000,000 





VIca PrMidcnt 


vice Preeident 



Assistant Treasurer 


Assistant Treasurer 


Assistant Treasurer 


Secretary and Manaffer Safe Depoelt Dcpt 


Assistant Secfvtary 


Assistant Secretary 

























SOLICITS your deposit account, 
which is withdrawable by check and 
pays you interest on the same. 
Assumes the care of your property, collect- 
ing dividends, interest and every class ot 
income. May be appointed your execu- 
tor and trustee, thereby obtaining for 
you a permanency of office and security 
at no more expense than when individual 
executors or trustees are appointed. 

The Vaults of this Company, equipped 
with the latest electrical protective devices, 
contain 7000 Safe Deposit Boxes, consist- 
ing of sizes suitable to the requirements of 
individuals or institutions, at rental prices 
from 1 10 to JS150 per year. 

They afford absolute protection, while 
a safe at the office or home might not 
withstand the ravages of fire .or the attack 
of burglars. 






Containing a Directory of Public Officials, Including State, 
County, City and Town Officers, their Salaries and Terms 
OF Office, Legislative Bodies, Political Organiza- 
tions, Court Calendar, Directory of Law- 
yers, Post Offices, and Postal Informa- 
tion, Banks, Newspapers, a General 
Gazetteer of the State, 
County Maps, Etc. 

No. 10 


F. S. Blanchard & Company, 




CSJ./65./ .;AN2''.inn8 




Abbreviations, Explanation of 94 

Academies. 49 

Accounts of County Officers, Com- 
missioner of 44 
Administrators, Public 283 
Advent Denomination, State Or-* 

gani2ation .'lO 

Adventlsts, Seventh Day 50 

Ajpe Pensions. Oid. Commission 45 

Agency. U. S. Pension 18 

Aggregates, Tables of 37-39 

Agriculture. State Board of 43 

Agricultural Societies. 48 

Aid and Pensions. State. Commis- 
sioners of 45 
Aldermen, 213-260 
Animal Inspectors, 94-260 
Arbitration and Conciliation. Com- 
missioners of 44 
Area of Counties, 39 
Area of Towns and Cities, 37-39 
Annories, State Commissioners of 44 
Armories, Committee to Investigate 44 
Army Offices, U. S. 18 
Assessors. 94-260 
Associate County Commissioners. 261-278 
Associate Justices Supreme Judi- 
cial Court, 286 
Associate Justices Superior Court. 286 
Attorneys, Directory of 307 
Attorneys, District 287-298 
Attorney General (Mass.). 40 
Attorney General (U. S.), 1 
Attorney V. S.. for Dist. Mass. 285 
Auditor of Accounts ( State ) . 40 
Bail Commissioners, 284 
Ballot Law, Commissioners of 44 
Bank Commissioners. 44 
Banks in Mass.. 51-90 
Bank Commissioner. 44 
Bank Examiners. 51 
Bankruptcy, Referees in 285 
Baptists. Free 50 
Baptist Societies. 50 
Bar Examiners, < 44 
Barnstable County— Courts. 287 
—List of Towns in 262 
—Map of 261 
—Officers. 261-262 
Berkshire County— Courts, 287-288 
—List of Towns in 262 
—Map of 263 
—Officers, 262-263 
Blind. Mass. Commission for the 44 
Blind. Mass. School for the 48 
Board of Agriculture. 43 
Boards and Commissions, State 43-46 



Board of Education, 
Board of Health. State 
Board of Charity, 
Board of Insanity, 
Boiler Inspectors. 
Boiler Rules. Board of 
Bonded Constables. 

iSf e wnd<T toch Tinxm, and City 
Boston Board of Police Commis- 
sioners. 44 
Boston. Pilot Commissioners for 

the Port of 45 

Boston Transit Commissions. 44 

Bristol County— Court. 288-289 

—List of Towns in 264 

—Map of 264 

—Officers 265 

Building and Factory Inspectors, 46 

Bureau. Weather 18 

Cabinet of the United States. 17 

Calendar for 1908-1909. 

In»(de front and back covers 
Capitals of National Banks. 51-66 

Catholic Dioceses. 50 

Census of 1905. 

See under each Town and Citv 
Chancery. Masters in 284 

Charity. State Board of 44 

Charlestown State Prison. 47 

Charles River Basin Commission, 44 
Chief Justice Supreme Judicial 

Court, 286 

Chief Justice Superior Court. 286 

Children's Hospital Cottages. 48 

Chinese Inspectors. 18 

Church Organizations. 50 

Church Members, Number of 50 

Circuit Court, U. S. 285 

aties. Population of New England 29 
City Elections, Dates of 213-260 

City Officers. 213-260 

Cities and Town.« in Order of Pop- 
ulation. 347 
Civil Officers. Commissioners to 

Qualify. 282 

Civil Service Commission. 44 

Civil Service (U. S.) Board 18 

Clearing Houses. 71 

aerks of Courts, 287-298 

Clerk Supreme Judicial Court, 286 

Collectors of Internal Revenue, 18 

Collectors of Customs. 20 

Colleges. 48-49 

Colony for Insane. State 48 

Commerce and Industr>' Commis- 
sion. 44 
Commissioners. Bail 284 


Commissioners. County 261-278 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Officers. 282 

Commissioners. Railroad 44 

Commissioners. United States. 285 

Commissions. State Boards and 43-46 
Common Councilmen, 213-260 

Communicants, Number of 50 

Conciliation and Arbitration, Com- 
missioners of 44 
Congress. 17 
Congress. Representatives in 17 
Congregational Denomination. 60 
Congressional Districts. 30 
Constables (bonded). See under each 

Toum and City. 
Consuls. Foreign, in Mass. 19 

Co-operative Banks. 90 

Corporations. Commissioner of 44 

Correction. Masters of Houses of 261-278 
Cottages. Hospital, for Children. 48 
Councilor Districts, 31 

Councilors. Executive 40 

County Commissioners. 261-278 

County Officers' Accounts. Commis- 
sioners of 44 
County Commissioners' Meetings ,261-278 
County Officers, 261-278 
Court Stenographers, 286 
—Circuit Court of Appeals ( U .S. ) 285 
—Circuit Court (U.S.). 286 
—District Court (U.S.). 285 
—Land. 286 
—Police and Municipal. 287-298 
—District. 287-298 
—Superior Court. 286-299 
— Supreme Judicial Court 

(State), 286-298 

—Probate. 286-298 

Customs Districts in Mass. 20 

Daily and Weekly Newspapers. 90-9S 
Dairy Bureau. 43 

Deeds. Registers of 261-278 

Democratic State Committee, 35 

Denominational State Organizations. 50 
Dentistry, Board of Registration in 44 
Deposits in Savings Banks. 71-86 

Deputy Sheriffs. 261-278 

Detectives. State 46 

Directory of Mass. Lawyers. 307 

Di-strict and Police Courts. 287-299 

District and Police Courts, Jurisdic- 
tion of 300-306 
District Attorneys, 287-299 
District Courts. 287-299 
District Court for District Mass. 285 


Distriet Police. 46 

Dukes County— Oourta, 289 

—List of TowM in 266 

—Map of 265 

—Officers 266 

Durfee Textile School, Oommisslon- 

ere of 45 

Ear and Eye Infirmary. Mass. 48 

Education. Industrial Commission, 45 
Educational Institutions, 48 

Education, Board of 43-44 

Elections, City, See under each CUv head 
Election. State 40 

Electric Light and Oas, Commis- 
sioners of ' 45 
Embalminff, Board of Besristra- 

tion in 44 

Episcopal, Dioceses of Mass. 50 

Epileptics, Hospital for 48 

Essex County— Courts 289,290 

—List of Towns in 267 

—Map of 266 

— Offlcere 267 

Examiners, Bar (State) 44 

Examiners, Medical 
Examiners, National Bank 


Explanation of Abbreviations, 94 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, 48 
Factory and Building Inspectors, 46 
Fall River Police Commissioners, 45 
Fall River Textile School, Commis- 
sioners of 45 
Farm, State 47 
Feeble-Minded, Mass. School for 48 
Firemen's Relief Fund, Commis- 
sioners of 45 
Fire Inspectors, 46 
Fisheries and Game. Commission- 
ers of 45 
Foreiffn Consuls in Mass. 19 
Foreign Mails. Time and Dis- 
tances, 24 
Foreign Postage, 22 
Forester. State 45 
Foxboro State Hospital 48 
Franklin County— Courts. 290, 291 
—List of Towns in 267 
—Map of 268 
—Officers 268 
Free Baptists, Mass. Association, 50 
Free Delivery Post Offices in Mass. 24-29 
Game, Commissioners of Fisheries 

and 45 
Gas and Electric Light, Commis- 
sioners of 45 
General Court, Members of 40-42 
General Hospital. Mass. 48 
Government Buildings in Mass. 24 
Government, Mass. State 40 
Government. United States 17 
Governor of Massachusetts. 40 

Greylock Reservation, Commis- 
sioners of 45 
Hampden County— Courts. 291 
—List of Towns in 268 
—Map of 269 
—Officers 269 
Hampshire County— Courts, 292 
—List of Towns in 270 
—Map of 270 
—Officers 270, 271 
Harbor and Land Commissioners, 45 
Health. State Inspectors of 282 
Health, State Board of 44 
Highways, Commissioners of 45 
Holidays. Legal 288 
Home. Mass. Soldiers' 48 
Homceopathic Hospital. Mass. 48 
Hospital Cottages for Children. 48 
Hospital for Epileptics. 48 
Hospital. State ' 47 
Hospitals. Insane 47 
Hospital. Massachusetts General 48 
Hou^ of Representatives ( State ) . 40 
House of Representatives (U.S.). 17 
Hours, Office, of City Officials. 212-258 
Houses of Correction, Masters of 259-276 
Emigration Service. U. S. Commis- 
sioners. 18 
Independence League State Com- 
mittee. 36 
Industrial Education Commission. 45 
Industrial Schools, 47 
Industry, Commerce and, Commis- 
sion, 44 
Infirmary. Mass. Eye and Ear 48 
Insane, State Colony for 48 
Insane Hospitals, 47 
Insanity. Board of 44 
Inspectors of Animals. 94-260 
Inspectors, Boiler 46 
Inspectors. Chinese 18 
Inspectors of Health. State 282 
Inspectors. State 46 
Inspectors, U. S. Steamboat 18 
Institutions. Educational 48 
Institutions, State 47 
Insurance Commissioner, 45 
International Money Orders, 23 
Internal Revenue, 18 
Jailers (County), 

.Ste under each County head 
Judges Circuit Courts (U. 8.) 285 

Judges of Probate and Insol- 
vency, 287-299 
Jurisdiction of Police and District 

Courts, 300-306 

Justices, Police and Municipal 

Courts 287-299 

Justices, Trial 287-296 

Labor Statistics. Bureau of 45 

Land, Harbor and. Commissioners of 45 
Land. Court 286 

Law, Ballot, Commissioners of 44 

Lawyers, Directory of 307 

Legal Holidays in Mass. 283 
Legislation, Uniformity of. Com- 

miraion 46 
Legislature, Members of 40^2 
Legislature, Meeting of 40 
Libraries. Public, Commissioners of 45 
Library, State, Librarian of 45 
Life Saving Service. 18 
Lighthouse Districts, 19 
Loan and Trust Companies. 66-71 
Lottery Matter. Concerning 23 
Lowell Textile School. Commission- 
ers of 45 
Lumber, Surveyor General of 45 
Lyman and Industrial Schools. 47 
Mail Matter. Classes of 21 
Male Voters. Number of 37-39 
Maps. County 261-278 
Marshals. United States 285 
Massachusetts— District Police. 46 
—General Hospital. 48 
—Penal Institutions. 47 
—Post Offices. List of 24-29 
—Reformatories, 47 
—State Government, 40 
—Stat© Prison, 47 
Masters in Chancery, 284 
Masters Houses Correction, 261-278 
Mayors, 213-260 
Medicine. Board of Registration in 45 
Medical Examiners, 279-281 

Meetings of— 

—County Commissioners, 


—Boards of Aldermen. 


—Common Coimcilmeu. 




—School Committee, 






Methodist Conference, 
Metropolitan Parks, Commission- 
ers of 
Metropolitan Water and Sewerage. 

Commissioners of 45 
Middlesex County— Courts. 292-294 
—List of Towns in 271 
—Map of 271 
—Officers 272 
Money Order Post Offices, 24-29 
Money Orders, Rates of 22-23 
Municipal and Police Courts, 287-299 
Nantucket County— Courts, 294 
—Map of 273 
—Officers 272-273 
National Banks. 51-66 
National Bank Examiners. 51 
Nautical Training School. Commis- 
sioners of 45 
Navy Pay Office, 18 
Navy Yard. 18 



New Bedford Textile School. Com- 
missioners of 45 
New England Cities, Population of 29 
New Jerusalem, See Swedenboroian 
Newspapers, Daily and Weekly, 90-93 
Norfolk County— Courts, 294-295 
—List of Towns in 273 
—Map of 274 
— Offlcere 273-274 
Normal Schools. 49 
Number of Assessed Polls, Regis- 
tered Voters. Etc., 37-:» 
Number of Cities in each County, 39 
Number of Towns in each County. 39 
Officers, Commissioners to Qual- 
ify Civil 2S2 
Officers. City 213-260 
Officers. County 261-278 
Officers. Town 94-242 
Office Hours of City Officers, 

Under each City head 
Officers, State 40 

Officers of the U. S. (xovenmient. 17-18 
Official Stenographeni, 28(j 

Old Age Pensions Commission, 45 

Overseers of Poor. 94-260 

l^rks, MQtroix)litan, Commis- 
sioners of 15 
Pension Agency. U . S. 18 
Pensions and Aid. State Commis- 
sioners. 45 
Pensions. Old Age. Commission. 45 
Perkins Institution and Massachu- 
setts Sc hool for the Blind . 48 
Pharmacy. Board of Registration in 45 
Pilot Commissioners of Boston. 45 
Plymouth County— Courts. 295-296 
—List of Towns in 274 
—Map of 275 
—Officers 275-276 
Police and District Courts. 285-299 
Police and District Courts. Juris- 
diction of 300306 
Police Commissioners of Boston, 44 
Police Conunissioners of Fall River, 44 
Police, District 46 
Police and Municipal Courts. 287-299 
Political Districts, 30-35 
Political Organizations. a5-,% 
Polls and Ri>gistered Voters. 37-39 
Population of Counties. 261-278 
Population of New England Cities. 29 
Population of Towns and Cities. 

See under each Town and City heading 
Ports of Delivery. 20-21 

Ports of Entry. 20-21 

Postage, Rates of 21-22 

Postal Distances. 24 

Postal Information. 21-24 

Post Offices in Massachusetts. 24-29 

Preparatory Schools, 49 

Presbyterian Presbytery. 50 

President of the United States. 17 

Principals of High Schools. 94-260 

Prisons. Commissioners of 45 

Prisons and Reformatories, 47 

Probate Courts. 287-299 

Probation Officers. 287-299 

Prohibition State Committee. 35 

I Protestant Episcopal Dioceses. 60 

' Province Laws, Commissioner 45 

I I*ubllc Administrators, 283 

I Publication, State Board of 45 

j Public Library Commission, 45 

j Public Reconls, Commissioner of 45 

I Railroad Commissioners, 44 

I Rates of Postage, 21 

Rates of Taxation in each Town. 37-39 

' Ri»cords. Public. Commissioner of 45 

i Reformatory Schools. State 47 

I Refer»>es in Bankruptcy (U. S.). 285 

Registers of Deeds. 261-278 

1 Registered Mail Matter. 22 

I Registration in Dentistry, Board of 44 

I Registers of Pr*>baU'! and Insol- 

I vency, 287-299 

Registere<l Voters, Assessed Polls, 

etc.. 37-39 

Registration in Embalming, 

Board of 44 

Registration in Medicine. Board of 45 
Registration in Pharmacy .Board of 45 
Registration in Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Board of 46 
Religious Bodies In Massachusetts, 50 
Representative Districts, 33-35 
Representatives in Legislature. 40 
Representatives in Congress. 17 
Republican State Committee 35 
Reservation. Grey lock. Commission- 
ers of 45 
Reser\ation, Wachusett, Commis- 
sioners of 46 
Revenue, Internal 18 
Roman Catholic Diix'oses. 50 
Rural Free Delivery Post Offices 24-29 
Safe Deposit Companies. 66-71 
Salaries of ( ity Officers. 214-260 
—County Officers. 261-278 
—State Officers. 40 
Sanatorium. Mass. Stat<^ 48 
Savings Banks in Mass. 71-86 
Savings Banks Commissioners, 71 
Schools and Colleges. 48-50 
School Committees, 94-212 
School for Blind, 48 
School for Feeble-Minded, 48 
School, Nautical Training, Commis- 
sioners of 45 
Schools, Normal 49 
Schools. I*ublic • 94-260 
Schools, State Industrial 47 
Schools. Training 50 
Schools. Truant 50 

School Superintendents. 94-260 

Secretary of the Treasury. 17 
Secretary of the Commoh wealth, 40 

Seminaries, 49 

Selectmen, 94-212 

Senatorial Districts. State 32 

Senators. Stat*^ 40 

Senate (U.S.) from Mass . 17 

Sessions of U. S. Courts. 285 
Si»ssions of Probate and Insolvency 

Courts. 287-299 
Seventh Day Adventists. Head- 
quarters, 50 
Sewerage, Metropolitan, Commis- 
sioners of 45 
Sheriffs, 261-278 
Shipwrecked (Joods, Wrecks and 

Commissioners of 46 

Shire Towns, 261-278 

Signs, Explanation of 94 

Sittings of Superior Court, 287-299 
Sittings of Supreme Judicial 

Court. 287-299 

Soldiers' Home in Mass. 48 

Special Commissioners . 261-278 

Special Delivery Postage, . 22 

Special Sheriffs, 261-278 

State— Aid, Commissioners of 45 

—Boards and Commissions, 43-46 

—Board of Health, 44 

—Board of Charity, 44 

—Charitable Institutions, 48 

— Colony for Insane, 48 

—Committees (Political), 35-36 

—Courts. 286-299 

—Election, Date of 40 

—Farm. 47 

—Forester, 46 

—Government 1908, 40 

—Hospital, 47 

—House Extension. 45 

—Industrial School for Girls, 47 

—Insane Hospitals, 47 

—Inspectors of Health, 282 

—Institutions, 47 

—Library, Librarian of 45 

—Normal Schools. 49 

—Officers. 40 

—Police, 46 

—Prisons. 47 

—Reformatory, 47 

—Sanatorium, 48 

—Tax Commissioner, 46 

Statistics, Bureau of Labor, 45 

—Steamboat Inspectors, U. S. 18 

—Stenographers, Official Court, 286 

Suffolk County— Courts, 296-298 

—List of Towns in 276 

—Officers, 276 

Superior Court. 286 

Supreme Judicial Court, 286 

8ur\-eyor General of Lumber, 45 


Swedenborgian, Mass. Association, 50 
'Tables of Aggregates. 37-39 

Tax Commissioner, 46 

Tax Rate in Cities and Towns. 37-39 
Textile Sctiools. Commissioners of 45 
Time of Transit of Malls. 29 

Town Meetings, 94-212 

Town Officers. 91-212 

Towns and Cities in Order of Pop- 
ulation. 347 
Training School. Nautical. Com- 
missioners of 45 
Training Schools. 50 
Transit of Mails. Time of 23 
Transit Commiasion . Boston . 44 
Treasurers. County. 261-278 
Treasurer and Receiver General. 40 
Treasury Dept. U. 8.. Special Agents. 17 
Treasury. U. 8. Sub- 17 
■ Tree Wardens. See under each Toicn head. 
Trial Justices. 287-299 
Truant Schools. . 50 
Trust Companies. 66-71 
Uniformity of Legislation. Com- 
missioners. 46 

rniversalist Convention, 50 

Unitarian Headquarters. 50 

United States— Army Offices. 18 

—Navy Officers in Mass. 18 

—Cabinet Officers, 17 

—Chinese Inspectors, 18 

—Civil Service Board, 18 

—Commissioners. 285 

—Congress. 17 

—Courts in Mass. 2«5 

—Customs Districts, 20 

— (rovemment, 17 
— (Jovemment Buildings In Mass. 24 

-^Government Offices in Mass. 17 
United 8tat*»s— Immigration S*'rvice, 1h 

— Internal Revenue. IH 

—Life Saving Service, is 

—Lighthouse Districts. 19 

—Marshals, 28,') 

—Navy Pay Office. 18 

—Navy Yard, 18 

—Pension Agency, 18 
—Postal Information. 21-24 

—Referees in Bankruptcy. "285 

—Senate, 17 

-Sub-Treasury, 17 

—Steamboat Inspectors, 18 

—Weather Bureau, 18 

Valuations of Cities and Towns, 87-36 
Veterinary Medicine. Board of Reg- 
istration in, 46 
Villages, Index of 10-16 
Voters, Registered, Polls, etc. 37-39 
I Voting Machine Examiners. 46 
Wachusett Reser\'atIon. Commis- 
sioners of 46 
Water and Sewerage, Metropolitan 

Board. 45 

Weather Bureau, 18 

Weekly and Daily Newspapers, 90-93 
' Women's Reformatory Prison. 47 

' Worcester County— Courts. 296-297 

I —List of Towns in, 276-278 

I —Map of 277 

1 —Officers, 278 

, Wrecks and Shipwrecked Goods, 
I Commissioners of 46 


Abincrton 94 

Ablngton Village, see 

Aooord. see Norwell 
Aooaxet, see Westport 
Acre, see Clinton 
Acton M 

Acushnet 96 

Acusbnet Station, see New 

Adams. - 95 

Adams Comers, see North- 

Adamsvllle, see Colraln 
Adamsville, see Milton 
Agawam 90 

Alandar, Mt. Washington 
Albeeville, see Mendon 
Alford 96 

AUerton, see Hull 
Allston, see Boston 
Amesbury 96 

Amherst 97 

Amostown, W. Springfield 
Andover 97 

Annawon Rock, Rehoboth 
Annisquam, see Gloucester 
Apponegansett, Dartmouth 
Aquashenet, see Mashpee 
Aigilla, see Ipswich 
ArUngton 96 

Arlington District, see 

Arlington Heights, see 

ArnoldsTlUe, see Adams 
Arsenal, see Watertown 
Artichoke, Newburyport 
Asbury Orove, Hamilton 
Ashbumham 98 

Ashby 99 

Ashcroft, see Dedham 
Ashdod, see Duxbury 
Ashfleld 99 

Ashland 99 

Ashley Falls, see Sheffield 
Ashleyville, see West 

Assinlppi, see Hanover 
Assonet, see Freetown 
Asylum, see Danvers 
Athol 100 

Athol Center, see Athol 
Athol Junction, see Spring- 
Atlantic, see Quincy 
Attleboro 100 

Attleboro Falls, see North 

Auburn < 101 

Auburn Centre, see Auburn 
Auburn Statlon,see Auburn 
Aubumdale, see Newton 
Auburnvllle, see Whitman 
Attcoote, see Mattapoisett 
Avon 101 

Ayer 101 

Ayers City, see Lowell 
Ayers Village, Haverhill 
Babbitassett, see PeppereU 
Baker Bridge, see Lincoln 
BakerviUe. see Dartmouth 
Baldwinsville, Templeton 
Ballard Vale, see Andover 
Ballardville, Winchendon 
Bancroft, see Mlddlefield 
Barkerville, see Pittsfield 
Bard well, see Conway 

Bardwell's Ferry, see Shel- 

Barleyneck, see Orleans 
BamardvlUe, Worcester 
Barnstable 102 

Barre 102 

Barre Falls, see Barre 
Barre Plains, see Barre 
Barre Station, see Barre 
Barrett^s Junction, see Bel- 

BarrowsvlUe, see Norton 
Bartlett's Village. Oxford 
Bass Point, see Nahant 
Bayside. see Hull 
Bay State, Northampton 
Bay View, see Gloucester 
Beach Bluff, Swampsoott 
Bean's Cross! ng.see Rowley 
Beachmont, see Revere 
Bearcroft. see Attleboro 
Bearcroft, see Nortx>n 
Beaver Meadow. I^yden 
Beaver, see E. Bridgewater 
Beaver, see North Adams 
Beaver Brook, see Danvers 
Becket 103 

Becket Center, see Becket 
Beech Plain, Sandisfield 
Beechwood, see Cohasset 
Beechwood Station, see 

Bedford 103 

Bedford Springs. Bedford 
Bel Air, see Pittsfield 
Belcher's Corner, see 

Belchertown 103 

Bellingham . 104 

Bellingham Junction, see 

Bell Rock, see Maiden 
Bellville, see Bolton 
Bellvllle, see Newburyport 
Belmont 104 

Bemis, see Watertown 
Belvidere, see Lowell 
Bennett Hall, see Billerioa 
Berkley 104 

Berkley Common, see Berk- 
Berkshire, see Lanesboro 
Berlin 106 

Berlin Station, see Berlin 
Bernardston 106 

Bernardstown, see Green- 
Bcaulah, see Westport 
Bbvbri.t 213 

Beverly Farms, see Beverly 
Billerlca 106 

Birch Meadow, Merrlmac 
Bisbee Mills, Chesterfield 
Blsbee's Corner, see 

Blackburn Village, see Ash- 

Blaokinton, North Adams 
Blackstone 106 

Blanchardville. see Palmer 
Blandford 106 

Bleachery. see Lowell 
Bleachery Station, see 

BUss Comer, Dartmouth 
BllssvlUe, see Orange 
Blithewood, see Worceste 
Bloomingdale, Worcester 

Blue Hill, see Milton 
Bogue, see Barre 
Bolton 107 

Bolton Station, see Bolton 
BondsviUe. see Palmer 
Border City Village, see 

Fall River 

Bostonville, see Wellesley 
Bourne 107 

Bourne Crossing, see Han- 
Bournedale, see Bourne 
Bo wen's Corners, see Adams 
Bowenville, see Fall River 
Boxboro 107 

Boxford 106 

Boxford Station, Boxford 
Boylston 106 

Boylston Center, Boylston 
Boyntonville.see Wakefield 
Bradford, see Haverhill 
Uradstreet, see Hatfield 
Braggvllle, see HoUlston 
Braintroe 106 

Braley's, see Freetown 
Bramanvllle, see MiUbury 
Brant Rock, see Marshfield 
Brattle Station, Arlington 
Bray ton, see Somerset 
Bray ton Point Station, see 

Brayton Point. Swansea 
Braytonville, North Adams 
Brewster 109 

Brewster Station, Brewster 
Brick City, see Leicester 
Brier, see Savoy 
Bridgewater 100 

Bridgewater Iron Works, 

see Bridgewater 
Bridgewater Junction, see 

Briggs Comer, Attleboro 
BrlggsviUe, see Clarksburg 
Brighton, see Boston 
Brightwood, see Springfield 
Brimfleld 110 

BritanniaviUe, see Taunton 
Broadway, see Maiden 

Brockton Heights, see 

Brookdale, see Peabody 
Brookfleld 110 

Brookline 110 

Brookline Hills, see Brook- 
Brooks Station, Princeton 
Brookslde, see Westford 
Brooks ViUage.see Temple- 
Brooks Village, Wellfieet 
Brookville. see Holbrook 
Brown, see Wilmington 
Browneirs Cor., Westport 
Brown's, see East Bridge- 
Bryantville, see Hanson 
Bryan tville, see Pembroke 
Buckland 111 

Buckland Four Comers, see 

Bucksvllle, see MiUbury 
Buffum's, see Oxford 
Burke's Comer, see Rowley 
Burkinshaw, see PeppereU 
BurkviUe, see Conway 

Burlington 111 

BurragevUle, Ashburnham 
Burt's Comer, see Berkley 
Bartt, see Tewksbury 
ButlerviUe, see Wilbraham 
Buzzards Bay, see Bourne 
Byfic'ld, see Newbury 
California, see Clinton 
Calumet, see Uxbridge 
Cambbidob 221 

Cambrldgeport, Cambridge 
Campello. see Brockton 
Camp Ground, Cottage City 
Candlewood, see Ipswich 
Cannonville. Mattapoisett 
Cannonville. see New Bed- 
Canton 112 

Canton Junction, Canton 
Canton Comer, see Canton 
Carlisle 112 

CarUsle Station, Carlisle 
CarUsle Station, see West- 
CarltonvlUe, see Lawrence 
Carsonvllle. see Dalton 
CartervlUe, see BerUn 
Carver 112 

CaryviUe, see Bellingham 
Castle, see Truro 
Cataumet, see Bourne 
Cayenne, see West Spring- 
Cedarvllle, see Plymouth 
Central ViUage, Seekonk 
Central Village, Westport 
CentralviUe, see LoweU 
Center Marshfield, sea 

Center Village, see Ware- 
CenterviUe, see Barnstable 
Centerville. Winchendon 
Central Hill, see Somerville 
Central Square, seeWobum 
Central VUlage, Westford 
Centre Hanover, Hanover 
Centre Village, see Little- 
Chace^s, see Taunton 
Chaffln, see Holden 
Chamberlain's Comer, see 

ChaplnviUe, see Northboro 
ChaplinviUe, see Rowley 
Chappaquiddick, see £d- 

Charlemont, 118 

Charles River ViUage.see 

Charlestown, see Boston 
Charlton 118 

Charlton City, see Charlton 
Charlton Depot, Charlton 
Chartley. see Norton 
Chaseville, see Dudley 
Chase's Village, Oxford 
Chatham US 

Chathamport, see Chatham 
Cheapside, see Deerfield 
Cheapside, see Greenfield 
Chelmsford 114 

Chslsba 228 

Cherry Brook, see Weston 
Cherry Valley, Leicester 
Cheshire 114 

Cheshire Harbor, Cheshire 
Chester 114 



Chester Center, see Chester 
Chesterfield 115 

Chestnut Hill, Blackstone 
Chestnut Hill, see Newton 
Chicopsb 224 

Chioopee Falls, Chicopee 
Chilmark 115 

Chiltonville, see Plymouth 
Church Hill, see Norwell 
City Mills, see Norfolk 
Clapp's Corner, Sictuate 
Clarendon Hills. Hyde Park 
Clark Ferry, see North- 
Clarksburg 115 

Clark's Island, see Ply- 
Clayton, see New Marlboro 
Clematis Brook, see Wal- 

Clifford, see New Bedford 
Clifton, see Marblehead 
Cllftondale, s«ee Saugus 
Clifton Heights, Brockton 
Clinton ilO 

Clinton Junction, Clinton 
Coane's Depot, see Taunton 
Coatue, see Nantucket 
Cochesett, see W. Bridge- 
Cochituate. see Wayland 
Cohasset 116 

Coldbrook Springs, see Oak- 
Coldbrook Station. Barre 
Cold Spring, see Otis 
Coldspring, see Westford 
ColesviUe, see Williams- 
Collins, see Ludlow 
Collinsville, see Dracut 
Colrain 117 

Coltsville. see Pittsfield 
Condns, see Oxford 
Concord 117 

Concord Junction; Concord 
Congamuck, see Southwick 
Connecticut Comer, see 

Conomo, see Essex 
Consue, see Chilmark 
Conway 117 

Conway Station, Conway 
Cooleyville, see New Salem 
Cottage City, see Oak 

Cottage Farm. Brookline 
Cottage Hill, see Wintbrop 
Cotuit, see Barnstable 
Cordaville, see Southboro 
Cove Village, see Bever.y 
Cowen's Comer, see Roch- 
CraigviUe, see Barnstable 
Crane's, see Norton 
CraneyiUe, see Dalton 
Crescent Beach, see Man- 
Crescent Beach, see Revere 
Crescent Mills, see Russell 
Crockerville, see Fltohburg 
Crimpville, see Bellingham 
Crooks, see Bellingham 
Cross Street, see Woburn 
Crow Point, see Hingham 
Crystal Lake, see Gardner 
Crystal Spring Station, see 

Cummaquid, Barnstable 
Cummingsville, Woburn 
Cummlngton 118 

Curtis Crossing, Hanover 
Curtisvllle, see East 

Cushlng, see Salisbury 
Cushman, see Amherst 
Cutler's Village, see Win- 
Cuttyhunk, see Qosnold 
Cyrus, see Heath 
Dalton 118 

Dalton Station, see Dalton 
Daltonvllle, Newburyiwrt 
Dana 118 

Dan vers 119 

Danvers Center, Danvers 
Danversport, see Danvers 
Darling's, see Milford 
Dartmouth 119 

Davis, see Rowe 
Davis Comer. Westport 
DavisvlUe. see Falmouth 
Dawson, see Holden 
Dayville, see Chester 
Deantown, see Attleboro 
Dean vl He. see Norfolk 
Dedham 120 

Dedham Road, see Canton 
Dearborn's, see Lancaster 
Deerfleld 120 

Dell, see Heath 
Dennis 121 

Dennisport, see Dennis 
Devereaux. see Marblehead 
Dighton 121 

Dighton Rock Park, see 

Dodge, see Charlton 
Dodgeville, see Attleboro 
Dorchester, see Boston 
Douglas. 121 

Douglas Junction, see 

Dover 122 

Dracut 122 

Dresser Hill, see Charlton 
Drury. see Florida 
Dry Pond, see Stoughton 
Duck Harbor, see Clinton 
Dudley 122 

Dunstable 123 

Durenville, see Wobum 
Duxbury 123 

Duxbury Beach, Duxbury 
Dwight. see Belchertown 
Eagle Mills. Hubbardston 
Eagleville, see Athol 
Eagleville, see Holden 
East Acton, see Acton 
East Amherst, see Amherst 
EastBillcrica, see Uilierica 
E. Blackstone, Blackstone 
East Boston, see Boston 
East Boxford, see Boxford 
East Braintree, Bralntree 
East Brewster, Brewster 
East Bridgewater 123 

East Brlmfleld, Brimfield 
East Brooktield, Brookfleld 
East Cambridge, see 

East Carver, see Carver 
E. Charlemont, see Charle- 

East Deerfleld, Deerfield 
East Dedham, see Dedham 
East Dennis, see Dennis 
East Douglas, see Douglas 
East Douglas Station, see 

Eastern Point, Gloucester 
East Everett, see Everett 
East Falmouth, Falmouth 
East Farms, see Westfleld 
East Foxboro, see Foxboro 
East Freetown, Freetown 
East Gloucester, see 


East Groton, see Groton 
East Hadley, see Hadley 
East Harwich, see Harwich 
Eastham 124 

Easthampton 124 

East Haverhill, Haverhill 
East HoUiston, HoUlston 
East Hollow, see Pelham 
E. Hubbardston, see Hub- 
East Junction, Attleboro 
East Lee, see Lee 
East Leverett. see Leverett 
East Lexington, Lexington 
East Littleton Station, see 

East Longmeadow 124 

East Lynn, see Lynn 
East Marion, see Marion 
East Mansfield. Mansfield 
E. Mattapoisett. see Matta- 

East Millis. see MiUis 
East Milton, see Milton 
East Northfleld, Northfield 
East Norton, see Norton 
Easton 125 

Easton Center, see Easton 
Eastondale, see Easton 
East Orleans, see Orleans 
East Otis, see Otis 
East Pembroke, Pembroke 
East Pepperell, Pepperell 
E. Phillipston, see Phillips- 
East Princeton, Princeton 
E. Sandisfleld, see Sandis- 

East Sandwich, Sandwich 
East Saugus, see Saugus 
East Sharon, see Sharon 
East Shelbume, Shelbume 
E. Somerville, Somervile 
East Sudbury, see Sudbury 
East Suiton, see Sutton 
East Taunton, see Taunton 
E. Templeton, Templeton 
EastviUe, see East Bridge- 
Eastville, see Cottage City 
East Walpole, see Walpole 
East Wareham, Wareham 
E. Watertown, see Water- 
East Webster, see Webster 
East Weaham, Wenham 
E. Weymouth, Weymouth 
East Whately, see Whately 
East Whitman, Whitman 
E. Wilbraham, Wilbraham 
East Windsor, see Windsor 
East Wobum, see Wobum 
Edgartown 125 

Edgewood . S wampscott 
Edgeworth, see Maiden 
Egremont 125 

Egremont Plain, Egremont 
Egypt, see Scituate 
Egypt, see Somerset 
Eliot, see Newton 
Ellis, see Norwood 
Ellis, see Westwood 
Ellis Mills, see Wilbraham 
EUisvlUe, see Plymouth 
Elm Dale, see Uxbridge 
Elm Grove, see Colrain 
Elm Street, see Duxbury 
Elmwood, E. Bridgewater 
Elmwood, see Dedham 
Elmwood, see Holyoke 
Endicott, see Dedham 
Enfield 126 

Erving 126 

Essex 126 

Essex Falls, see Essex 


Everettville, see Princeton 
Ewlngvillc. see Holyoke 
Factory Village, see Ash- 

Factory Village, Greenfield 
Factory Village, see East- 
Factory Village, see Mid- 

Fairfield, see Russell 
Fairhaven 127 

Fairmount, see Holyoke 
Fairmount. see Hyde Park 
Fairview, see Chicox)ee 
Fall. Riybr - 227 

Falmouth 127 

Falmouth Heights, see 

Farley, see Erving 
Farmers, see Attleboro 
Farm Hill, see Stoneham 
Farms, see Canton 
Farms, see Newbury 
Farm Street, see Medfield 
Famham's, see Cheshire 
Farnumsville, see Grafton 
Faulkner, see Maiden 
Faunee Comer, Dartmouth 
FayviUe, see Southboro 
Feders^l Hill, see Dedham 
Feeding Hills, see Agawam 
Felchville. see Natick 
Fells, see Melrose 
Fenner Hill, see Webster 
Fentonville. see Brimfield 
Fern Croft, see Danvers 
Femside, see Tyringham 
Fishervllle. see Attleboro 
FishervlUe, see Grafton 
Fiskdale, see Sturbridge 

Five Corners, see Black- 
Five Corners, see Granby 
Flint Village, see Fall River 
Florence, see Northampton 
Florida 127 

Forestdale, see Sandwich 
Forest Lake, see Palmer 
Forge Village, see Westford 
Fort River, see Hadley 
Foskett's Mills, see Brim- 
Foundry Village, Colrain 
Four Comers, see Palmer 
Four Corners, Worthington 
Four Ponds, see Lancaster 
Foxboro 128 

Foxvale, see Foxboro 
Framlngham 128 

Franconia, Longmeadow 
Franklin 129 

Franklin Park, see Revere 
Free Quarter, Sandisfleld 
Freetown 129 

Fresh Water Cove, see 

Frye Village, see Andover 
Fryvllle, see Athol 
FryvlUe, see Bolton 
Fryvllle. see Orange 
FuUerville, see Clmton 
Fumace Village, see Easton 
Furnace, see Hard wick 
Gardner 129 

Gardner Centre, Gardner 
Gates Crossing, see Leom- 
Gay Head 180 

Georgetown 130 

Germantown, see Clinton 
Germantown, see Dedham 


German town, see Quinoy 
Qiflord's Comer, Westport 
GilbertvUle, see Hard wick 
Gin 131 

Gill Station, see NorthCleld 
GlUett's Comer, see South - 

Glen Mills, see Rowley 
Gleasondale, see Stow 
Gleason Junction Station, 

see Hudson 
Glenallen, see Winctaendon 
Glendale. see Stockbridge 
Glendale, see Everett 
Glendale, see Wilbraham 
Glenmere, see Lynn 
Glen wood, see Medford 
Globe Village, Pall River 
Globe Village, Southbridge 
Gloucester ij29 

Goodrich Hollow, see Han- 
Gore District, see Webster 
Goshen isi 

Gosnold 181 

Goulding Village, see Phil- 

Grafton 131 

Granby 132 

Granby Hollow. Granby 
Granite Quarry. Monson 
Granlteville, see Westford 
Granville • 132 

Granville Center, Granville 
Gray Gables, see Bourne 
Great Harrington 133 

Greenbush. see Scituate 
Greendale, see Worcester 
Greenfield 133 

Green Harbor. Marshfleld 
Green Harbor Station, see 

Green Lodge, see Dedbam 
Green Lodge. Wesiwood 
Green River, see Deerfleld 
Greenville, see Leicester 
Greenwich 134 

Greenwich Village, see 

Greenwood, see Wakefield 
Grey lock, see North Adams 
Gris wold vl lie, see Colrain 
Groton 134 

Groveland 134 

Groveland, see Haverhill 
Guinea, see PlainvlUe 
Gurnet, see Plymouth 
Gurney's Corners, Hanson 
Hadley 135 

Haggetts, see Andover 
Halifax 185 

Halifax Station, Halifax 
Hallsvllle, see Lawrence 
Hamilton t35 

Hampden 135 

H&mpton Mills, see East- 
ham pton 
Hancock 136 

Hanover 130 

Hanson 136 

Harding, see Medfield 
Hardware, see Canton 
Hardwlck I87 

Harnessville, see Concord 
Harris, see Rehoboth 
Harrisville, see Clinton 
Harrlsvllle, West Boylston 
Harrisville. Winchendon 
Harts Brook, see Hadley 
Hartsvllle. New Marlboro 
Harvard 1S7 

Harvard Station, Harvard 
Harwich I38 

Harwichport, Harwich 


Harwood*s, see Barre 
Hastings, see Weston 
Hastlngsville, see Fram- 

Hatchville, see Falmouth 
Hatfield 188 

Hatherly, see Rockland 
Hathome. see Danvers 
Havenville, see Burlington 
Haverhill 231 

Hawley 138 

Huyden Row, Hopkinton 
Haydenville, Williamsburg 
Hazlewood, see Hyde Park 
Head Pamet. see Truro 
Heald Village, see Barre 
Heath 138 

Hebronvllle. see Attleboro 
Hecla, see Ux bridge 
Hemlock, see Westport 
Hemlock Brook, see Wil- 

Heywood's Station, see 

Hicksville, see Dartmouth 
Hicksville Station, see 

High Head, see Truro 
Highland, see Haverhill 
Highland, see Tmro 
Highland Lake, see Norfolk 
Highland Park, see Avon 
Highlands, see Holyoke 
Highlands, see Lowell 
Highlands, sec Lynn 
Highlands Station, see 

HighlaDUville, see Haver- 
Highland ville, Needham 
High Street, see Pembroke 
Hiilsboro, see Leverett 
Hillside, see Medford 
Hills ville, see Spencer 
Hingham 139 

Hingham Center, Hingham 
Hinsdale 139 

Hockanum, see Hadley 
Holbrook 140 

Holdcn 140 

Holland 140 

Hollingsworth, see Groton 
Hollingsworth, Pepperell 
Holliston 141 

Hollockvllle, see Hawley 
Holyoke 2^ 

Hoosac, see Deerfield 
Hoosac Tunnel. Florida 
Hopedale 141 

Hopewell, see Taunton 
Hopkinton 141 

Hortonville, see Swansea 
Hough's Neck, see Quincy 
Hou&atonic. see Great Bar- 

Howarth's, see Oxford 
Howe's Station, Mlddleton 
Uowesville, see Ashtleld 
Howlands, see Lake ville 
Hubbardston 142 

Hubbardston Station, see 

Hudson 142 

Hull 143 

Huntington 143 

Hyannis, see Barnstable 
Hyannisport, Barnstable 
Hyde Park 143 

Hydeville, see Winchendon 
Indian Orchard, Springfield 
Indian Pond, see Kingston 
Indian Town, see Westport 
Ingalls' Station, see North 


Ingleslde, see Holyoke 
Inteclarken, Stockbridge 
Ipswich 144 

Ironstone, see Uxbridge 
Island Creek, see Duxbury 
Islington, see Westwood 
Jamaica Plain, see Boston 
JamesviUe, see Worcester 
Jefferson, see Holden 
Jericho, see Dudley 
Jericho, see Scituate 
Jerusalem, see Dedham 
Jerusalem, see West 

Bridge water 
Joppa. see Newburyport 
Judson, see Raynham 
Katama, see Edgartown 
Keuberma, see Hull 
Kendal Green, see Weston 
Kingston 144 

King Street, see Cohasset 
Knightville. Huntington 
Lagoon Heights, see Cot- 
tage City 
Lake Crossing, see Natick 
Lake Pleasant, Montague 
Lake Street, see Arlington 
Lake View, see Worcester 
Lake Village, Ashburnham 
Lake Village, see Topsfleld 
Lakeville 145 

LakevUle Station, see 

Lamb City, see Phillipston 
Lambert's Cove, see West 

Lancaster 145 

Lands End, see Rockport 
Lanes boro 145 

Lanesville, see Gloucester 
Lanesville, North Attleboro 
Lawrence 283 

Lawrence Station, see 

Lawton's Comer, see West- 
Lebanon Mills, see Seekonk 
Lee 146 

Leeds, see Northampton 
Leesville, see Worcester 
Leicester 146 

Leighton Corner, Rowley 
Leland ville, see Charlton 
Lenox . 146 

Lenoxdale, see Lenox 
Lenox Station, see Lenox 
Leominster 147 

Leverett 147 

Lexington 147 

Leyden 147 

Liberty Plain, see Hing- 
Lincoln 147 

Lincoln Square, Worcester 
Lin I'oln ville. see Ocikham 
Linden, see Maiden 
Lindenwood. see Stoneham 
Line, see Colrain 
Linebrook. see Ipswich 
Linwood, see Lynn 
Lin wood, see North bridge 
Lithia. see Goshen 
Little Rest, see Brimfleld 
Little River, see Westfield 
Littleton 149 

Littleton Common, see Lit- 
Littleville, see Chester 
Lock's Village, Wendell 
Loker ville, Framingham 
Longmeadow 149 

Longnook, see Truro 
Long Plain, see Acushnet 
Longwood, see Brookline 

Loud ville, Northampton 
LoudviUe, Westhampton 
Loveirs Comers, see 

Lovellville, see Holden 
Lowell 234 

Lowell Junction, Andover 
Lowell Street, Wakefield 
Lower Mills, see Boston 
Lower Mills, see Milton 
Lower Village, see Stow 
Lower Wire Village, see 

Ludlow U9 

Ludlow Center, see Ludlow 
Ludlow City, see Ludlow 
Lunenburg 150 

Lunenburg Station, see 

Luther's Corner, Seekonk 
Lynn 236 

Lynnfield 150 

Lynntield Center, Lynnfield 
Lynnmere, see Lynn 
Lyonsville, see Colrain 
Mace*s Station, Tewksbury 
Machine ishoip Station, see 

North Adams 
Madaket, see Nantucket 
Magnolia, see Gloucester 
Magnolia Station, see 

Maldbn 237 

Manchaug, see Sutton 
Manchester 150 

Mansfield 151 

Maple Grove, see Adams 
Mapleville. see Wenham 
Maplewood, see Maiden 
Marblehead 151 

Marblehead Neck, see 

Marble ville, see Sutton 
Marion 158 

Marion Station, see Marion 
Marlboro 288 

Marlboro, see Georgetown 
Marlboro Junction, see 

Marshfleld 152 

Marshfleld Hills, see 

Marshall's Comer, see 

Marston's Mills, Bamstable 
Mashpee 152 

Massapoag Lake, Sharon 
Mattapan, see Boston 
Mattapan, see Milton 
Mattapoisett 153 

Matfleld, West Bridgewat«T 
Mayflower Park, Braintree 
Maynard 153 

May wood, see Auburn 
Meadowbrook. see Norton 
Meadowview. No. Reading 
Mechanics, see At tleboro 
Mechanicsville, Fall River 
Medfleld 153 

MedUeld Junction, see 

Medford 230 

Medway 154 

Melrohe 240 

Melrose Highlands. Melroao 
Mcnemsha. see Chilmark 
Menaubant, see Falmouth 
Mendon 154 

Merino, see Dudley 
Merrick, West Springfield 
Merrimac 1S6 

Merrimacport, Merrimao 
Metcalf , see Holliston 
Methuen I0S 



Mica Mill, see Chester 
Middleboro 186 

Middle Farms, Westfleld 
Middlefleld 156 

MiddlCHez Junction, see 

Middlesex Village, Lowell 
Middleton 166 

Middletown. see W. Tisbury 
Miles RlYer.see Hamilton 
Milford 166 

Millbrook, see Duxbury 
Millbury 157 

Millbury Junction, Millbury 
Miller^s Falls, see Erring 
MiUington, see New Salem 
Millis 157 

Mill River, see Deerfleld 
Mill River. New Marlboro 
Mill Valley, see Amherst 
Mill Village, see Barre 
Mill Village, see Dedham 
Mill Village, see Deerfleld 
Mill Village, see Ashby 
Millville, see Blackstone 
Milton 168 

Milton Center, see Milton 
Minot. see Scituate 
Mirror Lake, see Hudson 
Mishawum. see Woburn 
Mitchellville, see Shirley 
Mittineague, see West 

Moore's Corner, Leverett 
Monomet, see Plymouth 
Monomoy Island. Chatham 
Monroe 158 

Monroe Bridtre, see Monroe 
Monroe Bridge Station, see 

Monson 168 

Montague 169 

Montague City, Montague 
Monterey laO 

Montgomery 160 

Montello, see Brockton 
Montrose, see Wakefield 
Montserrat, see Beverly 
Montvale, see Stoneham 
MontvlUe, see Sandisfleld 
Montwait, see Framlngham 
Monument Beach, Bourne 
Mornlngdale, see Boylston 
Morse Village, New Salem 
Morseville, see Cbarlton 
Morseville, see Natick 
Moultonville, see Newbury- 

Mount. Auburn, Cambridge 
Mount Auburn, Watertown 
Mount Blue, see Norwell 
Mount Carmel, Middleboro 
Mount Hermon, see Gill 
Mount Hermon, Nortbfleld 
Mount Pleasant Station, 

see New Bedford 
Mount Tom, Nortbampton 
Mount Tom, Easthampton 
Mount Wachusett, see 

Mount Washington 160 

Mount Washington, see 

Mundale, see Westfleld 
Mungo's Corner. Scituate 
Munroe. see Lexington 
Muschopauge, see Rutland 
Muskeget Island, see Nan- 
Myricks, see Berkley 
Nahant 160 

Namequoit, see Orleans 
Namskaket, see Orleans 

Nantasket, see Hull 
Nantasket Beach, see Hull 
Nantasket Junction, see 

Nantucket 160 

Narrows Village, Wareham 
Nash, see Weymouth 
Nashoba. see Westford 
Nashetucket, Falrhaven 
Natick ICl 

Navy Yard, see Draout 
Needham 161 

Needham's Comer, see 

Nemasket, see Middleboro 
Neponset, see Boston 
New Ash ford 162 


New Boston, sec Falrhaven 
New Boston, see Rutland 
New Boston, Sandisfleld 
New Boston, Wlnchendon 
New Braintree 162 

New Braintree Station, see 

New Braintree. 
Newbury 162 

Newbury Station, see 

Newbury Old Town, see 

Newburtport 248 

Newell, see Groton 
New Guinea, see Sheffield 
Newhairs Crossing, see 

New Lenox, see Lenox 
New Marlboro 168 

New Salem 168 

New Salem Station, see 

New Salem 
New Salem Station, see 

Nkwton 244 

Newton Center, see Newton 
Newton Highlands, Newton 
Newton Lower Falls, see 

Newton Street Station, see 

Newton Upper Falls, see 

NewtonvIUe, see Newton 
New Town, see Littleton 
New Worcester, Worcester 
Nichewaug, see Petersham 
Nine Acre Corner, Concord 
Nippenlcket Park, see 

Nobscot, see Framlngham 
Neman's Land, Chilmark 
Nonantum, see Newton 
Nonquitt, see Dartmouth 
Norfolk 163 

Norfolk Downs, see Quincy 
North Ablngton. Ahington 
North Acton, see Acton 
North Adams 245 

North Amherst, Amherst 
Northampton 246 

North Andover 164 

North Andover Depot, see 

N. Andover 
North Ashburnham, see 

North Ashbumbam Sta- 
tion, see Ashbumham 
North AttleDoro 164 

North Bellingham, see 

North Bemardston, see 

North Beverly, see Beverly 
North Blllerica, BlUerica 
North Blandford.Blandford 

Northboro 164 

North Brewster, Brewster 
Northbridge 166 

Northbridge Centre, see 

North Brookfield 166 

North Cambridge, see 

North Carver, see Carver 
North Chatham, Chatham 
North Chelmsford, see 

North Chester, see Chester 
North Cohasset, Cohasset 
North Dana, see Dana 
North Dartmouth, see 

North Dartmouth Station, 

see Dartmouth 
North Dighton. see Dighton 
North Digbton Station, see 

North Duxbury, Duxbury 
North Eastham, Eastham 
North Easton. see Easton 
North Egremont, see 

North Falmouth, Falmouth 
North Farms, see North- 
Northfleld 166 

Northfleld Farms, see 

North Foxboro. Foxboro 
North Framlngham, see 

North Franklin, Franklin 
North Grafton, see Grafton 
North Groveland, see 

North Hadley, see Hadley 
North Hancock, see 

North Hanover, Hanover 
North Hanson, see Hanson 
North Harwich, Harwich 
North Hatfield, Hatfield 
North Heath, see Heath 
North LakeviUe, see Lake- 

Nortb Lancaster, see Lan- 
North Leverett. Leverett 
North Leommster, see 

North Lexington, see Lex- 
North Littleton. Littleton 
North Marion, see Marion 
North Marshfleld. see 

North Mashpec, Mashpee 
North Middleboro, see 

North Milford, see Milford 
North Monson, see Monson 
North Natick. see Natick 
North New Salem, see New 

North Orange, see Orange 
North Otis, see Otis 
North Oxford, see Orford 
North Oxford Mills, Oxford 
North Oxford Station, see 

North Parish, Greenfield 
North Peabody, Peabody 
North Pembroke, see Pem- 
North Pepperell, see Pep- 

North Plymouth, Plymouth 
North Plympton, «ee 

North Prescott, Presoott 
North Quarter, see Concord 
North Raynham, Raynham 
North Reading 166 

North Rehoboth, Rehoboth 
North Rochester, see 

North Rutland, Rutland 
North Salem, see Salem 
North Saugus, see Saugus 
North Scituate. Scituate 
North Scituate Beach, see 

North Shirley, see Shirley 
Northside, see Charlton 
North Spencer. Spencer 
North Stoughton, see 

North Sudbury, Sudbury 
North Sunderland, see 

North Swansea, Swansea 
North Taunton, Taunton 
North Tisbury, see West 

North Truro, see Truro 
North Uxbridge, Uxbridge 
North ville, see Worcester 
North Walpole. Walpole 
North Webster, Webster 
Northwest Duxbury, see 

North Westport, Westport 
North Weymouth, see 

North Wilbraham, see Wll- 

North Wilmington, Wil- 
North Woburn, Woburn 
North Woods, see Holden 
North Worcester, see Wor- 

North Yarmouth, see Man- 
Norton 166 

Nonimbega Park, see New- 
Norwell 167 

Norwich, see Huntington 
Norwich Bridge, see Hunt- 
Norwood 167 

Norwood Central, see 

Oak Bluffs 168 

Oakdale. see Dedham 
Oakdale. see Marion 
Oakdale, West Boylston 
Oak Grove Village, see Fall 

Oak Grove, see Maiden 
Oakham 168 

Oak Hill, see Newton 
Oak Island, see Revere 
Oakland, see Woburn 
Oakland Village. Taunton 
Oaklandvllle, see Saugus 
Ocean Spray, see Winthrop 
Oc«'ftn View, see Rockport 
Old Common, see Lancaster 
Old Common, see Millbury 
Old Lanaing, see Marion 
Old Spain, see Weymouth 
Oldtown, North Attleboro 
Onset, see Wareham 
Onset Junction, Wareham 
Orange 168 

Orleans 169 

Orleans Mills, see Rehoboth 
Osterville, see Barnstable 
Otis 169 

Otter River, see Templeton 
Oxford 169 


Oxford, see Fairharen 
PackardvlUe, see Pelham 
Padanaram, Dartmouth 
Palmer 170 

Palmer Center, see Palmer 
Pansy Park, see Beloher- 

Paper Mills, see Middleton 
Paper Mill Village, see 

PartridgeviUe, see Athol 
Partrldgevllle, Templeton 
Parker's Mills, see Oakham 
Parkerville, see Westford 
PattenyiUe, see Tewksbury 
Paugus. see Pepperell 
Paucatuck, W. Springfield 
Pawtucketvllle, see Lowell 
Paxton 170 

Peabody 171 

Pecowslc, see Springfield 
Pelham 171 

Pelham Center, see Pelham 
Pembroke 171 

Pemberton, see Hull 
Pepperell 172 

Pepperell Station, see Pep- 
Perrins, see Seekonk 
Perryvllle, see Dudley 
Perryville, see Rehoboth 
Peru 172 

Petersham 172 

Phelps' Mill, see Peabody 
Phillipston 178 

Phillips Beach, Swamp- 

Pierce's Bridge, see Lex- 
Pierceville, see Rochester 
Piety Comer, see Waltham 
Pigeon Cove, see Rookport 
Pinedale, see Athol 
Pine Nook, see Deerfield 
Pine Grove, see Newton 
Pine Ridge, see Westford 
PingreyvLlle, see Littleton 


Pittsfield Junction, see 

Plainfleld 178 

Plainville 178 

PlainviUe, see Hadley 
Plainville, New Bedford 
Pleasant Hill, see Saugus 
Pleasant Lake, Harwich 
Pleasant Valley, Sutton 
Pleasant View, see Attle- 

Plymouth 178 

Plympton 174 

Plymptonvllle, Walpole 
Pocasset, see Bourne 
Pochet, see Orleans 
Point Shirlev, Winthrop 
Polpis, see Nantucket 
Pond Village, see Truro 
Pondville, see Auburn 
Pondville, see Norfolk 
Ponikln, see Lancaster 
Ponkapoag, see Canton 
Pontoosuc. see Pittsfield 
Porter, see Wejrmouth 
Portnomequoit, Orleans 
Pottersville, see Somerset 
Powers Mills, see Phillips- 
Pratt's Junction, Sterling 
Prattville. see Raynham 
Prentice Corner, see 

Prescott 174 

Pride's Crossing, Beverly 
Princeton 175 


Princeton Depot, see 

Proctor, see Peabody 
Prospect Hill, Somerville 
Prospectville, Waltham 
Provinoetown 175 

Putnam*8 Village, see 

Putnamville. see Danvers 
Quaise, see Nantucket 
Quaker District, see 

Quansett, see Westport 
Queen Anne's Comer, see 

Quepeggin, see Chilmark 
Quidnet. see Nantucket 
Quinapoxet, see Holden 
Quinapoxet Station, see 

QniNCT 249 

Quincy Point, see Quincy 
Quinsigamond. see Wor- 
Quissett, see Falmouth 
Qultsbv, see Chilmark 
Rakeville, see Bellingham 
Ram Island, see Matta- 

Randolph 175 

Rasrmond, see Plymouth 
Ra3rnham 176 

Reading 176 

Reading Highlands, see 

Readville. see Hyde Park 
Red Bridge, see Ludlow 
Red Brook, see Plymouth 
Reformatory Station, see 

Rehoboth 177 

Renfrew, see Adams 
Renfrew, see Dal ton 
Reservoir, see Brookline 
Revere 177 

Revere Beach, see Revere 
Revere Highlands, Revere 
Rice Village, see Barre 
Richmond 177 

Richmond Furnace, see 

Richmond Iron Works, see 

Rider Village, see Barre 
Ringville, see Worthington 
Rising Comers, see South- 
RIverdale, see Dedham 
Riverdale. see Northbridge 
Riverdale, see Gloucester 
Riverdale. see West 

Riverside, see Gill 
Riverside, see Haverhill 
Riverside, see Holy ok e 
Riverside, see Montague 
Riverside, see Newton 
Riverside, see Tyringham 
Riverside Park, see Con- 
River View Station, see 

Rivulet, see Uxbridge 
Roberts Station, Waltham 
Robinson ville, Mansfield 
Robinsonville, see North 

Rochdale, see Leicester 
Rochester 178 

Rock, see Middleboro 
Rock Harbor, see Orleans 
Rock Hill, see Amesbury 
Rock Bottom, see Stow 
Rockdale, see Northbridge 

Rockdale, see New Bedford 
Rockdale Mills, see West 

Rockland 178 

Rocklawn Mills, see West- 

Rockport 178 

Rocks Village, Haverhill 
Rock Valley, see Holyoke 
Rockville, see Millis 
Rockville, see Fitchburg 
Rooky Nook, see Kingston 
Rooty Plain, see Rowley 
Rosliudale, see Boston^ 
Rossiter Comers, see Rich- 
Rowe 179 

Rowley 179 

Roxbury, see Boston 
Royalston 179 

Russell 180 

Russell Mills, Dartmouth 
Russellville, see Hadley 
Russellville, Southampton 
Rutland 180 

Ryal Side, see Beverly 
Sabbatia Park, Taunton 
Saccarappa, see Oxford 
Sagamore, see Bourne 
Sagamore Beach, Bourne 
Sagamore, see Hull 
Salbm 250 

Salem Junction, see Tewks- 
Salem Neck, see Salem 
Salem Willows, see Salem 
Salisbury 180 

Salisbury Beach, Salisbury 
Salisbury Point, Amesbury 
Salisbury Square,Brockton 
Sandersdale, Southbridge 
Sanders Hill, see Haverhill 
Sandhills, see Scituate 
Sandisfield 181 

Sandwich 181 

Sandy Pond Station, see 

Sandy Valley, see Dedham 
Santuit, see Barnstable 
Saqulsh, see Pljrmouth 
Satuoket, E. Bridgewater 
Saugus 181 

Saundersdale, see South- 
Saundersville, see Grafton 
Savoy 182 

Savoy Center, see Savoy 
Savoy Hollow, see Savoy 
SaxonviUe, Framingham 
Scan tic. see Hampden 
Scituate 182 

Scituate Center, Scituate 
Scituate Harbor, Scituate 
Scituate Station, see Scit- 
Sconticut Neck, see Fair- 

Scotland, see Bridgewater 
Scotland, see Newbury 
Searsville, see Dennis 
Searsville, Williamsburg 
Seaside, see Kingston 
Sea View, see Marshfleld 
Seekonk 182 

Seekonk, Great Barrington 
Segreganset, see Dighton 
Sequasset, see W. Bridge- 
Shack Street, see West- 

Shaker Village, Harvard 
Shaker Village, Pittsfield 
Shaker Village, see Shirley 
Sharon 183 

Sharon Heights, see Sharon 
ShattuckviUe, see Ooirain 
Shawmut, New Bedford 
Shawville, see Wales 
Sheffield 188 

Sheffield Plain, see Shef- 
Sheffield Village, Sheffield 
Shelbume 188 

Shelbume Falls, Shelbume 
Shelbume Junction, see 

Sheldonvllle, Wrentham 
Shepardville, see Plainville 
Sherbom 184 

Sherbomvllle Sherbom 
Sherman's Corner, see 

Sherwood, WilUamstown 
Shirley 184 

Shirley Center, see Shirley 
Shrewsbury 184 

Shutesbury 185 

Shuttleville, Southbridge 
Siasconset, see Nantucket 
Silver Hill, see Weston 
Silver Lake, see Kingston 
Silver Lake, see Plympton 
Silver Lake, Wilmington 
Sippican, see Marion 
Sixteen Acres, Springfield 
Smiths, see Enfield 
Smith's Ferry, see North- 
Smith's Mills, Dartmouth 
Snellville, see Sturbridge 
Sodom, see Scituate 

Somerset 186 

South Acton, see Acton 
South Amherst, Amherst 
South Ashbumham, see 

Southampton 1B& 

South Ashfleld, Ashfield 
South Athol, see Athol 
South Attleboro, Attleboro 
South Barre, see Barre 
South Beach, Edgaitown 
South Berlin, see Berlin 
South Bellingham, see Bel- 
Southboro 186 

South BiUerica, Billerica 
South Bolton, see Bolton 
South Boston, see Boston 
South Braintree, Bralntree 
South Brewster, Brewster 
Southbridge 186 

South Byfield, Newbury 
South Canton, see Canton 
South Carver, see Carver 
South Charlton, Charlton 
South Chatham, Chatham 
South Chelmsford, see 

South Dartmouth, see Dart- 
South Dennis, see Dennis 
South Deerfield, Deerfield 
South Douglas, Douglas 
South Duxbury, Duxbury 
South Easton, see Easton 
South Easton Station, see 

South Egremont,Egremont 
South Essex, see Essex 
Southfield, New Marlboro 
South Fitchburg, see BTitoh- 

South Framingham, see 

South Franklin, Franklin 
South Gardner, Gardner 



South Georgetown, see 

South Oroyeland, see 

South Qroveland, see 

South Hadley 187 

South Hadley Falls, see 

South Hadley 
South Halifax, see Halifax 
South Hamilton, Hamilton 
South Hanover, Hanover 
South Hanson, see Hanson 
South Harwich, Harwich 
South Hingham, Hlngham 
South Holyoke Holyoke 
South Hyannis, see Barn- 
South Lancaster, see 

South Lawrence, Lawrence 
South Lee, see Lee 
South Lincoln, see Lincoln 
South Lynnfleld. Lynnaeld 
South Marshfleld, see 

South Mashpee, Mashpee 
South Medford, Medford 
South Middleboro, see Mld- 

South Middleton, see Mid- 

South Milford. Hopedale 
South Monson, see Monson 
South Montague, see Mon- 
South Natick, see Natlck 
South Orleans, see Orleans 
South Peabody, Peabody 
South Plymouth, Plymouth 
So. Pond Village,Ply mouth 
South Quincy, see Quincy 
South Raynham, Raynham 
South Rehoboth. Rehoboth 
South Royalston, see Roy- 

South Salem, see Salem 
South Sandlsfteld, see 

South Sandwich, Sandwich 
South Seekonk, Seekonk 
South Sherbom, Sherbom 
South Shrewsbury, see 

South Somerset, Somerset 
South Spencer, see Spencer 
South Stoughton, see 

South Sudbury, Sudbury 
South Sutton, see Sutton 
South Swansea, Swansea 
South Truro, see Truro 
South Village, see Dennis 
Southville. see Soutbboro 
South Walpole, Walpole 
South Wareham, see 

South Wellfleet, Wellfleet 
South Westminster, see 

South Westport, Westport 
South Weymouth, see 

Southwlok 187 

South Williamstown, see 

South Wilmington, see 

Wo burn 
South Worcester, see Wor- 
South Worthington, see 

South Wrentham, see 


South Yarmouth, see Yar- 
Spone<[?r 187 

Sprli]gdftlif, wee Canton 
t?priii*rdale, F^ee Molden 
SpririKiiale, wee Holji^oke 

Spriiitz HiH >it"r Hiimiwioh 
Sprinu' l\\i\ -■- ■ '- •■' -jrville 
Spriiit'viJ^- field 

S II 1 i 1 1- 1' To r ij ' ■ L . - ' ■ ' . I -thfleld 
S- •M:;ri;MUijk JutiL':iion, see 

Squantum, see Quincy 
Squibnocket, see Chilmark 
Standish, see Marshfleld 
State Farm, Bridgewater 
State Line, see Monson 
State Line, see West Stock- 
Steamsville, see Pittsfleld 
Steep Brook, see Fall River 
Sterling 188 

Sterling Junction, Sterling 
Sterling Camp Ground, see 

Stevens Corners, see Rich- 
Stevens Village, see North 

Still River, see Harvard 
Stockbridge 188 

Stone District, see North- 
Stone Factory, see Canton 
Stoneham 180 

Stone Haven, see Dedham 
Stonehaven, see Rockport 
Stoneville, see Auburn 
Stony Beach, see Hull 
Stony Brook, see Kingston 
Stony Brook, see Norfolk 
Stoughton 180 

Stow 180 

Straw Hollow, see Boylston 
Sturbridge 190 

Sudbury 190 

Sugar Loaf, see Deerfleld 
Summit, see Worcester 
Sunderland 190 

Surfside, see Hull 
Surfside, see Nantucket 
Sutton 191 

Swampscott 191 

Swansea 192 

Swansea Center, Swansea 
Swansea Village, Swansea 
Sweet's Comers, see Wil- 

Swift River, Cummington 
Symmes' Corner, see Win- 
Taconic, see Pittsfleld 
TalDOt, see North bo ro 
Tapleyville, see Danvers 
Tarkiln, see Duxbury 
Tarpaulin Cove, Gosnold 
Tasseltop, see Douglas 
Tatham, west Springfleld 
Tatnuck. see Worcester 
Taunton 256 

Teaticket, see Falmouth 
Tempest Knob Station, see 

Temple ton 192 

Tennyville. see Palmer 
Tewk^bury 192 

Tewksbury Junction, see 

Tewksbury Station, see 

Texas, see Oxford 
The Glades, see S^ituate 
Thermopylae, SouthHadley 

Tl\ompsonTille,see Newton 
Thomdlke, see Palmer 
Three Rivers, see Palmer 
Tihonet, see Wareham 
Tlllot80h*s, see Pittsfleld 
Tilton's, see Walpole 
Tisbury 108 

Titicut. see Middleboro 
ToUand 108 

Tonset, see Orleans 
Topsfleld 103 

Touisset, see Swansea 
Townsend 104 

Townsend Harbor, see 

Tower Hill, see Randolph 
Tower Hill, see Wayland 
Traskville, see Fitch burg 
Trow bridge ville, see Wor- 
Truro 104 

Truro Station, see Truro 
Tuokernuck, Nantucket 
Tuckemuck Island, see 

Tufts College, see Medford 
Tuttsville, see Dudley 
Tully, see Orange 
Turner's Falls. Montague 
Turnpike, see Billerica 
Turnpike, see Lakeville 
Tylerville.see Belchertown 
Tyngsboro 104 

Tyringham 106 

Union Market, see Water- 
Union Square, see Somer- 

Unionville, see Easton 
Unionvllle. see Franklin 
Unionville, see Holden 
Unionville, see Wellesley 
Upper Swampscott, see 

Upper Wire Village, see 

Upton, 106 

Uxbridge 196 

Valley Village, Princeton 
Van Deusenville see Great 

Vaughn, see Peabody 
Vineyard Haven, Tisbury 
Vineyard Highlands, see 

Cottage City 
Waban, see Newton 
Wachusett. see Fitchburg 
Wadsworth's, see Franklin 
Wakefield 100 

Wakefield Junction, see 

Wales 106 

Walker, see Taunton 
Walkerville, see Natick 
Wallum Pond, see Douglas 
Walnut Hill, see Dedham 
Walnut Hill, see Woburn 
Walpole 107 

Walpole Center, Walpole 
Walpole Junction, see 

Waltham 266 

Wultham Highlands Sta- 
tion, see Waltham 
Wamesit, see Tewksbury 
Wampum, see Wrentham 
Wapping, see Deerfield 
Wapping, see Kingston 
Waquoit, see Falmouth 
Warden's Comer, see 

Ward Hill, see Haverhill 
Ware 107 

Ware Centre, see Ware 

Wareham 107 

Wareham Center.see Ware- 
Warren 106 

Washaoum, see Sterling 
Warwick 106 

Washington lOO 

Washington Station, see 

Washington Street Station, 

see Whitman 
Waterford, see Blackstone 
Watertown 100 

Waterville, Winchendon 
Waison, see Ashfleld 
Watuppa, see Fall River 
Wauwinet, see Nantucket 
Waveland, see Hull 
Waverley, see Belmont 
Wayland lOO 

Wayside Inn. see Sudbury 
Wayside Inn Station, see 

Webster 200 

Webster Junction, see Au- 
Webster Mills, Webster 
Webster Mills Station, see 

Weir, see Taunton 
Weir Junotion.see Taunton 
Wellesley eoD 

WeUesley Falls, Wellesley 
Wellesley Farms, see 

Wellesley Hills, Wellesley 
Wellfieet 201 

Wellington, see Medford 
Wendell 201 

Wendell Depot. Wendell 
Wenham 201 

Wenham Depot, see Ham- 
Wenham Depot. Wenham 
Wenham Neck. Wenham 
WessonvlUe. see Westboro 
West Abington. Abington 
West Acton, see Acton 
West Andover. see Andover 
West Andover Station, see 

West Auburn, see Auburn 
West Barnstable, see Bam- 

West Becket, see Becket 
West Bedford, see Bedford 
West Berkley, see Berkley 
West Berlin, see Berlin 
Westboro 202 

West Boxford, see Boxford 
West Boylston 202 

West Brewster. Brewster 
West Bridgewater 802 

West Brimfield, Brimfield 
West Brookfield 203 

West Cambridge, see Cam- 
West Chatham. Chatham 
West Chelmsford, see 

West Chesterfield, see 

West Chop, see Tisbury 
West Comers. Randolph 
West Cummington, see 

Westdale, see E. Bridge - 

Westdale, see West 

West Deerfield. Deerfield 
West Dennis, see Dennis 
West Dighton, see Dighton 
West Douglas, see Douglas 



West Dudley, see Dudley , 
West Duxbury. Duzbury 
West Everett, see Everett 
West Falmouth, see 

West Farms, see North- 
West Farms, see Westfleld 
Westfleld 808 

Westfleld, see Dedham 
West Fitchburg, see Fltoh- 

Westford 208 

Westford Station, see 

West Foxboro, Foxboro 
West Gardner. Gardner 
West Gloucester, see 

West Granville, Granville 
West Groton, see Groton 
Westhampton 804 

West Hanover, Hanover 
West Harwich, Harwich 
West Hatfield, Hatfield 
WestHawley, see Hawley 
West Hingham, Hingham 
West Leominster, see 

West Leyden, see Leyden 
West Lynn, see Lynn 
West Manchester, see Man- 
West Mansfield, Mansfield 
West Medford, see Medford 
West Medway, see Medway 
West Mlllbury, MlUbury 
Westminster 204 

Westminster Depot, see 

West New Boston, see 

West Newbury 204 

West Newton, see Newton 
West Northfield,Northfield 
Weston 206 

West Orange, see Orange 
West Otis, see Otis 
West Oxford, see Oxford 

West Peabody, Peabody 
West Pelham, see Pelham 
West Pittsfield. see Pitts- 
West Plymouth, Plymouth 
Westport 201) 

WestportFact'y, Westport 
Westport Factory Station, 

see Westport 
Westiwrt Harbor, see 

Westport Point, Westport 
West Qutncy, see Quincy 
West Royalston, Royalston 
West Roxbury, Boston 
West Rutland, see Rutland 
West Shrewsbury, see 

West SomerviUe, see Som- 

West Springfield 200 

West Sterling, see Sterling 
West Stockbridge 208 

West Stockbridge Center, 

see West Stockbridge 
West Stoughton, see 

West Sutton, see Sutton 
West Tisbury 206 

West Townsend, Townsend 
West Upton, see Upton 
Westvale, see Concord 
West Village, see North 

WestviUe. see Sturbridge 
Westville, see Taunton 
West Walpole, see Walpole 
West Ware, see Ware 
West Wareham. Wareham 
West Warren, see Warren 
West Watertown, see 

West Whately, see 

Westwood 207 

Westwood Park, see West- 
West Worthington, see 

West Wrentham, see 

West Yarmouth, Yarmouth 
Weymouth 207 

Weymouth Centre, see 

Weymouth Heights, see 

Weymouth Landing, see 

Whalom Park, Lunenburg 
Whately 208 

Wheelerville, see MlUbury 
Wheelock's, see Uxbridge 
Wheelwright, Hardwick 
White Hall, see Rutland 
White Oaks, see Williams- 
White Valley, see Barre 
Whiteville, see Mansfield 
Whltinsville, North bridge 
Whitins Station, see 

Whitman 206 

Whitman Crossing, Stow 
Wbitney Station, see Sher- 

Whittenton, see Taunton 
Wianno, see Barnstable 
Wigginville, see Lowell 
Wigginville,see Tewksbury 
Wilbraham 208 

Wilkinsonvllle, see Sutton 
Williamsburg 209 

WiUiamstown 200 

Williamstown Station, see 

WiUiamsviUe, :see 

WiUiamsvUle, see West 

WiUimansett, see Chicopee 
WiUlngsly. see Plymouth 
WiUow Bridge, SomerviUe 
WiUowdale, see Ipswich 
Willows, see Ayer 
Wilmington 209 

Wilmington Junction, see 


Winchendon 210 

Winchendon' Center, see 

Winchendon Springs, see 

Winchester 210 

Winchester Highlands, see 

Windsor 211 

Winetucket. see Plympton 
Winneconnet, see Norton 
Wingaershaek, see Glou- 
Winslow, see Norwood 
Winslow*s Crossing, see 

Winter HiU. see Somer- 
Winthrop 211 

Winthrop Beach. Winthrop 
Winthrop Highlands, see 


Wobum Highlands, see 

WoUaston, see Quincy 
Woodbury, see Sutton 
Woodburys, see Hamilton 
Woodland Station, see 

Wood's Hole, Falmouth 
Wood side, see North boro 
Woodsville. see Shirley 
Woodville, Hopkinton 
WoodvlUe. see Wakefield 
Woonsocket Junction, see 


Worthington 211 

Wrentham 212 

Wyben, see Westfield 
Wyoma Village, see Lynn 
Wyoming, see Melrose 
Yarmouth 212 

Yarmouth Farms, see Yar- 
Yarmouthport. Yarmouth 
Zoar, see Charlemont 
Zylonite, see Adams 



President, Theodore Booterelt (B) of New York, 
salary $50,000. Term expires March 4, 1909 

Vice-president, CharleB W. Fairbanlv (B) of In- 
diana, salary $8000 


Secretary of State, Elihn Boot of New York 

Secretary of the Treasury, George B. Gorteljon 

of New York $8000 
Secretary of War, William H. Taft of Ohio $8000 
Secretary of the Navy, Vietor H. Metealf of 

California $8000 
Secretary of the Interior, Jamee B. Garfield of 

Ohio $8000 
Postmaster Oeneral, George von L. Meyer of Maa- 

sachusetts $8000 
Attorney General, Charles J. Bonaparte of Mazy- 
land $8000 
Secretary of Agrumlture, Jamee Wilson of Iowa 

Secretary of Commerce and L<ibor, Oscar S. 

Straus of New York $8000 

Tre€isurer of the United States, Charles H. Treat 

Director of Census, 8. N. D. North $6000 
Commissioner of Education, Elmer E. Brown $3000 
Commissioner of Pensions, Vespasian Warner 

Commissioner of Patents, Frederick L Allen 

Commissioner of Indian A fairs, Francis E. 

Leapp $4000 
Crovemment Printer, Charles A. Stillings $4500 
Commissioner of Labor, Charles P. Neill $5000 
Civil Service Commissioners, John C. Black pres. 

Henry F. Greene, John A. Mcllheny, Frank M. 

Ki^gins, John T. Doyle $3500 each 
Interstate Commerce Commissioners, Martin A. 

Knapp of New York ch. Judson C. Clements of 

Georgia, Edgar E. Clark of Iowa, Charles A. 

Prouty of Vermont, James S. Harlan of Illinois, 

Francis M. Cockrell, Franklin K. Lane, $7000 

each; Edward A. Moseley sec. 
Commissioner of Internal Bevenue, John W. 

Terkes $6000 
Librarian of Congress, Herbert Patnam of Massap 

chusetts $5000 

The Senate is composed of two members from 
each State. They are chosen by the Legisla- 
tnrea of the several states for the term of six 

years, one-third being elected biennially. The 
Vice-president of the United States is Presi- 
dent of the Senate, in which body he has only 
a casting vote, which is given in case of an 
equal division of the votes of the Senators. In 
his absence, a president pro tempore is chosen 
from among the Senators by the Senate. 

Sixtieth Congress begins March 4, 1907; ends 
March 4, 1909. 

Salary of Senators and Bepresentatives $5000, 
and twenty cents mileage. 

Senators ftom Massachusetts. 

Henry Cabot Lodge (B) Nahant, 1911. 
Winthrop Murray Crane (B) Dalton, 1913. 


The House of Bepresentatives is composed of 
members from the several States, elected by the 
people in separate districts composed of con- 
tiguous territory, for the term of two years. 
The Bepresentatives are apportioned among the 
different States according to population. 

Bepresentatives from Idassachnsetts— 60th 
Dist. Congress. 

1. George P. Lawrence (B) North Adams 

2. Frederick H. Gillett (B) Springfield. 

3. Charles G. Washburn (B) Worcester. 

4. Charles Q. TirreU (B) Natick. 

5. Butler Ames (B) Lowell. 

6. Augustus P. Gardner (B) Hamilton. 

7. Ernest W. Boberts (B) Chelsea. 

8. Samuel W. McCall (E) Winchester. 

9. John A. Keliher (D) Boston. 

10. Joseph F. O'Connell (D) Boston. 

11. Andrew J. Peters (D) Boston. 

12. John W. Weeks (B) Newton. 

13. William S. Greene (B) Fall Biver. 

14. William C. Levering (B) Taunton. 

U. S. Qovermnent Offices in Massachusetts. 

T7. a Bub-treasury. 60-65 Post Office Building, 
Boston; hours 10 to 2. 

Assistant Treasurer, Edwin TJ. Curtis. 

Chief Clerk, Edward L. Potter. 

Tteasnry Department. Special Agents, Treas- 
ury Dept (Division of Special Agents), 86 
Post Office building, Boston, G. C. Channmg, 
ispeeial agent in charge. 

Speciai Employees, Charles B. Dowd, Carl H. 

Special Inspector, Theophilus Grout 

Inspectress, Annie J. Locke. 



U. S. Pension Agency. 87 Post Office buildini^, 

Boston; hours 9 to 4. 
Pensian Agent, A. J. Hoitt. 
Chief Clerk, George H. Chapiiu 
Special Eocaminers for Boston, Charles Fairbanki^ 
Charles D. McSorle^. Office 125 Post Office 
buiding; hours 9-4. 
Examining Surgeons, First Board, Boscoe E. 
Brown pres. Edward M. Harding see. John M. 
C. Murphey treas. Office 132 Post Office build- 
ing. Monday after 8.30 a.m. 

Second Board, George B. Stevens pres. Everett 
M. Bowker sec. Daniel E. Millexick treas. 
Office 132 Post Office building; Saturday 
after 8.30 a. m. 

U. S. Weather Bureau, 149 Post Office building, 
Boston; hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Information 
by telephone until 4.30 p.m., also from 8 to 
9.30 p.m. 

District Forecaster and Section Direetor, John W. 

Board Bzaminers T7. & Civil Service District, 
101 Post Office building, Boston. Edward E. 
Stebbins sec. Marion £. Hutchins, Daniel S. 
Knowlton, Jas. H. Larkin, Ernest L. Beynolds, 
Chester W. Pike, Luella Patch, Herbert F. 
French, Charles A. Bichardson, WHliston Lin- 

U. 8. Steamboat Iniq;»6Ctor8, office 137 Post Of- 
fice building, Boston. LociU Inspectors, An- 
drew J. Savage, William A. Carleton; Asst. 
Inspectors, William M. Gilman, Henry L. 
Thompson, Newell A. Perry, Oscar G. Haines. 

U. S. Army Offices, 263 Summer St., Boston. 
Depot Quart ervKuter, Major Thomas (Jruse; 
Constructing Quartermaster, Capt. Ira L. Fre- 
dendall; Paymaster, Lt. Col. George R. Smith, 
deputy paymaster general; Purchasing Com- 
missary, Capt Jacob Bloom; Asst. to Depot 
Quartermaster, Lieut. J. D. Park, 4th Cav. 
Engineer *s Office, Barristers' Hall, Pemberton 

U. 8. Chinese Inspectors, Long Wharf. Officer in 
charge f Geo. B. Billings; Chief Inspector, John 
A. McCabe; Inspector, Charles D. Mayer; Ste- 
nographer and Cleric, Walter M. Perry; Inter- 
preter, Moy Don Sing. 

Navy Pay Ofice, Mason building, rooms 42 to 
45. Pay Director, Charles W. Littlefield, U. a N. 

T7. S. Immigration Service, office foot Long 
Wharf. Commissioner, George B. Billings; 
Deputy Commissioner, Jeremiah J. Hurley; 
Kedical Inspector in charge, M. Victor Saf* 
ford, M.D. 

XT. S. Navy Yard, entrance Wapping street, 

Commandant, Bear Admiral William Swift. 

Commanding Beceiving Ship Wabash, Capt. A. 
P. Nazro. 

Naval Constructor, Elliot Snow. 

Captain of the Yard, Capt. Wm. A. Marshall 
Ordnance Officer, Comr. J. H. Shipley. 
Equipment Officer, Capt W. G. Cutler. 
Medical Officer of the Yard, Surgeon J. M. Edgar. 
Head of Steam Engineering Dept., Comr. G. E. 

Paymaster, C. S. Baker. 
Pay Inspector, C. S. Williams. 
Genial Storekeeper, E. B. Bogers. 
CvvU Engineer, Fred Thompson. 

17. S. Internal Eevenne. 

Office 67 Post Office Building, Boston. 

Hours 9 to 2. 

Thibd Colleotion District — ^Includes entire 
State of Massachusetts. 

Collector, James D. Gill, Springfield. 

Chief Deputy, O. M. Hamilton, Boston. 

Deputy Collectors, George W, Barrett, George 
M. Scates, Lemuel W. Standish, James A. 
Cook, Charles A. Davis, Aaron S. Thompson, 
Arthur F. Moody, Albert L. Carpenter, An- 
drew W. Ekstrom, E. L. Eirtland^ Frank B. 
Cook, George G. Russell, Augustus T. Sweat, 
Howard A. NewelL 

Storekeepers, office 67 Post Office Building. — 
John B. Blake, William A. Waugh, James T. 
Foley, George W. Warren, Patrick F. Mahoney, 
John A. Nutter, John E. W. Doane, Ralph B. 
Robinson, William A. Wilder, Willard E. Jones, 
Edward J. McCauley, Frank J. Finn, Arthur 
H. Crabtree, Edward A. Holland, Daniel Mc- 

Gaugers, office 73 Post Office Building. — Fred 
A. Marsh, Horace E. Munroe, Michael J. Hen- 
rity, E. B. Powers, Henry V. Slack, Philip C 
Mason, Lorenzo T. Averill, Josiah F. Kimball, 
Albert J. Lynch, Samuel S. Whitney, Arthur 
E. Felch, Michael J. Tiemey, Daniel Enrigbt, 
John B. Lord, Charles A. Richardson, Walter M. 
Perry, Francis W. Bacon, Arthur W. Rigby, 
Harold D. Stebbins, Merrill J. Ober. 


Office 74 Post Office Building, Boston. 
Agent, F. D. SewalL 
Special Agent, M. A. Haynes. 
Special Oauger, John G. Meyer. 
Deputy Collector, Willis L. Hidden. 
Special Employee, L. G. Dyer. 

XT. S. Life Saying Benrice. 

The ocean and lake coasts of the United 
States are picketed with the stations of the 
Life Saving Service, attached to the United 
States Treasury Department. There is a corps 
of district superintendents, assistant inspeetorSy 
station-keepers, and crews extending over the 
entire coast line, together with a Board on Life 
Saving Appliances, composed of experts from the 



liife SaTliif Serriee^ 9imj, revenue eutter ser- 
vice and eivilianB. 

The General Superintendent of the serviee if 
Sumner I. Kimball, Washington, D. 0. 


(Coast of Kassaehusetts.) 

The officers of the service and the stations 
in Massachusetts are as follows: 

Superintendent, George W. Bowleg, Province- 
town, Mass. 

Assistant Inspector, Lieut. F. J. Haake, U. S. 
Bevenue Cutter Service, Post Office Building, 
Boom 148, or Box 1908, Boston. 

Name of stations, locations^ keepers and their 
post office addresses are as follows: 

Salisbubt Bxaoh, two-thirds of a mile south 
of State line; WiUard A« Charles, Salisbury. 

NswBiTBTPOBT, north end Plum Island, mouth 
Merrimac River; Thomas J. Maddock, Newbury- 

Plum Island, 2^ miles from south end; 
Frank E. Stevens, Newburyport. 

Stbaitsmouth, % mile west of Straitsmouth 
light; Charles A. Bearse, Bockport. 

Gloucesteb, Old House Cove, westerly side of 
harbor, 1% miles from city; Nelson F. King, 

Nahant, on the neck dose to town; Nehemiah 
C. Hajrman, Nahant Station, Lynn. 

City Point, floating station, in Dorchester Bay, 
Boston; Franklin £. Hamilton, South Boston. 

Point Allebton, 1 mile west of Point Aller- 
ton; William C. Sparrow, HulL , 

Nobth SciruATB, 2% miles south of Minot's 
Ledge light; Frederick C. Franzen, Minot. 

FouBTH Cliff, south end of Fourth Cliff, 
Scituate; Frederick Stanley, Seaview. 

Bbant Book, on Green Harbor Point; Benja- 
min B. Manter, Brant Bock. 

GuBNST, 4% miles northeast of Plymouth; Au- 
gustus B. 'Rogers, Plymouth. 

Manoiixt Point, 6% miles southeast of 
Plymouth; George W. Holmes, Manomet. 

Wood End, 1-8 mile east of light; George H. 
Bickers, Provincetown. 

Back Point, 1 5-8 miles northeast of Hace 
Point light; Samuel O. Fisher, Provincetown. 

PsAXED Hill Babs, 2% miles northeast of 
Provincetown; William W. Cook, Provincetown. 

High Hbad, 3H miles northwest of Cape Cod 
light; Charles P. Kelley, Provincetown* 

Highland, 7-8 mile northwest of Cape Cod 
Hght; l^^illiam P. Paine, North Truro. 

Pambt Biveb, S% miles south of Cape Cod 
light; Henry I. ColHns, Truro. 

Gaboon's Hollow, 2% miles east of Well- 
fleet; Edward J. Tobin, WeOfleet 

Nauset, 1% miles south of Nauset lights; 
i^bbott H. Walker, North Eastham. 

Oblkans, abreast of Ponehet Uand; James 
H. Charles, East Orleans. 

Ou> Habdob, HsMkiah F. Doane^ North Chat- 

Chatham, 1^ miles south southwest of Chat- 
ham lights; Herbert £. Eldridge, Chatham. 

MONOMOT, 2^ miles north of Monomoy light; 
Seth L. Ellis, Harwichport. 

MoNOMOT Point, % mile south of Monomoy 
light; Joseph C. Kell^, Chatham. 

CosKATA, 2}A miles south of Nantucket (Ghreat 
Point) light; Henry C. Coffin, Nantucket 

SuBFSiDB, 2^ miles south of the town of 
Nantucket; Eugene W. disby, Nantucket 

Maddequxt, 6 miles west of Surf side; Edwin 
P. Tyler, Nantucket 

Mubksoet, near west end of Muskeget Island; 
Albert Bohd^, Nantucket 

Gay Head, near light; Albertus S. Cahoon, 
Oay Head. 

Cuttthunk, near east end of Cuttyhunk Island, 
Darius Weekes, Cuttyhunk. 

XT. B, JAgtthojiaB Districts. 

Second Distbict — Extends from Hampton 
Harbor, N. H., to (but does not include) Elisha 
ledge, off Warren Point, B. I.; covers the coast 
of M)as8achusetts except a small portion of 
Mount Hope Bay and Taunton Biver. 

Inspector, C. J. Boush, U. S. N., 19 Congress 

Engineer, Edward Burr, U. S. A., 25 Pemberton 

Argentine Bepublic— Guillermo McKissock, Vice- 
consul, 92 State street, Boston. 
Austria-Hungary — ^Arthur Donner, Consul, 70 

State street, Boston. 
Belgium— E. S. Mansfield, Consul, 42 Court 

street, Boston. 
Braill — - Jayme M. d 'Almeida, Vice-consul; 

Pedro M. d 'Almeida, Com. Agent, 382 Han- 

oyer street, Boston. 
Chile — ^Horacio N. Fisher, Consul, 60 Congress 

street, Boston. 
China — Stephen W. Nickerson, Honorary Consul, 

2 Elilby street, Boston. 
Colombia — Jorge Vargas Heredia, Consul; 

Francis Bussell Hart, Vice-consul, 809 Beacon 

street, Boston. 
Oosta Bicsr— Joseph J. Corbett, Consul, 68 Pem- 
berton square, Boston. 
Cubar— Jo86 Mon6n y Aguirre, Consul, 131 

State street, Boston. 
Demnark-^ustaf Lundberg, Consul, 131 State 

street, Boston. 
Ecuador— Gustavo Preston, Consul, 37 Central 

street, Boston. 
France— Joseph J. Flamand, Consular agent, 110 

State street, Boston. 



Oermany— Wilhelxn Theodor Beineke, Consul, 
70 State street, Boston. 

Great Biltaln — William Wyndham, Consul; 
Lionel Edward Keyser, Vice-consul, 247 
Atlantic avenue, Boston. 

Greece — John Parmenidos, Acting Consul, 62 
Long wharf, Boston; M. latrou, Yice-eonsul, 

Guatemala — ^B. Preston Clark, Honorary Con- 
sul, 55 Kilby street, Boston. 

Hayti— Benjamin C. Clark, Consul, 55 Kilby 
street, Boston. 

Italy — Gustavo Tosti, Consul; Bocco Brindisi, 
Yice-consul, 153 Milk street, Boston. 

Ji^an — Osborne Howes, Honorary Consul, 55 
Kilby street, Boston. 

Liberia — Charles Hall Adams, Consul General, 
53 Tremont street, Boston. 

Mexico — Arturo P. Cushing, Consul, 23 Court; 
Frederick O. Houghton, Vice-consul, 115 
State street, Boston. 

Netherlands-— C. V. Dasey, Consul, 8 Broad 
street, Boston. 

Nicaragua — Charles Hall Adams, Consul, 43 
Tremont street, Boston. 

Panama— Jorge Manuel Canals, Consul, 53 State 
street, Boston. * 

Peru — ^Eugenie C. Andres, Consul, 178 Devon- 
shire street, Boston. 

Portogal — ^Viscount de Valle da Costa, Consul, 
382 ^anover street, Boston; Jayme Mackay 
d 'Almeida, Vice-consul, 382 Hanover street, 
Boston; Manoel Pedro Mackay d 'Almeida, Vice- 
consul, Pall Biver; Joao Carlos da Silva Pitta, 
New Bedford. 

BuBsia — Charles F. Wyman, Vice-consul, 27 
Kilby street, Boston. 

Salvador— George Andrew Lewis, Honorary 
Consul, 60 Devonshire street, Boston. 

Spain — ^Pedro Mackay d 'Almeida, Honorary 
Vice-consul, 382 Hanover street, Boston. 

Sweden — (vacancy), 161 Milk street, Boston. 

Turkey — ^Frank 0. Macomber, Honorary Consul 
General, 147 Milk street, Boston. 

Umgoay — Charles Hall Adams, Vice-consul, 43 
Tremont street, Boston. 

Boston and Charlestown District 

Custom House, comer of State and India Streets. 
Opens at 9 a.m. and closes 4.30 p.m.; Satur- 
days, closes 12 m.; Marine office 1 p.m. 
collector's opficb. 
Collector, George H. Lyman $8000 
Special Deputy Collector, M. A. Munroe $5000 
Secretary and Chief Clerk, Daniel S. Knowlton 

$2700 auditor's division. 

Auditor, Stephen D. Salmon $3000 
Clerk and Acting Auditor, William L. Coon $2000 

OAsmsa's division. 
Cashier, W. H. Locke $3000 
Clerk and Adsigtant Cashier, Geo. W. Pettes 


Deputy Collector, Eli Perry $3000 
Clerk and Acting Deputy Collector, S. J. Devlin 


Deputy Collector, William A. Snow $3000 
Clerk and Acting Deputy Collector, Charles F. 

Oilman $2000 
Clerk and Supt. of Warehouses, Augustine Sander- 
son $2000 


Deputy Collector, W. F. Jones $3000 
Clerk and Acting Deputy Collector, John E. Hes- 
seltine $2000 


Deputy Collector, R. G. Frye $3000 
Clerk and Acting Deputy Collector, S. K. Gold- 
smith $2000 


Custodian, George H. Lyman 

Assistant Custodian, Jodiua Atwood $1100 

surveyor's office. 
Surveyor, Jeremiah J. McCarthy $5000 
Deputy Surveyors, Lawrence N. Duchesney $2500, 

J. Homer Edgerly $2500 
Weigher, Andrew HaU $2000 
Gauger, H. A. Wright $2000 


Appraiser, Winthrop T. Hodges $4000 
Assistant Appraisers, Osgood C. Blaney $2500, 

Daniel F. Sprague $2500, B. A. Flanders $2500 
Special Examiner of Drugs, etc, William H. 

Parker $2500 
Clerk and Secretary, Mrs. A. F. Joyce $1600 


NavcU Officer, James O. Lyf ord $5000 

Deputy Naval Officer, Edward L. Kimball $2500 


First lAeut. Commanding, George M. Daniels 

PUot, E. N. Thacher 

Ports of Entry, Boston and Charlestown 

Sub Port of Entry, Worcester, Mass., Charles 
H. Pinkham, Deputy Collector 

Ports of Delivery, Cambridge, Cohasset, Dor- 
chester, Hingham, Medford, Boxbuiy, Wey- 

Barnstable District. 

Collector, Thacher T. Hallet, salary, fees 

Special Deputy Collector, Weigher, Gauger, etc>. 

John J. Collins 
Deputy Collectors and Inspectors, Erasttis T. 
Bearse, Chatham; Benjamin D. Baxter, Hyan- 
nis; Myrick C. Atwood, Provincetown 



PoBT or Entry, Barnstable 

Posts of Deuvxby, Chatham, peaanB, HyaimiB, 

ProYincetown, Bourne, Sandwich, F^hnonth, 

Harwich, Wellfleet 

Edgartown DIstxict. 

Collector, Charles H. Marchant, salary $250, fees 

and commissions 
Special Deputy Collector, John W. Pease $2.25 

per day 
Deputy Collector at Vineyard Haven, Lorenzo P. 

Luce $2 per day 
Port of Entet, Edgartown 

FaU Biver District. 
Collector, James Brady 
Deputy Collectors, E. T. Marvell; Bobert E. 

Granfield, Somerest, Bighton, Taunton 
Port or Entry, Fall Biyer 
Ports or Delivery, Taunton, Di^ton, Somerset, 

Swansea, Freetown 

Gloucester District. 
Collector, William H. Jordan $250 and fees 
Deputy Collector, Albert H. McKenzie $1400 
Cleric, Aaron Parsons $1400 
Inspectors, Charles O'Brien, James L. Hodgdon, 

John J. Lowrie, Frank O. Griffin, Maurice F. 

Foley and William H. Cronin, Elmer P. 

Bichardson, $3 per day each 
Port or Entry, Gloucester 
Ports or Delivery, Manchester and Bockport 
Port or Immediate Transportation, Gloucester 

Marblehead District. 
Collector, Luke B. Colbert, salary, fees 
Special Deputy Collector, Inspector, Weigher and 

Gauger, Joseph W. Coates $1000 
Deputy Collector and Inspector, John L. Parker, 

Lynn, $2 per day 
Port or Entry, Marblehead 
Port or Delivery, Lynn 

Nantucket District 
Collector, Obed G. Smith salary $250 and fees 
Port or Entry, Nantucket 

New Bedford District. 

Collector, Bufus A. Soule, salary, fees not to 
exceed $3000 

Special Deputy Collector, Edward P. Haskell, 
salary $1800 

Deputy Collectors and Inspectors, John F. Gog- 
grin, Arthur E. Duffy, $3 per day 

Inspectors, George L. Anthony, Joshua G. Lap- 
ham, $3 per &y 

Port or Entry, New Bedford 

Newburyport District. 
Collector (vacancy), fees 
Deputy Collector, Arthur L. Huse $600 
Port or Entry, Newburyport 
^ IHstrict includes the cities and towns on Mer- 
rimac Biver to the New Hampshire line, the 

port of Ipswich and other towns in south- 
eastern and northeastern Massachusetts. 

Plymonth District. 
Collector, Herbert Morissey, salary $150 and fees 
Deputy Collector, C. B. Wood $1000 
Port or Entry, Plymouth 

Salem District. 
CoUeotor, David M. Little, fees 
Deputy Collector, A. Frank Hitchings, $4 per day 
Inspectors, Charles P. Luscomb, William L. Sul- 
livan, Daniel F. Connolly, $3 per day each 
Boatman, Charles B. Taggard $480 
Port or Entry, Salem 
Ports or Delivery, Beverly and Danversport 


General Directions. 

Direct your mail matter to a post oiBce, and 
if to a city, add the street and number of post 
ofBce box of the person addressed. If you are 
not certain that the place to which you wish 
to send is a post office, inquire of the post- 
master. Matter not addressed to a post office 
can not be forwarded. To insure certainty in 
dispatch of mail, give the county in which the 
post office is situated, and spell the name of 
the state in full. Write or print your name 
and address, and the contents if a package, upon 
the upper left-hand comer of all mail matter. 
This will insure its immediate return to you for 
correction, if improperly addressed, or insuffi- 
ciently paid, and if it is not called for at its 
destination, it can be returned to you without 
goinff to the Dead Letter Office. If a letter it 
will be returned free. Begister all viduable let- 
ters and packages. Begistry fee, eight cents, 
which, with the postage, must be fully prepaid. 
The name and address of sender must be given 
on the outside of the wrapper or envelope of 
all registered matter. 

Olasses of Domestic Matter and Bates. 

Domestic mail is divided into four classes, as 

First Class. — ^Written matter, namely, let- 
ters, postal cards, post cards (private mailing 
cards) and all matter wholly or partly in vmt- 
ing, whether sealed or unsealed (except manu- 
script copy accompanying proof-sheets or cor- 
rected proof-sheets of the same), and all mat- 
ter sealed or otherwise closed against inspec- 
tion; typewriting (with carbon or letter-press 
copies thereof) is held to be an equivalent of 
handwriting and is classed as such in all cases. 
Rates of postage-— two cents per ounce or frac- 
tion thereof. 

Postal cards, one cent each. 


Private mailing cards (post cards), with writ- 
ten messageSy conforming to the regulations pre- 
scribed by the Postmaster-general, one cent 

On "drop" letters, two cents per onnce or 
fraction thereof, when mailed at letter-carriers' 
office, or where rural delivery service has been 
established; and one cent per onnce, or frac- 
tion thereof, when mailed at other offices. 

Sboond Gla^ss. — Newspapers and publications 
issued at stated intervals as often as four times 
a year, bearing a date of issue and numbered 
consecutively, issued from a known office of 
publication, and formed of printed sheets, 
without board, cloth, leather or other substantial 
binding. Such publications must be originated 
and jpublished for the dissemination of informa- 
tion of a public character, or devoted to litera- 
ture, the sciences, art, or some special industry. 
They must have a legitimate list of subscribers, 
and must not be designed primarily for adver- 
tising purposes, or for circulation free, or at 
nominal rates. Bate of postage — ^for publishers 
and news agents, one cent a ponnd or fraction 
thereof. For others than publishers and news 
agents, one cent for each four ounces or frac- 
tion thereof. 

Thibd Glass. — Books, periodicals and matter 
wholly in print (not included in second class), 
proof-sheets, corrected proof-sheets and manu- 
script copy accompanying the same. Rate of 
postage — one cent for each two ounces or frac- 
tion thereof. 

Fourth Glass. — Merchandise — namely, all 
matter not embraced in the other three classes, 
and which is not in its form or nature liable 
to destroy, deface or otherwise damage the con- 
tents of the mail bag, or harm the person of 
any one engaged in the postal service, and not 
above the weight provided by law. Rate of 
postage— one cent per ounce or fraction there- 
of; but on seeds, cuttings, roots, scions and 
plants, one cent for each two ounces or frac- 
tion thereof. 

Limit of Weight. 

A package must not exceed four pounds in 
weight, unless it be a single book. Second- 
class matter is not subject to the four-pound 

Registry System. 

All mailable matter, including drop letters, 
may be registered; but not matter addressed to 
fictitious names, initials or box numbers, or 
bearing vague and indefinite addresses. In- 
demnity will be paid for the value of lost do- 
mestic registered first-class mail matter, not to 
exceed $25 in any one case. 

The registry fee is ei^t cents in addition 
to postage. It must be prepaid by stamps af- 

Special Delivery. 

By the affixing of a special delivery stamp 
of ten cents, in addition to the regular postage, 
any mail matter whatsoever will be delivered 
immediately after arrival to any point within 
the carrier limits of any free delivery office 
between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., and 
within one mile of all other post offices between 
the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. 

Bates of Postage to Oanada^ Mexico, Hawaii, 

Porto Bico, Idland Poaeesslons, Panama 

Oanal Zone, Onba, and Shanghai, China. 

(The Dominion of Ganada embraces all the 
British North American Provinces except New- 

Letters and Postal Gasds. — Same rates and 
conditions of prepayment of postage as for 
United States letters and postal cards. 

Other Matter. — Same rates and conditions of 
transmission as for matter for delivery within 
the United States, except that all sealed pack- 
ages which evidently are not letters are ex- 
cluded. Other matter must be so wrapped or 
enclosed as to permit their contents to be easily 
examined by postmasters or customs officials. 

Mexico. — All articles of every, kind or nature 
which are admitted to the domestic mails of 
the United States are admitted under the same 
conditions and at the same rates to the maila 
of Mexico; except that articles of miscellaneous 
merchandise (fourth class matter) not sent as 
bona fide trade samples are required to be sent 
by "parcels post" at the rate of twelve cents 
per pound or fraction thereof, with a "customa 
declaration," properly filled^ out, attached to it. 

Postage to Foreign Oonntries. 

Letters, five cents per half onnce or fraction 
thereof (fifteen grammes being the postal equiv- 
alent of half an ounce). 

Postal cards, two cents each. 

Reply postal cards, four cents each. 

Post cards, two cents each. 

Begistration fee, eight cents. 

Printed matter and samples of merchandise, 
one cent for each two ounces or fraction there- 
of; limit of weight four pounds six ounees. 

Domestic Money Order Bates. 

On orders not exceeding $2.50, $0.03 

Over $2.50 and not* exceeding $5, .05 

Over $5 and not exceeding $10, .06 

Over $10 and not exceeding $20, .10 

Over $20 and not exceeding $30, .12 

Over $30 and not exceeding $40, .15 

Over $40 and not exceeding $50, .18 

Over $50 and not exceeding $60, .20 

Over $60 and not exceeding $75, .25 

Over $75 and not exceeding $100, JSO 


A single money order may include any amount 
from 1 cent to $100, inelusiye, but must not 
contain the fractional part of a cent. 

The rates for orders drawn on Hawaii, Porto 
Bico, Guam, Tutuila and Samoa are the same as 
Domestic, and should be made out on the same 

The rates for British Guiana, Canada, Cuba, 
Newfoundland, the U. S. Postal Agency at 
Shanghai (China), the Philippine Islands and 
the following named islands in the West Indies: 
Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, 
Montserrat, Nevis, St. Eitts, St. Lucia, St. Vin- 
cent, Tortola and Virgin Islands are the same 
as Domestic, but should be drawn on interna- 
tional money order blanks. 

Xntematlonal Money Orders. 

Special forms of application for foreign 
money orders will be furnished to persons who 
desire them. The domestic form should not be 
used in sending orders to foreign countries. 

The value of the British pound sterling in 
United States money is fixed by convention at 
$4.87; the German mark at 24 cents; French and 
Swiss franc and Italian lire at 19.4 cents; Swed- 
ish and Norwegian kroner at 27 cents; Nether- 
lands florin at 41 cents. 

To Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Bo- 
livia, British Honduras, Chile, Costa Rica, Den- 
mark, Egypt, Hungary, Japan, Liberia, Luxem- 
burg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nor- 
way, Orange Biver Colony, Peru, Sweden, Swit- 
zerland, Transvaal, Trinidad: 


Not exceeding $10, 
Over $10 to $20, 
Over $20 to $30, 
Over $30 to $40, 
Over $40 to $50, 
Over $50 to $60; 
Over $60 to $70, 
Over $70 to $80, 
Over $80 to $90, 
Over $90 to $100, 

Following are the rates of money orders for 
Apia, Cape Colony, France, Germany, Great 
Britain, Greece, Honduras, Hongkong, Italy, 
New South Wales, Portugal, Queensland, Bussia, 
Salvador, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria: 


For amounts not exceeding $10, 

From $10 to $20, 

From $20 to $30, 

From $30 to $40, 

From $40 to $50, 

From $50 to $60, 

From $60 to $70, 

From $70 to $80, 

From $80 to $90, 

From $90 to $100, 

PermisBlbla Writing. 

No writing is permitted on third or fourth 
class matter, except as follows: The name and 
address of sender on the outside or inside of 
package, preceded by the word "from." On 
the wrapper may also be written the names 
and number of articles enclosed. The sender 
is further allowed to mark a word or passage in 
a book or paper to which he desires to caU 
special attention. He may also write a simple 
inscription or dedication upon the cover or blank 
leaves of a book or pamphlet. There may be 
attached to articles of merchandise, by tag or 
label, a mark, number, name or letter, for pur- 
pose of identification. Printed circulars may 
contain the written name of the sender, or of 
the addressee, and the date. Any other writing 
on third or fourth class matter will subject the 
package to letter rates of postage, and render 
the sender liable to a fine of ten dollars for 
each offense. Printed matter may be enclosed 
with fourth class matter,* but the whole package 
is subject to the rate of one cent per ounce or 
fraction thereof. Packages containing more than 
one class of postal matter will subject the whole 
at the rate of the highest class enclosed. 

Letters will be reforwarded from one post of- 
fice to another upon the written request of the 
person addressed without additional charge for 
postage; but packages of third and fourth class 
matter can not be forwarded or returned without 
new payment of postage. 

Lottery Matter. 
No letter or circular concerning lotteries, so- 
called gift concerns, or other similar enterprises 
offering prizes, or concerning schemes devised 
and intended to deceive and defraud the public, 
for the purpose of obtaining money under false 
pretences, shall be carried in the mail. '^ End- 
less chain" enterprises designed for the sale or 
disposition of merchandise or other things of 
value through the circulation or distribution of 
''coupons," ** tickets," "certificates," "introduc- 
tions," and the like, are held to embrace the 
elements of a lottery, and also to be fraudulent. 
Any person who shall knowingly deposit or 
send anything to be conveyed by mail in viola- 
tion of this section shall be punishable by a 
fine of not more than five hundred dollars, nor 
less than one hundred dollars, with costs of 

Time of Transit of Mails. 
The schedule time of mails from Boston to 
some of the leading cities is as follows: New 
York, 6 hours; Philadelphia, 9.50; Baltimore, 12; 
Wiashington, 13; Pittsburg, 20; Chicago, 29; 
Charleston, S. C, 27.20; Cincinnati, 30.25; St. 
Louis, 35; Omaha, 45; San Francisco, 107.30. 



GtoTemment Buildings. 

The post offices in MassacliasettB located in 
government buildings are as follows: Amesbuiy, 
Barnstable, Boston, Brockton, Fall Biyer, Fitch- 
btirg, Gloucester, Haverhill, Holyoke, Lawrence, 
Lowell, Lynn, Marblehead, New Bedford, North- 
ampton, Springfield, Taunton and Worcester. 
There are 844 post offices in the State. 

Postal Distances and Time from New York to 
Principal Foreign Cities. 

Name of Place. 



Adelaide, South Australia, via San 

Francisco, 34 12,845 
Aden, Arabia, via London, 18 7,875 
Alexandria, Egypt, via London, 13 6,150 
Algiers, Africa, via London, 10 5,030 
Amsterdam, Netherlands, via London, 9 3,985 
Antwerp, Belgium, via London, 9 4,000 
Athens, Greece, via London, 12 5,655 
Auckland, New Zealand, via San Fran- 
cisco, 19 10,120 
Bahia, Brazil, 21 5,870 
Bangkok, Siam, via London, 41 13,125 
Barbados, West Indies, 8 2,145 
Barcelona, Spain, via London, 10 4,790 
Batavia, Java, via London, 34 12,800 
Belize, British Honduras, via New 

Orleans, 9 2,360 
Berlin, Germany, via London, 9 4,385 
Berne, Switzerland, via London, 9 4,490 
Bombay, British India, via London, 24 9,765 
Brussels, Belgium, via London, 9 3,975 
Buda-Pesth, Hungary, via London, 10 4,910 
Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, 26 8,045 
Cairo, Egypt, via London, 12 6,280 
Calcutta, British India, via London, 26 11,120 
Cape Town, South Africa, via Lon- 
don, 27 11,245 
Carthagena, Colombia, via Panama, 12 2,445 
Christiania, Norway, via London, 10 4,650 
Colon, via Panama, 6 2,281 
Constantinople, Turkey, via London 11 5,810 
Copenhagan, Denmark, via London, 10 4,575 
Curacao, West Indies, 8 2,030 
Demerara, British Guiana, 11 2,605 
Gibraltar, via London, 11 5,155 
Glasgow, Scotland, 10 3,375 
Greytown, Nicaragua, via New Or- 
leans, 7 2,810 

Hague, The Netherlands, via London, 9 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, £ 

Hamilton, Bermuda, 2 

Havana, Cuba, 3 

Hongkong, China, via San Frandsco, 25 
Honolulu, Hawaii, via San Francisco, 13 

Iceland, via London, 18 

Kingston, Jamaica, 5 

La Guayra, Venezuela, 8 

Lisbon, Portugal, via London, 10 

London, England, via Qneenstown, 8 
Madrid, Spain, via London, 9 

Maracaibo, Venezuela, *" 10 

Martinique, West Indies, 9 

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, via 

San Francisco, 26 

Mexico City, Mexico, via R. R., 5 

Monrovia, Liberia, Africa, via Lon- 
don, 28 
Moscow, Russia, via London, 10 
Munich, Bavaria, via London, 9 
Nassau, Bahamas, 4 
Natal, Africa, via London, 30 
Panama, 6 
Paris, France, 8 
Port au Prince, Hayti, 7 
Quebec, Canada, 2 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23 
Rome, Italy, via London, 9 
Saigon, Cochin China, via San Fran- 
cisco, 39 
St. Johns, Newfoundland, 5 
St. Petersburg, Russia, via London, 10 
Stockholm, Sweden, via London, 10 
Valparaiso, Chile, via Panama, 37 
Vienna, Austria, via London, 10 
Yokohama, Japan, via San Francisco, 20 

Post Offices in Massachusetts. 

For list of Postmasters see under town and 
city headings. 

Offices in italics are Money Order officeui; 
those that are also International Money Order 
offices are designated by the letter (I). Offices 
marked with (t) are discontinued in winter. 
County seats are indicated by the letters (c h.) 
in parentheses. The figures after the office 
indicate the number of Rural Free Delivery 
routes emanating therefrom. Offices having 
free delivery service are marked with the aster- 
isk (•). 



















Poet OfllM. 

AHngton a). 1 
AeuBhnet, 2 
Adamta*), 1 



Post Offloe. 
Adams ville, 
Aaauam. 1 


Col rain 

Sta. NO. 1, Idaple Qrove 

Alandar, Mt. Washinf^on 

XAllerton, Hull 

Amf»bury (I*), 2 Amesbury 

Sia, No. 1, 429 Main St. 

Post Office. Town. 

.SVa. xYo. 2. 308 Main St. 

Amherst (1*) . 1 Amherst 
Andover (I*), 2 Andover 
AnnUquam, Gloucester 
ArliQRtOD (I). Sta. Boston 
Arlington Heights, 

Station Boston 

Post Offloe. Town. 

Aahury Orove, Hamilton 
Aghbumham (I). 


Ashby, I Asbby 

Aghmd, Ashflcld 

Anhland (l).\ Asbland 

Ashley Falls, Sheffield 



Foit OSm. Town. 

Assinippi, Hanover 

AM»4>net, I Freetown 

Aifioia*),Z Athol 

Sta. A, Athol Center 
Atlantic, Ind. Sta. Qulnoy 

AUUboroQ^hb Attleboro 
AttM>oro FalU, (I) 

Ind. Sta. N. Attleboro 
Auburn, 2 Auburn 

Aubumdale, Ind. Sta. 

Newton Centre 
Avon, Avon 

Av^ (I), Ayer 

Ayer's Village, Sta. 

Back Bay (I*), Sta. Boston 
Baldwiniviue(l) .Templeton 
BallardvaU, Andover 

Bancroft, Middlefteld 

Bardwett'8 Ftrry, 1 

Barnstable (c. h.), 


Barr« (1), 
I Plains, 


Bay View, 
Becket Centre, 
BstHford (I) 1, 
BOchsrtown (I), 2 










Berlin, 1, 


Sta. Boston 



Bernardston, 2 Bernardston 

Beverly (I*), Beverly 

Sta. 1, North Beverly 

Sta. 2, Beverly Cove 

Sta. 3, 

Rantoul and Beverly Sts. 
Beverly Farms (I), Beverly 
SaUHca, 1 Blllerica 

Bisbees. Chesterfield 

BlacHnton (I). 

Blackstone (I), 1 Biackstone 
Bland/ord, 1, Blandford 

Bolton, 1. Bolton 

BondsviUe, Palmer 

Boston (I c. h. «), Boston 

A. South End. (I) 

Arlinffton. (I) 

Arlington Heights. 

Back Bay. (I) 



Brighton. (I) 

Brookline. (I) 

Cambridge A. 

Cambridge C. 
Charlestown. (I) 
CheJsea. (I) 

Chestnut ma, 

Dorchester. (I) 
Dorchester Center. 
East Boston. (I) 
East MUton. 
Essex Street. 

Jamaica Plain. (I) 

Post Ofica. TowB. 

Mdrose Highlands. 


North Postal. 



Boxbury. (I) 

Boxbury Crossing. (I) 

SomervUle. (I) 

South Boston. (I) 

South Postal. 

Vjpham's Comer. 


West Boxbury. 

West Somervule. 

Winter HUl. 

Sub Stations. 

No.l,\4 Franklin St. 

No. 2 (East Somer- 
vUle). cor. Perkins 
and Franklin Sts. 

No. S, 880 Center St. 

No. 4, 102 Ferry St. 

No. 6, 03 Warreo Av. 

No. tf.MEliolSq. 

No. 7, Norfolk and Cor- 
bett Sts. 

No. 8, 43 Tremont St. 

No. 9,244 Boylston St. 

No, 10, 113 CambridpeSt. 

No. 11, 829 Warren St. 

No. 12, 8101 Washing- 
ton St. 

No. IS, 3 North Sq. 

No. 14, Chamber of 
Commerce bldg. 

No. IS, 380 Dudley St. 

No. 16, 14 Myrtle St. 

No. 17,990 Saratoga St. 

No. 18, 1129 Washing- 
ton St. 

No. 19, 21 Massachusetts 

No. 20, 276 Massachu- 
setts Av. 

No. 21, 200 Pearl St. 
(Cambridgeport) . 

No. 22, 109 Chelsea St. 

No. 28, 574 Main St. 

No. 24, 135 Cypress St. 

No. 26, 672 Center St. 

No. 26, 401 Broadway. 

No. n, 64 Walnut St. 

No. 28, 122 Harvard St. 

No. 29, 146 Harrison Av. 

No. 80, 207 Main St. 

No. 81, 56 Hanover St. 

No. 82, TOT Wash. St. 

i\ro.«9, ISTBCambrldge St. 

No. 84, 610 Tremont. 

No. 85, 701 Broadway. 

No. 86, 1 Winthrop Av. 

No. 37, 586 Dorchester 

No. 88, 152 Paul Qore St. 

No. 89, 146 Cross St. 

No. 40, 68 Market St. 

No. 41, 1152 Tremont St. 

No. 42, 735 Huntington 

No. 48, 148 Wash. Av. 

No. 44, 55 Elm St. 

No. 45. 476 Blue Hill Av. 

JVb. 4«, 620 Atlantic A v. 

No. 47, 578 Talbot Av. 

No. 48, 1181 Wash. St. 

No. 49, 88 Concord Av. 

No. 50, 519 Salem St. 

No. 51, 807 Boylston St. 

No. 5^.263 Highland Av. 

Post Oflle*. Town. 

No. 58, 450 Dudley St. 
No. 54, Union Sq. 
No. 55, 260 Broadway. 
No. 56, Washington. 

Av.and Shirley St 
No. 57, 210 Blue Hill 

No. 58, 1968 Beacon St. 
No. 59, 575 Columbus 

No. 60, 1 Putnam Sq. 
No. 61, 241 Dorchester 

No. 62, 2260 Massachu- 
setts Av. 
No. 68, Beach and Lynn 

No. M,400NeponsetAv. 
No. 65, 9 Milton Av. 
No. 66, 21 Central Av. 
No. 67, 75 Spring St. 
No. 68, 990 Dorchester 

No. 69, 1758 Dorchester 

No. 70, Broadway and 

Paris St. 
No. 71, 285 Main St. 
No. 72, 872 Wash. Av. 
No. 78, 46 Maverick Sq. 
No. 74, 629 Medford St. 
No. 75, 760 Wash St. 
No. 76, 17 Beacon St. 
No. 77, 40 Winter St. 
No. 78, 504 Wash. St. 
No. 79, 1750 Wash. St. 
No. 80, 8730 Wash. St. 
No. 81, 1002 Tremont St. 
No. 82, 2986 Wash. St. 
No. 83 (Teele Square). 
No. M. 310 Broadway. 
No. 85, 335 Ck)lumbus Av. 
No. 86, 1100 Dorchester 

xVo. OT, 251 Bowdoin St 
No. 88, 560 Washington 

No. 89, 800 Beacon St. 
No. 90, 308 Broadway. 
No. 91 (Faulkner Sq). 
No. 92, 187 Pearl St. 
No. 98, 718 Saratoga St. 
No. 94, 47h Geneva Av. 
No. 95, 15 Crest Av. 
No. 96, 150 Huntington 

No. 97, T25 Tremont St. 
No. 98, Broadway and 

Ferry St. 
No. 99, 50 Maiden St. 
No. iOO, 450 Wash. St. 
No. 101, 101 Brighton Av. 
No. 102, 107 Clifton St. 
No. 103, 598 Hyde Park 

No. lou, 1 Erie St. 
No. 105. .38 Walden St. 
No. lor>, a57 Adams St. 
No. 107, 131 State St. 
No. 108, 1 Grove St. 
No. 109, 59 Ctentral St. 
So. no, 38 Cooper St. 
No. Ill, 11 E. Newton St. 
No. lia, 474 Columbus Av. 
No. lis, 67 Simimer St. 
No. IIU, 695 .Broad wa J . 
No. 116, 172 Elm St. 

No. 116, S95 Broadway 

No. Ill, 141 Broadway 

(So. Boston). 

Post Oflco. Town. 

No. 118, 585 Pleasant St. 
No. 119, 2700 Wash. St. 
JVo. i«7,98Maln Av. 
No. Itl, Broadway and 

Mt. Pleasant St. 
No. lii, Washington and 

Essex Sts. 
No. Its, 286 Huntington 

No. liU, Wyoming and 

Hurd Sts. 
No. Its, 184 W. Emenon 

No. Ite, 507 Tromont St. 
No. W, 281 Center St. 
No. Its, 853 Main St. 
(Boulevard Sta. Boston.) 
Bourne, Bourne 

Boumedale, Bourne 

Boxford, Boxford 

Boylston Centre, 1 Boylston 
Bradford, Ind. Sta. (I) 

Bradstreet, Hatfield 

Braggville, HoUiston 

Braintree, Ind. Sta. 

Brant Rock, Marshfield 
Bre*cster, Brewster 

Bridgewater (I). 3 

Brier, Savoy 

Briggsville. Clarksburg 
Brighton (I*). Station. 

Brightwood, Ind. Sta. 

BHmJleld. Brimfleld 

Brockton ( I*) , Brockton 
Mon telle. 

Sta. No. 1, 5f.7N. Main St. 
Sta. No. 2. 810 Main St. 
Sta. No. 8, 230 Belmont St. 
Sta. No. 4, 58 Main St. 
Sta. No. 5, 615 Main St. 
Sta. No 8. 460 Pleasant St. 
Brookfield (I>, 1 Brookfleld 
Brookline, Sta. Boston 
Brooks Station, Princeton 
BrookvilU, Holbrook 

Bryantville, 2 Pembroke 
Buckland, Buckland 

Buzzard's Bay, Bourne 
Byjleld, Newbury 

(Cambridge (I), (c. h.) Sta. 
Campello (1), Ind. Sta. 

Canton (I), 2 Canton 

Canton Corner, Canton 

Canton Junction, Canton 
Carlisle, Carlisle 

Carver. Carver 

Carymlle, Bellingham 

Cafaumet, Bourne 

Center Marshfleld, 

Centreville. Barnstable 

Central Village, Westport 
Chapinville, Norlhboro 
Charlemont, 1 Charlemont 
Charlfft Rhrr. Needham 

(Charlestown, Sta. Boston) 
Charlton. Charlton 

Charlton City. Charlton 
Charlton Depot, Charlton 
Chartley, Norton 

Chatham (I), C^hatham 

Chatham port. Chatham 
Chelmsford (I), Chelmsford 
(Chelsea (I*), Sta. Boston) 



Fo«t Ofllce. Town. 

Cherry ValUy, JLeloester 
Chs$hir*, (I), Cheshire 

Ohuter a). 8 Chester 

OhuterJMd, Chesterfield 
( ChMtnut mu, Sta. Boston) 
Chicop€€ (I*), Chioopee 
Chicopee Falls (!•), Chlcopee 
Chilmark. Chilmark 

ChUtonvUU, Plymouth 
CUy MiUi, Norfolk 

Clavton, New Marlboro 
Clifford, 1 New Bedford 
Clifton, Marblehead 

(Cliftondale. Sta. Lynn) 
Clinton (I*), Clinton 

Cochetett, W. Bridgewater 
(Cochltuate, SU. Natick) 
CohoMet (I), Cohasset 

Coldbrook springs, Oakham 
Coldspring, Westford 

CoUrain, f Colerain 

Collinsville, Dracut 

Concord (1), 2 Concord 
Concord June. (I*),lConcord 

Sta, i. Westvale. 
Conway, 1 Conway 

CooleyylUe, New Salem 
Cordtttfille. Southboro 

Cottage CUy il). Oak Bluffs 
CotuU, Barnstable 

tCralffylUe, Barnstable 
Crow Point, HiDgham 

Cummaquid, Barnstable 
Gummington, 1 , Cunamington 
tCushing, Salisbury 

Cushman. Amherst 

Cuttyhunk, Gosnold 

Cyrus, Heath 

Dalton (I), Dalton 

Dana, Dana 

Dantere (!♦), 1 Danvers 

Sta. I, Danyersport. 

Sta. 3. 96 Holten St. 
Dartmouth, 1 Dartmouth 
Davie (I), Rowe 

Dedham (1* c. h. ) , Dedham 

Ind. Sta., East Dedham. 

8ta, 1, Endlcott. 
Deerjleld, 1 Deerfleld 

Dell. Heath 

Dennis, Dennis 

Dennieport, Dennis 

Dighton, 1 Dighton 

DoiUfe, 1 Charlton 

DodgevUle, Attleboro 

(Dorchester (I*). Sta. 

(Dorchester Centre, St-«. 

Douglae, Douglas 

Dover, Dover 

(Dracut. Sta. Lowell.) 
Drury, Florida 

Dudley, 1 Dudley 

Dunstable, Dunstable 

Du!Xbury, Duxbury 

Dunght, Belchertown 

East Acton, Acton 

East Billerlca, BiUerica 
East Blacketone, 

(East Boston (1*), Sta. 

Eaet BoJiford, Boxford 
Bdst Brewster, Brewster 
East Bridgewater (I), 1 

East Bridgewater 
East Brimfleld, Brimfleld 
East Brookfield, 1 

East Carver, Carver 

Poit OfBce. Town. 

East Charlemont, 

(East Dedham, Ind. Sta. 

East Deerfleld, Deerfleld 
East Dennis, Dennis 

East Douglas a), Douglas 
East Falmouth, Falmouth 
East Foxboro, Foxboro 
East Freefoion, Freetown 
Eastham, Eastham 

Easthampton (I*), 1 


Sta. No. Ij 47 Cottage St. 
East Harwich, Harwich 
(East HaverhUl, Sta. 

East HoUiston, HoUiston 
East Hubbardston, 

East Lee, Lee 

East Leverett, Leverett 
East Lexington, Lexington 
Bast Longmeadow (I). 

East Longmeadow 
East Mansfield, Mansfield 
East Mattapoisett, 

(East Milton, Station 


East Norton, 1 Norton 

Easton. 1 Easton Center 
Easton Centre, Easton 

Bast Orleans, Orleans 

East Otis, Otis 

Eant Pembroke, Pembroke 
East Pepperell (I).l 

East Princeton, Princeton 
(East River, Sta. 

Hyde Park) 
East Sandwich, Sandwich 
East Taunton, 1 Taunton 
Bast Templet on. Temple ton 
East Walpole (I). Walpole 
East Wareham, Wareham 
(East Weymouth, Ind. Sta. 
South Weymouth) 
East'Whately, whately 
East VFAi^m<in(I), Whitman 
East Windsor, Windsor 
Edgartown (lo. h.), 

Egypt, Scituate 

Ellis, ^ Norwood 

Elm Grove, Colrain 

Elmwood,^2k3.t Bridgewater 
EnJMd, I Enfield 

Erving. Erving 

Essex, 1 Essex 

(Everett (I*), Sta. Boston) 
Fairhaven (I), 1 Fairhaven 
Fairview. Chicopee 

Fall River {!•), Fall River 

Sta. 1, (Flint Village) 

Sta. 9, (Globe Village) 

Sta. 3, 1509 N. Main St. 

Sta. 4, 7M S. Main St. 

Sta. 5, 127 Stafford Rd. 

Sta. 6, 971 Bedford St. 

Sta. 7, 1729 Pleasant St. 

Sta. fi. 1119 Rodman St. 

Sta. 9, 481 Fourth St. 

Sta. 10, 91 Ck)lumbia St. 

Sta, JI, N. Tiverton. R. I. 
Falmouth (I), Falmouth 
t Falmouth Heightn. 

Farley. Erving 

Farnumsville, Grafton 

Post Ofllce. Town. 

FayviUe, Southboro 

Feeding ffills, 1 Agawam 
Fisherville, Grafton 

Fiskdale. Sturbridge 

FUchburg {1*0.^ j,\ 


Sta. 1, W. Fitchburg. 

Sta. 9, 168 Fairmount St. 

^a. a, S. Fitohburg. 

Sta. 4, 122 Main St. 
(Florence, Ind. Sta. 

Forestdale, Sandwich 

Forge Village, Westford 
Foxboro (I), 1 Foxboro 
Framingham (I), 

Franklin Q*), I Franklin 
Franklin Park, Revere 
Furnace, Hardwick 

Gardner (!♦), 2 Gardner 

Sta. A, S.Gardner. 

Sta, 1, 600 Chestnut St. 

Sta. 9, 4 Parker St. 

Sta. S. 8 Chestnut St. 
Gay Head. Gay Head 

Georgetown (I), 2 

OilbertvUle, Hardwick 

Oleasondale, Stow 

Olendale, Stockbridge 

(Globe Village, Ind. Sta. 

Gloucester (I*),l Gloucester 

Sta. 1, (E. Gloucester). 
Goshen, Goshen 

Grafton (I), 1 Grafton 

Granby, 1 Granby 

Granifeville, Westford 

Granville. Granville 

Granville Centre, Granville 
Great Barrington (I), S 

Great Barrington 
Greenbush. Scituate 

(Greendale.Sta. Worcester) 
Oreenjleld (1* 0. h. ), 1 

Green I/arbor, Marshfield 
f^eemvich, Greenwich 

Greemcich Village, 1 

(Greenwood, Ind. Sta. 

Griswoldville, Colrain 

Groton{I),2 Qroton 

(Groveland, Sta. Haverhill) 
Hadley, Hadley 

Halifax, Halifax 

Hatnilton, Hamilton 

Hampden, Hampden 

Hancock, Hancock 

Hanover, Hanover 

Hanson, Hanson 

Harding. Med field 

HardtDick, Hardwick 

Hartsville, New Marlboro 
Harvard, 1 Harvard 

Hartpieh, (I), Harwich 

Harwichport, Harwich 

Hatchville, Falmouth 

Hatfield, Hatfield 

Hathome, Danvers 

Haverhill (1*), 1 Haverhill 

Ind. Sta. Bradford. 

Ind. Sta. S. Groveland. 

Sta. Ayer's Village. 

Sta. East Haverblll. 

Sta. Groveland. 

No. 1, Winter and Locust 

No. i. Main and White Sts. 

A*o. 5, airrierSq. 






Post Office. Town. 

Hawley, Hawley 

Hayden Row, Hopkinton 
Haydenville (I). 

Heath, Heath 

HebronviUe, Attleboro 

HighlandviUe (I) Needham 
Hillsboro, Leverett 

Hingham (I). 1 Hingham 
Hingham Centre, Hingham 
Hinsdale, (l),l 
Holden, 1 
HoUiston (1), I 
Holyoke a*). 

South Hadley Palls. 

Sta. 1, South Su 

Sta. 9, Highlands. 

St^. 3, South Holyoke. 

Sta. 4, High & Dwigbt Sts. 

Sta. 6, High and Appleton 


Sta. a. High and airgent 
Hoosac Timnel, Florida 
Hopedale (I), Hopedale 
Hopkinton (I), 1. Hopkinton 
Hortonville, Swansea 

Housatonie (I) 1, 

Gt. Barrington 
Hubbardston, Hubbardston 
Hudson (1*), 1 Hudson 

Hull, Hull 

Huntington (I), Huntington 
Hyannis (I). Barnstable 
Hyannisport, Barnstable 
B/ydeParka*), Hyde Park 

East River. 


Sta. I, Hazel wood 
Indian Orchard (I), 

Intelaken, Stockbridge 

Ipswich (I). 2 Ipswioh 

Island Creek, Duxbury 
Islington, Westwood 

(Jamaica Plain, Sta. 

Jefferson. I 
Kendal Green, 
Kingston (I), 
lAike Pleasant. 
Lakeville. 1 
Lancaster (I), I 
Later ence (I c. h. •), 3 


Ind. Sta. N. Andovcr. 

Sta. Methuen. 

Sta. 1, Arlington. 

Stck. 9, 84 South Broadway, 

Sta. 3, 56 Milton St. 

Sta. 4. Haverhill and 
Union Sts. 

Sta. 5, 248 Essex St. 

Sta. 6, 01 Andover St. 

Sta. 7, 92 Common S^ 

No. 8, 30 Pleasant St. 

No. 9. Jackson and Barclay 

No. 10, 187 S. Union St. 
Lee (I), 1 

Leeds, Northampton 

Leicester (I), 1 Leicester 
Lenox (I\, Lenox 

Lenoxdale (I). Lenox 

Leominster (I*), 


Ind. Sta. N. Leominster. 
Leverett, Leveret 











Pott Oflce. Town. 

Ltxinfftan (I), 1 Lexington 
Leyden, Lieyden 

lAneolHt Lincoln 

Line, Colraln 

lAnufCod, Northbridge 

Litbia, Qoshen 

Littleton, 1 Littleton 

IdttUton (TofnmoA, Littleton 
Llttleville, Cfhester 

Lock's ViUage, Wendell 
Long Main, Acushnet 

Lowell (Lch.*), 3 Lowell 

8ta. Draout. 

8ta. 2. 88 MerrlmAOk St. 

Sta. 9, Middlesex Village. 

Sta. a. Moody & Aiken Sts. 

Sta. 4, 454 Bridge St. 

Sta. 5, 856 Westford St. 

Sta. e. 408 Suffolk St. 

Sta. 7. 726 Moody St. 
(Lower Falls, Ind. Sta. 

Newton Centre.) 
Ludlow (I), 2 Ludlow 

Ludlow Centre, Ludlow 
Lunenburg, 1 Lunenburg 
Lynn (I •) , 1 Lynn 

Ind Sta. Swampsoott. 

Ind. Sta. West Lynn. 

Sta. Cliftondale. 

Sta. Nahant. 

Sta. Saugus. 

Sta. 1, Cot. Essex and 
Chestnut Sts. 

Sta. 2, 846 Western Av. 

Sta. 5,Lewi8 & Cherry Sts. 

Sta. 4, 81 Central Sq. 

Sta. 5. 578 Chestnut St. 

Sta. e, 894 Essex St. 

Sta. 7 (Wyoma). 

Sta. a (East Lynn). 

Sta. 9 (Tower Him. 

Sta. 10 (Upper Swamp- 

Sta. 11, 25M6 Union St. 

Sia. It, 81 (Chatham St. 

Sta. IS, 141 Euclid Av. 
, Sta. lU (Saugus Centre). 
Lynnjleld, Lynnfield 

Lynfifield Centre, Lynnfield 
iMoneville, Colrain 

Magnolia, Gloucester 

(Bialden (I*), Sta. Boston.) 
Manchaug, Sutton 

Manchester (I), Manchester 
Manomet. Plsrmouth 

Mane field (I), 1 Mansfield 


Sta. A (^Nanepashemet). 

Sta, 1, State and Front Sts. 

Sta. i, Devereux. 
Marion (I). 2 Marlon 

Marlboro {!*), 2 Marlboro 
Marehfield, Marshfleld 

MarehJUld HiUs, Marshfleld 
Mareton'e MUle, Barnstable 
Mashpee, Mashpee 

(Mattapan, Sta. Boston.) 
Mattapoieett, 1 Mattapoisett 
Maynard (I), 1 Maynard 
Meadowbrook, Norton 

Medfleld{i),l Medfleld 

Mediford (I ♦), Medford 

Ind. Sta. West Medford. 

Sta. 1, 99 Spring St. 

Sta. 2. 468 Main St. 

Sta. 8, Boston and Win- 
throp Avs. 

Sta. 4, 290 Salem St. 
Medway (I), 1 Medway 

tMegansett, Falmouth 

(Melrose Sta. Boston.) 

Po«t Offleo. Town. 

(Melrose Highlands Sta. 

{Menauhant, Falmouth 
Mendon, Mendon 

(Merrick. Sta. Springfield.) 
Merrimae (I), 1 Merrimac 
Merrimacport, Merrimac 
Metcalf. HolUston 

(Methuen. Sta. Lawrence.) 

Middle,neld, Middlefield 
Middleton, Middleton 

MU/ord (i ♦). MUford 

Millburya).2 Millbury 
Miller' 8 FalUm. Montague 
MUHngton, New Salem 
MUlie. 1 Minis 

Mill Rii>er, New Marlboro 
Millvitle, Blackstone 

(Milton, Sta. Boston.) 
Minot. Scltuate 

MUtineague (I), West 

Monroe Bridge {1) , Monroe 
Moneon(X),2 Monson 

Montague, 1 Montague 

Montague City, Montague 
(Montello. Ind. Sta. 

Monterey, Monterey 

Montgomery, Montgomery 
Montrose, Wakefield 

MontviUe, Sandisfield 

(^Montwalt, Ind. Sta. 

S. Framlnjfham) 
Monument Beach, Bourne 
Moore's Corner, Leverett 
(Mount Auburn. Sta. 

Mount Blue. Scltuate 

Mount Hermon (I). 

Mount Tom, Easthampton 
Mount Washington, 

Mount Washington 
Mundale, Westfield 

Myrick'e. 1 Berkley 

(Nahunt, Sta. Lynn.) 
({Nanepashemet. Sta. 

Nantaeket, Cohasset 

Nantucket {I c. h.). 

Nashoba, Westford 

Natiekil*), Natick 

Sta. Cochltuate. 
Sta. South Naiick. 
Needham (I), 1 Needham 
New Ashford. New Ashford 
New Bedford (I* c h.) 

New Bedford 
Sta. 1, 8 Weld St. 
Sia. 2, 45 Lladeu St. 
Sta. 3, 133 County St. 
Sta. 4, 913 So. Water St. 
Sta. 5, Cove St. and W. 

French Av. 
Sta. €, Kempton and Ce- 
dar Sts. 
Sta. 7. Purchase and Wil- 
lis Sts. 
Sta. H. Cottage and Dur- 

fee Sts. 
Sta. 9, Acushnet Av. and 
Bullard St. 
Sta. 10. 1 Purchase St. 
New Boston, Sandisfield 
New Braintree, New 

Brain tree 
Newburyport (I*c.h.). 


Post Ofloo. Town. 

Sta. 1, Purchase and 

Harrison Sts. 

Sta. 2, High and Ashland 


New Lenox, Lenox 

New Marlboro, New 

New Salem, New Salem 
(Newton, Ind. Sta. 

Newton Center) 
Newton Center (I*), Newton 
Ind. Sta. Attburndale. 
Lower Falls. 

Newton Highlands. 
Newton Upper Falls. 
West Newton. 
Sta. I (Nonantum). 
Nicheufaug, Petersham 
Nobeeot. Framingham 

Nonquitt, Dartmouth 

Norfolk, 1 Norfolk 


North Acton, Acton 

North Adatne a*)- 2 

North Adams 
North Amheret, Amherst 
Northampton (I* c. h.), 2 

Ind. Sta. Florence. 
Sta. tLaurel Park. 
Ao. i, (Bay State). 
No. £, 273 Main St. 
No. 3, 140 Main St. 
No. k, 69 Market St. 
(North Andover. Ind. Sta. 

North Ashbumham, 

NoHh Aitleboro (I*), 1 

North Attleboro 
Ind. Sta. Attleboro Falls. 
North Bellingham, 

North Billerica, Billerica 
Northboro(l),l Northboro 
North Brewster, Brewster 
Northbridge (I), 

Northbridge Centre, 

North BrookJleld(D, I 

North Brookfleld 
North Carver, Carver 

North Chatham, Chatham 
North Chelm^ord, 

North Chester, Chester 
North Dana, Dana 

North Dartmouth, 1 

North Dighton, Dighton 
North Duxbury, Duxbury 
North Eaetham, Eastham 
North Eaeton (I). 1 Easton i 
North Egremont, Egremont 
North Falmouth {I), 

Northfield (I), 2 Northfield 
Northfield Farms, 

North Oregon (1), 1 

North Hadley, Hadley 

North Hanover, Hanover 
North Hanson, Hanson 
North Hartrich, Harwich 
North Hatfield Hatfield 
North Heath, Heath 

Post Offlce. Town. 

(North Leominster, Ind. 

Sta. Leominster.) 
North Leverett, Leverett 
North Marshfleld, 

North Middleboro, I 

North New Salem, 

New Salem 
North Orange, Orange 

North Oaiford (I). Oxford 
North Pembroke, Pembroke 
North Plymouth m, 

North Prescott, Prescott 
North Baynham,l Raynham 
North Beading, 1 North 

North Scituate, Scltuate 
North Stoughton. 

North Sudbury, Sudbury 
North Swansea, Swansea 
North Tisbury, West 

North Truro, Truro 

North Uxbridge (J). 

Ux bridge 
North Westport, 1 Wesiport 
North WHbraham. I 

North Wilmington. 1 

Norton. 1 Norton 

Norwell. Norwell 

Norwich. Huntington 

Norwood (I*), Norwood 
Oakdale, West Boylston 
Oakham, Oakham 

Oldtown. North Attleboro 
Onset, (I). Wareham 

Orange (I*) , 2 Orange 

Orleans (I},1 Orleans 

Osterville, Barnstable 

Otis, Otis 

Otter Biver, Templcton 
Oiford{I), 1 Oxford 

Palmer (I) . 2 Palmer 

Paugus, Pepperell 

Paxton, Pax ton 

Peabody (I •), Peabody 

Sta. 1,50 Lynn St. 
Pelham, Pelham 

Pembroke. Pembroke 

Pepperell, Pepperell 

Peru, Peru 

Petersham, 1 Petersham 
Phillipston, Philllpston 
Pigeon Cove, Rockport 

PQtsfield (I* c h. ) . I 


Sta. 1, 136 Wahconah Si. 

Sta. 2. 846 Western Av. 
Plain field, Plainfield 

PlainvUle, Plalnvllle 

Pleasant Lake, Harwich 
Plymouth (I*c. h.), 

Plympton, Plympton 

Pocasaet. Bourne 

Pondville, Norfolk 

Ponkapog, Canton 

Pontoosuc. Pitt.stteld 

PottersvUle, Somerset 

PratVs Junction^ 1 Sterling 
Prescott, Prescott 

Pride* 8 Crossing, Beverly 
Princeton, Princeton 

Princeton Depot, Princeton 
Provincetown (I), 




Pott Office. Town. 

Qulnapoxet, Holden 

Quincyil*), Quincy 

Ind. iSto. Atlantic. 

Ind. 8ta, Braintree. 

IncL Sta. South Braintree. 

Jnd. Sta. Wollaston. 


Sta. 1, 110 Copeland St. 

Sta, 2, 644 Washington St. 

Sta. 4, 892 Hancock Si. 

Sta. 5. 141 Water St. 

Sta. 6, 73 E. Howard St. 

Stci. 7 (East Braintree). 
(Quinslgamond (I). Sta. 

Quissett, Falmouth 

Randolph (I). 1 Randolph 
Raymond, Plymouth 

Raynham, 1 Raynham 

Reading (I*), 1 Reading 
(ReadvUle, Station 

Hyde Park) 
Rehoboth, 2 Rehoboth 

(Revere, Station Boston) 
Richmond, 1 Richmond 
Richmond Furnace, 

Ringville, Worthington 
RochdaU, Leicester 

Rochester, Rochester 

Rock, I Middleboro 

Rockdale Mills, West 

Rockland (I*), 1 Rockland 
RockpoH (I), Rockport 

RockvUle, MlUis 

iRoslindale, Sta. Boston) 
towe, Rowe 

Rowley, 2 Rowley 

(Roxbury, Sta. Boston.) 
(Rozbury Crossing, Sta. 

Royaleton, Royalston 

Ruetell, Russell 

Rutland (1), 2 Rutland 

Sagamore, Bourne 

Salem (I* c. h. ) , Salem 

Sta. 1. 122 Boston St. 

Sta. 2 145 North St. 

Sta. 3 (tSalem Willows). 

Sta. 4, Leach and Lafay- 
ette Sts 

Sta. 5, 107M Bridge St. 
Salisbury, 1 Salisbury 

Sand Hills, NorweU 

Sandisfleld, Sandisfleld 
Sandwich (I), Sandwich 
Santuit, Barnstable 

fSaugus, Sta. Lynn.) 
saundersville, Grafton 

Savoy, Savoy 

Savoy Centre, Savoy 

(Sazonville, Sta. South 

Sdtuate, Scituate 

Scituate Centre, Scituate 
Scotland, Bridgewater 
Sea View, Marshfleld 

Seekonk, 1 Seekonk 

Segreganeet, Dighton 

Sharon (I), Sharon 

ShattuckviUe, Cotrain 

Shawmut, 1 New Bedford 
Sheffield, 2 Sheffield 

Shelbume, Shelburne 

SheUnime Falls (I) , 1 

SheldonviUe, Wrentham 
Sherbom, Sherbom 

Shirley, 1 Shirley 

Shirley Centre, Shirley 

Shrewsbury, 1 Shrewsbury 

Pott Office. Town. 

Shutesbury, Shutesbury 
Siasconset, Nantucket 

Silver Lake, Kingston 

Smiths, Enfield 

Smith's 7erry, 

Somerset, 1 Somerset 

(SomerviUe. Sta. Boston.) 
So. Acton, Acton 

So. Amherst, Amherst 

Southampton, (I), 1 

So. Ashbumham (I), 

So. AshJUld, Ashileld 

So. Athol, Athol 

So. Attleboro, Attleboro 
So. Barre, Barre 

So. Berlin, Berlin 

Southboro, Southboro 

(So. Boston, Sta. Boston.) 
(So. Braintree, Ind. Sta. 

So. Brewster. Brewster 
Sovthbridgeil*). I 


Ind. Sta. Globe Village. 
So. Byfield, Newbury 

So. Carver. Carver 

So. Chatham. Chatham 

So. Chelm^ord, 

So. Dartmouth,l Dartmouth 
So. Deerjleld (I), 1 Deerfleld 
So. Dennis (I), Dennis 

So. Duxbury, Duzbury 

So. Easton, 1 Easton 

So. Egremont, Egremont 
(South End, Sta. Boston) 
So. Essex. Essex 

Southfield, New Marlboro 
So. Framingham (L *) . 3 


Sta. Saxonville. 

Ind. Sta. tMontwait. 
(So. Gardner, Sta. Gardner) 
(So. Groveland, Ind. Sta. 

So. ffadley (I). 1 So. Hadley 
(South Hadley Falls. 

Sta. Holyoke) 
So. Hanover, Hanover 

So. Hanson, 1 Hanson 

So. Harwich. Harwich 

So. Hingham, Hlngham 
So. Hyannis. Barnstable 
So. Lancaster (I). 

So. Lee, Lee 

So. Lincoln, 1 Lincoln 

So. Middleboro, Middleboro 
So. MiddUton, Middleton 
So. Mliford, Hqpedale 

(So. Natlck. Sta. Natiok) 
So. Orleans, Orleans 

So. Royalston, Royalston 
So. Sandisfleld, Sandisfleld 
So. Sandwich, Sandwich 
So. Sherbom, Sherbom 
So. Sudbury. 1 Sudbury 
So. Swansea, Swansea 

So. Truro, Truro 

Southville, Southboro 

So. Walpole, Walpole 

So. Wareham, Wareham 
So. Wellfleet, WellHeet 

So. fVestport,! Westport 
So. Weymouth {!*). 


Ind. Sta. (E.Weymouth.) 

Ind. Sta. N. Weymouth. 

Ind. Sta. Weymouth. 

Pott Office. Town. 

Sta. 1, Weymouth Centre. 

.Sta. 2, Weymouth Heights. 

Sta. 9. Nash. 
Southwick, 1 Southwick 
So. Worthington, 

So. Yarmouth^ Yarmouth 
Spencer (I), 2 Spencer 

SpHngfield (I* c. h. ), 2 


Ind. Sta.. Brightwood. 

Sta. Highland, 1 

Sta. Merrick. 

Sta. West Springfield. 

Sta. I 72 Main St. 

Sta. 2, 530 Main St. 

Sta. 3, 279 N. Main St. 

^^to, 4, 492 Mill St. 

Sta. 5, 800 Bay St. 

Sta. 6, CJhestnut and Ca- 
rew Sts. 

Sta. 7, 774 Main St. 

Sta. 8, 296 Belmont Av. 

Sta. 9. 477 State St. 

Sta. 10, King and Hancock 

Sta. 11 (Longmeadow). 

Sta. IS, 296 Water St. 

Sta. 13, '/32 Main St. 

.Sta. U. 33 Elm St. 

Sta. i5. 799 Liberty St. 
Spring Hill, Sandwich 

Spruce Comer, Ashfleld 
Stand Ish, Marshfield Hills 
State Farm, Bridgewater 
Stale Line, 1 

W. Stockbridge 
Sterling, Sterling 

Sterling Junction, 1 Sterling 
Still Rher, Harvard 

Stockbridge (I), Stockbridge 
Stoneham(l*), Stoneham 
Stony Brook, Weston 

Stoughton (I) Stoughton 
Stow, 1 Stow 

Sturbridge, Sturbrldge 

Sudbury, Sudbury 

Sunderland, 1 Sunderland 
Surfslde, Hull 

(Swampscott, Ind. Sta. 

Swansea, 2 Swansea 

Swansea Centre, Swansea 
Swift River, Cummington 
Tarpaulin Cove, Gosnold 
Taunton Qch.*), 1 Taunton 

Sta. 1 (Whlttenton). 

Sto.;9 (Britannia). 

Sta. 3 (Weir). 
Teaticket, Falmouth 

Templeton, Templeton 

TeicKsbury, Tewksbury 
Thomdike(l), Palmer 

Three Rivers (I), Palmer 
Tolland, Tolland 

TopsJUld, Topsfleld 

Totiisset, Swansea 

Townsend (I), 1 Townsend 
Townsend Harbor, 1 

Truro. Truro 

Tufts College (I), Medford 
Tully, Orange 

7 urner's Falls (I), 

Tyngsboro, 1 Tyngsboro 
Tynngham, Tyringham 
UnionviUe, Franklin 

Upton, 1 Upton 

Uxbridge (I), Uxbridge 
Van Deusen, Great 


Pott Office. Town. 

Vineyard Haven (D.Tisbury 
(Waban, Ind. Sta. 

Newton Cen.) 
Wadsworth, Franklin 

Wakefield a *). 1 Wakefield 

Ind. Sta. Greenwood. 
Wales, Wales 

Walpole (I). 1 Walnolc 

Waltham (I ♦), I Waltham 

Sta. 1, 663 Main St. 

Sta. «, 367 Moody St. 

Sta. 3, Main and Prospect 

Sta. A, 212 Newton St. 
Wamesit, Tewksbury 

Waquoit, Falmouth 

Ward Hill, Bradford 

Ware (I*), 2 Ware 

Wareham (I), Wareham 
Warren (I), Warren 

Warwick, Warwick 

Washington. Washington 
Watertofcn (I*), 


Sta., Mount Auburn. 

Sta, 1, East Watertown. 

Sta. 2 (Bemls.) 

Sta. 3, Arsenal and School 
Waterville, Winchendon 
Watson. Ashfleld 

(Waverley, Sta. Boston.) 
Wayland, Wayland 

Webster (I*) ^ Webster 

Wellesley (I*), 1 Wellesley 

Ind. Sta. Wellesley Hills. 
Wdlcslev Farms, Wellesley 
Welljleet (I). Wellfleet 

Wendell, Wendell 

Wendell Depot, Wendell 
Wenham, Wenham 

Wenham Depot, Wenham 
West Acton (I), I Acton 

West Auburn, Auburn 
West Barnstable, 

West Becket, Becket 

West Berlin, Berlin 

Westboro (I*). 2 Westboro 
West Boxford, Boxford 
West Boylston, 

West Boylston 
West Brewster, Brewster 
West Bridgewater, 1 

West Bridgewater 
West Brooktleld (I), 

West Brookfleld 
West CJbatham, CJhatham 
West Chelnuford, 

West Chesterfield, 


yV^est Chop. Tisbury 

est Cummington, 

Westdale, W. Bridgewater 
West Dennis, Dennis 

West Dudley, Dudley 

West Duxbury, Duxbury 
West Falmouth. Falmouth 
Westfleld (I*), 1 Westfleld 
Wcs(ford, 2 Westford 

West Granville. QranviUe 
West Grolon, 1 Groton 

Westhampton (I), 

West Hanover, Hanover 

West Harwich, Harwich 

West Hatfield. Hatfield 

West Hawley, Hawley 

West Ley den, Leyden 

(West Lynn, Ind. Sta. Lynn) 


Poet OAca. 


Weti MtmMd, Mansfield 
(West MedfoTd. Ind. Sta. 

West Medwav, Medway 

West MiUbury, Millbury 

Wettminater. 2 Westminster 
Wetbnifuter Depot, 

West Newbury, 1 W. Newbury 
(West Newton. Ind. 8ta. 

Newton Center) 
Weti NortMUid, Northfleld 
Weston {1), Weston 

West Otis. Otis 

West Peabody, 1 Peabody 
Wedvort, Westport 

Weslvort Point, Westport 
(West Roxbury. Sta. Boston) 
Weil RuOand, Rutland 

(West Somerdlle, Sta. 

(West Springfield. Sta. 

West Sterling. Sterling 

Poak Olllce. 



West Stockbridge 
WeU Stouehton Stoughton 
West Tisbwv, West Tiabury 
West Toumsend, Townsend 
West VpUm, Upton 

Weti Wareham, 1 Wareham 
WeH Warren, Warren 

Westtoood, 1. Westwood 

West Worthington. 

Weat Wrenthatn, 1 Wrentham 
West Y€tnnouih, Yarmouth 
(Weymouth, Ind. Sta. 

So. Weymouth 
WJuUHv, Whately 

Wheeiyfrioht, Hardwick 

White VaUey. Barre 

WhitinstnUe. ( I) . Northbridge 
Whitman a), 2 Whitman 
} Wiartno, Barnstable 

Wilbraham, Wilbraham 

Wtlkinaonvaie. Sutton 

WiUicmuinarg, 2 WUliamsburg 

PMt 0fllc«. Town. 


WUliamstovm Station 

WiUiamt^vfUe, Hubbardston 
WiUimansett, (I) Chicopee 
WUminaton, 1 Wilmington 

Winehendon Sprmos, 

Winchester (I*), 1 Winchester 
Windsor. Windsor 

(Winter Hill. Sta. Boston) 
(Winthrop. Sta. Boston) 
Wdtmm (!•). 1 Wobum 

Sta. 1, (North Wobum) 
(Wollaston. Ind. Sta. 


Wood's Hole, Falmouth 

Woodville. Hopklnton 

Worcester (I* c.h.). Worcester 


Sta. B (I). Webster Sq. 

Post Olllce. 


Sta. C(I). (Quinslgamond). 
772 Millbury St. 

Sta. D, Qreendale. 

5ta. J (I). 8 Millbury St. 

Sta. t, Oor. Lake and 

Wigwam Aves. 

Sta. 3, 4K3 Cambridge St. 

Sto. 4, 236 Front St. 

Sta. 6 (Tatnuck). 

Sta. 6 (Valley Falls). 

5to. 7(Jame8ville). 

Sta. 8, 327 Main St. 

Sta. 9. 484 Main St. 

Sta. 10, 313 Grafton St. 

Sta. 11, 883 Main St. 

Sta. It, 2o5 Lincoln St. 

Sta. IS, 510 Pleasant St. 
Woronoco, 1 Westfleld 

Worthington, Worthington 
Wrentham, 1 Wrentham 

Yarmouth, Yarmouth 

Yarmouthport, Yarmouth 
Zoar, Charlemont 


The following is a complete list of the cities in the six New England states, with the population of each, 
are taken from the U. S. census of 1900: 


Boston, Mass., 
Providence, R. L, 
Worcester, Mass., 
New Haven, Oonn., 
Fall River, Mass., 
Lowell, Mass., 
Cambridge, Mass., 
Hartford. Conn.. 
Bridgeport, Conn., 
Lynn, Mass., 
Lawrence, Mass., 
New Bedford, Mass. 
Springfield, Mass., 
SomerviUe, Mass., 
Manchester, N. H., 
Portland, Me., 
Waterbury, Conn., 
Holyoke, Mass.. 
Brockton, Mass., 
Pawtucket, R. L, 












, 02.442 









Haverhill. Mass., 37.175 

Salem, Mass., 86,956 

Chelsea, Mass. 34.072 

Maiden, Mass., 33,664 

Newton, Mass., 33,587 

Fitchburg, Mass., 31,581 

Taunton. Mass., 81.036 

Meridcn, Conn.. 28.095 

Woonsocket, R. I.. 28,a04 

New Britain, Conn., 28.a02 

Gloucester, Mass. 26,121 

Norwich, Conn., 24,637 

Everett, Mass., 24.336 
North Adams, Ma^s., 24.200 

Quincy, Mass., 23.899 

Nashua, N. H.. 23.898 

Lewiston, Me., 28.761 

Waltham, Mass., 28,481 

Newport, K. L, 22.084 

Bangor. Me.. 21,850 

Pittsfleld. Mass., 
Concord. N. H.. 
Danbury. Conn., 
Chicopee. Mass., 
Northampton. Mass. , 
Burlington, Vt., 
Medford, Mass., 
Middletown, Conn., 
Biddeford, Me.. 
Newburyport, Mass., 
Woburn, Mass., 
Beverly. Mass., 
Marlboro, Mass., 
Dover, N. H., 
Auburn, Me.. 
Augusta, Me., 
Rutland. Vt., 
Portsmouth, N. H., 
Bath, Me., 
Waterville. Me., 


Keene. N. H., 
Barre, Vt., 
Rockland, Me., 
Laconia, N. H., 
Calais, Me., 
Rockville, Conn.. 
Westbrook, Me., 
Somersworth, N. H., 
Montpelier, vt., 
Saco, Me.. 
Oldtown, Me., 
Gardiner, Me., 
Eastport, Me., 
Brewer, Me., 
Belfast, Me., 
Ellsworth, Me.. 
HalloweJl, Me.. 
Vergennes. Vt., 





Apportionment of 1901. Population U. 8. 
Census 1900. 

District No. 1. — ^Towns in BerlcsMre County i 
Adams, Alford, Becket, Cheshire, Clarksburg, 
Dalton, Egremont, Florida, Great Harrington, 
Hancock, HinsdiJe, Lanesboro, Lee, Lenox, 
Monterey, Mount Washingrton, New Ashford, 
New Marlboro, North Adams, Otis, Peru, Pitts- 
field, Richmond, Sandisfield, Savoy, ShefSeld, 
Stockbridge, Tyringham, Washington, West 
Stockbridge, Williamstown, Windsor. Franklin 
County: Ashfield, Bernardston, Buckland, 
Charlemont, Colrain, Conway, Deerfieldy Gill, 
Greenfield, Hawley, Heath, Leyden, Monroe, 
Bowe, Shelbume, Whately. Hampden County: 
Agawam, Blandford, Chester, Granville, Hol- 
yoke, Montgomery, Bussell, Southwick, Tolland, 
Westfield, West Springfield. Hampshire County: 
Chesterfield, Cumming^ton, Goshen, Hatfield, 
Huntington, Middlefield, Plainfield, Southamp- 
ton, Westhampton, Willamsburg, Worthingrton. 

Total, 70 towns; pop., 201,378. 

Dist. No. 2. — Towns in Franklin County: Erv- 
ing, Leverett, Montague, New Salem, North- 
field, Orange, Shutesbury, Sunderland, Warwick, 
Wendell. Hampden County: Brimfield, Chicopee, 
East Longmeadow, Hampden, Holland, Long- 
meadow, Ludlow, Monson, Palmer, Springfield, 
Wales, Wilbraham. Hampshire County: Amherst, 
Belchertown, Easthampton, Enfield, Granby, 
Greenwich, Hadley, Northampton, Pel ham, 
Prescott, South Hadley, Ware. Worcester Coun- 
ty: Athol, Barre, Brookfield, Dana, Hardwick, 
New Braintree, North Brookfield, Oakham, 
Petersham, Phillipston, Boyalston, Warren, 
West Brookfield. 

Total, 47 towns; pop., 199,888. 

DlBt. No. 3. — Towns in Worcester County: Au 
bum, Charlton, Douglas, Dudley, Grafton, Hol- 
den, Leicester, Mendon, Millbury, Northbridge, 
Oxford, Paxton, Eutland, Shrewsbury, South- 
bridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, Sutton, Uxbridge, 
Webster, Westboro, West Boylston, Worcester. 

Total, 23 towns; pop., 199,064. 

Dist. No. 4. — Towns in Middlessex County: 
Acton, Ashby, Ashland, Ayer, Bedford, Boxboro, 
Concord, Framingham, Groton, Hudson, Lexing- 
ton, Lincoln, Littleton, Marlboro, Maynard, Na- 
tick, Pepperell, Shirley, Stow, Sudbury, Town- 
send, Waltham, Wayland, Westford, Weston. 
Norfolk County: Wellesley. Worcester County: 
Ashburnham, Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, 
Fitchburg, Gardner, Harvard, Hubbardston, 
Lancaster. Leominster, Lunenburg, Northboro, 

Princeton, Southboro, Sterling, Templeton, 
Westminster, Winchendon. 

Total, 46 towns; pop., 200,801. 

Dist. No. 5. — Towns in Essex County: Ando- 
ver, Lawrence, Lynnfield, Methuen, North An- 
dover. Middlessex County: Billerica, Burling- 
ton, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, 
Lowell, North Beading, Beading, Tewksbury, 
Tyngsboro, Wilmington. 

Total, 17 towns; pop., 200,552. 

Dist. No. 6. — Towns in Essex County: Ames- 
bury, Beverly, Boxford, Danvers, Essex, 
Georgetown, Gloucester, Groveland, Hamilton, 
Haverhill, Ipswich, Manchester, Marblehead, 
Merrimac, Middleton, Newbury, Newburyport, 
Peabody, Bockport, Bowley, Salem, Salisbury, 
Swampscott, Topsfield, Wenham, West New- 

Total, 26 towns; pop., 200,266. 

Dist. No. 7. — Towns in Essex County: Lynn, 
Nahant, Saugus. Middlesex County: Everett, 
Maiden, Melrose, Stoneham, Wakefield. Sufolk 
County: Chelsea, Bevere. 

Total, 10 towns; pop., 205,665. 

Dist. No. 8. — Towns in Middlesex County: Ar- 
lington, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford, Somer- 
ville, Winchester, Wobum. 

Total, 7 towns; pop., 205,807. 

Dist. No. 9.— Suffolk County: Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Precincts 6 and 7 of Ward 12 
in the city of Boston and the town of Winthrop. 

Total, 9 wards, 2 precincts and 1 town; pop. 

Dist. No. 10.^Suffolk County: Wards 13, 14, 
15, 16, 17, 20, and 24 in the city of Boston. Nor- ^ 
folk County: Milton, Quincy. 

Total, 7 wards and 2 towns; population, 

Dist. No. 11. — Suffolk County: Wards 10 and 
11, and Precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Ward 12, 
and Wards 18, 19, 21, 22, 23 and 25 in the ci^ 
of Boston. 

Total, 8 wards and 5 precincts; population. 

Dist. No. 12. — Norfolk County: Avon, Bel- 
lingham, Braintree, Brookline, Canton, Dedham, 
Dover, Foxboro, Franklin, Holbrook, Hyde 
Park, Medfield, Med way, Mil lis, Needham, Nor- 
folk, Norwood, Bandolph, Sharon, Stoughton, 
Walpole, Wellesley, Westwood, Weymouth, 
Wrentham. Middlesex County: Holliston, Hop- 
kinton, Newton, Sherbom, Watertown. Woroe9- 
ter County: Blackstone, Hopedale, Mendon, Mil- 
ford, Upton. Bristol County: North Attleboro. 

Total, 36 towns; pop., 197,585. 

Dist. No. 13.— Bristol County: Acushnet, Berk- 
ley, Dartmouth, Dighton, Fairhaven, Fall Biver, 



Freetown, New Bedford, Behoboth, SeekonJt, 
Somerset, Swansea, Westport. FlymotUh Coun- 
ty: Marion, Mattapoisett, Boehester. Dukes 
County: Ghilmark, Cottage City, Edgartown, 
Qay Head, Gosnold, Tisburj, West Tisbury. 
Nantucket County: Nantucket. 

Total, 24 towns; pop., 200,712. 

Dlst. No. 1^— Plymouth County: Abington, 
Bridgewater, Broekton, Carrer, Dnxbnrj, East 
Bridgewater, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Hing- 
ham, Hull, Kingston, Lakeville, Marshfield, 
Middleboro, Norwell, Pembroke, Plymonth, 
Plympton, Boekland, Scitnate, Wareham, West 
Bridgewater, Whitman. Brittol County: Attle- 
boro, Easton, Mansfield, Norton, Baynham, 
Taunton. Norfolk County: Cohasset. Barnstable 
County: Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Chat- 
ham, Dennis, Eastham, Falmouth, Harwich, 
Mashpee, Orleans, Provineetown, Sandwiq^, 
Truro, Wellfleet, Yarmouth. 

Total, 46 towns; pop., 196,201. 


I>istzlct No. 1. Barnstable County: Barnsta- 
ble^ Bourne, Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham, 
Falmouth, Harwich, Mashpee, Orleans, Province- 
town, Sandwich, Truro, Wellfleet, Yarmouth. 
Bristol County: Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhayen, 
FaU Biver, Freetown, New Bedford, Somerset, 
Swansea, Westport Dvlces County: Chilmark, 
Cottage City, Edgartown, Gaj Head, Cosnold, 
Tisbury, West Tisbury. Nantucket County: 
Nantucket. Norfolk County: Cohasset. Plymouth 
County: Abington, Bridgewater, Brockton, Car- 
ver, Duxbury, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Han- 
over, Hanson, Hingham, Hull, Kingston, Lake- 
ville, Marion, Marshfield, Mattapoisett, Middle- 
boro, Norwell, Pembroke, Plymouth, Plympton, 
Boehester, Boekland, Scituate, Wareham, West 
Bridgewater, Whitman. 

Dlst. No. 2. Bristol County: • Attleboro, 
Berkley, Dighton, Easton, Mansfield, North At- 
tleboro, Norton, Baynham, Behoboth, Seekonk, 
Taunton. Norfolk County: Avon, Bellingham, 
Braintree, Brookline, Canton, Dedham, Dover, 
Foxboro, Franklin, Holbrook, Hyde Park, Med- 
ficdd, Medway, Millis, Milton, Needham, Norfolk, 
Norwood, Plainville, Quincy, Bandolph, Sharon, 
Stoughton, Walpole, Wellesley, Westwood, Wey- 
mou&, Wrentham. Suffolk County: Boston, 
Wards 20, 21, 23, 24. 

Dlst. No. 3. Middlesex County: Cambridge, 
Wards 1, 2, 9, 4. Suffolk County: Boston, Wards 
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 

Dlst. No. 4. Middlesex County: Cambridge, 
Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Everett, Maiden, Mel- 
rose, Somerville. Suffolk County: Boston, Wards 
1, 10, 11, 25, Chelsea, Bevere, Winthrop. 

Dlst. No. 5. Essex County: Ameebury, Andover 
Beverly, Boxford, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, 

Qloucester, Groveland, Hamilton, Haverhill, Ip- 
swich, Liawrence, Lynn, Wards 1, 2, 3, 4^ 5, 7, 
Manchester, Marblehead, Merrimac, Methuen, 
Middleton, Nahant, Newbury, Newburyport, North 
Andover, Peabody, Bockport, Bowlej, Salem, 
Salisbury, Swampscott, Topsfield, Wenham, West 

Dlst. No. 6. Euex County: Lynn, Ward 6, 
Lynnfield, Saugus. Middlesex County: Acton, 
Arlingtoi^ Ashby, Ashland, Ayer, Bedford, Bel- 
mont, Billerica, Boxboro, Burlington, Carlisle, 
iJhelmsford, Concord, I>racut, Dunstable, Fra- 
mingham, Groton, HoUiston, Hopkinton, Hudson, 
Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, Marlboro, 
Maynard, Medford, Natick, Newton, North 
Beading, Pepperell, Beading, Sherborn, Shirley, 
Stoneham, Stow, Sudbury, Tewksbury, Townsend, 
Tyngsboro, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, 
Wayland, Westford, Wes1y)n, Wilmington, Win- 
chester, Wobum. 

Dist. No. 7. Hampden County: Brimfield, 
Hampden, Holland, Ludlow, Monson, Palmer, 
Wales, Wilbraham. Worcester County: Ashburn- 
ham, Athol, Auburn, Barre, Berlin, Blackstone, 
Bolton, Boylston, Brookfield, Charlton, Clinton, 
Dana, Douglas, Dudley, Fitchburg, Gardner, 
Grafton, Hardwick, Harvard, Holden, Hopedale, 
Hubbardston, Lancaster, Leicester, Leominster, 
Lunenburg, Mendon, Milford, Millbury, New 
Braintree, North Brookfield, Northboro , North- 
bridge, Oakham, Oxford, Paxton, Petersham, 
Pliillipston, Princeton, Boyalston, Butland, Shrews- 
bury, Southboro, Southbridge, Spencer, Ster- 
ling, Sturbridge, Sutton, Templeton, Upton, Ux- 
bridge, Warren, Webster, West Boylston, West 
Brookfield, Westboro, Westminster, Winchendon, 

Dist. No. 8. Berkshire County: Adams, Alford, 
Becket, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Egremont, 
Florida, Great Barrington, Hancock, Hinsdale, 
Lanesboro, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Mount 
Washington, New Ashford, New Marlboro, 
North Adams, Otis, Peru, Pittsfleld, Bicbmond, 
Sandisfield, Savory, SheflSeld, Stockbridge, Tyring- 
ham, Washington, West Stockbridge, Williams- 
town, Windsor. Franklin County: Ashfield, 
Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Colrain, Con- 
way, Deerfield, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Hawley, 
Heath, Leverett, Leyden, Monroe, Montague, New 
Salem, Northfield, Orange, Bowe, Shelbume, 
Shutesbury, Sunderland, Warwick, Wendell, 
Whately. Hampden County: Agawam, Blandford, 
Chester, Chicopee, East Longmeadow, Granville, 
Holyoke, Longmeadow, Montgomery, Bussell, 
Southwick, Springfield, Tolland, West Springfield, 
Westfield. Hampshire County: Amherst, Belcher - 
town, Chesterfield, Cummington, Easthampton, En- 
field, Goshen, Granby, Greenwich, Hadley, Hat- 
field, Huntington, Middlefield, Northampton, Pel- 
ham, Plainfield, Prescott, South Hadley, South- 
ampton, Ware, Westhampton, Williamsburg, 




Berksbire. Adams, Cheshirey Clarksburg, Dal- 
ton, florida, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesboro, 
New Ashford, North Adams, Pero, Pittsfield, 
Savoy. Williamstown, Windsor. 

Berkshire, HampiOiire and Hampden. Berk- 
shire County: Alford, Becket, Egremont, Great 
Harrington, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Mount Wash- 
ington, New Marlboro, Otis, Bichmond, Sand- 
isfield, Sheffield, Stockbridge, Tyringham, Wash- 
ington, West Stockbridge. Hampahire County: 
Chesterfield, Cummington, Easthampton, Goshen, 
HatiKeld, Huntington, Middlefield, Northampton, 
Plainfleld, Southiunpton, Westhampton, Williams- 
burg, Worthington. Hampden County: Agawam, 
Blandf ord, Chester, East Longmeadow, Granville, 
Longmeadow, Montgomery, Bussell, Southwick, 

First Bristol. Attleboro, Berkley, Dighton, 
Easton, Mansfield, North Attleboro, Norton, 
Raynham, Behoboth, Seekonk, Taunton. 

Second Bristol. Fall Biver, Somerset, Swansea. 

Third BristoL Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, 
Freetown, New Bedford, Westport. 

Gape. Barnstable County: Barnstable, Bourne, 
Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham, Falmouth, 
Harwich, Mashpee. Orleans, Provincetown, Sand- 
wich, Truro, Wellneet, Yarmouth. Dukes County: 
Chilmark, Cottage City, Edgartown, Gay Head, 
Gosnold, Tisbury, West Tisbury. Nantudket 
County: Nantucket. 

First Essex. Lynn, Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 
Nahant, Swampscott. 

Second Essex. Beverly, Danvers, Marblehead, 

Third Essex. Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, 
Ipswich, Manchester, Newbury, Newburyport, 
Bockport, Bowley, Salisbury, Topsfield, Wen- 
ham, West Newbury. 

Fourth Essex. Amesbury, Boxford, Georgetown, 
Groveland, Haverhill, Merrimac, Middleton, 

Fifth Essex. Andover, Lawrence, Methuen, 
North Andover. 

Franklin and Hampshire. Franklin County: 
Ashfield, Bemardston, Buckland, Charlemont, 
Colrain, Conwajr Deerfield, Erving, Gill, Green- 
field, Hawley, Heath, Leverett, Leyden, Mon- 
roe, Montague, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, 
Bowe, Shelbume, Shutesbury, Sunderland, War- 
wick, Wendell, Whately. Mampskvre County: 
Amherst, Belchertown, Enfield, Granby, Green- 
wich, Hadley, Pelham, Prescott, South Hadley, 

First Hampden. Springfield. 

Second Hampden. Chicopee, Holyoke, West 
Springfield, Westfield. 

First Middlesex. Ashland, Framingham, Hol- 
Tiston, Hopkinton, NatiCk, Newton, Sherbom, 
Watertown, Weston. 

Second Middlesex. Cambridge, Wards 5, 6, 
7, 8, 9, 10, 11. 

Third Middlesex. Somerville. 

Fomth Middlesex. Everett, Maiden, Melrose. 

Fifth Middlesex. Belmont, Concord, Hudson, 
Lexington, Lincoln, Marlboro, Maynard, Stow, 
Sudbury, Waltham, Wayland. 

Sixth Middlesex. Arlington, Medford, Stone- 
ham, Wakefield, Winchester, Woburn. 

Seventh Middlesex. Middlesex County: Acton, 
Ayer, Bedford, Billerica, Boxboro, Burling- 
ton, Carlisle, Littleton, Lowell, Wards 5, 9, North 
Beading, Beading, Tewksbury, Westf ord, Wilming- 
ton. Essex County: Lynn, Ward 6, Lynnfield, 

EUphth Middlesex. Ashby, Chelmsford, Dra- 
cut, Dunstable, Groton, Lowell, Wards 1, 2, 3, 
4, 6, 7, 8, Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, Tyngs- 

First Norfolk. Braintree, Canton, Holbrook, 
]^de Park, Milton, Quincy, Bandolph, Wey- 

Second Norfolk. Avon, Bellingham, Brookline, 
Dedham, Dover, Foxboro, Franklin, Medfield, 
Medway, Millis, Needham, Norfolk, Norwood, 
Plainville, Sharon, Stoughton, Walpole, Welles- 
ley, Westwood, Wrentham. 

First Plymouth. Abington, Carver, Duxbury, 
East Bridgewater, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, 
Hingham, Hull, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, 
Pembroke, Plymouth, Plympton, Bockland, 
Scituate, Whitman. Norfolk County: Cohasset. 

Second Plymouth. Bridgewater, Brockton, 
Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Middleboro, 
Bochester, Wtaureham, West Bridgewater. 

First Suffolk. Boston, Ward 1, Chelsea, Be- 
vere, Winthrop. 

Second Suffolk. SufoVk County: Boston, Wards 
2, 3, 4, 5. Middlesex County: Cambridge, Wards 
1, 2, 3. 

Third Suffolk. Sufolk County: Boston, Wards 

6, 7, 8. Middlesex County: Cambridge, Ward 4. 
Fourth Suffolk. Boston, Wards 9, 12, 17. 
Fifth Suffolk. Boston, Wards 10, 11, 25. 
Sixth Suffolk. Boston, Wards 13, 14, 15, 16. 
Seventh Suffolk. Boston, Wards 18, 19, 22. 
Eighth Suffolk. Boston, Wards 20, 21. 
Ninth Suffolk. Boston, Wards 23, 24. 

First Worcester. Worcester, Wards 4, 5, 6, 

7, 8, 9, 10. 

Second Worcester. Berlin, Bolton, Boylston^ 
Clinton, Harvard, Holden, Lancaster, Sterling^ 
West Boylston, Worcester, Wards 1, 2, 3. 

Third Worcester. Ashburnham, Athol, Fiteh 
burg, Gardner, Leominster, Lunenburg, BoyaL 
ston, Westminster, Winchendon. 

Fourth Worcester. Auburn, Blackstone, Doug- 
las, Grafton Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, Mill- 
bury, Northboro, Northbridge, Oxford, Shrews- 
bury, Southboro, Sutton, Upton, Uxbridge, Web- 
ster, Westboro. 

Worcester and Hampden. Hampden County: 
Brimfield, Hampden, Holland, Ludlow, Monson, 
Palmer, Wales, Wilbraham. Worcester County: 



Barre, Brookfield, Charlton, Dana, Dudley, Hard- 
wick, Hubbardston, Leicester, New Braintree, 
North Brookfield, Oakham, Paxton, Petersham, 
Phillipston, Princeton, Rutland, Southbridge, 
Spencer, > Sturbridge, Templeton, Warren, West 

BABNSTABUS OOUNTY. (3 Representatives.) 

District No. 1. Barnstable, *Boume, Fal- 
mouth, Mashpee, Sandwich. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. Chatham, *Dennis, Harwich, Yar- 
mouth. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. Brewster, Eastham, Orleans, 
Provincetown, Truro, •Wellfleet. 1 rep. 
BEBESHIBE COT7NTY. (8 Representatives.) 

District No. 1. Clarksburg, Florida, 'North 
Adams, Wards 3, 4, 5, Savoy. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. North Adams, Wards 1, 2, 6, 7. 

1 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. Adams, 'Cheshire, Hinsdale, New 
Ashford, Peru, Windsor. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 4. Dalton, Hancock, *Lanesboro, 
Pittsfield, Ward 1, Williamstown. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 5. Pittsfield, Wards 2, 6, 7. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. Pittsfield, Wards 3, 4, 5. I rep. 

Dist. No. 7. Becket, *Lee, Lenox, Monterey, 
New Marlboro, Otis, Richmond, Sandisfield, 
Tyringham, W»8hington. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 8. AJford, Egremont, *Oreat Bar- 
rington. Mount Washing^n, Sheffield, Stock- 
bridge, West Stockbridge. 1 rep. 

BBISTOL 0OUNT7. (18 Representatives.) 

District No. 1. *Attlebqro, North Attleboro, 
Norton, Seekonk. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. *Easton, Mansfield, Raynham. 1 

Dist. No. 3. Taunton, Wards 5, 7, 8. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 4. Taunton, Wards 2, 3, 4. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 5. Berkley, Dighton, Rehoboth, 
•Taunton, Wards 1, 6. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. Acushnet, Dartmouth, •Fair- 
haven, Freetown. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 7. New Bedford, Wards 1, 2, 3. 

2 rep. 

Dist. No. 8. New Bedford, Wards 4, 5, 6. 
2 rep. 

Dist No. 9. *Fall River, Wards 1, 2, West- 
port. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 10. Fall River, Wards 3, 4, 5. 2 rep. 

Dist No. 11. *Fall River, Wards 6, 7, 8, 9, 
Somerset, Swansea. 3 rep. 

DXJKES OOUNTY. (1 Representative.) 

District No. 1. Chilmark, Cottage City. Ed- 
gartown. Gay Head, Gosnold, Tisbury, 'West 
Tisbury. 1 rep. 

ESSEX 0OT7NT7. (32 Representatives.) 

District No. 1. 'Amesbury Merrimac. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. Haverhill, Wards 1, 2, 3. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. Haverhill, Wards 4, 6. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 4. Haverhill, Ward 5. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. •Lawrence, Wards 1, 2, Methuen. 
2 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. Lawrence, Wards 3, 4. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 7. Lawrence, Ward 5. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 8. Lawrence, Ward 6. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 9. Andover. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 10. Bozford, Groveland, •HaverhiU, 
Ward 7, North Andover. 1 rep. 

Dist No. 11. Peabody. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 12. •Lynn, Ward 3, Swampscott. 
2 rep. 

Dist. No. 13. •Lynn, Wards 1, 5, 7, Lynnfleld. 
2 rep. 

Dist No. 14. •Lynn, Wards 2, 4, Nahant 2 rep. 

Dist No. 15. •Lynn, Ward 6, Saugus. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 16. Marblehead. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 17. Salem,. Wards 1, 2. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 18. Salem, Wards 3, 5. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 19. Salem, Wards 4, 6. 1 rep. 

Dist No. 20. •Beverly, Danvers. 2 rep. 

Dist No. 21. •Gloucester, Wards 4, 5, 8, 
Manchester. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 22. Gloucester, Wards 3, 6, 7. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 23. •Gloucester, Wards 1, 2, Rock- 
port. 1 rep. 

Dist No. 24. Essex, Hamilton, •Ipswich, Mid- 
dleton, Rowley, Topsfield, Wenham. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 26. Newburyport, Wards 1, 2, 3, 4- 
1 rep. 

Dist. No. 26. Georgetown, Newbury, •New- 
buryport, Ward 5, 6, Salisbury, West Newbury. 

1 rep. 

FBANKUN OOUNTY. (4 Representatives.) 

District No. 1. Ashfield, •Buckland, Charlo- 
mont, Colrain, Conway, Hawley, Heath, Mon- 
roe, Rowe, Shelbume, Whately. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. Greenfield. 1 rep. 

Dist No. 3. Bemardston, Deerfield, Gill, 
Leverett, Leyden, •Montague, Sunderland. 1 

Dist. No. 4. Erving, New Salem, Northfield, 
•Orange, Shutesbury, Warwick, Wendell. 1 rep. 

HAMPDEN OOUNTY. (14 Representatives.) 
District No. 1. Brimfield, Holland, Monson, 
•Palmer, Wales. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. Agawam, Blandford, Chester, 
East Longmeadow, Granville, Hampden, Long- 
meadow, Ludlow, Montgomery, Russell, South- 
wick, Tolland, •West Springfield, Wilbraham. 

2 rep. 

Dist No. 3. Springfield, Ward 1. 1 rep. 
Dist. No. 4. Springfield, Wards 2, 3. 1 rep. 
Dist. No. 5. Springfield, Wards 4, 5, 6. 2 rep. 
Dist. No. 6. Springfield, Ward 7. 1 rep. 
Dist. No. 7. Springfield, Ward 8. 1 rep. 
Dist No. 8. Chicopee. 1 rep. 
Dist. No. 9. Holyoke, Wards 1, 2, 4, 1 rep. 
Dist No. 10. Holyoke, Wards 3, 6. 1 rep. 
Dist. No. 11. Holyoke, Wards 5, 7. 1 rep. 
Dist. No. 12. Westfield. 1 rep. 



HAMPSHIBE COUKTY. (4 Representatives.) 

District Ko. 1. Northampton. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. * Chesterfield, Cummington, East- 
hampton, Goshen, Huntington, Midd^efield, 
Plainfield, Southampton, Westhampton, Wil- 
liamsburg, Worthington. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. "Amherst, Hadley, Hatfield, 
South Hadley. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 4. •Belchertown, Enfield, Granby, 
Greenwich, Pelham, Prescott, Ware. 1 rep. 

MIDDLESEX COUNTY. (48 Representatives.) 
District No. 1. Cambridge, Wards 1, 2, 3, 

2 rep. 
Dist. No. 2. 

3 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. 
3 rep. 
Dist. No. 4. 

Cambridge, Wards 4, 5, 6, 7. 
Cambridge, Wards 8, 9, 10, 11- 

3 rep. 

Dist. No. 5. Wftltham. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. Natick. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 7. Framingham. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 8. * Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, 
Sherborn. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 9. Marlboro. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 10. Boxboro, •Hudson, Maynard, 
Stow. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 11. Acton, *Ayer, Carlisle, Chelms- 
ford, Littleton, Westford. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 12. Ashby, Dunstable, 'Groton, 
Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, Tyngsboro. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 13. Bedford, * Concord, Lincoln, 
Sudbury, Wayland, Weston. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 14. Dracut, "Lowell, Ward 1. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 15. Lowell, Ward 2. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 16. Lowell, Wards 4, 5. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 17. Lowell, Wards 3, 6, 7. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 18. Lowell, Ward 8. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 19. Billerica, "Lowell, Ward 9, 
Tewksbury. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 20. Burlington, North Reading, 
Reading, Wilmington, *Woburn. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 21. Wakefield. 1 rep. 
Melrose. 1 rep. 
Maiden. 3 rep. 
Everett. 2 rep. 
Somerville, Wards 1, 3, 4, 5. 

Dist. No. 22. 

Dist. No. 23. 

Dist. No. 24. 

Dist. No. 25. 
3 rep. 

Dist. No. 26. 

Dist. No. 27. 
Chester. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 28. 
1 rep. 

Dist. No. 29. 

Dist. No. 30. 

Dist. No. 31. 

Somerville, Wards 2, 6, 7. 3 rep. 
Medford, Wards 3, 6, "Win- 

Medford, Wards 1, 2, 4, 5, 7. 

•Arlington, Lexington. 1 rep. 
Belmont, "Watertown. 1 rep. 
Stoneham. 1 rep. 

NANTUCKET COUNTY. (1 Representative.) 
District No. 1. Nantucket. 1 rep. 
NOBFOUC COUNTY. (13 Representatives.) 
District No. 1. •Dedham, Needham. 1 rep. 
Dist. No. 2. Brookline. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. Hyde Park. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 4. •Canton, Milton. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 5. Quincy^ Wards 1, 2, 3. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. Quincy, Wards 4, 5, 6. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 7. Weymouth. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 8. Avon, •Braintree, Hobrook. Irep. 

Dist. No. 9. Randolph, Sharon, •Stoughton. 
1 rep. 

Dist. No. 10. •Norwood, Walpole, Westwood. 
1 rep. 

Dist. No. 11. Dover, •Medfield, Medway, Mil- 
lis, Norfolk, Wellesley. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 12. Bellingham, Foxboro, •Franklin, 
Plainville, Wrentham. 1 rep. 

PLYMOUTH COUNTY. (12 Representatives.) 

District No. 1. Plymouth. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. Duxbury, *Marshfield, Norwell, 
Pembroke, Scituate. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. Cohasset, •Hingham, Hull. Irep. 

Dist. No. 4. Hanover, Hanson, •Rockland. 
1 rep. 

Dist. No. 5. •Abington, Whitman. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. Carver, Lakeville, Marion, Mat- 
tapoisett, Rochester, •Wareham. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 7. Halifax, Kingston, •Middleboro, 
Plympton. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 8. *Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, 
West Bridgewater. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 9. Brockton, Wards 3, 4. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 10. Brockton, Wards 1, 2, 5. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 11. Brockton, Wards 6, 7. 1 rep. 

SUFFOLK COUNTY. (54 Representatives.) 

District No. 
Dist. No. 2. 
Dist. No. 
Dist. No. 
Dist. No. 
Dist. No. 
Dist. No. 
Dist. No. 8. 
Dist. No. 9. 
Dist. No. 10, 
Dist. No. 11. 
Dist. No. 
Dist. No. 
Dist. No. 14. 
Dist. No. 15. 
Dist. No. 16. 
Dist. No. 17. 
Dist. No. 18. 
Dist. No. 19. 
Dist. No. 20. 
Dist. No. 21. 
Dist. No. 22. 
Dist. No. 23. 
Dist. No. 24. 
Dist. No. 25. 
Dist. No. 26. 
Dist. No. 27. 
throp. 2 rep. 


. 5. 
. 6. 



1. Boston, Ward 1. 2 rep. 
Boston, Ward 2. 2 rep. 
Boston, Ward 3. 2 rep. 
Boston, Wards 4, 5. 3 rep. 
Chelsea, Wards 1, 2. 1 rep. 
Boston, Ward 6. 2 rep. 
Boston, Ward 7. 1 rep. 
Boston, Ward 8. 2 rep. 
Boston, Ward 9. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 10. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 11. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 12. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 13. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 14. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 15. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 16. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 17. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 18. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 19. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 20. 3 rep. 

Boston, Ward 21. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 22. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 23. 2 rep. 

Boston, Ward 24. 3 rep. 

Boston, Ward 25. 2 rep. 

Chelsea, Wards 3, 4. 1 rep. 

Chelsea, Ward 5, •Revere, Win- 



WOBCESTEB OOUKTY. (28 Bepresentatives.) 

District Ko. 1. *Athol^ Dana, Petersham, 
Phillipston, Boyalston. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 2. Ashburnham, 'Gardner, Temple 
ton, Winchendon. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 3. Barre, *Holden, Hubbardstonj 
Oakham, Princeton, Bntland, Sterling, West 
minster. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 4. Brookfield, Hardwick, New Brain 
tree, North Brookfield, Warren, *We8t Brook 
field. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 5. Charlton, *Southbridge, Stur- 
bridge. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 6. Auburn, Leicester, Paxton, 
•Spencer. 1 rep. 

Dist No. 7. Dudley, Oxford, •Webster. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 8. Blackstone, Douglas, •Grafton^ 
Millbury, Shrewsbury, Sutton, Uxbridge. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 9. Hopedale, Mendon, •Milford, 
Northbridge, Upton. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 10. Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, •Clin 
ton, Northboro, Southboro, West Boylston, West 
boro. 2 rep. 

Dist No. 11. Fitchburg, Ward 6, Harvard, 
Lancaster, •Leominster, Lunenburg. 2 rep. 

Dist. No. 12. Fitchburg, Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
2 rep. 

Dist. No. 13. Worcester, Ward 1. 1 rep. 

Dist, No. 14. Worcester, Ward 2. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 15. Worcester, Ward 3. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 16. Worcester, Ward 4. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 17. Worcester, Ward 5. 1 rep. 

Dist No. 18. Worcester, Ward 6. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 19. Worcester, Ward 7. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 20. Worcester, Ward 8. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 21. Worcester, Ward 9. 1 rep. 

Dist. No. 22. Worcester, Ward 10. 1 rep. 



Headquarters, Kimball Building, 18 Tre- 
mont Street, Boston. 
Owing to the fact that the officers of the State 
Committee for the ensuing year are not elected 
until January, we are unable to print the or- 
ganization. Following is the list of members 
of the committee elected for 1908: 

Cape District, Bobert A. Hammond, Sandwich 
1st Bristol, i^ederick M. Atwood, Taunton 
ed Bristol, Joseph O. Neill, Fall Biver 
Sd Bristol, Charles O. Brightman, New Bedford 
1st Blyinouth, Henry F. Bipley, Hingham 
gd Plymouth, Walter Bapp, Brockton 
1st Norfolk, H. Clifford Gallagher, Milton 

♦Place designated for meeting of clerks, under 
section 258, chapter 11, Bevised Laws. 

td Norfolk, W. H. Carter, Needham 

l8t Suffolk, George H. Dunham, Chelsea 

td Suffolk, William E. White, Boston 

Sd Suffolk, Jerome A. Petitti, Boston 

4th Suffolk, A. Glendon Dyar, Boston 

5th Suffolk, Louis A. Frothingham, Boston 

6th Suffolk, Herman Hormel, Boston 

7th Suffolk, Charles Graumann, Boston 

8th Suffolk, Frederick W. Klemm, Boston 

9th Suffolk, Arthur H. Davison, Boston 

Ut Essex, Hiram £. Miller, Lynn 

id Essex, Joseph N. Peterson, Salem 

Sd Essex, Patrick M. Longan, Gloucester 

4th Essex, J. Otis Wardwell, Haverhill 

5th Essex, Archie N. Frost, Lawrence 

Ist Middlesex, Charles E. Hatfield, Newton 

td Middlesex, Fred'k W. Dallinger, Cambridge 

Sd Middlesex, Louis E. Merry, Somerville 

4th Middlesex, John C. Harrington, Everett 

5th Middlesex, George H. Doty, Waltham 

6th Middlesex, Wilton B. Fay, Medford 

7th Middlesex, Alonzo G. Walsh, Lowell 

8th Middlesex, Albert W. David, Lowell 

1st Worcester, Thomas F. McGauley, Worcester 

Sd Worcester, Alfred S. Pinkerton, Worcester 

Sd Worcester, Alexander S. Paton, Leominster 

4th Worcester, Charles F. Choate, Jr., Southbridge 

Worcester-Hampden, Jerry B. Kane, Spencer 

Berkshire, Chester E. Gleason, Pittsfield 

Berkshire-Hampshire-Hampden, Henry P. Field, 

Franklin-Hampshire, Charles E. Stevens, Ware 
1st Hampden, A. P. Langtry, Springfield 
td Hampden, John Hildreth, Holyoke 


Not organized in season for publication in 
the Yeab Book. 


Headquarters, 101 Tremont Street, Boom 905, 

Chairman, Wilbur D. Moon, Lynn 
Vice-chairman, Solon W. Bingham, Boston 
Secretary, Amos L. Betts, Medford 
Treasurer, Edward C. Wilder, Boston 


Herbert L. Chipman, Sandwich 
Thomas A. Frissell, Hinsdale 
John M. Fisher, Attleboro 
Charles A. Chace, Swansea 
Willard O. Wrylie, Beverly 
Wilbur D. Moon, Lynn 
George D. Crittenden, Shelburne 
Edward Kendall, Cambridge 
Frank M. Forbush, Newton 
Allen Coffin, Nantucket 
Eldwin Sawtell, Brockton 
Herbert S. Morley, Temple ton 



Oliver W. Cobb, Easthampton 

Edward C. Wilder, Boston 

Napoleon B. .Tbhnson, Milford 

William H. Partridge, Newton 

Wilbur M. Purrington, Williamsburg 

John B. Lewis, Jr., Beading 

William F. Merrill, Maiden 

Herbert B. Griflfin, Boston 

Fred E. Britten, Cambridge 

Alfred H. Evans, Northampton 

John A. NichoUs, Boston 

Frank N. Rand, Haverhill 

Daniel Parlin, Worcester 

By Senatorial Districts. 

Cape, Rev. C. W. Ruoff, Wellfleet; Rev. E. E. 
Phillips, Bourne 

Berlshire, Charles H. Weed, Pittsfield; John H. 
Smith, Dalton 

Berkshire-Hampshire-Hampden (vacant) 

l8t Bristol, Ashton C. Eddy, Attleboro; S. Fred- 
erick French, Mansfield 

gd Bristol, David Morrison, Fall River 

Sd Bristol, Clarence R. Sherman, New Bedford 

1st Essex, J. John Hooper, Lynn; Henry C. Paul, 

f d Essex, Edward A. H. Grover, Danvers 

Sd Essex, J. Warren Perkins, Ipswich 

4th Essex, James F. Pease, Merrimac 

5th Essex, Warren F. Taylor, Lawrence; Charles 
E. Barker, Methuen 

Franklin-Hampshire, Oscar 8. Williams, Granby; 
David W. Blodgett, Amherst 

1st Hampden, Nathan Coe, Springfield; Rev. C. 

C. P. Hiller, Springfield 

gd Hampden, Ernest R. Knipe, Holyoke 

1st Norfolk, John W. Jigger, Hyde Park; Moses 

D. Monroe, Milton 

td Norfolk, Horace W. Mann, Walpole; Enoch 

E. Doran, Brookline 

1st Plymouth, Rev. O. L. Griswold, East Whit- 
man; Harold G. Leavitt, Hingham Center 

gd Plymouth, Rev. F. M. Lamb, Campello 

1st Middlesex, Charles A. Pearce, Newton; Ray 
C. Durgin, South Framingham 

fSd Middlesex, John R. Anderson, Cambridge; 
Oscar B. Wiren, Cambridge 

4th Middlesex, George M. Buttrick, Everett; Jas. 
L. Crandall, Maiden 

6th Middlesex, George C. Moor, Waltham 

6th Middlesex, Amos L. Betts, Medford; Jona- 
than S. Lewis, Stoneham 

7th Middlesex, Clark M. Langley, Lowell; Harry 
Woodward, West Lynn 

8th Middlesex, Quincy Adams, West Townsend; 
Luther S. Wood, Lowell 

1st Suffolk, M. S. Fickett, Chelsea; Rev. F. M. 
White, Winthrop 

td Suffolk, John M. Campbell, Cambridge 

Sd Suffolk, E. P. Gerould, Boston 

4th Suffolk, Rev. David L. Martin, Boston; Rev. 
James P. Stoddard, Boston 

5th Suffolk (vacant) 

7th Suffolk, Charles W. Goodwin, Roxbury 

8th Suffolk, Rev. John R. Hague, Roxbury; Solon 
W. Bingham, Roxbury 

9th Suffolk, Clarence H. Wood, Boston 

Sd Worcester (vacant) 

Sd Worcester, Pa-of. Hervey S. Cowell, Asiibum- 

ith Worcester, Dr. C. D. Albro, Milford; Ly- 
man, W. Aldrich, Northbridge 

Worcester and Hampden (vacant) 

BfllTTEB— 1908. 

Headquarters, 347-8 Old South Bldg., Boston. 


Berkshire, J. M. Linnehan, Pittsfield 
Berkshire^ Hampshire and Hampden, George W. 

Whitbeck, Northampton 
Ist Bristol, Wm. A. Bartlett, North Attleboro 
Snd Bristol, Edward J. Cantwell, Fall River 
Srd Bristol, Matthew Hart, New Bedford 
Cape, Morris Phinney, Barnstable 
1st Essex, Walter L. Ramsdell, Lynn 
Srd Essex, Grover C. Ryan, Gloucester 
4th Essex, Roland D. Sawyer, HaverhiU 
5th Essex, William J. Lynch, Lawrence 
1st Hampden, George O. Curtis, Springfield 
Snd Hampden, Thomas L. Hisgen, W. Springfield 
1st Middlesex, Roswell C. Ross, Newton 
Bnd Middlesex, Edward Cassity, Cambridge 
Srd Middlesex, George W. Gookin, Somerville 
5ih Middlesex, William A. Pierson, Hudson 
8th Middlesex, Dennis J. Ring, Lowell 
1st Norfolk, Robert E. Cherrington, Hyde Park 
gnd Norfolk, William F. Fleming, Foxboro 
1st Plymouth, Herbert E. Bryant, Plymouth 
gnd Plymouth, William E. Norris, Brockton 
1st Suffolk, John W. Kinnally, Chelsea 
Snd Suffolk, Edward F. Delaney, Cambridge 
Srd Suffolk, Augustus Seavesr, Cambridge 
4th Suffolk, Weldon L. Crosman, Boston 
5th Suffolk, Thomas Hooper, Boston. 
6th Suffolk, William F. Shaw, Boston 
7th Suffolk, Alexander Cohen, Boston ' 
8th Suffolk, Robert T. Allen, Boston 
9th Suffolk, Adelbert A. Leeman, Boston 
1st Worcester, William Crosbie, Worcester 
Snd Worcester, Thomas E. Finnerty, Clinton 
Srd Worcester, Frank J. House, Athol 
At Large, William N. Osgood, Lowell 
John L. Eddy, Needham 
E. Gerry Brown, Brockton 
Charles O. Power, Boston 
Junius T. Auearbach, Boston 
Grenville S. MacFarland, Cambridge 
William McLean, New Bedford 
Charles B. Drew, Hanover 
J. E. Dempsey, Fall River 
Urban Fleming, Holyoke 


Showing the Area, Number of Assessed Polls, Registered Voters, Valuation and Tax Rate of each 
Town and City in the Commonwealth . 

Few Questions are oftener asked than how many square miles has each town and city in the Com- 
monwealth. Strange to say, such data have never been accurately secured. The statements made here 
are gathered from various sources and are approximately correct. When the topographical survey of 
Massachusetts shall have been completed, then the list can be made up absolutely correct. 
















of Assessed 









of Assessed 





May 1, igoe. 



May 1. 1906. 

Abington, . 


























































Alford, . . 






Cottage City. 

(see Oak Bluffs). 



















And aver. 






Dal ton. 






Arlington, . 




































Ashfleld, . . 












Ashland, . 
























Attleboro, . 




11.550,610 16.60 











1.017,600 12.80 







Avon, . 




909,5981 20 80 







Ayer, . 




1.916,440, 14.70 











5,163,610' 13.60 











1,632,2701 16.00 











465,667 17.00 


East Bridgewater. 










1.254.6591 15.50 










864.8101 14.30 

East Longmeadow, 










790.9951 8.14 

Eastham, . 










5.722,165! 18.00 

Easthampton, . 










407,609 13.60 

Easton. . 










637,915 10.00 











414,760 15.00 







Bbvbrlt, . 




23.224,925' 18.00 







Blllerica. . . 




2.194,0261 16.30 











2,257.2601 20.50 











• 435.754' 17.25 
























Fall River, 





18 40 





























1,176.2631 5.00 







Boylaton, . 




463.768; 11.30 






17 70 

Braintree, . 




5.039,666' 22.40 







Brewster, . 




beO,\3,^[ 13.20 

Franklin, . 


















Brlmfleld, . 


















Gay Head, 
























Gill. . . . 






Buckland. . 






Gloucester, . 




























































Granville, . 












Great Barrington, 






Charlton, . 












Chatham, . 
























Chelsea, . 






























Halifax, . . 












Hamilton, . 












Hampden, . 






Chilmark. . 












































of Aiiesaed 





of Assessed 



May 1. 1900. 




May 1. 1906, 












Bard wick. 






Needham, . 






Harvard. . 





12 60 

New Ashford, . 






Harwich, . 






New Bedford, 






Hatfield, . 






New Brain tree. 












New Marlboro, 






Hawley, . . 






New Salem, 






Heath. . . 






Newbury, . 






Hingham, . 












Hinsdale, . 






Newton. . 






Holbrook, . 






Norfolk, . . 






Holland. . 






North Adams, 











North Andover, 






HoUiston, . 






North Attleboro. 











17 00 

North Brookfield, 






Hopedale, . 





7.50 1 

North Reading. 










































Hull, . 

















17.00 , 







Hyde Park, 





15.90 1 

Norwell, . 






Kingston, . 




4,0! 3.702 


Norwood. . 









1.501 ,:«6 

13.00 1 

Oak Bluffs, . . 






Lakeville, . 






OaUham, . 











11.40 1 









* 241 



12.25 1 












1600 1 

Otis. . . . 






Lee, . 












Leicester, . 





20.00 , 
























21.50 ' 

Peabody, . 






Leverett. . 







25 4 










19.00 1 







Leyden. . . 






Pepperell, . 











7.25 1 

Peru, . 




128. 16H 


Littleton, . 





16.00 1 







Longmeadow, . 












Lowell, . 





19.60 1 













Plainfleld, . . 











15 00 1 


















Lynnfleld, . 





12.50 , 







Malden. . 





17.20 , 

Prescott, . 












Princeton. ^. 






Mansfield, . 






Provincetown. . 











17.00 , 


Randolph. . 











12.50 , 












Raynham, . 











15.00 1 







Mashpee, . 






Rchoboth, . 





19 00 

Mattapoisett, . 





8.70 , 





13,051, MO 


Maynard, . 












Medfield, . 

















20.20 1 

Rockland, . 






Medway. . 






R(»ckport, . 











17.80 1 

Rowe, . 











14. FO 







Merrimac, . 












Methuen, . 










639.526 16.20 







Rutland, . 





















734 590 


Salisbury. ,. 


















Millbury, . 






Sandwich, . 











18 25 

























Scltuate, . 












Seekonk, . 






Montague, . 












Monterey, . 






Sheffield, . . 






Montgomery, . 












Mt. Washington, 






Sherbom, . 











































of Ai«r«ie4f 

Majr 1. 19M. 

















West Stockbrldge. 


311 260 8382.541 


Somerset. . 






West Tlsbury, . 


152 119 426,645 








Westboro, . 


l,'i»l 903 3,164,577 


South Hadley, . 






Westfield, . 


8,877 i 2,7451 8,786.827 


Soutbampton. . 






Westford, . 


725 447| 1,648.119 










100 100 222.640 


Southbiidge, . 






Westminster, . 


899 318 











576 884 

5,660,71 1 








Westport, . 


7881 482 









Westwood, . 


290! 205 

2,087,205 12.40 

Stockbrldge, . 








3.4471 2,763 








Whately, . 


2651 199 







4,853.830; 21 50 

Whitman, . . 


2,142! 1,686 







8.414.548 21.40 



401 i 293 



Stow, . 




856. 1221 10.00 

Williamsburg, . 


541 404 

914,708 17.70 





964.145! 1.5.70 

WlUiamstown, . 


l,048l 887 

8,920,9401 18.70 

Sudbury. . 




1.23-.\074j 14.50 


17.8 1 

444 275! 1,248,7871 16.00 





4K)270| 14.50 


45.5 , 

1.737 1,132, 3.286,656! 19.00 





1.229.096 14.50 



2,2:151 1,459' 10,717,600' 17.60 





8.397.445 14.50 



1441 122! 275,400 15.20 

Swansea, . 




1.2t»5.093 14.80 

Winthrop, . 


2,121 1.6591 9,571.397 17.70 

Taunton, . 

. 46.4 



2I.840.38-: 19.00 



4,170' 3,169 10,698.310 18.00 





1.487.05:r 16.00 



38,757! 22,832! 123.226.501 16.60 




««,246 30.00 

Worthington, . 


174 145 315.618' 18.00 





1.420.787 10.00 



4011 312 1,041,169| 17.20 




169.673 24.00 

Yarmouth, . 


462' 397 1,848.016. 12.50 

Topsfleld, . 




I 037.303 10.00 
1 158 349 16.50 








388.030, 18.00 







491.577 18.00 
261.619, 14.50 





1.075,164: 17.25 


Area. 1 Valuation 

Uxbrldge, . 




2,645,260, 17.60 

COUNTIES. 'Cltlfi. 

Town.. |..8q. , ^TgS • 





8.3i6.689 20.80 
265,1201 14.60 


' Milei. 


Walpole, . 




3.861.581, 17.80 

Barnstable, . 

15 1 444 ' 127.158,050 

Waltham, . . 




23,795.4561 16.50 


1 2 

30 1 959 1 «».483,787 

Ware, . 




4.486.055; 18.00 

Bristol, . 

' 3 

17 1 585 1 212.099,451 

Wareham, . 




3,511.991! 15.20 


'. 1 

7 1 113 ' 5.120.482 


28.5 1 



l,7H0.646j 16.60 



27 ! 518 


Warwick, . 

37.4 1 



333.4601 17.80 



26 691 






2r3 519| 13.60 




! 3 

20 629 






12.745.5771 19 10 

I T 

22 1 594 


Wayland, . 




1. 970.927 i 14.10 





Webster, . 




6.173,323 10.50 




3 249.:«6 

Wellesley , 




12.591. 165l 11.00 






Wellfleet, . 




1.054.193 13.00 





Wendell, . 

32.3 ' 



238 375 19.00 

Suffolk . 





Wenham, . 




2.142.300 8 20 






West Boylston, 
West Brldgewater, 
West Brookfleld, 




728.603 7.00 





1,124.130 11.00 
837.928 15 00 


West Newbury, 




1 (W0.4A) 13.00 

Slate, . 





West Springfield, 




5890.682 17.00 

••' - ^ 


State election on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. 


Governor, His Excellency Curtis Guild, Jr. (B) 

of Boston $8000 
Lieut.- governor, His Honor Eben S. Draper (B) 

of Hopedale $2000 
Secretary of the Commonwealth, William M. Olin 

(B) of Boston $3500 
Treasurer and Receiver General, Arthur B. Cha- 

pin (B) of Holyoke $5000 
Auditor of Accounts, Henry E. Turner (B) of 

Maiden $3500 
Attorney General, Dana Malone (B) of Greenfield 



Salary $800 per year and expenses of travel 

Dlst. No. 

1. Charles O. Brightman (B) of New Bedford 

2. Albion F. Bemis (B) of Brookline 

3. Edward P. Barry (D) of Boston 

4. Walter S. Glidden (B) of Somerville 

5. Samuel Cole (B) of Beverly 

6. Seward W. Jones (B) of Newton 

7. Calvin D. Paige (B) of Southbridge 
S. Franklin W. Bussell (B) of Pittsfield 


Legislature meets first Wednesday in January 

Salary, $750 for the Session. 


Berkshire, Clinton Q. Bichmond (E) North Adams 
Berkshire, Hampshire and Hampden, Allen T. 

Treadway (E) Stockbridge 
1st Bristol, Thomas W. Williams (B) Attleboro 
gd Bristol, Joseph Turner (R) Fall River 
Sd Bristol, Nathaniel P. Sowle (R-I) New Bed- 
CapCy Eben S. S. Keith (B) Bourne 
l9t Essex, W. B. Salter (B) Lynn 
td Essex, William D. Chappie (B) Salem 
Sd Essex, James F. Shaw (B) Manchester 
4th Essex, Harry P. Morse (B) Haverhill 
6th Essex, Dennis E. Halley (D) Lawrence 
Franklin and Hampshire, George J. Gallond (B) 

1st Hampden, Francke W. Dickinson (R) Spring- 
td Hampden, Daniel D. Mahoney (D) Chicopee 
Isi Middlesex, James H. Vahey (R-I-D) Water- 

gd Middlesex, Thomdike Spalding (R) Cambridge 
3d Middlesex, Elmer A. Stevens (R) Somerville 
4th Middlesex, Charles L. Dean (B) Maiden 
6th Middlesex, John J. Mitchell (D) Marlboro 
6th Middlesex, Herbert S. Biley (B) Wobum 
7th Middlesex, James Wilson Grimes (B) Beading 
8th Middlesex, Joseph H. Hibbard (B) Lowell 
1st Norfolk, Charles F. Jenney (B) Hyde Park 
gd Norfolk, William O. Faxon (B) Stoughton 
Ist Plymouth, Frank G. Wheatley (B) Abington 
gd Plymouth, George H. Garfield (B) Brockton 
1st Suffolk, Alfred S. Hall (B) Severe 
gd Suffolk, George F. Monahan (D) Boston 
Sd Suffolk, Edward W. Dixon (D) Boston 
4th Suffolk, Michael J. McEttrick (D-C) Boston 
5th Suffolk, Charles D. B. Fisk (R) Boston 
6th Suffolk, Frank J. Linehan (D) Boston 
7th Suffolk, John J. Butler (D) Boston 
8th Suffolk, Tilton S. BeU (E) Boston 
9th Suffolk, Gideon B. Abbott (R) Boston 
1st Worcester, Elmer C. Potter (R) Worcester 
ed Worcester, Edward A. Cowee (R) Worcester 
Sd Worcester, J. Lovell Johnson (R) Fitchburg 
4th Worcester, Winfield S. Schuster (R) Douglas 
Worcester and Hampden, Arthur D. Norcross (B) 

, Salary, $750 for the Session. 
District. Barnstable Ctounty. 

1. Thomas Pattison (R) Barnstable 

2. Clenric H. Cahoon (R) Harwich 

3. Isaac M. Small (R) Truro 

Berkshire County. 

1. Hugh P. Drysdale (R) North Adams 

2. Homer A. Hall (R) North Adams 

3. David Cole (D) Cheshire 

4. Frederick T. McClatchey (R) Pittsfield 

5. James T. Goggins (R) Pittsfield 

6. Herbert P. Sanders (R) Pittsfield 

7. Edward McDonald (R) Lenox 

8. John E. Clarey (R) Great Barrington 

Bristol County. 

1. Frank O. Coombs (R) North Attleboro 
Samuel M. Holman (R) Attleboro 

2. William L. Robinson (R) Mansfield 

3. Michael J. Kenney (R) Taunton 

4. William M. Dean (R) Taunton 

5. Ralph Davol (R-I X P) Taunton 

6. Herbert Wing (R) Dartmouth 



















Joseph C. Desmond (I L-D) New Bedford 
Samuel Boss (B) New Bedford 
Andrew P. Doyle (B) New Bedford 
Sidney Lees (B) New Bedfoird 
William H. Cook (B) Fall Biver 
Fred Moore (B) Fall Biver 
Francis J. Fennelly (D) Fall Biver 
Joseph A. Parks (D) Pall Biver 
Charles E. Boivin (B) Fall Biver 
David P. Keefe (B) Fall Biver 
Isaa<5 E. Willetts (B) FaU Biver 

Dukes Connty. 

Ulysses E. Mayhew (B) West Tisbury 

Essex Oounty. 

Samuel L. Porter (B) Amesbury 
William H. Trudel (B) Haverhill 
Leslie K. Morse (B) Haverhill 
Arthur L. Nason (B) Haverhill 
George McLane, Jr. (B) Lawrence 
George Bunting (B) Methuen 
William A. Kelleher (D) Lawrence 
George 8. J. Hyde (E) Lawrence 
William J. Graham (D) Lawrence 
John N. Cole (D-B) Andover 
John F. Cook (B) Haverhill 
James B. Carbrey (D) Peabody 
William E. Dorman (B) Lynn 
George H. Newhall (B) Lynn 
John S. Cormack (B) Lynn 
John H. McKenney (B) Lynn 
Charles C. Johnson (B) Nahant 
Matthew McCann (B) Lynn 
H. M. Forristall (D) Saugus 
Charles H. Mansfield (B) Lynn 
Arthur S. Adams (B) Marblehead 
Thomas L. Davis (D) Salem 
Bobert E. Pollock (B) Salem 
William T. Jeffrey (B) Salem 
William B. Brooks (B) Beverly 
Joseph A. Wallis (B) Beverly 
Charles H. Barrett (B) Gloucester 
John A. Stoddart (B-C-NP) Gloucester 
Edwin C. Mclntire (B) Gloucester 
Frank P. Todd (B) Eowley 
Clarence J. Fogg (B) Newburyport 
Samuel F. CoflSn (D) Newbury 

Franklin Connty. 

Charles F. Elmer (D) Conway 
Lyman W. Griswold (B) Greenfield 
Henry B. Barton, (B) GUI 
Dennis E. Farley (B) Erving 

Hampden Connty. 

Ernest E. Hobson (B) Palmer 
William F. Cook (B) West Springfield 
Oscar J. Shepaffdson (B) Chester 
Thomaa S. Walsh (B) Springfield 
John C. Bennett (I L-D) Springfield 

5. Fred D. Kemp (B) Springfield 
Daniel H. Morgan (B) Springfield 

6. Charles T. Holt (B) Springfield 

7. Frank G. Hodskins (B) Springfield 

8. Ernest Dalton (B) Chicopee 

9. Francis H. Quigley (D-B) Holyoke 

10. Adam Leining (B) Holyoke 

11. Jens J. Madsen (R) Holyoke 

12. Lewis C. Parker (R) Westfield 

Hampsliire Connty. 

1. Calvin Coolidge (B) Northampton 

2. John T. Bryan (B) Middlefield 

3. Frank A. Hosmer (B) Amherst 

4. John H. Schoonmaker (B) Ware 

Middlesex Conntyl 

1. Edward J. Sennott (D) Cambridge 
William M. Hogan (D) Cambridge 

2. Fred L. Beunke (B) Cambridge 
George A. Giles (B) Cambridge 
Julius Meyers (B) Cambridge 

3. Samuel D. Elmore (B) Cambridge 
George W. Long (B) Cambridge 
Harry N. Stearns (B) Cambridge 

4. John F. Lothrop (B) Newton 
William F. Garcelon (B) Newton 
Elias B. Bishop (R) Newton 

5. Patrick J. Duane (I L-D) Waltham 
Frank L. Barnes (B) Waltham 

6. Martin T. Hall (D) Natick 

7. Frederic H. Hilton (B) Framingham 

8. Charles J. Fla^g (R) HoUiston 

9. Charles F. McCarthy (D) Marlboro 

10. Cornelius J. Lynch (D) Maynard 

11. Edwin C. Perham (R) Chelmsford 

12. Frank A. Torrey (R) Groton 

13. Alfred L. Cutting (R) Weston 

14. Edwin M. Kittredge (R) Lowell 

15. John F. Meehan (D) Lowell 

16. Martin F. Conley (D) Lowell 

17. James E. O'Donnell (D) Lowell 
Charles F. Varnum (R) Lowell 

18. Hamlet S. Greenwood (R) Lowell 
19 J. B. Albert Johnson (B) Lowell 

20. James W. Killam (R) Reading 
Andrew R. Linscott (R) Woburn 

21. Charles A. Dean (D) Wakefield 

22. Andrew J. Burnett (R) Melrose 

23. Charles L. Davenport (R) Maiden 
Frank A Bayrd (R) Maiden 
Thomas P. Riley (D) Maiden 

24. William E. Weeks (R) Everett 
James Chambers (R) Everett 

25. Bobert Luce (R) Somerville 
Sidney B. Keene (B) Somerville 
Charles L. Underhill (B) Somerville 

26. Charles V. Blanchard (B) Somerville 
William H. Smith (B) Somerville 
William L. Waugh (E) Somerville 

27. Lewis Parkhurst (R) Winchester 

28. Charles H. Brown (R) Medford 



29. Horace D. Hardy (R) Arlington 

30. Joseph O. Wellington (R) Belmont 

31. James A. Jones (R) Stoneham 

Nantucket Oonnty. 
1. Ellenwood B. Coleman (R) Nantucket 

Norfolk County. 

1. Joseph H. Soliday (R) Dedham 

2. Joseph Wialker (R) Brookline 
Norman H. White (R) Brookline 

3. Frederick G. Katzmann (R) Hyde Park 
.4. Edward B. Draper (R) Canton 

5. Eugene C. Hultman (R) Quincy 

6. Rednor P. Coombs (D) Quincy 

7. Russell B. Worster (R) Weymouth 

8. Louis E. Flye (R) Holbrook 

9. Edward J. Fuller (R) Sharon 

10. Fredrick L. Fisher (R) Norwood 

11. Fred O. Johnson (R) Wellesley 

12. Frederick S. Lane (R) Foxboro 

Plymouth County. 

1. Alfred S. Burns (D) Plymouth 

2. Joseph J. Shepherd (R) Pembroke 

3. Elmer L. Curtiss (R) Hingham 

4. Melvin S. Nash (R) Hanover 

5. Wallace E. W. N. Arnold (D) Plymouth 

6. Eugene E. Shaw (D) Carver 

7. Joseph E. Reals (R) Middleboro 

8. Roland M. Keith (R) Bridge water 

9. Edward Oilmore (D) Brockton 

10. Portus B. Hancock (D) Brockton 
Timothy J. Meade (D) Brockton 

11. George Swann (R) Brockton 

Suffolk County. 

1. Letds B. McKie (R) Boston 
Joseph J. Murley (D) Boston 

2. Bernard F. Hanrahan (D) Boston 
John F. Sullivan (D) Boston 

3. Joseph E. Donovan (D) Boston 
Jeremiah F. McCarthy (D) Boston 

4. John J. Hayes (D) Boston 
William F. Murray (D) Boston 
J. Frank O'Brien (D) Boston 

5. Ignatius J. Carleton (R) Chelsea 

6. Timothy J. Grady (D) Boston 
Philip J. McGonagle (D) Boston 

7. Bartholomew A. Brickley (I L-D) Boston 

8. Martin M. Lomasney (D) Boston 
David Mancovitz (D) Boston 

9. Timothy F. Callahan (D) Boston 
Daniel L. Sullivan (D) Boston 

10. J. Bernard Ferber (R) Boston 
Malcolm E. Nichols (R) Boston 

11. Myron E. Pierce (R) Boston 
Grafton D. Gushing (R) Boston 

12. William E. Chester (R) Boston 
George E. Lovett (R) Boston 

13. Thomas P. McDavitt (D) Boston 
James F. Powers (D) Boston 

14. Thomas F. Coogan (I L-D) Boston 
William P. Higgins (D) Boston 

15. Patrick H. O'Connor (D) Boston 
Edward D. Collins (D) Boston 

16. Herbert S. Frost (R) Boston 
William H. O'Brien (D) Boston 

17. James J. Conboy (D) Boston 
IVederick M. J. Sheehan (D) Boston 

18. Daniel J. Curley, Jr. (D) Boston 
Thomas J. Fay (D) Boston 

19. Florence J. Driscoll (D) Boston 
Samuel J. Madden (D) Boston 

20. Charles A. Malley (R) Boston 
Harry H. Ham (R) Boston 
William Hoag (R) Boston 

21. John E. Rousmaniere (R) Boston 
Fred P. Warner (R) Boston 

22. Jacob H. Mock (R) Boston 
James H. Knight (R) Boston 

23. J. Henry Leonard (R) Boston 
A. S. Parker Weeks (R) Boston 

24. Herbert W. Burr (R) Boston 
William B. Willcutt (R) Boston 
Samuel H. Mildram (R) Boston 

25. Joseph Abbott (R) Boston 

. Lewis J. Hewitt (R) Boston 

26. William M. Robinson (R) Chelsea 

27. Edgar H. Whitney (R) Winthrop 
Ernest H. Pierce* (R) Revere 

Worcester County. 

1. James Oliver (R) Athol 

2. Frank Barrell (R) Ashburnham 
William F. Learned (R) Gardner 

3. Waterman L. Williams (R) Holden 

4. Herbert T. Maynard (R) North BrookfieH 

5. Alexis Boyer, Jr. (D) Southbridge 

6. Frank Collette, Jr. (R) Spencer 

7. Louis E. Pattison (R) Webster 

8. Samuel V. Crane (R) Blackstone 
Aaron F. Jones (R) Douglas 

9. S. Alden Eastman (R) Milford 
Edward C. Lyford (R) Upton 

10. Charles Mavberry (R) Clinton 
Joseph S. Gates (R) Westboro 

11. Frank H. Pope (D) Leominster 
David C. Nickerson (R) Leominster 

12. M. F. O'Connell (D) Fitchburg 
Benjamin A. Cook (R) Fitchburg 

13. Daniel E. Denny (R) Worcester 

14. Alonzo F. Hoyle (R) Worcester 

15. Cornelius J. Carmody (D) Worcester 

16. John F. McGrath (D) Worcester 

17. John H. Thompson (D) Worcester 

18. Oscar C. Hammarstrom (R) Worcester 

19. Lucian B. Stone (R) Worcester 

20. John H. Pickford (R) Worcester 

21. Henry E. Dean (R) Worcester 

22. Robert M. Washburn (R) Worcester 




The offices of all these Boards are usually in 
the State House, unless otherwise mentioned. 

Board of Agriculture. 

Prendeni, His Excellency Curtis Guild, Jr., ex* 

First Vice-president (vacancy). 

Second Vice-president, Augustus Pratt, North 

Secretary, J. Lewis Ellsworth, Worcester, $3000. 


His Excellency Cuirtis Guild, Jr^ Chvemor. 

His Honor Eben S. Draper, Lieutenant-gov- 

Hon. William M. Olin, Secretary of the Common- 

C. A. Goessmann, Ph.D., LL.D., Chemist of the 

Kenyon L. Butterfield, M.A., President of 
Massachusetts Agricultural College. 

J. Lewis Ellsworth, Secretary of the Board. 

Austin Peters, Chief of the Cattle Bureau. 

F. W. Kane, State Forester. 


Francis H. Appleton of Peabody, Warren C. 
Jewett of Worcester, and Charles E. Ward of 


Amesbury and Salisbury Agricultural Society, 
J. J. Mason of Amesbury. 

Barnstable County Agricultural Society, John 
Bursley of West Barnstable. 

Blackstone Valley, Samuel B. Taft of Uxbridge. 

Bristol County I^ir, Inc., William N. Howard 
of South Easton. 

Deerfield Yallefy Agricultural Society, E. P. 
Williams of Ashfield. 

Eastern Hampden Agricultural Society, O. E. 
Bradway of Monson. 

Essex Agricultural Society, John M. Danforth 
of Lynnfield Centre. 

Franklin County Agricultural Society, Frank 
Gerrett of Greenfield. 

Hampshire Agricultural Society, Henry E. 
Paige of Amherst. 

Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden, William A. 
Bailey of Northampton. 

Highland Agricultural Society, Henry S. Pease 
of Middlefield. 

Hillside Agricultural Society, Baiph M. Porter 
of Cummington. 

Hingham Agricultural Society, Edmund Hersey 
of Hingham. 

Hoosac Valley, A. M. Stevens of Williamstown. 

Housatonic Agricultural Society, E. L. Board- 
man of Sheffield. 

Marshfield Agricultural Society, H. A. Oakman 
of Marshfield. 

Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society, James 
P. Adams of West Tisbury. 

Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agricul- 
ture, N. I. Bowditch of Framingham. 

Massachusetts Horticultural, William H. Spooner 
of Jamaica Plain. 

Middlesex (North) Agricultural Society, 
George W. Trull of Tewksbury. 

Middlesex (South) Agricultural Society, Isaac 
Damon of Wayland (P. O. Cochituate). 

Nantucket Agricultural Society, Herbert G. 
Worth of Nantucket. 

Oxford Agricultural Society, Walter M. Lovett 
of Oxford. 

Plymouth County Agricultural Society, Augus- 
tus Pratt of North Middleboro. 

Spencer Agricultural Society, Noah Sageudorph 
of Spencer. 

Union Agricultural Society, George O. Millard 
of Blandford. 

Weymouth Agricultural Society, Theron Q. Tir- 
rell of South Weymouth. 

Worcester Agricultural Society, Walter D. Boss 
of Worcester. 

Worcester (East) Agricultural Society, W. A. 
Kilboum of South Lancaster. 

Worcester (Northwest) Agricultural Society, 
Albert Ellsworth of Athol. 

Worcester (South), C. D. Richardson of West 

Worcester County (West) Agricultural Society, 
J. Harding Allen of Barre. 


Chemist, Dr. C. A. Goessmann, Amherst. 
Entomologist, Prof. C. H. Femald, Amherst. 
Botanist, Dr. George E. Stone, Amherst. 
Pomologist, Prof. F. A. Waugh, Amherst. 
Veterinarian, Prof. Jas. B. Paige, Amherst. 
Engineer, William Wheeler, Concord. 
Ornithologist, E. H. Forbush, Wareham. 
State Nursery Inspector, Dr. H. T. Fernald, 

Librarian and First Cleric, F. H. Fowler, $1800 


Chief, Austin Peters. 
Clerk, S. N. Rogers. 


Chairman, C. D. Richardson, West Brookfield; 
John M. Danforth, Lynnfield Center; Henry E. 
Paige, Amherst. Executive Officer, J. Lewis Ells- 
worth, Worcester. General Agent, P. M. Harwood, 

Board of Education. 

The Board consists of the Governor and Lieu- 
tenant-governor, ex-officio, and eight members, 
one to be appointed annually by the Governor 
and Council. 



Kate Gannett Wells, Boston; Geo. I. Aldrich, 
Brookline; Thomas B. lUtzpatrick, Brookline; 
Ella Lyman Cabot, Boston; Albert E. Winship, 
Somerville; Joel D. Miller, Leominster; Clinton 
Q. Bichmond, North Adams; Caroline Hazard, 

Secretary, George H. Martin, $4,500. 

Cleric and Treasurer, C. B. Tillinghast. 

Agents, John T. Prince, West Newton; 
James W. MacDonald, Stoneham; Julius E. War- 
ren, Worcester; Frederic L. Burnham, Cambridge. 
$2,500 each and expenses. 

Board of Obarity. 

Leontine Lincoln, ch,, Fall Biver; Laban Pratt, 
vice-ch., Boston; Miss Frances Greely Curtis, 
Boston; Charles H. Adams, Boston; David F. Til- 
ley, Boston; Charles R. Johnson, Worcester; 
Abraham C. Ratshesky, Boston; Jeffrey R. Bra(£- 
ett, Boston; Thomas Downey, Boston. 

Cleric of the Board, John D. Wells, $2,700. 

Superintendent of State Advlt Poor, Joshua F. 
Lewis, M. D., $3500. 

Superintendent of State Minor Wards, James 
E. Fee, $3,000. 

Board of Insanity. 

George F. Jelly, M.D., ch., Boston; Michael J, 
O'Meara, M.D., Wrocester; Henry P. Field, 
Northampton; Herbert B. Howard, Boston; Wil- 
liam F. Whittemore, Boston. 

Secretary and Executive Officer, Owen Copp, 
M.D., $5,000. 

Board of Healtli. 

Henry P. Walcott, M.D., ch,, Cambridge; Chas. 
H. Porter, Quincy; Julian A. Mead, M.D., Water- 
town; Hiram F. Mills, C. E., Lawrence; Gerard 
C. Tobey, Esq., Wareham; James W. Hull, Pitts- 
field; Robert W. Lovett, M.D., Boston. 

Secretary, Charles Harrington, M.D., $4,000. 
Railroad Oommissioners. 
Office, No. 20 Beacon Street, Boston. 

Chainnan, Walter Perley Hall, $6,000 Fiteh- 
burg; George W. Bishop, $5,000, Newtonville; 
Clinton White, $5,000, Melrose; Clerk, Charles E. 
Mann, Maiden; Assistant Clerk, Allan Brooks, 
Ayer; Accountant, Fred E. Jones, Brookline; 
Bridge Engineer, George F. Swain, Boston; In- 
spectors, Daniel M. Wheeler of Worcester, Graf- 
ton Upton of Everett, John Q. Hennigan of East 
Milton, Llewelljrn H. McLain of Melrose, Winfield 
L. Larry of Boston. 

Other Boards and Commissions. 

Armories. — Chairman, Adj. Gen. James P. 
Parker; Sec'y, George Howland Cox, Cambridge; 
Joseph N. Peterson, Salem. 

Ballot Law. — Francis W. Estey, Boston; Henry 
V. Cunningham, Boston; Sewall C. Brackett, Bos- 
ton. $500 each allowed by Governor and Council. 

Bank Commissioner. — Pierre Jay, Milton, 
$5000; Deputy, Clarence A. Evans, Salem, $3000. 

Bar Examiners. — Chairman, Hollis R. Bail^, 
$900, Cambridge; George S. Taft, $800, XJxbridge; 
Henry W. Bragg, $800, Boston; L. Elmer Wood, 
$800, Fall River; Sec^y, Frederick L. Greeney 
Greenfield, $900. 

Blind, Iklassadinsetts Commission for the. — 
Dr. E. M]. Hartwell, Boston; Helen Keller, 
Wrentham; Annette P. Rogers, Boston; Dr. J. 
H. A. Matte, North Adams; James P. Munroe, 

Board of Boiler Rules. — Joseph H. McNeill, 
ch,, Melrose; William M. Beck, Everett; John A. 
Stevens, Lowell; Fred H. Keyes, Newton; Robert 
J. Dunkle, Boston. 

Boston, City of, Police Dept.— OflSce, No. 37 
Pemberton Square, Boston. Commissioner, Ste- 
phen O'Meara, $6000; Supt,, Wm. H. Pierce, 
$4,000; Sec. to the Commissioner, Leo A. Rogers, 
$3,000; Chief Clerk, Thomas Ryan, Boston, 

Boston Transit Commission. — Office, No. 15 
Beacon Street, Boston. On behalf of the Conunon- 
wealth — George G. Crocker, Boston; Horace G. 
Allen, Boston. On behalf of the city of Boston — 
Thomas J. Gargan, George F. Swain, Josiah 
Quincy. Sec'y, B. Leighton Beal. 

Charles Biver Basin Commission. — Henry S. 
Prichett, Boston, ch-, $4,000; Henry D. Yerxa, 
Cambridge, $3,000; Joshua B. Holden, Boston, 
$'3,000; Sec'y, William S. Youngman, $3,000, 
367 Boylston St., Boston. 

Civil Service. — Chairman, Chas. Warren, Ded- 
ham; Frank Foxcroft, Cambridge; Joseph C. Pel- 
letier, Boston; Chief Examiner, Henry Sherwin, 
$"3,000; Sec'y, Warren P. Dudley, $3,000; Begia- 
trar of Labor, John C. Gilbert, $2,000. 

Commerce and Industry. — ^Joseph B. Warner, 
Cambridge; William M. Douglas, Brockton; Geo. 
G. Cusker, Boston; Edward Cohen, Lynn; Charles 
F. Adams, 2d, Concord. 

Conciliation and Arbitration. — Chairman, Wil- 
lard Howland, $2,500, Chelsea; Richard P. Barry, 
$2500, Lynn; Charles Dana Palmer, $2500, 
Lowell; Sec'y, Bernard F. Supple, $1500. 

Corporations. — ^William D. T. Trefry, Marble- 

County Officers, Accounts of. — Controller, 
Charles R. Prescott, Maiden, $2,500; Deputy Con^ 
troUers, James M. Cushman, $1,800, Taunton; 
William H. Wing, $1,500, Maiden; Irving Taylor, 
$1,200, Somerville. 

Dentistry, Board of Registration in. — John F. 
Dofwsley, D.D.S., Boston; George E. Mitchell^ 
D.D.S., Haverhill; Thomas J. Barrett, D.D.3., 
Worcester; George A. Maxfield, D.D.S., ^Tolyoke; 
W. W. Marvel, D.M.D., Fall River. Compensa- 
tion, fees. 

Embalming, Board of Registration in. — ^Thomaa 
II. Reilly ch. Westboro; Frederick L. Briggs see, 
Boston; John A. Weinbeck, Lowell. 



Fail River, Board of Police of. — Chairman, 
James Tansey; James M. Morton, Jr., Bufns P. 
Bassett; Clerk, John R. Rostron. 

Fall Biver, the Bradford Dnrfee Textile 
School of. — James E. Cunneen, Fall River; Geo. 
W. Wright, Fall River. 

Firemen's Belief Fund. — Chairman, George F. 
Harwood, Lynn; Fred W. Jenness, Lowell; Benj. 
W. Wells, Boston; Fred A. Cheney, Haverhill; 
Edward S. Hosmer, Lowell; Sec*, D. Arthur Burt, 
Taunton; Treas., Hiram R. Williamson, Worcester. 

Fisheries and Game. — Chairman, George W. 
Field, Sharon, $2500; Edward A. Brackett, Win- 
chester, $1560; John W. Delano, Marion, $1560. 

Qas and Electric Light. — Chairman, Forrest E. 
Barker, Worcester, $4000; Morris Schaflf, Jamaica 
Plain, $3500; Alonzo R. Wead, Newton, $3500; 
Inspectors, Charles D. Jenkins, Winchester; 
Lawrence S. James, Boston; Leslie R. Moore, 
Newton; Clerk, Robert G. Tobey, Boston, $2500. 

Greylock Beservation. — ^John Bascom, Wil- 
liamstown; Fiiancis W. Rockwell, Pittsfield; 
William H. Sperry, North Adams. 

Harbor and Iiand. — Chairman, Hon. George E. 
Smith, Swampscott, $3300; Henry J. Skeffington, 
Revere, $2700; Gen. Samuel M. Mansfield, Bos- 
ton, $2700; Clerk, Frederick N. Wales, West New- 
ton, $3000. 

Highways. — Office, 15 Ashburton Place, Bos- 
ton. Chairman, WDliam E. McClintock, Chel- 
sea, $5000; Harold Parker, Lancaster, $4000; 
John H. Manning, Pittsfield, $4000; Sec'y, Aus- 
tin B. Fletcher, Medford, $4000. 

Industrial Education. — ^Paul Henry Hanus ch, 
Cambridge; A. Lincoln Filene, Boston; Charles 
H. Winslow, Arlington; Carlton D. Richardson, 
West Brookfield; Mary Morton Kehew, Boston. 

Insflrance. — Frank H. Hardison, Wellesley 
Hills, $5000; Deputy (vacancy), $3500; Actuary ^ 
Emma W. Cushman, $2000. 

laabor Statistics, Bureau of. — Chief, Charles 
F. Gettemy, Boston, $3000; First Clerk, Frank H. 
Brown, $2000; Second Clerk, William G. Grundy, 
$1650; Special Agents, C. C. L. Moore, Charles 
Thompson, $1200. Division of Municipal Sta- 
Ustica.—Clerk, George H. Priest, $2000. State 
Free Employment Office, opened at Boston Dec. 
3, 1906; at Springfield, Sept 4, 1907; at Fall 
River, Oct. 1, 1907. 

IfOwell Textile School. — (vacancy) ; Franklin 
W. Hobbs, Brookline. 

Lumber, Surveyor General of. — Office, No. 88 
Broad Street, Boston. Ralph L. Abbott, Bos- 
ton, compensation, fees. 

Medicine, Board of BeglBtration In. — Chair- 
man, C. Edwin Miles, ^ Boston; Walter P. Bow- 
ers, Clinton; Samuel H. Calderwood, Boston; 
Augustus L. Chase, Randolph; Nathaniel R. 
Perkins, Boston; Augustus C. Walker, Cam- 
bridge; compensation, $300 each; Sec*y, Edwin 
B. Harvey, Westboro, $2500. 

Metropolitan Parks. — Office, No. 14 Beacon 
Street, Boston. Chairman, William B. de las 
Casas, Maiden, $4500; Edwin U. Curtis, Boston, 
$600 ; David N. Skillings, Winchester, $600 ; Eller- 
ton P. Whitney, Milton, $600; Everett C. Ben- 
ton, Belmont, $600; Sec'y, John Woodbury, Lynn, 

Metropolitan Water and Sewerage. — Chavr- 
man, Henry H. Sprague, Boston; Henry P. Wal- 
cott, Cambridge; James A. Bailey, Jr., Arling- 
ton; Sec'y, William N. Davenport, Boston. 

Nautical Training School. — Chairman, Rear 
Admiral George F. F. Wilde, U.S.N., North Eas- 
ton; John Read, Cambridge; Robert B. Dixon, 
Boston; Sec'y, F. Stanhope Hill, Cambridge, 

New Bedford Textile School. — Joseph F. 
Knowles, Abbott P. Smith, New Bedford. 

Old Age Pensions. — Chairman, Edward S. 
Bradford, Springfield; Arthur M. Huddell, Chel- 
sea; Miss M. R. Hodder, Brookline; Walter G. 
Chase, M.D., Boston; James T. Buckley, Marlboro. 

Pharmacy, Board of Begistration in. — Chair- 
man, Lucian Lamson, Hopedale; Sec'y, Fred A. 
Hubbard, Newton; Ernest O. Engstrom, Pitts- 
field; Charles F. Ripley, Taunton; I. P. Gammon, 
Boston; conpensation, fees. 

Pilot Oommissioners of Boston. — Office, 716 
Chamber of Commerce, Boston. John C. Ross, 
Plymouth; Justus A. Bailey, Kingston; Sec*y, 
Edmund S. Manson. 

Prisons Commissioners, Board of. — Chairman, 
Frederick G. Pettigrove, Boston, $4000; Henry 
Parkraan, Boston; Arthur H. Wellman, Maiden; 
Margaret P. Russell, Boston; Mary Boyle Reilly, 
Boston; Sec^y, J. Warren Bailey, Somerville, 

Province Laws. — Melville M. Bigelow, Cam- 

Publications, State Board of. — Chairman, Jas. 
W. Kimball, Lynn; John Woodbury, Lynn; 
Sec'y, William N. Davenport, Marlboro. 

Public Llbraries.^C7iairman, Caleb B. Tilling- 
hast. State Library, Boston; Elizabeth P. So- 
hier, Beverly; Deloraine P. Corey, Maiden; 
Samuel S. Green, Worcester; Mabel Simpkins 
Agassiz, Yarmouth. No compensation. 

Public Records. — Henry E. Woods, Boston, 

State Aid and Pensions. — Charles W. Hast- 
ings, South Weymouth, $2500; Deputy, Francis 
A. Bicknell, North Weymouth, $2000. 

State Forester.— F. W. Rane, Boston, $3000; 
Assistants, J. J. Dearborn, N. O. Cook; Clerk, 
Charlotte Jacobs. 

State House Extension. — H. Langford Warren, 

State Library. — Librarian, Caleb B. Tilling- 
hast, $3000; Stephen O'Meara, Boston; Ed- 
ward Everett Hale, Boston; Winfield S. Slocum, 



Tax.— William D. T. Trefry, Marblehead, 
$5000; Deputy, Charles A. Andrews, Newton, 
$3000; First Asst,, Albert B. Fales, Somerville, 
$2500; Second As8t,, Geo. 8. Hatch, West Med- 
ford $2500. 

XTniformity of Legislation. — James B. Ames, 
ch., Cambridge; Frederick H. Nash, Weston; 
George E. Gardner, Boston; G«orge W. Wey- 
mouth, Fitchbnrg. 

Veterinary Medicine, Board of Begistration 
in. — George Penniman, Worcester; Elmer W. 
Babson, Gloucester; Langdon Frothingham, Bos- 
ton; Thomas E. Maloney, Fall Eiver; Henry S. 
Lewis, Chelsea. 

Voting Machine Examiners. — Charles F. Bich- 
ardson, Weston; Horace B. Gale, Natick; Page G. 
Poole, Everett. 

Wachnsett Mountain State Beservation. — 
Harold Parker, Lancaster; Theodore L. Harlow, 
Gardner; John T. Burnett, Southboro. 

Wrecks and Shipwrecked Goods. — James W. 
Bradley, Bockport; John S. Glover, Ipswich; 
William B. Floyd, Winthrop; A. Brooks Ander- 
son, Scituate; Edward W. Chadwick, Edgar- 
town; Wendell L. Hinckley, Yarmouth; Horace 

E. Baker, Marshfield; Thomas H. G. Douglass, 
Gloucester; William McEoiy, Newburyport; E. 
Parker Welch, Scituate; Daniel W. Nickerson, 
Chatham; George W. McKay, Newburyport; 
James B. Steele, Eastham; William H. Sawyer, 
Gloucester; John Killen, Nantucket; Fernando 

F. Bearse, Chatham. Compensation, fees. 


Central Office, State House, Boston. 

Chief, Jophanus II. Whitney, $3000 

Deputy Chiefs, George C. Neal, Detective Depart- 
ment; Joseph A. Moore, Inspection Depart- 

First Cleric, James P. Campbell 

Second Cleric, Jacob W. Powell 

Clerics, Boiler Inspection Department, Belle C. 
Davis, Frank K. Hahn; Nellie M. Quinn, 
branch office, Springfield ; Mary M. Kane, Wor- 
cester; Sarah A. Carmen, Fall River; Margaret 
C. Power, North Adams 

Secretary, Board of Boiler Eules, Frederick W. 

Detective and Fire Inspection Department. 

Michael J. Barrett, unassigned, Cambridge 
Ernest S. Bradford, Barnstable County, Hyannis 
Charles E. Byrnes, Middlesex County, Somer- 

Thomas A. Dexter, Dukes and Nantucket Coun- 
ties, Edgartown 
Frederick F. Flynn, Berkshire and Hampden 

counties, Pittsfield 
Alfred B. Hodges, Bristol County, Taunton 
Arthur E. Keating, Suffolk County, Somerville 

James McKay, Franklin and Hampshire Coun- 
ties, Northampton 
Robert E. Molt, Worcester County, Millbury 
Peleg F. Murray, Worcester County, Worcester 
John H. Scott, Norfolk and Plymouth Counties, 

Arthur G. Wells, Essex County, Lynn 
William S. Drake, Tramp Officer, Boston 
William H. Proctor, Steamer "Lexington" and 
general duty, Swampscott 

Fire Inspectors. 
Charles F. Bice, Chief Fire Inspector, Somer- 

James Anderson, District No. 1, Springfield 
Thomas F. Eustace, District No. 2, Lawrence 
Henry H. Collamore, District No. 3, Fall Biver 
George F. Crittenden, District No. 4, North- 
Silas P. Smith, District No. 5, Everett 
James J. Grady, District No. 6, Winthrop 

Inspection Department. 


Ansel J. Cheeney, District No. 1, Beverly 
John J. Sheehan, District No. 1, Salem 
Charles E. Burfitt, District No. 2, Boston 
Horace F. Ball, District No. 5, Worcester 
Arlon S. Atherton, District No. 2, Boston 
Frank C. Wasley, District Nos. 1 and 2, Lowell 
Henry J. Bardwell, Districts Nos. 3 and 6, Bos- 
Henry Splaine, District No. 3, Boston 
William J. McKeever, Districts Nos. 3 and 4, 

Edwin Y. Brown, District No. 4, Winthrop 
Frederick W. Merriam, District No. 4, Cam- 
bridge ^ 
Joseph M. Dyson, District No. 5, Worcester 
Charles Adams, District Nos. 2 and 5, Worcester 
Ernest E. Cleveland, District No. 9, Somerville 
Charles A. Dam, District No. 5, Worcester 
Robert Ellis, District No. 6, Fall River 
Warren S. Buxton, District No. 7, Sprinfffield 
James B. Howes, District No. 7, Holyoke 
James W. Hoitt, District No. 8, North Adams 
Lemuel Pope, District No. 6, Fall River 
Samuel L. Ryan, District Nos. 3 and 9, Walthaxn 
Malcolm Sillars, District Nos. 1 and 9, Danvers 
Charles S. Clerke, District No. 9, Boston 
John E. Griffin, District No. 9, Sharon 
John H. Plunkett, District No. 9, Boston 
Mary A. Nason, District No. 9, Boston 
Mary E. Halley, District No. 6, Lawrence 

Boiler Inspection Department. 

Joseph H. McNeill, Chief Inspector, Melrose 
Charles Ferguson, District No. 1, Maiden 
John H. Kazar, Districts 2, 3 and 4, MattaxMtn 
J. W. Evans, Districts 2 and 5, Worcester 
Sturgis C. Baxter, Districts 2 and 9, Boston 
George A. Luck, District No. 2, Cambridge 



Herbert A. Sullivan, District No. 4, Fall Eiver 
James B. DeShazo, District No. 6, Worcester 
David H. Dyer, District No. 6, Fall River 
Freeman H. Sanborn, District No. 7, Chicopee 
Justin H. McCarthy, District No. 7, Boston 
John A. MacBae, District No. 8, North Adams 
John McGrath, District No. 9, Boston 
Frank C. Hinckley, special duty, Boston 
Henry Bushek, unassigned, Salem 
Franklin L. Forbush, unassigned, Hyde Park 
Harry E. Morton, unassigned, Hyde .Park 
'William W. Bamsay, unassigned, Worcester 
Wilbert E Simm, unassigned, Somerville 



Worcester Insane Hospital, Worcester. — Supt., 
Hosea M. Quinby, M.D., salary $3000; Trustees, 
T. Hovey Gage, Worcester; Mrs. Sarah E. Whit- 
in, Whitinsville; Miss Frances M. Lincoln, Wor- 
cester; Lyman A. Ely, Worcester; George F. 
Blake, Worcester; Samuel B. Woodward, Wor- 
cester; Thomas Russell, Boston. 

Worcester Insane Asylum, Summer Street, 
Worcester. — Supt,, Ernest V. Scribner, M.D.; 
Trustees, same as Worcester Insane Hospital. 

Taunton Insane Hospital, Taunton. — 8upt., 
Arthiur V. Goss, M.D., salary $2500; Trustees, 
Elizabeth C. M. Gifford, New Bedford; Loyed 
E. Chamberlain, Brockton; Nathaniel B. Bor- 
den, Fall Biver; Mrs. Susan E. Learoyd, Wake- 
field; Henry B. Stedman, Brookline; William C. 
Lovering, Taunton; James P. Francis, New Bed- 

Northampton State Hospital, Northampton. — 
Supt., John A. Houston, M.D., salary $3000; 
Trustees, Charles S. Shattuck, Hatfield; Alvan 
Barrus, Goshen; Mrs. Sarah T. Woodworth, Chic- 
opee; Caroline A. Yale, Northampton; Dr. Fred- 
erick W. Chapin, Springfield; William D. Mac- 
Innis, Pittsfield; Henry L. Williams, North- 

Ihrnvers Insane Hospital, Danvers (P.O. Ha- 
thome). — Supt,, Charles W. Page, M.D., salary 
$3000; Trustees, Samuel W. Hopkinson, Haver- 
hill; Solon Bancroft, Beading; Orville F. Sogers, 
Boston; Mary W. Nichols, Danvers; Horace H. 
Atherton, Saugus; Ada T. Brewster, Andover; 
George B. Jewett, Salem. 

Westboro Insane Hospital, Westboro. — Supt,, 
George S. Adams, M.D., salary $3000; Trustees, 
John L. Coffin, M.D., Boston, ch,; Eliza C. Dur- 
fee. Fall Biver, sec'y; Benjamin W. Childs, Wor- 
cester; Lewis B. Speare, Boston; Sarah B. Wil- 
liams, Taunton; WUliam A. Carey, Boston; Geo. 
Dewson, Boston. 

Medfield InBa^ie Asylom, Medfield.— iSf«pt., Ed- 
ward French, M.D., salary $3000; Trustees, Ira 
G. Hersey, Hingham; William O. Blaney, Bos- 

ton; John F. Duff, Boston; WilUam H. Morrison, 
Brockton; Fred B. Lund, Boston; Sarah J. Band, 
Newton Center; Mrs. Nellie Palmer, South Fram- 


Lyman School for Boys, Westboro.— iSfupt., 
Elmer L. Coffeen, salary $2300; Physician, 
Thomas H. Ayer, M.D., salary $600; Supt, Pro- 
bationers, Walter A. Wheeler; Trustees, Melvin 
H. Walker, Westboro, ch,; Mrs. Elizabeth G. 
Evans, Boston; George H. Carleton, Haverhill; 
Susan C. I^man, Waltham; James W. McDonald, 
Marlboro; Matthew Lamb, Worcester; Carl Drey- 
fus, Boston 

State Industrial School for Oirls, Lancaster. — 
Supt,, Fannie F. Morse, salary $1800; Physician, 
C. C. Beckley, M.D., salary $'800; Trustees, same 
as Lyman School for Boys. 


State Hospital, Tewksbury. — Supt. and Besi- 
dent Physician, John H. Nichols, M.D., salary 
$3000; Asst. Supt. and Physician, Ernest B. Em- 
erson, M.D., salary $1700; Asst, Physicians, Han- 
nah Lowell Emerson, M.D., Howard F. Holmes, 
M.D., Walter C. Kenney, M.D., Carl J. Hedin, 
M.D., Burt F. Howard, M.D., Alfred J. Boach, 
M.D., Samuel B. Hay thorn, pathologist; Clerk, 
Hiram P. Dinsmore, salary $1600; Trustees, Rev. 
Payson W. Lyman, Fall River; John B. Tivnan, 
Salem; Mrs. Anna F. Prescott, Boston; Mrs. 
Sarah D. Flake, Maiden; Joseph A. Smart, An- 
dover ; Leonard Huntress, Lowell ; Emery M. Low, 

State Farm, Bridgewater. — Supt., Hollis M. 
Blackstone, salary $3000; Deputy Supt,, Benjamin 
F. Robinson, salary $1000; Besident Physician, 
Charles A. Drew, M.D., salary $2500; Asst. Phy- 
sicians, R. J. Marvil, M.D^ Alfred Elliott, M.D.; 
Cleric, Henry J. Strann; Trustees, same as State 


State Prison, Boston (Charlestown). — Warden, 
Benjamin F. Bridges, Deerfield, salary $4000; 
Deputy Warden, Nathan D. Allen, salary $2000; 
Clerk, Edward A. Darling, salary $2000; Physi- 
cian, Joseph I. McLaughlin, M.D., salary $1500; 
Chaplain, Rev. John W. F. Barnes, salary $2000; 
Agent for Discharged Convicts, George E. Corn- 
wall, salary $1000, office State House, Boston. 

Massachnsetts Beformatory, Concord (Post 
Office, Concord Junction). — Supt., Alvah S. 
Baker, salary $3500; Deputy Supt,, Percy W. 
AUen, salary $2000; Physician, Theodore Cham- 
berlin, M.D., salary $100C|; Clerk, Chas. W. Wales, 
salary $2000; Chaplain, Bev. William J. Batt, 
salary $2000. 

Beformatory Prison for Women, Sherborn 
(Post Office, South Framingham). — Supt,, Fran- 
ces A. Morton, salary $2000; Deputy Supt., Liz- 



zie O. Averill, salary $1000; Physician, Frances 
W. Potter, M.D., salary $1000; Chaplain, Emily 
L. Hemdon, salary $1000; Clerk, Susan P. Brooks, 
salary $800; Agent for Discharged Female Pris- 
oners, Elizabeth A. Quirk, office State House, Bos- 


Fozboro Stikte Hospital, Foxboro. — Supt., 
Charles E. Woodbury, M.D., salary $2500; State 
Trustees, Robert A. Wood ch., Boston; William 
H. Prescott, sec'y, Boston; Timothy J. Foley, 
M.D., Worcester ; lYank L. Locke, Maiden ; Edwin 
Mulready, Rockland; W. Rodman Peabody, Cam- 
bridge; James H. Perkins, Milton. 

Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Inflrm- 
ary, 233 Charles Street, Boston. — Supt., Dr. Far- 
rar Cobb; State Trustees, William D. Sohier, 
Beverly; John Lawrence, Groton. 

Massachusetts General Hospital, Blossom St., 
Boston. — Besident Physician, Herbert B. How- 
ard, M.D.; Chairman, Dr. Henry P. Walcott; 
State Trustees f Charles P. Greenough, Henry S. 
Howe, Henry S. Hunnewell, David P. Kimball. 

Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital, East 
Concord Street, Boston. — Supt,, William O. Mann, 
M.D.; State Trustees, Erastus T. Colbum, New- 
ton; Sidney M. Hedges, Boston; N. Emmons 
Paine, West Newton; Henry F. Harris, Wor- 

Massachusetts State Sanatorium, Rutland. — 
Supt,, Frederick L. Hills, M.D., Trustees, Jere- 
miah Smith, Jr., Cambridge, ch.; Wellington E. 
Parkhurst, Clinton; Asher Hyneman, Boston; 
J. P. Rand, M.D., Worcester; Albert C. Getchell, 
Worcester; Mrs. B. B. Russell, Brockton; Mrs. 
Sylvia B. Knowlton, West Newton. 

Massachusetts Hospital for Epileptics, Mon- 
son (Post Office Palmer). — Supt,, Everett Flood, 
M.D.; Trustees, William N. Bullard, Boston; 
Walter W. Scofleld, Dal ton; Winford N. Cald- 
well, Mary P. Townsley, Springfield; Henry P. 
Jaques, Lenox; Charles A. Clough, Qroton; 
Mabel W. Stedman, Boston. 

Massachusetts School for the Feeble-minded, 
Waltham — Superintendent, Walter E. Femald, 
M.D.; State Trustees, W. W. Swan, Brookline; 
Charles E. Ware, Fitchburg; Francis J. 
Barnes, Cambridge; Charles F. Adams, 2d, Con- 
cord; Francis Bartlett, Boston; Mrs. L. L. 
Brackett, Newton; Thomas W. Davis, Waver- 
ley; F. P. Fish, Boston; Charles S. Hamlin, Bos- 
ton; J. B. Warner, Boston; F. C. Wheatley, 
North Abington; Felix Gatineau, Southbridge. 

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School 
for the Blind, 553 East Broadway, South Boston. 
— Director, Edward E. Allen; State Trustees, 
William L. Richardjon, Boston; Norwood P. 
Hallowell, Medford; Paul R. Frothingham, Bos- 
ton; Miss Annette P. Rogers, Boston. 

Soldiers' Home in Massachusetts, Chelsea. — 
Supt,, Col. Charles E. Hapgood; State Trustees, 

Silas A. Barton, Waltham; Harry E. Converse, 
Maiden; D. E. Denny, Worcester. 

State Ctolony for the Insane, Gardner (B. B. 
Station, East Gardner). — Supt,, Charles E. 
Thompson; Trustees, Edmund A. Whitman, Cam- 
bridge, ch.; Amie Goes, Worcester; Alice M. 
Spring, Fitchburg; William H. Baker, Lynn; 
John G. Blake, M.D., Wilbur F. Whitney, Ash- 
bumham; George N. Harwood, Barre. 

The Hospital Cottages for Ohildren, Baldwina- 
^\\^,—Supt,, Hartstein W. Page, M.D.; StaU 
Trustees, Lizzie R. Doherty, David H. Coolidge, 
Boston; Arthur H. Lowe, Fitchburg; Herbert S. 
Morley, Baldwinsville ; Jenuess K. Dexter, Spring- 



Amherst. — Amherst College. Inc. 1825. 
Pres., George Harris, D.D., LL.D. 

Massachusetts Agbicultubal College. Inc. 
1863. Pres,, Kenyon L. Butterfield. 

Boston. — Boston College. Inc. 1863. Pres,, 
Rev. Thomas I. Gasson, S.J., 761 Harrison Ave. 

Boston University. Inc. 1869. Pres,, William 

E. Huntington, D.D., LL.D., 688 Boylston Street. 
College of Liberal Arts: Dean, William M. War- 
ren, Ph.D., 688 Boylston Street. School of Arts 
and Sciences: Dean, Borden P. Bowne, LLJ>., 
688 Boylston Street. School of Law: Dean, Mel- 
ville M. Bigelow, LL.D., 11 Ashburton Place. 
School of M^icine (Horn.) : Dean, John P. Suth- 
erland, M.D., East Concord Street. School of 
Theology (Meth.) ; founded in 1847 in Concord, 
N. H.; removed to Boston, 1867: Dean, William 

F. Warren, LL.D., 72 Mt Vernon Street 
College of Physicians and Subgeons (Regu- 
lar). Dean, C. H. Cobb, M.D.; Registrar, John 
H. Jackson, A.M., M.D., 517 Shawmut Avenue. 

Hakvard Univeesity Dental School. Dean, 
Eugene H. Smith, D.M.D., North Grove Street. 

EUsvASD Medical College (Regular). Deem, 
(vacancy), Longwood Avenue. 

Massachusetts Institute op Technology. 
Inc. 1861. Acting Pres,, Arthur A. Noyee, Ph.D.; 
Sec'y, Dana P. Bartlett, S.B., 491 Boylston St. 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Deon, 
J. W. Baird, A.M., Ph.C, M.D., St. Botolph 
Street, corner Garrison Street. 

Simmons College. Inc. 1899. Pres,, Kenry 
Lefavour, the Fenway. 

TuTTS College Dental School. Dean, Harold 
Williams. A.B., MJ)., LL.D., Huntington Avenne; 
Seo'y, iSrederic M. Briggs, M.D., 416 Hunting- 
ton Avenue. 

Tufts College Medical School. Pr«t., 
Frederick W. Hamilton, D.D.; Dean, Harold 'Wil- 
liams, M.D., LL.D.; Sec'y, Frederic M. Briggs, 
M.D., 416 Huntington Avenue. 

BxlgSiton. — St. John's Egclesustioal Sbic- 



INA&T (Boman Catholic). Fre9., Bev. Frands P. 
Havey, DJD. 

CamlMrldge. — Habvakd UNiyKBsrrT. Founded 
1636. Ttsb,, Charles W. Eliot, LL.D. Faenltj 
of Arts and Seienees: Decoi, LeBaron BusseU 
Briggs, ItL.D. The Graduate School of Arts and 
Sciences: Bean, John H. Wright, LL.D. Graduate 
School of Applied Science, Lawrence Scientific 
School: Dean, Wallace C. Sabine, AM., S. D. 
Divinity School (undenominational): Dean, Wm. 
Wallace Fenn, A.M., S.T.B. Law School: Dean, 
James Barr Ames, LL.D. 

BussET Institute School or Agbicultubb 
AND HoBTiOTJLTUBE. Dean, Francis H. Storer, 
S.B., A.M., Jamaica Plain. 

Badcldte College. Opened as Society for the 
Collocate Instruction of Women, 1882; chartered 
as college, 1894. Tree., LeBaron Bussell Briggs, 
LL.D.; Dean, Agnes Irwin, LL.D. 

Episcopal Theological School, Brattle, cor. 
Mason. Dean, Bev. George Hodges, D.D. 

New Chxtkch Theological School (Sweden- 
borgian), 48 Quincy Street. Free,, Bev. James 

Madford. — Tufts College. Inc. 1852. JPre%., 
Frederick W. Hamilton, D.D., LL.D. College of 
Letters: Dean, Frank G. Wren, A.M. Crane The- 
ological School (Universalist) : Dean^ Bev. Chas. 
H. Leonard, DJ>., LI1.D. Medical School (Begu- 
lar): Dean, Harold Williams, A.M., M.D., LLjD. 
Engineering Department: Dean, Gardner C. An- 
thony, AJd. Dental School: Dean, Harold Wil- 
liams, A.M., LL.D. 

Korthampton. — Smith College. Inc. 1871. 
Tree., Bev. L. Clark Seelye, LL.D. 

Soath Hadley. — ^Mt. Holtoks College. Char- 
tered 1836. Founded as Mt. Holyoke Seminary 
1837. Inc. seminary and college 1888; college 
1893. Tree,, Uary E. WooUey, A.M., LittD., 

Springfield. — American International Col- 
lege, 969 State Street. Free,, Bev. Samuel H. 
Lee, A.M. 

International Y. M. C. A. Training School, 
787 Hickory. Free., L. L. Doggett, Ph.D. 

Wellesley. — ^Wellssley College. Opened 1875. 
Free., Caroline Hazard, M.A., Litt.D., LL.D. 

WilUamstown. — ^Williams College. Chartered 
1793. Free., Henry Hopkins, D.D., LL. D. 

Worcester. — Clark Universitt. Inc. 1887. 
Free., G. Stanley Hall, Ph.D. 

Clark College. Founded 1902. Free., CarroU 
D. Wright, LL.D. 

College of the Holy Cross. Founded 1843. 
Free., Bev. Thomas E. Murphy, S.J. 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Founded 
1865. Free., Edmund A. Engler, Ph.D., LL.D. 


The general management of the several State 
Normal Schools is vested by statute in the Board 


of Education and all moneys appropriated for 
their maintenance are expended under its direc- 

BostoiL — ^Massachusetts Normal Art School. 
Exeter, cor. Newbury. Opened 1873. Frin,, 
George H. Bartlett, $3,000. For both sexes. 

Bridgewaterw— Opened 1840. Frin., Arthur C. 
Boyden, $3,000. For both sexes. Begular four 
years' course. Special courses for college gradu- 
ates. Model school connected with Normal School: 
Frin,, Brenelle Hunt. 

Fltchbnrg. — Opened September, 1895. Frin., 
John G. Thompson, $3,000. For both sexes. 

Franringham. — Opened at Leadngton 1839. 
Transferred tp West Newton 1844, removed to 
Framingham 1853. Frin., Henry Whittemore, 
$3,000. For women. 

Hyannifl (Barnstable).— Opened 1897. Frin., 
William A. Baldwin, $3,000. For both sexes. 

LowelL — Opened 1897. Prin., Frank F. 
Cobum, $3,000. For both sexes. 

North Adams. — Opened February, 1897. Frin., 
Frank F. Murdock, $3,000. 

Salem.— Opened 1854. Frin., J. Asbury Pit- 
man, $S,000. For both sexes. 

Westfield. — Opened at Barre 1839; suspended 
1841; reopened at Westfield 1844. Frin., 
Clarence A. Brodeur, $3,000. For both sexes. 

Worcester^-^pened 1874. Frin., E. Harlow 
Bussell, $3,000. For both sexes. 


Andoyer^— (Phillips Acadsmt. Inc. 1778. 
Frindpal, Alfred E. Stearn& 

Aahbnniliam. — Cushino Academy. Opened 1875. 
Free., H. S. Cowell. 

Deerfleld. — ^Deekfield Academy and Dickin- 
son High School. Inc. 1799. Prin., Frank L. 

Dndley. — ^Nichols Academy. Inc. 1814. Free., 
Samuel W. Hallett. 

EsAthampton. — ^Williston Seminaby. Inc. 
1841. Free,, J. H. Sawyer. 

Franklin. — ^Dean Academy. Inc. 1865. Free., 
A. W. Peirce. 

Groton. — ^Lawrence Academy. Inc. 1793. 
Head Master, William Steen Gaud. 

HaverhilL — ^Bradfobd Academy. Inc. 1804. 
Pf-tn., Laura A. Knott. 

Iielcester. — ^Leicester Academy. Inc. 1784. 
Free., B. McFarland. 

Monson. — ^Monson Academy. Inc. 1804. Frin,, 
J. F. Butterworth. 

Newton. — Lasell Seminary (for young 
women). Inc. 1853. Free,, C. C. Bragdon. 

Norton. — ^Wheaton Female Seminary. Inc. 
1837. Free,, Bev. 8. V. Cole, D.D. 

Sonthboro. — St. Mask's School. Founded 
1865. Head Master, Rev. W. G. Thayer, D.D. 

WeUesley. — Dana Hall School. Org. 1881. 
Prin,, Helen Temple Cooke 



WilbraliaiiL-— WssLEYAN Academy. Inc. 1824. 
Fre9,f Charles M. Melden. 

Worcester. — ^Wobcesteb Academy. Inc. 1834. 
Prtn., D. W. Abercrombie, LL.D., Acting Prin,, 
H. S. Robs. 


Hampden County.— xA.t Springfield. Superin- 
tendent, Erwin G. Ward. 

Essex County Training School. — At Law- 
rence. Superintendent f W. Grant Fancher; Ma- 
tron, Belle I*. Fancher. 

Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth Counties. — At 
Walpole. Superintendent, James H. Craig; 
Matron, Mrs. James H. Craig. 

Suffolk County. — ^At West Roxbury. Superin- 
tendent, D. P. Dame. 

Worcester County Training School-. — At Oak- 
daJe. Superintendent, Stephen P. Streeter; Matron, 
lAjELTy L. Streeter. 

Middlesex County* — At North Chelmsford. 
Superintendent, M. A. Warren. 


Adventists. — Book rooms and headquarters, 
160 Warren Street, Boston. State Organization: 
Pres,, Rev. G. F. Haines, Worcester; Sec'y, Rev. 
F. S. Stanton, New Bedford. Number of churches 
in Mass., 50, with a membership of 3000. 

Adventists (Seventh Day). — General head- 
quarters, South Lancaster. 

Baptist. — Massachusetts Baptist Mission- 
AKY Society: Office, room 501 Tremont Temple, 
Boston. Pres,, Rev. J. S. Lyon; Btisiness Sec'y, 
Henry Bond; Sec'y, Rev. W. H. Eaton. There 
are 345 churches in the State, with 75,254 mem- 
bers and 290 pastors. 

Mass. Baptist Sunday School Association: 
Pres., Stephen Moore, Newton; Cor. Seo'y, Chas. 
C. Barry, Melrose. State Sec'y, William W. 
Main, Ford BuUding, Boston. 

Baptist (Free). — Massachusetts Association: 
Pres., Rev. J. S. Durkee, Ph.D., Roxbury; Sec'y 
and Treas., Rev. W. J. Twort, 64 Milton St., Law- 
rence. Publishing house, 5 Seaverns Avenue, 
Boston. C!hurches in Massachusetts, 18; member- 
ship, 3922. 

Catholic— William H. O'Connell, D.D., Arch- 
bishop; Archdiocese of Boston, comprising coun- 
ties of Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk and 
Plymouth, excepting the towns of Mattapoisett 
and Marion. Thomas Daniel Beaven, D.D., Bishop 
of Diocese of Springfield, comprising counties of 
Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden and 

The Diocese of Fall River, Bishop D. F. 
Feehan, D.D., includes the counties of Bristol, 
Barnstable, Dukes, Nantucket and the towns of 
Mattapoisett and Marion in Plymouth County. 

There are 460 churches in the three dioceses, 
representing 1,277,000 people. 

CongregationaL — Denominational headquar- 
ters and Congregational Library, Congregational 
House, 14 Beacon Street, Boston. Congrega- 
tional churches in Massachusetts, 609; minis- 
ters, 833; members of churches, 118,190; Sun- 
day school membership, 123,211; Christian En- 
deavor societies, 493; membership, 28,391. Con- 
gregational societies with headquarters in Bos- 
ton are the National! Council, the American 
Board (Foreign Missions), Woman's Board of 
Missions, Ma^achusetts Home Missionary Soci- 
ety, Woman's Home Missionary Society, the Bos- 
ton City Missionary Society, the Congregational 
Education Society, the Congregational Sunday 
School and Publishing Society, the American 
Congregational Association, Bureau of Ministerial 
Supply, and the Boston Seaman's Friend Society; 
also district headquarters of the American Mis- 
sionary Association, the Congregational Home 
Missionary Society and the Congregational Church 
Building Society. 

Protestant Episcopal. — ^Diocese of Massachu- 
setts: Bishop, William Lawrence, D.D.; Seo'y of 
the Convention, Rev. L. C. Manchester, D.D., 1 
Joy Street, Boston. Total parishes and missions 
in Massachusetts, 182; communicants, 38,203. 

Diocese of Western Massachusetts includes 
Worcester County, except the town of Southboro, 
and all of the State west of the same. Bishop, 
Alex. H. Vinton, D.D., Springfield; Sec'y of Con- 
ventiony Rev. Marshall E. Mott, Webster; Treas. 
of the Diocese, Charles M. Bent, Worcester. Total 
parishes and missions in Western Massachusetts, 
53; communicants, 10,445. 

Methodist. — ^Massachusetts includes the whole 
of the New England Conference and portions of 
the N. E. So., N. H., N. Y., and Troy Confer- 
ences. Methodist book rooms, 36 Bromfield 
Street, Boston. Mamiger, Charles B. Magee; 
Bishop, Daniel A. Goodsell, D.D., LL.D., 36 
Bromfield Street, Boston; residence 16 Harris 
Street, Brookline. There are 398 churches in 
the State, with a total membership of 60,918. 

Presbyterian. — Synod of New York; Presby- 
tery of Boston; Stated Clerk, Rev. James Mit- 
chell, Ph.D., Revere. 

Swedenborgian. — Massachusetts Association 
of the New-Jerusalem Church and Massachusetts 
New-Church Union. Headquarters, 16 Arlington 
Street, Boston. Churches in Massachusetts, 19; 
membership, 1746. Sec'y of Association, John 
Daboll; Sec'y of Union, Charles H. Taft. 

TTnitarian. — Denominational headquartera, 25 
Beacon Street, Boston. American Unitarian As- 
sociation: Pres., Samuel A. Elliot, D.D.; Sec'y, 
Rev. Lewis G. Wilson; Treas., Francis H. Lincoln. 

Universalist . — State Convention: Pres., Bev. 
C. E. Fisher; Sec'y, Rev. Charles Conklin, D.D. 
Parishes in Massachusetts, 125; representing 
about 14,922 families. 



Examiners — ^W. E. Neal, Lynn; Altked Ewkb» 
Bozbnxy; Habry F. Cubbieb, Maiden; Abthub 

A. Simmons, Grafton; F. L. Fish, Vergennes, 

Abington — ^Abinoton National. Inc. 1850. Cap- 
ital $75,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$30,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct; rate past 
year, 4% per cent. Pres., Moses N. Arnold; 
Cash,, G. E. Farrar; Directors, M. N. Arnold, 
George A. Beal, William S. O'Brien, u B. 
Hatch, Jos. L. Greenwood. Hours 9-12, 1-4. 

Adams — Fibst National, Inc. 1864. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $20,000. 
Dividends Jan. and July; rate past year 5 per 
cent. Pres., James C. Chalmers; C<ish., George 
F. Sayles; Directors, James C. Chalmers, "Wil- 
liam 8. Jenks, F. E. Mole, Edwin F. Jenks, 
George F. Sayles, Paul Mooney, J. Tracy Potter. 
Hours 9-3. 

— Gbeylock National. Org. 1891. Capital $100,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $175,000. 
Pres,, W. B. Plunkett; Cash,, Frank Hanlon; 
Directors, William B. Plunkett, C. C. Jenks, 
Holyoke, David Follett, Edward J. Noble, Al- 
fred B. Mole, Charles T. Plunkett, George B. 
Adams. Hours 9-3. 

Amesbnry — Amesbtjby National. Inc. 1883. Cap- 
ital $100,000. Pres., John Hassett; Vice-pres,, 

B. E. Briggs; Cash., Chas. H. Kimball; Direct- 
ors, John Hassett, A. W. Beddy, William Bloom, 
F. W. Merrill, R. E. Briggs, B. F. Sargent, 
H. A. Sawyer. Hours 9-2, Sat. 9-12. 

— ^Powow BivEB National. Inc. 1865. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $48,000. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 6 per 
cent. Pres., George F. Bagley; Cash,, Porter 
Sargent; Directors, George F. Bagley, Alfred C. 
Webster, Porter Sargent, Seth Clark, Daniel 
Webster, E. Ripley Sibley, F. E. Lowell. Hours 
9-2, Sat. 9-12. 

Amberst — Fibst National. Inc. 1864. Capital 
^150,000; surplus and profits $150,000. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct. ; rate past year 7 per cent. 
Pres,, L. D. Hills; Cash., H. T. Cowles; Direct- 
ors, L. D. Hills, E. F. Cook, G. S. Kendrick, 
H. T. Cowles, Edward Hitchcock, William B. 
Bridgman, Belchertown, F. C. Sherwin, Amherst. 

Andover — ^Andoveb National. Inc. 1826. Capital 
$125,000; surplus and profits $50,000. Dividends 
Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 5% per cent. 
Pres., Nathaniel Stevens, North Andover; Cash., 

J. Tyler Kimball; Directors, John H. Flint, 
John F. Kimball, Jospeh A. Smart, Nathaniel 
Stevens, J. C. Sawyer, Geo. F. Smith, Samuel 

D. Stevena. Hours 9-12, 2-3. 

Arlington— Fibst National. Inc. 1891. Capital 
$50,000; surplus and profits $53,000; rate past 
year 5 per cent. Pres,, E. Nelson Blake; CasK, 
John A. Easton; Directors, E. Nelson Blake, S. 
C. Frost, A. D. Hoitt, Theodore Schwamb, Frank- 
lin Wyman, Henry Homblower, James A. Bai- 
ley, Jr., E. S. Farmer, Charles W. Allen. Hours 
8-3, Wed. and Sat. evenings 7-8.30. 

Athol — Athol National. Inc. 1874. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $22,- 
244.17. Dividends Jan. and July; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., T. H. Goodspeed; Cash., 
C. A. Chapman; Directors, T. H. Goodspeed, 
O. A. Fay, H. M. Humphrey, C. A. Chapman, 
J. H. Lee, Boston, F. G. Amsden, Athol, Wm. 

E. Bourn, Templeton. Hours 9-4. 

— ^MiLLEB's RiVEB NATIONAL. Inc 1864. Capital 
$150,000; surplus and undivided profits $198,- 
000. Dividends Jan. and July 1 ; rate past year 
10 per cent., less taxes. Pres,, George D. Bates; 
Cash., Parke B. Swift; Directors, Gilmau Waite, 
Parke B. Swift, George D. Bates, Arthur F. 
Tyler, C. W. Day, Levi B. Fay, Osar T. Brooks. 
Hours 9-3, Sat. 9-3. 

Attleboro — Fibst National. Inc. 1875. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $125,- 
000. Dividends Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate 
past year 8 per cent. Pres., Clarence L. Wat- 
son; Cash,, Frederick G. Mason; Directors, Clar- 
ence L. Watson, David E. Makepeace, Marsden 
J. Perry, Cornelius S. Sweetland, Harvey Clap, 
Raymond M. Horton, Albert A. Bushee, Samuel 
M. Einstein, John W. Wolfenden, Frank Moss- 
berg, Andrew H. Sweet, J. Edward Studley. 
Hours 9-3. 

Ayer — Fibst National. Inc. 188S. Capital 
$75^000; surplus and undivided profits $50,000. 
Dividends July and Jan.; rate past year 6 per 
cent. Pres., Howard B. White; Cash., Hobart 

E. Mead; Directors, Howard B. White, D. W. 
Fletcher, Waldo Spaulding, PeppereU, O. W. 
Mead, West Acton, O. K. Pierce, T. L. Hazen, 
Shirley. Hours 8-11, 12.30-3; Sat. 8-1. 

Barre — Fibst National. Inc. 1862, reorganized 
1882. Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $33,000. Dividends May and Nov. 1; 
rate past year 5 per cent. Pres,, Charles F. At- 
wood; Cash., Frank A. Rich; Directors, Austin 

F. Adams, Barre Plains, Timothy Paige, Charles 



Wheeler, Samuel Adams, Charles H. Follansby, 
Frank A. Bich, A. P. Clark, George P. King, 
Charles F. Atwood. Hours 9-12, 1-4. 

Beverly — ^Bevebly National. Inc. State 1802, 
National 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $165,000. Dividends Oct and 
Apr. 1; rate past year 7 per cent. Pres., An- 
drew W. Bogers; CasK, Allen H. Bennett; Di- 
rectors, J. C. Kilham, A. W. Bogers, Jasper B. 
Pope, Boland W. Boyden, George P. Brown, 
Walter A. Perry, Melville Woodbury, Herbert 
F. Winalow. Hours 8.30-2. 

Boston — ^Atulntig National. Cor. Kilby and 
Stote Sts. Inc. 1828. Capital $750,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $515,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct 1; rate past year 6 per cent Prea.i 
H. K. Hallett; CmH., N. N. Denison; Directors, 
William Bead, William G. Peck, George F. Put 
nam, H. K. Hallett, William B. Denison, N. Wil 
lis Bumstead, O. M. Wentworth, G. H. Leonara. 
Hours 9-2. 

— BoYLSTON National. Cor. Bedford and Chaun- 
cy Sts. Inc. State 1845, National 1864. Capital 
$700,000; surplus and undivided profits $238,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct; rate past year 
4 per cent Fres., Harry W. Cumner; CcLsh., 
Edward A. Church; Directors, Henry A. Bel- 
cher, Harry W. Cumner, James A. Houston, J. 
Nelson Parker, Oliver E. Williams, Edward A. 
Church, Edwin B. Holmes, Herbert B, Bailey. 
Hours 9-2. 

— Commercial National. 4 Liberty Square. Inc. 
1888. Capital $250,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $227,916.38. Dividends Apr. and Oct; 
rate past year 6 per cent Pres., William O. 
Blaney; Cash., Benjamin B. Perkins; Directors, 
William O. Blaney, Edmund Reardon, Ivors W. 
Adams, Arthur H. Soden, Benjamin W. Currier, 
Charles F. Cutler, Benjamin N. Johnson, Benja- 
min B. Perkins, Arthur W. Pope, Nathaniel J. 
Bust, John Shepard. Hours 9-3, Sat 9-12. 

— EuoT National. 49 Federal St Inc. State 
1853, National 1864. Capital $1,000,000; sur- 
plus and undivided profits $1,274,256.36. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 8 per cent. 
Pres., Harry L. Burrage; Cash., William J. 
Mandell; Directors, Leverett S. Tuckerman, Wil- 
liam R. Dupee, H. B. Sprague, D. N. SMllings, 
F. C. McDufBe, James H. Proctor, Joseph H. 
White, Harry L. Burrage, Edwin Hale Abbot, 
Edward F. Atkins, F. Lothrop Ames, Fred W. 
Estabrook. Hours 9-3. 

— Faneuil Hall National. 3 South Market St 
Org. 1851. Inc. 1865. Capital $1,000,000; sur- 
plus and undivided profits $676,892.19. Divi- 
dends Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past year 
7 per cent Pres., Qiarles E. Morrison; Vice- 
pres., George W. Fiske; Cash., T. G. Hiler; Asst. 
Cash., H. P. Sanborn; Directors, Charles E. 

Morrison, George W. Fiske, B. W. Williamson, 
Hon. John L. Bates, Fred P. Virgin, T. G. 
Hiler, Henry D. Yerxa, George H. Lawrence, 
J. C. F. Slayton, J. Henry Fletcher, George 
S. Wright, C. S. Hapgood, E. A. Bich, Walter 
S. Glidden. Hours 9-3. 

-FiBST National. 202 Devonshire St Inc. 
1863. Capital $2,000,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $2,593,927. Dividends Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct; rate past year 8 per cent Pres., 
Daniel G. Wing; Cash., Frederic H. Curtiss;. 
Directors, John Carr, Orlando H. Alford, Cal- 
vin Austin, Edward E. Blodgett, Boland W. 
Boyden, Geo. W. Brown, Chas. F. Brooker, Wil- 
liam F. Draper, Bobert J. Edwards, George A. 
Fernald, Bobert F. Herrick, William H. Hill, 
Charles H. Jones, Mortimer B. Mason, Charles 
S. Mellen, Charles A. Morse, Andrew W. Pres- 
ton, N. W. Bice, Wallace F. Bobinson, Charles 
A. Stone, James J. Storrow, John W. Weeks, 
William Whitman, Daniel G. Wing, Sidney W. 
Winslow. Hours 9-2. 

-FiEST Wabd National. 1 Winthrop Block, 
East Boston. Inc. 1873. Capital $200,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $170,000. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct ; rate past year 8 per cent 
Pres., George W. Moses; Cash., Frank F. Cook; 
Directors, Samuel N. Mayo, George W. Moses, 
Alfred E. Cox, William McKie, Fred McQuesten, 
John E. Lynch. Hours 9-3. 

-FouBTH National.. Board of Trade Building. 
Inc. 1875. Capital $1,000,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $740,153.62. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct; rate past year 3% per cent Pres., A. W. 
Newell; Vice-pres., G. W. Newhall; Cash., W. N. 
Homer; Asst. Cash., E. F. Hanscom; Directors, 
A. S. Eustis, E. Chapman, W. H. Conant, 
A. W. Newell, Beuben Bing, C. H. Famsworth, 
James S.. Murphy, C. H. Moulton, E. F. Woods, 
Moses N. Arnold, George D. Harvey, Albert N. 
Parlin, Jesse P. Lyman, Thomas Cunningham, 
Geoffrey B. Lehy. Hours 9-3. 

-Merchants National. 28 State St Inc. 
State 1831, National 1864. Capital $3,000,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $3,400,000. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 8 per cent 
Pres., Franklin Haven; Cash., A. P. Weeks; 
Asst. Cash., Lucius W. Conant; Directors, T. 
Jefferson Coolidge, Franklin Haven, George A. 
Gardner, Howard Stockton, Nathaniel Thayer, 
Francis L. Higginson, Charles W. Amoiy. Hours 

-Metropolitan National. 4 Poet Ofiice Sq. 
Inc. 1875. Capital $500,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $275,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 6 per cent Pres,, In- 
crease £. Noyes; Cash., Arthur W. Haines; Di- 
rectors, Clinton Viles, A. D. Hoitt» Arlington, 
D. M. Anthony, Fall Biver, C. H. Breck, Newton, 
Increase E. Noyes, Cambridge, Charles H. 



Adams, William G. Shillaber, Melrah Larrabee, 
George A. Hibbard, Walter H. Boberta, Maiden. 
HouTB 9-3. 

-National Bank of Comicebcs. 201 Sears Bldg. 
Org. 1850. Capital $1,500,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $1,313,519.80. Bate past year 6 
per cent Fres,, N. P. Hallowell; Coih., W. B. 
Wbittemore; Asst, Cash., Edward H. Gleason; 
Directors, T. Jefferson Goolidge, Jr., William 
B. Driver, William J. Ladd, N. P. Hallowell, 
William Endicott, Jr., Samuel Carr, N. Penrose 
Hallowell, Thomas N. Perkins, Philip Stockton. 
Hours 9-2. 

-National Bank of the Bepublic. 95 Milk 
St. Inc. 1864. Capital $2,000,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $1,600,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct. 1; rate past year 7 per cent Pres.f 
Charles A. Vialle; Cash., Henry D. Forbes; Di- 
rectors, Albert Stone, Charles W. Tidd, Jacob 
P. Bates, Costello C. Converse, Charles A. Vialle, 
James M. W. Hall, Jacob P. Brown, William H. 
Wellington, Ernest G. Howes, Charles Hayden, 
Edward P. Hatch, James B. Carter, Elisha W. 
Cobb, Boland M. Baker. Hours 9-2. 

-National Bockland. 2343 Washington St. 
Inc. State 1853, National 1865. Capital $300,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $400,000. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 8 per 
cent. Pres., Frederic W. Bugg; Cash., A. L- 
Bacon; Directors, Edwin U. Curtis, Frank Fer- 
dinand, Henry P. Nawn, John F. Newton, Wil- 
liam A. Gaston, Charles Gaston Smith, B. Bod- 
man Weld, William F. Bussell, Henry A. Beu- 
ter, Frederic W. Bugg. Hours 9-3. 

-National Security. 79 Court St Inc. 1867. 
Capital $250,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$792,590. Dividends Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 
1 ; rate past year 12 per cent Pres., Charles B. 
Batt; Cash,, A. E. Gladwin; Directors, D. Web- 
ster King, Charles B. Batt, V. S. Pond, J. N. 
Damon, F. M. Ferrin. Hows 9-3. 

-National Shawmut. 60 Congress St Inc. 
1898. Capital $3,500,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $-^500,000. Dividends Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct. 1; rate past year 8 per cent Pres., 
William A. Gaston; Cash., F. H. Barbour; Di- 
rectors, Oliver Ames, Francis A. Foster, Joseph 
B. Bussell, Francis B. Sears, Moses Williams, 
Micajah P. Clough, William S. Spaulding, Jas. 
P. Steams, Eben S. Draper, William A. Gaston, 
Daniel B. Hallett, Henry L. Higginson, Henry 
S. Howe, Frederick S. Moseley, Horatio Newhall, 
Frank G. Webster, Jeremiah Williams, Bobert 
Winsor, Alfred S. Woodworth, E. Hayward 
Ferry, E. Pierson Beebe, Frank B. Bemis, Chas. 
F. Choate, Jr. Hours 9-2. 

-National Union. 40 State St. Inc. State 
1792, National 1865. Capital $1,000,000; sur- 
plus and undivided profits $1,120,000. Dividends 

Apr. and Oct; rate past year 7 per cent Pres., 
Henry S. Grew, 2d; Cash., George H. Perkins; 
Directors, George Dexter, Samuel B. Dana, A. 
A. Lawrence, Nathaniel H. Emmons, Theophilus 
Parsons, William Famsworth, James B. Hooper, 
Francis W. Fabyan, Philip Dexter, Henry S. 
Grew, 2d, Philip Y. DeNormandie, Balph B. 
Williams, Stedman Buttrick. Hours 9-3. 

— ^New England National, 150 Devonshire St 
Inc. 1813. Capital $1,000,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $925,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct 1; rate past year 7 per cent Pres., Chas. 
W. Jones; Vice-pres., S. W. Holmes; Cash., A. 
C. Eollock; Directors, Chas. W. Jones, Cam- 
bridge, John T. Bradlee, J. Herbert Saw- 
yer, F. H. Appleton, Henry Parkman, Boland 
W. Toppan, Stephen W. Holmes, Edwin S. 
Webster. Hours 10-2. 

— Old Boston National. 50 State St Inc. 
State 180S, National 1865. Capital $900,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $305,000. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year, Apr. 2% 
per cent, Oct 2% per cent. Pres., Horatio G. 
Curtis; Cash., Chester S. Stoddard; Directors, 
Arthur Amory, Louis Ciurtis, H. G. Curtis, E. 
N. Fenno, Manley U. Adams, Charles F. Adams, 
2d, Bobert A. Boit, Howard Stockton, Ingersoll 
Bowditch, Edmund D. Codroan. Hours 9-2. 

— People's National of Bozbxtby. 114 Dudl^ 
St Inc. 1864. Capital $300,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $164,800. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct.; rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., Alb«ft 
J. Foster; Cash., Geo. H. Corey; Directors, 

F. O. White, Boxbury, William S. Leland, Bor- 
bury, Timothy Smith, Boxbury, Albert J. Fos- 
ter, Eoxbury, StiUman P. Williams, Boxbury, 
George F. Child, Geo. M. Scates, J. J. Phelan, 
Boxbury, L. M. Friedman, Boxbury. Hours 

— Second National. Cor. Washington and Court 
Sts. Inc. State 1832, National 1864. Capital 
$2,000,000; surplus and undivided profits $2,- 
377,492. Dividends Apr. and Oct; rate past 
year, Apr. 4 per cent, Oct. 4 per cent. Pres., 
Thomas P. Beal; Vice-pres., Charles F. Fair- 
banks; Cash., T. Harlan Breed; Asst. Cash., 
H. O. Fuller; Directors, Thomas P. Beal, 
Charles F. Fairbanks, Edward W. Hutchins, 
Wallace L. Pierce, Jacob W. Seaver, Lucius 
Tuttle, Ezra H. Baker, Henry B. Day, John S. 
Lawrence, Augustus P. Loring, Edward Lever- 
ing, James M. Prendergast, Bobert Winsor, 
Neal Bantoul, Eugene V. B. Thayer. Hours 9-2. 

— South End National. 1199 Washington St 
Inc. 1890. Capital $200,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $50,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct ; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., Josiah H. 
Goddard; Cash., Henry F. Goodnow; Directors, 
Charles A. Pooke, John G. Blake, Bandall 

G. Morris, Thomas W. Carter, S. A. D. Shop- 



herd, J. H. Goddard, FeUx Smith, Wm. B. 
Eice. Hours 9-3. 

—State National. 50 Congress St. Inc. State 
1811, National 1865. Capital $2,000,000; sur- 
plus $1,584,246.56. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; 
rate past year 7 per cent. Tree., Samuel N. 
Aldrich; Vicepres,, Alfred L. Bipley; Cash,, 
Geo. B. Warren; Directors, Frederic Amory, 
Samuel N. Aldrich, Allen Curtis, Lester Leland, 
Gordon Abbott, Bichard H. Stearns, Jacob 
Sogers, George G. Davis, Alfred L. Bipley, 
Alfred D. Foster, Frank W. Stearns, Charles 
E. Cotting, Bobert H. Stevenson, Jr., S. Parker 
Bremer, Lewis P. Bartlett, Jr. Hours 9-2. 

— ^WIebstek and Atlas National of Boston. 
; Sears Building. Inc. 1865. Capital $1,000,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $864,000. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Pres,, John P. Lyman; Cash., Joseph L. Foster; 
AssU Cash., Bobert E. Hill; Directors, Walter 
Hunnewell, John W. Farwell, Thomas Motley, 
Joseph S. Bigelow, Francis A. Peters, Charles 
B. Barnes, Jr., John P. Lyman, William J. 
Ladd, B. Bodman Weld, John Beed, Alfred 
Bowditch, Amory Eliot, Bobert H. Gardiner, 
William B. Cordingley. Hours 9-2. 

— ^Winthbop National. Sears Building, cor. 
Court and Washington Sts. Inc. 1875, re-org. 
1890. Capital $300,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $540,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; 
Oct. 1, 1907, dividend 5 per cent., 1 per cent, 
extra. Tres., Bobert F. Herrick; Cash., Charles 
H. Bamsay; Asst. Cash., W. M. Kingman; 
Directors, Alonzo H. Evans, Wilmot E. Evans, 
Charles H. Bamsay, Philip Stockton, A. W. 
Small, Bobert F. * Herrick, Geo. N. Smalley. 
Hours 9-3. 

Brockton — Brockton National. Inc. 1881. Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$118,648.93. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate 
past year 6 per cent. Pres., George E. Keith; 
Cash.f Clarence B. Fillebrown; Directors, Daniel 
W. Field, William B. Cross, George E. Keith, 
John J. Whipple, C. B. Fillebrown, Bobbins B. 
Grover, Warren A. Beed, Charles Howard, John 
P. Morse, Eldon B. Keith, Fred W. Filoon, 
Wm. L. Wright. Hours 9-2. 

—Home National. Inc. 1874. Capital $200,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $327,932.44. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 7 per 
c«nt. Pres.y Preston B. Keith; Cash., Warren 
B. Smith; Directors, H. W. Bobinson, Edward 
O. Noyes, Preston B. Keith, William M. Thomp- 
son, George Churchill, Bradford E. Jones, Fre4 'k 
B. Howard, W. L. Doufflas, O. B. Quinby, Fred 
8. Tolman, Fred F. Field, John S. Kent. Hours 

Brookline — Beookline National. Inc.- 1886. 
Capital $100,000; surplus $50,000. Dividends 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 8 per 

cent. Pres., Charles H. Draper; Vice-pres,, Beu- 
ben S. Swan; Cash., C. £. Burleigh; Directors, 
George H. Worthley, M. W. Quinlan, Beuben S. 
Swan, Edward W. Baker, Edward E. Blodgett, 
Charles H. Draper, Harry W. Cumner, Charles 
W. Holtzer, Harry K. White, Norman H. White. 
Hours 9-3. 

Cambridge — Chasles Biveb National. Org. 
1832. Inc. 1864. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $153,411. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1 ; rate past year 8 per cent. Pres., Walter 
S. Swan; Cash., George H. Holmes; Directors, 
Walter S. Swan, James A. Wood, George H. 
Steams, J. F. Pennell, W. B. Durant Hours 

— National Citt Bank of Cambridok. Inc. State 
1853, National 1865. Capital $100,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $46,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct. 1; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., 
Edwin Dresser; Cash., F. L. Earl; Directors, 
Edwin Dresser, Sunmer Dresser, George W. Gale, 

D. A. Barber, G. E. Bichardson. Hours 8-2. 
— Lechmeee National. East Cambridge. Org. 

1853. Inc. 1865. Capital $100,000 ; surplus and 
undivided profits $143,316. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1 ; jate past year 10 per cent. Pres., Otis S. 
Brown; Cash., Fred B. Wheeler; Directors, Otis 
S. Brown, George W. Dearborn, J. F. Pennell, 
David Proudfoot, Fred B. Wheeler. Hours 9-2. 

Canton — Neponset National. Inc. 1865. Cap- 
ital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits $30,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1. Pres., Charles 
H. French; Cash., Nathaniel W. Dunbar; Di- 
rectors, Charles H. French, Willis S. Shepard, 
F. M. Bird, G. E. Belcher, F. G. Wfebster, Hours 
8-12, 1.30-4, Saturday 8-12. 

Clinton — First National. Inc. 1864. Capital 
$200,000; surplus and undivided profits $72,600. 
Dividends Jan. and July; rate past year 5 per 
cent. Pres. (vacancy) ; Vice-pres-, F. M. Ham- 
mond; Cash., William Hamilton; Directors, E. 
A. Evans, Lucius Field, E. S. Fuller, G. P. 
Taylor, Eli Forbes, C. L. S. Hammond, John 

E. Thayer, Lancaster, George F. Morse, Lancas- 
ter. Hours 9-12, 1-3, Sat. 9-1. 

Concord — Concord National. Inc. State 1832, 
National 1865. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $91,225. Dividends Jan. and 
July 1; rate past year, 9% per cent.- Pres., 
Prescott Keyes; Cash., C. Fay H^rwood; Di- 
rectors, C. Hayden Whitney, Prescott Keyes, 
William Wheeler, Bichard F. Barrett, Charles 
E. Brown. Hours 9-2, Sat. 9-12.15. 

Conway — Conway National. Inc. 1854. Capital 
$50,000; surplus and undivided profits $11,525. 
Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate past year 4 
per cent. Pres., John B. Packard; Cash., Edwin 
T. Cook; Directors, A. P. Delabarre, William 
A. Forbes, Greenfield, Seth B. Crafts, Whately, 



John B. Packard, P. A. Delabarre, A. C. Guil- 
ford. Hours 9'S. 

Danvers— Danvkes National. Inc. State 1836, 
National 1864. Capital $100,000; surpbis $20,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 
5 per cent. Pres., G. A. Tapley; Cash,, B. E. 
Newhall; Directors, G. A. Tapley, R. K. Sears, 
Walter A. Tapley, George O. Stimpson, Henry 
Creese. Hours 8-12, 1-3; Saturday 8-12. 

Dedham— Dedham National. Inc. State 1814, 
National 1864. Capital $300,000; surplus and 
undiyided profits $177,000. Dividends first Mon- 
day in May and Nov. ; rate past year 5 per cent. 
Pres,, Augustus B. Endicott; Cash,, Edwin A. 
Brooks; Directors, A. B. Endicott, Alfred Hew- 
ins, E. V. MitcheU, Medfield, Henry B. En- 
dicott, E. T. Paul, C. P. Baker, Edwin A. 
Brooks. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

Easthampton — FmsT National. Org. 1864. Cap- 
ital $100,000; surplus $25,000. Dividends Jan. 
and July; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres,, 
Horace L. Clark; Cash,, Victor J. King; Direct- 
ors, V. J. King, Horace L. Clark, G. B. Noble, 
C. H. Johnson, W. H. Edwards. Hours 9-3. 

Easton — See North Easton. 

Fairhaven — National Bank of Faiehaven. Inc. 
1831; reorganized 1864. Capital $120,000; sur- 
plus and undivided profits $18,240. Dividends 
Apr. and Oct. ; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres,, 
L. M. Snow; Cash., G. B. Luther; Directors, C. 
H. Morton, L. M. Snow, Thomas A. Tripp, H. 
H. Bogers, G. B. Luther, E. G. Spooner. Hours 

Fall Biver — Fall River National. Inc. State 
1825, National 1864. Capital $400,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $170,000. Dividends first 
Mondays of Apr. and Oct. ; rate past year 6 per 
cent. Pres,, F. H. GifPord; Cash,, George H. 
Eddy, Jr.; Directors^ Leonaffd N. Slade, Ferdi- 
nand H. Gifford, Wendell E. Turner, Oliver 
S. Hawes, Spencer Borden, Jr., George H. Eddy, 
Jr., Asa A. Mills, Charles N. Borden, Melvin 
B. Horton Robert A. Wilcox. 

— ^Fiest National. Inc. 1864. Capital $400,000; 
surplus and profits $430,848.31. Dividends Jan. 
and July. Pres,, John S. Brayton; C<ish., Ever- 
ett M. Cook; Directors, John S. Brayton, Ed- 
ward L. Anthony, Andrew Borden, Thomas E. 
Brayton, David A. Brayton, Jr., James M. Mor- 
ton, Jr., Israel Brayton. Hours 9-2. 
— The Massasoit-Pocasset National. Inc. Na- 
tional June 6, 1903. Capital $650,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $441,607. Dividends Jan. 
and July; rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., 
Charles M. Shove;' Cash., E. WV Borden; Direct- 
ors, Charles M. Shove, Edward E. Hathaway, 
Thomas D. Covel, Nathaniel B. Borden, Benja- 
min S. C Gifford, George S. Davol, Seth A. Bor- 
den, Edward S. Adams, Leontine Lincoln, Brad- 

ford D. Davol, Marcus M. Wordell, George W. 
Slade, John C. Milne, Cornelius S. Greene, Wil- 
liam B. M. Chace, J. Edward Osbom, Charles 
D. Burt, Edward Barker, Michael T. Hudner, 
Rienzi W. Thurston, James A. Chadwick. 

— Metacoicet National. Inc. 1865. Capital 
$750,000; surplus and undivided profits $290,- 
000. Dividends Jan. and July 1 ; rate past year 
6 per cent. Pres., Simeon B. Chase; Cash^ 
Charles B. Cook; Directors, George H. HiUs, 
William H. Jennings, Milton Reed, William R. 
Warner, James Marshall, Robert S. Goff, Arthur 
H. Mason, Joseph O. Neill, Rufus W. Bassett, 
Simeon B. Chase, John P. Bodge, Edward B. 
Remington, Charles B. Cook, Rudolf F. Haffen- 
reffer, Jr., Herbert C. Talbot. Hours 9-2. 

Falmouth — Falmouth National. Org. 1821. 
National 1865. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $^25,474. 86. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres,, Ward 
Eldred; Cash,, George E. Dean; Directors, Ward 
Eldred, Alexander McL. Goodspeed, Charles E. 
Davis, E. E. C. Swift, Jr., Edwin P. Boggs, 
B. B. King, George E. Dean. Hours 9-12, 1-3. 

Fitchbnrg — Fitchburg National. Inc. State 
1832, National 1865. Capital $250,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $302,341. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct 1; rate past year 8 per cent. Pres,, 
H. I. Wallace; Vice-pres., J. Lovell Johnson; 
Cash,, H. G. Townsend; Directors, Henry F. 
Coggshall, Carmi M. Parker, Arth\ir H. Lowe, 
J. Lovell Johnson, Herbert I. Wallace, Daniel 
Simonds, Leander Sprague, Charles E. Ware, 
George P. Grant, Jr., Fred I. Johnson, H. G. 
Townsend, J. P. Lyman, Alvah Crocker, George 
H. Crocker. 

— Safety Fund National. Inc. 1874. Capital 
$200,000; surplus and undivided profits, $120,- 
186.23. Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., Albert N. Lowe; Cash,, 
Elmer A. Onthank; Directors, Milton L. Gush- 
ing, J. F. D. Garfield, H. A. Goodrich, A. N. 
Lowe, George J. Burns, Ayer, Elmer A. On- 
thank, Charles B. Smith, Frank N. Dillon, 
Bernard W. Doyle, Gifford K. Simonds. Hours 

— ^Wachusett National. Inc. 1875. Capital 
$250,000; surplus $100,000. Dividends Jan. and 
July; rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., G. N. 
Proctor; Cash,, W. G. Corey; Directors, W. A. 
Fairbanks, A. B. Sherman, H. A. Hatch, G. N. 
Proctor, T. C. Sheldon, T. H. Shea, W. 6. 
Corey, G. F. Morse, Leominster, F. J. Pierce, 
Gardner, E. J. Welch, M. A. Coolidge. Hours 

Framingham— See South Framingham. 

Franklin— Franklin National. Inc. 1865. Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$110,000. Dividends Jan. and July 1 ; rate past 



year 6 per cent Tree,, Edward H. Bathbun; 
Cash., F. H. Bartholomew; Directors, James F. 
Ray, W. A. WyckoflP, E. H. Rathbun, A. D. 
Thayer, H. W. Thayer, B. M. Eockwood, H. T. 
Hayward, G. F. a Singleton, Joseph G. Bay. 
Hours 8-12, 1.30-4; Sat 8-8.45, 2-3. 

Qardner— FntST National. Inc. 1865. Capital 
$150,000; surplus and undivided profits $63,- 
257.09. Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate past 
year 6 per cent. Fres,, V. W. Howe ; Vice-pres,, 
A. P. Derby; Cash,, A. B. Bryant; Directors, 
John D. Edgell, C. F. Richardson, V. W. Howe, 
A. P. Derby, Oarles W. Conant, C. L. Bent; 
W. D. Smith,- A. E. Knowlton, L. E. Carlton, 
M. J. Greenwood, Gardner, E. L. Thompson, 
Baldwinsvile, Z. H. Greenwood, Gardner, J. W. 
Davis, Gardner. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

— Westminster National. Inc. 1875. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and imdivided profits $30,000. 
Deposits $600,000. Dividends Jan. and July; 
rate 4 per cent Pres., John A. Dunn; Vice- 
pres., I*. B. Bamsdell; Cash., F. W. Fenno; 
Directors, J. A. Dunn, P. P. Ellis, Westminster, 
J. A. Stiles, C. O. Bent, L. B. Ramsdell, F. J. 
Pierce, G. R. Lowe, Gardner, S. A, Greenwood, 
Winchendon, G. A. Dunn, F. W. Fenno. Hours 
9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Ctoorgetown— Oeoboetown National. Inc. 1875. 
Capital $50,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$19,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct 1; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., H. Howard Noyes; Cash., 
Lewis H. Giles; Directors, Moses H. Harriman, 
Sherman Nelson, H. Howard Noyes, Henry B. 
Little, Newburyport, Lewis H. Giles. Hours 
9-2; Sat 9-12. 

aioncester— Cape Ann National. Inc. 1865. 
Capital $150,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$114,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past 
year 7 per cent Pres., J. L. Stanley; Cash., 
Kilby W. Shute; Directors, Enoch Bumham, 
John L. Stanley, John J. Pew, Kilby W. Shute, 
Addison Wonson, A. M. Knowlton, Joseph M. 
Parsons, N. C. PhiUips, Fred Bradley. Hours 

— Citt National. Inc. 1875. Capital $250,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $171,405.33. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 8 per 
cent Pres., William A. Pew, Jr.; Cash., Wil- 
liam A. Pew; Directors, William A. Pew, Wil- 
liam A. Pew, Jr., Charles W. Luce, James E. 
Bradlej^ William F. Moore, David I. Robinson. 
Loren H. Nauss, William G. Brown, Benjamin 
A. Smith, Joseph C. Shepherd. 

— FmsT National. Inc. 1864. Capital $200,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $99,655. Divi- 
dends Jan. and July; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Pres., John Gott; Cash., Arthur H. Steele; Di- 
rectors, R. R. Fears, Sylvanus Smith, Isaac 
Patch, D. B. Smith, Charles E. Fisher, John 

K. Dustin, William Parsons, Charles A. Reed| 
Frank Scripture, John Gott, Thomas Hodge, 
George H. Perkins, Nathaniel L. Gorton. Hours 
—Gloucester Nationai^. Inc. State 1796, Na- 
tional 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $107,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 6 per cent Pres., Wil- 
liam H. Jordan; Viee-pres. and Cash., William 
Babson; Directors, Daniel H. Wallace, Charles 
A. Russell, Charles H. M. Hazel, Patrick J. 
O'Brien. Hours 9-2. 

Great Barrington — National Mahaiwe. Inc. 
State 1847, National 1865. Capital $200,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $125,000. Divi- 
dends Jan. and July; rate past year 7 per cent 
Pres., F. N. Deland; Vioe-pres., Frank Curtiss; 
Cash., C. H. Booth; Directors, John H. C. 
Church, Frank H. Wright, John B. Beebe, P. A. 
Russell, W. C. Dalzell, R. A. Curtiss, F. N. De- 
land, Frank Curtiss, C. H. Booth. Hours 9-12, 

Greenfield— First National. Inc. State 1822, 
National 1864. Capital $200,000 ; surplus and un- 
divided profits $205,284.08. Dividends Jan. and 
July 1; rate past year 8 per cent Pres., Joseph 
W. Stevens; Cash., John E. Donovan; Directors, 
Charles Allen, Samuel O. Lamb, John E. Dono- 
van, Joseph W. Stevens, William N. Washburn, 
William M. Smead, Charles P. Russell, Dana 
Malone, Franklin E. Snow, William M. Pratt 
Hours 9-S. 

— Franklin County National. Inc. 1865, Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and profits $85,000. Div- 
idends Jan. and July 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent Pres., John H. Sanderson; Viee-pres., 
Charles H. Keith; Cash., William B. Keith; 
Directors, John H. Sanderson, L. J. Gunn, 
George E. Rogers, N. S. Cutler, Charles J. Day, 
Robert Abercrombie, J. P. Logan, B. W. Por- 
ter, A. D. Potter, John Wilson, Charles H. 
Keith. Hours 9-3. 

Harwich — Cape Cod National. Inc. 1855. Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$135,628. Dividends Jan. and July 1 ; rate past 
year 5 per cent Pres., Joseph H. Cummings; 
Cash., Augustus C. Snow; Directors, Emidixa 
Small, Joseph H. Cummings, Augustus C. Snow, 
Marcus W. Howard, Henry H. Sears, E. KL 
Crowell. Hours 9-1. 

Haverhill — Essex National.. Inc. State 1851, 
National 1864. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $44,550 net Dividends Jan. 
and July. Pres., Warren Emerson; Cash., Jona- 
than Russ; Directors, Warren Emerson, Perley 
Leslie, G. M. Goodwin, C. H. Fellows, M. 
Warren Hanscom. Hours 9-2. 

—First National. Inc. 1864. Capital $200,000 ; 
surplus and profits $183,490 net Dividends 



Jan. and Jnly; rate past year 6 per cent. Fres,, 
Charles H. S. Durgin; Cash,, C. E. Dole; Pi- 
rectors, Charles H. S. Durgin, B. Stuart Chase, 
Sylvanus P. Gardner, Elbridge G. Wood, Charles 
C. Griffin, William W. Spaulding, Joshua M. 
Stover, Enoch H. Howes, William A. Bugg, John 
A. Lynch, George F. Carleton, William E. Bix- 
by, S. Burton McNamara, Arthur H. Wientworth, 
George H. Carleton. Hours 9-2; Sat 9-12.30. 

— Havekhill National. Inc. State 1836, National 
1864. Capital $200,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $300,000 net. Dividends Jan. and July 
1; rate past year 7 per cent Prea., John E. 
Gale; Cash., Benjamin I. Page; Directors, John 
E. Gale, H. B. Goodrich, H. H. Gilman, H. E. 
Gale, J. H. Sanborn, E. H Moulton, Stephen 
H. Gale, N. W. Nichols, Charles E. Kelly, 
Charles A. McGregor, John A. Towle. Hours 

— ^Merchants' National. Inc. 1892. Capital 
$200,000; surplus and undivided profits $100,- 
000. Dividends Jan. and July 1 ; rate past year 
6% per cent. Prcs., L. H. Chick; Cash., Otis E. 
Little; Dtrectors, L. H. Chick, D. T. Kennedy, 
L. B. Tabor, C. H. Fellows, W. H. Floyd, C. H. 
Poor, P. N. Wadleigh, H. L Pinkham, F. H. Buss, 
C. K. Fox, C. A. Davis, George C. Elliott, Har- 
ris W. Spaulding, F. D. McGregor, O. E. Little, 
C. P. Sumner, W. P. McLaughlin, M. A. Tay- 
lor, F. J. Mitchell, W. C. Lewis. Hours 9-2. 

— ^Mebkimagk National. Inc. State 1814, National 
1864. Capital $240,000; surplus $180,000. Div- 
idends Jan. and July; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Pres., Chas. W. Arnold; Cash,, Ubert A. KiUam ; 
Directors, Warren Kimball, John L. Hobson, 
Ubert A. Killam, Ira J. Webster, Charles H. 
Dutton, Jr., Charles W. Arnold, Alfred Kim- 
ball, Arthur D. Veasey, Dana T. Dudley, Myron 
L. Whitcomb, Osman S. Currier, Charles L. 
Briggs, Charles H. Davis, Charles A. Ellis, 
Charles Gleason. Hours 9-2. 

Hingbam — Hinoham National. Inc. State 1833, 
National 1865. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $61,242. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1 ; rate past year 6 per cent Pres., B. A. 
Bobinson; Cash., E. W. Jones; Directors, El- 
mer L. Curtiss, Howard P. Hersey, Caleb Loth- 
Top, John C. Hollis, Benjamin A. Bobinson. 
Hours 9-12, 2-4. 

Holyoke — Citt National. Inc. 1879. Capital 
$500,000; surplus $170,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct.; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., C. 
Fayette Smith; Cash., A. F. Hitchcock; Direct- 
ors, William H. Brooks, T. H. Fowler, Henry 
E. Gaylord, A. F. Hitchcock, John K. Judd, 
John S. McElwain, William A. Prentiss, C. W. 
Bider, Lemuel Sears, C. Fayette Smith. Hours 

— Hadlet Falls National. Inc. State 1851, 
National 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus and 

undivided profits $162,838.42. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct 1 ; rate past year 7 per cent. Pres., Joseph 
A. Skinner; Cash., H. J. Bardwell; Directors, 
Ernest Levering, J. A. Skinner, H. P. Terry, 
C. B. Preecott, Philander Moore, F. H. Metcalf, 
A. A. Cobum, C. W. Johnson, H. J. Bardwell. 
Hours 9-3. 
—Holyoke National. Org. 1872. Capital $200,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $252,107. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 8 
per cent. net. Pres., Geo. C. Gill; Cash., Wm. 
G. Twing; Directors, William G. Twing, Joseph 

A. Skinner, George C. Gill, A. A. Cobum, D. H. 
Ives, H. F. Metcalf, Charles E. BaU. Hours 9-3. 

•—Home National. Inc. 1884. Capital $250,000; 
surplus and profits $140,000. Dividends Jan. 
and July; rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., 
James H. Newton; Vice-pres., Oren D. Allyn; 
Cash., Fred F. Partridge; Directors, James H. 
Newton, O. D. Allyn, John Tilley, Fred F. Part- 
ridge, J. A. Sullivan, L. M. Gaylord, James M. 
Bamage, Pierre Bonvouloir, Arthur M. French, 
George P. B. Alderman. Hours 9-3. 

— Paek National. Inc. 1892. Capital $100,000; 
surplus, $50,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; Pres., 

B. L, Munn; Cash., George W. Parker; Direct- 
ors, E. L. Munn, William H. Brooks, George A. 
Munn, S. A. Mahoney, George W. Parker. Hours 

Hopkinton — Hopkinton National. Inc. 1863. 
Capital $28,000; surplus $5,671. Dividends 
Jan. 1 and July 1. Pres., Edward W. Pierce; 
Cash., Webster W. Page; Directors, Edward W. 
Pierce, Fred A. Wood, John B. Moore, G. A. 
Bridges, Andrew Fryberg, Winslow C. Pierce. 
Hours 9-2; Sat. 9-12. 

Hudson— Hudson National. Inc. 1882. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $60,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 
7 per cent Pres., A. D. Gleason, Stow; Vice- 
pres., J. H. Bobinson; Cash., Caleb L. Brigham; 
Directors, J. S. Bradley, H. C. Tower, Henry 
Tower, G. A. Tripp, J. S. Welsh, L. D. Apsley, 
W. H. Brigham, J. D. Tyler, Berlin, A. G. 
Haynes, Maynard, S. Arnold, C. J. Sawyer, 
A. N. Stowe, T. F. Trow, A. D. Gleason, J. H. 
Bobinson. Hours 9-3; Sat. 8-12. 

Hyannis — FmsT National. Inc. 1865. Capital 
$100,000 ; surplus and undivided profits $45,000. 
Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate past year 5 
per cent. Pres., A..D. Makepeace; Cash., Irving 
W. Cook; Directors, A. D. Makepeace, Ware- 
ham, Edward L. Chase, Hyannis, Elkanah Cro- 
well, Hyannis, Frank H. Hinckley, Ysirmouth- 
port, John C. Makepeace, Wareham, Irving W. 
Cook, Hyannis. Hours 9-12.30, 1.30-3. 

Hyde Park — ^Hydb Park National. Inc. 1905. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$22,918.27. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1. Pres., 



Fred L. GhildB; Cash,, Arthur E. Smith; Direct- 
orSf Charles L. Alden, Samuel E. Blanchard, 
Fred L. Childs, Harry A. Collins, John E. Eaton, 
Thomas F. Fallon, Eugene N. Fobs, Franklin 
C. Graham, Fred J. Kennedy, Alfred L. Love- 
joy, Artemas S. Raymond, Harry B. Stone, W. 
F. Bartholomew, Robert Bleakie, .Galen M. 
Stone. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

Ipswich — FiBST National. Inc. 1892. Capital 
$50,000; surplus and undivided profits $25,100. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 5 
per cent. Pres, E. H. Little; CcLsh., Charles M. 
Kelly; Directors, H. B. Little, Newburyport, C. 
A. Norwood, E. H. Little, E. H. Martin, C. J. 
Norwood. Hours 8.30-2. 

Lawrence — Arlington National. Inc. 1890. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$50,000; Pres; W. S. Knox; Cash., James 
Houston; Vice-pres,, T. M. Cogswell; Directors, 
W. S. Knox John Ford, T. M. Cogswell, L. C. 
Moore, L. E. Barnes, Frank Remick, August 
Stiegler, George A. Stanley, James F. Lanigan, 

— Bay State National. Inc. 1847. Capital 
$375,000; surplus $150,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct.; rate past year 6 2-3 per cent. Pres., Jos. 
Shattuck; Cash., Justin E. Vamey; Directors, 
Joseph Shattuck, Samuel White, George A. 
Knowles, Franklin B. Davis, John L. Brewster, 
Andover, Edward N. Winslow, Robert J. Ma- 
cartney, Fred H. Eaton, Albert S. Lang, Albert 
I. Couch, Irving E. Beach, Charles H. Kitchin, 
William L. Barrell, Benjamin F. Smith, Jr. 
Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-1. 

— ^Lawrence National. Inc. 1872. Capital $S0O,- 
000 ; surplus and undivided profits $87,800. Div- 
idends, Apr. and Oct. ; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Pres., H. K. Webster; Cash., H. L. Sherman; 
Directors, H. K. Webster, Edmund Bicknell, 
John P. Sweeney, James C. Forbes, C. H. 
Hartwell, O. T. Howe, John E. Home, C. 
W. Walworth, C. O. Andrews, G. C. Corless, G. 
F. Russell, W. D. Hartshorne, G. H. Simonds. 
Hours 9-3. 

— Merchants National. Inc. 1889. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $183,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 
8 per cent. Pres., James R. Simpson; Vice- 
pres., F. C. McDuflSe; Cash., J. A. Perkins; 
Directors, James R. Simpson, William Oswald, 
F. C. McDuffie, W. H. Gile. C. H. Bean, W. E. 
Parker, C. A. DeCourcy, -H. W. Field, A. B. 
Bruce, Robert Redford, C. J. R. Humphreys, 
L. E. Locke, George E. Kunhardt, W. F. Rutter, 
M. J. Ciirran. Hours 9-3. 

— Pacific National. Inc. 1876. Capital $150,- 
000 ; surplus and undivided profits $64,000. Div- 
idends Apr. and Oct. ; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Pres., Byron Truell; Cash., Arthur J. Crosby; 
Directors, Michael Carney, Lewis G. Holt, Ash- 

ton Lee, W. D. Currier, A. B. Emmons, B. F. 
Home, Thomas Bevington, Byron Truell, George 
L. Wright Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-1. 
Lee — ^Lee National. Inc. State 1835, National 
1865. Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $90,000. Dividends Jan. and July 10; 
rate past year 7 per cent. Pres., 0. C. Holcombe ; 
Cash., J. L. Kilbon; Directors, C. C. Holcombe, 
DeWitt S. Smith, George K. Baird, J. L. Bai- 
bon, Edward S. Rogers. Hours 9-3. 

laenoz — ^Lenoz National. Inc. 1889. Capital 
$50,000; surplus $25,000. Pres., Henry Sedg- 
wick; Ca>sh., E. McDonald; Directors, Henry 
Sedgwi<±, W. D. Curtis, E. McDonald, Thomas 
Post, I. J. Newton, William Mahanna, H. A. 
Belden. Hours 9-3. 

Leominster — ^Leominster National. Inc. 1884. 
Capital $150,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$120,000. Dividends Jan. and July 1 ; rate paat 
yoM" 5 per cent. Pres., Hamilton Mayo; Vice- 
pres., J. M. Lockey; Cash., Fred J. Lothrop; 
Directors, Hamilton Mayo, A. A. Tisdale, George 
L. Rice, J. M. Lockey, E. F. Blodgett, D. C. 
Nickerson, A. L. Clark, W. H. Chaae, A. 8. 
Paton, E. B. Richardson, E. B. Tilton, E. B. 
Kingman, A. H. Hall, W. H. Harrison. Hours 
9-3 J Sat. 9-12. 

Lowell — Appleton National. Inc. 1847. Capital 
$300,000; surplus and undivided profits $140,- 
000; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., Elisha 
J. Xeale; Cash., George E. King; Directors, P. 
A. Buttrick, EUsha J. Neale, G. W. Fifield, 
Charles H. Allen, Frederic J. Flemings, Jesse 
H. Shepard, Frank P. Putnam, George H. Ru- 
nels, Edwin G. Morrison, George E. King. 
Hours 8.30-3. 

— Old Lowell National. Inc. State 1828, Na- 
tional 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $67,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., Chas. 
M. Williams; Cash., Francis N. Chase; Direct- 
ors, William G. Ward, A. B. Woodworth, Wil- 
liam B. Spalding, Percy Parker, Wilson W. 
Carey, Peter H. Donohoe, Charles M. Williams, 
Lucius F. Paulint, Francis N. Chase, Hours 

— Prescott National. Inc. State 1850, National 
1865. Capital $300,000; surplus $100,000. Div- 
idends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 5 per 
cent. Pres., George F. Richardson; Cash., Ed- 
ward E. Sawyer; Directors, Julian A. Cameron 
Westford, J. A. Bartlett, Chelmsford, George R. 
Richardson, George F. Richardson, Charles A. 
Stott, Edward E. Sawyer, Frank Hanchett. 
Hours 8.30-3. 

—Traders' National. Inc. 1892. Capital $200,- 
OOOj surplus and undivided profits $160,440. 
Dividends Jan. and July; rate past year 6 per 
cent. Pres., John C. Burke; Vice-pres., William 



F. Hills; Cash., Amoe F. Hill; Direetcra, John 

G. Bnrke, James F. Gorbett, Solomon E. Dexter, 
Charles J. GHdden, chairman, Ofhello O. Green- 
wood, William F. Hills, Clarence H. Nelson, 
Arthur P. Hawes, Amos F. Hill, Charles H. 
Knapp, George A. Scribner. Hours 8-4. 

—Union National. Inc. 1902. Capital $350,000; 
surplus and nndlTided profits, $200,000. Divi- 
dends Jan. and July; rate past year 8 per cent. 
Pres., Arthur G. PoUard; Cash., John P. Saw- 
yer^ Direetors, Joseph L. Chalifouz, Frederic C. 
Church, Frank E. Dunbar, John Lennon, Charles 
8. Lilley, Frederick P. Marble, Patrick F. Sul- 
livan, George S. Motl^, Walter L. Parker, 
Arthur G. Pollard, Amasa Pratt. 

— Wamesit National. Inc. State 1853. National 
18d5. Capital $250,000; surplus $95,000. Div- 
idends Jan. and July 1; rate past year 5 per 
cent. Pres., F. H. Haynes; Cash., C. E. Gould- 
ing : Directors, Harry K. Noyes, S. B. Hall, P. 
P. Perham, W. H. Wiggin, Thomas J. McDonald, 
F. H. Haynes, Charles E. Adams, H. B. Bice, 
Charles H. Wbrren, H. C. Taft, C. E. Goulding. 
Hours 8.30-3; Sat. 8.30-1. 

Lynn — Central National. Inc. 1849. Capital 
$200,000; surplus and undivided profits $235,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 
April 4 per cent., Oct. 4 per cent. Prcs., Henry 
B. Sprague; Cash., Warren M. Breed; Direct- 
ors, Henry B. Sprague, Charles H. Newhall, 
Joseph B. Breed, Melville L. Cobb, James S. 
Newhall, Johnson L. Walker, Charles E. Bolfe, 
Henry F. Tapley, .B. P. Chick, John H. Cross, 
Thomas A. Kelley. Hours 8.30-2; Sat. 8.30-12. 

— Lynn National. Inc. 1885. Capital $100,000; 
surplus $200,000. Dividends Jan. and July; 
rate past year 12 per cent. Pres., John Macnair ; 
Cash., J. E. Jenkins; Directors, George E. Bar- 
nard, George A. Creighton, Charles S. Fuller, 
Charles E. Harwood, John W. Healey, J. E. 
Jenkins, S. C. Hutchinson, John Macnair, Au- 
gustus B. Martin, Charles B. Oliver, Joseph 
Gaunt, Mark J. Worthley. Hours 8.30-2; Sat. 

— ^Manufactubebs National. Inc. 1891. Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$117,044.99 ; rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., B. 
W. Currier; Cash., Clifton Colburn; Directors, 
B. W. Currier, William B. Littlefield, William 
liaCroiz, A. J. Johnson, Fred E. Baker, W. M. 
liibbey, Charles Orren Breed, George H. Plum- 
mer, P. J. Harney, J. T. Lennox, George A. 
Breed, J. M. Hoyt, William H. Niles, George H. 
Allen, Edwin C. Lewis, Frank Hilliard, Warren 
S. Hizon, Frank J. Faulkner, Joseph W. Hard- 
ing, Edward LaCroix, Arthur G. Walton, Clif- 
ton Colburn. Hours 8.30-2; Sat. 8.30-12. 

— ^National City. Inc. 1854. Capital $200,000; 
surplus $150,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct.; 

rate past year 8 per cent Pres., F. S. Pevear; 
Cash., Frank E. Bruce; Direetors, F. S. Pevear, 
H. A. Pevear, R. A. Spalding, Frank E. Bruce, 

D. A. Donovan, C. S. Grover, B. V. French, 
Maurice A. Stevens, Amos S. Brown, A. W. 

— ^National Secubitt. Inc. 1881. Capital $100,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $241,701.97. 
Dividends Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past 
year 10 per cent. Pres., Benjamin F. Spinney; 
Vice-pres., Luther S. Johnson; Cash., C. Irving 
Lindwy; Directors, Benjamin F. Spinney, 
Luther S. Johnson, Samuel J. HoUis, J. N. 
Smith, G. A. Bodwell, T. C. Johnsow, N. W. 
Kimball, James P. Phelan, N. E. Silsbee, Waldo 
L. Pevear, Harry G. Ruhe, Thomas W. Gardiner, 
Frank C. Spinney. Hours 8.30-2; Sat. 8.30-JL2. 

Maiden — Fibst National. Inc. State 1851, Na- 
tional 1864. Capital $100,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $225,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 12 per cent. Pres., Ev- 
erett J. Stevens; Cash., Edward P. Kimball; 
Asst. Cash., Harry W. Fenn; Directors, Boswell 

E. Robinson, Everett J. Stevens, Wilmot R. 
Evans, Harry E. Converse, Edward P. Kimball. 
Hours 8-3; Sat. 8-12.30. 

field — FmsT National. Inc. 1901. Capital 
$50^000; surplus $14,000. Dividends Jan. and 
' July 1 ; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres., Alfred 
B. Day; Cash., Ira C. Gray; Directors, David 
Harding, D. S. Spaulding, F. M. Cobb, J. L. 
Cobb, F. L. Cady, C. C. Hagerty, W. C. Grover, 
W. M. Lowney. Hours 9-3.30; Sat. 9-12. 

Marblehead — National Gilvnd. Inc. 1831. Cap- 
ital $120,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$55,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past 
year 6 per cent. Pres., Leonard H. Phillips; 
Cash., Everett Paine; Directors, L. H. Phillips, 
William E. Brown, N. P. Sanborn, John L. Gil- 
bert, John G. BiToughton. Hours 8-1 ; Sat. 8-12. 

Marlboro — First National. Inc. 1882. Capital 
$150,000; surplus $50,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1 ; rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., Walter 
B. Morse; Cash., F. L. Claflin; Directors, Louis 
P. Howe, Joseph F. Cosgrove, Charles F. Robin- 
son, Walter B. Morse, Edward H. Ellis, William 
A. Allen, Charles W. Curtis, E. Irving Sawyer, . 
John J. Downey, J. J. Shaughnessy, Esq. 

— People's National. Inc. 1878. Capital $150,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $76,000. Div- 
idends Jan. and July; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Pres., Walter P. Frye; Cash., S. R. Stevens; 
Directors, S. H. Howe, John O'Connell, W. M. 
Warren, B. F. Greeley, C. F. Choate, Jr., W. P. 
Frye, L. P. Howe, WWdo B. Fay, Charles F. 
Brigham, Michael Burke, Oren P. Walker, Silas 
E. Simonds, James W. McDonald, John T. Bur- 
nett, E. Irving Morse. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12.30. 



Madfoid— Mkdfobd National. Inc. 1900. Cap- 
ital $100,000; snrplus and nndmded profits 
$19,000. Fret., Charles H. Sawyer; Vice-pres., 
William P. Martin; CaOi,, Chsrlee H. Barnes; 
DireetorSf Lewis H. Lovering, William P. Mar- 
tin, Charles H. Sawyer, Austin L. Baker, Law- 
rence T. Sawyer, John Conlson, Walter F. Cash- 
ing. Hours 8-3; Sat. 8-12. 

Mslrose — ^Melbose Nationai«. Inc. 1892. Cap- 
ital $100,000; surplus and ondivided profits 
$101,328.80; rate past year 5\^ per cent. 
Pres., Deeius Beebe; Cash., Walter I. Nicker- 
son, Directort, Deeius Beeft)e, John Larrabee, 
John B. Deering, Frank Q. Brown, New York, 
J. Augustus Barrett, Frank L. Washburn, Levi 
S. Gould, James Mclntyre, Charles H. Lang, 
Jr., Walter H. Boberts, Maiden, John W. 1^- 
weU, Boston, John W. Bobson, Maiden, Joseph 
Remick, Junius Beebe, Wakefield. Hours 7.45- 
2; Sat. 7.45-12. 

Merrimac — First National. Inc. 1864. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $62,000. 
Dividends first Monday in Jan. and July; rate 
past year 6 per cent Pres,, William L. Smart; 
Cash., W. B. Sargent; Directors, C. A. Lancas- 
ter, F. B. Judkins, W. L. Smart, B. F. Sargent, 
F. £. Sweetsir. Hours 8.30-12, l.SO-3. 

Metlmen — National Bank of Methuen. Inc. 
State 1853, National 1865. Beorganized 1905. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$35;875. Dividends Apr. ana Oct.; rate past 
year 5 per cent. Pres., William D. Hartshorne; 
Cashier, John D. Emerson; Directors, £. B. 
Homer, J. M. Tenney, Levi W. Taylor, Lewis 
£. Barnes, Wm. D. Hartshorne, John D. Emer- 

inddleboro — ^Middleboro National. Inc. 1889. 
Capital $50,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$35,951. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 15 ; rate past 
year 7 per cent. Pres., G. ja. Tillson; Cash., A. 
A. Thomas; Directors, M. H. Cushing, Q. E. 
Doane, A. H. Leonard, H. P. Sparrow, Charles 
W. Kingman, C. M. Leonard, Geo. B. Sampson, 
Granville E. Tillson, George W. Stetson. Hours 
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.m.-l p.m. 

Milford — Home National. Inc. 1875. Capital 
$130,000; surplus and undivided profits $111,- 
266. Dividends Jan. and July; rate past year 
.8 per cent. Pres., B. E. Harris; Cash., H. A. 
Brown; Directors, B. E. Harris, B. C. Eldredge, 
C. E. Scott, Wendell Williams, J. A. George, 
Mendon, F. J. Dutcher, Hopedale, Joseph B. 
Bancroft, George W. Ellis, Milford. Hours 
9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.m. to 12 m. 

— MiLFOBD National. Inc. 1865. Capital $250,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $200,000. 
Dividends Jan. and July; rate past year 8 per 
cent Pres., Charles F. Claflin; Cash., Augustus 
Wheeler; Directors, Charles F. Claflin, William 

F. Draper, Hopedale, John P. Daniels, Eben S. 
Draper, Hopedale, L. H. Cook, George A. Dra- 
per, Hopedale, Zibeon C. Field, James E. 
Walker, Waldo W. Jenckes, Clifford A- Cook. 
Hours 9-3.30; Sat. 9-12. 

MUlbmy — ^Millbuby National. Inc. State 1825, 
National 1864. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $42,373. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 2 per cent, semi-annual. 
Pres., Samuel E. Hull; Cash., H. T. Maxwell; 
Directors, Samuel E. Hull, A. S. Winter, L. F. 
Herrick, F. E. Powers, Edward F. Bice. Hours 
9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

Milton — ^Bluk tttt.t. National. Inc. State 1832, 
National 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $141^57. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct 1 ; rate past year 6 per cent Pres., Samnel 
Gannett; Cash., S. J. Willis; Directors, Samuel 
Gannett, Laban Pratt, Neponset, John Talbot, 
Horace E. Ware, Boston, Charles S. Pierce. 
Hours 8-10.30, 1.30-4. 

Monson — ^Monson National. Inc. State 1854. 
National 1864. Capital $150,000; surplus and 
undivided profits $90,000. Dividends Jan. and 
July 1; rate past year 6 per cent Pres., Geo. 
E. Fuller; Cash.^ A. B. C. Deming, Jr.; Direct- 
ors, Charles A. Bradway, E. D. Cushman, T.. L. 
Cushman, A. D. Norcross, George E. Fuller, L. 
C. Flynt, Joseph E. Beynolds. Hours 9-12, 1-4. 

Montague — See Turner's Falls. 

Nantucket— Pacihc National. Org. State 1804, 
National 1865. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
profits $33,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct 1; 
rate past year 6 per cent Pres., Henry Pad- 
dack; Cash., Albert G. Brock; Directors, David 
Parker, Henry Paddack, Albert G. Brock, Frank- 
lin Folger, Joseph C. Brock, George F. Mitchell, 
Boland B. Hussey. Hours 9-1. 

Natlck — Natick National. Inc. 1873. Capital 
$100,000; surplus $120,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct. ; rate past year 8 per cent Pres., Har- 
rison Harwood; Cash., A. L. Potter; Directors, 
H. Harwood, E. Clark, B. Pebbles, J. M. Fiske, 
Chas. A. Pooke, B. W. Harwood, S. W. Holmes. 
Hours 9-3. 

New Bedford— First National. Inc. 1864. Cap- 
ital $1,000,000; surplus $200,000. Dividends 
Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Pres., W. P. Winsor ; Cash., William A. Mackie ; 
Directors, T. M. Stetson, W. P. Winsor, WUliam 
Baylies, E. T. Pierce, H. E. Cushman, Boston, 
Thomas B. Tripp, Thomas A. Tripp, Gideon 
Allen, Jr. 

—Mechanics National. Inc. 1864. Capital 
$600,000; surplus $350,000. Dividends first bus- 
iness days of Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 6 
per cent. Pres., Henry H. Grapo; Cash., E. S. 
Brown; Asst. Cash., N. C. Hathaway; Directors, 
William W. Crapo, Thomas Wilcox, E. W. Hear- 



y^^ Heniy G. DeniBon, William C. Taber, Henry 
H. CrapOy A. G. Pierce. Jr., Thomas 8. Hatha- 
way^ Bussell GriniieUy Oliver Prescott, Jr., Wil- 
liam B. West. Hours 9-1. 
— ^Mebchants National. Inc. 1825. Capital 
$1,000,000; surplus and undivided profits $900,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. ; rate past year 8 
per cent. Pres., H. G. W. Mosher; Cath,, L. S. 
Swain; Directors, William B. Wing, Thomas H. 
Ejiowles, Francis B. Greene, William M. Wood, 
Francis T. Akin, George S. Homer, John J. 
Hicks, H. C. W. Mosher, Otis N. Pierce, Eliot 

D. Stetson. Hours 9-1. 

Newburyport— FiBST National. Inc. 1864. Cap- 
ital $150,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$83,500. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate paat 
year 6 per cent. Fres., Edward P. Shaw; Cash., 
W. F. Houston; Directors, Edward P. Shaw, E. 
F. Little, L. D. Cole, W. H. Noyes, George W. 
Piper, Willard J. Hale, F. L. Atkinson, W. F, 
Houston, J. P. Stevens. Hours 8.30-2. 

— ^Merchants National. Inc. 1865. Capital 
$120,000; surplus $60,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 7 per cent. Fres., Wil- 
liam B. Johnson; Cash., William Hsley; Direct- 
ors, L. B. Gushing, W. B. Johnson, William Ils- 
ley, William E. Chase, Charles A. Bliss, T. C. 
Simpson, Charles Thurlow. Hours 8.30-2. 

— Ocean National. Inc. 1865. Capital $150,000; 
surplus and profits $81,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct 1; rate past year B per cent. Fres,, 
F. F. Morrill; Cash., Frank O. Woods; DWect- 
ors, LeEoy Berry, William A. Johnson, F. F. 
Morrill, W. B. Usher, B. G. Dodge, H. B. 
Little, J. H. Balch, Jr., G. W. Bichardson, 
Charles Thurlow, F. O. Woods, E. G. Woodmel, 
M. Cashman. Hours 8.30-2. 

Newton — First National op West Newton. 
Inc. 1886. Capital $100,000; surplus and im; 
divided profits $70,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 6 per cent. Fres., Chas. 

E. Hatfield; Cash., Joseph B. Boss; Directors, 
Alfred L. Barbour, Charles A. Potter, Harry L. 
Burrage, George P. Bullard, Garrard Comly, 
A. Stuart Pratt, George Boyal Pulsifer, Wil- 
liam F. Edlefson, Charles E.' Hatfield, Henry 
H. Hunt Hours 8.30-12, 1-3; Sat 8.30-12. 

— ^Nbwton National. Inc. 1864. Capital $200,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $60,375. Div- 
idends Apr. and Oct 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent Fres., Francis Murdock; Cash., J. W. 
Bacon; Directors, Francis Murdock, Hiram E. 
Barker, Albion B. Clapp, Wellesley Hills, Wil- 
liam F. Bacon, B. F. Bacon. Hours 8-2; Sat. 

North Adams — ^Nobth Adams National. Inc. 
State 1832, National 1865. Capital $500,000; 
surplus and undivided profits $200,000. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 5 per 

cent Fres., William A. Gallup; Cash., W. H. 
Pritchard; Directors, A. C. Houghton, V. A. 
Wiiitaker, George P. Lawrence, W. G. Cady, Wil- 
liam A. Gallup, H. W. Clark, E. S. Wilkinson, 
H. G. B. Fisher, C. T. Phelps. Hours 9-3. 

Northampton— FiBST National. Org. 1864. Cap- 
ital $300,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$175,000. Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate 
past year 6 per cent Fres., A. L. Williston; 
Cash., F. N. Kneeland; Directors, A. L. Willis- 
ton, Northampton, D. W. Wells, Hatfield, Ben- 
jamin E. Cook, Jr., Wm. G. Bassett, Frank E. 
Clark, Bobert L. Williston, E. H. Banister, 
Northampton, S. W. Lee. Hours 9-3. 

— Hampshire County National. Inc. 1864. Cap- 
ital $150,000. Dividends Jan. and July 1; 
Fres., John W. Mason; Cash., Frederic A. Ma- 
comber; Directors, John W. Mason, Edgar F. 
Crooks, John F. Lambie, Louis F. Plimpton, 
Jairus E. Clark, John W. Hill, Charles S. Shat- 
tuck. Hours 9-3. 

— Northampton National. Org. State 1833. 
National 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus and 
profits $281,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct; 
rate past year 10 per cent Fres., Charles N. 
Clark; Vice-pres. and Cash., Warren M. King; 
Directors, H. B. Hinckley, Charles N. Clark, 
F. N. Look, Florence, Jacob Carl, Hatfield, 
Chauncey H. Pierce, S. D. Drury, Henry L. 
Williams, O. W. Edwards, Warren M. King. 
Hours 9-3. 

North Attleboro — Jewelers National. Ine. 
1905. Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $43,023.66. Fres., A. H. Wiggin; Cash., 
F. E. Sargeant; Directors, Joseph L. Sweeli 
Attleboro, Fred E. Sturdy, Attleboro Falls, 
George K. Webster, North Attleboro, William 
H. Biley, North Attleboro, John P. Bennett, 
North Attleboro, Charles O. Mason, North At- 
tleboro, Charles A. Whiting, Plainville, Edwin 
A. Codding, North Attleboro, Woodbury Mel- 
cher, North Attleboro, Arthur S. Bishop, North 
Attleboro, E. Hayward Ferry, New York City, 
Albert H. Newman, Boston, J?Yed A. Howard, 
North Attleboro, Albert H. Wiggin, New York 
City, Frederick E. Sargeant, North Attleboro. 

Northboro — Northboro National. Inc. State 
1854, National 1865. Capital $100,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $59,925.50. Dividends 
Jan. and July 1; rate past year 6 per cent. 
Fres., W. J. Potter j Cash., E. H. Bigelow; 
Directors, W. J. Potter, G. P. Hedth, E. H. 
Bigelow, Noah Wadsworth, D. S. Spalding, 
Mansfield, Thomas A. Hickey, Shrewsbury, Lam- 
bert Lawrence, Foxboro. Hours 9-12, 2-4. 

North Easton— First National Bank of Easton. 
Inc. 1864. Capital $150,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits, $158,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 8 per cent. Fres., Cyrus 


Lothrop; Cash., Edward H. Kennedy; Direct- 
org, Gyrus Lothrop, John S. Ames, William H. 
Ames, Oliver Ames, Hobart Ames, Samnel Carr, 
Fred L. Ames. Hours 9-12, L30-3; Sat 9-12. 

Norihbridge— See Whitinsville. 

Norwood — Norwood National. Inc. 1906. Cap- 
ital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$8,000. Pres., George F. Willett; Cash., Edson 
D. Smith; Directors, Junius Beebe, James A. 
Halloran, Walter F. Tilton, James Berwick, 
M. F. McCarthy, Chas. T. Wheelock, Frank A. 
Fales, H. M. Plimpton, George F. Willett, 
Francis O. Winslow, Philip R. Allen. 

Orange — Orange National. Inc. 1875. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and imdivided profits $124,- 
668.76. Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate past 
year 8 per cent. Pres., John W, Wheeler; 
Cash,, Charles A. Pike; Directors, John W. 
Wheeler, Charles A. Pike, F. A. Dexter, L. 
Dennis, Adelbert W. Ballon, George E. Monroe, 
Frank S. Ewing. Hours 9-3. 

Palmer — ^Palmes National. Inc. 1876. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $33,000. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 5 
per cent Pres., J. F. Hoi brook; Cash., Chas. 

B. Fiske; Directors, E. Fairbanks, J. F. Hol- 
brook, Charles B. Fiske, G. II. Wilkins, E. G. 
Childs, John F. Foley. Hours 9-3 ; Sat. 9-12. 

Peabody — ^Wabken National. Inc. 1864. Cap- 
ital $250,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$119,659. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past 
year 6 per cent. Pres., H. F. Walker; Cash-, 

C. S. Batchelder; Directors, William F. Sawyer, 
Harry F. Walker, Frank W. Stanly, Albert F. 
Poor, Benjamin N. Moore, George E. Spaulding, 
Bichard Barry, Lyman P. Osbom, Thomas H. 

Pepperell — ^National Bank of Pepperkll, East 
Pepperell. Inc. 1901. Capital $50,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $8,358.49. Cash., H. F. 
Tarbell; Directors, Charles S. Denham, E. E. 
Tarbell, E. D. Howe. Hours 9-11.30, 12.30-3; 
Sat. 9-1. 

Pittsfleld — AoBicuLTua.\L National. Inc. State 
1818, National 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $436,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct.; rate past year 14 per cent. Pres., 
Irving D. Ferrey; Vice-pres., W. M. Crane; 
Cash., Frank W. Dutton; Directors, W. M. 
Crane, Dalton, R. W. Adam, A. H. Bice, Henry 
A. Francis, Irving D. Ferrey, F. G. Crane, F. 
W. Dutton, Simon England, John C. Crosby, 
C. C. Chesney. Hours 9-3. 

— ^PiTTsriELD National. Inc. 1853. Capital 
$300,000; surplus and undivided profits $"208,- 
000. Dividends Jan. and July 15; rate past 
year 6 per cent. Pres., George H. Tucker; 
Vice-pres., W. F. Hawkins; Cash., Edson Bon- 
ney; Directors, Zenas Crane, Dalton, William 

W. Gamwell, Alexander Kennedy, E. A. Jones, 
Henry Colt, Walter F. Hawkins, James Wilson, 
George H. Tucker, Charles W. Power, Charles 
K. C^ane, Charles H. Wilson, Arthur N. Cooley, 
Wm. P. Wood. Hours 9-3. 

—Third National. Inc. 1881. Capital $125,000; 
surplus and undivided profits, $191,855.58. Div- 
idends Jan. and July 1; rate past year 8 per 
cent. Pres., B. B. Bardwell; Vice-pres., Frank- 
lin Weston; Cash., W. H. Perkins; Directors, 
Franklin Weston, Franklin W. Bossell, Levi A. 
Stevens, E. H. Nash, B. B. Bardwell, Henry B. 
Peirson, John S. Wolfe, Charles K. Ferry, 
George W. Pease. Hours 9-3. 

Plymontb — Old Colony National. Org. State 
18S2, National 1865. Capital $250,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $133,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct.; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., 
Charles G. Hathaway; Vice-pres., G. F. Holmes; 
Cash., George L. Gooding; Directors, William 
B. Drew, G. F. Holmes, James D. Thurber, 
Charles S. Davis, C. G. Hathaway. 

— Plymouth National. Inc. 1803. Capital 
$160,000; surplus and undivided profits $65,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct 1 ; rate past year 
6 per cent Pres., C. B. Stoddard; Cash., W. 
L. Boyden; Directors, C. B. Stoddard, Charles 
P. Hatch, W. L. Boyden, William W. Brewster, 
William P. Stoddard, J. Bussell, A. H. Wiggin. 
Hours 9-3; Sat 9-1. 

Provinoetown — Fibst National. Inc. 1865. Cap- 
ital $50,000; surplus and profits $25,000. Div- 
idends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres., Moses N. Gifford; Cash., Joseph 
H. Dyer; Directors, M. N. Giflford, George O. 
Knowles, Joseph A. Wiest, J. F. Snow, Angus 
McKay, S. C. Smith, D. F. Small, George Allen. 
Hours 9-12, 1-3. 

Qnincy— -National Granite. Inc. 1865. Capital 
$150,000; surplus and undivided profits $152,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 
6 per cent Pres., Theophilus King; Cash.^ 
Bupert F. Claflin; Directors, T. King, Clarence 
Burgin, James Thompson, J. H. Vogel, B. F. 
Claflin, Delcevare-King, Bussell A. Sears, Henry 
L. Kincaide, Henry G. Smith, Thos. F. Mar- 
mex. Hours 8.30-3"; Sat 8.30-12. 

—National Mt. Wollaston. Inc. 1853. Capital 
$150,000; surplus and undivided profits $65,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct 1 ; rate past year 
6 per cent Pres., C. A. Howland; Cash., H. P. 
Spear; Directors, C. A. Howland, H. B. Spear, 
George W. Morton, C. A. Howland, Jr., F. S. 
Patch, H. M. Faxon, H. F. Doble, George H. 
Field. Hours 8.30-3; Sat 8.30-12. 

Beading — ^FmsT National. Inc. 1890. Capital 
$50,000 ; surplus and profits $7000. Pres., Wal- 
ter S. Parker, Cash., Clarence C. White; I>t- 
rectors, Henry Holden, E. A. Carpenter, M. A. 



Stone, Walter S. Parker, J. W. Grimes, C. C. 
White, J. B. McLane. Hours 8-2. 

Bockport— BocKPORT National. Inc. 1865. Cap- 
ital $50,000; snrplus $18,000. Dividends Apr. 
and Oct.; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., 
Lonng Qrimes; Cash,, George W. Tufts; Di- 
rectors, Loring Grimes, Dr. A. M. Tupper, L. A. 
Martin, Alpheus Goodwin, James Abbott, Edgar 
Knowlton, J. L. Woodfall, H. C. Story. 

Salem — Asiatic National. Inc. 1824. Capital 
$200,000; surplus and undivided profits $108,- 
507.03. Dividends Apr. and Oct 1; rate past 
year 5 per cent. Pres., George H. Allen ; Ciish., 
William O. Chapman; Directors f George H. 
Allen, Bobert Osgood, Charles S. Bea, Benjamin 
F. Dyer, William O. Chapman, Frederick G. 

— Mercantilb National. Inc. 1826. Capital 
$200,000; surplus and undivided profits $105,- 
239. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 
5% per cent. Pres., William L. Hyde; Cash., 
Leland H. Cole; Directors, Matthew Bobson, 
WUUam L. Hyde, Nathan P. Giflford^ Ira 
Vaughn, Walter K. Bigelow, P. J. Lynch, John 
M. Baymond, George F. Bopee, C. I. Wilkin- 
son, G. W. Pickering, S. J. Connolly, Leland 
H. Cole. Hours 8-1.30 

— Merchants National. Inc. 1811. Capital 
$200,000; surplus and undivided profits $200,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 
8 per cent. Pres., Henry M. Batchelder; C<ish., 
Josiah H. Gifford; Asst. Cash., Frank A. 
Brooks; Directors, Fred P. Fuller, Benjamin 
W. Currier, Lynn, George M. Harris, David 
M. Little, John S. Williams, Hemy M. Batchel- 
der, Ephraim D. Jones, Arthur S. Temple, Geo. 
H. Shattuck, Josiah H. Gifford. Hours 8-1.30. 

— Naumkeao National. Inc. 1865. Capital 
$250,000; surplus and undivided profits $245,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 
6 per cent. Pres. (vacancy) ; Cash., Nathaniel 
A. Very ; Asst. Cash., John G Waters ; Directors, 
William G. Barker, Henry P. Benson, Charles 
W. Bichardson, David Pingree, Nathaniel G. 
Simonds, Arthur W. West. .Houffs 8-1.30. 

— Salem National. Inc. 1802. Capital $175,000 ; 
surplus and undivided profits $61,719. Divi- 
dends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres,, Jeremiah T. Mahoney; Cash., 
Henry C. Millett; Directors, S. E. Peabody, F. 
P. Langmaid, J. T. Mahoney, Clifford Brigham, 
Henry C. Millett. Hours 8-1.30. 

Shelbume Falls — Shslbukne Falls National. 
Inc. 1855. Capital $100,000; surplus and undi- 
vided profits $71,831. Dividends Jan. and July; 
rate past year 7 per cent. Pres., Lorenzo Gris- 
wold; Cash., C. W. Hawks; Directors, Lorenzo 
Griswold, Griswoldville ; F. H. Smith, Buckland, 
A. L. Aveiy, Charlemont, Herbert Newell, F. L. 
Davenport, C. W. Hawks, Edwin Baker. 

SomenrlUe — Some&ville National. Inc. 1892. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$120,000. Dividends Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; 
rate past year 12 per cent. Pres., J. O. Hay- 
den; Cash., Joseph E. Jendron; Directors, J. O. 
Hayden, John A. Gale, L. Boger Wentworth, 
Nathan H. Beed, A. A. Perry, W. C. Mentzer, 
Louis B. Carr, James F. Hathaway, D. D. 
Lord, A. M. Kidder, Allen F. Carpenter. Hours 
9-3; Sat 912. 

Soufhbxldgtt— Southbbidoe National. Inc. 1865. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and profits $109,000. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 8 per 
cent Pres., George W. Wells; Cash., F. L. 
Chapin; Directors, H. S. Cheney, C. M. Wells, 
J. E. Paige, G. W. Wells, C. D. Paige, F. L. 
Chapin, John A. Hall. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Sonfh Framingliam — Framingham National. 
Inc. State 1833, National 1864. Capital $200,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $136,330. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct 1; rate past year 6 
per cent Pres., James J. Valentine; Cash., 
Fred L. Oaks; Directors, James J. Valentine, 
Walter Adams, Thomas L. Barber, Clifford Fol- 
ger, Willis A. Eangsbury, Bernard F. Merriam, 
John P. Freese. Hours 9-3 ; Sat 9-12. 

Sontli Weymonih— First National. Inc. 1864. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$45,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past 
year 5 per cent. Pres., Allen B. Vining; Vice- 
pres., E. B. Nevin; Cash., J. H. Stetson; Direct- 
ors, Charles H. Pratt, Joseph Dyer, Gordon Wil- 
lis, Edward E. Hastings, J. H. Stetson. Hours 
9-12, 2-4; Sat 9-12. 

Spencer — Spencer National. Inc. 1875. Capital 
$100,000; surplus $50,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct. 1 ; rate past year 8 per cent. Pres., Frank 

A. Drury; Cash., Frank W. Wilson; Directors, 
Frank ^E. Dunton, Yrsjok A. Drury, C. N. 
Prouty, Nathan E. Craig, Arthur F. Warren, 
Myron A. Young, Frank W. Wilson. Hours 
9-12, 1-4. 

Springfield — Chapin National. Inc. State 1872, 
National 1879. Capital $500,000; surplus and 
iindividerl profits $'50,000. Dividends second 
Monday Jan. and July; rate past year 6 per 
cent. Pres., Chester W. Bliss; Vice-pres., 
James B. Millfr; Cash., John C. Kemater; Di- 
rectors, J. A. Bumrill, S. B. Whiting, C. C. 
Jonks, C. W. Bliss, John B. Phelps, John W. 

B. Brand, Luman S. Brown, Howard T. Met- 
calf, James B. Miller. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

— Chicopee National. Inc. State 1836, National 
1865. Capital $400,000; surplus $150,000. Div- 
idends Apr. and Oct. ; rate past year 8 per cent. 
Pres., A. B. West; Cash,, Edward Pynchon; 
Directors, G. Frank Adams, Silas L. Kenyon, 
A. B. West, Horace A. Moses, Irving H. Page, 
George S. Taylor, Chicopee. Hours 9-3. 



— Springvield National. Inc. 1893. Capital 
$250,000; BurpluB and undivided profits $400,- 
000. Dividends Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate 
past year 8 per cent. Tres.^ Henry H. Bowman; 
Cash,, Balph P. Alden; Aut. Cash., Philip S. 
Beebe; Directors, Bob^t W. Day, William C. 
Simons, Clifton A. Crocker, Henry H. Bow- 
man, Balph P. Alden, Michael Dunn, Frank 
G. Tobey, Franklin Pierce, C. C. Abbey, Balph 
W. Ellis, Warren D. Kinsman, George W. Tap- 
ley, Louis C. Hyde. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

—Third National. Inc. 1864. Capital $500,000;. 
surplus and undivided profits $600,000. Divi- 
dends first Monday Jan. and July; rate past 
year 10 per cent Pres., Frederick H. Harris; 
Cash., iVederick Harris; Asst. Cash,, A. J. 
Skinner; Directors, Henry A. Gould, J. S. Mc- 
Elwain, Frederick H. Harris, Frederick Harris, 
Aaron Bagg, Jr., A. W. Damon, Joseph Shat- 
tuck, Jr. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

Stockbridge— HousATONio National. Inc. 1825. 
Capital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$170,000. Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate past 
year 6 per cent. Pres,, D. A. Kimball; Cash,, 
W. A. Seymour; Directors, George H. Tucker, 
D. A. Kimball, W. A. Seymour, Frank H. 
Wright, William L. Adam. Hours 9-12.30, 

Stoneham — Stonsham National. Inc. 1890. Cap- 
ital $50,000; surplus and undivided profits $39,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 

5 per cent. Pres,, W. D. Brackett; Cash,, Chas. 
A. Bailey; Asst, Cash,, H. A. Jones; Directors, 
Charles F. Buck, A. H. Cowdrey, William B. 
Stevens, Charles W. Tidd, Charles A. Bailey, 
Charles H. Drew, W. D. Brackett. Hours 8.30- 
11, 2.30-4; Sat 8.30-12. 

Tatinton — Bristol County National. Inc. 
State 1832, National 1865. Capital $500,000; 
surplus $100,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; 
rate past year 5 per cent. Pres,, S. L. Cushman ; 
Cash,, Albert H. Tetlow; Directors, T. L. 
Church, S. L. Cushman, William E. Walkef, 
John H. Eldridge, F. S. Hall, Abbott F. Law- 
rence, E. D. Williams, Charles H. Blaine, A. C. 
Staples. Hours 9-1; Sat 9-12. 

— ^Machinists' National. Inc. State 1847, Na- 
tional 1865. Capital $200,000; surplus $115,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 

6 per cent Pres,, William C. Davenport; Cash., 
John H. Dalglish; Directors, William H. Bent, 
Henry F. Bassett, William C. Davenport, A. G. 
Williams, George W. Colby. Hours 9-1; Sat 

— Taunton National. Org. State 1812, National 
1865. Capital $600,000; surplus $200,000. Div- 
idends Apr. and Oct. 1; rate past year 5 per 
cent Pres., Henry M. Lovering; Cash., Charles 
L. Godfrey ; Directors, Henry Morton Lovering, 

Frederick Mason, Nathan Newbury, George H. 
Rhodes, William L. Walker, Balph Y. Anthony, 
William E. Hart, Arthur M. Alger, Henry G. 
Brownell. Hours 9-1; Sat. 9-12. 

Townsend — Townsend National. Capital $100,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $46,950. 
Dividends Jan. and July; rate past year 6 per 
cent. Pres,, Clarence Stickney; Cash,, Henry 
A. Hill; Directors, Clarence Stickney, A. N. Fes- 
senden, Henry A. Hill, J. F. Hill, J. W. East- 

Tuner's Falls — Crocker National. Inc. 1872. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$88,200. Dividends Apr. and Oct; rate past 
year 7 per cent Pres., C. W. Hazelton; Cash., 
D. P. Abercrombie; Directors, Isaac Chenery, 

D. P. Abercrombie, F. I. Webster, C. M. Bur- 
nett, J. F. Bartlett, C. T. Crocker. 

Uzbridge — ^Blackstonb National. Inc. 1865- 
Capital $100,000; surplus $20,000. Dividends 
Apr. and Oct Pres,, W. E. Hayward; Cash,, 
C. S. T^eston; Directors, W. E. Hayward, Chas. 

E. Seagrave, A. R. Taft, Arthur Wheelock, W. 
S. Schuster, H. S. Hayward, C. A. Barton. 

Vineyard Haven — ^Martha's Vineyard Na- 
tional. Org. 1855. Inc. 1865. Capital $50,r 
000; surplus and undivided profits $17,000. Div- 
idends Apr. and Oct 1; rate past year 6 per 
cent Pres., John E. White; Cash., William W. 
Boardman; Directors, £. W. Chadwick, J. E. 
White, Thomas D. Crowell, Cottage Ci^, Wil- 
liam Barry Owen, William G. Muiter. Hours 

Wakefield— National Bank. Inc. State 1854, 
National 1865. Capital $100,000; surplus and 
net profits $83,564. Dividends Apr. and Oct; 
rate past year 6^ per cent. Pres,, Junius 
Beebe; Cfish,, Frank A. Winship; Asst, Cash., 
Frank C. Carter; Directors, Arthur G. Walton, 
.Junius Beebe, Charles N. Winship, Walter F. 
Perkins, John H. Beebe, Thomas J. Skinner. 
Hours 8-3. 

Walfham — Waltham National. Inc. 1836. C^ 
ital $150,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$127,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct; rate past 
year 6 2-3 per cent. Pres,, Charles H. Moulton; 
Cash,, Henry P. Buncher; Directors, W. F. Boo- 
ney, H. N. Fisher, C. H. Moulton, Charles P- 
Bond, P. P. Adams, John H. Storer, George H. 
Doty. Hours 8.30-2.30; Sat 8-12. 

Ware — Ware National. Inc. State 1825, National 
1865. Capital $300,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $95,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct 1; 
rate past year 4 per cent. Pres,, Henry BL. 
Hyde; Vice-pres,, J. H. G. Gilbert; Cash., Al- 
van Hyde; Directors, Calvin Hitchcock, Liewia 
N. Gilbert, J. H. G. Gilbert, Charles E. Stevena, 

F. D. Gilmore, Henry K. Hyde, Frank M. Sib- 
ley. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 



Waxeham — ^National Bank of Wakeham. Inc. 
State 1833, National 1865. Capital $100,000; 
Burplua and undiTided profits $82,028. Dividends 
Jan. and July; rate past year 6 per cent. Tfe^.^ 
Gerard C. Tobey; Cash,, Edward A. Ghimmons; 
DiredoTZj Gerard C. Tobey, Frank A. Besse, 
Horace P. Tobey, William Savery, Jr., Edward 

A. Gammons. Hours 9-2; Sat 9-12. 
Watertown — ^Union Maskxt National. Inc. 

1873. Capital $100,000; surplus and profits 
$40,000. Dividends Jan. and tfuly 1; rate past 
year 6 per cent. Trei., L. S. Cleveland; Cash^^ 
John F. Tufts; Directors, H. C. Derby, H. 
W. Otis, S. S. Gleason, Charles Brigham, L. S. 
Cleveland, Charles Q. Pierce, E. M. Mayo. 
Hours 8-2; Sat 8-12. 

WelMter— FiBST National. Inc. 1875. Capital 
$100,000; surplus $60,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct; rate past year 7 per cent Pres,, Josiah 
Perry; Cash., C. M. Nash; Directors, Josiah 
Perry, L. B. Eddy, C. M. Nash, N. T. Hurlbut, 
J. W. Dobbie, James Maguire, Oscar Shumway. 
Hours 9-3; Sat 9-1. 

Wellesley — ^Wellesley National Bank. Inc. 
1904. Capital $50,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $10,000. Pres., Isaac Sprague; Cash,, 

B. W. Guernsey; Directors, Benjamin E. Baker, 
Joseph V. Boinay, Clarence Alfred Bunker, F. 
B. Innaham, A. D. Kingsbury, Henry C. Mulli- 
gan, William H. Pfeiner, Benjamin H. San- 
bom, Charles E. Shattuck, Isaac Sprague, 
Charles N. Taylor, Bobert G. Shaw, Jr. Hours 
8.30-3; Sat 8.30-12. 

Westboro — Fibst National. Inc. 1864. Capital 
$50,000; surplus $10,000. Dividends Jan. and 
July 1. Pres., John L. Brigham; Cash., Cyrus 
H. Pease; Dvredors, J. L. Brigham, Cyrus H. 
Pease, A. L. Boynton, George L. Smith, E. A. 
Hersey. Hours 9-12, 2-4. 

Westfield — Fikst National. Inc. 1864. Capital 
$250,000; surplus and undivided profits $175,- 
000. Dividends June and Dec. 1 ; rate past year 
6 per cent Pres., S. Augustus Allen; Cash,, 
Iioring P. Lane; Directors, S. A. Allen, F. S. 
Egleston, M. B. Whitney, F. Arthur Noble, 
Henry M. Van Deusen, F. R. Parks, H. P. 
Moseley, Daniel F. Doherty, L. P. Lane. Hours 

— ^Hampden National. Inc. 1865. Capital $150,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $134,827.57. 
Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 8 per 
cent. Pres,, L. B. Norton; Cash., Harry L. 
Bradley; Directors, L. B. Norton, James Noble 
Jr., E. L. Sanf ord, James A. Crane, O. B. Parks, 
H. N. Kingsbury, Edward T. Fowler, O. B. 
Noble, Granville, John C. Bi:(schmann, H. L. 
Bradley. Hours 9-3 ; Sat. 9-12. 

Westminster — See Gardner. 

West Newton — See Newton. 

Weymouth — See South Weymouth. 

Whitiiuiville — Whitinsvillb National. Org. 
1865. Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided 
profits $205,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct 1. 
Pres., Edward Whitin; Vice-pres., J. M. Lasell; 
Cash., Charles F. Parkis; Directors, Edward 
Whitin, A. F. Whitin, G. M. Whitin, C. W. 
Lasell, J. M. Lasell, H. T. Whitin, Northbridge, 
H. H. Dudley. Hours 9-12, 1-4; Sat 9-12. 

Whitman — Whitman National. Inc. 1891. 
Capital $50,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$25,500. Dividends Jan. and July; rate past 
year 4 per cent Pres., Albert Davis; Cash., 
Bela Alden; Directors, D. A. Gurney, B. W. 
Cook, George A. Beed, J. P. Bates, Boston, A. 
E. Stetson, Albert Davis, C. D. Beed, H. F. 
Copeland. Hours 9-12, 1-4. 

Wllliamstown — Williamstown National. Inc. 
1883. Capital $50,000; surplus and undivided 
profits <a8,000. Dividends Feb. and Aug. 1; 
rate past year 4 per cent Pres., Charles S. 
Cole; Vice-pres., J, W. Bullock; Cash., W. B. 
Clark; Directors, W. B. Qark, J. W. Bullock, 
W. E. Hoyt, F. C. Severance, Daniel J. Ney- 
land, A. C. Houghton, F. E. Moore, C. M. Smith, 
C. S. Cole. Hours 9-2. 

Winchendon — Fiest National. Inc. 1864. Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$192,000. Dividends May and Nov. 1 ; rate past 
year 7 per cent. Pres., Z. L. White; Cash., 
B. D. Grain; Directors, Z. L. White, O. Whit- 
ney, C. L. Beals, Wendell P. Clark, George C. 
Beals, J. W. Davenport, Elisha M. Whitney. 
Hours 9-12, 1-3; Sat 9-12, 1-2. 

Winchester — ^Middlesex County National. Inc. 
1897. Capital $50,000; surplus and undivided 
profits, $24,423.27; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., Frank A. Cutting; Cash-, C. E. Barrett; 
Directors, Frank A. Cutting, C. E. Barrett, Fred 
L. Pattee, James W. Eussell, George A. Fer- 
nald, Frank L. Bipley, Freeland E. Hovey. 
Hours 8-12, 2.30-4. 

Worcester — ^Mechanics National. Inc. 1862. 
Capital $200,000; surplus $175,000. Dividends 
Oct. and Apr. 1; rate past year 6 per cent 
Pres,, F. H. Dewey; Cash,, A. H. Stone; Di- 
rectors, F. H. Dewey, Charles A. Hill, Thomas 
B. Eaton, G. M. Bassett, W. M. Spaulding, B. 
W. Childs, Harry W. Goddard, Milton P. Hig- 
gins, A. M. Stone, A. H. Stone, F. H. Daniels. 
Hours 9-3; Sat 9-1. 

— Merchants' National. Inc. 1905. Capital 
$500,000; surplus and undivided profits $340,- 
000. Dividends Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 
8 per cent. Pres., D. D. Muir; Cash., A. G. 
Davis; Directors, Charles L. Allen, Chandler 
Bullock, Bichard C. Cleveland, LuCius J. 
Knowlee, Frank A. Drury, Homer Gage, 
Bichard HeaJy, M. V. B. JeflPerson, T. S. 



Johnson, D. D. Muir, Henry E. Whitcomb, 
Henry T. Whitin, George C. Whitney, Oliver B. 
Wood. Hours 9-3. 

^Worcester National. Inc. State 1804, Na- 
tional 1864. Capital $250,000; surplus and un- 
divided profits $340,000. Dividends Apr. and 
Oct.; rate past year 8 per cent. Pres., James 
P. Hamilton; Ckuh., Samuel D. Spurr; Directors, 
A. George Bullock, Charles A. Chase, James P. 
Hamilton, Ijincoln N. Kinnicutt, Edward L. 
Davis, George F. Brooks, Paul B. Morgan, Reg- 
inald Washburn, Matthew J. WhittalL Hours 
9-3; Sat. 9-1. 

Wrentliain— National Bank of Wrentham. Inc. 
State 1832, National 1865. Capital $52,500; 
surplus and undivided profits $24,318. Pres., 
H. A. CoweU; Caeh., J. E. Carpenter; Directors, 
F. N. Plimpton, H. A. Cowell, C. E. Brown, W^ 
K. Gilmore, J. B. Carpenter. 

Tarmontliport— First National. Inc. 1864. Capital 
$175,000; surplus and undivided profits $100,- 
663.37. Dividends Jan. and July; rate past 
year 5 per cent. Pres., Joshua Crowell; Cash., 
William J. Davis; Directors, Joshua Crowell, 
East Dennis, William J. Davis, H. H. Fisk, 
West Dennis, Freeman H. Lothiop, Barnstable, 
John H. Clark, Yarmouthpoirt. 


Boston— American Trust Co. 53 State St. Inc. 
1881. Capital $1,000,000; surplus and undi- 
vided profits $1,803,388. Dividends Jan. and 
July. Pres., Eussell G. Fessenden; Vice- 
pres., James H. Perkins; 8ec*y, C. H. 
Bowen; Asst. Treas., E. A. Coffin.; Directors^ 
Edwin F. Atkins, Samuel Carr, Gordon Dexter, 
S. E. Peabody, R. Bobbins, C. F. Adams, 2d, 
Hobart Ames, Philip L. SalstonstaJl, Francis 
Peabody, Jr., Elmer P. Howe, Charles W. Whit- 
tier, F. Lothrop Ames, Charles S. Bird, Eugene 
N. Fobs, John S. Lawrence, Frederick Ayer, A. 
G. Bullock, Gilmer Clapp, WOliam B. Driver, 
F. C. Dumaine, William A. Gaston, John Law- 
rence, Lester Leland, Henry A. Bueter, B. 
Paul Spelling, Frank W. Steams, Eugene V. B. 
Thayer, Bodophe L. Agassiz, Bussell G. Fes- 
senden. Hours 10-2. 

—Bat State Trust Co. 222 Boylston St. Inc. 
1887. Capital $500,000; surplus $500,000. Div- 
idends Feb. and Aug. Chairman, T. Jefferson 
Coolidge Jr.; Vice-prests., Alfred Bodman, 
C. E. Getting; Asst. Treas. and Sec, William 
Atherton; Asst. Sec'y, Curtis Chipman; 8upt. 
Safe Deposit Vaults, Bobert E. Clark. 

—Beacon Trust Co. 20 Milk St. Inc. 1893. 
Capital $400,000; surplus and undivided profits 

$318,000. Dividend rate past year 8 per cent. 
Pres., Charles B. Jopp; Treas., George M. Bar- 
num, Jr.; Asst. Treas., Bbt G. Shaw, Jr.; 8eo% 
George H, Poor; Directors, Wibur F. Whitney, 
Charles H. Utley, George H. Poor, Charles W. 
Smith, Ira G. Hersey, Amos S. Crane, William 
M. Bunting, Melville L. Cobb, Charles 8. Cook, 
John F. Crocker, Cyrus S. Hapgood, Bob^t F. 
Herrick, Charles A. Hopkins, Arthur K. Hunt, 
Charles B. Jopp, Thomas Lahey, John P. Bey- 
nolds, Jr., Henry B. Sprague, Philip Stockton, 
Galen L. Stone, Edgar Van Etten, Eliot Wads- 
worth, Henry D. Yerxa. Hours 9-3. 

— ^Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co. 87 Milk 
St. Capital $1,000,000; surplus $2,000,000. 
Pres., Charles E. Bogerson; Treas., G. E. Good- 
speed; Directors, James Longley, W. E. "Put- 
nam, Benjamin F. Stevens, Henry S. Shaw, 
Gerard C. Tobey, Nathaniel J. Bust, F. G. Web- 
ster, A. F. Estabrook, William B. Bice, George 
B. Wilbur, Charles F. Fairbanks, B. P. Clieney, 
George B. White, Wallace L. Pierce, CosteUo G. 
Converse, Abel H. Proctor, Edward W. Hutch- 
ins, Henry B. Day, James B. Dunbar, Ehvyn G. 
Preston, Alfred L. Bipley, Charles E. Bogerson, 
Bichard M. SaltonstaJl. Hours 9-3 ; Sat 9-12. 

—City Trust Co. 50 State St. Inc. 1902. Cap- 
ital $1,500,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$3,049,352.36. Pres., Philip Stockton; Treas., 
George W. Grant; Directors, Charles F. Adams, 
2d, Orlando H. Alford, John S. Bartlett, 
Charles E. Getting, George A. Draper, Fred- 
erick P. Fish, Bobert F. Herrick, Francis L. 
Higginson, George E. Keith, Maxwell Norman, 
B. T. Paine, 2d, Howard Stockton, PhQip Stock- 

. toUj Charles A. Stone, Nathaniel Thayer, W. 
Seward Webb, Sidney W. Winslow, F. Lo- 
throp Ames, Alvah Crocker, Livingston Cush- 
ingj William F. Draper, Wilmot B. Evans, Gard- 
iner M. Lane, Arthur Lyman, Andrew W. Pres- 
ton, Bichard S. Bussell, Quincy A. Shaw, Jr., 
Henry C. Jackson, Henry O. Underwood, Galen 
L. Stone. 

—Columbia Trust Co. 20 Meridian St, East 
Boston. Inc. 1892; commenced business 1895. 
Capital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$33,000; dividend rate past year 5 per cent, 
Pres., Frank C. Wood; Vice-pres., Patrick J. 
Kennedy; Treas., Alfred E. Wellington; 8ec^y, 
Brendan J. Keenan; DvrectorSt Thomas Arthur, 
Thomas F. Croak, Bichard T. Green, Robert 
Bausch, J. Goldinger, John Morrison, !FVancis J. 
O'Hara, John F. Sullivan, George W. Hargrave, 
Walter F. Burke, Herman G. Shaneck, Brendan 
J. Keenan, William F. McClellan, Bobert Hod- 
son, Jr., William J. Donovan, Frank C. Wood, 
Patrick J. Kennedy, John L. Bates, Alfred E. 
Wellington, William J. Bausch, W. Bradley 
Whitney, Lewis Burnham, Horace E. Bragdon, 
Bichard F. Keough. Hours 9-3. 



— GOMMONWXALTH Tbust Co. 88 Summer St 
Inc. 1904. Capital $1,000,000; surplus $792,- 
000. Divideiids Jan., Apr., July and Oct 1; 
rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., David J. 
Lord; Vioe-pret., Arthur P. Stone; Asst. Treas., 
Franda E. Seaver; Directorg, S. Beed Anthony, 
Wialter C. Baylies, Junius Beebe, Albert L. 
Brown, Walter G. Garritt, William A. Gaston, 
Otis Kimball, David J. Lord, Joseph P. Man- 
ning, Frederick S. Moseley, A. Wilder Pollard, 
H. Staples Potter, James M. Prendergast, 
Henry H. Proctor, George F. Putnam, William 

B. Bice, James L. Bichards, Horace B. Shepard, 
A« Shuman, Charles F. Smith, Charles G. 
Smith, Thomas C. Thacher, Edwin a Webster, 
Edward B. Wilson, Bobert Winsor. Hours 0-3. 

— ^DoBCHSSTEB TRUST Co. No report received. 

— Exchange Tbust Co. Inc. 1907. Capital $250,- 
000. Pres,y John J. Martin; Treas., Bobert E. 
Fay; Directors, John J. Martin, chairman^ Ex- 
Governor John Q. A. Brackett, Henry N. ClarE, 
Herbert S. Frost, Edward Hatch, George M. D. 
Lc^, William E. Martin, John W. Morrison, A. 
Parker Browne, John B. Dore, John Collamore 
Hatch, James G. Hickey, Charles S. Judkins, Dr. 
John Morgan, Lewis C. Thayer, Frederick O. 

— ^Federal Trust Co. 95 Milk St. Inc. 1899. 
Capital $500,000; surplus $150,000. Fres., 
Joseph H. O'Neil; 8eo'y, J. H. Tumbull; 
Treaa., David Bates; Directors, Theo. G. 
Bremer, John T. Burnett, William J. Carlin, 

C. James Connelly, William J. Emerson, Tho& 
F. Galvin, Francis Gray, William F. Hammett^ 
Timothy E. Hopkins, James W. Kenney, Law- 
rence J. Logan, Joseph H. O'Neil, James J. 
Phelan, Pierce Powers, John E. Stanton, T. J. 
Falvey, James M. Morrison. 

— ^International Trust Co. 45 Milk St. Inc. 
1879. Capital $1,000,000; surplus $4,000,000. 
Dividends Jan. and July 1; rate past year 10 
per cent, and 6 per cent extra. Pres., John M. 
Graham; 8eo'y and Treas., Henry L. Jewett; 
Asat. See'y and Treas., B. Famham Smith; Di- 
rectors, Bobert M. Morse, James Phillips, Jr., 
William W. Crapo, Oliver W. Mink,. John M. 
Graham, Thomas G. Plant, John Hogg, A. N. 
Burbank, C. J. H. Woodbury, Albert C. Hough- 
ton. Frederick Ayer, Boland O. Lamb. Hours 

— ^Liberty Trust Co. 197 Washington St. Inc. 
1907. Capital $200,000; undivided profits $4,- 
380.08. PreS', George B. Wason; Fice-pres., 
Melvin O. Adams; Treas., Allan H. Sturges; 
Asst. Treas., Wm. H. Sumner; Directors, George 
B. Wason, J. E. Gilcreast, Melvin O. Adams, 
A. L. Lougee, Geo. M. Bent, Thomas H. Butti- 
mar, Edw. E. Babb, Allan H. Sturges, Charles 
W. Bartlett, Frank H. Damon, Philip M. 
Tucker, E. J. Brown, Frank E. Dimick, John C. 

Kennedy, Wul A. MacLeod, Frederick P. Bow* 
den, Benj. A. Bobinson, Wm. S. Felton, B. Mar- 
vin Femald, Leslie A. Friend, Charles S. Den- 
nis, Albert W. Flint, E. H. Gowing, Wm. A. 
Jepson, W. Herbert Abbott, Arthur W. Toppan, 
Wm. P. Meehan, Clarence E. CHsbee. Hours 
9-3; Sat 9-12. 
— ^Mattapan Deposit ft Trust Co. Cor. E St 
and Broadway, South Boston. Inc. 1891. Cap- 
ital $100,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$100,000. Dividend rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres., Ezra H. Baker; Actuary, Geo. A. l^ier; 
Directors, Ezra H. Baker, Geo. H. Bond, David 
H. Coolidge, M. F. Gavin, Francis C. Horsey, 
Charles S. Judkins, Lawrence J. Logan, H. W. 
Snter, Charles M Baker. Hours 9-3. 

—Mechanics Trust Co. 378 Washington St Inc. 
1905. Capital $500,000; surplus $120,000. Div- 
idends last of Mar. and Sept; rate past year 6 
per cent Pres., C. O. L. Dillaway; Vice-pres,, 
W. E. L. Dillaway; Treas. S. A. Merrill; Direot- 
ors, John Quincy Adams, Geo. H Billings, Hiram 
M. Burton, David Cummings, Michael M. Cun- 
niff, Archibald T. J>avison, Charles O. L. Dilla- 
way, William E. L. Dillaway, William J. Fegan, 
John H. Gibbs, William N. Hartshorn, Franklin 
E. Huntress, Arthur H. James, Francis James, 
Edwin G. Kramer, Henry F. Miller, Charles H. 
Olmsted, Frank A. Schirmer, William L. Ter- 
hune, Winchester Veazie, Frederick L. Walker, 
Edwin Wilcock. 

— ^Nbw England Trust Co. 135 Devonshire St 
Capital $1,000,000; surplus $2,000,000. Pres., 
David B. Whitney; Viee-prests., Charles H. 
Dalton, Charles F. Choate and Franklin Haven; 
Actuary, James E. Hooper; Sec'y, Henry N. 
Marr; Asst. Sec. and Treas., Frederick W. Al- 
len; Asst. Treas., Thomas E. Eaton; Trust 
Officer, F. B. Jewett; Mgr. Safe Deposit Vaults, 
Charles E. Nott; Directors, William Endicott, 
chairTnan, Alfred Bowditch, Philip Dexter, Wil- 
liam Famsworth, Frederick P. Fish, Morris 
Gray, Lawrence M. Stockton, Alexander Coch- 
rane, Nathaniel Thayer, T. Jefferson Coolidge, 
Franklin Haven, George Dexter, George Wig- 
glesworth, Walter C. Baylies, Charles F. Choate, 
Edmund Codman, Charles H. Dalton, James B. 
Hooper, David R. Whitney, James M. Prender- 
gast Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

— Old Colony Trust Co. Cor. Court and Wssh- 
ington Sts., and 52 Temple Place. Inc. 1890. 
Capital $1,500,000; surplus $5,500,000. Pres., 
Gordon Abbott; Vice-prests., Francis B. Hart, 
James A. Parker, Wallace B. Donham; Acting 
Cash., E. Elmer Foye; Asst. Sec'y, Joseph «. 
Stearns; Treas., F. G. Pousland; Mgr. Temple 
Place Br., F. M. Lamson; Trust Officer, Julius 
R. Wakefield; Directors, T. Jefferson Coolidge, 
Jr., chairman, Gordon Abbott, Oliver Ames, 
C. W. Amory, Charles F. Ayer, Samuel Carr, 


B. P. Chen^, T. Jefferson Goolidge, Charles 

E. Cottmg, Philip Y. DeNonnandie, Phtfjip 
Dexter, Eben S. Draper, ^ederick P. Fish, 
Beginald Foster, George P. Gardner, Robert P. 

. Herrick, Henry 8. Howe, Walter Hunnewell, 
Chas. S. Mellen, Thomas L. Livermore, George 
V. L. Meyer, Laurence Minot, Richard Olney, 
Robert T. Paine, 2d, Philip L. Saltonstall, 
Nathaniel Thayer, Lucius Tuttle, Stephen M. 
Weld, Charles W. Whittier. Hours 9-3. 

—Puritan Trust Co. 33 Court St Incl892. Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$188,928. Fre8.f John D. Long; Vice-pregts., 
Stephen L. Bartlett, James T. Phelps; Trecw., 
Fred W. Stockman; Directors^ William B. 
Smith, G. O. Jenkins, B. W. Warren, Edwin F. 
Fobes, Edward McLellan, George S. Smith, Ste- 
phen L. Bartlett, H. F. Lesh, Charlie A. Jones, 
Frank L. Young, L. Vernon Briggs, Charles G. 
Burgess, John D. Long, A. Shuman, James T. 
Phelps, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, Frederick W. 
Stockman, James D. Casey, Nelson Curtis, Wm. 

A. Bancroft, A. C. Ratshesky. Hours 9-3. 

— State Street Trust Co. 38 State St. and eor. 
Mass. Ay. and Boylston St Inc. 1891. Capital 
$600,000; surplus and undivided profits $690,- 
000. Dividends declared Apr. and Oct. 1; rate 
past year 8 per cent. Pres,, Moses Williams; 
Vice-pres, and Actuary, Allan Forbes; Vice- 
prests., Frederic J. Stimson, Joseph B. Rus- 
sell; Treas., Ashton L. Carr; See'y, Charles F. 
Allen; Directors, Rodolphe L. Agassiz, Harcourt 
Amory, Charles F. Ayer, Allston Burr, William 
Blodget, A. G. Bullock, Henry B. Cabot, Eliot 

C. Clarke, Heniy B. Endicott, Allan Forbes, 
Alfred D. Foster, William E. Harmon, George 

B. Harris, Gustav E. Kissel, George V. Lever- 
ett, Augustas P. Loring, Perdval Lowell, Ed- 
ward Levering, Ronald T. Lyman, Thomas H. 
Perkins, William L. Putnam, Russell Robb, Jo- 
seph B. Russell, Frederic J. Stimson, Laurence 
M. Stockton, Nathaniel H. Stone, John H. Sto- 
rer, Moses Williams, Moses Williams, Jr. 
Hours 9-3. 

— ^United States Trust Co. 28 and 32 Court 
St Inc. 1887 ; commenced business 1895. Cap- 
ital $200,000; surplus and undivided profits 
$634,000. Pres., A. C. Ratshesky; Treas., I. A. 
Ratshesky; Actuary, William H. Hidden, Jr.; 
Directors, Caleb S. Spencer, A. Shuman, A. C. 
Ratshesky, James T. Phelps, Thomas B. Fitz- 
patrick, I. A. Ratshesky, E. W. Anthony, Fred- 
erick J. Alley, Joshua B. Holden, Albert E. 
Pillsbury, Edwin IT. Curtis,* Thomas J. Gargan, 
William A. Bancroft, John D. Long, John L. 
Bates, James D. Casey, Fred S. High, George 

F. Schrafft. Hours 9-S. 

—Washington Trust Co. 20 Milk St Inc. 
1904. Capital $600,000. Pres., Edward P. 
Bisco; Seo'y and Treas., J. Adams Brown; 

Asst. Treas,, Benjamin Dobeon; Directors, Ed- 
ward B. Bayley, Edward F. Biseo, Arthur 
Brock, J. Adams Brown, William M. Bunting, 
B. Preston Clark, Henry E. Cobb, Melville L. 
Cobb, Charles H. Collins, Walter B. HendersoDy 
Charles A. Hopkins, George K. Johnson, Daniel 
W. Lane, Arthur E. Mason, Samuel L. Powers, 
Nathaniel C. Nash, Charles E. Ril^, Henxy B. 
Sprague, Phineaa W. Sprague, Gkden L. Stone, 
E. T. Statesbuiy, Edgar Van Etten, Leslie C. 

Brockton — ^Plymouth County Sate Deposit and 
Trust Co. Inc. 1892. Capital $100,000; sur- 
plus $25,000. Dividends dedared Apr. and Oct. 
1; rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., Ellis Brett; 
Treas., Isaac N. Nutter; See'y, I. N. Nutter; 
Directors, Albert Davis, A. T. Jones, L N. Nat- 
ter, Ellia Brett, B. B. Russell, James Edgar, P. 
O. Clark, William Rapp. Hours 9-3. 

Cambridge — Caicbridoe Trust Go. 1300 Maasar 
chusetts Av. Inc. 1890; commenced buainesa 
1892. Capital $100,000; surplus $175,000. Div- 
idends declared Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate 
past year 10 per cent. Pres,, Alvin F. SortweU ; 
Treas,, Geo. Howland Cox; Directors, John H. 
Hubbard, William Taggard Piper, Alvin F. 
Sortwell, H. O. Underwood, Georse H. Cox, 
Frederick Dodge, Joseph B. RusseU, J. Henry 
Russell, James J. Myers, Herbert H. White, 
Edwin H. Abbott, Philip Stockton, Ira N. 
Hollis, Benjamin Vaughan. Hours 8-2; Sat. 

^Central Trust Co. Inc. 1904. Capital $200,- 
000; surplus $70,000. Dividends declared Apr. 
and Oct. 1; rate paat year 4 per cent. Pres., 
Elmer H. Bright; Vice-pres., David A. Ritchie; 
Sec'y, H. Melville Taylor; Treas., Walter G. 
Davis; Directors, Elmer H.. Bright, Edgar R. 
Champlin, John B. Dayfoot, John C. Dow, 
George F. Kendall, John G. Morrison, James 
L. Paine, Henry S. Potter, Jr., David A. Ritchie, 
Charles H. Thurston, Charles S. CahiU, Hugh 
Bancroft, Charles O. Whitten, Edward D. Saw- 
yer, Herbert G. Fkirfield, William F. Roes, 
Charles A. Pastene, Edwin D. Walker. Hours 
8-2; Sat. 8-1 and 6-8. 

—Harvard Trust Co. Inc. 1904. Capital $200,- 
000 ; surplus $100,000. Dividends Apr. and Oct 
1; rate past year 7 per cent Pres., W. A. Bnl- 
lard; Vice-pres., E. D. Leavitt; Sec'y and 
Treas,, W. F. Earle; Directors, W. A, Bullard, 
E. D. Leavitt, Henry Endicott, William W. Dal- 
Unger, F. W. Tilton, A. M. Barnes, F. A. Ken- 
nedy. Hours 8-2; Vault Dept 8-3. 

Ghelsea^-CHELSEA Trust Company of Chelsea. 
Inc. 1907. Capital $250,000; surplus and undi- 
vided profits $10,759. Dividends Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., George W. Moses; Treas., Edward H. 
Lowell; Directors, Geo. W. Moses, A. C. Rat- 


'BhtBsky, James T. Phelps, fVed a High, Daviif 
A. Lourie, Edw&rd H. Lowell, D. A. O'Brien, 
Chaa N. Cutler, D. J. Coburn, A. B. Atwood, 
Edwin B. Hoag, M. E. Bice, Geo. H. Carter. 

Fall BlTer — ^B. M. C. Duiurix Safb Dsposit & 
Trust Co. Inc. 1887. Capital $400,000; but- 
plus and undivided profits $361,680. Pres., 
John S. Brayton; Trects., Arthur W. Allen; Di- 
rectors, John S. Brayton, Thomas E. Brajton, 
Edward L. Anthony, Byron W. Anthony, Geo. 
A. Ballard, Andrew Borden, Dayid A. Brayton, 
Jr., James M. Morton, Frederick O. Dodge, Jas. 
M. Morton, Jr., Israel Brayton. Hours 9-2. 

Fitchburg— FiTGHBUso Sajts Deposit & Trust Co. 
Inc. 1906. Capital $250,000; surplus $125,000. 
Tres., Geo. B. Wallace; Treas., Wilbur B. Ten- 
ney; Sec'y, Herbert G. Morse; Directors, Henry* 
A. Willis, chairman, C. F. Baker, Louis E. 
Carlton, Gardner, M. B. Damon, William Endi- 
cott, Jr., Boston, F. O. Hardy, M. D. Haws, 
Leominster, Joseph P. Holman, Leominster, Bus- 
sell B. Lowe, Henry T. Page, W. E. Putney, 
Neal Rantoul, Boston, John ShirreflPs, Walter F. 
Stiles, George B. Wallace, Bobert N. Wallis, 
David I. Walsh, Clinton, Charles E. Ware, 
Henry A. Willis, Bobert Winsor, F. F. Wood- 
ward, Charles T. Crocker, Jr., Edward J. Welch. 

Oloncester — Glouczster Safe Deposit & Trust 
Co. Inc. 1891. Capital $100,000; surplus $100,- 
000. Dividends declared Jan. and July 15; rate 
past yeaa* 6 per cent Pres., Sylvanus Smith; 
Treas,, C. E. Fisher; Asst. Treas,, Horace A. 
Smith; Directors, Sylvanus Smith, Edgar S. 
Taft, John K. Dustin, E. A. Bradley, George 
H. Perkins, Horace A. Smith, Fred A. Simson, 
Loring Grimes, Bobert B. Fears, C. H. Rogers, 
Nathaniel Babson, Albert Dodge, James M. 
Towle, F. S. Thompson, W. A. Bumham, John 
Gott, Albert Story, C. E. Fisher, Isaac Patch. 
Hours 8.30-4. 

Haverhill — ^Haverhill Trust Co. 163 Merri- 
mack St. Inc. 1891. Capital $200,000; surplus 
and undivided profits $70,949.90. Dividends de- 
clared Jan. and July 1; rate past year 6 per 
cent. Pres., C. H. Hayes; Vice-pres., Geo. W. 
Lennox; Treas., C. J. Halpen; Sec'y, C. L. Til- 
ton; Directors, John A. Gale, Oliver Taylor, 
Charles H. Hayes, G. H. Dole, P. C. Swett, M. 
Taylor, C. C. Chase, D. S. F. Page, L. A. Colby, 
George Nichols, 2d, E. W. Noyes, Thomas La- 
hey, A. G. Carleton, V. M. Bouxneuf, John 
Bailey, George W. Lennox, E. T. Adams, W. E. 
Edlis, Nicholas C. Johnson, Irving L. Keith. 
Hours 9-12.30, 2-2.30. 

liOwell — ^Lowell Trust Co. Inc. 1890. Capital 
$125,000; surplus $75,000. Dividends Jan. and 
July; rate past year 6 per cent. Pres., George 
M. Harrigan; Actuary, John F. Connors; Di- 
rectors, Charles H. Hanson, Boyal S. Bipley, 
Humphrey O 'Sullivan, John J. Hogan, Thomas 

Charles Lee, Frank B. Dow, Lemuel W. Hall, 
George M. Harrigan, George L. Huntoon, James 

F. O'Donnell, Paul Vigeant, O. B. Banlett, P. 
Keyes, Jr., Barth. Scannell, Patrick O'Heam, 
M. F. Gookin, Major G. Perkins. 

— ^MiDDLESSZ Satx Dbposit ft TRUST Co. Cor. 
Merrimac and Palmer Sts. Inc. 1888; com- 
menced business 1894. Capital $100,000. Pres., 
Percy Parker; Treas., Charles L. Knapp; Di- 
rectors, L. T. Trull, J. A. Coram, E. B. Conant, 
P. KeUey, T. F. Morris, P. Parker, J. B. Pil- 
ling, G. E. Putnam, J. E. Shanley, E. A. Smith, 
Alfred Leblanc, E. A. McQuade, C. L. Knapp, 

G. W. Pearson, Alfred Clarke. Hours 8.30-3. 

Lynn — Essex Trust Co. Inc. 1904. Capital 
$250,000; surplus $250,000. Dividend rate past 
year 10 per cent. Pres., Micajah P. Clough; 
Vice-pres., John S. Bartlett; Treas., Walter W. 
Johnson. Hours 8-2; Sat. 8-12. 

—Lynn Safe Deposit & Trust Co. Inc. 1887. 
Capital $100,000; surplus $150,000. Dividend 
rate past year 9 per cent. Pres., John Macnair ; 
Treas., J. E. Jenkins; Directors, George E. Bar- 
nard, Samuel C. Hutchinson, George A« Creigh- 
ton, Augustus A. Hennessey, John Macnair, 
Charles E. Harwood, John W. Healey, James E. 
Jenkins, Augustus B. Martin, Charles B. Oliver, 
Mark J. Worthley, Joseph Caunt. Hours 8.30-3 ; 
Sat 8.30-12. 

— Security Safe Deposit & Trust Co. Inc. 1890. 
Capital $200,000; deposits $1,512,670.59; sur- 
plus and profits $266,967.87; rate past year 6 
per cent Pres., Benjamin F. Spinney; Treas., 
Harrison P. Burrill; Directors, George A. Bod- 
well, George H. Breed, Charles A. Brown, 
Charles A. Coffin, Franklin H. Downs, Joseph 
Faulknei), Walter C. Fish, Charles S. Gffover, 
Samuel J. HoUis, Bufus E. Hilliard, James W. 
Hitchings, Warren S. Hixon, Henry F. Hurlburt, 
Jerome Ingalls, Luther S. Johnson, Thomas A. 
Kelley, Nelson W. Kimball, Walter M. Libbey, 
David J. Lord, Charles H. Newhall, James S. 
Newhall, Arthur W. Pinkham, Charles E. Eolfe, 
Harvey G. Buhe, N. Everett Silsbee, Joseph N. 
Smith, Benjamin F. Spinney, Henry F. Tapley. 
Hours 8.30-3; Sat 8.30-12. 

Maiden— Malden Trust Co. Inc. 1896. Capital 
$100,000; surplus and undivided profits $85,- 
000; rate past year 5 per cent Pres., Charles 
L. Dean; Treas., Frank E. Sircom; Directors, 

A. Warren Patch, Elmore E. Locke, Denman 
Blanchard, Phineas W. Sprague, Charles L. 
Dean, Peter Graffam, George H. Chase, H. C. 
Buckminster, James F. Shaw, Ezra A. Stevens, 
Jr., Frank J. Bartlett, John G. Chandler, W. 

B. Buckminster, James B. Simpson, Dana J. 
JFlanders, Henry O. Barrett, Frank J. Perkins, 
^Frederick Beebe, L. A. Merrow, Samuel E. 




New Bedford—- New Bxdfobd Safb Dkpostf A 
Teust Co. Inc. 1887. Capital $200,000; sur- 
plus and undivided profits $100,000. Dividends 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past year 6 per 
cent Pre8., Frederic Taber; Cash., Edmund 
W. Bourne; Directara, Standish Bourne, Lot B. 
^Bates, Frederic Taber, Benjamin F. Brownell, 
Charles S. Paisler, B. A. Soule, George C. Hatch, 
Charles F. Cushing, Charles F. Wing. 

Newton — Newton Cbntsx Tbust Co. Newton 
Centre. Inc. 1894. Capital $100,000; surplus 
$110,000. Dividends declared Feb. and Aug. 1; 
rate past year 7 per cent Pres., D wight 
Chester; Trea8,, F. L. Bichardson; Directors, 

D. H. Andrews, Mellen Bray, Dwight Chester, 

E. T. Colbum, Seward W. Jones, Frank J. 
Hale, Edward H. Mason, Edgar W. Warren. 
Hours 8-11.30, 1.30-2.30; Sat 8-12. 

— Newtonvillb Tbust Co. Newtonville. Inc. 
1894; commenced business 1896. Capital $100,- 
000 ; surplus and undivided profits $55,887 ; div- 
idend rate past year 6 per cent Pres., John W. 
Weeks; Treas., Samuel W. French; Directors, 
J. W. Weeks, S. Farquhar, J. W. French, a 
Harwood, F. J. Hale, J. F. Lothrop, G. F. 
Simpson, W. F. Hammett, Andrew S. Woods, 
Albert P. Carter, Frederick S. Pratt. Hours 
8-2.30; Sat 8-12. 

Nortb Adams — North Adams Trust Co. Inc. 
1904. Capital $200,000; surplus $50,000; divi- 
dend rate past year 5 per cent. Pres., Frank 
S. Bichardson; Vice-pres., George P. Lawrence; 
Sec'y and Treas., George A. MacDonald; Direct- 
ors, H. Torrey Cady, C. H. Cutting, A. C. 
Houghton, James E. Hunter, George P. Law- 
rence, John E. Magenis, W. B. Plunkett, Carlton 
T. Phelps, A. H. Pritchard, Frank S. Bichard- 
son, N. Henry Sabin, W. H. Sperry, Thonms 
W. Sykes, A. C. Weber, V. A. Whitaker, F. W. 
Wilcoxson, B. A. J. Hewat Hours 9-3. 

Plttsfield— Berkshire Loan & Trust Co. Inc. 
1895. Capital $100,000; deposits $900,000; sur- 
plus and profits $65,000; rate past year 5 per 
cent. Pres.f Chas. E. Hibbard; Vice-pres., Benj. 
M. England; Treas., C. W. Seager; Directors, 
Henry Colt, W. H. Sloan, J. Gimlich, C. C. 
Gamwell, P. H. Dolan, G. W. Bailey, C. E. Hib- 
bard, B. M. England, E. W. Paige, A, W. Ea- 
ton, Frank Bussell, Charles L. Hibbaurd, Chas. 
McKemon. Hours 9-3. 

Bockland— BoGKLAND Trust Co. Inc. 1907. Cap- 
ital $100,000; surplus and profits $23,435. Pres., 
James W. Spence; Treas., James H. Hunt; 
Directors, James W. Spence, Alfred W. Dono- 
van, Lot Phillips, Geo. W. Kelley, Albert S. 
Peterson, Daniel S. Howard, Lee M. Friedman, 
Joseph E. French, Frank H. Wright, John S. 
Kent, Wendell F. Brown, Chas. H. Waterman, 
Fred S. Pratt, Amos A. Phelps, Thomas H. 
Buttimer, Horace T. Fogg. 

l3alem->SALEM Safe Deposit ft Tbust Go. Inc. 
1903. Capital $200,000; surplus $150,000. Pres., 
George C. Yau^; Treas., William & Nichols; 
Directors, George G. Vaughn, Charles Sanders, 
Melville Wdodbu^, Beverly, William H. Gove, 
E. Kendall Jenkins, Andover, William E. Bix- 
by, Haverhill, William a Nichols, Forrest L. 
Evans, Salem, John H. Linehan, Flride's Cross- 

8om6rviIl&— SoMERViLLB Trust Co. No report re- 

Springfield — ^Hamfden Trust Co. 415 Main St 
Inc. 1887; commenced business 1905. Capital 
$200,000. Pres., Edward S. Bradford; Treas., 
Joseph C. Allen; Directors, Peter Murray, Wil- 
liam W. McClench, H. C. Haile, Charles A. 
Yialle, Samuel B. Whiting, Geo. M. Holbrooi, 
Alfred Leeds, Henry J. Perkins, Edward M. 
Coats, William P. Hayes, Joseph C. Allen, Ed- 
ward S. Bradford, Joshua L. Brooks. Hours 9-3. 

—Springfield Sate Deposit & Trust Co. Inc. 
1885. Capital $500,000; surplus $500,000. Div- 
idends Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 
8 per cent. Pres., J. G. Mackintosh; Vice-pres., 
W. A. Lincohi; Treas., George H. Kemater; 
Directors, Samuel Bigelow, A. B. WaUace, E. 
McElwain, Joseph Metcalf, Luke Corcoran, J. 
G. Mackintosh, A. A. Marstou, George H. Ke- 
mater, W, H. Heywood, W. A. Lincoln, Stan- 
ford L. Haynes, Joseph A. Skinner. 

— Union Trust Co. Inc. 1906. Capital $500,- 
000; surplus and undivided profits $350,000. 
Dividends Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past 
year 6 per cent Pres., Charles W. Bosworth; 
Vice-pres., James W. Kirkham; Vice-pres. and 
Treas., William E. Gilbert; Directors, Heniy J. 
Beebe, Nathan D. Bill, Charles W. Bosworth, 
Lewis F. Carr, James B. Carroll, Edwin A. 
Carter, William Endicott, Jr., William E. Gil- 
bert, Dwight O. Gilmore, James W. Kirkhani, 
Alfred N. Mayo, Walter G. Morse, Bobert P. 
Perkins, William P. Porter, Lewis J. Powers, 
Neal Eantoul, Frank C. Bice, Henry H. Skin- 
ner, Walter H. Wesson, Bobert Winsor. 

Waltham— Waltham Trust Co. Organised 1901. 
Capital $200,000; surplus and undivided jprofits 
$88,540.07. Pres., Edward P. Sanderson; Vice- 
pres., Herbert L. Bowden; Sec'y, Charles J. 
Fogg; Treas., Albert B. Drake; Directors, Ed- 
ward P. Sanderson, Chas. J. Fogg, Herbert L. 
Bowden, Clifford S. Cobb, Charles E. Stearns, 
John C. Fairchild, Harvey P. Bartlett, Frank 
W. Brigham, Frank H. Brown, Bufus E. Lord, 
J. Middleby, Jr., John H. McCusker, Joseph 
Bemick, Frederic P. Butter, Charles F. Smith, 
Ephraim Steams. 

Worcester — ^Worcester Trust Co. Inc. 1868. 
Capital $500,000; surplus $500,000. Dividends 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 12 per 



cent, Tres.y William D. Luej; Fsctf-prflft*., 
Henry A. Marsh, Nathaniel Paine, Henry P. 
Murray; Treai,^ Samuel H. Clary; Bec*yy Alvin 
J. Duiiela; Directors, Henry A« Marah, chair- 
man, Charles S. Barton, Oeorge F. Blake, A. 
George BuUoek, John H. Coes, Alexander De 
Witt, Thomas B. Eaton, William Endicott, Jr., 
Henry F. Harris, Charles H. Hutchins, Lincoln 
N. Kinnicutt, Edwin T. Marble, J. Bussel Mar- 
ble, A. W. Parmelee, Neal Bantool, William H. 
Sawyer, Frank Bulkeley Smith, Charles M. 
Thayer, Bobert M. Washburn, Geo. W. Wells, 
. M. J. Whittall, G. Marston Whitin, Bobert Win- 
sor, A. O. Young. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-1. 


Boston Clearing Hoube, 84 State Street. Chair- 
man, Franklin Haven; Manager, C. A. Bug- 
gies; Secretary, A. W. NewelL 

Fall Biver Clearing House. President, F. 
H. Gilford; Secretary, John S. Brayton; Man- 
ager, Charles B*. Cook. 

Holyoke Clearing House. President, A. F. 
Hitchcock; Secretary and Manager, Fred F. 

Lowell Clearing House. Chairman, Edward E. 
Sawyer; Manager, Geo. E. King; Secretary, 
George E. King. 

New Bedford Clearing House. President, Edw. 
S. Brown; Secretary, W. A. Mackie. 

Springfield Clearing House. President, W. A. 
Lincoln; Secretary, B. P. Alden; Manager, A. 
B. West 

Worcester Clearing House. President, James 
P. Hamilton; Secretary and Manager, Samuel 
H- Clary. 


Commissioner — Pierre Jay, Milton; Deputy, Cla- 
rence A. Evans, Salem. 

Abington — Abington Savings. Inc. 1853. De- 
posits $2,474,674.65; guaranty fund $124,000; 
surplus $46,815.34; undivided earnings $16,135.- 
77. Int. payable Apr. and Oct. 1. Deposits go 
on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate 
past year 4 per cent. Pres., Joseph L. Green- 
wood ; Treas., George A. Beal ; Investment Com- 
mittee, Joseph L. Greenwood, John W. Sproul, 
William Vance, W. J. Coughlan, Calvin L. Ba- 
ker, C. Morton Packard. Hours 9-12, 1-4; close 
Saturday at 12. 

Adams — South Adams Savings. Inc. 1869. De- 
posits $1,091,344.43; surplus $62,766.31. Int. 
payable Jan. and July. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres,, Francis E. Mole; Treas., George 
H. Holden; Investment Committee, K. H. Biz- 

by, Asa S. Harrington, C. P. Smith, P. B. Mole, 
James C. Chalmers. Hours 9-12.30, 1.30-3; 
Sat. 9-5. 
Amesbury — ^Provident Institution fob Savings. 
Inc. 1828. Deposits $2,866,695.13; guaranty 
fund $142,126.34; interest and undivided earn- 
ings $132,975.78. Int. payable fourth Wed. 
Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest third 
Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct ; rate past year 
4 per cent Pres., Seth Clark; Treas,, Alfred C. 
Webster; Viee-treas., Ralph P. True; Invest- 
ment Committee, George F. Bagley, Alfred C. 
Webster, Daniel Webster. Hours 9-2 ; Sat 9-12. 

Amherst— Amhebst Savings. Inc. 1864. De- 
posits $3,455,495.15; guaranty fund $173,096.- 
56; undivided earnings $29,430.16; interest 
account $69,683.15. Int payable Jan. and 
July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres., E. F. Cook; Treas., B. D. Bangs; Invest- 
ment Committee, E. F. Cook, WiUiam E. Bridge- 
man, D. W. Palmer, Geo. S. Kendrick. Hours 
9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Andover — Andovix Savings. Inc. 1834. De- 
posits $3,977,041.53; guaranty fund $196,000; 
undivided earnings $132,287. Int payable third 
Wed. June and Dec. Deposits go on interest 
third Wed. Mar., June, Sept and Dec.; rate 
past year 4 per cent Pres., John H. Flint; 
Treas., Frederic S. Boutwell. Investment Com- 
mittee, John H. Flint, Lewis T. Hardy, Joseph 
A. Smart. Hours 9-12, 2-4 every day except 
Wednesdays, on that day 9-12 only; quarter 
Wednesdays 9-12, 2-4. 

Arlington — Arlington Five Cents Savings. Inc. 
1860. Deposits $1,959,000; guaranty fund $98,- 
439; undivided earnings $90,000. Int payable 
first Sat. Jan. and July. Deposits go on inter- 
est first Sat. Jan., April, July and Oct.; rate 
past year 3% per cent. Pres., William G. 
Peck; Treas., H. Blasdale; Investment Commit- 
tee, William G. Peck, George Hill, Edward a 
Fessenden. Hours 3-5.30; Wed. and Sat 7-9 p.m. 

Athol — Athol Savings. Inc. 1867. Deposits 
$3,036,981.26; guaranty fimd $141,377.45; undi- 
vided earnings $100,915.42. Int. payable Jan. 
and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct 1; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., Levi B. Fay; Treas., William G. Avery; 
Investment Committee, Levi B. Fay, Henry R. 
Stowell, George D. Bates, Lucien Lord, Charles 
F. Amsden. Hours 9-3. 

Ayer — North Middlesex Savings. Inc. 1885. 
Deposits $1,184,947.47; guaranty fund $32,000; 
undivided earnings $29,528.98. Int. payable 
July and Jan. 5. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past year 3^^ per 
cent Pres., D. W. Fletcher; Treas., Sarah T. 
Tuten; Investment Committee, D. W. Fletcher, 



H. B. White, P. A. Patch, O. K. Pierce, Peter 
Tarbell. Hours 9-11, 12.30-3; Sat. 8-1. 

Baldwlnsville — Templeton Savings. Inc. 1871. 
Deposits $517,023.08; guaranty fund $24,400; 
undivided earnings $6,814.91. Int. payable Jan. 
and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 4 pear cent. Pres,, 
M. A. Wilson; Treas.y Asa Hosmer; Invwtment 
Committee, M. A. Wilson, Oilman Waite, P. L. 
Hosmer, George S. Stone, John E. Murphy. 
Hours 9-12, 1-4. 

Barre — ^Babke Sayings. Inc. 1869. Deposits 
$773,000; guaranty fund $39,000; undivided 
earnings $33,150. Int. payable Jan. and July 
15. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct. 15; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres- 
C. H. PoUansby; Treas,, M. B. Hancock; Invest 
ment Committee, C. H. PoUansby, George N, 
Harwood George W. Cook, John C. Bartholo- 
mew, C. P. Atwood. Hours 9-12, 1-3; Sat 9-12, 

Belmont — ^Belmont Savings. Inc. 1885. Deposits 
$399,286; guaranty fund $11,200; undivided 
earnings $6,105. Int. payable third Wed. Jan. 
and July. Deposits go on interest third Wed. 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 3% 
per cent. Pres., J. Henry Pletcher; Treas,, 
Winthrop L. Ghenery; Investment Committee, 
J. Henry Pletcher, J. 0. Wellington, Prederic 
Dodge, Isaac H. Locke, Charles W. Winn. 
Hours, Wednesday only, 4-6, 7-8 p.m. 

Beyerly— BxvEBLY Savings. Inc. 1867. De- 
posits $6,921,309.52; guaranty fund $150,000. 
Int. payable fourth Wed. Apr. and Oct. De- 
posits go on interest fourth Wed. Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. ; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres,, 
Robert B. Endicott; Treas,, Charles H. Kilham; 
Investment Committee, Robert B. Endicott, J. 
A. WrIHs, George Butman, Roland W. Boyden. 
Hours 8.30-l.SO. 

Boston — Blackstone Savings. 24 Washington 
St. Inc^ 1901. Deposits $345,657.32; guaranty 
fund $1,655. Deposits go on interest third Sat. 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct. Int. payable third 
Sat. Apr. and Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., Louis A. Prothingham; Treas., Arthur 
E. Roberts; Investment Committee, Louis A. 
Prothingham, Henry H. Savage, Edward A. Car- 
lisle, John O. Hare, John E. Welch. Hours 

—Boston Pive Cents Savings. 30 to 38 School 
St. Inc. 1854. Deposits $35,952,266.21 ; guar- 
anty fund and undivided earnings $2,796,102.65. 
Int payable second Wed. Apr. and Oct. De- 
posits go on interest second Wed. Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. ; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres., 
Wilmot R. Evans; Treas., Joseph C. Holmes; 
'Investment Committee, Leander Beal, Robert F. 
Herrick, William R. Dupee, Wilmot R. Evans, 
Nathaniel J. Rust. Hours 9-2; Sat. 3-5, 6-8 

—Boston Penny Savings. 1375 Washington St. 
Inc. 1861. Deposits $7,013,089.97; guaranty 
fimd $166,000; undivided earnings $117,572.45. 
Int. payable second Thurs. Apr. and Oct. De- 
posits go on interest second Wed. Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. ; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., 
John Reynolds; Treas., William H .Durkee; 
Investment Committee, William Appleton Rust, 
John Reynolds, A. H. Higgins, Matthew Binney, 
Richard W. Husted^ R. Elmer Townsend. Hours 
9-3j Sat 9-12. 

— Brighton Pive Cents Savings. 326 Washing- 
ton St., Brighton. Inc. 1861. Deposits $1,585^ 
879.40; profit and loss $15,456; guaranty fund 
$50^500. Int. payable Mon. after 1st Sat. Jan. 
tand July. Deposits go on interest 1st Sat. Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 3% per cent. 
Pres; N. Warren Sanborn; Treas., Edward D. 
Bliss; Investment Committee, N. Warren San- 
born, Granville A. Puller, Benjamin M. Piske, 
Webster P. Warren, Prank G. Newhall. Hours 
9-12, 2-4; Sat 9-12, 7-9 p.m. for deposits only. 

— Chablbstown Pive Cents Savings. Thomp- 
son Sq., Charlestown. Inc. 1854. Deposits $8,- 
225^264.78; guaranty fimd $400,000; undivided 
earnings $583,805.52. Int. payable thifd Wed. 
Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest third 
Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 
4 per cent Pres., Charles P. Byam; Treas., 
Augustus W. Stover; Investment Committee, 
Charles P. Byam, George H. Pendergast, George 
M. Starbird, Benjamin P. Stacey, Charles M. 
Hosmer. Hours 9-2; Wed. 9-2, 3-5, and Sat 

— ^Dorchester Savings. 586 Columbia Road. 
Inc. 1896. Deposits $677,000; guaranty fund 
$8,200. Deposits go on interest second Wed. 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past year 3% 
per cent Pres., Prederick L. W(alker; Treas,, 
George W. Bradford; Ifwestment Committee, 
H. W. Bu/ke, J. B. L. Bartlett, Prederick L. 
Walker, William H. Robey, Edwin S. Woodbury. 
Hours 2-7; Sat 2-9. 

— East Boston Savings. 16 Maverick Sq. Inc. 
1848. Deposits $4,780,105.17; guaranty fund 
$237,129.86; undivided earnings $175,655.28. 
Int. payable third Wed. Jan. and July. De- 
posits go on interest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., 
George T. Sampson; Treas,, William B. Pigeon; 
Investment Committee, John Thompson, William 
B. Pigeon, A. R. Hooper, John E^ Lynch, 
Prederick Pease, George M. Porter, Robert 
J. Gove. Hours 9-2; Sat. 7-9 p.m. During 
June, July, Aug. and Sept. close 1 p.m. Sat. 

—Eliot Pive Cents Savings. 114 Dudley St 
Inc. 1864. Deposits $6,372,379; guaranty fimd 
.$•251,967; undivided earnings $62,000. Int 
payable second Thur. of Apr. and Oct De- 
posits go on interest second Wed. Jan., Apr., 



July and Oct.; rate past 6 mos. 4 per cent. 
Fre»., John Carrj TreoB,, Prank E. Granger; 
Invesimetii Committee, John Carr, William 8. 
Leiand, Thomas S. Lockwood, Greenleaf C. 
George, George E. Bullard, Albert J. Foster. 
Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12. 
— ^Fbanxun Savings. 6 Park Sq. Inc. 1861. 
Deposits $12,917,383; guaranty fund $640,000; 
un&vided earnings $110,511. Int. payable Aug. 
and Feb. 1. Deposits go' . on interest Feb., 
May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 3% 
per cent. Pres., James E. Whitn^; Trecu., 
John H. Sturgis; In/veatment Committee, E. D. 
Codman, J. Arthur Jacobs, I. W. Chick, James 

E. Whitney, J. Homer Pierce, Henry W. Hairt. 
Hours 9-2. 

— HiBEBNiA Savings Bank. No report received. 

— Home Savings. 75 Tremont St. Inc. 1869. 
Deposits $10,800,000; guaranty fund and undi- 
vided earnings $965,107. Deposits go on inter- 
est Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 10th. Pres.^ 
George E. Brook; Treas., Charles S. Norris; In- 
vestment Committee, George E. Brock, Henry C. 
Jackson, J. Henry Bussell, Frederick B. Car- 
penter, Charles F. Cutler, Ira G. Hersey. Hours 

— Institution fob Savings in Boxbxtby. 2343 
Washington St. Inc. 1825. Deposits $11,134,- 
000; guaranty fund $555,000; undivided earn- 
ings $94,000. Int. payable dayi^ following 
third Wed. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on in- 
terest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; 
rate past year 3% per cent Pree,, Charles G. 
Smith; Treas., Robert G. Molineuz; Investment 
Committee, John D. Williams, James A. Hous- 
ton, Edwin TJ. Curtis, Charles G. Smith. Hours 
9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

— NoBTH End Savings. 57 Court St Inc. 1870. 
Deposits $4,627,603728 ; guaranty fund $162,600. 
Int payable Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on 
interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past 
year 3% per cent. Pres., Clinton Viles; Treas., 
Frank E. Buxton; Investment Committee, Clin- 
ton Viles, Increase E. Noyes, William G. 
Shillaber, Josiah W. Hayden, L. Foster Morse, 
Charles E. Wiggin, Henry B. Bice. Hours 
9-2; Sat. 9 a.m to 8 p.m. 

— ^Pbovidbnt Institution fob Savings. 36 Tem- 
ple PI. Inc. 1816. Deposits $46,177,243; 
guaranty fund $2,380,000; undivided earnings 
$851,000. Interest payable third Wed. Jan. and 
July. Deposits go on interest first Wed. Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 3% per 
cent Pres., W. S. Dexter; Treas., Henry Park- 
man; Investment Committee, W. S. Dexter, C. 

F. Adams, 2d, C. E. Getting, Louis Curtis, 
Philip Stockton, Gordon Abbott, Walter Hun- 
newell, William Farnsworth. Hours 9-2. 

— South Boston Savings. 368 Broadway, South 
Boston. Inc. 1863. Deposits $6,317,804.39; 

guaranty fund $311,740; undivided earnings 
$77^861.63. Int payable on the first days of 
May and Nov. Deposits go on interest third 
Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; ffate past year 
4 per cent Pres., John E Alden; 8ec*y and 
Treas., Edward H. Barton; Investment Commit- 
tee, William S. Crosby, John E. Alden, Charles 
T. GaUagher, George H. Bond, J. Alfred Mit- 
chell, Ezra H. Baker, J. Carlton Nichols, Walter 
Jenney. Hours 9-3; Mondays 9-3, and for de- 
posits only, 7-9 p.m. 

— Suffolk Savings fob Seaicen and Othebs. 
Cor. Tremont St. and Pemberton Sq. Inc. 1833. 
Deposits $35,197,741; guaranty fund $1,784,- 
898; undivided earnings $640,761. Int paya- 
ble on and after third Wed. Apr. and Oct De- 
posits go on interest second Wed. Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct; rate past year 3% per cent. 
Pres., Francis L. Higginson; Treas., Lewis R. 
Tucker, Investment Committee, Francis L. 
Higginson, Thomas P. Beal, Augustus P. Lor- 
ing, John P. Lyman, Robert T. Paine, 2d, Mor- 
timer B. Mason, James R. Hooper. Houra 9-2. 

— SuilNEB Savings. 18 Meridian St., East Bos- 
ton. Inc. 1897. Deposits $817,590.01; guaranty 
fund $8,850; profit and loss $2,500. Int pay- 
able on or after third Wed. May and Nov. 
Deposits go on interest second Wed. Feb., May, 
Aug. and Nov. ; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., 
George W. Hargrave; Treas. and 8ec% Wil- 
liam I. Calhoun; Investment Committee, Geo. 
W. Hargrave, Christian Rausch, Andrew P. 
Fisher, Frank C. Wood, Richard F. Keough, 
Thomas Arthur, Thomas Croak. Hours 9-2; 
Sat 7-9. 

— Union Institution for Savings. 216 Tremont 
St Inc. 1865. Deposits $8,094,624.46; guar- 
anty fund $405,000; undivided earnings $265,- 
812.13. Int. payable third Wed. May and Nov. 
Deposits go on interest second Wed. Feb., May, 
Aug. and Nov.; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., Thomas B. Fitzpatrick; Treas., Thomas 
J. Kelly; Investment Committee, Joseph D. 
Fallon, M. J. Ward, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, 
William J. Porter, Edmund Reardon, Henry V. 
Cunningham, M. M. CunnifF. Hours 9-2. 

— Warben Institution fob Savings. 25 Main 
St., Charlestown. Inc. 1829. Deposits $10,- 
390,587.50; guaranty fund $519,400; undivided 
earnings $438,549.13. Int payable third Wed. 
Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest third 
Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct ; rate past year 
4 per cent. Pres., Charles R. Lawrence ; Treas., 
i^'rank D. Brown; Investment Committee, 
Charles R. Lawrence, chairman, Nelson Bartlett, 
Georjfe F. Chapin, James H. Whitman, Henry 
H. Chandler, Geo. N. Swallow, James Adams. 
Hours 9-2; Wed. 9-2 and 3-4; Sat 9-12. 

— WiLDEY Savings. 52 Boylston St Inc. 1892. 
Deposits $7,891,991.83 ; guaranty fund and un- 
divided earnings $206,916.84. Int payable May 



and Nov. 25. Deposits go on interest Feb., 
May, Aug. and Not. 15; rate past year 3% 
per cent. Fre8., John J. Whipple; Treaa., J. 
Lawrence Martin; Investment Committee, John 
J. Whipple, Charles Q. Tirrell, George H. How- 
ard, Edwin L. Pilsbury, Alfred V. Lincoln, 
Moses Williams, Jr. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-3, and 
for deposits only, 3-8 

Bridgewater— BsmoKWATEB Sayings. Lie 1872. 
Deposits $815,639.24; guaranl^ fund $36,000;. 
undivided earnings $3,908.26. Int. payable Apr. 
and Oct. 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Tree,, Lafayette Keith; Treas., Samuel P. 
Gates; Invettm^ent Committee, Gustavus J. Lowe, 
Samuel P. Gates, Paul O. Clark, John H. Fair- 
banks, Edward A. Hewett Hours 8-12; 2-6. 

Brocktonr— Brockton Savings. Inc. 1881. De- 
posits $4,172,200; guaranty fund $163,000; un- 
divided earnings $40,500. Int. payable Apr. 
and Oct. 15. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 15; rate past year 3% per cent. 
Tree., Baalis Sanford; Treas,, Charles C. 
Crooker; Investment Committee, B. E. Jones, 
B. Sanford, Edward M. Thompson, F. B. How- 
ard, F. H. Packard. Hours 9-2; Sat. 9-12, 
7-8.30 p.m. for deposits only. 

—People's Savings. Inc. 1895. Deposits $2,- 
348^668.90. Int. payable Mar. and Sept. 1. De- 
posits go on interest Mar., June, Sept. and 
Dec. 1. Free., William L. Douglas; Treae,, A. 
T. Jones; Investment Committee, William L. 
Douglas, Emory M. Low, Fred P. Richmond, 
Francis B. Gardner, Edward B. Mellen. Hours 

Brookllne — ^Bbookune Savings. Inc. 1871. De- 
posits $5,342,728.43; guaranty fund $97,720; 
undivided earnings $53,118.41. Int. payable 
after second* Wed. Jan. and July. Deposits go 
on interest second Monday Jan. Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent. Fres., Charles 
H. Stearns; Treas., W. E. Lincoln; Investment 
Committee, C. H. Steams, E. M. Famsworth, 
A. E. Kendrick, William E. Lincoln, Horace 
James, James H. Boody. Hours 9-1; Sat 6-8 

Cambridge — Cambridge Savings. Inc. 1834. 
Deposits $4,924,000; guaranty fund $250,500; 
undivided earnings $235,790. Int. payable 
fourth Thurs. Jan. and July. Deposits go on 
interest fourth Thurs. Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 3^ per cent. Pres,, John 
T. G. Nichols; Treas., Oscar F. Allen; Invest- 
ment Committee, Edwin Dresser, John T. G. 
Nichols, Edward R. Cogswell, Walter S. Swan, 
Enoch Beane, James F. Pennell. Hours 8-1. 

— Cambbidgepobt Savings. Inc. 1853. Deposits 
$5,300,000; guaranty fund $269,966.84. Int. 
payable third Wed. Jan. and July. Deposits go 
on interest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct. ; 

rate past year 3% per cent. Tres., Henry En- 
dicott; Treas., Henry W. Bullard; IwoestfMfnt 
Committee, Henry Endicott, Frederick W. TQ- 
ton, William W. Dallinger, John H. Corcoran, 
Edward C. Wheeler. Hours 3.30-1.30; also 6-8 
p.m. first Saturday each month. 

— East Cambridge Savings. Inc. 1854. Deposits 
$4,321,396; guaranty fund $226,160; undivided 
earnings $203,138. Int. payable Apr. and Oct 
15. Deposits go on interest Apr., July, Oct 
and Jan. 15 ; rate past year 4. per cent Pres^ 
Gustavus Goepper; Treas., William E. Lloyd; 
Investment Committee, Gustavus Gk>epper, Will- 
liam Goepper, David Proudfoot, Alvin F. Sort- 
well, Charles W. Dailey. Hours 9-1; Sat 9-12. 

— NoETH Avenue Savings. Inc. 1872. Deposits 
$1,632,838; guaranty fund $65,500; undivided 
earnings $24,311. Int. payal>le Jan. and July 
10. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., Jul^ 
and Oct 10; rate past year 3% per cent. Fres., 
Charles F. Stratton; Treas., Milton L. Walton; 
Investment Committee, Charles F. Stratton, 
Warren L. Hooper, William E. Hutchins, Leroy 
S. Brown, Edward L. Grueby. Hours 9-1; Sat 
9-1, 6-8. 

Oanton — Canton Institution fob Savings. Inc. 
1835. Deposits $721,477.85; guaranty fund 
$40^000; undivided earnings $63,441.16. Int 
payable Apr. and Oct. 1. Deposits go on inter- 
est Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 4 
per cent. Pres., Willis S. Shepard; Treas., Wal- 
ter Ames; Investment Committee, F. D. Dunoar, 
W. S. Shepard, T. E. Grover, Henry F. Bus- 
well, Edward H. B. Severe. Hours 9-12, 1.30- 
4; Sat 8-12. 

Chelsea — Chelsea Savings. Inc. 1854. De- 
posits $5,078,757; guaranty fund $253,700; un- 
divided earnings $304,325. Int payable 15th 
of Apr. and Oct Deposits go on interest Apr., 
Jan., July and Oct. 15; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Tres.y Benjamin F. Dodge ; Treas., Albert 
A. Fickett; Invetiment Committee, Benjamin 
F. Dodge, Abram T. Collier, Charles G. Roberts, 
Geoffge E. Morrill, Wm. Grantman. Hours 8-1; 
Sat 4-8 p.m. 

— County Savings. Inc. 1890. Deposits $1,691^- 
408.03; guaranty fund $40,000; profit and loss 
$44^998.29. Int. payable third Sat Apr. anU 
Oct. Deposits go on interest third Sat. Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct. ; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Fres,, Albert D. Bosson; Treas., George T. Rob- 
erts; Investment Committee, A. D. Bosson, Wil- 
liam S. Hixon, George W. Moses, Milton Baj, 
Roy S. Wentworth. Hours 8-1 ; Sat 4-9 p.m. 

Chicopee — Chicopee Savings Inc. 1854. I>e- 
posits $1,950,000; guaranty fund $79,500; un- 
divided earnings $20,000. Deposits go on in- 
terest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Fres., John B. Wood; Sec*y, 
Luther White; Treas., Russell L. Scott; Invest- 



ment Committee, John B. Wood, N. B. C&rter, 
W. J. Pullear, C. J. Driecoll. Hours 9-3. 
Ohicopee FaUs— Ohioopei Falls Savinos. Inc. 
1875. DepositB $1,101,117; gnarantj fund $27,-' 
881; unctivided earnings $25,820. Int. payable 
Jan. and Jttly 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., Jnlj and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres., George S. Taylor; Treaa,, Henry 
J. Boyd; Asst, Treas., Mabel H. Page; Invest- 
ment Committee, James Flint, W. S. Page, 
George M. Morton, Fred N. Withrel. Hours 
9-3 j Thnrs. and Sat 6-8 p.nL 

GUnton — Clinton Savings. Inc. 1851. Deposits 
$2,625,700; guaranty fund $^29,500; undivided 
profits $14,675. Int. payable second Mon. Apr. 
and Oct. Deposits go on interest second Mon. 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 3% 
per cent Pres., J. B. Thayer; Treaa., C. L. 
Hammond; Investment Committee, G. P. Tay- 
lor, Lucius Field, John E. Thayer, E. 8. 
Fuller. Hours 9-12, 1-3; Sat 9-1. 

Cohasaeit — Cohasset Savinos. Inc. 1845. De- 
posits $1,001,641.50; guaranty fund $47,700; 
undivided earnings $5,534.29. Int. payable first 
Tues. Jan. and July. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct 1; rate past year 3% 
per cent Pres., Caleb F. Nichols; Treas., 
Caleb Lothrop; Investment Committee, Caleb 
F. Nichols, Daniel N. Tower, Herbert L. 
Brown, Charles W. Gammons. Hours 9-12.30, 

Ck>ncord — ^Middlesex Institution fob Savings. 
Inc. 1835. Deposits $1,887,739.68; guaranty 
fund $96,000; undivided earnings $23,059. 
Int. payable Jan. 1 and July 1. Deposits go 
on interest Mar., June, Sept. and Dec. 1; rate 
past year 4 per cent Pres., Harvey Wheeler; 
Treas., Charles E. Brown; Investment Com- 
mittee, Harvey Wheeler, Woodward Hudson, 
Edward J. Bartlett, Loring N. Fowler. Hours 
9-2; Sat 9-12.15. 

Oonway—CoNWAY Savings. Inc. 1887. Deposits 
$436,680.92; guaranty fund $9,261; profit and 
loss $14,866.47. Int. payable May and Nov. 
1. Deposits go on interest Feb., May, Aug. 
and Nov. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres.y 
A. P. Delabarre; Treas., A. C. Guilford; In- 
vestment Committee, Francis R. Richmond, Ar- 
thur P. Delabarre, John B. Packard, Harris 
D. Pease, Chas. L. Boyden. Hours 9-2. 

DaxiTexB— Danvebs Savings. Inc. 1850. De- 
posits $2,249,429.74; guaranty fund $113,000; 
undivided earnings $21,671,25. Int. payable 
Apr. and Oct. 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent Pres., Charles H. White; Trea^., J. Frank 
Porter; Investment Committee, Charles H. Pres- 
ton, Charles H. White, Isaac B. Pope, Joshua 
Armitage, Charles N. Perley. Hours 8-12, 1-3; 
Sat 8-12. 

Dedham— Dedhaic Institution fob Savings. 
Inc. 1831. Deposits $4,108,569.69; guaranty 
fund $205,736; undivided earnings $88,529.52. 
Int payable Mon. following second Sat. May 
and Nov. Dei)osits go on interest Feb., May, 
Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres., Winslow Warren; Treas., Alfred Hewins; 
Investment Committee, Augustus B. Endicott, 
Don Oleason Hill, Winslow Warren, Clifton P. 
Baker. Hours 9-12.30, 2-4; Sat 9-12. 

East Bridgewater— East Bbidgewateb Savings. 
Inc. 1870. Deposits $1,523,635.08; guaranly 
fund $69,250. Int payable first Tues. Jan. and 
July. Deposits go on interest first Tues. Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., Edward Hobart; Treas., Charles F. 
Mann; Investment Committee, I. N. Nutter, Ed- 
ward Hobart, R. W. Nutter, E. N. Ward, E. S. 
Whitmarsh. Hours 9-12, 2-4 except Wed.; also 
Wed. and Sat. 6.30-8 p.m. 

Easthampton — ^Easthampton Savings. Inc. 1869. 
Deposits $1,200,000; guaranty fund $56,000. 
Int. payable Jan. and July 23. Deposits go on 
interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct 23; rate paat 
year 3% per cent. Pres., F. W. Pitcher; 
Treas., Charles H. Johnson; Investment Com- 
mittee, F. W. Pitcher, G. L». Manchester, F. P. 
Newkirk. Hours 9-3; Sat 7-8. 

East Weymoatli — East Weymouth Savings. 
Inc. 1872. Deposits $1,481,481.82; guaranty 
fund $74,075; surplus $54,013.64. Int payable 
Apr. 10 and Oct. 10. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct 10; rate past year 4 
per cent. Pres., Nathan D. Canterbury; CJerk 
and Treas., John A. Raymond; Investment Com- 
mittee, N. D. Canterbury, W. H. Pratt, Edmund 
G. Bates, John W. Bates, T. H. Emerson, C. B. 
Cushing. Hours 9-12, 2-5; Sat 9-12. 

Everett — Evebett Savings. Inc. 1889. Deposits 
$644,760.45; guaranty fund $13,500. Int pay- 
able second Wed. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go 
on interest second Wed. Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres., James 
P. Stewart; Treas., Samuel P. Cannell; Invest- 
ment Committee, Samuel P. Cannell, Woodbury 

A. Ham, F. B. Woods, J. W. Philbrick, George 
W. Plaisted. Hours 9-11, 2-4. 

Falrhayen — Fairhaven Institution por Sav- 
ings. Inc. 1832. Deposits $852,348.22; guar- 
anty fund $17,495. Int. payable last Mon. Apr. 
and Oct. Deposits go on interest last Mon. 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct. ; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres., Thomas A. Tripp; Treas., C. H. 
Morton; Investment Committee, Thomas A. 
Tripp, Levi M. Snow, John B. Hussey, George 

B. Luther, Walter H. Judd. Hours 9-1. 

Fall Slyer — Citizens' Savings. Inc. 1851. De- 
posits $4,800,000; guaranty fund $238,000; un- 
divided earnings $167,000. Int. payable second 
Mon. June and Dec. Deposits go on interest 



first Mon. Mar., June, Sept and Dec; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., John G. Milne; Treas,, 
E. £. Hathaway; Investment Committee, John 
C. Milne, Samuel W. Hathaway, James M. 
Swift, Henry H. Earl, William P. Thomas. 
Hours 9-2. 

— ^Fall Bivee Five Cents Sayings. Inc. 1855. 
Deposits $5,483,793.76; guaranty fund $265,- 
000; undivided earnings $154,254.69. Int. pay- 
able June and Dec. Deposits go on interest 
first Mon. Mar., June, Sept. and Dec.; rate 
past year 4 per cent. Pres,, James Marshall; 
Treas., Charles L. Holmes; Investment Commit- 
tee, Oliver S. Hawes, Edward B. Jennings, 
Charles S. Waring, Abner P. Davoe, Holden B. 
Durfee. Hours 9-2. 

— ^Fall River Savings. Inc. 1828. Deposits $8,- 
466,772.91; guaranty fund $427,000; undivided 
earnings $161,973.09. Int. payable first Mon. 
Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest first Mon. 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres,, Robert Henry; Treas., C. A. Bas- 
sett; Investment Committee, David J. Burdick, 
Robert Henry, Henry C. Hawkins, C. M. Allen, 
L. Elmer Wood. Hours 9-2. 

— Union Savings. Inc. 1869. Deposits $2,596,- 
795.29; guaranty fund $84,500; undivided 
earnings $77,700. Int. payable May and Nov. 
19. Deposits go on interest May, Aug., Nov. 
and Feb. 15; rate past yeair 4 per cent. Pres., 
Jerome C. Borden; Treas., Abraham G. Hart; 
Investment CommAttee, Jerome C. Borden, Cyrus 
C. Rounseville, A. Homer Skinner, Frederick 
O. Dodge, Thomas D. Covel. Hours 9-2; Sat. 
9-2 and 6-8 p.m. 

Fltchbnrg— FiTCHBURG Savings. Inc. 1846. De- 
posits $4,736,100.33; guaranty fund $235,000; 
undivided earnings $103,225.80. Int. payable 
Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres., Charles E. Ware; Treas., Fred- 
eric C. Nichols; Investment Committee, Cajrmi 
M. Parker, Henry G. Morse, Chas. E. Ware, J. 
Lovell Johnson. Hours 8.45-3; Sat. 8.45-12; 
Tues. evenings 7-9 for receipt of money. 

— ^WoBCESTBB North Savings Institution. Inc. 
1868. Deposits $6,777,356.91; guaranty fund 
$282,800; profit and loss $75,204.29. Int. pay- 
able Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 
per cent. Pres., J. F. D. Garfield; Treas.. 
Hemy A. Willis; Investment Committee, E. N. 
Choate, J. F. D. Garfield, Robert Lawton, Man- 
son D. Haws, Sumner S. Lawrence. Hours 
8.45-3; Sat. 8.45-12. 

Florence — Florence Savings. Inc. 1873. De- 
posits $507,205; guaranty fund $19,330; undi- 
vided earnings $4235. Int. payable second Tues. 
Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest second 
Tues. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 

3% per cent. Pres., L. F. Plimpton; Treas., 
M. E. Gould; Investment Committee, 1m F. 
Plimpton, H. B. Haven, George S. Graves, A. 
M. Ware. Hours 10-2. 

Foxboro — ^FoxBOBO Savings. Inc. 1855. Deposits 
$429,879.06; ^ruaranty fund $61,050; undivided 
earnings $22,389.01. Int. payable Wed. after 
second Mon. June and Dec. Deposits go on in- 
terest Mar., June, Sept and Dec. 1; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., J. W. Richardson; 
Treas., William H. Torrey; Investment Commit- 
tee, L. E. Gray, J. W. Richardson, F, B. Harta- 
hom, A. H. Messinger, Forrest Baasett Hours 
9-3; Wed. and Sat. 6-8 p.m. 

Franklin — Benjamin Franklin Savings. Inc. 
1871. Deposits $587,421.66; guaranty fund 
$13,722.04; undivided earnings $12,162.57. Div- 
idends payable Jan. and July. Deposits go on 
interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct 1; rate past 
year 3% per cent. Pres., Elisha P. Chapman; 
Treas., Charles L. Stewart; Investment Commit- 
tee, Walter M. Fisher, James O. Chilson, Ed- 
ward H. Sherman, Horace W. Hosie, Orestes T. 
Doe, Adelbert D. Thayer, Elisha P. Chapman. 
Hours 9-12, 1-4. 

Gardner — Gabdneb Savings. Inc. 1868. Depoats 
$2,969,199.83; guaranty fund $141,500; undi- 
vided earnings $69,077.49. Int. payable Jan. 
and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres., Chas. W. Conant; Treas., John D. Ed- 
gell; Asst. Treas., F. S. Whittemoro; Invesi- 
ment Committee, Charles W. Conant, S. W. A. 
Stevens, Ezra Osgood, A. E. Knowlton, Euclide 
L. Brooks. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Georgetown — Georgetown Savings. Inc. 1868. 
Deposits $693,550.45; guaranty fund $37,000; 
undivided earnings $1,757.66. Int. payable 
fourth Wed. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on in- 
terest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; 
rate past year 3% per cent. Pres., Sherman 
Nelson; Treas., Edward S. Fickett; Investment 
Committee, Sherman Nelson, Samuel T. Poor, 
C. E. Tyler. Hours 9-2; Sat 9-12. 

Qloncester — Cape Ann Savings. Inc. 1846. De- 
posits $2,690,884; guaranty fund $150,000; un- 
divided earnings $116,176. Int payable May 
and Nov. 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct 1; rate past year 3% per cent 
Pres., Sylvester Cunningham; Treas., Daniel T. 
Babson; Investment Committee, Fred A. Barker, 
Sylvester Cunningham, Bobert B. Fears, John 
J. Pew. Hours 9-S; during Aug. dose 1 p,m. 

Grafton — Gbafton Savings. Inc. 1869. DepositB 
$361,400; guaranty fund $13,300; undivided 
earnings $16,239. Int. payable Jan. and July 
1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct 1 ; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., Albert 
L. Fisher; Treas., Joseph A. Dodge; Invest- 
ment Committee, Albert L. Fisher, Clarenee R. 



Pratt, O. M. Wing Edward P. Usher, Solon F. 
Smith. Hours 9-12, 1.30-3; Sat 9-12. 

Great Barrington — Gkbat Babkinoton Sayings. 
Inc. 1869. Deposits $1,284,069.56; guaranty 
fund $47,000; undivided earnings $41,816.30. 
Int. payable Jan. and July. Deposits put on 
interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct 1; rate past 
year 3% per cent. Pres,, W. C. Hinman; 
Treas., Clarenee B. Sabin; Investment Commit- 
tee, O. C. Bidwell, W. C. Hinman, W. W. Nor- 
ton, F. H. Tismer, A. S. Fassett. Hours 9-12, 

Oreenfleld — Fbamiqjn Sayings Institution. 
Inc. 1834. Deposits $5,835,878; guaranty fund 
$300,000; undivided earnings $76,121. Int. pay- 
able Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct 1; rate past year S'% 
per cent Pres,, Henry F. Nash; Treas,, Chas. 
Allen; Investment Committee, Joseph W. Ste- 
vens, Joseph Griswold, Henry F. Nash, Lucius 
Nims, Dana Malone. Hours 9-3. 

— Greenfield Sayings. Inc. 1869. Deposits 
$3,134,968.56; guaranty fund $156,000; undi- 
vided earnings $62,810.61. Int. payable Jan. 
and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct 1 ; rate past year 3% per 
cent. Pres., Robert Abercrombie; Treas., Wil- 
liam F. Aiken; Investment Committee, William 
A. Forbes, S. B. Slate, Levi J. Gunn, J. H. 
Sanderson, Bobert Abercrombie. Hours 9-3. 

Harwich — Cape Cod Five Cents Sayings. Inc. 
1885. Deposits $1,180,340; guaranty fund 
$57,000; undivided earnings $18,859. Int. pay- 
able Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest 
second Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate 
past year 4 per cent Pres., Alexander T. 
Newcomb; Treas., Alphonso L. Weekes; Invest- 
ment CommAttee, Alexander T. Newcomb, Henry 
H. Fisk, Joshua Crowell, Olivear E. Eldridgo, 
Eleazer K. CroweU, Augustus C. Snow. Hours 

HaverliiU — City Five Cents Sayings. Inc. 1870. 
Deposits $2,348,000; guaranty fund $116,500; 
undivided earnings $73,456. Int. payable first 
Wed. June and Dec. Deposits go on interest 
Mar., June, Sept and Dec. 1; rate past year 
4 per cent. Pres., S. W. Hopkinson; Treas., 
George W. Noyes; Investment Committee, Sam- 
uel W. Hopkinson, John E. Gale, S. P. Gardner, 
P. C. Swett, George Nichols, 2d. Hours 9-2; 
Sat. 9-12.30, 7-8.30 p.m. 

— Haverhill Savings. Inc. 1828. Deposits $5,- 
897,023.97; guaranty fund $296,000; undivided 
earnings $242,326. Int. payable fourth Wed. 
Apr. and Oct Deposits go on interest third 
Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past ye|ir 
4 per cent Pres., Elbridge G. Wood; Treas., 
Raymond Noyes; Investment Committee, El- 
bridge G. Wood, W. W. Spaulding, Warren 
Emerson. Hours 9-2; Sat 9-12.30. 

— Pentucxzt Savings. Inc. 1891. Deposits $1,- 
250,000; guaranty fund $27,500; undivided 
earnings $10,000. Int payable Feb. and Aug. 
1. Deposits go on interest Feb., May, Aug. and 
Nov. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres,, 
George H. Caxleton; Treas., Baymond L. 
Knowles; Investment Committee, George H. 
Carleton, Thos. Lahey, Oliver Taylor, Joseph 
W. Vittum. Houra 9-3; Sat 9-12.30, 7-8.30 

Haydanyllle — Haydenyille Sayings. Inc. 1869. 
Deposits $502,212.77; guaranty fund $20,000; 
undivided earnings $1,954.16. Int. payable 
Jan. and July. Deposits go on interest second 
Tues. Jan., Apr., .fuly and Oct 1; rate past 
year 3% per cent. Pres., Byron Loomis; Treas., 
W. M. Purrington; Investment Committee, By- 
ron Loomis, George Marks, W. M. Purrington, 
L. C. Graves, T. P. Larkin. Hours 9-4. 

Hlngham — Hinoham Institution fob Sayings. 
Inc. 1834. Deposits $2,487,793.19; guaranty 
fund $127,503; undivided earnings $59,823.66. 
Int. payable Jan. and July. Deposits go on 
interest first Tuesday Jan., Apr., July and Oct. ; 
rate past year 3^ per cent Pres., Enos Lor- 
ing; Treas., Howard P. Horsey; Investment 
Committee, Enos Loring, Morris F. Whiten, 
Francis H. Lincoln, Henry W. Gushing. Hours 
8-12, 1-4. 

HoUlston — HoLUSTON Sayings. Inc. 1872. De- 
posits $399,038; guaranty fund $20,255; undi- 
vided earnings $28,210. Int payable first Tues. 
June and Dec Deposits go on interest Mar., 
June, Sept. and Dec; rate past year 4 per 
cent Pres., George A. Bartlett; Treas., James 
F. Fiske; Investment Committee, George A. 
Bfyrtlett, Frank T. Daniels, Joseph H. Dewing, 
Aloise Maeder Charles A. Crowley. Hours 
9-12, 1.30-3.30; Sat 9-12. 

Holyoke — Holyoke Savings. Inc 1855. De- 
posits $5,965,945; guaranty fund $295,500. int. 
payable third Mon. Jan. and July. Deposits go 
on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1. Pres,, 
William Whiting; Treas., C. W. Johnson; In- 
vestment Committee, William Whiting, James 
A. Clough, M. W. Prentiss, Robert Russell. 
Hours 9-4; also Thurs. 7-8 p.m.; Sat 9-12. 

— ^Mechanics Savings. Inc. 1872. Deposits $2,- 
111,782; guaranty fund $78,746; undivided 
earnings $129,339. Deposits go on interest 
Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 4 
per cent. Pres., Lemuel Sears; Treas., C. B. 
Prescott; Asst. Treas., I. E. Sawyer; Invest- 
ment Committee, Lemuel Sears, H. E. Gaylord, 
Hubbell P. Terry, H. G. Sears, C. E. Mackin- 
tosh. Hours 9-4; Sat 9-12; Thurs. 9-4, 7-8 

—People's Sayings. Inc. 1885. Deposits $2,- 
282,314.98; guaranty fund $52,000; undivided 
earnings $95,227.50. Int. payable third Tues. 



May and Not. Deposits go on interest Feb., 
May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 3% per 
cent. Fres,, John Tilley; Treaa.y Y. H. Cham- 
berlain; Investment Committee, John Tilley, J. 

A. Snllivan, J. N. Hubbard, George P. B. 
Alderman, J. D. Hardy. Hours 9-4 j Sat. 9-12 j 
Thurs. 9-4 and 7-8 p.m. 

Hopkinton — Hopkinton Savings. Inc. 1867. 
Deposits $412,056.46 J guaranty fund $20,629.- 
84; undivided earnings $5,674.08. Deposits go 
on interest first Sat. Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. 
Tre8,, William A. Frail; Treaa. and Clerk. 
Fred A. Wood; Investment Committee, W. A. 
Frail, Martin V. Phipps, J. D. Stewart, John 

B. Moore, W. C. Pierce, W. A. Phipps. Hours 
9-2; Wed. and Sat. 9-12. 

Hndson — Hudson Savings. Inc. 1869. Deposits 
$1,599,469.85; guaranty fund $58,900; imdi- 
vided earnings $19,764.06. Int. payable Thurs- 
day after third Wed. Jan. and July. Deposits 
go on interest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 3% per cent. Pres., George 
B. Cochran; Treas., Daniel W. Stratton; In- 
vestment Committee, Joseph S. Bradley, John 
H. Bobinson, George Tripp, Henry Tower. 
Hours 9-12, 1.30-4.30; Sat 9-12, 1.30-4.30, 6-8. 

Hyde Park — Htde Pabx Savings. Inc. 1871. 
Deposits $1,405,138; guaranty fund $69,459; 
undivided earnings $30,279. Int. payable Jan. 
and July 15. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres,, Robert Bleakie; Treas., Arthur H. Burt; 
Investment Committee, Robert Bleakie, David 
Perkins, Frederick N. Tirrell, Henry S. Bunton, 
Franklin C. Graham. Hours 11-4; Sat. 6-8 p.m. 

Ipswich — Ipswich Savings. Inc. 1869. Deposits 
$821,119; guaranty fund Jl»41,000; undivided 
earnings $22,580. Int. payable after fourth 
Wed. Jan. ani July. Deposits go on interest 
fourth Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate 
past year 4 per cent. Pres,, Chas. A. Sayward ; 
Treas., George E. Farley; Investment Commit- 
tee, Charles A. Sayward, John A. Blake, Thomas 
H. Lord, George H. Green. Hours 8.30-12.30; 
Sat. 8.30-12.30 and 3-5 p.m. 

Lawrence — ^Bboadway Savings. Inc. 1872. De- 
posits $3,697,060.91; guaranty fund $150,000; 
undivided earnings $9,244.50. Int. payable 
third Wed. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on in- 
terest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; 
rate past year 4 pear cent. Pres., W. F. Rutter; 
Treas., C. O. Andrews; Investment Committee, 
William F. Rutter, L. E. Locke, William Heald, 
A. E. Lang, George C. Corless. Hours 9-1 ; Sat. 
9-12 and 2-3. 

— Essex Savings. Inc. 1847. Deposits $10,400,- 
000; guaranty fund $520,000; undivided earn- 
ings $348,000. Int. payable third Wed. Apr. 
and Oct. Deposits go on interest third Wed. 

Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres., Walter E. Parker; Treas., Albert 
I. Couch; Investment Committee, Joseph Shat- 
tuck, W. E. Parker, Justin E. Yamey, H. E. 
Webster. Hours 9-1 ; Sat 9-1, 2-4. 

—Lawrence Savings. Inc. 1868. Deposits $3,- 
918,812; guaranty fund $110,000. Int. payable 
Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr,, July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent Pres., R. H. Tewksbury; Treas., Lewis A. 
Foye; Investment Committee, R. H. Tewksbury, 
L. G. Holt, A. E. Mack, James I. Milliken, 
William T. McAlpine. Hours 9-1; Sat 9-1, 
2-4 and 7-8 p.m. 

Lee— Lee Savings. Inc. 1852. Deposits $1,153,- 
818; guaranty fund $57,500; undivided earn- 
ings $39,831. Int. payable June and Dec 1. 
Deposits go on interest Mar., Jime, Sept. and 
Dec. 1; rate past year 3% per cent. Pres., 
George K. Baird; Treas., Edward S. Rogers; 
Investment Committee, C. C. Holcombe, G. K. 
Baird, DeWitt S. Smith. Hours 9-3. 

Leioester— Leicester Savings. Inc. 1869. De- 
posits $723,132.14; guaranty fund $36,340.85; 
undivided earnings $19,591.29. Int payable 
June and Dec. 1. Deposits go on interest Mar., 
June, Sept. and Dec. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Pres,, Julius O. Murdock; Treas., P. T. 
Denny; Investment Committee, Charles A. Den- 
ny, Theodore E. Woodcock, Julius O. Murdock, 
A. B. Davidson, James J. Knight, Walter E. 
Sprague, Walter E. Watson. Hours 9-1, 2-4: 
Sat. 9-1. 

Lenox — ^Lenox Savings. Inc. 1890. Deposits 
$535,000; guaranty fund $11,000. Int payable 
Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 3% per 
cent. Pres,, William D. Curtis; Treas., Harry 
E. Kendall; Investment Committee, W. D. Cur- 
tis, Thomas Post, Henry Sedgwidi, Henry A. 
Belden. Hours 9-3. 

Leominster — ^Leominster Savings. Inc. 1865. 
Deposits $2,326,306; guaranty fund $10'/,UO0; 
undivided earnings $34,721. Int payable Jan. 
and July 15. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct 1; rate past year 3% per cent 
Pres., Arthur H. Hall; Treas,, Charles A. Jos- 
lin; Investment Committee, Hamilton Mayo, M. 
H. Bosworth, Clesson Kenney, D. C. Nickerson, 
Arthur H. Hall. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

Lexington— Lexington Savings. Inc. 1871. De- 
posits $537,386.82; guaranty fund $27,000; un- 
divided earnings $4,802.40. Bate past year 3% 
per cent Pres., George O. Whiting; Treaa., 
Bradley C. Whitcher; InveMm^ent Committee, 
George O. Whiting, Frank D. Pierce, George 
W. Spaulding, Charles B. Davis, Irving Stone. 
Jas. E. Crane. Open Wed. 3.30-6 p.m.; Sat. 
3.30-7 p.m. 



Lowell — Cbntkal Savinos. Inc. 1871. Deposits 
$4,774,432.02; gaar&nty fund $230,000; undi- 
vided earnings $129,294.52. Int. payable first 
Sat. May and Nov. Deposits go on interest 
first Sat. Feb., May, Aug. and Nov.; rate past 
year 4 per cent, compounding. Pres., Clarence 
W. Whidden; Treas., Arthur J. Murkland; In- 
vestment Committee, Amasa Pratt, A. G. Pol- 
lard, Clarence W. Whidden, Charles W. Wilder, 
Henry W. Barnes. Hours 9-1; Sat. 7-9 p.m. 

— City Institution fob Savinqs. Inc. 1837. De- 
posits $8,737,892.56; guaranty fund $440,000; 
undivided eatnings $150,452.43. Int. payable 
Jan. and July. DeiKMiits go on interest second 
Sat. Jan., Apr., Ju^ and Oct.; rate past year 
4 i)er cent. Pres., iVed A. Buttrick; ireas., 
Frank W. Hurd; Investment Committee, Leon- 
ard Huntress, Henry C. Cooper, Frank Cobum, 
Fred A. Buttrick, Charles P. Conant. Hours 
9-1; Sat. 9-1 and 7-9 p.m. 

— ^Lowell Pivb Cents Savings. Inc. 1854. De- 
posits $3,654,062; guaranty fund $189,000; un- 
divided earnings $129,000. Int. payable the 
week after first Sat. Jan. and July. Deposits 
go on interest first Sat. Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 3% per cent. Pres., John 
A. Faulkner; Treas., Austin K. Chadwick; In- 
vestment Committee, Frank E. Dunbar, William 
F. Wilder, Arthur Staples, Samuel H. Thompson, 
Austin K. Chadwick, George L. Hooper. . Hours 
9-1 ; Sat 9-1 and 7-9 p.m. 

— ^Lowell Institution fob Savings. Inc. 1829. 
Deposits $5,083,655; guaranty fund $277,518; 
undivided earnings $48,000. Deposits go on in- 
terest first Sat. Feb., May, Aug., and Nov.; rate 
past year 4 per cent Pres., A. St. John Cham- 
brej Treas., Edward B. Carney; Investment 
Committee, George Bowers, C. H. Hobson, 
Harry Dunlap, John J. Colton, Edward B. 
Carney. Hours 9-1; Sat 9-1 and 7-9 p.m. 

— ^Mechanics Savings. Inc. 1861. Deposits $3,- 
010,946; guaranty fund $155,000; undivided 
earnings $36,000. Int payable June and Dec 
Deposits go on interest Mar., June, Sept. and 
Dec.; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres., Chas. 
Li. Hildreth; Treas., Charles C. Hutchinson; 
Investment Committee, Jacob Rogers, Walter L. 
Parker, Clarence H. Nelson, Charles C. Hutchin- 
son. Hours 9-1; Sat. 9-1 and 7-9 p.m. 

— ^Mebbimack Bivkb Savings. Inc. 1871. Deposits 
^2,284,776.27; guaranty fund $117,224.53; un- 
divided earnings $114,000. Int. payable first 
Sat May and Nov. Deposits go on interest 
first Sat. Feb., May, Aug. and Nov.; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., Charles E. Adams; 
Treas. N. G. Lamson; Investment Committee, 
C. F. Vamum, H. C. Taf t, W. H. Fuller, P. P. 
Perham, N. G. Lamson. Hours 9-1; Sat. 7-9 

—Washington Savings Institution. Inc. 1892. 
Deposits $1,801,603; guaranty fund $32,000; 
undivided earnings $12,623. Int. payable Feb. 
and Aug. Deposits go on interest Feb., May, 
Aug. and Nov.; rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres., John J. Hogan; Treas., Thomas H. Mur- 
phy; Investment Committee, John J. Hogan, P. 
P. Conaton, George M. Harrigan, B. E. Crowley, 
C. H. Hanson, L. W. Hall, P. O. Heam, Thomas 
C. Lee. Hours 9-1; Sat 9-1 and 7-9 p.m. 

Ludlow— Ludlow Savings. Inc. 1888. Deposits 
$503,139.94; guaranty fund $6,364.24; undi- 
vided earnings $516.53. Int. payable Apr. and 
Oct. 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct 1; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., J. W. Hannum; Treas., George A. Bir- 
nie; Investment Committee, George D. Green, 

E. E. Fuller, M. H. Lyons, W. S. ColweU, J. 
W. Hannum. Hours 10-12, 1-3; Wed. and Fri 
7.30-9 in addition. 

Lynn — Commonwealth Savings. Deposits $710,- 
000. Int payable first Wed. June and Dec De- 
posits go on interest first Wed. Mar., June, Sept 
and Dec; rate past year 3^ per cent PreS., 
Joseph G. Pinkham; Treas., William M. Bar- 
ney; Investment Committee, Thomas Campbell, 
2d, Patrick B. Magrane, Eugene A. Putnam, 
Walter M. Libbey, William M. Barney. Hours 
9-1; Sat 3-6. 

—Lynn Five Cent Savings. Inc. 1855. Depos- 
its $5,373,000; guaranty fund $271,000; undi- 
vided earnings $274,800. Int payable Jan. and 
July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 5 3-5 per cent. Pres., 
Bollin E. Harmon; Treas., H. E. Newhall; In- 
vestment Committee, Bollin E. Harmon, Henry 
A. Pevear, Charles H. NewhaU, Buf us Kimball, 
James S. Newhall. Hours 9-1 ; Sat 9-1 and 3-6. 

— ^Lynn Institution fob Savings. Inc 1826. 
Deposits $5,948,377.20; guaranty fund $295,- 
000; undivided earnings $291,025.10. Int pay- 
able May and Nov. 1. Deposits go on interest 
Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 
3% per cent Pres., Charles S. Purinton; 
Treas., Frederick L. Bubier; Investment Com- 
mittee, Luther S. Johnson, Joseph B. Breed, 
Charles S. Purinton, Benjamin F. Spinney. 
Hours 9-1; Sat 9-1 and 2.30-5.30. 

Maiden — ^Malden Savings. Inc. 1860. Deposits 
$5,500,000; guaranty fund $195,000; undivided 
earnings $160,000. Int payable second Wed. 
Apr. and Oct Deposits go on interest second 
Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past year 
4 per cent Pres., Boswell B. Bobinson; Treas., 

F. A. Shove; Investment Committee, Allan J. 
Chase, John P. Holden, Boswell B. Bobinson, 
Everett J. Stevens, William G. A. Turner, Dan- 
iel P. Wise. Hours 8.30-1; Sat. 8,30-1 and 



Marblehead— Masbuehsad Savings. Inc. 1871. 
DepositB $506,124; guaranty fund $26,617. Int. 
payable May and Not. 1. Deposits go on in- 
terest Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. 1. Pre9,, N. 
P. Sanborn; Treas., William F. Nutting; In- 
vestment Committee, N. P. Sanborn, Everett 
Paine, John L. Gilbert, Frank P. Hammond, 
William L. Hooper. Hours 9-12. 
Marlboro — Mablbobo Savings. Inc. 1860. 
Deposits $2,304,145; guaranty fund $120,204.- 
19; undivided earnings $20,377. Int. payable 
third Wed. Jan. and July. Deposits go on in- 
terest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; 
rate past year 3% per cent. Fres., William D. 
Burdett; Treas., Charles F. Holyoke; Invest- 
ment Committee, William D. Burdett, Benjamin 
F. Greeley, Walter P. Fiye, Walter B. Morse, 
Louis P Howe. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12.30. 

Haynard — Assabet Institution for Savings. 
Inc. 1904. Deposits $45,367, guaranty fimd 
$262. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct 1. Pres., C. J. Bodflsh; Treas., A. T. 
Haynes; Investment Committee, C. J. Bodfish, 
C. H. Persons, S. B. Kitchin, A. G. Haynes, 
J. W. Ogden. Hours 10-1; Pri. 7-8 p.m.; 
Sat S-4. 

Medford — ^Medfobd Savings. Inc. 1869. De- 
posits $2,377,444; guaranty fund $107,000; un- 
divided earnings $46,982.98. Int. payable sec- 
ond Sat. May and Nov. Deposits go on in- 
terest first Sat Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. ; rate 
past year 31^ per cent Pres., Daniel A. Glea- 
son; Treas.f Chas. B. Buss; Investment Com- 
mittee, D. A. Gleason, E. F. Allen, C. H. Park- 
er, George O. Foster, E. 8. Randall. Hours 
8-11, 3-6; Sat 8-11, 3-6 and 7-9 p.m. 

Medway— Medway Savings. Inc. 1871. Deposits 
$'402,735.47; guaranty fund $20,519; undivided 
earnings $1^,017. Int. payable June and Dec. 
1. Deposits go on interest Mar., June, Sept 
and Dec. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres., 
Archibald Park; Treas., William H. Upton; 
Investment Committee, S. G. Clark, W. P. 
Clark, W. L. Palmer, Fred C. Clark, Addison E. 
BuUard. Hours 9-12, 2-5. 

Melrose — Melrose Savings. Inc. 1872. Deposits 
$1,282,202; guaranty fund $41,416; undivided 
earnings $98,595. Int. payable Jan. and July 
1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct 1; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres., 
Moses S. Page; Treas., Elbridge H. Goss; In- 
vestment Committee, Moses S. Page, ex-offleio, 
Charles H. Adams, John Larrabee, Chas. C. 
Barry. Hours 8-2; Sat 8-12, 7-9. 

Merrimac — ^Mebbihac Savings. Inc. 1871. De- 
posits $445,835; guaranty fund $"22,500; undi- 
vided earnings $849.66. Int. payable Apr. and 
Oct. Deposits go on interest third Wed. Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres., Thomas H. Hoyt; Tfeas., F. C. Grant; 

Investment Committee, H. H. Story, H. O. De- 
lano, Thomas H. Hoyt. Hours 8.30-12, 1.30-3; 
Sat 8.30-12. 

Middleboro — ^Middleboro Savings. Inc. 1873. 
Deposits $1,640,887; guaranty fund $82,000; 
undivided earnings $38,850. Int. payable first 
Mon. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest 
first Mon. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past 
year 4 per cenl Pres.^ David G. Pratt; 
Treas., Andrew M. Wood; Investment Commit- 
ter, David G. Pratt, George B. Sampson, George 
E. Doane. Hours 9-12, 2-4; Mon. 7-8 p.m. 

ICilford — ^MiLFOBD Savings. Inc. 1851. Deposits 
$2,650,104; guaranty fund $120,711.90; undi- 
vided earnings $90,056. Int. payable second 
Sat. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest 
second Sat. Jan., Apr., July and Oct. ; rate past 
year 3% per cent. Pres., Z. C. Field; Treas., 
J. E. Walker; Investment Committee, C. F. 
Claflin, Z. C. Field, C. A. Cook. Hours 9-3; 
Sat 9-1 

MUlbnry— MiLLBUBT Savings. Inc. 1854. De- 
posits $1,412,000; guaranty fund $'66,300; un- 
divided earnings $68,400. Int. payable Jan. 
and July. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres., Ira N. Goddard; Treas., Irving B. Sayles; 
Investment Committee, Ira N. God&rd, D. Dn- 
charme, A. S. Winter, George J. Dudley, H. W. 
Carter, J. R Lincoln. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Milton — ^Milton Savings. Inc. 1905. Deposits 
$192,260.36; guaranty fund $1,103.84; undi- 
vided earnings $3,357. Int. payable fourth 
Thurs. Sept. and Msj*. Deposits go on interest 
second Thurs. Sept., Dec., Mar. and June; 
rate past year 3^^ per cent. Pres., H. Clifford 
Gallagher; Treas., Wm. B. Thurber; Invest- 
ment Committee, H. Clifford Gallagher, John 
Talbot, Nathaniel H. Stone, George Wiggles- 
worth. Hours 4-7 Tues. and Sat; 4-6 Thurs. 
Monson — ^Monson Savings. Inc. 1872. Deposits 
$1,690,000; guaranty fund $86,000; undivided 
earnings $46,400. Int. payable Apr. and Oct 1. 
Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct 
1; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., E. D. 
Cushman; Treas., Charles A. Bradway; Invest- 
« ment Committee, E. D. Cushman, A. D. Noreross, 
C. M. Gage, L. C. Flynt Hours 9-12, 1-4; 
Sat 9-12. 
Nantucket — ^Nantucket Institution for Sav- 
ings. Inc. 1834. Deposits $689,724; guaranty 
fund $35,823 ; undivided earnings $30,232. Int. 
payable second Mon. Jan. and July. Deposits 
go on interest 1st Mon. of Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent. Pres., David 
Folger; Treas., Lizzie S. Biddell; Investment 
Committee, Almon T. Mowry, David Parker, 
iCbarles E. Snow, Henry Brown, H. P. Brown, 
R. C. Small, Ernest H. Jemegan. Hours. May 
to Nov., 9^1; Nov. to May, 10-1. 



Natick — Natick Fnrx Gknts Satingb. Inc. 1859. 
Deposits $3,076,350; guaranty fund $152,000; 
undivided earnings $92,620. Int. payable seeond 
Tues. May and Nov. Deposits go on interest 
Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 4 
per cent. Fret,, ; Trea»., Freder- 
ick O. Baston; Investment Committee, Williaro 
Nutt, Francis Bigelow, Frank H. Hayes, Chas. 

A. Pooke, Henry G. Mulligan, Walter B. Bobin- 
son. Hours 9-3. 

New Bedfordr— -Fivs Gents Sayings. Inc. 1855. 
Deposits $9,391,628.36; guaranty fund $452,- 
000; undivided earnings $106,643.74. Int. pay- 
able second Wed. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go 
on interest 2d Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; 
rate past year 4 per cent. Free., Loum Snow; 
Treas., William H. Pitman; Investment Com- 
mittee, William Baylies, Thomas Wilcox, Wil- 
liam R. Wing, Arthur L. Tucker, Loum Snow, 
Parkman M. Lund, Otis N. Pierce, Andrew G. 
Pierce, Jr., William O. DevoU. Hours 9-1; Sat. 
9-1 and 7-9 p.m. 

— Nsw Bbdfobd Institution roB Sayings. Inc. 
1825.' Deposits $16,856,565.08; guaranty fund 
$840,500; undivided earnings $140,593.34. Int. 
payable first Mon. Apr. and Oct. Deposits go 
on interest first Mon. Jan., Apr., July and Oct. ; 
rate past year 4 per cent. Free., William W. 
Crapo; Treas., George H. Batchdor; Invest- 
ment Committee, Edward T. Pierce, Thomas S. 
Hathaway, Gideon Allen, Jj*., Oliver Prescott, 
Jr., Clarence A. Gook, Thomas B. Tripp, Wil- 
liam W. Crapo, ch. Hours 9-1; Sat. evenings 

Kevburyport — Institution fob Sayings. Inc. 
1820. Deposits $6,855,792.88; guaranty fund 
$338,500; undivided earnings $320,507.57. Int 
payable fourth ,Wed. Apr. and Oct. Deposits 
go on interest third Wed. Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent. Fres», Henry 

B. Little; Tretis., William Balch; Investment 
Committee, Frank F. Moirill, George W. Piper, 
li. B. Gulling, Thomas G. Simpson, Henry B. 
Little. Hours 8.30-2. 

— Newbuetpobt Fiyb Gbnts Sayings. Inc. 1854. 

* Deposits $2,171,515; guaranty fund $110,000; 
undivided earnings $113,770. Int. payable firs^ 
Mon. May and Nov. Deposits go on interest 
la^ Mon. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Free., Nathaniel Dole; Treas,, 
J. A. Maynard; Investment Committee, Na- 
thaniel Dole, W. F. Houston, William R. John- 
son, Charles Thurlow. Hours 8.30-2. 

Newton— NxwTON Gentes Sayings. Inc. 1896. 
Deposits $776,000; guaranty fund $12,000; un- 
divided earnings $9,000. Deposits go on inter- 
est Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 15; rate past 
year 3% per cent. Free,, Seward W. Jones; 
Treas,, Mellen Bray; Investment Committee, 
Seward W. Jones, Dwight Ghester, Henry H. 

Kendall, £. T. Colbum, D. H. Andrews. Hours 
9-11.30, 1.30-2.30; Sat. 9-12. 

—Newton Sayings. Inc. 1831. Deposits 
$6,034,666.58; guaranty fund $209,500; undi- 
vided earnings $72,430.13. Dividends Jan. and 
July 17. Deposits begin to earn dividends Jan. 
Apr., July and Oct. 10; rate past year 3% 
per cent Free., Gharles T. Pulsifer; Treas., 
Adolphus J. Blanchard; Investment Committee, 
Ghas. T. Pulsifer, Samuel M. Jackson, Francis 
Murdock, Henry E. Bothf eld, William F. Har- 
bach. Hoixrs 9-3; Sat. 9-1. 

Nortli Adams — Hoosao Sayings. Inc. 1871. 
Deposits $1,375,681.59; guaranty fund $47,797.- 
93; undivided earnings $10,158.55. Int. paya- 
ble June and Dec. 1. Deposits go on interest 
Mar., June, Sept. and Dec 1; rate past year 
4 per cent. Free., O. A. Archer, Blackinton; 
Treas., W. W. Richmond; Investment Commit- 
tee, E. Bissaillon, W. W. Butler, Stephen H. 
Fairfield. Hours 9-4; Wed. and Sat. 9-8 p.m. 

— NoETH Adaus Sayings. Inc. 1848. Deposits 
$4,189,892; undivided earnings and guaranty 
fund $267,667. Int payable Apr. and Oct. 1. 
Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct 1; rate past year 3% per cent Fres., 
A. G. Houghton; Treas., V. A. Whitaker; In- 
vestment Committee, George L. Bice, F. A. Wil- 
cozson, G. E. Winchell. Hours 9-4; Sat 9-1. 

Northampton — ^Nonotuck Savings. Inc. 1899. 
Deposits $807,000; guaranty fund $a2,600. 
Dividends payable first Wed. June and Dec 
Deposits go on interest first W«d. March, June, 
Sept and Dec; rate past year 3% per cent 
Fres., H. L. Williams; Treas., John Prince; 
Investment Committee, O. W. Prouty, Isaac 
Bridgman, John Prince. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

— Northampton Institution fob Sayings. Inc 
1842. Deposits $4,870,000; guaranty fund 
$250,000; undivided earnings $36,000. Int 
payable first Wed. Apr. and Oct Deposits 
go on interest first Wed. Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 3% per cent. Fres., 
Oliver Walker; Treas., S. D. Drury; Invest- 
ment Comrndttee, Arthur Watson, Frank E. 
Clark, S. D. Dury. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-12. 

North Attleboro — ^Attlebobo Sayings. Inc 
1860. Deposits $2,460,000; guaranty fund 
$125,000; undivided earnings $71,353. Int. 
payable Tuesday after second Mon. Apr. and 
Oct. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct.; rate past year 4% per cent Fres., 
Albert Totten; Treas., Edward E. King; In- 
vestment Committee, E. L. Hixon, G. W. Chee- 
ver, F. E. Sturdy, C. E. Bliss, Albert Totten, 
A. R. Crosby, M. E. Bowe. Hours 9-3; Sat. 

North Brookfleld— NoBTH Bbookhxid Sayings. 
Inc. 1854. Deposits $568,059; guaranty fund 



$39;500. Tnt. payable Jan. and July. Deposits 
go on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; 
rate past year 4 per cent. Fres,, George B. 
Hamant; Treca,^ Charles E. Batcheller; Ifwest- 
ment Committee, George B. Hamant, E. A. 
Harwood, Sumner Holmes, George B. Doane. 
Hours 9-1, 2-4; Sat 9-12. 

North Easton — ^Nobth Easton Savings. Inc. 
1864. Deposits $1,983,489.27; guaranty fund 
$84,389.73; undivided earnings $56,273.11. Int 
payable Apr. and Oct. 15. Deposits go on 
interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 15 ; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Fres., Wm! H. Ames; Treas, 
C. B. Field; Investment Committee, Wm. H. 
Ames, W. K. Goward, G. E. Shepherd, Oakes 
Ames, H. W. French. Hours 9-12, 1.30-3; 
Sat. 9-12. 

Norwell — South Scituatk Savings. Inc. 1834. 
Deposits $631,637.98; guaranty fund $30,250; 
undivided earnings $16,100.83. Int. payable last 
Sat Jan. and July. Deposits go on interest 
last Sat Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past 
year 4 per cent Fres,, Jos. H. Corthell; Treas,, 
Horace T. Fogg; Investment Committee, Calvin 
S. West, Horace T. Fogg, Joseph C. Otis, 
Granville D. Damon, Andrew J. Litchfield. 
Hours 9-12 and 1-4 every day except Wed. 

Orange — Orange Savings. Inc. 1871. Deposits 
$1,781,979; guaranty fund $65,000; undivided 
earnings $65,025. Int. payable Feb. and Aug. 
1. Deposits go on interest Feb., May, Aug. 
and Nov. 1; rate past year 4 per cent Fres,, 
Adelbert W. Ballou; Treas*, George W. An- 
drews; Investment Committee, C. A. Towne, 
A. W. Ballou, A. J. Fisher, J. D. Howe. Hours 

Palmer — ^Palmes Savings. Inc. 1870. Deposits 
$•2,224,916.73; guaranty fund $110,000; undi- 
vided earnings $28,069.82. Int. payable Jan. 
and July 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 1; rate past year 3% per cent. 
Fres., E. G. Hastings; Treas., Charles L. Waid; 
Investment Committee, H. G. Loomis, E. G. 
Hastings, W. E. Stone, C. H. Hobbs, Chas. F. 
Smith. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Peabody — Wabren Five Cents Savings. Inc. 
1854. Deposits $3,048,980; gnaj-anty fund 
$150,000; undivided earnings $73,790; profit 
and loss $129,953. Int. payable third Wed. May 
and Nov. Deposits go on interest third Wed. 
Feb., May, Aug. and Nov.; rate past year 4 
per cent. Fres., Arthur F. Poole; Treas., A. 
H. Merrill; Investment Committee, A. P. 
Poole, Levi Preston, Geo. E. Spaulding, Wil- 
liam F. Sawyer, W. Fred Munroe. Hours 
8.30-1.15. Sat 7-9 p.m. 

Pittsfleld — ^Berkshire County Savings. Inc. 
1846. Deposits $5,437,415; guaranty fund 
$277,000; undivided earnings, $93,975. Int 
payable Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on 

interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past 
year 3% per cent. Fres., Jos. Tucker; Treas., 
Bobert W. Adam; Investment Committee, Bobert 
W. Adam, William H. Sloan, Alexander Ken- 
nedy, Levi A. Stevens, Frank W. Dutton. 
Hours 9-5. 

— City Savings op Pittspield, Mass. Inc. 
1893. Deposits $1,259,763.04; guaranty 
fund and undivided earnings $34,628.88. 
Int payable Jan. and July 10. Deposits go 
on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct 10; n^ 
past year 3^ per cent Fres., Francis W. 
Bockwell; Treas., EUram B. Wellington; 
Investment Committee, Wjilliam M. Mercer, 
Henry B. Pierson, Arthur A. Mills, Jacob Gim- 
lich, Hiram B. Wellington. Hours 9-3; Sat 

Plymouth — Five Cents Savings. Inc. 1855. 
Deposits $1,989,185.54; guaranty fund $96,100 ; 
un(livided earnings $32,108.16. Int payable 
second Tues. Jan. and July. Deposits go on 
interest second Tues. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; 
rate past year 4 per cent. Fres., Everett P. 
Sherman; Clerk and Treas., William W. Brew- 
ster; Investment Committee, Chas. A- Strong, 
Thomas N. Eldridge, Walter L. Boyden, Wil- 
liam W. Brewster, Charles P. Hatch. Hours 
9-3; also Sat 7-8 p.m. 

—Plymouth Savings. Inc. 1828. Deposite 
$2,536,527; guaranty fund, $130,000; undivid- 
ed earnings $145,913. Dividends payable Jan. 
and July. Deposits go on interest first Tues. 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past year 4 
per cent. Fres., Charles S. Davis; Treas., James 

D. Thurber; Investment Committee, Edward 

E. Hobart, Chas. S. Davis, Charles B. Stoddard, 
Isaac M. Jackson, Charles G. Hathaway. Hours 
9-1, 2-3. 

Provincetown— Seamen's Savings. Inc. 1851. 
Deposits $430,000; guaranty fund $12,191; 
undivided earnings $8,100. Int. payable Jan. 
and July. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct 1. Fres., Lysander N. Paine; 
Treas., W. H. Young; Investment Committee, 
L. N. Paine, Heman S. Cook, A. L. Putnam, 
Geo. F. Miller, A. P. Hannum. Hours 9-12; 

Qnlncy — Quincy Savings. Inc. 1845. Deposits 
$3,962,385.94; guaranty fund $156,700; un- 
divided earnings $155,431.83. Int payable 
Wed. after first Tuesday Apr. and Oct. 
Deposits go on interest first Tues. Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. ; rate past year 4 per cent. Fres<.^ 
George W. Morton; Treas., Clarence Burgizi; 
Investment Committee, Rupert F. Chaflin, G«o. 
W. Morton, John Q. A. Field, John P. Welch. 
Hours 8.30-12, 2-4; Sat 8.30-12. 

Randolph— Randolph Savings. Inc. 1851. De- 
posits $1,713,589.29; guaranty fund $84,457.91; 
undivided earnings $17,894.55. Int payal>le 



Apr. and Oct. 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr.y Jnlj and Oet. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent. Tres., Asa P. French; Treca., Herbert 
W. Pratt; Investment Committee, Charles H. 
Howard, Daniel B. White, Bufus A. Thayer, 
Royal T. Mann, Herbert W. Pratt. Hours 
9-i; 2-3; Sat 9-12. 

Boading— MsoHANios Savinos. Ine. 1891. De- 
posits $304,297; gruaranty fund, $5,580; undi- 
vided earnings $8,973. Int. payable second Sat. 
June and I^ Deponts go on interest first 
Sat Mar., June, Sept and De&; rate past 
year 3% per cent Fret^ Edward H. Palmer; 
Treas.f Lewis M. Bancroft; IfweMtmewt Com- 
mittee, Moses E. Nichols, Edward H. Pahner, 
Edward F. Parker. Hours 8.30-11, 2.30-4. 

Bockland— BoGKLAND Sayings. Inc. 1868. De- 
posits $1,500,000; guaranty fund $74,000; 
undivided earnings $23,000. Int payable Jan. 
and July. Deposits go on interest 1st Thurs. 
Jan., Apr.y JiUy and Oct; -rate past year 4 
per cent Tree,, E. T. Harvell; Treaa., H. W. 
Burrell; Investment Committee, J. A. Torrey, 
E. T. Harvell, H. E. Fuller Edward P. Torrey, 
A. Culver. Hours 9-12, 1-4; also Sat 9-12, 

Bockport — Granttb SAvmos. Inc. 1884. De- 
posits $350,098.99; guaranty fund $11,600. 
Profit and loss, |l,392.25. Int payable 
Apr. and Oct. 8. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., Henry H. Thurston; 
Treas,, Nathaniel Bichardson, Jr.; Investment 
Committee, Henry H. Thurston, Benj. N. Tarr, 
George Griffin, George E. Lowe, James Abbott 
Hours 9-12; Wed. and Sat 2-3; Sat evening 

Salem — Salem Five Cents Savinqs. Inc. 1855. 
Deposits $7,431,326; guaranty fund $379,600; 
undivided earnings $171,912. Int.. payable Feb. 
and Aug. 8. Deposits go on interest Feb., 
May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 3^ 
per cent Pres., Henry A. Hale; Treas., John 
S. Williams; Investment Committee, Frank A. 
Brown, Matthew Bobson, Henry A. Hale, Henry 
M. Batchelder, Wm. B. Colby. Hours 8.45-1.15; 
also Sat. 7-9 p.m. for deposits. ^ 

— Salem Savings. Inc. 1818. Deposits $8,298,- 
723.48; guaranty fund $405,000; undivided 
earnings $223,114.16. Int payable fourth Wed. 
Apr. and Oct Deposits go on interest third 
Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 
4 per cent Pres., Chas. S. Bea; Treas,, Edward 
Li. Millett; Investment Committee, Wm. P. 
McMullan, Geo. B. Jewett, Daniel A Vamey, 
George H. Allen, Charles S. Bea, Bobert Osgood. 
Hours 8.45-1.15; Sat 7-9 pjn. 
Shelbnme Falls-^HELBUBNS Falls Savinos. 
Inc. 1855. Deposits $1,559,380.70; guaranty 
fund, $76,500; undivided earnings $39,306.55. 

Int payable Apr. and Oet 10. Deposits go on 
interest Apr. and Oct 10; rate past year 4 per 
cent Free., Geo. W. Jenks; rrtfos., W. S.Ba]l; 
Investment Committee, Edwin Bakor, C W. 
Hawks, W. a Ball. Hours 9-3. 

Somerville — Somebville Sayinos. Inc. 1885. 
Deposits $1,722,863; guaranty fund $53,500; 
undivided earnings $40,000. Int payable June 
and Dec 15. Deposits go on interest Mar., 
June, Sept and Dec 1; rate past year 8^ 
per cent Pres,, Albion A. Perry; Treos., 
Frederic W. Stone; Investment Committee, 
Philip Eberle, Frank P. Ladd, Albion A. Perry, 
J. W)alter Sanborn, William E. Whitney. Hours 
9-1; ahK) Mon. 7.30-8.30 pjn.; Sat 9-12. 

Sontb Braintree — Bbaintbeb Savings. Inc 
1870. * Deposits $515,388; guaranty fund 
$16,580; profit and loss, $16,596. Int pay- 
able Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past year 4 
per cent Pres,, Benjamin F. Dyer; Treas., 
C. H. Hobart; Investment Committee, Benja^ 
min F. Dyer, N. H. Hunt, L. B. HoUis. 
Hours 8.30-12; 2-4.30; ahw Mon. 6-7.30 p.nL 

Sonthbrldge — Southbsidgb Savings. Inc 1848. 
Deposits $2,443,000; guaranty fund and profit 
and loss $171,983. Int. payable third week 
in Jan. and July. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct 1; rate past year 
4 per cent Pres. C. D. Paige; Treas., John A. 
Hall; Investment Committee, F. L. Chapin, 
George W. Wells, H. S. Cheney, C. M. Wells, 
C. D. Paige. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

South Framlngtiam — ^Farmers and Mechanics 
Savings. Inc. 1883. Deposits $820,644.76; 
guaranty fund $33,850; undivided earnings 
$37,795.41. Int payable fiirst Tues. Apr. 
and Oct. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 3d; rate past year 4 
per cent Pres.y Willard Howe; Treas., 
Julian W. Phillips; Investment Commit- 
tee, George E. Cutler, J. W. Phillips, J. T. 
Whitney, S. A. Phillips, A. B. Newton, Frank 
H. Stearns. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Soiitli Weymontb — South Wetmotjth Sayings. 
Inc. 1868. Deposits $1,200,667; guaranty 
fund $57,500; undivided earnings $26,204. Int 
payable Jan. and July. Deposit go on interest 
2d Wed. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres,, Joseph Dyer; Treas,, 
George E. Beed; Investment Committee, Joseph 
Dyer, A. B. Baymond, B. W. Hunt, B. J. Pitch- 
er, Theron L. Tirrell, Gordon Willis, George 
L. Barnes. Hours 9-12, 2-4; Sat 9-12; Mon. 
7-8 p.m. 

Bontli Yarmontli—- Bass Biveb Sayinos. Inc 1874. 
Deposits $487,538 ; profit and loss $5,992 ; guar- 
anty fund $24,600. Int. payable Apr. and Oct 
Deposits go on interest first days of Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent. 



Pres.f Chas. G. Baker; Treas,, H. D. Loring; 
Investment Committee, Henry H. Sears, George 
H. Loring, Edwin Baxter, Chas. G. Baker, 
E. L. Jenkins. Hours 9-12; 2-4. 

Spencer — Spencer Savings. Inc. 1871. Deposits 
$1,102,500; guaranty fund $53,900. Int. pay- 
able Jan. and July. Deporits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1 ; rate past year 3% 
per cent. Pres., Fields M. Prouty ; Treas., J. W. 
Temple; Asst. Treas., Walber V. Prouty; In- 
vestment Committee, Fields M. Prouty, C. H. 
Allen, M. A. Young, N. E. Craig, R. M. Kane. 
Hours 9-12, 1-4; Sat. 8-12. 

Springfield — ^Hampdbn Savinos. Inc. 1852. De- 
posits $3,800,347.53; guaranty fund $194,800; 
undivided earnings $31,535.09. Int. • payable 
Feb. and Aug. 15. Deposits go on interest Feb., 
May, Aug. and Nov. 15; rate past year Z^^ 
per cent. Pres., Charles L. Gardner; Treas., 
John B. Phelps; Investment Committee, F. H. 
Stebbins, Dwight O. Gilmore, C. L. Gardner, F. 
£. Carpenter. Hours 9-4; Sat. 9-12. 

— Sfbinofield Five Gents Savinos. Inc. 1854. 
Deposits $7,230,076; guaranty fund $279,700; 
undivided earnings $59,580. Int payable Jan. 
and July 20. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. 15; rate past year 3^ per cent 
Pres., Bobert O. Morris; Treas., Daniel J. 
Marsh; Investment Committee, Oliver Marsh, 
Newrie D. Winter, William H. Gray. Hours 
9-3; Sat. 9-12; Monday evenings 7-9. 

— Sprinqkeld Institution fob Sayings. Inc. 
1827. Deposits $16,791,074; guaranty fund 
$877,300. Int. payable Jan. and July 1. De- 
posits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 
1; rate past year 3^ per cent. Pres,, Winford 
N. Caldwell; Treas., Joseph ISiattucl^ Jr.; In- 
vestment Committee, Frederick Harns, A. W. 
Damon, Joseph Shattuck, Jr., Arthur B. West, 
James W. Kirkham. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12; 
also Mon. evenings 7-9. 

Stoneham — Stonbham Five Cents Savings. Inc. 
1855. Deposits $"896,331; guaranty fund $45,- 
352.88; surplus and undivided earnings $29,000. 
Int. payable first Wed. May and Not. Deposits 
go on interest first Wed. Feb., May, Aug. and 
Nov.; rate past year 3% per cent. Pres., Wil- 
liam B. Stevens; Treas., F. £. Nickerson; 
Investment Committee, William B. Stevens, A. 
H. Cowdrey, C. A, Bailey, C. F. Buck, Isaac 
Swasey. Hours 8.30-11, 2.30-4; Sat 8.30-12; 
also open Tues. 6-8 p.m. 

Taunton — ^Bristol Countt Savings. Inc. 1846. 
Deposits $5,900,000; guaranty fund $310,000; 
undivided earnings $84,000. Int. payable Apr. 
and Oct. 1. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., 
July, Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., 
Ezra Davol; Treas., Alfred C. Place; Invest- 
ment Committee, Ezra Davol, William H. Fox, 

SUas D. Presbrey, £. A. Thomas, E. D. God- 
frey. Hours 9-1 ; Sat 9-4. 

— Taunton Savings. Inc. 1869. Deposits $3,- 
200,589; undivided earnings $265,017. Int pay- 
able Jan. and July 1. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct 1; rate past year 4 
per cent. Pres., ; Vice- 

pres., William E. Fuller; Treas., Henry B. 
Wood; Investment Committee, D. A- Tre- 
fethen, Nathan Newbury, Henry S. Culver, 
H. F. Bassett, Edward H. Temple, Henxy M. 
Lovering. Hours 9-1; Sat 9-1 and 2-5. 

Tomer's Falls — Cbockxb Institution iob Sav- 
ings. Inc. 1869. Deposits $1,769,031.60; 
guaranty fund $65,200; profit and loss 
$6,277.86. Int. payable Jan. and July 1. 
Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., 
Isaac Chenery; 8ec*^ and Treas., Norman P. 
i^r^'ell; Investment Committee, J. A. Gnnn, 
E. L. Goddard, Myron B. Allen. Hours 9-3. 

Uxbridge— UxBBiDGE Savings. Inc. 1870. De- 
posiU $537,253.03; guaranty fund, $26,500; 
undivided earnings $17,397.15. Int payable 
Jan. and July 5. Deposits go on interest 
Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past year 
3% per cent Pres., Charles E. Seagrave; 
Treas., Charles A. Barton; Investment Commit- 
tee, Charles E. Seagrave, William E. Haywaf d, 
A. B. Taft, C. W. Scott, G. M. Aldridi, Arthur 
. Wheelock. Hours 8.30-12, 1.30-4; Sat 8.30-12. 

Wakefield— Wakefisld Savings. Inc. 1869. De- 
posits $1,114,150; guaranty fund $35,484; un- 
divided earnings $16,019. Int payable third 
Wed. Feb. and Aug. Deposits go on interest 
Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 3 
per cent. Pres., Edward A. Rich; Treas., 
Richard Britton; Investment Committee, Geo. 
H. Sweetser, Richard Britton, John W. White, 
William A. Prescott Hours 2-5 p.m.; Monday 
6-8 p.m. 

Wales — Wales Savings. Inc. 1870. Deposita 
$24^035; guaranty fond $1341; undivided earn- 
ings $1090. Int payable Jan. a|id July. De- 
posits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 
1; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., Eben D. 
Shaw; Treas., H. A. McFarland; Investment 
Committee, George S. Rogers, William L. Web- 
ber, Isaiah Hiscock, O. C. Switser. Hours 9-12, 

Waltham—WALTHAM Savings. Inc. 1853. De- 
posits $3,848,341.82; guaranty fund $196,800; 
undivided earnings $86,981.20. Int payable 
Thursday after first Tuesday Apr. and Oct 
Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 3% per cent. Pre^., 
Enos T. Luce; Treas., George B. Beal; Inveat- 
ment Committee, Henry N. Fisher, Enos T. 
Luce, Nathan Warren, Thomas H. Armstronf^, 



Charles O. Morrill. Hours 8.30-2.30; Sat 8.30- 
12; also Wed. 7-8 p.m., for deposits only. 

Ware— Ware Savings. Inc. 1850. Deposits $4,- 
534,672.02; guaranty fund $178,491.87; surplus 
$85;9S6.88. Dividends Jan. and July 1. Pres., 
Lewis N. Gilbert; Treat., Frederick D. Gilmore; 
Investment Committee, Henry K. Hyde, Fred- 
erick D. Gilmore, Calvin Hitchcock, William C. 
Eaton, Frank M. Sibley. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

Warehsm — Wabeham Savings. Inc. 1847. De- 
posits $1,096,887; guaranty fund $56,000; 
profit and loss $49,750. Int. payable Jan. and 
July. Deposits go on interest first Tues. Jan., 
Apiv, July and Oct ; rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres,, John C. Makepeace; Treas,, Frank A. 
Besse; Investment Committee, Genurd C. To- 
bey^ Edward A. Gammons, John Huztable. 
Hours 9-2; Sat 9-12. 

Warren — Wassen Savings. Inc. 1882. Deposits 
$695,104; guaranty fund $21,807; undivided 
earnings $11,428. Int. payable Apr. and Oct. 
15. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct. 3; rate past year 4 per cent Pres,, 
William A. Jenks; Treas., F. W. Kimball; In- 
vestment Committee', Isaac E. Moore, Edward 
Fairbanks, Marcus Burroughs, Edgar J. Back, 
F. Kimball. Hours 9-1, 2-4; Sat 9-12. 

Watertown— Watkbtown Savings. Inc. 1870. 
Deposits $1,399,238.64; guaranty fund $47,- 
112.19; undivided earnings $49,908.36. Int 
payable Apr. and Oct .Deposits go on interest 
first Thurs. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.; rate 
past year 3% per cent. Pres., Julian A. Mead; 
Treas,, John F. Green; Investment Committee, 
Julian A. Mead, Herbert H. Sawyer, George S. 
Wrighf. Hours 9-3; Sat, 9-1; also Thurs. 
7-8.45 p.m. 

Webster — ^Five Gents Savings. Inc. 1868. De- 
posits $2,254,664.27; guaranty fund and undi- 
vided earnings $188,250.78. Int. payable Jan. 
and July 15. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per 
cent Pres., E. P. Morton; Treas., F. W. 
Johnson; Investment Committee, George Macy, 
J. W. Dobbie, J. M. Crawford, C. E. Powers, 
E. P. Morton. Hours 9-12, 1-3; Sat 9-12. 

Wellfleet — ^Wellfleet Savings. Inc. 1863. •De- 
posits $435,873.40; guaranty fund $17,946.72; 
profit and loss $3,635.23; interest account 
$4,892.69. Dividends declared Jan. and July. 
Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct. 1; rate past year 3% per cent. Pres., 
Charles W. Swett; Treas., Austin C. Young; 
Investment Committee, Giles W. Holbrook, 
Isaiah C. Young, Chas. W. Swett, William H. 
Tubman. Hours 9-12, 1-4. 

Westboro — ^Westbobo Savings. Inc. 1869. De- 
posits $993,378; guaranty fund $50,000; undi- 
vided earnings $31,383. Int. payable Feb., and 

Aug. 2. Deposits go on interest Feb., May, 
Aug. and Nov. 1; rate past year 4 per cent 
Pres,, Alden L. Boynton; Treas., Thomas J. 
Hastie; Investment Committee, John L. Brig- 
ham^ C. S. Henry, Lewis Bice, W. C. Metealf, 
A. L. Boynton, B. C. Hathaway. Houn 9-12, 
2-4; Sat 9-12 and 7-8 p.m. 

Westfleld— Westfield Savings. Inc. 1852. De- 
posits $2,584,775.45; guaranty fund $121,- 
065.55; undivided earnings $107,048.75. Int 
payable Jan. and July 10. Deposits go 
on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 
10; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., 
L. F. Thayer; Treas., V. W. Crowson; 
Investment Committee, L. F. Thayer, L. P. 
Lane, C. F. Austin. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12. 

— Wobonoco Savings. Inc. 1871. Deposits $2,- 
260,900; guaranty fund $104,700; undivided 
earnings $15,900. Int payable Jan. and July 
10. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct. 10; rate past year 4 per cent Pres., 
O. B. Parks; Treas., H. B. Moulton; Investment 
Committee, C. H. Abbe, L. B. Norton, O. B. 
Parks, C. H. Cooley. Hours 9-3; Sat 9-12; 
Mon. 7-8.30 p.m. 

West Ne^on—WEST Newton Savings. Inc. 
1887. Deposits $1,300,000; guaranty fund $34,- 
000; undivided earnings, $29,628. Int payable 
Jan. and July 15. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct. 10; rate past year 3% per 
cent. Pres., George P. Bullard; Treas., Boland 
F. Gammons, 2d; Investment Committee, C. A. 
Potter, F. E. Hunter, George P. Bullard, John 
C. Kennedy, Charles E. Hatfield. Hours 8.30- 
12, 1-3; Sat 8.30-12. 

Weymontli — WfcYMOUTH Savings. Inc. 1833. De- 
posits $1,576,783; guaranty fund 78,500; un- 
divided earnings $58,373. Int. payable first 
Mon. in Jan. and July. Deposits go on interest 
first Mon. Jan., Apr., July and Oct; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., Charles A. Hayward; 
Treas., Charles T. Crane; Investment Commit- 
tee, Charles A. Hayward, George H. Bicknell, 
Francis H. Cowing, Henry A. Nash, Edward W. 
Hunt. Hours 9-12, 1.30-5; Mon. 6.30-8 p,m.; 
Sat. 8-12. 

WhitliunriUe — Whitinsville Savings. Deposits 
$903,000; guaranty fund $38,000; undivided 
earnings $34,000. Int payable May and Nov. 
Deposits go on interest Feb., May, Aug. and 
Nov. 1. PreS', G. Marston Whitin; Treas., Jas. 
C. Brown; Investment Committee, Edward 
Whitin, H H. Dudley, B. L. M. Smith, Cyrus 
A. Taft, L. B. Carr, R. K. Brown, C. V. Dud- 
lev, Edward Glueck. Hours 9-12, 1-4; Sat 

WUtmaii — ^Whitman Savings. Inc. 1888. De- 
posits $1,050,000; guaranty fund $25,650; 
profit and loss $24,420. Int payable second 
Mon. of Apr. and Oct. Deposits go on interest 



second Mon. Jas., Apr., July and Oct; rate 
past year 3% per cent. Pres., George O. Jen- 
kins; Treas,, Geo. D. Alden; Investment Com- 
mittee, A. G. Whitmarsh, William Spellman, 
Geo. O. Jenkins, L. B. Hatch, B. W. Cook, 
Charles B. Cox, H. W. Chandler. Hours 9-12, 
1.30-4; Sat. 9-12; also Thurs. 6-8 p.m. 

WlUlamstown — ^Williamstown Sayings. Inc. 
1892. DepofdtB $380,049; goaranty fund, $5,- 
050; undivided earnings $6754. Int. payiU)le and Oct. Deposits go on interest Jan., 
Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past year 4 per cent. 
Pres,, A. E. Hall; Treas,, Clarence M. Smith; 
Investment CommitteOf F. Severance, G. W. 
Sweet, Clarence M. Smith. Hours 9-2. 

Winchendon— WiNCHSNDON Savinos. Inc. 1854. 
Deposits $2,166,862.80; guaranty fund $110,- 
710.31; undivided earnings $173,951.58. Int 
payable May and Nov. 1. Deposits go on 
interest Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. 1; rate 
past year 4 per cent. Pres-, Wilder P. Clark; 
Treas., C. L. Beals; Investment Committee, G. 
M. Whitney, Orange Whitney, W. M. Whitney, 
C. L. Beals. Hours 9-12, 1-3; Sat. 9-12, 1-2. 

Winchester — ^Winchksteb Savings. Inc. 1871. 
Deposits $1,068,015; guaranty fund $38,500; 
undivided earnings $33,185; rate past year 3% 
per cent. Dividends third Wed. Apr. and Oct 
Deposits go on interest third Wed. Jan., Apr., 
July and Oct. Pres., David N, Skillings; 
Treas., Charles E. Bediem; Investment Com- 
mittee, David N. Skillings, Fred Joy, Alfred 
S. Hall, Lewis Parkhurst, Henry C. Ordway. 
Open daily 3-5.30; Sat. 3-8 p.m. 

Wobmn — Five Cents Savings. Inc. 1854. De- 
posits $2,124,945.60; guaranty fund and undi- 
vided earnings $162,070.06. Int. payable on 
and after third Sat. Jan. and July. Deposits 
go on interest first Sat. Jan., Apr., July and 
Oct.; rate past year 3% per cent. Pre^., 
Charlie A. Jones; Treas., A. Herbert Holland; 
Investment Committee, William Beggs, Squire 
B. Goddard, John B. Carter, John Winn, L. W. 
Thompson, Luke W. Fowle, Herbert B. Dow, 
Julius F. Bamsdell, Charlie A. Jones, Fred J. 
Brown. Hours 9-12, 2-4; also Sat. 6-8 p.m. 

Worcester — Bay State Savings. Inc. 1895. De- 
posits $1,140,752.36; guaranty fund $17,487; 
undivided earnings $13,371.41. Deposits go on 
interest Mar., Jime, Sept. and Dec. 1; rate past 
year 4 per cent. Pres., William Hart; Treas., 
Geo. McAleer; Investment Committee, William 
Hart, T. J. Barrett C,. J. O'Hara, James A. 
McDermott, N. J. Mooney. Hours 9-3; Sat. 
9-1 and 6-8 p.m. 

—People's Savings. Inc. 1864. Deposits $11,- 
756,772; guaranty fund $590,000; undivided 
earnings $109,675.' Int. payable Feb. and Aug. 
2. Deposits go on interest Feb., May, Aug. and 

Nov. 1. Pres., Samuel B. Heywood; TreoM^ 
Charles M. Bent; InvetimeKt CofMniitee, Sam- 
uel B. Heywood, Henry F. Harris, Charles M. 
Thayer, Alexander DeWitt, William W. John- 
son. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-1 and 6-8 p.m. 

-Woecesteb County Institution fob Savings. 
Inc. 1828. Deposits $20,715,000; guaranty 
fund $1,033,000; undivided earnings $375,000. 
Int. payable Jan. and July 15. Deposits go on 
interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1; rate past 
year 3^ per cent. Pres., Charles A. Chase; 
Treas., Alfred L. Aiken; Investment Commitieef 
Charles A. Chase, Samuel B. Wt>odward, A. G. 
Bullock, George E. Francis. Hours 9-3; Sat. 

-Wobcesteb Five Cents Savings. Inc. 1854. 
Deposits $10,142,155; guaranty fund $475,000. 
Int. payable Jan. and July 15th. Deposits go 
on interest Jan., Apr., July and Oct. 1. irres,, 
Henry M. Witter; Treas., J. Stewart Brown; 
Asst. Treas., Frederic B. Washburn; Invest- 
ment Committee, Henry M. Witter, B. F. Up- 
ham, G. W. Mackintire, Chandler Bullock, The- 
odore S. Johnson. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-1. 

-Woecester Mechanics Savings. Inc. 1851. 
Deposits $11,769,837.52; guaranty fund $416,- 
000. Deposits go on interest Jan., Apr., July 
and Oct. 15. Pres., Augustus B. B. Sprague; 
Treas., Frank W. Cutting; Investment Commit' 
tee, A. B. B. Sprague, John H. Coes, Thomas 
B. Eaton, Eli J. Whittemore, Francis H, 
Dewey. Hours 9-3; Sat. 9-1. 


Adams — Adams. Inc. 1895. Pres., George B. 
Adams; Sec'y and Treas., Frank Huilon. As- 
sets $220,000. 

Amesbnry — Amesbuey. Inc. 1886. Pres., Wil- 
liam W. Hawkes; Sec'y, H. F. Carey; Treas., 
Porter Sargent. Assets $101,592.60. 

Arlington — Arlington. Inc. 1889. Pres., War- 
ren W. Peirce; S€c% Charles H. Steyena; 
Treas., Omar W. Whittemore. Assets $25V 

Afhol — ^Athol. Inc. 1889. Pres., George D. 
Bates; Sec'y and Treas., A. Foster Hamilton. 
Assets $95,069.92 

Attleboro — Attleboro. Inc. 1892. Pres., Sid- 
ney O. Bigney; Sec'y and Treas., Harry B. Car- 
penter. Assets $90,478.75. 

BaldwinsvUle — Baldwinsville. Inc. 1889. 
Pres., C. S. Dickinson; Sec'y and Treas., C CL 
Speare. Assets $43,706.72. 

Beverly— Beverly. Inc. 1888. Pres., George P. 
Brown; Sec'y, Harrie L. Ober; Treas., cEarles 
F. Lee. Assets $326,335.97. 



Boston— Boston. 53 State Street Inc. 1888. 

Pres., George 6. S. Perkins; aec'y and Treaa., 

George T. Bosson. Asaets $700,000. 
—Dorchester. Inc. 1890. Prea., (vacancy); 

Sec'y and Treas,, Pincknej Holbrook. Assets 


—Enterprise. 271 Meridian Street^ East Bos-' 
ton. Inc. 1888. Prea,, Charles T. Witt; See'y 
and Treas., Horace B. Butler. Assets $593,- 

— Germania. 1176 Columbus Avenue. Inc. 
1885. Pres., Henry Wessling; Seo'y, John G. 
Karle; Treas., Martin Hasenfuss. Assets $362,- 

— Guardian. 36 Bromfield Street Inc. 1886. 

Pres.f Henry P. Oakman; See'y and Treat., 

D. Eldredge. Assets $372,740. 
—Highland. 1117 Columbus Avenue. Inc. 1899. 

Prea.y James P. Clea^T^; Sec'y ^ Frederick W. 

Klemm; Treas., Joseph Engel. Assets $165,- 

—Homestead. 36 Bromfield Street Inc. 1877. 

Pres., Walter H. Boberts; Sec'y and Treat,, 

D. Eldredge. Assets $588,860. 
—Merchants. 19 Milk Street. Pres,, Edward 

W. Howe; Sec'y and Treae., Albert E. DufBll. 

Assets $2,338,229.39. 
— Mount Washington. 445 Broadway, South 

Boston. Inc. 1893. Pree,, Thomas J. Giblin; 

Sec'y and Treas,, John M. Shea. Assets $330,- 

— North Dorchester. No report received. 
— Pioneer. 36 Bromfield Street Inc. 1877. 

Pres., John C. Cook; Sec'y and Treas., D. El- 

dredgo. Assets $405,068. 
— Roslindale. 806 South Street, BoslindhJe. 

Pres., Isaiah B. Hamblen; Sec'y and Treas., 

Edwin A. Babb. Assets $75,000. 
— RoxBURT. 1117 Columbus Avenue. Inc. 1889. 

Pres., Thomas F. Hunt; Sec'y, Frederick W. 

Klemm; Treas., Joseph Engcl Assets $364,- 

— Suffolk. 1010 Tremont Building. Inc. 1886. 

Pres., Charles E. Stumcke; Sec'y and Treas., 

George M. Nav. Assets $65,735.47. 
— Volunteer. 120 Tremont Street Inc. 1887. 

Pres., John J. Delea; Sec'y and Treas., James 

B. Dooley. Assets $850,000. 

— West Roxbury. 27 Kilby Street, Boston. Inc. 
1881. Pres., S. F. Woodman; Sec'y ar^ Treas,, 
Benjamin H. Jones. Assets $600,000. 

— WoRKiNOMEN 's. 101 Tremont Street Inc. 1880. 
Pres., James D. McLellan; Sec'y and Treas., 
Frank E. Bnrbank. Assets $1,900,000 

Bridgewater— Bridoewater. Inc. 1902. Pres., 
S. P. Gates; Sec'y and Treas., Frank E. Gumey. 
Assets $33,755. 

Brockton— Campello. Inc. 1877. Pres., Ed- 
ward H. Keith; Sec'y and Treas., Warren T. 
Copeland. Asseto $550,666.44. 

— Security. Inc. 1877. Pres., Bradford E. 
Jones; Sec'y and Treas., Grant D. Anthony. 
Asets $664,669. 

Brookline— -Brookline. Inc. 1895. Pres., Na- 
thaniel Conant; Sec'y and Treas., Emery B. 
Moore. Assets $273,887.02. 

Cambridge — Reliance. Inc. 1889. Pres., Her- 
man Bird; Sec'y and Treas., Edward W. White. 
Assets $600,000. 

— Columbian. Cambridgeport Inc. 1892. Pres., 
Wm. W. Dallinger; Sec'y ai\d Treas., Herbert 
H. Dyer. Assets $284,052 

Canton — Canton. Inc. 1891. Pres., Joseph W. 
Wattles, Jr.; Sec'y and Treas., Jas. £. Grimes. 

Assets $247,871.21. 

Chelsea — Pbovident. Inc. 1885. Pres., Thomas 
Martin; Sec'y and Treas., Q. Willis Gould. As- 
sets $832,490.11. 

Clinton — Clinton. Inc. 1887. Pres., Charles L. 
Stevens; Sec'y, Walter B. Dame; Treas., Thos. 
S. Davis. 

Danvers — ^Danvers. Inc. 1892. Pres., Jasper 
Marsh; Sec'y and Treas., H. M. Wilkins. As- 
sets $63,144.69. 

Dedham— Dedham. Inc. 1886. Pres., F. F. 
Favor; Sec'y, Francis H. Valentine; Treas., 
Thomas P. Murray. 

East Cambridge — Cambridge. Inc. 1887. Pres., 
Fred A. Ober; Sec'y, John H. Ponce; Treas., 
John Loughrey. 

Easthampton — Hampton. Inc. 1900. Pres., 
Louis N. Dibble; Sec'y, N. Seelye Hitchcock; 
Treas., William L. Pitcher. Assets $71,975. 

Everett — Everett. Inc. 1890. Pres., Charles F. 
Washburn; Sec'y and Treas., Charles E. Jen- 
nings. Assets $110,334.82. 

Fall Biver— Fall Biver. Inc. 1888. Pres., 
Eric W. Borden; Sec'y, Frank E. Westgate; 
Treas., Kodolphus N. Allen. Assets $473,293. 

— Lafayette. Inc. 1882. Pres., John B. Huard; 

Sec'y and Treas., William F. Winter. Assets 

—People's. Inc. 1882. Pres., John H. Estes; 

Sec'y and Treas., Charles H. Durfee. Assets 

—Troy. Inc. 1880. Pres., Jerome C. Borden; 

Sec'y and Treas., George H. Eddy, Jr. Assets 

Fitchburg — Fidelity. Inc. 1888. Pres., Henry 

G. Morse; Sec'y and Treas., W. G. Hayes. 

Assets $1,168,629.05 
—Fitchburg. Inc. 1877. Pres., Wilbur B. Ten- 

ney; Sec'y and Treas., Warner M. Allen. 


Fozboro— FoxBOBO. Inc. 1889. Tres.^ P. A. Pet- 
tee; Sec'y and Trecu., Frederick S. Lane. Aa- 
Bets $244,230. 

Franklin— Dean. Inc. 1889. Pres., Elisha P. 
Chapman; Sec'y and Treat., Orestes T. Doe. 

Gardner — Gaboneb. Inc. 1889. Pres., Louis A. 
Greenwood; Seo'y and Treas., Harrison Green- 

Qloncester — Gloucesteb. Inc. 1887. Pres., Asa 
G. Andrews; Sec'y and Treas., Everett Lane. 
Assets $386,857.40. 

Grafton — Gbapton. Inc. 1887. Pres., Ellsworth 

E. Howe; Sec'y and Treas., Joseph A. Dod^. 
Assets $134,917. 

Great Barrington — Housatonic. Inc. 1889. 
Pres., Nathaniel Warner; Treas., D. C. Killeen. 

Greenfield — Gbebnfield. Inc. 1905. Pres., Wil- 
liam Blake Allen; Sec'y, Frank H. Snow; 
Treas., Perley E. Fay. Assets $34,417. 

Groveland — Gboveland. Inc. 1895. Pres., Ed- 
ward H. Parker; Sec'y and Treas., George 
Mitchell, Jr. Assets $73,000. 

Haverhill — Citizens'. Inc. 1887. Pres., George 
H. Carleton; Sec'y and Treas., James W. 

— Havebhill. Inc. 1877. Pres., James W. Har- 
ris; Sec'y and Treas., William H. Page. As- 
sets $418,000. 

Hlngham— HiNOHAM. Inc. 1889. Pres., Ebed 
L. Ripley; Sec'y and Treas., Walter B. Foster. 

Holbrook — Holbbook. Inc. 1888. Pre*. Willard 

F. Gleason; Sec'y and Treas., George T. Wilde. 
Assets $105,871. 

Holyoke — City. Inc. 1889. Pres., Daniel Proulx; 
Treas., Pierre Bonvouloir. 

— Holyoke. Inc. 1880. Pres., Charles L. New- 
comb; Sec'y and Treas., Frank J. Phelps. As- 
sets $437,529.04. 

Hudson — Hudson. Inc. 1885. Pres., A. T. 

Knight; Sec'y, C. H. Hill; Treas., Savillian 

Arnold. Assets $272,047.67. 
Hyde Park— Hyde Pabk. Inc. 1886. Pres., 

Thomas E. Faunce; Seo'y and Treas., George 

T. Brady. Assets $364,348.82. 

Lawrence— Atlantic. Inc. 1891. Pres., Thos. 

Bevington; iSec'y, Benjamin B. Bradley; Treas., 

William D. Currier. Assets $179,806. 
— Lawbence. Inc. 1888. Pres., John Paisley; 

Sec'y and Treas., William A. Whitney. Assets 

Leominster — ^Leominsteb. Inc. 1888. Pres., 

Joseph P. Holman; Seo'y and Treas., J. Ward 

Healey. Assets $371,950.63. 
Lowell— B. F. Butleb. Inc. 1901. Pres., Fisher 

H. Pearson; Sec'y and Treas., Gardner W. 

Pearson. Assets $12,100.54. 

— Lowell. Inc. 1885. Pres., Artemas B. Wood- 
worth; Seo'y and Treas., William D. Brown. 
Assets $596,121. 

— Middlesex. Inc. 1892. Pres., Jesse H. Shep- 
ard; Sec'y and Treas., William D. Brown. As- 
sets $346,586. 

Lynn — Equitable. Inc. 1877. Pres., Albion 
Bartlett; Sec'y and Treas., Edwin C. Lewis. 
Assets $1,140,135.62. 

—Lynn. Inc. 1891. Pres., Joseph W. Harding; 
Sec'y and Treas., Ralph W. Putnam. Assets 

Maiden— Malden. Inc. 1887. Pre«. Charles A. 
Stiles; Sec'y and Treas., John M. (jorbett. As- 
sets $'580,815.06. 

Mansfield— Mansfield. Inc. 1883. Pres., D. E. 
Harding; Sec'y and Treas., Alfred B. Day. As- 
sets $289,904.62. 

Marblehend — Mabblehead. Inc. 1886. Pres., 
John Lancy; Sec'y and Treas., Benjamin Cole, 
Jr. Assets $131,472.44. 

Marlboro— Mablbobo. Inc. 1890. Pres., Eugene 
O. Brigham; Sec'y and Treas., 0. B. EnsselL 
Assets $203,852. 

Medford— Medfobd. Inc. 1886. Pres., J. Henry 
Norcross; Vice-pres., Lewis H. Levering; Sec'y, 
E. G. Pierce; Treas., James S. Sturtevant As- 
sets $664,752. 

Melrose— Melbose. Inc. 1890. Pres., Levi S. 
Gould; Sec'y, Charles G. Schaedel; Treas., John 
P. DeeriKg. Assets $70,129.16. 

Merrlmac — Economy. Inc. 1889. Pres., George 
G. Larkin; Sec'y and Treas*, Bailey Sargent. 
Assets $.S2,3.50.29. 

Middleboro — ^Middlebobo. Inc. 1889. Pres., W. 
H. Southworth; Sec'y and Treas., Joseph B. 
Beals. Assets $295,000. 

Milford— Milpobd. Inc. 1887. Pres., R. C. El- 
dridge; Sec'y and Treas., Walter F. Mann. 

Assets $410,008. 

Natick — Henby Wilson. Inc. 1886. Pres., John 
B. Adams; Sec'y, Richard Foley; Treas., Har- 
vey H. Whitney. Assets $191,244 

Keedham — Needham. Inc. 1892. Pres., Albert 
E. Miller; Sec'y and Treas., W. G. Moseley. 
Assets $153,143.23. 

New Bedford — Acushnet. Inc. 1889. Pres,, 
Rufus A. Soule; Sec'y, Chas. R. Price; Treas., 
Edgar Lord. Assets $285,872.65. 

—New Bedpoed. Inc. 1881. Pres., Geo. R. Stot- 
son; Sec'y, Charles R. Price; Treas., Edgar 
Lord. Assets $455,351.77. 

Newboryport — Newbubypobt. Inc. 1888. Pres., 
William Herbert Noyes; Sec'y and Treas^ 
George E. Stickney. Assets $335,000. 



Newton (NewtonvlUe) — Newton. Inc. 1888. 
Pf«f., James W. French; Seo'y and TtMt., J. 
Cheever Fuller. Assets $736,692. 

North Abington— NoBTH Abinoton. Inc. 1888. 
Pres,, William C. Brett; Seo'y, Ernest W. Calk- 
ins; Treas., Edward P. Boynton. Assets $275,- 

North Adams — Bebkshise Gountt. Inc. 1890. 
FfM., Carlton T. Phelps; Sec'y and Treat., 
Charles W. Ford. Assets $340,205.99. 

North Dlghton— NoBTH Diohton. Inc. 1890. 
Pres,, Daniel Crotty; Bee'y, Nathaniel B. Lin- 
coln; Treas., £. E. Lincoln. Assets $86,967.54. 

North Easton— North Easton. Inc. 1889. Pre*,, 
L. B. Crockett; Sec'y and Treaa., William H. 
Clements. Assets $156,199.03. 

Northampton — Nobthampton. Inc. 1889. Free., 

L. L. Campbell; Seo'y and Treaa,, H. B. Graves. 

Assets $488,965. 
Norwood — ^NoBwooD. Inc. 1889. Free,, Francis 

O. Winslow; Seo'y and Treaa., Irving 8. Fogg. 

Assets 344,253.59. 

Orange — Obanoe. Inc. 1889. Frea., Frank 8. 
Ewing; Seo'y and Treaa., Elisha & HalL As- 
sets $113,193. 

Peabody— Peabody. Ino. 1888. Frea., P. H. 
O'Connor; Seo'y and Treaa., H. F. Walker. As- 
sets $505,409.40. 

Pittsfteld— Ptttsfield. Inc. 1889. Frea., H. R 
Pierson; Sec'y and Treaa., L. H. (Barnwell. As- 
sets $659,730.18. 

Plymouth — ^Plymouth. Inc. 1882. Prea., Fred. 
D. Bartlett; Sec'y and Treaa., Elmer E. Avery. 
Assets $291,735.98. 

Qnincy — Quincy. Inc. 1889. Frea., John F. 
Welch; Sec'y and Treas., Richard D. Chase. 
Assets $376,986. 

•— Wollaston. Inc. 1889. Frea., Herbert T. 
Whitman; Sec'y and Treas., Herbert W. Pink- 
ham. Assets $460,527.61. 

Bandolph (South Bandolpb) — ^Randolph. Inc. 
1899. Pres., Franklin W, Hayden; Sec'y and 
Treas., Patrick H. McLaughlin. Assets $63,- 

Beading— Beading. Inc. 1886. Pres., Edward H. 
Palmer; Sec'y, Harry P. Bosson; Treas., Ed- 
gar N. Hunt. ABsets $289,702.88. 

Bevere — Revebe. Inc. 1901. Pres., Albert 8. 
Bumham; Sec'y and Treas., Aberdeen H. 
Child. Assets $44,767. 

Salem — ^Rooeb Conant. Inc. 1894. Frea., Pat- 
rick F. Tiemey; Seo'y and Treaa., Carl F. A. 
Morse. Assets $160,070.99. 

—Salem. Inc. 1888. Pres., George W. Picker- 
ing; Sec'y and Treas., Albert C. Mackintire. 
Assets $502,883.45. 

Sandwldi — Sandwich. Inc. 1885. Frea., Ed- 
ward B. Howland; Seo'y and Treaa., Fletcher 
Clark. Assets $114,000. 

SomervlUe — Somebville. Inc. 1880. Frea., J. 
Frank Wellington; Sec'y and Treaa., Daniel 8. 

Famum. Assets $860,000. 

Sonth Frawilngham — South FBAiaNOHAM. Inc. 
1889. Frea., Alfred M. Fames; Sec'y and 
Treas., Harrie L. Davenpoart. Assets $494,385. 

South Woymonth— South Weymouth. Inc. 
1889. Pres., George L. Wentworth; Seo'y, 
Frank H. Richards; Treaa., Ellis J. Pitcher. 
Assets $159,366.66. 

Springfield — Spbinofield. Inc. 1882. Frea., L. 
C. Scheuing; Sec'y, E. S. Batchelder; Treaa., 
Charles H. Churchill. Assets $388,485.71 

Stoneham — Stonehah. Inc. 1887. Frea., Wil- 
liam B. Snow; Seo'y and Treaa., Oeorge N. 
Green. Assets $212,679.46. 

Stougbton — Stouqhton. Inc. 1886. Frea., Wales 
French; Sec'y and Treaa., Henry W. Britton. 

Assets $271,000. 

Taunton — Mechanics. Inc. 1877. Frea., Wil- 
liam H. Lewis; Sec'y and Treaa., Edmrd 8. 
Hersey. Assets $598,000. 

— Taunton. Inc. 1880. Frea., John J. Barker; 

Sec'y, Herbert O. Morse; Treaa., George E. 

Dean. Assets $615,110. 
— Weib. Inc. 1884. Pres., O. G. Thomas; Seo'y, 

Albert H. Tetlow; Treas., T. Preston Burt 

Assets $280,000. 

Templeton (Baldwinsvllle) — BALDwiNSvnjLE. 
Inc. 1889. Pres.^ C. 8. Dickinson; Sec'y and 
Treas., C. C. Spear. 

Wakefield — ^Wakefield. Inc. 1887. Pres., Rich- 
ard S. Stout; Sec'y and Treas., Charles E. 
Walton. Assets $365,000. 

Waltliam— Waltham. Inc. 1880. Frea., Ed- 
ward P. Smith; Seo'y and Treaa., Frank K. 
Porter. Assets $744,175. 

Watertovn — Watebtown. Inc. 1888. Frea., 
Bartlett M. Shaw; Seo'y and Treaa., Samuel 8. 

Gleason. Assets $356,627. 

Waverley — ^Wavebley. Inc. 1896. Frea., Thos. 
W. Davis; Sec'y, Irving F. Munroe; Treaa., 
Ulysses S. Young. Assets $242,229. 

Webster — Websteb. Inc. 1889. Frea., James 
Cocks; Sec'y and Treaa., C. M. Nash. Assets 


Westfield—WESTFiELD. Inc. 1881. Frea., A. W. 
Holton; Sec'y and Treaa., James H. Clark. 

Assets $260,000. 

West Newton— West Newton. Inc. 1892. Frea., 
Charles E. Hatfield; Seo'y and Treaa., Joseph 
A. Symonds. Assets $121,159.28. 



West SomervUle — West Sohskvills. Inc. 1890. 

Prea,, J. Warren Bailey; Seo'y and Treas., O. 

H. Perry. Assets $412,000. 
West Sxiringfield.— West Spsinofield. Ine. 1897. 

Pres., F. H. Bibl^; Seo'y J. C. Worceeter; 

Treas., H. E. Schmuck. Assets $216,644.98. 
Weymoutb— South Shore. Inc. 1890. Pres., 

Charles G. Sheppard; Seo'y and Treas,, Charles 

a. Jordan. Assets $154,844.11. 
WWtman— Whitman. Inc. 1889. Pres,, Julius 

C. Gilbert; Sec'y and Treas,, George D. Soule. 

Assets $241,478.09. 
Winchendon—WiNCHENDON. Inc. 1891. Pres., 

Frederick W. Russell; Sec'y, Waldo C. Cor^; 

Treas., Silas A. Greenwood. Assets $172,218.- 


Winchester— Winchester. Inc. 1893. Pres., 
Ho¥rard D. Nash; Sec'y and Tress., Thomas B. 
Cotter. Assets $207,399. 

Wlnthrop — Winthrop. Inc. 1907. Pres., Ed- 
ward B. Newton; Sec'y and Treas., Almon E. 
Whittemore. Assets $25,087.68. 

Wobum— WoBURN. Inc. 1887. Pres., Jas. Skin- 
ner; Sec'y and Treas., John C. Buck. Assets 

Worcester— Equity. Inc. 1887. Pres., Charles 
L. Gates; Sec'y and Treas., George O. Bridges. 
Assets $625,267. 

—Home. Inc. 1882. Pres., E. H. Towne; Sec'y 
and Treas., George O. Bridges. Assets $659,- 
047. ' 

—Worcester. Inc. 1877. Pres., Stephen C. Earle; 
Sec'y and Treas., George O. Bridges. Assets 

Wrentham— Wrentham. Inc. 1901. Pres., El- 
bridge J. Whitaker; Sec'y and Treas., j'ames 
E. Carpenter. Assets $21,921. 


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Loocington^Independent. Independent Printing Co. 
(Ind.), Saturday. 
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■ Lowell — L'Etolle (French). Leplne A Co. (Rep.). Even. 
— Morning Citizen, (Courier-Citizen Co. (Ind.). Morn. 
— Courier, C^mrler-Cltlzen Co. (Rep.), E^venlng. 
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Lym^^Lynn C^ty Item, H'astings A Sons Pub. Co. 
(Rep.), Friday. 

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Maiden— Evening Mall. Maiden Mail Co. (Ind.). Even. 
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Slarlboro— Enterprise. Enterprise Co. (Local), Morning. 
^ — L'Bstafette, A. Ia Beauchamp (Rep.), Thursday- 
— Tlmee. Tlm«s Pub. Co. (Dem.), Thursday. 
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Melrose News. Frank A. Bayrd (Ind.), Evening. 
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Methnen — Transcript. Methuen Transcript Co. (Ind. 

Rep.), Friday. 
Bflddleboro— Gaaette, Wood A Tlnkham (Ind.). Fri. 

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-Journal, Mllford Journal Co. (Rep.). ITranlng. 
—News, Mllford Dally News Co. (Ind.). Evening. 
MlUbvry— ^Journal. Charles A. Kirtland (Ind.). Friday. 
MUton— Record, C!harles F. Marden (Ind.), Etatturday. 
Monson— Register. Fred E. Cady (Rep.), Saturday. 
Nantacket — Inquirer and Mirror, Roland B. Hussey 

(Ind.), SiLturday. 
Natlok— Bulletin. Geo. C. Fairbanks (Ind.), Friday. 
— Citizen. William T. Howard (Ind.). Wednesday. 
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Needham — Chronicle, Geo. W. Southworth (Local). 
— Recorder, Wm. T. Howard (Ind.), Friday. 
New Bedford — Catholic Union, Catholic Union Pub. Oo. 
(Cath.), Saturday. 
— Christian Meseenifer. Home and Foreign Missionary 

Society (CAiristlan). Friday. 
— E^venlng Standard, E. Anthony A Sons (Rep.>, 

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script, Geo. R. Phillips (Trade), Tuesday. 
Newburyport — Morning Herald, Newburyport Herald 
Co. (Rep.). Morning. 
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Newton — Graphic, J. C. Brimbleoom C^y. (Rep.). Fti. 
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Newton Centi«-^Town Crier, John Temperley (Locca). 

North Ablngton— Plymouth Ck>. Press. Franklin Fab. 

Co., Friday. 
North Adams — Herald, CTharles S. Patteson (Ind.). 
— Transcript, A. W. Hardman (Rep.). Evening. 
— Transcript, A. W. Hardman (Rep.). Thursday. 
Northampton — Hampshire Gazette, Henry S. Gere A 
Sons (Rep.). Evening. 
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North Andover — Enterprise, Chas. H. Driver (Local). 

North Attlebor«^^Evening Clironicle. H. D. Hjont 
(Ind.), ETvening. 


North Brooklleld— Journal. Horace J. Lawrence (Ind.). 

Norwood— Advertiser and Review, BL B. Thomdlke 

(Rep.), Saturday. 
— M««eenger, Ambrose Brothers (Ind.), tetnrday. 
Oak Bluffs— 'Martha's Vineyard Herald, lenders * 

Doane (Ind.). Thursday. 
Onsei— Wareham Times and Onset Bay Advertiser, M. 

M. Copeland (Local). Friday. ., ^ v 

Orange— Elnterprise and Journal, J. 8. Whitman (ind.), 

PUmer— Journal. Charles B. Flske St Oo. (Rep.). FrL 

PIttsfleld— Berkshire County Ba«le. Bagle Pub. Co. 

(Rep.). Wednesday. ,«^ x 

—Berkshire Evening E^le. Sagle Pub. Co. (Rep.). 


—Evening Journal, Journal Printing Co. (Dem.), 

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Plymouth — Observer, Observer Co. (Dem.), Thursday. 
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Randolph — ^Register and Holbrook News, Daniel H. 

Huxford (Local). Saturday. ^ -„, , , 

Raynham— Journal. H, C. Wlthlngton (Rep.), Weekly. 
Beadlar— Chronicle, W. Be A J. F. Twombly (Rep.). 

Reyere— Journal. B. H. Pierce (Rep.), Saturday. 
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(Ind.). Friday. 
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galem— CathoMc Forum, Wm. P. McFarlane (Oath.), 

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(ReD.). Wednesday. ^ ., . 

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Rep.). Friday. ..^.^ 

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South FMunlngham— Evening Newa News Pub. Oo. 

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South ^^SShain-Bnterprise. D. a Keyes (Ind). Fri. 
iSS wS^23^Sun. S. B. Pr^^tt <Local)^ FMday. 
Spencef^-Herald. W. J Heffernan <Soc.K FHday. 

—Leader. W. J. Heffernan (Ind.). Friday. 
Svrtnsfleld— <^lrrent Events, Educational Press Co. 
( £^uca. ) Friday. 
—Herald of Ufe. Life ft Advent Union (Adventlst). 

Wednesday. . „ .. 

— Homestead. Bprlnfrfleld Homestead Newspaper Oo. 

(Society). Wednesday and Saturday. 
—New England Homestead. Orange Judd Co. 

(Agrl.). Saturday. 
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man), Saturday. 
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Stoueham—Ekiterprise, John 8. Lewis (Ind.), 

—Independent. F. L. ft W. Bi WhltUer (Ind.), 
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--Sentinel. U W. Standlsh (Ind-), Saturday. 
I^wnton— Bristol Gounty R«>ub]icaa, Wm. Reed, Jr. 

(Rep.), Friday. . 

— Gaaatta, Wta. BmA, Jr. (Rsp.). Shrenlng. 
—Herald-News, Taunton E>vening News, Inc. (Rep.). 

E^rening. ^^^ ^ 

—-Spy. Samuel D. Dastham (Ind.), Saturday. 
— ^Times, Saturday. 
Tampletom— Recorder, R. William Waterman ft Co. 

(Ind.), Friday. 
Turner's Falia— Reporter, Cecil T. Bagnall (Ind.), 

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(Rep.). Friday. 

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Qo. (Dem.), Saturday. 
— 'Leader, F. A. Lowell, Friday. 
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^are— Ware River News, R. B. C^pron (Ind.), Thurs. 
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Inc (Ind.), Friday. 
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Hatch ft Oo. (Ind.). Friday. 
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Saturday. ^ ._. 

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—News, News Pub. Oo. (Rep.), BTvenlng. 
—News. News Pub. Co. (Rep.), Thursday. 
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Worcester— Bvenlng Gasette. Geo. F. Booth (Rep.). 
Evening. ^ ,, . •>..^ x 

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— L-Opmion ' Publique. Bellsle Printing ft Pub. Co. 

(Rep ) Bvenlng. 
-Messenger. Messenger Printing ft Pub. Co. (C^ath.), 

Saturday. _ , , 

— Nya Oaterns Weckoblad. New Bktftern Weekly 

Pub. Co. (Ind.), Wednesday. 
— Skandinavla (Swedish). Swedish Pub. 0>. (Ind.). 

— Svea. Svea Pub. Co. (Rep.), Wednesday. 
Sunday Telegram. Telegram Newspaper Oo 

(Rep.), Sunday. _ ^ • 

-Telegram, Telegram Newspaper Co. (Rep.), Mom. 

Tamiouthpart — ^Tarmouth Register, C F. Swift ft 

Son (Ind.), Saturday. 


Explanation: — The towns are arranged in alphabetical order. Owing to the fact that ei^ alee- 
tions are held in December, just before the publication of this book, it is necessary for mechanical 
reasons to group the cities ui a section immediately following the town matter, where ihej will be 
found also in alphabetical order. 

Population figures are based on State Census of 1905. 

The presiding ofiicer in lists of Boards and Committees is designated by the letters '*(^" 
after the name. 

Unless otherwise mentioned the post office address of all parties is that of the town name itself. 

The various signs following names of villages are explained as follows: A, Post Office; 0, Tele- 
graph Station; D, Railroad Station; X, Express Office. 

Abbreviations for Express Companies are as foUows: Ad, Adams; Am, American; BL, Boston 
Local; E&P, Earle & Prew; N, National; NTB, New York & Boston. 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 10, 1712. Pop. 
5081. 19 m. southeast of Boston and 18 m. 
northwest of Plymouth on the Plymouth Div. N. 
Y.,N.H.&H.B.R. Electric railway to North Ab- 
ington, Brockton, Whitman and Bockland. 

Villages— AbingtonAOQAdNYBBLX , North 
AbingtonAODAdNYBBLX, West Abington. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Daniel B. Coughlan 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Winslow L. Jones ch, George E. Fair- 
banks, James H. Dwyer, North A, Meet every 
Wednesday evening and on the second Monday, 
9 to 12 a.m.. and on the last Monday from 9 
to 12 a.m. and 2 to 4 p.m., each month. 

Auditors, David TJ. Poole, William E. Lyon, 
North A. 

Treasurer, Granville B. Farrar 

Collector, William H. Naah 

Constables, Frank C. Bates, North A, Hervey B. 
Russell, North A, John D. O'Brien, North A, 
William M. Vining, Frank W. Nash, Thomas 
F. Graham, North A. 

Supt. Streets, Edward J. Rourke 

Water Commissioners, Joseph L. Greenwood ch. 
North A, George A. Beal, Calvin L. Baker 

Park Commissioners, Thomas F. Lydon, Cyrus 
Nelson, Moses N. Arnold, North A. 

Chief Police, John T. Condon, Bockland 

Chief Fire Dept. B. Ernest Wilkes, North A. 

Tree Warden, C. Frederick Shaw, North A. 

Inspector Animals, David Warren 

PabUc Schoohi. 
Committee, Walter P. Hutchinson cK Richard B. 
Rand, North A. William J. Sheehan, North A, 

Supt, Schools, Christie A. Record 
Prtn. High School, Harry A. Blake 
Prins. Grammar Schools, C. Frank Aheam, North 
. Abington; Herman C. Knight. 

Public Library. 

Abington Public Library, Helen M. Hunt lib. 

Trustees, Albert Chamberlin, George A. Beal, 
Catherine F. Coughlan, Jennie C. Lincoln, Alice 
A. Richardson, Helen A. Gleason, North A. 
Georgiana S. Reed, North A. Frank G. Wheat- 
ley, Mrs. M. J. Blanchard 

Branch in North Abington, Gertrude M. Gleason 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. July 3, 1735. Pop. 
2089. 24 m. northwest of Boston on Southern 
Div. B.&M.R.R. (Acton Br.), 3 m. from Concord 
Junction; also on Fitchburg Div. of same road, 
with stations at South and West Acton, and 
Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — ActonA, North ActonAGXlNYBX, 
West ActonAODNX, South ActonAGONX, East 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting last Monday in March 

Clerk, Horace F. Tuttle 

Selectmen, Frank W. Hoit cK South A. James B. 
Tuttie, Bertram D. Hall, West A. Meet first 
and third Thursday evenings of every month 

Auditor, Waldo E. Whitcomb, West A. 

Treasurer, J. K. W. Wetherbee, South A. 

Collector, William F. Stevens, West A, 

Assessors, William F. Stevens, West A. Harry E. 
Clough, South A. James B. Tuttle 



Overseers Poor, Oetavus A. Knowlton, West A. 

William F. Kelley, West A. J. Sterlings Moore, 

South A. 
Constables, James Kinsley, West A, Moses A. Beed, 

West A. Albert & Bradley, South A. 
Boad Commissioners, Albert H. Perkins, West A. 

Anson C. Piper, South A. William H. Kinsley 
Cemetery Committee, Julien Tuttle, Horace F. 

Tuttle, Herbert T. Clark, West A. 
Board Health, F. J. Barker, M.D. ch. F. B. 

Tasker, M.D. West A. 0. J. Williams, Eati A. 
Agent, Moses A. Reed 
Chiefs Fire Dept. William Kinsley, Daniel H. 

Farrar, East A. 
Tree Warden, Charles J. Williams, East A, 
Inspector Animals, Moses A. Beed 

Public Schools. 

Committee, C. J. Williams, ch. East A. Samuel A. 
Christie, South A. Arthur W. Blanchard, W. A. 

Supt. A. B. Webber, Littleton 

Frins. Grammar Schools, Edith Ginns, South 
Acton; Minnie Gamble, Center; Mollie O. Free- 
man, West Acton 

Public Libraries. 

Acton Memorial Library, Arthur F. Davis lib. 

Trustees, Luther Conant pres. Moses Taylor, E. F. 
Conant, Frank R. Knowlton, West A. Charles 
J. Williams, East A. Hiram J. Hapgood, South 
A. Lucien A. Hesselton, South A. Horace F. 
Tuttle, Delette H. Hall, West A. 

Citizens Library, Mrs. H. H. Gardner Ub. West A. 

Trustees, F. C. Nash, C. S. Twitchell, F. B. 
Knowlton, G. C. Wright, Mrs. H. H. Gardner 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Feb. 13, 1860. Pop. 1284. 
5 m. northeast of New Bedford, 48 m. south of 
Boston, and is reached from Acushnet Station (in 
New Bedford), 17 m. southeast of Taunton on 
Northern Div. Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.R. 
Electric railway from Acushnet to New Bedford. 

VfLiiAGES — AcushnetANYBx, Long PlainA. 

Town Ol&cers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Alden White 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Henry F. 

Taber ch. Eben F. Leonard, Geo. T. Parker. 

Meet by appointment 
Auditor, Joseph T. Brownell 
Constables, Sylvester Pratt (civil), Charles P. 

Cottle, John Vincent 
Highway Surveyor, Willaard B. Peckham 
Board Health, Emery E. Cushman, Fred O. Tripp, 

Henry Bartlett 
Agent, Edward W. Ashley 
Tree Warden, Henry Jackson 
Inspector Animals, Fred O. Tripp 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Emery E. Cushman ch. Albert S. Jen- 

ney, F. H. Robinson 
Supt. Frank M. Marsh, Fairhaven 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Yashti M. Crosby; 

Nellie M. Farnsworth, Long Plain 

Public Library. 

Acushnet Free Public Library, Elsie Collins lib. 
Trustees, George J. Parker ch. Emily A. Brownell, 
Annie N. Swift 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Oct. 16, 1778. Pop. 
14,000. 16 m. north of Pittsfleld on Pitts, ft No. 
Adams Br. B.ftA.R.R. Electric railway to North 
Adams, Cheshire, Lanesboro and Pittsfleld. 
Here is located the registry of deeds for the 
Northern District, comprising the towns of 
Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, Hancock, 
Lanesboro, New Ashford, North Adams, Sayoj, 
Williamstown and Windsor. 

Villages — AdamsAGOAmX, Amoldsville, 
RenfrewD, Maple GroveD, ZyloniteACDDAmK, 
Bowen's Comers. 

Town Ol&cers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, F. H. B. Munaon 

Selectmen, Godfrey Sanderson, Horace C. Fifleld, 
A. K. Boone. Meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. 

Auditors, Frank Hanlon, William P. Martin 

Treasurer, Francis E. Mole 

Collector, Henry B. Burdick 

Town Counsel, W. S Merton 

Assessors, Thomas H. Hughes ch. Henry B. Bur- 
dick, John D. Haytree 

Overseers Poor, Selectmen. H. O. Hicks, almoner 

Constables, Henry St. John, John B. Cardonell, 
Daniel Pare 

Supt. Streets, George Shand 

Water Commissioners, Paul Mooney, George B. 
Adams, Frank M. Waters 

Cemetery Committee, Charles F. Sayles, F. E. Mole 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, C. T. Plunkett, John 
J. Daly, James C. Chalmers 

Board Health, Dr. A. Desrochers ch. Dr. Joseph 
H. Choquette, L. A. Weston 

Agent, Arthur Haff 

Chief Police, Thomas Curran 

Chief Fire Dept. Thomas P. Welch 

Tree Warden, John Clancy 

Inspector Animals, Dr. A. G. Potter 

Public 8chool& 

Committee, F. R. Shaw ch. Edwin K. McPeck, E. 
F. Jenks 

Supt. Francis A. Bagnall 

Prin. High School, Howard G. Dibble 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Arthur W. Smith, Lib- 
erty St.; Melville A. Arnold, Renfrew 



PabUc lallnrary. 

Adams Public Library, Lucj C. Bichmond lib, 

Mrs. EUen J. Bucklm (uat. lib. 
Directors, (vacancy) ch, Charles T. Plunkett, 

Charles F. Sajles, Miss Celia Bichmond, Francis 

A. Bagnall, Henry L. Harrington 


In Hampden Co. Inc. May 17, 1855. Pop. 2795. 
103 m. west of Boston and 4 m. from Springfield 
on Springfield Br. Central N.E.B.B. Electric rail- 
way to Springfield, West Springfield, Holyoke, and 
Suffield, Conn. 

ViLLAOES — ^AgawamAAdAnmX, Feeding HiHs 
AOOAdX. Mittineague. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, J. W. Hastings, Feeding Hills 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, James F. Barry, Feeding HUls, George 

H. Beed, Daniel J. Collins, Mittineagtie, Meet 

Fridays 3 p.m. at Feeding Hills 
Auditors, Stephen O. Bussell, Edward A. Kellogg, 

Feeding Hills 
Treasurer and Collector, Judson W. Hastings, 

Feeding Hills 
Constables, James M. Bean, Mittineague, Willis 

C. Campbell, Elmer E. Mclntire, Feeding HUU, 

John F. McCarthy, Feeding HUls, John F. Shea, 

Feeding HUls, Monroe Hayward, Walter E. 

Allen, Jacob Diegel, Edwin M. Hitchcock 
Trustees Whiting Street Fund, Oscar A. Parks, 

Feeding Hills, Samuel S. Bodurtha 
Cemetery Commissioners, Bobert Ely Jr., Edwin 

Leonard, Eugene L. Thompson 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, William H. Granger, 

Feeding HiUs, Wm. H. Porter, John G. Freeland 
Tree Warden, Edwin M. Hitchcock 
Water Commissioners, Henry E. Bodurtha, J. Ar- 

sene Boy, Mittineague, Amos Gosselin 
Inspector Animals, Edwin Leonard 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Clarence H. Granger, Feeding Hills, 
J. Arsene Boy, Mittineague, Fred A. Wor thing- 

Supt, Walter E. Gushee 

Frins. Grammar Schools, Bertha E. Appleton, 
Annie Bichards, Feeding HiUs; Laura C. Har- 
ding, Mittineague 

Pnblic Library. 

Agawam Free Public Library, Emma F. Pyne 
lib. Branch at Feeding Hills and Mittineague 

Trustees, Balph Perry, S. Newell Smith, Feeding 
Hills, Henry L. Tower, Mittineague 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. February, 1773. Pop. 
275. 130 m. from Boston, 19 m. southwest of 
Pittsfield and 4 m. northwest of Great Barrington 
by stage. 

Village — Alf ordAAd x . 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting Monday nearest the 20th of 

Clerk, Henry Ticknor 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Francis M. Church ch, Charles F. Poet, Charles 
A. Vincent. Meet first day of erery month 

Auditor, John M. Dellea 

Treasurer, Frank Kline 

Collector and Cemetery Commissioner, George A. 

Assessors, Walter H. Ticknor ch, Albert B. Hen- 
sell, George A. Ploss 

Constable, Emonroe Eaaland 

Tree Warden, William F. Milligan 

Inspector Animals, George A. Ploss 

Pnbllo Schoolfl. 
Committee, Charles H. Smith, State Line (B. F. 

D,), S. E. MiUard sec, Gt, Barrington (B F. 

D,), John H. Wilcox, State Line (B. F. D.) 
Supt, Frederick F. Williams, West Stockbridge 

Pabllc Library. 
Alford Free Town Library, Urs, Geo. A. Plo« lib, 

Walter H. Ticknor sec, Frank Eline treas. 
Trustees, Sterling Millard ch, William F. Milligan, 

William A. Sporry, Walter H. Ticknor, Lester 

T. Osborne, John H. WUcox, Mrs. Porter Smith, 

Frank Kline 


In Essex Co. Inc. May 27, 1668. Pop. 8840. 
42 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern DIt. BJkM. 
B.B. Electric street raOways to Newburyport^ 
Salisbury, East Salisbury, Merrimac, HaYerhill, 
Seabrook, Hampton, Hampton Beach and Ebceter, 
N. H. 

Villages — AmesburyAODAmBLx, Boeky 
Hill, Salisbury PointAGDAmBLX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, N. E. Collins 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, C. W. Bowell eh, 

John Bowell, Jeremiah J. Beardon. Meet evcrj 

Auditor, John J. Allen 
Treasurer, Porter Sargent 
Collector, George Alien 
Assessors, Bobert G. Patten e^ a D. Morrill, 

George C. Dearborn 



Constables, Edward BoweU, John O'Neily JoMph 

Fitzgerald^ Charles Murray, Fred iTea, Patrick 

Syan, Edward Moiaon 
8upt. Streets, John F. Merrill 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, J. B. Huntington, 

John Currier, Qeorge F. Bagl^ 
Board Health, P. J. Mullen eh, Chariea £. Ken- 

nard, H. 6. Lealie 
Chief Police, Patrick Byan 
Chief Fire Dept. James H. Feltham 
Tree Warden, A. L. Stover 
Inspector Animals, Edward Worthen 

Pnbllo Schoola. 
Committee, George W. Cate eh, Frank Savage, 

Ambrose Walker, Samuel I. CoUina, James R 

Graves, GUbcrt K. West, Thomas H. Chivera, 

Herman Cooper, Edwin J. Gravea 
Supt. Chariea E. Fish 
Prin, High School, Forrest Brown 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Mabel E. Lunt, Whittier 

School; T. Hortense Soper, Bartlett School; 

Nellie F. Sargent, Ordway 

Public Library. 

Amesbury Public Library, Alice C. FoUansbee 
lib, Main St. 

Trustees, George F. Bagley pres, A. M. Hunting- 
ton vice-pres, Edward A. Brown sec, (vacancy), 
E. Bipl^ Sibley, John A. Fitz Hugh, George 
W. Cate, Alex. M. Huntington, Fred W. Merrill 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Feb. 13, 1759. Pop. 
5313. 97 m. from Boston and 7 m. northeast of 
Northampton on New London ft Northern Biv. 
Central Vermont KB. and Mass. Central Div. 
B.ftM.B.B. Electric railway connects the sev- 
eral villages, also Northampton, Hadley, Sunder- 
land and Holyoke. 

YiLLAOES — Amherst AODAmX, No. Amherst A, 
East Amherst, South AmherstAOO, CushmanAD, 
Mill Valley. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, Treasurer and Collector, Charles H. Edwards 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Thomas J. Thurs- 
ton ch, George F. Hobart, William H. Smith. 
Meet every Saturday at 7.30 p.m. 
Auditor, Frank C. Sherwin 

Assessors, Thomas J. Thurston ch. Edwin H. Dick- 
inson, James E. Merrick 
Constables, David H. Tillson (civil), Harvey 

Supt, Streets, Henry L. Ufford 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, L. D. Hills, F. C. 

Sherwin, E. D. Bangs 
Board Health, Dr. H. G. Rockwell ch, Charles H. 

Edwards clerk 
Chief Fire Dept. Harry D. Holland 

Tree Warden, George E. Stone 
Inspector AnimdU, Henry E. Paige 

PnUio Schools. 
Committee, Bev. John F. Gleason eh, Albion B. 

AUen, George L. Henry 
Supt, Audubon L. Hardy 
Prin, High School, Chariea W. Marshall 

PabUe Libraxiaa. 
Amherst Public Library, Mary M. Bobiaon lib. 
North Amherst Public Library 


In Essex Co. Inc. May 22, 1646. Pop.' 6682. 
23 m. north of Boston on Western Div. B.ftM.BJt. 
Electric cars to Lawrence, Beading, Mehrose, Mai- 
den and Boston. 

Villages— AndoverAODAmX, Lowell Junction, 
Ballard ValeACDOAmBLx, Fryfi Village, West 
Andover, West Andover StatioxiD, HaggettaO. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Abraham Marland 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Harry 

M. Fames ch, Walter a Donald, Samuel H. 

Bailey. Meet every Monday at 3 p.m 
Auditors, Charles B. Jenkins, Waiter H. Coleman, 

Nesbit G. Gleason 
Treasurer, George A. Parker 
Collector, George A. Higgins 
Constables, William L. Fxye, John H. Clinton, 

Llewellyn D. Pomeroy, George W. Mears 
Supt, Streets, Milo H. Gould 
Board of Public Works, Felix G. Haynes, BaHard 

Vale, John W. Bell, Lewis T. Hardy, James C. 

Sawyer, Andrew McTernan 
Cemetery Commissioners, John L. Smith, George 

W. Foster, Felix G. Haynes, Charles Greene, 

Oliver W. Vennard, George D. MiUett, John W. 

Park Commissioners, John Nelson Cole, T. Frank 

Pratt, Myron E. Gutterson 
Board Health, Dr. J. A. Leitch eh. Dr. C. E^ Ab- 
bott, Howell F. Wilson, Ballard Vale 
Chief Police, Llewellyn D. Pomeroy 
Chief Fire Dept, Lewis T. Hardy 
Tree Warden, J. Harry Playdon 
Inspector Milk, IVanklin H. Stacy 
Inspector Animals, Charles H. Newton 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Colver J. Stone ch. Burton S. Flagg, 
Thomas David, George T. Eaton, Albert W. 
Lowe, Charles W. Clark, Arthur T. Boutwell, 
Dr. John P. Torrey, William A. Trow 

Supt, Corwin F. Palmer 

Prin, High School, Charles L. Cnrtia 

Prins, Grammar Schools, Anna E. Chase, Stowe 



School; Clara A. Putnam, Bradlee School; An- 
nie Downs, John Dove School 

Public Libraries. 
Memorial Hall Library, Edna A. Brown lib, 
Tnuteea, Joseph W. Smith, Francis H. Johnson, 
E. Kendall Jenkins, Joseph A. Smart, Frederic 
S. Boutwell, John Alden, G. G. Garpenter 
Theological Seminary Library, Wm. L. Hopes M. 


In Middlesex Go. Originally incorporated in 1807 
as West Gambridge; <£anged to Arlington Apr. 
13, 18(7. Pop. 9668. 6 m. northwest of Boston 
on Sonthem Div. B.&M.B.B. Electric railway to 
Arlington Heights, Lexington, Winchester, Gam- 
bridge, Boston and Medf ord. 

Villages — ArlingtonACDQAmBLx, Arlington 
HeightsACDDAmBLX, Brattle StationO, Lake 

^own Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
ClerJc, Thomas J. Bobinson 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, S. Fred Hicks cK 

Fred S. Mead, J. Howell Grosby. Meet every 

Saturday evening 
Auditor, Elbert L. Ghurchill 
Treasurer, William A. Muller 
Collector, Harvey S. Sears 
Assessors, L. D. Bradley ch. Omar W. Whittemore, 

Philip A. Hendricks 
Constables, Thomas O. D. Urquhart, John Duffy, 

Joseph E. Whitten (civil), D. M. Hooley (civil), 

Gkuritt Barry (civil), Gharles F. Donahoe 
Supt, Streets, Robert W. Pond 
Board Publie Works, Peter Schwamb eh, Henry W. 

Hayes, William N. Winn 
Cemetery Trustees, W. A. Peirce eh. Gfeo. G. Allen, 

J. E. Kimball, T. J. Robinson clerk 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Wm. G. Peck ch. 

A. D. Hoitt, Theodore Schwamb 
Park Commissioners, ChsB. H. Gannett ch. Wm. E. 

Lloyd, Bert Houghton 
Board Health, John & Lamson ch. Dr. G. F. 

Atwood, Dr. L. L. Peirce 
Chief Police, Thomas O. D. Urquhart 
Chief Fire Dept. Gharles (Jott 
Tree Warden, A. Foster Brooks 
Inspector Animals, Lawrence L. Pierce 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Walter Mooers ch. Mrs. Hattie F. 
Hornblower, Edward W. (Joodwin, Daniel Wy- 
man, John A. Bishop, Lindsey K. Foster, Her- 
bert W. BawBon, William H. McLellan, Ida F. 

Supt. John F. Scully 

PHn. High School, Ira W. Holt 

Print. Grammar Schools, Harriet P. Ryder, Bus- 
sell School; Mary F. Scanlan, Grosby School; 

Jennie A. Ghaplin, Gutter School; Martha Went- 

worth, Locke School; Susan F. Wiley, Parmenter 


Public Library. 
Bobbins Library, Elizabeth J. Newton lib. 
Trustees, Samuel G. Bushnell ch. E. Nelson Blake, 

G. A. Keegan, M.D., Cjtub E. Dallin, James P. 

Parmenter, A. J. Wellington 
Branch Library at Arlington Heights, Miss M. 

Macie Seabury lib, 


In Worcester Go. Inc. Feb. 22, 1765. Pop. 
1851. 60 m. from Boston, 30 m. from Worcester, 
and 10 m. northwest of Fitchburg, South Ashbum- 
ham being on the Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B., 
North Ashburnham on the Gheshire Br. of same, 
and Ashburnham on the Ashburnham Br. 2 m. 
from South Ashburnham. 

Villages — ^AshburnhamAOON x , Burrageville, 
Factory Village, Lane Village, South Ash- 
burnhamAODAmNX, North AshbumhamAGXDAm 
X, Factory Village, North Ashburnham Sta- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meetinp^ first Monday in March 
Clerk, Walton B. Whitney 
Selectmen and Board Health, Albert Needham ch. 

Frank L. Hardy sec. H. O. Elliott, South A, 

Meet last Monday of each month 
Auditor, Moses P. Greenwood 
Treasurer, Fred D. Lane 
Collector, W. N. Wood 
Assessors, Henry G. Newell ch. Samuel Shapleigh, 

W. Henry Willard, South A. 
Overseers Poor, Nathan T. Wheeler ch. John T. 

Withington, South A. Sunuel Shapleigh 
Constables, Richard Doolan (civil), Elmer W. Rus- 
sell, South A. G. A. Billings 
Highway Commissions, Elmer W. Bussell 
Supt. Water Works, Herbert G. Howard 
Cemetery Commissioners, L. B. Adams, Thomas 

W. Jones, F. B. Gilson 
Chief Fire Dept. and Tree Warden, G. A. Billings 
Inspector Animals, James F. Hare 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Mrs. A. E. Merritt ch. Elmer G. Foe- 

gate sec. Ethel Whitn^ 
Supt. W. B. Sprague, Winchendon 
Prin. High School, Hervey 8. Gowell 
Prin. Chrammar School, Harold L. Ford 

Pabllc Library. 

Public Library, Lona M. Davis lib. 

Branch Library, South Ashburnham, Mrs. F. Z. 
Howe lib. 

Trustees, Fred D. Lane ch. Walton B. Whitney, 
Walter O. Parker, Helen M. Greenwood, Mary 
S. Barrett, Emeline J. Whitney, South A. 



In Middlesex Co. Inc. Mar. 6, 1767. Pop. 
865. Beached hj stage from West Townsend (4iil) 
on F JLB. 

ViLLAOBS— ABhb7AONX, Mill Village. 

Town Oflleen. 

Anniial town meeting first Tuesday in March 

Cleric, Walter J. Smith 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
EeaUh, Edwin A. Hubbard ch, C. 0. Damon, 
juUiis K. Gates. Meet last Satnrdaj afternoon 
of each month 

Auditor, Charles W. Loomis 

Treasurer, Julius K. Gates 

Collector, W. H. Sehenek 

Constables, Daniel Taylor, Fred W. Dayis 

Highway Surveyors, Charles W. Pillsbury, J. H. 
Haywardy Ivors H. Brooks, Charles Lawrence, 
John Elliott, Daniel Gillis, Frank E. Green, 
John E. Godding, James P. Bichards, Henry 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, David H. Damon, 
Horace S. Brooks, H. R Foster 

Chief Fire Dept. William S. Green 

Tree Warden, Henry A. Lawrence 

Inspector Animals, C. C. Damon 

PnbUo Schools. 
Committee, Harlow B. Foster ch. Lewis E. Wilkin- 
son, C. F. Bntterfield, C. F. Hayward, David 
Taylor, Joel N. Davis, Fred E. Brooks, Charles 
L. Stone, Amos A. Blanchard 
Supt. Fairfield Whitn^, Townsend 
Prin. High School, Theodore H. Bacon 
Prin. Grammar School, Mabel F. Brown 

Public Library. 

Ashby Town Library, Miss Eliza A. Kendall lib. 
Trustees, Harlow B. Foster ch. Ada A. Damon 

sec. and treas., Mrs. Mary G. Lyman, Mrs. 

Martha F. Hubbard, Mrs. Augusta H. Wright, 

Ida F. Damon, Edwin Chapman, Alonzo A. Carr, 

George S. Shaw 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 21, 1765. Pop. 959. 
135 m. from Boston and 18 m. southwest of Green- 
field; stage to Shelburne Falls (9m.) and stage 
to Conway (6m.), there to intersect electric rail- 

YnxAOKS — AahfleldA, Watson, South Ashfield, 
Spruce Comer. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, John M. Sears 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, F. H. Smith ch. A. G. Howes, H. P. 

Auditor, Charles A. Hall 

Treasurer, John M. Sears 

Collector and Constable, Albert W. Crafts Jr. 

Supt. Streets, Arthur L. Williams 

Tree Warden, Alvah W. Howes 

Inspector Animais, Charles Howes 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Gheorge B. Church eh, Mrs. C. K. Gard- 
ner, Mrs. May d Boise 
Supt. C. L. Jndkins 
Prill. High Sehoci, Nahum Leonard 

Pnbllc UbraxT. 
Ashfield LIbraxy Association, Mrs. Maad C. Dyer 

Directors, John M. Sears pres. F. G. Howes sec. 

and treas. G. B. Church, A. G. Howes, Mrs. W. 

E. Ford, Charles Lilly 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Mar. 16, 1846. Pop. 
1597. 24 m. west of Boston on B.&A.B.B. and 
Franklin ft Ashland Br., Midland Div., N.Y.,N.H. 
&H.B.B. Electric railway to South Framingham 
and Hopkinton. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, W. G. Whittemore 
Selectmen and Board Health, Henry K Warren o^. 

Eugene L. Clark, Frank A. Morse. Meet every 

Auditor, Edward T. Billings 
Treasurer, Franklin Enslin 
Collector, Charles S. Brewer 
Assessors, Charles E. Bardwell eh. George J. 

Dearth, Edward F. Blake 
Overseers Poor, George E. Whittemore ch. Albert 

W. Fames, H. H. Piper 
Constables, Dana M. WenzeU, F. O. Johnson, Harry 

Supt. Streets, Dana M. Wenzell 
Trustees Wildwood Cemetery, Franklin Enslin, 

Channing F. Grout, 8. Augustus Davis, Abner 

Greenwood, Bussell A. Greenwood 
Park Commissioners, James C. Metcalf , Leroy At- 

wood, Estes B. Carpenter 
Chief Fire Dept. Herbert H. Piper 
Tree Warden, Franklin Enslin 
Inspector Animals, George J. Dearth 

Pnbllc Schools. 

Committee, Eugene L. Clark eh. Granville C. 
Fiske, Amasa S. Barnes 

Supt. Victor V. Thompson 

Prill. High School, Clarence L. Barton 

Prin. Grammar School, Miss E. Provan 
Public Library. 

Ashland Public Library 

Trustees, George T. Higley, Victor V. Thompson, 
William H. Twiss, Mrs. M. V. Houghton, Mrs, 
H. H. Piper, Mrs. Jennie T. Abbott 




In Worcester Co. Inc. March 6, 1762. Pop. 
7197. 44 m. northwest of Worcester, 82 m. west 
of Boston on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B., and at 
terminus Athol Br. of B.&A.B.B. Electric rail- 
way to Orange. 

Villages— Athol AODAmNX, Athol Centre AO 
DAmNX, South AtholAGXJAmX, Bagleville, 
Partridgeville, Pinedale, Fryville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, George H. Foye 

SOeotmen, Daniel P. Kimball ch. William H. Mel- 
lon, Herbert L. Hapgood. Meet every Sat. at 2 

Auditors, William K. Wheeler, Clarence E. Deane 

Trectswrer, Lucien Lord 

Collector, Emmett L. Worrick 

Assessors, H. L. Hapgood ch. Everett Sawyer, 
Lucien Lord 

Overseers Poor, William H. Mellen ch. William Q. 
Lord, Andrew J. Lawton 

Constables, Frank W. Bannon, Charles Gray, John 
B. Jacques 

Surveyors of Highways, William H. Mellen ch. 
Daniel P. Kimball, Herbert L. Hapgood 

8upt. Streets, William H. Mellen 

Sinking Fund Commissioners ^ Thomas H. Good- 
speed, Bobert Brookhouse, Parke B. Swift 

Sewer Commissioners, H. L. Hapgood ch. Lucien 
Lord, Lilley B. Caswell 

Cemetery Commissioners, Andrew J. Hamilton, 
James F. Higgins, William H. Mellen, Dr. Jas. 
Oliver, L. M. Wellman 

Board Health, A. J. Lawton ch. William H. Brock, 
Dr. C. H. Forbes 

Chief Fire Dept. James H. McDonald 

Tree Warden, George A. Whitney 

Inspector Animals, John H. Meany 

Pablic Schools. 

Committee, Fred W. Lord ch, Fred H. Lee see. 
Dr. C. H. Forbes, Almond Smith, A. J. Bay- 
mond, W. S. Hinman 

Supt. W. Scott Ward 

Prin. High School, Ernest L. Collins 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Isabelle DuflPy, Main 
St.; S. Lorena Ahern, Lake Park; Helen B. 
Jamieson, Highland; F. S. Hamilton, new Gram- 
mar School 

Public Library. 

Athol Public Library, May A. Cook lib. 
Trustees, Fred W. Lord ch. L. B. Caswell, Sarah 

L. Smith, A. F. Hamilton, F. W. Derby, Mrs. 

Will Hinman 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Oct. 19, 1694. Pop. 12,702. 
32 m. southwest of Boston, on Prov. Div., and 
11 m. northwest of Taunton on Taunton Div. 
Old Colony Sys. Electric railways to North At- 
tleboro, Attleboro Falls, Bobinsonyille, Dodge> 
ville, Hebronville, and Pawtucket, B. I.; also to 
Chartley and Norton and Taunton via Briggs 

Villages — AttleboroAODE&Px, Dodgeville 
AD, HebronvilleAD, Briggs Comer, South Attle- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Frank I. Babcock 
Selectmen and Street Commissioners, Geo. M. Wor- 

rall ch. Millard F. Ashley, George A. Sweeney. 

Meet every Wednesday evening 
Auditors, B. F. Lindsey, William L. Elliot, Fred- 
erick L. Le Baron 
Collector, Samuel M. Holman 
Assessors, George M. Worrall ch. Harry E. Car- 
penter, Fred L. Towey 
Overseers Poor, Benjamin P. King ch. Joseph V. 

Curran, George M. Gustin 
Constables, George F. Ide, HebronviUe, John H. 

Nerney (civil), Franklin H. Bonney, William E. 

Dunham, South A. Charles F. Wilbur, Arthur F. 

Gaffney, Charles E. Biley, John Bora, Ernest G. 

Hempel, William D. Norwood 
Water Commissioners, David E. Makepeace, Geo. 

H. Snell, William M. Stone 
Park Commissioners, Karl H. .Hyde, Charles E. 

Bliss, Solon D. Bushee 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Everett S. Horton, 

Charles E. Bliss, Fred G. Mason 
Board Health, Charles S. Holden ch. George K. 

Roberts, William O. Hewitt . 
Night Police, Arthur F. Gaffney, Franklin H. 

Chief Fire Dept. Hiram B. Packard 
Inspector AnimcUs, Caleb E. Parmenter 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Walter J. Newman ch. Mrs. Emily L. 
Bichardson, Dr. George K. Boberts, Benj. P. 
King, Thomas G. Sadler, Harvey E. Clapp, Mrs. 
Florence B. Theobald, Mrs. Evangeline C. Mer- 
jritt, Harold E. Sweet 

Supt. Lewis A. Fales 

Prin. High School, Wilbur D. Gilpatric 

Prin. Grammar Schools, Clarence H. Jones, San- 
ford School; Perley B. Reid, Bichardson School 

Public Library. 
Attleboro Public Library, (vacancy) lib. 
Trustees, Everett S. Horton ch. C. S. Holden, J. 
L. Sweet, Mrs. A. M. Wales, Mrs. Irene T. 
Hill, Charles H. Wheeler, Mark E. Bowe, Mrs. 
I Eleanor S. Carpenter, G. St J. Sheffield 




In Worcester Co. Inc. as town of Ward, 1778; 
name changed to Auburn, 1837. Pop. 2006. 5 m. 
southwest of Worcester, on the Shore Line Div. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.R., Electric railways to Worces- 
ter, Oxford Webster, Charlton and Southbridge. 

Villages — ^Auburn Centre A, Aubnm StationD, 
Pondville, StonevilleD, West AubumA, Webster 
JunctionO, MaywoodO. 

Town Offlcers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, E. H. Newton. 
Specimen and Overaeera Poor, W, A* Warren ch. 

West A. William D. Murphy, Charles J. Wilder. 

Meet first Saturday in every month 
Auditor, J. H, Prouty 
Treasurer, Henry H. Whitney 
Collector, E. L. Bancroft 
Assessors, WiUiam P. Stone ch. Arthur N. Pond, 

S. H. Warren, West A, 
Constables, Gustaf Soderlund, Arthur W. Sibley, 

J. Nelson Hilton 
Highway Surveyor W. A. Warren, West A, 
Board Health, Fred Townsend, John J. Allen, 

Jos. T. Breault ^ 
Tree Warden, John J. Allen 
Inspector Animals, Andrew C. Thayer 

Public Scbools. 
Committee, William T. Duirall oh. Mrs. Jufia F. 

Bancroft sec, John B. Thayer 
8upt, Frank H. Benedict 
Trin, Grammar School, Grace H. Henderson 

Pnblic Ubrary. 
Auburn Free Public Library, Abby B. Shute lib. 
Trustees, Alice Chapin, Ida L. Eaton, J. G. 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Feb. 21, 1888. Pop. 1901. 
17 m. south of Boston, 4 m. from Brockton on 
Plymouth Div. Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 
Street railway to Randolph and Brockton. 

Villages— A vonAODNYBx, Highland Park. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Tuesday in March 

Clerk, John J. Collins 

Selectmen, Assessors, Street Commissioners and 
Overseers Poor, John T. Dolan ch. Wm. W. 
Littlefield, C. Dexter Dunbar. Meet every Tues- 
day evening 

Auditors, T. Everett Hunt, Frank Crane 

Treasurer, I. Lawrence Blanchard 

Collector, O. C. Stockwell 

Constables, E. Walter Packard, Clarence W. Oliver 

Water Commissioners, F. P. McNiff, Godfrey 
Knight^ John J. Collins 

Board Health, Edwin P. Linfield ch. Richard A. 
Elliott, Raymond W. Higgins 

Chief Fire Dept. Alva M. Butler 
Tree Warden, William Salmon 
Inspector Animals, Royal Howland 

Pnblio Schools. 
Committee, P. E. McGonnigle ch. E. P. Noyes, 

E. T. Packard 
Supt. Watson C. Lea 
Prin. High School, W. S. Dunn 
Prin. Grammar School, Maud B. Kennerson 

Pnblic laibrary. 

Avon Public Library, Matthew Smith lib. 
Trustees, John V. Creamer, D. Fred Doherty, H. 
Wallace Blanchard 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Feb. 14, 1871. Pop. 
2711. 36 m. northwest of Boston on Fitchburg 
Div. B.ftM.R.R., also junction Southern Div. and 
Worcester, Nashua & Portland Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages— AyerACDDAmNBLx, WiUowsD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, Arthur Fenner 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Thomas F. Mullin 

ch. Edward It. Richardson, Douglas C. Smith. 

Meet first Monday in every month 
Auditors, Charles A. McCarthy, Joseph P. Mullin, 

Guy B. Remick 
Treasurer, Elisha D. Stone 
Collector, Charles W. Mason 
Assessors, Fred W. Hosmer, William R. Bums, 

Charles W. Mason 
Constables, Henry C. Sherwin (civil), Albert A. 

Fillebrown, Douglas C. Smith, Jas. H. O'Connell 
Supt. Streets, Douglas C. Smith 
Water Commissioners, Frederick Whitney, Edward 

O. Proctor, William Brown 
Park Commissioners, L. A. Carman, Thomas L. 

Fisher, James J. McGuane 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Oliver K. Pierce, 

William Brown, Edward O. Harlow 
Board Health, Edward E. Sawyer, Bertrand H. 

Hopkins, Frank S. Bulkel^ 
Agent, Arthur Fenner 
Chief Police, A. Q. Thayer 
Chief Fire Dept. Albert A. Fillebrown 
Inspector Animals, William E. Wheeler 
Tree Warden, Loring A. Carman 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, George H. Brown ch. George J. Burns, 

William N. Cowles, M.D. 
Supt. Ernest P. Carr 
Prin. High School, H. L. Whitman 

Pnblic Library. 
Ayer Public Library, S. Adelaide Blood lib. 
Trustees, Hope J. Cowles ch. George J. Burns, 



George A. Sanderson, Patrick Donlon, William 
U. Bherwin, John H. Whitcomb, Hnntley 8. 
Tnmer, John E. ParsonSy George H. Brown 


Gonntj seat of Barnstable County. Inc. Sept. 
3, 1639. Pop. 4336. 75 m. southeast of Boston 
on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages— Barnstable AGXDNYBX, West Barn- 
stable AGONYB X , HyannisAODNYB X , Hyan- 
nisportAy CentervilleA, OsteryilleA, Marston's 
MillsA, SantnitA, CotuitA, CraigvilleA, Wianno 
A, South HyannisA, CummaquidA. 

Town OflLcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treaawer, B.enTj M. Parker, Osterville 

Selectmen, Edgar W. Lovell ch, Santuit, Alex- 
ander G. Cuh, Hyannie, Howard N. Parker, 
West B. Meet first Saturday of each month 

AudUon, Dr. E. G. Hinckl^, Hyannis, John Burs- 
ley, West B. Albert F. Edson 

Collector, J. P. H. Bassett, Hyannia 

Assessors, Alexander G. Cash ch. Eyannis, Edgar 
W. LoTell, Santuit, Howard N. Parker, West B. 

Overseers Poor, Howard N. Parker ch. West B. 
Alexander G. Cash, Eyannis, Edgar W. Lovell, 

Constables, J. J. Harlow, Santuit, C. L. Baker, 
Osterville, John S. Bearse, Eyannis, J. P. H. 
Bassett, Eyannis, Samuel N. Ames, OsterviUe, 
Gilbert S. Jenkins, West B. Stephen C. Lewis^ 
C. E. Jenkins, West B, Alexander S. Childs, 
Cotuit, Charles E. Hinckley, Osterville, Edward 
C. Hinckley, Eyannis, Nathaniel Crocker, Cen- 

Surveyor of Eighways, Wendell F. Nickerson, 

Board Eealth, J. Hayden Higgins ch. Marston's 
Mills, Charles E. Harris, Eyannis, Charles W. 
Milliken, Eyannis 

Agent, Charles W. Milliken, Eyannis 

Tree Warden, Harzy W. Bodfish 

Inspector Animals, J. J. Maloney 

Public Schools. 

Committee, J. Milton Leonard ch. Osterville, Chas. 
C. Paine, Z. H. Jenkins 

Supt. George H. Galger, Eyannis 

Prins. Eigh Schools, L. M. Boody, Hyannis; J. C. 
Hall, Cotuit 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Allen B. Doty, Barnsta- 
ble; E. L. Perrin, West Barnstable; C. L. Hall, 
Cotuit; S. W. Ferguson, Osterville; A. H. 
Stowe, Hyannis; Zemina Baker, Centerville 

Public libraries. 
Sturgis Library, Elizabeth C. Nye lib. 
Trustees, Mrs. Anne M. Lothrop, Mrs. George B. 
Agassiz, Dr. William Sturgis Bigelow 

Centerville Free Public Library, Eunice Hallett 

President, Chester M. Bearse 
Cotuit Public Library, Adeline F. Bearse lib. 
Trustees, J. E. Bothwell, Mrs. Collidge, J. A. 

Morse^ Mrs. J. A. Morse^ Mrs. Celia Baker, Mrs. 

Wdlliam H. Lrwin 
Hyannis Public Library, Elfiida J. Bradford lib. 
Trustees, Dr. C. E. Harris, G. H. Galger, Mrs. 

Grace B. Hallett 
Marston's Mills Free Public Library 
Osterville Free Public Library, Mrs. Mary B. 

Crocker lib. 
Trustees, William L. Garrison, Boston, Ella J. 

Hill, Boston, Henry M. Parker, Mrs. T. H. 

Ames, Mrs. E. S. Fuller, Horace S. Parker, Mrs. 

Lydia D. Wellington, Newton 
West Barnstable Library 


In Worcester Co. Lie. June 17, 1774. Pop. 
2600. 21 m. northwest of Worcester; 61 m. west 
of Boston on Mass. Central Div. B.ftM.B.R. and 
Ware Biver Br. B.ftA.B.B.;* stage connections 
with Petersham (7 m.) and Barre Center (3 m.). 

Villages — ^BarreAOAmX, Barre PlainsAGXH 
AmX, White ValleyA, Heald Village, South 
BarreAy Bider Village, Bice Village, Mill Village, 
Barre Falls, BogueA, Harwood's, Barre StationO, 
Coldbrook StationO. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

ClerJc, W. B. Spooner 

Selectmeny -Charles £. Haven ch. James A. Bice, 

James E. Holden. Meet first and last Saturdaya 

of each month 
Auditor, Harry A. Irish 
Treasurer, Frank A. Eich 
Collector, Daniel H. Bice 
Assessors, Matthew Walker ch, James E. Holden, 

George N. Harwood 
Overseers Poor, M. H. Bacon, J. L. Smith, C. E. 

Constables, S. S. Williams, Pliny H. Babbitt, 

Chas. H. Follansby, D. H. Bice, F. E. Williams, 

L. Dansereau, White Valley, E. C. Marsh, H. L. 

Bellows, B. Plains, W. F. Brennan, John Scott, 

South B. 
Cemetery Commissioners, Austin F. Adams, Daniel 

G. Harwood, S. E. Smith 
Water Commissioners, George W. Cook, G. F. At- 

wood, C. H. Follansby 
Board Eealth, F. E. Williams e^ Dr. L. B. Wood, 

Dr. C. H. Paquin 
Chief Fire Dept. C. H. Follansby 
Tree Warden, George B. Simonds 
Inspector Animals, Charles Paquin, Jr. 



PabUc Schools. 
Committee, Dr. Geo. A. Brown ch. Harding Allen, 

George H. Miner 
Supt. A. O. Tower 
Prin. High School, Charles L. Randall 

Pnblic library. 
Banre Town Library, Carrie E. Read Ub, 
TfUKtees, George A. Brown, T. P. Root, Charles L. 

Randall, Miss Lacy Rice, Minerva Bailey, Cf. H. 



In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 21, 1765. Pop. 890. 
16 m. southeast of Pittsfield on B.ftA. Div. N.Y. 

YiLiiAOES — ^BecketAGDAmX, West BecketA, 
Becket CenterA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting in March or April, at 

option of Selectmen 
Clerk, Treaswrer and Tree Warden, Omri S. Willis 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Henry 

A. Jennings ch. Norman Shannon, Herbert E. 
Pomeroy. Meet 4th of each month 

Auditor, William H. Snow 

Collector, Henry A. Jennings 

ConstdbUs, William J. Cross, Clement Laurent, 

Wegt B. 
Cemetery Commissioners, Albert C. Andrews, West 

B. Charles A. Lester, Charles E. Lyman 
Board Health, Edwin Lee ch. William H. Bobbins, 

Inspector Animals, Herbert E. Pomeroy 

Public Schools. 
Committee, William Mitchell ch. Chester, Howard 

R. Molineanx sec, Fred N. Broga, West B. 
Supt. W. H. Sanderson, Chester 
Public Library. 
Becket Athenaeum, Eliza Millard lil). 
Trustees, Omri S. Willis ch. Henry A. Jennings, 

Charles E. Lyman, Miss S. C. Snow, George W. 

Wheeler, Howard B. Molineaux, Mary A. 

Church, Joseph C. Ballou 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Sept. 23. 1729. Pop. 
1208. 12 m. south of Lowell on Southern Div. 
B.&M.R.R., 15 m. from Boston and 14 m. from 
East Cambridge. Electric railway to Billerica, 
Lowell, Concord and Boston. 

Villages — BedfordAG)DAmBLx, Bedford 
SpringsO, West BedfordD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Abram E. Brown 
Selectmen and Board Health, Irving L. Hodgdon 

ch. George M. Dimond, Howard D. Skelton. 

Meet second and fourth Saturday evenings 

Auditor, Wallace G. Webber 

Treasurer, George Arthur Skelton 

Collector, A. Elmer Blake 

Assessors, Irving L. Hodgdon ch. William G. 
Hartwell, Willis G. Lane 

Overseers Poor, W. G. Hartwell eh. William D. 
Hughes sec. Charles E. Williams 

Constables, Charles A. Walter, Edward Walsh 
(civil), A. Elmer Blake (civil), Charles Wil- 
liams, John Q. Blake, Edw. P. Keeley 

Highway Surveyor, D. L. B. Pitch 

Cemetery Commissioners, C. W. Jenks, Abram 
E. Brown, George R. Blinn 

Park Commissioners, E. G. Loomis, Dr. Stephen A. 

Chief Fire Dept. A. Ebner Blake 

Tree Warden, Clharles W. Jenks 

Inspector Animals, Charles H. Wood 

Public flcbools. 
Committee, Ernest H. Hosmer ch. Elihu G. Loomis, 

Mrs. Winifred B. T. Simonds 
Supt. William N. Oagin 

Pnblic Library. 
Bedford Free Public Library, Miss Fannie A. 

Wood lib. Clara H. Hartwell asst. Jib. 
Trustees, George R. Blinn, Charles W. Jenks, 

Abram B. Brown, Elihu G. Loomis, Irving L. 

Hodgdon, Ernest H. Hosmer, Rev. David C. 

Torrey, Rev. P. J. Kavanaugh, Rev. Loren 



In Hampshire Co. Inc. June 30, 1761. Pop. 
2088. 16 m. east of Northampton on Central 
Mass. Div. B.&M.R.R. and New London & 
Northern Div. Central Vermont R.R. 

Villages — BelchertownAGOAmX, Barrett's 
.TunctionGOAmX, DwightAODAmX, Tylerville, 
Pansy Park. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Arthur Bridgman 
Selectmen^ Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

Nelson Randall ch. D. D. Ha«en, E. C. Witt 

Meet first day of every month 
Auditor, Guy C. Allen 
Collector, Arthur E. Pease 
Assessors, Guy C. Allen Jr. Almon L. Pratt, Prank 

B. Alden 
Constables, Myron S. Barton (civil), M. F. Austin 

Ist, Guy C. Allen Jr. Charles A. Marsh, L. W. 

Supt. Streets, Fred Fuller 
Cemetery Commissioners, Edgar S. Lane, A. H. 

Hubbard, Homer Pratt 
Chief Fire Dept. L. M. Dillon 
Tree Warden, Everett Howard 
Inspector Animals, Joseph R. Gould 



Public Schools. 
Committee, G. H. B. Green ch. Dr. 8. M. Perry, 

Mrs. Maria D. 8. Longley 
8upt. G. r. Ellinwood 
PHn, High School, E. C. Polk 

Public Library. 
Clapp Memorial Library, Lydia A. Barton lib. 
Trustees, D. P. Clapp pres. Mra. M. D. 8. Long- 
ley v.'pres. and aec. W. B. Hill treas. Eev. P. W. 
Lyman, Ejiight L. Clapp, M. 8. Barton, Chair- 
man Selectmen, ez-officio 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Nov. 27, 1719. Pop. 
1686. 31^ m. Bonthwest of Boston, 20 m. from 
Dedham and 3^m. southeast of Milford, on 
Midland Div. N.Y.^.H.&H.R.R. Electric rail- 
way to Caryville, Franklin, Milford, Medway 
and Woonsocket. 

Villages— BellinghamAOn Ad x , North Bell- 
inghamACDDAdx, Caryville A, 8outh Bellingham 
ODNYBX, Rakeville, Crimpville, Crooks, Bell- 
ingham JunctionO. 

Toim Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric and Tree Warden, Henry A. Whitney 
Selectmen, Highway Commissioners and Board 

Health, Carroll E. White ch. Michael F. Ryan, 

North B. Henry W. Pickering, Woonsocket, 

B. 7. R.F.D. Meet first Saturday in month 
Auditor, N. W. Sanborn 
Treasurer, L. Francis Thayer 
Collector, Walter H. Thayer 
AssejtsorSf Orville C. Rhodes ch. South B. Carroll 

E. White, Charles 8. Carter, CaryvUle 
Overseers Poor, Otto L. Bullard ch. North B. H. 

W. Pickering, WoonsocJcet, B. I. Fred A. Sher- 

Constables, Edwin M. Bennett, Caryville, Walter 

H. Thayer, Hiram E. Crooks, Woonsocket, B. I, 

(B. F. D.) 
Cemetery Commissioners, S. Fred Metcalf, North 

B. Orville C. Rhodes, Woonsocket, B. I. Henry 

A. Whitney 

Inspector Animals, Carroll E. White 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Clarence A. Crooks ch. Woonsocket, 

B, I. James O. Richardson, John E. Barber 
Supt. Herbert F. Taylor, Hopedale 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Eva M. Jackson, South; 
Maud Hallier, Massey; Frances Hallier, North 

Public Library. 

Bellingham Free Public Library, Bertha Frank- 
lin lib. 

Trustees, Wesley E. Howes, North B. Mrs. Mary 
8. Wright, Caryville, Mrs. Bertha Franklin, Mrs. 
Alice A. Burr, South B. Mrs. Olive Cook, South 
B. Henry A. Whitney 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Mar. 18, 1859. Pop. 
4360. 6 m. west of Boston on Fitehburg Div. 
and 6 m. on Central Mass. Div. B.&M.R.R. Elec- 
tric railway from Belmont and Waverley to 
Mount Auburn, Cambridge and Boston. 

Villages— BelmontAODNBLx, Waverley AOD 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Winthrop L. 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Thomas W. Davis 

ch. Waverley, Francis H. KendaU, Georg^ C. 

Flett, Wcwerley. Meet first Monday in eaudk 

Auditor, Royal T. Brodrick 

Assessors, Thomas W. Davis ch. Waverley, Wil- 
liam H. Poole, Thomas L. Creeley 
Constables, John Argy, Waverley, Frank D. Chant, 

David Chenery, Patrick J. Keenan 
Supt. Streets, Frank D. Chant 
Water Commissioners, Irving B. Frost ch. Arling- 
ton, Francis H. Kendall, Charles J. McGinnis 
Cemetery Commissioners, Frank D. Chant, William 

W. Edgar, Waverley, George P. Walcott 
Park Commissioners, Edwin F. Atkins, J. Willard 

Hill, Loring Underwood 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Henry O. Underwood, 

Chandler Bobbins, Clarence O. Hill 
Board Health, W. Lyman, Underwood ch. George 

A. Prentiss, Wesley G. Hall, Waverley 
Agent, Charles H. Houlahan 
Chief Police, Jerry F. Ryan 
Chief Fire Dept. John F. Leonard 
Tree Warden, Frank D. Chant 
Inspector Animals, H. L. Alderman 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Allyne Merrill ch. Charles H. Slade, 
Dr. Leonard B. Clark, Mrs. J. O. Wellington, 
Mrs. Annabel Ayer, Loring Underwood 

Supt. George P. Armstrong 

Prin. High School, C. Eugene Klise, A. M. 

PHns. Grammar Schools, Annie C. Johnson, Mary 
A. Freeman, Effie Hunter 

PubUc Library. 

Belmont Public Library, Miss Florence E. 

Whitcher lib. 
Trustees, Frederic Dodge ch. Margaret Wrisley sec. 

Ella A. Clark, Dr. Leonard B. Clark, William 

Howell Reed, Philip L. Brown 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Apr. 18, 17S5. Pop. 931. 
3 m. south of Taunton on Taunton Div. Old 
Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages— Berkley, MyricksAODNYBx, Burt's 
Comer, West Berkley<DD, Berkley Common. 



Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Charles W. Cook 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Charles H. Macomber, Taunton, Charles F. Paull, 
Myricks, James McCalL Meet last Saturday in 
every month, p.m. 

Auditor, Thomas P. Paull, Myricks 

Treasurer and Collector, Noah H. Strange, Assonet 

Assessors, Gideon H. Myricks, Uyrioks, Charles 
W. Cook, EoUin H. Babbitt 

Constables, Edwin H. Allen, S. W. Luther, Charles 
M. Wade, Myricks, Charles Corey (civil), Taun- 
ton, Ceorge Harmon, Walter A. Strange, My- 

Highway Surveyors, G. H. Babbitt, J. H. Ma- 
comber, E. E. Whitaker, C. E. Chase, Adelbert A. 
Briggs, George F. Chapman, Charles M. Wade 

Cemetery Commissioners, S. Albert Burt, Capt. 
George Cummings, Edwin H. Allen 

Tree Warden, Henry Hathaway 

Inspector Animals, James H. Macomber 

Public Schools. 
CcTMMttee, Edwin H. Allen eh, Julia A. Burt sec, 

Noah H. Strange, Assonet, Herbert F. Briggs 
Supt. E. S. Cobb, IHghton 

Public Lilirary. 

Berkley Town Library, Julia B. Burt lib. 
Trustees, Joseph Howland ch, Albert E. Dean, 
Henry Haines 


In Worcester Co. Inc. 1812. Pop. 906. 14 m. 
northeast of Worcester and 32 m. west of Bos- 
ton on Mass. Central Div. B.&M.R.R.; also on 
Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric rail- 
way to Clinton and Hudson. 

ViLLAGKS—BerlinAODAmNYBX, Berlin Sta- 
tionD, Carterville , W est BerlinAGXHAmNYBx, 
South BerlinACDDNTBX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Frank H. Crossman 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, Sid- 
ney B. Carter cK West B, C, J, G. Hubbard, 
Arthur Hastings, South B, Meet first Monday 
in each month 

Attditors, J. D. Tyler, South B, J. W. Barter 

Treasurer and Collector, Willis Bice 

Assessors, F. P. Buxton ch, L. D. Carter, J. W. 

Constable, Isaac F. Parmenter 

Supt. Streets, Chester A. Howe, South B, 

Cemetery Commissioners, C. M. Sawyer, Waldo L. 
Wheeler, Arthur Hastings, South B. 

Tree Warden, C. A. Howe 

Inspector Animals, L. W. Brewer 

Public Schools. 

Committee, H. A. Wheeler ch, Truman P. Felton, 

West B. Mrs. Ida J. Sawyer see. 
Supt. William F. Sims, NortKboro 

Public Ubrary. 

Berlin Free Public Library, Alice E. Babcock lib. 
Trustees, M. Beed Tyler, NeUie C. Carter, West 

B. lAxrj A. Bassett, Ida J. Sawyer, Nellie F. 

Wheeler, Bev. Frank Gale 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Mar. 6, 1762. Pop. 769. 

100 m. west of Boston and 7 m. north of Green- 
field on Connecticut & Passumpsic Div B.&M.R.B. 
ViLLAQES — BemardstonACDDAmNYBx, North 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Henry L. Crowell 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, J. W. Chapin ch. L. Dwight Slate, M. 
L. Corbett. Meet last Saturday in each month 

Auditors, Albert B. Warner, Henry O. Root 

Treasurer, Henry L. Crowell 

Collector, Alonzo Alf ord 

Constables, John W. Chapin, Alonzo Alford, Wil- 
liam H. Taylor 

Highway Commissioner, H. A. Slate 

Tree Warden, H. L. Crowell 

Inspector Animals, W. H. Root 

Public Schools. 
Committee, E, B. Hale ch. Abbott C. Brown, John 

E. Davis 
Supt. M. H. Bowman 
Prin. Powers Institute, Miss Winnifred P. Given 

Public Library. 

Cushman Library, Mrs. C. R. Hills lib. 
Trustees, Charles R. Hills, Mrs. I. L. Crowell, 
Warren Root, A. P. Hale, O. W. Gray, Miss 
Annie Gray, H. A. Slate, Mrs. L. M. Chase, 
Dr. Charles E. Holton, F. B. Hale, H. L. Cro- 
well, Dr. W. H. Pierce, L. D. Slate, Rev. F. 
W. Smith, Rev. E. M. Frary 


See Index for location. 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. May 29, 1655. Pop. 
2843. 6 m. south of Lowell on Southern Div. B.& 
M.R.R. Electric railways to Lowell and to Wil- 
mington, Reading, Bedford, Lexington, Wobum 
and Boston. 

Villages — ^BillericaAODAmX, Turnpike, Ben- 
nett Hall, East BillerieaD, South BiUerica, North 
BillericaAODAm X . 



Town Offlcere. 

Annual town meeting last Saturday in March 

Cleric, Herbert A. King 

Sdeetmen, John J. Mahoney ch. North B. F. A. 

D. Singhi, John B, Tyler. Meet first and third 

Mondays in each month 
AiidUarg, George P. Greenwood, Nath. H. Hutchins, 

A. a Cook 

Tre<uwrer, Herbert A. King 

Collector, Everett S. Bull 

Aaaessors, Sears J. Cook ch. William H. Hutchins, 
Frank H. Alexander 

Overseers Poor, Sears J. Cook eh. Bichard J. Con- 
way, Cobum S. Smith 

Constables, E. W. Livingston, Martin Conway Jr. 
North B, 

8upt. Streets, Edgar F. Trombly, North B. 

Water Comtnissioners, Jos. F. Talbot, Jr. ch. North 

B. Carl W. Mortenson, North B. J. Nelson 

Cemetery Commissioners, J. Nelson Parker, Joseph 
Jaquith, Herbert A. King 

Sinking Fund Commissioners (Town Hall), Frank- 
lin Jaquith, Joshua B. Holden Jr. Joseph F. 
Talbot, North B. (School-house) John A. Bich- 
ardson, Nathaniel B. Jones, Joseph F. Talbot 

Board Health, Dr. J. B. Tyler ch. Dr. M. A. 
Buck, Cobum S. Smith, North B. 

Chief Fire Depi. Geo. C. Crosby 

Tree Warden, Francis J. Dolan 

Inspector AnimtUs, William H. Hutchins 

Public 8chool& 
Committee, Frederic A. Casey ch. Dr. M.*A. Buck, 

Joseph Meanej 
Supt. O. E. Evans, LotoeU 
Prin. High School, E. C. Vining 
Prins. Orammar Schools, Anna M. Gilman, B. F. 

Harding, North B. 

Public Library. 

Bennett Public liibnury, Emma M. Whitford lib. 

Trustees, J. H. Dale pres. Nat. H. Hutchins, 
Martha A. Dodge, Amy Hosmer, Mary B. Eames, 
H. A. King, T. F. Lyons. J. R Holden Jr., 
Harry Lutz, F. H. Parker, J. E. Bull, E. K. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Mar. 25, 1845. Pop. 
5786. 27 m. southeast of Worcester on Worces- 
ter Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B., and 37 m. from Bos- 
ton on Midland Div. Electric railway to Ux- 
bridge, Mendon, Whitinsville, Woonsocket, etc. 

Villages— BlackstoneAGXDAdE&PX, Millville 
AOOA^dEAPX, Chestnut Hill, Waterford, Woon- 
socket JunctionG, Five Comers, East Blackstone 

Town Offlcers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in March 
Clerk, James Heffeman 

Selectmen, C. B. Day oh. MiUviUe, M. E. EUis, 
John J. Downey. Meet last Thursday of eveiy 

Auditor, Joseph P. Higgins 

Treasurer, John Conway, MiUviUe 

Collector, John F. Meaney 

Assessors, Bernard F. Campbell ch. MiUviUe, John 
Nugent, Dennis J. Connors 

Overseers Poor, John W. Cannon eh. Peter Mnlleo, 
Peter J. McEntee 

Constables, David Bachaned, Jr. Bichard Beck, 
John Cainey, Oscar F. Greenhalgh, John Nu- 
gent, Jeffrey Powers, George E. Ti^lor; John 
Whalen, James F. Sheridan, James B. Modder, 
Palliser Q. Wayland 

Supt. Streets, C. B. Day 

Board Health, Thomas F. Boche ch. James Heffer- 
nan, Dr. James H. MeCooey 

Chief Fire Dept. John J. Down^ 

Tree Warden, Oscar W. Fuller 

Inspectors Animals, James F. Beilly, Harry Clark, 
MiUviUe, Geo. E. Taylor 

Public Schools. 
Committee, John W. Smith eh. William J. Lalor, 

John J. Byrne 
Supt. P. Ambrose Kennedy 
Prin. High School, Vincent P. Masterson 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Mary J. Stuart, Margaret 


Pnblic Library. 
Blackstone Public Library, Timothy E. Curran 

Ub. Branches at Millville and E. Blackstone 
Trustees, Carlton Scott, David F. Donnelly, George 

E. Taylor, John Walsh, William Barry, Daniel 

Flynn, James F. Beilly, Edward Collins, Timothy 

E. Curran 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Apr. 10, 1741. Pop. 
746. Beached by stage from Bussell (4 m.). 

Villages — BlandfordAAmX, North Bland- 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Enos W. Boise 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, 8. C. Tiffany ch. B. C. Uoyd, a H. 

Peebles. Meet Utst Saturday in every month 
Auditor, H. P. Bobinson 
Collector, C. B. Bipley 
Constables, C. B. Bipley, C. A. Bartlett, Howard 

Supt. Streets, E. Wyman 
Agent Board Health, P. A. Shurtleff 
Tree Warden, J. N. King 
Inspector Animals, E. W. Bennett 
Inspectors Provisions, Hamilton Cooley, A. T. 




PnUle SduMdti 
Committee, A. H. Nje eh. Wm L. B. Tiffanj eee. 

Lester Babb 
Supt. Leon O. Merrill, Huntmgton 

PnUio Ulnraxy. 
Blandf ord Free Pnblie Library, Frances E. F. de 

Branch, North Blandf ord, Mrs. Howard Waits lib. 
Trustees, 8. G. Wood, C. B. Hayden, L. Belle 



Li Worcester Co. Lie. June 24, 1738. Pop. 

762. 22 m. northwest of South Framingham on 

Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. ; stage to Hud- 

YiLiAOES— BoltonAO, Fryville, Bolton Station 

q, South BoltonO. 

Town Oflicers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Amory 8. Haynes 

Selectmen, Highway Commissioners and Board 
HeaUh, Andrew L. Nourse eh. Frands C. Edes, 
William M. Brigham. Meet last Saturday after- 
noon in eveiy month 

Auditor, Henry N. Otterson 

Treasurer, Oeorge E. Dow 

Collector, William M. Brigham 

Assessors, Andrew L. Nourse oh. Amory S. Haynes, 
Marshall Walcott 

Overseers Poor, James G. Dow ch. William M. 
Brigham, Lewis E. Day 

Constables, Charles E. Mace, Lewis E. Day, Will 
H. Bayes, Myron L. Walcott, Charles O. Ham- 

Cemetery Commissioners, Frank A. Wheeler, Rev. 
J. N. Pardee, Charles L. Kimmens 

Chief Fire Dept. Frank A. Wheeler 

Tree Warden, Herbert E. Wheeler 

Inspector Anim<ils, Charles E. Mace 

Pnblie Schools. 
Committee, Andrew L. Nourse eh. Mrs. Ellen E. 

Babcock, James H. Hurlbut 
Supt. Charles L. Clay, Harvard 
Prin. High School, Miss Faith E. Lyman 
Prin, Grammar School, Miss May C. Eaton 

Pnblie Library. 
Bolton Public Library, Fidelia C. Newton lib. 
Trustees, Andrew L. Nourse, J. Wilkinson Clapp, 
Frauds C. Edes 


See Index for location. 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. Apr. 2, 1884. Pop. 
1786. 17 m. west of Barnstable on Plymouth Div. 

N.Y.,NJSJbH.B.R. Electric railway to Monument 
Beach, Buzzards Bay, New Bedf ord and Boston. 

Villages — BourneAOONTBX, Gray Gables, 
SagamoreAGONTBx, BoumedaleO, Buzzards Bay 
AOONYBX, Monument BeachACDDNYBx, Po- 
cassetAGONYBx, CataumetAOONYBx, Saga- 
more BeachQ 

Town Oflicers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerh, Ordello B. Swift 
Seleetmen, David D. Nye eh. Cataumet, Benjamin 

F. Bourne, Bueeards Bay, George L. Atherton, 

Sagamore. Meet Wednesdays 
Auditors, Percy H. Phinny, Monument Beach, 

Walter C. Hyde 
Treasurer, Ordello B. Swift 
Collector, Jesse F. Phinney, Ijitonument Beach 
Assessors, Benjamin F. Bourne ch. Buseards Bay, 

Dayid D. Nye, Cataumet, George L. Atherton, 

Overseers Poor, George L. Atherton eh. Sagamore, 

DaTid D. Nye, Catai¥met, Benjamin F. Bourne^ 

Bueeards Bay 
Constiibles, Persea B. Harmon, Clarence L. Wing, 

Benj. F. Berry, Fred P. Grear, F. W. Harding 
Highway Surveyor, E. S. Berry, Bueeards Bay 
Board Health, F. O. Smith ch. Bueeards Bay, Jas. 

T. Handy, Cataumet, Seth W. Holway, Bourne- 

Agent, Seth W. Holway, Boumedale 
Tree Warden, Hiram F. Baker, Pocasset 
Inspector Animals, Noble P. Swift 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Chester S. Wright ch. Pocasset, B. L. 

Burgess, Anna M. Starbuck 
Supt. M. O. Edson, Sandwich 
Prin. High School, David C. Lamprey 
Prin. Qrammar School, Leroy Sweeney 

PabUo Library. 

Bourne Public Library, Edith F. Nickerson lib. 
Trustees, G. I. Briggs eh. Harry Storms, Fred 
C. Small 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Feb. 25, 1783. Pop. 324. 
29 m. northwest of Boston on Fitchburg Div. 

ViLLAOB — BoxboroAD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting third Monday in March 

Clerk, S. P. Dodge, W. Acton 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Albert Littlefield ch. W. Acton, M. L. Wether- 
bee, W. Acton, B. E. Whitcomb. Meet first 
Saturday in every month 

Auditor, A. H. Wetherbee, W. Acton 

Treasurer, D. W. Cobleigh, W. Acton 

Collector, William L. Withington, W. Acton 



Asseuora, W. H. Purbuah ch. W. Adon, G. W. 

Burroughs, W, Acion, C. E. Bradford, W. Aeton 
Canatdblei, William L. Withington, W. Acton, W. 

H. Fnrbnflh, W, Aeton 
Highway Surveyors, John H. Whiteomb; W. Aeton, 

J. A. Walker, W. Aeton, Albert Littlefield, W. 

Aeton, G. E. Bradford, W. Acton 
Cemetery CommisaionerSy Jamee 8. Braman, W, 

Acton, S. B. Hager, George W. Burroughs, W. 

Tree Warden, John J. Sherry, W, Aeton 
Inspector Animals, P. W. Cunningham. W, Aeton 

Pnbllo Schools. 
Committee, M. L. Wetherbee eh, W. Acton, William 

H. Fnrbuflh, C. E. Bradford 
8upt. John C. Maddn, Maynard 

Pablio Iiibrary. 
Boxboro Library, Mrs. G. B. Bobbins lib, W, Aoion 
Trustees, Albert Littlefield ch. W, Acton, Augustus 

W. Wetherbee, W. Acton, C. T. Wetherbee, Mrs. 

P. W. Gunningham, Mrs. W. H. Gooch, Mrs. 

G. B. Bobbins, W. Aeton 


In Essex Go. Inc. Aug. 12, 1685. Pop. 665. 
28 m. north of Boston, 12 m. northwest of Salem 
and 12 m. southwest of Newburyport on the 
Wiestem Div. B.&M.B.B. 

Villages — BoxfordAAmBLx, Boxford Sta- 
tionOD, West BoxfordA, East BoxfordA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, John W. Parkhurst 
Selectmen^ Assessors and Overseers Foot, Edward 

E. Pearl, West B. Gharles Perley, Harry L. Gole. 

Meet first Saturday of each month 
Auditor, Silas M. Locke 

Treasurer and CoUeetor, William K. Gole, West B. 
Constables, E. Howard Gunnison, East B, Morris 

L. Gole, West B. 
Board Health, William K. Gole eh. Wesi B. Ed- 
ward E. Pearl, West B. Dr. F. J. Steyens 
Tree Warden, George B. Austin 
Inspectors Animals, Gharles A. Andrews, West B. 

George B. Killam 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Lewis K. Morse ch. Henry M. Killam, 

West B. Alice M. Austin, West B, 
8upt, J. G. Morrell, Georgetown 
Prin. High School, Harold G. Wingate, West B. 

Public Libraries. 
Boxford Public Library, Mary Sawyer lib. 
Trustees, Prof. George H. Palmer pres, Bev. W. B. 

Williams, L. K. Morse, Bessie Gleaveland 
West Boxford Public Library, Gatherine Perley, 

Trustees, J. W. Chadwick, West B. Alonzo J. 

Hanley, West B. Matilda B. Lund 


In Worcester Go. Inc. Mar. 1, 1786. Pop. 649. 
7 UL northeast of Worcester and 37 m. west of 
Boston. Electric railway through Boylston Gen- 
ter to Glinton and Worcester. 

Villages — ^Boylston GenterA, Straw Hollow, 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, George L. Wright, B. Center 
Selectmen and Board Health, George L. Wright 

ch. B. Center, Henry L. Beed, B. Center, George 

E. Glazier. Meet first Monday of every month 
Auditor, John M. Warner, B. Center 
Treasurer and Collector, George A. Hastings, B. 

Assessors, Gharles E. Gutler eh. B. Center, Mon- 

traville Flaggy George E. Glazier 
Overseers Poor, George W. Shattuck, B. Center, 

N. Warren Wright, B. Center, Herbert A. 

Constables, P. Lawson Wright, B. Center, S. A. 

Wright, Louis M. Lawson 
Highway Surveyors, John N. Flagg, N. Warren 

Wright, Joseph B. Garfield, Seth F. Banister, 

B. Center 
Cemetery Trustees, George E. Glazier, Oliver K. 

Ball, Welcome Bartlett 
Tree Warden, George A. Vickery 
Inspector Animals, Luther S. Hapgood 

Public Schools. 
Committee. George L. Wright ch. B. Center, Mrs, 

Abbie F. Flagg, Mrs. Edward J. Walker, B. 

Supt. Gharles L. Glay, Harvard 

Public Library. 
Boylston Public Library, George L. Wright lib. 

B. Center, L. Louise Dodge asst. lib. 
Trustees, George L. Wright ch. B. Center, Mrs. 

Mary F. Kendall, Mrs, Mary E. French, B. 

Center, Rev. George S. Dodge, Miss E. Bur- 

nette Tucker, B. Center, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Beed 


In Norfolk Go. Inc. May 13, 1640. Pop. 6879. 
10 m. south of Boston on Old Golony Sys. N.Y., 
N.H.&H.B.B. Electric railways to Holbrook, 
Randolph, Brockton, Weymouth, Quincy and Bos- 

Villages — BraintreeAODNYBBLx, South 
Braintree AODN YBBL X , Mayflower ParkD, 
East BraintreeAOQNYBBLX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Henry A. Monk, South B. 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, B. Her- 
bert Woodsum, South B. B. Allen Gage, Henry 
M. Storm, East B. Meet every Monday 



Auditors, Daniel Potter, South B. William A. 
McKean^ William P. Kelley, Eaat B. 

Treasurer, Benjamin F. Dyer, South B, 

CoUeetor, Frank A. Smith 

Constables, William £. Mabury, East B. James 
B. Qnaley, Conrad Miaehler. Peter J. Donahue, 
Michael Lerangie, South B. Amos J. Loring, 
East B. John P. Shaj, South B. John Keiley, 
East B. Benjamin J. Loring, East B. Horace 
F. Hunt, South B. Charles A. Hobart, South B. 
Frank O. Whitmarsh, East B. Thomas Slavin 
(eivil), South B. Joseph Mohan, J. F. GalliTan 

Water Commissioners, James T. Steyens, South 
B. T. Haven Dearing, John Kelley, East B. 

Board Health, Dr. C. A. Snlliyan, South B. eh. Dr. 
H. ij. Dearingy I>r. B. F. Burleigh 

Night Police, J. Gallivan, Horace F. Hunt, South 
B. Amos J. Loring, East B. 

Chief Fire Dept. C Y. Cottrell 

Tree Warden, £. £. Abercrombie 

Inspector Animals, Edward W. Hobart 

Public Schools. 

Committee, C. F. Hill Crathem oh. South B, Her- 
bert F. Kneeland^ T. A. Watson, East B, A. C. 
Drinkwater, Mrs. A. M. Brooks, South B. Mrs. 
Carrie F. Loring, East B. 

Supt. J. C. Anthony 

Frin, High School, Edwin A. Shaw 

Prins, Orammar Schools, Victoria P. Wilde, Jonas 
Perkins; Margaret Magolej, Monatiquot; Clara 
Bowley, Penniman; H. B. Williams, Noah Tor- 

Pnblic Library. 

Thayer Public Library, Abbie M. Arnold lib. 
South B, 

Trustees, H. A. Johnson, Frederick B. Griflln, Ben- 
jamin F. Dyer, William C. Harding, William 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. Feb. 19, 1803. Pop. 
739. 16 m. east of Barnstable on Plymouth Div. 

Villages— BrewsterACDDNYBX, Brewster Sta- 
tionD, North Brewster, East BrewsterACDDNYB 
X, South Brewster A, West Brewster A. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, F. B. Crocker, North B. 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Thomas 

D. Sears ch. North B. George B. Thacher, South 

B. F. H. PCTry. Meet first Saturday in each 

Auditor, Eugene Famsworth, North B. 
Collector, Charles B. Perry, North B. 
Constaible, W. F. Chase, West B. 
Highway Surveyors, Thomas B. Tubman, James 

B. EUis, B. S. Gage 

Cemetery Trustees Brewster Cemetery Association, 
F. B. Crocker pres. Tully Crosby sec. W. E. 
EldredgO; J. B. Wizon, Moses Wiles 

Board Health, Benjamin F. Fessepden ch. Ben- 
jamin Crocker, North B. Moses Wiles 

Tree Warden, Thomas B. Tubman 

Inspector Animals^ Henry E. Baker 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, Thomas D. Sears ch. North B. Bev. 
Ernest Chase, South B. Gideon C. Hall, North B. 
Supt. William E. Chaffin, West Dennis 
Prin. High School, Horace F. Bates 
Prin. Grammar School, Emily C. Hall 

Pnblic Library. 
Brewster Ladies' Library, Miss Alma Bogers lib. 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 3, 1656. Pop. 6747. 
27 m. south of Boston on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N. 
H.&H.B.B. Electric railways to Brockton, East 
Bridgewater, Baynham, Taunton, Middleboro and 
New Bedford. 

Villages — BridgewaterAGONYBx, Bridge- 
water Iron Works, Bridgewater JunctionD, Nip- 
penicket Park, State FarmAD, ScotlandA, Paper 
Mill Village. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Edward A. Hewett 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Harrison D, 

Packard oh. Edwin D. Josselyn, Ernest Leach. 

Meet Mondays 
Auditors, Nathaniel F. Wilcox, Edwin Keith, Geo. 

M. Hooper, Jr. 
Treasurer, Edmond L. Sinnott 
Collector, John Mayo 
Constables, Albert I. Simmons (civil), E. Frank 

LeBaron, Edward S. Eangsley, Mellen IT. Smarts 

Elias Johnson 
Supt^^ Streets, Bobert J. McNeeland 
Cemetery Trustees, Albert G. Boyden pres, Edwin 

D. Josselyn v.-pres. George H. Hooper clerk, J, 

Gardner Bassett, William S. Prophett, J. J. 

Johnson, Samuel P. Gates 
Board Health, Wdllard F. Whitmarsh ch. Thomas 

W. Crocker, Charles B. Smith. 
Chief Fire Dept. William Marshall 
Tree Warden, B. J. McNeeland 
Inspector Animals, J. Herbert Leonard 

Pablic Schools. 

Committee, J. Gardner Bassett ch. William D. 
Jackson, Lyman Pratt, Albert E. Brown, 
Bichard J. Casey, Mrs. Edward E. Keith 

Supt. C. A. Becord 

Prin. High School, Alfred C. Fay 

Prin. Grammar School, B. Hunt, Model 



Public Library. 

Bridgewater Public Library, Lucia L. ChriBtian Ub. 

Trugteea, William D. Jackson pre*. Arthur H. Wil- 
lis, Caroline Sampson, Gnstavus Pratt, Samuel 
P. Gutes, Edward E. Keith, George M. Hooper, 
Martha Keith, Mary G. Bryant 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Aug. 16, 1722. Pop. 894. 
75 m. from Boston and 23 m. from Springfield. 
Electrie railway from Palmer (8 m.) or South- 
bridge (10 m.). 

Villages — ^BrimfieldA, East Brimfield, Foskett's 
Mills, West BrimfieldCL 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 

ClerJc and Treas, Miner H. Corbin 

Selectmen and Board Health, Charles S. Tarbell 
ch, Edward H. Davenport, East B, Orrin Hicks. 
Meet first Monday of each month 

Auditors, Arthur B. Brown, Orus E. Parker 

Collector, Charles S. Tarbell 

Assessors, Charles C. Brown ch. Cheney F. New- 
ton, Clarence B. Brown 

Overseers Poor, Charles C. Brown ch. Dr. B. V. 
Sawin, Samuel Adams 

Constables, Orrin Hicks, William C. Davenport, 
East B. B. E. Campbell 

Cemetery Committee, George M. Hitchcock, B. E. 
Campbell, Orrin Hicks 

Tree Warden, George M. Hitchcock 

Inspector Animals, George W. Sherman 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Dr. Robert V. Sawin ch. Clarence B. 

Brown, Rev. Samuel Eaton 
8upt. F. A. Wheeler, Monson 
Prin. Hitchcock Free Academy, Geo. F. Kenney 

Public Library. 
Free Public Library, M. Anna Tarbell lib. 
Trustees, Charles C. Brown, Rebecca M. Lincoln, 

Robert V. Sawin, Martha E. Streeter, Margaret 

Dunsmore, Rev. Samuel Eaton 


See Index for location. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Oct. 15, 1673. Pop. 
2388. 23 m. west of Worcester on B.&A.R.R. 
Electric railway to West Brookfield, Warren, 
East Brookfield, North Brookfield and Spencer. 

Villages — BrookfieldAGXDAmX, East Brook- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk, George H. Chapin 

Selectmen, E. M. Wight, East B. W. B. Mellen, 

H. L. Wheeloek 
Auditor, Frank E. Prouty 
Treasurer and Collector, Arthur F. Butterworth 
Assessors, Leander Morse, East B. Emmons £• 

Chapin, John F. Smith 
Overseers Poor, William A. Richardson^ W. R. Up- 

ham, E. F. Delaney 
Constables, William Roach, George Woodard, W. R. 

Upham, East B. W. E. Tarbell, Thomas Mooney, 

David N. Hunter, W. O. Keith, A. A- Putney 
Bead Commissioners, Emmons W. Twichell, Samuel 

McDonald, Samuel G. Harwood 
Water Commissioners, William Roach, Chas. A. 

Rice, E. D. Goodell 
Trustees Shade-tree and Cemetery Fund, George 

W. Johnson, Joseph W. Lewis 
Board Health, Mary H. Sherman, M.D. oh. L. T. 

Newhall, William F. Hayward, East B. 
Chief Police, William Roach 
Chief Fire Dept. Edw. F. Delaney 
Tree Warden, Julius Parkhurst 
Inspector Animals, George Allen 

Public Schools. 
Committee, A. P. Goodell, R. G. Livermore, E. H. 

Stoddard, East B. 
Supt. B. J. Merriam 
Prin. High School, C. J. Peterson 
Prins. Orammar SehooU, Jennie L. Irwin, Edith 

Walker, Mary A. Lawlor 

Public Ubrary. 
Merrick Public Library, Eliza R. Hobbs Ub. 
Trustees, William L. Walsh, Henry E. Cottle, F. H. 

Drake, Joseph W. Lewis, Laurence T. Newhall, 

Dr. W. F. Haywood 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Nov. 13, 1705. Pop. 
24,424. 3 m. west of Boston on Newton Gireidt 
B.&A.R.R. Electric railways to Boston and 

Villages — BrooklineACDOBLX, Brookline 
Hills, Cottage FarmD, LongrwoodO, ReseryoirG. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting in March 

Clerk, Edward W. Baker, hours 9-5 

Selectmen and Board Health, Walliam Craig ch. 

Nathaniel Conant, Horace James, John A. 

Curtin, Philip S. Parker, Edw. A. McEttrick 

clerk, George F. Joyce sec. Meet every Monday 

at 3.S0 p.m. 
Auditors, Gardner C. Brooks, Charles F. Read, 

George Rogers 
Treasurer and Collector, Qteorge H. Worthley, 

hours 9-5 
Assessors, office Town Hall, hours 9-5. Charles 

H. Steams ch. Charles A. Bowditch, Daniel J. 




Overseers Poor, William Craig cK Board of Se- 
lectmen, Martha W. Edgerly, Sarah B. Train 

dmstdbles, Willard Y. Gross (civil), John E. 
GrilBn (civil), Edward D. Tucker (civil), Albert 
& Paige, Frank M. Faj 

8upt. Streets and Sewers, Michael DriscoU 

Asat. Supt. Streets and Sewers, Fred B. Bichard- 

Water Board, Oscar B. Mowr7 eh. Dr. George H. 
Francis, Timothy J. Burke 

Supt. Water Works, Fayette F. Forbes 

Water Begistrar, Zeph. B. Forbes 

ParJc Commissioners, Desmond FitsGerald ch. 
Charles S. Sargent, Albert L. Lincoln 

Trustees Walnut Hitt Cemetery, meet fourth Mon- 
day in each month, except July and August, 
at 8 p.m. Charles H. Stearns ch. Leonard K. 
Btorrs, Desmond FitzGerald, Harvey H. Baker, 
Charles S. Sargent, Ernest B. Dane, Edward 
W. Baker clerk 

Supt. Myron D. Fisher 

Town Engineer, Alexis H. French 

Supt. Lights and Wires, Eugene N. Davis 

Inspector Buildings, Ernest Lyon 

Inspector Plumbing, Michael Duffley 

Agent Board Health, H. Lincoln Chase, M.D. 

Town Accountant, Edward H. Fenton 

Chief Police, Alonzo W. Corey 

Chief Fire Dept. George H. Johnson 

Inspector Animals, Frederick H. Osgood 

Pnbllc Schools. 

Committee, meetings second Monday of each 

month at 8 p.m. Franklin W. Hobbs ch. Mrs. 

Edith C. Baker, Dr. Everett M. Bowker, Dr. 

Walter Channing, Michael Driscoll, Thomas 

B. Fitzpatrick, Rev. William H. Lyon, Mrs. 

Ruth C. Paine, Edward C. Mills 
Supt. George L Aldrich 
Prtn. High School, George P. Hitchcock 
Prins. Grammar Schools, J. Sherman Richardson, 

Heath School; Elizabeth W. Bean, Lawrence 

School; George L. Farley, Lincoln School; 

Mary McSkimmon, Pierce School; Charles H. 

Taylor, Edward Devotion School; Ellen S. 

Baker, Runkle School 

Public Library. 

Brookline Public Library, Miss Louisa M. 
Hooper Kb. 365 Washington; hours 9 a.m. to 
9 p.m. 
Boylston Street Deposit Station, 807 Boylston 
CooHdge Comer Station, Hayman's Drug Store 
Chestnut Hill Deposit Station, cor. Boylston and 

Hammond Streets 
Trustees, Leonard K. Storrs oh. Frederick L. Qkj, 
Rufus G. F. Candage, Desmond FitzGerald, 
Garleton S. Francis^ Moses Williams, Daniel 
Dolany Addison, James M. Codman, Prentiss 
Cummings, Leslie C. Wead, William H. Lyon, 
Edward Stanwood 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Apr. 14, 1779. Pop. 

1500. 4 m. from Shelbume Falls *foy stage; Shel- 

burne Falls Station on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R. 

^ m. from Shelbume Falls. 
ViLLAOBS — BucklandANx, Buckland Four 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, A. C. Bray, Shelbume Falls 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, James D. Avery ch. Andrew Sauer, Wil- 
liam S. Williams. Meet every Saturday 

Auditors, Clifton L. McKnight, Charles E. Ward 

Collector, Asher J. Brooks 

Constables, Joseph F. Ballard (civil), Asher J. 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, H. L. Warfield, E. 
J. Griswold, Hugo Mann 

Supt. Streets, Thomas Tanner 

Chief Fire Dept. Thomas Turton 

Tree Warden, Edward G. Wilder 

Inspectors Animals, F. L. Warfield, Lorenzo King 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Andrew Sauer ch. Shelbume Falls, 
Samuel Walker, Shelbume Falls, Charles Trow 
Supt. Charles P. Hall, Shelbume Falls 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Feb. 28, 1799. Pop. 
593. Nearest railroad station, Wobum, on 
Southern Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — ^Burlington, Havenville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting in March or April. Date 
set by Selectmen 

Clerk, H. H. Nichols, Wobum (B. F. D.) 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Walter W. Skelton ch. Wobum, George 
Mclntire, Wobum, William G. Graham, Wobum 

Auditors, H. A. Foster, Wobum, F. F. Rogan, 
Wobwn (B. F. D.) 

Treasurer, Walter S. Mdntbre, Wobum (B. F. D.) 

Collector and Constable, Charles T. Boston, Wo- 
bum (B. F. D.) 

Supt. Streets, Hugh McCafferly, Wobum 

Cemetery Committee, C. H. Walker, Wobum 
(B. F. D.) 

Tree Warden, W. W. Skelton, Wobum (B. F. D.) 

Inspector Awmals, Andrew 8. Lamb, Wobum 
(B. F. B.) 

Public Schools. 

Committee, T. W. Pollock, Wobum, W. W. Skel- 
ton, Wobum, Mrs. J. F. Winn, Wobum 

Supt. W. N. Cragin, Bedford 

Prin. Grammar School, Miss Violet Twining, Wo- 



PubUo Ulirixy. 
Burlington Public Idbraiy, Florence L Foster Hb. 
Tnuteea, W. S« Mclntirey G. W. Parker, L. B. 
Skelton, Woibum 


See Index for location. 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Feb. 23, 1797. Pop. 4786. 
14 m. Bouthweat of Boston on Providence Div. 

Villages — CantonACDDNYBBLx, Canton 
Junction ACDONYBBL X , PonkapoagA, South 
Canton, Canton Comer, Dedham Boad, Farms, 
Hardware, Springdale, Stone Factory. 

Town Offlcen. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
derJe, Walter Ames 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Edwin 

V. Kinsley eh. Andrew J. Cunningham, Frederic 

P. Drake. Meet every Wednesday afternoon at 2 
Auditors, James £. Grimes, Edward M. Clancy, 

Patrick J. O'Connell 
Treasurer and Collector, Robert Bird 
Constables, John H. Flood, Henry S. Galligan, 

James H. Caffrey 
Highway Surveyor, John Buckley Jr. 
Water Commissioners, Michael F. Ward eh, James 

A. G'Leary, Walter S. Draper 
Cemetery Committee, George W'. Capen, William 

A. Horton, Charles W. Orowell, L. E. Went- 

worth, Joseph W. Wattles 
Board Health, Joseph T. Hagan, Edward A. 

Sheehan, Dr. Dean S. Luce 
Chief Fire Dept. Frederic P. Drake 
Tree Warden, William H. Gallivan 
Inspector Animals, Cornelius Cronon 

Public Schools. 
Committee, C. H. French ch, William A. Tucker, 

Joseph P. Draper, Herbert L. Fenno, E. L. 

Underwood, Augustus Hemenway, Thomas J. 

Hill, Abbott E. French, B. R. Doody 
Supt, J. S. Perkins 
Prin, High School, Marshall Wentworth 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Ellen Clark, Eliot; Ellen 

Kelley, Crane 

Pnblio Library. 

Canton Public library, Mrs. William F. Downes 

lib. Gertrude C. Ryan asst. lib. 
Trustees, Henry F. Buswell ch. J. P. Bodflsh, 

James P. L3nich, Joseph P. Draper, Bartholomew 

R. Doody, Edward L. Underwood, Roger J. 

Williams^ Augustus Hemenway, Matthew H. 



In Middlesex Co. Inc. Apr. 28, 1780. Pop. 
523. 16 m. from Boston, 9 m. from Lowell and 
6 m. north of Concord on Taunton Div. N.Y.,N. 

YiLLAOES— CarlisleACDGAmBLx, Carlisle 8U- 

To^m Offleen. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Daniel L. Chamberlin 
Selectmen and Board Health, Daniel W. Bobbina 

eh. Herbert P. Dutton, Dexter C. Whittemore. 

Meet the first day of every month 
Auditor, Fred C. Cook 
Treasurer, Herbert A. Lee 
Collector, Arthur T. Tiapham 
Assessors, Daniel W. Bobbins ch. Geo. £. French, 

John P. Davis 
Overseers Poor, William A. Clark ch, Herbert P. 

Dutton, Eugene S. Dodge 
Constables, Alfred F. Janes, Eugene S. Dodge 
Highway Surveyor, Geo. H. Heald 
Cemetery Committee, Thomas A. Green, George 

G. Wilkins, Benjamin F. Blaisdell 
Park Commissioner, Thomas A. Green 
Tree Warden, George G. Wilkins 
Inspector Animals, Thomas A. Duren 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Lucy R. Davis ch. Paris N. Bond, 

Andrew Wilkins 
Supt. Frederick L. Kendall, Chelmsford 
Prin. Grammar School, Edna E. Phalen 

Pnblio Library. 

Gleason Free Library, Mary A. Green lib. 
Trustees, Mary A. Green, F. H. Billington, T. A. 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 9, 1790. Pop. 1410. 
38 m. southeast of Boston and 8 m. southwest of 
Plymouth, North Carver being on the Plymouth 
Div. and Middleboro Br. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Cran- 
berry culture is the chief industry of this town, 
about one-sixth the entire yield of the United 
States being harvested here. 

Villages — Carver A, North CarverAGXDNYBx, 
South CarverA, East Carver A. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Henry S. Griffith, 

South C. 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Theodore T. Yaughan ch. Stephen D. 

Atwood, South C. John A. A. Kenney, Nar^ C. 
Auditor, Gustavus Atwood 
Constable, James W. Lewis 



Sighioay CommisHtmers, £. H. Murdock, Levi F. 

Morse, North C. Z. W. Andrews, South C. 
Inspector Animals, J. Mjrick Bump 

Pnbllo SdUMds. 
Committee, Mrs. Alice G. Shaw, W. M. Shaw, 

Charles C. Perkins 
Supt. C. W. Humphrey 
Prin, High School, George L. Spaulding 
Prins, Grammar Schools, Ellis G. Cornish; Ethel 

H. Nash, Elizabeth Belden 

Pnbllc labruT. 

Carver Free Public Library, Mra Bemice E. Bar- 
rows lib. 

Trustees, Henry Si Grifath ch. South C, Seth C. 
C. Finney sec, and purchasing agent, East C. 
Eugene C. Shaw 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 21, 1765. Pop. 1002. 
122 m. from Boston and 22 m. west of Greenfield 
on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — Charlemont ACDDN x , Zoar ACDDN x , 
East CharlemontA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Treasurer and Collector, George E. Bemis 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, C. T. 
TTimiriTi B ch. William B. Avery, East C. Charles 
H. Sherman. Meet every Saturday 

Auditors, F. D. Legate, F. O. Bicknell 

Constable, John L. Bushnell 

Board Health, Dr. Ralph S. Carr, Dr. S. D. Bow- 

Tree Warden, Emmett F. Haskins 

Inspector Animals, William B. Avery 

Pablio Schools. 
CofMnittee, W. W. Smith ch, J. Cecil Burrington, 

Mrs. M. E. Yeber 
Supt. G. Alvin Grover 
Prin. High School, B. H. Ferrand 

PubUc Library. 
Free Public Library, Juliet B. Smith lib. 
Trustees, George E. Bemis ch. George H. Frary, 
F, L. Tyler 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Jan. 10, 1755. Pop. 
2093. 56 m. from Boston and 13 m. southwest 
of Worcester on B'.&A.R.R. Street railway to 
Southbridge, Worcester, Palmer, Springfield, Norfh 
Oxford, West Auburn, BtoneviUe and Jamesvllle. 

Villages — CharltonA, Charlton CityA, Charl- 
ton DepotAGXUAmX, Northside, Dresser Hill, 
DodgeA, Morseville, Putnam's Village, South 
Charlton or Lelandville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, Frank O. Wakefield 

Selectmen and Board Health, John G. Hammond 
ch. Dodge (E. F. D.) Alfred F. Putnam, Oxford, 
Jonas Bemis, Charlton Depot. Meet last Satur- 
day afternoon in every month 

Auditor, William H. King, Dudley (S. F. D.) 

Treasurer and Collector, Harria M. Dodge, Dudley 
(E. F. D.) 

Assessors, Willis L. Baker, Dudley (E. F. D.) 
M. Daniel Woodbury, Edward M. Bowers^ C. 

Overseers Poor, Chauncy W. Pike, Dodge, A. 
Frederick Putnam, Oxford, John G. Haimnonc^ 
Dodge (E. F. D.) 

Constables, Harris M. Dodge, Dudley (E. F. D.) 
Frank L. Pike, Dodge, Loren E. Stevens, Dudley 
(E. F. D.) John W. Chaffee, William W. Bice, 
C. City, George Leprad, C. City, Orin Potter, 

Supt. Streets, A. Frederick Putnam, Oxford 

Special Cemetery Commissioners, Lewis A. Mcln- 
tyre, George Hammond, C. Depot, W. Ernest 
Rich, M. Daiiiel Woodbury, Lyman Lamb, 
C. Depot 

Tree Warden, Thomas Aldrich 

Inspectors Animals, Stephen Hammond, Elwin 

Pnblio Schools. 

Committee, Rev. Edgar W. Preble, H. K. David- 
son Jr., C, Depot, George King, Dresser HiU 

Pnbllc Library. 
Free Public Library, Ruth P. Wakefield lib. 
Trustees, Eev. George O. Jenness ch. iVank O. 
Wakefield, L. A. Mclntyre 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. June 11, 1712. Pop. 
1634. 7 m: east of Harwich on Chatham Br. 
Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — ChathamAGONYBx, North Chat- 
ham A, ChathamportA, South ChathamAGONYBx, 
West ChathamA, Monomoy Island. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in February 

Cleric, Alfred C. Harding 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Meriton E. Nickerson ch. South C. Alvin 

Z. Atkins, North C. Nathaniel A. Eldredge. 

Meet first Monday and 15th of each month 
Auditor, George W. Bloomer 
Treasurer, Alfred C. Harding 
Collector, Geo. H. Nickerson, Ch(Uhamport 
Constable, A. W. Baker, North C. 
Highway Commissioners, Jonathan Eldridge, E. Y. 

Hammond, John K. Kendrick, East Harwich 



Sinking Fund Commissioners, Heman A« Harding, 

Oliver E. Bldredge, Meriton E. Nickerson, 80. C. 

Cemetery Trustees, D. W. Nickerson, J. J. Howes, 

C. H. Bockwell, A. 0. Harding, J. M. Bogers 
Tree Warden, Jonathan Eldridge 
Seeder Weights and Measures, E. T. Bearse 
Surveyors of Lumber, D. W. Edwards, Jos. Martell 
Inspector Animals, Willis 8. Bearse 

Public SchoolB. 
Committee, Erastus T. Bearse eh. Edmund T. 

Ryder, B. H. Buck, South C. 
Supt, F. H. Hill, Harwich 
Trin. High School, Edward F. Cunningham 
Prin. Grammar School, Annie Slavin 

Pablic Libraiy. 

Eldridge Public Library, Mrs. Florence Bond lib. 
Mrs. Edith Hording, Miss Slavin assts. 

Trustees, R. B. Harding pres. Boston, W. L. Nick- 
erson, Heman A. Harding, John J. Howes, Sey- 
mour W. Harding, Boston 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. May 29, 1665. Pop. 
4254. 26 m. from Boston and 3% m. southwest 
of Lowell on Lowell & Framingham Br. Taunton 
Div. N.Y.iN.H.&H.R.B. Street railway to 
Lowell and from Lowell through North Chelms- 
ford to Tyngsboro. 

Villages — ChelmsfordAODAmNYBx, North 
ChelmsfordAGXDAmX, South Chelmsford AD Am 
NYBX, West ChelmsfordAGXDAmX. 

Town Oi&cers. 
Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 
Cleric, Edward J. Bobbins 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Eben T. Adams, James P. Dunigan, R. 

Wilson Dix, W. E. L^ham, John J. Dunn. 

Meet second Saturday of each month 
Auditors, Preston L. Piggott, Walter Perham, 

Frederick A. Snow 
Treasurer and Collector, Ervin W. Sweetser 
Constables, Warren Berry, Fred Chandler, Edwin 

P. Cobum, Clarence G. Nickles, Robert Shinkwin, 

Fred I. Vinal 
Highway Surveyor, David Higgins 
Cemetery Commissioners, William H. Hall, Charles 

F. Scribner, Lorin J. EUinwood 
Agent Board Health, A. P. Scoboria 
Tree Warden, George B. B. Wright 
Inspector Animcds, Edwin C. Perham 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, H. E. Ellis oK George F. White sec. 

John J. Monahan 
Supt. Frederick L. Kendall 
Prins. High Schools, Herbert H. Bice, Centre; 

Elmer G. Boyce, North 

Public Iilbraries. 
Adams Library, Edwin R. Clark lib. 
Trustees, J. Adams Bartlett ch. Frances Clark, A. 

Heady Park, Albert H. Davis, Rev. Wilson 

Waters, Emma J. Gay 
North Chelmsford Library Association, Anna C. 

McKay lib. 


See Index for location. 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Mar. 14, 1793. Pop. 
1281. 11 m. northeast of Pittsfield on Pitts- 
field & North Adams Br. B.&A.R.R. Electric 
railway to Lanesboro, Pittsfield and Adams. 

ViLLAQBS — (SieshireAODAmX, Cheshire Har- 
borD, Farnham'sn. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 
Clerk, Howard A. Northrup 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, William Flaherty 

ch. D. L. Wood, Morgan E. Phelps. Meet 

last Saturday of each month 
Auditors, F. L. Wood, R. L. Getman 
Treasurer, A. J. Leonard 
Collector, L. L. Burnett 
Assessors, R. B. Cnmmings, G. A. Carpenter, P. 

H. Ferguson 
Constables, Charles Brown, Emerson Williams^ 

Henry J. Lane 
Supt. Streets, R. W. Petitder 
Water Commissioners, George Z. Dean, E. B. 

Bowen, Howard A. Northmp 
Cemetery Commissioners, E. Purtel, Edgar W. 

Chase, W. E. Northrup 
Board Health, W. H. Morgan, M. E. Phelps, John 

L. Brown Jr. 
Chief Fire Dept. Warren B. Dean 
Tree Warden, Samuel B. Ingalls 
Inspector Animais, J. L. Brown 

Pnblic Scbools. 
Committee, George Z\ Dean ch. William Flaherty, 

R. V. Wood 
Supt. H. L. Allen, Dalton 
Prin. Qrammar Schools, Kate R. Shea 

Pnbllo Library. 
Cheshire Library Association, Emma E. Martin lib. 
Trustees, R. V. Wood ch. Mrs. R. V. Wood, 
Louise A. Martin, H. A. Northrup, E. W. C9iaae 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Feb. 21, 1783. Pop. 
1366. 27 m. west of Springfield on B.ftA.R.R. 

Villages — Chester AGXHAmX, Chester Center, 
North ChesterA, LittleviUeA, Dayville, Mica 



Town Oflloen. 
Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
derJc and Treatwrer, Oeorge N. Gone 
S^dmen, AssessorSf Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, George H. Hapgood ch. Clarence M. 

Woods, LUilevUle, Charles Z. Ingell 
Auditor, Edward L. Cowlee 
CoUedor, Clayton D. Smith 
Constables, Anstin Eastman, LittleviUe, Henry I. 

Higgins, Byron E. Pease, Clayton D. Smith, 

Albert A. Edwards 
8upt, Streets, George H. Hapgood 
Water Commissioners, George N. Cone, E. L. Hem- 

enway, H. L. Pom«roy 
Cemetery Committee, George N. Cone, George H. 

Hapgood, Clarence M. Woods, LittleviUe, Chas. 

Z. Ingell 
Sewer Commissioners, F. D. HamOton, F. A. Will- 

eatt, Lyman £. Wright 
Chief Fire Dept, C. B, Cone 
Inspector AnimtUs, Charles L. Ingall 

Pnblio Schools. 

Committee, Clayton D. Smith, James H. Keefe, 
Charles F. Pease, Sherwin M. Hint, B. L. Hem- 
enway, Arthur F. Pierce, LittleviUe 
Supt. William H. Scmderson 
Frin, High School, Frank E. Perkins 

Pnhlie Library. 
Chester Public Library, Maiy L. Pomeroy lib. 
Trustees, E. O. Redfield, Clara Stevens, Mrs. E. 
L. Gardner 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. June 11, 1762. Pop. 
563. 114 m. from Boston and 14 m. northwest 
of Northampton. Beached by stage from Wil- 
liamsburg (7 m.), also stage to Worthington 
(6 m.); on Northampton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. 
YiLLAOES — ChesteriieldAO, West Chesterfield 
AO, Bisbee MiUsA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, James D. Stall 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Foor, Dwight 
L Stanton ch. West C. Charles A. Bisbee, Sum- 
ner M. Pittsinger. Meet first Friday of each 
Auditor, F. D. Cleayeland 
Treasurer, Homer R. Bisbee 
CoUector, Oscar T. Peltier 
Constable, Oscar T. Peltier (civil) 
Street Commissioners, Oliver S. Munson, Howard 

D. Stanton 
Cemetery Commissioners, William Baker, James 

D. Stan 
Board Health, Br. J. E. Hayes ch. George M. 

Smith, Miss Hattie Baker 
Tree Warden, Charles A. Bisbee 
Chief Police, A. W. Nichols 
Inspector Animals, Thomas K. ITtley 

Public Scboolfl. 

Committee, William H. Baker ch. Herbert Pitt- 
singer sec. Mrs. Edward M. Cole, West C. 
Supt. E. W. Goodhue 
Frin. Grammar School, Amasa C. Cole 

Public Library. 
Town Library, James D. Stall, lib. 
Trustees, James D. Stall, Gilbert B. Healy, Ama^ 
sa C. Cole 


See Index for location. 


In Dukes Co. Inc. Sept. 14, 1694. Pop. 322. 
10 m. southwest of Vineyard Haven by stage. 

YiLLAOEB — ChUmarkA, Squibnocket, Consue, 
Menemsha, Nomans Land, Quepeggin, Quitsey. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Fred A. Mayhew 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Foor, Henry 
H. Allen ch, Marshall W. Norton, Horace L. 
Flanders. Meet the 6th of each month 

Auditor, Myron H. Vincent 

Trecuturer, Ernest L. Flanders 

Collector, Orlin F. Davis, West T. 

Constable, Almon 8. Tilton, West T. 

Highway Commissioners, Henry Look, John D. 
Barrett, Francis Cottle, Horace L. Flanders, 
Elihu E. Mosher, George West, Welcome L. Til- 

Cemetery Commissioner, Stephen Flanders 

Board Health, Henry H. Allen ch. Daniel Vincent, 
Courtland Fairchild, West T. 

Tree Warden and Forest Fire Warden, Almon S. 

Sealer Weights and Measures, C. C. Look 

Inspector AnimtUs, Horace L. Flanders 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Crandon C. Look ch. G. W. Hammett, 

James F. Adams, West T. 
Supt. Andrew P. Averill, Edgartown 

Public Library. 

Chilmark Free Public Library, Florence B. May- 
hew lib. 

Trustees, Henry H. Allen, Mrs. F. B. Mayhew, 
Mrs. H. C. Mayhew 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Mar. 2, 1798. Pop. 
1200. 2 m. north of North Adams by electne 
railway, and 23 m. north of Pittsfield. 

ViLLAOiB — ^BriggsvilleA. 

TowB Officers. 
Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Robert S. McKay 



Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Highway Commis- 
sioners, Edward W. Gleason eh. Alton Bellows, 
B.F.D. 2, North Adams, Aaron J. Ck>ok6, B.FJ>. 
2, North Adams 

Auditor, Arthur B. Loomis, B.FJ).l, North Adams 

Collector, Dexter S. Biahop, B.PJ). 2, No. Adams 

Assessors, Dexter 8. Bishop, David N. Williams, 
B.F.D. 1, North Adams, Eobert Lanfair, B.P.D. 
1, North Adams 

Constables, Eobert Lanfair^ B.F.D. 1, North 
Adams, Clinton Tisdale, Br%ggsv%lle, Budolphus 
Lanfair, B.F.D. 1, North Adams, William M. 
Mansert, B.F.D. 2, North Adams, Frank B. 
Shultis, E.F.D. 2, North Adams, Benjamin F. 
Eddy, BriggsviOe, Thomas Harrigan, RF.D. 1, 
North Adams 

Board Health, B. George Hall ch. BriggsvUle, Er- 
vin Fuller 

Tree Warden, Ervin Fuller 

Inspector Animals, Aaron J. Cooke 

Public Sdiools. 

Committee, Lovane J. Bowen ch. E. J. Loveridge, 
E.F.D. 2, North Adams, Harry L. Smith, E.F. 
D. 1, North Adams 

Supt. F. B. Van Ornum, Cheshire 

Public Librftry. 

Clarksburg Public Library, Lovane J. Bowen Ub. 
and sec. B.F.D. 2, North Adams 

Trustees, Lovane J. Bowen, B.FJ). 2, North 
Adams, Harry L. Smith, B.FJ). 1, North Adams, 
Robert S. McKay, B.F.V, 2, North Adams 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Mar. 14, 1850. Pop. 
13,105. 17 m. northeast of Wbrcester at junction 
of Worcester & Nashua Div. B.&M.R.B. and 
Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric rail- 
ways to Fitchburg, Lancaster, Leominster, Ber- 
lin, Hudson, Boylston, Boylston Centre and Wor- 

ViLT^GES — ClintonAODAdAmNYBX, Acre, 
California, Duck Harbor, FuUerviUe, German- 
town, Harris ville, Clinton JunctionD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, James H, Carr 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Martin Murphy c/i. 
William F. Cannon, Martin F. Killeen, Robert 
Schwab, Dr. J. R. Kirby. Meet every Mon- 
day evening 
Auditors, Wm. V. O'Connell, Frank Seifert, John 

L. McGee 
Treasurer and Collector, Charles E. Shaw 
Assessors, Geo. H. Hager ch. Luke Olis, Herman 

Constables, William Johnston, George Burk, Peter 
J. Flaherty, Thomas Murphy, John Hester, 
James H. McGee, John J. Gibbons, Jacob H. 

Highw€iy Commissioners, L. Fniy, (George A. Corey, 

Peter Dupont 
Supt. Streets, Charles Needham 
Water Commissioners, R. J. Mclntyre, Andrew 

Smart, Henry Richter 
Cemetery Commissioners, George W. Morse, C* L. 

S. Hammond, Guy D. Tobey, Edward L. Plum- 

mer, George W. Meldrum 
Sinking Furul Commissioners, Edward W. Burdett, 

Neil Walker, David H. Maynard, Herman 

Dietzman, John B. Gallagher, Walter R. Dane 
Board Health, John A. Monahan ch. George L. 

Tobey, WilUam O. Johnson 
Chief Police, Thomas Murphy 
Chief Fire Dept. L. Fury 
Tree Warden, Michael Monahan 
Inspector Animals, Wilfred S. Plaskett 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Walter R. Dame ch. Charles L. French, 

William H. Dietzman, John H. O'Brien, Albert 

Beck, James H. McGrath 
Supt. Charles L. Hunt 
Prin. High School, W. W. Keyes 
Prins. Qrammar Schools, Mabel Jackson, Alice A. 


Public Library. 
Bigelow Free Public Library, Charlotte L. 

Greene lib. 
Trustees, C. C. Stone, W. Irving Jenkins, James C. 

Duncan, James Sheerin, G. A. Brown, G. KrauM 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Apr. 26, 1770. Pop. 2727. 

22 m. southeast of Boston and 12 m. east of 

Braintree on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 
Villages — Cohasset AODNYB x , Beechwood A, 

Beechwood StationD, North Cohasset, Black 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Harry F. Tilden 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Philander Bates ch. Joseph S. Bigelow, 
Herbert L. Brown. Meet first and third Thurs- 
days of each month 

Auditor, Fred L. Reed 

Treasurer and Collector, Newcomb R Tower 

Constables, E. E. Wentworth, Henry E. Brennock, 
John T. Keating, Sidney L. Beal, Nantasksi, 
Manuel S. Enos, John A. Antoine, John Flem- 

Supt. Streets, Philander Bates 

Chief Fire Dept. Harry E. Mapcs 

Tree Warden, Henry L. McMahon 

Inspector Animals, Darius W. Gilbert 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Mrs. Martha P. Howe, Mrs.' Elizabeth 
O. Davenport, Samuel Stoddard, Charles W. 
Gammons, Cornelius Keefe, Caleb Lothrop 



Bupt, NelflOB G. Howard, Hingham Center 
Prin. High School, Stanley C. liry 

Pablio Library. 

Cohasset Free Public Library, Sarah B. Collier lib. 
Tnutees, George W. Collier, Edward Niehols, Mrs. 

Martha P. Howe, Florence N. Bates, Edward H. 

Tower, Dr. O. H. Howe, Miss E. M. Bates, Miss 

S. B. Collier 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 30, 1761. Pop. 
1780. 125 m. from Boston and 9 m. northwest 
of Greenfiejd; Shattuckville and Griswoldville 
reached by electric railway from Shelburne 
Falls (7 m.). Daily stage to Jacksonville, Vt. 

ViLLAGES---ColrainA, AdamsvilleA, Elm Grove 
A, Foundry Village, LineA, ShattuckvilleA, 
GriswoldvilleA, LyonsvilloA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, J. E. Davenport 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
H. W. Thompson ch, Charles W. Smith, Gris- 
woldville, W. H. Kemp. Meet last Saturday in 
each month 

Auditor, Beuben C. Hillman 

Collector, Albert H. Temple 

Assessors, B. B. Miller c^. B. M. Coombs, J. E. 
Bowen, AdamsvUle 

Constables, A. H. Temple, Fred L. Kendrick, 
AdamsviUe, Allen F. Smith, Chiswoldvile, C. N. 

Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, Henry J. Smith, 

Inspector Animals, John D. Gilchrist 

Public Sdiools. 
Committee, E. W. Coombs ch, Bardwell's Ferry, 
J. E. Davenport, Griswo]dville, Dr. J. W. Cram 
Supt. Charles P. Hall, Shelburne Falls 

Public Library. 
Free Public Library, Katherine Holton Cram lib. 
Trustees^ E. W. Ck>ombs ch. Ehn Grove, J. W. 
Cam sec. J. E. Davenport 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Sept. 12, 1635. Pop. 
5372. 20 m. west of Boston on Fitchburij Div.; 
also Southern Div. B.&M.B.B.; Lowell-Taunton 
Div. N.Y., N.H.&H. Electric railway to Bedford, 
Lexington, Arlington, Boston, Maynard and Hud- 

YiLLAOEB — ConcordAODAmNBLX, Concord 
JunctionAGXHAmNYBNBLX, Beformatory Sta- 
tionO, Nine Acre Comer, WestvaleA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Clerk, Walter A. Carr 

Selectmen, Frank Wheeler oh. C. Hayden Whitney, 

Horace Tuttle. Meet every Monday evening 
Auditor, Chilton Cabot 

Treasurer and Chief Fire Dept. Geo. G. Morrell 
Collector, Herbert W. Hosmer 
Assessors, Erastos H. Smith eh. Frank B. Connor, 

Alvah Wheeler 
Overseers Poor, Alfred B. C. Dakin, George H. 

Wright, James Nagle 
Constables, Densmore B. Hosmer, William Craig, 

Edward Clahane, Silas A. Bean, Junction 
Boad Commissioners, John M. Keyes ch. Jeremiah 

Sheehan, Hiram P. Worthley 
Water Commissioners, William Wheeler ch. Elmer 

E. Shattuck, Thomas Hollis 
Sewer Commissioners, William Wheeler ch. Elmer 

E. Shattuck, Thomas Hollis 
Cemetery Committee, John L. Gilmore ch. Edward 

W. Emerson, Edward J. Bartlett 
Municipal Light Committee, Richard F. Barrett 

ch, William Wheeler 
Sinking Fund Commissioner, Woodward Hudson 
Board Health, John M. Keyes ch. Thomas Todd, 

Ernest J. Alley 
Agent, Erastus H. Smith 
Chief Police, William Craig 
Tree Warden, Willard T. Farrar 
Inspector Animals, W- Herbert Way 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Bev. Walter W. CampbeU oh. Edward 
W. Emerson, Bessie K. Hudson, Emma B. Le- 
land, Thomas Hollis, Harry W. Brigham, Fran- 
cis A. Houston, Thomas F. Shaughnea^, F. 
Alcott Pratt sec. 

Supt. Schools and Prin. High School, Wells A. 

Public Library. 

Concord Free Public Library, Helen W. Kelley lib. 

Corporation, William Wheeler pres. Henry F. 
Smith, Woodward Hudson, Henry J. Waleott, 
Bichard F. Barrett 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 17, 1767. Pop. 1340. 
7 m. from Shelburne Falls, Conway Station being 
on Northampton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.R. ; Bard- 
well is on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B. Electric 
railway from Conway Station (5 m.) and from 
South Biver (6 m.). 

Villages — ConwayA, Burkville, Shelburne 
JunctionD, Conway StationD, BardwellAGON X . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Henry W. Billings 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

C. Lyman Parsons ch. Alvin C. Boice, Chas. F. 

Allis. Meet first Mopday in each month 
Auditors, Arthur M. Cook, Earl E. Miller 
Collector, A. J. Patterson 



Assessors, Austin B. Steaxns ch, Charles li. Boy- 
den, A. C. Guilford 

Constables, Gordon H. Johnson (sheriff), Clar- 
ence A. Smith, William T. Graves, Charles F. 
BeWolf e, Austin B. Steams 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, J. B. Packard, A. 
P. Delabarre, Charles F. Elmer 

Chief Fire Dept. Clarence A. Smith 

Tree Warden, Charles Parsons 

Inspector Animals, Gordon H. Johnson 

Public Schools. 

Committee, A. J. Patterson ch. George F. How- 
land, Edwin F. Cook 
Pftn. High School, M. Louise Shaw 
Prin, Grammar School, Florence M. Pease 

Public Library. 
Field Memorial Library, Margaret F. Sikes lib. 
Trustees, Henry W. Billings, Arthur P. Delabarre, 
0. D. Ives, K L. Chute, W. L Fletcher, Amherst 

Bee Oak Bluffs. 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. June 23, 1779. Pop. 
734. Beached by stage from Williamsburg 
(13 m.); on Northampton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. ; 
also from Dal ton (19 m.) on B.&A.B.B. 

YiLLAOES — CummingtonA, West CumminfftonA. 
Swift EiverA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, H. E. Drake 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Milton 

S. Howes eh. Swift Biver, F. C. Wiethauper, 

West C. (vacancy) 
Auditor, Arlin V. Stevens 
Collector, L. W. PettingiU 
ConstabUs, Marshall I. Jenkins (civil), Francis L. 

Shaw, West C. 
Highway Surveyor, W. A. Harlow 
Board Health, Bobert L. Streeter eh. Dr. Charles 

R Starkweather, West C. Clinton W. Damon 
Chief Police, L. W. PettengiU (dep.) 
Tree Warden and Inspector Animals, Edward F. 


Public Schools. 

Committee, Frank C. Wiethauper oh. West C. Mrs. 

M. C. Stutson see. Bobert Streeter 
Su/pt. C. L. Judkins 

Public Library. 

Bryant Free Library, Lottie W. Tower JXb. 
Trustees, (vacan<7^) oh. Theodore P. I'ower, Isaac 

H. Steele, Eliza A. C. Porter, Mrs. H. S. Nah- 

mer, A. Ludlow White 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Mar. 20, 1784. Pop. 
3122. 146 m. from Boston and 4^ m. east of 
Pittsfield on B.&A.B.B. Electric railway to 

Villages— DaltonAODAmX, Dalton StationOy 
Carsonville, Craneville, Benfrew. 

Town Of&cers. 

Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, George W. Smith 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

William B. Pratt ch. John Glennon sec Thomas 

H. Moon^. Meet by appointment 
Auditor, Homer H. Bicknell 
CdOectar, Silas S. Olds 
Assessors, John H. Smith ch. Dwight W. Burr see. 

John J. Kelly 
Constables, William C. Brague (civil), J. H. 

Chaffee (civil), P. M. Kelly (civil), William 

McDonald (civil), Edgar H. Pierce (civil) 
Cemetery Trustees, W. M. Orane, Philip Weston, 

Henry A. Barton, John Glennon 
Water Commissioners, W. M. Crane, Franklin 

Weston, F. G. Crane 
Chief Fire Dept, M. E. Stockbridge 
Tree Warden, S. L. Ceasar 
Inspector Animals, A. K. Cleveland 

PnbUc Schools. 
Committee, Payson E. Little cK John K. Moulton 

sec. Frederick M. McCoy treas. 
Supt. H. L. Allen 
Prin. High School, H. M. Thayer 

Public Library. 
Dalton Public Library, Mrs. Minnie E. Davison 

lib. Helen B. Beed asst. lib. 
Trustees, H. A. Barton pres. John H. Smith v.-pret. 

Henry P. Kittredge sec. and treas. George B. 

Hagar, H. L. AUeni Frederick McCoy, P. B. 

Little, W. S. Warren, Eli G. Greene 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 18, 1801. Pop. 763. 
25 m. northwest of Worcester on B.&A.B.B. 
Villages — ^DanaA, North DanaAGXDAmX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, David L. Bichards, North 2). 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, BoUin N. Donble- 

day, iSrank J. Whitney, John H. Johnson. Meet 

last Saturday in eyery month 
Auditor, L. T. Haskins 
Treasurer, Fred E. Doane 
Collector and Tree Warden, J. E. Doubleday 
Assessors, B. N. Doubleday, Frank J. Whitafliy, 

E. F. Bristol 
Constables, Samuel Whitney, A. E. Doane, Harry 

E. Brown 



8upt. Streets, Albert W. Bipley 

Board HeaUh, Br. Stephen Witt eh. North D. 

P. B. Crawford 
Chief Poliee, A. E. Doane 
Chief Fire Dept. A. E. Collier 
Inspector Meat, Harry E. Brown 
Inspector Awmdls, Monro Berry 

PnbUc Scbools. 
Committee, Mrs. Nellie M. Brown eh. North D. 

Philip C. Mower, North D, John H. Johnson, 

Louis A. Pratt, North D. 
8upt. Lonis A. Pratt 
Trins. Grammar Schools, Katie M. Bachelder, 

Dana; Sarah A. Douglass, North Dana 

Public Library. 
Dana Free Library, Susan E. Stevens, Dana, 

Grace Haskins, North Dana, libs. 
Tnutees, Lonis A. Pratt, Nofrth Dana, Edwin C. 

Haakdns, North Dana, Mrs. F. D. Stevens 


In Essex Co. Inc. Jan. 28, 1752. Pop. 9063. 
18 m. north of Boston and 4 m. northwest of 
Salem on Eastern and Western Div. B.&M.R.R. 
Electric cars connect Danvers Center, Hathorne, 
Danvers and Danyersport to Peabody, Salem, 
Beverly and Marblehead. 

Villages — DanversAODAmBLx, Hathorne, 
TapleyvilleAGXDAmX, Asylum, Putnamville, 
Beaver Brook, Danvers CenterAGXHAmBLx, 
DanversportAGXHAmBLx, Fern CroftD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, Julius Peale 
Selectmen, Daniel P. Pope ch. Charles H. Preston, 

John T. Carroll. Meet every Saturday 
Auditor, Arthur M. Barnes 
Treasurer, A. P. Chase 
Collector, Alfred W. Bacon 
Assessors, Daniel P. Pope, D. Center, Charles H. 

Preston, John T. Carroll 
Overseers Poor, William O. Hood ch. Danvers- 

port, Archibald W. Sillars, Tapleyville, James 

O. Perry 
Constables, Joseph Merrill, Danversport, Charles 

C. Patch, Edward B. Price, Michael Noonan, 

Bennett A. Macomber 
Supt. Streets, Cl^trles F. Aiken 
Supt. Eleetrie Light Dept. E. B. Nichols 
Water Commissioners, Arthur W. Beckford, Robert 

K. Sears, Edwin Turner Sr. Danversport 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, R. K. Sears, Arthur 

W. Beckford, Edwin Turner Sr. Danversport 
Electric Light Commissioners, Isaac D. Pope ch. 

Wallace P. Hood, T. J. Lynch 
Board Health, F. W. Baldwin ch. Harry C. Bou- 

telle, E. Beecher Williams 
Chief Police, Joseph Merrill 

Chief Fire Dept. M. H. Barry 
Tree Warden, Thomas E. Tinsley 
Inspector Animals, Charles S. Moore 

Public Schools. 
Committee, J. Frank Porter, Frank O. Staples, 

Charles H. Ingalls, William £. dapp, Harry E. 

Supt. Henry C. Sanborn 
Prill. High SchoeH, Fred C. Mitchell 
Prins. Orammar Schools, Mrs. Adelaide Colton, 

Tapleyville; Walter L. Putnam, Danversport; 

Frank W. Seabury, Maple Street; Elisabeth A. 

Ahem, Wadsworth 

Public Library. 

Peabody Institute, 23,850 vols. Emilie D. Patch 

Trustees, George A. Peabody pres. Gilbert A. 
Tapl^, Francis Peabody, George O. Stimpson, 
Charles H. Preston, William C. Endicott, Her- 
bert a Tapl^, Lester a Couch, Wallace P. 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Oct. 5, 1652. Pop. 3793. 
7 m. southwest of New Bedford by stage, the 
villages of Hicksville and North Dartniouth 
being on the Fall River and New Bedford Br. 
Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. Electric rail- 
way through North Dartmouth to New Bedford, 
Westport Factory and Fall River. 

Villages — Dartmouth A, Faunce Corner, Baker- 
ville, Padanaram, Bliss Corner, Hicksville, 
Smith's Mills, Russell Mills, North DartmouthA, 
North Dartmouth StationD, South DartmouthA, 
Apponegansett, NonquittA, Hicksville StationD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Benjamin J. Pot- 
ter, South D. 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
C. W. Howland ch. James Allen 2d, George H. 
Potter. Meet first and third Saturdays of each 

Auditors, John T. Sherratt, William H. Faunce, 
North D. Frederick A. Slocum, South D. 

Assessors, Charles WV Howland ch. South D. Wal- 
ter C. Slocum, William W. Thacher, North D. 

Constables, Daniel H. Howland, Arthur H. Slocum, 
South D. Leander C. King, Jas. Dalton, Joshua 
G. Baker 

Highway Surveyor, James E. Allen 

Tree Warden, L. A. Littlefield, South D. 

Inspectors Animals, Charles W. Howland, James 
E. Allen, William B. Davis 

PnbUc Schools. 
Committee, Dr. A. B. Cushman ch. South D. David 
a Wordell, South D. George F. Merry, Shawmut 
Supt. Albert S. Cole, North D. 



Prins. High Schools, J. W. Davis, North D. ; Prank 

J. O'Donnell, South D.; Harriet E. Goddard, 


Pnblic Libraries. 
Free Public Library, Mary A. Tucker lib, 
Trtutees, James H. Tucker, Edward B. Sturte- 

vant, Henry T. Gidley 
Southworth Idbrary, Miss Helen A. Gushman lib. 

South D. 
North Dartmouth Library, Mabel Cornell lib, 


County seat of Norfolk Co. Inc. Sept. 8, 1636. 
Pop. 7774. 11 m. southwest of Boston on Provi- 
dence Div. N.Y.,N.H.&n.R.R., and 13 m. from Bos- 
ton on Dedham Br. New England R.R. Electric 
railway connects with Norwood, Westwood, West 
Roxbury, Roslindale, Hyde Park and Forest Hills. 

Villages— DedhamAGQAdBL x , Aehcrof t AD, 
Connecticut Corner, East DedhamADNYBBLx, 
Elmwood, Endicottn, Federal Hill, Germantown, 
Green Lodge^ Jerusalem, Mill Village, Oakdale, 
Riverdale, Sandy Valley, Stone HavenD, Walnut 
HillD, Westfield. 

Toiim Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Don GleaAon Hill $300 
Selectmen, $900, Lester A. Newcorab ch, Richard 

A. Mandeville, John E. Fisher. Meet every 

Thursday evening 
Auditors, Arthur N. Daniels, Theodore F. Marsh, 

Francis H. Valentine 
Treasurer, Edwin A. Brooks $600 
Collector, Frederick C. Cobb 
Assessors, $1500, Eben T. Paul ch. Henry Bing- 
ham, Charles A. Turner 
Overseers Poor, $400, George C. Stearns, Joseph 

W. Wilson, William Dellmuth 
Constables, John F. Barrett, Walnut Eill, Maurice 

Brown, Martin J. Brennan, William F. Durgan, 

Charles I. Hatch, Rufus Richardson, Fred J. 

Hogan, Horatio G. Turner 
Supt. Streets, Herbert M. Stowers $1200 
Sewer Commissioners, Thomas P. Murray, Henry 

R. Alexander, Everett J. Winn 
Cemetery Commissioners, Don Gleaaon Hill ch, 

Patrick A. Nolan, Cornelius A. Taft 
Park Commissioners, Charles J. Davis, J. Vincent 

O'Reilly, James F. Dunne 
Board Health, $150, Erastus Worthington, Dr. 

Francis L. Babcock, Walnut Hill, Dr. Edward 

W. Finn 
Chief Police, William F. Durban 
Chief Fire Dept, Everett J. Winn 
Tree Warden, Gcorcre A. Phillips 
Inspector Animals, Edward Knobel 

Pnbllo Schools. 
Committee, Fred B. Kingsbury ch. Dr. Dennis J. 

Hurley, Dr. Andrew H. Hodgdon, Don Gleason 

Hill, Dr. F. L. Babcock, Frank W. Lyons I 

Supt. R. W. Hine 

Prin. High School, George F. Joyce Jr. 

PrvM. Grammar Schools, James E. Ames, Ames 

School; Albert L. Copeland, Oakdale School; 

William F. Howe, Avery School 

Pablie Idhniy, 

Dedham Public Library, Frances M. Mann lib. 

Anie P. Rolland asst. lib. Sarah K. Staples 

special asst. 
Trustees, Julius H. Tuttle ch. Crawford R. Brown, 

Chester A. Reed, Harriet T. Boyd, John H. 

Burdakin, Robert B. Worthington, Fred B. 

Kingsbury, Dr. A. A. Hodgdon, Frank W. Lyons 


In Franklin Co. Lie. Oct 22, 1677. Pop. 3017. 
3 m. south of Greenfield on B.&M.R.R. (Conn. & 
Pass. Div.) and Northampton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H. 
R.R. Electric railway to Greenfield and North- 

Villages — DeerfieldAGDAdAmX, Cheapside, 
Pine Nook, Green River, Hoosac, Mill Village, 
Mill River, Sugar Loaf, Wapping, East Deerfield 
AODNX, South DeerfieldAODAdAmX, West Deer- 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Henry S. Childs 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Luther W. Clark ch. South D. Charles F. Bil- 
lings, South D. William L. Harris. Meet every 
other Saturday 

Auditors, C. E. Davis, Edwin L. Harris, South D. 

Collector and Supt. Streets, H. C. Wells 

Assessors, Henry C. Haskell, East D. ch. Samuel P. 
Billings, James W. Clapp, South D. 

Constables, James B. Bridges, South D. George 
E. Coates, South D. William P. Saxton, Max 
Eningis, South D. Arthur W. Ball, William 
Merrigan, South D. David Marsh, R. Vanpeter- 
silge, Daniel McKay 

Tree Warden, Luther W. Clark 

Inspector Animals, Dwight A. Hawks 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Augustus V. I'ack ch. Benjamin Z. 
Stebbins Jr. South D. Edward A. Rice 

Prin. Gramma/r School, Ruby M. Stetson, Deer- 
field; Mary E. Gushing, South Deerfield 

Pnblic Libraries. 

Dickinson Library, Mrs. Augusta B. I^amb lib. 
South Deerfield Public Library, Martha A. Pierce 

Trustees, John M. Billings, Mrs. Ida A. Hagar, 

Edward A. Rice, Myron Willson, Mrs. EHen 

Billings, Martha A. Pierce 




In Barnstable Go. Inc. June 19, 1793. Pop. 
1998. 8 m. east of Barnstable on Pljmouth Div. 

Villages — DennisA, East DennisA, South Den- 
nisACDDNYBx, West DennisA, DennisportA, 
SearsviUe, South Tillage. 

Town Ofllcen. 

Annual town meeting Mondaj after first Tuesday 

in February 
Clerk and Treasurer, Watson F. Baker, South D. 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Eben B. Joy ch, Dennisport, Henry H. 

Fisk, West D. A. L. Growell. Meet last Tuesday 

eaeh month 
Auditors, J. P. Edwards, J. H. Jenks Jr. West D. 

Prince M. Crowell, East D. 
Collectors, J. Nickerson, South D. H. D. Allard, 

East D. 
Constables, J. Nickerson, South D. Charles L. 

Goodspeed, Albion T. Nickerson, South D. H. D. 

Allard, East D. Abner B. Wizon, West P. 
Tree Warden, Henry H. Sears, East D, 
Inspectors Animals, Joshua F. Nickerson, West IK 

George P. Howes, East D. 

Pnblic Schools. 
Comnwttee, Henry H. Fisk, West D, S. S. Howes, 

Supt, William E. ChafBn, West D. 
Prins. High Schools, James Monahan, Dennisport, 

Philip Jewett, N<yrth D. 
Prvns. Grammar Schools, Eva Perry, South D. ; 

S. A. Hayward, Dennisport; Elsie N. Snow, East 

D. ; Viola Haven, West D. ; Sadie Lyons, Dennis 

Pnblic Library. 
Dennis Public Library 
Trustees, Henry H. Sears, G. Walter Hall, Prince 

M. Crowell 
Jacob Sears Memorial Library, East Dennis, Mrs. 

Nathan Sears, lib, 


In Bristol Co. Inc. May 30, 1712. Pop. 2070. 
6 m. south of Taunton on Taunton Div. N.Y.,N. 
H.ftHJEt.B.; North Dighton 3% m. from Taunton. 
Electric street railway through Dighton, North 
Dighton and Segreganset to Somerset, Swansea, 
Taunton and Fall River. 

Villages — ^DightonAGXHNYBx, North Dighton 
AOONYBX, Dighton Bock Park, West Dighton, 
SegregansetAODNYB X . 

Toiim Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric and Treasurer, Dwight F. Lane, Segreganset 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Charles S. Chase ch, George M. Chase, Willard 

J. Beed, North D. Meet first Saturday of eaeh 

Auditor, J. Willis Andrews 
Collector, Albert N. Goff, Segreganset 
Assessors, George E. Gooding ch. North D, Leroy J. 

Wade, Ferdinand Waldron 
Constables, Edmund Hathaway (civil), Charles A. 

Horton, West D, James H. Luther, Fred Millard, 

Elwin W. Ward 
Highway Commissioners, Herbert A. Briggs, Chaa. 

A. Horton, West D. John Thwaites, North D. 
Tree Warden, Edmond Hathaway 
Inspector Animals, William H. Walker 

Pnblic SchoolB. 
Committee, E. E. Lincoln, North D. ch. Samuel N. 

Codding, North D. Josiah S. Place, James N. 

Paul, Andrew W. Turner, George H. Walker 
Supt. Edwin S. Cobb 

Public Library. 

Dighton Public Library, Helen Lane lib. 
Trustees, D. F. Lane ch. E. Ellsworth Lincoln 
M.D., Clarence C. Andrews 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 5, 1746. Pop. 
2120. 48 m. southwest of Boston and 20 m. 
south of Worcester on Midland Div. N.Y.,N.H.& 

Villages — DouglasAGOAdx, East DouglasAO 
DAdx, East Douglas StationD, Wallum Pond, 
South Douglas, Tasseltop, West Douglas, Doug- 
las JunctionD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday after sec- 
ond Tuesday in March 
Clerk, Erwin E. Carpenter 
Selectmen and Board Health, W. S. Schuster ch. 

W. L. Church (vacancy). Meet first Monday of 

each month 
Auditor, Daniel P. Wood 
Treasurer, W. E. Schuster 
Collector, Edwin P. Heath 
Assessors, C. H. Bachelor, Willie Manahan, Lucius 

J. Marsh 
Overseers Poor, Henry D. Mowry, East D. Edwin 

T. Rawson, Orlan F. Chase 
Constables, J. B. Howard, East D. Charles C. 

Labree, Herbert Hughes, William Manahan, Wm. 

W. Brown, Simon A. VaJliere 
Cemetery Commissioner, Wm. E. Balcome 
Chief Fire Dept. H. L. Albee 
Tree Warden, Aaron F. Jones 
Inspector Animals, Wteilter E. Cook 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, Lucius Marsh, Gilbert Rowley, Frank 

Supt. F. S. Brick 



Prin. High School, John F. Brackett 
Prin, Grammar School, M. Lonise Doherty 

Public Library. 

Bimon Fairfield Pablie Library, Vera H. Warner 
lib. East Douglas 

Truitees, C. J. BatcheUer, W. 8. Sdmster, A. F. 
Jones, W. B. Fiurfleld, J. W. Wlxtead, Byron 
Stockwell, Herbert Lougee, Walter E. Hanris 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. a district July 7, 1784; a 
town Mar. 31, 18S6. Pop. 636. 15 m. from Bos- 
ton and 6^ m. west of Dedham on Woonsocket 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. (terminal station, Boston). 

Village — ^Dover AGDAd x . 

To^m Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Eben Higgins 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

James H. Chickering ch. George E. Post sec, 

Michael W. Gomisky. Meet second and fourth 

Wednesday evenings of each month 
Auditor, George Battelle, Harding 
Treasurer, Jedediah W. Higgins 
Collector, James B. Coughlan 
Assessors, Allen F. Smith ch. John V. Schaflfner, 

Irving Colbum 
Constables, Murdock B. McKenzie, Irving Colbum, 

Charles Dickens 
Highway Surveyor, James McGiU 
Cemetery Commissioners, (vacancy), Judson S. 

Battelle, James G. Mann 
ParJc Commissioners, Judson S. Battelle. Homer 

Hanchett, (vacancy) 
Tree Warden, George D. Hall 
Inspector Animals, Charles Dickens 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, Richard H, Bond ch. Needham, Mrs. 

W. M. Wotton, ADen F. Smith 
Supt. S. C. Hutchinson, Cochitwtttj 
Prin. High School, Miss Lillian E. Wier 
Prin, Sanger School, J. T. Corlew 

Pnblic Library. 
Dover Town Library, Alma M. Chickering lib. 
Trustees, J. W. Higgins ch. C. W. Plympton, Mrs. 
Martha A. Everett 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Feb. 26, 1701. Pop. 
3537. Reached by electric cars from Lowell, 
Nashua, N. H., and Lawrence; also from Boston, 
fitchburg and intermediate towns. 

Villages — ^DracutA, Navy Yard, CollinsvilleA. 
Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, John W. Brennan 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Heaith, Arthur W. Colbum ch. Fred A. Baasett, 
George C. Canney, CollinsviUe. Meet first Sat- 
urday in each month 
Auditor, Lawrence J. Brennan 
Treasurer, J. J. McManmon, LoweU 
Collector and Constable, Alberto Smithson 
Highway Surveyor, George T. Heland, CoUinsvUle 
Water Commissioners, Stephen R. Kitchen ch. 

Nicholas Gallagher, Charles L. Hodge 
Chief Fire Dept. Nicholas Gallagher 
Tree Warden, Rockwood G. Cobum 
Inspector Animals, William S. Eaton 

Public 8chool& 

Committee, Nelson E. Huntley ch, Gteorge St. 
Leger sec. Frank H. Gunther, Eugene Fox, 
John A. Hutchinson, Edward Bromley, Bernard 
McGuire, Thomas B. Willett, Edward A. Ste- 

Supt. S. Howard Chace, Lowell 

Pnblic Iiilirary. 

Dracut Public Library, Mrs. Arthur Hamblett lib. 

Trustees, S. R. Ejtchen ch. Rose E. Peabody, Silas 
R. Cobum, Martin J. Banks, Mrs. N. W. Pea- 
body, Mrs. Julia F. Richardson 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 2, 1732. Pop. 
3818. 18 m. south of Worcester; reached by 
stage from Webster on Southbridge Br. Shore 
Line Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — DudleyA, West DudleyADAdx, 
Perryville, Chaseville, Tuftsville, Merino, Jeri- 
cho, Webster Mills StationD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerkf Joseph Crawford 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
William H. King ch. Daniel P. Callahan, Henry 
Merritt. Meet first Saturday of every month 

Auditor, Joseph Thompson 

Treasurer, John M. Crawford 

Collector, Hiram J. Raymond 

Assessors, Lemuel Healy, Thos. McCann, Henry 

Constables, Thomas McCann, John Lonergan, Dan- 
iel P. Callahan, James H. Hetherman, Thomas 

Cemetery Committee, Hiram J. Raymond, Lemuel 

Boad Commissioners, Prosper Beauregard, Chris- 
topher C. Mahlert, John H. Downey 

Tree Warden, Edward L. Meagher 

Inspector Animals, Frank S. Walker 
Pnblic Schools. 

Committee, Edward Forbes ch. Robert A. Dunning 
sec. Joseph J. Gilles 

Supt. Ernest W). Robinson 

Pnn. High School, Samuel W. Hallet 



Print. Chrammar 8ehooU, Daniel L. Shea, Chase- 
▼ille; ICargaret M. dare, Stevens; Miranda 8. 
Bizl^, QTiinebang 

Pablie Library. 

Dudley Public Library, Carrie E. Esterbrook lib. 
TruBteea, Elias P. Morton ch, John M. Crawford, 
J. Joseph Gilles 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Oct 16, 1673. Pop. 

412. 33 m. northwest of Boston on Southern 

Div. B.ftM.B.B. (Acton Br.). 
YiLLAaE — ^DunstableAODAm X . 
Town Offlcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

ClerJc, Arthur N. Hall 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Elfred D. Swallow, Lyman V. Park- 
hurst. Meet first Friday in each month 

AMditors, George A. Glover, Henry J. ToUes 

Treasvrer, Dexter Butterfield 

Collector, Charles H. Dickinson 

Constables, Merbeart J. Swallow, Charles A Menut, 

Highway Surveyor, James A. Davis 

Cemetery Commissioners, Dexter Butterfield, Jonas 
C. Kendall, Andrew J. Gilson 

Park CommissumerSf James A. Davis, Levi Law- 
rence, William P. Proctor 

Town House and Library Building Committee, 
Levi Lawrence, Dexter Butterfield, William P. 

Tree Warden, James E. Kendall 

Inspector Animals, Harry S. Swallow 
Public Schools. 

Committee, Byron H. Brow ch, Frank H. Sargent, 
James E. Kendall sec. 

8upt. Frederick L. Kendall, Chelmsford 
Pnbllc Library. 

Dunstable Free Public Library, Lizzie A. Swal- 
low lib. 

Trustees, Bev. Augustus M. Bice ch. Martha J. 
Hall sec. Lizzie A. Swallow 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 7, 1637. Pop. 
2028. 38 m. southeast of Boston and 9 m. north 
of Plymouth on Plymouth Div. Old Colony Sys. 

Villages— DuxburyACDDNYBx, North Dux- 
buryA, South DuxburyACDDNYBx, Elm Street, 
Northwest Duxbury, West DuxburyA, Tarkiln, 
Ashdod, Island CreekADNYBX, MillbrookA, 
Duxbury Beach. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
ClerJc, Treasurer and Collector, George H. Steams, 

South D. 

Seledtmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Henry 
H. Lewis ch. North D. Theodore W. GloTer, 
South D. Sidney a Soule, MiObrook. Meet 1st 
and 16th of each month 

Auditor, Theodore W. Glover, South D. 

Constables, T. W. Chandler, Weet D. Edgar W. 
Chandlery DaTid S. Goodspeed, South D. 

Highway Surveyor, Eden W. Soule, MUlbrook 

Board Health, Alfred E. Green ch. Albert M. 
Goulding, Kingston, Herbert C. Freeman 

Tree Warden, Henry A. Fish, South D. 

Inspector Animals, Herman H. Delano Jr., N. D. 

Pnbllc SchoolB. 
Committee, Nathaniel K. Noyes ch. William J. 

Alden, Jr. sec. Albert M. Goulding, Kingston 
Supt. John E. DeMeyer, Egypt 
Prin. High School, Herbert E. Walker, Millbrook 

Pnbllc Idbrary. 

Duxbuiy Free Library, Miss Sara B. Higgins lib. 
Trustees, Sidney Peterson pres. Herbert E. Walker 

treas. C. F. Allen, Horatio Adams, William J. 

Wright, Jonathan S. Ford^ Frederic B. Knapp 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 14, 1823. Pop. 
3169. 25 m. south by east of Boston and 18 m. 
northwest of Plymouth on Plymouth and Taun- 
ton Divs. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric railways 
to Brockton, Whitman, Bockland and Bridge- 

Villages — East pridgewaterACDDNYBBLx, 
ElmwoodACDDNYBBLX, WestdaleAD, Eastville, 
Curtisville, Satucket, Beaver, Brown 'sD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

ClerJc, Fred A. Hunting 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Ezra S. 
Whitmarsh ch. Newton Churchill, Elmwood, F. 
P. Whitmarsh. Meet first and second Satur- 
days after first Monday of each month 

Treasurer, Charles F. Mann 

Collector, F. E. Fuller 

ConstableSf William T. Greene, Elmwood, S. H. 
Bounseville, John J. Murphy, M. A. Pratt, 
Benjamin Siddall, Frank French 

Supt. Streets, William T. Greene, Elmwood 

Board Health, W. C. Baxter, John W. Holoway, 
James Brandley 

Chief Fire Dept. L. A. Flagg 

Tree Warden, William T. Greene, Elmwood 

Inspector Animals, Freeman R. Hatch 

Public Schools. 
Committee, William H. Taylor ch. S. K. Nutter 

sec. Edward T. Morse, Susan B. Dunphe, H. C. 

Thorndike, L. A. Presby 
Supt. E. H. Grout 
Prin. High School, J: H. Ward 



Pabllc Library. 
East Bridgewater Public Library, Lucy L. Sid- 

daU lib. 
Trustees, I. N. Nutter, W. H. Osborne, P. H. 

Pratt, Mary H. Bust, Mrs. Robert O. Harris, 

William H. Taylor 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. June 7, 1651. Po^. 
519. 97 m. from Boston and 24 m. northeast of 
Barnstable on Plymouth Div. N.T.,N.H.&H.RR. 

Villages— EasthamAODNYBx, North East- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in February 
Clerk and Treasurer, George T. Dill 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Nathan P. Clark ch. H. M. Sullivan, 

Clarington Smith, Orleans. Meet last Saturday 

of eadi month 
Auditor, George H. Clark 

Collector and Conit<ible, John F. Walker, Orleans 
Tree Warden, H. M. Sullivan 
Inspectors AninuUs, Hinckley Lincoln, Winslow 

A. Moore 

Public SchoolB. 
Committee, Eldad Higgins ch, Mrs. A. J. Moore 

sec, W. F. Knowles 
Supt, Frank H. Hill, Harwich 

Public Library. 
Eastham Public Library, Mrs. Herbert Clark lib. 
Trustees, Almond L. Nickerson ch. A. May 
Knowles sec. Mrs. I. H. Horton 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. June 17, 1785. Pop. 
6808. 11 m. from Westfield on Northampton 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.R. and terminus of Mount 
Tom Br. B.&M.R.R. (Conn. & Pass. Div.). Elec- 
tric railway from Northampton and to Mount 

Villages — Easthampton AGXH Ad Am X , Factory 
Village, Mount TomAODAmX, Hampton Mills. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Clerk, A. Arthur McAlpine 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Frank Lyman ch, Fred J. Gough, John J. Cul- 
len. Meet Wednesday evenings and first Sat- 
urday of each month at 2 p.m. 

Auditor, James Rogerson 

Treasurer, Victor J. King 

Collector, George S. Buckner 

Assessors, Albert R. Root oh, Edwin H. Clark, 
Burton W. Smith 

CoTistables, George S. Buckner, Charles G. Butter- 

field, Frank Brothers, Michael A. Corkery, John 

W. Daley, George L. McEvoy, George B. Cook 
Supt, Streets, Samuel O'Donnell 
Water Commissioners, Addison J. Ferris, George 

W. Hendrick, Alfred J. Kaeppel 
Sewer Commissioners, J. H. Sawyer ch, Frank P. 

Newkirk, George B. Noble 
Agent Board Health, Charles J. Diamond 
Chief Fire Dept. August J. Elieule 
Tree Warden, Frank P. Newkirk 
Inspector Animals, Dr. Eli Germain 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Dr. Frank C. Bruce eh. Rev. Franz 

Wilier sec. John L. Lyman 
Supt. William D. Miller 
Prin. High Scool, Burton M. Clough 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Mary L. Allaire, Maple 

Street; Helen E. Bodwdl, Centre Union; Clara 

Avery, Hampton Mills 

Public Library. 

Public Library Association, Dorcas C. Miller lib. 

Trustees, Joseph H. Sawyer pres. John N. Lyman 

derk, George B. Noble, C. H. Johnson, Horace 

L. Clark, Watson H. Wright, Rev. C. H. Hamlin, 

F. C. Bruce 


In Hampden Co. Inc. July 1, 1894. Pop. 
1327. 7 m. south of Springfield on Highland 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric railway to 
Springfield; stage to Hampden. 

Village — East LongmeadowAOQAd X . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Arthur G. Crane 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, James 

H. Rankin ch. Edward S. Ellis, John L. Davis. 

Meet first Monday in each month 
Auditors, Henry S. Ashley, P. C. O'Leaiy 
Collector, H. W. King 
Constables, J. J. O'Leary, G. F. Goodspeed 
Supt. Streets, W J. Griswold 
Board Health, Selectmen and Dr. A. C. Conro 
Agent, A. G. Crane 
Tree Warden, Samuel P. Mills 
Inspector Animdls, Herbert I. Moody 

Public Schools. 
Committee, O. Louis Wolcott ch. H. W. King, 

Mervin H. Pease 
Supt. Mary L. Poland, Springfield 
Prin, Grammar School, Nellie A. Hanson 

Public Library. 
East Longmeadow Public Library, Miss M. R. 

Mclntoc^ lib. 
Trustees, Dr. A. C. Conro, Mrs. E. L. Endieott, 

James Holmes Jr. 




In Bristol Co. Inc. Dec. 1, 1725. Pop. 4909. 
24 m. from Boston and 12 m. north of Taunton 
on Taunton Div. Old Colony Sys. Electric rail- 
way from North Easton and South Easton to 
Brockton and Stougfaton, North Eaaton to Mans- 
field, South Easton to Taunton. 

ViLLAOES — EastonAOGNYBx, North Easton 
AGQNYBBLX, EastondaleAODNYBX, Furnace 
Village, South EastonAOONYBx, South Easton 
StationO, Easton CenterANTBx, Union ville. 

Town Qflloen. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, George G. ^ithing- 

ton, North E. 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, James 

E. Howard, Eastondale, Henry W. Heath, Ever- 
ett E. Pool, North B, Meet first Tuesday of 
each month 

Auditors, Otis E. Spooner, North E. Harry B. 

Franklin, Nofth E. 
Constables, Patrick Costello, North E, James 

O'Neil, North E. Amos G. Pratt, Edward J. 

Healy, North E. S. M. Rennie (civil). North E. 
EighvHiy Commissioners, John O. Dean, South E, 

John J. McCarthy, Nfyrth E, George J. Rollins, 

Supt. Streets, John J. McCarthy, North E, 
Water Commissioners, Cyrus Lothrop, North E, 

Oliver Ames, North E, William H. Ames, No. E. 
Board Health, Dr. F. E. Tilden ch. North E. 

F. J. Sexton, North E. George C. Belcher 
Chief Fire Dept. John Baldwin, North E, 
Tree Warden, John S. Ames, North E, 
inspector AnirMAs, E. R. Hayward 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, Geo. C. Belcher, William H. Ames, 

North E, D. F. Buckley, North E. 
Supt. F. S. Pope Jr. 
Prin. High School, Charles P. Kendall 

Pnblic Library. 

Ames Free Library, Mary L. Lamprey, lib. 
Trustees, Oliver Ames ch. North E. Rev. William 

L. Chaffin, North E. Cyrus Lothrop, North E. 

George W. Kennedy, North E. Mary S. Ames, 

North E. 


In Dukes Co. Inc. July 8, 1671. Pop. 1175. 
County seat of Dukes Co. Reached by steamer 
from Woods Hole (18 m.) or New Bedford 
(38 m.). 

Villages — EdgartownAONYBx, Chappaquid- 
dick, Katama, South Beach. 

Town Oillcers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in March 
Cleric, R G. Shute 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Littleton C. Wimpenney oh. Frank H. 
Marchant, James E. Chadwick. Meeting last 
Wednesday in each month 

Auditor, Benjamin G. Collins 

Treasurer, W. Channing Nevin 

Collector, Walter S. Osborn 

Constables, Jason L. Dexter, James C. Sandsbury 

Highway Surveyor, George L. Marchant 

Cemetery Commissioners, Elihu M. Bunker, Fran- 
cis W. Pent, Joseph E. C. Currier 

Park Commissioners, Beriah T. Hillman, Alex- 
ander Pease, Thomas J. Walker 

Chief Fire Dept. William W. King 

Tree Warden, John P. Fuller 

Fish Warden, Lyman S. Smith 

Inspector Animals, George N. Cleveland 

Pnblic 8chool& 
Committee, William C. Nevin ch. Caroline L. 

Schofield, Holmes W. Smith 
Supt. Andrew P. Averill 

Public Library. 
Edgartown Public Library, Eunice C. Ripley Kb. 
Trustees, Andrew P. Averill, Lucretia S. Norton, 

Holmes W. Smith, Eunice C. Bipley, Mrs. T. J. 

Walker, J. C. Cottle 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Feb. 13, 1760. Pop. 
721. 4 m. southwest of Great Barrington by stage; 
South Elgremont 4 m. from Great Barrington. 

YiLLAQSS — South EgremontA, North Egremont 
A, Egremont Plain, West Egremont. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting third Monday in March 

Clerk, Chester G. Dalzell, South E. 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

J. L. Millard ch. North E. William O'NeU, 

North E. N. L. Van Deusen 
Auditor, E. G. Harrington, South S. 
Treasurer and Collector, W. E. Boice, North E. 
Assessors, A. P. Kamer ch. North E. T. F. Burtis, 

North E. H. M Brown, E. Plain 
Constables, R. H. Brown, South E. Ernest Tyrrell, 

Seeley Doty Jr. North E. Ray W. Spurr 
Supt. Streets, J. L. Millard 
Tree Warden, R. H. Race, North E. 
Inspector Animals, William F. Crippen 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, Rev. H. M. Bowden ch. South E. J. B. 

Briggs sec. South E. D. F. StiUman, North E. 
Supt. Frederick F. Williams, West Stockbridge 

Public Library. 
Free Town Library, Mrs. R. H. Brown lib. 
Trustees, Mrs. W. C. Dalzell ch. South E. Mrs. G. 
W. Smith, South E. Bessie Millard, North E. 




In Hampshire- Co. Inc. Feb. 15, 1816. Pop. 
973. 100 m. from Boston, 20 m. from North- 
ampton and 11 m. from Barrett's Junction on 
Athol Br. B.&A.B.B. 

Villages — EnfieldAODAmX, Smith 'sAD. 

Town Offlcers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, Levemo S. Bartlett 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

Josiah W. Flint ch. Charles M. Fdton, John 

Crowther. Meet last Saturday of every month 
Auditor, £. Hess 
Treasurer, Charles D. Haskell 
Collector, Harry L. Byther 
Assessors, Albert B. House ch. Henry M. Downing, 

Edward B. Downing 
Constables, Josiah W. Flint (deputy sheriff), 

Harry Ii. Byther 
Highway Commissioners, William D. Lloyd, Chas. 

W. Felton, Edward B. Downing . 
Cemetery Commissioner, Albert B. House 
Chief Police, Josiah W. Flint 
Chief Fire Dept Amil Hess 
Tree Warden, Henry M. Downing 
Inspector Animals, John M. Eddy 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Henry M. Downing ch, Mrs. Henry 
Stevens see, and treas. (vacancy) 

Public Library. 
Enfield Library Association, Ada L. Harwood lib. 
Trustees, C. D. HaskeU ch. Mrs. H. M. Smith, 
Sarah Underwood, Mrs. A. W. Ewing 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Apr. 17, 1838. Pop. 1094. 
91 m. from Boston and 14 m. northeast of Green- 
field on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B. 

Villages — ErvingAODNx, FarleyAODNx, 
Miller's FallsAOOAmNX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, H. N. Blackmer 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Supts, Boads 
and Bridges and Board Health, William T. 
Bichards ch, C. H. Holmes, Farley, H. W. Kav- 
anaugh, Miller's Fcdls, Meet by appointment 

Auditors, M. M. Stebbins, George A. Abbott, Mil- 
ler's FaUs 

Treasurer, Alpheus W. Hanson 

Collector, Frank B. Elmer, MiUer's Falls 

Constables, Will L. Bumette, EUiott S. Holland, 
Eugene Baker, Farley, Herbert I. Farley, Far- 
ley, Michael W. Carroll, MiUer's Falls, Walter 
W. Higgins, Miller's FaUs 

Sewer Commissioners, E. J. Pratt, M. W. Carroll, 
Miller's FaXls, Dr. F. E. Johnson 

Chief of Police, A. W. Smith 

Chief Fire Dept. Charles H, Gary 

Tree Warden, Joseph McLaughlin, MiUer's FaUs 

Inspector Animals, W. P. G. Huntoon, Farley 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Herbert I. Farley ch. Farley, Mrs. 
Jennie C. Bichards sec, and treas. J. H. Ma- 
honey, Miller's Falls 

Supt. Mrs. Cora A. Steams 

Pri-M, Grammar Schools, Mrs. Edith Gillette, Er- 
ving; Nellie E. Donovan, Miller's Falls; MisB 
L. A. Higgins, Farley 

Public Library. 

Erving Public library, Mrs. William G. Walkup, 

W. A. Butman libs. MUler's FaUs 
Trustees, W. A. Butman, MiUer's FaUs, Mrs. L. 

L. W. Brown, Noah Bankin 

ESSEX. «^ 

In Essex Co. Inc. Feb. 15, 1819. Pop. 1890. 
27 m. from Boston, 12 m. from Salem and 19 m. 
southeast of Newburyport on Essex Br. B.ftM. 
B.B., connecting at Wenham and .Hamilton with 
Eastern Div.; Boston & Northern Electric Bail- 
way (Gloucester Div.) passes through the centre 
and connects with branch to Ipswich. 

Villages — EssexACDDAmBLX, Essex FallsO, 
South EssexA, ConomoD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Epes Sargent 

Selectmen and Assessors, Aaron Cogswell ch, 

David E. Mears, Enoch B. Kimball. Meet every 

Monday evening 
Auditor, Frank E. McKenzie 
Treasurer, Benjamin F. Baymond 
Collector, Joseph N. Tucker 
Overseers Poor, Albert E. Lufkin dh. L. E. Perkins, 

John Wilson 
Constables, John F. Gilbert, Charles B. Lano^ 

James H. Jeffs 
Cemetery Commissioners, A. M. Knowlton, Lyman 

D. Low, Everett W. Lauder 
Board Health, Selectmen, Ernest C. Steeves 
Burial Agent, Edward W. Lander 
Chief Fire Dept. Horace C. Haskell 
Tree Warden, Otis O. Story 
Inspector Animals, David L. Haskell 

Public Schools. 

Committee, O. Perry Bumham ch. Dr. Edwin An- 
drews sec. William H. HuU 

Supt. A. S. Thompson 

Prin. High School, Stephen Wright 

Prins. Grammar ScJiools, Anna Williams, Thomp- 
son's Island; Elizabeth Stewart, Center; BeDe 
D. Bogers, Falls 



Pnbllc Iiilnrary. 
T. O. H. P. Bunihain Library, Ethel B. Btoiy lib. 
Trustees, Willard A. Bornham ch. South B. Arthur 
D. Story, Herbert P. Andrews 


See Index for location. 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Feb. 22, 1812. Pop. 4235. 
60 m. from Boston, 17 m. southeast of Taunton 
and % m. east of New Bedford on Fairhaven Br. 
Old CJolony Bjs. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric cars 
and ferry to New Bedford. 

YiLLAOES — ^FairhavenAGXIINYBX, Nashetucket, 
New Boston, Oxford, Sconticut Neck. 

Town Officers. 

Annintl town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Charles F. Swift 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, John H. Howland 
eh. Walter P. Winsor, Joseph Pette Jr. Meet 
every Monday p.m. 

Auditors, William B. Oardner, Nathaniel Pope 

Treasurer, C. F. Swift 

Collector, William H. Hoeg Jr. 

Assessors, William H. Hoeg Jr. ch. George L. Mon- 
tague^ Nathaniel J. Grossman 

Constables, Herbert W. Barney, Andrew J. Shooks 

Supt. Streets, H. H. Rogers 

Asst. Supt. John I. Bryant, Fairhaven 

Sewer Commissioners, Clarence F. Delano ch. Oeo. 
T. Thatcher, Zenas W. Dodge 

Board Health, Charles P. Mazfield ch. Dr. William 
H. Thayer, William L. Peters 

Chief Fire Dept. John F. Sullivan 

Tree Warden, John I. Bryant 

Inspector Animals, Dr. D. C. Ashley 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Thomas A. Tripp ch. Joseph K. Nye, 

George H, Tripp, George W. Stevens, Daniel W. 

Kendrick, Lewis E. Bentley 
Supt. Frank M. Marsh 
Prin. High School, Albert B. Kimball 
Prins. drammar Schools, Sara B. Clarke, Rogers 

Sdiool; Myra D. Crowell, Oxford School 

Public Library. 
The Millicent Library, Drew B. Hall lib. 

Bee Index for location. 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. Sept. 14, 1686. Pop. 
3345. 15 m. sonth of Buzzards Bay on Wood's 
Hole Br. Plymouth Div. N.Y.,K.H.&H.R.R. 

YiLLAon— Fahnouth/^kGONYBx, Wood's Hole 

AODNYBX, West FalmouthACDONYBX, North 
FalmouthAGONTBX, East FalmonthA, Fal- 
mouth HeightsA, MenauhantA, WaquoitA, Tea- 
ticketA, DavisTille, QuissettA, HatchvilleZ^ 

Town OflLcen. 

Annual town meeting second Tuesday in Feb. 

Clerk and Treas., W. H. Hewins 

Selectmen and Assessors, Silas Hatch ch. Tristram 
P. S. Phinney, Waquoit, Edwin F. Lawrence. 
Meet every Monday 

Auditors, William E. Davis, Geo. N. Tobey, H. H. 
Fay, Lawrence Shiverick 

Collector, John A. Tobey, East F. 

Overseers Poor, Frank L. Stevens, Joseph D. Wins- 
low, Andrew W. Davis 

Constables, Levi G. Chase, Wood's Hole, Jonathan 
H. Jones, Weiquoit, Herbert H. Lawrence, Tea- 
ticket, George E. Noyes, North F. David H. 
Bowman, Edwin L. Bowman, West F. Russell S. 
Nye, Hairy W. Turner 

Herring Committee, Thomas R. Nye, Nehemiah A. 
Smalley, W. P. Dimmock 

Highway Surveyor, Thomas B. Landers 

Cemetery Trustees, W. H. Hewins, Charles H. Gif- 
f ord, Simeon Hamlin 

Park Commissioners, William £. Lawrence, Rob- 
inson C. Bodfish, Nathan S. EUis 

Water Commissioners, John H. Crocker, George H. 
Turner, S. A. Holton 

Board Health, T. Lawrence Swift ch. Russell S. 
Nye see. Dr. J. M. Watson 

Harbor Master, John J. Yeeder 

Chief Fire Dept. Dr. J. M. Watson 

Tree Warden, William B. Bosworth 

Inspectors Animals, Barzillai C. Cahoon, Herbert 
H. Lawrence 

Public Schools. 

Committee, W. C. Davis ch. Wheelock T. Craig, 
Elam Henderson, Franklin L. Gifford, F. C. 
Swift, Charles S. Burgess 

Supt. R. L. Wiggin 

Prin. High School, Ira Jenkins 

Prin. of Qrammar School, H. W. Hall, Village 

Pnbllo Library. 
Falmouth Free Library, Pamelia F. Robbins lib. 
Trustees, E. Pierson Beebe eft. H. H. &nythe, S. 
A. Holton 


See Index for location. 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 15, 1805. Pop. 
424. 135 m. from Bostoi^ and 25 m. from Pitts- 
field at the Hoosac Tunnel, the village of that 
name being at the eastern portal of the tunnel 
on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R. and Hoosac Tun- 
nel ft Wilmington R.R. 

YiLULGi — Hoosac TunnelAGONX 



Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Hannum Brown, Hoosac Tunnel 

Selectmen, Asseeaors, Overseers Poor, Highway 

Commissioners and Board Health, George W. 

Phelps ch, George N. Thatcher, Hoosac Tunnel, 

G. H. BeacL Meet last Eriday of each month . 
Atuiitor, J. H. Bigger 
Treasurer, George N. Thatcher 
Collector, William J. Newman, Hoosac Tunnel 
Constables, Miles Tower, Monroe, A. Wheeler, 

Hoosac Tunnel 
Cemetery Commissioners, C. H. Bead (for 3 years), 

N. W. Kemp 
Tree Warden, C. W. Read 
Inspector Animals, Fred Whitcomb 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Miles Tower, Monroe, C. W. Read, 

Hoosac Tunnely Sidney Tower, Hoosac Tunnel 
Supt, G. Alvin G rover 

Public Library. 
Florida Public Library, Mrs. E. J. Whitcomb lib. 
Trustees, Miles Tower, Monroe, W. C. Reed, Hoosac 
Tunnel, Burton Tower, North Adams 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. June 10, 1778. Pop. 3364. 
18 m. south of South Framingham on Taunton 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric railways to 
Mansfield, Walpole, Wrentham and Norwood. 

Villages — FoxboroAGGAdE&PNYBX, East 
FoxboroADE&PX, North FoxboroADNYBX, 
West Foxboro, FoxvaleADNYBx. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Louis W. Hodges 
Selectmen and Board Health, Ezra G. Oomey oh, 

John W. Richardson, Charles E. Mastis, East F. 

Meet every IViday at 8 p.m. 
Auditors, Albert L. Pond, Robert W. Carpenter 
Treasurer, Howard E. Newton 
Collector, Franklin A. Pettee 
Assessors, Forrest Bassett, F. H. Richards^ George 

R Ellis 
Overseers Poor and Highway Surveyors, Ezra C. 

Comey ch. John W. Richardson, Albert J. Daniels 
Constables, Ernest A. White (civil), Frederick W. 

, Pettee 
Water Commissioners, Horace G. Smith ch, Charles 

G. Hodges, Edward B. Swift 
Chief Police, Ernest A. White 
Chief Fire Dept. E. A. White 
Inspector Animals, Dr. Carleton Sawyer 
Tree Warden, Yraiik C. Carpenter 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Dr. W. C. Crocker ch. Miss Frances A. 

White sec. William S. Bamball 
Supt. L. A. Freeman 

Prin, High School, E. Edgar Horton 

Prin. Grammar School, Miss Elizabeth Johnson 

Public Library. 

BoyJen Library, Mary D. Torrey lib. 

Trustees, Jarvis Williams pres. W. Edgar Horton 
sec. George F. Williams, Benjamin F. Boyden, 
Edwin P. Jewett, A. Thomas Starkey 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Oct. 13, 1700. Pop. 
11,548. 23 m. west of Boston on Taunton Div. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R., and South Framingham on 
B.&A.R.R. Electric railways to Southboro, 
Marlboro^ Milford, Ashland, Hopkinton, Hollis- 
ton, Natick and Saxonville. 

Villages — FraminghamAODAmAdNYBx, 
Hastingsville, North FraminghamD, NobscotA 
CDDNYBX, Lokerville, South FraminghamACDD 
Am AdNYBBLX , SaxonvilleAODAd X , Montwait. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Frank E. Hemenway, South F. 
Selectmen and Park Commissioners, William H. 

Walsh ch. SaxonviUe, John L. Young, South F. 

Herbert W. Damon. Meet every Thursday 
Auditor, Fred L. Oaks, South F. 
Treasurer, John B. Lombard, South F. 
Collector, William F. Richardson 
Assessors, Charles A. Hemenway ch. AdoniramJ. 

Hemenway, South F. James E. Hall, SaxonviUe 
Overseers Poor, Edward Gleason ch. SaxonviUe, 

Curtis S. Oaks, South F. George H. Waterman 
Constables, Henry Atchison, South F, Edmund B. 

Greenlaw, South F. Warren H. Atwood (civil), 

South F. Charles N. Hargrayes (civil), South F, 

Nelson L. Winch, Eugene E. Adams, James H. 

Donnelly, John J. Sheehan, Robert S. Place^ 

South F. Wm. B. Wallace, SaxonviUe 
Road Commissioners, Stephen A. White ch. South 

F. John Brennan, Harry Underwood 
Sewer Commissioners, James R. Entwistle, Frank 

W. Meserve, South F. Fred E. Barrett 
Trustees Edgell Grove Cemetery, Arthur C. Blan- 

chard, W. H. Smith, L. F. Fuller, Fred M. Esty, 

Fred B. Home 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, James R. Entwistle, 

SaxonviUe, Clifford Folger, James J. Valentine, 

South F. 
Board Health, Charles O. Trowbridge ch. F. Cenr 

ter, R. M. Raymond, M.D. South F, Charles N. 

Hargraves, Saxonville 
Chief Police, Robert S. Place, South F. 
Chief Fire Dept. Eugene Waterhouse, South F. 
Tree Warden, N. I. Bowditch, F. Center 
Inspector Animals, Walter P. Mayo, V.S. 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Theodore H. Videto ch. South F. 
Charles E. Haberstroh, South F, Matthias Hol- 
lander, South F. James E. McGrath, SdxonoiUe, 



Horatio P. Twombly, Hemy Whittemore, S. F. 

Blodgett sec, 
Supt, Samuel F. Blodgett, South F. 
Prin. High School, W. H. Chashing, South Fra- 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Rowland H. Watts, Sax- 

onviUe; M. J. Shannon, Lincoln; Miss A. M. 

Murphj, Arlington Street 

Public laibruy. 

Framingham Town Library, Emma L. Clarke lib. 
Trustees, L. R. Eastmaa ch. C. U. Fuller, Saxon- 
vUle, C. T. Boynton, South F. Fred B. Home, 
Charles A. Potter, Calvin Stebbins, South F, 
Clifford Folger, W. A. Kingsbury, SaxonviUe, 
Enos H. Bigelow, A. C. Blanchard, Sid A. Phil- 
lips, South F, Franklin Hutchinson 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Mar. 2, 1778. Pop. 
5244. 27% m. southeast of Boston on Midland 
DiT. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.R. and its Providence and 
Milford Branches. 

YiLLACiES — ^FranklinACDOAdBLX, South Frank- 
lin, North Franklin, WadsworthD, UnSonville 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
ClerJc, Orestes T. Doe 
Selectmen, James F. Ray, Roswell K. Stevens, 

Palmer A. Woodward. Meet every Friday at 

7..30 p.m. 
Auditor, Albert H. Martin 
Treasurer, Nelson E. Newell 
Collector, Edward H. Sherman 
Assessors, Lawrence J. Kelley ch. Dean L. Chilson, 

Eliaha P. Chapman 
Overseers Poor, George A. Allen, David W'. Cor- 
son, George E. Emerson 
Constables, L. R. Whitaker, David W. Corson, 

J. B. Fitzpatrick 
Supt. Streets, Charles R. Gowen 
Board Health, Dr. G. A. Martin, George I. Peck, 

Dr. J. M. Crowley 
Chief Police, John W. Nickerson 
Chief Fire Dept. Lawrence E. Morrissey 
Tree Warden, John W. Stobbart 
Inspector Animals, William F. Eling 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Ambrose J. Gallison cK Solon Abbott, 

William A. WyckoflF 
Supt. and Prin. High School, Irving H. Gamwell 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Isabella M. Reilly, Ray 
School; Charles F. Frazer, Nason Street School; 
Emma J. Holmes, Arlington Street School; Re- 
becca Dunning, W. M. Thayer School 

Public Library. 
Franklin Library Association, Mrs. Ella G. 
CampbeU lib. 

Dvreetors, Mrs. Arthur W. Peirce, Mrs. George W. 
Wimn, Mrs. Rebecca Famum, A- D. Thayer, 
H. R. Burrington, Orestes T. Doe 


In Bristol Co. Inc. July, 1683. Pop. 1470. 
9 m. northwest of New Bedford on Taunton Div. 
Old Colony Sys.; Assonet is 45 m. from Boston 
and 8 m. north of Fall River and 9 m. south of 
Taunton on Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R., 
via Middleboro ft Brockton Br. 

Villages — FreetownA, AssonetAGDNYBx, 
East FreetownACDONYBx, Crystal Spring Sta- 
tionO, Bral^'sD. 

Town Offleers. 

Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Joseph S. Taylor, Assonet 
Selectmen, Overseers .Poor and Board Health, 

George B. Cudworth ch. Assonet, Gilbert M. 

Nichols, Assonet, George H Gibbs, East F. 

Meet second and last Saturday evenings of each 

Auditor, Earl F. Pearce, Assonet 
Collector, Ephraim L. Peirce, Assonet 
Assessors, Gilbert M. Nichols ch. Assonet, Anthony 

D. Hathaway, Assonet, George H. Gibbs, East F. 
Constables, Leon H. Cudworth, Assonet, Thomas 

H. Clark, East F. 
Highway Commissioners, Paul M. Burns, Assonet, 

George C. Wing, Assonet, Dennis D. Moranville, 

East F. 
Fish and Oyster Wardens, Frank A. Varey, As- 
sonet, Levi M. Hathaway, Assonet, C. A. Has- 

kins, Assonet 
Inland Fish Commissioners, Handel E. Washburn, 

East F. Edwin T. Rounsville, East F. A. F. 

White, East F. 
Cemetery Commissoners, Ambrose Dean, Assonet, 

George C. Wing, Assonet, David E. Peirce, 

Chief Fire Dept, Levi M. Hathaway, Assonet 
Inspector Animals, Gilbert M. Nichols, Assonet 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Winslow Nichols ch. Assonet, Mrs. 

Viola Bums, Elijah D. Chace, East F. 
Supt. H. N. Knox, Somerset 

Public Libraries. 

Guilford H. Hathaway Memorial Library, Miss 
Helen Winslow lib. 

Trustees, George B. Cudworth lib. Mrs. Edith I. 
Kidder, Assonet, Gilbert M. Nichols, Assonet 

East Freetown Public Library, Mrs. R. E. Law- 
rence lib. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 27, 1785. Pop. 
12,015. 65 m. west of Boston and 25 m. north of 
Worcester on main line of Fitchburg Div. and 



Wiorcester Div. B.&M.R.B. Electric railways to 
Fitchburg, Templeton, Athol and Westminster. 

Villages — Gardner CentreAG^DNx, South 
Gardner A, West Gardner, Heywood's Stationn, 
Crystal Lake. 

Town Oi&cers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Collector, Levi W. Wood 

Selectmen and Highway Commissioners, Levi G. 
McKnight ch. Thomas E. Cody, Charles H. 
Hartshorn. Meet second and fourth Tuesdays 
in forenoon and every other Tuesday in the 

Auditors, Prime Robichaud, J. Myron Moore, Har- 
rison Greenwood 

Treeiswrer, John D. Edgell 

Assessors, Willis E. Knight cK George H. Abbott, 
Henry B. Story 

Overseers Poor, Herbert V. Gale ch. Ezra Osgood, 
Albert Lovejoy 

Constables, William Flood (civil), Albert L. Pot- 
ter (civil), Wilhelm Waxlaz (civil) 

Sewer Commissioners, Charles W. Conant ch, Ezra 
Osgood, Charles O. Bent 

Water Commissioners, George N. Dyer, Charles O. 
Bent, Oneedme A. Sylvester 

Cemetery Commissioners, Edward G. Watkins, 
Henry W. Sanders, 8. W'. A. Stevens 

Supt. Streets, Alonzo H. Kimball 

Board Health, Daniel Began oh. Dr. Chas. Bailey, 
Dr. Aime N. Leblanc 

Chief Police, Timothy F. Shea 

Chief Fire Dept. George S. Hodgman 

Inspector Animals, Willis E. Knight 

Inspector Meat and Provisions, Aug. S. Cleaves 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Geo. B. Underwood, Chas. H. Bailey, 
Amasa B. Bryant, Helen R. Heywood, Daniel 
Regan, Elizabeth B. Stone 

Supt, Judson I. Wood 

Prin, High School, Albion H. Brainard 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Cora L. Bowker, School 
Street; Mary E. Whalon, Chestnut Street; Ade- 
line C. Regan, West Street; Mary A. Leamy, 
Connors Street; Zoe Walker, Prospect Street; 
Mortice P. Thrasher, Broadway; Flora L. Wkit- 
comb. Little Canada 

Public Idbrary. 

Levi Heywood Memorial Library, Msd-y R. 

Clarke lib. 
Directors, J. D. Edgell, pres. L. H. Greenwood, 

cleric, V. W. Howe, treas, Mrs. C. W. Conant, 

Mrs. A. J. Stone, Helen R. Heywood, Mrs. 

Alvin Greenwood, Mrs. B. S. Oilman, Mrs. C. 

F. Richardson, J. I. Wood, A. B. Bryant, J. A. 

Stiles, Mrs. George Heywood 


In Dukes. Co. Inc. Apr. 30, 1870. Pop. 178. 
70 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Edgartown and 
16 m. southwest of Vineyard Haven by stage. 

YiLLAQS — Gay HeadA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Tuesday in March 

Cleric, Charles H. Mmgo 

Selectmen, Auditors, Assessors, Overseers Poor and 

Board Health, £. D. Vanderiioop oh. Franou 
Manning, Linus S. Jeffers. Meet by appoint- 

Treasurer, Leonard L. Vanderhoop 

Collector, Francis Manning 

Constable, John W. Belaire 

Highway Commissoners, Raymond Madison, P. 
Cundy, Leander B. Smalley 

Cemetery Commissioner, Thomas C. Jeffers 

Tree Warden, Samuel J. Haskins 

Inspector Animals, William A. Vanderhoop 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Edwin D. Vanderhoop ch. John W. 

Belain, Durwood D. Diamond 
Supt. A. P. Averill 
Prin. Grammar School, Chas. P. Averill 

Public Library. 

Gay Head Library, Harry G. Reed lib. 
Trustees, Thomas .1 offers, E. D. Vanderhoop, 
Charles H. Mingo 


In Essex Co. Inc. April 21, 1838. Pop. 1840. 
9 m. southwest of Newburyport on Western Div. 
B.&M.R.R. Electric cars to Groveland, Haver- 
hill, Newburyport and Ipswich. 

Villages — GeorgetownAODAmBL X , Marlboro, 
South Georgetownb. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Justin P. White 

Selectmen, Assessors and Board Health, B. F. 
Metcalf ch. J. A. Riley, Willard C. Hardy, (va- 
cancy). Meet every Thursday evening 

Auditor, C. Albert Pingree- 

Collector, Henry Hilliard 

Overseers Poor, Roger S. Howe ch. J. Winfred 
Yeaton, E. Augustus Yeaton 

Constables, Roger S. Howe (civil), Benjamin Dres- 
ser, Clinton J. Eaton, Buel D. French, W. P, 
Hardy, William Urquhart, Clarence W. Back- 

Highway Commissioners, Ai C. Hall, Edward Lee, 
Ernest S. Brown 

Chief Police, William Urquhart 

Chief Fire Dept. Ellwood T. Wildes 

Tree Warden, William Bray 

Inspector Animals, J. Winfred Yeaton 



Pnblic Sdiools. 
Committee, Albert C. Beed eh. G. Athcrtoa Holmw, 

Bobert A« Coker 
8upt. Schools, G. B. Frost 
Pfffi. Perley Free School, Frank W. Alexander 
Prin, Grammar School, Helen Spofford 

PnbUe library. 
Peabody Library, Sarah Noyes lib. 
Trustees, I. S. Dodge ch. Charles E. Tyler, Horace 
E. Harriman, Frank A. Palmer, John C. Wilkins 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Sept. 28, 1793. Pop. 
1023. 105 m. from Boston and 7 m. northeast 
of Greenfield. Bural free mail delivery from 
Turner's Falls. 

ViLLAOiss — QillA, Biverside, Mount Hermon. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Henry B. Barton, Siverside 
Selectmen, Assessors, Highway Commisstoners, 

Overseers Poor and Board Health, Frank B. 

Poster ch, Biverside, William A. Boyle, Frank 

N. Bascom. Meet first Monday in each month 
Auditors, William F. Nichols, Mt, Hermon, Lewis 

E. Brewer 
Collector, H. B. Baley, Mt. Hermon 
Constables, H. B. Baley, Mt. Hermon, Clayton H. 

Purple, E. W, Chaplean, Biverside, Herbert B. 

Cemetery Commissioners, John J. Wrisley, Arthur 

S. Stratton, Lewis C. Munn 
Tree Warden, Horace Church 
Inspector Animals, William A. Boyle 

Public Schools. 
Committee, P. D. Jones ch. Biverside, Lyon L. 

Norton, Mt. Hermon, sec. O. F. Hale 
Supt. Elmer F. Howard, East Northfield 

Pnblic library. 
Free PubUc Library, Otis F. Hale and Frank D. 

Jones libs. Biverside 
Trustees, F. D. Jones ch. Biverside, F. A. Foster, 

Mrs. Horace Church 


See Index for location. 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. May 14, 1781. Pop. 
277. Beached by stage from Williamsburg 
(em.) on Northampton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. 

Villages— GoshenA, LithiaA. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Edward C. Packard 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Edward C. Packard ch. W. H. Godfrey, 

Charles V. Dadmun. Meet fibrst day of each 

Auditor, Spencer W. Tilton 
Treasurer and Collector, Fred P. Stone, Lithia 
Constdble, John S. MoUison (civil) 
Highway Commissioner, Charles F. Sears 
Cemetery Commissioners, Chsrles £. Brooks, £. 

C. Packard 
Tree Warden, Alvan Barrua 
Inspector Animals, Charles S. Packard 

Public Schoolfl. 
Committee, Prof. H. G. Smith, George L. Barrus, 

Mrs. Fred P. Stone 
Supt. C. L. Judkins 

Public library. 

Free Public Library, Calvin Keyser, lib. 


In Dukes Co. Inc. Mar. 17, 1864. Pop. 161. 
On Naushon Island, 13 m. northwest of Edgar- 

Villages— CuttyhunkA, Tarpaulin CoveA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Clerk and Inspector Animals, Josiah W. Tilton, 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, A. B. Veeder ch. Cuttyhunk, David P. 

Bosworth, Cuttyhunk, Oscar H. Stetson, Cutty- 
hunk. Meet by appointment 
Auditor, Josiah H. Tilton 
Treasurer and Collector, Mrs. Albina F. Veeder, 

Constables, F. A. Veeder, Cuttyhunk, Frank B. 

Tree Warden, George F. Bosworth 

Public Schools. 
Committee, George L. Barrus ch. Mrs. C. M. Stone 

sec. Henry G. Smith 
Supt. C. L. Judkins 

Public Library. 
Free Public Library, Bertha L. Stetson lib. 
Trustees, Josiah W. Tilton ch. Albina F. Veeder, 
Bertha L. Stetson 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Apr. 18, 1735. Pop. 
5052. 38 m. from Boston and 8 m. from Worces- 
ter; North Grafton 6 m. southeast of Worcester 
on B.&A.R.E. ; Famumsville and Saundersville on 
Worcester Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric rail- 
way to Upton and Milford; from Grafton through 
North Grafton to Worcester and to Westboro ; a£o 
from Famumsville, Fisherville and BEiundersvilley 
through Wilkinsonville and Millbury to Worces- 
ter ; ^80 from North Grafton to Westboro. 



YiLLAGBS — GraftonAOOAdx, North OraftonA 
GDAdAmX, F*iniuiiiBvilleAOaB&PX, Fisher- 
villeAODE&PX, SaundersvmeAGOE&PX. 

Town Officers. 

Annnal town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Edwin A. Howe 

Selectmen and Board Health, Raphael J. Lapiere 

eh. FishervUle, Edward A. Estabrook, Clarence 

N. Putnam^ David £. Sherin, North G, William 

J. Maxwell. FieherviUe. Meet first Monday of 

every month 
Aiiditors, Joseph D. Goddard, Joseph N. Bertrand, 

North Q. Mosee G. Beauregard, North G. 
Treasurer, Arthur A. Simmons 
Collector, Edwin A. Howe 
Assessors, Lyman M. Rice cK Charles L. Pratt, 

Perley Goddard 
Overseers Poor, Frank C. Banister, Samuel H. 

Knowlton, North G. Sumner F. Leonard 
C<maidbles, James Carney, Elmer A. Macker, 

North G. William A. Getchell (civil), N<yrth G. 

James C. Reeby, SaundersvUle, James W. 

Gould, FishervUle, Alexander Magill, North G, 

Jamee Harding, FisherviUe, Williun C. Fletcher 
Supt, Streets, John E. Sheridan 
Trustees Biverside Cemetery, Joseph A. Dodge, 

Harrington L. Nichols, Charles L. Pratt, John 

E. McClellan, Albert L. Fisher 
Trustees Pine Grove Cemetery, George B. Allen, 

John Smith, Dean W. Macker, Amos G. Getchell, 

George H. Huckins 
Trustees Fairview Cemetery, Albert L. Fisher, 

Willis G. Coville, Ellsworth E. Howe, Charles J. 

Common Committee, Joseph E. Norcross, Harring- 
ton L. Nichols, John E. Sheridan 
Tree Warden, Charles K. Despeau 
Chief Fire Dept. Henry Mann 
Inspector Animals, Albert H. Jourdan 

Public Schools. 

CommiUee, Francis M. McGarry ch, Wanren B. 

Maxwell, Samuel A. Harlow, Frank H. Clapp, 

North G. George D. Leavens, Ellsworth E. Howe, 

Supt. Robert O. Small 
Prin. Eigh School, Earle A. Childs 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Mary A. Carr, Norcross; 

Charlotte J. Young, North Grafton; Grace H. 

Noble, FisherviUe 

Public Library. 

Free Public Library, Mabel L. Howe lib. Lucy 
W. Biscoe asst. lib. 

Trustees, Rev. George L. Hibbard, Edward A. 
Estabrook, Clarence Putnam, Raphael J. Lapiere, 
FisherviUe, William J. Maxwell, Joseph L. 
Keith, David E. Sherin, North G. Harrington 
L. Nichols, Arthur A. Simmons, Rev. S. A. Har- 
low, Earle A. Childs 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. June 11, 1768. Pop. 
747. 80 m. from Boston and 12 m. from North- 
ampton. Reached by stage from Holyoke (6^ 

Villages — GranbyAAdAmX, Five Comers, 
Granby Hollow. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, George F. Bell 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

Leon W. Taylor, Charles H. Goldthwait, C. 

H. Randall. Meet first Monday evening of 

every month 
Auditor, W. F. Fomard 
Collector, John W. Walker 
Assessors, M. F. McGrath, Homer C. Taylor, 

Horace S. Taylor 
Constables, D. C. Nutting (civil), John W. 

Walker, D. R. Barnes, Homer C. Taylor 
Cemetery Commissioners, Henry H. Moody, Louis 

W. Gleason, E. M. Warner 
Tree Warden, Dexter R. Barnes 
Inspector Animals, Homer C. Taylor 

Pnblio Sehools. 
Committee, George F. Bell, George R. Smith, C. 

W. Ferry 
Supt., F. E. Whittemore, South Hadley 
Prin. High School, William L. Keith 
Prin. Grammar School, Alice G. Preston 

Public Ubrary. 

Granby Free Public Library, Cora H. Kellogg lid. 

Trustees, Rev. R. C. Bell ch. Mrs. Dexter, 

Mrs. George F. Eastman, Mrs. Samuel Dickin- 
son, Mrs. A. W. Fiske, Marion dark, Cora H. 
Kellogg, Mrs. Willard Taylor 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Jan. 25, 1754. Pop. 865. 
117 m. from Boston, 18 m. from Springfield and 
9 m. southwest of Westfield by stage. 

Villages — GranvilleA, Granville CenterA, 
West GranvilleA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Clinton C. Smith 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Joseph Welch ch. West G. Roswell O. 

Rowley, Eugene P. Sullivan, G. Centre. Meet 

last week day in each month 
Auditors, Charles A. Clark, Ralph G. Hiers 
Collector, Henry D. Colton 
Constables, Harry S. Hartl^, Charles W. Terretty 

West G. 
Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, R. O. Rowley 
Inspectors Animals, Michael Leahey, C. J3. Treat 



Public Schools. 
Committee, Alice M. Carpenter eh, Joseph Welch, 

West G. Emma L. Stowe, G, Centre 
Supt. Schools, Charles F. Prior 

Pablic Iiibruy. 
Granville Publie Library, Mabel Boot hb. 
Trustees, Cora A. Noble eh, Ralph B. Cooley, 
Henry D. Colton, G. Centre 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 30, 1761. Pop. 
6152. 175 m. from Boston and 26 m. southwest 
of Pittsfield on Berkshire Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. 
Electric^ railway to Sheffield, Stockbridge, Lee, 
Lenox and Pittsfield. Here is located the regis- 
tiy of deeds for the Southern District, comprising 
the towns of Alf ord, Egremont, Great Barrington, 
Monterey, Mount Washington, New Marlboro, 
Sandisfield, Shefiield and West Stockbridge. 

Villages— Great BarringtonAGOAdx, Housa- 
tonicACDOAdx, Seekonk, YanDeusenTiUeAGXDAdX. 

Tcwn Officers. 

Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 

Clerk, John E. Clarey 

Selectmen, George A. Fuller eh. Thomas J. Kearin, 
Fred M. Moore. Meet every Monday evening 

Auditors, Clarence B. Sabin, John Oonin 

Treasurer and Collector, John E. Clarey 

Assessors, William H. Heffernan ch. Edward Kel- 
ly, Charles E. Gorham 

Overseers Poor, Edward E. Barnes ch. Dennis 
KiUeen, Malcolm Douglas 

Constables, Edw. E. Bamee, George H. Cobb Jr. 

Wetter Commissioners, A. Chalkley Collins ch. Wil- 
liam W. Norton, Bernard Hopkins 
. Sewer Commissioners, George A. Fuller ch. Patrick 
H. Dunn 

Cemetery Commissioners, Henry T. Bobbins, Noble 
B. Turner, Joseph H. Maloney 

Park Commissioners, Caleb Ticknor, Edmund B. 
Culver, Parley A. Russell 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, Frank H. Wright 
eh. John H. C. Church, Charles H. Booth 

Board Health, Dr. M. J. Cavanaugh ch, John J. 
Weir, Elmer C. Herrick 

Chief Police, The Selectmen 

Ci^f Fire Dept. John P. Norton 

Tree Warden, John A. Brewer 

Inspector Animals, Dr. F. D. Landon 

PnbUc ScluA>lB. 

Committee, Charles Giddings ch. O. C. Bidwell, 
Dr. William D. Hill see. Dr. M. J. Cavanaugh, 
Dew^ D. Hayden, Mrs. Margaret A. Mally 

Supt. J, Francis Allison 

Prin. High School, Wallace E. Richmond 

PabUo lAhnxy, 
Great Barrington Free Public Library, Emma W. 
ERieldoii Ub. 

Trustees, A. C. Collins pres. Dr. O. W. Lane treas. 
Frank £. Giddings, John Cronin 2d, Rev. R. 
DeWitt Mallory, J. Ellis Ramsdell 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 9, 1753. Pop. 9456. 
County seat of Franklin Co., 105 m. from Boston 
and 56 m. west of Fitchburg on Fitchburg Div. 
and Connecticut ft Passumpsic Div. B.ftM.R.R.; 
36 m. from Springfield; electric railway to Lake 
Pleasant, Miller's Falls, Montague, Turner's 
Falls, Deerfield, Hatfield and Northampton. 

ViLLAGSS — GreenfieldACDOAmNX, Factory Vil- 
lage, Cheapside, North Parish, Bernardstown. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, George Pierce 
Selectmen, Eugene B. Blake ch. William A. Ames, 

Charles P. Aldrich. Meet every Sat. at 3 p.nL 
Auditors, William B. Keith, Charles W. Nims, 

William F. Aiken 
Treasurer, William B. Allen 
Collector, Frank H. Snow 
Assessors, Anson Withey eh. Fred B. Felton, Haxrj 

Overseers Poor, Clarence M. Cobb ch. Edward K. 

Ballon, George T. Davis 
Constables, George Pierce, Thomas Corless, Pat- 
rick E. Fitzgerald, Henry P. Worden, Thomas J. 

Manning, Charles S. Park, Michael S. Sears, 

William Apple, Frank P. Perry 
Supt. Streets, Howard W. Spear 
Park Commissioners, R. Abercrombie, Henry F. 

Nash, Herbert C. Parsons 
Board HecLlth, Dr. Leroy A. Newton ch. Anson 

Withey, Dr. Jacob G. Pf ersick 
Chief Poiioe, Thomas J. Manning 
Chief Fire Dept. Philip Partenheimer 
Tree Warden, William A. Ames 
Inspector Meat, J. G. Pfersick 
Inspector Animais and MiOc, Dr. M. L. Miner 

Pablic Schools. 

Committee, Herbert C. Parsons ch. William A. 
Davenport, Frederick E. Hawks sec G. Harry 
Kaulback, Nicholas T. Ryan, Clifton L. i^eld, 
Lyman W. Griswold, Mary P. Wells Smith, Wil- 
liam S. Allen 

Supt, Herbert E. Richardson 

Prin. High School, William H. Whiting 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Mary E. Arms, Jane 
Louise Pease 

Pablic Libraries. 

Greenfield Public Library, May Ashley lib. 

Trustees, Rev. J. Dumont Reid ch. Miss Delia 
Nims, John E. Donovan, Mrs. (George Twitehell. 
Henry F. Nash, Francis B. Wells 

Greenfield Library Association, Almeda B. Bobbins 



Trwtees, W. N. Waahburn prea. Y. M. Thompeon 
vice-pre8. Henry W. Lyman aeo. W. S. Alloa 
treas. Joseph W. Stevensy John A. Aiken, John 
H. Sanderson, Joseph Griswold, Charles Allen 


In Hampshire Go. Inc. Apr. 20, 1754. Pop. 
475. 25 m. from Northampton and 14 m. from 
Barrett's Junction on Athol Br. B.&A.R.B. 

ViLLAOES — GreenwichACDDAmX, Greenwieh 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Clerk, W. P. Sloan, G. Village 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

Edward T. King ch. G. Village, Walter H. 

Glazier, G. Village, Edward M. Hunter. Meet 

last Friday in each month 
Auditor, William H. Giffin, G. Village 
Treasurer, Frank P. Hall, G. Village 
Collector, Willis R. King, G, Village 
Assessors, Walter H. Glazier oh, G. VUlage, Ed- 
ward T. King, G. Village, Edward M. Hunter 
Constables, Elmer L. Powers, Clarence E. Miller, 

G. Village 
Supt. Streets, George E. Nevins, G, VUlage 
Cemetery Commissioners, Joseph E. Litch, Elliott 

H. Boot, George E. Nevins 
Tree Warden, George E. Nevins 
Inspector Animals, Edward T. King 

Public Schools. 
Committee, E. H. Boot ch, William B. Garriek, 

G, Village, Gharles B. Goit 
Supt, Schools, Louis A. Pratt, North Dana 

Public Ubrary. 

Free Public Library, Helen I. Nevins lib, G, Vil- 

Trustees, William- S. Douglas ch, William H. 
Walker, Ezra P. S. Alden, Miss A. M. Boot, 
Helen I. Nevins, Mrs. D. L. Kebbe 


In Middlesex Go. Inc. May 29, 1655. Pop. 
2253. 4 m. north of Ayer on Fitchburg and 
Worcester, Nashua & Port. Divs. B.&M.B.B. 

Villages— Gro ton AGO AmBL x , West Groton 
ACDDNX, East GrotonD, HoUingsworthD, New- 
ellD, Squannacook JunctionD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, Appleton H. Torrey 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Jere- 
miah F. Byan ch, Frank A. Torrey, William H. 
Whitehill. Meet every Thursday 

Auditors, Gharles Bixby, Henry W. Whiting 

Treasurer, Grant W. Shattuck 

Collector, Samuel P. Williams 

Constables, Jerome 0. Shattuck, J. Herbert Hynet 

Trustees Luther Blood Fund, Frank L. Blood, 
Frank M. Blood, Thomas L. Motley 

Trustees Dalrymple Fund, Everett B. Gerriah, Wil- 
liam A. Moore, James F. Shattuck 

Boad Commissioners, William H. Whitehill, Her- 
bert G. Bockwood, West G, Burpee Blakney 

Board Health, Dr. Herbert B. Priest eh. Solon B. 
Dodge, Herbert G. Bockwood, West G. 

Agent, Appleton H. Torrey 

Chief Fire Dept, James B. Harrington 

Tree Warden, Gharles Woolly 

Inspector Animals, Solon B. Dodge 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Gardner H. Bockwood ch, James T. 

Bennett sec. Dr. Herbert B. Priest 
Supt, and Prin, High School, John H. Manning 

Pablic Iilbrary. 
Groton Public Library, Emma F. Blood lib. 
Trustees, Pemberton H. Gressey, Henry K Bich- 
ards, Martha P. Lawrence, Prof. John H. Man- 
ning, William A. Gardner, Ellen M. Needham 


In Essex Go. Inc. Mar, 8, 1850. Pop. 2401. 
12 m. southwest of Newburyport on Western Div. 
B.&M.B.B. Electric railways to Haverhill, West 
Newbury, Newburyport, and through South Grove- 
land to Haverhill and Georgetown. 

Villages — GrovelandACDDAmBLX, South 
GrovelandA, North Groveland. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, Harry W. Vaughan 
Selectmen, Assessors, Supts, Streets and Board 

Health, Frank E. Noyes ch, John W. Boner, 

South G. John T. Small clerk. Meet Wednesday 

evening of each week 
Auditor, Gharles S. Huntress 
Treasurer and Collector, Gharles D. Sargent 
Overseers Poor, Samuel B. George ch. Gharles H. 

Pike, Samuel H. Nelson 
Constables, Frank McGormick, George L. Nelson, 

John Kelly, Daniel J. Murphy 
Cemetery Commissioners, George H. Tenney, 

Gharles H. Gammett 
Electric Light Commissioners, Ned A. Pike, George 

Mitchell Jr., Edward L. Lides 
Chief Fire Dept, George L. Nelson 
Chief Police, Daniel J. Murphy 
Tree Warden, Fred A. Wood 
Inspector Animals, Thomas E. Snell 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Albert L. Wales ch. Andrew S, Long- 
fellow, Bobert Grawford, South G, 
Supt, Gains B. Frost 
Prin. High School, Leicester A. Williams 



Print, Orammar Schools, Isabel M. Teimej, Center; 
Katherme Moynihan, South; Hattie G. Wildes, 
Nettie Eagles, Esther Costello, Margaret M. 
Snlliyan, Mattie ^rooks, Sarah Stickney, Anna 
I. Patten, Anna O. West, Lilian E. Alister 

Pablio lAhnxy. 

Groveland Public Library, Louise Canunett lib. 

Trustees, Dr. Louis A. Woodbury ch. Walter 
Greenough, C. F. Paine, George H. Tenney, 
Joseph Nickerson, Martha J. Morse, Ethel M. 
Mitchell, Samuel B. George, Charles E. Bailey 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. May 22, 1661. Pop. 
1895. 3 m. northeast of Northampton on Cen- 
tral Mass. Div. B.&M.R.R. Electric railway to 
Northampton and Amherst. 

Villages— -HadleyAODAmX, Fort River, East 
Hadley, Harts Brook, Hoekanum, North Hadley, 
Plainville, Russellville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, H. §. Shipman 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor, Street Commissioners 

and Board Health, Thomas E. Gerry ch. North 

H, J. S. Barstow, Cornelius Callahan. Meet last 

Saturday in each month 
Auditor, James P. Burke 
Collector, G. F. Newton 
Assessors, O. W. Prouty, R. S. Gaylord, Wm. 

Constables, Reuben Bell (civil), William L. 

Keefe, Benjamin Denio 
Tree Warden, O. W. Prouty 
Inspectors Animals, Homer L. Cowles, Charles H. 


Public Schools. 

Committee, Dr. F. H. Smith ch. Clifton Johnson, 

Emma Rhood 
Supt. M. H. Bowman 
Prin. High School, Dora Dadmun 
Prin, Grammar School, Hellen Miller 

Public Library. 
Padley Free Library, George C. Marsh lib. Branch 

at North Hadley 
Trustees, Clifton Johnson, O. W. Prouty, Thomas 

A. Emerson 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. July 4, 1734. Pop. 494. 
28 m. southeast of Boston and 9 m. northwest of 
Plymouth on Plymouth Div. Old Colony Sys. N. 

Villages — HalifaxA, South Halifax, Halifax 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Thomas D. Morton 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Jabez P. Thompson ch. Fred Simpson, 
Henry M. Bosworth. Meet last Saturday in 
each month 

Auditor, Austin S. Thompson 

Treasurer and Collector, Jabez P. Thompson 

Const€^ble, Thomas F. Harlow 

JZood Surveyor, Herbert B. Ramsdell 

Tree Warden, Frank D. Lyon 

Inspector AnimcHs, Sylvanus Bourne 

Public ScboolB. 

Committee, E. Laurence Grover ch. and sec. 

William B. Wood, George A. Estes 
Supt. Everett G. Loring, Kingston 
Prin. Grammar School, Ruth A. Keene 

Public Library. 
Holmes Library, James T. Thomas lib. 
Trustees, Selectmen and School Committee 


In Essex Co. Inc. June 21, 179S. Pop. 1646. 
15 m. south of Newburyport on Eastern Div. B.& 
M.R.R. Electric railway from Asbury Grove to 
Beverly and through the east part of the town to 
Ipswich, Essex and Beverly. 

Villages — HamiltonAGXDAmBLX, Asbury 
GroveA, Miles RiverD, South Hamilton, Wen- 
ham Depot AGD, Woodbury sD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Tuesday in March 
Clerk, George T. Litchfield 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Isaac F. Knowlton ch. George H. Gib- 

ney, Arthur C. Cummings. Meet every Monday 

at 2 p.m. 
Auditor, Horace E. Andrews 
Treasurer J John L. Woodbury 
Collector, Charles W. Appleton 
Constables, Samuel McLaughlin, Addison B. Towle, 

George M. Adams, Alfred T. Poole 
Supt. Streets and Chief Police, Charles E. Whipple 
Cemetery Commissioner, George H. Gibney 
Tree Warden, Fred A. Nason 
Inspector Animals, George R. Dodge 

Public Schools. 
Committee, George K. Knowlton ch. Everett A. 
Smith clerk, Lester E. Libby 
Public library. 
Hamilton Public Library, Grace C. Stone lib. 
Trustees, Willard C. Ware, Hon. George von L. 
Meyer, Hon. Augustus P. Gardner 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Mar. 28, 1878. Pop. 561. 
100 m. from Boston and 10 m. from Springfield. 
Reached by stage from East Longmeadow (6 m.). 

Villages — HampdenAOAdx, Scantic. 



Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
ClerJc, Treasurer and Agent Board Health, Charles 

I. Burleigh 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

D. Lincoln McCray ch. Herbert H. Thresher, 

Greorge A. Chapin. Meet first Monday of each 

Aiiditor, F. J. Kenworthy 
Collector, Henry M. Pavis 
Assessors, Mathias Casey oh. John Bartlett, John 

B. Isham 
Constables, Henry M. Davis, Nelson Brodway, 

Bobert S. Pease 
Cemetery Commissioners, Moses H. Warren ch. 

Leroy O. Hewlett, James L. Weeks 
Tree Warden, Arthur Jones 
Inspector Animals, John W. Casey 

Pablic Sehools. 
Committee, Alonzo B. Newell ch. Moses H. War- 
ren, John N. Isham 
Supt. Mary L. Poland, 15 Myrtle st Springfield 

Public Library. 

Hampden Free Public Library, Mrs. John Q. 
Adams lib. 

Trustees, James Mulron^, Mrs. George T. Bal- 
lard, Marcus S. Beebe 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. July 2, 1776. Pop. 434. 
160 m. from Boston and 9 m. northwest of Pitts- 
field by stage. 

Villages — ^HancockA, Goodrich Hollow, Rich- 
mond Iron Works, North Hancock. 

To^im Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Daniel Shepardson 

Selectmenf Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
W. K, Hadsell ch. D. L. Whitman, W. A. Gard- 
ner. Meet by appointment 

Auditor, H. K. Chittenden 

Treasurer and Collector, Noah E. Gardner 

Assessors, Daniel G. Sharp, O. B. Butterfield, H. 
Edgar Whitman 

Constable, Alcander A. Grant 

Highway Surveyor and Tree Warden, Bupert 

Cemetery Commissioner, C. H. Wells 

Inspector Animals, D. L. Whitman 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, Daniel Shepardson ch. Kirk £. Gard- 
ner, D. L. Whitman 
Supt. F. B. Van Ornum, Cheshire 

PabUc Library. 
Hancock Public Library, Miss Annie Mor^ lib. 
Trustees, Daniel Shepardson ch. Sarah A. Gardner, 
Annie H. Morey 

Branch Library, North Hancock, Mrs. George W. 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 14, 1727. Pop. 2176. 
22 m. southeast of Boston and 8 m. east of North 
Abington at terminus Hanover Br. Plymouth Div. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. Electric railway from North 
Hanover to Hingham, Bockland and Weymouth. 

Villages — Hanover AOONYBBLx, AssinipplA, 
Curtis CrossingD, Winslow's Crossing P, South 
HanoverAGXDNYBX, WestHanoverAODNYBBLx, 
North HanoverA, Centre Hanover. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Bernard Damon, H. Center 
Selectmen, Eben C. Waterman ch. Edw. A. Bow- 

ker, H. Center, Alpheus Packard, West H. Meet 

second and fourth Saturdays in each month 
Auditor, Bobert N. Millett 
Collector, Charles W. Briggs, North H. 
Assessor and Overseer Poor, Eben C. Waterman 
Constables, E. A. Bowker, Alpheus Packard, H. 

Center, Francis S. Josselyn, Bobert Cushman, 

David H. Stoddard, North H. 
Highway Commissioner, Geo. M. Curtis, North H. 
Cemetery Commissioners, Geo. M. Curtis, North H. 

George W. Curtis, North H. Lot Phillips West H. 
Board Health, John F. Brooks, North H. Sector 

Damon, South H. A. L. McMillan, H. Center 
Chief Police, Charles W. Hibbard 
Chief Fire Vept. and Inspector Animals, Andrew 

T. Damon, H. Center. 
Tree Warden, William S. Stoddard, North H. 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, C. L. Howes ch. Harriet E. Bussell, 

West H. Melvin S. Nash sec. North H. 
Supt. Charles A. Harris 
Prin. High School, B. N. Millett, Centre H. 
Prins. Ch^ammar Schools, Frank W. Jones, Assin- 

ippi ; Jessie V. Keith, West H. ; Adella Nichols, 

North H. 

Public Library. 
John Curtis Library, Alice L. Bailey lib. Branches 

at West Hanover and South Hanover 
Trustees, Melvin S. Nash, North H. Morrill A. 

Phillips, South H. Lavina S. Ford 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Feb. 22, 1820. Pop. 
1490. 16 m. from Plymouth and 24 m. south by 
southeast of Boston, North Hanson and South 
Hanson being on the Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.& 
H.R.B.; Hanson is 1% m. from North Hanson 
and 2 m. from South Hanson. Electric railway 
to Brockton, Whitman and Kingston; stage 
route to Whitman. 

Villages — HansonA, Bourne Crossing, South 



HanflonAGCINYBX, North HansonACDONYBX, 
Gumej's Comen, Bryantville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

ClerJc and Treasurer, John Scates, Sovih H. 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Healih, Fred W. Howland cK South H. George 
E. Bowker, George C. Hobart, South H. 

Auditor, Seth M. Briggg, South H. 

Collector, Walter Calder, South H. 

Constable, John Ibbitson (ciyil). South H. 

Highway Surveyors, Philip H. Barker, George W. 
Brewster, South H, 

Tree Warden, A. L. Dame 

Inspector Animals, Elbridge M. Perkins 

PnbUc Schools. 
Committee, Abbie F. Phillips oh. South E, Bev. 

George a Chase, South J7. WiUiam Elms 
Bupt. Charles A« Harris, Hanover 
Trins. Grammar Schools, Alice M. Lane, Sadie B. 


Public libraries. 

Hanson Library Association, Mary J. Drew lib. 
Hanson Public Library, Mary J. Drew lib. 
Trustees, Evie W. Drew ch. Arthur C. Sampson, 

South H. F. S. Thomas 
Wampatttck Library, Abbie Phillips l%b. South H. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Jan. 10, 1739. Pop. 
9261. 70 m. from Boston and 28 m. northwest 
of Worcester, Wheelwright being a station on 
Mass. Central Div. B.&M.B.B., and GilbertviUe 
being on Ware Biver Br. B.&A.B.B.; stage con- 
nection with Gilbertville. 

Villages — [HardwickA, GilbertvilleACDDAmX, 
FnmaceAOaAmX, WheelwrightAGOAm x . 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Timothy Paige 

Seiectmen, F. A. Hitchcock ch. GilbertviUe, John 
K. Hillman, E. A. Hillman, Furnace. Meet first 
Monday afternoon in every month at 2 p.m. 

Auditor, F. William Clark 

Treasurer, George Manly 

Collector, William A. Newcomb 

Assessors, Timothy Paige ch. Joel L. Powers, 
Timothy Walsh, Gilbertville 

Overseers Poor, Samuel S. Dennis, F. E. Craw- 
ford, Gilbertville, Joseph McCormick, Wheel- 

Constables, Fred E. Crawford (civil), Gilbertville, 
Myron N. Ayers, Henry Gooselin, WheeliDright 

Supt. Streets, William B. Goodfield, GilbertviUe 

Sinking Fund Commissiojiers, Samuel S. Dennis, 
George Warner, George W. Wheelwright Jr. 

Board Health, Charles F. Angell ch. Gilbertville, 

Elmer A. Hillman, Fwmace, Daniel C. Mohan 
Tree Warden, W. P. Wesson 
Inspector Animals, Walter E. Goddard 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Charles N. Walcott, Gilbertville, Chas. 

O. Flagg, Cornelius A. Curran, Wheelwright 
Supt. Julius E. Warren, Barre 
Prin. High School, Cushman 

Public Libraries. 

Gilbertville Public Library, Andrew Bacher lib. 

Paige Library and Hardwick Free Library, Han- 
nah Spooner and Nettie C. Bridges libs. 

Trustees, Joseph B. Robinson ch. Mary A. Mixter, 
Timothy Paige, Hannah R. Spooner, Louis H. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 29, 1732. Pop. 
1077. 28 m. from Boston and 25 m. northeast 
of Worcester on Worcester, Nashua k Portland 
Div. B.&M.B.R. 

Villages— HarvardAGOAmL, Still BiverAGQ 
AmX, Harvard StationD, Shaker Village. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Cleric, James L. Whitney 
Selectmen, Warren H. Fairbank ch, Benjamin 

J. Priest, WiUiam B. Willard. Meet first Sat- 
urday in each month 
Auditor, William C. Haskell 
Treasurer, Frank A. Houghton 
Collector, Isaac P. Baker 
Assessors, Isaac P. Baker ch. Charles H. Haskell, 

Perley Beard 
Overseers Poor, H. H. Gale ch. John H. Davis, 

A. F. Bipley 
Constables, Augustus D. Parker, William Hanna 
Cemetery Commissioners, J. E. Maynard, H. D. 

Stone, J. B. Harlow 
Park Commissioners, John R. Bigelow, Still Biver, 

Herbert B. Boyal, Charles A. Brown 
Board Health, Herbert B. Royal ch. Spurgeon M. 

Farnsworth, Fred W. Bateman, Still Biver 
Tree Warden, George C. Maynard 
Inspector Animals, Arthur W. Bryant 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Arthur T. West ch. J. E. Maynard, C. 

L. Russell 
Supt. Charles L. Clay 
Prin. Bromfield School, Lilla N. Frost 

Public library. 

Harvard Town Library, Estelle E. Willard lib. 
Trustees, W. H. Fairbank ch. F. W. Bateman sec. 

StUl Biver, Horace Hildreth treas. Mrs. H. F. 

Whitney, Miss E. A. Gamage, Mrs. E. A. Gale 




In Barnstable Co. Inc. Sept. 14, 1694. Pop. 
2301. 85 m. from Boston and 14 m. east of Barn- 
stable on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — HarwichACDDNYBx, East Har- 
wich A, South HarwichAODNYBX, North Har- 
wichADNYBX, West Harwich A, HarwichportA, 
Pleasant LakeAD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in February 
Cleric and Treasurer, N. Carryl Underwood 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Ambrose N. Doane eh, H. Port, John 

H. Drum, H. Center, Ephraim H. Doane, B. 

Port. Meet first Monday in each month 
Auditors, James M. Moody, Benjamin C. Eelley 
Collectors, Archelous H. Matson, West H. Isaac 

B. Kendrick, East H, 
Constables, William H. Bassett (civil), Elisha H. 

Bearse, H, Port, Spencer P. EUis 
Boad Commissioners, Arthur F. Nickerson, East H. 

Joseph Ashley, West H, Thomas W. Harriman 
Herring Committee, Osmyn Berry, E. A. Cahoon, 

Pleasant Ldhe, Martin L. Bobbins 
Tree Warden, Thomas W. Harriman 
Inspector Animals, Freeman E. Ellis 

Public Schools. 

Committee, John P. Nickerson ch. West H, Thomas 
H. Nickerson sec, H, Port, Arthur F. Cahoon 

8upt, Frank H. Hill 

Prin, High School, Harold H. lllton 

Prins, Grammar Schools, Hattie Weekes, Center; 
Anna M. DuBois, H. Port; Leola M. Robinson, 
West H. ; Madge A. Guptill, East H. 

Public Library. 

Brooks Library Association, Lulu B. Tobey and S. 

L. Underwood libs. 
Trustees, Asa L. Jones ch, F. D. Underwood sec, 

A. L. Weekes, H. B. Davis, Chester Snow, 1'. 

H. Nickerson, W. J. Nickerson 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. May 31, 1670. Pop. 
1779. 100 m. from Boston, ^V^ m. from North- 
ampton and 21 ra. from Springfield on Conn. & 
Passumpsic Div. B.&M.R.K. Electric railway 
to Northampton, also through Bradstrect to 
East Whately, South Deerfield, Wapping, Deer- 
field and Greenfield. 

Villages— HatfieldA, North HatfieldACDDAd 
AmX, West HatfieldAODAdAmX, BradstreetA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting third Monday in March 

Cleric, L. H. Kingsley 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
David Billings ch, C. Edward Warner, Thomas 
J. Ryan. Meet first Monday of every month 

Auditor, Edward B. Dickinson 

Treasurer, L. H. Kingsley 

Collector, A. L. Strong, West H, 

Assessors, L. H. Kingsley ch, James L. Day, John 
Vollinger, West H. 

Constables, Silas S. Dwight, West H. L. H. Kings- 
ley, M. J. Proulx, Willis Holden, S. W. Kings- 

Supt, Streets, Thomas J. Ryan 

Water Commissianers, Daniel W. Wells ch, M. J. 
Proulx, Charles L. Warner 

Cemetery Commissioner, James Porter 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, Rev. Robert M. 
Woc^, Matthew J. Ryan, E. Seward Warner 

Chief Fire Dept, Matthew J. Ryan 

Tree Warden, Patrick J. WhaJen 

Inspector Animals, E. S. Warner 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Henry S. Hubbard ch, L. A. Powers, 

John J. Batzold 
Supt. M. H. Bowman 
Prin. High School, Albert J. Chidister 

Public Iiibrary. 
Hatfield Public Library, C. M. Barton lib. 
Trustees, Rev. Robert M. Woods D.D. ch, Mrs- 
Charles K. Morton, T. A. Nolan 


See Index for location. 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Feb. 6, 1792. Pop. 448. 
135 m. from Boston and 30 m. from Greenfield; 
reached by stage from Charlemont (5 m.) on 
Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R.; also stage connection 
with Plainfield. 

Villages — HawleyA, West HawleyA, HoUock- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, F. D. Carter, West H. 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, E. L. Eldridge, Geo. W. Sears, H. C. 

Dodge. Meet by appointment 
Auditor, B. L. Holden 

Collector and Constable, Noel M. Barber (civil) 
Tree Warden, E. R. Sears 
Inspector Animals, George E. Sears 

Public Schools. 
Committee, A. W. Payne ch. Charlemont, E. R. 

Sears sec. Charlemont, F. D. Carter, West H, 
Supt. G. A. Grover, Charlemont 

Public Library. 
Hawley Free Public Library, Amelia I. Sears, 

acting lib. 
Trustees, Mrs. I. C. Vincent ch. West H. C. P. 

Sears, Charlemont, A. F. Sears, Charlemont 




In Franklin Co. Inc. Feb. 13, 1785. Pop. 357. 
133 m. from Boston and 23 m. northwest from 
Greenfield; reached by stage from Shelburne 
Falls on Fitchbnrg Diy. B.&M.B.R. Stage from 
Charlemont via Dell and North Heath to Jack- 
sonville, Vt.; also Heath to Shelburne Falls. 

Villages — 'HeathA, North HeathA, GyrusA, 
Dell A. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Hugh Maxwell 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Henry E. Stetson ch. North H, Levi Lively, 
North H, Ernest £. Kinsman. Meet by ap- 

Auditor, COifford J. Hager, Dell 

Collector and Constable, William E. Gleason 

Assessors, Isaac W. Stetson ch. Arthur O. Sum- 
ner, North H, Frank B. Burrington 

Tree Warden, Ernest E. Kinsman 

Inspector Animals, Hugh Thompson 

Pnbllo Schools. 
Committee, Frank B. Burrington ch. Edward P. 
Dickinson, A. J. Peterson, Cyws 

Pabllc library. 
Free Public Idbrary, H. Kirk Smith lib. 
Trustees, Mamie E. Maxwell ch. Henry E. Stet- 
son, North E. H. Bark Smith 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Sept. 2, 1635. Pop. 
4819. 17 m. southeast of Boston on Plymouth 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B.; also by steamers from 
Boston to Crow Point daily in summer. Elec- 
tric cars to Weymouth, North Weymouth, Nor- 
well and Hull. 

Villages — HinghamAGONYBBLx, West 
HinghamACDDNYBBLx, South HinghamA, Lib- 
erty Plain, Nantasket Junctionn, Crow Point, 
Hingham CenterA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric^ Fred H. Miller 

Selectmen and Assessors, Walter W. Hersey ch. 
Walter T. Jones, South E. William L. Foster, 
E. Center. Meet first and third Tuesdays 

Auditor, S. Bandall Lincoln 

Treasurer, Edward W. Jones 

Collector, Alphonso Cain 

Overseers Poor, Walter T. Jones ch. South E. 
William L. Foster, E. Center^ Louis C. Cornish 

Constables, James H. Crehan (civil), R. Foster 
Bobinson, South E. Washington I. James, 
Herbert C. Jones, E. Center, George E. Davis, 

Eighway Supt. John F. Clifford 

Municipal Light Board, Frederick M. Hersey, 
Morris F. Whiton, Ebed L. Ripley, E. Center 

Board Eealth, Charles H. Marble ch. Walter W. 
Hersey, J. W. Spooner M.D. 

Chief Fire Dept. George Cushing 

Tree Warden, Arthur W. Young 

Inspector Animals, Robert F. Robinson 
Public Scbools. 

Committee, Frederick M. Hersey ch, Samuel H. 
SpalcUng, Charles H. Marble, Ehner L. Cur- 
tiss, E. Center, E. C. Sprague, South E. Ed- 
ward B. Pratt, E. Center, Ira G. Hersey, Benj. 
A. Robinson, Charles A. Dorr, South E. Chas. 
S. Groves, E. Center, Thomas* H. Buttimer, 
Charles T. Leavitt, South E. 

Supt. Nelson G. Howard, E. Center 

Prin. Eigh School, Charles Jenney, E. Center, J. 
0. Sanborn, prin. emeritus 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Wm. M. Hart, Charles 
P. Durell, E. Center 

Pnblie Ulnrary. 

Hingham Public Library, Albert L. Stephenson, 
asst. lib. E. Center 

Trustees, Elmer L. Curtiss, Hawkes Fearing, Ed- 
ward B. Pratt, J. Winthrop Spooner, Henry W. 
Cushing, Frederick M. Hersey, John D. Long, 
Ebed L. Ripley, Jacob O. Sanborn, Morris F. 
Whiton, Ira G. Hersey, Francis H. Lincoln, 
Walter C. Shute, William B. Fearing, Lincoln 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 21, 1804. Pop. 
1452. 142 m. from Boston and 9 m. southeast of 
Pittsfield on B.&A.R.R. 

Village — HinsdaleAOD Am x . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk, Owen E. Maxwell 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Eealth, 

E. J. Russell ch. C. A. Morgan, L. Roberts. 

Meet by appointment 
Auditor, John Gray 
Treasurer, Charles R. Cole 
Collector, Albert Franklin 
Assessors, E. H. Goodrich ch. George Eirchner, 

Frank C. Phillips 
Constables, Patrick J. McGill, Louie L. Sherman, 

John O'Leary, E. A. Day, A. D. Goodwin 
Supt. Streets, Louie L. Sherman 
Water Commissioners, G. T. Plunkett ch. Owen E. 

Maxwell, C. A. Morgan 
Tree Warden, Lewis B. Brague 
Police Officer, Arthur D. Goodwin 
Inspector Animals, Frank C. Phillips * 

Pabllc Schools. 
Committee, Thomas F. Barker ch. Rev. Daniel F. 

Cronin, T. A. Frissell 
Supt. Schools, W. E. Riley 



Public Lllirary. 
Hinsdale Public Libruy, Alden H. Pierce, lib, 
Direotara, W. A. Taylor, F. B. Cook, G. T. 

Plunkett, Bev. J. H. Laird, James Hosmer, C. 

W. Goodrich 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Feb. 29, 1872. Pop. 
2509. 14 m. south of Boston on Plymouth Div. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. Electric railway to South 
Braintree, Braintree, Brookville, Montello and 

Villages — HolbrookAGONYBBLx, Brook- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Zenas A. French 
Selectmen, Aaeeasars and Overseers Poor, Arthur 

W. Paine eh. John King, Charles H. MeCarter. 

Meet every Saturday evening 
Avditore, Frank T. White, Ernest S. Sogers, Edroy 

B. Austin 
Treasurer, George B. French 
Collector, J. Tisdale Southworth 
Constables, Walter O. Crooker, Peter L. Vincent, 

William West, George A. Nason, C. H. Buz- 

zell, BroohvUU, C. W. Wilde, H. G. Davies 
Supt, Streets, William West 
Water Commissioners, F. G. Morse, Fred C. Hol- 

lis, Daniel Sands 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Fred C. Hollis, F. 

G. Morse, Daniel Sands 
Board Health, Henry W. Paine ch. Dr. B. B. WD- 

son, Percy O. Bumham 
Chief Fire Dept. Edroy B. Austin 
Tree Warden, William Hayden 
Inspectors Animals, Eugene E. Ford, Z. P. Jordan 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Dr. F. H. Merriam ch. Zenas A. French 

sec. Ihomas H. West 
Supt. Schools, Watson C. Lea 
Prin. High School, W. M. Marr 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Sarah P. Felter, Alma B. 

Bisbee, S. E. Dean, Agnes N. Mann 

Public Iillirary. 

Holbrook Public Library, Z. A. French lib. 
Trustees, Mrs. Isabelle N. Holbrook, Lewis Alden, 
Samuel A. M. Linnell 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Jan. 9, 1741. Pop. 
2640. 8 m. northwest of Worcester on Worces- 
ter Br. Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B., Quinapoxet 
and Jefferson being on Central Mass. Div. B.& 
M.B.R. Electric railway to Worcester. 

Villages — HoldenAODN x , Jeff erson AGON x , 
QuinapoxetA, Quinapoxet Stationn, Springdale, 
Lovellville, North WoodsD, ChaffinD, Eagleville, 
DawsonO, Unionville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting third Monday in March 

Clerk, Samuel W. Armington 

Selectmen and Board Health, J. Frank Wood eh. 
3. Winthrop Holt, Benjamin M. Chamberlain. 
Meet first Monday evening of every month 

Auditor, George C. Johnson 

Treasurer and Collector, Fred H. Fales 

Assessors, Samuel Warren ch. Edward W. Mer- 
rick, Jefferson, Charles B. Jordan 

Overseers Poor, Edward W. Merrick ch. Jefferson, 
Walter T. Howe, George S. Graham 

Water Commissioners, Stihnan F. Morse eh. Jeffer- 
son, Peter Carr, Jefferson, Bertram S. Newell 

Constables, Edward W. Merrick (civil), Jefferson, 
James J. Hanaver, Quinapoxet, James Sullivan 

Highway Surveyor, William J. Rivers, Jefferson 

Agent Board Health, Frank H. Washburn 

Tree Warden, Jonathan W. Bice 

Inspector Animals, Warren Cook 

Public Schools. 

Committee, James A. Holden, Quinapoxet, Martha 
E. Graham, Adddie M. Holden, Walter T. 
Howe, Anna P. Fay, WUliam J. Powers 

Supt. Herbert J. Jones 

Prin. High School, A. K. Learned 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Clara K. Bascom, Jeffer- 
son; Elizabeth A. Brown, Center; Winifred P. 
^T^^gf^f Quinapoxet; Dagny Lindgren, Chaffln 
Public Library. 

Damon Memorial Library, Addie M. Holden lib. 

Trustees, Waldo E. Austin ch. Emory Bogers, Jas. 
A. Holden, Alonzo K. Learned, Thomas E. 
-Babb, 8. W. Armington 


In Hampden Co. Inc. July 5, 1783. Pop. 151. 
69 m. from Boston, 28 m. from Springfield and 
12 m. southeast of Palmer. 

Village — ^HollandA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk, Treasurer, Collector and Chief Fire Dept. 

A. F. Blodgett 

Selectmen and Board Health, Lewis M. Hewlett ek. 

Henry E. Vinton, Loring C. Hewlett Meet flnt 

Monday in each month 
Auditor, C. A. Vinton 
Collector, C. F. Hewlett 
Assessors, A. F. Blodgett ch. O. L. Howlett| L. 

C. Hewlett 
Overseers Poor, L. M. Hewlett ch. P. B. Blodgett, 

B. C. Bennett 

Constables, Oliver L. Hewlett, Arthur F. Blodgett 
Cemetery Commissioners, Freeman B. Blodgett, 

Francis Wight, B. C. Bennett 
Supt. StreeU, Carl F. Hewlett 
Tree Warden, Charles Lawrence 
Inspector Animals, A. J. Bagley 



PabUc SehoolB. 
C<mmittee, Francis Wight eh. A. F. Blodgett, 

Charles Laajeiiee 
SupU P. T. Pearson, Warren 

Pablio Ulmxy. 
Holland Public Library, Miss D. M. Blodgett lib. 
TruBtees, F. B. Blodgett, O. L. Howlett, Francis 


In Middlesex Go. Inc. Dee. 3, 1724. Pop. 
2665. 5 m. sonth of Sonth Framingham on Mil- 
ford Br. B.&A.B.B. Electric railway through 
all the villages to South Framingham, Natick, 
Milf ord and Medway. 

Villages— HollistonAODAdx, BraggvilleACDD 
Adx, EastHollistonAODAdX, MetcaJfAOaAdX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Albert E. Phipps 

Specimen, Frank Cass eh. (George H. Moody, Ed- 
ward A. Pyne 

Auditor, G. Edwin Parker 

TrecLSurer and Collector, W. P. Gage 

Assessor 8, John G. Ghampney eh. (George B. Bus- 
sellj Gharles A. Growley 

Overseers Poor, Dennis J. Moynihan, Edward T. 
Bawson, G. Melyin Ghampney 

ConstdhleSy George H. Moody, Henry Gasey, John 
Baker, Archib^d A. Langill, Henry M. Holmes, 
Metealf, George H. Hart (civil), Amos a Bob- 

Supi. Streets, Albert F. Shippee 

Board Health, Dr. N. G. B. Haviland, Ealph F. 
BusseU, Dr. I. G. Pope 

Agent, I. G. Pope 

Chief Fire Dept. Waldo A. GoUins 

Tree Warden, Frank Gass 

Inspector Anivaals, John T. DriscoU 

Public Schools. 

Committee, G. H. M. Bartlett ch. Gharles A. Gard- 
ner, John H. Andrews, John H. Mahoney, Wil- 
liam B. McGlellan, Edwin W. Golburn, Per^ F. 
Leland, George Spring 

Supt. Schools, Wilfred H. Price 

Prin. High School, F. A. Scott 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Kate A. Wade, Mary E. 
Driscoll, Letitia Gahoon 

Public Library. 

Holliston Public Library, Josephine E. Bockwood 
lib. Harold G. Glaflin asst. lib. 

Trustees, Frank S. Teele ch. John M. Batehelder 
sec. and treas. W. P. Gage, G. E. Wilmot 
Brooks, John G. Ghampney, Erwin A. Daniel 


See Index for location. 


In Worcester Go. Inc. Apr. 7, 1886. Pop. 
1968. 1^ m. from Milf ord. Electric railways 
to Milford, South Framingham, Mendon, West 
Mendon, Uzbridge, West Upton, Grafton and 
North Grafton. 

ViLLAGBS— HopedaleACDOAdX, South Milford 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, William H. Jordan 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

E. A. Darling ch. L. B. Gaskill, S. E. Kellog. 
Meet first Friday evening of each month 

Auditor, Adin Messenger 

Treasurer, E. D. Bancroft 

Collector, E. S. Stimpson 

Assessors, H. W. Bracken ch. William Bancroft, 

William &. Hague 
Constables, Bobert Boss (dvil), Walter F. Dargia 

(dvil), J. M. French (civil), E. G. BarroWB 

Boad Commissioners, G. A. Draper, G. E. Pierce^ 

G. H. Draper 
Park Commissioners, George O. Draper, Gharles 

F. Boper, Frank J. Dutcher 
Chief Fvre Dept. S. E. Kellogg 
Tree Warden, Joseph B. Bancroft 
Inspector AninuUs, Wilfred Gaskill 

Public Schools. 
Committee, H. M. Bracken ch. Miss Harriet B. 

Somborger, F. J. Dutcher 
Supt. Herbert F. Taylor 
Prin. High School, T. H. Kenworthy 
Prin. Grammar School, M. F. Perry 

Public Ubrary. 

Bancroft Memorial Library, Harriet B. Som- 
borger lib. 

Trustees, Anna M. Bancroft c%. Edward L. Osgood, 
Frank H. French 


In Middlesex Go. Inc. Dec. 13, 1715. Pop. 
2585. 3 m. southwest of Ashland on Franklin 
ft Ashland Br. Midland Div. N.Y.,N.H.,&HJLB. 
Electric raOway to Ashland, South Framingham, 
Natick, Milford and Westboro. 

Villages — HopkintonAODAdX, Hayden Bow 
ACDDAdX, WoodvilleA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Patrick H. Dolan 
Selectmen, Horace Phipps ch. Samuel A. Smith, 

James J. Murtaugh. Meet first Tuesday of 

each month 
Auditor, Henry W. Fitzpatrick 
Treasurer, Daniel P. Day 
Collector, Bufus H. Hopkins 



Assessors, Seymour A. Knowles ch, James H. 

Murphy, DenniB J. O'Brien 
Overseers Poor, T. Carrigan ch. Jeremiali Ens- 
man, Marcus M. Wood 
Constables, Lowell J. Sweet, James E. McCall, 

Timothy Tooher 
Supt. Streets, Horace Phipps 
Water Commissioners, George B. Daily dh. George 

L. Hemenway, Edward Buck 
Cemetery Commissioners, John F. Slater, Leonard 

F. Fairbanks, Wilbur W. Wood 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, John Mahan, Wil- 

lianl A. Frail, Webster W. Page 
Board Health, George S. Thompson, Jeremiah 

Ensman, Patrick McCormack 
Agent, Patrick H. Dolan 
Chief Fire Dept, David D. Stewart 
Tree Warden, Frank F. Baldwin 
Inspector Anvmals, Winslow W. Claflin 

Pnbllo Schools. 
Committee, George Halpin ch, Francis C. Pillion, 

George S. Thompson 
Supt, Victor V. Thompson 
Pfin. High School, M. A. Supple 

Public Library. 

Hopkinton Public Library, Effie L. Woods Ub. 

Trustees, Leroy L. Woolson pres, Mary E. Put- 
nam sec. Fred A. Wood treas, Mrs. Charles B. 
Holman, Mrs. Martin V. Phipps, Wilbur A. 
Wood, Mrs. Ida Wonderly 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 7, 1767. Pop. 
1205. 65 m. from Boston and 20 m. northwest 
of Worcester, East Hubbardston being on Wor- 
cester Br. Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R. (Hubbard- 
ston proper 1^ m. from station) and Williams- 
ville on Ware River Br. B.&A.R.R. 

Villages — HubbardstonANx, Williamsville 
AODAmX, East Hubbardston A, Eagle Mills, 
Hubbardston StationCDO. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, William H. Wheeler 
Selectmen and Board Health, George E. Morse ch, 

James E. McWilliams, William M. Clark. Meet 

last Saturday afternoon of each month 
Agent Board Health, Dr. William T. Knowlton 
Auditor, Edmund S. Bennett 
Collector, George E. Morse 
Assessors, EMn C. Wheeler ch. J. Frank Flagg, 

George H. Davis 
Overseers Poor, John Adams ch, Henry Claflin, J. 

T. Savage 
Constables, R. Alfred Waite, Ernest Thompson 
Highway Commissioner, Hobart Clark 
Chief Police, R. Alfred Waite 
Chief Fire Dept. William E. Coffin 

Tree Warden, Gilbert H. Flagg 
Inspector Animals, Blanchard Bennett 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, Allen S. Wioodward ch. J. M. Seaton, 

Grace G. Woodward 
Supt. F. G. Atwell 
Prin, High School, Paul M. Macklin 
Prin. Grammar School, Frances L. Palmer 

Public Library. 

Free PubUc Library, Lucy Grimes lib. 

Trustees, Wm H. Wheeler, Charles C. Colby, Her- 
bert W. Howe, Lucy Grimes, Clara M. Claflin, 
Rev. J. M. Seaton 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Mar. 19, 1866. Pop. 
6217. 28 m. west of Boston on Central Mass. 
Div. B.&M.R.R., and 34 m. on Fitchburg Div. 
Electric railways to Marlboro, Berlin, Clinton, 
Maynard, Stow and Concord; stage connections 
with Bolton. 

Villages — HudsonAODAmNBLx, Mirror 
Lake, Gleason Junction StationD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Fred O. Welsh 

Selectmen, Thomas F. Trow ch, Charles E. Ben- 
nett, Thomas F. Mahoney. Meet every Friday 
evening and first Mon. of each month at 7 p.m« 

Auditors, Warren T. SafPord, George A. Packard 

Treasurer, Savillian Arnold 

Collector, Daniel D. Rose 

Assessors, John E. Walsh, George A. Tripp, David 

Overseers Poor, Hiram P. Bean ch, John R. Clark, 
Edwin A. Jones 

Constables, Andrew Magorty, Patrick Scally, Otis 
L. Adams 

Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, Rufus H. Hap- 

Municipal Light Board, Charles M. Houghton, 
Henry T. G. Dyson, Herbert A. Knight 

Water Commissioners, Hermon C. Tower ch, 
Daniel W. Stratton, John J. Manning 

Cemetery Commissioners, J. H. Herrick, Winthrop 
Bailey, Charles T. Vinal, Michael E. McNiff, £. 
Dana Jewett 

Park Commissioners, Lewis D. Apsley, Frank H. 
Chamberlain, Winthrop Bailey 

Board Health, William J. Curran ch. John E. 
McGrath, Dr. Norman M. Hunter 

CMef Fire Dept. Fred W. Trowbridge 2d 

Inspector Animals, A. L. Cundall 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, Walter E. Cairver ch, Alvah W. Morse 

sec. Lucie D. Wel^ 
Supt. C. S. Lyman 

Prin. High School, Charles A. Williams 
Prin. Grammar School, B. D. Brown 



Public Uteaiy* 
Hudson Public Library, Grace M. Wbittemore lib. 
Trustees, Charles A. WiUiams cK James L. Bai- 
iBLatjne, Blanche Hathaway 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. May 29, 1644. Pop. 
2060. 9 m. southeast of Boston by water and 
22 m. by rail, at terminus Nantasket Beach Br. 
Plymouth JAv. N.T.,N.H.ftH.B.B. Steamers from 
Boston in summer. Electric street railway con- 
nection with Boston, Quincy, the Abin^ns, the 
Weymouths Brockton, Braintree, the Hanovers, 
Bandolph, Hingham, et c. 

Villages— HullACDDNYBBLX, NantasketAOD 
KenbermaO, WavelandD, Stony BeaehD, Saga- 
more, SurfsideAD, PembertonQ, Nantasket 


Town Oi&ceni. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, James Jeffrey, Surf side 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Alfred A. Galiano 
ch. John Smith, Surf side, James Jeffrey, Surf- 
side. Meet first Monday of each month 

Auditor, John E. Campbell 

Treasurer, Clarence V. Nickerson 

CoUeetor, Charles H. Waterhouse 

Assessors, Bichard B. Hayes ch, George H. Hatch- 
ard, Allerton, Frank M. Beynolds, Surf side 

Constables, John H. Goodman, Francis B. Mitch- 
ell, Harry H. Tremaine, Frank M. Beynolds, 
Nantasket, William B. Mitchell, Eugene Mitch- 
ell Jr. Jacob W. Smith, Thomas P^e, Eugene 
Mitchell, Henry W. Mitchell, William Bacon 

Supt. Streets, John Smith, Surf side 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, Alfred A. Galiano 
treas. Francis H. Cleverly, James Jeffrey, Swrf- 

Park Commissioners^ William E. Sheriffs, George 
F. Hall, Eugene Mitchell Jr. 

Board Health, Francis H. Cleverly ch, George H. 
Hatchaffd, Allerton, John B. Wheeler 

Chief Fire Dept. George H. H&tchard 

Chief Police, Frank M. Beynolds 

Genercd Manager Municipal Light Plant, H. B. 

Tree Warden, Smith F. Sturges, Allerton 

Harbor Master, Alphonso Cleverly 

Inspector Animcds, Frederick C. Harris 

Pnbllo ScboolB. 
Committee, Henry H. Burr ch, Nantasket, William 

E. Sheriffs, Carrie E. Mitchell 
8upt. Nelson G. Howard, Hingham Center 
Prins, Orammar Schools, John Locke, Clarence Y. 

Public Library. 

Hull School Library 

Trustees, Lizzie A. B. Knight ch. Carrie. E. Mitch- 
ell, Mary E. Cleverly 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Mar. 9, 1855. Pop. 
1451. 12 m. northwest of Westfield on B.&A. 
B.B.; daily stage to Worthington, Bingville, 
South Worthington, North Chester, Little ville, 
and to Norwich Lake in summer. 

Villages — Huntington AGX3Am x , Knight ville, 
NorwichA, Norwich Bridge. 

Town OlILcen. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, George W. Ford 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Leonard F. Hardy ch. John S. Searle, 

Edward A. Allen. Meet first week day of every 

Auditor, Elmer F. Pease 
Treasurer, Charles M. Lindsey 
Collector, Dwight W. Stowell 
Constables, Edward A. Allen (civil), Paul Gru- 

nert, Samuel T. Parrett 
Water Commissioners, Joseph E. Perry, Joseph 

Fleury, John Doyle, Emory E. Stanton 
Chief Fire Dept. Joseph Fleury 
Tree Warden, William G. Kimball 
Inspectors Animals Elmer C. Phinney, Fred W. 


Pnbllo Schools. 
Committee, E. H. Cross ch. Herbert L. Jones 

sec. Caleb Bowers, Dr. C. H. Mace, James K. 

Axtell, John Doyle 
Supt. Leon O. Merrill 
Prin. High School, Harvey B. Clough 

Pnbllo Library. 

Huntington Free Library, Mrs. A. E. Munson lib. 
Trustees, Jennie E. Smith ch. Charles E. Hamblin, 
Albert Stanton 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Apr. 22, 1868. Pop. 
14,510. 8 m. southwest of Boston on Providence 
Div. Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. and Mid- 
land Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric railways 
to Dedham, Milton and Boston. 

Villages— Hyde ParkAODAdE&PBLx, Read- 
villeAOaAdE&PBLX, Clarendon HillsACDDBLx, 
Hazelwoodn, FairmountD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Henry B. Terry 

Selectmen and Sewer Commissioners, Edwin C. 
Jenney ch. John Johnston, James D. Grant, 
Alfred L. Lovejoy, James E. Sheridan. Meet 
second Tuesday evening of every month 

Auditors, Fred C. Stone ch. Gorham E. Stanford, 
William J. Downey 

Treasurer, Gideon M. Haskell 

Collector, Bandolph P. Moseley 



Assessors, Charles F. Morrison ch. Joseph J. Hous- 
ton, Edwin C. Farwell 

Overseers Foor, John W. McMahon, Thomas £. 
Faunee, Edwin C. Farwell 

Constables, Bobert E. Grant, William W. Scott, 
Bobert M. Sampson, James A. Cnllen, William 

8upt. Streets, Arthur T. Sogers 

Cemetery Commissioners, Charles F. Jenney, Geo. 
E. Whiting, John O'Connell 

Park Commissioners, John J. Enneldng ch. Still- 
man E. Newell, Lawson B. Bidwell 

Board Health, Dr. Charles F. Stack ch, John A. 
Morgan, Benjamin G. Bates 

Chief Fire Vept. John H. Wetherbee 

Tree Warden, Harry G. Higbee 

Inspector Animals, Joseph M. Kiggen 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Gilbert Balkam ch. Wilbur H. Powers, 

Herbert T. Bich, Fred J. Hutchinson, Charles 

G. Chick, George French, Harxy E. Ashley, Dr. 

Edward Baxter 
8upt. Henry Jj. Brittain, Ph J). 
Prin. High School, I. A. Lee 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Arthur W. Armstrong, 

Frank H. Dean, Daniel G. Thompson, C. H. 

Early, Miss N. M. Howes, Susie D. Waldron 

Public Library. 
Hyde Park Public Library, Elizabeth Ainsworth 

lib. Gertrude L. Adams first <isst. Nellie A. 

Stone second asst. 
Trustees, Henry B. Miner, Edward S. Hayward, 

James B. Corthell, Frederick L. Johnson, 

Charles G. Chick, G. Fred Gridley, Loea P. 

Howard, John W. Griffin, Charles F. Jenney 


In Essex Co. Inc. Aug. 5, 1634. Pop. 5205. 
27 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern Div. B.& 
M.B.B. Electric street railway to Essex, Bev- 
erly, Georgetown, Haverhill and Newburyport. 

ViLLAOBS — ^IpswichAGOAmBLX, Argilla, Line- 
brook, Candlewood, Willowdale. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, Charles Wi Bamford 
Selectman, George A. Schofield ch. John A. Brown, 

Charles E. Goodhue. Meet third day of each 

month and every remaining Friday 
Auditor, James Damon 

Treasurer and Collector, Charles W. Bamford 
Assessors, George A. Schofield ch. William B. 

Richards, Charles E. Goodhue 
Overseers Foor, George A. Schofield eh. William 

B. Bichards, J. G. Sperling 
Constable, Wesley B. Atkinson (civil) 
Water Commissioners, George A. Schofield eh. 

G. H. W. Hayes, William H. Band 

Supts. Cemetery, Philip E. Clarke^ John G. Sper- 

Ung, Samuel H. Baker 
Park Commissioners, F. T. Goodhue, John G. 

Sperling, J. H. Morey 
Board Health, Levi W. Mallard, Dr. George E. 

MacAirthur, Maynard Whittier 
Chief Police, A. S. Garland 
Chief Fire Dept. Augustus J. Barton 
Tree Warden, James A. Morey 
Inspector Animals and Meat, E. Newton Brown 

Public Schools. 

Committee, George W. Tozer ch. Charles G. Hull, 
John H. Cogswell, Harriet E. Noyes, J. W. Per- 
kins, Dr. G^rge E. MacArthur 

Supt. Bobert M. Martin 

Prin. High School, John P. Marston 

Prins. Orammar Schools, S. Isabella Arthur, Emilj 
M. Adams 

Public Ubrary. 

Ipswich Public Library, Mary B. Maine Ub. 

Trustees, John Heard pres. Thomas H. Lord •M. 
Joseph F. Boss, John P. Marston, Bev. Edward 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 16, 1726. Pop. 
2205. 33 m. southeast of Boston on Plymouth 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric railway through 
Bocky Nook to Plymouth; also through Hanson 
to Whitman. 

Villages — ^BangstonAGXDNYBx, Silver Lake 
AGDNYBX, SeasideD, Indian Pond, Bocky 
Nook, Stony Brook, Wapping. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Henry S. Everson 
Selectmen and Board Health, Alexander Holmes 

ch. Thomas W. Bailey, William J. O'Brien 
Auditor, Lemuel B. Ford 
Assessors, Thos. W. Bailey ch. Alexander Holmes, 

William J. O'Brien 
Overseers Foor, William J. O'Brien ch. Alexander 

Holmes, Thomas y7. Bailey 
Constables, Wendall O. Chandler, Ephraim Pratt 
Highway Surveyor, E. Elbridge Atwood 
Water Commissioners, G. B. Holmes, Edward G. 

Brown, Truman H. Fuller 
Cemetery Commissioner, Edwin Cook 
Chief Fire Dept. Charles H. Drew 
Inspector Animals, Horace Holmes 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Henry B. Maglathlin ch. Silver Lake, 

John W. Cobb sec. Oscar C, Swope, Galen B. 

Pratt, Harvey A. Soule, John T. Thompson 
Supt. Everett G. Loring 
Prin. High School, Ernest M. Gleason 
Assistants, Julia C. Cbrlton, Sally F. Dawee^ 

Florence Holmes 
Prins. Orammar Schools, Annie B. Fales, Maude 

H. Marston 



Public lAhnxy, 
Frederick C. Adams Pnblie Library, Mrs. Jennie 

McLaathlen lib. 
Truatees, Horatio Adams eh. Henry B. Maglathlin, 

Harvej A. Sonle, Leander S. Cole, Henry L. 

Barker, John B. Farrington 


In Plymonth Co. Inc. May 13, 1853. Pop. 
912. 35 m. south of Boston and 3 m. southwest 
of Middleboro on Taunton Div. Old Colony Sys. 

Villages— LakevilleAONYBx, Lakeville 8ta- 
tionGOy Turnpike, Howlands. 

Town QllLcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Ernest C. Haryey 
Selectmen, As*e$8or8 and Board Heaiih, Fred A. 

Shockley cK Middleboro, E. C. Haryey, Z. L. 

Canedy, Myriclcs. Meet last Saturday of each 

Auditor, John 6. Paun 
Overseers Poor, Zebulon L. Canedy ch. Myricks, 

Joseph De MaranviUe, John Shaw 
Constables, Joseph De Maranyille, W. daninee 

Washburn, Myricks, Frank T. Orrall 
Tree Warden, Sidney T. Nelson 
Inspector Aninuds, John Cudworth 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Leavitt C. Caswell ch. Mrs. Annie J. 

Peirce, Fred A. Shaw 
Supt. Chester W. Humphrey, Bochester 

Public Ubraxy. 
Trustees, Mrs. Annie J. Peirce, Mrs. Julia £. 
Baasett, Mrs. Alice K QmgiOk 


In Worcester Co. Inc. May 18, 1653. Pop. 
2406. 35 m. from Boston, 2 m. north of Clinton 
and 18 m. northeast of Worcester on Worcester 
& Nashua Div. B.&M.B.B. Electric railway 
through Lancaster, North Lancaster and South 
Lancaster to Leominster, Fitchbu^g, Clinton, 
Berlin, Hudson and Worcester. 

ViLLAOES — LancasterAGOAmX, North Lan- 
caster, Ponikin, South LancasterAODAmX, Old 
Common, Deershoms or Four Ponds. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, J. C. L. Clark 
Selectmen, John E. Thayer eh. E. Willard Carr, 

George F. Morse, South L. 
Auditors, Eben C. Mann, Nelson A. Seymour, 

John E. F. Bailey 
Treasurer and Collector, Gideon S. Becord 
Assessors, Andrew J. Bancroft ch. South L. John 

E. Famsworth, Calvin Maynard 


Overseers Poor, William A. Kilboum eh. Edward 
T. Cunningham sec. Andrew J. Kennedy 

Constables, George A. Sampson (chief of police). 
South L. George L. Worcester, Oscar Engstrom, 
George K. Wright, E. Willard Carr, William 
Sulliyan, Clinton, John W. Bartiett, Yred M. 
Howard, South L. 

Boad Commissioners, B. S. Walker, CUnton, Wil- 
liam P. Safford, E. Y. B. Thayer, Jr. 

Supt. Streets, Andrew J. Kennedy 

Water Commissioners, Henry H. Fuller, Arthur C. 
Hawkins, William A.- Kilboum, South L. 

Cemetery Committee, Library Trustees 

Board HeaHh, Albert E. Haniman, South L. Allan 
G. Buttrick, I>r. C. .C. Beckley 

Fire Engineers, C. F. W. Turner, South L. E. T. 
Cunning^iam, Everett M. Hawkins 

Tree Warden, John E. Ihayer 

Inspector Animals, A. E. Harriman 

Public SchoolB. 
Committee, Allan G. Buttrick eh, George E. Wor- 
cester, Henry H. 'Fuller 
Supt. Schools, Miss Mary L. Lincoln 
Prin. High School, Frank E. Briggs 

Public Ubrary. 

Lancaster Public Library, Virginia M. K^es Ub. 

Trustees, John E. Thayer ch. Herbert Parker, Geo. 
F. Morse, Alice G. Chandler, Anna H. Whitney, 
J. C. L. Clark, Darius B. Scott, Henry H. Fuller, 
Mary W. Bartol 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 21, 1765. Pop. 
845. 155 m. from Boston and 5 m. north of 
Pittdfield by stage; also stage to Williamstown. 
Electric railway to Cheshire and Pittsfield. 

Villages — ^LanesboroA, BerkshireAGOAmX. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerky George B. Sturgis 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor, Highway Commission- 
ers and Board Health, Edward M. Whiting oh. 
Berkshire, Henry A. Newton, Warren E. Brown. 
Meet last Saturday in every month 

Auditor, P. E. Newcomb 

Treasurer, John S. Whistler 

Collector, Erastus C. Wood 

Assessors, W. Edward Foster, S. L. Northup, 
Myron M. Baker 

Constables, King D. Keeler, Fred A. Bice, John 
A. Stevens 

Cemetery Commissioners, George A. Talcott, 
Henry S. No arse, Pliny W. Nourse 

Tree Warden, Charles S. Newton 

Inspector Animals, William P. Talcott 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Charles H. Fowler ch. Chauncey H. 

Tracy, F. Chase Downing 
Supt. F. B. Van Omum 



Publio Ubrary. 
Lanesboro Town Library, Mabelle Bhinehart Ub, 
Tnutees, A. M. Bennett, E. M. Whiting, F. Chase 


See Index for location. 


In Berkshire Go. Inc. Oct. 21, 1777. Pop. 
3972. 170 m. from Boston and 12 m. south of 
Pittsfield on Berkshire Div. N.T.,N.H.&H.B.B. 
Electric railway to Stockbridge, Great Barring- 
ton, Lenox and Pittsfield. 

YiLiiAOES — ^LeeACDDAdX, South LeeAGXHAdX, 
East LeeA. 

Town Ofllcen. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
ClerJc, Charles H. .Pease 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, A. C. Wilson, South 

L. H. M. Smith, C. M. Mooney. Meet every 

Saturday at 2 p.m. 
Auditors, J. T. Wilson, J. P. Quigley, North L, 
Treasurer, John J. Waddock 
Collector, Alex. W. Faxon 
Assessors, H. L. Smith <^. W. M. Shaylor, Alex. 

W. Faxon 
Constables, F. H. Cutting, C. A. Markham, James 

W. Bassidy, Jacob Leroy, Charles B. DeForest, 

Peter Syre, H. J. Perry, J. J. Wtaddock 
Supt. Streets, Jacob Leroy 
Cemetery Commissioners, J. M. Hawk, H. J. Perry, 

M. J. KeUey 
Board Health, J. J. Hassett, D. M. Wilcox, H. M. 

Chief Fire Dept. Thomas Hayden 
Chief Police, J. W. Bassidy 
Tree Warden, E. J. Norman 
Inspector Animals, John H. McAllister 

Pablic Schoola. 
Committee, O. H. Shaylor ch, D. M. Wilcox, J. J. 

Prin, High School, F. W. Hutchinson 
Supt. Schools, Proston Barr 

Pablic Library. 
Lee Library Association, Miss Mary Stallman lib. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 15, 1713. Pop. 
3414. 6 m. west of Worcester; Bochdale is on 
B.ftA.B.B. Electric railway to Worcester and 

Villages — ^LeicesterA, Cherry ValleyA, Boch- 
daleAGXDAmX, Brick City, Greenville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Collector, Henry C. Evans 

Selectmen, William A. Bell oh, Michael J. Bice, 

Cherry VaUey, George E. Stimaon, BochdaU, 

Meet Friday after firrt Monday in month 
Auditor, Arthur Scott 
Treasurer, H. E. Sargent 
Assessors, Edwin N. Adams, Bochdale, Horace A. 

Smith, Jerome Bottomly 
Overseers Poor, Alden E. Bacon oh. H. E. Sargent, 

John E. Alexander 
Constables, James A. Quinn, John F. Gagen, John 

M. Chenery, David W. Fox, Harry L. McBobertSy 

Joseph (Hbbc^ Matthew Trainer, Joseph H. 

Woodhead, Michael McKay 
Supt. Streets, H. E. Sargent 
Water Commissioners, H. O. Smith, William A. 

Bell, Calvin E. Perry 
Park Commissioners, David Bemis, Parkman T. 

Denny, Samuel D. Cutting 
Board Health, E. N. Adams, E. D. Bigelow, Dr. 

A. McNeish 
Chief Fire Dept. J. S. Whittemore 
Tree Warden, Ira A. Holbrook 
Inspector Animals, George M. Wheeler 

Public Scbools. 

Committee, H. A. Smith, J. W. Smith, D. H. 
McKenna, Edward M. Kelly, Cherry Valley, 
George Stimson, OreenviUe, A. B. Kennedy, 

Supt. O. H. Adams 

Prin. High School, Raymond McFarland 

Pnblie Library. 
Leicester Public Library, Phebe Chandler Johnson 

Trustees, Mary D. Thurston, Walter C. Watson, 

Charles T. Munroe, Dr. F. H. Giflford, Rev. 

Henry Schwab, Parkman T. Denny 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Feb. 26, 1767. Pop. 
3052. 158 m. from Boston and 8 m. south of 
Pittsfield on Berkshire Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. 
Electric railway to Pittsfield, Lee, Stockbridge, 
Great Barrington. 

Villages — ^LenoxAAdX, Lenox StationOD, 
New LenojAGOAdX, LenoxdaleAODAdX. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk and Treasurer, Isaac J. Newton 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, John M. Johnson 

ch. L. H. Peters, J. A. Flynn. Meet every oUier 

Auditors, James Campbell, H. E. Kendall 
Collector, Graham E. C. Root 
Assessors, H D. Kendall ch. R. C. Greenleaf, 

William L. Bull 
Constables, Timothy E. Dunn ( civil ), Thomas 

Briant (civil), James H. Stanley, G. W. Fitch, 

S. W. Tillotson 
Water Commis/tioner, Isaac J. Newton (private 




Sewer Commiseianers, W. E. Boot, Joseph Begnier, 

T. F. Mftckef 
Cemetery drnmueionen, W. F. Gntee, Hou/ 

Supi. Streets, £. E. Jainee 
Board HeiUth, C. 0. Flint, WUliam B. Bull, Dr. 

B. C. Greenleaf 
Chief Fire Depi. B. O'Brien 
Tree Warden, John O'Brien 
Inspector AwimdU, Gharlee C. Flint 

PnbUo Schools. 

Committee, G. W. Foleom, J. A. Campbell, Wil- 
liam F. Grace 
Supt, E. G. Bridgham 
Prin. High School, Franeis Oarej 

Pablie Uteary. 

Lenox Free Public Library, Anna L. White Ub, 
Directors, John E. Parsons pres. Bev. B. DeWitt 
MaUory, Biehard Goodman, F. Ang. Sehenner- 
hom, I>r. B. G. Greenleaf, G. L. Winthrop 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 23, 1740. Pop. 
14,297. 45 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Worces- 
ter and 5 m. south of Fitchburg on Taunton Div. 
N.Y.,N.H.ftH.B.B.; North Leominster is on the 
Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B. Electric raUways to 
North Leominster, Fitchburg, Whalom Park, 
Clinton, Lancaster, Boylston and Worcester. 

Villages — ^LeominsterAGXH Ad AmNYB X , Gates 
CrossingO, North LeominsterAGXJNx, West 

Tovm, Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Bobert L. Carter 
Selectmen, Frank S. Famsworth ch. Edwin B. 

Stuart, L. L. Bachardson 
Auditors, A. B. Hess, George B. Eldredge, S. E. 

Assessors, C. B. Chamberlin ch. Henry Cook, G. H. 

Overseers Poor, Charles H. Bice ch. Milton H. 

Bosworth, Charles S. Buss 
Constables, William A. Lasselle, James Lynch, 

George W. Femald, George G. Lawrence, David 

F. Corkum (civil) 
Supt. Streets, Alburtus W. Jackson 
Water Commissioners, William H. Chase ch. 

Charles H. Howe, Arthur H. Hall 
Cemetery Committee, Edward F. Blodgett ch. 

Jonas W. Gatesy John W. H. Lawrence 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Hamilton Mayo ch. 

John M. Lockey, William n. Chase 
Board Health, Dr. Charles E. Bigelow ch. W. H. 

Cook, Fredson N. Grey 
Chief Police, William A. Lasselle 
Chief Fire Dept. William K. Morse 

Tree Warden, a B. Walker 
Inspector Animals, William H. Dodge 

Pnblio Seboola. 
Committee, Dr. Appleton H. Pieree ch. William 

Holden, Dr. G. E. Abbot, Mrs. Abby G. Boa- 

telle, Harry C. Bascom 
Supt. Schools, Thomas E. Thompson 
Prin. High School, John C. Hull 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Inex M. Yanghan, George 

Street; Mrs. Mattie F. Blood, Cross Street; 

Mrs. Winfred D. Bankin, Spruce Street; Sophie 

Taylor, Priest Street; May A. GaJlagher, Field; 

Mabel L. Prevear, Pierce; PhoDbe M. Peltier, 

Lancaster Street 

Pablio Ubrary. 

Leominster Public Library, Florence E. Wheeler 

Trustees, Joel D. Miller eh. George F. Uoiw^ 

Hamilton Mayo, E. B. Miller, Mrs. John M. 

Loek^, Mrs. Henrietta Gates 


In F^a^klin Co. Inc. Mar. 5, 1774. Pop. 703. 
14 m. southeast of Greenfield on New London & 
Northern Div. Central Vermont B.R.; stage con- 
nection with Shutesbury. 

Villages — LeverettAODAmX, HillsboroA, 
North LeverettA, Moore's Corner A, East Lev- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric and Treasurer, Israel Taylor 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

C. Hall Beaman ch. F. N. Bourne, Moore's Cor- 
ner, A. F. Field, HUUboro. Meet first Satordfl^ 

evening in each month 
Auditor, Bradford M. Field 
Collector, A. F. Field, HiUsboro 
Assessors, H. W. Field ch. F. T. Adams, East L. 

Clinton W. Baker, North L. 
Constables, C. M. Hemenway, North L. (civil) 

Harrison B. Glacier, East L. Charles Hall Bear 

man (civil) 
Boad Commissioners, William B. Glazier, Bast 

L. Samuel M. Graves, North L. F. D. Douglass, 

Tree Warden, A. F. Field, HiUsboro 
Inspector Animals, Balph N. Maxvell, North L. 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, Myron T. Graves oh. North L, JaMm 

A. Bice sec. Maude E. Field, HiUsboro 
Supt. Mrs. C. A. Steams, Wendell Depot 

Pablie Library. 
Public Library, L H. Taylor, L. Center, Edith 

Fiske, North L. libs. 
Trustees, Mrs. C. Hall Beaman, L. Center, Mrs. 

H. C. Porter, North L. Lu<y Church, North L. 




In Middlesex Co. Inc. Mar. 20, 1713. Pop. 
4531. 11 m. northwest of Boston and 10 m. from 
Bast Cambridge on Southern Div. B.&M.E.B. 
Electric railways to Waltham, Wobum, Concord, 
Lowell and Boston. 

ViLiAGBS— Lexington AODAmBLX, East Lex- 
ingtonACDDAjnBLX, MunroeD, North Lexing' 
tonAODAmBLX, Pierce's Bridge. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Agent Board of Health, Geo. 

D. Harrington 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Highway Survey- 
ors, Oeorge W. Taylor ch. Frank D. Pierce, East 

L. Henry A- C. Woodward. Meet first and 

third Saturdays of each month 
Auditors, H. Eugene Tuttle, Charles A. Fowle 
Collector, Loring W. Muzzy 
Assessors, George H. Cutter ch. C. G. Kauffmann, 

Everett S. Locke 
Constables, Patrick J. Maguire (civil), Charles H. 

Frank (dvil), Charles E. Wheeler (dvil) 
Supt. Streets, George W. Taylor 
Water Commissioners, Francis W. Dean eh. Booert 

P. Clapp, George O. Whiting 
Sewer Commissioners, Robert P. Clapp, George 

O. Whiting, Francis W. Dean 
Cemetery Committee, C. T. West, Abbott S. 

Mitchell, Herbert L. WelUngton 
Board Health, W. B. Foster, Charles H. Franks, 

Dr. J. O. Tilton 
Chief Police, Charles H. Franks 
Chief Fire Dept, James H. Phillips, East L, 
Tree Warden, Cornelius Wellington 
Inspector Afwmals, Dr. H. L. Alderman, East L. 

Public Schools. 
CommiUee, James P. Munroe eh. Charles B. Davis, 

George D. Milne, Hannah F. Carrot, George 

L. Walker, George F. Beed 
Supt. George F. Armstrong 
Prin. High School, John F. Hamlin 
Prins. Qrammar Schools, Gertrude W. Garletoiiy 

Hancock School; Emma A. Bobertson, Munroe 

School; E. Jennie Farrell, Adams School 

Public Library. 

Cary Library, Marian P. Kirkland Uh. 

Branch at East Lexington, Miss Emma O. Nich- 
ols custodian 

Trustees, Charles F. Carter ch.; members com- 
posed of Selectmen, School Committee and 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Mar. 12, 1784. Pop. 
379. Beached by stage from Greenfield (9 m.). 

Villages— LeydenA, Beaver Meadow, West 

Toum OflLcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, &. B. Budington 
Seiectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Highway 

Commissioners and Board HeMh, William ▲. 

Barber ch. F. B. Foster, £. P. Howea. Meet 

by appointment 
Auditor, C. W. Severance 
Collecior and Constable,, J. H. Newcomb Jr. 
Tree Warden and Inspector Awmals, William S. 


Public Schools. 
Committee, Gratia E. Campbell, Fred H. Strange, 

Gertrude Cook 
Supt. E. F. Howard 

Public Ubrary. 
L^den Free Library, Belknap Severance Kb. 
Trustees, F. B. Foster (vacancy), Mrs. £Ved 



In Middlesex Co. Inc. Apr. 19, 1754. Pop. 
1122. 17 m. west of Boston on Fitchburg Div. 

Villages — LincolnA, Baker BridgeD, South 
Lincoln AOONX. 

Town OflELcers. 
Annual town meetiug first Monday in March 
Clerk, George L. Chapin 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Charles S. Smith 

ch. C. Lee Todd, South L. Bobert D. Donaldson. 

Meet second and fourth Saturdays of each 

month at 7.30 pjn. 
Auditor, Thomas L. Giles, South L. 
Treasurer and Collector, Charles S. Wheeler 
Assessors, Charles S. Wheeler ch. William C. 

Peirce, Williain H. Sherman, South L. 
Constables, James T. Laird, W. C. Bobus 
Supt. Streets, John F. Farrax 
Water Commissioners, George L. Chapin ch. Chas. 

F. Eveleth, South L. Joseph S. Hart, South L. 
Cemetery Commissioners, Herbert E. Barnes cK 

George L. Chapin, Charles S. Smith, Julius £. 

Eveleth, Edward F. Flint 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Julius E. Eveleth, 

South L. C. Lee Todd, Samuel H. Pierce 
Board Health, Charles S. Smith, C. Lee Todd, Mar- 
tin M. Welch 
Tree War^den, Edward B. Farrar, South L. 
Inspector Animals, Martin M. Welch 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Henry E. Warner ch. South L. Ed- 
ward E. Bradl^, Edward R Farrar, South L. 
Supt. C. M. Lyman 

Public Idbrary. 
Lincoln Public Library, Lydia J. Chapin Ub. 
Trustees, Charles Francis Adams ch. Samuel H. 

Pierce John F. Farrar, Charles S. Smith, Bev. 

E. E. Bradley 




In Middlesex Co. Inc. Dee. 3, 1715. Pop. 
1219. 32 DL from Boston on Fitehbnrg Div. 
BM£.U,1BL and 12 m. southwest of Lowell on 
the Stonj Brook Br. So. DIt. of B.ftM. 

Villages— LittletonAODNx, Littleton Com- 
monA, North LittletonAID, New Town, Centre 
Village, Pingreyville. 

Town Oficers. 

Annual town meeting last Monday in March 

Clerk, Charles F. Johnson 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Osman 
Needham ch, Nathim A. Taylor, Austin T. Kim- 

Auditors, Fred A. Hosmer, Nahum H. Whitcomb 

Treasurer and CoUeetor, Amos H. Knowlton 

Constables, Fred C. Beed, Albert E. Hopkins, Wal- 
ter £. Smith 

8wpt. Streets, Charles A. HartweU 

Cemetery Commissioners, Nelson B. Conant, Jo- 
siah P. Thacher, William H. Davis 

Board Health, Joseph N. Murray, Joseph W. 
Godfrey M.D. Herbert F. Proctor 

Tree Warden, Fred O. Stiles 

Inspector Animals, Joseph N. Murray 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Charles A. Ejmball oh. Waldo E. 

Oonant sec, Joseph W. Godfr^, M.D. 
Supt. A. B. Webber 
Prin, High School, H. H. Pratt 

Public Library. 

Beuben Hoar Library, Mrs. Adelia M. Parker Ub. 

Trustees, Bev. Bobert Carey, Frank A. Patch, Os- 
man Needham, Fannie A. Sanderson, William H. 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Oct. 13, 1783. Pop. 
964. 102 m. from Boston and 4 m. south of 
Springfield on Hartford Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. 
Eleetric railway to Springfield, ThompsonviUe, 
Conn., and Warehouse Point, Conn. 

ViLLAOSS — LongmeadowAODAdX, Franconia. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Cleric and Treasurer, William F. Emerson 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Thomas D. Watters ch. Frank J. De- 

mond, John W. Hartigan. Meet first Monday 

af tesmoon in each montib 
Auditors, Frank S. Burt, Bernard E. Graves 
Collector, Oscar C. Pomeroy 
Constables, Harlow J. Fiske, William J. QuinB, 

Michael W. Murray 
Water Commissioners, Thomas D. Watters, John 

W. Hartigan, Edwin C. Powell 

Cemetery Commissioners, William F. Emerson, 

Charles S. Allen, E. P. Tabor 
Park Commissioners, William C. Pease, J. P. 

Harding, B. J. Baer 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Theodore W. Leete, 

Charles S. Allen, William M. ^mUard 
Special Police, W. P. Donnelly, William J. Bren- 

nan, Charles M. Hanrattie, T. S. Felton 
Chief Fire Dept. Oscar C. Pomeroy 
Tree Warden, Joseph Goodman 
Inspector Animals, Moses Field 

Public Schools. 

Committee, William B. Medlicott ch. Walter P. 

Sherman derk, Mrs. Walter Bliss 
Supt. Mary L. Pohind, Springfield 
Prin. Grammar School, Lucia B. Carver 

Public library. 

Longmeadow Public Library, Mrs. C. S. Gates lib. 
Trustees, Edward F. Hayes, Mrs. C. S. Gates, 
Rev. H. L. Bail^ 


See Index for location. 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Feb. 28, 1774. Pop. 
3881. 92 m. from Boston and 8 m. northeast of 
Springfield on Athol Br. B.&A.B.R. Electric 
railways to Springfield, Chicopee Falls, Chicopee 
and Palmer. 

Villages — ^Ludlow AGO Am x, Ludlow Center A, 
Ludlow City, CollinaD, Red BridgeD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Clerk, A. H. Bartlett 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

A. E. Fuller ch. F. A. Towne, M. T. Kane. 

Meet first Monday in each month 
Auditors, Rosco B. Bailey, James Paterson 
Treasurer, Charles S. Browning 
Collector, Hall E. Storer 
Assessors, Charles P. Jones ch. A. D. King, North 

WUbraham, C. B. Bennett 
Constables, Hall E. Storer (civil), William H. Con- 

sidine, Charles A. White, Edward P. Miller, E. 

E. Chapman, Carl A. Smith 
Highway Surveyor, A. N. Boucier 
Cemetery Commissioners, E. E. Fuller ch. E. J. 

Streeter, Arthur Jones 
Inspector Animals, A. L. Bennett 

Pnblic Schools. 

Committee, E. E. Chapman ch. Albert A. Gove, 

Mrs. Alexander C. Birnie 
Supt. W. E. Gusher 
Prin. High School, Mrs. W. E. Gusher 



Pal>lic Ubrary. 

Hubbard Memorial Library, Edith Orowninshield 

Trustees, A. L. Bennett ch. E. E. Fuller, Sidney 



In Worcester Co. Inc. Aug. 1, 1728. Pop. 
1293. 42 m. west of Boston, there being a smidl 
station on the Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.B. 4 m. 
from village. Electric railway to Fitchburg and 

YiLULGBS — ^LunenburgAAmX, Whalom Park, 
Lunenburg GentesOy Bakerville. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Stillman Stone 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, John Wooldredge eh, Augustof A. Gookey 

F. B. Garr. Meet second and last Saturdays in 

each month 
Auditor, Aaron W. Watson 
Treasurer, Alpheus K. Francis 
Collector, Sherman Sanderson 
Constables, Sherman Sanderson (civil), S. W. 

Mclntyre, Fred J. Proctor, William B. Proctor 

Jr. William H. Burrage, William R Brown, H. 

A. Eaton 
8upt, Highways, Edward E. Howe 
Chief Police, Sherman Sanderson 
Fire Warden, Glayton E. Stone 
Tree Warden, Stephen Farnsworth 
Sealer Weights and Measures, G. E. Stone 
Inspector Meats and Provisions, M. M. BoutweD 
Inspector Animols and Agent of Board Health, 

Gharles E. Woods 

Pablic Schools. 

Committee, Gharles A. Goodrich ch, CliflPord C. 
Lane, Austin T. Kempton 

Supt, Fairfield Whitney 

Prin. High School, George W. Emerson Jr 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Marion Taylor, Etta B. 
Holden, West 

Public Ubrary. 

liunenburg Town Library, L. Frances Jones lib. 

Trustees, James A. Litchfield ch. Helen G. Jones 
sec. John Wooldredge, Samuel J. Emerson, Fan- 
nie G. Graves, Elisabeth Keese 


See Index for location. 


In Essex Go. Inc. Feb. 28, 1814. Pop. 797. 

13 m. north of Boston and 9 m. from Salem on 

South Reading Br. B.&M.R.R.; also the Newbury- 

port Br. B.&M.R.R. runs through Lynnfield Gen- 

^r and the South Reading Br. through South 

Lynnfield. Electric cars to Wakefield, Peabody, 
North Saugus and Lynn. 

ViLULQES— LynnfleldAODAmBLx, Sonth Lynn- 
field, Lynnfield GenterAODAmBLx. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Cleric, Eben Parsons, L. Center 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, George M. Roundy ch. L. Center, An- 
drew Mansfield, J. Winslow Perkins. Meet first 
Monday of each month 

Auditor, John L. Danforth, L. Center 

Treasurer and Collector, Franklin W. Freeman 

Constables, Walter G. Harris * Alfred W. Gopeland 

Highway Commissioners, WiUiam E. Roundy, L. 
Center, Frank Newhall, David F. Parsons, L. 

Park Commissioners, Michael F. Donovan, Frank 
Newhall, Daniel G. Harvey 

Chief Fire Dept. and Inspector Animals, Gharles 
M. McGarthy, L. Center 

Tree Warden, John H. Perkins, L, Center 

Publle Schools. 
Committee, Rutherford E. SmiUi ch. L. Center, 

Mrs. Annie L. Stevens, Dr. Franklin Freeman, JL. 

Supt. Schools, J. H. Garfrev, Wakefield 
Prins. Orammar Schools, Winifred Miller, L. Cm»- 

ter. Miss L. B. Winn, Lynnfield 

PabUc Libraxy. 

Lynnfield Public Library, Elisabeth W. Green lib. 
L. Center 

Trustees, George H. Bancroft ch, L. Center, Wal- 
lace W. Butman treas, L, Center, Albert E. Gope- 


See Index for location. 


In Essex Go. Inc. May 14, 1645. Pop. 2618. 
9 m. northeast of Salem and 25 m. northeast of 
Boston on Eastern Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — Manche8terAG)aAmBLX, Grescent 
Beach, North Yarmouth, Magnolia StationD, West 
Manchester QAmX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting between 1st and 20th of Mar. 

Clerk, Alfred S. Jewett 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Fred K. Swett ch. Edward S. Bought, 
Walter R. Bell. Meet last Sat. in each mon£ 

Auditor, Frank G. Cheever 

Treasurer and Collector, Edwin P. Stanley 

Constables, Leonard Andrews, Louis O. Lations, 
Joseph P. Leary 

Supt. Streets, George Kimball 



Water CommUsioners, Nathan P. Meldrani ch, 

Frederick J. Merrill, Jeffrey T. Stanley, F. M. 

Andrews supt. 
Cemetery Commissioners, Oliver T. Roberts, Frank 

P, Knight, E. A. Lane 
Park Commissioners, Horace Standley, DuDflaa 

T. Beaton, Charles O. Howe 
Chief Fire Dept. James Hoare 
Chief Police, Samuel 8. Peabody 
Tree Warden, William Young 
Inspector Animals, J. J. Reardon 

Public BchoolB. 
Committee, Edward A. Lane ch. Lyman W. Floyd, 

Alfred G. Needham 
Supt. Charles E. Fish 
Prifi. High School, A. L. Saben 
Prin. Grammar School, A. W. Mead 

PnbUe Ubrary. 

Manchester Public Library, Delucena L. Bing- 
ham lib. 

Trustees, Oliver T. Roberts pres. Edward A. Lane 
ireas. Delucena L. Bingham see. 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Apr. 26, 1770. Pop. 4245. 
11 m. northwest of Taunton and 25 m. south- 
west of Boston on Providence Div. N.Y.^N'.H.ft 
HJGLR. Electric railways to Easton, Norton, 
Foxboro, etc. 

Villages— MansfieldACDaAdB&PNTB x , East 
Mansfield A, West MansfieldACDDE&PX, Bobin- 
sonville, Wlhiteville. 

Town QllLcers. 
Asntial town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, J. Arthur Wheeler 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Frank I. Sherman, 

Charles N. Crane, William L. Barker. Meet 

every Wednesday evening 
Auditors, William Dennan, George Shields, W. P. 

Assessors, William H. Angell, Charles N. Crane, 

William L. Barker 
Constables, Joseph Packard, James W. Kennedy, 

Lewis Bessom, Andrew F. Clapp, Josiah Dnstini 

J. L. Jones, West M. C. W. Whidden 
Highway Commissioners, William B. Brown, Wil- 

Ham G. Wilbur, John M. Atwood 
Supi. Streets, William G. Wilber 
Water Commissioners, D. S. Spaulding, A. B. 

Day, C. R. Comey 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, A. B. Day, John 

Rathbum, S. E. Scholes, James L. Hodges, Al- 
bert A. Grover 
Board Health, J. N. Tibbetts, E. G. Sherman, Dr. 

William G. Allen 
Chief Police, Henry A. Perry 
Chief Fire Dept. Herbert E. King 
Tree Warden, E. Jasper Fisher 
Inspector Animals, Walter W. Leonard 

Pablic Schooli. 
Committee, William M. Packard o^. Harry B. 

Fisher, 8. Frederick French 
Supt. Edward P. Fitts 
Prin. High School, Fred H. Hadlock 
Prin. Grammar School, John Berry, Central 

Pablic IiilinuT. 

Mansfield Public Library, Miss Ida F. Hodges hb. 
Trustees, W. A. Copeland, William C. Puller, 

Bev. William McNair, Frank L. Cady, Chmzta 

B. Comey, W. L. Bobinson 


In Essex Co. Inc. May 2, 1649. Pop. 7209. 
18 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern Div. B.& 
M.B.B.; railroad to Salem (B.ftM.Br.). Elec- 
tric cars to L3mn, Swampscott and Salem. 

Villages— MarWeheadAODAmBLx , Clif tonA 
OQAmBLX, DevereauzO, Marblehead Neck, 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting in Feb., March or April 
Clerk, William T. Litchman 
Selectmen, William T. Chapman eh. Jolm 0. Sta- 

yens, John L. Gilbert, Nathaniel Bweet^ IiMO 

Atkins. Meet first Wednesday of each month 
Auditors, John T. High, Fred W. Trasher, B. A. 

Tre€isurer, Everett Paine 
Collector, Isaac W. Mason Jr. 
Assessors t Fred B. Litchman ch. Daniel C. Davis, 

Thomas Swasey 
Overseers Poor, Winthrop Brown eh. Charles Aiken, 

George P. Graves, Howard W. Phillips, Harris 

S. Langley 
CoJistdble, James Nicholson 
Municipal Light Board, B. C. Bridge ch. George 

H. Thorburn, Bobert W. Carey 
Highway Surveyor, Bichard Goss 
Water Commissioners, James E. Price, Henry F. 

P. Wilkins, John P. Goodwin 
Cemetery Commission, Andrew M. Stone oh, Benj. 

Chadwick, Horace W. C. Sweet 
Park Commissioners, George H. Barrett Jr. eh* 

B. C. Bridge, Thomas P. Hussey 
Board Health, Howard A. Streeter M.D., W. G. 

Brown, F. W. Goodwin 
Electric Light Sinking Fund Commissioners, John 

L. Gilbert, Nathan P. Sanborn, William A. 

Brown 2d 
Chief Police, Fred O. M. Shattuck 
Chief Fire Dept. Frank L. Wadden 
Tree Warden, William H. Stevens 
Inspector Animals, Benjamin F. Goodwin 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Francis A. Parker ch. Charles A. Slee 

sec. George H. lliorburn, Arthur C. Usher, 

Frank W. Goodwin, W. Frank Shepard, Joseph 

B. Hooper, Emery Brown, Isaac W. Mason Jr. 



8upi. A. O. Caswell 

Prin. High School, George P. Gampbdl 

Prin. Grammar School, Lizzie H. Coffin 

Pnbllo Idbrary. 

Abbott Pablic Library, Mrs. Sarah E. Gregory lib. 
Trustees, N. P. Sanborn ch. Edward D. Tutt, Joel 

Beynolde, William D. T. Trefry, Joseph 8. 

Wormsteady F. A. Parker 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. May 14, 1852. Pop. 
1029. 50 m. south by southeast of Boston on 
Cape Cod Div. (Fairhaven Br.) Old Colony Sys. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.R., and 5 m. from Tremont. 

Villages— MarionAODNYBX, Oakdale, East 
Marion, Marion Station, Sippican, Old Landing, 
North Marion. 

Town OflLcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Charles H. Delano 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Walter 

K. Perry ch. William H. Cobb, W. H. H. 

Byder. Meet every second Saturday 
Auditor, William A. Andrew 
Treasurer and Collector, H. C. Nye 
Constables, Charles D. Hall, George F. Richards, 

P. C. Blankinship 
Highway Commissioner, Asa F. Holmes 
Cemetery Commissioners, John F. Luce, Lucius C. 

Kelley, George Nye 
Board Health and Sewer Cofimiuhnerg, Henry 

C. Luce, George F. Bichards, B. E. Waters 
Tree Warden, George B. Nye 
Inspector Animals, George F. Richards 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Albert C. Vose ch, Levi Wing, Charles 

H. Chadwick 
Supt. A. A. Heald 
Prin. High School, James H. Morss 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Gertrude W. Dexter, Miss 


Pablic Library. 

Marion Library Association, Alice Ryder lib. 
Trustees, James C. Briggs, Peleg B. Hadley, Dana 
M. Dustan 


See Index for location. 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Mar. 1, 1642. Pop. 
1763. 30 m. southeast of Boston and 16 m. 
from Plymouth on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H. 

Villages — Marsh field AGDNYBx, Green Har- 
borA, Green Harbor StationD, Abington Vil- 
lage, Brant RockA, Center Marsh field AGONYB 

X, North MarshfieldA, Sea ViewAGONYBX, 
Marshfield HillsACDaNYBx, South Marshfield, 

Town OflLcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in Mareh 
Clerk, George H. Weatherbee, M. Hills 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Nathan- 
iel Taylor ch. Center M. John H. Eames, M. 
HUls, William L. Sprague. Meet at Marahfleld 
on the first Saturday and at Marshfield Hills on 
the third Saturday of each month. 
Auditor, Herbert I. Macomber, M. HiUs 
Treasurer, George H. Weatherbee, M. Hills 
Collector, B. F. H. Keene, M. Center 
Constables, John Baker, Henry Carver, Stephen 

W. Hatch, Brant Book, H. W. O. Damon 
Cemetery Superintendents, George H. Weather- 
bee, M. HiUs, George H. Chancer 
Board Health, Br. G. W. Stodder ch. M. HiUs, Dr. 

A. Au Arthur sec. M. Herman Kent 
Tree Warden and Inspector Animals, Henry Carrer 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Mrs. J. H. Flayell ch. Edgar L. Hitch- 
cock, M. Mills, Walton Hall, M. HHU 

Supt. J. E. DeMeyer, Norwell 

Prin. High School, Walter Glover 

PrifU. Grammar Schools, Jessie D. Kemp, Lydia 

Pablic Libraries. 

Clift Rogers Free Public Library, Miss Jennie 
Ford lib. M. HUls 

Trustees, Lysander S. Richards pres. George H. 
Weatherbee sec. Eleanor Richards treas. Mrs. 
Mary Morrison, Mrs. Henry Oudworth, Elizabeth 
Rogers, Mrs. James L. Rogers, Sarah E. Leon- 

Ventress Free Public Library, Joshua T. Baker 

Trustees, School Committee 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. May 28, 1870. Pop. 
317. 8 m. from Sandwich by stage. 

Villages — ^MashpeeA, North Mashpee, South 
Mashpee, Aquashenet. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in Mareh 
Clerk, Joseph A. Peters 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, Joo. 

A. Peters ch. Lysander B. Godfrey, Ezra R. 

Conant. Meet every alternate IViday eyening 
Auditors, Isaac H. Brown, Wallace Coombs 
Treasurer, W. F. Hammond 
Collector, S. A. Jones 
Assessors, Darius Coombs, Arthur E. Avant, Am* 

brose A. Pells 
Const4ibles, Russell B. Mingo, William H. aimm^^wfiy 

John T. Booker 



Highway Commismoners, John £. Pomp^, Na- 
thanid D. Beane, Isaac F. Hendricks 

Cemetery Commissumers, Charles Peters^ H. F. 
Sanf ord, A. T. Oakley 

Agent Board of Health, Joseph A. Peters 

Tree Warden, Irving G. Oakley 

Inspector Anvmaia, Oscar B. Sanford 

Pablic SdioolB. 
Committee, Alton A. Sanford, Irving G. Oakley, 

Horatio H. Amos 
8upU SchooU, M. O. Edson, Sandwich 

Pnlilio JAhniy. 
Mashpee Free Library, Glara N. Gollins Ub. 
Trustees, Linus M. Manning, L. B. Godfrey, Har- 
vey Sanford 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. May 20, 1857. Pop. 
1180. 55 m. south of Boston and 38 m. from 
Plymouth on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R.; 
5 m. from Fairhaven and 6 m. from New Bed- 
ford; stage connection with New Bedford. 

Villages — ^Mattapoisett AODNYB x , Aucbote, 
Bam Island, Cannon ville, East MattapoisettA. 

Town QllLcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in February 

Clerk, William N. Johnson 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, E. C. 
Stetson ch. Lester W. Jenney, Horace F. Field. 
Meeting on Monday 

Auditor, James F. Burbank 

Treasurer and Collector, Elwood B. Hiller 

Constables, Charles F. Nye, Thomas Tinkham 

Highway Surveyor, George Austin 

Cemetery Trustees, Sarah Sparrow, Isaiah P. At- 
satt, Charles Nye, Annie E. Dexter, Mrs. Free- 
man G. Keene, Nathan Smith, Nathan S. Men- 

Board Health, Dr. David H. Cannon, Charles H. 

Chief Fire Dept, Addison Curtis 

Tree Warden, J. S. Hammond 

Inspector Animals, Ephraim A. Dexter 

Pablic Schools. 

Committee, Heman G. Holmes, Lemuel LeB. Dex- 
ter, Mrs. Mary Wood 
Supt. Frank M. Marsh, Fairhaven 
Prin. Qrammar School, Wilhelmina Patterson 

Pablic Library. 

Mattapoisett Free Public Library, Clara F. Sher- 
man Ub, 

Trustees, Nathan Smith oh. Dr. Irving N. Tilden 
sec, Lemuel LeB. Dexter treas, 


In Middlesex Co, Inc. Apr. 19, 1871. Pop. 
5891. 28 m. west of Boston on Fitchburg Div. 

B.&M.B.B. Electric railway to Hudson, Con- 
cord Junction, Concord, Acton. 

Village— May nardACDDN x . 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Cleric, Charles H. Persons 

Selectmen, Patrick J. Sullivan ch, Arthur J. 
Coughhm, William Jones. Meet every Wednes- 
day evening 

Auditors, John C. King, Alexander Pettigrew 

Treasurer, George H. Gutteridge 

Collector, George N. Salisbury 

Assessors, Harry J. Parmenter ch. Orrin S. Fow- 
ler, Cornelius Murphy 

Overseers Poor, George H. Creighton ch, James 
B. Bent, James Midlin 

Constables, Nicholas Driscoll, John Connors, Wil- 
liam Jones 

Supt, Streets, John J. Driscoll 

Water Commissioners and Sinking Fund Commis- 
sioners, Bobert W. Carter ch. William Collfln, 
John Lawton 

Cemetery Commissioners, Orrin S. Fowler, Fred 
W. Taylor, Lewis N. Shaw 

Park Superintendent, James J. Morgan 

Board Health Dr. Howard Hamblen oh. Albert 
Bailey, Dennis E. Sheehan 

Chief Police, Patrick J. Sullivan 

Fire Engineers, Thomas Sweeney, C. Fred Gahilly 
Arthur J. Coughlan 

Tree Warden, Locke L. Brooks 

Inspector Animals, Joel Parmenter 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, Arthur B. Papineau ch. Dr. Daniel 

Goodenow see. John H. Lawton 
Supt, John C. Mackin 
Prin, High School, John C. Swain 
Prin. Main Street School, Marguerite Conway; 

Bancroft Street School, M. Frances Nagle 

Pablic Library. 
Maynard Public Library, Mrs. Frank W. Ny- 

roan lib. 
Trustees, James N. Haire ch. Alexander Veitch, 

Michael Twoomey 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. May 22, 1650. Pop. 
3314. 20 m. southeast of Boston, 9 m. from 
Dcdham and 9 m. southeast of South Framing- 
ham on Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Elec- 
tric cars to Dedham. 

Villages— MedfieldAODAdNYBx , HardingA, 
Medfield JunctionD, Farm Streetn. 

Town Oj&cers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Stillman J. Spear 
Selectmen, Bobert W. Baker ch. Edward M. Beiit» 



George L. L. Allen. Meet ilzet Satordaj in 

each month at 2 p.m. 
Auditor, Thomas E. Schools 
Collector, William F. Abell 
Assessors, A. D. Kingsbury, Francis D. Hamant, 

William F. Abell 
Overseers Poor, Q. W. Kingsbury oh, (yaean^J, 

Michael E. Qriffin 
Constables, Albion C. GUbert, Dayid Meanji George 

H. Murray, Forrest E. Wilson, Charles C. Wright 
8upt. Streets and Sewers, George W. Kingsbury 
Cemetery Commissioners, Isaac B. Codding, L. 

W. Wheeler, Alonzo B. Parker 
Board Health, Frank H. Clough M.D., Bichard C. 

Lincoln, Edwin B. Snow 
Chief Fire Dept. Waldo E. Kinjifsbury 
Tree Warden, George W. Kingsbury 
Inspector Animals, George S. Cheney 

Pablie Schools. 
Committee, Bev. Charles H. Williams eh. Lewis 

K. Conanl^ Waldo A. Fitts see. 
Supt. Frederic W. Kingman 
Prin. High School, WiUiam J. Chisholm 
Prin. Orammar School, Bethia B. Paine 

Public Ubrary. 
Medfield Library, Lucretia M. Johnson lib. 
Trustees, Stillman J. Spear ch. J. Herbert Baker, 

William H. Bailey, I. B. Codding, George 

Washburn, Herbert L. Mitchell 


See Index for location. 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Oct. 24, 1713. Pop. 2650. 
25 m. southwest of Boston on Woonsocket Div. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.E. Electric railway from Med- 
way through West Medway to Caryville and 
Milford; also to Millis, Medfield, Westwood, 
Dedham and Franklin. 

ViLLAOBS — Medway AODAdx, West Medway 

Town Oi&cers. 

Annual town meeting first Tuesday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Henry C. Austin, West M. 

Selectmen, William E. Hunt ch. Thomas E. O'Don- 
nel, Michael E. Small. Meet last Monday in 
each month at 7.30 p.m. 

Auditor, W(illiam N. Hitchcock 

Collector, George F. Madden, West M. 

Assessors, Henry C. Austin ch. Geo. S. Bent, Henry 
E. Madden, West M. 

Overseers Poor, Sumner H. Clark ch. Charles L. 
Pottle, West M. Francis E. Clancy, West M. 

Constables, Joseph Fish (ciTil), Sylvester E. How- 
ard (civil) 

Supt. Streets, William E. Hunt 

Board Health, Selectmen, N. P. Quint, M.D. 

West M. 
Chief Police, 8. E. Howard 
Chief Fire Dept. John E. Bancroft 
Tree Warden, Francis H. Leonard 
Inspector Animals, Fred N. Moon 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Clark Harding eK Chas. M. Smith see. 
West M. Alvin W. Coombs, West M. Dr. Butler, 

Fred Clark 
Supt. W. H. Price 
Prin. High School, K B. Bemis 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Sara T. Grady, Nellie E. 


Public Libraries. 
Medway Free Public Library, Anna Fales, lib. 
Trustees, Mrs. W. W. OUendorf , Edward H. Blake, 

Mrs. Lizzie D. Bice, Chas. M. Smith, Herbert 

K. Hixon 
Dean Library Association (free), Miss Bertha E. 

NeweD Ub. 


See Index for location. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. May 15, 1667. Pop. 
922. 34 m. from Boston, 18 m. south of Worces- 
ter, and 8 m. from Milford by electrics. Electric 
railway to Hopedale and Uxbridge. 

Villages — ^MendonAGXHAmBLX, AlbeevUle. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerkf Horace C. Adams 
Selectmen and Board Health, Moses U. GaskiU eh. 

Freeman C. Lowell, Henry W. Gaskill. Meet 

first Monday in every month at 7 p.m. 
Auditor, Nathan R. George 
Treasurer and Collector, Leonard T. Gaskill 
Assessors, Charles A. Fletcher ch. Luther W. Hol- 

brook, Charles H. Allen 
Overseers Poor, Moses U. Gsskill ch. Edward L. 

Smith, George R. Ford 
Constable, Dexter E. Fisher 
Highway Surveyor, Charles A. Fletcher 
Inspector Animals, Albert W. Gaskill 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Frank H. Wood ch. George Scriven, 

Herbert J. George 
Supt. Herbert F. Taylor, Hopedale 
Prin. High School, B. W. Sanderson 
Prin. Grammar School, Elizabeth Ham 

Public Library. 
Taft Public Library, Mrs. Lena W. George Ub. 
Trustees, Erwin A. Snow ch. Julia F. Darling, 

Moses U. Gaskill, Frank H. Wood, Herbert f. 

Taylor, Hopedale 




In Essex Co. Inc. Apr. 11, 1876. Pop. 1884. 
6 m. northeast of Haverhill on Western Div. B.ft 
H.B.B. Electrie cars to Haverhill, Amesbury and 

YiLLAOES — ^MerrimacAOaAniXy Birch Meadow, 

Town Olllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Mondaj in March 
Clerk, Bailey Sargent 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Mecath, James W. Bailey oK Oliver W. Jordan, 

Frank K Bartlett Meet first and third Mondaji 

of each month 
Auditor, Frederick G. Grant 
Treasurer, James G. Pease 
Collector, John 8. Clement 

Constables, John J. Minahan, Clarence O. Libby, 
Bupt. Streets, James W. Bailey 
Cemetery Trustees, Charles A. lAncaster, George 

G. Larkin, Charles £. Bowell 
Chief Fire Dept. John W. J. Groeat 
Tree Warden, Gilbert G. Davis 
Inspector Animals, John J. Woodman 

Pablio Bdiools. 
Committee, Silas L. Morse eh. Fred E. Sweetsir 

see. Charles A. Lancaster 
Supt. Melville A. Stone 
Prin. High School, Charles W. Cutts 

Pablic Iiilirary. 

Merrimac Public Library, Louise C. Brackett lib. 

Trustees, C. W. Sawyer ch. Charles W. Cutts, Geo. 
E. Bicker, James F. Pease, T. H. Hoyt, Wil- 
liam B. Sargent 


In Essex Co. Inc. Dec. 8, 1725. Pop. 8676. 
29 m. from Boston, 21 m. from Salem and 2 m. 
north of Lawrence on Western Div. B.&M.B.B. 
Electric railway to Lawrence, Lowell, Haverhill, 
and Nashua, N. H. 

VlLiiAQE — MethuenAODAmBLX . 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Joseph S. Howe 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
HeaUh, Millard F. Emerson ch. Henry N. HaTI, 
Kirk F. Brown. Meet every Saturday afternoon 

Auditor, John D. Emerson 

Treasurer and Collector, Joseph S. Howe 

Constables, Albert B. Gordon (civil), William 
Moore, Charles H. Emerson, Amos G. Jones, 
William J. Oliver, James C. Taylor 

Highway Surveyor, Bobert W. Dow 

Water Commissioners, (vacancy), James H. Lyons, 
William Taylor 

Chief Police, Amos G. Jones 

Chief Fire Dept. George Biefamrdson 
Tree Warden, Alfred H. Wagland 

Inspector Animals, Edwin J. Castle 

Pablic Bdioola. 

Committee, Albion G. Peirce eh. Perley D. Smith, 
(George G. Gorless 

Supt. (Charles A. Breek 

Prin. High School, Caleb A. Page 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Alice B. Wheeler, East; 
Clarimond E. White, Westj Bachel S. Corliss, 
Arlington; Lime A. Beese, Currier 

Pablio Ubrary. 

Nevins Memorial Library, Harriet L. Crosby Ub. 

Trustees, Mrs. David Nevins eh. Mrs. EUse Nevins 
Morgan, Guy W. Chirrier, William F. Morgan, 
George E. Woodbury, Lewis E. Barnes, Joseph 
a Howe 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 1, 1669. Pop. 
6888. 35 m. south of Boston, 22 m. north of 
New Bedford, 20 m. northeast of Fall Biver and 
10 m. east of Taunton at junction Plymouth ft 
Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.,&H.B.B. Electric rail- 
way to Brockton, New Bedford, Taunton, Wareham 
and Bourne. 

Villages— MiddleboroACDDNYBx, North Mid- 
dleboroA, South MiddleboroAD, RockADNYBx, 
Mount CarmelD, NemasketD, TiticutA. 

Town OflLcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Amos H. Eaton 

Selectmen, William M. Haskins ch. Lyman P. 

Thomas, Cornelius N. Leonard. Meet first and 

last Saturdays at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m; Friday of 

intervening week at 7 p.m. 
Auditor, Percy W. Keith 
Treasurer and Collector, Amos H. Eaton 
Assessors, William M. Haskins, Albert T. Savory, 

Allerton Thompson 
Overseers Poor, Andrew M. Wood ch. Charles W. 

Elingman, Charles M. Thatcher, clerk 
Constables, F. Herbert Batchelder, Samuel B. 

Lovell, John M. Luippold, Fred G. Sparrow, 

David S. Surrey, Ichabod B. Thomas, Harry W. 

Swift, Fred A. Thomas 
Supt. Streets, John C. Chace 
Municipal Light Boards Henry W» Sears ch. 

Wilkes H. F. Potter, Thomas S. Hodgson 
Board Health, Dr. Thomas S. Hodgson ch. James 

A. Burgess, Bert J. Allan 
Tree Warden, Luther S. Bailey 
Inspector Animals, A. S. Tallnian 

Fire District. 
Chief Fire Dept. Charles W. Kingman 
Clerk, Andrew M. Wood 

Water Commissioners, Amos H. Eaton, Joseph E. 
Beal3, Ansel G. Hayes 



Supt. Joseph E. Beals 

Engineers Pumping Station, A. R. Gurney, Henry 
E. Standish 

Public Schools. 

Committee, William C. Litchfield ch, Nathan 
Washburn, William A. Andrews, Charles S. 
Tinkham, E. T. Peirce Jenks, Warren H. South- 

Supt. Charles H. Bates 

Prin, High School, Walter Sampson 

Prin. Qrammar School, Carl D. Lytle 

Public Library. 

Middleboro Public Library, Alice M. Alden Ub. 

Trustees, W. H. Southworth ch. Joseph E. Beals, 
Nathan Washburn, E. S. Hathaway, George 
Bray ton, Andrew M. Woods, Kenelm Winslow, 
David G. Pratt^ Walter Sampson 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Mar. 12, 1783. Pop. 

399. 130 m. from Boston, 30 m. from North- 
ampton and 32 m. from Springfield on B.&A.R. 

R.; Middlefield Station or Bancroft is 3 m. from 

Villages — ^MiddlefieldA, Bancrof tAGXD Am X , 

Factory Village. 

Town QllLcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Henry S. Pease 

SeUfstmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Highway 
Commissioners and Board Health, George W. 
Cottrell ch. George W. Bryan, T. H. Fleming, 
Bancroft, Meet last Saturday of every month 

Auditor, George S. Bell 

Collector and Chief Police, T. H. Fleming, Ban- 

Constables, T. H. Fleming (civil), Bancroft, 
Frank A. Cottrell, Peter A. Freehan, Bancroft 

Tree Warden, Orrin Pease 

Inspector Animals, W. A. Olds 

Public Schools. 
Committee, W. J. Chipman ch. P. A. fVeehan, H. 

S. Pease sec. 
Supt. W. H. Sanderson, Chester 

Public Library. 
Middlefield Town Library, Kate W. Smith acting 

Trustees, (vacancy), J. T. Bryan, Kate W. Smith 


In Essex Co. Inc. June 20, 1728. Pop. 1068. 
20 m. from Boston and 9 m. northwest of 
Salem on Eastern Div. (Lawrence Br.)B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — MiddletonAGOAmX, Howe's Sta- 
tionD, South MiddlctonD (railroad station here 
called '* Paper Mills")- 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Samuel A. Fletcher 
Selectmen and Board Health, Milton J. Emerson ch. 

Hazen K. Richardson, Maurice E. Tyler. Meet 

15th and 30th of each month 
Auditor, Edwin E. Currier 
Collector, Albert G. Huntoon 
Assessors, Maurice E. Tyler ch. Milton J. Emerson, 

H. Erskine Howe 
Overseers Poor, Andrew W. Peabody, Benjamin 

T. McGlauflin, H. Er^ne Howe 
Constable and Chief Police, Oscar Cram * 

Highway Surveyor and Tree Warden, Benjamin 

T. McGlauflin 
Chief Fire Dept. Oscar H. Sheldon 
Inspector Animals, John Q. AveriU 

PabUc Schools. 

Committee, Darius W. Case ch^ Dr. Woods 

sec. Ansel P. jyier 
Supt. Andrew S. Thomson, So. Hamilton 

Public Library. 
Flint Public Library, Samuel A. Fletcher lib. 
Trustees, Galen B. Howe ch. Maurice E. Tyler, 

Ralph G. Peabody, Andrew W. Peabody, Milton 

J. Emerson, Samuel A. Fletcher 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Apr. 11, 1780. Pop. 
12,105. 18 m. southeast of Worcester on Milford 
Br. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. and at terminus Milford 
Br. B.&A.R.R. Electric railways to Caryville 
and Medway, West Medway, Hopedale, Upton, 
West Upton, Grafton, Worcester, HoUiston, 
South Framingham, Attleboro, Woonsocket, 
Franklin, Hopkinton and Uxbridge. 

Villages— -Milford AGQA'dBLx, North Mil- 
ford, Darling 'sD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Dennis J. Sullivan 
Selectmen, Lucius E. Heath ch. Timothy Burns, 

Michael S. McMahon. Meet every Frid. evening 
Auditor, Thomas F. Manning 
Treasurer, Clifford A. Cook 
Collector, William P. Foley 
Town Solicitor, Lowell E. Fales 
Town Physician, John J. Duggan, M.D. 
Assessors, George E. Stacey ch. John F. Barrett, 

William F. Ckmcy 
Overseers Poor, Charles L. Clark ch. John P. Hen- 

nessy, James W. Burke 
Constables, Martin Broderick, Edward J. Dalton, 

John Moore, James Howard, David E. Casey, 

Nahum Gaskill, Charles Caruso, Oliver D. 

Holmes (civil), Michael Nolan, James J. Bir- 
Cemetery Commissioners, Henry C. Skinner, Chaa. 

W. Johnson, William Emery 



Park Commissioners, 0. W. WUcox, William H. 

Bourne, John Sheedj 
Supt. Streets, Maurice E. Nelligan 
Board Health, John E. Higgiston oh. Dr. Francis 

H. Lally, Maurice J. Quinlan 
Chief Police, H. C. Snell 
Chief Fire Dept. Thomas F. Maher 
Tree Warden, Patrick Fitzgerald 
Inspector Animals, Edward E. Cook 
Inspector Provisions, Jamea J. Fullnm 

PnWc Schoola. 

Committee, Oeorge E. Stacey cK John E. Swift, 
Dr. J. V. Gallagher, John J. Lynch, W. B. Whit- 
ing, G. M. Billings 

Supt. Charles W. Haley 

Prin. High School, George F. Mnrdoek 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Miss M. J. Kelly, Mrs. 
K. E. Edwards, Miss M. F. Derine 

PaWe Lilmxy. 
Milf ord Public Library, N. F. Blake Ub. Ethelwyn 

Blake asst. lib. 
Trustees, C. A. Dewey N. W. Heath, Owen P. 

Croughwell, N. F. Blake, P. E. Sweeney, J. S. 



In Worcester Co. Inc. June 11, 1813. Pop. 
4631. 6 m. southeast of Worcester on Prov. & 
Wor. Div. N.T.,N.H.&H.R.R. and Millbury Br. 
B.&A.B.B. Electric railways to Worcester and 
to Blackstone, via WikinsonyiUe, Saundersrille, 
Fisherville, Famumsville, Bockdale, Whitinsrille 
and Uxbridge. 

Villages — MillburyAGXDAdE&Px, Braman- 
ville, Bucksville, Old Common, Wheelerville, 
West MillburyA, Millbury JunctionD. 

Town OflLcers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Cleric, Ira N. Goddard 
Selectmenf Daniel J. Dempsey ch, William E. 

Home, Herman J. Molt. Meet first and third 

Wednesdays in each month 
Auditor, Thomas A. Dowd 
Treasurer, Henry T. Maxwell 
Collector, Charles A Whitney 
Assessors, Charles H. Hakes ch, Charles F. Hol- 

man, Charles H. Shaw 
Overseers Poor, Samuel C. Nield ch. Herbert Mc- 

Cracken, Charles Tebo 
Constables, Thomas A. Dolan, Charles D. Whitney 

(civil), Henry F. Hobart, John S. Bich, Archie 

P. Martin, Edward H. Dolan, WeH M. 
Highway Surveyors, Thomas Hill, Charles Brady, 

Henry F. Smith 
Cemetery Commissioners, Nathan H. Sears, Samuel 

D. Waters, S. E. Hull 
Board Health, Robert Booth, M.D. ch. James H. 

Ferguson, J. B. Lincoln, M.D. 

Chief Fire Dept. William E. Home 

Tree Warden, Samuel D. Waters 

Inspector Animais, Clement W. Cunningham 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Thomas H. Sullivaa ch, Edw. F. HnlL 
L B. Saylea 

Supt. Ira T. Chapman 

Prin. High School, John O. Hall, Jr. 

Prifw. Qrammar Schools, H. M. Yaughan, Pnm- 
dence Street; Lilla M. Alger, Burbank; Ger- 
trude M. Brown, Union; Stella Cannon, West M. 

Public Library. 
Millbury Town Library, Carolyn Waters lib. 
Trustees, Henry T. Maxwell, Irving B. Sayles, Ed- 
ward F. Hull 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Feb. 24, 1885. Pop. 1252. 
23 m. southwest of Boston and 12 m. west of 
Dedham on Midland Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.E.E. 

ViLLAOES-^MillisACDaAdx, EockvilleA, East 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Louis Lacroix 

Selectmen and Board Health, George F. Holbrook, 

Frank E. Cook, Elmer L. Bichardson, UockwXte* 

Meet first Saturday in each month 
Auditor, Fred B. Boach 
Treasurer, Evan F. Eichardson 
Collector, J. Clarence Thorne 
Assessors, Wesley W. Whiting, Moses C. Adams, 

Louis Lacroix 
Overseers Poor, Herbert H. Thome ch. Lowell A. 

Mann, F. H. Swarman, BocJcvUle 
Constables, William H. Thome, Timothy J. Mo- 

Supt. Streets, E. L. Eichardson 
Water Commissioners, Joseph S. Adams, George 

G. Hoff, Charles Lacroix 
Cemetery Commissioners, F. Swarman, A J. Bab- 
cock, L. A. Mann 
Park Commissioners, G. G. Hoff, W. H. Thorne, 

S. H. Frink 
Chief Fire Dept. Charles Lacroix 
Tree Warden, Fred H. HoUand Jr. 
Inspector Animals, Lyman A. Cook 

Public Schools. 

Committee, E. F. Eichardson, Bertel G. Willard, 

John W. Crowther 
Supt. M. J. West 
Prin. High School, C. B. Sylvester 

Public Library. 

Millis Free Public Library, Mary C. Fuller Ub. 
Trustees, Flora A. Whiting, H. H. Thome^ Louis 




In Norfolk Co. Inc. May 7, 1662. Pop. 7054. 
7 m. south of Boston and 7 m. from DecUiam on 
Plymouth Div. Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.E. 
Eleetrie can to Boston^ Randolph, East Walpole, 
Hyde Park and Dedham and from East Milton to 

East MiltonAOGBLX, Milton Center, Adams^ 
▼ille, Lower Mills, MattapanDAdBLx. 

Town Offleen. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Henry B. Martin 

Selectmen, Jesse B. Baxter e^. Baet M. Maurice 
A. Duffy, Mattapan, James H. Perkins, Hyde 
Fork, Meet every Friday evening 

Auditors, Henzy H. Barnes, Austin W. Green 

Treasurer, J. Porter Holmes 

Collector, Josiah Babcock, East U, 

Assessors, George W. Nickerson ch, William W. 
Churchill, Herbert B. Tucker, Mattapan 

Overseers Poor, A. H. Tucker, P. B. Field, L. H. 
Brackett, M. G. Richardson, H. N. Plummer 

Conetahles, Edwin L. Grossman, Fred M. Farring- 
ton, Jacob S. Lincoln, Timothy McDermott, 
Henry C. Shields, Peleg Bronsdon, E. A. Hough- 
ton, Peter Mclntyre, Maurice Pierce, Herbert 
R. Lawrence, James Wigley 

8upt. Streets, Edwin A. McCue 

Water Commissioners, Charles S. Pierce ch, R. F. 
Herrick, T. B. Gordon 

Sewer Commissioners, F. R. Hart, Charles Mitch- 
eHif Philip M. Reynolds 

Trustees Cemetery, Samuel Gannett ch, C. Minot 
Weld, Hyde FarJc, J. Frank Pope, Henry E. 
Sheldon, East M. (vacancy) 

Park Commissioners, N. L. Kidder cH, Charles 
E. Rogerson, Horatio A. Lamb, Blue HiU 

Board Health, Dr. H. V. Pierce ch. Jacob S. Lin- 
coln, Abijah W. Draper 

Supt. Police, Maurice Pierce 

Chief Fire Dept. George F. Choate, East M. 

Tree Warden, Nathaniel T. Kidder 

Inspector Animals, James Spencer 

Pnblio Schools. 

ComftUttee, William B. Thurber eh. J. Frank Pope 
see, Mattapan, Mrs. Caleb Cunningham, East M. 
George M. Anderson, George T. Badger, Theron 
A. Apollonio 

Supt. Asher J. Jacoby, East M. 

Prin. High School, Edgar D. Vamey 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Grace Woodbury, Con- 
solidated; Rena M. Chamberlain, Tucker; O. A. 
Andrews, Belcher; Julia M. Gordon, Glover; 
Alma G. Pierce, Wadsworth; Ida M. Sears, 
Thacher; Mary W. Munroe, Houghton; Florence 
G. Houghton, Sumner 

PnbUo library. 

Milton Public Library, Gertrude E. Forrest Uh. 

Trustees, Nathaniel T. Kidder ck. H. Hdm Chqr- 
ton, Beadville, Charles E. Rogerson, TMetkk 
Stebbins, John F. Perkins, Onin A. Andrew% 
Bast M. Joseph C. Whitnqr, Syde Path, Artfanr 
H. Tucker, Mattapan 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Feb. 21, 1822. Pop. 269. 
On Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington R.R. (narrow 

ViLULGES — MonroeA, Monroe BridgeAGXDNX. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting called by Selectmen in 
March or April 

Clerk, C. W. Ramage 

Selectmen^ Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
C. W. Ramage eh. G. H. Phelps, 8. & TowVy 
M. Bridge. Meet by appointment 

Auditor, Luigi Festi 

Treasurer and Collector, Andrew Mclntyre 

Assessors, R. S. Tower, H. A. Phelps, D. H. Sher- 

Constables, H. S. Tower, W. J. Ross, C. W. Ramage 

Tree Warden, H. S. Tower 

Inspector Animals, R. S. Tower 

Public Schools. 
Committee, C. E. Davis, R. S. Tower, Lawson 

Supt. G. A. Grover, Charlemont 

Public Library. 
Monroe Public Library 

Trustees, M. H. Sherman, C. Chase, Edith L. P. 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Apr. 28, 1760. Pop. 4344. 
88 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Springfield and 
4 m. south of Palmer on New London Div. Central 
Vermont R.R. Electric railway to Palmer, Ware 
and Springfield. 

Villages — MonsonACDDAmX, North MonsonD, 
South MonsonD, State LineD, Granite Quarry 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk and Collector, Carlos L.'Peck 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board HeaMk, 
John P. Herlihy ch. Wm. H. Anderson, Edgar 
R. Sisson. Meet first Monday in each month 

Auditors, Frank L. Bliss, David B. Needham 

Tre<isurer, Thaddeus L. Cushman 

Assessors, Freelon Q. Ball ch. J. Edward Rindge^ 
Franklin O. Bliss 



Canstablea, Eugene 8. Howlekt, Qeorge W. Segr- 

monr, Thomae J. Bmxj^ Chtm. H. Qtiej, Hsbcrt 

A. Aldrich 
Highway Surveyor, John P. Herlihj 
Water Commissioners, Arthur D. Norcroae eh. Bu- 

fos Fay, F. L. Ball 
Cemetery Commiseioners, George E. Fnner, M.D. 

eh. Bnfns P. Cnehman, Carlos L. Peek 
Chief Fire Depi. Frank J. Entwiatle 
Tree Warden, Charles H. Stacy 
Inspector AnimalSf Frank H. Johnson 

Pnblie Schools. 
Committee, William L. Bicketts ch. Alonzo M. 

Beebe, J. C. Parsons, M. F. Moore, Bufus 8. 

Stebbins, H. W. Lan^ 
8upU F. A. Wheeler 

Frin. Monson Academy, James F. Butterworth 
Frins. Grammar Schools, Margaret T. Corcoran, 

Mattie M. Collis, Bessie £. Sutdiffe^ Joana A. 


Pablio LUnrary. 
Monson Free liibrary, Nellie F. Sqnier lib. 
Directors, George E. Fuller pree. L. C. Flynt viee- 

pree. James F. Butterworth see. (Taeanej), 

Thaddeus L. Cushmaa treae. Benjamin A. Day, 

F. W. Ellis, Arthur D. Norcross, C. W. Jackson, 

Carlos L. Peck 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Jan. 25, 1754. Pop. 7015. 
8 m. southeast of Greenfield on Fitchburg Diy. B. 
ftM.B.B. and New London & Northern Div. Central 
Vermont B.B. Electric railway from Miller's 
Falls to Montague, Turner's Falls and Greenfield. 

Villages — MontagueAODAmNX, Turner's 
FallsAODAdNX, Biverside, Lake PleasantAOD 
AmNX, Montague CityA, South Montague. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, H. D. Bardwell, T^m€r*8 Falls 
Selectmen, Fred E. Held ch. Daniel F. Daly, 

Martin Neipp. Meet every Monday 
Auditors, John W. Haigis, Turner's Falls, Charles 
N. Sumner, Turner's FaUs, John C. Short, Tur- 
ner's FdOs 
Treasurer and Collector, Edward P. March, Tur- 
ner's FaXls 
Assessors, George H. Goddard eh. Montague, John 

E. Kayenau^^, Miller's Falls, (vacancy) 
Overseers Poor, Thomas Berard, ch. Miller's Falls, 

Edson L. Page, Tur7^er's Falls, Martin L. 
Cwutdbles, Philip Allard, Turner's FdOs, D. 

F. Bipley, Turner's FaUs, William Callahan, 
Twmer's FaUs, John A. Griffin, Miller's FaUs, 
George Moreao, Turner's FdOs, William F. 
lApean, Montague City, James T. Kell^, Tur- 
ner's FdUs, Edward G. Buuell, Montague City, 

Harry Howe, Montague City, Nolan L. May- 

nard, Miller's FdOs, Edward E. Whitney, Chas. 

M. Sweeley, Turner's FdUs 
Supt. Streets, Daniel F. Daly, Turner's FaUs 
Water Commissioners, H. D. Bardwell, E. I. Cas- 

sidy, Z. Bouchard 
Cemetery Commissioner, D. F. Bipley 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Turner's Falls Fire 

District, Z. Bouchard, H. D. Bardwell, E. L 

Cassidy, Turner's FaUs 
Board Health and Sewer Commissioners, Dr. J. B. 

Charron ch. Turner's FaUs, (vacancy), John D. 

Lynch, MiUer's FdOs 
Chief Police, D. F. Bipley, Turner's FaUs 
Chief Fire Dept. George Moreau, Turner's Fdlls 
Tree Warden, Auguste Paillet 
Inspectors Animdls, George H. Goddard, Fred E. 


PnbUo Schools. 

Committee, C. Herbert Bice ch. Turrier's Falls, 
Chsrles N. Sumner, Turner '« Falls, Amidee E. 
Martel, T«mer's FaUs, Edwin M. Alden see. 
MiUer's Fdlls, James J. Leary, Turner's FdUs, 
Dr. B. A. McGiUicuddy, Turner's FdUs, Bev. 
Charles Clark, MiUer's FaUs, Florence W. Bock- 
well, Montague, Mrs. B. Agnes Flynn, Miller's 

Supt. Frank P. Davison, Turner's FaUs 

Prins. High Schools, Arthur C. Monahan, Turner's 
Falls; Thomas Allen, Montague 

Prins. Qrammar Schools, Miss Ellen F. Sullivan, 
New Eighth St; Miss Esther E. Powers, South 
End; Frances J. Amsden, Montague City; Mi's. 
P. M. Lacasse, Miller's Falls 

Public Libraries. 

Montague Public Library, Kate A. Armstrong lib. 
Trustees, Fanny Chenery, Chas. W. Schuler, Chas. 

M. Burnett, W. H. C. Gilmore, Amedee E. 

Martel, John T. Jeffers, Clara A. Allen, Kate 

A. Armstrong, Edward P. March 
Turner's Falls Public Library, Anna C. Batson lib. 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Apr. 12, 1847. Pop. 
444. 140 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Pittsfield 
and 8 m. east of Great Barrington by stage. 

ViLLAGS — Monterey AAd X . 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Clerk, F. M. Harmon 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
D. C. Tryon ch. George L. Keyes, C. H. Minor 
Auditor, Henry Clapp 
Treasurer and Collector, W. F. Miner 
Assessors, G. W. Morse, J. H. Bills, J. L. Twing 
Constable, Jasper H. Bills 
Inspector Animals, B. E. IVyon 



Pnbllo Schools. 
Committee, H. B. Smith/ E. D. Harmon^ Mise M. 

M. Stedman 
8vpt, Preston Barr 

Public Iiiliraxy. 
Monterey Pablie Library, Mrs. J. H. Billa Kb. 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Nov. 28, 1780. Pop. 
259. 118 m. from Boston, 18 m. northwest of 
Springfield and 8 m. from Westfield by stage. 

Village — ^MontgomeryAAdAm x . 

Town Offlceni. 

Annual town meeting Monday nearest April 1 

Clerk, Edward G. Clark 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, L. O. Moore ch. F. G. Clark, F. C. Pres- 
ton. Meet first day of every month 

Auditor, Walter D. Allyn 

Tre€isurer, D. L. Allyn 

CoUeotor, Constaible (civil) and Chief Police, D. 
L. Allyn 

Cemetery Commissioners, M. E. Camp, D. L. Al- 
lyn, H. C. Kelso 

Tree Warden, D. L. Allyn 

Inspector Animals, B. S. Herrick 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Charles Manley cK Myron Kelso sec. 

A. J. Hall 
Supt. Leon O. MerriD 

Public Library. 

Montgomery Public Library, Mrs. D. L. Allyn lib. 
Trustees, Mrs. D. L. Allyn oh. Mrs. C. H. Kelso, 
M. E. Camp 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 21, 1779. Pop. 
87. This town forms the southwestern angle of the 
State. Nearest railroad station is Copake, N. Y., 
on the New York & Harlem B.R. 

Villages — ^Mount WashingtonA, AlandarA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Inspector Anim<Us, Alfred 

I. Spurr 
Selectmen^ Overseers Poor and Board MeaXth, 

Ira L. Patterson ch. Ijewis Houghtailing, Alan- 

dar, F. B. Schutt. Meet by appointment 
Auditor, E. C. SchnU 
Collector, William H. Weaver 
Constable, Charles E. Culver 
Assessors, F. B. Schutt, Lewis Houghtailing, Alan- 

dar, Charles E. Culver, Alandar 
Supt. Streets, Lewis Houghtailing 
Tree Warden, H. F. Keith 

Public Scbools. 
Committee, Herbert W. Weaver ch, Ira L. Pat- 
terson, Alfred A. Spurr 
Supt. A. F. Howes 

Public Library. 
Mount Washington Public Library 
Trustees, Mrs. H. W. Weaver, Miss Lena Schutt, 

James Maenaughton, Mrs. James Macnaugh- 

ton, H. F. Keith 


In Essex Co. Inc. Mar. 29, 1853. Pop. 922. 
Electric railway from Lynn (4m.); steamers to 
Boston in summer (10 m.). 

VxLLAOEa— NahantAOBLX, Bass Point. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Saturday in March 
Clerk, William F. Waters 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, H. C. Wilson, J. A. Carahar, Charles D. 

Vary. Meet the Ist and 15th of each month 
Auditors, P. H. Coakl^, R W. Johnson, E. Hyde 
Treasurer and Collector, Charles Cabot Johnson 
Constable, Michael H. Healy 
Supt. Streets, George W. Kibbey 
Chief Police, Thomas H. Larkin 
Chief Fire Dept. Francis B. Crocker 
Tree Warden, George Abbot James 
Inspector Animals, Bobert L. Cochran 

Public ScboolB. 

Committee, F. B. Crocker Jr. ch. Solomon Alley, 
James J. Deveney sec. 

Supt. and Prin. High School, E. S. Tirrell 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Florence A. Johnson, 
Carrie V. Hammond, Carrie M. Wilson, Annie C. 

Public Library. 

Nahant Public Library, Mary W. Perkins Hb. 

Trustees, Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge, Fred A. Wil- 
son, A. G. Wilson 


County seat of Nantucket County. Inc. June 
8, 1795. Pop. 2930. 120 m. southeast of Boston 
on Nantucket Island; steamers to Wood's Hole 
(30 m.) and New Bedford (60 m.). 

Villages — NantucketAOQNYBX, Coatue, 
Madaket, Polpis, Quaise, Quidnet, SiasconsetAD 
NYBX, Surf side, Tuckernuck, Wauwinet, Tuck- 
ernuck Island, Muskeget Island. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in February 
Clerk, Lauriston Bunker 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Healthy 

Henry Biddell, Ernest H. Jemegan, Charles H. 

Pitman, John M. Winslow, PhSip L. Holmea. 

Meet first and third Wednesdays of eaeh month. 



Auditor, G. Howard Wmalow 

Treasurer, WiUiam C. Gardner 

Collector, Arthur H. Gardner 

Assessors, Bobert Mack, Josiah F. Mnrphj, Hor- 
ace B. Coleman 

Constables, Arthur G. Carey, Bobert W. Colema&y 
Alexander C. Swauiy Joseph A. Johnson Jr. 
Chandler B. Gardner 

8upt. Streets, Joseph A. Johnson 

Sewer Commissioners, Allen Coffin eh, James Y. 
Deacon, Alfred E. Smith 

Chief Police, Arthur C. Carey 

Chief Fire Dept. Horace L. Gibbs 

Tree Warden, G. Millard Winslow 

Inspector An/imais, Herbert G. Worth 

Public Bclioolfl. 
Committee, Arthw H. (Gardner ch, J. Butler Fol- 

ger see. Bebecca C. Wyer, John S. Grouard, 

Allen Coffin, Nancy B. Wood 
Prin, High School, Merritt M. Harris 

Pablio Ubrary. 

Nantucket Athenaeum, Clara Parker lib. 
Trustees, Almon T. Mowry pres, Wendell Macy 

vice-pres. Bebecca A. Gardner sec. Albert G. 

Bro^ treas. Mrs. Maria T. Swain, Arthur H. 

Cook, Alfred E. Smith, Mrs. Catherine Starbnck, 

Mrs. Eizabeth G. M. Barney, Alvin E. Paddock 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Feb. 19, 1781. Pop. 
9609. 17 m. west of Boston on B.&A.B.B. Elec- 
tric railways to Framingham, Cochituate, 
Wellesley, Needham, Lower Falls and Boston. 

Villages — ^Natick AOD Ad AmBL x , Felchville 
AGOAmAdBLX, Lake CrossingD, Morse ville, 
North Natick, South NatickA, Walkerville. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, James McManos 
Selectmen, Frederick S. Loker ch. Michael F. Mc- 

Grath, George Nutt. Meet every Wednesday 

Auditor, Timothy J. Murphy 
Treasurer, Edward Clark 
Collector, John J. Ahem 
Assessors, David Finn ch, John H. Craig, Harry 

M. Ferguson 
Overseers Poor, Patrick J. Murphy ch. Charles 

L, Kopff, William F. Finn 
Constables, James H. Bates, Matthew Brown, 

Bichard W. Kennedy, Patrick Beatty, Frank 

C. Cummings, David J. Church 
Highway Surveyor, John A. Williams 
Water Commissioners and Sewer Commissioners, 

F. Bigelow, Daniel J. Murphy, John M. Fiske 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Frank E. Cummings, 

John J. Ahem, Orlando H. Burleigh 
Board Health, Dr. William Richards ch. William 

£. Daniels, William H. McCordick 

Chief Police, Dennis T. Sweeney 
Tree Warden, Henry S. Hunnewell 
Inspector Animals, John W. Bobinson 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Henry C. Mulligan ch. Albert A. 
Felch, Katherine A. Cnnniif, Cora N. Fuller, 
William A. Edwards, Llewellyn E. Pulsifer 

Supt. Albert L. Barbour 

Prin. High School, Horace W. Bice 

Prins. Orammar Schools, John W. Northcott, Wil- 
son; Walter I. Chapman, Eliot 

Public Libraries. 

Morse Institute Library, Mira B. Partridge lib. 

Trustees, Francis Bigelow, Henry C. MiSligan, 
Fred O. Baston, John F. McGrath, Alojma 
J. Doon 

Bacon's Free Library, South Natick, Mrs. Ade- 
laide Williams lib. 

Trustees, G. Smith ch, B. Hunting, M. V. B. 
Bartlett, J. E. Cooper, Dr. Charles K. Hills 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Nov. 5, 1711. Pop. 4284, 

12 m. southwest of Boston on Woonsocket Div. 

N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric railway to Newton 

Upper Falls, Newton Hig^ands, Newton and 

Watertown; east of Dedham, West Bozbury and 

Boston; west to Wellesley, Natick and Framing- 

Villages — Needham AODAdBLx, Needham 

HeightsACDDAdBLX, Charles Biver Yillage 


Town OfiLcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Thomas Sutton 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Edgar H. Powers ch. John A. Tilton, William 
A. Probert, N. Heights. Meet every Wednes- 
day evening 

Auditor, Walter F. Snow 

Treasurer, Charles E. Stanwood 

Collector, John L. Twigg 

Assessors, James F. Eyan ch. Alfred Parker, Geo. 
W. Tisdale 

Constables, George Twigg (civil), John W. Crisp, 
N. HeighU 

Supt. Streets, David H. Livingston 

Water Commissioners, Edmund G. Pond ch, Geo. 
H. Toone, William Carter 

Park Commissioners, Thomas J. Crossman ch. Wil- 
liam Lee, Isaac Warren 

Chief Fire Dept, Henry A. Kingsbury 

Tree Warden, George W. Colburn 

Inspector Animals, S. O. Fowle 

Public Schools. 
Committee, William G. Moseley ch. Horace A. 

Carter, N, Heights, Adeline E. Harris 
Supt. Walter K. Putney 



Prin. High School, Clarence E. Sibley 

Prins, Grammar Schools, Harriette M. Cole, Josiah 

H. McCann 

Public Library. 
Needham Free Public Librar)r, Riella J. Dmm W), 
Tmsteea, Oeorge' K. Clarke ch. Francis de M. 

I>onn, Alice M. Hicks, Harry Woodard, William 



In Berkshire Co. Inc. Feb. 26, 1781. Pop. 
100. 6 m. west of Adams. Stage from Pitts- 

Village — New AshfordA. 

Town OflLcera. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, William £. Baker 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Walter Smith, William Roberts, Arthur Boys. 
Meet first day of every month 

Auditor, Charles Sherman 

Treasurer, William E. Baker 

Collector, Paul Krieger 

Assessors, Emory Baker, Nathan Ingraham, Wan- 
ton Pettit 

Constable, Emil Kreger 

Tree Warden, Charles Sherman 

Inspector Animals, Nathan Ingraham 

Public Scbools. 
Committee, Henry White ch, Warren H. Baxter, 

Darius Goodell ^ 

Supt. F. B. Van Omum 

Public Library. 

New Ashford Public Library, Chas. Shermau lib. 
Trustees, Harriet Pettit ch, Phebe Jordan, Laura 
A. Sherman 


See Index for location. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Jan. 31, 1751. Pop. 

477. 60 m. from Boston, 18 m. from Worcester 

and 2 m. from station on Mass. Central Div. B. 

&M.R.B.; also mail and stage connections with 

B.&A.B.B. at West Brookfield. 
Villages — New BraintreeA, New Braintree 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, George K. Tufts 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor, Board Health and Cem- 
etery Commissioners, J. Thomas Webb cK Jas. 
E. Barr, Charles S. Lane. Meet last Saturday 
of each month 

Auditor, William H. Phelps, QHbertvUle 

Treasurer, J. Thomas Webb 

Collector, Frank H. Hair 

Assessors, Herbert L. Pollard ch, Alphonso Wood- 
cock, Charles H. Barr 

Constables, Frank H. Hair, Edward Bevene, Barre 
Plains, John O'Brien, Furnace CSiarles D. Sage, 
No, Brookfield 

Highway Surveyor, Edward Bevene, Barre Plains 

Tree Warden, Edwin L. Havens 

Inspector Animals, John O'Brien, Furnace 

Pnblio SdhooUk 
Committee, George K. Tufts ch, D. Clarence 

Wetherell, Herbert L. Pollard 
Supt, Schools, Edward G. Baldwin, West Brook- 

Public Ubrary. 

New Braintree Free Public Library, Carrie F. 

Bush lib. 
Trustees, George K. Tufts ch. Florence Crawford, 

Carrie F. Bush, D. Clarence Wetherell, Sanford 

L. Dickinson, Mrs. Horatio Moore, Florence B. 



In Essex Co. Inc. May 5, ^635. Pop. 1480. 
36 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern Div. B.&M. 
R.R. and 2 m. from Newburyport by electric 
cars; the village of Byfield is on the Western Diy. 
B.&M.B.B. Electric railway to Newburyport, 
Georgetown, Haverhill and Ipswich. 

Villages — NewburyAODAmBLx, Farms, 
Newbury StationD, Newbury Old Town, Byfield 
AODAmBLx, Scotland, South ByfieldA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Tuesday in March 

Clerk, John C. Bolf e 

Selectmen, Assessors and Board Health, Claude 
H. Tarbox, Byfield, Bodney M. Hills, Byfield, 
Henry L. Tenney. Meet last Friday of each 
month except February 

Auditor, J. Biley Bogers, Byfield 

Treasurer and Collector, A. W. Moody 

Overseers Poor, Charles F. Knight ch. South By- 
field, John C. Bolfe, Newburyport, Charles S. 
Bogers, Byfield 

Constables, Samuel F. Knowles, Byfield, William 
S. Jaques, Arthur D. Pearson, Byfield, Samuel 
F. Knowles, Byfield, IVed E. Coffin, Eli L. 
Webb, Henry O. Bogers, Byfield 

Park Commissioners, Nathaniel Dole, Newbury- 
port, Frank L. Ferguson, Walter C. Greeley 

Tree Warden, Benjamin Pearson 

Inspector Animals, Moses Little 

Public Sdhools. ' 

Committee, Stuart L. Little ch. Newburyport, 
Gorham D. Rogers M.D. Byfield, Charles O. 
Bailey, Byfield 

Supt, Schools, James G. Morrill 



PrtM, Grammar Schools, Jennie P. Lowell, Wood- 
bridge; Alice M. Bartletty Bjfield 

Pnblio Idbrary. 

Privileges hired from the city of Newburyport 


See Index for location. 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Jane 15, 1759. Pop. 
1209. 10 m. Bontheaet of Great Barrington by 
stage, and 28 m. from Pittsfield; stage connec- 
tion with Southfield, Mill River and Clayton from 
Canaan, Conn., and Hartsville from Great Bar- 

Villages — New MarlboroA, Mill RiverA, 
SouthfieldAOAdX, HartsvilleA ClaytonA. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annnal town meeting third Monday in March 

ClerJc, Wesley R Field, MiU Biver 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
A. F. Whitney oh. Hartsville^ R. I. Rhoades, 
Canaan, Ct. (B. F. D.), W. E. Kasson, South- 
field, Meet last Saturday in each month 

Auditors, B. P. Adsit, H. A. Cook, Southfield 

Treasurer, A. C. Lockwood, Southfield 

Collector, Dennis Foley, MiU Biver 

Assessors, William S. Bradley ch. Southfield, John 
Hennessey, MiU Biver, George L. Adsit 

Constable, Dennis Foley (civil) 

Highway Surveyor, Michael Cagney, Canaan Ct. 
(B, F. 2>.; 

Tree Warden, A. J. Knight, MQl Biver 

Inspector Animals, H. W. Palmer, Southfield, £. 
A. Knight, HartsviUe 

Public SclioolB. 
Committee, Rev. G. V. Stryker ch. MiU Biver, E. 

J. Lumbert sec. Canaan, Ct. (B. F. D,), H. C. 

Supt. A. F. Howes 

Public Ubrary. 

New Marlboro Public Library 

Trustees, Rev. G. V. Stryker ch. Mill Biver, Lura 
A. Doncaater, Hartsville, Carrie M. Cook, South- 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 15, 1753. Pop. 
672. 80 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Greenfield 
and 8 m. from Athol on Athol Br. B.&A.R.R. 

Villages — New SalemAAmX, New Salem 
StationO, North New SalemA, MiUingtonA, 
Morse Village, CooleyvilleA. 

Town Officen. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Edwin F. StoweU 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseer^ Pdor tthd Board 
Health, Daniel Ballard ch. MiUington, Alba D. 
Paige, Dwight A. BtoWeU. Meet last Saturday 
in each month 

Auditor, Charles H. Chapin 

Collector and Constable, Charles P. Johnson, MiU- 

Highway Surveyor, Robert Comwell, CooleyvUU 

Tree Warden, Rawson King, CooleyviUe 

Inspector Animals, Perry Marshall 

Pnblio SehooUk 

Committee, Willard Putnam ch. CooleyviUe, Daniel 
Ballard, MiUington, Flora Crowl, B. D. Bowte 
No. 1, Orange 

Supt. Louis A. Pratt, North Dana 

Prin. High School, John M. Betts 

Public Libraries. 

New Salem Public Library, Geneva S. Ballard lib. 

Trustees, W. Putnam ch. CooleyviUe, Daniel Bal- 
lard, MiUington, Eugene Bullard, North N. S, 

New Salem Free Library, branch libraries, Cooley- 
viUe, North New Salem, South N. S. 


See Index for location. 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Feb. 23, 1870. Pop. 
1089. 23 m. southwest of Boston and 13 m. 
from Dedham on Midland Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H. 

Villages — NorfolkAGDAdx, Deanville, Stony 
Brook, City MillsA, Pondville, Highland LakeO. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, William M. Hill 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

Andrew R. Jones ch. C. Albert Murphy, 8. 

Gardner Higgins. Meet last Saturday in each 

Auditors, James Mooney, W. E. Campbell, Jesse 

Mann Jr. 
CoUector, John E. Fales 

Assessors, Nathan Fales, Charles W. Wilson, Al- 
fred P. Hall 
Constables, Eugene P. Scammon, Fred Lidbury 
Highway Commissioners, E. E. Ware, Frank Day, 

James T. Buckley 
Chief Fire Dept. David Murphy 
Tree Warden and Inspector Animals, Andrew R. 


PnbUc Schools. 

Committee, Edward Mann ch. Charles O. Greene, 

City Mills, John E. Fales 
Supi. M. J. West 
Prin. High School, J. C. Peterson 



Prin. Qrammar School, Carolyn E. Wayland, City 


Public Ziilirary. 
Norfolk Publie Idbrarj, Walter L. Sykes lib. 
Trustees, John B. F. Love cK Haryey £. Farring- 

ton, John E. Fales 


See Index for location. 


See Index for location. 


In Essex Co. Inc. Apr. 7, 1855. Pop. 4614. 
28 m. northwest of Boston and 18 m. from Salem 
on Eastern Div. and Western Div. B.&M.E.E. 
Electric railway from North Andover Depot to 

Villages — ^North AndoverAODAmBLx, Ma- 
chine Shop Stationn, North Andover DepotOD 
AmX, Stevens Village, Ingalls' StationD. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, James W. Leitch 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, P. P. 

Daw oh. Geo. C. Josselyn, S. D. Hinxman. Meet 

every Monday evening 
Auditor, Albert B. Hanson 
Treasurer, G. H. Perkins 
CoUeetor, G. J. Mahoney 
Assessors, Peter Holt ch. George C. Josselyn, S. D. 

Constables, John H. Campbell, Joseph L. Leighton, 

Patrick J. Healey, George L. Harris, William 

J. Toohey 
Supt. Streets, William Gile 

Water Commissioners, Nathaniel Stevens oK An- 
drew Beeves, William Somerville 
Snpt. Charles E. Johnson 
Park Commissioners, Moses T. Stevens Jr. Charles 

P. Morrill, George E. Hathom 
Chief Police, William J. Toohey 
Chief Fire Dept. William E. Towne 
Tree Warden, Peter Holt 
Inspector Animals, George S. Fuller, V. S. 

Public Schools, 
Committee, Albert P. King Jr., ch. Dr. Fred S. 

Smith, Miss Mary G. Carleton 
Supt. and Prin. High School, Wallace E. Mason 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Edwin A. Damon, Mer- 

rimac; Mrs. Florence A. Bafferty, Bradstreet; 

Clara N. Wentworth, Union; EUa A. Small, 


PnbUc Ubrary. 
Stevens Memorial Library, Miss Elizabeth Maltby 

Pond lib. 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Jane 14^ 1887. Pop. 7878. 
32 m. southwest of Boston via Wrentham on 
Providence Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.R. Electric 
railway through Falls Village and Bobinson- 
ville to Attleboro; to Plain ville and through 
Oldtown and South Attleboro to Pawtucket, 
B. L 

Villages — North AttleboroAGOAdE&Px, 
Oldtown, Bobinsonville, Attleboro FallsA, Adams- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk and Collector, J. G. Cheever 
Selectmen, Albert Totten ch. William H. Bell, Lu 

E. Freeman. • Meet every Wednesday evening at 

Auditors, 0. W. Carpenter, F. A. Manter, F. M. 

Treasurer, Arthur T. Parker 
Assessors, Stephen Stanley ch. H. P. Caldwell, D. 

S. HaU 
Overseers Poor, P. D. White, John Devlin, H. P. 

Constables, E. C. Brown, James W. Biley, A. W. 

Beed, C. F. Gehrung, James B. Smith, C. W. 

Haffward, Jesse B. Stevens, Bobert J. Waters, 

F. E. Gay, George A. Warren 

Electric Light, Sinking Fund and Water Commis- 
sioners, John F. Makinson, Attleboro Falls, W. 
B. Ballou, C. O. Mason 

Supt. Streets, William W. Staples 

Park Commissioners, George E. Osgood, J. K 
Tweedy, M. I. Furbish 

Board Health, Herbert C. Bullard ch. James B. 
Foster, Willis L. Hale 

Chief Fire Dept. Harry W. Tufts 

Inspector Animals, Dr. Hugh Gaw 

PnbUe Schools. 
Committee, F. S. Gilbert, Mrs. M. F. Kilby, W. 
D. Balph, W. H. Bell, E. G. Flint, H. J. Straker 
Supt. Bobert J. Fuller 
Prin. High School, Elton M. Adye 
Prin. Grammar School, Amelia B. Amos 

Public labrary. 

Bichards Memorial Library, Leda J. Thompson 

Trustees, Bev. George E. Osgood, Dr. J. B. Ge- 
rould, John P. Bennett, Mrs. Harvey dap, 
William H. Pond, Leda J. Thompson 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Jan. 24, 1766. Pop. 
1947. 35 m. west of Boston, 10 m. from Wor- 
cester and 14 m. west of South Framingham on 
Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.E.E. Electric rail- 
way to Marlboro, Shrewsbury, Westboro and 



ViLLAGis— NoTthboroAGDAdAmNYBX, Cha- 
pinvilleA, TalbotO, Woodride. 

Town Offlcen. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, FranciB M. Harrington 

Selectmen and Board Hedlih, John K. Mills eh, 
Henry H. Ck>ok, John W. Allen. Meet first and 
third Saturday evenings of each month 

Anditore, Clarence E. Buckl^, C. Montford Brig- 

Treasurer, William J. Potter 

Collector, John W. Allen 

Assessors, Guilford P. Heath eh, Edward H. Smith, 
Walter O. Allen 

Overseers Poor, Chester E. Hildreth eh. Elwyn H. 
Bemis, Albert Carr 

Constables, Louis D. Bogers, Solomon A. Gk)ddard, 
Chester E. Hunt 

8upt, Streets, Allyn D. Phelps 

Water Commissioners, Wilbur H. Duplisse, Juniuii 
Q. Hatch, George H. Felt 

Supi. Water Works, William S. Harrington 

Cemetery Commissioners, Cyrus H. Menteer, Henry 
H. Cook, Walter M. Parwell 

Chief Fire Dept. Louis H. Rogers 

Tree Warden, Tarble P. HaskeU 

Inspector Anmais, Everett C. Valentine 

Public Schools. 
Committee, F. M. Harrington ch. Samuel T. May- 

nard, Edwin S. Corey 
S%pt, William F. Sims 
Prin. Sigh School, Ralph W. Channell 
Prin, Grammar School, Florence E. Corey 

Public Library. 
Northboro Free Library, Miss M. Evelyn Potter 

Trustees, Rev. J. C. Kent ch. Rev. Albert D. Smith, 

Ellen WilliamB, Sarah E. Emery, Miss Cora 

Small, Dr. J. L. Coffin, Charles S. Pease, Mrs. 

Anna E. Sargent, William J. Potter 


In Worcester Co. Inc. July 14, 1772. Pop. 
7400. 13 m. southeast of Worcester on Worcester 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric railway from 
Whitinsville through Rockdale, FamumsviUe, 
Fisherville, Saundersville, Wilkinsonville and Mill- 
bury to Worcester; also from Whitins Station to 
Whitinsville and to Uxbridge, Mendon, Blackstone, 
Woonsocket, etc 

Villages — NorthbridgeAODE&Px, Whitins- 
villeAOE&Px, Whitins StationD, LinwoodA, 
Rockdale, Riverdale, Northbridge CenterA, 
Adams Comers, Prentice Corner, Quaker Dis- 
trict, Stone District. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk, Joseph A. Johnston, Whitinsville 

Selectmen, Alfred El Adams eh, WhitinsviUe, 
James R. Ferry, James Crichton, Whitinsville, E. 
Kent Swift, WhitinsviUe, W. E. Beane. Meet 
first Wednesday in montii 

Auditor, Charles F. Parkis Whitinsville 

Treasurer, H. H. Dudley, Whitinsville 

Collector, Hamilton Boyd 

Assessors, Charles F. Parkis ch. WhitifnsviUe, Benj. 
W. Brown, Charles Z. Bachelor, WhitinsviUe 

Overseers Poor, Robert H. Johnson ch, Whitins- 
viUe, Frank J. Searles, WhitinsviUe, James W. 
Watson, NortKbridge 

Constables, William Spencer, Linwood, Frank A. 
Cross (civil), WhiiinsviUe, Hamilton Boyd 
(civil), John J. Regan, John Maguire, Herbert 
E. Rizford, WhitinsviUe, J. T. Carter (civil), 
WhiiinsviJUe, Augusts Emond 

Highway Commissioner, James Crichton 

Sewer Commissioners, Edward Glueck ch, J. M. 
Lasell, A. F. Whitin 

Trustees Biverdale Cemetery, F. E. Fowler, Whit- 
insville, H. T. Whitin 

Park Commissioner, O. M. Whitin, WhitinsviUe 

Board Health, Dr. E. I. Balcom, Whitinsville, Paul 

Chief Fire Dept, John Snelling, WhitinsvUle 

Tree Warden, Arthur F. Whitin 

Inspectors Animals, W. A. Beane, West Brown, 
G. T. Fowler, Jacob Williams 

Public Schools. 

Committee, A. F. Whitin ch, WhitinsvUle, A. E. 
Adams, WhitinsvUle, Dr. C. H. Harriman, 
WhitinsviUe, George Hamblin, Paul Whitin, 
Northbridge, J. M. Lasell sec. WhitinsviUe 

Supt, and Prin, High School, S. A. Melcher, Whit- 

Prin, Grammar School, Ida Pollock 

Public Library. 

Whitinsville Social Library, Mrs. William H. Ful 

ler lib. 
Trustees, Edward Whitin, G. Marston Whitin, 

Cyrus A. Taf t 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 28, 1812. Pop. 
2700. 23 m. west of Worcester at terminus 
North Brookfield Br. B.&A.B.R. Electric rail- 
way to East Brookfield, Brookfield, West Brook- 
field, Warren and Spencer. 

ViLLAOB — North BrookfieldAGXDAm X . 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, George B. Hamant 

Selectmen, E. A. Batcheller ch, Alfred C. Stod- 
dard, Herbert C. Maynard. Meet every Monday 

Auditor, Frank S. Bartlett 

Treasurer, George B. Doane 

Collector, John P. Banger 



As$e$aor», Simuiar Holmes hh. Jamei Dowb^, G. 

K. Webber 
Over8eer$ Poor, Samvel D. Golburn ch. K C. Smith, 

Henry Rondeau 
ConaMblea, Wilder E, Deane, Mauriee O'Brien, 

Edward J. Dunphj, Henry Hatch, John Mattoon, 

F. R. Boane, E. B. Corbin, Swan M. Moody 
Highway Surveyor, Freeman R, Doane 

Water Cotnmieeumers, John W. D. Fifield eK Wil- 
liam F. Fiillum, Roland Hatch 

Cemetery Commissioners, Edward P. Haskell, E. 
B. Corbin, J. L. Morse 

Board Health, A. H. Prouty, H. T. Maynard, E. 
A. Ludd^i 

Chief Fire Dept. Harry S. Lytle 

Tree Warden, C. E. Batcheller 

Inspector Animals, A. C. Stoddard 

Public Schools. 
Committee, A. G. Bliss, L. Emerson Barnes, War- 
ren T. Bartlett 
Supt. B. J. Merriam 
Prin. High School, Gharles P. Savary 

Public Library. 
Free Public Library, Nellie L. Smith Ub. 
Trustees, Timothy Howard, Samuel A. Clark, 
• John S. Cooke, H. J. Wren, A. W. Burrill, H. 
A. Foster, T. G. Bates, Mary G. Warner, Josiah 

G. Converse 


In Franklin Co. Inc. 1672. Pop. 2017. 9 m. 
from Miller's FaUs on New London k Northern 
Div. Central Vermont R.R. ; Mount Hermon on 
Connecticut k Passumpsic Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — ^Northfield ACDDAm x , East North- 
fleldA, Gill StetionO, West NorthfleldA, Mount 
HermonAODAmX, Northfield Farm9A0aAmX. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
ClerJc and Treasurer, Warren J. Wright 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

A. W. Proctor, S. C. Holton, East N. F. H. 

Montague, N, Farms, Meet second and fourth 

Saturdays of each month 
Auditor, Walter H. Waite, East N. 
Collector, F. B. Estabrook 
Assessors, S. C. Holton, F. B. Holton, F. L. 

Constables, F. W. Doane (civil), F. B. Estabrook, 

Fred H. Watson 
Cemetery Commissioners, R. E. Dickinson, G. N. 

Kidder, F. A. Hilliard, N, Farms 
Chief Fire Dept. C. H. Webster 
Tree Warden, F. W. Doane 
Inspectors Animals, Joseph E. Ross, Frank E. 


Public Schools. 
Committee, L. R. Smith ch. East N. O. L. Leach, 

N. Farms, Mrs. N. P. Wood 

Supt, E. F. Howard, East N, 
Prin. High School, iiva L. Tower 

Public Ubrary. 
Dickinson Memorial Library, Mrs. G. A. Randall 

Trusieee, N. P. Wood eh. N. Fay Smith, H. W. 

Montague, Daniel M. Wilson, a Catherine Saeh- 

ardson, Benjamin F. Field 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Mar. 22, 1853. Pop. 
903. 23 m. by rail from Boston (distance by 
highway 14 m.), 5 m. from Wilmington Junc- 
tion on Southern Div. B.&M.B.B.; and electrie 
railway to Andover, Lawrence, Beading, Wake- 
field, Wobum, Stoneham, Lynn and Boston. 

ViLLAOES — North BeadingACDDAmX, Meadow- 
viewD, West Village. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, Arthur F. Upton 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Herbert L. Abbott ch. Joseph D. Gowing, 

Irving F. Batehdder, Meet every Wednesday 

Auditor, Abram G. Stickney 
Treasurer and Collector, Joseph D. Gowing 
Constables, Thomas Croswell, Irven C. Eaton 
Highway Commissioners, F. Howard Mosman eh. 

Irving F. Batchelder, Frank W. Case 
Cemetery Trustees, Frank W. Case ch. Gharles H 

Carlton, Leland D. Batchelder 
Chief Police, Thomas Croswell 
Chief Fire Dept. Henry A. Upton 
Tree Warden and Inspector Animals, George E. 


Public Schools. 
Committee, Leland D. Batchelder ch. Herbert L. 

Abbott, Mrs. Mary F. Lciavour 
Supt. Seth H. Chase, LoweU 
Prin. Grammar School, Miss Emily Delano 

Public Library. 

Flint Memorial Library, Addie W. Gowing lib. 

Trustees, Joseph D. Gowing oh, Arthur F. Upton, 
Herbert L. Abbott treas. Edward A. Carpenter, 
J. Milton Bobinson, Dennis Batchelder 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Mar. 17, 1710. Pop. 2079. 
8 m. northwest of Taunton on Northern Div. Old 
Colony Sys., the stations being at East Norton 
and Crane's; on the Attleboro Br. of same road 
are Chartley, Barrowsville and Norton Furnace. 
Electric railways run from Norton through Chart- 
ley to Attleboro and from Norton through Norton 
Furnace to Taunton; also to Mansfield. 

Villages— NortonA, East NortonAGONYBx, 



BearcToft, Crane 'bD, ChartleyAGONYBx, Bar- 

rowBvilleAOONYB X , MeadowbrookACDONYB X , 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

ClerJc and Treasurer, Jacob A. Leonard 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Healihy William E. Payson ch. Henry G. Dan- 
forth, East N. Elmer E. Lane, Chartley, Meet 
first Monday evening and third Saturday after- 
noon of eadi month 

Auditors, GharleB T. Oldfield, Emmons H. Lincoln, 
Eagt N. 

Collector, Walter C. S. Wood, East N. 

Constables, Frank A. Clapp, Henry 8. Freeman, 
BarrowBvUle, George O. Ha«kell, Chartley, Bobert 
W. Hewing, N. L^ris, B. Woodward, East N^ 

Highway Surveyors, Frank A. Clapp, Charles A. 
Freeman, Chartley, John H. Arnold, Barrows- 
vUle, Walter C. 8. Wood, East N, Henry G. 
Danf orth, East N. George F. Woodward, Mead- 
owhrook, Albert 8. Lincoln, East N, Oris G. 
Westman, Chartley 

Tree Warden, Oren E. Walker 

Inspector Animals, James E, Cole 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Walter C. 8. Wood ch. Chartley, 
Charles A. Bateliffe sec. C. Howard Lane, Chart- 
ley, John G. Adair, BarrowsvUle, E. Clifton 
Boecker, East K. Charles B. Caswell, Virgil H. 
Leonard, East N, Edward L. Wetherell, Arthur 
E. 8weet, East N. 

Supt. George M. Bemis 

Prin. Grammar School, George Eaton Jr. 

Prin. High School, Harry E. Gardner 

Public Library. 

Norton Public Library, Emily A. Titus lib. Kath- 
erine M. Payson asst. lib. 

Trustees, William E. Payson eh. Dr. Arthur M. 
Bound, Andrew H. Sweet, Harry Gardner, Na- 
thaniel Wood, Charles C. Valentine, Chartley, 
Delia J. Crane, East N. Mrs. Charles Ratdiffe, 
Mra Lizzie A. Tinkham 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Feb. 27, 1888. Pop. 
15S'4. 20 m. southwest of Boston and 3 m. west of 
Greenbush by stage. Electric railway through 
Bidge Hill and Queen Anne's Corner to Hingham, 
North Hanover and Rockland. 

Villages — NorwellA, Church Hill, Queen 
Anne's Corner, AccordA, Mount BlueA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Joseph F. Merritt 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Alpheus 
Thomas ch. Accord, Ezra E. Stetson, Hanover, 

Ernest H. 8panelL Meet eyery Monday at 

2 p.m. 
Auditor, Frank W. Jones 
Treasurer, Horace T. Fogg 
Collector, Andrew J. Litchfield 
Constables, Walter T. Osborn, J. Warren Foster, 

Wm. E, Wilder, Clarence E. Barnard, L. Frank 

Ro€id Surveyors, Emanuel P. Joseph, Francis E. 

Henderson, Joseph Briggs 
Board Health, Dr. H. J. Little ch. Alpheus Thomas, 

aifton S. Deane 
Tree Warden, John H. Sparrell 
Inspector Animals, J. Warren Foster 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Benj. Loring ch. Assinippi, George C. 

Turner, Mrs. Mary E. Curtis sec. 
Supt. Charles A. Harris, Hanover 
Prin. High School, A. B. Lewis 

Public Library. 
James Public Library, Joseph F. Merritt lib. 
Trustees, A. J. Litchfield Jr., J. C. Otis, J. F. Mer- 
ritt, Mrs. Helen L. Fogg, Mrs. Arthur L. Power 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Feb. 23, 1872. Pop. 6731. 
14 m. southwest of Boston and 4 m. from Ded- 
ham on N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. Electric cars to 
Dedham, Walpole, East Walpole and Canton. 

ViLLAGKS—NorwoodACDa AdE&PBLx , EllisD, 
WinslowD, Norwood CentralD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, John F. Kiley 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Fred L. 
Fisher ch. Richard E. Oldham, Samuel M. Wins- 
low. Meet every Saturday evening 

Auditors, Elton O. Clark, James E. Pendergast, 
George A. O'Brien 

Treasurer, Irving S. Fogg 

Collector, George O. Capen 

Constables, Michael D. Creed, Simon P. Donnelly, 
Walter A. Readel, Warren E. Bhoads (civil), 
William Breen, James H. Corbett 

Supt. Streets, Fred H. Hartshorn 

Water Commissioners, .Tohn F. Callahan ch. Wil- 
liam Baker, James Butler 

Cemetery Commissioners, William Fisher, Edward 
B. Pendergast, Frank A. Talbot 

Park Commissioners, Sumner Bagley, George M. 
Corbett, David Ellis 

Board Health, William Fisher ch. Fred E. Colbum, 
H. Leon Steele 

Chief Police, Warren E. Rhoads 

Chief Fire Dept. J. Fred Boyden 

Tree Warden, F. H. Winslow 

Inspector Animals, Dr. Mulvihill 



Public Schools. 
Committee, Edward W. Jewett oK Mufj J. Alden, 

Cornelius GaUahan, Mrs. John G. Lane^ G^rge 

H. Smith, Alfred N. Ambrose 
SupU William C. Hobbs 
PHn. High School, N. A. Cutler 
Frin, Grammar Sohoola, Joseph F. Oould, Everett 

and Guild Schools 

Fublip I^lbraiy. 
Morrill Memorial Library, Jane A. Hewett lib, 
Trtutees, Dr. Lewis H. Plimpton oh. Dr. Lrving S. 

Fogg, Mrs. Maria E. Colbum sec. William 1*. 

Whedon, Bey. James B. Troj, Emily Curtis 



In Dukes Co. Inc. Feb. 17, 1880. Pop. 1138. 
Name changed from Cottage City by act of the 
Legislature in January, 1907. Beached by steamer 
from Wood's Hole (7 m.) or from New Bedford 
(22 m.). 

yiLLAGE8— Oak BluffsAONYBX, Camp Ground, 
Eastville, Lagoon Heights, Vinoyard Highlands. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting Monday after first Tues- 
day in March 

Cleric, Francis P. Vincent 

Selectmen f Assessors and Overseers Poor, Freder- 
ick W. Smith ch, Horatio N. Pease, Darid J. 
Barney. Meet every Saturday evening at 7.30 

Auditory S. D. C. Smith 

Treasurer, Elmer E. Landers 

Collector, Ezekiel H. Matthews 

Constables, La Boy S. Lewis (dvil), Eli A. Leigh- 

Supt, Streets, John G. Hamblin 

Parle Commissioners, John W. McGrath eh, George 
P. Briggs, Manuel A. Vincent 

Cemetery Commissioners, Job H. Gorham, S. S. 
Hicks, La Boy S. Lewis 

Board Health, Job. H. Gorham ch, Charles T. 
Besse, Sherman T. Meara 

Chief Police, Eli A. Leighton 

Chief Fire Dept, Andrew Warren 

Tree Warden, Edwin P. Frasier 

Inspector Animals, Frank W. Chase 

FubUc Schools. 

Committee, Osgood N. Mayhew eh. Samuel Q. Bice, 

David J. Barney 
Supt, Andrew P. Averill, Edgartown 
Frin, High School, Wilbur S. Beeman 

PnbUc Library. 

Oak Bluffs Library, Mrs. Adalyn Bipley lib, Mrs. 

E. Boland Smith treas. 
Trustees, T. J. Ellinwood ch, Emma Barney tre<is. 

Mrs. E. Boland Smith sec. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 7, 1762. Pop. 519. 
16 m. northwest of Worcester; Coldbrook is 
on the Mass. Central Div. B.&M.B.B. and on 
Ware Biver Br. B.&A.B.B. 

Villages — OakhamA, Coldbrook SpringsAGXD 
AmX, Lincolnville, Parker's Mills. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk, Jesse Allen 
Selectmen and Board Health, Harry B. Parker ch, 

Coldbrook, Gardner M. Dean, John P. Day. 

Meet first Saturday in each month 
Auditor, Walter M. Bobinson 
Treasurer, George S. Butler 
Collector, Edmund Cody, Coldbrook 
Assessors, Sanford H. Bullard ch, Sylvester H. 

Haskell, W. A. Woodis 
Overseers Poor, Jesse Allen eh, E. Cody, W. H. 

Constables, William B, Crawford, W. B. Dean, 

Frank Winslow, Carl Wheeler, Bert S. Beed, 

Bert T. Butterfield 
Supt, Herbert J. Jones, Holden 
Cemetery Committee, Jesse Allen, M. S. Dean, .T. 

P. Fairbank 
Tree Warden, C. H. Trowbridge 
Inspector AnimeUs, Sanford H. Bullard 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Jesse Allen ch, Mrs. M. L. Woodis, 

Horace W. Lincoln 
Supt, Herbert J. Jones, Holden 
Prin, Center School, Florence Bothwell 

Public Library. 
Oakham Free Public Library, Frank E. Davis lib. 
Trustees, Jesse Allen ch, Mrs. M. L. Woodis, Frank 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Oct. 15, 1783. Pop. 5575. 
86 m. from Boston and 19 m. east of Greenfield 
on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B.; connected by elec- 
tric railway with Athol, and by daily stage with 
Warwick, New Salem, North Prescott, Millington, 
Cooleyville and Shutesbury. 

Villages — OrangeAODNx, Bliss ville. West 
Orange, North OrangeA, Fryville, TullyA. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, T. Wesley Bridge 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Bufus T. Shum- 
way ch. George M. Underwood, Hoyt U. Wake- 
field, Tully. Meet every Saturday at 2 p.m. 

Auditors, Fidward J. Wood, George W. Andrews 

Collector, Thomas S. Mann 

Assessors, Augustus J, Fisher ch. Dexter L. Cran- 
dall, Aubrey K. Turner, North O. 

CoTistables, Orrin Sawyer, HoUis H. Goss, John E. 



Byan, Edwin D. Chase Aubrey E. Tmer, Aiuron 
H. Sho^aiiy John A. Edman, George M. Under- 

8upt, Streets, G^rge M. Underwood 

Water Commisgioners, Edward C. Fowler ch. Hoi- 
lis H. Goo, Arihnr N. Hunt 

Cemetery CammissianerSf Elisha S. Hall ch. Her- 
bert J. Higgins, Frederick H. Nutting 

Board Health, George L. Hill ch. 

Chief Police, Edward C. Fowler 

Chief Fire Dept. Charles E. Lane 

Tree Warden, Frank M. Jennison 

Inspector Animals, Amos Blodgett 

Pabllc Schools. 

Committee, James D. Kimball ch. Clinton C. Cook, 
see, Henry P. Paul, TwUy, Benjamin S. Coolidge, 
Mrs. Marion E. Nason, Mrs. Anna M. Gale 

Supt. Edward Dixon 

Prin. High School, Allen C. Cummings 

Prin. ChmMnar S<^moI, Helen M. Doiudd 

PnbUe Library. 
Orange Public Idbrary, Grace H. Dawley Kb, 

Lottie M. Brown, Myrtle Ash asst. libs. 
Trustees, Hervey S. Dawley ch. D. L. Crandall, 

Edward M. Buell Mrs. C^ara A. Davis, Alonzo 

W. Martin^ ru%, Henry 8. Ames 
Branch at Nortii Orange, Sara E. Rich lib. 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. March 3, 1797. Pop. 
1052. 94 m. from Boston and 24 m. northeast of 
Barnstable on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

YiLLAOBS — OrleansAODNYBX, East OrleansA, 
South OrleansA, Barleyneck, Namequoit, Nam* 
skaket, Pochet, Portnomequoit, Rock Harbor, 

To^m Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in February 
Cleric, Treasurer, Collector and Tree Warden, 

Hiram Myers 
Selectmen^ Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Winthrop M. Crosby ch. Amos O. Hurd, 

John Kenrick, South O. Meet first Monday of 

each month 
Auditors, Alexander T. Newcomb, George L. 

Constable, Henry M. Percival 
Highway Surveyor, Joseph W. Percival 
Chief Fire Dept. George H. Fiske 
iTispectors Animals, Frank H. Snow, Joseph Lin- 


Pnblle Schools. 

Committee, George S. Hall ch. Elnathan E. El- 
dredge, South O. Charles W. Hopkins, East 0. 
Supt. Frank H. Hill, Harwich 
Prin. High School, Loring G. Williams 
PrifK Grammar School, Florence E. MaeBeaTy, 
Bast O. 

Public Lllirary. 
Snow Public library, Hiram Myers lib. 
Trustees, D. L. Young ch. Joshua Elilbum sec, 
Hiram Myers 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 13, 1810. Pop. 

534. 140 m. from Boston, 22 m. from Pittsfield 

and 12 m. southwest of Chester by stage daily; 

also from Lee, stage daily. 

ViLLAGis — OtisAAdAmX, North Otis, Cold 

Spring, Bast OtisA, West OtisA. 
Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Ralph H. Norton 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
A. W. Pabner ch, Fred D. Webb, West 0. Wil- 
liam T. Crittenden. Meet first Saturday of 
each month 

Auditor, John ^. Merritt 

ColXeetoT, Lrem W. Smith 

Assessors, William T. Crittenden ch, Harrison L. 
Pease, East 0, Fred D. Webb, West 0, 

Constables, J. B*. Soule, East 0. William P. Wor- 
deuy William C. Comwell 

Tree Warden, William P. Worden 

Inspector Animals, Edwin L. Downs 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Ralph H. Norton ch. J. W. Bryant, H. 

L. Pease 
Supt. Preston Barr, Lee 

FubUc Library. 
Public Library, Olive J. Davidson lib. 
Trustees, J. E. Merritt, West Beehet, Mrs. Olive J. 
Davison, Ralph H. Norton 


In Worcester Co. Established May 31, 1693. 
Pop. 2927. 55 m. from Boston and 11 m. south 
of Worcester on Shore Line Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H. 
R.R., with stations at Oxford and North Oxford. 
The Webster Br. of B.&A.R.R. has stations at 
Texas, North Oxford Mills, Howarth's and West 
Oxford. Electric railway to Worcester and 

Villages — OxfordAODAdx, Comins, TexasD, 
Bartlett's Village, Chase's Village, Howarth'sD 
Adx, Buflfum's, North Oxford MillsD, West Ox- 
fordD. Saccarappa, North OxfordA, North Ox- 
ford StationD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Cleric, James E. Darling 
Selectmen, Byron C. Chirk ch. David N. Taft, 

Edwin N. Bartlett. Meet second and fourth 

Fridays of each month 
Auditor, Robert B. Taft 
Treasurer, Henry A. Lamed 



CoUeetar, Patrick Foster 

AssessarM, Thomas B. Montague oh. Walter A. 

Lovett, Fred L. Snow 
Overseers Poor, Charles H. Hawes eh, John A. 

Taft, North O. George E. Chaflfee 
CanstdbUs, George L. Fortin, Owen B. Chaffee, 

Bona Z. Bedard, Albert £. Miller, Frank £. 

Highway Surveyor, Fred L. Snow 
Cemetery Commissioners, Alfred M. Chaffee, Al- 
bert J. Moon, Olaus Berggren 
Board Health, Robert S. Fletcher M.D. eh. H. a 

Joelin, Byron Stone M.D. 
Fire Engineers, Thomas M. Harrington, William 

H. Kilty, North 0, J. T. Toomey 
Inspectors AnimaU, George A. Gibson, Willis Bose- 


Pablio Bcbools. 
Committee, Herbert V. Chaffee ch, J. A. Mesler, 

Lawrence F. Kilty 
8vpt, Ira T. Chapman 
Prifi. High School, A. 6. Hulsman 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Annie Elliott, Oxford 

Plains; Lillian G. Killelea, North Oxford 

Public Library. 

Oxford Free Public Library, Mrs. C. A. Fuller lib. 
Branch at North Oxford 

Trustees, Orrin F. Joslin oh. Maria C. Mann, Al- 
bert Tyler 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Jan. St), 1752. Pop. 7755. 
15 m. east of Springfield on B.&A.B.R. and Cen- 
tral Vermont B.B. Electric railway to Springfield, 
Monson, Ware, Bondsville, Three Rivers and Thorn- 

Villages — PalmerAODAmx, ThomdikeAGQ 
Am X , Three BiversAODAm X , Bondsville AGXDAm X , 
Forest Lake, Four Corners, Palmer Centre, Blan- 
chardville, Tennyville. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Cleric, John F. Foley 
Selectmen, Henry W. Holbrook ch. John F. Hayden, 

William Lawton. Meet first Monday of each 

Auditors, E. W. Carpenter, C. A. LeGro. 
Treasurer, J. F. Holbrook 
Collector, J. Austin Hawkes 
Assessors, John O. Hamilton ch. Harry T. Bishop, 

Thomdike, Roy E. Cummings 
Overseers Poor, Harry T. Bishop ch, Thomdike, 

Patrick Crowley, A. A. Warriner 
Constables, E. F. McKellyott (civil), George A. 

BiHa (civil), Michael J. Sullivan Jr. (civil J, 

Three Rivers, Michael L, 0>llina (civil), Bonds- 

vUle, Charles B. Ihomas 
Supt. Streets, Charles T. Brainerd 

Cemetery CimmUteet David L. Bodfish, i^MMMt^), 

Louis G. Barker, Three Bivere 
Board Health, Dr. J. P. Schneider ch. Harry C. 

Cheney, Samuel O. Mill«-, Three Bivers 
Chief Fire Dept. George A. Bills 
Tree Warden, Charles H. Keith 
Inspectors Animals, Chas. F. Smith, E. W. Phinney 

PabUc Schools. 

Committee, William E. McDonald eh. Charles D. 
Holden, BondsvUle, George F. Mooers, Thom- 
dike, Luther H. Gager, Charles L. Waid, F. A. 

Supt. and Prin. High School. Lpo T. Grey 

Prins. Grammar Schools. Elisabeth I. Heonehan, 
Palmer; Martha A. Boxsell, Three Bivers; Cath- 
arine L. Twiss, Thomdike; Jennie L. Twiss, 

Pnblic Library. 

Toung Men's Library Association, Robert J. Ful- 
ler lib. 

Directors, Charles B. Fiske eh. W. £. Stone, Orrin 
P. Allen, S. H. Hellyar, Thomdike 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 12, 1765. Pop. 
444. 52 m. from Boston and 8 m. northwest of 
Worcester by stage. 

Village — ^PaxtonA. 

Toim Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Herbert S. Bobinson 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board HeaUh, 

Charles F. Flint ch. John A. Brown, Arthur W. 

Dwyer. Meet second and last Saturdays of each 

Auditor, Anton A. Voomsveld 
Treasurer, Lewis S. Clapp 
Collector, Henry H. Pike 
Assessors, Walter E. Clark eh. Patrick H. Murphy, 

Spencer, Frank H. Bobinson 
Constables, Henry H. Pike, Walter H. Pike 
Highway Commissioner, Henry C. Eames 
Cemetery Commissioners, Henry H. Pike, Arthur 

W. Dwyer, John A. Brown 
Chief Fire Dept. George W. VanWyck Jr. 
Inspector Animals, George W. Cowden 
Tree Warden, Jason A. Woodruff 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, L. S. Clapp ch, Mrs. Charles F. Flint, 

Walter E. Clark 
Supt. Herbert J. Jones, Holden 
Prin. Puiblio School, Jennie B. Bumham 

Public Library. 
Paxton Free Library, Bona Bobinson lib. 
Trustees, H. S. Bobinson, Charles E. Hosmer, Bena 

Bobinson, John A. Brown, Mrs. E. A. Merrill, 

Charles F. Flint 




In Essex Co. Inc, as South DanverSy May 18, 
1855; name changed to Peabody Apr. 13, 1868. 
Pop. 13,098. 18 m. from Boston and 2 m. west of 
Salem on Eastern DW. B.&M.B.B.; also on South- 
em Div., 14 m. from Wilmington Junction. Elec- 
tric cars to Lynn, Lynnfield, Wakefield, Salem and 
DanTers; also on Western Div. B.&M.B.R. 

ViLLAeis— PeabodyAODAmBLX, West Peabody 
AGriAwBLX, South PeabodyO, North Peabody, 
Brookdale, Needham's Comer, Newhall's Cross- 
ing, ProetorO, Phelps' MilL 

Town Offlcen. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Clerk and Tretuurer, Elmer M. Poor 

Selectmen, Andrew N. Jacobs dh. Dennis P. Gill, 

Benj. H. Taylor, Philip H. Coleman, Patrick J. 

Murphy. Meet every Thursday evening 
Auditor, Frank Taylor 
Collector, Patrick J. Wioods 
AssessorSf Lyman Osbom ch, David A. Barry, 

Warren A. Galeucia, South P. James B. Carbrey, 

Arthur W. Felt 
Overseers Poor, Arthur P. Bodge, Charles H. 

Goulding, William A. Shea 
Constables, Michael H. Grady, W. Fred Wiggin, 

John J. Sweeney (civil) 
Supt. Streets, Charles H. Hooper 
Water Board, Elbridge G. Kelley, Andrew N. 

Jacobs, John Boyle 
Electric Light Sinking Fund Commissioners, 

Frank C. Merrill, Sylvanus L. Newhall, G. 

Horace Merrill 
Park Commissioners, P. H. O'Connor, George T. 

Quint, Horace Bushby 
Municipal Light Board, Timothy J. Sullivan, Nat. 

Buxton, Ihomas E. Wilson 
Board Health, Harry E. Stockwell ch, Thomas J. 

Belihan, Harris S. Pomeroy 
Chief Police, Michael H. Grady 
Tree Warden, Charles H. Hooper 
Inspector Animals, Charles Davis 

Public Schools. 

Committee, George B. Underwood ch, John J. Con- 
nor, Benjamin N. Moore, W. Fred Munroe, S. 
Howard Donnell, James J. Sheehan 

Supt. Albert Bobinson 

Prin, High School, Willard W. Woodman 

Prins. Qrammar Schools, Warren B. Bowen, Wallis; 
Jefferson K. Cole, Centre; Abbie D. Esty, 
Bowditch; Mary Sheehan, Endicott; May E. 
Adams, West; Dorothea C. Sawtelle, South 

Public Libraries. 
Eben Dale Sutton Reference Library, Augusta F. 

Daniels lib. 64 Main 
Peabody Institute Library, Lyman P. Osbom lib, 

64 Main 
Trustees, William Armstrong pres, Joseph J. 

Thomdike, Henry F. Whidden, Elmer B. 

Thomas, George A. Whitney, James C. linehan, 
Edward P. Barrett, Daniel F. Bresnahan, Pat- 
ride J. Murphy, J. Edward Osbom, Fred; W. 
Buahby, L. £• Joy 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Jan. 15, 1743. Pop. 
460. 85 m. from Boston, 13 m. from Northamp- 
ton and 6 m. from Amherst. Electric railway 
from West Pelham to Amherst. 

Villages — PelhamA, East Hollow, Packard- 
ville, Pelham Center, West Pelham. 

Town Offlcen. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Justin W. Keith 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
HetUth, John L. Brewer ch. Eugene P. Bartlett, 
Amherst, Frank E. HamUton, Bnfleld. Meet last 
Saturday of each month in afternoon 

Auditor, James B. Anderson, Amherst 

Constables, John A. Page (civil), Amherst, Lyman 
W. Allen, Aftiherst, Arthur G. Ward, Amherst, 
Jene M. Ely, Charles S. Davis, Presoott 

Highway Surveyors, George P. Shaw, Amherst, 
Frank E. Hamilton, Enfield, Charles L. Ward, 

Tree Warden, Eugene P. Bartlett 

Inspector Animals, Henry E. Paige 

Pnbllc Schools. 
Committee, Charles L. Ward oh. Frank E. Hamil- 
ton, G. H. Jones 
Supt.' A. L. Hardy, Amherst 

Public Library. 
Pelham Free Public Library, Mary A. Keith lib. 
Trustees, M. Louise Brewer ch. Mary A. Keith, 
Mrs. C. L. Ward 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Mar. 21, 1711. Pop. 
1261. 26 m. southeast of Boston, 12 m. from 
Plymouth and 13 m. from Brockton. Stage from 
South Hanson (5 m.) or Hanover (3% m.). 

Villages— PembrokeANYB x , BryantvilleANY 
BX, High Street, East PembrokeA, North Pem- 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Leonard Ewell, Bryantville 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Calvin 
S. West ch. North P, Nathaniel Morton, Bry- 
antville, Edgar Thayer, So, Hanson. Meet Apr. 
4th and every alternate Saturday 

Auditors, Alfred Anderson, W. A. Halliday, 
High Street 

Treasurer, F. CoUamore, North P. 

Collector, John J. McFarland, Bryantville 

Overseers Poor, Selectmen, Albert Curtis, Phcebe 



Constables, Otis Foster, Wdlliam Besse, Andrew 

A. Page 
Highway Surveyor, Joseph J. Shepherd 
Inspector Animals, George M. Foster 

Pnbllo Sdhools. 
Committee, Fiorina M. GoUamore cK, No. P. John 

M. Monroe, BryantvUle, Mrs. Julia Morton sec. 

8upt. Everett G. Loring, Kingston 
Frin. High School, Frederick J. Simmons 

Pnblle Library. 
Pembroke Library, Ellen F. Cox lib. 
Trustees, Mary A. Oldham ch. Mrs. B. P. Litch- 
field treas. 


In Middlesex Go. Inc. Apr. 12, 1753. Pop. 
3268. 40 m. northwest of Boston on Milford Br. 
of the Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.R., and 36 m. 
northeast of Worcester on Worcester, Nashua ft 
Portland Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — PepperellAOAmNx, North Pepper- 
ellD, East PepperellAODAmNx, Pepperell Sta- 
tionD, Burkinshaw, PaugusA, Babbitassett, 

Toim Officers. 
Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 
Cleric, Parker J. Kemp 
Selectmen, Luther G. Bobbins ch. East P. Charles 

H. Miller, Frauds G. Hayer. Meet first three 

Mondays in every molith. 
Auditors, Charles S. Denham, Charles B. Taft 
Treasurer, Edward L. Tarbell 
Collector, Edward A. Johnson, East P. 
Assessors, B. C. Plummer ch. East P. Charles H. 

Chapman, Ecut P. Addison Woodward 
Overseers Poor, Winslow S. Parker ch. East P. 

John O. Bennett, Dr. Lester B. Qua 
Constable, Edward Goggin (civil) 
Supt. Streets, Warren M. Blood, East P. 
Cemetery Commissioners, Frank D. Bolles, B. H. 

Blood, Warren S. Wood 
Board Health, Dr. Fred W. Lovejoy, Luther G. 

Agent, P. J. Kemp 

Chief Fire Dfipt. Warren M. Blood, East P. 
Tree Warden, Joseph A. Wiley 
Inspector Animcds, Elijah D. Harris 

Pnblle Schools. 
Committee, Dr. Lester B. Qua cK Frederick A. 

Parker sec. East P. E. W. Blake, East P. 
Supt. O. E. Evans 
Prin. High School, George F. Turner 

Public Library. 

Lawrence Library, Mrs. M. F. Shattuck lib. 

Trustees, Dr. Samuel W. Fletcher ch. Dr. W. F. 
Heald, Waldo Spaulding, George T. Keyes, 
Arthur P. Wright, East P. Dr. Charles G. Heald 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 19, 1806. Pop. 268. 
4 m. east of Hinsdale by stage. 
Village — Peru AAm x . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Frank G. Creamer 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, James 8. Barnes ch, Edwin Shumway, 

F. S. Barden 
Auditors, C. M. Hathaway, W. B. Pierce 
Constdbles, B. Henry Beaumann, John E. Bowers 
Supt. Streets, John Z. Frissell 
Tree Warden, Ezra Torrcy 
Inspector Animals^ William H. Kilboum 

Public Schools. 
Committee, James Barnes dh. H. A. Frissell, Mrs. 
Bertha Creamer 
t. W. E. Biley, Hinsdale 

Public Library. 
Peru Public Librazy, Mrs. Francis B. Barden Ub. 
Trustees, F. G. Creamer, C. Hathaway, F. B. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Apr. 20, 1754. Pop. 
855. 75 m. west of Boston and 9 m. from Athol 
by stage, or from Barre same distance. 

Villages — PetershamAAmNx, NichewaugA, 
New Salem StationD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Frank E. Gibbs 
Selectmen and Cemetery Commissioners, Merrick 

E. Hildreth ch. E. C. Dexter, Charles S. Cool- 

idge. Meet last Saturday in each month 
Auditor, Harry E. Knowlton 
Treasurer, Charles D. Williams 
Collector, Charles W. Gates 
Assessors, Frederick Bryant ch. John A. Carter, 

Daniel Broderick 
Overseers Poor, M. E. Hildreth ch. Charles S. 

Coolidge, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Gay 
Constables, John A. Carter, George Marsh, Frank 

E. Woods 
Highway Surveyors, Merrick E. Hildreth, Hiram 

Leigh ton, John T. Murphy 
Board Health, Dr. Frederick A. Donaldson ch. 

Frank E. Gibbs, Charles M. Gay 
Chief Fire Dept. John F. Barnes 
Inspector Animals, S. C. Goddard 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Bev. Preston B. Crowell ch. Charles 

M. Gay, Mrs. Adelaide M. Wilder 
Supt. J. E. Warren 
Prin. High School, Edwin H. Scott 




PabUc lainrary. 
Petersham Free Library, Fazmie G. Prince Uh, 
Tnuteeg, James W. Brooks pre*. Edwm G. Dexter, 

Henry M. Bennett, Bev. Preston B. CroweQ, C. 

a Waldo, Mrs. W. W. Stewart, Miss M. W. 

Brooks, a a Fiska, Clara Hodges, Frauds H. 

Lee^ William Simes 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 5, 1314. Pop. 442. 
71 m. from Boston, 31 m. from Worcester and 
5 m. southeast of Athol by stage; nearest railroad 
station is Templeton (4m.) on Ware Biver Br. 
B.&A.B.B. Electric railway through the north 
part of town, Athol to Templeton and Gardner. 

Villages — PhillipstonAAmX, East Phillips- 
ton, Powers Mills, Goulding Village, Lamb City. 

Town Ofllcenu 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, George M. ChaflBn 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Board Health 

and Trustees Public Library, D. W. Baker ch. 

E. N. Smith, G. M. ChafSn. Meet last Saturday 

in each month 
Auditor, C. Waldo Bates 
Treasurer, Charles H. Estey 
Collector, C. A. Moore 
Co7tstable, Highway Commissioner, Chief Police 

and Tree Warden, William Goddard 
Inspector Animals, Charles F. Kendall 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Mrs. Mary B. Chaffin ch. Mrs. Lestina 

Goddard, Philip Putnam 
8upt, F. G. Atwell, East T&mpleton 

PabUc Library. 
Phillips Free Public Library, Mrs. Flora Dan- 
forth lib. 


See Index for location. 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Mar. 16, 1785. Pop. 
382. 120 m. from Boston and 22 m. from North- 
ampton. Beached by stage from Adams or Char- 
lemont (10 m.) or from Williamsburg (14 m.). 
Village — ^Plainfield AN x . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
ClerJc and Treasurer, Charles N. Dyer 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Healih, F. A. Holden cK F. S. Cole, H. C. Pack- 
ard. Meet first Sat. afternoon in each month 
Auditor, E. A. Atkins 
Collector, J. A. Winslow 
Constancies, L. A. White, E. S. Gloyd 
Cemetery Commissioners, E. L. Parker, E. L Mc- 
aoud, C. W. Packard 

Tree Warden, £. L. Parker 

Inspector Animdls, Charles A. Williams 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, J. A. Winslow eh. Emma A. Gloyd see, 

F. M. Bice 
Supt. C. L. Jndkina 

PabUc Library. 
Plainfield Public Library, Anna M. King lib. 
Trustees, E. A. Atkins eh. C. N. Dyer, Mrs. Nellie 

M. Tirrdl 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Apr. 4, 1905. Pop. 1300. 
31 m. southwest of Boston on Providence Diy. 
Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.E.B., and 14 m. 
from Providence. Electric cars to Attleboro, 
Pawtucket and Providence, and to Franklin, 
Wrentham, Fozboro, Milford and Woonsocket. 

ViLLAOBa— Plainville, Guinea, Shepardville. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, James H. Shannon 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board HecUth^ 

William F. Maintien ch. George F. Cheever, 

Joseph F. Breen 
Assessors, Joseph F. Breen, W. C. Pond, W. E. 

Auditor, John J. Eiden 
Treasurer, Walter E. Barden 
Collector, George W. Wood 
Constables, Daniel Crotty, E. Wright Sargent 
Highway Surveyor and Tree Warden, Edward C. 

Chief Fire Dept. Harlie E. Thompson 
Inspector Animals, Charles N. Moore 

Pnblio Schools. 
Committee, Bufus King, John W. Blackwell, 

Gardner Warren 
Supt. George M. Bemis 
Prin. High School, George W. Howland 
Prin. Grammar School, Anna Ware 

Public Library. 

Trustees, Jas. H. Shannon, Fred W. Northup, 
John W. Blackwell 


In Plymouth Co. Settled 1620. Pop. 11,119. 
County seat of Plymouth Co.; a port of entry. 
37 m. southeast of Boston on Plymouth Div. N. 
Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric railway to Chiltonville, 
WilUngsly, Plymouth, North Plymouth, JCings- 
ton, Brockton and Manom et. 

Villages — PlymouthACDDNYBBLx , Chilton- 
villeA, North PlymouthAD, Cedarville, Ellisville, 
BaymondA, South Plymouth, Bed Brook, Saquish, 
Willingsley, Manomet A, Gurnet, Clark's Island, 
South Pond Village, Darby. 



Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Edward L. Burgess 

Selectmen, Frederick D. Bartlett ch. Dexter H. 
Craig, George W. Bradford, Charles C. Doten, 
Charles W. Eaton. Meet every Saturday p.m. 

Auditor, Frank D. Bartlett 

Collector, Herbert W. Bartlett 

Assessors, George Harlow ch, James C. Bates, John 
C. Cave 

Overseers Poor, Hubert W. Bartlett ch. William 
T. Eldridge, Charles A. Strong 

Constables, Michael Casey, Augustine J. Hogan, 
Samuel Ferguson, Freeman Manter, Arthur B. 
Gledhill, William H. Goeduke, Edw. Manter 

Supt. Streets, Stillman B. Sampson 

Water Commissioners, John W. Churchill ch. Wal- 
ter A. H. Jones, Horace P. Bailey, John H. 
Damon, Charles T. Holmes 

Supt. Water Works, Arthur E. Blackmer 

Collector Water Bates, N. Reeves Jackson 

Cemetery Supt. Edward F. Stranger 

Park Commissioners, Thomas B. Watson, George 
R. Briggs, Walter H. Sears 

Board Health, Dr. Percy Lothrop, Freeman Man- 
ter, Harry Davis 

Chief Police, Arthur R. GledhiU 

Chief Fire Dept. Ephraim D. Bartlett 

Tree Warden, George R. Briggs 

Inspector Animals, Dr. F. H. Bradley 

Public Schools. 
Committee, William W. Brewster ch. J. Holbrook 
Shaw, Increase Robinson, Joseph T. Collingwood, 
Eugene E. Rowell, Elizabeth Thurber 
Supt. Francis J. Heavens 
Prin. High School, James D. Hewlett 
Prins. Qrammar Schools, Charles F. Cole, A. L. 
Bartlett, Thomas E. Freeman 

Public Iiibrary. 

Plymouth Public Library, Nellie Thomas Uh. 
(15,500 vols.) 

Directors, Francis J. Heavens, James D. Thurber, 
Wm. W. Brewster, William Hedge, J. Holbrook 
Shaw, H, K P. Hubbaffd, Isaac M. Jackson, 
John W. Herrick, Charles G. Hathaway, Anne 
P. Appleton, Isabelle T. Whitman, Rose 8. 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 4, 1707. Pop. 574. 
30 m. southeast of Boston and 8 m. west of 
Plymouth, Silver Lake being on the Plymouth 
Div. Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — PlymptonAODNYBX, North 
Plympton, Silver LakeD, Winetucket. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, William Perkins Jr. 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Thomas W. Blanehard oh. Minot P. 
Bradford^ Mattin W. Keevey. Meet last iViday 
of every month 

Auditor, James F. Ellis 

Collector, Zina E. Shenhan 

Constables, Howard O. Bonney, Harold W. Stiles 

Highway Commissioners, Zina E. Sherman, Jo- 
seph T. Bourne, George W. Thomas 

Tree Warden, Zina E. Sherman 

Inspector Animals, Howard O. Bonney 

Public Schools. 
Committee, A. S. Sherman eh. R. W. Seymour 

see. BryantviOe, (B. F. D.), Mrs. Elisabeth H. 

Fillebrown, Silver Lake 
Supt. Everett G. Loring, Kingston 
Prin. Grammar School, Catherine P. Lynch 

Public Library. 
Plympton Library, John Sherman lib. 
Trustees, John Sherman ch. William Perkins Jr. 
Zaccheus T. Parker 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Jan. 28, 1822. Pop. 
322. 90 m. from Boston and 25 m. from North- 
ampton. Reached by stage from Greenwich 
(5 m.) on Athol Br. jB.&A.R.R., or from Orange 
on the Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.B. (12 m.). 

Villages — ^PrescottA, North PrescottA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in March 
Clerk, Fred N. Peirce, Greenwich Village 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Waldo H. Peirce, Greenwich Village, 
Walter M. Wangh, Greenwich Village, C. H. 
Grout. Meet first Saturday in evezy month 
Auditor, E. F. Wlieeler 
Treasurer, H. I. Shaw 

Collector, Walter M. Waugh, Greenwich Village 
Constables, W. M. Waugh, Greenwu^ ViUage, 

Frank A. Griswold, Greenwich ViUage 
Highway Surveyor, Charles W. Berry 
Supt. Streets, W. H. Pierce, Greenwich VUlage 
Cemetery Commissioners, Fred N. Peirce, Green- 
wich Village, Herman C. Powers, Qrwf M oki k 
Tree Warden, Austin B. Gross, North P. 
Trustees of Wright Fund, Fred N. Peirce, W. M. 
Waugh, Greenwich Village, Charles W. Berry, 
Greenwich ViUage, Herman C. Powers, Qremir- 
wich ViUage 
Inspector AtUmals, William F. Wendemuth 

Public Schools. 
Committee, E. T. Wheeler ch. North P. Elfis A, 

Thayer, North P. Harry W. Abbott, Oremwieh 

Supt. Louis A. Pratt, North Dana 



PubUo Library. 
Prescott Free Public Library, Flora A. Gnswold 

lib. Greemoich Village (B. F. V.) 
Trtuiees, W. F. Wendemuth dK Herman 0. 

Powers, Greenwieh VUlage (B. F. D.), H. A. 

BMd, F. K. Pioree, GrBenwk^ ViOage (B. F. 

Hill Braneb, Eva L. Wendemuth lib. 
East Branch, Mrs. L. Flora Brown Hb. Qreen- 

wieh ViOage (B. F. D.) 


In Worcester Co. Inc. as a district Oct. 20, 
1759; as a town Apr. 24, 1771. Pop. 907. 45 m. 
from Boston and 15 m. northwest of Worcester, 
Princeton Depot being on the Worcester Br. of 
the Fitchburg Div. B.ftM.B.B.,- Princeton Center 
is 2 m. from Princeton Depot ; connected hj stage. 

Villages— Princeton AN X, East PrincetonA, 
Princeton DepotD, Brooks StationAODNX, Ever- 
ettville, Valley Village, Mt. WachusettA. 

Toim Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, Raymond J. Gregory 
Selectmen and Board HedUh, E. B. Buck ch. East 

P. WilUam S. Brooks, D. E. Pratt, Jefenon, 

(B. F. D.) 
Auditor, A. 8. Haley 

Treasurer and Collector, Moses C. Gk)odnow 
AaeesBors, T. H. Skinner, Wendell A. Brook, H. P. 

Overseers Poor, Irving E. Pratt cK Brooks Sta- 
tion, Waldo E. Harrington, J. Warren Kendall, 

East P. 
Constables, J. H. Stimson, Thomas H. Skinner 
Highway Surveyors, J. E. Bigelow, Boger Gleason, 

C. H. B. Bugg 
Cemetery Committee, M. C. Goodnow, J. Gregory, 

N. B. Beed 
Fork Commissioners, Hamilton Perkins, Dr. Charles 

Ware, E. A. Padgham 
Agent Board Health, Dr. E. S. Lewis 
Chief Fire Dept. L. M. Hobbs 
Tree Warden, P. C.Doolittle 
Inspector AnimcUs, Dr. J. H. Stimson 

Pnblle Schools. 
Committee, M. C. Goodnow ch. William M. Boper 

Jr. see, A. T. Beaman 
Supt, George Bugg 
Prin. High School, B. A. Albro 

Public library. 

Public Library, Susie A. Davis lib. 

Trustees, M. 0. Goodnow pres. J. C. F. Mirick, 
J. D. Gregory, A. T. Beaman, H. C. Beaman, 
£. B. Budc, Baymond J. Gregory 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. June 14, 1727. Pop. 
4340. At the extreme point of Cape Cod, 120 m. 

from Boston, at terminus of Plymouth Div. N.Y., 
Village — Provincetown AODNYB x . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in Feb. 
Clerh, Treasurer and Agent Board Health, Euos 

N. Young 
Seiectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, George 

Allen c^ C. Austin Cook, E. Olin Snow. Meet 

every Saturday 
Auditor, Isaiah A. Small 
Collector, John Bosenthal 

Constables, J. Harvey Dearborn, Charles A. Fos- 
ter, Irving L. Bosenthal (civil), James E. Cal- 

laghan, Jesse Bogers ^ 

Supt. Streets, Joseph S. Atwood 
Water Commissioners, D. F. Small, Walter Welsh, 

George W. Watson 
Chief Police, Harvey M. Coffin 
Cemetery Commissioners, George W. Watson, 

George W. Tuttle. Thomas S. Taylor 
Board Health, Beuben O. Kelley ch. Bangs A. 

Lewis sec. James M. Burke 
Chief Fire Dept. James H. Bamett 
Tree Warden, J. Harvey Dearborn 
Inspector Animdls, .Eugene W. Watson 

Pablio Schools. 
Committee, Walter Welsh ch. Louis A. Law, An- 
drew T. Williams 
Supt. Alvan B. Lewis 
Prin. High School, Percy A. Giles 
Prin. Grammar School, Sara Cavanagh 

Public Library. 

Provincetown Public Library, Abbie C. Putnam 

Trustees, Moses N. Gifford eh. Baymond A. Hop- 
kins sec. Myrick C. Atwood, James E. Bich, 
William H. Young, Andrew T. Williams, A. L. 
Putnam, Howard F. Hopkins, A. P. Hannum 


See Index for location. 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Mar. 9, 1793. Pop. 4034. 
15 m. south of Boston on Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H. 
&H.B.B. Electric railways to Braintree, Avon, 
Montello, Milton, Brockton and Stoughton. 

Villages — BandolphAODNYBBLx, Tower 
Hill, West Comers. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Joseph T. Leahy 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Patrick H. McLaughlin ch. Charles H. 

Thayer, Otis L. Soule. Meet every Monday 
Auditors, Michael F. Ciumingham, John B. Wren, 

John EL Willard 



CoUectar, Arthur W. Alden 

Canstdblea, Thomas Furell (civil), Michael F. 

Sulliyaiiy John Haney, Joseph H. Foster, P. 

Joseph Riley, Frank W. Harris, Frank J. Don- 

ahoe, James Foley 
8upt, Streets, James E. Blanche 
Water Cammiaeionere, Daniel B. White eh. William 

F. Barrett, (Tacanej) 
Chief PoUoe, John Haney 
Chief Fire Dept. Charles A. Wales 
Tree Warden, Royal T. Mann 
Inspector AnMnaU, Charles H. Cole 

Pabllo Schools. 
Committee, Royal T. Mann ch, Edward Long, 

Redmond P. Barrett 
Bupt. Watson C. L%a, A. M. 
Prtn. Eigh School, Fred E. Chapin 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Nelson Freeman, Pres- 

cott; Joseph Belcher, North 

Public Library. 
Tnrner Public Library, C. C. Famham M.D. lib. 

Alice M. Belcher asst, Ub. 
Trustees, John V. Beal pres. William H. LeaTitt 

see. N. Irying Tolman treas, John J. Crawford, 

Asa P. French, John Bradley LLJ)., Winthrop 

Atherton, Henry A. Belcher, Mrs. Alice M. T. 

Beach, Mrs. Clara A. Wales, Mrs. Ellen J. T. 

Crawford, Herbert W. Pratt, Selectmen, ex- 



In Bristol Co. Inc. Apr. 2, 17S1. Pop. 1662. 
Raynham proper is 33 m. south of Boston and 
3 m. northeast of Taunton on the Taunton Dlv. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.ILR. Electric railways connect 
with Brockton, Bridgewater, Easton and Taunton. 

YiLLAOES — RaynhamAOONYBx, Judson, 
North RaynhamACDONYBX, Prattville, South 
Raynham. ^ ^,^^ 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Walter A. Harlow 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Edward F. Leonard ch. Willard G. Leach, Her- 
bert C. Deane. Meet first Monday in each 

Auditors, Ira L. Graves, Levi Holmes, Ghaxles 

Collector, George B. Leonard 

Assessors, Elmer D. Robinson ch. Henry P. Hack- 
ett, Joseph R. Presho 

Constables, Stephen R. Lincoln (civil), North B. 
E. Judson King, Lincoln Robinson, Selwyn E. 
Hall, Edward E. Leach, E. Scott Whit^ Gharlea 
H. Leonard 

Tree Warden, Charles D. Lincoln 

Inspectors Animals, Otis T. Eaton, E. Judson 

PabUc Schools. 

Committee, Henry S. Wilbur ch. Avery K. Glea- 
Bon sec. Charlotte K. Leonard I 

Supt. Edgar H. Grout, East Bridgewater 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Flora W. Campbell, 

Center; Theda C. Dingl^, Gilmore; Edna B. 

Lawton, South Raynham 

Public Libraries. 

Raynham Public Library, Lu^ W. Thompson Ub. 

Directors, Rev. A« K. Gleason prsit. Thomas B. 
Johnson viee-pres. Rev. S. K. B. Perkins viee- 
pres. Lu<7 W. Thompson sec. Herbert A. Wilbur 
treas. Charles B. Gardin«r, Samuel G. Jones^ 
Warren & Leach, Delia A. Aldridi, Maria J. 

North Raynham Library, Mrs. Mary H. Barton lih. 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. May 29, 1644. Pop. 5682. 
12 m. north of Boston on Western Div. B.&M.RR. 
Electric railway connections with Andover, Wo- 
bum, Lowell, Lynn, Saugus, Salem, Wakefield, 
Stoneham, Winchester, Arlington and Boston. 

Villages — ReadingAGXHAmBLX, Reading High- 
lands, Highlands StationD. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, Millard F. Charles 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, James W. Killam 

ch. George L. Pratt, Oliver L. Akerley. Meet 

every Saturday at 2 and 7.30 p.m. 
Auditors, William T. Rodden, William S. Badger, 
Treasurer, Edward F. Parker 
Collector, Herbert M. Viall 
Assessors, Edward F. Parker ch, Millard F. 

Charles, John H. Adden 
Constables, Frederic D. Merrill, J. Henry Or 

Supt. Streets, Lemuel W. Allen 
Water Commissioners, Henry R. Johnson ch. E. 

Harley Gowing, George A. Shackford 
Trustees Laurel Bill Cemetery, Galen A. Parker 

ch. Willie E. Twombly, Alfred W. Danforth 

supt. and sec. Alden Batchelder, Frank L. Edg- 

erley, Henry T. Leavis 
Board Health, Calvert H. Playdon ch. George L. 

Flint, Frederic D. MerriU sec. and agent 
Chief Police, William T. Leggett 
Chief Fire Dept. Frank G. Nichols 
Tree Warden, Guy A. Hubbard 
Munioipal Light Board, Geo. L. Flint eh. William 

C. Buck, Frank W. Willis 
Inspector Animals, Calvert H. Playdon 

Public Scboola. 

Committee, Walter S. Parker eh. Arthur N. Maaa- 
fleld, Henry C. Parker, Elizabeth H. Brown, 
John H. Robinson, Howard W. Poor, Mdyille 
A. Stone sec. 

Supt. Melville A. Stone 

Prin. Eigh School, Harry T. Watkins 

Prtn. Highland School, Alice Barrows 



PnbUc Library. 
Beading Public Library 
Trustees, H. G. Wadlin, Arthur N. Mansfield, 

Edward P. Guild, Henry G. Kittredge, J. 

Woodward Manning, Cyrus M. Barrows 


In Bristol Co. Inc. June 4, 1645. Pop. 1991. 
44 m. from Boston, 8 m. from Taunton, 13 m. 
from Fall Biver, 28 m. from New Bedford, and 
9 m. south of Attleboro by stage. Electric rail- 
way from Taunton to Providence passes through 

ViLULQES — ^RehobothA, North Behoboth, South 
BehobothA, Harris, Perryville, Annawon Bock, 
Orleans Mills. 

Town OflLcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric and Collector, Ellery L, Goff 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, H. P. Wyman eh. George W. Holdeo, 
Samuel W. Cash. Meet last Saturday of each 
month \ 

Auditor, Henry T. Horton 

Treasurer, Adin B. Horton, HortonviUe 

Constables, Asa Waterman, Albert B. Lewis, Paw- 
tucket, B, 2. George S. Nichols 

Chief Police, George S. Nichols 

Tree Warden, Francis A. Bliss 

Inspector Animals, Arthur L. Parker 

PnUlc Schools. 
Committee, Charles D. Horton, Charles Perry, 

Christopher C. Viall 
8upt. E. S. Cobb 

PnbUe Library. 
Blanding Library, William H. Marrel Ub. 


In Suffolk Co. Inc. as North Chelsea Mar. 19, 
1846; name changed to Bevere Apr. 3, 1871. Pop. 
12,659. 7 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern Div. 
B.&M.B.B. and Revere Beach & Lynn Bailroad 
(narrow gauge). Electric railway to Boston, 
Lynn, Maiden, Saugus and Chelsea. 

Villages — BevereAODAmBL x , BeachmontD, 
Crescent BeachD, Oak IslandD, Bevere Beach, 
Bevere Highlands, Franklin Park. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Albert J. Brown 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Benjamin Keep- 
ing ch, Isaac D. Pearson, William P. Brown, 
Hugh M. McKay, James H. Gallagher. Meet 
Friday evenings 

Auditors, Bobert M. Copeland, F. Irving Howe, 
Fred W. Ford 

Treasurer, G. Arthur Tapley 


Collector, Minot D. Fenno 

Assessors, Charles H. Bates ch. Samuel A. Segee, 
Horatio L. Young 

Constables, John S. Holt, Henry A. Simpson, 
Harry Frank (civil), Frank F. Holmes (civil), 
George Mugford (civil) 

Supt. Streets, Joseph G. Stowers 

Sewer Commissioners, Samuel Gibby ch. William 
J. Noonan, Ernest Aeker 

Supt. Cemetery, Walter T. White 

Park Commissioners, Heoaj D. Casey, George P. 
Babson, Peter C. Noble 

Water Commissioners, A. S. Hall ch, L. K. Wash- 
bum, Arthur B. Curtis 

Supt, Water Dept, A. S. Bumham 

Board Health, Charles A. Oak, Walter T. White, 
Eugene J. WaUaee 

Agent, Joseph E. Lamb 

Chief Police, William A. McNeil 

Chief Fire Dept, Arthur L. Kimball 

Municipal Light Board, Frank D. Lawrence, Her- 
bert A. Howland, Doris A. Young 

Inspector Buildings, William H. Graham 

Tree Warden, William G. Cook 

Inspector Animals, Matthew Mulligan 

Dog Officer, F. F. Holmes 

Public Schools. 

Committee, William M. Hill ch, Vincent Fams- 
worth sec. Clarence E. Clisbee, Daniel A. Nason, 
Josiah B. Shurtleff, Warren G. Torrey 

Supt. Wniiam H. Winslow 

Prin. High School, Frank P. Morse 

Prins. Grammar Schools — 

Cassandra M. Barrows, McKinley School 

Annie E. Bragdon, Wolcott School 

H. T. Bonan, Bradstreet School 

Annie M. Spavin, Highland School 

Ada F. Lewis, North School 

Mary E. Dean, Crescent Avenue School 

Gertrude S. Howland, Center School 

Ida M. Adams, Shurtleff School 

Jessie A. Dix, Bevere Street School 

M. M. Stumpf, Maiden Street School 

Public Library. 

Bevere Public Library, Harriett T. Fenno lib, 

Ada E. Johnson and Gertrude M. Bhodes asst, 

Trusieef, Samuel B. Cutler eh. Nelson S Burbank 

sec. Edwin F. Cummings, Theodore F. Grover, 

Nelson S. Hoisington, James Lee 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Mar. 3, 1785. Pop. 601. 
160 m. from Boston and 8 m. southwest of Pitts- 
field on B.&A.R.R. 

Villages — RichmondAOGAmX, Richmond 
FurnaccAOnAmX, Rossiter Corners, Stevens 



Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, A. G. KUtz 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

William H. Sherrill ch. Charles H. Dorr, PitU- 

field, William L. Nichols 
Auditors, S. L. SherriU, Frank Wheeler 
Collector, William H. Terrill 
Assessors, Charles P. Lovelace ch. Frank Barnes, 

S. M. Loyeland 
Constables, Frank Wheeler, William H. Sherrill 
Tree Warden, Jesse H. Fairfield Jr. 
Inspector Animals, Frank B. Sherrill 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Amos G. Kiltz ch. Charles H. Dorr 

see. Pittsfieid, Fred A. Clement 
8upt. Frederick F. Williams, West Sioekbridge 

Public Library. 

Free Public Library, Mrs. Frank Barnes lib. 
Trustees, Fred A. Clement ch, Amos G. Kiltz, 
Charles H. Dorr, Pittsfieid 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. June 4, 1686. Pop. 1181. 
50 m. south by east of Boston. Beached by stage 
from Marion (3m.). 

Villages— Rochester ANYBx, North Bochea- 
ter, Pierceville, Bisbee's Corner, Cowen's Cor- 
ner, Sherman's Comer. 

Town OflLcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer, Collector and Inspector Animals, 

A. H. Weld 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, George B. Allen eh. Clarenee W. Maziiiiy 

Chester B. Morse. Meet last Saturday of every 

Auditor, George B. Haskell 
Constables, H. W. Braley, North E. Watson T. 

Highway Commissioner, Bartlett M. Bumpns 
Cemetery Commissioner, Charles A* HssVeH 
Tree Warden, Joseph H. Cowen 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Fred W. J. Gerrish oh. Marion (B. F. 

v.), Enoch M. Wilson sec Mattapoisett (B. F. 

D.), Chester B. Morse, West Wareham 
Supt. Chester W. Humphrey 
Prin. Orammar School, Grace Dottridge 

Public Library. 

Boehester Free Public Library, Amy Ryder lib. 
Branch at North Rochester 

Trustees, Mary L. Holmes, John G. Dexter, Mary 
L. Hathaway, Henry H. Bennett, Judah Hath- 
away, Caroline A. Lewis 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Mar. 9, 1874. Pop. 
6287. 19 m. south by east of Boston, 20 m. 
northwest of Plymouth and f m. east of North 
Abington on Hanover Br. Plymouth Div. N.Y., 
N.H.&H.R.R. Electric railway to Abington, 
Whitman, Weymouth, Brockton, Hanover, Nor- 
well, Hingham, East Bridgewater and Bridge- 

ViLLAOBS— RocklandAOOA-dNYBBL X , Hath- 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March, for 
town business and election 

Clerk, Ezekiel R. Studley 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Charles 
A« Townsend ek. George H. Himty John J. Mc- 
Carthy. Meet every Monday and Thursday 
evenings and third Monday afternoon of each 
month • 

Auditors, Charles W. Howland, George E. Graw- 
f ordy John G. Owens 

Treasurer and Collector, Joshua S. Gray 

CongtabUs, John T. Condon (civil), G^rge H. 
Gardner, Archie F. Minnis, Thomas F. Kendri- 
gan, Samuel L. Snell 

Supt. Streets, Andrew Shanshan 

Water Commissioners, Charles A. Townsend ch. 
E. T. Hajvell, John H. Burke 

Board Healthy C. Burleigh CoUins, Dr. Joseph 
Frame^ D. Perry Rice 

Chief Police, Archie F. Minnis 

Chief Fire Dept. H. B. Burgess 

Tree Warden, Frank H. Shaw 

Inspector Animals, Hiram W. Babcoek 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Rebecca A. Wheeler ch. Thomas F. 
Kelley, C. B. Collins 

Supt. William L. Coggins 

Prin. High School, (vacan^) 

Prins. Grammar Schools, James S. Hayes, School 
Street; Nellie M. Ford, Gleason; John M. Mc- 
Donnell, Summit Street 

PabUc Ubrary. 

Rockland Public Library, Angela W. Collins lib. 
(11,171 vols.), 362 Union Street 

Trustees, Arthur L. Gould, Margaret M. Dono- 
van, Lorenzo D. Perkins, Edwin Mulready, Mrs. 
S. Addie Donham, Miss H. B. Loud 


■ In Essex Co. Inc. Feb. 27, 1840. Pop. 4447. 
4 m. northeast of Gloucester on Eastern Div. 
(Gloucester Br.) B.&M.R.R. Electric street rail- 
way to Gloucester, Pigeon Cove and LanesviUe. 
Villages — RockportAGXDAmBLx, Pigeon 
CoveA, Ocean View, Stonehaven, Lands End. 



Town OAcen. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric, Calvin W. Poole 
Selectmen, Aeseseors and Overseers Poor, J. H. 

Dennis c^. Eli L. Morgan, Frank G. Todd. 

Meet eveiy ThurBday at 2 pjn. 
Auditors, George F. Cunningham, Samuel G. 

Wheeler, Arthur Leman 
Treasurer and CoUectar, Fred E, Poole 
Constables, John E. Sullivan (eiyil), Joseph 

Surveyor of Highways, Fred E. Smith 
Water Commissioners, Ralph T. Parker, Howard 

Hodgkins, James G. Pratt 
Board Health, John H. Dennis d^ EU L. Morgan, 

Frank C. Todd, Dr. Ezra E. Cleaves 
Supts. Cemeteries, Fleteher W. Parsons, Thomas 

Chief Police, John E. Sullivan 
Chief Fire Dept. Andrew Robb 
Tree Warden, Eli Gott 
Inspector Anifnals, Robert Tarr 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Benjamin F. Allen 2d, ch, Henry P. 

Mason sec. Robert R. Heme 
Supt. William F. Eldredge 
Prin. High School, Eugene Averill 
Prims. Qrammar Schools, Emma F. CleaveSy Hn. 
' Esther P. Dutton, Mary L. Lurvey, Gertnide 

Public Libraries. 

Pigeon Cove Public Library, Martha D. Fretch Ub. 
Rockport Free Public Library, Elsie M. Dann Ub. 

Mabel L. WoodfaU asst. Ub. 
Tnutees, Dr. A. M. Tupper, T. T. H. Harwood, 

Charles H. Cleaves 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Feb. 9, 1785. Pop. 533. 
136 m. from Boston and 30 m. from Greenfield. 
Reached by stage from Zoar (4 m.), on Fitch- 
burg Div. B.&M.RR. 

Villages — ^RoweANX, DavisA, Monroe Bridge 

Toipm Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, J. F. Worden 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Board 

HeaUh amd Smpt. Streets, J. G. Davenport ch. 

Samuel Woifenden, Henry D. Wright Meet 

first Saturday of each month 
Auditor, J. & Tuttte 

Cotteetor emd Constable, Wayne D. Wood (dfil) 
Tree Warden and Inspector AnimaU, E. M. Upton 

Pnblio Bdiools. 
Committee, J. F. Worden ch. W. D. Wood, Mn. B. 

T. Henry 
Supt. G. Alvin Grover, Charlemotiit 

Public Library. 
Rowe Public Library, Mrs. Alice E. Newell lib. 
Trustees, Margaret B. Bernard ch. Edward 
Wright, Anna L. Henry 


In Essex Co. Inc. Sept. 4, 1639. Pop. 1388. 

15 m. north of Salem on Eastern Div. B.&M.R.R. 
ViLLAOES— Rowley AOGAmBL X , Glen M&Us, 

ChaplinviUe, Leighton Comer, Bean's Croaslngy 

Burke's Comer, Millwood, Ox Pasture HiU Depot, 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 

Clerk, Benjamin P. MighiU 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Leslie M. Emerson ch. Cornelius F. 
Haley, George B. Prime. Meet last Saturday 
afternoon of every month and evening of sec- 
ond Saturday 

Auditor, Albert E. Bailey 

Treasurer and Collector, Wilfred P. Adams 

Constables, John A. Savage, Stephen O. Kent 

Highway Surveyor, A. Bennett Boynton 

Cemetery Commissioners, Thomas P. Hale^ David 
P. Foster, Charles N. Pickard 

Chief Police, John A. Savage 

Tree Warden, Daniel O'Brien 

Inspectors Animals, D. H. Hale, George Gilday 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Frank E. Richardson eh. THlbert Bldi- 

op, Mrs. Charlotte E. Mather see. 
Supt. G. B. Frosty Georgetown 
Prin. Qrammar School, William I. Whitney 

PabUo Lilnrary. 

Free PubUc Library, Catharine N. Migfaill Ub. 

Trustees, Milton Ellsworth ch. Arthur W. Peabodj, 
Benjamin P. Mighill, Charles E. Marshall, Bta- 
phen O. Kent, Mrs. L. Annie Henderson, Frank 
P. Todd, Charles A. Houghton, Mrs. Helen 8. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 19, 1765. Pop. 

903. South Royalston is on the Fitchburg Div. B. 

&M.R.R. 6 m. northeast of Athol; Royalston is 

4 m. from South Royalston. 
Villages — RoyalstonA, South RoyalstonAOD 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Frank W. Adams 

Selectmen, Charles H. Brown eh. Walter N. Ttat" 
rar, Luke B. Shepardson sec. Meet last Satur- 
day in every month 

Auditor, Joseph T. Nichols 

Collector, Alfred W. Neale 

Assessors, George E. Peirce, Edward G. Beals, 
William H. Leathe 



Overseers Poor, Caleb W. Day c^. Colin Mackenzie, 

Charles A. Stimson 
Cofuidbles, Charles A. Stimson, Fred W. GrosBy 

Dexter F. Groves, Willie W. Davis 
Tnutees of Town Funds, Frank W. Adams, Caleb 

W. Day, Phinehaa S. Newton 
Board HeaUh, William A. Frye, Charles H. Brooks, 

Luther £. Stewart 
Tree Warden, William H. Leathe 
Inspector Animals, Lewens G. Forbes 

PabUc SchoolB. 
Committee, William Frye, Fred Cross, M. W. 

8upt, F. G. Atwell, East Templeion 

Public Library. 
Public Library, Mrs. Colin Mackenzie lib. 
Trustees, Rev. F. J. Fairbanks ch, Frank W. 
Adams, C. W. Day 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Feb, 25, 1792. Pop. 
1043. 116 m. from Boston and 16 m. west of 
Springfield on B.&A.RJt. Electric railway to 
Hunt&gton and Westfield. Stage conneetioa with 
Blandford and North Blandford and East Otis. 

YiLL^OBS — ^RusseUAOQAmX, WoronoooAGQAin 
X, Crescent Mills. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, E. D. Parks 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, E. D. Parks ch. George H. Allen, John 
J. Brennan. Meet last Saturday of every month 
Auditors, Sidney Mulholland, Samuel Quance 
Treasurer and Cottedor, Howard M. Chase 
Constables, Henry M. Carmell, Alfred B. Cope- 
land, John B. Tucker, Charles MiUer 
Cemetery Commissioners, S. S. Shurtleff, Charles 


Water Conmissioners, £. D. Parks, J. J. Brennan 

Supt. Streets, Tree Warden, Highway Surveyor 

and Inspector Animals, S. S. Shurtleff 

Public Schools. 

Committee, A. G. Wightman ch, Minnie Boyden, 

Edward Carter see. 
Supt. Leon O. Merrill, Huntington 

Public Library. 
Russell Free Public Library, Mrs. M. B. Shelley 

Ub. Branch at Russell Mountain, Mrs. C. J. 

Thompson lib.; Woronoco, Mrs. F. Bower Ub, 
Trustees, J. W. Cowles ch. H. T. Boynton, Mirs. M. 

B. Shelley 


In Worcester Co. Founded Feb. 23, 1713. Pop. 
1713. 56 m. from Boston; 12 m. by highway 
northwest of Worcester and 23 m. by rail on 
Mass. Central Div. B.&M.R.R.; there being sta- 

tions at Rutland, West Rutland and Muscho- 

Villages — RutlandAGXDAmX, Muschopauge 
CDD, North RutlandA, West RutlandAD, New 
Boston, White Hall. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Clerk and Agent Board Health, Louis M. Hanff 
Selectmen, William C. Temple eK J. Warren Moul- 

ton, West B. Thomas P. O'Herron, West JS. 

Meet first Saturday of each month 
Auditor, Edwin H. Crosby 
Treasurer and Collector, Chester W. Dodge 
Assessors, George S. Putnam ch. Dennis A. Smith, 

C. W. Dodge 
Overseers Poor, William H. Maynard ch. David 

F. Smith, Joseph E. Ware, West B. 
Constables, Louis M. Hanff, J. Warren Moulton, 

North B. A. S. Charter, Wegt B. Dennis A. 

Smith, Peter S. O'Connor 
Highway Surveyor, Frank D. Forbush 
Water Commissioners, George H. Miles ch, William 

C. Temple, J. Warren Moulton 
Board Health, Dr. William E. Chamberlain ch. 

Dr. David P. Butler, Walter A. Wheeler 
Chief Fire Dept. Henry Converse 
Tree Warden, George H. Miles 
Inspector Animals, George S. Putnam 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Dennis A. Smith ch. William C. Tem- 
ple, Louis M. Hanff 
Supt. Herbert J. Jones, Holden 
Prin. High School, George H. Bojden 

Public Library. 
Rutland Free Public Library, Mrs. M. L. Vtontj 

Trustees, William C. Temple, Sarah D. Munroe, 

Sara Drury 

See Index for location. 


In Essex Co. Inc. Oct. 7, 1640. Pop. 1622. 

S9 m. from Boston and 2 m. north of Newbury- 

port on Eastern Div. B.&M.R.R. Electric cars to 

Haverhill, Newburyport, Merrimac and Amesbury, 

and to Hampton and Exeter, N. H. 

Villages — Salisbury AGO AmBL X , Salisbury 

Beach, CushingA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Tuesday in March 

Clerk; William H. Greenloaf 

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Henry 
C. Rich ch. Charles W. G. Lamprey seo, Charles 
H. Lord. Meet every Saturday at 2 pan. 

Auditor, George W. Pettengill 

Treasurer and Collector, Samuel W. Weare 

Constables, Philip H. Moulton, Samuel F. Beck- 
man, Samuel Coffin 



Highway Commiuioner, N. T. Getchell 

Park Commissioners, Bobert J. Laniard, George 

W. Buswell, Charles M. Pike 
Board Health, John F. Pike oh. Alden T. Moody, 

F. H. Greeley 
Agent, J. F. Spaulding, M.D. 
Tree Warden, Charles M. Pike 
Inspector AnimaU, James F. Chase 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Charles F. Peel eh. Boy L. Eaton, 

John Pow 
Prin. Grammar School, Abbie M. Smith 

Public Ubrary. 
Town Library, Alice B. Currier VSb. 
Trustees, W. W. Bassett, J. F. Spaulding, H. E. 

Carlisle, Mrs. C. C. Buswell, Hannah B. Coffin, 

Annie F. Tucker 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Mar. 6, 1762. Pop. 657. 
Beached by stage from Winsted, Ct. (12 m.), or 
Great Barrington and Lee (18 m.). 

ViLLAQES — SandisfieldAAdx, New Boston A, 
West New Boston, Beech Plain, Free Quarter, 
MontvilleA, East Sandisfield, South Sandis- 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
derk, Wesley N. Clark, New Boston 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, A. L. Strickland ch, 

MontviOe, Frank M. Bngg, New Boston, Joseph 

Lipitz, New Boston. Meet last Saturday in 

Auditor, F. E. Manchester, New Boston 
TrecLSurer, Lyman H. Clark, New Boston 
Collector, G. W. Prugu, Montville 
Assessors, H. J. Yiets ch. New Boston, C. H. 

Strickland, New Boston, F. E. Barker, Montville 
Constables, H. S. Manley, MontviUe, T. W. Ives, 

New Boston 
Cemetery Commissioners ^ Nelson Snow, E. J. 

Sage, New Boston, Thomas Waters 
Board Health, H. W. Wood ch. New Boston, E. L. 

Doming, Montville, H. S. Manly, Montville 
Tree Warden, F. E. Barker, Montville 
Inspector Animals, Henry S. Manley 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Charles A« Claflin ch. JAaxy S. Hawley 

see. H. J. Yiets 

Public Library. 
Sandisfield Public Library, Ella E. M. Ward Kb. 

Trustees, EUa E. M. Ward, H. S. Manley, H. J. 

Yiets, L. A. Hawl^ 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. Mar. 6, 1638. Pop. 
1433. 62 m. from Boston and 12 m. northwest of 
Barnstable on Plymouth Div. N.T.,N.H.&H.B.B. 

YiLLAGES — Sandwich AOONTB X , ForestdaleA, 
East SandwichAONYBx, South SandwichA, 
Spring HillANYBx. 

Town Of&cers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Frank L. Howland 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, J. F. 

Carleton eh. East S. George T. McLaughlin, A. 

B. Pope. Meet every Saturday 
Auditors, Eugene Haines, Harlan P. Holway 
Collector, F. L. Howland 
Constable, Andrew Higgins 
Highway Surveyor, Jerome B. Holway 
Board Health, G. E. Wbite M.D. 
Chief Fire Dept. Eugene W. Haines 
Tree Warden, Benjamin F. Denison 
Inspector Animals, Joshua E. Holway 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Bobert H. Faunce ch. Francis B. Hol- 
way, Spring Hill, Bev. M. B. Kerr 
i9iipt. Marshall O. Edson 
Prin. High School, Grace W. Irwin 
Prin. Grammar School, John H. McShane 

Public Library. 
Sandwich Free Public Library, Annie A. Bogers 

Trustees, Arthur Braman, Alice Cooke, M. B. 

Kerr, Mrs. E. S. Talbot, Fletcher Clark, B. G. 

Bartley, Mrs. J. C. C. ElHs, Mrs. J. B. Holway, 

Mrs. Thomas Kelleher 


In Essex Co. Inc. Feb. 17, 1815. Pop. 6253. 
9 m. north of Boston on Eastern Div. (Saugus 
Br.) B.&M.B.B. Electric cars to Lynn, Salem, 
Melrose, Maiden, Stoneham, Wakefield and Lynn- 

Villages — SaugusAGQAmBLx, East Saugus A 
ODAmBLx, CliftondaleACDnAmBLX, Oakland- 
ville. Pleasant HillD, North Saugus. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, "Henry A. Parker 

Selectmen and Highway Commissionen, Frank P. 
Bennett ch. Henry F. Fiake, Isaae E. Grayes. 
Meet first and third Mondays of each month 

Auditor, George Parsons 

Treasurer, Joseph S. Meacom 

Collector, Clarence Coates 

Assessors, Levi G. Hawkes ch. Charles W. Amer- 
ige, Alonzo Penny 

Overseers Poor, George H. Ames ch. James A. 
HalUday, CUftondale, Charles 0. Bailey 

Constable and Chief Fire Dept. Charles A. Blake- 
ley (civil) 

Supt. Streets, Anthony Hatch 

Water Commissioners i Bobert T. Allen, H. H. 
Atherton, Dr. G. Clarence Pareher 



Sinking Fund Commissioners, Herbert B. New- 
hall, East S. Herbert O. Pratt 

Cemetery Commission, Bichard P. Whitcher, Jos. 
S. Meacom, Horace H. Atherton 

Board Health, George W. Gale ch. East S. WU- 
liam B. Belcher, Benjamin F. Bobinson 

Chief Police, Charles O. Thompson, CliftondaXe 

Tree Warden, Thomas Benett 

Inspector Animals, Arthur W. Sawyer 

Pnblic Schools. 
Commitldtf, Henry J. Mills ck. Batt 8. George IL 
Amerige see. CUfionddle, Frank P. Bennett Jr. 

8upt. Charles E. Stevens, Stoneham 
Prin, High School, Leland A. Boss 

Public Library. 
Saugus Free Public Library, Emma E. Newhall 

Tnutees, James B. Hughes, Arthur B. Ck)fttes, 

Levi HawkeSi Lloyd Hendricks, George A. Leer 

royd, Clara J. Calley 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Feb. 20, 1797. Pop. 
549. 150 m. from Boston, 17 m. from Pittsfield 
and 7 m. from Adams by stage. 

Villages — Savoy AAmX, Savoy Hollow, Brier 
A, Savoy CenterA. 

Town Oi&cers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk and Treaswr&r, A. J. McCnUoeh 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Herbert W. Burnett, Sawfjf Center, W. 

1:. Cain, Savoy Center, George E. Miller. Meet 

last Saturday of each month 
Auditor, J. V. Miller, 
Collector, G. J. Walker, Savoy Center 
Constables, J. P. Cain, A. H. Miller 
Chief Police, D. E. Burnett, Savoy Center 
Tree Warden, H. H. Fitzroy, Savoy Center 
Inspectors Animals, H. C. Phelps, Herbert W. 


Public Schools. 

Committee, George M. Bourne eh. Brier, Elwin 

McCulloch, George Miller 
Supt. W. E. Biley, Hinsdale 

Pnblic Library. 

Savoy Library, William F. Briggs lib. 
Trustees, William F. Briggs, Milon A. Bliss, Amos 
E. Maynard 


In Plymouth Go. Inc. 1636. Pop. 2697. 26 m. 
southeast of Boston on Plymouth Div. Old Colony 
Qys. N.Y.,N.H.&HJLB. 

Villages — ScituateACDDNYBx, North Scitu- 
ateAODNYBx, North Seituate Beach, EgyptAD 
NYBX, GreenbushAODAmX, Seituate Center A 
ONYBx, Jericho, SandhillsAONYBx, Mungo's 

Comer, MinotA, Seituate Station, the Glades, 
Seituate HarborA, Sodom, Clapp's Comer. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Jetson Wade, Greenbush 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, JohnD. 

Fergnsony Bgyph E. Parker Welch, Charles BL 

Watennan, North 8. Meet the second and 

fourth Saturdays of each month 
Auditor, Charles W. Pesrl 
Treasurer, Ernest L. Bonney 
Collector, Fenton W. Vamey, 8. Center 
Constables, William E. Supple, John F. Turner 

(civil), Charles M. Litchfield, Egypt 
Highway Surveyor, John T. Fitts,. Greenbush 
Board Health, George O. Allen eh. Fred Cole, 

Greenbush, Thomas H. Farmer, North 8, 
Tree Warden, Percival Brown 
Inspector Animals, Caleb L. Damon 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, Julia E. Webb ch, Clara M. Skeele, 

Greenbush, Peter W. Sharpe, North 8. 
8u/pt. John £. De Meyer, Bffjfpt 
Prin. High School, Edward E. Clarke, 8. Center 
Print, Grammar StiuHjU, Mary L. Thompson, Grace 

E. Simmons, North 8. 

PnUic Ubrazies. 

Satuit Library, Edith A. Manson lib. 
Pierce Memorial Library, Mrs. Wyman Lee Itb, 
North 8. 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Feb. 26, 1812. Pop. 1917. 
40 m. from Bristol, 14 m. from Taunton and 4 m. 
east of Providence, B. I., by stage; electric rail- 
way from Attleboro to Pawtucket passes through 
the northern part of the town; also from Taun- 
ton and Rehoboth to East Providence through 
the centre of the town; also through the south- 
ern part from Providence to Fall Biver. 

Villages — SeekonkAAdE&Px, Central Vil- 
lage, Lebanon Mills, Perrinsn, Luther's Comer, 
South Seekonk. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Asaph C. Hill 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, George H. Carpenter ch. Behoboth, Qyril 
R. Read, Ellis P. Westcott, Attleboro. Meet 
first Monday of each month 
Auditor, Thomas J. Peek 
Treasurer and Collector, Cyrus H. Chaffee 
Constables, Hugo F. M. Greve, East Providence, 
B. I. Charles A. Smith, George H. Hasten, At- 
Highway Commissioners, Herbert E. Gushing, Eotsi 
Providence, B. I. David S. Peck, George H. 



Tree Warden, Isaac B. Sanf ord 

Inspector Animals, Robert Woodward, Cyril R. Read 

Pablle Schools. 
Committee, Hiram A. Thurber ch. John F. Greene, 

Jonathan H. Carpenter 
Supt, L. A. Freeman, Providence, B. J. 

PabUo Idlmiy. 
Seekonk Poblie Libraxy, Edna Lane Panll Ub. 

Beiholwth (B. F. D.). 
Trustees, George H. Carpenter, Bast Providence, 

B. J. Arthur C. Bradley, Alice E. Woodbury, 

L^her's Comer 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. 1766. Pop. 2085. 18 m. 
southwest of Boston on Providence Div. Old 
Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — SharonAODE&PX, Sharon Heights 
AOE&Px, Massapoag Lake, East Sharon A. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric and Collector, George H. Whittemore 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Edward J. Fuller, 

Canton, Timothy F. Quinn, Silas A. Stone. 

Meet every Saturday evening at 8 
Auditors, A. W. Curtis, T. S. Prouty, W. W. 

Treasurer, Franklin D. BuUard 
Assessors, George S. Woodbridge cK Fred H. 

Baker, Alfred C. Sampson 
Constables, Charles S. Curtis, Hervey T. B. Deny, 

Elmer M. Johnson 
HigJiway Surveyor, C. M. Smith 
Water Commissioners, B. W. Pettee ch, G. A. Den- 
nett, C. A. Hizson 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Charles T. Derry, 

Charles F. Sanborn, Eugene C. Plimpton 
Board Health, Henry A. Boyden ch. Dr. W'. A. 

Griffin, Dr. Charles F. Dole 
Agent, H. A. Boyden 
Chief Fire Dept, E. H. Andrews 
Tree Warden, Thomas J. Leary 
Inspector Animals, C. Elbert Howard 

Pnblle Schools. 
Committee, Mary Phillips ch, L. M. Monk sec. 

Mary A. Potter, Edith S. Hodsdon Talbot, 


Supt, Edward P. Fitts, Mansfield 

Prin, High School, James N. Pringle 

Prins. Qrammar School, Emma D. Haui^ee; Mand 

Hu£F, High Street 

Public Library. 
Sharon Public Library, Emma A. Baker lib. 
Trustees, Isabel W. Andras oh. John F. Whiter 

Loring M. Monk, Mary Ella Hizson, Arthur P. 

Fiske, Emily F. Capen 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 22, 1733. Pop. 

1782. 32 m. south of Pittsfield on Berkshire Div. 

Villages — SheffieldACDDAdx, Ashley Falls 

AOOAdX, Sheffield Village, New Guinea, Shef- 
field Plain. 

Tovn Officers. 

Annual town meeting last Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Henry C. Clark 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Frank Stall, Henry & €hapiiiy Edward W. Bar- 
tholomew. Meet last Saturday of each month 

Auditors, Maloy J. Smith, James H. Robinson 

Collector, Clarence H. Warner 

Assessors, Wilfred P. Roys ch, Fred M. Ford, 
George A. Brewer, Ashley Falls 

Constaibles, Clarence H. Warner, Levi Van Deusen 

Supt. Streets, — 

Tree Warden, John M. Benjamin 

Inspectors Animals, Henry C. Clark, George E. 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Edwin L. Boardman ch, Charles W. 
Andrus, Zaccheus H. Cande 

Supt. Alfred F. Howes 

Prin. High School, William T. Williams 

Public Libraries. 

Sheffield Town Library, Gertnide S. Gleason Kb. 
Trustees, George B. McCann ch, Mary E. GowleSy 

Alice B. Sage 
Friendly Union Library, Mary R. Leonard lib, 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 21, 1768. Pop. 
1515. Reached by stage from Bardwell's Ferry 
(3 m.), on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R. Electric 
railway from Shelburne Falls to Colrain. 

Villages — ShelbumeA, Bardwell 's Ferry AOD 
NX, Shelburne FallsAODAdN X , East Shelburne. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, George W. Jenks, 8. Falls 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Wilfred S. Ball ch. S. Falls, E. J. 
Stockwell, S. Falls, John K. Andrews. Meet 
last Saturday of each month 

Auditors, George W. Halligan, S, Falls, F. E. Mer- 
rick, 8. Falls 

Collector, Austin L. Peck 

Co7istahles, Charles E. Perkins (civil), George L. 
Glass, William A. Johnson, S. FaUs, C. T*. Sever- 
ance, L. P. Long 

Highway Commissioners, Winfield S. Canedy, S, 
FaUs, Fred H. Alvord, H. L. Allen 

Supt, Streets, Winfield S. Canedy 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, Francis J. Canedy, 
Charles W. Hawkes, H. Newell 



Chief Police, Charles Perkins, S. FdlU 
Chief Fire Dept. Thomas Turton 
Tree Warden, H. O. Fiake 
Inspector AnimaU, J. K. Andrews 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, Edwin Baker ch. Merton Z. Wiood- 

ward, Charles 8. Allen, 8. Falls, Charles P. 

Peck, Herbert Newell, 8. FaXU, George N. Smith 
Supt, Charles P. Hall, S. Falls 
Prin. nigh School, Charles A. Holbrook, S. Falls 
Prin. Grammar School, Anna B. Koonz, S. Falls 

Pnblic libraries. 
Arms Library, D. W. Wilcox lib. 
Trustees, Hugo Mann ch, D. W. Wilcox, Edwin 

Baker, C. L. Merriam, Mrs. J. W. Thurbar, C. 

D. Spencer, M. J. Woodward 
Shelburne Public Library, Mercy A. Anderson lib. 
Trustees, Mercy A. Anderson, Francis A. Alvord 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Oct. 7, 1674. Pop. 
1379. 20 m. from Boston and 4 m. southeast of 
South Framingham on Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.& 

Villages — Sherborn AODNYBBL X , Sherbom- 
ville, Whitney StationD, South SherbomAGXD 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk pro tern, Joseph W. Coombs 
aeUotmen and Board HeaXih, William H. Coolidge 

ch, Joseph W. Coombs, J. J. Burke. Meet first 

Monday in every month at 8 p.m. 
Auditor, C. F. Holbrook, South S. 
Treasurer, Robert H. Leland 
Collector, David W. Daniels 
Assessors, Joseph W. Coombs ch. W. H. Coolidge, 

F. W. Cushing 
Overseers Poor, Daniel L. Whitney ch. Oscar H. 

Howe, Elijah C. Barber 
Constables, Harry A. Crane, South Framingham, 

Joel H. Stratton, South Framingham 
Cemetery Commissioners, George B. Dowse, Chas. 

H. Dowse, Francis O. Everett 
Highway Surveyor. Charles H. Dowse 
Tree Warden, Walter Channing 
Inspector Animals, Joel H. Stratton, South Fra- 

Pablic Schools. 

Committee, Norman B. Douglas ch. Isaac F. Por- 
ter, Albert J. Barber 
Supt. W. H. Price, HoUiston 
Prin. High School, Mary Wood 

Public Library. 

Sherborn Town Library, Nellie M. Clark lib. 
Trustees, Francis Bardwell ch. Oliver D. Filley, 

B. A. G. Fuller, Mrs. D. L. Whitney, Mrs. J. 

F. Leland, Alfred F. Carter, Edward J. Stone 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Jan. 5, 1753. Pop. 
1692. 40 m. northwest of Boston on Fitchburg 
Div. B.&M.R.E. 

Villages — ShirleyACDDN X , Shaker Village, 
Woodsville, Mitchellville, North Shirley, Shirley 
Center A. 

Town Oi&cers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Herman S. Hazen 
Selectmen, George H. Ely ch. Edward J. Stevens, 

West Orotan, WiUiam H. Wilbur. Meet last 

Monday in the month 
Auditors, George E. Harlow, Joseph H. McClellan 
Collector, William H. Cram 
Assessors, Melvin W. Longley, Shirley Center, 

Frank B. Harden, Savillion W. Longley 
Overseers Poor, M. Andrew Lynch, John E. L. 

Hazen, Melvin W. Longley 
Board Health, William H. Wilbur ch. Dr. Thomas 

E. Lilly, Lewis L. Warren 
Agent, Herman S. Hazen 

Constctblea, John H. Logue, Forest Hooper, Her- 
bert E. Lawrence 
Water Commissioners, Fred D. Weeks, Thomas L. 

Hazen, J. P. Tolman 
Cemetery Committee, Herman 8. Hazen, J. Tnd. 

Brown, John E. L. Hazen, Melvin W. Longl^, 

D. Chester Parsons 
Highway Surveyor, John M. Adams 
Chief Police, Herbert E. Lawrence 
Chief Fire Dept. Dennis O'Neil 
Tree Warden, John E. L. Hazen 
Inspector Animals, Samuel B. Scott 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, WiUiam H. Wilbur, Charles K. Bolton, 

Helen M. Winslow 
Supt, Charles L. Clay, Harvard 
Prin. High School, Arthur L. Williams 
Prin. Qrcmmar Sohool, Margaret J. MoMiUan 

Public Libraries. 

Shirley Public Library, Mrs. Alice L. Wright lib. 
Trustees, William H. Wilbur, Charles K. Bolton, 

George O. Evans, Mabel G. Hazen, Martha J. 

Conant, Mary M. Nickless 
Hazen Memorial Library 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Dec. 15, 1727. Pop. 
1863. 5 m. east of Worcester. Electric railway 
to Northboro, Marlboro, Westboro and Worcester. 

Villages — ShrewsburyAAdAmNx, South 
Shrewsbury, West Shrewsbury, Lower Village, 
Lake Shore. 

Town OfAcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, George E. Stone 



Selectmen and Board Hedtth, James M. Winchester 

ch, Harry J. Harlow clerk, J. Frank Hickey. 

Meet first and third Saturday evenings of each 

Auditor, George N. Gates 
Treasurer, C. Myron Boutell 
Collector, Willis E. Knowlton 
Assessors, William Hickey ch. Cyrus B. Allen, 

Joseph H. Knowlton 
Overseers Poor, (vacancy) oh. Jeremy L. Stone, 

Sherman B. Howe 
Constables, Arthur I. Bartlett, Fred J. Stone, 

Charles F. Joubert 
Highway Surveyors, Harry A. Stone, Edward A. 

Flint, Joseph P. Gamache 
Water Commissioners, Herbert A. Maynard ch. 

Herbert A. Cook, Borneo E. Allen 
Cemetery Trustees^ Herbert A. Maynard ch. 

Hiram W. Loring, Henry S. Ball 
Chief Fire Dept. William E. Rice 
Assistant Engineers, George H. Drinkwine, Henry 

L. Wesson 
Tree Warden, Henry L. Goddard 
Inspector Animals, Cassius I. Bich 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Daniel W. Bemis ch. Howard S. 

Shepard, Henry Harlow 
District Supt. William F. Sims, Northboro 
Prin. High School, Irving G. Davis 
Prin. Grammar School, Margaret E. Ayres 

Public Library. 
Free Public Library, Mabel E. Knowlton lib. Ella 

H. Ward asst. lib. 
Trustees, D. W. Bemis, H. W. Loring, H. J. 

Hascall, A. H. Sedgwick, Miss A. F. Eaton, 

C. M. Boutell, H. A. Maynard, H. L. Goddard, 

Mrs. Walter H. Gleason 


In Franklin Co. Inc. June 30, 1761. Pop. 374. 
Ill m. from Boston and 17 m. southeast from 
Greenfield. Reached by stage from Leverett 
(6^4 m.) on New London & Northern Div. Central 
Vermont R.R. 

Village — ShutesburyA Am X . 

Toim Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk and Treasurer, William H. Hemenway 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, George A. Berry ch. Warren Ames, 
Lock's ViHage, Emmons J. Spear. Meet by ap- 
Auditor, Edwin C. Johnson 
Collector, George A. Berry 
Constables, Marcus M. Morrison, Fred H. Plymp- 

ton, Lock's Village 
Supt. Streets, Emmons J. Spear 
Tree Warden, Warren Ames, Lock's Village 
inspector Animals, Fred H. Plympton 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Harry W. Fitts ch. Nathan J. Hunting 

sec. Fred L. Morrison 
Supt. Mrs. C. A. Steams, Wendell 

Public Library. 

The M. N. Spear Memorial Library, Mary L. Clark 

Trustees, WiUiam H. Hemenway ch. Fred L. Mor- 
rison, Newton D. Grossman 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Feb. 20, 1700. Pop. ^349. 
45 m. south of Boston, 10 m. from Taunton and 
5 m. north of Fall River on Taunton Div. N.Y., 
N.H.&H.R.R. Electric street railway to Fall 
River and Taunton. 

Villages — Somerset AODNYB x , Potters ville A, 
Egypt, BraytonD, Brayton Point StationQ, 
South Somerset. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, D. Borden Davis 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Sinking 

Fund Commissioners and Board Health, Frank 

S. Simmons ch. Daniel Wilbur, Frank C. Chace. 

Meet first Tuesday evening in each month 
Auditor, George E. Marble 
Collector, Alfred W. Tallman 
Constables, Patrick Donahue, William D. Fleck, 

PottersvUle, John Harrington, William W. Slade, 

Swansea (B. F. D.), Daniel R. Michell, Potters- 

ville, James H. Milles, James Emison, Swansea 

(B. F. D.), Franklin S. Simmons 
Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, Charles Riley 
Inspector Animals, Thomas A. Francis 

Public Schools. 
Committee, George A. Marble ch. Dr. Frank A. 

Shurtleff, Ira Hathaway 

Pabllc Library. 

Somerset Public Library, Mrs. Fannie B. Melvin 

Trustees, Mrs. Abbie L. Morrill, Mrs. Rebecca F. 
B. Rounds, Albert E. Padelford, Patrick Mc- 
Mahon, Michael Reagan, Mrs. Mary E. Rice 


See Index for location. 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Jan. 5, 1753. Pop. 927. 
120 m. from Boston, 8m. from Northampton and 
7 m. from Westfield on Northampton Div. N.Y.,N. 

Villages — Southampton AOD Ad X , Russellville 
Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, Frederick E. Judd 



Selectmen, Aaaesaara, Overseers Poor and Board 
Hedlth, Martin Norria eh. H. L. ParaonB, C. L. 

Auditor, W. A. Parsons 

Treasurer, William S. Lyman 

CoUeetor and Tree Warden, George K. Edwards 

Constables, George W. Tyler, C. O. Lyon 

Cemetery Commissioners, George K. Edwards, 
Charles B. Lyman, Henry S. Sheldon 

Inspector Animcds, Dana Howland 

Pablie Schoola. 

Committee, A. E. Peck ch, Mrs. Katherine E. 

Judd, Francis K. Strong 
Supt. W. D. Miller, Easthampton 
Prin, Grammar School, Miss Annie Scott 

Pnbllo library. 

Southampton Pnblic Library, Miss Eva M. Gridlej 

Trustees, P. E. Judd eh. W. A. Parsons, C. B. 
Lyman, Michael Norria, E. B. Swasey, Henry 
Sheldon, Herbert Lyman, Mrs. J. Y. Poler, Miss 
Ida v. Kent» Miss Eva M. Gridley, Abner Peck, 
N. Holden 


In Worcester Co. Inc. July 6, 1727. Pop. 
1931. 28 m. from Boston and 16 m. east of Wor- 
cester on Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R., with 
stations at Southboro Center and Fayville; also 
on B.&A.B.R., with stations at Cordaville and 
Southville. Electric railway to Marlboro, Fra- 
mingham, South Framingham, Boston and Wor- 

Villages — SouthoroAG)DAmAdNYBx, Fay- 
viUe ACDDNYB Am X , Cordaville ACDD Ad Am X , 

SouthvilleAGD Ad Am X . 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

ClerJc, Charles H. Newton 

Selectmen and Board Health, John T. Burnett, 
John J. Henderson, Francis D. Newton. Meet 
first Friday evening of every month 

Auditor, James £. O'Leary 

Treasurer, Waldo B. Fay 

Collector, De Clinton Nichols 

Assessors, De Clinton Nichols ch. Adoniram J. 
Newton, Edmund A. Hyde 

Overseers Poor, Paul 8. Lincoln ch. Southville, 
Edmund A. Hyde, Daniel F. Harrington, South- 

Constables, Charles C. Hildreth, Francis D. New- 
ton (civil), Daniel F. KeUey, William A. Gould 

Highway Surveyor, William A. Gould 

Cemetery Commissioners, Francis D. Newton, 
Patrick M. Salmon, Edward F. Collins 

Tree Warden, Harry Burnett 

Inspector Animals, Silas G. Allen 

Pnblle Schoola. 
Committee, Seth H. Howes oh. Daniel F. Harring- 
ton see. ScmthvUHe, Charles L. Johnson 
Supt. William F. Sims 
Prifi. High School, Herman Gammons 

Public Iiibraiy. 

Fay Library, Francena E. Buck 'lib. 

Trustees, Mrs. Albro W. Newton, Mrs. W. C. New- 
ton, Augustus E. Baeon, James J. Buzke, 
Newell Bent^ Mrs. L M. Drew, James J. Fkr- 
rell, Eugene G. Fay, Bev. D. D. Gorton, John 
Stone, Bev. £. W. Wood, Charles F. Choate Jr., 
Paul S. Lincoln, Bev. W. G. Thayer, Mrs. H. £. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Feb. 15, 1816. Pop. 
11,000. 27% m. by raO (via Webster) south- 
west of Worcester, at terminus Southbridge Br. 
Shore Line Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric 
railway to Sturbridge, Fiskdale, Globe Village, 
Sandersdale, Charlton, North Oxford, West Au- 
burn, Stoneville, Jamesville, Worcester, Brimfield, 
Palmer and Springfield. 

ViLLAOBS— SouthbridgeAOQAdX, Globe Vil- 
lageA, SandersdaleD, Shuttleville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, W. W. Buckley 

Selectmen, Alexis Boyer Jr. ch. C. Fred Hill, 

William M. Carney. Meet every Mon. evening 
Auditors, Joseph Blanchard, WilUam H. McGil- 

pin, Wardwell M. Edwards 
Treasurer, John A. Hall 
Collector, £. D. Derosiers 
Assessors, Joseph A. AUard ch, Joseph Gagnon, 

Patrick F. Fitzpatrick 
Overseers Poor, Louis Lataille, L. Wesley Curtis, 

Honore Dorval 
Constables, Joseph P. Lariviere, Peter Caplette, 

Peter Le Clair, Joseph Paulhus, Basile J. 

Proulx, Patrick Donnelly, Andrew M. Higgins 

Supt. Streets, Aime Langevin 
Sewer Commissioners, Wilfred J. Lamoureux, 

James K. Egan, Henry C. Cady 
Cemetery Commissioners, John J. Delehanty, Clar- 
ence Morse, S. K. Edwards, J. F. Lariviere, 

M. D. Morrill, L. Wesley Curtis , 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Pitt Hebert^ Os- 

^'ald Gregoire, Joseph Metras 
Board Health, J. A. Caron, W. G. Beed, Dr. J. A. 

Chief Police, Andrew Higgins 
Chief Fire Dept. Bazile Proulx 
Tree Warden, Joseph Proulx 
Inspector Animals, W. F. Pugh 



PaUie flduMds. 

Committee, Herman S. Cheney, Joseph A« Gener- 
eaXj George Tony, H. 6. Montagae, S. £. 
Blanehard, J. A. Whittaker 
8upt. and Prin, Sigh School, Fred E. Gorbin 
Prin. Orammar Schools, Laura E. Shepardaon 

Pabllo Ubrary. 

Sonthbridge Public Library, EDa E. Miersch lib. 

Trustees, Fred K Gorbin, James F. Earle, D. 1*. 
Morrill, Gary Bradford, G. M. Ghen^y, Albert 
J. Thibault, J. A. Whittaker, Pitt Hebert, G. VI. 


In Hampshire Co. Ine. Apr. 12, 1753. Pop. 
5054. 107 m. from Boston and 10 m. from North- 
ampton. Beached by electric cars from Holyoke 
(3 m.), or from Smith 's Ferry in summer; South 
Hadley, the Falls and Fairview connected by 
electric cars. 

Yellaoes — South HadleyAOAdAmX, South 
Hadley FallsAOAdAmX. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting third Monday in March 

Clerk, Martinus MadMn, FaUs 

SeHedmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Myron H. Judd ch. Louis H. Lamb clerJe, Falls, 
Thomas 0. Cunningham, FdUs. Meet first Tues- 
day of each month 

Auditors, Fred G. Allen, William C. Gates, FdOs 

Treasurer, Charles J. Bartlett, FdUs 

Collector, Frank E. Moos, Falls 

Assessors, Myron H. Judd ch. Louis H. Lamb, 
John J. Moriarty 

Almoner, Charles N. Webster, Falls 

Constables, Martin L. Barnes (civil), Thomas F. 
Buckley, Adam Bischoff, Falls, Herman Engel- 
hardt, John Kirkpatrick 

Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, Arthur N. Cha- 
pin, Falls 

Chief Police, Thomas F. Buckley, FaUs 

Inspector AnimcUs, Horace T. Brockway 

Fire District. 
Chief Fire Dept. Herman Thironhardt, FaUs 
Clerk, Martinus Madsen, Falls 
Prudential Committee, John Kirkpatrick, Arthur 

Fallion, Camille Giroux, FaUs 
Water Commissioners, Frank E. Moos, A. B. Cook, 

Fads, August F. Moos, FaUs 
8upi. Water Works, Maurice E. Fitzgerald, FdUs 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Fred G. Allen, Falls, 

Frank A. Brainerd, Falls, Frank D. Cordes, FaUs 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Arthur S. Gaylord ch. William O 'Bfien, 

George S. Lyman 
Supt. F. E. Whittemore 
Prin. Eigh School, Leon M. Kendall 
Prin. Orammar School, Ruby £. Hopkins 

Pnblio Ubraxy. 
Free Poblie Library, Lottie S. Judd, Falls, and 

Miss Bebecca F. Smith Ubs. 
Trusteesy Charles H. Davenport ch. FdUs, B. Og- 

den Dwig^t, Elizabeth Gaylord, Charles E. 

Bardwell, J. Bell Newcomb, FdUs, Maurice J. 

Moriarty, FdUs 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Nov. 7, 1770. Pop. 
1048. 6 m. south of Westfield on Northampton 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. 

ViLL^ois — SouthwickAOQA^Xi CongamuckQ, 
Gillett's Corner, Bising Comers. 

Town Ofllcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, Dwight H. Hollister 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Cooley A. GrifBn, Charles W. Noble, 

Charles H. Phelps. Meet first day of every 

Auditor, William W. Phelps 
Treasurer and CdUeetor, Llewellyn S. Weatherbee 
Highway Surveyor, Lester Yining 
Constdbles, C. B. Moore, Timothy Malone, Frank 

D. Lambson (civil), Lowell E. Mason (dvil) 
Cemetery Trustees, Amasa Holcomb, Dwight H. 

Hollister, Calvin S. Miller 
Chief Police, F. D. Lambson 
Tree Warden, Edward GUlett 
Inspector Animals, J. Spencer White 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Benjamin M. Hastings cK Charles M. 

Arnold sec. D. C. Barnes 
Supt. Charles F. Prior 
Prin. Academy School, Miss Laura Hager 

Public Library. 
Free Public Library, W. B. Harding lib. 
Trustees, B. M. Hastings ch. Herbert L. Miller, 
William S. Barnes 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Apr. 12, 1753. Pop. 
7167. 56 m. from Boston and 12 m. west of 
Worcester at terminus Spencer Br. B.&A.B.B. 
Electric railways to Worcester via Leicester and 
to East Brookfield, Brookfield, North Brookfield, 
West Brookfield and Warren. 

ViLULOES — SpencerAGXDAmX, Upper Wire 
Village, Lower Wire Village, Hillsville, North 
Spencer, South SpencerD. 

Town Of&cers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, Jere B. Kane 

Selectmen and Board Health, B. B. Stone oh. 
Bichard M. Kane, B. E. Browning, L. D. Bemis, 
Napoleon O'Coin. Meet every Thurs. evening 



Auditor, C. B. Torrey 

Treasurer, Myron A. Young 

Collector, A. C. Beaulac 

Assessors, Frank Lavigueur, Aaron D. Woodbury, 

A. G. Beaulac, C. A. Boyden, George P. Clark 
Overseers Poor, Erastus J. Starr ch. Mitchel 

Christian, Walter V. Prouty 
Constables, N. Gaudette, John Bene, N. G. 

Tyler, Edward Bowen, John M. Norton, T. O. 

Bemis, A. H. Eldredge, O. Letendre, W. D. 

RoBB, J. Bouthillier, J. Collette, H. L. Lyford, E. 

Supt, Sewers, M. Cournoyer 
Supt. Streets, N. C. Capen 
Water Commissioners, Dexter Bullard ch, E. J. 

Starr, A. C. Beaulac 
Water Registrar, Dexter Bullard 
Commissioners Sinking Funds, A. F. Warren, John 

G. Prouty, Arthur Monroe 
Commissioners Drury Fund, C. H. Allen, Arthur 

Monroe, Erastua Jones 
Cemetery Commissioners, E. W. Norwood, C. A. 

Bemis, A. E. Morse 
Park Commissioners, John W. Bigelow, E. B. 

Browning, Mitchel Christian 
Chief Police, Emory Arbour 
Chief Fire Dept. Edward Bowen 
Tree Warden, George P. Clark 
Inspector Animals, W. J. Meloche 

Public Schools. 

Committee, J. B. Kane ch. Rev. W. C. McCaughan, 

George S. Prouty 
Supt, Charles F. Adams 
Prin, High School, William E. Gate 
Prins, Grammar Schools, Mrs. George L. Faxon, 

Caroline O. Cooke, J. E. Ramer, Nellie M. 

Sullivan, Naneie M. Downey, Elizabeth Powell 

Public Ubrary. 

Richard Sugden Public Library, Alice W. Curtis 

Trxutees, C. H. Allen ch, Annie E. Tucker, Dr. 



See Index for location. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Apr. 25, 1781. Pop. 
1315. 50 m. from Boston; Sterling Junction is 
12 m. north of Worcester at junction of Worcester 
& Nashua Div. B.&M.R.R. and the Taunton Div. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. ; Sterling is 7 m. south of 
Leominster on the latter road. 

Villages — SterlingAOaAmNYBx, Sterling 
JunctionAODAmNYBx, Pratt's JunctionAOQ 
AmNYBx, West SterlingA, Sterling Camp 
Ground, WashacumD. 

Town Offlcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Edward P. Bartlett 

Selectmen and Board Hecdth, George F. But- 
terick ch, Charles F. Adams, William S. 
Walker. Meet first Saturday in every month 

Auditors, J. Davis, F. L. Wilder, W. R. Mitchell 

Collector, J. W. Longley 

Assessors, George F. Herbert, E. W. Sawyer, J. 
T. Wilder 

Overseers Poor, A. W. Wilder, A. Tuttle, J. F. 

Constables, W. F. Clarke, J. S. Wiles, J. P. Brit- 

Street Commissioner, G. F. Butterick 

Cemetery Commissioners, W. L. Stone, A. E. Stone, 
W. E. Burpee 

Chief Police and Chief Fire Dept, F. E. Wilder 

Tree Warden, George M. Stuart 

Inspector Animals, Arthur S. Wilder 

Pablic Schools. 

Committee, M. R. Trussell ch. H. W. Rugg sec. 

H. B. Jencks 
Supt. George Rugg, Princeton 
Prin. High School, Ralph Stevens 
Prin. Orammar School, Miss F. T. Day 

Public Library. 

Conaut Library, Mary D. Peck lib. 

Trustees, G. E. Kendall, H. D. Stevens, J. P. 

Mitchell, F. H. Devere, H. P. Kendall, C. B. 



In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 22, 1739. Pop. 
2022. 167 m. from Boston and 17 m. south of 
Pittsfield on Berkshire Div. N.T.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — StockbridgeAGOAdx, Interlark- 
en A, Glendale AOQAdx. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk and Treasurer, George Seymour 

Selectmen and Board Health, C. A. Bristed ch, F. 

S. Aymar, J. C. C. Carter. Meet second and last 

Saturdays in month 
Auditor, Adams Schillings, Jr. 
Collector, M. Flynn 2d 
Assessors, Charles A. Bidwell ch. Steve C. Burg- 

hardt, George I. Bradley 
Overseers Poor, H. S. Dean ch. William P. Palmer, 
. F, R. Palmer 
Constables, M. C. Corcoran, Interlarken, S. A. 

Noble, R. S. Dean, Fred White, E. B. Stanard, 

J. L. Bartlett 
Supt, Streets, C. A. Bristed 
Chief Fire Dept. Frederick S. Aymar 
Tree Warden, George W. Lovett 
Inspectors Animals, M. S. Heath, H. P. Wookey 



Pnblic Schools. 
Commiiiee, P. A. Palmer ch, H. P. Woolsey, ChsB. 

S. Babcoek 
Supt. Schools and Prin. High School, Charles A. 

Prin. Grammar School, Eleanor S. Mifler 

Public Library. 
Stoekbridge Library Aflsoeiationy Caroline P. 

Wells lib. 
Trustees, R B. Bowker, Allen Treadway, D. B. 

Fenn, B. C. Stetson, Agnes Canning, Miss H. C. 

Bntler, Miss Adede Brewer 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Dec. 17, 1725. Pop. 
6332. 13 m. north of Boston on Southern Biv. B. 
&M.B.B. Electric railway connections with Bead- 
ing, Wakefield, Wobum, Arlington, Winchester, 
Melrose and Boston. 

Villages — StonehamACQAmBL x , MontvaleO, 
Farm HillD, LindenwoodD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, George N. Green 
Selectmen, Charles W. Lamb, Arthur N. NewhaD, 

George R. Barnstead. Meet every Tuesday 

Auditors, Fred H. Chase, Thomas S. Ireland 
Treasurer, F. E. Nickerson 
Collector, Sylvester A. Lawrence 
Assessors, Wilson A. Bartlett ch. John Best, Geo. 

W. Newhall 
Overseers Poor, Walter C. Bancroft, John G. 

Beede, Wilson A. Bartlett 
Constables, Sumner H. Green (civil), John C. C. 

Small (civil), Walter H. George 
Cemetery Trustees, Charles C. Dike ch. Fred E. 

Nickerson, David A. Abbott, Charles W. Mes- 

aer, Winfred Dike 
Park Commissioners, Sylvester A. Lawrence, Her- 
bert P. Howe, John Walsh 
Commissioners of Public Works, Joseph W. Holden 

ch. (vacancy), James A. .Tones 
Board Healthy Martyn D. Sheehan M.D., George 

A. Hinchcliffe, John C. C. Small 
Agent, George N. Green 
Chief Police, Sumner H. Green 
Chief Fire Dept. George E. Sturtevant 
Tree Warden, Walter H. George 
Inspector Animals, George H. Allen 

Public Schools. 
Committeo, Winthrop C. Whitcher, Wilfred A. 

Smith, Albert S. Hovey 
Supt. Charles E. Stevens 
Prin. High School, Charles J. Emerson 

Pnblic Library. 
Stoneham Public Library, Mrs. Marilla H. Boyce 

Trustees, B. J. Hinds ch. S. A. Lynde, Charles E. 
Stevens, G. A. Hinchcliffe, C. H. Chase, C. E. 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Dec. 22, 1726. Pop. 6500. 

16 m. south of Boston and 10 m. from Dedham 

on Providence Div. Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.& 

H.B.B. Electric cars to Brockton, Canton, 

Randolph and Boston. 
ViLLAOES — StoughtonAODNYBBLK, North 

StoughtonAOONYBx, South Qitpughton, West 

StoughtonAODNYBBLK, Belcher's Corner, Dry 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, George O. Wentworth 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
George W. Pratt ch, Horace E. Britton, Corne- 
lius Healy Jr. Meet every Saturday 

Auditors, Walter B. Southworth, Geo. A. Sprague 
Jr. Jerome F. Murphy 

Treasurer, Henry W. Britton 

Collector, Isaac V. Marston 

Assessors, George W. Pratt ch. Cornelius Healy 
Jr., AsiTon Gay 

Constables, Richard Yanston, Daniel O'Conners, 
James J. Pye, James D. Curley 

Supt. Streets, William H. White 

Water Commissioners, Harry C. Southworth ch. 
William H. Toomey, George H. Goward, fVank 
L. Clapp supt. 

Chief Police, Richard Yanston 

Chief Fire Dept. James J. Pye 

Tree Warden, William P. Kennedy 

Inspector Animals, James Murphy 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Edward H. Ewing, Charles S. IJpham, 

Edwin A. Jones 
Supt. Edward P. Fitts, Mansfield 
Prin. High School, Hal R. Eaton 
Prin. Grammar School, Myra Coffin, Kimball 

Pnblio Library. 

Stoughton Free Public Library, M. Alice Burn- 
ham lib. 

Trustees, Wales French, Amelia W. Clifton, Ed- 
win A. Jones, L. Alice Talbot, Christopher 
Farrell, M. F. Powers 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. May 16, 1683. Pop. 
1027. 26 m. northwest of Boston; by stage 
from South Acton (F.R.R.) 3V» m. 

YiLLAGES — StowA, Lower Village, Whitman 
CrossingD, GleasondaleAGnAmXx, Rock Bot- 

Town Oi&cers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, Henry P. Smith 



Selectmen and Beard EeaXth, E. F. Wheeler ch. 

William H. Lord, James F. Groft, Oleasonddle. 

Meet last Saturday in every montii 
Alitor, J. Keyes Hall 
Treaswer, Francis H. Stevens 
Collector, Henry H. Warren 
Assessors, Benjamin F. Folsom ch. Lewis Parks, 

William H. Parker 
Overseers Poor, William H. Lord, Alden Packard, 

James F. Parker 
Constables, James F. Croft, Gleasondale, James J. 

Gately, P. A. A. Larsen 
Boad Commissioners, J. F. Bobbins, Fred E. 

Whitcomb, C. D. Wetberbee 
Supt. Cemeteries, George Bradley 
Tree Warden, J. Frank Bobbins 
Inspector Animals, Henry H. Warren 

Public Schools. 

Committee, James F. Parker ok. Henry P. Smith 

sec, B. P. Harriman 
Supt. J. C. Mackin 
Prin. High School, William B. Pierce 

Public Library- 

Bandall Library, Susan M. Lawrence lib. 
Trustees, John Beilly, Alfred D. Gleason, Lewis 


In Worcester Co. Inc. May, 1738. Pop. 1974. 
60 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Worcester, 3% m. 
from Southbridge and 8 m. from Brookfield. 
Electric railway to Southbridge, Fiskdale, 
Brimfield and Palmer. 

Villages — SturbridgeAOAdx, Fiskdale AOAd 
X, Snellville, Westville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Cleric, Alvin B. Chamberlain 

Selectmen and Board HecUth, C. C. Burlingame 
ch. Fiskdale, Alpheus E. Wight, Fiskdale, WD- 
liam Whittemore. Meet first Monday in each 

Auditor, Joseph Laflamme, Fiskdale 

Treasurer, Joseph D. Underwood, Fiskdale 

Collector, Henry V. Corey 

Assessors, D. B. Wight ch. Bertram H. Chamber- 
lain, Eugene D. Brown, Fiskdale 

Overseers Poor, Patrick S. Callahan oh. Fiskdale, 
Alvin B. Chamberlain, David B. Wight 

Constables, John E. Ladd (civil), F. Wilkins, 
AtyduB D. Barnes, Willis H. Clark, Fiskdale, 
John Lawler, Fiskdale 

Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, Owen Monahan 

Cemetery Commissioners, James H. Plimpton, 
George Bichards, John E. Hooker, Fiskdale 

Inspector Animals, William Whittemore 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Ernest G« Barnes, Patrick S. Calla- 
han, Fiskdale, John F. Hebard 
Supt. Edward G. Baldwin, Wesi Brookfield 

Public Llliraxy. 

Joshua Hyde Library, Mrs. Horace M. Locke Ub* 

Committee, A. B. Chamberlain, Mrs. Mary A. 

Wight, Fiskdale, L. B. Chase, C. V. Corey, 

Julia Hyde, Mrs. F. A. Whittemore, Mrs. C. 

E. Ainsworth, J. F. Hebard, H.- D. Haynes 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Sept. 4, 16S9. Pop. 
1159. 20 m. from Boston and 9 m. north of 
South Framingham on Taunton Div. N.Y.,N.H.& 
H.B.B. South Sudbury is at the junction of N. 
Y.,N.H.&H.B.R. and Southern Div. B.&;M.B.B. 

Villages — SudburyAODAmNTBX, North 
SudburyAODNYBX, East SudburyO, South 
SudburyAODAmNYBX, Wayside Inn, Wayside 
Inn StationG. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 
Clerk, Frank F. Geri^r 
Selectmen, Waldo L. Stone ch. South S. Frank 

W. Goodnow, South S. George A. Haynes, South 

S. Meet first Tuesday of each month 
Treasurer and Collector, Francis E. Bent 
Assessors, P. J. McManus oh. South 8. Seneca A. 

Wilson, South S. Fred Ham, South S. 
Overseers Poor, Edgar W, Goodnow eh. South 8. 

Sylvester D. Perry, Frank W. Goodnow, South 8. 
Constables, Francis E. Bent (civil), Frank A. 

Brackett, North S. Harry W. Gilbert, South 8. 
Boad Commissioners, William L. Stone, South 8. 

Arthur A. Dakin, Thomas F. O'Neill, North 8. 
Supt. Cemeteries and Public Grounds, Harlan H. 

Board Health, Dr. George A. Oviatt eh. South 8. 

L. Herbert Huntl^, North 8. Arthur A. Dakin 
Tree Warden, William E. Baldwin 
Inspector Animals, Charles W. Bice 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Francis F. Walker dh. South 8. Win- 

throp H. Fairbank, T. F. O'Neill, North 8. 
Supt. S. C. Hutchinson 
Prin. High School, Carl B. Bryant 

Public Library. 
Goodnow Library, Mary L. Newton lib. 
Trustees, George A. Oviatt, South 8. (vacancy-), 
Augustus F. Bowe, South 8. 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Nov. 12, 1718. Pop. 771. 
100 m. from Boston. Beached by stage from 
South Deerfield (2 m.), Conneeticnt 9b PaasampsUi 
Div. B.&M.B.B. 



Villages — SunderlandAAdAmX, North Sun- 

Town Ofllcenu 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Baxter N. Fish 

Selecimen, Overseers Foot, SupiM. Streets and 
Board Health, A. M. Darling eh. F. O. Wil- 
liams, G. P. Smith. Meet by appointment 

Auditor, George A. Ghilds 

Treasurer, M. H. Williams 

Collector, B. B. Brown 

Assessors, George E. dark, W. F. Campbell, G. 
F. Clark 

Constables, B. B. Brown (ciTil), Henry Dill, Lra 
A. Hoxie, George E. Clark 

Cemetery Commissioners, W. F. Campbell, C. W. 
Bobinson, Horace G. Sanderson 

Tree Warden, C. W. Bobinson 

Inspector Animals, Milton H. Williams 

Pablio Sehools. 
Committee, Dr. C. Gilman Trow ch. Horace G. 

Sanderson, F. L. Whitmore 
Supt. M. J. Willson 

Prm High School, Mrs. Lillian H. Dill 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Miss M. L. Crocker, E. 

F. Smith 

Pablio Idbrary. 
Sunderland Library, Miss A. T. Montague Ud. 
Trustees, Bev. E. P. Butler, Dr. C. G. Trow, B. 

N. Fish, Mrs. H. D. Graves, Emma D. Hubbard, 

A. T. Montague, Mrs. George B. Smitl\; George 

P. Smith, Mrs. BoUin E. Fairehild 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Oct. 28, 1714. Pop. 
3173. 3 m. from Millbury. Wilkinsonville is 
on the Worcester Div.' N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B.; 
Manehaug 3 m. by stage from East Douglas sta- 
tion, on Midland Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Elec- 
tric railway from Whitinsville via Wilkinson- 
ville to Millbury and Worcester. 

Villages — SuttonO, ManchaugA, East Sutton, 
West Sutton, South Sutton, WilkinsonvilleAOD 
AdE&PX, Pleasant Valley, Woodbury, Marble- 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting third Monday in March 

Clerk, H. C. Bateheller 

Selectmen and Board Health, Clymer A. Beynolds 

ch. Manehaug, P. Orrin Putnam, G. Harry 

Dodge, WUhinsowvitte. Meet last Thursday in 

every month 
Auditor, B. Frank King 
Treasurer, Henry Waters Putnam 
Collector, Herbert L. Bay 
Assessors, Benjamin Townley ch. Manehaug, Eli 

D. King, Derter A. Brigham 
Overseers Poor, James E Phelps ch. West S. 

Charles A. Hough, Joseph V. Marchand, Man* 

Constables, Fred L. Bateheller, Lewis T. Hall, 

WiSkinsowviOe, Lucius E. Austin, Manehiamg, 

D&nieL H. Gilbert, Weti S. Herbert L. Bay 
Highway Surveyor, Franklin L. Putnam, Manehaug 
Cemetery Commissioners, J. Patch Stockwell ch. 

J. Emerson Holbrook, Vernon S. Johnson 
Tree Warden, Marius M. Hovey 
Inspector Animals, J. Eddie Fredand 

Pnblic 'Sehoola. 
Committee, Arthur C. Merrill ch. WHkinsonviUe, 

Tilden B. Stevenson, Manehaug, James W. 

Supt. Frank H. Benedict 
Prin. High School, Buth A. Waleott 
Prins. Cframmar Schools, L. Ada Berry, Center; 

Mrs. (}race B. Noyes, Manehaug; L. (Gertrude 

Granger, Wilkinsonville 

Public Library. 

Sutton Free Library, Sarah M. Mills Kb. 

Branches at South Sutton, Manehaug, West Sut- 
ton and Wilkinsonville 

Trustees, Sarah M. Mills oh. Arthur C. Merrill see. 
WilkinsonviUe, Francis Truscott, Manehaug 


In Essex Co. Inc. May 21, 1852. Pop. 5141. 
13 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern Div. B.& 
M.R.R. Electric cars to Boston, Salem, Marble- 
head and Lynn. 

Villages — SwampscottAGXUAmBLX, Beach 
BluffACDQA.mBLX, Phillips Beach, Upper Swamp- 
scott, Edge wood. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, Milton D. Porter 
Selectmen, Arthur C. Widger ch. Martin L. Quinn, 

Fred C. Marsh. Meet every Friday evening 
Auditors, Stuart P. Ellis ch. Nathaniel F. Bartlett, 

Harry E. Cahoon 
Treasurer, Benjamin O. Honors 
Collector, George T. Till 
Assessors, Edward A. Maxfield ch. Gilbert Delano, 

Oscar G. Poor 
Overseers Poor, Joseph F. Crowell ch. Thomas P. 

B. Curtis, Edmund Bussell 
Constables, William H. Carroll, Biehard G. GiUey 

(dvil), Bobert Leslie 
Water Commissioners, William H. Bates ch. 

Samuel M. Kehoe, I. Irving Edgerly 
Highway Surveyor, M. J. Byan 
Cemetery Supt. James P. M. Pitman 
Sewer Commissioners, Aaron B. Bunting ch. Ed- 
ward H. Curtis, Henry B. Sprague 
Park Commissioners, Elias G. Hodgkins ch. John 

J. Blaney, Clarence B. Humphrey 
Board Health, Dor. Frank B. Stratton ch. Jasper 

H. Stone, George C. Webster 



Chief PoUee, Ulysses M. Corson 
Chief Fire Dept, Oeorge P. Cahoon 
Tree Warden, George Newhall 
Inspector Awimdlg, Samuel A. Spalding 

Public Schools. 
Committee, S. Perry Congdon oh. Arthur W. Stubbs 

sec. Dr. Howard K. Glidden 
8upt. W. J. Pelo 

Prin. Eigh School, Harold W. Loker 
Prins, Orammar Schools, Elizabeth J. Hadley, 
Frances A. Gk)uldy Mabel L. Verry, Alice L. 

Public Library. 

Town Library, Miss S. L. Honors lib. 
Trustees, Elizabeth J. Hadl^ ch. Frank E. In- 
galls, Frank F. Stanley 


In Bristol Co. Inc. Mar. 5, 16S8. Pop. 1839. 
The village of South Swansea is 4 m west of 
Fall River on Old Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.B. 
Electric railway (4 m.) to Fall River. 

Villages — SwanseaAE&Px, North Swansea A, 
Swansea CenterA, Swansea Tillage, TouissetAO 
DE&PX, Brayton PointD, HortonvilleA, South 
SwanseaCDDE&P X . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Henry O. Wood 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Arthur W. Weaver ch. Francis L. Gard- 
ner, South S. Lewis S. Gray. Meet last Satur- 
day of each month 
Auditors, A. Homer Skinner, South S. Willard C. 

Gardner S. Center 
Constables, John F. Luther (civil), Charles 
P. Davis (civil), Job L. Davis (civil), Elijah 
P. Chace (civil), Hortonville, Thomas L. Mason 
(civil), Benjamin F. Norton (civil) 
Supt, Streets, Cyrus Martin North S. 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, George W. Fiske, 

Francis L. Gardner, Philip H. Manchester 
Tree Warden, Edwin C. Gardner 
Inspector Animals, William F. Gardner 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Job Gardner ch. John W. Pierce, Geo. 

W. Fiske 
Supt. Herman N. Knox, Somerset 

Public Library. 

Swansea Free Public Library, Julia R. Welling- 
ton lib. 

Trustees, Job Gardner ch. South S. Mrs. Emma 
F. Anthony, S. Center, H. O. Wood, Maiy A. 
Case, Mrs. Mary E. Greene, North S. Mrs. 
Esther M. G^dner, S. Center 


See Index for location. 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Mar. 6, 1762. Pop. 
3987. 65 m. from Boston and 25 m. northwest of 
Worcester, Templeton and the village of Baldwins- 
ville being on the Ware River Br. B.&A.B.R.; 
Otter River and Baldwinsville are stations on the 
Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R. Electrie railways to 
Athol, Otter River, Baldwinsville, East Templeton 
and Gardner. 

Villages — TempletonAGXD Am x , ' Bald wins vill e 
ACDDAmNX, Brooks Village, Otter River AGXHN 
X, Partridge ville, East TempletonA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Charles C. Speare, BaldwinsviUe 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

H. H. Hammond ch. Baldwinsville, Fred P. 

Stone, Otter Biver, Percival Blodgett. Meetings 

last Saturday in each month 
Auditors, L. N. Hadley, W. E. Parker 
Treasurer, Louis Leland, Baldwinsville 
Collector, G. S. Stone, Otter Biver 
Assessors, I. W. Hutchins, Baldwinsville, L. S. 

Fisher, Baldwinsville, J. B. Wheeler, East T. 
Constables, H. H. Hammond (civil), Baldwins- 
viUe, Prescott T. French, Harry Sullivan, Bald- 

winsville, Eugene F. Chipman, East T. A. £. 

Sumner, Baldwinsville, C. C. Young, Otter 

Biver, James M. Maynard 
Supt. Streets, H. H. Hammond 
Cemetery Commissioners, J. E. Newton, Dwigfat 

Cleveland, BcHdwinsville, Chas. H. Leathe, Otter 

Chief Fire Dept. O. R. Williams, Baldwinsville 
Tree Warden, John B. Wheeler, East T. 
Inspectors Animals, C. C. Brown, East T. T. J. 

Symons, Baldwinsville 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Dr. S. E. Greenwood ch. Asa Hosmer, 

Baldwinsville, Fred P. Stone, Otter Biver 
Supt. F. G. Atwell, East T. 
Prin. High Schools, Arthur M. Boutelle 

Pnblic Library. 
Boynton Public Library, Grace E. Blodgett lib. 
Trustees, Dr. S. E. Greenwood pres. Charles E. 

Ingalls, Grace E. Blodgett, Asa Hosmer, C. C. 

Speare, George S. Stone, Fred P. Stone, Otter 



In Middlesex Co. Inc. Dec. 17, 1734. Pop. 
2920. 20 m. from Boston and 5 m. southeast of 
Lowell on Western Div. B.&M.R.R, ; station 1 m. 
from center. Electric railway to Lowell, Wil- 
mington, Woburn and Boston. 

Villages — TewksburyAGOAraX, Tewksbury 
StationD, Lawrence StationO, Salem JimctionO, 



Bnrttq, Maee'8 StationD, PattenTille, Wameeit^O 
DAmX, Tewksbuiy JunctionEl 

Town QflLcen. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

ClerJc, John H. Chandler 

SeUdmen, William T. Lewis eh. Joel F. Phetpe, 

Bozzell King. Meet first Saturday in every 

Auditor, James W. Miller 
Treamrer, Albert 8. Moore 
CoUecftor, MelTin G. Bogers, LoweU 
Assessors and OverMeers Poor, Bnssell King ah, 

William T. Lewis, Joel F. Phelps 
Board HeaUh, Joel F. Phelps ch. William T. Lewis, 

Bnzsell King 
CongtahU, James Manley 
Highway Surveyor, Alfred G. Dixon 
Tree Warden, Harry M. Briggs 
Inspector Animdla, Herbert W. Pillsbury 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, John F. French ch. Henry M. Bil- 
lings, E. Howard King 
Supt. Howard S. Ghaee, LoweU 

Pablic Ubraiy. 

Tewhs b ury Pablic Library, Harriette G. Lee Kb. 

Trustees, Albert G. Blaisdell ch. LovoeU, John H. 
Chandler, George £. Marshall, George D. Foris- 
tall, Albert J. Trail, William H. Lee 


In Dukes Go. Inc. July 8, 1671. Pop. 1120. 
75 m. from Boeton. Beached by steamers from 
Wood's Hole (6 m.) and New Bedford (24 m.). 
Electric cars to Cottage City (12% m.). 

YiLLAOES — ^Tisbury, Vineyard HayenANTBX, 
West ChopA. 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting last Tuesday in March 
Cleric, William 8. Swift, Vineyard Haven 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, William J. Look ch. Edward G. Lord, 

Vineyard Haven, Horace A. Tilton. Meet 6th 

of each month 
Auditor, Edwin B. Thompson, Vineyard Haven 
Treasurer, Herbert N. Hinckley, Vineyard Haven 
Collector, H. A. Swift, Vineyard Haven 
Constable, "Henry M. Gould 
Cemetery Commissioners, William S. Swift, B. C. 

Cromwell, G. L. Smith 
Water Commissioners, William G. Manter, Silas 

Daggett, Gilbert L. Smith 
Fish Committee, William J. Look, Henry W. Mc- 

Lellan, A. B. Swift 
Chief Fire Dept, Charles S. Norton, Vineyard 

Tree Warden, Presbury S. Luce 
Inspector Animals, Henry G. Norton 

Pablio flcbools. 
Committee, William A. Bobinson eh, Herbert Look, 

Lndnda S. St John, Vineyard Haven 
Supt. Andrew P. Averill 
Prin. High School, T. W. Bowler, Vineyard Haren 

Public Library. 
Vineyard Haven Library, Mabel T. Tilton lib. 
Directors, S. G. Luce, J. Annie Smith, William A« 
Bobinson, P. S. Luce, Orland Mayhew, Mrs. 8. 
G. Luce, Mrs. Sarah O. Luce, Mrs. Sarah Hard- 
ing, Mrs. Lucinda St John 


In Hampden Co. Inc. June 14, 1810. Pop. 
274. 16 m. southwest of Westfield by ttage. 

Village— TollandA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Wilbert Munn 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

J. B. Bogers eh. G. H. Deming, F. S. Hale. Meet 

by appointment 
Auditor, H. H. Marshall 
Sinking Fund Commissioner, E. M. Moore 
Collector, I. S. Govell 
Assessors, E. M. Moore, William E. Butler, J. B. 

Constables, I. S. Govell, J. J. Bivers, Jerry Bipley 
Supt. Streets, H. B. Deming 
Tree Warden, H. W. Soule 
Inspector Animals, E. M. Moore 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, J. B. Bogers eh. Mrs. Clayton Demiing 
sec. I. S. Govell 

Pnblic Library. 
Free Town Library, Wilbert Munn lib. 
Trustees, William E. Butler, E. M. Moore, J. B. 


In Essex Go. Inc. Oct 18, 1648. Pop. 1095. 6 m. 

north of Danvers on Western Div. B.&M.B.B. 
ViLLAOis— TopsfleldAOOAmBLX, Lake ViDage 

Springville. ' 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, A. T. Merrill 

Selectmen and Board Health, Franklin Balch oK 
A. T. Merrill, Issac B. Young. Meet every 
Saturday at 7.30 p.m. 

Auditor, Hemy F. Long 

Treasurer, W. Pitman Gould 

Collector, John L. Fiske 

Assessors, Franklin Balch eh. Wellington Donald- 
son, George F. Averell 

Overseers Poor, Job H. Frame ch. George F. 
AvereU, John L. Fiske 



Constables, Horace Bay, Archer Andrews 
Cemetery Commissioners, J. Porter Gould, William 

H. Kneeland, William H. Wildes 
Tree Warden, Charles W. Floyd 
Inspector Animals, Charles J. Peabody 

Public BchoolB. 

Committee, Wellington Donaldson ch. A. T. Mer- 
rill, Merrill B. Bailey see. 
8upt. Schools, (vacancy) 
Prin. High School, Arthur Wells 
Prin. Grammar School, Gladys Blodgette 

Public Iiibrary. 

Topsfield Town Library, A. M. Dodge lib. 
Trustees, Justin AUen ch, J. B. Poor, Franklin 

Balch, A. M. Dodge, C. J. Peabody, George 

FranciB Dow 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. June 29, 1732. Pop. 
1772. 46 m. from Boston on the Peterboro & 
Shirley Br. Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.B. Stage 
connection between West Townsend and Ashby. 

Villages — TownsendAGONx, West Towns- 
endAOONX, Townsend HarborAGQNX. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk and Treasurer, George A. Wilder 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, Henry B. Boynton ch. West T. A. 

Clarence Josselyn sec, T. Harbor, Henry H. 

Jennerson. Meet first Saturday of every month 
Auditors, A. J. Atwood, W. H. Lang, T. E. Flarity, 

West T. 
Collector, Albert S. Howard 
Constables, Michael O'Brien (civO), Fred A. 

Patch, West T, F. J. Knight, T. Harbor 
Highway Surveyors, Asa K. Tyler, T. J. Smith, 

John E. Donovan 
Cemetery Commissioners, W. Z. Sherwin, West T, 

A. S. Howard, H. B. Hildreth 
Park Commissioners, C. F. Worcester, William A. 

Bussell, Alfred N. Fessenden 
Chief Police, Michael O'Brien 
Chief Fire Dept, Frederick J. Piper 
Tree Warden, Joel S. Cook, T, Harbor 
Inspector Animals, John N. Going 

Public BchoolB. 
Committee, Julian W. Eastman ch, George L, 

Whitcomb, Charles T. Haynes, Carl B. Wil- 

lard, West T. Charles F. Worcester, Albert S. 

Howard, George A. Wilder, Alexander Beed, 

West T, Vernal Barber 
Supt, Fairfield Whitney 
Prin. High School, N. B. Spinney 
Prins. Grammar SchooU, Mabel F. Small, Center; 

Wilda Ii. Vose, West Townsend 

Public Iilbraiy. 
Townsend Public Library, Evelyn L. Warren Ub, 
Trustees, Oliver Proctor, T. Harbor, Evelyn L. 
Warren, C. F. Worcester 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. July 16, 1709. Pop. 
743. 9 m. southeast of Provincetown on Ply- 
mouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. 

Villages — TruroA, High Head, Truro Station 
(DONYBX, Pond Village or North Truro AGCINY 
Bx, Highland, Longnook, Castle, Head Pamet, 
South TruroADNYBx. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in February 

Clerk, Treasurer, Collector and Agent Board 
Health, John B. Dyer 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Henry B. Holsbery ch. Bichard A. Bich, 
Isaac M. Smtdl, North T. Meet second Satur- 
day of eadi month 

Auditor, Volney P. Johnson 

Constable, Thomas F. Byder 

Supts. Cemeteries, Frank S. Small, Charles W. 
Snow, John B. Dyer, Isaiah Snow, Allison B. 

Supt. Streets, Charles W. Snow 

Tree Warden, WlUard M. Small, North T. 

Inspector Animals, John G. Thompson 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Isaac M. Small ch. North T, John B. 

Dyer, Bichard A. Eich 
Supt, Alvan B. Lewis, Provincetown 
Prin. Grammar School, Charles S. Bates 

Public Library. 

Town Library, Mrs. Laurena Byder Ub, Branch 
at North Truro, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Small lib. 
Branch at South Truro, Allison B. Cobb lib. 

Trustees, John B. Dyer ch. Isaac M. Small, North 
T. Nathaniel Bich, South T. 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. as a district June 22, 
1789; as a town 1809. Pop. 768. 7 nu from 
Lowell on Southern Div. B.&M.B.B. Electric 
railway to North Chelmsford and Lowell. 

ViLLAOB — Tyngsboro AODAm X . 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, William Blanchard 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Warren A. Sherburne ch. Otis L. Wright, 
Jesse B. Butterfield. Meet first Monday even- 
ing of every month 

Auditor, J. Frank Bancroft, Enlo A. Perham 

Treasurer, William E. Barry 



Collector, Daniel J. Shea 

CoMtdblss, Lewis T. Braddon, Jesse G. Courser 

Bighfoay Commissioners, Benjamin B. Lawrence 

ch. Leon B. Perham, J. Qranyille Queen 
Cemetery Commissioners, Jesse B. Butterfieldy 

Otis L. Wright, Henry H. Upton 
Tree Warden, Daniel A. Lawrence 
Inspector Anmais, Arthur B. Marshall 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Lueien 0. McLoon, Annie B. Harlow, 

Ophelia a Brown, Charles P. Littlehale, Chester 

Queen, Mnk W. A. Sherburne 
8upt. S. Howard Chace 
Prim, Qrammar School, Mn. M. L. Chadwick 

Pabllo Library. 

Littlefield Library, EUen L. Perham Ub. 

Trustees, Bev. William Brown eh. Charles P. Lit- 
tlehale, Granville A. Harlow, William E. Barry, 
Harry L. Littlehale, Horace T. Bancroft 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Mar. 6, 1672. Pop. 388. 
5 m. from Lee by stage. 

YiLLAOSS — TyringhamAAdx, Fernside, Biver- 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, George R. Warren 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

EeaUh, I. B. Tinker, W. W. Hale, H. £. Moore 
Auditor, P. W. Stanard 
Treasurer and Collector, Thomas P. Curtin 
Constables, T. F. Curtin, George F. Kopp, Norman 

Highway Commissioner, Herbert Boberts 
Cemetery Committee, George B. Warren, George 

W. Gibson, J. B. Taylor 
Tree Warden, Bobb. de P. Tytus 
Inspector Anvmals, W. W. Hale 

Public Schools. 
CommUtee, Henry Crittenden, E. H. Slater, B. 

de P. T^tus 
Supt. Preston Barr, Lee 

Pablio Library. 
Tyringham Free Library, John A. Scott acting Ub. 
Trustees, Ephraim H. Palmer ch. Bobb. de P. 
Tytus, John A. Scott 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 14, 1735. Pop. 
2024. 35 m. from Boston and 13 m. southeast of 
Worcester on Grafton & Upton B.B. Electric rail- 
way to Milf ord, Grafton, North Grafton and Wor- 

Villages— Up ton ACDD Ad X, West UptonACDD 

Toim Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Francis T. Nelson 

Selectmen, Highway Commissioners and Board 
Health, Edward C. Lyf ord eh. Dayid A. Farring- 
ton, Benjamin C. Wood. Meet first Monday in 
every month 

Auditor, Edwin B. Houghton 

Treasurer, Fred W. Wood 

Collector, Henry J. Batchelor, West U. 

Assessors, Herbert M. Buck ch, Alexander Bar- 
ton, Frank E. Lyford 

Overseers Poor, Orlando F. Taf t, 'Alvarado Henry, 
Dennis T. Fiske 

Constables, Herbert A. Bagley, West U, William 
F. Parshley, West U. Israel I. Harper, West U. 
Henry D. Aldrich, George E. Southland 

Supt. Streets, Orson A. Martindale 

Cemetery Commissioners, George E. Childs, Harry 
C. Snow, Livingstone C. Fiske 

Chief Police, William F. Parshley 

Chief Fire Dept. Herbert M. Buck 

Tree Warden, Charles E. Brooks 

Inspector AnimcUs, George D. Whitney 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Appleton P. Williams ch. West U. 

George W. Knowlton Jr. Edward C. Traver 
Supt. Schools, Bobert O. Small 
Prin. High School, George G. Sampson 
Prin. Grammar School, Mabelle Thompson 

Public Library. 

Upton Town Library, Laura C. Sadler lib. 

Trustees, Mrs. C. A. Batchelor, West V, John B. 
Fay, Weet U. Appleton P. Williams, Br. Samuel 
B. Capen, Dora M. Whitney, Hannah N. John- 
son, Dr. Edward C. Traver, Bev. Carl G. Horst^ 
Stephen H. Eames, West U, 


In Worcester Co. Inc. June 27, 1727. Pop. 
3881. 46 m. from Boston and 19 m. southeast of 
Worcester on the Worcester Div. N.Y.;N.H.&H.B. 
B.; the village of Ironstone is on the Midland 
Div. Electric railway to Uxbridge, Mendon, Whit- 
insviUe, Millbury, Worcester, Woonsocket, etc. 

Villages — UxbridgeACDDE&Px, Elm Dale, 
IronstoneGDAdX, North Uxbridge A, Hecla, 
Wheelock's, Calumet, Bivulet. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk and Treasurer, Edward Parker 

Selectmen, James Daley ch. Samuel F. Scott, Ar- 
thur £. Seagrave. Meet first Monday in each 

Auditor, Merton B. Sharpe 

Collector, Lewis F. Bawson 

Assessors, Daniel Wheeler eh. George T. Hobbfl, 
Stephen Goldthwait . 



Oveneers Foor, LawBon A. Seagrave ch, John fi. 
Andrews, Wayland F. Daviaon 

ConstdbUa, Arnold 8. Allen, Willis Thayer, Fran- 
da A. Turner, Lawson A. Seagrave, Walter M. 
Seagrave, James Fisher 

8wpi. Streets and Tree Warden, Harry C. NeweD 

Commissioners Sinking Fund, William J. Taft, 
William E. Hayward, Charles 8. Weston 

Board Health, Dr. William L. Johnson ch. Dr. 
George T. Little, George T. Hobbs 

Agent, Edward Parker 

Supt. Water Works, Waldo E. Bawson 

Chief Fire Dept* Arnold S. Allen 

Inspector Animals, Daniel Wheeler 

PaUlo Schools. 
Committee, Charles W. Scott, Frank W. Seribner, 

Leander S. Aldrich, George Wilmot, Charles A. 

Boot, Augustus C. Seagrave 
Supt. Francis S. Brick 
Prin. High School, Arthur L. Young 
Prins, Grammar Schools, Boyal N. Giles, 

Center; Mary I. Gunn, North Uxbridge; Annie 

E. Goldthwaite, Wheelocksville 

Public Ubrary. 

Uxbridge Free Library, Beatrice Putnam lib, 
Tmstees, Bev. Cyrus A. Boys ch, Horace E. Gunn, 
George E. Trowbridge, Cyrus A. Boys, Albert 
A. Sprague, Helen W. Taft, Elizabeth C. Hay- 
ward, Lawson A. Seagrave, Mrs. Abbie E. Day, 
Mrs. Lueinda S. Hayward, Mrs. Ariadne F. 
Taft, Arthur F. Taft,* Arthur Wheelock 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. 1812; name changed 
to Wakefield Feb. 25, 1868. Pop. 10,268. 10 m. 
north of Boston on Western Div. B.&M.B.B.; 
also connects with Salem by South Beading Br. 
and with Newburyport by Newburyport Br. of 
B.&M.B.B. Electric railways to Woburn, Lynn, 
Melrose, Beading, Stoneham, Winchester, Arl- 
ington, Lowell, Lawrence and Boston. 

Villages— WakefieldACDDAmBL X , Wakefield 
JunctionD, Woodville, Boyntonville, Greenwood 
AGOAmBLx, MontroseAGDAmBLX, Lowell 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Cleric, Charles F. Hartshorne 

Selectmen, Arthur L. Wiley, John Flanley, Cor- 
nelius Donoyan, Levi Slanders. Meet eyery 
Thursday evening 

Auditors, William O. Abbott, Charles S. Emerson, 
William J. Stout 

Treasurer, Albert W. Flint 

Collector, Charles E. Walton 

Assessors, Charles A. Dean ch. Samuel T. Parker, 
Frederick S. Hartshorne 

Overseers Poor, Willis S. Mason ch, Edward H. 
Walton, Andrew G. Anderson 

Constables, Harry A. Simonds (civil), James A. 

McFadden, Edwin F. Poland, Harvey G. Brock- 
bank (civil) 
Supt. Streets, Dennis C. Ghreaney 
Municipal Light Board, Edwin E. Emerson, Fred 

A. Swain, WKlliam E. Arnold 
Fish Committee, Jacob C. Hartshorne, Samuel 

Parker, William Harrington Wiley 
Park Commissioners, Eugene S. Hinddey, John J. 

Foley, Harry Haskell 2d 
Sewer Commissioners, Eden K. Bowser ch. W. 

Baymond Emerson, Thomas J. Lalley 
Water Commissioners, James H. Kimball eh. Cham. 

A. Dean, William H. Butler 
Cemetery Commissioners, Oliver Walton, Franklin 

Nickerson, James B. Beid 
Board Health, Dr. Joseph W. Heath ch, Augustus 

D. Jenkins, John M. Cate 
Agent, A. D. Jenkins 
Chief Police, Harvey G. Broekbank 
Chief Fire Dept, William E. Cade 
Tree Warden, Frank T. Woodbury 
Inspector Animals, Palmer Corbett 

Public Schools. 

Covimittee, Charles E. Montague ch, Ashton H. 
Thayer, J. S. Bonney, Eliza M. Greenwood, 
Greenleaf A. Goodale, Ida Far Miller 

Supt, Jacob H. Carfrey 

Prtn. High School, Charles H. Howe 

Prins, Grammar Schools, Mrs. M. E. Wentworth, 
M. Annie Wanren, Miss Sarah Wilkins, Eleanor 
Emerson, T. Frank Shea, Elisabeth (Gardner 

Public Ubrary. 
Beebe Town Library, Harriet A. Shepard lib. 

Buth Gowen asst, lib,; Greenwood Branch, H. 

Gertrude Lee lib. 
Trustees, Charles F. Mansfield ch. Edson W. White^ 

Ashton H. Thayer, Biehard Dutton, Sarah T. 

Morton, Harry Foster. Frank T. Yloodbwrf, H. 

Lee, M. Pike, Emma F. Eaton 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Feb. 20, 1828. Pop, 
645. Beached by stage from Palmer (10 m.). 
Villages — WalesAAmX, Shawville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk and Treasurer, Ozro P. Boyce 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

Ozro P. Boyce eh, James H. Walker, G. M. 

Stewart. Meet first Monday in month 
Auditors, A. A. Hubbard, M. C. Boyce 
Collector, C. G. Thompson 
Assessors, W. E. Needham c^ J. H. Walker, Porter 

Constables, 0, G. Thompson, W. M. Peek 
Cemetery Commissioners, G. M. Stewart, O. P. 

Boyce, Porter Walbridge 
Inspector Animals, Nathan F. Bradley 



Pabllc Schools. 
Committee, H. A. McFarland ch, F. M. Bojee, H. 

K Shaw 
Supt. P. T. Pearson, Warren 
Prill. Grammar School, Philip F. Stone 

Pnblio lilliraiy. 
Wales Public Library, L. H. Thompson K&. 
Trustees, Emma Lanphear, Anna Thompson, Mrs. 
William McEjinnon 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Dec. 10, 1724. Pop. 4003. 
19 m. southwest of Boston and 13 m. southeast 
of South Framingham on Northern Div. and 
Providence Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B-B. Electric 
railway from East Walpole to Norwood and Ded- 
ham, Foxboro and Mansfield. 

Villages — Walpole AODAdNYBBLx, East 
WalpoleAG)DE&PX, West WalpoleACDDAdx, 
Walpole Junc tion, Walpole Center, South Wal- 
poleAGDNYBX, PlymptonvilleD, Til ton 's, North 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Harry L. Howard 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, George M. Graves 

ch. East W. F. E. Gilmore, C. E. Hale. Meet 

every Friday evening 
Auditors, Elmer S. Spear tih. limothy Delaney, 

Carl B. Emerson 
Treasurer, Frank O. Pilsbury 
Collector, George P. Spear 
Assessors, Mdzar Allen, Nathan W. Fisher, Harry 

A. ^Wliiting 
Constables, N. Emmons Winslow, William P. 

Crowley (dvil), William F. Biordan, South W. 
Supt, Streets, Charles S. Bird 
Water Commissioners, Henry P. Plimpton, Myron 

E. Piper, Thomas F. Maguire, East W, 
Board Health, Melzar W. Allen ch. Thomas D. 

Plimpton, Dr. F. H. Fuller 
Chief Police, Howard Patton 
Tree Warden, Philip B. Allen 
Inspector Animals, A. F. Boy den 

Pnblie Schools. 

Committee, J. Edward Plimpton oh, Edward L. 
Shepard sec. Mrs. M. F. McCarthy, Mrs. Frank 
L. Gould, PhiHp B. Allen, Patrick H. Mahoney 

Supt, Schools, Frederic W. Kingman 

Prin, High School, Geo. W. Morris 

Prins. Grammar Schools, David H. Goodspeed, 
Stone School; Frederick J. O'Brien, Bird 
School; Eva G. Abbott, Boy den School; Andrew 
G. Johnson, Fisher School 

Pablio Ubraxy. 
Walpole Public Library, Miss Ida J. Phelps lib. 
Trustees, Joseph S. Leach, Willard I. Lewis, Mrs. 

Martha M. Allen. Marion E. Child, Bast W.. 
Horace Q. Metcalf , Mrs. J. Ella Boyden 


See Index for location. 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Nov. 25, 1761. Pop. 8594. 
75 m. from Boston, 30 m. from Northampton and 
12 UL north of Palmer on Ware Blver Br. B.&A.BJL 
and on Central Mass. Div. B.&M.B.B. Electric 
railway to Palmer, Gilbertville and West Brook- 

ViLLAQis— WareAOQAmX, West WareDAmX,. 
Ware Centre. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Acting Cleric and Treasurer, Henry K. Hyde 
Selectmen, George D. Storrs ch, Joseph Dumas 

Jr., Henry O. Packard. Meet every Monday 

Auditors, Archie B. Irwin, Hormidaa St. Onge 
Colleotor, Fred W. Farrar 
Assessors, Edw. P. Morse ch. Michael W. Buckley, 

Louis N. Dupont 
Overseers Poor, George E. Haley ch. A. D. Giard, 

Samuel P. Bohan 
Constables, Maurice Fitzgerald, Bartholomew W. 

Buckley, Thomas H. I&nnison, John B. Beau- 

Supt. Streets, George C. Wesson 
Water Commissioners, H. P. Cummings, George D. 

Storrs, James A. Byms 
Cemetery Commissioners, Charles C. Hitchcock, J. 

H. G. Gilbert, George E. Tucker 
Board Health, Dr. A. A. Auger ch. D. A. G. 

Blodgett, H. P. Cummings 
Chief Police, Maurice Fitzgerald 
Chief Fire Dept. Thomas C. Gleason 
Tree Warden, Elmer L. Barnes 
Inspector Animals, James E. Kennelly 

Pnblie Schools. 

Committee, Henry C. Davis ch. D. M. Byan, Geo. 

Wl Dunham 
Supt, George W. Cox 
Prin. High School, N. B. Smith 
Prins. Grammar Schools, James Dugan, Clara M. 

Coney, South Street; Katherine Carroll, High 


Pnblie Library. 
Young Men's Library Association, Harriet B. 

Hayden lib. 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. July 10, 1739. Pop. 
3660. 50 m. southeast of Boston and 16 m. south- 
east of Middleboro on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H. 
&H.B.B. Electric railway to Middleboro, Monu- 
ment Beach, Bourne and New Bedford. 



Villages — WarehamACDDNYBx, Tihonet, 
West WarehamA, South WarehamA, East Ware- 
hamA, OnsetACDDNYBX, Onset JunctionD, 
Wareham Center, Tempest Knob StationD, 
Narrows Village and Center Village. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer aiid Collector, Charles L. Bates 
BeXedmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, George 

O. Tob^ Jr. ck. Arthur B. Savarj, John fiL 

Young. Meet every Wednesday at 2 p.m. 
Auditors, Biehard F. Mor^, Vurner E. Houdlette, 

H. W. Smalley 
Ccnsiahles, James C. Clark, West W, John F. 

Nickerson, Frederick L. Benson, Onset, Bernard 

Coyle, West W. Herbert H. Barrows, West W, 

George M. Besse, East W, John Holland, James 

W. Hurley (civil), John Campbell 
Boad Commissioners, James Galligan, N. R. Besse, 

Felix J. Kieman 
Cemetery Commissioners, John M. Besse, Edward 

A. Gammons, A. H. Stone 
Board Health, Dr. Charles S. Gleason eh. Dr. 

Charles E. Morse, James C. Clark sec. 
Chief Fire Dept. George S. Barnes 
Chief Onset Fire Dept. Frank Whitwell 
Tree Warden, John M. Besse 
Inspector Animals, John J. Benton 

Public Schools. 

Committee, John Huxtable ch. Bev. James P. 
Hawkes see. Charles L. Bates treas. East W. 

8upt. A. A. Heald 

Prin. High School, Bion C. Merry 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Alice L. Doty, Center; 
Margaret English, Narrows; Mary J. Fleming, 
West Tremont; Lottie Vose, Onset; Bessie L. 
Churbuld, East Wareham; Lillian C. Hatha- 
way, South Wareham 

Pnblic Library. 

Wareham Free Library, Alexina P. Burgess lib. 

Trustees, Dora M. Wing pres. Hannah S. Dykes 
sec. Mrs. William Lary, Mrs. C. E. Morse, Miss 
Josie A. Sproat, Miss Arabella Soule, Miss 
Lucy Swift, Sarah H. Sawyer, Fannie A. Saw- 
yer, Aleodna P. Burgess 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Mar. 13, 1834. Pop. 

4300. 29 m, west of Worcester on B.&A.R.R. 

Electric railway to Brookfleld, West Brookfield, 

East Brookfield, North Brookfield and Spencer. 
Villages — Warren AGXH Am x. West WarrenAO 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk, William F. Duncan 

Selectmen, Charles L. Combs ch. Dr. John E. Wal- 
ton, Robert Love, W, Warren. Meet first and 
third Mondays of each month 

Auditors, A. a Tucker, R. B. Patrick, J. G. Hast- 

Treasurer, Charles B. Blair 

Collector, Frank E. Gleason 

Assessors, Charles L. Combs ch, J. Edward Lom- 
bard, W, Warren, J. N. F. Quinlan 

Overseers Poor, S. Newell Cutler ch, H. N. Shep- 
ard, J. D. Vignoaux, West W. 

Constables, Joseph St George, Walter A. Putnam 
(civil), John Collins, West W. Clarence L. 
Thompson, West W. 

Supt. Streets, Fred H. Sylvester 

Cemetery Commissioners, A, Woodard, John 
Sweeney, W. H. Fairbanks 

Board Health, Dr. Harry H. Moore, West W. Dr. 
Olney W. Phelps, A. Woodard 

Chief Fire Dept. Robert Love 

Tree Warden, John Sweeney 

Inspector Animals, Alfred A. Warriner 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Dr. Charles A. De Land eK Dr. John 
E. Dalton see, Charles O. Walker, Rev. John P. 
McCougan, Mrs. Julia M. Hitchcock, Mrs. Flor- 
ence M. Spencer, Dr. Harry A. Moore, West W, 
Robert L. Love, West W. Francis J. Foley, 
West W, 

Supt. Parker T. Pearson 

Prin, High School, F. W. Hilton 

Prin, Grammar School, William F. Taylor 

Pnblio Library. 

Warren Public Library, Joseph G. Hastings lib. 
Directors, Wilson H. Fairbanks pres. Joseph G. 

Hastings clerk, Edward Fairbanks, William A. 

Jenks, George A. Shumway, Charles L. Combs, 

William E. Patrick, Dr. C. A. De Land, Edith 

W. Chadsey, Julia M. Hitchcock 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Feb. 17, 1763. Pop. 527. 
8 m. north of Orange by stage. 
Village — ^Warwick AN x . 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Cemetery Supt, Samuel 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Board 

Health and Street Commissioners, Samuel Hast^ 

ings ch. Fred W. Baas, Baxter H. Worden, G«o. 

A. Witherell. Meet every Saturday 
Auditors, F. E. Witherell, William E. Blackmer 
Collector, Appleton Gale 
Constables, A. Gale, W. P. Shumway 
Tree Warden, John Graham 
Inspector Animals, B. H. Worden 

Pnblic Schools. 
Committee, Bev. John Graham ch. E. E. Whipple 

sec. George T. Manning 
Supt, E. F. Howard, East NorthfMd 



Pnblio Library. 
Free Public Library, Clara A. Jones, lib. 
Trwteet, David A. Collier, George A. Witherell, 

Flora A. Hastings, E.M.T. Bass, F. S. Delva, 

Clara A. Jones 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Apr. 22, 1777. Pop. 
339. 139 m. from Boston, 39 m. west of Spring- 
field and 10 m. from Pittsfield on B.&A.B.B. In 
this town is located the game preserve, 8000 acres, 
of William C. Whitney, wherein are kept elk, 
deer and a variety of birds. 

YiLLAGSS — ^WashingtonA, Washington Station 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in April 
Clerk and Treasurer, Irving Pomeroy 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, W. A." Eames ch. Beoket, L. E. Stone, 

Becket, E. H. Eames. Meet by appointment 
Audit&r, John Watson, Becket 
Collector and Constable, Gus Hackebeil 
Tree Warden, John B. Watson 
Inspector Animals, W. A. Eames 

Pnblic Schools. 
Comimittee, Geo. Hackebeil oh C. M. Capen, Becket, 
George Ender, Becket 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Sept. 7, 1630. Pop. 
11,202. 7 m. west of Boston on Fitchburg Div. 
B.&M.B.B. Electric railways to Cambridge, 
Brighton, Allston, Newton, Nonantnm, Newton- 
viUe, Waltham and Boston. 

Villages — WatertownAGXDNBLX, Arsenal, 
BemisD, Mount Auburn AGONBLx, Union 
Marketn, East WatertownD, West WatertownD. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Frederic E. Critchett 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor, Highway and Sewer 

Commissioners, Arthur H. Whitney ch, Walter 

C. Stone, James D. Evans. Meet second and 

fourth Fridays of every month 
Auditor, S. Eugene Proctoa* 
Trectsurer, Charles W. Stone 
Collector, Charles A. Kaymond 
Assessors, William H. Wilson oh. Thomas G. 

Banks, Edward C. Hall 
Constribles, Lewis F. Barney (civil), Michael W. 

Lyons (civil), Patrick H. O'Halloran (civil) 
Supi. Streets and Sewer, Wilbur F. Learned 
Water Commissioners, Charles Brigham ch. Charles 

H. Rollins, Edward F. Hughes 
Park Commissioners, Arthur F. Gray, George H. 

Bale, James P. Ford 

Board of Health and Cemetery Commissioners, 
Bobert J. Graham, Francis H. Barnes, Dr. 
Joseph H. Dennen 
Agent, Thomas B. Wishart 
Supt. Cemeteries, Jacob C. Safford 
Chief Police, Daniel H. Cooney 
Chief Fire Dept. Orrin B. Hatch 
Tree Warden, John C. Ford 
Inspector Animals, Edward A. Madden 
Inspector MiOc and Provisions, Charles F. Bnstin 
Inspector Buildings, William H. Benjamin 
Sealer Weights a/nd Measures, John F. Kiley 
Town Counsd, John E. Abbott 

Public Schools. 

Committee, P. Sarsfield Cunniff ch. Joanna B. 
Bichards, Arthur F. Gray, Charles A. York, 
Edward N. Clancy, Charles M. DeMeritt 

Supt. John Carroll 

Prin. High School, F. W. Whitney 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Mannie P. Patten, Fran- 
cis; Charles W. Walter, Marshall Spring School; 
J. Henxy Clagg, Hosmer School 

Pablic Library. 
Watertown Free Public Library, Solon F. Whit- 

ney lib. 
Trustees, Bev. John F. Kelleher ch. George E. 

Goodspeed sec. Dr. Julian A. Mead treas. Chas. 

Brigham, Walter B. Snow, WiQiam H. Bnstin 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Mar. 11, 1835. Pop. 
2220. 15 m. west of Boston on Central Mass. 
Div. B.&M.B.R. Electric railway to Natick, 
Saxonville and South Framingham. 

YiLLAQES — WaylandAODAmX, CochituateAO 
Amx, Tower Hill. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 

Clerk, Daniel Brackett 

Selectmen, Alfred T. Dean ch. Albion F. Parmen- 
ter. Meet first Saturday in every month 

Auditor, Frederick H. Fowler 

Treasurer, Frank E. Yeager, Cochituate 

Collector, Harry Rich 

Assessors, Nathaniel B. Gerald ch. Fred A. Carter, 
Daniel Brackett 

Overseers Poor, D. P. W. Loker oh. Cochituate, 
D. W. Bicker, Charles A. Benson 

Constables, John E. Linnehan, John H. Maloney, 
Joseph A. Dussault, Frank X. Quinn, Ernest 
F. Lawrence, Michael W. Hynes 

Street Surveyor, Michael W. Hynes 

Water Commissioners, Clarence S. Williams, Co- 
chituate, H. G. Dudley, Cochituate, Bryant M. 
Bailey, Cochituate 

Cemetery Commissioners, Andrew S. Morse, Wal- 
lace S. Draper, Randall N. Porter 



Sinking Fund Commissioners, Walter B. Hen- 
derson, Chester B, Williams, John Connolly 

Board Health, Thomas Bryant ch, Marshall C. 
Baldwin, Willard C. Hunting 

Chief Fire Dept. Edwin W. Marston 

Inspector Animals, Thomas H. Bryant 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Isaac Damon oh, Edward M. Bennett, 

Harry E. Carson 
8upt, 8. C. Hutchinson 

Public Library. 

Wayland PubUc Library, Miss Margaret E. 

Wheeler lib. 
Trustees, Francis Shaw, A. W. Cutting, Arthur 

G. Bennett, Fred Carter, Amos I. Hadley, John 



In Worcester Co. Inc. Mar. 6, 1832. Pop. 
10,018. 16 m. south of Worcester on Shore Line 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R., with stations at Web- 
ster and North Webster, while the Midland Div. 
has stations at Bast Webster and Webster; a 
branch of the B.&A.R.R. runs from Worcester to 
Webster and Webster Mills. Electric railways 
to Worcester, Auburn, Oxford, Dudley, Wilson- 
ville. North Grosvenordale, Grosvenordale and 

Villages — Webster AGOAd x, Fenner Hill, East 
WebsterGXDAdX, North WebsterD, Gore Dis- 
trict, Webster MillsD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Cleric, L. J. Upham 

Selectmen, Prank Hartley ch, Hubert Authier, 

James H. Duffy. Meet every Monday afternoon 
Auditors, Clarence J. Walker, Fred O. Bates, Alex- 
ander Racicot 
Trefisurer, Oscar Shumway 
Collector, Patrick Prout 
Assessors, Edward Butler, Charles Gerber, John 

J. Connelly 
Overseers Poor, William H. Cassidy ch, L. J. 

Upham, C. Kent Knowlton 
Constables, Maurice P. Clare (civil), Ihos. Parrell, 

Henry C. King, Joseph P. Love (civil), Frank 

A. Reed, John Sullivan, James Cocks 
Highway Surveyor, Henry Brandos 
Water Commissioners, John Flint, L: E. Pattison, 

E. N. Bigelow 
Sewer Commissioners, Charles Haggerty, Fred A. 

Wellington, Charles A. Woisard 
Cemetery Committee, William E. Bigelow, Albert 

H, Davis, Fred A. Wellingjton 
Park Commissioners, John W. Debbie, William E. 

Bigelow, N. Gillis 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, John Flint, L. E. 

Pattison, Eliahs N. Bigelow 
Board Health, L. A. Paquin, George Fred Hart^ 

Thomas Butler 
Chief Fire Dept, James Newman 
Tree Warden, Carl Klebart 
Inspector Animals, L. A. Paquin 

Public Sdiools. 

Committee, Spaulding Bartlett cK Heniy E. Smith 

2d /In. see. Dr. J. J. Thompson eor. see, 
Supt. Ernest W. Robinson 

Public Library. 

Webster Public library, Mrs. Phosbe P. Kingsbury 

Trustees, Louis E. Pattison ch, William Wallace 

Holmes, Dr. John J. Thompson, Ruth SlatOTi 

Helen JosHn 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Apr. 6, 1881. Pop. 6189. 
14 m. west of Boston on B.&A.R.R. and 3 m. 
east of Natick. Electric railways to Natickand 

Villages — ^WellesleyAODAdAmBLx , Welles- 
ley HillsAODAdAmBLX, Wellesley Farms ACDD, 
Wellesley Falls, Bostonville, Unionville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting at call of Selectmen 

Clerk, Frederick H. mngsbury 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Geo. A. Sweetser 

ch, W, Hills, Hiram B. Meyers, Newton L. F. 

Joseph E. Selfe. Meet every Tuesday evening 
Auditor, Marvin Sprague, W. Hills 
Treasurer, Fred O. Johnson 
Collector, Clarence H. Dadmun 
Assessors, Flavins J. Lake ch, W, HiUs, Frederick 

H. Knigsbury, Job Minaghan, Newton Lower 

Constables, Chester A. Bigelow, William J. Dana, 

W, Hills, William Cunningham, Newton Lower 

Supt, Streets, Henry A. Childs 
Water and Municipal Commissioners, F. L. Fuller 

ch, W, HiUs, Francis C. Hersey, Jr., Newton 

Lower Falls, C. E, Puller 
Park Commissioners, E. B. Frye, Thomaa T. 

Watt, F. M. Abbott 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, John Edmunda, 

Warren Sawyer, W, HUls, Walter Hunnewell 
Board Health, J. A. Tailby <*. E. M. Overholser, 

George C. Anthony 
Chief Police, Harry M. Kingsbury, W, HiUs 
Chief Fire Dept, Daniel F. Warren, Newton Lower 

Tree Warden, Fletcher M. Abbott, W, Hills 
Inspector Animals, S. O. Fowle 



PaWc Schools. 
Commutes J Yietor J. Loring eh, W. HiXU, Maij J. 

W. Overholser eee. Edward H. Wiswall 
8upt. MarahaU L. Perrin Ph.D. W. EilU 
Prin. High School, Seldon L. Brown, W. HUU 
Prin, Grammar SchooU, William F. Johnsoii, Wel- 
ledey Hills 

Public Ubrary. 
T^lelleslej Free Library, Miss Florence Osborne 

Trtutees, Bobert G. Shaw, Seldon L. Brown, Mar- 
shall L. Perrin, W. HUU 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. June 16, 1763. Pop. 
958. 106 m. from Boston, 36 m. northeast of 
Barnstable and 14 m. southeast of Provincetown 
on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. 

Villages— WellfleetAODNYB x , South Well- 
fleet AOONYBX, Brooks Village. 

Town Offlcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in February 
Clerk and Treasurer, Arthur H. Sogers 
Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Poor, Thomas 

A. Newcomb, N. H. Payne, Martin D. Hoi- 

brook. Meet last Saturday of each month 
Aiiditors, Frank H. Williams, Wm. R Wilmarth 
Collector, W. W. Wyer 
Constables, Oliver H. Linnell (civil), George G. 

Supt. Streets, Isaiah 0. Doane 
Board Health, Fred S. Canedy, M.D. ch. James 

Chandler, Oliver H. Linnell 
Tree Warden, Freeman A. Snow 
Inspector Animals, Everett S. Jacobs 

Pnblio Schools. 
Committee, Everett I. Nye ch, Fred S. Canedy 

M.D., William Tubman 
Svpt. Alvan R Lewis 
Prin. High School, Horace Smith 

Pnblic Ubrary. 
Workers' Free Public Library, Mrs. Kate E. Brown 

Trustees, Everett L Nye ch. Mrs. Arthur H. 
Bogers, Charles S. Brown 


In Franklin Co. Inc. May 8, 1781. Pop. 480. 
2 m. west of Orange on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B. 

Villages — ^WendellAN x , Lock 's VillageA, 
Wendell DepotAODNx. 

Town Offlcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Chief Fire Dept. Nelson D. Plumb 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Hecdth, 
George A. Fleming ch. Charles Ballon, Andrew 
Baker. Meet last Saturday in each month 

Auditor, Arthur Trueedell 

Treasurer, Charles H. Cogswell 

Collector and Supt. Streets, George A. Fleming 

Assessors, Nelson D. Plumb ch. Charles M. Ballon, 

O. D. Baker 
Constable, Charles M. Ballou 
Cemetery Commissioners, Alburn Fiske ch. Lock's 

Village, Charles Jennison, Lock's Village, Geo. 

A. Fleming 
Chief Police, Charles M. Ballou 
Tree Warden, Buf us L. Sibley 
Inspector Animals, Bobert E. Boynton 

Public Schools. 
Committee, E. S. Putnam eh. Effie L. Bowen see, 

Charles A. Lewis 
Supt. Mrs. Cora A. Steams 

Pnblic Iiilirary. 
Wendell Public Library, Marion E. Whitney lib. 
Trustees, Charles Cogswell, Charles M. Ballou, 
Nellie E. White 


In Essex Co. Inc. Sept. 7, 164S'. Pop. 924. 
22 m. from Boston, 6 m. from Salem and 4 m. 
north of Beverly on Eastern Div. B.&M.R.B. Elec- 
tric cars to Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Ipswich, 
Essex, Gloucester and Bockport. 

ViLLAOES — WenhamAAmX, Wenham Depot AO 
DAmX, Wi^am Neck, East Wenham, Mapleville. 

Town Offlcers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, William P. Portear 

l^electmen. Assessors and Overseers Poor, Herbert 

W. Porter ch. Nathaniel P. Perkins sec. Charles 

H. McQueeny. Meet first Monday afternoon in 

each month 
Auditor, W. Arthur Trout 

Treasurer and Chief Fire Dept. Horace E. Durgin 
Collector, Fred P. Stanton 
Constables, George V. Bowden, Ira W. Heywood, 

Joseph H. Lynch 
Cemetery Commissioners, Warren Jones ch. Benj. 

F. Young see. Samuel K. Evans 
Board Health, Benjamin F. Young ch. Dr. Marland 

H. Eaton see. 
Agent, John B, Sargent 
Chief Police, George V. Bowden 
Tree Warden, Jacob D. Barnes 
Inspector Animals, Henry Alley 

PnbUc Schools. 
Committee, George V. Bowden ch. Elbridge Porter 

sec. Addison Williams 
Supt. Andrew S. Thompson, South Hamilton 
Prin. Grammar School, Mary Beid 

Public Lllirary. 
Wenham Publip Library, Benj. H. Conant lib. 
Trustees, Henry A. Moulton ch. Alice G. Whit- 
ney, Benjamin H. Conant 




In Worcester Co. Inc. Nov. 18, 1717. Pop. 
5378. 32 m. from Boston and 12 m. east of Wor- 
cester on B.&A.B.B. Electric railways to Hop- 
kinton, Milford, Northboro, Shrewsbury and Wor- 

Villages — WestboroACDDAdAmX, Wesson- 
ville, Bocklawn Mills. 

Town Oi&cers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
ClerJc nnd CoUedor, Joseph S. Gates 
Selectmen, Thomas H. Beilly cK Geo. H. Rogers, 

Everett E. Lord. Meet Wednesday evenings 
Auditor, Lawrence F. Fales 
Treasurer, Harry W. Kimball 
Assessors, Henry L. Chase ch, Daniel P. Day, 

Frederick P. Rogers 
Overseers Toor, Uriah Searles ch, William H. 

Sanford, William Magner 
Constables, Dexter P. &igham, William Magner 

(civil), John Dee, John Nash, W. H. Sullivan, 

John P. Crowe, Henry J. Mooney, James Mc- 
Donald, John Ford 
Supt. Streets, W. H. Sullivan 
Water and Sewer Commissioners ^ J. A. Hunt ch. 

Ira M. Beaman, Michael G. McCarty 
Trustees Cemeteries, Edwin B. Harvey ch. Edwin 

T. Gilmore, John W. Fairbanks, Emory L. 

Wood, C. S. Henry 
Sinking Fund CommissionerSy John L. Brigham 

ch. Alden L. Boynton, George L. Smith 
Board Health, Alden L. Boynton ch. Daniel P. 

Cilley, Charles S. Knight 
Agent, Joseph S. Gates 
Chief Police, William Magner 
Chief Fire Dept. James H. McDonald 
Tree Warden, C. S. Henry 
Inspector Animals, Charles H. Reed 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Daniel P. Cilley eh. M. H. Walker, 
Ernest P. Brigham, John P. Crowe, A. E, Fair- 
banks, Albert W. F. Clark, G. Milton Fisher, 
Frank V. Bartlett, W. P. Jackson 

Supt. and Prin. High School, Harry C. Waldron 

Priris. Grammar Schools, Hattie L. Haven, Ellen 
M. Crowell 

Public Library. 

Westboro Town Library, Mrs. Nellie F. Smith Kb. 

Trustees, Edwin B. Harvey ch. Melvin H. Walker, 
Emma S. Nourse, Abbie F. Judd, Louise S. 
Kelley, Thomas H. Reilly, Walter C. Metcalf, 
Frank W. Forbes, Charles S. Henry 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Jan. 30, 1808. Pop. 1500. 
8 m. north of Worcester on Worcester, Nashua & 
Portland Div. and Mass. Central Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — ^West BoylstonAODAm x , Oakdale 

To^m Officers. 

Annual town meeting fourth Monday in March 

Clerk, William T. Holmes 

Selectmen, Aaron Goodale o^. Warren E. Qammell, 
Walter E. Chapman, Oakdale. Meet first Mon- 
day afternoon of each month 

Auditor, Arthur L. Bosworth, Oakdale 

Treasurer, Albert W. Hinds 

Collector, Walter B. Sawyer 

Assessors, John M. Smith ch. Oakdale, Harry E. 
Lowe, Walter E. Chapman, Oakddle 

Overseers Poor, Arthur Scarlett, W. B. Wood, Wil- 
liam E. Storms, OakdcUe 

Constables, Frank H. Baldwin (civil), D. Qiiford 
Lord, Oakdale, Herbert F. Cook 

Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, Henry A. Boynton 

Cemetery Commissioners^ Frank T. Brown, Waldo 
B. Howe, Andrew J. Scarlett 

Park Commissioners, Charles S. Whittemore, Whit- 
man M. Huntington, Waldo B. Howe 

Board Health, Dr. Albert M. Tyler, Oakdale, 
James W. Bobbins, William H. Wheeler 

Chief Fire Dept. Willie B. Wood 

Inspector Animals, William C. Pierce 

Public 8chool& 
Committee, Ernest A. Royal eh. Albert W. Hinds 

see. Emery A. Bacon 
Supt. Ernest P. Carr 
Pnn. High School, E. P. Neal 
Prin. Orammar School, Helen W. Emerson 

Public Library. 

West Boylston Town Library, Annie M. Waite lib. 

Trustees, Edgar P. Neal ch. Mary L. Waite, Annie 
E. Sykes, Ella A. Sawyer, Nellie McCarty, Al- 
bert W. Hinds 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Feb. 16, 1822. Pop. 
2006. 25 m. south of Boston and 20 m. from 
Plymouth on Plymouth and Taunton Divs. N. 
Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric railways to Brockton, 
Bridge water and Taunton. 

Villages — West BridgewaterAODNYBBLx, 
Sequasset, CochesettA, Matfield, WestdaleA, 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Ellery C. Fisher 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, George F. Logue ch. Cochesett, O. F. 

Kinney, West B. Edwin H. Lothrop, West B. 

Meet second and last Mondays of each month 
Auditor, George Presby 
Treasurer and Collector, Frank L. Howard 
Constables, Henry O. Davenport, Jos. C. Howard, 

William L. Woodworth, Presson West, Matfield, 

William T. McArraugh 
Supt. Streets, William F. Ryder, Westddle 



Tree Warden, Oetaye Belmore 
Inspector Animais, D. R. Simmons 

Pnblio Schools. 

Committee, Anna S. Le Lacheur, Martha K. Cros- 
by, MatfiOd, T. Prescott Snell, Frank L. How- 
ard, 8. H. Marahall, Clinton P. Howard 
Supi. Edgar H. Gront, E. Bridgewater 
Prin. High School, Sarah E. Langhton 
Prifw. Grammar Schools, Emma A. Morrow, Co- 
ehesett; Rose L. McDonald 

PnbUc Ulxrary. 

West Bridgewater Public Library, Mary L. Per- 
kins lib. 

Trustees, Charles R. Packard ch. Elizabeth King- 
man, Matfield, Dr. Ellis S. Le Lacheur, Edith F. 
Howard, Mrs. Charlotte A. Williams, L. Angoa- 
tns Tower, Westdale 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Mar. 3, 1848. Pop. 1884. 
25 m. west of Worcester on B.&A.R.R. Electric 
railway to Warren, Brookfield, East Brookfield, 
North Brookfield, Spencer and Ware. 

ViLLAGB— West BrookfieldACDDAmX. 

To^m Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk and Collector, Ih^ight Fairbanks 
Selectmen, Edward K. Haskins ch. John A. Con- 
way, Daniel W. Mason. Meet first Tuesday 

evening of each month 
Auditor, Albert W. Bliss 
Treasurer, Charles H. Clark 
Assessors, Lewis A. Gilbert, Frank A. Brown, C. 

A. Rawson 
Overseers Poor, R. H. Buffington ch. George B. 

Sanf ord, John H. Webb 
Constables, Clarence Smith, John P. Creegan, Geo. 

A. Hocum 
Park Commissioners, Louis Snow, Freeman M. 

Allen, William H. Brown 
Cemetery Committee, Louis Snow, Edwin Wilbur, 

D. Fairbanks 
Supt. Streets, D. W. Mason 
Board Health, Dr. C. A. Blake, Dr. W. R. Smith, 

George B. Canterbury 
Chief Fire Dept. John H. Webb 
Tree Warden, Paul Lucius 
Inspector Animals, Dr. W. R. Smith 

Public Schools. 
Committee, S. H. Reed ch. A. H. Warfield, B. 8. 

Supt. Edward G. Baldwin 

Public Library. 
West Brookfield Library, Mary P. Foster lib. 
Trustees, A. C. White, Charles A. Rawson, S. H. 
Reed, A. H. Bates, Frank A. Giffln 


In Hampden Co. Inc. May 19, 1669. Pop. 13,- 
611. 9 m. west of Springfield on B.ftA.RR., and 
Air Line and Northampton Div. N.T.,N.H.&H.R. 
R. Electric railway to Springfield, Holyoke and 

Villages— WestfieldAOOAm Ad X, East Farms, 
Mnndale, Middle Farms, Little River, West 
Farms, WybenA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting second Monday in March 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Charles N. Oakes 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Chester H. Abbe 

ch. Fred P. Couse, Charles H. Cooley 
Auditors, V. W. Crowson, Loring P. Lane 
Assessors, Frank A. Snow ch. Wilbert F. Loomis, 

F. W. Alderman, Charles H. Cooley, Fred J. 

Town Almoner, Fred A. Rich 

Coiwta&Je<, William W. Hosmer, George C. Barnes, 
William A. Flouton, A. Bazata 

Supt. Streets and Tree Warden, John L. Barry 

Water Commissioners, S. W. Hildreth ch. J. Hor- 
ton Packard Jr. treas. Thomas Little, Charles 
N. Oakes clerk 

Supt. Water Works, Henry W. Davidson 

Tovm Engineer, Oren E. Parks 

Town Counsel, Richard J. Morrisey 

Town Physician, Dr. A. T. Schoonmaker 

Board Health, Luther H. Reals, Dr. A. T. Schoon- 
maker, Lewis B. AUyn 

Agent, William M. Porter 

Chief Police, William A. Flouton 

Chief Fire Dept. George H. Byers 

Inspector Animals, Michael C. Keefe 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Charles J. Bradley, J. D. Cadle, W. 
E. Atwater, A. W. Holton, F. F. Shepard, Orrin 

G. Cash 

Supt. Charles L. Simmons 

Pnn. High School, H. W. Kittredge 

Prins. Grammar Schools, George W. Winslow, 

Training School; Chester D. Stiles, Prospect 

Hill; Ida C. Ashley, Ashley Street; Clara M. 

Bush, Franklin Street; Mary A. Long, Davis; 

Nellie M. Shepard, Green District 

Public Library. 

Westfield Athenieum, George L. Lewis Ub. 
Library Committee, M. B. Whitney pres. J. D. 

Cadle, H. W. Kittredge, D. F. Doherty, J. 0. 

Greenough, H. N. Kingsbury, A. S. Kneil, Rev. 

J. H. Lockwood 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Sept. 23, 1729. Pop. 
2413. 26 m. from Boston and 8 m. southwest of 
Lowell on Southern Div. B.&M.R.R.; also Acton 



Br. B.&M.R.R., 10 m. northwest of Concord Junc- 

Villages — WestfordAOAmX, BrooksideD, 
Carlisle Station, Pine Ridge, East Littleton Sta- 
tionD, Central Village, Chamberlain 's Corner, . 
GranitevilleAGQAmX, Forgo Village AOD, Na- 
shobaA, Parkerville, Westford StationD, Cold- 

Toum Officers. 
Annual town meeting third Monday in March 
Clerk, Edward Fisher 
Selectmen and Board HecUth, Oscar R. Spalding 

oh, Edward M. Abbot, Wesley O. Hawkes, Gran- 

itevUle, Meet first Saturday evening of each 

Auditor, William R. Taylor 
Treasurer, Nahum H. Wright 
Collector, Leonard W. Wheeler 
Assessors, Samuel L. Taylor oh, Coldspring, J. 

Willard Fletcher, Charles D. Colbum 
Overseers Poor, Charles L. Hildreth oh, Albert 

R. Choate, Athur H. Burnham 
Constables, Edson G. Boynton, Walter A. Whidden 
8upt, Streets, August McDonald 
Cemetery Commissioners, George W. Heywood, 

George T. Day, Melbourne F. Hutchins 
Tree Warden, James Spinner 
Inspector Animals, George T. Day 

Pabllo Schools. 

Committee, Albert R. Choate ch, GraniteviUe, 
Homer M. Seavey, Arthur E. Wilson, Walter C. 
Wright, H. B. Reed, Charles Preseott 

Supt. A, B. Webber, Littleton 

Prin. Westford Academy, William A. Perkins 

Prins. Qramanar Schools, William A. NiekerBon, 
GraniteviUe; Letitia V. Ward, Forge Village 

Public Library. 
J. V. Fletcher Library, Mary P. Bunce lib. 
Trustees, William A. Perkins oh. Charles O. Pres- 
eott, Walter C. Wright 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Sept. 29, 1778. Pop. 
466. 90 m. from Boston and 8 m. from Northamp- 
ton by stage. 

Villages — ^WesthamptonAAd Am X , Loudville 
A, Shack Street. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Francis A. L^ud 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 

Health, A. Drury Rice ch. E. B. Clapp, D. S^ 

Bridgman. Meet by appointment 
Auditor, Heny M. Clapp 
Treasurer, Arthur K. Chapman 
Collector, A. D. Montague 
Constables, George E. Knight, A. E. Damon, A. 

T. Edwards, G. L. Hathaway, F. Howard. 

Highway Surveyors, Levi Burt, A. D. Montague, 

P. A. Connery 
Tree Warden, Levi Burt 
Inspector Animals, A. T. Edwards 

PabUc Schools. 
Committee, Charles N. Loud ch. A. D. Montague^ 

F. D. Bridgman 
Supt. W. D. Miller, Easthampton 

Public Library. 
Reunion Public Library, George E. Knight Ub. 
Trustees, A. D. Montague, H. S. Ives, Orville Flint 


In Worcester Co. Inc. Oct 20, 1759. Pop. 
1348. 50 m. from Boston and 21 m. from Wor- 
cester, Westminster Depot being a station on 
Fitchburg Div. B.&M.R.R., 5 m. west of Fitchburg. 
Electric railway to Fitchburg, Gardner and Mt. 

Villages — ^Westminster AN x, South Westmin- 
ster, Westminster DepotAODNX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Charles F. Giles 

Selectmen and Board Health, Frank W. Derby oh, 
W. H. Waterhouse, Frank N. Carpenter. Meet 
last Saturday in every month 

Auditor, Frank E. Miller 

Treasurer, Frank W. Fenno 

Collector, Frank W. Derby 

Assessors, Hobart Raymond, Charles H. Dupee, 
W. Depot, Louie S. Miller 

Overseers Poor, Hobart Raymond cK Frank W. 
Derby, Frank H. Battles 

Constable, Durward A. Peeler (dvil) 

Supt. Streets, W. H. Waterhouse 

Cemetery Commissioners, Alphonso E. Brown, JF. 
Depot, C. E. Barron, W. Depot, Hobart Ray- 

Chief Fire Dept. John C. Goodridge 

Tree Warden, Stillman Whitney 

Inspector Animals, M. D. Whitney 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Cecil C. Whitney ch. Mary A. Dnpee 

sec W, Depot, Frank T. Sweet treas, 
Supt. George Rugg, Princeton 
Prin. High School, Mrs. Jessie L. Shepard 

PubUo Idbrary. 
Westminster Public Library, Sadie F. Greene Kb, 
Trustees, Charles F. Giles ch. Edith M. Griffin, 

Ellen M. Wright, Myra C. Whitney, Frank W. 

Fenno, Frederick W. Mossman 


In Essex Co. Inc. June 14, 1820. Pop. 1405. 
Reached by electric street railway from Hayer- 
hill, Groveland and Newburyport. 

Village — ^West NewburyA. 



Toum Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

ClerJc, Elwood N. Chase 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Charles W. Ordway ch. Newburypori, 
Daniel Cooney, Sam Bogers. Meet last Sat- 
urday in each month 

Auditor, Joseph J. Goodrich, Newburyport 

Treasurer and Collector, Samuel F. Coffin 

Constables, Charles Bradley, Charles T. Moseley, 
Mark Bogers 

Chief Police, Mark Bogers 

Chief Fire Dept. George H. Bailey 

Tree Warden, William Merrill 

Inspector Animals, Charles T. Moseley 

Pn1>lic Schools. 
Committee, J. B. Gordon ch, Parker H. Nason, 

Benjamin Bomham 
Supt. Jaines G. Morrill 
Prin. High School, C. H. Martin 
Prin, Grammar School, Kathleen Melvin 

Pablic LiTxraries. 

West Newbury Public Library, Caroline Carr lib. 

Trustees, Parker H. Nason ch, Amos H. Pierce, 
Moses Smith, Isabel £. Kennett, Benjamin F. 
Burnham, Edith M. Forsyth, Benj. F. Bobin- 
son, Josiah B. Gordon, Emily A. Bailey 

Natural History Society, William Merrill Jr. lib. 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Jan. 1, 1712. Pop. 2091. 
4 m. west of Waltham on Central Mass. Div. and 
also on Fitchburg Div. B.&M.B.B. 

Villages — ^WestonAGXDAmX, Kendal Green AO 
DNX, Cherry BrookD, Silver HillD, HastingsD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting third or fourth Mon. in Mar. 

Cleric, George W. Cutting 

Selectmen, Francis Blake ch. Aubumddle, Nathan 
S. Fiske, Kendal Green, Alfred L. Cutting. Meet 
second Saturday in each month 

Auditors, Merrill French, Walter A. Wheeler 

Treasurer and Collector, Henry J. White 

Assessors, Henry Brown ch. David W. LsCne, Au- 
bumddle, Nathan S. Fiske, Kendal Green 

Overseers Poor, Edward P. Bipley ch. Henry A. 
Wheeler, Kendal Green, William B. Bobbins 

Constables, Nathan S. Fiske, Kendal Green, Silas 
Baxter, Waltham, Charles A. Freeman, Horace 
P. Heard, Patrick J. McAuliffe, Darius B. Vit- 
tum, KendcH Green, George Faber, Kendal Green 

Boad Commissioners, Augustus M. Upham, Thos. 
E. Coburn, Kendal Green, Charles B. Cutter, 

Parle Commissioners, David W. Lane, Aubumddle, 
Arthur L. Coburn, Henry L. Brown 

Cemetery Commissioners, Henry L. Brown, Wil- 
liam T. Bnrrage, William H. Coburn, Kendal 

Board Health, Everett O. Clark ch. Dr. Frederick 
T. Hyde, George N. Abercrombie, Kendal Green 
Agent, George W. Cutting 
Tree Warden, Frank G. Cooper 
Chief Fire Dept. Benjamin B. Parker 
Inspector Animals, Gilbert A. Blood 

Public Schoola 

Committee, Mrs. Carolyn E. Burrage oh. Edward 

Fiske, SionybrooJc, Arthur T. Jolmson 
Prin. High School, Charles M. Eaton 
Prin. Grammar School, Ennice Caldwell, Waltham 

Public Library. 

Westbn Town Library, Maud M. Pennock lib. 
Trustees, Horace S. Sears, Justin E. Gale, Arthur 

T. Johnson 


In Bristol Co. Inc. July 2, 1787. Pop. 2867. 
64 m. from Boston, 28 m. from Taunton and 8 m. 
southwest of Fall Biver. Electric railway from 
Fall Biver to New Bedford passes through the 
villages of North Westport and Westport Factory. 
Stage from Westport Point through Central Vil- 
lage and Westport to Westport Factory connects 
with electric cars to New Bedford or Fall Biver. 
Stage from Adamsville, B. I., to New Bedford 
passes through Central Village and South West- 

Villages — Westport ANYBX, AcoaxetA, Quan- 
sett, Indian Town, Lawton's Corner, Brownell's 
Comer, Gifford's Comer, Wardell's Comer, Davis 
Comer, North WestportAGONYBX, South West- 
portA, Westport Factory A, Central VillageA, 
Westporf PointA, Westport Harbor, Westport 
Factory StationGQNYBx, HemlockD, Beulah. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting second Monday in March 
Clerk, Edward L. Macomber, Central Village 
Selectmen, Albert F. King ch. North W. Elmer 

E. Gifford, South W. Jonathan Borden, North 
W. Meet last Saturday of each month 

Auditors, Albert D. Manchester, Henry E. Davis, 

Adamsville, B. I. 
Treas. and Collector, Jonathan B. Hicks, No. W. 
Assessors, Henry A. Allen ch. South W. Augustus 

B. Wood, Central Village, Albert F. King, 

North W. 
Overseers Poor, John Gifford ch. South W. Harry 

L. Potter, North W. Bobert A. Gifford, Centrdl 

Constables, Daniel M. Sanford, North W. William 

F. Macomber, Henry P. Wing, Central ViOage, 
Edward Athington, AdamswlU, B. I. 

Highway Surveyor, Charles B. Wood, Centrdl Vil- 

Board Health, J. D. Tupper M.D. ch. Elmer E. 
Gifford, South W. Albert F. King, North W. 

Agent, Edward L. Macomber, Central Village 



Tree Warden, Jonathan Borden, North W. 
iTispectore Animdle, £. Handy, G. A. Tripp 

Pablio Sdiools. 

Committee, Edward L. Macomber oh. Central Vil- 
lage, Charles F. Sanford, North W. Augustus 
B. Wood, Central Village 

8npt. Albert S. Cole, North Dartmouth 

Frin. High School, Wallace S. HaU 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Miss Josephine L. Dow- 
ney, Thomas W. Collins, Westport Factory; 
Richard P. MaeKnight, Westport Point 

Pnblie Library. 

Free Public Library, Central Village, Annie R. 

Howland lib, 
Trwteea, John W. Gifford ch. South W. Kate W. 

Chace eeo. Augustus R. Wood, Central Village, 

Samuel H Macomber, Central Village, Nason R. 

Macomber, Central Village, Frederick L. Tripp, 

Central Village 


In Hampden Co. Inc. Feb. 23, 1774. Pop. 
8101. 1 m. west of Springfield on B.&A.R.R. 
Electric railway to Holyoke, Westfield, Agawam 
and Springfield.- 

Villages — ^West SpringfieldAGOAdAmX, Ash- 
leyville, Riverdale, TathamD, Amostown, Mitti- 
neagueAGXDAdAmX, MerrickA, Cayenne, Pau- 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in April 
Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Fred H. Sibley 
Selectmen and Overseers Poor, A. A. Sibley ch. 

F. P. Sargent sec, H. Loomis. Meet every Sat- 
urday at 2 p.m. 
Auditors, Aaron Bagg Jr. John C. Worcester 
Assessors, Harrison Loomis ch, Charles D. Fams- 

worUi, Henry A. Sibley 
Supt, Streets, J. Frank Hayes 
Water Commissioners, George N. Norris ch, Louis 

J. Ivers, Charles M. Woodward 
Park Commissioners, Justus B. Smith, Mitti- 

neague, H. A. Warriner, E. P. Bragg, Merrick 
Sinking Fund Commissioners, Henry S. Hyde, 

Springfield, Charles A. Edgerton, Mittineague, 

Campbell Chapin 
Board Health, Dr. Payson J. Flagg eh, Mitti- 

neague, Dr. H. H. Downey sec. 
Agent, Sumner A. Bragg, Merrick 
Chief Police, John J. Sweeney Jr. Mittineague 
Chief Fire Dept, Elam B. Jones, Merrick 
Tree Warden, George W. Hayden 
Inspector Animals, Joel H. Lombra 

Public Schools. 

Committee, C. J. Bell ch, Wilson B. Chandler, 
Sophie Brooks, William H. Bagg, P. W. Mc- 
Laughlin M.D., Nelson Sherborne 

Supt, C. E. Brockway 

Prin, High School, John C. Worcester 

Prins, Grammar Schools, H. D. Vincent. Park 

Avenue; E. E. White, Main Street; Uarj E. 

SuUiyan, Mittineague; Ellen E. Donkendeji 

Meadow Street 

Public Iiibrary. 
West Springfield Public Library, Daniel G. White 

Trustees, D. G. White, Winthrop S. Bagg, Emma 

A. Bragg 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Mar. 9, 1774. Pop. 
1023. 165 m. from Boston, 11 m. from Pittsfield, 
10 m. north of Great Barrington and 3 m. south 
of State Line station on B.ftA.R.R. and Berk- 
shire Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages— West StockbridgeAGXlAdx, West 
Stockbridge Center, State LineAODAmX, Rook- 
dale MillsA, Williamsyille. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in April 

Clerk and Treasurer, E. C. Finney 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, John B. Scott ch, 
Lewis Chamberlain, Richard Bossidy. Meet 
Saturday by appointment 

Auditor, H. F. Lawrence 

Collector, Michael G. Troy 

Assessors, J. S. Moore ch, C. D. ^Barnes, Thomas 

Constables, Richard Bossidy, E. Arthur Easland, 
Jno. Keresey, E. T. Barnes, Lester Boice 

Cemetery Commissioners, Cyrus W. Sprague, 0. 
P. Leavltt, E. Arthur Easland 

Board Health, Qyrus W. Sprague, James F. Bossi- 
dy, Dr. Dudley Leavitt 

Tree Warden, O, J. Carpenter 

Inspector Animals, O, P. Leavitt 

PnbUo Schools. 
Committee, C. W. Sprague ch, Fred C. Tobey mc 

J. S. Moore 
Supt, Schools, Frederick F. Williams 

Public Library. 

West Stockbridge Public Library, Frances J. Ed- 
wards lib. 

Trustees, W. W. Bartlett oh. A. H. Blake^ A. 


In Dukes Co. Inc. Apr. 28, 1892. Pop. 467. 
10 m. from Edgartown and 6 m. from Vinejurd 
Haven by stage. 

ViLLAGBS— West TisburyA, North TisburyA, 
Lambert's Cove. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting Mardi 21, 1908. 
Clerk, George G. Gifford 



Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
William J. Botch ch. Ererett A* Davia^ George 
Hunt Luce West T. Meet 6th of each month 

Auditor, Samuel ThompBon 

Treasurer, Sandenon M. Mayhew 

Collector, GeoTge L. Donaldson 

Assessors, George Hunt Luce eK Edwin A. Luce, 
H, H. Lovell, North T. 

Constables, George L. Donaldson (civil), Fred O. 

8upt. Streets, William G. Smith 

Cemetery Committee, Fred G. Yincenty XT. E. 
Mayhew, E. A. Davis 

Tree JFarden, John Pease 

Inspector Animals, Orin W. Look 

Public Schodlfl. 
Committee, Xnysses E. Majhew oh. William Look, 

North T. H. H. Lovell, North T. 
Supt. A. P. AveriD 

Public Library. 
West Tisbury Public Library, Gyrus Manter Kb, 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. 1897; set oflF from Ded- 
ham. Pop. 1136. 13 m. from Boston. 3 m. from 
Dedham. Electric railway to Dedham and 
through Islington to Dedham and Norwood; 
also to Medfield, MiUis and Franklin. 

Villages — WestwoodA, IslingtonAGOAdX, 
Green Lodge, EllisA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
CUrTc and Chief Fire Dept. Willie W. Baker 
Selectmen, Overseer Poor, Board Health and High- 
ioay Surveyors, Henry £. Weatherbee ch, Ded- 
ham, John L. Fisher, Joseph L. Fisher. Meet 
first and third Wednesdays 
Auditors, Lucius Damrell, George E. Bonn0y 
Treasurer, George A. French 
Collector, Charles H. Ellis 
Assessors, William Schlusem^er ch. David A. 

Hodgdon, Henry F. Mylod 
Constables, Frederick Fisher, Elmer E. Smith, 

Clarence H. Southerland 
Supt. Streets, Clarence H. Southerland 
Tree Warden, Fred A. McHroy 
Inspector Animals, James J. Mulvehill 

Public Schools. 
Commutes, Bev. Lewis A. Eaton oh. Willie W. 

Baker see. George C. Lee Jr. 
Supt. M. J. West, MilUs 
Prins. Grammar Schools, Boss Vardon, Znlietta 


Public Library. 
Westwood Public Library, Annie L. Biehardson 

Trustees, (vacancy) eh. Bev. C. S. Locke, Bmest 

J. Baker 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Sept. 2, 1635. Pop. 11,585. 
12 m. southeast of Boston on Plymouth Div. Old 
Colony Sys. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric rail- 
ways from East Weymouth to Quincy, Braintree 
and Hingham through Lovell 's Corners and 
South Weymouth to Bockland. 

Villages — WeymouthAODNYBBLX, North 
WeymouthAONYBBLX, East Weymouth AGONY 
BB LX, Weymouth Centre, South Weymouth AGXD 
AdNYBBLx, Weymouth HeightsDNYBBLX, 
Lovell 's Corners, Nash, Porter, Old Spain, 
Weymouth Landing. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, John A. Baymond, East W. 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 
Gordon Willis ch. South W. Bradford Hawes, 
Porter, E. W. Hunt, Willard J. Dunbar, East W. 
Meet every Monday 

Auditors, John P. Hunt, Charles A. Loud, Edward 

Treasurer John H. Stetson, South W. 

Collector, Frank W. Bichards, South W. 

Assessors, H. Walker Pratt, North W. John W. 
Bates, East W. John F. Dwyer, Oilman B. 
Loud, South W. George C. Torrey 

Constables, Michael Allen, South W. George B. 
Bayley, South W. Thomas Fitzgerald, Ben- 
jamin F. Bichards, W. Heights, Isaac H. Walk- 
er, North W. Airthur H. Pratt, East W. 
Nathaniel B. Peare, East W. WiUiam 
F. French, East W. George W. Conant, South 
W. John D. Walsh, Charles J. McMorrow, East 
W. (civil) 

Water Commissioners, D. M. Easton ch. East W. 
Frank H. Torrey, George H. Bicknell, John H. 
Stetson, South W. Gordon Willis, South W. 

Park Commissioners, Louis A. Co(A, South W. 
William H. Clapp, George L. Newton, North W. 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, Frank H. Torrey, 
William H. Pratt, East W. Henry A. Nash 

Tree Warden, Gordon Willis, South W. 

Inspector Animals, George B. Bayley 

Public Schools. 
Committee, T. V. Nash ch. Louis A. Cook, S. W. 

John F. Beardon, South W. J. A. Gushing, Bast 

W. H. Franklin Perry, Mary E. Holbrook, S. W. 
Supt. Abner A. Badger, Bast W. 
Prin. High School, Edwin B. Sampson, North W. 
Prins. Grammar Schools, F. C. Heald, Franklin; 

Albert S. Ames, Hunt; Everett N. Hollis, Bates; 

Martha E. Belcher, Shaw; Frank M. Bich, 

Athens; C. E. A. Staxarett 

Public Libraries. 
Fogg, Library, Buth N. Tower Ub. South W. 
Trustees, Bev. WUliam H. Bolster, Henry B. 
Beed, J. H. Stetson 



Tufts Free Public Library^ Caroline A. Blanchard 

Trustees, John B. Holland, Louis A. Cook, Clarence 
B. Whittle, Edward G. Bates, Herbert L. New- 
ton, Preston Pratt, Selectmen exiofficio, Fraods 
M. Drown, James H. Flint 


In Franklin Co. Inc. Apr. 24, 1771. Pop. 
822. 110 m. from Boston, 12 m. from Greenfield 
and 9 m. nortii of Northampton on Connecticut & 
Passumpsic Div. B.&M.B.B.; also Northampton 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.E.E. 

ViLLAGKS— WhatelyACDDAmX, East WhatelyA 
(DDAmX, West Whately. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, George A. Elder 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Highway Commis- 
sioners, Seth B. Crafts ch. Fay B. Bardwell, 
HaydenviUe (B, F. D.), B. Mosher Swift, N. 
Hatfield. Meet last business day of each month. 

Auditor, Lyman A. Crafts, East W, 

Treasurer, Clifford L. Crafts 

Collector, William H. Adkins, East W. 

Assessors, William H. Adkins ch. East W, Chaxles 
H. Field, HaydetMAHe (B. F. D.), James A. 
Wood, East W. 

Constable, WOliam H. Adkins, East W. 

Cemetery Commissioners, Leander F. Crafts ch. 
Wells T. Smith, Lucian Moody 

Tree Warden, Leander F. Crafts 

Inspector Animals, Irving Allis 

Fablio Schools. 
Committee, James A. Wood oh. East W. Leslie 

E. Waite, HaydenviUe, Arthur Beers 
Supt. Schools, Myron J. Wilson, South Deerfield 

Public Library. 
Whately Public Library, Arlene I. Boote Ub. 
Trustees, Arthur H. Beers ch, Fred B. Bardwell, 
HaydenvUle (B.F.D,), Charles H. Pease, E, W, 


In Plymouth Co. Inc. Mar. 5, 1886. Pop. 6521. 

21 m. south of Boston on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N. 

H.&H.R.R. Electric railways to Brockton, Stough- 

ton, Abington, Bockland, East Bridgewater, 

Bridgewater and Taunton. 
Villages — ^Whitman AGQNYB X , Aubumville, 

East WhitmanAODNYBx, Washington Street 


Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, Fred E. Sharp 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, B. C. Beed ch. 
Charles E. Lovell, Timothy F. Kenneally. Meet 
Tuesday and Friday evenings, also first Monday 
in month I 

Auditor, Bela Alden 

Treasurer, Benjamin Calvin Beed 

Collector, Benjamin F. Peterson 

Assessors, Isaiah T. Churchill eh» Benjamin F. 
Peterson, Arthur D. B. Butler, Bast W. 

Constables, Thomas F. Kane, Frank Erskine, An- 
drew. B. McCallum, Foster J. Band, Patrick H. 
Smith (civil) 

Highway Surveyor, Aaron A. Healy 

Water Commissioners, Julius C. Gilbert, A. B. 
McCallum, Ernest C. Howard 

Cemetery Commissioners, John M. West, Obed H. 

Park Commissioners, John E. Andrews, Edwin A. 
Parker, A. A. MacKeen 

Street Lighting Committee, James Holland, James 
T. Condon, Lewis F. Trow 

Begistrars of Voters, Bandall W. Cook, Patrick 
J. Callanan, Bayliss Wood, Fred E. Sharp, cfLerh 

Board Health, Oscar A. Bemis ch, George A. Ed- 
son, Lucius Cook, East W. 

Chief Police, Patrick H. Smith 

Chief Fire Dept. Selwyn Staples 

Inspector Animals, Owen F. Bumpus 

Tree Warden, Clarence A. Bandall 

Pablic Schools. 
Committee, Mrs. Eugenia F. Lovell ch, James E. 

Bates sec. Julius C. Gilbert 
Supt. Schools, Henry M. Walradt 
Prin, High School, Dudley L. Whitmarsh 
Prin. Grammar School, Ernest M. Beid 

PnbUc Ubrary. 

Whitnuin Public Library, Ellena S. Spilsted Kb. 

Trustees, E. J. Gaffney, George A. Dorr, Deborah 
Partridge, Lizzie B. Bosworth, Eugenia F. Lov- 
ell, Francis J. Hanley 


In Hampden Co. Inc. June 15, 1763. Pop. 
1708. 9 m. east of Springfield, North Wilbraham 
being on the B.&A.B.E. Electric railway from 
North WObraham to Springfield, Ludlow and 

ViLLAOES — ^WilbrahamAAmX, North Wilbra- 
hamACDOAmX, Glendale, Ellis Mills, Butlerville, 
East Wilbraham. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday after first 

Tuesday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, E. W. Wall, North W. 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board HectUh, 

Fred W. Green ch, G. L. Bindge, North W, 

Leon G. Bartlett. Meet first Tuesday of each 

Auditor, Frank Bosler 
Collector, H. F. Greene, North W. 
Assessors, A. A. Phelps, J. S. Morgan, North W, 

W. H. McGuiro Jr. North W. 


Constables, Calvin G. Bobbins, Delbert H. Eaton, 
L. L. Farr, North W, E. C. Clark, William J07, 
N<yrih W. 

Supt, Streets, G. L. Rindge, North W. 

Tree Warden, C. G. Bobbins 

Inspector Animats, Jesse L. Bice 

Public Schools. 
Committee, H. G. Webber ch. Miss Evanore O. 

Beebe, North W. C. P. BoUes 
Supt. Miss Mary L. Poland, Springfield 

Public Library. 
W^ilbraham Public Library, Eunice M. Bates lib. 
Trustees, H. W. Cutler, North W. F. A. Gumey, 
Vernon H. Deming, North W. 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. Apr. 24, 1771. Pop. 
1943. 7 m. northwest of Northampton on North- 
ampton Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.B.B. Electric railway 
to Northampton. 

Va.LAGES — WilliamsburgAOn Ad X , Haydenville 
AG)DAdx, Searsville. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Cleric and Treasurer, Henry W. Hill 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Charles S. Damon ch. Haydenville, Law- 
rence Molloy, Hallock H. Nichols. Meet first 
and third Saturdays of each month 
Auditors, J. Walter Nash, Thomas P. Larkin 
Collector, Bichard F. Burke, Haydenville 
Constables, Henry A. Bisbee (civil), Samuel J. 

Edwards, Haydenville 
Chief Fire Dept. Joseph J. Ball 
Tree Warden, Howard C. Pomeroy, Haydenville 
Inspector Animals, Hallock H. Nichols 

Public Schools. 

Comanittee, Mrs. Frank L. Bisbee ch. Henry L. 

Goddard sec. Thomas J. Dunphy 
Supt. E. W. Goodhue 
Prin. High School, Carl Breaker 

Public Libraries. 

Free Public Library, Thomas H. Ives lib. 

Trustees, Thomas H. Ives, Haydenville, Thomas 
J. Curry, Haydenville, William G. Loomis, Hay- 

Meekins Memorial Library, Myra A. Hill lib. 

Trustees, H. W. Hill ch. G. H. Ames, W. M. Pur- 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. June 21, 1765. Pop. 
4425. 5 m. west of North Adams on Fitchburg 
Div. B.&M.B.R.; electric railway to North 

Villages — WllliamstownACDDNx, South Wil- 
liamstownA, Sweet's Corners, Williamstown Sta- 

tionCDO, Coles ville. White Oaks, Hemlock Brook, 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting last Monday in March 
Clerk, George W. Grundy 

Selectmen, G. B. Waterman, S. Starkweather, Lin- 
coln S. Hickox. Meet laist Wednesday of each 

Auditor, Charles S. Cole 
Treasurer, W. B. Clark 
Collector, Sumner I. Prindle 
Assessors, John Navin, J. T. Wells, Frank S. 

Overseers Poor, M. H. Torrey 
Constables, Joseph Richards (civil), James Grady, 

Thomas Dunfrey, A. L. Mason, Charles A. Blair, 

Amidee Remillard, Murray Barber, William T. 

Gardner, Fred H. Goodell, Herbert H. Pattison 
Highway Commissioner, I. S. Fowler 
Sewer Commissioners, Benjamin F. Bridges, 

William F. O'Connor, E. E. Mulden 
Cemetery Commissioners, George B. Waterman, N. 

H. Sabin, George W. Smith, South W. 
Prudential Committee, E. Charon, Geo. W. Bryant, 

B. H. Sherman 
Board Health, William J. Danaher ch. John B. 

Hull M.D., Charles H. King clerk 
Chief Fire Dept. Amidee Remillard 
Tree Warden, Philip Hogan 
Inspector Animals, C. L. Whitney 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Daniel J. Neyland ch. Leverett Mears, 

Jeremiah F. Locke 
Supt. Walter G. MitcheU 
Prin. High School, John A. DeCamp 

Public Library. 

Williamstown Public Library, Lucy F. Curtis lib. 
Trustees, Daniel J. Neyland, Henry D. Wild, 

Norman H. Sanford 
So. Williamstown Branch, Mrs. N. H. Sanford 



In Middlesex Co. Inc. Sept. 25, 1730. Pop. 
1670. 15 m. from Boston on Southern Div. B.&M. 
R.R. Electric railways to Billerica, Reading, Low- 
ell, Lynn and Boston; North Wilmington 16% m. 
from Boston on Western Div. B.&M.R.R. 

Villages — Wilmington AOD Am X, North Wil- 
jningtonAGOAmX, Silver LakeO, Brown, Wil- 
mington JunctionD. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, James E. Kelley 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor, Board Heaith 
and Cemetery Commissioners, Arthur T. Bond 
ch. North W. George W. Buck, John W. Hatha- 
way, North W. Meet every Monday evening 

Auditor, Bernard F. Doucette, North W. 



Treasurer, Fred A. Eames, North W. 

Collector, Joseph Patchett 

Constable, William E. Swain 

Supt. Streets, Willie B. Mcintosh 

Park Commissioners, Joseph Patchett, Chester W. 

Clark, Donald K. Colgate 
Agent Board Health, Dr. Daniel T. Buzzell 
Chief Police, William E. Swain 
Chief Fire Dept, Joseph M. Hill 
Tree Warden, Howard M. Horton 
Inspector Animals, Otis Gowing 
Inspector Provisions, Henry L. Sheldon 
Supt. Moths, Oliver McGrane 

Pnblio Schools. 

Committee, Robert H. Gowing, Charles E. Little- 
field, Howard M. Horton 
Supt, W. N. Cragin 
Prifi. High School, S. A. Loring 
Prin. Grammar School, Adella B. Goodrich 

Public Idbraiy. 

Town Library, Anna T. Sheldon lib. 

Trustees, Edward N. Eames, Daniel 1*. Buzzell, 

Robert H. Gowing, Edgar C. Folkins, John W. 



In Worcester Co. Inc. June 14, 1764. Pop. 
5933. 68 m. from Boston and 37 m. northwest of 
Worcester at junction of Cheshire Br. Fitchburg 
Div. and the Monadnock Br., Fitchburg Div. B.& 
M. and Ware River Br. B.&A.R.R. 

Villages — WinchendonAODAmNX, Ballard- 
ville, CentervilleD, Glenallen, Harrisville, Hyde- 
yille, Winchendon SpringsA, Winchendon Cen- 
ter, New Boston, WaterviUeAGXHAmX. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, George M. Whitney 

Selectmen, Charles M. Day ch, Walter E. Carter, 
John Gregory. Meetings every Saturday 

Auditors, Marcus A. Young, Henry W. Clark 

Treasurer and Collector, Alfred H. Whitney 

Assessors, Elmer L. Hale ch, John D. Howard, El- 
bridge A. Spooner 

Overseers Poor, Wheeler Poland ch, Robert Calla- 
han, Gustavus W. Jones 

Constables, Robert Callahan, Leon W. Davis, Levi 
F. Martin 

Highway Surveyor, Avard L. Brown 

Water Commissioners, Waldo C. Corey, Frederick 
W. Russell, Edwin L. Stone 

Cemetery Commissioners, Benj. M. Wright, Chas. 
E. Snow, George M. Steams 

Board Health, Frederick W. Russell ch, Robert 
Callahan, Wilford V. Stanley 

Chief Police, Robert Callahan 

Chief Fire Dept, Levi F. Martin 

Tree Warden, John G. Folsom 

Inspector Animals, George W. Stanbridge 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Frank B. Spalter ch, Wheeler Poland, 
Fred Hanscom, Elisha M. Whitney, Mrs. E. 
W. Cross, Mrs. Lola M. Henry 

Supt. W. B. Sprague 

Prin. Murdoch High School, Charles F. Jacobs 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Clara Drake, Wheel- 
er School; H. Jeanette Healey, White Sdiool; 
Grace Dempster, Tucker School; Mary Leiwifl^ 
Woodcock School; Anna B. Courtney, Eaat Mur- 
dock School; Effie Carter, Marvin School; Helen 
R. Warner, Rice School; Marguerite Newell, 
East School 

Public Library. 

Winchendon Public Library, Mrs. M. L. Manzer 

Trustees, Theodore K. Parker, J. G. Henry, Flora 

A. Bryant, Mrs. J. N. White, W. Springs, Rot. 

Joseph F. Fielden 


In Middlesex Co. Inc. Apr. 30, 1850. Pop. 
8242. 8 m. northeast of Boston on Southern Div. 
B.&M.R.R. Electric railways to Arlington, Wo- 
burn, Stoneham and Medf ord. 

Villages — WinchesterACDQAmBLX, Win- 
chester HighlandsACOAmX, Symmes' Comer, 
Cutler's Village. 

Town OficerB. 

Annual town meeting first Monday in March 

Clerk, George H. Carter 

Selectmen, William D. Richards eh. William £. 
Beggs, James H. Dwinnell, Frank E. Barnard, 
Frank W. Winn. Meet every Monday even- 
ing at 7.30 

Auditor, William H. Herrick 

Treasurer, Thomas S. Spurr 

Collector, John G. Hovey 

Assessors, Fred V. Wooster ch, George W. Paine, 
George H. Carter 

Overseers Poor, George H. Carter ch. Charles F. 
McCarthy, Emily C. Symmes 

Constables, William R. Mcintosh (civil), Edward 
F. Maguire (civil) 

Supt. Streets and Sewers, and Town Engineer, 
James Hinds 

Water and Sewer Board, David N. Skillings ch. 
Henry C. Ordway, Sanf ord D. Leland 

Cemetery Commissioners, George P. Brown, S. W. 
Twombly, Henry J. Winde, James H. Dwinell, 
Charles A. Gleason 

Park Commissioners, Preston Pond, Frank F. Car- 
penter, Jere A. Downs 

Board Health, Clarence J. Allen ch, William M. 
Mason, Frederick M. Ives 

Chief Police, William R. Mcintosh 

Chief Fire Dept, Irving L. Symmes 

Tree Warden, Irving T. Guild 

Inspector Animals, William Buckley 



PaWc Schools. 
Committee, Charles F. A. Currier ch. Ralph £. 

Joslin, Albert F. Blaisdell 
8upi. Sdiuyler 8. Herson 
Prtn. High School, Edwin N. Lovering 
Prin. Grammar School, Arthur P. Briggs, Wad- 

leigh School 

Public Ubrary. 
Winchester Public Library, Cora A. Quimbj lib. 
Trustees, Robert Coit, Theodore C. Hurd, Oeorge 

H. Eustis 


In Berkshire Co. Inc. Oct. 16, 1778. Pop. 
513. 145 m. from Boston, 12 m. from Pittsfield 
and 6 m. from Balton by stage. 

Villages — WindsorA, East WindsorA. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Charles S. Galusha 
Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

H« A. Ford ch. C. H. Ball, East W. A. B. Cady 
Auditor, J. F. Leslie 
Treasurer, J. A. Estes 
Collector, H, W. Ford 
Assessors, Sumner H. Bicknell ch. C. H. Ball, 

East W. A. E. Miner 
CimsUihles, William J. Gray, J. F. Leslie, H. W. 

Ford (civil) 
Highwc^ Commissioner, August Toumier 
Cemetery Commissioners, William P. Harwood, W. 

C. Goodell, F. W. Turner, East W. 
Tree Warden, IVank Leslie 
Fire Wardens, H. W. Ford, O. D. Jacobs, East W. 

E. J. Allen, W. Cummington 
Inspectors AnimaLs, H. J. Whitmarsh, O. D. 

Jacobs, Eagt W. 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Charles S. Galusha ch. Alpheus H. 

AUen, W. Cwnmington, D. A. Cady 
Supt. W. E. Riley, Hinsdale 

Public Iiibrazy. 

Windsor Public Library, Mrs. C. E. Estes lib. 
Trustees, Byron H. HoUis, East W. H. J. Whit- 


In Suffolk Co. Inc. Mar. 27, 1852. Pop. 6058. 
5 m. from Boston and 3 m. southeast of Chelsea 
on Winthrop Br. Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn 
R.R. Electric railways to East Boston, Revere, 
Chelsea and Boston. 

Villages — WinthropAGOBLX, Winthrop 
HigKlands, Winthrop BeachD, Ocean Spray, Cot- 
tage Hill, Point Shirley. 

Town Officers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk, Preston B. Churchill 

Selectmen and Overseers Poor, Delos M. Bristol ch, 
Brondon J. Keenan, William Sanby. Meet every 
Monday evening at 7.30 

Auditor, George Douglas 

Treasurer, Harry W. Aiken 

Collector, Harold C. Bortlett 

Assessors, Edward S. Freeman ch. Henry M. Bel- 
cher, Thomas Floyd 

Constables, Thomas Haggerston, B. Albert Floyd 

Supt. Streets, Timothy J. Mahoney 

Cemetery Supt. Charles R. Bennison 

Park Commissioners, Charles A. Sawyer, James 
B. Johnstone, William Frost 

Board Health, Benjamin Hicks Metcalf M.D. eh, 
Charles R. Gardner, John Flanagan 

Agent, Sumner Floyd 

Inspector of PlumHng, William G. McNeil 

Chief Police, Ernest R. Buf&nton 

Chief Fire Dept. F. W. F. Woollcott 

Inspector Buildings, Walter S. Sampson 

Harbor Master, Henry J. Cook 

Tree Warden, Charles T. E. Clapp 

Inspector Animals, John McNaught 

Public Schools. 

Committee, Edward B. Newton ch. O. E. John- 
son M.D., Frank F. Cook 

Supt. Frank A. Douglas 

Prtn. High School, Ervine D. Osborne 

Prins. Grammar Schools, Frank A. Douglas, Paul- 
ine; H. F. Fiske, Shirley; Bertha G. Twombly, 

Public Library. 

Winthrop Public Library, Alice A. Munday lib. 

Trustees, David Floyd ch. Benjamin H. Metcalf, 
Charles E. Belcher, Channing Howard, Ervine 
D. Osborne, Frank W. Tucker 


See Index for location. 


See Index for location. 


In Hampshire Co. Inc. June 30, 1768. Pop. 
614. Reached by stage from Hinsdale (10 m.) 
and Huntington (12 m.), both on B.&A.R.R.; 
also by stage from Williamsburg (12 m.). 

Villages — WorthingtonAOAdAmX, Four 
Corners, RingvilleA, South WorthingtonA, West 

Town Ofllcers. 
Annual town meeting first Monday in March 
Clerk and Treasurer, Franklin H.'Burr 
Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Charles Clark ch, E. H. Dodge, Mer- 
rick A. Smith. Meet last Saturday of each 



Auditor, Samuel F. Hills 

Collector, E. H. Dodge 

Constable, H. L. Bates 

Tree Warden and Inspector Animals, C. F. Bates 

Public Schoolft. 
Committee, Charles Clark ch. Mrs. Nellie A. Bates 

sec, George W. Pease 
Supt, E. W. Goodhue 

Public Library. 
Worthington Public Library, K. McD. Rice lib. 
Trustees, M. Fay Stone, N. S. Heacock, Charles 

Clark, K. McD. Rice, W. Fisher Markwick, D.D., 

Elmer Curtis 


In Norfolk Co. Inc. Oct. 15, 1673. The town 
of Plainville was incorporated from a part of 
Wrentham, Apr. 4, 1905. Pop. 1428. 26 m. 
southwest of Boston and 15 m. from Dedham on 
Providence Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric cars 
to Attleboro, Pawtucket, Franklin and Woon- 

Villages— WrenthamAODE&Px, South Wren- 
tham, West WrenthamAGXDE&PX, SheldonvilleA. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting third Monday in March 

Clerk, David T. Stone 

Selectmen, Overseers Poor and Board Health, 

Charles W. Pond ch. William C. Averill, Shel- 

donville, Edward P. Bennett. Meet second and 

fourth Friday evenings of each month 
Auditor, John A. Macy 
Treasurer, James E. Carpenter 
Collector, Silas P. Pendleton 
Assessors, Franklin Brown ch. SheldonvUle, Lewis 

F. Peray, George S. Sheldon 
Constables, Alonzo Cook, J. P. Quirk, F. E. 

Shepa>rd, Edgar I. Blake, Frank E. Snow, 

Edgar A. MiUer 
Highway Surveyors, William M. Gilmore, William 

A. Morse 
Chief Fire Dept. Charles E. Brown 
Tree Warden, John A. Macy 
Inspector Animals, Elisha M. Brastow 

Public Schools. 
Committee, Elbridge J. Whi taker ch. Fred E. 

Supt. George M. Bemis 

Prin. High School, Lindol E. French 

Prin. Grammar School, Mrs. Sarah Guello, Center 

Public Library. 
Fiske Library, Mary A. Smith lib. 
Trustees, Joseph F. Jencks, W. C. Averill, Mary 
A. Smith, D. S. Farrington, C. E. Brown 


In Barnstable Co. Inc. Jan. 7, 1639. Pop. 
1422. 75 m. southeast of Boston on Plymouth 
Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. 

Villages — YarmouthAODNYBx, Yarmouth- 
port AONYBx, South Yarmouth^KDONYBX, 
West YarmouthA, Yarmouth Farms. 

Town Officers. 

Annual town meeting first Monday after first 
Tuesday in February 

ClerJc, Benj. T. Gorham, Port 

Treasurer, William J. Davis, Port 

Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers Poor and Board 
Health, Charles R. Bassett ch. Jesse W. Crowell, 
Henry Blachford. Meet first Tuesday of each 

Auditors, George H. Loring, South T. Charles R. 

Collector, Elisha T. Baker, South T. 

Constables, John H. Stetson, South 7. Seth Tay- 
lor, Port 

Highway Commissioners, Patrick E. Hannan, Port, 
Luther R. Brown, South Y. Joshua S. Baker, 
West Y. 

Tree Warden, Sylvanus T. Kelley, Port 

Inspectors Animals, Isaiah Crowell, Patrick E. 
Hannan, Francis W. Homer 

Public Schools. 

Committee, E. W. Eldridge ch. E. Laurence Jen- 
kins, South Y. S. H. D. Drew, West Y. 
Supt. William E. Chaffin, West Dennis 
Prin. High School, Helen Eldridge, Port 

Public Library. 

Yarmouth Public Library, Lydia C. Matthews lib. 

Trustees, Rev. William H. Mayhew, Charles 
W. Swift, (vacancy), Fred C. Swift, Dr. T. B. 
Pulsifer, Thacher T. Hallett, Mabel Simpkins 
Agassiz, Louis B. Thacher, E. F. Peirce, Wil- 
liam J. Davis, C. R. Simpkins 


The Mayors, A.ldermeD and Councilmen given are thos e elected at the December, 1907, elections. 
Organizations of these boards and appointments of heads of departments are generally made in January. 


In Essex Co. Founded Oct. 14, 1668; inc. a 
city Mar. 23, 1894. Pop. 15,823. 18 m. north- 
east of Boston, 2 m. north of Salem on Eastern 
Div. B.&M.B.B. Electric cars to Peabody, 
Salem, Danvers, Gloucester, Asbury Grove, 
Wenham, Ipswich and Newburyport. 

Villages — Beverly AGO AmBLX, North Beverly, 
Beverly FarmsAODAmBLX, Montserrat, Pride's 
CrossingAODAmBLX, Cove Village, Eyal Side. 

City Government. 
City election second Tuesday in December 
Mayor, S. Harvey Dow $1000, hours 2-4 p.m. 
Aldermen. Meetings first and third Tuesday 

evenings of each month 
Cleric, Luther S. Herrick 
James McPherson 
John E. Healey 
George W. McNutt 
George F. Fielder 
James A. Torrey 
Bobert E. Hodgkins 
Common Councilmen. Meetings second and 

fourth Thursday evenings of each month 
Cleric, William A. Lee $1200 
Ward 1. Jeremiah F. Brown 
• Phineas W. Cooke 
Walter S. Flint 
Ward 2. Charles H. Creesy 

W. Wallace Gardner 
XJharles P. Findley 
Ward 3. Albert J. Garland 
Thomas A. Eastman 
Martin B. Lane 
Ward 4. Arthur M. Stevens 
Charles W. Trask 
Henry E. Woodberry 
Ward 5. Willis H. Bell 

Israel O. Edwards 
George W. Lamb 
Ward 6. Augustus P. Loring, Jr., 
Charles H. Hull 
John C. McCarthy 

City Officers. 

City Cleric, Luther S. Herrick $1350, hours 8.30-1, 

Treasurer, Charles F. Lee $1000, 1-2, Tues. 9-2 
Auditor, Ezra Standley $800 
Collector, Andrew S. Edwards $1100, 8-4.30 
City Physician, David C. Coleman M.D. $600 
Solicitor, U. G. Haskell $1000 
Messenger, David T. Hanners $800 

Chief Police, W. A. Ferguson $1100 

Chief Fire Dept, Levi K. Goodhue $325 

Street Commissioner and Supt, Bridges, Josiah 

B. Brown $1300, 11-12 

Inspector Animals and Provisions, Horace D. Lam- 
bert $250 

Inspector Milk, William A. Ferguson 

Sealer Weights and Measures, John J. Cummings 

City Engmeer, Harrie L. Whitney $1000 

Tree Warden, Josiah B. Brown 

Registrars Voters, Chas. H. Woodbury $100, 
John F. Hill $100, George P. Brown $100, City 
Clerk ex-offido $100 

Park Commissioners, Edmund Putnam, Joseph 
W. Preston, John H. Harris 

Managers Public Cemeteries, George H. Cressy, 
Frank Woodbury, Louis D. Webber, M^elvin 
E. Davenport, William H. Millett, Andrew 

Supt. GeoVge F. Standley $800 

Assessors, Hervey Lunt $1000, Theodore A. 
Holmes $1000, John M. Mumey $1000, 9-12, 2-5 

Overseers Poor, oflSce 3 Broadway, Frank A. 
Woodbury $50, James A. Wright $50, William 

C. Morgan $50 

Cleric, James A. Wright $600 

Supt, Almshouse, Walter Famham $600 

Commissioners Sinking Fund, Benjamin D. 
Webber, Joseph C. Kilham, Horace P. Wood- 

Water Board, office 3 Broadway, Frank Wood- 
bury 2d ch, $150, William E. Bailey $50, John 
J. Nugent $50, 8-5 

Cleric, Franklin W. Swan $750 

Supt, James W. Blackmer $1500 

Inspector of Water Works, Elatus H. Brown $300 

Engineer Pumping Station, Herbert S. Conant 

Board Health, office 3 Broadway, Henry E. 
Dodge 2d $50, Louis A. O. Goddu M.D. $50, 
Charles R. Elliott $50, 9-12 

Clerk, George H. Thissell $300 

Constable, George A. Daniels (civil) 

Public Schools. 

Committee. Meetings last Tuesday in each 
month at 8 p.m. Edward L. Millett ch, Charles 
A. Baker, Whitman G. Stickney, Edward S. 
Webber, Arthur A. Fomess, Charles H. Trowt, 
Mary B. Smith, Fred A. Roundy, Benjamin 

Supt. Schools and Secretary School Committee, 
Adelbert L. Safford $2200, hours, school days 
5-6, Fridays 7.30-9, office 3 Broadway 



Prin. High School, B. Sumner Hurd $2000 
Supervisor of Drawing, Charles F. Whitney 
Supervisor of Music; George F. Wilgon 
Supervisor of Penmanship, Charles F. Doner 
Supervisor of Sewing, Elizabeth L. Woodberrj 

Public Library. 

Beverly Public Library, 28,000 yolumee^ Mar- 
tha P. Smith lib. 191 Cabot 

Trustees, William R. Driver ch. Charles L. 
Dodge, Benjamin B. Bulkeley, Qeorge £. 
Woodberry, Katherine P. Loring, Allen H. 
Bennett, Joseph C. Kilham, Elizabeth P. 
Sohier, Louis D. Webber 


The State capital and county seat of Suffolk 
County. The terminus of the Boston ft Albany 
Div. of the New York Central & Hudson Biver 
B.R., Boston & Maine R.B., and the Plymouth, 
Taunton, Midland & Providence Divisions of the 
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, 
and of the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn nar- 
row-gauge railroad. Steamboat connection with 
all domestic and foreign ports. Established 
Sept. 7, 1630; incorporated a city Feb. 23, 1822. 
Population 595,380. 

The leading districts are BostonACDDAdAmN 
South BostonAODAdAmNBLX, CharlestownAO 
DAmAdBLNx, West RoxburyAGXDAdAmBLX, 
RoslindaleAGXDAdAmBLx, Jamaica PlainAOD 
AdAmNBLX, MattapanAODAdBLX, AllstonAO 
DAdAmBLX, Lower Mills, Neponset, RoxburyA 
CDDAmNBLAdx, Dorchester AGOAdAmBLx, 
Brighton ACDDAdAmBL X . 

City Ooyenmient. 

City election held annually on the Tuesday next 

following the second Monday in December 
Mayor, George A. Hibbard (R) $10,000, tern* 

two years, oflSce City Hall, School Street 
Secretary, James C. White $4000 
Chief Clerh, (not yet appointed) $2000 
Assi, Secretary, (not yet appointed) $2500 
Stenographer, (not yet appointed) $1200 
Asst. Secretary, (not yet appointed) $1500 
Messenger, (not yet appointed) $1000 
Aldermen. Salaries $1500 each'; meetings every 

Monday at 3 p.m. 
Clerk, Edward J. Donovan, City Clerk 
Secretary, Frank X. Chisholm $2000 
George P. Anderson, 25 Cumberland 
Walter Ballantyne, 224 Dudley, Roxbury 
Frederick J. Brand, 4 Melville Av., Dorchester 
Frederick A. Finigan, 213 Chestnut Av., J. P. 
Ellery H. Clark, 30 Emerald 
Louis M. Clark, 44 Mill, Dorchester 
John E. Baldwin, 51 Emerson, South B. 
Louis M. Clark, 44 Mill, Dorchester 
James M. Curley, 817 Albany 

Wmu Dudl^ Cotton, Jr., 77 Wahiut Park, Box. 
Michael J. Leary, 131 Havre, East B. 
Danid J. Donndly, 43 Curve 
W. Prentiss Parker, 218 Seaver, Roxbury 
James P. Timitty, 5 Sumner PI., Roxbury 

CouNciLMEN. Salaries $300 each, meetings every 
Thursday evening at 7.45 

Cleric, Joseph O'Kane $3000 

Ward 1. Edward C. R. Bagley, 150 Princeton 
Theo. L. Sorenson, 678 Bennington 
Frank A. Goodwin, 986 Saratoga 

Ward 2. Thomas F. Doherty, 163 Webster 
Dennis A. O'Neil, 195 Havre 
Joseph H. Pendergast, 123 Webster 

Ward 3. James J. Brennan, 44 Mystic 
James J. Moore, 44 Tufts 
John J. McCormack, 30A Bunker Hill 

Ward 4. Francis M. Ducey, 330 Bunker Hill 
James A. Hatton, 358 Bunker Hill 
Patrick B. Carr, 560 Medford 

Ward 5. John J. Buckley, 33 Cordis 

William E. Carney, 11 Ellwood 
Joseph M. Sullivan, 38 Mt. Vernon 

Ward 6. James T. Puarcell, 52 HuU 

Max L. Rachkowsky, 50 Salem 
Joseph Santosuopso, 294 Hanover 

Ward 7. John L. Donovan, 14 Noanet 
John T. Kennedy, 35 Carver 
Edward D. Spellman, 31 Tyler 

Ward 8. Alfred J. Lill, Jr., 35 Allen 
James J. Ryan, 54 Spring 
Jacob Rosenberg, 80 Brighton 

Ward 9. John S. DriscoU, 62 Emerald 
John J. Attridge, 118 Maiden 
Solomon Sacks, 30 Emerald « 

Ward 10. J. Henderson AUston, 40 Holyoke 

Channing H. Cox, Hotel Westminster 
Joseph W. Wharton, 11 Fayette 

Ward 11. Courtenay Crocker, 343 CommonwealtE 
Walter C. Kellogg, 74 Pinckney 
Isaac L. Roberts, 35 Grove 

Ward 12. Seth F. Arnold, 94 Worcester 
Alfred G. Davis, 690 Tremont 
Augustus D. McLennan, 670 Tremont 

Ward 13. Stephen A. Welch, 138 Athens 

Leo F. McCuUough, 60 West Fifth 
Edward T. J. Noonan, 203 W. B'way 

Ward 14. Thomas J. Casey, 233 K 
Thomas F. O'Brien, 55 Q 
John J. Driscoll, 506 Third 

Ward 15. Francis L. Colpoys, 25 Loring- 
John O'Hara, 10 Vale 
Timothy J. Sullivan, 386 West Fourth 

Ward 16. John L. Costello, 28 Rand 

James H. Kelly, 908 Dorchester Ay. 
John D. McGivern, 10 Boston 

Ward 17. Francis L. Daly, 76 Blue Hill Av. 
Thomas M. Joyce, 25 Adams 
Francis J. Barennan, 1 Vine Av. 



Ward 18. George Kenney, 259 Cabot 

Daniel F. Gronin, 79 W. Lenox 
Michael F. O'Brien, 82 Eoxbury 

Ward 19. William J. Kohler, 10 Conant 
John J. Donovan, 40 Terrace 
James £. Gilligan, 32 St. Alphonsiu 

Ward 20. William S. Bramhall, 78 Pleasant 
Harry B. Gumming, 608 Park 
Charles T. Harding, 3 Clement 

Ward 21. Donald J. Ferguson, 4 Kensington Pk. 
E. Howard George, 14 Eliot Sq. 
Walter C. Brown, 125 Bower 

Ward 22. Wm. H. Morgan, 45 Oak View Ter. 
George Penshom, 3 Atherton 
Jos. H. Wentworth, 374 B Centre 

Ward 23. George M. Brown, 41 Ashfield 

George W. Smith, 4181 Washington 
Earl E, Davidson, 210 Mt. Vernon 

Ward 24. Charles L. Carr, 13 Everett 
Prank B. Crane, 61 Dracut 
James A. Hart, 1892 Dorchester Av. 

Ward 25. Charles H. Warren, 11 Menlo 

Axel B. Zetterman, 57 Biverdale 
Edward C. Webster, 10 Empire 

City Departments. 

All located in City Hall, School Street, unless 
otherwise noted. The office hours of all city 
officials are 9 to 5, Saturday 9 to 1; close at 
12 on Saturday during June, July, August 
and September. 

Abt Department. Office 64 Pemberton sq. Sam- 
uel D. Warren ch, John T. Coolidge Jr. sec, 
Alexander W. Longfellow, Prof. F. W. Chan- 
dler, Charles T. Gallagher 

Assessing Depabtment — 

Assessors, John J. Murphy ch. $4500, Charles E. 
Folsom sec. $4200, John H. Donovan $4000, 
Edward B. Daily $4000, James Buckner 
$4000, Samuel H. Borofsky $4000, Frederick 
H. Temple $4000, Francis J. Horgan $4000, 
Fred E. Bolton $4000 

Auditing Depaetment — 

City Auditor, J. Alfred Mitchell $6000 

Assistant, Julien C. Haynes $3600 

Bath Department. Office 64 Pemberton sq. — 

Chairman, Leonard D. Ahl; Henry Ehrlich, Mrs. 
Lawirenee J. Logan, Mrs. Jacob H. Hecht, John 
J. O'Hare, James M. Porter, Thomas Arthur 

General Supt. Joseph P. O'Brien $2200 

Bridge Department, 926 Tremont building — 

Supt. Patrick F. McDonald $3000 

Chief Cleric, Daniel J. Byrne $2000 

Commissioners Boston and Cambridge Bridges, 
Patrick F. McDonald, Boston, $700; George M. 
Clukas, Cambridge, $700 

Secretary, D. J. Byrne $400 

Building Department. Office 15 Old Court House 

Building Commissioner, John A. Eooney $5000 

Clerk of Dept. Charles S.,Dararell $2500 

Supervisor Plans, Michael W. Fitzsimmons $3000 
Supervisor Egress, Levi W. Shaw $2000 
Supervisors Construction, Edwin J. Turner $2500 

John H. Mahoney $2000 
Supervisor of Plumbing, Dennis H, Collins $2000 
Supervisor of Gas Fitting, David A. Finnegan 

Supervisor of Elevators and Boilers, Patrick H. 

Costello $1900 
Board op Appeal, George R. Swasey ch, W. D. 

Austin seo'y, 50 Bromfield St., Neil McNeil, 

166 Devonshire st., E. H. Eldredge, D. J. 

Cemetery Department — 

Trustees, William J. Fallon ch, John Frank Keat- 
ing sec. $1500, Albert W. Hersey, Christopher P. 

McCaffrey, Charles E. Phipps, Frederick E. At- 

Children's Institutions Department. Office 

32 Tremont st. — 
Trustees, Dr. Charles P. Putnam oh. Mrs. Annie 

G. Murray sec. John O'Hare, Lee M. Friedman, 

Dr. Hasket Derby, James P. Cleary, Mary 

Boyle O'Reilly 
General Agent, John E. McCarthy $2000 
Parental School (West Roxbury), D. P. Dame 

supt. $2000 
Suffolk School for Boys (Rainsford Island), Sum- 
ner D. Seavey supt, $2000 
City Clerk Department — 
City Clerk, Edward J. Donovan $5000 
Assistant, John T. Priest $3800 
City Messenger Department — 
City Messenger, Edward J. Leary $4000 
Deputy City Messenger, Charles D. Murphy $1900 
Assistant Messengers, Charles E. Silloway $1700, 

Timothy Mooney $1500, Fred A. Robinson 

$1300, Daniel J. Sheehan $1300 
Clerk of Committees Department — 
Clerk, John F. Dover $4000 
Assistant Clerk, Wilfred J. Doyle $2500 
Collecting Department. Hours 9-2 — 
Collector, Garrett W. ScoUard $7500 
Cashier, James P. Kelley $3000 
Bookkeeper, George D. Underwood $2800 
Teller, Thomas W. O'Rourke $2600 
Teller, Michael W. Ahern $2600 
Consumptives Hospital Department — 
Chairman, Edward F. McSweeney; Margaret G. 

O 'Callaghan, Jas. J. Minot M.D., Isabel Hyams, 

John E. Potts, John F. O'Brien M.D., Herbert 

F. Price sec. 
Election Department. OflSce 8 Old Court House 
Board of Elections, John M. Minton ch, $4000, 

M. W. Burlen sec. $3500, Alpheus Sanford 

$3500, David B. Shaw $3500 
Assistants, Matthew F. Foley $1800, Frederic 

Eaton $1800 
Engineering Department — 
City Engineer, William Jackson $6000 



Asst City Engineer, F. A. Mclnnis $3600 
Secretary, Charles S. Parsons $2000 
Surveying Division, 25 Old Court House — 
Chief, Frank O. Whitney $3500 
FiBE Department. OflSce, Fire Department Head- 
quarters, Bristol St. — 
Commissioner, Benjamin W. Wells $5000 
Secretary, Benjamin F. UndearhiU $2500 
Chief, John A. Mullen $4000 
Deputy Chief, John Grady $2400 
Second Deputy Chief, Peter F. McDonough $2200 
Supt, Fire Alarms, Brown S.. Flanders $3200 
Asst, Supt. Fire Alarms, Cyrus A. George $2000 
Supt. Repair Shop, District Chief Alfred J. Por- 

£er $2000 
Supervisor of Engineers, Eugene M. Byington 

$2000 ^ 

Veterinary Surgeon, George W. Stimpson $2000 
District Chiefs, $2000 each, John F. Ryan, C. H. 

W. Pope, Joseph M. Garrity, Henry A. Fojc, 

Daniel F. Sennott, Edwin A. Perkins, Stephen 

J. Ryder, Michael J. Kennedy, John O. Taber, 

Michael J. Mulligan 
Protective Department, under management of Fire 

Underwriters. OflBce 40 Purchase st. — 
President, Edward D. Blake 
Vice-pres. F. H. Stevens 
Seo*y and Treas, Edward Spaulding 
Health Depaetment. OflBce 11 Old Court House 
Chairman, Dr. S. H. Durgin $4500, M. W. Nor- 

ris $4000, William H. Hayes $4000 
Secretary, John J. Douglass $3000 
City Physician, Dr. Morton Prince 
Chief Medical Inspector, Dr. Thomas B. Shea 

Medical Inspectors, Dr. Dav'd D. Brough' $2300, 

Dr. George A. Sargent $500 
Port Physician, Dr. Paul Carson $1700, Deer 

Asst. Port Physician, Dr. William M. Gay $1000 
Overseer Gallop *s Island, Albert F. Sherman $900 
Supt. Smallpox Hospital, William E. Jamieson 

Dermatologist, Francis J. Keany M. D., $4000 
Inspector Milk and Vinegar, Prof. James O. 

Jordan $3000 
Medical Inspector Animals and Provisions, Alex- 
ander Burr M.D.V. $2400 
Director Bacteriological Laboratory, Burt R. 

Rickards, 739 Boylston st. $2500 
Hospital Department. OflSce City Hospital, 

Harrison av. opposite Worcester sq. — 
Trustees, A. Shuman pres. Conrad J. Rueter sec. 

Dr. Francis J. Keany, Edmund D. Codman, Dr. 

Timothy J. Reardon 
Supt. City Hospital, Dr. George H. M. Rowe $5000 
South Department — 

Resident Physician, John H. McCoUom M.D. $3500 
Relief Station — 
Resident Surgeon, Loring B. Packard M.D. $1200 

Convalescent Home — 

Matron, Elizabeth C. Fairbank $600 

Insane Hospital Department. Oflfice 64 Pem- 
berton sq. — 

Trustees, George H. Sargent ch. Mrs. Mary T. 
Morrison, Michael S. Morton, Michael J. Jor- 
dan, C. J. Connelly, George A. Sanderson, 

Boston Insane Hospital — 

Supt. Dr. William Noyes $2500, at Men's Dept.; 
Women's Dept., Mattapan, Dr. Samuel W. Crit- 
tenden $1500, in charge 

Institutions Registration Department. Office 
28 Court sq. — 

Institutions Registrar, William P. Fowler 

Chief of Settlement Division, Charles F. Gaynor 

Chief of Statistical Division, John Keren $3000 

Lamp Department — 

Supt. Dennis J. Hern $3500 

Law Department. Office 730 Tremont bldg. — 

Corporation Counsel, Thomas M. Babson $9000 

Asst. Corporation Counsels, John D. McLoughlin 
$6000, Arthur L. Spring $4000, Philip Nichols 
$3000, George A. Flynn $2500, E. F. Buckley 
$2500, D. D. Leahy $2250 

City Conveyancers, Charles F. Day $3750, Roscoe 
P. Owen $3750, Elizabeth M. Taylor $1800 

Secrtary, Fisher Ames $2000 

Market Department. Office Faneuil Hall Mar- 

Supt. George E. McKay $3000 

Music Department. 64 Pemberton sq. — 

Chairman, Edwin A. Franklin; John A. O'Shea, 
Alfred de Veto, Philip Greely, Daniel P. Shedd, 
William A. Leahy sec. $1600 

Park Department. Office Pine Bank, Jamaica 

Commissioners, Charles E. Stratton ch. James M. 
Prendergast, Daniel H. Coakley 

Secretary, George F. Clarke $3000 

Pauper Institutions Department. Office 28 
Court sq. — 

Trustees, serving. without pay: Edward M. Galla- 
gher ch. Miss Mary A. Dierbus sec*y. Max E. 
Wyzanski, William J. Sullivan, Mrs. James 
Alexander, James A. Dorsey, Thomas A. Mc- 

Executive Clerk, Isabel F. Gerrish $1200 

Boston Almshouse and Hospital, Long Island — 

Supt. James F. English $2500 

Resident Physician, Geo. W. Holmes M.D. $1200 

Charlestown Almshouse, Alford st. Charlestown — 

Supt. Miss Mary A. Morris $1200 

Captain Steamer **John Howard,** William 
H. Sampson $1200 

Penal Institutions Department. Office 32 Tre- 
mont St. — 

Commissioner, John B. Martin $5000 

Asst. Commissioner, Herbert S. Carruth $2500 

Secretary, Hubert Pope $2500 



Deer Island — 

Supt, James H. Cronin $2500 

Besident Physician, B. F. MeGaffigan M.D. $1650 
and board 

Asst, Resident Physician, Harvey H. Kellv M.D. 

Captain Steamer ** Monitor," Fred D. Cook $1500 

Police Department. 37 Pemberton sq. — 

Police Commissioner, Stephen O'Meara $6000 

Secretary, Leo A. Bogers $3000 

Chief Clerk, Thomas Byan $2500 

Supt. of Police, William H. Pierce $4000 

Deputy Supt. James M. Coulter $3000 

Property Clerk, Capt. George E. Savory $2500 

On Clerical Service in Supt.'s Office. Capt. Jas. 
O'Neill $2500 

On Special Service, Lieut. Timothy J. Murphy 
$1600, Lieut. Charles W. Searles $1600, Lieut. 
Hugh J. Lee $1600, Sergt. Jeremiah B. Sulli- 
van $1400 

Messenger, Sergt. Horatio J. Homer $1400 

Inspector of Claims, Capt. William H. Dyer $2500 

Asst. Inspector of Claims, Lieut. William L. Dev- 
itt $1600 

Inspector of Carriages, Lieut. George E. Saxton 

Director of Signal Service, John Weigel $2500 

Asst. Director of Signal Service, Frank A. Rich- 
ardson $2000 

Bureau of Criminal Investigation, 35 Pemberton 

Chief Inspector, William B. Watts $2800 

Assistant, Capt. Joseph Dugan $2500 

Inspectors, $1600 each, Jas. A. Dennesy, Joseph 
H. Knox, L. B. McCausland, James J. Collins, 
George M. Robinson, George F. Pinkerton, Wal- 
ter A. Abbott, Alfred N. Douglass, Patrick J. 
Gaddis, John H. Harris, Michael C. Shields, 
Oliver J. Wise, Michael J. Morrissey, Morris 
Wolf, Thomas A. Sheehan, John R. McGarr, 
Ainsley C. Armstrong, Edward T. Conway, 
Michael H. Cronin, Gustaf Gustafson, Daniel 
W. Hart, George W. Patterson, Henry M. 
Pierce, William J. Rooney, James D. Conboy 

Sergeants, $1400 each, Francis J. McCauley, Silas 
F- Waite, William H. Pelton, Thomas A. Nor- 
ton, Walter M. Murphy 

City Prison — 

Keeper, Capt.- Clarence A. Swan $2500 

Asst. Keepers, Sergt. George F. Howe, Sergt. John 
H. Morse $1400 each 

House of Detention — 

Chief Matron, Amelia B. White $1000 

Assistant, Ida E. Hall $800 

Police Divisions. Salary of captains $2500, lieu- 
tenants $1600 — 

First Division, Hanover st. near Cross st. — 
Captain, Otis F. Kimball; Lieutenants, William 
H. Allen and Matthew J. Dailey 

Second Division, Court sq.Tr-Captain, Edward F. 

Gaskin; Lieutenants, Frederick J. Smith and 

William J. Hyland 
Third Division, Joy st. — Captain, Irving A. H. 

Peabody; Lieutenants, James P. Sullivan and 

John A. O'Rourke 
Fourth Division, 56 La Grange st. — Captain, 

Laurence Cain; Lieutenants, Frank I. Jones 

and James P. Carney 
Fifth Division, East Dedham st. — ^Lieutenants, 

Daniel A. Bitter, George C. Garland and John 

P. Clark 
Sixth Division, Broadway, near C st. — ^Lieuten- 
ants, Forrest F. Hall and Henry J. Walkins 
Seventh Division, Meridian, near Paris st. — 

Lieutenants, Geo. D. Yea ton and Millard M. 

Eighth Division, Commercial, corner Battery st. 

— ^Lieutenants, George H. Adams and Edward 

A. Pease 
Ninth Division, Mt. Pleasant av., cor. Dudley 

St. — Captain, Thomas C. Evans; Lieutenants, 

William F. Perry and Charles H. Denton 
Tenth Division, Roxbury, corner Tremont st. — 

Captain, John J. Hanley; Lieutenants, Rufus 

G. Fessenden and Albert F. Lovell 
Eleventh Division, Adams, cor. Arcadia st. — Cap- 
tain, Charles W. Hunt; Lieutenants, Oscar H. 

Peare and George A. Hall 
Twelth Division, Fourth, near K st. — Captain, 

William J. Lowery; Lieutenants, Hiram H. 

Rich and Daniel F. Eagan 
Thirteenth Division, Seaverns av., Jamaica Plain 

— Captain, George W. Wescott; Lieutenants, 

Herman B. Bodenschatz and William Fottler 
Fourteenth Division, Washington, cor. Cambridge 

St., Brighton — Captain, Philemon D. Warren; 

Lieutenants, Michael O'Neil and James F. Dris- 

Fifteenth Division, Old City Hall, Charlestown — 

Captain, George A. Wyman; Lieutenants, John 

A. Brickley and James J. Curry 
Sixteenth Division, Boylston, corner Hereford st. 

— Captain, Dennis Donovan; Lieutenants, Jas. 

E. Sargent and Oscar E. Boynton 
Poor Department. Office Charity building, 43 

Hawkins st. — 
Overseers Poor, William P. Fowler ch. Joseph 

A. Turnbull, Annie E. Quinn, Thomas 

Sproules, Matthew J. Mullen, Frederic O. 

North, Wm. P. Derby M.D., John Brant, 

Thomas Downey, Bernard Hyneman, Martha W. 

Folsom, Patrick J. Greene 
Secretary, Benjamin Pettee $3500 
Treasurer, Richard C. Humphreys $1000 
City Temporary Home (women and children), 

cor. Chardon and Bowker sts. — 
Matron, Anna A. Johnson $600 
Wayfarers' Lodge (men), 30 Hawkins st. — 
Supt. Edward Riley $1600 

Printing Department. Office 152 Purchase st. — 
Supt. Printing, Thomas A. Whalen $3000 



PuBUc Grounds Depabtment. Office 154 E. 
Cottage St. Dorchester — 

Supt J. Henry Sullivan $4000 

Reoistbt Depabtmbnt. Office, 5 Old Court House 

City BegUtrar, Edward W. McOlenen $4000 

Sanitabt Depabtment, 920 Tremont building — 

Supt. Daniel H. Gillespie $3000 

Chief Cleric, Thomas A. Dolan $1600 

Seweb Depabtment, 30 Tremont st. — 

Supt, John J. Leahy $3500 

Asst. Supt. Charles R. Cutler $3000 

Chief Clerk, John J. Quinn $2500 

Chief Engineer, E. S. Dorr $3000 

Sinking Funds Depabtment — 

Commissioners, Nathaniel J. Bust ch, Frank G. 
Webster, Joseph H. O'Neil, Horatio G. Curtis, 
James T. Wetherald, Israel A. Batshesky 

Secretary, J. Alfred Mitchell $700 

Treasurer, Charles H. Slattcry $700 

SoLDiEBS' Belief Depabtment. Office 43 Haw- 
kins St. — 

Commissioner, John E. Oilman $3500 

Statistics Depabtment. Laurence Minot ch. 
William D. C. Curtis, B. Bodman Weld, Gordon 
Abbott, William Jackson, City Engineer ex- 

Secretary, Edward M. Hartwell $3000 

Stbeet Cleaning and Watebino Depabtment, 
827 Tremont building— 

Supt, Matthew Cummings $3000 

Chief Cleric, John A. Brant $1300 

Stbeet Laying-out Depabtment — 

Commissioners, Salem D. Charles ch. $4500, Wil- 
Uam E. Hannan $4000, James A. Gallivan $4000 

Secretary, J. J. O'Callaghan $3000 

Chief Surveyor, Frank O. Whitney $3500 

Chief Assessment Division, Joseph F. SuUivan 

Street Depabtment. Central office 44 City Hall 

Supt. Streets, James H. Doyle $7500 

Executive Engineer, James H. Sullivan $3000 

Chief Engineer, Joshua Atwood 3d $3000 

Chief Cleric, Bernard C. Kelley $2500 

Permit Office, 18 Court sq. — 

Permit Cleric, C. D. Stiles $2000 

Ferry Division — 

Deputy Supt. (vacancy) 

Transit Commission. Office 15 Beacon st. — 

Commissioners, George G. Crocker ch. $5000, 
Thomas J. Gargan $5000, George F. Swain 
$5000, Horace G. Allen $5000, Josiah Quincy 
$5000, B. L. Beal sec. $3500 

Chief Engineer, H. A. Carson $12,000 

Tbeasuby Department — 

City Treasurer, Charles H. Slattery $6000 

Cashier, B. S. Turner $4000 

Vessels and Ballast Depabtment. Office 175 
Commercial st. — 

Chief, Edward Hughes 

Assistant, James J. Neville 

Wateb Depabtment — 

Commissioner, William J. Welch $5000 

Asst. Commissioners, Isaac Bosnosky $3000, Joa 

J. Norton $3000, James P. Lennon $3000 
Chief Cleric, Walter E. Swan $3000 
Secretary, John J. Feneno $2500 
Supt. Income Division, Joseph H. Caldwell $3000 
Weights and Measubes Depabtment. Office Old 

Court House — 
Sealer, Henry B. Levering $3000 
Deputies, $1600— Jeremit^ J. Crowley, James A. 

Sweeney^ Hugh J. Quinn, Manasseh E. Bradley, 

James J. Sweeney, Charles E. Walsh, Timothy 

W. Crowley, Daniel J. Moynihan Jr., Jeremiah 

Brosnahan, John E. Ansell 
Wire Department. Office 11 Wareham st — 
Commissioner, Patrick J. Kennedy $5000 
Chief Cleric, Frank H. Bice $1600 
Chief Inspectors, William H. Godfrey $2000, Jas. 

E. Cole $2600 

PUBUC schools. 

Total number pupils registered in public schools 
year ending June 30, 1907, 106,370; average 
number in attendance at day schools 86,129; 
total appropriation for schools in 1907, $3,816,- 
000; teachers employed 2,450 

Booms of the School Board, Mason street, near 
West. Open from 9 o'clock a.m. to 5 o'clock 
p.m.; Saturdays from 9 o'clock a.m. to. 1 
o'clock p.m., except July and August to 12 m.; 
regular meetings of the committee Mondays 
at 7.30 o'clock p.m., except July and August 

School Committee, George E. Brock, David A. 
Ellis, Thomas J. Kenny, William S. Kenny, 
James J. Storrow 

Officers — 

Chairman, James J. Storrow 

Secretary, Thornton D. Apollonio $3780 

Atuiitor, William J. Porter $3780 

Business Agent, William T. Keough $3780 

School-house Custodian, Mark B. Mulvey $2004 

Supt. Schools, Stratton D. Brooks $6000, Brighton; 
office hours at Mason st. office, Tuesdays to 
Fridays, 2 to 3 p.m. 

Board of Superintendents, $4500 each. Meet- 
ings on Fridays at 9 a.m. 

Walter S. Parker, Beading 

EUor C. Bipley, AUston 

Maurice P. White, Brighton 

Jeremiah E. Burke, Dorchester 

Augustine L. Bafter, Dorchester 

Normal, Latin and High Schools (schools, loca- 
tion and headmasters) — 

Normal, Fenway, Wallace C. Boyden $3780 

Public Latin, Warren av. (boys), Arthur L 
Fiske $3780 

Girls' Latin, Fenway (girls), John Tetlow 

Girls' High, West Newton (girls), John Tetlow 
$4200 (two schools) 



English High, Montgomery (boys), John F. 

Casey $3780 
Brighton High, Cambridge, cor. Warren, Br. 

(boys and girls), Frederic A. Tupper $3780 
Charlestown High, Bartlett, cor. School (boys 

and girls), George W. Evans $3780 
Dorchester High, Talbot av. cor. Washington, 

Dorchester (boys and girls), Charles J. Lin- 
coln $3780 
East Boston High, cor. Marion, East B. (boys 

and girls), John F. Eliot $3780 
Boxbnry High, Warren, cor. Montrose (boys 

and girls), Charles M. Clay $3780 
South Boston High, Thomas Park, G st. South 

B. (boys and girls), Augustus D. Small $3780 
West Boxbury High, Elm, J. P. (boys and girls), 

George C. Mann $3780 
Mechanic Arts High, Belvidere, cor. Dalton 

(boys), Charles W. Parmenter $3780 
High School of Commerce, Fenway (boys), Frank 

Y. Thompson $3780 
Girls' High School of Practical Arts, Meeting 

House Hilll (girls), Herbert S. Weaver $3780 


Adams, Belmont sq.. East B. (boys and girls), 

Frank F. Preble $3180 
Agassiz, Brewer and Burroughs, J. P. (boys), 

John T. Gibson $3180 
Bennett, Chestnut Hill av., Br. (boys and girls), 

Henry L. Sawyer $3180 
Bigelow, E, cor. Fourth and E, South B. (boys), 

J. Gardner Bassett $3180 
Blackinton, Blackinton and Leyden, East B., 

Herbert L. Morse $2820 
Bowditch, Green, J. P. (girls), Edward W. 

Schuerch $3180 
Bowdoin, Myrtle, near State House (girls), 

Alonzo Meserve $3180 
Brimmer, Common (boys), Geo. W. Random $2580 
Bunker Hill, Baldwin, Charlestown (boys and 

girls), Frank L. Keith $2580 
Chapman, Eutaw, East B. (boys and girls). Til- 
son A. Mead $3180 
Charles Sumner, Ashland, Eos. (boys and girls), 

Loea P. Howard $3180 
Christopher Gibson, head of Morse, Dor. (boys 

and girls), William E. C. Eich $3180 
Comins, Tremont, cor. Terrace, Eox. (boys and 

girls), William H. Martin $3180 
Dearborn, Orchard park and Chadwick st., Eox. 

(boys and girls), Charles F. King $3180 
Dillaway, Kenilworth, Eox. (girls), Emma S. 

Gulliver $2580 
Dudley, cor. Dudley and Putnam, Eox. (boys), 

Abram T. Smith $3180 
Dwight, West Springfield (boys), Jason L. Cur- 
tis $2820 
Edward Everett, Sumner corner Willis, Dor. 

(boys and girls), Henry B. Miner $3180 
Eliot, North Bennet (boys), John F. McGrath 


Emerson, Prescott, cor. Bennington, East B. 

(boys and girls), J. Willard Brown $3180 
Everett, West Northampton (girls), Myron T. 

Pritchard $3180 
Franklin, Einggold cor. Waltham (girls), Seth 

Sears $3060 
Frothingham, cor. Prospect and Edgeworth, 

Charlestown (boys and girls), William B. At- 

wood $3180 
Gaston, Fifth, cor. L, South B. (girls), Thomas 

H. Barnes $3180 
George Putnam, Columbus av., Eox. (boys and 

girls), Henry L. Clapp $3180 
Gilbert Stuart, Eichmond, Lower Mills, Dor. 

(boys and girls), Edward M. Lancaster $3180 
Hancock, Parmenter (girls), Ellen C. Sawtelle 

Harvard, -De vens, Chsn. (bo3r8 and girls), Henry 

C. Parker $2040 
Henry L. Pierce, Washington, corner Weljes av., 

Dor. (boys and girls), Horace W. Warren 

Hugh O'Brien, cor. Dudley and Langdon, Eox. 

(boys and ^rls), John E. Morse $3180 
Hyde, Hammond, Eox. (girls), Silas C. Stone 

Jefferson, Heath, Eox. (boys and girls), Ed- 
ward P. Sherburne $3180 
John A. Andrew, Dorchester and South B. (boys 

and girls), Joshua M. Dill $3180 
Lawrence, cor. Third and B, South B. (boys), 

Amos M. Leonard $3180 
Lewis, cor. Dale and Sherman, Eox. (boys and 

girls), Charles C. Haines $3180 
Lincoln, Broadway, South B. (boys), William E. 

Perry $3060 
Longfellow, cor. South and Hewlett, Eos. (boys 

and girls), Frederic H. Eipley $3180 
Lowell, 310 Center, J. P. (boys and girls), E. 

Emmons Grover $2820 
Lyman, cor. Paris and Gove, East B. (boys 

and girls), Augustus H. Kelley $3180 
Martin, cor. Huntington av. and Worthington, 

Eox. (boys and girls), W. Lawrence Murphy 

Mary Hemenway, cor. Adams and King, Dor. 

(boys and girls), N. Hosea Whittemore $3180 
Mather, Meeting House Hill, Dor. (boys and 

girls), Edward Southworth $3180 
Minot, Neponset av.. Dor. (boys and girls), F. 

Morton King $3180 
Norcross, cor. D and Fifth, South B. (girls), 

Fred O. ElUs $3180 
Oliver Hazard Perry, 7th, between N and O, 

South B. (boys and girls), Charles N. Bent- 
ley $2700 
Oliver Wendell Holmes, School, Dor. (boys and 

girls), Michael E. Fitzgerald $2940 
Phillips, Phillips (boys), Elias H. Marston 




Phillips Brooks, Quincy and Fayston, Dor. 

(boys and girls), Henry B. Hall $3180 
Prescott, Elm, Chsn. (boys and girls), William 

H. Furber $3180 
Prince, Newbury, cor. Exeter (boys and girls), 

E. Bentley Young $3180 

Quincy, Tyler (boys), Alfred Bunker $3180 
Rice Training, cor. Dartmouth and Appleton 

(boys), Lincoln Owen $3180 
Robert G. Shaw, Hastings, W. Box. (boys and 

girls), Francis A. Morse $3180 
Roger Wolcott, Norfolk and Morton, Dor. 

(boys and girls), Hiram M. George $3180 
Sherwin, Madison sq., Rox. (boys), Edward P. 

Shute $2700 
Shurtleff, Dorchester, So. B. (girls), Agnes G. 

Gilfether $2700 
Thomas Gardner, Brent and Athol, Alls., Ghas. 

F. Merrick, $2700 

Thomas N. Hart, H and East Fifth, South 
B. (boys), John F. Dwight $3180 

Warren, cor. Pearl and Summer, Chsn. (boys and 
girls), Edward Stickney $3180 

Washington, Norman and South Margin (boys 
and girls), Benjamin J. Hinds $2580 

Washington Allston, Cambridge, Alls, (boys 
and girls), William C. Crawford $2940 

Wells, corner Blossom and McLean (girls), 
Orlendo W. Dimick $3180 

William E. Russell, Columbia rd.. Dor., Edwin 
T. Home $3180 

Winthrop, Tremont (girls), Emily F. Carpen- 
ter $3060 

Directors and Special Instructors — 

Drawing and Mantuil Traini7ig, Walker Sargent 

Asst, Director of Drawing and Manual Training, 
Frank M. Leavitt . $2628 

Evening and Vacation Schools, (Varies M. Lam- 
prey $2100 

Household Science ajid Arts, Josephine Morris 

Music, James 1^. McLaughlin $3000 

Kindergartens, Caroline D. Aborn $1800 

Physical Training, Thoma* F. Harrington $375B 

Military Drill, Geo. H. Benyon, instructor, $2000 

Horace Mann School for the Deaf, 178 Newbury, 
Sarah Fuller, principal $3180 

Supervisor of Substitutes, Mary C. Mellyn $2940 

Public Library. 

Trustees — 

President, (vacancy) 

Vice-pres, Rev. J. DeNormandie 

Josiah H. Benton Jr., Thomas Dwight, Thomas 
F. Boyle 

Librarian, Horace G. Wadlin $6000 

Asst. Librarian, Otto Fleischner $3000 

Branch Libraries — 

Brighton Branch, Holton Library Building, Acad- 
emy Hill rd. Brighton 

Charlestown Branch, City sq. Charlestown 

Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. Adams st. 

East Boston Branch, 37 Meridian st. K Boston 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, Centre St. 
Jamaica Plain 

Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St. Roxbury 

South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway, S. Boston 

South End Branch, 397 Shawmut av. 

Upham's Corner Branch, Columbia rd. corner 
Bird St. Dorchester 

West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. Lynde st. 

West Roxbury Branch, Centre, n. Mt. Vernon 
St. West Roxbury 

Reading Rooms — 

Station A, Lower Mills Reading Room, Washing- 
ton, c. Richmond, Dorchester 

Station B, Roslindale Reading Room, Washing- 
ton, cor. Ashland st. Roslindale 

Station D, Mattapan Reading Room, 727 Walk 
Hill St. Mattapan 

Station E, Neponset Reading Room, 362 Neponset 
Av., Neponset 

Station F, Mount Bowdoin Reading Room, 
Washington, cor. Eldon st. Dorchester 

Station G, Allston Reading Room, 354 Cam- 
bridge St. Allston 

Station J, Codman sq. Reading Room, Washing- 
ton, cor. Norfolk st. Dorchester 

Station N, Mt. Pleasant Reading Room, Dud- 
ley, cor. Magazine st. Roxbury 

Station P, Broadway Extension Reading Room, 
13 Broadway extension 

Station R, Warren Street Reading Room, 390 
Warren st. Roxbury 

Station S, Roxbury Crossing Reading Room, 
1154 Tremont st. Roxbury 

Station T, Boylston Station Reading Room, 
the Lam art in e, Depot sq. Boylston station 

Station W, Industrial School Reading Room, 
39 North Bennett st. 

Station Z, Orient Heights Reading Room, 1030 
Bennington st. Orient Heights, E. B. 

Station 22, North Street Reading Room, 207 
North St. 

Station 23, City Point Reading Room, 615 
Broadway, South Boston 

Station 24, Parker Hill Reading Room, 1518 Tre- 
mont St. 


In Plymouth Co. Settled 1700; a town 1821; 
a city 1881. Pop. 47,794. 20 m. south of Boston 
on Plymouth Div. N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. Electric 
cars to all surrounding towns. 

Villages — BrocktonAOQAdNYBBLx, Cam- 
pello AOn AdNYBBL X , Montello AODAdNYBBL 
X, Marshall's Corner, Brockton Heights, Clifton 
Heights, Salisbury Square. 



City (Jovemment. 

City election Tuesday after first Monday in De- 
Mayor, John S. Kent $2000 
Aldebmen. Meetings every Monday evening 
Clerk, DeWitt C. Packard 
Ward 1. Zimri Thurber 
Ward 2. Harry C. Howard 
Ward 3. Olander Benson 
Ward 4. John OX'onnell 
Ward 5. Thomas F. Lee 
Ward 6. Andrew T. Clancy 
Ward 7. Freeman Hall 
Common Councilmen. Meetings second and 

fourth Thursdays of each month 
Clerk, Elmer Fullerton $300 
Ward 1. Charles S. Bragdon 

James Sidney Allen Jr. 

Herbert A. Snow 
Ward 2. Charles H. Holt 

George N. Hall 

Harry H. Williams 
Ward 3. Edward A. Keith 

Emil E. Linde 

Benjamin A. Hastings 
Ward 4. Fred C. Creeden 

Arthur H. Oakley 

Edward Cox 
Ward 5. John E. Fitzgerald 

John E. Mullins 

Arthur W. Hamilton 
Ward 6. Thomas H. Bigney 

Roderick A. Taber 

Omar W. Langley 
Ward 7. William A. Loud 

Chester L. Sears 

Henry A. Littlefield 

City Officers. 
City Clerk, DeWitt C. Packard $2500, hours 9-4 
Asst. City Clerk, Clinton F. Packard 
City Treasurer, E. Francis Pope $2000 
Tax Collector, Elroy S. Thompson $1500 
Auditor, Bernard B. Winslow $1000 
City Solicitor, Walter J. Lane $1000 
City Physician, Edwin P. Gleason $1000 
City Messenger, Seth L. French $750 
Supt. Streets, WUliam H. Thome $1200 
Chief Fire Dept, Harry L. Marston $2000 
City Marsha