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Full text of "Matchett's Baltimore directory (1833-1834)"

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P Rare 



l;A".ii*;ii**,.3**«3R***fc**5S>K*>l«51- -'««»»* 


''r'^IX/^ _ 


^- --^ ■■./••./ -'^^J V| •"' X .-. ^^. ^^. /^^^ •••■.7\ •• .^ ••..•■■-..■ '• 

•■' ,•■'''.>"„■•■'•• XX. XXXXX/\XX^'''--'' Av J-. 

■-*'■»' . •■/ V ••-J' '.j^ v.- •.J' ••• •• 

^^ ' ■■■■ 


■■•■•■ \XXA 
„. . -XXX 



•; V ...• V- •■.•'■■■ •••♦•■■ "-.^ 

.Ay,.' ••.. Av^ V 'V'' V > 


>6c><>c<K>c<xxxx>^^ ■ -^>§" ■ 

X><XX><XXX>0< i3(?5<!^f. : ntf / 

X'<X><.>C<X>C<XXXKX >■ X >C/ 1^ V 



••.x\.-' •••./■•-•'■•■. 

and iValet 'jf 

Corner of * 

I 'W fflf'T™' •^* 




^ •^, ^ 

%iV t^ i\ > . > ^^^ 










The President and Directors of the People's Steam Navigation Company, have the 
^M pleasure to announce the commencement of the Line for the conveyance of passengers 
^^ Between the cities of Baltimore and Philadelphia, by the swift and- splendid Steamers 
g KENTUCKY, Capt. D. Robinson, and OHIO, Capt. W. Whildinn, jr. 
<^l The KENTUCKY will leave the Company's wharf, Light street, every morning 
}s^ at six o'clock, A. M. for Philadelphia, by the way of the Chesapeake and Dela- 
^^ ware Canal, through which the passengers will be conveyed in splendid and commo- 
p^ dious barges, (alfording, particularly to ladies, the most comfortable and desirable 
^J^ route) to Delaware city, where they will take the OHIO, and arrive in Philadelphia 
^^ the same afternoon at an early hour- 

^^ Passengers will be taken up and landed on any part of the Canal, and also at New' 
^^ Castle, JMarcus Hook, Chester, and at the Lazaretto, on the Delaware, 
p^ The Table and Bar shall not be excelled by those of any other line in the Union. 
^^ This being the People's Line, no exertion will be spared on the part of the Agent, to 
'§^ entitle them to a full share of patronage of the travelling community. 

Mi [Tj^ Passage to Philadelphia^ only $2. 

]^^ Si^^All baggage at the risk of the owners — the greatest attention, however, will 
'^^ be paid to its safety, by the Captains and their assistants on the route. 
j^ Passage to Chesapeake city, going and returning FIFTY CENTS. 

^ .S". McCLELLAN, Agt. 8, Light st. wharf. 









Morning & Afternoon Line for Philadelphia. ^ 



■^ The Citizens^ ITnion or Rail Road Line, 






Leaves the loicer end of Bowleifs Wharf erery Morning 
at 6 o'clock ^' every afternoon (except Sunday) at 22 o'cVk. 

By this route Passengers will arrive in Philadelphia by the former TWO HOURS 
earlier than by any other line, and generally in time to connect with the Boat to 
Aniboy^ leaving Philadelphia at 3 o'clock which will enable Passengers to arrive 
at New York by 9 o'clock the next day. 

The style and accommodation of the Boats of this line are not surpassed by any 
other in the United States, and consist of the 


INDEPENDENCE, Capt. Pearce. 




Baltimore Biennial Advertiser. 


The undersigned announces to the public and Lis friends, 

that he has opened the above establishment, situated 


Baltimore find Hanover sts. 

to which he has added great improvements, and has made 
thorough repairs, so that it is now completely fitted up 
for the comfort of his guests. This House is very large, 
airy and commodious, fitted up with new furniture and 
beddingjand every needful arrangement having been made 
for the reception of travellers and families. 

mm^ ®^«& ^ . , 

wiU be furnished unth every variety qf the choicest 
Wines and Liquors. 

R, NE¥700MB, 




No.' 2,2, 
IV. Fayette St. 


Constantly keep on hand a 
neat assortment of 

Cloths^ Cassimeres and 

which they will make up to 
order, iu the most approved 
style of workmanship and 

D. Martin ^^ Patter son j 



€loth§, Cassimeres and Vesting:, 

Which they will make up to order, in the 


JVorkmanahip and Fashion, 



Checks on all the Banks, Deeds, Leasest 
Bills Lading, Shipping, Insolvent, Magistrates* 
Custom-house Blanks, approved forms, good 
paper, Sfc. 

Baltimore Biennial Advertiser. 

S.JE. Corner of ttattimore street A' Market space. 


Where Managers' Tickets and Shares in all the authorised Lotteries may be had, in the great- 
est variety of numbers. Foreign Bank Bills and Checks exchanged, at the lowest rates 
»f the market, and the highest premium given for Gold Coin. Orders addressed to 



Baltimore Biennial Advertiser, 

-SlSSS^^^- .0« TUB 


Corner of Exelc-r --fJ'^''fZ^^%'^:'^- ^^^''"°''' 
State ol Maiyland, U. 5s. A 

sounds, (as the buzzing of insects, rushing of air through a crevice, 
and at tunes a» the sound of belli, also like a waterfall-xhis i» la- 
belled with the letter A. . ■ r r , ■ ., 

Letter B, op;''ica6/e where there is a sensation of fulness in the 
ear, and an insensibility of the nerves. 

LetieiC, where a loss has been produced by injlammatory 
disease of any kind, causing a gathering in, and discharge Irom the 

Citato Ol jTiai viait", ^> "• •"• „ . , . uisea 

t ^..1,1 h, him and his aeenti {in thu State) at idoUan a package \^ .... 

■Andtoldbyhimananisui, )^^^^^^^ Letter D, where the ear has experienced a violent concussion 

.1 „• ». l.,vP iranroved the Hearin? after 40 years of of air, (as by discharge of cannon or otlietwiie) whereby the nerves 
A.a/,««, a d ha^e f-^^'' ' J ^ certificates Irom persons ol the 
i- ='P;>.i^r «i W who have been cined. As (among nianv others) 
^L;:;;Swu5^1.ew that u ..^.^or tlie ,o««^^<.»^ a ^pe^c. 

jve oecome [urairtcu. 

Letter E, wliere a healthy secretion of wax hadeeateo, and pro- 
duced an unjileasant dryness therein. 

Take a box of "Anti-Consumptive Com|)ouiid," in which piace 
a wick to burn as a lamp, (or it may be broken, and put a piece the 
size of a hickory nut, intoa tleancu|>,v which place at the part of 
the room most remote from the patient, that the smoke may com- 
bine with theatmosjihereof the rOom, and the person must k*eps 
the mouth open to inhale it >u the lungs, when he will be enabled to 
expectorate both easily and freely, ami the-eby be much relieved 
from the cause of disease. '1 his smoke dij/'eit tioin common """"e, 
in that it excites no cough.) ii strengthens the lungs, and heals 
(them afier removing the offending cause, this would effect a cure 
when neither linuids nor solids would reach the inside ol the lungs 
and consequently, could not effect a cure. 

"n. B.Per^onsata distance wiil please a.iaiess nu" W'"" j;"'"^ J Take of Anti-Rheuraatic Liniment labelled with either Ants 
giving a particular description of the ,,,st ""''/^'•'^'"X-nird Rheuma°cLh\ men,, letter Z,Y, X or W, (if itis in u.caseof long 
rntheearoreavs,(asthecase may ^«=) *hw' they may be iui .,hcd f'^^^^j^ ^ i^fer^ble,) after washing the pan 


1. :„ ,i.w ixiwcrof hearine, and then learn to speak. 
''^^iRECT10NS°^^^^^^^^^ and shake It well, then drop 

Mi^ for an adult eiju drops, for a -child Aa// the number, m 
•^'eCo'oa%';.vious"y '«^nned. tl'iu? .he li,,u;d skaltnot chill the ear 
tinch number of drops poor m each ear afteoted morning «"«. 
7venn,g until cured, keeping the e'M loo,ely stopped ^"^ wool. It 
the number of drops prnpos.d slK.iild produce a momentary pa^n 
lessen the quantity (a drop at a tn,u-) until it will no - 1 us Me 
dTcu e has, in many instanees, proved a speedy and eftectual c me, 
wh St oil'C'» requited a longer period uf time to effect that object. 
N B.Per^onsata distance will please address him UjoU paid) 

with a package of the kind dee med m ost likely to effect a cure. 

This is to certify that a daughter of mine, about six 
years old, afflicted with deafness for nearly a year 
nast I nuieha>ed avialofihe-'Columbia Restorative for the Hear- 
ine " uiepai. dand s.ild by Uavid Brown, which having been appli- 
ed for a few weeks, had the desired effect in restoring her hearing. 
August 10, l«i2. JOSEPH I. OGDEN. 

I the subscriber, do hereby certify that owing to a severe eold 
in iny head, 1 lost my hearing to ihat degree, that when spoken to 
in the loudest tone olvoice, I was unable to comprehend what was 
«aid Tiutill had used for some we*ks the "Columbia Restorative 
for the hearing," prepared and sold by David Brown, whicli, al- 
though I am 78 years of age, has perfectly restored my bearing, 
and he has my full permission to make it publie tor the bent ht ol 
others My residence is iu Park st. No. 88, a few doors North ot 
Saratoga St. Baltimore. ALEX. MoDONALD. 

Oct. 22, 1832. 
0:7" At same place raay be obtained, the "Anti-Consumptive 
Compound," for in/io/crion, it being the most rational mode of 
reaching the seat of disease in the lungs, (as nor liquid or solid 
can) and cans ing free expectoration ivithout exciting a cough, and 
ultimately effecting a perfect cure, in most eases. Piite4 dolls, per 
dozen boxes Alsc), Tinctures tor the oiire of chronic Rheumatism, 
S'3 per dozen vials— Inilaniniatorydo. gl perdozen powders— Liv- 
er Complaint, $\ per box of 12 pills— Tetters of ringwormi, $1 
per doz. vials— Anti-Cholera, at $3 and 1 50 per dozen, , or §30 
and $15 per gross according to the size of the vials. 

Directions for using the nfort mentioned medicines, 
The Columbia Restorative for the hearing, in eases where it 
it may arise fiom taking cold, tketcby producing a variety of 

duration, W is preferable,) after washing the part aflected, well 
with iveak, ivarm (common) ley, and while the pores are open 
thereby , apply the liniment, and wrap.u p in flannel the part affectea. 
Takeoneof thePowde« in a dry state, labelled F, every ntghl 
at bedtime. The patient may use a lup of water to rinse his mouth 
after U ing^it. ^^^ cURE OF LIVER COMPLAINT. 

Take of the pills marked on label, G, one every other night, at 
bed-time; also nse of diet drink contained in the vial labelled H. 
hplfan hour before each meal a wine glass half filled with said 
dvink— which pills continue to amount of six, then cease three 
days, and resume it again, unless eured-the drink continue with- 
out intermission. 

Take a wineglass half filled with »-The Depurative Syrup," 
labelled I, half an hour before each meal, and at bed-time, to expel 
the humour to the surface; and then apply the "Tetter Tincture." , 
labelled I, on the surface, to kill disease. 

Take for the Spasmodic Cholera, i(ofthe Anti-Cholera Specific, 
letter K,) one table spoonful every ten minutes, uniil the blood i» 
diffused from the heart to the extrtmities; the cramp is relieved and 
the (.atieiit cured. As a preventive take one tea spoonful nfla 

each meal' . , , rr ■• i c. • * < 

In addition to the agents in various parts of the United States, for 
the accommodation of ihe public, tha following drugs ists have been . 
appointed agents in this city, viz:-Baxley Ik Co. Drugg.M.,S. E, 
corner of Howard and Franklin sts. Atkinson fc Co. druggisti.op- 
nosiie Rail Road Depot, Prattst. Wm. W. Moore aiid Co. whoL; 
sale druggists, 200 Market st. opposite th^ Indian queen Hot*. 
John M. Laroque, No. 12 Market st. opposite the iCentit M^Wt , 
Pr, Oidier, 6 Marsh Market Space. 

Baltimore Biennial Advertiser. 

Hugh Balderston, 

tdt the Sign of the Fan ^ Screen, 


Manufactures and sells the following articles, viz: 

PANS for cleaning wheat; 

WIRE SAFES ot the most approved kinds; 

Rolling and Standing SCREENS for merchant mills and 
flax seed; 

RIDDLES and SIEVES, for coal, corn, ore, barley, rye, 
oat8, flax and clover seeds, wheat, cockle, lime, sand, snuff, 
(tarch, and brick dust; 

Plain and Fancy WIKB. WORK for cellar windows, 
libraries, &c. 

(Ji^- Orders will also be recsived by H. B. for PAPER 
MOULDS, and executed promptly at reasonable prices. 


Bryson Gill & Robinson, 


N. W. Corner of Hanover ^ Lombard-sts. 

Respectfully inform the Medical Faculty gind the 

Public, that they have just received 

A large quantity of Leeches, 

And have made arrangements to be constantly sup- 
plied with any quantity they may want during the 
Winter as well as Summer; consequently they are 
enabled to CUP or apply LEECHES, when call- 
ed on. 

They also continue to practice in the various 
branches of their profession. — Operations, such as 

Extracting, Cleansing, Filing, Plugging and 
Inserting Mineral, Animal and Natural 



Will be performed with ease and safety on accom- 
modating terms. 

ed to by Mrs. Gill, when required. 


Bell-Hanger, Lock Smith, Brass 
Founder, Stote- Maker ^ 

Mardivare Store *V »JfIanufactory 
NO. 61 XT aAV-STRHST. G. T. 

All Hinds of arti- 
cles in the Hard- 
ware hine, for 
house keepers, 
carpenters, build- 
ers, blacksmiths, 
&c. &.C. kept on 
hand, or made to 
order at the short- 
est notice, and on reasonable terms. 


Respectftilly informs her friends and the public, that she 

has remored from her late residence, corner of 

Thomson and Aisquith-streets, to 

Jiisnuith Street, JV. of Oray-st* 

(the sixth poor, PAINtED WHITE,) 

Where she is prepared to supply Families, Boarding House 
and Public Houses, with the 

Choicest Pickles, such as 

Mangoes, Cucumbers, Yellow Pickle, Stuffed 
Peppers and. Mushrooms. 
Also, different kinds of Catsups. 
Walnuts, Mushrooms and Tomatos. 

9t5» Captains of Vessels and others will find it their ad- 
vantage to call or send— should they want any of the aboTC 
articles, they will be put up in the safest manner. 

Aisqnith-st. 6th door north of Oay-st.' O. T. 

Baltimore Biennial A drertiser. 

Fountain of Luck. 

In all the Lotteries drawing, may be had in 
the greatest variety of Lucky Numbers, 


At the Fountain of Luck^ 

Light-street, adjoining Beltzhover's; 

jWhere may be bad. Prizes amounting to Millions of 

Wanted, all kinds of Foreign Bank Notes at the lowest 
rates of discoiint. 

The highest premium paid for Gold. 

Crchore's best Playing Cards kept constantly on hand. 

B KB 'fi^ /i*ll 'irfi ZTK 

Simon Yw^illard, 

president street, SSaUiinorei 

A few steps East of Pratl-st. Bridge, on the 
Baltimore und Ohio Rail Road. 

Where he keeps constantly on hand, of his 
own Manufacturing, NARROW AXES, Broad 
Ares, Ctiisels, Draw Knives, Cooper's Tools, 
Butcher's Cleavers, Choppers, &c. &,c. 

iX5"A]so, a small Steam Engine for sale. * 

White- Washing 


— Q«ao— 
Thomas S, Price, 

Takes this method to acknowledge his gratitude to 
his customers and the public generally, liar the very 
liberal patronage bestowed upon him for the last 
eight years, and informs them, that he still carries 
oi"tlie" White- Washing and Colouring of Walls in 
all its varieties, and may be found at his dwelling, 

Between Market and Fayette-streets, near Woodward's 
Fountain Stables. 
Cc3- Ceilings Whitened with neatness and des- 
patch, without removing carpets or furniture. 



Confectioner t^ Distiller, 


(Between South and Calvert-sts.— nearly opposite Jones's 

Keep* constantly on hand, on cxtensire aisortment of 
CONFECTIONARIES, such as Mint, LcmOn, Cinnamon, 
Barley, Rose and Rock Candies; Sugar Plums, Almonds, 
Corianders, Anuiseed, Cherries, Strawberries, Radishes, 
and a variety of Sugar Toys. Also, Pound Cakes, dressed 
in the neatest style, or plain — Plum, Sponge, Tea, Sugar, 
and every description of the finest and tasteful Cakes. 

A large quantity of rich and choice Cordials. Every kind 
of dried and seasonable Fruits, viz: Oranges, Lemons, Rai- 
sins, Prunes and Figs; soft shell Almonds, Filberts, English 
and Palm Nuts, &c. 

To which is added, a complete and handsome collection 
of elegant Toys, from the best German, French and other 
manufactories— China Fire Crackers, Sky Rockets, kc. — 
Besides, Cracking-Letters, Pulling-Crackers, and Torpe- 
does, of his own fiictory, &c. The whole of the above ar- 
ticles are disposed of at the most reaionable prices, whole- 
sale and retail. 

{ji5» A generous allowance made to city and country deal- 
ers, who are respectfully invited to call at No. 100 1-2, 
Market-street, to examine and supply themselve*. 

All orders for the City and Country, will b« thankfully 
receiyed and punctually attended to. 

BaltimoTt Bihinial M^irtiser. 

of J^aUitnore. 



nue to iosur« Dweliii';;; Honscs, VV'areJjourtrs. Mer '!'.'>"'''ie, 
Household Furnitui'C) Ships in ^^nn, '■'■. 
c{t»er riescnjitioij.'! of PrCLerfy fir-ncra!-' 
damage hy J'''ire — ^r^jh-but are iioi pcroaitt- . _,.-._. 
to iniurc out of the aeTT limits of the city. 
' ' Frohk' the peculiar construction .iiid material of this Asso- 
aatioti, founded as it is known to be, Oii tba befit intevcsts, 
had supported by (Le Mirest guarautees; backed by an am- 
ple C4j>itai, »ncl pi-omising a j:afe and d:iay proteciioii— it 
has receired aa extensive patrona-je, 

(]i5» Far form* ef applicatior., Kud acf oth°,r information 
on the subject, please apply »> the CompaBy*? Office, 8e- 
coud-«trcet, opposiW^ the new Exchange. 
rnxsr.jfT board. 
JOHN REESE, Praident. 


" '\r Market Company, 

lucrty « *' 


''Va»hii<gton " 
First Baltimore *' 

Mechanical ''' 
•'endahip " 

.lidepprd--''* •" 
Franklia " 

Howkrd " 

< Jacj>b Smith, 
\ Arcbibiid George, 

< Chas. M. Keys^r, 
\ Lot E .ley, 

^ FtederickSeyiei'j 
( John Hiudet, 
5 Luke Tiemui-, 
? Nathari Tyson 

< Jesse Hunt, 

I Jacob Afbcrt, 
V Wm. E. :Jeorg€. 
t Samuel Keerle, 
J J. I, Cohen, Jr. 
) H. W. Erans, 
5 Gftor»e Rogers, 
I Wm. G. Joues, 
S WilUan: Mcetcer, 
( Sasnuei M'Kini, 
S Samuel AVilson. 
i Husjh Bolton, 

< .T. DifTeiitierrier, 
i lienj. Iluck, 

5 Thomas P. Strar., 
I D. R. Wilson, 

S James B. Stansbury, 
^ Samuel Wilson, 

< J. J. Boeman, 

( John P. Strobei, 
S Rezin B. Simpson, 
\_ Peter Saucrwein, Jr. 
TH08. 0. ROTTER, 8«c'y. 

White Horse Tavern, 


Thoraas Wood-ivard^ 

Begs leave to inform tiie public genemli.^ m.J V:is 

friends particularly, that he has ma. 'ii- 

tions and improveniciits to the above tnt 
as will enable hitn to accommodate 


By tbe Day or Week, s-easoiiably. 


07 THB 

Baltimore Gun- Powder Manu- 
facturing Company^ 

JOSEPH JMflSOJ^, Presideni. 
The Company haye recently put tiirir Works in 
complete rtpair, and arc now manufactiirinsi Gun^ 
PoK'?/;??- of the Yaiii>«» sorts, suitable for Blasting, 
Canoa, or any other piirpc»se, and need only to say 
in recommendation of the article, that it has been 
almost universally used in the threat works of inter- 
nal improvement in thi.s Stal<;,"and to a very consi- 
derable extent in the r,d;r. inin^ State?5. Sarnple* 
may be seen by ' ^if tlie Oflice. 

p!-, .un Povider Corvpany, 

The undersior,.. atimies to alten 1 ;o the 

Measuring of BuUdm^^i, viz: C: '" " • cr- 

ers, Stone Masons, Bricklaycfs '•■ it, 

&.C. and to plan and estimate coius <'. i:,-v--~i\v,gn 
gcneratiy. JOSEPH JAMISON, Jirchit ct. 

BvUitnore Bienniel Advertiser. 


Tenflers his unfeigned acknowledgement lb tiis 
Customers, and the Public generally, for the very 
liberal support heretofore received, and would re- 
spectfully inform them, that fie continues to carry 

on the ,^ ' " ■ 



^J\o. 24H Market' Street. 

Ha-nng an excellent assortment of Materials, and 
the best of workmen employed, he flatters himself 
that he shall be enabled to render entire satisfac- 
tion tc, those Avho may favour him with their pa- 

■ ■ » " ■ ' ' '' I ' ' ' .. 

The Subscriber would respecfully inform his 
friends and the public, 0tLt he has taken an office 



Antth(*jk- 'to Nidhhishn's neio Lottery Office, 
Where he will attend to all calls made on him in 
his official capacity. He informs those who may 
■be compelled to take the benefit of the insolvent 
• Jaws, that he attends to and, makes out INSOL- 
VENT PAPERS on moderate terms. 

: ..,, 'BILLS OF SALE, 


Attended to with punctuality and dispatch, and he hopes 
Ijy attfutioii to business to secure a portion of public pa- 


Late Clerk of Centre Market. 

Francis M. Foivler, 

bbtWeen shaA*' and hamoter-sts*- ; 

.:! -'^v;/baltimoreJ:.:/,;1.-- Mprfi^r;: . 

F.'M. F's business is to render to Mercliantg, 
Tradesmen, and Executors, occasionally confi- 
dential assistance in the opening, adjusting, and 
balancing their individual, co-partiiership, or 
trust accounts. ■ ;j..!. 





No. 56 Pratt-st. Baltimore, 

(Neai- tlie Cornel* of Hanover-streetj) 

Returns his llianl<9 to his friends and the public, for the libera) 
patronage bestowed upon his esinblishment since his commenc*- 
incnt in this city. Having j;one to considerable ex|>tnse in fitting 
up his house to promote their comfort and convenience, and ia 
itndering it nt comfortable as any in this city, he ris|ifectfully so- 
licits a continuance of tlit:sanie,ushe will spare no pains to merit it. 

Gcnilemencan be accommodated with private rooms, hnd Kami- 
lies tiavelliiif;, with private parlors and bed-r»oms, witli the begt 
of beds, and furnished in the neatest and most modern style. His 
home is situated in tlie most pleasant part of the city; the RaiU 
Road cars pass his duor; it it contiguous to the Steam-Boats, Pub- 
lie StageOfBces, &c. &e. 

John I. Gross, 

•Ind General Coinmission •^ig^nt, 

Corner of Front & North Gay stg^ (No. 88.) 
0. T. Baltimore, 

• Where a general assortment of HOUSEHOLD 
and other articles may be had at private sale at 
the lowest a4jction prices. 
DC^Liberal advances made on assignments. 

Battmore 'Biennial Advertiser. 


jFamilics, Hotels §* Steam-boats. 


Seltln^^' pefYMt . cheaper -than eversbld in this City. 
This article no Family fhould be without, on account of 
its valae for keeping BEKF, BUTTER, MILK, POUL- 
TRY, and all other articles of PROVISION, cold & clean 
iu warm weather. Apply to 


No. '4 North Sharp-street, 
Directly in the rear of Messrs. Jacob & Charles Baltzell'i 
Dry Grtjods Store. 

Iv. C &. W. II. iflETTEE, 

Na. 3G Lif^ht st.fnur doors from Lumbord st- 
Respecttiilly inform llieir friends and the pub- 
lic ill general, that thev are prepared to do all 
i>cc. &,c. to patiern, and will warrant alt kinds 
of work intrusted to them, to be done in the 
most fnithi'ul manner, and with promptness and 
despatch. Also, BELL HANGING. 

(jj/* We respectfully solicit the patronage of 
our friends and the public generally. 

To Country^ JWerchunts Sf Others, 


Tin WareMamfactonj, 
No. 10 Baltimdr6-st. 

•■ One door east of Harrison street* 

Offers on the lowest terms, a general and extensive 

assortment of all kinds of TIN- WARE,' 
Such as Block Tin, Riveted, plain and jappap- 
ned Ware, and' will makie to order all kincls of 
7 IN ^ SHEET IRON WORK, and ma«- 
' ufactures oh his own improved plan, the econom- 
ical patent double reflecting Baker and Roaster; 
it answers the double purpose of a Tin Kitchen 
or Bake Oven. * 


BITANNIA WARE, of the best qaality in 
sets or separate pieces, Britannia Urns, Soup 
Ladles, Fruit Di^]ij;s &c.v. v 

ALSO, low priced Britannia Ware, best and 
low priced Britannia Tea and Table Spoons, 
■Jrpp Spoons, Sl<iqimers, Ladles, Flesh . Forks, 
Tea Boards and Waiters, from best to common 
quality, circular patent fluted and common Grid- 
irons; patent and box Coflee Mills, Copper and 
Brass Wash Kettles; Tin Plate Wire and Rivets. 

The above will be sold wholesale and retail on 
the most reasonable term?. 


BnltimoTB Riennial Advertunr. 




Corner of Light ^^ Lombard-sts» 


Si>ho maJui and finishes in ihe best matmer, iJui /otUnbing 

Cookiog Sto»«i, of ths improTCii paUat no* is vm 
Pranklio do. wuh or without Pipe; \ 

Cambof* .io. «Bi Box <lo. » . „, 

Alio, Sto>e Ketile«, Dripping PaB«, ufl oilier Sheet 

Iron Vv'arc. .,..«»„..' 

Stjye Pipe of different •ize», ftona 1 1»J to 8 in«bcf> &!! 

«»de of th» >e!it »hcct iron. \, \ 

Ail Li* ta»nufactured Ware will b« •old, wholcvde ai 

rt-Uil, on the most rcajouable terms. 
'Stj- Orders from merchant*, store ke«p«n ftni othen 

ihankful'f receired. 


{ji ^^Kroad depot.) 

:'!•. 03 ys at stove, 
R of 

decliifing business, breaking yp 
or sales ordered !>«■' 
tees and alloti 




of Porter, Ale and Cider, 
At JS*o. 11 bouth Street. 

All orders filled at ihe ehortcat notice. 




upholsterers <fc house rtecoratort, 

No. 108 BaUimore it.— Baltimore, 

H«Te oa hand and arc eonttaiitly manufacturiiig cTery 
article in the Upholstery line. A Rttat rancty ofSprini; 
Seat Rocking Chair*, superior to any that ha»e been in- 
trodaced. £a»y Chair* of every description, for the 
parlor, library and chamber. 

Kiln dried Feather*-, warranted pnrc an« nwect, ready 
made Beds and Mattresses. Also a great variety of splen- 
did Curtain Materials, Trimnaings, Ornaraenta &C. which 
willbemado and put up in the most tastful style at short 

" te- All orders gratefnUyreceircd, and (he Bpholstrry 
biii^cssperir.naUV attended to inaU itsrarious branches. 

D. & a.are AgenU tor aelling Ad»ms s Patent Sweiied 
Baau WindlassBedstcads, which the publio are mrUed 
to call «Dd cxamiae. 


BaUiwnore JDirecior^ 






The names and Occupations of the Householders, a list of tlie Streets, Lanes, Alleys, Wharves, &c. &e. 
a list of the Banks, Foreign Consuls, Insurance and other Companies, Custom House, Hours of De- 
parture of Steam-Boats, Packets and Stages, Notaries, &c. &c. 







Richard J. Matchett, takes the privilege on presenting the patrons of his 6th edition of this work 
of observing that, from the commencement of taking the citizens' names, to binding the book, he has 
met difficulty and expense at every step, which hasdelaj'ed the publication beyond his expectations; 
he has however, completed his task, and if he has not done, "the best his circumstance allows" in 
it, he will say, he hopes never to be engaged in a more disagreeable one (rendered so by circumstan- 
ces uninteresting to the public and useless to be recapitulated.) The task of visiting every house in the 
city, or paying for it, of spelling names (foe which there is no rule,) pronounced alike, but spelt differ- 
ently; of meeting rebuffs from the ignorant and impudent, and one has not far to travel to find such 
who however discreetly solicited for the necessary information, will wantonly insult; the erroneous 
charge in many instances of our having omitted names, by those who have not information sufficient 
to know where to examine for them; of miss-spelling; of not putting a more full direction &,c. &,c. 
We say the task has been found too severe for one individual (except the present publisher) to at* 
tempt a second edition, and what is still more aggravating these difficulties are thrown in the way 
by those generally whom the work has cost nothing. 

In giving the register of names of a city containing over 80,000 is most unreasonable to 
expect there will not be omissions, errors in spelling and inserting addresses, and yet some have come 
to call us to account for such incongruities ; after using our best efforts to be correct, however, we 
will not be found ready to gratify those who make impertinent remarks. 

The total number of subscribers to the present edition does not amount to 600 — we hare printed 
750 copies only — It has taken 15 weeks at $8 yer week to take the names, besides the cost of print- 
ing, of arranging them alphabetically, paper and binding; and hundreds complain that the book is 
too high; and hundreds who are well able to bear a proportion of the cost of so necessary and indis- 
pensable a work, refuse, as "it is to them unnecessary," yet will perhaps borrow it one hundred times 
to findjthose whom they want; there are hundreds of others also, who refuse to subscribe because 
they have "been taken in," and promised never to do so again; while we deny ever taking any in, 
we doubt the sincerity of four fifths of those making such statements. 

Yet we return thanks for favors — yes we do, we return thanks to the 470 whose favors hare 
prompted us to bring out^the book, (and those who require the book and refuse to subscribe ought to 
do so to,) and to as many as will purchase it after it is out. But we offer no complaisances to those 
who act in the manner vf e have stated. While we desire to suppress grumbling, we also exercise the 
privilege of expressing truth. 
a^-We will cheerfully note all corrections furnished by lubscribert or others,and if they will take the 
pains to examine and correct, we pledge ourselves to furnish them with « supplement gratis, by the 
let of July, but if they neglect it we cannot print it of course 


in 'li 



(Penn. av) Pennsylvania avenue, (Har. av.) Harford avenue. ("York av.) York avenue, (cor.) corner, n. north. 
, south. E. east. w. west, (t) persons of color. (Com. mer.) Commission merchant, (st.) street, (dw.) dwelling. 

A.ARON JACOB, second hand clothing store, 

94 Harrison st 
Abay Joseph, fisher, William st near Cross 
Abay Jacob, fisher, VVilliam st near Cross 
Abbes John, cap maker and furrier, n Calvert, 

opposite Peale's Museum, dw 77 Ensor st 
Abbett Samuel, R. stove manufacturer, 72 n 

Howard st 
Abbett T.i& S. stove manufacturers, Lombard st 

near Calvert 
Abbett Henry, stove finisher, 1 Lombard st & n 

Howard st dw Lee st w of Charles 
Abbitt Benj. cooper, Patterson st dw President st 
Abbott & Hiser, grocers 122 n Howard st 
Abbott Wm. carter, ne corner of Spring and 

Fleet sts 
Abbott Doctor J. E. 28 n Liberty st 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, Market st F.P. 
Abell Christopher, victualler, Reisterstown road 
A bell Benj. wheelright, Harford run,nearGoughst 
Abell J. S. grocer, 89 Hanover st 
Abercrombie James, Charles st s of Franklin 
Abey Christopher, fisher. Bond st 
Abrams Charles, carpenter, 91 Ann st 
Abrams John, ship carpenter !)l Ann st 
Abrams Jacob, 13 n Exeter st 
Abrams nirs Elizabeth, Fort McHenry hotel, 

at the Fort. 
Abrams &, Washington, carpenters, 63 Fleet st 
Abrio John, cordwainer. Fleet st near Ann 
Aburn John, liquor store, corner Philpot and 

Bank sts 

Achey Fredk. currier, Eutaw st near Peace alley 

Ackerman mrs Cathrine, cake shop, 13 w Frank- 
lin st 

Ackland James, boot and shoe maker, 7 s Cal- 
vert st 

Ackworth Samuel, teacher, Bond, near Bank st 

Adair Wm. & Thos. merchants, 175 Baltimore 
st dw Frederick n of Second st 

Adams John, shoemaker. Strawberry alley rear 
of Pratt st 

Adams Joseph, hatter, 51 Market st 

Adams William, Caroline near Bank st 

Adams Aaron, New Bridge hotel, E Baltimore st 

Adams & Kettlewell, produce store, sw corner of 
Gay and Potter sts 

Adams Philip, hatter, 21 Constitution st 

Adams John, drayman. Short st 

Adams Jacob, house carpenter, cor Chesnut alley 
and Chatsworth st 

Adams Jas. wagoner, cor Lexington & Pearl sts 

Adams Thomas, saddler, Pearl s of Lexington st 

Adams mrs Margaret Gilford alley 

Adams Joseph, porter, Peace alley, near Chas. st 

Adams Benjamin, hatter, Hollingsworth st 

Adams Wm. carpenter, Eager alley 

Adams Wm. tavern keeper, ne cor Market space 
and Water st 

tAdams Mary, n Sharp st 

tAdams John, 80 East st 

tAdams Adam, cordwainer, Orleans st near 

Harford run 
tAdams Bennett, hairdresser and barber, Gay 
near Exeter st 




t Adams James, Sexton of African church in Sara- 
toga St dw Short st 
t Adams Adam, sawyer, Short st 
tAdams Henry, Granby st near Exeter 
Addison Isaac S. carpenter, Hill st w of Light 
Addison George C. shoe store, 32i w Pratt st 
Addison Wm. carpenter, Bottle al. w of Sharp st 
Addison Samuel, shoe maker, Bottle alley, w of 

Sharp st 
tAddison Eleanor, 33 n Liberty st 
Addlesburger mrs. Catharine^huckster, Long al. 
Ader Ralph, cooper, 6 Commerce st 
Adkisson & Lamden, sailmakers, New Dock over 
capt. Parks's store, dw Salisbury near Lloyd 
Adler mrs Mary, Bottle alley 
Adreon Christian, grocer, sw cor Franklin and 

Pine sts 
Adreon William, grocer, nw cor Sharp & Barre 
Adreon James, tailor, 5 Hanover st dw Eutaw 

near Pearl 
Adreon George, proprietor Eastern and Western 

Shore hotel, Camden st n side near Light 
Afiayroax John F. grocer, 1 York st 
Affayroux John F, 1 e Baltimore st near H. run 
Agar Alexander, dry goods merchant, 30 Market 

Agnew Andrew, grocer, se cor Pitt and East sts 
Aiken mrs George, sw cor Green and Saratoga 
tAir John, laborer, Short st 
Aisquith mrs, 921 w Baltimore st 
Aitken James, Druggist 44 n Gay st 
Aitken Robert, Chemist and Druggist store sw 

cor Hillen and 
Alaways mrs Eli/.ebeth, 169 French st 
Alberger Wm. carver & gilder, 3G n Gay st 
Albergcr mrs Rebecca, 3iJ n Gay st 
Alberger John P. saddler, Henrietta st near s 

Alberger Job, victualler, e Pitt st near Point 

Albergcr Adam, victualler Byard st near Caroline 
Albers Solomon G. grocer, 75 McElderry's wharf 
Albers & Lewis, carpenters, McElderry's wharf 
Albers Henry N. ship joiner, Aisquith, near Or- 
leans st 


Albert Reuben, stcamboatman Armistead lane 
Albert Jacob, & Co. hardware merchants, 9 n 

Howard st dw J. Albert, 37 w Fayette st 
Albinson Peter, toy store and basket manufactu- 
rer, 102i Baltimore st and 4 Centre Mark- 
et space 
Albright Christopher, laborer. Monument st 
AUbright Jesse P. constable, 76 Conway st 
Albright John, Columbia, opposite s termination 

of Green st 
Alcock Wm. vinegar merchant and grocer, 60 

Lexington st dw 51 n Howard st 
Alden mrs Mary, Orleans st near H run 
Alden Simeon, proprietor of the Baltimore tavern, 

26 E Water st 
Aldridge Higdon 6i. Co. importers of dry goods, 
12 s Charles st 

Aldridge , firm of do. dw 121 Planover st 

Aldridge Thomas C. bricklayer, Light st near 

Sugar alley 
Aler John, blacksmith, Saratoga st n side near 

Cove st 
Aler John, blacksmith, Saratoga st w of Pine 
Alexander Wm. attorney at law, cor St. Paul and 

Mulberry sts 
Alexander Wm. 25 St. Paul's st 
Alexander miss E. J. milliner, 6 w Fayette st 
Alexander Doctor Ashton, Fayette st 1 door e 

of Culvert st. 
Alexander Wm. ship joiner Spring st, near Pratt 
Alexander mrs Jane, huxler, Stillhouse st near 

Water st 
Alford mrs Elizabeth, 63 French st 
Alford James, shoenuiker, n Gay st near Aisquith 
tAlford Zekell, laborer Douglass st. 
Algie James, block cutter, Caroline st near Bond 
Allbergor Adam, butcher. Beard st near Caroline 
AUbright John, Columbia opposite s termination 

of Greene st. 
Allen miss, fancy dress maker, opposite Lexing- 
ton market space, n side 
Allen Wm. clerk, 4 Mulberry st 
Allen John, draper and tailor, near Penitentiary 
Allen mrs Mary S. 6 Commerce st 
Allen Henry, ship joiner, Argyle alley near Bank 

ALL to- 

" ■■ " - • 

AlJen John, engineer, French st opposite Potter 

Allen William, clerk, U Ross st 

Allen Samuel, carpenter, Ross stnear Long alley 

Allen James, bricklayer, Lunn's Lane 

Allen Robert, bricklayer, s Exeter st n of Stiles 

Allen Joseph, butcher, Gough st between Spring 

and Caroline 
Allen Samuel, painter Thames near Bond, dw 

215 Bond st 
Allen mrs Ann, grocer, ne cor. VVilk and Exeter 
Allen John, mathematical instrument maker, 

Thames near Bond 
Allen John, cooper, 98 Conway st 
Allen Eli, cooper, 98 Conway st 
Allen James, cooper, 78 Conway st 
Allen James bricklayer, no. 46 n Exeter st. 
Allen John, mathematical instrument maker 12 

Salisbury st. 
Allen John P. shoemaker, Potter near Douglass 
Allen James, carpenter, Rock st near Saratoga 
tAllen Joseph, laborer, Cross st near Federal hill 
tAllen Sarah, huckster, Long alley, near Sara- 
toga st 
tAllen Nathan, oil carrier, s Howard st near 

Camden st 
tAllen Jerry, laborer, n Sharp st 
tAllen Caesar, Peace alley, wof Sharp st 
tAllen Mary, Eden n of Wilk st 
tAllen Will, laborer. Forest near Penitentiary 
AllenderDr. Joseph, 2'2 Thames st 
Allero D. H. grocer,fand liquor store, cor Charles 

st and Honey alley 
Allerton L'^aac, laborer, High st near Hillen 
Allett Joseph, carpenter, 19 Thompson st. 
Allison Robert H. carpenter, Spring st near Bank 
Allison mrs Mary, 25 n Gay st 
Allison John, pewterer 12 Fish Market space 
Allnutt mrs Sarah, Lombard st e of Hanover 
Alltoler William, house carpenter, 8 Comet st 
Allwine Richard, bricklayer, Hull's lane 
Aloes E. 169 French st 
AlrJcks Thos. P. attorney at law, Masonic Hall, 

dw cor of Jefferson and Aisquith sts 
Alricks Harmanus, cor Aisquith and Jefferson sts 
Alter mrs Elizabeth, 37 Park st 



Altvator Dr. G. n Exeter near Pitt st 

Altvater mrs Ann, 42 n Exeter st 

Alvey iSamuel, sea captain, 3 Ann st 

tAmbay Henry, laborer, Eden st 

tAmbee Esther, i; Falls avenue near Pratt St. 

tAmbrose Jane, Harford avenue 

American and Commercial Daily Advertiser, 2 

s Gay, Dobbin, Murphy &. Bose publishers 
Ames John A, merchant Gough st near Cranby 
Ames George C. dw s Exeter near Water st 
Amey Henry, Paca st n of Carpenter alley 
Amey Henry, sen. blacksmith, sw cor Lombard 

and Paca sts 
Amey Henry, jr. oak cooper, St. Paul st 
Amich Eliza, seamstress, Elbow lane 
Amos J. and Son, hatters. 39 n Gay st dw 130 n 

High st 
Amos Alexander, hatter, York road 
Amos Joshua L. bricklayer, George st near 

Pine st 
Amos Doctor Corbin, 39 w Fayette, near Eataw 
Amos Levi, blacksmith, Howard n of Madison 
Amos James draper and tailor, 62 Centre Mark- 
Amos Wm. H. stone potter, Potter near Douglass 

glass st 
tAmos Rachel, whitewasher, Potter near Low st 
tAmos Betsey, Potter st near Low 
Anatase mrs. Mary, n Paca st near New st 
Anderson Wm. rigger, Fell near Thames st 
Anderson Charlotte, Fleet near Bond st 
Anderson Jacob, glass cutter, e Pratt st near 

President st 
Anderson mrs R. milliner, 47 n Eutaw st 
Anderson Francis, stage driver, vv Mulberry st 

near Eutaw 
Anderson mrs Mary, 15 Park st 
Anderson David, blacksmith, 22 Fayette st 
Anderson 'I'heodore, Custom-house officer, 73 

w Fayette st 
Anderson Franklin, attorney at law, dw 26 Hol- 

liday st 
Anderson F. office e Lexington, opposite court- 
Anderson Hugh, carpet weaver, 32 s Charles st 
Anderson Wm. brass founder, Ruxlon st 





Anderson John, engraver and copper-plate print- 
er 1 South St 
Anderson John, laborer, Penn avcity bounds. 
Anderson Hugh, weaver, 30 s Charles st 
Anderson John, laborer Hull's lane 
Anderson James, weaver, Pierce st 
tAnderson Joseph, laborer, Baltimore st w of 

tAnderson Elijah, sawyer, Hampstead st near 

Caroline st 
tAnderson Sarah, Howard st near Lee 
tAnderson John, laborer, Ensor st 
tAnderson Caesar, drayman, 10 Ross st 
tAnderson George, Potter st near Douglass 
tAnderson Abram, porter, Howard st 
tAnderson D. 91 Pitt st 
tAnderson Daniel, waiter, 92 Sharp st 
tAnderson Richard, Ross st 
tAnderson Mat. w Saratoga st 
tAnderson Abram, porter, 74 n Howard st 
tAnderson Solomon, brickmaker. Bottle alley 
tAnderson Charles, under 26 Second st 
tAnderson Cassar, drayman, Long alley 
tAnderson James, hair dresser, 34 Centre Mark- 
et space 
tAnderson Samuel, caulker, Happy alley 
Andrew John, stone cutter, 97 Green st 
Andrews John, shoemaker. Union st near Pen- 

sylvania avenue 
Andrews S. painter, cor Ann and Alllsanna 
Andrews G, W. chemist, 3 w Baltimore st 
Andrews Reuben, carter. Wolf st near Wilk 
Andrews George VV. druggist, 3 w Baltimore st 
Anker H. M. merchant, 38 n Exeter 
Annan Doctor Samuel, dw n Liberty st opposite 

Dutch alley 
Ansqach mrs Eliza, milliner, ne cor of Fayette & 

St. Paul's sts 
Athony Manuel, carter, Bond st near Fleet 
Appleberry Wm. brickmaker Hughes st 
Appleby John, city watchman, 76 Front st 
Appleby Thomas, Old Circus tavern, nvv corner 

of Water and Exeter 
Applegarth Thos. shoemaker, Lee st w of Light 
Appier Jesse, piano maker. Park st near Dutch al.' 

Appold George, tanner, North st n of Wadison, 

dw 21 N Calvert st 
Arcade Fell's Point 21 Market st 
Arcade Maryland, Marsh Market Space, w side 

between Water and Second sts 
Arcade Union, M. Market Space, w side adjoin- 
ing Maryland Arcade 
Arcade Baltiraore, Lexington Market Gpace, 

between Eutaw and Paca 
Arcade Franklin, Lexington Market Space bet. 

Eutaw and Paca sts 
Arcade Washington, 6 Market st 
Arcambal mrs Juliet, 36 s Sharp st 
Ardin David, boot &l shoe maker, 83 Harrison st 
Ardley Henry, ship carpenter, 2 Block st 
Ardrey mrs Mary, Charles near Conway st 
Arieces Elias C. hair dresser, Penn. avenue 
Armacost Joshua, laborer, East st N of Douglass 
Armager Benjamin, carter. Ensor st 3rd door N 

of Monument 
Armager Joseph, comb maker, cor of Hill strand 

comb alley 
Armager Jesse, comb factory, Comb al between 
Hill st and Busy alley and w side of Han- 
over near Lee 
Armistead mrs Louisa, 113 Hanover st 
Armistead Wm. carpenter. Burgundy lane 
Armitage Joseph, cooper, Henrietta st near s 

Charles st 
Armitage mrs Ann, 45 w Lexington st 
Armons James, currier, Harford st near e Pratt 
Armor James (firm of Murdock & Armor) dw 53 

E Baltimore st 
Armor mrs Ann, tailoress Jefferson st near the run 
Armor John, tailor, store 37 Thames, dw Pratt 

near Spring 
Armor Wm. clothing store, 31 n Howard st 
Armor Samuel, clothiig store, Pratt, e of Calvert 

st dw Bottle alley, w of Sharp st 
Armstrong H. 74 w Saratoga st 
Armstrong James 6l Co merchants 42 Cheapside, 

dw Calvert st 
Armstrong mrs Ann, Alisanna, near Wolfst 
Armstrong Horatio, boot and shoe maker. Mar- 
ket st 

I \ 





Armstrong Jas. tallow chandler, (firm of Walsh 
and Armstrong,) n end of Holiday st d\v 
N Front St 5th door s of Hillen 
Armstrong nirs Hannah, 92 N High st 
Armstrong George, chair maker, ne cor of High 

and Water streets 
Armstrong mrs Catherine, shoe binder, Monu- 
ment st 
Armstrong Dennis, shoe maker, Sterling st 
Armstrong Robert C. merchant, n Gay st 
Armstrong Robert cartman, Columbia st N end 
Armstrong Peter, grocery and liquor store, se cor 

of Light and Cross sts 
Armstrong Joseph, farmer, Montgomery st near 

Light st 
Armstrong Elizabeth, Montgomery st near Light 
Armstrong Walter, 13 Hughes st 
Armstrong Alfred, painter, 101 Bond st 
Armstrong Andrew, boat builder, Block st 
Armstrong Thomas, weaver, Sarah Ann st near 

Schroeder st 
Armstrong Robert & Co. soap and candle man- 
ufacturers, \v Falls av and Concord st be- 
tween Pratt and Water sts 
Armstrong James L. carver, 24 New Church st 
Armstrong & Plaskitt, booksellers and stationers, 

134 Baltimore st 
Armstrong R, G. firm of do. 9 Eutaw st 
Armstrong John, shoe and hat merchant, 131 Bal- 
timore st 
Armstrong VVm. dry goods merchant, 41 Balti- 
more st 
Armstrong Thomas, dry goods merchant, 21 Bal- 
timore st 
Armstrong James, jr. &^ Co. wholesale grocer, 

24 Cheapside 
Armstrong Robert «St Co. grocers, Dugan's wharf, 

dw R. A. Gay st s of Baltimore st 
f Armstrong Isaac, brickmaker, Ann st 
tArmstrong Mary, Madison st 
tArmstrong Henry, morocco dresser, Arcade al. 
tArmstrong Vina, Camden st near Eutaw 
Arnay Edward, cooper, Ross st near Paca 
Arnctt Ezekiel, barber, French Bt near Potter 
Arnold rars Julian, shoebinder, 108 n E.vetcr st 

Arnold Thos. blacksmith. Potter near Douglass 
Arnold Clement, last maker, Sugar alley 
Arnold Davis, carter, Welcome alley 
Arnold John, grocer, 61s Frederick st 
Arnott Polly, Ruxton st 
Arquet Eli, dry good merchant, 9 Market st 
Arrey James, cordwainer, Union st'near Ross 
Arscott Joseph, seaman, corner Ann and Alice- 
anna sts 
Arthur Hugh, millwright, Saratoga st near Cove 
Arthur VVm. cor Bedford alley and Camden st 
Arthur Hugh, millwright, Saratoga n side near 

Cove st 
tArthur Mary, Potter st 
t Arthur Peter, laborer, Frederick st 
Ash Geo. H. carpenter, Pinkney st near Spring 
Ash Geo. carpenter, lumber measurer, Pinkney st 

near Spring 
Ashbourgh John, paver, n Paca st 
Ashcroft 'i'homas, ship carpenter, 79 Alice Anna 
Ashdown Wm. Rock st near Lexington 
Ashman Wm. justice of peace. Pearl st betwren 
Lexington and Saratoga, office n Paca st 
Ashmead Chilion,inn keeper, Wilk near Caroline 
Ashmore John, grocer, nw cor Douglass and 

Potter sts 
Ashton xMorris, tailor, 94 n High st 
Ashton John keeper of the jail, dw n Exeter 

near Pitt st 
Askay William, cooper, 109 Bond st 
Askey James, cabinet maker, Stiles st near s 

Expter st 
Askeum Alexander, pilot. Bond st near Gough 
rAskins Christopher, laborer, Honey alley 
Aspinull James, domestic manufacturer, Pierce st 
Aston Geo. Hooks Town road 
Aston Felix sawyer, Spring near Bank st 
Atkin Francis, watch and clock makej, 40 w Bal- 
timore st 
Atkin Francis, watchmaker, Aisquiih st near 

Hull's Lane 
Atkinson Isrcel S. grocer, 14 Penn. av 
Atkinson Joshua J. secretary to United States In- 
surance Company of Baltimore, dw Court- 
land Kt near Pleasant st 


Atkinson «St Janney, Druggists, 16 w Pratt st 
Atkinson John, tailor, 35 Frederick st 
Atkinson mrs cor Argyle alley & Alice Anna 
Atkinson Joshua boot& shoe maker 13 Market st 
Atkinson Samuel, grocer, 24 Market st 
Atkinson Horace, labourer Sugar alley 
Atkinson John, plane maker, Lee st w of Light 
Atkinson mrs Catherine, grocer, Pratt st w of 

Chatsvvorth run 
Atkinson Thomas, teacher 111 n High st 
Atkinson John, tailor, 40 n Exeter st 
Atkinson David, carpenter, 26 Constitution st 
Atkinson Israel S. & Co grocers, 14 Pensylva- 

nia avenue 
Atkison Henry, clerk, Cove st near Saratoga 
Atkison Thomas, laborer, Saratoga st extended 
Atkison Thomas, shoemaker, 70 n Paca st 
Atkison mrs Mary, grocer, Light st w of Mont- 
gomery st 
Atwell VVm. Labourer, Washington st 
Atwell John, ship carpenter, 52 Alice Anna 
Atwell Nathaniel ship carpenter, s Washington st 
Atwood John, cabinet maker, 39 Water st 
Atvvood mrs Catharine, tailoress, 10 Commerce st 
Auchanbaugh mrs Elizabeth s Eutavv st 
tAudorun Mary, Front st 
tAugust mrs. e Water st 

Auld Samuel, grocer, Market st County Wharf, 
Auld Edward, sea captain, 33 Philpotst 
Auld Dawson, sand trader. Forest st 
Auld Hugh, ship carpenter, wPhilpot st 
Auld mrs Elizabeth, 12 South st 
Ault Samuel, last maker, 78 Ensor st 
Auodoun Lewis, cabinet maker, Wilk st near 

Argyle alley 
Austen mrs Mary, 13 Fleet st 
Austen Wm. butcher, York st 
Austen mrs Mary, 13 Fleet st 
Austen William butcher, York avenue 
Austen George, firm of Hiss &- Austen, 77 w Fay- 
ette st 
Austen mrs Mary, 11 Fleet st 
Auzolle &. Weise, cordial distillers,l8 Commerce st 
Awberry P. S. shoemaker, Bank lane, near Uelle 
Air Market 


Awzolle J. B. grocery & liquor store, n Gay st 
Ay res Jacob, accountant, Paca st 1st house w of 

Lunn's lane 
Ayers Elizabeth, market st County wharf 
Ayres mrs S. boarding house, w .^ratt near Eu- 

taw st 
Ayres George, 127 Hanover st 
Ayers Thomas, drayman, Union st 
Ayers Charles, inn keeper, w Pratt st 
Ayers Dr. Eli, 120 Sharp st 
tAyres Andrew, laborer, German lane 
JAyers Susan, Biddle alley 

BaARTSCHEER JOHN, cooper, Ann near 

Alice Anna 
Baartscheer Christopher, cooper, Ann near Alice 

Babb John D. baker, 66 s Charles st 
tBack Susan, Green st near Fayette 
Backshaus Lewis, 59 Potter st 
fBackus Rachel, East st near African church 
Bacon Jas. grocery, flour & feed store, corner of 

Biddle st and Pensylvania av. dw Biddle st 
tBacon Benjamin, carter, Sugar alley 
tBacon Wm. waiter. Carpenter's alley 
Badger mrs Charity, Union Hotel, n Hovrard st 
tBadger Elisha, porter, 5 Howard st near Bottle 

tBadger Richard, laborer, Lerew's alley 
tBadger Jarrett, Porter, s Eutaw st 
tBadger Francis, blacksmith, Harford avenue 

near Ensor st 
Baer mrs Catharine, N Eutaw st near Saratoga 
Baer Wm. chemical factory, 84 w Pratt st dw 92 

s Sharp st 
Baer Doctor Michasl S. nw cor Sharp and Cam- 
den sts 
Bagnal John, laborer, Bishop's alley near Short st 
Bagner Wm. millstone maker, HoUiday st near 

Bath st 
Bailey Daniel, grocer, cor Wolf and Alice Anna 
Bailey Francis, laborer, n Beuren st 
Bailey Elijah, tavern keeper, cor of s Eutavrapd 

Ostend sts 

I c 

BAI to- 



Bailey Thomas, ship carpenter, 9 Philpot st 
Bailey William, ship carpenter 15 Philpot st 
Bailey Josiah, theatre tavern, Holliday st 
Bailey miss E. milliner, 21 w Fayette st 
Bailey mrs Ann, seamstress, Maiden lane 
Bailey Adam, blacksmith, s Eulaw st 
Bailey Thos Justice of peace, and conveyancer 
Sterling st s of Monument, office High st 
3rd door n of Gay st 
tBailey Elizabeth, white washer, 17 n Potter st 
tBailey Draper, blacksmith e Water st near Har- 
ford run 
tBailey Samuel, caulker, Happy alley near Bank 
tBailey Robert M. carpenter. Eager alley 
tBailey Joseph, laborer, Pleasant st 
tBailey Jane, Honey alley 
tBailey John, laborer, William st near Cross 
tBailey Berry, caulker, Gilford alley 
tBailey Nancy, washer, Barre w of Sharp, 
Baily A. clerk, 6 New st 

Baily George & Co. druggists,254 w Baltimore st 
Baily George, (firm George Baily & Co.) 8 Pas- 

cault's row, w Lexington st 
Baily Samuel, comb maker, Biddle alley 
tBaily Isaac, carpenter, Bottle alley 
tBaily Lucy, Lerew's alley 
tBaily Philis, Lerew's alley 
tBaily Wiley, sawyer, Caroline near Wilk 
tBaily Benj. porter, Spring st near e Baltimore 
tBaily John, laborer, Spring st near e Baltimore 
tBaily Darkey, Short, alley near Conway st 
Bain D. plumber, 15 Lombard st 
Bain James, rope maker, Harford avenue 
Bain Hope, 7 Pine between Franklin and George 
Baker Gideon, carter, Wolf st near Wilk 
Baker capt Charles, grocer, sw cor Water and 

Baker David, bark inspector, on Dugan's wharf, 

dw Albemarle 
Baker James, 49 n Front st 
Baker mrs Elizabeth, sw cor Exeter and Pratt 
Baker capt. Thomas, Granby near Harford run 
Baker Peter, tailor, East st near Maiden lane 
Baker Henry, tailor, East st near Maiden lane 
Baker William, saddler, 26 Constitution st 

Baker George, n Gay st 

Bai<er George, shoemaker, Forest st near Gay 
Baker mrs Mary, 122 n Howard st 
Baker mrs George S. boarding house, 7 German st 
Baker John, cooper, Holliday st near Bath 
Baker Doctor Samuel, cor Charles and Lexing- 
ton sts 
Baker Doctor Wm. N. Lexington st between 

Charles st and crooked lane 
Baker John, Conway st 3 doors e of Sharp 
Baker Doctor Edward, apothecary, ne cor of Pratt 

and Charles sts 
Baker Frederick, triinkmaker, 29 n Gay st 
BakerCharles, millwright, 85 Harrison st 
Baker Henry, watchman, 29 n Gay st 
Baker John S. coffee-house hotel, 38 South st 
Baker David, bark importer, Dugan's wharf, dw 

28 Albemarle st 
Baker Joseph, butcher, Hooks Town road 
Baker mrs Catherine, n Ga}' st 
Baker Robert, cabinet maker, Vineai. w of Pine 
Baker John W. tavern keeper, w Pratt w of Green 
Baker James, boot and shoe maker, German st 

opposite Pine 
Baker Moses D. blacksmith, Alice Anna st near 

Baker G. C. Thomas st near Bond 
Baker Peter, blacksmith. Peace alley 
Balbirnie Geo. dyer, 4 s Front st 
Balderston Wilson, sieve and wire factory, 57 

Smith's wharf 
Balderston Jacob, seive and wire factory, 60 s 

Calvert st 
Balderston John P. hardware merchant, 19 n 

Howard st 
Balderston Wilson, seive and wire factory, 9 Light 

st wharf, dw Sharp near Pratt st 
Balderston miss, fancy store, 54 Pratt st 
Balderston Hugh, wire weaver and seive manu- 
facturer, 12 s Calvert st dw Lombard st 
near Hanover 
Balderston Isaiah, hardware merchant, 12 Cal- 
vert st dw Lexington next door to Howard 
Baldner John, Wheelwright, Mott st w of n Gay 
Baldwin Pierson, sea capt. Pratt st e of Exeter 



Baldwin Abraham, grocer, cor Argyle alley and 
Lancaster sts 

Baldwin James, millwright, cor. Philpot and 
Bank st 

Ball VVm. Jr Lexington Market master, dw se 
cor Pine st and Chesnut alley 

Ball Wm. deputy sheriff, Pearl st s of Mulberry 

Ball Waiter, painter and glazier, Fayette st e 
of Charles dw 95 Green st 

Ball John, grocer, cor Holland and n Eden st 

Ball Walter, painter and glazier, Fayette st e of 
Charles, dw 95 Green st 

Ball James, shoe store, 6 Harrison st 

Balla Randolph, piano forte maker, Park st w of 

Ballard Edward, accountant, Siiles st near Exe- 
ter st 

Ballard mrs Sarah, tailoress, n Eden st near Silver 

Ballard Sarah, manlua maker, 91 N Fleet st 

JBallard M s Howard st 

tBallard Barnard, laliorer, William st 

tBallard Robert, porter, Richmond st 

Ballenger Saml. carpenter, Park lane, near Pine 

Balone P. house carpenter, cor Union alley and 
N Eden st 

Baltimore chemical manufacturing company, La- 
boratory, at the junction of Cove and Co- 
lumbia sts and on Whetstone Point, ware- 
house 5 Eliicott St. Andrew Ellicott, Pres 

Baltimore Fire Insurance Office, 12 South st W. 
A Tucker, president 

Baltimore Type Foundry, R. B. Spalding, pro- 
prietor, N Frederick st 

Baltimore Type Foundry, 1 Lovely lane, Edwin 
Starr, superintendent, dw 65 n Exeter st 

Baltimore Gunpowder Factory Office, 40 n Fred- 
erick st 

Baltimore Shot Tower, n Gay st s of Saratoga st 

Baltimore Female Orphan Asylum, mrs Mary 
Foust matron, se cor of Mulberry st and 
College alley 

Baltimore Library Company, NE cor of Fayette 
and Holliday st R. 11, Owens, librarian 

Baltimore Assembly Rooms, ne cor of Holliday 
and Fayette st3 

-to BAL 

Baltimore Patriot, 1. Monroe, proprietor, Nort^ 
st 3 doors from Baltimore st 

Baltimore Patent Floorcloth Manufactory, Deni- 
son Conain & Co. proprietors, s High n 
of Water st 

Baltimore Anthracite Coal Company, Thos. Sy- 
mington, agent, cor Gay and Pratt sts 

Baltimore Medical College University, JohnVick- 
ers, janitor, l)etween Lombard st and Cider 
alley, s of Green st 

Baltimore General Dispensary, 10 Holliday st 
Luke Tiernan, president, James Knight, 

Baltimore and Ohio Rail-road Company's office 
NE cor Charles and Camden sts, office for 
passengers, ni; cor of Charles and Camden 
sts; — depot for forwarding merchandize, 
Pratt near Light st — general Rail-road of- 
fice, n Calvert near Fayette st P.E. Thomas, 
President, George Brown, Treasurer 

Baltimore Gazette office, Wm. Gwynn, proprie- 
tor, cor St. Paul's st and Bank lane 

Baltimore county court house, cor of Lexington 
and N Calvert sts; — thus occupied: Sheriff's 
office, s side, lower floor, Henry Green, 
present Sheriff— Ex-Sheriff's office, n en- 
entrance, lower floor, W. Ball late sheriff- 
office Register of Wills' office & Orphans' 
Court room, 1st floor, s side, D. M. Perine 
Register, — Commissioners of Insolvent 
Debtors' office, 2d floor n side, Stephen 
H. Moore, clerk — Commissioners of Bal- 
timore, Go's office, 2d floor n side, Elhan- 
nan, Young clerk — City Court room, 1st 
floor E side — Office of the City Court, 2d 
floor, chief judge, (lion. N. Brice) or one 
of the associatLS, attending every day, W. 
Medea! f clerk — County Court room, 2d 
floor E side, T. Kell, clerk. 

Baltimore City and County Jail, Mill st n of 
Madison st 

Baltimore Theatre & Circus, cor Low and Front 

Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, Office, se cor of 
Calvert and Fayette sts president Philip 
E. Thomas, treasurer, George Brown 






Baltimore Gunpowder Factory, office n Frederick 

Baliimore Gass Works, se cor North & Saratoga 
counting room on Davis st, W. Lorman 
president, John Movvton, secretary 

Baltimore Flint Glass Manufactory, w end Lan- 
caster st 

Baltimore Museum n\v cor Baltimore and Calvert 

Baltimore Saturday Visiter, In Gay st 

Baltimore and Ohio Rail-road Company, office n 
Calvert st near Fayette 

Baltimore and Susquehanna Rail-road Company, 
Second st between Gay st and Tripolett's 

Baltimore Fire Insurance Company, W. A. Tuck- 
er, president, Augustus L. Jenkins, sec'y- 

Baltimore Life Insurance Company, John J. Do- 
' naldson, president, George Carr, sec'y* 21 
Second st 

Baltimore Republican, Samuel Harker publisher, 
opposite Exchange 

Baltimore Water Company office, s Gay st oppo- 
site the Exchange 

Baltzell &L Dalrymple, drygoods merchants, cor 
Liberty and Market sts dw W. F. Dalrym- 
ple, 58 N Charles st 

Baltzell J. &, Co. dry goods store, 236 Baltimore 
st dw J. Baltzell, n Charles, between Plea- 
sant and Saratoga sts 

Baltzell George, firm of do. Hanover near Lorn* 
bard st 

Baltzell Charles C. attorney at law, Court-house 

Baltzell Wm. dry goods merchant, 3 s Charles st 
dw German lane 

Baltzell Lewis, justice of the Peace, 2 n Gay st 
dw 100 Front st 

Baltzell Thomas, Paca st e side bet Fayette and 
Baltimore sts 

Baltzell George, carter. Carpenter's alley 

Bancroft J. merchant, 6 s Charles st 

Bandell Wm. shoe store, cor Hawk stand Marsh 
Market space, dw 65 Pitt st 

Bandell (;. block and pump maker, 88 McElder- 
ry's wharf 

Bandell Frederick, cordwainer, Strawberry alley 
near Pitt 

Bandell John, block and pump maker, 83 Mc 
Elderry's wharf dw 177 Bond st 

Bandel Win S. carpenter,dw n Exeter st near Pitt 

Bandel Wm shoe maker. Potter st near Low 

Bank of Baltimore, cor of St. Paul's and Balti- 
more sts, Wm. Lorman president, James 
Cox, casliier 

Bank (Farmers and Merchants) cor Calrert st 
and Bank lane, Nicholas Cricc, president, 
John Duer, cash. 

Bank, (Commercial and Farmers)cor of German 
and Howard sts Wm. W. Taylor, presi- 
dent, George T. Dunbar, casliier 

Bank of Maryland, South st. John B.Morris pres- 
ident, R. Wilsoji, cashier 

Bank of United States, Exchange buildings, aw 
cor Gay and Second sts \Vm. Patterson 
sen. president, John White, cashier 

Bank, of Baltimore, (Mechanics') se cor Calvert 
and Fayette sts Geo. Brown, president, 
Wm, H. Murray, cashier 

Bank, of Maryland (Union) cor of Charles and 
Fayette sts Thomas Ellicott, president, 
Robert Mickle, cashier 

Bank, (Marine) cor of Gay and Second sts Heze- 
kiah Waters, president, Jacob Bier cash'r 

Bank, (Franklin,) cor of Baltimore and North sts; 
Philip Moore, president, James L. Haw- 
kins, cashier 

Bank (Evan Poultney's) Baltimore st betv/een St. 
Paul's and Calvert sts. Thos. Foultney, 

Bank (Maryland Savings' Institution) cor Plorth 
and Fayette sts, Wm. H. Freeman, presi- 
dent, Hutchins, treasurer 

Bank, (Savings) Exchange buildings, Gay st; Jos. 
Cashing, president, Thos. Phenix, secy 

Bank Salomon, laborer. Homespun alley, w of 
Howard st 

Banks Daniel B. dry goods merchant, 23 Balti- 
timore st 

tBanks Susan, Conway st 

tBanks Silvy, Dugan's wharf 

Bannan John, shoe maker, Carolme near Fleet 

tBannan Charles, laborer, s Charles st 





Bainer Win. ceder cooper, 11 n Gay st 
Banjamin Levi, dealer ifi furniture, 12 Caroline 

row, Caroline st 
Bankcrd Peter, butcher, Hooks Town road 
Bannerman AYm. W. engraver, 71 Pitt st 
tBaniiing Jacob, laborer s Eutavvst 
Bannister Joseph, matrass maker, 49 e Baltimore 
Bannister James, upholsterer, 68 n Exeter st 
Bannister Joshua, upholsterer, Mott st n of Gay 
Bannister Geo & Isaac, paper stainers, 66 Pen- 

sylvania avenue 
Banno Matthew, fisher, Eden st near Pratt 
Bannon Thomas, laborer, Wagon alley 
Bannon John, laborer, VVagon alley 
Bansemer mrs. Louisa, 58 Pearl st 
Baptist Meeting House, 3 Fleet st between Ar- 

gyle alley and Market st 
Barber Robert, rope maker. West st 
Barber mrs Mary, Barre st near Sharp 
Barbine Charles, fisherman, Johnsonst near Fed- 
eral Hill 
tBarcroft Rolla, seaman, 19 Saratoga st 
Bargar John, harness maker, 1 n Eutaw st 
Bargar Deeter, brick layer, Paca st n of Frank- 
lin st 
Barger George, carpenter, Cathedral st near 

Tyson's alley 
Barger Joseph, blacksmith. Hook's Town Road 
Barger D bricklayer n Paca st near Franklin st 
Barker mrs Mary, hat binder, Calvert st near city 

Barker & Co. lottery and exchange office, 156 

Baltimore st 
Barker Francis, of the firm of John Barker & 

son. Park st n of Mulberry 
Barker mrs Elizabeth, n Calvert near Bath 
Barker John, iron founder, cor Mulberry st and 

Gravel alley 
Barker Wm. George, attorney at law, office 20 

St. Paul's st 
Barker Wm. Jr 89 Alice Anna 
Barker B„ shoemaker, cor Hill and Charles sts 
Barker Charlotte, seamstress 67 Bond st 
Barker Lewis, carpenter, ^Vater st near Harford 

Barklie mrs Jane, 4 Grundy's row Biddle st 
Barkman Joseph, tobacconist, Dutch alley 
Barkman Henry, tinner, plumber, and copper 

smith, VVilk near Exeter 
Barkman H. Plumber, 59 Marsh market space 
Barling mrs Sarah e Pratt st near High 
Barly Wm. accountant. High st near William 
Barnard Daniel P. lottery and exchange office, 91 

Baltimore st 
Barnard James & Co. merchants 22 Light st 

wharf, dw George st 
Barnard Jas. flour merchant, George st near Pine 
Barnard mrs. Sarah, cor Henrietta and s Charles 
Barnes Wm. clerk, Dutch alley 
Barnes John M. blacksmith, Montgomery st 
Barnes mrs Mary Ann, e Water st near Lloyd st 
Barnes A. attorney at law, Mulberry near Pearl st 
Barnes mrs Sarah, Plooks Town road 
tBarnes Fanny German st opposite Pine 
IBarnes John, laborer, s Eutaw st 
JBarnes Lucy, Ensor st 
Barnet Perry, ship carpenter, Washington st 
Barnet Harriet, Forrest near Douglass 
Barnet capt. John, Granby st near Harford run 
Barnet Benjamin, laborer, Canada alley 
Barnet Sylvester, accountant, 111 s Howard st 
Barnet James, n end North st 
Barnet Wm. clothing store, 105 n Howard st 
tBarnel John, stevadore, 1 Salisbury alley 
*Barnet Sarah, Salisbury alley 
Barney mrs Ellen, seamstress, Harford run near 

Water st 
Barney John H. 13 Pitt st 
Barney Lewis, biscuit baker. South near Pratt st 

dw (11 N Charles st 
Barney John Hindman, commission merchant, 

Wood St. dw Calvert st opposite city spring 
Barney Wm. Hindman, com. merchant, Woodst 
tBarney Harriet, 122 Wolf st 
JBarney Rachel, Mulberry st near Pearl 
Barnhart John, letterer, York road 
Barnum David, proprietor of city hotel. Monu- 
ment square, n Calvert st 
Barnum D. Stables, North st near Saratoga 
Barr mrs Elizabeth, 19 Potter et 





Barr, William dry goods merchant, 59 Balti- 
more St 

tBarrans John, Drayman, Dugan's wharf 

JBarrel Henry, laborer, Bank lane 

13arrett Thomas, clothing store, G3 n Howard st 

Barrett Asa. upholster, 2 n Charles st, dw 5 New 
Church st 

Barrett mrs Elizabeth, cor Light and Mercer stp 

Barrett John, carpenter, 44 n Exeter st 

Barrett Gregory, weaver, Pierce st near Chats- 
worth run 

Barrett Andrew, blacksmith, w Pratt st w of 
Chatsworth run 

Barrett Maurice, n Paca near New 

Barrickman Jacob, cooper Ensor st 

Barrington John, accountant, 81 High st 

Barroll James, merchant, cor Pratt st and Bowly's 
wharf, dw Pleasant st, n of St. Paul's st 

Barron mrs Sarah, Busy alley e of Hanover st 

Barrens John, blocksniiih, Philpot st 

Barrow mrs Letetia, boarding house, 18 s High 

Barrows E. P. provision store, Baltimore st near 

Barry John, seaman, Franklin st w of Pine 

Barry mrs Margaret, 48 Ross st 

Barry David, mariner, 15 Ann st 

Barry Robert, Conway st between Hanover and 
Sharp st 

Barry mrs Elizabeth, 57 n Exeter st 

Barry Robert, commission merchant, 4 Spear's 
wharf, dw 11 St. Paul's st 

Barry Samuel M. dry goods merchant, cor of Bal- 
timore and Liberty ets. dw 8 Liberty st 

Barry Daniel R. merchant tailor, 26 n Gay st 

Barry col. Standish, 82 n High st 

Barry mrs Elizabeth, 37 n Exeter st 

Barry John, clerk, Franklin bank, dw ne cor of 
Stiles and Exeter 

Barry mrs Margaret, seamstress, Ross st 

Barry John, mariner, Franklin st w of Pine 

JBarry Win. rope maker, West st 

Barth rev. Lewis.of St. John's (Catholic) church, 
NE cor of Saratoga and Park sts 

Barth Jacob, shoemaker, Long alley near Sara- 
toga st 

Bartholomew Joseph, George st near Pine 
Bartlett George, hide and leather dealer, 10 n 

Howard st. dw Eutaw st n of Fayette 
Bartlett Wm. E. & Jos. druggist 76 s Calvert st. 

dw cor Eutaw and Pratt sts 
Bartlett Isaac, mariner, 24 Philpot st 
Bartlett Isaac, grocer, 24 Philpot st 
Bartley Edwin, cooper, e Pratt st near Market st 
Bartley Hugh, house carpenter, 17 Potter st 
Bartley mrs Mary, Charles st near Hill 
Bartol George, coachmaker, n Calvert st oppo- 
site Mulberry st 
Bartol N. and R. tanners, Saratoga st extended 
Barton mrs Mary, Centre st near the bridge 
tBarton George, sawyer, 60 n Gay st 
Barton Godfrey, painter, Bond near Pratt 
Barton Jas. shoemaker, Happy alley near Bank st 
Barton S. house carpenter, Happy alley near 

Bank st 
Barton John, shoemaker, 62 Front st 
Barton Thomas. Gran by near Harford run 
Barton Wm. J. currier, e Water st 
Barton Wm. bricklayer, e Water st near Har- 
ford run 
Barton Henry, Lexington dairy, 42 w Lexing- 
ton st dw 72 Harrison st 
JBarton Sarah, cake shop, Baltimore st w of Cove 
tBarton Henry, labourer, Baltimore st w of Cove 
IBarton Basil, rope maker, 17 s Charles st 
JBarton Charles, laborer. Bounty lane near Spring 
Bartow Rev. John V. rector of Trinity Protest- 
ant Episcopal Church, dw 14 Albemarle 
Barts mrs Ann, seamstress. Necessity alley near 

Exeter st 
Bash Henry M. firm of S. Scribner & Co. 112 
Baltimore st dw Franklin w of Calvert st 
Bassford Thomas, superintendent of Male 

Free School; dw over G9 w Lexington st 
Bassford Thomas, dry goods merchant, 69 w 

Lexington st 
Bassford & McDonald, chair factory, 68 south 

Charles st 
Batchelor Wm. city watchman, George st near 

Pine st 
Batchelor Nathan sail maker, Welcome alley 


Batfhelor Nathaniel, sailmaker, Lee st w of 

Charles st 
Bateman Berjamin, clerk e Pratt st opposite 

carpet factory 
Bateman VVni. e Pratt, opposite carpet factory 
Bateman mrs Catherine, seamstress, Eden st near 

Bateman Benjamin P. Bank st near Eden 
Bates John, Cove st near Gooseberry alley- 
Bates Jacob, Monument st near Constitution 
Bates Wm. D. painter, 20 N Eutaw st 
Bates inrs Eliza, 42 w Fayette st 
Bathurst Mathew, merchant, North st N of Fayette 
Batler Michael J. labourer, Greenwich st 
:}-Bdtoii Jim, laborer G Tyson alley 
Battee R. H. tobacco merchant, Hanover near 

Lee st 
Battee, & Hurst, dry good? merchants, 147 Bal- 
timore st, dw D. Battee, 59 Camden st 
Batton Zachariah, scowman, Wilk st near High 
Batts mr. carpenter, Eden st near Pratt 
Batty George, wood merchant, 19 s High st 
Batty Samuel, carpenter, Orleans st near Harford 

Baum mrs Margaret, Pearl st near Lexington 
Baum mrs Margaret, Pearl st near Lexington 
Baughman Jacob, carpenter, Vine alley near 

Cove st 
Baughman Frederick, stone cutter, k Howard st 
Baunck Frederick, blacksmith, s Fredericks! 
Baurgelte Jacob, shoemaker, 84 Eutaw st 
Bausman J. 16 s Liberty st 
Baxley James, grocery and liquor store, n Exeter 

near Hilten 
Baxley John, teacher 4 Ross st dw Eutaw st 
Baxley George W. 99 Green st s of Mulberry 
Baxley Dr. Henry W. Fayette w of Eutaw st 
Baxley George W. Green st s of Mulberry 
Baxley & Warner, druggists, se cor of Howard 

and Franklin sts 
Baxter mrs Sarah, Courtland st near Lexington 
Baxter Arthur T. gunsmith, 67 Pratt near Com- 
merce st 
Baxter mrs Sarah, grocery 15 Fleet st 
Baxter Hichard, blacksmith, High at near Hillen 


Baxter Elijah, fancy store, York avenue 
Bay Hugh, carpenter, n Howard st 
Bayfield James, carpenter, East st near Hillen 
Bayles James P. currier cor Cheapside and Wa- 
ter sts 
Baylie Nicholas, clerk, s Exeter st near Water 
Bayly Ferdinand, feed store, n Paca st 
Bayly William, proprietor of slate yard opposite 

gas house; dw 101 Front et 
Bayly Archibald H. Potter st near Douglass 
Bayne Stephen, bricklayer, Orleans st near As- 

quith st 
Bayzand Wm. H. merchant tailor, 2 Caroline 

row, Caroline st 
Beacham James, ship carpenter, cor Bank and 

Market sts yard cor Lancaster and Wolf 
Beadel Henry, &l Co. wholesale dry goods mer- 
chants, 12 s Charles sts 
Beal mrs Rachel, private boarding house, 36 

Souih st 
Beam Jacob, flour inspector, George st near Pine 
Beam miss, teacher, cor Sharp and Fayette sts 
Beaman Joseph 1. ship chandler and grocer, cor 

Thames and Ann sts 
Ceamer Henry, grocery and liquor store, ne cor 

Eutaw and j^exington sts 
tBeamsley Henry, hackdriver, Carpenter's alley 
Bean Eleanor 81 Alice Anna st 
Bean Richard, pilot, Alice Anna st 
Beaner mrs Elizabeth, 70 n Liberty st 
Bear John, carpenter, 60 n Frederick st 
Beard John, constable, 164 Hanover st 
Beard capt James, 55 Market st 
Beard David, huckster, Chesnut alley near Pearl 
Beard John, constable, 1G4 Hanover st 
Beastall mrs Mary, Caroline st near Pratt, 
Beastell Samuel, hatter, Bond st near Gough 
Beasten George «Si. Son, grocers and com. mer- 
chants, 15 Light st wharf, dw Wilk st Me- 
chanics' row 
Beasten George, grocer and commission mer- 
chant. Light st wharf, dw s Exeter st near 
Water st 
Beatly Edward «Si Co. flour and com. merchants, 
Pratt st near rail-road depot 

BEA to- 

Beatty James, merchant, 7 Pratt st. dw Calvert 

St N of J^exington 
Beatty mrs Elizabeth, Bath at near Davis 
Beatty Wm. H. grocer and flour merchant, 241 

Baltimore st, dw 12 s Howard st 
Beaty mrs Mary, grocer nw cor Thames & Ann 
Beaumont miss Ann, Monument square e side 
Bechtel E. P. agent, Wine st ^ 
Becker John D. clerk, 115 n Exeter st 
Beckett Benj. hatter, 6 Canal st near Baltimore 
tBeckwith Julia, Park st b ofSaratoga 
Beckworth Richard, ship carpenter. Fleet st 
ttJedinton B. laborer, Lexington st e of Liberty 
iBedinton Brice, Lexington st 
Beedel Henry, merchant, Lombard w of Hanover 
Beefelt mrs Margaret, Eutaw near Lombard 
Beefelt John H. boot and shoemaker, Lombard st 
Beehler Frederick, shoemaker, Forest st near Gay 
Beems Wm. shoemaker, n Liberty st 
tBeener H. Green st near Fayette 
Begs John, weaver. Mulberry st extended 
Behlar Sebastian, cabinet maker, Pinkney st near 

Behler Francis, whip and cane factory and ivory 

turner, 2Ui Market st. dw Saratoga nt 
Behoe Moses, 68 Conway st 
Behrens C. F. lock smith, and smith in general 

Lee st w of Light 
Bell Ann C. 12 s Low st 
Bell William, huckster 56 n Exeter st 
Bell Frederick, bookbinder, Maiden lane 
Bell miss Elizabeth V. teacher, 7 w Potter st 
Bell, Thomas, stone mason, Tyson st near Ca- 
thedral st 
Bell John, weaver, Whiteworth's row near Ross 
Bell, Robert, cooper, Columbia st 
Bell James, laborer, Elbow lane 
Bell William, Carter, Caroline stnear Orleans 
Bell Robert, shoemaker Holland near Harford run 
Bell &, Evans, coopers, 62 w Pratt st 
Bell Wm. Dyer, cor South and Second sts 
Bell mrs milliner and bonnet bleacher, 3 Second it 
Bell mrs Ann, seamstress, Concord st 
Belt T. H. 10 Courtland st 
Belt George G. attorney at law, Courthouse lane 



Belt Thomas W. cor of Aisquith and Holland sts 
Belt Dr Richard G. apothecary 13 Market st 
Beltz mrs Barbary, boarding house, 43 Park st 
Beltzhoover Daniel, 55 Liberty st, stables opposite 
Beman Augustus, pedler, n Gay st near Mott 
Bender Daniel, grocery and liquor store, 44 

Franklin st 
Benjamin Samuel, jeweller store, East st 3 door 

from Douglass 
Benner Joshua, bookbinder n Paca near New st 
Beiiner Henry, potter, Hamstead st near Spring 
Benner T. S.' clerk 254 n Gay st 
Benner Samuel, silver plater, Light st vv of Mont- 
gomery st 
Bennet mrs Nancy, boarding house, Alice Anna 

st near Bond 
Rennet George, carpenter, Lee st w of Sharp 
Bennet Fielding, seaman, Philpot st 
Bennet Dr. Henry, 85 Market st 
Bennet Garrison, drayman, Gilford alley 
Bennet Wm. carpenter, Beard st near Strawberry 

Bennet Matthew, merchant, 20 Thames st 
Bennett capt Richard, 26 Alice Anna stnear Ar- 

gyle alley 
Bennett John, turner, Pratt st between Eutaw 

and Paca sts; dw Paca 3rd house w of 

Lunn's lane 
Bennett mrs Sarah, huckster. Gallows hill 
Bennett Thomas, Sterling st near Monument 
Bennett Robert, caster, 228 n Gay st 
Bennett George, cabinet maker, Baltimore st w 

of Cove 
Bennett mrs. Mary, seamstress, w end Wolf st 
Bennett, Tho rigger, Lancaster st near Argyle 

Bennett mrs Comfort, 61 n Exeter st 
Bennett Eli, teacher, cor Eutaw and Saratoga sts 
Bennett capt. Aaron, Orleans st 
Bennett Wm. sea capt. Bottle alley w of Sharp st 
Bennett Aaron, 98 High st 
t Bennett Peter, house carpenter, 15 Forest st 
Bennoch John, clerk, w W^ilk st near e Falls av 
Benoit Louis, seaman, Argyle alley w end 
Bensinger Matthias, paver, Beuren at near jail 


Bensinger John, grocery and iiquor store, Forest 

St near Hull's lane 
Benson mrs iniliiuer, 101 Green st 
Benson mrs Mary, seamstress, 23 x Potter 
Benson mrs. milliner, 101 Green st 
Benson Peter, wine merchant, 75 w Liberty st 
Benson Joseph, justice of peace, North st near 

Benson Robert, mt. tailor, 2 s Calvertlst d\v 55 

Sharp st 
Benson Paul, sea capt. n end of Fell st w side 
Benson Mary, 9 Fleet st 
Benson Benj. G. 59 Marsh Market space 
Benson mrs Margaret, 59 Marsh Market space 
Benson Samuel, merchant tailor, 6S ^Baltimore 

Beason Charles, seaman, Mulberry near Cal- 
vert st 
tBenson John; steamboat man. Short st 
Benteen Henry C. stone cutter, Horse st 
Bentley mrs Elizabeth, Eibow .ane 
Bentley Joseph, turner, Cowpen alley near Lib- 
erty st 
Benton Theodore C. sign and ornamental painter, 

47 w Pratt st 
Benton Caroline, fancy store, 53 Pratt st 
Benton Henry C. stone cutter, Haw st near Co- 
lumbia st 
Bentz John A. merchant, Lombard st between 

Hanover and Charles 
Benyman Elizabeth 90 Bond st 
Berger John, Sterling st near Monument 
Berger Michael, shoemaker, n Eutaw st 
Berger John, tobacconist, Sterling st 
Bernard mrs Christian, button manufactory, 3S 

w Saratoga st 
Bernard mrs ^ary, 74 s High st 
Berrel mrs Mary E. Franklin st extended 
Berry James, seaman, 47 w Saratoga st 
Berry mrs Mary, boarding house, 14 Pratt st 
Berrv John A. "carpenter. Pearl st near Lexington 
Berry John, (firm of J. ic T. L. Berry,) dw 13S 

s Sharp st 
Berry J. &. T. L. premium fire proof brick m-inu- 
faciurers, yard in rear of their dwelling 

BEN— — to— — BIA 

Berry Thomas L. brickmaker, 14 s. Sharp «i 
Beny mrs Mary, Biddle st 

Berry mrs Margaret, seamstress. East st n of Pitt 
Berry Wm. rigger, Gilford alley 
Berrv Benj. clerk, Lee st Eof Sharp 
Berry John, brickmaker, cor Lee and Sharp sts 
Berry mrs Elizabeth, cor Lee and Sharp sts 
Berry Horatio, carpenter, German st w of Green 
Berry John H. carpenter, German st w of Green 
tBerry James, drayman. Falls turnpike 
tBerry Deb, Potter st near Low 
tBerry John, carpenter. Pearl st 
tBerry Ellen, Spring st near Wilk 
Berryman John, c!erk in Court-house, dw Frank- 
lin st near Pine 
Bersch Henry, merchant tailor,cor Pitt Si High sts 
Berteau Nicholas, merchant," dw Smith's st 
Bertrand John, barber, cor Market st and Lan- 
caster sts 
Beskoska Augustus, laborer. Spring st near Pratt 
Besse lieut John, of revenue service, lower end of 

Ann st 
Besse mrs Margaret, lower end of Ann st 
Beticup Wm. milkman, Harford st near Ross 
Bettle George, shoemaker, German st w gf Pine 
Betson Joseph, cooper, Chamberlaiu alley 
Betts Henry T. nailor, Stiles et near Harford run 
Betts Solomon, flour merchant, 93 Bowly's wharf, 

dw 27 St. Paul's st 
Betts mrs Rebecca, confectioner. Concord si 
Beucke Dr. J. A. 14 s Howard st 
Beufort Charles B. seaman, Ann st near Fleet 
Bevan Horaiio, stone culler, Garden st n of Madi- 
son st (firm of Boughman &. Bevan, )sc cor 
Park and Franklin sis 
Bevan Richard, dry good merchant, 77 Hanover]st 
Bevan Samuel, dry goods merchant,5S Hanover st 
Bevans Reuben A. L. s Caroline st 
Bevans David, 19 New st 

Bevens Wm. grocer, cor Hamilton &- St. Paul sts 
Beveridge Charles C. merchant tailor, 55 w Pralt st 
tBcx Susan, Green st s of Fayette st 
Bias Stephen, laborer," Wolf st w side 
Bias Robert, mariner, Ellicott st 
Biass Stephen, laborer, Strawberry alley, 

BIA to- 

tBiass James, laborer Lerew's alley, n of Mulber- 
ry St. 

Biays James, ship chandler and grocer, 4} 

Thames st 
Bickley Samuel, shoe store, 60 Centre Market 

Biddisuii mrs Hannah, 134 n Exeter 
Biddle John, laborer, Cove st s of Market 
Biddle capt. Aaron, Enst st near Douglass 
Biddle Abram, shoemaker, Richmond near Park 

- s(. shop corPenn av and George st 
Bidner Conrad, laborer, 138 n Exeter 
Bier Jacob, cashier of Marine bank, nw cor Gay 

and Second sts 
Bierwanger Jacob P. shoemaker. Peace alley 
fBigey Matilda, Saratoga st \v Pine 
Biggart John, carpenter, 55 Hanover st 
Biggert mrs Margaret, Pratt st near Harford run 
Bigham John, flour and produce merchant, cor 

Franklin and Eulavv sts 
Bigham James, laborer, French st near Potter 
Billington James, cabinet maker, East st near Pitt 
Billmyer Jacob, shoemaker East st near Hillen 
Bilson John, plaisterer, Pearl st near Lexington 
Bintzel Frederick, copper smith, Light st near 

Arimstead lane 
Birch Wm. paper hanger, 27 n Howard st 
Birch Wm. S. paper hanger & upholster, 124 Bal- 
timore st dvv next Light street meeting 

Birckhead Doctor Solomon, Saratoga w ofCharles 

dw Charles st n of Saratoga 
Birckhead tfc Pearce, com. merchants,74 Bowly's 

Birely V. »Si Co. hide, oil and leather dealers, 10 

Birkey Thos. H. grocer, ne cor Howard and Lex- 
ington sts dw Lexington st near Howard 
Birnie Clotworthy, jr. attorney at law,24 St. Paul 

st dw Pine near Franklin 
BiscoB James, com. merchant, 13 Light st wharf, 

dw Paca st s termination 
Bishop liichard R. painter, w side Wolf st 
Bishop Elizabeth, 24 Ann st 



Bishop James, grocer, cor Pierce and Cove sts 
Bishop Baitley, laborer. Park st near Lexington 
Bishop Patrick, laborer, Columbus st 
Bishop David, cabinet maker, 16 New Church st 
Bishop William, cigar maker, cor Light and Bal« 

derston sts 
tBishop Ilozden, Saratoga st 
fBishop Perry, carter, Welcome alley 
tBishop Perry, carter, Welcome alley 
Bisselt Thomas, city watchman, 10 Peace alley 
Bissett Owen, ship carpenter, 20 Block st 
Bixler mrs Magdalene, 63 Pearl st 
Bixler D. tobacconist, 57 n Howard st 
Bizouard Thomas,consul for his holiness the Pope, 

30 Franklin st 
Black Thomas, flour merchant, 30 N Howard st 
Black Vachel, stone ware merchant, 117 Howard st 
Black Washington, tavern keeper, Falls turnpike 
Black John, weaver, Lerew's alley 
Black John, sailmaker, Happy alley near Ann st 
Black Vachel, stone potter, Happy alley near 

Gough st 
Black David, weaver, Caroline st near e Baltimore 
Black Samuel, trader,Bishop's alley, near Stiles st 
Black Wm. gardiner, n e cor Pitt and East sts 
Black mrs Catherine, Gooseberry alley 
Black John, manufacturer, Franklin st extended 
tBlack James, laborer. Centre st 
tBlack Barshack, Davis st near Bath 
tBlack Sam. carter. Hill st 
tBlack Rachrel, cook, Pine st 
Blackburn Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Har- 
ford av 
Blackburn mrs Elizabeth, teacher, n Paca st 
Blackburn J. C. attorney at law, Courthouse lane 
Blackelberry Theresa, boarding h. 70 n High st 
Blackiston John, cabinet maker, Saratoga stnear 

Blackston Wm. grocer, 86 Eutaw st 
Blackston &. Beary,cabinetmakers,27s Calvert at 
Blackston Joseph, hatter, 66 n Frederick st 
Blackstone Wm. laborer, 15 n Potter st 
Blackstone Henry, laborer, Sugar alley 
Blackwell Samuel, miller, Cove st near Saratoga 





Bla''kwood Joseph, carpet warehouse, 188i Bal- 
timore St dw 83 Green st near Saratoga 
Blackwood Jos. carpet warehouse, 188i Balti- 
more St dw 83 Green st 
Blades John, shoemaker, 3\) n Exeter st 
Blades mis Eiizaheth, milliner, 11 Market st 
Blades mrs Mary, seamstress, 17 e Baltimore st 
Blair mrs Elizabeth, Front near Pitt st 
Blair James, justice of peace, Eutaw st near Sa- 
ratoga st 
Blake, Cato & Co. grocery and feed store, 54 s 

Calvert st 
Blake miss Margaret, 22 e Baltimore st near High 
Blake Thomas, weaver, German st w of Pine 
Blake Isaac, rope maker, Starr alley 
tBlake Laven, laborer, Spring st near Wilk 
tBlake Cato, carter, Rockst near Saratoga 
Blakely Samuel H. currier, 5 Cheapside 
Blakely J.imes, n High st w side, near e Baltimore 
tBIakely George, drayman. Bounty lane, near 

Spring st 
Blanchard T. hair dresser,31 Marsh Market space 
BJasdel & Streeter, hosiery and glove store, 95 

Baltimore st 
Biasing Frederick, laborer. Sterling st 
Blaskey Jno. inn keeper, 11 Thames st 
Blaylor Abraham, carpenter,sw cor Howard stand 

Peace alley 
Blaylor Abraham, carpenter, sw cor Howard st 

and Peace alley 
Blenkinsop Peter, bookselIer,2 Pine st near George 
BIjckWm B. teacher, Bondst. between Pinkney 

and Pratt sts 
Bliajbl Samuel, stage diiver,German st w of Green 
BlirisiDger George M. grocery and liquor store, 

132 N Eutaw st 
Blizird John, copper refiner, Berry st near Wilk 
Blizzard mrs Rebecca, cor Long alley & New st 
Blizzard G. oak cooper, cor Long alley & New st 
B.oek mrs Elizabeth, cor Forrest and Ensor st 
Block Whitley M. com. merchant, Forrest near 

Ensor st 
Bloodgood James J. merchant, firm of Inloes &c. 
171 i Baltimore st 

Bloomer E. «!ic- F. hat and cap manufacturers, cor 
South and Baltimore sts 

Blunt mrs Elizabeth, 1 Mercer st 

tBoardley Jane, 4 Lombard st 

Boarman Ignatius jr. carpenter, Franklin st op- 
posite Franklin row 

Boarman Wm. carpenter, Franklin st 

Boarman Ignatius, carpenter, 59 Pearl st 

Bobert Charles, sexton of Wilk st M. church dw 
181 Bond St. 

Bockemiller Wm. tanner, Beuren i.ear Fall st 

Bodaly John, victualler, n Eden st near e Balti- 
more st 

Bodden James, carpet weaver, High st between 
Hillen and Gay 

Bodden Wm. gunsmith, 6l Marsh Market space 

Boddenstick David, cabinet maker,Fayette st near 
Pine st 

Boden Wm. gunsmith shop, Market space, dw 
80 Harrison st 

Bodman William & Co. wholesale vinegar mer- 
chants, 86 w Pratt st 

Boehm Charles G. merchant, 168 Baltimore st 

Boehme Charles L. wine and liquor merchant Light 
st wharf, dw. 194 Baltimore st 

Boggan John A. bricklayer, HoUiday st near the 

Bogges Robert S. shoemaker, Eager alley 

Boggs Alexander, com. merchant. Spear's whf. 
dw Baltimore st. e of Exeter, s side 

Boggs James, laborer, Harford av 

Boggs H. &- Co. dry goods merchants, 177 Balti- 
more St. dw Saratoga, e of Pine st 

Boggs H. wholesale dry goods merchant, 177 
Baltimore st 

Boggs John &L Co. com. merchants, 14 Spear's 

Bogue Robert, miller, Pinkney st near Market, 

Bohen James, grocery and feed store, cor Light 
and Hill sts 

Bohn Jacob, laborer, Howard st n of Franklin 

Boice Robert, engineer, 3 n Low st 

Bokee mrs Sophia, 45 n High st 

Bolades mrs Mary, tailoress, 19 e Baltimore st 

1 I 


Bolard Richard, stone mason, Pierce st near Cove 
Bolding Wm. laborer, 4 Tyson st 
Boldwin John P. tobacconist, Pine near Fayette 
Bold win Robert, lobocconist, Pine near Fayette 
Bolletter Clark, oyster cellar, Spring st near Pratt 
Bollin Roger, carpenter, College alley near Plea- 
sant st 
Boiling Henry, seaman, 165 French st 
Boiling mrs Luraney, be cor of Aisquith and 

Comet sts 
Bolte John, com. merchant, dw York av s of Ma- 
dison st 
Bolster Thomas, clothier, 3 Light st wharf 
Bolton Hugh, (firm of Stewart St Bolton,) dw 30 

n Front st 
Bolton mrs Mary, 72 Market st F. P. 
Bolton Francis, shoemaker, n Gay st near Mott 
Bolton & Glanville, hatters, 50 Centre Market 

tBom Raccon, Strawberry alley, near Bank st 
Bombarger John, Bond near Pratt st 
Bombarger Wm. tavern keeper, 7 Fish Market 

Bon mrs Elizabeth, German st w of Pine 
Bonaparte Jerome, 56 n Charles st, opposite 

tBonaparte John, hair dresser, Saratoga e of Eu- 

taw st 
tBonaparte John, hair dresser, 23 e Baltimare st 
Bond Thomas, Patapsco Refectory, cor Fayette 

and North sts 
Bond Doctor Thomas E. Lombard st near Sharp 
Bond John, Bull's tavern, n Front st 
Bond John, Baker, 80 French st 
Bond Benjamin, first teller in Franklin Bank, dw 

Exeter n of Stiles st 
Bond miss Mary, tailoress. Monument st 
Bond John, tailor, Aisquith near Douglass st 
Bond James, nw cor Caroline and Bond sts 
Bond Wm. baker. Spring st near Pratt 
Bond Thbmas, grocer, se cor Eden and Pratt sts 
Bond Anthony, tobacconist, 107 Sharp st 
+Bond Washington, Bond st near Baltimore 
tBond Jacob, laborer, Gallows Hill 




f Bond Careless, laborer, Hillen st 
tBond Edward, laborer, Forrest st 
tBond Aquilla, laborer, n Exeter near Gay st 
tBond Aquilla, 3 Sterling st 
tBond Washington, laborer, Long lane n of Or- 
leans st 
tBond Sandy, carter, William st s of Cross 
tBond Charles, Hughes st e of Charles 
tBond Stephen, waiter. Sharp st n of Lexington 
jBond Samuel, porter, Bottle alley ,near Howard st 
tBond Stephen, porter, Pleasant st 
Bonn George, engineer, s Charles st near Hughes 
Bonn Joseph, tobacconist, 98 Eutaw st 
Bonn Philip, carpenter, St. Mary st near Penn av 
Bonn A. &, J. tobacce and snuff manufacturers, 
22 w Pratt st. dw A. Bonn, Peace alley, w 
of Charles st. J. Bonn, Eutaw it 
Bonn F. tobacconist. Peace alley, near Charles st 
Bonnefin Nicholas, merchant. Commerce st dw 

Aisquith st n of Comet, 
Bonsai Robert,printer,Sugar alley, near a Chas. st 
Bookhulse Joseph, victualler, Charles st w side, n 

of Henrietta st 
Bookhulee George, grocer, Forrest st near Gay 
Bookhurst Francis, shoemaker, 140 n Exeter st 
Bookman George, blacksmith, Harford av 
Bool H. W. Jr. bookseller, auctioneer and com. 

merchant, 60 Baltimore st 
tBoom John, brickmaker. West st opposite Han- 
over st 
Boon Charles, clerk, Harford avenue 
Boon Joshua, steamboat man, Strawberry alley 

near Bond st 
Boon Burley, collector, Aisquith .st near Orleans 
Boon John H. n Gay st near Mott 
tBoon John, laborer, Busy alley, near Charles st 
tBoon Benj. carter, Run alley 
tBoon Nelson, brickmaker, Sugar alley w of 

Light st 
tBoon Rezin, laborer Hart's row, N of Pratt st 
tBoose John, stevadore, Little Hamstead at 
Booth Jane, Strawberry alley 
Booth mrs Grace, seamstress, Howard st extended 
Booth mrs Union st 
Booth Robert, Hillen st near Forrest 





boLth mi-8 Margiiret, Baltimore st w ot Cove. 
Booth John, laborer, Jefferson st near the run 
Booth Win. drayman, 41 n Exeter st 
Booth Joseph, Upholsterer, Harford run e Balti- 
more st 
JBooth Edward, laborer Tyson st near alley 
Bonlhbv, Th. printer, 26 n Gay st 
Booze James,tavern keeper, 77 AlcEiderry's wharf 
Bordley mrs Margaret, Hanover st 
Bordley mrs Franklin st extended 
Borgelt John, carpenter. Waggon alley 
Borland Thos. bacon and flour niercliant, Frank- 
lin st E ofEutaWjdvv Eutavv st n of Frank- 
lin st 
Bose Wm. (firm of Dobbin, Murphy & Bose,) 

dvv Lexington st 2d door vv of North st 
Bosley James, shipping merchant, Fayette st 2d 

house E of Calvert st 
Bosley John, tavern keeper, 49 n Gay st 
Bosley J. B. justice of pcacs,cor Frederick & Wa- 
ter sts d\v E Buhimore. near Caroline st 
Bosley Clement, city bailiff, n Gay st near Mott 
Boslock Wm. drover, Hamstead st near Spring st 
Boss Adam, baker, 132 Bond st 
Boss Hayes, shoemaker, Caroline near Wilk st 
Boss mrs Rebecca, tailoress, Caroline near Wilk 
Boss John, carpenter, Bank near Market st 
Boss Jarues, ship carpenter, Eden st near Gough 
Boss Catherine, tailoress, Happy alley, near Bank st 
Bossell Lewis, cordwainer, Alice Anna st near 

Strawberry alley 
Bossier John B. cabinet maker, Granby st near 

Gough st 
Boston Charles, carpenter, Wilk st near Happy 

Boston an(i Elder, (successors to Joseoh Cox,) 

hatters, 7 a Calvert st 
Boston Jacob, (firm Boston & Elder) dw 11 Pot- 
ter st 
Boston Isaac, shoemaker, Armistead lane 
Boston mrs Maria, Hanover st near Hill 
Boston Jesse, shoemaker, 63 Bond st 
Boston Charles, laborer, Diddle alley 
B»3ton reguli.r line of packets, MalthewsSt Hop- 
kins, agems, 10 Bowly's wharf 

tBoston George, blacksmith, Conway st near 

tBoston Lucy, Chaistey's alley, n of Eutaw 
tBoston Daniel, carter,Busy alley, near Charles st 
tBoston Robert, laborer, Camden st near Eutaw 
tBoston Jane, 71 Wagon alley 
tBoston Susannah, Inloes alley 
tBoston George, blacksmith, 35 Park st 
tBoston Letty, Davis st near Bath 
tBoston Henry, waiter, 20 Mercer st 
tBoston Jacob, Park lane 
JBoston Daniel, carter, Busy alley 
tBoston John, carter, Hanover st near Hill 
tBoston Daniel, laborer, Charles st 
tBoston Daniel, grocer. Bond st near Fleet 
Boswell mrs Isabella, Snarp st near Hill 
Botfield Josiah, trader, sw cor Comet and As- 

quith sis 
Bots mrs Henrietta, Strawberry alley near Bond 
Botteman Richard, barber, 27i Wilk st 
Bottomer Thos, shoemaker, cor Ross and Union 
Bouchet M. cutler, 56 n Gay st 
Boucheit mrs. Mary, second hand clothing store, 

15 Harrison st 
Bouhine Charles L. liquor store Hughs's quay 

Light st 
Bonis Joseph, lamp maker, South st dw East st 

near Maiden lane 
Bonis Levi, carpenter 9 Rossst 
Bonis John, double block tin ware and lamp man- 
ufacturer, 16 South st 
Bouldin Alexander J. surveyor for city of Balti- 
more, 12 Holiday st 
Bounds James R. boot maker, Orleans st near 

Bouse Wm. dyer, 61 Harrison st 
Bowden John, tailor, Bond near Gough st 
Bowden John, tailor, Bond st near Gough st 
Bowden Pitt, carter, n Paca 
Bowdle Richard S. tailor, n Gaysl 
Bowen Oswell, carpenter. Silver st near n Eden 
Bowen James, laborer, Orleans st near the run 
Bowen Jesse, carpenter, Holland st near Eden 
Bowen David, miller, Forrest st ne'ar Orleans 
Bowen Clara, Lerew's alley 

BOW— - 

Bowen mrs Ruth, Franklin st extended 

Bowen mrs Mary, midwife, 7 Fleet st 

Bowen, Jones & Sellers, importers of cloths, 153 

Baltimore st 
tBowen Simon, laborer. Chamberlain alley 
JBowen Charles, porter, n\v cor Howard and 

Camden sts 
fBowen Racliel, Park lane 
Bower Eberhard, Saratoga, st near Rock st 
Bower John G. victualler Saratoga st w of Rock 
Bower Frederick, carter, William st 
Bowers Martin, trader, 91 n Gay st 
Bowers Mrs Eve, Ensor st 
Bowers William coach painter, Ensor st 
Bowers Horace, drayman, Pierce st near Cove 
Bovvers Jacob, victualler, Saratoga st w end 
Bowers Casper, shoemaker, Orleans st near Car- 
oline st 
Bowers George, shoemaker, Beard st near Point 

Bowers David, blacksmith, 17 n Park st 
Bowie Wm- drayman, Sugar alley 
Bowie Sam. laborer, Sugar alley 
Bowie mrs Elizabeth, huckster 53 n High 
Bowie Mrs. Ann, hat trimmer, 58 n Frederick st 
Bovvley S. H. china, glass and queensware w 

Lexington st opposite the market 
Bowman Andrew, stage driver. Long alley 
Bowman Henry, Hanover st near Barre 
Bowman mrs Sarah, teacher, Bond st near Alice 

Anna st 
JBowman Aaron, laborer, Howard st 
Bowser Wm. H. undertaker. Sterling st 
tBowser Benj. Guilford's alley near Charles st 
tBowser Jerry, sawyer, 8 Fayette st 
tBowser Moses, package cartman, 5 Park st 
tBowser Dafney, boarding house, 51 South st 
IBovvser Jerry, laborer 8 Tyson st 
IBowser Benjannin, laborer, s Charles near West 
tBowser Stephen, laborer Salisbury st near Har- 
ford run 
tBowser Henry, sawyer. Spring st near Wilk 
Bowycr Geo. drover, Pearl st between Saratoga 

and Lexington sts 
Boyce Rith, Cathedral st 




Boyce mrs Elizabeth, Sharp st near Hill 
Boyce John, carpenter, cor Fleet and Spring stB 
tBoyce William, laborer, Gilford alley 
tBoyce Mary, Cathedral st 
tBoyce Henry, labourer, Lerew's alley 
Boyd Peter, soap and candle manufacturer, facto- 
ry Stilhouse st dw 8 Albemarle st 
Boyd John L. carpenter, Ensor st 
Boyd John, copper roller, Richmond st near Park 
Boyd mrs Margaret, cotton spooler, cor Pierce 

and Silver sts 
Boyd Samuel D. carpenter, Baltimore st betw. 

Caroline and Spring 
Boyd John sailmaker, Eden st near Gough 
Boyd Jeremiah L. carpenter, w Lexington w of 

Boyd mrs James P. Baltimore st w of Cove 
Boyd mrs Elizabetli, Fayette st joining Union 

Boyd John, porter and oyster establishment, 11 

South st, dw Lovely lane 
Boyd Wm. A, cigar maker New st 
Boyd Samuel, tobacconist Mulberry st near Park 
Boyd Hugh, furniture and clothing store, cor Se- 
cond and Frederick sts 
Boyd Joseph, hatter. Holiday st near Pleasant 
Boyer Jacob, hardware merchant, dw sw cor. 

Albemarle and Pratt 
Boyer Philip, lumber merchant, York avenue 
Boyle John, grocery and liquor store, cor Ster- 

hng and JNIonnment sts 
Boyle Hugh, merchant, 79 Smith's wharf, dw 20 

N Charles st 
Boyle Wm. K. chimney sweep master. Eager al. 
Boyle Edward, keeper of hotel, 10 n Liberty st 

and Court-house lane 
Boyle Francis, n Sharp st near Lexington 
Bnyman Jacob, porter, 95 Pitt st 
Boyn Jones, victualler, Pensylvania avenue near 

Hoffman st 
jBracker Scarbury, s Charles st 
Brackin Davis, paper hanger, Fayette st next 

door to cor Pearl 
Brad berry Stephen, rigger, Shakspeare st near 






tBraddick Henry ,porter, Bottle alley, w Sharp st 
Braden Wm. drayman. Wagon alley 
Bradenbaugh John, carpenter, 78 n Liberty st 
Bradenbaugh John, Exeter st 1 door from Water 
Bradford miss Margaret, seamstress, e Thames st 
Bradford mrs Jane, Barrest w of s Charles 
Bradford and Cooch, commission merchants, 7 

Bowly's wharf 
Bradford John, (firm Bradford and Cooch) dw 

St Paul's st s of Franklin 
^Bradford Richard, laborer, Short st 
tBradford Wat, laborer Lerew's alley 
Bradley, Samuel, laborer, Chesnut lane 
Bradley Hugh, dairyman, 37 n Liberty st 
Bradley Benjamin, china warehouse, 97 Balti- 
more st 
Bradley Robert H. tavern keeper, 44 Marsh Mark- 
et space 
Bradshaw Richard, Centre Market space, and 

fountain tavern, 3 Centre Market space 
Bradshaw, miss Jane, teacher, 60 n Exeter st 
Bradshaw John, Pratt st hotel, 14 Pratt st 
Brady Samuel, painter, 6 Thames 
Brady Joseph coach painter, Gough near Caro- 
line st 
Brady John, coach painter, Holland st near Har- 
ford run 
Brady Benjamin, china importer, 97 Baltimore st 
Brady James, tavern keeper, Swan st 
Brady Michsel, carter, w Falls av 
Brady Philip, plasterer, n Lexington market 
Brady Philip, grocery and liquor store, cor Mul- 
berry and Park sts 
Brady mrs Ann, bookfolder, cor Mulberry and 

Calvert sts 
Brady mrs Ann, Gallows Hill 
Brady Peter, grocery, and feed store, cor of West 

and s Charles sW 
Branan Edward P. mahogany merchant 23 

High st 
Branan, Bridget, grocer, cor Lancaster st and 

Apple alley 
Branard Albert, sugar baker,Pearl st near Pierce 
Branch mrs Rebecca, Wagon alley 
"'and mrs Mary P. High st near Hillen 

Brandt Jacob, dealer in tobacco, e Gay st near 

Pratt dw Conway st 
Brannan Wm. blacksmith, Camden near Light st 
Brannan John, coaohsmith and spring maker, 

Harrison st 
Brannan Michasl, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Bath and Davis sts 
Brannan Michael, pedlar, French st 
Brannan Patrick, se cor Rosa and St Mary's sts 
Brannan James, se cor Ross and St Mary's sts 
Brannan Alexr. fislier,Apple alley near Pinkney st 
Brannan John, spring keeper, Gough st near 

Eden st 
Brannan John, and Baxter, grocery and flour 

merchants, n Howard st 
Branson Joseph, custom house officer, n Fell st 

w side 
Brant James, grocer, Fayette st betw. Green and 

Pearl sts 
Brass Joseph, grocer, 23 Commerce st 
Bratt Geo. white smith. Light st e of Henrietta 
Bratt John, engineer, n end Johnson st 
Braughton Isaac, carpenter, Sterling st 
Brauns & Focke, importers of German goods, 194 

Baltimore st 
Brauns F. L. firm of do. dw Lexington, between 

Charles and Liberty sts 
Bravzer mrs Ann, boarding house. Strawberry 

alley w of Lunn's lane 
Brawner Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 17 n Gay 

dw Ensorst 3rd door from Monument st 
Brawner Andrew, boot and shoe maker, Ensor st 
Brawner Daniel, blacksmith, 33 Potter st 
Brawning John H. hardware merchant, s e cor 

Market and Thames sts F. P. 
Breckenridge Rev. John, pastor of 2nd Presby- 
terian church Asquith st near Holland 
Bremerman Carsten, cooper. Holiday st n of Bath 
Brenan Edward P. mahogany dealer, JO Freder- 
ick st 
Brennan Patrick, sail maker, 92 Market st F. 

Brennan mi?s Rebeccca, fancy dress and pelisse 
maker 16 s High st 

BRE to- 

Brenton Richard, tavern keeper, 17 s Gay st 

Bresina mrs Marj^aret, Baltimore st w of Cove 

Brevitt Dr. Joseph 74 n High st 

Brewer mrs Mary, Eager alley 

Brewer Daniel, cabinet maker, 27 Harrison at 

Brewer E. tavern keeper, 5 Fish-market space 

Brewer Nicholas, dw n Gay st 

Brewer Nicholas, justice of peace, 4 n Gay near 
the bridge, dw 27 n Gay 

Brewster, D. W. 56 Baltimore st 

Brian Thomas, carter, Happy alley near Gough 

JBrian Levin, laborer, Gallows Hill 

Brian R. C. 14 e Lexington st 

Brian Thomas, carter, Happy alley near Gough st 

Brian Geo. J. tavern keeper, n e cor Hillen and 
Forrest sts 

tBrian Fanny, Caroline st 

Briant mrs Isabella C milliner, 274 Baltimore st 

Briant mrs mantuamaker, 62 n Gay st 

Brice John, com. merchant, 18 Second stdw Cal- 
vert s of Saratoga st 

Brice George H. attorney at law, 9 Athenaeum, 
dw St. Paul's st 

Brice Henry, notary public and justice of peace, 
cor Gay and Water sts, dw Front st 

Brice N. C. accountant, Lee st n side w of Han- 

Brice Wm. York avenue 

Brice Kensey, farmer. Short st 

Brice mrs mantua maker, Fayette st near Green 

Brich Jacob, millwright Saratoga st near Pine 

Bridener Martin, baker, Orleans st near the run 

Bridle Monsieur, Cathedral st near Tyson Bt 

Bridges J. S. confectioner, 139 Baltimore st dw 
Baltimore near Green st 

tBrien Silva, Dugan's row 

Briggs mrs Margaret, seamstress, East st near 
Hillen st 

Briggs Robert, shoemaker, Armistead lane 

tBrighion Henry, drayman. Pine st near Fayette 

Brine Robert, pile driver. Spring alley near e Bal- 
timore Et 

Brinerd Albert, sugar refiner, 17 New st 

tBrisco Jacob, laborer,Bishop's alley,near Stiles st 

BriscoeiWm. H. Eager alJey 



Briscoe Doctor John H. 6 St. Paul's st 
Briscoe Samuel, pilot, 12 Ann st 
Briscoe mrs Mary, 38 Albemarle st 
iBriscoe Susan, Pearl st near Saratoga 
Briscoe Wm. drayman 70 Conway st 
tBriscoeAugusta, hair dresser, cor Howard and 

Saratoga sts 
Brison Hugh, shoemaker, cor of Bond and e Bal- 
timore sts 
Brister Jane, Caroline st near Pratt 
Bristow David, porter, Forrest st 3rd door s of Or- 
leans st 
JBrit John, laborer, Forrest st 
JBrituor Rebecca, washwoman, Hoffman st 
Brilt Severn, shoemaker, Long alley, near Ross st 
Brittonham Wm. carpenter, 20 New Church st 
Brittonham Solomon, seaman, e Mulberry stnear 

Broadbent Wm. & S. emporium of fashions, 123 

Baltimore st 
Broadbent G. dry goods merchant, 77 Baltimore st 
Broderick Wm. grocery and liquor store,cor Bath 

st and Butler's alley 
tBrogdon Hannah, Lerew's alley 
jBrogden Elisha, laborer, Pierce st 
Bromwell Geo. shoemaker. East st n of Douglass 
Bromley Lewis, tavern keeper, 7 Marsh Market 

Bromwell Wm. & Co. dry goods merchants, 199 

Baltimore st 
Bront John, liquor store n e cor Exeter and n 

Gay sts 
Brooke Francis, stone mason, 22 New st 
Brookhart Jacob, inn keeper," nw cor Hillen and 

Forrest sts 
Brooks Michael, grocery and liquor store, 72 Frank- 
lin st 
Brooks Robert, blacksmith. Carpenter's alley 
Brooks John, merchant, dw 16 Barnet st 
Brooks Chauncey, wholesale dry goods merchant, 

255 W. Baltimore st 
Brooks Thomas R. wholesale hat and cap store, 

255 W. Baltimore st, dw 42 Fayette st 
Brooks William, grocer, 78 s CaWert St. dw 34 
Front 8t 



Brooks John, wheelright, s end Washington st 
Brooks Isaac, iron merchant, 74 s Calvert st dw 

Front st between Hillen and Gay 
Brooks Joseph R. conc.hmnker, 59 s High st 
Brooks Henry tailor, Gough st near Gianby 
Brooks Waller.s!H)emakei-,Pittst near Harford run 
Brooks mis Priscilla, Saratoga st nenr Cove 
Brooks AVilliam, wagoner, Bnltiinore st w of Cove 
Brooks Rol)ert, blacksmith. Centre lane 
Brooks John, wheelwright, s end Washington st 
Brooks Michael, grocery and liquor store, 72 

Franklin st 
Brooks Wm. grocery 78 s Calvert st 
Brooks Isaac, iron merchant, 74 s Calvert st dw 

Front st between Hillen and Gay 
tBrooks Robert, caulker, 110 Bond st 
tBrooks Jenny, Gough st 

tBrooks Joiin, carpenter, Conway near Charles st 
tBrooks Henry, Welcome alloy 
tBrooks Betsy, Forrest st s of Orleans 
tBrooks Henry, 4 Lombard st 
JBrooks John, carpenter, Hill st e of Sharp 
tBrooks Sarah, St Mary's st 
tBrooks Robert, caulker Caroline st near Pratt st 
Broome Thomas wheelwright Union alley near 

n Eden st 
Broome Henry, tortoise shell comb factory, 20 e 

Baltimore st. store 8 n Gay st 
Broome Thomas, wheelright, Union alley near 

N Eden st 
Bl 00 mfield mrs tavern keeper, sw cor of Low 

and Exeter sts 
tBrooze Peter, coachman, Salisbury st between 

Exeter and Lloyd sts 
Brosius mrs R. teacher, Centre si e of Calvert st 

ney st 
Brotherton capt. T. W. Pinkney st near Spring 
Broughton Kellem, carpenter, Caroline near Pink- 
Brown Mary grocer, cor Wilk st and Happy al. 
Brown Samuel, seaman, Shakspeare st 
Brown Thomns, shoemaker. Bond near Gough st 
Brown Joshua, bridge builder, 37 Albemarle st 
Brown John, grocery and liquor store, 70 French st 
Brown James, printer, 41 n Exeter st w side 

-to— — BRO 

Brown Enoch, house carpenter, High st near 

Brown Robt. clock and watch maker, 29 n Gay st 

Brown mrs Emma, dry goods store, 53 Harrison st 

Brown mrs Rose, 2S Holiday st 

Brown mis Mary, 22 n Gay st 

Brown Jolm, house carp(;nter, 100 n High 

Brown mrs D. '22 n Gay st 

Brown C and Co. potters nw cor Pratt and High 

Brown John G. mathematical mstrument maker 
e* Pratt near High st 

Brown David , potter Salisbury st w of Exeter dw 
cor of Salisbury and Exeter 

Brown Robert P. (firm of McKee & Brown,) dw 
Lexington st opposite the Athanesum 

Brown Abram, victualler, Bottle alley, n of How- 
ard st 

Brown C. H. H. dry goods merchant, 173 1-2 Bal- 
timore st 

Brown Rudolph, 5 Ruxton st 

Brown Robert, whip maker, n side Lexington 

Brown James, mariner, Union st near Penn. av 

Brown Hester, Ross st near St. Mary's st 

Brown mrs Rose, 28 Holliday st 

Brown mrs Ann, seamstress, 32 s Howard st 

Brown Amos, merchant, Lombard st nearly op- 
posite Friends' meeting house 

Brown Honor, seamstress, Dutch alley, w of 
Howard st 

Brown mrs Eliza, tailoress, Park st n of Saratoga 

Brown mrs Eleanor, mantuamaker, 42 w Sara- 
toga st 

Brown Benj. laborer, Dutch alley 

Brown James, (firm of Galloway and Brown) dw 
Mulberry st, between Howard and Park sts 

Brown John T. plane maker, 12 w Lexington st 

Brown mrs Frances, cor Liberty & Lexington sts 

Brown John, morocco dresser, n Calvert near 
Franklin st 

Brown Jacob Harman, com. merchant, O'Don- 
ell's wharf, dw 15 Courtland st 

Brown John, N. secy. Bait, rail-road, dw 44 
Courtland st 

Brown Stewart, merchant, 44 Courtland st 


^ BRO to- 

Brown James, seaman, Union st near Penn. av 
Brown Alexander & Sons, shipping merciianls, 

1'26, Baltimore st dvv Holliday st opposite 

tlie theatre 
Brown George, Holliday st w side near Lexington 
Brown George, keeper in Penitentiary, dvv Har- 
ford av above Greble's pottery 
Brown Charles, market master, 90 s Sliarp st 
Brown mrs George J. 25 n Gay st 
Brown George W. attorney at law, 25 n Gay st 
Brown J. Harman, wholesale and retail grocery 

merchant, 52 s Frederick st dw Court- 
land st 
Brown mrs Ann, grocery store, Second st near 

the market 
Brown Uriah, surveyor, e Baltimore w of Cove 
Brown Hager, Ensor st 
Brown David, machine maker, Monument st near 

Brown mrs Lydia, seamstress, Low st near As- 

quith st 
Brown Frances A. Asquith st near Jefferson 
Brown James, city watchman, York avenue 
Brown George, keeper of Penitentiary, Harford 

Brown E, Mott st w side 
Brown Samuel, cartman, cor. of Cathedral st and 

Falls road 
Brown Edward, laborer, Ross st opposite Paca 
Brown Perry, laborer, Pennsylvania avenue 
Brown mrs Mary, Pennsylvania avenue 
Brown M. laborer Biddle st 
Brown mrs Hetty, shoebinder, Franklin st s of 

Pine st 
Brown James, seaman, Chesnut alley 
Brown Peter, shoemaker, Centre lane 
Brown John, clerk, Armistead lane 
Brown John W. merchant and agent of New York 

and Philadelphia lineof packets, 65 Smith's 

wharf, dw 148 s Sharp st 
Brown Wm. sawyer. Spring st near Bank 
Brown mrs Elizabeth, Beard st near Caroline 
Brown John, fisher. Strawberry alley rear of Pitt 
Brown Joseph, grocer and cooper, w Baltimore st 

near Cove 



Brown Wm. laborer, Happy alley, near Gough st 
Brown mrs Rebecca, 10 Caroline st 
Brown John, carpenter, 18 Caroline row, Caro- 
line st 
Brown mrs Rebecca, Caroline st near Fleet 
Brown Jesse, seaman. Spring si near Pratt 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, n Wolf st 
Brown Wm. seaman, cor Fleet st and Castle alley 
Brown George,dry goods store, 20 Marke, st F. P. 
Brown Sylvester, boarding house, 13 Bond st 
Brown Charles, tavern and boarding, 2 Thames 

st near Bond st 
Brown John S. ship carpenter, Montgomery st 

near Charles 
Brown David, blacksmith, William st 
Brown mrs Marj^aret, Franklin st extended 
Brown John, laborer. Silver st near Franklin 
Brown Nailer, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Brown mrs Mary, Hanover st near Lee st 
Brown James, porter and oyster house, sw cor Paca 

and Pratt sts 
Brown Reuben, shoemaker, n Paca st 
Brown Gideon, blacksmith, s Charles st near Hen- 
rietta st 
fBrown David, hostler. Park lane 
tBrown Flora, cook, 94 Ensor st 
fBrown Ruth, 4 Happy alley 
tBrown Sarah, Wolf st 
fBrown John, laborer, 13 Happy alley 
fBrown Charles, laborer, o4 Happy alley 
fBrown Henry, waiter, Ross st 
fBrown Catharine, Union st 
fBrown Wm. laborer, Centre st 
fBrown James, carter. Park st 
fBrown Thomas, drayman. Strawberry alley near 

Bank st 
fBrown Henry, porter, Sterling st near Monu- 
ment st 
fBrown Flora, 94 Ensor st 
fBrown John, H. laborer. West st 
fBrown Ja(jk, drayman, s Charles st near West 
JBrown David, hostler, Park lane near Bait, st 
fBrown John, sawyer, Happy alley 
fBrown Anderson, carter, Pratt st near Washing- 
ton road 





tBrovvn Lydia, French st 3d door s of high 
tBrown Hager, Ensor stN of Monument 
tBrown George.ship carpenter Hill st near Charles 
iBrown Philip, waiter, Hull's lane, n of Aisquith 

tBrown Jacob, laborer, Salisbury st near the run 

•TBrown John, sawyer, 13 Happy alley 

JBrown Rachel Asbury lane 

tBrown Leah, Sugar alley 

tBrown Joshua, porter, Carpenter's alley 

jBrown Rachel, Waggon alley 

tBrown James, laborer, Wagon alley 

tBrown Patience, s Liberty st 

tBrown Susan, s Liberty st 

tBrown Jerry, blacksmith, Centre st near Charles 

tBrown Andrevr, sailor, 50 Park st 

tBrown Maria, Biddle alley 

tBrown Tid, laborer, Penn, av. 

tBrown Hetty, Joy alley 

JBrown Henry, laborer, Preston st near Ross 

tBrown Catherine, Union st 

tBrown Reuben, coachman, Harford avenue 

tBrown Stephen, stone potter, Halfmoon alley^ 

tBrown Edward, stiller, Douglass st 

tBrown Andrew, barber, Salisbury st near Har- 
ford run 

tBrown Fanny, Lloyd st near e Pratt 

tBrown Philip, waiter, Hull's lane 

tBrown Eliza, Forrest st near Douglass 

tBrown Charlotte, Harford avenue 

tBrown Michael, drajman, s Eutaw st 

tBrown Wm. laborer, Honey alley 

tBrown Ann, Harford av near meeting house 

tBrown Bristol, wagoner. Park lane near Pine st 

tBrown Elizabeth, grocer,Bayard near Caroline st 

tBrown Ann, Guilford alley 

tBrown Charlotte, Guillord alley 

tBrown Caleb, drayman, Guilford alley 

tBrown Charles, laborer, Guiltbrd alley 

tBrown Jacob, laborer, Peace alley 

tBrown Leah, Sugar alley, between Charles and 
Light fits 

tBrown John, laborer, Cross st near Sharp 

tBrown James,fisher, Fort road near the Magazine 

tBrown Elijah, Asbury lane near Baltimore st 

tBrown Edwin, Harford av foot of Gallows Hill 

tBrown Thomas, quarrier, Guilford alley 
tBrown Perry, laborer, Harford st near Bond 
tBrown DafTny, Welcome alley 
tBrown Joseph, blacksmith, Eutaw st near Peace 

tBrown Thomas, house carpenter, Pearl st near 

Browne mrs 32 St. Paul's st 
Browne James, 48 Harrison st 
Browning mrs Margaret, cor Douglass & East sts 
Browning Wm. painter, Harford av. 
Browning Edward, rope maker, Harford av 
Browning Wm. S. hardware merchant, Pratt st 

n of Paca, dw s Paca st 
Bruce Robert, carpenter, Hughes st 
Bruce James, moulder and caster, Hughes st 
Bruce John, blacksmith, Hughes st 
tBruce Peter, coachman, 12 Salsbury st 
Bruce & Fisher,dry goods mts, 223 Baltimore st 
Bruce Henry, of the firm above, cor Pleasant and 

Courtiand sts 
Bruchl Justus, baker, 11 Bond st 
Bruff John, carpenter, e Wilke st 
Bruff Thomas, ship carpenter, sw cor Wilk and 

Washington sts 
Bruff mrs Mary, Paca st n of Carpenter's alley 
Bruff Wm. G. clerk, Pratt st near Spring 
Bruff James F. brushmaker, Constitution st near 

Brumley Joseph, distiller, Ross st near Biddle 
Brundige ;James, merchant, 68 Bowly's wharf, 

dw"53 Sharp, s of Pratt st 
Brundige Wm.^dealer in oil, paints, drugs, win- 
dow and coach glass, dye stuffs, and chem- 
icals, 23 Cheapside, dw Hanover st. be- 
tween Barre and Lee st 
Brune F. W. shipping merchant,22 and 24 Com- 
merce st,dw Calvert st opposite city spring 
Bruner Daniel, sugar baker, ne cor of Pratt and 

Howard sts, dw 97 Sharp st_ 
Brunner Elias, shoemaker, Harford'av 
Brunson Rhesa, cora. merchant, w Baltimore st w 

of Green 
tBrunstead Louisa, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Brunuff John, laborer, Light st 


Biu^^cup John, tailor, n Exeter, near Pitt st 

B'^uscup 'i'tiomas, tailor, Holland si e ot'Aisquith 

Briislivi ler n)rs Halbrd av 

Bryan Joim, fan maker, Moiitgnme'-y «• of Light 

Bryarly D.ivid, lisinji sun lavem. High st 

Bryer Jo:«eph, cooper, 12 L-mihard &t 

Biyman mrs Mary, j^rocer, 8 Block st 

Bryne mrs Susan, boardinj; house, cor Park and 

Mulberry sts 
Bryson Nathan G. justice of peace, e Baltimore 

St. oflicc, cor Front and Baltiniore sts 
Bryson J. in U. S. Bank, dw Hillunsl near Potter 
Buchanan niit^s S. 27 n Gay st 
Buchanan James A. N. (Jay st 
Buchanan James M. attorney at law, Fayette st 
s side E of St. Paul's st, dw St. Paul's st 
s ol' Franklin st 
Buchanan Charles A. attorney at law, w Fayette st 
Buchanan miss Elizal)(;th, s'j e Fayette st 
Buchanan Geori^e, blacksmith, Harford av. near 

Monument st 
Buck Robert, stove and sheet iron manufactorj', 

cor Lij^ht and I.,ombard sts 
Buck John & Co. importers of hardware, and 

iron dealers, 32 and 33 e Pratt st 
Buck &, Hedrick, sailmakers, 81 Smith's wharf; 

dw Benj. Buck, Pratt st near Harford run 
Buck George, custom house officer, lower end s 

Ann st 
Buck mrs Keziah sw cor Stiles and Exeter sts 
Buck John, justice of peace, Plowman st dw Pitt 

near Harford run 
Buck Jacob, tanner, Hookstown road 
Buck Nathanie', tailor, St. Mary st near Penn. av 
fBuck James, eatins; house, Second, between 

Gay and Frederick sla 
Buckinjjham Joel, ship carpenter, Fleet st near 

Buckinjrham Michael, Pratt st w of Cove 
Buckin;:ham Joseph, en;^ineer, Montgomery, e 

of Light st 
Buckingham Samuel, engineer, Montgomery e 

of Light st 
Buckingham mrs Elizabeth, Park st n of Dutch 




Buckler Doctor John, St. Paul's st s of Saratoga 
Buckler Francis, whip, cane and thong manulac. 

tory, Siratoga near Cove st 
Buckley Rr.bert L. tailor. 74 n Exeter st st 
Buckley mrs Susanna, 29 E Water st 
Buckley Timothy, liquor store, s Frederick near 

Water st 
Buck waiter Abraham, flour merchant, cor of Balti- 
more ind Eutaw sts. dw Lexington, e of 
Pearl st 
Budd Julius, whitewashcr, Ensor st 
Budd John, coach and harness maker, cor Balti* 

more an<l Howard sts. dw 73 Camden st 
Budd Frederick, stone mason, Saratoga st vv of 

Cove st 
tBuey John, laborer, Peace alley 
Bugbay Henry, sawyer, Will st near Block 
Buirt^r Jolm, tailor. Monument st 
Bull Jarrett, Entaw st, E side s of Franklin st 
Bull Wm. H. & N. produce and com. merchanta, 

22 w Franklin st 
Bull George W. merchant tailor, 158 Baltimore 

st dw Charles st n »)f Saratoga 
Bugbny Henry, sawyer, Wil's st near Block 
Bull Wm. millwright, 29 n Exeter st 
tBull Benjamin, laborer, Chesnut lane 
tBullen Frederick, hair dresser, w Pratt near 

Eutaw st 
Bullitt Alexander, attorney at law, Baltimore st 

w of Cove 
Biimbarger Martin, paver, Saratoga w of Pine 
Bunco capt. Win. e VVater st 
Bunting Wm. J. .shoemaker, 76 n Howard st 
Bunting John, cariienter, n Gay st near Mott 
Bunyie R. music master. Bond near Bank st 
Biinyie Robert, 16 s Charles st dw l6l Bond st 
tBuois John, laborer, Sterling st 
tBuorgoine Augusiin, confectioner,CaroIine near 

Gough st 
Burch Wm. victualler, Columbia st w end 
Biirchnell Wm. blacksmith, Hill st E of Charlei 
Burford E. shin smith, Grant st 
Biirgan Win. carpenter, cor n Gay and Mott sts 
Burger Jason, carpeater, Moutgoniery *t w of 
Light st 



-to BUS 

Burgess Wm. merchant tailor, 230 Market st 

Burgess C. \V. grocer, sii cor Gay and Potter sts 

Burgess James, boot fitter, 96 Pittst 

tBurgess Alex. laborer, Paiiitei's court 

Burget George, tinner, Eager alley 

IBurgoine miss Ellen, confectioner, Gough st 

Burk Wm. watchmaker, Gough st near Eden 

Burk Moses, laborer, 32 s Charles st 

Burk Edward, city watchman, Pine st near George 

tBurk Henry, stevadore, Caroline st near Pratt 

Burke Francis, printer, 11 Commerce st 

Burke mrs Eliza, Potter st near Low 

Burke John M. shoemaker, 29 East st 

Burke Walter L. house carpenter, Richmond st 

Burke col. Nicholas, Richmond st 

Burke Isaac, painter and glazier, Garden st near 

Burke Patrick, laborer Columbia st 
Burke mrs Margaret, Mulberry st w ol'Paca 
Burke R. &- I. house and sign painters. Sharp st 

s of German 
Burke Richard, firm of do. 31 Lexington near 

Sharp st 
tBurke Thomas, caulKer, 8 Happy alley 
JBurke Thomas, stevadore, 9 Happy alley 
|Burke Clem, East st n of Pitt 
tBurke David, laborer, Forrest st 
Burket Hugh, merchant, dwN Charles, near St 

Paul's Church. 
JBurket Hannah, 12 n Sharp st 
Burkhead Christopher, seaman, 10 s end Ann st 
tBurkiey Isaac, grain carrier, 16 Temple st 
tBurley Harry, laborer, Lerew's alley 
Burman S; muel, shoemaker, 13 Ross st 
Burn Jefferson, cabinet maker, Tripolet's alley, 

near Baltimore st 
Burn James, clerk, 9 Alice st 
Burnap Wm. G. brass founder, Stiles st near s 

Exeter st 
Burnap mrs Elizabeth, s Exeter near Pratt st 
Burnap rev. George W. 52 Calvert st 
Burneston John, rope maker, Apple alley, near 

Pinkney st 
Burnetson Is.« c, blacksmith, North st near Bath 
Burnett Wm. Potter, n Eden st near Union alley 

Burnett Samuel, carpenter. Peace alley, nea"' 

Charles st 
Burnett mrs Mary, dock hotel, McElderry's whf. 
Burnett Garland, Gunsmith. Maiden lane 
B trnh iin cap(. Fleet st near Argyle al. 
Burnham Samuel, 4 Tripolet's alley 
Burnham Thomas, liatter,Exeler si near Salisbury 
Burnham George, shoemaker. East st near Doug- 
lass st 
Burnham John, city bailiff, cor Orleans «fc Young 
Burns Charles, laborer, n Exeter near Hillen 
Burns John, seaman, cor Fleet and Bond st 
Burns Thomas, laborer, Lerew's alle)' 
Burns Wm. tailor, Ross st o|)posite Paca st 
Burns James, carpenter, 44 Ross st 
Byrns mrs Sarah, Pierce st near Cove 
Burns James, weaver, Cove st n of Saratoga 
Burns Daniel, laborer, Sarah Ann st near Cove 
BurnsFrancis, brickmaker, near Spring Gardens, 

dw Conway st 5 doors w ol Lunn's lane 
Burns John, blacksmith, Barre st w of Sharp 
Burns Matthew, gardiner, Mulberry st near 

Eutaw st 
Burns R. D. com. merchant, 9 Bowly's wharf, 

dw Pleasant st near St. Paul's st 
Burns R. D. (firm of Burns & Nelson,) dw Plea- 
sant st w of Courlland st 
Burns mrs Rachel, 36 Park st 
Burringer George, watchman, 10 Newst 
Burson Benj. clothier, dw Gough st near Caro- 
line st 
Burton Wm. cabinet maker.N Eutaw st, dw Dutch 

Burton Wm. cabinet maker,cor Eutaw st St, Dutch 

alley, dw Dutcii alley 
Burton Wm. confectioner, n Gay opposite Fred- 
erick st 
IBurton Ness sawyer. Strawberry al. nearWilkst 
Biisey Ann, cor ^Volf and Alice Anna sts 
Bush John F. grocery and liquor store, cor How- 
ard st and Homespun alley 
Bush George, letter carrier. Long alley, s of Lex- 
ington st 
Bush John, cigar maker, York av 
Bush mrs Biddle st near Penn. av 

1 ■) 


Bush Abram, biiker, Liglit st e of Henrietta 
Bush James, furniture rooms, 17 and 14 Harrison st 
Bushman Joiin, carpenier, 7 w Lexington st 
Busic Josliua, shoemaker, Elisor st near Hillen 
Busk James, sailmaker, 7 Fleet st 
Busk John, intellif^ence and agency office, 4S nw 

cor Baltimore and Gay sts. dvv e Baltimore 

near Harford run 
Bussey Henry, tavernkeeper, 15 Marsh Market 

Busy John, coppersmith, Wilk st s side near High 
Butchler Alexander, confectioner, 5 \v Lexington st 
Butler nirs RacheJ, tailoress, Hartford st near 

Butler mrs Catherine, seamstress, Hampstead st, 

near Spring st 
Butler 'I'homas, boot and shoemaker, 24 n Gay st 
Butler mrs Elizabeth, 30 East st 
Butle- Josiah, waterman, HThompsonst 
Butler Frederick, enj^raver. Pearl st 3 doors n 

of Mulberry st 
Butler John M. sweep master, cor of s Charles and 

Henrietta sts 
Butler Ab«^alom C. boot and shoe maker, 182 Bal- 
timore st dvv cor Park st and Inloes alley 
Butler James, carpenter, 43 w Saratoga st 
JButler Henry, laborer, Camden st near Eutaw 
iBuller Clem, hackman. Bottle alley, near How- 

a rd st 
tButler Betsey, cook, Butler's lane 
tBiiiler Peter, laborer, 32 Fleet st 
|Builer Josiali, oak cooper, German st \v of Green 
tButler E. hack driver, German lane 
tlJuller Ann, Harford av n'^ar meeting house 
tButler Peter, 34 nw cor Fleet st and Apple al. 
tButler Elizabeth, lloss st near Eutaw 
tButler Nalhatiiel, laborer, Lerew's alley 
tButler Charles, Lerew's alley 
tButler, John, porter, 61 s Frederick st 
tButler George, boot black, Union alley, near n 

Eden st 
JButler Josiah, cooper, German st w of Green 
jButler Hannah, Necessity alley near n Exeter st 
tButler Basil, steamboat raan,Hill st near Sharp 
Button Sarah, Wolf st w side 





IByald George, brickmaker, Hill st e of Ha 

jCyas John, laborer, Montgomery st 

tByas Alfred, drayman, Franklin" st extended 

Byers mrs Julia Ann, seamstress, 103 n Exeter st 

Bynson Thcinas, cor Fleet and Ann st 

Byrne C. grocer, Wilk st near Eden st 

Byrne James, cabinet maker, s Frederick st near 

Byrne Doctor B. M. ne cor Liberty and Lexing- 
ton sts 
Byrnes miss Ruth, teacher, s Eutaw st 
Byrnes Pierce, tavern keeper, 37 Light st 
Byrnes Christopher, grocer, Strawberry alley 
Byrnes Patrick, accountant, Aisquith near Mon- 
ument st 
Byrnes Thomas, laborer, Columbia st 

CaDON WILLIAM, dry goods merchant, 63 

N Howard st 
Gadow Wm. dvv 29 Pearl st 
Caduc John, Spanish tobacco factory, s\v cor of 

Pratt and Albemarle sts 
Cadwalader Abel, clerk, Peace alley 
CafTerty Thomas, shoemaker, Caroline near E 

Baltimore st 
Caffpy James, lal)orer, e Water st near Lloyd 
Cahill Edward, innkeeper, 5 Light st wharf 
Cahill mrs Ann Maria, cor Forest and Pi incests 
Cahill Dennis, ship carpenter, William st n end 
Cam John, carter, s Eutaw opposite Barre st 
Cain Aaron, deputy keeper, of Maryland peni- 
tentiary, Forrest st near Monument 
Calamac Oliver, silver smith and watch maker, 

13 Marsh Market space 
Calaine miss Han iet. seamstress, 4 Potter st 
Callaine VVilmena, liquor store, Sarotoga near 

Gav st 
Calders Edward, grocery, Wilk st near Spring 
Caldwell John, trader, Potter st near French 
Caldwell Wm. carpenter, n Hamilton st 
Caldwell Daniel, dyer, 17 Light st 
tCaldwell Rosetla, College alley 
JCaldwell Wm. hackdriver, n Gay st nera Mott 
JCaldwell Delia, Montgomery st 





Calef John, rope maker, k Pratt st near market 
Calhoun Win. statie driver, Penn, av near Preston 
Calhoun Ben. C. first teller in Bank of Baltimore, 

flw Baltimore, e of German st 
Call Wm. printer, Ea;;er alley 
Call nirs Elizibeih, Eager alley 
Callahan Tiiomas, grog shop, Light st near Lom- 
bard st 
Calendar Wm. plaisterer, Ai-quiih st near Or- 
leans st 
Cillnr Philip, boot and shoe maker, ]5 R^iss st 
CjH )W Wm. cirier, cor B.llimore and Cove sts 
Cilvert mrs Strah, tailoress, Beurcii st near Mo- 
nument st 
Calvert George H. Pleasant e of Conrtland st 
Calwell Wm. T. grocer, 11 Clieapside 
+Cal\vell Jacob, laborer, Guilford alley 
tCalvvell Nancy, Caroline near Pratt st 
tCalvvell Susan, Caroline st 
Camby Benj. brushmaker, Dutch alley, 
Camp Isaac, cabinet maker, Baltimore st e of 

Cove st 
Camp Joseph, whip, cane and spectacle maker. 
100 I3altitnore st, d\v 31 e Tayette st, op- 
posite i\evins's church 
Campario John, distiller. Light st Henrietta 
Cunpari(j Peter, distiler, Sugar al!ev e oI'Liglit st 
Cimpbeli Peter, innkeeper, dw President st 
Campbell mrs Alley, seamstress, Bishop's alley 

near P.esidi::iit st 
Campbell John, keeper of livery stables, Pratt st 

near the biidge. 
Campbell T.ionas, distiller, Potter st near French 
Campbell J unes, shoemaker, Monunieiit st 
Canijibell Jimes, c.tbinet maker, Franklin row 
Campbell Alex, sawyer, Pierce st 
Campbell Tiiomas, shoemaker, Sarah Ann st near 

Cove st 
C impheil J lines, weaver, Sarah Ann st near Cove 
Campbell Eiizi, innkeeper,cor Thames and Mar- 
ket sts F. P. 
Campbe'l John, grocery, i^e cor Spring and VVilk 
Campbell Jnhn, lab^irer, Wilk st near Harford run 
Campbell Bernard U. teller. Mechanics' bank,dw 
Fayette st, next to Mechanics' bank, 

Campbell John, livery stable, Swanst near Marsh 

market space, dw Pratt st 
Campbell Patrick, drayman, Concord st near 

Campbell Wm. L. carpenter, 4 New st 
Campbell J. Mason, counsellor alla\v.29sGay st 
Campbell Archibald, silver plater, cor Eutaw and 

l^oinbard sts 
Campbell John, grocery and liquor store, 4 Light 

st wharf 
Campliell James, dw s Charles st 
Camjibpll T. artist, ITS Baltimore st 
Campbell Matthew, trader, 32 s Charles st 
Campbell Mcllvain &l Co. com. merchants, 14 s 

Charles st dw Jas. Campbell, 17 s Charles st 
Campbell Hugh, Plumber, Patterson st near Frail 
Campbell mrsNeale, grocery and liquor store.cor 

Water and Frederick sis 
Campbell mrs A. grocery and liquor store, 48 

Frederick st 
Campbell Robert & Andrew, watchmakers and 

jewellers, 130 Baltimore st 
Campbell Francis, grocery and liquor store, cor 

' iglit and Water sts 
Camjibctl Win. grocery St, liquor store, 44 Light 8t 
Campbell Rubert, n side Lexington n^arket 
tCampbell J inips.d^aym in. Foiest st near Orleans 
tC imnljpll ONleb, porter, West st 
Cam[n'r Siepher.. laborer, Eden st near Pratt 
C impliire Chirles, stevadore, Short st 
Can mrs Johnson st 

Can IJoyd, fisherman. Cross st n'^ar Johnson 
Cane Jaiine?, Maddison st near Larew's alley 
Cann John,coinl) maker, Park lane 
Caiinady George, tailor, Alontgomery st near 

Cannadv Alexander, shoemaker, Addison st near 

High st 
tCannady Robert, laborer, Gallows Hill 
Cannon Dominick, soap chandler, 57 n Exeter St 
Cannon Thos. sea capt. 89 n Fleet st 
Cannon JohnB. 40 w Fayette st 
Cannon John, bacon store. Second st nea? Fred- 
erick st 
Canoles mrs R. seamstress, Wilk st near Caroline 





Canton Company's office, over J. B. Latimer's 

cor St. Paul's and Fayette sts. 
CantweJi mrs Sarah, Fayetie st near Eutaw, n side 
Canuet mrs teacher, w Franklin st near Park 
Canvas Thomas, laborer, Montgomery st 
+Canvas Betsey, Park st 
Capenger J^eonard, hricklayer, Ensorst 
Capiio mrs Julia Ann, seamstress, Hughes st 
Capito Christian, grocer and flour merchant, Bal- 
timore st w of Paca st 
Capoot Jeremiah, cooper, 39i w Fayette st 
Cappeau Joseph, dry goods store, Gl \v Lex- 
ington st 
Cappers Joseph, ship carpenter, e end Washing- 
ton st 
Carback Elisha shoemaker, Franklin st s of Pine 
Care mrs Elizabeth. Green st s of Pensylvania av. 
Carey George, domestic dry good merchant, Barre 

s of Hanover, st 
Carey John F. shoemaker, Lombard st e of Han- 
over st 
Carey &. VVethered, dry goods merchants, 207 

Baltimore st 
Carey, Hart &. Co. boolisellers and stationers, cor 

Charles and Baltimore sts 
Carey John, cabinet maker, Jefferson st near 

the run 
Carey John, pedler, Beuren st near Madison 
Carey George, Barre st near Hanover 
Carey S. &- J E. flour merchants, 11 Spear's whf 
Carey Win. drayman. Union st 
fCarey Dick, laborer, Peace alley 
Garland Thomas, merchant tailor, 124 n Howard st 
Carlile mrs Eleanor, seamstress Beuren st near 

Liberty alley 
Carlin mrs Mary, Water st near High 
Carion Robert, grocery and liquor store, Calvert 
st opposite city spring 

JCarmack Joel, porter, East st near Douglass 
Carman Jacob, rectifier and distiller of spirits 

Saratoga st e of Holiday, dw Exeter near 

Stiles st 
Carman Thomas, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Eutaw and Lombard sts 

Carman mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, 133 Bond st 
Carman Wm. hair dresser. Water st near Com- 
merce st 
Carmichael Wm. dealer, Greenwhich st 
Carmichajl Sai;nuel, shoemaker, Dutch alley, near 

Howard st 
Carmichael mrs Eliza, milliner, 49 n Howard st 
Carmichael Wm. leather inspector,49 n Howard st 
tCarniichael Charles, grain carrier, 1 Forrest st 
Carn.m mrs Catherine, French st near Potter 
Carnes Samuel, soap boiler, Tyson alley near 

Callipdral st 
Carnes Edward, stage driver, 8 Caroline st 
Carnes Charles, seaman, Alice Anna st near Hap- 
py alley 
Carningham James, painter and glazier, 32 w 

Frederick st 
Carpenter Samuel, huckster, Hooks Town road 

near ci.y limits 
Carpenter Uriah, grocer, nw cor Hill and Sharp sts 
Carr mrs Elizabeth, Holland st near the run 
Carr Patrick, laborer Rock st near Lexington 
Carr Edmond, shoemaker, u end Spring st 
Carr Rollan P. Wilk st 
Carr mrs Catherine, tailoress, Lombard st near 

Eutaw st 
Carr John, stone mason, cor Bedford alley and 

Camden st 
tCarr Nancy, 36 Light st 
Carrere John, jr. attorney at law, Masonic Hall, 

Court-house lane, dw 10 AVaterloo row 
Carrere Johnson, 30 Holli.iay st 
Carrere Doctor E. W. 16 Harrison st 
Carrick James, stone mason, Richmond st near 

Carrigon John, stone cutter, w Pratt st w of Green 
Carrington Epliraun, carpenter, Vine alley w of 

Pine st 
Caris Sampson, gilder, 70 Harrison st 
Carrol John W. H. clerk in orphans' court, dw 

Orleans st near the run 
Carroll John, rope maker, 8 West st 
Carroll James, jr. 94 Pratt st 
Carroll mrs J. C. Pleasant st near Charles 
Carroh T. innkeeper, Wilk st near Spring 



Carroll Edward, ship carpenter, Alice Anna st 
Carroll John, bricklayer, Ross st near St Mary's 
Carrol' Johfi, keeper iNIarylaiid penitentiary 
Carroll Win. commission merchant, 33 Liberty st 
Carroll Charles, (of Homeu-ood) Cahert st 
Carroll Charles H. dealer in shoes, hats, straw 
goods, Sec. 231 Baltimore st dw Barnet Pt 
Carroll Garner, woodware ana basket maker, 25 

Liberty st 
Carroll mrs Maria, seamstress, Spring st near 

Carroll Charles R. 26 Hanover st 
Carroll John K. liquor store, 31 Commf-.rce st 
Carroll I'liomas, jr. Prail st prize office, sw cor 

of Pratt and Hanover sis 
tCarroll Caesar, porter, Sarah Ann st e of Cove 
tearroll \\'m. shop keeper, 3 Park st 
tCarroll Lucy, Green st s of Market 
tCarroll Sarah, Montgomery st near Sharp 
jCarroll Eliza Salisbury, st near Harford run 
tCarroll, Lucy, cook, Green st s of Baltimore 
iCarroll John, carter, Forrest st near Douglass 
Carruthers Andrew, flour merchant, cor Orleans 

and Caroline st 
Carson W'm. &, Co. lumber & coal merchants, 

4 Buchanan's wlaarf, dw e Baltimore st 
Carson Wm. shoemaker, Howard st near Rich- 
mond st 
Carson David, carpenter, Franklin st extended 
Carson David, cooper. Peace alley, near Eutawst 
Carson Thomas, dw Paca st near Camden 
Carson George, blacksmith, Eutaw st near Bot- 
tle alley 
Carson Vv'm. hair dresser, 57 "Wagon alley 
Caraon George, tirv goods merchant, 225 Balti- 

mnve ?t dw S3 Pratt st 
Carson Wm. & Co. lumber yard, Buchanan's whf 
' artor Wm. grocer, cor Block and Tljames st 
Carter mrs Catherine, cor Caroline and Wilk sts 
Carter Wm. plasterer,Nw cor Gough stand Straw- 
berry a lie/ 
Carter R. E. (nf^rcliant, 84 Bowly's wharf, dw 19 

Courtland st 
Carter &l Debaufre, coach and harness makers,22 
Harrison st 

Carter Clement, coach maker, 60 Pitt st 

Carter Charles, type founder, dw Exeter st s of 

Carter mr teacher, over 53 w Baltimore st 
Carter James, stock manufacturer, 3 s Gay st 
Carter Charles, laborer in rear of 53 Front st 
Caiter Clement, coach mak(;r, 80 Put st 
Carter John Carpenter, 47 Piu st 
Carter John S. bricklayer, Aisquilh st near 

Carter mrs Rebecca. seam.=tress, Green st betw. 

layette and Baltimore sts 
Carter Peter, chair bottomer, cor Sharp and 

Hill sts 
Carter John, grocer, Columbia st opposite Green 
Carter mrs Catherine, Mulberry st near Pearl 
jCarter Samuel, sawyer, Lerew's alley 
tCarter Job, Asbury lane, n of Pratt st road 
fCarter Philemon, York road, s of Belvidere road 
Carihause George, tailor, 25 Ahce Anna st 
Carty AVm. victualler, Monument st 
Carue mrs Elizabeth, widow, Argyle alley 
Carvallo David, N, marble paper manufactory, 

24 lower story Bazaar, dw 54 n Front st 
Casey mrs Ann, Halfmoon alley near Eastst 
Casey Christopher, rope maker, Pinkney, near s 

Caroline st 
Casey mrs Eliza, Lombard st w of Hanover 
ifCasey Sally, Cove st near German st 
Casiu Anna, 16 Peace alley 
easier Frederick, baker, 8 Peace alley 
Caspari Jacob, hair dresser, ne cor of Howard and 

Saratoga sts 
Cassady John G. hatter, Constitution st near 

Alonument st 
Cassard Gilbert, bacon merchant, nw cor Hillen 

and Ea-^e sts. dw 37 Hillen st 
Cassard Lewis, cooper, Commerce s of Pratt, dw 

E Pratt st 
Cassard Leu is, cooper. Commerce st 
Cassaway mrs Eiizabeih, s Howard st 
Cassell Joseph house carpenter, Mulberry st w 

Cassell Samuel C. bricklaver, Mulberry st w of 






Cassell Leonard, house carpenter, Pierce st 
Cassell John F. cutler and surgical instrument 

maker, cor German and Librrt)- els 
Casterson mrs. IJarlbrd run near Salisbury st 
tCaslle Wm. servant, stillhouse, near Market st 
Cutlicart Joiin, ship jonier, Granby near Har- 

Ibrd st 
Catherall W ni. cooper, Phiipot st 
Catijoiic Orjtlian Assyluin, kept by sisters of cha- 
rily ot St Josf pli, in Franklin st. between 
Park aiifl Cathedral sis 
Catliour inrs Eliza, \N agon alley 
Caior tins Eiizahelh, Lee st \v of Hanover 
Cdtis iiirs l^eiiLia, seamstress, IJampstead st near 

Caui^hy Miclifel, clothier, 72 s Calvert st 
Ciiujfliy Patrick, dry good store, Pensylvania av. 
Cju k L )uis:i 72 Bi)iid st 

Caulk James, tailor. Light st N of Montgomery 
Causten Isaac, custom iiouse officer, e Water st 

near Albemarle 
Causten James H. 61 n (ireen st 
Cave mrs Ann. stock maker, 70 Front st 
Cave Charles, drayman, 50 n Exeter st 
Cave mrs Mary, seamstress, Howard st extended 
Cave Wm. stockings, caps and drawers manufac- 
tory, opposite Methodist meeting, Eutaw st 
Cave Charles, drayman, 50 n Gay st 
Cavender mrs Rachel, boarding house, 116 n Gay 
Cavenaugh Tussant, city watchman, Pearl st 

near Franklin st 
Cawnna Antoiiey, HI Bond st 
Cawsaw John, plaisterer, Long a]ley,near Ross st 
Cecil Edward, laborer, Happy alley, near Gough st 
Cedaiit David, shoemaker. Commerce st 
tCeney Nancy, Lit Hampstead sf e of Spring st 
tCene)' Benj. laborer, Harlbrd run 
Chadwick mrs milliner, 19 w Lexington st 
Chafee Nic. U. H.^ur imrchaiit, cor of Paca & 
Fayette sts,dw cor Lombard and Emaw sts 
Chafee & Smith, grocers and fluur merchants, cor 

Howard and Saratoga sis 
Chaffee Nicholas []. wine and cordial dealer, 273 
13aliimore st 

Chaille Stephen, shoe maker, Alice Anna near 

Market st F. P. 
Chaissing,(firm of C. F. Pochon &, Co.) dw Eutaw 

st s of Saratoga 
Chaisty Edward, grocery and liquor store, Union 

st near Penn. avenue 
Chamberlain Geo. shoemaker, Thompson st 
Chamberlain mrs Louisa, 65 Alice Anna st, near 

Happy alley 
Chamberlain John, shoemaker, 1C9 s Eutaw st 
Chamberlain mrs Louisa, cook siiop, cor Howard 

st and Peace alley 
Chamberlain Joseph, tailor, 28 Lombard st 
Ciiambers Rachel, Strawberry alley 
Chambers Samuel, grocery and liquor store 47 

Front st 
Chambers mrs Prudence, Harford avenue 
Chambers mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, Harford av. 
Chambers mrs Charlotte, Harford avenue 
Chambers Wm. rope maker, Harford avenue 
Chambers Robert bricklayer, Fayette st near 

Pine st 
Chambers Wm. rope maker, Bank near Market st 
Chambers mrs grocery, n Caroline near Balti- 
more st 
Chambers John, tavern keeper, Park s of Sara- 
toga st 
Chambers mrs Ann, 25 New Church st 
JChambers Perry, laborer, Salisbury st near Har- 
ford run 
tChambers Charity, Camden st 
Chamillion Louisa, cor Peace alley and Howard st 
Champlin mrs Frances,cor Ann & Alice Anna sts 
Chanceaulme Wm. clock and watchmaker 16 n 

Gay st 
ChancheRev. Jno. J. vice president of St Mary's 

Chanche .Martin, Orleans st near Aisquith 
Chandlee mrs I'-lizabeili 98 n High st 
Chaiuller, capt. Samuel B. Bond near Pratt st 
Chandler John, blacksmith. Fleet near Washing- 
ton st 
Chandler mrs Elizabeth, grocery, Silver st near 

N Eden 
Chaney mrs Ruth, Montgomery st near Charles 





Chaney Monday, grain measurer, s Eutaw st 
Chania Ravida, morocco dresser 17 Thompson st 
Cliaiiia Curiielius, huxier, Potter st near Pitt 
Chaplin David, drayman, s Charles si near York 
Chupinan inrs Mary, 163 High st near Hillen 
Chapman George, glass store, Light st. dw s High 

near Wilk si 
Chapman Thomas, seaman, e end Fleet st 
Chapman Clirislophcr, rope maker, cor Caroline 

and Piiikney sis 
Chapman Dr. John, druggist, 68 Lexington st E 

of Eutaw 
Chapman George, glass store, Light st near Lom- 
bard st 
tChapman Jeremiah, blacksmith, Pratt st road, \v 

of Washington road 
Chapman Wm. trader 13 Tompson st 
Chappeli's mrs female seminary . 35 w Lexington st 
Chnppeil Doctor Philip S. 06 St. Paul's st 
Chappeil James K. Lexington st \v of Ho.vard 
Chappell John G. com. merchant, S3 Smith's whf. 
Chappin & Kendall, plane manufactory, McClel- 

lan's alley 
Chard Henry, waterman, Light st s of West 
Charles Benjamin, cordwainer, Plappy alley near 

Gough st 
Charles mrs Elizabeth, grocery, Happj alley 
tCharles Theodore, stevedore, Suring st near 

Wilk st 
Charrier P. & J. gun smiths, 37 South st 
Chartres Thomas cabinet maker, cor Front and 

French sis 
Chase capt John, 60 Market st F. P. 
Chase Charles, Lexington w of Pine 
Chase Moses, machine maker, Hillen st near 

Chase Daniel, baker, 4 Potter st 
Chase mrs Hannah J. s side Lexington market 
Chase Wells, com. merchant, 53 Eutaw st, dw s 

Eutaw near Lombard si 
Chase John, whai finger, 32 Bank st 
Chase Daniel, baker, cor Saratoga st and Le- 

rew's alley 
Chase Alexander H. coach maker, Saratoga st w 

of Liberty 

Chase mrs Emeline, teacher, 20 Lexington st 
tChase Samuel, sawyer, 65 Strawberry alley 
tChase Patty, Saratoga st s of Pearl 
tChase Basil, drayman, Hull's lane, near East 
tChase Robert, laborer, w Conway st 
tChase John, cooper. Forest si n of Douglass 
tChase Basil, drayman, Hull's lane, near East st 
jChase Samuel, sawyer. Strawberry alley 

near Gough st 
tChase John, cooper, Forrest st near Douglass 
JCliase Basil, drayman. Poller si near Low 
Chasteau capt Lewis A. ne cor High &. Fawn sts 
tChaster Mary, Chesnut lane 
Chatard Doctor Peter, 21 Saratoga st E of Park 
C hay tor mrs Sarah, P. 17 Caroline row, Caroline st 
Ched James, stevadore 12 Ann st 
Chenoweth Richard n Gay st near Molt 
Chenoweth Thomas, carpenter 47 Union st 
Chenoweth Enoch, carpenter, St Mary's st 
Chenoweth Richd. B. blacksmith, and plough 

maker se cor Plowman, and Front sis dw 
Chesbrough Isaac, Grundy's row, Biddle st 
Cheston James, flour merchant, Commerce st 

wharf, dw lOS Hanover st s of Conway 
Cheston Galloway, flour merchant, dw s Sharp st 

2 doors from Lombard 
Cheston J. &. Son, merchant millers, sw cor of 

Cable and Patterson sts 
Chevalier Francis, musician, 15 Albemarle st 
Chevalier Dr dentist, n Howard st near Biddle 
tChew John, s Charles st near Hill 
Chew Thomas, carter, Lerew's alley 
tChew Judy, Sterling st near Monument 
tChew Hager, Peace alley 
Child Wm. 88 South street, Bowly's wharf, dw 

at Mrs. Lindenberger's-, 42 x Calvert st 
Child Benj. dry goods merchant, 153 Baltimore st 
Child Samuel, (of the firm of Child & Curlelt,dw 

21 Pitt st 
Child & Curlelt, coach and harness makers, 30 

N Gay st 
Child Win. J. baker, 47 n Gay st near High 
Ciiild vSainuel, coachmakor, \7 Pilist 
(;hiM Z ichari.ih. carter. 36 East st 
Cliilds Thomas, brickuiuker Hill st w of Hanover 

^ CHI- 

Cliilds Benj. dvv 15 n Eutaw st 28 n Gay st 

Cliiiiey nirs llebr-cca, boarding house, Beuren st 
near Liberty alley 

Christliill Henry, cednr cooper, 15 \v Franklin st 

Ciiribtiati Cliaiies, boot black, Fayette st w ol St. 
Fa Ill's st 

Christmas James, laborer, Elisor st 

tCiirislmas Caleb, caulker, William st near s 
Ciiarles st 

Christoplier Aliclirel, blacksmith, Armistead lane 

tCliubb Aiitoiiey, Lerew's alh^y 

Cliurch John, siioemaker, n Gay near Mott st 

iCliuicli Fatty, 4 Lombaid st 

Churchman Enoch, clerk, Fiiikney st near Spring 

Churchman nirs Hannah J. & Catherine Leeke, 
teachers of young ladies' academy, Liber- 
ty st near German 

Citizens' Union Line Steamboats, and Packets, 
or Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland 
Steam Navigation Company, Office, 102 
lower end Bowly's w hart" 

City Print Works, (Bnciianan's) sw cor of Plow- 
man and Fiont sis 

Clabiirn Matthew, accountant, 20 Newst 

Clackner, mrs llebecca,sEcnr Water and Exeter 

Clackner Joseph, seacapt. k Water st near Ex- 
eter st 

Cladui Jotin, wlipelvvrighl. Sterling st 

Clagett Thomas J. Frdiiklin st near Cove 

Ci.igoU Thoinas, accouniant, Eutaw st n of Fay- 
eite st 

Claggett Eli Brewer, StUlhouse st, opposite the 

Clnir Thomas, laborer, 82 s Charles st 

Clanney mrs Jane, I'J Maiden lane 

Ciapham Jonas, com. merchant, 2fi Li2;ht st whf. 

Clapham Jones, com. merchant, 13 Light st whf. 
dw 2 n Eutaw st 

Ciapp & Cole hdtierp,5 s Calvert st dw Aaron 
Ciapp. Hi'jh lifiweon Gay and llillen sts 

Clapp iilno(^il, 3d s Charl- s st 

Chiridge Lloyd, painter, 54 Gough st 

Claridge He-iry, painter,Spring st between Gough 
and Bank 

Claridge Catherine, 41 Garoline st 




Clark Patrick, grocer, cor Bond and Alice Anna sts 
Clark Salsbury, laborer, Caroline near Bank st 
Clark Joseph IJ. carpenter, e Pitt near n Eden st 
Clark mrs Elizabeth, seaniatress, Caroline near 

Bear st 
Clark Nil haniel, s!ater,n Howard near Madison st 
Clark mrs Maria, fancy store, n Charles near Lex- 
ington st 
Clark Joseph H. teacher, dw 22 Barnel st 
Clark John, lottery and exchange offices, nw cor 
Gay and Baltimore; nw cor Calvert and 
Baliini re; he cor Charles and Baltimore st. 
dw 45 St. Paul's st 
Clark S. teacher, 29 n Charles st. dw 20 Lexing- 
ton st 
Clark John, merchant, dw se cor Camden and 

vSharp sts 
Clark John, lime burner, store Camden near Light 

st vi'harf 
Clark & Kellogg, com. merchants. South st and 

Bowly's wharf 
Clark Joseph, clerk, Peace alley 
Clark Henry, tavern keeper, cor Paca and Ger- 
man sts 
Clark Patrick, harp tavern, n Lexington st 
Clark Joseph, ladies' fancy shoe factory, Eutaw st 

near Pratt st 
Clark Nelson, 21 Fayette st 
Ciark mrs Mary, 'J'yson'-* alley 
Clark Timothy, clerk in Beltzhoover's stage office 
Clark Benjamin J. merchant tailor, 70 s Calvert st 
Clark mrs Sarah, Wilk st near Harford run 
Clark Mariiaiet, Happy allev, near Wil.i st 
Clark Charles, pilot, s end Fell st 
Clark captain, A. S. Alice Anna st 
Clark John, fiedirr, Happy allev near W^ilk st 
Clark Thomas, sailmaker, cor FJeet st and Ar- 

g\ le alley 
Clark James, seaman, Argyle alley, near Lan- 
caster st 
Clf.rk 'I'homas, mariner, 66 Market st F. P. 
C'lark capi Alexander, Fleet st near Market 
Clark John H. rigger, 21 Shakspeare st 
(/lark capt John S. 100 Bond st near Pinkney 
Clark John, fisherman, Albemarle near Stiles st 





Clark Thomas H. carpenter, Leffenger alley near 

French st 
Clark Patrick, laborer, Addison Ft near High 
Clark Levin P. cabinet maker. 10 n Exeter st 
Clark mrs Kuth, seamstress. Necessity alley near 

Exeter st 
Clark Robert, house carpenter, 9S N Exeter st 
Clark mrs Margaret, store keeper, Potter near 

Douglass st 
Clark Win. laborer, Monument Ft 
Clark Win. H. meal merchant, East near flillen 
Clark mrs Elizabeth, East near Hillen st 
Clark mrs Ann, seamstress, East st near Hillen 
Clark Daniel H. boot and shoemaker, East st n 

of Pitt 
Clark mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, East st s of 

Douglass st 
Clark mrs Sarah, seamstress, 23 Comet st 
Clark John, tailor, Mott st w side, near Sterling 
Clark \Vm. tailor, n Gay st near Mott 
Clark Patrick, laborer, Tyson alley 
Clark Nathaniel, slater, 3 Grundy row ^feiddle st 
Clark John, blacksmith, w Baltimore st e of Cove 
Clark Maithew, tavern keeper, w Baltimore e of 

Cove st 
Clark Benjamin, shoemnker, Fayette st between 

Green and Pearl sts 
Clark Frederick, laborer, Hill st e of Sharp st 
Clark Samuel, shoemaker, Light st s of Mont- 
gomery st 
t<^lark Samuel, brickmaker, s Eutaw st 
:};Clark Ricliae!, German st near Cove 
jCiark R(jbinson, 76 n High st 
tCiark Ji^rry, sawyer, Strawberry alley 
tClark Perry, laborer, n Spring st near Sleigh's 

tClark Robertson, carter, Edeo,st near Gough st 
tCUrk O. 44 Potter st 

Clarken mraRodey, Pacn st near Camden st 
Clautice Peter, blacksmith, cor Green and Pratt 

sis dw s Paca st 
Clautier Win. coachmaker, 21 New st 
Claypold mrs Elizabeth, 78 n High st 
Claypold Septimus, fancy chair maker, 8 n Gay st 
Clayton Sanmel,boot and shoemaker,45 Camden st 

Clayton Samuel C. printer, Beuren st near Fall^ 
Clayton Win. printer,cor Light and Armstead s*^ 
tCla\lon George, laborer, s Euiaw st 
tClayton Heniiey, Cider alley 
Cleary Maurice, grocery and liquor store, SE cor 

of East st and Half Moon alley 
Clemin mrs Maria, 3 Amity st between Saratoga 

and Lexington sts 
Clemmons George, hatter, Barre st near Sharp 
Clemmons J. B. cabinet maker, Paca st 1 door 

from Fayette st 
Clemmons Win. cabinet maker, Penn av n St. 

Mary's st 
Clendinen Doctor Alexander, ne cor Baltimore 

and Exeter sts 
Clendinen David, 7 Pascaul's row, Lexington st 
Clendinen Dr. Wm. H. cor Market aud Alice 

Anr.a sts 
C'erke James PL bootmaker, 36 Thames st 
Clerren Patrick, blacksmith, Beuren near Madi- 
son st 
Clever mis Barbara, Ruxton st near s Charles 
Cleveland George W. North st near Belvidere 

Cliffe mrs 80 Camden st 
Cliflfe Henry, grocer, L* South st 
Clifford Bernard, baker, cor Alice Anna Bt and 

Happy alley 
Clifford Sylvester, constable, w Pratt st w of 

Green st 
Clifford J()lm,cheesedealpr,GermanstworGreen 
Clifford mrs milliner, 103 Bond st 
Clitford Joseph, Dutch alley 
Clifford John, cheese dealer, German st w of 

Green st 
Clifford John, liquor store, Camden st near Light 

st wharf 
Cline Catherine, dry goods store, Market st near 

Cline Henry, brickmaker, Hanover st. between 

Busy alley and Mill st 
Cline mrs Nancy, variety store, cor Hill and 

Sharp sts 
^Clinton Joshua, drayman. Spring st near Gough 
Clodius Geo. blacksmith Pennsylvania av. 





Cloney James, shipping master, Caroline near 

Baltimore st 
Clopper, mrs Aim, Calvert st s of Saratoga 
Clopper mrs R;iciiel, 58 Albemarle st 
Cloud &, Pouder, publishers Baltimore Visiter, 

1 s Gay st 
Cloud Charles F. of the firm of Cloud &, Pouder, 

Gay st near SaratOf!;a 
Cloudsley John, carpenter, Eutawst near Lombard 
fCoaf^e Simon, laborer, Gilford alley 
Coakley &- Rochester, dry goods merchants, 157 

Baltimore st 
Coakley Philip II. of firm of do. 3 York Buildings 
Coakley P. II. dry goods merchant, (firm of 

Coakley & Vandervort, 157 Market st. dw 

Baltimore st 
Coale Edward J. & Co. booksellers and station- 
ers, 4 n Calvert st 
Coale Wm. E. cashier, Susquehanna Bridge and 

Batik Co. dw 34 Sharp st 
Coale Isaac, 125 Hanover st 
Coarts Wm. silver plate, Eutaw st near the old 

poor house 
Coates John, lumber merchant, n Paca st dw w 

Camden st 
Coates mrs Hannah, 47 3 Liberty st 
Coates John &, Co. lumber merchants, Light st 

Coates M. boarding house, Hawk st 
Coath W. S. tavern keeper, 26 e Water ft 
Coats Alexander, copper roller, near old circus 

Coats Francis, grocer, 11 Grant st 
tCoats mis Mary, n Spring st near Gough 
tCoats Jeremiah, laborer, Forrest st 
tCoats Josiah, seaman, 23 Potter st 
Cobb George F. agent for Boston and Sandwich, 

glass company, 1 s Charles st. dw nE cor 

Hamilton and Cathedral sts 
Cobb Josiah, grocer, 40 n Liberty st 
Cobb, D miel &, Co. domestic merchants, 206 Bal- 
timore st 
JCobbit Job, caulker, Caroline near Wilk st 
Coburn James, dry goods merchant, 10 Centre 

Marsh Market space 

Coburn Win. bricklayer, Constitution stnear Mo- 
nument st 

Cochran James, printer, 30 Hillen st 

Cochran David, Preston st near Ross 

Cochran mrs Sarah, Falls turnpike 

Cochran James, tallow chandler, s Exeter near 
Bank st 

Cochran mrs Tamer, tailoress, n Eden near Hol- 
land st 

Cockey Edward, lime and feed store, 92 n How- 
ard st 

Cockey Dr. J. P. e Water cor Albemarle st 

Cockey mrs Elizabeth, n Front st s of Hillen 

tCockey Decator, wagoner, Monument st 

Codd Pilkey, Aisquiih st near McElderry st 

jCoder Samuel, waiter, Inloes alley 

Cce Wm. 62 s Charles st 

Cotfman Joseph C. tailor. 1"^ Peace alley 

Cohen E. P. merchant, 83 Bowly's wharf, dw cor 
Courtland and Pleasant sts 

Cohen David J. cw 58 n Charles st 

Cohen Philip I. Lexington opposite Court-house 

Cohen B. J. 47 n Charles st 

Cohen Dr. J, I. 33 n Charles st 

Cohen J. I. & Brothers, 114 Baltimore st. dw J. 
I. Cohen, 114 Baltimore st 

Colburn Hervey, bookseller, 23 Thames st 

Colburn E. W. writing school, n Paca near New st 

tColder Charles, Hill st near Sharp 

tColder Ann, Busy alley 

Cole mrs Catherine, teacher,Bank st near Straw- 
berry alley 

Cole Wm.'P. (firm of Clapp & Co.) dw High st 
N of Gay st 

Cole Richard, ironmonger, 17 n Exeter st 

Cole Doctor Merrvinan, next door to Methodist 
church, N Exeter st 

Cole Wm. tailor. Poller near Pitt st 

Cole Thomas R. painter and glazier, '28 East st 

Cole James, bricklayer, ne cor Orleans st and 
Long lane 

Cole mrs Anna, Aisquith st near Gay 

Cole mrs Elizabeth, seamstress Sterling st 

Cole Thomas, tanner, Hookstovvn road 

Cole Henry, victualler, Lexington st w of Cove 





Cole Wm. J. attorney at law, dw w Baltimore st 
Co!e mrs Isabelln, \v Biltiiiiore st w of Pearl 
Cole A. G. Iiiiiil)er iiierclmut, cor Eulaw and 

C. linden .••ts 
Cole Selali, carpenter, Conway st near Centre 

Cole Frederick, rigser, Shakspeare st 
Cole mrs Eliza, seamstress, Caroline near Bank st 
Cole, mrs Ann, Gou^h near Caroline st. 
Cole Win. rope maker, Hampstead near Caroline 
Cole John, cor Conrtiand and Franklin sts 
Cole Wm. .1. attorney at law, office Athenaeum 
Cole Cornelius H. currier, Cheapside, dw 7 New 

Church st 
Cole John, music store, 137 Baltimore st. dw 

Conrtiand st 
Cole Doctor Isaac, 35 South st 
Cole Hnison H. merchant tailor, clothing; store, 

cor Pratt st and Centre Market space 
Cole Wm. H, clotliiust store, Centre Market space 
Cole Jarreit, dry goods merchant, S Centre Mark- 
et space 
Cole Joshua, tinware factory, 6 Centre Market 

JCole Philip, laborer, Pleasant st 
tCole IJenry, 3 Bath st 
tCole Nathan, 34 Union st 
Cole}j;ate mrs Mary, 15 Liberty st 
Coleman Richard, blacksmith, e end Wilk st 
Coleman Samuel, cordwainer, 93 Bond st 
Coleman mrs Francis, 19 Wilk st 
Coleman R. H. & Co. apothecary and druggist 

store, 13i Baltimore st 
Coleman 'I'liomas, ^liip carpenter, 4 Block st 
Coleman mrs Ann, seamstress, llarlurd av 
Coleman Morgan, clerk, N Howard st 
Coleman John, runiiir in Bank of P>altimnre, dw 

Conway st. -{d door w of Liinn's lane 
Coleman , blacksmith, Wilk st near Wash- 
ington st 
fColeman Ciiarl s, laborer, cor Comb and Busy al 
tColeman Allen, biborer, Lee st e ot'Chailes 
tCoieman Silas, laborer, Lerew's alley 
tColeman Peter, drayman. Spear's wharf 
Coles Wm. Forrest st near Douglass 

Coleson Edward, liouse carpenter, 159 Bond st 

Colter mrs Mary, York av 

College St. Mar} 's, Pei:n av near Franklin 8t. 

Rev. Sdinuei Eccleslon, prtsidcnl 
Colley John, victualler, Monument st 
Collier Richard, ladies' shoemaker, Pine st near 

George st 
Collindsey W. seaman, Ann near Alice Anna st 
Collins Lee, tailor, Lee st w of Light st 
Collins Thomas S. foreman to Wm. Gist's factory, 

Peace alley 
Col'ins Doctor S. Fayette st near Holliduy 
Collms James W. measurer of buiidmgs, 39 n 

Cliarles st 
Collins Win. H. attorney at !aw,court house lane; 
d\\f E Fayetie st between Holliday &. North 
Collins Lee, merchant tailor, 1 e Water st 
Collins Wm. J. rigger, Argyle alley w end 
Collms John D. grocer, sw cor Wilk and Bond sts 
Collins George C. grocer, sw Baltimore and Hgh 
Collins Thomas 11. tavern keeper, near High st 
Collms George, carpenter. Centre lane 
Collins Wm. Aisqnith st near Low 
Collins IJenry, brickmaker, Columbia st 
Collins Samuel, cor Moiitgoiriery and Charles sts 
Coliins Daniel, l)rickm )ker, Light st extended 
Collins mrs Ann, teacher. I..ight st n of Montgo- 
mery st 
Collins Wni. waterman. Light st 
Collins 'I'homasjsoap boiler,Saratogast wof Cove 
tCollins Mark, seaman, 50 Wagon alley 
jCollms Ellen. 50 Wagon alley 
tCollins Wm. porter, IG s Liberty st 
Collison Will, draper and tailor, 2^.0 Market St 
Collison mrs Sn«an, 3 New Church st 
Collmus Levi, trader, Elisor st near East 
Colston mrs Alice, 33 n Eutaw st 
Colvin truss Rachel, e Baltimore .'^t 
Culvin J. D. coach manufactory, Howard st near 

Pratt, dw Pratt st 
Combs John, copper refiner, Harford run, be- 
tween Granby and Stiles sts 
Comcgys Bartus, merchant tailor, 102 Baltimore 

St. dw Camden near Sharp st 
Comegys Bartus, tailor, 6 s Low st 


Comegys Jesse, baker, Calvert st near Baptist 

Commercial Chronicle, (published by Leakin & 

Barnes) office n Gay st. near Baltimore, d\v 

of each s High st 
tCommodore Rich. Chesnut alley, near Pine st 
Conant S. W. fruiterer, n Howard st under 11 

dw 9 Ross st 
Conart Samuel VV. collector, Montgomery st vv 

of Charles 
Conaway Alfred, ladies' shoemaker, Pierce st near 

Pine st 
Conaway Wm. cotton factor, 147 French st 
Conaway Solomon, grocery and liquor store, Sa- 
ratoga near Cove st 
Conaway Charles, fisherman, William st w of 

Cross st 
Conaway Carvill, wheelwright. 145 Bond st 
Condon Maurice, grocery and liquor store, 104 

Dugans wharf 
tConger Eli, steamboat man, Short st 
tConigXloyd, drayman, Kimmell's alley 
ConineWm. C. lottery and exchange broker, 32 

Baltimore st. dw 26 Frederick st 
Conklin Ann, widow, 58 Bond st 
Conkliii capt. Wm. H. 75 Market st F. P. 
fConklin Margaret, Riclmiond st 
Conn mrs Jane, 14 Lombard st 
Conn mrs Mary Ann, teacher, 50 n Gay st 
Conn, Daniel, lumber mer. Mulberry st between 

Pearl and Pine 
Connelley Thomas, house carpenter, Aisquith st 

near Gay 
Connelly John, drayman, nE cor Bank and Eden 
Connelly Felix, baker, nE cor Bank and Eden sts 
Connelly miss Mary, teacher, 99 Saratoga st 
Connelly mrs Hannah, Holliday near Bath st 
Connelly Patrick, baker, Holliday st near Bath 
Connelly John, cooper, German st wof Pine 
Conner James, seaman, Lancaster near Ann st 
Conner mrs Ellen, teacher, 7 Fleet st 
Conner Wm. grocer, cor Water and Concord sts 
Conner mrs Hannah, boarding house, 24 Albe- 
marle st 
Conner Isaac rope maker, Cross st near William 

-to C OO 45 

Conrad Henry, innkeeper, and hackdriver, 26 nw 

cor Wilk st and Strawberry alley, 
Conradt G. J. professor of music, 6 w Lexino-ton st 
ConradtC. G. & Co. carpet manufactory, Gjanby 
st near Pratt st bridge, dw Water st near 
Constable mrs Elizabeth, grocer, Ensor st 
ifConstable Benj. waiter, Hamilton «t 
Consline Richard, carr driver, Falls turnpike 
Conway Robert, carpenter, US Bond st 
Conway Wm. anchor manufacturer,corVrilk and 
Columbia sts. dw n Exeter near Pitt, ofnce 
cor Commerce and Pratt 
Conway &. Armstrong, grocers and com. mer- 
chants, G6 South st 3 doors from Pratt 
Conway James, dry goods merchant, 48 n Gayst 
Conway 'i'homas, Dutch alley 
Conway Wm. cotton spinner, 65 French st 
Cooch T. mer. dw at mrsHubley's s Gay stnear 

Cook Thomas, seaman, 14 Block st 
Cook Jacob, whip maker, 97 Saratoga st 
Cook John H. cabinet maker, cor Hou'ard, Lom- 
bard and Liberty sts 
Cook W^m. blacksmith, n Howard st n of Madi- 
son st 
Cook mrs Eleanor, tailoress, Inloes alley 
Cook George A. fancy dry goods store. 36 vv Pratt 
Cook Henry, dry goods merchant, 79 Baltimo'-e st 
Cook Wm. G. lottery and exchange office, 80 Bal- 
timore st 
Cook W^. S. auction and com. mer. 3 Lorman row, 

Hanover st. 
Cook Henry, French st between Potter and 

East sts 
Cook Wm. shoemaker, Falls st near Beuren st 
Cook Thomas, shoemaker, 33 n Exeter st 
Cook John F. printer, Ensor st e of Forest 
Cook E. S. blacksmithi Charles stnnar Lee 
Cook Thomas, cabinet maker.. Wilhain st N end 
Cook Addison, blacksmith, Hughes st 
Cook Fenner, stone cutter, w Pratt st e of Cove 
Cook Frederick, Montgomery st near Hanover 
Cook Isaac P. bookseller, stationer, fee. 62 Balti- 
more St. dw Eager alley 

^ / 





Cook Wm. furniture ware room, 28 Baltimore st 
Cook Columbus E. furniture ware room, n\v cor 

Baltimore and Harrison sts 
Cook mrs Catlierine,74 s Charles st 
Cook Bernard II. loUery and Exchange office e 
Baltimore st on the bridge, and 20 w Pratt 
Cook miss Mary, w Mulberry st 
Cook B. H. ex.change broker, dw Front st oppo- 
site Phoenix shot tower 
tCook Delia, clothes dealer, Kimmell's alley 
fCook Thomas, Pratt st near the milestone 
jcook Thomas, barber, Franklin st near Cove 
fCook Charles, sawyer, Wagon alley 
tCook Wm. laborer, Chesnut lane 
jCook Thomas, carter, Franklin st extended 
tCook Charlotte, Pine st 

fCook Henrietta, teacher, Baltimore st w of Cove 
tCook Moses, wheelwright, Gallows Hill 
tCook Delia, old clothes dealer, Kimmell's alley 
f Cook Math, laborer, Baltimore st 
fCook Diana, Conway st near Howard 
tCook Andrew, laborer, Penn. av near city limits 
jCook Henry, waiter, 34 n Frederick st 
tCook Diana, w Conway st 
Cooke Henry W. dry goods merchant, 11 Balti- 
more st 
Cooke Archibald, Eager alley near Franklin st 
Cooke John,shoemaker, cor Calvert and Mulberry 
Cooke Wra. tobacco merchant, 7 Light st wharf, 

dw Franklin st s side, w of Charles st 
Cooke Caleb, carpenter, w of Light 
Cooke mrs Mary, Fawn slnear s High 
Cooker Joseph, laborer, 71 Albemarle st 
Cooksey Wm. carpenter, w side Wolf st 
Coomes Samuel, potter, 76 East st 
Coonan Daniel, clothing store, G2 s Calvert st 
Cooney Patrick, cooper, 26 Ann st 
Cooper Thomas, laborer Wolf st near Wilk 
Cooper John, carter, 22 Fleet st 
Cooper Edward, capt. cor Fleet and Ann st 
Cooper Calvin, seaman, Lancaster near Market st 
Cooper John, barber, ^^6 Alice Anna st 
Cooper Alexander, teacher, 16 s High st 
Cooper John, brushmaker, Granby st near Har- 
ford run 

Cooper Philis, nurse, Lloyd st near e Pratt 
Cooper Thomas, nw cor Low and Exeter sts 
Cooper John, oak cooper, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Cooper Wm. engineer. Bottle alley extended 
Cooper Hadaway, cabinet maker. Hill st near 

Cooper John, tavern keeper, Light st near York 
Cooper James, drayman. Peace alley 
Cooper Bennet, potter, w end Fell st 
Cooper Samuel, collector, 107 s Eutaw st 
Cooper Samuel, liquor store, Eutaw st near Meth- 
odist meeting house 
Cooper mrs Eleanora, fancy store, 3 Lexington st 
Cooper & Hanna, lottery and exchange office, 

554 Baltimore st 
Cooper Wells, merchant, tailor, 16 s Charles st 
Cooper J. brush maker, e Water st near Marsh 

Cooper Robert, ship carpenter,w end Fountain st 
Cooper Elisha, ship carpenter, 151 Bond st 
Cooper Samuel, Caroline w side, n of Pratt st 
Cooper Wells, merchant tailor, 178 Baltimore st 
JCooper Ceesar, laborer, Howard st 
fCoope^r Rachel, Davis st near Bath 
tCooper Wm. caulker, Wolf near Wilk st 
tCooper Hannah, Holland st near the run 
tCooper W. laborer, Sugar alley 
tCopen Abram, sawyer, Long lane 
Copes Giles, 131 Sharp st 
tCopper Isaac, laborer, Temple st near e Balti- 
more st 
Coran Joseph, shoemaker, Bond near Pinkney st 
Corban Martin, cooper, Commerce st 
Corbell Peter, shoemaker, 'SG Harrison st 
Corbit Mary, meal seller, Alice Anna near Mar- 
ket st 
Cord Wm. cooper, Eutaw st s of Franklin 
Cordery Maria, 7 Phil pot st 
Cork James, stone cutter, Henrietta st near Chas. 
Cornelius Peter, custom-house boatman, Gough 

near Granby st 
Cornelius Samuel, merchant tailor, 11 w Pratt et 

dw Barre st w of Charles 
Cornelius N. clothing store, Light st near Pratt 
Corner James, dw s end Ann st 


COR t o- 

Corner John, marine shipping master, Ann near 

Fleet St 
Corner James & Son, merchants, Maryland whf. 

s end Frederick st 
Cornprobst Ignatius, drover,',cor Light and Hen- 
rietta st 
Cornthwait Wm. cabinet maker, 29 Fleet st 
Cornthwait John, 2d teller in U. S. Bank; dw 38 

N Front st 
Cornthwait Robert, Salisbury st s side near Lloyd 
tCorporal Ben, laborer, Guilford alley 
Corrigan Bartholomew, iinkeeper, county wharf 
Corrigan Patrick, laborer, French st 
Corry James, carpenter, 75 Hanover st 
Corseler Edward, laborer, Ross st near Long al. 
Corson mrs Ann E. sw cor Eutaw & Lexington sts 
Cortlan James, tin ware manufacturer, 10 w Bal- 
timore st 
Corts mrs Martha, milliner, Penn av 
Corwine mrs Elizabeth, York av 
Cosgrove Peter, confectioner, 11 Harrison st 
Cosgrove Patrick, grocer, sw cor Exeter «Si. Fawn 
Coskery John, teacher, 70 Penn av 
Coskery Bernard, nail man. 86 n Howard st 
Coss George, feed store, 112 n Howard st 
tCosse Indian, German st e of Cove 
Cosmell John, grocer, cor Apple alley and Pink- 

ney st 
Costello & League, ready made clothiers, 24 w 

Pratt st 
Costello mrs Mary, tailoress, Ann near Alice 

Anna st 
Costello miss, fancy dress maker, 15 Saratoga st 
Costigan Wm. ship joiner.Fleet st near Argyle al. 
Cotter Richard, grocery and liquor store, n How- 
ard st N of Madison st 
Cotterell capt. Clark, w end Philpot st 
Cotton Chester K. gilder, dw 13 New Church st 
fCotton Daniel, laborer, Biddle alley 
Cottonham Littleton, painter, Light st n of Mont- 
gomery st 
Cottrell capt Henry, 96 Market st F. P. 
Cottrell mrs. widow of James, starch and fig 
blue factory, 64 w Pratt st 



Coulson Thomas H. Albemarle near Stiles st 
Coulson mrs Margaret, Albemarle near Stiles st 
Coulson mrs Mary, Potter st 
Coulson Thomas, glue factory, Ross st 
f Coulson Harriet, 42 Sugar alley 
Coult Wm. blacksmith, Armistead lane 
Coulter mrs Sally, Eutaw st s of Conway 
Coulter Archey, carter, Eutaw et s of Conway 
Coulter mrs Hester, se cor Pitt and High sts 
Coulter Andrew, se cor Pitt and High sts 
Coulter Dr. Henry S. se cor Pitt and High sts 
Coulter Alexander, watchman. Monument st 
Coulter John, clerk, Richmond st near Park 
Coulter Alexander,teller in Maryland Savings In- 
stitution, 4 Grundy row, Biddle st 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, Chamberlain alley 
tCountee Mary, Sugar alley 
Coupe Thomas, fringe, cord, & knitting cotton 

manufactory, 15 n Exeter 
Courley mrs Ann, 161 French st 
Courrier Joseph, tailor, maiden lane 
Coursell Peter, confectioner, Gough st near Stiles 
Court Dis. office. Courthouse lane, P Moore elk. 
Court-house, Baltimore county, cor Lexington & 

N Calvert sts 
Courtenay David S. clerk in U. S. Bank, 9 s 

Eutaw st 
Courtney James, grocery and liquor store, w Bal- 
timore st e of Cove. 
Courtois Amand, distiller, cor Tripolett's alley &- 

Second st 
Cousins Michael, carter. Sterling st 
tCovcn Daniel, rigger, Caroline near Wilk st 
Cover Henry, grocer, Hooks town road, at city 

Covey mrs Margaret, cor Caroline and Bank sta 
Coward mrs Ann, k Water st 
Cowarding James C. cabinet maker, 36 s High st 
Cowart mrs Rhoda, Gough st near e Pratt 
Cowen mrs. Elizabeth, oyster house, Ross st 
Cowen John, carpenter, Lee st near Charles 
Cowles Wm. city watchman, Thompson st 
Cowles; Wesley, (firm ofG. Earnest &, W. C.)dw 
cor Franklin and Park sts 



tCowley Robert, Hull's lane near Aisquith st 

Cowperthwait H. bookseller, 76 Baltimore st 

Cox Daniel, plane maker 31 n Exeter st 

Cox Ellas, shoe maker, 3S N cay st 

Cox Larkin, bricklayer, Falls st 

Cox mrs Letetia, 304 Er-st st 

Cox James 11. lottery office cor Calvert & Mar- 
ket, sts 

Cox Catherine, seamstress, Harford avenue 

Cox Wm. fisherman Biddle st near Ross 

Cox George Y7. Barre st between Sharp and 
Hanover sts 

Cox IiUlher J. commission and grain merchant, 
cor Pratt and Calvert sts. d\v Paca n of 
Lexington st 

Cox Joseph & Sons, fur m.erchants, 5 s Liberty 
St. d\v of J. C. 8 3 Calvert st 

Cox James, attornsy at law, w Fayette st e of St. 
Paul's st 

Cox James, cashier of Bank of Baltimore, cor St. 
Paul's and Baltimore sts 

Cox Peter, grocer, 84 Dugan's wharf 

Coyle Bernard F. victualler, cor Ross and Bid- 
die sts 

Coyle Chas. grocer, cor Park lane & Amity st. 

Coyle Jo!m, laborer, liolliday st n of Bath 

tCozens Isaac, carter, Sterhn^ st w ead 

Cozine John A. bricklayer, Lnsor st 

Cozine Abram, morocco dresser, Hooks (own 

Craddick Josr-ph N. mer. tailor, cor Hawk st &- 
Marsh Market space, dw cor of Caroline 
and Baltmiore sts 

Craft George & Bo. grocers cor St. Paul and 
Centre sts. dw of John Cole St Paul st. 

Craft Jacob, (firm of Lynch & Craft,) dw Grant 
st 2J door s of Water 

Craft Peter, house carpenter, Ross st near Bid- 
die alley 

Craft Peter, baker, Biddle alley 

Crag mrs Mary, 60 Front st 

Crag Robert tailor, 17 Bond st 

Craig mrs Ann, s Charles st 

Craig & Jones, ship chandlers, 52 Pratt st cor 
of Gay 

.to CRA 

Craig & Smith, smiths in general, Water st near 
Light St. dw of S. C. near Howard's Park, 
N of Washington's Monument, R. S. 8 
Charles st 
Craig mrs Ann, s w cor Eastst and Halfmoon al. 
Craig Jonatlian \V. machine maker, N Gay st 
Craig Thomas, grocer, cor Light &/ Montgom- 
ery sts 
Craket Peter, carpenter, Columbia st 
Crandel mrs Mary, Covvpen alley 
Crandell John, cap and stock maker, 70 Balti- 
more st 
Crane mrs Mary, seamstress, George st near 

Pensylvania avenue 
Crane Edward E. grocery and liquor store, 52 n 

Liberty st 
Crane Thomas, boot and shoemaker, nw cor of 

Pratt and Spring sts 
Crane Benj. printer, 26 n Liberty st 
Crangle Wm. shingle dresser. Welcome alley 
Crangle Nicholas J. carpenter, Welcome alley 
Crangle mrs Mary, Welcome alley 
Crawford capt. James, 32 Fleet st 
Crawford Andrew, coach wheehvright, Peace al. 
Crawford Robert, coach maker, Paca stnear Pratt 
Crawford John, British consul, n Calvert st Mon- 
ument Square 
Crawford Wm. attorney at law, Courtland st Nof 

Lexington st 
Crawford Jacob, 72 Camden st 
Crawfjrd Wm, jr. merchant, 6 Bowly's wharf 
Crawford John, grocery and liquor store, 112 n 

High st 
Crawford James B. tailor, 66 N High st 
Crawford Daniel B. bacon merchant, 50 n Gay. . 

dw 76 N Exeter st 
Crawford Robert K. Baker, Exeter stnearHillen 
Crawford Else Ann, East st near Hillen 
Crawford Alexander, Franklin st near Pine 
Crawford John, weaver. Mulberry st extended 
Crawley Samuel, hatter, ()6 N Frederick st 
Cray Thomas, cabinet maker, n side Conway . 

near Howard st 
Craycroft mrs Susanna, milliner, 74 e Liberty st 
Craycroftmrs Clariuda, milliner, Mercer st 






Creagh John, dry goods merchant, 2 n Gayst 
Creagh John, boot and shoeniaker,62 Lexin gtonst 
Cream Jacob, mathematical instrument maker, 

Bishop alley near President st 
Creamer James, blacksmith, Spring stnear Pratt 
Creamer Samuel, cooper, Henrietta st near s 

Creamer mrs Polly, Columbia st 
Creamer John, wheelwright, George st near Pine 
Creamer Joshua, lumber merchant, intersection 

of Hillen st and Harford av. dw Exeter st 

near Methodist E. church 
JCreek Richard, Exeter st 
f Creek mrs Charlotte 136 n Exeter st 
Creery & Robinson, iron merchants, 

77 Smith's wharf, dw J- Creary Barnet st 
Crengle John, grocery and liquor store, Eutaw st 

E side, s of Saratoga 
Creny C , grocery and liquor store, cor of 

Ross and Union sts 
Cresap mrs Mary, 81 n Exeter st" 
Cresap Luther M. lottery and exchange office, 12 

Marsh Market space 
Cretzer mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, Liberty alley 
Crew Richard, farmer's and merchant's tavern, 

N Howard st 
Crew Wm. laborer, 35 Wagon alley 
tCrew Edward, sawyer, Peace alley 
tCrew Edward, laborer, Columbia st 
Crey Fred. Madison st 2nd house s of Beuren st 
Crey Henry, 1 Thompson st 
Crips Thomas, 133 n Eutaw st 
Crisall John, boot maker, Sugar alley near s 

Charles st 
Crisp Jno. teacher Bond st near Fleet. 
Crist Wm butcher, Ensor st 
tCristey Priscilla, Salisbury near Harford run 
tCristy mrs Delia, s Exeter st near Salisbury al. 
Cristy Henry, weaver, Union st 
Criswell John, carter, Sharp stnear Hill 
Criswell George, cooper, s Eutaw st near Gist's 

Crocker Barney, rigger, 16 Ann st 
Crocket Hugh, distiller, Centre st near the bridge 

Crome & Pi,eidelberger, smiths in general, 89 n 

Liberty st 
Cromer mrs Mary Ann, taileress, 37 German st 
Cromer Daniel, cooper, Eutaw st near Lombard 
Cromwell Joshua, grocer, cor Wolf and Fleet sts 
Cromwell Thomas, cabinet maker, 12 Thames st 
Cromwell Oliver, carpenter, Columbia st 
Cromwell mrs Julia Ann, milliner, 17 Harrison st 
Cromwell Levi, gun smith, 35 Thames st 
tCromvvell Wm. waiter, Spring st near Pratt 
fCromwell Gabriel, hair dresser, 41 Light st 
tCromwell Caleb, Light st s of West 
fCromwell Richard, laborer, Hanover st 
Crone Robert, hair dresser, 21 w Pratt st 
Cronmiller Doctor John, n Paca st w side s of 

Lexington st 
Cronmiller Doctor W^m. 63 &, 65 Camden st 
Cronmiller Jacob, Henrietta st near s Charles 
Crook Charles J. proprietor of Crook's factory, 

dw Monument st 
Crook Daniel, butcher, Plarford avenue 
Crook Edward & Geo. carpenters, Harford run 
Crook mrs Permelin, seamstress, Alice Anna st 

near Strawberry alley 
Crook James, merchant, dw 7 Waterloo row, n 

Calvert st 
Crook Walter, jr. upholsterer and paper hangings 

warehouse, 104 w Baltimore st, dw Centre 

near Calvert st 
Crook mrs Charlotte, jne cor of St. Paul's & Plea- 
sant sts 
Crook Joseph, upholsterer and paper hanger, 1S6 

Market st 
Crook George A. Commerce st wharf 
Croper Stephen, shoemaker, 1 New st 
Cross Trueman, accountant in Commercial and 

Farmers' Bank, dw Fayette st betw. Eutaw 

and Paca st 
Cross Samuel B. coach smith, s Eutaw st near 

Camden st 
Cross John, lumber merchant, O'Donnell's whf. 

dw 72 N High st 
Cross Robert N. house carpenter, Albemarle st 
near Stiles st 





Cross Geo. shoemaker, 16 n Gay st 

Cross Richard J. lumber merchant, 4 O'Don- 

nell's whf, d\v 42 n High st 
Cross Wm. weaver, Graiibj' st near Gough 
Cross mrs Rachel, 5 e Baltimore st 
Crouch mrs. Mars^ Fleet near Ann st 
Crouch John, shoemaker, Henrietta st near s 

Crouch mrs E. plain milliner, 6 Albemarlest 
Crouch David, carter, Montgomery si near Charles 
Crouch Thomas M. brushmaker, George st near 

Crout Anthony, feed and grain store, 21 Light 

st wharf 
Crout Anthony s Charles st n of West st 
Crow Dennis, pedler, 74 French st 
Crovvder mrs Hannah, tailoress, East st near 

Crowley Patrick, carpenter, Franklin st near 

tCrowner Mary Mulberry st near Pearl 
Crowther P^obert, 3() n High st 
Croxall mrs Isabella, n Exeter st 
Croxa'il John, 2ii Lombard st 
Crozier Ann Maria, Pinkney st near Bond 
Crozier Thomas, carpenter, Monument st near 

Cniett Wm. tavern keeper. Falls turnpike 
Crummer & Eckel, produce merchants nw cor 

Hilien andExeter,dvv of firm between Hil- 
ien and French st n side 
Cruiriwell John farmer, Sarah Ann alley 
Crumwell Neal G. brush maker. Sterling st 
Crumwell Jacob, carpenter, 50 Ross ,st 
Crumwell mrs Sarah, Camden st betw. Eutavv &, 

Howard sts 
Crumwell mrs boarding house, 32 South st 
tCrumwell Edward, shoemaker, Bottle alley . 
iCrumwell George, shoemaker, HS w Pratt st. dw 

72 Conway st 
Cruse George, shoemaker, Argyle alley, w eiid 
Cruse Isaac, grocer and flour merchnnt,C()r Frank- 
lin riiui Paca, dw 1 door I'rom cor Franklm 

&. Park sf.s 
CrMse Henry, tobacconist.Eutaw st s of Franklin 

Cudlipp Benj. dyer, 44 Harrison st 
Cugle mrs Ann, boarding house, 247 Baltimore st 
Cullen, Wm. laborer Wolf st F. P. 
Cullen Isabella grocery 7 Alice Anna st. 
Culley Iiobt,ship carpenter, Light st n of Hughes 
Cuiley Langly B. ship carpenter. Light st oppo- 
site Juil st 
Cullimore John, blacksmith, Lancaster near Ann 
Culhmore Wm. grocery and liquor store, G n Gay 
Cullison M. pilot Wolf st F. P, 
Cullumber Dolly, seamstress, 23 Alice Anna st 
Cullumber JNiciiolas, tailor, n Eden st near Silver 
Culuan Geo. tailor, 33 n High st 
Culverwell Richard J. bookbinder, 1 George st 
Cummings Margaret, Ann near Gough st 
Cummings Alexander, boat builder, 34 Thames 

shop s end Bond st 
Cummings Thomas, engineer, Constitution st 

near Monument 
Cummings Thomas, soap and candle factory, 

York avenue 
|Cummings Simon, waiter, Richmond st 
Cummings Sainl. weaver and dyer, Sarah Ann st 
Cummings Alexander M. 45 n Charles st 
Cummins John H. carpenter, Pinkney st near s 

Cummins mrs Ann, cor Park and Lexington sts 
tCummins James, laborer, Eden st near Pratt 
Cunce Joseph, musician, Biddle st near Ross 
Cunningham James, shoe maker, 43 n Exeter st 
Cunnmgham James, grocer e cor e Baltimore & 

Front sis 
Cunningham Ca.ssandra, tailoress, Falls st near 

Beuren st 
Cunningham John, grocer, French st near Hilien 
Cunningham Wm. iiouse carpenter, Forest st 

near Orleans st 
Cunningham Edward, wpaver, Pierce st 
Cunningham Alexander, stage driver, Water st 

w of Cmmerce 
Cunningham Titiiothy, clerk, cor Paca st and 

Carp(;i)t(;r's alley 
Cunningham Wm. liquor store, 26 Franklin st 
Cunningham John, carpenter, 38 w Saratoga st 

CUN to- 



Cunningham Hugh, Cowpen alley near Park st 
Cunningham Hugh, liverv tUable, 22 n Liberty st 
Cunningham John, bricklayer, 3 Ruxton st 
Cunningham mrs Margaret, Water st near Com- 
merce st n -r< J 

Cunningham Daniel, cabinet itiaker, lOlreder- 

ick st 
Cunningham John, sea capt. Sit Block st 
Curbey Edward, seaman, Ann r.iear Alice Anna 


Curby Samuel, tailor, 30 N Exet er st 

Curlett John, coachmaker, HoUi day stN ofbara- 

toga st 
Curley Henry, carpenter, 19 New Church st 
Curley James, carpenter, Park sit near Franklin 
Curner Fredk. tobacconist, Front near Market st 
Curran Moses, laborer. Long allej^ 
Curran John, stone mason, 78 s E utaw st 
Curran Michsel, tailor, 53 s Frederick st 
Curran Tliomas, cor Liberty alley ^and Beuren st 
Curran mrs Frances, seamstress, l'\anklin st 
Curran Nicholas, laborer, Columbia st w end 
Currell John, fisher, Hughes st 
Curren John, stage driver, Mech inic s Court m 

High st 
Currey Thomas, cooper,? eace alley near Sharp st 
tCurrey mrs Ann, Caroline nuar Pinkney st 
Curry John, carpenter, 3 2 n High st 
tCurry Rachel, Harford run 
Curscy Wm. hatter, 75 H arrison st 
Curtain James, butcher, \'ork avenue 
Curtain Wm. milkman, e Pitt near Caroline st 
Curtin Thomas, sen. CharL 'ss st 
Curtin Thomas, junr. Gen nan st near Cove st 
Curtin James, butcher, Mo jiument st e end 
Curtis capt. James, cor VV olf and Lancaster sts 
Curtis capt Abraham M. 2 1 Thames st 
Curtis John, 105 n Eutaw st 
Curtis Ira, grocer, Ensor s t near East 
Curtis Bednego, musician, Harford avenue 
JCuriis Henry, laborer, L( irew's alley 
Curvill, mrs Fanny, York avenue 
Curvil Henry, carpenter, " ifork avenue 
Gushing & Sons, book sel lers and stationers 6 N 
Howard St. 

Cushing Joseph, junr. firm Cushing and Sons.dw 

Fayette st e of Howard 
Cushing John firm of do. dw Pratt stw of How- 
Custom house Baltimore nw cor Gay & Water sts 
Cutbush mrs. cor Calvert and Saratoga sts 
Cutler George, weaver, Pierce st e of Cove 
Cutlip Bartholemew, cabinet maker, Lombard st 

w of Howard st 
Cuyk A. boarding school, 45 Bond st 

DaFFIN GEORGE, file smith, Bottle alley 
Daflamer John, blacksmilh.Chesnut al. nearPcarl 
Dagner Sam. hatter, Consiitut. st near Monument 
Daiger Joseph, constable, Conway st near Sharp 
Dail Daniel, carpenter, dw. s High betw. Trinity 

&L VVilk sts shop Granby st 
Dailev Thomas, carpet manufact. 61 s High st 
Daix Edward, ladies' ornamental hair manufactu- 
rer, 82 Baltimore st 
Daley Jacob &. Son, chairmakers. Bait, st at the 
bridge, dw. cor Albermarle. & Water sts 
Daley Andrew, chairmaker, Exeter nearWater st 
Daley Peter, laborer, Park lane near Baltimore st 
Daley Wm. laborer, Argyle alley near Alice 

Anna st 
Daley mrs Margaret, seamstress, Caroline near 

Fleet st 
Daley John, dry good mer. 67 w Lexington st 
Daley John, carter, Wagon alley 
Daley Christopher, shoemaker. Wagon alley 
Daley Jacob, chair factory, Baltimore st bridge 
Dallam Francis J. collector, dw Pleasant st. office 

City Hall, HoHiday st 
Dallam Wm. dry goods merchant, 13 Baltimore st 
Dallam Samuel, 13 New Church st 
Dallam Samuel, merchant 63 Front st 
Dalrymple John, Grocer & Liquor store, n Front 

near Hillen st 
Dalrymple W. F. merchant, 56 n Charles st 
Daly John, drayman, French opposite Potter st 
Daly James, cooper, Ross st near Long alley 
Dameron S. G. confectioner, 56 Baltimore st 
Damond John, laborer, Forest st near Peniten. 
Damouth Wm. city watchman, Hull's lane 


Damphoux Rev. Edward John, 82 n Liberty st 
IJanbire Edward, laborer, Addison near High st 
DanekerJohn J. keeper of the Methodist burial 

ground,MontgomerystE of Charles 
Daniels Commodore John D. 50 Albermarle st 
T Dansburry VVritesman, laborer, Douglass st 
Danskmmrs boarding house, Fayette st near n 

oharp st 
Danver3 Felix, laborer, 141 French st 
D Arcy and Didier, merchants, n Calvert st 2d 
door s of Lexington st dw. J. N. D'Arcr 
sharp st N ofLombard, E side 
Darden Stephen, city bailiff, Barre st w of Light 
Darden miss Elizabeth, Barre st w of Light 
Dare Gideon, commission merchant, 25 Li"-ht st 

wharf " 

Dare & Battee, commission merchants 13 Light 

st wharf dw mr. Dare, Conway st, of mr 

Battee Hanover st near Barre 

Dare Dr. Geo. dw 119 Sharp st. shop near Pratt 

Dare VVm. A. drayman. Welcome alley, dw 117 

Sharp st I 

Dare Gideon, grocer and commission merchant 

Light st wharf ' I 

Dari Miss Sarah, Hanover st near Lee 
Darling James, shoemaker. Sterling st 
Darney Bartholomew, seaman. Fleet st lower end 
Darrell mrs:Mary A. P. 10 Caroline row, Caro- 
line st 
D'Artis mrs Mary Ann, Alice Anna st near Wolf 
Dashiel Edward, clerk, 24 n High st 
Dashields L. ropemaker, Cross st e of William 
Dashiell mrs Mary, 95 Alice Anna st 
Dashiell mrs Marv, cor Market & Alice Anna sts 
Dashiell Wm. coach maker, Holland near Eden st 
Dashiell Robert, boot & shoe maker, w Eden st 

E of Pratt 
Dateman John, city watchman, York avenue 
Daughaday Samuel, stone cutter,Granby st near 

Daugherty Robert, blacksmith, cor Fawn st & 

Bishop's alley 
Daugherty Geo. house carpenter. Caroline near 

Wilk st 
Daugherty Josepli, coach trimmer, Long alley 


jDaugherty Jacob, w'nip sawer, Alice Anna st 
I Davenport Jos. tanner & currier, 13 Cheapside 
Davenport Lewis, cabinetmaker, b Baltimore it 

near Harford run 
Davey Hugh, sea capt. 15 Thames st 
JDavi Adam, labr^rer, Wolf st 
David Mrs. Eliznbeth, seamstress, 11 Potter st 
Davidge Francis H. attorney at law, 8 St Paul's st 

dw 94 N J liberty st 
Davids Rachel, seamstress, 36 Wagon alley 
Davidson Wm. ;sea capt. 12 Block st 
Davidson John, carter, Silver st near n Eden 
Davidson Char'.es C. shoe maker, 66 Franklin st 
Davidson mrs .'Mary, Long alley near Ross st 
IJavidson Jam.js, cooper, dw 55 s Charles st 
Davidson Jam< js turner, e Falls av. near Pratt st 
Davidson Mrs,. Sarah, 53 e Baltimore st 
Davidson Rob ert, weaver ,cor Franklin & Silver sts 
JUavies Jacob G. flour merchant, 81 Bowly's whf. 
tDavigJohn, waiter, Chesnut alley 
Davis Alexander J. architect, Athenaeum 
Davis Peter, 1 [arbour master, cor Wolf &- Wilk sts 
iJavis Mary, tieamstress, Star alley 
iJavis Joseph, Jab,orer, Happy al. near Gough st 
jJavis J. carpenter, Wilk st near Strawberry al. 
JJavis Doctor Charles ivw cor Bait. ^ Temple sts 
JJavis John, boot &'. sh oemaker, 41 n Gay st 
JJavis James C. seamai i, Granby st near Exeter 
^avis mrs. Sally, teach er, Granby st near Exeter 
JJavis Dr. Charles T. 5 7 n Gay st 
Davis Fredk. blacksmith, Potter st near French 
Davis Heary, stone qv larrier, Falls turnpike 
Davis Geo W. distilie r. Park st near Richmond 
Davis Samuel.coachn laker, East st near Douglass 
Davis David, house c; irpenter, Holland st near run 
Davis Joseph, plaster •, Short st 
Davis John, carter, S lugar alley near s Charles st 
Davis mra. Ann, seai nstress, Amity st near Bal- 
Davis John, shoeinak er. Vine alley w of Pine st 
Davis Thomas, w Pr att st w of Cove 
Davis Samuel, tavernl ceeper, Ostend st near s end 

of Cove 
Davis mrs. Ann, Mon tgomery st extended 
Davis W . shoemake r, Rock st near Saratoga 


JDavisJohn, constable, Chatsworth st nearFranklin 
Davis James, shoemaker, Saratoga st \v of Pine 
Davis Jolin, second hand clothing store, 52 Light st 
Davis John, eating house, 77 \v Pratt st 
Davis Amos, miller, sw cor. Caroline and Pratt sts 
Davis mrs Mary, tailoress, Guilford alley near 

Light st 
Davis George A. carpenter, Barre st near Sharp 
Davis Moses, carpenter, shop cor Liberty and 

German sts dw cor Liberty and Saratoga sts 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 13 s Liberty st 
Davis Abram, carpenter, 87 n Liberty st 
Davis John, sen. 71 n Charles st 
Davis Win. N. Sharp st s of Peace alley 
Davis Charles, grocery and liquor store, 1 Light 

st wharf 
Davis Charles, carpet weaver,(Hanover Bazaar) 

Camden st 
Davis mrs boarding house, 53 South st 
Davis Daniel, laborer, 61 s Frederick st 
Davis Wm. seaman, 39 Bond st 
Davis Joseph, 26 Block st 
Davis Pardon, 87 vv Pratt st 
Davis mrs Caroline, 50 Park st s of Saratoga 
Davis John, Centre st 
Davis mrs Elizabeth, 14 Bath st 
tDavis Wm. laborer, Calvert st near city spring 
tDavis Fanny, Park st 

tDavis BVancis.laboreriBounty lane near Spring st 
tDavis Robert, sawyer, Long alley 
tDavis Jim. laborer, Guilford alley 
tDavis Francis, 58 n Gay st 
t Davis Charles, laborer, w Bait, w of Cove 
t Davis Charles, whitewasher, 76 Front st 
tDavis Jacob, laborer, Short st 
t Davis Wm. carter, 19 s Charles st. 
t Davis James, laborer, Saratoga st w of Pine 
Davy Henrj', cabinet maker, 95 Fleet st 
Davy Wm. bricklayer, cor Bond &- Wilk st 
Daw mrs Sarah, 64 n Frederick st 
Dawes mrs. Mary, 139 n Exeter 8t 
Dawes Francis, cooper, Fayette st between Green 

and Paca,dw Dutch alley 
Dawes Wm. turner, 20 Lombard st 
Dawsoo Wnj, house carpenter, e ^Wolf et 





Dawson Thomas, ship carpenter, 126 Wilk st 
Dawson John, house carpenter, Gough st near 

Happy alley 
Dawson Wm. leather and morocco store, 9 Cheap- 
Dawson W^m. & Co. com merchants, 47 s Gay 

st dw Belvidere st 
Dawson mrs. Cassandra, dry good store, cor Ann 

&/ Fleet st 
Dawson James, laborer, Union st 
Day mrs. Louiza, Columbia st 
Day Wm. cabinetmaker, 4 Ross st 
Day Jacob, tin ware &- sheet iron man. n Gay 

st near Belle Air Market 
Day mrs. Sarah, marketvvoman, 91 n Gay Jt 
Deal Hannah, innkeeper, 12 Market st F. P. 
Deal Frederick, wheelwright, Mulberry st near 

Park st 
Deal mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 62 Potter st 
Deal John, bricklayer, Liberty alley 
Deal mrs. Catherine, marketwoman, Harford av. 
Deal Jacob, cor Schroeder & Saratoga sts 
Dealley Daniel, plasterer, Saratoga st. w of Pine 
Dealley Stephen, drayman, Harford avenue 
Deames Frederick, moulder. Centre lane 
Deampster mrs. Elen, cor Johnston &- Cross sts 
Dean mrs. Mary, nurse, 36 n E.xeter st 
Dean Thomas, innkeeper, ne cor East &,Hillen sts 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, German st n of Pine 
Deasy John, shoemaker, 86 Charles st 
Deaver Emanuel K.printer,(firm of Lucas & Dea- 

ver) dw Saratoga st near Pine 
Dsaver James,roppmaker,Ai;<quith st near Douglas 
Deafer Amos, carpenter, Howard st n of Mad- 
ison st 
Deaver John, turner, Conway st near Green 
Deavie John, domestic factory, Vine alley near 

Cove st 
DeBartholi's miss Martha G. cor Fayette st and 

McClellan's st 
DeBaufre James, coachmaker, 22 Harrison st dw. 

23 Pitt st 
De Beet Cornelis, painter, 14 s Pitt st 
De Boise Thomas, brickmoulder, West et near 





Deboll Mahlon, cartman, cor of Tyson's alley & 

Tyson's st 
DeButts mrs doctor, Lombard st 
Deck George, laborer, Pierce st w of Pine 
Decker mrs Margaret, George st near Pine 
Decker George, Fayette st e of Howard st 
Decker mrs. Margaret, George st near Pine 
Decker Geo. J. Franklin st extended 
Decorsey Henry, blacksmith, cor Bond & Pink- 

ney sts 
Deder Daniel, laborer, Biddle st 
Deems Adam, blacksmith, Montgomery st w of 

Deems Jacob, commissioner of health, 23 Pitt st 
Deems Cornelius, tin ik. sheet iron manufactory, 

Ensor st near Mott 
Deems George W. boot Sc shoe store, 11 w Pratt 
Deems Adam, laborer,Montgomery st near Light 
De Ford B. & Co. hide and leather merchants, 

44 s Calvert_st 
Deegins mrs. Ann," teacher, n Gay it near Mott 
Deg Isaac, drayman. Pierce st 
Degaris John, laborer, Alice Anna st near Straw- 
berry alley 
Degilvin John, cordvvainer, Thames e of Market 
De Goy Bartholomew, carpenter, 29 Harrison st 
fDe Grott Mary, 4 Lombard st 
De Gruchy, John, chemist, 11 s Galvert si 
Dehair Joseph, hair dresser, cor Eutaw and 

Pratt sts 
De Lachelle H. professor of the French language 
t Dehereguy rars. Theresa, e Baltimore st near 


Delacour, Franklin st extended 

Delaha Thomas, ship joiner, 8 Fleet et F. P. 

Delaney John, clothier, 9 Thames st 

Delanty John, grocery and liquor store, 55 w Sa- 
ratoga st 

Delany Aquila, carter, 100 n High st 

Delarni mrs Ann M. 14 Fayette st 

Delaroch Capt. G. 74 Market st 

Delcher rars. Sarah, marketwoman, 71 French st 

Deicher John, brewer, kw cor French (k. Consti- 
tution sts 

Delcher John, merchant, dw jc Gay st 

Delger Jacob, shoemaker. Union st near Ross 
Dell Wm. bookbinder, n Charles near Cen re 
Delia Jarrett, blacksmith,Lee st n side w of Light 
Delia Andrew, blacksmith, cor Eutaw & Conway 
sts •' 

Dellaha James, shoemaker, 73 w Saratogas! 
Dallaney Michsel, millstone maker, cor Bath and 

North sts 
Delleway John, carpenter, 38 Pf Saratoga st dw 

47 s Sharp st 
Dellon John, laborer. Bishop's alley near Stiles st 
Dellon Wm. weaver, Mulberry st extended 
Delmas Alexis A. tea, wine and grocerv mer. 

dw 19 s Charles st 
t Deloner Isabella, washwoman, 14 Forest st 
Delons Joseph, ship carpenter, Granby near Har- 
ford run 
DeLoughery John, deputy weighmaster 24Pillst 
Deluhol Rev. L. R. superior of St. Mary's semi- 
Demangin Charles A. bookbinder, sw cor of Front 

& Hillen sts 
tDemby Robert, laborer, s Liberty st 
Dempsey Peter, laborer, Strawberry alley near 

Fleet st 
Dempsey Michael, liquor store, cor of Pratt and 

Frederick sts 
Demster James, fisherman, Cross st e of William 
Demuth John, keeper of penitentiary, York road 
Dennis Frederick, ship carpenter, s end Ann st 

near Thames 
Dennis James W. 71 Saratoga st 
Dennis Wm. cooper, Rock st near Lexington 
Dennis Benj. paperhanger, Rock st near Lexingt. 
tOennis Peter, laborer. Spring st near Pratt 
Denison John, plaisterer, Orleans st near Eden 
Denison Conain & Go. patent floor cloth manu- 
facturers, s High st 
Denison Edward, Bait, st w of Cove 
Denraead mrs 43 n Exeter st 
Denmead Adam, house carpenter, 24 Constitu- 
tion st 
Denno Peter, grocer & liquor store, Eataw st 

■ of Gist's factory 
Denny Wm. ship joiner .Market st near Wilk F.P 






Denny Thomas, merchant tailor, Barre at w of 

Denny &, Randall, auctioneers and general com. 

merchants, 5 e Water st 
Denny Thomas, mer. dw Barre w of Charles st 
Denny VVm. ship joiner, Spear's wharf 
Depository of the Maryland Sunday School Union 

s Calvert st cor of Lovely lane, J. W. Til- 
yard, agent 
Deppish John C. printer, Lasserman's alley near 

French st 
tDernal Mary, Dutch alley 
De Ronceray Charles, professor of music, 94 s 

Derry mrs Rosey, Holliday st n of Bath 
t Derry Samuel, hackdriver, Ensor st. 
De Shain, carpenter, dw Franklin st 
Despada Charles, hardware merchant, n Sharp st 
Despeaux Anthony, ship carpenter, 3 Block st 
Dexpeaux Alexander, ship carpenter, 1 Block st 
Despaux Joseph D. tailor, 33 Philpot st 
Dettmar Henry, hatter, Lovely lane 
Detto Charles, boat builder,Caroline near Wilk st 
Detton mrs Ellen, grocer, cor Barre and Charles 
Detz Andr. carpenter. Monument st near Hiilen 
Devalin Hugh, smith in general, 80 Harrison st 

dw. Constitution st near Beuren 
Devalin Henry, carpenter, Lerew's alley near 

Richmond st 
Devalin Hugh, smith & machinist, 79 Harrison st 
Devens James, fancy goods in Bazaar, dw. 43 

Pitt st 
DevetermrsMary A. corNew Church & Sharp sts 
Devinney mrs. Jane, Forest st near Penitentiary 
t Deviter Benj. shoemaker, w Pratt st w of Green 
De Volt Christian, laborer. Fort road 
Dew mrs. Jane, Aisquith st w side n of Orleans 
f Deward Henry, shoemaker. Peace alley 
tDeward Michiel, blacksmith,Beard st 
Dewees Andrew &. (/o. grocers, 3 M'Elderry's 

wharf, dw. Pratt st 
Dewees & Rider, oyster cellar, cor Paca and 

Franklin sts 
Dey Samuel F. city watchman, Hawk st 

De Young Michel, comb, jewellery and fancy 

store, 198 Baltimore st 
Diamond Andrew, weaver, Pierce st 
Diamond James, cooper, w Wolf st 
Dickehut Henry F. botanist, dw ne cor Freder- 
ick and Baltimore sts 
Dickehut mrs Hannah, confectioner, ne cor of 

Baltimore and Frederick sts 
Dickel mrs. Catherine, cakeahop, Biddle alley 
Dickerson mrs Lucretia, near city spring 
Dickerson Nathan, laborer, Montgomery st 
t Dickerson Daniel, laborer, Charles st near Hill 
t Dickerson James, stevadore, Hughes st 
tDickerson Richard, laborer, Douglass st 
fDickerson Minta, Strawberry alley 
tDickerson William, stevadore. Spring st 
tDickerson Hager, 33 Bank st 
Dickey George S. grocer and com. mer. cor Han- 
over and Pratt st. dw 87 Sharp st 
Dickey Micheel S. dry goods merchant, 177i Bal- 
timore st 
Dickey Patrick, domestic manufacturer,Prestonst 
Dickinson Wm. public appraiser, 43 s Gay st 
Dickinson Joseph, carpenter, Lunn's lane 
Dickinson Joshua, grocer, cor Charles & Lee sts 
Dickinson Capt. David B. ne cor Water & Exe- 
ter sts 
Dickinson Priscilla, 40 h Exeter st 
Dickinson Samuel, baker, Mott st w side 
Dickinson James, carter, n Gay st 
Dickinson Wra. Reedmaker, Saratoga st w Pine 
t Dickinson James, laborer, n Gay st near Mott 
tDickinson Perry, scowman, Short st 
Dicks Isaac, cotton spinner, Lanvale factory, w 

side Belvidere bridge 
Dickson Eliza, widow, cor Alice Anna & Ann sts 
Dickson Wm. weaver, Richmond st near Tyson 
Dickson John, seaman, Centre lane 
Didier Doctor Franklin, druggist, 63 C. Market 

Space, dw. E Water st 
Didier Edmund, merchant, Calvert st 2d door s 
of Lexington, dw Calvert st NofLexington 
Didier Henry, (firm of D. Arey &- Didier) dw 

Monument st 
Dieter Mrs. Mary Ana F. Favr n st near High 





Dieter A. carpeiiter,Forest st near Gay 
Diffendall John, stone cutter, 20 Constitution st 
Diffendertfer, Peter, cor Baltimore and Frederick 
DiSenderffer John A. hardware merchant, 23i 

Baltimore st 
Diffenderffer, mrs F. JNI. raantuamaker, 19 Mer- 
cer st 
Diffenderffer John, grocer and iron-monger, cor 

Pratt st and McElderrv's wharf 
Diffenderffer Doctor Michael N. Aisquith st near 

Diffenderfer, Dr. Michael, s e cor High & Plow- 

Diffenderfer Charles, grocery, Sc hardware mer. 
5 Baltimore st. d\v cor. Baltimore and 
Temple st 
Diffenderfer mrs S. M. s Gay near Second st 
Diffey Owen, machine maker, Ensor st 
Diffey Victor, blacksmith, Ensor st 
Diggs James, ship carpenter, Ann near Wilk st 
DiggsE. shoemaker, 62 Front st 
Diggs Richard H. ship joiner, 3 Block st 
tDiggs George, whitewasher, s Eutaw st near 

Camden st 
tDiggs Will, drayman, Cove st near Baltimore st 
tDiggs Wm. drayman. Cove st s of German 
Dile Christian, baker, 92 Ensor st 
Dill Edward W druggist, glass, oils and paints, 

105 w Pratt st 
Dillehunt John, tanner, w Lexington st 
Dillehunt Jolin, laborer, Ross st 
Dillingham Charles, tavern keeper, 15 Fish Mar- 
ket space 
Dillon mrs Ann, 2 Wolf st 
Dillow R. horse doctor, Penn av hear Union st 
Dilworth John, laborer, w Falls av near Pratt 
Dimmoch C. 13 Barnet st 
Dimmott Joshua, accountant, Guilford alley 
Dinsmore Patrick, grocer, 110 n Howard st 
Dinsmore fee Kyle, grocers, 2 Pratt st wharf, dw 

of A. D. 62 Hanover st 
Dinsmore Thomas, bricklayer, 106 French st 
Disney James, keeper iMaryland penitentiary, 

Forest Et near Monument 
Disney Wesley, comb maker, 130 Sharp el 

Disney John W. painter, cor Centr* lane & Con- 
way st 

Disney mrs Mary, SO Conway st 

Dispensary Ballmiore Genera!, 10 Holliday et 

Dispensary Baltimore Eastern, e Baltimore st 
near Harford run 

tDistance Wm. seaman, Pitt st 

Ditter mrs. Caroline, tailoress, Maiden lane 

Diven Elias, miller, 27 New Church st 

Diven Edward R. carpenter, New Church st 

Diven Edward, 27 iNew Church st 

Diven Edward, milkman, Gallows Hill 

Dixon Wm. 69 Howard st 

Dixon miss Lydia, 3l German st 

Dixon James, com. merchant, 20 Light st wharf, 
dw SS Sharp st 

Dixon Isaac, carpenter, Hanover st between Pratt 
and Lombard, dw 37 Gamden st 

Dixon Si Kemp, house carpenters, 47 Hanover st 

Dixon mr pedler, 28 Lombard st 

Dixon John, weaver, Richmond st near Tyion 

Dixon Wm. trader, Preston st 

fDixon Perry, steamboat man, Short et 

tDixon Daniel, sawyer, Peace alley 

tDixon Frances, Hillen st near Forest 

tDixon Harriet, Sterling st 

Dobbin George, attorney at law, n Charles st near 

Dobbin mrs Catherine, 32 e Baltimore st 

Dobbin Jesse, fireman in steamboat Columbus 15 
Potter st 

Dobbin Wm. carpenter, Lee st n side, w of Li|ht 

tDobbin Richard, draymnn, Spring st near e Bal- 
timore st 

Dobler John M. 195 French st 

Dobson John, painter, 91 n Fleet st 

tDockens Jerry, Chappel alley 

Doctara mrs Frances, fancy dress maker, 49 Bal- 
timore st 

Dodd Geo. gardiner, Holland st near Aisquith 

Dodd Abram, shoemaker, East st near French 

Dode Peter, merchant tailor, 28 w Pratt st 

Dodge William, oil and colour store, 65 s Calvert 

Dohme John, shoemaker, n Sharp st 

Dolphin Francis, victualler, Pine it near Fayette 

POL to- 

jDolton Robert, fruit store, 44 n Frederick st 
Donadieu Peter, slioeinaker, 3 Baltinnore st 
Donaldson Jacob P. mast and spar maker, Ann 

near Fleet st 
Donaldson W(n. T. mast and spar maker, Ann 

near Fleet st 
Donaldson mrs Priscilla. 18 Caroline st 
Donaldson Sidnor, ship joiner, Spring st near e 

Donaldson Aaron, fisherman, Siillhouse st near 

Water st 
Donaldson Samuel J. atlorney at law, Lexington 

near St. Paul's st 
Donaldson Doctor Win. IS Lexinston st 
Donaldson John J. attorney, 18 Second st near 

Donaldson mrs Priscilla, seamstress Franklin st 
Donaldson William, weaver, Pierce st near Cove 
Done John, baker, Fell st 
Donnell John, James & William merchants, sw 

cor Gay and Water sts. dw Water near 

South st 
Donnelly mrs Susan, seamstress, 13 Caroline st 
Donnelly John, weaver, Whiisworth row, betw. 

Cove and Rock 
Donnell James, seaman, 65 Fleet st 
Donnelly John, house carpenter, Constitution st 

near French 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, Lexington st near 

Pearl st 
Donnelly James, weaver, Union st near Ross 
Donnelly Thomas, laborer, 1 door from se cor 

Front & llillen sts 
Donnelly John, laborer, Addison st near High 
Donnelly Hugh, laborer, French st opposite 

Potter st 
Donnelly mrs Elizabeth, Liberty alley 
D innon George, weaver, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Donohuc H. weaver, cor. Cove &, Sarah Ann sts 
Donohue Ellen, Sugar alley 
Donohue Richard, tailor, Orleans st near Aisquith 
Donohue John, drayman, Bishop's alley near Pre- 
sident st 
Donohue James, ship joiner, Fleet st near Wash- 
ington st 




Donohue Barney drayman s Gharles st s end 
Donovan Richard, innkeeper, opposite Lexing- 
ton market 
Donovan Albert H. carter, Strawberry alley 

in rear of Pitt st 
Donovan Carval, house carpenter, East st near 

Hillen st 
Donovan Valent, carpenter, se cor Hillen and 

East sts 
Donovan Albert, carpenter, East ft k of Douglass 
Donovan Joseph S. vauxhall hotel, Light st s of 

Donsee S. D. boot and shoemaker, 3 s Sharp st 
tDoor Ruth, Sterling st 
Dorgen John, ship carpenter, Philpot st 
Dorman William, hatter, Bond near Shakspeare 
Dorman mrs Susan, tailoress, Low st near Ais- 
quith st 
Dorman & Ames, grocers and com. merchants, 

73 s Calvert st 
Dorman James, (firm of Dormant Fowler,) dw 

3 Frederick st 
Dorman Thomas, boot and shoemaker, e Balti- 
more st on the bridge 
Dorman Win. boarding house, 15 JMcElderry's 

Dorn F. W. com. mer. dw n Exeter st 
Doniey Barthol. grocer,41 Franklin st w ofEutaw 
JDorrell Richard, laborer, Eager alley 
jDorren Horace, laborer, Jefierson st near the run 
jDorrcu Wash, carter, n Exeter st near Hillen st 
Dorritee William, house painter, 93 Pitt st 
Dorron mrs Mary, n Guy near Molt 
Dorrus John, laborer. Monument st 
Dorry Jesse, shoemaker, n end Wolf st 
Dorsey John E. 26 Light st 
Dorsey Ezekiel, ship chandler and grocer, cor 

Thames and Bond sis dw 8 Thames st 
Dorsey George, miller, Beuren st e side 
Dorsey Alfred, blacksmith, n Howard near Bid- 
die st 
Dorsey John H. clerk city commissioners,George 
st betw Pine &, Pearl 

Dorsey laborer, Saratoga st near Pearl 

Dorsey Benjamin H. clerk Fayette st near Cove 





Dorsey Thomas s Paca st 

Dorsey nirs Ann, n Paca st 

Dorsey mrs lleurietta, n Paca st near Mulberry 

fDorsey Charles, laborer, Long alley 

Dorsey Wm. merchant. Mulberry st near Paca 

Dorsey Henry K. cabinet maker, Wagon alley 

Dorsey Joshua, n\v cor Liberty and Fayette sts 

Dorsey Richard, merchant, exchange "building, 

d\v Saratoga st opposite Liberty 
Dorsey Samuel VV. attorney ai la\v,7 Courtland st 
Dorsey Charles S. W. attorney at law, Athe- 
na? um 
Dorsey & Fitzpatrick, grain and flour merchants, 

22 Ligtit st wharf 
Dorsey mrs Elizabeth, fancy store, 43 w Pratt st 
Dorsey John, tavern keeper, cor Ruxton and 

Light sts 
tDorsey Henry, laborer,ChappeI al near Park st 
iDorsey Perry, Guilford alley near Charles st 
tDorsey Susan, Sharp st near Barre 
tDorsey Abrain, porter, 4 German lane 
[.Dorsey Cresy, German lane 
tDorsey Henry, grocery and feed store, Camden 

tDorsey Moses, laborer, Peace alley 
tDorsey Mary, cook, Busy alley 
fDorsey Nathan, laborer, Sugar alley 
JDorsey Henry, blacksmith West st 
JDorsey,Lucinda, Addison et near High 
tDorsey Elizabeth, Ensor st 
tDorsey Thos. nursery man, Covest. near Frank- 
lin st 
IDorsey Harry, laborer, German st w of Green 
tDorsey Minty, Saratoga si w Green 
Dosh mrs Rebecca, 41 s Charles st 
tDosou Joseph, hair dresser, Pratt st bridge 
Doster John, tailor, Hampstead st near Spring 
Dougherty Thomas, bricklayer, Bank st near Ar- 

gyie alley 
Dougherty Hugh, house carpenter. Bank st near 

Argyle alley 
Douglierty Richard, Burben lane near Camden st 
Dougherty James, stone cutter, Camden st near 

Light st wharf 
Dougherty Joshua, bricklayer, Ensor st nearMott 

Dougherty Neal. grocer, 45 Union st near Rosa 
Dougherty James, grocer, 2 Ross sf 
Doughty Epenetes, baker' 98 n Liberty st 
fDoughty Russell, seaman, (i5 w end VVolfst 
tDouging Nicholas, drayman, Bell alley 

Douglass R. H. & Co. merchants 50 s Gay st 

Douglass Thomas, Bottle alley 

Douglass Wm. grocery and feed store, w Pratt st 

near Eutaw 
Douglass Maria, Pleasant st 
Douglass mrs R. H, Saratoga st w of Charles 
Douglass Wm. watchman, Conway st w of Sharp 
Douglass Peter, oak cooper, 58 Harrison st 
Douglass Doctor, 8 Hanover st 
tDouglass Samuel laborer. Pine st near Fayette 
Dover Christopher, shoemaker Sugar alley near 

s Charles st 
Dovvie Wm. miller, Lanvale cotton factory, vv of 

Belvidere bridge 
Dovvlan John, laborer, Penn av near city limits 
tDowlan Isaac, drayman, York av 
Dowling mrs Mary, 70 s High st 
Dowling Wm. Stewart of Baltimore hospital 
Dowling Edward, innkeeper, 38 Wilk st 
Dowling Edward, carpenter, n Eutaw st 
Dowling Wm. grocery and dry goods store, se cor 

Wilk and Spring sts 
tDowling B. C. boot black, 38 n Gay st 
Downes James, shoemaker, 20 Newst 
Downey Risden, chair maker, n Exeter, near 

French st 
Downey Edwin, carpenter, Orleans st near run 
Downey Wm. B. hack driver, St Mary's st near 

Ross st 
fDowney Viney, Douglass st 
Downing Nathaniel, bricklayer, Fayette st w of 

Pine st 
Downing Howell, carpenter, 9 w Lexington st 
Downs Win. pilot, 61 Ann st near Wolf 
Downs Robert S. bailiff, Hartf;)rd st near Barre 
Downs Stewart, draper, 54 n Howard st 
Downs Stewart, tailor, Franklin st extended 
Downs Isaiah, comb maker, Pierce st near Pine 
Doxey Josiah, Pilot 77 Alice Anna st 
Do.\ey mrs Eliza, 14 Caroline st 






Doxhar Peter, potter, 14 Thompson st 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, Ann near Gough st 

Dojie inrs Mary, Caroline st near Fleet 

Doyle James, soap & candle factory, 55 Pearl st 

Doyle James, tallow cliandler, 55 Pearl st 

tDoyle Richard, laborer. Eager alley, 

Drake AVm. grocer, cor AVilliam & Cross sts 

Drake Matthew, hardware store,cor Lombard and 

Light sts 
Drane John, broom maker, 18 Temple st 
Draper Garrison, tobacco & snuff manufactory 

Forest n of Hillen st 
Draper Alexander, laborer, n end Wolf st 
Drew mrs Mary H. 10 Maiden lane 
Droglar Frederick, blacksmith Baltimore st w of 

Drohen Thomas, shoemaker, 14 New Church st 
Drum John, grocer.cor Alice Anna st & Apple al. 
tDrummer Evan, laborer, Hill st near Sharp 
tDrummon Rosetta, Mulberry st near Pearl 
tDrummon Lari, 3 Cheapside 
Drummond Perry, centre hotel, 68 s Calvert st 
Drury Wm. tinware manufacturerj243 Baltimore 

St. dw 64 Fayette st 
Dryden Isaac, house and sign painter, 16 Light st. 

dw 106 w Pratt st 
Dryden mrs 71 Wagon alley 
Dryden Samuel, ladies' shoemaker, cor Liberty 

and Baltimore sts 
Dryden Joshua, draper and tailor, 5 s Sharp st 
Dryden John IL piano maker, Maiden lane 
Dubernard Wm. tailor and scourer, Pratt st w of 

Charles st 
Dublin Charlotte, Bishop's allej' near Stiles st 
Ducatel Ed. & Sons, chemists and druggists, 

26 Baltimore st 
Duchman mrs Margaret, 72 Camden st 
Ducket Henrietta, Bond st near Shakspeare st 
Duddell James, cabinet maker 44 Penn av 
Dudley John L. at Observatory, dw Montgomery 
Duer John, cashier of farmers' and merchants' 

bank, Calvert st N of Baltimore 
Duff mrs Elizabeth, svv cor e Baltimore and Eden 
Duff George, huckster. Necessity alley 
Duff mrs Mary, weaver, Preston st near Penn av. 

JDuff Joseph, shoemaker Pearl st near Saratoga 

tDuff Basil, laborer, East st 

Duffy John, weaver, Biddle alley near Ross st 

Dugan mrs Fann}', 6 New st 

Dugan Frederick, I. attorney at law, w Fayette 

st E of St. Paul's st 
Dugan Stephen, 62 w Pratt st 
Dugan Hammond, patent cordage, 66 South st 

Dugan Cumber!and,Water st next to the exchange 
Dugent Francis, trader & stock maker 30 n High 
Duhurst mrs Greenbury, 'S3 rsrGay st 
Duke James, grocery and liquor store, cor e How- 
ard and Camden sts 
Dukehart John, carpenter, Fayette st near Cal- 
Dukehart Valerius, brush, wood ware and variety 

store, 141 i 13altimore st 
Dukehart Henry, furniture store, 58 Baltimore st. 

dw 5 Front 
Dulces James, city watchman, Henrietta st near 

8 Charles 
Dulany Grafton L. attorney at law, 7 Lexington 

St. dw Courtland st n of Franklin 
Duley John, hatter, 7 s Low 
Duley John, Welcome alley 
Dulin Doctor Alexander F. 20 w Fayette st 
Dull mr James, blacksmith, cor of Lee and Light 

sts. dw Charles st 
Dull James, blacksmith, dw cor Lee and Sharp 

sts shop cor Light & Lee 
Dumford miss Julia, seamstress. Spring st near 

Wiik st 
Dunbar George T. cashier of commercial and 

farmers' bank^ dw 105 Howard st 
Dunbar Charles, drayman, Chamberlain alley 
Dunbar Nicholas^ teacher 10 s Low st 
fDunbar Charles, drayman. Chamberlain al 
Duncan Rev. John M. pastor of associated reform- 
ed church, dw Calvert stn of Lexington 
Duncan Christian, Mulberry st near college alley 
Duncan Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 5 South st 
Duncan James, laborer, Concord st near Pratt 
Duncan James, carpenter,Barrest between Sharp 
and Hanover 





Duncan mrs Sarah, seamstress, Long alley 
JDiiiican Kilt)-, Spring s-t near Gougli 
DiMulor Henry, shoemaker, Gough st near Eden 
Dmigan F. D. wholesale shoe and hat sto;e, ne 

cor Baltimore and Liberty sts 
Duncan \Ym. constable cor Calvert and Bath sts 
Dungan Win. shoe store, cor Baltimore and 

AlcClellan's sts 

Dungan , cooper. Commerce st 

Dungan F. D. & Co. wholesale shoe dealers, 242 

cor Baltimore & Liberty sts, dw. 59 Pearl 

st near Lexington 
Dungan Stevenson, cooper, Stiles st near Exeter, 

shop Comme'*ce st 
Dungan Thomas, upholsterer, 48 Potter st 
Dunham James, boarding house, 24 Thames 

st F. P. 
Dunham Jacob, ship carpenter, cor Wilk st and 

Star alley 
Dunker Harman, seaman, lower end Ann st 
Dunkin Levin, ship builder, 33 Fell st 
Dunlap mrs Sarah, seamstress, Park sts of Sarato. 
Dunievy Thomas C. grocer, and livery stable, 8 

Fish Market space 
Dunn John, weaver, Franklin si extended 
Dunn mrs Lee st near Charles 
Dunn Francis, market man, Lee st near Charles 
Dunn John, tailor, 47 n Liberty st. dw 23 New 

Churcii st 
J^unn Di-. A. 52 n Frederick st 
Dunn mrs Catherine, tavern keeper, 58 s Calvert 
Dunn mrs Jane, cor Fianklin & Cove sts 
Dunn John, laborer, Monument near Constitu- 
tion st 
Dunn Miclippl, wheelwright 60 n High st 
Djinn Alexander, laborer, West st near Light 
fiJunn Isabella, oysterwoman, Honey alley 
JJunnagan VV'm. carter, county wharf 
Dunnahugh Thomas, silver plater, 6 Block st 
Duunavan mrs. Mary, 1 Bnuren st, 
Dunnigan Patrick, carter, Lancaster st 
Dunning Samuel, victualler, Aisquilh st N of 

Dunsmorc Samuel, carter, Pierce st near Cove 
Dunsniore mrs Mary, 42 n Sharp st 

fDunfcon Matthew, n Siiarp st 

+Du{)hins Phoebe, Broad alley 

Durand B shoemaker, 4 e Pratt st 

Duiborow Jfjhn, attorney at law, Fayette st near 
St. Paul's lane, dw N Green st near Frank- 
lin st 

Durding John, plowmaker, e Pratt st near Hart- 
ford run 

Durham Win miller, Union alley near n Edeost 

Durham Lloyd, grocer, sw cor Eutaw and Cam- 
den sts 

Durham John, cooper, cor Green and Light sts 
(l\v 157 Baltimore st 

During John, shoemaker, st. Marv st 

Durkee Doctor, 9 s Gay st. dw Albemarle st s of 
Water st. 

Durkee Ste{)hen S. K. cabinet maker, 82 Har- 
rison st 

Durnii.g James, carpenter, 76 East st 

Durocher A. H. concert hall, s Charles st 

Durst John F. cotton wadding maker, 175 Hano- 
ver st 

Dusberry Elizabeth, 27 Albermarle st 

Dusberry Jacob, laborer, Biddle alley 

Dushane Joiin, carpenter, Saratoga st vv of Pine 

Dushane Cornelius, bricklayer, sw cor Sharp st 
& Peace alley 

Dushane Valent. carpenter, Franklin st e of Paca . 

Dushane Johnxarpenler, cor Lombard and Sharp 
sts. dw 64 Sharp st 

Dushane Cornelius, bricklayer, sw cor Sharp st 
and Peace alley 

Dutro & Carson, dry goods merchants, 34 n How 
ard !-t 

Dutton Robert, cabinet maker. 98 Bond st 

Dutlon John, bricklayer, 6 e Prali st 

Duval! mrs. Rebecca, Green st 3 do(jrs from cor 
of Lombard 

Duvall Nathan F. cordwainer, Holland near Hart- 
ford st 

Duvall John H. merchant, dw 63 s Sharp st 

Duvier Sarah, 143 French st 

Dwirtliy Henry, clerk, seminary lane 

Dye mrs. Mary, boarding house, 44 market st 

Dyer Joseph, butcher, York avenue 




Dyer Wm. grocer, cor Orleans st and Harford 

tDyer Mary, Eden st. near Gough 
Dykes John, teacher, Park st near Baltimore 
Dykes Win. clerk, Park st near Baltimore 
Dykes James S. w Baltimore st 

Each US Joseph, porter, Bottle alley, w of 

Sharp st 
Eagle Wn\. ship joiner, 3 Block st 
Eagleston Benjamin, carpenter. Mulberry stnear 

Eagleston, Joseph, carpenter, Mulberry st s side 

near Pine 
Ealer Lewis, gun smith, 2 Market st. F. P. 
Ealer John, Watch maker, Bond near Bank st 
Ealer Peter, chemist and druggist, cor Market and 

Lancaster sts 
Eareckson William, ship carpenter, Stiles st near 

Gough st 
Eareckson & Page, ship joiners, foot of Mill's 

Earekson F, ship joiner, 33 Albemarle st 
Earekson Thomas, carpenter 17 Pitt st 
Earl Jesse C. surgeons' instruments, and truss 

manufacturer, Lombard st near Howard 
Earnest George, sen. & Wesley Cowles, china 

ware merchants, 25 and 29 s Calvert st. dw 

G. Earnest, 9 VVaterloorow, dvv W. C. cor 

Franklin and Park sts 
Easter VVm. 52 Pitt st 
Easter H. & Co. 47 Pitt st 
Euster John, dry good store 26 Centre Market 

vSpace dw se cor Granby &. High sts 
Easter William', dry goods merchant, 52 Pitt st 
tEaster Abram, laborer, Orleans st near the run 
tEasley Thomas, laborer, w side Wolfst 
Eastman Samuel, seaman 1(J Bond 6t 
Eastman Jonathan S. agricultural implement 

manufactory, seed store, &c, 36 w Pratt 

dw Barre st between Hanover and Sharp 
Easton mrs Nicholas W. e Water st 
Ebbins John, collector, Light st wharf, dw cor 

Light st & Fort road 
Ebbs E. S. teacher, Conway st e of Howard st 

EGL _61 

Ebbsworth mrs Maria, brass founder and fender 

manufacturer, 84 Baltimore st 
Ebeirvan Wm. baker, 61 w Fayette st 
Eberhar Conrad, beer & oyster house, Hooka 

town road 
Eccles John W. ship joiner, county wharf 
Eccleston mrs L. Pinkney st near Caroline 
Eccleston Rev. Samuel, president of St Mary's 

Eccleston James, Vine alley w of Pine st 
Eckel mrs Mary, Elxeter st near Hillen n side 
Eckels Hugh, weaver, Franklin st extended 
Eden mrs Jane, seamstrees. Light st n of West 
Eden Alexander, victualler, nw cor Light and 

West sts 
Edes mrs Mary Ann, 41 Harrison st 
Edes rars Sarah T. teacher, Richmond st s of 

tEdex Jarrett, hack driver, Barre st 
Edie Wm. baker, 91 Smith's wharf 
tEdicks Jerry, Howard st near Lee 
Edman Richard, sawyer, 4 Block st 
Edmondson Moses, waterman, s Charles st near 

Henrietta st 
Edmondson Thomas B. constable s Charles st 

near Henrietta 
Edmonson Thomas, Franklin st w of Charles st 
Edrington Doctor Edmond G. 18 Fayette st 
Edwards James, w Mulberry stnearEutaw 
Edwards Nich. seaman, Bond near Shakspeare st 
Edwards Robt, carpenter, Orleans st near Young 
Edwards Joseph, brass founder, Tyson's alley 
tEdwards John, sawyer, Pierce st 
fEffort Harry, brick maker, Bottle alley near How- 
ard st 
Egan A. & D. cabinet makers, 89 w Pratt st 
Egan mrs Ann, grocery and liquor store, 5 Mer 

cer st 
Eger Robert, s Charles st 
Egerton J. B. lottery and exchange ofSce, cor 

South and Water sts 
Egerton C. C. merchant, dw 34 e Baltimore st 
Eggstine Geo. paver, Saratoga st near Pine 
Eglin rars Mary, Wolfst 




Egnevv Wra. sexton of e Potter's Field, Bath 

near Bond st 
Elilen John, sugar refiner, n Paca near New st 
Ehlero Lewis, siioemaker. 47 n Gay st near High 
Khicrs Lewis, boot and shoemaker, 99 Hanover st 
Ehram John, carpenter.w Saratoga st near Eutaw 
Ehrehart Jacob, carpenter, West st bet. s Charles 

and Light st 
Eichelberg-ermrs Mary, w Camden st near Paca 
"Lichelberger George S. justice of Peace, Fish 

Market space, dw 15 Pitt st 
Eichelberger mrs Ehzabeth, George st near Pine 
Eicbelberger, nirs Mary, Camden st w of Eutaw 
Eichelberger J. F. & J. S. tobacco manufactory, 

73 N Howard st 
Eichelberger Lewis, attorney at law,8 Athenaeum 
Eichelberger Wm. clerk at Baltimore Gazette, dw 

Lexington st near Charles st 
Eichelberger Martin, weigh master, 24 Hanover st 
Eisenbrant C. H. musical instrument maker, 54 

Baltimore st 
Eisler John, sw cor Pitt & Potter sts 
Eibert Dr. Lodman, 58 Market st F. P. 
tEibert Lydia, seamstress, Sugar alley 
Elder S. & T. ship chnndlers, grocers & biscuit 
bakers, 81 &9 Smith's wharf, dw ne cor 
Granby &- Exeter sts 
Elder Herman, cooper, n Exe ter, bet. Hillen & 

Gay st 
Eider B. S. & Son, grocers and com. merchants, 
8 N Howard st, dw B. S. Fayette st w of 
Eutaw st, dw of F. M. 20 Lexington st, of- 
fice cor Pratt st near B. O. rail-road depot 
Elder & Boston, hat manufactory, 8 s Calvert st 
Elder x\llen, Franklin coffee-house, 4 s Calvert st 
Elder S. & J. grocers and biscuit bakers, 89 and 

91 Smith's wharf 
Elder mrs. Sarah, Franklin st near Pine 
tElder Wm. laborer, Orleans st near Caroline 
lEIder Hester, German st w of Green 
tElder Wm. laborer, Halfmoon alley 
Eiderkin Wm. G. n Gay st 
Elderkin Jolin, woollen factory, Hillen st 
Eleason Frick, furniture store, cor Howard stand 
Wagoa alley 


tEllen Sarah, Argyle alley near Wilk st 
EUender Frederick, plaisterer, Orleans st near 

Ellender, William, laborer, 16 Maiden lane 
Ellers mrs Margaret, Constitution st 
EUery Eppes, «old & silver smith, St spectacle 

maker, Fayette st w of Pine 
Eliason Abram, siioemaker, Montgomery stE of 

Ellicott Thomas, dw s Sharp st between German 

and Lombard sts 
Ellicott S. E H. & P. iron store and proprietors 
of Patuxent forge, ye cor Pratt and Light 
sts,dvv Pratt belw. Howard &. Sharp sts 
Ellicott Andrew, merchant, Sharp st near Cam- 
Ellicott Andrew, agent of Baltimore chemical 
manufacturing company, 5 Ellicott and 
Light sts 
Ellicott Evan T. & Co. manufacturers of boiler 
, iron, and proprietors of Patapsco rolling 
mills, 7 & 8 Ellicott st near Pratt st wharf 
Ellicott Elias 8i, Philip T. dealers in iron, nails, 
shovels.'spades and castings, cor Pratt and 
Light sts. Chead of the basin) dw in Pratt 
w of Sharp sts 
Ellicott Jonathan & Sons, flour merchants and 
proprietors of Patapsco flour mills, and 
manufacturers of pig iron and iron cast- 
ings, Patterson's wharf 
Elliott Benj. Jas. liriuor store, 69 McElderry's 

Elliott Thomas, tavern keeper, w Paca st near 

Elliott mrs Isabella, Park st n of Saratoga 
pjlliott Joseph E. seaman, e Saratoga st 
Elliott John, painter, 66 Smith's wharf, 
Elliott Henry, ship carpenter 86 e Pratt st 
Elliott John H. painter, Granby st near Har. run 
Elliott Nicholas, grocery & feed store e Water 

st near Harford run 
Elliott John, professor of music, Pitt st near East 
Elliott Wm. shoemaker, Orleans st near Short 
Elliott John, carpenter, MottstE side 
Elliott William, carter, n Gay st near Mott 





Ellis Wm. mahogany sawyer, Plowman st near 

Ellis mrs Mary, fancy store, 84 Ensor st 
Ellis Tliomas, collector, ne cdr Stiles and High sts 
Ellis John grocery St liquor store, Hooks town 

Ellis Henry, ffrocery and liquor store, Howard st 

near Conway 
Ellis Jesse, coach lamp maker, 5 German st 
Elmore William W. constable 71 Front st 
Ellmore James, victualler, 101 French st 
Eliott mrs Margaret, seamstress, Beuren st near 

Liberty alley 
Eliott James, meal man, Ensor st near Forest 
Eliott Josepii, carpenter, n Gay st near Aisquith 
Eliott James, drayman, Biddle st 
EHott George shoemaker Chat worth st 
Eliott Thomas, shoemaker, Amity st near Balti- 
+Ellott Samuel, laborer, w Baltimore st 
Eliott Hubbert, shoemaker, Henrietta st near 

s Charles st 
Ely Maylon, shoemaker, Har. avenue 
Ely John C. architect, 3 Caroline row.Carolinest 
Ely Jacob, baker, sw cor Spring st and Hamp- 

Emerick David, shoemaker, Penn. avenue betw. 

Hoffman & Preston sts 
tEmeryJChristiana, Pierce st 
Emich Nicholas, turner & spinning wheel maker 

w Baltimore st 
Emich John V. wholesale and retail tin factory, 

opposite George Way ne's inn, Baltimore st 
Emmart Michasl, carpenter, n Gay near Mott 
Emmart mrs Hannah, N Gay near Mott st 
Emmart Joseph, oyster house, cor Green and 

Market sts 
Emmerson mrs Susan, milliner,6 Albemarle st 
Emmit Abraham, carpenter, Star alley 
Emmit John, carpenter, 11 New Church st 
Emory Tho. L. attorney at law, 4S St. Paul's st 
Emory Gideon, teller in bank of Baltimore, dw 

Franklin st e of Howard 
Emory &. Stevens, grocers and com. merchants, 

82 Bowly's wharf, dw of J. G. S. High st 

tEnels John, seaman, 24 Bank st 

Engel D niel, boot niaker, 5 Howard st 

Enalds Wm. sawyer, Spring st near Gongh 

Eney William, shoemaker Baltimore st w of Cove 

England Wm. seaman, 3 Wolf st 

Ennals John, justice of peace, 20 s Gay st office 

Hanover Market place 
Ennals mrs Margaret, boarding house, 20 Gay st 
Ennis mrs Elizabeth P. 17 All)eniarle st 
Ennis Mr. carpenter, 19 Commerce st 
Ennis Joseph, fireman in steamboat Geo Wash- 
ington, N Caroline st near Baltimore 
Ennis Win. H. carpenter, Wilk st near High 
Ennis Gregory, clerk, Sharp st N of Lee 
tEnnis Wm. German st bet. Cove & Pine sts 
tEnnis Benj. lumber wagoner. Little Hughes st 
tEnnis Benjamin, porter, Hughes st 
Ennis Gregory, grocer, sw cor Camden & Light 

sis wharf, dw 133 Sharp st 
Ensey Wm. grocer & liquor store, 115 w Pratt st 
Ensey &, Slingluff, grocers, 15 n Howard st 
Ensey Lot, firm of do. dw Lombard st near Eutaw 
Ensor Luke P. Wilk st near Hartford run 
Ensor Charles, rope maker. Bond near Gough st 
Ensor Abram, bricklayer, Potter st near Low 
Ensor John, Potter st" between, Gay & Hillen st 
Ensor William & Son, brickmakers. 78 Ensor st 
Ensor Abraham, brickmaker, Potter st near Low 
Ensor Wm. brickmaker, 78 Ensor st 
Entler Phil, carpenter, Walsh al. nearLexingt. st 
Entz John F. dry goods merchant, 35 Charles st 

dw 36 Light st 
Entz Andrew, carpenter, Park lane 
Erek Casper, Saratoga st near Cove 
Errald mrs Dorothy S. grocer, Pensylvania av. 

near Union st 
Erskine, Eichelberger & Co. wholesale grocers, 

sw cor Baltimore & Howard sts 
Erskine James P. dw 7 n Howard st 
tErskine, Dattiiey washer, Ruxton st 
Ervin Jacob, hatter. Green st e of Paca 
Erwin John, Long alley near Saratoga st 
Escaville mrs Sarah Alaria, boarding house, 20 s 

High st ^ ,. 

Eskins Edward, laborer, Wilk st near Caroline 





Espey John M. gardiner, Cove st 
Espey Wm. cooper, workshop lower end Fell st 
Essender James, shoemaker, 70i Lexington st 
Essender John, constable, 29 Lexington st 
Essex James, shoemaker, Sharp st 
Etchberger John, boat builder, Ann st near Lan- 
Etchberger mrs Charlotte, 18 Block st 
Etherington John, grocer, 72 Hanover st opposite 

Market ^^ 

Etser Andrew, shoemaker, Spring st near Bank 
Etting Solomon, w Baltimore st 
Etting B. G. com. merchant, 36 s Gay st dw vv 

Baltimore 3t 
Eubank miss Augusta mantuamaker, 53 Liberty st 
' Eulett John, carpenter, Ruxton st 
Evans Richard pilot, Alice Anna near Ann st 
Evans mrs ]Mary,sE cor Exeter st & Salisbury al 
Evans Isaac, grocery & liquor store, ne cor of 

rotter & Gay sts 
Evans B.W. proprietor of Lanvale cotton factory 
4 .Shroeder's row s Charles st. dw Lexin"-- 
ton st opposite court house '^ 

Evans Peter, shoemaker, Sarah Ann st 
Evans Rich. Lieut. R. cutter, lower end Fellst 
Evans mrs Mary, 9G Sharp st 
Evans & Freeman, Attorneys at law, 9 St. Pauls st 
Evans George, cabinet maker, 62 n Gay 
Evans mrs Esther, milliner, 4 w Baltimore st 
Evans W illiam, umbrella factory, 4 w Baltimore st 
J^vans mrs Barbara grocer, 56 Fleet st 
Evans Daniel, bricklayer, Eden st near Gougli 
^vans 1 homas, carpenter, 29 Barre st 
Evans Joseph, bootmaker, 116 Sharp st 
Evans Job, carpenter, n Paca st near New st 
Ji^vansl homas, carpenter, shop Pratt st w of 

Howard, dw 59 Sharp st 
Evans Elizabeth, Columbia inn, Montgomery st 
Evans David carpenter, Aisquith st near Mc 

Elderry s st 
Evans John, shoemaker. Sharp st near Hill 
±.vans George, shoemaker. Potter st near French 
TJ^vans Henrietta, washer, IJ4 Bond st 
TEvans James, porter, w Short st 
TEvans Thorn, sawyer, Guilford alley 

JEvans James, sawyer, Short st 

tEvans Lisbon, blacksmith, near the old circus 

tavern. Water st 
tEvans James, porter. Forest st near Douglass 
TEvans John, carter, Guilford alley 
Evatt John, lock and gunsmith, 3 Water st, head 

Evatt E & C. lock, gunsmith and hardware store 

35 Light St. 
Evely Ann, 15 French st 
Evener Monier, weaver. Mulberry st extended 
Everett Christopher, laborer, Columbia st 
Everett inrs Margaret, Wilk st near Elm 
Everett mrs Agnes, mantuamaker, Ruxton st 

near s Charles 
Everhart George, eoachmaker, 134 n Exeter st 
Everist Job, laborer, cor Happy alley &i, Gough st 
Everist Joseph, cooper. Fawn st near s High 
Everist Thomas, laborer. Fawn st near s High 
Evert Thomas, liquor store, 67 s Frederick st 
Ewalt mrs Catherine, Montgomery st w of Charles 
Ewards Wm. house carpenter, Granby st near 

Harford run 
Ewin James, Rigger 50 Alice Anna st 
Evvni mrs. Mary,Gl n Exeter st 
Ewin William butcher, Penn. avenve near Hoff- 
man st 
Ewin Rodger, butcher Pen. av. near Hoffman st 
Ewin & Heartie, mathematical instr. makers, 53 

South st 
Ewin Wm. mathematical instr. maker, 3 Com 

nierce st 
Ewing Samuel, ladies' shoe maker, 91 Pitt st 
i^Avnig Wm. shcemakcr, s Eutaw st 
Ewington Harry, teacher of mathematics,cor Bank 

st & Argyle al F. P. 
n^xchange Baltimore, Gay st extending from Se- 
cond st to Water 
Eytinge S. Pratt st, shop cor Sharp st 
Ey tings S. pawnbroker, 49 Pratt stnear Hanover 
t.xe John, tavern keeper, sw cor Gay & Exetersts 

FaGAN PETER, grocer and liquor store, cor 
Ulher i>t Charles sts 





Faherty mrs Mary, widow, Philpot st 

Fahne lock Pete», grocer and com. merch. 10 

Mglit St wliart' dw 84 w Piatl st 
Fairall Stephen, carpenter, Franklin row 
Fairbanks Joseph, ship carpenter, Lancaster st 

near Ann 
Fairbanks VVm. w Paca st near Pratt 
Fairbanks mrs Rebecca, 87 n fiiberty st 
Fairbanks James, ship car[)enler, Lancaster near 

Ann st 
Fairbanks James, shoemaker, 5 Pine st near 

F jyetie 
Fairchild'Wm. tailor,104 n Gay st 
tFairtitld Walter, musician, Holland st near the 

Har. run 
Faithfull VVn). bricklayer. Pierce st near Pine 
Faitlifu! Joseph, merch. tailor, 43 n Eutaw st 
Faitiil'il Wm. printer, Chatsworth st n ofBiddle 
Faithful mrs Margaret, midwife, Chatsworth st N 

of Biddle 
Faithful Henry, bricklayer, Chatsworth st n of 

Fallon John grocer & cotton yarn store cor Mon- 
ument st & York av 
Fallon Nicholas,luborer, w Baltimore st e of Cove 
Falls Alex. & Co grocers, 8 & 4 Light st wharf, 

dw A. Falls, 25 Camden st 
Fantom mrs Elizabeth 155 French st 
Fardwell mrs Leah, tailoress, Lee st w of Ha- 
Farinlioli Wm. merchant, 113 s Eloward st 
Farland John, sea capi. 37 Fleet st 
Fariow mrs Betsy, 34 Fleet st 
Fanner Philip, tin vvaie maimf. n sideLexington 

Farmers' &, merchants' bank, n Calvert st 
Farnandis Saiiiue , notary public, se cor of Gay 
St Water sis, (>{»posilc the custom house, 
dvv NE cor of Siiarp &t Camden sts 
Farnandis Walter, dry goods merchant, 141 Bal- 
timore st,dw Hanover bet. Pratt & Lombard 
Farnandis John, barber, 7 Bond st 
Farquharson Charles, collector, Saratoga st betw 

Gay and Holiday sts 
Farr Samuel, butcher, Forest st near Penitentiary 

Farrell John, grocer & Liquor store n e cor 

Beuren & Liberty sts 
Farrell mrs Eizabeth, Short alley near Conway st 
Farrenii Dew, innkeefier, 47 Bond st 
Farrin Eleanor, 68 Bond st 
Farrin mrs Eliza, dress maker, Baltimore st 2d 

door from Hi<;h st 
Farringer Jacob, shoe maker, Bank lane 
Farringer James, saddler, Ai.<qi)ithst near Low 
Karris John, carter, 50 Hariison st 
Farsdii John, cabinet maker, 6 Gay st 
tFatlier John, saw3er, Sarah Ann st 
Fausz mrs Harriet, teacher. Potter st near Gny 
Favier Anthony, tobacconist, Thames st near 

Market st F. P. 
Favier mrs. 8 Gay st 
Fawlar VVm. grocer on Light st wharf, d\yw Pratt 

st near Eutaw 
Fay John, carter, W^ebb's row near Ensorst 
Fay John, laborer, Gallows hill 
Fearson Jesse 71 s High st 
Feast John, botanic gardiner, Lexington et \v of 

Feather Henry, farmer.Lanvale cotton factory, w 

of Belvidere bridge 
Feathers John G. seaman, Thames st near Bond 
Feazier Jeremiah, sliip joiner, 67 Fleet st 
Feengan Henry, rigger, Shakespearst nearBond 
Fefei J. droveis inn, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Feil Henry, liquor store, 2 Light st wharf 
Feinour Charles, Lexington st s side w of Pine 
Feinour Dr. T. Lexington st s side w of Pine 
Felkly Wm. shoemaker. Bond st near Lancaster 
Fe I Philip, seaman, Ann st near Alice Anna 
Fell mrs Mary Ann, grocer, cor Charles and Lom- 
bard sts 
Fell Samuel, huckster, Harford avenue 
F< II Stephen, rope maker, Llarford avenue 
tFell Hannah, Pierce st 

Fellinger John, liquorshop. Patterson ft nearPratt 
Fenby Peter, grocer. Market Space, F. P. 
Fenby P. A. & S. feed store, 130 w Pratt st, dw 

125 s Market 
Fenby Sam. dry goods store 125 Bal limore st 


FEN to- 


Frnby Tliomas,dry goods merchant,57 n Gay st 
Ferguson Henry, tailor, Patterson's wharf 
Ferguson Benj. brush factory, G4 n Howard st 
Ferguson D. pattern maker, l>3 Sharp st 
Ferguson David B. justice of peace, Lexington 

st near Market 

Ferguson ,dw n Eutawst near Mulberry 

Ferguson Sam. dw w Saratoga st near Howard 
Ferguson Thomas, Calvert st opposite city spring 
Ferguson Ciiarles, collector, Saratoga st near Gay 
Ferguson John, laborer, Sharp st near Pratt 
Ferguson James, agent for Maryland and Vir- 

gmia steam boat company, lower end of 

Spear's wharf, dw 75 Sliarp st 
Ferguson Thomas, com. merch. 68 South st 
Ferguson mrs Elizabeth, 19 Potter st 
Ferguson mrs Ann, seamstress. Low st near Ais- 

quith st 
Ferguson John, laborer, cor Park lane & Amity at 
jFerguson Benjamin, porter, Hughes st 
tFerguson Robert, laborer, Hill st e of Charles 
Fernald Rich, sea capt. 3 Gough st 
Ferrell Joshua, sea capt. 29 e end Fleet st 
Ferrell Absalom, corn measurer, Low st near 

Belle Air Market 
Ferrell Peter, carter, n Front st near Hillen 
tFerrell Absalom, Low st near Aisquith 
Fey John B. grocer and produce merch. Forest 

st near Hillen 
Fickey Frederick, comb maker, Hartford st near 

E Baltimore 
Fidlar John, pedlar, w end Philpot st 
Fielding Daniel, laborer, Paca st n of Pratt 
Fields James, cooper, Granby st near Gough 
lields mrs Margaret, seamstress, Bond st near 

Fields Mitchel, sail maker, Pinkney st near Bond 
J lelds James, desliller, cor Centre & Holiday sts 
Fields Jarnes, grocery & flour store, se cor Pratt 

& iSpring sts 
Fields mrs xMary, tailoress, Howard st 
Fier Peter, upholsterer, 53 Marsh market space 
t illinger John, grocery & liquor store Sharp st 

near Hill 
Fimister Alex. 72 Sharp st 

Fimple John, brush maker, cor Pearl & Pierce sts 

t inch Wm. shoemaker 183 French st 

Fink binder Frederick, laborer, Hoffman st near 

Fincknaur Sc Cole, grocers, 102 n Howard st 
Fincknaur Henry, baker, 100 n Howard st 
tFindley Jacob, hackdriver, 55 Waggon alley 
Finegan John, weaver. Pierce st w of Cove 
Finlay Thomas, grocer and liquor store, corDutch 

alley & Park st 
Finlay Ebenezer L. attorney at law, Franklin st 
N ot Ciiarles, ofBce cor St. Paul and Fay- 
ette sts ^ 
Finlay J. M. Ploliday st s of Saratoga 
Finlay Wm. 5 New church st 
Finlay & Severson, coach and harness makers se 

cor Fayette and M'Clellan sts ' 

Finlay John & Co. furniture store, 32 n Gay et 
Finley Mosher k. Co. comm. merch. 29 Bowley's 

Finlay Rev. John, pastor 1st Baptist church, dw 

76 Sharp st 
Finley Thomas, shoemaker, 18 n Gay 
Finley Thomas, Hillen st near n High 
Finley William, shoemaker, Falls turnpike 
Finley Thomas (firm of do) dw Hillen st near 

Finn mrs Elizabeth, North st s of Bath 
Fire Insurance Agency, 18 Second st 
Firemen's Insurance Company, 25 Second st 
Firoved David, grocery & feed store cor Frank- 
lin and Chatsworth sts 
Firth Samuel, laborer. Constitution st 
Fish Allen, sea capt. Eden st near Gough 
Fish Baltimore inspection warehouse, sside of the 

basin, e of the powderhouse 
Fish Robert, tailor, lOIercer st 
Fish Robert jun. tailor, cor Water and Hollings- 

worth st 
Fishach mrs Catherine, 9G w Pratt st 
Fishach George, lottery and exchange office, 1 s 

Sharp St. dw 96 w Pratt st 
Fisher, Charles & Co. importers of German goodi 
3 N Howard st dw of Charle? Fisher vv 
Fayette st e of Howard 






Fisher Edwardj magistrate 74 Bond st 

Fisher Joseph, 63 French st 

Fislier Robert, merchant, dw St. Paul's st s of 

Fisher John A. boot maker, Aisquith st near 

Fisher Frederick, shoemaker, cor Cross & Wil- 
liam sts 
Fisher William A. plasterer, Charles st near York 
Fisher James, plasterer. Hill st near Hanover 
Fisher, William, rail road driver, w Pratt st w of 

Cove st 
Fisher Abram, trader, Franklin row near Cove st 
Fisher Joseph, stone quarrier, Falls turnpike 
Fisher R. 9 Potter st 
Fisher Rebecca, Sterling st 
Fisher Thomas, dyer, 6 Light st 
Fisher John, importer of hides and skins, Albe- 
marle st 
Fisher Cap. Geo, 9 Caroline row Caroline st 
Fisher James, shoemaker, Hampstead st near 

Fisher VVra. J. firm Tyson & Fisher, dw 84 

Sharp st 
Fisher Abraham, comb maker, Franklin st near 
Cove, and fancy dealer in Franklin Arcade 
Fisher Robert, Franklin st w of Park st 
Fisher James, merchant, dw St. Paul's st s of 

Mulberry st 
Fisher Doctor Wm, cor Saratoga and Sharp sts 
Fisher Frederick, tailor, 18 s Calvert st 
Fisher mrs Elizabeth A. tailoress, Comet st 
JFisher Tobias, Eager alley near Mulberry st 
tFisher Eliza, washer, 12G Bond st 
tFisher York, Greenwich st near Chatsworth 
tFisher Sarah, Chesnut lane 
tFisher Levin, laborer, Aisquith st near Jeffer- 
son st 
tFisher Edward, porter, n Sharp st 
Fisser Godfery, laborer. Liberty alley 
Fister John, carpenter, Chamberlain alley 
Fitch Joshua, comb maker, in rear of 53 Front st 
Fitch Jonathan, bacon merchant lower end Mc. 

Elderry's wharf dw 39 n Exeter st 
Fitch &, Brady, dry good merchants, 62 n Gay st 

Fitch capt, Daniel, 26 Alhemarle st 
Fite mrs Mary, grocery and liquor store, 8 Ger- 
man st 
Fite Conrad R. accountant in farmers' and mer- 
chants' bank, dw Sharp st n of Lombard 
Fitzgerald mrs Margaret, Stillhousest near Water 
Fitzgerald John, tobacconist, Stillhouse st near 

Water st 
Fitzgerald Wm. tobacconist, Stillhouse st near 

Water st 
Fitzgerald Michael H. tailor, 20 Eutaw st 
Fitzgerald mrs Mary, Park st n of Saratoga 
Fitzgerald & Chappell, chemists and druggists, 
170 Baltimore st. dw Franklin near Charles 
Fitzgerald John, rope maker, Light st n of Cross 
Fitzgerald James, rope maker, William st 
Fitzgibbon Maurice, cooper, 19 Camden st 
Fitzgibbon Thomas, clothing store, 7 Pratt st dw 

Exeter st 
Fitzhugh Geo. of bank of Maryland, 55 s High st 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, laborer, Elbow lane 
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth, cake shop, Sugar alley 
Fitzpatrick Wm. stone mason. Sugar alley near 

Light st 
Fitzpatrick John, hack driver, German st 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, gass factory, Addison st 
Fitzpatrick John M. livery stables 32 e Water st 
Fitzsimmons Edwd. laborer, Saratoga st e of Cove 
Flack James & Son, wholesale and retail liquor 
dealers, cor Guilford alley and South at. dw 
48 Fayette st w of Howard 
Flack Thomas distiller, e Water st 
Flaherty Morgan, laborer, 38 Alice Anna st 
Flaherty Brian, laborer, Bishop's al. near Stiles st 
Flaherty Mich, laborer, Bishop's al. near Stiles st 
Flaherty Thoni. laborer, Bishop's al. near Stiles si 
Flaherty Anth. laborer. Bishop's al. near Stiles st 
Flaherty Hugh, shoemaker, Castle alley 
JFlamnier John, porter, 74 n Howard st 
Flanagan Benjamin, ship carpenter, cor Fleet &. 

Wolf sts 
Flanagan Patrick, carter, 13 Potter st 
Fleetwood Benj. Rappahanock steamboat. Light 

st wharf 
Fleetwood mrs Susan, 38 n Gav st 





Fleetwood Stanley, clerk, 38 n Gay st 

Fleishell Joseph, stone cutter, Paca stir of Balti- 

Fleishely Jacob J. stone cutter, Biddle alley 

tFlemer Joe, laborer, Hill st 

tFlemer Nancy, washwoman, Bishop's alley near 
Stiltis st 

FJemmiiig Fred. A. drayman. Bishop's alley near 
Alerbmarle st 

Flemming James, shoemaker, Pitt st near East 

Flemming VV{n. stevadore, 98 Ann st ' 

Fletcher Samuel, blacksmith, Star alley 

Flint TlionKis&, Wm. & Co, dry goods mer- 
chants, l(J5i Baltimore st. dw ofWm. 114 
Eutaw st and Thomas Pcnn av 

tFlishler Antony, laborer,Biddle alley 

Flood Joiui, drayman, Preston st 

Floyd Thom. C. ship joiner, Albennarle st near 

Floyd Charles, Lerew's alley 

Floyd John, laborer, Gertnan lane 

Floyd David J. counting room, 23 e Water st. dw 
cor Lee and Charles sts. 

Focke Frederick, (firm of Brauns & Focke,) 5 
Fayette st 

Focke mrs Matty, Lexington st near Howard 

Fockes Abraham, carter, 22 Pratt st 

Fogleman George, city watchman, Hill st near 

Folach Anthony, sea capt. 43 Courtland st 

Foley Matthew W. grocer, St. Paul's n of Ham- 
ilton st 

Foley mrs Ann, tailoress, n Spring st near Balti- 

Folingsby A. G. com. mor. 61 Smith's wharf 

Folk Marlin, gardener, Penn. avenue 

Folkes Nicholas, hack driver, Dutch alley, w of 
Park st 

JFolks Henry, boot and shoe maker, Eager alley 

Follen VVm. carpenter, 1.'3 Gough st 

tFollow Edia, washer, Columl)ia si 

Fonce John, brickmaker, Scott's st 

Fonde John P. cor Lexington and Charles sts 

Fonda Mrs E. fancy dress maker, Charles st 

tFonderoy Henny, Fayette st 

Fonerdin Doctor John, nw cor Park & Fayette sts 

Fones John,brickmaker,Columbia st near Tyson's 

chemical works 
Foos' James, house carpenter. Low st near Ais- 

Foos mrs Hannah, 34 Low st 
Foos John, bricklayer, 35 Potter st 
Foos mrs Dorothy, Harford avenue 
Foos Jacob, laborer, A mislead lane 
Fool Basil, laborer, Hull's lane 
tFoot Rachel, wash woman, mechanic court in 

High st 
Foote Lewis H, bricklayer, Slillhouse st near 

Water st 
tFoote Rachel, Mechanics' st w of High 
tFoote Hesier, Asbury lane near Baltimore st 
Forl)e John, morrocco dresser, Hookstovvn road 
Forbe Alex, weaver, Preston st 
Forbes Samuel C. bricklayer, 33 n High st 
Forbes Edward, glass blower at glass house 
Force .Jacob, brickmaker, Welcome alley 
Ford Thom. currier, n Front st near Hillen 
Ford John, dry goods dealer, 2 Maryland Arcade 

dw SE cor Granby &, Exeter sts 
Ford Geo VV. bay trader, Charles st near Hen- 
Ford mrs Ann, fishwoman, Harford avenue 
Ford Hannah, washer, Mulberry st near Pearl 
Ford mrs Sarah, tailoress, Barre st w of Charles 
Ford John B. cooper, Moore's lane near Eutaw st 
Ford Frederick, blacksmith, cor Eutaw st and 

Bottle alley 
Ford Nicholas, carpenter, 43 Wagon alley 
Ford Benjamin, grocer, Lombard st E of Charles 
tFord Wm. shoemaker, Forest st 
tFord, Joseph T. wheelwright, Pratt st near Al- 

tFord Sampson, Pleasant al 
Foreman, Leonard, Granby st n^ar Gongh 
Foreman mrs. Polly, seamstress, St. Mary st 
Foreman Christian, butcher, cor of Fayette &, 

Fine sts 
Foreman Kennard, sail maker, Green st 





Foreman Valentine, fisherman, Chamberlain alley 
Foreman nirs Ann, grocer, cor Water and Fred- 
erick sts 
tForeman Mike, Bath st near Davis 
Forman Edward, grocer, se cor Caroline and 

Pratt sts 
Forman mrs Christine, n Eutaw st 
Forman Francis, (tirm of Keller & Forman) dw 

Eutaw st N of Lombard 
Forman Joseph R. agent ^' collector, Pitt st near 

Forney mrs Louisa, nw cor Fayette &. Green st£ 
Foiney Peter, 20 German st 
Forney Lsaac C. coach trimmer, Bottle allej'' 
Fornshill John, gun and locksmilh, 77 Elisor st 
Forrest George, seaman, Bank st near Argyle al 
Forrest mrs Alary, Guilford alley near Li<^ht st 
Forrest Leonard, blacksmith, Peace alley near 

Eutaw st 
Forrester mrs Market space near Pratt st 
Forrester John, blacksmith, Fleet st near Ann 
Forrester Wm carter, w Baltimore st w of Cove 
Forrester Raft, turner, Lerew's alley 
Forsyth Wm. drover, cor Ross and Eutaw sts 
Forsyth Alexander & Co. lottery and exchange 

office, 10 Harrison st 
Forsyth Robert, porter, w Falls av 
Forsythe Andr. carpenter, French st near Potter 
Forsythe Alex, drover, Hookstownroad 
Forsythe Alex, blacksmith, Franklin stw of Green 

dw Geo st near Pine 
Forsythe mrs Rachel, Penn. av near Pearl st 
Fort Wm. carpenter, 129 n Eutaw st 
Fort mrs Melinda, Long alley 
Fort Samuel, carpenter, Bottle alley 
Forty John, teacher, Potter st near Low 
tForty Henry, drayman, East st near Douglass 
tForty Sarah, w Fayette st 
|Forty Georgp. shoemaker, Dutch alley 
jp'orty Jacr)b, ParK st s of Saratoga 
Fosbender Daniel, blacksmith, Lee st n side w of 

Hanover st 
Fosdick mrs Maria, fancy dry goods store, 163 

Baltimore st 
Fosdick Jno. M. merchant, Market st 

Fosler John, morocco dresser, cor Hanover and 

Baire sts 
Foss mrs Mary, cor Park and Saratoga sts 
Foss & Fowles, cabinet maker, cor Howard and 

Saratoga sts 
Fosset Michael, shoemaker, Sterling st 
Fossett Jolin, globe hotel, Fish Market space 
Foster Josejjh, tailor, P4 High st 
Foster Benedict, s Eutaw st 
Foster James, ship carpenter, 32 Ann st 
Foster mrs Sarah, 31 n Exeter st 
Foster Benj. W. mustard manufacturer, 2 Grun- 
dy's row near Biddle st 
Foster Francis, 120 n Eutaw st 
Foster Edward, ship carpenter, s end of Wolf st 
Foster Francis, seaman, Lancaster near Ann st 
Foster George, ship carpenter, Alice Anna near 

Market st 
Foster Thomas, grocery, Caroline and Fleet st 
Foster Benjamin, drayman. Peace alley 
Foster Benjamin W. mustard manufacturer, 2 

Grundy's row, Biodle st 
Foster mrs Catherine, millinery and dry goods 

store, cor of Charles & Montgomery sts 
Foster James, waterman, Hughes st 
Foulds Thomas H. sea capt. e Water st near 

Foulk Lewis, bricklayer, Franklin st near Pine 
Foulk Frederick, baker, Penn av near Hoffman st 
Fountain John & Co. auction and com. merchants, 

78 Liberty st 
Fowble Wm. Henry, 84 Pitt st 
Fovvble Kinsey A. merchant tailor, e Baltimore 

st w of Exeter 
Fowble Wm. Henry, lottery merch. 84 Pitt st 
Fowler mrs C. 14 s Jvow st 
Fowler miss Emily E. A. teacher, 14 s Low st 
Fowler Samuel B. carpenter, 21 Pitt st 
Fowler John P. carpenter, sw cor High Sc Wa- 
ter sts 
Fowler mrs Sarah, mantua maker and tai'.oross, 

117 N Exeter st 
Fowler David, grocer, se cor Lloyd Sf e Pratt sta 
Fowler Isaac, plasterer. Sterling st 
Fowler Wm. innkeeper, 35 Bond st 





Fowler mrs Mary, 62 Park st s Saratoga st 
Fowler F. M. accountant, German st near Sharp 
Fowler & Rudenstein, grocers and commission 

merchants, 6 Light st wharf 
Fowler S. L. exchange office, 166 Baltimore st. 

dw Lexington st e of Charles 
Fowler Geo. ship carpenter, William st n end 
tFowler Rachel, wash woman, 42 Union st 
tFowler Nackej, cook, Chatsworth st 
tFowler Leonard, brickmaker, fort road 
tFowler Peter, Chamberlain alley near Eutaw st 
Fox mrs Rebecca, grocer, cor Ruxton and 

Charles sts 
Fox mrs Elizabeth, 92 n Liberty at 
Fox Wm. hostler, IBs Liberty st 
Fox mrs Catherine, cor Fayette and Park sts 
Fox Hugh, innkeeper, 47 Wilk st near Caroline 
Fox Charles, grocer, cor Lancaster st ^- Happy 

Fox Henry, rigger, Lancaster st near Market 
Fox Samuel, laborer, 3G Alice Anna st 
Fox John, grocer, nw cor Hillen i-S' Front sts 
Fox mrs Catherine, wash woman. Front st near 

Fox Hamilton, cartman, Forest st near Douglass 
Foxal mrs Mary, Beuren st near Monument 
Foxcroft Samuel, seaman, Short alley 
Foxcroft James A. & Clarke watchmakers, 37 s 

Calvert st 
Foxcroft Wm. printer, 17 Comet st 
Foxwell mr seaman, cor Fleet and Wolf sts 
Foxwell Joseph, laborer, 62 Fleet st 
Foy Henry, shoemaker, n Gay st near Aisquith 
Foy Frederick, tarern keeper, Balti. st w of Cove 
Foy Peter, health commissioner,35 Fleet st e end 
Foy & Whitelock, hardware 6tore,Ci8i s Calvert st 
Fraily Leonard, guager, 56 w Fayette st 
France Christian, miller, Hookstown road 
France Thomas, painter, Lee st n side w of Han- 
France Joseph, dry goods mer. 2004 Baltimorcst 
France James, lottery merchant, office 180 Balti- 
more St. dw 40 w Fayette st 
Franchi Andrew, artilicial llower manufactory, 

North st near Baltimore 

Francis Wm. A. printer, Camden st 1st door W 

of Hanover st 
Francis Wm. seaman, 2 Wolf st 
Francis Fleetwood,baker,svv cor Bond and Bank st 
Francis Thomas, baker, Franklin st near Greeri 
Francis Perry, laborer, Douglass st near East 
Francis George, grocer, cor Lunn'a lane & Con- 
way st 
tFrancis mrs Mary, cigar maker, 3 Forrest st 
tFrancis Thomas, laborer, Conway st near Eutaw 
tFrancis John, seaman. Bank st near Spring 
tFrancis Adelaide, nurse, 22 Potter st 
tFrancis Perry, laborer, Eutaw near Conway st 
Franciscus James M. lottery and exchange office 

35 w Pratt st 
Franciscus John, com. merchant, 76 South st. dw 

40 N Gay st 
Franck Peter, grocer, Forest st near Hillen 
Frank John, glass cutter at glass house 
Frank mr copper-smith, Hampstead st near Spring 
P'ranklin James, laborer. Centre st near the bridge 
Franklin bank of Baltimore, 88 Baltimore st. de 

cor Baltimore and North sts 
Franklin savings' company, ne Pratt South st 
tFranklin Winna, boarding house, Howard st s 

of Conway 
Frazier John, laborer, William st n end 
Frazier John, mattrass maker, Biddle alley 
Frazier mrs Ellen, widow, 70 Ann st 
Frazier mrs Mary, Green st near Baltimore 
Frazier J- sea capt. 41 Fleet st e end 
Frazier Josejjh H. carpenter, sw cor Spring 

and Hampstead sts 
Frazier mrs Lilly, seamstress, Hampstead stuear 

Spring st 
Frazier James, laborer, Hartford run near Bank st 
Freas John H. instrument maker, cor Grant and 

Mercer sts 
F\eas George W. innkeeper, cor Lancaster and 

Market sts 
Frederick Edward, bricklayer, 47 Hanover st 
Frederick- Henry, oyster and porter cellar,6W cor 
of Pratt ik, Hanover sts opposite the Amer- 
ican hotel 
Frederick Michael, liquor store, 6 Light st wharf 





Frederick Lawrence, cedar cooper, 33 Howard st 
Frederick John, laborer, Hillen st near Forest 
Frederick Robert, chair maker, n Gay st sof Mott 
Frederick Jo-hn, boot ^S' shoemaker, Penn avenue 

betw Preston <^' Union sts 
Fredet Rev. Peter, St. Mary's seminary 
Free Jefferson, cooper, cor Lunn's lane ^Bur- 
gundy alley 
Free Melton, cooper, Conway st 
Freeburger John, 8;rocer,sw cor Light and Hill sts 
Freeburger G. centre hotel, Mercer st 
Freeburger John, tinner, Montgomery st. w of 

Freeburger Henry G. city bailiff.'Charlea st near 

Free! James, laborer, Ross st 
Freel Wm. laborer, Ross st 
Freel Wm. laborer, alley near Ross st 
Freeland Edward, tobacco mer. dw 84 Sharp st 
Freeman Wm. H. attorney at law, dw 80 n Chas. 
Freeman Samuel, laborer, Pearl st 
tFreeman Peter, porter, Sarah Ann st e of Cove 
tFreeman Scipio, laborer, Cross st 
tFreeman Henry, shoemaker, ne cor Forest ^ 

Douglass sts 
tFreeman Samuel, blacksmith, 6 Eutaw st near 

Gist's factory 
Freinscht George, brewer, Camden st w of Eutaw 
French Charles, baker, cor Franklin & Chats- 
worth sts 
French Doctor, 135 Hanover st 
French J. C. whip, cane and umbrella maker, 96 

Baltimore st 
French N. copper roller, Crook's row 
French Matthew, accountant, 25 Pitt st 
French Nicholas, copper roller, ne cor Potter 4* 

French sts 
French Wm. victualler, cor Bond st and Straw- 
berry alley 
tFrench Betsy, Busy alley 
Frey Edward, druggist, 75 n Howard st 
Frey mrs Susan, George st near Pine 
Freyer H. Sr Mott, lime, flour and feed store, 49 

N Gay st 
Freyer Elijah, gilder, 67 e Baltim. st near Canal ' 

Freyer E. S. carver and gilder, 2 n Gay st 
Friar Andrew, boot and shoemaker, grocery and 

liquor store, cor Park st and Inloes' alley 
Frick Doctor George, 10 n Gay st 
Frick mrs Margaret, 10 n Gay st 
Frick Wm. attorney at law, office, Atheno-um 
Frick Jacob, hack driver, Caroline near Pinkney 
Fridge & Morris, merchants, 8 a Charles st 
Fridge Alex, (firm of do.) dw 32 Sharp st 
Fridge Sf Morris, 8 s Charles st 
Fridge Alex. 32 Sharp st 
Friese Philip R. J. merchant, 67 Hanover St. store 

1 Lorman row, Hanover st 
Fringer mrs Hester, Hookstown road 
Frisby Wm. sea capt. 31 Fleet st e end 
Frisby Nathaniel, laborer. Peace alley 
fFrisby Perry, laborer. Hill st e of Charles 
JFrisby Perry, laborer, Bottle alley, w of How- 
ard st 
fFrisby Charles, brickmaker, Forest st sof Doug- 
fFrisby Emanuel, laborer, Hawk st 
Frum Nimrod, cabinet maker, Eden st 
Fry James, grocer, 49 Bond st 
Fry Gantlet, tailor, Pratt near Caroline st 
Fryatt mrs Susan, hall of refreshments, SO Water st 
Fryfrogan Mr. city watchman, Shroeder st near 

tFulk mrs Ann, Orleans at near run 
Fuller Phil, wheelwright, Lancaster st near Bond 
Fuller Thomas, laborer, Ensor st 
Fuller Hor. grocer, cor Alice Anna and Wash- 
ington sts 
Fullerton George, weaver, Preston st near Ross 
Fullerton Peter, grocer, Saratoga st near Pine 
Fulton Thos. H.grocer, cor Forest & French sts 
Fulton mrs. Susanna, Sarah Ann near Silver st 
Fulton Doctor Robert, cor Dutch alley and Lib- 
erty st 
Furbey Edward, carter, 7 Lancaster st 
Furlong James, druggist, 95 Bond st 
Furlong Thomas, Pine st near Frankim 
Furlong mrs Elizabeth, shoebinder, Saratoga et 

near Pine 
Furness Thorn. D. carpenter, Harford avenue 





Furney Nicholas, harness maker, Ross st near 

St. Mary's 
Fusse Jolni, baker, Penn av d\v s Union st 
Fussell Jacob, iron merchant, cor Pi att st and w 

Falls av dw Water st ne;ir High 
Fusselbaugh Wm. painter and glazier, East st 

near Hillen 

Cji-ABLE JOHN, stove manufacturer, 45 Light 

St. dw Mulberry st 
Gacht Richard, mat maker, 91 Elisor st 
Gad liUther, shoemaker, s Charles st 
Gaddes Alexander, stone cutte-, s\v cor Sharp and 
German sts. dw nw cor German and Lib- 
erty sts. 
Gade mrs Catherine, 17 Pratt st 
Gatfney Patrick, fashionable ready made clothing 

store, 107 Baltimore st 
GafFord mrs boarding house, 2 South st 
Gains John, blacksmith, Eliicott st 
Gaither George 11. & Co. 209 w Baltimore st. dw 

21 s Howard st 
Galansason Joseph, seaman, Caroline st near Fleet 
Gale Robert ,carpenter,AliceAnnastnearCaroline 
Gall capt. Henry, Alice Anna st near Ariiyle al. 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, n Front st near Hillen 
Gallagher John, blacksmith, Beuren st near Li- 
berty alley 
Gallagher Michael, chandler and grocer, cor York 

&. Light sts 
Gallagher Patrick, cnndle merch. Hughes st 
Gallagher Hugh, tallow chandler, 44 Lexington st 
Gallagiier James, grocer and liquor store, cor 

Franklin st and Lerew's alley 
Gallagher Richard, porter, 51 w vS;iratoga st 
Gallagher Patrick, grocer, 30 n Frederick st 
Gallavvay &. Brown, grocers and produce mer- 
chants, SE cor Howard ;ind Mulberry sts 
Gallaway Aquilla,jr. tinner. Park st s of Lexing 

Gallaway Wilson, laborer. Federal hill 
Gallaway Jehu, tobacconist, Pratt at 2d door w 

of South st and sw cor Gay fy Exeter sts 
Gallaway James, fisherman. Cross st 

Gallaway Pat. soap maker, Leic.» s alley n of 

Franklin st 
Gallop Jolin, varnisher, Caroline rt^ar e Balti- 
more st ' 
Galloway Richard, Eutaw st near Mulberry 
Galloway Robert H. grocer, n Howard st near 

Galloway Jehu, tobacconist, 68 w PrMt st 
Gait Dr. John M. office Bond st dw 'I'hames st 
Gait Elizabeth, PJ Thames st ' 

Gamt)le Wm. cabinet maker, cor Gay and Water 
Gamble mrs Ann, grocer, sw cor Harford run 8t 

Salisbury st 
Gamble Thorn, sexton of 2d Presbyterian church 

dw Forest st s of Douglass 
Gamble Mcsser, millwright, Chatsworth st near 

Gambrill Benjamin, carpenter, Holliday st near 

the bridge 
Gambrill John, 9 York avenue 
Gambrill Thorn, shoemaker, Penn avenue near 

Huffman st 
Gammey Geo. grocer & liquor store, Gallows hill 
1Gan Peggy, washwoman, Biddle alley 
Ganer Henry, grocery and liquor store, cor Peace 

alley and Eutaw st 
fGanney Antony, brickmaker, Fort road 
tGaiinon Washington, Homespun alley 
Gaiitt nir stone culler, Holland st near n Eden 
Gantt Thomas, Welcome alley 
tGantt Thomas, laborer, Hill st 
Garade G. P. boarding house, 47 Bond st 
Garber .lacol), piano maker, Penn. avenue near 

Franklin st 
Gardiner Francis, auction furniture store, Se- 
cond st between Gay and Frederick 
Gardner Michael, ship carpenter.89 Alice Annast 
Gardner Wm. ship carpenter. Fleet st 
Gardner mrs Margaret, Gough st near Granby 
Gardner Francis, se cor French & Potter sts 
Gardner Joseph, 2d hand furniture store, French 

st near Potter 
Gardner John, painter and glazier, 4 French st 
Gardner James, shoemaker, Liberty alley 
Gardner Thomas, weaver, Franklin st extended 

GAR to- 



Gardner George, Fleet near Washington st 
ijardner James, laborer. Star alley 
Gardner Maria,dry goods store, lU Market st F. P. 
Gardner George, \vheelright,s Charles St. dw Wel- 
come alley 
Gardner mrs INIary, Dutch alley 
Gardner Ephraim, cooper, 58 South st 
Gardner James, boot and shoemaker, w Baltimore 

st E of Cove 
tGardner Catherine, Howard st extended 
tGardner Benjamin, seaman, s Howard st near 

Bottle alley 
Garey Michael, cooper, 5 e Mulberry st 
Garland, Riddle & Co. com. merchants, 86 Bow- 

ly'a wharf 
Garland Wm. (firm of do.) e Fayette st opposite 

Garland James, gass factory, Addison st near 

High st 
Garner Thom. W. china store, 1 w Gay st at 

Garner John, drayman, Hillen st 2d door s of 

tGarner Patty, 47 w Saratoga st 
tGarner Micluel, laborer, w Saratoga st 
Garraud E. confectioner and distiller, 78 Balti- 
more st 
Garreit John, cabinet maker, 11 Alice Annast 
Garrett Samuel, cabinetmaker, Lancaster st near 

Argyle alley 
Garrett Joseph, brass founder, 4n Exeter st 
Garrett Robert &. Co. grocers and produce mer- 
chants, 32 N Howard st. dw II. G. n Eutaw 
st near Fayette 
Garrett Joseph M. oak cooper, Ruxton st 
tGarrett Wm. porter, Bank lane near Aisquith st 
tGarrett Wm. butcher, Salisbury st near Harford 

tGarrett Julia, washwoman, Bank lane 
tGarrett Richard, gardner,Sarah Ann st back Sa- 
tGarrett Thomas, brickmaker, Hill st e of Sharp 
Garretson Bennett, shoemaker, 249 w Baltimore st 
Garrish mrs Susanna, Montgomery st 
tGarrison Walter, coachman, 3 York avenue 

tGarrison Henry, laborer. Rock st near Saratoga 
Garroa John, capeiiter, Long alley 
Garron James, chair maker, 126 Sharp st 
Garvey John, grocery and liquor store, cor Bath 

and Holiday sts 
Garvin Hugh, carpenter, Long alley 
Garvin John, teacher, 44 w Lexington st 
Gaskins James, deputy sherifl'jNE cor of Camden 

and Paca sis 
Gaskins James, merchant, dw Conway near 

Charles st 
Gassawcy Noah, country produce store, 7 Penn- 
sylvania avenue 
tGassaway Margaret, washer, Charles st near Hill 
Gatch C. carpenter, Camden st near Paca 
Gatch Abram, carpenter, Ruxton st 
Gatchell W. H. attorney at law,Courthouse lane, 

dw St. Paul's st near Pleasant st 
Gatchell mrs Darius, e Baltimore st near Canal 
Gates Sophia, Fleet st ne-r Ann st 
Gatewood Thomas, coach maker, Apple alley 
Gauline Joseph C. painter and glazier, e Balti- 
more st near Spring e side 
Gault Cyrus, stone cutter, cor Green & Pine sis 
Gawthrop James, shoemaker, Chesuut alley, 
Geddes James, copper smith, South st near Pratt 
Gedding Dr. E. office, 31 N Calvert st. dw 42 Cal- 
Gees George, carpenter, 119 n Eutaw st 
Gees Margaret, Fleet st near Caroline 
Geezey Lewis, Cove st n of Franklin 
Gehler, Godfrey, comb maker, ne cor Exeter St 

Low sts 
Gehring Joiin, jeweller, 75 Ensor st 
Gelbach George, grocery & Jackson tavern, BW 

cor French & Beuren sts 
Gelbach Christian, grocer, Forest st near Hilleu 
Gelston Hugh, variety of rich jewellery, watehes, 
and fancy goods, nw cor Baltimore and 
Charles sts. dw 4'J w Faveite st 
Gent Henry, ship carpenter, W^illiam it w end^ 
Geoghegati Wheeden, sail maker, 8 McEldery's 

George Wm. grocer & country produce mercn. 
sw cor High and Hillen sts 





George Archibald & Co. grocer and flour mer- 
chants, Nvv cor Mulberry and Howard sts 
d\v w Mulbeny st 
George & Hays, wholesale grocers, 120 n How- 
ard St. dw N Franklin st near Howard 
George G. professor of music, 29 New Church st 
George Wni. E. hardware merchant, dw Sharp st 

near Pratt 
George Samuel, (firm of Campbell Mcllvain &. 

Co.)dw J^ight st 
George James 13. shoe store, 46 Marsh Market 

George Stephen, carpenter, cor Barre and s Chas. 
George James, 136 n Howard st 
George John S. carpenter, Jefferson row Con- 
way st 
George James, carpenter, s Eutaw st 
Gerahty capt. Peter, 24 Block st 
Gerhard J. A. shoemaker 18 Penn. avenue 
Gerland Benj. laborer, cor Cove & German sts 
German & Scheie, Japaners & ornamental paint- 
ers, 22 n Exeter st 
German Joshua, house carpenter, 11 Fleet st 
German Benjamin, wheelwright, se cor Eden and 

Gough sts 
German mrs Catherine, 38 n Howard st 
tGerman Jesse, Wagon alley 
Getcher George, laborer, Biddle alley 
Geltier Henry, turner, Biddle st near Ross 
Getty Jacob, laborer, Richmond st near Park 
Getty John T. dry goods merchant, 61 n How- 
ard st 
Getty Francis, dry goods merchant, 71 Baltimore 

St. dw u Fayett! st wof North, 
Getty James, carpenter, 17 s Charles st 
Getty James, drayman, 44 s Frederick st 
Gibbins John, cooper, cor Green & Piatt sts 
Gibbins John, baker, Aisquith st near Gay 
Gibbins John, w Frail w of Cove st 
Gibbous mrs Mary, cap maker, Market space near 

Pratt st 
Gibbons Rev. J. L. 85 Sharp st 
Gibbs Priscilla, grocer, Strawberry alley near 

Fleet st 
Gibbs Wm. oak cooper, Dutch alley 

Gibbs John, cooper, n Eutaw st near Lexington 

Gibbs Robert M. 6 s Gay st 

tGibbs Jacob, painter, Potter st near Low 

fGibbs Irvin, laborer, 138 n Exeter st 

tGibbs Ann, midwife, Scott st near Columbia 

Gibda Felix, bricklayer, n Paca st 

Gibson mrs Mary, plain sjwing, & dressmaking, 

62 n High st 
Gibson William, teacher, 19 Potter st 
Gibson Joshua, bricklayer, 3 Thompson st 
Gibson Joseph, weaver, Preston st near Ross 
Gibson VVm. laborer Biddle alley 
Gibson James, Charles st 

Gibson Geo. custom-house boatman, 48 Gough st 
Gibson Edward, n Charles st s of Franklin 
Gibson John &. Co. importers of dry goods, 8 N 
Charles st. dw J. Gibson, Fayeite st next 
to Union Bank 
Gibson James, (firn) of Hall, Gibson & Co.) mer- 
chants, Baltimore st w of Planover st. dw 
61 Hanover st 
Gibson Doctor John M. 26 n Gay st 
Gibson John 6l Dmsmore, teachers, McClellan's 

alley, dw J. G. German lane 
Gibson mrs,s end of Fell's st 
Gibson^Doctor George S. Lombard st e of Sharp 
Gibson Alexander, shoemaker, 57 Frederick st 
Gibson Elizabeth, s end Fell st 
IGibson Causer, waiter, Biddle st 
tGibson Philip, bayman, Potter st near Low 
jGihson Wesley, seaman, Spring st near Gough 
fGibson Eliza, Guilford alley 
tGibson Robert, waiter. Peace alley 
fGibson Basil, drayman, Long alley s of Ross st 
jGibson Piiilip, hack driver. Potter st n of Doug- 
tGibson Sewall, laborer, Lerew's alley, sof Frank- 
lin st 
tGibson Richard, laborer. Centre st s of Charles 
tGibson Joseph, porter, n Sharp st 
Gifford mrs Mary, Pitt near Edi n st 
Gifford Thomas II. carpenter, Silver st near n 

Eden st 
Giger Maria, Conway st near Sharp 






Gilbert Thomas, boot & shoemaker, Orleans st 
Gilbert miss Mary, tailoress, 1 Ross st 
Gilbert miss M. tailoress, 1 Ross st 
Gilbert Aquilla, carpenter, 7 Ross st 
Gilbert Jobn laborer, German st w ot I'me 
^Gilbert Joshua, laborer. Centre st near Charles 
tGilbert Jacob, laborer, Centre st near Charles 
Gilberlhorp Catherine, 27 Shakspeare st 
Gildea John, wheat fan sieve & bellows manufac- 
turer, 01 Calvert st dw 15 Pitt st 
Giles Wm. F. attorney at law, Athenffium 
Giles \quilla, e Baltimore st near Harford run 
Giles Jacob W. e Baltimore st opposite 2nd Pres- 
byterian church 
tGiles Grace, w Conway st 
tGiles Alexander, laborer, Lerew s alley 
Gilfry John, brush maker, 56 w Pratt st 
Gill John, grocer, and wood corder, bl McH.lder- 

ry's wharf 
Gill Bennett C stevadore, 84 Carohne st 
Gill mrs Mary, Wilk st near High 
Gill John, stucco worker, 141 n Lutaw st 
Gill Jabus M. carpenter, 12 Mulberry st 
Giil mrs Sarah, 12 Park st „,,,,,, r 

Gill George M. altornev at law, St. Paul s st n of 

Pleasant, office Court-house lane 
Gill Richard VV. attorney at law, Court-house lane 
Gill miss, mantuamaker, 76 Camden st 
Gill Christopher, carpenter, 76 Camden st 
Gill Bryson & Robinson, surgery dental, Nw cor 

Hanover and Lombard sts. 
Gill John, notary public, 42 Water st opposite the 
s entrance of the exchange, and nearly op- 
posite the door of the new custom-house, 
dw Aisquith st next door to McLlderry s 
mansion house «o u- u * 

Gill mrs Elizabeth, boarding house, 28 n High st 
Gill George M. attorney at law, Couit house lane, 
dw next door to Hargrove's church E Bal- 
timore st 
Gill Lewis, Fails turnpike 
Gill mrs Mary, Pierce st c. i a ♦ 

Gill John, weaver, cor Cove & Sarah Ann sts 
Giliespy Eliza, dry goods store, 67 Baltuno.-e st 

Gillespy Stephen, cabinet maker, cor Fayette and 

llolliday sts 
Gillet Martin, merchant and tea inspector, o2 e 

Pratt st, dw Franklin st 
iGilliard Nicholas, blacksmith. Gallows Hill 
Gillinghiim George, clerk, sw cor Salisbury and 
Lloyd sts ,.•/-< 

Gillingham & Jessop, 10 w Pratt st. dw ol G. 

Gillingham, 91 w Pratt st 
Gillingham mrs Mary, teacher, 133 Hanover 9t 
Gillingham Wm. edge tool maker, s Lutaw si. dw 
91 Sharp st ^ , , j 

Gillingham John, carpenter, Lombard st. second 
door E of Liberty st. shop, Gillingham s al. 
Gilman John, carter. Potter st e side, n ot Gay 
Gilman mrs Wm. w side Monument square 
Gilmor Robert, merchant, Water st nearly oppo- 
site the E.\change 
Gilpen Henry, carpenter, w Saratoga st near Park 
Gilyard Charlotte, Chamberlain alley 
Ginter mrs Catherine, York avenue 
Gipson mrs Affay, Spring st near Gough 
Giraud Doctor John J. 42 South st 
Girrin James, merchant, cor Franklin and Eutaw 

St. dw N Paca st 
Girvin Robert, carpenter, 107 s Howard st 
Gisler Christian, painter, Gough st 
Gist Wm. liquor inspector, 60 1 itt st 
Gist William, proprietor of Eagle lead works, sw 
cor Eutaw & Conway sts,dw Camden near 
Howard st 
Gist Wm. painter Fort McHenry road, opposite 

Fell's point 
Gittings mrs Marv, Harford avenue 
Gatinls John S. firm Merryman & Git ings, dw 

Water, 3rd door e ol Jones s 1' alls 
Gittings John S. stock exchange and commission 

agent, cor Second and Gay st 
Gittings nirs Mary, cor Liberty and Lexington ss 
Gittings Lambert, com. mer. 5 Spear's wharf, dw 

North st near the gas manutactory 
Givins Thomas, blacksmith, 84 e Pratt st 
Gladding Samuel, grocery & liquor store, cor ol 

Hill & Charles sts 
Gladson Michcel, cordwainer, Harford avenue 


Glanden mrs Sarah, milliner, 62 s Charles st 
txlanville mrs Mary, tailoress, cor Charles and 

C/onway sts 
Glasby John, carpenter, 58 Alice Anna st 
Glassgow Wm. grocery and liquor 8tore,cor Pratt 

and Howard sts 
Glasler J. blacksmith, se cor, East and French sts 
t*lass Isaac, shoemaker, 26 Fleet st 
Gleason mrs Mary, boarding house, G4 Light st 
G enn Wm inn keeper, Fleet st near Caroline 
ixleaa Kobert, grocer and liquor store, nw cor 

t orest 6i, Low its 
Glenn Hon.Elias, judge of district court, Saratoga 

st w of Cove ° 

Glenn Wm city watchman, Columbia st w end 
Glenn mrs Rachel, tailoress, Alice Anna st near 

Happy alley 
Glenn mrs Cornelia, Fleet st near Strawberry al 
Glenn John, attorney at law. Courthouse lane", dw 
N Charles st. between Lexington and Fav- 
ette sts •' 

Glenn Hon. Elias, judge of district court, dw w 
f ayette st w of St. Paul's 

GodTJlrf^r^^'^ ^u^^"'- Sharp & Hanover sts 
Goddard Charles exchange stables, Hanover st 

near Lombard 
Goddard Charles, tavern keeper, Lombard stEof 

iianover st 

Godfrey John, gardiner, Hooks town road near 

city limits 
Godman Jeff, butcher, Hooks tOAvn road 
Godman Brutus, butcher, Hooks town road 
Godman mrs, teacher, 73 n Green st 
Gohegan nirs Rebecca, milliner, Dutch alley w 

ot Howard st 
Gold mrs Mary Ann, tailoress, Addison st near 

Gold James teacher, s Charles n of Pratt st 
Go d capi. Paul, 50 s Charles st 
Godcapt. Peter, 51 s Charles st 
J'^'V/^Pt- Joseph, 23 Charles st 
TGold Mary, Mulberry st near Pearl 

utu w^''^'. '''''"'■^'■' ^ ^^^'^ter st near French 
tGoiden Wm. boot maker, 55 Wagon alley 
Golder Robert, paper hanger, 75 n Green it 


'"'''^"'G^'een s't ^'P" ^""^'^^^ meT^J^^, 
Golder Archibald, importer and manufacturer of 

tGolder&rT^gSr^^^^l^'Tr^ I 

Bottle alley ' °' ^^'^''"'^ «^ ^"^ 

Goldsborough^Richard, ship carpenter, Wolf at 

Goldsborough Nicholas, dry goods merchant, dw 
+f- M L ^^^^^^ near Fayette st 
tGoldsbury D Ross st 

Arcade^- ^""^ ^''^' ™^^^^^"^' Maryland 
Goldsmith mrs Elizabeth, Lee st w of Light 
Goldsmith mrs Mary, 40 w Fayette st ^ 
Goldsmith J. painter and gla4r, 11 w Lexing- 

Goliba';; '^r^\ ^"^P"""' 2^ ^l'<^^ Anna st 

Ann sts^ ' ^'' ^°°P"''' ^^ ^^' ^^^^^ ^nd 
Golt John, house carpenter, 76 Front st 
Good Barnard, carter, 30 n Exeter st 
Good mrs Sarah, milliner, 149 Bond st 
Goodacre Daniel, bricklayer. 73 Albemarle st 
Goodhand mrs Margaret,^4 s Exeter 'r 

Goodrich Thomas C. steamboat hotel, 60 w Pratt 
Goodrich mrs Susan. seamstress,73 AlbermaHes 

Sn^''"" ?f''^' '^'P ^^'■P^"'- Stiles 8t near /Lh 
Goodwin M. sw cor Calvert and Mulberry s s 
Goodwin Uleb,w Fayette st opposite McUn's 

Goodwin Flanigan & Co. ship carpenters ship 
yard, foot of Mill st ^ 

Goodwin \V writing master, 944 Baltimore st 
Goodwm^Nathaniel, ship carpenter, Ann near 

tGoodwin Grace, Park st 
TGoodwin Thomas, laborer, Park st 
Gordon Charles, rope maker, Bank st near Ar- 
gyle alley 

Gordon Joseph, shoemaker, Union allev near » 

Eden st 
Gordon Joseph, cooper, Mulberry st near Eutaw 



J^ 43 

Gordon James, huckster, 113 Howard st 
Gordon Alexander, dry goods merchant, cor 

Hanover and Camden sts 
Gordon John H. chair maker and grocer, se cor 

Water and South sts 
Gordon mrs seamstress, w Falls av 
Gordon Geo. laborer, Harford avenue 
Gordon Wm. tobacconist, Mulberry st w of Pine 
JGordon Benj. sawyer. Low st w of Aisqiuth 
Gore Wm. sen. millwright, Richmond st near 

Gore Wm. millwright, 70 French st 
Gorman John, seaman, cor Bank st and Happy 

Gorman Jame3,tavern keeper, cor Pratt and Com- 
merce sts 
Gorman Tho. tailor. Fawn st 2d door w of Exeter 
Gorman Michael, butcher, Orleans st near Forest 
Gorman Nicholas, weaver, Pierce st near Cove 
Gorman John, weaver, Mulberry st extended 
Gorsuch Jehu, carpenter, 78 n High shop oppoi. 
Gorsucli Mr. 126 n Howard st 
Gorsuch L. F. halter, 78J Baltimore st 
Gorsuch Samuel, ship carpenter, s end Wash- 
ington st 
Gorsuch Nicholas, Hillen st near Potter 
Gorsuch John, house carpenter, 58 Ann st 
Gorsuch James, ship parpenier, Argyle alley 

near Fleet st 
Gorton mrs Phebe, 51 E Baltimore st 
Gosnell Wm. Iiuxter, Harford avenue 
Gosnell L. W. over 17 n Howard st 
Gosnell & Hambleton, dry goods merchants, 3 

N Howard st 
Gosnell Talbot, n Eden near Pitt st 
Gossick mrs Mary, seamstress, Apple alley near 

Pratt st 
Gott mrs Sarah, seamstress, Hartford near Gough 
Gott Thomas J. dry goods merchant, 49 Balti- 
more st 
Gott Thorn. J. dry goods merchant, 39 Market 

St. dw 25 N High st 
+Gott Priscilla.Shakspeare st near Market st 
Gottlieb Karl, cabinet maker, Baltimore st e ©f 


Gotz mrs Rachel, confectioner, 15 s Howard st 
+Gough Francis Ann, seamstress, Ensor at 
Gould Alex, victualler, Light st s of West 
Gould James, victualler, Light st s of West 
Gould AL boot and shoemaker, Baltimore ct b 

of Cove 
Gould James F. teacher, (academy, Lexington st) 

dw 45 s Charles «t 
Gould James, fancy store, 202 Baltimore st. dw 

25 s Howard st 
Gould John,clothinf? store, 34 s Calvert st 
tGould Elizabeth, washer, Saratoga st w of Green 
i;Gould Richard, sawyer, Eden st near Bank 
tGould John, laborer^ Mulberry st near Pearl 
t"Gould Richard, sawyer, Gough st 
Goulsbrow Richard, ship carpenter, Wolf st near 

Gourdon Ferdinand, 70 Camden st 
Gover Samuel H. furniture store, cor Second and 

Frederick sts 
Govens Daniel, feedstore, 60 n Gay st near Potter 
Gover George, lottery merck. 76 Pitt st 
Gowan John, confectioner, 42 w Lexington st 
tGoy Francis, laborer, Richmond st 
Grace mrs Priscilla, Gough st near Spring 
tGrace James, laborer, Happy alley, s ot Wilk st 
Gracen George, laborer, Wil'iam st near Cross 
Gracy AVm. laborer, French st near Potter 
Gracy John, carpenter, ne cor Aisquith and Or- 
leans st 
Gracy Henry, carpenter, Aisquith st 2d door n 

of Orlerais 
Graf Frederick, com. mer. 38 s Gay st 
Graff John, tailor. Market space, dw 6 Thames st 
Graff mrs Araminta, general boarding house, Ann 

near Fleet st 
Grafton Mark, boot and shoemaker, 2 Hanover at 

Indian Queen tavern, dw Fayette st e of 

Liberty st • u r 

Graham Hamilton, first accountant m bank of 

Marvlawd, dw Pratt st e of Exeter 
Graham W'm. sea capt. e Baltim. st near s Exeter 
Graham mrs Elizabeth, 3 Constitution st near 

Graham Patrick, laborer at glass house 





Graham George, cor Sharp st and Welcome alley 
Graham Andrew, carpenter, x Howard st ne^ 

Madison st 
Graham James k R.^ocers and commission mer- 

chaais, 100 Dugan's wharf 
Grandrouth Gustarus, ship carpenter, 18 Bondst 
Granger Wm. b.acksmith, Welcome alley 
Grant Jane, widow, 43 Alice Annast near Ann 
Grant mrs Mary Ann, 93 Pitt st 
Grant Stephen, chemist, Saratoga st extended 
Grant Charles, jr. 36 Park st 
Grant mrs E iza, SS St. Paul's st 
Grant &^ Ward, domestic package warehouse, 4 

Lorman row. Hinover st. dw Favette st 
tGrant Charles, laborer, German st w of Pine 
tGrant Charles jun. waiter, German st w of Greea 
tGrant Charles, Canal st .v of Put 
tGrant Xancv, Arraistead lane 
Grap John, cartman, Potter st near Gar 
Grap Geo. carpenter, Ensor st near Mott 
tGrason E.iza, washwoman, 1 b Low st 
tG-ass Wm. hair dresser, cor Charles ic Camden 
Grata m-s Sarah Ann, artificial flower lactorT, 15 

w Lexington st 
Grarenstine mrs Dorothy, e Water st near Exeter 
Graves Doctor J. J. w Fayette st near n Sharp 
Graves Rob. house carpenter, Bond st near Bank 
Graves Geo. grain carrier Howard st near Camden 
Gray John, seaman, Forest st 
Gray Richard, clerk, Harford avenue 
Gray mrs Sarah, Harford avenue 
Gray mrs Catherine, 6 Pioss st 
Gray Walton, Pratt st w of s Exeter 
Gray A\"m. sail maker Kerr's wharf 
Gray Henry W. justice of peace, converancer, 

6cc. dw E Ba.timore st. office and storage, 

Camden st near the head of the basin 
Gray James, last and finding store, 33 s Ca.vert st 
Gray John M. finding store, 15 e Water st 
Gray Archibald, rigger, 12 Lancaster st 
IGray Richard. laborer. Elbow lane 
tGray Alichael C. wagoner, Larierman alley near 

French st 
tGray Caesar, laborer, 15 Potter st 
tGray SamueJ, laborer, Forest st 

tGray Horace, seaman. Peace alley 

±Gray Ellen, Inloes alley 

+Gray John, carter. Wolf st w side 

+Gray David, laborer, Peace alley 

+Grny Jerry, bricklayer, Barre st'near Pearl 

TGray David, drayman, Camden -st near Eutaw 

+Gray Deborah, Apple allev, near Wilk n 

TGray Henry, alley rear of Caroline st. 

TGray Ca?sar, laborer, Potter st n ol Gay 

tGray James, laborer, 120 Camden st 

tGray David, drayman, Eager allev 

tGray Joseph, shoemaker. Saratoga st near Gay 

TGray Levin, porter. Ruxton st 

Graylett James, baker, 25 Caroline st 

Great mrs S. A. milliner, n Eutaw st 

Greaten Joseph 26 New Church et 

Greaifield John, carpenter, 38 Park st 

Greble Benj. potter, Harford avenue 

Greble Alex, tea and coffee pot manufactorr. En- 

sor st 
Green Isaac, collector, Albermarle st 
Green Thom. D, coachmaker, 42 Front st 
Green Henry, sheriffof Baitim. county, 41 Front st 
Green C hanes B. grocer and dry g'oods merch. 

120 N High st 
Green Susanna. 3S y Exeter st 
Green Samuel, shoemaker, 62 >- Exeter st 
Green mrs Cassandra, n Exeter st near French 
Green Edward, hatter, Beuren st near Monument 
Green miss Ann, Potter st near Douglass 
Green John, grocer, sf. cor Potter k HUlen sta 
Green John, laborer, Forest st 
Green Andrew, baker, Ensor st near Monument 
Green Thomas, comb factory, Richmond st near 

Green Geo. millwright. Penn av near Union st 
Green George, carpenter. Saratoga st near Cove 
Green Henry, cabinetmaker, Baitim. st w ofCove 
Green Edward, stonemason Liberty st near Lex- 
ington, shop w Pratt st 
Green Wm. filesmith, Bottle alley extended 
Green Wm. jun. filesmith. Bottle alley extended 
Green John, filesmith. Bottle alley extended 
Green mrs Elizabeth. Montgomery st w of Light 
Green Henry, blacksmith, Hughes st 

___-.._>^ GRE to- 

Green William P. Baltimore e of Caroline st 
Green George, chair maker, n Eden near Hamp- 

stead St 
Green mrs Maria, carpet manufaciory, 19 e Bal- 
timore St 
Green John N. silver smith.MulIigan st near Eden 
Green Terrence, nailor, Wilk stnear Harford run 
Green David, laborer, Potter st near Douglass 
Green Sophia, 77 Argyle alley 
Green David, packer, Welcome alley near How- 
ard st 
Green Jane, Peace alley w of Howard st 
Green Richard, porter. Potter st near Low 
Green Ann, Moore's lane 
Green Charles, white washer, Long alley 
Green Terrence, nailor,cor Wagon al. & Eiitawst 
Green John, carpenter 40 Fayette st near Eutaw 
Green Edward, stone mason, 64 n Fayette st 
Green mrs Ann, Lanyale cotton factory w of 

Belvidere st 
Green John, carpenter, 4 Fayette st 
Green & Robinson, paper hangers & manufactu- 
rers, 20 Baltimore st 
Green Thomas, hair dresser, 2 Hanover st and 4 

Light st 
Green Richard, cooper, 60 South st 
Green J. & W. opticians, 41 South st 
tGreen Peter, laborer, Guilford alley 
tGreen David laborer, W^elcome alley 
tGreen Anna, white washer, Moore's lane 
tGreen Richard, laborer, Hamilton st 
tGreen David, laborer, Howard st near Lee 
tGreen Thomas, hair dresser, Bank Lane betw. 

Light and Hanover st 
JGreen John, sawyer, Forest st s of Douglass 
tGreen Jacob, ship carpenter, e end Hampstead st 
tGreen Benjamin, laborer, Eden st near Pratt 
tGreen F.dvvard laborer, Alice Anna st 
tGreen Sophia, Argyle alley near Wilk st 
tGreen Charles, sawyer, 98 s Caroline st 
tGreen Mary, washer, Sarah Ann st 
tGreen Wm. brickmaker, Charles st near West 
tGreen Betsey, Cross st 
Greenbury mrs Catharine, Hookstownroad 
tGreener Belinda, Dutch alley 



Greenfield A. H. boot and ahoemaker, 8W cor ic 

Gay and n Exeter sis 
Greenwood mrs Amelia, tailoress, 6 Commerce st 
Greenwood mrs Mary, tailoress, 30 German st 
J:Greenwood Henry, drayman, Howard st s of 

tGreenwood Pet. laborer, Gilford's al e of Charles 
tGreen wood Perry, sawyer, 10 Thames st 
Greer Isaac, 22 Light st 

Greer mrs Mary, 24 Liberty st N of Lexington 
Greetham mrs Margaret, Calvert st 
Gregg Andrew & Co. flour merchants, 18 Frank- 
lin st 
Gregg Thomaa, (firm of A. Gregg & Co.) dw 

Paca st 5 of Franklin st 
Gregg miss, fancy diess maker, 21 E Water st 
Gregg Andrew &, Co flour merch. 18 Franklin st 
Gregg Thom. firm of A. Gregg & Co. dw Paca 

st s of Franklin 
Gregg John & Co. grocers, 80 Pratt st. dw Gregg 

Holiday st near Lexington 
Gregory Joseph, watchman, Sugar alley near » 

Greves David, wholesale grocer. County wharf 
Grice Daniel, carpenter, Pitt st near Aisquith 
tGrice Hez. dealer in ice, Aisquith st 
Gridley & Co. lottery and exchange office, 25 n 

Gay St. dw cor East and Moon alley 
Griers mrs Eleanor, dressmaker, 75 n Liberty st 
Griffin Wm. farmer, Amity st near Baltimore 
Griffin John, shoemaker, Thames st near Wolf 
Griffin Philip , miller, Biddle alley 
Griffin Elias T. tobacconist. Pine st near Franklin 
Griffin P. weaver, JNIulberry st extended 
Griffin John, grocer and liquor store, Ross st near 

Long alley 
Griffin Julia, seamstress, Strawberry alley near 

Fleet st 
Griffin John, sea capt. Eden st near Pratt 
Griflin George, millwright, Lee st w of Light 
Griffin Wm. machine maker, Barrest near Sharp 
Griffin John, grocer and liquor store, cor Ross st 

and Long alley 
tGriflin Hetty, washer, German st betw CoTe and 





fGriffin Joe, farmer, Comb alley 

fGriffiu Wm. laborer, Sugar alley 

fGriffin rMattliew, laborer, Eden st near Wilk 

tGriffin David, laborer, Guilford alley 

tGriffin C. laborer. Welcome alley 

tGriffin Mary, Eden si n oI' Wilk 

JGriffiu Ruth, Spring st s ofGough 

tGriffin Barney, Lombard st e oI" Hanover 

tGrirtin Henry, laborer, Chappel alle)' 

fGriffin Single, carter. Strawberry all n of Fleet st 

tGriffin Henry, sawyer, Chappel alley 

tGriffin Culfy, porter, Welcome alley 

fGriffin iMarv, Eden st rr of Wilk 

Griffith mrs Maria High st near French 

Griffith Levi P. shoemaker, dw n Exeter st betw 

Hillenand Gay, shop n Gay st near Potter 
Griffith mrs Ruth, Pitt st near Harford run 
G iffith mrs Ann, Aisquith st near Holland 
Griffith Wm. straw cutter, York avenue 
Griffith James, weaver, Silver st e of Franklin 
Griffith Rev. Alfred, Pearl st n of Saratoga 
Griffith mrs Ann, tailoress, Pratt st near Caroline 
Griffith David, sea capt. Gough st near Spring 
Griffith Stephen H. carpenter, Holland st near 

N Eden 
Griffith Howard, jun. merch. dw Howard st near 

Lombard ^ 

Griffith mrs Sarah, 43 w Saratoga st 
Griffith mrs H. B. 4 w Lexington st 
Griffith Thomas W. justice of peace, Favette st 

E of St. Paul's 
Griffith Israel, wholesale dry goods merch. 213 

cor of Sharp and Baltimore sts. dw over 

store, entrance on Sharp st 
Griffith A. (Si:. R. R. hardware and cutlerv store, 

rJ2i Baltimore st. dw R. R. Griffith firm 

of do. St. Paul's st s of ]Mulberry 
Griffith Thomas, carpenter, 9 iNIercer st 
Griffith Wm. brickmaker. Sugar alley 
Griffith Richard, grocer, 54 N Eutaw st 
Griggs Wm. Pilot, e Pratt st near Market 
Griggs James, pilot, Exeter st betw Pratt and 

Grai?by sts 
Grimes Charles, hatter, dw 133 High st. store 42 

Baltimore st 

Grimes James R. grocer, intersection of Harford 

N Gay and Ensor sts. dw Exeter st nearGay 

Grimes James, vinegar store, intersection of n 

Gay and Ensor sts 
Grimes Ellen, washwoman,w Fell sts end 
Grimes John, tailor, n Sharp ft near Barnet 
Grimes John, carter, Park lane 
Grimes Charles, hat manufacturer, 42 Baltimore 

St. dw High st E of the bridge 
Grindall Josiah, carpenter, 15 Tompson st 
tGrifison Snul, laborer. Sugar alley 
Groc mrs Ann. 34 s Charles st 
Groft Christian, butcher, York avenae 
tGroom Billy, laborer, Ann st 
Groomes Thorn, plasterer. Beard st near Caroline 
Groomes John, lockmaker, Chamberlain alley 
tGroomes Diana, Short st w side 
f Groomes Polly, Little Hughes st e of Charles 
fGroomes Nathan, second hand clothing store, 

Hughes st 
Grooms Edward, plasterer, Sterling st 
Grooms Wm. plasterer, n Gay st near Mott 
f Grooms Emery, secondhand clothingstore, Doug* 

lass st 
Gross John, s Hillen st w of Front 
Gross Jacob, firmofHickley &- Gross, dw S4 Har- 
rison st 
Gross Lewis, jun. grocer and produce store, 1 n 
Gay St. dw 2d door from se cor of Front 
& Hillen sts 
Gross Lewis, sen. 3 doors from se cor of Front 

& Hillen st 
Gross John J. 3 doors from se cor of Front and 

Hillen sts 
Gross Francis, gardener, Harford avenue 
Gross Michael, carpenter, Eutaw st near old poor 

f Gross Philip, ropemaker. s Charles st near West 
tGross Joe, drayman, William st s of Cross 
tGross Henry, laborer, Barre st w of Sharp 
fGross Cornelius, drayman. Bottle alley 
tGross Bill, laborer, Conway st near Charles 
fGross Benj. drayman, Pierce st near Pearl 
fGross Joseph, laborer, Necessity alley near Ex- 
eter st 





tGross Benj. waiter, 64 South st 
tGross Pliilip, ropemaker, Cross st w of William 
tGross Abram, brickmaker, Charles st s of Hill 
tGross Cor. drayman, Pratt st road w of Wash- 

Grove Behnda, w Falls avenue 
Grove John, shoemaker, Harford avenue 
Grove mrs Stephen, 31 n Green st 
Grover Jacob, locksmith, 105 Camden st 
Grover miss Hannah, teacher, Calvert st near city 

Grover Charles, carpenter, Harford avenue oppo- 
site Greble's pottery 
Grover Richard, shoemaker, Harford avenue 
Groverman A. & Son, china, glass and queen's 
ware merchants, 225 Baltimore st. dw 83 
Sharp st 
Groverman Anthony, merchant, Sharp st near 

Groves mrs Sarah, 24 South st 
Grubb Wm. morocco dresser.N Gay st near Mott 
Grubb George, cedar cooper, German stN of Pine 
Grubb mrs Margaret, oysterhouse, 9 w Franklin st 
Gruber Jacob, grocery & liquor store, cor How- 
ard &. Camden sts 
Grundy George Carr, secretary to life insurance 

company, dw 12 Courtland st 
Grundy B, merchant, dw Franklin St. s side w 

of St. Paul's lane 
Grush capt Conrad, Baltimore e of Caroline st 
Guest Samuel, wood corder, Lee st w of Charles 
Guildener mrs. Hannah, 73 n Liberty st 
Gulley & Emich,stove manufacturers, 26 Light st 
Gulley Philip, stove manufacturer, s Charles st 

N of Henrietta 
Gunby mrs Mary S. 133 n Eutaw st 
Gunby Stephen, ship carpenter, 5 Block st 
Guun Bernard, grocery & liquor store, n Paca st 
Gunn James, 13 s Charles st 
Gurney Gridley, shoemaker, cor Light st & Arm- 
stead lane 
Gurrell Ralph, weaver, Silver st near Pierce 
Gustine John, shoemaker. Potter si near Douglass 
fGustis Matilda, Hamilton st 
tGustis Eliza, Hamilton st 


tGustis Vincent, ship caulker, 20 Bank st 

tGustis Abram, laborer, 19 e Baltimore st 

Guthrow mrs Julia, 38 s Charles st 

Guyton Sarah, Strawberry alley near Bank st 

Gwinn mrs Hannah, 106 s Exeter st 

Gwynn Charles merchant, 7 Spear's wharf, dvr 

76 w Pratt st 
tGwynn Charles, laborer, Butler's lane 
tGwynn London, sawyer,Doctor's lane near Har- 
ford avenue 
tGwynn James,laborer,Salisbury st w of 
JGwynn Henry, laborer, Park lane 

If ABBERSETT H. innkeeper, 116 n High st 
tHabron Sanmel, laborer, Howard st near Biddle 
Hacke Andrew, grocer, cor Dutch alley St How- 
ard St. dw Lexington st betw Pine & Cove 
Hacket S. brickmaker.cor Camden & Howard sta 
tHacket Charles, drayman,Forest st s of Belle Air 

tHacket George A. keeper of'livery stables, Bath 

w of North st 
Hackney Robert, bricklayer, George st near Pearl 
Hadaway Oakley, ship carpenter, 50 Gough st 
Hadden Samuel, sail maker, 8 Philpot st 
Hadley Joseph, laborer, Hookstown road 
Hagen Dennis, weaver , Whitworth row near 

Rock st 
Hager Geo. dry goods merchant, dw w Baltimore 

st E of Pearl 
Hager, John W. lottery & exchange office, 72 

Baltimore st 
Hagernet John E. laborer, Alice Anna st near 

Hagerty mrs. Sarah, Wine alley near Meelmg 

Hagerty Andrew, cooper, Davis st near Bath 
Hagertv John, clerk, Holland near Harford st 
Hagerty James, boot & shoe store 9 s Calvert st 
Hagerty James, shoe store, 22 Centre market 

space, dw 2 Comet st 
Hacey Jacob, carter, Sliarp st 
Hagger Benjamin K. mathematical instrument 

maker, 57 South st 





Hagner VVm. carpenter, w Baltimore st w of Cove 
Hagner Win. tobacconist, Rock st near Lexington 
Hahn Henr}-, painter and glazier, 25 w Lexing- 
ton st 
Hahn John, merchant tailor, cor Wine and Light 
Haight Grove, confcclioner, 15 w Pratt st 
Halbret John, sexton ot" Christ church, e Water 

st near Exeter 
llalbert Edward, cordvvainer, cor Douglass and 

Forrest st 
llalbert George, grocery, n Eden near e Balti- 
more st 
Hale mrs Ann J. tailorees, cor Charles st & Guil- 
ford alley 
Haley mrs Ann, milliner, 31 Ensor st 
Haley John, rigger, 9 Bond st 
jHaley Alexander, seaman, 34 Wilk st 
Halfpenny miss, fancy dress mancr, 74 Camden st 
Hall Doctor G. 11. 4 Thames st near Market 
Hall capt. Joseph, 8 Caroline row, Caroline st 
Hall capt. John, rope store, Thames st s of Ann, 

d\v E Pratt st near Strawberry alley 
Hall Henry, grocery, ne cor Pratt st and Straw- 
berry alley 
Hall mrs Ann, tailoress,Carolino near Baltimore 
Hall T. H. N Charles st n of Saratoga 
Hall Carter A. d\v 8 Camden st w of Sharp st 
Hall Charles, dry goods merchant, 34 Baltimore st 
Hall Ldward, shoemaker, 15 Bond st 
Plall Joseph, weaver, w end of Franklin st 
Hall Elias, cordwainer, Penn av 
Hall James, laborer, Peace alley 
Hall Samuel, tailor, 25 s Calvert st 
Hall James, ship carpenter, 114 Ann st 
Hall Jesse, drover, cor Albermarle 6^ Stiles sts 
Hall Wm. cabinet maker, 57 Albermarle st 
Hall R. M. accountant, 23 Front st 
Hall Patrick, 66 French st 
Hall mrs Elizabeth, 18 n Gay st 
Hall missChar'otte, s Exeter st near Stiles 
Hall Samuel, tailor, 18 n Exeter st 
Hall John H. tailor, Potter st near Gay 
Hall llobert, tailor, Pott( r st near Gay 
Hall John B. constable, 10 Comet st 
Hall Daniel, carpenter, Aisquith st near Orleans 

Hall Nathaniel, engineer, n Gay st near Molt 
Hall Elias, shoemaker, 40 Union st 
Hall Elizabeth, Biddie alley near Ross ^ 

Hall Dr. R. C. cor of Pine and Franklin sts 
Hall Geo. lumber merchant, 7 Market st 
Hall Charles, weaver. Pierce st near Pearl 
Hall Joseph, weaver. Mulberry st extended 
Hall Dan. W. 6 Pascanlt's row near Lexingtons! 
Hall Major Henry, w Lexington st e of Cove 
Hall VVm. W. attorney at law, Fayette st w of St. 

Paul's, dw Conway st near Jefferson row 
Hall Samuel, blacksmith, Gold's row near Mont- 
gomery st 
Hall J(iseph, shoemaker, Eden st near Wilk 
Hall VVm. cedar cooper, 241 w Baltimore st 
Hall mrs C. F. tailoress, 83 n Howard st 
Hall mrs Eliza, Saratoga st w of Calvert 
Hall Doctor R. W. 1(3 Lexington st nearly oppo- 
site w end of Athenseum 
Hall Richard H. inspector of tobacco, 129 Han- 
over St. warehouse 3 F-ic^ht st wharf 
Hall John, apothecary, 31 w Pratt st 
Hall & Co. dry goods merchants, 195 w Balti- 
more st 
Hall Charles, dry goods mer. 121 Baltimore st 
Hall Thomas, dry goods store, 103 Baltimore st 
Hall Andrew, merchant, 84 Bowly's wharf 
Hal'l Charles, merchant, dw s Frederick st near 

Second st 
Hall W. A. tailjor, 35 e Water st 
tHall Hannah, Vvasher, German st w of Green 
tHall Peter, laborer, s Eutaw st 
tHall Jacob, Mechanic's court in High st 
tHall John, drayman. Pearl st near Mulbeny 
tHall Charles, drayman, Pierce st near Pearl 
tHall Francis, seaman, Hillen st 
tHall Wm. tanner, 138 n Exeter st 
tlldU mrs Rebecca, washwoman, 104 French st 
tHall Joseph, blacksmith, Beuren st near Monu- 
tHall Danie', waiter, 9 Salisbury alley 
tHall Nancy, washwoman, 18 Salisbury st 
tHall Arthur, drayman. Painters' court 
tHall Jacob, vvaiter~"tlamillon st 
tHall Joseph, drayman, Chapel alley 


tHall John, laborer, Moore's lane near Eulaw st 

{[lull John, tanner, East st n of Pitt 

fHiill Snrah, alley rear of Caroline st 

•fHa!) Dinah, Salisbury st 

tHall Win. porter, Biddle st near Ross 

ijHall Adam, Park lane near Hampton st 

tHall Jane, 80 French st 

tHall IMoses, carpenter, Scott st near Camden 

tHall Edward, carter, Star alley 

tHall Hannah, cor Apple alley and Pinkney 6t 

Halley Micha?!, laborer, Madison st 

lialmankir John C. grocery and liquor store, s\v 
cor Wilk and Spring sts 

Halpon Sc Murphy, grocers, cor Mulberry and 
Pine st 

tHalter James, 42 Union st 

tHalter Catherine, washwoman, Biddle alley 

Halwadt Charles, clerk in mechanics' bank, s Eu- 
taw st near Lombard 

Ham Francis, cooper, Falls av near Pratt st 

Ham John, victualler, Union st near Ross 

jHambleton Tobias, drayman, Howard st near 
Lee st 

Hambleton Thomas E. 20 n Paca st 

Hamelin Francis, hat and fancy cap store, 66 
w Pratt st 

Hamild mrs. 41 Union st 

Hamdl Alex, grocer, NW cor High and Pitt sts 

Hamill James, grocer, nw cor High and e Bal- 
timore sts 

Hamill Jacob, cooper, n Exeter st near French 

Hamill Robert, weaver. Sterling st 

Hamill VVm. F. cabinet maker, 30 German st 

Hamilton Thomas B. clerk, n Caroline st near 

Hamilton Patrick, carpenter, s Howard st near 
Pratt st 

Hamilton James, jr. dry goods merchant, 58 Lex- 
ington st 

Hamilton Wm. principal young ladies' semina- 
rv, Saratoga near Calvert st 

Hamilton Andrew, dry goods merchant, 359 IJal- 
more st 

Hamilton Evan, clerk, Paca st near Cider alley 

Hamilton Thomas, dw 16 Paca st 

■to H AN 83 

Hamilton Philip H. carpenter, s Howard Et near 

Hamilton Jane, grocery, cor of Alice Anna and 

Caroline st 
Hamilton John, laborer, 46 Front st 
Hamilton Vim. collector, 70 French st 
Hamilton Rev. Wm. 34 n Exeter st 
Hamilton James, grocery, ne cor of Exeter and 

French sts 
Hamilton Geo. E Water st 
Hamilton mrs Eliza, Charles st w of Henrietta 
Hamilton John A. dry goods merch. 159 Baltim. 

St. dw 57 E Baltim. st 
Hamilton Thomas, grocer, Potter st betw Low 

and Dougla-s 
Hamilton mrs Marv, marketwoman, lyson Bt 
Hamilton James, of Customhouse, dw Biddle et 

near Penn. avenue 
Hamilton Hugh, carter, Baltimore st near Cove 
Hamilton Wm. waterman, Hill st e of Charles 
Hamilton Thomas, ship carpenter, 18 Philpot 8t 
tHamilton Fanny, Low st near Exeter 
tHamilton Polly, 17 s Charles st 
Hammer Gottfred, importer of German and tan- 

cy goods, 226 Baltimore st. dw Paca st 
Hammer John, clerk. Grant st near ^Yate^ 
Hammerslev mrs Catharine, toyshop, 61 1^ ront st 
Hammick Jacob, ladies' shoemaker, 5 German st 
Hammond mrs Jane, boarding house, 18 Hano- 
ver st 
Hammond Doctor, cor Liberty and Fayette s 3 
Hammond miss Sarah, SGrundy row nearBidd le st 
Hammond Joseph, tin plate ^- sheet iron worker, 
40 w Pratt st. dw Montgomery st near 
Charles ^ , r c i. 

Hammond mrs Mary A. Harford av n of Scotch- 
burn's rope walk 
Hammond John L. lottery merchant, dw Hanover 

st near German lane 
Hampton Levi, shoemaker, n Paca near New st 
Hanan John, attorney at law, 64 sw cor High and 
Pratt sts. office NW corner Fayette and bt. 
Paul's sts . r Li 1 L 

Hanaway Washington, proprietor of black horse 
ne cor High & Low sts 





Hancock capt R. E. Pratt st near Harford run 
Hancock A. collector, Holland st near Eden 
Hancock A. grocery and liquor store,n Lexington 

st opposite iheFish Market 
Hand Edward, victualler, Silver st nearn Eden 
Hand Alexander, boot and slioeniaker, 53 Eutavv 
Hand Thomas R. Penn. av n of George st 
Hand Jacob, bricklayer, Columbia st 
Handing J. carpenter, n Gay st near Aisquith 
Hmdley Valentine, cor Eutavv st and Bottle alley 
Hands Wm. G. clerk, e Water st Hamilton's row 
Handy Islimael, laborer, 5 York avenue 
Handy Edward H. boot maker, Saratoga st w of 

Pine st 
Handy Doctor Wm. W. Pratt st e of Sharp 
tHandy James, laborer, Peace alley 
H uies Daniel, carter, 5 Block st 
Hanes James, shoemaker, Temple st near Balti- 
Haney John, pilot, Ann st near Gough 
Haney James, turner, 9 Fleet st 
Haney William, watchman, William st 
Haney Charles, watchman, s Charljs near Hen- 
rietta st 
Hangsworth Daniel, pile driver. Hill st w of 

Hankey Josepli, millwright, 24 Albermarle Bt 
Hanna James, carter, 09 Albeimarle st 
Hanna William, stone sawyer, Potter st 
Haniia mrs Elizabeth, Sarah Ann st near Cove 
Hanna Simon, blacksmilii, Busy alley 
Hanna mrs Ann, Fleet st near Apple alley 
Hanna A. J. &. Co. lottery and exchanije ofEce, 

cor Gay and Baltimore st 
Hanna mrs ]6 s Calvert st 
Hannam George, seaman, Argyle alley w end 
Hannamon mrs Sarah, Front st near Hillen 
PLinnon Arrinette, Argyle alley near VVilk st 
Hanshaw mr bookseller in the arcade, dw e Wa- 
ter st near Marsh market 
Hanson William H, Water st e of Exeter 
Hanson Henry shoemaker, n Gay st near Ais- 
Hanson mrs Mary Ann, boarding house, c end 
Alice Anna st 

Hanson Thomas, merchant, 45 Commerce st, dw 

45 Pratt st 
fHanson James, sawyer, Guilford alley 
tHanson Milly, Grant st 
|Hanson Edney, East st n of Pitt 
fHanson Isaac, laborer, 230 n Gay st 
Hanthorn Thomas, laborer, Cross st near William 
Hanzsche J. T. printer, 69 n Liberty st 
tianzsche J. G. bookseller and stationer, Union 

Arcade, Marsh Market space 
Harbaugh B- grocery & liquor store, nwcor Pratt 

and Albermarle sts 
Harbon T. oyster and beer house, opposite Bellz- 

hoover's hotel Light st 
Harden Ann, grocer. Star alley 
Harden William dry goods merchant, 64Lexing> 

ton st 
Harden Samuel, carter, Baltimore st near Cove 
Harden Pipen, blacksmith, s Charles st near 

Harden Samuel & Co. dry goods merchants, 197 

Baltimore st. dw Camden st w of Sharp 
JHarden John, porter, Lerew's alley 
JHarden Mary, Centre st 
JHarden Sampson, waiter. Centre st w of St. 

tHarden James, boot black, under 9 s Calvert st 
Hardester Benjamin, sail maker, e Pratt st near, 

s Exeter st 
Hardester Jacob, sail maker, 67 Front st 
Hardester Rawlings, 71 w Pratt st 
Hardester & Hooper.sailmakers, 97 Rowly's wharf, 

dw B. Hardester, Pratt st between High and 

Exeter st 
Hardesty miss Ann, confectioner shop, Charletst 

near Pratt 
Hardesty Henry, 81 n Exeter st 
Hardesty John, proprietor of carriages, 126 High 

Hardesty Joseph, machinist, Green st e of Paca 
tHardey Andrew, waiter, 1 Forest st 
Hardican John, cooper, J2 Tripolet's alley 
Harding mrs Ann, seamstress, Harford avenue 
Harding Samuel, carpenter, Harford avenue , 
Harding William, laborer, Park lane 


Harding Wm. auctioneer, Swan st 
tHarding James, boot black, Gallows Hill 
tHarding Sandy, farmer, Pearl st betvv. Saratoga 

and Lexington 
tHarding Thomas, blacksmith, Short st 
Hardy William, carter, Covest s of Market 
Hardy John, butcher, Columbia st 
JHardy Abigail, Chesnut alley 
fHardy Samuel, carter. Park lane 
tHardy Abram, waiter, 11 n Exeter, st 
fHardy Thomas, blacksmith, Ruxton st 
tHardy Risen, Long alley 

Hare Thomas, laborer. Forest st near Penitentiary 
Hare Peter, trunk maker, Coiistitutiou st n of 

Hare Jacob, tobacconist, 40 n High st 
Hareford Michael, seaman, 26 Fleet st 
Harford rnrs Mary, nvv cor I^ovv and Exeter s(s 
Hargrove Rev. John, rector of New Jerusalem 

church, sw cor Exeter and Baltimore sts 
Harigan Andrew, tailor, 40 East st 
Haring mrs. Elizabeth, 72 Albermarle st 
Harkens Wm. painter, Potter st near Pitt 
Harker mrs Elizabeth, grocer. Gallows hill 
Harker James, huxfer, York avenue 
Harker Samuel, editor Baltim. Republican, dw 

30 Hillen st 
Harkness M. weaver. Rock st near Lexington 
Harley Joseph VV. innkeeper, 21 Thames st 
Harman John M. 11 n High st 
Harman George, copper roller, Granby st near 

Harford run 
Harman J^aniel, tailor, Hartford near e Baltimore 
Harman John, boot and shoe maker, 34 w Pratt st 
Harman George, boot and shoemaker, Hanover st 

n of Pratt st 
Harman mrs fringe weaver, Uhler's alley 
Harman Samuel, confectioner, 70 n Howard st 
Harman George, shoemaker, 107 Camden bt 
Harner Charles, cooper. Centre lane 
Harney EphraimR. teacher, Franklin st. near 

Harp Peter, blacksmith, Eden st near Wilk 
Harper Presbury, shoemaker, nw cor e Balti- 
more and Spring st 




Harper Thomas,tailor,l*aca st near Gen. Wayne's 

Harr John K. com. merchant, 91 Bowly's wharf 
Harril Peter J. rigger, 110 Wolf st n end 
Harringbold mrs Margaret, mantuamaker, n 

Sharp st 
Harrington mrs Ann, grocer, GO Light st 
Harrington Otis, grocer, Penn av. near Franklin 
st and sw cor of Pine st and Chesnut alley, 
dw 8 Pine st betvv Franklin &. Green st 
Harrington Thomas, boot & shoemaker, 99 En- 

sor st 
Harris Daniel, plasterer, 4GBond st 
Harris Wm. H. carpenter, 51 Front st 
Harris mrs H. plain and fancy dress maker,5 n 

Gay st near the Bridge 
Harris Samuel, Montgomery st near Federal hill 
Harris Samuel, exchange broker, Barre st near 

Harris G. oyster and porter cellar keeper, cor 

Hanover nnd Camden sts 
Harris Wm. comb, jewelry and fancy store, 174 

w Baltimore st 
Harris John W. men's mercer and tailor, 174 

Baltimore st 
Harris George, teacher, Mercer st * 

Harris Samuel com. mer exchange building, dw 

Barre st w of Hanover 
Harris Edward S. ship carpenter. 54 Fleet st 
Harris Gideon H. carpenter, n Eden st near Hol- 
land st 
Harris James, tailor, Lee st w of Light 
Harris col. David, 20 Saratoga st 
Harris Wm. carpenter, cor Calvert and Saratoga 

stsdw 51 Front st 
Harris Samcel, carpenter, Barnet st near Sharp 
Harris John F. justice of peace, secretary of turn- 
pike company, 8 Fayette st e of St. Paul's 
fHarris Edward, gardner, Sarah Ann st extended 
fHarris Nelson, carter, Saratoga st extended 
fHarris Samuel, brickmaker, Hill st e of Sharp 
tHarris Richard, seaman, 59 Pitt st 
fHarris Geo. blacksmith, 7 Potter Bt 
fHarris Robert, laborer, 61 Potter st 
fHarris Cecilia, washwoman; Douglass st 





tHariis Joseph, carter, Orleans st near the run 

tHarris Moses, laborer, Douglass st 

tHarris Frederick, laborer,Lo\v st near Belle Air 

tHarris Theodore, drayman, Addison st near High 
tHirris Ddui'^!, bricklayer, Slialvspeare near Bond 
til iiri,-> Jacoi), seaman, \v Conway st 
tH-i.Tis iii.iiaii, Collese allev near Mulberry st 
tH .rris Jacoi), seaman, Conway st near Howard 
tHarnd Edward, ship carpenter, Strawberry alley 
trfirns Stephen, Short si w side 
tHarris Leon, gardener, Baltimore st w of Cove 
tHnrris iJenjainln, hair dresstr, 13 s Howard st 
tclarn.'S Jacob, laborer, Davis st near Bath 
tHarris Iticliard, drayman, German lane 
Harrison iNalhan, commission merch. 35 Gay st. 

d.v Salisbury si near Exeter 
Harrison Joshua K. innkeeper Columbia gardens, 

E Baltimore st 
Harrison rnrs fciiizabelh, cor e Baltimore &. Exe- 
ter sis 
Harrison mrs Martha, seamstress, French st 
Harrison miss 11. milliner, 65 Hillen st 
Harrison VVm. secondhand cloiher, Second st. 

dw Sterling st 
Harrison Thomas T. Pascault's row near Lexing- 
ton st E of Pine 
Harrison Wm. Park lane near Amity st 
Harrison mrs Mary M, nurse, Bank near Market 
Harrison mrs Lydia, oyster cellar, cor Pratt and 

Charles sts 
Harrison & Co. com. merchants, 197 Baltimore st 
Harrison & Brother, dry goods merchants, 173 

Baltimore st 
Harrison Benjamin, dry goods merchant, 155 Bal- 
timore st 
Harrison Frederick, dw cor Sharp and Camden 
Harrison Wm. N. second hand clothes and book 

s'.ore, 27 s Frederick st 
Harrison Nathan, commission agent, 35 s Gay st 

dw Salisbury st 
Harrison &. Sterrett, auctioneers and com. mer- 
chants, O'Donnell's wharf 
Harrison mrs Ann, ^0 w Fayette st 
Harrison Jeremiali, merchant tailor, 60 n Howard 

Harrison misses Susan, Araminta and Elizabeth, 

private boarding house 97 Hanover st 
Harrison Thomas, dry goods merchant, 45 Bal- 
timore St. 
Harrison A. B. flour and grocery merchant, 10 

Light st wharf, dw Charles st 
Harrison Thomas, house carpenter, Alice Anna 

near Ann st 
Harrison capt. Joshua K. innkeeper, Columbia 

garden, e Baltimore st 
Harrisorr C. house of refreshment, centre city 

Harrison mrs Sarah, tailoress, 13 Gough st 
Harrison Robert H. dry goods merchant, 55 n 

Howard st 
Harrison Charles, dry goods store, 9 Liberty st 
Harrison Thotnas K. 25 Alice Ann st 
Harrison R. ship carpenter, 11 Lancaster st 
Harrison Edward, ship carpenter, 4 Block st 
Harrison miss Mary, sw cor Caroline and Pratt 
Harrison John W. men's mercer and tailor, 174 

Market st. dw co- Green and German sts 
Harrison Wm. VV. farmer, Montgomery st near 

Harrison Heorge, painter, Light st 
tHarrison Rachel, washer, Cross st 
tHarrison Catherine, Light st n of Cross 
tHarrison R. washer, w Baltimore st w of Cove 
tHarrison John, boot black, McClellan's alley 
tHarrison Nicholas, Davis st near Bath 
fHarrison VVm. blacksmith, Cove st 
Harriwood mrs Barbara, Granbystnear Harford 

Harrod Henry, shipping master, 74 Ann st 
Harrod mrs Ann, teacher, 21 n Exeter st 
Harrod John J. publisher, bookseller and station- 
er, 172 Baltimore st. dw 10 St. Paul's st 
tHarrod Benj. laborer,Painters' court near Pitt st 
tHarrod Elijah, laborer, Busy alley 
Harry man David, painter, 51 n Exeter st 
Harryman Wm. D. tobacconist, se cor Elisor & 

East st 
Hart Archibald & Co. wholesale dealers in dry 
goods, 209 Baltimore st. dw of A. H. 78 w 
Pratt st 





Hart Charles, dry goods merchant, 57 n Lexing- 
ton St 
Hart Solomon, clothing store, 33 Baltimore st 
Hart Samuel, grocery and liquor store, cor Sara- 
toga and N Gay sts 
Hart Junes, sail maker, Ann st near Alice Anna 
Hirt Cornelius N. J. shoemaker, 145 French st 
H irt Joseph, keeper penitentiary near York av 
Hart Asa, carpenter, Moniunenl st near Elisor 
Hart John, farmer, near Lanvale cotton fac- 
tory \v of Belviilere bridge 
Hart n>rs'CiitheiMie, Biddle st near Ross 
H.irt^ John, waiter, Franklin st extended 
Hartley Susan, tailoress, Castle alley, near Gard- 
ner's ship yard 
Hartley James, tavern keeper, cor Hreen and Bal- 
timore sts 
Hartley James, blacksmith, Montgomery st E of 

Harliuff James, brickmaker, Light st extended 
Hariluff Mr. brickmaker, Charles st 
Hartman Samuel, clerk in shoe store, Mulberry 

st near Pine 
Hartman Daniel, house carpenter, 62 Front st 
Hartmire Henry, butcher, Reisterstoun road 
Hartshorn Limus, whitewasher, Penn av 
Harvey capt James, cor of VVilk st k. Star alley 
Harvey Charles P. shoemaker, 36 Low st 
Harvey Patience, seamstress. Sugar alley 
Harvey Burgess, copper refiner, Barre st near 

Wilk st 
Harvey Thomas, collar maker, Baltimore st e of 

Harvey Thomas, grocery and liquor store, Park 

st s of Saratoga 
Harvey James, dry goods store, cor of Hanover 

and Pratt sts 
Harvey Joshua, dry goods merchant, 60 Hanover 

Harwick mrs Elizabeth, 20 New st 
Harwood John T. shoemaker, 3 Douglass st 
Harwood Thomas, grocery and flour merchant, 

117 n Howard st 
Harwood mrs Barbara, Granby st between Gough 
st and Harford run 

Harwood James, dw 1^0 n Howard st 
Harwood James, merchant and judge Orphans' 

court, 70 St. Paul's st 
Harwood &. Sleuart, grocers and commission mer- 
chants, 3 Light st wharf, dw of J. H. St. 
Paul's st near Frankim 
Hased Henry, seaman. Spring ?t near Wilk 
Haskell Julm, inacliiiie card manufacturer 102 w 

Pratt St. 
Haslam Joliu St Sons.blacksrniths, South st. Joiin, surgeon. Pleasant st e oI Calvert 
Hdslam Samuel, blacksmith, N Calvert near 

Franklin st 
Has'er Thorn. cooper,Bishop's alley near Alber- 

ma lie st 
tHasIer John, victualler, Halfmoon alley 
Haslett James, jr. grocer, 6 w Pratt st 
Haslett James, sen. 28 e Water 
Haslett Thomas, grocer, me cor Orleans and 

Short sts 
Haslup Rezin, coach smith, 10 n Frederick st 
Haslup Jesse, coach smith, 21 Harrison st. dw 

Aisquith st n of Holland 
Haslup mrs Ann, 2d hand clothier, 38 Second st 
Hdssard Thomas, carpenter, cor St. Paul's stand 

Dark lane 
Hasson John, grocer and commission mer. 108 

Dugan's wharf 
Haswell John W. 44 Potter st 
Hatchinson John, clerk, Montgomery st 
Hatchinson Benj. shoemaker, Wolf st near Wilk 
Hatch mrs Lydin, Franklin row 
Hatch Nathaniel, shoemaker Franklin row 
Hathaway John, Lombard st near s Eutaw 
Hatsock mrs Mary, cake shop, Richardson st 
Hatter mrs. York avenue 
Haiton Keziah, 75 Ensor and Hillen st 
Hatton Elizabeth, widow, Argyle alley near Lan- 
caster st 
Hatton mrs Ellen, seamstress, 15 Temple st 
Hatton Caleb, carpenter, 163 French st 
Hatton Aquilla, carpenter, Hillen st near Front, 

dw Aisquith st near Low 
Hatton H. painter, 26 e Pratt st 





Hatton mrs Abby, Ensor st 
Haubert Henry, tailor, Saratoi^a st near Pine 
Haubert John, black smitli, 130 Eutaw st 
Haughey rhomas, grocer, cor Pearl & Pierce sts 
Hauk VV m. house carpenter, Caroline near Fraltst 
Haulsey mrs Margaret, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Haupt John M. cigar maker, Paca st near Cider 

Hauptrnan John, watchman, Charles st near 

Havel Frederick, drayman, Fall st near Beuren 
Havvkms Samuel W. Hask maker, Sugar alley 
llawkms John, shoemaker, Ensor st near Monum. 
Hawkins Al. blacksmith, Alice Anna near 

Ann sts 
Hawkins Edward, 2 New Church st 
Hawkins John, laborer, Peace alley 
Hawkins mrs Mary, 12 n Paca st 
fHawkms Frederick, sawyer, Spring near Gough 
THawkins Peter, Eutaw st opposite Peace alley 
fHawley Philip, laborer, Fort road 
Hawkey Lyman, agent Ibr Stockton & Stokes, 132 

N Eutaw st 
tHawsey Dunard, sawyer, Guilford allev 
Hawthorn Moses, shuttle maker, Frankfin st ext. 
Hay mrs Harriett, s Paca st 
Hay Jesse wheelwright, Baltim. st vv of Cove 
Hay mrs Barbara, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Hay Daniel, bootmaker, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Hay mrs Martha, 35 n High st 
Hayburn Mr. shoemaker, Cove st near Saratoga 
Hayden Horace H. dentist, sw cor Mulberry and 

Charles sts 
Hayden E. P. attorney at law, 6 Courtland st 
Hayes James, painter, Pratt near Caroline st 
Hayes Wm. victualler, Beard st near Caroline 
Hayes James, house and sign painter, Dutch al- 

Jey, vv of Howard st 
• Hayes Simeon.constable, cor St. Paul and Ham- 
ilton sts 
Hayes Robert, n Sharp st near Lexington 
Hayes John, shoemaker, cor Hanover and Lom- 
bard sts 
Hayes mrs Maria B, widow, Market st near Wilk 
Hayes Joseph, blacksmith, Mott st w of n Gay 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, Cathedral st 
Hayes Jam. waterman, Montgomery st w of Light 
Hayman James, clerk, 12 Commerce st 
Hays Wm. grocer and Flour merchant, cor 
franklin and Howard sts. dw Howard st 
near Centre 
Hays David, 134 n Howard st 
Hays mrs Sarah, 49 Pitt st 
Hays Wm. victualler, Pitt st E end 
Hays mrs Mary, Wagun alley w of Park st 
Hays Wm. victualler, Pitt st e end 
tHays Cato, Little Pleasant st near College alley 
Hiyward John, accountant, 19 German tct 
tHnyward Edward, porter, Lerew's alley 
tHaywaru Rachel, cook, Plowman stnearAlber. 
t Hazard John, blacksmith, Bank lane 
Hazelhurst mrs Frances,Franklin st Eof St. Paul's 
HazletHiigh, plane maker, 18 New Church st 
Heald Wm. tobacco manufacturer, 19 Marsh 

Market Space 
Heald Jacob & Co. tobacco merchants, 2 Spear's 

Healy mrs Ann, 44 n Front st 
Heaps J. cake shop, Potter st near Low 
Heard John, grocer and liquor store, n\v cor For- 
rest & Hills lane 
Heartie J. T. e Pratt st near High 
Heath Daniel, clerk, Low st near Aisquith 
Heath James P. se cor Saratoga & Pine sts 
Heath Upton S. attorney at law, dw 15 Lexington 

st office 28 St. Paul's 
tHeath Bessy, washer. Honey alley 
Hebb R. H. &, H. F. dry goods merchants, 51 n 

Howard st. dw R. Hebb, vv Saratoga st 
Hebden Wm. stone mason, n Eutaw st 
Hebner Samuel, confectioner, vv Mulberry st near 

Eutaw st 
Hebrews Stephen, 24 w Lexington st 
Hebrews Wm. sawyer,Aigyle alley near Wllk st 
Heckrotte Wm. proprietor of Fountain inn, sw 

cor of Camden and Charles sts 
Heddinger Daniel, house carpenter, Caroline near 

Baltimore st 
Heddinger mrs Catherine, cor n Caroline and 
Hamstead st 





Hedrick Thomas, sail maker, (firm of Buck and 
Hedrick, dw Prait st s side, near Har. run 
Hedrick Richard, cordwainer, 6 Douglass st 
Heffner Edward, plasterer, Montgomery st w of 

Heighe Beiijumin M. attorney at law, office ma- 
sonic hall, Court-house lane 
Heighe mrs Jane, 101 Hanover st 
Heigeshaminer Christopher, blacksmith, Castle al. 
Heineken C. A. & Schumacker merchants, 12 s 

Charles st 
Helbrum Michael, watchmaker and silversmith, 

33 Franklin st 
Helfenstein rev. Albert, pastor of German re- 
formed church, Second st. dw adjoining the 
Helm Samuel, rope maker, Ann st near Gough 
Helm mrs. Isabella, shoe binder, 44 East st 
Helme Richard, ship carpenter, Fountain st 
Helmkin Aaron, sugar refiner, 9 Pine st near 

Helmling Anthony, block and pump maker, Cal- 
houn alley, dw Lee st wof Light 
Helmling John, clerk, corEutaw st&. Carpenter's 

Hemling mrs Rachel, tailoress, n Paca st 
Helsbey mrs Hannah, seamstress, Hull's lane 
tHemsley Henny, Hawk st 

Henck Edward, dry goods merchant, 4 n Liberty 
Henderson Benjan)in, shoemaker, 163 Franklin 

Henderson John, grocer, 33 n Howard st 
Henderson John & Co. ship chandlers, 71 w 

Pratt st 
Henderson John, block and pump maker, cor 

Commerce and Pratt sis 
Henderson Henry, biscuit and cracker bake house, 

sc cor Pratt and Patterson sts 
Henderson Anthony, paver, 38 Alice Anna st 
Henderson Andrew F. J^ight st near Baltimore 
Henderson Thos. grocer 67 Pratt st dw s E.\eter 

near Wilk 
Henderson William, stone cutter, 6 s Exeter st 
Henderson John, block & pump maker, se cor. 
Commerce & Prati sts, 

Henderson Peter, shoemaker, 41 n Exeter st 
Henderson David, grocery & liquor store, Granby 

near Gough st 
Henderson Benjamin, boot &. shoe maker, Biddle 

st near Penn. avenue 
Henderson Andrew, laborer, Pierce st 
Henderson Samuel, carter, Pierce st near Cove 
Henderson Thomas, wholesale grocer and com. 

merchant, 76 w Pratt st 
Henderson James A. boot and shoemaker, 37 

South st 
Henderson Thomas, wholesale grocer, 76 w Pratt 
Hendry Thomas 1. shoemaker, Potter st near Pitt 
Hening Daniel, brick layer, cor Saratoga st and 

Lerew's alley 
Hennamon mrs Sarah, boarding house, Front st 

near the sign of bull's head 
Hennicks John C, saddler, Ensor st near East, 

dw Franklin st near Pearl 
Henniman Isaac, blacksmith Montgomery st 
Hennis mrs Mary, Hamstead st near Spring 
Henrickle George, cooper, Peace alley 
Henricks George, cooper, Lunn's lane 
Henry Henrietta, Howard st near Conway 
Henry Wm. L. carpenter, 28 Park st 
Henry Josepli, shoe maker. Bottle al wof Sharp 
Henry William, & Co. 8 s Charles st 
Henry Wm.dw 61 Green st 
Henry R. French consul, 40 s Gay st dw N Exe- 
ter betw. E Baltimore & Pitt 
Henry mrs Nancy, seamstress, ne cor Exeter & 

Pitt sts 
Henry Jacob, bacon seller, cor Fayette & Pine sts 
Henry William, auctioneer & commission mer. 

61 Green st 
Henry David, rope maker, cor Charles st and 

Sugar alley 
Henshall James, "shoemaker, Beuren st e side 
Henshaw, rev. J. P. K. rector of St. Peter's church, 

Sharp st near German 
f Henson mrs Light st near Cross 
tHenson John, blacksmith, Bottle alley near Eu- 

taw st 
Herg John, shoemaker, nw cor Caroline and 
Gough sts 


HER to- 


Hergesheimer Charles, blacksmith, w side Wolfst 
Heritage Thomas, carter, Caroline st near Bank; 
Herhng George, grocery & liquor store, cor of 

Charles st & Honey alley 
Heron Alexander, 16 Baltimore st 
Heron James & Alexander,(Jry goods merchants, 

swcor Market space and Baltimore st 
Herring & Inghram, tobacco and snuff manufac- 

turers, 17 Marsh Market space 
Herrmg Henry, lumber yard, City Block. 
Herring J. watchman, cor William '& Cross sts 
Hersch Martm, glass blower, Federal HHI 
Hesim mrs Harriet, grocer, Croys st near William 
HesJip & Jefferson, boot and shoemakers 44 Bal- 
timore St. ihv W'm. Jefferson, 7 Lexington 
between Charles and Liberty sts 
Hess Joseph, keeper of Calvert st city spring 
Hess Samuel, carpenter, Wagon alley, w of How- 
ard st 

Hess Jos. cooper, sw cor Green and German sts 
±lessler Richard, cooper, se cor William and 

Cross sts 
Heston mrs Nancy, seamstress 5 Tyson st 
Hetner mrs, Penn. avenue near Union st 
Heverly Henry, butcher. Light st s of West 
Havener Samuel, confectioner, cor Eutaw and 

Mulberry sts 
+Hew Samuel, laborer. Potter st near Low 
He well Lewis, tobacconist. Wagon alley, near 

Park st 

Hewes mrs Rachel T. Eutaw st s of Carpenter's 

Hewes James, carter, Gallows Hill 
Hewes & Norris, tea dealers and grocers. 33 w 

Pratt st 
Hewes John [L tanner, York avenue 
Hewitt James C. printer, East st near French 
Hewitt J. H. 44 n Gay st 
Hewitt E. currier, 47 Marsh Market space 
Hewiitt John Q. leather and hide dealer, 50 cor 

Calvert and Lombard sts. dw Eutaw st N 

of Carpenter's alley 
Hibner John, lock smith, IBottle alley 
Hibner Augustus, lock smith, 155 Howard st 

Hibs mrs Catherine, mantuamaker, Allice Anna 

stnear Strawberry alley 
Hichew Samuel, house joiner, Granby st near 


Hickley & While, grocers & produce merchants 

sw cor Eutaw and Franklin sts ' 

Hickley R(jbert, (firm ofdo.) dw C8 w Saratoga st 

Hickley & Gross, hardware & iron iner. nw cor 

Gay ScFront sts, & 66 Gay st 
Hickley Robert J. hatter, cor Franklin st and 

Penn avenue 
Hickman N. bookbinder, cor Baltimore and Hol- 

liday sts. dw 8 High st 
Hickman Henry, chair maker, East st near Hillen 
Hickman John, laborer, 151 French st 
Hicks Geo. grocery &, liquor store se cor Aisquith 

st and flull's lane 
Hicks Reuben, cooper, n Gay st near Mott 
Hicks Rebecca, Mulberry st near Pine 
Hicks mrs Margaret, boarding house 52 Gough st 
tHicks Emanuel, Sawyer, Barre st near Sharp 
tHicks Milley, St Paul's st n of Hamilton st 
tHicks T, grocer, 38 n PVederick st 
Higby mrs Elizabeth, scourer, Holland st near 

the run 
Higginbotham Charles, tailor, Argvie alley 
Higgiiibotham mrs. se cor Exeter & Salisbury sts 
Higginbotham, Wm. seaman, Argyle alley near 

Alice Anna st 
Higgins Edw druggist, dw Pearl st n of Saratoga 
Higgins capt. Asa, 13 Caroline row, Caroline st 
Higgins mrs Susanna, grocer, cor Caroline & 

Beard sts 
Higgins Edward, confectioner store, 31 w Pratt st 
Higgins, Daniel, huckster, Ruxton st 
High George R. painter, 45 n High st 
High David, bricklayer, Biddle alley 
High Samuel, painter, Chesnut alley 
Higham John, lime stone merchant, n Eutaw st 

opposite 'Wagon alley 
Highson Solomon, Welcome alley 
Hight mrs Jane, seamstress, Caroline st near 

Hight Wm. painter, 100 Eutaw st 





Hij^ht Joseph, painter, Peace alley 
Higlit Janies, laborer, Mill st near Pratt 
tllii^hl DavifJ, seaman, Bishop's al. near Stiles St 
fHiglit Jos Sawyer, Bounl}- lane near Springs! 
fliy;net John, hrick maker, Scott st 
Hihcook mrs Elizabeth, Holland st near Eden 
tHiland Lazarus, alley e of William st s of Cross 
Hilberg VVm. merchant tailor, 118 Baltimore st 
Hilbert Henry, cor Fayette & Pearl sts 
Hildeb'-and John, blacksmith, York avenue 
Hildebrant Andw. coidwainer. Hill st s of Light 
Hilditch Peter, innkeeper, 24 Bond st 
Hildreth Cunnnins, stone cutter, \v Pratt st w of 

Chatsworth run 
Hill Win. grocer, cor Wilk st & Argyle alley 
Hill Thomas G. clerk, 72 From st 
Hill Alex, grocery & liquor store, 6 w Pratt st 
Hill mrs Margaret, w Falls avenue 
JHill Susan, French alley 
tHill Thomas carter, Welcome alley 
tHill Samuel, drayman, Pierce st e of Cove 
tHill Joshua, laborer, Salisbury st w of Har. run 
tHill Charles, porter, Painters' alley 
tHill Henrietta, East st n of Pitt 
tHill Edward, drayman. Pierce st near Cove 
tHill T. vv Baltimore st w of Cove 
}Hill,L. carter, Hill st near Howard 
tHillars Samuel, coach maker, Park st s of Lex- 
tHillary Ambrose, hair dresser, e Water st near 

Market space 
Hillen John Pitt st opposite Potter 
tHilliard Thomas, 40 Ross st 
Hillock Stephen, cor Howard and Madison sts 
Hilton George, laborer. Spring al near e Bait, st 
Hilton & Sutton, nieich. tailors. 35 Baltimnre st 
dw W. W. Hilton, 45 Baltimore st near 
Hilton m'-s. Lydia, tailoress. Potter st near Low 
Hilton mrs Maiiha, seamstress Mott st w side 
Hincal Conrad, shoemaker, Columbia st w end 
Hinchliffe Abram, woollen carpet factory, n Pot- 
ter st near French 
Hinchliffe John, paver, n Gay st 
Hinds James, tin smith, 21 Mercer st 

Hinds Conrad, dyer & carpet weaver, Columbia 

st near chemical factory 
Hinds Moses, currier, 10 Water st. 
Hinds John, stone mason, 78 Sharp st 
Hineker F. H. cigar maker, 21 Commerce st 
tHineman Daniel, grain carrier, Forrest st 
Hmer Samuel, butcher, e Pitt st near n Eden 
tHnier Jacob, butcher, Harford st near Holland 
Hines Thomas, silver smith, 17 Albemarle st 
Hines Keziali, tailoress, 41 Pitt st 
Hiues Samuel, hatter, St. Paul's st s of Centre 
Hines mrs Mary, Hollingsworth st s of Water 
Hines mrs Rosanna, Barre st w of Sharp 
Hines Joseph, hatter, Hollingsworth st s of Water 
Hines Daniel, carter, 5 Block st 
Hines Jas. shoemaher. Temple st near Baltimore 
tHines Debby, n E.xeter near Gay 
Hinkle Conrad, shoe maker, Columbia st w end 
Hinkle C lamb tavern, cor Franklin & Paca sts 
Hinkley Edward, attorney at law, 8 Athenaeum 
Lexington st, dw w Lexington st near Pine 
Hinks mrs Mary, boarding house, over 162 w Pratt 
Hinks mrs. Mary, Baltimore st betw Charles and 

Hinks mis 16 w Pratt st 

Hinks Joseph, shoemaker, Bottle alley 

Hinks mrs Julia Ann, Bottle alley 

tHinson Joseph, sawyer, Eden st near Pitt 

tHinson James drayman, 38 East st 

tHinson Nelly, washer. Concord st 

Hinton Thomas, saddler, 56 N Frederick st 

Hintze Doctor, 15 s Gay st 

Hipkitis Samuel, hatter, 185 French st 

llipwell mrs Sarah, 34 Park st 

Hirst Jno. porter & oyster cellar, ne cor Charles 
and Baltimore sts, dw 30 New Church st 

Hiser Henry, merchant, Mulberry st s side near 

Hiser, Nichola.'', carter, Biddle st near Penn. av. 

Hiskey Joseph, piano Ibrte manufactary, 50 N 
Howard st 

Hiskey Joseph, cabinet maker, Park st s of Lex- 

Hiss Philip, (firm of Hiss & Austin,) dw 67 w 
Fayette st 





Hisky Joseph, piano ware room, 2nd story of 

106 Baltimore st 
Hiss Thos. D. furniture factory, 2 Grant st & 6 

s Calvert at 
Hiss Benjamin, currier, 3 Cheapside 
Hiss Jacob, lancy chair maker, s Gay st near 

Hiss Nicholas, house carpenter, Lloyd st near 

Hiss Benjamin, currier, Gay st opposite Belle Air 

Hiss miss Catherine, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Hissey Archibald, shingle dresser, William st 
Hissey nirs Jane, 22 Fayette st 
Hitchcock Elizabeth, cor Bond & Wilk sts 
Hitchcock Daniel, hack driver, Ensor st 
Hitchcock I. J. office of the American Farmer,&, 

Garden seeds store, 16 s Calvert st, d\v 72 

St. Paul's st 
Hitchcock mrs Mary. Forest st N of Ensor 
Hitchcock Elizabeth, Eden st 
Hitzelberger, Peter, jr. morocco dresser, Aisquith 

St. shop 9 Saratoga st 
Hitzelberger Baltzer, morocco dresser, shop e 

Saratoga st. dw cor Gay & Saratoga sis 
Hitzelberger Peter, jr. morocco dresser, Aisquith 

st 2nd door s of McElderry 
Hitzelberger Nicholas, stone cutter, near Wash- 
ington monument 
Hitzelberger John, house carpenter, Franklin 

row near Chatsworth st 
Hitzelberger & Sons, morocco dressers Saratoga 

near Gay st dw Gay st s of Saratoga 
Hitzelberger, Peter, skin dresser, 49 n Gay st 
Hixsoi) Job, innkeeper, 5 Centre Market Space 
Hixon John, hatter, Green st v of Mulberry 
Hobbs Sanmel, cabinet maker, George st near 

Hobbs Nicholas, carter, York avenue 
Hol)bs Joshua, carpenter, Vine alley w of Pine 
Hobbs James, blacksmith, 32 Park st 
Hobbs John, tanner, 32 Park st 
Hoburg mrs. Elizabeth, nw cor High &. Stiles sts 
Hoddinott S. lock smith and brass lounder, 61 n 

Gay st 

Hodgens John, shoe maker, Bottle alley w of 

Sharp st 
Hodges mrs. seamstress, 6 Commerce st 
Hodges Benjamin M. merchant, Lexington st w 

of Charles 
Hodgkinson John, chair maker, 32 Hanover st 
Hodgskiss mrs Ann, boarding house, 26 n Liberty 
Hoey John, shoemaker, cor Forest & French sis 

(\w Jonf's'tf falls 
Hoff John &t Jacob, victuallers, Hoffman st [near 

Pennsylvania avernie 
HofF John M. grocery & liquor store, cor Sharp 

and Lexington sts 
Hoff Lewis, shoemaker, 56 Camden st 
Hoffman George W. sugar refiner, 62 n Eutaw st 

dw s Eutaw st near l^ombard st 
Hoffman Charles &. Co. 279 w Baltimore st. dw 

cor Lexington and Foster alley 
Hoffman Daniel & Co. 15 s Howard st. dwJohn 

Hoffman, Eutaw st n of Pratt 
Hoffman Nicholas, Eager alley 
Hoffman Henry W. lottery and exchange office 

97 N Howard st ' 

Hoffman John, 23 Hanover st 
Hoffman George, ne cor Cathedral and Franklin 
Hoffman Samuel, (firm of Hoffman & Co.) dw 

corofSt. Paul and Mulberry sis 
Hoffman David, professor of law, in the Universi- 
ty of Maryland, dw Lexington st opposite 

Hoffman & Dobbin, attornies and counsellors at 

law, office, cor St. Paul's st and Dark lane 
Hoffman Peter, merchant, cor Lexington and St 

Paul's st 
Hoffman & Co. auctioneers and commission mer- 
chants, 5 N Charles st 
Hoffman S. O. (firm of Hoffman & Co.) dw cor 

Lexington and Courtland sts 
Hoffman Henry, laborer, 56 Camden st 
Hoffman mrs C. fancy goods and millinery store, 

43 Baltimore st 
Hoffman mrs Ann M. tailoress, 17 Potter st 
Hoffman mrs Margaret, seamstress. Cove st near 

Hoffman Daniel, Fayette st w of Pine 





Hoffman Charles, bacon merchant, Baltimore st 

between Eutaw &, Green, dw Lexington 

St E of Pearl 

Hoffman Michael, grocer, cor Lee 8t Hanover sts 

Hoffman Henry, shoemaker, Saratoga st betw. 

Pearl &, Green 
Hoffman Jeremiah, Franklin st E of Pine 
Hoffman L. laborer, Biddle al near Rossst 
Hoffman Gasp, carpenter, 7 Pine st near Fayette 
Hoffman Mr. 41 Union st 
Hoffman Aaron, butcher, Hookstown road 
Hogen John, laborer, Holliday st n of Bath 
Hogg James, carpenter, Eager alley 
Hogg John, grocer and liquor store, 13 Saratoga st 
Hogg Charles, carpenter, North st near Pleasant 
HogiX James, clerk, 19 n Exeter 
Hoggins Joseph, sawyer, Pierce st 
Hogiier Fieldmg, tin plate worker, 97 n Eutaw st 
Holbrook Edward, sea capt. 21 Thames st 
Holbrook Jacob, shoemaker, 55 Harrison st 
Holbrook capt. Joseph, 49 e Baltimore st 
Holbrook mrs Mary, grocer, Short st 
Holbrook Jacob, shoemaker, Harford avenue 
Hoiden Joseph, tanner, Hookstown road 
Holden Thomas, seaman, Shakespear st 
Holder Haimih 37 Harrison st 
Holl Enoch, weaver & dyer. Gallows hill 
Holland L. manufacturer of jewelry, silverware 

and spectacles, 13 St. Paul's sts 
Holland Patrick, grocer, n Lexington st opposite 

Fish Market 
Holland Wm. La Fayette tavern, n side Lexing- 
ton market 
Holland VVm. shoemaker, Park st s of Lexington 
Holland George, tavern keeper, 7 Hanover st 
Holland Joseph, proprietor Cheapside house, 

Water st w of South 
Holland Joshua, boot and shoemaker, 40 n Gay st 
Holland mrs Catherine, carpet vveaver,3 Potter st 
Holland James, tailor. Potter st n of Douglass 
Holland Joseph East st near Hillen 
Holland Patrick, grocer and liquor store, next to 

cor Green &- Lexington st 
Holland John, bricklayer, n Gay st near Mott 
Holland Jesse, cooper, Holland st near the run 


Holland Paul,carpenter,Pinkney st near Caroline 
tHolland Betsey, washer, Chatsworthst 
tHolland Milley, s Howard st 
tHolland Henry, boot & shoemaker, German st 
tHolland Dinah, Peace alley 
tHolland Nancy, Conway st 
tHolland Philip, shingle shaver, William st 
tHolland Joseph, sawyer, Park lane 
Holliday mrs Ruth, milliner, 29 Harrison st 
tHolliday Isaac, grocer, Saratoga st w of Gay 
tHolliday Benjamin, laborer, Biddle alley 
Hollingshead James, tobacco inspector, Hill st 

between Charles & Hanover sts 
Hollingshead Francis, seaman, 113 s Charles st 
Hollingshead John, seaman, ll3s Charles st 
Hollingsworth mrs Ann,Lexington st opposite the 

court house 
HoUingsworth mrs Mary, Lexington st near n 

HoUingsworth Willis,Lexington stnearK Charles 
HoUingsworth mrs Elizabeth, Green st n of Mul- 

HoUingsworth Isaac, grocer, nw cor Gay & High 

st*. dw High st 2d door s of Hillen st w side 
Hollins Wm. merchant, cor Chatsworth & Mul 

berry sts 
Hollins John S. Water st w of exchange buildings 
tHolliiis Luther, laborer, Sarah Ann st 
Hollis Charles, clerk. Eager alley 
HoUoway Robert, clock and watchmaker, 115 n 

High st „ , . 

HoUoway George, coach maker, 263 w Baltimore 

St. dw s Eutaw st 
HoUoway Wm. druggist, 260 w Baltimore st. dw 

cor Eutaw st and Cider alley 
Holmes Thomas, cor Bank st and Strawberry al 
Holmes Lydia, milliner, Hartford st near Gough 
Holmes Moses, lottery and exchange office, cor 

Light st and Light alley 
Holmes capt. Thoin. cor Bank st & Strawberry al 
Holmes Thomas, fisher, William st 
Holmes Samuel, fisher, William st 
Holmes mrs. huxter, William st 
Holmes Mary F. teacher, n Sharp st 
Holmes Richard, grocer, 4 Caroline »t 





Holmes Asa, dentist, 48 w Lexington st 
Holmes mrs Elizabeth, liquor store, 1 Park st 
Holmes Oliver, surgeon dentist, Lexington st op- 
posite the Courthouse 
Holmes Richard, shoemaker, Lee st w of Charles 
Holste P. drawing academy, 7 Barnet st 
Holstein mrs Sarah, 20 New Church st 
Holston mrs Sarah, umbrella manufacturer, 96 

N Howard st 
Holt George H. hatter, 18 w Pratt st 
Holt Thomas, engineer. Hill st near Light 
Holter Lewis, cedar cooper, 17 n Gay st 
Holton David, clerk, 42 n Eutaw st 
Holtz mrs Catherine, nurse, Orleans st e of Ais- 

HoUz Peter, carpet weaver, Aisquith st near 

Holtz Henry F. cooper, Lee st w of Light 
Holtzman& Hunt, merchant tailors, Baltimore st 
Holtzman Geo. merch. tailor, 147J Baltimore st 

dw 71 Green st 
Honey mrs Susan, Park st near Mulberry 
Honfleure mr 194 Baltimore st 
Honing John, baker, Wilk st near Spring 
Honslow John, shoemaker, 9 Potter st 
Hood John B, labourer, s' Charles st near Hughes 
Hoofnngle John, house carpenter, cor of York & 

William sts 
Hoofsmith Mary, 6 Commerce st 
Hoogewerf J. J. merchant, 39 s Gay st.dw St. 

Paul's st N of Pleasant 
Hook Andrew, importer of fine cloths, 89 Balti- 
more st • 
Hook Henry, house, sign &. ornamental painter, 
Lexington st e of Howard, dw 27 Pine st 
Hook Jos. &- Co. lumber merch. Green st. dw 

Joa. Hook Chatsworth st extended 
Hook Joseph sen. lumber merch. 65 Green st. dw 

George st 
Hook Powler, sawyer. Pierce st near Cove 
tHooker Tobias, laborer, Forest st near Douglass 
Hoolet James, laborer, cor Diddle st &, Penn av. 
Hooper mrg Sarah, Franklin st vv of Charles 
Hooper J raes, Jr. dw 73 Bond st store in Thames 
Hooper James, sen. 75 Bond st 

Hooper Wm. drayman, Caroline st near Orleans 
Hooper James & Sons, merchants, 16 Light st 

wharf, dw Charles st near Barre 
Hooper James, jr. (firm of do.) dw Barre st e of 

Sharp st 
Hooper Thomas, cooper, Patterson st 
Hooper Wm. sail maker, dw Pratt st between 

High and Exeter sts 
Hooper & Graff, clothing store, 68 Centre Market 

Hooper capt. John H. 94 Pitt st 
Hooper Sam. sea capt. Aisquith si near Orleans 
Hooper A. painter, n Gay st near B.Air Market 
Hooper Wm. carpenter, Harford avenue 
Hooper Wm. jr Harford avenue 
Hooper James, carpenter and joiner, n Gay st s 

of Mott 
Hooper Amasa T. painter, n Gay st near Mott 
Hooper Jacob, carter. Hill st near Howard 
Hooper James & Sons, merchants, 16 Light st 

whf. dw Montgomery st near Charles 
Hooper Wm. carpenter,Armistead lane 
Hooper James, merch. dw Barre st near Hanover 
Hooper John P. dw s Charles st near Barre 
tHooper Isaac, hackdriver, Mechanic Court in 

High st 
Hoover George, butcher, Columbia st 
Hoover Francis, butcher,Colnmbia st w of the run 
Hope Wm. com. mer. and produce store, 11 

Bowly's wharf 
Hope Daniel, brush maker, 1 w Liberty st. dw 41 

Fayette st 
Hope Joseph, tobacconist, 105 Camden st 
Hopewell Wm. C. hat manufacturer, 202 Balti- 
more st 
Hopkins mrs Sarah, 61 Pitt st 
Hopkins Edward, shoemaker, 72 s Charles st 
Hopkins Wm. L. grocer, cor Calvert and Pratt sts 
Hopkins Sl Brothers, wholesale grocers, 5 Pratt 

st wharf 
Hopkins J. &i, G. curriers, 63 s Calvert st. dw Jas. 

Hopkins, sw cor Exeter and Granby sts 
Hopkins James, cordwainer, Union alley, near n 

Eden st 
Hopkins John W. tailor, Dutch alley 


-to HOW 


Hopkins Gerard T. &, Co. grocers, 1 and 2 Light j 

St wharf, 
Hopkins Basil, merchant, Lombard st vv of Han- 
over St 
Hopkins mrs Ann, widow, cor Bond & Fleet sts 
Hopkins Wm. carpenter, Exeter st near Pratt 
Hopkins J. &, G. curriers, 63 s Calvert st. dw J. 

Hoi)kins sw cor Exeter and Granby sts 
Hopkins miss Grace, cor e Baltimore & East sts 
Hopkins mrs Sarah, 61 Pittst 
Hopkins Richard, broker, 67 Pitt st 
Hopkins F^dward, shoemaker, 11 Tompson st 
Hopkins Gerard T. & Co. grocers, 3 & 4 Light st 
wharf, dw Gerard T. cor of Hanover and 
tHopkins Cato, laborer, Salisbury st near Har- 
ford run 
Hoppe Justus, merchant, 47 s Gay st. dw 118 

Horan John H. carpenter, Hartford st near Bond 
Horasley mrs. corset maker, Eden near Mullen st 
Horn Jacob, dry goods merchant, 59 n Howard st 
Horn & Johnson, painters, 1) German st 
Horn Wm. victualler,Beard st near Market st F, P. 
Horn Henry, shoemaker, Saratoga st extended 
Horn John, carpenter, Harford avenue 
Horn Benjamin, tanner, Hookstown road 
Home Thomas, bricklayer, 1 Comet st 
Horner Thomas, shoemaker, 40 Alice Anna st 
Horner Abel, carpenter, cor Light & Hughes st 
Horney miss Elizabeth, tailoress. Sugar alley 
Horney Edward, boot and shoemaker, Pinkney 

st near Apple alley 
Horney Samuel, ship carpenter, 75 Fleet st 
Horrice James, carpenter, Aisquith st near Gay 
Horsford James, sea capt. 18 Thompson st 
Horstbrd James, 13 Wilk st 
Horton James, street commissioner, 59 Pitt st 
Horton mr engraver, cor Charles and Baltimore sts 
Horvvitz Doctor J. ne cor Saratoga and Eutiiw sts 
Horze Frederick, boot and shoemaker, 57 w Pratt 
Hoskyns Rev. Jno. St. Mary's college 
Hosman Luke, Hartford st near Bank 
Hospital Baltimore, Monument st e of Market 
Hossefross mrs Sarah, 48 Harrison st 

Houck Jacob, dry goods merchant, 121 Balti- 
more st 
Hough Jefferson, clock and watch maker, 26 J w 

Pratt St. dw Lombard st 
Hough Wm. S. grocer, cor Fayette and Pearl sts 
Houghton, Johnson & Welsh, paper warehouse, 

47 s Calvert st "^ 

Houghton Phillip, carpenter, Sugar alley near 

Charles st 
Houlton Wm. grocery, se cor of Silver and « 

Eden st 
House Jesse, se cor Douglass & Aisquith sts 
House Samuel & Sons, Light st wharf near 

Hughes's Quay 
House Samuel jun. firm S. House &, Sons, dw 27 

Camden st 
House W. A. firm S. House & Sons, Camden st 

adjoining City spring 
Houston Jam ?s F. clerk. Centre e of St. Paul sts 
Howard Wm. shoe store, 4 Centre market space, 

dw Front st s of shot tower 
Howard & Hays, grocers,cor Hillen & n Exeter sts 
Howard Robert jun. grocer in general and coun- 
try produce merchant, sw cor Hillen and 
N Exeter sts 
Howard Cornelius, ship joiner, Granby st near 

Howard Charles, attorney at law, cor of Monu- 
ment and Charles sts 
Howard Ths. shoemaker, Richmond st near Park 
Howard Abram,victuallei, Union st near Penn av. 
Howard John, watchman. Pearl st near Fayette 
Howard Thomas, bricklayer, cor German and 

Eiitavv sts 
Howard Henry, 57 Camden st 
Howard capt James, s Gay st opposite exchange 
Howard Thomas, sail maker, McElderry's wharf 
Howard Wm shoe store, 4 Centre Market space 
Howard Benj. carter, Barre st w of Sharp 
Howard John P. merchant tailor, ne cor of Lib- 
erty and German sts. dw Eutaw st s of 
Camden st 
Howard mrs J. e Franklin stw ofCharleg 
j^oward mrs 78 s Eutaw st 
Howard Samuel, waiter, Lerew's alley 




Hovvard George W. dry goods merchant, 245* 

w Baltimore st 
Howard Charles, Monument st 
Howard Benj. C, attorney at law, Howard stsof 

Masonic house 
tHoward James, hackdriver, Centre st near Chas. 
JHoward Sela, Lerew's alley 
iHoward Chloe, Davis st near Bath 
tHoward Rachel, Canada alley 
tHoward Samuel, drayman, Mechanics' st w of 

High st 
tHoward Isaac, laborer, Halfmoon alley near 

East st 
tHoward Carlos, gardner, Saratoga st w of Cove 
tHoward Kitty, Bottle alley 
tHoward James, hostler. Pierce st near Cove 
tHoward Samuel, laborer, Park lane 
tHoward Wm. coachman, Potter st near Low 
tHoward Nick, drayman, Potter st near Low 
tHoward James, fcoachman, Eastst near Douglass 
tHoward James, boatman, Nw cor Orleans st and 

Long lane 
tHoward rars Eliza,white washer.Mechanic's court 

in High st 
tHoward Dennis, brickmaker, John st 
tHoward Gracey, washer, Honey alley 
Howell L B. merchant, J dw s Sharp st near Cam- 
den st 
Howell Wm. & Son, merchants, 48 s Gay st 
Howell mrs Abigail, tailoress.Potter stnear Low 
tHowell S. Peace alley 
Howland Doctor L M. 4 German st 
Howland & Woollen, lumber and coal merchants, 

29 J^ight st wharf 
Howland capt Daniel, 22 n Frederick st 
Howser Samuel, chairmaker, 19 Pitt st 
Howser Jacob, butcher, Light st s of west 
Hoy mr Beuren st 
Hoyer mrs. Mulberry st near Pine 
Hubball Ebenezer, brass founder and grate maker, 

146 Baltimore st 
Hubbard Wm. & Co. grocers, 59 n Gay st 
Hubbard Edward, laborer, 80 Wilk st 
Hubbard Wm. laborer, 39 Wolf st 
Hubbard James, ship carpenter, 72 Fleet st 


— ■ - . » , 

Hubbard Hugh, shoemaker, n end Fleet st 
Hubbard Samuel, grocer, s end Washington st 
Hubbard Wm. block and pump maker, 16 Phil- 
pot st 
Hubbard uirs Susan, tailoress, Spring st near 

Gough st 
Hubbard Richard, blacksmith, 131 n Eutaw st 
Hubbard John, shoemaker, Eastst near Douglass 
Hubbard John, shoemaker, Mott st near Sterling 
tHubbard Mary, washer, Park lane 
iHubbard Charles, laborer, Potter st near French 
Hubbell Samuel, teacher, 146 s Sharp st 
Hubbell & Wheeler, grocers, 71 s Calvert st. dw 
J. Hubbell, Camden st 2d house w of the 
Huber Henry, grocer and liquor store, cor w Bal- 
timore & Amity sts 
Hubley Matilda, boarding house, 10 s Gay st w 

Hucorn Francis, Belvidere gardens, Belvidere 

Hudgin James, blacksmith, 14 Lombard st 
Hudgins Wm. tailor, Thames st near Ann 
Hudson James, blacksmith, Lee st vv of Hanover, 

dw Sharp st 
Hudson misses Sarah &. Rebecca, 50 n Charles st 

Hudson , caulker, 66 Wolf st 

Hudson mrs Jane, cake shop, Sarah Ann st ex- 
Hudson Adam, dry goods dealer in Maryland 

Arcade, dw Granby st e oif Gough 
Huene Constant, drawing master, 106 n Front st 
Huff John, butcher, Hoffman st 
Huff Jacob, butcher, Hoffman st 
Huffner Valentine, farmer, Federal hill 
Huett mrs Mary, seamstress, 35 Pearl st 
Hugg mrs Mary, tailoress, 60 n Exeter st 
Hugget John, boarding: house, 45 Thames st 
Hughes John, cabinet maker, Alice Anna st near 

Argyle alley 
Hughes Patrick, grocer, Spring st near Pratt 
Hughes Robert, laborer, Long alley, near Ross st 
Hughes Aquilla, grocer and liquor store, cor Eu- 
taw and Saratoga sts 
Hughes George A. Fayette w of Charles st 



Hughes mrs Jane E 

ton st 
Hughes & Oliver, bakers, 39 w Lexington st 
Hughes Ueuiiet, laborer, 8 Mulberry st 
Hughes George L. shoe store, 65 Baltimore st 
Hughes H. C. T. grocer, Dugan's wiiarf 
Hughes Joseph, c'ock and watch maker,66 i^entie 

Market space 
Hughes mrs Mary, boarding house, Stiles st near 

Bishop's alley 
Hughes John, laborer, circus tavern Front st 
Hughes John, grocery and liquor store, betw liil- 

len and Gav sts 
Hughes Granville', tailor, 74 Pitt st 
Hughes mrs Belinda, 74 Pitt st 
Hughes Patrick, carter, Forrest st near York av. 
Hughes Matthew, grocer andhquor store, Har- 
ford avenue 
Hughes l::dward, Franklin st near Pine 
Hughes mrs Julia Ann S. 129 Pearl st 
Hughes Phil, brushmaker, Saratoga st wol Cove 
Hughes Vincent, fisher, Armistead lane 
Hughey James, laborer, Eastst n of Douglass 
tHughes Jane, washer, William st vv of Cross , 
tHughes James, cake shop, Potter st near Low 
tHughes James, fruit merch. sw cor ol e Baltim. 
&, Front sts . , 

Hugo Samuel B. Franklin inn, ne cor High and 

Hillen sts 
Hull Thomas J. Alice Anna st near Ann 
Hulls John, oils, paints & paper hanging store, 

14 N Gay st e of bridge 
Hulse John, silk dyer and scourer, cor Soratoga 

andHolliday sts „. c .i ♦ 

Humane impartial society store, 24 South st mrs 

Sarah H. Groves, superintendent 
Humes Thorn, wholesale grocer & liquor merch. 
Nw cor High & HiUen sts „ , , 

Humey Jacob, laborer, n Exeter near French st 
Humley Fielding, cooper, Liberty alley 
Humphreys Thomas, silver smith, cor Barre and 
Howard sts o ou » f 

Humphreys Franc, baker.cor Jefferson & bhortsts 
Humohreys Kerr, grocer, 18 Lancaster st. 
Humphreys Hugh, silver plater, 3 Hanover st 

iJ^Wn^eysllenry, shoemaker, Armistead lane 
Hungerford Wm. wood inspector, bliarp st s ot 

Hunt Robert, carpenter, Pinkney near Borid st 
Hunt John N. (firm of Holtsman & Hunt)dw St. 

Paul's st near Hamilton 
Hunt John W. cordwainer, 32 New Church st 
Hunt Jesse, saddler, 127 Baltimore st 
Hunt Solomon, clothing store o4 s Chares st 
Hunt Samuel & Co. woollen draper and tailor, 14 

s Calvert si. dw S. Hunt, Lov^ely lane 
Hunt mrs Casseny, seamstress, w Falls av near 

Pritt st 
Hunt Bem.M. shoemaker ,n Exeter st near Hillen 
Hunt mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, Lloyd st near 

Hunt Andfe'w, wheelwright, Sarah Ann alley 
Hunt Henry, steamboatman, feugar alley t ol 

Hunt Genmitengineer of the steam druging ma- 

chine, N J»)hnson st 
Hunter David, grocer, cor Alice Anna st ic 

Strawberry alley 
Hunter mrs Elizabeth, ^^ agon alley 
Hunter Joseph T. dry goods merchant, dw s 

Hunter James, stonecutter Middle stneai Koss 
Hunter mrs Rebecca Char es '^^^^'^ y^^^^, 
Hunstable J. A. mechanics' hotel, NW cor Water 

st & Harford run 
Hupdington Benj. house carpenter 28 ^^ ilk .t 
HupfeldH. 85 w Pratt st ivinlhprrvst 

Hupperman Robert, tobacconist, Mulberry st 

Huppm"rnVderitine. saddler & harness maker,45 

27 Marsh Market space 
Harbert mrs Frances, 18 Bath st 
Hurdel Robert, shoemaker, Bank lane 
Hurley John, ladies' shoemaker, 8 1 oter 
Hurley Mordecai, bookbinder, 8 Potter t 

Hurman Martin, Patterson st near rrau 





Hurxthal Lewis, hardware merchant, Franklin st 
Hurst John, CoLirtlaud st near Saratoga 
Hurst James, printer, Sprini^ st near Pratt 
Hurst Bennett, laborer, Forest st near Penitent 
Hurst Elijah, butcher, Hillen st near Forest 
Hurst nirs Hannah, Hillen st near Forest 
Hurt Henry, tailor, Aisquith st near Gay 
Hurt mrs Mary, mantuamaker, Douglass st 
Hush Henry, oak cooper, 126 n Howard st 
Hush George, cooper. Wagon alley 
Hussey Asahel, innkeeper, 7 n Howard st 
Hussey Asahel, currier, 51 Marsh Market space 
Hussey John, boarding house, Centre MarKet 

Hussey Chri5topher,carler,N Front st near Hillen 
HusterGotlip, butcher; Columbia st 
Huston James, laborer, Biddie st near Ross 
Hutchings Samuel, boarding house,37 Alice An- 
na st E end 
Hutchins John, 21 w Fayette st 
tHutchinsMary, Howard st 
jHutchins Mary, washer Potter st near Pitt 
tHutchins James, drayman. Potter st near Pitt 
tHutchins Ann M. Potter st near Pitt 
tHutchins Alex, drayman, Douglass st 
tHutchins James, laborer, Potter st near Low 
IHutchms Mary, washwoman, Potter st near Pitt 
Hutchinson Sandy, East st 
tHutchinson Joseph.Lerew's alley w of Mulber- 
ry st 
Hutchison George, laborer, cor Alice Anna st &. 

Strawberry alley 
Hutchison John, wheelwright, Pratt st e of brid"-e 
Hutson Adam, vveaver,Jew's al. near e Water'st 
Hutson James, blacksmith. Sharp st near Hill 
Hutson capt. John, sw cor Fleet and Bona sts 
Hutson Michael, shoe lactory,w Pratt st 

Hutson mrs Ann,variety store,7l w Lexmo-ton st 
tHutson Wm. shipcatilker 66 Wolf st ° 
Hutton S:imuel, laborer, Beuren st near French 
Hutton Thomas, marketman. Cross st 
Hniton Elisha, bricklayer, Aisquith st near Pitt 
Hutton Wm. bricklayer, Cove st s of Market 

Hutton mrs Nancy, Forrest st near York avenue 

Hutton mrs Rebecca, Sugar alley 

Hutton James, 24 Baltimore st 

Huijon Robert, grocer, 24 Baltimore st 

Huyga Ann, grocer, Happy alley near Gough st 

Hyain Abraham, painter, Camden st vv of Eutaw 

Hyatt mrs Ann, Conway st near Jefferson row 

Hyde N. 132 High st 

Hyde John, machine maker. Sugar alley 

Hyde 01iver,tallow chandler,Fayette st w ofPaca 

Hyde John Turner, William st 

Hyde Sanil, tallow chandler, Pleasant st e of 

Hyde Francis, soap and candle factory. Holiday 

st opposite Strawberry alley, dw cor of 

Pleasant &. Holiday sts 
Hyland Stephen, carpenter, o6 East st 
Hynson mrs Mary, nurse, Eden st near Bank 
Hynson John R. merchant, 157 vv Baltimore st 

dw 46 w Lexington st 
Hyser Jno.shoernaker, cor Charles &, Conway sts 

f CAMAN GEO. laborer, Hooksfownroad 
Ichler Christian, cooper, Baltiinore st near Pearl 
Idlet Peter, carpenter, Montgomery st near Fe- 
deral hiil 
Igleharl John S. dry goods merchant, 179 Balti- 
more St. dw Sharp st s of Pratt 
Iglehart Wm. H. merchant, Lee st e of Charles st 
Iglehart mrs Jane, 109 Sharp st 
Iglehart John H. dry goods store, 1 Baltimore st 

dw cor Fayette and Charles sts 
Ijams John, house carpenter, 3 Comet st 
lies John, laborer, Bottle alley 
lllons Harriet, n Howard st near Madison 
timpey Jacob, laborer, Strawberry alley, n of 

Wilk st 
^Tmpey Comfort, Homespun alley, e of Sharp st 
Inemer Peter N. bookbinder, St. Paul's st n of 

Hamilton st 
Infant School, 1 German lane,John Kemp, teacher 
Infant School 2, miss Catherine Mathers, tutoress, 
Exeter st n of Pratt 
\ Infirmary Baltimore, sw cor Lombard & Green 8U 





Ing Edward, dry goods merchant, 14 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Ingham Eden, tailor, Lombard st near Paca 
Ingles miss Susan, 1 vv Fayette st 
Ingrain Charles, tobacconist, 78 w Pratt st 
Ingrain Mr. stone cutter, Bottle alley extended 
Inloes Wm. ship joiner, Alice Anna st near Ann 
Inloes mrs Elizabeth, 81 i Bond st 
Inloes Thomas, cooper, Saratoga st near Eutaw 
Inloes Joshua S. &. Co. dry goods merchants,17U 

Baltimcire st 
tinloes Jane, huxter, Park lane 
tlnlow Louisa, washer. Pierce st 
Innes Allen, shoemaker, Maiden lane 
tinnes Wm. laborer, German st w of Pine 
Ireland James, seaman, Pratt, near Caroline st 
flreland Milly, Potter st 
tlrehnd Wm Madison st 
flreland Moses, laborer. Painters' court 
tlreland Jesse, paper carrier, Douglass st 
Ironmonger Edward L. chair maker, 26 n Liberty 
Irons mrs Delila, Lafferman al. near French st 
flrons Deborah, Coye st 
Irvin John, shoemaker, Harford avenue 
Irvine John F. accountant, 101 n Eutaw st 
tirvine David, Harford av n of Scotch burn's rope 

Irwin John, slater, Low st near Aisquith 
Irwin James, stage driver, 136 n Eutaw st 
Irwin Thomas, merchant, 9 Light st wharf 
Isaacs Adam, hatter, Mulberry st near Park 
Isaacs Jonathan carpenter, Rock st near 'Lexing- 
Isaacs Wm. carpenter. Forest st 
Iseland mrs Elizabeth, Scott's st 
Isett John & Co. hatters, cor Sharp and Pratt sts 
Isherwood Henry, Sterling st 
Israel Fielder, conveyancer and justice of peace, 
Nw cor Fayette & St. Paul's sts. d\v Lex- 
ington st w of Pine 
Israel Jacob, grocer and feed store, w Baltiraore 

st E of Cove 
Israel mrs Ann, Ueorge st near Pine 
Italy mrs tailoress, 62 n Gay st 
Ives James, constable, 19 e Water st 

Jackson JOHN, carter, cor Bank & Ann sts 
Jackson mrs Elizabeth, milliner, 77 sHigh st 
Jackson Rob. shoemaker, Salisbury st near Lloyd 
Jackson mrs Hannah, tailoress, 3 Potter st 
Jackson John, shoemaker, Aisquith st near Hoi- 
Jacksoti Charles, surgeon dentist, cupper and 

bleeder, 614 n Frederick st 
Jackson Doctor, 2!J Alice Anna st 
Jackson Samuel G. blacksmith, Bond near Mar- 
ket st F. P. 
Jackson major Wm. blockmaker, and wharfinger, 

4 Thames st 
Jackson Jonathan, constable, 7 Caroline near 

Pinkney st 
Jackson Robert, shoemaker, Hampstead st near 

Jackson mrs Mary, milliner and fancy store, w 

Pratt Pt near Eutaw 
Jackson S. M. dry goods merchant, 207 w Balti- 
more St. dw w Fayette 
Jackson Samuel, cutler and surgical instrument 

maker, cor German and Liberty sts 
Jackson miss S. fancy dress maker, Conway st 

w of Sharp 
Jackson Wm. dry goods merchant, 39 Baltimore 
Jackson John, silver smith, 30 s Charles st 
Jackson mrs Mary, seamstress, Pierce st near 

Jackson Wm. boot and shoemaker, 10 Pine st 

near Fayette 
tJackson Thomas, sawyer, Columbia st 
tJackson Thomas, laborer, Montgomery st near 

tJackson Diana, Apple alley near Wilk st 
tJackson Thom. Montgomery st near Hanover 
tJackson Joseph, laborer, 94 Ensor st 
tJackson Henry, laborer, alley e of William st 
tJackson Murry, drayman. Mulberry st w of Pearl 
tJackson Thomas, laborer, Sarah Ann st 
+Jackson Darkey, Camden lane 
tJackson Willis, shoemaker, Hamilton st 
tJackson Stephen, laborer, Eden st near Pratt 
tJackson Delia, Bottle alley 
Jacob Win. 15 cor Market and Lancaster st 





Jacob George, silver smith, 58 n Howard st 
Jacob John F. laborer, Rock st near Saratoga 
Jacobay Miles, 10 n Fredericiv st 
Jacobs Joseph, manufacturer of chemical colours 
and French velvet paper &c. &c. French 
st 2d door s from High 
Jacobs Samuel, grocer, 3 w Baltimore st 
Jacobs Elias, pamter and glazier, 16 e Midbcrry st 
tJacobs Nallian, laborer, Pine st near Mulberry 
Jacobsun Henry G. \v Lexington st 
Jail Baltimore city and county, Falls av N of Madi- 
son st 
tJakes Frederick, waiter, Calvert st 
Jamart Michael, proprietor of the exchange cof- 
fee house, 40 Water st 
James Levi, boat builder, e end Fountain st 
James Daniel, innkeeper, 27 Bond st 
James VVm. Shakspeare st near Apple alley 
James Basil, grocer, cor Paca and Mulberry sts 
James Sam sawyer, Moore's alley 
James Amos, 7[) s Eutaw st 
James mrs Mary, boarding house, 9 s Calvert st 
James Henry, baker, 5^3 Commerce st 
James John, tin manufacturer, 62 South st 
James Joseph, plasterer, 12 Maiden lane 
James mrs Jane, mantuamaker. Potter st nearGay 
James mrs Charity, seamstress, Eastst n of Pitt 
James John, n Gay st near Mott 
tJames Sam. drayman. Pierce st 
tJames Edwin, carter, West st 
fJames Thomas, laborer, Moore's alley 
JJames Nancy, Gough st 
Jameson mrs Sally, seamstress. Sterling st 
Jameson Archibald, weaver, Preston st near Ross 
JamesonDoctor cor Liberty and Lexington sts 
Jamison John, cooper, Smith's wharf,dw e Pratt st 
Jamison C. C. merchant, s Gay st opposite the 

exchange, dvv 41 Courtland st 
Jamison Joseph, president Baltimore gunpowder 

JJane Mary, matrass maker, Butler's lane 
Janney, Hopkins & Hull, importers of dry goods, 
204 Baltimore st. dw B. H. Lombard st 
between Sharp and Hanover 
Janningo John, shoemaker, 129 Sharp st 

Janningo Samuel, grocer and liquor store, 1 and 3 

Fayette st 
Janningo Robert, cordwainer. Fleet st near Bond 
Janvier Phomas, com. meichanl, 87 Smith's whf 
Janvier Joseph, chair maker, bl Front st 
Janvier Peregrine, Isl bookkeeper in bank United 

States, dw svv cor of Gough 6i^ Pratt sts 
tJant Peter, laborer. Union st 
Jaquers Lewis, clerk,cor Aisquith and Comet sts 
Jaques Lewis, clerk, Orleans st 
Jaquet Isaac G. currier, Long alley, near Lex- 
ington st 
Jarrett 'Pjiomas, box maker. High st near French 
Jarrett Samuel, dry goods merchant, Paca st near 

Jarrett Asbury, dry goods merchant, 20 Centre 

Market space 
Jarrett John, clerk, Conway st e of Eutaw st 
Jarrett Thom. carpenter, French st near Front 
Jarvis Amos, miller, Charlesst n of Hill 
Jarvis Joseph, grocer and produce merchant, 5 

w Franklin st. n of Howard st 
Jarvis miss Ann, seamstress, 45 w Saratoga st 
Jarvis Leonard, merchant, dw n Charles st 
Jarvis Wm. H. boot |and shoemaker, Holland st 
Jarvis mrs Elizabeth, 45 w Saratoga st 
Jason John, seaman, county wharf 
Jason George, seaman, 14 Block st 
Jay Stephen, carpenter, Water st near Exeter 
Jay Samuel, shoemaker, 8 Caroline it 
Jay Thomas W. clerk, 125 Sharp st 
Jay Thomas, Sharp st E side near Lee 
Jay Joseph, accountant, 50 Camden st 
Jay Stephen, e Water st 
Jean mrs mantuamaker, 215 Howard st 
JefTeries mrs Lydia, Lombard st w of Sharp 
Jeffers mrs Barbary, Yorkst near Charles 
Jeffers James, constable, Lombard st near Han- 
over st 
Jefferson Wm. (firm of Heslip & Jefferson,) dw 

7 Lexington st 
Jefferson Deborah, shop keeper, e end Wilk st ' 
Jefferson mrs Elizabeth, Short alley near Con- 
way st 
tJefferson Joe, laborer, Lerevv's alley 





tJeflerson Philip, cartman, 43 n Sharp st 
tJefferson Isaac, carter, Bishop's al near Stiles st 
JJefferson Thoin. house carpenter, Potter st near 

tJefferson Barbary, washer, Park lane 
Jenkins Fredr. merchant, 50 Front st 
Jenkins Thomas, coacliinaker, n Exeter st near 

Jenkins Henry, hatter, 26 n Exeter st 
Jenkins mrs boardnis liouse, 21 (jtTman st 
Jenkins Thomas C. tanner and currier. Water st 
near South, dw 2 Watorloo row,N Calvert st 
Jenkins mrsClemmons, Holiiday st n of Saratoga 
Jenkins Hugh, merchant, se cor Commerce 
and Cable sts. dw Holiiday st opposite the 
Jenkins Edward & Sons, saddlery store, 147 Bal- 
timore St. dw Edward Jenkins, 50 South st 
Jenkins Thomas E. 47 s Charles st 
Jenkins L. A. Spanish cigar maker, 57 Water st 
Jenkins Anthony H, cabinet maker, 18 Light st 
Jenkins James, custom-house officer, Lovely lane 
Jenkins Robert, ladies' shoemaker, 4 s Gay st 
Jenkins Lewis A. commi-^sion agent, cor Com- 
merce and Water sts 
Jenkins Wm. & Sons, curriers, 4 AVater st 
Jenkins Edward, saddler, 4H Soutii st 
Jenkins Felix, saddler,10 South fct. dwsame house 
Jenkins Wm. cooper, 9 Canal betw Salisbury & 

E Baltimore st 
Jenkins mrs Sarah, seamstress, 153 French st 
Jenkins Wm, shoemaker, 10 Pine st 
Jenkins mrs Sarah, 93 Ann st 
Jenkins James, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 

23 Market st F. P. 
Jenkins Joseph, painter. Spring st near Pratt 
Jenkins Jesse, painter, Eden st near Gough 
Jenkins James, cabinet maker, Sugar alley near 

s Charles st 
tJenkins Frisby, laborer, Hill st near Light 
tJenkins Jacob, drayman, cor Hoffman & Rossst 
tJenkins James, laborer. Union st near Penn av. 
jjenkins Samuel, laborer, 2 Strawberry alley 
tJenkins John, carter, Ann st near Gough 
tJenkins Julia, washwoman, Biddle alley 

tJenkins Thomas, laborer, Baltimore st w of Cotc 
tJenkins Shadrach, sawyer, Douglass st E of East 
tJenkins Joseph, laborer, 94 Ensor st 
tJenkins Susan, washwoman, 145 Sharp st 
tJenkins Geo. roller at press, Potter st n ofDougl 
tJenkins Jacob, drayman, cor Hoffman 8f Ross sts 
tJenkins B. shopkeeper, Lerew's alley n of Mul- 
berry st 
tJenkins Samuel, laborer, 2 Strawberry alley 
tJenkins Ellen, Long alley 
tJenkins B. steamboat steward, w Pratt st near 

tJenkins Margaret, washwoman, Salisbury stnear 

Harford run 
tJenkins George, Potter st n of Douglass 
tJenkins Frisby, laborer. Hill st 
tJenkins Jacob, drayman, cor Hoffman and Ross 
tJenkins Jarnes, laborer, Union st 
tJenkins James, laborer, Union st near Penn bt. 
tJennett D. confectioner, 13 Lombard st 
Jenney Charles, innkeeper, 39 Bond st 
Jennings mrs Catherine, 70 French st 
Jennings Thorn, shoemaker, Jefferson st near 

Harford run 
Jennings John, huckster, Union st 
Jennings Richel, tailoress. Pearl st 
Jennings Michael, market man, 67 French st 
Jennings Joshua, dra> man, Baltimore st 
Jennings Thomas, attorney at law, Columbia st 
Jennings & Owings, Doctors, cor Saratoga and 

St. Paul sts 
Jennings Doctor Samuel K. 28 Fayette st 
Jetuiings John, boot and shoemaker,58 Camden st 
tJennings Thomas, drayman, Pierce st 
Jessop Joshua, flour merchant, Commerce stwhf. 
Jewett Joseph, bookseller and paper warehouse, 

229 Baltimore st 
Jewel Geo. carpenter, Sterling st 
Jillard John, rigger, Thames st near Bond 
Johannes John M. jeweller, dw 24 Constitution st 
John mrs Martha, Eager alley 
John Richard H. sea capt. 30 Fleet st 
JJohn Charles, sawyer. Bank st near Eden 
tJohn John, hair dresser, Guilford alley 
Johns Hosea, Pearl st near Fayette 





Johns mrs Ann M.Jfaucy dress maker, 32 w Fay- 
ette St 
Johns 6i, Roach, brush manufacturers, 1 1 n How- 
ard St 
Johns Rev John, D. D. pastor of Christ church, 

dw E Baltimore st 
•i-ohns Isaac, porter, Eager alley, near Mulberry st 
t.Iohns Ruth, Lerew's alley 
tJohns Moses, oysterman, ShrJrp st near Barre 
Johnson Henry, grocer, 23 Market st F. P. 
Johnson John, seaman, 10 Lancaster st 
Johnson James, sawyer, Strawberry alley 
Johnson John M. grocery & liquor store, n How- 
ard st 
Johnson A. house painter, 47 e Baltim. st 
Johnson Gerard, coachsmith, n Gay st near Mott 
Johnson mrs. boarding house, Lombard st 3rd 

door from Howard 
Johnson John, seaman, Star alley 
Johnson William, seaman, Fleet st near Ann 
Johnson mrs. Margaret. Argyle al. near Fleet st 
Johnson John, ship carpenter, Argyle alley near 

Alice Anna 
Johnson Jacob, rigger, Thames st near Market 
Johnson William M. grocer, 20 Market st F. P. 
Johnson mrs Eliza, 88 Bond st 
Johnson Charles, caulker, cor Wilkst and Straw- 
berry alley 
Johnson mrs Sarah P. 35 Albemarle st 
Johnson Wm. boot & shoemaker, 5 n Gay st 
Johnson mrs Eliza, s Exeter st near Salisbury al. 
Johnson James, (firm ofMezick & Johnson,) s 

Exeter st near Salisbury 
Johnson Grafton, dw42 n Exeter, store Baltimore 

st near Tripolet's alley 
Johnson Isaac, bacon merchant, 118 n Exeter, st 
Johnson David, coach smith Beuren st near Lib- 

erly alley 
Johnson Thomas, gardener, Pierce st 
Johnson Thomas, grocer, 4 Lombard st 
Johnson James, hatter, Bond st near Beard 
Johnson mrs Susan, ne cor Fayette & Eutaw sts 
Johnson miss Martha, 3 New st 
Johnson mrs Ann, mantua maker, 40 Fleet st 
Johnson John, blacksmith 23 Commerce st 

Johnson Joseph & Isaac, bacon merchants, Hil- 

len st near Forest 
Johnson Rachel, Ensor st n of Monument 
Johnson John, carpenter, cor Pine and Frank- 
lin sts 
Johnson Jas. weaver,cor Chatsworth St Pearce sts 
Johnson Fergus, manufacturer, Pierce st near 

Johnson John, weaver, Silver st e of Franklin 
Johnson mrs Mary, boarding house. Rock st 

near Saratoga 
Johnson Eliphat (firm of Houghton, Johnson & 
Welch,) paper warehouse, 47 s Calvert st 
JohnsonThomas, cor Howard st and Cider alley 
Johnson William, tailor. Chamberlain alley 
Johnson John, carpenter, Saratoga st near Gay 
Johnson Reverdy, attorney at law. Monument 

, square 
Johnson, mrs Ann, 5 Pine st near Franklin 
Johnson mrs Elizabeth, 101 Hanover st 
Johnson Jacob, seaman. Thames st 
Johnson mrs Sarah, teacher, 51 Market st F. P. 
Johnson's, pelisse, habit & fancy dressmaker 

Lombard st e of Hanover, 
Johnson mrs Ellen, milliner, Bond st 
Johnson mrs Sarah, teacher, 49 Market st F. P. 
Johnson Roderick, mr.chine maker, 21 e Balti- 
more st 
Johnson mrs Mary, Garden st 
Johnson mrs Ann Chamberlain alley 
Johnson mrs Margaret, milliner, 81 n Liberty st 
Johnson mrs Mary, 23 Saratoga st 
Johnson Willam,dry good merchant, Baltimore st 
bet w Charles & Hanover, dw Conway w 
of Charles st 
Johnson Wm. painter, Lombard st near Hanover 
Johnson John, laborer, cor Saratoga & n Gay st 
Johnson mrs Willmina, 6 Commerce st 
Johnson James, boarding house, Lombard st w of 

Johnson Ezekiel C. tailor, 25 Thames st 
tJohnson Cassandra, Camden st near Eutaw 
tJobnson John, laborer, Lerew's alley 
tJohnson, Francis, wagoner, Us Howard st 
tJohnson Gustavus, drayman, Arcade alley 





fJohnson John, laborer, Strawberry alley, near 

Pinkney st 
tJohnson Philip, shoemaker, Biddle alley 
tJohnson Ann, huckster, French sloppos. Beuren 
tJohnson Richard, waiter, East st 
tJohnson George, shoemaker, 13 n Exeter, st 
tJohnson John, carter, n Exeter near Gay 
tJohnson Henry, shoemaker, 2 Salisbury alley 
tJohnson Martha, 5 Salisbury alley 
tJohnson Jane, white washer, Potter st near 

tJohnson James, shoemaker. Potter st near Low 
IJohnson James laborer, 38 Low st 
tJohnson Charles, forge man, in iron works, alf- 
IJohnson Susan, Hamilton st 
jjohnson, George, sawyer, Lerew's alley 
tJohnson Nancy, teacher, Pleasant st 

moon alley 
tJohnson Dolly, East st near Douglass 
tJohnson Betsy, Forest st 
tJohnson Francis, laborer, Forest st 
jjohnson Spencer, shoemaker, Hull's lane 
tJohnson Wm. blacksmith, Harford avenue 
tJohnson Ann, n Gay st 
tJohnson Stephen, butcher, 9 Tyson st 
Jjohnson Samuel, laborer, Tyson's alley 
tJohnson Betsy, Hoffman st near Ross 
tJohnson Francis, wagoner, 3 Ross st 
tJohnson Margaret, Salisbury st w of Har. run 
tJohnson George, laborer, Biddle alley 
tJohnson John, laborer, Lerew's alley 
tJohnson Grace, Bottle alley e of Cove 
tJohnson Tenant, Saratoga st near Gay 
tJohnson William, Carpenter's al. w ofEutawst 
fJohnson Wm, plasterer, 13 Ross st near Eutaw 
tJohnson M, Douglass st s side near East 
tJohnson Moses, rear of Front st near the circus 
tJohnson George, shoemaker, n Exeter, st w side 
tJohnson Jonathan, carter. East st n of Douglass 
tJohnson George W. Aisquith st near Douglass 
tJohnson Henny, huckster, Low st w of Aisquith 
tJohnson Job, laborer, Chalsworth st near Pierce 
tJohnson Richard, laborer. Peace alley 
tJohnson Rachel, Peace alley 
tJohneon Samuel, blacksmith, Pleasant st 

tJohnson Jonathan, waiter, Saratoga st extended 
tJohnson Isaac, waiter, Rock st near Saratoga 
tJohnson Jarrett, labourer, Rock st near Saratoga 
tJohnson Thomas ,brickmaker, Park lane 
tJohnson William, carter, w Baltimore e of Pine 
tJohnson William, laborer. Cove st s of German 
tJohnson Joseph C. cigar maker, Mulberry st 

near Green 
tJohnson Edward, carriage driver, a Eutaw st 

opposite Barre 
tJohnson Eli, drayman, s Eutaw st opp. Barre 
tJohnson SamueU laborer,. Busy alley, 
tJohnson Kitty, Busy alley 
tJohnson James, carter. Sugar alley 
fJohnson mrs Elizabeth, West st 
tJohnson Henry, carter, Sugar alley 
tJolinson Daniel, carter, (^larles st near Hill 
tJohnson Julian, cook. Cross st near William 
IJohnson Jacob, Harford av. e of meeting house 
jfJohnson James, laborer. Short st 
jjohnson Jacob, alley rear of Frederick st 
jjohnson James, laborer, Saratoga st 
jjohnson Samuel, rope maker, Guilford alley 
tJohnson Dinah, cook, Barre st 

tJohnson James, hair dresser, 8 w Franklin st 
fJohnson William, cabinet maker, Lerew's alley 
tJohnson John, Park sts of Saratoga 
tJohnson Joseph, laborer. Pleasant st 

fJohnson Eliza A. Holliday st n of Bath 
tJohnson Severn, drayman, Bottle alley 

fJohnson Rachel, Ensor st n of Monument st 

tJohnson Henry, seaman, Addison st 

tJohnson Thomas P. grocer, cor of Lombard and 

tJohnson Martha, Crook's back row, Monument st 

tJohnson Thomas 28 Light st 

tJohnson Francis, laborer, Eden st near Pratt 

{Johnson Archibald, laborer, Fayette st 

■fJohnson Hardesty, laborer. Spring st bet. Gough 
and Bank sts 

{Johnson Sally, Wilk st near Caroline 

{Johnson Ann Guilford alley 

tJohnson Aquilla, laborer, Homespun alley 

tJohnson S. Peace alley 

fJohnson Richard, sawyer, Long alley 





tJohnson Grafton, shoemaker, 62* Baltimore st, 

d\v 36 n Exeter st 
|:Johnson Julian, French alley 
Johnston & Sinims, grocers, and com. mer. cor 
of Spear's wharf and Pratt, st d\v Ais- 
Joiner James, seaman, Ulock st Nelson's bakery 
Joines Leonard, sail maker Pinkney st near Car- 
Joines John, sailmaker, 96 Dugan's wharf 
Jonbert Rev. H. J. St. Mary's Seminary 
Jones Bernard, ship carpenter, Fleet st 
Jones Richard, caulker, Wolf st near Wilk 
Jones Silas, bricklayer, Phil pot st w end 
Jones William T. tavern &. boarding house, 4 

Thames st 
Jones capt Washington, 6 Caroline row, Caro- 
line st 
Jones Richard, painter, cor Alice Anna & Ann sts 
Jones Owen, sexton Caroline church, cor Bank st 

and Argyle alley 
Jones mrs Eliza, mantua maker, 53 Albemarle 
Jones Joshua, printer, 9 n Gay st 
Jonts Garrison, carpenter, 22 n High st 
Jones Robert, chair maker, East st n of Pitt 
Jones Rachel, Star alley 
Jones Joseph, cheese dealer, 17 Thames st 
Jones capt. John, Bond st near Bank 
Jones VVm. B. store keeper, Harrison st bazaar, 

dw Front st opposite shot tower 
Jones Nicholas S. potter, 22 n Gay st 
Jones James, grocer, sw cor Granby & Little 

Gough sts 
Jones capt. James, Granby st near Harford run 
Jones William, clerk, 63 Pitt st 
Jones Joel, keeper of penitentiary, 19 Constitu- 
tion st 
Jones James D. carpenter, 181 French st 
Jones John, bricklayer, Aisquitfi st near Gay 
Jones James, potter, Low st near Aisquith 
Jones mrs Elizabeth, Hodkstown road 
Jones &. Woodward, commission merchants, for 
the sale of American manufacturers, 191 
Baltimore st 
Jones Samuel G. watchmaker, 93 Baltimore st 

Jones & Derr, grocers, cor Pearl & Mulberry sts 
Jones mrs Jane, tailoress, Mulberry st near Pine 
Jones Leroy, painter, Mulberry st near Pine 
Jones mis Ann, 5!' Pearl st 
Jones Dorscy, tobacconist. Cove st 1 door from 

Jones Paul, carpenter, Wine alley 
Jones David, shoemaker, Henrietta st w of Charles 
Jones Henry, laborer, Sugar alley 
Jones mrs. Mary, Sugar alley 
Jones capt W. B. 169 Hanover St 
Jones Elisha, fisherman, Cross st 
Jones Stephen, drayman, Dutch al. w of Park st 
Jones James, Asbury lane near Baltimore st 
Jones Amelia, ^^tna lane 
Jones John, plasterer, Aisquith st near Low 
Jones William, rope maker, Harford avenue 
Jones Lloyd, blacksmith, Falls road,dvv Madison st 
Jones Aquilla, china store, sw cor Eutaw &. Pratt 
Jones Talbots & Co grocer & commission mer. 

cor Howard & Baltimore sts 
Jones William G. watchmaker, 93 vv Baltimore st 

dw 173 Howard st 
Jones T. chair maker. Eager alley 
Jones mrs. Eliza, milliner, 87 n Howard st 
Jones Lloyd, blacksmith, Madison st near Lerew's 

Jones Dr. C. 12 s Liberty st 
Jones Dr. Z* 38 sLiberty st 
Jones mrs Ann, 24 Saratoga st 
Jones Uriah, segar & snuff factory, vv Lexington 

st opposite the market 
Jones Isaac, drayman, Howard st 
Jones John, 7 Howard st 
Jones Lemuel, seaman, Harford st near Gough 
Jones mrs Catherine, Lee st w of Light 
Jones William blacksmith, 14 Caroline row 
Jones mrs Margaret P. cor Friendship alley & n 

Eden sts 
Jones Francis, hatter,Pleasant st near Holiday dw 

Pleasant st betw. South & Holiday 
Jones Hamilton, cabinet maker, 11 &. 13 s Sharp 
Jones mrs, milliner, 61 Sharp st 
Jonei Lloyd, blacksmith. Cathedral st near Rich- 





Jones Levin, grocer & commision mercliant, 7 

Dugau's wharf 
JoTicscipt Francis, 24 Sonth st 
Jones James, draper & tailor, 16* South st 
Junes John, grocer &, conimissiun merchant, nw 

cor S(iulh &, Pratt sts 
Jon^s L. 11. boot and shoemaker, 59 South st 
J )iie3 Dr. Snmntd A. 5 Si-'coiid st 
Jones J ihii.ieaciicr, s e cor Baltimore stand Pub- 
lic alley 
Jones 11. H. hide leather, St oil store, 19 Water 

st, d\v 70 w Pratt 
Jones William, 20 Block st 
Jones commodore Jacob, U. States navy, 56 Lotn- 

l>ar(l st 
fJones Thomas H. carpenter. Mulligan st near 

n Eden 
tJones William, boarding house, cor French al. 

and Li^ht st 
tJones Francis, porter, 55 Frederick st 
tJoties Kelty, Butler's lane 
tJones Ste|.hen, 53 Camden st 
tJones James, Centre st near St. Paul's 
tJones Jacol), carter, Carpenter's alley 
tJones Francis, pnrter, 1C3 Entaw st 
M<jnes John, grain measurer, Howard near Lee 
tJones Eli, seaman, Caroline near Bank st 
tJones Thomas, l.iborer, Sugar alley 
tJones David, drayman, cor Green St Fayette sts 
tJones Joseph, ialK)rer, s Eutaw st 
fJones Richard, b'^ickmaker, s Eutaw st 
tJoiiesRicliel, s Charles st 
tJones Milloy, washer, w Lexington, 5t 
t Jrines Davni porter, Pearl st near Lexington 
f Joiirs Harriet, Pierce st 
tJon»\s Sdly, huckster. Gallows Hill 
tJniies Williamson, laborer. 5 Douglass 5t 
tJones IsMi'l, caulker, Foiest st near Belle Air 

tJotiRs Aiulrew laborer, Douglass st 
tJones Gideon, carpenter, Orleans i»t near the run 
tJones Isaac, laborer, Short st 
tJoJies S. cnrnenler. Short st 
jonker mrs Mary, Aiaquith *t 
tJordan mrs Silria, Spring st near Gongh 

Jordan Charles, toy merchant, Hartford st near £ 

Jordan Thomas, carpenter Columbia st 
Jordan Frederick, butcher, 77 French st 
Jordan John, cal)inet maker, 2'2 Potter st 
Jordan Wm. laborer, 157 French st 
J(jr(lan H;irman, gri)cer, cor Gay 8t Forest sts 
Jordan mrs Mary, York avenue 
Jordan Wm. grocer, 124 Wilk st 
Jr)rdan Wi.liam, cooper, e Pratt near Market st 
Jordan Thomas, shoemaker, VViik st near Eden 
Jordan Charles, confectioner, ICOi Baltimore st 
Jordan Wm. merchant tailor, 82 n Howard st 
Jordiin mrs Ann, 74 N Lil)erty st 
Jordan mrs Caroline, cordeclioner, 7 s Sharp st 
Jordin mrs Sarah, 61 Harriroii st 
Jordan Nicholas, grocery St liquor store, 57 Har- 
rison st 
Joy Edward, paver, Hampstead st near Straw- 
berry alley 
Joyce Wm collector, Aisquith st near JctTer^on 
Joyce Jos. blacksmith, n Gay st near Aisquiih 
Joyce Ambrose, farnur, German st w of Pine 
Jr»yce Eli^lia, blacksmith Light st near York 
Joyce mrs Rebecca, tailoress, Rock st near Sit- 

Jud-^h David, commission mer. 4 Spear's wliarf 
Judlin St Knolls, piper maniifaclurers St up- 

h'ilslerers. 2 n Charles st 
Judlin Aiidiew F. (fim of Judlin St Knotts,) dw 

East st n of D<)U:ilasg 
Jury John, l.idies' slioemaker.Liglit st s of Mont* 

Jury Wm. siioemaker, Arpyle alley 
Justice Sirah, Thames st near Bond 
Justice Wm. clock St watch maker, 78 \v Pratt 

K ^LBFUS D \NIEL, morocco dresser.Hooks^ 

town road 
Kalbfiis mrs Catherine, Mott st e side 
Kalbfus Lewis, inor. dresser, s Paca st 
K'4ll)t'us D. & L. morocco dresserr», 2 Chpapsida 
K ilkman Charles F. Lexington st near Pine 
Kail John T. merch. 16S Haavver st 





Kail John T. merchant, dvv 168 Hanover st 
Kameling F. capmaker, Bond st near Shakespeare 
Kane mrs Jane, cake shop, Light st 
Kane Wm. E. carpenter, Busy alley e of Hano- 
ver st 
Kane John K. grocer and commission merchant' 

5 Light st wharf, d\v Sharp st 
Kane mrs Ann, Aisquilh st between Comet and 

Douglass sts 
Karthaiis, Kurtz & Co. 45 s Gay st. dw C. W. 
Karthaus, opposite Glendy's church,Greal 
York st 
Karthaus Charles W.(firm above, )d\v e Baltimore 

st opposite Lloyd 
Karthaus Peter A. 46 s Frederick st. dw e Bait. 

s( opposite Lloyd 
Kauderer George, watchman, Montgomery si vv 

of Light 
Kauderer George jun. watchman, Montgomery st 

w of Light 
Kauderer John, grocer, se cor Barre &. Sharp sts 
Kiiuftman Daniel, painter, n Paca st near New 
Kauffman James C. tailor, V Camden st near 

Kauglies mrs Ann, Holliday st near the bridge 
Kayior George, baker, 72 Cumberland row 
Keady Wm. tailor, ne cor Pitt Sf East sts 
K';ady George, carter, Light st near Federal Hill 
Kcvdd »• Moses, laborer. Pierce st 
Kearney Patrick, liquor store, 67 McElderry's 

Kearney 'I'homas, shoemaker. Bond near Wilkst 
Keatinge Henry S. collector, Exeter st s of Hiilen 
KeavairSamuel, grocer.sw cor Fleet st and Straw- 
berry alley 
Keenan Antony, tavern keeper, 39 South st 
Keeiian Wm cordwainer, Saratoga st e ofEutaw 
Keenan James, biacksiiiitli, 116 n Eutaw st 
Keenan James, shoemaker, Paca st N of Baltimore 
Keenan Chirles, agent, 83 n Liberty st 
Keenan Patrick, laborer, 12 s Pitt st 
Keene Wm. clerk, Hartbrd avenue 
Kcene Doctor John, ne cor Pratt &l High sts 
Keene Zachariah, grocer, 98 Dugan's wharf 
Keener Win. chair factory, 21 Potter si n of Gay 

Keener C. St D. & S. chemists and druggists, J 50 

Baltimore sts 
Keener Christian, (firm of do.) Camden st 
Keener D. (firm of do.) Charles st 1 door n of 

Favetle st 

Keener Wm. C. tobacco manufaclory, n Gay op- 
posite Saratoga st 
Keenright A. tailor and scourer, 15 Ross st 
Keerl George H. druggist, Baltimore st between 
Liberty and Howard sis. dw Fayette st be- 
tween Eutaw and Paca sts 
Keerl mrs Margaret, German st near Howard 
Keerl Samuel, merchant, 17 German st 
Kees Anna, vv;ishwomai), Bank lane 
Kehlenbnch Henry, sugar refiner, cor Camden 

and Eutaw sts 
KeiTel mrs M. 35 German st 
Keighler W^m. H. (firm of Tiffany, Shaw & 

Co.) 10 Lexington st 
Keilhollz George, stone cutter, 8 Peace alley 
Keirle Matthew M. shoe merchant, 102 Liberty st 
Keirle John W. & Son, wholesale and retail boot 
and shoe store, cor Charles and Balti- 
more sts 
Keith Martin, jr. (firm of Pratt &, Keith) Green 

st N of Lexington 
Keith Robert, Pierce st near Cove 
Keith Martin, commission merch. 67 Green st 
Keithley Rich, ship carpenter, 85 Alice Anna st 
Kell Hon. Thom. judge of Baltim. county court, 

dw 55 E Baltimore st 
tKell David, brickmaker, Montgomery st near 

Keller Jacob, turner, Caroline near Bank sts 
Keller John, boot and shoe maker, Hampslead st 

near Spring 
Keller Charles, upholsterer, Hampstead st near 

Keller & Fomian, merchants and millers, Com- 
merce st wharf, mill n end of North st 
Keller Christian, (oflliefirm above) dw 9sGayst 
Keller C. dentist, 27 Lombard st 
Keller John, house carpenter, East si near Mai- 
den lane 
Keller _capt. John, Orleans st near Short 





ki^iltr Win. A. victualler, cor Short and Low sts 
Kellogg Doctor Amasa, 7!) N Exeter st > -'^ 

Kellogg Or:;ori, merchant, d\v Camden st near 

Kellv Joshu I, constable, 9 Temple st 
Kelly mrs Nancy, niilkwoman. Hotter st near Low 
Kelly Wm. shoemaker, Baltimore st opposite 

Wayne inn, dw Low st k of Belle Air 

Kelly Patrick, professor of music at St. Mary's 

Kelly Edw.ird, Harford avenue 
Kelly Frank, laborer, Ross st near St. Mary 
Kelly Terrence, stone maFon, 40 Ross st 
Kelly mrs Ann, teacher, Pierce st 
Kelly Wm. weaver, Franklin st extended 
Kelly John, weaver, Whitvvorth row belw Rock 

& Cove sts 
Kelly Robert, weaver, Whitvvorth row betw Rock 

&. Cove sts 
Kelly Caleb,grocery and liquor store, w Pratt st w 

of Green 
Kelly Mordecai, dry goods store, Pratt st w of 

Kelly Luke, laborer, William st n end 
Kelly Mary, grocer, s end Fell st w side 
Kullv cipt. Matthew, r^9 Maiket si F. P. 
Kelly mrs Mary, 58 w Pratt st 
Kelly Jatnes, copper, tin and sheet iron worker, 

40 Harrison st 
KfHy Thomas, cooper, 8 Grant st 
Kollv mrs Mary, Bath st near Calvert 
Kelly MichEel, shoemaker, North st s of Bath James, grocery and liquor store, cor Park 

and Pleasant sts 
Kelly mrs Catherine, grocer, cor Wagon alley 

and Park st 
Kelly Timothy, draper and tailor, 6 n Liberty st 
Kelly mrs Mary, corset maker, 45 N Liberty st 
Kelly mrs Phoebe, 52 n Liberty st 
tKelly Wm. cartman, Ross st opposite Paca st 
Kelso Thorn, victualler, Baltimore st near Har- 
ford run 
Kelso EH, tailor, Potter st N of Halfmoon alley 
Kelso John, seaman, Chamberlain alley 

Kelso John R. merchant tailor, 6 South st 

Kelson Philip, waterman, Hughes st 

tKelson Wm. laborer, Pleasant st 

Kemp Thomas, teacher, Franklin st near Chats- 

Kemp Simon, brass founder, dw Mulberry st. 
shop 54 s Charles st 

Kemp , ship carpenter, n end Fell st w sida^ 

Kemp mrs Ann, 14 Shakspeare st 

Kemp J. R. Franklin inn, cor Paca and Frank- 
lin sts 

Kemp John E. cabinet maker. Park st s of Le.\- 
ington st 

Kemp Richard, grocer, cor Sharp and j^exington 

Kemp Edward D. attorney at law, S Courtland st 

tKemper Andrew, carter, West st 

tKemper Andrew, laborer, Guilford alley 

Kempton Samuel A. Farmers' and Merchants' 
Bank, dw St. Paul's st s of Franklin 

Kendall Thorn, plain maker, cor Ensor &- Monu- 
ment sts 

Kenly John W. currier, 21 N Exeter st 

Kenly Edward, steam plaster mill, German st Vf 
of Green, dw Green st near Baltimore 

Kennard Wm. H. grocer, Hill st w of Charles 

Kennard mrs Mary, tailoress, cor William and 
Armistead lane 

Kennard tnrs Catherine, boarding house, sw cor 
High & Low sts 

Kennard John, jr. dry goods merchant, 25* n 
Howard st 

Kennard John H. & Co. dry goods meichants, 
57i Lexington st 

Kennard Richard, block and pump maker, 4 Alice 
Anna st 

Kennard Isaac, boarding house, cor High and 
Low sts 

Kennedy miss, mantua maker and tailoress, 2 b 
Baltimore st 

Kennedy John, flaxseed inspector, Union st near 

Kennedy mrs Mary, Pennsylvania av near Geo si 

Kennedy James, stone mason, Diddle alloy 

Kennedy Hugh, weaver, George st near Penn av. 

Kennedy Thomas, sea capt 76 Alice Anna st 



Koiiiiedy Tliom. lookini; glass maker, Green st 

betw Franklin ^ Mulberry 
Kennedy John, inacliinest, Montgomery st near 

Kennedy John, chair ornamenter, 24 Gay st. d\v 

N Carohue st 
Kennedy Hugh, blacksmith, Siillhouse st near 

kenned V John, s Paca st n of Pratt 
Kennedy Nicholas, laveiii keeper, cor Lexington 

st" and Market alley 
Kennedy Thomas, iinp-irter of dry poods, 171 

B ihiiiiore st. dw Franklin near Pine st 
Kennedy Mo:dec;ii, blacksniiih, cor of Calvert 

and CV'ntre sts 
Kennedy nus Ann, N Calvert st near Bath 
Kcinjedy Jidm P. attorney at law, office AtheniE- 

uin, dw 62 N Charles st 
Kennedy Pendleton B. office Fayette st \v of St. 

Paul's st 
Kennedy & Duvall, house and sign painters, cor 

Charles and Baltimore sis 
Kennedy Joun, bookselirfr, in arcade, 46 e Wa- 
ter st 
Kenney Martin, drayman, cor Madison standSa- 

ralo ;a st 
Kenney llic'i;-:rd, tavern keeper, cor Concord st 

and FiMi Aliirket s(»ace 
Kenney Patrick, secondhand clothing store, 40 

Scuiii ^t 
Kenney Thfjiiias, carpenter, n Howard st between 

JMac'ison iiud Centre 
Kennev S nitornty at law, iiw Fayette and St.^ sts 
Kenney l'eier,tlour and feed store, ne cor Ensor 

iMul F.ast sts 
Kfiitiols John, stage driver, Ensor st 
K iisiey A. nuTcJi. tador, 27 e Ballim. st 
Kt'iisky Baitiev, glass blower at glass house 
li.1 ni EmaiMiel, legister ot the cuy, <.fficecity liall 

Hulidiiv SI. (Iw Biddle st w Penn avenue 
lK°nt Will. 1 Jinror, Hill st 
Kepler J.ildi, dw cor Paca and Lexington sts 
tiiepler Jane, pedlar, 13 Lombard st 
Kepltuger Micliuei,brickmaker, Ensor st 

_fo - KE Y 

Keplinger Samuel, silver smith, Park st n of Sa* 

ratoga st 
Keplinger Samuel, rivited hose and wire fender 

nianufact. 1 Grundx's row near Biddle st 
Keplinger Geo. liviied hose and wire lender 

miinuliicturer, Howaid si exirnded 
Keplinger Win. watch maker, 100 n Lutawst 
Kernan Charles, justice of the peace, Hanover st 

nearly opposite the market, dw 45 ^ How- 
aid st 
Kernan &. Stillingor, commission merchants, 59 

Smith's wharf, dw James Kernan, 51 Al- 

bermaile st 
Kernan Frederick, tobacconist. Front st near Bal- 

tinio e st 
Kernan Leonard, currier, Water st 
Kerney rev. Nicholas, cor Market and Bank sts 
Kerr Archibald, merchant, 47 'J'hames st 
Kerr Piitrick, house and sign painter, 35 w Fay- 
ette st 
Kerr Joseph, turner and spinning wheel maker, 

48 Harrison st 
Kerr Edward, house carpenter, Fiercest 
tKerr David, laborer, s Eutaw st 
[Kerr Ellen, Montgomery st 
Ktnens Charles, laborer, Carpenter's alley 
Kersey Wni. hatter, 75 Hani.son st 
Keller mis llacbel, grocer, 8 Second st 
Ketllewell John, mercli. 256 n Gay st 
Kellren Adam, butcher, Beuren st near Liberty 

Key Gabriel, painter, 115 s Howard st 
jKey James, sawver, Caroline near VVilk st 
tKeyer Daniel, hair diesser, Montgomery st 
Keys John, ca ter. Light st extended 
Keys John, kee{)erolniagazine, Henrietta 5t near 

s Charle.s 
Keys James, grocer, Franklin st w of Howard, 

dw 1 Id N Eutaw st 
Keys Juhn, Exeter st near Pitt 
tKeys Mary Ann, Douglass st 
+Keys Danl, laborer, Strawberry al near Bondst 
1Keys John, laborer, Guilford al 
Keyser James, cierk, Pearl st near Fayette 





Kevser D. 18 n Paca st 

Keyset Charles, china, glass and queen's ware 

merchant, I'i n Howard st 
Keyser & Schaefer, china merchants 208 Balti- 
more St. d\v S. Keyser, Fayette st near 
Ke5'ser Wm, W. china mer. 244i Baltimore st 
Keyser Samuel S. iron merchant se cor South & 

Pratt sts 
Keyworth Charles B. merchant tailor, 3 Hano- 
ver st 
f-Kiar Rachel, washer, Shaksppare st 
+Kiar D. hair dresser, {28& 86 w Pratt St. 

dw Alontgomery st 
Kidd James, shoemaker, Beard st near Carohne 
Kidd Charles, edge tool maker, w Pratt st betw 

Eutaw an.i Pine 
Kidd &. While, bakers, 8 w Baltimore st 
Kidd James, house carpenter, Columbia st 
tKidle Hester, washer, Wilk st 
Kight mrs Nancy, tailoress, Aisquith st near 

Kight Michael, blacksmith, Baltim. st w of Cove 
Kilbourn Samuel, pewterer and tin worker, 257 

w Baltimore st 
Kilbreath mrs Rosanna, boarding house 3 Eutaw 

Kilman Thorn, engineer, n Exeter st betw Hillen 

^ Gay sts 
Kilpatrick Wm. T. ne cor High & Pitt sts 
Kilpatrick Wm. grocery and liquor store. Hooks- 
town road 
Kilpatrick John, carpenter, 8 Ross st 
Kilner, Wm potter, 108, n Eutaw st 
Kimball David, carter, Pinkney st near Bond 
Kimberly Nathaniel, tailor, 51 Thames st. dw 

28 Block St. 
Kimly mrs Elizabeth, Loudenslager's Hill 
Kimmel mrs Elizabeth, 115 Howard st 
Kimmel mrs Catherine, Eutaw st s of Lexington 
Kimes Gottlieb, tinner.William st near Federal hill 
Kincaid Henry, baker, Bell al 
Kincaid Myers, shoemaker, Eden st 
Kincaid mrs Barbara, 45 n Gay st 
Kindal Horace, carter,s Eutaw st opposite Beuren 

Kindal capt. James, Penn dv. near Union st 

King, mrs 90 Fleet st 

King Fitz, grocer, cor Bond Sf Lancaster sts 

King James C. lumlier inspector, 64 n High st 

King John, ship joiner, Stiles st near Gough 

King Geo W. shoemaker, 29 East st 

King John, shoemaker, Forest st near Penitent. 

King Thom. grocer, cor Richmond Sf Howard sts 

King Michael, laborer, St. Mary's st 

King Charles, paniter, Franklin st w of Pine 

King Wm. laborer, Pearl st near Fayette 

King Geo. painter and glazier, cor Fayette and 

Pearl sts 
King Richard, shoemaker, Green si near Baltim. 
King Nicholas, boarding house s Paca st near 

King Joseph jr. 7 N Charles St. dw Fayette st 

betw. Paca & Eutaw 
King John, paint, oil and glass store, 66 n How- 
ard st 
King George, turner, cor n Charles & Centre sts 
King John, joiner, 67 Smith's wharf 
King Jolin, gardener, e end Wilk st 
King Geo. grocer, nw cor Bond & Thames sts 
King &L Nugent, flour merchants, 74 Franklin st 
King Jacob, 23 w Lexington st 
tKing Joseph, porter, 42 Park st 
tKing Peter, waiter. Short st 
Kingsmore mrs Rebecca, Ross st 
tKinnard Cassandra,market woman, Pinkney near 

Caroline st 
Kipp John, paint, morocco and lea her store, 16 

Cheapside, dw 78 Camden st 
Kirby John, dyer, cor Park and Mulberry sts 
Kirby & Riddel!, sailmakers, 14 Light st wharf 
Kirbv Thomas, carpenter, w side Wolf st 
Kirby Edward, seaman, Ann st near Alice Anna 
Kirby Joseph, cooper, Block st 
Kirby James, sailmaker, Federal hill 
Kirbv Samuel, tailor 30 n Exeter gt 
Kirby Samuel, tailor 'Si) c Exeter st 
Kirby mrs Mary, grocer sw cor of Wilk and 

Washington sis 
Kirby John, lumber mer. McElderry's wharf, dw 
11 Caroline row Caroline st 




Kirby Edward 14 Commerce st 

Kirby Jolin, lumber mer. Mill st 

Kirby Josepli, siiip carpenter, 30 Fleet st 

Kirby Niithaii, laborer, Poller si near Douglass 

Kirby Joseph, clerk, Udugii st near Giauby 

Kirk Simiiel, gold aud silver smilli, HI Balti- 

nio(! st 
Kirk mrs Rnbecca, boarding house, e Pratt stnear 

Kirk mrs Mary midwife, 14, Maiden lane 
Kirker S unuel, luburei-, Holliday si > ot Bath 
Kiikliain & Wiiicliester, lectuiing seminary, 14 

. N Frederick st 
Ki.kl.uid Alex mer. 50 e Pratt st dw Wilk st 

near R.xeitr 
KirUhmd Alex, sliifipin^ mer. Wilk st near High 
Kiikpatrick mrs Jane, lmcks'.er,llo<)ksiown road 
Kirkwood Piii in, ship carpenter, Wdk st near 

Kirz Martin, grocer, N Lexini^ton st opposite low- 
er Mirket 
K ssendorf Charles, sugar boiler, n Paca st near 

Kite E. fringe manufacturer, 1 South st 
Kits John, stone cutter, Peace al 
Kizendaff-r mrs Catherine, e Baltimore st near 

Klayes F boarding house, county wharf 
Klce mrs Catherine, seamstress, Bond st near 

Kleshner John, boot fy ?hoe maker, 44 e Water st 
Kline Henry, laborer. Ross st near Biddle 
Klockgether D. lea, wine and grocery merchant, 

104 N Howard st 
Klossen Charles, saddle and harness maker, 23 

N Howard st 
Khink Peter, carpenter, 30 Union st 
Knapp mrs Rebecca, VV;isliington st 
Knap(», capt. Alice Anna st near Ann 
Knapp M. L. 8c Co. druggists, cor Pratt fit &. 

Diiiiati's wharf 
Kneelanil E isha, hatter 9 Tripolet's al. 
tKnigh Robert, laborer. Union st 
K nigh Jacob, shoemaker, 15 Maiden lane 
Knii;hlRiir. Edward, St. Mary'i college 



Knight Nathynstice el the peace, 23Thames st 
Knight John, cooper, long al. near Saratoga st 
Knight Michael, stage driver, Dutch al. 
Knight Dr. James, patent truss office, cor Fay- 
ette & North sts 
Knight E. ^ A. G. china ware house, 108 Balti- 
more st 
Knighton Thom. se cor Douglass &- Aisqnith sts 
Knipe Jacob, silver plater, Noith st near Fayellc, 

dw Centre st near St Paul's 
Knipe Henry, shoemaker, Shakespeare st near 

Knobloch Christian, grocer, nE cor Lancaster &^ 

Market sts 
Knoll^nns Elizabeth, teacher, Gallows lull 
Knulls Geo. P. paper hanger, Thames st near 

Knower mrs Martha, seamstress, 66 Potter st 
Knox VVm. cotton maimfacuirer, nw cor of Cove 

& Saratoga sts 
Knox Reynolds, carpenter, Fayette st w ofPine 
Knuf) Cluirli-s, baker, Harlbrd avenue 
tKoger Pl.ilo, brickmaker, Richmond st 
Kolb George, boarding house, 94 n Howard st 
Kolb Joseph, currier, Cheapside, dw 119 w 

Konig P'rederick, importer of German fancy goods, 

4 N Howard st 
Konig George, Chamberlain alley 
Konig mrs Elizabeth, Barnet st 
Konig Seb.)stiiin, laborer, 51 s Howard st 
Kookgay Andrew, wlieelwright, Fayetie st W of 
Howard j 

Koster Alliert, china, glass and queen's ware mer. | 
1"^8 Calverl st.dw Charles st n of Henrietta 
Koster D. Baltimore and Hausiatic hotel, 20 s 

Calvert st 
Krack rev. John, Conway st near Sharp 
Krafft J. P. Prussian consul and niercliant, Gay 

si dw 1 Waterloo low 
Krafft Jacot», victualler, Cathedral st near the ' 

Falls load 
KrafTi Frederick, victualler. Hookstown road 
Krafil Peter, victualler, Hooksiowu road 




111 GO 

Krafft Peter, carpenter, Ross st 

Kraftt Geo. victualler.Saratoga st w ol Kock 

Krafft George, cor Biddle & Ross sts 

Kraulz S S. tailor, cor Green Sf Lexington sts 

Krapf Gottlieb, tailor, Sterling st 

Kraus Philip, l>eer house, 37 Bond st 

Krebs Samuel, cabinet maker, 72 Hanover st 

Krebs John VV. saddler, Tompson st 

Krebs iiirs Rebecca, teacher, Conway st near Jet- 

I'eison row 
Krebs G"(.rge, Eutaw st near Conway 
Krebs Wni.G. attorney at law, S!^^deo, tay- 

ette SI K of St. I'uul's, dw Coluniiiia st 
Krcbs George W. tanner and currier, 52 Calvert 

St. dw 74 s Sharp st 
Krebs Win. bnckniakei, Columbia st 
Kregcr Joseph F. drayman, Pierce st 
KreisE.ias, carpenter, Ross st 
Krems mrs Christiana, i. Paca st near New st 
Krieg Frederick, blacksmith, c^r Lutaw and Mul- 
berry sts 
Kriel .1. G. victualler, cor Charles &. Henrietta sis 
Kroh Lewis, turner, horn laclory, and grocer, 74 

Conway st 
Kroh mrs 37 Harrison st 
Kroaau John, grocery and liquor store, cor I.1D- 

erty and Lombard sts 
Kuhn Augustus turner, Hull's lane 
iKunimer F.A. boot and shoe maker. Park st s o! 

Lexington st , ic 

Kunimer Frederick, boot and shoemaker, 16 s 

Howard st . , r/^ 

Kurtz mrs Elizab. Saratoga st w side w of Cove 
Kurtz Samuel, shoemaker. Cove st near Saratoga 
Kurtz rev. Daniel, pastor of German Lutheran 

church, dw Holiday st s of Saratoga st 
Kurtz mrs Susannah, 34 s Howard si 
Kussmuth L. shoemaker, Ross st near Biddle al 
Kyle A. B. (firm of Dinsinore, Kyle & Co.) dw ti'Z 

Hanover st 
Kylhulls Henry, hair dresser, 78 a Eutaw st 

LaBARAR NICHOLAS, engineer, Cross st 
• ofWilliam 

Labby mrs Ann, Pitt st near Harford run 
Laborn Wm. carter. Holiday st near Centre 
Labroquere Bernard, cooper, Commerce st wharf 
Lacouiit Ths. hatter, 83 Harrison st ^ 

iLaclaw Lewis, laborer, cor Rich'd st ^ Lerew s 

Ladd Wm stage driver, German st w ol Green 
Lafalengore madam, widow, W ilk st near Market 
Latetra Jacob, shoemaker, dw 2S n Gay M. shop 

Piatt st 
Lafitle John S. merchant, 5 Commerce st dw 

Fra.iklin st e ol St. Paul's 

La Fleiir mrs Ehzabeth,barber and jeweller shop, 

128 n Howard st • • . 

Lakeman John, gunsmith. Low st near Aisquith 

Lamb John, stock maker, 1 s Calvert si. dw 42 n 

Frederick st 
Lamb John, weight inspector, w Fall's av 
Lamb Thomas, 100 French st near High 
Lamb Dar.iel, dairyman, s Paca st 
Lambdiu Wm. ship carpenter, lOOWolfst 
Lambert mrs Elizabeth, professor ol music, Hil- 

len st w of Potter 
Lambert Wm. clerk, Hillen st w of Potter 
Lambert Joseph, shoemaker, East st n ol Pitt 
Lambert mrs Isabella, seamstress, Water st near 

Light st 
Lanibie James, shoemaker, Hampstead st near 

Eden st 
Lamden James, cooper, 99 n Eutaw st 
Lamden Robert, ship carpenter, Wilk st near 
High st _ , . 

Lamden Edward, sailmaker, s\v cor Eden and 
Gough sis , 

Lamden Thomas H. ship carpenter, lower end 
Ann st , 

Lamden James, tavern keeper, 79 McEIderry s 

Lamden mrs Ann, 20 Exeter st 
Lamee John, ship carf»enler, 8 Lancaster st 
Lamiar mrs Mary Ann, lower end Ann st 
Lancaster mrs Mary, HI French st near Beurcn 
Lancaster John, market man, Biddle st 
Lancaster Thomas H. carpenter, 55 Gough st 
Lanckoe John C. painter and glazier, Busy alley 


LAN to -LAW 

fLandrick mrs Lerew's alley 

Lands Henry, wheat sheaf inn, nw cor Low and 
t ront s(s 

tUndson Walter, laborer, Carpenter's alley 
tLand?on Catherine, Pleasant si 
Landstreet John, wholesale grocer and commis- 
sion merchant, 266 w Baltimore st. dw w 
i*ayette St near Sharp St 
Lane Joseph, spar maker, 47 Gough st 
Lane Nichohs W. shoemaker, Chamberlain alley 
Lane capt. Thom. A. 78 Pitt st 
Lane John, coachmaker. Monument st 
Lanekonck John, fisherman, Bottle alley 
Langdon James, house carpenter, 66 n Exeter st 
Langdon mrs Ann Eliza, seamstress, he cor of 

President & Stiles sts 
Langley mrs Eleanor, Harford avenue 
Langley Edward, turner, Harford avenue 
Langley John, laborer and watchman, Fleet st 

near Ann 
JLangley George, laborer,Elbow lane 
Langwell Thomas J. market man, Columbia st 

w end 
Lanhart^'mrs boarding house, 5 Thames st 

TIP J S^'"'^' ^'"P J"'"^''' 41 Gough st 

Lank lord Edward, oyster and porter cellar, 26 n 

Lutaw st 
Lankford mrs boarding house, 73 w Pratt st 
i.ank ord W illey, dry goods merchant, 73 w Pratt 
Lanktord mrs boarding house, 68 Centre Market 

Lanthaw mrs Catherine, Pearl st near Pierce 
i-apard John, hair dresser, n Paca st 
Larch miss Mary, Garden st 
Larch miss llebecca, Garden st 
tLard Richard, porter, 21 Potter st 
LaReintree mrs. French and English female acad- 
emy, 6 Barnet st 
Larew David, coachmaker, North st near Bath 
l-ark JNathaniel, turner, Armistead lane 
L.arkm Ann, washwoman, Gallows hill I 

i.arkm Rev. Jacob, minister of mcth. epis. church 

Will st near Hanover 
Larkm W,n. victualler, Orleans st near Straw- 
berry alley 

Laroque Doctor Edward, dentist office, over he 
cor Baltimore and Harrison sts. dw 71 n 
Exeter st 
Laroque John M. chemist and druggist, he cor 

Baltimore and Harrison sts 
Larrabee Edward W. last maker and shoe findinir 

store, Exeter st near Salisbury 
Larrabee E. finding store, 35 s Calvert st. dw 12 

Second st 
Lash Ann, grocery, Alice Anna st 
Lasserre J. P. cutler, 35 e Water st 
Lathe Eli, boot and shoemaker, 59 s Charles st 
Latimer R. W. Hamilton st near Cathedral 
Latuner James B. notary public & justice of peace 
NE cor Fayette & St. Paul's sis. dw Court- 
land opposite friends meeting house 
Latournau J. B. M. watch and clockmaker 
1 hames st ' 

Latrobe John H. B. attorney at law, dw Mulberry 

st near Charles, office, 2 Athenaeum 
Latsch G Baltimore st w of Cove 
Lalshaw John, clock and watchmaker, Saratoga 

st 1st door from cor Pearl st " 

tLatter Matilda, washwoman, Salisbury st near 

Harford run 
Laty Joseph, boat builder, 15 Fell st 
Laurenson James, post office clerk, 92 Pitt st 
Laurenson Philip, grocer, 132 Baltim. st 
Lavancey Edward, oyster relectory, stone tavern 
SE cor Gay & Front sts 
_ Laverne Juan P. cigar maker, Caroline st 
[ Lavignac Amilia, nw cor Bond &. Wilk st 
Law James, shoemaker. Low st near Aisquilh 
Law John, clerk, Hamilton st e of Cathedral 
tLaw George, North st near Pleasant 
Lawder Samuel, cabinetmaker, Carpenter's alley 
Lawder mrs Ann, tailoress, 68 Front st 
Lawn Henry, grocer and liquor store, bootmaker 

cor Dutch alley & Park st 
Lawrence Richard, 78 Alice Anna st e end 
Lawrence John, carpent. Franklin st near Eutaw 
Lawrence mrs Margaret, cake shop, Gallows hill 
Lawrence mrs Ehzabeth, marketwoman, Harford 

Lawrence Wm. w Fawn st near e Fall avenu6 




113 e 

Lawrence Jolin F. painter, 46 Franklin st 
Lawrence mrs T. Nw cor Sliles St Gough sis 
tLawrcnce John, Painter's court 
Lawson Stei.lien. consnl of Sweden and Norway, 

15iu;lianan's wliarf, dw E i'latt si near s 

Exeter . . 

L:\\vson J.)l)n, cnginecr,Consmution st near Mon- 

l^awson Holier!, pork hntche", Hookstownroad 
Lawson .iM-epli, lal)orcr, Fr;inUim si extended 
Lawson E Iward, weaver, Wliitsworlli row near ^t 
Lawson inrs Ann. cake shop, 9 Botid st 
Lawson &t Brice, connnission nier. 2 Buchanan s 

JLawson Solomon, VVasjon alley 
Lawton mis 12 Tripolet's alley 
Lawlon Geo. L. clerk, w Piati st E of Cove 
Lawlun VVil'i itn, shoemaker, Henrietta st near s 

Lnyton mrs S.)()hia, seamstre,", Hnl's lane 
Lea l.«aac C. mercii. 75 Smith's wharf 
Lea Samuel J. .si.versmiih, Geor;;e st near Pine 
Leach Caleb, lottery olfice keeper, Fayette st w 

itf Pine 
Leach Caleb L. lottery and exchange office, cor 

w Market &- Liberty sts 
Leatherhnry mrs Ann, seam=tress, N Eden near 

p. Baltim. st 
Leaj^ue Geo \r ., curriiT, 45 s (>alvert st 
Le.A'^iii \Vm. ^rocer, nw c<>r Water &. Lloyd sts 
League Luke, shoemaker, Pratt st near Light st 

Leaf^ne John, cordwainer, 25 Caroline st 
Lea-nue Luke, woodhuxter, Gongh M iiearElen 
Leai^ue John, house carpenter.Charles stN of Su- 
gar alley 
Leake Adam, tailor, 50 Liiilit st 
Leakin And ew T. clerk in Franklin Bank, 10 s 

Hinh tt 
Leakin & Barnes.publishers of the Baltim. Chro- 
nicle, N Gay st 
Leakin Thorn. L printer, cor Baltim. fy Sharp sts 
Leakin Sheppard C. (firm of Leakin &. Barnes) 
printer, dw 14 High st 

Leaman Columbus A. boot and shoe store, 12 

Centre iVlarsh Market space 
Leaman R. P. & W. J. halters, 2(J N Howard st 
Learned Joseph D. attorney at law, 5 Athenaeum, 

dw cor Mulberry st 6i. Collej;e alley 
Learned Charles J. attorney at law, 5 Athenaeum 
Leaiy P. hatter, 27 Thames si 
Leaib llo.)ert, carpenter. Chamberlain alley 
Leaiherwood John, tavern keeper. Swan st 
Leatlierwood Jolm, y; ocery tSi- liquor slore,s Eu- 

taw st s oi Conway 
jLebark M;iria, washer, 40 Park st 
Lebau Jolm, painter, cor Bond &, Fleet st 
Lebon Chares, clothing store & capt. of w watch 

US N Howard &l 
Lebrue A grocer, Thames st near Ann 
Le 1} uu Miry, grocery. Bond near Bank st 
Lebianthwaite J. A. pawub.oker, cor of York »S& 

Eden sts 
Leckey mrs milliner, 4 w Baltim. st 
Lechler David E. shoemaker, Cross st w o fWil 

Lecimpte James, boarding house, 51 s Charles st 
LcCour Adolph, cigar lacloy, 5 Pratt st near 

the bridge . 

Lcddon Benj eiiiiinoer, Montgomery st w of Light 
Leddy J.ihii, grocery and liquor slore.cor Liberty 

(Si. Saratoga sis 
Ledly Daniel, brickmaVer, Elbow lane 
Ledl/ Jicob, ca peiiter, Cealre lar.e 
Ledly Jolm, shoemaker, Capenter allejr^ 
Lediv Jacol)sen. carter, s Eutaw st s ol Conway 
Lednif.n Ezeku 1, shoemaker, 9 Lancaster st 
Lee Benedict, harness m iker, 51 e Baltimore st 
Lee Isaac C. merchant, 22 s Charles si. dw cor of 

Lexington & Fine t^is 
Lee Caleb, carpenter, cor Pearl & Lexington sti 
Lee Cliarhs, blacksmith. Baltim. st E of Green 
Lee L'oyd, carter, 128 Sharp si 
Lee Hn.rv, cleik, Wilk st near High 
Lee Josiair&t Co. lottery and exchange office, se 
cor Calvert St Baltiiriore sts. dw n Charles 
near Saratoga st 
Lee James H. shoe manufactory, 54 w Pratt st 
Lee David, clerk, Dutch alley w of Park st 





Lee Wm. dry goads niercli. 51 Baltimore st 
Lee J. G. & Co. chemists and apothecaries, cor 

Water st & JNIarsh Market 
LeeEhshn, coaclimaker. fiolidayst n of Saratoga 
Lee fiirs llacliel, 4 Thames .^t iie'ur Market 
Lee Mr. plain maker, Lon<; alley 
Lee Wm. carpenter, Dulcli alley 
Lee mrs Sarah, washer, Lerew's nllev 
Lee John B carpenier,cor Franklin s't & Lerew's 

Lee Edward & James, grocery and liquor store, 

Baltimore st near Cove 
Lee Sam. H. carpenter, Green sf, near Mulberry 
Lee Abram, boot and .slioemaker, Potter st near 

Doug hiss 
Lee Wm. saddler, Penn av opposite Hoffman st 
Lee mrs Ellen, seamstress, Pieicest near Cove 
Lee mrs Alice taiioress, Mulberry st near Pine 
Lee mis. washer, Sugar alley 
iLee Jacob, laborer, Douglass st near East 
tLee Levin, drayman, Short st 
tLee Philif), Howard st 
JLee Charles, laborer, Davis st near Baltim. 
il^ee VV'm. drayman, n Sharp st 
iLee Charles, i;i borer, cor Howard st &. Home- 
spun alley 
JLee Isaac, .seaman, Necessity all near Exeter st 
TLee Samuel, oyster man, JNecessity alley near 

Exeter st 
|Lee Samuel, porter, w Saratoga st w of Parle 
Leech, tailor, Lee st s side w of Charles 
Leich Wm. rope maker, Harford avenue 
Leech .lames, carpenter, Harford avenue 
Leech H.Miry, rope maker, Harford avenue 
Leech David, dry goods merch. 7.5 Baliim. st 
Leenienry,sliip car[HM!ter, High st near Wilk' 
LeefJohn, Sides st 4 doors from Exeter st 
Lelevre Charles, cabinetmaker, n Sharp st near 

Lefevre Ab am, printer, 72 Pitt st 
Leffermnn Wm. tanner and currier, French st vv 

side near High 
Le Font Peter, 33 Albermarle st 
Legard mrs Elizabeth, Ensor st near Mott 

Legraud Samuel D. bacon njeixh. dw ne coTof 

Baltim. 6l Caroline st 
Leik mrs Keziah, Dutch alley 
Leioup mrs. ferry to Patapsco river 
Leioup Charles A. attorney at law, 6 Athenseum 
Lemailre Rane, master rigger, Sliakesnear st near 

Lemmon Rob. & Co. aiicfioners, 6 Buchan whf 
Leirunon ilich.ird (firm of do.) Cathedral st ' 
Lemmon miss Fanny, Charles st n ol Lee 
Ltmmon mrs C. Lombard st near Paca 
Lemmon Wm. P. c(ir North & Le.xington st 
Lemmon Wm. P. merchant, office s Gav st oppo- 
sue (he Exchange, dw cor Lexington and 
North sts 
Lemmon Joshua, cartman, Richmond st near Park 
Lenmion Richard, carpenter, Montgomery st w 

ol Light 
tLemmon James, drayman, Gough st near Stiles 
Lenon Jnsepii, seaman, 44 Alice Anne st 
Leon Abraham, furniture and cJotliina- store cor 

Pratt & Sharp sts 
Leonard Amasa, shoemaker, 25 German st 
Leonar.1 Jonathan, steel and iron manulkctwrer. 

Cente st near Calvert 
Leonard Jones & Co. hatters, basement of Bar- 
nam hotel 
Leonard Amasa &. Son, driiggists,58 w Pratt st 
Leonard Jarvis & Co. dry goods merchants. 'l95 

w Baltimore ^t 
Lerew John, carpenter, Lombard st w of Eutaw 
Les le John, rig^er, 12 Fleet st 
Leslie cait. Robert, Aisqnith st npar Douglass 
Lesne Rev. Jame.s, St. Mary's college 
Lessel Joseph, hotel, 57 Water st near Gay 
Lester Wm. stone mason, 3 s Low st 
Lester Shipiey, carpenter, w end of Conway st 
Letter mrs Mary, 38 n High st 
Letts Frederick, cooper. Pearl st n of Saratoga 
Levely mrs E. sw cor of Caroline & Bank st 
Levering Edward, carpenter, 117 s Howard st 
Levermg Wm. S. shoemaker. Bottle alley 
Levermg A. R. 4- Sons, china merch. 8 Pratt st 

wharf, dw s Howard st near Lombard 
Levering Peter, sw cor Sharp & Camden st 


Levering Jesse, comm. merch. 25 Cheapside, dw 

cor Sharp &- Lombard st 
Levering Natlianiel, 20 Hanover st 
Levering Jesse & Sons, wiiolesale grocers, 23 

Clieapside st 
Levering ^- Hiirrison, comm. merchants, 85 Bow- 
ley's wliart' 
Levering S. & M. grocers and comm. merchants. 

5 Bovvley's wharf 
Levering Geo VV. merch. 79 s High st 
Levering mrs Sarah, s High st near Pratt 
Leves Charles, carpenter, Mulberry si near Paca 
Levi M. Walker, merch. Short all near Spring st 
Levi mrs Sarali, Welcome alley 
Levingstf)n Wm. teacher, cor Howard st St Car- 
penter al'ev 
Levingstoii Peter, shoemaker, Lee st n side w of 

Levingsion James G. shoemaker, Forest st near 

Belle Air Market 
Levingsion James, shoemaker, Charles st w of 

Levy Tiiom, painter, s Gay st opposite exchange 

dvv Water st e of Exeter 
Levy Joseph, painter and glazier, Pratt st near 

tLevy John, hair dresser, Potter st near Low 
Lewis James, second hand furniture store, 109 

Bond st 
Lewis John, pilot, Alice Annast near Wolf 
Lewis Ann Maria, market woman, Temple st near 

E Baltimore 
Lewis Thomas, tailor, East st near n Douglass 
Lewis John, carpenter, 21 Front st 
Lewis William, cedar cooper. Park lane 
Lewis Eli, Favette stnear Pine 
Lewis mrs Rachel, cake shop, Montgomery st 

E of Charles 
Lewis James, Hill st e of Charles 
Lewis c\pt. Levi, Light st near Hill 
Lewis Elizab. seamstress, e Pratt st near Market 
Lewis James II. carpenter, n Eden st near Silver 
Lewis mrs Mary, milliner, 88 n Entaw st 
Lewis Joseph N. bookseller and stationer, 272 w 
Baltimore 6t. dw 24 Fayette st 

-to--— LIN 1J5 

Lewis miss Sarah D. fancy store, ne cor Liberty 

& Lexington sts 
Lewis John, merchant tailor, 14 South st 
f Lewis Emanuel, porter, Fayette st w of Pearl 
tLewis Charles, laborer, Bottle alley near Cove st 
tLewis Richard, laborer, 4 For* st st 
tLewis Wesley, waiter, German lane 
tLewis M. wasner. Forest st 
tLewis John, Toy al betw Paik st & l^erew's al 
tLewis mrs Sally, 4 Lombard st 
tLewis John, hair dies>cr, 50 Lexington st 
tLewis Andr. blacksmith, German st w ofGreen 
■• Lewis Jiihn laboier, Ross ^t near Long alley 
tLewis John, whiiewasher, 50 n Front st 
tLewis John, waiter, Forest st near Gay • 
Leyburn Wm. luinor store, North st n of Bath 
Leypold Frederick .simcery and liquor btore.61 s 

Gay St. dw 84 Harrison st 
L'Homme Rev. Francis, St. Mary's college 
Liddle Thomas, liquor sio e, 55 s Frederick st 
Light John, carpenter, Dutch alley 
Lis^htbodv John, chair maker, Orleans st 
Lighthise'r Wm. railroad driver, Baltimore st w 

of Cove 
Ligbtner Isaac, guager, e Baltim. st near Exeter 
Lighlner Henry, tin &. sheet iron worker, Forest 

st near Hillen 
tLiliet Betsey, washer, Chamberlain alley 
Lilly Alonzo A. &- Co. variety store, 225 Bait, st 

dw 85 Sharp st 
l^illy Geo W. carpenter, Richmond st near Park 
tLimmes Wm. drayman, Pleasant st 
l^inche Rebecca, widow, cor Fleet & Ann st 
tLinche Fanny, washer, Conway st 
Lindall John, sea capt. 87 Ann st 
Linderman Conrad, baker, cor Busy alley & Ha- 
nover st 
Lindenberger miss Rebecca, boarding house, Cal- 
vert St. betw Lexington & Saiatega sis 
Lindenberger mrs Rebecca, Monument .'jrinare^ 
Lindenberger George,ladies' shoemaker, 78 s £u- 

taw st 
tLindenberger John H. brjckmaker, Hill ft 
Lindsay Wm. giocery and liquor store, 62 w Sa- 
ratoga fct 



Lititberger Wm. tinner, Gougli st 

Liiieberirer Geo. bhicksmiih, George st near Pine 

Liuehau Patrick, grocery and liquor store, 55 

Harriion st 
Lines Edwin L. dry goods merch. 243i w Bait. 

St. d\v s Eutaw st near Lombard 
Lingenl'clier nirs LlizJibcth, Gfor^ie st near Peail 
Liiisry Andrew, bricklayer, corol Urecn and Cun- 

\v;iy sis 
Linsey V\ in. laborer, Armstead lane 
Luisey James, carjienter, 37 Pearl st 
Linsey mrs Catlieiiue, seamstress, St. Mar)" st 

near Penn av 
Linsey Wm. siioe store, 6-3 n Gay st 
l^iiillncum Henry, tai'or, cor Mulberry 8t Pine sis 
Linlhicum Iliciiard, 72 N Charles st 
Lniville John S. e Bajiimore st near Canal 
Lioni capt. G. e Pratt st near Harlbrd run 
Lipp Cathf'rine, St. Mary's si near PentJ av 
Lipp tnrs Sopliia,liquor store, Wiik st near Spring 
Lippey Geo. laborer, Union si near Ross 
List John C. shoemaker, 5 Tyson st 
LiiliRow mrs Jane, grocer, 10 Commerce st 
Liisinger Wm. stonnmadon, Addison st near High 
Liitig mis Raciiel, Gongh st w ol Caroline 
Liilig tiTs G. Gongh st near Spiing 
Littig C. B. dw :M St Paul's st 
Litlig Plii!ip &. Sons, brush, comb and bellows 
warehouse, also dealers in german goods 
and fancy articles, 142 Baltimore st 
Littig Caleb (firm of above) s Exeter st near Sa- 
lisbury alley 
Little Ruben A. watchmaker, 1 e Water st 
Little Geo. capt. "27 Market st 
Little mrs Mary, Cider alley wof Paca st 
Little George, bookbinder, Cider all w ol Pacast 
Little Kobeit. laborer, 25 Saratoga st 
Lii'le Thomas, bookbinder, 6 Mnli>rrry st 
Little I'-pliraim, western merchant.s Exeter st ncnr 

Sali'lmry aley 
Little mrs Rachel, taiioress, Potter st near Dougl 
Little John, miller, Chesmit alley 
Little 'J'h(»mas, bookbinder, Chesnut alley near 

Pearl st 
Little Richard, weaver, Fierce st near Cove 

.to LOK 

— — " , -» 

Little mrs Catherine, Green st near Mulberry 

Littlejohn mr Holliday st near Lexington 

Littletield mrs. 128 n Howard st 

Litton Thom. sail maker, 135 Bond st 

Lively mrs Julia, S n Extter st 

JLivrly Werrx , lab((ier, Hill st 

Ijivers Nicholas. I iboier, Ivoss si 

]'weilyii Dorothy, 30 Ann si 

Lloyil mrs Marv, Saratnga st near Pino 

[Jiyd mrs iMirtin, w Lexingtmi st k oTCnve 

Lloyd J. J. aiioriipy at law, Fay»Mie st w of St 

Paiil'sjdw Faypite st E ol Calveit 
Lloyd Doctor Nelson. 36 s Chailis st 
tLloyd Henry, carter, Lcrew's alley 
Loajie Edmund, shoemaker, 166 Lexington st B 

of EiMaw 
Loane JolmJiair spinner.w Gay st near Belle Air 

Lonne Joseph, sailmaker, 67 Sinith's wharf 
Loclier John, currier, Hill st w of Charles 
Lock 1 homas C. upholsterer, 50 s Higli st 
Lock Nathaniel O. tinner and drum maker, cor 

Peace alley and Charles st. dw Annislead 

Lock Thomas, upholsterer, Ar-nistrnd lane 
tLockeiman Henrietta, Lerew"s alley 
tLockerman Fanny, Vineailev 
Lockwood John, St. Paul's st. dw Park st n of 

Mu b rr/ st 
Lockwood E(Jw. indian physician, 40 N Exeter st 
Lockwood C. E. boot and shoemaker, Lexington 

^'l at hay scales, t]w Pearl st near r'ayelle 
Logan James, weaver, Pierce st 
Logan Wm shoemaker. Pierce st 
Logan James, laborer, Wilk st near Harford run 
(/>gan Samtud, baker, Chamberlain aley 
Logan Joseph, cooper, w Franklin st near Le- 

lew's alley 
tLogan Mary, N Calvert st 
Loi;e Peter, laborer, Whitsworth row near Rock st 
Loge Tarrencp, stone mason. Pierce si near Cuve 
Logue mrs Jane,n»i. liner, 72 vv Lexington st 
Logiie mrs Elizabeth, Chamberlain alley 
Logue Michael, boot and shoemaker, Knsor ft 
Loker Michsel, pilot, US Wolf st near Wilk 


LOM to- 



Lomax James, last maker, 4 Cheapside 

•fLomax David, caulker, Bond st 

Lon mrs Sarah, cake shop, Forest st near Hull's 

JLondon James P. waiter, 1 s Low st 

Louey Jolin, teller in Farmers' and Mechanics' 
Bank, 90 n High st 

Loney &. Anson, grocers and comm. mcrch. 
119 N High st 

Loney Wm. dry goods merch. sw cor Gay and 
High sts, dwSOGay st 

Loney Michael, bricklayer, Chesnut alley 

Long Cornelius B. boot and shoemaker, cor Mar- 
ket & Shakespeare sts 

Long nirs Sirah, confectioner, 73 Ensor st 

Long mrs Mary, 71 n Gay st 

Long llichard D. carpenter, 23S n Gay st 

Long Thotnas, tinner and plumber, Shakspeare 
st near Market 

Long Robert C. architect and engineer, office 
Fayette st w of St. Paul's st. dw Hamilton 
E of Cathedral st 

Long Reuben, accountant, Conway st near Chas. 

Long RiciiarJ, carpenter, Grant st 

Long Samuel, ship carpenter, Shakspeare near 
Market st 

Long H irnian, blacksmith, 101 Eutaw st 

Longley Samuel, miller, Franklin st near Pearl 

Longley John, laborer, Busy alley 

Looiiey Chas. shoemaker, Holland st near Hart- 

Lorder John, baker, Pitt st 

Lorey Peter, gardener, Light st 

Lorkin Wm. grocer and flour merchant, 39 Marsh 
M;irket space 

Lornian Joseph, innkeeper, Block st near Nel- 
son's bakery 

Lorman John, carpenter, Stillhouse st near Water 

Lorman Wm. & Son, merchants, se cor Lexing- 
ton and Charles sts 

Lorman G. W. dw 30 St. Paul's st 

Lorman John, grocer, 20 Thompson st 

Lorrentz mrs Ann, washer, Light st w of Mont- 

tLorton Jack, laborer, Lee st near Charles 

Lottery commissioners, Wm. R. Stewart, Edward 
Hughes, and J. S. Williams, oflice Fay- 
ette between South and Calvert sis 

Louderman John, 57 Market st F. P. 

Louderman mrs IMary, 25 Bond st 

Louderman Henry, baker, 26 Market st 

Louderman Jacob, mariner, Shakespear st 

Lough mrs Catheri le, seamstress. Long ; I'ey 

Love Wm. S. apothecary and chemist, 65 w Lex- 
ington st 

Love Andrew, shoemaker, Henrietta st near s 

Lovcgrove James, bookseller and bookbinder, 23 
.s Calvert st. dw Lovely lane, near Calvert st 

Lovell Wm. baker, 57 n Gay st 

Lover Samuel, boot and shoemaker. Water stE of 

Lovering Henry, commission merchant, 75 South 
st wharf, dw Barnet st 

Lovert Wm, ropemaker, cor Light and West sts 

Low mrs Sarah, grocer, Howard st last house 

Lowe Cornelius, sea capt. 4 Caroline row Caro- 
line st 

Lowe Henderson P. carpenter, n Paca st 

Lowe John, shoe store, 34 w Pratt st 

Lowe Thomas W. printer. Pleasant st E of Court- 
land st 

Lowman mrs Wetthey, Sngar alley 

Lownds James, clerk, 17 Maiden lane 

Lovvnds Charles P. baker, nvv cor Caroline and 
Wilk sts 

Lowry Thorn, tailor, ne cor Forest 8,' Orleans sts 

Lowry John, ship joiner, 6 Fleet st 

Lowry John, custom-house officer, Wilk st near 
the run 

Lowry Wm. St. Paul's st s of Mulberry st 

Lucas Fielding, jr. bookseller and stationer, 133 
Baltimore st. dw Nw cor St. Paul and Sa- 
ratoga sts 

Lucas Wm. S. jr. Plarford av near Missionary 

Lucas Wm. R. bookseller and stationer, 110 Bal- 
tim )re st 

Lucas & Deaver, book and job printers, 19 Cal 
vert st 





Lucas James, (firm of do.) dw 63 Exeter st 
Lucas Thomas, city watchman, Market st 
Lucas Edward, boot and shoemaker, 62 Market st 
Lucas Peter B. tailor, Fleet st near Bond 
Lucas capt. Thorn. Stiles st 3d door n of Exeter 
Lucas \Vm. S. ropemaker, Harford av 
Lucas Joshua, carpent. Schroederst near Saratoga 
jLucas Ilenr}', 2 German lane 
Luck Jacob, hatter, 10 Canal st near e Pratt 
Ludden Lemuel, hardware merchant, cor Liberty 

and Baltimore sts. dw 35 w Fayette st 
Ludolph major John, cooper, Cowpen alley 
Luginsland David, confectioner, 5(3 Camden st 
Lungan Eliza, boarding house, opposite Circus 

tavern n Front st 
Lupton mis Martha, Eager alley 
Lusby VVm. merchant tailor. 111 Baltimore st 
Lusby Henry, keeper of Masonic hall, dw 52 

Front st 
Lusk John, house carpenter, Eden st near Pratt 
Luskow John, printer, 3 Mercer st 
Lute Margaret, grocery, cor Fell & Wolf sts 
Lutgens miss Christiana, cake store, St. Mary st 

near Penn av 
Lybrant Henry, carpent. Sarah Ann st near Cove 
Ly brant mrs Mary, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Lycett E. bookbinder, 28 n Frederick st 
Ljetli Samuel, house carpenter, Saratoga st near 

Lyman Edward, paper stainer, Fayette st near 

:|:Lymus Charles, waiter, 4 Salisbury alley 
Lynch mrs Margaret, Wilk st near Caroline 
Lynch J. S. paver, Beard st near Market st. F. P. 
Lynch John, carpenter, 93 Saratoga st 
Lynch John, watchmaker & jeweller, 7 w Frank- 
lin st 
Lynch & Craft,oil and paint store, ISCheapside 
Lynch mrs E'izabeth,tailoress, Hull's lane 
|Lynch Henny, washwoman, Garden st near 

Biddle alley 
tLynch Moses, Davis st near Bath 
Lyon James, iron founder, w Pratt near Paca st 
Lyon mrs Mary, boarding house w Pratt st near 


Lyon James E. attorney at law, cor Fayette and 
St. Paul's sts 

Lyons John, weaver, corFrankl. & Chatsvvorth sts 

Lyons John, ship carpent. Charles st s of Mont- 

Lyons Margaret, cor Ann & Lancaster sts 

Lyons Dr. Samuel H. High st e side near e Bal- 
timore st 

Lyons Wm. grocery & liquor store, Potter st near 

Lyth Robert, carpenter, Chamberlain alley 

ABEN ANDREW, marble polisher, Pres- 
ton st 
Maben John, weaver, Preston st 
Macauly Doctor Patrick, Lombard st w of Sharp 
Mace Thomas, tailor, 7 Tompson st 
Mace Stephen T. shoemaker, n Gay st near Mott 
Macher Benj. painter. Park laae near Pine st 
Mackall Mintey, Conway st 
Mackall Doctor L. dentist, 25 Pratt st 
tMackall Samuel, sailor, Howard st near Conway 
Mackenzie Doctor J. P. Fayette st near Holiday 
Mackenzie Thomas, saddle store, 46 South st 
Mackenzie C. S. chemist and druggist, he cor of 

Baltimore and Gay sts. dw 12 n Gay st 
Mackenzie Doctor G.B. 12 n Gay st 
Mackey Thomas, laborer, Front st near Hillen 
Mackin Bernard, carpenter, Cathedral st near 

Alacklash capt. Fleet st 

Macklin William, teacher, Pierce st near Cove 
Mackiin John, laborer, n Beuren st near Madison 
Macklin mrs n Calvert st near Bart 
Macon key mrs seamstress, 02 n Gay st 
Macubbin Charles, dry goods merchant, 5 7 w 

Lexington st 
Macubbin Joshua, tailor, Orleans st near the run 
Macubbin Richard, inspector of customs, se cor 

Pratt and Exeter sts 
Madairy John, (firm of Madairy & Bannerman,) 

dw 153 Hanover st 
Madden John, plasterer, Barre st w of Light 
tMadden Tobias, seaman, 26 Alice Anna st 


■ to- 




Maddins John laborer, Rock st near Saratoga 
Maddina Win. cooper, Baltimore st vv of Cove 
Maddiris George, cooper, Baltimore st w of Cove 
tMaddins Jesse, laborer, Biddle alley 
Maddox Thomas, city watchman, se cor Exeter 

and French sts 
Maddox C. T. 67 s Sharp st 
Madevvell Samuel, cigar maker, Sterling st near 

Madinger John J. grocery & liquor store, cor Gay 

and Monument sts 
tMadison Joseph, laborer, Potter st near Low 
Maduck Thomas, shoemaker, 84 Bond st 
Magan mrs Mary, Penn. avenne near Union 
Maganty John, iron moulder, n Calvert st near 

Magee James, grocer, cor Star alley and Fleet st 
Magee Mary, cor Ann &• Fleet sts 
Magienan Dennis, city watchman, Penn. avenue 

near Franklin st 
Magness John, merchant tailor, 20 Baltimore st 
jVlagness , merchant tailor, cor Water st and 

Centre Market space 
Magnus Zachariah, brickmaker, Montgomery st 

E of Charles 
Magruder, J. R. tobacco inspector, warehouse, 

2 O'Donnell's wharf, dw 19 Second st 
Magruder Win. attorney at law, St. Paul's st s of 

Magruder Richard B. attorney at law, office St. 

Paul's st s of Saratoga, dw Saratoga st w 

of St. Paul's st 
Magruder D. F. Charles st N of Lee 
^Magruder Adam, Scott st 
Maguire Michel J. carpenter, shop 50 Gay st. dw 

Holiday st 
Maguire John, bookseller, 42 N Charles st 
Maguire Doctor Charles, 15 s Gay st 
Maguire James L. justice of peace, 72 s Charles 

st, dw Pearl 
tMahan George, porter, s Eutaw st 
Mahlsteeth Wm. H. sugar refiner, Water st near 

Mahner John, grocery & liquor store, Charles st 

Mahoiner Mathias, seaman, Ann st near Alice 

Mahorney Elisha, fisherman, Cross st n ot Wil- 
Major John, carpenter, e Water st near Exeter 
Makens Thomas, laborer, Fall st near Beuren 
Maker miss Margaret, Lunn's lane 
Maker Benjamin, Armistead lane 
fMakerMintu, washer, w Conway st 
Malcom P. oyster and beer house, 30 Monument 

square . . 

Male Free School of Baltimore, on monitorial 

system, T. Bassford, teacher, Courtland st 

s of Pleasant 
Male Wm. tailor, Bond st near Gough 
Mall Andrew, seaman, 124 Wolf st 
Mallen James, grocery & liquor store, nw cor 

Fayette and Pearl sts 
Malon Wm. shoemaker, Potter st near Pitt 
Malone Daniel, carpenter, Sarah Ann st 
Malone Wm. dry goods merchant, 45 Pratt st. 

dw 45 w Fayette st 
tMalone Julianna, Biddle alley 
Mallor Augustus C. hosier, w Fall s av. near Pratt 
Maloy Francis J. ladies' fancy shoe, boot and 

gaiter maker, 32 w Fayette st 
Maloy mrs Susanna, e Pratt near Market st 
Maloy mrs Mary, e Baltimore near Caroline st 
Maloy Gonrad, tailor, Franklin st extended 
Malseed Samuel, Richmond st near Howard 
Malseed Samuel, jr. laborer, Richmond st near 

Malseed Samuel, Richmond st 
Man George, tinner, Ensor st 
Mankin Isaiah, merchant and proprietor ot Wew 

York packets, cor Gay and Pratt sts. dw 

cor Mulberry and Courtland sts 
Mann G. B. tin ware merchant, Marsh Market 

space p 

Mann John, grocery and liquor store, 117 iJiUtaw 
Manners James, shoemaker, Friendship st 
Manning William, grocer, cor Cove & German sts 
Manning Benjamin, com. mer. Buchanan s whart 
Manning John, block maker, 17 Bank st 
Manning Sarauol, Charles st e side w of Lee 





Manly Thomas, clothing store, 43 Second st 
Manning Samuel, attorney at law, office, basement 

stoiy, city hotel, n Calvert st. 
Mannix John, wheelwright, Bottle alley, near 

Eulaw st 
Manro Jonathan, grocer, 25Si Baltimore st. dw IS 

Liberty si 
Manro Nathan A. IS Liberty st 
Mauro Henry, grocer, cor Gay and Pratt sts 
Mansfield Wm. collector, alley between s Caroline 

and Spring sts 
Manson John, tailor, 22 Thames st 
Manson Hubbard, blacksmith, Addison st near 

Manstrifler, John, shoemaker Union st 
Mantel Eli, house carpenter, n Exeter near Hillen 
Mantz Henry, Eiitaw st n of Conway st 
Manns Wm. tailor, 15 Harrison st. dw cor Water 

st and Market space 
Manus CharIes,shoemaker, Forest st near Orleans 
Alar John, cooper, Argyle alley near Wilk st 
Marcan Sdas, merch. Franklin st w oi'St Paul 
Marcii Peregrine, 15 Comet tt 
March Margaret, lailoress, Hamilton st near St. 

Ttlarchand C. & L. 39 n Frederick st 
Marfield mrs Elizabeth, 111 Sharp st 
Marfield Samuel, saddler, 115 Sharp st 
Marfield Henry cabinetmaker, Bait, st near Paca 
Marine Bank, nw cor Gay and Second sts 
Maris Robert, cooper, 88 Eutaw st 
Maris George, chemist, druggist and apothecary, 
87 Baltimore st. dw n Charles st near Lex- 
Marker John, carpenter, Pearl st near Mulberry 
Marker Andrew, smith in general, Eutaw st near 

Marlcy James, carter, w Baltimore st of Cove 
Marrilla mrs Emma, 11 s Charles st 
Marrin Patrick, laborer, Addison st near High 
Marriott John H. ladies' shoemaker, 20 e Balti- 
more st near High 
Marriott John II. carpenter, 2 Pine st betw Fay- 
ette & Lexington 

Marriott Thorn. D. ladies' boot and shoemaker,52 

w Lexington st 
Marriott miss Sarah, fancy dress maker, w Lex- 
ington st w of Liberty 
Marriott Wm. H. attorney at law, St. Paul's st 
opposite Dark lane, dw n Charles st near 
Marrow Isaac, constable, Franklin st w of Pine 
Marschutz William, musician, Constitution st 

near Beuren 
Marsden, James, black horse inn, Penn. av near 

Marsey Jesse, 5 IMercerst 

Marsh Isaac, cordwainer, Alice Anna st near Ann 
Marsh John. 20 Fayette st e of Howard 
Marsh J )nathaii, farmer, Douglass st near East 
Marshall Daniel, I iboier, w side Wolf st 
Marshall John ladies' fancy boot and shoe facto- 
ry, 14 Albermarle st 
Marshall capt. Levin, cor. Bank st and Straw- 
berry alley 
Marshall mrs Mary, trader, Douglass st near East 
Marshall Stewart, stone mason, Mott st e side 
Marshall mrs Catherine Eden st near Bank 
Marshall Henry, shoemaker, 56 Gougli st 
Marshall W. L. attorney at law, 7 Lexington st. 

dw Hamilton st near Cathedral 
Marshall mrs Sarah, boarding house, cor Holiday 

&L Baltimore sts 
Marshall Francis, German lane 
fMarshall Solomon, laborer, Spring st 
tMarshall John, plasterer, Butler's lane 
■fMarshall Chesterfield, waiter.w Baltimore st 
Marston James H. New England glass company 

agent, 6 Hanover st 
Marlenet Jones, tobacconist, Harfprd avenue 
Marliacque John, East st n of Hillen 
Martin Thomas, teacher, in rear of 53 Front st 
Martin George, ornamental jiainter, & polisher,60 

s High st 
Martin mrs Ann, tailoress, Constitution st near 

Martin John B. wood inspector, Holland st near 

the run 
Martin John, shoemaker, Union st near Penn. a? 





Martin John, ornamental sash maker, 34 St 
Mary's st 

Martin Thomas, laborer, Biddle alley near Ross st 

Martin C cabinet maker, Pine st near Pierce 

Martin Andrew, turner, Scott st near Columbia 

Martin John, laborer, Sugar alley 

Martin David, (firm of Matthews and Martin,) 
dw Fayette st w ol Howard 

Martin D. & Patterson, mer. tailors, 4 South st 

Martin James, inspector of salt, Lovely lane near 
Calvert st 

Martin John, j^rocer, Howard st near Conway 

Martin Wm. carpenter, Loujjj alley 

Martin David, merchant, 32 w Fayette st e of 

Martin Henry, Inloes' alley 

Martin John, carpenter, 76 N Charles st 

Martin Wm. turner, North st near Lexington 

Martin & Gibson, commission & grocery merch. 
Pratt st wharf 

Martin James (firm of do.) dw cor Charles & Bar- 
net sts 

Martin Robert N. attorney at law, 4 Athenteum 

Martin Robert, city eating house, basement story 
Baltimore Museum 

Martin & Vallette, grocers, 06 Baltim. st 

Martin James (of the firm of Martin & Vallette) 
dw 11 Pitt st 

JNIartin Charles, 52 N Gay st 

Martin John, tailor, 37 s Charles st 

Martin James & Wm grocer)' and feed store.cor 
Pratt & Calvert sts 

Martin John, grocery and liquor store,75 w Pratt 
st dw 37 s Charles 

Martin Wm. & Ennis bandbox makers, 10 Com- 
merce st 

Martin John, seaman, 2 Wolf st 

Martin Francis, sawyer, Star alley 

Martin capt. M. 7 Caroline row near Caroline st 

Martin Dr. Joseph, dw 10 Caroline row near Ca- 
roline St. office R Pratt st near Fountain 

Martin Fortune, whitesmith, Apple alley near 
Baltimore st 

Marvin C. plasterer, Harford st near Holland 

tMartin Nancy, seamstress Chesnut lane 

tMartin Joshua, wagoner, Chatsworth st 

tMartin Henry, sawyer, Homespun alley 

tMartin Henry, laborer. Hawk st 

tMartin Wm. laborer, n Spring st near e Baltim 

Marye mrs Louisa M. Franklin st 

Marye Augustus, fancy store, 17 s Calvert st. dw 

Franklin st opposite Unitarian church 
Maryland Flint Glass works, Ostend st s termin- 
ation of Eutaw, proprietors Thomas Wil- 
dey & Co. 
Maryland Chemical works, office lower end of 
Patterson st wharf, D. T. INIcKim president, 
Maryland Penitentiary, Jos. Owens keeper, n side 
of Madison st & w of Forest, do. store 19i 
jv Howard st. John Kennard agent 
Maryland Savings Institution, Job Smith jr presi- 
dent, "Hutchins treasr. se cor of Fay- 
ette & North sts 
Mask W. M. carpenter, cor Camden & Howard 

sts. dw Camden st 2d door w of Charles 
Masler Conrad, shoemaker, Hamstead st near 

Maslin Philip T. cabinet maker, Orleans st near 

the runt 
Mason Abraham, sail maker, 112 Ann st 
Mason mrs Catherme, Market space F. P. 
Mason mrs. York avenue 
Mason Peter, jr. (firm of Medtart & Ma«on) dw 

Pearl near Fayette 
Mason capt. Wm. 10 Wilk st near High 
Mason mrs Mary, seamstress, Eager alley 
Mason Thadeus"T. grocer, cor Camden st and 

Camden lane 
Mason Richard C. biscuit and cracker baker,Pratt 
st 3d door e from South st. dw 4 Fredr st 
Mason Geo, smith in general, 26 N Gay st 
Mason Richd. silverplater. Beard st near Caroline 
tlNIason Nancy, Chatsworth st 
tMason Noble, laborer, Chatsworth st 
tMason Ann Maria, Biddle alley 
Mass Samuel, grocer and cedar cooper, 19 & 21 

w Franklin st 
Massey Nathan W. blacksmith, n Gay near BqHc 

Air market 
Massey mrs Margaret, teacher, n Gay st 


Massey mrs Pamela, Hanover stnear Welcome al. 
Massey Thomas, millwright, n Eutaw st near 

Massicott capt Wm. 45 Albemarle st 
Massoll mrs Ann, Barre st 
Massoll mrs Ann, Lovely lane 
Masterson Charles, sail cloth weaver. Penn, av 
Matchett Piichard J. printer, cor Gay and Water 

sts. d'v 65 Harrison st 
Mathers & Martin, mer. tailors, 34 w Fayette st 
Mathiott mrs Ehzabeth, grocery, 73 High st 
Maliiiott mrs, se cor Ensor and East st 
Mathis John, Madison st near old poor house 
Mathison John, saddle and harness maker. Spring 

st near Gough 
tMatney VVinson, steamboatman, Canada alley 
Mattee mrs Elizabeth, mantua maker Gough st 

near Granby 
Matthews Samuel senr. se cor Pitt & East sts 
Matthews Samuel, jr, accountant, 3-2 n Front st 
Mattiiews Thomas, lumber merchant, 97 n High 
Matthews Joshua, Lloyd st near Wat^r 
Matthews William, carter, Ross st near Long al. 
Matthews miss Catherine, Fancy store 83 n Gay 
Matthews & Hopkins, commission merchants. 10 

Bowly's wharf, dw Thorn. Matthews Eutaw 

st 3d door s of Lombard, mr Hopkins n 

Charles st 
Matthews Michael, carter. Waggon alley 
Matthews A. fancy chairmaker, 18n Gay st 
Matthews J. S. 2G Fayette st 
JSLatthews John, book keeper, next door to cor 

Conway & Charles sts 
Matthews John, tavern, 90 Charles st 
Matthews I. comm. merch. 7 McElderry's wharf 
tMatthews Cato, laborer, Saratoga st e of Cove 
tMatthews Wm. porter. Eager alley 
tMatthews Diana, washer, 11 Saratoga st 
tMatthews Harriett, washer. College alley 
tMatthews Kitty, washer, Chappel alley 
Mattingley John, laborer, Montgomery st w of 

Mattocks mrs Ruth, Pitt st near the Bazaar 
tMattocks Lazarus, laborer, Park lane 
Mattox Edward, tavern keeper, 26 Grand gt 



tMattox Wm, laborer, Camden st near Howard 
tMattox Stephen, Camden st near Howard 
Maul Geo P. merchant tailor, 7 South st 
Maurer Paul, Pine stnear Chesnut lane 
Mawhonney George, weaver, F'ranklin st extend. 
tiNlaxwell Isaac, steamboat man, Jew's al 
tMaxvvcU Josepli, laborer, Lerew's alley 
May James, cooper, Eutaw st s of Franklin 
May bury Thomas, lime inspector, Potter st near 

tMaybury Mark, bricklayer, Hill st near Howard 
Maydariy Harriet, teacher, cor Sharp & Hill sts 
jMayduell John, 68 Harrison st 
Mayer Ch. F. attorney at law, office AthenEeum 
Mayer Charles, liquor store, 3 Fishmarket space 
Mayer C. dw Saratoga st 

Mayer Christian, (firm of Mayer & Brantz,) presi- 
dent of Patapsco and Neptune Insurance 
Company & consul general of Wirtein- 
burg, office Exchange buildings, dw Sara- 
toga st near Pine 
Mayfield Thomas, drug mill factory, cor Green 

and German sts 
Mayfield John, blacksmith, w Baltimore e of 

Cove st 
Mayfield mrs Elizabeth, Cider alley w of Paca st 
Mayger & Washington, millwrights, machine St 
pattern makers, e Fayette, dw Aisquith 
near Low 
Mayhew Wm. E. & Co. commission merch. 225 
Charles st. dw W. E. Mayhew 26 St. 
Paul's st 
tMaynard Charl. hair dresser, dw 81 n Liberty st 
Mayo John, porter cellar, n Gayest at the bridge 
Mayo Samuel, seaman, 8 Lancaster st 
McAleavy Francis, grocer, Ross st near St Mary's 
McAleese Phoebe, Granby st near Gough st 
McAleese Archibald, wood mer. w Saratoga st 

near Eutaw, dw Holiday st 
McAIeney, laborer, Lancaster st near Ann 
McAllister John, drayman. Potter st near Hillen 
McAllister John, jr. fancy & dry goods store, op- 
posite the Belle Air market 
McAnestry John, laborer, Baltimore st w of Cove 
McAnnelly John, weaver, Pierce st near Cove 






McBride James, laborer, Bishop's al. near Stiles st 
McBride Barney, laborer. Biddle al. near Ross st 
McBride John, weaver, Mulberry st extended 
McCabe Patrick, weaver Whitworth's row betw. 

Cove & Block sts 
McCabe Hugh, cotton factory, cor Tyson st & 

Tyson alley 
McCabeJohn, saddler and harness maker, 181 

Baltimore st 
INIcCabe Peter, laborer, Holiday st near Bath 
McCacellMichiel, laborer, Park lane near Balti. st 
McC'atTciry Arihiir, Holiday st near Bath 
McCdHerty John H. carpenter, n Eden st nearE 

McCafferty Patrick, laborer, n Sharp st 
McCafferty nus Catherine, Pine st n of Pierce 
McCafferty Felix, drayman, cor William and 

Cross sts 
McCain John, 9 New st 
McCall Patrick, carter, Monument st 
McCall John, carter. Monument st 
McCall Robt, shoemaker,Sugar al. near Charles st 
McCalley Andrew, seaman, 43 n Exeter st 
McCalley John, collector, Hull's lane 
McCalley Priscilla, Forest near Ensor, 
McCalley Jos. upholsterer, Ensor st e of Forest 
McCallister John, clerk, Mulberry st near Park 
McCann mis Mary, seamstress, Hull's lane 
McCann Charles, laborer, Park lane 
McCann mrs. milliner, fancy store, cor Eutaw &. 

Mulberry sts 
McCann Charles, keeper of the city intelligence 
office, opp. the Methodist Meeting house, 
Eutaw st 
McCann John, laborer. Long alley 
McCann Joseph, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Bath & Holiday sts 
McCann Wm. grocer, 86 Dugan's wharf 
McCanna Owen, marble polisher, 25 Barre st 
McCanna Arthur, carter, n Calvert st near Bath 
McCannon James, tavern keeper, Harford avenue 
McCardle Philip, iron moulder, East st n of Pitt 
McCardle John, house carpenter, 88 Park st 
McCarrier James, grocery & liquor store, cor 
Friendship & Thompsoa sts 

McCartin James, weaver, Preston st 
McCarty Jerry, laborer. Bishop's al. near Stiles 
McCarty John, stone cutter. Union st near Penn- 
sylvania avenue 
McCarty Charles, liquor store, 46 Light st 
tMcCaity Mary. Sugar alley 
McCatchy John, carter, cor Hughes' & Charles 
McCaughan Daniel, plumber, dw Sliakspeare st, 

shop Thames st 
IMcCeney Beiij. dry goods merchant, 83 Bait, st 
McCeonica Robert, seaman, Lancaster st near 

Market F. P. 
McCleary Walter, carpenter, s Charles st s of 

McCleary James, boot & shoe maker, Charles st 

near Hill 
McClellan Samuel, agent for the people's steam 

navigation company. Light st wharf 
McClellan Wm. F. (firm of Boggs and McClel- 
lan,) dw 89 Green st 
McClellan Andrew, shoemaker, NW cor Lunn's 

lane and Burgundy alley 
McClellan miss .lane, 62 n Liberty st 
McClellan mrs Maria, 28 w Fayette st 
McClenahan Robert, wood turner, 54 N Exeter st 
McClenahan James, laborer. Bank lane near Belle 

Air market 
McClesster John, scowman, 20 Patterson st 
McCloskev Patrick, laborer, Wilk st near Spring 
McClure John & Co. tea, wine & grocery merch. 

119 Baltimore st 
McCIure rnrs Mary Ann, dw over 119 Baltim. st 
McClure John, boot & shoemaker, 63 Harrison st 
McClure George, porter, n Howard st near Biddle 
McClure William, glass blower at the glass house 
McCobb William, laborer, Potter st near French 
McCode Mark, weaver. Rock st near Saratoga 
McColgin Bernard, liquor store, 42 Second st 
McColgin John, rum and cordial distiller, Sara- 
toga st near Gay, dw Saratoga near Hol- 
liday st 
McCollem James, grocer, cor Gough st and Straw- 
berry alley 
McColley Andrew, seaman, 41 N Exeter st w side 
McColm Matthew, chair factory, 45 South st 





McColm EcJw. M. 2i s Sharp st. dw n Sharp st 

three doors s of Fayette 
McCoIough William, bricklayer, Alice Anna near 

McComas mrs Sarah, 88 Pitt st 
McComas Albert, tailor, 18 Maiden lane 
McComas miss Sarah, 2 Pleasant st 
McComas x\quilla S. carpenter, cor Mulberry st 

4' Long alley 
McCombs Archibald.carpet weaver, Penn av near 

Biddle st 
McCombs mrs Ann, 46 Light st 
McConkfcy William, carpenter,Stile9 st near High 
McConkey John, grocer, ne cor Granby and 

Exeter sts 
McConkey mrs Hetty, 7 E Water st 
McConkey Wm. 14 Saratoga st 
McCoiin Richard, grocer and flour merch. 113 n 

Howard st 
McConnell Thomas, dry goods merchant, 12 Har- 
rison st 
McConnell mrs Elizabeth, boarding house, 57 

Marsh Market space 
McConnell mrs Elizabeth, miliner, 37 n Gay st 
McCormick John, grocer, Harford avenue 
McCormick Samuel, meal merchant, Franklin st 

near Pine 
McCormick John, cordvvainer and city watch- 
man, Hampstead st near Caroline 
McCormick &. Keene, grocers, nE cor Paca and 

Lexington sts 
McCormick John,(firm of McCormick & Keene) 

dvv Paca near Lexington st 
McCormick John, flour inspector, 28 n Paca st 
McCormick James, miller, Holliday st n of Bath 
McCoul George C. cabinet maker, nw cor For- 
est & Douglass 
McCoul Wm. weaver, Pierce st 
McCoy Alexander, carpenter, Short st 
McCoy Alexander, glass cutter near glass house 
McCoy Margaret, 137 Bond st 
McCoy Stephen H. carpenter, n Eden between 

Hampstead and Pitt sts 
McCoy mrs Jane, union hotel, cor Thames and 
Bond st 

McCoy Samuel, clothing store, 20 n Eutaw st 
JMcCoy Robert, grocer, w Pratt st near Howard 
tMcCoy Thomas, boarding house. Peace aller 

near Charles st 
McCracken Alexander, sexton, cor Holland and 

Eden sts 
McCracken John, cabinet maker, 49 s Charles st 
McCracken William, grocery & liquor store, ne 

cor High &. Gay sts 
McCracken James, brickmaker, Hanover st 
McCready George, cartmaker. Concord st near 

McCreary James A.western hotel.cor Howard and 

Lexington sis 
McCreary mrs L. Hanover st near Conway 
McCreary Robert, weaver, Preston st near Ross 
McCreary Nelson, carpenter, Harford avenue 
McCubbin Nicholas, merchant tailor, 64 w Pratt st 
McCubbin Joseph, merchant tailor, Holliday st. 

dw Orleans st 
McCue Patrick K. shoe & boot maker, e Pratt st 

near President 
McCulley Duncan, grocer, ne cor Bank st and 

Strawberry alley 
McCulley mrs Elizabeth, grocer, se cor Holland 

and Eden sts 
McCullister, Archibald, drayman, n Exeter near 

Hillen st 
McCullister Archibald, grocer, 55 Harrison st 
McCulloch James H. collector of customs port of 

Baltimore, dw Madison st 
McCulloch Dr. James H. deputy collector, of the 

port of Baltimore, dvv Waterloo row, 
McCulloh James Wm. attorney at law, Fayette 

st basement story of the city hotel 
McCulloh Doctor, w Fayette st e of Liberty 
McCurdy Jacob W. ladies 'shoemaker,27N Char- 
les st 
McCurley James, coach maker, 22 n Liberty st 
McCurley John, 17 Park st 
McCurley Felix, grocery &. liquor store, Balti- 
more st w of Cove 
McCurley mrs Sophia, Baltimore st w of Cove 
McCurley John, grocery &. bacon store, ne cor 
Grant & Water et 





McCutchin Ann Lancaster st near Bond 
McDaniel mrs Ann, boarding liouse, Dutch alley 
Mel 'aniel Getirg« W. mercliant tailor, 3 n Gay st 
McDaiiiel Martin, fislierinan, Cove st near s £u- 

law st 
fMcDaniel Nancy, Charles st 
McDermot Jane, dry goods store, Market st near 

Alice Anna 
McDerinut John, cooper, 10 Philpot st 
McDerrnot James, painter, Slillhouse st near 

McDernnot James, grocery and liquor store, cor 

PVanklin st and Lerew's alley 
McDevitt John, tavern keeper, cor Marsh Market 

space and Swan st 
McDonald mrs Ann, Shakspeare st near Apple 

McDonald Richard, grocer, se cor Fleet st and 

Strawberry a'ley 
McDonald Domniick, grocer, se cor Caroline and 

VVdk sts 
McDonald Mr. livery stable, Dutch alley, dw 86 

Eutaw st 
McDonald [sabella, Howard st near Grundy's row 
McDonald Alexander, merchant, sw cor Balti- 
more and Howard sts. dw Fayette st e of 

Liberty st 
McDonald Patrick, North st s of Bath 
McDcinald Wtn. shoemaker, 14 Commerce st 
McDonald Win. &l Co. groc^ers and commission 

merchants, 87 Bowly's wharf 
McDonald James, blacksmith, cor Concord and 

Water sts 
McDonald Daniel, clothing store, 41 Second st 
McDonald Alexander, sexton of Cathedral, Park 

st N oi Saratoga 
McDonald mrs James, 16 \v Saratoga st 
McDonald Hugh, innkeeper, 13 Thames st 
McDonald James, plasterer, Alice Anna near 

Strawberry alley 
McDonald gen.Wm. merchant, Pratt st n side 

near All)ermar!e 
McDonald James, hack driver, Sarah Ann st e 

of Cove 
McDonald Samuel, meal raerchanl, York avenue 

McDonald Charles, meal merchant, York avenue 
McDonald mrs Mary, grocer, York avenue 
McDonald Daniel, distiller, Howard st extended 
McDonald Alexander, cartman, Park st near 

McDonald David H. house carpenter, St. Mary's 

st near Ross 
McDonald Alexander, shoe maker, Addison st 

near High 
McDonald Dennis, tailor. Forest st near the Pen- 
McDonald Jolin, shoemaker, Sarah Ann st 
McDon;ild Wni. engineer of McKim's copper 

mill, w Falls avenue 
McDonald Charles, chair maker, Conway st 
tMcDonald Nancy, Montgomery st 
JMcDonald Jane,' East st N of Pitt 
McDonnell, Daniel, shoe &. boot maker, Aisquitb 

near Jeflierson st 
McDonough Bernard, 75 Harrison st 
IMcDowell George H. Hamilton e of Cathedral st 
McDowell Doctor John B. 13 w Lexington st 
McDowell Doctor Maxwell, 13 w Lexington st 
McDowell George H. &- Co. booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 212 Baltimore st 
McDowell Perry, blacksmith, French st near 

McDowell mrs Jane, East st n of Pitt 
JMcDowney Edward, Centre st near St. Paul's 
DcDugell li. carpenter, cor Hartford &, Wdksts 
McFlderry Hugh, agent for citizens' line steam- 
boats, dwcor North and Lexington sts 
McElderry Ann W. Aisquith st near Pitt 
McFvlevey Francis, grocer, Ross st opsosite Paca 
McEllieny Robert, laborer, Biddle al. near Ross st 
McEHer mrs Mary, Holliday st n of Bath 
McFlrea mrs Sarah Ann, Franklin st extended 
McElrea Crawford, weaver. Scrabble town 
McElroy James, weaver. Pierce st near Chve 
McElio'y mrs Sarah, grocer, n Howard st near 

McElroy , drayman Columbia st 

McElroy John, carter Sharp st 
McElroy James, saddler, N Calvert st near Frank- 
lin st 





McElwain James, weaver, Pierce st near Cove 
McEiwee Robert, drayman, Hill st near Potter 
McElwee mis Jane, Spring st near Pratt 
McEnnis John, cooper, Front st betw Gay & 

McEnnis Micheel, cooper, Front st betw. Gay &. 

McFaddon mrs Mary, grocery, 42 \v Pratt st 
McFarland Francis, dry goods merchant, 36 Cen- 
tre Market space 
McFaul John, boot & shoemaker, Howard st ex- 
tended near Tyson alley 
McFaul & Co. dry goods merchants, 70 Lexing- 
ton st 
JVIcFee John, tailor, Union st near Ross 
McFerran mrs Ruth, s Charles st near Little 

McFerran mrs Ruth Charles near Little Hughes' 
McFerran mrs Jane, baker, 5 Second st 
McGahon Thomas, carter, swcor Front & French 
McGall David, weaver, Cove st near Saratoga 
McGannon John, seaman, send Wolf st 
McGee William, grocer, cor Bond &. Fleet sts 
McGeoch Andrew, house carpenter. Maiden lane 
McGerharty Bernard, Davis st near Bath 
McGerharty James, Addison st near High 
McGiil William, manufacturer, of cotton goods, 
NE cor Hillen & Exeter sts, dw Potter st 
near Hillen 
McGill R. laborer, w side Wolfst 
tMcGill Sally, German s(, 
Mcgilton Daniel, sweep master, Rock st near 

McGinn Micluiel, collector, 11 Wilk st 
McGinn Barney, carter, cor Wilk st and Apple al. 
INIcGinnes Richard, shoemaker, 26 New st 
McGinnes John, tailor, Aisquith st near Gay 
McGinnis P^. laborer, 4 Wolf st 
McGinnis John, gardener, Orleans st near Straw- 
berry alley 
McGinnis miss, fancy dress maker, 17 s Charles st 
McGinnity O. innkeeper, 11 e Water st 
McGiimity Owen, tavern keeper, 11 Water st 

betw South & Calvert sts 
McGinnity Felix, laborer, Centre st near bridge 

McGivern Bernard, grocer and baker, Saratoga st 

between Howard and Eutaw sts 
McGlonigal Hugh &> Co. grocery & dry goods 

store, 93 n High st 
McGorman Edward, laborer, 42 Ross st 
McGowan Andrew, grocer, nvv cor Aisquith &, 

Comet sis. dvv^G7 Pitt st 
McGowan Hugh, laborer. Pierce st near Cove 
McGowan Hugh, laborer, Concord st near Pratt 
McGowan Jolm, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Eutaw and Lexington sts 
McGrath mrs Susan, Concord st near Pratt 
McGratta Edward, carter. Concord st near Pratt 
McGreevy Patrick, gardener, 146 n Eutaw st 
McGregor George, locksmith, 10 s Calvert st 
tMcGruder John F. laborer, Short st 
McGuire Thomas.janitor of liallimore University 
McGuire miss Ann, seamstress, 46 w Fayette st 
McGuire Henry, huckster, 61 Camden st 
McGuire James, baker, Potter st near Low 
McGuire Patrick, weaver, Whitworth's row near 

Rock st 
McGuire John, dry goods store, Hanover st near 

McGuire Michrel, Holliday st s of Pleasant, shop 

50 N Gay st 
McGuire Edward, huckster, Ruxton st near Light 
McGuire John, liquor store, 37 e W^ater st 
McGuirk Peter, stone sawyer, Davis st near 

Bath st 
McGuirk mrs Catherine, Crook'sback row. Mon- 
ument st 
McHenry Isaac, hatter, 6 Canal st near E Balti- 
McHenry Neal, laborer, Preston st 
McHenry mrs Daniel, w Lexington e of Cove 
McHenry J. ship carpenter, cor Philpot and 

Bank sts 
McHenry James, painter and glazier, cor New 

and Paca sts 
McHenry Matthew, fancy store, 691 n Howard st 
Mcllhany John, grocer, !20 n Liberty st 
Mcllhany John, laborer, Holliday st n of Bath 
Mcllrea Crawford, weaver, Silver stnear Pierce 
Mclniire James, teacher, wSharp st near Saratoga 





Mclnhanior John, grocer and liquor store, cor 

Wagon alley ^- Park st 
Mclntire David, china store, cor Howard and Faj- 

ette sts d\v 2S N Eutaw st 
Mclntire James, grocer cor Mulberry st and Ea- 
ger alley 
Mclntire mrs Jane, tailoress, Granby st near 

Mcintosh Alexander, baker, s Exeter near Pratt 
McKage Robert, tobacconist, Sugar alley near 

Charles st 
McKee Robert drover, Potter st near French 
BIcKee Patrick, boot and shoe maker, Orleans st 

near Aisquith 
McKee John, weaver, Rock st near Saratoga 
McKee John, cooper.N Eutaw near Lexington st 
McKee Lewis, shoemaker, Bottle alley near Eu- 
taw st 
McKee & Brown, importers of dry goods, 151 

Baltimore st 
McKeen & McClellan, china and glass merchants, 

218 Baltimore st. dw J. M. McClellan st 
McKeen Jas. stone mason, French st near Potter 
McKeever John stone cutter, & grocery and li- 
quor store NW cor of Pine and Fayette sts 
McKeey mrs Alice, Bank st near St. Patrick's 

McKeey James, carter, Concord st near Pratt 
McKefiarv mrs Mary, 35 s Liberty st 
McKeldin William, weaver, Pierce st near Cove 
McKeldin Joseph, grocery store, 116 w Pratt st 
McKell James, machine ond engine maker, nw 
cor President & Stiles sts, dw President st 
betw P'awn and Stiles st 
McKenna \Vm. grocery and liquor store, cor Wa- 
gon alley and Park st 
McKenzie E. shoemaker, Wagon alley 
McKenzie James, hair dresser, 62 n Gay st 
McKenzie Jesse, brick maker, cor Ross st and 

Biddle al 
McKenzie James, carpenter, 10 n Exeter st 
McKenzie James, glass blower, at glass house 
McKerlie Sarah, tutoress, 29 Alice Anna st 
McKew P. grocery & liquor store, 109 n Highst 
McKew Edward, teacher, Spring st near Gough 

McKewen Archibald, grocery and liquor store 

cor Charles and Lombard sts 
McKewen Peter, innkeeper, 2 Light st 
McKewen John, laborer, Davis st near Bath 
McKewen mrs Mary, grocer, Bath st near Davis 
McKheirnen Wm. tailor, 21 s Howard st 
McKim mrs, relict of the late Hon. AIexander,18 

Hanover st 
McKim's Free School, e Baltimore st n side w of 

Hartford run 
McKim William D. e Baltimore st next to 2nd 

Presbyterian Church 
McKim Isaac proprietor of Valona copper works, 
warehouse 42 s Gay st. rolling mill lower 
end ^Smith's wharf, dw e Baltimore stE of 
McKim mrs Ann, sw cor Aisquith and Douglass 
McKim Robert, laborer, Johnston st 
McKim John, jr. & Sons, copper warehouse, nw 

cor Pratt and Frederick sts 
McKim &!. Maslin, wholesale hardware merchants, 

248 Baltimore st 
McKim Wm. dw 24 Holliday st 
McKim Daviil T. flour store, Patterson st wharf, 

dw Hollidav st next door to t he theatre 
McKim mrs Ann,"nw cor Aisquith 8c Douglass sts 
McKim miss Mary ,fiincy dress maker,59 s Sharp st 
McKim & Co. dry goods merchants, 29 Baltimore 

McKinley mrs Margaret, weaver. Silver st near 

McKinley Thomas, broom maker, 11 Comet st 
McKinnell Fienry, dry goods merchant, 18 s 

Charles; st dw Lombard st 
McKinnell Henry, merchant, Lombard st near 

McKinney Andrew, cotton factory man, High si 

near Hillen 
McKown John, weaver, Franklin st extended 
McKown mrs 43 Union st 
McKubbin James, foundry man, Light st s of 

McKubbin mrs Eleanor, Montgomery w of Light 
McKubbin R, Pratt st near s Exeter 



-to MCN 

McKittrick Philip, turner, Block st near Nelson's 

McKnitrht Thomas, tanner, cor Pearl &, Saratoga 
McKuhhin Samuel, brush maker, n Gay st near 

McKiibbin Aaron, tailor, n Gay st 
McKubbin Frances n Gay st 
McKuskr.r, Huj^h, laborer, 19 Shakspeare st 
McLaughlin Dennis, laborer. Strawberry alley 

near Fleet st 
McLaughlin mrs Mary, V22 n Eutaw s^ 
McLaughlhi Win. carpenter, n Eutaw st 
McLaughhn John, printer, n Eutaw st 
McLaughlin mis Aim, seamstiess, 'i New st 
WcLaughlm Robert, carpenter, St. Paul's st s of 

McLaugl-lin Jefferson, shoemaker, Pinkney st 

near Caroline 
McLaughlin mrs Ann, 90 n High st 
McLaughlin mrs Ellen, cor Harford st& Jefferson 
McLaughlin mrs Ann, St Mary's sttiearRoss 
McLaughlin mrs huckster, cor Pearl and Sarato- 
ga sts 
McLeaman John, shoemaker, s side Lexingt mar 
McLean Jane, grocer, cor Ann and Wilk sts 
McLean Anhur, painter, 9 Tompson st 
McLean Elias, block S,- pomp maker, Patterson 

st s of Pratt, dw Ensor st near Mott 
McLean Jacob, blacksmith, Armistead lane 
McLean Cornelius, attorney at law, athena?um, 

dw Pratt st 1 d.ior, e of Exeter st 
McLean Doctor Charles, 45 n Eulaw st between 

Lexington &. Saratoga sts 
McLean John, blacksmith, Patterson st 
McLean Elias, block .§' pumpmaker, 59 w Pratt st 
McLeavy & Lawless, proprietors of Washington 

hotel, Lexington market 
McMahon John, V. L. attorney at law, cor Lex- 
ington & Courlland sts 
JJ<^J}ah"n James, laborer, Union st near Pen. av 
^<^^ahon Francis, stone mason, Vine al. w Pine 
McMahon James, carpenter, 81 Harrison st 
McManus Alex, seaman, Bond st near Wilk 
McManus Charles, baker, 34 e Water st 

McManus miss Alice, mantuamaker, Park st s of 

McManus Doctor F. R. 78 w Pratt st 
McMasters mrs J. milliner, 10!) Baltimore st 
McMean VVm. locksmith, next door to Franklin 

arcade, Lexington st 
McMechen Wm A. lottery and exchange office, 

77 N Howard st 
McMechen Thomas, clerk, cor St. Paul & Ham- 
ilton sts 
McMechen mrs Wm. Fayette .st e of Liberty 
McMillan Archibald, house carpenter, IJolland st 

near the run 
McMillan John, shoemaker, Richmond st near 

Tyson alley 
McMillan Hugh, laborer, Elbow lane 
McMillan Neal, grocery & liquor store, cor Rich- 
mond st & Tyson 
McMillan John, laborer Elbow lane 
McMinn George, cooper, Paca st k of Pratt 
McMullan J. office, w Fayette st 
McMuller misses Sarah S^'Jane, liquor storCj Wa- 
ter st at the bridge 
McMuller Michael, laborer, Water st 

McMurray , weaver, Franklin st extended 

McMurray Samuel, black bear tavern, 61 w Sa- 
ratoga st 
McNamar mrs Catharine, cor St. Paul & Hamil- 
ton sts 
McNavin A. ship carpenter.cor Lee and Hano- 
ver sts 
McNavin Malcom, shingle dresser, cor Lee and 

Hanover sts 
McNavin mrs Mary, cor Lee end Hanover sts 
McNeal James, scowman, cor Wilk &, Exeter sts 
McN al mrs Elizabeth, dry goods and fancy store, 

33 w Pratt st 
McNeal Andrew, carpenter, Harrison st near 

Gay, dw 43 n Exetrr st 
McNeal mrs Cassandra, 43 n Exeter st 
McNeely Thomas cV John, grocery and liquor store, 

cor Centre & St. Paul's sts 
McNelly Bernard, shoemaker, Eager alley 
McNickels Isaac, laborer, Cross st e of WUiiam 





McNier mrs Rachel, Potter st near Pitt 
McNier John, tailor, Potter st n of Douglass 
McNult}' Israel, plasterer, Saratoga st extended 
McPhail mrs Mary, mantiiamak. 8 New Church st 
McPherson Duncan, laborer, Alice Anna st near 

McPherson John, flour and produce merch. 26 

Franklin st. dvv Penn av 
McPher.eon Jonas, lottery and exchange office, 188 

Baltimore st dw Biddle st near George 
McPherson & Tiiayer, lottery and exchange office 

19 w Pratt st 
]McPherson Jonas, Biddle st n of Penn. av. 
]McQ,uny Richard, Short st 
McCluillen mrs Catherine, liquor store, Wagon 

alley near Ploward st 
McQuinn mr (firm of Walsh and McQuin) dw 

Conway st near Charles 
McSweeney Paul, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Eutaw st and Bottle alley 
McSweeney. Francis, grocery and liquor store,cor 

Paca and Bottle alley 
McWilliams Patrick, sawyer, Wilk st near Spring 
McWilliams Robert, liquor store, cor Light and 

Lee sis 
IMcWilliams miss, 8 N Gay st 
McWilliams, John, tavern keeper, Bond st near 

Mead Wm. J. stone cutter, Spring alley near e 

Baltiniore st 
Mead mrs Margaret, seamstress, e Baltimore st 

near Spring alley n side 
INIead mrs Mary, hotel, 22 n Liberty st 
tMead Zachariah, drayman, Centre st 
tMead Stephen, seaman. Spring st near Gough 
Meads Daniel, cordwamer. Fountain st 
Meads Henry, ship carpenter, Fountain st 
Meads Philip, blacksmith, Sugar alley near s 

Charles st 
Meaphar John, carpenter. Union st 
Meakins mrs Ann, Franklin st 
INIearia Jacob, manager of Baltimore floor cloth 

manufactory, dw 12 Albemarle st 
I^fecanger mrs Keziah, 40 n Gay st 
iMecken Daniel, cooper, Stillhouse st near Water 

Medairy John, engraver and copper plate printer, 

basement story of Farm, and Merch. bank 

N Calveit st 
Medcalf Wm. cleik of Bait, city court, dvv Sharp 

st s of Camden 
Medcalf Elijah, cabinet maker, Maiden lane 
Medcalf mrs Abigail, U Maiden lane 
Medinger C butcher, e Pitt st near n Eden 
Medinger, C. A. baker and grocer, Forest st near 

Medinger Cotlip, victualler, Pitt st w of Eden 
Medinger Jacob, tavern keeper, e Baltimore st 

near Harris's creek 
Medinger Israel, baker. Short st near Orleans 
tMedler Thomas, 28 Light st 
tMedler Wm. blacksmith, n Sharp si: 
Medtart & Mason, dry goods merchants, 250 w 

Baltimore st 
Medtart Joshua, dw Lombard st near Eutaw 
tMeed Sarah, Run alley 
tMeed Jesse, laborer, 16 Commerce st 
Meeteer Samuel & William, paper warehouse, 

1 Baltimore st 
Megri Vincent,snuff' manufactory, 111 Bond st 
Meichel M. E. currier, Saratoga st w of Liberty 
Meigency Edward, sea capt. Alice Anna st near 

Strawberry alley 
Meineke C. 11 w Lexington st 
Meixsel Jacob, flour inspector, 19G n Eutaw st 
tMelligan Henry, sawyer. Potter st near Pitt 
Mellor Samuel, hack driver, Exeter st n ofHillen 
Mellor Charles, lace manufactory, 21 e Water st 
Menker Andrew, bell hanger, and smith in gene- 
ral, Eutaw betw. Saratoga & Mulberry st 
Menster mrs Sarah e Pitt st near Caroline 
Mentzel Charles.boot & shoemaker, w Baltimore 

w of Pearl st 
Menzies E. V. turner, 2 Commerce st 
Menzies James, merchant, Jelferson row near 

Conwav st 
Mercer mrs Temperance, Gough st near Stiles 
Mercer David H. nw cor East & Douglass sts 
Mercer Charles, engineer, Bottle alley extended 
tMercer Brister, stevadore. Fleet st near Caroline 
Merchant Isaac, watchman, Madison st 




Meredith inrs Margaret, 37 Franklin st 
Meredith J. B. clock & watchmaker, 14 n Eutaw 

St near Fayette 
Meredith J. attorney at law, n Calvert st near 

Meredith & Spencer, wholesale dry goods mer- 
chants, Liberty st a few doors from Market 
Meredith Benjamin, Ross st 
JMeredith John Ross st 
tMeredith Moses, porter. College alley 
Merker A. smith in general, s Howard st near 

Pratt st 
Merkle mrs Catherine, Mulberry st near Park 
Merkle George, feed store, Mulberry st near Park 
Merill Moses, teacher, 98 s High st 
Merren T. laborer, Wilk st 
Merriken J. cabinet maker, 8 w Lexington st 
Merritt Samuel F. general commission merchant, 

n Cliarles st near Pleasant 
Merritt Samuel, wheelwright, Ruxton st 
Merritt S.muel, carter, n Howard st near Biddie 
Merritt James, laborer, Union st near Ross 
Merritt John, Sugar alley 
Merryman Charles, ironmonger, N\v cor En^or & 

Potter sts 
Merryman Samuel, constable, Lexington st w of 

Merryman Nelson, currier, 71 Ensor st 
Merryman mrs Keturah C. 27 w Lexington st 
Merryman George, dentist, 14 n Gay st 
tMerryman Betsy, Fleet st 
JMerton Charles, carter, Happy alley 
Messersmith mrs Frances, Lexington st between 

Charles and St. Paul's st 
Mesifbnier Francis, w Mulberry st near Eutaw 
Messing Frederick, harness maker, w Baltimore 

st near Paca 
Messiter mrs Sarah Ann, milliner, 124 Hanover st 
Mesner Mathias, laborer, Libcrtj' alley 
Metcalf Abram, victualler, Loudenslager's hill 
Mettam &. Lambert, smiths in general, 3 n Fred- 
erick st 
Mettee Cliarles A. blacksmith, Uhler's alley 
Mettee Philip, smith in general, cor Lombard and 
Grant sts. dw Light st 


Mettee Martin blacksmith, President st. dw Pratt 

betw Exeter & Gough sts 
Mettee L. C. & W. H. smiths in general,36 Light 
tMettee Job, sawyer, Saratoga st extended 
Metier John, vv Baltimore st w of Cove 
Metts Abraham, stone mason, 24 Fleet st 
Metzdorff' Henry, brickmaker, Columbia st 
Metzdorff John, fisherman, cor Comb &, Busy al. 
Meyer Henry, shoemaker, Lexington Market 
Meyer Godfrey, brass founder and copper smith, 

18 Pratt st 
Mezick capt. Joshua, Thames st nea: Market 
Mezick Baptist, merchant, Pratt st w of Exeter 
Mezick &, Johnson, merchants, 38 s Gay st 
Michael Ethan, (firm of Rogers &. Michael,) dw 

Montgomery st 
Michsel mrs Margaret, 61 Pearl st 
Michael Henry, watchman,, Busy alley E of Han- 
over st 
Micheau John, carver and gilder, cor Commerce 

and Water sts 
Mickle Robert, cashier, of Union Bank of Mary- 
land, dw cor Lexington & w Fayette sts 
Middleton Richard, justice of peace, office next 
Calhoun's warehouse Pratt st. dw and dry 
goods store, 38 w Pratt st 
Middleton Henry, grocer, cor Wolf& Wilk sts 
Milbourn E. S. shoemaker, w Saratoga st near 

Howard st 
Milbourn Philip, laborer, n Spring st near Gough 
tMilbourn Susan, Carpenter's alley 
Miles Isaac, ship carpenter, 36 Philpot st 
Miles Henry, ship carpenter, 22 Block st 
Miles Joseph, painter, Pratt e of Caroline st 
Miles John, 31 New Church st 
Miles mrs Polly, Pierce st 
Miles mrs Sarah, Amity si near Baltimore 
Miles John, blacksmith in general, nw cor Hil- 

len & East sts 
Miles Joseph M. hatter, Potter st near Douglass 
Milford Wm. shoemaker, Eager alley 
Milholland Robert D. block maker, dw cor Ann 

and Lancaster sts 
Millechop miss Matilda, mil'iner, 49 Harrison at 
Miller John, rigger, Shakspeare st near Bond 




131 ~10 

Miller Jacob P. e Granby st between Hartford 

and Exeter 
Miller A. J. portrait painter, cor Frederick and 

Baltimore sts 
Miller G, & H. grocers and sugar refiners, cor 
Fish market and Market space, dvv e Bal- 
timore St opposite Lloyd 
Miller mrs Mary, seamstress, Caroline near Wilk st 
Miller Wm. P. grocery, ne cor E Baltimore and 

Eden sts 
Miller Thomas H. carpenter, Orleans st near 

Eden st 
Miller Jacob, second hand furniture store, 42 

Fleet st 
Miller John D. deputy market master and crier 

of circuit court, Paca st n of Franklin 
Miller Jacob, Long alley 
Miller Thomas, painter.Long al near Saratoga st 
Miller John, victualler, w Pratt st near Eutavv 
Miller Doctor Henry, Lombard st near Charles 
Miller Charles, cooper, 22 Lexington st 
Miller Doctor James H. professor of theory and 
practice of medic, in Washington med- 
ical college, dw 63 Fayette st w of Park 
Miller mrs Ann, Calvert st near city spring 
Miller Edward, bricklayer, Orange alley 
Miller Thomas, carpenter, Orange alley 
Miller Robert, dw Sharp st near St. Peter's church 
Miller James, 60 Harrison st 
Miller Wm. F, boarding house, 38 Harrison st 
Miller Christopher, fringe and cord factory, 64 s 

Charles st 
Miller Jacob, shoemaker, Wilk st near Hi|fh 
Miller Alexander, dry goods merchant, cor Paca 

and Mulberry sis 
Miller Anthony, cooper, Long alley near Frank- 
lin st 
Miller Jacob, victualler, Long alley near Frank- 
lin st 
Miller Richard, bricklayer, Wagon alley 
Miller James, cooper, Wagon alley 
Miller Samuel L. brickmaker, 165 Hanover st 
Miller Edward, academy w Baltimore st e of Cove 
Miller Doctor H. 23 Lombard st 

Miller J. sail maker, 18 Fleet st 

Miller Jacob, Lancaster st near Market 

Miller Henry, rigger, 42 Alice Anna st 

Miller Joseph, seaman, 46 Fleet st 

Miller Willliam, iron founder, dw 24 Albemarle st 

shop E side Jone's falls 
Miller Wm. F. dw Albemarle st 
Miller William, tanner fc currier, Front st 1st 

house N of Gay 
Miller John, shoemaker, 41 n High st 
Miller mrs Ann, tailores, 80 n Exeter st 
Miller Enoch, house carpenter, Stiles st near 

Miller John P. clerk in U. S. Bank, dw Pratt st 

s side near Exeter 
Miller miss Mary Ann, Lloyd st near e Pratt 
Miller George. W innkeeper, sw cor Fish Market 

space & Concord st 
Miller George F. clerk. Maiden lane 
Miller mrs Lloyd 42 Pitt st 
Miller mrs Elizabeth, sw cor Potter & Low sts 
Miller mrs Catherine, Pitt st near Exeter 
Miller Samuel, hack driver. East st near French 
Miller Robert laborer. Forest st near Douglass 
Miller Benj. C. potter, Douglass st near Forest 
Miller Richard, shoemaker, 4 Comet st 
Miller Matthew,shoemaker, Bank lane near Belle 

Air market 
Miller David, house carpenter, Hull's lane 
Miller mrs Amelia, mantua maker, Hull's lane 
Miller JamesH. wheelwright v Gay st dw Mott st 
Miller James M. tailor, n Gay st near Mott 
Miller John, grocery & liquor store, 236 NGay 
Miller R. laborer, Lerew's alley 
Miller mrs Mary, Ross st 
Miller Jacob, sawyer, Pierce st 
Miller Francis A. bricklayer, Mulberry st w of 

Miller Andrew, shoemaker, Mulberry st w of Pine 
Miller James, weaver, cor Cove & Sarah Ann sts 
Miller Philip, potter, Saratoga st w of Pine 
Miller Lewis, huckster, Saratoga st w of Pine 
tMiller James, laborer, Saratoga st w of Green 
tMiller Rachel, 43 w Saratoga st 





tMiller James, brickmaker, cor Conway st and 

Centre lane 
f Miller Henr)', laborer, w Fa5'ette st 
tAliller Peter, drayman, Hanover st 
tMiller James, laborer, Charles st 
tMiller Margaret, n Frederick st 
tMiller Lloyd, laborer, Hill st 
Miiligan James H. umbrella and cane factory, s\v 

cor SoiUli and Water sts 
Milliman miss l5.abella, milliner, 15 Potter st 
Miiimaii mrs Mary, tailoress, 15 Potter st 
Milliiigton John N. printer/86 Pitt st 
Milliron Samuel F. constable, e Mulberry st 
Mills Richard, hatter, 54 Gough st 
Mills mrs Elizabeth, Mechanics' row near the run 
Mills Wm. shoemaker, s side Lexington market 

Mills VVm. P. merchant tailor, 99 Baltimore st 
Mills Wm. baker, SO Block st 
Mills mrs Mary, umbrella maker, 52 Harrison st 
Mills mrs Thomas, cor German and Hanover sts 
Mil's John, boot and shoemaker, 68 s Charles st 
Mills mrs Penelope, 65 Fleet st 
Mills mrs Susanna, 68 Market st F. P. 
Mills Charles, file maker, Beuren st near Mont- 
gomery st 
Mills Ezekiel, bailifF, Potter st near Gay 
Mills Theodore, carpenter, Pine st extended 
Mills Robert, teacher, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Mills William, teacher, Mulbery st near Pine 
Mills David, tinner, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Mills Malachi, carpenter, Park lane near Bait, st 
Mills Win. cooper, s Eulavv st 
fMills York, Franklin st extended 
tMills York; boot black, under 7 s Calvert st 
Miltenberger & Warner, dry goods merchants, 
59 Lexington st. dvv A. M. Conway st ex- 
fMilver Elijah, Sarah Ann st near Cove 
Mime Seth, house painter n Gayst near Aisquith 
Ivlimman George, butcher, Harlord avenue 
Minco Joseph, ne cor Bank and Spring .sts. 
Mii.e i^in mrs Catherine, 61 s Frederick st 
Miiie'ian Patrick, currier, 61 s Frederick st 
Minen John, laborer, cor Stiles st & Bishop's al. 

tMingo Sarah, Scott st s end 

tMingo James, Happy alley 

Minneck John, shoemaker,Saratoga st w of Cove 

Minton Wm. city watchman, Hampstead stnear 

Mintzell Henry, baker, n Exeter near Low 
Minze Ed. turner, 7 Canal st near e Baltimore 
Missell Joseph, laborer, 173 F'rench st 
Mister Abraham, grocer and com; mer. 14 cor 
Light and Camden sts. dw 140 Hanover st 
Mister Levin, waterman, J52 Hanover st 
Mitchell Elisha, laborer, Lancaster st 
Mitchell Joseph, stage driver, G2 Front st 
Mitchell William, innkeeper, ne cor Front St 

Low sts 
Mitchell John, ship carpenter, Granby st near 

Harford run 
Mitchell Richard, ship carpenter, Granby st near 

Harford run 
Mitchell John, harness maker, Harford avenue 
Mitchell Alexander, proprietor of cotton duck 
factory, 1 Buchanan's wharf, dw Front st 
opposite Christ church 
Mitchell William, saddler St harness maker, Har- 
ford avenue 
Mitchell Thomas, butcher, Saratoga st w end 
Mitchell Samuel, carpenter, William st s of Cross 
Mitchell James, North st opposite the gas manu- 
Mitchell James W. dry goods merchant, 61 Bal- 
timore st 
Mitchell Solomon, ship carpenter, Alice Anna st 
Mitchell capt. Zebulan, Caroline near Bal- 
timore st 
Mitchell John, plasterer, Long alley near Sara- 
toga st 
Mitchell mrs Hannah, 14 Fayette st 
Mitchell Wm. K. cor Chapel alley and Mulberry st 
Mitchell John, accountant, 49 Fayette st 
Mitchell mrs Jos. T. Green st n of Mulberry 
fMitchell James, brickmaker, Burgundy lane 
l^Mitchell Clara, washer, Pierce st 
tMitchell Robert, porter, 55 s Frederick st 
tMitchell James, Park st 
tMitchell John, caulker, Shakspeare st 

MiT to- 

tMitchell Robin, Eel alley 

fMitcheil Aminta, Happy alley 

tMitchell James, caulker, Gough st 

-fMitclieli Rachel, Bottle alley 

tMitchell S. laborer, Armistead lane 

Miitan inrs Leghorn millinery, 71 w Pratt st 

Moale Randall H. attorney at law, se cor Charles 

and Mulberry sts. office w Fayette 
Moale Samuel, solicitor in chancery, Fayette st 

E of St. Paul's St. d\v Mulberry st opposite 

the cathedral 
Moale John C. merchant, Bovvly's wharf,up stairs, 

dw 75 N Charles st 
Moale Wm. A. com. raer. 95 Bovvly's wharf, dw 

Pleasant st 
Mob Francis carter, Bishop's alley near Stiles st 
Mobery John, tailor, 11 Mercer st 
Mobley Wm. H. cabinet maker, w Baltimore near 

Eutaw st 
Mobs George, Salisbury st near Lloyd 
Mockwith William, shoemaker, Ensor st near Mott 
Moelinger Jacob, carpenter. Mulberry st e of Pine 
Moffat James, laborer, Forest st near Gay 

Moffat , laborer, Franklin st extended 

Moffitt Thomas, grocer, Union st near Ross 

Moffitt Joseph, carter, Pierce st 

Moffit Anthony, clothing store, 72 Centre Market 

Moffitt Robert, livery stable keeper, 40 n Sharp st 
Mohler Jacob,machine maker, n Eden near Pitt st 

shop 26 Harrison st 
Mohler mrs Barbary, 28 Harrison st 
Mohler J. T. & A. brass founders, 26 Harrison st 
JMoles Charles, cartman Potter st near Low 
iMoles John, huckster, Gallows Hill 
Moleyneaux Wm. saddler and harness maker, w 

Pratt st near Eutaw 
tMollison Henry, laborer, Pine st 
Molsbey miss Mary, 29 German st 
Mondel mrs Catherine. 56 Fleet st 
Mondel John L. tailor, 34 High st 
Monl/an Francis, Hollidayst n of Bath 
Monhan Wm. distiller, Holliday st n of Bath 
Monk George, accountant, Exeter st near Water 
Moak Andrew, sugar refiner, Market st, dw 

George st near Pine 





Monkur Doct. John C. S. 64 Ann st w side 
Monroe Nathan, watch and clock maker,222 BaK 

timore si 
Monroe Daniel, cotton spinner, IIIn Exeter st 
Monroe John F. rigger, 25 Fleet st 
Monroe John L. tailor, 34 s High st 
Monsarratt mrs Ann, tutoress, 5 Caroline row Car 

oline st 
Monsarratt N. apothecary, 150 Baltimore st 
Monteer mrs, tailoress 4 Potter st 
Monteith J. & R. jewellers and silversmiths, 144 

Baltimore st. dw Penn av 
Monlell F. M. s Exeter st near Stiles 
Montgomery Robert, stone cutter, sw cor Doug 

lass & East sts 
Montgomery John,shoemaker,166 n Frederick st 
fMontgomery Nathaniel, carter, 32 Wilk st 
tMontgomery Rosetta, Spring st near Wilk 
("Montgomery Martin, turkey oil stone dresser. 

Spring st near Fleet 
tMontgomery Rachel, Hartford st near Beard 
Moody Wm. & Co. granite cutter, sw cor Pine 

and Pratt sts 
Moody John B. & Co. lobacconists,50 e Pratt st 

near Smith's wharf, dw 1 Forest st 
Moody Isaac, shoemaker, Aisquith st opposite 

Hull's lane 
Moody & Higgins, druggists, 251 \v Baltimore st 
Moody Wm. druggist, cor Wagon alley and How- 
ard St. dw 130 N Howard si 
oody Robert, carpenter, 20i n Gay st 
Moody mrs Christina, 59 Ann st 
tMoody John, Wagon alley 
Mooney Hugh J. tailor, cor Charles and Conway 
Mooney & Magers, tobacconists, 50 e Pratt st 
Mooney Francis, weaver, Rock st near Saratoga 
Mooney John, weaver. Rock st near Saratoga 
Mooney Joshua, drayman, Lloyd st near e Pratt 
Mooney Wm. weaver, Preston st near Ross 
Mooney James, liquor store, Penn. av. 
Moore William, seaman, w side Wolf st 
Moore mrs Sarah, 39 Albemarle st" 
Moore capt Stephen H. clerk of insolvent com- 
missioners, dw 19 s Exeter si 
Moore Wm. eea capt. n end Fell st w side 
Moore Samuel, bacon store, 97 Bond -t 



-to MOR 

Moore VVm. tailor, Bond near Gough st 
Moore„Catherine, seamstress, 28 P'leet st 
Moore mrs Priscilla, Eden st near Pratt 
Moore mrs Martha, tailoress, Mullikin st near 

Moore mrs Ann, tailoress, Barre st w of Charles 
Moore John, lumber inspector, Barre st e of Han- 
over st 
Moore J as. drayman, Moore's lane near Eutaw st 
Moo e mrs JVlaryaret, Eutaw st s of Saratoga 
Moore Jolm 11. (iirmof Jacob Abbott & Co.) d\v 

^2 w Fa} etle st 
Moore Henry, clerk, w Mulberry st near Eutaw 
Moore mrs Jane, w Mulberry st near Eutaw 
Moore Henry, painter and glazier, 3 w Lexing- 
ton st 
Moore ^Vm. W. apothecary ,200 Baltimore st. dw 

1 w Lexington st 
Moore col. Samuel, briclunaker, 133 Charles st 
Mo);e Alfred L. merchant, dw 115 Hanover st 
Mo )re Win. W. & Co. Druggists, 200 Baltimore st 
Moore Wm. W. (firm of VVm. W..V Co.) dw Lex- 
ington st near Liberty 
Moore Juhn, weaver, Preston st near Ross 
Moore John, weaver, Pierce st 
IMoore John, bricklayer, Cove st near Franklin 
Moore Samuel, weaver, Rock st near Lexington 
Moore Thomas, laborer, w Baltimore st e of Cove 
Moore John, justice of peace, n Frederick st 
Moore liobert, boot and shoe maker, 67 Harrison 
P.Ioore Robert, fruit merchant, 54 Harrison st 
Moore Andrew, fruit merchant, 50 Harrison st 
Moore Thomas, fruit merchant, 33 e Water st 
Moore mrs Mary, Light st n of Cross 
Moore John H. finisher, Armistead lane 
t;\loore Garrison, East st n of Pitt 
tMoore Catheririe, Aisquilh st 
tMoore Maria Cathedral st 
tMoore Silas, laborer, s Eutaw st 
tMoore Richard, laborer, Comb alley 
t Moore Peter, grain measurer.Fort road 
t-Moo e Matthew, seaman 9G Happy alley 
tMoore Hamilton, laborer, Caroline st near Wilk 
tAioore Daniel, currier. Welcome alley 
tMoore Jacab, porter, s Howard st near Pratt st 

tMoore Henry, laborer, Wagon alley 
tMoore Abram, waiier, St. Paul's st n of Hamil- 
tMoore Henny, Conway st near Eutaw 
jMoore Peter, laborer, Elbow lane 
tMoore Jane, Apple alley 
tMoore Mary, Scott st s end 
tiMoore P. 30 n Frederick st 
Moorehe-dd Jnhn, weaver, Cove st 1 door s of 

Mopps William, shoemaker, Forest st near Pen- 
Mopps John W. carpenter, N:-*h st near 

Moran Richard li. miller at city mills, dw 

st near the mills 
Moran Gabriel, plasterer, Barre st vv of Charles 
Morgan Ephryim, blacksmith, Long alley near 

Sarntoga st 
Morgan Jesse, cooper, Carpenter's alley 
Morgan Robert, 1] Thompson st 
Morgan Micluvl, railroad hotel, Light st near Pratt 
Morgan Joseph, second hand clothing store, 43 

Second st 
Morgan Edward, merchant, dw Exeter st near 

Morgan John,clerk in Com. Savings Inst, dw 100 

Pitt st 
Morgan VVm. clerk, 44 Pittst 
Morgan Thomas, clerk, 44 Pitt st 
Mirgan Evan, clerk in Bank of Mary land,' dw 44 

Pill st 
Morgan Edward, merchant, dw Exeter st near 

Morgan Thomas, senr. potter, ne cor Pitt and 

Exeter sts 
Morgan mrs Mary. Falls' turnpike 
organ mrs E izab.lli, Gaiden st 
organ James, bLicksniitii, w Baltimore st w of 

tMorgan Polly, French alley 
tMorgan Polly, Bottle alley n of Howard st 
Morhardt J. F. wood and ivory turner, Penn. ar, 

N of St. Mary's st 
Morheiser Philip, Penn. avenue, near Franklin 





Moriarty miss Ann, cord and button factory, 11 

w Lexington st 
Morling George W. fashionable clothing store, 5 
N Hovvarfl st „r %t u 

Morling Wm. saddler & harnessmaker, 25 Marsh 

Market space 
Morling Joliii, tanner, Ensor st 
tMoilmg Stephen, laburer, Short st 
Morning A. uuner, Shakspeare st N side 
Murreil R. Spring gardens, Baltimore st 
Monel Jolin, trader. Market space near Pratt st 
Morrui James, collector 22 n High st 
Morris Doct. Henry 15 Thames st 
Morris mrs Biddy, boarding liouse, 112 bharp st 
Morris Thomas', (hrm of Morris & Lgenton) 
French burr millstone manufacturers, city 
block, (Ivv Pratt st e of the bridge 
Morris rev. John G. Lexington st w of Liberty 
Morris Jolm B. 15 vSoulh st 
Morris Wm & J. office of thistle factory, 2 Lor- 
man row, dw Wm. G. Morris, Saratoga st 
1st door E of St. Paul's church 
Morris John B. office, 21 Second st 
Morris Thomas C. house carpenter, Fell st 
Morris James A. ship joiner, e Thames st 
Morris Jesse, halter, 14 n Exeter st 
Morris James, blacksmith. Falls st 
Morris John, blacksmith, Hillen st near East 
Morris Morris, shoemaker, Richmond st near 

tMorris Eliza, Potter st near Low 
Morrison Cornelius, baker, Bishop s alley near 

Albemarle st 
Morrison mrs Priscilla, East st k of Douglass 
Morrison William, Baker, York avenue 
Morrison James, chair maker, Ensor, st near MotI 
Morrison mrs Sarah, Centre Pinlpot st 
Morrison Dav. teacher, Hampstead st near Spring 
Morrison Joseph, carter, e Baltim. st near Eden 
Morrison Wm. clerk, 3 s Front st near Market 
Morrison Geo. clerk, 3 s Front st near Market 
tMorrison Barbara, washer, Lexington st 
tMorrison John, laborer, Short st 
tMorrison Joe, sawyer, Sterling st 

tMorrison Patience, Scott st 

tMorrison Barbary, Pearl st near Saratoga 

Morrow John, shoemaker, 26 Bond st 

Morrow Robert, carpenter, 18 n Exeter st 

Morrow George, weaver, Pierce st 

Morrow John, weaver. Silver st near Franklin 

Morrow mrs Ellen, boarding house,E Pratt st near 

Morrow Wm. block and pumpmaker, e Pratt st 

near Market 
Morrow Andrew, seaman, e Pratt st near Market 
Morrow John, carpenter, Lee st w of Hanover 
Morse Thomas, saddle & harness maker.Swan st 
Morsell Geo, laborer, Johnson st 
Morsell John, ihoemaker, Montgomery st w of 

Mortimer John, ship joiner, Hampstead st near 

Mortimer John, store keeper at custom house 

dw Holland st near the run 
Mortimer & Mowbray, brush and bellows factory 

22 Baltimore st 
Mortimer John, brushmaker, 30 n Fredrick st 
Mortimer John, carpenter, 12 Commerce st 
Mortimer James, cabinetmaker, 9 Fish Market 

Morton mrs Jane, Ann st near Alice Anna 
Morton Samnel, cotton manufacturer, n Eutaw st 
Morton Geo C. commission merch. 40 s Gay st. 

dw Pleasant st w of Courtland 
Mosher James, surveyor and inspector of the port 

of Baltimore, dw Fayette st e of St. Paul 
Mosho Christiana, cigar maker, 106 n Eutaw st 
Moss David, carpenter, Lancaster st near Ann 
tMoss Francis T. hair dresser, 23 Potter st 
tMoii Mary, 23 Potter st 
f vio«s r.harles, laborer, Gough st 
,.^ij3b .:.:. Cinthia, s Caroline near Gough st 
tMoss Sally, washer, Gough st 
Most Henry, confectioner, 50 Harrison st 
Moszer John A. grocer and liquor store, w Cam- 
den st near Eutaw 
Mott Wm. city watchman, North st near Saratoga 
Mott Rachel G. grocer, 113 n High st 
Hott Joshua &. Son, lime store, 49 n Gay st 



Mott Dr. Richard, 109 n Exeter st 
Mouat capt James, 72 Ann st 
f Mouldem JMolly, washer, Balderston st 
tMouldem VVm. seaman, Balderston st 
Mount Barney, soap boilor, 36 Union st 
Moxley Basil, siiip carpenter, Forest st 
Moxley A\aJter, tobacco, snuff & cigar manufac- 
turer, 25 Market st 
Mucket Michael, Mulberry st e of Pine 
Mucname nirs Catherine, liquor store, cor Ensor 

and J'orest sts 
Mudge Wm. carpenter, 19 Grant st. d\v Water 

st near Calvert 
Muhlhofer John M. cabinetmaker, 81 Harrison st 
Muir Henry seaman, 8pring st near Fleet 
Muirhead William, grocer, Thames st 
Mu es 1 homas, shoe store, 54 Lexington st 
Mues Samuel, shoemaker, Saratoga st near Cove 
Mulgrave mrs Jane, fruit shop, Beureu st near 

l^iberty alley 
JJu'herrin Michael, 10 Commerce st 
Mu en Henry, ship carpenter, 3 Block st 
Mullen John, shoemaker, Apple alley near Pmk- 

ney st 
Mullen Peter,grocery and liquor store, n Lexing- 

to" st opposite lower Market 
Mullen Thomas, smith in general, Park st s of 

Mullen James, lieut. of the watch, Holiday st s 

ol Pleasant 
Mullen Rachel, young ladies' academy, 72 Lom- 
bard st 
Mullen mrs Margaret, 44 Frederick st 
Mullen lhomas,coach and harness maker, NHiah 

st near Hillen ^ 

Mullen mrs Mary J. grocer, 36 n Exeter 
aF 1 " ^J^^ ^^^"^'^ ^'^"^y store 56 n Gay st 
Mullen Zephaniel, lamp maker, Constitution st 
Mu en I homas, grocery & liquor stores Gay si 
Mullen Peter, drayman Pierce st 
Muller Henry, furniture store, cor Fredrick and 

Water sts 
Muller Lewis, constable, Pinkney st near Spring 
Muller James, block and pumpmaker, 22 Block 

-to MUR 

Mulley John, shoemaker. Mulberry near Pine 
Mulliken Wm. H. cabinet maker, 43 n Gay st 
Mu liken Vachei, huckster, w Pratt stE of Cove 
Mulhken Jeremiah, carpenter, cor of Haw and 

Portland sts 
Mullikin James P. carpenter, 11 e Mulberry st 
Mullikin mrs Mary, plain and fancy dress maker, 

E end Pleasant st 
Mullikin Osborn, Eend Pleasant st 
Mullikin Samuel & Co. dry goods merchants 6 

Centre Market space 
Mullynix James, grocer and liquor store, 61 s 

Frederick st 
Mulnax Robert, carter, Bishop's alley near Stiles 
Mun mrs Violet, Armistead lane 
Munday Leah, circulating library and book store, 

63 N Howard st 
Munder C. F. baker, 23 s Liberty st 
Munjar Henry, soap boiler, 19 Potter st 
Munroe Edward, clerk Mulberry st w of Cove 
Munroe Nathaniel, clock and watchmaker and 
silversmith, 222 Baltim st. dw 95 Hanov st 
Munroe mrs Louisa, n Paca st 
Munroe mrs F.teacher,Lexingfon st w of Charles 
Munroe Doctor Thom. 90 n Howard st 
Munroe Isaac, proprietor of the Bait. Patriot,office 
Nw cor Bait. 8c North st. dw Lexington st 
4th door e of Charles 
Munson mrs Ann, SO Sharp st 
Murdoch A. merch. cor St. Paul's & Franklin sts 
Murdoch Richard, scale beam factory, 97 n How- 
ard st 
Murdoch James H. carpenter, Eden st near Wilk 
Murdock W. F. & A. & Co. dry goods merch. 
I'i s Charles st. dw W. F. Murdock 32 s 
Sharp st "* 

Murdoch miss Ann, milliner, 52 n Howard st 
Murney Michael, w Mulberry st 
Murphy Patrick, (firm of Murphy & Slavin ) 

Circus Tavern, Front st 
Murphy Thomas, (firm of Dobbin Murphy and 

Bose,)dw7 Pitt st 
Murphy Wm. wood dealer. Stiles st near s 

Exeter st 
Murphy Johu N. city commissioner, e Water st 





Murphy Jesse, Ensor st 
Murphy Hugh, carter. Monument st 
Murphy James, grocery & liquor store, Tyson st 
Murphy John, manufacturer, Preston st near Ross 
Murphy John, druggist, 69 Bond st 
Murphy Dr. Thorn. L. 15 Caroline row Car- 
oline st 
Murphy John, seaman, .Spring st near Gough 
Murphy Peter, laborer, VVilk st near Spring 
Murphy mrs Christiana, dress maker, Hulberry 

st near Lerew's alley 
Murphy mrs. fancy dress maker, 63 n Liberty st 
Murphy James, waiter, e Mulberry st near Calv 
Murphy mrs Ann, dvv Peace alley near Charles st 
Murphy A. jeweller in Market space Arcade, 

dw Concord st 
Murphy capt. Thorn. S. 1 Gough st 
tMurphy Wm. laborer, Kimmell's alley 
JMurphy Nicholas, laborer, Kimmell's alley- 
Murray Matthew, carver, Pratt st near President 
Murray James ^V. turner, rear of 53 FVont st 
Murray Francis, turner of iron, rear of 53 Front st 
Murray Matthew, laborer circus tavern, Frontst 
Murray Wm. A. boot & shoemaker, Water st 

near Exeter 
Murray Owen, tavern keeper, Beuren st near 

Murray William, house carpenter, e Water st 

near Exeter 
Murray Wm. H. cashier, of Mechanics' Bank e 

Baltimore st near Harford run 
Murray John, grocer, Ross st opposite Paca 
Murray Thomas, Franklin st 
Murray A. B. commission merchant, 204 Balti- 
more st dw Pascault row Lexington st e 
of Pine 
Murray Margaret, Montgomery st near Federal 

Murray James, millwright, York st e end 
Murray James, painter, Argyle alley w end 
Murray J. C. shoemaker, 2(j w Lexington st 
Murray Wm. cabinetmaker, 98 Sharp st 
Murray mrs Ann, 20 N Gay st 
Murray Tho. porter and oyster cellar, cor Pratt 

st &, falls avenue 
Murray Francis, city bai]iff,cor Gay and Aisquith 

Murray Thomas, hatter, 31 e Water st 
fMurray Alexander, waiter, Salisbury st 
tMurrayMary, Hull's lane 

fMurray George, laborer, Forest st near Douglass 
fMurray Samuel, brickmaker, Pierce st 
fMurray Wm. sawyer. Welcome alley 
fMurray Wm. laborer. Homespun alley 
fMurray Samuel, stone sawyer, 15 New st 
fMurray Jacob, hairdresser, North st s of Bath 
fMurray Joe, fiddler, French alley 
fMurray Nancy, washer, under cor Grant and 

Water st 
fMurray Jacob, hair dresser, 34 South st 
JMurrayR. Musician, East st near Gay 
Muschett Walter, tob. merch dw Mulberry st. e 

of Charles 
Muschett Susanna, innkeeper, corner Market &- 

Thames sts 
Musgrave Rev. George W. 38 n Eutaw st 
Musgrave Andrew, cooper, Patterson st. dw Exe- 
ter st near Wilk 
Musgrave Wm. grocer, cor Pratt & President sts 
Musser Henry R. sweep master, Harford avenue 
Muth Philip, grocer and baker, cor Pratt and 

Charles sts 
Myer Tobias, pedler, 28 Ann st 
Myer James, sea capt. lower end Ann st 
Myer John, sea capt. lower end Ann st 
Myer Geo. shoemaker, nE cor of e Baltimore st 

& Spring alley 
Myer Thorn. Hanover st next door to Welcome al 
Myer B. of the firm of Charles Fischer & Co. 3 

Howard st 
f Myer Ruth, Lerew's alley 
fMyer David, laborer, Lerew's alley 
TMjer Jeremiah, porter, Dutch alley 
fMyer Priscilla, washer, Lombard st near Paca 
Myerdirck John P. confectioner, 35 w Pratt st 
Myers John, sea capt. n end Wolf st 
Myers Jacob, clother, 21 Bond st 
Myers Nicholas, sea capt. 107 Bond st 
Myers Jacob, tailor, cor Thames & Bond sts, dw 

Shakspeare st 
Myers George, brass founder, French st near 

Myers George W, ©lerk, 27 n Exeter st 



Myers mrs Elizabeth, 138 n Exeter st 
Myers Christian, drayman, n Exeter near French 
Mver3 Henrietta, Mrashwoman Gough Bt 
Myers William, grocer, Dugan's wharf, dw ne 

cor Lloyd st near Salisbury alley 
Myers Wolf, butcher, Spring st near Pratt 
Myers Adam, butcher, w Conway st 
Myers Daniel, grocer and flour merchant, 35 

Franklin st 
Myers James, painter, Eutaw st near Mulberry 
Myers Zachariah, 118 n Howard st 
Myers Stephen, tailor, 34 Park st 
Myers J. D. cabinetmaker, 10 Peace alley 
Myers John, se cor of Conway ^ Hanover sts 
Myers Jesse, carpet and floor oil cloth warehouse 

210 Baltimore st 
Myers Henry, glass and china merch. 53 Ballim 

St. dw 18 Frederick st 
Myers Charles, hatter, 56 n Gay st 
Myers Jacob & Son, tobacco and snuff manufac- 
turers, 55 South St. dw of Jacob Myers n 
Calvert st s of Saratoga 
Myers Wm. carpet maker, Aisquith st near Gay 
Myers Jacob, butcher, Hookstown road 
Myers Charles, loborer, Hookstown road 
Myers Jacob, Penn. avenue near Hoff'n^an st 
Myers John baker, Union st near Ross 
Myers George, victualler, Baltimore st \V of Cove 
Myers Albert, dry goods merchant, Grebn st near 

Myers Lewis, Green st near Saratoga 
Myers mrs Elizabeth, Green st near Saratoga 
Myers Jesse, fancy carpet & floor oil cloth ware- 
house, 21 Baltimore st. dw Green st 
Myers Rev. Henry, St Mary's College 
Myers Mrs Catherine, 5 Potter st 
tMyers Daniel, seaman. Spring st near Pratt 
tMyers Rachel, 26 Lombard st 
tMyers Robert, carter, 96 s Caroline st 
tMyers Nathaniel, draymanr Potter st near Low 
tMyers Edward, drayman, East st n of Pitt 

JfABB GEO. W. attorney at law,12 St Paul's st 

40 NEI 

Naff John H. auctioner, 190 Ballim st. dw Plea- 
sant st E of Charles 
Nagle Christian, city bailiff, Horse st in rear of 

Nagle Anthony, hatter, Columbia st 
Nagle mrs Catherine, Columbia st 
Nalley Richard, coach maker, 46 Front st 
Nantz mrs Ann, 33 n Exeter st 
Nantz John, custom house officer, 72 High st 
Nash Charles, Lexington st w of Hanover; 
Naugal Jacob, shoemaker, n Exeter st near Gay 
Naught George, carpent. Park st near N Saratoga 
Nayior John C. carver, sw cor of n Carohne & 

Hampstead sts 
tNaylor Jacob, laborer, 104 French st 
Neal James E. grocery and liquor store, sw cor 

Baltimore & Harford sts 
Neal Francis, 167 Hanover st 
Neal Wm. & Joseph, booksellers and stationers, 

174 Baltimore, dw 96 n Liberty st 
Neal mrs B. 96 n Liberty st 
Neal John carter, Argyle alley near Wilk st 
Neal James, hatter, 6 Canal st near e Baltimore 
Neal John, weaver, Preston st near Ross 
Neal James, cabinet maker, Elbow lane 
Neal James G. bricklayer, 167 Hanover st 
tNeal Richard drayman, Hookstown road 
Neale James, patent rope warehouse, 72 South st 
Bowly's wharf, dw se cor Charles &. West 
Neale John, hatter, Forest st near Orleans 
Nealley Wm. laboi^er, Franklin st extended 
Nebker Peter, engineer, 162 Hanover st 
Needham Asa, grocer,28 Light st wharf, dw Han 

over st near Barre 
Needham Asa, grocer, 23 Light st wharf, dw 

Hanover st near Barre 
Needles John, dry goods merch. & cabinet maker 

53 Hanover st. dw opposite 
Needles Elizabeth, 54i Hanover st 
Needles Edward, chairmaker, 56 Hanover st 
Needles mrs Susanna, 140 Sharp st 
Neif Peter, counting house, 108 Baltimore st. dw 

cor Courtland & Mulberry sts 
Neilson John, shoemaker, Strawberry alley 





Neilson Thom. N- Gayjsi opposite Exchange 

dw N\v cor Mulberry &- St Paul's sts 
Neilson Wm. blacksmith, Strawberry alley 
Neilson Robert, (firm of Sands &- Nielson,) prin- 
ter, dw French st n of Constitution 
Neilson Joseph, Constitution st near the monu- 
Neilson mrs Caroline, Pearl st near Lexington 
Neimyer Harman, carpenter, cor Sharp st and 

Welcome alley 
Nelson Robert, laborer, Spring st near Wilk 
Nelson Richard C. n Eutaw near Lexington st 
Nelson Wm. blacksmith, Commerce st wharf 
Nelson Charles M. whitesmith, 39 n High st 
Nelson mrs Margaret, Pierce &t 
Nenninger J. B. teacher of music, 4 Courtland st 
Nesbilt Jonathan, weaver 19 Albemarle 
Ness Samuel, hack driver, Eden st near Pratt 
INetta Dennis, laborer, Welcome alley 
tNettles John, brickmaker, Hill st near Howard 
Nevins rev. Wm. pastor of second presbylerian 

church, North st w side n of Fayette 
Newbell John, shoemaker, 96 Sharp st 
JNewbern John, sawyer, Spring st near Gough 
Newcomb mr keeper of the Washington turn- 
pike gate . 
Newcomb Reuben, keeper cf the Indian queen 
and Baltimore house se cor Baltimore and 
Hanover sts 
Newcomb James W. carpenter, Henrietta stnear 

s Charles 
Newell John, grocery & liquor store, sw cor of 

Gay & Aisquith sts 
JNewell Ellen, Union st 

tNewett Daniel, drayman, Pierce st w of Pine 
Newhouse Carson, city bailiff, s Eutaw st oppo- 
site Barre st 
Newman Frederick, watch and clock maker, 28 

s Howard si 
Newman George H. merchant, 82 Bowly's wharf 

dw Lexington st near Charles 
Newman George H. & Co. merchants, 49 s Gay st 
Newman William, house carpenter, 46 Front st 
Newman Lavvson, carpenter, Exeter stnear Wilk 
Newman Jacob, Baltimore st e of Cove 

Newman Joseph, 325 w Baltimore st e of Cove 

shop German st 
fNewman Fanny, Park lane 
tNewman Rebecca, 74 French st 
tNewman Frederick, laborer,Spring st near Pratt 
Newton William, comb maker, Sarah Ann st ex- 
Newton Thomas, shoemaker, Saratoga st w of 

Nica John, seaman, Bond near Wilk st 
Nicholas J. S. attorney at law, Fayette stn of St. 

Paul's St. dw Lexington st near Charles 
Nicholas John, caulker, 67 Wolfst 
Nicholas mrs Sarah, 87 Pittst 
Nicholas David, shingle dresser, Henrietta st w 

of Charles 
tN'cholas Jeremiah, stevadore,Bank st near Eden 
tNicholas John W. barber, & hair dresser, 38 w 

Gay st 
tNicholas Wesley, barber, Short st 
f Nicholas Henny,36 St Mary's st 
^Nicholas Elizabeth, Pierce st 
tNicholas Esther, Hill st e of Charles 
tNicholas Jacob, carter, Hill st e of Charles 
tNicholas M. cor Light st & Guilford alley 
Nichols Charles, attorney at law, 4 w Fayette st 
Nichols William, plasterer, Pratt st near Straw- 
berry al 
Nichols Tho. bricklayer, Caroline st near Wilk 
Nicholson Lewis, rigger, Thames st near Bond 
Nicholson Wm. P. grocery &. liquor store se cor 

Gay 6l High sts, dw High near Gay 
Nicholson Wm. grocer, n High st near Gay 
Nicholson John, Aisquith stnear Pitt 
Nicholson Edward, lock smith, Richmond st near 

Nicholson Henry, blacksmith, Baltimore st w of 

Nicholson John, feed and grocery store, 109 

Camden st 
Nicholson Thomas, carpenter, Wagon alley 
Nicholson capt. J. J. of U. S. navy, dw Saratoga 

st w of St. Paul's st s side 
Nicholson James M. attorney at law, 5 Court- 
land ^ 





Nicholson Benjamin, porter and oyster cellar, 

Camden lane 
Nicholson Isaac L. 6l brother, lottery and ex- 
change office, 16 Baltimore st 
Nicholson Christopher, 54 n Gay st 
Nicholson John &l brother, lottery and exchange 
offices, 16 Baltimore st and corner Fish 
market space 
^Nicholson Hannah, Carpenter's alley 
tNicholson Adam, waiter, Pierce st 
INicholson Charles, laborer, Conway st 
Nickell Samuel, carpenter, Scott st 
tNickers Henry, laborer, Comb alley 
INickerson C. V. book and jol) printer, 4 s Gay st 
Nicole David, stone mason, 189 French st 
Niebling Frederick, victualler, Baltimore st w of 

Nield Richard, 2 s Exeter st 
Night George W. American star tavern, w Lex- 
ington st 
Night mrs Clarissa, 10 Fish Market space 
Night Thomas, laborer, Rope lane sot' West st 
Niles Hezekiah, editor of Niles's register. Water 
st second house, e of South st. dw 68 St. 
Paul's st 
Niles John W. hat manofacturer, 32 Pratt st 
Niles Samuel, weaver, Rock st near Saratoga 
tNdes Jerry, laborer. Bank lane 
Nmde James, chronometer and watch maker, 7 

s Gay st 
Nisbet A. s Frederick st n of Second 
Niving Thomas, carpenter, Armistead lane 
Nixdorffdi- Hager, dry goods merch. 225 Bal- 
timore St. dw of T. N. Fayette st w of 
Nixon John, meal merchant, York av 
Nohle Roswell, machine maker, 3 Mercer st 
Noblet Anthony, clothing store, 48 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
tNodden Sarah Honey al 

tiNoel John, hair dresser, 7 and 28 n Howard st 
Nolle John, wood and ivory turner, 52 Harrison st 
Norfolk mrs S. fancy milliner and dress maker, 

70 Baltimore st 
Norman capt Thomas, 6 Waterloo row Calvert st 

Norris Edward, shoe maker, Frien dship alley nea 
Eden st 

Norris mrs M. M. dry goods store, Pitt st near 

Norris James, house carpenter, Granby st near 
Harford run 

Norris mrs Mary seamstress, 163 High st » 

Norris John P. \v Saratoga st 

Norris John D. g'ocer and liquor store, cor Wa- 
gon alley and Park st 

Norris T. A. &. Co. tf;a dealers 256 Baltimore st. 
dw Wm. B. Norris, 256 Baltimore st 

Norris Richard, (lirm of George Bailey & Co.) 
dw Saratoga st. between Charles and Lib- 
erty sts 

Norris Richard & Co. wholesale hardware mer- 
chants, 216 Baltimore st. dw R. Norris, 60 
n Charles st 

Norris Wm. H. attorney at law, w Fayette st w 
of St. Paul's st 

Norris Wm. & Son, importers of dry goods, 201 
Baltimore st. dw Wm. Norris, s Sharp st 

Norris mrs Ann, 100 s Sliarp st 

Norris Wm. carpenter, Camden lane near Balti- 
more st 

Norris Edward S, dw 27 Hanover st near Lom- 
bard st 

Norris mrs Sarah H. Hanover st near Lombard 

Norris Isaac, shoemaker, Chats worth st near 

Norris Benj. shoemaker, Park lane w of Pine st 

Ni„rris Elijah, Pratt st w of Chatsworth run 

Norris Luther A. grocery and liquor store, Hen- 
rietta st near Charles 

Norris Jacob, grain mer. Hughes's st e end 

Norris mrs Mary, Bond st near Hampstead 

Norris Isaac, laborer, Saratoga st w of Cove 

Norris T. E. & Co. grocers and commission mer 
chants, 82 Pratt st wharf 

tNorris Sukey, washer, Peach al 

tNorris Jacob, liquor store, Conway st near Pratt 

tNorris Wm. laborer, Howard st 

North Edward, watchman, 93 Alice Anna st 

Norton Joseph B. sea capt. 103 Bond st 

^Norton Mary, washer, Pine st ner Franklin 


Norwood John, grocer, Saratoga st near Pine 
Norwood John, painter, G7 Smith's wharf, dw 

Caroline st 
Norwood mr house, ship, sign and ornamental. 

painter, 46 Water st near Gay 
Notherman George, shoe store, 24 Centre Market 

Nougoues Joseph, bricklayer, Ross st near Paca 
Nouvelle Peter, cabinet maker, s Charles e of 

Pratt st 
Nowland JMrs Elizabeth, oyster cellar, n£ cor of 

High & llillen sts 
Nowlin Lambert, clerk, Hanover st near Barre 
Nowlin Francis, steamboat hotel, cor Patterson and 

Cable sts. 
Nugent Neal, 43 Water st 
Nugent P. & A. grocers, 94 Dugan's wharf 
Nugent Wm. (firm of King & Nugent) dw Pine 

st near George 
Nulty mrs Maria, milkwoman, Lloyd st 
Numan Thomas, hou?e carpenter, 15 Bank st 
Numscn Frederick, baker, cor Peace alley and 

Eutaw st 
Nussear Jesse W. cordwainer, 39i w Fayette st 
Nussear Sebastian, cordwainer, 39* w Fayette st 

O'BRIAN PATRlCK,grocery and liquor store 

Pratt st w ot Green 
O'Brian Matthew, stone cutter, Pratt st w of Green 
O'Brien Charles C. C. gunsmith, 64 s Frederick st 
O'Brien Jerry, grocery & liquor store, 34 n Fred- 
crick st 
O'Brien Doctor Lucius, 60 n Gay st 
Oberteufler John C. distiller of cordial St, liquors, 

4 Buchanan's wharf 
O'ConncIl James, carpenter, Dutch alley 
O'Connor Patrick, porter, Commerce st wharf 
O'Connor mrs Margaret, 12 Caroline st 
O'Connor Eugene, teacher, se cor of Pratt and 

Eden sls 
O'Connor Susan, Shakspearest 
O'Connor Daniel, huckster, 78 East st 
Odell & [ves, brass and composition founders, 

35 North st 
O'Donnell James, laborer, Starr allf^y 





O'Donnell P. laborer, n Front st near Hillen 
O'Donnell James, stone cutter, George st near 

O'Donnell n)rs Sarah C. Lexington st w of Pearl 
O'Donnell Bartholomew, laborer, 60 Fleet st 
O'Donnell Columbus, Lexington st e of Calvert 

office basement story exchange. Gay st 
O'Donnell Bernard, wholesale and retail grocer, 

nc cor Pratt and Frederick sts. dw sw cor 

Frederick and Water sts 
O'Donnovan Doctor John H. D. Franklin st w of 

Park st 
O'Donnovan Jeremiah, grocery & liquor store 

Hookstown road 
O'Dornev George,66Bond st 
Oehler Andrew, tailor and scourer. Water st near 

Oelrich E. G. & Lurman,commission merchants, 

3 n Charles st opposite Union Bank 
O'Farrell Charles, Richmond st 
ifOiFcr Jane, Bond near Bank st 
Oggier mrs Mary, grocery, ne cor Eden & Gough 
Ogdcn Joseph, conveyancer, nw cor St.' Paul's 

and Fayette sts.'dw Green st 
Ogden mrs Eleanor, 10 New church st 
Ogden Nathan J. laborer, Monument st near 

Constitution st 
Ogden John, Exeter st s of Salisbury 
Ogle James, painter. Liberty alley near Falls st 
Ogle AVm. chair maker, Mott st near Sterlmg 
Ogle George, briclmiaker, Silver st e of 1^ rankim 
Ogle Adkin S. bricklayer, Fayette st w ot Pme 
Ogle A. S. builder, Fayette st w of Pme 
Ogle Wm. carpenter, "Paca st near Pratt 
O'Hara John, laborer, Harford avenue 
O'Hara James, smith in general. Concord st near 

Pratt st 
O'Hara John, liquor store, e Water near Freder- 

O'lleare John, grocery & feed store, ne cor East 

and Gay sts 
O'Keiffe Daniel, 16 Lancaster st . 

O'Laughlin L. & M. house and sign pamfers, ana 

glaziers, Holliday st near Baltimore 
O'Laughlin Lawrence, of above firm, dw J^^asi Be 





OLaughhn David, painter, Harford avenue 

Oldham Joseph, oak cooper, 17 Mercer st 

Oldham mrs 11. baker, 17 Mercer st 

Oldham Jacob, chair maker, Charles st 

Oldham J. fancy Windsor chair maker, 40 South st 

Oldham John AV. saddle tree maker, 9 Douglass st 

Oldham mrs Sarah,cor Light st & Armisteadlane 

lOldham Caleb, caulker, 71 Albermarle st 

OXeary Edward, carter, 2 Alice Anna st John, carpenter, llookstown road, 

Oler Peter, grocer, llookstown road 

Oliver capt Wm. Water st 2d door w of Lloyd 

Oliver Wm. Preston st near Pennsylvania av 

Oliver mrs Catherine, Peace alley 

Oliver Robert, 8 s Gay st 

JOiiver John, cigar maker, Holland st near the run 

Olives R, stone mason, iJiddie alley 

tOlives Wm. brickmaker. Gallows Hill 

Olmear mrs Sophia, seamstress, 19 Caroline row 

Caroline st 
O'Marr Timothy, plasterer Columbia st 
O Meally James, wood niiercbant, Holliday st s of 

Pleasant st 
O'Neal Roger, cotton duck manufacturer, Fede- 

. Jal Hill opposite the watering place 
O Neil James, boot and shoemaker, 12 and 22 

w Pratt st 
0|Neil Matthew, tavern keeper, 69 s Frederick st 
^>£!^^\i^^^^'''' clothing store, 91 n Howard st 
rt-S^' J^li^el, grocer, cor Fleet & Caroline sts 
U Neill Ambrose, tavern keeper, n\v cor French 

&, Bath sts 
O'jfeijl Daniel, miller & grocer, Cross st 
O'iNedlJohn, weaver. Pierce st 
O'Nedl mrs R. West st 

J^iS^'l! f,^^'^?^' '^^'^^•■' ""^ cor Hill & Front sts 

U INeill^Charles, carpenter. Gallows Hill 

Onion Zachariah, carpenter, Wine st 

Onivm mrs Juliet, 66 High st 

Onion Corbin L. teacher, n Gay st near Belle 

Air market 
Onion N. S. teacher, n Gay st nearMott 
Uiiioa 1 homas, oil carpet manufacturer, Harford 

run between Granby and Strles sts 
Omen h(l\Y. tailor, Granby st near Gough 

Onion mrs Elizabeth, 21 Potter st 

Oppcrman G. Lewis, glove maker, and tavern 

keeper, cor Marsh Market space & Swan st 
Opperman Robert, tobacconist, Mulberry st near 

Pine st 
Oram John, bricklayer, 17 Sarato"-a st 
Oram Hugh, brickkyer, 03 Sharpest " 
Oram John, laborer, Charles st near Conwav 
Oram Joshua, shoemaker, Bond stnear Gou-h 
Orchard ims Catherine, High st near Hill,-,r 
O lieil y ^ Co. groce!^, se cor n Eden and Mul- 

hken st 
O'Reilly Hugh grocery & liquor store, cor 

Pierce 6i, I'me sts 
Orcm Isaiah, carter, Argyleal near Alice Anna st 
Orem Hugh laborer, Montgomery w of Light 
Orem John, laborer, Alice Anna st nearPtraw- 

berrv alley 

Ormsby John, baker, 44 Union st 
OrndoHfJohn H. & Co. flour merchants, ne cor 

Balhmore and Paca sis. dw John H. Orn- 

dorll Lombard w of Howard st 
Orr Adam, blacksmith. Potter st near French 
Urr Alex, cotton manufacturer, 119 n Exeter st 
Osborne James, furniture store. Second stnlar 

l^entre Market space 
Osborne V. teacher, Mulberry st near Paca 
Osborne mrs Elizabeth, Butler's lane 
Osborne mrs Susan, 18 Trip.olet's alley 

tiinote ""''''' ^''^^^^y^^: Green st s of Bal- 
Osborne Henry, York st e end 
tpsborne Robert, porter, Barre st w of Sharp 
lOsborne C. laborer, Forrest st ^ 

TOsborne Elijah, miller, Dutch alley 
tOsborne^ Lewis, drayman, Chesnut lane near 

Osluslugar Frederick, cheese march. 73 s Euiaw 
Osterman Joseph, pawn broker, se cor e Balto. i 

ana Mtgn sts 
Oston Walter J. seaman, Shakespear st 





O'Toole John, laborer, Charles st near York 
Otto Frederick, baker, Bond st near Wilk 
Oudesluys mrs Harriet, Lexington stE of Liberty 
Oursler Edward, shoe store, Baltim st w of Paca 
tOvarre J. F. hair dresser, 62 Frankhn st 
Owens Thomas, Hill st e of Charles 
Owens Thomas, 5 Amity st 
Owens Sarali, boarding house, s end Hill st 
Owens miss Rachel, dry goods, Market st F. P. 
Owens Isaac, clerk, President st s of Stiles 
Owens Caleb D. agent for trustees for the poor, 

SE cor Front and Hillen sts 
Owens James C. carpenter, Orleans st s of Ais- 

Owens mrs Sarah, Sterling st 
Owens capt VVm.agent of Governor Wolcott steam 

boat CO. & commission merch. Patterson's 

wharf, dw 59 n Charles st 
Owens Samuel C. livery stable, cor Pleasant & 

Courtland sts 
Owens Wm. farmers' and planters' agent,82 Du- 

gan's wharf 
tOwens Basil, cooper,'Saratoga st w of Cove 
tOwens Richard, laborer, Montgomery st 
tOwens Fanny, washwoman, n Eden st near 

Owings Joshua W, proprietor of Globe inn, cor 

Howard & Baltimore sts 
tOxford Joe, porter, Peace alley 
tOysure John, butcher, e Water st near Har. run 

PaAGETT JOSEPH, ship carpenter,Armis- 
tead lane 

Paca John, shoemaker, Low st near Aisquith 

Paca James, morocco dresser, Hookstown road 

tPack Lemon, laborer, Guilford alley 

tPack Henry, laborer,Carpenier's alley 

fPack Larkin, sawyer, n Calvert st 

Packwood James, fisherman, Bond st near Lan- 

tPadler Rachel, York avenue 

Page Daniel, ship joiner, Pratt st n side near the 

fPage Cyrus, boot black, Caroline st near Pratt 

tPage Ihomas, coachman, Painter's court 

tPage Abram, coachman, Short st 

fPage Susanna, Honey alley 

Paine Alien, manufacturer & importer of saddlery, 
coach and harness furniture, cor of How- 
ard & Fayette sts 

Paine G. S, innkeeper, Madison st 3rd door from 

Palassios Victorine, cigar manufactory, 5 Bond st 

Palfrey mrs. fancy dress maker, 85 n Liberty st 

Palmatary John, tailor, 64 n Frederick st 

Palmatary Allen, tailor. Horse st 

Palmer Thomas, carver and gilder, Fayetle st 
near Calvert, store I08i Baltimore st 

Palmer E, & T. E. comm. merch. 4 Bowly's wharf 
dw E. Palmer 114 Hanover st 

Palmer James W. sash maker &. glazier, n Gay 
near Exeter st 

Palmer Wm tailor, Harford run near e Water st 

tPalmer Wm. sawyer, s Howard st near Bottle al 

:|:Palmer James, laborer, Pierce st 

Pamillion James, painter and glazier, Sterhng st 

Pamphillion W. S. carpenter, Jefferson row Con- 
way st 

Pamphillion Thomas, cooper. Peace alley near 
Eutaw st 

Pamphillion mrs Susanna, seamstress, Peace al 
near Eutaw st 

tPamelia Rebecca, Mechanic's court High st 

Pancoast John, boarding house. Sharp st s of Pratt 

Pannell Edward, 33 South st 

Pannell mrs'lAnn C. George st near Pearl 

Pantroy Wm. Peace alley 

Pare mrs Eliza, se cor Eden and Bank sts 

tPark Lloyd, laborer,Moore's lane near Eutaw st 

Parker Lorenzo, oyster house,; cor Fleet &- Car- 
oline sts 

Parker John, seaman. Fleet st near Caroline 

Parker Geo. gardener, Richmond st near Tyson 

Parker mrs Ann, washwoman, Caroline st near 

Parker Clement, Caroline st near Bank 

Parker & Miller, three tuns tavern, cor s Paca 
& w Pratt sts 

Parker capt Thomas, 120 Wolf st 





Parker Oliver, stove manufacturer and dealer in 

iron, 1i>s Calvert St. d\v Water st wofJJoyd 
Parker Jonathan, tavern keeper, Water st near 

Marsh Market 
Parker James, i)aint manufactory, cor of IIip;h 

and AVillt sis, d\v s High st near Trinity 

Ch 11 roll 
Parker James, laborer. Pierce st 
Parker James, dry goods- merchant, 42 n Gay st^ 
Parker Oliver, stove factory, 15 Calvert st d\y e 

tParker \Vm. laborer, Bane st 
tParker Isaiah, laborer, 6S Conway st 
t Parker Ann, seamstress, 55 Wagon alley 
tl'arkcr Ellen Ross st 
■) Parker .Sally, St. JNIary's st 
Parkhill Hamilton, tailor, 80 East st 
Parkinson J. tailor, Constitution st n of Bcuren 
Parks Lloyd, waterman, Pinkney st near Bond 
Parks Sarah, grocery, s\v cor of Caroline and 

Hampstead sts 
Parks A brail, revenue office, Pratt st near Spring 
Parks Archib, wood corder, Eden st near Bank 
Parks .John, cabinetmaker, 6 Peace alley 
Parks mrs Elizabeth, 47 Hanover st 
Parks Thomas, cooper, 18 Tripolet's alley 
Parks Thomas 11. comm. inereh. and grocer, 5 

Dugan's wharf 
Parks Benjamiii, blacksmith 21 Bond st 
Parks M;iyi)ury second hand furniture store, nf, 

cor Necessity alley, div25 n E.Keter st 
Parks mrs Mary 78 Exeter st 
tParks Wm. laborer, Pleasant st 
Parr David, potter, Pitt st near Harford 
Parr Elisha, potter, Pitt st near Juden 
Parr James, potter, Gougli st near Happy alley 
Parr David, potter, 19 South st 
Parrish Jacob, wheelwriglit, l*ratt st. d\v Paca st 

2d door s of Bottle alley 
Parrish mra Catherine, Madison st near Hii^h 
Parrisii IN. M. grocer, sic cor n Exeter & French 
Parrish AVilliam, 77 Ensor st 
Parnsh Stephen, cabinet maker, Ilock st near 

ijParriway Absalom, brickmakcr, Hili st 

Parrottcapt David, s Exeter st near Salisbury 
Parrott .lames, tailor, Comet st 
Farrott Rich, sailmaker, lower end Ann st E side 
Parsons John, hook keeper Comm & Farm bank 

dw N Paca st 
Par.sons Sam. carpenter, s Howard st near Pratt 
Parsons Thomas, boot and shoemaker, w Pratt st 

near Eutavv 
Parsons Thomas, gardener, Wagon alley 
Parsons mrs Elizabeth, 22 w Lexington st 
Parsons Hester, ShakespeaT st 
Parsoni_nirs Magdalene, fiincy store. Mulberry st 

near Pine 
Partridge Jas li. printer, Holland st near the run 
I'arlridge D. B. giocer, cor Bank st & Happy al 
Partiidge mrs. Hanover st near Conway 
Partridge E. li. stock, exchange and commission 

agent, IC Second st. opposite Tripolet's 

alley, dw Mulberry st k of Courtland 
Pascal capt. Peter, Bond st near Finet 
I'assano Joseph, fancy store in Baltimore arcade, 

dw 15 Pitt st 
Panterfield Caleb, shoemaker, 5 Comet st 
I'astoriiis Samuel, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Mulberry st & Ler-ew's alley 
Pate Wm, pilot, s end Washington st 
Patterson John, seaman, cor Lancaster St Wolf sts 
Patterson William P. brickmaker, e Water st near 

Harford run 
Patterson Thomas, tailor, nk cor Pitt &l East sis 
Patterson Samuel J. tailor, *?2 Pitt st 
Patterson M. bonnet factory, Potter st near Pitt 
Patterson John, paper hanger, 75 n Gay st 
Patterson mrs Mariha, 55 East st 
Patterson James, shoemaker, Tohmpson st 
Patterson Henry, cook shop. Market st F. P. 
Patterson David, weaver, cor Chalsworlh and 

Pierce sts 
Patterson Wm, carpenter, Charles st n of Hill 
Patterson mrs. Hughes st near Light 
Patterson John, carpent. Ross st. dw 12SNEutaw 
Patterson Edward, (firm J. \V. & E. Patterson) 

vv Baltimore st 
Patterson miss Sarah, Barnet st w of Charles 
Patterson mrs John, 3S s. Liberty st 





PatteiBon mis Joanna, milliner, 91 Bond st near 

Alice Anne 
Patterson mrs Eliza, seamstress, n Caroline st 

near Baltimore 
Patterson mrs Gather, boarding house, n Paca st 
Patterson & James, country produce nierch. 95 

N Howard st . - 

Pattorson VVm. cooper, CO n Frederick st 
Patterson John, merchant tailor, 22 South st 
Patterson Wm. shipping merch. 18 •§•20 South st 
Patterson Joseph \\. & Edward, iron workers 

cor Pratt & Conuii )rce sts 
iPatterson Adam, laborer, Homespun allej'" 
tPatterson J. laborer, Caroline st near Gough 
Fattis AVm. macliiue maker,. INIonument st 
Paitison James J. grocer,SECor Pitt & Exeter sts 
Paltoii George, cabinet maker, 1 door from cor 

Pratt and Mulberry sts 
Patton A. boot and shoemaker, Armistead lane 
Patton James H. cabinetmaker, 110 Sharp st 
Pauer Doctor Frederick, agency office, 71 v/ 

Pratt st 
Paul Isaac, w Camden st 
Paul J. tailor, Saratoga st near Eutaw 
Paul mrs Cath. umbrella maker, 14 n Liberty st 
Paul John, umbrella maker, 14 n Liberty st 
Paul capt William, 112 Wolf st 
Pawley John, carpenter, 107 n Eutaw st 
Pawley mrs. Holiday st n of Saratoga 
Pawley James, china,glass and queen'svvare store, 

31 Calvert st 
Pawson William S. clerk, 12 s High st 
Paxton miss J. teachc)-, Pearl st near Saratoga 
fPayne John, shoemaker, East st near Douglass 
Payson Henry & Co. merch. 15 Bowly's wharf, 

d.w 123 Hanover st 
Peabody Jeremiah, dry good merchant, e Balti- 
more st w of 2nd Presbyterian church 
jPeach Margaret, s Charles st 
•fPeach Joseph, farmer. Busy alley 
tPeach Wm. brickmaker. Welcome alley 
Peachey T.G. saddle & harness maker,7 Light st 
Peacock Wm. ship carpenter, Block st 
Peacock Ingram E. umbrella mal<er,100 w Pratt st 
Peacock mrs Polly, seamstress, 42 Union st 

Peacock Geo. proprietor of the American hoteU 

56 w Pratt st 
Peacock Samuel, shoemaker, Bcuren near Mon- 
ument st 
Peacock mrs Sarah Ann, seamstress, St Mary st 

near lloss ' 

Peale John, keeper of penitentiary, York avenue 
Peale George, ship carpenter, Shakspeare st 
Peale miss Sarah, portrait painter, Fayette st near 

Pearce Thorn, carpenter, n Pacast near Franklin 
Pearce C. 11. merch. 74 Bowly's wharf, dw cor 

Lexington & Charles sts 
Pearce capt. Matthew C. i:i0 Hanover st 
Pearce Julian, wheelwright, 4S Front st 
Pearce Obediah, machine maker, High st near 

Pearce mrs Hannah, Harford avenue 
Pearce Robert C. Painter & glazier, Leffenger al 

near French st r> ^ ■ t 

Pearce Greenbury, coachmaker,'46 n Frederick st 
Pearce Thomas, camenter, Pine st near Chesnnt 

Pear^n mrs iTenfi^r?a,"'w^aver, Mo!iLgo<iser¥ b* 

W of »;!-ht 

Peuiaou capt.' James, Caroline st near Pratt 

Pearson mrs Ann, 35 Wagon alley 

Pearson Joseph, fur and hatters' finding store, 260 

Baltimore st 
tPearson Hester, Forest st near Douglass 
Peas John, cooper, w Saratoga st near Eutaw 
Peas Francis, cooper, Fayette st 
Peas C. cooper. Wagon alley 
Peas Nicholas, laborer, Cathedral st 
Peash mrs Martha, book folder, cor Mulberry st 

& Lerew's alley 
Peck H. boot and shoemaker, 9 e Pratt st 
Peck Lauren Mc. F. manufacturer of ornamental 

letters, 98 n Eutaw st 
fPeck Nathaniel, white washer, 16 Bath st 
Peducar mrs Catherine, seamstress, Eden st near 

E Pratt 
Pein mrs Elizabeth, cor Long alley & Saratoga st 
Peirson Wm. dry goods merch. 6 Harrison st. dw 

Water st w of Exeter 





Peirson Thomas, tanner, Saratoga st d\v 75 Ensor 
Peltan Wm. confectioner, 64 k Gay st 
tPemelton Jolin, musician, 103 Eutaw st 
Penitentiary etore, 246 w Baltimore st. J. Ken- 

nard, agent 
Penn .lacob bricklayer, Light steend 
Penn Rezin blacksmith, Saratoga st w of Pine 
Peun Caleb,shoemaker, German st 2nd door from 

Penn Jacob W. grocer, se cor Pine & Fayette sts 
Penniman Thorn. 8i Co. commission merch. 101 

Bovvly's vvhf. d\v Saratoga st between Cat- 
vert & Charles sts 
Penniman mrs Cynthia, s Frederick st near Bait. 
Pennunan Silas A. clerk, s Frederick st 
Pennmgton N. ^cery, s Exeter st 
Pennmgton JosfP^attorney al law, 9 Athenjenm 

Lexmgton st. dw Franklin st w of St Paul 
Pennmgton mrs Jane, 74 n Exeter st 
Pennington John H. piano maker, Holland st 

near Aisquith 
Pennington James F. chair maker, Aisquith st 

near Jefferson 
■Bennington A.IL aco^nntaut. Light =» wl^rf 
i'eiio.- jxauuer A. gymnasium, 3 Commerce st 
Pentz Daniel, butcher, Pitt st near n Eden 
Pentz John J. butcher, Pitt st near n Eden 
Pentz Henry, butcher, Pitt st near n P2den 
Peppel John, tailor, Chamberlain alley 
1 Pepper Peter, laborer, Salisbury st near Har. run 
Peppin John, rigger, Lancaster st near Market 
Peregoy James C. carpenter, Maiden lane w of 

Aii-quith st . 
Peregoy Nathan W. laborer, Hampstead st near 

Peregoy Caleb, carpenter, 6 Pine st near Franl<Iin 
Peregoy Nichol. carpenter, Mulberry st nearPaca 
I'eregoy Jamcp, cooper, Mulberry st near Paca 
Peregoy Joseph, carperit. Mulberry st near Paca 
Peregoy mrs J. A- milliner, VJ n (iay st 
Perigo Charles, Mulberry st s side near Pine 
Pe-igo Joseph, cons! able, 33 P'lect st r end 
I'eriue mrs Ann, tcacljer, Hookstown road 
Perme Maulden, potter, n\v cor of Pin6 and 
Lexington sts, dw Lexington st w ol'P i iie 

Pcrine Thomas, oil Stjpaint store Pratt st e of 

Perine Thomas, oil and paint store, Pratt st e of 

Perine Thorn. J. oil and paint store, J28w. Pratt st 
Perine David M. register of wills for Baltimore 

county, courthouse, dw Lexington st w of 

Perkins Thomas R. cabinet maker, 98 w Pratt st 
Perkins miss, teacher, 6 Albermarlc st 
Perkins Hector, broom maker, Potter st 3d door 

from llalfnioon alley 
Perkins Dr. Elisha, druggist, cor Franklin and 

Green sts 
tPerrevvay Sarah, washer, Peace alley 
Perry M. laborer, Strawberry alley near Fleet st 
Perry .lereiiiinh, tailor, F, Water st 
Perry John, liquor store, 4 n Gay st 
Perry Levi, oyster house, 1(> w Franklin st 
Perry Francis, laborer, cor Camden &. Charles sts 
Perry capt. Henry, ^\ ilk st near Harford run 
JPcrry Charles, waiter, Conway st w of Sharp 
Perton .Jane Bond st near Lancaster 
Pcterkih George, W. (firm of Wilson & Petcrkin,) 

dw cor Exeter Granb}^ sts 
Peters Geo. A. grocer, cor lUmd & Alice Anna sts 
Peters Edward .). grocery &, liquor store, 112 n 

High st 
Peters George, merchant, s Exeter st near Bank 
Peters mrs Elizabeth, Aisquith st near .lelVerson 
Peters Matthias, carvcr,lTookstown road 
Peters Henry, George st near Pine 
Peters & Wagner, merchant tailors, 8 South st. 
Peters C. seaman, Lancaster st near Apple al. 
Pet(!rs George, 116 n Mownrd st 
Peters Jesse T. exchange oliice, 23.') \v Baltimore 
Peters .lohn, carpenter, Centre st near Calvert 
Peters mrs Louisa C. 30 St. Paul's st 
Peters Wm. baker, dw Peace alley near Charles st 
Peters Richard, smith in general, 48 lI;irrison st 
tPefers John, laborer, Lerrw's alley 
IPeters Sophia, washer, .'55 Wagon alley 
Peterson Martin, rigger, Shakspeare st near Bond 
Peterson Amelia, kio cor Fleet and Caroline sts 
Peterson Christiana, 72 Bond st 





PelticordmrsC. milliner,2York avenue ^ 

Petticord Saul, slmemaker, Cove near Franklin 

Petticoid .lohn, hatter, 72 n Exeter st 

Pettit Obodiali, bookstore, 85 n Gay st 

Pettit nirs Elizabeth, 12 JVew st 

Pfahl C. P. A. musician, 102 n P'ront st 

Pfalil Augustus & Mohl, German hotel, cor Pratt 

st and Falls av 
Phelan Jesse C. 20 n Eutaw st 
Phelps Gardner, shoemaker, Long alley 
Phelps Doctor Elias, 71 w Lexington st 
Phelp? mr. weaver, Whitvvorth row bctw Cove & 

Rock sts 
Philbcrt mrs Hannah, cor Water and Hollings- 

worth sts 
Phillips .]ohn"R. seaman, e end Thames st s side 
Pinilips Thomas, rigger, 11 Lancaster st 
Phillips mrs -Alary A. boarding house, e Pratt st 

opposite stamp carpet lactory 
Phillips capt. Isaac, cor Paca and Fayette sts 
Phillips ^Vm. merchantj'.Dutch alley, vv of How- 
ard si 
Phillips Wm. gilder, 29 New Churcli st 
Phillips Richard, sign painter and ornamental 

gilder on gktss, 29 New Church st 
Phillips Richard W. surgeon dentist, 53 Fayette st 
Philli[)s Levin, laborer, VVolfst w side 
Phillips Wm. M. seaman, Fell st near Thames 
Phillips mrs Lydia, grocery, Fell st near Tiiamcs 
Phillips capt. VVm. e Water st 
Phillips Isaac, cartman. Chestnut alley 
Phillips Isaac jr. Saratoga st e of Pine 
Phillips capt. James, 43 Albermarlest 
Phillips Wm. cabinetmaker, Pitt st near Har- 
ford run 
Phillips Thomas, bell hanger, 95 n Gay st 
Phillips .lames, clerk, Mulberry st w of Green 
Phillips John, brickmaker, Columbia st 
:t:Phillips Charlotte, wash womnn, 7G French st 
fPhillips Periy,ljackdrivcr, Bath st near North 
tPliilliits Perry, hackman, Caroline st near Pratt 
fPhillips James.carter, Spring st near e lialtiniore 
tPhillips Brista, laborer, Bank st near Eden 
Phipps Ann, seamstress, 22 New st 
Phoenix mrs Elizabeth, Lloyd st near e AVater 

Phffinix shot tower, ne cor Pitt and Front sts 
Phoenix line stage office, for Washington and 
Georgetown, 3 n Calvert st. 3 Light st and 
Baltimore st — Beltzhoover ik. Co. proprie- 
Phoenix Thomas, clerk, 86 Sharp st 
Pickering Samuel, justice of peace and clerk in 
courthouse, dw Gough st 2d door fromPratt 
Pickett Levy, tailor, Bond st near Fleet 
Pickett mrs JNIary, tailoress, Biddle alley 
Pierce Doctor John, sw cor Pratt ^- Howard sts 
Pierce David, hatter, 56 n Frederick st 
Pierce S. A. hat factory, 16 Centre Market space 
Pierce Emanuel, custom house boatman, Hol- 
land st near run 
Pierpoint M. Eager alley 

Pike Henry & Ward, hardware merchants, 21 s 
Calvert st. dw H. Pike, Courtland st betw. 
Mulberry and Franklin sts 
Pile Conrad, shoemaker, Sarah Ann st near Cove 
Pillen Peter, oysterman, Orleans st near the run 
Pindcll Jane, widow, cor Bond & Bank sts 
Pindell Thomas, wood merch. n Gay st near Mott 
Pindcll Lewis, cartman, n Gay st near Aisquith 
Pindell A. wood merch. n Gay st near Mott 
Pindell John, constable, Pinkney st near Market 
Pindell Z. trunk maker. Spring st near Pratt 
tPindell Mary, washer, Pierce st 
Pindergrass Wm. market man, 68 French st 
tPines Sam, sawyer, Barre st wof Sharp 
tPines Charles, laborer, Hoffman st near Ross 
iPinien Samuel, Biddle alley 
Pinkney Charles, drayman, Chestnut alley 
Pinkney mrs Ann, 5 Waterloo row, Calvert st 
Pinkney Wm. 4 Waterloo row, Calvert st 
Pinkney Charles, attorney at law, 92 n Liberty st 
Pinkney Jonathan, n Charles st near Pleasant 
Pipe Frederick, laborer, Greenwich st 
Piper Doctor Wm. E. 2 w Lexington st 
Piper James, 2 w Lexington st 
Piquett T. grocer & liquor store, E end of Cross st 
Pitt Thomas, hatter, 16 Tripolet's alley 
Pitt John C. grocer, ne cop P>ont & Baltimore stg 
Pizarro J. A. professor of Spanish, 16 Hanover st 
Placide Henry, cooper, 3 Buchanan's wharf 





PJaskilt & Co. booksellers and statioiicrs,2o4i Bal- 
timore St 
Plaskilt John, (firm of Armstrong S,- Plaskitt) dw 

65 s Sharp st 
tPlater Jeffery, laborer, Light st N of Cross 
Pleasants John P. & Sons,^ merchants, South st. 

Bowly's wharf 
Plilt Philip, grocery and liquor store, cor Charles 

st& Guilford alley 
Plowman Eli R. confectioner, 16 n Liberty st 
Plowman Richard, looking glass frame maker, 

Baltimore st w of Cove 
Plowman Joseph, straw cutter, Ross st near Bid- 
die allej- 
Plumbotham & Co. druggists,24 n Eufaw st 
Plummer John, block a^nd pump maker, Alice 

Anna st near Bond 
Plummer Samuel, drayman. 116 Sharp st 
Plummer L. bay trade'r, Potter st 
Pfummer Samuel, painter, 3 Pine st near Favelte 
fPlyman John, hair dresser, Camden st opp'osile 

Pochon Charles, merchant, s Liberty n of Lom- 
bard st 
Pochon C. F. & Co. wholesale grocers, 270 Balti- 
more st dw C. F. P. 11 s Eutaw st 
Pocock .John, shoemaker, Harford avenue 
Pocock Thomas, meal man, llarlord avenue 
locock Francis, cartman, Gallows hill 
Pogne mrs Elizabeth, 26 German st 
Poits Joseph E. merchant tailor, 41 Pratt st 
Polls Doctor \Vm. opposite the united hose insti- 
tution, s Howard st 
Pollet mrs. hat binder, 2 llolidav st 
Polk David, weaver, .3 Aisquithst 
Pollard capt. Geo. e AVatL-r st near Exeter 
to lock Henry, bricklayer, 13 York avenue 
Polley Thomas, Light "st hotel 
Ponlier Edward, clerk, 50 n Frederick st 
Poncia Anthony, figure maker, 75 Albermarle st 

near Stiles 
Poor mrs Mary, cor Albermarle &Stiles sts 
loo John, hatter, 26 w Lexington st 
Fool .James, car|)enter, w Howard st 
loor Dudley, N Paca bt 

Poor cV Keyser, importers of hardware, 208 Bal- 
timore st 

Poor John H. North st h of Lexington 

Poor Dudley, Paca st w of Franklin 

Pope George, cooper, Union st near Penn av 

lope Daniel, ornamental and house painter, 111 
w Pratt st 

Pope D. S. painter and glazier, 47 South st 

Pope Grandison, Wagon alley 

Pope Abner, dry goods store, 32 w Pratt st 

Pope Folger, house and sign painter, 32 s Cal- 
vert st 

Pope mrs :\rargaret, teacher, Biddlc alley near 
Ross st 

tPope Joe, slioemaker, Ruxton st 

Popplein & Brothers, dry goods merchants, 13 
N Howard st 

Popplein N. jr. importer ofdrugs, chemicals, and 
dye stuffs, 7n Liberty st 

Poppleto'n mrs T. H. confectioner, 4 n Calvert st 

Poppleton Thomas, surveyor, 10 Salisburry st 

tPortager John, stevadore,' Spring st near e Bal- 

Porter Jonathan, shoemaker, Wilk stnear Exeter 

Porter mrs Mary, 77 s Eutaw st 

Porter Richard, golden horse tavern, cor Frank- 
lin and Howard sts 

Porter John, seaman, 24 Ann st 

Porter Thomas, rigger, 'JO Market st 

Porter Atigustinc, Short st 

Porter Huijh, seven stars tavern, ne cor of Forest 
& Ensor sts 

Porter Win. laborer. Gay st opposite Belie Air 

Porter mrs Prudence, Tyson's alley near Cathe- 
dral st 

Porter AVm. collector, 44 South st 

Poiter Win. bricklayer. Pierce st 

Porter John, carter,* Light st 

Porter Amiion, Hill st e of Charles 

Posey Nathaniel, hatter, Tripolett's alley near 
Baltimore st 

Posey Adrian, hatter, 14 Tripolett's alley 

tPosey Betsey, washer, Chestnut lane 

tPosey Stcphcn,laborcr,Chesnut alley near Pine st 




149 79 

Posnandiex, J. J. second hand clothing store,Lom- 

bard k ot'Cliarles st 
Post John W. academy, Potter st s of Gay 
Post ^V. innkeeper, cor Thames and Market sts 
Post Kussell, proprietor of the New England ho- 
tel and commercial colfee house, Pratt st. 
three doors w of Centre Market space, 
commercial reading room, cor of Piatt st. 
and O'Donnell's wharf 
Post ofiice for the city of Baltimore, n Calvert st 
basement story, Barnum's hotel, cor ol Bank 
Poston mrs Ellen, tailoress, ne cor Exeter and 

Pitt sis 
Potce mrs Maria, seamstress, Light st s end 
Potee Peter, plaisterer. Peace alley, w of Sharp st 
Potter John, cooper, cor Entaw and Conway sts. 
Potter Doctor Natiianiel, professor of theory and 
practice of medicine in Maryland Univer- 
sity, dw Lexington st third door e ofN 
Potter John, jr. tin ware manufacturer, 9 e Water 
Potter Thomas, city watchman, Aisquith st 
Potter Elijah, ship c^rpeHter, Light st n of Mont- 
tPotter John, steamboatman, s Eutaw st 
Potts Robert, cottonspinner, Falls turnpd<e 
Poullnev Samuel, importer of cutleiy and hard- 
ware, IG 4 Baltimore st. dw Mulberry st op- 
posite the cathedral 
Poultnev miss, dry goods store, 45 w Pratt st 
Poultney Evan,dw sw cor Fayette and Charles sts 
Poultney Ellicott, banking house, 16'^ Baltimore st 
Poultnev T. 5 St. Paul's st 
Pouson'Alex. clerk, Fayette st near Pme 
Powell Henry, block and pump nu\ker, 16 Pat- 
terson St. dw Aisquith st N of Holland 
Powell Doctor, Pine st near Franklin 
Powell Samuel, grocer, w Pratt st near Eutaw 
Powell Dr. W. B. surgeon dentist, 31 Charles 
Powell Henry, block and pump maker, McElder- 

ry's wharf 
IPowell Emanuel, laborer, Potter st near Low 
tPowell Joseph, seaman, 79 Bond st 

JPowell Clarissa, washer, s Eutaw st 

^Powell Joshua, drayman. Hill st extended 

IPowell Charles, brickmaker, Hill st extended 

Power John, shoemaker, Cove st 

Power Richard, stonecutter, w Pratt st vy of (Jreen 

Power John & James, grocers, Fraiiklin st w of 

Power John, (firm of do.) dw Howard n of Frank- 
lin st 
Power James, (firm of do.) dw Franklin st w of 

Pearl st 
Power MichiPl, principal of Asbury college, dw 

45 Courtland st 
Powers mr ship carpenter, Bank st near Wolf 
tPowers Charles, laborer, Forest st 
Powhatlan manufacturing company, S. Harden, 

president, 179 Baltimore st 
Prachen John, porter, n side Lexington market, 
^Prague Ephram, laborer, Lerew's alley 
Pratt Wm. seaman, Union alley, near n Eden st_ 
Pratt Enoch & Keith,'commission merchants,25 

s Charles st 
Pratt Enoch, boarding house Fayette st 
JPratt Thomas, laborer, Biddle st near Ross 
Pratter Hugh D. Long alley, near Ross st 
Pratter Alfred, Long alley near Ross st 
Prtece Edward, grocery and liquor store, cor Rux- 

ton lane and s Charles st 
Preggel mr laborer, 10 Peace alley 
Prentice Wm. principal of classical school, 53 N 

Charles st 
Prentice A. tailor, Pearl st betw Fayette and Lex- 
ington st ^ , , i- I 

Prentice Sumner, grocer, 17 Spear s whari, dw 

HoUiday st near Saratoga 
Prentiss mrs Ann, 64 Ann st 
Presbury George, 38 n Gay st 
tPresgrove James, laborer, n Exeter st near Hilleri 
Preslmau George, clothing store, nw cor Bond 

and Fleet sts 
Preston mrs Ann, n Paca st m « i.- 

Preston J. B. comb and variety store, 111 Baili. 

more st .mi* 

tPreston Peter, boarding house, Pleasant st 





tPreston Millcy, washwomaii, 7 Douglass st 

tPreston Diana, washwoman, Ensorst 

tPreslon Nancy, a Mulberry st near Pearl 

Pretlove Sarah, 24 Fleet st 

Pretlove John, carpenter, 24 Fleet st 

Prevost A. cigar maker, 90 n Eulaw st 

Price Wm. sliip carpenter, Fell st w side 

Price mis Hannah, 21 Philpot st 

Price Horalio,carpenter,cor f^.utaw & Saratoga sts 

Puce mrs Elizabeth, 42 n Eutaw st 

Pi ice rnrs W. FranUin st near Lerew's alley 

Price Isral, tanner, Park st n of Saratoga 

Price A. I\r. grocery and flour store, NE°cor Pratt 

and Sharp sts 
Price Augustus M.&, Co: fruit and confectionery 

store, lS9i Ualfimorest.dvv 27 Lexington st 
Price Henry, druggist, s\v cor Hanover and Bal- 
timore sts 
Price mrs Mary Ann,milliner store, 19 Harrison st 
Irice Allen M. saddler and harness maker 19 

Harrison st ' 

Price mrs Sarah, widow, 13 Fell st 
Price John, shoemaker, 49 n Exeter st 
Price mrs Margaret, Granby st near Gou"'h 
Price mrs Jane, corset maker, 6 Potter si" 
Price Ric<!, coachmaker, Falls st near Bcuren 
Price Josiah B. grocery, Hour and feed store se cor 

r orest & Hillen sts ' 

Price John H. s Paca st near Camden 
Price John, seaman, Light st s of Sugar alley 
I Price Levi, 79 n Gay st => j 

1 Price Emory, laborer, IG s Liberty st 
tPrice R. waiter, Centre st near Charles 
rPrice Wm. F. Bath st near Davis 
tPrice Thomas S. McClellan's st 
iPrice Nathan, blacksmith, n Gay st 
JPrice Jolin laborer, Baltimore st w of Cove 
tPrice Childs, blacksmith, Ruxton st 
tPrice Davy, cor Grant and Water sts 
I richard Levin, cabinetmaker. East st near Pitt 
Priestley Edward, cabinetmaker, 6 Baltimore st 

dwl'rontst nofl'itt 
PrmfeHvm'"s''r'!''' cor Lexington & Pearl sts 

aill s' shoemaker, 64 n How- 

Primrose W. & A. Russell, carpenters and cabi- 
netmakers, 19 n Gay st 

Primrose Greenbury, 6 Forest st 

Prince Casper, hat manufacturer, 5 Thames st 

Prince Anthony, 8 Thames st 

Pringle mrs Lucy, Franklin st w of St Paul's 

1 nor Edward, house carpenter,Mcchanic's Court 
in High st 

Probily mrs Elizabeth, 17 Gough st 

Proctor Wm. hardware &. cutlery store 4 w Pratt 
St. dw 73 s High st 

tProctor Hetty, marketwoman, Hull's lane " 

iProctor Charlotte, washer, Orleans st 

Prosper mrs V. Seminary lane 

Proudlbot Wells, blacksmith. Liberty alley near 
Falls st 

Proudfoot Wm. cor of William st & Armistead 

Jl'rout Alfred, carter, s Charles st 

tProut Charity, washer, German st w of Green 

+Prout Wm. carter, Busy alley 

J:Prout Rebecca, 76 Liberty st 

jProut Wm. drayman, Busy alley 

fProut Molly, washer. Peace alley 

tProut Edward, blacksmith. Fleet st 

JProut Alfred, carter, Green st 

iProut Will, laborer, Star alley near Wilk st 

tProut Wm. cordwainer, Camden st near Eutaw 

JProvince Samuel, carter, 80 Ensor st 

Pryor Geo W. harnessmaker, 83 Front st 

Pryor Edward sen. collector, 85 Front st 

Pue mrs Mary, 73 n Charles st 

Pue miss Rebecca, 44 n Charles st 

Pue David, engineer in gass works, sw cor of 
North & Saratoga sts 

Pue mrs Elizabeth, Aisquith st 

Pue Doctor Arthur, sen. 52 Hanover st 

Pue mrs Catherine, Wagon alley 

Pue mrs Jane, Wagon alley 

Pullen James, sea capt. cor Wilk & Wolf sts 

Pullen Randall, sea capt. e Baltiin st e of Caroline 

tPulley Edward, laborer, East st near n Pitt 

Pumfray mrs Rach. Peace alley near Charles st 

Purcer James, cooper, Columbia st 

l^urden mrs Susannah, Eager alley 

Piirden W^m. carpenter, Chamberlain alley 





Purdy Win. cabinetmaker, vv Pratt st near Eutavv 
Purdy Jolin, iron march, nw cor Pratt and Alber- 

marle st 
IPurdy Hatili)-, cook, Pine st 
tPurdy Wm. GO South st 
Puret Wm. stevadoie, Strawberry al near Pink- 

iiey st 
Purneli Richard, miller, n end of North st 
Purnell Charles B, merchant tailor, 60 \v Pratt st 
Purpur C. laborer, Bottle alley n of Howard st 
Ptirpur Charles, butcher, Columbia st 
Purpur John, butcher, Columbia st 
Purviance Hon. John, associate judge of Bait. Co. 

Bank, dw Gay st s of Bait. 
Purviance Robert, merchant, 11 Courtland st n of 

Purviance John, attorney and counsellor at law, 

office s Frederick st. dw s Gay 
Purviance Robert jun. attorney and counsellor at 

law, office s Frederick st. dw s Ga}' 
Purvis James F. trader, Harford avenue 
Pyke Abram, tobacconist, 14 n Howard st 

Q,UAAN JAMES, laborer, Holiday st n of 

^^ Bath 

duahal J. H. fisherman, Lancaster st near Ann 

Quail George K. hatter, 56 vv Pratt st 

Quail James R. &, Robert, cooper, 12 Grant st 

Quail George, liatter. Columbia st 

Quarry Edward, grocer and tavern, Harford av. 

Qu;iy John, boat bilder, 1 Philpot st 

Quay John C. house carpenter, 83 Hanover st 

Quay mrs Sarah, ne cor Pitt & Eden sts 

Queen Sidney, College alley 

tQueen Rachel, washwoman, President st near 

tQueen Rachel, Mulberry st w of Pearl 
tQueen John, brickmaker, iVlontgouiery st 
tQueen Edward, carter, West st 
tQueen Elias, laborer, Light st extended 
tQueen Steph. clothes dealer, Hill st near Charl. 
IQueen T. hair dresser (Hanover Bazaar) Cam- 
den st 
tQueen Harriet, washer, s Frederick st 

tQueen S. washer, Charles st s of Hamburg 

Quick John, carpenter, 100 Bondst 

Quincy capt. John D. n Exeter st near Pitt 

Quinn mrs Sarah, Long lane 

Quinn Thorn, laborer, circus tavern, Front st 

Quinn John, laborer, 18 Bath st 

Quinn Patrick, shoemaker, 1 Mercer st 

Quinn Edward, justice of peace, cor Bond and 

Alice Anna sts 
tQuinn Wm. drayman, Pearl st 
(^uinton John, Welcome alley 
Quinton Sol. carpenter, Conway st near Charles 
IQuinton Joe, Barre st near Sharp 

K,AAB PHILIP, piano maker, Saratoga st 

near Pearl 
Rabnot Geo. seaman, 83 Bond st 
Raborg Samuel, glue, cowskin, glasspaper and 
Neat's foot oil manufacturer, Columbia st 
w of Cove 
Raborg Franklin, do. do. 

Raborg Christopher, copper, brass and tin manu- 
facturer, 12 w Pratt st dw 18 do. 
Raborg Lewis, boot and shoemaker, 73 n Lib- 
erty st 
tRace William, laborer, Bishop's al. near Stiles st 
Radeng Ferdinand, nail maker, 4 Comet st 
Rae Adam, millwright Busy al. e of Hanorer st 
|Rainer Peter, farmer, Howard st 
Rains Lewis, sea capt. 2 Goughst 
Raitt Charles H. country produce merch. 123 n 

Howard st. dw Howard n of Madison 
Ralph James, machinist Lexington st near Pine 
Rammer Thomas, engineer, Welcome alley 
Rammington Jesse, cor Market and Thames st 
Ramsay Joseph, blacksmith, 1 Philpot st 
Ramsay mrs Ann, 8 Thames st 
Ramsay Jefferson, clerk in chemical factory, dw 

E Water st 
Ramsay Robert, butcher, Gallows hill 
Ranburg John, mariner, 48 n High st 
tRamsay Charl. sawyer, Caroline st near Pinkney 
tRamsay John, laborer, n Eden st near Pitt 
Ramsay Wm. brush manufactory, 18 n Howard st 





Ramsey Jeflerson, Water st n side e of Exeter 
Ramsey nirs Elizabeth, tutoress, 23 n Gay st 
Randall John, accountant, Conway st nearHano. 
Randall Wm. ropemaker, Bond st near Pinkney 
Randall Lyman, agent for depot, w Camden st 
Randall Elisha, auctioneer, 01 Front st 
Randall Aquiila, shoemaker, Biddle alley 
Randall Joseph, shoemaker, liiddle alley 
Randall Beale, lumber merchant, Franklin st near 

Randall Jacob, gardener, Silver st near Franklin 
tRandall Peggy, Biddle alley 
Randanne Rev John, St Mary's college 
Randolph Thomson, teacher, nw cor Fleet and 

Ann sts 
Ranken Samuel, 6 Potter st 
Ranos John T. boat builder, 16 Bank st 
Ranson Thomas seaman, Market st near Alice 

Anna F. P. 
Rasin James M. & Co. 7 Light sts wharf, dw at 

American hotel 
RatcliffRichard, cordwainer, 23 s Howard st 
Ratcliff Richard, shoemaker, Barre st near Sharp 
Ratel John, tinner, 32 s Charles st 
Rath G. turner, Ross st opposite Paca 
Ralhell Levi S. cooper, Castle al near Gardner's 

Ship Yard 
Rau &t Smith, flour merch. cor Franklin & Paca 

sts. dw of mr Rau Penn av and Smith n 

Paca st 
Ravigneaux Francis, confectioner, 20 Harrison st 
Ravvlings Benj. Pinkney st near Bond 
Rawlings Benj. accountant, 116 Hanover st 
Ray James, carpenter, Ilaw st 
tRaj' Benjamin, white washer. Union st 
Rayhice mrs Elizabeth, Saratoga st w of Pine 
Ray nes Joseph, saddler and harnessmaker, n side 

of Lexington Market 
Rea George, cooper, cor Conway and Eutaw sts 
Read Wm. Geo. attorney at law, 26 w Fayette st 

dw Mulberry st 2u door e of Park 
Read Joseph, weaver, Peirce st near Cove 
Read mrs Isabella, cor Pearl & Mulberry sts 
Read Jacob, grocery &. liquor store, Baltimore 

st wofGreen st 

Readel John, porter cellar, 23 n Gay st. dw 31 
cor Gay and Orange alley 

Reading; mrs boarding house, 10 w Pratt st 

Ready Wm. carpenter, Garden st 

Ready John, Franklin st near Park 

Ready John, carpenter, cor Green and Lexing- 
ton sts 

Ream Josiah, carpenter. Mulberry st near Pine 

Reany William, china store, ne cor High and e 
Baltimore sts 

Rearden Dr. J. nw cor Gay and High sts 

Rearden L. & Son, dry goods merch. 153 Bait st 

Reaster mrs Catherine,Short alley near Conway st 

Redgraves Samuel H. livery stable keeper, Barre 
st w of Light 

Redgraves John, carpenter, Jefferson row Con- 
way st 

Redhead mrs Catherine, milliner, Fawn st 

Redich Robert, vSpring st s of Gough 

Redich mrs Rebecca, 66 s Sharp st 

Redman Joseph, shoemaker. Bottle alley, w of 
Sharp st 

Reece Joshua, pilot, steamboat Rappahannock, 
E Pratt near Market st 

Reece Jacob, pilot, Fleet st 

Reed Robert, dry goods store, 21 Market st F. P. 

Reed John, lock repairer, 109 n Eutaw st 

Reed John, carpenter, 30 s Liberty st 

Reed Wm. G. attorney at law, Mulberry st e of 
Park st 

Reed Samuel, dry goods dealer, arcade, dw 80 
Harrison st 

Reed Alexander, merchant, dw cor Stiles and 
Bishop's alley 

Reed Wm. Aisquith st 

Reed .John, cooper, Cov st s of Market 

Reed Samuel, cooper, Park lane 

Reed George, grocer, Columbia st 

Reed Lyman & Setb, wool and commission mer- 
chants, G s Charles st. du L. R, 12 Water- 
loo row N Calvert st 

fReed Phcenix, carter. Elbow lane 

tReed Joshua, carter, Elbow lane 

fReed Mhoraas, carter, Hill st near Howard 

tReed Rebecca, Forest st near Douglass 

fReedZine, s Liberty st 

tReed Richard, carter, Tyson's alley 

Reeder Win. tobacco inspector, state warehouse, 

1 Duiran's wharf 
Reeder Charles, engineer, Light st s ot bugar al. 
Reekers John J. wine and commission mer. 44 

Water st opposite the customhouse 
Reel George, milkman, Federal HiH 
Reese Henry, painter, 20 Alice Anna st 
Reese Daniel M. boot maker, Lee st w ot bharp 
Reese John, boot maker, cor Lee and Sharp sts 
Reese Wm. boot maker, Sharp st one door trom 

I^ee st ^,,11 

Reese John E. clerk in United States bank, dw 

66 Eutaw st 
Reese Wm. tailor, 50 n Eutaw st 
Reese John, flour and grocer merchant, 62 n 

Howard st 
Reese Henry, Butcher, Ensor st 
Reese Thomas L. cor Conway and bliarp st 
Reese Elizabeth, cor Bond and Pratt sts 
Reese John, grocery, & flour merchant, 62 n 

Howard st , , i 

Reese George D, grocery &. flour merchants, dw 

Penn! av. s of Union st 
Reese David, basket maker. Wo fst near W ilk 
Reese Rev. D. E. English & mathematical acade- 
my, N Exeter st near Pitt, dw 2o Pitt st 
Reese Daniel, brickmaker, Lee st near ^ha/P 
Reese John D. painter, Henrietta st near s Charles 
Reeside Wm. tavern and oyster house, 2 1 ark st 
Reeves Abigail lower end of Ann st 
Reeves John, sea capt. 53 Market £t 
Reeves Susan, seamstress. Bond near Bank st 
Reeves Joseph F. watchmaker, and jeweller, 4b 

Baltimore st. dw Market st t . P- 
Reeves John, tanner, Saratoga st extended 
Rehine Zalnia, Holliday N of Lucas s brewery 
Reid James, weaver, cor ol Pierce & Silver sts 
Reigart Philip, clerk, Pitt st near Exeter 
Rciily James, tavernkeeper, 50 Market space 
Reilly John, laborer. Carpenter's alley 
Reilly Patrick, tavern keeper, Water st near Uay 
ReilJy George, grocery and liquor store, cor Wa- 
ter and Frederick sts 

Reilly Levi, carter, Pleasant st 

Reilly Harriet, 61 s Frederick st 

Reinecker George, sen. cor Baltimore and Lib- 

Reinecker Henrv, cor Baltimore and Liberty st 
Reinecker mrs Ann Maria, Sharp st near Lom- 
bard st . r c r, ^ 

Rpip Henry, tin and sheet iron kctory, 8 Paca §t 
Reis Jacob, pilot, Fleet st near Argyle alley 
Rejs rev. Cdmund S. High st near Ba timore 
Reison Thomas, butcher. Gallows Hill 
Renshaw James, 88 N Gay st 
Renwald NVm. baker, 26 s Howard st 
Reppart George, glassblower, near glasshouse 
Re|)part Jacob, glassblower, near glasshouse 
Reppart Lewis, glassblower, near glasshouse 
Re{)nart Henry, glassblower near glasshouse 
Reveer James, shoemaker, French st near Hillen 
Reveer Robert, cordwainer, 87 Pitt st 
Reyburn Thomas G. produce merchant, 34 w 

Franklin st dw 32 
Reynolds John, seaman, Stillhousc st near Water 
Reynolds Isaac, provision merchant, 209 w Bal- 
timore st > ' ^, , 
Reynolds mrs Catherine, 1 New Church st 
Reviiolds Josepi), laborer. Board alley 
Reynolds Samuel, accountant, t ayette st betw 

Pearl & Green 
Reynolds mrs Mary, Columbia st w end 
Reynolds John, carpenter, cor Charles & Hill sts 
Reynolds C. cordwainer, Wolf st w side 
Rhea mrs Elizabeth, ll3 N Eutaw st 
Rhinehart Charles, carpenter, 4b n Liberty st 
Rhodes W. commission merchant, and agent lor 

the New York and Baltimore despatch 

line of packets, 1-2 Bowly's wharf 
Rhodes mrs Elizab. cor Fleet st & Strawberry al 
Rhodes Joseph, weaver, Richmond st near lysou 
Rhodes Geo. trader in Lexington Arcade, dw 

Richmond st near Tyson 
Rhodes John H. dw Hanover st n of Hill, store 22 

Light st wharf . 

Risl Sarah, proprietor of farmers' inn, se cor ot 

Franklin and Paca sts 
Ricaud miss Sarah R. & Emily B. Green st 





Rice mrs Mary, liquor store, cor Grand and Bal- 

deiston sts 
Rice Wm. blocUmaker, shop Light st wharf, d\v 

Balderston st 
Rice Henry D. lottery and exchange office, cor 
Market st & JMarUei space, d\v o94 Pitt st 
Rice Matthias, laborer, Hookstowu road 
Rich Doctor Arthur, !) Hanover st 
Richard Augustus,watch maker, 6 s Gay st 
Richards Catherine, grocer, cor Fleet st and Ar- 

gyle alley 
Richards Jon:ithan, shoemaker, near cor Caro- 
line and Fleet st 
Richards John C. exchange broker, over 195 Bal- 
timore st 
Richards John, wheelwright, High st near Hillen 
Richards Timothv, wheelwright, High st near 

Richards Eliza, (\incy dry goodi store, French st 

near Beuren 
Richards mrs Margaret, Vine alley near Cove st 
Richards Joseph, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Richards Thomas, carter, Light st near the hill 
Richards mrs Margaret, 52 s Charlus st 
Richards &. Pittman, dry goods merchants, 245 

w Baltimore st 
tRicbards Richard, laborer, Biddle alley 
Richardson Wm. H. millwright, 42 s High st 
Richardson Daniel, carpenter, Commerce st. dw 

Water st e of Exeter 
Richardson Rob. R. cor Fayette & Pine sts 
Richardson Samuel M. boarding house, Water st 

near Albermarle 
Richardson B. dry goods merch. 81 Front st 
Richardson Geo. W. merch. 63 n High st 
Richardson Wm. boot and shoemaker, Pine st N 

of Pierce 
Richardson Wm. millwright, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Richardson Doctor Charles, Green st s of Penn. 

, avenue 
Richardson Daniel, Commerce st. dw Wa- 
ter st E of Exeter 
Richardson G.R. attorney at law, Courthouse lane 
Richardson John W. dry goods merchant, 23 Bal- 
timore st 

Richardson Nathan, painter, TO Harrison st 
Richardson Joseph, hatter, Carpenter's alley 
Richardson Doctor Charles, U4 n Eutaw st 
Richardson Beale H. dry goods merchant, 55 Bal- 
timore st 
Richardson Ellen, s end Washington st 
Richardson John W. ship carpenter, Fell st low- 
er end 
Richardson mrs Mary, seamstress, sw cor Caro- 
line and Pratt sts 
Richardson mrs Martha, seamstress, Spring st 

near Pratt 
tRichardson Abram, sawyer, Pierce st 
tRichardson Susan, washer, Mulberry st ncarPearl 
^Richardson Jacob, boot black, under 20 n Gay st 
tRichardson David, laborer. College alley 
tRichardson Wm. Welcome alley 
tRichardson Theresa, Welcome alley 
Richey mrs. Uhler's alley 
tRichlield John, carpenter. Garden st near Biddle 

Richmond mrs Mary, 30 Low st 
Richmond Henry, bricklayer, n Gay st 
Richmond John, plane maker, Lee near Charles st 
Rickert Gross, gaocery and liquor store,cor York 

and Charles sts 
Rickert Ceo. saddler, w Baltimore st near Green 
Rickert George, harness maker, Baltimore st e of 

Green st 
Rickets David, flour inspector, cor Eutaw st and 

Carpenter's alley 
Rickets Cyrus, ship carpenter, Bottle alley 
Rickets Cliarl. shoemaker, 67 e Baltimore st near 

Rickets Hugh, runner in Coram, and Farmers' 

bank, dw 93 Green st 
Rickets Benjamin H. car[)enter, n Eden betw. 

Hampstead and Pitt sts 
Rickets L. piano forte maker, 49 Marsh Market 

Richstine George, drayman, Lombard st near 

Richstine Geo jr. sugar refiner, Carpenter's al 
Rictor Frederick, market man, w Baltimore st 
w of Cove 





Riddeimosser mrs. Preston st near Peiin. av. 
Ridder Peter, blacksmith, 4 Comet st 
Riddle Sandy, laborer, Addison st near High 
Rider Washington, brickmaker, cor of Hill and 

Sharp sts 
Rider Peter, Pennsylvania tavern, Franklin Bt 
Rider mrs Eliza, tailoress, Penn. av. 
tRider Samuel, laborer, Strawberry alley near 

Ridgaway \Vm. clothier, cor Water and Centre 

Market space, d\v 36 e Water st 
Ridgely Edward, Franklin st w of Charles 
Ridgely mrs Ellen, seamstress, 122 Hanover st 
Ridgely Archibald G. constable, n Paca st near 

Ridgely Noah, drugorist, 68 Hanover st 
Ridgely Wm. H. & Co. dry goods merchants, 15 

Baltimore st 
Ridgely Charles G. attorney at law, 40 n Fred- 
erick st 
Ridgely James L. attorney at law, 40 n Frederick 
Ridgely John, 25 Hanover st 
Ridgely & Co. iron store, cor Pratt st and Smith's 

Ridgely &, Son, dry goods merchants, 15 Balti- 
more st 
Rieder Jacob, laborer, 10 Peace alley 
Ridgely Perry, laborer, French st 
tRidgely Peter, Bank lane, near Aisquithst 
tRidgely Mary, 15 Liberty st 
tRidolph Polly, Busy alley 
Rieman Henry, grocery and bacon store, nw cor 

Eutaw&, Lexington sis. dw cor Lexington 

& Paca sts 
Rieman Samuel, grocery and bacon store, 22 n 

Eutaw st 
Rienecken John H. sugar refiner, Eutaw st near 

Saratoga st 
Rigby mrs Elizabeth, 90 n Liberty st 
Rigby miss, f incy dress maker, 90 n Liberty st 
Rigby Henry J. clothing store, 64 Centre Mar- 

ket space 
Rigden mrs Mary, e Water st near Harford run 
Riggen Wm. tavern keeper, Harford av near the 


Riggen mrs Rhoda, 99 Allice Anna st 

Riggen Wm. Fayette st betw Eutaw and Paca st3 

Riggen John E. fancy hardware &. cutlery store, 

200i Baltimore st 
tRiggens Samuel, laborer, 13 Ross st 
Riggs Geo. Chase's hill 

Riggs & Peabody,dry goods merchants, 209 Bal- 
timore st 
Riggs Samuel, (firm of do.) dw 112 Hanover st 
Riggs George W. tobacco exporter, Hanover s. 1 

door from Lombard st 
tRiggs Christiana, French alley 
Right mrs Martha, 9 Caroline st 
Riland mrs Catherine, Cowpen alley 
Riley Patrick, laborer, 2 Caroline st 
Riley John, laborer, Orleans st near Caroline 
Riley Absalom, gen. Wayne inn, cor Baltimore 

and Paca sts 
Riley Peter, 22 New Church st 
Riley Doctor Wm. 37 e Fayette st 
Riley Thomas, stone mason, Conway st w of Sharp 
Riley mrs Mary, grocery, cor Fleet st & Apple al 
Riley mrs Susan, 71 French st 
Riley mrs Nancy, market woman, 71 French st 
Riley Nicholas, tavern keeper, Harford avenue 
Riley Edward, morocco dresser, Hookstown road 
Riley Patrick, chandler, sw cor Ross and St. 

Mary sts 
Riley Thorn, shoemaker, Union st near Ross 
Rilev John, shoemaker. Rock st near Saratoga 
tRiley Yrick, laborer, Camden st near Eutaw 
Rinerman mrs Harriet, Cider alley, near Eutaw st 
Ring Elizabeth,dry goods store, 33 Market st F. P. 
Ring David, teacher, Gough st near Spring 
Ring mrs Catherine, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Long alley and New st 
IRingal Jacob, laborer, Hamilton st 
tRingal Mary, Carpenter's alley 
tRingal Thomas, laborer. West st 
Ringgold Samuel, sw cor Pitt & Exeter sts 
Ringgold mrs Elizabeth, 81 n Liberty st 
Ringgold mrs Mary, 13 Courtland st 
Ringgold mrs Calherinn,fancy store, 69 Baltimore 
Ringgold mrs fancy dress maker, cor Pitt and Ex- 
eter sts 





Ringijold Peregrine, carpenter, 62 s Charles st 
tRingf^ohl Benjamin, eaw^-cr, Grand st 
JRinggold Thomas, waiter, JS Lombard st 
JRinggold Tliomas, Comb alley 
Ringrose Thorn, laborer, n Exeter st near Hillen 
Ringrose James, ship carpenter, Bond near Pink- 

ney st 
Jlinas Israel, ship carpenter, Henrietta st 
Rinha;t mrsSiisiin, 17 Con^titniion st 
Riordon & Morgan, book binders, 8 \v Lexin"-- 

ton st 
Rippan mrs Susan A. seamstress, n Eden st near 

Union alley 
Ritchie James, brass founder, Pitt st near Har- 
ford run 
Ritson John, ship carpenter, Alice Anna st near 

Happy alley 
Riltenhouse Christopher, painter, Union st near 

Rittenhouse Smith B. teacher, Ensor st near Mott 
Ritter Barnett, Light st s of West 
Rittew John, stone mason, Eutaw st near Sara- 
Rivers mrs Catherine, tntoress, 13 n Chailes st 
Roach mrs Jane, bookseller, cor Baltimore and 

Frederick sts 
Roach Patrick, fruit merchant, cor Lombard and 

Charles sts 
Roach mrs Ann, George st 
Roach Jesse, laborer, Hookstovvn road 
Roacli mrs Ann, Penn. av. opposite Union st 
Roach miss Joanna, teaclier, Penn. aven. opposite 

Union st 
Roach James, laborer, Columbia st 
Roach James, brushmaker, Columbia st. store 11 

N Howard st 
Roach Nathaniel, seaman, 10 Bond st 
Roach miss Joanna, teacher, Penn. avenue 
Roacii mrs Ann. Petni- avenue 
Roan Thomas, i) Alercer st 
Robb Charh;s G. comrniss. merch. lower end of 

Spear's wharf, dw 142 s Sharp st 
Robb John A. sliip builder, lower end of Fleet st 
Robb John, cooper, 128 xx Howard st 
Roberts John, seaman, 2 AYolf st 

Roberts mr;> Mary, seamstress, Bank st near ^^' 

gyle alley 
Roberts mrs Mar}', seamstress, 22 Bank st near 

Bond st 
Roberts John, shoemaker, Holland st near Hart- 
ford st 
Roberts mrs seamstress. Welcome alley 
Roberts Wm. G. clerk, n Paca st near New 
Roberts Eliza, seamstress, w side Wolfst 
Roberts Hugh, pilot, 45 cor Ann &l Alice Anne sta 
Roberts Murgaret, widow, Argyle alley near Lau- 

CH'^tcr st 
Roberts Edward P. 107 n High st 
Roberts Joseph, waterman, Montgomery st near 

Roberts mrs seamstress, 47 Hanover st 
Roberts Ed ward, grocery and oil store, 4 North st 
Roberts Doctor George, 61 Camden st. dw 181 

Hanover st 
Roberts mrs Mary, boarding house, 256 w Bal- 
timore st 
Roborts Wm. stage proprietor, 33 German st 
f-Roberts Edward, dw 21 s J^iberty st 
tRoberts Benjamin, hair dresser, shop 2 Hollida}' 

St. dw Butler's lane 
tRoberts Cheeseman, laborer. Potter st near Low 
{.Roberts Maria, Comb alley 
f Roberts James, sawyer. Long alley 
Robertson John T. cedar cooper, 20 n Howard st 

shop w Fayette st 
Robertson mrs Mar)^, cor Paca st and Dutch al 
Robertson Ann, seamstress, e end Thames st 
Robertson J. grocer, Strawberry alley near Alice 

Anna st 
Robertson Nathaniel C. sw cor Bond and Balti- 
more s(s 
Robertson Wm. grocery and feed store, Penn. av. 

near Union st 
Rol)ertson Joseph, blacksmith. Sharp st near Hill 
Robertson Jrdin, iron Ibunder. s Paca termination 
Roi)crtson Charles H. teacher, 37 n High st 
Robertson mrs Sarah, Eden st near Pratt 
I^Robertson Peter, porter, Peace alley 
tRobcrtson Ann, washwoman, East st near n 
Douerlass « 





tRobertson Mary Ann, Block st near JNeJson's 
bake house 

tRo~bertsori Henry, drayman, Ballimore st \v of 

Robins James, merchant tailor, 13 s Calvert st 

Robins capt. Albert, 84 Caroline st 

("Robins Geo. laborer, 34 Union st 

Robinson John, laborer, w Wilk st 

Robinson John, ship carpenter, Ann st 

Robinson Sarah, seamstress, 179 French st 

Robinson mrs Sarah, grocer, cor Pratt and Presi- 
dent sts 

Robinson Nicholas N. custom house officer, Sa- 
lisbury st near Exeter 

Robinson Matthew, sea capt. e Baltimore st op- 
posite 2d Presbyterian Church 

Robinson Edward W. carpenter, n Gay st near 

Robinson Lewis, brickraaker, Charles st s of 

Robinson Samuel, brickmaker, Hughes st 

Robinson Geo. brickmaker, Montgomery st e of 

Robinson Abram, chairmaker, w Baltimore st w 
of Cove 

Robinson Alex. Baltimore st s side near Pearl 

Robinson Wm. carpenter, Pine st near Fayette 

Robinson and liquor store,Saratoga 
st near Cove 

Robinson James & R cotton manufacturers, Sa- 
ratoga st w of Cove 

Robinson John, weaver, Franklin st extended 

Robinson mrs Ann, stock maker, Lombard st near 

Robinson Daniel, 17 n Paca st. dw Paca st or sw 
cor Lexington and Paca sts 

Robinson George, tailor, n Sharp st near Lex- 
ington st 

Robinson James & R. cotton manufacturer.s, Sa- 
ratoga st w of Cove 

Robinson John W. printer, Fayette st near Chas. 
Robinson capt. David, dw Conway st e of Han- 
over st 

Robinson T. & S. dry goods merchants, 161 Bal" 
timore st. dw T. Robinson, 4n Frederick st 

Robinson Joseph, printer, bookseller, and pro- 
prietor of library, 2 Calvert st oppo- 
eite city hotel, dw s Gay sf near Second 
Robmson J. & P. fancy store, 60 Harrison st 
Rolfinson Wm. Monument st 
Robinson Elizabeth, dry goods store, 57 Hanover 
Robinson & Cleagy, plough establishment. Grant 

st near Pratt 
Robinson mrs Betsy, 23 Commerce st 
Robinson AVilliam C. (firm ofTliomas Penniman 

&. Co.) dw Saratoga st between Calvert & 

Robinson John, chair factory, 51 South st 
Robinson Arthur, bookbinder, 3 Tripolett's alley 
Robinson mrs Lucy, seamstress, Tripolett's alley 
Robinson Thomas, Water st near Commerce 
Robinson John A. wholesale dry goods store, sw 

cor Hanover and Pratt sts 
tRobinson Lydia, Concord st 
tRobinson Mary, washer, cor Pearl & Saratoga sts 
tRobinson Edward, stevadore, 99 Bond st 
tRobinson Joseph, laborer, 78 French st 
tRobinson Sarah Ann, washer, Elbow lane 
tRobinson Stephen, baker, Chamberlain alley 
tRobinson Eiiza, mantua maker, Bath st near 

Davis st 
tRobinson Ann, Bath st near Davis 
tRobinson Joseph, laborer, French st 
tRobinson Charles, Block st w of Eden 
Roche John A. wholesale dry goods store, sw cor 

Hanover and Piatt sts 
Roche Wm. turner, Hollingsworth sts of Water 
Roche mrs Bridget, 19 Alice Anna st 
Roche George, painter,cor Baltimore st and Light 

lane, dw 28 Fleet st 
Roche James, baker, 67 n Gay st 
Roche C. & Co. dry goods and fancy store, 

66 Hanover st 
Roche James, baker, 9 n High st 
Rochester Wm. merchant, dw Park st near Mul- 
berry st 
Rochester Wm (firm of Coakley & Rochester,) 

Park st n of Mulberry 
Rock James, laborer, Addison st near High 
Rock Neal, carter, Addison st near High 





+Rock Henry, liair dresser, 2 Nortli st 
Rockland Calico l*rini Works warehouse, 4 Wine 

Rodemayer Geo. grocery and liquor store, cor 

Forest and Ensor sts 
tRoden Henry, seaman, e end Wilk st 
RoJewald Frederick, shipping merchant, 4 s 

Charles st 
Rodewald H. 13 w Lexington st 
Rodgers John, hatter, Madison st near High 
Rodgers John, machine maker, 44 n High st 
Rodgers Nathan, grocer and produce merchant, 

43 Franklin st. dw Frankhn st 
Rodgers miss Caroline, Davis st near Bath 
Rodrigues Dr L ne cor Spring and Bank sts 
Roge mrs Mar; , Geoige st near Pine 
Rogers Darnel, shoemaker, Argyle alley, n end 

E side 
Rogers nns Ann, n\v cor Silver and Eden sts 
Ro;j;ers George, Harford st near e Baltimore 
Rogers George, fisherman, Stillhouse st near 

Rogers Wm. seaman, Stillhouse st near Water 
Rogers mrs Hannah, tutoress, Barre st e af Han- 
over st 
Rogers Nathan, country produce merchant, 40 

Franklin st 
Rogers mrs N. L. hoarding house, n Eutaw st 

near Saratoga 
Rogers «fc Peirce, apothecaries and doctors, sw 

cor Pratt and Howard sts 
Rogers & Marfield, saddlers, and harness makers, 

2 N Howard st 
Rogers Joseph, pump maker, Eager alley 
Rogers Phili|), 35 Courtland st 
Rogers Rowland, hatter, 9 e Mulberry st 
Rogers John, 85 it Liberty st 
Rogers Elisha, grocery and liquor store, 5 Fay- 
ette st 
Rogers John, saddler, Baltimore st. dw 12 Barnet 
Rogers & Michnl, grocers and commission mer- 
chants, 26 Light st wharf 
Rogers John, 1511 Baltimore st 
ii-ogers John, grocery and country produce store, 
Penn av near Franklin st 

Rogers Jacob & Son, hatters, 129 Baltimore st 
cor of Grant st. dw Jacob ^Rogers, cor 
South and Second sts 
Rogers J no. ]aborer,Bishop's al near Presidents! 
Rogers miss Ann S. Water st near Albermarle 
Rogers Wm. & Richards, house carpenters, 47 

N Hig-h st 
Rogers M. teacher, Penn. ay at city limits 
Rogers Nathaniel, country produce store, 64 

Penn av 
Rogers mrs Martha, cor Hill and Sharp sts 
Rogers Win. ship carpenter, Montgomery st e 

of Charles 
Kogeis Wm. inerchant tailor, 171 Hanover st 
Rogers Wm. boot and shoe maker, 3 s Calvert st 
Rogers M. principal of LaFayette institution,over 

4 N Calvert st 
tRogers Sarah, washer, Douglass st near East 
tRogers Deborah, washer, Hull's lane 
jRogers Peter, drayman, Ruxton st 
Roles James, rigger. Bond st near Fleet 
Rolleson I J ugh, bacon merchant, Biddle st 
Rolley Joim, shoemaker, Pierce st near Pine 
Rollins Isaac, carter, Hampstead st near Caro- 
line st 
Rollins James, steamboat pilot, 39, N Exeter st 
Rollins James, blacksmith. Elbow lane 
Rollinson Joseph, miller, 16 New st 
Romose John, tailor, Market space near Pratt st 
Roney Wm. grocery and liquor store, and distil- 
ler in the rear 25 Harrison st 
Ronsville Geo. tanner and currier, Ross st 
Rooker Samuel, hatter, Butler's lane 
Rooker misses, acndemy, Lombard st w of Sharp 
Root Wm blacksmith, York av 
Ro&an capt. Dominick, nw cor South and Guil- 
ford sts 
Rose J. Frnnkhn st hotel, Mercer st 
Rose mrs Mary, AVine st 

Rose John, Tliompsonian practitioner, 20 Harri- 
son St. dw 23 N Gay st 
Rose John, seaman, 68 Ann st 
Rose James, seaman, cor Market and Bank sts 
Rose John, ladies' shoe factory, 23 n Gay st 
Rose Charles, shoemaker, Ensor st near Hillen 




159 B^ 

Rose mrs Ellen, Pine st 

Rose George, victualler, lower ferrj- road, 

Rose lsrael,shoemaker,Montg:omery st vv of Light 

Rose Christopher, grocer, svv cor Caroline and 
Willi sts 

Rose John, Lexington market tavern, Lexing- 
ton st 
Rose Payton R. bookbinder, 13 k Mulberry st 

Rose Win. H. baker, 16 n Gay st 

Rosenberrj' John, brush factory, 2 n Howard st 

Rosensteel Joseph W. grocer, Penn. av near 
Franklin st 

Rosentine mrs Ann, Mulberry st near Lerew'a 

tRosier Daniel, drayman. Short st 

Ross mrs Elizabeth, 57 Fleet st 

Ross mrs Samh, nw cor Front and Hi^h sts 

Ross Benjamin C. counting room, cor Baltimore st 
and Marsh Market space 

Ross Joseph & Adam, lottery and exchange office, 
cor of Baltimore st & Marsh Market space 

Ross Joseph & Adam, tea grocers and flour mer- 
chants, 7 w Baltimore st 

Ross Wm. oyster and eating establishment, w 
Lexington st 

Ross mrs Sarah, seamstress, Lee st w of Hanover 

Ross Wm. H. carpenter, Barre st near Wilk 

Ross David, saddler, 24 Frederick st 

Ross capt. John, 17 Bank st 

Ross A. milliner, 24 n Frederick st 

Ross Daniel, combmaker, Columbia st 

Ross Wm. B, furniture room, Hanover st near 
German lane 

Ross T. 10 Grant st 

:[Ross Daniel, Scott st near Columbia 

tRoss Mary, washwoman, Sarah Ann st 

Rosseau mrs Rachel, 167 French st 

Rossiter Nicholas, American star tavern, Bald- 
erston st 

Roster Thomas, fisherman, Hanover st near Hill 

Roszel Dr S. M. 51 w Fayette st 

Roszel Rev. S. G. 69 n Exeter st 

Rote Jacob, shoemaker. Potter st vv side 

Rothrock John, tinplate worker, cor Paca & Bal- 
timore sts 

Rountree William, musician, Water st near Pligh 
Rourke Michael, liquor store, 57 Frederick st 
Rourke Michael, blacksmith, 10 Commerce st 
Rouse J no, G. 54 n Howard st. dw Pearl st near 

Rouse James, bricklayer, Caroline st betw. Bank 

4' Gough 
Rouse Benj. ropemaker, Apple al near Pratt st 
Rouse Josephus, carpenter, w Mulberry st near 

Rouse John G. L. shoemaker, Pearl st 
Rouse capt George, Albermarlesl near Stiles 
Rovve John K. president of .Etna powder com- 
pany, 76 South st Bowly's wharf, dw 97 
Hanover st 
Rowe T. R, & J. grocers, cor Camden & Hano- 
ver sts 
Rowe Joseph H. pilot, Market st near Bank 
Rowe William,shoemaker,N Exeter st near Hillen 
Rowles JNicholas, oyster house. Park st s of Sar- 
Rowles Isaac, carter, Argyle al near Fleet st 
Rowles John J. lottery and exchange office, 2 N 

Gay st 
Rowley Thomas, bricklayer, 10 Potter st 
Rowndes Levin T. hatter, Bond st near Fleet 
Roy mrs Rebecca, 22 Albermarlest 
Roy John, cabinet maker, 4 Potter st 
Roj^ston Joshua, dry goods merchant, 57 Balti- 
more st, dw 13 Pitt st 
Royston Joshua, dry goods merch. 47Baltiin. st. 
Ruark Henry, laborer. Sterling st 
Rucken Andrew, tailor, Aisquith st 
Ruckle Paul, grocer, 253 w Baltimore st 
Ruckle Thomas C. portrait painter, Fayette st 

w of St Paul's 
Ruckle mrs, 66 Hanover st 
Ruckle George, grocer, Potter st near Douglass 
Ruckle George, senr. cartman, Aisquith st near 

Hull's lane 
Ruckle Thos, painter, n Howard st near Biddle 
Ruckle William, cooper, Biddle st 
Ruckle Tho.B. painter, Fayette st wof St. Paul's 
Ruddach David, dealer in teas, wines and gro- 
ceries 51 w Pratt st 





Rudenstein John M. bacon warehouse, 67 s Cal- 

Tert St. d\v Conway near Sharp st 
Kuderow S. innkeeper, Lovely lane 
Rudolph Herman, porter, Light st near Hill 
Ruff Andrew, hat manufacturer, 176 Baltimore st 
tRuft' George, laborer, Mechanic's court 
Rumbel Wm. carpenter, Lombard st near Paca 
Rumney mrs Jane, Thompson st 
Rundei Jonathan, grocery and liquor store, cor 

York st and Harford run 
Rundei Joseph, grocer, cor Charles &, Henrietta 
Rupp Jacob, carpenter, cor Camden & Chas. sts 
Ruppert Conrad, wheelwright, Sarah Ann st 
Rush Lewis, Tictuailer, n Eden st near Pitt 
Rusk George victualler.E Pitt st near Market 
Rusk John, victualler, e Pitt st near Caroline 
Rusk Wm victualler, e Pitt st near Caroline st 
Rusk mri Barbara, e Pitt st near n Eden 
Rusk William, barber &, hair dresser, e Balti- 
more st near Front 
Rusk Elizabeth, 6 s Low st 
Rusk mrs Sarah, n Eden st near Pitt 
Russell Wallace, grocer}' and liquor store, Wilk 

st near High 
Russell A. brickmaker,Lee st n sidew of Charles 
Russell James, brass founder,Lee st w of Charles 
Russell Wm. plasterer, sEutaw st near Lombard 
Russell Joseph, tm and sheet iron manufactory, 

16 N Howard st 
Russell Wm. cooper. Wagon alley 
Russell Thomas, attorney at law, 66 n Charles st 
Russell William, pilot, Ann near Wilk st 
Russell Samuel, upholsterer, Pratt st s side e of 

the bridge 
Russell Robert, laborer.cor Stiles st & Bishop's al 
Russell John, tailor, Harford avenue 
Russell mrs Mary, 26 Union st 
Russell John, house carpenter, George st near 

Russell MichsBJ, house carpenter, Saratoga w of 

tRussell Barbara, washer, IB Lombard st 
Rust Samuel, shoemaker, Forest st near Ensor 
Rust miss Polly, Pearl st near Fayette 
Rutherford mrs Nancy, Silver st near Pierce 

Rutschman H. clock and watch maker, Green 

wich st 
Rutter Thomas G. 108 Sharp st 
Ruttor Richard, ship carpenter, Wolf st w side 
Rutter Edward, sailmaker Light st n of West 
Rutter Thomas B. teller in U. S. Bank, dw Pearl 

st between Mulberry and Saratoga 
Rutter mrs M. Lexington st betw. Pearl Si- Green 
Ryan Cornelius, keeper of while hall garden, 

cor Market & Bank sts 
Ryan Wm. tailor, 175 French st 
Ryan Amos, bricklayer and plasterer, cor n 

Sharp and Lexington sts 
Ryan Peter 1 Ruxton st 
Ryan Wm. && Co. Baltimore coffee house cor 

Water &, South sts 

SaCKETTWM. H. (firm of do.) dwf'rauklin 

st w of St. Paul 
Sacombe Thomas, carpenter, 19 Tompson st 
Sadler mrs Mary, mantuaraaker, 77 Park st n of 

Sadler mrs Ann, Holiday st near bridge 
Sadtler & Hurxthal, hardware merch. 172 Balti- 
more st 
Sadtler Philip B. dw 172 Baltimore st 
Sagebiel David F. medical store, Holland st near 

Sagerman Henry, seaman, 30 Fleet st 
Sagers mrs Hannah, globe coffee house, 87 w 

Pratt st 
Sagester, George, turner,' 57 Potter st 
Saibert Philip, tailor, 62 Harrison st 
Sailsbury Jam. seaman, Peace alley near Paca st 
Salby Levin, shoemaker, Barre st betw Hanover 

& Sharp 
tSales Ruth, Lerew's alley 
Salinave Jamuel,59 e Baltimore st near Canal 
Salmon C^iarles, cor Green & Lombard sts 
Salter Theodore, painter, East st near Hillen 
JSalter Joseph, mariner, 67 Albermarle st 
Salter Samuel, porter, Park st 
Salzwedel John J. furrier, Sharp st near Baltim. 
Saltonstall R. e Fayette st near Holiday 




161 b5 

Sam mrs Catherine, Franklin st extended 
Samuel S. grocery and liquor store, cor Mul- 
berry st & terew's alley 
Samuel mis? I\l;)ry, dressmaker, cor Mulberry st 

& L'Mcw'ri alley 
tSampsoii Jacob, laborer, Barre st 
tSumpsoii Jainps, laborer. Long alley 
Sanders mrs Elizabeth, tailoress, 33 n Exeter st 
Sanders Rcjbert, house caipenler, E Exeter st 

near French 
Sandeis John W. printer, 00 Pilt st 
Sanders 15. J. & E. I. grocers 46 s Frederick st 
'Sanders, E. J. (of above firm,) d\v East st near 

Sanders B. J. (firm above) Pitt st e of East 
Sanders Peter, laborer, Federal Hill 
tSanders Wm. whitewasher, Conway st near 

fSanders Philis, Bottle alley \v of Shnrpst 
Sanderson Henry, clerk, VS F'rench st 
Sanderson mrs Susan, lluxton st 
Sandl'ord George A. ship carpenter, 3 Block st 
Sands Washington, tailor, Patteison's wharf 
Sands Saml. printer, (fimi of Sands and >eilson,) 

SE cor of Baltimore & Calve:t sts. dw East, 
Sanford Joseph L. produce merchant, ]19n How- 
ard st 
Sanford Edward, cor Wagon alley and Eutaw st 
Sangston (George E. accountant, Paea st near 

Camden st 
Sangston James A. discount clerk in Bank of 

Baltimore, 3 Paca st 
Sank John & Son, wholesale and retail grocers 

43 Franklin st 
Sank Nichf)Ias, furniture store, Lexington st. dw 

55 Eutaw st 
Sank Elijah, carter Busy alley 
Sank Corbin, grocery & liquor store, cor Charles 

and Montgomery 
tSank Susan, Davis st near Bath 
Sankley mrs Ann, tailoress, 53 s Liberty st 
Sanner Singleton, seaman, cor Alice Anna and 

Wolf sts 
Sapp John, cooper, Lloyd st near e Water 
Sapp Henry, cooper, Apple alley nearPinkney st 

Sappington Thomas, hat manufacturer, 120 w Bal- 

limore st. dw 30 Baltimore st 
Sappington Gerard H. carpenter, Union alley, 

near n Eden st 
Sargeant Tliomas, poiter cellar, cor st Paul's and 

Fayette sts 
Sargeant James T. porter celIar,cor St. Paul's Si, 

Fayette sts 
Sarsfield 8. shoemaker, 82 s Charles st 
Sauerhoff George, grocer and tavern keeper, J7 

Camden st 
Sauerwein Peter & George, grocery and flour 

store, 67 n Howard st 
Sauerwein George, (firm of do.) dw Park st s of 

Mu berry st 
Saulsbury James, grocer, se cor Light &. York st 
Saulsbury Andrew, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Light and Montgomery sts 
Saumenig John, porter Union Bank, 72 Howard st 
Saunders Abraham, halter, 39 Harrison st 
Saunders, Joseph, trader, Franklin row 
Saunders John G. tobacconist. Green st 
ISannders Jarret, laborer, Eden st near Pratt 
Sauser John, caulker, Wolf st w side 
Savage mrs Ann, iSchroeder st 
Savage mrs Jane, seamstress, v Front st near 

Savage Wm. H. dry goods merchants, 37 n How- 
ard st 
Savage mrs Sarah, Conway st near Sharp 
Saviil Isaac, "stove manufactory, cor Light and 

Lombard sts. dw -26 Pratt st 
fSavoy Dennis, Bottle alley 
tSavoy Richard €. waiter, Gay st 
tSavoy Richard, cloth cleanser, 18 n Gay st s 
tSavoy Solomon, shoemaker, Chesnut alley 
tSavoy Basil, brickmaker, Montgomery st 
Sawkins Wm. grocery and liquor stoi'e. Grant st 

near Pratt 
Sawner John, milkman, St Mary's st 
tSawyer David, barber, 8 Caroline st 
Sax John, laborer, Wdliam st near Cross 
Saxton Conner, laborer, Mulberry st near College 

Saxton mrs Margaret, Wilk st near Spring 





Scania n James, cooper, Horse st 
Scarff George, plaisterer, 102 n Eutaw st 
Scarley Edward, butclier, Market space F. P 
Scarhorougli Abraham, sea capt. 39 Fleet st 
Scliivfer Jacob, mariner, Albermarle st near Stiles 
Scliairer mrs Catherine, grocery store, Penn av. 
SchaBder mis F, M. 9 s Eutaw st 
Sclu-Etrur C, A. Charles st w side N of Mulberry 
Scha-tFer Baltzer, 4 Frederick st 
SchajlFer William A. justiceofthe peacejG jj Fred- 
erick st 
Scliaeflfer John, 4 n Frederick st 
Schaper Wm. A. turner in genera!, 7 Commerce st 
Scharff mrs Elizabeth, 62 n Frederick st 
Scharp Henry, laborer, Strawberry alley, near 

Wilk st 
iSchart mrs A. fancy dress maker, 'S3 w Pratt st 
Sciiaub Henry, grocer, w Pralt st w of Cove 
Schaub Jacob, grocer, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Scheerer Wm. cabinet maker, York st 
Scbetter F. dw 83 St. Paul's st. storeS s Charles st 
Scheumburg Adeline S. Saratoga st w of Pine 
Schick John, plasterer, St. Mary's st near Pea av. 
Schinick Philip, butcher, Harford avenuno 
Scliimp J A. bootmaker, 23 Howard st 
Schleigh John G. baker, 53 s Howard st 
Schley mrs Jacob, Franklin st s side w of Chas. 
Schlisselberger Barton, well digger, Tyson's al. 

near r^athedral st 
Schmidt mrs Maria, milliner, 3 Holliday st 
Schminker George, accountant, Conway st near 

Hanover st 
Schmolfin Philip, cabinet maker, 16 Mercer st 
Schneil Nicholas, boarding house, and liquor store 

64 Al!)ermarle st 
Schoolfield L. A. lottery and exchange office, 34 

Baltimore st 
Schorb Andrevr, 111 n Howard st 
Schroeder William, merchant, Franklin st e of 

Schra?der C. German hotel, Bf)nd near Fleet st 
Schrciider mrs F:iizabeth, boarding house, 15 s 

Howard st 
Schra'der John, shoemaker, 1C9* Baltimore st. dw 

Albemarle st 

Schrceder Peter,Pierce st 

Schroeder Wm. merchant, Franklin st e of Pine 
Schroeder Plenry, merch. Schroeder st betw Sara- 
toga and Franklin sts 
Schrot Catherine, seamstress, vv Baltimore st 

w of Cove 
Schrote John, baker, Lunn's lane 
Schrote Matthias, shoemaker, n Paca st near 

New st 
Schuminghan Peter, rigger, 25 Shakspeare st 
Schunk mrs Ellen, boarding house, French st 

near n Front st 
Schuyler Anthony H. lottery and exchance office. 

168 Calvert st 
Schwalbe F. W. tailor, se cor Pratt and High sts 
Schwartz Dr. E. cor Sharp st and Bottle alley 
Schwarzauer Daniel, Federal hill 
Schwatka Augustus, Long al between Lexington 

and Saratoga sts 
SchwatU Charles A. jr. blacksmith, cor Long al. 

and Saratoga st 
Scobey mrs Ann, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Scoggins Jacob, shoemaker. Light st 
Scotchburn 'i'homaa, rope walk and dw Har av 
Scotchbiarn Thorn, patent cord manufacturer, cor 

of Cheapbide and Pratt sts 
Scott T. & R. grocers and flour merch. 130 n Gay 

St. dw 87 N Exeter st 
Scott James, 91 Pratt st 
vScott George, baker, Aisquith st near Orleans 
Scott Philip, plasterer, Harford avenue 
Scott Wm. tailor, Mott st e side 
Scott Geo. carpenter. Union st near Ross 
Scott Patrick, carpenter, Franklin st extended 
Scott T. Parkin, attorney at law, 8 St.Paul's st 
Scott James, grocer, Nw"cor Fleet st and Apple 

Scott Samuel, grocer, ne cor Baltimore st and 

Strawberry alley 
Scott mrs Ann, seamstress. Spring st near Pratt 
Scott John, shoemaker, 17 e Baltimore st 
Scott Richard, baker, n Eden st jiear Silver 
Scott James, shoemaker. Beard st near Caroline 
Scott Wm. coachmaker, Beard st near Strawber- 

r}' alley 




Scott Patrick, laborer, Conway st 

Scott mia Aim, boarciing house, cor Eutaw st and 

Carpenter's alley 
Scott mis?, dry goods store, 63 w Lexington st 
Scott John, clotiiing store, 89 n Howard st 
Scott mrs Elizabeth G, 88 n Howard st 
Scott Joiin, grocer and produce merchant, 6 w 

Fiankhn st 
Scott mrs Rebecca, 54 Park st 
Scott Abram, carpenter, Saratoga st near Gay 
Scott Jolm, attorney at ]aw and city counsellor 

8 St. Paul's st 
tScott Philip, poller, 78 Ensor st 
tScolt Robert, sawyer, Jefferson st near Har- 
ford run 
tScolt Jacob, soapboiler, n Exeter st near French 
f Scott Jolui, laboier, Conway st 
f Scott Philip, porter, Ensor st e of East 
tScolt Frances, washer, Franklin st 
tScott Robert, carter, Argyle alley 
fScott n'inali, washer, Richmond st 
tScott John, seaman, Caroline st 
tScolt Martha, cook, Pitt st 
tScott Stephen, brickmaker, Scott st 
fScott Stephen, brickmaker, Sarah Ann alley 
tScolt Margaret, washer, Busy alley 
Scotten Edward, house carpenter. Bond st 
Scotti Lewis F. intelligence agency 6i, collector's 

office, 2 vv Fayette st. basement story of 

City hotel, dvv Holiday st n of Saratoga 
Scotti mrs Mary, hair dresser and ornamental hair 

worker, 11 & 13 South st 
tScottin Wm. hair dresser, Charles st 
tScottin Wealthy, 5 Sterling st 
Scribner Thoin. lottery and exchange office, 112 

Baltimore st 
Scrivener mrs Sarah, Montgomery st w of Cove 
tScrivener Isaac, drayman, Light st 
~f Scrivener Wm. laborer, Cross st - 
Scroggs mrs Ann, 43 n High st 
Scroggs Robert, 59 n Exeter st 
Scudder Doctor John, oculist, office basement 

Btory City hotel 
Seabright mrs Elizabeth, boarding house, Beuren 

st near Liberty alley 


Seabrooks Thorn, tailor, E;ist st near Dougla'^s 
Seagreen Joseph C. painter, Pratt st near Car- 
Seaman Joseph, grocer, se cor Potter & Doug- 

lass sis 
Seaman Henry, laborer, 51 Harrison st 
Searley Jam. E. teacher, 66 Ann st w side 
bearley mrs Jane, Ann st near Gough 
Sears Ward, dyer, 224 s Calvert st 
Sears Thorn. Pratt st w of Cove 
tSears Wm. waiter. Forest st near Orleans 
Seche Jos. cabinetmaker, Park st s of Lexington 
Sederberg Truls, cordwainer, 29 German st 
tSedgwich, baker, Union alley near Ross st 
Seed James, victualler, Penn av. near St Mary st 
hegaloose John, grocery & liquor store, cor Light 

st and Guilford alley 
tSegan Nancy, boarding hou.«?e, 56 n Gay st 
Seidenstricker John B. druggist, Forest st near 

Seidensiricker John, house St sign painter, York 

Selby mrs M. A. milliner, 29 Lombard st 
Selby mrs Pletty, German st opposite Pine 
Sellers John, carpenter, Hookstown road 
Sellers mrs Hester Ann, milhner, s corof Baltim. 

& Frederick sts 
Sellers Francis, oyster and beer establishment, 9 

Mercer st 
Sellers A. 14 s Calvert st 
Sellers James C. grocer, 79 Pratt st. dw Paca near 

Camden sts 
tSellers Mahala, washer, Dugan's row 
^Sellers Jane, 74 n Howard st 
Sellman James C. grocer, 79 Pratt st. dw Paca 

st near Camden 
Seltzer mrs. Penn av near Hoffman st 
Seltzer Adam, Penn av near Hoffman st 
Seltzer Lewis, victualler, Hoffman st e of Pen av 
Selvage Samuel B. saddler and harnessmaker, s 

Howard st near Pratt 
Selvage & Brothers, coach and harnessmakers, 

21 \v Fayette st 
Selvage Thorn, coachmaker (firm of do.) dw Park 

st N of Dutch alley 

fS^Ii^i^e Simon, matrass maker, Necessity al 

near Exeter sts 
Semone Conrad, painter. Bottle alley 
Seniono Jacob, jun. wheelwright, Bottle alley 
Semone Jacob, laborer, Bottle alley 
Seniont David, brickmaker, Columbia st 
Seney Joshua, clerk, 53 n E'.xeter st 
tSeney Joseph, laborer, Painter's court 
f Seney George, carter, Chesnut lane 
Sergeant Benjamin, blacksmith, Sugar alley 
Servarv Peter, k Paca st near New 
Server^ mrs Mary, grocery & flour store, ne cor 

Exeter & Low sts 
Serwick Dnniel, victualler, Montgomery st w ot 

Severe James, wheelwright, 86 e Pratt st 
Severson Stephen, tailor, 49 Potter st 
tSevis Wm. laborer, President st near e Pratt 
tSevov Samuel, laborer, Che-rnut lane 
Sewell Garrison, tailor, 6 Comet a 
Sewell Thomas, tanner, Hookstown road 
Sewell Daniel, laborer, Elbow lane 
Sewell John, carpenter, 154 Hanover st 
Sewell Reuben, shoemaker, 24 s Howard st 
Sewell Richard, wholesale and retail dry goods 

meich. 21) n Howard st 
Sewell Jacob C. shoemaker, Saratoga st near 

tSewell Thorn. Chapel alley 
Sexton Doctor, 28 Light st. dw 194i Baltimore st 
Seyler F. currier, 24 s Liberty st, dw 18 w Lex- 
ington st 
Seyler Frederick, currier, 24 s Liberty st, dw 18 

Seymour Joseph, ship carpenter, 83 N Fleet st 
Seymour Wm. ship carpenter, Argyle alley near 

Alice Anna st 
Seymour Philip Baltimore st near Bond 
Shacklelbrd Lewis, innkeeper, 13 Thames st 
Shaffer John, clerk, Eutaw st n of Mulberry 
Shaffer Frederick, Gough st near s Caroline 
Shaffer mrs Margaret, lady, 17 Thames st 
Shaffer mrs Elizabeth, tavern keeper, city block 
Shaffin Fortune, innkeeper, Aisquith st opposite 

Hull's lane 



Shaffner Jacob, artificial flower store, 
Shaldenberger Isaac, '^exton, Scott st 
Shamberg Wm. chairmaker. Cider alley w of 

Paca st 
Shamberg mrs Jane, cake shop, 33 s Liberty st 
Shamberg Wm. tavern keeper, 29 s Liberty st 
Shanahan James, laborer, 35 Camden st 
Shanaman John, tinner and sheet iron manufact- 
urer, 43 N Howard st 
Shane Doctor S. 19 s Liberty st 
Shane mrs Betsey, tailoress. Holiday st n of Bath 
Shaney Alexander, fisherman, Beard st near point 

market . 
Shanley James, principal of Baltimore academy, 

cor of Baliim. st Sc Tripolet's alley, dw 

Water st e of High 
Shannessv & Gibson, painters, 57 w Fayette st 
Shannon Edw. L. dw next door to cor of Frank- 
lin & Park sts 
Share Joseph, brass founder, se cor Water an.l 

Concord sts, dw Water, st 3rd door from 

Exeter sts 
Share Joseph & Co. brass founders, cor Concord 

& Water sts 
Sharer mrs Ann, boarding house, Paca st near 

Pratt - 
Sharky mrs Bridget, n Paca st 
Sharp Jonathan, shoemaker, cor Lunn's lane, & 

Burgundy alley 
f Sharp Elsey, washwoman, Spring st near Gough 
tSharp James, drayman, 5 Painter's Court 
jSharper Zacliariah, laborer, n Gay st 
Sharpley John, grocer &- commission merchant, 

w Pratt st 2nd door e of Gay, dw Fawn st 

betw High and Exeter 
Sharpley John, merch. 81 Smith's wharf 
Shaw mrs Ann, tailoress, 69 French st 
Shaw mrs Catherine, earthern ware store, 117 n 

High st 
Shaw Thomas, shoemaker, n Exeter st near 

Shaw David, carter, Aisquith st near Jefferson, 
Shaw William grocery & liquor store, Tyson st 

near Tyson alley 
Shaw Samuel, bricklayer, Pearl st near Lexington 
Shaw Isaiah, brickmake., Henrietta sts of Charles 

SHA to- 

Shaw Matthew, grocer fc commission merchant, 

26 Light It wharf, dw Moiilgoraery st 
Shaw Richard, scatnan, 98 Ann st 
Shaw mrs Mary, seamstress, Thames near Bond st 
Siiaw S. H. clerk in mechanics' & farmers' bank, 

dw Gough st rear Strawberry allej' 
Shaw Jjimes VV. umbrella maker, Wilk st near 

Shaw Elias, flour merchant, 3 s Howard st. dw 

cor I'Aca. st and Cider alley 
Shaw John, smith in general, 82 n Howard st 
Shaw John, blacksmith, Saratoga st near Liberty 
Shaw mr bricklayer, n Sharp st 
Shaw Wm. C. (firm of Tiffnny, Shaw & Co.) dw 

cor St. Paul and Saratoga sts 
Shaw Matthew, grocer and commission merchant, 

20 Light st wharf, dw Montgomery st 7 

doois from Light st 
Shaw mrs T. boarding house, 23 n Gay st 
tShaw<]er Sarah, Fayette st 
Shawn Aquilla, laborer, Happy al. near Gough st 
Shay mrs Ann, seamstress, Hughes's st 
Shea John [L grocery & liquor store, Biddle st 

near Ross st 
Sheafer George, porter, Sugar alley 
Sheaff Joseph, grain carrier, Short st 
tSheaff Henry, laborer. Forest st 
Shear Michtel, laborer, Federal Hill 
Shearman Jacob, e Pratt near Market st 
Shearman Lewis, butcher, York avenue 
Sheaves mrs Jane, seamstress, Lunn's lane 
Sheckells 'I'homas, laborer, Hughes' st 
Sheckells mrs Mary Ann, boarding house,w Pratt 

E of Cove 
Sheckells William, stone cutter, w Pratt st e of 

Sneckells John, grocery & liquor store, ne cor 

Potter and French sts 
Shedricks John, grocer, cor Wolf & Alice Anna 
Sheeler George, blacksmith, llillen st near East 
Shehee mrs Wm. glove maker, 69 Harrison st 
Shehigh Edward, shoemaker. Union st near Ross 
Sheits Jacob, coachwright, 99 Saratoga st 
vSheits John, coach wright, 9 Saratoga st 
Shela Rosina, Hookstown road 



Sheldon John, shoemaker, Ensor st E of Forest 
Shelf mrs. tavern keeeper. Chase's Hill 
Shepherd mrs Delia, East st near Hillen 
tShepherd Benj. porter, Grand st 
Sheppard M. A.. & C. milliners, 48 n T.iberty st 
Sheppard Thomas, cor Sharp and Pratt sts 
Sheppard Nathan, grocer, 3 w Pratt st. dw Pratt 

st near Sharp 
Sheppard Thomas, justice of peace, cor Mercer 

and Calvert sts. dw Charles st s of Lee 
Sheppard John, harness maker, Montgomery st 

near Charles 
JSheppard John, laborer, 61 s Frederick st 
Sherbiirn mrs Louisa, Pearl st near Lexington 
Sherr)- Charles, fisherman, .lohn st 
Sherwood mrs Sarah, 57 s High st 
Sherwood Asbury, coachmaker, 2 Aisquith st 
Sherwood William, shoemaker, 1(3 Tompson st 
Sherwood Thomas, house carpenter. Forest st 
Sherwood Thomas, sailraaker,Prattst near Straw- 
berry alley 
Sherwood Samuel, printer, Orange alley 
Sliesgreen Charles, laborer, Richmond st near 

Shield John, grocer, Saratoga st w of Gove 
Shield James, shoemaker, Eden st betw Gough 

& Pratt sts 
Shield Wm. shoemaker, 5 w Baltimore st 
Shields mrs Ellen, 81 Harrison st 
Shields Patrick, laborer. Holiday st near Centre 

Shields Wm. B. turner, Bank lane near Belle Air 

Shilling Willam, tanner, 30 Pitt st 
Shipley Joshua, dairyman, Conway st 
Sliipley Peter, carpenter, Baltimore st w of Cove 

Shipley , carpenter. Cove st near Saratoga 

Shipley J. house carpenter, 35 Pearl st 

Shipley Richard, carpenter, Saratoga st w of 

Shipley George, w Pratt st w of W. turnpike 
Shipley P. w Pratt st w of W. turnpike 
tShipley Peter, carter, Chesnut lane 
I tShipley Lovely, carpenter. Pierce st 
Shipnian nir. carpenter, 95 Howard st 





Shirk Henry, n Howard st near Madison 

tSliiver? Amelia, waslier, Howard st near Conway 

Shock Samuel, cabinetmaker, 28 Water st 

Shock Andrew, laborer, Sarah Ann st 

Shock George, carpenter,*Orleans stnear the run 

Shockney Samuel, trader, d Comet st 

Shoder John, Market st near Calvert, dw 26 Al- 

berm rle fct 
Shoemaker <;eo se> brickmaker, s Eutaw st 
Shoemaker mrs Rachel, Lee st s side e of Sharp 
Shoemaker Morris, bruslmiaker, Sa:ah Ann st 
tShoiter Mary, Fiercest near Cove 
tShorter Cliailes, ship carpenter, Spring t,t near 

Shortt John H. porter cellar, 74 Baltimore st. cor 

Holiday, dw 5 Water st 
Shotten Jolui; butcher, r. Pitt st near n Eden 
Shotts Jacob, carpenter, Baltim. st w of Paca 
Shotts Daniel, grocer, sw cor e Baltimore & Canal 
Shotts mrs Susan, Salisbury st near Lloyd 
Showacre John, coacHmakor, cor Eutaw & Cam- 
den sts. shop 57 s Howard st 
Shreck Jacob, comb maker, Aisquith st n of Or- 
Shreck Geo. comb maker, Aisquith st n ofOrleans 
Shriver John S. Franklin st 3rd door w of Pearl 
Shryack mrs Elizabeth, Baltimore st near Cove 
Shryack John, pump maker, Pitt st near Friends' 

meeting house 
Shriver Dr. George, n Paca st 
Shubrick capt. William B. 68 Camden st 
ShiMik Adam, hatter. Holiday st near the bridge 
Shultz B. brewer, 10 Peace alley 
Shultz Henry, carpenter Biddle alley 
Shupe Henry, tailor, French st opposite Potter 
Shutt mrs Sarah, cor Liberty &, Lexmglon sts 
Sibart John, tailor, Hughes's st 
Sibrant Henry P. shoemaker, Bond st near Gough 
Sibrey mrs A'nn, market woman, cor Long alley 

and New st 
Sicard Dr. A. cor Lexington and Liberty sts. dw 

68 n Liberty st 
Sicklin Wni. Sugar alley , . x. . 

Sid«n.stricker mrs Elizabeth, tailoress, 44 N * ront 
Sidenstricker, Frederick, Pitt st near Aiaquith 

Sigler John L. Conway st near Howard 

Sikell George, grocer &. baker, Aisquith st near 

Silane Joseph, Eutaw st near Mulberry 
Silver Lewis, licen'd pawnbroker, 65 n Gay st 
Silvester mrs Eliza, 10 s Exeter st 
Silvester Thomas, shoemaker, Ann stnear Alice 

Simes mrs Jane R. teacher of music, e Fayette 

st near Holiday 
Simes miss M. J. miniature painter,E Fayette st 

near Holiday 
Siiijmeriiig mrs Mary, 101 Camden st 
Simnies Robert, carpenter. Pearl st near Baltim. 
Simmes Joseph,copper, tin and sheet iron manu- 
factory, Light st 3d door n of Lombard 
Simon Charles, dry goods merch. 53 n Howard st 
tSimon Jane, cook, 16 Peace alley 
Simmonds mrs Su.sanna, 16 Hanover st 
Simmonds John A. comm. merch. 270 w Market 

St. dw 16 Hanover st 
Simmonds mrs. boarding house, 16 Hanover st 
Simmons mrs Ann, 67 Wolf st 
Simmons Charles, seaman, Thames st near Bond 
Simmons mrs. Mary, Fawn st w of Exeter 
Simmon? Andrew, machineist, 159 French at 
Simmons mrs Mary R. 7 York avenue 
Simmons Samuel F. 1 Amity st betw Saratoga 

and Lexington sts 
Simonson John, chainnaker, 53 Light st 
Simpson Walter, custom house office, Gough st 

near Harford run 
Simpson Wm. coachmaker, n Calvert st opposite 

City spring, dw JNorth st near Pleasant 
Simpson John K. German lane 
Simpson John 11. 8 Hanover st 
Simpson John, rigger, Ann stnear Fleet 
Simpson William, hatter. Bond st near Fleet 
Simpson Joseph, lapidary seal engraver, 106 

Front st 
Simpson Rezin B. country produce merchant, 

Penn nv. dw 33 Pearl st 
Simpson John R. tailor, 129 n Exeter, shop 6 

Hanover st 
Simpson Edward, 139 w Exeter st 





tSimpson Isaac, laborer, Spring st near Gough 
Sims Oliver &y George, Fort roarl near magazine 
Sims's chemical works, Fort road 
Sinclair Cyrus, block & pump maker, 4th door 

E of High St 
Sinclair mrs Jane, s Exeter stneor Pratt 
Sinclair James, machine maker, s Exeter st near 

Sinclair Maithe\v,stone cutter, IMonument st 
Sinclair John, blacksmith, York road 
Sinclair Alex, ehip carpenter,Fieet st Gardner's 

ship yard 
Sinclair & Moore, agricultural implements maker 

and seeds store, cor Light <S6 Pratt sts 
Sindall Samuel, dry goods raerch. 22 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Sindall Joshua stone cutter, se cor High and 

Water sts 
Singleton & Mezick 38 s Gay st 
Singleton mrs Elizabeth, cor Gay &, Fayette sts 
Singleton Charles F. merchant, dvv Pratt st e of 

/ Exeter 
Singleton &, Mezick, merch. 38 s Gay st 
Singleton mrs Elizabeth, cor Gay and Fayette sts 
tSingleton Pheonix, laborer, 30 n Frederick st 
Sink mrs Mary, seaman's home and shipping 

office, 89 Thames st 
Sinners Elijah K. Tammany hall, 35 Water st 
Sinlhon mrs Betsy, 23 Commerce st 
Sinton Francis, Bank lane 
Sitler miss Mary, dress maker, Green st n of 

Skries John, shoemaker, Dutch alley 
Skillman Robert, painter, nvv cor High and 

AVater sts 
Skinner Doctor D. H. cor Lee and Hanover sts 
Skinner Zachariah, ship carpenter, York st near 

Skinner Wm. ship carpenter, 123 Barre st 
Skinner Robert, last and finding store, cor Calvert 

and Water sts 
Skinner JoJin S. postmaster, office corn Calvert st 

and Bank lane, dvv 46 n Charles st 
Skinner mrs Ann, 14 Barnet st 

Skinner C. A. 26 n Gay st 

JSkinner Thorn, brickmoulder, Cross st 

tSkinner Benjamin., laborer, President st near e 

Skipper Macgregcfr, laborer, Falls turnpike 

Skipper mrs Isabella, seamstress, 70 n Exeter st 

Slack mrs. milliner, w IMulberry st near Eulaw 

glade miss J. tutoress, 39 e Fayette st 

Sladi Lewis, bacUman, Fleet st near Bond 

Slane mrs. n Calvert st near Bath 

Slasland Alexander, plasterer, Mott st near Ster- 

Slate Geo. A. carpenter, Mulberry st near Park 

Slater Henry, comb and brush mauufactury, J}5 
Market st 

Slater mrs Bridget, 123 n Eutav/ st 

Slater George, grocery and liquor store, s side of 
Lexington Market space 

Slaughter James M. comm. merch. 97Bowley'3 
wharf, dw Conway st betw Charles and 
Hanover sts 

JSlaughter Daniel, oyster cellar, President st 
near e Pralt 

Slee Peter, shoemaker, Liberty alley near Madi- 
son st 

Sleeger Daniel, printer, 30 Pitt st 

Sleeper J. proprietor of Washington hotel, 4 n 
Gay st 

Slemmer C. house carpenter.Pralt st n side near 

Sleppy Jacob, carpenter, Pearl st near Pierce 1 

Slicer'Wm. coachrnaker, cor Second and Frede- 
rick sts 

Slingluff Charles D,(firm Ensey and Slingluff,)54 
w Fayette st 

SlinglufFC. w Fayette st near Eutavv 

Sliver mrs Sarah, mantuamaker, 29 Camden st 

Sliver, A. soap & candle manufacturer,Liberty al 
dw 22 Constitution st 

Sloan James, grocery and liquor store, Stillhouse 
near Market st 

Sloan James, boot and shoemaker, basement story 
of Barnum's hotel, n Calvert st. dw CinrU 
n of Mulberry 





Sloan James, fruit cellar. South st n of Water 

Sloan mr. grocer & liquor store, 50 s Frederick st 

Sloan John, clerk, 170 Hanover st 

Slopper mrs Hannah, Baltimore st w ofCove 

Slover Albert, laborer, 41 n Exeter st 

Small mrs Elizabeth, fancy dry goods store, se 

cor Pratt & Eden sts 
Small Josiah, sugar reli:;er, 18 Fayette st 
Small Jac. Conway st betvv Sharp & Hanover sts 
Small Samuel, merch. 66 Smith's wharf 
Small John, 85 N Exeter st 
Small John, victualler, Li-^ht st n of West 
Smallwood mrs Mary, s Eutaw st. 1 door from 

Smallwood mrs Julia, se cor High and Low sts 
tSmaliwood David, drayman, Biddle alley 
tSmallwood Hannah, German st w of Pine 
fSumlAvood Levin, coachman, 3 Salisbury alley 
Smelize John, carter, Biddle alley near Ross 
Smiley Robert, cooper, cor Grant & Mercer sts 
Smiley Robert sen. cooper, Hoilingsworth st s 

of Water 
Smiley Peter, boarding house, 22 South st 
Smiley Wm. jjjrocery and liquor store,Richmond 

st near Tyson 
Smisson Gabriel, city watchman, n Gay st near 

Smith Siimuel, cooper, Wolf st w side 
Smitli John, carpenter, Vv'olf st \v side 
Smith capt John, 27 Fell st 
Smith James blacksmith 22 Ann st 
Smith Charles riga;er. Wolf st near Wilk 
Smith Thomas R. iDoardmg house, 2o Thames st 
Smith Andrew, laborer, Lancaster st 
Smith mrs Haunah, 27 Fleet st 
Smhh Job, Lumber merchant, 44 Front st 
Smith Ephraim, collector, Bond st near Pratt 
Smith Lewis A. clerk in Marine Bank, dw 31 

Front st 
Smith John, liouse carpenter, 69 Front st 
Smith Hugh, in gnss factory, 7fi French st 
Smith John J. clerk, 21 s High st 
Smith Benj. mer. Hill st e of Hanover 
Smith John coachmaker, Montgomery st w of 
Charles I 

Smith John M. house carpenter, 64 N Exeter st 

Smith capt K. 56 s High st 

Smith mrs Rachel J. 52 k Exeter st 

Smith mrs Mary, 80 n Exeter st 

Sniith Stephen, sea captain, 4 E Baltimore st 

Smith un^s Priscilla, grocer. Potter st near Pitt 

Smith R, grocer, ne cor Potter and Hillen sts 

Smith James, P'ast st near Hillen 

Smith William, East st near Hillen 

Sniith Sumuel A. shoemaker, 89 n Gay st 

Smith William, carter. East st n of Douglass 

Smith Charles, drayman Short st 

Smith Sames A. bouse carpenter, Orleans st near 

Smith Nicholas, grocery and feed store, York road 
Smith Augustus M. baker, Harford avenue 
Smith Patrick, laborer, Gallows Hill 
Smith George, tobacconist. Monument st near 

Smith Moses, n Gay st near Mott 
Smith Thomas, n Gay st 
Smith Nicholas, cooper, Hookstown road 
Smith Saml. carpenter, Richmond st near Park 
Smith mrs Catherine, seamstress, Penn av oppo- 
site Preston st 
Smith K. M. baker, Penn av near Preston st 
Smith Adam, cedar cooper, 102 Bond st 
Smith capt. Benj. George st opposite Pine 
Smith Wm. weaver, Pierce st 
Smith John, weaver, Franklin st extended 
Smith Adam, cooper. Park lane 
Smith Henry A. grocer, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Smith Wm. cooper, 8 Pine st 
Smith mrs INIary, w Baltimore stex. EofCove 
Smith Eli, oak cooper, Pine st e of Cove 
vSmith Andrew, painter, s Paca st 
tSmith Clara, washer. Mulberry st near Pine 
Smith Henry, butcher, aratoga st w of Rock 
Smith Geo. paver, Saratoga st vv of Pine 
Smith J. & A. iron merchants, 4 Pratt st wharf, 

dw North st s of Lexington 
Smith Thomas, cabinet maker, 3 Commerce st 
Smith A. C. miniature painter, sw cor South and 

Baltimore sts 
Smith mrs Mary, s Frederick st near Water 



Smith gen. Samuel, Water st opposite Commerce 
Smith mis Margaret, grocery and liquor store. 

Fish Market space 
Smith Samuel, shoe store, 37 Marsh Market space 
Smith mrs Eliza betli, grocery and liquor store, 

Second st near Centre Market space 
Smith & Starkey, importers and dealers in queens- 
ware, chiifa &c. 2'29i Market st 
Smith David V. artist, 31 n Charles st 
Smith Thomas, cooper, s Charles st 
Smith David, grocery and liquor store, 15 w Pratt 
Smith Andrew, house and ship painter, 16 Cheap- 
Smith R. chair factory, 49 South st 
Smith Job, jr. president, Maryland savings insti- 
tution, lumber yard, Buchanan's wharf, 
dw 43 Front st 
Smith Wm. carter. Concord st near Pratt 
Smith Robert, Monument square, e side 
Smith Robert M. wholesale druggist, 228 Mar- 
ket st F. P. 
Smith Matthew, china, glass and queensvvare mer- 
chant, 228 Baltimore st. dw Sharp at n of 
Smith Wm. baker, 81 Camden st 
Smith R. blacksmith, 19 Light st 
Smith Wm. seaman, Ruxton st 
Smith capt B. B. Charles st near city spring 
Smith Doctor Nathan R. 4 St. Paul's st 
Smith Doctor Walter, 74 Baltimore st 
Smith mrs Susan, 63 n Gay st 
Smith P^dvvard, chair maker, 17 Harrison st 
Smith GrifBn, pilot, 72 Alice Annast 
Smith Wn). J. shoemaker, cor Fleet & Wolf sts 
Smith John, weaver, cor Bank & Ann sta 
Smith John, blacksmith, 7 Thames st 
Smith Geo. shoemaker, Strawberry alley near 

Fleet st 
Smith Mary, 157 Bond st 
Smith Thomas, ship builder, 7 Philpot st 
Smith Wm. F. engineer, 24 Block st 
Smith Joshua, boarding house, Thames st near 

Smith John S. brickmaker, Apple al near Pratt st 
Smith George W. wood inspector, 6 Gough st 

Smith James, house carpenter, Pinkney between 

Caroline and Bond sis 
Smith James L. shoemaker, Eden st near Gough 
Smith Joseph, printer, n Eden st near Silver st 
Smith John, clerk in post office, Barre st w of 

Charles st 
Smith James P. tobacconist, shop Bond st. dw 

15 Gough st 
Smith Jacob, saddler, Eutaw st near Peace alley 
Smith Dennis A. Baltimore st e of Green st 
Smith & Hyde, soap and candle factory, cor Paca 

and Fayette st 
Smith mrs Elizabeth, n Paca st near Franklin 
Smith Jacob, (firm of Rau & Smith,) dw Paca st 

near Ross 
Smith Solomon G. tailor, n Euiaw st 
Smith Charles, 124 n Eutaw st 
Smith John, stone mason, Long alloy near RobS st 
Smith mrs Margaret, 113 n Eutaw st 
Smith John, baker, 95 Saratoga st 
Smith Thomas, 33 n Eutaw st 
Smith John, baker, 30 n Eutaw st 
Smith Jacob, saddle and harness maker, w Pratt 

st near Euiaw 
Smith John, sen. baker, 7G s Eutaw st 
Smith Wm. P next door to cor Eutaw and Cam- 
den sts. 
Smith James, tailor, 32 German st 
Smith Rachel, clcth scourer, 32 German st 
Smith Joseph, coach maker, 45 a Liberty st 
Smith mrs Maria, Wagon alley 
Smith doctor James, Franklin st w of Charles 
Smith mrs Sarah, 78 n Charles st 
Smith Samuel, diavving master, 74 n Charles st 
Smith J W. Calvert st near city spring 
Smith Doctor W^alter, cor Gay and Saratoga sts, 

dw North st s of Lexington 
Smith J. L. M. wine merchant, 25 Water st. dw 

43 St. Paul's St. s of Saratoga st 
Smith Francis n. teller bank of Maryland, dw 

Holliday st 4 doors from theatre 
Smith Darius, laborer, William st n end 
Smith Geo. bailiff, Armistead lane 
Smith mrs Rebecca, seamstress, Armistead lane 
Smith John, blacksmith, Hughes's si 



Smith mr3 Catherine, cor Montgomery and 

Cliarles sts 
Smith ]Michaf;l, laborer, cor West &. s Charles sts 
tSmith Josepii, la'oorer, Argvle alley 
tSmith Adam, Eden st near Pratt 
tSmitii Nancy, Howard st near Conway 
■tSnilh Nancy, n Cahert st 
jSmith Surah, French alley 
tJ?inith Peter, porter, Conway st w of Sharp 
tSmith Lelty, Conway st near Charles 
tSinith Mary Ann, washer, Elbow lane 
tSmith Perry, carter, Saratoga st w of Pine 
tSmith Aqiiilla, miller, Saratoga st \v of Pine 
jSmith Levin, carter,' Busy al 
fSmitb Isaac, cartman, Chats worth st near 

tSmith Basil, laborer. Union st near Ross 
tSmith Sarah, washer, Biddle al 
tSmith Emily, Biddle al 
iSmitii Wesley, butcher, Board al 
tSmith Hannah, Falls turnpike 
■i Smith D.ivid. drayman, Falls turnpike 
tSmith John, drayman. Falls turnpike 
tSmita Caleb, drayman, Ross st 
f Smith James laborer, Ensor st 
tSmith, Edward, laborer, Hull's lane 
jSmith Ann, Hull's lane 
JSmith Ann, Forest st near Douglass 
tSmith Ann, Short st 

tSmith Abram, carter. Forest st near Douglass 
tSmith Tern. Harford avenue near Granby st 
tSmith John, laborer, Salisbury st near Bar, run 
tSmith Peter, laborer, 12 Pitt st 
tSmith Benj. porter, Montgomery st 
Smither Jesse, laborer, Light st n of Cro''s 
tSmilhers Frisbv, inborer, Barre st w of Sharp 
Smithisler Philip, laborer, Hill st e of Hanover 
Smithson mrs Hannaii, 172 High st 
Smitzeil Nathan, wheelwright, Chesnut al 
Smull David, copper smith, 55 Albermarle st 
Smull David B. in and slieet iron worker, Pratt 

st bridge 
Sneed Jol-.i. <v»rpenter, Barre st wof Light 
Snow 03 pt. Freeman, uough st near Cnroliue 
Suow ccpt. Ciiarlea, Market st near Wilk 

tSnow Patty, washer, Sarah Ann st extended 
Snovvden Ephraim, laborer, Chatsworth st 
Snowden mrs Jane, Potter st near Low 
tSnowden Peter, sawyer, Chesnut lane 
tSnowden John, sawyer, Chesnut lane 
tSnowden James, laborer, German st w of Pine 
tSnowden Jane, Peace alley 
Snyder Doctor P. Exeter st n of Stiles 
Snyder, Joseph R. public store keeper, e Balti' 

more st near Lloyd 
Snyder John, carpenter, East st n of Pitt 
Snyder mrs Hannah, n Gay st near Belle Air 

Snyder Adam, Penn. Hotel, cor Hillen &- Forest 
Snyder mrs Elizabeth, grocer, Hookstown road 
Snyder Jacob R. laborer, Biddle st ne;ir Ross 
Snyder, mrs M;ir}-, seamstress. Potter st near Gay 
Snyder mrs Mary, grocery and liquor store, 127 

Sharp st 
Snyder Wm. wheelwright. 111 s Howard st 
Snyder mrs Eliza, fancy store, 30 w Lexington st 
Sollers John, boot and shoemaker, 70 w Pratt st 
Sollers Basil, hatter, 15 n Gay st 
Solomon mrs Nancy, tailoress, Bond near Pratt st 
Solomon Wm. shoemaker, cor Bond and Shaks- 

peare st 
tSolomon Peter, rigger, 3G Charles st 
Sommer Jacob, coachman, cor Lombard and 

Howard sts 
Sommer F. bonrding house, 23 Bond st 
Sonder C. milkman, Penn. av near Hoffman st 
Soabiron D. V. boarding house, cor Grant and 

fiercer sts 
Souder Conrad, cordwainer. Spring st near Bank 
Soram John, chair maker, cor Bond & Gough sts 
Soutlicomb mrs P. grocer, 191 Bond st 
So'itlicomb Kemp,seaman,Wilk sUjiear Argyle al 
Soutlicomb Carey, plumber, Thames st near Ann 
Spalding R. B. proprietor of Bahimore type 

foundry, n Frederick stnear Gay 
Spalding S shoemaker, Light st near Montgomery 
Spaniard Peter, gardener, Bond st near ^^'ilk 
Sparks John F. importer of watches and jewelry, 

18 Hanover st 
Sparks Samuel B. turner, 32 Union st 




171 90 

JSparrow Charles, laborer, Strawberry alley near 
Wilk St 

Spavin Alexander, engineer, Montgomery st w 
of Light 

Speaks Nicholas, clerk, cor Mulberry st and Gra- 
vel alley 

ISpeak Elizabeth, s Eutaw st 

Spear Wni. merchant, dvv Saratoga st wofChas. 

Spear uirs Barbara, Pleasant st w of Courtland 

Spear Otis, commission merchant, 4 s Charles st 

Spear William, merchant, d\v e Pratt near Exeter 

Spears James, cooper, Lerevv's alley near Frank- 
lin st 

Spears Peter, Wagon alley 

Speas mrs Margaret, Sharp st 

Spedden Edward, brickmaker, cor Hanover st 
and Welcome alley 

Spedden John, brickmaker, 6 Peace alley 

Spedden mrs Ann, Charles st 

Spedden Vincent P. boatman, Baltimore st w of 

Spedden John, bricklayer, Baltimore st w of Cove 

^peed J. J. attorney at law, s Gay st opposite ex- 

Spence Elias, tailor, Temple st near e P»altimore 

Spcnce Jno. l)ricklayer,Holliday st n of Saratoga 

Spence mrs Mary C. Lexington st w of Charles 

Spence G. K. dry goods merchant, 15 se cor 
Baltimore and Charles sis 

Spence Edward M. boot and shoemaker, 8 North 
St. dvv N of Bath 

tSpence Philip, Homespun alley 

Spencer John, pilot, 4 Market st F. P. 

Spencer Edward, (firm of Meredith and Spencer) 
dw 246 Market st. 

Spencer mrs. seminary, 1 door s of Fayette st in 
St. Paul's st 

Spencer Abel, last maker and finding store, 24 
N Gay St. dw 23 Frederick st 

Spencer mrs Sophia D. milliner & mautua maker, 
29 E Baltimore st 

Spencer Nich. boatman, East st near Douglass 

Spencer mrs Susanna, taiioress, Hughes st 

Sperry Wm, cap and stock factory, cor Baltimore 
and Sharp sts 

Spicer John, tailor, 68 Franklin st 
Spicer Thomas, dw s Eutaw st near Pratt' 
Spicer Emmett, blacksmith, Pierce st e of Cove 
Spicer Samuel, shoemaker, 87 Pitt st 
Spicer John, merchant dw George st 
Spicer Plirani, blacksmith, Pierce st 
Spilcher C. W. city oil store, 106 IBaltimnre st 
Spilman James, hardware merchant 3 n Gay st 
Spindler W. C. lottery & exchange office, dw E 

Baltimore st near the run 
Sponsler John, oyster and eating house,42 Frank- 
lin st 
Spreckelson & Donaldson, ship chandlers & gro- 
cers, 21 Thames st 
Sprigg mrs Margaret, Franklin st 
t^prigg Daniel, waiter, Biddle alley 
tSpriggs Geo. white washer, Front stnear Pitt 
tSpriggs Tho. porter, Mechanic's court, Highst 
tSpriggs Antony, drayman, Peach al 
Spriggs John, caulker, Guilford alley 
Springer David C. grocer and wine merchant, 

Pratt st bridge 
Sprinkle Greenberry, shoemaker, York avenue 
Sprinkle Daniel, carpenter, York avenue 
Sprusbanks Abram, rope maker, York alley 
tSpry Henny, washer, Biddle al 
Spurrier Beale, conveyancer, Athenaeum, dvv 

Courtland st e side n of Mulberry 
Squire mrs Dorothea N.Grant st near Water 
Stabler mrs Mary, seamstress, 41 Park st 
Stafford James, grocer, >w cor Caroline and 

Gough st.s 
Stafford Nicholas, laborer, Ross st opposite Paca 
Stafford Catherine. Fell st s end 
StatTord Richard, ship joiner, 27 Alice Anna st 
Stagdon John, blacksmith, Alice Anna st near 

Argyle alley 
Stage office (general) Stockton & Stokes proprie- 
tors, basement story JJarnum's hotel, n 
Calvert st John C. Hall, agent 
Stahl Frederick, baker, n Exeter st near French 
Stahl Daniel & Jacob, tin plater and sheet iron 

workers, 56 s Calvert st 
Stall mrs. Elizabeth, 124 n Eutaw st 





Stall John, G. laborer, Union st near Ross 
bta VVra, driver of Rail Road car, 57 Pearl st 
Stall mrs R. 258 n Gay st 
Stalliiigs Peter, brick maker, Busy alley 
Slaliings Samuel, comb maker, Busy alley 
StaJliugs Aquilla, bricklayer, Long alley near 

Ross st 
Stallings Wm. laborer,Necessity al near Exeter st 
StJimmen U. B. ornatneiital painter, 13 Comet st 
Stamp mrs D. Peace alley near Eutaw st 
btamp lliomas, cooper,Peaceallev near Eutaw st 
Maiiip George, clerk, 72 n Liberty st 
Stanes VVm. Alice Anna st near Strawberry alley 
Slants Samuel, ship carpenter, 2 Philpot st 
Stanford Aaron, ship carpenter, Washington st 
Stanford Henry, halter. Potter st near Low 
Staiiheld James, carpenter, Preston st 
Siangel Joseph, basket maker, Hoffman st near 

Stanley & Co. nE cor of Howard and Fayette sts. 

dw 17 s Liberty st 
Stanley Joseph, carpenter, Inloes' alley 
TStanley John, laborer, Sugar al 
JStanley David, laborer, Halfinoon al 
Stannard George, Fayette st near Liberty 
Stansbury James B. druggist, 33 Thames st 
Mansbury Riclia.d, boot and shoemaker, Caro- 
line near Pinkney st 
Stansbury Daniel H. carpenter, Holland st near 

Eden st 
Stansbury Daniel, carpenter, Bank st near AVolf 
Stansbury Thomas, grocer, Bond st opposite 

Stansbury Elijah, lime merchant, cor Fawn and 

Aibermarle sis 
Stansbury E. J. dry goods merchant, 95 Market st 
stansbury & Massey, dry goods merchants, 25 n 

Howard st 
Stansbury J. S. &, Co. dry goods merchants, 49 

n Howard st 
Stansbury & Croney, boot and shoe factory, 87 

n Howard st 
Stansbury mrs 1 s Sharp st 
Stansbury Emanuel, morocco dresser, se cor Mc 
Elderry and Aisquiih sts 

Stansbury mrs Elizabeth, Orleans st near the run 
Stansbury Darius, carpenter, High st near Gay 
fStansbury George, laborer. Potter st near Low 
JStansburyGeorge, carter, Carpenter's alley 
tStansbury Abram, laborer, Carpenter's alley 
JStaiisbury Sam. carter, Long alley 
tStansbury Betsy, Light st n of Cross 
Stany John, blacksmith, n Eutaw st near Lex- 
Stapleton Joseph K. & Son, brush and bellows 
makers, manufactory, 258 w Baltimore st. 
dw J. K. S, G3 Green st 
Stapleton R. E. (firm of do.) Green st s of Mul- 
berry st 
Starcke Charles &. Co. French and German dry 
goods store, 215 Baltimore st. dw of S. 
20 s Howard st 
Stark ey Robert, harness maker, French st oppo- 
site Potter 
Starr John, liquor store, 6 German lane 
Starr Joseph, teacher, ne cor Wilk and Bond sts 
Starr Robert, grocer, cor Peace alley and How- 
ard st 
Starr mrs Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 52 n Eutaw st 
Starr George, cooper, 87 Wagon alley 
Starr John, cooper, Eager alley 
Starr John, 47 w Saratoga st 
Starr mrs Ann, 42 Wagon alley 
Starr Isaac, teamster, 57 Sharp st 
Starr Wesley, merchant, 12 Light st wharf, dw 

Jefferson row, Conway st 
Starr Wm. tailor, 15 Mercer st 
Starr R. tobacco and snufF manufacturer, 27 s 

Calvert st 
Starr E. innkeeper, ne cor High &. Low sts 
Starr Edwin 65, n Exeter st 
Starr Henry, letter cutter, 16 Salisbury st 
Starr Edwin P. merchant, 63 Smith's" wharf, dw 

33 N Gay st 
Sart B. collector, Aisquith st near Jefferson 
jStartin Emory, carter. Hill st 
Stater James, butcher, cor Bond «So Gough sts 
Stauter John, blacksmith, Sharp st. dw 25 New 
Church st 

STA to • 

Slaylor Geo. bricklayer, Hill st \v of Light 
Staylor John, rope raaker,West st betw s Charles 

and Light 
Staylor Philip, pork inspector, West et betw s 

Charles and Light 
Staylor Henry, grocery, se cor High and French 
Stayton David, car|)enter, Pearl st s of Lexington 
Siedger nirs Rebecca, East st near Douglass 
ISteeds miss Mary, mantuainaker, 3- German st 
Steele Samuel, vvatcli & clock maker, [dw 35 n 

Exeier st, shop cor Hawk and M Market 

Steele Jiimes, teacher, 107 s Howard st 
Steele David, cabinet maker, Peace alley near 

Eutaw st 
Steele J. attorney at law.Fayette st w of St.Paul's 
Steele mrs Martha, Concord st n(;ar Pratt 
Steen George W. grocer and china merchant, 

Charles st near city spring 
Steiger & Bennet, lottery and exchange office, 

f^ranklin st 
Steiger Wm. T. hardware store, 78 Franklin st 
Steiger J, 76 Franklin st 

Steiger Charles, carpenter, Biddle st near Ross 
Stem George, grocery and liquor store, York av. 
Stein Peter, butcher, Falls road 
Stellings James, baker, Ann near Alice Anna st 
Stembler, Nicholas, shoemaker, Clem's lot^ neat 

Rock st 
Stembler John, shoemaker, \v Baltimore st near 

Stenson mrs M. n Paca st s of Ross 
Stephens Alexander, ship carpenter, 5 Block st 
•/■Stephens,Loyd,hackman, Short st near Orleans 
Stephens John G. (firm of Emory & Stephens,) 

Bowly's wharf, dw s High st near Water 
Stephens mrs Elizabeth, seamstress Orleans st 

near the run 
tSteppen Littleton, hair dresser, 4 Bath st 
Sterett Samuel, (firm Harrison & Sterett,) dw s 

Frederick st 
Sterett David, laborer, 73 Bond st 
Sterguel Peter, fruit & grocery store, Beuren st 
Sterling John, seaman, sw cor Thames and Ann 
Sterling James, laborer, AVilk st near Bond 



Sterling Squire, fisherman. Strawberry alley near 

Fleet st 
tSterling Temperance, 24 Fayette st 
Stevens Timothy, bacon store, e Baltimore st 
St vens (ieorge L. cor n Calvert and Centre sts 
Stevens John G. merchant, dw High st between 

Water and Baltimore sts 
Stevens mrs Sally, mantuamaker, 22 Fleet st 
Stevens David, cordwainer, Beard st near Point 

Stevens mrs Cecilia, weaver, 43 n Exeter st 
tSievens Hetty, Bfirre st w of Sharp 
tStevens Benjamin, drayman. Spring st near e 

Baltimore st 
fStevens Daniel, seaman, Bounty lane near 

Spring st 
Stevenson Jc^iah, lottery & exchange office, 66i 

Baltimore st, dw 45 Front st 
Stevenson Robert, shoemaker, ne cor Pitt and 

East sts 
Stevenson William, carpenter. Sterling st 
Stevenson Henry, laborer, Hookstown road 
Stevenson mrs Mar}', seamstress. Garden st near 

Biddle st 
Stevenson VVm. tailor, Chatham st near Frank- 
lin st 
Stevenson Henry, tanner and currier, Baltimore 

st w of Cove st 
Stevenson Stephen, shoemaker, Montgomery st 

s of Charles 
Stevenson Juba, Hill st 
Stevenson Isaiah, carpenter, Dutch alley 
Stevenson Oliver P. H. accountant, Howard st n 

of Madison 
Stevenson Henry, lottery and exchange office, 

66i Baltimore st 
JStevenson Joshua, bricklayer, Potter st near Low 
tStevenson John, Ruxton st 
tStevenson David, laborer, alley rear n Caroline st 
tStevenson Milbury, boatman, Spring sts of Pratt 
tStevenson John, brickmaker, Conway st 
tStevenson Henny, seamstress. Busy alley 
tStevenson James, laborer, William st near Cross 
tStevenson Hezekiah, hair dresser, cor York and 

Light sts 





tStevenson E.French st near Exeter 
tStevenson David, boatman, Spring st s of Pratt 
tStevenson John, Ruxton st 
tStevenson Dav}-, Howard st n of Conway 
iStevenson John, Kuxton st 
^Stevenson Diana, Lee st e of Charles 
iSteveiison Elizabeth, Conway st near Charles 
Stever Daniel & Geor<;e, coach makers, nw cor 

Hilleii :ind Putter sfs 
Stever George G. merchant, e Pratt near Gough st 
Stever Jacob, carpet weaver, Sarah Ann st 
Stewart Joseph, rigger, Shakspeare st 
Stewart Wm. L. trader, n Exeter near Pitt st 
Stewart Lewis, waiter, Forest st near Douglass st 
Stewart Mordecai, itinerant bookseller, Holland 

st near the run 
Stewart Joseph J. grocer, cor Forest and Gay sts 
Stewart mrs L. fancy dress maker, 83 Harrison st 
Stewart Wm. H, lumber merchant, w Pratt near 

the bridge 
Stewart Columbus, brass founder, Bottle alley 

near Eutaw st 
Stewart Frances, Inloes' alley 
Stewart CharlesJaborer, cor Bath and French sts 
Stewart George & Co. lottery and exchange office 

SK cor North and Fayette sts 
Stewart col. Wm. High st near Pratt 
Stewart mrs Rebecca,seamstress, Short alley near 

Conway st 
Stewart Doctor, Saratoga st w of St. Paul's 
Stewart John M. office, se cor of Fayette and St. 

Paul's st 
Stewart Robert St. John, stone cutter, Granby 

st near Canal st 
Stewart Edward, carpenter, Paca st 3d door from 

Bottle alley 
Stewart Wm. jun. carpenter, s Paca st near Pratt 
Stewart John, bellhanger, Bottle alley 
Stewart mrs Henrietta, tutoress. Park st n of Sa- 
Stewart David, attorney at law, 20 St. Pauls st 
Stewart Wm. P. dry goods merch. 122 Baltim. st 

dw Franklin st 
Stewart John, undertaker, n Calvert st opposite 

City spring 

Stewart William, stone mason, 12 New church st 
Stewart George H. attorney at law, 1 Athenaeum 

near St. Paul's st 
Stewart John, cor Camden and Charles sts 
Stewart & Payne, dry goods merch. 163 Bait, st 
Stewart Wm. P. firm of do. dw cor of St. Paul & 

Franklin sta 
Stewart Joseph W. grate manufactur. 64 Bait, st 
Stewart mrs Eliza, cakeshop, Water st near Light 
Stewart Joseph, merch. tailor, 23 w Fayette st 
Stewart mrs E. 12 German st 
Stewart John A. bell hanger and brass founder, 

26 s Liberty st 
Stewart James & Co. dry goods merch. 101 Bal- 
timore st 
Stewart Charles, carter, Hill st e of Sharp st 
Stewart mrs Ann, Armistead lane 
Stewart Robert S. stone cutter, Granby st near 

Harford run 
Stewart Wm. H. lumber merchant, sw cor. Con- 
cord & Pratt sts. dw Pratt st nearHar. run 
Stewart Jas. butcher. Constitution st n of Beuren 
Stewart John, carter, Biddle alley, near Penn av. 
Stewart John, porter, Light st s of Hill 
Stewart George, senr. country seat, w Baltimore 

st near w boundary 
Stewart mrs Mary Jane, mantua maker, Mulberry 

st near Pine 
Stewart Abraham C. grocery and feed store, 

Columbia st near Paca 
Stewart Eebenezer, huckster, Bottle alley exten. 
Stewart William, deputy sheriff, cor Paca st and 

Elbow lane 
Stewart Thos. sawyer. Honey alley 
^Stewart Thomas, sawyer, cor Chatsworth st and 

Chesnut alley 
tStewart Elizabeth, Sarah Ann st 
fStewart P^lijah, carter, Saratoga st extended 
tSewart Wm. carter. Hill st e of Sharp st 
tStewart William, carter, Gallows Hill 
fStewart Stephen, Jaborer, Burgundy lane 
tStewart John carter. Hill st near Howard 
tStewart Joshua, hair dresser, dw Wagon alley 
tStewart John H. hair dresser, underneath Ame- 
rican hotel 




175 91 

tStewart Mary, washer, 42 Park st 
jStevvart C. n Eden near Holland st 
fSlewart Hester, 29 Light st wharf 
Sticher John, cabinetmaker, Parkst sof Lexingt. 
Stieringer Leonard, musician, Forest st near Gaj- 
Stigger John, blacksmith, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Stiles John S. Mulberry st near Paca 
Stiles Moses, brass (bunder, Lee st w of Hanover 
Siiles VVm. H. carpenter, Spring st near Pratt 
Stilley James, stone cutter, Bank st near Eden 
Stilley Andrew, bricklayer, Bank st near Eden 
Stillwill John, ladies' shoemaker, 17 e Water st 
Stiliz Daniel, carpenter, St. Paul's st n of Hamilt. 
Stimple Anthony, skin dresser, Charles st n of 

Stimpson James, 49 Albermarle st 
Stinburgh John, tailor, Eden st near Bank 
Stinchcomb A. D. dry goods store, 4 Bazaar, dw 

22 N High st 
Stinchcomb John, cooper, George st 
Stinchcomb John, wagoner, w Baltimore st e 

of Cove 
Stinchcomb Josh, cooper, Park lane near Pine st 
Stinchcomb Bcal C. flour inspector, Richmond st 

near Park 
Stine VVm. G.mercliant, dw Franklin st near Pine 
Stine Frederick, blacksmith, Centre Philpot st 
Stine John, laborer, Fleet st near the ship yard 
Stiuemeyer mrs Margaret, Penn av. near Hoff- 
man st 
Stinger John, glass blower, near glass house 
Siitjsom mrs Ann, s Caroline st near Gough 
S'irling mrs Elizabeth, s Exeter st near Water 
Stirling Archibald, e Baltimore st near Har. run 
Stirrit David, brickniaker,cor Monument & Ster- 

iing s'.s 
St. John Christopher, Richmond st near Cathed. 
St. Mary's College and St. Mary's theological 
seminary, Penn. av. near Franklin st. pre- 
sident of college, [lev. Samuel Eccleston, 
president of seminary. Rev. L. F. Deluol 
St. Mary's Free School, under superintendence 
of sisters of charity, Fraaklia st betwr Ho^f- 
ard ^ Cathedral 
St. Myer, John M. hatter, Chesnut alley 

Stocksdale N. merchant tailor,^58 Centre Market 

Stockestal mrs Sarah, n Paca st 
Stockers Christiana, 8 s Low st 
Stocket James, carpenter, Eager alley 
Stockton & Stoked, private office w Fayette st. 

basement story of City hotel 
Stockton Ed. sawyer, cor Park lane & Amity st 
Stockton capt. James, 22 Eutaw st 
Stokes Robert, carter, Short st 
Stokes Wm. firm Stockton &, Stokes, dw Frank- 
lin st w of St. Paul's 
tStokes Archibald, laborer. Potter st 
Stone Edward, 25 n Exeter st 
Stone John W. blacksmith, Montgomery st 
Stone mrs Elizabeth, 29 n Exeter st 
Stone Seth, bricklayer, North st near Saratoga 
Stone mrs Mary, dry goods store, 68 Hanover st 
Stonebraker Geo. merchant, Lombard st. dw42 

Hanover st 
Stoner John L. dry goods merch. 69 Howard st. 

dw 143 N Eutaw st 
Stoner mr. 9 Mercer st 

Stork & Freeland, cabinetmakers, 43 Franklin st 
Stosser Matthias, shoemaker, Saratoga near Cove 
StouH'er John flour merchant, cor Green & Jjalto. 
Stoutter Jacob, 35 Fayette st 
Stouffer Henry, 35 Fayette st 
Stoufler mrs Ann,boardinghouse, 2 n Frederick st 
Sioup mr. shoemaker, n Howard st n of Muddis. 
Stousburger Andrew, butcher. Gallows Hill 
Stout Joseph, looking glass frame maker, Balti- 
more st w of Cove 
Stout mrs Catherine, Potter st near Hillen 
Stout Francis, paver, n Gay st near Mott 
Stout Wm. blacksmith. Constitution st near Mon- 
Stout Henry, attorney at law, 4 w Fayette st 
Stoutman Wm. cooper,Lee st w of Light 
Stow Thomas, steamboat man, Pitt st 
Stow Thomas, steam saw-nnll, Uhler's al betw 
Hanover and Cha's. sts. 99 dw s Eutaw st 
Strake mrs Martha Greenwich st 
Slran Thorn. P. mathematical instrument maker,, 
Thames near Market st 





Stranley Rachel, midwife, Alice Anna st 

Slranley Ed ward, grocer, Sa'-atoga st near Cove 

SiniUoii inrs Ellen, 2 New Ciiurcli st 

Strebacli John, ship joiner, Aigyie alley n end 

Street & V^oigt, dry goods merch. 51 i Baltim. st 

Street John C. dry goou's merchanf,'^9 Baltimore st 

Stretch Samuel tailor, East st near Maiden lane 

Strickland Jesse, stone mason, wEulawst 

Strider John, Mulberry st near Pine 

StriUe Nicholas, 80 s Charles st 

Strike miss Sarah, fancy dressmaker, Franklin st 

Sirippel John P. blacksmith, 2 Block st 

Strischke Joseph A. grocery store, w Baltimore st 

Strobel John P. 43 Bond st 

Strohm &l Thompson, merch 2 Bowly's wharf 

Struthoff" Barney, baker, 39 s Exeter st 

Sluart D. flour inspector, se cor High &. Hillen sts 

Stuart James, shoemaker, Fleet st near Caroline 

Stuart John J. hostler, Lerew's alley 

Sluart & Bolton, paint store, 71 McElderry's 

tStuart Daniel, coachman, 7 Salisbury st 
Stubbs Joseph, carpenter,Bnrre st near Hanover 
Stubbs Thomas, laborer, Cross st near Johnson 
Stubbs John, bell hanger,& smith in general,Har- 

rison st 4 doors tVom Gay 
Stiibbs Joseph, carpenter, Barre st near Hanover 
Stubins mrs Ann, shoebinder, Saratoga st near 

Stuffel diaries, baker w Baltimore st E of Cove 
Stutferman mrs Catherine 31 Potter st 
Stump Samuel, comm. merch. 85 Bowly's wharf, 

dw 117 Hanover st 
Stupinsky Antoine, grocer and distiller, w Bal- 
timore st near Cove 
Stiips mrs Sarah, 16 Tripolet's alley 
Sturgeon Lindsey, stone cutter, Chamberlam al 
Siurgeon Edward, tailor, 42 Centre Market space 
Siurgis John, city watchman, 110 Wolfst 
Sturm Christian, piano forte manufactory, 24 s 

Charles st 
Sturm J. G. chair maker, 18 Penn. avenue 
St. Victor A. B. 3 Water st near Light 
Sullivan Jeremiah, currier, 12 Commerce st 
Sullivan Ed. cooper, Beuren st near Monument 

Sullivan John P. .1. clothing store, 42 s Calvert st 
dw cor of Sharp and Pratt sts 

Sullivan John, comm. merch. 12 Light st wharf 
dw cor Sharp st and Peace alley 

Sullivan James, comm. merch. 58 s Frederick st. 
dw ojtposite Eastern spring, Pratt st 

Sullivan U. coachmaker, Beuren st near Monu- 

Sullivan John, plasterer, French st near Potter 

Sullivan Dennis, grocery and liquor store, cor 
Pine and Le.xington sts 

Sullivan John, dyer, Pierce st 

Sidtzer Lewis, butcher, Hoffman st 

Sumalt Win. bricklayer, 12 Peace alley 

SumaitHenry A. grocer &. tea dealer, 7 Second st 

Summer & Robinson, comm. merch. 15 Bowly's 

Summer Jacob, grocer, 53 Harrison st 

Summercamp mrs Frederica, boarding house, 14 
s Howard st 

Summercamp Edward, piano maker, cor Orleans 
& Young sts 

Summerville John, paver, Beuren, near Monu- 

Summerville Wm. carpenter, Pratt st near Pres- 

Summepville mrs Catherine, 104 n Exeter st 

tSummerville Peter, Avaterman, Charles st near 

tSummerville Betsy, washwoman, s Caroline st 
near Gough 

Sumner H. P. firm H. Payson & Co. dw 225 w 
Baltimore st 

Sumner James II. boot and shoemaker, Barre st 
w of Light 

Sumwalt Ale.K. carpenter, s Paca st n of Carpen- 
ter alley 

Sumwalt Frederick, Howard st near Maddison 

Sumwalt Jesse, plasterer, n Howard st near Rich- 

Sumwalt Geo. W. superintendent of streets. Wel- 
come alley, betw Hanover and Sharp sts 

Sumwalt Jesse, plasterer, n Howard st near 

SUM t o- 

n. - - ■ • 

Sumwalt J. T. 114 Sharp st 

Sunday school union (nid.) young men's bible 

society and Baltimore branch of American 

tract society, office 15 s Calvert st 
Sunderland Bazil, ship joiner, e Pratt st near 

Sunderland John, bricklayer, Hampstead st near 

Super Jolin, baker, 27 e Water st 
Suter Charles, cabinet maker, 59 Albermarle st 
Suter Henry, turner, Concord st. d\v Potter st 

near Pitt 
.Suter James S. turner, 23 vv Water st. d\v Forest 
Suter George, victualler, Hookstown road 
Suter George, hatter, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Suter S. boot and shoe maker, Franklin r:)w 
Suter James, turner, J 7 e Water st 
Sutherland mrs. boarding house, Fayette st near 

SutliffThom. china, glass & queen's ware merch. 

cor Howard and Lexington sts 
Sutton Samuel P. labourer. Bank near Wolf st 
Sutton Samuel, labourer, Short st 
Sutton capt. Thorn. 43 Gough st 
Sutton Vincent, carpenter, 11 M'Clellan st 
Sutton James L. merchant tailor, 7 s Gay st 
tSutton Joe, cakeman, Guilford alley 
tSuiton Richard, gardener, Saratogas! w of Cove 
Swain Benjamin, grocer, cor Ann and Wilk st 
Swain John, shoemaker, Bond st near Bank 
Swain John, victualler, Harford av 
Swan mrs Nancy, seamstress, Orleans st near 

Strawberry alley 
Swan Garrett, shoemaker. Wagon alley 
Swan Wm. wholesale dry goods merch. 220 Bait. 

St. dw N Charles stN of Lexington 
Swan James, Monument square 
Swansdown Luther K. Pine st near George 
Swartz John N. carpent. Holland st near n Eden 
Swartz Jacob, 73 s Eutaw st 
Swartz Joseph, dyer,Monument st near Constitu- 
tion st 
Swatsman Joseph, saddler, 113 n Eutaw st 
Sweeking Edw. carter, he cor Bond & Goughsts 
Sw€eneT Hugh, 43 w Saratoga st 


177 ^3 

Sweeney Richard, chairmaker, 48 s High st 

Sweeny Edward N. brushmaker, 1 w Lexingt. st 

Sweeny Dennis, painter, n G y st 

Sweeny Joseph, shoemaker, Mott st e side 

Sweet Amos, painter. North st s of Bath 

Sweeting mrs Mary, Friendship st 

Sweetser Samuel, comm. merchant, Is Liberty st 

dw 68 n Charles 
Sweetser Samuel, comm. merch. 68 South st. dw 

68 n Charles st near Pleasant 
Sweetser & Hance, boot & shoemak. 33 South st 
Swift mrs Mary, fancy dress maker, 51 Camden st 
Swighart INIaria, Federal hill 
Swighart Michael, Federal hill 
Swinehart Peter, clerk, Pratt st s side, near the 

S« itzer John, shoemaker, Richmond st near Park 
Switzer Wm. shoemaker, Hookstown road 
Switzer Philip, confectioner, 71 Front st 
Switzer John G. baker. Union st 
Swormstead James, printer, Orleans st near 

Sykes John, merch. German'st betw Hanover and 

Sharp sts. dw cor Ilanox^er & Lombard sts 
Sylvester S. J. lottery and exchange office, 113 

Baltimore st 
Symington & Taylor, marble establishment, Char- 
les st below Camden 
Symington Tho. mer. ne cor Gay and Pratt sis. 

dw SE cor Albermarle and Granby sis 
Symonds Joseph, seaman, s end Ann st 

I^ALBOT & MERCER, dry good;; merchants, 
21 N Howard st dw 251 w B:iliim>re 

Talbot mrs Hannah, private boarduig house, 25 s 
Howard st 

Talbot Pel ry, brickmaker, Eden st near Pratt 

Talbot John, seaman, 37 Wilk st 

tTalbot Murry, seaman, St. Paul's st n of Ha- 

Talbot mrs Sarah, Armistead lane 

Talbot Allen, laborer, Addison st nrar High 

Talbot Edward C. tanner, nw cor Orleans and 
Aisquith sts 





Talbot Samuel, turner, Armistead lane 

Tale Thomas, seaman, Fleet st betw Caroline & 

Bond sts 
Tall Wm. tailor, 12 N Exeter st 
JTalley James, sawyer, Lerew's alley 
Tallon Benjamin, cooper, Centre lane 
tTannant Sarah, 2 s Low st 
Tarr 'Edwin S. cabinet maker, 28 North st 
Tarrinj^ Wm. painter and glazier, s Eutaw st 

near Ostend 
JTarter Henry H. porter, Lerew's alley 
tTarter John H. porter,Chesnut alley near Pearl st 
Tatham Daniel, porter of Franklin Bank, Armis- 
tead lane 
Tatham Daniel, Henrietta st nftar Charles 
Tatherly Charles, carter. Federal hill 
Taylor Thomas W. carpenter, 43 s High st 
Taylor James, sen. 14 High st 
Taylor James, jr, of Maryland steamboat, dw N 

Front st between Gay and Hillen 
Taylor Major, carpenter, German lane, dw 51 n 

Front st 
Taylor James, laborer, 12 Caroline st 
Taylor Samuel, fan and bellowsmaker, Pinkney st 

near Bond 
Taylor Wm. sea capt. Ann st near Alice Ann 
Taylor Hezekiah, grocery, ne cor Spring and 

Gough sts 
Taylor J woodcorder, Lee st w of Charles 
Taylor & Son, merchants, cor w Baltimore and 

Howard sts 
Taylor mrs Elizabeth, Park st near n Saratoga 
Taylor Wm. W. president of Commercial and 

Farmers' bank,dw 61 Camden st 
Taylor Robert A. auctioneer & commission mer- 

ciiant, 24 s Charles st. dw Lexington st w 

of St. Paul's 
Taylor Robert, stone cutter, Sharp st s of Pratt 
Taylor Wm. & J. ladies' shoe and gaiter makers, 

92 Hanover st 
Taylor Samuel, stone cutter, Charles st 1 door 

from Camden 
Taylor, mrs Elizabeth, Baltimore st w of Cove 
Taylor Benjamin, hardware merchant, Baltimore 

st w of Cove 

Taylor Thomas, shoe store, 26 w Pratt st 

Taylor Isaac, shoe store, 26i w Pratt st 

Taylor Levi, stone cutter, dw s Charles st near 

Taylor B. & Brown, hardware and cutlery mer- 
chants, 164* Baltimore st. dw B. Taylor 
Pratt st w of 3 tuns tavern 
Taylor Robert A. & Co. auction and commission 

march. 24 s Charles st 
Taylor Frances, cake shop, 8 Ruxton st 
Taylor &■ McNeil, coopers and proprietors of 

scows, SE cor Pratt and Alice Anna sts 
Taylor mr. blacksmith, w Falls av near Pratt st 
Taylor mrs Sarah, 6 Lancaster st 
Taylor mrs Margaret, cake shop, ne cor Wilk 

and Eden sts 
Taylor mrs Maria, seamstress. Beard st near Ca- 
Taylor capt. T. Harford st near Gough 
Taylor Joshua, shoemaker, 82 n Liberty st 
TaVlor capt. L. G. of steamboat Maryland, 14 n 

High st 
Taylor mrs Hannah, 8 s Exeter st 
Taylor Henry W. cooper, cor Exeter and Pitt sts 
Taylor mrs Margaret, milliner, 93 N Gay st 
Taylor Samuel, grocery and liquor store, Holland 

st near the run 
Taylor Richard, plane maker. Monument st near 

Taylor John, tanner, Ross st near Biddle alley 
Taylor Henry, weaver, Preston st 
Taylor James, weaver, Preston st 
Taylor David, Franklin st s side near Pearl 
Taylor Benjamin, weaver. Pierce st 
Taylor & Trowbridge, curriers, 35 n Howard st. 
dw John Taylor, cor Mulberry & Pearl sts 
Taylor Henry, weaver, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Taylor Alfred, brick layer, Vine alley w of Pine st 
Taylor Isaac, shoemaker. Hill st w of Hanover 
Taylor Wm. shoemaker, Hanover st 
tTaylor Margaret, Jews' alley,rear E Water st 
{•Taylor Jacob, laborer, High st 
tTaylor James, laborer, Happy all near Gough st 
tTaylor John, seaman, n Spring st near Gough 
tTaylor James, caulker, n Spring st near Gough 


tTaylor James, caulker, Eden st near Wilk 

fTaylor Mary, 66 Pgace alley 

Teackle St. Geo. W. attorney at law, St. Paul's 

St betw Lexington and Saratoga 
Teackle Doctor J. U. e Baltimore st \v of Exeter 
Teall Thorn, ship carpenter, 33 Bond st 
Teel James, blacksmith, Light st opposite Hill 
Tear Geo. ship carpenter, 67 Ann st 
Teas John, plaisterer, 9 New Church st 
Temperly mr. hotel, cor Howard & Mulberry sts 
Temple Matthew, shoemaker, Caroline st near 

Temple John, shoemaker, Spring st near Bank 
tTender Frisby, brickmaker, s Charles st 
Tennant Col. Thomas,merchant, nw cor Second 

and Gay sts 
Tennant Thomas, stockmaker, 3 South st 
Tenneson Joseph B. innkeeper, Wilk st near 

Tensfield John & Wm. blacksmiths, Lombard st 

s side near Light 
Terrel mrs Harriet, Hughes's st 
Terry Josiah, millwright, Conway st near Centre 

Tessier rev. John, St. Mary's seminary 
Tevis Daniel, cabinetmaker, 16 Fayette st 
Thatcher Caleb, miller, Tyson st near the alley 
Thayer L. shoemaker, 48 e Water st 
Thayer capt. Laban, Block st 
Thearle mrs Catherine, Hill st e of Charles 
Theater Philip, boot and shoe maker, Arraistead 

Theatre and Circus, cor Front and Low sis 
Theatre Adelphi, cor North and Saratoga sts 
Theatre Baltimore, Holiday st n of Fayette 
Thomaj, Kail & Co. com m. merchants, 85 Smith's 

wharf, dw of G. F. Thomce e Exeter st 
Thomas George, stevadore, Lancaster st near Ann 
Thomas Sterling, victualler, Holland st near the 

Thomas mrs Mary, 110 Ann st 
Thomas David, rigger, Alice Anna near Bond st 
Thomas Roger, 86 Bond st 
Thomas James H. grocer, cor Wilk st and Straw- 
berry alley 




Thomas Rach. washwoman, Wilk st near Spring 
Thomas mrs Ann, seamstress, Long alley 
Thomas E. C. Spanish cigar factory, n sideLex- 

ingtou Market 
Thomas J. L. cigar maker, 99 n Howard st 
Thomas Joseph, turner, cor Parkst and Dutch al. 

shop M'Clellan's st 
Thomas John, clerk, 50 n Liberty st '3 
Thomas miss Ann, Bath st near Calvert 
Thomas Joseph, turner, 19 M'Clellan's alley 
Thomas David, carpenter, 43 w Fayette st 
Thomas mrs Eleanor, 21 Fayette st 
Thomas Philip E. president of railroad company, 

dw Sharp st s of Lombard 
Thomas Lambert, cabinet maker, 128 n High st 
Thomas mrs Margery, 76 n High st 
Thomas mrs Margaret, 84 n E.xeter st 
Thomas mrs T. Beuren st near Fall 
Thomas mrs Sophia, Granby st near Harford run 
Thomas Rachel, Potter st near Low 
Thomas Geo. seaman, Ann st near Alice Anna 
Thomas John T. boarding house, Thames st near 

Thomas Doctor Richard H. cor Sharp and Lom- 
bard sts 
Thomas & George, hardware and cutlery store 

196 Baltimore st 
Thomas Wm. block and pumpmaker, Grand st 
Thomas Isaac, cooper, 12 Commerce st 
I'homas mrs. 14 Commerce st 
Thomas James, hatter, 56 Centre Market space 
Thomas Robert, pilot, 34 Alice Anna st nearBond 
Thomas Wm. boat builder, cor Hanover st and 

Welcome alley 
Thomas Isaac, cooper. Commerce st 
Thomas Francis, waiter, Forest st near Douglass 
Thomas Joseph P. cabinet maker, cor Moll and 

Sterling sts 
Thomas John, house carpenter, St.'Mary'sst 
Thomas Isaac, stone mason, Saratoga st-w of Pine 
Thomas mrs Rebecca, shoe binder, Baltimore st 

w of Cove 
Thomas Samuel, city watchman. Park lane near 

Pine st 
Thomas Owen, baker, Sugar alley 





Thomas Edward, coach painter, Charles st near 

tThomas Betsy, Federal hill 
tThomas Ann, Charles st near Hill 
tThomas Dick, drayman, Cove st 
tThomas Henry, laborer, Cove st 
fThomas Jacobj gardener, Hookstown road 
iThonias Jacob, drayman. Forest st near Or- 
leans st 
tThomas Mary, Ensor st 
^Thomas Prissey, Forrest st 
t'l'hoMias mrs Jane, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Low and Aisquith sts 
tThomas Pompey, laborer, Kimmeli's alley 
tThomas Andrew, Pleasant st 
t'J'honias Robert, tanner, Hamiilon st 
^Thomas Thomas, laborer, Spring st near Gough 
tThomas Augustus, baker, cor Howard st and 

Bottle alley 
tThomas Hazel, drayman, Cider alley 
tThomas Maria, ;vashwoman, Strawberry alley 

near Bond st 
tThomas Kttty, washwoman, Spring st near 

JThomas Perry, waiter, Bank st near Eden 
tThomas Wm, carpent. cor Barre &, Howard sts 
fThomas Garrison, brickmaker, Howard st 
•^Thomas Clara, washer, cor Howard and Con- 
way sts 
tThomas Charles, laborer, Canada alley 
tThomas John, laborer, Centre st n of Charles 
tThomas Cloe, cook, College alley 
tThomas Ellen, washer. Pleasant st 
t'I'homas Ii-aac, laborer, Hamilton st 
Thompson Win. shipwright, e end Wilk st 
Tiiompson Rob. tavern keeper & grocer, .cor Ann 

& Laiicasier sts 
Thompson .ioiin, painter, Eden st near Gough 
Thompson Thomas F. carpenter, 100 n Eutaw st 
'J'hornison Samuel, tobacconist. Eager alley 
Thompson George M. lumber rnerch. cor Centre 

&. Howard sis 
Thompson mrs Elizabeth, 44 Park vSt 
Tl.ornpson mrs Catherine, Pratt st near Eden 
Thompson Samuel, cabinet maker, 13 Harrison st 

Thompson Henry & Son, commission merchants? 

41 s Gay st 
Thompson Thomas, carpenter, 12 n Eutaw st 
Thompson John, ship carpenter, Argyle alley 

near Fleet st 
Thompson James, 27 Fleet st 
Thompson Wm. laborer, Addison st near High 
Thompson mrs Ann Maria, dry goods and mil- 
linery store, 122 n High st 
Thompson John, lumber inspector, s Eutaw near 

Bank st 
Thompson John L letter carrier, Exeter st s of 

Salisbury st 
Thompson James, commission merchant, O'Don- 

nell's wharf, dw Exeter st near Water 
Thompson Charles, grocery and liquor store, cor 

JNew Church and Sharp sts 
Thompson mrs Ann, mantuamaker, Water st 
Thompson D. &. W. saddle, harness and trunk 

maker, 26 South st 
Thompson mrs A. C. Commerce st 
Thompson H. A. 4 s Frederick st 
Thompson Wm. innkeeper, 1 Bond st 
Thompson Edward, wheelwright, dw 65 Bond st 

shop Lancaster st near Happy alley 
Thompson Jos. P. dw St. Payl'sst s of Franklin 
Thompson Alexander, shoemaker, 81 n Gay st 
Thompson mrs Mary, grocery, ne cor Forest 

and Douglass sts 
Thompson James, plasterer, 8 Forest st 
Thompson Alexander, shoemaker, Gallows Hill 
'j'hompson Elias, shoemaker, Ensor st 
Thompson Harrison, weaver, Richmond st near 

Thompson Thomas, carpenter, Richmond st near 

Thompson George, lumber merchant, dw George 

st near Pine 
Thompson John, bricklayer, George st near Pearl 
Thompson mrs Ann, 5 Pine st near Franklin 
Thompson Edward, bricklayer, Franklin st near 

Thompson Wm. wheelwright, Franklin near Eu- 
taw St. dw Franklin row 
Thompson Thomas J. chair maker, Franklin row 





Thompson Alfred \V. clerk in the courthouse, 

d\v Franklin st 
Thompson James, weaver, Saratoga st e of Cove 
Thompson mr laborer, cor Park lane and Amity st 
Thompson Richard, city watchman, 4 Pine 6t 

near Fayette 
Thompson mrs Sophia, Green st between Fay- 
ette and Baltimore sts 
Thompson mrs Sally, Elbow lane 
Thompson Allen, carpenter, Sharp st near Hill 
Thompson Samuel, watchman. Light st 
tThompson Richard, caulker, w end Wolf st 
[■Thompson Edward, hackman, Caroline st near 

^Thompson Noah, laborer, Spring st near Gough 
tThompson Joe, laborer, Conway st near Charles 
^Thompson Ann, 30 Frederick st 
JThompson Rachel, 30 Frederick st 
jThompson David, laborer, ]v Exeter nearHillen 
tThompson Mar}', washer, Peace alley 
tThompson James, carter, 39 Ensor st 
tThompson Betsey, Honey alley 
tThompson Tempo, boarding house, s Charles 

st near Sugar alley 
Thornburgh mrs Isabella, 76 N Liberty st 
Thornell mrs Jane, Douglass st near Forest 

Thorneil , Harrison st near Gay 

Thornton Stephen, boarding house, 4 South st 
Thornton mrs A. school, 25 s Calvert st 
Thornton John H. carpenter, Caroline st near 

Thornton F. A. navy purser, Fayette st between 

Eutaw & Paca 
tThornton John, hack driver^ Sharp st near Sa- 
'J'horpe Win. constable. Green si s of Baltimore 
Thorpe Joshua, bricklayer, Saratoga st w of Cove 
Threkela Eliza, Apple alley near Pinkney st 
Thrift mrs Mary, Board alley, betw. Biddle alley 

and Biddle st 
Thrift Wm. cooper, Board alley, betw. Biddle al. 

and Biddle st 
Tibbals mrs Susan, seamstress, 11 Potter st 
Tice mrs Ann, seamstress, East near Pitt st 
Tickler mrs Margaret, Preston st near Ross 

Tidings Lewis, victualler, cor Spring & Hol- 
land sts 
Tidings Wm. Henry, carpenter. Wine st 
Tidings Lewis, victualler. Union alley 
Tiernan Patrick, hardware and cutlery store, 186 

Bait. St. dw Pleasant st n of Charles 
Tiernan Luke, shipping merch. 9 s Charles st. 
dw Sharp st betw Lombard & German sts 
Tiffany C. merchant, Saratoga st near Charles 
Tiffany O. C. dw 34 St Paul's st near Saratoga 
Tiffany Wm. & Co. domestic warehouse, 205 

Baltimore St. dw 35 Charles st 
Tiffany Shaw &, Co. domestic commission mer- 
chants, 199i Bait, st 
Tilden Tiiomas E. tailor, 6 Lombard st 
Tilden & West, merch. tailors, 64 Lombard st 
Tileston Wm.agent for Providence flint glass co. 

49 s Calvert st 
Tilghman Jam. custom house officer, St. Paul's st 
JTilghman capt. Levin, 39 Park st 
JTilghman Ann, dress maker, 39 Park st 
tTillerson Emory, laborer. Pierce st 
Tilman James, laborer, Butler's lane 
Tilman mrs Margaret, s Howard stnear Peace al 
JTilman Hester, IT Salisbury st 
tTilman Robert, laborer, Hamilton st 
JTilman Mary, washwoman, Star alley . 
Tilyard H. VV. dentist, Lombard st near s How- 
ard st s side 
Tilyard James, sign painter, 49 s Liberty st 
Tilyard John, painter, Saratoga st w of Liberty 
Tilyard mrs Martha, 40 n Charles st. store Sara- 
toga st opposite St. Paul's Church 
Tim Anthony, victualler, Saratoga st near Cove 
Timanus mrs Eliza, Chamberlain alley 
Timanus miss, mantuamaker, 22 Lexington st 
Timbs Wm. carpenter. Bottle alley near Eutaw st 
tTimes Thomas, laborer, East st near Douglass 
tTimes Joseph, laborer, German st e of Cove 
Timmons John, s Charles st near Henrietta 
Tindle Nehemiah, shoemaker, Hookstown road 
Tindle Robert W. shoemaker. Welcome alley 
Tinges Wm. clerk, 15 Park st 
Tinges mrs Mary, 60 Pitt st 
Tinker Frederick; shoemaker, cor Ann and Fleet 






Tims Benjamin, ship carpenter. Bond st 

jTims Abram, laborer, Falls turnpike 

Tinker John, grocery and feed store,cor Howard 

& Conway sts 
Tinkler Thomas, cedar cooper, 13 n Gay st 
Tischmeyer Frederick, vmegar manufactory, 

East st near llillen 
Titcomb nirs Sarah, fancy store, 70 s Charles st 
Tittle Jereiniali, merch. tailor, 20 South st 
Toi)y Eiisha N. accountant, 17 s High st 
Todd Daniel, carpenter, Harford av 
Todd James, seaman, 11 i^'lect st 
Todd Abrah. carpenter, Holiday st near Saratoga 
ITuild Sarali, Potter st near Gay 
Toder mr York av 

'lodliiinter Joseph, dry goods merch. 195 Bait, st 
I'ulsun Joseph B carpenter, e Piit st near n Eden 
Tuinkins & Coale, coium. merch. 6 Spear's wharf 
Toner Llichagl, teaciier, 4 Peace alley 
Toner inrs Mary, Potter st near French 
Tonge Richard, merchant, 240 n Gay st 
'1 onge Davis, dw 240 N Gay st 
tTtjogood Jacob, laborer. Bottle alley 
tToogood Charles, laborer. Bottle alley 
■fToogood Charles, Chamberlain alley 
tToogood Ann, German st between Cove and Pine 
Tool t)avid, chair maker, Forest st 
Tool mrs Christian, 2 Potter si 
Toomey Thomas, shoemaker, Salisbury st 
f Toomey Jos. H. G. hair dresser, 20i s Calverl st 
Topping Robert, weaver, Whitvvorth's row, be- 
tween Cove and Rock sts 
tTopping Charles, drayman, i?iddlo st near Ross 
Torloting Maria, Holiday st near Bath 
Torney O. grocery and liquor store, cor Howard 

& Barre sts 
Torney C. grocery and feed store, cor Light and 

Mo.'itgomery sts 
Torrcnce James, carpet weaver, 50 s High st 
Torrence Charles, conim. merch. dw 20 n Fred- 
erick st 
Torrence George, merch. dw 20 .v Frederick st 
Torrent John, seaman, 109 Bond st 
Torsch Frederick, cabinetmaker, Short alley near 
Conwav st 

Tottle Robert, shoemaker, rear of Saratoga st 2d 

door w of'Park 
Towel mrs Amelia, cor Caroline & Fleet sts 
Town & Davis, architects, office Athenceum 
Townsend J. ship carpenter, Starr alley 
Townsend Tho. jr. ship carpenter, 54 Market st 
Townsend mrs Ann Maria, tobacconist, se cor 

Gay and Exeter sts 
Townsend Thomas, ship carpenter, Alice Anna 

st near Wolf 
Townsend David & Edward, cabinetmakers, 31 

w Frankhn st 
Townsend Joseph J. glass, oil and paint store, 34 

Harrison st. dw 18 Baltim. st 
Townsend Thomas I. paint store, 34 Harrison st 
Townsend John, dyer, 32 Harrison st 
Towse Dan. shoemaker, Centre st e of St. Paul's 
Towson Philemon, inspector of butter and lard, 

10 s Liberty st 
Towson^ Bell, stone cutters, Lexington st w of 

Towson Joseph, merchant tailor, 7 St. Paul's st 
Towson Thomas, merchant tailor, 85 Harrison st 
Towson mrs Sarah, boarding house, 48 n Front st 
Towson Henry, carpenter. Water st e of Exeter 
Towson mrs Rebecca, Tyson st near the alley 
Toy Isaac N. book keeper, Franklin bank, dw 47 

N Front st 
Toy John D. book and job printer, nw cor Bal- 
timore & St. Paul's sts. dw cor Courtland 
& Saratoga sts 
Toy Joseph N. bookseller and stationer, 74i Bal- 
timore st 
Toy S. D. & P. W. dry goods merch. 2 Centre 

Market space 
Tracy James, collector, Franklin st vv of Pearl 
Tracy Thomas, laborer, Alley in rear of Ross st 
Tracy, boarding house, Gough st near Caroline 
Tracy James, Ross st 
Tracy Jefferson Baltimore st w of Cove 
Tracy Matthew, South st 
Traeyser L. G. shoemaker, Harford avenue 
Tranner John, laborer, \v Pratt st near Wash- 
ington turnpike 
Travers Charles, grocer, cor Fleet and Caroline 


-to TUN 


Travers mis Jane, 3 Aim st 
Travers Flan, grocer, 19 M'Elderry's wharf 
Travers mrs Susanna, teacher, 67 s High st 
ITravers Francis, laborer, Homespun alley 
TTravers Edward, porter, cor Howard st & Car- 
penter's alley 
tTravers Mary, Terrapin hill near e Baltimore st 
tTravers Abrani, carter, s Charles st s end 
tTravers Hester, Charles st near Hill 
Treacy Hugii, march, tailor, 101 n Howard st 
Tieacy Matthew, merch. tailor, 3 St. Paul's st 
Treadwell O. W. classical academy, 4 Lexingt. st 
Treadway Asa, house carpenter, 6 Ross st 
Trego James, mariner, President st near Stiles 
Trentler mr. carpenter, 51 Harrison st 
Tiimble gen. John, 28 Lancaster st 
Trimble mrs Elizabeth, Franklin st w of Paca 
Trimble Thomas, Holiday st n of Saratoga 
Trimble J, & Son, 77 s Calvert st 
Trimble John & Son, iron and commiss. merch. 
77 s Calvert st. dw 3 s High st s of Market 
Trimble Samuel, ship carpenter, ne cor High & 

AVilk sts, yard McElderry's wharf 
Trimble William, 8 s High st 
Trimble Isaac, 8 High st 
Trimble George, Blacksmith, Biddle alley 
Trip James, seaman, Short st 
tTrip John, laborer, Bounty lane near Spring st 
iTrip Henry, seaman, Painter's court 
Trival George, tailor, ne cor Aisquith and Or- 
leans sts 
Troop Elizabeth, 13 Fleet st 
Trott Thos. boiitman, Harford run near Water st 
Trolt capt. Wm.H Marketstnear Alice Anna 
Trott S. carter, Aisquith st 
Trolt mrs Mary, 47 n Gay st 
Trotten Thomas, carpenter, 11 Temple st 
Trowbj-idge Daniel,currier, Howard st. dw Frank- 
lin st 
Trowbridge Reuben, cor Pearl and Lexington sts 
Troxel Abram H, carpenter. Mulberry st near 

tTruly Wm. barber, 103 s Eutaw st 
Trumbo David, lime inspector, Mulberry st near 

Trumley W.shoemaker,Forest st near Hull's lane 

Trump Wm. clerk, s Eutaw st n«ar Lombard 

Trump Henry, carpenter, Carpenter alley 

Trumpour mrs Rosana, Davis st near Bath 

Trushler C. brickmaker, Greenwich st 

Trust Harmon, baker, Barre st w of Sharp 

JTrust Perry, drayman, Biddle alley 

Trusten Joseph, coachmaker, Beuren st near 

Trusty Jonathan, stevadore, cor Wilk st and Ap- 
ple alley 
tTrusty Samuel, laborer, Ensor st 
fTrusty Aaron, porier, M'Clellan's st 
Truve George, milkman, Hookstown road 
Tucass Peter, cooper, Pleasnnt st 
Tucker Samuel, carpenter, 128 n Howard st 
Tucker James, sweep master, Caroline st 
Tucker John, boot and shoemaker, 90 Bond st 
Tucker Silas, boot and shoe maker, n Gay st 
Tucker Joseph, dry goods merchant, 6 Centre 

Market space, dw 16 Pitt st 
Tucker mr. chair maker, Pratt st N side near 

Tucker mrs Mary, Light st n of West 
Tucker John, waterman, Barre st near Sharp 
Tucker John, grocer, 9 Second st 
TuckerGeo.W. druggist, se cor Eden & Pratt sts 
Tucker W. A. president of Baltimore Insurance 

Co. dw 8 Lexington st 
Tucker Joseph, dry goods merch. 73 Baltimore st 
Tuckey Elisha, painter & glazier, 12 Caroline st 
Tudel mrs Sarah F. Armistead lane 
Tuder John, lime store, 58 n Gay st 
Tudey Martin, laborer, Baltimore st vv of Cove 
Tufts Wm. 81 St. Paul's st 
f Tugo Priscilla, Peach alley 
Tumbleson Wm.boat builder, Spear's wharf, dw 

cor Hanover st & Welcome alley 
fTumey Henry, boot black, Mulberry st near Le- 

rew's alley 
fTumey Nathan, porter, Mulberry st near Le- 

rew's alley 
tTumey Josiah," hair dresser,3 doors from Mer- 
cer st in Calvert, dw German lane 
Tunally Thomas N. merchant tailor, 64 w Pratt st 
Tunis Samuel, halter, n Exeter st near Pitt 
Tunis Alexander,shoemaker,Sterling st near Mott 



Tupper Lewis B. e Pratt st near Harford run 
Turell nir. cigar manufacturer, 30 Franklin st 
Turfield mrs Mary, Bottle al w of Sharp st 
Turnbull Alex. Charles st & 227 Market st 
Turnbull misses, young ladies boarding shod, n 

Charles st opposite Barnet 
Turnbull Dr. D. lecturer on anatomy.class room, 

Paca st near Fayette, dw Liberty st 
Turner Isaac, butcher, nw cor Bond &, Bank sts 
Turner Joshua, butcher, Holland st near Harford 
Turner Naliian, butcher, Holland st near Harford 
Turner Henry, shoemaker. Bottle al w of Sharp st 
Turner Joseph, jun. lumber merch. 28 Light st 

wharf, dw Charles st 
Turner Thomas W. accountant, Conway st near 

Turner Caleb, innkeeper, 81 Hanover st 
Turner Joshua, comm. merch. flour & feed store, 

30 Pratt st head of Frederick st dock 
Turner Joshua & Son, grocery and feed store, 58 

N Gay St. 
Turner Matthew, city bailiflf, York st 
Turner Thomas, watchman, nw cor Beuren and 

Falls sts 
Turner John, lime store, 58 n Gay st 
Turner mrs Elizabeth, 187 French st 
'i'urnermrs Elizabeth, Comet st 
Turner Edward W. clerk. Comet st 
Turner Henry, victualler,Holl£nd st E of Har run 
Turner Caleb, ship joiner, Har av 
Turner Thomas, carpenter, Ensor st 
Turner David, painter, Ross st 
Turner Lewis, butcher, Hookstown road 
'J'urner, Jolm, Hookstown road 
Turner mrs Margaret, St Paul's st 
Turner George, fisherman, William st w of Cross 
Turner Charles H. carpenter, Franklin row near 

Cove st 
Turner Joshua, laborer, at glass house 
Turner Isaac, blacksmith. Light st s of Armistead 
fPurner Mary, Hookstown road 
Turpin Joshua, shoemaker, Goodwin alley 
Tulums Henry laborer, Harford avenue 
Tuttle mrs Mary, boarding house, n Calvert st 
Tuxworth George W. bookbinder, Constitution st 

-to UNI 

Tweedall James, reed maker. Green st between 

Fayette and Baltimore 
Twiffer James, shoemaker, Saratoga st w of Pine 
Twig Thomas, shoemaker, Biddle al near Ross st 
Tvvynham Geo. carter, 40 s Liberty st 
Tyler capt. Daniel M. w end Philpot st 
Tyler G. K. druggist 25 e Baltimore st 
Tyler Daniel, blacksmith, Philpot st n end 
tTynes Geo. laborer, 18 Pratt st 
Tyson Wm. A. comm. merch. 77 Bowjy's wharf, 

dvv 1 Caroline st 
Tyson John S. attorney at law, 6 Courtland st 
Tyson Wm. dw Lombard st w of Sharp 
Tyson (Si, Norris, flour merch. 7 Spear's wharf 
Tyson Isaac, sen. merch. and miller, 3 Cable st 

near Commerce, dw Pratt st w of Sharp 
Tyson & Fisher, chemists and druggists, 192 Bal- 
timore st 
Tyson mrs Ann, Lerew's alley near Saratoga st 
Tyson Thomas, grocer in general, cor Pratt and 

Hanover sts 
Tyson Isaac, jun. merchant, Lombard st w of 

Tyson Nathan, flour merch. lower end of Patter- 
son's wharf 
Tyson & Littlefield, commission merch. 79 Bow- 
jy's wharf 
Tyson Jonathan, of the above firm, dvv Eutavv st 

3d door s of Pratt 
Tyson Jacob, 97 g Eutaw st 

XJhLER ERASMUS,cor Green & German sts 

Uhler George, hatter, 113 Sharp st 

Uhler George W. hat manufacturer, 49 w Pratt st 

dw 113 Sharp st 
Uhlhorn Rev, Johannes, pastor of German Luth. 

Cong. 70 Sharp st 
Uhlhorn Gerrett, liquor store, Pratt st near bridge 
tUncles Isaac, blacksmith, Asbury lane 
Underwood Joshua, dair3'man, cor South and 

Water sts 
Underwood Enoch, engineer, Constitution st 
Union manufacturing com. of Maryland, ware- 
house Ob Charles st 



Union Bank of Maryland,cor n Charles and Fay- 
ette sts 

Union glass company store, 36 a Calvert st. Geo. 
Chapman, agent 

United States Insurance Co. of Baltimore, Peter 
Neff, presid. and J. J. Atkinson, secret. 
South St opposite Lovely lane 

University of Maryland, formerly Baltim. College, 
Mulberry st opposite the Cethedral, Rev. 
C. Williams, principal academical depart- 
ment, dw cor Franklin & Park sts 

Unverzagt T. shoemaker, s Howard st near Peace 

Upperman mrs Mary, seamstress, Pinkney st 
near Bond 

Upperman miss Ann, 12 Bath st 

Upperman Thomas, chair maker, Sugar alley 

Urica Eli, cigar maker, George st near Pine 

Urie James, boarding house, 3 Bond st 

Usher John, Sterling st 

Usher Thomas L. teacher, Penn. avenue n of St 
Mary's st 

Uthmann Anthony, tailor, Cowpen alley 

Valentine LAWRENCE, dealer in dry 
goods, 22 N Front st 

tValentine Anr.a, Peach alley ^ 

Valiant mrs. 9 Mercer st 

Valiant J. &i, R. grocers and commission merch. 
11 Light st wharf 

Valiant R- Hanover st near Barro 

Valiant J. Hanover st near Barre 

Valiant George, fish inspector, near the intersec- 
tion of Liberty & German sts 

Valiant Doctor John A. near the intersection of 
Liberty & German sts 

Valiant John, coardwainer, se cor P^'awn and 
High sts 

Valiant James, hatter, n Gay st near Mott 

Vailed Joseph, tailor, 6 n High st, dw 65 Pitt st 

Vallette Emily Jane, dw Fayet e st near Assem- 
bly Rooms 

Vallette Victor, of the firm of Martin & Vallette, 
dw 66 Baltimore st 

-VIC 185 97 

Vanbergen, VVm. carpenter, cor Chatsworth & 

Pine sts 
Van Bihber , attorney at law, cor St, Paul's 

st &. Dark lane 
Vance Wm. plane maker, 10 n Charles st. dw 

Lexington st e of Charles 
Vance Tho. custom house boatman, Spring st 

near Bank 
Vance mrs Margaret, seamstress, 39 Fleet st 
Vance Jane, grocer, Ann st near Fleet 
Vandegrit't mrs Jane, seamstress, Monument st 

near Constitution 
Vanorsdel Joiin M. carpenter, Aisquitli st near 

Vandervoort mrs. fancy store,dw 157 w Baltim. st 
Vandervoort R. B. 157 Baltim. st 
Van Haggan Henry, seaman, Strawberry al near 

Fleet st 
Vanhorn Fieldinsr, carver cor Gay and Water sts 
Van Ness W. J. grocer, 18 Centre Market space 
Vansant Cornelius, boarding hou^e, 7 South st 
Vansant Joseph, hatter, 8 Canal st near e Baito. 
Vansant John, Eutaw st near Conway 
Van Tyne J. P. hat and fur dealer, 17 n Howard st 
Vaughan mrs Elizabeth, Mulberry st w of Col- 
lege alley 
Vermillion James, painter «& glazier, Pitt st near 

the run 
Vernetson Wm. 2d hand clothing store, 3G Se- 
cond st 
Vernon Daniel, tailor, Ross st near Biddle 
Verot Rev. A. St Mary's college 
Vicary Henry, bookseller and binder, 50 w Pratt st 
Vicarv Thotnas, 44 s High st 
Vichmayer Daniel, grocery and liquor store, cor 

Long alley & New st 
Vickers Jesse, chair maker, Falls st near Beuren 
Vickers capt. Joel, merch. Commerce st whf. dw 

71 w Pratt st 
Vickers G A. & Co. comm. merch. Commerce st 

whf. dw 71 w Pratt st 
Vickers J. oyster house, M'Clellan st 
tVictor Oculay, hairdresser, 9 Marsh Market sp. 
Victory mrs Julian, grocery store, 71 w Pratt st 
Victory Daniel, innkeeper, 16 Market st F. P. 





Victory mrs Ann Eliza, 22 Potter st 

Villers mrs Julia, 9 Saratoga st 

Vincent John, cutler, 37 Harrison st 

Vincent James, laborer, Park lane 

Vinehart Frederick, .\ Gay st near Mott 

Viney mrs Ann, French alley 

Vinsofi James, shoemaker, York st 

Virdin capt. VVm. VV. of gov. Wolcott steamboat, 

Pratt st near Caroime 
Voight mrs Catherine, shoebinder, Mulberry st 

w of Pine 
Vonhollen Christoph. sugar refiner, 75 s Eutawst 
Voss Will. coo[)or, Harford st near Gough 
Voss B. F. merchant, dvv Mulberrj' st n of Charles 
Voss F, & R. &, Biscoe, hardware merchants, 10 

s Charles st 
Voss Thomas, harness maker, 65 n Gay st 

WaBBER WM. rigger, 27 Ann st 
Wadams Samuel, carter. Hill st near Sharp 
W^addcll Henry M. sea capt, lower end Ann st 
Waddell Geo. jirocery & liquor store,cor Calvert 

&. Mulberry sts 
Waddell Wm. wholesale and retail dry goods and 

clothing store, svv cor Pratt & Charles sts. 

dw 2'i Pratt st 
Waddell mrs L. fancy dress maker, s Frederick st 

near Biiltimore 
Waddle Eliftha, saddler, Forest st near Gay 
Waddle James A. clerk, Hutihes st 
Wade mrs John, teacher, 14 n Gay st 
Wpt'ScFie mrs Margaret, Liberty st near German 
Waesche &, De Spada, hardware and cutlery store, 

232 Market st 
Waggoner Philii), carpet weaver, & grocery and 

liquor store, vv Baltimore st e of Penn. av 
Waggoner George, carpet weaver, Penn, avenue 

near Preston st 
Wagner George, block and pump maker, 116 

Wolf st, shop cor of Wolf and Thames sis 
Wagner Harman, cabinet maker, Harford avenue 
Wagner George, snilmaker, Ann st near Gongh 
Wagner Francis, blockmaker, lUWolfst. shop 

cor Thames & Woifsts 
Wagner Dr. A. 48 n Charles st 

Wahl Melchoir & Son, coach trimmers and har- 
ness makers, 2S Franklin st 
Wait Joseph, shoemaker, 177 French st 
Wait George W. castor oil manufacturer, 58 s 

High st 
Wakeman Bradley, 15 e Mulberry st 
Walker Robert, sea capt. 18 Pliifpot st 
Walker Joseph, teacher, 16 Caroline row Caro- 
line st 
Walker S. D. tobacco and cigar warehouse, Mar- 
ket st above Eutaw, dw Fayette st 
Walker Matthew, carter, n end of North st 
Walker mrs Mary, 45 n Sharp st 
Walker John, Maryland coffee house, cor Fay- 
ette and Holliday sts 
Walker Benjamin, grocer, 62 Light st 
Walker S. 13. grocer, 2 Grant st ' 
Walker Wm. sailmaker, McElderry's wharf 
Walker Noah, clothing store, 70 centre market 

Walker Francis, sailmaker, Bank near Eden st 
Walker SaterT. United States clothing store, 183 
Baltimore st. dw Saratoga st near Howard 
Walker mrs Margaret, 7 s Howard st 
Walker Willian), sailmaker, lower end McElder- 
ry's wharf, dw President st 
Walker Henry, machinist 60 Front st 
Walker Beiij;!inin F. printer, 75 s High st 
Walker Robert, tcaclier, academy e Water st, dw 

s Exeter st 
Wa!ker James, porter, e Wafer st near Har. run 
Walker William, carpenter, 13 Maiden latie 
Walker Joseph, bricklayer, Union st near Ross 
Walker John W^. deputy marshal, Green st N of 

Walker John, laborer, Sugar alley 
Walker, John, blacksmith. Sugar alley 
Walker William, ship carpenter, Federal hill 
f Walker Emory drayman, Goiighst near Granby 
iWalker Eliza, waiter, Chesnut lane near Pine st 
jWalker Delia, Mulberry st vv of Pearl 
tWalker James, oysterman, Canada alley 
Wall Samuel, seaman, 9 Tliames st 
Wall Micha?], grocery and liquor store, 23 w Lex- 
ington st 
Wall George, 16 w Lexington st 





Wall mrs Jane, 12 Comet st 

Wall Daniel, painter and glazier, nw cor Pine 

and Pierce sis 
Wall Ephraim, carpenter, 45 Pearl st 
Wall Jacob, carpenter, Park lane e of Pine st 
Wall mrs 16 w Lexington st 
Wallace Philip, Charles stN of Mulberry 
Wallace Eliza, !|rocery,s\v cor Thames and Ann 
Wallace mrs Margaret, 14 Paca st 
Wallace Joseph A. president of Maryland insur- 
ance company, 83 v Liberty st 
Wallace Luther, painter. Centre near Calvert st 
Wallace miss Larena, teacher. Centre near Cal- 
vert st 
Wallace miss Sarah, boarding house, cor Gay & 

Fayette sts 
Wallace &- Heron, dry goods merchants, 65 n 

Howard st 
Wallace William, copper and tin ware factory, 

3S Calvert st. dw 69 High st 
Wallace Thomas and Son, grocers and dry goods 

merchants, Forest st n of Hillen 
Wallace James, laborer, Sterling st 
Wallace George, coach smith, Pierce st 
Wallace Samuel, baker, Douglass st near East 
Wallace Solomon, dry goods mer. 118 n High st 
Wallace Rev W. W. 45 n High st 
Wallace William, (firmofSimms & Wallace,) 69 

s High st 
Wallace Patrick, laborer, Beuren st near Monu- 
tWallace Charles, gardener, Jews alley 
•fWallace Edward, seaman, Painter's court 
tWnllace Robert, laborer. Pearl st near Saratoga 
tWallnce James, drayman, Welcome alley 
tWallace Hetty, Dutch alley 
tWallace Isabella, milliner, 17 w Lexington st 
Waller Abraham, tavern keeper, cor Concord and 

Hawk sts 
Waller Basil, tavern keeper, 6 Fish Market space 
Waller mrs Charity, seamstress, Long alley 
Walsh mr. teacher, 33 New Church st 
Walsh Daniel, hatter, 163 High st 
Walsh mrs Lydia, e Water st 
Walsh James, Franklin st 

Walsh James W. merchant, cor Saratoga and 

Courtland sts 
Walsh James, leather dresser, 60 s Calvert st 
Walsh Jacob, justice of the peace, cor Water and 
Gay St. dw cor Albermarle and Granby sts 
Walsh James, grocery and liquor store, w Pratt 

st near Frederick 
Walsh Lawrence, Hawk st 
Walsh Richard, tavern keeper, 37 Marsh Market 

Walsh Adam, tanner and leather dealer, cor Lex- 
ington and Paca sts 
W'alsh Henry, carpenter, 50 n Eutawst 
Walsh & McQuinn, lumber merchant, 24 Light 

st wharf 
Walsh John, (firm ofdo.) dw Mulberry st second 

house w of College alley 
Walsh Andrew, tailor. Holiday st n of Bath 
Walsh T. Y. attorney at law. Court house lane 
Walsh James, tavern keeper, n side Camden st 

near Light st 
Walstrum Peter, cordwainer, 82 Charles st 
Walter mrs Henrietta, Pitt st near bazaar bridge 
Walter Henry, carpenter, Biddle st near Ross 
Walter William, tobacconist, dw Mulberry st 
Walter Joseph, victualler, Pratt st e of Cove 
Walters Dr. Henry, Fayette st near Charles 
Walters Jacob, clock and watch maker, 1254 Bal- 
timore st 
Walters miss Elizabeth, dress maker, 47 n Lib- 
erty st 
Walters mrs Mary, Alice Anna st near Straw- 
berry alley 
Walton John, fruiterer, 64 Potter st 
Walton Samuel, carter, Hill st near Sharp 
Walton mrs. Sharp st 
tWalton Isaac, laborer, Pleasant st 
tWalton Benjamin, laborer, Pleasant st 
tWalton Charles, Long alley 
tWalton John, laborer, Lee st e of Charles 
Wamaling John, 66 w Pratt st 
Wamaling Peter J. turner, cor Charles & Hill sts 
Wamselly Isaac, constable, cor Eutaw and Sara- 
toga sts 
Wane George, victualler, Spring st near Gough 


WAN to- 


Wanemrs Elizabeth, seamstress, n Caroline near 

Baltimore st 
Wane Julia Ann, 11 Caroline st 
Wannall William H. house carpenter, Green st 

E of Paca 
Ward Edward V. e Pratt st near green tree pump 
Ward mrs Lilly, 4G n Exeter st 
Ward Bernard, grocery & liquor store, 47 Exeter 
Ward Mines, engineer, 14 Salisbury st 
Ward John, shoemaker, Hillen st near East 
Ward mrs Mary, Hillen st ne ar East 
Ward mrs Sarah, tailoress, Mulberry st near Pine 
Ward mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, Montgomery 

st near Charles 
Ward James, shoemaker, 64 Fleet st 
Ward Robert, laborer, Block st near Neilson's 

bake house 
Ward mrs Mary, Holliday st n of Bath 
Ward Wm. J. attorney at law, 29 St. Paul's st 
|\Vard Stephen, laborer, 70 Caroline st 
Wardell mrs Mary, Beuren stnear Monumet 
Wardell Samuel, cooper, East st near Hillen 
tWarden Jacob, laborer, Pleasant st 
Ware James, shoemaker, Caroline near Orleans st 
Ware Peter, grocer, 78 Ensor st 
Warfield George F. n Paca st w side, near Mul- 
Warfield George, cabinet maker, 32 s Howard st 
Warfield & Mactier, flour merchants, 9 Spear's 
wharf, dw D. Warfield, cor St* Paul's and 
Pleasant sts 
Warfield mrs Sarah, Barnet st near Sharp w side 
Warfield Wm. justice of the peace, se cor Fay- 
ette and St. Paul sts. dw Lexington st w of 
Warley John, iron founder, Hamilton st near St 

Warner James, druggist, 126 n Howard st 
Warner mrs Mary A. 9 Fayette st 
Warner George, jr. attorney at law, office Fay- 
ette st E of St. Paul's St. dw Columbia st 
near Paca 
Warner George H. dry goods merchant, dw £0 

Camden st 
Warner Andrew L. silver smith, 6 » Gay st 

Warner Lewis M. dry goods merchant, 19 Balti- 
more st 
Warnei- mrs boarding house, 46 n Gay st 
Warner Dr. A. L. Pratt st 2nd door e of the bridge 
Warner mrs C. midwife, 113 n Exeter st 
Warner Henry, butcher. Penn. avenue opposite 

Preston st 
Warner Michiel, brickmaker, Columbia st 
Warner Michfel,junr. brickmaker, George st 
Warner A. L. Columbia, st w of Paca 
Warner George, junr. attorney at law, dw Colum- 
bia st, office Fayette e of St. Paul's 
tWarner Garrison, laborer, Hill st e of Charles 
+Warner Elijah, laborer. Hill st e of Charles 
tWarner James, ship caulker, President st near 

E Pratt 
Warren Wm. innkeeper Saratoga st near Gay 
Warren Wm. Falstaff house, 10 Second st 
Warrick Wm. Calvert st near Pleasant, 
Warrick mrs vSarah, Lee st w of Chailes 
Warring G. W. tobacco merchant, 10 Light st 

wharf, dw 42 Courtland st 
Warring Spencer, shoemaker, 11 Potter st 
Warthington John P. porter, s Eutaw st 
Wartman Michasl K. bacon jiierchant, dw Balti- 
more st vv of Green 
Warwick John, shoemaker, Alice Anna st near 

Washington James H. turner and machine maker, 

Caroline near Pratt st 
Washington Thomas, laborer, Howard st near 

Washington Brewery by Graham &. Silvey, ne 

cor Hanover and Conway sts 
Washington, Alexandria, & Georgetown, steam- 
boat company's office, Commerce st whf. 
Charles Worthington agent 
f Washington Mary, marsh market 
Wason mrs Sarah, Strawberry alley near Fleet st 
Wason Andrew, shoemaker, Harford avenue 
Wast mrs Catherine, Ruxton st 
Wast mrs Mary, seamstress, Gough st neai'Eden 

JWast , Caroline st near Fleet 

Wastwood Ann E. seamstress, Strawberry al 





Watchhouse, Eastern district, Fells Point, cor of 

Market and Alice Anna sts 
Watchhouse Western District, ne cor Paca and 

Fayette sts 
Watchman & Bratt, engine manufacturers and 

founders, Arrnistead lane 
Watchman John, Light st wharf 
Waierhouse mrs Ann, 70 Hanover st 
Waterman Samuel, second hand clothing store, 

39 Light st 
Waters Stoplien, carpenter, 52 n Eutaw st 
Waters mrs Ann, 80 n Howard st 
Waters George, merchant, store and wharf s end 

Fell st 
Waters F. G. collector for Baltimore water com- 
pany, 83 N Liberty st 
Waters Zebulon, accountant in banK of Baltimore, 

dw cor Saratoga si and College aliey 
Waters Joseph G tobacconist, 68 s Sharp st 
Waters Francis, teacher, 79 St. Paul's st 
Waters George, Thames st near Market 
Waters mrs Mary, 74 n High st 
Waters mrs Eliza, e Pralt st near High 
Waters miss Ruth, 24 e Baltimore st near High 
Waters Spencer, laborer, Douglass st near East 
Waters John, grocer, Armistead lane 
Waters Wm. sea cam. West st 
AVaters mrs Sarah, Hughes's st 
Waters Peter, clerk, e Baltimore st near Canal 
tWaters Edward, carter, Gallows hill 
^Waters Emory, sawyer, Peach alley 
tWaters Eliza, 18 Bank st 
Waterson M. G. .33 Camden st 
Waterwortli Samuel, weaver, Sarah Ann st back 

ot Saratoga 
Watkins Thomas, laborer. Mechanic's court in 

High st 
Watkins John W. bricklayer, Franklin row near 

Chatsworth st 
Watkins Nicholas, bricklayer, Franklin row near 

Chatsworth st 
Watkins C. bricklayer, Lexington st w of Pine 
Watkins James, laborer, Long alley 
Watkins Noble G. painter, Peace alley near Paca st 
Watkias L. J. & Co. dry goods 6tore,24 w Pratt ft 

Watkias Thomas & Co. merchant tailors, 230 

Market st. 
Watkins Susanna, boarding house, 14 Philpot st 
tWatkins Jane, Carpenter's aliey 
tWalkins Jonathan, gardener, S.irah Ar.n st 
Watson John, laborer, Addison st near High 
Watson William, laborer, n Exeter st near French 
Watson John xVI. grocery & commission rner. 75 

s Calvert st dw AVater st e of Exeter 
Watson Samuel, weaver, Pierce st 
Watson Win. H. attorney at law, Schroeder st be- 
tween Lexington and Saratoga 
Watson mrs Rebecca, 5 Schrceder st 
Watson John, engineer, Ai tnistead laue 
Watson James, larmer, Armistead lane 
Watson John, shoemaker. Water st near Calvert 
Watson Donald, 36 Marsh Market space 
Watson John M. 75 s Calvert st 
tWatson John, Park st n of Fayette 
tWatten Ben, laborer, Lerew's alley 
Wattles James, portrait painter, fii Sharp st near 

Market st. dw Saratoga st near Paca 
Watts Richard, painter and glazier, 101 Eutaw st 
Waits J. painter, Bottle alley 
Watts Dixon B proprietor of marine coffee house 

and custom house officer, 44 s Gay st 
Watts George, painter, Montgomery st w ol Light 
Watts Wm. coach and blacksmith, Potter st near 

Douglass st 
Watts capt. Frederick J. Ann st near Gough 
Watts capt. Wm. J. 11 Fleet .^l 
Watts H. O. SE cor Wilk and Bond sts 
Watts John, laborer, Forest st opposite ne cor 

Watts Thomas B. currier, (firm of Davenport &, 

Watts) dw 90 n High st 
Watts Peter A. accountant, Granhy str.ear Gough 
tWatts Anna, seamstress, Potter st near Low 
tWatts Nancy, Busy alley 
Weatherly Littleton, carpent. Lee st wofHanov. 
Weaver mrs Sarah, tailore^s, 115 s Howard st 
Weaver Casper, painter, Long aliey, near Rossst 
Weaver John H. cabinet maker, 104 n Eutaw st 
Weaver Wm. carpenter, 114 n Eutaw st 
Wearer Daniel, smith in general, 78 Harrison st 


WE A to- 


Weaver John, tobacco and enuff" manufacturer, 

K\v cor Howard and Lexington sts. dw Lex- 

iiiiT'oii St 
Weaver Daniel, baker, cor Light & Mercer sts 
Weaver mrs Mary, dry goods store, 30 Thames st 
Weaver Jacob B. paper hanger and upholsterer, 

lie cor Maid(;n lane and East st 
Weaver J. S. &■ J. dry goods merchants,165i Bal- 
timore St. dw J. S. W. Fayette st near 

Charles st 
Weaver Jacob, cigar maker, cor of Pearl and 

Mulberry sts 
Webb John, goldsmith, 57 n Exefer st 
Webb Charles, soap and candle factory, Ensorsi 
Webb miss Elizabeth, 43 Union st 
Webb Alanson, Spanish cigar manufacturer, 120 

N Howard »t, dw Pearl st betw Mulberry 

and Franklin 
Webb Abner, wholesale and retail grocer, se cor 

Eutaw and Baltimore ats. dw 5!) Green st 
Webb Augustus P. & Co. wholesale and retail 

grocers, cor Paca & Lexington sts 
Webb Abner, wholesale and retail grocer, cor 

Market and Eutaw sts 
Webb A. tobacconist, 123 n Howard st 
Webb H. 118 n Howard st 

Webb Jam. goldsmith & jeweller, 22 w Fayette st 
Webb H jury & Co. lottery and exchange office, 

cor of Baltimore and Light sts 
Webb Edward, centre livery stable, 7 Commerce" 

St. dw cor South and Prait sis 
Webb Wm. laborer, Alice Anna st near Bond 
Webster Doctor H. W. cor Hanover & Camden sts 
Webster mrs Eliza, Gallows hill 
Webster David, laborer, Saratoga st betw Cove 

and Pine 
tWebster Rachel, 89 Pitt st 
tWebster Aquilla, tobacconist, Douglass st 
fWebster Rachel, 80 Ensor st 
tWebster Isaac, while washer, Welcome alley 
WeckingsWm. laborer. Star alley 
Wedekin John, bookbinder, Fayette st w of Pine 
Weed L constable, Jefferson st near Aisquith 
Weeks James, 15 s Charles st 
I Weeks George, laborer. Wagon alley 

|Weeks Eliza, Peace alley 

tWeeka Jerry, waiter,N Sharp st near Lexington 

t Weeks Joe, laborer, Wagon alley 

Weems mrs Margaret, Wilk st near Apple alley 

Weems capt George, of steamboat Patuxent, s 

Exeter st near Pratt 
Weems mrs Sidney Pinkney st near Spring 
Wehm Philip, baker, s Howard st near Peace al. 
Wehmeyer Frederick, tobacco &i, snuff factory, 

Penn. avenue, near Franklin st 
Wehrly Jonathan, carpenter, 96 n Howard st 
Weidemeyer Erederick, collector and sexton of 

German reformed church, Hillen st near 

Weir John, victualler, Holland st near n Eden 
Weisbaugh Martin, paver, Mott st e side 
Weishampel John F. printer, and publisher of 

the Working Men's Advocate, 64 Fred- 
erick st 
Weishampel C. grocery & liquor store, cor Pearl 

and Saratoga sts 
Welch John, painter, Ann st near Wilk 
Welch William, (firm of Houghton, Johnson & 

Welch,) paper, warehouse, 47 s Calvert st 
Welch Wm. 76 Howard st 
Welch Patrick, laborer, Bishop's al near Stileo st 
Welch Wm. 113 n Exeter 
Welch miss Margaret, teacher, 113 N Exeter st 
Welch James, tailor, cor Aisquith & Douglass sts 
Welch David, shoemaker, Franklin st extended 
Welch Benj. grocery store, 87 n Gay st 
iWelch Charlotte, wash woman, Strawberry al 
Weld Geo. F. comm. mercli. 8 Bowly's wharf, dw 

8 Barnet st 
Welden E. pilot, 93 Alice Anna st 
Welden James, sail maker. Market st near Bank 
Wellener Thomas, ship carpenter, Wolf st send 

15 Barnet st 
Weller mrs. Mary tailoress, Hookstown road 
Welling Samuel, grocer, 88 n Howard st, dw 

George st near Pine 
Welling John, stone cutter, w Pratt st e of Cove 
Wells mrs M. Green st betw. Fayette and Balto. 
Wells John, dw s Paca st betw Pratt and Light 
Wella William, watermaa, York st b end 





Wells Richard, wheelwright, Biddle st 

AVells Peter, letter carrier, sHigh st near Pratt 

Walls Edward A. grocer, se cor Orleans st and 

Long lane 
Wells Rich, carpenter, 31 Market st 
Wells mrs Eliza, teacher, n Caroline st near e 

Wells rnrs Elizabeth, tailores5, n Paca st 
Wells Edward, woodcorder, Eager alley 
Wells John, dw s Paca st near Camden 
Wells John F. & Co. grocers, 8 w Praltst 
tWells Ann, Carpenter's alley 
tWells Solomon, laborer, N Spring st 
tWells George, carter, Peace alley 
|Wel's Nathan, carter, Peace alley 
tWells Elizabeth, washer, Saratoga st N of Cove 
fWells Nelson, drayman, ne cor Charles st and 

Sugar alley 
•i Wells George, hackdriver, Sterling st 
Welsh miss, dress maker, 45 n Liberty st 
Welsh mrs Elizabeth,N Sharp st near Lexington 
Welsh Patr. laborer. Bishop's alley near Stiles st 
Welsh Patrick, Beuren st near Falls 
Welsh & Arinstrong, soap and candle factory, 

Holiday st betw Pleasant and Bath sts 
Welsh Patrick laborer, Preston st 
Welsh John, fisherman, Cross st w of William 
+ Thomas, oysterman. Long alley 
Welshlager John J. tavern, cor Bond and Lancas- 
ter sts 
Welshlager George, 75 French st 
Welshoffer Henry, carpenter, Park st n of Sa- 
Weniger Benjamin, baker. Park st n Saratoga 
Weniz Charles K. agent for Baltimore Rail Road, 

Columbia st 
Werdebaugh J. accountant, Lexington st near 

Werret Thomas, .-hoemaker. Rock at 
West Beiijainiti, butcher. Light st extended 
West William, cor Washington and Fleet sts 
West William, lumber merchant, Pratt st e of 

West mrs Hannah, 56 East st 
West William, copper refiner, 19 Comet at 

West Isaac, tailor, Orleans st near the run 

West Francis, waiter, Hull's lane 

West Benjamin, n)eal seller, n Gay Bt near Moit 

"West mrs Isabella, 32 Goughst 

West & Siddens, drapers and tailors, 23 Second st 

West Amos, dw23 Second st 

West mrs Maria, boarding house, 13 s Gay 

West Wm. lumber merchant, Mill st 

fWest Ellen, Pierce st 

West fall mrs Francis, dress St. habit maker, 99 
Front st 

Westlev mrs Sarah, seamstress, Orleans st near 

fWestley Ann, 40 vv Saratoga st 

Weston Asahel,shoe and hat store, 48 Baltimore st 

Westwood John, grocer, ne cor Ensor & East sts 

Westwood John H. lumber yard, n Gay st near 
East, dw 256 N Gay st 

Wetherall Wm. book keeper Union Bank, dw95 
Sharp st 

Wetherall Doctor, cor Hanover and Charles st3 

Wethered Doctor John, 99 Hanover st 

Wethered Lewm, 21 Hanover st 

Wetter George H. merchant, Howard St. dw svr 
cor Pratt and Caioline sts 

Wetter &. Tonge, distillers and grocers, 18 Mc 
Elderry's wharf 

Wheat John, carpenter, 262 N Gay st 

W^heat Nathaniel, Market man Pearl 8t s of Lex- 

Wheat! y Soloinon, s Exeter st near Wilk 

Wtieeden Thomas, dw s Caroline st 

Wheeler & Smith, grocers and com. merchants, 
71s Calvert st 

Wheeler R. W. n Calvert st opposite Mulberry 

Wheeler Nathan, tailor, 16 Alberr»iarle st 

Wheeler Thomas house carpenter, 108 French it 

Wheeler Uriah, bricklayer, 31 East st 

Wheeler B. boatman, Orleans st near Young 

Wheeler mrs Elizabeth, washer, 5 Tyson st 

Wheeler James carpenter, Franklin row near 
Chatsworth st 

Wheeler John, shoemaker, Rock et near Sara- 
Wheeler John D. 47 Pearl st s of Lexington 

J 92 




Wheeler Jam. carpent. n Calvert at near Franklin 
Wiieeler J. S. dry goods store, 64 n Gay st Samuel, slioemjiker, Wagon alley 
fW heeler A. cake sliop, 34 Charles st 
fVVheoicr Wni. laborur, Chaniberlai i alley 
JWlioeier Ross, Salishuiy st near Harford run 
jWheeler Sam. sauyer, Cliesnut lane 
Whelan Sarah, grocer, cor Lancaster st and 

Happy al 
Whelan Patrick, laborer, Bishop's al near Presi- 
dent st 
Whelan 'i'homas, grocer, lS<3i Baltimore st. dw 

n Charles near St. Paul'ts church 
Whelan mrs Ann, market woman, 5 New st 
Whelan Joriatiiau, drayman, Eutaw st near Mul- 
Whelan James, grocery and liquor Btore,! How- 
ard st n of Madison 
Whelan Michael, Bishop's al 
"Wiielan ni)s Mary, Pearl st n of Saratoga 
Wlieian Luke, Bishop's al 
Wholau Tho. house carpenter. Bishop's al 
Whelau Luke, fisherman, w Falls avenue 
Wliiffiij^i James, teacher, Cove st s of Baltimore 
Whippor, Isaac, 7 Tyson st 
tWhippin Ben. hair dreaser,s Gay st near Water 
Wkilaker Dr. J. D. office North st opposite Gass 

house, dw iork avenue 
Whital;er Thomas, carpenter, York avenue 
Wiiitaker L!oyd, bricklayer, York avenue 
Whilakcr N. B. dru^gist and dye store, cor Ho\t- 

ard and Baltiinoio sts 
While V/m seaman, Ann st 
Wri;te Thomaa, ship carpenter ,50 Alice Annast 
White Si Brand, grocers &z, produce merch. ne 

cor Gay and Front sis 
White John, grocer, sw ct^r High & Low sts 
While rnrs Sarah, seamstress, Granby st near 

White Thomas, shoemaker, 4 Potter st 
"^.Yiiite Job, clock maker,232 n Gay st 
White Joseph, caulker, Star alley 
Wlute Aiiitee, seamstress, 66 Fleet st 
White capt. Joseph, 31 Alic ; Anna st 
While Rev. Charles J. cor Bank & Market sti 

White J. musician, Wilk st near Sprmg 

While Joseph, boat builder, dw 23 Alice Anna st 

shop City Block 
White George, grocery, cor Pinkney st & Straw- 
berry alley 
White Wm. shoemaker, Hnr'brd st neat Ho'Iand 
AVhite Wm. cabinetmaker, Baltim. st w of Paca 
White James, fancy store in Arcade in Lexington 

St. dw 111 N Eutaw st 
White m s Marv, marketwoman, Long alley 
White V. ladies' shoe, boot &. gaiter factory, cor 

F-utaw and Pralt sts 
White Ruben, sawyer, s Howard st near Bottle al 
White Henry, baker, 56 n Howard st 
U hite James, grocer and liquor store, cor Park 

&. Lexington sts 
White Joseph, distiller, 8 Waterloo row near N 

Calvert st 
White Abraham, merch. dw 39 Courtland st 
White William W. printer. Friendship st 
White Robert, bricklayer, cor Chatsworth st and 

Chesnut alley 
White Jacob, blacksmith, Pearl sts of Lexington 
White Jacob, grocer, 70 cor Gay and Harrison 

sts. dw Holiday st near n Saratoga 
White John, 59 n Gav st 
White John, shoemaker, Saratoga st near Gay 
White Dr. J. C. dw nw cor Fayette & Holiday sts 
White John, ladies' shoemaker, 9 Barnet st 
White Samuel K. grocer, sw cor Ensor and East 

sts. dw 73 Exeter st 
White John, cor Saratoga & n Gav sts 
White V. ladies' shoemaker, 47 n Gay st 
White John, grocer, n High st 
White mrs Jane, s Charles st n of Pratt 
White John & Son, grocers and wine dealers, 67 

s Calvert st 
White John, engineer, Armistead lane 
White Rev. Archibald, pastor of associate Pres- 
byterian church, dw Aisquith si 3rd door 

N of Orleans 
White John, cash'r of Baltimore b anch of U. S. 

bank.dw nw cor of Fayette &. Holiday sts 
White James G. boarding house, cor Gay and 

Second sts 





White mrs Hannah, e Pitt st near n Eden 
White Henry, merch. 73 Smith's wharf 
While Messrs. &. Sons, march and distillers, Ho- 
liday St betw Bath and Centre sts. counting 
house Fayette st \v of HcjUday 
White mrs Priscilla, s Frederick st near Baltim. 
IWhite Fanny, Union st 
jVVhite Johnjaborer, 18 Pratt st 
IWliite Jacob, laborer, Calvert st 
tWhite A. seamstress, 66 Fleet st 
IWhite James, porter, Conway st 
tWhite S. Montgomery st near Federal hill 
Whiteford David, firm of Daniel Hoffman &t Co. 

dw cor of Lombard and Eutaw sts 
Whiteger Dr. Josiah, York avenue 
Whitelock George, merchant, 20 Commerce st, 

dw Water st 2nd door from Albermarle 
Whitelock John, grocer, be cor Short and Jeffer- 
son st 
Whitelock Samuel W. portrait painter, n Gay st 

near Baltimore 
Whitelock J. W. portrait painter, Pinkney st near 

Whitely & Bevan, auctioneers & coram, merch. 

20 w Pratt st 
Whitely Lewis, boarding house, cor Charles and 

Camden sts 
Whitely Arthur, grocery St, liquor store, cor Paca 

st and Lunn's lane 
Whitely Anthony, auctioneer, dw 76 w Pratt st 
Whitfield, archbishop of Baltimore, Charles st 

bet Mulberrv and Franklin sts 
Whiting Wm. B. firm of Barker 8t Co. 156 Bal- 
timore st 
Whitington S. H. & W. T. grocer and tin merch. 

cor Pratt st 4" Market space 
Whitington Wm. Spring st near Wilk 
Whitmarsh John, bootmaker, St. Paul's st 
Whitney Daniel, farmer, s Paca st 
Whitney V. lumber merchant, 61 Pitt st 
Whitridge Doctor John, Gay st n of Shot tower 
Whitridge Thom. comm. merch 13 Bowly's whf 
Whitson David, blacksmith, s Paca st st,3hop cor 

Paca and Columbia sts 
Whittemore mrs Mary, 16 Wilk st near Caroline 

Whittemore John, farmers hotel, Lexington mark. 
Whittle mrs H. marketwoman, Mulberry st 
Whittle Thomas, grocer and comm. merchant, 

25 Cheapside st 
Whitworth Richard, ilock st near Lexington 
Wholey George, 126 n Eufaw st 
Wickershams Wm. grocery and feed store, sw 

cor Bank and Spring sts 

Wickes John, blacksmith, Prait st s side, near 

the bridge, shop e Falls av. near Pratt st 

Widderfield William, cabinet maker, 2 Forest st 

Widner Lewis wheelwright, cor Preston stand 

Penn. avenue 
Widney Johnston, printer, Constitution 8t near 

Wier John B. merchant, dw President st near 

Wierman Wm. flour merchant, 3 Spear's wharf 
Wigart Andrew, carter, Richmond et near the 

Wigart Henry, carter, German stw of Green 
Wigart George, plaster and salt merch. 125 n 

Eutaw st 
Wigart George, carter, n Eutaw st 
Wight Rezin, carpenter, Fayette at w of Pine 
Wight Willliam J. corner of Charles and Barre sts 
Wightman mrs Ann Maria, dry goods store, nw 

cor Caroline and Baltim. st 
Wigley Henry, turner, Wagon alley 
Wilbe Charles, keeper of Penitentiary, Forest Bt 

near Monument 
Wili)erC. teacher, school ne cor East & French 
Wilbuni John, plasterer, 9 Rose st 
Wilcox mrs A. B. Pinknev st near Spring 
Wilcox John G. soap and tallow chandler, 32 

Harrison st 
Wilcox Peter, butcher. Gallows hill 
Wilcox William L. boot and shoe maker, 16 w 

Gay st 
Wilcox Daniel, watchman, Monument st near 

Wild John G. tailor, Hookstown road • 

Wilderman John, tanner, Holiday st n of Bath 
Wildey Thomas, porter celler, nw cor Gay and 
Front sts 





Wilegand Daniel, grocery store, cor of Light & 

York sts 
Wiley Dennis, confectioner, Forest st n of Ensor 
Wiley William, (firm of Oliver and Wiley, )inanu- 

liiciurer, Preston st 
Wiley V/ic(n, sie:iiiib()atm;in, Jefferson st 
\Vi!i;y lljcl). laborer, 10 Commerce st^ 
Wiley Wm. shoemaker, Pinkiiey st near '"Caro- 
line st 
Wilhelein nirs Marv, Light next door to cor of 

Wilke Keniy, gardener, Saratoga st w of Cove 
W.Ike Jaii5.juii. iiardware nierch. 19 n Howard st 
Wika; [ienry, gardener, Saratogas! \v of Cove 
tWilke I^ivvaivl, hatter, Ciiesnut lane 
I Wiike Rebecca, 42 Union st 
vViii<ni3 Wm. 24 Light st 
Wilkins Baitus, saddler and harnessmaker, 107 

w Pratt st 
Wilkins Joseph, Nvvcor Howard and Lombard sts 
Wilkins Charles, baker, Chesnnt lane 
Wiikinsoii capt. S. 45 Woiftt 
Wilkifison Rich, carpenter, Wilks st near Exeter 
Wilkinson John, carpenter, Lotig al near Sara- 
toga st 
Wilkinson James, hatter, Franklin st near Calvert 
Wilkinson Joseph, oak cooper, Bedford lane near 

Camden st 
Wilkinson James, tavern keeper, 18 Harrison st 
Wilkison William B. tarpaulin hat maker, Faun 

st near Jones's Falls 
Wilkison mrs Sarah, grocer. Bishop's alley near 

Siiles st 
Wilkison James, teacher, Hdlland st w of liar run 
Wilkison mr. boiler maker. Federal hill 
Wiliard S. edge tool maker, President st betu' 

Prait and Siiles st, dw opposite 
Wiliard mra Mary, Centre st near Calvert 
Wiliard Julins,machinist,Charlcs st near Sngar 

WilliRmf- Dani-:1, laborer, r. end Alice Anna st 
\ViIliairy George, sea capt. 67 Fleet st 
Wiliiants Charles, boarding house, 23 Fell st 
Wii^am.. Tliomas, seaman, 51 Alice Anna st 
Wijiiartis John, rigger, 51 Fleet st 

Williams mrs Catherine, boardinghouse, Thames 

st near Bond 
Williams Jiles, boatman 36 Thames st 
Williams Edward, seaman, Lancaster st near Ann 
^Villiams Wm. confectioner, 3 Lancaster st near 

Williams Stephen, sea capt. 77 Market st 
Williams mrs Elizabeth L. sliop, 17 Fleet st 
Williams Thom. hatter, LafFerman alley near 

French st 
Williams Doctor John M. agent for Doctor Sam. 

Thompson, 21 n Gay st near bridge 
Williams Thom S. custom house officer, s High 

st near Wilk 
Williams mr^ Lucy, tavern keeper, Salisbury 8t 

near High 
Williams Samutd, merch. 32 n Exeter st 
Williams Thomas, clothing store, 44 AVilks 8t 
Williams George, shoemaker. 58 Gough st 
Williams Henry, laborer, Salisbury st near Har- 
ford run 
Williams John, bookbinder, 5 French st 
Williams Wm. shoemaker, Holland st near the run 
Williams Benj. shoemaker, 40 Union st 
Williams mrs Isabella, cake shop, Union st near 

Williams David, mahogan}' sawyer. Potter st near 

Williams mra Ann, grocer. Short st 
^Viiliams mrs Sarah, marketwoman, Sterling st 
Williams mrs Lydia, seamstress,cor Penn. av and 

Preston st 
Williams Win. shoemaker, Chesnut alley near 

Pearl st 
Willifims mrs Mary Ann, seamstress, Pierce st 
Williams Henry V. turner, w Pratt st \v of Green 
Williams Curtis, fisliermnn, Cross st k of William 
¥/illiams Wm. fisher, Watering place 
Williams George, Armistead lane 
Williams Edward P. carter, Light st 
Williams John Ik. James, cabinet makers, 68 South 

3t. dw James W. (firm of do ) Courlland st 

near Saratoga, dw John W. (firm of do.) 

Camden st 
Williams E. feed & grocery store, n Paca it 





Williams Wm. chair factory, Pratt st near the 

Williams Bennet, oyster house, Concord st near 

Fish Market space 
Williams &, McLaughlin, grocers and commis- 
sion merchants, S2 Dugan's wharf 
Wil lams George, comm. mcrch. -i Bouly's whrf. 

dw s Frederick st near Baltimore 
Williams mrs Mary, washer, Mooic's lane near 

Eutaw st 
Williams mrs Ma'-gnret, 126 n Eiilaw st 
Williams Jesse, millwright, 7 Now st 
W illiams & Hisee , finding shop 80 n Howard st 
Williams miss Ma y. Park st near n Saratoga 
Williams mrs Catherine, tailoress, St. Paul's st n 

of Hamilton 
Williams Rev. Charles, of Protestant Episcopal 

Church, dw Mulberry st 
Williams Henry H. comm. merch. 14 Bowly's 

wharf, dw Saratoga st near Charles 
Williams N. F. merch. 14 Bowly's wharf, dw 79 

N Charles st 
Williams mrs Malinda, Bath st near Calvert 
Williams Lewis H. bricklayer, n Sharp st 8 of 

Williams John & James, cabinetmakers, 68 South 

St. dw James W. firm of do. Courtland st 

near Saratoga, dw John W. firm of do. 50 

Camden st 
Williams miss S. 52 Calvert st 
Williams Nath. district attorney, United States, 

Moniiment square 
Williams Rev. Sieph. pastor of Mariner's Church, 

83 Market st 
Williams Cumberland D. merchant, dw Calvert 

st s of Saratoga 
Williams mrs S. 161 Baltimore st 
Williams John, hatter, 160 Baltimore st 
Williams Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 85 Bal- 
timore st 
Williams Henry M. comm. merchant, 99 Bowly's 

wharf, dw 25 s Howard st 
Williams George, comm. merch. 3 Bowly's whrf. 
Williams Wallace, tavern-keeper. Fish Mark«t 


W"illiams John, Conway st w of Sharp 
IWilhams E. washer, cor Chatsvvorth st and 

Chesnut alley 
tWilliams Alary, washwoman, Gallows hill 
tWilliams Abraham, grocer. Potter st near Low 
tWilliams V. washwoman. 49 Ross st 
tWi'liams Philip, St. Mary's st 
tWdliams Mary, washwoman, Hull's lane 
tWilliams V. washwoman, H')ward st extend. 
JWilliams Wm. carter, Howard st extend. 
tWilliams Lewis, labor. Sarah Ann st near Riddle 
tWilliams S cartman. East st near Douglass 
tWilliams Sarah, seamstress, Salisbury st near 

Harford run 
tWilliams Peggy, washwoman, 75 Albermarle st 

near Stiles 
tWilliams Pembroke, ship carpenter, Ann st near 

IWilliams Dinah, wash woman, Happy alley near 

Gough st 
tWilliams Plato, sliip scraper, Strawberry alley 

near Bond st 
tWilliams Ephraim, sawyer, Strawberry alley 

near Bond st 
fWilliams Richard, wagoner, Pierce st 
jWilliams Charles, laborer, Sarah Ann st 
iWilliamsHannah, washer, German st w of Gresn 
tWilliams Ezekiel, blacksmith, s Eutaw at 
tWilliams Susan, washer, s Eutaw st 
tWilliams Benj. brickmaker, s Eutaw st 
tWilliams Anthony, porter, Sugar alley 
tWilliams Charles, laborer. Sugar alley 
tWilliams John, waiter, Bishop alley near Pre- 
sident st 
tWilliams Fanny, Scott st 
tWiHiams Benjamin, Homespun alley 
tWilliams Prince, laborer. Union st 
tWilliams John, brickmaker, Howard st 
tWilliams S. Peace alley 
tVVilliams Mary, Sharp st 

tWilliams John W. seaman, Spring st near Gough 
tWilliams George, seaman, k Pitt st near n Eden 
tW^illiams David, ropemaker, Barre st near Light 
tWilliams Mary, washer, Howard st 
tWilliams David, laborer, Homespun alley 





tWilliarns Nancy, washer, cor Conway and Ha- 
nover sis 
tWilliains Hester, washer, Howard st near Canton 
tWilliarns Philip, handcartman, s Howard stnear 

tWilliarns Sam waiter, s Howard st near Camden 
tWilliarns Win. cake shcp, 10 w Franklin st 
tWilliains A brain R. paper hanger, cor Park and 

Lexington sts 
tWilliaais Diiia, washer, n Sharp st 
tWiliiains Hester, cuke sliop, Fayette st 
JWiiliains Anna, washer, 16 Peace alley 
tWilhiims Win. porter, Conway st near Charles 
Williamson John, house carpenter, Salisbury st 

near Harford run 
Williamson Isaac, halter, 5 Canal st near E Ball. 
Williamson mrs Lucy, 66 South st 
Williamson George, apothecary and druggist sw 

cor of Calvert and Baltimore sts 
Williamson Win. corAlice Anna st & Plappy al 
Williamson James, ship builder, 6 Philpot st 
Williamson Charles, book-keeper, in Union bank, 

87 N Liberty st 
Williamson George W. attorney at law, sw cor of 

St. Paul's and Fayette sts. dw Calvert st 

s of Saratoga 
Williamson Dnctor George, 119 Hanover st 
Williamson Washington, painter, e Pratt near 

Market st 
JWilliamson Charles, drayman, 40 w Saratoga st 
Willig George, music store, 149 Baltimore st. dw 

Fayette st w of Hollida}- 
Willing mrs Mary, cake shop, 68 e Front st 
Willis John, gardener, Lon^ alley 
Willis George, fisherman, Caroline st near Wilk 
Willis mrs Catherine, seamstress, Pinkney near 

Murket st 
Willis Salisbury, laborer, Welcome alley 
tWilman Perry, laborer, Ensor st 
Wiliner John W. commission merchant,5 Bowly'a 

wharf, dw IIG Hanover st 
Wilmor James H. carpenter, 18 s Pitt st 
tWilmor Samuel, waiter, East st near Douglass 
Wilson Jane, seamstress, cor Wolf and Alice 

Anna sis 

Wilson Ann, widow, 18 Ann st 

Wilson mrs Sophia, widow, 60 Bond st 

Wilson Thomas, laborer, cor Alice Anne st and 

Strawberry alley 
Wilson mrs Mary, widow, 9 Fleet st 
Wilson James, shoemaker. Bond st near Wilk 
Wilson Divid, merch. M'Elderry's wharf, dw 40 

n Front st 
Wilson Thomas, 98 n High st 
Wilson Wm. agent and collector, se cor Frank- 
lin and Eutaw sts 
'Wilson Tliomas, firm Wilson & Peterkin, dw 98 

n High st 
Wilson James, laborer, 78 s High st 
Wilson mrs P. n Exeter st near Pitt 
Wilson George, shoe store, 11 e Baltimore st dw 

23 n Exeter st 
Wilson mrs Susan, 42 n Exeter st 
Wilson David, market man, 56 n Exeter st 
Wilson Landslot, shoemaker, 38 n Gay st 
Wilson David R. grocer, county wharf 
Wilson Benjamin, grocer, Market st near Shaks- 

peare st 
Wilson John, 47 Market st F. P. 
Wilson mrs Martha, 49 Market st F. P. 
Wilson Wm. city watchman, Beuren stnear Mo- 
Wilson mrs Mary Ann, seamstress, Potter st near 

Wilson mrs milliner, 40 Low st 
Wilson mrs Eliza, Jefferson st near the run 
Wilson mrs Mary, Aisquith st near Orleans 
Wilson John, Orleans st 
Wilson Charles E grocery and liquor store, cor 

Gay and Forest sts 
Wilsfm John W. grocery St liquor store, York ar. 
Wilson Joseph, huxler, York avenue 
Wilson mrs Nancy, market woman, York aven, 
Wilson Grenville, miller, Harford avenue 
Wilson Robert, deputy sheriff, cor Mott and n 

Gay sts 
Wilson John, carpenter, Hookstown road 
Wilson Jam. cartman, cor Richmond & Tyson sts 
Wilson Wm. merch. dw Franklin st e of Pine 
Wilson Luther, merch. Pearl st near Lexington 




Wilson James, wheelwright and blacksmith, w 
Baltimore st e of Cove 

Wilson Hugh, medicine office, 79 n Green st 

Wilson John, engineer on rail road, Bottle alley 

Wilson Robert, cooper, Henrietta st near s Char. 

Wilson James laborer, Sugar al betw. Light and 
Charles sts 

Wilson Samuel, laborer. Cross stE of William 

Wilson James, carter, Armistead lane 

Wilson Wm. York st E of Light 

"Wilson Isaac, seaman, Peace alley 

Wilson Richard, sawyer, n Paca st 

Wilson John J. plasterer, 103 n Eutaw st 

Wilson Robert, plasterer, n Eutaw st 

Wilson James, plasterer, n Eutaw st 

Wilson Luther, plasterer, N Eutaw st 

Wilson Wm. flour and produce merchant, 30 
Franklin st. dw Franklin st w of Pine 

Wilson Samuel, waiter, Carpenter's alley 

Wilson Stephen S. country produce merchant, 
93 N Howard st 

Wilson James, grocer and produce merchant, Ne 
cor Howard and Franklin sts 

Wilson mrs Susanna, boarding house, 38 w Sara- 
toga st 

Wilson miss, tutoress, cor Park and Saratoga sts 

Wilson mrs [lannah, 22 Saratojia st 

Wilson James, waiter, College alley 

Wilson E. T. &. Snowden,commission merchants, 
4 Bowiy's wharf, dw E. T. Wilson, 37 
Courlland st 

Wilson Wm. currier, 3.5 s Calvert st. dw Holli- 
da^ st N of Saratoga 

Wilson Wti. St Sons, mprchants, 105 Baltimore 
St. dw of James Wilson, (firm of do.) 18 
Holliday st. dw of Thomas Wilson, (firm 
of do.) Lexington st near Charles 

Wilson Rftbert, attorney at law, w Fayette st e 
of Paul's St. dw iPenn av 

Wilson Joseph P. grocer, cor Sharp and Ger- 
man sts 

Wilson William, carpenter, 12 Peace alley 

Wilson Peter, clothing store, 70 s Calvert st. dw 
Camden st near city spring 

Wilson JNixoQ, clothing store, 19 w Pratt tt 

Wilson Stephen, merchant, 28 Hanover st 
Wilson James, baker and liquor store, 73 w Pratt 
Wilson Samuel, store cor Shakspeare and Mar- 
ket St. dw 7 Shakspeare st 
tWilson Ann, confectioner. Bond st near Alice 

Anna st 
W^ilson George, block and pump maker, nw cor 

Bond and Gough st 
Wilson Robert jr. attorney at Iaw,137 k Eutaw st 
Wilson mrs Mary, Lombard st w of Eutaw 
Wilson Samuel, saddler and harness maker, vr 

Pratt si near Paca 
Wilson mrs Ann, 31 German st 
Wilson m-s 62 n Gay st 

Wilson Wm. innkeeper, cor Pratt and Patterson 
Wilson Robert, cashier of the bank of Maryland, 

South st 
Wilson Felix, plaislerer, n Gay st near Mott 
Wilson G. B. & Co. flour merchants, 55 Smith's 

wharf dw 19 s H<)ward st 
Wi'son & Peterkin, merchants, 51 s Gay st 
* Wilson Thomas, (firm of Wilson & Peterkin) dw 

98 N High st 
Wilson David, flour merchant, 16 McElderry's 

Wilson John, grocer, 6 w Baltimore st 
Wilson Rachel, Concord st 
Wits )n George, copper smith, 19 e Waer at 
Wilsf>n Jolm, tavern keeper, Caroline st near Wilk 
tWilson Sophia, Hill si e of Sharp 
tWilson Wm. brickmaker, Alley near Pine st 
t Wilson James, laborer, Gooseberry alley 
tWilson James, labo'er, Sarah Ann st 
tWilson Phoebe, washwoman, Gallows hill 
tW^ilson Henry, butcher, Steiling st 
tWilson James, coachman, Short st 
tWilson Alfred, porter, Aisquith st near Jefferson 
tWilson Comfort, washwotnan, Aisquith st 
tWilson Samuel, waiter, Forest st near Douglass 
tWilson Wm. coachman. Putter st near Low 
tWilson Antony, drayman, n Exet. st nearHillen 
tWilson Wm. sawyer, Thames st near Bond 
tWilson T. laborer, n S()ring st 
tWilson Elijah, laborer, Peace alley 
tWilson. John J. hair dresser, 9 New it 



ifWilsnn Thomas, laborer, Barre st w of Sharp si 
tWilson Benjamin, laborer, cor Welcome alley 

and Lee st 
f Wilson John, porter, 9 s Howard st 
•fWi son Caleb, cedar cooper, 35 Park st 
^Wilson Roselta, Calvert st 
t Wilson Thomas, Union alley near Eden st 
tWilson Minty, Guilford alley 
Wilt Jacob, laborer, cor Preston st & Penn. aven 
Wimmel, George, constable, 24 e Pratt st 
Winans Rosn, engineer, Fayette st w of Pine 
Winard nirs S 9 \v Lexington st 
Winchester mrs Elizabeth, N Exeter st 
Winchester Oliver F. cari'enter, cor Eutaw and 

Pratt st shop n Eutaw st 
Winchester Wm. superintendent of water com- 
pany, dw N Calvert st 
Winchester S. lottery and exchange office, cor 
Baltimore & North sts. dw 64 n Charles st 
Winchester mrs Elizabeth, n Exeter st 
Winchester Thomas C. ship joiner, Gough st near 

Winchester George, counsellor at law, dw Falls 

Wincleman Froderick jun. 12 Commerce st 
Wiiicieman Frederick, laborer, Columbia st 
fWiii'ler Lucy, 19 w Leixna,t(in st 
Windfeed Wm. carpenter, Franklin st extended 
tWine Anna, washwoman, Sierliiig st 
Wingate David, brickmaker, Light st e of Hen- 
Wingate Zachariah, brickmaker, Baltimore st w 

of Green 
AVinks John, shoemaker, Argyle al. near Fleet st 
Winn John W. grocer and (irodiice merchant, 

Franklin st near Paca, dw Pearl st 
Winn Elisha, grocer and liquor store, cor Gay 

and Federick sts 
Winslow John, grocer, cor Market and Fleet st 
tWinson Isaac, grain measurer, Johnson st 
Wiiistandley miss Mary J. milliner, Lunn's lane 
Wintree Gabriel, 79 Sharp st 
Winter Samuel, houie joiner, Sugar alley b of 

Light st 
Winter Jacob L. sugar boiler, w Saratoga 

Wintree Susanna.Green st between Baltimore and 

Fayette sts 
Winwood Thomas, 9 Lombard st 
Wirgman mrs R. M. George st near Pine 
Wirgman mrs Sarah S. George st near Pine 
Wirt Wm. counsellor at law, Calveit slN of Lex- 
ington st 
Wirts George, carpet weaver Aisquith st near Gay 
Wirts George, carpet weaver, 73 s Eutaw st 
Wise Lewis, victualler, w Prall ii e of Cove 
Wise John J. giocer, sw cor Ensor and East stS 
Wise Casper, tobacconist, 127 Pearl st 
Wise Eliza, 12 Lancaster st 
Wise John, ship joiner, 52 Fleet st 
Wise George, blackstnith, cor Madison st and 

Lerew's alley 
Wise T. R. edge tool factory, 17 Commerce st 
Wise John, comb maker. Commerce st 
Wise Tully R. blacksmith, 17 Commerce at. dw 

Pleasant st 
Wise Felix. 81 Harrison st 
Wise mrs Elizabeth, 9 Grant st 
Wise McKeel, piano maker, 9 Grant st 
Witt Michael, laborer, Madison st near Beuren at 
Witting Conrad, tailor. East st n of Halfmoon al. 
Wills Philip, shoemaker. Low near Potter st 
Witty Mary Ann, seamstress, Wilkstnear Spring 
Woelfer mrs Mary, 40 Thames st 
Wolf mr.s Ellen, Eager alley 
Wolf Jacob, bricklayer, Howard st near Peace al 
Wolf mrs Margaret, cor Peace alley and How- 
ard st 
Wolf Marcus victualler. Gallows hill 
Wolf Henry, victualler, Penn av opposite Pres- 
ton st 
Wolf C. tailor, se cor Potter and Low sts 
Wolfe Alceus B. attorney at law, 9 Alhenseum, 

Lexington si. dw ?0 s Ciiarles st 
Wolfe Win. H. house cerpenlcr, 61 n Exeter st 
Wolfe Daniel, house carpenter, Franklin st ex- 
Wolfenden Jacob,stone mason, Pierce st near Co»a 
Wolford James, tavern keeper, 82 McElderry's 

WoUet J. P. grocer, 28 Pitt st 


Wolsey Richard, ornamental painter, 4 North st 

Wood Levin, shoemaker, 39 n High st 

Wood Wm. feed store, Peon av 

Wood James H. bricklayer, cor Charles st and 

Guilfiird alley 
Wood mrs Charlotte, 8 termination of Paca st 
Wood Thomas, carter, Pinktiey near Bond st 
Wood Thomas, carpenter, 12 Peace alley 
+Wo<jd Betsey, n Mulberry st near Eutaw 
Wwjd Nicholas L. cor Howard and Monument sts 
Wood Phoenix N.&- Co booksellers St stationers, 
86 Baltimore st. dvv Holliday st near theatre 
Wood & Levering, grocers and commission mer- 
chants, 9 w Pratt st 
Wood Ringham, Water st at the bridge 
Woodall Samuel E. &, Gordon Archibald, pump 

makers, n Gay st near Belle Air market 
Woodall Wm. pump maker, Mulberry st near 

Woodall Wm. A. pump maker, n Paca st 
Woodburn John, sea capt. 31 Ann st 
Woodcock Wm. clock maker, 58 N Howard st 
Wooddetj mrs Margaret,JefFerson st near the run 
Woodden Solomon, carpenter, Chesnut alley near 

Pearl st 
Wooddy Wm. book fc. job printer, 6 s Calvert st. 

dw 34 w Fayette st 
Woodfield George, stocking weaver, Biddle alley 

near Botxl st 
jWoodley Eliza, washer, Columbia st 
Woodman mrs. corset maker, 49 Camden st 
Woodruff Ezekiel S. 29 Hanover st 
Woods Edward, weaver, Franklin st extended 
Woods John, Amity st near Baltimore 
Woods Samuel, Amity st near Baltimore 
Woods Luther, carpenter, Park lane near Pinest 
Woods Zachariah, carter, Light st s end 
Woods Jepiha, carpenter, Sugar alley, near s 

Charles st 
Woods Wm. dry goods merchant, 108 w Pratt st 
Woods John W. 24 Lexington st s of Liberty 
Woods John W. printer, opposite Peal's muse- 
um, Calvert st. dw Lexington near Liberty 
Woods Michffil, porter. Concord st near Pratt 
Woods Charles, seaman, 17 Maiden lane 



Woods John, carpenter, Liberty alley 
Woods C. carpet weaver, 79 Elisor st 
Woods J. laborer, Gallows hill 
Woods mrs Ruthanna, boarding house, Rich- 
mond st 
fWoods Samuel laborer, Low near n Exeter st 
tWoods Ruth, Garden st near Biddle 
Woodville Wm. auditor of Baltimore and Ohio 

rail road, St. Paul's st 
Woodward Thomas, tavern keeper, and livery 
stables, Swann st near Marsh Market space 
Woodward Wm. 31 New Church st 
Woodward George, merchant, 89 w Fayette st 
Woodward Abraham, proprietor of fountain sta- 
bles, Fayette st w of Charles, dw 39 Fay- 
ette st 
Woodward Thomas, shoemaker Sterling st 
Woodward Amos, 28 Union st 
Woodworth mrs Susanna, Eutaw st near Camden 
tWoodyard Thomas, wagoner, Union st near 

Woodyear Edward G. attorney at law, Franklin 

61, office Fayette st 
Woodyear mrs T. Holliday st s of Saratoga st 
Wool Laurence, shoemaker, 56 Bond st 
Woolfolk Austen, Pratt st near rail roa d 
Woollen Zachariah, lumber merchant, s Charles 

st w of Light 
Woollen James, cooper, 14 Mulberry st 
Woollen R. cooper, 55 South st. d9 n Exeier st 
Worick John, shoemaker, n Gay st nearMott 
Working Henry, porter & oyster cellar, cor Lib- 
erty and Fayette sts. under liberty engine 
Working Frederick, ornamental painter, b Sa- 
ratoga st 
fWorrel Henry, laborer, Montgomery st w of 

Worthington hon. W. G. D. associate judge of 
Baltimore city court, dw Franklin st. be- 
tween Pearl and Pine sts. public office, 
court house, private office, 22 St. Paul's st 
IWorthington John P. porter, Eutaw st n of Lee 
Worthingion Charles, commission merchant, 
Commerce st. dw 129 s Charles st 





tWorthington & Johnson, woollen dressers, 7 

Lombard st 
Wren Christopher, cor Fleet st and Apple alley 
Wright mrs Christiana, 51 n High st 
Wright William, city watchman, n Exeter st near 

Wright Henry, t Water Ht near Exeter 
Wright Luther, clerk, Forest st 
Wright Mary, seamstress, 5 Tyson st 
Wright Joel, book bini'er and niachine ruler, 

over nE cor Huuard and Fayette sts, dw 

Jefferson row Conway st 
Wright James, laborer. Block st near Nelson's 

bake house 
Wright Lloyd, shoemaker, n Eden st near Union 

Wright John J. shoemaker, n Eutnw st 
Wrigiu John, shoemaker, 52i n Howard st. dw 

49 N Howard st 
Wright nire Mary, Chamberlain alley 
Wright Doctor T. H. Fayette st near Howa:d st 

s side 
Wright mrs Catherine, 79 Hanover st 
Wriglit Edward, eagle coffee house, 13 w Pratt st 
Wright Wm. 66 Harrison st 
Wright Elizabeth, lane between O'Donnell's 

6iy Dugan's wharf 
tWright Edward, drayman. Bank lane 
fWright Charles, eawyer, Strawberry alley near 

Wilk 8t 
IWright Wm. Welcome alley 
tWright Ann, Bottle alley near Paca st 
tWright Emory, laborer. Centre st near Charles 
Wulff J. H. saddler, w Baltimore st b of Cove 
Wyant Nicholas, oyster establishment, 121 w 

Pratt st 
Wyalt Wm. brickmaker, Spring st near Gough 
Wyatt rev. Wm. pastor of St. Paul's church, Sa- 
ratoga ht. opposite Liberty 
Wyeth Charles, merchant, n Cbarles at near Plea- 
Wyeth &, Norris, French dry goods merchants, 

1731 Baltimore st 
Wyman Samuel, dw Pleaitnt st between n Chas. 

and St. Ptul'i st 

Wyman Samuel 6u Co. domestic commission mer- 
chants, '214 Baltimore st. between Charles 
and Liberty sts 

Wynn John, East st n of Pitt 

Wynn Christopher, watchmaker and jeweller, 
222i Baltimore st. dw 18 Barnet st 

Wynnaert James, salier of provisions, 48 Wagon 

Wysham capt. E. C. flour merchant, cor Eutaw 
and Bjliimore sis. dw Fayette st between 
Eutaw and Paca st 

Wyslian John shoemaker, 42 East st 

Wyvill M. D. merchant u»lor,17 Baltimore st dw 
13 McClellan's st 

Yager JOSEPH. bacon mer. 275 w Balti- 
more st 
Yam Thomas, seaman, l-*^* Ann st w side 
Yants mis Frances, HollingSi^orth st 2d door sof 

Water st 
Yater Henry, shoemaker, Aisquith near Holland 
Yates Dr. John L. 76 Exeter st 
Yates George W. drug and chemical store, 49 N 

Gay st 
Yates John, store E Pratt st. dw Mechanics' row 
Yates John, importer of hardware, 31 E Pratt st 
lYates Sandy, laborer, 17 Necessity alley 
Yeager John, engineer, n Eden st near Pitt 
Yearks miss Eliza W, seamstress. Maiden lane 
Yearly Alexander, accountant, in Bank of Balti- 
more, dw 77 n Green st 
Yearly William, cooper, w Pratt st e of Cove 
Yearly Edward, cabinet maker, 19 Gough st 
Yearly Wm. cooper Wagon alley 
Yeatman Wm. carpenter, St. Pa ul'sst sof Centre 
Yeatman John, saddler, cor Mercer and Lightsts 
Yearner, Henry, carpet weaver, 88 e Pratt ft 
Yoe Alexander,painter,Union alley near n Eden st 
Youce George, carpenter, Biddle st near Ross 
Youce Charles W. bailiff, 2 Potter st 
Youce mrs baker, Holliday st n of Saratoga 
Youce Simon, tinner, 43 Park st 
Young Rachel, Star alley 
Young Samuel, ship carpenter, Argyle alley 





Young mrs Rebecca, upholsterer, 75 s High at 
Young John, carpenter, 4 Temple st 
Young John, jr. carpenter, 4 Temple st 
Young William, carp«nter, Aiiquith at near Or- 

Young mre Harriet, Pino at betw. Franklin and 

Young Larkin, carpenter, Baltimore st w of Cove 

Young mr« Malinda, Elbow lane 

Young.'mrs Christiana, Hill st near Hanover 
Young Henry, comb maker, Montgomery st w o^ 

Young John, tavern keeper, McClellan's st 

Young McClintock, attorney at law, court house 
lane, dw Eutaw st t side, between Mulber- 
ry and Saratoga its 

Young Wra. merchant, 119 Bowly'a wharf, dw 
31 Harrison it 

Young Maria, aeamstreas, s Frederick at 

tYoung Harriet, 61 s Frederick st 

Young Joshua, ship joiner, 74 Alice Anna at 

Young Wra. J. aea capt. Argyle al. near Bank st 

Young Wm. S. constable, 147 Bond st 

Young Frederick, wagoner, Spring at between 
Gough and Bank sts 

Young Jeliu, hand tavern, w Paca st 

Young Charles, tailor, Long alley 

Young mra Rebecca, 64 Eutaw st 

Young mrs 103 Camden st 

Young Perry, porter, Mulberry st near Lerew's 

Young Samuel, bookseller, 7 Saratoga at 

Young Wm, jr. commiasion merch. 13 Bowly's 
wharf, dw 31 Harrison st 

Young & Wilson, tin and sheet iron manufactu- 
rers, 10 n Gay st 

Young mrs Isabella, Pierce st 

Young mrs Jane, boarding house w Pratt st x of 

tYoung Jacob, white washer, 9 Douglass at 

tYoung Jacob, whitewasher, Douglass at 

tYoung John, laborer, Mulberry st 

tYoung Abigail, porter, Douglass st 

tYoung Benjamin, brickmaker, Conway at 

tYoung Joseph, laborer, Ensor st 

'Young Joseph, black smith, Howard et s of Con- 
tYoung Ann, N end Spring at near e Baltimore 
tYoung Marshall, laborer, Hill at BX)f Charlea 
Younger Ira F. clerk, Pinkney st near Apple al 
Younger Richard, bricklayer, Mulberry gt near 

Paca st 
Younger Jasper, plough and fan maker, Granby 
6t between Exeter St Gough div 82 Sharp st 
Younger mrs Ann, teacher, Montgomery st K ot 

Youngman John, huckster, Elbow lane 
Younker Francis, chair maker, 32 Water at near 

Gay, dw aw cor, of East (Se- Pitt sts 
Younker Francis, chair maker, 32 Water St. dw 

cor East and Pitt sts 
Youst Henry, blacksmith, Silver st near n Eden 
Yundt Leonard, hatter, 16 Caroline st 

ZaCARY ALEXANDER, pilot, Fleet st near 

ship yard 
Zane Peter, cooper, s High at near Water 
Zane Columbus W. grocery and liquor store, cor 

Hanover and Barre sts 
Zane Joseph, cooper, w side Figll st 
Zeihfery Wra. pilot, Pinkney gt near Spring 
Zell John, grocer, Penn. av. near Union st 
Zell George, butcher, Penn av. near Hotfman st 
Zell Henry, butcher, Penn. av. near Biddle 5t 
Ziegler mrs Elizabeth, 48 n Frederick sj 
Ziramer John L. A. trader, Lefferma,a alley neat. 

French st 
Zimmerman George, cedar cooper, Saratoga at w 

of Cove 
Zimmerman Isaac, grocer,^ and feed store, cor w 

Baltimore and Cove st 
Zimmerman John, carpenter, George near Pearl 
Zimmerman Jacob, wheelwright, Frankiin st e 

of Howard st 
Zody John, Green st n of Mulberry 
Zollicher rarg Louisa, Conway st near Charles 
Zorn mrs Mary, tailoress, 90 Green st 
Zwisele P. grocer, cor of Potter and Douglass st 


We Imve inserted the folhivmg Adveiiisement in all the dailif papers in the 
city and have only been Jiimished with the list at the foot of this wa^e 

"BALTIMORE DIRECTOR for 1833 -4. Z«.'^ iVo^^cc-All persons who hJ^e' removed or 
changed business since the first ot April, are mvited to leave information at the Director Office imme 
dialejy, as the work is now finishing; and those wishing to advertise will have an opportunity till the 
25th inst. The extensive circulalion of the Director among the citizens, the frequent reference 
made to it not only by citizens but strangers, and each copy being in constant use, necessarily for 2 
years, render it one ot the best modes of advertising. Office kept by j «» ^ 

r ^ J o , r, . RICHARD J. MATCHETT. 

Job and Jiook Prmter, over N. E. corner Gay and Water sts." 
Now we pledge ourselves to furnish each subscriber, or purchaser of the Directorgratis, with a list 
of omissions, cowections, removals, alterations &c. fl^^-If thev will take the pains to make such cor- 
rections ttc.and furnisli us with them by July 1st ensuing. .Each one by noting such as he discovers 
can easily furnish it; but it is impossible for the publisher to use any other means to correct errors, 
and it they are not furnished, we see no ground for any one to complain. 


Omissions and Corrections, as far as they have been furnished. 

Birckhead & Pearce com.merchants, 83 South st. 
dw Charles R. Pearce ne cor Charles and 
Lexington sts 
Brotherton Thomas W. lottery and exchange of- 
fice, No. 20 Pralt stnear Market Space 
Davis & Sholes upholsterers, 108 iJaltimore st 
Dremond & Co. hatters, J 68 Baltimore st 
Eichelberger Geo. S. magistrate and conveyan- 
cer, 1 Fish Market Space, dw Pitt st 
Filbert mrs cor Water & Hollingsworth sts 
Fowler Francis M. general accountant, Conway 

st betw. Sharp and Hanover sts 
Garland & Osborn, com. mer 86 Bowly'gwharf 
Grover Jacob.lime and feed store, cor Monument 

and Aisquith sts 
Harris Col. David, clerk to Health Com. office 
city hall, dw Saratoga st n side near Park 

Haslett James Jr. grocer and com. mer- 50 s Fred- 
erick st 

Holtzman «fc Hunt, drapers and tailors, 135 Bal- 
timore st 

Hope Wm. com. mer. and agent for the ^tna 
insurance co.of Hartford Con. 11 Bowly's 

Jacobs Joseph & Co. fancy paper hangings and 
fine Paris green manufacturers, cor Ty- 
son and Cathedral sts. dw of J. J. n How- 
ard st opposite the old Alms House 

Johnson Wm. bookseller, No. 6 n Charles st dw 
Garden st n of Madison 

Talbot , constable and collector, cor Ais- 
quith & Orleans sts 

; ^ 


Containing a list of the Banks, Foreign Consuls, Insurance and other Companies, Custom Houit 
Hours of Departure of Steam-Boats, Packets, Notaries, and other necessary information. 


Office of the Bank of the United States. 

Discount days, Tuesday and Fridav. William Pat- 
terson, pre«idcut ; John White, cashier. Directors, 
Alexander Bi-own, Janacs Hutton, John S. Donnell, F. 
W. Brune, William Patterson, James Bandle, Thom- 
as Wilson, Robert A. Taylor, Solomon Betts, David 
T. McKim, Roswell L. Colt, VviUiam IMcDonald. 

Bank of Baltimore. 
Discount days, Tuesday and Friday — Dividends, 1st 
Monday in June and December — Wm. Lorman, presi- 
dent; James Cox, cx-hior. Directors, Alexander Mac- 
donald, Thomas Tenant, Robert Smith, Alexander 
Fridge, Hugh Birckhead, James Wilson, Jacob G. Da- 
vies, John Gibson, Josiah Bayley, Rlicajah Berryman, 
Jeremiah Nichols, Wm. Dickson. 

Bank of Maryland. 
Discount days, Wednesday and Saturday — Dividends, 
7th March and 7th September. Evan Poultncy, presi- 
dent; R. Wilson cashier. Directors, Rcverdy John- 
son, Jesse Hunt, P. E. Thomas, John Glenn, Charles 
E. Wethered, Wm. Meeteer, Nathaniel Williams, 
Evan T. Ellicoft, Thomas Poultney, ^Benj. C. Ross, 
Abm. G. Cole, Lewin Wethered. 

Union Bank of Maryland. 

Discount daily — Dividends, 1st. January and July — 
Thomas Ellicott president, Robert Mickle, cashier. — 
Directors, Luke Tiernan, Thomas C. Jenkins, Solo- 
nioa Etting, Isaac Tyson, Wm. E. iVIayhew, James 
Campbell, John H. B. Latrobe, Wm. F. Murdock, Si- 
las Marcan, Thos. A. Norris, Thomas HiUen, David 
Winchester, Charles H. Dorscy, Cornelius Howard, 
William Hughlctt, Thomas Davis. 

Franklin Bank, 

Discountday, Monday — Dividends, 15th of April and 
15th of October. — Philp ]\Iore president, James L. 
Hawkins, cashier. Directors, Joseph Jamison, R. H. 
Jones, Thomas Kelso, Jacob Rogers, Wm. McConkey, 
Daniel Conn, John Kelso, James Corner, John Q. Hew- 
lett, Philip Uhler, Wm. P. Mills, John Martin, George 
Haryman, William Dickson, Micajah Merryman, Rich- 
ard McGaw. 

Marine Bank. 

Discount Day, Thursday — Dividend — Sth April and 
October — Hezokiah Waters, president, Jacob Bier, 
cashier. Directors, Thorndick, Chase, Baptist Mcz- 
ick, Matthew Bennett, Wm. A. Tucker, Frederick 
Shaffer, John Cunnynghani, A. Keer, Beale Randall, 
Joel Vickers, Henry Schroeder, jr. John B. Howard, 
Henry Wilkins, E, N. Alien. 

( 203 ) 

Farmers' nnd Merchants' Bank. 
Discount days, Monday and Thursday — Dividends, 
April and October. Nicholas Brice, president, John 
Duer, cashier. Directors, Samuel McKim, Frederick 
Dawson, Thomas W. Hall, Robert D. Burns, E. C- 
Wysham, Bcnj. F. Voss, James C. Seleman, Basil Gor 
don, James B. Howard, Laikin Dorsey. Two vacan- 

Commercial and Farmers' Bank. 

Discount days, Tuesday and Friday — Dividends- 
May and November — Charles Bohn, president; George, 
T. Dunbar, cashier. Directon, John Reese, James 
Armstrong, jr., Daniel Hoffman, Thomas 

Harwood, Jacob Albert, John Power, Archibald George, 
Samuel I. Donaldson, Samuel Jones, jr., Hugh Kenne- 
dy, Moses Worman, Daniel Forney. 

Mechaiiics' Bank of Baltimore. 

Discount days, Wednesday and Saturday — Divi- 
dends, 1st of June and December. — Geo. Brown, presi- 
dent; Wm. H. Murray, cashier. Directors, Philip 
Littig, Felix Jenkins, 'John Clark, Wm. Krebs, Tho- 
mas Harrison, Edward Jenkins, Michael Warner, Wm. 
Steuart, R. B. Masruder, Jona. H. Ellicott, Edmund 
Didier, Evan P. Thomas. On the part of the State, 
Francis Neale, J. J. Speed. 

Savings Bank. 

Joseph Cushing, president. Directors, Roswell L. 
Colt, George Decker, Joseph A. Wallace, Wm. Car- 
man, Basil S. Elder, Wm. Stewart, , 

Archibald Sterling, George Brown, Wm. Hubbard, 
Wm. ISIcctecr, Samuel 1. Donaldson, William Krebs, 
John Ogston, Nicholas Popplein, Jacob Albert, Fran- 
cis J. Dallam, Alexander Fridge, B. C. Howard, Evan 
T. Ellicott, John Berry,Hngh ftlcElderry, Talbot Jones, 
and William Hcald. Office in basement of the Elx- 

Bankingr House of Poidtncy, Ellicott Sf Co. 

No. 16'2, Baltimore street — Trustees, Hon. Thomas 
Beale Dorsey, Luke Tiernan, Esq. Reverdy Johnson, 
Esq Thomas C. Jenkins, Esq. Hon. Stevenson Archer, 
and Thomas Ellicott, Esq. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Maryland Savings Institution. 
Discount days, Monday and Thursday.— Job Smith, 
jr. president; J. Hutchins, treasurer. Director*, 
James Beacham, W. II. Freeman, J. K. Stapleton, 
Aaron Clap, Henry Myers, A. E. Warner, Henry 
Pike, F. Lucas, jr. S. C. Lcakin, J. A. Hamilton, John 
Patterson, Peter NefF, Upton S. Heath, W. C. Spiad- 

( 304 ) 


Banking House of J. I, Cohen, Jr. and 

No. 114, Baltimore-street. — On Saturdays and Holli- 
days, no paper will be discounted, or other business 
transacted. On those days, however, the BANKING 
HOUSE will be open for the payment of Checks, Drafts 
and Notes, and for receiving deposits. 

Susquehanna Br id ge and Bank Company, 
Port Deposite. 

The officers of this company, are — William H. Free- 
man, President; Thonoas L Savin, Cashier; Wm. E. 
Coale, Cashier of the office in Baltimore. 

Directors, Samuel Rowland, Henry S. Stiles, Cecil 
county; Henry Stump, Zepheniah Bayles, Harford co., 
Charles F. Mayer, Charles W. Karthaus, Wesley 
Cowles, Chauucey Brooks.Robert Purviauce, jr. Balti- 
more City. 

Franklin Savings Company, 

Corner Pratt and South sts. David Stewart president; 
Phconix N. Wood treasurer. 

Mechanics' s Savings Fund Society. 

Abraham G. Cole, president; Thomas Phenix, trea- 
surer, corner Eutaw and Market streets. 

Eastern Savings Institution. 
Corner Gay and Fayette sts. John S. Gettings presi- 
dent; J. Pinkney treasurer. 

Commercial Savings Institution. 

Corner Holliday and Market sts. John Clark presi- 
dent; John Morgan treasurer. 

Fell's Point Savings Institution. 
Thames St. S. C. Leakin President; W'oelper 

Foreign Constds in Baltimore. 

J. J. Hoo^ewerff, Consul of the Netherlands, Gay 
st- south of Water. 

Thomas J. Bizouard, Consul for his holiness the Pope, 
30. N. Franklin st. West of Eutaw. 

Christian Mayer, Consul General of the King of 
Wurtemberg, at the Neptune Insurance office in the 

R. Henry, French Consular Agent, 40, S. Gay st. 

H. G. Jacobsen, Danish Gonsul, Lexington street 
near Paca st. 

Stephen Lawson, Swedish and Norwegian Consul, 
No. 2, Buchanan's wharf. 
J. P. Kraft, Prussian Consul, Gay st. south ofWator. 

Manuel Valdor, Spanish and Sardinian Consul, and 
Vice Consul for the kingdom of the two Sicillies, 51, 
Marsh Market Space. 

Frederick C. Graf, Consul for Hamburg, No. 38, 
S. Gay street. 

Jolin Crawford, British Consul, Fayette st. near Me- 
chanics' Bank. 

C. A. Heiiieken, Consul for Bremen, S. Charles st. 

Charles Tieruau, Mexican Vice Consul, N Charles 

George H. Newman, Brazilian Vice Consul, No. 47 
S. Gay-street, 

S. Wilson, Vice Consul of Portugal Bowly's wharf. 

Insurance Offices!. 

Maryland Insurance. Co. — A, president. 

BuUimore Insurance Co — Henry Thompson, pres. 

I^cptwie Ins. Co. — Christian Maj'er, pres. 

BuUimore Equitable Society, for insui-ing houses 
against fire. Office, No. 18 Baltimore st. Joseph 
Towiisciid, treasurer. 

Baltimore Fire Ins Co.— Office No. 12 South st. W. 
A. Tucker, president. 

Firemen's In. Co. — John Reese, president, T. G. 
Rutter, secretary. Office No. 25 Second st. 

American Ins. Co. — A. J. Schwartz, president. 

Baltimore Life Ins. Co. — J. I. Donaldson, pres. 

United States In.'i. Co. — Office in South st. opposite 
Lovely lane. Peter Neff, pres. 

Commer cial News Room. 

Mr. Page's Commercial News and Reading Room, 
in the Exchange, is open for subscribers and respecta- 
ble strangers introduced by subscribers only, every day 
from 6 o'clock in the morning, till 6 o'clock at night. 

Baltimore and Susquehanna R. R. Co. 

Geo. Winchester,Esq. President— Office in Exchange 

Baltimore and Ohio Rail-Road Co. 

P. E. Thomas president. —Otiwe comer of Calvert 
and Fayette streets, over the Mechauics'Bauk. 

Trustees of the Aims-House. 

Joseph Cushing, president; Archibald Sterling, James 
Mowton, Frederick Schaeff"er, John Kelso, Benjamin 
Palmer, Joshua Hutchins, Caleb D.Owcns.agent; office, 
Coruer of Hillen aud Front streets. 

( 305 ) 

Jl^fta JEstablishnent «^ Stages, 

As tliey &tand at the present time, bid as there are fre- 
quent changes, no permanent account tan he given. 

Closes at 9 o'cl'k^P. M. and arrivcs>t from 3 to 5 P.M. 
Closes at 3 P. M. aud arrives at 5 A. M. 
For all placeswest of Union Town, and for Frederick, 
Hagers Town.'Cumberland, closes at 10 P. M. and ar- 
lives at 3 P.M. All other places in Maryland, Vir- 
ginia and Pennsylvania, which goby that route close at 
9 P.M. 

» Chambersburg mail closes at 9 P. M. and arrives at 
7 P. M. 

'^■'"-^•ulafion of the different Lines of Stages 
running from the office of Stockton & Stokes, 
attached to the City Hotel 

The Mail Coach to Philadelphia, departs every day 
at 1 o'clock, P. M. during the winter season, or suspen- 
sion of .steam-boats. 

The Mail, via York, to IIarri.«burg and Lancaster, 
Pa. departs every day. This Coach during the sus- 
pension of steam-boats, runs to Philadelphia, travelling 
the whole distance over a turnpike road. 

The Mail for Washington City, and four accommo- 
dation lines, depart every morning at 3 aud 8 1-2 o'clock 
A. M.— and 2 and 4 o'clock, P. M. 

The Mail for Wheeling, via Fredericktown, Ha- 
gerstown, Cumberland, &c. departs every morning at 
5 o'clock, going through in 4S hours during the summer, 
and 60 hours during the winter season. "There is also 
a line of Post Coaches established on this route, for the 
purpose of accommodating those travellers who may 
wish to cross the mountains with ease, travellino- the 
entire route by day-light, going through in three and a 
nail days. 

The Mail for Winchester, Va. by way of Harper's 
Ferry, departs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 
from Frederick, immediately upon the arrival of the 
Cars from Baltimore. 

The Mail for Shepherdstown, Martinsburg, &c. de- 
parts every day, (Sunday excepted) from Frederick, 
immediately upon the arrival of the Cars from Balti- 

The Mail for Emmittsburgh, departs on Tuesday and 
Thursday, from May until November, at 3 o'clock in 
the morning. 

The mail for Annapohs, departs every mornin? at 8 
o'clock, during the session oV the Le^isSture ami ^ 
times a week during the season "^^S'stature, and 3 

STOCKTON & STOKES, proprietors. 

N^Ti^iZj/T ""-^f' ^^nder Peal's Museum, 
J\o. ^ iV. CaYwer«s<. near Barnum'sCitv Hotel- at th^ 

ra"d a' S/Sf *'' n''"^^ '" '"' ^^^i-^Xeenn:. 
lei, and at Jiellzho over's Fountain Inn, Light-street. 

Hours of departure— dailv for Wa^lii'nJfo^ „♦ o . 
clock, A. 1-2 A. M.I2 P. M.!^'f?" V Vo' 

rt^'^rPi^.^V'.^- ^-^"^ Pittsburgh v'^o^bck 
Frlr:i!i'^otl\ m7'^ ^^'"'^^^ wSdnesd^a^^S 

Hmirs for delivering Letter s.-Dmm^; the week, 
from 7 o'clock, A. M. until sun-down, during thrw^n' 

7""u„tntl?J";« A^^'r*^ on Sunday's from" half ^^^t 
7, until half past 8 A. M. and one hour after the arrival 
and assortment of the Eastern mail in the Xrnoon- 
and m summer, from 7 to 8 A. M. ."lernoon. 

Unpaid Letters are received into the office through 
an aperture ,n the side window-P«/rf Utters mus? S 

office! ' ' "'' '^^ "2^' ^'"'^' r^^^i'^S '•^to the 

.J^ti -?/ ^T"^ remaining in the office on the 1st 
and 15th of each mon h, is advertised, and if not called 
for m three months, they are sent to the General Post 
Office, as dead letters. 

TIMORE STAGES, start from H. Habbersct's Cross 
Keys Tavern Every Tuesday, Thm-sday aud Friday. 
. r°P M ' ^ ^'- ^"'' "-etm-ns every intermediate day, 
*i/r^;, i'^'"'*' *° ^'"^'' ^«^«™' 87 1-2 cents, and 
$4 50 through, except when the navigation is froze.-- 
Ur. David King, agent for the company Baltimore. 


Citizens' Union or Rail Road Line leaves the low- 
er end Bowly's wharf, South street, for Phila everr 
morning at 6 o'clock, and afternnoon, except Sunday, at 
half past 2 o'clock Boats of this line are the Carrol of 
Carrollton, Capt. Chaytor; Geo. Washington, Capt. 
Irippe ; aud Independence, Capt. Pearce. 

c Ai . ^^S^^ McElderiy, Aircnt. 

t>ee Advertisement infront for particulars. 
ThePeopU's Line for Philadelphia, visi Chesapeake 
and Delaware canal, leaves Light st wharf opposite No 
8, every morning at 6 o'clock; the boats are the Ken. 
Vi^u-^V^'^l'V^- Robinson, and the Ohio, Capt. W 
Whildinn Jr. s. McLellan agent. * 

J'or particulars see Advertisement infront. 

( 306) 


For Norfolk, Petersburg and Richmond, Columbus 
Capt. Turner; Pocolioutas, C'apt. Sutton; leaves the 
lower end of Spear's wharf three times a week, say 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, atone o'clock, 
P. M. and arrives Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 
from April to November; then twice a week till Jan- 
nary; and once a wtek until March — ^tho mail for 
Norfolk is caricd in this line. The Norfolk, Capt. 
Parish, and the Viiginia, Capt. Holmes, leave 
same wharf with freight only, every Sunday morning, 
for the sanae places. 

For Alexandria, Washington and Georgetown. The 
steam packets Fredei-icksburg, Capt. B. J. Jenkins, 
and Columbia, Capt. James Mitchell, leave Commerce 
street wharf every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon 
at 4 o'clock; returning, one of these boats leaves the 
District every Sunday and Wednesday morning — from 
Washington at 5, and Alexandria at 7 o'clock. Charles 
Worthhington, agent. 

Governor Wolcott, Capt. Wm. W. Verdon, leaves 
Patterson st. wharf, for Ilavrc-de- Grace and Port De- 
posit, every Tuesday and Saturday, at 9 A. M.; returns 
on Wednesdays and Sundays at 4 P. M. Also, for 
RockhalljCeutrevillc and Chestertown, every Thursday 
at 9 A. M.; returns on Friday at 4 P. M. William 
Owen, agent, Patterson st. near the lower end w. side. 

For Fredericksburg, Alex. Falls, & Co. agts. No. 3 & 
4, Light street wharf. The Rappahannock. Capt. Fair- 
bank, leaves lower end of Light st. wharf, every 
Sunday morning, at 6 o'clock, for Frcdericksburgh, Va.; 
arrives here every Thursday morning. 

Maryland, Capt. Lemuel G. Taylor, leaves the lower 
end of Dugan's wharf, for Chestertown, every Mon- 
day morning at six o'clock, returning same day: An- 
napolis, Cambridge and Easton, on Tuesdays and Fri- 
days at 7 A. M.; and Annapolis, only, at 9 A. M. on 
Sundays; but for winter arrangement, for Chestertown, 
on Sundays at 9 A. M. 

Patuxcnt, Capt. Geo. Weems, leaves the lower end 
of Dugan's wharf, for Salisbury and Whitehaven, on 
the Wicomico river,Eastern Shore, every Tuesday af- 
ternoon at 6 P. M., arriving on her return, in Baltimore, 
by the same route, on the succeeding Wednesday morn- 
ings. For Benedict, on the Patuxcnt, W. Shore, every 
Friday morning at 6 o'clock, stopping for passengers, 
&c. at Town Creek, Herring Bay, &c. each way, ar- 
riving in Baltimore on Sunday evening. James Har- 
vvood, Agent No. 7, Light st. wharf. 



John Gill, Water street, opposite the Custom House; 
S. Fernand South East corner of Gay and Water 
streets; James B. Latimer, S. W. coruer, of St. Paul 
and Fayette streets, and Heury Bricc, S. W. corner 
of Gay aud Water streets. 

Circuit Court of the United States, 
Sits at Baltimore on the Sth of April and 1st of 
November. P. Moore, clerk. 

District Court of the United States, 
Sits at Baltimore on the 1st Tuesday of March, June, 
September and December. P. Moore, clerk. 
Coiirt of Appeal for Maryland, Sits 
For the Western Shore — at Annapolis, o« the 2d 
Monday of June and 1st Monday of December. 

For the Eastern Shore — at Easton, on the first Mon- 
day in June, and 3d Monday of November. 
Court of Chancery. 
Sits on the 2d Tuesday of March, '2d Tuesday of July, 
4th Tuesday of September, and 1st Tuesday of Decem- 
ber. Ramsay Waters, register. 

Baltimore County Court. 
Sits on the 1st Monday of April and Nov. and for city 
business, Ist^Jan. May, Sept. and Dec. 
Baltimore City Court. 
Sits on 1st Monday in February, 1st Monday of June 
and 1st Monday of Nov. Wm. M. Medcalfe, clerk. 
Judges of the Orphan's Court. 
J. Harwood, Henry Pay son, and B. C. Ridgegatc. 

Insolvent Commissioners. 
W. G. D. Worthington, Lewis Eichelbcrger, and 
Ebenezer L. Finley. 


Hand's Canal Line for Philadelphia; a vessel sails 
every day, •xtreme bad weather excepted, John W. 
Brown, agent, 65 Smith's wf. 

The New York Old Line, leaves Frederick stdock. 
every Saturday morning, and oftener if nccessai-y — L 
Mankin, agent, cor. Gay and Pratt streets. 

Despatch Line for New York, every five days from 
Bowly's whf.W. Rhodes At. 1st, 5th,l()th,15th,& 20th. ) 

Todd's Line of New York Packets, every Saturday, 
and oftener when necessary, from Smith's wharf — Jno. 
W. Brown, agent. 

The office of the Norfolk, Petersburg and Richmond 
Line of Packets is kept at Tompkins & Coale's, Spear's 
wharf, starts everySunday. 

The Union and Despatch Lines for Boston, Clark & 
Kellogg, agents, starts each week from Bowly's whf. 

Packets for Charleston and Savannah, starts once 
a week from Spear's wharf. Charles Gwinn, agent. 

ForRockhall, E. S- from Bowly's wharf, Monday, 
AVednesday and Friday, at 9 o'clock, A. M. 

A Packet for Rockhall aud Chestertown, leaves Com- 
merce st.whf. Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 o'clock, A.M. 

Centreville and Queenstown; from same place,every 
Saturday, at 9 A.M. 

Aimapolis Packets at Ck>iumcrce street wharf. 




Avenues, Streets, Lanes, Alleys, Squares, Markets, 
and JVharves, 


As enlarged by the Commissioners appointed by the Legislatura 
of Maryland, and laid down by their Surveyor, Thomas H, 


— «!®^— 

Adams from 

W B Line 

io Chatswcrth 

Aisquith N. 

E John 

N B Line 


E Baltimore 

Harford av. 



City Dock 

Alice Anna 

Union Dock 

E BLine 



N W Branch 





Patapsco River 

N W Branch 








N W Branch 

N B Line 




Middle Branch 



Gwinn's Falls 


N B Line 



E Pratt 



N B Line 







W B Line 

N B Line 





E B Line 

W A Lin« 



E B Lin<t 

Barclay, Great 

E Falls av. 

N B Line 

Barclay, Little 

E Falls av. 



N Charles 

N Sharp 


Middle Branch 



S Cove wharf 


N Calvert 




Middle Branch 


Patapsco R, 

N W Branch 

Beaton * 

N W Branch 

N W Branch 

Belle Air ay. 

E Monument 

N B Line 





Belvidera fron. 

I N Riddle ti 

) York av. 


Patapsco R 

N W Branch 


Gwinn's Falls 

W B Line 



E B Line 


W Falls av. 



N Carey 

N B Line 



N B Line 


N Branch 

N B Line 


E Market sp. whf. 

W Falls av- 



N W Branch 








N W Branch 

N B Line 



N W Branch 



Middle Branch 



N W Branch 




Patapsco River 


N Charles 

N Calvert 


N Calvert 



St Paul 


Gravel Alley 


N B Line 



Gwinn's Falls 



N B Line 

N W Branch 



Peace Alley 












Gwinn's Falls 


Gwinn's Falls 




Hanover Market 



W Lanvale 


N B Line 

N W Branch 

Bradford ' 

E Townsend 



E Saratoga 

W Falls av. 



W Hoffman 





N B Line 



Gwinn's Falls 

Lunn's Lane 


S Eutaw 



S Charles 



Spear's wharf 



N B Line 




Canal, Great 

Harford av. 

City Dock 

Canal, Littia 

E Lanvala 

N B Line 


S Paca 

Light St. wharf 


N VV Branch 

N B Line 


Canton from 



























Constitution, Great 

Constitution, Little 







Covington Place 





Court House 


N W Branch to TUB Line 
James do 

Dock do 

Gwinn's Falls Cross 

Mulberry N B Line 

N Howard French 

N 13 Line Middle Branch 

Cathedral E B Line 

W H Line Jumes 

W Lexing'ton Cove 

E V'attr" E Pratt 

H W Uranch N K Line 

E Market, S whf. Union wharf 

N W U ranch N B Line 

Stirling E B Line 

N W Branch N B Line 

Lawrence Neale 

James Middle Branch 

S Sharp Fort M'lienry 

Boyle do 

W B Line James 

E Oliver N B Line 

S I'aca Wasliington ar. 

Ajsf|uilh ritt 

E Water Basin 

Fish Market Sp. Wilkes 

Milks Locust 

Bclvidere Truxton 

Madison French 

Cove Light Bt. wharf 

W B Line Cove 

Patapsco R. N W Branch 

Lexington Franklin 

Pennsylvania av. S Eutaw 

N W Branch Donaldson 

S end of Covington st. 

N W Branch N W Branch 

Middle Branch Patapsco R. 

Ramsey N \V Branch 

N Callioun N B Line 


Camden l?ottle alley 

AV Saratoga St Paul 
Monument Square St Paul 
E Water 
W Lexington 

W Fayette 

W Baltimore 
N B Line 

S Howard 
E Hoffman 


from N B Line 

to Fleet 


N Charles 



Middle Branch 

I ittle Montgomery 


W HoHman 




Dutch alley 


N Eutaw 

Eager alley 



Little Pleasant 


W Hiddle 

E Easier 


N BLine 

N W Branch 



ISliddle Branch 


!Middie Branch 




Middle Branch 



Middle Branch 






■\V Saratoga 


N Liberty 

N Eutaw 



Middle Branch 


N Green 

N Paca 






S Howard 



Bottle alley 


Patapsco R 

N W Branch 


E Lexington 

E (Centre 


Patapsco li 

N W Branch 


W Chace 

N B Line 


N W Branch 

E B Line 


W Biddle 

N B Line 


Draw Bridg-e 



Cove and Adams 

VV Oliver 


Middle Branch 

Patapsco U 









St Paul 


N Calvert 



St Peter 


Gwinn's Falls 



•>i ^Vi^chester 



W Mosher 

W Lanvale 



W Townsend 


N B Line 

N W Branch 




N Liberty 



E B Line 




East avenue 

N B Line 

N W Branch 

Eagle from W B Line to James 


Harford avenue 

City Dock 


W Pratt 

W Water 


N W Branch 

E B Line 



Middle Branch 


W Townsend 

N B Line 





N Gay 

N B r.ine 





W Biddle 

Middle Branch 



Cily Dock 




E Water 


N Eden 

N Canal 


S Paca 





N Frederick 







Stable alley 


E Falls avenue 


Falls avenue 

E & W City Dock 






W B Line 




E B Line 



N W Branch 


Middle Branch 

Patapsco R 


E Falls avenue 

E B Line 


E John 

N Canal 





Middle Branch 


Fort avenue 


Fort M'Henry 


AV B Line 

W Falls avenue 




Frederick avenue 

W Baltimore 

WB Line 


Bath and Front 



Bath and French 

E Water 




N B Line 


E Water 

E Pratt 


S Charles 




N B Line 

E John 


Hammond's alley 

City Dock 


French lane 

Wine alley 


W Baltimore 

Gwinn's Falls 



W Biddle 

Gaines from 




Gay _ 


German, Great 

Gel man, Little 







Gran by 



Green willow 















Hamstead, Great 

Hamstead, Little 





Harford avenue 







Patapsco R to 

W Madison 

Patapsco U 


E Pratt 

Pennsylvania aven. 

S Cove 

S Sliarp 



K B Line 

N Calhoun 

W B Line 


E Fallr. avenue 

W Laltimore 







N R Line 
S Howard 
N B Line 
N Sharp 
W Saratoga 
N B Line 








Middle Branch 

W Baltimore 

S Cove 

E Centre M Sp. 


Patapsco R 


Patapsco R 

Middle Branch 

N W Branch 
N B Line 
N VV Branch 
Patapsco 11 
E Monument 
N Cove 
S Siiarp 
S Charles 
N B Line 
N Calhoun 
K W Branch 
N B Line 
E B Line 
S Canal 
-VV Pratt 
Welcome alley 
Pennsylvania aven. 
N B Line 
-Middle Branch 
Franklin lane 

N W Branch 
JMiddle Branch 
Crooked lane 
E Federal 

Patapsco R 
N W Branch 
Har£?rove alley 
E B Line 

Patapsco R 
Middle Branch 
Falls avenue 
N B Line 
N W Branch 
N W Branch 

Henrietta from 











Hos[)ital Square 




Hughes, Great 

Hughes, Little 










Hoi brook 









N VV Branch 

Gwinn's Falls 


S Howard 

E Fall's avenue 




W J{ J.iiie 

W Water 


to Warren 
Patapsco 11 
E B Line 

W Pratt 

Inclosing the Hospital 
Cathedral Middle Branch 

N W Branch 
S Sharp 
Patapsco R 





Gwinn's Falls 
N B Line 

W Baltimore 

W Townsend 
W Pratt 
N B Line 


E B Line 
N W Branch 







Little German 


E BiddJe 

E Eagle 



S Sharp 


W John 










N W Branch 
Gwinn's Falls 
Middle Branch 
N B Line 
N W Branch 
Patapsco R 

Patapsco R 
E B Line 
Patapsco R 
Patapsco R 
N W Branch 



Jenkins from Laurens 
Jordon Presstman 

Kelso Middle Branch 

Kent James 

Kimmell W Lexington 

Lancaster E Falls avenue 

Lanvale W B Line 

Laurens Pennsylvania av. 

Lawrence Patapsco R 

Leadenhall Lit. Montgomery 

Lee Cove 

Luzerne N W Branch 

Lexington W B Line 

Liberty Mulberry 

Light Baltimore 

Locust E Market Sp w'f 

Lombard S Cove 

Lorman W B Line 

Low E Falls avenue 

Lowman Patapsco R 

Lloyd E Baltimore 

Ludlow Lawrence 

Long Holland 

Lovely S Calvert 

Lunn's S Paca 

Latrobe Gwinn's Falls 

Lerew's W Saratoga 

Liberty E Madison 

Light Light 

Livery Front 

Liverpool Camden 

Long Ross 

Lovegrove N B Line 

Lumber Bowley 

M'Clellan W Baltimore 

M'Coraas Middle Branch 

to W Biddle 

Patapsco R 
Gwinn's Falls 

Wagon alley 

E B Line 

N W Branch 
Middle Branch 
Light St. wharf 
N B Line 
S Howard 
Union wharf 
N VV Branch 
N VV Branch 

Short alley 







E Falls avenue 



W Madison 


W Fayette 
Patapsco R 


M'CuIIoch from W Biddle io Gold 

M'EIdorrj', Great Hospital Square E B Line 

M'Eiderry, J^ittle Aisquith 

Hospital Scjuare 

M' Henry 

VV B Line 




N B Line 


Pennsylvania av, 

. W Oliver 


W B Line 



N B Line 

E B Line 



N W Branch - 



Gwinn's Falls 


N W Branch 

N B Line 



Patapsco R 


Patapsco R 

N VV Branch 


S Calvert 




S Calvert 


N VV Branch 

N VV Branch 


E Pratt 



Mid-He Branch 

N VV Branch 



W B Line 

Montgomery, Gt, 

, Hanover 

N VV Branch 

Montgomery, Lit 

. S Eutaw 




North West 


Ross and Paca 

E B Line 

Monument Sq. 

Enclosing the Baltimore Monument 


W B Line 






N Cove 

Pennsylvania av. 





W B Line 

N Calvert 





W Baltimore 




W Biddle 


N B Line 

N VV Branch 


N iujtaw 

Long alley 



E Falls avenue 


Pennsylvania av. 

VV Madison 



W Biddle 


W Madison 

N B Line 

M' Henry 



St Peter 


Gwinn's Falls 



N W Branch 

Patapsco R 



Harford avenue 


N Paca 

N Eutaw 

New Church 

N Sharp 

Crooked lane 

Nicholson from 

North West 
North avenue 


















Pennsylvania av. 







Pleasant, Great 

Pleasant, Little 









N W Branch to 
E Baltimore 
VV B Line 
E B Line 


N B Line 
N B Line 
Pennsjlvania av. 
Belle-Air M Sp. 

N W Branch 
N B Line 



N W Branch 
E Pratt 
N W Branch 

Pennsylvania av, 
Middle Branch 

N Schroeder 

E Falls avenue 
N Charles 
S Cove 
N W Branch 

N W Branch 
N B Line 
North avenue 
Patapsco R 
W B Line 


W Federal 
E B Line 
N B Line 
N W Branch 
E B Line 

E Eager 

N Liberty 
N B Line 
N B Line 

W Baltimore 

N B Line 
E B Line 

N Charles 
E Falls avenue 
N W Branch 
N W Branch 
N B Line 











































W B Line 

E Pratt 
W B Line 
Pennsylvania av 
Patapsco R 
Gwinn's Falls 

N Green 

Lunn's lane 
Middle Branch 
Gwinn's Falls 

Middle Branch 
N B Line 
S Charles 
N B Line 
S Charles 
W B Line 
Middle Branch 
Patapsco R 

W Biddle 
Middle Branch' 
N Cove 
Patapsco R 
N Howard 
Middle Branch 
W B Line 
S Charles 


N B Line 
Gwinn's Faljg 


E B Line 

N Calhonn 

City Dock 



N W" Branch 

W B Line 

Middle Branch 



Middle Branch 

Light St. wharf 

Lit. Montgomery 



Lit. Montgomery 

N W Branch 


E Chase 

Middle Branch 




N W Branch 


N W Branch 


N W Branch 
N B Line 


N W Branch 
Park lane 


St Mary 
{St Paul 
St Peter 
Sarah Ann 


St Peter 












from Pennsyl'a av, to 
W Baltimore 
N Cove 
W B Line 
Gwinn's Falls 
W B Line 

Gwinn's Falls 

Little Pleasant 

Gwinn's Falls 
City Dock 

E Falls avenue 
Patapsco R 
W B Line 

Centre Market 

Smith's wharf 

Chats worth Mkt. 
E John 
E Pratt 
N B Line 

W Madison 

N B Line 



S Canal 


N Gay 





Centre Market 



Middle Branch 



W B Line 

Pennsylvania av. 


N B Line 


N W Branch 

S Canal 

N Calhoun 

E Eagle 


N W Branch 



Patapsco R 

W Falls avenue 

Buchanan's wharf 


W Biddle 



S Frederick 

E Madison 


N Charles 



Stockton from 
Sugar . 















Vulcan called 
New Church st 




N B Line 



E Baltimore 
W B Line 
W B Line 
N W Branch 
Patapsco R 
W B Line 
E Falls avenue 

E Baltimore 
N Howard 

Pennsylvania av. 
W Townsend 


Harford avenue 


\ N Sharp 

Washington av. 
Washington sq. 

to Eagle 
W Biddle 
N W Branch 



N W Branch 


E B Line 

N VV Branch 

E B Line 





Strawberry alley 
S Charles 

Run alley 
N B Line 

Crooked lane 


W Saratoga 
Patapsco R 
Middle Branch 
W B Line 

N W Branch 
W Pratt 

W Lexington 
N VV Branch 
N W Branch 
S Canal 
N B J.ine 
Gvvinn's Falls 

Enci'g Washiflgton Monument 


























from Patapsco R to 
N W Branch 
Middle Branch 
Gwinn's Falls 

E Mkt Sp Whf 

Pennsylvania av. 
W B Line 
S Charles 
Middle Branch 
N B Line 



N Eutaw 


Chatsworth Mkt 




N West 


N W Branch 
Patapsco R 
N W Branch 

E B Line 
N W Branch 

Bowly's wharf 
Middle Branch 


N Liberty 

Light St wharf 







York S Charles Johnson 

York avenue Monu't «fe Forest N B Line 
Christopher alley S Charles Great Race 


Belle-Air N Gay Orleans 

Chatsworth Place Cove Pennsylvania av. 

Centre E Baltimore E Water 

Fell's Point Alice Anna Thames 

Fish Centre Market W Falls avenue 

Hanover Inters, of Hanover & Camden sts 

Lexington N Green N Eutaw 

Richmond Place W Biddle Richmond 



Belt's between Ann and Fell 

Bowly's from E Pratt to South 

Buchanan's Do Basin 

Burkes between ^Hrket and Ann 

Canal st e & w/r. Wilk's to City Dock 

Chase's between Thames and Bond 

City Around City Dock 
Cofdery's beticeen Wilk's and Thames 

Craig's&Barron's Thames Lancaster 

Alice Anna 
to Johnson 













Lee street 

froin Light 

Light do 

W Pratt 

Market do 

Lower enc 

Market Sp e & w E Pratt 
Alezick's between Market 
O'Donnel's from Pratt 
Patterson's Block 

Pratt street Light 

Price's beticeen Ann 
Do Fell 

Ramsay's Thames 

Sheppard's Bond 

Spear's from E Pratt 
Smhh's Do 

South street Bowly's wharf M'Clure's dock 

Tenant's between Market and Ann 

Union from Wilk's to Basin 

Waters's betioem Fell nnd Thames 

Will's street Lower end of Wills street. 

and Ann 
to Basin 


Franklin lane 
and Fell 

and Bond 

to Basin 



Roman Cath. Cathedral Mulberry & Cathedral sts. 



St. John's, R. C. 

St. Peter's, R. C. 

St. Paul's 



St. Peter's, P. Epis. 


Pennsylvania avenue 
Saratoga and Park 
Do N Sharp 
Charles and Saratoga 
Baltimore and Front 
Sharp and German 


Associated Methodist ) 
Reform, or Si. John's ^ 

1st Presbyterian 
2d do 
3d do 

Ass'te Reformed Presb'n 
1st Baptist 
2d do 
3d do 
4th do 
Methodist Episcopahan 







German Lutheran 
English do 
Evangehcal Reformed 
Ger'n Ref'd Calvanists 
First Independent 
New Jerusalem 
Covenanters' J 
Missionary ^ 

African, Methodist 

do I 


Branch Tabernacle 

N Liberty 


Fayette and North 

Baltimore and Lloyd 

N Eutaw 


Sharp and Lombard 

Alice Anna 

Front and Pitt 

N Calvert 

Light street 


Eutaw and Mulberry 



S Sharp 



N Gay 


Sharp and Conway 


Pitt and Aisquith 


N Charles and Franklin 

Baltimore and Exeter 


Pitt and Aisquith 

Harford avenue 

S Sharp 

Strawberry alley 

E Saratoga 

East and Douglass 

St Paul. 

vrr HA^ 





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