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Full text of "Matchett's Baltimore directory (1849-1850)"

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i^-K \r' , ! 

l^jgp^^LEGE PARK. MD. 


«' GILES. V 



FOR 1849 '50; 





QtxcctQ, £ane0, ^mnmQ, Bqnaxc% toljaroes, ^c. 









18 i9. 

Ca^-^ ^'"^ 

The Patrons ef the Baltimore MPirectoTy , 

And the general public, will find in this edition, for 1849 '50, a 
more extensive number of householders than the City ever contain- 
ed by about FOUR THOUSAND. 

The Dwellings, Stores, Counting Houses, Manufactories, Work- 
shops, &c., have been visited by competent and discreet men, to ob- 
tain the correct address of each occupant, which has been their 
exclusive business, without having their minds burdened by any 
business relative to a census, assessing properry, numbering bouses, 
making an advertising "Directory," or any other consideration: 
this alone will appear a Herculean task, but it forms but a tithe of 
the labor of this Director; that of arranging the respective sur- 
names, (for the spelling of which there can be no rule,) commencing 
with each letter in the alphabet from A to Z ; but also the christian 
or given names, such as Aaron, Adam, Alexander, Andrew, Sec, 
in the A. to Zachariah, Zebulon, &c. &c. in Z. By thus classifying 
the names Abrahaln, Brutus, Charles, David, John, Wm., Xeno- 
phon, &c., the reader will be able at a comparative glance, to find Wm. 
Brown, John Smith, Thomas Wilson, d^c. tf^c. without going over 3 or 
4, 5 or 6 pages in some instances, (if his patience is adequate) and per- 
haps find it the last of the list, if he does not overlook it in the mass, or 
in his hurry, and charge the compiler with carelessness or incompe- 
tence. The publisher has personally made this, at least laborious, 
and tedious, classification, which has never before been attempted in 
Baltimore, and he thinks he can say without vanity, he alone can 
estimate the intricate performance, however lightly, really or aflfec- 
tedly others may judge of it. This tedious process,with other arrange- 
ments, made with a view of facilitating his operations in future has 
necessarily delayed the publication to this time, (April.) In reducing 
such a huge mass of matter as that of the names, business, and loca- 
tion of 25000 householders, (we are not so curious as to be exact, 
but are not much under or over,) to this classification the publisher 
thinks himself entitled to some degree of allowance in the first at- 
tempt, should some inacuracies have grown out of the circumstances, 
which will be accorded to him by the reasonable and just. To sup- 
pose that in such an immense mass, filling about a ream of paper, 
transcribing, and classifying the sur-names and given names, there 
is no name mis-spelt, number of house or title of firm, or business 
incorrect, or misplaced is what no rational individual can expect. 
In hundreds of instances, where the dwelling has been given at the 
place of business, it has been at variance with that re-taken there, by 
probably another individual who look it elsewhere, so also wheo the 


business and its location has been given at the dwelling. To correct 
these contradictions when found in transcribing (which was not our 
fault) we have had in numberles instances to revisit those places. 

This undertaking (though not new to us) has in the present in- 
stance been attended with ffvuch anxiety, a peculiar of respon- 
sibility requiring unceasing watchfulness and energy, and though 
every precaution has been taken to avoid errors and omissions, still 
they must as a matter of coarse be expected in some degree, from 
the nature of the work^ tho* we fear not that it will be found the most 
complete Director yet issued fn Baltimore. The alphabetical ar- 
rangement having been made as a ground work, and copies printed 
for our use in future operations, we will be abfe to move with great- 
er facility, and more scientifically fn succeediftg editions 

After taking the citizens' names, we gave an invitation to such 
as iiad moved, changed or commenced business,, during the pro- 
cess, to furnish us with theii^ address, and those who availed them- 
selves of the invitation we noted. Those who have not attended ?o 
ft cannot with justice blame us if their present add'res.'* is not correct- 

We have a book with suitable margin m which we will record alt 
lemovals, mis-spelling or inaccuracies furnished us, and soricit our 
friends and fellow citizens to favor us with such corrections as con- 
cern them individually. If this" be generally attended to, we will at 
a suitable time issue ihem in a supplement for their accommodation^ 


The City of Baltimore.Is the principal City of the State of Ma- 
ryland, and ranks fourth in population among the various cities of 
the United States. It is beautifully situated on an arm of the Patap- 
sco river, called the Basin, and at the head of the noble Chesapeake 
Bay. No city in the Union possesses superior advantages, either 
in situation or central proximity to all the interior Western country. 
It has continued to grow and expand while older towns in the State 
have remained stationery or even ceased to be. What Mary lander 
but has reason to be proud of the fact, that she has within her bounds 
a city which stands high in patriotism, enterprise, wealth and repu- 
tation among the cities of this great nation. It derives its name from 
Lord Baltimore, who settled Maryland in 1035, under a grant from 
Charles I, (Maryland itself was called after the consort of the same 
king,) so that if any thing is to be gained from kin to royalty, both 
city and state can come in for a full share; but in these republican 
times, we are inclined to boast more of the doings of our ancestors, 
who strove against the oppressions of the power in England, than 
the derivation of our name. We are jUways ready to point the en-, 
qnirer, who feels enough of interest|gj|(|jhe place he has chosen for 
his home, or k)V the spot where he hasTteen reared, to the many spi- 
rited histories extant, of the doings of those who have struggled 
hard to build up the fai)- name of our beloved city, nor would we 
omit the daily records of our numerous journals, whose etforts are 
so laudably exerted in behalf of our prosperity, all of whom date 
their existence subsequent to the year 1770. 

Much of our present prosperity is attributable to the commercial 
enterprise of our merchants and mariners, so that in the space of 
not quite one hundred years, our shipping has increased from one 
brig, mentioned on the View of Baltimore in 1752, to that of 460 ves- 
sels of 97,7!)7 tons burthen, entering from foreign ports during the 
year 1848, and the clearances of 53G vessels of 118,602 tons to the 
same, not mentioning the many valuable coastwise and bay vessels 
which trade with our citizens. Much of our exports have been the 
growth of our own or neighboring States, including the luxuries, as 
Well as the necessities of life. Not a few of the noble, yet famished 
population of Ireland, will have cause to remember our products and 
our liberality. We forbear referring to statistics on these two points, 
least we might be accused of boasting or vanity. 

The undulating surface of the land selected for our city, affords 
much room for romantic and classical building, s-o that we have- 
much to encourage the taste and comfort of those whose resources 
will permit them to embark in either private or public improvement. 
Every year adds much to the value of lots in or around the city, so 
that the estimated increase has been 1,920 new buildings last year, 
and the assessed value of taxable property, upward of two millions 
of dollars, the total assessed value now being $77,500,000. 

So much value was attached to the trade and commerce of our 
city, that among the earliest correspondence of the City of Boston, 
some years before the Declaration of Independence, constant efforts 
tirere made to secure the co-operation of " the worthy citizens of 
this flourishing town of Baltimore," (vide Gen. Washington's reply 
to their address in 1781.) The merchants of Baltimore were looked 
upon by the Congress of the United States during all the struggle for 


Independence, as their firm and efficient aiders and supporters. We 
beg leave to use the words of one oi our townsmen, as expressive of 
this most commendable character in them: 

" It appears to me, that no body of men ever watched over the in- 
terests of a community of which they were members, with a more 
sleepless, or intense anxiety, than did the merchants of Baltimore 
during the revolutionary struggle. They were among the first to 
suggest the measures whi-ch were neces^a^y to be aj^opied to meet the 
crisis; they were never backward with their means, in giving effi- 
cacy to these measures; and the march of armies, and equipment 
bl vessels of war, were accelerated by their unceasing exertions. 
Indeed such was the reputation they had accquired for their patriot- 
ism abroad, that when it was determined that a detachment of troops 
from General Washington's army should be sent to the south, under 
the command of the Marquis de la Fayette, congress confided in the 
merchants of Baltimore, supplying them with such flour as they 
might want, in case ot need, passing through Baltimore, which was 
on their way, Mr. Pickering, at that time quartermaster general, 
and Mr. Charles Stewart, commissary general, in a letter addressed 
to Mr. Samuel Purvian'CE, advising of this intended movement of 
the army, under the command of the Marquis, says; 'Weshall make 
no further apology at present, for giving you this trouble, as we are 
assured of your readiness to do essential service to your country on 
every occasion.' Tiie army of the Marquis came to Baltimore, oji 
its wav to Virginia, and received not only the flour which the above 
letter looked to have supplied here, but a considerable sum of money 
was raised by subscription, and paid over to him for the purpose of 
purchasing materials for the clothing of his array. It is due to the 
memory of the ladies of that day, in our town, to record the fact, 
that that clothing was principally made up by thefr fair hands. — 
When the Marquis reached Baltimore, his destitution was not con- 
fined to the want of flour, but for nearly all the equipments, without 
which no army can ever be efficacious. There was but little money 
at that time in the Stale treasury, and the supply which was furnish- 
ed by the patriotic gentlemen of Baltimore, is thus acknowledged in 
a letter from Thomas Sim Lee, Esq., Governor of Maryland, ad- 
dressed to Robert Purviance, Matthew Ridley and William Patter- 
son, Esqrs.: ' We very much applaud the zeal and activity of the 
gentlemen of Baltimore, and think their readiness to assist the Ex- 
ecutive at a time when they were destitute of the means of providing 
those things, which were immediately necessary for the detachment, 
under the command of the Marquis de la Fayette, justly entitle them 
to the thanks of the public.'"* 

On the return of the Marquis de la Fayette from this successful 
enterprise he again passed through this ciiy. 

Soon after the surrender of Cornwallis, the Marquis de la Fayette 
came to Baltimore, and was received in tbe warmest manner by the 
citizens. He was addressed by them. In referring to the part he 
took in the campaign of Virginia, they .say: *' In particular, we 
cannot sufficiently acknowledge our sense of your late campaign in 
Virginia, where, with a few regulars and militia, you opposed the 
British commander, from whose large arn^y fnd military talents, 
this state had such serious cause of apprehension." In reply to this 
part of their address, the Marquis observed : "My campaign be- 
gan with a personal obligation to the inhabitants of Baltimore; at 
the end of it, I find myself bound to them by a new tie of everlast- 
ing gratitude." 

The persons who figured so largely in early times are mostly 
passed away, their places are being supplied by the busy hum of men, 

♦Pee "K Narrative of Evpnts which occurred in Baliimorp Town durincthe Revo- 
lutionary War," &c., an intsrwling volume, just from the press, by Hubert Pnit,^ 
viANOBj Esq, of Baltimore. 


tiew scenes arise, more peaceful and desirable, the result, in a great 
measure of the devoted efforts of the noble spirits who struggled side 
by side to accomplish these hoped for and blessed results^ let us say in 
passing from this review, that they will not soon be forgotton, by their 
children or the participants with them of these great results — nor 
show ourselves behind any that have gone before in devotion to the 
noble cause of freedom and prosperity. 

A strong arm of a nation's defence is found in the enlightening of 
her members, in this laudable work, Baltimore is deeply engaged, 
every child can find instruction, a small charge is made where the 
parents are able to pay it, but none who desire instruction have been 
turned away from our various Public Schools, numbering in all 25, 
taught by 36 male and 62 female teachers. (Two of whom teach 
music only,) receiving for their salary upward of $35,000. Contain- 
taining the aggregate of 6,699 scholars, who are taught in all the va- 
rious branches of ancient and modern science and languages, time 
would fail to refer to all the public and private efforts which are so 
successfully pursued among us, sufl5.ce it to say, that the juvenile de- 
linquents, are we trust, about to be more particularly cared for, as 
well as the unforutnate inebriate, the sailor, who braves the ocean's 
wave, the soldier who meets the enemy of our country on our own 
or foreign soil, have always come in for a large share of the good 
feelings of those whose character at home or abroad stands deser- 
vedly high. 

With the many advantages possessed, and to some extent embra- 
ced by our citizens, what is there that can hinder, the continued ad- 
vancement of our city, whose hills abound in mineral wealth ; yes, 
the bed of whose river even affords Iron ore, while the surface of the 
land around us is capable of the highest state of cultivation and era-^ 
bellishment, in both of which, great advances are yearly being 
made, and we hope the day is not far distant, when more attention 
will be paid to improve the public squares already enclosed, and se- 
cure some of the many beautiful sites yet vacant, for the same laud- 
able purpose. 


Abell A. S. firm A. S. & Co. moved to 36 Mulberry 
Acomb Wm. basket manufacturer, moved tool n Howard 
Adams John T. (late A. & Holmead; grocers & commis- 
sion merchant, 77 Light st. wharf 
Addison VVm. Meade & Jno.Philpot, attorneys, 53 Fayette 
Adkisson, Clark & Whittington, sail makers, 128 Dugan'g 

wharf, and corner Camden and Light st. wharf 
Armistead C. Hughes, firm VVm. H. Moore &l Co. dw Mrs, 

Col. Armistead, Park st 
Armstrong Andrew, grocer & commission merchant. 55 

South St. late Conway & Armstrong. 
Armstrong Geo. B. firm A. & Hackett, dw 280 w Lombard 
Atvvell Richard H. mt. 75 Soutlj st. dw Zi Courtlaad 
Baley & Keys, grocers & commission mt. 2 s Eutaw st. 
13athurst John G. firm Bathurst &. Son, shipping and com. 
mts. Exchange place, dw Park st. e side, near Centre 
Baynard G. H. gentleman, dw 50 n Calvert 
Boehm E. W. agent Eclipse transportation line, 92s Charles 
Biice Geo. H. attorney, n Charles st. between Hamilton 

and Centre sts. oihce Court house lane 
Brune Fred'k W. dw 73 Calvert st 
Brune John C. dw 28 Cathedral st 

Burleigh J. B. President of Newton Univer. 187 Mulberry 
Cathers John & Bro. booksellers and stationers, 102 Balto. 
Cave C. &L Son. deal, in paints, oils, glass, &C. 177 n Gay 
Corbin S. M. bookseller and stationer, formerly J. Shoe- 
maker, 101 n Gay st 
Creamer Thomas, moved to 123 s High 
Dorr & Wilhelm, moved to 2 1 Light st 
Duvall & TurnbuU, carpet merchants, 266 Baltimore st 
Fultord A. L. moved to 4 Spear's wharf 
Hamer Wm. H. ladies' shoe store, 49 s Howard st. dw 

257 w Pratt st 
Hayghe Joseph, firm Severe & H. dw Pratt, e of Argyle al 
Hou^ell & Bro. moved to 207 Baltimore st 
Johnson Capt. Wm. 20 Lee st— omitted 
Kerr Mrs. 33 Pme st 

Kramer, Mantz & Co. druggists &c. moved to 50 South it 
McKie Dr. Jas. S. office & dw 280 w Lombard st 
Magne Albert, steam cedar manufacturer, 368 w Pratt 
Magna Horace, steam cedar manufacturer, 368 w Pratt it. 

°dw 346 w Fayette st 
McConnell Thos. dry goods dealer, moved to 103 Balto. st 
Moore Dr. Jacob M. aputhe 'ary and druggi-t, 192 s How'd 
Steel Rev. D. & Co. bookseller & stationer, 55 Baltimore 
Telegraph N.American, Carroll Hall, cor. Balto. & Calvert 


Aaron George, gunsmith, 67 Henrietta st 
Aaron Lewis, rag dealer, 72 Argyle al 
Aaron Marcellus, ship joiner, lOii Cross st 
Aaron Marcellus, mariner, 67 Henrietta et 
Abbes John, cap and fur dealer, 8 n Gay st 
AbbettSaml. R. ticket agl. Bait. & Phil. R. R. dw 27 Hoirms s? 
Abbett Tiio. Treas. Susq. Canal Co. dw 27 Holiins st 
Abbot Edward, mariner, 52 Henrietta st 
Abbot Mrs. Elizabeth B. 41 Courtland st 
Abbot Horace, of Canton iron works, 75 e Pratt st 
Abbot Wm. Henry, brickmoulder, 52 Hill st 
Abbott Edwin A. proprietor steam saw mill, dw 113 s High st 
Abbott George-, cooper, 83 s Exeter st 
Abbott Martin, shoe maker, Shroeder st, n of Fayette 
Abbott Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 40 Block st 
Abbott Mrs. Sarah, Washington, near Bank st 
Abbott Stephen F. 77 e Lombard st 
Abbott William, tobacconist, 232 Broadway 
Abel Casper, stocking maker, 87 Fremont st 
Abel Henry, laborer, 8 Elizabeth al 
Abel James, boot maker, 340 s Charles si 
Abell Christian, butcher, 165 Pennsylvania av, 
Abeil A. S, & Co, prop. *'Sun" paper, s e cor. Bait. & Gay sis 
Abell A. S. firm of A. S. Abell & Co. dw 42 Front 8t 
Abell Mrs, Eleanor, milliner, 173 Conway st 
Abell Joseph, tailor. Swan s Baltimore st 
Abell Thomas, tailor, Dover w of Fremont Bt 
Abell William B, tailor, 93 Holiins st 
Abellang Michael, laborer, 142 Canton av 
Abendschoen Allois, glass blower, 26 Montgomery st 
Abendschoen Clement, carpet weaver, 224 s Charles st 
Aberau John de, boot and shoe maker, 218 Canton av 
Aberle Frederick, tailor, 72 s Eutaw st 
Abey C, fisher, Fountain st. Canton 
Abey Jacob, mariner, 120 William st 
Abey Joseph, mariner, HO William st 
Abey William H. grocer and provision dealer, 70 William st 
Abraham Thomas, laborer, 26 Guilford al 
Abrahams & Cooper, ship builders, Philpot st 
Abrahams Mrs. Mary^-Ann, 88 s Caroline st 
Abrahams & Siran, lumber mts. W. Falls av 
Abrahams Woodward, dw 5 Broadway 
Abrahams Washington, carpenter, 195 Canton av 
Abrams John J. firm A, & Cooper, cor Baltimore st & Broadvv. 
Abrue John, boot maker, 214 Canton av 

Aburn John, grocer & liquor dealer, cor Thames & Philpot st* 


Achenbach John, shoe maker, 148 Ross st 

Achey Frederick, firm Say lor & Co. d\v 55 s Paca st 

Acker Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 17 CQurlland st. dw 16 

Ackerraan Nicholas, tailor, 266 Bond st 

Ackland & Armiger, boot and shoe makers, 14 s Calvert st 

Ackland James, of firm, dvv 19 e Fayette st 

Acomb William, willow basket maker, 2 Paca st 

Adam George, shoe maker, 59 Dover st 

Adam John, blacksmith, 25 Hillen st 

Adams Alfred, mariner, 274 Pratt st 

Adams Captain Alfred, 302 e Lombard st 

Adams Albert, ladies' shoe maker, 110 Pine st 

Adams Benjamin, hatter, 150 s Eutaw st 

Adams Charles, machinest, 136 McHenry st 

Adams David M. brickmaker, n e cor Sharp and Lombard sts 

Adams David, boot and shoemaker, 30 e Lombard si. cor High 

Adams & Dushane, lime and Jeed dealers, 6 Hollingsworlh st 

Adams Adam, nail and spike manufacturer 9 Fawn st 

Adams Edward, trader in market, 411 Lombard st 

Adams Mrs. Eliza Jane, bar-room 8t dvv 47 Cent. Market Space 

Adams Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 48 Saratoga st 

Adams Mrs. Eliza, Fremont st n of Franklin 

Adams Emel. ship chand. Thames st.Chase's whf,dw 1 79 Broad w 

Adams &L Go's Exp. Office, 162 Bait. st. Sandford & Shoemaker 

Adams Rev. George F. pastor 2d Baptist Church, 231 e Bait, st 

Adams Captain George, P. 132 s Exeter st 

Adams Hannah, flour and feed dealer, 158 s Caroline st 

Adams Henry, shoe maker, 383 Franklin st 

Adams & Holmead, grocers and com. merchants, 77 Light st 

Adams Isaac, laborer, 85 Bond st 

Adams James C. firm A. St Stevenson, dw 74 Pearl si 

Adams John, tailor, 24 Henrietta st 

Adams John T. firm of A. & Holmead, dvv 84 e Lombard st 

Adams Joseph, latiorer, 7 Perry st 

Adams Joseph, halter, 20 Maiden lane 

Adams Joshua, brass founder, 27 Jefferson st 

Adams Doctor Lindsay, dental surgeon, 74 Pratt st 

Adams Mrs. Mary Ann, liquor dealer, 167 Pierce st 

Adams Mrs. seamstress, 111 Pratt st 

Adams Robert A. watchmaker, Philpot lane 

Adams Mrs. Rose Ann, 88 Stirling st. , , ^ , „ 

Adams Rufus, friction match lact. 24 w Pratt dw 134 Albemarle 

Adams Sam. watchmaker & jewel. 70 n Gay, dw 75 e Lomb. st 

Adams Stephen, painter, 175 Canton av 

Adams & Stevenson, beel and pork packers, 20o- 7,- 9 Lex. st 

Adams William, laborer, 10 Elizabeth al 

Adams William, 70 n Caroline st 

Adamson Samuel, tailor, 56 Harrison st 

A Idison D. brickmaker, 73 Chestnut st 

Addison Edward, machinist, 11 McHenry st 

Addison Edward, carpenter, 10 Rock st 

Udison, Geo. MitcheH, firm A. & Dushane, 50 Conway st 

A Idison Geo. L. grocer and liquor dealer, 331 s Charles st 

Addison Samuel S boot and shoe maker 172 w Pratt ^ 

Addison Theodore, boiler maker, 98 McElderry st 

Addison William Meade, attorney at law, 53 Fayette st 


Addison William, carpenter, Hanover st 

Addison Wm. house carpV. shop cor. Hanov. st & Williamson al 

Adedel Philip, tailor, 11 St.'James st 

*'Adelphia House," by John Scherff, 12 Fayette st 

Ades Joseph, tailor, 25 Grant st' 

Ades & Albert, French tailors, over n w cor. Bait. &, North sts 

Adeyler Lewis, mt. tailor, cor. Liberty & Bait, dw 47 n Liberty 

Adkisson & Clark, sail makers, i28 Dugan's wharf 

Adkisson William, firm A. & Clark, dw 127 s High st 

Adkisson Thomas, sail maker, 53 s High st 

Adkisson Wm.arrt. Dr. Fitch's Abdom. Sup. &c. 127 n Highst 

Adler Joseph, properly agent, Lombard st e of Caroline 

Adler Julius, dry goods dealer, 226 Broadway. 

Adle'r Lewis H.'^merch't tailor, 300^ Bait. st. dw 47 n Liberty 

Adler M. clothier, 119 n Howard st 

Adler Manasa, pedlar, Happy al s of Pratt st 

Adler Philip, cJ.erk, 93 Orleans st 

Adolph John, laborer, 21 Shakspear st 

Adreon Mrs. Hannah, 224 Franklin st 

Adreon Mrs, seamstress, 71 Union st 

Adreon Wm. firm Wm. H. Soper & Co. 134 Hanover st 

Atflick Thomas, painter, 138 Saratoga st dw s Calvert ^ 

Ager Alexander, 201 Eden st ^ 

Ager Mrs. 13 Monlg-omery st 

Ager Thomas, mariner. Light st s of Warren 

Agnew Thomas, carpenter. Grant st. dw Cathedral n of Tyson 

Agnew Wm. sexton Eastern Pott-er's Field, 226 e Lombard st 

Ahern John, bricicmaker, 216 e Baltimore st 

Ahl B. D. rigger, 45 Argyle alley 

Ahles John G. 256 Dallns st 

Ahrens C. shoe maker, 91 Spring st 

Ahrens Christian, barber, 19 e Baltimore st 

Aichle J. baker, 238 Hanover st 

Aiken, Dr. H, E. apothecary and druggist, 321 Lexington st 

Airey Edward H. laborer, 340 s Charles st 

Airey Dr. Geerge, Gay st. ilw 4i Albemarle st 

Airey James, at Matthews's lumber yard, 6 Canal st 

Airey Jerome, shoe maker, George st. near Broom 

Airey Tobias, 41 Preston st 

Airey William, butcher, 69 Pennsylvania av 

Airy Elias, shoe maker, Tessier near Biddle st 

Airy Joseph, shoe maker, Tessier near Biddle st 

Aisquilh George R. clerk, 102 Pine st 

Aitken Dr. James, druggist, 143 n Gay st 

Aitken Robert, justice peace, 2 Front st. dw 198 e Pratt 

Akers Charles, carpenter, 238 Biddle st 

Alters Edward, watchmaker, 55 n Exeter st 

Akers George W. engineer, 36 G Hughes st 

Albaugh Grafton, shoe maker, 319 Mulberry st 

Albaugh J. G. C. dry goods dealer, 181 n Gay St. dw Exeter 

Albaugh John W. shoe maker, 106 Light st wharf, dw 55 Hill 

Albaugh John, paver, 211 Dallas st 

AlberEdward B. grocer, 41 Douglass st 

Alberger Adam, Bank st. w of Ann 

Albers Dr. H. 237 w Pratt st 

Albers S. G. 136 Sharp st 


Albert Aii«^u8tus J. firm A. & Bro. dw 32 n Greene st 

Albert & Bro. importers hardware &. cutlery, 340 Baltimore st 

Albert Daniel, 43 French st 

Albert Georcre F. porter, ll7 Saratoga st 

Albe'rt H. shoemaker, 118 Stirltnrr st 

Albert Jacob, hardware deal. 340 w Bait. st. dvr 64 n Charles 

Albert Joseph, carpenter, 285 Saratof?a st 

Albert William J. firm Albert & Bro. dw 80 n Charles st 

AlbertWilliam,laborer, 3 Amity 

Alberth Lawrence, cabinet maker, 49 Constitution st 

Albert! H. F. firm Spilcker & A. dw Mr. Henninir's Hanover st 

Albertson J. "Mansion House," corner Fayette & St. Pauls st 

Albinson Peter, broom & wood ware deal. base, of 44 s Charles st 

Albinson Peter, house k&eper's furnishincr wareh. 44 s Charles s-^ 

Albright J. P. constable, 126 s Paca st 

Albright Julius, blacksmith, 39 s High st 

Albright William, cabinet maker, 301 s Charles st 

Alcock William H. D. clerk, 170 German st 

Aicock Mrs. William J. 61 n Howard st 

Alden A. J. firm A. & Dryden, dw 67 HoUins st 

Alden &- Dryden, brickmnkers, Washington road 

Alden Sim. grocer, cor. Centre & Fish Market, dw 34 n Fron^ 

Aldridge And. firm A. Higdon & Co. dwcor. Hamilton & Chas, 

Aldridge, Higdon & Co. im. dry goods Sc com. mts. 5 German si 

Aldridge John, fireman on rail road, 526 Pratt st 

Aler George W. blacksmith, 55 Boyd st 

Aler Jeremiah, machinest, 135 Hollinsst 

Aler & Sisselberger, pump makers, 43 n Paca st 

Aler John, blacksmith, 78 n Eutaw st 

Alexander Andrew, carpenter, 184 Hollins st 

Alexander Henry, blacksmith, 135 s Sharp st 

Alexander James, mercht. tailor, 42 n Howard st. dw Saratov 

Alexander John, machinist^ 34 Paca st 

Alexander John H-entrineer, 258 Lexington st 

Alexander Thomas S. attorney at law, 55 Lexington st 

Alexander William, attorney at law, 51 Fayette st 

Alford &. Mullen, tobacconists, 96 Pratt st ^ 

Alford James E. of firm of A. & M. dw 159 e Fayette 

Alfroux John E. blacksmith, Harford avenue extended 

Allard Edward C. grocer, 319 n Gay st 

Allard Thomas B. carpenter, 357 n Gay st 

Allard William, carpenter, 332 n Gay st 

Allbaugh George, laborer, 182 s Eutaw st 

Allbaugh John W.boot & dhm'kr, 105 Light st whf. dw 54 Hil 
Allburt Adam,, furniture wagoner, 19J Biddle st 

Allen Alexander, sawyer, 49 Argyle alley 

Allen Amey, 184 Bethel st 

Allen Charles, stone cutter, 282 n Howard st 

Allen E. oak cooper, 83 Conwav st 

Allen Rev. Edward E, pastor Bethel church, 44 Broadway 

Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, 66 Leest 

Allen George, clerk, 160 Aisquith st 

Allen Henry A. professor of music 103 Madison st 

Allen Henry, carpenter, 132 Bank st 

Allen Isaac, mariner, 39 Hampstead st 

Allen Isaac, prof, of music, 103 Madison st 


Allen Joseph, car maker, 137 Conway at 
Allen J. bricklayer, 25 Aisquith st 
Allen James, shoe maker, Tripolet*s alley 
Allen James, carpenter, Pratt st. w of Fremont 
Allen James, cooper, German st. dw 397 Lombard 
Allen J. &. J. oak coopers, 76 German st 
Allen J. W. firm J. & J. A. dw Lombard st 
Allen John, carter, 377 s Charles st 
Allen John, laborer, 263 Forest st 

Allen John L. grocer, n e corner Monument and Ensor sts 
Allen John, teacher, 54 Bond st 
Allen John, general trader. West Falls avenue 
Allen John, firm J. & J. Allen, 123 L. Greene st 
Allen Joseph, car maker, 137 Conway st 
Allen Martin, orpocer, 168 Tyson st 
Allen Mrs. Priscilla, tailoress, 50 Harrison st 
Allen Robert W. firm Thomas Wilson &, Co. dw 65 e Bait, st 
Allen Samuel, painter. 111 Bond st 
Allen Thomas S. shoemaker, Henrietta w of Hanover st 
Allen William H. shoe maker, 137 York st 
Allen William, grocer & com. mt. dw Franklin w of Pine st 
Allen William, clerk, 91 Camden st 
Allen William, shoemaker, 13 Temple st 
Allen William, 9 East st 

Allen William L. grocer, n e corner Monument and Ensor sts 
Allen William, carpenter, 69 n Poppleton-jst 
Allen William, boatman ©f" custom house, 8 George st 
Allen William, blacksmith, 135 Hollins st 
Allen William, barber, 21 Jasper st 
Allen William, clerk, 88 e Lombard st 
Allen William, grocer, 67 s Gay st 
AllenderMrs. Mary, 5 Aisquilh st 
Allender J. A. collector, 150 East st 
AUers John A. grocer and feed dealer, 380 s Charlet -' 
Allinson Mrs. Eliza A. tailoress, Eutavv st. Spring C a.acn 
Allison Mrs. Ann, 64 s Eden st 
Allison James S. carpenter, 63 Hillen st 
Allison Richard T. aitjrney at law, 1 12 Lexington st 
Allnut Sarah, 95 Sharp st 

Allnutt, Tiffany &, Co. prod. prov. & com. mts. 131 Lombard st 
Alloway Mrs. Martha, 74 Hillen st 
Allslager Frederick, cheese merchant, 55 s Euiaw st 
Allwell Stephen, rope maker, 84 n Caroline st 
Allwine Richard, bricklayer, 269 Monument st 
Allyn Captain James, 68 s Eden st 
Almach G. W. sup. chimneys, 441 w Lombard st 
Almang Philip, tailor, Penn.ijylvania av. n of Dolphin st 
Almonl George, laborer, 74 s Eutaw st 
Alricks F. W. firm A. Higdon &, Co. dw 61 Courtland st 
Alricks Thomas P. attorney at law, 11 Court House lane 
Alter Elizabeth, dress maker, 39 Clay st 
Alterfaulk Frederick, laborer, 279 Alice Anna st 
Alterhoff Charles, lock smith, 265 Bond st 
Altrith Christian, grocer &c liq. deal. Montgomery near Sharp st 
Altvater Mrs. Margaret, 73 n Exeier st. 
Altvater William, carpenter, 8 s Canal st 


Altvrit Jacob, tailor, 57 n Eden st 

Altvrlt L. shoe maker, 57 n Eden st 

Alwine A. H. bricklayer, 78 n Caroline st 

Ambrose Michael, laborer^7 Bpolhe st 

Amby Joseph, 163 Happy alley 

Ament George, gun and lock smith, 274 Bond st 

American Asa S. perl'umer, 183 Bond st 

"American Bait." Dobbin, Murphy &. Bose, pub. 128 Bait, st 

American Hotel, Henry M. Smith, keeper, 150 w Prait st 

American Mut. Ins. Co. Bait. 58 Exchange place 

Ames Emerson, machinest, 180 w Pratt st. d\v 87 Barre 

Ames Frank, firm Fisher, A. fc WiHiams,dw Mrs.Cann's, Cbas. st 

Amey John, bricklayer, 387 Lexiogtou st 

Amey Joseph, bricklayer, 155 Mulberry st 

Amich James, furniture carman, 202 

Amos Alfred P. clerk, 1S3 Hanover st 

Amos Mrs. Ann M> 91 Harford avenue expended 

Amos B. F. hatter, 126 n Gay, dw 92 e Fayette st 

Amos Dr. Corbin, 145 n Paca st 

Amos James, currier, 121 Harford avenue extended 

Amos James, clothier, 74 Centre Market Space . 

Amos John, bricklayer, 156 Mulberry st 

Amos Joseph, bricklayer, 73 Rossst 

Amoss Mr. carpenter, 130 Camden st 

Anchor Jacob, clerk, 176 n Exeter st 

Anderson Mrs. A. seminary, 361 n Gay st 

Anderson Adam, carter, Stiles st. near the run 

Anderson Mrs. Ann, 159 Ensor st 

Anderson Charles, horse shoer, 7 Paca st. dw Mulberry 

Anderson George, carpenter, 105 HoUins st 

Anderson James, clerk, 131 Sprinir st 

Anderson Capt.Jas.M. engraver, 148 Bait. st. dw 7 n Exetej 
A.-vltM.- ji, &- Jeo • p, hardw. mis. corner Prait.and Liglit sts 

Anderson John, cak cooper, 91 York st 

Anderson J^hn, Itack driver, 21 Davis st, 

Anderaoi. J'^'in G. carpenter, 161 Paca st 

Anderson John, grocer, Lombard e of Lloyd st- 

Anderson, Mrs. Mary, 30 n Liberty st 

Anderson & Miller, furniture deal. & chair makers, 12 Second st 

Anderson Mrs. Milley, washer, 823 Baltimore st 

Anderson Mrs. R. seamstress, 138 n Eutaw st. 

Anderson Miss Rachel, 169 n Paca st 

Anderson Robert, collector, 65 Forest st 

Ander^Dn Mrs. Rosanua, House's Court. 

Anderson Mrs S. 187 Alice Anna st 

Anderson Samuel T. 69 n Liberty st 

Anderson Samuel, 47 Orleans .st 

Anderson Mrs. Sarah, 35 Montgomery st 

Anderson Dr. Solomon, Torap. pract. Diamond st. n of Mulbery 

Anderson Thomas, carter, 92 Bank lane 

Anderson Thomas D. firm A. & Jessop, n Liberty st 

Anderson Thomas, house carpenter, 113 Hill st 

Anderson William E. firm A. & Miller, dw U5 n Exeter at 

Anderson William, laborer, 209 Columbia st 

Anderson William, painter, 130 n Eutaw st 

Anderson William, rigger, 26 Sha.kspear st. 


Anderson William, mariner, Argyle al. n ol Bond st 

Anderson William, 165 German, st, 

Andrew Charles, 30 Granby st 

Andrew James, machinist, 169v Pierce st 

Andrew John, superintendent Greemount Gemenlary 

Andrews B. F. house and siorn painter, 154 n Howard st. dw bi 

Andrews & Carson, blacksmiths, 761 Baltimore st [Penn. av. 

Andrews Edward, carpenter, 488 Lombard st 

Andrews George W.. chemist & dr.ugorist, 5 w Baltimore st 

Andrews Hiram W. apothecary and druggist, 51 Hill st 

Andrews Jacob, glass cutter, 50 3roadway 

Andrews James,'firm A. &,. Carson, 77,4, vv Baltimore st 

Andrews James weaver, 49 Preston st 

Andrews James, mate, Argyle alley, nof Pratt st 

Andrews John, boot and shoemaker, 23 Constitution st 

Andrews Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 3 Slemmer's alley 

Andrews Matthew, sailor, 144 Ensor st 

Andrews Stephen, drover, Republican st n of Pratt^ 

And us John, oak cooper, Thames st w of Bond 

Angel Thomas, blacksmith, 7 e Monument st 

Angny John, omnibus driver, 741 w Baltimore st 

Annon John, paver,.85, Harford av 

Ansel Myer, lottery vender, n vv corner Baltimore and Light sts. 

Anshutz Henry, mat maker,. 228 e Lombard st 

Anshutz, Jolin Canal sts of Bank. 

Anthony H. dealer iron and rags,.s w cor. Biddle st & Penn av. 

Anthony James H. mariner, 87 Eastern av 

Anthony John, saddler, 43 Montgomery st 

Anthony Mrs. Lucinda, 24 Sarah Ann st 

Anthony R. E. book-keeper, 1 18 St. Paul st 

Anthony William, laborer, 17 Bank st 

Antonia Francis, tavern, J 93 Alice Anna st. 

Antony Andrew, seaman,. 9 X, alley 

Anzell Peter, laborer, 251 Ann st 

Apfel John, tailor, 49 Constitution st 

Appell Peter, laborer, 35 Johnson st . 

Apple Christian, cabinet maker, 200 Fayette st 

Apple Henry, tailor, 24 Jasper st 

Apple Henry, 223 Bethel st 

Appleberry Emanuel, brick maker, Wolf al 

Appleby B.. baker, corner Aisquith and Gay sts 

Appleby Mrs. L, 235 Canal st 

Appledoor Mrs. Elizabeth,., 66 Lancaster st 

Applegarih A., lime and feed mt.cor. Bovvly & Guilford sis dw. 

Applegarth Capt, Lavvson J. 82 s Carolne st [4 n High st 

Applegarih Nathaniel, mariner, 57 Front st 

Applegarih Robert, hoot and shoe maker, 164 s Howard st 

Applegarih Robert,^cigar maker, 31 Hillst 

Applegarth William, mt. corner Pratt at and Smith's wharf, dw 

Applegarih William, mariner, 227 Apn st [109 s High st 

Appier Doctor David,, J 28 Lexington st 

Appier Jesse, pattern maker, 20 McHenry st 

Appletoj) William S. firm Wyman, A. &"Co. dw s ecor. Mon- 

Appold Andrew, tanner, Penn. av extended [ument & Park 

Appold Geo. & Son, hide & leath. deal. cor. Cheapside fi^-Lprab... 

Appold George, firm, d w.,84 a Calvert s.t . 


Appoid Peter, en<^ineer, Scott st cor. Columbia 

Appohi Samuel, firm Geo. A. 8tSon, dw Calvert st n of Madison 

Arberger Joiin, butcher, Orleans st near Fairmount 

Archer J. P. attorney at law, 3 Spurrier's Court, Lexington st 

Archer Doetor John T. cor. Fayette and Park sts 

Archer John, 1 Ross st 

Archer Mr. &. Mrs. "academy for young ladies," 40 Lexington 

Archer R. H. 40 Lexington st 

Archibald James, laborer, 51 L. Hughes st 

Archibald Samuel, engineer, 87 Montgomery st 

Arckenbel Mrs. Julia, 146 Pine st 

Ardin David, ladies' boot and shoe maker, 4 South st 

Arendt Gottired, shoe maker. 8 State st 

Arfurt Spanger, grocer and liquor dealer, 146 Bond st 

Arlow Andrew, linner, 147 n Canal st 

Armacost Mrs. Priscilla, 53 Chestnut st 

Armager Jesse, comb maker, Comb al. dw 184 Hanover st 

Armager William, printer, 148 York av 

Armaleng George, laborer, 41 Piiilpot st 

Armaleng Henry, laborer, 87 McElderry's wharf 

Armeger Benjamin, 45 Jackson st 

Armeger Joseph, grocer, 224 e Lombard st 

Armerine George, laborer, 33 Concord st 

Armiger Eli, printer, 35 Jackson st 

Armiger Jesse, comb maker, 184 Hanover st 

Armiger John F. firm Ackland &: A. dw 50 Holland st 

Armiger John H. carpenter, 256 Aisquith st 

Armistead Mrs. Col. 123 Park st 

Armistead Emeline, 51 Perry st 

Armitage G«orge, yjainter, 162 Raborg st 

Armitage George.T. painter. Calendar st 

Arrailatre Dr. James, basement, corner Fayette and Paca sts 

Armitage Joseph, cooper, 19 York av 

Armons James, keeper Md. Penitentiary, 189 Aisquith st 

Armons Thomas, tavern, Harrison st. dw 334 n Gay 

Armor F. firm A. St Muncks, dw 174 s Paca st 

Armor John, 258 German st 

Armor Sc Muncks, wholesale variety dealers, 309 Baltimore st 

Armor William, mdze. broker, 37 Constitution st 

Armour Jos. G. sign & fancy painter^ cor. Fayette ScHolliday, dw 

Armour Wm. firm A. F. Seevers Sc A. dw Consi'n [292 Lomb. 

Armstrong A. P. sign Sc orna. paint, cor. Alice Anna Sc Ann sts 

Armstrong Andrew, boat builder, 62 Block st 

Armstrong Andrew, firm Conway & A. 59 Barre st 

Armstrong Asa, shoe maker, Washington st s of Bank 

Armstrong &. Berry, booksellers, 166 Baltimore st 

Armstrong Miss C. dress maker, 65 s Paca st 

Armstrong Sc Calor, millinery and dry goods dealers, 175 Bait, st 

Armstrong Mrs. Eliza R. 301 Fayette st 

Armstrong & Frederick, cab. & chair manf. cor. Light &. Montg. 

Armstrong George B. firm A. & Hacket, dw 119 n Calvert 

Armstrong George W. painter, 29 Thames st 

Armstrong & Hacket, commission merchants, 58 South st 

Armstrong Henry, shoe maker, 159 Saratoga st 

Armstrong Henry, carpenter, 95 n High 

Armstrong Henry, Clinton st Canton 

ARM 22 , ASH 

Armstrono: Hosea, grocer, Clinton st Canton 

Armstrong J. D. & Thornton, wliols. tobacconists, 37 Cheapside 

Armstronu^ J. D. firm, dw 41 n Calvert st 

Armstrong James, carpenter^ 132 n Eden st 

Armstrong James A. bricklayer. Sharp sr s of Henrietta 

Armstrong James, soap and candle maker, 25 Concord st. dw 

Armstrong James, saddler, 55 Broadway [30 Stiles 

Armstrong James L. 54 n Greene st 

Armstrong John, clerk, 70 s Exeter st 

Armstrong John A. attorney at law, 3 Spurrier's Court, Lex. st 

Armstrong Jonathan, ship carpenter, 49 Granby st 

Armstrong Robert G. firm A. & Berry, d w 80 n Paca st 

Armstrong Solomon, watchman, 285 Alice Ann st 

Armstrong Thomas, saddle and harness maker, 5 n Liberty st 

Armstrong 'J'homas, cotton factor, Clinton st Canton 

Armstrong William, boat builder, 125 Lancaster st 

Armstrong William, firm A. & Frederick, 2-20 Light st 

Armstrong William, 136 Monument st 

Arnold Charles W. trader, 137 e Baltimore st 

Arnold Clement, screw cutter. 11 Dewberry alley 

Arnold Clement, steamboat hand, 274 s Charles st 

Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 28 Schroeder st 

Arnold Davis, laborer, s Paca st extended 

Arnold iMrs. Ellen, store keeper, 54 s Eutaw st 

Arnold Francis, surg. and dent, instr. maker, 11 Sharp st. dw 

Arnold G. W. baker, 104 Fayette st [6 McClellan 

Arnold George, barber, cupper, leacher, Sec. 71 n Gay st 

Arnold Henry, apoth. and drug. 249 Bond st. dw 167 Alice Ann 

Arnold Isaac, 167 Alice Ann st 

Arnold James, bricklayer, 108 L. Greene st 

Arnold James, boot fitter, 21 Bethel st 

Arnold John A. F. laborer, 35 Johnson st 

Arnold Joseph, laborer, 66 Thames st 

Arnold Thomas, shoe maker, 20 Williamson alley 

Arnold William, bricklayer, 54 s Eutaw st 

Arnold Wil'iam, brakesman, 173 Conway st 

Arringdale Richard, liquor inspector, 49 Greene st 

Arscoli Joseph, rigger, 200 s Charles st 

Arscott Richard, seaman, Dallas st 

Arshell Philip, drayman, 39 Bank st 

Arthur Anne, baker an(l cwnfeciioner, 26 Camden st 

Arthur Mrs. Anne, baker, 58 Second st 

Arthur Hugh, millwricrht, 347 Saratoga st 

Arthur Robert, carter, 168 n Caroline st 

Ash Asa, cap maker, 70s Charles st. dw 134 Lee 

Ash Elizabeth, Allen alley 

Ash Mrs. Martha, 24 Spring st 

Ashby Jacob, tailor 44 Hillen st 

Ashcom Alexander, pilot, 165 Ann sf. 

Ashcroft Alfred G. carpenter, 175 Bank st 

Ashcroft Robert, ship builder, 250 Eastern avenue 

Ashford Michael, miller. 192 Hollins st 

Ashman Henry R. clerk, Boyd st. w of Poppleton 

Ashman John, mariner, 291 s Charles st 

Ashraa'n William, jr. oyster house, Sa Saratoga st. dw 4 Buren 

Ashlon John, laborer, i-53 Low 8t 

ASH . «J3 AUG 

Ashton Thomas, iron moulder, 17 Holland st 

Ashton Wm. city watch, 33 Moniinieni st 

Ashton William R. book keeper, 177 s Paca st 

Askew Thomas W. 121 Biddle st 

Askey James, cabinet marker, 54 Stiles st 

Askey John, boat builder, 12 L. Gou^^h st 

Askey Joseph, lumber wacroner, 21 Little Gough st 

Askey William, cooper, 108 Jeflerson st 

Assembly Rooms, n e cor. Fayette and Holiday sts. 

Aston Marrows, grocer and provision dealer, 92 Franklin st 

Asylum Fern. Orphan's, iSt. Paul's P. E. Ch. Madison av ex'ld 

Aswee George, laborer, 36 President st 

Atchison Benjamin O. sweep master, 175 Bond st 

Atermans Jacob, jappanner, 4 Swan st 

Atkins Addison, Butler, teacher, 117 e Baltimore st 

Atkinson Allen, laborer. Freedom st or Beam's lot 

Atkinson D. carpenter, 93 Harford av 

Atkinson Geo. butcher, n w cor Pennsylvania av and W^ilson st 

Atkinson Mrs. Hannah^ tailoress, 36 Pine st 

Atkinson Henry, clerk, Mulberry st e of Fremont 

Atkinson Israel S. grocer, 903 w Baltimore st 

Atkinson J. H. merchant tailor, 164 Aisquith st 

Atkinson James, barber, 134 n Gay st dvv 373 

Atkinson James E. dvv w Baltimore st extended. "* 

Atkinson James, car driver, 119 Mulberry si 

Atkinson John, carter, 129 Peiree st 

Atkinson Joshua J. Treas. B. & O. Railroad, dvv 95 St Paul st 

Atkinson Joshua, collector, 127 Bank st 

Atkinson Marrows, grocer, and ,'provision deal. 92 Franklin st 

Atkinson Miss R. A. & Co. dry g. deal. 68 Hanover st. dvv Paca 

Atkinson Samuel, pattern maker, 87 Hamburg st [near Light 

Atkinson Thomas, 31 n Paca st 

Atkinson Thomas, bricklayer, 30 Rock st 

Atkinson Doctor Thomas, 98 Saratoga st 

Atkinson Rev. Thomas, pastor St Peter's ch. 21 s Sharp st 

Atkinson Wm, C. firm Wood & A. 127 Bank st 

Atlantic Mut. Ins. Co. 53 Ex. Place, S. T. Thompson Pre*st 

Atler George W. firm A. & Talbot, 106 L. Green st 

Atler & Talbot, coach smiths, n w cor. Calvert and Saratoga sts 

Atwater R. iron caster, 50 n Spring st 

Atwell Captain Benjamin, mariner. Bond st. n of Pratt 

Atwell J. W. blacksmith, 11 Cambridge st.Canion 

Atwell Richard, 23 Courtland st 

Atwell Nathan, ship carpenter,. Cambridge st near Canton av 

Atwell Samuel, iran ore preparer,. Poppleton st near McHenry 

AtwelJ. Mrs. Susanna, 239 Ann st 

Atwell Wm. ship carpenter, 17 Cambridge st Cantoa 

Alwooel J.. F. straw goods dealer, 22 German st 

Atwood John, cabinet maker, 26 Monument st 

Aubach William, sawyer, Greenwillow st 

Au<]on .Joseph, pattern maker, 145 Conway st 

AudoQ Oliver, carpenter, 150 Bank st 

Audoun Lewis, hardware dealer, 195 Broadway 

Audoun Oliver, firm Binyon &, O. carpenters, dw 127 Bank st 

Auer Jacob, baker, 128 n Howard st 

Augustus Martin, laborer, 6 Guilford al 


Auld Mrs. Elizabeth, Orchard st n of Ross 

Auld's H. Daguerian gallery, 233 Ball st 

Auld Hugh, ship carpenter, 3 Philpot st 

Auld Samuel, ship carpenter, 175 Wolf st 

Aulis Henry, foundryman, Cambridge et Canton 

Ault S. & Son> imp. shoe thread & garden seed, 30 s Calvert st 

Ault Samuel) sr. of firm, d\v 827 n Gay 

Ault S. jr. firm of S. Ault 8t Son, dw 3^5 n Gay «t 

Austen William F. carpenter, 310 Eastern av ' 

Austin A. H. stove and tin ware worker> 6l n Eutaw st 

Austin Garretson, clerkj 376 Fayette st 

Austin Thoinai S. lieutenant of watch, 256 e Fayette tt 

Austin William> carpenter, 12 York st 

Austin William, tavern keeper, 239 Wolf st 

Austrian GharleS) cap maker, 297 Bond st 

Auzell Peter, laborer, 251 Ann st 

Auzmann Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 157 Eufaw st 

Avey Michael gardner, l31 Franklin st 

Awald Ferdinand, shoe maker. 32 n Eutaw st dw cor. Marion 

Awbrey Preslley, shoemaker 169 n Caroline st 

Ayde Joseph, carpenter, 257 Aisquith st 

Aydelott Peter, carpeater, 39 Montgomery, dw 11 

Ayer Thomas, laborer, 25 Columbia st 

Ayers Mrs. Elizabeth, 266 Broadway 

Ayers Jaraesj City Block 

Ayers James, master rigger, 43 Fells st. dw Ann 

Ayers John C. locksmith and hardware deal. 13 e Lombard St 

Ayres Mrs. Littleton, Second st. w of Gay 

Ayers Jonathan D. brick maker, 47 West st 

Ayers Mrs. Mary, 68 Conway st 

Ayler Anna, 176 Canton 

Ayler John, huckster, 188 Ann st 

Ayler Reuben, paver, 79 Holiday st 

Ayres Charles C. clerk, 175 s Paca st 

Ayres Henry, dw 174 n Calvert st 

Ayres Jacob & Son, grocers, and com. mer. 123 Pratt st 

Ayres Jacob, dw 26 s Howard st 

Ayreg James H. rigger, 202 Ann st. 

Ayres John C. locksmith and hardware deal. 13 e Lombard st 

Ayres Mrs. Littleton, Second st. n of Gay 

Ayres Samuel, 190 Ann s^ 

Ayres William, 198 Ann st 

Babb John D. baker, 68 s Charles st 

Babcock Mrs. Maria, 28 Aisquith st 

Bach Adam, laborer, 41 Pennsylvania av 

Bach Henry, cabinet maker, 15 Jackson's court 

Bach Jacob, laborer, 43 Arsyle al 

Bach Martin, sailor, 219 Ann st 

Bacharach Albert, dry goods dealer, 93 Ensor st 

Bachenhiemer David, pedlar, 1 Canal st 

Bacher Charles, laborer, 45 Albemarle st 

Bacher Nicholas, oak cooper. Green's court 

Bachman F. shoemaker, 965 Eutaw st 

Bachnian H. W. clothier, 95 s Howard st 

Bachmann James, cabinet maker, 41 McHenry st 

Backer Gotlieb, grocer and liquor dealer, 104 Montgomery st 

BAG ^ 25 BAK 

Backus Rev. John C. pastor 1st Presbyterian ch. dw 22 North 

Badeika Charles, laborer, 386 s Charles st 

Badtrer James, carpenter, 139 Saratoga st 

Bad(2:er Joseph, shoemaker, 152 w Lombard st 

Baehr Lewis, professor of music, 108 Columbia st 

Baepler Henrv, baker, 102 Columbia st 

Baer Dr. M. S. 182 w Lombard st 

Baer Myer, clothier, 302 Pratt st 

Baeur George, tailor, 12 s Canal st 

Bagan Philip, cor. French and Chesnut sts 

Bagnerr Smith, 85 Madison st 

Bagnet Michael, laborer, 51 Hill st 

Baier John, shoe maker, Eden st cor. Bank 

Bailey Arthur, laborer, 82 Boyd st 

Bailey Elijah, tavern keeper, s e cor. Eutaw and Ostend 8t 

Bailey George W. carpenter, 412 Fayette st. 

Bailey George, spar niaker, 200 Canton av 

Bailey Hamilton J. carpenter, 115 Biddle st 

Bailey John, ship carpenter, 157 Wolf st 

Bailey John, carpenter, 155 Wolf st 

Bailey John, carpenter, 75 Sarah Ann st 

Bailey Lester, laborer, 24 Eastern av 

Bailey Mrs. Margaret, 217 Canton av 

Bailey Robert, pattern maker, Ramsay st near depot 

Bailey's "shooting gallery and sparring room," Carroll Hall 

Bailie John, weaver, 52 n Canal st 

Bailone P. carpenter, 45 n Eden st 

Baily Abzre, clerk, 215 Biddle st 

Baily & Co. lottery and exchange brokers, 2 Calvert st 

Baily George, 29 Sharp st 

Baily Geo. **oyster saloon," basement law buildings, St Paul st 

Baily Mrs. Matilda, tailoress, 14 Rose st 

Baily Thomas M. laborer, 5 Gould's court 

Bain George W. carpenter, 74 Orchard st dw Saratoga 

Bain Dr. James, Saratoga one d»)or eofHoward st 

Bain Michael, grocery and liquor dealer, 256 Biddle st 

Bain John Wilton, oak cooper, Lombard st w^ot Popple ton 

Bain Julian S. apothecary, n e cor. Howard and Saratoga sis 

Bainer Mrs. Mary, 90 n Gay st 

Bairote George, shoemaker, 328 Bond st • 

Baitzel Jacob, carpenter, 74 Biddle i^t 

Baker Dr. Alfred, 56 Lexington st 

Baker &l Brother, com. m'ts &, agents Bait, and N. Jers. glass 

Baker C. V. tobacconist, 30 Lonibard st [works 42 s Charles 

Baker Charles J. o^ firm B. & bro^253 Saratoga st 

Baker Mrs. Charlotte, 163 Hanover st 

Baker Cornelius, ship carpenter. Bank st e of Woolf 

Baker D. prop, bark ware, 145 n Caroline st dw 89 Lom'd 

Baker David, pr. bark mill, dw 39 e Lombard si 

Baker Dr. E. office and dw cor. Charles and Conway sts 

Baker Mrs. Eliza, 329 n Gay st 

Baker Frederick, shoemaker, 221 Wolf st 

Baker Frederick, keeper al penitentiary, 109 Stirling st 

Baker George, oak cooper, Ross st « of Dolphin 

Baker Capt. Geo. 36 Thames st 

Baker Gideon, carter, 178 Wol.''8t 

BAK ^ . ^ ^^ 

Baker Henry, last maker, 48 Chew st 
Baker Henry, baker, 179 e Baltimore st 
Baker Henry, boot and shoemakeV, 307 Light st 
Baker Jacob, shoemaker, 21 Bethel st 
Baker Jacob, butcher, Penn. av n of Wilson 8t 
Baker James, bricklayer, Pratt st e of Broadway- 
Baker James, furniture waironer, 132 Orleans st ♦ 
Baker John H, assistant collector R. R. Co. 7 Hollins st 
Baker John, cedar cooper, 39 Garden st 
Baker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell st 
Baker John, shoemaker, 191 Ann st 

Baker John, laborer, Smith's lane, running s w from Penn. av 
Baker John, grocer and liquor dealer, 304 Bond st 
Baker Joseph, pilot, 212 Gough st 
Baker Joseph, butcher, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 
Baker Lewis, toy and confectionery store, 25 Pine st 
Baker Mrs. Lucy, boarding house, 259 Franklin st 
Baker Mrs, Margaret, seamstress, 40 York st 
Baker Mrs. Maria, boarding house, 60 Fayette st 
Baker Mrs, Mary, tutoress, 42 Conway st 

Baker Mrs, Mary A. artificial flower maker, 280 w Baltimore si 
Baker Mrs. Mary Jane, 17 Nicholson st 
Baker Mrs. Mary, 20 Monument st 
Baker Mrs, Mary A. 97 Jefferson st 
Baker Mrs. Mary, grocer, 193 Madison srt 
Baker Michael, paver, 57 e Monument st 
Baker Nichs. piano maker, 231 s Charles st 
Baker Peter, blacksmith, 165 Light st 
Baker Mrs. Rachel, washer and ironer, 192 Raborg st 
Baker Robert, cabinet maker, 57 Raborg st 
Baker S. daguerotypist, 23 Bait, st corner Centre Market, dw 
Baker Sam'l, blacksmiih, Hollins st M, Space [71 e Lomb. st 
Baker Wm. George, attorney, 2 Spurrier's court Lexington st 
Baker Wm. cast steel edge tool manuf. 2 Pres't st. dw 99 Albe- 
Baker Wm. ship carpenter, 52 Hill st [marie st 

Baker William, drayman, 155 Pennsylvania av 
Baker William, tinner, Orleans st 

leaker Wm. H. K. lamp & oil deal, 60 Balto. dw 1 Waterloo r. 
Balch B. Stillman, stencil engraver and cutter, 89 Lombard st 
Bald Frederick W. lock and gun smith, 89 Pennsylvania av 
Balder John, wheelwright, Harmony lane 
Balderston H. 180 w Lombard st 
Balderston Hugh ik. Son, wire workers, 12 s Calvert st 
Balderston Isaiah, surgeon dentist, 23 Lexington st 
Balderston Jacob, dw 180 Lombard st 

Balderston Wilson, wire and sieve manuf. 4 Light st wharf 
Baldman Andrew, bricklayer, 87 Raborg st [dw 99 Sharp st 
Baldwin David, clerk, 57'Broadway 
Baldwin Doctor E. C. 126 n Exeter st 
Baldwin J. A. dentist, 126 n Exeter st 

Baldwin James T. fashionable cloathing store, 26 n Howard st 
Baldwin John F. tobacconist, 76 n Gay st 
Bahlwin Mrs. Mary, 40 Bond st 

Bald\fm Robert T. firm Pitlman & B. 192 Saratoga st 
Baldwin Robert, carter, 5 Perry st 

Baldwin Wm. 11. jr. firhi W. Woodward «& Co. Euiaw House 


BalJwyn Charles, professor of music, 449 Fayette st 

Baleniyer Samuel, carpenter, 343 Lombard st 

Baley John, huckster, 22 Yorkav 

Baley Joseph, foot of Dallas st 

Baley Lucy, 33 Fell st 

Baley Cap't. William, 252 Eastern av 

Ball Daniel M, carpenter, Carbenderst 

Ball James, ladies' shoemaker, 47 e Bait. st. dw 23 e Fayette 

Ball Jacob, painter, 46 n Howard st. dvv 210 Saratoga 

Ball John L. bricklayer, 79 e Lombard st 

Ball John, laborer, 45 Armisted lai.e 

Ball John S. shoemaker, 57 n Front st 

Ball John W. firm Kelly B. &t Co. Il2 n Green st 

Ball Waller, house & lanoy painter, 11 Barnum's bVa Fayette 

Ball William D. late >Sherifli 7 Josephine st [dvv 84 n (ireeu 

Ball William, bricklayer, 8 McElderry si 

Ball William, private* boarding liwuse, 1 s Howard at 

Ball William, mariner, Chapel st s of Bank 

Ballard Caleb, 12 Brannan's court 

Ballard E. J. Rail maker, firm Ready, B. &. Co. dw 119 Lee st 

Bailard Edward U, collecior, 82 Orleans st 

Ballard Ormond, lumber inspector, 249 Pratt st 
Ballas John R. machinist, 334 Light st 

Ballauf Augustus, morocco and lining factory, 75 Harrison st 
Balsier John C. tavern keeper, 27 Fell st 
Baltimore Arcade, 179 Louisiana st 

Baltimore Bank of, n e cor. Bait, and St Paul st. See appendix- 
Baltimore City Iron Works, J. H. & B. H Ellicott pro. Block st 
Baltimore Club's House, P. McCaully pres't, 21 \v Fayette st 
Baltimore Coal Co's of 12 Lexinglon st, \Vm. B. Stokes, Pres't 
Baltimore Colleoje, H. Morrison President, 32 Mulberry st 
Bait. Co's biscuit & cr. man. O'Don's whf. sales room, 40i Pratt 
Baltimore & Cuba smelt, and min. Co. 4 Donnell's build, s Gay 
Baltimore Ea^rle Works, s w cor. Eutaw and Conway st. A. G. 
Baltimore Equitable ins. Co. office, 19 South st [Cole, Pes't 
Baltimore Female Or. As. 34 Mulberry st. Mrs. Patterson, Sup. 
Baltimore fine &c Hincy soap fact. Pleasant st. F. Hyde, prop. 
Baltimore Fire Insurance office, 24 South st 
Baltimore Glass House, Schaun, Reitz & Co. man. 9 Hughes st 
Bait. Infirn)ary, Green, cor. Lom'd, Prof. Chew Si. Smith Sec. 
Baltimore Lile Insurance Co. 15 South st^ 
Baltimore Steam Packet Co. s end Spear's wharf 
Baltimore Stean^boat Co. 3 st wharf 
Baltimore & Susquehanna R R. ticket office, G3 North st 
Bait. Type Foundry, F. Lucas, jr. pro. Bank lane, e of St Paul 
Baltimore Water Company's oflic^, 19 South st 
Baltz Frederick, boot and shoemaker, 103 n Paca st 
Baltzell Charles, firm of Jacob &c C. B. dvv 44 Hanover st 
Baltzell Mrs. Harriet, 127 Spring st 

Baltzell Jacob & Cha's, wholesale & ret. dry goods deal. 296 w 
Baltzell Jacob, of firm, dvv 92 n Charles [Baltimore bt 

Baltzell Thomas & Philip, office, 350 w Baltimore si 
Baltzel Dr. William H. 88 Hanover st 
Bamberger David, fancy trimmings dealer, 185 Pratt st 
Bamberger E. trmi. hosiery and fancy goods deal. 73 n Howard 
Bamberger J. A. wln-elwrifrht, cor, Alice Anna Sv Washington 
dvv Ann, corner Canton av 


Bamberger Martin, carter, 83 Raborg st 

Banckhard Andrew, tailor, 25 Hill St 

Bancroft J. bricklayer, 14 n High st 

Bandeil Andrew, paper reporter. Canal, n of Baltimore st 

Bandell George, constable, 96 Eden st 

Bandell Henrv M. shoemaker, 156 Madison st: 

BandellJohn M. & P. pump 8c block makers. QTMcEld^rry's wf 

Bandell John M. firm of J. M. & P. B. dw 116 Exeter st 

Bandell M. H. smith'and wheelwright, ri5McElderry whf. 

Bandell Michael, blacksmith' & wheelwright, dw 85 Caroline 

Bandell Mrs. 116 s Exeter 

Bandell William, bacon dealer, 6f n Bond 

Bangert Joseph, baker, 6 Feil st 

B'angert Rudolph, hatter, 22^2 n Eden st 

Bungs George F, machinist, 130 L. Green 

Bangs James G. chairmaker, 12-2 e Lombard st 

Bangs John, boot and shoemaker, 277 w Pratt st 

Bangs Mrs. Mary Ann, 3l n Exeter st 

Banker Philips clerk, 392 n Gay st 

Bankard Peter, Maryland Hotel keeper, 35 n Euraw st 

Bankerd Davitl, carpenter, Penn. av. n of Wilson st 

Bankerd Nich, D. carpenter, Pennsylvania av.n of Wilson st 

Bankhead Robert, shoemaker, 13 PVemonl st 

Banks, see appendix 

Banks Mrs. Charity, 121 n Caroline st 

Banks Daniel B. dw 204 Franklin st 

Banks David, carter, Bond st near Jefferson 

Banks Francis F. firm Hamilton Easter & Co. dw 62 n Liberty 

Banks John W. furniture wagoner, 119 Lexington st 

Banks Samuel B. machinist, 340 Franklin st 

Banks William J. grocer, 50 Jefferson st 

Bannan J. boot and shoemaker, 237 Bond st 

Bannan Michael, drayman, 232 n Eutaw st 

Bannan Patrick, Cliesapeake st. Canton 

Bannenbeig F. shoemaker, 290 Pratt st 

Bannerman John B. genl. engraver, 131 i Baltimore st 

B.innermau Mrs. Mary A. fancy & furn. store, 131 Bait, st 

Banning Mrs. Eliza, 75 n Eutaw st 

Banninger George, cabinet maker, 35 Madison st 

Bannister Joseph, mattress & bed manf. 14 Second st 

Bannister William, huckster, 14 Second st 

Bannister William, marketman, 15 Canal st 

Bannister William, plaisterer, 637 Baltimore st 

Bans John, laborer, 15 Constitution st 

Bansemer Wihiatn G. feed dealer, 406 w Baltimore st 

Bantz Theo. S. whol. boot & sL deal. 316 Balt.'dw 25 n Paca 

Banz John, shoemaker, 9 Bank st 

Barb Mrs. Margaret, 220 Happy al 

Barber G. R. 24 e Fayette st 

Barber J. T. property agent, dw 145 s Charles st 

Barber Reuben, boot and shoemaker, 225 n Forest st 

Barber Mitchell, rigger, 40 Fell st 

Barber William E. lumber mt. cor. Howard & Biddle sts. dw 

Barcia Hugh, 6 Addison st [141 Biddle st 

Barclay Mrs. Hannah, 238 e Pratt st 

Barclay James, grocer^ 127 Holiday st 


Bard Jacob, slioemakcr, 188 Light st 

Barder Henry, laborer, 59 s Frederick st 

Bargar Clement, laborer, 305 Saratojja st 

Bargar Deter, bricklayer, 69 Franklin at 

Bargar Elizabeth, milliner, 113 Mulberry st 

Bargar Joseph, machinist, Henrietta st w of Hanover 

Bargar John, oak cooper, 43 Philpot st 

Bargar Misses, tailoresses, 64 George st 

Bargar Washington, bricklayer, 83 Ross st 

Barges Barney, nightman, 77 Woifst 

Barker A. 89 French st 

Barker Benjamin, plumber, 280 Alice Anna at 

Barker Ed\var(j, coachmaker, 179 n Exeter 

Barker's G. M. saw mill, 270 Canton av. Cantoa 

Barker George W. laborer, 275 Canton av 

Barker Mrs. Harriet A. 16 Mulberry st 

Barker J. W. hatter, 149 n Caroline st 

Barker John Sl Son, iron found, n Calvert &t» near Mulberry, dw 

Barker John, 207 Bethel 8t [186 n Calvert 

Barker Philip, 5 St James st 

Barker Mrs. Rebecca, 280 Alice Anna st 

Barker W. laborer. Lemon st. near Fremont 

Barker William N. cigar maker, 161 Conway st 

Barker Wm. firm John B. Sl Son, s e cor. Pleasant and St Paul 

Barker William H. ship carpenter, 284 Alice Anna st 

Barker William, brass founder, 72 Granby st 

Barklaw Henry, box maker, rear of 130 Saratoga st I 

Barkman Mrs. Frances, Bethel st. near Bank 

Barkman Jacob, butcher, 89 Columbia st 

Barkman Joseph, cigar maker, 32 Clay st 

Barkman Mrs* Mary Ann, plumber, eo])per and tin plate work. 

Barlin Mrs. Elizabeth, 5 n Exeter [11 6 Thames &t 

Barling Henry A. firm Wm. Mason & Son, dw 69 e Lombard 

Barling Joseph, firm Mason & Son, 69 e Lombard st 

Barlow Joseph, firm B. Sc Lawrence, 180 Mulberry st 

Barlow & Lawrence, wholesale and retail grocers, 46 n Paca st 

Barneclo J. W. grocer, cor. Fayette & Poppletonst 

Barnes Mrs. Ann, 136 Aisquittj st 

Barnes Benjamm, sailor. Sharp s of Henrietta st 

Barnes Charles D. rope maker, 341 Harford av 

Barnes Mrs. Deborah, (ailoress, Green's court 

Barnes George W. 256 e Pratt st 

Barnes Mrs. Hannah, 185 Bond st 

Barnes Henry, ship carpenter, s e cor. Henrietta st &. Peach »1 

Barnes J. H.'^firm Meredith &. B. dw 68 n Gay st 

Barnes James G. reporter, Pratt st. e of Broadway 

Barnes Jas. E. wheelwright, 93 Lancaster st. dw 202 Canton ay 

Barnes John H. painter, German st. dw 87 Peirce st 

Barnes Mrs. M. A. 16 Peirce st 

Barnes Richard, laborer, 136 Low st 

Barnes Robert C. tobacconist, Broadway, n of Bank st 

Barnes Samuel, printer, Ramsay st. near the depot 

Barnes Thomas, plaisterer, 311 Eastern Avenue 

Barnet Robert, laborer, 3 Hughes's Court 

Barneljrhon>as, bricklayer, Burke st. near Canton 

Barnet William, 213 n Howard st 

BAR ^^9 BAR 

Barnett Robert, carpenter, 62 Cross St ' 

Barney John, 71 n Calvert st 

Barney Lewis, 76 n Charles et 

Barney Willian<i, laborer, 202 Sharp si 

Barn-hardt John M. furniture carter, 228 Fayette st 

Earnhardt John, watchman, 124 McHenry st 

Barnhart Andrew laborer, 59 Cn^ss st 

Barnicio Risden, enjrineer, 77 York st 

Barnitz Covinnrton D. attorney, 18 Law buildings, St Paul st 

Barns John, M. blacksmith, 24 Addison st 

Barnum's City Hotel, Zenus B'arnum & A. McLaughlin, pro- 
prietors corner Calvert & Fayette" 

Barnyclo Risden, enorineer, 45 Orchard st 

Barow John C. chemist, 116 Gonway st 

Barrenger L. Li butcher, 26 Lewis st 

Barrens James, stone cuiter, 131 Holliday st 

Barrett A. J. teacher of vocal music, 62 Fremont st 

Barrett Asa & Co. upholsterers and paper hangers, 404 Bait 

Barreit & Debeet, carvers & gilders, 14 Harrison st 

Barrett George, printer, 12 Low st 

Barrett Gregory, wea\er, 116 Fremont st 

Barrett John, oak cooper, 152 Thames st. dvv 119 Lancaster st 

Barrett John, grocer & liquor dealer, 225 e Pratt st 

Barrett Joseph, engineer on R. P»,oad, 65 Poppleton st 

Barrett Mrs. Mary, 44 Penn st 

Barrett Minet, firm of B. & Debeet, 16 Orleans st 

Barrett Robert, laborer, 3 Hughes's court 

Barrett William T. tobacconist, 60 n G^ay st 

Barrickman Capt. Henry, 107 e Fayette st 

Barrickman John, 166 Alice Anna st 

Barringer John T. bacon seller, 75 McElderry st 

Barrington Mrs. C. sup. Bait. Female House for employment of 
deserving poor, 1 n Frederick 

Barris Geo. W. oak cooper, 39 Eastern av 

Barroll Bi-nj. C. attorney &- Sijlicitor in chancery, 15 St Paul st 

Barroll & Si)n, grocers &. com. mts. 1 Bowly's whf. cor. Pratt st 

Barroll James W. of firm, dw 125 n Charles st 

Barroll Mrs. James, 105 Monument st 

Barron Patrick, 61 n Front st 

Barron Samuel, dealer in rags, 73 Stirling st 

Barrou J. C. chemist, 116 Conway st 

Barrow D. H. prop. Agent. 29 Second st. dw Ball. cor. Higli st 

Barrow Mrs. Jane, corner High and Baltimore 

Barrows Elijah P. 49 n Liberty st 

Barry Charles B. apothecary and druggist, 182 Baltimore st 

Barry Chnrle.s B; & Co. apoth. & drug, s e cor. Canal &. Bait. 

Barry Mrs. Jane, 171 Wolfst 

Barry James C. jr. com. mt. 79 Smith's whf. dw 155 n Paca st 

Barry James C. inspector customs, 155 n Paca 

Barry John, carpenter, dw 27 Pearl st 

Barry John L clerk in Franklin bank, dw 74 s Exeter st 

Barry J. W. & Co. apoih. Sc druggists, 440 Bait. st. cor. Pearl 

Barry John J. firm J. W. B. & Co. dw Ball. st. cor. Pearl 

Barry Robert & Son, for. & dom.drygoods com. mts. 273 Bait. 

Barry Mrs. Susan, 153 Aisquith st [dw Rob't B. 42 AJulberry 

Barry Dr. Wm. J. n e cor. Hamilton & Cathedral sts 


Barry William, laborer, 58 Richmond st 

Barry William, moulder, Pratt st. w of Oregon 

Bartels John, edge tool grinder, 211 Bond st 

Barlges John M. clerk, dw 72 Aigquith st 

Barth Christian, shoe store, 193 Louisiana st. or Lexington 

Barih Charles S. boot and shoemaker, 197 Woirst 

Barth John H. merchant, 37 Fremont st 

Barth Ht nry, lock and o;unsmith, Si) Albemarle st 

Barihl Edward, boot and shoemaker, 144 n Howard st 

Barlhol Antoinette, nurse, 40 Orchard st 

Barthol Edward, shoemaker, 3 Garden 

BarlholJ Bernard,, I6l Mulberry st 

Barthohlt John, tavern keeper, 134 Franklin st 

BarthoMt John F. jeweller and die sinker, 15 Holliday st 

Barthoiow Elijah M. firm Gwynn & Co. dw 23 Hoilins st 

Bartholow Presley J. <]frocer and tea dealer, 218 Lexington st 

Bartholomew Elias, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

BaitlaurJohn, laborer, Canal st. 2d door s ofBank 

Bartlett Charles L. teacher of music, 331 Fayette st 

Bartlell D. L. firm of Haywood B. & Co. dw 40 Barre st 

Bartlett Geo. Sc Co. shoe and leather deal. 10 n Howard st. dw 

Bartlett Isaac, grocer, 36 Philpot st, [G. B. Go n Liberty 

Bartlett J. JNl. Si. Wm. E. jr. wliolesale dryggists, 74 8 Calvert st 

Bartlett J. M. of firm, dw 64 s Eutaw st 

Bartlett James, boat builder, 86 Block st 

Bartlett William, cabinet maker, 173 Saratoga st 

Bartlett William, laborer, 18 Fell st 

Bartmans Chris, groc. & iiq. deal, n w cor. East, av &. Eden st 

Bartnum P. keeper George Washington h()tel cor. Bond st &c 

Bartol Christopher, cabinet maker, Liberty al [Canton av 

Bartol Henry 13. coachmaker, 87 n Calvert st 

Bartol JaHies L. attorney, Law buildings Lexington st. dw 271 

Barton Henry, clerk, 28 G. Montgomery st [Lombard 

Barton Ignatius, printer, 64 n Front si 

Barton Jennings, carpenter, 240 Pratt st 

BartiM) Leier, ship carpenter, Argyle al (or Register st) n of Pratt 

Barton Mrs, M. Concord near Pratt 

Barton Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 120 Holliday st 

Barton Mrs. Mary Ann, Imckster, 25 Front vSt 

Barton Mrs. Patience, 96 Gran by st 

Barton S. S. carpenter, 24 Mullikin st. dw 115 Orleans 

Barton Samuel S. saiimaker, 23 Mullikin st 

Barton Thaddeus J. grocer and tea dealer, 73 Harrison st 

Barton William J. currier, 58 e Lombard rA 

Barton William, bricklayer, 20 s Caroline st 

Baseler Christian, grocer, corner Forest and Douglass sts 

Bash Henry M. dw 88 Monument st 

Bass Simon, sju^ maker, 221 Bond st 

Bassett James, fisher, 18 Giltinffs st 

Bass'^ord Rev. Thos. prin. male free school Courtland st 

Bassigoboppo Dominick, musician, 6 Harmony lane 

Bassort Jonn, laborer, 21 Low st 

Bastien M. glazier, 61 Centre Market 

BatcliL'lor Columbus, ship carpenter, 276 Alice Ann st 

Batchelor Daviil, shoe maker, 52 Spring st 

Batchelor John, confectioner, 39 Deluol alley 

Batchelor Joseph, gas fitter, 29 Constitution st 


Batchelor Nathan, carter, 68 Stiles st 

Batchelor William, ^uard at penitentiary, 276 Alice Anna st 

Batcher Henry, drayman, 97 Caroline st 

Bateman James O. confectioner n w cor» Montgomery &, Light 

Bateman Mrs. Phoebe, milliner and dress maker, 1 South st 

Bateman Mrs. Eliza, 36 York st 

Bateman William L. magnetizer, 1 South at 

Bates Andrew, blacksmith, 23 Union st 

Bates Charles, foundry man, 240 e Lombard st 

Bates Frank. L. carpt'r. cor. Broad vv. &, Lorab. st. d \v 242 Lomb. 

Bates James VV. iron moulder, 13 President st. dw Broadway, n 

Bates John, bricklayer, 242 e Lombard st [of Lombard 

Barthurst M. &. Son, ship. St com. mts. 59 Lomb. dw 26 Nonh 

B itis John, cook at "Guy's," 63 Montgomery st. (rear) 

Batson John W. keeper Tremont House, 35 n Paca st 

Batson Ricliartl VV. clerk, 108 n Howard bt 

Batson Richard M. tavern, 520 \v Baltimore st 

Battee Georire, carpenter, 5 Oregon st 

Battec R. liulgely, attorney, 2 first floor Matshal build. St. Paul 

Battee, Mrs. R. H. 151 Kanover st 

B.ittee Richard, machinist, 248 s Charles st 

Battels John, mariner. Fort road 

Batienfeld Christian, boot and shoe maker, 54 Thames st 

Battersbee Francis, huckster, 67 n Exeter st 

Battin Harrnan, fringe and tassel maker, 100 Albemarle st 

Batts William, baker, 19 Stirling st 

Baucheeardt William, umbrella and cane maker, 73 Eutaw st 

Baucht Mary, second-hand clothing store, 39 Harrison st 

Bauck F. tailor, 107 s Howard st 

Bauck Hammond, porter. 5 Clay st 

Bauer C. grocer, 81 n Eden st 

Bauer J. shoe maker, Mullikin st. Fairmount Hiil 

Bauer John M. shoe maker, 12 President st 

Bauer John, liquor dealer, 153 Pennsylvania av 

Bauers Henry, blacksmith, 150 Mulberry st 

Baugh Joseph, tailor, 13 Somerset st 

Bauglier Joseph, firm B. &, Orendorf 264 Lexington st 

Baugher So Orendorf, wholesale dry goods mts. 285 Baltimore st 

Baughiiian iNIrs. Ann, 293 n Howard st 

Bauizhman Charles VV. boot & shoe maker, 75 Pennsylvania av 

Bdughman F. M. & H. F. marble cutters, 1 Howard st. dw 150 

Madison st 
Baughm m George, clerk, 56 Pine st 
Baughman Henry, carter, 186 n Eilen st 
Bayin Charles, carpenter, n e corner Pratt and Dallas sis 
Baum Samuel, carpenter, 107 Pearl st 
Baumbach Henry, tailor, 61 n Frederick st 
Baumer John, stone braker. Chapel st. run. s w from Penn. av- 
Baumeister William, boot and shoe maker, 254 Bond st. 
Baumgartner Andrew, brewer, 28 Eastern av 
Baumum John, lace weaker, 37 Marion st 
Baupst Hen'-y, laborer, 43 Argyle aliey 

Baurgelt William, cigar maker. Harmony lane e of Shrcsder st 
Bausman Rev. J. P. 290 w Fayette st 
Bausmit Pliilip, tailor, 279 n Gay st 
Bawden John, tailor, 64 s Caroline st . * 


Bawl William A. bricklayer, 285 n Gay st 
Bavvnian, Mr. car inspector, 503 w Pratt st 
Bavvn Thomas, weaver, 97 Pierce st 

Baxley & Co. apoth. Sc drug, s e cor. Howard & Franklin sta 
Baxley Mrs. George, s e corner Franklin and Howard sts 
Baxley Doctor H. W. 175 Fayetle st 
Baxley James, carter, 106 Orleans st 
Baxley Joshua D, clerk, 338 Lexington st 
Baxter James, blacksmith, 117 Ensor st 
Baxter Mrs. Rebecca, tailoress, 4 Gibson st 
Bay Hugh, carpenter, shop Mulberry st. dw 287 n Howard st 
Bayer Lawrence, boot and shoe maker, 15 Bond st 
Bayer Nicholas, laborer, 188 Bond st 

Bayfield James H. grocer, liquor & prod, dealer, 133 Franklin 
Bayfield James, carpenter, 151 Saratoga st 
Bayless Bernard, boot and shoe maker, 3 s Gay st 
Bayless James P. prop. Western Hotel, cor. Howard &c Saratoga 
Bayley Charles, grocer, cor. Fayette and High sts 
Bayley Mrs. Eliza, 135 s Sharp et 

Bayley H. china, glass, & queensw. dea-lerand- importer, 37 Bal- 
timore St. and 5 Harrison, dw 58 e Fayette 
Bayley Ham. J. carpenter. Wine st. dw Biddle 
Bayley William, slater, 73 n Front st. yard West Falls av 
Bayley William, drayman 143 Low st 
Bayley William, drayman, 42 Low st 

Baylies Charles F. grocer, cor. Jefferson & Eden, dw 20 s Exeter 
Baylies Nicholas, firm B. & Tyson, dw 20 s Exeter st 
Baylies *>;. Tyson, millers, Patterson st. s end 
Baylis James R. machinist, 118 Hollins st 
Bayly William, book-keeper, 177 n High st 
Baynard Mrs. Eliza, 50 n Calvert st 
Bayne Benjamin C. pilot, 144 Aim st 
Bayne L. P. firm B. Withers &, Co. dw 302 Lombard st 
Sayne, Withers &. Co. wholesale dry goods dealers, 1 Hanover 
Baynes Charles D. rope maker, 341 Harford av 
Baynes Joseph P. dairyman, 365 n Gay st 

Baynes Thomas, btine diist manuf. dw s e cor. Bankst &Broadw 
Bayzand William H. tailor, under Museum, 154 Bait. st. dw \l 
Beach Mrs. Eliza, Il9 n Eutaw st [McElderry 

Beach Nathaniel, market trader, 103 n Pearl st 
Beach Thomas J. assistant editor "Sun," 102 n Exeter st 
Beach William, machinist, 61 Centre Market 
Beacham John S. ship carpenter, 112 s High st 
Beacham Mrs. Margaret, 174 n Eutaw st 
Beacham Mrs. Rebecca, Bond st s of Pratt 
Beacham Wm. ship smith, s end McElderry's wharf, dw Trinity 
Beachem Mrs. E. tailoress, 2 Guilford al [st e of High 

Beachem John, wood inspector, U Warren st 
Beachem Lenox, ship carpenter, 104 n Calvert st 
Beachem Samuel T. ship carpenter. Trinity st w of Exeter 
Beachem William, gun smith, 199 Ann st 
Beacktoll Christopli, tailor, 105 Gough st 
Beadles Joseph, carpenter, corner Welcome and X alleys 
Beahan John, grocer, 25 New Church st 

Beal Rich'd. B. prop. agt. Mansion House Fayette St. dw 263 n 
Beale Capt. Alexander, Bond st s of Pratt [Howard 

BKA. 33 BEC 

Beale Solon, acaderaist, 266 n Gay st 

Beale William, carpenter, 55 Jefferson st ^ 

Beall Horatio, clerk at depot, 363 Lombard st 

Beall Mrs. 15 Barnetst 

Bealmear Mrs. Catherine B. 228 n Howard st 

Beam George, shoe maker, 305 Dallas 

Beam Henry C. miller, Madison st. two doors from Forest 

Beam Jacob, flour inspector, 21 George st 

Beam Robert M. liquor dealer, 108 n Howard st. dw S3 Lexintr. 

Beam Simon, tailor, 245 Ann st 

Beamer H. & Co. grocers, corner Lexington and Paca sta 

Beamer Henry, 92 n Eutavv st 

Bearamer Wilhelm, tailor, Petmsylvania av n of Wilson st 

Beamort Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 19 n Calvert st 

Bean Mrs. Christiana Ann, l4l Ann st 

Bean Enos, venitian blind maker, 145 Franklin st 

Bean Joseph H. carpenter, 20 McClellan st. dw 37 n Liberty 

Bean Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 307 Saratoga st 

Bean Richard, pilot, 297 Eastern avenue 

Bear Rev. John, 152 Monument st 

Bear John, carpenter, n Howard st. dw 149 York 

Bear John, laborer, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

Beard Mrs. E. Ann, fancy goods dealer, 186 n Gay st 

Beard Edward H. mariner, 186 n Gay st 

Beard James, mariner, 186 n Gay st 

Beard James, boiler maker, Gibson st n of Preston 

Beard John, jr. sea captain, 64 Lee st 

Beard John, collector and property agent, 174 Hanover st 

Beard Joseph, mariner, \Si n Eden st 

Beard Lewis, captain of schr. Wm. B. Dale, dw 156 s Paca »t 

Beards George, rag dealer, 45 e Monument 

Bears William, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Beasten George J. trader, 81 Light st wharf, dw 120 s Paca st 

Beatley Isaiah, huckster, Washington st s of Bank 

Beatley Mrs. 270 Eastern avenue 

Beatty Cornelius F. firm Stickney & B. dw 52 St. Paul st 

Beatty George, wood dealer, 191 e Pratt st 

Beatty James, powder manuf. 153 w Pratt St.. dw 31 n Calvert 

Beatty John H. cigar maker, 65 Lancaster st 

Beatty Joseph, biscuit baker, 121 Albemarle st 

Beatty William H. grocer and com. mt. 40^ Pratt st. dw 129 n 

Beatz Gotleib, tailor, 4 Liberty st [Charles 

Beauchamp John, shoe maker, 96 Franklin st 

Beaumont Mrs dress and cloak maker; 421 Baltimore st 

Beck Andrew F. clothier, 123 Montgomery st 

Beck Ernest, cow keeper, Franklin st w of Poppleton 

Beck Frederick, umbrella &, cane maker, 65 McElderry st 

Beck James M. brakesman rail road, cor. Boyd and Shrceder sts 

Beck John, cow keeper, George st e of Fremont 

Beck John, cooper, William st s of York 

Beck Michael, carpenter, 167 East st 

Beck Perry, shoe maker, 74 William st 

Beck Thomas, carpet manuf and dealer, .S n Gay at 

Beck William R. tobacconist, 531 w Baltimore st 

Becker A. tailor, 9 Dover st 

Becker John D. 162 n Exeter st 

BEC 34 -^IS, 

Becker Hamilton, pharmaceuiist, 67 Raborfj st 
#Beckermyer William, f^rocer & provison dealer, 187 n Eutavv st 
Beckei Wm. tobacco & 69 Ligfilst wlif.dw 325 Pratt 
Beckeit TJiomas, engineer on rail road, dw n vv cor, Repiil)lican 
Beckham Airs. Eliza, 61 Hampstead st [and Hullins sts 

Beckler Nicholas, trunk maker, 2 New Church st 
Beckley Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding liouse, 28 s Gay st 
Beckley Nathaniel, 23 s Gay st 
Backley W. H. paper hanger, 176 n Gay 
Becknian August, laborer, 32 Ferry st 
Becknor John, trunk maker, 77 s Sharp st 
Beckwith Henry, ship carpenter, 121 Lancaster st 
Beckvvilh Richard, carpenter, 238 Ann st 
BeJehiemer Ferdinand, blacksmith, Oregon st s of Lombard 
Bedenkupp John, carpenter, Chapel st. running s w Im Ftnn. av 
Bedencopf Martin, baker, 10 Ensor st 
Bedibrd Mrs. Jane, confectioner, 318 n Gay st 
Bedlord John, teaclier, 818 n Gay st 
Bee Henry, pattern maker, 557 w Baltimore st 
B-dell Adam, "Light street house," 175 Light st 
Beelelt Mrs. Mary, store keeper, 22 s Eutaw st 
Beegler John^ carpenter^r 58 n Frederick st \ 

Beehler Francis, umbrella, whip, and cane inanuf. 24G Bait, st 
Beeiley Robert, ship joiner, 191 Bond st 
Behlen P. clothier, 62 Thames st 
Behler Nicholas, cabinet maker, 65 s Eutaw st 
Behrens Adam, carpenter, 281 Wolf st 
Behrens B. tavern keeper, 268 Canton av. Canton 
Behrens Jacob, optician and jeweller, 103 n Gay st 
Behrens Mrs. Martha, boarding house,- 102 s Eutaw &t 
Beim Simon, tailor, 245 Ann st 
Bein William, nursery man, 172 Pearl st 
Beisswanger Jacob, boot and shoe maker, 51 Forest st 
Belknap Aben, Adam &c Eve house. Lovely lane, near Calvert 3t 
Bell Abraham, plaisterer, 53 Short 
Bell Alfred, butcher, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 
Bell Andrew, carter,-40 Durst al 
Bell Edward H-. wheel \\«right, 98 Granby 
Bell Mrs. Eliza, -gTocer,-284 Mulberry st 
Bell Mss. Elizabeth V. school. teacher, 89 Hillen st 
Bell George, tiPr ami she«t iron worker, 433 w Baltimore 
Bel! George F. M. clerk, 40 e Lf)mbard 
Bell Henry, boot and shoemaker, 147, dw 149 Light 
Bel! Henry, mariner, 58 York 
Bell Isaac, teamster, 21 Duberry al 
Bell James,- shoemaker,- 109 Pearl 
Bell Jehu, wheelwright, -518 w Balliinore 
Bell John,-prop. of hotelj Louisiana, cor. Jasper 
Bell John W, millwright, 140 Eutaw 
Bell John W. butcher, Pennsylvania a v. n of Mosher st 
Bell Nicholas, machinist, Pennsylvania av.n of Wilson st 
Bell Sc Packie, marble manuf. cor. Saratoga and Calvert 
Bell Richard D. boot and shoemaker, 116 u High 
Bell Richard, ship carpenter, 183 Canton av 
Bell Robert, carpenter, 51 n Canal st ■ 

Bell Thomas B. cigar maker, 119 e Pratt st 

BEL B5 B^]Sr 

Bell Thomas, firm B.& Packie, dw 14 Chew 

Bell Wilham, boot and shoemaker, 45 Thames 

Bell William, stone cutter, 134 Pine 

Bell Zebedee tbundryman, at Ellicott's foundry. Federal Hill 

Bellemyer Anthony, tailor, JJS Marion st 

Rellis Johft, shippinnj office &. Seamen's Home, 65 Thames Kt 

Bellman Henry, laborer, 69 Argyle al 

iBellman Thomas, shoemaker, 108 French st 

Belt Mrs. Ann H. boarding house, 166 McHenry^t 

Belt Elisha, blacksmith, 12 Stirlinir st 

Belt Eufrene, clerk, 93 Franklin st 

Belt & Mackall, tobacco com. mts. 91 Light st whf. up stairs 

Belt T. Hanson, 80 n Calvert 

Belt Trueman, 37 Courtland st 

Beltz Hartman, boot and shoemaker, 190 Bond st 

Bvillz Mrs. Barbara, board i no; liouse, 14 New Church st 

Beltzner Geortre, laborer, 70 Hamburoj st 

Benard John H. police office, 63 George st 

Bender Augustus, merchant tailor, 13 n Liberty st « 

Bender Christian., baker, 106 Pennsylvania av 

Bender Daniel, clerk city collector's office, 137 Franklin st 

Bender John, laborer, 65 Preston st 

Bender Lucas, laborer, 659 w Baltimore st 

Bender Samuel, carpenter, 55 Ross st 

Bendy Mrs. Eliza, 20 Granby st 

Benezet George W. goldsmith, 5 Chestnut st 

Benhoff Frederick, n Clinton st. Canton 

Benjamin L. pawnbroker, cor. Gay and Harrison 

Benjamin Samuel, grocer, 44 Douglass st 

Benjamin Virginia, 76 Bank st 

Benner Adam, '^Adelphi House," 12 Fayette st 

Benner Henry, potter, 108 Dallas st 

Bennet John, laborer, 233 Canton av 

Benner Samuel, clerk, 62 Montgomery st 

Benner T. S. 163 Aisquith st 

Benner William, shoemaker, 178 w Pratt st 

Benner William, 163 Aisquith st 

Benne;iman D. M. grocer, 48 Aisquith st 

Bennet & Co, com. agents, 50 w Lombard st 

Bennet Edwin, fire proof Si cane manufacturer, s e cor. Canal 

st and Canton av 
Bennet Eli, book keeper, 173 Richmond st 
Bennet George W. trader, 98 Camden 
Bennet Georfje J. carpenter, 261 e Baltimore 
Bennet Mrs. Harriet, Baltimore st. e of Broad^vay 
Bennet John, millwright, 155 s Paca st 
Bennet John, tailor, 93 n E(ien 
Bennet John, grocer and tea dealer, 64 Thames 
Bennet Joseph, laborer, 82 William 
Bennet Livingston N. clerk, 127 Richmond 
Bennet Patrick H. 83 St Paul st 
Bennet Wm. Printer, 95 n Caroline 
Bennett Mrs. Ann £!liza, 48 Spring 
Bennett Mrs. Barbara, 124 Lee st 
Bennett D. H. carpenter, 7 Cambridge st. Canton ] 
Bennett Edward, police officer, 239 e Baltimore 

BEN m Bl^R 

Bennett Enoch, brush & bellows maker, 2 n Howard, 
Bennett F. W. firna Cannon B. & Co. 66 Sharp, dw Sharp cor. 
Bennett & Hopkins, carpenters, Hanover, 6 of Pratt [Dover 
Bennett John, bread and cake baker, 3 Warner 
Bennett Littleton S. sea captain) 8 Lee st 
Bennett Captain Richard, mariner, 215 Alice Aana st 
Bennett Rot)ert huckster, 217 Eastern av 
Bennett William, potter. Register st. s of Gough 
Bennoch Thomas, stone mason, 3 Caroline st 
Benny B. 17 Hillen 
Benny Mrs. Caroline, 19 Hillen 
Benny Jonathan, shoemaker. 150 n Caroline 
Bensert Henry, laborer, 206 s Caroline 
Benson Benjamin S. machinist, 18 L. Gough 
Benson Charles, mariner, 195 Alice Anna 
Benson Geo. lace dealer, 91 Fayette 
Benson Goliieb, shoemaker, 129 Alice Anna 
Benson John, carpenter, IGsPaca 

Benson Lloyd N. boot and shoemaker, 24 Pennsylvania av 
Benson Mis. Margaret, 67 Centre Market space 
Benson Paul, male, 290 Wolf 
Benson Mrs. S. L. SCO n Gay st 
Benson Samuel, merchant tailor, 13 Holiday st, 
Benson Captain ^Villiam R. 40 Spring st 
Benson William, clerk, 54 Montgomery 
Benson William, painter, 81 n Paca, dw 131 Madison 
Benswanger E. pedlar, 31 Mullikin 
Benswanger Samuel, dry goods dealer, 168 Lexington 
Benteen Fred'k D. music deal. 181 Bait, dw Chatsvvorth extend. 
Benteen Mrs. Rebecca, dress maker, 169 Saratoga 
Benihall Captain Robert, 136 Broadway 

Bentley C. W. & Co. boiler makers & machinists, e Falls av 
n of Pratt st bridge 

Bentley Charles W. firm C. W. B. & Co, dw 56 Albemarle 

Bently Joseph, machinist, 134Hollins 
Bently B. millwright, 111 Hollins 

Benton Samuel, cabinet maker, 81 Peirce 

Benton Sarah, 184 s Caroline 

Benlz Leonard, laborer, 100 Fremont 

Binzinger M. paver, 79 n-Paca 

Beome Henry, baker, 9 George st 

Beomer Mich, blacksmith, 324 Light 

3erbrand Julia, barber, 247 Broadway 

Berenslreker John, butcher, Pensylvania av. s of Wilson st 

3erenstrekcr Mich, butcher, Ramsay st. near depot 

3erg Augustus T. distiller, over 9 Baltimore st 

3ergen Michael, clothier, 143 s Charles 

3erger Charles H. tailor, 57 n Frederick 

3erger John, firm Cugle S;. B. 154 n Eden 

3erger Mrs. Mary, 230 Aisquith st 

3erkhardt Philip, laborer, 121 Pennsylvania av 

3erleman William, tavern, 291 Alice Anna 

3erline John, butcher, Preston vv of Gibson 

Jerlinher Abraham, pedlar, 195 Bond 

Jernard John H. late police officer, 83 St Mary's 

Jernard N. 22 May 

fe^fe 37 BEU 

Bernard William, laborer, F()rt road 

Bernhard John, shoemaker, 519 Bond st 

Berriman Matthew W. cabinet maker, 117 n Exeter 

Berry Capt. Charles A. 81 Broadway 

Berry Dorsey, brick maker, 204 Gough st 

Berry Edward, rigger, 28 Lancaster st 

Berry G. W. carpeuter, 210 Aisquith 

Berry George, clerk, 190 Hanover 

Berry Henry, drayman, 173 Happy al 

Berry Horato, carpenter, HO German st 

Berry Jesse L. "finisher", 262 s Charles 

Bjrry John, firm Hurst 8c B. 90 Mulberry 

Berry John H. grocer & commission merchant, 116 Light st wf 

dw 56 Lee st 
Berry John & Tho's L. fire proof brickmakers, s end Siiarp 
Berry John W. carpenter, 112 German st 
Berry Miss Mary, 32 Josephine 
Berry Mrs. Rebecca, coiilijctioner, 223 Ann 
Berry Robert D, grocer, 192 Aisquith st 
Berry William, moulder, Raborg w of Republican 
Berry William, finisher, 13 McHenry st 
Berry William, clerk, 117 Lee st 
Berry William, clerk, ^1 Lee ?t 
Berry William H. grocer and tea dealer, 65 Camden 
Berryman John, 223 Franklin 
Berryman John, watchiwan, 101 Jefferson 
Berryman Matthew, cabinet maker, 117 n Exeter 
Berryman Matthew W. cabinetmaker, 10 Park 
Bersch Henry, merchant tailor, 25 e Fayette cor. of High 
Bersick Michael, tavern, s e cor. G. Hughes & Williams 
Berteau Nicholas, speculator, 203 e Lombard st 
Bertholf James, butter dealer, 77 s Hi^h 
Bertsch Jacob, boot and shoemnker, 174 Eastern av 
Beshar William, tailor, 124 e Fayette st 
Besse Daniel, currier, 59 Granby st 

Besselievre Miss Ann Maria, seamstress, Dover near Fremont 
Bessolt Lainhardt, Canal, s of Bank 
Beswick Captain Benjamin, 138 Bank 
Belson Joseph, oak cooper 94 Mulberry 
Bettell Mrs. Ellen, Seamstress, 133 York 
Bettenbacher John, cabinet maker, 14 Mercer st 
Betton Thomas Vf~. gentlemen's furnishing store, 179 w Bait. 6t 
Betts Alex. P. firm of German & B. dw 178 e Pratt 
Betts Mrs. Araminta, 28 Si Paul 
Betts Edward, piano maker, 113 Lee 

Betts Royston, dry goods merchant, 283 Balto. dw 121 Fayette 
Betts Henry T. 8 'Maiden lane 
Betts John» cabinet maker, 61 Argvle al 
Betts Robert, lumber inspector, 37 Jackson 
Betts William, wheelwright, 12 Lee 
Betts William, printer, 74 e Lombard 
Betz Andrew, tailor. Green st. 1 door n of Lexington 
Betzinger Conrad, carpet weaver, 61 Union 
Bentz John, cabinet maker, 61 Argyle al 
Beucke Doctor John A. 15 8 Liberty 


B£U 38 BIH 

Beufort Mrs. Sarah Jane, teacher,«*9 Caroline 
Bevan Charles F. firm Bevan StSons, dw 121 Garden st 
Bevan &- Dunhann, wholesale dry goods merchanis, 279 w Bait. 
Bevan John, firm J.Crosby &, Son, 251 w Lombard 
Bevan Samuel, firm B. &. Dunham, dw 71 Green 
Bevan &. Sons, marble works, Mount Vernon place 
Bevan T. Horatio, firm B. &, Sons, dw 145 Biddle 
Bevan Captain Thomas, 147 e Pratt 
Bevan William, malster, 67 Holiday st 

Bevans Reuben A. L, cabinet & chair maker, 141 e Bal. dw 271 
Bevans Samuel, dry goods merchant, dw 71 n Green 
Bevans Samuel &< Co. dry goods merchants, 6 n Charles 
Bevans Timothy J. market trader, 29 s Front 
Beveridge Francis, 19 French st 
Beverly Captain Benjamin A. Bank, e of Wolf 
Bewley Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 20 Poppleton st 
Beyer George, boot and shoemaker, 126 Lerevv's al 
Beyrout George, shoemaker, 86 Conway 
Beziat Francis, machinist, Ramsay near depot 
Bibb B. C firm Sheppard 8c B. Fawn st 
Bickley Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 15 e Lombard 
Biddison Mrs. Catharine, 126 Chesnut 
Biddison James A. plaisterer, 82 Mullikin 
Biddison Mrs. Sarah, 169 Chesnut 
Biddle Conrad, tavern, 30 Lombard 
Biddle Mrs. Mary A. 135 e Monument 
Biddle Samuel, 27 Republican 
Biddle P. carpenter, 99 Hollins st 
Biden John, carpenter, Preston, w of Gibson 
BidoenMrs. Jane, 272 Bond st 
Bieckell Lewis, tailor, IS Starr al 
Bier Adam, laborer, 183 Caroline st 
Bier Jacob, president Marine Bank, 25 s Gay 
Bier John, laborer, 217 Bond 
Bier John, shoemaker, 37 Bank 

Bierbower L. nut and washer maker, 35 Armistead lane 
Bierd Robert, engineer, 175 e Lombard 
Bierman Peter, laborer, 16 Siarr al 
Biers Thomas, grocer, 179 Alice Anna 
Bierschvvale Adolph, boarding house, 22 e Pratt 
Bigart David, 5 Hampstead 

Bigerman John, laborer, 33 Cambridge st. Canton 
Biggins W. H. 177 n Canal 
Biggs James, butcher, 99 Jefferson 
Biggs John A. butcher, 642 w Baltimore 
Biggs Joseph, gas man, 18 May 
Biggs Mary, 2 Lewis 
Biggs William, butcher, 71 n Bond 

Bigham J. & Co. produce orrocers, n \r cor. Eutaw and Frank- 
lin sts, dw Joiin B. 77 Paca 
Bigham Mrs. Samuel, 75 n Paca 
Biher John, cabinetmaker, 211 Biddle st 
Bihie Frederick, confectioner, 123 Harlord av 
Bihmslaugh Henry, tailor, 10 Carpenter's ai 
Bihy John, baker, 103 Fremont st 

BIL 39 

BiKelt William, cigar maker; 31 Shakspeare 

Billigs Mrs. Mary, store keeper, 189 Germaa 

Billington G. barkeeper, 19 n Dallas 

Billmeyer George, 226 Eastern av 

Billmeyer Henry, shoemaker, 134 Pratt 

Billmeyer Henry, shoemaker, 117 Pratt, dw 119e Lombard 

Billmeyer J. boot, shoe, hat and cap store, 100 e Pratt 

Billmeyer Jacob, boot and shoemaker, dw 170 East 

Billups Richard W. S. seaman, 85 York 

Bilson Henry, filer and turner, 39 Poppletoa 

Bilson Samuel, plaisterer, 43 Pearl 

Bilson Zachariah, hatter, 22 Orleans 

Binau John M. boot & shoemaker, 105 Harrfeoa 

Binckner John, sawyer, 236 Bond 

Bindemeir Richard, tavern, 158 Canton av 

Binding George, carter, 21 1 Caroline 

Bine John, porter, 64 L, Hughes 

Bines Robert, of custom house, dw 103 Conway 

Bingham John, grocer, corner e Pratt and Albemarle 

Bingham's line to Piilsburg, Jas* Wilson, agent, 151 nHoward 

Binnis Mrs. Martha, 145 Madison 

Binnix Peter M. plaisterer, 896 Baltimore 

Binnix Nathan P. carpenter, 2 Gibson 

Binyon &- Audoun, carpenters, 119 Ann 

Binyon Benjamin, carpenter, 151 Bank 

Binyon Thomas, carter. Register, dw 73 Ann 

Binyon Thomas, carter, 222 Canton av 

Binyon William, firm B. & Audoun, 149 Bank st 

Binz John, baker, 94 Hollins 

Binzel John, oak cooper, 35 Philpot 

Birch Samuel, chairmaker, 37 s Frederick 

Birch Wm. S. paper hangings manuf. 8 Hanover, dw 77 Green 

Birckhead Christopher, tailor, 67 Hanover, dw 3 Barre 

Birckhead Hugh, firm B. & Pearce, 48 n Charles 

Birckhead John, tailor, 239 e Monument 

Birckhead St Pearce, nierchanis, 9 Commerce st 

Bird J. Edward, wholesale & retail dry goods dealer, 209 Balti- 
more, dw 94 Fayette st 

Bird Edward, blacksmith, 245 Light 

Bird William, bricklayer, Pratt, w of Oregon 

Bird & Wilson, wholesale and retail dry goods m'ts. 69 Bait. 

Birely V. & Lewis A. curriers & leather dealers, 15 Cheapside, 
dw311 w Pratt 

Birge John. 68 Granby 

Birkenwald Solomon, boot and shoe maker, 194 Bond 

Birkett Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 20 n Liberty 

Birkey Thomas, tea dealer, 72 Hanover 

Birmingham Andrew, carpenter, 10 Somerset 

Birmingham Thomas, painter, 118 Ross 

Birt Charles, Bond, s of Pratt 

Bischoff'T. H. Mrs. Ann E. & Son, tobacconists, 139 s Howard 

Biscoe James, firm of B. & Langley dw 81 s Paca 

Biscoe &. Langley, commission merchants, 81 Light st whf. 

Biscoe S?imue!, jpilot, 201 Canton av 

Bisher Augustus, carpenter, 17 George 


BishoffGodfred, coppersmith, 97 8 Eulaw 

Bishop Edward, cqnducler, 353 Franklin 

Bishop Ellas, firm J. E. B. & Bro. 148 n Exeter 

Bishop Elijah, merchant tailor, l47 Sharp 

Bishop Mrs. Elizabeth, 2S6 Ann 

Bishop Frederick, grocer, 121 s Caroling 

Bishop George, carter, Wa^hingion s of Bank 

Bishop George, boot fitter, 60 s Howard 

Bishop Henry, of post office, 140 Forest 

Bishop J. E/& Bro. tavern, 142 Exeter 

Bishop James, boot fitter, 148 GeriDan 

Bishop James, laborer, 207 Pierce 

Bishop John, laborer, 27 Shakspeare 

Bishop Mrs. china store, 147 Hanover 

Bishop Nicholas, painter, 247 Canton av 

Bishop Rich'd R. house, sign & ship painter. 111 Thames, dw 

Bishop Rich'd, coach maker, 79 Fayette, dw 123 do. [237 Wolf 

Bishop William, 204 n Eden 

Bishop William, grocer, 231 n Gay 

5ishop William, 5 Caroline 

Bissell Mrs. Mary, 34 Argyle alley 

Bissett Thomas, keeper in Md. Penitentiary,. dw McHenry st w 

Bissex Jacob, carter, 16 sHigh [of Fremont 

Bisson William, mate, L49 'I'hamea. 

Bitman Augustus, laborer, 251 Ann 

Bittinger John D. boot and shoe maker, 7 Pennsylvania av 

Bittner John, tavern, 183 Alice Anna 

Bitzel John P. morocco dresser, 18 Hillen 

Bivans David, market trader, 121 n Paca 

Bixler Daniel, grocer & flour deal, n w cor. Lexington &, Greene. 

Bixler L. A. tobacconist, 86 n Howard [dw 48 Pearl 

Bixler WillianrLT., clerks 273 Saratoga 

Bixnar John, shoe maker, 71 Chesnut 

Bizler Francis, laborer,, 50 Thames 

Black Mrs. Catharine, 405 n Pratt 

Black Mrs. Eleanor, 773 w Baltimore 

Black H. I. china dealer, dw 62 e Lomb?rd 

Black Mrs. Hannah, boarding house, 12 Unior* 

Black Harriet, 125 Orleans 

Black James G. mariner, 35 Fell 

Black John, jr. bricklayer, 268 Mulberry 

Black John R. carpenttr, 245 Franklin 

Black John, senr. manufacturer, 262 Mulberry 

Black .Samuel, marble cuit>r, mantles k, mon. 154 n Howard 

Black Thomas &- Co. flour merchants,, 32 n Howard 

Black William B. lottery office, 118 e Orleans 

Blackburn J. C. attorney at law, 5 Court House lane, dw 260 

Blackburn Sani'l. tin & sheet iron worker, 31 Paca [Saratoga 

Blackiston & Green, cabinet & chair makers, 4S2 vr Baltimore 

Blackiston J. B. 482 w Baltimore 

Blackiston John T. carpenter, 11 Fremont / ^.j j^- 

Blacklar, William, butcher, 238 e Favette -. ' ,„*. ' 

Blacklock Nicholas F. firm N. F. B. & Co. Pratt e of Sharp 

Blacklock N. F. & Co. dealers in boots, shoes, hats, caps, &:c. 

Blacksmith John, hatter, 104 York av [152 Baltimore 

BLA , 41 BLO 

Blacksmith Peter, brush maker, Perinsylvaniajav n of Mosher si 

Blackstoa Henry, laborer, 14 Dallas 

Blackston William, carpenter. Republican st n of Pratt 

Blackwav William, miller, Covington st Federal Hill 

BladenMrs. store, 56 s Eutaw 

Blades John L. chair maker, 190 Canton avenue 

Blair Georcre W. copperplate printer, 98 Pine 

Blair Henry, 21 Front 

Blair James, conveyancer, 114 d Kutaw [Madison av 

Blake Chas. watchmaker, &c. 192 Bait. st. dw cor. Hoffman st & 

Blake Joel N. machinist & founder, 132 North st dw 194 Eutavr 

Blake John W. saddler, 30 n Caroline 

Blake John S. 614 vv Baltimore 

Blake John R. bricklayer, 108 n Caroline 

Blake John, laborer, 21 Bath 

Blake John, carpet weaver, 165 Tyson 

Bkke Rev. Samuel V. pastor Emory (Meth. Epis.) chapel 249 

Blakeney A. R. carpenter, 56 Ensor [Biddie 

Blakeney John, carpenter, Gough st e of Argyle al 

Blakeney Samuel, bricklayer, 32 Stirling 

Blakeslee Abraham, draper and tailor, 67 Fayette 

Blakes Geo. *'covv dealer & store keeper," cor. Sharp Sc York 

Blakiston Mrs. Harriet, 148 Orleans 

Blanch J. carpenter, 13 MuMikin st. dw 62 n Caroline 

Blanche Jeremiah, carpenter, 29 Mullikin st. dw 108 Orleans 

Blanchard D. Harris, agent, 195 Madison av , 

Blanchard Mrs. Elizabeth H. 27 Cathedral 

Blanchard Thomas H. grocer, 97 e Lombard 

Bland Mrs. Sarah, 83 Favette ^ 

Blandfi)rd John, 171 Bank 

Blane John, laborer, 31 Philpot 

Blaney James W. bricklayer, 252 German 

Blaney Sarah, 153 Vork avenue 

Blanford D. & C. curriers, 190 Alice Anna 

Bias Lawrence, shoe maker, 142 e Fayette 

Blash Samuel, sail maker, 274 Alice Anna 

Blass William H. cabinet & blind maker, 5 n Gay,.dw 60 s High 

Bleakley Samuel H. currier St leather dealer, cor. South and 

Water sts. dw 24 s High 
Bleather Frederick, laborer, 45 Philpot 
Blensinger George M. baker, 163 n Eutaw 
Blessing Frederick, laborer, 122 Stirling 
Blessing John, cigar maker, 286 e Monument 
Blick James, carpenter,. 125 n Eden 
Blimline Biethauser, laborer, 36 Eastern av 
Blimline Henry, tailor, 51 Harrison 

Blimline Joseph, tailor and clothier, 36 Centre Market space 
Bliss John, laborer, 64 L. Hughes 
Blizzard Mrs. Rebecca, butter dealer, 79 Jasper 
Block Mrs. J. 2»7 n Exeter 

Block John, keeper **Lexin;^ton house," 187 Lexingi!>n 
Block Simon, clothing and furniture dealer, 240 Bond 
Block T. rag- dealer, 2 McElderry st 
Blome John, tavern, 229 n Gay*^ 

Bloomer John W. hatter, 144 Baltimore St, dw 51 Holliday 


Bios Lawrence, shoe maker, 142 e Fayette 

Blum Mrs. Barbara, j^rocer, 276 Bond 

Blum Isaac, 188 Alice Anna 

Blum J. L. tailor^ 71 Hanover 

Blum Joseph, laborer, 201 Holliday 

Blum Joseph, iron founder, 80 Conway 

Blum Valentine, wheelwright, 350 Saratoga 

Blume Isaac, pedlar, 74 Gough 

Blumlin Andrew, nail smith, 134 s Eutaw 

Blummert L.ewey, pedlar,, 103 Bond 

Blundell Dennis,, clothier,, 75 n Howard st. dw 292 n Ho'Ward 

Blundell Malachi, clothier, 89 n Howard 

Blunt Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Mercer 

Biuntheim Hart, dryijoods dealer, 98 Argyle alTey- 

Boan Christopher, opposite Canton depot, Canton 

B )arman George, carpenter, 743 w Baltimore 

Boarman William, carpenter, cor. Gay and Eden 

Bobee Joieph Felix, grocer, confectioner, and fruit dealer, 126 

Light St wharf, dw 145 
Bobert Charles,, sexton Wilk &t Meth. E. church," 152 Bethel ' 
Bobert William,, shoe maker, l^ n Eden 
Bobeth Chas. cabinet & chair maker, 6 Sharp st. dw 1 16 Greene 

Bi)de Adam, blacksmith, 40 Hamburg 

Bodensick David, cabinet maker, 150 Lexing. st. dw 257 Frank. 

Bodge Daniel, fancy dry goods dealer, 185 Pratt 

Bodiker Lawrence,, carpet weaver, 62. Henrietta 

Bodman William, preserving & pickling esta bljshment & vinegar 
depot, 46 aad 48 s. Howard 

Boehn> August, grocer, s w cor. Barre and Hanover 

Boehm Charles G. ship. & com.«riit. 24,8 CharleSjdw 115 Hanover 

Boehm Charles L. 2. Hanover st.. up stairs 

Boekiie Peter, cow keeper, 38 Durst alley 

Boem John, tailor, 13 Bank 

Boenzlir John, shoe maker, 62 Granby 

Boerner Christian, cabinet maker, 183 Madison av 

Boesenberry Henry,, tailor, 103 Low 

Bitgert J.acoJb, shoe maker, 227 Conway 

Boggs A. L. & Son^prcxluee & general com. mts. 22 Spear's 
wharf, dw 75 e Baltimore 

Boggs, Coltman & Co. grocers, wine & liquor deal. 46 w Lomb 

Boggs Harmanus, of firm, dw 44 Saratoga 

Boggs John, carter, 11 Hamilton 

Boggs Wm. lun^ber, coal &. com. mt. e Falls av. dw 44 Albem. 

Boggus Robert S. boot and shoe maker, 181 Paca 

Bogue James, grocer, 1 1 Mercer 

Bogue John, dealer in hides, 93 Pearl 

Bogue H. merchant tailor,, basement Barnum's City Hotel 

Bohega Francis, grocer, s w corner Bank and Canal 

Bohm Henry, baker, 372 Franklin 

Bohms Doctor A. 235 s Charles 

Bohn J. Dfoprietor "Globe Inn," 329 w Bait. st. dw 44 German 

Bohner John, shoe maker, 153 Alice Anna 

Bohner Joseph, cabinet maker, 21 n Dallas 
Bohrer B. R. &, Co. wholesale grocers St commission merchants, 
Bowly's whari; 6 doors s of Pratt st 


Bohz John, laborer, 63 York 

Bollard Ernest, -270. Alice Anna 

Bokee J. C. queensware & china dealer, 233 w Pratt 

Bokee J. C. &c Co. importers of china & glass, 4l n Howard 

Bokee Miss Mary E. china vvare dealer, 3 Harrison, dw Fnml 

Bokee William F. china dealer, 3 Harrison st. dw 181 n Front 

Bokcl Henrv, boot and shoe maker, cor. Saratoga and Park 

Bokel J. G/ tailor, 47 Short 

Bokelman Henry, tailor, 1 Dover 

Bokern Frederick, cabinet maker & undertaker, 320 Bond. 

Bokil Anton, tailor, 102 Aisquith 

Bokman Augustus C. shoe maker, 6t>0 w BdUimore 

Bokman Rudolph, blacksmith, 660 W Ballimorq 

Boland Margaret, 155 Tyson 

Boland Michael, clerk, 40 Hillen 

BoJand Thomas, clerk, 130 Madison 

Boland William, laborer, 43 Argyle al 

B.)lden M. porter, 40 Hillen 

Bolden Washington, 149 Low 

Boley William, grocer and liquor dealer, 12 Slate 

Bolgiano J. bacon dealer, 115 Ensor 

Bollman Windall, carpenter, llO Pennsylvania'av 

Boiman George, laborer, 160 Canton av 

Bolman Mr. bricklayer, Eutaw st sof West 

Bx)lster Thomas, machinist, Prestion st w of Gibson 

Bolton Hugh & Co. paint deal. c^. oil store, 81 McElderry's whf- 

Bolton Hugh, dw 20 Front 

Bolton James T. dw 1 Jackson 

Bolton Mrs. Mary, 192 Broadway 

Bolton Mrs. Sarah, 82 n Charfll 

Bolton William H. saddler & harness maker, 61 Centre Market 

spape, dw Jackson st 
B iltz Henry A. sausage maker, Fayette st,e oi' Republicaa 
B)m Henry, butcher, 146 Canton av. 
B)man Charles, tavern, 61 Montgomery 
Bombarger William, H. grocer, 124 n Caroline^ 
Bomhovver John, cabinet maker, 498 Lombard 
B )naparte Jerome N. 15 Park 
B )nd Alfred, wheelwright 28 Ross 
B.)nd D. C.coachmaker, 2.1 2le Monument 
Bond Miss Eliza, 212 Lombard 
Bv)nd James, trader, 51 CaroJine- 
Bond John W. &. Co. booksellers, 44 Baltimore 
B Mid Lambert W-'confectioner, 139 Fayette 
Bi>nd Mrs. Margaret, 62 Greene 
Bond Mrs. Mary, 25 Commerce 
Bond Samuel, ship carpenter, 34 Granby 
Bond Samuel, bacon dealer, 134 Aisquith 
B;)nd Thomas, huckster, 108 York av. 
Bond Doctor T. E. jr. 1S6. w Lombard 
Bond Thomas J. coachsmith, 94 German st. dw 28 Jasper 
Bond William* of Gas house, 1 Humes 
Bond William, fire works maker, 96 Orleans- 
Bond Zaccheus O. bailiff of city court, 152 Aisquith. 
Bonday James, wbarfifl»er„ office Corner's wharf 


Bonday James, firm B. &, Thurlow, dw 171 Canton av 

Bondav &- Thurlow, oak coopers, 121 Thames 

Bonfieid Henry, laborer, 302 s Charles 

Bonick John, ore setter, 70 Hajihburfj 

Boninirer Brothers, com. & shipping mts.s Charles near Conway 

Bonin^er Mrs. G-2 i3arre 

Bonn A. dvv 56 Conway 

Bonn A. & J. &. Bro. ti)bacconists, 136 w Pratt & 96 s Charles 

Bonn John, cooper, 111 Orleans 

Bonn Joseph, tobacconist, d\v 62 Paca 

Bonn R. 88 s Paca 

Bonner John, b(K)l fitter, 31 Union 

Bonnet Joseph L. currier, 57 C. Market space, dw 4 President 8t 

Boniiey Captain Joel, mariner, 51 Fawn 

Bonsai Mrs.^ Sarah, boarding house, 236 vv Pratt 

Bonsall Lewis, book hinder, over 125 Bait. si. dw 236 w Pratt 

Bonsleagel John, 295 e Monument 

Boober, John porter, 10 Carpenter's alley 

Boobet John D. furniture carman, corner Howard and Barre 

Bookelman Peter, 96 Spring 

Booker John L. halter, Orchard st n of Ross 

Booker John, laborer. Smith's lane, running s w from Penn. av 

Bookheimer John, grocer, liquor deal. & clothier, cor. Eastern av 

and President st 
Bookhullz John, shoe maker, 53 Eastern av 
Bookhultz George, boiler maker, 149 Columbia 
Bookhullz Joseph, inspector customs, 256i s Charles 
Bookhurst Francis, 122 e Monument 
Bookhurst Francis, Front n of Gay 
Book Room, Methodist Protesii^t Church, 4 s Charles 
Books William, grocer, corner Harford av and Aisquith st 
Bool H. VV. auciioneer & com. mt. 86 Baltimore st^dw 41 n Gay 
Boom James, ship joiner, 294 Alice Anna 
Boon Benjamin T. printer, 181 Light 
Boon George M. shoe maker, 21 Booth 
Boon John W. shoe maker, 238 e Lombard 
Boon Samuel, painter, 234 e Lombard 
Boon William, cabinet maker, 80 Peirce 
Boone Mrs, Amanda, 34 Rock 

Boone Miss Elizabeth and Sister, fancy dress & habit makers, 60 
Boone Dr. James, 60 s Paca [Lee 

Boone John, agent and collector, 143 Fayette 
Boone John H, D. Baltimore st. dw 119 Ensor 
Boone Nicholas, messenger Penitentiary, 5 Holland 
Boone Robert, clerk, 56 n Exeter 
Booth Andrew, cooper, 226 Eastern av 
Booth Mrs. Elizabeth, 77 Hillen 
Booth George W. dealer in staves, 281 e Baltimore 
Booth J. B, tragedian, 62 n Exeter 
Booth John R. cigar maker, 106 Spring 
Booth John, ship carpenter, 155 Alice Anna 
Boeth Joseph, machinist, Johnson st near Q. Hughes 
Booth Joseph, upholsterer, 10 s Canal 

Boothe William O. L. sign & ornamental painter, 159 Bond 
Booz Mrs. Elizabeth, rear of 69 Montgomery 

mo 45 BOS 

Booz Thomas H. ship carpenter, 29 Thames 

Booze Benjamin, ship carpenter, 204 Ahce Anna 

Booze Thomas & Co. carpenters. Canton, dvv 3 Cambridge st 

Bopp Andrew, grocer, corner Lee and Charles 

Bopp Casper, boot and shoe maker 19.7 Caroline 

Bopp Norris, liquor dealer, llO Light 

Bopp Sebastian, grocery and liquor dealer, 2 Eutaw court 

Borden William, gunsmith, 101 Madison 

Bordley C. A. grocer and tea dealer,, s w corner Hanover an(j| 

Camden sts. dvv I22^.s Paca 
Bordley D. C. H. magistrate, IW n Gay st» dw 40. Hollida^r 
Bordley Doctor James, 7i n Greene 
Bordley Mrs. Margaret, hoarding house,. 85 n Charles 
Bordley Miss Margaret C. portrait panter, 3 Barnet 
B.ordley Samuel C. tin and sheet iroa worker,, and slov^ dealer* 

144 Camden st. dw 183 Conway 
Bordley Mrs. Susan G. H. llQ Pine 

Borgraan John, rigger.. 252 Alice Ann &ii * 

BorTng John T. tobacconist, 81 Lee st 
Borkemp Francis, baker, 149 n Eutaw st 
B )rland Michael, laborer, 10 Albemarle st 

Borouich Thos. conieciioner, 2 n Charles st dvv Broadway, cor. 
Borram Abraham, rope maker, 81 Spring st [Bank sX 

Bort Jaae,, 50 s Caroline st. 

Borton Lcler, ship carpenter, Argyle al. n of Pratt 
Bosch John C. tavern, 46 President st 
Bose Capt. James mariner, 50 Hill st 

Bose William, firm Dobbin Murphy and Boee, 65 St. Paul st 
Bosle Charles baker, 7e Pratt stL 

Bosle Mrs. Adelaide, milliner a ncT corset maker, 58 Argylc al 
Bosley Alexander, 166 e Lombard st 
Bosley Charles, confectioner and baker, 85 Hanover st, 
Bosley Edward, machinist, Pratt st w of Oregon 
Bosley James, blacksmith, 355 Franklin. 
Bosley James H. grocer, 140 n Gay 
Eoaley Jacob, farmer, 23. Rose st 
Bosley John, grocer, 74 Hampsteadst 
Bosley Mrs. Rebecca, 18 Waison st 
Bosley Washington, 88 n Canal st 
Bosman Alexander,, rear of Columbia st 
Bosman Edward, engineer, 50 Liberty alley 
Bosman William J. laborer, 87 William st 
B)3man Williani, carter, Henrietta st w of Hanover 
Boss Antony, oak cooper, 13 Slemmer's alley 
Boss Hays, clerk, 48 Dugan's wharf 
Boss Henry & Hall, plumbers and copper, tin and sheet iron 

workers, 119 Than)es st, dvv. H. Boss, 112 8 Bond st 
Boss Henry, firm Hall & Bro. dw 153 Bond st 
Bosson James W. upholster 337 Baltimore st dw 143 n Paca st 
Boston Charles, firm of Bt)ston & Waggnor, dw 121 s Eden st 
Bjston Daniel, ostler, 17 Run alley 
Boston Francis, laborer, 289 s Charles 
Boston Jacob, hatter, 10 Light, dw llO Baltimore 
Boston Joseph, boot maker, cor. Eutaw & Henrietta sts 
Boston Jno. B. firm Boston St JEJrio^^djy .6/iU],aio;:e.s.t,.e. of AjiH 


Boston & Price, hatters, 113 Baltimore st cor South 

Boston SamutI, machinist, 15 Henrietta 

Boston & Wajrjrrier, ship joiners, cor. Thames 6i, Wolfsla 

Boswell Benjamin, turner, 238 German 

Boswell J. E. piano forte & music dealer, 112 Baltimore st 

Boswell William, brickmaker, 116 Columbia st 

Bv)siwick Joseph, healer iron works, lid s Canal 

Bosworth P. stone cutter, 12 s Eutavv st dw 66 Raburg 

Both J. shoemaker, 2 Chesnut st 

Botterl'eldt Lewis, furnace keeper, 301 Light 

Boitlemyer August, tailor, 132 s Caroline 

Bottner Franz, cigar maker, 10 Fell st 

Bottomer Charles, halter, 121 n Howard st 

Bottomer Frederick J. shoemaker, 5 Preston st 

Buttomer Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 116 Sarat0£;a st 

Bottomer William G.'carpenter, 35 ChalsworVh, dw 218 Fayetle 

botzer Joseph, tailor, 15 Somerset 

Bottrill Mrs. J. 2l5 e Monument 

Bouchart William laborer, 134 Franklin st 

Bouchell Peter, wood corder, 18 Hill st 

Boucher, William jr, music dealer, 32 e Baltimore 

Boucher E. VV. sen. musical instrunient maker, 7 Holliday 

Boudei Mrs. Margaret, 56 Camden st 

Boughman Wilson, firm Sherwood Sc Co. 96 s Exeter st 

Bonis Mrs. Matilda, 517 w Baltimore 

Bonis S. tinner, 70 n Gay 

Boulden David P. grocer, cor. Gough" &, Granby, dw n w cof. 

Bond & Lombard 
Bouldin Alexander J. surveyor of Baltimore co under Record 

office, dw 2.SJ Aisquith st 
Bouldin Henry, 267 Canal st 
Bouldin John, blacksmith, Bank st e of Wolf 
Bouldin Randolpii J. ati'y at law, 86 St. Paul, dw 284 Franklin 
Bouldin William, carter. Bank st e of Wolf 
Boult Thomas H. pilot 116 Gough st 

Bounds J. R. ladies' shoe dealer, 220 n Gay, dw 100 Aisquitii 
Bourgelt Joseph, cabinet maker, Covington st F. Hill 
Bourk Edvvard,.307 Castle alley. Canton 
Bourne Dr.. George, 69 Columbia st 
Boursaudt A. principal of French & English academy & board- 

iag school,, dw 577 w Baltimore st 
Bourtscher Sasan, huckster, 66 Lancaster 
Boury Joseph & Sons, imp. foreign fancy goods, 210 Baltimore 

dw 92 e Baltimore st 
Bowdoin Severn E. firm of Bowdoin & Wright dw S7 St Paul 
Bowdoin & Wright, commission merchant?, 10 Bowly's wl.arf 
Bowdoin Geo. E. com. merch. 95 Smith's whf. dw 50 Courtland 
Bovven B. baker, 148 n Eden st 
Bowen George A. bricklayer, 17 Ross 
Bovven George, laborer, 67 HofTnian st 
Bowen Jesse, carpenter, 144 n Eden 
Bowen John laborer, 32 Guilford alley 
Bowen Joseph D. machinist. Mulberry st 
Bowen Nathaniel, boot & shoemaker, 242 s Charles 
Bowen Richard, sail maker, 62 Lee 
Buwen William, gas fitter 61 Jefferson st 


Bo wen Washington, printer, 171 n Eutaw 8t 
Bower Cl^iristopher, tailor, 4"! Clay st 
Bower Jacob, butcher, 472 Saraioi^a 
Bower Mrs. Elizabeth, dairy 106 Camden 
Bower John, shoemaker, dw 107 Calvert 
Bower John, 17 Comet st 

Bower Jno. gro. & liq. dealer, n e cor. Townsend 8l 8c Fenn. av 
Bower John, paver, 110 Ross st 
Bower Joseph, tailor, 28 Hauipslead st 
Bower Lenhart, laborer, 152 Columbia st 
Bower Nicholas, laborer, 281 Bond st 
Bjwer Samuel, laborer, 307 n Howard 
Bower William, tinner, 177 Caroline 
Bowerman Henry N. clerk. Garden 
Bowerman Jacob, book keeper, Garden st near Preston 
Bowerman Margaret, conlec. & fancy store, cor Hanover & Lee 
Bowers Mrs. Barbara, butcher, 470 Saratoga 
Bowers Frederick, house sign & fancy painter, U Clay- 
Bowers Francis, cabinet maker, 23 Carpenter's alley- 
Bowers G. E. machinist, 16 Douglass 
Bowers George W. 179 East st 
Bowers John, Chesapeake st Canton 
Bowers John J. butcher, 478 Saratoga 
Bowers John, laborer. Walnut alley 
Bowers Luther, tailor, 118 Paca 
Bowers Pierce, carter, 92 Hollins st 
Bowers William, coach painter, 152 Ensorst 
Bowers William, plasterer, 109 e Fayette 
Bowers William, carter, 20 s Paca 

Bowersox Augustns, carpenter, Pennsylvania av. n Wilaon 
Bowersox David, tin plate worker, 39 Rock 
Bowersox Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 142 Pine st 
Bowie Doctor, A. J. U. S. navy, 74 Saratoga 
Bowie Mrs. E. 100 Vork av 
Bowie H. Ray, attorney, 8 Court house lane 
Bowie Hamilton, clerk, 9 Pearl 
Bowie James, tailor, 116 s Caroline 
Bowie R. S. painter, 9 Monument 

Bowless P. C. firm of Wilson Kelly & Co. d w 237 Fayette 
Bowley Samuel H. book keeper, bank of Baltimore, 96 e Ballo. 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 221 Canton 
Bowman Andrew, sawyer, 143 Wolf 
Bowman Mrs. Ann S. tutoress, Bethel st n of Bank 
Rowman Christopher, 56 Bank 
Bowman Joseph, paver,^49 Monument 
Bowman Mrs. Sarah, boarding house, 9 Hill 
Bowman William, basket maker, 55 Eastern av 
Bown Michael, shoemaker, 217 Dallas 
Bowne Charles S. cigar maker, s end Paca 
Bowser Rachael, 174 Bethel 
Bowyer Lewis, ciirar maker, 12 centre market 
Boyce Capt. Albert G. mariner, 277 e Baltimore 
Boyce Charles, brickmaker, 24 West it 
Boyce Thomas, brickmaker, 22 West 


Boyce Thoniaf, dairy, 100 s Paca 

Boyd Alexander, coach irinimer, 195 Forest 

Bjyd Mrs. Augusta, 143 w Lombard 

Boyd Cornelius, laborer, 92 s Eutavv 

Boyd Francis, ca;pent. Holland near Saratoga, dw 165 Chesnu 

Boyd Francis H. B. carpenter, 65 n Cbesnut, shop, Hoiliilay s 

Boyd Frederick, butcher, 184 Fremont [ol'Sara'a st, 

Boyd Hugh S. tavern, cor. Orleans &- Eden 

Boyd Jacob, shoemaker, 223 Franklin 

Boyd James M. ship joiner. 91 Caroline 

Boyd James, grocer, 1 Liberty al 

Boyd James, carpenter, 28 Booth st 

Boyd James, c;np-enter, 337 Franklin 

Boyd James, n)acliinist, Franklin st, n of PoppletOn 

Boyd John, firm of Johu B. St Son, dw 58 Biddle 

Boyd John, grocer & liquor dealer, 146 Columbia 

Boyd John, firm of J. Boyd & Son, dw Biddle st Grundy's Row 

Boyd John, firm ol' Solomon Gray & Co. dw 133 s Eden 

Boyd John, sail maker, 133 s Eden 

Boyd Ji)hn L carpenter, dw 143 Ensor 

Boyd John & Son, boiiling estab. Tripolett's al, & 14 a Gay 

Boyd Joseph, H. lumber merchant, 260 e Baltimore 

Boyd Josisph C. attorney, cor. Monument square &. Court house 

lane, dw 155 Marlison 
Boyd M. firm ofR. A. Atkinson & Co. dw 42 Eutaw 
B lyd Mrs. Margaret, Scott s ol Columbia st 
Boyd Mrs. Mary, 68 Fayette 
Boyd Mrs. Mary J. 72 Saratoija 
Boyd Miss Mary Jane, millinerj cor. Orleans & Eden 
Boyd Matthew, cabinet maker, 130 e Fayette 

Boyd Roberl, firm ol' John Boyd & Son, s Gay 

Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 343 Lexington 

Boyd Samuel D. carpenter, 246 e Fayette 

Boyd Saml. lumber merchant 12 s Caroline st dw 196 e Baltimo. 

Boyd VV. A. tobacconist 21, Pratt st dw High 

Boyd William B. carpenter, 21 s Caroline 

Boyd William A. tobacconist, cor. Pratt & Hollingsworth sts dw 
43 s High st 

Boyd William, rope maker, Franklin st, w orPoppleton 

Boyer John, Chester st. Canton 

Boyer John W. grocer, 44 Exeter, dw cor Albemarle St Pratt st» 

Boyer Mrs. Sarali, boarding tiouse, 74 Albemarle 

Boyle Mrs. A.J. upholsterer, 185 East st 

Boyle Mrs. Agnes, 94 Monument 

Boyle Edward, I3th ward house tavern, 7 n Liberty st 

Boyle Miss Elizabeth, boarding house, 37 Davis 

Boyle Hugh, butcher, 20 Poppleton 

Boyle Janies, tallow chandler, *J37 n Canal 

Boyle James, 1 French st 

Boyle John James, collector, 70 Barre 

Boyle Mrs. cake shop, 20 New st 

Boyle & W^anlz, grocers flour & produce dealers, 142 Franklin 

Boyle William K. printer, 116 St. Paul 

Boyle William K. Sen. Henrietta st, e of Eulaw^ 

i^oylin Michael, blacksmith 15 Stiles st 

Boy lie Thomas, rag & paper dealer, 24 Ensor 


Bozman Thomas, sailor, Chester st. Canton 

Braby Henry, ornamental painter, 109 e Lombard st 

Bracca Bennett, guager, 28 Fawn st 

Bracken Jaiie, grocer, 49 Harrison 

Bracken John, laborer, 133 Ensor st 

Bracken ridge Thomas, slone mason, 42 Tyson alley 

Bracket J^ihn T. baker, 130 Lexington 

Bradau Rev. George H. d\v 4 George st 

Bradbeny Patrick, clerk, 154 e Fayette 

Bradburn Samuel, laborer, 21 Chewst 

Bradcn Ferdinand, cooper, 318 n Charles 

Braden James, oyster dealer, 9 Richmond st 

Braden John, weigher, custom house, 136 s Canal 

Braden Williain, cigar maker, Bolton st near Biddle 

Braden William, carter, 286 n Howard 

Bradenbaugh Charles, clerk, 188 Saratoga 

Bradenbaugh John, boarding house, 57 n Liberty 

Bradenhouse William, watchman, 196 Wolf 

Bradford Dr. Charles H. 68 Aisquith 

Bradford John, blacksmith, 901 Baltimore st Frederick road 

Bradford John, S, feed dealer, Spear's wharf, dw 27 Holliday 

Bradford John, blacksmith, 77 Lerew's al 

Bradf)rd John, miller, cor Commerce & Cable, dw 84 n Charles 

Bradford Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 89 Mulberry 

Bradford Misses, seminary, 346 n Gay 

Bradford Richard M. attorney, 4 first floor Marshal buildings 

St. Paul st 
Bradford Samuel, 68 Aisquilh 
Bradford Samuel, 161 Aisquilh 
Bradford Thomas, ship carpenter, 27 Star al 
Bradley Alexander, watchman, 115 Franklin 
Bradley Hugh, hackman, 170 n Front 
Bradley J. H. tobacconist, 6S 1-2 n Gay 
Bradley John, grocer, 192 e Monument 
Bradley Patrick, clerk, 154 e Fayette 
Bradley Robert H. collector, 40 Albemarle 
Bradshaw Mrs. Ann M. 349 n Gay 
Bradshaw Mrs. Catharine, 42 Spring 
Bradshaw James, quarrier, 497 Saratoga 
Brady Bernard, laborer, 83 William st 
Brady Bernard file maker, 70 York st 
Brady Dennis, grocer, Boston st opposite Canton depot 
Brady Edwin, tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Brady Hugh, grocer & liquor dealer, 158 Light 
Brady Hugh, cellar digger, 178 Park 
Brady James, shoemaker, 87 Hollins 
Brady James, dyer & scourer, 29 Harrison 
Brady Joseph, furniture polisher, 11 May st 
Brady L. E. grocer, Harford avenue, near the church 
Drady Mrs. Mary, sean)Stress, 3 Richmond I 

Brady Matthew, liquor stere, 22 Guilford alley 
Brady Michael, sand hauler & cellar digger, 142 Ross 
Brady Patrick, stonecutter, 9 Haw 
Brady Samuel, house & sign painter, corner Concord & Hawk 

sts dw 134 Spring st 


Brady Thomas, painter, 291 e Monument 

Brady William, merchant tailor, 17 a Calvert, dw I4l Aisquith 
Brady house R. boat builder. Bond s ol Thames, dw 33 Thames 
Bradyhouse Thomas, boat builder, 182 Canton av. yard Bond 

8 of Thames st 
Braeve Henry, laborer, A bey alley 
Bra^ Abraham, pedlar, 256 Franklin 
Brain Henry, car driver, Pratt st w of Fremont 
Bramble Thomas J. mariner, l49 Caroline 
Bramble Mrs. Mary, 335 n Gay 
Bramble William, huckster, 1 18 French 
Brand Alexander, J. firm of Gross St. B. dw 88 Exeter 
Brand A. J. & Co. com. merchants, 65 Exchange place, dw A. 

J. Brand, 88 n Exeter 
Brand Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 79 Franklin 
Brandall Adam, cabinet maker, 263 Biddle 
Brandel F. 18 n Front st 

Brandes Frederick F. cabinet maker, 29 e Pratt st 
Brandle George, coach trimmer, 3 Jefl'erson st 
Brandt George, carter, 12 Durst alley 
Brandt Jacob, Powhattan steamboat company, 73 Light 8t 

wharf, dw 31s Howard 
Brandt John Henry, clerk, 436 Lombard st 
Brandt William, butcher, 777 w Baltimore 
Brannam>in George, jr. laborer, 34 Hampstead 
Brannaman George sen. 33 Hampstead 
Brannan Mrs. Alexander 24 President 
Brannan Bernard, pedlar, 28 Chesnut 
Brannan James, steam boat fireman, 99 Lee 
Brannan James M. clothier, 196 w Pratt 
Brannan John, mdze broker, Commerce st dw 120 Mulberry 
Brannan Miss Mary, grocer, 92 Block 
Brannan Owen, laborer, 34 New Church 
Brannan Mrs. Sarah D. tadoress, 3 Lee 
Brannan William, 30 Holland 
Brannan William, boiler maker, 134 Madison 
Brannan William, laborer, Wills st near Philpot 
Brannigan Michael, drayman, 244 Saratoga 
Brannigan Michael, 92 Dover 
Branning Harman, cabinet maker, 198 s Eutaw 
Brannt John, glover, 7 w Pratt st 
Brant Benjamin F. brush maker, 68 s Howard 
Brant Frederick, oak cooper, 7 Slemmer al 
Brashears George W. carriage maker, cor. North & Madison 
Brashears Francis, coach maker, s Howard, dw 173 German 
Brashears J. T. police officer, 127 Fremont st 
Brashears John B. cabinet maker, 29 South, dw 92 Lombard 
Brashears R. J. watchman, 30 Orleans 
Brashears William, watchman, 73 Hamburg 
Brasler Peter, shoemaker, 180 Madison 
Brass Joseph, coffee roaster & spice grinder, 25 Barre 
Bratt John, engineer, 281 Fayette 
Bratt Noah, engineer of steam boat Md. 14 G. Hughea 
Bratt Samuel, engineer &. machinist, 20 G. Hughes 
Brauck William, morocco dresser, 51 Harrison 


Braun John J. baker, 13-2 Columbia 

Braun Peter, boot & shoemaker, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

Brauns & Focke, general commission merchants, 20 German 

Brauns F. L. firm B. & Focke, dw 218 vv Lombard 

Brauns F. L. consulate Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria StWurtem- 
burg, 20 German 

Brautigan Martin, dealer in shoes, hats and trunks, 44 Eutaw 

Brawner Andrew, 102 Ensor 

Brawner Mrs. Catharine, 150 n Exeter 

Brazier Robert, boot and shoemaker, 6 n Paca 

Breaker William, shoemaker and store keeper, 92 s Eutaw 

Breaton Ann, 238 Canton av 

Brecht Charles, clerk, Bond, near Jefferson 

Breck Joseph, attorney, 35 Second, dvv 2 Jefferson 

Bredbaker Geor^, shoemaker, 81 Eastern av 

Bredekamp Herman, grocer, 344 Light 

Bredemeyer Frederick, firm Schumaker, &. Co., dw 51 n Charles 

Bregel John J. saddle and harness maker, 46 York av 

Bregele Joseph, F. confectioner, 37 German 

Bregeman Frederick, carpenter, 17 George 

Breidenbaugh Jacob, 34 Bank 

Breinig John, painter, 143 Hill 

Breir Conrad, laborer, 27 Monument 

Bremer Andrew, laborer, 79 s Howard 

Bremer G. tailor, 49 McElderry 

Bremmer Henry, tavern, 18 w Pratt 

Bremmer Sebastian, shoemaker. Sharp, n of Henrietta 

Brenan John, mahogany dealer, 40 n Frederick 

Brenan Mrs. Susan, bearding house, 54 George 

Brenan P. E. mahogany dealer, 25 n Gay dw 39 

Brendel J. G. baker, 34 n French 

Brener & Brothers, clothiers, cor. Thames and Bond 

Brennan Mrs. Mary, Concord, near Pratt 

Brennan Patrick, Boston st. oposite depot, Canton 

Brennan Richard, laborer, 219 Saratoga 

Brenner Solomon, firm Rou & B. dw JBond, corner Thames 

Brenner Rev. William S. pastor German M. E. Church, Penn- 
sylvania a v. s of Wilson st 

Brent Robert J. attorney, 13 Ba mum's buildings, Fayette SU dw 
131 n Charles 

Brentmiller George, shoemaker, 67 Park 

Brenton Mrs. Mary Jane, grocer, 26 e Fayette 

Bretcer John, tailor, 9 Si James 

Bretcer Jxihn,. tailor,. T St. James 

Brett C". St. Son,, gentlemen's furnishing store, s e cor. Bait. & 
Light,, dw 4 s Green 

Brett & Whitmore,.gentlemen's furnishing store, 159 Baltimore 

Bretzell Jacob, cow keeper, 37 Johnson 

Breul John, carpenter, 185 Madison av 

Brevitt Mrs. C. 3 n Front 

Breviit Miss E. J. principal female academy, 3 n Front 

Brewer Charles P. printer, 123 Conway 

Brewer Charles, moulder. Fort road 

Brewer Mrs. Emma, furniture store, 72 n Howard 

Brewer John, butcher, 146 York av 


p^ BRI 

Brewer Nich. conveyancer, 61 C. Market space, dw Exeter, cor- 
ner Pratt 
Brial Jacob, pattern maker, 40 President 
Brian Isaiah, furnace n)aD, Bethel, nolGough 
Brian John, laborer. Green court 

Brian Mrs. Susanna, grocer, Pennsylvania av. n Wilson st 
Brian William, fireman on rail road, s end ol Paca 
Briant Mrs. Isabella C.56 Holliday . 
Brice Geort^e H. attorney, 9 Courthouse lane 
Brice Misses, 54 Saratojjra 
Brice Mrs. dress maker, 216 Saratoga 

Brice Hon. Nicholas, judije of Bait, city court, 132 n Charles 
Brice Thomas, carpenter, 28 n Caroline 
Brickman C. H. tavern, 55 s Frederick 
Bride Cotter, rustic manufacturer, 104 Saratoga 
Bride Gustavus, laborer, 18 Centre 
Bride John, rustic seat maker, 122 Madison 
Bridener Martin, baker and confectioner, 21 n Paca 
Brideswell John, laborer, Chase, e of Cathedral 
Bridcre Stephen, dry goods dealer, 157 n Gay 
Bridges Catharine A. 3l2 Fayette 
Bridges J. C. firm Levering & Co. dw 243 Fayette 
Bridges Wm. fruiter Sc confectioner, 313 w Balt.dw 40 German 
Briding E. W. saddle, harness & trunk maker,. 169 Pratl 
Briding Philip, carpenter, 42 Pine 
Briechnenstein, Caspar, butcher, 309 Light 
Briely Roben, tailor, n w cor. Preston and Gibson 
Brien William, 34 Holland 

Brien William, tavern, 258 Broadway 

Briggs Samuel S. letter carrier, 88 Edeo 

Briggs Mrs. Ann, 194 Charles, 

Briggs Charles, carter, Fayette, opposite Wasliington College 

Briggs James M. engineer, 122 s Canr>l 

Briggs Thomas, butclier, Pennsylvania av. n of Wdson st 

Brigham E. W. firm Perry &, B. dw 106 w^Fayette 

Bright Henry. 96 Harford av 

Bright Nathan, tailor, 253 e Monument 

Briley Samuel, steamboat man^ 263 Alice Anna 

Bringer John, Dallas st. near Lancaster 

Bringle John, laborer, 10 Shakspear 

Brink Joseph, carter, 245 Dallas 

Brinkley & Hall, grocers and com. merchants, 63 s Calvert 

Brinkley Joseph B. firm B. & Hall, dw 100 e Pratt 

Brinkman Henry, machinist, 28 Lee 

Brinnay Albert, sugar refiner, 28 New 

Brintz Fred, cow keeper, 304 Saratoga 

Briscoe John, shoemaker, 55 Mullikin 

Briscoe Wm. H. porter, 189 s Charles 

Bristor & Co. lottery and exchange office, Pratt cor. Frederick 

Bristow's writing academy, 207i Baltimore st. up stairs 

British consulate, SO Second 

Britt Martin, cigar maker, 17 George 

Britt Severn, boot and shoemaker, 148 Pearl 

Brittingham Solomon, mariner, 133 Fayette 

Britton Lewis H. dealer in barrels, 65 Perry 

mo 53 BRa 

Broadbeck Amos, potter, 220 e Monument 

Broadbent & Carey, daguerian rooms, 211 Baltimore 

Broadbent Gershom, dry goods dealer, 18 n Charles 

Broadbent Stephen, broker, dw 44 n Front 

Broadbent Stephen, 146 Ross 

Broadbent Wm. dealer in French fancy goods, 45 Baltimore, 

dw 27 Courlland 
Broaden Samuel, ostler, 142 Holiday 
Broaders F. W. R. tavern, 155 Pratt 
Broadwater Richard, boiler maker, 62 William 
Brock Gotleib, tailor, 35 Thames 
Brodbeck Wm. dyer and scourer, 26 s Sharp 
Broderick Daniel, grocer, provision and liquor deal. 12 North 
Broderick William, ^rocer, 33 York av 
Brodie Alexander &. John, gardeners, Fremont st extended 
Broadman Francis, cabinet maker, 8 New Church st 
Broks Richard, milk dealer, 10 Addison 
Brombery Abraham, butcher, 109 Canton av 
Brome Wm. pilot, 24 n Caroline 
Brome Wm. H. pilot, Lombard, e of Caroline 
Bromley Jesse, laborer, 31 Gittings 
Bromvvell Allred, tailor, 1 10 McElderry 
Bromweil Geo. W. ladies' boot and shoemaker, 132 Ann 
Bromvvell Josiah, agent Baltimore Sc Sjsquehanna depot, 262j 
Bromweil Thomas, mariner, 257 Ann [n Howard 

Brook George,^car'penter, 17 Chew 
Brook John, porter, 182 n High 

Brooke Ric'iard H. conveyancer, cor. North 8t Fayette, dw 232 
Brookhart John, laborer, 99 Hillen 

Brooks C. Son, &- Co. wholesale dry goods mts. 341 w Baltimore 
Brooks Chauncy, firm C. B. Son & Co. dw Madison av. extend. 
Brooks Charles, tailor, 164 Pearl 
Brooks Edward, cigar maker, 37 McHenry 
Brooks Henry P. attorney, 10 Law building?, St Paul st 
Brooks Isaac, iron dealer, 74 St '2 s Calvert, dw 143 Front 
Brooks J. iron dealer, dw 65 n Charles 
Brooks James, carpenter, Henrietta, w of Sharp 
Brooks John, bricklayer, 28 Run al 
Brooks John, boot and shoemaker, He Pratt 
Brooks Mrs. Joseph, R. boarding house, 9 s Frederick 
Brooks Joseph R. 9 s Frederick 
Brooks Mrs. Mary Ann, seamstress, 37 McHenry 
Brooks N. C. prin. Bait. Female College, 96 Fayette, dw 270 
Brooks Nicholas, painter, 7 Mercer [Lexington 

Brooks Peter B. chairmaker, 119 Saratoga 
Brooks Shadrach, merchant tailor, 1 South, dw 92 e Lombard 
Brooks, Tibbals &, Co. wholesale dealers in boots, shoes, hats, 

caps, &,c. 344 w Baltimore 
Brooks Walter T. boot and shoemaker, 204 e Baltimore 
Brooks William, grocer, 76 s Calvert, dw 261 a Front 
Brooks Wm. machinist, 63 Burgundy al 
Brooks Wra. tinner, 186 Fremont 
Broom John, sail maker, 174 Bank 
Brotherton David, cigar maker, 278 n Howard 
Brolherton 8c Edel'a soap manulaclurv, 156 e Fayette 
5* * 


Brotherton John P. firm Hooper, Conner Sc Co. 574 w Balti^^, 

Brotherton Thomas W. firm B. & Edel, dw 237 Lexington 

Broughton James, merchant tailor, 6 South, dw 97 u Gay 

Brou<]jhton Isaac, printer, 126 McHenry 

B.oughton Jo[m, plaislerer, 126 McHenry 

Broumel James, carpenter, 438 w Baltimore, dw 222 Fayette 

Brower John, cigar maker, 250 Wolf 

Brown Abel, trader, corner Henrietta st and Burgundy alley 

Brown A. H. window shade maker, 166 e Baltimore 

Brown Abner 0. carpenter, 78 Fine 

Brown Albert M. attorney, 5 Spurrier's court Lexington st 

Brown Alexander, tailor, 288 Fayette 

Brown Alexander Sc Son, bankers, over 160 Baltimore st 

Brown Allred J. surgeon dentist, 32 n Charles 

Brown Andrew, ship carpenter, 108 s Edea 

Brown Mrs. Ann, 6 Second 

Bcown Mrs. Ann Rebecca, board*g house, Scotl near Columbia 

Brown ]>.Irs. Ann Maria, washer. Wolf alley 

Brown Mrs. Ann B. 20 Watson st 

Brown Augustus, grocer and liquor dealer, 7 Pine 

Brown Aulay, senr. clothier, 12 Centre Market space 

Brown Aulay, jr. clothier, 62 Centre Market space 

Brown Benjamin, laborer, s Paca st extended 

Brown Benjamin, morrocco dresser, 166 Raborg 

Brown Benjamin, 82 Bond 

Brown Benjamin'B. ship carpenter, Carbender 

Brown & Bruue, attorneys, 160 Baltimore st. up«tairs 

Brown Charles H. H. wholesale dry goods mts. 19 German st 

dw 117 Fayette 
Brown Charles, collector, 120 Sharp 
Brown Captain Charles, 219 e Fayette 
Brown Charles, sailor, 31 n Dallas 
Brown Charles, rigger, 47 Argyle alley 
Brown Captain Charles, Pratt st w of Ann 
Brown Christian, tailor, 87 Orchard 
Brown Christopher F. 156 Pearl 

Brown & Co. ship builders, n e cor. G. Hughes & Johnson sts 
Brown &- Co. agents Maryland State lottery, 6 n Calvert 
Brown Cornelius, market trader, 34 Rock 
Brown Cornelius, grocer, n e Saratoga and Pine 
Brown David U. hardware deal. 200 Baltimore st. dw 55 e Bait. 
Brown David, blacksmith. Republican st n of Pratt 
Bn)wn Edward, carpenter, 83 Bank 
Brown Edward, laborer. Chase st e of Cathedral 
Brown Edward, carter, 11 Lancaster 
Brown E'.lias, firm Clark & B. 72 Centre 
Brown Elias, inspector of customs, 63 Hillen 
Brown Elijah, undertaker of funerals, 100 e Fayette 
Brown Eli^ha N. 35 Holliday 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 Chatsworth 
Brown Mrs. E izabeth, 184 Buren 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 2l East 
Brown Francis, basket maker, 3 Canal 
Brown Francis, shoemaker, 218 Eastern av 
Brown G. & Sons, dry goods merchants, wholesale & retail, 125 

Baltimore st. dw 49 German 


Brown Garrett, dry ^oods dealer, 223 Broadway 

Brown George, 28 HarCord av 

Brown George, firm Alex. B, & Sons, dw 16 Holliday 

Brown Geortre F. &, Bro. wholesale drugjjrists, 4 s Liberty 

Brown George, shoe maker, Raborg 

Brown Geo. W. firm Brune &. B. attornies, dw Mt. Veron plac-e 

Brown Henry G. Three Tons tavern keeper, cor. Paca & Pratt 

Brown Henry, machinist, Fremont st n ol' McHenry 

Brown Henry, carter, 185 Wolf st 

Brown Henry, mariner, 263 Broadway 

Brown Henry, furniture carter, 100 Jefii?rson 

Brown Ira, carpenter, 13 Sharp st. dw 95 Saratoga 

Brown Isaac, waiter, 50 Centre 

Brown Isaac, saw and plaining estab'nt cor. E. Falls Sc Eastern 
avenues, dw 90 Exeter 

Brown J. J. hatter, 53 Jefferson 

Brown J. C. & Bro. dry goods and com. mts. over 243 Bait, st 

Brown J. tailor, 75 Buren 

Brown Jacob, milkman, Frederick road w of Baltimore st 

Brown James, tavern keeper, 265 Broadway 

Bn^wn James M. dray man, 25 Coltjmbia 

Brown James H. tobacconist, 215 Broadway, dw 185 Alice Anna 

Brown James H. flour and feed dealer, 52 s Frederick st. dw 

Brown James, n vv corner Monument & Park sts [n High 

Brown James V. watchmaker, 126 Forest 

Brown Rev. Jumes H. pastor Methodist Eps. ehurch, Eutaw st. 
dw Mulberry 

Brown James, merchant, 110 n Howard st. dw n w cor. Park 

Brown James, 61 Gran by [and Monument sts 

Brown Mrs. Jane, seamstress, 370 Fayette 

Brown Jehu, pile driver, 115 Baltimore st 

Brown Jerry, 18 Eden lane 

Brown Jesse, tobacconist, 208 Broadway 

Brown John W. prop. New York and Phil, packets, office IS 
Smith's wharf, dw 99 Saratoga 

Brown John N. 18 s Eutaw 

Brown John A. millwright, 318 e Baltimore 

Brown John, carpenter, 91 n High 

Brown John, brass ibundryman, 139 n Caroline 

Brown John, cabinet maker, 83 McElderry st 

Brown John, carpenter, 183 Fremont 

Brown John, shoe maker, 71 Montgomery 

Brown John, carpenter, 29 Canal 

Brown John, brakesman, 78 Argyle al 

Brown John, brass Ibunder, 287 Eastern av 

Brown John, grocer, 168 Ensor 

Brown John, carpenter, 186 Fremont 

Brown John, carpenter, 162 Conway 

Brown John Alex. SO Schrooeder 

Brown John S. firm Brown 8c Co. ship builders, corner Wil- 
liam and Montgomery 

Brown Joha, mariner. Trust's alley 

Brown John C. 207 Biddle 

Brown John, tavern, n w corner Cathedral and Richmond 

Brown John C tinner, 227 n Gay 

MO 66 BtiO 

Brown John, fisher, 27 Front 

Brown John, engineer, 158 McHenry 

Brown Hon. Joseph, juclore appeal court, dw 132 Raborg 

Brown Joseph, gardner, S58 Light 

Brown Joseph, iailor, 9 Lloyd 

Brown Joseph J. carman, 8 Somerset 

Brown Joshua, wheelwright, 143 Franklin st 

Brown Lemuel, huckster, 64 Pine 

Brown Lewis B. bookseller. North St. dw 31 Garden 

Brown Miss LucincJa, dress maker, 616 n Baltimore st 

Brown M. E. 49 INIullikin 

Brown Mrs. Maria, seamstress, 90 Holiiday 

Brown Martin S. engraver, s e corner Pine and Mulberry 

Brown Mrs. Mary Ann, washer, Wolf alley 

Brown Mrs. Mary Ann, tailoress, lit Sharp 

Brown Mrs. Mary, Castle alley, Canton 

Brown Mrs. Mary, 55 e Baltimore 

Brown Mrs. Mary, 83 Bank 

Brown Mrs. Mary, 162 Canton av 

Brown Michael, grocer & liquor dealer, n e cor. Baltimore and 

Brown Nicholas S. carpenter, Preston st e of Gibson [Fremont 

Brown Peter A. seaman, 62 Lancaster 

Brown Keuben, flour and meal dealer, 50 Franklin 

Brown Robert B. firm J. C. Brown & Bro. dw 20 n Gay 

Brown Robert &Son, watclmiakers & jewellers, 153 Baltimore st 
dw 206 Baltimore 

Brown Robert, Beihel st. between Pratt and Gough 

Brown Robert, dry goods mt. Baltimore st. dw 20 n Gay 

Brown Samuel, rigger, 209 Wolf 

Brown Samuel, carter, Gibson st e of Ddlphia 

Brown Smith, clerk, 157 Conway 

Brown Sanford, butcher, Chesapeake "A. Canton 

Brown Thomas G. coach painter, 86 Bond 

Brown Thonias, paper stainer, 71 Poppleton 

Brown Thomas J. gold and silversmith, 58 Baltimore st. dw3 

Brown Thomas, shoe maker, 85 Raborg [Holliday 

Brown Washington, grocer. 111 n High 

Brown William, jeweller, 280 Baltimore st. dw 6 Pine 

Brown William, clerk, 112 Raborg 

Brown William, blacksmith, 126 s Charles 

Brown William P. miller, 15S Ensor 

Brown William G. meal seller and store keeper, corner Lom- 
bard and Poppleton 

Brown William, laborer, Asbury lane n of Pratt st 

Brown William, horse dealer, 390 Lexington 

Brown William, laborer, 40 Starr al 

Brown William, fisher, 9 Starr al 

Brown William, carpenter, 140 Ann 

Brown William, custom house Ixiatman, 64 Happy al 

Brown William, carpenter, 20 Liberty al 

Brown William, shoe maker, 52 L. Hughes 

Brown William, grocer and liquor dealer, 207 Caroline 

Browne George A. painter, Lombard stnear Charles^ dw Bfd- 
dle n of Garden 


Browne George T. firm Coulson & Co. 192 n Eutaw 

Browne John, jr watchman, 123 Aisquith 

Browne Lewis B. circulating library, 1 Jarvis buildings, North 

St. dw 31 Garden 
Browne Nicholas, grocer, 50 Second 
Browne Mrs. Sarah, dress maker, 72 Lexington 
Browning Edward, firm Croxall & Browning, 342 Light 
Browning James, coach painter, 46 e Fayette 
Browning Ritson, carpenter and improve'd refrigerator maker, 

13 Commerce, dw 77 Eden 
Browning S. carpenter, 206 Aisquith 
Browning W. S. dw 88 s Paca 

Browning William, painter, Biddle st. cor. Jordan al 
Brownley Joseph, blacksnnth, 22 Gibson 
Brownley Thomas J. sleamboat fireman, 168 Light 
Brucart S. plaisterer, 180 York av 
Brucart William, plaisterer, 156 York av 
Bruce J. W. blacksmith. Fountain st. Canton 
Bruce James, iron moulder, 76 Montoromery 
Bruce John M. firm Elder & B. dw 154 Aisquith 
Bruce John, marble cutter, 138 n Eutaw 

Bruce Robert, truss, art. leg & bandage maker, 136 w Lombard 
Bruce Robert, moulder, 11 Hill 
Bruce William, grocer, 115 Madison 
Bruchwier William, chairmaker, 61 e Monument 
Bruckman Philip, laborer, 289 Alice Anna 
Bruckner D. boot and shoemaker, Ross, n of St Mary's 
Bruehl George, boot and shoemaker, 240 s Charles 
Bruehl Justus, brickmaker. Canton, dw Bond s of Pratt 
Bruer U. laborer, 49 e Monument 
Bruet James, blacksmith, 116 Stirling 
Bruetzmeyer Anthony, cabinet maker, 43 Clay 
Bruff C. S. draughtsman, 66 n Exeter 
Bruff John W. firm Camper Berkley & B. 32 s Greene 
Bruller Henry, cabinet maker, 193 Sharp 
Brummel Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 106 Saratoga 
Brummel Thomas, carpenter, 132 Pine 
Brumster George, laborer, 329 Mulberry 
Brun Francis, book keeper, 86 Lexington st 
Brundige James, 66 n Calvert 
Brundige Thomas V. com mission 'merchant, 70 Bowley's wf; 

dw 217 n Howard st 
Brundige Wm. & Co. grooers, 295 w Pratt' 
Brundige William, jr. grocer & tea dealer, 38 n Paca 
Brune Bernard, laborer, 283 Dallas 
Brune John C. firm F. W. B & Sons, dw 27 Franklin 
Brune Fred. W. jr. firm Brown & B. attornies, dw 73 n Calveri 
Brune F. W. & Sons, merchants, 89 and 91 Smith's wharf 
Brune Victor, laborer, Kerr's wharf 
Bruner D. Protestant Episcopal book store, 4 n Charles, dw m 

Bruner Davis E. lumber merchant, junction Biddle & Howard 
Bruner Jacob, carpenter, ill Camden 
Brunnache Edward, rope maker, 309 Light 
Brunner Abel, bookbinder, 8 n High 


Brunner Aadrew, tobacconist, 54 Pearl 

Brunner Daniel, bookseller, 4 n Charles, dw 111 Camden 

Brunner Mrs. G. 8 n High 

Brunner Jacob, laborer, 185 s Sharp 

Brunner John L. merchant tailor, 12 e Pratt 

Brunnert J. H. boot and shoemaker, 22 s Sharp 

Bruns Barnet, shoemaker, 6 Douglass 

Brunsmann Henry, boot and shoe maker, 132 Canton av 

Brunt Henry, 94 n Front 

Brunt Ralph, n)ilkman, Pennsylvania av. cor. Dolphin st 

Brunt RiGl)ard, car[)enter, 119 Pine 

Brnrine Peter, laborer, 71 Popjjleion 

Bruscup Albert, tailor, 77 n Caroline 

Bruscup Columbus, carpenter, dvv 275 e Baltimore 

Bruscuj) Thomas, jr. merchant tailor, 42 n Gay, dw 88 n Eden 

Bruichwerll Conrad D. firm Busch &, B. 49 Lancaster 

Brutzman Sebastian, baker, 6 Clay 

Bryan &.Co. grocers and commission merchants, 7 Bowly's wlif 

Bryan & Co. distillers, 85 Bowly's wharf 

Bryan F. C. mariner, 244 e Fayette 

Bryan James L. & Co. s Cimton st. Canton 

Bryan John G. hardware dealer, 114 n Gay 

Bryant Christopher, stove merchant, 54 s Calvert, dw 138 Lee 

Bryarly Dr. VVakeman D. Fayette, 1 door e of St Paul 

Bryden James, 60 Jefferson 

Bryerly Mrs. Ann, tailoress,. 234 Franklia- 

Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 314 e Monument 

Bryson James R. Ibundryman, 510 w Lombard 

Bryson James, clerk Merchants' bank, dw 81 Aisquitli 

Bryson Wm. J. steamboalman, 71 s Eden 

Bubert George, grocer and liquor dealer, 12 Clay 

Buchanan Elizabeth, 32 Fayette 

Buchanan James M. postmaster, dvv cor. North &, Lexington 

Buchanan James, justice of peace, n w cor. Eulaw and Saratoga,u 

dvv n e cor. Eutaw and Bait. 
Buchanan Margaret, 22 n Gay 
Bucher Jacob, cabinet maker, 152 Canton av 
Buchta Jno. wheelwright & blacksmith. Concord st. dw47 Har- 
Buchwalter A. dw 121 Conway [rison 

Buchwalter & Wright, commission merchants, 38 Coaomerce 
Buck Alfred, firm B. B. &t Sons,. 16 e Fayette 
Buck B. & Son, sailmakers, 9B Smith's wharf, up stairs 
Buck B. of firm B. B. & Sons, dw 85 e Pratt 
Buck B. C. of firm B. B. & SonSvdw 16 e Fayette 
.Buck Benjamin, plaisterer, l04Barre 
Buck St Brother, carpenters, 36 Dover 
Buck Miss C. fancy dress and habit maker,.193 For6&t 
Buck Capt. Charles, 113 s Exeter 
Buck Charles C. firm B, B. & Bro. 33 Columbia 
Puck George W. tavern, w Pratt, Fulton House 
Buck J. C. Wheeden,.firm B. B. & Sons, dvv Broadway 
Buck Mrs. J. 104 Barre 
Buck James, huckster, 35 Rosa 

Buck John, jr. importer of liardware and bar iron, 58 Pratt 
dw 83 e PraXt 


Buck John, dry goods dealer^ 175 Light 

Buck Joseph, sailmaker, ii5 Hill 

Buck Leander, brickmaker, Cambridge st. Canton 

Buck Mrs. Mary Ann, toy and contccUoner> 97 s Paca 

Buck Mary, 102 e Fayeile 

Buck Robert, stove finisher, 97 s Paca 

Buck Mrs. Sarah Ann, 178 Bethel 

Buck Wm. H. firm B. B. & Sons, d\v 14 e Fayette 

Buckingham Charles, shoemaker, 100 s Eutaw 

Buckingham George, laborer, Burke st, near. Canton 

Buckingham George, cabinet maker^ 51 Columbia 

Buckingham Isaiah, car builder, 41 Pine 

Buckingham Perry, dw 63 Conway 

Buckler Dr. John, 40 St. Paul 

Buckler Dr. Thomas H. 41 Lexington 

Buekless Henry, pilot. Register st. n of Pratt 

Buckley David, laborer, 19'2 Sharp 

Buckley Dennis, grocer, ked and liquor dealer. Light cor. Cross 

Buckley John, conleclioner^ 19 n Eden 

Buckley Mrs. Margaret> teacher of music, 138 Finest 

Buckley Robert L. boarding house, 73 s Charles 

Buckley Timothy, grwcer, Harford av 

Buckley Thomas, bricklayer, 146 Aisquith 

Buckmiller Robert, tanner. North si. extended 

Buckmiller VVra. tannt-r, 89 Madison 

Buckner Doctor, n e cor. Monument and Garden 

Bucksbaum Julius, dry goods dealer, 251 Broadway 

Budd John, carpenter, i258 Canton av 

Buehler Nicholas, cabinet maker, 59 e Eutaw 

Buchler Wm. tobacconist, 160 Franklin, dw 166 Mulberry 

Bughsky, Fyte, brewer, &, vinegar maker, 107 Eastern av 

Buhler Henry. L. clothier, 30 Pratt 

Buhler Henry L. grocer, 16 L. Gough 

Buhsler Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 48 Ross 

Bujac Madam A. T. academy, 11 Aisquith 

Buker Aaron, Boston st.oposite Canton depot, Canton 

Buker George, shoe maker, Bethel, n of Pratt 

Bukossky John, laborer, 31 Philpot 

Bulack Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 214 w Pratt 

Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 214 Pratt 

Bulger Joseph, carpenter, 67 Schroeder 

Bulger Michael, grocer, 136 Pine 

Bull David, china, ijlass, and queensware, dealer, 166 Franklin 

Bull Edmund, firm Bull & Tutile, dw 127 Mulberry 

Bull George W. office 60 Fayette 

Bull Isaac, carpenter, Eden, dw 229 e Lombard 

Bull Isaac, carpenter, 141 Caroline, dw 229 eLorabarJ 

Bull Mrs. Mary, 121 n Eutaw 

Bull Shadrach, blacksmith, 135 n Pearl 

Bull William, car teamster, Cathedral, n of Tyson 

Bullen George, barber, 64 Ensor 

Bullen Mrs. Jane, washer, 50 Boyd 

Bullen Wm. plaisterer, 67 Burgundy alley 

Bullock John, firm Collins & B. 183 Columbia 

Bullock Joseph, laborer 20 Starr al 


Bullz Caspar, laborer, Smith's lane, n ot Moslier st. 

Bump J. L. b«)ot and stioemaker, 242 Franklin 

Bumn Henry K. conleciioner, 167 e Bailiniore 

Bunch John, ironmonger, 62 York st 

Buiiget Michael, sawyer, 8S Eastern av 

Bunknal Jeremiah, blacksmith, 106 s Eden 

Bunting Mrs. Ehzabeth, 7 L. Gough 

Bunting Jolin, Caroline n ol Baltimore 

Bunting Smith, carpenter, 248 German 

Bunting William, boot and shoemaker, 7C n Howard 

Buntz Robert, stone cutter, 49 n Canal 

Bunyan Frederick, shoemaker, 102 n Exeter 

Buonaparte Jerome, 115 Park 

Buphter Elijah, laborer, 177 Madison av 

Burbank David, lumber merchant, dw 1C4 German 

Burcherding John, tavern, 14 Park 

Burck John, 384 Pratt 

Burdell Lewis, carpenter &. box maker, Carpenter's al. e of 
Fremont st 

Burdett A. repairer ol Britaniiia ware, &- silver plate, 28 s Eutaw 

Burdine Wm. H, locksmith, 190 e Piatt 

Burdine Wm. H. locksmith, 190 e Pratt 

Buren John, laborer, 217 n Front 

Burlbrd Christopher C. tin ware & stove raanuf. 4 Pratt, dw IS 

Burgan Wm. carpenter, 46 Mullikin 

Burges Barney, nightman, 77 Wolf 

Burgess Allen, carpenter, 271 Monument 

Burgess Basil, biscuit baker, 65 Pine 

Bur-^ess Basil, boarding house, 27 n Eutaw 

Burgess Benj. pattern maker, 53 Poppleton 

Burgess Caleb VV. & Co. wholesale grocers and commission 
merchants, 20 Commerce, dw C. W. B. 77 Aisquith 

Burgess, Dale & Co. manufacturers and importers ol china & 
queensware, 22 s Charles 

Burgess Henry H. book keeper, St. Mary's court, Penn. av 

Burgess John, whitewasher, 128 Si Paul 

Purgess John, firm B. Dale & Co. dw North' St. extended 

Burgess Loamini, cabinet maker, 54 Holiday 

Burgess Mrs. Rachel, grocer, 271 Monument 

Burgtss Stephen F. carpenter, 220 e Fayette 

Burgess Wm. merchant tailor, 4 s Sharp, dw n w cor. Mul- 
berry &. Greene 

Burgoin Augustine, confectioner, 27 East 

Burgunder Benj. clothier, 126, dw 2l9 Pratt 

Burgundy Benj. clothier, l26 e Pratt 

Burgundy Simon, clothier, 6 Centre Market 

Burgur Morris, laborer, 132 Sarah Ann ' 

Burheimer Henry, wagoner, 148 s Caroline 

Burk Wm. boarding house, 235 e Lombard 

Burk Ezekiel, constable, York av 

Burke Charles, paper hanger, 81 Ross 

Burke Cornelius, laborer, 76 Holiday 

Burke Mrs. Elizabeth, washer, 186 Light 

Burke Francis, bricklayer, Biddle, n of Garden 


Burke Henry, shoemaker, 64 Cross 
Burke & Hwrne, painters, 195i Germaw 
Burke Isaac, painter, 142 Mulberry 
Burke Jackson, [stone cutter, 170 East 
Burke Jacob, tanner, 81 Ross 
Burke John, 384 Pratt 
Burke Mrs. Margaret, 123 Mulberry- 
Burke Mrs, Mary, 276 Mulberry- 
Burke Mrs. 40 Wayne 
Burke Nicholas, stone cutter, 41 York aT 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, 121 n Eden 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, 131 n Howard 
Burke Thomas, painter, 33 Morris al 
Burke Walter L. carpenter, Morris al 
Burke Wm. J. sailmaker, 118 Ann 

Burke Wm. B. oyster transporter, W. Falls av. dvv 125 a High st 
Burkert Georore, shoemaker, 215 Forest 
Burkholder S. K. & Co. flour and commission mepchants, Hol- 

linorsvvorth, cor. Grant 
Burkholder S. K. of firm S. K. B. & Co. dw 137 Sharp 
Burkins Wm. machinist, 392 Fayette 
Burleigh J. B. 223 Fayette 
Burley Isapc, shoemaker, 139 Canal 
Burley Thomas, shoemaker, 188 n Liberty 
Burlingame W. surgeon dentist, 98 Fayette 
Burlock Peter, 207 Bethel 
Burman Christian, laborer, 61 Centre Market 
Burman Jeremiah, painter, 19 Pennsylvania av 
Burman John, laborer, 149 Alice Anna 
Burman Samuel L. boot and shoemaker, 136 Camden 
Burn Jefferson, cabinet maker, 17 Albemarle 
Burn Peter, baker, 118 York av 
Burn Robert, ship carpenter, 244 Alice Anna 
Burnap Rev. G. W, pastor Unitarian church, 49 n CaK'ert 
Burnap Wm. brass founder, 26 Henrietta 
Burnes James, clerk, 238 Eastern av 
Burneston Isaac, blacksmith, 75 Monument 
Burneston Mrs. Catherine, 39 Bethel 
Burnet Mrs. Elizabeth, 48 n Eden 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, confectioner, 54 e Pratt 
Burnett Samael, firm Smith & B. dw 144 Lee 
Burnett Samuel, lumber merchant, e Falls av. dw 128 Lee st 
Burnett Samuel, carpenter, 127 s Howard, d\vJ08 Lee 
Burney Geo. omnibus driver, 59 George 
Burnham C. 256 n Canal 
Burnham Capt. Enoch, J 43 Ann 
BurnhaiH John, painter, 104 Lancaster 
Burns Alex, ship carpenter, 41 Fawn 
Burns Andrew, laborer, 17 Bank 
Burns Bernard, grocer, 45 Davis 
Burns Charles, chairmaker, 8l Bank 

Burns Daniel, grocer and liquor deal, n vv cor. Ann and Pratt 
Burns Edward, hatter, 38 Centre Market 
Burns Francis, of firm B. & Son, 337 Pratt 
Burns James, ostler, 33 Booth 


Burns Jno. blacksmith &, machinist, 142 Camden, dw 178 b Paca 

Burns John, blacksmith, 36 Columbia 

Burns John, superintendent streets, 127 Orleans 

Burns John, tavern, 73 Pratt 

Burns John T. drayman, n e cor. Ross and St Mary'i 

Burns John, Lee st. near Light 

Burns Lewis H. blacksmith, 17 s Paca 

Burns Mrs. N. Margaret, liquor store, 59 s Charles 

Burns Mrs. Mary, fancy goods dealer, 233 n Gay 

Burns Michael, laborer, 48 Boyd 

Burns Mrs. M. A, cap maker, 38 Centre Market space 

Burns Mr. window blind maker, 68 s Howard 

Burns Mrs. tutoress, 73 n Eutaw 

Burns Patk. laborer, 99 North 

Burns Mrs. Rachel, 37 Park 

Burns R. D. commission merchant, 5 Bowly's whf 

Burns Samuel, lumber merchant, dw 87 n Charles 

Burns Samuel, market man, Moore's al 

Burns Samuel, of firm B. & Sloan, n Charles 

Burns Mrs. Sarah, 71 Union 

Burns & Son, brick makers, Columbia w of Paca 

Burns Thomas, pedlar, 10 Maiden lane 

Burns Wm. tailor, 243 Franklin ^ 

Burns Wm. F. firm B. & Son 96 Sharp 

Burrier L. bricklayer, 272 e Monument 

Burrier R. bricklayer, 1 1 Low 

Burris Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Oregon 

Burris Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 349 Franklin 

Burriss John, tavern, 7 Centre Market space 

Burrough Jacob, firm Griscom & B. 197, w Lombard 

Burrow Alexander Hicks, clerk, 98 Goug'h 

Burrow Henry, grocer, Dugan's wharf, dw 98 s Exeter 

Burrows Cap't. John, 205 Ann 

Burt A. P. book seller and stationer, 7 Bait, dw cor. Aisquith & 

Burt Thomas, clerk, 100 Camden 

Burton Jehu, book seller, 4 n Charles, dw 202* Eutaw 

Burton John, carpenter, 46 Marion 

Burton Robert, laborer, 162 McHenry 

Burton Samuel, tailor, s w cor. Grant and Mercer 

Burton Wm. potter, cor. Maiden lane and Aisquith st 

Busby Mrs. Clarissa, 16 George 

Buseh Abraham, tavern, Ferry bar. Spring garden, dw 210 
Light st 

Busch & Brutchwertt, blacksmith, 49 Lancaster 

Biisch Franci?, laborer, 293 Bond 

Busch Frederick W. firm B. &, Brutchwertt, dw 49 Lancaster 

Busch Henry, tobacconist, 77 Hanover, dw 9 Henrietta 

Buschman Christopher, Rockspring tavern, Frederick road 

Buschraan Fred, grocer, 261 s Charles 

Busehski Conrad, tav«rn, 124 Thames 

Bu ch John, tobacconist, 15 C. Marketsptcc,dw 80 Montgomery 

Busey Jas. brickmaker, 894 Lombard 

Bush Cain, laborer, 230 e Pratt 

Bush Mrs. Catheiine, !2S5 Aisquith 


Bush D. drayman, Bond 1 door from Orleaos 

Bush Geo. stone mason, 74 Ross 

Bush George H. C. J. newspaper agent, 261 Light 

Bush Geo. paper box maker, 15 e Fayette 

Bush John, tavern, 63 Pennsylvania av 

Bush Jno. tobacconist, 15 Centre Market, dw 80 Montgomery 

Bush John, laborer, 275 Bond 

Bush Joshua, butcher, 157 n Eden 

Bush L. shoemaker, 179 n Eden 

Bush Martin, laborer, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

Bush Mrs. Mary, 111 Ensor 

Bush Wm. turner, HI Ensor 

Bush Wm. butcher, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

Bushier Elizabeth, 58 Argyle 

Bushman Ciemants, merchant tailor, 135 Franklin 

Bushman J. carpenter, 12 Vine, dw 221 Fayette 

Bushman Richard, cigar maker, 31 Shakspeare 

Bushman Wm. carpenter, 256 Mulberry 

Busick Joshua, shoemaker, 71 Ensor 

Busick Thomas, shoemaker, 113 n Canal 

Busk H. J. 155 Saratoga 

Busk Dr. T. M. 206 e Baltimore 

Bussard Luther, engineer on rail road, 471 Lombard 

Bussard Matthew, conductor on rail road, 8 Repubhcan 

Bussraan W. boot and shoemaker, 253 s Charles 

Buta John, clerk, 29 Short 

Butcher & Share, confectioners, 160 Baltimore 

Buthoff Geo. oak cooper, 314 dw 307 s Charles 

Butler Absalom C. boot and shoemaker, 2 Hanover, dw 214 

Butler Amon O. carpenter, 40 Bond 
Butler Charles, firm of N. Rogers & B. 131 Franklin 
Butler Christian, 44 Bank 

Butler's Daguerian rooms, Baltimore, dw 54 Fremont 
Butler Mrs. Elizabeth, 30 East 
Butler George T. carpenter, 12 Somerset 
Bulter Geo. carpenter, 1 McHenry 
Butler James, carpenter, 134 Saratoga 
Butler John, oak cooper, 20 Williamson al 
Butler John, grocer and tea dealer, 655 w Baltimore { ;* 

Butler Joseph, 64 Argyle al 
Butler Mrs. Margaret, 120 Lee 
Butler Martin, marble cutter, 128 n Calvert 
Bvitler Mrs. Mary, tavern, 98 s Charles 
Butler Moses, 10 s Liberty 

Butler R. shoemaker, 92 York ar # 

Butler Richard, engineer, 468 w Lombard 
Butler Robert, carpenter. 111 Gough 
Butler Samuel, ship builder, s end of W. Falls av 
Butler Samuel, boiler maker, 289 n Howard 
Butler Samuel, ship carpenter, 107 s High st, yard City Block 
Butler Susan, dress maker, 92 Granby 
Butler T. boot and shoemaker, 225 w Pratt 
Butler Thomas, clerk, 120 Lee 


Butler Wm. Henry, finisher, 57 Boyd 

Buts Andrew, suspender maker, 35 n Canal 

Butt Henry, manulacturer of blue and starch, n c cor. of Mul- 
berry & Chatsworlli 

Butt John, starch and blue manufacturer, 30 Chatsworth 

Buithofl' Jacob,. oak cooper, 205 Bond 

Bulls Pickrell &• Co. grocers &- commission mer. 71 Smiths' whf 

Buxton Capt. Benjamin, 134 Broadway 

Buvns Wm. dyer, 18 Mott 

Buzle Wm. black smith, 25 Perry 

Byal Stephen, bricklayer, 100 McElderry 

Bye retort" Charles^ tailor, 144 s Eutaw 

Byrn Wm. dry goods dealer, 163 n Gay, dw 186 ChesiKil 

Byrn Wm. W. firm Long &. B. dw 141 Hanover 

Byrne & Co. lottery and exchange office, 37 South st 

Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 233 n Gay 

Byrne Edward H. dw!?D5 Aisquith 

Byrne James, cabinet maker, ware-rooms. 43 Lombard 

Byrne John B. firm Wm. H. Byrne & Bro. 205 Aisquith 

Byrne John H. grocer, 81 Spring 

Byrne Owen, 143 s Eden 

Byrne Peter^ cabinet maker, 46 Rosa 

Byrne Peter, baker, 118 York av 

Byrne Patrick, grocer, 100 Dallas 

Byrne Patrick, 205 Aisquith 

Byrne Wm. H. & Brothers, grocers, 16 Harrison, dw'Wm. H. 
B. 205 Aisquith 

Bvrnes Dennis, drayman, 13 Styles 

Byrnes Peter, 1^0 s^Eden 

Byrnes Thomas, pedlar, 10 Maiden lane 

Byrns John, grocer, 33 n Frederick 

Byron Charles H. brick carter, China st 

Byus J. H. lime and feed store, 23 Grant, dw 25 Conway 

Byus Wm. S. dw 144 Sharp 

Cable George S. plaisterer, 195 Madison 

Cadel Samuel, carter, 250 e Pratt 

Cadden Rev. Robert, pastor Sharp st M. E. church, 113 8 Paca 

Cadow James E. grocer, 29 Chatsworth 

Caduc John, 39 e Pratt 

Cadwallader Abel, cellar digger and grader, Pennsylvania av. n 

of Mosher st 
Cafferty John, Cliesapeake st. Canton 
Cafferty Thomas, shoe maker, 107 n Canal 
Caffrey Thomas, grocer and liquor store, 318 w Pratt 
CahillPatriilf, lumber inspector, 22 New Church 
i^ain Mrs. Ann, 3i Jeflerson 
Cain Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, over 159 Baltimore 
Cain James, laborer, l44 French 
Cain John, carter, 5 Slemmer alley 
Cain John, Chesapeake St. Canton 
Cain Rufus, bricklayer, 18 Warren 
Cain Thomas, dealer in market, 1 Slemmer alley 
Cairns James, clerk. Baker st. Pennsylvania av. extended 


Calder Mrs. Rosanna, orrocer and liquor dealer, 155 Eastern av 
Caldwell ^ Co. chemists and druggists, 20 Sharp 
Caldwell Daniel, mercantile and fancy dyer, US n Calvert 
Caldwell Edwin, plane maker, 3 Mercer st. dw 115 n Paca 
Caldwell James A. chair maker, 27 s Calvert, dw 120 e Fayette 
Caldwell John C. block & pump maker, w Falls av. dw Caroline, 

one door from Pratt 
Caldwell Jolin, Lucien & Samuel, ll3 Sharp 
Caldwell William, tailor, 127 Pine 
Caldwell William, finisher, 114 Cross 

Caldwell William, architect and mea.s. 10 Barnum's building, 
Caldwell William Q. carpenter, 196 Exeter [Fayette st 

Calhoon Benjamin C. book keeper, Bank Bait. 326 Fayette 
Calhoun Charles, silversmith, 216 e Monument 
Calhoun Mrs. Lydia, 63 St. Paul 
Call Monsieur L. A. dentist, 369 n Gay 
Callan James, grocer, 14 Jeflerson 
Callan John, grocer, 2 York av 
Callaway George, tailor, 38 Hamburg st. F. Hill 
Callendar Sarah, baker, 52 s Exeter 
Callis James, carpenter, 95 Granby 
Callis George R. bricklayer, 77 Granby 
Callmus Solomon, saddler, 121 n Front 
Callow William, wood dealer, 179 German 
Caloway William, plasterer, 236 Aisquith 
Calvert George, fish inspector, 42 Holliday 
Calvert Hall, corner Saratoga and Sharp 
Calvert John, granite cutter, Scott st s of Prat' 
Calwell James, 48 Argyle al 
Cambell John, 7 French 
Camel James, laborer, 91 Chesnut 
Cammach William, laborer, 221 Conv/ay 
Cammel George, bacon dealer, 180 Aisquith 
Cameron Mrs. Rachel, 87 Ensor 
Camp Joseph, s e corner Shrosder and Franklin 
Campario John, grocer and liquor dealer, 266 8 Charles 
Campbell A. silver plater, 19 Light st. dw 16 McClellan 
Campbell Adam, carpenter, 746 w Baltimore 
Campbell Alfi-ed, tailor. Canal st. s of Baltimore 
Campbell Mrs. Ann, 39 s Frederick 
Campbell Arthur, hackman, 14 n Paca 
Campbell B. M. 26 Conway 

Campbell B. M. & N. L. slave dealers, 242 and 244 w Pratt 
Campbell C. R. constable, 312 Aisquith 
Campbell George, drayman, road near Fort 
Campbell George, prop. "Cumberland coal yard," 891 vv Pratt 
Campbell H. J. tinner and stove dealer, 292-w Pratt 
Campbell J. Mason, attorney at law, 25 Lexington, ofRce Court - 

land st 
Campbell James, laborer, 91 Chesnut 

Campbell John J. dry goods and grocery d(?aler, 150 McHenry 
Campbell Mrs. 254 n Howard 
Campbell Patrick, 127 n Exeter 
Campbell Priscilla, 180 s Caroline 
Campbell R. S. 63 Front 


Campbell Robert, firm R. Si. A. C. Mount Vernon place, corner 
Cathedral st 

Campbell Robert & Andrew, gold and silversmiths, imp. plated 
ware, jewelry, walcties, &c. 205 Baltimore 

Campbell Robert, laborer, 226 Happy al 

Campbell Ross, imp. dry floods house, over 245 and 247 Balti- 
more St. dvv 6 Cathedral 

Campbell Thomas, 229 Biddle 

Campbell William, laborer, 176 n Eutaw 

Campbell William, carpenter, 183 Franklin St. dvv 24 Garden 

Campbell William, laborer, end Cambridge st. Canton 

Campbell William, huckster, 191 Bethel 

Campbell William L. carpenter, 24 Garden 

Camper kaac, carpenter, 208 n Eden 

Camper Mrs. Mary, 164 e Monument 

Camper, Berkley &. Bruff, wholesale dry oroods mts. 245 Ball. 

Camper Thomas, firm Camper, Berkley & Brufl^, dw 77 Paris. 

Canby Benjamin, brush maker, 205 Mulberry 

Canby & Barilelt, n w corner Licrhtand Lombard 

Canby Thomas Y. dw 68 Sharp ^ 

Candler Michael, teacher, 181 Saratofra 

Candolle Joseph, boot filter, China al 

Cane Matthew, huckster, 221 n Forest 

Caney John, laborer, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

CanfieUl, Brother &l Co. import. &c dealers in wafcties, jewelry ;; 
mililarv &■ fiincy oroods, s e cor. Baltimore &- Charles 

Canfield Ira C. firm Canfield, Brother Sc Co. dw 28 Pleasant 

Canfield William B. firm Canfield, Bio. & Co. dw 79 Fayette 

Cann .1; R. printer, 149 Hanover 

Cann Lloyd, fisherman, 9 Johnson 

Cann Mrs. confectioner, 149 Hanov^er 

Cann Noah &- Michael, fishers, 5 Johnson 

Cann, Sirausberg & Co, second hand furniture deal. 46 Harrison. 

Cannbell John, collector, 116 Orleans 

Cannoles Charles, furniture carriage keeper, 220 Madison av 

Cannon, Bennet & Co. auctioneers, 28 and 30 s Charles 

Cannon Daniel, n Clinton si. Canton 

Cannon Ezekiel, bricklayer, Spring st n of Lombard" 

Cannon Captain James, 97 Albemarle 

Cannon Jamef^, mariner, 66 York 

Cannon John B. firm Cannon, Bennet & Co. dw 92 Fayette 

Cannon Mrs. Mary Ann, 11 Comet 

Cannon Timothy, laborer,. 25 Haw 

Cannon William, carpenter, 125 Camden 

Cannon William, fruit dealer, 105 n Caroline 

Canoals Charles, coach smith, 55 Buren 

Canoals William, hackman, 183 Ensor 

Canon B. type caster, 150 n Eden 

Canon Captain Thomas, 79 Bank 

Canox Joseph, currier and leather dealer, 189 Lexington 

Cantel Joseph car driver, Scott st near McHenry 

Canton Chapel, Rev. J. Morris & Wm.Penl?: pastors, Clinton st 

Canvell Caji'iain Thomas, 86 William (Canton 

Capert Jacob, puddler, Wills st n of Philpot 

Capers Mordecai, puddler. Wills st n of Philp(rt 


Cappeau Miss F. millinery and trimnriing deader, 113 n Gay 

Cappeau Jane, 76 Bank 

Cappeau Joseph, book keeper, 113 n Gay 

Cappell Samuel, boot maker, Madison st. between Forest st and 
Greenmount av 

Capprice Joseph, sen. ship carpenter, Fountain st. Canton 

Capprice Joseph, jr. house carpenter, Fountain st. Canton 

Caprellia Michael, clerk, 152 n Eden 

Caraher, John, soap boiler, 31 Cambridge st. Canton 

Carback David, furniture wagoner, 98 Jefferson 

Carback Elisha T. shoe maker, 165 Lexington st. dw 225 Ma- 

Carback John, 201 Stirling [dison ar 

Card'^1 Thomas, gr>cer and liquor dealer, 81 Hillen 

Care Mrs. Elizabeth, 114 Greene 

Carey George, furnaceiron master, .Clinton. a v. Canton et.dw 99 
Monument st 

Carey Henry, porter s w cor. Eutaw &: Lexington 

Carey John L. & Andrew Sterrett Ridgely, atlornies at Ia\v>24 

Carey John, laborer. Green's courl, F. Hill [St. Pa jl 

Carey Mrs. S. A. corset maker, 51 n Gay 

Carey Thomas, shoe maker, 177 Bethel 

Carey William F. belt, brace, suspender, stock and cane manu- 
facturer, 51 n Gay 

Cariss Samson, looking glass, frames and fancy store, 1S8 and 
140 Baltimore st. dw 38 Fayette 

Carl & Newman, prop. "Pennsylvania house," 156-'8 FrankliA 

Carl William, shoe maker, 108 Alice Anna 

Carlin Miss, 25 s Exeter 

Carlisle James H. grocer, 62 Orleans 

Carlton Robert H. mariner, 270 Canton av 

Carman James, boiler maker, 277 Light 

Carman Jacob, distiller, rear of 17 Saratoga st. dw 21 Franklin 

Carinan Josepti, shoe maker, 13 Warren 

Carman Robert, laborer, Hollins st market space 

Carman, William, Gravel alley 

Carmelite Femile Academy and Convent, 62 Aisquith 

Carmichael, William, carpenter,,Cathedrai St. dw 369 Saratoga 

Carmichaei William, 11 1 Mulberry 

Carrnichael William, clerk, 16 Pennsylvania av 

Carmine Mrs. Celest,.tailoress, 167 Light 

Carmine George, confectioner, 243 n Gay 

Carmine Thomas, painter, 94 Block 

Carmine William O. shoe maker, 132 Canal 

Carne James, laborer, 76 Holliday 

Carnes John, shoe maker, 22 Mullikin 

Carnes John, sen. boot maker, 40 n Eden 

Carnes Simtiel, clerk, 130 s Canal 

Carney Jajnes, carter,. Scott st one door from Columbia 

Cams Patrick, laborer, 219 Forest 

Carpenter &, Ruddach's nail factory,. Warner st n of Henrietta 

Carpahter & Ruddach, importers hardware, 4 Light st wharf 

Carpenter Rebecca, 111 Hill 

Carpenter Samuel, marketer, Pennsylrania av n of Mosher st 

Carpenter William, tailor, 55 Sterling 

Carpenter William C. firm C. & Ruddach, 111 Hill 


Carr Mrs. Ann, 192 r Exeter 

Carr Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 121 Saratoga 

Carr Hon. D. S. minister to Turi<ey, dw 182 n Calvert 

Carr E. N. lottery & exchange, l4l Pratt St. dw 17 Conwaf 

Carr Edward, machinist, 5 McHenry 

Carr Mrs. Ellen, 6 McElderry 

Carr George, boat builder, 139 McElderry's wharf 

Carr Greenbury, fbundryn)an, 84 Boyd 

Carr H. grocer, 88 n French 

Carr Henry, clothier, 50 Pratt St. corner of Gay 

Carr Hugh, laborer, 101 East 

Carr John, trader, 113 Ross 

Carr Mrs. Mary Ann, 9 Hawk 

Carr Nicholas, hackman, Beaufort lane 

Carr Patrick, laborer, 49 Davis 

Carr Samuel, laborer, 500 w Pratt 

Carr William, baker, 7 Low 

Carr William, laborer, Cathedral st n of Richmond 

Carran Jacob, blacksmith, Frederick road 

Carrere John, attorney at law, 6 Law Build, dw 15 Mulberry 

Carrick Benjamin, machinist, 124 L. Greene 

Carrick Mrs. Margaret, washer, 18 Guilford alley 

Carrigan James, morocco manuf. 26 French st. dw 41 Buren 

Garrigan John, grocer and liquor dealer, 33 Front 

Carrington William, sawyer, 44 York 

Carrneal William, shoe maker, 132 Canal 

Carroll Bernard, clerk, 245 Saratoga 

Carroll Charles, 66 n Charles 

Carroll Charles, Frederick road, opposite cattle scales 

Carroll Edward, ship carpenter, 117 Bank 

Carroll George, blacksmith, s w corner Columbia and Scott 

Carroll Harrv, 13 s Frederick 

Carroll J. 213 n Forest 

Carroll James, weaver, 11 Pear alley 

Carroll James, 258 w Pratt 

Carroll John K. 25 Commerce 

Carroll John, grocer and provision dealer, 123 Pine 

Carroll John, rope maker, Harford avenue extended 

Carroll John, grocer and liquor dealer, n e cor. Calvert & Bath 

Carroll John, ship carpenter, 28 G. Hughes 

Carroll Joseph, grocer, 300 e Monument 

Carroll Margaret, 73 French 

Carroll Mrs. Margaret, variety goods dealer, 99 Mulberry 

Carroll Michael^ grocer, s e corner Register (Argyle alley) and 

Baltimore sis 
Carroll Michael, laborer. Carpenter's alley e of Fremont st 
Carroll Patrick, ashman, 50 Harford av 
Carroll Mrs. Sarah, grocer and liquor dealer, 13 Bath 
Carroll Thomas, broker, cor. Charles & Lombard, dw 46 Penn st 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 12 Republican 
Carroll Thomas, cooper, 24 Concord "* 

Carroll William, justice peace, 76 Thames 
Carruthers Andrew, grocer, 139 Orleans 
Carruthers Peter, 113 n Caroline — 

Carson David jr. dw 53 Josephine 


Carson David, cooper, 99 Columbia 

Carson David & Son, carpenters, 8 Charles st. dw D. C. sen. 

corner Josephine and Pine 
Carson Elijah, brick moulder, 13 Diamond 
Carson Mrs. Eliza, boarding house, 206 vv Lombard 
Carson George, brick maker, 173 Fremont 
Carson John, plaisterer, 24 Pennsylvania av 
Carson John, attorney, 9 Court House lane 
Carson John, grocer, 1 97 w Pratt 
Carson Joseph, blacksmith, 47 West 

Carson Joshua, carpenter, Montmorency al. dw 50 Josephine st 
Carson Mrs. Sarah J. 82 e Baltimore st 
Carson Thomas J. firm T. C.J. & Co. dw Bolton 
Carswell John S. dealer in lamps and oil, 81 Thames 
Carter Alexander M. clerk Bank oi" Baltimore, 66 Camden 
Carter Mrs. Catharine, 233 Saratoga 

Carter Charles S. attorney at law, 3 Law buildings, St. Paul 
Carter Charles, watchm:in, 150 e Monument 
Carter Clement, coach maker, 67 n Calvert, dw 100 n Exeter 
Carter D. carpenter, 227 Monument 
Carter D. bricklayer, lO McElderry 
Carter E. carpenter, 10 McElderry 
Carter Edward, book keeper, 51 e Lombard 
Carter Edward F. clerk Araer. oflfice, dw Lombard near Exeter 
Carter Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Morris allev 
Carter Henry, superintendent saw mill, 21 Hill 
Carter James H. president Western Bank, 14 Eutaw 
Carter Jesse, chair maker, 56 n French' 
Carter Joiin, shoe maker, 13 Garden 

Carter Rev. John P. prin. young ladies' seminary, 71 Franklie 
Carter John W. grocer, 61 Camden, dw 78 Columbia 
Carter Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 25 e Baltimore 
Carter Joseph, laborer, 46 L. Hughes 
Carter Joseph, oak cooper, 42 Montgomery 
Carter Joseph, laborer, Cross st e of William 
Carter Matilda W. seamstress, 84 Union 

Carter Moses, pr. "Louisiana house,'* Lexington, 2d e Greene 
Carter R. & Son, paper warehouse, 130 w Lombard 
Carter Mrs. Rebecca, cane worker, 78 Albemarle 
Carter Mrs. Rehecca, 75 n Canal 

Carter Robert E. com. merchant, 68 South St. dw 66 Camden 
Carter William, laborer, 12 Perry 
Carter William plaisterer, 112 Gough 
Carter William, basket maker, 36 n High 
Carter William G. firm R. Carter & Son, 39 Courtland 
Carver William, bricklayer, 208 Mulberry, 
Carvneal William, shoemaker, 132 Canal 
Gary Wilson M. farmer, 76 n Calvert 
Casey Charles, blacksmith, 31 York st 
Casey Mrs. milliner, 14 Sharp 
Casey Mrs. Nancy, 44 Harford av 
Casey Patrick, watchmaker, 223 Wolf 
Casey Mrs. Roseita, 7 Pearl 
Casey Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 20 Welcome alley 
Casey Thomas W. surveyor, 14 Sharp 


Casey Thomas W. grocer, 284 n Howard 
Casey William, flour & meal dealer, 80 Hiilen 
Cash Oliver W. 129 Paca 
Casheer William, baker, 35 Harrison 
Caskey Joseph, carpenter, 83 Garden 
Caskey Samuel, boiler maker, 14 L, Church 
Casmire Philip, cooper, 14 Concord 

CaspariXharles & William, apothecaries Sc chemists, 34 n Gay 
Caspari Mrs. Harriet, 414 Lexington 
Caspear John, cedar cooper, 366 w Baltimore st 
Cassady Bernard, laborer, 107 Harford av 
Cassady Patrick, grocer & bacon store, 50 s Frederick 
Cassard G St Son, bacon & pro, mis. Gl South St 409 Baltimore 
Cassard G. sen. dw 93 Hiilen 

Cassard George &. Thomas, provision Sc com. mis. 44 South 
'Cassard George, of firm, dw 132 Exeter 
Cassard Gilbert, cooper shop and Lumberyard, Eden st sot" 

Baltimore, dw 46 Gran by 
Cassard Gilbert, jr. lumber merchant, Eden near Baltimore dw 
Cassard Lewis, 94 e Baltimore [Franklin 

Cassard Thomas, firm o( George &. Thomas C. dw 93 Hiilen 
Cassell Abraham, bricklayer, 260 Mulberry 

Cassell Edward, bricklayer, 239 Biddle 

Cassell George, bricklayer, 237 1-2 Biddle st 

Cassell Henry, bricklayer, 264 Mulberry 

Cassell J. 8c Cherry, dentists s w corner Baltimore & Liberty »t8 _ 

Cassell Joseph, carpenter, 260 Saratoga 

Cassell Leonard, carpenter, Preston w of Gardea 

Cassell Mrs. Margaret, dairy, 173 Mulberry 

Cassell Mrs. Mary, 19 Pearl 

Cassell Samuel, bricklayer, 396 Lombard 

Cassell Summerfield, ])ainter, 264 Mulberry 

Cassilly Thamas, grocer, 60 Spring 

Cassidy Bartholomew, weaver, 300 Mulberry 

Cassidy Francis, 69 chesnut 

Cassidy James, boot St shoemaker, 26 Pratt 

Cassidy John, huckster, 23 Haw 

Cassidy Luke, grocer, 49 Harford av 

Cassidy Owen, grocer & provision|dealer, ne cor. Pine & Pierce- 

Cassidy Patrick, grocer & bacon store, 50 s Frederick 

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 19 Haw 

Cassidy Patrick, grocer St liquor dealer, 13 New- 
Castle John, portable desk maker, 120 Raborg 

Cate Amon, keeper of "German st house," 26 & 29 German, 
dw 178 Lombard 

Catez Charles, bricklayer, cor. Harford av 8t Ensor 8t 

Cathcart John, ship carpenter, 99 Granby, 

Cathcart Robert, firm of R & W. H. Cathcart, dw 115 Ann st 

Caihcart Robert, St W. H. block St pump makers, 104 Smith's 

wharf, 8t 123 Thames st 
Cathcart Wm H. firm of Robert, St W. H. Catchart, dw 1 H Ana 
Cathell Levi, keeper of Baltimore Gardens, 41 Aisquilh 
Cathel Col. Levi, 80 e Lombard 
Cathel Michael, 304 Forrest st 
Gathers James, book seller St stationer, 72 Balliraorc it 


Catling Ferdinand, wheelwright, 309 s Charles 

Cator Joseph, farmer, 139 s Sharp cor of Lee 

Cator John L. brickmaker, 98 Barry 

Cator Mrs. Rachel, 54 Second 

Cattimore John, painter, 80 Lancaster 

Cattle Scales, junction Frederick road &. Pratt stj JtcoV Pou- 

der, weigher 
Catus Julia Ann, washer 8t ironer, 196 t Caroliae 
Caughey Ben. produce dealer, 9 Pennsylvania avenue 
Caughey Joha H. firm ot Noah:Walker Sc C». dw Aisquith n of 

Comet Bt 
Caughey Michael, clothing store, 34 Pratt st dw 20 Aisquith 
Caughey S. Hamilton, firm of Noah Walker & Co. clothiers 80 

Centre market, dw 119 e Baltiraiore 
Caulfield Mrs. Mary Ann, matron^ Christ Church Asylum 174 
Caulk Eli, 138 n Caroline [n High 

Caulk James M. tailor, 81 Gough 

Caulk Mary Ann, tailoress, 336 s Charlei 
Caulk Thomas, carpenter, 16 Saratoga 

Causey James, tavern, Camden lane 

Causey U. F. & Co. shoe makers, 71 Orleans, cor. Aisquith 

Causlon Miss Susan, raantua maker, 4 s Gay 

Cavanaugh Lewis H. cigar maker, 23 Chatsworth 

Cavanaugh Patrick, clerk steamboat Columbia, 34 n Front 

Cave Charles, sen. drayman, 89 n Exeter 

C'ave Charles jr. painter, 89 n Exeter 

Cave William, boot & shoe maker, 162 Broadwoj 

Cavender George, oak cooper, 8 Fremont 

Cecil William S. cabinet maker, 3 Oregon 

Cervell Henry, carpenter, 269 n Forest 

Chabot G. H. druggist, 56 Aisquith 

Chadwick John, fancy & feather dealer, 134 t Lombard 

Chaillon Stanislaus, 79 Conway 

Chaisty Edward, 158 Mulberry 

Chaisty Doctor, E. J. 158 Mulberry 

Chalk Levi, laborer, Hofiinaia st e of Gibson 

Chalmers James, cabinet maker, 354 Franklin 

Chamberlain F. morocco dresser, 21 Comet st 

Chamberlain Henry, clerk, 93 n Green 

Chamberlain John E. shoemaker, 146 Orleans 

Chamberlain Mrs. Mary A. dress maker, 143 Saratoga 

Chamberlain Philip, tailor, 25 Somerset 

Chambers Mrs. Charlotte, milliner, 99 Raborg 

Chambers Daniel, firm of J. A. Roach & Co. s w corner Pratt 
and High sts 

Chambers James, rope maker, 8 Gittings 

Chambers John, laborer, 45 Philpoi 

Chambers Mrs. Martha, dress maker, 191 Mulberry 

Chambers Mrs. Martha, 5 McHenry 

Chambers Mrs. upholsterer, 18 Gibson 

Chambers Samuel, carpenter, 136 n Eden 

Chambers Stewart, grocer & liquor dealer, 394 Saratoga 

Chamling Reuben, 20 Comet st 

Chamblin John, shoe maker, 39 e Orleans . 

Champness Joshua, proprietor of Potapsco Candle Works, Clin- 
ton st n of Boston, Cantoa 

CHA. 72. CHA 

Chance James, 110 n Calvert 

Clianoe Martin, fireman rail road, w Lomboard 

Chanceaulme Martin, carver, 24 Orleans 

Chanceaulme William, vvaicli maker, 62 Jefferson 

Chandler Mrs. Caroline, 220 n Eden 

Chandler George Washington, brick maker, Licrht et extended 

Chandler Irena, 319 Eastern av 

Chandler Thomas J. shoe maker, 97 Jefferson 

Chaney A. W. boot & slioe maker, 16 Harrison 

Chaney Cornelius, huckster, 43 Stiding 

Chaney John, trader, China alley 

Chaney Samuel, weaver, 139 Fremont 

Chapin Philip, plane maker St edge tool dealer, 44 Light st dw 

Chapman Allen^ firm Kirkland, Chase &, Co. Fremont n George 

Gern)an st 
Chapman Mrs. Elizabelh 25 n Dallas 
Ciiapman James P. iron turner, 211 e Lombard 
Chapman Jno. L. glass manufac. 40 a Charles, dw 37 Mulberry 
Chapman John's glass iaclory, cor. Caroline & Lancaster 
Chapman Jonathan J. druggist Soc. 2 South, dw 139 e Balto 
Chapman Lydia, H. dry goods dealer, 201 w Pratt 
Chapman Mrs. boarding house, 101 Camden 
Chapman Nimrod, shoe maker, 26 Pe'nnsylvania av 
Chapell Daniel, chemical works, s end G. Hughes st F. Hill 
Chappell John, 106 Lexington 
Chappell J. G. shippmg St general commission mercliant, 53 

Lombard st Exchange place, dw 129 Hanover 
Chappell P. S. office BaltimoceCtiemical Works 164 Lombard 
dw 149 s Charles 

Charles Mrs. Elizabeth, 115 Wolf st 

Charlter John C. rope maker, 151 Orleans 

Charles Benjamin, teacher, 234 Gough 

Charlton John, rope maker, 157 Orleans 

Charron J. B. firm of'Charron, Field & Co. dw 281 Saratoga 

Charron Field St Co. wholesale dry goods merchants, b e cor. 
Baltimore St Hanover sis 

Chase A. S. firm ofC. Lilly St Co. dw 42 Courtland 

Chase Daniel, firm Kirkland, Chase St Co. dw 123 Saratoga 

Chase George W. ladies' shoe maker, 745 w BalUmore 

Chase Hannibal H. brick maker, 111 Conway 

Chase Isaac H. boot St shoe maker, 114 Lexingtoa 

Chase Capt. John, mariner, 68 Block 

Chase Lilly St Co. dry goods com. mts. 14 St 16 German 

Chase Mrs. Mary, 17 Diamond 

Chase Mrs. Mary Ann, sliirt maker, Etna lane 

Chase Miss Mary, milliner, s w cor. Eutaw St Biddle sts 

Chase Moses, machinist St model maker, 284 n Eutaw 

Chase Thorhd^ke, 91 Broadway 

Chase Wells, com. merchant St manf. warehouse, 6 s Howardj 
dw 1 L. Paca ^ 

Chase William, trader in market, 181 Orleans 

Chason Capt. George, mariner, 20 Block 

Chas»aing Msr. Pauline, 186 Franklin 

Chastau Capt. L. A. 53 e Pratt 

Cnatard Vir, F. E. corner Charles & Lexington 

CH^ ^3 CHI 

Chatard Mrs. Jane, 114 SaratO£ra 

Ciieffer John, cabinet maker, 143 n Canal 

Cheingie Wolfgang, cabinet maker, 25 Grant 

Cheney Benjamin, laborer, Oregon si n of Pratt 

Cheney James M. machinist, '22 WiHiamson alley 

Cheney R. morocco dresser, 130 Aisquith st 

Chenney James W. 102 Ann 

Chenoweth Mrs. Ann, grocer, 38 East 

Cheaoweth Benj. F. plough manufacturer & machini«t, Plough 

man st d\v 21 Albemarle 
Chenoweth H. laborer, 57 George 
Chenoweth Mrs. Mary Ann, 252 n Gay 
Chenoweth Oliver, carpenter, 55 Preston 
Cherbonnier Peter, professor French, 271 Lombard 
Cherker Peter, laborer, 30 Thames 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist. 430 w Baltimore 
Cherry James VV. shoemaker, s e corner of Republican and 

Chesapeake Bank, s e corner North & Fayette 
Chesebrough Andronicus, firm of Hooper St Co. grocers & ship 

chandlers, dw 115 s High 
Chesebrough Capt. Robt. C. mariner, 115 s High 
Chesnut Samuel, cork cutter, S8 south Calvert st dwelling 36 

Spring row 
Chesnut William, grocer &, com. mts. n w cor. South & Pratt 

sts dw 104 e Baltimore 
Chester William, shoeing smith, 11 Pleasant, iw 13 
Cheston, Galloway, firm J. C. & Son, 39 s Sharp 
Cheston James & Son, millers, 4 Cable sicor Patterson 
Chew Robert W. commission merchant, 77 Light stwhf. dw 

corner Sharp & Conway, 
Chew Dr. Samuel, 92 n Howard st 
Cheney Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 63 n Liberty 
Cheyney Mrs. Edith, tailoress, 63 n Liberty 
Chicken William, engineer, 22 G. Hughes st 
Chickering & Bro. book sellers, 162 n Pratt 
Chievel Alexander, tailor, 22 s Caroline 
Chifielle Mrs. Henrietta, tutoress, 98 w Madison 
Child Mrs. Sarah, confectionary and toy dealer, 60 n Eutaw 
Child William, commission merchants & coal dealer, 78 South 

dw n w corner Calvert & Saratoga 
Childers Spots wood, grocer St. feed dealer, 510 w Baltimore 
Chillis Samuel, coach maker, 33 n Gay, dw 38 e Fajetie 
Childs Benjamin, clerk, 162 German 
Childs Enos, 62 s Exeter 
ChiUls J. C. carpenter, 250 Mulberry 

Childs John, brick moulder. Fort road ** 

Childs Mrs. Mary, 163 Broadway 
Childs Zachariah, carter, 177 Orleaaa 
Chillirtg Charles, paver, 147 Pine 
Chillison Margaret, 51 West st 
Chilton Robert, merchant, 217 Franklin 
Chirch Edward, lumber mt. Monument near Stirling, dw 212 



Chisholm Mrs. Eliza, lailoress, 235 Eastern av 

Chisholm Henry, police officer, dw 7 Hiil st 

Chisholni James, pilot, 219 Canton av 

Choate Edmund, boot maker, 77 e JiOmbard, dw 103 Hiil 

Chrismer Joseph, carpenter, 127 Ensor 

Christ Philij), cow keejjer, 43 Philpot 

Christ William, butcher, ]19 Ensor 

Chrislhilf Henry, cedar cooper, 412 Franklin st dw 62 n Paca 

Christian Richard, stone mason, l)G Holland 

Cliristopher, J. wheelvvriglit, 2G0 Canal 

Christopher Joseph, walciiman, 198 Fayelte 

Christopher Michael, grocer, Pratt st \v ol' Fremont 

Christopher Nicliolas, dry goods dealer, 197 Broadway 

Christy Henry, weaver, 47 Predion 

Christy Michael, blacksmith, 42 Rock 

Christy Robert, type caster, 90 Dallas 

Chrystal John, grocer, 214 n Gay 

Chugy Samuel, 110 n Exeter 

Cliurch Edward J. lumber merchant. Monument st near Stirling, 
dw 212 Aisquith 

Church John, fireman, 278 Alice Anna 

Church Mrs. R. T. 116 Fayette 

Church.William G. shoemaker, 10 Stirling 

Churches — see Appendix 

Cliurchman Mrs. Martha, 155 e Pratt 

Cinnaniond G. R. conveyancer, 34 St. Paul 

Ciiy Hall, Holliday st. between Fayette and Saratoga, m which 
are the Mayor's office. City Collector's, Register's Com- 
missioners', and Health ofiices 

City Hotel, Barjjum & McLaughlin proprietors, corner Calvert 
and Fayette sts 

Ckeffer John, cabinet maker, 143 n Canal 

Clack Mrs. Margaret, Gallows iiill 

Ciackner G. F. cabinet maker, Baltimore st e of Broadway 

Clackner Jose])h, insurance inspector, Lombard si opposite Ex- 
change, dw 7 Aisquith 

Claggetts' Brewery, Lombard st adjoining the bridge 

Claggeit Mrs. Mary, 8 s High 

Claggeir. Thomas J. 96 n Exeter 

Ciaggett Thomas, clerk, 14 Dallas 

Claggeti AVilliam, brewer, e Lombard 

Claiborne Mrs. Caroline, 2 Ensor 

Clak Mrs. Margaret, Gallows hill 

Clanipitt Elias, firm C. &. Register, dw 91 n Exeter 

Cianjpiit & Register, brass and bell lounders, 53 Holliday 

Ctanahan Janies, laborer, 7 Bethel 

Clanahan Peter, tailor, S2 Centre market 

Clap George C. halter, 180 n Exeter 

Clapp Mrs". Ann, 142 n High 

Clare Isaac, grocer and tea dealer, s w cor. Lee & Hanover 

Clare Thomas J. agent Phoenix Shot Tower, dw 8 Walson 

Claridge Lloyd, house and sign painter, 25 York 

Clark B. carpenter, cor. Pleasant & Davis sts. dw 87 e Fayette 

Clark B. &, E. Brown, carpenters, 17 Pleasant 

Clark Benjaruin, shoe maker, 35 George 


CLA * 75 CLA 

Clark Benjamin D. book keeper, 270 Fayette 

C!ark Bernard, firm C. & Brown, 87 e Fayette 

Clark Charles H. firm C. Levering & C. dvv 3 McCulloh 

Clark Charles, pilot, 8 Fell 

Clark Mrs. Charlotte, liquor store, 2 e Lombard 

Clark Elizabeth, 107 e Orleans 

Ciark Mrs. Emilv, huckster, 20 Shakspeare 

Clark Gabriel D. watch maker and jeweller, 24 Water St. dw 101 

Baltimore st 
Clark Georire, hatter, Gl Eutaw 

Clark Georire W. tobacconist, 395 Baltimore st. dw s Paca 
Clark Mrs. Harriet, 5l s Exeter 
Clark Mrs. Hester Ann, seamstress, 129 Alice Anna 
Clark J. W. 118 n Eden 
Clark James, on rail road, dvv 159 Front 
Clark James, carpenter, 2G9 Saratoora 
Clark James, locksmith and bell han^rer, 16 n Frederick St. dw 

135 Orleans 
Clark James, ricTger, A.rcTyle al. or Register st. s of Bank 
Clark James G. cooper, 4 1 s Exeter 
-Clark John M. finislier, Henrietta st e of Eutaw 
Clark John, machinist, 5 Hill st 
Ciark John, laborer, 81 HoHiday 
Ciark John, lottery office, 232 w Pratt 
Clark John, laborer, n Calvert 
Clark John, 44 n Charles 
Clark John H. tailor, 12 Chew 
Clark John, furniture carter, 17 Mott 
Clark John A. tobacconist, 194 n Gay 
Clark John, laborer,, 7 Oregon 
Clark John W. house and sicrn painter, S68 w Baltimore st. dw 

357 w Lombard 
Clark John, carpenter, 160 Pearl 
Clark John, lime dealer, 319 s Howard 
Clark John, ship carpenter, 165 Wolf 
Clark John, s^rocer, 196 Ann 
Clark John, Ariryle alley or Register st. s of Bank 
Clark John A. boardinnj house, 16 s Calvert 
Clark John, dw 44 n Charles 
Clark Jonathan, ship carpenter, 184 Light 
Clark Lester, carpenter, 249 n Canal 
Clark Levin P. cabinet maker, 41 n Exeter 
Clark Lewis, musician, over Egerton's exchange office 
Clark Mrs. Margaret, 40 G. Hughes 
Clark Mrs. Maria, 191 e Lombard 
Clark Martin, trader, 56 Park 
Clark Mrs. Mary Ann, 63 Jefferson 
Clark Mrs. Mary, seamstress, Pratt st wof Fremont 
Clark Mrs. Mary, shoe binder, 258 Franklin 
Clark Matthew, dw 266 Fayette 

Clark Matthew V. flour mt. 379 Baltimore St. dw 266 Fayette 
Clark Nelson, 67 St. Paul 

Claris Patrick, grocer and liquor store, 60 Pratt 
Clark Patrick, dairy keeper, 87 Lexington 
Clark Peter, confectioner, w ol Eutaw st extended 


Qark R. & Co. millers, 3 Spear's wharf 
Clark Richard, shoe maker, 78 Mullikin 
Clark Robert, ornamental painter, 9 Low- 
Clark Mrs. Sar?h, 12 s Paea 

Clark Sarah, 76 s Caroline i 

Clark Theodore, firm Taylor, Thomas &. Co. German 
Clark Thomas S. sail maker, 104 s Exeler 
Clark Thomas, firm Adkisson & Clarke, dw 104 s Exeter 
Clark Thomas, carter, 183 Lifiht 

Clark Walter M. firm Joseph Simms &. Sons, 58 Conway 
Clark William H. meal and flour dealer, 161 East 
Clark William, mariner, 124 Orleans 
Clark William, ship carpenter, 94 Block 
Clark William, 241 n Gay 
Clark William, huckster, 97 e Monument 
Clark William;, oak cooper, 5 Saratoga 
Clark William, laborer, Henrietta st e of Eutaw 
Clark William, printer, 133 Saratoga 
Clark William, laborer, Gibson si n of Preston 
Clark Zachariah, pilot, 128 Broadway 
Clarke Asher, firm S. & A. C. Grundy's Row, Biddle St 
Clarke Mrs. Eleonor A. 71 Pennsylvania av 
Clarke Joseph H. professor of" languages, 13 Lexington st. dw 

25 Barnet 
Clarke La wrence^, grocer and liquor dealer, 60 Richmond 

Clarke Nathaniel, slater,- 253 n Howard 

Clarke S. & A. principals ladies' seminary, Saratoga e of Charles 

Clarke Shatnmah, 50 Biddle 

Clarke Doctor Sydenham R. I4l Biddfe 

Clarke Thomrrs/clolhier, 84 Centre Market, dw 119 Albemarle 

darken Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 47 s P;ica 

Classen Harman, grocer, 148 s Sharp, dw 151 

Claughley William, carpet weaver, 22 Front 

Clautice Miss Catharine, dry goods dealer, 105 Pennsylvania av 

Clautice Francis, huckster, 57 Ensor 

Clautice Geo. wheelwright & blacksmith, 143 Pennsylvania av 

Clautice John, carter, 25 Harf()rd av 

Clautice Joseph, tailor, 36 Hillen 

Clautice Peter, blacksmith, 343 Pratt St. dw 104 s Paca 

Clawson Peter, rigger, 262 Happy alley • 

Clayburn Mrs. Caroline, 2 Ensor 

Claybrink Charles, laborer, 26 Lancaster 

Clayland Samuel R. Iiorse dealer, l4l Rabor<5 

Claypoole James, clerk, 78 s High 

Claypoole Captain John, 217 e Monument 

Claypoole S. chair maker, 20 Stirling 

Clays Henry, sexton German Methodist church, cor. Bond and 

Clayton Edward, butter depot, 162 w Lombard si. dw w end of 

Clayton S. Sutton, grocer and butter merchant, 205 Pratt st, dw 
57 Lexington 

Clayton Samuel, butler and produce dealer, 205 Pratt st. dw 
53 Conway 

Clazey George, finisher, 2 Williamson alley 

-CLlE 77 CLO 

Cleary Aaron, carpenter, 35 Fremont 

Cleary Edward, grocer, 208 Alice Anna 

Cleary John, shoe maker, 12 Maiden lane 

Cleary John, laborer, Bell alley 

Cleaveland A. J. prof, of music, n w cor. Hanover &. Lombard 

Cleaveland Henry VV. sup. telegraph line, 152 McHenry 

Cleaver Charles, maitres maker, 52 Bond 

Cleaver William, tobacco worker, 14 Mercer _ 

Clemens Augustus, cabinet maker, 94 n Rxeter 

Clemens John, cooper, 173 Canal 

Clements J. S. grocer, 48 e Fayette 

Clements James B. tobacconist, 166 w Pratt 

Clements Seth, 6 Comet 

Clerbents Seth, looking glass maker, 114 s Caroline 

Clemm John, laborer, 148 e Fayette 

Clemm Peter S. carpenter, corner Eutavv and Ross sts. dw 162 

Clemm William E. clerk, 196 Chesnut 
Clemmons Mrs. teacher, Fremont st extended 
Clemmons William, cabinet maker, 1 George 
Clemson William, mariner, Washington st. n of Eastern av 
Clendinen Dr. A. corner Baltimore and Exeter 
Clendinen Mrs. M. A. milliner,. 134 Lexington 
Clendinen Robert, cabinet maker, 129 Lexington st. dw 134 

Clendinen teacher, Pennsylvania av extended 

Cleveland Joseph, firm Coleman & C. 113 Ann 

Cliffe Henry, clerk, 169 Hanover 

Cliff Josiah, watch maker, 6 Light 

Clifie R. W. &- Co. coal dealers, 2 s Calvert st. yard w Falls av 

Cliffe Robert W. coal and iron dealer, s e corner Albemarle and 

Alice Anna sts 
Clifford A. furniture and bedding warehouse, ne corner Light 

and Lombard sts. dw w Pratt 
Clifford Edward, 244 Canton avenue 
Clifford John, cheese dealer, 154 German 
Clifford Samuel, cheese dealer, 169 German 
Clifford Sylvester, property agent, dw 413 w Pratt 
Clitibrd Sylvester jr. tea dealer & grocer, 409 w Pratt 
Clift Mrs. Deborah E. tailoress, 27 Monioromery 
Clift Thomas H. ship carpenter, 256 Light 
Clifton John M. tailor, 154 Madison av 
Clifton Mrs. boarding house, 25 Hanover 

Clifton Virginia, grocer, Lombard st near Light, dw 20Buren 
Cline Anthony, brick maker, corner Ann and Alice Anna 
Cline Henry, brick maker, 264 Canton av 
Cline Jacob, pattern maker, 27 Montgomery 
Clinton David, oyslerman, 26 Argyle alley 
''Clipper" (Baltimore,) Bull & Tuttle proprietors, 134 Baltimore 
CloneyMrs. Mary. 179 n Eden 
Clopper Mrs. Ann, 47 n Calvert 
Clorday John, shoe maker, Henrietta st w of Sharp 
Close & Dandelet, dry goods aud com. mts. 237 Baltimore 
Close Nicholas, huckster, 165 Bond 
Cloiworthy Alexander, furniture dealer, 8(y n Howard 
Cloud Benjamin, furniture wagoner, 243 e Monument 


Cloud Charles F. sheriff' Baltimore cily, clw 2 s Fredericks! 
Cloud, Hope & Co. publishers Republican &, Argus, 45 8 Gay 
Cloud Jesse, 153 n Eutaw 

Cloud Ri)bert, firm C. Hope & Co. dw 97 e Fayette 
Clover Lewis P. artist, 332 Fayette 
enough Dennis, grocer and liquor dealer, 83 Franklin 
Coakley P. H. stock exchange & commissittn agents, 85 Lom- 
bard, dw 183 Fayette 
Coale Mrs. E. J. 45 Mulberry 
Coale E. H. dry goods merchant, 64 Lexington 
Coaklev Mrs. H." 232 Aisquith 
Coale James C. firm Hayden & C. 106 Hanover 
Coale Nathan, carpeMter, 43 Josepliene 

Coates & Glenn, lumber merchants, corner Pratt & Green sts 
Coates Mrs. Jane, grocer, 29 Urant 
Coates John, dw 123 Conway 

Coates Robert E. firm of Coates St Macher, 19G n Eutaw 
Coath William, tavern, 164 e Baltimore 
Coath William, 42 e Lomhird 
Cobb Mrs. George F. 237 Saratoga 
Cobb Josiah, grocer & provision dealer, 31 n Liberty 
Cobb Mrs. Ruth, 125 Fayette 
Cober S. 13 Cambridge st 
Coburn Henry, bricklayer, 245 n Gay 
Coburn James, n e corner Fayette &. Gay 
Coburn Mrs. Sarah, dry goods dealer, 245 n Gay 
Coburn 'Ihomas/stone mason, 73 Buren 
Coburn William, bricklayer, 203 n Eden 

Cochlin Edmund, markel trader, 131 Franklin 

Cochran Ciias. teller Farmer's & Planter's Bank, 153 Hanover 

Cochran J. E. oyster dealer, 18 Holland 

Cochran John, patcrn maker, 109 Biddle 

CochraH Dt)cior Robert M. 211 n Howard 

Cociiraii S. M. attorney at law, 4 Court house lane 

Cochran Thomas J. ice dealer, 122 s Exteler 

Cochran William, dairy, 41 Centre 

Cochran William^ 187 Aisquith 

Cochrane David, weaver, 56 Preston 

Cochrane James, weaver, 56 Preston 

Cochrane Mrs. Rebecca, Wills st n of Piiilpot 

Cockey Charles E. ship carpenter, Fawn st e of Exeter 

Cockey Edward, guager, 114 n Howard 

Cockey Mrs. Elizabeth, 145 n Front 

Cockey & Gambrill, grocers & com. merchants, 59 b Calvert ^ 

Cockey Dr. J. Paul, 34 Albemarle 

Cockey John G. firm Cockey &- Gambrill, dw 67 s Paca 

Cockey Dr. John, 22 e Lombard 

Cockey Dr. Joseph C. 2 s Exeter 

Cockey Joshua, dw 155 Park 

Cockrill Dr. J. J. 219 Alice Ann 

Cncks William John, bricklaver, 231 Biddle 

Cocks William, huckster, 237 Biddle 

Codd Pilkiiigton, butcher, Lombard st e of Ann 

Codei'8 (J. R.) dancing academy, over cor. Hanover & Lombard 
dw 15 Watson 


Codman Captain Frederick, 203 n Howard 

Coc A. Benson, clerk in county clerk's office, dw 242 Lexington 

C.)e Mrs. Rebecca, dress maker, 36 Stirling 

Coffenbager George, carpet weaver, 80 Albemarle 

Cofl&n Capt. Charles, mariner, 70 Block . 

Coffin John, laborer, 74 Boyd 

Colran John L, grocer & provision dealer, corner Lombard st & 

McHenry alley 
Cogen Andrew, shoe maker, 162 Raborg 
Coggins Thomas, 64 s Exeter 
Cogswell James, hatier, 331 e Monument 
Cogswell Nathaniel, shoe maker, 15 Warner 
Cohen Charles, 2d hand clothes dealer, 17 Second 
Cohen E. P. 59 s Gay, dw 70 n Calvert 
Cohen Israel, stock broker, 5 Franklin bank bulding, North st 

dw 81 Franklin 
Cohen J. I. jr. 1 15 n Charles 
Cohen Doctor J. I. 115 n Charles 

Cohen Moses, staple, fancy & dom. dry goods mt. 157 Lexington 
Cohen M. J. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Nathan, clothier, 103 Dallas 
Cohn D. tailor, 156 Forest 
Colbert Mrs. Sarah, 199 Aisquith 
Colbert L. A. carpenter, 155 e Chesnut 
Col burn Doctor E. F. 265 Fayette 
Colburn Edward, professor of writing, 250 n Howard 
Colburn Dr. Haivey, dental surn-eon, 88 n Pacca 
Colburn Josiah S. carpenter, 8 Elizabeth alley 
Colelough David, potter, 134 s Cannl , 

Cole Abraham G. firm of Cole & Howard, dw 216 w Lombard 
Cole C. A. bottling establishment, 116 & 118 n Howard 
Cole C. clerk of city commissioners, dw 106 n Exeter 
Cole Mrs. Catharine, 10 Lewis st 
Cole Craft & Co. hatters, 218 Baltimore 

Cole Cornelius H. keej)er livery stables, 70 German, dw 55 s Paca 
Cole Edward B. coach painter, 5 Hamilton 
Coie George H. pilot, 42 Bank 
Cole H. T. carpenter, 163 n Eden 

Cole &. Howard, vvholsale dry goods mts. 359 w Baltimore 
Cole Hynson H. merchant tailor, n w corner Centre Market space 

& Pratt st dw 98 e Baltimore 
Cole Mrs. Isabella, 445 e Baltimore 
Cole J. ladies' boot & shoe maker, 32 Baltimore 
Cole James, carpenter, 6 s Caroline 
Cole James, grocer & liquor dealer, 58 Wolf 
Cole Jarret, 74 Centre Market 
Cole John R. grocer & tea dealer, 48 n Eutav/ 
Cole John H. tailor, 92 Low 
Cole John, 31 Hamilton 
Cole Joseph, carpenter, 61 Rose 
Cole Joshua, tinner, iw 2l& Mulberry 
Cole Lewis H. & Co. tobacconists, 343 Baltimore 
Cole Lewis M. anrent Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road.dw 98 Sharp 
Cole Doctor M. 158 Chesnut 
Cole Mrs. Mary Ann, 150 Orleans 


Cole Michael, rag merchant, 50 Boyd 

Cole Nathan, carpenter, 43 Josepine 

Cole Philip, blacksmith, 63 Mont,tromery 

Cole Philip, carpenter, 54 Stiles st 

Cole Samuel, tinner, 5 1-2 Jetierson 

Cole Selali, carpenter, 6 Orleans 

Cole Thomas, gallows hill 

Cole William J. attorney at law, 60 Fayette st dvv 445 w Balto. ^ 

Cole William P. firm C." Cralt & Co. dw 140 High ^ 

Cole William H. jr. surveyor port of Baltimore, ofiBce public 
store, corner Gay and Lombard, dvv 26 Stiles 

Cole William jr. tailor, 14 Orleans 

Cole William A, & Co. wholesale grocers, 55 s Charles 

Cole William A. dvv 9 s Paca 

Cole William sen. 3 Second st 

Colehouse William H. draper & tailor, 6 Holliday 

Coleman Charles R. clerk in Merchants' bank, 75 s Paca 

Coleman Charles, carpenter, 231 e Fayette 

Coleman Charles, laborer, 103 Garden 

Coleman & Cleveland, ship smiths, s e corner Point £c Block sts 

Coleman 8c Cox, grocers, produce &- commission dealers, s vv 
corner Franklin & Paca 

Coleman Mrs. Dorothea, seamstress, 3 Jew's alley 

Coleman Edward, block & pump maker, Gough e of Argyle al. 

Coleman Edwin S. sea captain e Falls avenue near Pratt 

Coleman Francis, agricultural implen)ent maker, 201 s Charles 

Coleman Capt. George A. mariner, 132 Tiiames 

Coleman J. huckster. Harlbrd avenue extended 

Coleman J. tobacconist, 47 Spring 

Coleman Mrs. Mary, 65 Ross 

Coleman Morgan, grocer, flour & produce dealer, 144 Frankli n 

Coleman Noah, shoemaker, 121 n Caroline 

Coleman Robt H. firm C. & Rogers, dw Howard, n of Lombard 

Coleman & Roirers, druggists &. apothecaries, 173 Baltimore 

Coleman Samuel, ship smith, 313 Eastern avenue 

Coleman Sanmel, boot maker, 45 Orchard 

Coleman Mrs. Sarah, 8 McElderry 

Coleman Mrs. Sarah A. 75 n Canal 

Coleman Thomas, blacksmith. Block st dw 67 Ann 

Coleman Thomas, firm C. & Cleveland, 67 Ann 

Coleman Thomas M. editor Temperance Banner, 77 Caroline 

Coleman William, shoemaker, 56 Henrietta 

Coleman William, mariner, 215 Canton 

Coleman blacksmith, 213 Gough st 

Coles William, ladies' fashionable boot &, shoe store, 36 Balto. 

Colgin Charles, drayman, 12 House's court, s Charles st 

Cjltaday Joseph S. carpenter, Wine alley, dvv 445 s Fayette 

Collan James, cow dealer, Hargrove's alley 

College Dental surgery, in University buildings, 3d floor, Lexing- 
ton st e of Calvert 

Collegiate Institute Young ladies'. Rev. H. Ball proprietor, 
dw 119 n Charles 

Collett Mrs. Rachael, 71 Poppleton 

Colley J. W. laborer, 91 s Eutaw 

Colley John W- carpenter, Baltio. w of Pine st dw 64 Raborg 


Colley Mrs. Sarah A. seamstress, 180 Park st 

Collier Charles, tin plate worker, 29 Concord between Lombard 

Collier Henry, blacksmith 123 Rollins st (.St Pratt 

Collier William, trader and confectioner, 151 Lombard 

Collier William James, blacksmith, 142 Mulberry 

Collingwood George, cabinet maker. Smiths Court 

Collins Mrs. Ann, teacl.ier, 125 Cross 

Collins & Bullock, glue manuliicturer«, Washington road, office 

83 Light st wharf 
Collins Charles S. clerk, 171 s Paca 
Collins Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 47 L Hughes 
Collins G. C. &, Denson, grocers and com. mts. 83 Light st whf. 
Collins George C. dvv 175 s Charles 
Collins George, carpenter, 59 Burgundy alley 
Collins George B, milkman, Clinton st Canton 
Collins Henry, brickmaker, 349 Light 

Colhns J. VV. surveyor and measurer, 6 Barnet, dw 50 n Charles 
Collins James, tavern, 79 'J'hames 

Collins James, tin & sheet iron worker, 48 Harrison st dw Albe- 
Collins James, Cliesapeake st Canton [marte 

Collins James, boot Sc shoe maker, 534 w Baltimore 
Collins James L. stove dealer, 60 Light st dw 167 Sharp 
Collins John, walchnfian, 59 Block st 
Collins John, brakesman, Scott st near Pratt 
Collins Rev. John A. rear M. E. Church, Light st 
Collins Jettry, brass maker, McKim's copper laciory, 
Collins Lee, tailor, 182 Fremont 
Collins Levi, oak cooper, 116 Hollins 
Collins M. laborer, 186 Kutaw 
Collins Peter, clothier, 59 Harrison 
Collins Patrick, furniture dealer, 79 Harrison 
Collins Patrick, furniture dealer, 70 Camden 
Collins Mrs. Sarah Ann, corner Eastern avenue & Washington 

Collins Solomon, carter. H en ri etta st e of Howard , - 

toUins Dr. Stephen, ^n^jbaiveit 
CoUins Thomas, 379 Saratoga 
Collins Thomas, laborer. West Falls av. n of Pratt 
Collins^m. H. attorney, 5 r.nurt T^m.sP lanft^^l.^S&^palvgL...- 
Collins vVilliam, grocer & liquor dealer, 34 Biddle alley 
Collison David, 286 Wolf 
Collison David, mariner, 231 Bethel 
Collison James, ship carpenter, 173 Bank 
Collison Noah, feed dealer, 77 Pennsylvania avenue 
Collison Perry, huckster, 187 Washington 
Collison William, draper St tailor, 5 s Sharp 
Collison Edward, carter, 202 Sterling 
Collmus Levi, pedlar, 3 Mott 
Collyer John, carpenter, 379 Franklin 
Collyer Mrs. Lydia, tailoress, 144 Pine 
Colson Andrew, rij^ger, 74 Argple alley 
Colston J. H. property agent, 13 n Exeter 
Colion Charles, laborer, 146 French 
Colton William H. weaver, 275 n Gay 
Colvert Robert, mariner, 61 Block st 
Colvin &, Cj. lottery & exch. office, n \v cor. Balto. Sc Calvert 


Colvin Miss Rachael, 77 e Baltimore 

Coivin William, firm C. & Co. 29 Pleasant 

Golvvell Edwin, plane maker, Mercer st livv 115 Paca 

Colvvell Elijah, Chase st e of Cathedral 

Colvvell Jan»es, upholsterer &- paper hanirer, 318 n Howard 

Colwell William, laborer, W^ills st n of Piiilpot 

Comegys Bartui, tailor, 330 Lexington 

C«)mer B. Boston st oppt^sile Canton Depot 

Comfort Mrs. Catharine, nfilliner, 4 Watson st 

Cormine Smith, painter, 99 n Caiial 

ComJy Seth J. commission merchant, 168 Smith's wharf, dw 89 

Sharp st 
Commerciul and Farmers' bank, cor. Howard and German 
Comniissioners of lotteries, Saml. Dickinson, John O. W^harton, 

5 Counsellor's Hall, Lexington st 
Compte Mrs. Ann, 81 s High 
Camstock George D. 132 Lee 
Conain Lewis, dw 53 Granby 
Conant S. W. cljck repairer, 80 McElderry 
Conaway A. shoemaker, 219 Mulberry 
Conaway Carvill, edge tool maker, dw 98 Albemarle 
Conaway James K. boot and shoemaker, 219 Broadway 
Conaway Solomon, watchman, 620 w Baltimore 
Concannon Michael, grocer, 315 n Howanl 
Conditf Ann, 117 Granhy 

Condon Mrs. Catharine, store keeper, 1)4 Dugan's' wharf 
Condon Edward, cabinet maker, Mercer 
Condon J. R. boot maker, 60 s Charles 
Cone C. 0. dental surgeon, 59 Lexinirfon 
Conighara Patrick, laborer, 252 s Charles 

Conine W. C. 15 n Fre-derick, olfice cor. Frederick and Fayette 
Conlan John, 245 Saratoga 
Conley Mrs. Ann M. seamstress, 7 New 
Conley Jas. plaisterer, Preston, w of Gibson 
Conley John F. stone cutter, 22 e Monument 
Conley Nicholas, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Conley Saml. oak cooper, Dover w ol Front 
Coidin Michael, contractor on rail road, Johnson st. Federal Hill 
Conline Wm. carter, 196 Holiday 
Conlon Miehael, blacksmith, 15 Elizabeth al 
Conly Jno. laborer, s e cor. Alice Anna and Eden 
Conly John, oak cooper, 233 German st. dw 521 w Baltimore 
Conly Michael, turner, 151 Columbia 
Conly Patrick, tailor. Smith's court 
Conly Timothy, laborer, 41 Camden 
Conly Wm. carpenter, 138 Forest 
Conn Jacob, printer, 51 n Canal 
Conn Thomas, 154 Pearl 
Conneary John, porter, 106 n Eden 
Connelly Henry, boot maker, 4 Hamburg al 
Connelly John, oak cooper, 236 German, dw 521 Baltimore 
Connelly Owen, tavern, 45 Centre Market 
Connelly Patrick, marble polisher, 15 Haw 
Connely Patrick, 171 Chesnut 
Conner Bernard, 282 Dallas 


Conner Charles, nail maker, 42 Burgundy al 

Conner EdvvarJ, nail maker, 96 Fremont 

Conner Mrs. Hannah, boarding house, 27 e Baltimore 

Conner Henry, rope maker, 85 Cross 

Conner James, tanner, 4i Falls st 

Conner John, watchmaker and jeweller, 46 Ballimore 

Conner Martin, laborer, 61 Biugundy al 

Conner Patrick, cow keeper, 28^ Alice Anna 

Conner Tlios. W. firm Hooper C. &. Co. carpenters, dw 4H 

Conner W. sale maker, 643 w Baltimore 

Conno Thos. painter, 304 e IVIenunient 

Connolly Ku ward, stone cutter, 104 Hillen 

Connolly Miss Mary, milliner, n e cor. Saratoga and Howard 

Connolly Miss, dress maker, 104 Hillen 

Connolly Richard, teacher public school No. 3, dw 136 8 High 

Connolly Wm. carpenter, 138 Forest 

Connor Michl. laborer, 104 Canton av 

Connoway Wm. shij) carpenter. Register st. s of Bank 
Iponoly &. Lloyd, boot makers, 88 1-2 e Baltimore 
T^onoway John, fisher, Hamburg st. Federal Hill 

Conovvay Saml. fisher, 31 Cross 

Conrad Dr. A. M. H., surgeon dentist, 18 n Liberty 

Conrad Frederick, carpenter, 272 Franklin 

Conrad Cassimer, tailor. Green, one door from Lexington 

Conrad George M. 39 n High 

Conrad Henry, hackman. Bethel n of Bank 

Conrad Jacob, grocer and ale house, 157 Pennsylrania av 

Conrad Patrick, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Conrad Philip, carter, ll2 Hill 

Conradt G. J. importer and manufacturer of pianos, 244 Bait* 

Conradt T. M. carpet manuf. 75 Baltimore, dw 74 n Front 

Conr'y Misses, dress makers, 134 Lexington 

Constable Mrs. corner Eutaw st. and Cider al 

Conway & Armstrong, grocers and coninaission mts. 56 South 

Conway Mrs. Francis A. 193 Chesnut 

Conway Hetiry, 107 Ross 

Conway Jefierson 13- carpenter, 198 Chesnut 

Conway J. B. painter, 3 Jefierson 

Conway John, tailor, 142 Fremont 

Conway John R. grocer and commission merchant, 81 Cheap- 
side, dw 55 Barre st 

Conway Robert, carpenter, 208 Bond 

Conway Samuel, shij) master, 133' Canton av 

Conway Thomas, 94 Pearl 

Conway William, finisher, 173 Hollins 

Coogan Andrew, shoemaker, 417 Lombard 

Cook Addison S. blacksniith, 28 Conway, dw 43 Henrietta 

Cook Alexander C. printer, 162 Monument 

Cook Andrew J. boiler maker, 37 Gibson 

Cook Anthony, erardner, s e cor. Republican and Lexington 

Cook Benjamin M. boot and shoemaker, 63 Orleans 

Cook Bernard, shoemaker, 61 n Frederick 

Cook Charles J. printer, 88 s Exeter 

Cook Christian, city baihfi". 98 Hamburg ^ 

coo 84 COO 

Cook Columbus E. 346 Lexington 

Cook David, liiborer, 169 Elisor 

Cook Edward, mariner, 26 York st 

Cook Frederick, jr. butcher, 96 Moiitoomery 

Cook Frederick, sr. butcher, 98 Moni^omery 

Cook Frederick, butcher, 339 Saratoga 

Cook Frederick, liquor dealer, 1.35 Lonil)ard 

Cook Mrs. Ueoro;e A. millinery dealer, 193 w Pi alt 

Cook Georne, weaver, 92 Gran by 

Cook Geo. watchman, 30 ArL''vle 

Cook Henry, oak cooper, 22 Lee, dw 24 

Cook Henry VV. (rrocer, 64 German, dw 131 s Paca 

Cook Henry, cabinet maker, 189 n Exeter 

Cook Rev". 1. P. bookseller and stationer, 76 Baltimore 

Cook Jacob, firm Snyder &c C. dw 66 n Eulaw 

Cook James H. provision dealer, 19 Commerce, dw 106 Hillen 

Cook John W. shoemaker, 93 Boyd 

Cook John H. carpenter, 705 w Baltimore, 

Cook John, laborer, 362 Light 

Cook John, carpenter, 11 Jackson's court - 

Cook John, 209 Madison av • 

Cook John, brakesuian, Bolton st. near Biddie 

Cook John, wadding manulacturef. Garden,* dw 117 Biddie 

Cook John, huckster, hlhroeder st. n ol' Fayette 

Cook John, mariner, 82 Lancaster 

Cook JoliDj, carter, ll2 Lancaster 

Cook Lewis, baker, 394 Saratoaa 

Cook Mrs. Martlia, seamstress, TsT Pearl 

Cook Martin, carpet weaver, 70 Fremont 

Cook Mrs. Mary, 21 Lewis 

Cook Richard, bricklayer, 163 Madison 

Cook Mrs. Sarah, boarding house, 88 Pearl 

Cook &, Snyder's police oliice, 5 Mercer 

Cook Thos. & J. oak coopers, 20 McCleiian, dw 29&.31 Raborg 

Cook Wm. machinist, 290 s Charles 

Cook Wm. &o Sons, general commission merchauts,_,7 Light 8t 

whf. up stairs, dw 56 Franklin 
Cooke Wm. carpet weaver,llOUaltimore 
Cooke Mrs. Angeline, young ladies' seminary, 117 s Paca 
Cooke Chas. D. dry goods mercliant, Bait, dw 801 Lombard 
Cooke & France, agents lor managers of lotteries, 42 Fayette 
Cooke Geo. firm C. & France, dw Ellicolt's mills 
Cooke Henry, feed store, 45 s Frederick st. dw Mechanic's court 
Cooke Henry W. firm Redwood, C. &c Co. dw 81 n Charles 
Cooker Christian, ladies' shoemaker, Bethel, n ol' Pratt 
Cooks Elhanan W. brakesman on rail road. Lemon, e ofShroder 
Cooksey Capt. C. H. 284 e Baltimore ^ ' 

Cooksey Wm. trunnel maker, 294 Wolf 
Cooliery Matthias, 2l5 Bethel 
C(,uliery, Matthias, 215 Betliel 
Cooly VVm. 7 Jefferson 
Coom John, 246 Happy a! 
Coombs Jas. G. grocer and commission merchant, 94 Light st 

u-hf. dw 65 Hill st 
Coombs Moses S. painter, 139 Canton av 

^0 S^ COR 

Coonan Daniel, clothier, 70 Centre Market space 

Coonan Michael, blackswiith^ 87 Lancaster^ dw 60 

Cooney G. 148 e Fayette 

Cooney Christopher, grocer, corner Canal ande FayeCle 

Cooney Lawrence, grocer and liquor dealer, 13 Poppleton 

Cooney Patrick & Son, oak coopers, 128 Thames, dws« cor. 

Ann and Lancaster 
Cooney Patrick, oak cooper, dw 253 Ann 
Coony Patrick^ laborer, 756 Baltimore 
Cooper Alexander, druggist, 102 Orleans 
Cooper Mrs. Ann, grocer, n e cor. Thames & Ann 
Cooper E, J as. lime depot, cor. Lancaster aad panal, coaming 

house, 83 South, 
Cooper Edward O. mariner, Broadway n of Lombard 
Cooper Elisha, ship joiner, 189 Bond 
Cooper Francis, shoemaker, 47 Forest 
Cooper George E. machinist and smith in general, 7 President 

dw ill Canal 
Cooper Hugh A. ship carpenter, dw 169 Broadway 
Cooper James, boot maker, 18 Pine 
Cooper James, tavern keeper, 3 Centre Market space 
Cooper James, grocer and tea dealer, cor. Holhns and Oregon 
Cooper James B. ship carpenter, Gough st. e of Broadway 

Cooper John, keeper temperance boarding house, 31 Thames 

Cooper John, stockings weaver, 75 s Eden 

Cooper Johr ♦avern, 26 e Baltimore 

Cooper Johr, brush maker, 15 Lombard 

Cooper .'oeeph, oak cooper, cor. Fremont and Columbia 

Cooper Mrs. L. 27 e Baltimore 

Cooper Mrs. Margaret, 80 s Howard 

Coopjr Mrs. Margaret, Gouofh st. e ofRegistet 

Cooper Mrs. Margaret, 162 Wolf 

Cooper Mary Ann, binding and trimming store, 179 s Charles 

Cooper Mrs. Mary, 184 Washinirtori st. Canton 

Cooper Mattliew H. mariner, 126 Ann 

Cooper Samuel, clerk, ll7 n Calvert 

Cooper Thomas A. chair maker, 196 Lexington 

Cooper Wells, tailor, cor. Liberty and Marion 

Cooper Wm. B. mahogany worker, 136 s Paca 

Cooper Wm. tavern, 188 n Gay 

Copeland John, brick maker, 227 Columbia 

Copeland Wm. clerk, 227 Columbia 

Copeman John H. ship carpenter, 198 Albemarle 

Copenhaver Augustus, paper hangings dealer, 207 Broadway 

Coper Saml. shoemaker, 30 May 

Copes Majer V. K, brickmaker, 77 n Bond 

Coram Joseph, shoemaker, 178 Fremont 

Corbell Peter, tavern keeper, 52 Harrison 

Corbin Martin, oak cooper, 39 Commerce 

Corbin Saml. travelling agent, 137 Eutaw 

Corbitt Emanuel, umbrella and parasol maker, 53 Baltimore 

Corbitt Isaac, dry goods, umbrellas &c. dealer, 53 Balliniore 

Cordery Mr^. Maria, 182 e Pratt 
Cordery Matthi;av>, 215 Bethel 
Corey B. J. saddler, 93 n Eutaw 


Cork James, woodsavvyear, 10 Warren 

Corkran F. S. luuiber dealer, l24 Pratt, dw 4 Columbia 

Corkran Patrick, laborer, 88 William 

Corkran Wm. clerk, 133 Hanover 

Corlelto Francis, mariner, 274 Eastern ar 

Corn Jacob, watchman, 15 Oregon 

Cornelius Edward, plaislerer, SS Dallas 

Cornelius Sc Gnne, crpocers and produce merchants, 175 HiiieD 

Cornelius John, huckster, 135 Hillen 

Cornelius N. A. crrocer, 153 Forest 

Cornelius Nicholas, ijrocer, 159 Forest 

Cornelius Peter L. 11 Gou^'h 

Cornell Michael,* carpenter, cor. Saratoga and Paca, dw 237 

Corner B. Mezick, dw e Baltimore, e of Lloyd 
Corner George W. tirm J. C. Sc Sons, dw P3 Broadway 
Corner James & Sons, sliipping and commission mercljants, »end 

Corner's whf. l(_)0t ot Gay 
Corner John, moulder, 2-23 e Pratt 
Corner Capt. Joiin B. 262 Pratt 

Corner Sjlomon, tlour merchant, S6 Commerce, dw 127 e Bait. 
Corner Thomas, firm J. C. Sc Sons, s e cor. Charlesand Madison 
Cornhouse Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 Spring 
Cornish Nancy, SS Watson 
Cornman John, 65 French 
Cornprobst Bernard, rigger, 64 William 
Cornthwait John, carpenter, 221 Gough 
Cornthwait Jolm Oliver, i33 n Bond 
Cornthwait Robert, hatter, 215 Gouiih 
Cornuskey Mrs. Eliza, milliner, 16 Ensor 
Corptrue'Moses, boiler maker, 282 Canton av 
Corrie James, dentist, 52 Siiarp 
Corricran Bartliolomew, cloitiier, 87 Thames 
Corrigan Thos. P. 149 s Eden 
Corrigan Patrick, 149 s Eden 
Corrigan Patrick, grocer, 234 Canton av 
Corse Freilk. tavern, 38 Lancaster 
Cordan & Co. importers oi Toreign, staple and fancy hardware^ 

179 Bidtimore 
Cortlan James jr. firm James C. &, Son, dw 97 e Pratt 
Cortlan James &. Son, importers and manufacturers of block 

tin japanned, IS Baltimore, dw Jas. C. sr. 34 e Bait 
Corum Jas. bacon dealer, 132 Chesnut 
Corwine Mrs. Elizabeth, 23 York av 

Cosgrove Patrick, grocer and liquor dealer, 6C Eastern av 
Cosgrove Patk. grocer, provision Si liquor dealer, 93 Lexington 
Coskery Mrs. Basilda 77 Ross 

Coss Geo. lottery dealer, a e cor. Franklin and Paca, dw 218 
Cost Geo. pilot, 209 Ann [Franklin 

Ct)stellay Edward 1 15 Ross 
Costello James, tailor, 191 n Gay 
Coslello John, tinner. Register, s of Bank 
Costello Mrs. Ann, milliner, 191 n Gay 
Costello Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 133 Bond 
Coater Joseph, paver, 41 Sjring 


Costigan Capt. Wm. of watch, 99 Ann 

Costolay P. J. firm Gruver &t Coslolay, dw 76 Ross 

Coston Miss. Susan, mantua maker, 4 s Gay 

Cotter Richard, teacher, 238 n Howard 

Cottiogham Samuel & Thos. smiths in general, Grant st 

Cottingham Saml. of firm, 9 Warren 

Cottingham Thos. of firm, 8b Montgomery 

Cottman James S. firm Boij^s, Cotiman & Co. dw 101 St Paul 

Cottrell Capt. Clark, proprietor Marine Watering place, e end 

G. Hughes 
Cottrell Sarah, grocer, Gibson, cor. Rose 
Cottrell Jas. W. painter, 19 Gibson 

Coitringer Misses, prin. young ladies' academy, 89 Franklin 
Coughlan Cornelius, corner French and East 
Coughlan Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Coughlan William, botthng establishment, corner Eastern av 

and Exeter st « 

Coulbourne S. D. com. mt. corner Cheapside and Pratt st. dw 

Coulson Amos, mariner, 215 e Baltimore st 
Coulson George J. A. firm Reese &- Coulson, dw 81 Albemarle 
Coulson James, glue manufacturer, 27 Hoffman 
Coulson John, keeper livery stables and tattersals, corner Front 

and Ploughman sts. dw Etting st e of Dolphin 
Coulson Thomas, clerk, 82 Albemarle 
Coulson William R. glue manufacturer, 537 Saratoga 
Coult Charles, blacksmith, Salisbury alley 
Coulter Alexander, teller Merchants' Bank, 54 Biddle 
Coulter Alexander, bricklayer, 110 Dugan's wharf 
Coulter Mrs. Ann, 71 Jefferson 
Coulter John, dry goods dealer, n Gay 
Coulter John, teacher, 263 Light 
Coulter John, laborer. 6 Tyson alley 
Coulter John, carter, Fremont st near Warner 
Coulter John P. collector, 13S n Charles 
Coulter Doctor Henry, 65 Conway 
Coulter Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 3 Centre 
Coulter Samuel, clothier. 111 n Eutaw 
Councelman William, painter, 632 w Baltimore st 
Counsell Mrs. Ruth, boarding house, 277 n Gay 
Counselman Charles, carpenter, 70 Hollins 
Counselraan George F. fireman rail road, 474 w Lombard 
Counselman Jacob, salt and plaisier dealer, 1 Penn st 
Countess Joseph, grocer & liquor deal, s e cor. Henrietta & Paca 
Court House, corner Calvert and Lexington 
Court Orphans', office Record buildings, St. Paul st 
Courtney David L. teller in Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, 103 

Lexington st 
Courtney 8t Gushing, tobacco com. mts. 55 s Gay 
Courteny E. S. firm C. & Cushing, dw 56 Saratoga 
Courtney Mrs. Ellen, seamstress, 68 Perry 
Courtney James, boiler maker, 9 Bethel 
Courtney Theodocius, Bond st s of Pratt 
Courts George W. laborer, 165 Fremont 
CourU John, laborer, 359 Franklin 


Courts Mary, tailoress, S63 Franklin 

Cousins Georo^, oak cooper, 1&9 AJice Anna 

Cousins John, oak cooper, 23 President st. dw 107 s Eden 

Cousmell John, huckster, 98 York av 

Covell Joel, conductor rail road, 480 w Lofiabard 

Covington H. carpenter, McCausland's yard, HoHiday st. a ©f 
Saratoga st. dw 185 Aisquith 

Covington Zachariah^ 7 Pearl 

Cowan Thomas, mt. tailor„ 14 s Calvert si. dw SI Pine 

Cowan William L. surgeon dentist, 168 Lombard 

Cowan Wm. H. attorney^S Court House laae, dw 5 Albemasle 

Cowan William, glass blower, 6 G. Hughes > 

Coward Mrs. Ann, preceptress, 80 Granby 

Coward Captain Thomas, mariner, "old Liberty road" 

Coward Washington, mariner, 218 Alice Anna 

Cowarding James,. eabwiet maker, 114 McElderry 

Cowman Richard, city bailiff, Canal st near e Fayette 

Cowman Samuel S. 350 Fayette 

Cowpland W. S. lottery and exchange office, a6 Pratt st. dwr 
220 e Pratt 

Cox Daniel, custom l)ouse officer, 372 n Gay 

Cox Elias, shoe maker, 130 e Orleans 

Cox Elisha,. keeper Logan Hall taverr, eor. Bond fc Bank sts 

Cox Esau,, briek makerj Scott st d of Columbia 

Cox George, lottery and exctiange broker, SMarrisoa 

Cox James, cigar maker, 171 Ann 

Cox James, laborer, 26 Poppleton 

Cox Jas. H. firm C. Sc Muller, 162 Bait. st. dW 4 s Frederick 

Cox John R. grocer, flour and produce deaUr, s w cor. Frank- 
lin and Paca sts. dw 153 Eulaw 

Cox John, grocer, 73 Jefierscm 

Cox John H. bricklayer, 37 Buren 

Cox Joseph &c Sons, imp'rs of fur & hat trimming-s, 2 s Liberty 

Cox Rev. Luther J. wholesale and retail dry goods dealer, 71 
Baltimore st. dw ll6 

Cox Melchor, stone mason, Fremont st. n oT McHenry 

Cox Michael,, laborer, Dover st. w of Fremont 

Cox & Muller, upholsterers &, paper hangers, 158 Baltimore 

Cox Nathaniel, attorney, 9 Court House lane,, dw 238 Franklm. 

Cox Mrs.Sarah, seanastress, 45 York 

Cox Mrs. Susan, 117 Lee 

Cox William B. tobacconist, 183 n Eden 

Cox William, clerk, 51 Holland 

Cox Wm. F. shoe maker, Bond st s of Pratt, dw 222 Eastern av 
Coyle Bernard, butcher, Fremont st extended 

Coyle Charles, corner Poppleton and Baltimore sts 

Coyle John, ship carpenter, 36 Hamburg st. F. HiU 

Coyle John, lal>orer> 16 Centre st 

Coyle Terra nee p. surgeon dentist> cupper and leeclier, 32 & 
Calvert st 

Cozens. Joseph^ carpenter;, 484 Baltimore st 

Cozhill J. Henry, firm Marriott, Frisby &Co. Sw 180 Mulberry 

Crab A. snufT maker, 3 Liberty al 

Crabbin Benj. grocer and provision dealer, 148 McHenry 

Crabbin Benjamin, grocer, corner McHenry and Popplet(^ 


Craddock Joseph T. tea store, 44 e Baltimore, dw 161 Chesnut 

Grader Conrad, milkman, 87 E:ist 

Craft Adam, carpenter, 116 Ross 

Craft George, frrocerand tea dealer, 43 Centre st 

Craft Jacob, firm Lynch & Craft, dw 20 Grant 

Craft Jacob, butcher, Cathedral st. opposite Bolton depot 

Craft John, stone mason, 118 n Paca 

Craft Thiideus C. firm Cole, Craft & Co. dw 43 Centre st 

Craft William G. firm Cole, Craft & Co. dw 54 Holliday 

Cragg John, fisher, w of Clinton st. Canton 

Cragg Joseph, engineer steamboat Lancaster, 52 William 

Graggs Robert, tailor, Ann at e of Lombard 

Craggs William, carpenter, 135 Fremont 

Craig Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 s Greene 

Craig Horatio E. car builder and grocer, s e corner Richmond 
and Park st 

Craig Hugh M. bricklayer, s w corner Howard and Lexington 

Craig John, type caster, 164 n Exeter 

Craig Doctor John A. 35 n Calvert 

Craig Levin, mariner, 342 s Charles ^ 

Craig Mrs. Mary, grocer and liquor dealer, 150 Pearl 

Craig Robert, dry goods dealer, 22 Centre Market space 

Craig Robert, marble polisher, 128 Garden 

Craig Samuel, boarding house, 1 s Greene 

Cramblet Francis, 320 Eastern av 

Cramer John, tavern, 3 s Paca 

Cramer Frederick, cabinet maker, 125 Canton av 

Cramford Samuel, cigar maker, 88 Albemarle 

Cramlet Stephen, bricklayer, 84 Block 

Gramlet Thomas A. carpenter, shop Gravel ai.dw 261 Saratoga 

Crandell William carpenter, 90 s Eutavv 

Crane A. Fuller, firm W. Crane & Son, dw 323 Lombard 

Crane Benjamin, millinery goods dealer, 257 Baltimore st. up 
stairs, dw 86 EutaW 

Crane William, firm Wm. C. & Son, dw 31 n Frederick 

Crane William & Son, hide and leather dealers, corner Cheap- 
side and Water st 

Crangle J. E. brick maker, 110 Columbia 

Crangle John, grocer and liquor store, 12i) s Howard 

Crapin Captain Samuel, 87 Orleans 

Crawford Alexander, 170 n Calvert 

Crawford Alfred, agent rail road, dw 125 Conway 

Crawford Andrew, shoe maker 69 Perry 

Crawford Andrew, wheelwright, 78 Boyd 

Crawford Bernard A. bark factory. North st. dw 132 Madison 

Crawford Canfieid, brick maker, Pratt st extended 

Crawford Mrs. Charlotte, dry goods dealer, 19 n High 

Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 141 Conway 

Crawford James, porter, 9 Bond 

Crawford James, dealer, 47 Eastern av 

Crawford James W. chair ornamenter, 79 n Eden 

Crawford John, carpenter, 104 Pearl 

Crawford John, grocer, 82 Bank 

Crawford Richard, printer, 4 Comet 

Crawford Robert K, bacon dealer, 178 Monument 

CRA 90 CViO 

Crawford William, wood dealer, 96 Lee 

Crawford William, jeweller,- 5 s Caroline 

Crawford Wm. M. jeweller, 5 n Frederick St. dw 6 s Caroline 

Crawley, Georire, entrineer, Essex st. Canton 

Creagh Mrs. Elizabeth, 286 Conton av 

Creailter Frederick L. oak cooper, 183 Sharp 

Creamer Dav^id,firm J. C. Sc Son, dw corner Ensor& Monumeni 

Creamer J. St Son, luniber merchanls,W. Falls avenue, and cor. 

Harford av and Forest st 
Creamer Joshua^ of firm, i\w 135 Exeter 
Creamer John, 142 JMonument st 
Creamer Thomas Sc Wm. lumber merchants, W. Fall* av. dw 

Thos. C. 140 Monument 
Creamer William, of firm, dw 135 Exeter 
Greeny Thomas, clerk, 110 Saratoga 
Creighton Mrs. Elmira, seamstress, 148 Light 
Crerghton Henry, mariner, 291 Light 
Creigton James, wood dealer, 60 William 
Creighton Samuel,, mariner, 94 Hill 

Cieimer, Alexander, 182 Madison 

Cremer Charles, 1 14 n Front 

Creu'zbough, Charles Wm. cigar maker, 69 C.Market space 

Crevey William, flour and feed dealer,^&0 Hilleu 

Crew Mrs. Delilah, 403 vv Pratt 

Crew Edward, sailor, 216 e Lunibard 

Crew Hanson, 216 e Lombard 

Crew Wiiliani, So e Monument 

Crey Frederick, overseer of streets, cor. Madison and Bure» 

Crev Henrv J. citv i)aver, 70 Buren 

Crichton William,"' fiim P. Malcom & Co. 84 e Baliimore 

Crigey Ferdinand, tavern, s e corner Greene and German 

Cripps Thomas, furniture wagoner, 51 Short 

Crisall George, b(A>t maker, 45 Henrietta 

Crisall John, shoe maker, 51 Henrietia 

Crise J. »L. grocer & prod. deal. 127 Franklin, dw 207 Madison av 

Crisp Charles S. ciirar maker, 227 Alice Anna 

Crisp Elijah, painter, 133 n Paca 

Crispen Peter, laborer, 58 L. Husrhes 

Criss Michael, firm Kelly, Ba.l Sl Co. 24 Greene 

Crist Jacob, porter, 155 s Eden 

Cristy George, 40 Cross 

Criizer's livery stables, 20 Temple 

Critzer J. keeper livery stables, 15 Temple 

Crockard JoIjd, stone cutter, 360 Franklin 

Crocken James J. market trader, 436 Saratoga . 

Crocker Emanuel, baker, 6 n High 

Crocker James, 26 Jackson 

Crockers James, huckster, 64 s Howard 

Crockers N. S. china store, 22 Lombard 

Crockett Nehemiah, shoe m iker, 21 Josephine 

Croft C. butcher, 49 York av 

Croft Daniel P. hatter, 120 York av 

Croft Peter, baker, 357 Franklin 

Croft William, 140 Fremont 

Cromer Frederick, butcher, 158 Canton av 


Cromer Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 14 Eutaw 

Cromer Solomon, carpenter, 17 Gibson 

Cromer Thomas W, tobacconisl, 104 Sf. Marv*s st 

Cromwell Mrs. Deborah, boanlino; house, 27 Baltisaore 

Cromwell Francis, cooper, 93 Burgundy al 

Cromwell J. G. carpenter, 332 Franklin 

Cromwell Jacob, cabinet mak. 155 Hollins, dwRose, e of Gibson 

Cromwell Joshua, sail maker, Corner's wharf, dw 110 Ann st 

Cromwell Levi, gunsmith and hardware dealer, 134 Thames 

Cromwell Michael, cabinet maker, 319 Eastern av 

Cromwell Oliver T. coach maker, 65 Harfofd av 

Cromwell Richard senr. 89 n Paca 

Cromwell Richard jr. farmer, 89 n Paca 

Cromwell Robert, porter, 78 Conway 

Cromwell Thomas, cabinet St. chair maker, 90 Broadway 

Cromwell Capt. Thomas, cabinet maker, 123 s Eden 

Croney Ji^lm W. ladies' shoemaker, corner Broadway &- Eas- 

tern avenue 
Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 33 Ensor 
Cronise Wm, H. V. 41 Courtland 
Cronmiller J'jcob, 337 Franklin 
Cronmiller Misses, 141 Sharp 
Cronse VYm. blacksmith, 22 Garden 
Crook Anthony, nailor, 30 York 
Crook Mrs. Charlotte, 52 Biddle . 
Crook Daniel, 57 Harford av 
Crook Francis A. firm Sanders & C. 14 Hillen 
Crook John H. mariner, 215 Ann 
Crook Joshua, carter, 141 Sarah Ann 

Crook Walter, jr. upliolsterer &, paper hanger, 220 Baltimore 
Crook Wilson, upholsterer St.paper hanger, 47 s Howard 
Crooks Wm. supercargo, 32 Spring 
Crookshanks John, grocer and commission merchant, 6 Light st 

dw 90 Barre 
Cropper John, mariner, 43 n Eden 
Cropper Stephen, shoemaker. Ferry bar 
Cropper Z. H. H. dw 50 Granby 

Cropper Z. H. H. &, Hitch, wholesale grocers, 92 Diigan's whf. 
Crosby J. 251 w Lombard 
Crosby James, carpenter, 126 Stirling 

Crosby Joseph ScSon, importers &, deal, in fruit, 385 s Charles 
Cross Rev. Andrew Boyd, editor of Md. Temperance Herald, 

dw 73 n High 
Cross Andrew, 193 n Canal 
Cross David, wheelwright, 6 Stirling 
Cross Edward, rigger, 18 Fell 
Cross Geo. furniture wagoner, 82 Granby 
Cross Mrs. P. 75 n High 
Cross Philemon, carpenter, 263 n Canal 
Cross Richard, 73 n High 

Cross Samuel B. blacksmith, 69 s Howard, dw 68 a Eutaw • 
Cross Thomas, Chew, near Aisquith 

Cross Truman, cash. Com. & Farmers' Bank, dw 9 s Howard 
Cross V. A. shoemaker, 16i e Baltimore 
Cross Walton, cooper, 174 Forest 


Grossman Wm. H. firm Wm. A.Woodward, &c Co. dvv ''Cha's 

St Hotel" 
Crothers D. 8t R. carpenters, 51 North, dvv 28 Spring 
Crothers Mrs. Mary, 16 Bond 
Crouch David, carter, 82 G. Montgomery 
Crouch Mrs. Elizabelh, 12 Watson 
Crouch Geo. W. mariner, 285 Lif?ht 
Crouch John, brickhiyer, 110 Hamburg 
Crouch J. shoemaiier, 9 n Caroline 
Croucii Mrs. Julia Ann, shoe binder, 21 Bethel 
Crouch Mrs. Margaret, 186 Bank 
Crouch Mrs. Mary, 224 Happy al 
Croughan Patrick, 274 Aisquith 

Crout Hezekiah, tin plate worker, 111 Pennsylvania av 
Croutzer Joseph, trader, G6 s Howard 
Crow Ezekiel, watchman, 35 n High 
Crow John, granite cutter. 90 Boyd • 

Crow N. J. painter, 7 French 
Crowley Mrs.Catherine, 22 Hillen 
Crowlev Julia, 54 Spring 
Crowley Patrick, grocer, 30 s Caroline 
Crowley Peter, sailor, 56 Register 

Crownfield Mrs. A. J. book seller and stationer, 57 n Gay 
Crowshaw Wm. overseer at Penitentiary, 40 Harford av 
Crowther Amos, laborer, Lexington, near Shroeder 
Croxal! & Browning, patent cordage manufacturers, 69 South st 

Bowley's whf. rope walk, 386 Light st 
Croxall Richard, of firm C. & Browning, dw 48 Franklin 
Croxall Thomas, collector, 175 Conway 
Croyeau Auirustin, wig and ornamental hair manuf. and imp. 

of French fancy goods, 172 Baltimore 
Crozier Mrs. Ann Maria, trader in market, 194 e Pratt 
Crozier Jas. 46 Jackson 

Crozier Thomas, bricklayer, 3 "Friendship court," near n Eden 8t 
Crozier Wm. sail maker, Pratt, cor. Ann 
Cruisman Garhart, end of Alice Anna 
Crumbacker Ephraim, clerk post office, 12^ Mulberry 
Crummer Edward, lime dealer, 80 Madison 
Crummer N. J. grocer, 70 Hillen 
Crummonst Timothy, teacher, 756 w Baltimore 
Crump Henry, jeweller, 282 w Baltimore 
Cruse Henry S. tobacconist, 53 Mullikin 
Cruse Isaac, commission merchant, 105 Smith's whf. dw corner 

Calvert Sc Centre 
Cruse John, keeper of Boston house. Canton 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 215 Hanover 
Cruthy John, carpenter, Register st. s ol Pratt 
Cudlipp Benjamin, 42 n Exeter 
Cueraan Saml. comb maker, 6 Somerset 
Cugle &- Berger, booksellers, 254 w Baltimore 
Cugle John W. firm C. &. Berger, dw 106 n Eutaw 
Culien Geo. tailor, 164 Madison 
Cullen Mrs. Isabella, 77 Wolt 
Culien Mrs. Mary, cupper and leecher, 16 Bond 


Culley Daniel B.ship carpenter, 20 L. Church 

Culley Langly B. ship builder, 20 G. Mautoromery 

Cally Robert, ship builder, 54 William 

Cu'iimore John, firm Smith & C. 69 Ann 

Cullimore, Smith &. ship smiths, 14 Thames 

Cullison Jesse, farmer, 2 Jasper 

Cullison Merrit, pilot, 199 Canton av 

Cullison Thos. carpenter, 2l2 Broadway 

Cullum Rev, J. W. pastor Dallas st. African M. E. ehurcb>29ii 
n Gay st 

Cullum John, meal and flour merchant, 139 York av 

Cullum N. carpenter, 202 Aisquith 

Cullum Wm. meal man, 180 York ar 

Culnan Jacob P. 170 Aisquith 

Culvener Geo. mariner. Bethel, n ofGough 

Culver Wm. oak cooper, 219 Conway 

Culverwell Wm. keeper boardin<ij and ale house, 329 Bond 

Cummings Mrs. Ann, n e cor. Park and Madist)n 

Cummings Alexander, firm C. & Bro. dw 329 Muiberry 

Cumminors Sc Bro. marble mantel workers, 140 North 

Cummings Mrs. Jane, 63 e Madison 

Cummings John, firm C. & Bro. dw 119 Peirce 

Cummings Mrs. Margaret, dress maker, 80 Ann 

Cummings Mrs. Margaret, dress maker, 331 Saratoga 

Cummings Robt. P. brickhiyer, 107 s Eden 

Cunningham Mr>!. Ann, milliner, 35 e Baltimore 

Cunningham E. B. machinist, 24 Comet 

Cunningham Edward, laborer, 129 Peirce 

Cunningham Geo. S. drover, Frederick road 

Cunningham Geo. carpenter, 62 Raborg 

Cunningham Hugh, city bailiff", 6 Bath 

Cunningham J. 93 French 

Cunningham James, grocer, 15 e Balt» corner Front, dw 74 e 

Cunningham Jas. laborer, 40 Mullikin 

Cunningham John, grocer, 95 McElderry's wharf 

Cunningham John, coach trimmer, 167 n Chesnut 

Cunningham John, proprietor of hacks and undertaker of fune- 
rals, 139 n High 

Cunningham Mrs. Mary,shoebinder, 85 I^exington 

Cunningham Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 119 Peirce 

Cunningham Patrick, laborer, 252 s Charles 

Cunningham Stephen, 66 George 

Cunningham T. A. firm Garland & Co. Exchange hotel 

Cunningham Wm. H. flour, feed and lime dealer. Gay, 3 doors 
from Exeter, dw 220 Aisquith 

Cunningham W. C. carpenter, 232 n Eden 

Cunningham Wm. bricklayer, 134 n Edea 

Cunyngham Mrs. Margaret, 66 Block 

Curfman Wrn. grocer and provision dealer^ 1 19 Fremont 

Carlett John 8t Son, coach and harness roakenp^, 3S North 

Curlett John, dw 89 Hiorh 

Curlett John sr. firm J. C. &Son,dw 134 n High 

Curlett John jr. firm Smith & C. 86 Calvert 

Curlett Lewis G. confectioner, 56 e Baltimore 

Ourleyj^Clopper &t Co^ hardware naerchant^, IT n Haward 

CUR 94 D4H 

Curley Henry, firm Jjks. C. & Sons, 92 Monument 

Curley Jas. W. firm Slinglufi & Co. 109 Fayette 

Curley James W. firm C. Clopper & C. nvr cor. Fayette and 
Park St 

Curley Jas. spring maker, Pratt, n of Fremont 

Curley Jas. builder, cor. Howard and Monument, dw 83 Park 

Curley Jas. &. Sons, carpenters, cor. monurtienl and Howard 

Curley Owen, laborer, 22 Carpenter's ai 

Curley Wm. firm Jas. C. & Sons, 173 Park 

Curran James, macliinist, 126 Lee 

Curran Nich. i)lumber, 254 Li«rht 

Curran Stephen, tanner, 214 n Exeter 

Currans Peter, laborer, 367 n Gay 

Curren Francis, grocer, 50 Lancaster 

Curren John, 73 Ensor 

Curry Francis, Chesapeake sf. Canton 

Curry John R. carpenter, 25 Hi^h 

Curry Mrs. Roseita, tailoress, 137 Conway 

Curry Samuel P. grocer, 367 n Gay 

Curry Wm. machinist, 108 Madison 

Curtain Robert, painter, 202 e Fayette 

Curtain Thomas, grocer and lea dealer, 543 w Pratt 

Curiin John, firm C. Jones, & Co. dw 254 Gerniau 

Curtin, Jones & Co. dealers in silk and straw millinery goods, 

193 Baltimore 
Curtin Mary, dress maker, 32 German 
Curtis Geo. clerk, 42 e Pratt 
Curvel John, bricklayer, 239 n Howard 
Curzens Jos. carpenier, 484 Baltmiore 
Cusans Geo. oak cooper, 159 Alice Anna 
Gushing &. Bro. booksellers, and stationers, 262 Baltimore 
Gushing David, dw 11 w Fayette 
Gushing Geo. firm oCCurtney & Co. dw 88 St Paul 
Gushing Jno. k, Co. booksellers, 6 n Howard €t. dw J. C. 22 s 

Gushing John, dw 237 Lombard 

Gushing Joseph jr. of firm G. & Bro. dw 85 w Fayette 
Gushing Joseph sr. dw 271 w Pratt 
Cushley Wm. grocer, 72 Hampsiead 
Custom House, n w cor. Gay and Lombard 
Cutcher Francis, bricklayer, 6 Rock 

Cutler J. S. fancy dry goods dealer, over 213 w Baltimore 
Guttler Geo. grocer & lea dealer, 43 n Eutaw 
Cults Mrs. Mary, 124 Orleans 
Cuzine Jno. T. bricklayer, 208 e Monument 
Cuzine Mrs. Mary Ann, grocer, 208 e Monument 

Dadds Mrs. Mary, 19 Pearf 

Daffin Benj. D. cutler, 1 Holliday, dw 44 n High 

Daffiu Charles, halier, 19 Diamond st 

Dahl Mrs. Catherine, washer, 18 Elizabeth al 

Dahl Christian, paper maker, 94 Hamburg 

Dahl Jacob, grocer, 2l Union 

Dahl Lewis, laborer, 63 ShroeJer 

Dahle C. tailor, 89 n Gay 


Dahlweiner Joseph, cabinet maker, 459 vv Baltimore 

Daijjjer Frederick, laborer, 201 Wolf 

Daiger Frederick, dealer |in hardware n e corner Eutaw and 

Pratt sts 
Dai<^er J. trader, dw 57 Easlern av 
Daiijer Joseph, constable, 103 Aisquith 
Daiijer & League, traders in iron, 125 McElderry's whf 
Dai^raff John, laborer, Washinjrton st 
Dail Danl. carpenter, dw 130 s High 
Dail David, laborer, 507 Saratoga 
Daily Anthony, laborer, II Mott 
Daily Mrs. B.' 33 York av 
Daily Henry R. cabinet maker, 216 Fayette 
Daily Jno. blacksmith, Montgomery st 
Daily Patrick, blacksmith. Concord, n of Pratt 
Daily Wm. F. grocer and tea dealer, 23 n Eutaw, dw 473 

Dainges Henry, 61 Camden 

Daix Edward, wig maker and hairdresser, 92 Baltimore 
Dale Robert G. firm Burgess, Dale & Co. North st. extended 
Daley & Curlet, confectioners, 56 e Baltimore 
Daley Daniel, 144 Pearl 
Daley E. V. grocer, 350 n Gay 
Daley Elijah, chair maker, dw 103 n Exeter 
Daley Mrs. Elizabeth, 195 Aisquith 
Daley John, carter, 27 s Paca, extended 
Daley John, blacksmith, 50 Montgomery 
Daley John, 203 Franklin 
Daley Mrs. Julia, seamstress, ll Clay 
Dale/ Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 160 Mulberry 
Daley Patrick, laborer, 1 Centre 
Daley Peter, carter, 18 Front . , 

Daley Mrs. Sarah, 127 Paca 
Daley Saml. carpenter, 180 n High 
Daley Saml. W. T. carpenter, 263 Saratoga 
DallAuslin, firm Turnbull, Dail Sl Slade, 45 St Paul 
Dalia Mrs. Susan, 3 Chester 

Dallam & Carroll, commission merchants, 6S Bowly's wharf 
Dallam Mrs. Catharine M. 43 Albemarle 
Dallam Edward B. firm D. & Carroll, 87 St. Paul 
Dallam Francis J. Treas. Eq. Insurance office, dw 87 St. Paul 
Dallam John, firm D. & Miller, 182 Franklin 
Dallam & Miller, wholesale dry grdods mts. 304 Baltimore 
Dallam Thomas J. clerk in Farmers' & Merchants' Bark, dw 

80 Buren st 
Dalrymple Charles, brush maker, Lombard st w ofPoppleton 
Dalrymple John, agricultural machinist, 116 Hill st 
Dalrymple John, 1 1 1 Front st 

Dalrymple Doctor William D. 98 Franklin, dw 83 Park 
Dalton John B. 164 n Front st 
Darner Stratford, professor music, 451 Fayette 
Damerson Mrs. Actaline, dress maker, 20 e Baltimore st 
Dameron William, boot and shoe maker, 20 e Baltimore 
Daramann F. William, importing comissioa mt. 260 Baltimore 

l^AM 08 DAU 

Dammanii Doctor Lewis H. 139 Columbia 

Damme L. Adoipli, boot &. shoe niaker, 210 Broadway 

Dandelelt Francis, firm Close & D. dry goods merchants> Mad' 

ison avenue 197 
Danehart Henry, 70 Hampstead st 

Daneker Henry, sheet iron worker, 84 G. Montgomery st 
Danekcr John J. elerk, 130 Bond 
Daneker O. A. clerk, 170 u Exeter st 

Danels Boliver D. attorney at law, 37 Fayette, dw 53 Albemarle 
Danels Com. J. D. 53 Albemarle 

Danelj John D» jr. firm Clafrrreti St D. dw 49 Albemarle 
Danels Walter, miilwright, dw 88 York av. 
Danne John, shoemaker, 296 Monument 
Dannenberg F. K. firm F. K. D. & Co. 4 n Howard 
Dannensfelder M. shoemaker, 103 Sprinnr st 
Danskin Washmgton A. gentlemen's furnishing store keeper, 

155 Baltimore st 
Dansiger B. tobacconist, 94 Orleans 
Dany Henry carpenter, 6 Preston st 
Darby Benjamin, firm Keppart & D. dw 273 Fayette 
Darby '^'^Mount Tiliyard, finisher." 461 Lombard 
Darby D'Arey Mrs. Amelia, 64 Franklin 
Dare Gideon G. of firm, 150 Hanover 
Dare Misses, 149 Hanover st 

Dare Sl Vickers, grocers and commission merchants, 99 s Charles 
Dare William, carpenter, 4H2 w Lombard 
Darflin Conrad, huckster, 75 Orleans 

Darling James, sexton Monument stM. E. Church, 40 Stirling 

Darling John, bricklayer, 267 n Gay 

Darrough Jume-^, grocer, 107 Canton avenue 

Darrough Samuel, milkman. 223 Canal st 

Darplain Jacob, tailor, 112 McClderry 
Dart James, shipwriL^it, 231 Wolfst 

Dasch Peter, confifctioner, 423 w Baltimore 

Dash Adam, quarryman, 858 vv Baltimore 

Dash George, quarryman, 898 w Baltimore 

Dasliiils Henry, laborer, 12 Elizabeth alley 

Dashiel John H. principal Light st Institution, dw 33 Conway 

Dashiel John, huckster, 59 York st 

Dashields Capt. Jacob, lit- gisier st (Argyle) n of Pratt 

Dashiell James, 100 s Eden st 

Dashiell Jesse, tailor, 76 n U\crh st 

Dashiell Levin, machinist, 49 L Hucrhes 

D.shifll Levin F. grocer, 167 Bank st 

D,.s!iiell Mrs. Mary, 213 Broatlway 

Dashiell Mrs. Matilda 24 n Eden st 

Dashiell Doctor N. Leeke, s w corner Alice Ann &. Broadway 

Datus Bernard, laborer, William st 

Daugiiaday Richard, stone cutter, 77 McElderry st 

Daugherty Mrs. Elizabeth, 45 Hampstead st 

Daujherty^ James, printer, 178 Chesnut st 

Laugherty* Philip, carpet manufacturer, 81 e Lombard 

Daugherty Mrs. Saraii H. dry goods dealer, 189 n Gay 

Daugherty Dr. Thomas, 199' Ann st 

Dajgherty William, laborer, 200 Chesnut st 


Daush Peter, stevedore, 41 Lancaster 
Daum Lewis, oak cooper, 249 Ann 
Davelin Jauies, carter, 184 e Monument 
Davenport Joseph, teacher, 98 n High 
Davenport Samuel, clerk, 87 Greene 

Davey Hugh, house & ship carpenter. Wills st n ofPhilpot 
Davey Capt. Hugh, s e cor. Broadway & Pratt st 
Davey Hugh, carpenter, 293 Canton av 
Davey Mrs. Nancy, 117 Peirce 
David John, tailor, 106 Eastern avenue 
David Mrs, Margaret, grocer, 31 s Front 
Davidge Mrs. Susanah, washer, L Sharp 
Davids Miss Mary Ann, tailoress, 12 Ross 
Davids Mrs. Rachael, 2 Hull lane 

Davidson Alex. Brown, firm D. Sanders & Co, dw 84 Fayette 
Davidson Charles F. upholsterer, 23 George st 
Davidson Charles A. N. book keeper, 107 Mulberry- 
Davidson Dr. 67 s Charles 
Davidson F, 131 n Canal 
Davidson G. H. potter, 72 Jefferson st 
Davidson James, turner, E. Falls av. 
Davidson John G. merchant, 90 Broadway 
Davidson John E. shoe maker, 130 Sharp 

Davidson John, chandelier Stgas fixture maker, 79 North, dw 81 
Davidson N. coach manufacturer, 407 w Baltimore 
Davidson Robert, firm Jas. L. Parr & Co, dw Eden, 4 doors s 

of Pitt st 

dson Robert & Co. potters, dw 27 n Eden 

dson Robert, domestic weaver, 432 Saratoga 

dson S. K. & Co. cap manufacturers, 52 s Charles 

dson, Sanders & Co. whol. dry goods deals. 249 Baltimore 

dson Thos. tavern & boarding house, 87 McElderry^s wharf 

dson William, shoe maker, 293 Monument 

es & Cox, grain, feed & com. mis. dor, Cheapside &/ Pratt st 

es Jacob G. 26 St, Paul 

es Mrs. Mary Ann, preceptress, 319 Fayette 

s Albert, machinist, 174 Fremont 

s Doctor Alexander, 73 e Baltimore 

3 Alfretl, I'aeA dealer, Commerce st. dw 108 Cross 

s Andrew, 152 Spring st 

s Bradford A. firm Loane & D. dw 129 Bond 

s Caleb, variety goods dealer, 75 Forest 

s Caleb, 84 HiJlen 

s Charles, dry goods merchant, 219 Pratt 

s Dr. Charles S. 59 e Baltimore 

s Charles, jeweller, 31 Fremont 

s Charles C. shoe maker, 218 n Eutaw 

s David, carpenter, 161 Canal 

s David W. foreman at Bait, and Cuba Smelting Copper 
and Mining Co. near Fort McHenry 
Davis Edward, carpenter, 61 s Eutaw 
Davis Mrs. Eliza, 309 Canton av 

Davis Frederick, smith in general, Holliday st. near Pleasant 
Davis George, carpenter. Carpenter's al. dw 317 w Lombard 
Davis Geo. L. L. attorney at law, 16 law build's,up slairs,St Paul 


Davia George S. plaisterer, 78 Fayette 
Davis George, carpenter, 180 n Eutaw 
Davis Mrs. Hannah, boarding house, 86 Eastern av 
Davis Mrs. Henrietta, 115 Lombard 
Davis Isaac, hatter, 18 Rose 
Davis Jacob, laborer, 15 Dover 

Davis J. Wisiar's daguerian rooms, n e cor. Baltimore &. North 
Davis James, boarding house, 83 Camden 
Davis James, sailor, corner Bank and Canal 
Davis James C. 109 s Eden 

Davis James E. carpenter, Marion, dw Franklin near Fremont 
Davis James, white washer, 40 L. Sharp 
Davis James G. huckster, 102 Conway 
Davis John R. collector and property agent, ISSlSharp 
Davis John, drayman, 96 Franklin 
Davis John, shipwright, 25 Cambridge 
Davis John, machinist, 17 Oregon 
Davis John, confectioner, 36 Front 
Davis John W. firm Rice 8c D. dvv Hill 
Davis John F. carpenter, 115 Camden, dw 125 s Paca 
Davis John, state wljarfinger, 24 Hill 
Davis John, laborer, 295 s Charles 
Davis John C. bridge builder, 71 Hill 

Davis John, copper smelter, at copper fact, near Fort McHenry 
Davis John, laborer, 69 Hamburg 
Davis John, hatter, 99 Fayette 
Davis John, boot maker, dvv 10 New Church 
Davis John, ladies' shoe maker, 498 w Baltimore 
Davis John, carpenter, 44i Henrietta 
Davis John E. fireman rail road, 146 Fremont 
Davis John, shoe maker, 50 Fremont 
Davis John, puddler, 185 Canton av 
Davis John, wagoner, 102 Spring 
Davis John, 39 Philpot lane 
Davis John T. night man, 103 Happy a) 
Davis Joseph, mariner, 33 Starr al 
Davis Joseph, blacksmith, 130 Columbia 
Davis Mrs. Maria, 94 Ann 
Davis Mrs. Mary Ann, 235 Gough 
Davis & Miller, druggists, 3 n Howard 
Davis Mrs, 75 Wolf^ 
Davis Moses, carpenter, 56 Richmond 
Davis Mrs. Nancy, 169 Chesnut 
Davis Norris, tailor, 147 e Monument 
Davis Richard, barber, 156 Forest 

Davis Richard T. firm Williamson, Sutton & Co. 26 8 Howard 
Davis Robert P. hatter, 20 e Baltimore 
Davis Robert, firm D. &, Miller, 229 Saratoga 
Davis Samuel T. coach trinjmer, 7 Fremont 
Davis Mrs, Sarah A. tailoress, 94 Saratoga 
Davis Mrs. Sarah A. dry goods and fancy store, 210 Pratt 
Davis Stephen, boot & shoe niaker, 87 Hanover, dw 133 Conway 
Davis Captain Thomas D. mariner, 105 Ann 
Davis Thomas, dealer in boots, s^joes and caps, cor. Paca and 
Lexington s's dw 130 Pearl 


Davis Thomas, ship carpenter, 23 G. Montgomery 

Davis ThoiHas, copper smelter, at copper fact, near F. McHenry 

Davis Vachel, laborer, 81 St. Mary's st 

Davis William H. H. painter, n e cor, Fayette and Liberty 

Davis Dr. William H. 6 St. Paul 

Davis William, merchant tailor, 10 w Favette 

Davis William carpenter, 200 Wolf 

Davis Wm. M. dry goods & com. mt. 24 German, dw t>0 Conway 

Davis William, cooper, 184 Fremont 

Davis William B. carpenter. Parkin st s of Lombard 

Davis William G. laborer, 187 Hollins 

Davis William, laborer, 26 Shrosder 

Davis William B. engineer, 192i Broadway 

Davis William, laborer, 62 Happy al 

Davis Wilson, machinist, 57 Paca 

Davis Zachariah, ''finisher,'^ 781 Baltimore 

Davison William, chemist and druggist, 89 Hanover 

Davisson A. N. flour, grain &, feed store, 24 Commerce st. dw 

108 Cross st 
Davy William, bricklayer, 198 Bond 
Dawes Edward, engineer, L. Greene st near Lee 
Dawes Mrs. Elizabeth A. grocer, 271 s Charles 
Dawes Francis jr. irrocer and tea dealer, 2S0^s Charles 
Dawes Francis,oak cooper, 147 Fayette 
Dawes Samuel, stove dealer, dw 2774 Light 
Dawson Philip T. carpenter, shop 16 Dallas st. dw 279 e-Balt. 
Dawson Richard, grocer, 155 n Front 
Dawson Samuel, ship carpenter, 138,;Ann 
Dawson William, ship joiner, 230 Wolf 
Dawson W. H. ship carpenter. Bethel st. dw 159 Hanover 
Dawson William jr. purveyor and conveyancer, s e corner St. 

Paul &L Fayette sts. dw s w cor; Calvert & Saratoga 
Day Alexander, ship carpenter, 193 Washington 
Day Mrs. Ann, baker and confectioner, 100 Camden 
Day Asa, cooper, 14 Maiden lane 
Day Mrs. Elizabeth, liquor dealer, 66 L. Hughes 
Day Jacob, tin plate worker, 48 Holliday st. dw 129 n Eden 
Dayvolt Christopher, 1st engineer steamboat Relief, 56 William 
Dayvolt Jacob, laborer, 108 William 
Deaderiek Leinhart, carpet weaver, 269 s Charles 
Deal Mrs. Catharine, seamstress, 113 s Howard 
Deal Charles, wheelwright 93 Raborg 
Deal George W. master fireman Glass House, 16 Lancaster 
Deal George, butcher, cor. Preston st and Pennsylvania av 
Deal John, tailor, 49 n Frederick 
Deal John, bricklayer, 7 Falls st 
Deal Mrs. Mary, 22 Liberty al 
Deal William, carpenter, 31 e Buren 
Dean Anthony, laborer, Pennsylvania av extended 
Dean Christopher, shoe maker, Clinton st n of Boston, Canton 
Dean Mrs. Hannah, 95 Jefferson 
Dean John, pedlar, Warner st near the bend 
Dean Theodore, carpenter, 55 Conway 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, 9 s Greene 
Dean Wm. secretary Canton Co. Canton depot, dw Boston st 

at company's office 

DEA 100 DEL 

Dean William P. shoe maker, HO Cross 

Dean William, harness maker, 24 Pennsylvania av 

Deasicker Joseph, tailor, 71 Ross 

Deaver J»)hn, blacksmith, Dover st w of Fremont 

Deaver Mrs. Elizabeth, 255 n Howard 

Deaver Mrs. Eliza, boarding house, 271 Light 

Deaver Stephen, painter, s Paca st extended 

Deaver William, blacksmith, 117 Ensor 

Debeet Mrs. Agnes, 17 e Fayette 

Debeet Duncan H. gilder, 14 Harrison st. dw 17 e Fayette 

Debeet William C orn. painter, 14 Harrison, dw 17 e Fayette 

Debering J. G. boot and shoe maker, 133 n Euiawr 

Debo Adam, furniture carman, 515 w Baltimore 

Debow John, flour inspector, 127 Madison 

Debow Lenuiel, trader, 55 Biddle 

Debow Mahlon, carter, 53 Richmond 

De Butts. Doctor, 166 n Howard 

De Charms, Rev. Rich'd of N. Jerusalem church, 52 e Fayette 

Decium John, tailor, 260 Alice Anna 

Decke John, baker, 280 n Howard 

Decke Leonard, laborer, 280 n Howard 

Decke William, carter, 185 Madison av 

Decker Addison, blacksmith, Mt. Clare Depot, dw Parkin near 

L<)mbard st 
Decker F. tailor, 23 Somerset st 
Decker George, grocer, 31 L. Church st 
Decker Henry, tailor, 12 Douglass 
Decker J. H. C. tinner, 172 e Baltimore 
Decker Jacob F. clerk, 135 Fayette 
Decker James, tailor, 178 Alice Anna 
Decker S. N. constable, l2l Ensor 
Deckman John, laborer, 61 West st 
Decoursey Mrs. Susannah, 184 n High st 
Decke O.'firm D. & Geides, dw 77 Sharp 
Decke &. Gordes, tobacco & shiping com. mts. 155 Lombarti 
Dedrick John, tailor, 263 Biddle 
Deedar Peter, paper hanger, 37 Booth st 
Deems Adam W. blacksndth cor. Greene &- Dover 
Deems Col. Jacob sen. 1 Hollins st 
Deems Jacob, moulder, 84 Fremont 

Deems Jacob jr. carpenter, Eutaw st dw Hollins near Fremont 
Deels Jacob, gmcer, 80 n Caroline 
De Ford Benjamin &, Co. hides, leather, oil & wool dealers, cor. 

Lombard and Calvert sis 
De Fsrd Benjamin, dw 42 Sharp 
De Ford Charles D. &- Co. tobacconists, 64 s Gay st dw C. D. 

De Ford, Waterloo Row, or 188 n Calvert st 
Deford T. G. clerk, 29 Fremont 
Degan Fenton, plaisterer, 267 Canton avenue 
Degar Mrs. Tabitha, midwife, Lexington st 
Dcgen John, turner, 13 Park 
Degenhard Anthony, grocer, 297 e Lombard 
Degenhard Charles, tobacco, snuflf & segar manuf. 68 Thames 
Degenhard Miss Mary, 139 French st 
Degoey Charles C. mariner, 29 Lancaster 

DEG 101 DEN 

Degoey Mr A. milliner, 50 e Baltimore 

Degoey William, halter, 2S Centre M. space, dw 23 s Giy 

De Grot Abraham, carpenter, 11 Republican at 

De Gruchy John, 125 e Baltimore 

Deigle Charles, carpenter, 197 Peirce 

Deiker John, tailor, 34 Liberty 

Deil C. baker, 31 Ensor 

Deitrick Andrew, shoemaker, 123 Columbia 

Deitz George, baker, 7 Covvpen alley 

Deitz John, laborer, 191 Broadway 

Delacour John, 66 Aisquiih 

De Lacour Major James P. commissio* merchant, 316 Baltimore 

dw 28() Lexingtou^st 
De Lacour W. L. bricklayer, 293 >Saratoga 
Delahay Wm. carpenter^ 376 Aisquith 
Delaney Robert, 'Mndian Vegetable depot," 31 Lombard 
Delanty William, brick maker, 1J5 Cross 
Delany Charles, boiler maker, 122 Fremont 
Delany Peter, opposite Canton depot 
De Larue Miss A. F. 87 Mulberry st 
Delcher Eilward. W. speculator, 193 e Baltimore 
Delcher George,, painter, 91 Orleans 
Delcher John M. baker, 9 L. Paca 
Delcner John T. painter, 12S High, dw 120 Monument 
Delcher John, huckster,. 69 Jefferson 
Delcher John, brewer, 57 Columbia 
Delevie Salomon, clothier, 26 Harrison 
Delgar Jacob, laborer,, 20 Rose 
Delius St Halvin, importers German, English & French fancy 

^ods, 355 Baltimore st 
Delia Jarret, blacksmith 25 Lee 
Delia Peter, blacksmith, 140 s Eutaw 
Dellevie Samuel, cigar and match store, 18i e Pratt 
Dell George B. book binder, 195 Mulberry st 
Dell Thos. E. firm Stevenson & Dell, book binders, dw 1 s Exeter 
Deloste F. &, Son, watchmakers and jewellers, 18 e Baltimore 
Deloughery Doctor Kiward, 35 e Fayette 
Demangiu Alexander, baker, 79 Garden 
Da Mangin Ciiarles, book binder, 155 Eutaw 
Demelman Joseph, optician, 33 Lee st 
Demick Sebastian, provision dealer, 157 William st 
Demitz C. Henry, cooper, 26 Lee st 
Demmett John, laborer, 66 s Howard 
Dempsey Michael, tavern. North st extended 
Dempsey Timothy, 30 n Exeter 
Dempster James, fisher, 27 Cross st 
Dempster John, paper hanger, S6 Cross 
Demuth John, constable, 17 Rock 
Dengie Henry, grocer & liquor store, 30 Lee 
Dengle Piiilip, boot and shoe maker, 24 East 
Denison Marcus, grocer, 51 Baltimore st dw 13 s Gay 
Denison Thomas, conlectioner, 26 President 
Denkle Mrs. V. tailoress, 43 Ciay 
Denmead A. & W. & Son, proprietors Monument FjLnJry 

cor. North and Monument sts 

DEN 102 DES 

Denmead Adam, fiini A. Sc W, D. & Son, dvr Charleanear 

Lansvale Cactory 
Denmead lsaac,SLiperiiJtendent Susquehanna depot dw Cathedral 

St 1 door n Tyson alley 
Denmea<l Tfjomas, inachinist, 399 Lombard' 
Denmead Willian), dw 187 Forest 
Denneltel Lewis, cabinet niaker, 190 n Eden 
JDennie Thomas, importer, silk &, laee goods, 241 Baltimore si 

dw Kutaw house 
Dennintr Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 166 German 
Dennmi; John N. 104 n Exeier 
Denninir Patrick, niarhle polisiier, 155 Sharp 
Dennis Benjiiniiii M. paper hantrer, l4jlock 
Dennis Frederick, ship carpenter, 32l Eastern avenue 
Dennis John, lahorer, 47 Biddle alley 

Dennis Jonathan jr; civil engineer, Washington hotel, 206 Prati 
Dennis William, oak cooper,^ 8 Rock st 
Denny INIiss Cbiharlne, dress maker, 37 Lombard 
Denny John, painter, 34 Constitution 
Denny D()C!f)r Theodore, justice ol the pea«e,, 138 Fsvette st dw 

82 St. Paul '.Miv .:/.• 

Denny Mrs. Mary, 34 Constitution . ' • - 
Denny T. :02sHigh 

Denny Willian), ship joiner, 30 Fell k, Patterson, dw Broadway 
Denny William, ship carpenter, York 
Denny William, carpenter, 204 n Canal 
Denny Williani H. carpenter, 2(j0 Canton avenue 
Denoe 'I'h'tmas, giocer, 646 w Baltimore 
Denson xMrs. Eliza, 1C2 n Eden 

Denson James H. depnty sheriff, Exeter st 3 doors s of Gay 
Dent Mrs. Sophia, hoarding house, 45 Higii 
Dentry Robert, coHee roaster, 427 Saratoga 
Denys Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 9 Eutaw court 
Deon Michael, carter, 3l5 Monument 
Depas John, tavern keeper, 177 Eastern avenue 
Depep John, sailor, \1(i Canlt)n av. 
Depo John, engineer, 1 17 Lancaster 
Depository American Sunday School Union &. Tract Society 

pub. Rev. S. Guiteau aizent, 2 doors from Balto, in Norths 
Deppel John, blacksmith, 26 Union 
Deppish Edward, cedar cooper, 13 Mott st 
Dej)pish Francis, eloper, 10 HaH'ord avenue 
Deppish Henry, lahorer, 1 St. James 
Derber Wi!li;im K. painter, 137 1-2 Lombard 
Dernan Francis A. tailor, 105 Dallas st 
Dernherger Chrisiiii-n, laborer, Ahey alley 
De Ronceray Mrs. Margaret, music teaclier, 101 s High 
Derongh Daniel, grocer, cor. Ann & Lombard st 
Derr Andoum, tailor, 85 Union st 
Derr William, carpenter, 21 Fremont 
Derry Samuel, hackman, 124 Ensor 
Deshon Christopher, clerk, 48 Josephine 
Despada Chnrles, cTerk, dw 60 Stiles st 
Despeaux Mrs. Ann J. Bt)nd st e ol Pratt 
Despeaux Anthony, ship carpenter, 16 Phifpot 

DEs los mc 

Despeaux Mrs. Eliza, 166 Ann st 

Desvarreaux James, shoe findint^a dealer, 120 n Gay 

Delerman Mrs. Mary, 63 Poppleion 

Deitenotliiel Joseph, laborer, 197 Biddle 

Deuen Henry, tailor, 148 n Caroline 

Deumax Benjamin, carpenter, 14 n Caroline 

De-Unger Robert, book &, job printer, Jarvis buildings dw 397 

w Fayette 
De Unger Mrs. Sarah, tailoress. Calender st 
Devalin Hugh, sniiih in general, S8 Harrison, dvv 48 n Front st 
Devaughn Thomas, carter, 163 e Pratt st ^ 
Develin Felix P. grocer, 21 JCnsor 
Develin Henry, oak cooper, 307 Saratoga 
Develin Henry, 151 Peiiccst 
Develin John, carter, 183 Monument 
Deveraux Joseph, cooper, 93 McElderry's wharf 
Devier Peter, collector, 56 s Eutaw 
Devier Sarah, 7 York avenue 
Devier William, carpenter, cor. Caroline &, Hampstead sis dvv 

238 e Fayette st 
Deville F. hair dresser, perfumer St wig maker, Carroll Hall 

up stairs, d\v 19 Lexington st, 
Devine Francis, laborer, 20 Front 
Devinney H. E. E. plaisterer, 237 Forest 
Devlin Felix, 137 Hillen st 
Devlin James, carter, 184 Monument 

Devouges Alphonse, hairdresser and wig maker, l4l Baltimore 
Devries Wm. firm Slinglutf Devries & Co. dvv HI w Monument 
Dew George, agent Christian Advocate, 52 Pine st 
Dew William T. shoemaker, 215 Canal st 
Devvees John, wood corder, n w corner Oregon & Pratti 
Devvling Thomas, wheelwright Sc black smith, York st dw 114 

Hamburg st 
De Wolle Benjamin, clothing and variety store, 8 Harrison 
De Wolfe Mr. 178 e Baltimore 
De Wolff R. clothier, 10 Harrison 
De Young Mrs. Mary, 128 French st 
Diamond Mrs. Elizabeth, teacher, Fremont st extended 
Diamond J. oak cooper, 35 Commerce st dw 47 Ann 
Dibb James, laborer, 24 Shrceder st 

Dickel Geo. H. firm D. St. Stevenson, n e cor. Light & Cross 
Dickel John, carter, 80 William st 
Dickel St Stevenson, merchant tailors, 125 Light 
Dickenson Elijah, porter, Cider alley e of Eutaw st 
Dickenson Elisha, shoemaker, 44 Cross st 
Dickenson Capf. George, 80 s Caroline 

Dickenson Joshua, grocer St tea dealer,, s vv cor. Charles & Lee 
Dickerson James, proprietor " Post Office Restaurateaur," 19 

Post Office buildings basement, North st 
Dickerson Peter, carpenter, 109 Madison 
Dickerson A. A. iron easier, 9 u Eden 
Dickerson Gideon, carpenter, 409 w Lombard 
Dickerson Lucretia, 9 n Eden 
Dickerson Samuel. 3 Short 
Dickey Geo. S. carpenter, 30 Conway 

DIG 104 DIG 

Dickey Joseph R. tavern, 68 Ttaanies 

Dickey Patrick, 386 Saratoga 

Dickey VVm. J. St John, domestic manufacturer, 899jS Saratoga 

Dickinson Jolin, carpenter, Sharp st dw 342 Lexington 

Dickson Isaac F. apothecary and druggist, 166 Lexington 

Dickson James, niiliinery &- trimmings store, 190 Broadway 

Dickson Mrs. Mary, washer, 219 Columbia 

Didier Edmund, piesident Mutual Insurance Co. dw 02 Mount 

Vernon place 
Didier Mrs. Julia, 12 s Exeter 

Diebel Peter, domestic bread baker, 675 w Baltimore 
Dieckman John H. store keeper, 106 Dugan's wharf 
Diehm John P. shoemaker, 71 Camden st 
Diering Frederick, tavern, 4 Patterson 

Diering Henry L. grocer Sc liquor dealer, 243 Canton aTenue 
Dierker John H. shoemaker, 15 Commerce 
Diesler Michael, shoemaker, 91 s Eutaw 
DiesL Martin, baker, n e cor. Fayette st &. Run alley 
Dieter Anastasius, tavern, 174 Bond 
Dieter Mrs. Caroline, 28 Maiden lane 
Dieter Jacob, firm Valentine & J. D. 606 Baltimore 
Dieter Valentine &- Jacob, paper hangere, &t upholsterers, cor 

Sharp & German sts 
Dieter Valentine, firm V. &. Jacob D. 608 w Baltimore 
Dieterich Phiiip, shoemaker, 277 n Howard 
Dieters J. & V. paper hangers, 19 Sharp 
Dieters J. of firm 606 n Baltimore 
Dieterly C. confectioner & fruiterer, 77 n Gay st' 
Dieirick Adam, boot &, shoe maker, 193 e Fayette 
Dietrick Henry, grocer, 71 Ross 
Dietz Frederick, cabinet maker, 4 Garden 
Dietz J. B. merchant tailor, s e cor. Charles & Pratt st dw 88 

s Howard 
Dietzel Michael, boot & shoe maker, 67 Eastern avenue 
Diffenderffer & JBro. grocers, 6 e Baltimore 
Difl?enderfier Mrs. C. R. 6 e Baltimore 
Diffenderffer & Bro. grocers &• tea dealers, 149 Lexington dw C 

e Baltimore st 
Diffenderffer Charles, wholesale & retail grocer, IS Baltimore st 

dw 58 e Baltimore st 
Diffenderffer Charles jr. grocer, Baltimore near Harrison, dw 

183 n High 
Diffenderffer Geo. car|)enter. Bank st lane 
Diffenderffer J. A. 39 Baltiujore st cor. Frederick 
Diffenderffer Dr. Michael 1 s High cor. Plowman 
Difltnderffer Richard, 141 n Front 

Diffenderffer Dr. Wm. H. 13 n Front, dw cor. High & Plowman 
Difley John, grocer, 21/ e Fayette 
Diggins T. opposite Canton depot 
Diggs Beverly, lieutenant revenue service, 37 Stiles 
Diggs Mrs. Charlotte, 64 n Front 
DisrsTs Henry, lumber inspector, 94 8 High 
Diggs Jas. ship carpenter, Dallas, between Gough and Pratt 
Diggs Jas. ship carpenter, 175 Washington 

DIG 105 DIS 

Diggs Jas. grocer, s e cor. Siiies and High ,..: r 

Diorops John R. ofcustom house, SO Fawn 

Diggs Richard H. ship joiner, 49 Philpot si. dvv 99 Broadway 

Digman John, confectioner, fruiterer, &c. Franklin Bank build- 
ings, North St 

Dill Charles, engineer, 412 Fayette 

Dill Edward W. carpenter, 162 Fremont 

Dill Ezra, carpenter, 416 Fayette 

Dill Mrs. Frances, seamstress, 47 s Liberty 

Dill John, grocer, 96 Ross 

Dill Thos. shoemaker, 412 Fayette 

Dill Philip, laborer, 204 Sharp 

Dill Thos. clerk, 50 Pearl 

Dill Wm. brakesman, 416 Fayette 

Dillahay Mrs. Catharine, seamstress, 180 Park 

Dillahay James, shoemaker, 98 Pine 

Dillahunt Wm. cp.binet maker, 23 Orleans 

Dillaway Mrs. Eleanor, huckster, 139 Conway 

Dillaway Thos. clerk, 49 Hoffman 

Dillon Mrs. Mary, washer, 30 Clay 

Dillovv Wm. tinner. Chapel st. 5 doors from Pennsylvania av 

Dimmit Caroline, seamstress, 98 Camden 

Dimmit Mrs. Eliza, dress maker, 34 Lexington 

Dimmit John, laborer, 66 s Howard 

Dimmit Joshua, l,i borer, near long bridge. Spring gardens 

Dimmit ISlrs Matilda, seamstress, Lexington w of Shroeder 

Dimmit Nich. porter, 298 Franklin 

Dimond Jas. oak cooper, 135 Ann 

Dinsmore David, Clinton st. Canton 

Dinsmore & Kyle, grocers and commission mts. 124 Pratt 

Dinsmore Mrs. Mary, 161 Madison av 

Dinsmore Patrick, Mulberry, 1 door e of Howard 

Dinsmore Saml. carter, 12 Republican 

Dinsmore Thos. 15 Siiies 

Dippel Geo. baker and confectioner, 56 e Pratt 

Dischman Henry, boot and shoemaker, 7 Clay 

Discipels' Meeting House, 53 St Paul 

Disney Benj. painter, 48 Philpot 

Disney George, iron roller. Register st. s of Gough 

Disney James R. bricklayer, 1 14 n Eden 

Disney John, painter, dvv Henrietta, near s Paca 

Disney Jno. W. comb maker, Chesnut, bet. Hillen & Front, dw 

176 Monument 
Disney John, painter and glazier, 124 Camden 
Disney Mrs. Mary, 83 Conway 
Disney Oliver, painter, Conway w of Green 
Disney Solomon, grocer, s e cor. WoU and Bank 
Disney Wesley, comb maker, 81 Conway, dw 158 Sharp 
Disney Wm. carter, 167 Washington 
Disney Wm. A. clerk, 275 n Howard 
Dispensary Eastern, cor. e Baltimore and Canal, Dion Dowoes, 

Wm. H. Diffenderffer and Wm. B. Moore, phy's 
Dispensary Gen. cor. Liberty &. Fayette, E. B. Baxley, apoth'y 
Dispensary Southern, Conway, 1 door e of Sharp, Dr. D. W. B. 
McClellan, resident physician and apothecary 

BIS 106 DOD 

District Court of U.S. off. basement Masonic liall,T, Spicer cl'k 

Ditch Wm. carpenter, 198 n Eu'.avv 

Dittenberger David, confectioner, 25 Union 

Ditinan N. hatter, 17i2 York av. 

Ditman VVm. H. clerk, 148 e Madison 

Dittman John H. grocer and liquor dealer, 113 McElderry*s \vf» 

Dittnen Thos. tailor, 197 e Madison 

Ditush Nich. tailor, 125 Albenfiarle 

Ditzel Frederick, shoemaker, 70 L. Hughes 

Divin Edvv. R. carpenter, 771 w Baltimore 

Divine Chas. laborer, 48 Guilford al 

Divine Hugh, laborer, 106 Wdliam 

Divine John, laborer, 140 Hollins 

Dix Wm. W. keeper «^'Coiumbia house," 18 & 19 s Charles 

Dixon A, Painter's court 

Dixon Agusius, bricklayer, Pratt, w of Fremont 

Dixt)n Bradley, pump maker, Freedom st. or Beam's lot 

Dixon Charles, furniture waironer, 177 Mulberry 

Dixon John, brickmaker. West, near Light 

Dixon John, brickmaker, 305 Light 

Dixon Joseph, laborer. Bethel n of Gough 

Dixon Misses, 165 Madison av 

Dixon Mrs. seamstress, 157 Canton av 

Dixon Preston, trader, 92 Hill 

Dixon Thos. architect, s vv cor. South and Baltimore 

Dixon Wm. 158 Ensor 

Dixon Wm. laborer, 23 Biddle al 

Dizzle And. laborer, 266 Bond 

Dobbin Alexander, ostler, 21 n DavFs 

Dobbin Francis M. boot fitter, Henrietta st. e of Euta^v 

Dobbin Henry, laborer, 14 Gittings 

Dobbin Jas. laborer, 14 Gittings 

Dobbin John, baker, 26 High 

Dobbin Robert A. firm Dobbin, Murphy and Bose, of "Anier- 

can," dw 60 e Baltimore 
Dobbin & Talbot, attorneys, 42 St Paul 
Dobbins Wm. carpenter, 95 York 
Dobell James, tavern keeper, 63 Thames 
Doberer John, tavern keeper, 199 Lexington 
Dobler Mrs. A. C. millinery and trimmin<rs dealer, 159 e Bait. 
Dobler F. & David, drutro;lsts, 101 Franklin, dw 154 French 
Dobler Geo. clerk, 159 e Baltimore 
Dobler Mrs. M. 154 French 
Dobler Theophilus, 154 French 

Dobson John, painter, cor. Lombard and Canal, dw 20 Bond 
Docwra E. H. attorney, office .Mansion House, Fayette st. dw 

102 Mulberry 
Dodd John, laborer, opposite Canton bridge 
Dodd Joseph, shoemaker, 163 Hollins 
Dode Peter, clothier, 32 Pratt 
Dodefield Mrs. Caroline, confectioner, 191 Wolf 
Dodge Geo. R. paints, oils, glass, &c. dealer, 42 Blaltimore^dw 

dw 248 Biddle 
Dodson Samuel, bridge frame builder, 152 German 

DOE 107 DON 

Doerbaker Adam, butcher, 235 Fremont 

Doerini? Conrad, shoemaker, 67 Ar^ryle al 

D.)(t George, tinner, 90 Hillen 

Doo-ed Marthi, wood dealer, 196 e Fayette 

Do^ed Wm. C house, sign and fancy painter, NjQrth st. over 82 

dvv 68 Monument 
Doo-herty Edward, firm D. & Son, carpenters, dw 75,Ann 
Do'^nar Saml. grocer, 200 s Caroline 
Dohn Frankhn, carpenter, llO Fayette 
Do(Therty Hugh, firm D. & Son, carpenters, 77 Ann 
Do^herty & Son, carpenter. Register 
Dohle Wm. laborer, 67 Shroeder 
Dohrman Herman, carter, 97 Paca 

Doize Henry, hardware merchant, 27 Light, dw282 Franklin 
Dolan John, laborer, 64 York av 
Dolan Jno. conductor on rad roa], 133 s Sharp, 
Dolan Thos. & Jas. Hayes, blacksmiths, 123 McElderr^'s wharf, 

dw 9 Mercer 
Dolan Thos. laborer. Hill, e of Howard 
Dulfeld Frederick, oak cooper, 3:33 Bond 
Doling Geo. blacksmith, 9 Fawn 
Doling John, watchman, 26 Lancaster 
Doll Daniel, boot filter, H McHenry 
Dollar Lawrence, gunsmith, 28 New Church 
Dolles Jacob, laborer, 308 Bond 
Dolphin Francis, butcher, 193 Mulberry 
Dolphin Francis, fisherman, Eutaw st. near Spring gardens 
Dominic John, plaisterer, 161 Lexington 
Dommier Thos. tailor, 99 Peirce 
Donagan Ellen, grocer, 174 s Caroline 
Donberger, Joseph, 132 s Caroline 
Donahoo Jas. 18 Douglass 
Donahoo 'J'hos. blacksmith, l82i Bond 
Donahue Hugh, nailor, 68 Perry 

Donahue Thomas, dw 92 Bank t. , o t» 

Donahue Thomas, tavern "Ottowa Hall,'* s w cor Bond St Pratt 
Donalan Andrew, wheelwright, 23 West 
Donaldson Mrs. Catharine, 99 n Cliarles 
Donaldson Doctor Francis, 45 St. Paul 
Donaldson H. trader in market, 501 w Pratt 
Donaldson James, omnibus driver, 61 George 
Donaldson John, 143 Chesnut 

Donaldson John I. prest. Bait. Life Ins. Co. 34 Frankhn 
Donaldson Mrs. Julia Ann, Madison si. 1 door w of Howard 
Donaldson Lewis, tobacconist, 65 Spring 
Donaldson Mrs. Mary, 32 Aisquith ^ 
Donaldson Noah, tinner, 43 s Frederick 
Donaldson S. I. attorney at law, 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson Seth, shoe maker, Dawson al near Dover st 
Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 8 Slemmer's al 
Donaldson Thomas, attorney at law, 31 St. Paul st. up stairs 
Done Miss Julia H. proprietor boarding house, 97 s Charles 
Donegan John, hackman, 38 n High 
Donegan Thomas, carpenter, 210 Ann 

DON 108 DOR 

Donelan James, laborer, 93 McEl'Jerry's wharf 

Doiielan Kev. John P. of St. Vincent's church, Front St. near 

e Fayette 
Doniphan Mrs. Ann, boardinrr house, 43 Eutaw 
Donley Owen, grocer and liquor dealer, 28 Peirce 
Donuell James J. mate, 230 Canton av 
Donnell John, shipping ml. Frederick road w of Gilmor 
Donnelly Daniel, weaver. Freedom si. Beam's lot 
Donnelly Mrs. Elizabeth, 125 Ensor 
Donnelly Henry, laborer, Cathedral st n of Riciimond 
Donnelly Hugh, dairy, 172 n High 
Donnelly James, 174 n Front 
Donnelly James, grocer, 52 Lancaster 
Donnelly James, tailor, 125 Ensor 
Donnelly James, trader, 49 Biddle al 
Donnelly John, weaver, Ross st e of Dolphin 
Donnelly M. C. laborer, 125 Ensor 
Donnelly Mrs. trader, 330 n Howard 
Donnelly Owen, grocer, 24 Bath 

Donnelly Misses Rosana &Mary, corset makers, 164 Lexington 
Donelson Lewis, tobacconist, 65 Spring 
Donnison Aaron, fisher, 9 e Lombard 
Donoho Azariah, huckster, 105 Spring 
Donohue Jas. ship joiner, cor. Wolf st & Eastern av. dw 51 Fdl 

Donohue John & King, tobacconists, 124 Forest 

Donohue Patrick, laborer, 154 Tyson 

Donohue Richard, draper and tailor, 55 Fayette. 

Donovan Mrs. Hannah, 1 Somerset 

Donovan Mrs. 57 French 

Donovan Doctor O. s w corner Franklin and Park 

Donovan Kichard, grocer, 185 Lexington 

Donovan Thomas, weaver, 58 Preston 

Donovan Timothy, machinist, 45 East 

Donovan Timothy, blacksmith, Pennsylvania av extended 

Dooley James, sawyer, 79 Perry 

Dopman Harman, sugar refiner, 326 Bond 

Doran O. laborer, 290 Monument 

Dorbaker Adam, butcher, 135 Fremont 

Dorbakt-r William, horse dealer, stables Paca st near Pratt, dw 
65 Columbia st 

Dorenberg John D. shoe maker, 151 Conway 

Dorman Mrs. Eliza, 192 Canton av 

Dorman Herman, carter, 97 n Paca 

Dorman Jane G. "Commercial House" tavern, 2 e Pratt 

Dorman Philip, 192 Canton av 

Dorman Thomas, constable, 68 s High 

Dorn John, tailor, 46 Clay 

Dorney Bartholomew, 176 n Eutaw 

Dorney Mrs. it-abella, seamstress. Chase st e of Cathedral 

Dornev Thomas, wine and liquor store, l40 Franklin 

Dorr Casper, engraver, 7 Spring court 

Dorr Leonard, laborer, 167 e Madidon 

Dorr Samuel, firm D. & Wilhelm, dw 257 Light 

Dorr & Wilhelm, stove, tin & ironware manuf. 16 Light 

Dorrell Nathaniel, shoe maker, 103 Ensor 

r)OR 109 DOU 

Dorritee Samuel, caulker, 214 Dallas 

Dorrity Charles, clerk, 10 n Eden 

Dorritv Daniel, tavern and boarding house, 56 North 

Dorrity James, carpenter, 14 Comet 

Dorrity Mrs. Margaret, 16 s Liberty 

Dorrity Philip, carpet manufacturer, 18 Comet 

Dorrity Thomas, bricklayer, 91 Caroline 

Dorrity William, cooper, lower end Hughes st 

Dorrity William, trunk maker, 15 Perry 

Dorry Edward G. plumber and coopersmith, 24 Thames St. 
dw 62 Broadway 

Dorsey Alexander, laborer, 42 L. Sharp 

Dorsey Caleb jr. attorney at lav\^, 13 Law buildings, St Paul 

Dorsey Miss Comfort W. 36 Pleasant 

Dorsey Edward, watchman, 69 Forest 

Dorsey Rev. Dr. Edwin, 64 Broadway 

Dorsey Eliza, dress and cloak maker, 16 s Liberty 

Dorsey Mrs. Elizabeth H. boarding house, 52 n Calvert 

Dorsey & Garretson, wh. &, ret. dry goods mts. 85 Baltimore 

Dorsey Henry K. cabinet maker, 17 Park 

Dorsey Jacob, carpenter, 201 Orleans 

Dorsey James L. grocer and com. mt. 93 Light st whf. dw 36 
Barre st 

Dorsey John, carter. Lemon near Fremont 

Dorsey John, weaver, 57 Richmond 

Dorsey John, laborer, 149 Peirce 

Dorsey Joseph J. stone cutler, 86 Pine 

Dorsey Joseph S. tobacconist, 119 Gough 

Dorsey Mrs. Mary, 80 s Paca 

Dorsey Lorenzo, boarding house, 27 Holliday 

Dorsey Michael, porter, 125 Pine / 

Dorsey Michael, lime & feed deal. 89 Light st whf. dw 85 s Paca 

Dorsey Nathan, 54 Jefferson 

Dorsey Mrs. Rebecca, 310 n Howard 

Dorsey Richard, 87 Saratoga 

Dorsey Richard H, shoe maker, 175 Orleans 

Dorsey Richard B. sec'y to Life Ins, Co. dw 65 Courtland 

Dorsey Thomas, carj)enter, 72 Raborg 

Dorsey Thomas, shoe maker, U Diamond 

Dorsey Thomas, carpenter, ISl German 

Dorsey Thomas, collector, 64 s Paca 

Dorsey Wm, H, G. attorney at law, 31 Fayette 

Dorsey Washington, trader, 85 Saratoga 

Dorwart John, shoe maker, 30 Lancaster 

Dosh John, tavern, 288 Bond 

Doten Orlando N. machinist, 104 Eastern av 

Doterweich John, laborer, 7 Buren 

Doubleday Mrs. Charlotte, boarding house, 170 McHenry 

Doubleday Samuel, finisher, 168 McHenry 

Doubt L. shoe maker, 11 Harrison 

Doud Mrs. Charlotte, 59 n Exeter 

Doud James, shoe maker, 7 Canal 

Dougherty & Baugher, wholesale grocers St commission mer- 
chants, s e cor. Baltimore & Howard sts 

Dougherty Coustantine, grocer, 146 n Gay 

DOU 110 DOY 

Dougherty Mrs. H. boardincr house, 59 Fayetl* 
Dout^herty Mrs. J. 119 n Gay 

Dougherty Jas. grocer &- liquor dealer, n vv-cor. Ross 8c Eutaw 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary, 356 n Gay 
Dougherty Michael, watchman, 124 Bank st 
Dougherty Kicliard, moulder, 276 s Charles 
Dougherty Thomas, grocer &. liquor dealer, 186 c Baliimore 
Douglass Doctor Arnold B. 169 s Caroline 
Douglass Darid oak cooper, 69 Ross st 
Douglass David G. mariner, 90 Lancaster st 
Douglass George, oak cooper, 32 Bid die alley 
Douglass James B. oak cooper, 382 Saratoga st 
Douglass Mrs. Jane S. Tessier st n of St. Mary's 
Douglass Joseph, oak cooper, Tessier st S St. Mary^a court 
Douglass Mrs. Leletia, 68 Saratoga 
Douglass Lewis, cooper, 50 n Eden 

Douglass Richardson, book dealer & stationer, 196 Broadway 
Douglass Thomas, oak cooper, s Paca st extended 
-Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, n e cor. Fremont & Baltimore 
Douglass William H. oak cooper, 182 Raborg 
Douglass William, cooper and oyster keg maker, 17 Greene 
Doukmeyer Theodore, baker and confectioner, 394 w Lombard 
Dove Benjamin, brakesman, 154 McHenry 
Dove William C. iron founder, 184 Canton avenue 
Dover John, shoemaker, 101 Cross 
Dow & Harcourt, Doctors, 48 Second st 
Dowd Michael, laborer, 92 York avenue 
Dovvdry George, 220 Happy alley 

Dowell John, grocer & com. mf. 1 10 Pratt st dr/ 73 Aisquith 
Dowie John, blacksmith, 493 Saratoga 
Dowling George, blacksnjith, 9 Fawn st 
Dowling John, carpenter, 159 Ann 
Dowling John, tavern. 111 Stirling 

Dowling Mrs. Nancy, 181 n Eutaw 

Dowling Thomas S. fisher, 51 L. Huorhes 

Downey Edmund, carpenter, 13 L. Gough 

Downey John, dry gooils merchant, 149 Franklii 

Downey Julia Ann,^70 Spring st 

Downing Howell, clerk, 70 Pine 

Downing Nathaniel F. bricklayer, 408 Fayette 

Downs Dr. Dion, of Eastern Dispensary, civv 1 Jefferson 

Downs Mrs. Elizabeth, 144 Columbia 

Downs Harris T. 335 Monimient 

Downs John, clerk, 201 Broadway 

Downs Jonathan, .shoemaker, 329 s Charles 

Downs Mrs. Rebecca, huckster, 102 Lancaster 

Downs Mrs. Sarah, 145 Fremont 

Downs Solomon J. bricklayer, Gouah st e ofArgyle alley 

Downs 'I homas, watchman, 348 n Howard 

Downs William, bricklayer, 313 e Monuuient 

Dowson Mrs. A. A. 35 e Fayette 

Doxey Josiah, pilot, 134 Ann st 

Doison James, hackman, 295 n Gaj 

'^ovle B. carpenter, 51 s Paca 

Duyie Mrs. Uaiharinc, 46 Mulbery 

DOT 111 DUD 

Doyle James, grocer, s e cor. Bank Sc Canal :. >.< 1, v . •. 

Doyle Mrs. Jane G. 8 e Baliimore 

Doyle John, ''^Street contractor," 167 Canal 

Ddyle John, laborer, 9 Abey alley 

Doyle John, tavern. Swan st 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, 288 Canton 

Doyle Patrick, carter, n w corner, High &. Granby 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, 77 e Orleans 

Doyle Peter, tavern, 47 s Charles 

Doyle Mrs. Sarah Ann, 24 n French 

Doyle Thomas, carter, 93 Columbia 

Doyle William, grocer and liquor dealer, 38 Park 

Drakely &. Fenton, grocers & produce commission merchants, 

374 &L 376 Baltimore st 
Drakely Henry W. firm D. & Fenton, 517 Fayette 
Drane John, laborer, 9 Mercer st 
Drane John, broom maker, 71 Hampstead 
Draper Alexander, botanic physician, 279 n Howard 
Dresel John, baker, 128 e Madison 
Dressel John, laborer, 25 e Monument 
Dressell Peter, laborer, 56 George st 
Drew Mrs. M. H. 36 n Eden st 
Drewry Mrs. Ann, shoe binder, 59 York 
Dreyer Ernst, fresco painter, 231 n Howard 
Dringhaus Michatl, laborer, Tensier st near Diddle 
Driscoll Capt. C. F. 211 Aisquith 
Driver Silas, brick maker, rear of 146 Columbia 
Driver William, carter, 225 Columbia st 
Drohan Thomas, boot St shoemaker, 130 n Howard 
Drommert Christian, laborer, 89 Orchard 
Droste John H. blacksmith, dw 84 Hill 
Drub S. 150 n Caroline st 

Drugler Wm. Frederick, blacksmith. Booth st w of Shrceder 
Drum John, grocer, 254 Canton avenue 
Drummond Charles G. type moulder, 94 Canal st 
Drummond L. J. watchmaker and jeweller, 31 w Pratt st 
Drury Charles, machinist and agricultural impl. maker. Shop 

Gillingham's alley, dw 152 Sharp st 
Drury William, mariner, 321 Eastern avenue 
Dryden Alexander, huckster, 8 Clay 

Dryden Chas. hat manufacturer, Breidebaugh al. dw 11 n Eden 
Dryden Charles H. hatler, 160 n Exeter 
Dryden Isaac, paintei-, dw 100 s Howard, shop Wayne st 
Dryden John H. piano maker, 10 a Howard 
Dryden Joshua R. firm Alden & D. dw 227 Lexington 
Dryden Joshua, brickmaker, 325 Lexington 
Dryden Robert H. shoemaker, 259 Canal st 
Dryden Robert W. wholesale St, retail dry goods mt. 67 Balto. 
Dryden Samuel, boot and shoemaker, s w cor. Pratt &. Liberty 
Dryder Henry, piano forte maker, 55 Pine 
Dueatel Judah, 165 Fayette 

Ducatel Hyppolite G. tobacconist, 58 Baltimore, dw 11 a Exeter 
Duck James, wire worker. Vine st e of Poppletoa 
Dudley Mrs. Eleanor, 307 Canton avenue 
Dudley Mrs. J. L. 17 Warner st 

LUD 112 BVh 

Dudley Joseph, blacksmith, 18 East 

Duer Edward N. firm Mnrdock, Dner & Co. dw 2 Cathedral 

Duer John jr. firm D. & Norris, 93 n Paca 

Duer &. Norris, importers ol hardware, 2 Hanorer 

Duer Samuel, 311 Pratt st 

Duerring David F. lahorer, 20 St. Mary st 

Duerring John S. ladies' shoemaker, 10 Sf. Mary 

Duers John W. millinery dealer, dw 103 Eulaw 

Duff Mrs. Elizabeth, 133 Ann st 

Duff Capl. Henry, 52 Sprin<z st 

Duff Henry, cabinet maker, 259 Monument 

Duffey Hugh, bar keeper, 139 Aisquith 

Duffy Mrs. Catharine, tailoress, 72 Jasper si 

Duffy James, oppocer & liquor dealer, 118 Dugan's wharf 

Dut?;v John, 29 Biddle alley 

Dufiy M. huckster, cor. Hillen & Forrest sts 

Duffy Peter, laborer, 63 Eastern avenue 

Dugan Frederick J. 55 Exchang-e place 

Dugan & Harris, dry goods dealers, 109 n Gay 

Dugas Lewis, clerk Register's office, SO Josephine 

Dugeni Francis, carpenter, 2-^5 Canton avenue 

Duiiamel James, bag dealer, 13 Bowly's wharF, up stairs^ dw ik 

Paca st no. Iti^ 
Duhurst Benjamin, watchman, 310 n Howard 
Duhurst G. L. wholesale and retail druggist, 27 Pratt st corner 

Dugan^s wharf, dw 32 n Gay st 
Duhurst Greenbury, laborer, 14 Rosa 
Duhurst Mrs. Mary, 32 n Gay 
Duke James, grocer, 366 n Gay 
Duke Mark, 80 s Eutaw 
Dukehart Adam, 114 Albemarle 
Dukehart Edward W. i\v 162 Hanover 
Dukehart H. keeper oflfvery stahles, 36 North st d\r 34 
Dukehart J. & Co. brush, twine & variety store,. dw 165 Aisquitfj 
Dukehart John P. apothecary Sa, druggist, n w cor. Charles 

and Montgomery sts 
Dukehart John, Firem. ass. Go's agent oflSce, South st dw llS 

s Charles st 
Dukehart Joseph, firm J. D. & Co. dw 165 Aisquith 
Dukehart Mrs. Mary, 73 e Fayette 
Dukehart Robt. W.64 e Lombard 

Dukehart Valerius, firm J. Dukehart & Co. dw ISO Baltimore 
Dukehart Wriliam, 185 n High 
Dukehart William, hose maker and machinist, Balderston st 

dw 185 n High 
Dukes James T. watchman, 44 Orleans 
Dukes Capt. Levin, 123 e Lortibard 

Dulaney Grafton L. att'y at law, 34 St. Paul st dw 59 Courhnd 
Dulany Thomas S. millinery & fancy goods dealer, 97 Balto. 
Dulany Win. carpenter, 42 Ross 

Dulany Wm. dra|)er and tailor, 46 n Howard, dw 209 Mulberrj 
Duley Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 23 Baltimore 
Duley John, moulder, bl Boyd 

Dulin Dr. Alexander F. n w cor. Fayette and Charles sts 
Dulin James, shoemaker, 69 Bond 

DUL 113 DUN 

DuUng Tfioiiias, blacksmith, 114 Hamburgst 

Dull James, ship smith, 13 Philpot st dvv 10 e Baltimore 

Dull Mrs. Jane, dry goods & millinery dealer, 10 e Baltimore 

Dumblstjii J. A. 129 n High 

Dumphries John, shoemaker. Cathedral st n of Howard 

Dunan Giisravus, 106 n Green 

Dunbar Mrs. Geo. T. 22 Hamiltoa 

Dunbar D-. 163 vv Lombard 

Duncan Charles, huckster, Greenwillow 

Duncan Harrison W. grocer, cor Pine & Lexing. d\v234 Fayette 

Duncan J. McKim, attorney at law, 37 n Calvert 

Duncan James, dealer in live stock for shipping, 45 Lombard 

Duncan James W. trader, Dallas st n of Pratt 

Duncan Jas. grocer & tea deal, n w cor. Saratorja &Chat8worlh 

Duncan Rev. John M. pastor of Indep. Presb. church, 37 a Calvert 

Duncan Joseph, boot maker, 51 Second st dw Granby 

Duncan Levin H. ship carpenter, Wolfe st cor. Thames 

Dimcan Patrick, 99 East st 

Duncan Thomas, chair maker, 61 Caroline 

Dundore Henry, boot & shoemaker, 251 Eastern avenue 

Dundore John, boot maker, 200 n Eden st 

Dungan Abel S. firm Tyson & D. 90 e Baltimore 

Dungan Miss Emily, dress maker, llO Fayette st 

Dungan Francis D. firm Watkins, D. & Waesche, 253 Fayette 

Dungan & Green, oak coopers, cor. Commerce & Cable sts 

Dungan J. S. tailor, 16 n Paca 

Dungan Stevenson, prop, scows, 70 Pratt, dw90 e Baltimore 

Dungan W. shoe store, 163 Lexington st dvv 321 Fayette 

Dunham Alva, coach painter, 57 F^rencb 

Dunham Mrs. Elizabeth, 229 Gough 

Dunham Thornton C. firm Bev;in & Dunham, dw 309 Lombard 

Dunkerly Richard P. machinist, Pratt st w of Oregon 

Dunlap Charles, firm D. & Hyde, dw 279 Saratoga 

Dunlap Sc Hyde, dry goods merr.hants, 145 Lexington 

Dunlap & Hyde, dry goods mts. cor. Broadway 8c Eastern av. 

Dunlap Jolin, shoemaker, 331 s Cliarles 

Dunlap John, agent Mf. Clare depot, dw cor. Hollins & Parkin 

Dunlap Rev. R. VV. 149 Aisquith 

Dunlap William, 102 n Canal 

Dunlevy Thomas C. proprietor livery stables, 7 n Frederick, dvv 

1 22 e Pratt st 
Dunn Alexander, rope maker, ll Falls st 
Dunn Andrew, firm D. & Hahn, dw 9 n Poppleton 
Dunn Mrs. Ann, 12 Slemmer's alley 
Dunn Edward, caner, 520 w Pratt 
Dunn Edward grocer and liquor dealer, 124 North st 
Dunn Edward, 131 s Exeter 
Dunn Francis, huckster, 17^ Conway 
Dunn George, blacksmih, 31 York aveaiie 
Dunn St Hahn, merchant tailors, 20 n Howard 
Dunn James, painter, 116 e Lombard 
Dunn James, tin worker, s e cor. fiexington and Pearl sts 
Dunn James, 40 Chesnut 

Dnnn Jas. lumber & flooring dealer, Fenby's whf. dvv 58 s Paca 
Dunn James, laborer, 110 Dugan's wharf 

DUN 114 DUT 

Dunn John, butcher, w Baltinfiorc st extcaUcd 

Dunn John, laborer, 103 Albemarle 

Dunn Michael, land agent, 181 s Paca 

Dunn Michael, wheelwright, 55 n High st 

Dunn Patrick, drayman, 63 Eastern avenue 

Dunn Patrick, wheclwrisht, llO n Front st dw llf 

Dunn Paul, laborer, 7 Star alley 

Dunn Mrs. Susannah, 257 Light 

Dunn Washington, market trader, 22 L. Church 

Dunn William, drayman, 32 Liberty 

Dunndorf Adam, carpenter, 173 Sarah Ann &t 

Dunnegan Patrick, 14 Star alley 

Dunnegan William, carter, 20 Fell 8t 

Dunnegan William, tavern, 57 Lancaster 

Dunnet David, huckster, 339 Franklin 

Dunneltle Henry, packing case maker, 196 s Eutaw 

Dunning Samuel, butcher, Harford avenue extended 

Dunnington Mrs. Elizabeth, dry goods & fancy store, ?17 Prstt 

Dunnington William Augustus, proprietor City plaisler miliV 

e end Hughes st dw 89 Bar re 
Dunny John, laborer, 104 William st 
Duprey Mrs. Margaret, 10 Greene 
Durand Felix, barber, 5 Pennsylvania av 
Durborrow Daniel R. dry goods dealer, 1 n High 

Durborrow H. dry goods merchant, 128 Forest 
Durchausen F. C. dry goods merchant, n w cor. Lexington & 
Howard sts 

Durding Mrs. Ann, boarding bouse, 106 e Pratt 

Durham Albert, carter, cor. Eastern av. and Washington 

Durhani Mrs. Catherine, dress maker, 23 Richmond 

Durham John, shoemaker, 389 Lexington 

Durham John, oak cooper, cor. Columbia and Fremont 

Durham Lloyd, grocer, 80 s Eutaw 

Durham Wesley, ornamental chair painter, 311 Saratoga 

Durham Wm. miller, 8 New 

Durham Wm. grocer, 18 Rock 

Durham Wm. omnibus driver, 389 Lexington 

Durham Zachariah, miller, 88 Forest 

During H. L. grocer and liquor siore, Patterson 

Dark John, seaman, 254 Dallas 

Durkee Mrs. Dr. R. A. 26 n Gay st. cor. Orange al 

Dnrker Henry, drayman, 63 York 

Durlin Edvv. oyster establishment, 159, dw l5l s Caroline 

Durning Mrs. M. 69 Orleans 

Duroctier A. H. teacher of dancing, 289 Fayette 

Durrenberger Geo. confectioner, 44 Union 

DurseiibiirL''. Major, 23 s Howard 

Durst Mrs. Frances, fancy store, s ejcor. Hanover and York 

Durst J. U. cotton wadditiii maker, Fort road, dw 179 Hanover 
Dushane Cornelius, bricklayer, 138 Conway 
Dushane John, carpenter, 119 Camden, dw 84 Sharp 
Dushane Valentine, carpenter, cor. Greenest, and Cider al 
Dutro George, tin and sheet iron worker, 103 n Greene, dw 21* 

Mulberry st 
Dutri-w Robert, tngineer, 76 Boyd 

t>Vr 113 EAR 

Dutton Geo. H. keeper "Pratt st. restaurant," 152 PfSitt 
Dutton John, lime and hair dealer, cor. Lancaster and Exeter 8t« 

d\v 99 Eastern av 
Dulton Nicholas, laborer, 44 L. Sharp 
Dutton Robt. cabinet maker, I4l, dw 143 Canton ar 
Duvall Amon, boot and shoemaker, 25 Chatsworth 
Durall Beale variety store, 523 w Baltimore 
Duvall Mrs. Beale, 324 Lexington 
Duvall Benj. blacksmith, 4 Republican 
Duvall Edw. B. carpenter, 81 Hollins 
Duvall Edw. clerk, d\v 94 s Paca 
Duvall Eldridge G. firm D. Keighler 8c Co. dw Sharp Bt. n of 

Duvall Eli, clerk, 187 Mulberry 
Duvall H. Custom House officer, 43 German 
Duvall Henry, firm ol" Duvall & I orlehart, 171 s Charles 
Duvall & Itrjehart, grocers & confimission mts. 78 Light St. w f 
Duvall J. R. 312 Lexington 

Duvall James L. K. firm Kemp. Trail & Co. dw 16 Pearl 
Duvall Jas. clerk, 38 Green 

DuvallJohn H. firm J. H.D. 8t Co. d\v 57 Mount Vernon plawr 
Duvall John H. & Co. wholesale domestic mis. 281 Baltimore 
Duvall Keighler &. Co. domestic dry goods commission mer- 

chanis, 275 Baltimore 
Duvall Landon, firm John D. & Bro. dw 171 Park 
Duvall L. E. firm Maynard & Co. lottery vend, dw 225 Franklin 
Duvall Leml. E. notary public, 44 Lombard 

Duvall Richard, oak cooper, 634 Baltinr.ore 

Duvall Thomas J. shoemaker, 50 Mullikin 

Duvall Wm. B. firm D. Keigler & Co. d w 121 Park 

Dvvyer Dennis, painter, 61 Pennsylvania av 

Dvvyer John, basket maker, 1 Green 

Dvvyer Matthew, laborer, 12 Albemarle 

Dwyer Peter, carter, 138 Hollins 

Dyer Benj^amin, grocer and feed dealer, 519 w Baltimore 

Dyer John, machinist. Holiday st. dw 189 German 

Dyer Leon, agent Franklin Dyer & Co. mts. California, 75 
Smith's wharf 

Dyer Levi R. machinist, 57 Holliday 

Dyer Mrs. S. shop, 49 Douglass 

Dyer Walter, firm Jones & D. dw Ploughman 

Dykes Mrs. Elizabeth, 101 Chesnut 

Dykes John, book keeper, 154 Mulberry 

Dysart Moses A. collector, 229 Aisquitb, 

Eachus Edwin, clerk, 114 L. Greene 

Eager Henry, segar maker, 63 Ross i 

Eager Tobias, Bailor, 61 Ross 

Eagle Artillery's armory, 168 Canton ay 

Eagle Mrs. Eliza Jane, 133 Park 

Eagleston Mrs. Elizabeth, 171 Benk 

Ealey Samuel, of U. S. Hotel, 128 s Canal 

Ealey Wm. ship carpenter, 132 Bank 

Eareckson Edwin, druggist, cor. Eden and B»It. dw 14 n EdeH 

Earhart Geo. W. trader, 158 n Eulaw" 

Ear 11^ EDE 

Earhart VV. oyster 8t ale house, 35 n Paca 

Earickson E. mariner, 144 e Fayelte 

Earickson Federal, ship joiner, 13 Watson 

Earickson Robert, liiujher mt. W. Falls av. dw 88 Eastern av 

Earickson Thos. steam planinor mill, s w cor. President st. and 

Eastern av. dw cor. Pratt and Spring sis 
Earles Noah, flour brander, 234 German 
Early John D. provision dealer, 37i w Baltimore St. dvv 90 s w 

cor. Eutaw and Fayette 
Early Thomas, firm Thompson and E. dw 19 e Monument 
Earnest George & W. Cowles, queensvvare and china mts. 29 s 

Calvert St. (|\v 9 Waterloo Itovv, 180 n Calvert 
Earnest (ieorge jr. attorney, 4 Court House lane 
Earp Amos, trader, Pennsylvania av. n olTIoIfman st 
Easlev Thomas, boat builder, 7 Pliilpot 
Easman George, garduer, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Easman John, mnrket ojan, Pennsylvania av extended 
East Henry, candle maker, 10 Buren 
Easter Abraham, shoemaker, 132 s Eutaw 
Easter Hamilton & Co, wholesale and retail dry goods mer- 

chanis, 213 Baltimore 
Easter Hamilton, firru H. Easter & Co. dw 74 n Paca 
Easter John, 1S5 German 
Easter John, lal.orer, 10 West 

Easier John of John, firm Charron Field &- Co. 303 w Lombard 
Eastman J. B. firm Wiihington & E. dw 609 w Baltimore 
Eastman J. S. 180 w Pratt 
Easton Lewis, fisher, 201 Caroline 
Easton Robert, brickmaker, Fort road 
Eastwood James B. cabinet maker, 1 Plowman 
Eaton A. lumber inspector, 77 Montgomery 
Eaton, Brothers &. Co. dry goods merchants, 13 s Charies 
Eaton Chas. J. M. 72 n Charles 
Eaton Eli, porter, 189 Ensor 

Eaton George N. offirm E. Brothers & Co. dw 87 Monument 
Eaton James, carter, 67 Boyd 
Eaton Robinson, Register st. s of Gough 
Eaton S. T. fruit and confeciions dealer, 152 n Gay 
Eberhart Joseph A. grocer, 314 Aisquith 
Eberts George H. laborer, Pratt st. extended 
Ebner M. boot and shoemaker, 43 e Fayette 
Eborall John, trimmings manufacturer, dw 132 Raborg 
Ebsworth Thos. J. wire worker, 8 n Frederick 
Eccleston Rt. Rev. Samuel, Archbishop of Catholic church, 

CJiarles, between Mulberry and Franklin 
Eckard Lewis, cabinet maker, 105 Stirling 
Eckel Mrs. Mary, 84 Madison 
Eckel Wm. J. lannily grocer, cor. French and High 
Eckelman H. R. t<hoemaker, 11 Hawk 
Eckert Geo. W. furniture wagoner, 14 Nievv st 
Eckhardt Wm. laborer, 72 Hamburg 
Eckman B. ladies' boot and shoemaker, 58 8 Howard 
Eddy O. T. artist, 255 Saratoga 
Edel Jjsiah, patent medicine dealer, 195 n Gay 

EDE 117 EGG 

Edel Philip, tailor, 11 St James 

Edeler George, saddler and harness maker, S06 Pratt 

Edeler W. saddler Slc, 130 Forest 

Eden Alexander, butcher, 400 Light 

Eden William, butcher, Pennsylvania av extended 

Edes Saml. C. firm of Harvey, Carson &, Co. dvv Barnum'g hotel 

Edgar H. Le Roy, 47 Franklin 

Edgar John M. attorney, 31 St Paul 

Edmonds Silas, carpenter, 22 sCaroline 

Edmondson John, proprietor vessel.*, 240 Light 

Edmondson Joseph, firm Patiison & E. 137 Hanover 

Edmons Silas, carpenter, 22 s Caroline 

Edmunds P. dentist, 52 Hanover 

Edwards Benj. rigger, 161 Washington 

Edwards & Bro. apothecaries & druggists, 274 Light 

Edwards Henry, mariner, 94 Bank 

Edwards Capt. Hiram, 38 Henrietta 

Edwards Mrs. J. boarding house, 4 Thomsen 

Edwards James, sen. laborer, 243 n Howard 

Edwards Jas. C. cabinet maker, 28 Welcome al 

Edwards Mrs. M. 4 Orleans 

Edwards Mrs. Mary, 173 Canton ar 

Edwards R. 18 Orleans 

Edwards Richard, shoemaker, 127 Albemarle 

Edwards Richard, proprietor ol" 'Edwards's p«in extracting lo* 
tion, 249 Saratoga 

Edwards Capt. Richard, 275 e Pratt 

Edwards Mrs. Sarah, boarding house, 42 s Calvert 

Edwards & Stevenson, importers of eartlienware and commis- 
sion merchants, 24 s Clinrles 

Edwards Thomas,"laborer, 241 n Howard 

Edwards Mrs. V. 69 n Eden 

Edwards William, carter, 20 Rose 

Edwards Rev. W. B. pastor Hiirli st. M. E. church, 99 s High 

Edwards William, carpenter, 3.;5 w Pratl 

Eeley Samuel, butcher, 128 

Efiersman Garret, engineer, 6 West 

Effing Harman, laborer. 62 H;irrison 

Egan James, laborer, cor. Dover st. and Dawson al 

Egbert James M. firm W. Baily &c Co. dw 2 n Calvert 

Egenton Abel, fireman, Gibson st. n of Preston 

Egenton, Morris & Co. French bur mill stone manufacturer W 
FalU avenue 

Elgerton & Brothers, lottery 8l exchange office, cor. South st. 
and Exchange place 

Egerton Charles C. firm of Egerton and Brothers, dvv 2S n 

Egerton &. Co. lottery and exchange office, 2 s Calvert, dw 4 

Egerton C. C. boarding house, 4 s Calvert 

Egerton J. B. lottery and exchan<re office, s e cor. South st. & 
Exchange place, dw 74 e Baltimore 

Egerton James H. grocer, 4 York av 

Egerton Mrs. Margaret, 121 Pearl 

Eggers Henry, porter, 130 n Canal 

Eggers Herman, s w cor. Shroeder and Baltimore 

EGG 11^ ELD 

Eggler Andrew, laborer, SIS s Charles 

Egf^leston Joseph, carpenter, Peiroe 8t. dw 210 Mulberrj 

Etrrres Henry, laborer, 237 Bond 

EiTzot Bahzell, laborer, 1 Guilford a! 

Ehlen John H. 137 n Paca 

Ehlers A. confectioner, 1 19 how 

Ehlers Lewi, grocer ami liquor dealer, 175 Columbia 

Ehlers Lewis, grocery, feed'and liqu(jr dealer, 386 Henrietta 

Ehngelman Wm. H. laborer, 285 sCliarles 

Ehrhard Albert, teacher, 101 Pearl 

Ehrhart August, black and locksniiih, S3 s Liberty 

Eiirman Jacob, carpenter, 48 German, dw 24 s Eutaw 

Ehrnian G. A. coach lace manuCacturer, bO Harrison 

Ehrman John, carpenter, 108 Aibeinarle 

Ehrman John, milkman, 243 Dallas 

Ehrman Lewis, carpet weaver, 80 Harrison 

Ehrman Wm. second hand lurniiure dealer, 28 Harrison 

Eichelberg Otto, firm W. Welch & Co. dw n Calvert 

Eichelberger Mrs. Eliza, conlt-clionery & fancy store, 439 Bait. 

Eichelberger Mrs. Elizabeth, 45 n Calvert 

Eichelberger Emanuel W. carpenter, 91 s Paca 

Eichelberger J. F. tobacconist, 139 Franklin, dw 224 Saratoga 

EicheU)erger J. M. house and sign ])aiiiter, 224 Saratoga 

Eichelberger J. M. livery stables, 405 Baltimore 

Eichelberger John S. grocer and provision deal, n w cor. Pine 

and Mulberry sts 
Eichelberger John, tobacconist, 68 Mulberry 
Eichelberger John S. tobacconist, 68 Mulberry, dw 153 Franklin 
Eichelberger O. W. wine and liquor merchants, 1 s Howard 
Eichelberger Wesley, painter, 197 Mulberry 
Eichelberger Wm. salt measurer, HI Saratoga 
Eichennan Simon, laborer, 9 Canal 
Eighorn George, tailor, 65 n Etien 
Eihemyer M. teacher, 226 Eastern av 
Eihorn Yorrick, tailor, 122 Alhemaile 
Eilaw David, cow keeper, 113 Bond 
Eilaw Wm. cabinet maker, 213 Eastern av 
Einwaechter Alex, shoer &, smith in general, 100 Columbia 
Eisenbranl Christian H. importer and manufiicturer of musical 

instruments, 78 Baltimore 
Eiser Ulrich, harness maker, 664 w Baltimore 
Eisler John, saddler, 56 e Fayette 
Eiiel Jacob, oak cooper, cor. Charles and L. Hughes 
Elbert George, drayman, 30 n Bond 
Elder Basil T. firm E. Gleston & Co. dw 43 Mulberry 
Elder Basil S. firm E. Gelslon &l Co. dw 69 n Greene 
Elder &. Bruce, coppersmiths, HO Lombard 
Elder Mrs. Catharii:e, 172 s Eutaw 
Elder diaries D. weigh master, s w corner Commerce and Pratt 

sts. over Elder, Gelston & Co's 
Elder Francis Wm. firm White & Elder, dw 69 n Greene 
Elder Francis S. firm E. & Bruce, dw 85 Hillen 
Elder Gelsion 8t Co. com. mts. corner Commerce and Pratt 
Elder Henry, watchman, 68 Ross 
Elder Joseph E. 155 w Saratoga 

ELP 119 ELL 

Elder Mr. bar keeper, 69 Hillen 

Elderkin James, com. nit. 3 Light st. dw cor. High & Trinity 

Elderkin William G. 129 s High 

Eldred Henry, supervisor Bait. & Ohio R. Road, l28 Conwaj 

Eidridge Robert, baker, 19 s High 

Eldridge Wilson, baker, 121 Aisquith 

Elfry John, cedar cooi)er, Pennsylvania av. 8 of Baker st 

Elias Joseph, dealer in second-hand clothes, &c. 189 Biddle 

Eliason Andrew, brick moulder. West st e ol" Eutaw 

Eliason Erick, turniture \va»-oner, 29 Pearl 

Ellender Frederick, bricklayer, 1 Orleans 

jEllender George, butcher, 1 Orleans 

Ellery Eppes, mechanical dentist, 2 s Eutaw st. dv¥ 168 German 

Ellicott A E. jr. dw 85 Sliarp 

Ellicott Andrew, iron manf. Commercial Bui'dings, Gay st. dw 

85 Sharp st • 
Ellicott B. H. dw 68 e Fayette 
Ellicott Benjamin, dw 134 Mulberry 

Ellicott & Brothers, prop. Elkridge Furnace, 46 Commerce 
Ellicott E. r. Commercial Builditigs, Gay st 
Ellicott H. Wm. iron master. Commercial Buildings, Gay st. dvr 

85 Sharp st 
Ellicott P. T. firm S. & P. T. Ellicott, dw 27 s Sharp 
Ellicott S. jr. firm S. & P. T. Ellicott, dw 27 s Sharp 
Ellicott S. & P. T. Md. chemical & iron manf. 45 Light 
Ellicott William M. com. mt. 3 Spear's wharf, dw 5 St. Paul 
Eliingswonh William, rigger, 37 Bethel 
Eliot John, carpenter, Bond st. dw 167 n Eden 
Elliott Alexander, market man, 9 Fish Market space 
Elliott Benjamin, watchman, 44 Mullikin 
Elliott Mrs. C. 2 Somerset 

Elliott Edw'd T. sup. Water Co. pump house, dw Belviderc road 
Elliott Edward, carpenter, 34 Orleans 
Elli(.)tt George, ladies' shoe maker, 7 Harrison 
Elliott Henry, butcher, 34 Orleans 
E liott Irwin, carpenter, 2l6 German ^ 

Elliott James, shoe maker, 28 May 
Elliott John, laborer, 65 Preston 
Elliott John, carpenter. Bond st. dw 167 n Eden 
Elliott John, piano tuner, 118 Madison 
Elliott Joseph, tavern, 100 North 

Elliott N. J. wh- & ret. deal, in furni. 42 Light, dw 1 Caroline 
Elliott Richard, millwright & pattern maker, 7 Oregon 
Elliott Robert, bricklayer, 270 e Monument 
Elliott T. painter, 239 n Canal 
Elliott Thomas, trader in market, 92 Pine 
Elliott William B. bacon mt. 121 Orleans 
Eiliott William S. draper & tailor, corner Cross and Light 
Elliott William, music printer, 222 e Monument 
Elliott William, carter, 160 e Madison 
Elliott William, boot and shoe maker, Scott st w of Pratt 
Ellis Bejamin, laborer, 134 Bond 

Ellis Doctor Cheseldon, Canal st. one door from^Baltimor 
Ellis Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 n French 
Ellis Henry, plaisterer, 40 Gittings 

ELL 120 EMO 

Ellis Mrs. Jane, 145 e Pratt 

Ellis John C. U. laborer, 1 10 Biddle 

Ellis John, kee[)er "Our House," 100 Forest 

Ellis JosejDh, engineer, Bosntn st. Canton 

Ellis Sanuiel, stone culler, 81 Holliday 

Ellis Thomas, bottler, 46 s High 

Ellis Thomas, shoe maker, 78 Lee 

Ellis Thomas, earjDenter, 10 Deiuol a! 

Ellison Tiioraas, laborer, 21 fSarah Ann 

Elphrin^ William H. venilian blind maker, 44 Ro»t 

Elsrode Francis, laborer, 219 Conway 

Elton C. W. grocer and liciuor dealer, 106 « Howard 

Eltonhead Mrs. Sarah, milliner and trim. deal. 37 e Baltimore 

Elwell John, retail dry goods merchant, 26 Hanover 

El wood Michael, liquor store, 19 Second 

Ely Charles, carter, 16 Starr al 

Ely Chas. W. sln)e maker, 122 n Gay si. dw cor. Gay & Exeter 

Ely John C. 181 Ann st 

Ely Mahlon S. ladies' boot and shoe store, 148 n Gay 

Elye John, ship carpenter, 272 Eastern av 

Elzey Mrs. Leietia, boarding house, Second st. e of South 

Emack & Baker, grocers Sc general com. mts. 126 Lombard 

Emack William, firm E. £c Baker, dw 46 n Liberty 

Emanuel John, ostler, 48 Holliday 

Emart William, carpenter, 251 n Canal 

Emberson William, laborer, Hamburg st. F. Hill 

Emerick clothier, l43 w Lombard 

Emerick Christian, conductor, 101 e Lombard 
Emerick Uavid, boot and shoe maker, 139 Pennsylvania ar 
Emerick Philip, new and second-hand clothier, 78 s Charlet 
Emerson Mrs. Henrietta, seamstress, 77 s High 
Emerson James, laborer, 24 Park 

Emerson Nathaniel, engineer, 128 Garden 

Emerson Owen, porter, 176 s Howard 

Emery Charles L. stone cutter, 347 Lombard 

Emery J. B. brick maker, 70 s Paca 

Emery Samuel, stone mason, 17 Hollins 

Emgo Peter, blacksmith, 89 Caroline 

EmTch C. N. stove manufacturer and dealer, 59 Light 

Emich Daniel, carpenter, 338 Fayette 

Emich J. V. stove, sheet iron & tin worker and dealer, Q5 Light 
St. dw 467 Baltimore 

Emich Mrs. Mary, 112 s Eutaw 

Emich Peter, stove smith, 9 Dewberry al 

Emmart David, blacksmith, 67 n Paca 

Emmart Joseph, tavern, 201 Lexington 

Emmart Mrs. Margaret, boarding house, 66 Pearl 

Emmart Michael, carpenter, 337 n Gay 

Emmart Samuel, carpenter, 6 Starr al 

Emmerson Mrs. Mary, 26 Aisquith 

Emmerson Stephen, 97 Watson 

Emmerson Captain William, Stiles st e of Exeter 

Emmick Andrew, cabinet maker, 71 Raborg 

Emory Arthur, firm Emory, Stephens 8c Co. dw 414 Fayett* 

Emory Mrs. Catharine, 60 s Paca 

EMO 1^1 ERB 

Emory & Co. lottery & ex. office, 104 Pratt st. dw 20 Barnet 
Emory D. C. Hi)pper, firm W. H. Emory & D. C. Hopper, dw 

97 St. Paul St 
Emory Mrs. Eliza H. 119 Park 
Emory Richard, clerk, 150 German 

Emory Samuel T. firm Emory, Stevens & Co.dw 49 s Exeter 
Emory, Stephens & Co. who!, aroc. & coin, mts. 2 Bowly's whf 
Emory Wm. H. firm W. H. E.^ D. C. Hopper,dw247 Saratocra 
Emory William, laborer, 139 i^ork st 

Emory Wm. H. &l D. C. Hopper, atiornies at law, 15 St, Paul 
Emrich Simon, watch maker &- jeweller, 169i Pratt 
Emrig Conrad, wheelwright, 120 Stirling 
Endres Martin, shoe maker, 270 Bond 
Eney William, boot St shoe maker, l8 Shrceder 
Engehausen Henry, tavern keeper, 75 Park 
Engelhart Adam, clothier, 54 Pratt st 
EngeJmyer, Solomon, pawn broker, 62 Park 
England Francis, plumber, 241 Gough 
England John, car driver, Dawson al w of Pratt st 
England Mrs. Mary, 46 n Exeter 
England William, mariner, 235 Alice Anna 
Englart John, laborer, 35 Preston 
Engle Philip, music teacher, 33 Marion 
Engle Sagurus, clothier, 208 Caroline 
Englebrecht Charles, machinist, Cathedral st. n of Tyson 
Englehardt George, laborer, 164 Franklin 
Englehardt Henry, boot maker, 240 w Pratt 
Englehart John, laborer, 74 Hamburg 
Z?nglelen Adam, market gardener. Ferry road 
Engiemeyer Adam, basket maker, 69 Preston 
Englis, Henry, brass founder, 50 Holliday st. dw 1 Hiilen 
Ennalls Mrs. boarding house, 4 w Fayette 
Ennis Mrs. Elizabeth, 95 Hollins 

Ennis George, drayman, corner Henrietta Sc Leadenhall sts 
Ennis James, laborer, Cathedral st n of Tyson 
Ennis John, ostler, 132 Lerew's al 
Ennis Joseph, laborer, Preston st. e of Gibson 
Ennis Captain Joseph, mariner, 206 Canton av 
Ennis Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 37 York 
Ennis Mrs. Mary, lailoress, 171 Light 
Enos Henry, grocery and liquor store, Ills Howard 
Ensey Lotf, firm Slingluff & E. dw 283 Fayette 
Ensey William, 10 Columbia 
Ensinger George, carpenter, 24 Jefferson 
Ensor Abraham, bricklayer, 123 n Exeter 
Ensor Edward, ship joiner, 207 n Canal 
Ensor John H- grocer and tea dealer, n w cor. Baltinnore ami 

Pearl sts. dw 239 1-2 Fayette 
Ensor William, tinner, 149 n Canal 
Emler Mrs. Salome, 20 Pine 
Entworth Mrs. Ann, Cross st e of William 
Entz Mrs. Henrietta, 55 Raborg 
Epron P. boot and shoe maker, 148 n Eden 
Erbach Sebastian, barber, — Lombard el. 2d door (pon Ceniii 

Market Space 

ERH 122 EVA 

Erdman Charles, millwright, corner Paca and Warner 

Erdman W. C. grocer & lea dealer, 148 8 Paca 

P>hard I George, tailor, 81 s Howard 

Eriougher Hensoti, E:-sex si Canton 

f>mold John, laborer, 125 Pennsylvania av 

Erner G»tleib, carpet weaver, 41 Preston 

Ernest VV'illiani, (mute) cabinet maker, 74 Harrison 

Ernst Mrs. Elizabeth, cow keeper, 10 Greene 

Ernt Jacob, basket maker, Frem()nt st extended 

Erpardt George, tailor, 81 s Howard 

Erpenbeck Henry, grocer, 131 Canton av 

Erpst Andrew, laborer, Chapel st s from Pennsylvania av 

Errickson Federal, ship joiner, Mill st 

Errickson Robert, lumber mt. W. Falls av. dw 88 Eastern av 

Ervin George, builder ef hoisiing mach. 825 Lombard 8t. refer 

to Wells & Miller 
Esch John, rag dealer, 233 Bond 
Eschbach John, paver, 33 Richmond 
Escherich Augustus, oak cooper, 35 Philpot 
Eschert Adam, laborer, 193 Bond 
Eshericks Thomas, grocer &c liquor dealer, 183 e Prait 
Eskridge Wolford, laborer, 259 Ann 
Espey John, gardener, 171 Orleans 
Espy William S. oak cooper, 57 Fell st. d;v 221 Ann 
Essart George, nightman, 274 Franklin 
Essender James, firm Weaver & Es^ender, 1 Pearl 
Essender James, butter dealer, 256 Broadway 
Essender John J. machinist, 4"! Biddle 
Essex William, laborer, 30 Gittings 
Estch Elias, laborer, 126 St. Paul 
Estelly Andrew, laborer, 8 Greene 
Esteriy John, butcher, 366 Saratoga 

Estlack Hiram, shoe maker, 100 1-2 s Paca 

Estlack Mrs. Sarah, trimmings store, lOO s Paca 

Etchberger Caj)tain James, 86 s Eden 

Etchberger John F. boat builder, Flanagan's whf. dw Eastern av 

Etchberger Captain Ralph, 102 s Caroline 

Etter Jacob, Ibunder, 32 Shrceder 

Etting B. G. com. mt. 68 Buchannan's whf. d w 260 Lexington et 

Etting Samuel, com. mt. 73 Smith's wharl" dw 22 Euiaw st 

Etiing John, piano maker, 156 German 

Eubei t Adam, shoe maker, 13 St. James 

Eulerl George, tailor, Slenimer's al 

Eulon Philip, watch & clock maker, 104 Franklin 

Eunk Enoch, tailor, 69 Albemarle 
'Eutavv House, Henry F. Jackson, pro. cor. Baltimore Sc Eutaxr 

Eutavv Mr. 112 e Baltimore 

F.utaw Savings Bank, n vv corner Eulaw and Baltimore 

Evans Alfred, collector, 22 McElderry 

Evans David, carpenter, Bethel, near Gough, dw 92 Broadway 

Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 17 Monigomery 

Evans Frederick, carpenter St turner, n w cor. Bait, and Pine 

Evans Gabriel, sailor, 99 Caroline 

Evans Gto. oak cooper, 70 Pratt, dw 86 e Baltimore 

Evans George, 41 Buren 

EVA ^ 1-23 EVE 

Evans George, carter. Dewberry al. s of Hollins st 

Evans Capt. Geo. Wm. Gou>yli st. w of Broadway 

Evans Henry W. S. bricklayer, 111 s High 

Evans Mrs. He«ter, 264 n Howard 

Evans Hugh W. 185 Fayette 

Evans Hugh Davy, counsellor and attorney, 70 Fayette 

Evans J. T. plaisterer, 200 Stirling 

Evans John, nightmaDs 101 Wolf 

Evana John W. carpenter, 195 Gernaan 

Evans John, plaisterer, 178 Saratoga 

Evans Jno. W. grocer &, feed store, 518 vv Bait, dw 195 German 

Evans John, manufacturer, 130 Garden 

Evans John, clerk, dw 23 n FJen 

Evaas Job & Son, carpenters, 21 Garden, dw 519 n Howard 

Evans Joseph, boot maker, Henrietta w of Hanover 

Evans Mrs. Mary, 100 Caroline 

Evans Mrs. Mary, cow keeper, 116 Hollins at 

Evans Mrs. Mary, 19 s Exeter 

Evans Nelson, smith in gen. 6 President, dw Fawn, e of Exeter 

Evans Reese, pedlir, 105 n Calvert 

Evans Mrs. Sophia, tavern, 264 Broadway 

Evans Thomas, Carpenter, 100 Barre 

Evans Thomas, carpenter, 330 n Gay 

Evans Thomas, oyslerman, 84 s Eutaw 

Evans Thomas, plumber, Lombard, w of Poppleton 

Evans Thomas, plumber, 7 Eutaw House, Bait, cor. Eutaw 

Evans Thomas, carpenter, 243 Wolf 

Evans Thomas, 99 Wolf 

Evans Wm. keeper Mechanic's Hotel, 104 s Charlei 

Evatt Columbus, locksmith, bell hanger and machinist, 26 s 

Liberty, dw 22 s Howard 
Evatt E Jward, gun and lock smith, 33 Light 
Evatt Mrs. Ellen, hardware dealer, 16 a Gaj 
Evereng Bernard, 40 Argyle al 
Everest J. laborer, 146 Happy al 
Everet Mrs. Elizabeth, 223 Gough 
Everett Christiana, 208 Ann 
Everett Mrs. Eliza, 220 e Lombard 
Everett Hezekiah, oak cooper, 24 Welcome al 
Everett Jas. wagoner, 118 Canal i 

Everett James, plaisterer, l^l Bond 
Everett Thomas, 243 Gough 
Everett Wm. oak cooper, 22 Welcome al 
Everhard Lewis, laborer, cor. Charles and Montgomery 
Everhird Jacob, watchman, 107 Eutaw 
Everhard t Conrad, constable, 223 Mulberry 
Everliardt Frederick, glass blower, 8 G. Hughes 
Everhardt Martin, laborer, 115 Montgomery 
Everhart George, machinist, 15 Thomsen, dw 8 Comet 
Everhart Henry, brick maker, McHenry st. w of Fremont 
Everhart Martin, clerk, 94 s Howard 
Everist John M. cooper, 79 Holiday, dtf 197 Canal 
Everist Joseph, cooper, dw 382 n Gay 
Everii Joseph, sawyer. Mechanic's court 
Everiit G. laborer, 140 Ensor 

EVE «r< . FAI 

Everleicrh Joseph, 86 s Eutaw 

Evenly Mrs. Mary, marketer, 77 Cross 

Evers John B. tarpaiiline & oil cinih manufacturer, 20 Thame* 

Eversbacher Christian, laborer, 202 Eastern av 

Ewald John P. ed<,'e tool maker, 4 President, dw 129 s Eden 

Ewaldt Mrs. Dorothea S. 99 Pennsylvania av 

Evvalt Mrs. Araminla, 32 Pearl 

Evvalt Auiiust, firm Myers and & E. dw 99 Pennsylania av. 

Evvalt Philip, carter, 8 Han)pstead 

Ewin Samuel, ladies' shoemaker, dw Bethel st. n ofGough 

Ewing John J. 25 n Exeter 

Ewing John, mathematical instrument maker, 12 Block 

Ewing Samuel W. ladies' shoemaker, 96 e Fayette 

Ewing« Thomas, laborer, 20 Burgundy al 

Exchange buildings, s Gay, from Second to Lombard sta. w side 

Exchange Hotel,. D. Dorsey proprietor, Exchange Place, 24 

door from Gay 
Exe \Vm. E. blacksmith, 97 Ann 

Exley John, potter, 107 Eastern ar ^ 

Ex ley Peter, potter, 93 Eastern av 
Eyenbroot Christian, tailor, 147 York 
Eyerly Jacob S. printer, 234 Franklin 
Eyiau D. cow keeper, 113 Bond 
Eyle George, shoemaker, 15 Perry 
Eyle John, shoemaker, 15 Ferry 
Eyler John, shoemaker, 205 Peirce 

Eytinjre S. lurniture &. variety store, 4 s Charles, dw 187 Fayette 
Ey tinge Samuel, & Co. furniture store, 39 n Howard, dw 139 


Faesch Michael, oak cooper, Henrietta st. n of Howard 

Fagan Joseph, cabinet maker, 17 Low 

Fagan Joseph, carpenter, Shroeder, n of Fayette- 

Fagan Owen, drayman, 207 Chesnut 

Fagan Robert, drayman, «Sl Chesnut 

Fagy Martin, laborer, 263 Eastern av 

Faherty John P. carpenter, 38 Ross 

Faherty Mrs. Mary, 199 Eastern av 

Fahnestock Daniel E.. firm Gardner & Co. (\w 75 n Liberty 

Fahnestock Peter, coal mt. cor.. Eutaw and Ostend, dvr 287 w 

FabsMrs. Amelia, 24 Jackson 
Fairall W. H. blacksmith, cor. Frefiiont and L. Paca, dw 

McHenry, near Seoli 
Fairbank Andrew J. blacksmith, 105 Columbia 
Fairbank Henry, horse dealer, 139 Fremont 
Fairbank William, confectionery store, 816 w Pratt 
Fairbank William, couAictor on rail road, 528 Pratt 
Fairbanks Christopher, boot and shoemaker, 19 s Canal 
Fairbanks J. tobacco and cigar dealer, 313 w Pratt 
Fairbanks Noah, shoemaker, 578 w Baltimore 
Fairbanks Theodore, ship canpenter, 203 Washington 
Fairbanks Mrs. Ellen J. millinery store, 31 Si vv Pratfc 
Fairchilds Mrs. C. 64 Hampetead 
Fairule George, moulder, 86 Fremont 

FA! 125 FAR 

FaiihCul Henry, bricklayer, Chatsworth, near George 

Faithful J. daizuerian, n e cor. Eutavv & Lexington, dw 43 Eulaw 

Failhlnl W. E. B. hardware deal. 100 Frankhn, dw 205 n Eutaw 

Faitfilul Wm. printer, Chatsworth, near George 

Fail2 Henry, cabinet maker, 204 Broadway 

Faitz John, cabinet maker and undertaker, 312 Bond 

Falconor John H. attorney, 2 ''Counsellor's Hall," 46 Lexington 

dw 173 Fayette 
Falconer John, commission mt. 12 s Charles, dw 48 Courtland 
Falconer Misses, Elizabeth, Catharine and Caroline, 107 Sharp 
Falconer Wm. watchman, 85 Easlern av 
Fales Ebcnezer, clerk, 69 Oranby 
Fales James G. pilot, 103 Ann 
Fales Nathan D. iron caster, 139 n Front 
Fales Squire M. iron founder, 139 n Front 

Falk JoLm M. cabinet &- piano ma k. Carpenter's al, e of Fremont 
Fallon Nicholas, laborer, 45 w Lombard 
Falls Mrs. Fremont, n ol" Franklin 

Falls Moor N. agt. 8c ilirect. Norfolk steamboat Co. 21 n Calvert 
Falls Wm. weaver, 125 Peirce 
Falter John, tailor, 2G3 Aisquith 
Fanderhooven Peter, book keeper, 11 Lloyd 
Fancy John, carter, Johnson's fetone yard. North st 
Fantrmeyer John, cigar maker, 191 Alice Anna 
Fant Edward L. wholesale dealer in foreign and domestic dry 

goods, 14 Hanover, dw 41 
Fantom Mrs. N. E. fancy iroods dealer, 166 n Caroline 
Fantom Elizabeth, 145 Orleans 
Fantom Nathan, shoemaker, 147 e Orleans 
Fanton James, carpenter, 166 n Caroline 
Fantz Jacob, brick maker, 364 IJght 
Faris John, clerk, Eden, n of Wilk 
Farland & Traver.s, sail makers, 14 Spear's whf 
Farland J. F. of firm F. & Travers, dw Fawn, e of Exeter 
Farlow & Hmnphreys, Liverv stables, Lancaster, near Bond 
Farlow John T. grocer, 220 Broadway 
Farmar James A. ship smith, rear of il5 Light st whf. dw 131 

H;inover st 
Farmer John, mariner, 15 Shakspear 

Farmer Phil, stove deal. cor. Euiaw & Lexinffton.dvv 2l Eutav7 
Farmer William, buicher. Pennsylvania av. n of Hoffman st 
Farmers' 8t Merchants' Bank, 6 n Calvert st, cor. Bank lane 
Farmers' & Planiers', 17 S )uttj 
Farnan Peter, grocer, 246 Aice Anna 
Farnandis Samuel, olfice 44 Lombard st. Ex. place, dw n e cor. 

Camden and Sliarp sts 
Farnandis Wm. jr. attorney at law, I Spurrier's- court, Lexing- 

Um w of St Paul st. dw 4S Hanover 
Farnan.lis Walter, dw 48 Hanover 
Farnen Michael, laborer, 70 Cross 
Farquhar Geo. A. dry g.)ods merchant, 233 Lexington 
Farquharson Charles, firm C. F. & Son, dw 12 Saratoga 
Farquharson Charles & Son, property agents, Donneii buiklinirs, 

s w ci>r. Giy and Lombard 
Farquharson, James, firm C F, &, Son, 84 e Lombard 

FAR 126 FEI 

Farr Samuel, butcher, 99 Spring 

Farrall Mis. Sarah, 95 e FaveUe 

Farrell Geo. W. clerk, 133 Fremont 

Farrell Miss Marv Ann, corset maker, ISO Lexin^orr 

Farrell Michael, lab,)rer, Livery al. w from Front st. bet. Lom- 
bard ami Ploiicrhman 

Farrell Wm. O. watchman,. Pei'rce w ofFremttAt 

Farrell William, tailor, 26 Jasper 

Farrinir A. H. harness maker, 147 AiBquith 

Farrin<rer Mrs. Catharine, 212 n Eden 

Farringer Charles, frrm Sliver & F. 154 n Exeter 

Farrow Joseph, dry tjoods merchant, 651 Baltimore 

Farrow Lamson, clerk, 290 n Gay 

Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, 181 Canton^ av 

Fasbender C. P. watch maker, 274 w Pratt 

Fasiie G. clothier, 80 n Gay 

Faud Lewis, butcher, 73 Arcryle af 

Faucett John, ladies' shoe dealer, dw303 n Gay 

Faucett Michael, shoemaker, 203 n Canal 

Faulac Anthony, broker, dw 69 n Front 

Fau.kner John, cabinet maker, 10 Chew 

Fauikiier Wm. H.iarlor, 169 n Eden 

Fauns Jacob, butcher, Eutaw st. Sprincr Garde»» 

Faunt John, laborer, Fremont st extended 

Fans John, riinbrella ma-ker, 228 Canton av 

Faux Lewis, butcher, 73 Ari^vle mI 

Favier Peter A. rrun maker, 67 e Pratt 

Flavour Conrad, lieojister st. s of Pratt 

Fawner Henry, laborer, Fremont st extended 

Fay F. currier, 67 n Hitrh 

Fay Henry, clothier, 48 C. Market 

Fay Mrs. Margaret, 69 e Monument 

Fayaux Geortre, window shade pavnter, 1 Hollidaj 

Fearson Mrs. Hannah, 35 Albemarle 

Feast John, florist and seedsnian^ 273 Lexintrfon 

Feast Samuel 8c Sons, nursery and seedsmen, 55 n Charless, dw 

Feaster John C. laborer, 70 n Eutaw 

Feaster John, carpenter, 119 Pine 

Ffaster Leonard, laborer, Fremont extended 

Feddel Henry, tanner, Pennsylvania av. nolWilswi 

Fedder Godlred, cabinet maker, 194 s Eutaw 

Federieicht Al>raham, clothier, 159 Franklin 

Fedou Mrs. Ellen, milliner, 421 Baltimore 

Fedou Francis, tailor, 421 Baltitn«)re 

Feenv James, clerk, 14 Pearl 

Felel Frederick,- clerk, 190 n Eutaw 

Fefil John, huckster, I5 Republican 

Fefil Joseph, b.-n)t and shoemaker, 793 Baltimore 

Feinr A. tailor, 86 n Caroline 

FeiL' Frederick, carpet weaver, 90 s High 

Fed Wm. cabinet maker, 49 Clav 

Feinitier Auofustus, laborer, 4 Fell 

Feinour Charles, ir. Franklin square, Carey near Baltimore 

Feinour Charles, sen. Franklin square, Carey near Baltimore 

Feinour Dr. Thomas, 297 Surato<ra 

FEI 127 FER 

Feit Henry, laborer, 6 West 

Feldliaus B. shoemaker, 19 Short 

Felclner Henry, porter, 136 s Canal 

Feigner F. VV. me/chant tailor, 10 n Charles 

Fell Casper, laborer, 31 Carpenter's alley 

Fell & Robinson's lime (lep'»i, cor. Alice Anna and Eden 

Fell Philip S. mariner, 2-2'J Wolf 

Fell Stephen, rope maker,Harrord av. extenJed 

Feller Geo. oak cooper, 26 Kastern av 

Feller Valenline, carter, 33 Garden 

Felthousen Henry, tin and sheet iron worker. Smith's court 

Feltzman John, laborer, 63 Yt)rk st 

Feltzner Christian, laborer, Green's conn. Federal Hill 

Fehvinorer Adam, laborer, 1S6 s Howard 

Fenby Samuel, firm S. F. & Bro. dw 118 e Baltimore 

Fen by S. St Bro. conmiission mts. n w cor. Pratt St Gay 

Fenby Miss T. dry t^^oods dealer, 147 n Gay 

Fendall Mrs. Ennly, 224 w Pratt 

Fendall Mrs. Emily, boarding house, 224 w Pratt 

Fendall Mrs. Penelope, boarding house, Second st. e of South 

Fendell Thos. orn.i menial painter, 28 Orleans 

Fenderick Chas. tobacconist, 298 e Monument 

Fenderick David, cooper, 116 e Monument 

Fenderick Rudolph, boot crimper, ll Guilford al 

Fenhagan Lewis, tailor, 6 e Pratt 

Fenne Joseph, locksn»iih, 16 Ross 

Fennel Morris, clerk, 118 Pine 

Fenner Richard S. clerk, 76 s High 

Fcnsley VVm, boot and shoe maker, Greene st. s of Lexington 

Fensterer Leonard, carter, 129 L. Greene 

Fenton A. firm Drakely and F. dw 275 Fayette 

Fenton Wm. cabinet maker, Clinton st. Canton 

Fentress Bennet, ship carpenter, 162 Light 

Feoff' Jacob, 17 French 

Ferguson Alexander, painter, 89 Orleans 

Ferguson Alexander, saddler and trunk maker, 244 Saratoga 

Ferguson Andrew, carpenter, 216 Lombard 

Ferguson B. W. tobacconist, 652 w Baltimore 

Ferguson Benjamin, constable and collector, 34 Josephine 

Ferguson Charles A. grocer, 165 Light 

Ferguson D. B. property agent, s w corner Fayette and Nortb 

sts. dw 83 n Paca 
Ferguson George, grocer and flaur store, 192 Hanover 
Ferguson Isaac, 136 n Howard 

Ferguson James D. block and pump maker, 52 Philpot 
Ferguson John, clerk at B. & O. K. R. depot, dw. 76 s Howard 
Ferguson Richard T. carpenter, 29 n Caroline 
Ferguson Samuel, brick moulder. Light st. extended 
Ferguson Theodore G. carpenter, Lee st w of Eutaw 
Ferguson Thomas, agent for Union factory, 68 South st Bow- 

ly*s wharf, dw 61 n Calvert 
Fergus )n, W. B. St Co. proprietors Union spice and chocolate 

factory, VV. Falls av. store 62 Fayette 
Ferg^uson William, firm Poole & F. 146 n Front 
Ferguson William M. boiler maker, 19 West 

FDH 128 FIL 

FeriTuson William, mariner, 146 Chesnut 

Ferguson Wi liam, 3 s Canal 

Fertjussoii Cliprles, cor. Light Sc Pratt sts.dvv 87 Sharp 

Fergu^son J. B. Sc C. com. mis, cor. Pratt and Light st whf. 

Ferrandini Cij)riano, hair dresser, Calvert St. one door s ol Bal- 
timore St. dvv 16 Calvert 

Ferrell Elisha, moulder, 145 Ensor 

Ferrell Captain Joshua, 197 Canton av 

Ferrell Jc^shua, millwright, 145 Ensor 

Ferris Baldo, liuiter Sc coiilt'Ctioner, 57 n Charles dvv Grant 

Ferris iMrs. Mary, 33 Hoilins 

Ferry D. firm J.*&. D. F. dw 78 s Paca 

Ferry Edward, conductor on rail road, 403 w Lombard 

Ferry J. & D. wliolesale grocers &, com. mis. 49 Lfght 

Ferry John, firm, dw 170 Liiiht 

Fessier — — , market man, 93 s Howard 

Fetter Lawrence, sawyer, 23 Carpenter's al 

Felling John, watch maker and jeweller, 201 e Baltimore 

Felz John, sione cutler, 171 Sharp 

Feuss F. H. boot and shoe maker, 78 Harrison 

Few George, stone cutler, 156 Orleans 

Fick Augustus, tavern, 58 n Frederick 

Fick Charles, laborer, 12 Shakespear 

Fick Charles, rigger, 42 Argyle al 

Fick F^rd. piano ^maker. Light, dvv Carpenter's alleey e of Fre- 
miti t st 

Fick G.M boot and shoe maker, ll9 William 

Ficker Henry, laborer, 3 Clay 

Fickey Frederick St Sons, importers of German, French and 
Englisii fancy gooils, 290 Baltimore ?t. dw 81 n Liberty 

Fickev Harman, comb maker, Orleans st.on Fairmount 

Fieble Ru'us, 252 Biddle 

Field Ahiather, oyster dealer, 334 Lombard 

Field H. B. & Co', umbrella & India rubber store, 219 Baltimore 

Field Henry B. firm tU B. F. Sc Co. dw 29 Camden 

Field John A. firm Charron, Field &- Co. corner Baltimore and 
Hanover sts. dw 305 w Lombard 

Fieldhouse Ferdinand, tobacconist, 8 Baltimore 

Fields Anthony V. mariner, 40 Dallas 

Fields & Jackson, grocers &. flour dealers, 193 e Baltimore 

Fields James, pilot, 72 Ann 

Fields James, laborer, 118 Holliday 

Fields James, carter, 116Spiing 

Fields James, firm F. & Jackson, 203 e Baltimore 

Fields John, oCsteamboat 'Mary Washington,' dvv 299 e Fayette 

Fields Mitchell B. constable, 38 Bond 

Fields William H. blacksmith, 169 Fremont st. dvv s end Paca 

Fields William, trader, 85 Ross 

Fields William, carter, ll2 Happy al 

Fiest Nicholas, 13 Fell st 

Fife Jacob, tailor, 11 Chesnut 

Filbert Mrs. H. 11 Stirling 

Filling Henry, shoe maker, Pennsylvania av n of Dolphin st 

Fillinger John, grocer, Columbia st. dw 47 Paca 

Fillin^er Paul, boot and shoe maker, 115 Pennsylvania av 

FIL 129 Fia 

Fillius Tliomas, carpenter, 15 May 

Finch G. G. deal, in stoves, plou^rhs, furnaces, &c. 122 Lombard 

Finch William, tailor. Chase st e ol Cathedral 

Finch William, huckster, 1 L. Stirling 

Fincher Benjamin, miller. Cathedral st n of Tyson 

Fincknaur William, grocer and bacon dealer, 85 Paca 

Fink Mi»3 Catharine, milliner, 75 Ross 

Fink Frederick, varnisher, 119 s Howard 

Fink Jacob, tailor, 199 Bidate 

Fink John, tailor, 7 Albemarle 

Fink John, tailor, 24 Concord 

Fink John, carter, 83 Arffvle al 

Finlay Mrs. Catharine, 97 Hanover 

Finlay John, prop. Collonade Baths, Saratoga e of Calvert 

Finley Mrs. Eliza, dress maker, 82 n Front 

Finley Mrs. Eliza W. 87 Franklin 

Finley James J. grocer, Sharp st. 1 door s of Baltimore, d\v SOS 

n Howard 
Finley John W. & Co. produce & com. rats. 26 Conmierce st. 

dw 50 Hillen 
Finley Thomas, ex-postmaster, 50 Hillen 
Finley Thomas, grocer, n w cor. Park and Marion 
Finley Thomas, shoe maker, 85 Fremont 
Finley William, firm J. W. F. & Co. dw 72 Saratoga 
Finn John G. A. plaislerer, 197 Aisquith 
Finnegan Augustus, laborer, Boyd st 
Finnegan Henry, brakesman, 524 w Pratt 
Finnegan John, weaver, 43 Preston 

Finnegan Lewis, tailor, 6 e Fruit / 

Finnegan Mrs. boarding house, 122 McHenry 
Finnegan O. laborer, 129 Hoiliday 
Finnegan Thomas, mariner, 125 Gough 
Finney B. blacksmith, 44 Clay 
Fiquet Dom nic, 599 w Baitmiore 
Fire Engine House, 1st Baiiimore, 10 McClellan st 

Deptford, s e Gough ^id Dallas 

Friendsliip, ll Frederick 

Franklin and Columbian, n e cor. BroaiJ 
way and Canton av 
Fire do. do. Howard, Paca st. between Lexington and 

Fire do. do. Independent, cor. Ensor and Gay 
Fire do. do. Lafayette, Eden si. s of Mullikin 
Fire do. do. Liberty, junction Liberty, Park & Fayette 
Fire do. do. Mechanical, Calvert st. opposite Mercer 
Fire do. do. New Market, Euta^v, s of Lexington ; 
Fire d.o. . . do» Paiapsco, Norili si s of Fayette 
Fire do. do. Vigilant, 35 e Lombard 
Fire do, do. Union, Balderston st e of Charles 

Fire do. do. United, Howard st. bet. Pratt &, Lombard 
Fire do. do. Watchnmn, Light st. between Lee S^r Hill 
Firemen's Insurance Co. corner South and Second :, d^.i'l 

Firnstein Valentine, boot and shoe maker, 105 n Eutaw - >» ' 
Firoved David, grocer and lea dealer, s w cor. Chatsworth and 

Franklin ; 

Firth Jonas, car builder^ s e corner Park and Richmond 










Fig 130 FIT 

Fischer Charles & Co. impDrters German, Enghsh and French 

goods, 338 vv Baltimore 
Fischer Ernest, artist, Second st. e of South 
Fischer Francis M. locksnriith & stove manuf. 12 Lombard 
Fischer Mrs. Frederica, stove & tin plate manuf. Gay st bridge 
Fischer George W. tavern, cor. W. Falls av and Pratt st 
Fisciier H. laborer, 26 Johnson 
Fischer Mrs. Sarah, Watef st 
Fish Mrs. Ann, d\v 102 s Eden 

Fishach, Mrs. irimmintr and variety store, 262 w Pratt 
Fischbaugh Henry, 1 1 Ross 
Fisher Abraham, variety dealer, 236 Mulberry 
Fisljer Adam, grocer & flour deal, n \v cor. George st &, Penn. av 
Fisher Alexander, mt. German st.dw 49 w Fayette 
Fisher, Ames & Williams, domestic dry goods mts. l2Gernian 
Fisher Miss Annabella, 115 Monument 
Fisher Caspar, laborer, 126 Canton av 
Fisher Charles, blacksmith, Harford av extended • 

Fisher Conrad, grocer and liquor dealer, 155 Peirce 
Fisher Francis A. firm F. A. & W. F. dvv Eutaw House 
Fisher Frederick, laborer, 25 Gittings 
Fisher Frederick, carpenter, 40 Clay 
Fisher George VV. bricklayer, 24 Josephine 
Fisher George P. attorney at law, cr^rner Park and Centre sts. 

office 9 Counselior'.s Hall, 46 Lexington 
Fisher Henry, shoe maker, 67 n Eden 
Fisher Henry, glass blower, 7 McHenry 
Fisher Jacob, laborer, 199 Biddle 

Fisher, Jas. J. sliip. & com. mt. 76 Spear's whf. dw 32 Pleasant 
Fisher John, sawyer, 202 Dallas 
Fisher John, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fisher John, laborer, 233 s Charles 
Fisiier Joim, tailor, 71 Park 
Fisher John M. carter, 494 w Lombard 
Fisher John A. shoe maker, 40 Douglass 

Fisher John W. carpenter, 8 s Fredt'rick st. dw 132 c Lombard 
Fisher Joseph, conliectioner, 47 Montgomery 
Fisher J^udwig, tailor, 88 Lancaster 
Fisher Martin, shoe maker, 56 Union 
Fisher Mrs. Mary Ann, 74 George 
Fisher, Miller & Co. com. mts. 1 and 3 German 
Fisher Peter, laborer, 26 Gitiings 
Fisher Samuel, stonecutter, 36 Pine 
Fisher Mrs. Sarah, trader in market, 255 s Charles 
Fisher Thomas, dyer and scourer, JO s Calvert 
Fisher Warner, engineer, 476 w Lombard 
Fisher William, carpenter, Pennsylvania av n of HofTraan st 
Fisher Williim A. plaisterer, 281 s Charles 
Fisher William, dry goods mt. Baltimore 8t. dw S3 Courtland 
Fisher William, blacksmith, 15 Warren 
Fisler John, potter, 28 Hampstead 
Fitch Joseph, laborer, 213 Wolf 
Fitchausts George, cabinet maker, 7 Slemmer a) 
Fitcheti William A. ship carpenter, 47 Bfthcl 
Fite Conrad R. firm Fite, Grinnell & Co. dw 2 Cathedral 

FIT 131 FLA 

File, Grinnell & Co. wholesale dealers in boots, shoe*, hats, caps, 

&c. '268 Baltimore 
File Martin, tailor, 294 e Monument 
File Thomas, paver, 337 e Monument 
Filz Henr.v, 272 Aisquith 
Fitzback Rudolph, laborer, 8 West 
Fitsburgh Henry, locksmith, 22 Jasper 
Fitzgerald Charles G. clerk, 95 Greene 
Fizgerald Edmund, tailor, 41 G. Hutrhes 
FitzgeralJ F. carpenter, 191 n Exeter 
Fitzgerald Garret, grocer and liquor store, 401 w Pratt 
Fitzgerald George, rope maker. 32S Light 
Fitzgerald Miss Hannah, 37 Clay 
FitZiTerald James, rope maker, 21 Gittinga 
Fitzgerald John B. clerk, office B. & Ohio R. R. d\v 258 Saratoga 
Fitzgerald Mrs. Mary Ann, 43 Ross 
Fitzgerald Mrs. 85 e Lombard 
Fitzgerald Capt. Richard B. merchant,9 Commerce st. up stairs, 

d\v 200 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Thomas, seaman, 250 Wolf 
Fitzgerald & Trainer, clothiers, 12U Franklin 
Fitzgerald Thomas B. firm Griffith, F. &, Magruder, dw n e 

corner Franklin and St. Paul 
Fitzgerald William, bonnet bleaching and pressing establish- 
ment, 42 German 
Fitzgye Henry, potter, 107 Eastern av 

Fitzhugh Henry, treas. Greenmount Cem. Co. 86 n Charles . 
Fitzmaurice Ellen, Water st 
Fizmaurice Hugh, laborer, 14 Poppleton 
Fitzpatrick Andrew, grocer, 151 Eastern av 
Fitzpatrick Daniel, laborer, 30 Granby 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, clerk, 25 Shakspear 
Fitzpatrick Hugh, brick maker, 58 Hamburg 
Fitzpatrick J. firm J, F. & Co. dw 57 Hill 
Fitzpatrick John & Co. lime and feed dealers, 3 Hollingsworth 
Fitzpatrick John jr. firm J. F. & Co. dw 29 Hill 
Fitzpatrick John M. livery stables, 28 Lombard st. dw S3 do 
Fitzpatrick John, bricklayer,^4l Hill 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, grocer, corner Ann and Bank 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, LTvery al. running w from Front st. between 

Lombard and Ploughman 
Fitzsimmons Daniel G. carpenter, Saratoga st. near Ciiarlee, dw 

188* n Eutaw 
Fitzsimmons Daniel, laborer, Dewberry al 
Fitzsimmons Edward, laborer, 20 Harmony lane 
Fix Conrad, watchman, 70 Lancaster 
Flack Geor<re W. firm Lentz 8c Flack, dw 7 Aisquith 
Flack Mrs. Rachel, 153 Fayette 
Flack 'J\ J. wine & spirit, 'mt. cor. South and Guilford sts. dw 

22 Camden 
Flack T. W. firm, dw 7 Al'^quith 
Flackenstien George, oak cooper, 15 West 
Flagg William C, dealer in carpeting, floor oil cloth?, &,c. 250 

Baltimore at. dw 14 s Eutaw 

FLA 132 FLO 

Flaherty Anthony, Clinton st. Canton 

Flaherly Edward, laborer, 8(3 Albemarle 

Flaherty Edward, sliip carpenter, Rejfister St. a of Gough 

Flaherty Edward, Register si. (Aroryle al) s of Gough at 

Flaherty Janties, ship joiner, 125 Bank 

Flaherty John, laborer, 399 w Pratt 

Flaherty Michael, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

Flaherty Thomas, orrocer, 151 Canton av. 

Flakensiiiie Peter, 158 Alice Anna 

Flamm George, grocer, 30 Holland 

Flamm Peter, confectioner and cake. baker, 27 Lcnibard 

Flanairan John, carter, 51 s Frederick 

Flanui^an Mrs. Rose, 11 Frederick 

Flanai^an Patrick, carter, 32 President 

Flanders Joseph, tinner, 6Q Orleans 

Flanne^^ain & Trimble, ship builders, Fianneojan's wharf 

Fiannigan Andrew, firm F. &. Trimble, dw 68 e Pratt 

Flarilay Morj^an, watchman, 280 n Eutaw 

Flaritay Timothy, carpenter, Moore al. dw 76 Ross 

Flashed John, police officer, 49 Orchard 

Flashman John, shoe maker, 45 Hill 

Flashman Mrs. Mariraret, seamstress, 60 George st 

Flashman Moses, tavern n w corner Broadway &, Alice Anna 

Flashman Simon, butcher, 299 Bond 

Fledderman John G. merchant tailor, 4 s Charles 

Fledderman H. draper and tailor, 99 n Howard 

Fleehearty Hugh, shoe maker, 166 Madison 

Fleishel Jacob, stone cutter, 51 George 

Fleishell Joseph, constable, 125 L- Greene 

Fleishman Simon, butcher, 299 Bond 

Fleming Samuel, plumber, 74 Mulberry 

Flemming Emanuel, tailor, 16 Jasper 

Flemming Frederick A. clerk, 191 Madison 

Flemming Frederick A. 130 e Lombard 

Flemming James, boot and shoe maker, 125 n Gay 

Flemming John, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Flemming Patrick, tavern keeper, 61 s Frederick 

Flemming William, clerk, 27 Canal 

Fleshstine John, laborer, 315 Bond 

Fletcher 8t Co. lottery Sc exchange, 3 s Calvert st. dw James F. 

59 e Fayette 
Fletcher James"^H. tailor, 306 n Gay 
Fletcher John, rope maker, 366 Light 
Fletcher William, gunsmith, 109 Cross 
Fleury Michael, laborer, 83 Eastern av 
Fleury Warren, sail maker, 106 Barre 
Flick^John, 238 Dallas 
Fliegel Conrad, shoe maker, SO York 
Flinn Anthony, laborer, Hammond st 
Flinn James, laborer, 42 Rosa 

Flint John, carpenter, Baltimore st. dw 21 Chalsworth 
Flint Mrs. Sarah, 93 Biddle 

Flister John Fred'k, butcher, vv Pratt st extended 
Flock Andrew, tavern, 285 Bond 
Flood Mrs. Elizabeth, 76 n Exeter 

riO 133 FOR 

Flood Thomas, ship carpenter, 549 Columbia 

Floss William, dry gor>ds dealer, 216 Broadway 

Flout Levi, grocer, H9 Canton av 

Floyd Charles, carpenter, 154 e Monument 

Floyd Clement, carpenter, 165 Washingtoa 

Floyd M. W. carter, 157 Ensor 

Flour Inspector's office (Jo/. nMcPherson, general inspector) n vf 

corner Howard and Pratt 
•Flynn James, foundryman, Canton depot, Canton 
Flynn John, trader in market, 49 Pennsylvania av 
Flynn John, sheet iron worker, 9 Perry 
Flynn Lawrence, grocer, Boston st. Canton 
Flysher Kenry, laborer, Frederick road, Baltimore st 
Flysher John, laborer, 98 Hamburi^ 
Foble Henry, plaisterer, '^7 Fremont 
Focke Captain William, corner Albemarle and Stiles 
Focke Frederick, firm Brauns &. F. dw 20 e Favette 
Focke & Wehrly, imp. & deal, in fancy e^oods, 242 Baltimore 
Foerschell Joseph, shoe maker, Eden st n of Wilk 
Fogeler John, cabinet maker, 27 e Monument 
Fotreler John H. laborer, 65 Hoffman 
Fogle Anthony, cabinet maker, 80 Hampstead 
Fogle L. tailor, 61 Centre Market Space 
Fo^leman E. cabinet maker, 25 Perry 
Fohrinu Lewis, tailor, 6 e Pratt 
Foley Mrs. Ellen, rear 23 Carpenter's alley 
Foley Matthew, feed store, cor. Cheapside and Pratt st. dw 19 

Foley S. J. firm F. & Trail, 149 Sbarp 
Foley &/ Trail, dry good.s mts. s e cor. Hanover and Pratt 
Foley & Woodside, wholesale grocers, 87 Pratt 
Follen Captain Levin, 23 Caroline 
Follenkamp John, laborer, William 
Follins Daniel, wood dealer, 75 Hamburg 
Folk George, '^bricklayer, 246 n Gay 
Follz William A. Sc Jacob O. property agents, Fayette 
Fonibauwh Henry, laborer, 26 Eastern avenue 
Fomler R. house and sign painter, cor. Harrison & Gaysts dw 

109 n Caroline st 
Fonerden Dr. John, Monument st e of Broadway 
Fookes Mrs. J. tailoress, 14 Bond 
Fooksenberger Alfred, box maker, Davis st 
Foose Edward Alfred, bricklayer, 154 Orlears 
Foose Henry, bricklayer, 53 Chesnut 
Foose Philip J. carperter, 214 n Eden 

Foose Mrs. Sarah Ann, 203 e Fayette y 

Foose William L. ship joiner, 106 Dallas st 
Foote Mrs. Elizabeih, 262 n Canal 
Foote Lewis H. bricklayer, 228 Aisquith 
Foote Wesley, laborer, 24 Sarah Ann st 
Forbes Charles P. second hand furniture dealer, 41 Harrison 
Forbes Mrs. Harriet, 104 Ann st 

Forbes James S. carpenter, Garden st dw 136 Madison 
Forbes John M. carpenter, dw 29 Garden 
Ford Mrs. Catharine, 147 Hanover 


FOR 134 FOR 

Ford Charles, waichman, Hanover, I door e of Henrietta 
Ford Columbus W. firm F. Siannard &. Co. dw Franklin square 

near Baltimore st in Carey 
Ford Elias, boot and shoe maker, 59 Saratoga 
Ford Geori^re, waterman, 31 Philpot lane 
Ford Mrs. Hannah, taiioress, 1G7 Light 
Ford Henry bricklayer, 275 Forest 
Ford James D. clerk, 46 Josephine 
Ford James, carpenter, Lee st vv ofEntaw 
Ford Joseph Y. merchant tailor, 81 1-2 South st 
Ford Josiah, Conway n of Warner 
Ford Justin, 13 Chesnut st 

Ford Mrs. Margaret L. tailoress, 57 n Frederick 
Ford Mr. 69 Eden st 
Ford Nicholas, carpenter, 34 Clay 
Ford Rufus T. wood jobber, 122 Conway 
Ford Mrs. Ruth, seamstress, 5 L. Church 
Ford Stannard & Co., wholesale dry goods mts. 300 Baltimore 
Ford Mrs. Susannah, 156 Orleans 
Ford Thomas C. dry goods &l variety merchant, Md. Arcade, 

52 Centre Market space, dw 272 n Gay 
Ford William H. merchant tailor, Bl n Howard 
Ford William, ladies' shoemaker, 196 Mulberry 
Ford William, rigger, 226 Alice Anna 
Fordman John, gardner, Scott si extended 
Forebaugh George E. trunk maker, 5 Hamilton 
Foreknile Henry, laborer, 44 L. Church 
Foreman Mrs. C. corner Mullikin & Dallas sts 
Foreman David, butcher, s end Paca st 
Foreman David, laborer, 10 Slate st 
Foreman Edward, 160 n Caroline 

Foreman Francis E. com. ml. Light st wharf, dw 115 s Paca 
Foreman Foreman, 18 s Eutaw 
Foreman John, shoemaker, 47 Mullikin 
Foreman Joseph, shoemaker, e Fayette ext. 
Foreman Joseph, watchman, 333 Mulberry 
Forman A. D. plaisterer, 269 Saratoga 
Forman Mrs. D. 49 French ^ 

Forman Irenius D. clerk, 257 Saratoga 
Forman E. M. plaisterer, 9 Holland 
Forman Joseph 11. gate keeper, Greenmount Cemetery 
Forman Valentine, plaisterer, 90 1-2 Ross 

Forney & Co. apothecary & druggists, n e cor. Mulbery & Pine 
Forney Cornelius W. apothecary & druggist, 168 Franklin 
Forney E. Y. apothecary, 51 n Euiavv 
Forney Isaac C. carriage trimmer, 35 Columbia 
Forney Mrs. Louisa, 26 Greene st 
Fornshel Joseph, shoeniaker, Eden st n of Wiik 
Fornshil John, gun smith, 20 Ensor 
Forrd Thomas, rigger, 260 e Fayette 
ForrCvSt Alexander, carpenter, 199 n Eutaw 
Forrest Henry, cabinet maker, 10 Chew st 
Forrest John, blacksmith, Preston w of Garden 
Forrest Mrs. Julia Ann, seamstress, 1 Gould's court 
Forrest Dr. M. S. marshall for district ofMd. oflSce C, house lane 
dw 112 s Howard 

FOR 135 FOS 

Forrest Mrs. Mary, 138 s Howard 

Forrest Nicholas, watchman, cor. Hamburg 8t William sts 

Forrester James, bricklayer, 146 n Eden 

Forrester & McLaughlin, stone cutters, cor. Frederick & Gay 

Forrester Robert, liquor dealer, 51 Hill 

Forrester William, stone cutler, 3 York aveuue 

Forrester William, marble cutter, 67 n Gay, dw cor. Monument 

and. Green sts 
Forster Francis, general agent, boarding house. Us Frederick 
Forsler J. G. proprietor Canton house, Boston st Canton 
Forster Mrs. Mary, tailoress, Ramsay, near depot 
Forster Michael, grocer, cor. Alice Anna, & Ann sts 
Forster Samuel, laborer, 131 Columbia 

Forsyth Alexander, sexton 2d Presbyterian church, S3 Holland 
Forsyth Emanuel T. tobacconist, Hoffman e of Gibson 
Forsyth George W. laborer, Republican st s of Pratt 
Forsyth Isaac, Harmony lane e ofShroeder st 
Forsyth Mrs. Julia Ann, 79 Fremont 
Forsyth Lemuel, miller, 240 n Canal 

Forsyth Raymond G. lithographer, Hoffman st e ofMcCulloh 
<Forsyth Thomas, bricklayer, 35 Ross 
Forsyth William, clerk, 40 Lee 
Forsyth William, tailor, 96 Fremont 
Forsythe Alexander, laborer, 38 s Frederick 
Forsythe Mrs. Lydia, seamstress, 107 Biddle 
Forsythe Robert, 35 Holland 
Forsythe Victor, drayman, 16 Stiles 
Fort Anthony, laborer, 69 Centre Market 
Fort John, cabinet maker, 87 Cross 
Fort Leander A. carpenter, 145 Fayette 
Fort Thomas, grocer & feed dealer,'29 Columbia 
Fortie Mrs. Maria, pie baker, 44 Park 
Fortling Henry, stone cutter, 114 Hollins 
Fortman Bantz, laborer, 50 Hamburg 
Fosbenner Dmiel, blacksmith, 79 Lee 
Fos8 Charles N. grocer, 234 Broadway 
Foss Jacob, sawyer, 182 Lii2rht 

Foss William, grocer & tea dealer, s w cor Howard & Lexington 
Fossett John, collector, 73 s Caroline 
Fossler Henry, paver, 9 Harmony lane between Mulberry and 

Saratoga, w from Fremont st 
Fossler Job, carpenter, 228 e Pratt 

Foster Benjamin W. mustard manufacturer, 137 Saratoga 
Foster Mrs. Catharine, 5 n Caroline 
Foster Da\id B. plumber. Hi L. Greene 

Foster Francis S. ship carpenter. Register (Argyle al.) s ofGough 
Foster Hamilton, coach maker, 54 n Exeter 
Foster James, blacksmith. 111 L. Greene 
Foster James M. ship carpenter, 18ft Wolf 
Foster James, carpenter, Conway w of Fremont 
Foster Joseph, tailor, 97 n High 
Foster Leonard, baker, 27 n Dallas 
Foster Mrs. Mary Ann, 160 Hanover 

Foster Mi^j^es, princip<ls yon'ig ladies' institute, 58 Greene st 
Foster Robert hatter, 52 n Exeler 


Fos 136 rox 

Foster Mrs. Sarah, 52 n Exeler 
Foster William T. carpenter, 1 18 e Baltimore 
Foster William, cabinet maker, S'2 Montgomery 
Fosler Winthrop, mariner, 120 B.)n(i 
Foucksberry John, laborer,. Exeter st s of Eastern avemie 
Foudriat Peter, laborer, 43 St. Mary's st 
Fouiset John, shoemaker, 303 n Gay 
Fouke Mary, seamstress, 54 s Caroline 
Fouley Mrs. Margaret, 50 Addison st 
Foulk A. M. bricklayer, 17 York avenue 
Foulk John, laborer, 15 Sliakspear 
Foulke William E. bricklayer, 17 York avenue 
Fouike Casper Wm, porter, 327 s Charles 
Foulks Georfi^e, carpenter, 301 n Gay 
Founberry Miss Mar^^aret, 30 Addison st 
Fountain Inn, Phineas Thurston proprieior, 5 Light 
Fountain Marcy, trader 15 Columbia st 
Fountain Solomon, porter, 121 s Howard' 
Fourd Mr. 69 s Eden 

Fouse Jacob M. tin plate & sheet iron worker, dw 269 n Gay 
Foust Gottfried, umbrella n>;jker, 50 Geo<rge 
Foust John, boot fitter, Guilli^r.l alley 
Fouxbury John, Exeter st s of Wilk 
Fowble A. carpenter, 50 Pine si d\v 247 Fayette 
Fovvble Mrs. Ann, 102 Rollins 

Fowble Thomas, pr>ltern maker, s \v cor. Penn. av. 8i. Dolphin s4 
Fowble Thomns, shoemaker, 275 s Charles- 
Fowler Mrs. Catharine, 107 e Biltimore 
Fowler David, clerk, 121 Madison 
Fowler David, laborer, 2 Chester st Canton 
Fowler David, 89 Block 
FDwIer Mrs. Eliza, 14 Slemmer's allev 

Fowler Francis, wire worker, 101 Fayette st dw 14 n Liberty^ 
Fowler Isaac, plaisterer, 336 n Gay 
Fowler Janves H. painter, Shrc&der st n of Fayette 
Fowler John, market trader, 30 j^hakspear 
Fowler Mrs. Matilda, 223 e Lonrbard 
Fowler Philip, omnibus driver, 91 n Poppleton 
Fowler Rufus, trader, 3 Hamilton 

Fowler Rufus, feed dealer, 141 Saratoga st dw 154 Biddle 
Fowler Saml. B. carpenter, cor Exeter & Bank,dw 42 Frederick 
Fowler Mrs. Sarah, 103 Sharp 

Fowler & Stone, dealers in hanhvare, 171 e Baltimore 
Fowler Mrs. Susan, 166 n Exeter 
Fowler Thomas, grocer & tea dealer, 173 e Baltimore 
Fowler Wm. H. carpenter, York a v. near Madison dw 274 n Gay 
Fowler Wm. H. tavern, 347 Bond 
Fowler Wm. W. brass founder, 129 Paca 
Fowler Wm. W. hatter, 13 Diamond 
Fowler Wm. C. pilot, Gough st e of Argyle alley 
Fox Charles J. shoemaker, 295 Saratoga 
Fox Charles, 117 Lancaster st 
Fox Charles James, carpenter, 241 WolC 
Fox Henry, rigger, 216 Alice Anna 
Fox Hiram E. tivern, 8 Ligh^ 

ox 137 FRA 

Fox John, grocer & liquor djaler, cor. Front & Hillen 

Fox John, grocer, 6 Hillen 

Fox John, keeper ice house. Spring gardens 

Fox Mrs. L. 14 Mercer 

Fox Luther, tavern, 8 Lio^ht 

Fox Peter, blacksmith, Peirce st w of Fremont 

Fox Peter, oak cooper, 144 Alice Anna 

Fox William, laborer. Dewberry alley 

Foxall George W, mariner, Liirht st s of Warren 

Foxberry George, laborer, 36 President 

Foxvill Joseph, ship carpenter, Essex st Canton 

Foxwell Benjamin, mate, 134 Spring 

Foxvvell Capt. Charles L. 148 Broadway 

Foxwell John, ship carpenter,' 166 Bank 

Foxwell Mrs. Margaret, 12 Maiden lane 

Foxwell Zacharv, mariner, 34 York st 

Foy Jas. gunsmith & hardw. mf. 66 s Calvert, dw 166 Hanover 

Foy Peter, collector, 204 Canton avenue 

Frabril F. J. blacksmith, 48 Mullikin 

Fraille Christian, laborer, 7 Canal 

Fraiiey G. Clinton, firm F. ^Marshall, 223 n Howard 

Frailey John C. &. Co. shoemakers, corner Aisquith and Orleans 
dw 92 n Cannl st 

Frailey Leonard, 161 Fayette 

Frailey &, Marshall, fowarding & commission mts. 47 Light 

Frames John, variety store, 174 Canton 

Franc Michael, cooper, 36 Bank 

France Frederick, stevadore, 87 Bank 

France Jacob, cabinet maker, 48 Montgomery 

France Jacob, ship joiner, 55 Eastern avenue 

France Rev. Joseph, pastor Columbia st station, Methodist 
Episcopal church, 170 s Paca 

France Peter, laborer, Republican st s ol Pratt 

France Richard, aijent for D. Paine &, Co. (lottery) firm Cook 
& France, 51 Hollins st 

France Richard, firm Cook &, France, 41 Hollins 
France Thomas, painter, 101 Lee 

France William, oak cooper, 1§0 n Howard 
Franchi Andrew, artificial flower maker, 332 & 92 w Baltimore 
Francis Fleetwood, baker, s w cor. Bond & Bank sts 
Francis James, grocer, 311 n Howard 
Francis Jesse, carpenter, 160 n High 
Francis John, laborer, l21 Bond 

Francis John, coffee & boarding house, 194 Eastern avenne 
Francis John, sun carrier, l25 e Lombard 
Francis Robert, brickmaker, 131 n Eden 
Francis Thomas, tavern, 259 Broadway 
Francis Thomas, b^k^r, Orleans st on Fairmount 
Franck Lewis, clothier, 2l Second st 
Franck Michael, laborer, 239 Light 
Frank, A. 2nd hand clothinir store, 66 s Charles 
Fiank Austin, mariner, 95 Caroline 
Frank Christian L. baker, 242 Alice Anna 
Frank Davil, grocer, 215 Bond 

Franks Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 89 McElderry 

FRA 138 FEE 

Frank Frederick, tinner, 102 n Spring 
Frank Frederick, shoemaker, 15 Bank 
Frank George C. tobacconist, 13 Ross 
Frank Henry, boot and shoemaker, 84 Harrison 
Frank Henry, rag dealer, extreme ofe Fayette 
Frank Henrv, rag dealer, 207 Bond 
Frank John G. baker, 114 William st 
Frank John, blacksmith, 130 Dallas 
Frank John, cigar maker, 153 Orleans 
Frank L. clothier, 20 Centre Market 
Frank Lewis, grocer, 65 n Eden 
Frank Philip, Sawyer, ll4 Paca st 
Frank Philip, sawyer, 260 Franklin 
Frank N. tailor, Register n ol Lombard 
Frank Simpson, dry goods dealer, 10 Centre Market space 
Frank Capt. William. 223 e Pratt st 
Franke John, i^lass cutter, 26 Montgomery 
Frankenstein Samuel, butcher, Pratt st extended 
Franklin Bank, 13 North st 
Franklin Mrs. Ellen, dress maker, 34 German 
Franklin Fire Insu. Co. of Philadelphia, cor. North &c Fayette fits 
Franklin George, band box maker, 31 Harrison 
Franklin Henry, laborer, extreme of e Fayelte 
Franklin John', carpenter, 34 German 
Franklin Samuel, mariner, 205 Ann st 
Franklin William, brakesman, ISSHolIins 
Frank worth Peter, tailor, 370 Saratoga 
Franl Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 49 Para 
Frantom Howard, oyster dealer, 267 Broadway 
■Franz Mr. Caroline, regalia &. trim, man'r. 5 Holliday 
Fray George, carter, 129 n Spring 
Fray Samuel, carter, Clinton st n of Boston, Canton 
Frazier Daniel, Clinton st. Canton 
Frazier David, W. pattern maker, 3 Hill 
Frazier E. C. & Co. commission n)erehanls, 5 Bowley's whf 
Frazier Capt. James, mariner, 210 Canton av 
Frazier James F. carpenter, 1 12 Orleans 
Frazier James, machinist, 56 L. Hughes 
Frazier John, painter, 20 Clay 
Frazier John, watchman, 114 Happy al 
Frazier John, iron dealer, n w cor. Howard and Camden 
Frazier Joseph B. turner, 257 Bond 
Frazier Mrs. Leletia, grocer, 149 Eastern av 
Frazier Misses, sentinary, 91 Camden 
Frazier Tench, 89 s Spring 
Frazirr Walter, 117 Albemarle 
Frazier Wm. 142 s Paca 

Frazier Wn). R. grocer, tea, wines and liq. dealer, 223 w Prat! 
Frazier Wm. mariner, Hanover 1 door s of Henrietta 
Freadv Freilerick, laborer, 371 Light 
Frederick Christopher, blacksmith, 108 Pennsylvania av 
Frederick Mrs. Elizabeth, 519 Columbia 
Frederick Henry, painter, 83 Bank 
Frederick J(.hn, clerk,-60 Mulberry 
Frederick John, k)vver end Bethel 

iFRE 139 FRE 

Frederick Joseph, shoemaker, 37 Bank 

Frederick Lawrence, cedar cooper, ]01 nHoward 

Frederick Peter, cabinet maker, l7l n Exeler 

Frederick Robert, undertaker, 152 n Exeter 

Frederick Wm. sht)emaker, 86 n Dallas 

Free Dr. E. W. 137 Aisquitii 

Free James, carpenter, Conway, w of Warner 

Free Jacob, patent blind maker, 19 Ensor 

Free M. oak cooper, 115 L. Greene 

Free Mrs. Mary, shoebinder, 95 Conway 

Free School for colored children, Henrietta st. n of Howard 

Freeber<^ Mrs. Elizabeth, maniua maker, 26 n Paca 

Freebero;er James, bricklayer, 85McHenry 

Freebird Mrs. Elizabeth, 237 n Howard 

Freehurtrer Geo. plane maker, 3 St James 

Freeburker Jacob, fish dealer, 174 Fremont 

Freeburgher Mrs. Elizabeth, 17 William 

Freeland E<i;bert, tobacco dealer, dw 101 Conway 

Freeland & Hall, grocers, & com. mts. 2 Light st whf. 

Freeland Tnos. H. firm F. & Hall, dw cor. Greene and Lombard 

Freeman Chas. mariner, 212 Bond 

Freeman Mrs. E. 23 Buren 

Freeman Wm. P. block and pump maker, 22 Thames, dw 115 

w Lombard 
Freeman Edward D. attorney at law, 64 Fayette 
Freeman Edward, ent^lneer, 49 Hill 
Freeman John T. shoemaker, 267 Saratoga 
Freeman Samuel B. (obacconist, 6 Liberty, dw 108 Saratoo-a 
Freeman Rev. Thomas, Md. Tra<;t Missionery, 78 Pearl 
Freeman Wm. H. attorney, 64 Fayette 
Freeman Wm. P. block and pump'maker, 115 e Lombard 
Freewhite Geo. Canton depot. Canton 
Freichlein Andrew, carter, 139 n Eutaw 
Freichner Geo. tailor, 23 Jefl^erson 
Freid Henry, clothier, 63 Harrison 
Freidenruch F. clothier. 111 n Howard 
Freise Nicholas, laborer, 48 Johnson 
Freiwah Conrad, laborer, 245 Ann 

French J. C. umbrella maker and Hygean agent, SI South 
French Joseph- J. brass founder, 41 e Orleans 
French Richard, 294 n Howard 
French Robert, ship carpenter, 201 Light 
French Samuel, grocer, 194 Aisquith 
French Wm. butcher, 180 York av 
Fresh Conrad, vinegar maker, 166 Chesnut 
Freshour Wm. H. clerk, 88 Pme 
Frewalt Conrad, laborer, 100 Fremont 
Freward Conrad, laborer, 131 Camden 
Frey Chas. teacher modern languages, 53 n Frederick 
Frey Charles, baker, n e cor. Preston and Gibson 
Frey E. & S. druggists, 314 w Baltimore, dw 23 George 
Frey Gotleib, keeper ofdairy, cor. Eutaw and Montgomery 
Frey John B. dw 15 York av 
Frey Mrs. 194 Alice Anna 
Frey Samuel, cabinet and chair maker, 36 Hauov^r 

FRE 140 FRO 

Freyer Elijith S. loakinfr crlass Sl picture frame maker, 1 n Gay, 

crildinor shop 6 do. 
Freyer Patrick, s e cor. Pratt st and Argyle al 
Friar Andrew, shoe maker, Bethel St. n of Gough 
Frick Dr. Charles, 70 Charles 
Frick George A. clerk, 21 s Gay 
Frick George, mercliant, Hanover, d\v 70 n Charles 
Frick Wm.'F. attorney at law, 7, 2d floor Marshal buildings, 

St Paul, dw Franklin 
Friday Joseph, laborer, 305 Dallas 
Friderich John, tailor, 17 Pratt 
Fried Lewis, shoemaker, 3 Second 
Friedel John, b(U)t crimper, 47 Hill 

Friedels Geo. N. barber, cupper and leecher, 252 s Charles 
Friedenberger Martin, tanner, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 
Friedenwald J. &, Co. hardware dealers, 308 Bond 
Friedenwald Julius, grocer, 318 Bond 

Friederich John, keeper "Reservoir house," at upper Reservoir 
Friedman Frederick, butclier, 27 York av 
Friedman Moses,. shop keeper, 22 Lancaster 
Friend Alfred, grocer, 52 n Charles, dw Front near Hillen 
Frietids' Meeting House, Lombard, e of Euiaw 
Friends' do cor. Aisquith and e Fayette 

Friends' do cor. Saratoga and Courtland 

Frient Nicholas, drayman, 44 George 
Frieper FerdinantI, sausage maker, 17 Jackson 
Friet Michael, laborer, Pennsylvania av. n oi'Wilson st 
Ftieling Benjamin, pedlar, 193 Bond 
Frieze Henry, truss maker, 5 Covvpen al 
Frieze Geo. *D. surgical instrument maker, 34 n Liberty- 
Frieze H. F. attorney and justice of peace, l4i Fayette, dw 

25 Hamilton 
Frieze Philip C attorney, 14 Mansion House, dw25 Hamilton. 
Fringer Henry, baker, 34 George 

F.-inger Nicholas, butcher, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 
Frin^helt Frank, potter, 768 Baltimore 
Fri--by Mrs. Catherine, 146 Broadway 
Frisby Mrs.Elizabeth, washer, 17 Bath 
Fiisch Anthony, vinegar manufacturer, ll4 Fremont 
Frisch Conrad', vinegar manufacturer, 65 Orleans 
Frisch John, 63 Orleans 
Frisch John, tailor, 200 Mulberry 
Fritihs Josephine, tavern, 53 Lancaster 
Fritz Andrew, laborer, 39 Johnson 
Fritz Charles A. boot and shoe maker, 257 Saratoga 
Fritz Frederick, blacksmith, 150 s Charles 
Fritz George, oak cooper, 98 Hamburg 

Fritz Geo. H. merchant tailor, 51 Thames ' 

Fritz John, 53 e Monument 
Fritz John, cabinet maker, 75 Argyle al 
Frizzle James, machinist, 105 Biddle 

Frizzle Mrs. Rebecca, shoe binder, 513 Columbia .^ 

Froelich Aguslus, machinist, 34 n Liberty 
Frost George, brick moulder, cor. Mercer and Grant 
Frost Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 44 Josephine 

TBO 141 TUB 

Frost Thomas, pedlar, 178 n Entavv 

Frost Wm^hats, caps &. fur dealer, 83 Baltr dw 60 Albemarle 

Frundron John, tailor, 127 n Howard 

Frush Jacob, proprietor of hacks, 40 s Caroline 

Frush Wm. grocer &. feed dealer, Pennsylvania a v. n of Wilson 

Fry Benj. G. principal *' Union Female Seminary,." 30 Hanover 

d\v 296 Lombard 
Fry Gauntlet, shippinir maeter, 177 e Pratt 
Fry Capt. John H, 280 Eastern av 
Fry Mrs. Stisan, 23 Georore 
Fry William, cabinet maker, 180 n Gay 
Frye Georf^e, laborer, 43 Philpot 
Frye John, drayman, 11 Clay 

Frye Michael, paver, Leadenhall st. s of Montgomery 
Fryer Elijah S. lookinir criass manufacturer and dealer, 1 n Guy 
Fryer Mrs. Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 151 Forest 
Fryer Thomas, grocer, 81 Watson 
Fuhr Adam, laborer, 699 w Baltimore 
Fuhr Michael, merchant tailor, 140 Lombard 
Fuld David, dry goods dealer, 153 n Gay 
Fold Solomon, teacher, 70 York av 
Fulford Alexander L. general commission m't.75 Bowley's vvhf. 

dw 19 Franklin 
Fulkmann Casper, laborer, 12 Shakspear 
Fullender Gabriel, 172 Wolf 
Fuller George, mariner, 96 Lancaster 
Fuller James, miller, 345 \v Lombard 
Fuller Joseph, carpet weaver, 29 Philpot lane 
Fuller Capt. Josiah, 138 Broadway 
Fuller Lewis, tailor, 206 Madison av 

Fuller Rev. Richard, pas^tor 7ih Bapiist church, S04 Lombard 
Fuller Thos. Nelson, painter and glazier, 27 Chew 
Fuller Wm. clerk, 91 Paca 
Fullerton Geo. drayman, 8 Preston 
Fullerlon Mrs. Rosanna, 16 George 
Fuller John, tailor, 5-5 e Monument 
Fulton Charles C. ass't editor of «'Sun,'' 138 n Exeter 
Fulton Geo. W. machinist, 362 n Howard 
Fulton James, firm Brooks, Tibbals & Co. dw S34 Lexington 
Fulton Moses, grocer, feed and liquor dealer, 9l5 North 
Fulton Dr. Robert, 53 s Sharp 
Fulton Robert, reporter for "American," 13 Lloyd 
Funck Wm. carpenter, 97 Crreene 
Funk F. H. grocer, cor. Alice Anna and Bond 
Funk Henry, cabinet maker, 232 Mulberry 
Funk Jacob, carpenter, dw Pennsylvania av 
Funk Jacob, laborer, 41 Johns<m 
Furlong John, book keeper, 4 Watson 
Furlong Mrs. Josephine, 2 Somerset 
Furlong Thomas, 195 s Paca 
Furman John, shoemaker, 8 St James 
Fiirney Snowden, blacksmith, 144 McHenry 
Furnhott' Philip, laborer, 25 Gittings 

Fuss Francis, grocery, feed & liquor deal. Penn. av. n ofMosher 
Fuss John, bank watchman, 135 Peirce 

FUS ^ 142 GA.L 

Fuss John C. tin worker,39-2 Saratot^a 

Fusselbaugh Wm. H. B. paint, oil and glass dealer, 146 n Gay 

Fussell B. H. 170 Chesnut 

Fussell Mrs. C. teacher, 119 n Exeter 

Fussell Jacob, jr. d\v 140 s Paca 

Fussell Joshua, 119 n Exeter 

Fyle Mrs. Sophia, liquor dealer, 139 Feemont 

Fylz Wm. carpenter, 173 Bond 

Gable Charles, fisher. Cross st extended 

Gable Henry, 362 n Gay 

Gable John; firm McU,>well & Gable, dw 31 Hollins 

Gable Robert, machinist, 247 Hanover 

Gadd L. C. bootmaker, lOl n Camline 

Gadd John, oak cooper, Lexing-ion near Shroeder 

Gade John, manurnciurer oT coach lace, fringe &c. 15 n Gay 

Gadd Robert, mariner, 74 William 

Gaddes Alex, marble cutter, cor. Gtrman &. Sharp & 12J,Light 

Gadney Ferdinand, wheelwright, Conway st. dw Lee 

Gaehle Henry, firm Ktiabe & G. dw 11 n Eutaw 

Gafibrd Saml. boot fitter, 29 Republican 

Gagham Robt. tailor, 18 Centre 

Gahagan Tliornas, grocer, feed and liquor store, 170 n Howard 

Gaines Henry, ladies' shoe maker, 124 LexiMfjion 

Gains Mrs. Elizabeth Am., senniNtress, 41 Park 

Gailher Benj. collector, 351 Franklin 

Gaither Dennis, laborer, Moore's al 

Gaither Geo. R. mt. 24 German, dw 34 Cathedral 

Gaither Richanl, carpenier, J 72 Canton av 

Gailher Wajihmglon, porter, 1 Elbow lane 

Gaitley Patrick, laborer, 106 Dugan's whf". 

Galaway Marion D. K. sad maker, 175 s Eden 

Galbreih Saml. chair maker, 1 19 s Eutaw 

Gale Levin, attorney al law, 2 law buildings, St Paul st 

Gale Robt. boot & shoemaker, cor. Alice Anna st. &. Broadway 

Gallaga Mrs. Captain, Broadway n of Lombard 

Gallagher Mrs. Charlotte, 9 Addison 

Crallagher Francis, attorney at law, 4 Law Buildings St Paul St. 

dw 267 S.iratoira 
Gallagher Francis, marble polisher, Orchard st. n of Ross 
Gallagher Fiancis, stone cutter, 461 w Baltimore 
Gallagher James, carpenter, 203 s Charles 
Gallagher J, imes, distiller, 46 Tyson 
Gallagher Mrs. Jane, 73 French 
Gallagher John, llO Jefferson 

Gallagher Michael, soap and candle manf. 135 Lexington 
Gallagher Patrick, soap dealer, 221 n Eden 
Gallagher Patrick, shoemaker, 67 n Exeter 
Gallagher Patrick, grocer, 53 York 
Gallagher Thos. boot and shoemaker, 112 n Eutaw 
Gallegh John, wheelwright, 6 Preston 
Gallaway Mrs. Augustine, dry croods dealer, 91 Diddle 
Gallaway Thos. A. machinist, 36 Gibson 
Galloway Jas. H- mariner, '3d st." Federal hill 
Galloway Joshua, copperemithj 110 Hollins 

GAL 113 GAR 

Oalloway Robert 0. grocer, 40 e Bait, dw "Rising Sun tavern" 

Galloway Robert H. police officer, 4 Chestnut 

Galloway Vincent, lat<irer, Scott st. s of Lombard 

Galloway Wtn. engineer, 138 McHenry 

Gallup John F. varnisher, Broadway, e of Bank st 

Galster Phillip, tailor, 112 s Eutaw 

Gait Mrs. Elizabeth, 168 e Pratt 

Gait Dr. John M. n w cor. Pratt and Caroline 

Galvin James, grocer, 76 York av 

Galvin John, teacher, 122 n Exeter 

Gamber John, iron master, 28 s Exeter 

Gamble David, keeper Western Hotel, McHenry cor. Amity 

Gamble Mezick, millwright, Charles e of Cathedral 

Gamble Robert, carpenter, 48 n Canal 

Gimble TIjos. ]jolice officer, 29 Caroline 

Gambrill Augustus, firm Cockey and Gam"bri /,dw 116 Lee 

Gambrill, Carroll &c Co. cotton mauufaclurei;;, 72 Spear's whf. 

Gambrill Cliarles A. flour manuf. 30 Commeice, dw Ibl Fayette 

Gambrill Jas. shoe maker, 183 e Fayette 

Gambrill Robert, chair maker, 38 Harford av 

Gambrill Thos. flour and feed dealer, 8 Pennsylvania av. dw 

164 Mulberry st 
Gannon Michael, laborer, Fort road 

Gapelz Philip, boot and shoe maker, 56 Ross 

Gardener INIrs. Ellen, tavern, cor. Boston and Windsor 
Gardiner Francis-, furniture and housekeepers' warehouse, s w 

cor. Second aud Frederick 
Gardiner Geo. tinner, 2)1 Mulberry 

Grdiner Geo. F. firm Gardiner & McCandles, dw 55 Hampstead 
Gardiner Isaiah, wheelwright, s Charles near Barre, dw 379 s 

Gardiner J. H cooper, 23 Muy 
Gardiner John M. painter, 10 Water, dw 84 French 
Gardiner Joseph, second hand furniture dealer, 81 French 
Gardiner Mrs. Maria, dry iroods dealer, 231 Broadway 
Gardiner Mrs. Mary, 41 Marion 
Gardiner Mrs. Maileen, 132 Lancaster 
Gardiner Robert, furniture ware rooms, 80 n French 
Gardiner Philip, porter, 131 Paca 
Gardner A. fur dealer, 77 Cross 

Gardner Boreas F. firm G. & Co. dw n Liberty no. 61 
Gardner Christopher, chair maker, 54 s Paca 
Gardner & Co, wholesale dry goods merchants, 269 Baltimore 
Gardner Mrs. Elizabeth, 125 Gough 
Gardner Ejihraim, dry goods dealer, 301 w Pratt 
Gardner Ephraim, oak cooper, 13 Commerce st dw 301 Pratt" 
Gardner Captain Hezekiah B. mariner, 23 Thames 
Gardner James, shoemaker, Lombard st cor. Argyle alley 
Gardner James, carpenter, 207 w Lombard 
Gardner Johf) M. painter, 10 Water st dw 88 French 
Gardner &. McCandless, carpenters, 51 Harrison 
Gardner Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 11 Star alley 
Gardner Mrs. Mary, 187 Canton avenue 
Gardner Nelson, grocer & flour dealer, 107 Franklin 
Gardner Peter, ship carpenter, 195 Eastern avenue 


"Gardner Richard F. merclianf tailor, 150 Lexington dw 155 

Oartlner Samuel,, Bedford alley 

Gardner William, firm Wm. & Geo. G. dw 167 Broadw-ay 

Gardner William, shoemaker, Cross st extended 

Gardner William, confectioner & baker, 147 Lombard 

Gardner William, carpenter, 311 n Gay 

Gardner William, tailor, 147's Howard 

Garenf Jeremiah, laborer, 22 East st 

Giirey John H, laborer, Abey alley 

Garey William, carpenter. Walnut alley 

Garland & Cunningham, shipping &- commission merchants, 76 
South st Bowiy's wharf 

Garner Thomas, actor, Plouorhman 

Garnet & Smith, (Misses) preceptresses, n e cor. Lexing. St Pine 

Garraud Edward, fruiter Sc confectioner, 104 Baliimore 

Garret John William, firm R. G. & Sons, dw 94 Eutavv 

Garrett John, grocer, 192 Ann 

Garrett John, grocer, 261 Bond 

Garrett Joseph, shoemaker, 149 n Caroline 

Garrett Joseph, drayman, Resrister, (Argyle alley) s of Baltimore 

Garrett Richard, laborer, 95 Burgundy alley 

Garrett Robert, market trader, Chapel st (s w from Penn. av. ) 

Garrett Robert &. Son, wholesale grocers &- commission mer- 
chants, 34 n Howard st dw R. G. 134 Fayette 

Garrett Thomas, ship joiner, 206 Ann st 

Garrett Thomas, grocer, 191 East st 

Garring James, chair maker, 7 Caroline 

Garrison Cornelius, wagoner, 85 McHenry 

Garrison S. J. 222 Mulberry 

Garrison Thomas, boat builder, s end w Falls av. dw 84 Block 

Garritee Wm. plaisterer, 168 Monument 

Garrott William, firm Ross &Garroti, dvV 92 s Paca 

Garton William, glass blower, 9 L. Church 

Garton William C. glass blower, 11 L. Church 

Garvey John, grocer, 148 n Front 

Garvey Jacob, hack proprietor, 168 n Front 

Garvin Patrick, grocer, 63 French 

Gaskins John W. book keeper, 170 Mulberry 

Gaskins Samuel S. clerk in Register's office, 14 Barnet 

Gas light Go's, office, 49 North st James Mowton, Secretary 

Gassaway Elizabeth, 7 Hillen 

Gassaway Noah, merchant &. miller, 28 Commerce st dw 273 
w Lombard st 

Gassenmeyer George, basket maker, 225 Bond 

Gaston James, laborer, 57 Preston 

Gaston Robert, weaver, 44 Preston 

Gatch Conduce, machini^rt &. p;ittern maker, dw 112 s Paca 

Gatch Severn, laborer, vv Pratt st extended 

Gaichell J. G. &, Co. ship chandlers, 117 Thames, dw 7 s Exeter 

Gatchell Capt. John, mariner, 7 s Exeter 

Gatchell W. H. clerk city court, dw 1 17 Charles 

Gaterman Henry, painter & glazier, 243 Alice Anna 

Gates Ezra, firm Reach & Gates, dw Pratt st e of Sharp 

Gates Thomas B. millwright, 47 Fawn at dw 18 s Howard 

Gatter John, laborer, 24 Constitution 

^AT 14S GEK 

Cratrost Ail am, laborer, Fort road 

<3raubetz Christopiier, crrocer 144 Alice Anna 

•Gaubetz, Philip^ carter, J44 Alice Anna 

<Tauer C. F, <rrocer &l iiquor dealer, 82 Eutaw 

Craald Alexander-, 296 Liorht 

'Gauline John B. piano tuner, 182 n Eutaw 

<*-auline Joseph, painter, iO.3 a Caroline 

Oault & Brother, trranlte stone cutters, 4©0 Pratt 

ixault Cyrus firm G. Si, Bro. Pratt st w of Fremont 

'Qault George C. merchant tailor, 28 Baltimore dw 193 e Pratt 

Gault Captain Henrv, 202 Alice Anna 

<Sjult Matthew, firm G, & Bro. 369 w -Lombard 

Oault Robert, type caster, 90 Holliday 

Gaunt John, bricklayer, 364 n Canai 

Gaunt John, bricklayer, 257 a Canal 

Gavit Capt. James, 106 -Ann 

Gawne John, boot maker, 48 Camden 

Oavvthrop Richard, shoemaker, IS4 n Eutaw 

Gawthrop William & Son, (arming implet. St feed store. Wood st 

Gawthrop Willianv, 321 n Gay 

Gay James, engineer, 278 Alice Anna 

Gayle Capt. Joseph, 190 Wolf st 

Grazan Jacob, pedJar, 147 Chesnu^; 

Oearhardt Jacob, laborer, S24 s Charles 

Gearing Joseph, laborer, 294 Light 

'Gearing Michael, tailor, 65 Centre Market 

G-eary Mrs. Mary Ann, boarding house, 4 Mulberry 

Gebhard Charles E. portrait painter, 134 Lexington 

Oeddes Adam, clothier, 490 w Baltimore 

Geddes George, looking glass & picture frame maker, 24 n Paca 

Gefbrd William, baker, 66 York avenue 

Gegan Joseph, professor of music, 128 n Charles 

Gehring John G. jr, jevveller, 172 n Gay 

-Gehrman Charles wholesale tobacconist, 72 Exchange place, 

dw 38 n Calvert 
-Gehrman Charles, grocer, 193 e Lombard 
Gehrman Julius, tobacconist, 197 n Gay 
Geiger Frederick, tavern, n w cor. Bond st & Canton avenue 
Geiger William, baker, 85 Harrison 
Geii'lein Andrew J, shoemaker, 3 Sarah Ann st 
GeilfoDse Theodore, laiior, cor. Pratt & Frederick, dw Chew »t 
Geip Adam, market gardner. Cross st 
Geis Cnristopher, tailor, 9 Poppleton 
Geise Adam, tailor, 83 Lancaster 
Geise Andrew, blacksmith, 33 e Orleans 
Geise Georore, carpenter, 140 n Eutaw 
Geise Mrs. Olivia C. grocer, n e cor. Gibson and Rose 
Geise Richard, plaisierer, 303 Madison avenue 
Oeise Wdliam H. coal dealer. Spear's wharf dw 40 s Higli 
Geisenger Capt. David, U. S. navy, 64 Courtland 
Geist Sebastian, laborer, 122 William 
Geisz H. taiior, 21 Somerset 
Gekler Mrs. Marv, 134 e Orleans 

Gekler William G. comb, brush St fancy g oods dealer, 94 Ball > 
dw 82 s High st 
13 • 

GEL 146 GET 

Gelbach George & Jcweit, real estate ag-ents, 34 Second, dvv 

George G. jr. 261 n Howard st 
Gelbaugh George, Jackson tavern, cor. French and Buren 
Gelslon Hugh, ol Washington Hall, no. 8 Fayette 
Gemp John, paver, 93 Peirce st 
Gent Henry, ship carpenter, 2 William st 

Gent Mrs. Sophia, n^iniature and portrait painter, 49 1-2 Balto. 
Geoghegun Stewart, clerk, 83 Montgomery 
George Archibald jr. grocer & commission mt. 131 n Howard 
George &, Bro. prov. &. com. mts. 3 Commerce, dw 90 St. Paul 
George Isaac S. bout & shoemaker, 70 Centre Market sf)ace 
George Jas. com. mt. cor Ex. pi. Sl Commerce dw 162 n How'd 
George James B. jr. boot & shoem;iker, 70 Centre Market space 
George Leonard, laborer, 80 Eastern avenue 
George Mrs. 273 n Gay 

George S. & Son, lumber dealers, 37 n Green st dw 65 
George Samuel K. impt. dry goods &. com. mt. 4 German st d\r 

35 Cathedral 
George Stephen, carpenter, 35 Dover, dw 1 19 Camden 
George Captain Wm. P. mariner, 91 Granby 
George William S. carpenter, 82 Columbia 
George Zumuth, watchman, 120 Spring 
Gephardt John, tailor, 54 s Caroline 

Gephart & Darby, fruiters & confec. cor. Balto. & McClellan 
Gephart Frederick, tavern keeper, 251 Bond 
Gephart John jr. clerk, Lexington between Pine & Fremont sts 
Gerahty Mrs. Mary Aim, preceptress, 78 Block st 
Gerbens Francis, laborer, Madison st opposite jail 
Gerber Christian, mead & root beer manulacturer, 107 Lee 
Gerbicher John, blacksmith, Penn. av. n ol" Wilson st 
Gerbrick Josiah, watchman, 53 Buren 
Gerbrick Michael, rail road engineer, 283 n Howard 
Gerding H. " European house," cor. Lombard and South sts 
Gerhard Josiah A. tobacconist, 21 Penn. avenue 
Gerhardt Henry, tailor, 8 n Frederick 
Gerhardt William, tailor, 85 McElderry's wharf 
German B njamin, butcher, 216 e Fayette 
German Mrs. Catharine, 96 e Pratt 

German Correspondent off. 157 Biiltimore, Frederick Raine, edit. 
German Democrat, John W. Mueller editor, over 75 Baltimore 
German Evangelical Church, s e cor. Eulaw and Camden sts 
German 1st Reformed Church, Rev. E. Heiner pastor. Second 
G.'rman Geo. F. tavern, 5 w Pratt 
German John, sail maker, 137 Eden st 
German Michael, confectioner & cake baker, 82 Barre 
Gerniaiin Mrs. C. 286 e Baltimore 
Germer Henry, shoemaker, 230 Ann st 
Germerschausen F. shoemaker, 146 n Caroline 
Germerschausen Lewis, j/rocer & liquor dealer. Walnut alley 
Gerweld Parnel, laborer, 104 Thames st 
Gesf.rd James, 237 Ensor st 
Gesford Mrs. Susanah, tailoress, 67 Preston 
Geshel Adam, teacher, 49 Montgomery 
Gettchschlish Ernest, grocer and tea dealer, 123 Franklin 
Geilier George, laborer, lOOKosa 

GET 147 GIF 

Gcltier Henry, turner, 241 Biddle 

Gettier Henry L. linware roofing St spouting manuf. 66 n 

Howard, dw 102 Madison 
Gettier Jacob, dairy keeper, 89 Pine 
Gettier John, carpenter, Penn. av. s of Djiphin st 
Gettier William, cii^ar maker, Henrietta 

Getty James, dry goods deal. cor. Front &c Gay, dw 67 n Howard 
Getty James, box maker, 17 s Sharp dw 149 Saratoga 
Getty Robert, store keeper, cor. Lombard & Frederick sts 
Getz Cnristian, grocer, cor. Eutaw and Henrietta 
Getz Henry, laborer, 211 Bond 
Getz Mrs. Rachael, 14 s Howard 
Ghale William, piano maker, 422 w Pratt 
Gheellskie Valentine, shoemaker, 41 Penn. avenue 
Gheo Andrew, fruit & coulee dealer, 70 Baltimore, dw 80 North 
Gibbons F. A. 36 York avenue 
Gibbons John jr. oak cooper, 26 Marion 
Gibbons Joseph, 223 Ann 

Gibbs Alexander, oak cooper, 3 L. Snarp, dw Burgundy al'ey 
Gibbs Edward A. firm G. & Smith, dw 6 Front 
Gibbs Mrs. Elizabeth, variety goods deal. cor. Marion & Eutaw 
Gibbs John jr. oak cooper, 26 Marion 
Gibbs Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 109 Hill 
Gibbs &;, Smith, resalia & trimmings dealer, 73 Baltimore 
Gibson Alexander E. ornamenial painter, 289 n Gay 
Gibson & Co. auctioneers, 7 n Charles 
Gibson Miss E. dress maker, 144 Fayette 
Gibson Edward, clothier, 53 Thames 

Gibson Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, fruit & toys, 547 w Balto. 
Gibson Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Addison 
Gibson Dr. Geo. S. 106 Park 
Gibson H. W. painter, 66 Ross 
Gibson Capt. James, 45 Fell 
Gibson James, laborer, 71 Richmond 
Gibson Captain James, 99 Lancaster 
Gibson James, tinner, 38Stirlinor 
Gibson John R. ice dealer, 147 Madison 
Gibson John B. 123 s Exeter 
Gibson Joseph, shoemaker, 4 Ensor 
Gibson Joseph rigger, 341 n G,iy 

Gibson Mrs. Margaret, tavern, F'ront st s of Ploughman 
Gibson Mrs. Mary, 101 Mulberry 

Gibson Patrick, in Commercial & Farmers' Bank, 29 Cathedral 
Gibson Richard, brick maker, 1 Mann's court 
Gibson Robert, house, ship & chem'l. plumber, Saratoga st e of 

Charles, dw Lombard 
Gibson Mrs. Sarah A. 262 n Canal 
Gibson Wm. S. teacher, 176 Chesnut 
Gibson William, clerk, 55 n Front 
Gidelman Morris, tavern, 5 South 

Giese & Son, genl. com. mts. 48 Commerce st. dwlOO Hanover 
Giese William H. coal dealer, s end Spear's wharf, dw 40 s Hig-h 
Giesendaffer William> cedar cooper, West st e of Eutaw 
Giffin George, cabinet maker, 205 Lombard 

GIF I4& Gn. 

Giffin Gieo. cabinet maker, 49 Burgundy alley 

Gifford Hugh, 188 e Fayette 

Gifft^rdJameS;, carpenter^ 188 e Favetfte 

Gifford James, carpenter, exl» ol e Fayette 

Giiibrd TJjos, High Constable, 131 Orleans^ office cor. Saratoga 

and Hol U fl i et « /v' ..•» ^'-''^ --i-a i/ 4-^K/ • 
Giger Dr. Frederick S^29 » EtitaiW / 
Glhner Henry ^^ store keeper, 108 s Eufaw 
Gilbert Aquilla^carijenter, Run alley, dvv 90 Pe»rli 
Gilbert Mrs. Amelia^ milliner^ 185 n Eutaw 
Gildea Mrs. A. 12-2 e Fayette 
Gildea Francis^^ bricklayer, lOl SuMary'^s st 
Gildea John, l>ellow.s Stseive maker, \v Faliss av. dvv 145 Mon^t 
Gildersleeve Geo. com. mt. ^^ yuiiih'tJ vvharf^ dvv 20 Mulberry 
Giles Mrs. Ann, 48 s High- 
Giles Joseph,, watchman, 413 \v Lombard 
Giles Gustavus, carpenter, Lee st near Eufaw 
Giles John R. family conlec. cream 9aJoon^l24 Baltimore 
Giles Walter, book binder, over 71 w Bahimoie st 
Giles William, oak cooper, 273 Franklin 
Giles Wm F. attorney at law, c^r. Lex.ington &- St. Paul, d\v 

313 e Baltimore ^ 

Gilftis Tl>eodore, tailor, 19 Chew 
Gill Absalom, »hoe maker, Broadway s of Pratt »i 
Gill Mrs. Ann, 10 Maiden lane 
Gill Bryson, dentist, cupper and leecher^ 52. Sha.pp 
Gill Charles, confect. & Iruiterer, S5 Light st vvhf. dw l\ e Lee 
Gill E. P. clerk, st. Canton ■ 
Gill El!<>ha P. clerk, 189 Canton air 
Gill Mrs. Elizabeth, 118 Bank 
Gill George, huckster, 23 Siarr al 

Gill Ge()rge M. attorney at law, 30 St. Paul St.. dw 38 " 
(iill J. M. carpenter, 66 Mulln^rry st. dw 270 n Hinvard 
Gill James R. firm Rutier St Gill,.dw Washington st 
Gill JameB L. D. com. mt. 107 Smith's wharl, f^^^ 24 North tt 
Gill John, laborer, 140 Canton av 
Gill John^ wood dealer, 189 e Orleans- 
Gill John, late notary pul)lie,.dw 174 Si. Paul 
Gill Joshua W. teacher drawing & painting, Saratf^a biiildingSv 

dw 162 n Eutaw 
Gill Lewis, carter, Pennsylvania av h of Mosher st 
Gill Luther, saddle and harness maker, 294 vv Pratt 
Gill M. 171 Washington st 
Gill Miss Nancy M. dress maker, 64 Camden 
Gill Owgi A. firm Gillet &. Co. dw 32 Sharp 
Gill Washington, machinist, 7 w Orleans 
Gill William, fresco painter, 162 r> Eutaw 
Gill William, dentist, &.C. 68 Pearl 

Gill William L. first teller in Merchants* Bank, dw 41 Courtland 
Gillan Mrs. Mary, 176 Canton av 
Gillard Edward,' blacksmith, 128 Stirling 
Gillard William H. whip maker, 82 Georgc- 
Gillboy Patrick, Chesaj^eake st. Cantoa 
Gillen D. Canton depot, Qanton 
Gillen Michael, laborer, 250 e Pratt 

GIL }^^^ ^. 9^A 

Gilles Peter, 285 Lexington ^ , , 

Gillespie Hamilton, carter, 177.ColumtIa 

Gillespy Patrick, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Gillespie Robert, painter and glazier 3 Morris 

Giilespy Stephen, cabinet maker, n vv cor. Saratoga & Davis 

Gillet M. & Co. tea merchants, 52 1-2 Pratt 

Gilliand William, glass blower, 94 Eastern av 

Gilliar Nicholas, blacksmith, l!25 Low 

Gillingham A. J. druggist, n w cor. Saratoga and Fremont 

Gillingham Edward, baKer and confectioner, 270 w Pratt 

Gillingham G^'orge jr. grocer, 54 e Lombard 

Gillingham Mrs. Mary, 199 Lombard 

Gil man C. attorney at law, 70 Fayette 

Gilman Doctor J. 54 Greene . 

Giluian John, Washington foundry, dw corner of Warner and 
Greene sts^ 

Gilman Joseph A. prop. Washington foundry, dw corner Con- 
way and Warner sts. (i)uadry 156 & '8 Conway 

Gilman Mary, Hammond's al. ' 

Gtlman, Sexton & Co. general founders & stove manf. 154 & '6 
Conway st 

Gilmor Mrs. Robert, 57 Lonr.bard st. 

Gilmor Robert, ship joiner, 270 e Pratt 

Gilmor William, firm Guest & Gilmor, dw 51 Franklin 

Gilmor Mrs. William, corner Calvert and Court House lane 

Gilmore James, 3 Aisquith 

Gdinore Robert, milkoian, 120 Ensor 

Gilmour James D. 'New York bakery,* 259 Pratt 

Gilpin H. L. lumber dea'er, cor. Lexington &c Greene sts. dw 

91 n Pearl 
Gilpin S;imuel, land agent, 49 Columbia 
Gilpin Mrs. S^rah, seamstress, 237 Ann 
Ginkle John, tailor, 114 Dallas 
Ginnalee James, Canton depot, Canton 
Gion Christian, drayman, 63 Sliroceder 
Gipe George, fish dealer, 220 n Gay 
Girding Henry, blacksmith, 40 E.istern nv 
Girv'i) J. M. flour merciiant. cor. Franklin and Eutaw 
Girvin James, com. & ship. mt. 93 Smith's whC dw 149 n Paca 
Girvin Robert, carpei.ter, 361 Franklin 
Gisendaffer Wiliiain, cedar co )per, 8 Raborg 
Gissel William, clothier, 188 s Charles 
Gist Thomas W. engineer rail road, 530 w Pratt 
Gist Mrs. Wm. boaniing hou-^e, 30 German 
Giter John, (ailor, Midison st court, between Ensor ScStirJiag 
Gittinger Wiiliam, salesman, 8 Pine 
Gittings Lambert, com. Sc ship. mt. 53 Buchanan's wharf, dw 

corner Charles and Saratoga sts. 
Gittings R. S. 6S Chesnut 

Givins" Joseph, furniture wagoner, 31 n Caroline 
Gladson Miss Rebecca, huckster, Harford av 
Glan Robert W. grocer, n e corner Low and Forest 
GlandingThos. bacon dealer, Pennsylvania av. dwSlO Fayette st 
Glanville James W. grocer, 233 Broadway 
Glanville John W. cabinetmaker, 150 Conway 

GLA 150 GOD 

Glanville Mrs. Mary, 32 Banc 

Glashy Daniel, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

Glascow Madhew, machinist, 466 w Lombard 

Glastrow Mr. 76 s Caroline 

Glasgow John, machinist, 101 Chesnut 

Glass Emory, shoe maker, 85 Hamburg 

Glass Isaac, dvv 128 Bond 

Glass John, ship joiner, corner Block and Thames 

Glass Thomas, shoe maker, 227 Hanover 

Glass W. cooper, Burke st. near Canlon bridge 

Glatzell F. Anihony, hatter, 63 n Gay 

Gjatzelsteinr Peter, laborer, 459 \v Baltimore 

Gleasle John, shoe maker, 175 JLiglu 

Gkasel H. 70 n Exeter 

Gleckman John, tailor, 132 Car(»line 

Glen Richard, laborer, 94 Dugan's wharf 

Glenn Ehjah B. carpenter, s e cor. Baltimore & Bethel 

Glenn John, attorney at law, 3 Court House lane, dvv 20 n Chsfs, 

Glenn John, cow keej)er, 141 Holliday 

Glenn Leonard, laborer, 27 Clay 

Glenn Mrs. Margaret, 131 Eastern av 

Glenn Patrick, laborer, 20 Centre 

Glenn Samuel T. painter, Pratt st e of Broadway 

Glenn Samuel B. carpenter, 57 n Caroline 

Glenn Samuel, painter, Pratt st. e of Broadway 

Glenn William R. carpenter, 29 Fremont 

Glenn William C. firm Coaies &, Glenn, dvv 50 Lexington 

Glinwood' Frank, rigger, 255 Canton av 

Glocker Theodore, clerk in Orphans' Court, dw 57 e Fayette 

Gtoninger Mrs. Mary,- boarding house, 163 Fayette 

Glos John, baker, 65 York av 

Gloudell John, boot fitter, 40 1-2 Ross 

Gk)uson Gi oriie, n e cor. ReL'ister st (Argyle al) and Gough 

Gluck H. Q. boot and shoe maker, 86 Orleans 

Giuck Jacob, shoe maker, 77 Perry 

Gluck William, tinner, 28 n High'st. dw 36 

Gluckstein A Lewis, shoe maker, 147 Franklin 

Glue Chrisiiad, laborer, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 

Glue John, niachinist, 306 s Charles 

Glueck Christian, harness maker, 73 Pennsylvania av 

Gnabb George, shoe maker, 45 Forest 

Gobright John C. music printer, engraver and periodical dtpo?.. 
.SS'Miih St. dw 1C9 Canal 

Gobright William H. printer, 223 Saratoga 

Gitbbow John, paver, 81 Burcn 

Go.ldard Charles, prop. Gen. Wayne Tnn, cor. Paca St Balto. 

Goddard Leonard, mead wagoner, 18 New 

Godey Johr, agent iransp.line, 72 Thames 

Gi'dfrey Henry, blacksmith, 171 n Exeter 

Godfrey John, Pennsylvania av n ol" Wilson st 

Godfrey John, tailor, 15 1 n Canal 

Godfrev John H. carpenter, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 

Godfrey Mrs. Sarah, 15 Mot t 

Godman John, butcher, 23 Hoffman 

Godman Moses, tinner and sheet iron worker, 93 8 Howard 

GOD 151 GOO 

Godman Thomas, butcher, 894 w Baltimore 
Godwin G. D. butcher, 54 Holland 
Godwin L. S. 10 Comet 

Godwin & Seth, grocers & com. mts. 4 Bovvly's wharf 
Godwin William jr. firm, dw 164 Charles 
Gody Thomas, cabinet &, (urn. ware rooms, 54 1-2 Hanover 
Goebel John, laborer, 76 Thames 
Goff John, laborer, Federal Hill 
G,)ff &. Koii.i^h, pork packers, Waters's wharf 
Gjgel Charles C. butler dealer, 375 n Gay 
Goggin Richard, drug^jisf, VZ s Paca 
Gohggen Joseph, 94 n Eden 
Going Alexander, machinist, 106 St. Mary's 
Gold Mrs. Margaret, 194 Light 

Golder A. StSon, import. & manuf. ofpaper hangings, 33 & 35' 
Hanover St. dw 113 Fayette 

Golder, Doctor George. Pennsylvania av n of Mosherst 

Golder James C. firm A. G. & Son, dw 81 Park 

Golding J()lin, laborer, (> L. Paca 

Golding Michael, laborer, 5 s Paca 

Goldsborough A. W. dry goods dealer, 168 n Gay 

Goldsborough Elijah, sailor, Reijister st (Argyle al) n of Lomb. 

Goldsborough N. W. dry goods and com. mt. 11 German si. dw 
108 Park 

Goldsborough Thomas, laborer, 1 Hawk 

Goldsmidt Ralph, shoe maker, 245 Bond 

Goldsmith Mrs. Eliza, 157 Park 

Goldsmith Hartz, 33 Argyle al 

Goldsmith L. A. inilkmai), 19 New 

Goldsmith Reuben S. dry goods dealer, 188 Alice Anna 

Goldsmith Samuel H. 85'n Calvert 

Goldsmith Solomon, shoe maker, 53 Argyle al 

Gt)ldstein Aaron, tailor, 225 n Canal 

Golibert Simon R. firm Randolph, Golibert & Co. dw Broadway 
n of Pratt st 

Golman J. carpenter, exfreine of e Fayette 

Gombert Joseph, tailor, 114 Dallas 

Goodacre Daniel, stone cutter, cor. President and Stiles sts. dw 
93 Albemarle 

Goodall Matthew, porter, lI4 n Calvert 

Goodamoot John, paver, 679 w Baltimore 

Goode John, clothier, 34 Harrison 

Goode Patrick, wheel wrigh*, Concord st, dw 35 Front 

Gooden James, carter, *Ten Fool' alley 

Gojdhand John, clerk, 15 Fremont 

Goodhand Mrs. Margaret, 123 Fayette 

Gmding Captain A. L. 193 ChesHut ' 

Goodison Mrs. Ann, grocer, 173 Caroline 
Goodman Edward C. shoe maker, 150 n Gay 
Goodman Henry, pedlar, 121 n Canal 
Goodman Jacob, whitesmith, 220 Hollins 
Goodman John, comb maker, 131 Columbia 
Goodman Lewis, furniture dealer, 60 Harrison 
Gaodmanson Captain James, mariner, 92 n Eden 
Goodrick George W. carpenter, 62 Albemarle 

GOO 15i> GOR 

Goodrick Mrs. Susan, 32 e Baltimore 

Goodrick Thomas, carpenter, 1 L. Sharp St. dw e Baltimore 

Goodwin Caleb, firm G. & Co.dw 29 Stiles 

Goodwin Charles, Merchants' Bank, dw 289 w Lombard 

G()odwin & Co. ship builders, Patterson's wharf 

Gt)odwin Jan)es, carter, 'Ten Foot' alley 

Goodwin J. blacksmith Sc horse shoer, cor. German and Paca 

sts. dw 46 Carpenter's a! 
Goodvvin^Miss, 223 Aisquith 
Goodwin William J. carpenter, 21 Mullikin 
Goppert Georire, lock and jjnnsmiih, 225 Montgomery 
Gorden Mrs. Ann, trader in market, 9 Pear al 
Gorden H. John, com. mf. 89 e Pratt 
Gordon Alexander B. attorney at law, office Calvert St. nea.'" 

Mechanics' Bank, dw 58 Mount Vernon place 
Gordon Mrs. Basil B. 133 n Charles 
Gordon Mrs. Catharine, 150 York a v 
Gordon Charles, watchman, 55 n Sprinrr- 
Gordon Daniel, pile driver, Essex St. Canton 
Gordon David, baker, lOG Albemarle 
Gordon Dennis, shoe maker, 163 n Caroline 
Gordon Georire, huckster, 11 Granby 
Gordon Georize W.igrocer Sc com. mt. 80 Light st wharf, dw 

105 s Eden 
Cxordon Henry, coach trimmer, 169 Madison av 
Gordon Doctor James W. W. druo-gist, 127 Biddle 
Gordon James, bricklayer, 14 Buren 

Gordon John M. prest.' Union Bank of Md. dw 97 Monument 
Gordon Joseph, oak cooper, 70 n Greene 
Gordon Joseph, watchman, 56 Sprii g 
Gordon L. S. fovvarding agent, dw 33 South 
Gordon Mr. collector, s w cor. St. Paul and Fayette 
Gordon P. huckster, Harford av near thechuich 
Gordon Mrs. Rebecca, 4 s Gay 
Gordon William F. collector, 348 Lexington 
Gordon AViliiam H. watchman at custom house, 184 Bank 
Gordshell Frederick, butcher, Ross si e of Dolphin 
Gordshell George, boatman, Republican st n of Raborg 
Gore Amos, carpenter, i\w 36 Ilampslead 
Gore Philip, 53 Block st 

Gorman Brian, grocer St liquor dealer, 61 Richmond 
Crorman George, sailor, 176 Canton av 
Gorman Sc. Hueston, ship smiths. City Block 
Gorman James, laborer, 86 Happy al 
Gorman James W. clerk, 3 w Fayette 
Cxorman Mrs. seamstress. Mulberry st e of Shroeder 
Gorman Michael, laborer, 17 Starr al 
Gorman Nicholas, laborer, 151 Peirce 
Gorman William, blacksmith, 7 Lancaster 
Gormer Frederick, tailor, 12 President 
Gormly John, tinner, 70 PeaH 
Gorsuch Mrs. Agnes, 163 n Gay 
Gorsuch J. & Co. hardware dealers, cor. Gav 8t French sts. dw 

78 n High 
Gorsuch James, carter, 195 Dallas 

GQK 153 GOir 

Gorsuch Levin, 118 Bank 

Gorsuch Nicholas M. tavern^ 117 McElderry's wharf 

Gorsuch P. lottery office, Pratt st. op^ depot, dvv 214 Aisqulth st 

Gorsucli Robert, dvv 185^ e Monument 

Gorsucii Robert, Hanover st. dvv 105 s Paca. 

Gorsuch Samuel, ship carpenter, 309 Eastern av 

Gorsuch Mrs. Sarah, 130 FretDont 

Gorsuch Theodore, carpenter,, 81 Mulberry St. dvv 103-' 

Gorsuch Thomas J. mt. tailor, 13 n Gay 

Gorsuch William, brakesman, 21 Pl/ppleton 

Gorsuch William G. carpenter, 31 Couriland St. dvv 9G n Eutavv 

Gorier G. O. firm Graf & G, dvv 70 St. Paul 

Gorton Wm. clerk, 4l McHenry 

Gosden George, huckster, 11 Granby 

Gosden John T. professor ofnuisic, 32 Granby 

Goslin Levin, laborer, 2 Myers court 

Gosnell Geo. T. carpenter, 50 G^rman,,dw 276 Mulberry 

Gosnell Geo. W. variety store, 62 Baltimore, dvv 162 Madison 

Gosnell Jas. L. B. firm" Lemuel L, W. G. & Sons, dvv IS Pearl:: 

GoSnell John T. silver plater, il Bank 

Gosnell Leml. W. & Sons, wholesale dry goods dealers, 328 w 

Baltimore, dvv of L. W. 82 n Paca 
Gosnell Mrs. Maria, boarding house, 89 North 
Gosnell Matthew T. firm of L. VV. G. &- Sons, dw 24! Saratoga 
Gosnell Philip H. merchant tailor, 7 n Howard, dw285 Saratoga 
Gosnell Mrs. Rebecca, dress maker, 278i Mulberry 
Gosnell 'J'albot, carpenter, 105 Madison, shop Mulberry near 

Gosnell Thos. carpenter, 162 IMadison 
Gossler Mrs. Elizabeth, 111 St Mary's 
Gosweiler Daniel, huckster, 306 Aisquith 
Gotfried Nicholas, laborer, 291 Alice Anna 
Gothrop Jas. shoemaker, 33 George 
Gotie Carson, Eutavv st. Spring Gardens • 
G(»tt Thos. J. stock & property brok. 49 Second, dvv 22 Alsquith 
Gott William, carpenter, 6 Gibson 
Goubuts Adams, 213 Bethel 
Gough Dr. 235 Pratt 

Gough Francis, grocer and liquor dealer, 126 Holliday 
Gough Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 118 St Paul 
Gough Capt. Washington, 114 e Pratt 
Gould A. 296 Light 

Gould Alexander, sr. farmer, 311 Light 
Gould Mrs. Ann, boarding house. 58 n Eutaw 
Gould Edward, constable, 23 Jackson 
Gould Eli, 134 Monument 
Gould Eli, butter dealer. Second st. w of Gay 
Gould Mrs. Frances, 197 n Eutavv 
Gould James, chronometer and watch maker, 168 Baltimore, 

dw s e cor. Charles and Franklin 
Gould John G. 122 Lee 
Gould Mrs. Mary Ann, 68 n French 
Gould Thos. N. cabinet maker, 59 Sharp, dvv 32 Barre 
Gould Zaccheus, of Sim office, 43 Orleans 
Gouley Louis L. vegetable medicine vender,. 38 Baltimore 
GouUart John, tavern^ 504 w Pratt 

GOU 154 GRA 

Gourdon Mrs. Sarah, 105 Fayette 

Gourlay Geo. shoer and smith, 9 President, dw 71 Albemarle 

GoverGeo. P. firm Purvis and G. exchange brokers, 208 Bait. 

dw G. P. Gover 1 Aisquiih 
Gover Saml. H. auctioneer, dw 76 s Exeter 
Grabb Georore, s])oe maker, 45 Forrest 
Grace J. A. 73 n Greene 
Grace Jacob A. shoe maker, 262 Monument 
Gracer Anthony, butcher, Pennsylvania av 
Gracey William C. carpenter, 38 Orleans 
Grady James, clerk, 1 Hamilton 
Grady Patrick, watchman, 181 Columbia 
Graf'F. B. consul for Netherlands, 52 s Gay, dw n w corner 

Franklin and Park 
Graf&t Gorier, commission merchants, 5'2 s Gay 
Graf John, tavern keeper, 50 Thames 
Graff Mrs. Araminta, 168 Ann 
Graff E. Bcalty, attorney at law, 12 s Frederick 
Graff John, tailor, 211 Pratt 
Graff Saml. tobacconist, 23 n High 
Graff Wm. S. attorney at law, 13 Law Buildings, St Paul, dw 

23 Fayette 
Grafflin Geo. VV. firm O'Brien, G. St Frick, 83 s Greene 
Grafflin Jacob, senr. 46 Columbia 
Graft John, laborei-,61 West 
Graft Tlios. bulciier, 179 Ensor 
Grafton Mark, 95 Fayette 

Grafton Samuel H. stove smith and tin worker, 30 Light 
Grafton Stephen, book keeper, 336 Lexington 
Graham Andrew, boarding house, 252 n Howard 
Graham Andrew, stone cutter, l2l ii Front 
Graham Mrs. Ann, 200 s Charles 
Graham Mrs. Catharine, Dover w of Fremont 
Graham Mrs. Dr. hoarding house, 82 & '4 Saratoga 
Graham Ellis, carpenter, 30 Constitution 
Graham J. 8c R. grocers & commission mis. 98 Dugan's wharf, 

dw of J. G. 40 e Fayette 
Graham J. firm of Polee, Graham St McKinley, constables, 242 

Graham James, grocer, 40 e Fayette 
Graham John, grocer, 900 w Baltimore 
Graham John, laborer, 61 Perry 

Graham John, boot and shoe maker, 46 w Pratt, dw 8 L. Gough 
Graham John, shoe maker, 46 w Pratt, dw 8 L. Gough 
Graham Josiah, shoemaker, 34 York 
Graham M. grocer, 106 Canal 
Graham Peter, ship carpenter, 274 Alice Anna 
Graham Robt. of firm J. St R. G. 19 Albemarle 
Graham Robert, 198 n Exeter 
Graham Saml. drayman, ll3 Albemarle 
Graham Silas, mariner, 17 William 
Graham St Spedden, ship joiners, 46 Philpot 
Graham William, firm of G. St Spedden, 65 Ann 
Graham Wm. cabinet maker and furniture dealer, 65 Harrison 

GRA 155 GRA 

Graham C;<pt. Wm. &t Son, Commercial Buildings, s Gay st. 

dvv Cjpt. Wm. G. 130 n Charles 
Grahame Israel J. apothecary and (Initririst, cor. Bait. &- Eutaw 
Graham Joseph, cabinet maker, 27 Marion 
Grainirer Joseph, tailor, 27 Marion 
Grainger John, painter, 35 Ferry 
Grainiier Wm. laborer, Henrietta st. w of Howard 
Grainqjer Wm. cigar maker, 139 Pearl 
Grammar John A, deal, in china, glass and queen's ware, 240 

Baliimore, dw 89 n Charies 
Grandelmeyer John, carpenter, 143 Saratoga 
Grandemann Charles, shoemaker, William st. F. Hill 
(irandruth Guslavus, rag tiealer, 2G2 Bond 
Granger Henry, 213 w Lomburd 
Grant Edward, teacher, 157 Bethel 
Grant Geo. W. blacksmith, 135 s High 
Grant John, boiler maker, 1 L. Church 

Grant Joseph P. com. mt. 72 Bovvly's wharf, dw 82 Saratoga 
Grant Margaret, 66 n Canal ^ 

Grant Mrs. Mary A. 318 Franklin 
Grant Mrs. Rachel, Essex st. Canton 
Grant Samuel, huckster, 34 Lewis 
Grant Zenophon, hatter, 165 n Hiiiih 
Grantlemeyer John, carpenter, 157 Hollins 
Grape John, wood dealer, dw 26 n Eden 
Grape Jacob, beacon dealer, 188 Chesnut 
Grape Mrs. S. 151 e Monument 
Grapeness Henry, laborer, 32 Thames 
Grapevine Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 State 
Grater Mrs. Betsy, tailoress, lO'J n Paca 
Gralz John, laborer, 83 Argyle al 
Gratzenstein Peter, paver, 202 Fayette 
Grau John, iron founder, 86 s High 
Graue Henry H. firm Rii)pleme.ver & Graue, 174 Sharp 
Granling Conrad, shoe maker, 242 e Baltimore 
Grauling Conrad, shoe niaker, 213 Happy al 
Grauling Frederick, laborer, 47 President 
Grauling K. shoe maker, 50 n Caroline 
Gravensiine James, wire worker, 4 L. Gough 
Graves Doctor John J. city register, n e corner Chalsworth st 

and Smith's lane 
Graves Mrs. Lydia, 180 Bond 
Gray Mrs. Ann L. boarding house, 116 Sharp 
Gray Charles, brick maker, 180 Paca 
Gray Edward, cotton manufacturer, dw 29 n Calvert 
Gray Francis W. agent, 11 Bond 
Gray George, last manuf. and findings dealer, 39 s Calvert st. 

n e corner Water 
Gray George W. trader, 122 Bond 
Gray Georg-e P. & Co. tobacconists, 36 South 
Gray J;imes, brick maker, 284 s Charles 
Gray Mrs James, botanic medicine depot, 2 Water 
Gray John, siil maker, 126 Spring 

Gray John W. firm Solomon Gray &. Co. dw 126 Spring 
Gray John, of steamboat, 48 Lee 

^RA 136 GRB 

Gray John, boot fitter, 2ll Ann 
Gray Joseph, shoe maker, 17 tSanitoga 
Gray Lewis, tobacconist, 108 Light si wharf 
Gray Mr. liuckster, 102 Gouirh 
Gray Michael, laborer, 211 n Ihxeter 
Gray Naihaniel, wood colder, 72 Lee 
Grav Richard, laborer, 19 Burgundy al 
Gray Mrs. Sarah, 207 Wolf 
Gray Vincent, tailor, 128 Hanover 
Gray Walton, justice of peace, 5 Mercer 
Gray William, sail maker, Kerr's wlif. dw 158 Broadway 
Graygoose George, shoe maker, Itij e Pratt 
Grayst»n John, horse and carl keeper, 225 Conway- 
Grayson Thomas, store keeper, 224 German 
Gready Christian, tailor, 95 s Howard 

Greason George, pro. horses and carls, Lee st near Fremont 
Greaves Edward, sign and fancy painter, s e coiner South and 

Exchange place, up stairs 
Greaves George J. laborer, 47 Boyd 

Greaves William, prop, pork & beef packing est. 125 Columbia 
Grebie Benjanun, stone 6l earthenware lactory, 36 Harford av. 

dvv 100 Ensor st 
Greder Christian, tailor, 7 Clay 
Green A. paper hanger, 120 Aisquith 
Green Andrew, gardner, 116 Franklin 
Green Amon St Co. cotton yarn &, carpet chain manuf. s vv cor. 

Hillen and F'.xeter sts. dvv 181 n Exeter 
Green Mrs. Ann, 208 n Exeter 
Green Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 95 n Gay- 
Green Benjamin, laborer, 43 Spring 
Green C. barber, 30 w Pratt st. dw e Fayette 
Green Charles B. & Son, grocers, 111 n Gay, dvv 132 n High 
Green C. barber, 160 e Fayette 
Green David, prop. Western Express office, Pratt st depot, dw 

280 w Lombard 
Green Mrs. E. 189 Chesnut 

Green Enoch, ed^e tool grinder. Clay st near Poppleton 
Green Frederick IS. Cuiu Sunnvalt & G. 16 Greene 
Green Mrs. Geo. tailoress, 258 Franklin 
Green George, house and sign painter, 53 South 
Green Henry, firm Blackision & G. 678 w Baltimore 
Green Henry II. currier, 194 Lexington maiket, dw 4 Pearl 
Green Hugh, grocer and liquor store, 51 South 
Green Jacob, lime and feed dealer, cor. Franklin and North sts. 

dw 174 n Exeter 
Green Jacob, lime and hair dealer, 142 North st. dw Monument 

near Gay st 
Green James, rrifith. 8c philosoph. instru. maker, 43 South 
Green Captain James, 152 Ann 
Green John, carpenter, 3 Somerset 
Green John, rope maker, Lighi st extended 
Green John, silversmith, 17 Mullikin 
Green John, dairuerian rooms, cor. Baltimore and Charles sts. 

dw 86 Hill 
Green John, furniture wagoner, 40 George 

tjRE ~ mi G^^ 

Green J.ohn jr. carpenler, Cowpen al. dvv 487 w Baliimare 
Green Joseph, shoe maker, s e cor. Saratoga and Eii'law . 
Green Joseph, tnachinist-, 85 Garden 
Green Joshua, osiler, Greenwillow 
Green Mrs, Mary, <> Falls st 

Green Mrs. Mary A. boarding lioiise, 4^ n Howard 
Green Nicholas, laborer, 38 Gittings 
Green Peter W. cabitaet maker, 57 Harrison 
Green Mrs. Rebecca, lailoress, 171 Light 
Green Richard C. firm Dungan & G. 157 s Paca 
Green Richard C. cooper, Commerce st. dw 157 Burgundy al 
Green Richard, locksmith, 24- Gibson 
Green Robert, 173 e Lombard 
Green Samuel, shoe maker, 8 Low- 
Green Mrs. Susannah, 69 n Exeter 

Green Thomas, market trader, alley e from Greene st, s of Lex. 
Green Thomas P. grocer, 141 n High 
Green Thomas, 243 Happy al 
Green William, huckster, 92 s Eutaw 
Green William R. tanner, 125 n Front 
Greenbaum M. tailor, 166 Forest 
Greenbaum N. grocer, 157 Orleans 
Greenbaum Wolf, grocer and liquor dealer, 385 Saratoga 
Greene & Co^s Wcsiern Express, office at Pratt si. R. R. depot, 
Greener Frederick, grocer, 156 Ganal [dwSOl Lombard 

Greener Michael, oak cooper, 294 Bond 

Greenfield A. H. hardware deal. 167 Lexington, dw28SSarato. 
Greenfield A. shoe maker, 19 Jasper 
Greenfield Thomas K. ship builder, 89 s High 
Greensfelder Bernard, dry goods dealer 46 s Exeter 
Greensfelder & Bro. trimmings dealers, 29 n Eutaw 
Greenmount Cemetery office, cor. Dark lane and Courtland st. 

Wm. H. Fitzhugh, treasurer 
Greentree Mrs, Catahrine, 551 w Baltimore 
Greentree Hiram, carpenter, 180 n Eutaw 
Greenvvald Abraham, pedlar, 132 s Caroline 
Greenvvay & Co. exchange brokers, 176 Baltimore st. dw 52 

Mount Vernon place 
Greenvvay Edward M. jr. cor. Charles st St. Mt. Vernon place 
Greenwood Mrs. A. milliner, 147 n Caroline 
Greenwood- Mrs. Mary E. confectioner, 32 J-2 Baltimore 
Greenwood Samuel, tailor, n w cor. Howard and Conway 
Greenwood VV. file manuf. 28 s Paca st. dvv 14 Pine 
Greenwood W. S. 147 n Caroline 
Greenwood William, cutter, Lemon st near Shroeder 
Greer Alexander, laborer, Hargrove al 
Greer Mrs. Eleanor, 210 n Howard 
Greer Mrs. Jane S. dress maker, 312 n Howard 
Greger Geo. tailor, 261 Aisquiih 
Greger Robert, laborer, 30 Boyd st 
Greger Samuel, drayman, 203 Light 

GreggAndrewSt Co. grocery & produce n.t 5. 1G9-'11 Franklin 
Gregg Mrs. Ann, 65 Fayette ^ 
Gregg Mrs. Elizabeth, 62 Franklin 
Gregg Mrs. Harriet, 43 Holliday 

GRE 158 GRI 

Gregs^ Morgan H. merchant tailor, over 207 1-2 BaltittJore 

Grejg Robert A. grocer, 72 Centre Market space 

Gregg William, 2i6 Lombard 

Gregler John, buicher, 419 Saratoga 

Gregory Amos, grocer, 191 s Charles 

Gregory Henry M. painter, Register (Argyle) s of Goiigh 

Gregory John B. painter, 52 York st 

Gregory John, blacksmith, 96 Jetlerson 

Gregory Joseph, 34 Henrietta 

Gregory Joseph, ship carpenter, 49 Eastern avenue 

Gregory Joseph, ship carpenter. Register, (Argyle al) s ofGough 

Gregory William, ship carpenter, 87 Bank 

Gregory William, plaisterer, 100 Hollins 

Grehzebach Henry, boot end shoemaker. Sharp, n of Henrietta 

Greig Frederick, blacksmith, 3 Jasper st 

Greikhel Lewis, porter, 46 Clay 

Grein Francis, grocer, 61 Lancaster 

Greiner Mrs. Elizabeth, 111 St. JSlary's st 

Greiner John, cabinet mekej, 26 Gitting« 

Gremm Joseph, grocer & liquor dealer, 337 Saratoga 

Gremmincrer Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 6 Shakspear 

Greves D. & Son, grocers & wood deal. 272 Broadway dw270 

Grey Richard, laborer, 19 Burgundy alley 

Grice George, carpenter, 12 East 

Grice Moses, wood corder, 60 Hill st 

Grichy Antliony, laborer, Tessier st near Diddle 

Grichenbacher Frederick, carpenter, 14 Jackson's court 

Gridley John, lottery, and exchange office keeper, 108 n Gay 

Griess J. G. wood and t« ist turner, 12 Mercer 

Grifleth Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer and liquor dealer, 103 s Charles 

Griffin Mrs. Alice, grocer, 132 Pearl si 

Griffin Anthony, carter, 211 Columbia 

Griffin B. H. coach spring manufacturer, 32 York avenue 

Griffin Mrs. Catharine, seamstress, 671 w Baltimore 

Griffin E. T. tohacconist. 138 Pearl st 

Griffin Ellen, Clay st near Popplelon 

Griffin Jacob, butcher, 374 n Gay 

Griffin James, shoemaker, 16 n Carohne 

Griffin John, plaisterer, 253 Franklin 

Griffin Lynch, tavern, cor. Coi cord & Fish Market . 

Griffin Lemuel, loborer, 190n Howard 

Griffin Mrs. Mary, 34 Ross 

Griffin Robert, ])'iaistercr, 81 L. McElderrv st 

Griffin Robert, firm Moore & Griffin, 106 ii Paca 

Griffin Thomas, laborer, Freedom st Beaui's lot 

Griffiss John J. lumber dealer. Fall's av. dvv 7 s Higli 

Griffiss Mrs. Sarah A. SO Chesnut 

Griffith Albert G. veniiian blinds and paper hangings manufac- 
turer, 278 Baltimore st dvv 41 Fremonl 

Griffith Alexander, huc!<ster, 91 Conway 

Griffith Mrs. Ann, oO Aisquith 

Griffith Mrs. Ann, tailoress. 97 Fenn. avenue 

Griffith Mrs. Ann, 175 e Pratt 

Griffith Dennis, market dealer, Scott st e of Pratt 

Griffith Mrs. Elizabeth 8c daughters, milliners & dress makers, 
114 s Howard st 

GRI 159' GRO 

Griffith Mrs. Elizabeth, frpocer & liquor store, 103 s Charles 

Griffith Fitzcrerald, & Ma«zruder, hardware mts. 265 Baltimore 

Griffith Goldsborough S. upholsterer & paper hanorer, 122 BaUi- 
more, and carpet warehouse, 75 Balto. dw 121 n Calvert 

Griffith H. merchant tailor, 6 n Gay, dw 58 Holliday 

Griffith Henry, stone cutter, 160 n Caroline 

Griffith Howard, 298 Lexincrton 

Griffith Israel & Co. wholesale dry goods mts. 287 Baltimore 
dw 45 Sharp st 

Griffith Captain John, 104 s Hiirh 

Griffith John R. mate of St. B. Georgia, 48 Barre 

Griffith John, 60 Barre 

Griffith John, clerk, 74 Dover st 

Griffith Jno. tailor, 115 n EJen, shop 6 Litrht, firm Merrill &G. 

Griffith Joseph J, attorney at law, 12 [..exington 

Griffith L. P. botanical Doctor, ll6n Caroline 

Griffith Lewis, painter, 25 Stirlintr 

Griffith Manly, brakesman, 516 w Baltimore 

Griffith Michael, clothier, 54 Harrison 

Griffith Richard H. jr. orrocer & rom. mt. 114 s Charles, dw 145 

Grffith Richard, carpenter, 74 York avenue 

Griffith Robert B. blacksmith, 381 n Gay 

Griffith Samuel, hatter, Reirister s of Pratt 

Griffith Mrs. Susan, 68 Barre 

Griffith Mrs. T. grocer, 63 n Eden 

Griffith Thomas, slater, 124 n Paca 

Griffith William, straw cutter, 302 Forrest 

Griffith William H. 8c Bro. upholsterers, venitian blind makers, 
and paper hanir^rs, 31 n Gay 

Griggs George,, pilot, 114 Gough 

Griggs James, pilot, 57 s Exeter 

Griggs William, pilot, 140 Bond 

Grim Edward, carpenter, Raboro- st 

Grim Frederick, cabinet maker. Cider al. w ofGreene st 

Grimes Mrs. Ann, 235 Ann st 

Grimes Charles, 164 n Calvert 

Grimes Charles, ''arpenter, 7 Dewberry alley 

Grimes ChaHes E. 302 n Gay 

Grimes Edward, horses and waorons keeper, 484 w Baltimore 

Grimes Hugh, watchman, 57 Buren st 

Grimes John, carpenter, 328 Lexington 

Grimes John, 61 n Eden 

Grimes Joseph J, grocer, cor. Poppleton and Lombard 

Grimes Joshua, farmer, 68 Gouorh 

Grindall John T. manager. Md. Chemical Works, S7 G, Mont- 
gomery st 

Grindall William, laborer, 7 Amitv st 
Grinder Mrs. Marv, tailoress, 65 York st 

Grinnell Charles A. firm Fite & G. 84 n Eutaw 

Grinselnrmn John Adam, shoemaker, 115 Canton avenue - 

Griscom & Burrouorbs, lime depot, se corner Alice Anna, wd 

Canal st office Wood st ,; »>: . -n ) 

Grist Peter, cabinet maker, 252 Bidcle i »v.k .<-- .vt»;» ur; . : - > 
Groff Jacob, liquor dealer, 5 n Edeu .{ibUud niljlun**! ? 
Grohe George, tailor, S3 Union st 

GRO 160 , GCT 

Grom Conrad, carpenter, 64 Lancaster 

Grpnewell John H. & Co. plnin & fancy tox makers, 3"'fi High 

Gronieii Edward, tailor, 178 Alice Anna 

Grooms Tliomas, plaisterer, 45 Mullikin ''"'if i tt ■ •-» 

Groonns William, plaisterer, 198 Ai?quith ' '' • '' "^?'"' 

Grooms W. carter, 98 Chev<5tiut ',! 

Groot Jobn, tailor, 50 McFJ(ierry '* 

Groover Jacob, blacksmith, 48 Monti/omery 

Groscup Mrs. A. J. 27 Jackson at 

Groscup Geo. M. oak cooper, 96 Lancastet* 

Gross & Brand, wholesale tea de;?l. 55 Fjxchanrre phce ,. .1 

Gross Frederick, laborer, Green's court . :'. '- 

Gross Jacob, firm o/G. &, Brand, dvv 95 n Gay '[':, ''.' 
'Gross John I. auctioneer, s Charles near Lombardj.-dW.jj.'St:" e> 
Monument St ' "^j'j ''.'''^^: ",-' 

Gross Lewis, «rrocer, 20G n Canal - '^ '•; "'^'''[J 

Gross Lewis, blacksmith, 106 n Hi(rh 

Gross Richard, carpenter, Garden sf. dw l42 Fayette ^ 

Gross William H. carpenter, cor. Hoffman st and Madison sLv^ 
Gross William X. 2C Hilhe.n • -^ 

Gross William, bricklayer, 173 Fremont 

Grosvenor Henry, painter, 173 n Carial 

Grothan Geo. F. merchant tailor, I e Baltimore, dw G9 Albemarle 

Grove Franci?, jjrocer and pivxhice dealer, 10 Penn. avenue 

Grove J. T. stove finisher, 130 Sharp 

Grover Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Shaksppnr 

Grover Jacob, trunnel maker, 73 Canal 

Groverman Anthony,* wholesale and retail grocer &. tea fTeal<?r> 

s e cor. Pratt st and McElderry's wharf, dw ^1 e Pratt 
Groves Mrs. Charlotte B. dress mbker, 96 Pine 
Groves Captain William, mariner, 326 Eastern avenue 
Grubb John, cedar cooper, 765 w Baltimore 
Grubb Michael, bricklayer, 246 Mulberry 
Grubb Richard, morocco dresser, 4 Hillen . v' 

Grubb Washington A. book ao-t. cor. Hoffman st&MadlisonVr. 
Grubb William, morocco manuC. 7 Cheapside, dw 4 Hillen 
Grubb Wm. A. A. J. morocco dresser, 4 Hillen 
Grubbs Thos. B. agent for Rebo's butter & peaches, dw 74 Barren 
Gruiten Frederick Lewis, oak cooper, dw 183 Sharp 
Grunebaum Joseph, 34 Centre Market ' 
Grutter Jacob, shoemaker, 64 Montoomery 
Gruver&c Costolay, cedar coopers, 146 Franklia 
Guckart John, lumber wagoner, l48 s Edcrl 
Guerand F. dyer, 106 n Howard' 
Gue^t Charles, ladies' shoemaker, 5 Dover 
Guest & Gilmor, commission merchnnts, 50 s Gay 
Guest Geo. firm G. &, Gilmor, dw 30 Cathedral • » 

Guest Mrs. E. C. boarding house, 202 w Lombard ' 

Guest Richard Souran, confectioner, 255 Pratt 
Guest Samuel, profxrty agent and collector, 154 Sharp 
Qu»nemaftThom«fi, laborer, 3<1 st F. H, '*' >- c-i-l-i^ 

Guise Sebastian, foot of Dalla.s st ' • J>. IsfirO 

Guiteau Rev. S. agent (or 8uB<l»y school and ftaet (le'jiosiiroiay, 
2 Franklin buildings, Nortl^st.dw 97 Aiaquilh ' 

GUI i¥l HAA. 

Guiton Wm. second hand furniture de^ier/78li Howard 

Guillinghursi Geo. laborer, 63 York st 

Gully Mrs. Sarah, 62 Pine 

Gult James, cio^ar maker, 204 Biddle st 

Gump Simon, sexton Salisbury st synn^ogue 59 WatsJon 

Gumbo! Nicholas, florist, ScoK st s ofCoIumbia 

Gunby Captain Francis A. mariner, 112 Bond 

Gunby Mary, 35 G. Hughes st 

Gunby Captain James, 260 Ann st 

Gummell Goilieb, cabinet maker, Penn. av. n of Wilson 

Gunelach Georo^e, boot maker, 34 Carpenter's alley 

Gunn Dr. John P. 78 Lee st. dvv 20 n Howard 

Gunnison William, wholesale commission & shipping merchant, 

101 BdwIv's wharf, dw 163 Park st 
Gunsburor Rev. JDr. Aaron, Rabi FelFs Point society, s vv cor. 

Canal and Pratt sts 
Gunter Henry, Alice Anna, Canton 
Gunter John, ojrocer, & liquor dealer, 77 Rich Tond 
GunterstuffAuorustus, shoemaker, 200 Hanover 
Gunther Conrad, jeweller, 1 Fayetie, dw Lombard e of Ann 
Gnnther Henry, tavern keeper, 268 Bond 

Gunther Mr?, ladies' fancy work est. 9 St. Paul, under Barnum's 
Gurkin Harman, s^mcer & liquor store, 89 McElderry's wharf 
Gurley George, laborer, 38 s Frederick st 
Gurney Ridley, music teacher, 84 Gough 
Gurichall Adam, 209 Dallas 
Gutchsell Geo. baker, 323 Bond 
Guthrie Joseph, riorger, 324 Eastern avenue '^ 
Guy Isaac, grain dealer, Liglit st wharf, dw 247 n Canal 
Guy Mrs. Jane, 38 s Frederick st 

Guy J no. proprietor Monument House, n e cor Fayette &. Calvert 
Guy's U. S. hotel, 146 w Pratt 
Guyer George, 74 Cross 

Gayer John J. shoemaker, Dover st w of Fremont 
Guyer Mr. carpenter, 755 w Baltimore st 
Guyther, Henry, pilot Il8 e Pratt 
Guylon & Hyde, i\ry goods merchants, 60 Hanover 
Guyton James & Co. grocers, cor. Gay Sc Chesnut, dw James G. 

233 Aisquilh st 
Guyton John, keeper Black Horse Tavei-n, 109 nHigh 
Guyton Joshua, 187 Orleans 

Gwinn Chas. J. M. attornev, 31 St. Paul st. upstairs 
Gwyn Charles R. firm G. & Co. dw 33 Conway 
Gvvyn & Co. wholesale dry goods mts. 243 Baltimore 
Gwyn John R. firm G. &*Co. dvv 199 Saratoga 
Gwynn Captain Charles, 339 w Pratt 

Gwynn Mrs. Eliza, proprietor boardincr house, 75 n Charles 
Gwynn John, grocer &. feed dealer, 89 Hollins 
Gwynn Mrs. Martha, 17 Jackson st 
Gtvynn Robert, draughtsman of Murray & Hazlehurst's foundry 

dvv 181 Hanover st 
Gwynn William, attorney at law, 4 CourtlanJ 

Haar Harman, clothier, 117 ri HoVi^arii 
Haare Christian, 14 e Pratt 


162 HAG 

Habbersett Japob, 91 Madison 

Habeler Henry, tailor, 12 President 

Habliston John, ckrk in Sun office, dw 40 n High 

Hachtel Christian, boot and shoemaker, 35 s Paca ; > 

Hachtel L. shoemaker, 69 Camden 

Hack Andrew & Sons, wholesale grocers, 36 n Howard 

Hack Mrs. Andrew, 30a Lexinnr'on 

Hack Frederick, blacksmith, 344 Saratoga 

Hack Geo. boiler maker, 54 s Caroline 

Hack John, eabi-iet maker, 166 Alice Anna 

Hack John, 69 Hollins 

Hack Oliver F. attorney at law,.Mansion House, Fayette st 

Hack Mrs. boarding house, 26. Hanover 

Hack & Klaunburg, imp. m'ts. of German goods, 75 South st, 
Bowly's wharf 

Hackenroter Michael, tailor, 87 Orchard 

Hacker John A. tavern keeper, 65 n Gay 

Hacker John C. shoe maker, 342 Saratoga 

Hacker W. wheelwright and s-mitii in general, Boston st. CantOB 

Hackeit Benjumin, lalxvrer, Eutaw st extended 

Hackett Jas. firiii Armstrong & K. dvv n e cor. Fayette & Park 

HackstaflMrs. 6 s Calvert 

Hacx John, laborer, 42 Mullikin 

Hadaway AToert, mariner, 125 Spring 

Hadaway Jas. grocer, 74 McEklerry 

Haddaway Johsi H. huckster, 164 Canton av 

Haddaw'av Robert, blacksmith, 93 York st 

Hadel Dr! John F^ C. apothecary, 189 n Eul&w 

Hadericli Jixim, trader, 203 Bond 

Hadlry John W. carver, 348 Fayette 

Haestey Alam, tailor, 60 Hamhu'g 

Hagan Ann, trader, 83 Conway 

Hh'^.in Charles, laborer, JVladison, e ofNorth 

Hagan Duiiel, 121 Wolf 

Ha Jin Edmund, laborer, 24 s Front 

Hagan Kdward, market man, Smitli's court 

Hagan Francis, draynian, 179 Columbia 

HaiJ-aii Hngli. 3 Centre 

HaS;!!) John H, clerk, 137 Mulberry 

Hagan Mrs. Margaiet, LTocer, 137 s Paca 

Hagan Mark, tavern, 187Bioadvvay 

Hagan Michael, laborer, Lee st 

Hagan Richard, fixer Tel<?graph wires, 134 Conway 

Hagelin Charles M. mariner, 58 Bethel 

Hagell Hern)an, boot and shoe maker, 328 s Bond 

Haider Geo. W. carpenter, 174 e Monument 

Hagerman John, laborer, 65 Centre Market 

Hagerty A. J. cooper, lOO n Canal 

H 'gerty Jas. boot Sc shoe maker, 82 n Howard, dw 158 Peari 

Hagerty James, shoe maker, 26 Centre Market spa<;e 

Hagerty John, clothier, 152 n Gay 

Hagerty John, laborer, 239 Alice Anna 

Hagger & Brother, mathematical, -optical and philosophical in- 
strument makers, 63 South and 59 Pratt 

Hagger John VV. ol firm 44 Barre 

^Um 103 HAf/ 

Haghn Ann, trader, 83 Conway 

Hagley John, drayman, 56 Union 

Hatrner Adam, hlacl<3rnith, 93 s Eutaw 

Hagner George H. boot and slioe maker> n w cor. Frenionl & 

Hagner George, citiar maker, 438 Saratoga 
Hagner Wm. coach spring maker, 12 Rock 
Hagthrop Edward, stove smith anil tin worker, 32 Light st. dvv 

1 75 n Gay 
Hagthrop Mrs. E. millinery and dry goods dealer, 175 n Gay 
Hague Mrs. A. extreme end ol'e Fayette 
Hahn Charles, cooper, 147 York 
Hahn Edward, butcher, 205 Orleans 
Hahn Henry, painter, 70 Lexinu;ion 
Hahn Henry, blacksmith, 151 York 
Halin .John, oak cooper, 515 Baltimore 
Hahn John, cigar maker, 4 Harmorjy lane 
Hahn John, laborer, Henrietta e of Eutaw 
Hahn John, tailor, 70 Lexington ■ 
Hahn Lewis carpenter, 19 Pme 
Hahn Nicholas, carpet weaver, 233 e Monument 
Hahn Wm. butcher, 88 Mullikin 

Hahnemann Frilz, turner, cor. Marion &. Eutaw, d\v 36 Marion 
Haig Jas. M. manf. IHnge and ginjp.s, 133 Bait, dvv 26 Barnet 
Haiglit C. conlectioner, 127 Canal 
Haines John, painter and glazier, 331 w Pratt 
Hains Mr.".. Catlierine, 92 Hillen 
Hakfcsley Wm. J. carpenter, 315 n Gay 

Halbach Chas. culler, grinder and instrument makerj 72 n Gay 
Halbacher John, blacksmith, 14 Lee 
Halbert John, boot and shoemaker,^! SI e Baltimore 
Hale C. F. commission mt. 3 Bowley's wlif. dvv 15 Hanover st 
HaleCapt. P. M. 69 Aisquith 
Hale Wesley, chair maker, Henrietta; e of'Eutaw 
Hale Wm. H. bricklayer, 84 s Howard 
Haleinger Jacob, laborer, 84 York 
Ha lei H. grocer, 138 Orleans 
Halers Henry D. 108 n Greene 
Haley John, oak cooper, 164 Raborg 
Halfpenny Samuel, engineer, 38 n Spring 
Hall Alfred, cooper. Canal st. one door from Holland, dw 8 n 

Hall Carter A. Sl Son, wholesale dry goods mts. 267 Baltimore 

dw German, e of Eutaw 
Hall Carter, dry goods mt. dw 62 Greene 
Hall Charles, dry goods dealer, 120 Lexington 
Hall Mrs. Charlotte, prop, of young ladies' acad. 69 e Fayette 
Hall Edward, tavern, 173 Eastern av 
Hall Edward G. lumber merchant, 98 n Greene 
Hall Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Josephine 
Hall Elias, shoe maker, 171 Madison 
Hall & Forties, sliip builders, lower end of G. Hughes 
Hall Geo. H. cedar cooper, Cider al. w of Paca st 
Hall Henry W. Cathedral st. n of Hoffman 

Henrv, mariner, 267 Baltimore 

Miss Hester, 68 Bond 

Israel, sexton Htinmer's church, 14 York 

Jannes, ortran builder, 5 s Eutavv, dw 183 Mulberry 

James, firm Freeland & Hall, 5 Baiiimore 

Dr. James, agent lor Md. Colonization Society, 49 Mulberry 

Jas. B. shoe maker, 804 Aisquilh 

James, laborer, 3 Henrietta 

John, shoe maker, 240 Ann 

John H. tailor, 193 Madison 

John, laborer, 26 Centre 

John W. proprietor Union Mills, for manuf. mustard, choco- 
late, cocoa Sec. VV. Falls av. dw 185 e Baltimore si 

John, grocer, 85 Jetil-rson 

Joseph, ship smitli, 249 Light 

Joshua M. 163 Broadway 

Mrs. Maria, dry goods dealer, 371 Saratoga 

Misses, Greenwiliovv st 

Misses Eliza and Car.. line, boarding house, 50 Saratoga 

Mrs. butter dealer, 159 n Eutaw 

Mrs. 67 Aisquith 

Mrs. Doctor, 45 Lexington 

Nathan Henry, firm Boss, Hall &i^ Co. 38 Broadway 

iNathaniel, spice &.C. manui". cor. Dallas St. and Union alley 
dw Caroline 

Preston, machinist, 50 Orleans 

R. H, commission mt. 6 Light st. wharf, dw 105 Saratoga 

Richard M. book keeper, 7 Bnltimore 

Richard H. shoemaker, 328 Aisquith 

Robert, merchant tjilor, 15 s Gay 

Robert H. laborer, 140 McHenry 

Samuel, tailor, 112 s Howard 

Saml. tailor, 88 n Caroline 

Mrs. Sa-ah B. 590 w Baiiimore 

Shadrach, shoe maker, 5 Marion 

r. W. firm Harrison & Co. 20 Cathedral 

Thos. J. & Co. com. mts. 2 Light st. whf. dw 105 Sharp st 

Thos. machinist. 39 Hill 

Thos. carter, 43 Armistead lane 

Washington, jr. attorney at law, 1 Spurrier's court, running 
from Lexington, w ol'St. Paul st 

Wm. W. attorney, office Post Of. builds, dw l2l Conway 

William, blacksmith, 84 Cross 

William, boatman, 72 Conway 
egan James, grocer, 2 French 

elstein Julius, cigar maker, 18 Light, dw 82 Conway 
er Jacob, oyster and ale house, 514 w Pratt 
er Jacob, grocer, 229 Canton av 
er Samuel, trader, 131 Paca 
ey Simon, clothier, 131 Franklin 

iday Robert, florist, cor. Pennsylvania av. and Dolphin st 
myer John, grocer & liquor dealer, 359 Saratoga 
s Wells R. collector, 293 Eastern av 
m Nicholas, laborer, 245 Ann 
ton Charles, grocer, 60 n Canal 

-tiAM '^y^m^ HAM 

Hamalt John B. coffee roaster, 263- Canton av ' >' '".'■' •^^■■ 

Haman James, ■grocer, 43 Pratt, dw 71 Alberharte 

Haman Martin, laborer, 194 Holiday 

Hamberger Kaiilrtnan, clothier, n. w car. Centre Market space 

• and Lombard st. dw e Lombard 
Hambleton &, Son, wholesale dry goods mts. 307 Baltimore st 

dw 53 n Rutaw 
Hambleton T. E. firm of H. Bxicky & Co. dn SSnEuiafr. 
Hamburg Mrs. market woman, 21 Second r- i ! (i< tji:; 'A 

Hamburger Aaron, clothier, 15 Second "'■' ■■ ■■ ^ -■^ 

Hamburger K. clothier, 30 Paca • «'<5 tisdol I . 

Hamel I>.)ctor Ernst, ^35 Bond - .f? = .!■.! 

Hamel Jacob, C(K)per, 213 n Exeter 
Hamele P-hilip,"62 Frirnch 
Haraer Bethia, 173 Chesnut 
Hamersloucrh L. dry goods mt. 59 n Howard 
Hamerstaetier Casper, milkman, PennsyJvauia av. n of Mosher bt 
Haniil John, carpenter, 228 Bond 
Hamil Robert, shoe ma-ker, 80 McElderry ■ 
Hamilton & Co. auctioneers, 177 Pratt O'' •'>'■''"■ 
Hamilton & Cooper, siirl makers, 4 Bow ley'i 'wharf 
Hamilton Frahci-'rStaore driv^er»65 Raborg 
Hamilton J. L. 30 e Baltimore 

Hamilton J. H. grocer & tea dealer, 46 s Paea, dw 181 w Pratt 
Hamilton James, bacon dealer, 113 n Eden 
Hamilton James, laborer, l25 Peirce 

Hamikon Jas. jr. wholesale and retail groeer, 112 Pratt, dw 181 
Hamilton James, carter, 118 Raborg 
Harniltim John, ice dealer, 59 Biddle 
Hamilton John, deaier in millinery goods, oTer 213 Bait, dw 90 

'■ Lexington ' • ; ' 

Hamilton Joseph, carter, 5S3^ Baltimore 
Hamilton Larkin, plaistere^', 106 Albemarle 
Hamilton Mrs. M. millinery & lancy goods dealer, 90 Lexington 
Hamikon Mrs. Margaret, 274 n Euiaw 
Hamilton Mrs. Rebecca, 78 Hillen 
Hamilton Richard, ship carpenter, 277 Bond 
Hamilton Robert, carpenter, 150 Fremont 
Hamilton Robert, grocer and tea dealer, 68 Camden 
Hamilton Sa ml. court, w from Pine, i:)et. Josephine ^Saratoga sis 
Hamilton Mrs. Sarah, 211 n Eutaw .^'u: .>;;'.!ii..;.i !.;;i.. I 

Hamilton Thomas, 233 Ensor d •'• :::iM'i."I' ' ^ 1 !. 

Hamilton Thomas B. sail maker, dw 125 s Exeter 
Haniilton Tbos. B. firm of H. and Cooper, dw 132 Exeter 
Hamilton Wm. teacher, 268 Lexrngton, dw 44 Saratoga 
Hamikon Wm. J. watchman, 69 Eastern av 
Hamilton Woodward, tailor, Lemcm St. e of Shroeder 
Hamlin Wra. C. grocer and liqur deal. S59-'4l Lexington 
HamnTiel Valentine, cooper, 115 Aisquith 

Hammelbacher Leonhardt,6ak cooper, Montcromery neai Shstfp 
Hammer Andrew, whip and cane maker, 7 Humes 
Hammer Gerhard, barber, and wig maker, 30 a Howard 
Hammer J. D. ale aiKl oyster house, 15 Poppleton 
Hammer Mrs. Jane E. preceptress, 260 Fayette 
Hammer John, clerk, 46 Spring 

HAM i>)m HAN 

Hammerbacher Ftr(Jinand,oak cooper, «il6 Sharp 

Hammerbacher M. cooper, 208 Shurp, dw 2l6 

Hammersley David, confectioner, 89 Eden 

Hammick Louis, carter, Sharp, n Henrietta 

Hammil John, marble pohslier, China al 

Hammond Mrs. Catharine, 60 Montcromery 

Hammond Charles, farmer, dw 268 Fayette 

Hammond D. keeper oCstables,- 149 East 

Hammond Enea?, keeper lon«r bridi^e. Spring Gardens 

Hammond Mrs. Francis, 240 Ana 

Hammond John, 85 Orchard 

Hammond John L. real estate and property aprent, 4l Second, 

Hammond John W. firm H. Pollard &c Lawrason, at Eutaw 

Hammon Mrs. Mary Ann, 85 Baltimore 
Hammond Mrs. Mary, wfiitewasher, 258 Franklin 
Hammond Michael, tinner and plumber, lOl Gough 
Hammond, Pollard Sc Lawrason, importers &job. of foreign and 

domestic dry croods, 260 Baltimore 
Hammond Dr. VVm. M. 4l e Fayette 

Hamner Rev. Charles, pastor German Evang. ch. l22 Camden 
Hamner J. J. l46 e Fayette 

Hamner John, cooper, Leadenhall s of Montgomery 
Hamner Rev. James G., D. D. dw25 Sharp 
Hammontree Wm. W. conf. and boarding house, 653 Baltimore 
Hampson Absalom J. grocer and tea dealer, n vv cor. Hamilton 

and St Paul 
rlampson Levi, sweep master, 2821 Mulberry 
Hampson Mrs. Mary, 6 Hamilton 

Hami)ton Robtrt B. firm of Love, Martin &c Co. dw 56 St Paul 
Hanan John, attorney at law, 11 Courtland 
-Hance Geo, leather inspector, 267 Saratoga 
Hance James, dw 104 n High 
Hance >Seth S. druggist & apothecary, n e cor. Charles and 

Pratt, dw 108 Baltimore 
Hancock A. collector, l40 Jefferson 
Hancock Wm. H. tavern keeper, w Falls av 
Hand Alexander, boot maker, 63 n Eulaw 
Hand Henry, watchirian, 236 Gough 
Hand Thomas, firm Hanson & H. dw 181 e Fayette 
Hand Thomas R. book keeper, 36 Pennsylvania av 
Handen Dennis, boarding iiouse. Gravel al 
Hand ley Valentine, fish dealer, 152 n Eutavv 
Hands Mrs. Tabitba, 21 s Exeter 
Hands Captain W. 36 n Exeter 
Handy &c Bro. wholesale grocers, 128 w Lombard 
Handy Edward H. shoemaker, 16 McHenry 
Handy Doctor J. T. 48 s Entaw 
Handy Dr. Washington R. 52 e Pratt 
Handy Doctor, ?2l' Pratt 
Hanes Georjre W. shoe maker, 128 Pine 
Haney John, lime dealer. Grant st. dw 177 n Eutaw 
Haney William, watchman, 20 Josephine 
Haney Willard S. ship joiner, '^10 Gough rj-i'^n 


HAN ler HAB 

Hankey Joseph, weigher in custom house, cor. Pratt and Gbj 

sis. dw 44 s High •• -; 

Hanley Patrick, laborer, 19 Haw »i 

Hanlin Henrietta, 112 n Eulaw '^ 

Hanhne Moses, painter and glazier, 299 Bond 
Hann Christopher, oak cooper, 40 President 
Hann Jacob, bricklayer, Pratt st w of Fremont 
Hanna Captain Alexander B. 144 Broadway 
Hanna Alexander, clerk, 152 Aisquith 
Hanna George, cabinet maker, 55 Holland 
Hanna James, 33 e Pratt st 
Hannah Mrs. dress maker, 58 German 
Hannan Charles, cooper, 171 n Exeter 
Hanne William, clerk in Savings' Bank, 27 Pleasant 
Hannegan Thomas, watchman. Walnut al 
Hanneman John Ludwig, tanner, Frederick road 
Hanney Mrs. Mary A. confect. & boarding house, 141 Camden 
Hannmg Alfred, laborer, 33 Concord 
Hanning Mrs. Mary Ann, 224 n Howard 
Hannun George, cabinet maker, 161 Alice Anna 
Hanr John, boot and shoe maker, Abey al 
Hans Frederick, boot fitter, 55 s Eutaw 
Hansler John, tinner, 134 French 
Hanson G. H. shoe maker, 54 n Spring 
Hanson & Hand, tin and sheet iron workers, 49 e Baltimore 
Hanson J. P. dry goods merchant, 215 w Pratt 
Hanson John.^firm H. & Hand dw 179 e Fas'^ette 
Hanson Michael, carpenter, Shroeder st n ol" Fayette 
Hanson Peter, tinner, 81 Granby 
Hanson Thomas, rigger, 243 Ann 
Hanson Thomas, ext. end of Alice Anna st. Canton 
Hanson Washington, manufacturer of cloth, 1S5 n Eden 
Hanson William H. 99 e Lombard 

Hantzsche John T, book and job printer, over 223 Lexington 
Hanzelman Matthias, wheelwright, 3 State 
Hape Adam, foundrymsn, 27 Cambridge sf. Canton 
Hapner Henry, carter, 225 Columbia 
Happec John, shoe maker, 15 Stiles 
Happersett Thomas G. stove dealer, 181 Aisquith 
Happoldt D. J. painter, 230 e Monument 
Harb Peler, carter, 22 Spring 
Harbaugh Benjamin, collector, 58 n Exeter 
Harbaugh James, chair maker, cor. Bond and Mullikin ' 
Harbaugh Jerome, coach maker, 20 Oregon 
Harbiner Justus, carter, 233 Wolf 
Harbison Alexander, weaver, 115 Peirce 
Harden Mrs. William, boards 206 Lomhard 
Hardesler Benjamin, cork cut'er, 17 L. Gough 
Hardester David, engineer, Constitution st. dw 26 e Fayetle 
Hardester Jacob G. sail maker, 17 L. Gough 
Hardester Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 8 Raborg 

Hardesiy C.iarles R.'^com. mt. 81 Light st whf. dw.l54 s Charle* 
Hardesty John J. carpenter, Dallas st. rear, dw 18 Carolin* 
Hardesty Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 38 York 
Hardesty Richard S. dw 241 w Lombard 

HAR les njLVi 

Hardest^' Mrs. Sarali, 208Chesnut vDjiaiiH 

Harding Richard, shoe maker, 101 n Canal 

Hardisty Herirv jr. 31 Cathedral tj 

Hardisty Mrs. S. 130 n Exeter 

Hardy George W. plough smith, 2 Hamburg al 

Hardy John D. elerk, 23 Garden 

Hardy John, butcher, 866 w Baltimore 

Hardy Mis. P. S76 Saratoga 

Hardy Captain Robert, 79 Broadway 

Hardy William, hquor and beer house, 103 Hollina 

Hare Jacob D. chair maker, 314 n Gay 

Hare Mrs. Ruth, 144 Aisquith 

Harehart August, blacksmith, 418 n Pratt 

Harehart Jacob, huckster, Pennsylvania^av n ot Wilson 8t 

Harford George R, cabinet maker, 343 Lexington 

Hargdon Bride, laborer, 19 Montgomery al 

Hari;rove William H. painter, 62 Raborg 

Harig J. B. lock and stove manuC. cor. Hanover and Hill 

Harker Mrs. Eliza, 61 Shoit 

Harker George W. 160 York avenue 

Harker J. J. carpenter, Harford av extended 

Harker James, grocer, Harford av extended 

Harker James, lumber mt. W. Falls av. dw Harford av 

Harker James, bricklayer, 188 East 

Harker Samuel, inspector of customs, 73 Hiilea . 

Harker T. 160 York avenue 

Harkins N. boot and shoe maker, 140 Lexington 

Harkins Neal, shoe maker, 76 n Howard st. dw 368 Saratoga 

Harkness Thomas, grocer, 101 Fremont 

Harlan Isaac, shoe maker, 31 Orleans 

Harlan Saml. grocery & feed store, n w cor. Howard Sc Madison 

Harley Frances, seamstress,. 282 Dallas 

Harley George, coppersmith, Henrietta st near Paca 

Harley Joseph, finisher, 288 Alice Anna 

Harman Clirislian, oak cooper, 5 Fremont 

Harman Mrs. E. boarding house, 214 n Gay 

Harman Frederick, tavern, 151 Franklin 

Harman George, boot and shoe maker, 194 w Pratt 

Harman George, copper rollfcP, 105 n Eden 

Harman Jacob, harness and saddle maker, 344 w Pratt 

Harman Jacob, shoe maker, 49 Bethel 

Harman Jolin, shoe store, 105 Fayette st. dw 34 s Howari 

Harman John, dyer, 21 L. Gough 

Harman John, laborer, 12 Thames 

Harman John, laborer, 114 Lancaster 

Harman John, boot miker, Fayette st. dw 43 s Hovvard 

Harman Michael, sawyer, 39 Monument 

Harman Richard, Orleans St. Fairmount 

Harman William H. carpenter and builder, Henrietta st. near 

Light, dw 14 Waren 
Harman William, printer, Mr. Harman's boarding nousc, 20 

Hanover st 
Harman William, professor of music, 218 Fayette 
Harmarcck Frank, 254 Ann 
Harmeger Henry, 63 Henrietta 


^A.R 169 HAR 

Harmer Martin, laborer, 20 Elizabeth al 

Harmes Frederick, bricklayer, 240 Alice Anna 

Harraeyer Anthony, 8 Constitution 

Harmon Samuel, brickmaker, 91 s Howard 

Harms Hammond, tavern, 71 Pratt 

Harnes Joseph, salesman of stock, 748 Baltimore 

Harney Mrs. Ann, grocer, 83 Hillen 

Harney Luke, grocer, 100 Harford av 

Harning Mrs. Dorcas, washer, 80 York st 

Harnison James, market trader, 314 n Howard 

Harp Mrs, Ellen, oyster dealer, Ann st near Lombard 

Harp William, 284 Dallas 

Harper Christian, drayman, 66 Orchard 

Harper Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 65 Eutaw 

Harper Mrs. Elizabeth, 232 Franklin 

Harper Mrs, J. 10 Cathedral 

Harper Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 158 Pearl 

Harper Mrs. 8 Lovely lane 

Harper Presberry, 297 n Eden 

Harper Samuel, laborer, 7 Jefferson 

Harper Samuel, tobacconist, 14 Humes 

Harr H. clothier, 117 n Howard 

Harr John, laborer, 124 French 

Harr Peter, deputy keeper at Penitentiary, dw 190 e Fayette 

Harregal John G. laborer, 227 Forest 

Harrigan Andrew, grocer, 247 Monument Vj*'')' Vr/ ' 

Harrington Mrs, Ann, grocery and liquor store, 64^ 8"(Jaivert 
Harrington E. H. tailor, 117 Aisquith 

Harrington Henry L. dealer in cloths, cassimeres & tailors' trim- 
mings, over 218 Baltimore st. dw 161 Park 
Harrington James, wood dealer, 279 s Charles 
Harrington John, gardener, 218 Hollins 
Harrington Joshua, machinist, 153 East 
Harrington Laban, ship, master, Sharp st n of Henrietta 
Harrington Luke, clerk, 16 e Lombard 
Harrington Peter, clerk, 34 Barre 
Harrington Richard, 73 Wolf st. 
Harrington Samuel, 7 Warren 
Harris Alfred C. cabinet maker, 73 Montgomery 
Harris Mrs. Ann, grocer, 34 Ejst ° 

Harris Mrs, Ann, Lombard st w of Poppleton 
Harris Mrs. Beulah, dry goods dealer, 85 n Howard 
Harris Mrs, Catharine, boarding house, 6 South 
Harris Dr. Ghapin A. dental surg. n e cor. Lexington & Charles 
Harris Charles W. ch.^ir maker, 218 e Lombard '^ 
Harris Charles, 133 e Lombard 

Harris Charles, ship carpenter, Gough st e of Broadwav 
Harris Clara, washer, 61 Centre Market Space 
Harris St Co. lottery office, corner Centre Market & Fish Market 

Harris David C. 284 Fayettee 

Harris Edward B. com. mt. 4 Bowly'e whf. dw 10 Jefferson st 
Harris Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 82 York st 
Harris Mrs. Elizabeth, 62 n Canal 
Harris Doctor Gordon, 31 s Gay 

HAR 170 HAR 

Harris H. Wilson, attorney at law, 40 Law builds. Lexington et 

Harris Henry, carpenter, 58 Harrison 

Harris Henry, carter, 3 Granby 

Harris Hicks, firm H. & Shoemaker, dw 85 n Howard 

Harris J. C. firm Dugan & Harris, 109 n Gay st. dw 100 Front 

Harris J. Morrison, attorney at law, 40 Law build. Lexington st 

Harris James, 17 Mercer st 

Harris James, 69 Camden 

Harris James P. carpenter, 5 Gough 

Harris John, clerk, 82 n Eutaw 

Harris Colonel Joseph, 197 Fayette 

Harris Richard, car driver, 96 Boyd 

Harris Richard, laborer, 169 Light 

Harris Samu j1 Sc Sons, stock 8t exchange brokers, 216 Bait. 

Harris Samuel, architect and measurer, 127 Fayette 

Harris Samuel jr. stock broker, basement Chesapeake Bank, 

North st 
Harris Samuel, book keeper, 41 Stiles 
Harris & Shoemaker, grocers & tea dealers, 43 a Eutaw 
Harris Thomas, oak cooper, 82 York st 
Harris Wesley R. hatter, n Bond st near Jefferson 
Harris William, 'office Canton Co.' dw 25 n Calvert 
Harris William, mariner, 6 Shakspear 
Harris William, ship joiner, 152 Bank 
Harrison Benjamin, dw 234 Fayetle 
Harrison Mrs. Catharine, boarding house, 106 Fayette 
Harrison Champion, laborer, 21 Montgomery 
Harrison & Co. dry goods & com. mts. 18 Hanover 
Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, l46 Baltimore 
Harrison Misses Eveline & Ellen, 12 Barnet 
Harrison Francis J. hackman, 101 Chesnut 
Harrison J. P. coach maker, 36 North st. dw 79 McElderry 
Harrison James, carpenter, 284 Eastern av 
Harrison John, dry goods mt. 58 Hanover st. dw Barnet 
Harrison John, book agent, 41 Stirling 
Harrison Joseph O. carpenter, Gough st. dw 118 Broadway 
Harrison Misses, 79 St. Paul 

Harrison Mrs. Nancy, seamstress, 65 Montgomery 
Harrison N;i than, stock broker, 11 Franklin buildings. North 

St. dw 246 Fayette 
Harrison Nicholas S. & Co. dry goods mts. 223 Lexington 
Harrison Samuel, laborer, 341 Saratoga 
Harrison Mrs. Sarah, 39 Stirling 
Harrison Mrs. Sarah, 23 Molt 
Harrison Thomas, firm H. &. Co, dw 104 Park 
Harrison Thomas, carpenter, 173 Canton av 
Harrison Washington, dry goods mt, Baltimore st. dw 75 Mulb. 
Harrison William mt, 75 O'Donuell's wharf, dw 117 ii 

Charles st 
Harrison William H & B. wholesale and retail dry goods mts. 

201 Baltimore 
Harrison William, 25 n Calvert 
Harrison William, shoe maker, 152 Pearl 
Harrison William, carpenter, 75 Fremont 
Harrison William, huckster, 676 Baltimore 


HAR 171 HAR 

Harrison William N. prop, circulating library, Jarris buildings, 

dw 37 Stirling 
Harrison Zedekiah, William st. s of Montgomery 
Harrod Eliza Ann, 246 Canton avenue 
Harrod J«hn J. real estate and ground rent agent, corner North 

and Fayette sts. 
Harrold Mrs. Elizabeth, 218 Canton avenue 
Harrold Jereaiah D. 216 Canton 

Harrold John, tailor, 84 Albemarle st . 

Harrop Mrs. Mary, preceplress, 73 n Eutaw 
Harrower Geo. H. confectioner, 33 Camdtn 
Harryman David S. painter, 8 Oregon 
Harryman David, painter, 349 Lexington 
Harryman Mrs. Elizabeih, 109 n Exeter 
Harryman Josiah, grocer, 331 n Gay 
Harryman Thomas, 92 Jefferson 

Harryman Walter, cab. & chairmaker, 39 South, dw 180 e Pratt 
Harryman Wm. D. house and sign painter, 24 Maiden lane 
Harryman Si, Wood, tavern, 257 Broadway 
Harshaw James, teacher, 124 Exeter 
Harshberger Misses, dress makers & milliners 27 n Greene 
Hart Aaron, b^r keeper, 204 Caroline 
Hart Archibald L. & Son, wholesale & retail grocers, 252 Bait, 

timore, dw 28 n Greene st 
Hart Charles, 135 n Paca 
Hart George, shoemaker, 207 Eastern avenue 
Hart Henry, tailor, Il9 s Exeter 
Hart James, sail maker, 198 Wolf st 
Hart John, carter, 117 Gough st 
Hart John, marketman, 62 Hamburg 
Hart Mrs. Rebecca, 95 Ross 
Hart Samuel, orrocer, 52 North st dw 55 
Hart Stephen F. printer, 2 s Caroline 
Hart &. Son, dry goods merchants, 156 Lexington 
Hart Tobias, clothier, 279 Bond 
Hart William, lock smith, 69 Pine st 
Hartigan Thomas, oak cooper, 7 Perry 
Hartley George, laborer, 30 Biddle alley 
Hartley James, weaver, 1 13 Peirce st 
Hartley John R. ship carpenter, 262 Canton avenue 
Hartley. John, weaver, 113 Peirce st 
Hartline Henry, porter, Tessier st near Biddle 
Hartlove Charles H.^brickmaker, Warner st near Lee 
Hartlove Mrs. Ruth, seamstress, 18 West st 
Hartlove Wesley, brickmaker, 80 Hamburg st 
Hartlove William, brickmaker, 21 West st 
Hartlow Asbury, brickmaker, Washington, s of Bank 
Hartlow E. brickmaker, 15 Cambridge st Canton 
Hartlow George, brickmaker, Washington, s of Bank 
Hartman Andrew, laborer, 117 William st 
Hartman Mrs. C. milliner, 83 Lexington st 
Hartman & Co. druggists, cor. Gay & Forrest sts 
Hartman Daniel, tavern, s w cor. Front and Ploughman sts 
Hartman Frederick, tailor, 74 Sarah Ann 
Hartman H, tailor, 381 Saratoga 

HAR ' in ^tflA^ 

-^ ^-^ — V ^ ^ 

Harlmari Fsaac, n^erclianrtailory 5 s Gay 

Hartman Jacob P. clothier, 116 Pratt st dw 38 s High 

Hartman John, boot and shoemaker^ 656 w Baltimore 

Harlrman John, oak cooper^, Lenimon st e of of Fremont 

Hartman Josepti, shoemaker, ^ Bureu st 

Hartman Mrs. Mary, 192 Sharp 

Hartman Philip, tailor, 1T2 Hollins 

Hartman Samuel, shoemaker, 81 Columbia st 

Hartraier Richard, butcher, Hoffman st e of Penn. averue^ 

Hartshorn e, Roirers & Ma(:5ravv, iron dealers, 10 Water st 

Hartwein Hartman, laborer, 25 Pearl 

Hartzwig John, miller. Liberty al. 

Hartz Samps(m, dry goods dealer, 193 n Gay 

Hartzburg Levi, dry goods dealer, 247J Broadway 

Hartzel David, keeper Livery Stables, 53 German 

Hartzel Geo. hack owner, 208 n Eutavv 

Hartzel Jacob, boarding house, 136 Franklin 

Hartzel Leonard, keeper of livery stables, 95 Paca st. stables 

Carpenter's alley, e of Frtmont st. 
Hartszotr Geo. whoelsnle dry goods nit. S05 Balto.dvv 67Eutaw 
Harvey Mrs. Ann, 8 Harford a\enue 
Harvey Mrs. Ann, 19 Clay 
Harvey Archibald, clerk, 30 Maiden lane 
Harvey Carson Sc Cd. wholesale grocers, 9 Lombard, 
Harvey Charles W. conductor R. R. Penn. av. n of Wilson st. 
Harvey Charles, firm Walters' & H. dw 162 Sharp 
Harvey & Co. lottery & ex. off. 142 Pratt st dw 141 s Charles 
Harvey Edward, ladieb^ shoemaker, Convvaj' st w ol "Warner 
Harvey Geo. 'I*, ladies' shoemaker, 13 Pearl 
Harvey Henry D. firm H. Carson & Co. 40 n Galvert 
Harvey James, dw 311 w Lombard 

Harvey James W. house carpenter. Cross st. dw 281 Li^'ht 
Harvey John, bricklayer, 79 Cross st. 
Harvey Capt. Joseph jr. Gough st w of Broadway 
Harvey Capt. Joseph mariner, 70 s Eden 
Harvey Joshua, grocer &, provision dealer, 214 Hollins 
Harvey Joshua & Co. dry goods mis. n vv cor. Pratt & Hanover 
Harvey Joshua, firm J. H. & Co. 50 Hanover 
Harvey Mrs. Mary Jane, conlectionary & variety store, 545 

w Baltimore st 
Harvey Napoleon, 165 Washington 
Harvey Mrs. Patience^ fortune teller, 29 Wayne 
Harvey Mrs. Sarah, 44 Chesnut 
Harvey T. collar maker, 23 n Greene 
Harvey Upton, bell hanger, 545 Baltimore 
Harvey William, 76 Caroline 
Harvey William, house carpenter, Boyd st. near Poppkton, dw 

402 w Loimbard 
Harwood Geo. 126 Lexington 
Harwood Mrs. Jame«, dw 146 n Howard 
Harwood John, laborer, 6 Shakspeai* 
Harwood Mrs. Susan, 49 Saratoga 
Hasafras Mrs. Margaret, 13 Harmony lane 
Haskel Catharine, seamstress, 66 Lancaster 
Haskell John H. steam card manuf. 31 s Eutaw, dw SI s How*d 

HAS 173 HAW 

H^uskell Theodore J. clerk, 118 Conway 
Haslebach Conrad, laborer, Exeter st. s of Eastern av, 
Hasler John, laborer, Broadway e of Thanaes St. 
Haslett James, flour, feed & lime merphant, 43 s Fredericij 
Haslett Robert E. firm Pontier & Haslett, dw 53 ni Frederick 
Haslup Mrs. Henrietta, 31 Aisquith 

Haslup John, coach smith, 23 & 25 McClellan st, dw 84 North 
Haslup Rezin, smith inoreneral, 53 North st. dw5l n Frederick 
Hasmar Henry, shoemaker, 682 w Baltimore 
Hasselberger Geo. butcher, 290 Li<^ht 
Hasson Doctor A. B. 109 Aisquith, 
Hasson James, watchman, 86 Holliday 
Hasson John, wood dealer, 109 Aisquith 
Hasson Malcom, blacksmith, 17S ti Eutaw st. 
Hastings James, orrocer 110 Franklin, dw 159 Centre st. 
Hasiinirs Joseph S. jr. firm J. C. Bokee & Co. 45 Courtland 
Haswell John, carpenter, Penn. av. n of Hoffman sr. 
Haswill Miss Rebecca, milliner, Penn. a v. n of Hoffmanst. 
Hatch Mrs. Elizabeth C. dry goods dealer, 160 Lexington 
Hatch Nathaniel F. ladies' shoemaker, 8 Rossst. 
Hatch S. grocery & liquor store, lOO Spear's wharf 
Hatch Samuel T. plaisterer, 16 Garden 
Hatlein Michael, laborer, 44 Durst alley 
Hatter Henry, tailor, 1 15 n Canal 
Hatter Martin, confectioner, 139 n Gay 
Hatt<jn Mrs. Elizabeth, 154 e Monument 
Hatton Henry, «arpeuter, 65 n Caroline 
Haubenhauser John, lab )rer, 125 Albemarle 
Haubert John, blacksmith, 152 n Howard, dw 146 
Haublyn Geo. tailor, 13 n Liberty st. 
Haugheman John, laborer, 9 New st. 
Haumel Micihael, laborer, 258 Bond 
Haupt Henry, teacher, 150 s Caroline 
Haupt Henry, laborer, 500 w Pratt 
Haupt John Casper, oak cooper, 55 Dover st 
Haupt M. painter, 199 Chesnut 
Haupt Mrs. Mary Ann, cigar maker, 165 Saratoga 
Haupt Matthias, tobacconist, 76 n Eutaw 
Haupt Michael, tailor, 204 s Caroline 
Hauptman John, constable, 255 Franklin 
Haurander J. tavern keeper, 61 Harrison 
Haurocks Thomas, piano maker, 37 Marion 
Hauselbaugh John Exeter st. s of VVilk 
Haux Jacob, laborer, Canal st 2d door s of Bank 
Hanx Tiiomas, nail maker, 9 Fawn st. 
Hauxspringer Mrs. Sarah, 230 Canton avenue- 
Havercamp Charles, laborer, 283 Dallas 
Haversmith Frederick, engineer, 163 Alice Anna 
Havey Mrs. Ann, 8 Harford avenue 
Havner Alexander, carter, 285 n Gay 
Havner Mrs. fancy dress maker, 285 n Gay 
Hawe Mrs. Catharine, boanling house, lOl s Charles 
Haweis Wilson, laborer, 342 n Howard 
Hawes Frederick, shoemaker, 302 o Charles 
Uawes Valentine, laborer. Green's court F. Hill 

HAW 174 HAY 

Hawkins Charles, saddler, 163 n Canai 

Hawkins Charles, carpenter, Holiday, dw 153 Madison 

Hawkins Frederick, n)illwri*rht, 455 w Lombard 

Hawkins John W. grocer, flour & feed store, 192 s Para 

Hawkins John, 268 e Pratt 

Hawkins Mrs. Nancy, cake and candy afiop, Fremont st. ext. 

Hawkins Mrs. Sarah, bread and rusk baker, 247 Liijhi 

Hawlay Crandall, wagoner, 94 Franklin 

Hawlay R. K. lum^ber & commission merchant, cor. Alice Anna 

and Exeter, city block 
Hawthorn James., carter, 491 Saratoga 
Hax Christian, paver, 73 Caroline 
Hax John P. grocer, 143 s Eden 

Hax Peter, shoemaker, cor. Dewberry alley and Lombard st. 
Hay Jesse, paver, 695 w Baltimore 

Hay Scales, cor Buren 8c Monument sts. T. Cross weigh master 
Hayden & Coale shipping merchants, 63 s Gav 
Hayden Mrs. Elizabeth, 253 Eiddle 
Hayden H. Mozart, dental surgeon, 98 n Charles 
Hayden H. W. firm H. & Coale, dw 34 Hanover 
Hayes John, house and sign painter, 75 Fayette 
Hayes Peter, painter, 85 Ann 
Hayghe John» firm Mathews &c H. SSd Lombard 
Hayghe Joseph, sailmaker,. Pratt st w of Ann 
Hayman John H. plaisterer. Wolf st. n of Bank 
Hayne Michael, grocer, 87 French 

Haynel Doctor Adolphus F. homoepathic phys. 108 Lexington 
Hayner Mrs. Mary F. 232 Ann st 
Haynes Robert, huckster, 192 Bethel- 
Haynie Capt. John F. 257 Eastern avenue- 
Hays Mrs. Catharine, 191- n Howard 
Hays David,- produce and commission merchant, 71 Lombard st 

Exchange place, dw 160 n Howard st. 
Hays Bavid, carpenter, 71 Columbi8 
Hays James, firm Robert Howard &c Co. dw 95 Caroline 
Hays James, 9 Mercer st 
Havs John j?. 9 Mercer st 
Hays John W. firm H. & Myers, dw 80 Centre 
Hays John, trader, 25 Carpenter's alley 
Hays John, shoemaker, 9 Mercer st. 
Hays John, house and ornamental painter, 75 Fayette- 
Hays Jeremiah, stome cutter. 17 Montgomery 
Hays Joseph, laborer, ?14 Franklin 
Hays &t Myers, tobacconists, 104 Franklin 
Hays Robt. carver, 1 Commerce, st up stairs, dw 105 Arsquith 
Hays Robert, cigar maker, 19 Gay st 

Hays Thomas, boot 8t shoemaker, and bird fancier, 41 a Gray 
Hays Samuel machinist ,.27 Poppleton 
Hays William, tinner, 2 Jefferson 
Hays William, 30 n French 

Hayter Adam, whifewasher 8t plaisterer, 151 Alice Anna 
Haywood, liartlett & Co. stove founders, Leadenhall st* store 

24 Liffht St. 
Haywood Elizabeth, fancv dry goods dealer, 47 s Howard 
Hay ward J. H. firm H. Bart'lett & Co. dw 42 Bacre 

HAY 175 HEF 

Hayward John, ^lass blower, McHenry st. 

Hayward N. P. firm H. Barilett & Co. dw 92 Hanover 

Haywood John B. painter, 75 n Caroline 

Haywood William H. derk, 336 Franklin st. 

Hazel Mrs. Louisa 188 Ann 

Hazel Manlove, attorney, 69 Eutaw sf. 

Hazlehurst Henry R. firm Murray & H. 26 Holliday 

Hazlehurst & Phelan, commission merchants, 97 Bowly's wharl 

Hazelhurst Samuel, of firm, dw 71 Sharp 

Hazen Charles, carpenter 72 Fren>ont 

Hazlitt Ambrose, firm H. &c Co. dw s Paca 

Hazlitt &. Co. imp. & dealers in wine & liquors, 28 Light 

Head Washintjrton, paper stainer, 681 w Baltimore 

Heagnbine Jolm, blacksmith, 33 Mullikin 

Heasjy James, car|)enter, 425 Lombard 

Heald Jacob &, Co. tobacco and tren. com. mts. 58 s Gay st dw 

J. Heald, Layfayelte place, I door n of Eutaw st. 
Heald John H. tanner, North st. dw Madison e of Charles 
Heald William H. tanner, cor. North and Madison sts. dw or. 

Aisquith and Holland $t». 
Healey John, orroeer,- corner Pratt & President st3 
Healey Mrs. Ann, huckster, Bond st s of Pratt 
Heaiiey John, laborer, 3 Hamilton 

Heany Wm. ladies' boot and shoemaker, 492 Baltimore 
Heaps Benjamin, proprietor of furniture carriages, 115 Albemarle 
Heaps James A. 49 Low st. 

Heaps- John B. mate. Register st. Argyle al. s of Qough] 
Heaps S. furniture wagoiHjr, 83 n- Canah 
Heard Wm. mariner, 105 s Hijrh 

Healb Francis W. moulder, Leadenhall st. n of Henrietta 
Heath John, shoemaker, 36 Orleans 
Heath Miss M^ary Jane, tutoress, Il4 Pine si. 
Heath Hon. U. S. judge U. 9. district court,. dw52 Courtland 
Heatoh Richard H. hatter, 1 n Charles 
Heaton William,^ 158 e Monument 
Hebbard Lemuel, cigar maker, 23 Republican 
Hebbern Samuel, confectioner, 397 w Baltimore 
Hebden William H's academy, no. 210 Bond st, dw9 Lancaster 

Hebden William, stone cutter, 9 Lancaster 

Hecht A. fancy dry goods dealer, 9 e Baltimore 

Hecht Reuben, dry goods dealer, 1*65 e Baltimore 

Hecht S. dry goods dealer, 153 n Eden 

Hechten John, shoemaker, 23 State st. 

Heckalhorn VVm. fireman, R. Road, 34 Shrceder st. 

Heck Herman, painter, 141 Bond 

Heck Peter, carpet weaver, 314 Alice Anna 

Hecker Dr. F. D. 66 n Front 

Heckler Jacob B. laborer, 75 Perry 

Heckrotte Wm. "Fountain Inn" keeper, cor. Charles & Camden 

Heddinger Michael, plaisterer, 22 n Caroline 

Hedley Joseph, gardner, 430 Saratoga 

Hedrick Joseph, bricklayer, 118 n Canal 

Heelh Charles, coach •mith, dw 165 n Canal 

Heflfernan Patrick, celler digger and sand hauler, s w cor. Lom- 
bard and Parkin sts. 

HEr ne hel 

Heffner Micliael, laborer, 78 s Eutaw 

Heflich Jacob, printer, 17 Caroline 

He^an Owen, grocer and liquor dealer, 5 Bank 

Hegelin Charles, book binder, Jordan aj. n of Rose st 

Heginbotham Charles, grocer, n vv cor. Gough and Ann 

Heginbotham Edward, black.smilh, 315 Eastern av 

Heginbotham Thos. A. umbrella maker, 207 Broadwav, dw 

192 Eden 
Heibner Martin, shoe maker, Shroeder, n of Faryette 
Heic Henry, cabinet maker, 44 Harrison 
Held John, boot and shoe maker, 41 s Liberty 
Heidey Mrs. Rachael, 50 n Calvert 
Heidler Rudolph, laborer, 46 Thames 
Heighe B. M. attorney at law, 22 St Paul, dw 44 Mulberry 
Heil Augustus, butcher, n e cor. Franklin and Pine 
Heilbrun & Co. dry goods merchants, 174 Lexington 
Heilbrun M. fancy dry goods dealer, 52 Hanover 
Heilman Christian, grocer, 28tj Bond 
Heim Albert, tailor, 39 Jackson 
Heimel Michael, laborer, 40 Chatsworth 
Heimiller Henry, coach painter, 129 Madison 
Heimuller Paul, oak cooper, 197 Green 

Heiner Rev. Elias, pastor German reform church, dw 42 Second 
Heiiier George, grocer, 152 Columbia 
Heinmuller Jacob, carpenter, 53 Orchard 
Heinnick Frederick, blacksmith, HI n Paca 
Heintz Frederick, tavern, s e cor. Fremont and Saratoga 
Heinzerling Daniel, baker, 301 Light 
Heipel B. 228 Canton av 

Reiser Henry, black smith, extrcHie of Alice Anna St. Canton 
Heisler John, tailor, 82 Harrison, 
Heisler Geo. A. carpenter, Garden st s of Mosher 
Heisman Geo. laborer, 65 George 
Heisse & Wilks, tailors, 190 Lexington 
Heister VVm. E. firm Miller St Co. dw Baltimore, e of High 
Heizer Henry, tailor, Booth st near Shroeder 
Hekker Henry, laborer, Pennsylvania av, n of Wilson st 
Helaby Samuel, tailor, 120 n Gay 
Helam John, tinner, 36 n Hi^h 
Heldebier Michael, laborer, 107 Eastern av 
Helfcher Frederick, tailor, 101 Peirce 
HeUreish Rudolph, tailor, 112 Dugan's wharf 
Hehi-idge George, wheelwright and blacksmith, 31 n Greene, dw 

Fayette cor. Republican 
Helftenbeck Mrs. Mary Ann, 42 Conway 
Heilen Henry, carpenter, 80 Harford 
Hellgartner Geo. laborer, 5 Shakspear 
Heilen Thomas, harbor master, Pratt w of Ann 
Heilman Joseph, hatter, 156 Chesfiut 
Heilman Joseph, grocery and liquor store, 53 Columbia 
Hellmuth Gustav. cabinet maker, 56 s Calvert 
Hellweg Lewis, leatlier dealer, 15 Ensor 
Helm Lewis, bricklayer, 13 Cambridge st. Canton 
Helm Wra. O. carpenter, 5 Hiilen 
Helm Zachariah, baker, 280 Bond 

:HiE!i_ ^^^^^ _m ^^_^^^^^ HEN 

Helmling A-uthooy, brush apd bellows maker, 117 Cross 
Helraliiitg Anthony, block and pump maker, 2 Lee st 
Helm!ing Henry, block and pump maker, 6 House's court 
Helmlinor William, pump maker, Camden st. near Light, dp 

171 Fremont 
Helms Joseph, ship carpenter, 256 Canton av 
Heltenburg Henry, tailor, 27 Marion 
Helvvig Augustus, piano maker, 23 Perry 
Helvvig George, cabinet maker, 107 n High 
Helwig Henry, shoe maker, 76 s Eutavv 
Helwing Augustus, baker, "269 Eastern av 
Hemling John, clerk, 184 Saratoga 
Hemmel John, shoe maker, 25 Grant 
Hemmering John, shoemaker, 14 Ross 

Hemming George, laborer, Pennsylvania av. n of Dolphin st 
Hemmick Andrew, laborer, 28 Shakspear 
Hempea Francis, cigar maker, 47 Clay 
Henck Lewis, principal young ladies' seminary, 103 s Paca 
Henck Wm. druggist, Howard, dw 1 10 Pearl 
Henderson Francis, laborer. Carpenter's al. e of Fremont st 
Henderson George W. 21 Harford av 
Henderson Gustavus R. firm John H. Sc Co. dw 145 e Pratt 
Henderson James A. & Co. boot and shoe makers, 15 s Gay st. 
Henderson Jesse, plaisterer, 78 Mulberry 
Henderson John &. Co. block & pump St patent cordage manf. 

77 Pratt st. dw J. H. S3 Broadway 
Henderson John, block & pump mak. 53 Fell st. dw Broadway 
Henderson John, laborer, Cider al. w ofEulaw st 
Henderson John, carpenler, 196 Ensor 
Henderson Miss Margaret, dress maker, over 159 Baltimore 
Henderson Mrs. Maria, 120 Gough 
Henderson Mrs. Andrew, 34 n Calvert 
Henderson Robert, rigger, 30 Granby 
Henderson Samuel, grocer, 2 Delnol al 
Henderson Thomas, grocer and liquor dealer, n e cor. Saratoga 

and Poppleton 
Henderson Thos. teacher. Union Hall, 186 Broadway, dw Eden 
Henderson W. W. ship joiner, Wolfn ol Bank 
Henderson Wm. laborer, 131 Peirce 
Henderson Wm. marble cutter. High st. 1 door s of Pratt, dw 

85 s Exeter 
Henderson Wm. constable, 221 e Pratt 
Henderson Wm. mariner, 41 Henrietta 
Heneberger Wm. cabinet maker, 72 s Exeter 
Henick Edward, 176 York av 

Henix Edward G. meal and flour dealer, 110 Orleans 
Henkel A. shoe maker, 84 Stirling 
Henkel Philip, tobacconist, 175 e Monument 
Henkelman John G. cabinet maker, 179 Eastern av 
Henkelman John, cabinet maker, 183 Caroline 
Henkle John Wesley, carpenter, 99 Hollins 
Henley David, grocer, Lombard, w of Canal 
Hennaman Jno. T. tobacconist, 195 Louisiana, dw Hand tavern 
Henneberger Wm. Cabinet maker, 72 s Exeter 
Henneraan Andrew, laborer, Clinton st, Canloa 

HEN 178 HER 

Hennesey Hu^h, hackman, 12 Albemarle 

Hennick John C. in custom house, Lee st. w ofEutaw 

Hennigs Ernest A. imp. French & German goods, 24 Hanover 

Henning Augustus H. cabinet maker, Walnut al 

Henning Mrs. Elizabeth, 129 Saratoga 

Henning Jeremiah, shoe maker, 10 Warner 

Henninger John, carpenter, 66 Henrietta, dvv Hanover, 3d door 

8 of Henrietta 
Hennings, John, laborer, 54 Liberty al 
Hennis Nicholas, bar keeper, 14 e Pratt 
Henratty Patrick, 85 Watson 
Henrichs Thos. sweep master, 25 Pleasant 
Henrick Murray, carpenter, 35 s Frederick 
Henrix Thomas J. clerk, 20 n High 
Henry Alexander, tailor, 83 Granby 

Henry Alex, firm Nelson & Henry, dvv Granby, e of Gough 
Henry Arthur,*clothier, 93 n Howard 
Henry David, rope maker, 277 s Charles 
Henry David, weaver. Canal near Gay 
Henry George W. stable keeper, 57 Ross 
Henry Jacob C. clerk, llO Fremont 
Henry James, fisherman, 7 Granby 
Henry Joseph, shoemaker, 171 n Canal 
Henry Mrs. Margaret, 123 n Canal 
Henry Mier, dealer in rags, 91 s Eutavv 

Henry's Misses, young ladies' board, and day school, 609 Bait. 
Henry Michael, Diamond st. n of Saratoga 
Henry Michael, grocer, n e cor. Argyle al and Goug-h st 
Henry Robert P. carpenter, 9 McHenry 
Henry Samuel, clerk, 459 Lombard 
Henry Thomas, carpet weaver, 53 Spring 
Henshell James G. book keeper, 88 Ross 
Hensler John, tinner, 134 French 
Henson W. R. 88 n Front 

Henze Adolph, boot and shoemaker, 42 Chatsworth 
Heornig Joseph, grocer, 127 Canton av 
Hepburn David, carpenter, 3 Bank 
Hepburn Francis, painter, 150 Pearl 
Herbenner Harmer, coach man, 275 Bond 
Herbert C. oyster dealer, 32 Forest 
Herbert Casper, 258 Bond 
Herbert James, cooper, 84 Ann 
Herbert John, shoemaker. Canal, s of Bank 
Herbert John, shoe maker, 15 Low 
Hergesheimer Chas. firm H. & Sherwood, ship smitht, corner 

Wolf & Thames sts. dvv 75 Broadway 
Hergesheimer Christ, ship smith, Kerr's whf. dw 60 Philpot 
Hergesheimer Christ, ship smith, Flannigan's whf, dvv Philpot 
Hergesheimer & Sherwood, »hip smiths, cor. Wolf and Thames 
Herget Edward C. confectioner and millinery, 107 Camden 
Heritage Mrs. Ann, 167 Caroline 
Herling George, L. Greene 

Herman J. earthenware manuf. Mullikin st. Fairmount 
Herman Jacob, saddler and harness nfiaker, dvv 96 Saratoga 
Herman John, carpenter, Chapel st. s w I'rom Pennsylvania av 

itjBR 179 HES 

Herman John, carpenter. Concord si n of Pratt, dw Albenuarle 

Herman Matthias, nail maker, Caroline st s of Lancaster 

Herman Peter, laborer, 185 Caroline 

Hermann John, potter, 13 n Gay st. dw & pottery e Fayette 

Herneit Jacob, pedlar, 297 Bond 

Hernincf Mrs. Dorothea, store keeper, 206 s Charles 

Herold Frederick, cabinet niaker, 187 s Sharp 

Heron Alexander, wholesale and retail dry goods dealer, corner 

Baltimore st & C. Market Space, dw 16 Baltimore 
Heron James W. dry goods dealer, cor. .Baltimore st & Centre 

Market Space, dw 11 Watson . 
Herr A. H. flour dealer, 44 Commerce 
Herr Michael, produce & com. mt. s end Smith's wharf 
Herrick Edward, 38 McElderry 
Herring David, 79 Caroline 

Herring George, firm DitfenderfTer &, H. dw 31 s High 
Herring George W. &. Co. importer china, glass & queensware, 

7 s Charles st 
Herring H. pr. saw & planing mill, s e cor. Stiles st & E. Falls av 
Herring Henry jr. firm H. & Son, Bond st s of Pratt 
Herring Henry, lumber merchant, 10 e Lombard 
Herring Jeremiah, carter. Livery al 

Herring John Q. A. carpenter, cor. High st & Necessity al ? 
Herring John L. 4 Canal 
Herring Martin, laborer, 33 Concord 
Herring Original, firm McCleester & H. dw 168 Conway 
Herrlich Charles, locksmith and bell hanger, 23 Second 
Herrion David, clerk, 17 Aisquith 

Herrmans J. earthenware manuf. Mullikin st. Fairmount 
Hersch William, cabinet maker, 323 Bond 
Herschberg Henry, dealer in glass, oil and paint, 217 Bond 
Hershberg Nathaniel, shoe maker, 117 Happy al 
Hertt Captain Christopher, 322 s Charles 
Hertzberg Isaac, baker, 72 Harrison 
Hertzogg Conrad, finisher, 323 Bond 
Herzberg, Fried & Co. dealers in new and second-hand clothes, 

1 Second 
Herzberg & Hamburger, clothiers, 26 Centre Market Space 
Herzberg Meyer, grocer St. liquor deal. 206 Alice Anna 
Herzberg Philip & Co. clothiers, 40 C. Market Space, dw 27 

Lombard st 
Herzberg Samuel, clothier, 44 Centre Market Space, dw corner 

do and Second 
Herzetstay Isaac, clothier, 22 Fell 
Herzinger Jacob, tailor, 2-16 Bond 
Herzogg John, tailor, 32 Carpenter's al 

Hess Conrad, tinner, 56 Lancaster ^^ 

Hess Doctor F. 62 Holliday . ' 

Hess H. tailor. Chapel st. s from Pennsylvania av 
Hess Isaac, carpenter, 158 Saratoga 
Hess Joseph, cooper. Cider al. dw 8 s Greene 
Hess Samuel, carpenter, 3 Clay st. dw 153 Saratoga 
Hess Mrs. Sophia, 268i s Charles 
Hess William, cane maker, 105 s Howard 
Hesser G. N. carpenter, 11 L. Sharp 

HES 180 HIC 

Hessling John, laborer, 18 West 

Hessler John, tobacconist, 10 North 

Heton Thomas, mariner, 243 Henrietta 

Hetzel John G. tin and sheet iron manuf. 74 n Howard 

Hetzler F. D. book binder, G7 s Carohne 

Hetzler JuHa Ann, seamstress, 135 Canton av 

Heuisler Charles C. carpenter, 284 Biddle 

Heuisler John F. tobacconist, 9 n High 

Heurrin Joseph, porter, 807 s Charles 

Hevener Mrs, Ehza, confectioner, cor. Mulberry and Eutaw 

Hevener Martin, cooper, Clinton st. Canton 

Hevener Martin, shoe maker, 167 Franklin 

Hevener Peter, tavern, n w cor. Howard and Mulberry 

Hevers Henry, gilder, 89 Aisquith 

Hevlin Peter, carter, 136 Aisquith 

Hewell Lewis, tobacconist, 138 n Gay 

Hewes James E. firm H. & Clayton, 85 Greene 

Hews John G. flour & produce deal. 826-'8 w Pratt St. dw SO 

s Greene 
Hewett Elmer senr. currier, 55 Centre Market Space 
Hewett Elmer jr. currier, 71 Centre Market Space 
Hewett John, professor of music, 143 n High 
Hewett Miss Mary, 58 n Greene 
Hewett Ralph, omnibus driver, 6 Greene 
Hewlett John Q. & Son, hide and leather dealers, 94 Lombard 

SI. dvv 40 s Eutaw 
Heyl George, butcher, 237 Dallas 
Heyen Ibo, book keeper, 178 n Exeter 
Hibbard Israel, grocer, 175 German 
Hibner Adam, tailor, 395 Fayette 
Hibner John H. locksmith and bell hanger, 24 Harrison 
Hibner John N. distiller, s e cor. Paca and Franklin 
Hibzheim Samuel, dry goods dealer, 13 e Baltimore 
Hichew Samuel, carpenter, 73 Gough 
Hick George W. lumber wagoner. Bethel st n of Bank 
Hickey James, house and sign painter, 1 Clay 
Hickey Martin, laborer, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 
Hickey Michael, carpenter, 30 New Church 
Hickey Thomas, carpenter, 22 East 
Hickley Mrs. Eilen, 157 Saratoga 

Hickley R. J. hai &. cap maker, 44 n Howard st. dw 60 George 
Hickman Mis. Ann, boarding house, 19 Argyle al 
Hickman Emmerson, plaisterer, 37 Pearl 
Hickman George H. attorney at law, 14 1-2 Mansion House, dw 

Hickman George, carpet weaver, 66 Harrison 
Hickman John, laborer, 239 Forest 
Hickman Lawrence, cooper, 73 e Monument 
Hickman Nathaniel, bookseller, book-binder and stationer, 116 

Baltimore st. dw 9 s High 
Hickman William H. hack stable keeper, 159 East 
Hickman William H. jr. chair maker, 159 East 
Hicks Mrs. Mary, nurse, 135 Saratoga 

Hicks Reuben, oak cooper, 130 s Howard st. shop Carpenter's al 
Hicks William E. ship carpenter, 65 Henrietta 

mi^ 181 Hit. 

Hickson William C. firm Shaw & H. dw 129 a Eutaw 

Hiddleston James, painter, 13 Argyle al 

Hidener Lewis, baker, 118 n Paca 

Hider Lewis, oak cooper, Carpenter's al w of Greene at 

Hides James, laborer, 200 Raborc^ 

Hieatzraan Matthias, carter, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 

Hiebz Conrad, laborer, 14 Shakspear 

Hiederman A. H. confectioner, 176 w Pratt 

Hieneman Henry, tavern, 202 Lexington 

Hiesto Felix, W. Falls av 

Higby Samuel, ship joiner, Washington tt n of Eastern av 

Higdon Ralph, brick maker, Eutaw St. Spring Gardens 

HigJon S. chair maker, 68 Ensor 

Higdon Thomas, laborer, 69 Camden 

Higdon Thomas, chair maker, 143 Hillen 

Higdon William H. shingle dresser, Eutaw st. Spring Gardens 

Higenbotham John S. grocer &, com. nit. 18 Commerce st. dw 
67 Pratt 

Higgins Captain A. 66 Baltimore 

Higgins Edward, confectioner 8c fruit dealer, 161 w Pratt 

Higgins Captain Jacob, 137 Ann 

Higgins James, grocer, 73 Spring 

Higgins James, teacher, 93 n Paca 

Higgins Mrs. Mary, 22 Chesnut 

Higgins Mrs. Maria, 133 Aisqnith 

Higsrins Thomas, clerk, 85 s High 

Higgins William, tavern, 18 e Pratt 

Higgins William, painter, 216 Gough 

Higli Benj. F. painter, 42 Josephine, dw Biddle 

Hign David, bricklayer, 78 Ross 

High Jas. cedar cooper, 373 Franklin 

High Joseph, firm W. Sc G. Hiirh, dw 79 Columbia 

High Mrs. Rachel, seamstress, 81 Fremont 

High Samuel, painter, 154 Fremont 

High Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 23 Republican 

High Wra. cigar maker, 134 Fremont 

High Wm. painter 104 s Eutaw 

Highams Jolin, lime and hair dealer, 82 n Eutaw 

Higkmene Frederick, grocer, cor. Dallas and Lombard 

Hignat Mrs. C. C milliner, 28 Aisquifh 

Hignat Charles, brick yard, between Fort road and s side basin 

Hignat John, 14 Elizabeth al 

Higns John, tavern, 22 Fremont 

Higston Jas. moulder, 3 Abey al 

Hilberg Francis L. merchant tailor, 4 s Calvert, dw3 Pearl 

Hilberg & Henkelman, mt. tailor, 6 & Calvert, dw Frederick H. 

27 n Frederick 
Hilberg Wm. tavern, 264 w Fayette 
Hubert Adam, baker, 168 Bank 
Hilbert Lawrence, shoe maker, 164 Franklin 
Hilbert Henry, market master, 205 Fayette 
Hilbert John, carpenter, 39 Fremont 
Hilbert & Massicott, curriers &c leather dealers, 20 n Paca 
Hilbert Philip, huckster, 57 Union 
Hildebrand Henry, oak cooper, cor. Poppleton and Boyd 

HIL i%^ HIM 

Hildchrand Samuel Wm. musical instrurnenl maker, 2 Park 

Hildehrand Wm. baker/2l8 Franklin 

Hildebrand Andrew, l.i Hill 

HilditchMrs. Elizah^th, 17 Shakspear 

Ililditcli John, bricklayer. 111 n Lden 

Hildifch Tlrornas, patfcrn maker, 59 Boyd 

Hilditcher Wm. bricklayer, 99 Cross 

Hildt Geo. shoe maker, fj()i Mulberry 

Hildl Rev. Geo. past. Caroline «l. M. E. church, 9 Caruliae 

Hildt Martin, tanner, 27 Sarah Ann 

H/lhier Lewis, c'erk, 12 Pine 

Hill Anthony, laborer, 148 Columbia 

Hill Dr. Charles, s e cor. Charles and Lee 

Hill Charles, variety j/oods dealer, 369 n Gay 

Hill Mrs. Elizabeth, 75 n Exeter 

Hill Henry, butcher, lOfJ Fremont 

Hill Is?ac, jrrocer, 21 Slemmer's al 

Hill Dr. J. H. ri w cor. Hanover and Lee 

Hill James, carter, Sharp, one doc^r n of Henrietta 

Hill John, rrocer, 2 Orleans 

Hill Jolin E. tinner, 226 Aisquitfi 

Hill John H. boot and shoe maker, 59 n Gay 

Hill JosepI), porter, 17 New Church 

Hill John, straw bonnet pre«ser, 20 McClellan, dw l4 

Hill Lewis H. dry gfK)dH dealer, cor. Hanover and L. Hughes 

Hill Mark, 20 McClellan, dw l4. 

Hill Ric.Mard, bonnet presser, 3 Cowpen al 

Hill Ilr>bert, wholesale and retail dry goods mt. 99 Baltimore st. 

(\w lOl Saratoga 
Hill Capt. Kdberf, steam boat Thomas Jefferson, 1S6 Hanover 
Hill Rev. S. P. pastor 1st Baptist ch. cor. Lombard and Sharp, 

dw 294 Lon;bord 
Hill Thomas G. paper dealer, 150 w Lombard, dv/ 16 Holland 
Hill Thomas, moulder, cor Davis and Centre 
Hill Wm. A. shoe maker, 25 Sarjih Ann 
Hill William, band box maker, 55 s Eutaw 
Hill William, machinist, 59 Poppleton 
Hill William, lal>orer, 88 William st 
Hillen H.-'urv, carpenter, 80 Harford av 
Hillen Rebecca, 63 e Fayette 
Hillen Solomon, 19 n Front 
Hiller Lewis, butcher. 65 Watson 
Hillhost Anthony, 198 Albemarle 
Hilliard Thomas, laborer, 139 Alice Anna 
Hillman Auj/ustus, carf>enter, 262 n Canal 
Hillock Stephen, dry floods dealer, 232 n Howard 
Hillyard Benj. R. baker, 190s Charles 
Hilton Ann Maria, Half M(K)n al 
Hilton E. F. machinist, 29 Jefferson 
Hilton Rev. Georire D. 175 n Canal 
Hilton Lydia, 65 Chesnul 

Hilton W. W botanic phvsician, 20 w Pratt, dw 45 Canal 
Himes Mrs. Rosanah, 95 Barry 
Himmel Jacob, iron dealer, 268 s Charles 
Himmelreich Benjamin, clothi*"- 'f^7 n Howard 

HIM 183 HIN 

Himmels Leopold, 2d hand furniture deal. 25 Ensor 

Himwalt Bernard, laborer, 40 Chatsworlh 

Hindel George, laborer, 249 Fayette 

Hinder Frederick, tinner, 15 n Church 

Hindernock Peter, tailor, 66 Granby 

Hindes John, bricklayer. Garden, n of Preston 

Hindes Mrs. Mary, 297 Lombard 

Hindes Moses G. bricklayer, 108 Sharp 

Hindes Peter, 174 Wolf 

Hindes Samuel, hatter, 78 Gay st. n oi the bridge 

Hindes VVm. hatter, 151 Chesnut 

Hindle James, variety goods dealer, 72 Pearl 

Hindman William, commission merchant, 4 Bowly*s whf 

Hindman Capt. William T. 8 Lee 

Hine Michael, laborer, 60 L. Hughes 

Hincker Frederick, cigar maker, 20 e Pratt 

Hiner Henry, meal dealer, 201 e Fayette 

Hiner John H. shoemaker, 37 Block 

Hiner Samuel, butcher, 180 e Fayette 

Hinerman George, straw cutter, Harford av. extended 

Hmes Mrs. Catherine, seamstress, Booth st. e ofShroeder 

Hmes Caleb, engineer on rail road, 13 Oregon 

Hines Christian, laborer, 59 G. Montgomery 

Hines Francis, grocer and liquor store, 8 L. Paea 

Hines Henry, oak cooper, 334 s Charles 

Hines Jas. C. blacksmith, 27 Holland 

Hines John, carpenter, 1 Paca place, Paca st. n of Franklin 

Hines Joshua, H. clerk in Court house, 456 Lombard 

Hines Mrs. Margaret, 28 Stirling 

Hines Capt. Thomas, 44 s Exeter 

Hinesman Henry, laborer, 91 s Eutaw 

Hinichen John, tinner, 253 n Gay 

Hinkhaus Henry, blacksmith, 5 Clay 

Hinkil Martin, shoemaker, 109 Low 

Hinkil Peter, cigar box maker, 78 Barre, dw 24 Conway 

Hinkle Conrad, laborer, 155 Pennsylvania av 

Hinkle Henry, vinegar dealer, 68 L. Hughes 

Hinkle J. grocer, 189 Eastern av 

Hinkle Mrs. Margaret, ll5 Albemarle 

Hinkle William, saddler, 75 Jefferson 

Hinkleman Andrew, tailor. 40 Clay 

Hinkleman Henry, shoemaker, 83 s Eutaw 

Hrnklev Edward & Son, attorneys, 22 n Charles, dw 102 n Paca 

Hinks C. D. Sc Co. flour com. mts. 248 w Pratt, dw C. D. H. 

26 s Greene 
Hinka Samuel> firm CD. H. & Co. dw Baltimore near Greene 
Hinlein Martin,, shoe maker, 136 Thames 
Hinman Truman, clock and looking glass maker, 28 s Caroline 
Hinneman Charles^ huckster^47 Lancaster 
Hinrichs Christopher, firm Stellman,.&. H. 24 Hanoret 
Hinsley John, hotel, n e cor. Howard and Mulberry 
Hinteen Esch, H. D. cabinet maker, 36 Marion st. shop corner 

Eutaw and Marion 
Hinton Jacob H. turner in wood, iron Sec. 36 n Frederick, dw48 
Hinton William, furniture carter, 268 n Gay 

Hinton William, «bip carpenter, & Argyle st 
Hinton Zachariah, loundrymanj 223 Columbia 
Hintze Dr. S. 21 s Gay 
Hipkins Calebs carter, 386 L\ght 
Hipkins Thomas, shoemaker, 73 Union' 
Hirsch Christopher, cabinet maker, 13 n Gay 
Hirsch John, carpenter, Hamburi; si. Federal Hill 
Hirch John C, & Peter, tailors, 179 Light 
Hirsch Martin, glass blower, Hamburg st. Federal Hilf 
Hirschberg Isaac, tailor, 213 Bond 
Hirst John, baker, 209 Caroline 

Hiser Henry, W. firm ofH., White St Carson, 133 Fayette 
Hiser John, laborer, 54 Johnson 
Hiser John, carpenter, 118 n Kden 
Hiser Samuel R. carpenter, 251 Biddle st, dw 249 do 
Hiser, White & Carson, wholesale grocers, 19 n Howard 
Hiss & Austin, cabinet makers, upholsierers & mahogany deal- 
ers, 112 Favette 
Hiss Elizabeth G/43 Stiles 

Hiss Jacob, jr. chair manuf. IBs Gay, dw 102 e Baltimore 
Hiss James, firm EL Pratt & Broti)er, 100 e Baltimore 
Hiss Jesse L. chair maker. Trinity soi" Exeter 
Hiss Philip, firm H. & Austin, dw Chaisworlh st. n of George 
Hiss Mrs. Susan M. S6 Gitiings 

Hiss Thomas D. cabinet maker, 217 w Pratt, dw 92 Barre 
Hiss Wm. Henry, fimcy chair maker, 18 s Gay, dw 60 s Exeters 
Hissey Archibald, laborer, 23 Booth 
Hissey J.imes, blacksmith, Holiman, e of Gibson 
Hissey Wm. ladies' shoe maker,. 220 w Pratt 
Hissey Wm. iron founder, 49 Poppleton 
Hissey Wm. night man and carter, 193 Fremont 
Histman Philip, carpet weaver, 106 Lancaster 
Historical Society ot Md. 3d floor Athenipum Buildinirs, n w eor., 
St Paul and Saratoga,.J. S. Smith, prest. S.-F. Streeler.. 
secl'y. Frank Mayer, librarian 
Hitch Marcellas, 197 Washington- 
Hitch Dr. William, Old Liberty road 
Hitchcock Mrs. Eliza bethj, tailoress, 177 Alice Anna- 
Hitchcock Mrs. Isabella,, dry goods <lealer, 143 Camden- 
Hitchcock J»)shua, lime inspector,. Cathedral, n of Tys«n 
Hitchcock Josiah, blacksmith, 263 Ann, dw Bank e of Ann. 
Hitcherson James, niachinist, HoflPman^ e ofGibson 
Hitchings James, wagoner, 230 Happy al 
Hiteshew Saml- porter, 123 n Eutaw 
Hitner Andrew, cabinet maker, 65 n Frederick 
Hittmyer Christopher, taffy baker, 176 Pratt 
Hitzel Henry P. piano tuner, 447 Bait, dw 126 q Canal 
Hitzelberger Mrs. Elizabeth, 104 e Pratt 

Hitzel berger John, keeper Washington monument, dw 92 Park 
Hitzelberger Joseph, 3 Fall.'i st 
Hitzelberger Mr. carpenter, 1.30 Lexington 
Hitzelberger Peter, morocco dresser, 132 Aisquith 
Hitzelberger Steph. silver plater, 115 St P;vul, dw 4 N. Church 
Hitzelberger William, gas nieierer, 97 n Exeter 
Hilzler Julia Ann, 149 Orleaus. 

HIV 185 HOP 

Hive A. L. dentist, 3 Low 

Hixstein Cliriatian, huckster, Townsend st. e of Pennsylvania av 

Hizer Harman, grocer and liquor store, 67 s Howard 

H)bb Henry, shoe maker, ll n Eden 

Hobb Ptter, keeper of cows, Washington 

Hobbs Alexander H. firm^of Tyson St H. dwMrs. Laraden's, 

Hobbs B. carpenter, Clinton St. Canton 
Hobbs Caleb, market man, 747 Baltimore 
Hobbs Mrs. Frances, 56 East 
Hobbs Capt. George, 143 e Pratt 
Hobbs Mrs. Laura, 3 Tripoletl's al 
Hobbs Lewis, blacksmith, Clinton St. Canton 
Hobbs Mrs. Mary, 267 Forest 
Hobbs Mrs. Mary, huckster, 68 n Paca 
Hobbs Mrs. Mary E. 127 Aisquith 
Hobbs Mrs. Rosanna, huckster, 147 Franklin 
Hobbs Samuel F. plaisterer, 254 e Fayette 
Hobbs Samuel, carpenter, 46 George 
Hobbs Thomas, watchman, 139 Hollins 
H )bbs W. hafter, 127 Aisquith 
Hobbs Washington H. clerk, 3 L. Gough 
Hobson Benjamin, dep. sheriff, 190 n Chesnut 
Hobson John, tailor, 109 e Fayette 
Hobson & Kirby, merchant tailors, 5 Light 
Hoburg Wm. H. wholesale and retail dry goods deal. 25 Bait. 
Hocks Valentine, 217 Bethel 
Hodge James, wood dealer, 40 Henrietta 

Hodge James, wood deal. 80 Light St. whf. dw 40 Henrietta st 
Hodges Benjamin, artist, 56 Harrison 
Hodges Benjamin M. jr. ship*s agent & shipper, 47 Lexington, 

dw 84 St. Paul 
Hodges Benjamin M. sr. merchant, 47 Lexington* 
Hodges Mrs. C. Canal n oi Baltimore 
Hodges Ja'^. & Brother, imp. hosiery, gloves &c. and com. mts. 

17 German, dw Jas. H. 274 Lexington 
Hodges James, tavern, 1 Grant 
Hodges John, watchman, 7 Williamson al 
Hodi^es Tiiomas Harris, attorney at law, 9 Courtland 
Hodgkinson John & Son, chair makers, 16 n Howard , dw 

cor. Gough and Pratt 
Hodgkinson Robert, chair maker, 7 n High 
Hodjkins Joseph, weaver, 117 Peirce 
Hodi^kiss Mrs. Ann, dairy, 17 Courtland 
Hodgson Jas.- machinist, 735 w Baltimore 
Hoehn George, boot and shoe maker, 666 w Baltimore 
Hoenue George, shoe niaker, 153 Peirce 
Hoff C. paver, 130 Harford av 

Hoff Lewis, boot maker, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 
Hoffingion Capt. Wm. 94 s Eden 
Hoffman Aaron, butcher, 80 Hoffman st 
Hoffman Ahrahans 472 w Lombard 
Hiffman Abraham, 261 Fayette 

Hoffman B irneston & Co. wholesale dry goods mts. 271 Ball. 
Huffujan Crias. provision dealer, 408 w Bait, dw 240 Lexin<rton 

HOF _ ^ 186 HOF 

HolTman Charles, shoe maker, 240. Dallas 

Hoffman & Co. auctianeers and commission mer. 8 n Charles 

Hoftman Conrad, brewer, Piennsj^lvania av 

HoUman Conrad, laborer, 1*4 G. Huirfies 

HoUrnan Dr. Daniel P. n vv cor. Pearl and Fayette 

Hoffman Mrs. Daniel, 2C1 Fayetie 

Hotlhian Daniel, butcher, 91 Shroeden 

Hoffman Mrs. Eliza, SG4 Fayette 

H jfinian Ephraim, butcher, 'J8 Hoffman 

Hoffman Frederick, f^rocer, 31 e Pratt 

Hoffman G. L. & M. cur. 8c leather deal. cor. Howard & Pratt 

Ploffmau Geo. L. firm ofG. L. 8c M. H. 183 Conway 

Hoffman Geo, B. merchant, firm of H. Burneston 8c Co. dw 49 

Hoffman Geo. 31 Canal 

Hollai&n Henry, T. tavern, C. Market, 1 door s ofLorabard 
Hoffman J, Latimer, firm ofH. 8tCo. dw 75 Franklin 
Hoffman J. H. keep. "Great Western Oyster Saloon," 413 Balt^ 
Hodman Jacob H. blacksmith, 83 Mont-fomery 
Hoffman John, wood sawyer, 45 Albemarle 
Huffman John, tanner, 56 Short 
Hoffman John, confectioner, 199 s Charles 
Hoffman John, shoe maker, 10 Durst al 
Hoffman John, blacksmith, ll3 Eastern av 
Hoffman John, currier, 165 s Paca 
Hoffman Lawrence, carpenter, 716 w Baltlniore 
Hoffman Lewis, hifjorer, Grecnwillow st 
Hoflman Libman, 67 n E.lca 
Hdffman Mrs. Mary, 194 Sharp 

Hoffman Mich, currier., cor. Pratt & Hownrd, dw 365Lomlard 
Hotlnian Michael, McHenry w of Fremont 
Hoflman Mir^es, 6l Conway 
Hofluian Mrs. Geortre. 53 Franklin 
Hofliuan Mrsi Peter, 73 Franklin 
Hoffman Nicholas C. brick layer, 783 w Baltimore 
Hodman Nicholas, grocer. Green's court 
Hofhnan R. laborer, 284 n Gay 

Hoffman S. O. firm.H. 8c Co. dw n w cor. Madison and Charles- 
Hofhnan Samuel, director Bull. 8c Ofiio r.iij road, 44 Franklin 
Hotrman Thos. C. riccountanl, 66 Camden 
Hoffman Ttiomas, shoemaker, 299 s Ciiarits 
Hoffman Tilo-liman, tailor, 18 Jasper 
Ht)ffman V. wanroner, l50 s Cf)arlts. 
Hodman V. tinner, 490 w Lond3;ir;l 

Hotlinan William,.ciii;ir maker, cor. Eutaw and Montoromery 
Hodman Wm. bof)k and job printer, 213 Bait, dw n e cor. Mul- 
berry and Pine . 
Hoffmann Christopher,, butcher, n end' of Forest 
Hoffmeister H. slioe maker, 1 Forest 
Hoffuajrel Sebastian, boot and sfioe njakcr,.S22 Bond 
Hod'nai^le Richard, wheerwrin:ht, 11 Hill 
Hoffnajrle William, motdder, 434 w Lombard 
Hoft'uer H. drayman, 13 Commerce 
Hod'ner John, opposite Canton brid<jp, Canfon 
Hoffner Walden, cow keeper, 177 HolliiiS 

HOG isr HOL 

lioira Joseph, gold.smiih and jeweller, S s Front 

Hoge Levi, lavern, n \v cor. Piatt and Amity ^ 

Hogendorp.E. firm Von P.)si & H. ^09 Franklin? 

Hogtr Churles, carpenter, 93 North 

Hogg J. \V. carpenter, 86 Noith 

Hogg Jas. H. &. John S. carpenter.s, 14 Cowpen al. dw 9 Park 9t 

Hogg James, teller Bank of Baltimore, 95 e Pratt 

Hogg John, taih)r, 25 Fremont 

Hogg Mrs. Rachel, boarding house, 9' Park 

Hogg William, French bur mill stone manuf. Falls av. dw S4 e- 

Hokamp Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 7 Poppleton 
Hoke Grsiorge, horse dealer, 99^ Franklin 
Holbrook Mrs. J"ane L. 44 Spring 
Holbrook Caplain Joseph, 113 e Baltimore 
Holbrook P. M. ontractor for paving, Buren st. near Madison* 
Holbrocik Thomas, clerk, 65 Lee 
Holdefer Henry, cooper, 29 Lancaster 
Holdefer John,"^ irrocer, cor. Canal st and Eastern av 
Holden Caleb, 39 n Caroline 

Holden & Co. biscuit and cracker manuf. cor. Gay & Lombard- 
Holden Enoch P. baker, firm H. & Co. dw 15 Albemarle 
Holden George W. rigger, Bethel st n of Gough 
Holden John W. tailor, 92 Pine 

Holden Joseph K. rnorrocco dresser, Penn. av n of Wilson st 
Holdeu Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 78 Thames 
Holden Patrick, grocer, 132 Forest 
Holdever Henry, grocer and liquor dealer, SO Lancaster 
Holland Albert, professor of music, 87 Baltimore 
Holland Mrs. Emily, shirt maker, 40 State 
Holland George, carpenter, 92 n Dallas 
Holland George, cooper, 9S McElderry's wharf 
Holland Isaac, blacksmith, 45 Eastern av 
Holland Isaac, blacksmith^ 353 n Gay 
Holland James, iron dealer, cor. Water and Light 
Plolland Jesse, cooper, 126 s Charles 
Holland John C. & W. uplidsterers and paper hangers, 87 BaU 

tiiuore st. dw 48 n Gay 
Holland John C. paper hancrer Sc upholsterer, 43 n Gay 
Holland Joshua, sl:oe maker, 684 Baltimore 
Hollat.d William, grocer, 92 Mulberry 

Holland Wm. firm J. C. & W. H. paper hangers, dw 87 Bait. 
Hollander Alexander, pedlar, 67 Union 
Hollander Charles, cabinet maker, 44 President 
Hollaybein John A. tailor, 44 Presidei^t 
Holler B. tavern, 58 Camden 
Hollet James, drayman, 254 Franklin 
Holliday Jesse, printer, 172 Aisquith 
Holliday J. R. l.)ttery and exchange office, 7 Light 
Holliday John, cabinet maker, 42 Alaiden lane 
Holliday William, printer^ 94 Lexington 
Holiigan Patrick, laborer, 48 Bovd 
Holling George, carter, 222 s Char'es 
Hollings John, confectioner, 14 n Eden 
Hollingshead David A. teacher western female HighSchoor, I7S' 


HOL 188 HOL 

Hollingshead Captain Francis, 70 [.ee 

Hollinf^shead John, master of Columbus steamboat^ 94 Hill 

Hollingshead Captain Samuel, 166 s Eutaw 

Hollin^sworth C, St Co. dry u;oods merchaals, 5:1 n Howard at. 
""dw'Wheatfield Hotel' 

Holiinnrsworlh Mrs. Levi, 76 Saratoga 

Hoilingsvvorlh Mrs. Mary, 236 Fayelte 

Hollins George, firm H. & S\van,-dvv 54 Courlland 

Hollins John, conlectioner, 14 n Eden 

Hollins John Smith, 58 Exchange place 

Hollins Rt)bert S. secretary to Bait. St Susq. rail road, dvv Cathe- 
dral St 3 doors s of Madison 

Hollins Samuel, sailor, 104 Aisquith 

Hollins St Swan, grocers and tea dealers, 7 n Charles 

Hollis James, baker, 88 n Greene 

Holloway Edward, attorney at law, 44 St. Paul 

Hoiloway George, coach maker, 290 Lexington 

Holloway Robert, wat,ch maker and jeweller, 118 n High 

Holman'Diivid, optician and silversmith, 138 Peirce 

Holmas James, machinist, 21 Holland 

Holmes David, saddler, 45 Pearl 

Holmes George W. grocer, 218 e Fayette 

Holmes James, porter Fountain Inn, 124 s Charles 

H(»lmes Pairick, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Holmes Richard, grocer, cor. Preston st. and Pennsylvania av 

Holmes Robert S. elerk, 47 n Eden 

Holmes Samuel, fisherman, Johnson st. F. Hill 

Holmes Thomas, fisherman, Johnson st. F. Hill 

Holmes William, brass St iron founder St patent windlass rnanuf. 
10 St 12 Tham^^s st. dw Broadway s of Pratt st 

Holmeyer Joseph, tailor, 251 Alice Anna 

Holste Peter C. drawing St painting academy, 68 Barre 

HolsteinMrs-. E. jiincy dress maker, 117 Sharp 

Holstein William, tinner, 117 Sharp 

Holston John, clerk, 6 Oregon 

Holi Aaron, dry izoods dealer, 229 Lexington 

Hult D. oyster exporter, City Blocl<, dw 128 s Higli 

Holt E. carpet weaver, 265 e Monument 

Holt George H. hatter, 157 w Pratt st. dw 23 Columbia 

Holt John^G. saddler, 45 1-2 Ct^ntre Market Space 

Holt Joseph, brcklayer, 122 Broadway 

Holi & Maulsby, oyster depot, W. Falls av. dw cor. High and 
Trinity sts 

Holt William, weaver, 493 Saratoga 

Holt Lewis, cedar cooixm', 58 s Calvert st. dw 100 n Gay 

Holthouse Francis T. tjlass, oil and jwint dealer, 10 Baltimore 

Holtpn David, tallow chandler, 311 e Monument 

Hollon's John, preserving St pickling est. 59 Caroline 

Holton John, engineer, corner Lemon and Amity 

Holton William, omnibus driver, 162 Pearl 

Holton William 94 Albemarle 

Holtson John, porter, 10 Rock 

Holtz Emanuel, paper stainer and Venitian blind manuf. West 
st w of Eutaw, dw 105 n Howard 

Holtz George G. paper hanger. Orchard st. n of Ross 


Hollz John, paper slainer, West st. w of Eutaw 

Holtze H. firra G. Hopkins &. Co. dw Pratt' 

Holtze J. R. A.manut; leather preserver, 1 s Faca 

Haltzman Andcevy, laborer, 109 Siiarp 

Hollzman George, tailor, 28 Josephine 

Holtzman Thomas, runner in Commercial and Farmers' Bank, 

d\v 102 n Greene 
Holtzman William, hotel, 12 n Frederick 
Holzer Leonard, tailor, 29 Short 
Holzinorer Frank, tobacconist, 310 Pratt 
Homan Casper, tailor, 74 Sarah Ann 
Homan Casper, laborer, 63 Hill 
Homan John, boot and shoe maker, 4 Rose 
HomanjB J. Smith, librarian Baltimore Library, 23 Hamilton 
Homber Michael, carpenter, 56 Union 
Hommen Charles, huckster, 47 Lancaster 
Honeywell John, dw 25 Paca 
Honnicker Henry, drayman, 46 York st 
Honslow John, shoe maker, 72 Ensor 

Hogslow John, shoe maker, Ensor st near Mott, dw 204 n Eden 
Hood Charles, shoe maker, 2 Temple 
Hood Daniel, shoe maker, 2 Temple 

Hoof Sylvester, glass flattener, Montgomery st e of Covington 
Hoof Valentine, tailor, 'i^- Nicholson 
Hoofnagle F. tailor, 8 Constitution 
Hno.orewerfi' Mrs. Elizabeth, 71 St. Paul 
Hook Charles F. tinner, 65 Ensor 
Hook Mrs. E^leanor, Hamburg st. F. Hill 
Hook Enoch, clerk, 41 George 
Hook Francis, glazier, 224 Lexington 
Hook Frederick, house and sign painter, 118 Saratoga . 
Hook George, butcher, 332 s Charles 
Hook Henry W. carpenter, 31 Clay st. dw 357 Fayette 
Hook Henry, house & si^n painter, Clay st. dw 35 Pearl 
Hook John, tailor, 97 n Eutaw 
Hook John, laborer, 18 Elizabeth al 
Hook Washington, 19 Nicholson 
Hook William, blacksmith, 126 Canal 
Hoop Christopher, 328 s Charles 
Hooper A. painter, 9 Sterling 

Hooper Beniamin H. firm H. & Stevens, dw 30 Barre 
Hooper Sc Chesebrough, ship chandlers and grocers, 64 and 66 

Bowly's wharf 
Hooper & Chesebrough, prop, steam saw mill. Hooper & C's 

(late Price'«) wharf, Wolf st near Fell 
Hooper, Conner & Co. carpenters, 733 Baltimore 
Hooper Captain Edward, 6 L. Gough 
Hooper Henry, wood dealer, 289 Light 
Hooper Captain J. J. mariner, 221 Aisquith 
Hooper James I. grocer, 630 Baltimore 
Hooper James, cabinet maker, 222 n Gay 
Hooper James, mariner. Bond st s of Pratt 
Hooper James, surgeon dentist, dw 191 e Baltimore 
Hooper James A. firm H. &. Chesebrougii, dw Baltimore et e 

of Aisquith 


HOC 190 HOP 

Hooper James, carpenter, Parkin st s of Lombard 

Hooper James, firm H. & Sons, chv 158 s Charles 

Hooper James jr. firm H. & Sons, dvv 57 Barre 

Hooper James B. firm Hooper, Conner & Co. Parkin sin of Pratt 

Hooper John, mariner, Lijj^lit st extended 

Hooper John P. firm H. & Sons, dw 156 s Charles 

Hooper Joffn G. firm Wm. E. H. & Bro. dw Baltimore st e 

of Aisquith 
Hooper John, bounty land agency, office Camden st. dw 1S5 

Hooper Joseph M. cabinet maker, 235 n Gay 
Hooper Levin, carpenter, 81 Canal 
Hooper Michael H. 242 Fayette 
Hooper Robert, biscuit baker, !4l McKiderry's wharf, store 

108 Pratt st 
Hooper Mrs. Sarah, 70 George 
Hooper & Sons, grocers and com. mts. 35 Cheapside 
Hooper 8c StevenSj carpenters, 146 s Charlei 
Hooper Stewart, mariner, 16 President 
H»oper Thomas, ship chandler and grocer, 2 Spear's wharf, dv/ 

58 Barre st 
Hooper Thomas, mariner, 67 Montgomery 
Hooper William, dw 60 e Pratt 

Hooper William E. firm Phillips, Samuel &. Co. dw S8 Fawn 
Hooper William, 84 Mullikin 
Hooper William, carpenter,. 5S n Amity 
Hooper William, mariner, 80 Lancas-ter 
Hooper William E. & Bro. sail makers, 99 Bowly's wharf 
Hooper William, mariner, 100 Montgomery 
Hooper William H. carpenter, 86 s Caroline 
Hoopman Peter, machinist, 7 Richmond 
H )ops Amos, carpenter, 186 e Pratt 
Hoops Franklin, grocer, 289 Eastern av 
Hoops T. B. grocer, 180 Orleans 
Hooster Andrew, butcher, 143 Columbia- 
Hoovenajrie Martin, laborer, 266 Bond 
Hoover Edward, scale maker, 32 Tys^on's al 
Hoover Francis, butcher, 145 Columbia 
Hoover George, veal butcher, 87 Columbia 
Hoover Henry, carpenter, Raborg st. dw 306 Fayette 
Hoover John, blacksmith, 95 Harrison 
Hoover Philip, tailor, 23 Carpenter's al 
Hoover Mrs. Rebecca, 144 Columbia 
Hope Daniel, brush maker, 190 w Pratt 
Hope David, brush maker, 21 G. Montgomery 
Hope Miss Rebecca, prin. young ladies' seminary, 95 Lexington 
Hope Miss S. M. principal of seminary, 427 Baltimore 
Hope William H. firm Cloud, H. & Co. dw 2S n Frederick 
Hopf'elt Andrew, carpenter, rear 130 Saratoga 
Hopkins Basil B. firm Hopkins, Hull & Co. dw 58 Frfjnklin 
Hopkins Charles W. machinist, 93 s Exeter 
Hopkins Mrs. Charlotte, 80 e Fayette 
Hopkins Franklin, tinner, 168 Bond 
Hopkins Mrs. G. T. 62 Sharp 
Hopkins Gerard jr. firm G. & Co. dw 97 Sharp 

Sop i9i HOR 

Hopkins, Gerard & Co. wholesale grocers and com. mts. 1 Li^ht 
St wharf 

Hopkins Greenbury, 244 Eastern av 

Hopkins Howard H. firm H. & Roney, dw 169 Park 

Hopkins &< Hull, wholesale dry goods mta. 258 Baltimore 

Hopkins J. W. tailor, 321 Mulberry 

Hopkins J. Walton, clerk, 179 e Baltimore 

Hopkins J. grocer, 182 n Canal 

Hopkins James, shoe maker, ^2S6 e Lombard 

Hopkins James H. carpenter, 107 L. Greene 

Hopkins John L. carpenter, dw 366 Lombard 

Hopkins John, orrocer and liquor dealer, 514 w Lombard 

Hopkins Johns, dw 177 \v Lombard 

Hopkins Joseph J. hardware mt. 15 n Howard 

Hopkins Joseph, clerk, 130 Pine 

Hopkins, Lake & Harden, wholesale hardware mts. 294 Bait. 

Hopkins fiambert N. firm Hopkins, L. & H. dw 194 Saratoga 

Hopkins Mrs. R. fashionable French millinery, 247 Pratt 

Hopkins Richard, broker, 60 Eden 

Hopkins Robert M. tea dealer and grocer, C Market Space, one 

door s of Fish Market, dw 231 Monument st 
Hopkins Robert M. harness maker, 231 Monument 
Hopkins Sc Roney, wholesale shoe dealers, 116 Lombard 
Hopkins Samuel, 184 Lombard 
Hopkins Samuel, tavern, 239 Broadway 
Hopkins Thomas E. shoe maker, 8 Orleans 
Hopkins Thomas C. druggist, cor. Broadway and Canton a v. 
Hopkins Captain Thomas, 259 Eastern av 
Hopkins William L. grain and feed mt. 3 Bowly's wharf, dw 170 

Hopkins William, firm Bennet & H. dw Lee st near Hanover 
Hopkins Willi;) m S. firm Orem &, H. dw 62 Conway 
Hopkins William M. 441 Fayette 
Hopkinson Francis, bricklayer, 98 Hollins 
Hoppe Mrs. Eliza, 51 Hanover 
Hoppenhein Hart, clothier, 261 Canton avenue 
Hopper Charles, carpenter, 98 Hillen 
Hopper Mrs. Ellen, 98 Hillen 
Hopper Francis, moulder, 98 Hillen 
Hopper Washington, 98 Hillen 
Hopper & West, tobacconists, 21 e Baltimore 
Hopper William, moulder, 120 Hollins 
Hormess, Em. tavern, 64 s Charles 
Horn Alexander, carpenter, 65 Preston 

Horn Benjamin, sumac manufacturer, Penn. av. n ^f Wilson st 
Horn Mrs. Ellen, dress maker, 138 Lexington 
Horn George, wood sawyer, 5 Canal 
Horn George, carpet weaver, 142 Canton avenue 
Horn Henry, shoemaker, 249 Fayette 
Horn Henry, shoemaker, 185 Raborg 
Horn Jacob, dry goods merchant, 69 n Howard 
Horn John, shoemaker, 34 Rock st. 
Horn Joseph, firm H. Beamer & Co. dw 67 Paca 
Horn Matthew, trunk maker corner Calvert & Boltimore st«. 
dw 41 8 High St. 

HOR 192 HOU 

Horn Mrs. shop keeper, 45 Burgundy alley 

Horn William, carpenier,^113 Cross; st. 

Home Thomas, bricklayer, 26 Comet Bt. 

Horneck John, boot and shoemaker, 61 Preston 

Horner Albert, market trader, 41 Orchard 

Horner Absalom, carter, Washington su n ofEastern avenue 

Horner Henry, laborer, 72 Thames 

Horner Joshua, grocer, cor. Eastern avenue and Happy alley 

Horner William, clerk, Orchard, n of Ross st, 

Horney E. Rose, teacher, n w cor. Fayette & Eutaw 

Horney Mrs, Mary, seamstress, 103 Gough 

Horney Samuel, grocer, s c cor. Ariryle alley and Gough st, 

Horney Samuel, ship carpenter, 2l-2 Canton avenue 

Horney Thomas, plaisterer, 241 Liirht 

Horney Thomas, ship carpenter, 186 Wolf 

Horney William H. ship carpenter. Bank e of Wolf 

Horney Woodlort, shoemaker, 59 Bond St. 

Hornig Wm. H. slioemaker, 65 Lancaster 

Horpel John, boot and shoemaker, 202 Fayette 

Horsey Andrew, laborer, 82 Centre Market 

Horsey Outerbridge jr. attorney at law, 1 law buildings, St. Paul 

Horst Geo. gunsmith, Harford avenue extended 

Horst Martin, boot and shoemaker, 218 Eden 

Horstnian Charles, carpenter, Ann st. s of Pratt 

Horton Henry P. hose maker, 35 n. Frederick, dw 46 e Fayette 

Harwell E. C's. daguerian rooms, corner Gay & Front sts. dw 

123 n Exeter si. 
Horwirz Orville, attorney at law. Post office buildings, North St. 
Hosbeck Christian, cabinet maker, 231 Hanover 
Hose Heresh, dry goods dealer, s vv cor. Charles & Henrietta sts 
Hosenbaum Isaac, pedlar, lOl n Eutaw 
Hoshell &. Belt, carpenters, 48 Holliday 

Hoshell Shadrach, firm H. & Belt, Holliday St. dw 58 Hill St. 
Hoskins C. 50 e Fayette 
Hoskins Geo. cabinet maker, S41 Lombard 
Hosmer Albei'l, potter, 83 Holiins 
Hosmcr Amos H. carter, 150 Holiins 
Hosmer C, butter dealer, 207 1 -2 Broadway 
Hosmer Charles E. store keeper &. butter depot, 17 Mercer 
Hoss Charles, shoemaker, 82 Gonway 
Hoss Capt. John F. architect and builder, s e corner High and 

Lombard sis. 
Hossefros George, carpenter, 76 Aisqulth 
Hossell Casper, 11 Oregon 
Hossell Henry, sawyer, 8 Booth st. 
Hossmeyer Wm. laborer, 65 Argyle alley 
Hotzberg Isaac, baker, 72 Harrison 

Hotze J. R. A. manlacturer of leather preserver, 65 s Howard 
Houck Menry, carpenter, 27 n Eulaw 
Houck Dr. J. W. 108 Mulberry 
Houck's (Dr. Jacob) laborarory, 357 Baltimore 
Hough Chas, A. watch & clock maker & jeweller, 160 w Pratt 
Hough M. S. dry goods & trin)mings dealer, 203 w Pratt 
Hough Robert, firm H. R. St H. dw 104 Sharp 
Hough Samuel & Robert, wholesale grocers and commiBsion 

merchants, 125 Pratt st. dw Samuel H. 35 Pleasant 8t. 

HOU 198 HOW 

Houghton Mrs, Mary H. milliner, 71 Fayette 

Houghion Mrs. Susa«, 43 Burgundy alley 

Houlton William, 94 Albemarle 

Houpt Michael, tailor, 204 s Caroline 

Houpt T, J, dental surgeon, 63 Fayette 

House Charles, clerk, 193 e Fayette 

House Lewis, sawyer, 21 Shakspear 

House William A. lumber and coal mt. 111 Light At, wh»rf, dt? 

27 Camden st. 
Houseman Augustus C. tavern, cor, Pratt and Carey sts, 
Houston Copeland-, ship smith. City block, dw 170 Broadway 
Houstaii James, clerk, 186 n Exeter 
Houston James F. porter, 357 FrankKa 
Hover Wm. huckster, 156 French 
Hovler John, 299 Aisquith 
How Wm, oak cooper, 16 Booth 
Howard A. sawyer, 46 Harford avenue 
Howard Athenaeum, 3 n Charles 

Howard Benj, carpenter, Baltimore st. w ofPine, dtv '68 Raborg 
Howard Hon, Chas. Judge Orphans' court, 41 Mt. Vernon place 
Howard Cornelius, ship joiner, 127 Bond 
Howard Eli D. dw 185 e Pratt 
Howard Geo. W. mariner, 9 Lancaster 

Howard Hall, 3d floor, n e cor. Broadway and Eastern avenue 
Howard Henry, pedlar, Johnson st. F. Hill 
Howard Isaiah S. grocer and tea dealer, 101 e Baltimore 
Howard Johnson, horse trader, 378 Fayette 
Howard Joshua, hatter. 130 Baltimore st. dw 72 e LowibarJ 
Howard Mrs. L. M. 114 e Orleans 
Howard Mrs, John, 54 Franklin 
Howard Robert & Co. wholesale grocers, cor. Pratt &. O'Don- 

nell's wharf, dw Pratt, 1 door s of High st. 
Howard Robert, firm Howard & Hays, dw 46 e Pratt 
Howard Mrs, vSarah, cow keeper, 161 s Howard 
Howard Thomas J. bricklayer, 65 German 
Howard Valentine, shoemaker, 147 e Fayette 
Howe Geo. L. mate, 103 Granby 
Howe Matthew H. clerk, 64 Sharp 
Howe Patrick, carpenter, 107 n Calvert 

Howell &, Bro. upholsterers and paper hangers, 207 Baltimore 
Howell Darius C. firm H. & Bro. dw 130 Lee 
Howe'l George H, plaisterer, 215 Madison avenue 
Howell Mrs. H. 63 Ensor 

Howell John Brown, firm Howell & Son,dw 46 Franklin 
Howell L, agent North American Insurance Co. Exchange place 

dw 29 Hamilton st 
Howell Mrs. Pa me I ia, dress maker, 118 Pear! 
Howland Mrs. Elizabeth, 266 Broadway 
Howland Mrs. boarding house, 46 Sharp 
Howser Mrs. A. 35 Hillen 
Howscr Jacob R. japanner, 1 Harrison 
Howser Mrs. Barbara, 36 e Fayette 
Howser William, tavern keeper, 12 Harrison 
Howson Henry, tailor, 23 Watson 
Howzer Jacob, cow keeper. Light st. •xteaded 

HOW 194 HUG 

Howzer Lewis A. 230 Biddle 

Hoxter Meyer, dry goods dealer, 71 Eastern avenue 

Hoxter Myer, shoemaker, 36 Holland 

Hoy Alexander, sheet iron worker, 49 Conway 

Hoy Mrs. A. 41 Buren 

Hubbals Caspari, shoemaker, 84 York 

Hubbard Mrs. Charlotte, 260 Canton avenue 

Hubbard Daniel, cooper, 160 Chesnut 

Hubbard Daniel, smith, n end Cathedral st. dw 861 n Howard 

Hubbard Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, Bethel st. n olBank 

Hubbard Georg^e W. ship carpenter, 161 Wolf 

Hubbard Capt. Henry^ niariner, 104 Gou«^h 

Hubbard Henry, mariner, 82 William st 

Hubbard James, blacksmith, 181 Washinirton 

Hubbard James hack stables, 33 Constitution 

Hubbard James, shoemaker, 158 Orleans 

Hubbard Jeremiah, blacksmith, 119 Hollins 

Hubbard John, shoemaker, 166 n Caroline 

Hubbard John, shoemaker, 187 n Ganal 

Hubbard John, sail maker, 114 s Eden 

Hubbard Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 4 Star alley 

Hubbard Samuel, carver, Piiilpot st. dw Ann 

Hubbard T. S. tailor, 267 e Monument 

Hubbard Capt. William, 112 s Eden 

Hubbard William, l47 n Exeter 

Hubbell Benedict, 6 Constiiution 

Hubbell Ebenezer, brass fijunder, 8 Liberty, dw 263 Lexington 

Hubbel Mrs. M. 3 Liberiy alley 

Huher George, tailor, 135 Low st. 

Hubert Adam, laborer, 171 Alice Anna 

Hubert Mrs. 122 Stirling 

Hubiick Ferdinand, tailor, 87 Bank 

Hubschman Geo. shoemaker, cor. Caroline and Gough 

Hubzner John, laborer, 122 Albemarle 

Hucht B. grocer and liquor dealer, cor. Saratoga and Pearl sts. 

Huck Richard S. firm, S. E. Slabler & Co. dw 72 s Paca 

Hudgius^George, baker, 72 Harford avenue 

Hudgiiis Jesse, si ip carpenter, Argyle st. n of Bank 

Hudgins M. baker and ct>nrec!ioner, 181 Monument 

Hudson D. W. notary public and magrsirale, 45 Lombard, dw 

38 Spring st. 
Hudson Mrs. Elizabeth, 72 Argyle alley 
Hudson Geo. Oliver, fireman, 24 iShroeder 
Hudson Robert, 80 William 

Hudson Robert, shipping merchant, 37 Broadway 
Hudson Thomas, carpenter, 1 Cambridge st. Canton 
Hudson William, carpenter, 227 Hanover 

Hudson William, superintendent Chemical Works, 14 Block st. 
Huebeck Datiiel, cabinet maker, 165 Canal 
Huet Dr. prop, French. Mrdical office, 16 s Frederick st. 
Huey J. & Co. flour, i'eed & grain store, Frederick st. 1 door n 

of Pratt st.dw 229 Monument 
Huey John, laborer, 51 Easiern avenue 

Hufli Benjamin, edge tool maker, Bahimore st. dw 60 Raborg 
Huff Benjamin, plane maker, and sign painter, 509 1-2 Baltimore 

HUP 195 HUG 

Huff John, shoemaker, 305 Dallas st. 

Huffnagle C. grocer, 214 Fayette 

Huffnagle Conrad, cabinet maker, and undertaker, 428 w Balti- 
more St. d\v cor. Fayeite st. &, Run alley 

Huffnagle John, 22 Bethefst. 

Hnffnagle S, boot and shoemaker, 322 Bond 

Huffnagle Simon, laborer, 10 Shakspear 

Hugg Mrs. E. S. milliner, 242 n Gay 

Hugg Captain Jacob, 40 Broadway 

Hugg Richard, ladies' shoemaker, 95 n Eutavv 

Huggins VVm. painter, Penn. avenne 

Hughes Andrew, agent Plumb's daguerian gallery, 265 Balto. st 

Hughes Aquilla, grocer and feed dealer, dws w corner EuLaw 
and Saratoga sts 

Hughes Charles, watchmaker, 72 n Eutaw 

Hughes Christopher, tanner, 70 Ross 

Hughes Hon. Christopher, 58 St. Paul 

Hughes &, Co. hatters, 34 Baltimore 

Hughes Daniel, '' Monterey House," s e cor. Charles St Camden 

Hughes Elijah, saddle & harness maker. 111 n Gay 

Hughes Felix, carpenter, 14 Mulberry 

Hughes Geo. A. 22 Catliedral 

Hughes H. blacksmith, 8 York avenue 

Hughes Mrs. H. grocer; 204 Mulberry 

Hughes Mrs. Isabella, boardincr house, 160 McHenry st 

Hughes James, bricklayer, 73 Bank 

Hughes James, laborer 21 Nevv st. 

Hughes James, laborer, 31 Biddle 

Hughes John, laborer, 307 Canton avenue 

Hughes John, fisherman, 5 Fawn st. 

Hughes John, laborer, 25 Richmond 

Hughes John, cabinet maker and undertaker, 170 Bond 

Hughes Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, Etna lane 

Hughes Mrs. Mary, tavern, (White hall) Bank stw of Broad way 

Hughes Michael, grocer^and liquor store, 6 L. Paca 

Hughes N. commission merchant in general, 152 Lombard St. 
dvv22 e Fayette st. 

Hughes Napoleon, dw 22 e Fayette 

Hughes Patrick, end of Eastern avenue. Canton 

Hughes Patrick, laborer, 4 Pleasant st 

Hughts Patrick, laborer, 1 Fish Market space 

Hughes Patrick, stone cutter, 90 French 

Hughes Philip, grocer, 135 Conway 

Hughes Robert, carter, 5 Stirling 

Hughes Sarah, cor. Poppleton and Boyd sis. 

Hughes Capt. Scott, 1 10 Gough 

Hughes Mrs. Susan, dry goods dealer, 27 e Baltimore 

Hughes Thomas, weaver, 115 Peirce st 

Hughes William H. engineer, 373 Light 

Hughes William, laborer, 128 McHenry 

Hughes William, chairmaker, 173 Bond st. 

Hughes William, laborer, Mullikin st. Fairmount 

Hughey John, laborer, 135 Alice Anna 

Hughlet Chatam, hatter, 25 n Dallas 

Hughray Mrs. Elizabeth, Chase st. e of Cathedral 

HirO 196 BVN 

Hughson James W, saddler a«d harness maker, 7 s Calvert 

Hukel John, tailor, 220 Dallas- 
Hull Henry VV. teamster. Cathedral si, n of Hoffman st. 

Hull Robert, firm Hopkins 3t Hull, dvv 61 n Charles 

Hull Thomas, clerk, 1:27 n Gav 

Hull William,. clerk, 12 McElJerrj 

Hulls John, paper hanger and dealer in oil, paint and glass-,. 
106 n Gay &t 

Hulls Misses, dresa maker, 21 H^imilton 

Hulse James H. silk dyer, 113 Lexington 

Hulse John, dyer, 52 Holliday 

Hulse Wm. blacksmith, 219 Gough 

Hulseberg Frederick, grocer, n w cor. Wills and Philpot sta- 

Hulseman J. laborer, 48 Montgomery 

Hulshart Amos, shoemaker, 17 Mercer 

Hulsman Henry, paver, cor. Liberty alley and Madisan 8l 

Hults Robert, ladies^ shoemaker, 159 Madison avenue 

Hultz Wm. P. 245 n Canal 

Hulze Frederick, cooper, 276 s Charles 

Hulzer Frederick, nail maker, 12 President 

Hulzman George, laborer, 3 Shakspear 

Hume Wm. cabinet maker, Cider al. w of Paca st 

Humes Samuel, 81 Hillen 

Humes Thomas, sen. wholesale liquor dt'al. 154 n High 

Humes Thomas, jr. spirit mt. 17 Spear's whf. dvv 150nHi£rh 

Hummel Martin, boot and shoe maker, Greene st. one door, n of 

Humphrey H(-nry, shoe maker, 7 Dover 

Humphreys Hugh, butter and provision dealer, 78 Hanover 

Humphries And. tavern, s vv cor. Ccmrord st. and Fish Marke-" 

Humphries Owen T. comluctor on rail road, 424 e Pratt 

Humrichouse C. W. 171 e Pratt, cor. Caroline 

Hune J. H. C. drawing and painting teacher, 14 French 

Hunger John, omnibus driver, 50 Boyd 

Hunichenn G. clerk, dvv 35 Conway 

Hunnemeier J. W. boot and shoe maker, 279 Alice Annst 

Hunphy Ricliard, huckster, 169 Ensor 

Hunt Andrew, wheelwright, 22 Bath 

Hunt E. & Co. dry goods merchants, 25 n Howard 

Hunt Mrs. Elizabeth, 32 n Exeter 

Hunt George, huckster, I5§ French 

Hunt German, engineer, Pen.<i..av. 4 doors w of Dolphin sS- 

Hunt Dr. Henry S. 224 Eastern av 

Hunt Jesse, 36 Eutaw 

Hunt Jesse S. stock broker^ 1 Franklin bank builds* North st. 

Hunt John W. grocer, 48 e Fayette 

Hunt Mrs. Prentice, 39 Columbia 

Hunt Robt. K. house carpenter, 207 e Lombard, shop 66 Dallas- 
Hunt S. & T. H. manuf. ofsaddles, harness, trunks Sec. 167 Bal- 
timore,, dw Sam. Hunt, 275 Saratoga 

Hunt S.amuel, 11 Penn 

Hunt Stephen, blaoksraith 85 Fremon* 

Hunt ThoR. H. firm oi'S. & T. H. Hunt,dw 129 s Paca 

Hunt & Wagfrner, ship builders. Fell, e of Ann 

Hun.t Wm. firm H., &.. Waggn^r,^ Ann st» near Prall 

HUN 197 HUT 

Hunt Wm. H. attorney, 8 Courthouse lane, dvv U Penn st 

Huntemuller Herman, tobacco dealer, 75 Camden 

Hunter Andrew, confectioner, 137 Canal 

Hunier Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 Ciay 

Hunter Mrs. Frances A. 189 Alice Anaa 

Hunter John, carpenter, 35 Aisquith 

Hunter Joseph, rigger, 210 Alice Anna 

Hunter Mrs. Mary, 225 e Monument 

Hunter Robert, watchman, 13 Clay 

Hunter Thomas, clerk, 81 Holliday 

Hunier Wm. F. grocer/ and liquor store, 145 Ljght 

Hunter William, boarding house, 71 s Charles 

Huntington A. B. 182 Aisquith 

Hunzerling Daniel, baker, 301 Light 

Hupfeld Henry, German variety goods deal. 2 Hanover st. up 
stairs, dw 302 Lexington 

Hupp Jacob, 66 Gough 

Huppman George, piano forte mauuf. 28 Hanover 

Huppman Nicholas, merchant, 1 1 n Howard, dw 90 Payette 

Huppman Valentine, saddle & harness mak. 29 C. Market space 

Hurdle Robert, ladies' shoemaker, 60 Lexington 

Hurlbut Samuel Sji Co. com. mts. U Bowley's whf. dw S, H. 70 
Franklin st 

Hurley James, stage driver, 44 St Mary's 

Hurley John, gilder, 178 Chjsnut 

Hurly Washington, omnibus driver, 170 Pearl 

Hurst & Berry, wholesale dry goods dealers, 297 Baltimore cor. 

Hurst Charles, plaisterer, cor. Fremont and German 

Hurst George W. printer, Preston st. w of Gibson 

Hurst Jacob, laborer, 26 Rose 

Hurst John, firm Hurst & Berry, dvv 224 Pratt 

Hurst Lewis, trader in market, 103 Easterai av 

Hurst Mrs. Miry, 5 Argyle al 

Hurstsneiiler Henry, laborer, 43 Argyle al 

Hurt H. N. hatter, 188 w Pratt 

Hurtt Henry, tailor, 119 s Exeter 

Hurtt Jas. A. 174 n Gay 

Hurtt R. H. halter, 100 e Fayette 

Husband Joseph M. B. dry goods dealer, 213 w PraU 

Husband Joseph E. broker, 101 Baltimore 

Huse Jesse, carpenter, 348 n Gay 

Hush Frederick, cooper, 144 n H )ward 

Hush James, block and pump maker, 10 BonJ 

Hushbach Mrs. Mary, 657 Baltiuiore 

Hussey Mrs. Ann, 59 Hillen 

Hussey Obed. agricultural imp. and reap, machinist, Swan st. 

n side, dw Mrs. Conner's, Bait, ofe Front 
Hussey Dr. 8. L. druggist, 46 n Eden 
Hussinger John, dravmin, 5 Jackson's court 
Hutson E I ward, hlncksiMiui, Register st. s of Gough 
Huston Mrs. Margaret, spooler, Walnut al 
Hutchins Charles, tobacconist, ll4 Canal, cor. Jefferson 
Huichins E iward, clerk, 261 n Gay 
Hutchins Mr^s. Marv, 224 Alice Anna 

HUT 198 HYN 

Hutchins Nicholas & W. *'Front st. Hotel" keeper, 100 n Frrnt 

Hutchinson Arthur, grocer and liquor deal. 174 s Howard 

Hutchinson James, laborer, 120 Happy al 

Hutchinson Mrs. Mary A. 41 Albemarle 

Hutchinson Peter A. shoe maker, Poppleton, near McHcnry 

Huienberjrer Wm. cooper, 6 Harfiird av 

Hutman John, laborer, 31 Dewberry al 

Hutson Joshua, wheelwrijsrht, 93 Raborg 

Hutton Andrew, laborer, 202 Canton av 

Hution Elija^i, lime inspector, 2 Aisquith 

Hutton J. J. 7 French 

Hiitton John, coach maker, 119 L. Greene 

Huiton Job, boardin«]r house, 703 w Baltimore 

Hutton Miss Jane, 30 North 

Hutton Joseph G. carpenter, 144 Hillen 

Hutton Samuel, silversmith, 23 Fremont 

Hutton William, bricklayer, 443 Fayette 

Hutzler John, laborer, 22 Eristern av 

Hutzler Moses, dry p;oods dealer, 78 n Eden 

Huxford Henry, japanner and varnish maker, 308 w Pratt 

Huzza Columbus, printer, 55 n Caroline 

Huzza John, bacon dealer, 217 n Chesnut 

Hyam A. blind maker and paper hanger, 20 Holland 

Hvam John, blacksmith, 131 Hollins 

Hyam John, laborer, 25 Shakspear 

Hyams John, 35 Philpot 

Hyatt Alplieus, firm H. & Slump, cor. Franklin and Shroeder 

Hyatt Mrs. tailoress, 18 George 

Hvatt & Perkins, wh(;lesale and retail grocers, n w cor. Pratt 

- " and Commerce 

Hyatt &L Stump, wholesale grocers and com. mts. 52 South 

Hyde Francis, soup and candle maker, dvv 98 Holiday St. fac- 
tory 5 Pleasant 

Hyde John, second hand furniture dealer, 185 Light 

Hyde John, stove moulder, Boyd 

Hyde Joseph, machinist, 45 Columbia 

Hyde Mrs. Margaret, 120 n Exeter 

Hyde Moses, clerk. 12 York av 

Hyde Oliver & Co. tallow chandlers, 7 Buren, dvv O. Hyde, 159 
n Chesnut 

Hyde Samuel N. firm Dunlap & H. 138 n Eutaw 

Hyde Samuel G. "B,iltimore soap and candle factory," n e cor. 
Siirat.'ga and Hoiliday, dw 26 Pleasant 

Hvde WiiliatuJ. 70 n Fronf 

Hyghe Joseph, firm Severe & H. Pratt st. e of Argvle al 

H} la nil Stei)h(Mi, carpenter, dw 165 Canal 

Hynian Ctiristopher, lace weaver, 148 East 

Hymiller Harman, 162 Sprinnr 

HynefFnemar Huss, biiker, 35 Lancaster 

Hyne.^i Joshua H. Sheriffof Bait. Co. office Court House 

Hynes Thomas, gold and silversmith, dvv 3 n Eden 

Hynson B. T. firm H. & Myers, dw 224 Fayette 

Hynson J. R. livery stables, 84 German, dw 200 Saratoga 

Hvnson Dr. Jas. C. Clinton st. Canton 

HYN 199 ' IRV 

Hynson & Myers, puper hanirers, upholsterers, and venitian 

blind manuf. 52 n Hovvtird 
Hyser John, 20 Conway 

Hyser Mrs. M. fancy dress maker, 20 Conway 
Hyson Solomon, moulder, 2H Litrht 
Hyson Wm. iron moidder, 150 Li^ht 

Jams William, biacksiiilh, 97 Hollins 

Ickel Henry, tailor, 25 L. Ginigh ' 

Iskle Charles, carter, 42 Durst al 

Ider Henry, cigar m^ker, 85 McElderry's whf 

Idle Philip, carter, 52 Durst al 

Idons Henry, 56 Bank 

Ijams John, carpenter, 4 Aisquitli 

Ijams William, 51 Granby 

Ikener Andrew, oak cooper, Lemon sf 

Ilorenfritz Thomas, shoe maker, 97 n Canal 

Imler Charles^ piano maker, 109 Lee 

Imorde Mrs. Dorothea, 273 Alice Anna 

Imorde Frederick, carter, end oCAlice Anna 

Inderrieden Joseph^, hatter, 56 Baltimore 

Ing Dr. Edward, sen. 14 Fayette 

Ing John H. attorney at law, 36 Fayette 

Ingalis D.Stone cutter, 1 McHenry 

Inger Casper, tailor, 189 Eastern av 

Ingham William, grocer, s e cor. Hanover and Hill 

Ingle •Andrew, sawyer, 16 Albemarle 

Ingles Joseph, laborer. Walnut al 

Ingle.sby Mrs. Mary, milliner, 33 s High 

Ingleit Winterling, tailor, 152 Canton av 

Inglis Georcje, ladies' boot and shoe maker, 77 w Fayette 

Ingram Mrs. Eliza, dealer in trimmings, 207 e Baltimore 

Inhof Georire, tailor, 19 Somerset 

Inloes Dr. Henry A. 151 Broadway 

Inloes J. S. & Co. wholesale dry goods mts. 236 w Baltimore 

Inloes John, cooper, 25 Watson 

Inloes Joshua S. firm J, S. fidoes & Co. dw 26 Mulberry 

Inloes Thomas H cooper, 116 s Howard 

Inloes William, 233 Alice Anna 

Innes Allen L. boot and shoe maker, 4 Baltimore 

Innes Veitch, steam boat man, Goodman al. s of Cross st 

Insco Jame>', wheelsman on steam boat, 69 Montgomery 

Insurance Companies, see appendix 

Ipsley Mrs. Bridget, seamstress, 43 Davis 

Irelan David, boot Scshoe mak. 176 Mulberry, dw over 330 Bait. 

Ireland Hance, clerk, 188 n Eutaw 

Ireland Samuel, brick layer, 9-2 n Caroline 

lrelan<i William, machinist, 129 Fremont 

Ireman William, baker, 74 s Eutaw 

Ironmonger Edward F. chair maker. 111 St Paul 

Ironmonger Mrs. Mary, I Eden lane 

Irons John, mariner, 196 Band 

Irons Mr. brick layer, 96 Gough 

Irons R. shoe maker, 14 Madison lane 

Irons Thomas, bricklayer, 117 Orleans 

Irvin George, la borer,' 6 Moore's al 

IRV 200 JAC 

Irvin George W. merchant tailor, cor. German & Liberty, dw 

German, vv of Greene 
Irvin Jacob, furniiure vvafjoner, 8 L. Church 
Irvin Joim, cont'eclioner, 1 St Paul 
Irvin John, laborer, 372 Fayette 
Irvin William, carpenter, Bethel, n ofGough 
Irvine John, carpenter, Preston, w of Gibson 
Irving James, ciy:ar maker, 309 Howard 
Irvinur John, laborer, 267 Canton av 

Irwin & Co. lottery & exchange, off. basem. City liotel, n Calvert 
Irwin Henry, clerk, 60 Eutaw 

Irwin Henry, countino^ room, 16 Spear's wharf, dw 86 St Paul 
Irwin J. laborer, 17 Carpenter's al 
Irwin Joseph, shoe maker, 99 Gough 
[rwin Thomas, 91 Hanover 
Isaac R. & W. W. grooers and com. mts. 91 Light St. wharf, 

dw 93 sPaca 
Isenhour Francis, tailor, 146 n Caroline 
Isett Mrs. Elizabeth, trader in market, 20 Jasper 
Israel Jacob, oak cooper, 526 w Baltimore, dw opposite 
Israel Jacob, variety store, 523 Baltimore 
Israel Mrs. Fielder, dw 116 n Greene 
Israel Mrs. boarding house, 14 s Calvert 
Israel Thomas, firm Fielder I. 8c Sons, 91 Greene, office n w 

cor. St Paul and Fayette 
Israel AA^illiam, oak cooper, 728 w Baltimore 
Ives William M. brass Ibunder, 23 Lombard, dw 25 Walson 
Izer George, carpenter, 184 n Eden 

Jack Charles, carpenter, 6 s Canal 

Jack Henry, tailor, 17 Clay >_.. 

Jackson Aaron, grocer, 403 Saratoga r 

Jackson Addison, steam boat hand, Tripolett's al 

Jackson Alfred, laborer, 290 Canton av. Canton 

Jackson Mrs. Ann, 170 w Lombard 

Jackson Mts. Bethia A. 65 s Paca 

Jackson Charles M. book keeper, 56 Biddle 

Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth, 56 Gough 

Jackson Mrs. Frances H. dry goods dealer, l4lFremont 

Jackson George, ship carpenter, 16 Fell 

Jackson George, dry giKuJs dealer, 134 s Exeter 

Jackson Cnpt. Hector, mariner, 83 Caroline 

Jackson Henry, laborer, 2.32 German 

Jackson Henry F. proprietor ICulaw House, cor. Bait. & Eutaw 

Jackson Isaac, coachman, 53 Park 

Jackson Isaac, grocer, 12G s Howard 

Jackson James, proprietor livery stables, Spring s of Baltimore 

Jackson James M. firm Fields & J. 205 e Baltimore 

Jackson Janies, tailor, 5l7 w B;iltimore 

Jackson James, shoe maker, 30 Stirling 

Jackson James, 136 n High 

Jackson James A. 1 1 1 s Paca 

Jackson John, carpenter, 178 n Eden 

Jackson John A. silver smith, Bank lane, dw 91 n Eden 

Jackson Jonathan, constable, dw 22 s Bond 

Jackson Joseph, huckster, 165 n Exeter 

Jackson Josiah, pedlar, 97 Ann 

TAC 2ai JAM 

Jackson Mrs. Laiirinda, seamstress, 33 Montgomery 

Jackson Mrs. Mary, 62 e Baltimore 

Jackson N. laborer, extreme end ofe Fayette 

Jackson Robert, shoe maker, 266 Monument 

Jackson Samuel, surg. instrument raak. St cutler, 194 Baltimare 

dw 17 n Liberty 
Jackson Samuel A. cabinet maker, 172 Fremont 
Jackson T. shoe maker, end of Eastern av. Canton 
Jackson Vincent R. apothecary and dru«jt^ist, 99 s Paca 
Jackson William, painter, 332 n Howard 
J^ck^on William, shoe maker, 140 Saratoua 
Jackson William H. ^rocer and tea deal. 101 s Paca 
Jackson William R. clerk, 62 e Baltimore 
Jackson William, fisher. Cross st extended 
Jacob Adam, baker, 7G Orchard 
Jacob Andrew, carpenter, 87 Union 
Jacob Joim, carpenter, 87 Union 
Jacob Lawrence, <Trocer and liquo-r dealer, 49 Union 
Jacob Market, AQ Chesnuj, 
Jacob Michael, tailor, 9 Dover 
Jacobi Catharine, store keeper, 22 Guilford al 
Jacobs Caroline, seamstress, Watson st s of Lloyd 
Jaobs Frederick A. conductor rail road, Hollins st market 
Jacobs Henry, cahinet maker, 63 Ross 
Jacobs Julian, ship carpenter, 243 Wolf 
Jacobs Mrs. Mary C. 290 n Howard 
Jacobs Samuel, carpet and floor oil cloth dealer, 233 Baltimore 

St. dw 86- Sharp 
Jacobs Zach, carpenter, 19 Warner 
Jacobsen Henry G. Danish Consul, firm L. Thompson & Co. 

dw 62 Greene 
Jacoby Jacob, laborer, 11 Shakspear 

Jacoby Wolf, teacher of German and Hebrew, l41 Bond 
Jager Samuel, cooper, ll8 Canal 

Jamart Michael, prop. Exchanore Coffee House, 37 s Gay 
James Mrs. Achshah, 100 Saratoga 
James Basil, s w corner Paca and Mulberry 
James Mrs. Elizabeth, 2S4 Canton av 
James Mrs. Elizabeth, 2-2 Shakspear 
James George, milk dealer, 316 Eastern aw 
James Geerge, 169 Aisqniih 
James Henry, mariner, 67 Monfsromery 
James Henry, firm E. Pratt & Bro. dw 26 Pleasant 
James Henrv, lumber merchant, Alice Anna st w of Exeter 
James Henry, 296 Wolf - 

James Isaac, carver, 46 n Howard st. dw 61 e Baltimore 
James Isaac & Thos. Hanna, mt. tailors, 265 w Pratt 
James John, 234 n Gay 
James John, cooper, 200 Alice Anna 
James John L. cooper, 200 Alice Anna 
James John, cabinet maker, 173 Saratoga 
James Joseph, plaisterer, 22 Maiden lane 
Jaraea Lainhart, cooper, 46 Argyle al 
James Ltvi^ boat builder, 172 Thames st, dwt 140 Broadway 

JA*^ 202 JEF 

James Mrs. Maria; 126 Bond 

James Miss Mary, boarding house, 9 s Calvert 

James Roorer, wood trader, 29 Lee 

James Samuel, plaisterer, 286 s Charles 

James Mrs. Sarah Ann, 38 Granby 

James Thomas C. &. Co. tobacconists, 57 Thames, dw 126 Bond 

James Wilham, bricklayer, 179 Park 

Jameson Andrew, carter, 16 Front 

Jameson Doctor Horatio G. 131 Lexington 

Jameson John, 147 Eutaw 

Jameson William, brush maker, 183 East 

Jameson Doctor W. D. 48 Franklin 

Jamison Andrew, laborer, 1 Pleasant 

Jamison Mrs. Catharine, 39 n Frederick 

Jamison John, laborer, 201 Holliday 

Jamison John, oak cooper ,43 Commerce St. dw 108 Pratt 

Jamison Robert M. tavern keeper, 7 Lombard 

Jamison Robert, liarkman, 159 n Front 

Jamison Doctor T. W. dw 95 Baltimore 

Jamison T. W. gun powiler manuf. Lombard, 1 door e of Light 

Jamison William, mariner, 237 Eastern av 

Jainey Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 203 Washington 

Janney William, merchant, (\w 31 Sliarp 

Jannigan I>dvid, mariner, 252 e Pratt 

January Daniel, quarryman, 120 Garden 

Jarboe Rev. John R. principal of Ladies' Literary Institute, 76 
e Baltimore 

Jarboe John, barber, 68 Eutaw 

Jarden Samuel, confectioner, 206 Broadway 

Jarret John, 85 Camden 

Jarret Thomas, 239 Saratoga 

Jarrett Asbury, clothing eir)porium, cor. Front and Baltimore 

Jarrett John, mariner, 360 Lii^ht 

Jarrett Lafever, clothier, 100 Baltimore St. cor. Holliday 

Jarrett Samuel, mariner, 72 Montgomery 

Jarvis Amos, cooper, 104 Hill 

Jarvis EJijah, blacksn)ith, Lee st extended 

Jarvis John, painter and glazier, Bond st s of Pratt 

Jarvis Leonard, 49 n Charles 

Jarvis William H. 34 Jackson 

Jason John, rigger, 264 Broadway 

Jatho Henrv, watch and clock maker, 79 Exchange Place, dw 
43 Fawn st 

Javins Grandison, shoe maker, 20 Constitution 

Jay Mrs. Sarah, 157 e Pratt 

Jay Thomas W. clerk, 188 Hanover 

Jean Ichabod, bricklayer, 271 Saratoga 

Jeans Abraham, carter, 13 Dewberry al 

Jeffers J. B. T. machinist, 1 Chester" 

Jeffers Madison, police officer, 6 Garden 

Jefferson John, boot and shoe maker, 240 Broadway 

Jefftrson Thomas, laborer. East Brails av 

Jefierys Thomas R. fancy and ornamental painter, corner Balti- 
more and Holliday sts. dw 210 n Edea 
Jeffreys Alexander, engineer, 149 s Paca 

JEF 203 JER 

Jeffries John, trader in market, 5 Montgomery 

Jeffries Mrs. Mary, 18 G. Montcromery 

Jeffries Matthias, plaisterer, 196 Lexington 

Jeffry M. laborer, rear ol s Paca st extended 

Jehle Jacob, 84 Granby 

Jekel C. B. tailor, 18 Grant 

Jenk Mrs. Elizabeth, baker, 52 e-Fayelte 

Jenkins A. & H. cabinet and chair makers, 14 Light 

Jenkins A. firm A. & H. J. dw 58 Conway 

Jenkins Alfred, painter, 71 Bond 

Jenkins Alfred, firm Edwd. Jenkins & Sons, dw 87 Greene 

Jenkins Austin, firm Edwd. J. Sc Sons, dw 126 Park 

Jenkins Edward & Sons, impt. saddlery & hardware, 180 Bait. 

J-enkins Edward, dw 38 Mulberry 

Jenkins Edward F. firm E. J. & Sons, dw 95 Monumeni 

Jenkins Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 133 Fremont 

Jenkins Mrs. Felix, dw 10 South 

Jenkins H. W. firm A. & PI. J. 14 Light 

Jenkins Henry, mariner, 111 Eastern av 

Jenkins Hugh & Co. general com. mts. 18 Spear's wharf 

Jenkins James, tobacconist, 235 Broadway 

Jenkins James W. firm W. J. & Sons, York road 

Jenkins James, cabinet maker, 40 Montgomery 

Jenkins Jonathan, confectioner and baker, 117 Hollins 

Jenkins Joseph, carter, 100 Happy al 

Jenkins Joseph, laborer, s Paca st extended 

Jenkins Joseph, house &- sign painter, 19 s Caroline 

Jenkins L. A. custom house officer, 19 s Howard 

Jenkins &, Lilly, saddle, harness and trunk makers, 10 South 

Jenkins Miss Louisa, boarding house, 42 Lexington 

Jenkins M. C. attorney at law, office 4 Spurrier's Court, Lexino'- 

ton St. dw 47 Courlland 
Jenkins Miss Margaret, principal St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, 

Front St near Fayette 
Jenkins Mark W. firm W.J. & Sons, York road 
Jenkins Richard, mariner, 285 Light 
Jenkins T. Robert, 63 e Fayette 
Jenkins Thomas, coach maker, 147 n High 
Jenkins Thomas G. firm Poland, Jenkins & Co. dw 2 Waterloo 

Row, or 166 n Calvert 
Jenkins W. V. inspector customs, 97 n Eden 
Jenkins William &§ons, hide and leather dealers and tanners, 

94 Lombard and 7 Wafer 
Jenkins Wm. cooper, 511 Baltimore st. dw 316 Fayette 
Jenks Francis H. com. mt. 8 Bowly's wharf, dw Monument Sq. 
Jennings Mrs. Catharine, 13 French 
Jennings Doctor J. M. 5 n?High 
Jennings John L. rigger, 23 Shakspear 
Jennings Joshua, wagoner, 196 Hi^liins 
Jennings Mrs. Mary, 23 French 
Jennings Robert, shoe maker, 13 Bethel 
Jennings Samuel, 'Mansion House' tavern, 13 n Front 
Jenning-s Samuel, carpenter, rear of Fairmount 
Jennings Thomas, carrier, Orleans st. Fairmount 
Jerome J. H. T. grocer, corner Paca and Lexington 

JES 204 JOH 

Jessop Mrs. Ann, 1^4 Fremont 

Jessop Mrs. Priscilla, 177 Aisquith 

Jessop Richard O. grocer, leed and produce dealer, Pennsylvania 

av n of Mosher st 
Jetz P. laborer, 136 Harford av 
Jevens John W. brass finisher, 68 Fayette 
Jevins J. W. lamp maker, 91 n Hiorh 
Jewett J. W. firm Gelbach & J. d\v 169 s Charles 
Jewelt Mrs. Jane S. boardinir school, 51 s Libert/ 
Jillard John, dw 40 Kaltihiore 
Jines John, sailor, 144 e Madison 
Jockel Christopher, cabinet maker, 49 Constitution 
Jockel M. baker, corner Sharp and Hill 
Johannes J. M. & Son, jewellers, 62 Fayette st. dw J. M. J. 200 

Johannes J. G. firm J. M. J. & Son, Madison st. near Britton 
Johanning John Frederick, laborer, 3 Guillbrd al 
Johns Mrs. Ann, dress maker, 43 n Charles 
Johns Mrs. Ann, dress maker, 66 Lexington 
Johns Edward, printer, 222 n Eden 
Johns Mrs. Elizabeth, variety store, 263 n Gay 
Johns Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 196 Fayette 
Johns Mrs. Hannah, 232 Alice Anna 
Johns Rev. Dr. H. V. D. pastor of Christ Church, (Prostestant 

Epis.) dw Franklin St. 3d door w of St. Paul 
Johns Henrv H. clerk, 184 e Pratt 
Johns Mrs. Rebecca, seamstress, 268 Monument 
Johnson Aaron, tobacconist, 97 1-2 Baltimore st 
Johnson Adolph, furniture wagoner, 120 Thames 
Johnson Mrs. Ann, 64 Ann 
Johnson Mrs. Ann, 129 Canal 
Johnson Aquilla, 133 s High 
Johnson Archibald, weaver> Cove alley, n from Lexington st. 

between Fremont and Rock sts 
Johnson Archibald C. tailor, 755 w Baltimore 
Johnson Arthur L. 64 Pearl , 

Johnson Asbury, '.vheelvvriirht, dw Ann, 1 door from Pratt st. 
Johnson C. millwright, 91 Harford a v. 
Johnson Caleb, laborer, 124 Lerew's alley 
Johnson Capt. C. 7 Hampstead 
Johnson Mrs. Catharine, 259 n Howard 
Johnson Mrs. Chartotte, 184 e Pratt 
Johnson Dr. Christopher, 129 Saratoga 
Johnson & Co. box makers, 5 Harrison 

Johnson St, Cunningham, agricul. imp. dealers, cor Pratt & Grant 
Johns )n Mrs. D. 262 e Monument 
Johi:son Edward, Fremont st. s of Baltimore 
Johnson Mrs. Elizabeth, 74 Granby 
Johnson Mrs. Elizabeth, 193 n Eden 
Johnson Ezekiel C tailor. Bond st. s of Pratt 
Johnson Mrs. F. E. dress maker, over 233 Balto. dw 84 Conway 
Ji>hnson Fergus, weaver, 109 Peirce 
Johnson Mrs. Frances, tailoress. Freedom St. Beam's lot 
Johnson Francis, shoemaker, 142 Pine 
Johnson Frank, laborer, 246 German 

JOK 205 JOH 

Johnson Franklin, lock nnaker, 124 Fayette 

Johnson G. Waller, apothecary St, chemist, s w cor. Caroline 

and Lomhard sis, dvv cor. Baltimore and Bethel sis, 
Johnson Geo. car driver, 144 McHeiiry 
Johnson Geo, ajx)lhecary, cor. Canal and Baltimore sts, dvv 282 

e Baltimore st. 
Johnson Geo. cabinetmaker, 41 Marion 
Johnson Geo. coach painter, 148 Mulberry 
Johnson Gerard, coach snsith, 159 n High St. shop Davis St. 
Johnson Henry, mariner, i48 Bo^d 
Johnson Henry, 242 Broadway 
Johnson Hiram, teacher, 60 n Calvert 
Johnson Howard, chair maker, 3-2 Harford avenue 
Johnson Isaac H. trader, 188 Sharp 
Johnson J. saddler and harness maker, 100 n Howard 
Jolinson Jacob, 157 e Pratt 
Johnson Jacob G. rio;irer, 82 Block 
Johnson James, weaver, 125 Peirce - 
Johnson James, porter, 34 Addison 
Johnson James, boot maker, 1 Le\^^is st, 
Johnson James, carter, 206 German 
Jolmson James, shipwrio;ht, 124 s Hicrh 
Johnson James A. cabinet maker, 26 Paca st 
Johnson James M. carpenter, 41 n Poppleton 
Johnson Jeremiah, boot maker, 108 Conway 
Johnson & Kemp, confectioners, 244 Broadway, dw 20 Shakspear 
Johnson John F. carpenter. Garden st. dw 297 n Howard 
Johnson John, boot Sc shoemaker, **iVlanslon house" Fayette st. 
Johnson John Henry, laborer, Liofht st, extended 
Johnson John T. grocer, 113 L.Greene 
Johnson John, ship carpenter, 54 Ariryle alley 
Johnson I. &- J. bacon and produce dealers, ll-SHillen, dw 

298 n Gay st. 
Johnson Capt. John D. 24S Eastern avenue 
Johnson John M. surgical instrui^eut maker, 23 Gibson 
Johnson John, carpenter, 248 Mulberry 
Johnson Joseph G. family grocer aud tea dealer, 93 Fayette 
Johnson Joseph, cabinet maker, 29 Poppleton 
Johnson Joshua, superintendent II. Road, 167 Wolf 
Johnson Kelsey Sc Co. ship chandlers cc grocers, 14 Spear's 

wharf, dvv W. H. Johnson, l23 e Baliirnore st. 
Johnson Lorin L. machinist, 109 Biddle 
Johnson M. laborer, 13 Liberty alley 

Johnson & Magruder, wholesale grocers, n e cor. How'd St Pratt 
Johnson Mrs. Margaret, milliner, 26 Paca 
Johnson Mrs. Martha, washer, 12 Burgundy al. 
Johnson Mrs. Mary Ann, 234 n Howard 
Johnson Mrs. Mary, milliner, 183 n Eutavv 
Johnson Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 281 Dallas 
Johnson Mrs. Mary Ann, 50 Gcrge st 
Johnson Moses, weaver, 103 Peirce 
Johnson Munroe, rigger, Abey alley 
Johnson Neville, wood engraver, 3 South 
Johnson P. P. tavern, Forrest st. opposite Market spscc 
Johnson Peter J. barber, 105 Greene 

JOH 206 JOI 

Johnson Pliilip, carter, 45 Wayne st 

Johnson Philip jr. grocer, 229 e Baltimore 

Johnson PhiHp P. 412 w Lombard 

Johnson R. morocco dresser, 263 n Gay 

Johnson Hon. Reverdy, setialor from American congress, 

dvv n w cor. Calvert and Fayette sis. 
Johnson Richard, grocer and lea dealer, IIS Lexington 
Johnson Richard, sail maker, extreme of e Fayette 
Johnson Richard, sail maker, 54 Gough 
Johnson Richard L. moulder, 13 Granby 
Johnson Robert, bricklayer, 56 Raborg 
Johnson Robert, mt. tailor, 137 Fayette St. dw 63 Mulberry 
Johnson Robert, weaver. Harmony lane 
Johnson vSamuel, wood trader, 54 Montgomery 
Johnson Samuel, shoemaker, 4l Henrietta 
Johnson Mrs. Sarah Ann, extreme of e Fayette 
Johnson Mrs. Sarah, 97 Broadway 

Johnson & Son, boot & sh^t? makers, 64 Baho. st. & 88 n Gay 
Johnson Mrs. Susan, 59 Short st. 
Johnson Stinson, ship smith, 44 York 
Johnson Thomas, shoemaker, 291 uGny 
Johnson Thomas, stone cutter, alley near McHenry 
Johnson Thomas, mariner, 32 Philpot 
Johnson & Travers, shipping and commission merchants, 66 

Buchanan's whart 
Johnson Washington, rigger, Abey alley 
Johnson Mrs. W. 10 n Exeter 

Johnson Williara, stone cutler, North st. dw 13 n High 
Johnson William O. blacksmith, 93 n Eden^ 
- Johnson William & Co. shoemakers. 88 n Gay 
Jonnson William, brickmaker, Poppleton near McHenry 
Johnson William H. clerk, 133 n High 

Joiinson William H. commission mt. 64 Pratt, dw 335 Fayette 
Johnson William M. confectioner, 20 Shakspear 
Johnson William, shoemaker, iiciiister sol Pratt 
Johnson William H. firm Kelsey & Co. 213 e Baltimore 
Johnson Wilmoi, firm Johnson & Travers, dw 34 Si. Paul 
Johnston Asbury, wheelwriglit, Ann, st 
Johnston Dr. J.'M. 7 s Frederick 
Johnston John J. cabinet maker, 121 n High 
Johnston N. tailor, 44 Harlord avenue 

Johnston Samuel D. mt. dealer in barley, malt, hops, &.c. Lom- 
bard St. e of Hanover, dw 51 Gieene st. 
Johnstoi Thomas D. 17 s Howard st 
Johnston William, painter, 370 Lombard 

Johnston Mrs. Pelisse, habit and dress maker, S70 w Lombard 
Johnston William, marble cutter, and ((»reign iii domestic marble 

dtaler, 43 South si. dw High st. 
Johnston William, steam marble worker, North st. near Frank in 

dw Hig-h st 
Johnston Wi.liam, pattern maker, 33S n Gay 
Joice Campbell St Co. wholesale bo.)t i^t s;ho>; dealers, 319 Ba'.to 
Joice John, currier, 250 e Pratt 
Joice Joshua, brass fijunder, 84 Aisquith 
Joice R. painter, 283 n Gay 

JOI 207 JON 

Joice Stephen J. firm Camphell St Co. dw Madison e of Park 

Joiner Mrs. CharloUe, si loe binder, 28 VVeloome alley 

Jolly John C. shoemaker, 206 Monument 

Jones Alexander S. pilot 2GG e Pratt 

Jones Mrs. Ann, 18 Bond st. 

Jones Mrs. Antoinette fashionable dress maker, 129 Sharp 

Jones Benjamin, cooper, 16 Buren 

Jones Benjamin, carpenter, 19 Cross 

Jones Bennett, blacksmith, East Falls avenue 

Jones Caroline, 188 (court) Monument 

Jones Charles, liquor dealer, 61 Hill 

Jones Charles, cabinet maker, 226 Bond 

Jones David, classical teacher, 60 n Eutaw 

Jones David, found ryman, 101 Granby 

Jones David & Co. boot and shoe makers, l74|\v Pratt 

Jt^nes Dorsey, cigar maker, 21 Gibson 

Jones Edwin clerk, 309 n Gay 

Jones Elisha, fisher, 16 Cross 

Jones Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, lI6 William 

Jones Mrs. Elizabeth, 208 ii Eutaw 

Jones Mrs. Elizabeth A. lailoress, 106 Pine 

Jones Captain Ezekiel, 10 L. Gough 

Jones Captain Ezekiel. 114 s Fxeter 

Jones George W. druggist. '42 ^e Baltimore si. dw Aisquith, 2 

doors from Jackson 
Jones George, boiler maker, Chester st. 
Jones Mrs. H. Nicholson st. no. 11 

Jones Hamilton, grocer and liquor store, cor. Eutaw & Camden 
Jones Henry, safldler and [larness maker, 2 Light, dw North st. 
Jones Henry, ship carpenter, 96 Hill st 
Jones Henry, bricklayer, 21 Rose 
Jones Henry, saddler, ll7 s Exeter, 
Jones Henrv, shoemaker, 236 Albemarle 

Jones, Hyatt & Perkins, grocers & commission mts. 17 Commerce 
Jones Isaac, drayman, 231 Ensor 
Jones Jacob, 33 n Caroline 

Jones James C. boot and shoemaker, 95 s Calvert 
Jones James, draper and tailor, 28 South 
Jones James E. china merchant, 123 n Gay 
Jones James H. tailor. Canal st. n of Baltimore 
Jones James, tin plate worker, 27 Gibson 
Jones Capt. James, 103 Granby 

Jones Jas. gracer & tea dealer, s e cor. Saratoga & Courtland sts 
Jones James, mariner, 60 Holliday 
Jones James, ship carpenter. Light st. s of Warren 
Jones James, plaisterer, Bethel st. nofGough 
Jones John, rigger, 291 Charles 
Jones John, carpenter, 329 Saratoga 
Jones John B. draper and tailor, 33 South 
Jones John, blacksmith, 112 Canaf 
Jones John W. clerk n w cor. Garden and Preston 
Jones John R. real estate agent, 51 Second 
Jones John P. P. carpenter, 778 w Baltimore 
Jones John, carter, 20 Lancaster 
Jones John R. grocer, cor. Forest and Hillen st. dw 192 n Hicrh. 


Jones Jiio. daci^uerian p;allery, 159 'Friendship courl^near n E^en. 
Jones John, bricklayer, 49 iiS[)ri»^ 
Jones John B. tavern, 79 n Gay 
Jones Joseph, 118 Thames 
Jones Joshua D. laborer, Prattst. n ofOre^on 
Jones J()shua,^bricklay< t, 7 May 
Jones Joshua, editor Baliimore Patriot, 33 Pleasant 
Jones L. huckster, I'is Howard 
Jones Capt. Lemuel, 105 Gran()y 

Jones Levin, ship chandler &. lope maker, Liglit st whr.d\v46 Lee 
Jones Levin, clerk, 29 Lee 

Jones Levin, boot and shoemaker,- 176 Broadway 
Jones Levin H. painter, 79 Orleans 
Jones Lewis jr.-market rrader, Seoll St. s ofPratt 
Jones Mrs. Lydia, 14 Henry 

Jones Mrs. Maruaref, seamstress,. 92 Block > 

Jones Mrs. Mariiaret, firncer, 68 Fremont 
Jones Mrs. Marirnret, 143 jNlonument 
Jones Mrs. Matilda, boardinif house, 161 \v Lonibarj? 
Jones Mrs. Marv, ^2G w Pi all 

Jones Morris, Baltimore st. dvv s e cor. Pine & Lexinofon sts. 
Jones Morris J, firm Curlin &. Jones, dw Pearl, rear ol' Saratoga 
Jones P. mariner, Bethel st. n «)!' Gouirh 
Jones Mrs. Rebecca, '256 Canton avenue 
Jones Reese, carter, 180 Bethel 
Jones Richard, hiacksnulh, 5) D?^Wa9-' 
Jones Robert B. blacksmith, 212 Liofht 
Jones Mrs. Rosanna, seamstress, 62 Henrietta 
Jones Samuel, laborer, 350 Ligh^ 
Jones Samuel, sen. 63 Hollins 
Jones Stephen, clerk, 309 n Gay 
Jones Mrs. Susannah H. l3 n High 
Jones T. 0. printer, 5l n HiL'h 
Jones^ Thomas, tailor, 238 n Canal 
Jones Tliomas book binder, 11 Broadway 
Jones Tiiomas J. moulder, 82 Hill 
Jones Thomas, 29 Lee 
Jones Thompson, mariner, 35 n Caroline 
Jones Uriah, tobacconist, 201 Lexinixton 
Jones Walter R. deputy State marshal, 129 Sharp- 
Jones William, carpenter, 84 Ross 
Jones William, blacksmith, 240 Eastern avenue 
Jones William, block am) [)ump maker, 123 Lancaster 
Jones William R. secretary Equitable Society, 82 e Fayette 
Jones William, blacksmith, 101 Liineaster 

Joties Wm. wood dealer, RcL^ister st. (or Argyle al.) 3 of Gong?* 
Jones Capt. William, 46 Batik 

Jones William, firm J. & Dyer, fjrocers. Ploughman 
Jones Wm. confectioner &, variety goods dealer, 108 n Calven 
Jones Mrs. W. B. 154 Hanover 
Jones Wm. grocer, 28 e Lombard 

Jones Wm. dry goods merchant, corner Tripo!etv'i alley & Balti- 
more St. dw 50 s High 
Jones Wm. millwright, 17 Hill 


JON 209 JUS 

Jones Wm. B. collector, l94 n Eden 

Jones Wm. cooper, 5 Falls st 

Jones Wm. huckster. Bethel, near Bank 

Jordan Charles, fancy goods dealer, 54 C. Market Space 

Jordan Herman, confectioner, 8 Columbia 

Jordan John, blacksmith, 464 vv Lombard 

Jordan Walter, laborer, Light st near West 

Jordan Wm. oak cooper, fOS Ann 

Jordan Wm. flour and meal dealer, 73 Easter av 

Jorden Herman, firm Ricketts & Co. dw Columbia 

Jorden Ison, ship carpenter, 12 York si 

Jorden John, pilot, 113 Wolf 

Jorden John, baker, 3 May 

Jorden L. sawyer, 99 n Exeter 

Jorden Mrs. M. A. dress maker, 219 X alley 

Jorden Robert, ship carpenter, 89 Wolf 

Jordon James B. clerk, 420 Lombard 

Jory Miss A. E. milliner, 55 Hanover 

Joselin Oliver, 38 State 

Jourdan W^m. machinist, 38 Constitution 

Journey Edward, wagoner, Ramsay st near depot 

Jours George, 13 Monument 

Joy Ed ward J 118 n Spring 

Joy J. T. ship joiner, 44 Spring 

Joyce Mrs. Elizabeth, 61 Stirling 

Joyce George, Ship carpenter, 4 Williamson 

Joyce Captain Owen A. mariner, 58 Bond 

Joyce Thomas, bricklayer, 79 Forest 

Joyce Wm. collector, 94 Aisquilh 

Joyce Wm. clerk, 5 Jefferson 

Joyce Wm. N. tin and sheet iron worker, 1 10 w Lombard at. dw 

105 L. Greene 
Joyes Jesse, tanner and leather dealer, IS Ensor 
Joynes Daniel, sail maker, 168 n Canal 
Joynes Dr. L. S. 32 Hanover 
Jubb Lloyd, carter, 209 Happy al 
Judefind Charles, blacksmith, 32 Lee 
Judefind John, carpenter, 106 Lee 
Judge Henry, piano and organ tuner, dw 98 Lexington 
Judik Joseph, stock dealer, 202 n Howard 
Juhn Abraham, shoe maker, 145 w Lombard 
Juhn Solomon, clothier, 89 Thanjes 
Jump Mrs. Fr;Hices R. bo;irding house, 51 n Eutavv 
Junebloot Chailes, baker, 17 New Ciiurch 
Jurgen Mrs. Frederica, 90 Bank 

Jurgens John C. saddle and harnes? maker, 45 n Paca 
Jury Benjamin, Wanxhall' tavern, 161 Li»rht 
Jury George, ship carpenter, 19 Warren 

Jury John, shoe maker, 251 Light . 

Jury Wm. M. shoe maker, 125 Cross 
Jusenhance Charles, butcher, Pratt st extended 
Just George, furniture carman, 63 Pennsylvania av 
Justin Ludwig, baker, 19 Mercer 

Justis John, furniture wagoner, cor. Saratoga and Eutaw 
Justis Wm. S. clock & watch maker, corner Pratt & ComuierGe 

JUS 210 KAR 

Justus Aaron, tailor, 83 Eastern av 

Kabernagel Henry, porter, 41 Marion 
Kabernaojel John, porter, 232 Saratoga 
Kabler Charles, shoe maker, 40 Hanipstead. 
Kadel Samuel, bhicksmith, 38 Pearl 
Kadhman John, ijrocer, 11 Jefferson 

Kaffer John, glass bk)wer, Morit^omery st e of Covington 
Kagle Wm. cabinet maker, 192 Hoihns 
Kahn Charles, blacksmith, 24 Grant 
Kahn Levi, tailor, 217 Bond 
Kahler J. confectioner, 463 Baltimore 
Kalileri Henry, fresco painter, 66 Camden 
Kahrhuff Charles, boot and slioe maker, 249 Ann 
Kais John, dealer in barrels, 240 Hanover 
Kalbflesh Conrad, 270 Alice Anna 
Kalblus D. & L. jr. morocco dressers, 1 Cheapside 
Kalbfus D. firm D, & L. K. d\v Pennsylvania av extended 
Kalbfns John, plaisterer, Gouorh st w of Bethel 
Kalbfus Joseph, Hammond's al 
Kalbt^us Lewis jr. firm D. & L. K. dw 73 s Paca 
Kalbfus Wm. H. carpenter. Bond st near Jefferson 
Kalee Lewis, varnisher, Carpenter's al e ot Fremont st 
Kaler Adam, porter, 41 Pearl 
Kalert Charles, fresco painter, 161 e Baltimore 
Kalfmead H. laborer, Monto^omery st e Covington 
Kaltenbach John W. glass blower, 72 Montgomery 
Kaltenbach Wm. glass blower, William st s G. Hughes 
Kaltner Francis G. watchmaker and jeweller, 8 e Pratt 
Kalumey Andrew, mattress maker, Pennsylvania av extended 
Kalumey Caspar, mattress maker, Pennsylvania av extended 
Kalvelage Henry, grocer and liquor dealer, William 
Karnme7 Henry, tailor, 25 St. Mary^s 
Kampz Herman, laborer, 9 Canal 
Kane Christian, laborer, 43 Eistern av 
Kane Frederick, laborer, 43 Eastern av 
Kane George P. com. mt. 3 Bovvly's wharf, dw Barrc 
Kane Mrs. J. K. 115 s Sharp 
Kane John, carter, s Paca st extended 
Kane'Naihaniel, pedlar, 20.3 Ea>ttrn av 
* Kane Patrick, laborer, Henrietta 
Kane Patrick, irrocer and liquor dealer, 42 Ross 
Kane Thomas, laborer, HSiiroeder 
Kanely 'I'homns, engineer rail road, 200 Hollins 
Kann Julius &c Son, hardware dealers, SB Harrison 
Kann Julius, hardware and variety store, 51 Harrison 
Kanner Adam, laborer,322 s Bond 
Kansey Thonuis, 16 Cornet 
Kape John, labortM-, 144 Holliday 
Kard Nelson, mariner, 141 Alice Anna 
Karkar John, oak cooper, 54 Henrietta 
Karl John, labcrer, 207 s Bond 
Karle Cin.stian, shoe maker, 112 French 
Karndiouse John, siioe maker, 78 Perry 
Karmrott Andrew, confectioner, 154 n Eutaw 

KAR 211 KEB 

Karr James, tavern, 214 Lexington 

Karr Pairick, laborer, 21^ Lexington 

Kart John B. laborer, 386 West 

Karveller Tobias, laborer, 8 West 

Kasked Janties, sboe maker, 15-2 s Eutaw 

Kasman Wm. tailo-, 178 Alice Anna> 

Kassenbrock Wilhelrn, butcher, Pennsylvania av n of Mosher St. 

Kassenslager Geor<Te, laborer, Pennsylvania av extended 

Kastendick Lewis, stove mounter, Henrietta st. n of Haaover 

Katchenstein Moses, cigar maker, 61 Park 

Katenberger George, oak cooper, Green's Court 

Katenkamp D. whip and cane maker, 213 Lexington 

Kathmann Joseph, tailor, 12 New Church 

Katz John, clerk, 75 Lexini^ton 

Katzenberger Lewis, sawyer, 49 Clay 

Kauderer John, dealer in stoves and hardware, 217 Hanover st. 

dw 230 Hanover 
Kaufar Henry, tailor, 10 Douglass 
Kaufelt James, book-keeper, 1 Broadway 
Kauffman Daniel, painter, 151 n Paca 
Kauffman Frederick, baker, 390 n Gay 
Kauffman Joseph, butcher, 370 s Charles 
Kauffman Mrs. Mary Ann, nurse, 42 George 
Kauffman Mrs. Margaret, 96 Camden 
Kaufholz Frederick, carpenter, 12S Sarati^ga 
Kaufman Caspar, butcher, Frederick road, vv Baltimore sfe 
Kaufman Henry, butcher. Liberty road, near west boundary 
Kaufman Jesse, butcher, Penn. av. n of Hoffman st 
Kaufman Louis, shoemaker, 31 George 
Kaufman Mrs. Margaret, 96 Camden* 
Kaufuer J. rear of s Paca st extended- 
Kauk John, laborer, 46 s Eutaw 
Kausler Christian, dyer and scourer, 345 s Bond 
Kausman John, rigger, 35 Bethel 

Kavanagh Patrick, clerk steamboat Columbia, 80 Front 
Kavanaugh Dennis, wheelwright, 31 Lancaster 
Kavanaugfi Nicholas, laborer, corner (irant and Lombard 
Kawent John, laborer, 50 Richmond # 

Kaylor George, 84 Centre Market Space 
Kaylor John, tavern keeper, 84 Centre Market Space 
Kaylor Mrs. Mary E. trimmings dealer, 29 e Baltimore 
Kayton Mrs. Caroline, grocer, 230 s Bond 
Keach C. W. keeper Green House Hotel, 156-w Pratt st. d w 59 

s Charles 
Keach St Gites, trimmings manuf. 221 Baltimore 
Keach L. P. keeper Green House tavern, 96 n Gay 
Keach P. H. dw 23 Conway 
Keafauver Cipiain John, 47 Lombard 
Kean Mrs. Ann, 73 Columbia 
Kearney Piiilip, shoe maker, 100 Gough 
Kearns Alexander, painter, 179 n Eutaw 
Kearns John, laborer, 15 Haw 
Keating Patrick, carter, 136 Aisquith 
Keavel John, carter, 17 Harford av 
KeblerMrs. Fredricka, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson at 

KEC 212 KEI 

Keck George, nightman, 302 Light 

Keck Samuel, proprietor teams, 100 Hannhurg 

Keefer Frederick, foundryman, Clinton st. Canton 

Keeler John, blacksmith, 10 Lee 

Keefler Justus, cabinet maker and upholster, 44 Pine 

Keefrick Anthony, tailor, 7 Albemarle 

Keegun John, laborer, 69 Perry 

Keehne Augustus, baker, se corner Gough and Ann 

Ketkn Patrick, ma s'er, 6 Wntson 

Keek?rVVin. H. firm Duvall, K. & Co. d\v 30 Cathedral 

Keeman Peter S. clerk, 76 Peirce 

Keems Edward, drayman, 82 e Lombard 

Keen George H. vvhiresmith, 107 St. Mary*3 

Keenan Anthony, prop. Union Hotel, 45 South 

Keenan Daniel, blacksmith &c wheelwright, 29 Barre 

Keenan Edward, clerk, 117 n Paca 

Keenan Mrs. Hannah, 367 Saratoga 

Keenan Doctor J. A. !240 Saratoga 

Keenan J. blacksmith, 47 .North st. dw 1 Davis 

Keenan John, laborer, 56 Park 

Keenan Peter, foundryman, 16 Raborg 

Keenan Thomas, firm Wyvill 8c K. dw 4S n Frederick 

Keene George V. & Co. tin & sheet iron workers, 12 Baltimore 

Keene Doctor John, 51 e [iombard st. dw 86 e Pratt 

Keene Lenox R. clerk, 127 Sharp 

Keene Captain Samuel, (of B.) 61 s High 

Keene Mrs. Sarah S. 170 Mulberry 

Keene W. G. grave digger, 173 Peirce 

Keene Wm. watchman, 48 Mulberry 

Keener Christian, office I62i Lombard st.dw 82. Camden 

Keener Doctor David, 16 n Cliarles 

Keener John, gunsmith, 3 Water 

Keener John, brass [()under, 107 Bank 

Keener Wm. chair maker, 88 e Pratt 

Keenwright Nicholas, laborer, 125 Hollins 

Keen Geo. PL whol. drucrgist, 323 Baltimore st. dw 158 Fayette 

Keerl Henry, whol. druggist, Baltimore st. dw 38 Courtland 

Keerl Thomas M. attorney at law, 6, 2d floor WarshaJl building, 

dw 158 w Fayette 
Kees liUwrence, cooper, 102 Caroline 
Kees Peter, carpenter, 53 n Front 
Keese Charles, tailor, 204 Light 
Keirler John G. confectioner, 246 Lexington 
Kehilotz George, stone cutter, 185 Forest- 
Keigler John, drayman, 199 Bidiile 
Kehlenbeck John, watch and clock maker, 551 Baltimore st. dw 

290 Franklin 
Kehrer E. cabinet maker, 90 Low 
Keighler John A. carpenter, 120 Orleans 
Keiglein Andrew J. 3 Sarah Ann 
Keigliler Wm. H. firm Duvall, K. & Co. dw n e cor. Cathedral 

and Centre 
Keiglestien Adam, tavern, 70 Harrison 
Keihultz Jacob, moulder, Canal st 8 of Pratt 
Keilholtz Wm. dealer in glass, oils and paint, 8 e corner Greene 

and Franklin st*. dw 90 n Greene 

KEI 213 KEh 

Keirle John, shoe maker, 57 Preston 

Keirle Mrs. Margaret, 45 German 

Keirle Matthew, collector, ISO Uitldle 

Keirle Mrs. Nancy, 134 Riaslern av 

Keirle Mrs. Sarah, 33 Pine 

Keirle Wm. book-keeper, 21 Gibson 

Keirnan Mrs. Margaret, 260 Franklin 

Keiser Harman, tavern, s \v cor. Lombard and Concord 

Keiser Joseph, grocer and liquor dealer, 115 Hill 

Keisinger John, rag dealer, 181 Caroline 

Keisling Andrew, shoe maker, 55 Lancaster 

Keith Charles, caulker, 184 Dallas 

Keith Hugh, laborer, 78 Union 

Keith Martin jr. Amer. hardware, iron. Sec. dealer, 23 s Charles 

St. dw 125 Park 
Keithly Francis, boiler maker, 12 G. Hughes 
Keithly Jane, milliner, 241 Eastern av 
Keiver Caspar!, laborer, 13 Guilford al * 

Ke.'bauirh John, carpenter, 44 German st. dw 280 Mulberry 
Kelion John G. 115 Lancaster 
Keller Andrew J. city bailitl', 4 Preston 
Keller C, W. paper hanger, Stc. 52 e Baltimore 
ECeller Casper, grocer and liquor dealer, 202 Bond 
Keller iVlrs. Catharine, McHeury st s of Pratt 
Keller Conrad, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Keller David, shoe maker, IIG Springs 
Keller Mrs. Eliza, dress maker, 6 George 
Keller George W. silver plater and bell hanger, 39 s Fi-ederick 

St. d w 52 HaHjrd av 
Keller Henry, foundryman, 29 Cambridge 
Keller Jacob, co'4ch maker, 1.33 n Front 
Keller John C. constable, 43 Orchard 
Keller John, shoe maker, 116 Spring 
Keller Joseph, rattan and basket maker, 142 Saratoga 
Keller Josiah, butcher, 335 Franklin 
Keller Lewis, laborer, 503 Saratoga , 

Keller Mrs. Mary L. seamstress, 29 Ross 
Keller Mrs. R. 212 Alice Anna 
Keller Wm. firm Worthingtou & K. dw8 Calvert 
Keller Wm. grocer, 301 Canton av 
Keller Wm. L. bookseller, Baltimore st. dw 6 s Exeter 
Kelley Caleb &c Co. grocers and feed dealers, Pratt st w of 

Kelley James, laborer, 127 Spring 

Kelley Wm. boot and shoe maker, 403 Bait. st. dw 5 Pearl 
Keilogg John M. vvhol. fruit & conli^otious dealer, 322 Bait. 
Kellog John, merchant, Barnum's 
Kellum Edward, caipenier, 64 n Caroline 
Kellum Lewis, firm K. & Merril, dw 100 Albemarle 
Kellu u &, Merril, ship chandlers & grocers, 109 Smith's whf. 
Kelly Alexander, coach smith, 19Slemmer's al 
Kelly Alexander D. jr. firm Kelly, Ball St Co. 2C5 \v Lombard 
Kelly Mrs. Allen, 103 Peirce 

Kelly, Bail &< Co. imp. and dry goods mis. 104 Hanover 
Kelly Caleb St Co. grocers & feed dealers, Pratt st w of Greene 

KEL 2t4 KEL 

Kelly Caleb, grrocer, 354 w Prait st. dw 19 Columbia 

Kelly Denis, 121 Wolf 

Kelly Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 111 Lee 

Kelly Emanuel, ship carpenter, 3l7 s Charles 

Kelly Francis X. attorney, 8 Court House lane, dw 81 n Liberty 

Kelly Francis, laborer, 40 Ross 

Kelly Henry, machinist, HO Raborg 

Kelly Huijh, carter, Scott st. n of Columbia 

Kelly Hugh, provision dealer, 359 Fayette 

Kelly Isaac, blacksmith, 143 Hollins 

Kelly James, 25 Richmond 

Kelly James, potter, 139 Chesnut 

Kelly James, copper, tin & sheet-iron worker, 59 South 

Kelly James, printer, 129 Aisquith 

Kelly John, 16 Slemm#r's al 

Kelly John, tailor, 123 n Canal 

Kelly John, clothier, Saratona st w of Park 

Kelly John, dealer in emia, 3S s Frederick 

Kelly John, laborer, 181 Fremont 

Kelly John, huckster, 135 e Monument 

Kelly Mrs. Margaret, 23 Harford av 

Kelly Mrs. Margaret, preparer of medicine, 17 Barre 

Kelly Mrs. Mary Ann, grocer, 65 French 

Kelly Captain Matthew, marine surveyor, 189 Broadway 

Kelly Michael, laborer, 399 w Pratt 

Kelly Michael, grocer and liquor dealer, 152 Saratoga 

Kelly Michael, latiorer, 159 Dallas 

Kelly Michael J. 88 Park 

Kelly Michael, wheelwright, 15 Mercer 

Kelly Mordecai, 35-2 w Pratt 

Kelly Mortimer M. French st. opposite the jail 

Kelly Patrick, tailor, 93 n Eutaw 

Kelly Patrick, laborer, 104 Fremont 

Kelly Peter, wlieelwriijfht, 123 McE'derry's wliarf 

Kelly Mrs. Rebecca, 216 e Monument 

Kelly Mrs. Rosanna, 108 s Howard 

Kelly Samuel, 90 n Front. 

Kelly Samuel, ship carpenter, 11 Lu Church 

Kelly Mrs. Sarah Ann, 120 Ann 

Kelly Terrence, wagoner, 25 Ross 

Kelly Terrence, stone mason, 33 Rosj 

Kelly T. &. Son, mt. tailors, 3 n Liberty sf. dw 81 

Kelly Thomas, manag. Canton cotton works, Clinton st. Canton 

Kelly Thomas J. clothier, 2l6 w Pratt 

Kelly Thos. grocer & liquor deal, s e cor. Ann st 8c Eastern av 

Keliy Thomas, grocer, 168 e Fayette 

Kelly Thomas, boiler maker, 32 Hamburg st. F. Hill 

Kelly Wm. shoe maker, Baltimore st w of Paca, dw 5 Pearl st 

Kelly Wm. dry goods dealer, 352 w Pratt 

Kelly Wm. ship carpenter, 49 Henrietta 

Kelsey Benjamin, firm Johnson, K. & Co. dw n High - 1 

Kelsey Eli, tailor, 17 Baltimore st. dw 48 Stiles 

Kelsey Henry & Co. ship brokers and com. mis. 14 Spear's whf, 

dw H. K. 98 s High st 
Kelshaw Edwin, laborer, 154 Thames 

KEL 215 KEN 

Kelso George Y. planter, 24 e Lombard 

Kelso John, 52 French 

Kelso John R. 143 Sharp 

Kelso Thomas, 110 e Baltimore 

Kelso Wm. watchman, 75 Eastern ar 

Kekon Frederick, carpenter, 256 Mull. err/ 

Kelty John W. ladies^ shoe maker, Conway st w of Warner 

Kelly Wrn. R. draper and tailor, 197 s Charles 

Kelver, Harman, morocco dealer, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 

Kemp Miss Ann Maria, seamstress, 284 e Pratt 

Kemp Charles E. firm Richard Plumber & Co. dvv 251 Light 

Kemp Edward D. attorney at law, 5, ist fljor Marshal build' 

ings, St. Paul st. dw 100 Park 
Kern]) Frederick, paver, 149 Peirce 
Kemp Georore, clerk, 486 Baltimore 
Kemp James D. ship carpenter, 146 Ann 
Kemj) James, grocery and liquor store, 42 Perry 
Kemp James T. clerk, 159 Conway 
Kemp John R. 84 Pine 

Kemp Joseph F. carpenter, 113 Camden st. dw 185 s Paca 
Kemp Lewis, fiim Kemp, Trail & Co. dw 27 George 
Kemp Lewis, firm Orndorl' & Co. 210 Lombard 
Kemp Oliver, gardener at Henry Tiffany's, Madison av 
Kemp Rich, teacher, cor. Liberty & Lexington sts. d w 56 Greene 
Kemp Simon, custom house officer. Fawn st vv of Exeter 
Kemp Thomas, ship carpenter, 184 Washington 
Kemp^ Trail & Co. office 350 Baltimore 
Kemp Dr. Win. M. 24 n Eutaw 
Kemp Wm. brick maker, 229 Columbia 
Kemp W. A. dry goods ml. 653 Baltimore 
Kemp Wm. ship carpenter, 82 Ann 
Kemper H. tailor, 106 McElderry st 
Kemper Henry, boot and shoe maker, 83. Albemarle 
Kemper John G. grocery, leed and liquor store, 130 s Eulaw 
Kemper John G. ilirniture dealer, 25 Harrison 
Kempton Samuel jr. 296 Lexington 
Kemroff Andrew, laborer, 163 William 
Kendall H. Lee, ])lane maker, 6 Clay st. dw 133 Lexington 
Kendall H. M. grocer, 33 Fremont 

Kendall Doctor Tiiomas, inspector customs, 232 Lexington 
Kenecht August, paver, 229 Forest 
Kenley Edv/ard, 441 w Baltimore 

Kenly George, iiour and feed mt. 299 w Pratt, dw 245 Fayette 
Kenley Mrs. Susan, boarding house, 33 Pearl 
Kenly James, carpenter, 110 Holiins 
Kenly John R. attorney at law, 43 Fayette 
Kenly John, laborer, 33 Block 
Kenna Andrew, Clinton s:. Canton 
Kennady William, machinist, Boston st. Canton depot 
Kennard Alex. A. real estate aizent, dw 34 HoUiday 
Kennard George, laborer, 41 Johnson 
Kennard George, laborer, 259 Alice Anna 
Kennard G. J, clerk 79 n High 

Kennard'Richard, firm Milhoiland & K. dw264 Ann 
Kennard Thos. J. merchant tailor, 141 Fayette, dw 3 Jeflerson 

KEN 216 KER 

Kenneday VV. Wilson, firm John Sc James Williams &t Co. d\v 
122 Hanover 

Kennedy Alexander, drayman, 137 s Hicrh 

Kennedy Andrew, huckster, 42 Orleans 

Kennedy Andrew E. attorney at law, 44 St Paul 

Kennedy Mrs. Catherine, frrocer and liquor dealer, 16 s Front 

Kennedy Mrs. Catherine, liincy store, 137 n Gay 

Kennedy Mrs. Elizabeth, bii n Exeter 

Kennedy Georore, boot and shoe maker, 55 Garrison 

Kennedy George A. tailor, 51 Great Monfiioniery 

Kennedy Hugh, cow keeper, Geortre, near Brune 

Kennedy Jas. P. deal, in Sd hand furniture, 34 Pennsylvania av 

Kennedy Mrs. Jane, boarding house, 5 St Paul 

Kennedy John, sweep master, 52 Mulberry 

Kennedy Markell & Co. genl. com. & pri)d. deal. 52 Commerce 

Kennedy Mrs. Mary, apothecary, n e cor. Preston and Gibson 

Kennedy Michael, cabinet maker, 19 e Lombard. 45 w Lombard 

Kennedy Mordecai, collector, 106 n Calvert 

Kennedy N. R. keeper Eagle Hotel, 39 Hillen 

Kennedy Patrick, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Kennedy Richard, barber, American hotel, w Pratt 

Kennedy William, firm W.Jenkins &, Sons, dw York road 

Kenner Geo. laborer, n w cor. Lancaster and Wolf 

Kennerly Miss M. milliner, 54 n Exeter 

Kenney James, laborer, 17 Haw st 

Kenney Jeremiah, Icdies' shoe mak. North I door n of Saratoga 

Kenney Mr. Margaret, 105 Low 

Kenney Thomas, bricklayer, 270 n Gay 

Kennick David, butcher, 116 Happy al 

Kenny Edward, laborer, 62 L, Hughes 

Kenny Francis, carpenter, 119 Mulberry 

Kenny Henry, laborer, 59 Block 

Kenny Dr. John, U Fayette 

Kenny William, 169 Chesnut 

Kenny William, wheelwright, 25 i Frederick, dw 27 Albemarle 

Kent Edward E. huckster, 320 Franklin 

Keoo-h John, carpenter, 2dS Franklin 

Kephart Sc Darby, fruit- and confectionery deal, n w cor. Balti- 
more and McClellan 

Kepler George W. tobacconist, 374 n Gay 

Kepler Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 98 n Pine 

Kepler William, grocer, 226 n Gay 

Kepliiiirer John W. painter, cor. Briton and Eager 

Keplinger Michael, grocer, 155 Ensor 

Kepnvoer Frederick, 270 Alice Anna 

Kerch rier M. A. shoe maker, 07 Hilleii 

Kercher John, laborer, 110 Happy al 

Kerchhoff H. "Canton House" near the Bridge, Boston st 

Kerger A. carpenter, Washington st 

Kermine Mrs. Ann, fancy store, 7 Harrison 

Kern Leon, patterti maker, 185 Sharp 

Kernan Barnard, grocer, 103 Watson 

Kernan James, collector, 21 e Lombard 

Kernan James, commission mt. 16 Spear's whf. dw 64 n Gay 
Kernan Owen, dealer in paper stock, 148 Ensor 

R£R 217 KEY* 

Kernan Patrick, 8 Falls st 

Kernan Peter, dw 82 Hanover 

Kerner C. D. tobacconist, Lexington st, 3 doors w of Eutaw 

Kerner John F. tobacconist, s w cor. High & Bait, dw 29 Bait. 

Kerney N. J, teacher, 17 n Exeter 

Kerney Samuel, shoe maker, 103 Raborg 

Kerns Thomas, Slemnjer's al. s of Pratt st 

Kerr E. M. Si, Co, wholesale queensware house, 230 w Balti- 
more, dw 89 n Charles 

Kerr Jacob, superintendent brick yard, 1 Warner 

Kerr James, 209 Chesnut 

Kerr John, stone cutter, 125 n Canal 

Kerr John, 97 Low 

Kerr Michael, laborer, 185 Bethel 

Kerr Robert, teacher, 154 East 

Kerr Thomas, soap maker, 177 Monument 

Kerr Thomas, grocer, 198 n Exeter 

Kerr William, carpenter, 805 w Baltimore 

Kerr William, teacher, 241 n Canal 

Kersey Mrs. Aucrusta, dress maker, 15 Killen 

Kerwin Bernard, grocer and liquor dealer, 120 Ross 

Kesick Henry, drayman, Freedom st. Beam's lot 

Kesler Michael, wheelwright, 337 Franklin 

Kesler Michael, wheelwright, 5 Poppleton 

Kesling A. 133 CaroHne 

Kesmodel Frederick, turner and umbreUa maker, 594 n Eataw> 
dw 464 Baltimore 

Kesner Nicholas, cooper, Eden n of Wilk 

Kesse Henry, coachman, 76 Lerew^s al 

Kessler Conrad, cabinet maker, 103 Harrison 

Kessler Rev. John S. pastor German Reform ch. 126 Paca 

Kessler Levi, carpenter, 8 Rose 

Resting Augustus, tavern, 21 Lombard 

Kelar August, dealer in stoves and iron, 269 s Bond 

Ketchenberg Mr. pedlar, 130 s Caroline 

Key Mrs. Ann M. grocer, 160 Orleans 

Key John, steam boat hand, 160 Orleans 

Key Marshal P. tailor, cor. Oregon and w Baltimore 

Keyer Eidward, 56 Durst al 

Keys Bayly, whol. gro. & com. rat, 2 s Eutaw, d w 105 n Charles 

Keys Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 107 Gough 

Keys H. C. & Brother, whoU grocers & com. mts. 39 Cheapisde 

Keys Henry, carter, 166 n High 

Keys Hugh C. firm Keys 8c Bro. Trinity st. w ot Exeter 

Keys James, engineer, Chester st 

Keys James N. grocer, 93 Franklin, dw 100 w Monument 

Keys Joseph, firm Taylor & K. 148 Lexington 

Keyser Adam, laborer, 108 Thames 

Keyser Anthony, laborer, 43 Johnson 

Keyser August, laborer, 144 s Eutaw 

Keyser C. M, queens w. St china mt. 12 n Howard, dw 55 n Paca 

Keyser David, carpet weaver, 202 s Bond 

Keyser Derrick, china deal, n Howard,dw Hollins, near Fremont 

Keyser Henry, laborer, 57 Cross 

Keyser James, queensware dealer, 129 Madison 

KEY 218 KIM 

Keyser John, tarern, 115 Easterri'av 

Keyser John, cabinet.mak^r, 148 s Charles 

Keyser Magnus, book dealer, 85 Granby 

Keyser Michael, 20 n Eutaw 

Keyser Mrs. Samuel, 146 Fayette 

Keyser Moses, dry oroods dealer, 70 Hanover 

Keyser Nicholas, laborer, 148 s Charles 

Keyser P. Walter, attorney at law, 59 Fayette 

Keyser Sannuel S. Sc Co. iron mts. 67 South st. Bovvley's wharf, 

dw 25 Cathedral 
Keyworth Charles B. mt. tailor, 268 w Baltimore 
Khune Andrew, French plaiter and fluler, 19 n Church 
Kidd Charles, edfje tool factory, S52 w Pratt, dw 10 Paca 
Kidd James M. 23 French 
Kidd Michael, laborer, 62 L. Hughes 

Kidd & White, confectioners, fruit dealers,&c. 16 Batimore 
Kidd William, carpenter, 534 w Pratt 

Kiddall Eliza M. boarding house keeper, Bond st. near Bait. 
Kidder Camillus, commission mt. 79 South st. Bovvley's wharf, 

dw 46 Sharp 
Kiechmann Henry, tavern, ll Stiles 
Kieholtz Charles, painter, s Paca st extended 
Kiehohz Jacob, fruiter and confectioner, 418 w Pratt 
Kiel John H. clock and watch maker, ll South 
Kielholtz Charles, painter, 48 German, dw s Paca 
Kiepel John George, confectioner, 25 Carpenter's al 
Kiesecher Henry, boot and shoe maker^ 175 Alice Anna 
Kiessly John, tailor, 197 Orleans 
Kightly Clarissa, white washer, Mann's court 
Kihn Adam, lock smith, 43 n Frederick 
Kilbourn Andrew, laborer, 28 Mulberry 
Kilbourn E. G. attorney at law, 59 FaN^ette 
Kilbourn George, tinner, 7 Mulberry 
Kilbourn Samuel, tin, sheet iron and candle mould manuf. 59 

Pennsylvania av 
Kilburn Misses & Healy, principals of young ladies' academy 

67 Fayette 
Kilburn U. & Co. com. merchants, Guilford al 
Kilburn U. butter & lard packer, Guilford, dw 37 Constitution 
Kilduff' Patrick, ostler, Davis st 

Killen Rev. Kichara S. past. Ascension ch. Prot. E. 276 Fayette 
Kilman John, carter, 131 Alice Anna 
Killman Noah, sailor, 140 Conway 
Killman William, blacksmith, Sharp n of Henrietta 
Killmon Greenbury, mariner, 55 Eastern av 
Kilmer William, potter, 25 Reptiblican 
Kilmeyer Joseph, oak cooper, 45 Clay 
Kilmeyer Mark, cabinet maker, 49 Clay 
Kilpatrick Mrs. Mary, Pennsylvai.ia av. n of Wilson st 
Kilpatrick William, furniture wagoner, 5 New 
Kilty Mrs. Catharine, 41 Mulberry 
Kimball Horace S. broom manufacturer, 350 Franklin 
Kimball Samuel, mate, 82 Granby 
Kimberly Edward, butcher, 189 n High 
Kimberly Henry, candle manufacturer, 26 Buren, dw 47 French 

KIM 219 KIN 

Kimberly Jeremiah M. firm Walker & K. dw 173 n High 
Kimberly Nathaniel, tailor, cor. Broadway and Eastern av 
Kimberly William H. butcher, 6S Harford av 
Kiramel Daniel F. lock smith &. bell banger, 102 Lexington, dw 

Kimmel Frederick, blacksmith, 31 Eutaw 
Kimmel John, laborer, 145 York 
Kimraerman Andrew, laborer, 120 Dallas 
Kimmit Peter, cabinet maker, 249 Franklin 
Kincade Mrs. Catharine, 1 Low 
Kiiicaitle Mrs. Barbara, 20 Pearl 
Kinder George, shoe maker, 241 Dallas 
Kindifi: Henry, "Montour House," 125 Franklin 
Kine John, laborer, 311 Eastern av 

Kines & Brother, stove, tin 8l sheet iron manf. 119 Light st whf. 
Kines Francis, firm K. &- Bro. dw Light, near Warren 
Kines J. G. firm K. &. Brother, William near Warren 
King Amos, gardner, neck road. Canton 
King Mrs. B. F. daguerian rooms, 217 Baltimore 
King Bernard, drayman, 45 Davis 

King, Bragdon &, Co. deal, in fancy silk goods, 235 Baltimore 
King & Carey, wholesale dealers in boots and shoes, 5 Hanover 
King & Donovan, tobacconists, 124 Forest 
King Mrs. E. tavern, 16 Fish Market, oposite Centre Market 
King E. X. house and sign painter, w Lombard near Charles 
King Mrs. Elizabeth, white washer, 407 Saratoga 
King Mrs. Esther, cleaner of silk Sc merino shawls, 1 13 n Eutaw 
King — firm ofK. & Donovan, dw Howard bet. Lexington & 

King Francis T. firm K. & Carey, dw 101 Lexington 
King G. W. clerk, 43 n Exeter 
King George, mariner, 203 Alice Anna 
King George R. paper hanger, 8 Warner 
Kink George, oak cooper, 36 Block 
King Georore, carpenter, 6 n Greene 
King Mrs. Henrietta, teacher public school, 89 s Paca 
King Henry S. firm K. & Hiss, dw Saratoga w of Eutaw 
King &, Hiss, hardware mts. 298 Baltimore 
King James, carpenter, 17 Bethel 
King James, silk hatter, 43 Columbia 
King James, confectioner and variety deal. 197 e Baltimore 
King Jarret, bricklayer, McHenry, w of Fremont 
King John, ship joiner, 59 Stiles 
King John, shipwright, 247 Wilk 
King John, cabinet maker, 248 e Bahimore 
King John Sc Son, paints, oil &,c. deal. 48 n Howard, dw J. K. 

38 s Eutaw 
King John, baker, 21 L. Gough 
King John, shoemaker, 6 Ensor 
King Jolm, laborer, Wills, n of Philpot 
King Joseph, jr. 45 n Charles 

King Joseph, carpenter. Welcome al. dw Henrietta e of Howard 
King Joseph, shoe maker, 11 Buren 
King Joshua T. carpenter, Fayette, dw 1 12 Pearl 
King Joshua R. R. engineer, Hollins Market 
King Mrs. Julia Ann, grocer, 25 Pearl 

KIN 220 KIR 

rfi^i^^rf»i<iiw m^^0ttdmi^^^ii^m^mei^m^»ki^i 

King Mrs. Julia Ann, 125 Spring 

King Livingston, machinist, dw 345 Lexington 

King Misses, dress makers, 187 Canton ar 

King Nicholas, tavern, 186 Lexington 

King Patrick, grocer and liquor deal. 96 HoHiday 

King Philip, sausage maker, 112 Thames 

King Samuel, shoe maker, Henrietta, e of Howard 

King Samuel, rags, iron, &.c. deal. 40 Thames 

King Solomon, druggist, 1 s Calvert st.dw ll Green Motintav, 

King Stephen R. lumber dealer, 117 sHigh st. yard corner E. 

Falls Sc Eastern av 
King Thomas, trader in market, 101 Pennsylvania av 
King William J. carpenter, 13 Fremont 
Kinkle Dr. J. C. s w cor. Poppleton and Lombard, dw 866 w 

Kinnemon Dr. P. S. cor. Gough and Pratt 
Kinney Thomas, 131 s Exeter 
Kinnier George, grocer, 164 e Lonribard 
Kinsley B. tavern keeper, 144 Light 
Kinsley Francis, Ross st. e of Dolphin 
Kiu.sley W. grocer and liquor dealer, 2S0 Light 
Kinsey Stacy, carpenter, 97 Hollins 
Kinsmore Englehardt, 171 Pearl 
Kintzrotte Ferdinand, tailor, 19 Mercer 
Kinzer Nicholas, shoemaker, 136 Harford aveaue 
Kiper Geo. match maker, 220 Stirling 

Kipp John & Son, leather nianuf. 7 Cheapside, dw 95 Camden 
Kirby Allen, pilot, 215 Ann 
Kirby Calvin, ship carpenter, 199 WashiagtoD 
Kirby Edward, laborer, 7 Bethel 
Kirby Edward, laborer, 60 York 
Kirby Edward, 244 Ado st 

Kirby Mrs. Ellen, grocer and liquor dealer, 80 Park 
Kirby Francis, firm Hobson &c. K. 155 Monument 
Kirby James, porter, 352 Franklin 
Kirby James mariner, 15 Bethel 
Kirby James, shoemaker, 150 Alice Anna 

Kirby John & Son, lun)ber merchants, corner Mill &. Bowlejsls; 
Kirby John F. shoemaker, 8 Bond 

Kirby John W. tobacconist, n e cor. Bond &- Shakspear sts 
Kirby Joseph, cooper, 19 Low st 
Kirby & Knotts, paper hangers, 156 Broadway 
Kirby Loftus, 111 n Exeter 

Kirby Mrs. Mary, fruit & confections dealer, 6 w Pratt 
Kirby Mrs. Mary, 30 Hamburg st. F. Hill 
Kirby N. huckster, 63 Stirling 
Kirby Richard S. ship carpenter, 197 Washington 
Kirby Samuel, inspector weights and measures, 238 n Gay 
Kirby Thomas, hatter, 45 Richmond 
Kirby William, ship carpenter, 57 Block 
Kirch Henry, mariner, Ann st. e of Googh 
Kircher Frederick, 129 Fremont 

Kircher Godfrey, blacksmith, Shroeder, st. n of Fayette 
Kirk Francis, butcher, Penn. av. n of Hoffniaa 
Kirk Geo. W. earpenter, »9 Pcirce 

KIR 221 KLE 

Kirft James, biilcber, 171 Penn. avenue 

Kirk John, clerk, 18 Maiden lane 

Kirk Mrs. M. midwife, 18 Maiden lane 

Kirk Samuel, deputy city collector, 203 Aisquith 

Kirk Samuel &, Son, orold and silversmiths, 172 Baltimore • 

Kirk Washington carpenter, 23 McClellan st. dw 220 Fayette 

Kirk William J. butcher, 157 Penn. avenne 

Kirkinbower Geo. M. frlass cutter^ 24 G. Hughes 

Kirkland Alexander, firm K. & Chase, dw 171 Fayette 

Kirkland, Chase & Co. commission &. ship. mts. 87 Smith's whL 

Kirkley J. W. bricklayer, 88 HoUina 

Kirkpatrick David, vva»o<ier, 17 Eutaw court 

Kirkfwtficfc James, oyster dealer, 51 Rithmondi 

Kirkwood John, market trader F. Hill 

Kirkwood John, ship carpenter, Hamburg st. F. Hill 

Kirkwood Mrs. Sarah, principal of academy, 314 Fayette 

Kirkwood Philip, ship carpenter, Hamburg st. F. Hill 

Kirwan John, engineer,. 50 Stiles 

Kirwan John H. mate stearaboatr Cambridge, dw S6 Henrietta 

Kirwan Capt. Z. 66 William 

Kirvvin John, mariner, 34 G. Hughes 

Kirwin George W. watchman, l2l Cross 

Kirwin Robert, Bethel st. n of Bank 

Kisewetter, Charles, butcher, 5 n Caroline 

Kismoun Wilhelm, gun maker, cor.Charles and Lee 

Kisner John, tailor, 23 Low 

Kisrine Geo. carter, 12 Union alley 

Kissrye Mrs. Sophia, florist, Fremont st. extended 

Kist Frederick, turner, Penn. avenue n of Wilson 

Kistner Conrad, 128 Aisquith 

Kistner Daniel, tavern, 254 Broadway 

Kitchner Frederick, cabinet maker, 4 Jackson's court 

Kite Joseph B. tailor, 71 n Etien 

Kitler Frederick, bricklayer, 4 Somerset 

Kittel Joseph, Hammond alley 

Kizzle Christopher, laborer, Washington 

Klaen William, boot and shoemaker, 178 Light 

Klaf Joseph, 44 Bank 

Klappenbacher Adam, laborer, ^Slar alley 

Klar Ferdinand, grocer,, cor. Biddle and Ross 

Klare Bernhard, firm Seamers & K. 2.1 s Liberty 

Klarman S. shoemaker, 100 Spring. 

Klassen Charles, 124 n Eutaw 

Klauder Degintlier & Co. fancy furnitufe dealers &. upholsterers, 
9 Euiaw house 

Klaus Frederick tailor. Liberty alley 

Klaus Martin, cabinet maker, 11 Bank. 

Klehm Adam, laborer, 235 Canton avenue 

Klehm John, shoemaker, 235 Canton avenue 

Kleibacker B. tavera, 100 Dugan's wharf 

Kleim Henry, sh<:>emaker. 256 Alice Anna 

Klein Mrs. Elizabeth, cor. Grant and Lombard sis 

Klein Gjotfried, laborer, G. Hughes e of McHenry 

Klein Jno. clothier, 287 w Pratt 

Klein John J. shoemaker, 207 Happy alley 

XLE 222 KNI 

Klein William, boot and shoemaker, 195 1-2 « Lombard 

Kleinle Michael, paver, 194 Ensor 

Kleirlein Lawrence, shoemaker, 1 Canal 

Kleppish Frederick A. tailor, 424 Saratoga 

Kleppinh Charles, tailor, 186 Biddle 

Klesel Stephen, boot and shoemaker, 181 s Charles 

Klieneschmid Adam, shoemaker, 659 vv Baltimore 

Klessner, VVm. cabinet & chair maker, 30 n Euta^r 

Kline Frederick, city bailiff, 68 Lancaster 

Kline Henry, laborer, 47 Union 

Kline John, butcher, 33 Block st 

Kline John, laborer, Fremont st. extended 

Klinefelter Henry, measurer, custom house, 138 8 High 

KlineHn John, laborer, 80 Block 

Klinely Frederick, tailor, 4l Lewis 

Klinger Augustus, window shade maker, 7 e Pratt 

K,ipper Casper, cow i keeper, 27 Johnson 

Klockgelher, Deitrick, clerk, I'lS Madison 

Klocks Anton, gunsmith, 12 n Greene 

Kl(Hnan Felix, merchant tailor, 449 Baltimore 

Klorman Henry, laborer, Penn. avenue, n ofWilson St. 

Klotz Adam, glove and suspender maker, 141 Lombard 

Klumber Frederick, oak C(H)per, 5 Fremont 

Klump Matthias, carter, Henrietta st. n of Howard 

Klump Michael, huckster, 348 Saratoga 

Klumper F. W. tobacconist, 23 n Gray 

Klunk Mrs. Elizabeth, 72 Pine 

Klyer Wm. cabinet maker, 2 Jew alley 

Klyman Conrad, sawyer, 17 Jasper 

Knabe & Gaehle, piano makers, 8, 9, & 11 n Eutaw 

Knabe William, firm K. &l, Gaehle, 150 n Eutaw 

Knaber J. H. liquor dealer, 1 13 Lancaster 

Knadle John, feed store, llO Camden 

Knauf William, cabinet mak^r, 11 Cowpen alley 

Kneager Henry, laborer, 67 Mulberry 
Knell Henry, butcher, 80 Hi^ffman 

Kneen & C. Ballard, merchant tailors, 289 w Pratt 

Kneen Thomns, of firm K. & Ballard, 73 Raborg 

Kneener John, shoemaker, 1 17 William 

Knerlein Andrew, shoemaker, 89 Johnson 

KnickiT'.an John, grwcer and liquor dealer, 1S7 s Howard 

Kniglit Anthony, fisherman, 40 York 

Knrg-lit Mrs. Clara, 8 Fish n.Mrket space 

Knight Mrs. F.lizabetli, 39 Kiistern avenue 

Knight Geo. laborer, 56 York 

Knight IsaHC, engineer, 56 George 

Knight Jacob, shoemaker, 90 n Canal 

Knight John, cooper. Run alley, dw 347 Lexington 

Knight John, blacksmith. 101 Penn, avenue 

Knight John, carter, 177 Columbia 

Knight Joseph, stove maker and blacksmith, 90 Hil^ 

Kniglit Mrs. Margaret, milliner and dress maker, 62 n Eutair 

Knight Michael, blacksmith, 546 Baltimore St. dw 103 Raborix 

Knight Michael, car driver, 106 Hollins 

Knight Nathaniel, 86 n Paca 

KNI ^23 KOL 

Knight Peter, ship carpenter, Wolf st. ri of Bank 

Knight Peter, shoemaker, 57 Euta w 

Knigiit Robert, 137 n Caroline 

Knight Dr. S. T. 173 n Pearl 

Knight Thomas, lumber dealer, 168 n Howard 

Knight Wm. H. car driver, 164 McHenry 

Knight Wm. F. carpenter, cor. Paca &, Saratoga, dw 62 Eutaw 

Knight Wm. plaisterer, 161 Raborg 

Knighton Thomas, property agent, 45 Second st. dw 177 e Balt.^ 

Knipe Jacob, silver plater, 35 n Frederick, dw 37 Centre 

Knipe Wm. ship joiner, 274 Cantoa avenue 

Knipp Jacob, laborer, Henrietta e of Howard 

Kniss Charles, tavern keeper, n w cor. Ann & Thames sts. 

Knock Henry, carpet weaver, 250 Franklin 

Knok Mrs. Catharine, 409 Saratoga 

Knollen Mrs. Regina, 212 Alice ATina 

Knopp Henry, laborer, 190 Bond 

Knopp Mr. shoemaker, 54 Bethel :, 

Knor Charles, blacksmith. Fountain st. Canton 

Knott Charles, police officer, 35 1 Lexington 

Knott Edward, collector and constable,'^62 George 

Knott James, rope maker, Harford avenue 

Knott Siephen, car builder, 90 Hollins 

Knotts G. P. firm Kirby & K. dw Broadway, between Bai^k 

and Gough sts. '; 

Knowles E. carpenter, 17 Stirling^ 
Knowles Henry,, machinist, 45 West 
KnowlpsCapt. Thomas, Bond st s of Pratt 
Knowles Dr. Wm. G. 96 Hanover 
Knox Ad^m, blacksmith, 184 s Paca 
Knox Geo. Washington, ship p/umber, 104 Lancaster 
Knox Littleton, tavern, 23 s Frederick 

Knox William, proprietor Lexington cotton factory, Saratoga fet 
w of Fremont, dw 363 Fremont 

Knutson Auirustus, shoemaker, Fremont st. extended .' 

Kochling Henry M. apothecary & druggist, s e cor. Bond st. k 
Canton avenue 

Kochling Mrs. Luc}^ 180 Bank '' 

Kock Frederick, boot and shoemaket", 49 Clay 

Kock John, locksmith, 87 Bank 

Koehler J. tailor, 15 Pine 

Koehn John, laborer, Penn. av. extended 

Koerber Charles, cigar maker, 199 Alice Anna 

Koerner Ernest, confectioner &cordial distiller,. 80 n Eiitaw 

Koerner Geo. A. boot maker, 194 Ann 

Koestener Thomas, tailor, 35 Douirlass 

Kohler John, tailor, 35 Hill 

Kohlhepp John A. boot and shoemaker, 129 Franklift 

Koib Michael, blacksmith, 82 Hampstead 

Koifble Michael, sfioemaker, Thames st. court ' ' '^ 

Kolb George, variety goods dealer, 04 n Howard '^^ 

Ko b John, grocer and liquor dealer, 79 Penn. avcBue 

Kolb Michael C. tailor, 344 w Baltimore 

Kolbig John, grocer and liquor dealer, 238 s ChaMea ^' 

Kollenberg Christian, shoemaker, 27^ Bond 


Kollenberg Henry, boot and slioemaker, 273 Lancaster 

Koler Isaac, carpenter, 37 Pine 

Kolman Conrad, laborer, 12 President 

Kolmeyer Wm. carter, 45 Albemar/e 

Kolsted Mrs. A. A. 3 Canal 

Kone Joseph, butcher, 191 Caroline 

Konenberger Charles, cabinet maker, I State 

Konig Frederick, firm K. Sc Danberry, dw 250 Saratoga 

Konig F. &, Co. importers of European lancy goods, 4 n Howard 

Konig Lewis, jeweller, cor. Giay 8c Harrison sts. dw 72 Gay 

Konig Sebas'ian, 4 "Jasper 

Konig Mrs. Ann, 169 Ann 

Konitzer C. tailor, 104 McElderry 

Konze Lewis, boot aiid shoemaker, 254 Pratt st. dw 89 s HowM 

Knockogey Eliza, umbrella and parasol coverer, 6 Pearl 

Kooke Herman, tavern, 293 Bond 

Koon Mrs. Mary, liquor dealer, 37 Union 

Koone Adam, stone cutter, Pratt st. extended 

Koonstan Joseph, tailor, 48 Park 

Kooniman Geo. huckster, 14 Union 

Kopman Mrs. Mary, washer, 258 Bond 

Kopp Ferdinand, glass blower, 4 G. Hughes 

Kopp John, liquor dealer, 2 G. Hut:5hes 

Kopp. Michael, laborer, 188 s Bond 

Koppelman John G, grocer and liquor dealer, 77 Mulberry 

Koppleman John, tavern keeper, 3, Saratoga 

KorkJohn, laborer, 38 Thames 

Kornbehler Saflfiere^ piano maker, 422 Pratt 

Korney Isaac, glass blower, 92 Eastern av 

Koinman Henry, tailor, Founiaio 

Kornman Henry, shoe maker, 19 Watson 

Kornman P. boot and shoe maker, 41 n Liberty 

Kornstompf Aaron, 2d hand goods dealer, 189 n Caroline 

Korst William, ship painler, 275 Wolf 

Kort Frederick,. teamster, 67 Pxennsylvania av 

Kosel Moses B. grocer, 85 e Orleans. 

Kosner Bonifant^ laborer, 45 President 

Koster Albert, clerk, 262 s Charles 

Koster Henry, saddler and harness maker, 34 New Church 

Kosure Jesse, cabinet maker, CO. Holland 

Kothe George, baker, n w ct)r. Chatsworth and Mulberry 

Kotzberger George, 12 President 

Kough Edward, firra Goff St K. Franklin square 3 doors from 

Fayette st 
Kough T. W. jr. pork packer,.Waters's whf. dw 82 Monument 
Koup John M. cabinet maker, 36 n Liberty 
Kraber Daniel, book keeper, 140 Pearl 
Kraber Joh-n, bacon dealer, 270 Mulberry 
Krafer Jose|)h, painter, 132 Saratoga 

Krafft Charles L.. attorney at law>35 Fayette, dw 49 Lexingtoa 
Krafft Mrs. Eliza, boarding house, 49 Lexington 
Krafft Jacob H. carpenter, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Kraft Mrs. F. Pennsylvania av. extended 
Kraft George, butcher, 548 Saratoga 
Kraft George, carpenter, 4 Mortis al 

fmA 225 KJIE 

Kraft Gotleib, sausage maker, 417 Saratoga 

Kraft Henry, grocer, feed and fiquor dealer, 88 Lexington 

Kraft Joseph, basket maker, 225 Bond 

Kraft Michael, carpenter, 195 Biddle 

Kraftz Henry, tailor & cloth. 107 Li^ht st wf. dw 40 Conway st 

Krager B. laborer, 46 Hamburg 

Krager Frederick, tailor, 83 s Howard 

Krager William, baker, 48 Hamburg 

Krager John, laborer, 50 Hamburg 

Krager J. F. 77 Peirce 

Krager Joseph, bricklayer, Etting st e of Dolphin 

Kramer E. shoe maker, 19 Hampstead 

Kramer George W. bricklayer, 371 Franklin 

Kramer H. shoe maker, 20 n French 

Kramer Henry, laborer, 74 Hamburg 

Kramer Henry, 326 Bond 

Kramer Jacob, blacksmith, 184 Biddle 

Kramer James, druggist, 31 G. Hughes 

Kramer James C- firm Robinson & K. 329 Fayette 

Kramer John, wheelwright, and keeper of horses and carriages 

for hire, German near Greene 
Kramer Joseph, laborer, 204 Sharp 

Kramer &. Mantz, wholesale drug, oil, paints &c. deal. 60 Pratt 
Kramer Samuel, firm K. St Mantz, drug. cor. Hanover Sc Perry 
Kramer William, blacksmith, 57 German 

Krantz 26 Gran by 

Kranz George, boot and shoe maker, 187 n Eutaw 

Kratts Henry, carpenter, 173 Bond 

Kratzer Ludwig, shoe maker, Chesnut al 

Kraus Jacob, dry goods and trimmings dealer, 192 Broadway 

Kraus P. painter, 4 s Charles, dw Beaufort lane 

Krausse William, cabinet maker, 289 s Bond 

Kreager Andrew, laborer, 59 Montgomery 

Krebs Mrs. Elizabeth, 60 Pine 

Krebs George, laborer, 312 Bond 

Krebs George W. paper hanging warehouse, 4 Hanover, dw 

s e cor. Sharp and Lee ' 
Krebs George W. hide and leather dealer, 39 s Calvert, dw s e 

cor. Sharp and Lee 
Krebs Henry Wm. butcher, 214 e Fayette 
Krebs Henry, carpet weaver, 70 Fremont 
Krebs Mrs. Mary, 366 Fayeite 

Krebs John W. runner Union Bank, dw 15 n Eutaw 
Krebs William G. attorney at law, 20 Law Buildings St Paul st 

dw 42 Columbia 
Krebs William J. house carpenter, 126 Orleans 
Kreamer John, blacksmith, 26 Jasper 
Kreemer Mrs. Mary, 48 Hollins 
Kreeter George, laborer, 8 Hawk 
Kregel Mrs. Ann, Jackson 
Kregel F. L. 5 Jackson 

Kreider Mrs. Susannah, n w cor. Bond and Gough 
Krein John, keeper "Yellow Q)ttage," 23 n Frederick 
Krein Lewis, shoe maker, 76 Lerew's al 
Krein & Schneel cordial &, general distillers, 22 n Fayette- 

•KRE ^26 KUH 

Kreis Peter, foot of Dallas St. 

Kreitman Jacob, Peirce st. \v of Fremont ■ 

Kremer James C. firm Robinson & K. dw 329 w Fayette 

Kremer John, tailor, 5 York avenue 

Krems Francis, cabinet maker, 23 New st 

Krems Mrs. Jane, 175 Franklin 

Kress Peter, foot Dallas 

Kretser Jacob, butcher, 107 n Caroline 

Kretser John, saddler, 107 n Caroline 

Kretser John, harness maker, 101 n Exeter 

Kretser Theodore, fancy & trimmings store, 121 Baltimore sidw 

16 s Howard st 
Kritchten Joseph, 69 French 
Krider Jacob, carpenter, 200 Diddle 
Kriedel Andrew, baker, 226 Canton avenue 
Krieg Mrs. A. E. piano maker, IGl n Eden 
Krieg John, 2l2 Alice Anna 
Kriettr Jacob, carpenter, 320 s Charles 
Kriff Peter, ship carpenter, 198 Alice Anna 
Krise Peter, bailitf, 142 n Eutaw 
Krisraan Wm. hotel, 109 Thames 
Krisncr Joseph, potter, 439 Fayette 
Kriteman Jacob, huckster, 126 Vork avenue 
Kritzer Geo. cabinet maker, 59 n Frederick 
Kroder John, butcher, 63 n Gay 
Kroder John, tavern, 28 President st. 
Kroel Henry, laborer, 87 McElderry's wharf 
Kroening Conrad, carter, 19 Jackson's court 
Kroesen Isaiah, merchant, 35 Hollins 
Kroft Christian, tailor, 144 Caroline 
Kroh George L. old iron, rags, 8cc. dealer, 2ll Bond st. dw2i6 

Eastern avenue 
Krohman Casper, laborer, 23 Carpenter's alley 
Kromm Christian, cabinet maker, 96 s Caroline 
Kron Stephen, furniture wagoner, Eden st. n of Wilk 
Kronmuller Geo ivory turner, 109 Harrison 
Kroo Levhard, laborer, 305 Dallas 
Kroucscup God (red, wheelwright, 120 Albemarle 
Krout Ahram, pedlar, 68 Harrison 
Krozer Dr. J. J. R. 755 w Baltimore st 
KrugC. 137 Low 

Krug John, boot and shoemaker, Thames st near Bond 
Krumme John, shoemaker, 74 n Gay 
Krummer Christopher, basket maker, 206 Bond 
Kruss James, wheelwright. Fountain st. Canton 
Krutz Peter, 60 Argyle alley 
Kuenckel Conrad, cabinet maker, 45 Clay 
KufTer Henry, tailor, 46 s Eutaw 
Kugler B. ladies' ii'rench boot and shoe maker, 24 s Howard, 

dw 58 Lexington 
Kugler Samuel, tobacconist, 297 Pratt 
Kuhan Jeremiah, 76 French 
Kuhl William, tinner, 21 Pine • 
Kuhn Antony & Co. piano makers, Eutaw s of German, dw 61 


KUH 227 LAP 

Kuhn Augustus C. turner, 6 Hull lane 

Kuhn Florence, laborer, 139 Sarah Ann 

Kuhn Joiin, grocer, 25 Pennsylvania av. 

Kuhn Joseph, plaisterer, 37 George 

Kuhn Joseph, Cathedral, n of Richmond 

Kuhn Joshua, wire worker, 5 Cowpen al 

Kuhn Michael, laborer, Chase e of Cathedral 

Kuhne Frank, cabinetmaker, 183 n Canal 

Kull F. baker, 60 Orleans 

Kumer Everhard, watch and clock maker, 244 s Bond 

Kummer George, medical preparer, s end of Eutaw extended 

Kumiaer John, boot and shoe maker, 15 s Howard > 

Kunipman George, huckster. Smith's st 

Kunitz Henry K. painter, Johnson st. Federal Hill 

Kuniz Jacob, carter, 309 Saratoga 

Kurricker Michael, laborer, 70 Si Mary's 

Kurtz Andrew, cow keeper, 302 Franklin 

Kurtz Rev. Beniamin, pro. Lutheran book publication rooms, 

over 253 Baltimre, dw 69 Lexington 
Kurtz Rev. Daniel, 37 Holliday 
Kurtz Edward, commission mt. 59 s Gay, up stairs 
Kurtz Jacob, carpenter, 13 Pennsylvania av 
Kurtz Mrs. Mary, 126 n Eutavv 

Kurtz T. Newton, bookseller, I5l Pratt, dw 119 Fayette 
Kuster Augustus, stove moulder, 122 L. Greene 
Kuster Charles L. firm Schaer and K. d w 110 Fayette 
Kuster Frederick, tavern keeper, 161 Alice Anna 
Kuszmaul L. shoe maker. Hi Low 
Kyle A. B. firm Dinsmore &, Kyle, dw 86 Hanover 
Kyle Christian, carter, 334 s Charles 
Kyle D. sawyer, 120 French 
Kyle George, cabinet maker, 19 L. Sharp 
Kyle John, blacksmith, 50 L. Hughes 
Kyser Solomon, clothier, cor. Forest and Ensor, dw 5 Mott 

Labarre Francis, watchman, 101 Cross 

Labarre Nicholas, fisher, Poultney 

Labarrer Nicholas, engineer, 9 Spring court, s Charles st 

Labby Lewis, grocer, 230 Monument 

Labendy Labe, rag dealer, 183 s Bond 

Labrocure Barney, cooper, 149 Chesnut 

Labrocure Miss L. milliner, 149 Chesnut 

Lacey Richard, mariner. Bond n of Bank 

Lackey Alexander, mariner, 31 Lancaster 

Laconich Lazarus, confectioner, 118 s Caroline 

Ladomus William, mariner, 123 Ann 

LaletraMiss S, P. dry goods dealer, 129 n Gay 

Lafever Abraham, printer, 16 n Eden 

Lafever Charles, cabinet maker, 1 Perry 

Lafever Lewis, pedlar, 12 Water 

Latever William, painter, 4 n Front, dw 16 n Eden 

Lafferty John, tanner, 107 York av 

Larterty Patrick, weaver, 294 Mulberry 

LaftilleJohn, French tailor, 34 n Charles 

Lafitte Mrs. Theresa, 21 Barnet 

LAF 228 LAN 

LaFonte Mrs. Mary, 37 Albemarle 

La^hman Frederick, carpenter, 3 Block 

L'Aio;noux Madame. French teacher, 103 St Paul 

Lain'V. moukler, 37 e Monument 

Laing Mrs. Ann, 25 Perry 

Lainhart William* clothier, 5 Second 

Lakel John, Thames st. court 

Lally Malachi, wheelwright and blacksmith, Franklin St. dw lOS 

Si Mary's 
Lally Malachi, wheelwright, 126 Franklin, dw 121 St Mary's 
Laloup Vincent Bass, conleciioiier, 44 n Gay 
Lamb George M. clerk, 130 s Paca 
Lamb Jonathan D. baker, 136 Lexington 
Lamb Michael, inspector plaister Paris, 114 s Paca 
Lamb Joseph, dairyman, Gibson st. near Preston 
Lamb Mrs. R. cow keeper, 192 Holiday 
Lamb Thomas P. wire worker, 150 e Orleans 
Lamb Thomas P. wire worker and sieve maker, 38 s Galfert 
LambJen Mrs. Caroline, seamstress, 30 George 
Lambden Charles W. coach painter, 166 s Howard 
Lambden W+lliam, clerk, 49 St Paul 

Lambdin Edward S. sail mak. 126 Dugan's whf. dw 117 Eden 
Lambdin John, merchant, 254 Lexington 
Lambdin Thomas J. & Bro. sail makers, 127 McElderry's whf. 

dw T. J.L. 264 e Pratt 
Lambdin Thomas, keeper Eastern Fountain, 246 Ann 
Lambdin William, ship carpenter, 308 Eastern av 
Lambdin William S. shipwright, 168 Wolf 

Lamberht Henry, 28 n High 

Lambert Allison, ship carpenter, 49 Granby 

Lambert Cornelius, constable, 197 n Exeter 

Lambert Joseph, shoe maker, 57 Hamburg 

Lambert Julius, ship painter, 227 Wolf 

Lambert Capt. Robert, mariner, 182 Ann 

Lambie James, carpenter, 15 L. Hampstead 

Lambie William, carpenter, 15 Hampstead 

Lambright Christopher, painter, 75 Ensor 

Lambright Mrs. Sarah Jane, 75 Ensor 

Lamden D. ship carpenter, 323 Eastern av 

Lamden James M. boarding house, 6 w Fayette 

Lamden Mrs. 286 Fayette 

Lampher Caleb C. St'Enoch C. com. mts. 23 n Frederick, dw 50 

Lamping Mrs. Mary, 7 n Eden 

Lamping Wm. gen. com. mt. 7 Light st. whf. dw 1 14 Sharp st 

Lampley Oliver, cooper, 27 Watson 

Lamy John, ship carpenter, 272 Canton av 

Lanahan Edward, tailor, 171 Paca 

Lanahan Thomas M. attorney at law, 33 Fayette 

Lanahan William, confectioner, 139 Pratt, dw 77 s Paca 

Lancaster George, merchant, cor. Pratt and Calendar 

Lancaster Hannah, 1 L. Gough 

Lancaster J. D. cabinet maker, 474 n Front 

Lancaster John, dealer in iron and rags, Pennsylvania av. 1 
door s of Biddle st 

Lancaster Thomas B. carpenter, 67 Gough 

LAN ^;i9 LAR 

Lancaster William, carpenter, 85 Peirce 

Lanco John, painter, 34l Lexington 

Landen Capt. James, 184 Lis:ht 

Landers Wm. carter, Mullikin st, Fairmount 

Landey Thomas, 83 Jefferson 

Landis Dr. Edmund, Broadway, oposite St Patrick's church 

Landis Capt. David C. 105 e Pratt 

Landon Josiah, carpenter, 54 Ross 

Landower Michael, laborer, 183 Peirce 

Landsdale & Brothers, pickling and vinegar estab. tl7 Lombard 

and 10 Balderston 
Landstreet Aristides, firm L. &, Son, dw 190 Saratoga 
Landstreet J. firm J. L. & Son, 299 Lexington 
Landstreet J. &- Son,groc. &- com, mts. cor. German & Howard 
Lane Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 24 Clay 
Lane John T. carpenter, 150 Hollins 
Lane Joseph, spar maker, 266 Ann 
Lane Capt, Thomas A. 105 e Fayette 
Lane Patrick, laborer, 35 Camden 
Lane Samuel H. blacksmith, 143 Franklin, dw22 New 
Lanehart Jonathan, painter, s Paca extended 
Lanehart Mrs. Mary, 54 e Philpot 
Lang George, shoe maker, 97 e Lombard 
Lang Sylvester, coach painter, 152 Madison 
liang William, boot and shoe maker, 272 vv Pratt 
Langdaffer John, laborer, 736 vv Baltimore 
Lange Augustus, harness maker and saddler, 147 Franklin 
Lange John H. grocer and basket maker, 63 s Paca 
Langenfelter, John, shoe maker, 130 French 
Langer Henry, laborer, 17 Slemmer's al 
Langfelder George, shoe maker, 136 French 
Langford William, ship joiner, 234 s Bond 
Langkom John, cabinet maker, Pennsylvania av s of Preston st 
Langley Edward, cabinet maker, Lombard e i»{' Caroline 
Langley George, shoe maker, 146 ILippy alley 
Langley James, carpenter, 134 Mrlleury st 
Langood Moses, cabinet maker, 200 Broadway 
Langstedt Dr. Herman, apoth. and drug. 2 Shakespearst 
Langwell John, Clinton st. Canton 
Langlbrd William, rigger, 235 Ann 
Lanman Mrs. 110 s Caroline 

Lannev Francis, letter carrier. Garden n of Preston 
Lant Michael, painter, s e cor. Conway and Warner 
Lantz Joseph, carpet weaver, 33 Eastern av 
Lantz Jacob, baker, 135 s Howard 
Lapeer John, machinist, 44 Henrietta • " 

LaPierre O. Clinton st. Canton 
Laport A. saddle and harness maker, 559 Baltimore 
Laport Henry, steam boiler maker, cor. Biddle and Gibson 
Lapouraiile A. P. firm L. &. Maughlin, dw 111 e Lombard 
Lapouraille & Maughlin, manf. frames, sash, &.c. Pratt st bridge 
Laracy M. millwright, 83 n Caroline 
Laragy Dennis, grocer and liquor deal. 144 Saratoga 
Lar^e Christopher, machinist. Oregon st s of Lombard 
Larimore Elizabeth, 244 Canton av 

LAR 230 LAU 

Larkin Mrs. Margaret, washer, 59 German 
Larkins Mrs. J. 271 n Forest 
Laroque Emile, clerk, 112 Mulberry 
Laroque & Jamet, surgeon dentists, 40 Fayette 
Laroque John M. chemist and druggist 20 Baltimore 
Larrabee E. W. last maker &. impt. shoe findings, 34 s Calvert 
Larrabee Ephriam, shoe findings dealer, & Thompsonian medi- 
cine store, 24 s Calvert, dw 20 
Larrabee Mrs. Ann, 64 Camden 
Larrimore Mrs. Elizabeth, Chester 
Larrop Christian, cabinetmaker, 464 w Baltimor.e 
Larson Oliver, mariner, Essex st. Canton 

Lashen Mat. copper smelter,;McKim's copper works. Smith's wf 
Lasner Conrad, shoe maker, 156 Chesnut 
Latch Mrs. Catherine, 674 w Baltimore 
Latham Edward, shoe maker, Lombard st. e ofArgyle al 
Lathe Eli, grocer and liquor dealer s w cor. Light and West 
Latimer James B. com. of deeds, s w cor. of Fayette & Si Paul 

dvv 21 Courlland 
Latimer Randolph B. firm R. & Latimer, Eutaw House 
Latimer William, clerk,' 214 Franklin 
Latourde Mr?. 12 Water 

Latrobe Benj. H. engineer, Mt. Vernon place, 146 n Charles st 
Latrobe John H. B. attorney, n e cor. Lexington and St Paul 

dw 24 Mulberry 
Latty Joseph, laborer, 18 Stiles 
Latus Jacob, laborer, 7 Harmony lane 
Laty Mrs. Margaret, 131 e Baltimore 
Laty Joseph, clerk, 56 Albemarle 
Lauilenslager Christian, cabinet maker, 114 Ross 
Laudenslager Conrad, carpenter, 340 Fayette 
Laudenslager Solomon, machinist, 25 Booth 
Laudenberger William, tailor, 46 s Eutaw 
Lauder Peter, laborer, Pennsylvania av. exirnded 
Lauderman Mrs. Adeline, milliner, 7J Carcjime 
Laudermaa Mrs. Ellen, boarding house, 265 Canton av 
Lauderman Henry, 60 Broadway 
Laudiclaus Peter,''laborer, 4 Fell 
Lauer Henry, trimmings and fancy store, 219 w Pratt 
Lauer Ignatius, trimmings and fancy store, 211 Pratt 
Lauer John, market gardener, Ferry bar road, Spring Gardeas 
Lauer Leon, firm Obendorf and L. dw 6 Comet 
Lauer Lewis & Co. imp. and wholesale dealers in fancy goods, 

295 Baltimore, dw 32 n Liberty 
Lauer Windel, tailor. Amity st s of Lombard 
Laughlin David, tailor, 32 Rock 
Laughlin James, gardener, 98 Fremont 
Laughlin John, weaver, 8 Harmony lane 
Laughlin Robert B. manufacturer, 55 Richmond 
Laughlin Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 2 St Paul 
Laughlin William M. hatter, 312 Franklin 
Laupheimer & Co. clothiers, 42 Centre Market 
Laurenson William, dry goods mt. Baltimore, dw 23 Paca 
Laurer John, stone mason, 10 Bath 
Lausler J. D. baker, 94 n Caroline 

LAV 231 LEA 

Lavely Mrs. Phcebe, 118 Pearl 

Law'Mrs. George, d\v 39 Hollins 

Law James S. huckster, 250 e Fayette 

Law Mrs. Louisa, \30 Mulberry 

Law Robert, 134 Canal 

Law Thomas, clerk, 59 Paca 

Lawder Charles, shoe maker, 205 n Canal 

Lawder John, cooper, 160 Wolf 

Lawder Samuel, collector, 'Greenwood,' Bel Air av 

Lawn Christopher, furniture dealer, 22 Harrison 

Lawn Henry, dw 36 Ross 

Lawn James J. &c Bro. grrocers, produce and flour mts. 139 n 

Howard st. dw 160 Biddle 
Lawrason, Wm. W. firm Hammond, Pollard & L. 103 n Paca 
Lawrence Mrs. Ann Louisa, 62 Stiles 
Lawrence Christian, laborer, 140 Thames 
Lavvrence Doctor Daniel H. 193 Broadway 
Lawrence Francis L. firm Barlow & L. 178 Mulberry 
Lawrence Geora^e W. office 131, dw il3 Fayette st 
Lavvrence John, cigar maker, 51 Burgundy al 
Lawrence John, carpenter, 40 Hampstead 
Lawrence Richard D. ship carpenter, 249 Canton av 
Lawrence Valentine, brick maker. West st near Eutaw 
Lawrence Wm. laborer, 563 Baltimore 
Lawrence Wm. pattern maker, 34 G. Montgomery 
Lawson Bennet, carpenter, 164 Bank 
Lawson James, butcher, 159 Pennsylvania av 
Lawson Robert jr. saddle, trunk Sc harness maker, 16 s Calvert 

dw 90 Park 
Lawson Stephen, wine and tea store, 20 Fayette 
Lawton Mrs. Ann Maria, nurse, 461 Lombard 
Lawton Charles, boot and shoe maker, 31 Henrietta 
Lawton Richard, city watchman, 48 Henrietta 
L-Eye" Christian, butcher, 50 Henrietta 

Layer David, grocery, liquor & provision store, 90 Montgomery 
Layfield George, laborer, 269 Alice Anna 
Layfield Isaac, shoe maker, 88 Orleans 
Layfield Wm. laborer, 88 Orleans 
Layfield Wm. W. carpenter, 386 n Gay 
Layman Jacob, laborer, 598 w Lombard 
Lea Samuel J. silversmith, 176 Park 
Leach Benjamin, painter, 27 Caroline 
Leach Caleb L. lottery dealer, cor. Eulaw and Baltimore erts. d w 

320 Fayette • 
Leach Mrs. Hannah, 169 n Canal 
Leach Doctor James, surgeon dentist, 54 n Calvert 
Leach Jesse, 43 n Liberty 

Leach Wm. manuf. i?old and silver leaf, 6 s Calvert 
Leach Wm. blacksmith, extr. of e Fayette 
Leadbeater Mrs. Catharine, washer, 433 Saratoga 
Leadly Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 35 Paca 
League Abraham, shoe maker, Register si. (Argyie al) s of Bait. 
League Columbus W. grocer, 119 Forest 
League Columbus, shoe maker, 243 Light 
League Mrs. Elizabeth 96 e Lombard 

LEA 232 LEE 

League George, 19 Spear's wharf, dvv 9 Watson 

League James, police officer, 15 e Baltimore 

League Luke^ prop, agents 191 Orleans, office Bool's auction 

League Luke, 65 n Exeltr 

League Mareellus, chair maker, 76 Mulberry 

League Wm. T. hatier, 157 e Baltimore 

Lealiey Michael, carpenter, 9 Hillen 

Leake H. Benner, tavern, 265 Ann 

Leake Luke, trader, 12 Water 

Leakin Rev. Geo. A. rector Trinity churcli, 84 s Edea 

Leakin John, carpenter, 26 St. Mary Orchard 

Leaman Bernard, shoe maker, 52 Belhttl 

Lear Conrad, laborer, 239 Dallas 

Leary C. L. L. attorney. Eastern av e of Broadway 

Leary Jeremiah, painteV, 39 Bethel 

Leary Peter, 67 Thames 

Leary Thomas, clerK, 153 Ann 

Leas Nicholas, sugar refiner. Livery at 

Leath Josej:rf), 165 Happy*al 

Leavy Joseph, painter, 5 n Caroline 

Lebarre Nicholas, laborer, Hamburg st. F. Hill 

Leber Gotfred, cabinet maker, 78 Pennsylvania av 

Lebon Captain Charles, 12 George 

Ltbon Charles, upholsterer, 38 Pine '^ 

Lebranthwaite Mrs. Mary, s w cor. Baltimore and Kdea 

Lebrou Captain Joseph A. 202 e Pratt 

Lecates Elijah, shoe maker, 137 n Canal 

Leche David & Son, dry goods imp. 12 n Charles st. d\V l4 

Lechlhaler Justus, baker, 152 Eden 

Lechthaler John, grocerv, s vv cor. Ann and Alice Anna 

Leckey Mrs. 99 Ensor 

Le Compte Mrs. Mary A. dry goods dealer, 125 Aisquith 

Leeompie Mrs. Augusta, seamstress, Aby al 

Lecompte Lloyd, mariner, Henrietta st w of Hanover 

Lecount David, sailor, 58 Dallas 

Ledden Benjamin, fireman steamboat Columbus, 54 Jeffersot* 

Ledden Samuel C. dw McElderry st. near Canal 

Ledding Richard, clerk, corner Pine and Peirce 

Leddon George, hardw. dealer, Bethel st. bet. Pratt & Gough 

Ledley Daniel, brick maker, l5l s Paca 

Ledley Jacob, brick maker, Poppleion si. near McHenry 

Ledley Wm. brick maker, 134 s Paca 

Lednum Mrs. Eleanor, 299 Canton av 

Lednum J. M. blacksmith, 164 Orleans 

Lednum John, carter, s w cor. Light and West 

Lednum Wm. shoe maker, Canal st s of Pratt 

Ledrow John, shoe maker, 241 Hanover 

Lee A. laborer, 6 Liberty a I 

Lee Caleb, laborer, 128 n Paca 

Lee Charles, wheelwright and blacksmith, 412 Baltimore 8t. dvr 

15 Union 
Lee Daniel P. bricklayer, 114 Conway 
Lee Edward, police officer, 770 Baltimore 
Lee Elias, carpenter, 2 Booth 
Lee Elislia, carriage depositoryj 4S Holliday 8t» dw s Calvert 


Lee Mrs. Elizabeth F. chair frame maker, 87 Harrison 

Lee George, harness maker, 109 Orleans 

Lee James, dry ojoods and millinery dealer, 132 Lexington 

Lee James, furniture warehouse, 57 s Charles 

Lee James F. butter dealer, 14 s Exeter 

Lee James H. boot and shoe maker, 280 w Pratt 

Lee Jesse W. in custom house, d\v 543 n Gay 

Lee John, painter, 245 Canton av 

Lee John, collector, 296 e Monument 

Lee John, varnisher and polisher, l-2Ensor 

Lee John, laborer, 5 Booih * 

Lej John A. painter, 80 German s^t. dw 108- Raborg 

Lee Josiah, banker, n e cor. Baltimore and Calvert sts. dw 67 n 

Lee Levi, furniture wagoner, 96 Roborg 
Lee Miss Maria, dress maker, ll Barnet 
Lee Mrs. Mary, dairy, 23 s Liberty 
Lee Nathaniel, flour and feed dealer, 48 Broadway 
Lee Mrs. Priscilla, 24'8 Saratoga 
Lee Ralph, boot and shoe maker, 80 Columbia 
Lee Richard, carter, lOl Raborg 
Lee S. S. firm Manning St L. d w 121 n Charles 
Lee Samuel, asst. superv. Bait. &Ohio R. Road, Oregon st s of 

Lee Stephen S, hardware mt.- Charles st. dw 121 n Charles- 
Lee Wesley, carpenter, 12 Josephine 
Lee Wm. carpenter, 405 I-iexincriorr 
Lee Wm. firm Luckett, L. & VVliite, dw IT s Liberty 
Lee Z. Collins, attorney, 5= Law builii. St. Paul st. dw 112 Park 
Leech D. & Co. trnsporta-tion office, 120 n Howard 
Leedy Jacob, cigar maker, Mulberry st. e of Fremont 
Leef Henry, firm Gambrill, Carroll & Co.dw 21- s High 

Leef Henry, ship cha^KHer &. grocer, 61 Pratt si. dw 21 s High 

Leef Mrs. Mary Ann, seamstress, 02 E istern av 

Leeke, McClure Si Co. carpenters, 13 Grant st. dw 113 Raborg 

Leeke James, carpenter,, corner Lexington and Favette sts. dw 
113 Raborg 

Lees Wm. pedlar, 453 Baltimore 

Lelevre Charles, cabinet maker, t Perry 

Lefever D^vid, whip and cane maker, cor^ North Sc Saratoga 

LefFerman Wm. tanner and leather dealer, 32 French 

Leftier Mrs. Ann, HO M')Mtir(>mery 

Leffler Daniel, finisher, y Warren 

Letfler G. R, H. iron fiunder, Gillingl^iam al. dw 150 s Paca 

Legg Henry, carter, 16 Somerset 

Legg John, blacksniiih, 2& e Madison 

Legg Mrs. Matilda, Euiaw st. Spring Garden 

Legrand Hon. J. C. ass. judge Bait. co. court, dw 28 Holliday 

L'i'grand Samuel D. 200 e Baltimore 

Lehman Frederick, boot and shoe maker, 106 Bond 

Lehman G. tailor, 43 Lewis 

Lehman George, shoe maker, 105 Happy al 

Lehman J. C. music teacher, 8 s Exeter 

Lehman M ises, clothier, 71 Harrison 

Lehman Wm. fireman raii road, 182 Hoili«» 

LEH 234 LEO 

Lehmaver Simon, clothier, 90 Pratt st. dvv 59 s High 
Lehmkuhier A. boot maker, ^19 e Lombard 
Lehn)kuhl Fred'k. book-binder & fancy box mak. 63 n Fred'k 
Leiin Peter, oak cooper, n w cor. Charles and Hamburg 
Lehy Wm. carpenter, 46 Richmond 
Leiben Anthony, confectioner, 463 Baltimore 
Leinhard George, basket maker, 7 Shakypear 
Leinhard Samuel, 134 Pine 

Leinhof Wm. tailor, s e cor. Eastern av and Exeter st 
Leinsz Frederick, confectioner, 87 Pennsylvania av 
"Leintz Daniel, tailor, 242 n Canal 
Lrinlz Sebastian, paver, 15 Shakspear 
Leiich Edward, clerk, 102 n High 
Leits Henry, shoe maker, 95 Peirce 
Leitz Andrew, cabinet maker, 43 Pennsylvania av 
Leitz Daniel, tavern, 67 Harrison 
Leitz Francis, oak cooper, 17 Chesnut al 
Leitz Fritz, butcher, 109 Ross 

Leitz George, grocery and liquor dealer, 17 Chesnut al 
Leitz Jacob, butcher, 109 Ross 

Leloup Chas. A. attorney at law, 19 North st. Post Office build. 
L loup Mrs. Sophia, 395 Light 
Lembereck Henrv, cloihier, 133 Canton av 
Lemc'ke D. H. firni C. F^elly & Co. 54 and 56 Pratt 
Lemkuhl Carl, watcii and ch)ck repairer, 1-2 Pine 
Lemmon & Glenn, iron com, mts. 62 Buchanan's wharf 
Lemmon J. H. druggist, 658 BaliiiiiDre 
Lemmon Jacob, shoe maker, 88 Raborg 
Lenmion James, oak cooper, 194 Sharp 
Lemmon Joshua F. carter, cor. St. Mary's stand Deluol al 
Lt-nmion Misses, 69 n Charles 

Lemmon Mrs. Richaid, 8 Cathedral 

Lemmon Robert, attorney at law, 8 Marshall buildings-, 2d floor, 

St. Paul st 
Lemmon Robert Sc Co. auctioneers, Buchanan's wharf 

Lemmon Wm. P. firm W. Howell St Son, dw40 Mulberry 

L mpkey Henry, cabinet maker, n e cor. Hill and Howard 

Lentlauer Mark, pedlar, 132 Franklin 

Lender J S. watchman, 304 e Baltimore 

Lenhardt Augustus F. tavern, 14 Fe'l 

Lenhardt Henry, wagoner, 157 n Eutaw 

Lenhardt John, shoe maker, 36 n Liberty 

Lenhart Peter, blacksmith, 33 Dewberry al 

Lennan Bernard, grocer, 88 Hillen 

Lenno.x Richard, tobacconist, 123 Light st whf. dvv William st 

Lenox Richard, cigar maker, 84 Wilson 

Lenox Thomas, shoe maker, 15 s Paca 

Lentz Charles W. firml.. & Flack, dw 68 Barre 

Lentz George, laborer, 50 L. Hughes 

Lentz John, laborer, 30 Lee 

Lentz John, carpet weaver, 108 Albenarle 

Lentz John P. carpet weaver, 8 Lewis 

Leoffler Henry, laborer, 194 Holliday 

Leon Mrs. Ann, teacher, l6s Pligh 

Leonard Amasa, postman, 39 n Liberty 

LEO 235 ' LEV 

Leonard Amasa, carpenter, Morris al. dw Preston st w of Gibson 

Leonard Daniel, ship carpenter, 176 Broadway 

Leonard Geor^re, near Canton depot, Canton 

Leonard Geortre, pattern maker, 465 w Lombard 

Leonard John, laborer, 68 Albemarle 

Leonard John, drayman, 27 Granby 

Leonard Captain Joseph, 156 Alice Anna 

Leonard Thomas, 56 Chesnut 

Leonard Thomas, blacksmith, n e cor. Lio^ht and Cross 

Leonard Dr. Wm. T. at Wasliinorton University, Fairmount 

Leonard Wm. cabinet maker, 451 vv Lombard 

Leonard Wm. millinery & fancy dry goods deal. cor. Baltimore 

St and Grant al 
Leonard Wm. soap and candle maker, 2l7 Chesnut 
Leopold Jacob, currier, rear 63 Montoromery 
Lepper George A. draftsman at Winan's, 10 George 
Leppert Henry, gunsmith, 259 Happy al 
Lepsom Daniel, painter, 689 Baltimore 
Lerew Charles J. firm Chas. Fisher & Co. 224 w Lombard 
Lernz Christian, piano maker, 137 Madison 
Leslauries! Alexander, trader, 86 York st 
Leslie John, cabinet maker, 41 Marion 
Leslie John, rigger, 264 Alice Anna 

Leslie Robert & Son, com. mis. 61 s Gay st. dw 67 CourtlaiMi 
Lessler John B. tailor, 45 Hill 
Lester Mrs. Achsah, seamstress, 409 Lombard 
Lester Mrs. Hannah, Clinton st. Cantoa 
Lester James M. carpenter, 119 s Paca 
Lester John, clerk, 257 w Pratt 
Lester L. undertaker, 130 Conway 
Lester Thomas, firm L. & Ware, dw 19 Fremont 
Lester Thomas, prin. English & Math. Inst. 764 Baltimore 
Lester &. Ware, carpenters, 10 Fremont 
Letchthaler Justus, baker, Frederick road, Baltimore st 
Letmate C. L. stove dealer, corner Ensor and Mott 
Letournau Henry G. watch maker, Register st sof Praft 
Letournau John B. M. watch and clock maker and jeweller, 71 

Thames st 
Letsom Peter, police officer, 17 Dewberry af 
LeuthoM Mrs. Catharine, milliner, 146 Pearl 
Levander John, pedlar, 191 BicMle 
Leventhal Abraham, milkman, 174 Alice Anna 
Levering A. R. agent Nautilus Insurance Co. 46 Lombard st. 

Exchange place, dw 21 s Howard st. 
Levering C. & Clark, importer of china and glass, 118 and 120 

w Lombard st 
Levering Clinton, firm C. L. & C. Clark,, dw 2 McCulIoh 
Levering Eugene, c\\v 60s Greene 

Levering Fred. K. firm L. & Co. dw s w cor. Camden & Sharp 
Levering Frederick & Eugene, wholesale grocers and com. 

merchants, 14 Commerce st 
Levering George A. butcher, opposite Wasliington Medical Col- 
lege, e Fayette st. 
Levering Mrs. Peter, 80 Sharp 
Levering T W. &. li. commission merchants, 114 Pratt st. dw 

T. W. L. Ill Hanover st 

LEV 235 LID 

Levering Thomas L. book keeper, 142 Pearl 

Levi Joseph, dry froodsand jewelry dealer, 101 Light St. wharf 

Levindall Edwin, ship carpenter, 12 Hannpstead 

Levindall Meyer, butcher, 73 Arsy^e ;i\\ey 

Levin^rston Wm. J. slioeiiuiker, 92 Forest 

Levy Joseph M. 173 e Prait 

Levy Mrs. private boarditk^ house, §5 s Eutaw 

Levy Mrs. 62 s Caroline 

Levy Patrick, laborer, 26 s Fsca 

Levy Samuel, carpenter, Moore alley, dw 25 Gibson 

Levy Thomas P. painter & glazier, 41 Watson 

Levvellin James, carpenter, Washinfrton s of Bank 

Lewens Edwin, ship carpenter, 12 Hampstead 

Lewenthal Levi, 51 Bethel 

Lewin Rev. Joseph,- reader, Lloyd' st. Synagoguer20 Lloyd bX 

Lewis Allen T. trimmings manufacturer, 253 Baltimore, dw 
1 L. Paca St. 

Lewis Abner K. 29 Booth st. 

Lewis Andrew, grocer, cor. Lombard st. & Happy alley 

Lewis Mrs. Catharine, 306 n Chesnut 

Lewis Charles Frederick, boot and shoemaker, 32 Hanover 

Lewis E. 8c Bro. drapers and tailors, 14 South 

Lewis Francis, paper stainer, 172 L. Hughes 

Lewis Geo- coachman, 84 Orchard 

Lewis J. M. plaislerer, 8 Jefferson' 

Lewis James, carpenter. Bethel near Bank 

Lewis James, ladies' shoemaker, 24 Jefferson 

Lewis John T. sail maker, Bond st. n of Bank 

Lewis John, carpenter, s vv cor. Richmond st. & Plover alley 

Lewis John, pilot, 207 Ann 

Lewis Jolin, grocer an'd Hquor dealer, 92 n Cialvert 

Lewis- John, paper stainer, 55 G; Montgomery 

Lewis John, (ailor, 13 Spring court, s Charles- 
Lewis Joseph N. & Son, book sellers and stationers, 276 w Bal- 
timore St. dw81 Fayette 

L«wis Martin & Co. cloths, cassimeres & vest, dealers, 233 Bal- 
timore St. dw Martin L. Madison a v. n of Hoffman at. 

LewisMrs. Mary, washer, 11 Lancaster 

Lewis Mrs. Mary, 34 G. Hughes 

Lewis Milo, collector, 447 Payette 

Lewis Capt. William C, mariner, 211 Canton avenue 

Lewis William, block Sc. jximp maker,. 7 Abey alley 

Lewis William-, shoemaker, 407 w Pratt 

Lewis William, machinisT, Diamtmd st. n of Siiratoga St. 

Lewisson & Co, lottery a>nd exchange brokers, l'4-9' Pratt st. dw 
141 s Charles st 

Lewyt S. H. jeweller, 7-1 n Front 

Ley burn Wm. grocer, 42 Harlbrd avenue 

Leyder John, shoemaker, 9 Slemmer's allfey 

Levpold. Mrs. Elizabith, 66 n Gay 

Libia Martin, Il9 Wolf 

Library Co.- of Baltimorer 2d floor Anfhenaeura buildings, cx>r. 
St. Paul & Saratoga sts. Chas. J. S. Homans Librarian* 

Liddle Joseph, blacksmith, 55 Burgundy alley 

Liddie Robert,, gunsmith, 55 n Bldeik 

LIE 237 LIN 

Lieb Thomas, harness maker, 268 Bond 

Lieutand Dennis C. carpenter, 732 w Baltimore 

Li^htiser, Michael, 133 n Caroline 

Lightly John, laborer, s Paca st extended 

Lio:htner George W. coal dealer, Eden st n of Lombard 

Lightner Jacob, tailor, 93 Eastern avenue 

Liojhtner John, boiler maker, 83 Hambursj 

Lightner Nathaniel, accountant, 175 n High 

Lightner Peter, wagoner, 93 Eastern avenue 

Lightner Wrn. book keeper 79 Aisquilh 

Ligman Conrad, tailor, 311 s Charles 

Lillienthal Frederick, laborer, 82 Pine 

Lilly Alonzo, firm Chase & Co. Madison av. extended 

Lilly G. VV. carpenter, dvv 89 Garden st. 

Lilly Henry, saddler, 25 Jackson 

Lilly Mrs. Lucinda, "25 Jackson 

Lilly Richard, firm Jenkins &. Lilly, dw 11 e Fayette 

Lilly Capt. Richard, saddler, 10 South st. dw 11 e Fayette 

Lillv Robert, mariner, 260 Light 

Lilfybridge Dr. C. 87 n Paca 

Liman Charles, grocer, 2 Harrison st. dw 96 Broadway 

Limbert Christian, shoemaker, 275 Bond 

Linah S. L. proprietor 'Golden Lamb,' n w cor. Franklin & Paca 

L ncoln John S. bread and pie baker, s e corner Saratoga & 

Chatsworth sts 
Lindenberger Geo. ladies' shoemaker, cor. Fremont & Lexington 
Lindenberger Mrs. R. 23 w Fayette 
Lindentelser John, porter, 18 Ross 

Liadenman Conrad, agent for German Society Md. 178 Hanover 
Lindeman John, blacksmith, 343 Bond 
Lindeman John, carpet weaver, 86 Granby 
Lindeman Wm. teacher, 2d German Luther. School, 26 Saratoga 
Linderman Geo. laborer, Conway 
Linderman Rodolp'i, baker, 58 Park 
Lindner L. baker, 177 Chesnut ^ 

Lindsay Mrs. Catharine, seamstress, 180 Park ^1 

Lmdsay Geo. W. printer, 47 Orchard 
Lindsay John, 71 Paca 

Lindsey James W. brass (bunder, 104 Aisquith 
Lindsey John, commission agent, 12 Mulberry 
Lindsey Wm. grocer and liquor dealer, 32 Ross 
Lineberger Wm. tinner, 162 e Fayette 
Lineberger Mrs. Catharine, tailoress, 458 w Lombard 
Linely Mrs. Elizabeth, marketer, 23 Gittings 
Lines Richard, laborer, Penn. avenue extended 
Ling Robert M. pilot, 306 Eastern avenue "^ 

Lingenfelder F. H. grocer & liquor deal. cor. Warren & Light 
Lingerman Frederick, shoemaker, 224 s Charles 
Lingfelter John J. trader in market, 324 Franklin 
Lingum D. laborer, 138 Low 
Linhard Thomas, musician, 14 Stirling 
Link Bernard, 266 Alice Anna 
Link C. laborer. 118 William 

Link H. boot and shoemaker, 46 n Eutaw, dw 10 Richmond 
Link Sinton, shoemaker, 301 Aisquith 

LIN 238 LIT 

Link Thomas, fisherman, 83 Cros? 

Liojcer Henry, laborer, Penn. avenue extended 

Linker Ludowig, baker, s vv cor. Ann and Gough Bti 

Linkline Mr. oak cooper, Gould's court 

Linn Joseph, carter, Fremont st. extended 

Linnenkamyer Henry, laborer, 72 Buren 

Linns Mrs. Marafarat, washer, 26 Jasper st 

Linsey Mrs. S. F. 185 Canal 

Linthicum Francis, ship carpenter, 67 Hamburg 

Linton VVm. stone, earthern and fine ware manuf. cor. Lexing- 
ton and Pine sis. d\v 271 Lexington 

Linton Wm. engineer, 84 Hamburg 

Liniz Jno. plaisterer &. whitevvasher, cor Charles & Montgomery 

Lintz John, straw cutter, 425 Saratoga 

Lima Peter, paver, Penn. avenue extended 

Linville Mrs. M. F. dry goods dealer, 155 n Gay 

Linville Tiiomas, wacjoner, 146 n Howard 

Linzey Mrs. Mary, 14 L. Gough 

Lipear Geo. carpenter, 339 Saratoga 

Lipoker, Henry, tavern, 290 Bond 

Lipp A. boot and shoemaker, 4l Low 

Lipp F. X. clothier, 1 Penn. avenue, dw 47 n Howard 

Lipp Geo. huckster, Penn. avenue extended 

Lippey Jesse L. carpenter, 231 Conway 

Lippincolt J. B. 23 s Exeter 

Lippincott James, bacon dealer, 166 Monument 

Lipp3 James, clothier, s w cor. Baltimore & Paca sts 

Lipscomb Rev. Robert M. pastor VVhatcoat Chapel, Fremont 
8t extended 

Lisbcner John, boot and shoemaker, Penn. av. w of Mosher st 

Lisbon Wm. tailor, 58 Pearl 

Liscomb Mrs. Elizabeth, 129 Aisquith 

Lisher Jacob, laborer, 106 Ross 

Lisher Paul, laborer, 106 Ross 

Lisner Martin, shoemaker, 175 Light *" 

List Adam, boot and shoemaker, 97 Columbia 

List J. Jacob boot and shoemaker, 125 Howard 

List John, boot k, shoemaker, 137 Franklin 

Litchfield Samuel, finisher, 22 Oregon 

Litsinger Henry, wheelwright, Lombard, 1 door worPoppleton 

Litsinger Richard, pattern maker, 777 w Baltimore 

Litting C. B. merchant, dw Spring st. 

Littig Frederick ShafTer, 91 Gough 

Littig Luther, com. mt. 58 Buchanan's whf. dw 76 St. Paul 

Littig Philip, cashier of Marine Bank, dw 94 Gough 

Little Mrs. Catharine, 100 n Greene 

Little Daniel, mt. tailor, 152 Lexington st. dw 434 Saratoga 

Little Captain George A. boarding house, 27 Thames 

Little James, shoe maker, 77 McElderry 

Little John, shoe maker, 82 McElderry 

Little Patrick, huckster, 79 Conway 

Little Richard, weaver, 507 Saratoga 

Little Robert, clerk, 48 e Lombard 

Little Robert, manufi silver and brass nails>2 HiU 

Little Thomas, book-binder, 69 s Caroline 

UT 239 LOG 

Little Thomas G. & Co. dealers leaf and manuf. tobacco and ci- 

ejars, 22 s Calvert 
Little Thomas G. firm T. G. L. & Co. dw 90 s Paca 
Little Wm. weaver, 507 Saratoga 
Littlefield Mrs. R. 150 n Howard 
Littlefield Rufus P. apothecary, 36 n Charles 
Litton & Cromwell, sail makers. Corner's wharf 
Litton Thomas, firm L. k, Cromwell, sail makers, foot of Ann 

St. dvv Lombard st. e of Ann 
Litzack Henry, pedlar, 16 May 

Litzendorf Henry, firm L. & Schneider, dw 4 House's court 
Litzendorff & Schneider, wine and liquor mts. 154 Lombard 
Livercamp Henry, tailor, 89 Orchard 
Livingston Ann, boarding house, 92 s Eutaw 
Livingston Francis, hatter, 3S3 s Charles 
Livingston L. shoemaker, 56 n Canal 
Livingston S. P. boot and shoemaker, n e cor. Light and York, 

dw 133 Lee st 
Lize Madam A. French plaiter and fluter, 79 Lexington 
Lize Geo, carpenter, 64 Jasper 
Lloyd Benjamin Rush, clerk, 131 Conway 
Lloyd J. market gardener. Ferry bar. Spring Gardens 
Lloyd John, J. attorney at law, 34 St. Paul st. dw 111 Park st 
Lloyd John, oak cooper, 278 s Charles 
Lloyd John Henry, clerk, 181 Conway 
Llo3'd Mrs. Mary P. 131 Conway 
Lloyd Dr. Nelson, n w cor. Charles and Barnet 
Lloyd Philemon, bricklayer, 17 L. Gough 
Lloyd Thomas, laborer, 31 Star alley 

Lloyd Thomas, pro. Union Hotel, s vv cor. Charles and Pratt sts 
Lloyd William, ship joiner, 161 Ann 
Lloyd Wm. lock smith, 6 Republican 
Lloyd Wilson L. firm McElderry & Lloyd, 269 Fayette 
LlufrioCapt. John, 131 s High 
Loan Daniel, soap boiler, 1^7 East st. 
Loan Mr. 72 n Eden 

Loan St Davis, sail makers, 85 Smith wharf 
Loane Geo. J. carpenter, 19 Concord 
Loane Jabez W. firm L. & Davis, dw Stiles st. e of Exeter 
Loane John, hair manuf. 238 n Gay 
Loane John, cabinet maker, 72 n Eden 
Loane Joseph, cabinet maker and undertaker, 85 Pine 
Lo^ne Richard, ladies' shoemaker, 57 Pine 
Lobree Isaac, cap manufacturer, 1 s Charles, dw 71 n Charles 
Lochler Vincent, tailor, 55 Eutaw 
Locke Thomas, com. mt. 80 Light st. wharf, upstairs, dw 240 

w Lombard st 
Locke Thomas, upholsterer, Dover st. w of Fremont 
Lockard Mrs. Ann, 64 s Exeter 
Lockherd John, lime and tied dealer, 324 w Pratt 
Lockington Joshua, wholesale grocer, 53 s Calvert st. dw 

Holland st. near Fremont 
Lockmeyer Joseph, glove and cap maker, 222 Lexington 
Locks N. tinner, 3 Warner 
Lockwood Edward, 35 s High 


Lockwood John, draper and tailor, 1 19 Fayette, d;v 56 Vine 

Lockwood Robert M. firm J. S. Inloes 8t Co. dw Eutaw house 

Locust Point Furnace, office Comnnercial buildings, s Gaj 

Loder Alexander, porter, 3 Spring court, s Charles 

Loder Mrs. Eliza, corset maker, 56 Camden 

Loeffler G. grocer, 86 Lancaster 

Loelikes John, baker, 244 n Gay 

Lotfler Charles, shoe maker, 4 Lewis 

Loffler Philip, 63 Watson 

Loltus Richard, stone cutter. Vine st. e ofPoppleton 

Logan Hugh M. firm J. H. L. Co. dw 154 Pearl 

Logan J. H. & Co. cabinet makers, 41 Paca st. dw Jas. H. L. 

321 Saratoga 
Logan James, grocer, 98 Caroline 
Logan James, laborer, 59 Montgomery 
Logan Joseph T. firm J. H. L. & Co. dw 3 Raborg 
Logan Jos. oak cooper, Tyson st. near Franklin, dw 84 Centre 
Logan Samuel L. baker, 125 Burgundy al 
Logan Samuel, drayman, 116 Albemarle 
Logeman Henry, prop. Rail Road Hotel, 66 Light 
Logue Bernard, wheelwright & blacksmith, 133 8 Howard 
Logue James, dry goods dealer, 18 Centre Market Space 
Logue John C. teacher, 30 Montgomery 
Logue Mrs. Mary A. 96 Harford av 
Logue Michael, boot and shoe maker, 17 Ensor 
Logue Peter, oak cooper, 69 Jasper 
Lohman Christian, tavern, 130 Saratoga 
LohmuUer F. shoe maker, 37 Park 

Lohmuller Henry, tin, sheet iron and stove manufa. 311 Bond 
Lohrman Henry, silversmth, 47 Harrison 
Lorman J. Henrick, boot and shoe maker, 42 Hill 
Loker Capt. M. J. mariner, 314 e Fayette 
Lomax J. confectioner and variety store, 17 Pine 
Lombard Mr. 141 Orleans 

Loney F. B. firm Schaeffer & L. Waterloo row, 178 n Calvert st 
Loney John, cashier Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, w end 

Madison st. n side 
Loney Mrs. Martha, 64 Holland 
Loney William S. n w cor. Centre and Calvert 
Loney Townsend & Loney, dry goods & com. mts. 13 German 
Long & Byrn, wholesale dry goods mts. 302 Baltimore 
Long Caspar, laborer, 54 Johnson 
Long Mrs. Catherine, hat binder, 79 Ross 
Long Michael, laborer. Green Willow 
Long Conrad, shoemaker, 25 East 
Long Capt. Cornelius B. 53 Broadway 
Long Daniel, carter. West near Light 
Long David, laborer, 3 Myers's court 
Long George, painter, William, s of Warren 
Long George, engineer on rail road, 518 w Pratt 
Long Geo. B. superintendent chimnies 4 district, 76 Harford av 
Long H. K. justice of peace, 228 s Bond, dw 166 e Pratt 
Long Henry, ship carpenter, 75 Thames 
Long Henry, justice of peace, Bond, dw 157 e Pratt 
Long James, laborer, 141 n Eutaw 

LOK ^il tOV 

Lonor James J, flour jot. 139 n Howard, dw 160 Biddle 

Long John, carpenter, Argyle al. dw 71 Ann 

Long John, shoe maker, 51 Eastern- ar 

Long John, sawyer, 43 Eastern av 

Long John, cow keeper, Greenwillow 

Long John, tailor, 10 Baltimore 

Long Joseph C. com. mt. 74ft Bowly's wlif 

Long Levi, boot and shoe maker, basement Gity Hold, n Cal- 
vert, dw 91 Calvert 

Long Levi, painter, 6 York 

Long Levi, laborer, 167 Light 

Long Mrs. Mary, 171 n Gay 

Long Michad, laborer. Green Willow 

Long Samuel, boot maker, 35 South 

Long Samuel, carpenter, 189 Ann 

Long William, boot and shoe maker, 235 Broad wa^'" 

Long Capt. William P. mariner, 79 Gough 

Longcope Capt. William, 69 e Pratt 

Longley John, brick maker, 16 Gitlings 

Longley Samuel, clerk, 108 Pine 

Longnueses T. locksmith, 10 Water 

Loockerman Dr. T. G. dental surgeon, 24 n Gay 

Lopp Frederick, trader, 16 New 

Lorentz John G. coach and harness maker, 568 w Baltimore 

Loretz Jacob, cabinet maker, 212 n Chesnut 

Lorkin Wm. groc. & tea deal. 45 Centre M. space, dw lis High 

Lorman Alexander, merchant, s e cor. Charles and Lexington • 

Lorman John, drayman, 63 Caroline 

Lorman Joseph, dray master, 101 Eastern av 

Lorshbausrh Luther, cabinet maker, 85 e Fayette 

Lorton William, watchman, 250 Light 

Loskum Henry, waterman. Bethel 8t. near Canton av 

Loskum Jane, lower end Bethel 

Lotz George Frederick, shoe maker, 119 s Howard 

Louberry Isaac, clothier, 17 Lombard 

Loud Joseph, boarding house, 8'6 an I 90 n Charles 

Loudenburg Joseph, piano maker, 4"20 Pralt 

Loudenslager A. cigar box maker, 126 Low 

Lough & Fullerton, wholesale & retail dry goods mts, I63 Bait. 
dw 42 Calvert 

Loughran Mrs. Bridget, confectionery, 61 North 

Loughran M. tavern keeper, s w cor. South and Water 

Loughran Patrick, 76 n Canal 

Louk Conrad, 214 Bethel 

Loumoine Louisa, confectionery, 76 Bant 

Loupheimer Jacob, rag dealer, 287 Bethel 

Loupheimer Moses, rag dealer, 266 s Bond 

Lousean Francis, 23 Sarah Ann 

Love Henry, grocer and liquor dealer, 191 Fremont 

Love Miss Isabella, seamstress, 33 N»w Church 

Love Joseph K. boot and shoe maker, 69 Hanover, dw Lee w 
of Eutaw 

Love Martin & Co. gen. com. mts. 5 Exchanfre place 

Love R. Horace, firm L. Martin & Co. 81 St Paui 

Love Samuel O. printer. Concord near Pratt 

LOV 242 LUC 

Love Dr. Wm. S. physician and apothecary, d\v 92 Barre 
Loveday Charles T. 191 n Eden 

Lovegrove F. P. attorney, 7 Courthouse lane, dw 68 n High st 
Lovegrove James, book binder and stationer, agent for Spring 

Garden Fire Ins. Co. Phila. 23 s Calvert, dw 69 n High 
Lovegrove Thomas J. machinist and iron lijunder, E. Falls av. 

dw 14 Lloyd 
Lovejoy Abbot, clerk, 43 e Lombard 

Lovejoy Amos & Co. hosiery, gloves and yarn deals. 123 Bait. 
Lovejoy Samuel, hosiery, glove and trim, store, S3. n Howard 
Lovell Solomon, grocer, 80 Gough 
Lovner Thomas, tailor, 13 Park 
Low C. 380 n Gay 
Low Mrs. Sarah, 57 Forest 
Lowe Levi B. hatter, 68 Ann 
Lowe Thomas, laborer, 59 Montgomery 
Lowe Thomas W. printer, n w cor. Franklin and Fremont 
Lowe William, shoe maker, 214 Gough 
Lowe William L. commission mt. 3 e Pratt 
Lowman & Brother, dry goods dealers. He Baltimore 
Lowman Lawrence, 83 e Lombard 
Lownds James, cash. Chesapeak Bank, 156 n Exeter 
Lowry Edward, fisher, 31 Gif tings 
Lowry Francis, miller, 189 n Canal 
Lowry George N machinist, 91 Hollins 
Lowry Hugh, carter, 290 e Monument 
Lowry James, mariner, 50 Albemarle 
Lowry John, sawyer, 55 Albemarle 
Lowry John, ship carpenter. Register st. s of Bank 
Lowry John, painter, 128 e Orleans 
Lowry John, oyster dealer, 62 Lancaster 
Lowry Mrs. Mary, 24 Chesnut 
Lowry Mrs. Mary, 60 e Fayette 
Lowry Robert H. of Union Bank, dw 87 Camden 
Lowry William, clerk lOO Eastern av 

Lowlher James, carpenter, cor. 8t<jc-.kion al. and RaLorg si 
Lowther John, drayman, 282 n EutLvv 
Lowther VVilliam, machinist, 64 Fremont 
Luber John, tailor, 126 Stirling 
Lucas Major C. mariner, 76 William 
Lucas Charles Z. attorney at law, 19 North, dw corner Saratoga 

and St Paul 
Lucas Edward, shoe maker, 96 McElderry 
Lucas Fielding jr. bookseller, stationer and type founder, 170 

Baltimore, dw 53 Saratoga cor. St Paul 
Lucas Francis, butcher, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Lucas Mrs. Frances M. 256 Fayette 
Lucas Jacob, laborer, 63 Artryle al 
Lucas James, book and Job printer, 19 s Calvert st. cor. Lovely 

lane, dw 98 n Exeter 
Lucas Peter B, grocer, 188 s Caroline 
Lucas Peter, laborer, 38 Thames 

Lucas Sanil. brewer, cor. Hanover & Conway, dw 99 Hanover 
Lucas Thomas W. shoe maker, 130 Orleans 
Lucas W. S. & J. S. grocers, Harford a v. extended 

LUC 243 LYC 

Lucchesi F. professor of music, 64 Holliday 
Luckett J. H. firm Neal & Luckett, dw 127 n Charles 
Luckeit, Lee St White, dealers in boots, shoes, hats and bonnets, 

256 Baltimore 
Ludden Leml. imp. & hardw. mt. 301 w Bait, dw 73 n Liberty 
Ludekin J. P. saddle and harness maker, 449 Baltimore 
Ludley Mr. brick maker, Washington road, w side 
Ludlo'ff Jacob, 156 Alice Anna 
Ludwig Adam, tailor, 1 Paca 
Ludwig Andrew, blacksmith, 352 Saratoga 
Ludwiii; John, beer brewer, 28 e Pratt 
Lukes Jolin, conlectioner, 69 Camden 
Lumberson John, Clinton si. Canton 
Lumsden &Bro. grocers, 41 Cheapside 
Lumsden John, firm L. Sl Bro. dw 30 Albemarle 
Luke Francis, painter, 282 e Monument 
Lunt Mrs. Elizabeth, fancy goods dealer, 42 Hanover 
Luntz George, oak cooper, 275 Bethel 
Lunz John, Happy al. n of Lancaster st 
Lupton Mrs. Martha, 56 Pearl 
Lurman G. W. firm Oelricks & L. 63 Franklin 
Lusby Chas. W. & Co. auctioneers, 29 Hanover, dw 76 Exeter 
Lusby John D. carpenter, 119 Bank 
Lusby Misses, 63 Barre 
Lusby William, merchant tailor, 7 South 
Lusby William, gardner. Canton st. Canton 
Lusk John, carpenter, 73 s Eden 
Luskleet David, boiler maker, USMcHenry 
Lufhart Casper, laborer, 261 Canton av 

Luther Cliappel, 221 e Monument, see appendix for Churches 
Lutheran Chappel, Chesapeake st. Canton, do 

Lutheran Observer, Dr. Benj. Kurtz, editor, 258 Baltimore 
Lulls John F. proprietor of Bait, and Phila. House, 83 e Pratt 
Lulls John, jr. tinner, 22 w Pratt, dw w Pratt near Long dock 
Lutts Mrs. Elizabeth, cleaner kid gloves, 18 Sharp 
Lulus Jacob, laborer, 7 Harmony lane 
Lutz Charles, orocer, 107 n Eutaw 
Lutz Charles F'. E. tavern, 79 M'Elderry's wharf 
Lutz Charles, grocer & liquor dealer, 122 Sarah Ann 
Lutz Charles, ship joiner, 261 Eastern av 
Lutz John, shoe maker, 15 Fish Market space 
Lutz Johti, boarding house, Si s Calvert 
Lutz John, carpenter, 244 e Monument 
Lutz John, laborer, 13 Elizabeth al 
Lutz John, laborer, 72 Lancaster 
Lutz Nicholas, venitian blind maker, and house & sign painter 

116n Front, dw 150 
Lutz Valentine, agent, 383 Saratoga 
Lux Ciiarles, candle maker, Clinton st. Canton 
Lyburg Christopher,'fisher, 62 Cross 
Lycett Edward L. book binder, 211 Baltimore 
Lycett Edward, book binder, 3 n Liberty, dw 291 n Howard 
Lvdenberry Michael, shoe maker, 63 s Eutaw 
LyckhoffJohn, brewer, 30 Fell 
Ljeth John McFarren, marble cutter, 250 German 


Lyeth Samuel, carpenter, 532 Pratt 

Lylbrd Mrs. M. M. milliner, over 233 Baltimore, d\v 34 Conway 

Lyibrd William G. publisher Price Current &-c. dw Baltimore 

w of Charles, s side 
Lyle Jolin, raachiniul, 183 Liorht 
Lyle William, tailor, CO German 
Lyies Henry, ship smith, 139 Spring 
Lyles Henry, carpenter, Wine st. dw 116 Pearl 
Lyman William, carpenter, 24 Poppleton 
Lynch Mrs. Catherine, mui>ic teacher, 202 1-2 n Eutaw 
Lynch & Craft, paint, oil, &< com. store, 23 Cheapside 
Lynch Daniel, blaeksmilh, 143 n Eutavv, shop Joiin allev 
Lynch Daniel, carter, 258 s Charles 
Lynch Daniel, 85 Spring 
Lynch Eliza, Lloyd a I 

Lynch Henry, ship carpenter, 265 Canton av 
Lynch Hester, 218 Goui^h 
Lynch James, gas man, 4 Addison 
Lynch John, i^rucer and liquor dealer, 46 Cross? 
Lynch Matthias, laborer, 19 Shakspear 
Lynch Matthew, wire weaver, 43- n Frederick 
Lynch Mr«. Margaret, 24 Hillen 
Lynch Ts^icholas,,sair maker, 122 Gough 
Lynch Patrick, 151 Madison 
Lynch Mrs. Ruth, 375 n Gay 
Lynch Stephen, ship joiner, Pratt w of Ann 
Lynch Stephen, tailor, 2l Perry 
Lynd John, opposite Canton depot. Canton 
JLyon Emanuel, inventor masneiic powder, 112 w Pratt 
Lyon Richard H. carpenter, Boyd 
Lyon Robert, laborer, 194 n Exeier 
Lyons C. R. grocer and baker, 31 Perry 
Lyons Cornelius, grocer and liquor dealer, iS » Front 
Lyons Jacob, cabinet maker. 111 Lexington 
Lyons John, laborer, 106 Dugan's whf 
Lyons John, carpenter, 318 e Monument 
Lyons Matthew, tavern keeper, 54 Light 
Lyons Patrick, 5 Watson 

Lyons Doctor Rudolph, J. "herb doctor," 173 Louisiana 
Lyles H. firm Robert McFarlane 8t H. L. dw Spring 
Lytle R. A. watch and clock maker, 7 s Gay 

Maben Andreav, stone cutter, 266 e monument 

Mabin Miss Margaret, dress maker, 266 Monument 

Macauley Daniel, oak cooper, Napoleon al. dw 31 Pearl 

Maccreery Mrs. 98 Hanover 

Maccubbiti Henry W. draper and tailor, 75 E Paca 

M.iccubbin Aaron H. tailor, 140 Macuson 

Maccubbin C T. carpenter, 224 Aisquith 

Maccubbin Nelson, coach wheelvvrii^ht, 45 North, dwe Lombard 

Maccubbin Robert W. plane maker, 9 McClellan, dw 22 Fayette 

Maccubbiin Samuel, bru.>>h maker, 137 n Gay 

Maccubbin T. C. painter, Noith near Saratoga, dw 248 Aisquith 

Macdaniel John, blacksmith, 55 Forest 

Mace S. T. huckster, 42 e Fayette 

Mace William, founder, 84 Granby 

MAC 245 MAE 

Macfarland Rev. M. pastor St Mark's P. Epis. ch. 20 8 Liberty 

Machen Thomas, carpenter, 240 German 

Macher Benjamin, firna^oats & M, 63 Raborg 

Macher Jahn S. carpenter, 92 Conway, dvv 115 s Eutaw 

Macliert John, laborer, 190 Bonil 

Macilrov Thomas, commission mt. 77 Light st wharf 

Mackall Brian T. saddle, harness and trunk maker, 42 South st 
and 2 nnder Eutaw House 

Mackall Dr. Leonard, dental surgeon, 64 Saratoga 

Mackenheimer Frederick, grocer and liquor deal. 42 Park 

Mackenheimer Mrs. Jane, dairy, 62 CamdeH 

Mackenzie & Co. druggists, n e cor. Gay and Baltimore 

Mackenzie Dr. J. P. n w cor. Lexington and St Paul 

Mackenzie Dr. James S. 21 Lexington 

Mackenzie Thomas, importer Sc deal, in saddles, ironmongry &c. 
222 Baltimore, dw 93 n Charles 

Mackenzie Thomas G. firm McK. &. Co. dw 21 Lexington 

Mackey John, cabinet maker, 33S Mulberry 

Mickey Mrs. Mary 54 Forrest 

Mackin Bernard, carpenter, 33 Centre 

Mackin Mrs. Mary, 73 Jefferson 

Mackie Dr. James S. 327 Lombard 

Mackintosh Joseph, stonecutter, 169 Saratoga 

Mackintosh Joseph, of 'Wheatfield Inn," dw 219 Fayette 

Macklin Mrs. Mary, 30 Liberty al 

Macklin Mr. match manufaciurer, 172 Forest 

Mackolt' Peter, shoe maker, 5 New Church 

Maclea Samuel, printer, 55 n Frederick 

Maclemar John, dealer in Centre Market Arcade, dvv 22 Lloyd 

Macleod Airs. Richmond M. young ladies' institute, Franklin 
Square, Carey st 

Macneal Andrew L. carpenter,, cor. Concord and Hawk sts. dw 
240 e Fayeite 

Macneal & Brinkley, sail makers, 83 Bowly's wharf 

Macneal Lloyd, firm M. & Brinkley, dw 111 s Exeter 

Macomber Gideon, stone mason, 384 w Lombard 

Micotter Joseph, ship carpenter, 18 Lee 

Micpherson Samule Hour deal. 42 Coa)merce dw 137 Camden st 

Mactavish Hon. John, British cons^ul, 30 Second st. dw Cathe- 
dral St. s of Richmond 

Mactier Samuel, miller, Spear's wharf, dw 88 Franklin 

Madden Divid, machinist, 257 n Howard: 

Madden J. F. plaisierer, 104 Lee 

Madden James, Ibunirynjan, 86 Cross 

Ma Iden John, laborer,'2l3 B ddle 

Madden Thomas, bar keeper, 9 Camden lane 

Maddon Wm.. painter, 57 Pine 

Middox Charles, saw wheiter, Scott st of Columbia 

Maddox Charles T. clerk in Post Otfice, 59 St. Paul 

Maddox George W. blacksmith, 106 Cross 

Maddox Mrs. S. 232 e Pratt 

Maddox Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 12 Light st. dw Hollin^ 

Maddox Wm. ship carpenter, 255 Dallas 

Madison John, collar manuf. 91 Harrison st. dw 149 e Baltimore 

Msedviller John, laborer, 9 Canal 

MAE 246 MAH 

Mseis J. liquor shop, 8-4 Dou(^las3 

Mselliorn Michael, laborer, 8 Shakspear 

Maer John, shoe tiiaker, 90 s Howard 

Majrkt Fred, whip, cane and umbrella manuf. 45 s Liberty 

Maffei Angelo, variety store, 74 Pratt 

Malfitt Jolm N. lieut.' U. S. navy, 171 Park 

Magarity John S. carpenter, 262 n Gay 

Magee George A. mt. tailor, 205 Lombard st, dw Saratoga 

Magce James, grocery and liquor dealer, 10 Poppleton 

Magee John, dealer in furniture and hats, 45 n Eutavv 

Magee Mrs. Mary, 206 Gough 

Magee Thomas, ship carpenter, 206 Gough 

Mager Martin, blacksmiil), Lemmon st. e^of Shroeder 

Magers Ellas, tobacconist, 76 Pratt st. dw 36 Fawn 

Magers Geo. W. bookseller, 175 Louisiana st. dw 22 Josephine 

Magers Peier A. grocery, flour and feed dealer, 118 n Eutaw st. 
dw 76 George 

Magill Daniel, flour and feed store, 81 Pennsylvania av 

Magiil John, feed store, 11 York av 

Magill Patrick, feed dealer, 444 Baltimore 

Maginn & Co. liquor and cigar warehouse, 164 Lombard 

Maginn Michael, 52 Spring 

Maginnley James, clerk, 1 12 Cross 

Maginns James, 218 Franklin 

Magne Edwin, sup. steam cedar ware fact, dw Carpenter's al 

Magne Horace, steam eedar ware manuf. 384 w Pratt st. dw 17 
Carpenter's al 

Magness Benjamin, chair maker, 370 n Gay 

Magness Zacchariah, brick presser, Lee st. w of Eutaw 

Mager Augustus, tailor, 44 Clay 

Magotteii John, blacksmith, Register st n of Bank 

Magrath John, grocery and liquor dealer, 185 s Charles 

Magraw Jt)l)n, grocer, s e cor. Eutaw and Madison 

Magraw John, ashman, 76 n Canal 

Magraw John, laborer, 10 Holland 

MaLnaw R. M. prest. Bait. Sc Susq. R, R. dw 60 Franklin 

Magruder Hezekiah C. firm Griffith, Fitzgerald & M. dw Lom- 
bard St. 4 doors w of Penn st 

Magruder John R. com. mt. 125 Pratt st. dw 85 Camden 

Magruiler Mrs. Rebecca P. milliner, 23 n Howard 

Maguire James, baker, 91 Pine 

Maguire James L. coi>veyancer» cor.. Lombard and Charles ste. 
dw l5 Georae < 

Maguire Paiiick, weaver, 27 Biddfe ai' 

Maguire Patrick C. 141 French 

Maguire T. book agent, 21 Chatswortb 

Maguire Thomas, baker, 121 Saratoga 

Maguire Thomas, grocery and liquor dealer, 55 UnioB 

Maguire Wm. T. stioe maker, Regiater st s of Praii 

Mahan James, porter, 86 Eutaw 

Mahan James, lumber wagoner, Bethel st s of Pratt 

Mahan Patrick, laborer, 94 Dutrau's vvliarf 

Mahaney John, boak-binderj 52 Carpeuleir^s al. tiader^ w end 
Bank lane 

Mahle John, laborer, 133 Lerew*s al 

Mahlstead Samuel, laborer, 69 RichmoncI 

MAH 247 MAN 

Mahoney Woodford, shoe maker, 2-23 e Lombard 

Mahr John, boot and shoe maker, Penn. av n of Wilson st 

Muhr Peter, tavern, n e cor. Bond and Lancaster 

Mahin Hugh, laborer, 155 Holliday 

Mains Mrs. R. 20 Hillen 

Makenhamer Wm. tailor, 105 Fremont 

Makepeace Royal, 51 St. Paul 

Makibbin Jatnes G. firm Oliver & M. d\v 296i n Howaril 

Ma Ian Patrick, 3S Chesnut 

Malcom James, attorney at law, 27 Lexington st. dw 104 n Paca 

Malcom Peter, firm P. M. & Co. dvv Monument Square 

Malcom P. & Co. grain & flour mts. 1 Wood st. Bowly's vvhf 

Malcom Mrs. Peter, 17 n CaUert 

Malcot Joseph, brick maker, Washington road 

Male Free School of Baltimore, including female branch, Rev. 

T. Bassford and lady princip. Courtland st. near Pleasant 
Male Wm. failor, 124 Bond 
MallingckroJt W. imp. German goods, 31 s Charles st.up stairs, 

dw Madison av n of Hofl'man st 
MalloQ John, laborer, 202 1-2 [jexington 
Mallon John, block and pump maker, 69 South si. Bowly's whf. 

dw 44 Conway st 
Mallon Mrs. Julia A. "90 n Exeter 
Mallonee John, clerk, 156 Pearl 
Mallonee Mrs. Mary Ann, 235 Canal 
Malloy Mrs. Mary, 223 e Baltimore 
Malone John, guager, 133 n High 
Malone John, tavern keeper, 55 Thames 
Moloney Daniel, carpenter, H7 Ross 

Maloney Mrs. Johanna, dry goods &. trm.'deaL ]1 Harrison 
Maloney Jolin, carpenter, 135 n Paca 
Maloney John, carpenter, 39r3 w Lombard 
Maloy Charles, Forest Hall tavern, s e corner Bond and Bank 
Maloy Conrad, merchant tailor, 102 n Howard 
Manaca Jos. R. d"y goods deal. 227 Lexington st. dw 205 Pear^ 
Manaar Madam, 22 Spring 
Mandelbaum Getz, pedlar, 12! n Howard 
Mandelbaum Henry, clothier, 127 n Howard 
Mandelbaum Moses, clothier, 132 Franklin 
Mandler, John, shoe maker, 204 Ann 
Manely Thoma?, 95 Orleans 
Manilold Wm. 263 Monument 

Manke Frederick, grocer and liquor dealer, 285 s Charles 
Mankin Henry, com. ml. 16 Bowly's wharf 
Mankin Isaiah, agent l()r N. York packets, cor. Gay and Pratt 

sis, dw 27 n Calvert 
Manly Mrs. Bridget, trimmings dealer, 39 e Baltimore 
Manly John, livery stables keeper, Cowpen alley, near Eutaw St. 

dw 12 Paca 
Manly John, 72 Columbia 
Manly Stephen H. police officer, 272 Light 
Mann Ernest, firm Vogelar & M. dw 88 Granby 
Mann George, blacksmith, end Cambridge st 
Mann George, tinner, Granby st w of Guugh 
Mann John^ farrier^ 136 n Eutaw 

MAN 248 MAR 

Mann John J. iron deal. Canton, d\v Broadway n of Lombard st 

Mann Joseph R. candy and Ihiir dealer, 20 Liirht 

Mann Wni. senr. & Wrn. jr. upholsterers, dw 1 16 Camden 

Mann Wm. clock maker, 6 Chew 

Mann Wm. prop, livery stables, 16G n Howard 

Mannar James, shoe maker, 57Jerterson 

Manniiif]^ Alexander M. clerk, 230 Hanover 

ManniniT H. S. liutter depot, 40 Cairulen 

Manniiiir Joseph, firm A]. & Lee, dw 13 Mulberry 

Manninir J. C. firm M. & Lee, dw 3 Mulberry 

IManninoj Si, Lee, com. mts. 42 Lombard 

Manning Peter, drayman, 48 York av 

Mannincr Samuel, coal yard. West Falls av. office 74 Excbange 

Piace, dw 69 n Paca 
Mannuers Doctor Charles H. l25 Alice Anna 
Manroe Mrs. Rachel M. 123 Biddle 
Mans Frederick, stove and lock maker. 229 s Charles 
MansfielJ David, (rrocer, flour & leed mt. 194 Lexington market, 

dw 1S3 German 
Mansfield Mrs. R. 57 Caroline 
Manship Saniviel, mahoixany inspector, 68 s Paca 
Manson Mrs. Sarah, 151 'I'hames 
Mantler Georiie, butcher, 2S7 Biddle 
Maniz Alexander K. firm Kramer & M. dw 25 s Gay 
Mantz J\lrs. Henry, i^rocer and tea <iealer, 431 Baltmiore 
Marburg Cliristian, cabinetmaker, 43 s Liberty 
Marburg & Munday, imp. wines, brandies, cigars, &c. 30 Light 
Marburg Wm. A. tavern, U Light 

March xMrs. & Miss McNelly, dry goods dealers, 70 Hanover 
March Philip, carter, 99 Montgomery 
Marck Michael, cigar maker, 112 Ross 
Maieken Peter, laborer, G.Hughes 

Marckt Frederick, whip, cane and umbrella maker, 45 s Liberty 
Alarcusi Mrs. J. n)iHiner, 2 n Front 

Marden Jesse, balance manuf. cor. Charles and Balderston 
Marfield Mrs. Elizabeth, 76 Barre 
Margher Thomas, blacksmith, 266 Saratoga 
Marine Captain Wm. G. 103 n Caroline 

Maris Dr. Edwd. n e cor. Euiaw iit Saratoga sts.dw 43 n Clias. 
Maris Dr. Georire, 43 n Charles 
Mark Rev. Jahn H. 128 Madison 
Mark John L. hatier, 33 Euiaw 
Markal John, tailor, 10 Douirlass 
Marker Edward, carj)enter, 83 Paca 
Marker J*)hn, carpenter, 122 Pearl 
Market Stephen, wheelwriirhi. Canton depot 
Markland J. T. &l W. T. carpenters, 34S w Pratt St. dw J. T. 
Markland, 227| Fayette st. W. T. Markland, 229 Fayette 
Markland James H. shoe maker, s vv cor. Lexington & Ho\vai;d 
Markland Wm. T. clerk, 91 n Front 
Markland Wm.. clerk, 185 n Eden 
Marks Mrs. Elizabeth L. grocer, 193 Biddle 
Markson Nicholas, 264 Happy al 
Marlaad Wm. H. shoe maker, 185 OrleanSs ^ 

MAR 249 ' MAR 

Marley James R. bricklayer,: 14 Boyd 

Marley Richard, ladies' shoe maker, s ^ cor. Pearl St Franklin 

Marr James D. s e corner Lon)bard and Oregon 

Marr Lenox, oak cooper, 542 Vine 

Marr John, oak cooper, 197 Alice Anna 

Marpo Lewis, machinist, 148 s Paca 

Marriott Barz. clerk in custom house, d\v 172 s Paca 

Marriott Elisha J. moulder, 45 Poppleton 

Marriott, Frisby St Coghill, dry ^oods jobbers, 9 Hanover 

Marriott J. H. ladies' shoe maker, 84 e Fayette 

Marriott Richard, stone cutter, 407 Lexinirion 

Marriott Miss Sarah, dress njaker, 51 Mulberry 

Marriott T. D. ladies' shoe maker, 21 s Eutaw 

Marriott General Wm. H. collector of the port ol Ball. cor. Gay 

St and Exchan<re Place, dw 2G n Charles 
Marron Terrence, drayman, 87 Eastern av 
Marrow Cliarles, clerk, 1C3 Madison av 
Marrow Isaac, collector, 236 Franklin 
Marrs Louis, paver, 49 Buren 
Marsden Mrs. Aclisa, 167 Mulberry 
Marsden Mrs. Ellen, tailoress, 189 Madison av 
Marsden Evven, meal and flour dealer, Biddle st,near Cathedral 
Marsden James, carpenter, 31 Morris al 
Marsden John, carpenter, 167 Mulberry 

MarsellasMrs. Elizabeth J. ladies' shoe store, 140 Lexington 
Marsh Frederick, shoe maker, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 
Marsh Henry C. hatter, 118 Franklin st. dw 153 Saratoga 
Marsh Isaac, shoe maker, 164 Wolf 
Marsh James, carter, 116 Aisquith 
Marsh Joseph, sailor, 116 Aisquith 

Marsh Mrs. Rachel, boarding house, n e cor. Front & Ploughman 
Marsh Sydenham, cabinet maker, 39 Aisquith 
Marshal John L. blacksmilli, 214 e Baltimore 
Marshal's (U. S.) oifice, Court House lane, base. Masonic Hall 
Marshall E. J. sailor, 11 Jackson 
Marshall Elizabeth, Gough st w of Bethel 
Marshall Henry, stone mason, 84 George 
Marshall James B. shoe maker, 118 s Howard 
Marshall James, mariner, 87 Caroline 
Marshall Mrs. Jane, 3 Ross 
Marshall John, bulclier, 254 s Charles 
Marshall John, boot and shoe maker, 66 Pratt 
Marshall John, lottery and exchange office, 29 w Pratt st. dw 

81 s Greene 
Marshall John, cigar maker, 165 Canton av 
Marshall John L. last maker, 10 Exchg.Placejdw 20 Maiden lane 
Marshall Captain Levin, llSGough 
Marshall Mrs. Mary, 211 Happy al 
Marshall Philip S. mate,.Gough st e of Broadway 
Marshall Mrs. Sarah, 184 Light 

Marshall Mrs. Sarah, boarding house, 68 Exchange Place 
Marshall Solomon, laborer, 177 Bank 
Marshall Stephen, 226 Gf)ugh 
Marshall Thomas, carpenter, 374 w Lombard 
Marshall Wm, L. United States district attorney, 7 Courtland 

MAR 250^ MAR 

Marshall Wm. ship carpenter, 174 Light 

Marshall Wm. ship carpenter, 203 Woir 

Marston & Bro. importers china, glass & queensware, 308 Balto. 

Marslon Fredcderick W. firm M. & Bro. Fayette st. 2 doors 

w of Fremont 
Marston J. R. firm J. M. & Bro. Fayette st. e of Eutaw 
Marston Lincoln, dealer in china & glass ware, 41 Eutavr 
Marston Moses, china and confectionary, 314 w Pratt 
Mariain Wm. clerk P. office, 9 Constitution 
Martiacq Mrs. Susan, boardijis house, cor. Bond & Thames sts. 
Martien Jacob, carpenter, 30 Pearl 
Martil Peter, grocer, 196 Alice Anna 

Martin Abraham, keeper, " Rising Sun" tavern, 74 n High 
Martin Andrew, firm M. Si.Whelan,4 Seminary court 
Martin Ashton A. clerk. Bond st. s of Pratt 
Martin C V. firm Love, Martin & Co. 18 e Fayette 
Martin Charles V. firm M. & Vallette, dw 18 e Fayette 
Martin Culberston pattern maker, 202 Saratoga 
Martin David, collector & stove agent, 8 8 Liberty st. dw 288 

Fayette st 
Martin David G. firm M. & Hobson, 243 w Fayette 
Martin David A. cotton yarn dealer, 21 German st. dw 288 w 

Fayette st 
Martin Edward, edge tool maker and blacksmith, 509 w Balto. 
Martin Edward J. fruiter and confectioner, 175 Franklin 
Martin Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 104 Fremont 
Martin Mrs. Frances, band box maker, 7 Mercer 
Martin Frederick, tavern, 29 Shakspear 
Martin Dr. G. T. 18 Greene 

Martin Geo. A. confectioner and fruiterer, 72 Pratt, dwS3 Fawn 
Martin Geo. collector, 96 Hollins 
Martin Geo. ornamental, 65 s High 
Martin Dr. Geo. S. firm M. & Whitely, 18 Greene 
Martin Henry, baker, 272 s Charles 
Martin Hugh, grocer and liquor dealer, 331 Mulberry 
Martin & Hobson, flour & produce commission merchants, s w 

cor. Baltimore and Eutaw sts 
Martin Humphrey, laborer, 447 Lombard 
Martin Isaac, chair maker, .4 s Caroline 
Martin Rev. J. S. 15 Aisquith 
Martin J. bricklayer, 234 n Eden 
Martin J. cabinet maker, 33 Paca 
Martin Jacob, vinegar maker, 164 s Paca 
Martin Jacob F. merchant tailor, 77 North 
Martin James, cabinet maker, 92 Orleans 
Martin John, 105 s Howard 

Martin John, firm Matthews & Martin, dw 11 Mercer st 
Martin John, last maker, 67 York 
Martin John M. shoemaker, 193 Light 
Martin John, fisher, Washington 
Martin John, omnibus driver, 128 Franklin 
Martin John, ladies' shoemaker, 36 Ross 
Martin John, tailor, dyer and scourer, 189 Conway 
Martin John H. T. last maker, 540 s Eutaw, dvr 67 York 
Martin John, 74 s High 

MAR 251 MAS 

Martin John, box maker, 11 Mercer 

Martin John, keep furniture carriaojes, 121 Pine 

Martin Joseph, china dealer, Baltimore St. dw 159 Fayette 

Martin Joseph, cabinet maker, 2 Clay 

Martin Joseph, carpenter, Scott st. near McHenry 

Martin Josiah, laborer, 2 Guilford alley 

Martin Luther, sawyer, 4 X alley 

Martin Marriot, clerk R. Road, 105 Lee 

Martin Mrs. Mary M. washer, 17 s Front 

Martin Mr. butcher, rear ol Fairmount 

Martin Nathaniel, cooper, 14 East 

Martin Patrick, laborer, Dover st. w of Fremont ; 

Martin Paul, confectioner, 62 Lexington 

Martin Philip, boot maker, 56 Hill 

Martin Robert, driver, 314 Franklin 

Martin Samuel, shoemaker, 163 Hollins 

Martin Samuel, turner, 17 s Eutaw 

Martin Samuel, ci<]jar maker, 37 Perry 

Martin Dr. Samuel B. 141 e Pratt 

Martin Dr. S H. 139 e Pratt 

Martin Mrs. Sarah, 196 e Pratt 

Martin Simon, crrocer, leed & liquor dealer, 193 Sharp 

Martin Smith, cabinet maker, J 75 Conway 

Martin Mrs. Susan, quilter, 57 Ross 

Martin Mrs. Susanah, 9 Lovely lane 

Martin Thomas, clerk, 28 n Front 

Martin Thomas, cii^ar maker, Henrietta st e of Howard 

Martin Thomas, 123 Low 

Martin Thomas, fisher, 54 L. Hughes 

Martin & Vallette, tea dealers & trrocers, 88 Baltimore 

Martin Vansonia, bricklayer, n e cor. Gibson and Rose sts 

Martin & Whelan, house, sign and ornamental painters, 79 

Mulberry st 
Martin &t Whitely, wholesale druggists, 46 s Calvert 
Martin William, band box maker, 11 Park 
Martin Wm. engineer, li7 Spring 
Martindale David, oyster dealer, 136 Eastern avenue 
Martinet Charles F. pattern maker, 78 William 
Martineu Mrs. Vesta, lailoress, 204 Lexington 
Martino Wm. ])ainter, 25 Perry 
Marton James, laborer, 29 n High 
Martz Laurence, glass blower, 26 Lancaster 
Marvel Ephraim, laborer, 82 Lee 

Mayre Geo. T. firm Marriot, Mayre & Co. dw 104 n Eutaw 
Maryland Chemical Works S. & P. T. Ellicott F. Hill 
Md. Soap Stone Works, H, W. Robbins & Co.S76-'78 w Pratt 
Mash Wm. wood sawyer, 287 s Charles 
Mask Charles W. carpenter, 15 Spring court 
Mask Isaac G. tailor, 303 Fayette 
Mason A. sail maker, 58 Holland 
Mason Albert, coach trimmer, 33 Preston 
Mason Charles, huckster, 218 e Monument 
Mason Edward, butter dealer, I4l Madison 
Mason James D. firm R. M. & Bro. 43 s High 
Mason Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Fremont st 

MAS 152 IVfAT 

Mason John, clerk, 12 Pearl 

Mason Mrs. Julia A. fancy rrooda dealer, 23 Ensor 
Mason Lewis, laborer, 31 Guilford alley- 
Mason Lulher W. music leachef, 116 s Hio;h 
Mason Miss Mary, 285 Fayette 

Mason Mrs. Mary, tavern, junction Howard and Cathedral sts. 
Mason Mrs. Miranda, 270 Franklin 
Mason R. & Bro. biscuit and crackers manufacturers, 98 Pratt 

dw ol'R. M. 90 Eastern avenue 
Mason R. C. baker, dw 25 s Hifjh 
Mason Randolph, carpenter, 270 Franklin 
Mason Thomas, carpenter, 195 Orleans 
Mason Wesley, clerk, 273 s Charles 
Mason William, hatter, 115 n Howard 

Mason Wm. & Son, greneral commission merchants and manu- 
facturers, 88 Spear's wharf, dw W. M. 107 Park st. 
Masonic Hall, corner St. Paul st. and Courthouse lane 
Mass George, carpenter, 106 Camden 
Mass Samuel, hardware. dealer and manufacturer of cedar ware 

and brooms, 245 w Pratt 
Mass Samuel jr. cedar cooper, Henrietta 
Massar John, baker, 200 e Fayette 
Massey Mrs. Mary Ann, seamstress, 130 Lerevv'a alley 
Massey Nathan, machinist, 207 Hanover 
Massey Dr. Wm. R. 74 Lexington 
Massicoit Mrs. Catharine E. 52 Albemarle 
Masson A. sail maker, 58 Holland 
Masterman C. A. baker, 217 n Exeter 
Masterson Charles, sail cloth weaver, 17 Penn. avenue 
Masterson Mrs. Mary, 21 Biddle 
Matchee John, fireman, glass house, McHenry st 
Matchett James, mariner, 297 s Charles 

Matcheit Richard J. book and job printer and publisher of 
"The Baltv). Director," over cor. Gay & Pratt st£. dw 28 
n Frederick st 

Matei William, boot and shoe maker, 197 Bond 

Malhaney Daniel, pilot, 74 s Caroline 

Mathaney James, watchman, Lombard, w of Caroline 

Mathers Mrs. Mary, 34 n Exeter 

Mathew John, tavern keeper, 19 Lombard 

Matthew Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Stirling 

Matthews Mrs. Susan, 128 n Eutaw 

Mathiot Augustus G. 8c Co. fancy dry goods dealers, 27 n Gay 

Mathiot A. & J. B. chairmakers, 27 ri Gay 

Mathiot Elizabeth, 82 s High 

Mathiot Geo. mathematical instrument maker, 120 e Lombard 

Mathiot Isaac, blacksmith, 449 Baltimore 

Mathiot John B. firm of A. & J. B. M. dw 173 Aisquilh 

Matlack Richard C. dw 7 Lexington 

Matson Joseph, drayman, 297 e Monument 

Mailhaei Henry F. grocer and liquor dealer, 96 Block 

Mattheson John, carpenter, 399 w Pratt 

Matthew John C. blacksmith, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

Matthews Mrs. Ann, store keeper, 142 s Howard 

Matthews Charles, laborer, Wills n of Philpo' 


Matthews David, engineer at Murray and Hazlehurst's Ibundry 

17 G.Hughes 
Matthews George H. firm M. & Hayghe, dw 356 Fayeite 
Matthews George, shoemaker, €7 Richmond 
Matthews & Hayghe, carpenters, 566 w Baltimore 
Matthews Isaac, firm M. St Martin, dw 304 w Fayette 
Matthews J. receiver ol goods on storage, 107 McElderry's wbf 
Matthews J. K. shoemaker, 169 Madison 
Matthews James, ladies' shoe maker, 46 1-2 Saratoga 
Matthews John, 234 Madison av 
Matthews Joseph B. firm M. & Shaw, 109 Mortument 
Matthews Joseph, firm of Thomas M. & Sou., dw 22 n Front 
Matthews Joshua, 100 n Hig/i 
Matthews Joshua, vinegar maker, 107 McElderry's whf. dw 125 

n Exeter St 
Matthews & Martin, carpenters, 15 Grant 
Matthews Nicholas, stone cutter, 167 Madison 
Matthews Owen, laborer, 20 Centre 
Matthews Owen F, cedar cooper, 153 Raborg 
Matthews & Shaw, wholesale dry goods mts. 273 Baltimore 
Matthews Thomas R. & Co, com. mts. 10 Bowly's wharf 
Matthews Thomas & Son, lumber mts. cor. E. Falls & Canton 

avenues, dw T. M. 100 n High 
Matthews Thomas J, millwright, Stiles e of Exeter 
Matthias John A. dry goods mt. 147 Lexington 
Mattingly George &■ Co. carpet manf. and dealer, 23 Granby 
Mattingly Mrs. Jane B. milliner, 28 e Baltimore 
Mattingly John, 74 G. Montgomery 
Mattison Capt. John J. 125 e Pratt 
Matze John, laborer, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Matz Philip, wheelwright, 82 Harrison 
Maudtr Charles F. baker and confectioi^r, 27 s Liberty 
Maudrich Henry, dry goods dealer, 8 C. Market 
Maughlin William, carpenter, 24 Aisquith 
Mauglin Wm. W. firm Lapouraille & M. dw 24 Aisquith 
Maul Mrs, E. dress ana habit ni.-iker, lol c Fayeii;; 
Maul Frederick, turner, over 9 Baiiiiuore 
Maulsby D. L. grocer, 13 n High 
Maulseed John laborer, 222 Lexington 
Maund Mrs. M. 314 Lexington 

Maund R. G. firm VVaesche & Maund, dw 314 Lexington 
Maund Doctors M. &. Pierce, 327 Lexington 
Maureau Madam Louisia, 132 n Paca 
Maurer Christian, oak cooper, 140 Thames 
Maurer H. carpet weaver, 95 Low 
Maurer John H. confectioner, 104 n Howard 
Maurer Joseph, laborer, 95 Peirce 
Maurer Lenhard, shoemaker, 191 Ann 
Maurer Paul, 206 Mulberry 
Maxwell Alexander, stone cutter, 129 Biddle 
Maxwell Alexander, importer of shoe thread and garden seeds, 

9 Ensor st 
Maxwell David, stone cutter, cor. Eulaw and Saratoga sts. dw 

273 n Howard 
Maxwell Geo. machinist, Washington &t n ol Eastern avenue 

MAX 254 McA 

Maxwell Geo. machinist, 180 Washington st. Canton 

Maxwell John W. sione cutter, 34 n Calvert 

Maxwell Miss Mary L. silk fringe manufacturer, 66 Lexin^rton 

Maxwell Robert, machinist Washinf^ton st. n of Eastern avenue 

Maxwell Wm. 2d hand, furuiture slore, 115 n Front 

May Adam, Happy alley n of Lancaster st 

May Calmuck, tailor, \S1 Bond 

May Edward, carpenter, Cross alley, dw 160 Franklin st 

May Frederick L. <:;rocer and provision dealer, 73 Fremont 

May James A. chairmaker, 120 Fayette 

May James, drayman, 32 Falls st 

May James & Dominick, dancing academy, dw 111 e Fayette 

May Mrs. M. B. portrait painter. 111 e Fayette 

May Solomon, huckster, 227 n Canal 

May William, blind maker, 537 w Lombard 

Mayberry John, laborer, Scott st n of Columbia 

Maybury Thomas, lime and hair dealer, 27 n Greene 

Mayd Frank, machinist, 84 Lee 

Maydwell John, constable, 94 Hill 

Mayer Brantz, attorney at law, 2 Courlland st. dw 147 Biddle 

Mayer Charles F. attorney at law, 2 Courtland, dw 37 Franklin 

Mayer David, dry goods dealer, 187 n Gay 

Mayer Frederick, dry goods dealer, 85 Howard 

Mayer Frederick, clothier, 168 vv Pratt st. dw 85 s Howard 

Mayer, Lewis, cabinet maker, 27 Paca 

Mayer Michael, tavern keeper, 48 Park 

Miiyes G. W. grocer, 52 French 

Mayes Robert, stone mason, 168 Madison 

Mayfield John, clerk, 488 w Baltimore 

Mayfield Sarah, milliner, 488 w Baltimore 

Mayger Richard, firm M. &, Washington, dw 79 c Pratt 

Mavger & Washington, machinists and engineers, 21 s Front 

Mayhew Wm. E. firm Miller & M. 14 Cathedral 

May hew Wm. E. president Farmers' &- Planters' Bank, s e cor. 

Franklin and Paik sts. ofHce 1 German 
Maynard James A. currier and k-allicr dealer, 21 Cheapside,dw 

l42 e Monument 
Maynard R. F. firm Roht. Sinclair jr. & Co. dw 61 Sharp 
Maynard Samuel & Co. lottery venders, s w cor. Bait. & Liberty 
Maynard Wm. house carpenter, 12 Hill 
Mayo John, tavern, 67 Hariover 

Mayo Simon, Bait. &- Ohio R. Road office, 23 Hanover 
Maypole Tobias, tin and sheet iron worker, 2l9 Hanover 
McAcham, Geo, carpenter, Lombard st. w ol" Poppleton 
McAdovv Andrew, laborer, 87 Boyd 
McAleer Mrs. Ann, tavern, 188 Lexington market 
McAleer John, patent lever lock maker, bell tianger, &c. 101 

Harrison st. dw 12Buren st 
McAleese Archibald, 122 Saratoga 
McAleese Mrs. Martha E. grocer and liquor dealer, n w corner 

Canton avenue & Caroline st 
McAleese Mrs. Phoebe 57 Granby 
McAllester Mrs. Elizabeth, 193 n Exeter 
McAllister Archibald, groeer feed dealer, 109 Albemarle 
McAllister Mrs, C, milliner, 191 Chesnut 


McA. 255 McC 

McAllister Daniel, miilwright, 35 Booth st 

MeAllister Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 64 Hiilen 

McAllister John, fisher, opposite Canton bridge Canton 

McAllister John, 191 Chesnut 

McAllister Mrs. Mary, 361 n Gay- 
McAllister Peter, carpenter, Orchard st n of Ross 

McAllister Capt. Richard, 55 Granby 

McAllister Robert A. shipping master. Bond st. d\v 184 Wolf 

McAllister Wm. 62 Holland 

McAllister Wm. H. sail maker, Light st wharf, dw31 Colunabia 

McArdel Mrs. Rose, 40 n Front 

McAvoy Mrs. Elizabeth, 54 Mulberry 

McAvoy Francis, dry goods & clothing, 686 w Baltimore 

McBlair Lloyd Goodwin, 14 1-2 Mansion House, Fayette st 

McBlair Michael, United States appraiser, office s e cor. Gay & 
Lombard, dw 143 Park 

McBride Jnmes, Chester st. Canton 

McBrieiy William, ladies' shoe maker, s e cor. High Sc Balti- 
more, (\w 6 Watson 

McCabe George VV. clerk, 254 Mulberry 

McCabe Henry, clerk, 97 e Lombard 

McCabe John, 155 n Exeter 

McCabe M. dry goods merchant, 276 Biddle 

McCabe Michael, laborer^ 3 Hume 

McCabe Michael, laborer, 30 Tyson 

McCabe N. laborer, 3 Hume 

McCabe Thomas, laborer, 99 Spring 

McCafferty Miss Ai^n, dry goods dealer, 161 Hanover 

McCalferty Arthur, bonnet presser* 89 Lexington 

McCafferty John, 8S n Front 

McCafferty Mrs. dry goods dealer, 163 Hanover 

McCafferty Miss Mary, dry goods dealer, 79 n Howard 

McCafferty William, bricklayer, 14 East 

McCaffrey Henry, 45 French 

McCaffrey Mrs. Jane, 68 C. Market 

McCaffrey Mrs. Mary, 45 French 

McCafirey Patrick, market trader, 22 Clay 

McCaffrey Thomas, 147 s Eden 

McCahan Geo. carpenter, 346 Pratt, dw 115 Lombard 

McCahan Danl. plumber, 115 McElderry's whf. dw 274 e Bait. 

McCahey James, house and sign paint. & glazier, 211 n Canal 

McCall Hugh, laborer, e end G. Hughes 

McCall John, 291 e Monument 

McCall Hugh, Jackson Tavern keeper, 59 s Frederick 

McCall Lawrence, laborer, 318 Cross 

McCall Owen, drayman, cor. Holliday and Centre 

McCall- Patrick, carter, 65 Chew 

McCall Robert, shoe maker, 38 Burgundy al 

Mcllister James, clerk, 24 George 

McCammon John, weaver. Harmony lane 

McCan David, j^rocer and liquor store, cor. Fremont St German 

McCandless George, firm McC. & Gardner, 78 North 

McCane Patrick, weaver, 37 Preston 

McCane William H. clerk, Gravel alley 

McCann Charles, 91 Mulberry 

McC 256 McC 

McCann Daniel, o^rocer &- tea dealer, s e cor. Pearl St Saratoga 
McCann Edward, painlcr, 202 Mulberry 
McCaiin Henry, teacher No. 8 Public School, 74 Perry 
McCann Henry, artisl^ Carroll Hall, 84 Pearl st 
NcCann Michael, laborer, 4l7 w Pratt 
' McCann Thomas, tavern and grocery, 106 Dugan's whf. 
McCann Sarah, 2-24 Bethel 

MCann William, coach and harness maker, 3 s Frederick 
McCanner Felix, lea dealer, 295 e Mojiument 
McCanney John, (rrocer and liquor deAler, lOl Saratoga 
McCanno'n Mrs. Maiilda C. 'Pa la Alto House," 10 St Paul 
McCardel James, halter, J7 L. Sharp 

McCardel John, aLn'icultural implement maker, 59 Mulberry 
^IcCardle Mich. J. groc,& liquor deal. cor. Howard &, Camden 
McCarrier Mrs. 179 w Monument 

McCarron Patrick, grocer and liquor store,'cor. Mercer & Grant 
McCart Mrs. N. 99 York av 
McCartney Charles, trader, 22 Front 
McCartney Patrick, laborer, Cathedral n of Richmond 
McCarty Charles, trader, \6 s Ftont 
McCarty Jeremiah, watchman, 109 Peiree 
McCarty William, laborer, io5Cjiesnut 
MCaslin Andrew, weiiiher in Custom House, 38 Bank 
McCaslin Robert, shoemak-'^r, 61 Henrietta 
McCaul Patrick, carter, 65 Chew^ 
McCauley Richard, laborer, 54 L. Hughes 
McCauley William, moulder, 160 Ann 
McCauley William L. boot and shoe maker, 1)3 &- *5 Lomba-r J, 

dw 44 Penn 
McCaully John, watchman, Gay, w of Eulaw 
McCauly Absalom, oak cooper, 384 Saratoga 
McCausland James, 262 Saratoga 
McCave Henry, clerk, 97 e Lombard 

McCay Mrs. Jane, keep. Union Holel,. s e cor. Bond & Thames 
McCeney Mrs. Caroline, milliner, 109 Baltimore 
McCeney Mrs. Elizabeth, 152 n Front 
McClain Samuel, drayman, 199 n Exeter 
McClanahan James, laborer, 53 Hampstead 
McClaney Thomas, clerk, 82 n Dallas 
McClary'Andrew, laborer, 109 Harford av 
McClaskey Alfred, huckster, 21 Chesnut 
McClaskey John, 143 Aisquith 
McCIa^key Mrs. Rebecca, 20 McElderry 
McClaskey Samuel, liuckster, 102 Jefferson 
McClasky William, car;)enter, 179 Raborj» 
McClatchie Miss Priscilla, n)illiner & dress maker, 143 Caroline 
McClatchey William J. carpenter, 86 Bank 
McClatchy John, carter, 137 Hollius 
McClean Jacob, blacksmith, 16 G. Hughes 
McCleary Mrs. Julia, boarding house, 45 G. Hughes 
McClcary Robert, 25 Granby 

McClees'ter & Herrinj?, paper hangers, upholsterers &c. 80 Bait. 
McCleester John, drayman, 82 Ann 
McClellan Andrew, shoemaker, 2 L. Paca 
McClelian Edward, salesman, 4 St Mary*s 8t 

McC 257 McC 

McClellan George, blacksmith, 28 Boyd 

McClellan John, baker, Beaufort lane 

McClellan Mrs. Margaret, s e cor. Wolf St. & Canton av 

McClelland Carey, hog dealer, 75a Baltiniore 

McClelland William, blacksmith, 177 e Lombard 

McClellen Rufus C. steward at Barn^im's, 4 House's Court, 

s Charles st 
McClenahan Patrick, laborer, 43 Eastern av 
McClenahan William, teacher, 49 Broadway 
McClennan Benjamin, blacksmith, 104 L. Greene 
McClennahan Reuben, finishing engineer, 14 Lee 
McClernan John, collector and property agent, 90 Ross 
McClintock John, livery stables keeper, dw Hi Lexington 
McClintock Matthew, grocer, 137 Orleans 
McCloskey Mrs. Bridget, tavern, 222 Lexington 
McCloy Mrs. Jane, 236 e Pratt 
McClure John, boot and shoe maker, 34 Ensor 
McCIure Richard, carpenter, 11 Grant, dw 171 Pearl 
McClure Richard, Leek & Co. dw 171 Pearl 
McClusky James, laborer, 10 Rose 
McClyment & Duncan, coal yard, W. Falls av 
McClyment William, dw 35 Fawn st 
McCobb William, n Chesnut 
McColgan Bernard, 11 Second st. up stairs 
McColgan John Charles & Patrick, grocer & liquor dealer 8 

McColgan Rev. Edward, pastor St Peter's ch. cor. Poppleton & 

McColgan John & Charles, firm J. C. & P. McC. 121 n Calvert 
McColgan Michael, 166 e Lombard 
McColgan Mr. grocer and liquor dealer, 78 Holliday 
McColl William, grocer and liquor dealer, 62 Ross 
McCollom William, drayman, 32 Rock 
McCollum William & Co. proprietors of Swan tavern, cor. Eu- 

taw and Franklin 
McColm Matthew, chair maker, 54 South 
McColm Mrs. Sarah, 60 Aisquith 
McComas A. brick maker, 109 Hollins 
McComas Albert, tailor, 155 n Canal 
McComas Alexander, gun, rifle and pistols smith, 51 s Calvert, 

dw 178 eFayetie 
McComas Mrs. A.* crockery & liquor store,, corner Light and 

McComas Aquilla, bricklayer, 422 w Lombard * 
McComas Corbin Lee, pitierii maker, McHenry w of Fremont 
McComas Ellen, mantua maker and dry goods dealer, 496 Bait. 
McComas Henry G. mariner, Hollins near Fremont 
McComas James,, carpenter, 124 Raborg 
McComas Mrs. L. dress maker, 222 e Fayette 
McCom'as Mary Ann, 3 s Exeter 
McComas Nickolas, gun smith, 222 e Fayette 
McComas Nicholas D. merchant tailor, 146 Madison 
McComas Nicholas A. gun smith, L )mbard e of Caroline 
McComas Robert, bricklayer, 30 Oregon 
McComas Mrs. Sarah, 83 n Paca 

McC 258 McC 

McConias Wm. K. carpenter. Wine, tlw HoUina near Fremont 
McConkey James St Co. ^rocers and general commisson mis. 

87' &. '9 Bowly's wharf, South st 
McConkey James, firm J. McC. & Co. d\v 35 Stiles 
McConkey Mrs. Mary, 50 s Exeter 
McConkey Mrs. Mary, 257 Ann 

McConkey William, firm Wiiitely, McC. & Co. 128 Park 
McConn Patrick, lahorer, 8 Run al 

McConn Richard, grocer Si. flour mt. 137 n Howard, d\v 183 
McConn William, macliinist, 2 Seminary lane 
McConnell Sc Co. wholesale & ret. dry croods mts. 157 Baltimore 
McConnell David, carpenter, 119 Mulherry 
MfConnell Mrs. Elizabeth, 188 n Hit/h^ 
McConnell John, cabinet maker, 07 n Exeter 
M'Ctinnikin Daniel, chair maker, 32 Hanipstead 
McConnoily Patrick, millwright, 94 Holliday 
MrCord Patrick, "JO Foot at." near Spring'^st 
McCormack Thomas, 241 Happy al 
McCormick Mrs. Ann, 160 e Monument 
McCorniick Mrs. Dorcas, 140 Fremont 
McCormick Francis, laborer, 239 Alice Anna 
McCorniick HuirJ!, laborer, 24 Hillcn 
M(.Cormick James O. dry goo-.Js dealer, l47 n Gay 
MrCi^rnjick James, tavern and oyster house, 18 Park 
McCormick James, bar keeper, 24 N. Church st 
McCormick John, porter at Fountain Inn, 92 Holliday 
MrCormick John, watchman, Lombard st. eol'Argyle al 
MrCoimick Mrs. Matgaret, dress maker, 157 Alice Anna 
McCormick Mrs. Mary Ann, 156 n Front 
McCormick Mrs. Rose, 30 New Church 
McCormick. Samuel, ship carpenter, 221 Alice Anna 
M'Cormick Thontas, ladies' shoemaker, 40 n Gay 
McCormick W. H. primer, 103 n Eden 
McCi-rmick William, laborer, 46 Guillord al 
McCosker Daniel, 294 Canton av 
McC(')ud D^ivid. shoemaker, York w of Howard 
McCoid Geo. C. cab maker & undertaker, l4l Sarato^a>dw 139 
McCourt A. grocer,.corner Gay and Front sts. dw" 181 n High 
McCourt James, carter, 164 East 
McCourt Jatnes, carpet weaver, 66. Granby 
McCt)urt John, grocer, 220 Gwugh 
McCoy Alexander, irlass cuUer, 65 York 
McCoy Da.iiel, tavern keeper, Golden Horse, n w cor. Howard 

& Franklin 
McCoy r)aiii<>l, ixrooer and liq'ior dealer, 98 Fayette 
McCoy Edward, fisher, 9 Granby 
McCoy Mrs. Eliz ibeth, seamstress. 3-; New &t 
McCoy James, butcher, 876 w Rdt'imore 
McCoy Major S- travelling dry fjtxxls mt. 92.Peari 
McCoy Stephen, carpenter, 28 n Eien 

McCoy William, carpenter. Chapel st. runs s \t from Penn.av 
McCracken — -- — , cabinet maktr, 7 Jefti.rsv)a 
MoCraken James, 70 Orleaus 
McCraken James, carter, Sharps ofHenrietta 
MoCrakea James, jr. wea.ver, 70. Orleans . 

McC 259 Mk:D 

McCraken John, wood jobber, 132 Conway 

McCrae Roderick, distilJer, 41 n Frederick 

McCready George, wheelwright, 45 Hanover 

McCreery Georire,. carpenter, 238 Light 

McCright DaviJ, grocer and teed dealer, 203 Hanover 

McCroden James, teacher, No. 3 Public School, dw extreme 

of n Gay 
McCroden Mr." carpenter, 113 St Paul 
McCubbin Aaron H. tailor, 140 Madison 
McCubbin D. house and sign painter, 5 Henrietta 
McCubbin James, found ryman, 315 Mulberry 
McCubbin Joshua, 137 French 
McCubbin Mrs, Mary A. 185 East 
McCubbin N. tailor, Baltimore, dw 89 n Eden^ 
McCubbin Samuel, brush maker, 185 East 
McCubbin T. C. house, sign and ornamental painter, 42 Nonh. 
McCubbin Wm. H. painter, 185 East 
McCulloch Mrs. Elizabeth, 121 Pearl 
McCulloch Dr. H. G. corner Broadway and Baltimore 
McCullogh John & Co. provision dealers, Lombard e of South 
McCulloh Dr. James H. president Bank Baltimore, 87 Fayette 
McCulloh John S. attorney at law, 19 North st. 51 n Calvert 
McCullough Mrs. Jane,. dress ni'^ker, 146 Mulberry 
McCully Wm. boiler maker, 4 Warren' 
McCurdy 8amnel, huckster, 80 Orleans 
McCurdy Sanmel, huckster, 16 Hull lane- 
McCurley Felix, grocer, flour and feed dealer, 737 Baltimore 
McCurley John, variety dealer, 740 Baltimore St. dw 742 
McCurley Wm. 750 Baltimore 

McCurlv Jas. coach manuf. 21 n Liberty st. dw 20 New Church. 
McCusi^^er Patrick, 170 Wolf 
McCutchan Gtforge, wood trader, 77 Hill 
McCutohan, James, pahiter, 179 Sharp 

McDaniel , coachman, 3 Hamilton 

McDaniel, Wm. huckster, ll2 Dugan's wharf 

McDermot Dermot, laborer, 2-3 Carpentei's al. rear 

McDermot John, oak cooper, dw 58 PhilpoX 

McDermot Miss Jane, 20^ e Pratt 

MrDermot Mary, 120 s High 

M'^Dermot Owen, laboier, 134 HollicTay 

McDermot Thomas, tailor, 83 Union 

McDermot Wm. Ti attorney at law, 12 Lexington 

McDevitt James, keeper 'Friendship Hotel,' 8 McClellan sf 

McDevift John, laborer, 116 e Fayette 

McDonald Alexander, cellar-digger, 179 n Eu*aw 

McDonald C. S. & Co. lottery venders, s e corner BaUimore sfe 

and Centre Market Space, dw 14 s Calvert 
McDonald Charles, meal dealer, 174 York a v: 
McDonald Charles, tavern, 47 n Pacn 
McDonald David, watchman, 50 Plillpolr 

McDonald Doiiald, apothecary &, druur. n e cor; Hiajiover 8t H'lll 
McDonald Donald, shoemaker, 81 n Exeter 
McDonald Henry S. constable, 115 s Eden- 
McDonald James,, mariner, 18 Thanies 
McDonald James, pedlar, 51 Hampstead 

McD 260 McE 

McDonald James, orrocery and liquor store, 66 s Eutaw 

McDonald James, smith and farrier, 4 Lombard st. dw 1 

McDonald Mrs. Jane, 21 Second 

McDonald Mrs. Jane, liquor store, 25 Second 

McDonald John F. 147 Saratotja 

McDonald John, shoemaker, 292 Mulberry 

McDonald Lawrence, (grocery and liquor store, 29 s Paca 

McDonald Capt. Mich. insp. customs, Broadway n of Lomb. st 

McDonald Owen, laborer, 193 Canton av 

McDonald Richard, carpenter, High st n of Baltimore, dtv 7 

McDonald Samuel, mt. 87 South st. Bowly's whf. dw 40 e Pratt 

McDonald Mrs. Sarah, trader, 184 Park 

McDonald Mrs. Sarah, 77 Wolf 

McDonnald Mrs. Gratia, 45 Courtland 

McDonnell Richard, grocer, 129 Canton av 

McDonnell Mrs. Sarah, 65 Hampstead 

McDonnelly John, 15 Front 

McDonouijh Bernard, laborer, cor. Alice Anna and Washington 

McDonouirb James, laborer, Register st s ol Gough 

McDonough M. A. baker, 26 Liber'y a! 

McDouirall 8c Clarke, grocers & com. mis. 57 3 Calvert 

McDougall James, firm McD. & Clarke, dw 94 e Pratt 

McDow James, Lombard st e of Argyle al 

McDowell Francis, merchant tailor, 202 w Pratt 

McDowell & Gable, imp. and dealers in carpets, floor oil cloths, 
&c. 264 Baltimore 

McDowell Geortre H. clerk, 23 n Eutaw 

McDowell Miss Mary, 41 w Fayette 

McDowell Misses, 27 Hamilton 

McDowell Robert, firm McD. & Gable, dw 22 Pleasant 

McDowell Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 1S2 n Gay 

McDunn Angus, cabinet maker, 14 McClellau 

McElden Edward, stone cutter, s Paca st extended 

McElden Mrs. Mary, 309 w Pratt 

McElderry Alexander, weaver, 100 Fremont 

McElderry Henry, coal ofiice, 91 Lombard st. yard West Fails 
av. dw 23 Aisquith 

McElderry Hugh, lumber and coal mt. 88 Light st wharf, yard. 
City Block, dw 72 Calvert st 

McElderry Wm. miller, 383 Sarptoga 

McEldowney John, firm R. McF.. St Co. dw 261 Lexington 

McEldowney Robert Sc Co. dry goods dealers, wholesale and re- 
tail, 199 Baltimore 

McEldowney Robert, firm R. McE. &. Co..dvv 66 Barre 

McElheney Mrs. Bridget, 84 Cross 

McElheney Richard, market trader, 8 Warren 

McElray Mrs. Jane, Beam's lot, or Freedom st 

McElroy Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 255 n Gay 

McElroy, George W. keeper of livery stables, 77 n Calvert 

McElroy James, weaver, 145 Peirce 

McElroy James, trunk maker, 19 Comet 

McElroy John, laborer, 37 Preston 

McElroy John, express ag:ent, 255 w Pratt 

McElroy John, clerk, 311 n Howard 

McE 261 McG 

McElroy Matthew, pedlar, 74 French 

McElroy F. bar keeper, 82 Centre 

McElroy Samuel, weaver, 489 Saratoga 

McElvany Bernard, carter, 183 Bond 

McElvee James, carpenter, 132 n Eutaw 

McEiwee Robert, 79 Spring 

McElwee Robert, custom house watchman, 269 Ann 

McElwee Wm. harness maker, 14 McClellan 

McEnally John, laborer, 423 Saratoga 

McEnally Patrick, laborer, Bell al 

McEnally Patrick, tavern, 51 s Frederick 

McEnnis Philip, tailor, Clitna al 

McEntees Patrick, hborer, 32 Carpenter's al 

McEvoy Mrs. Eliza, 17 e Buren 

McEvo'y Hugh, machinist, 48 Lee 

McEvoy Mrs. M. A. 125 Mulberry 

McFaden Mrs. Priscilla, 61 St. Paul 

McFaddon Cornelius, carpenter. Chase st e of Cathedral 

McFaddon Patrick, baker, 25 Ross 

McFarland John, drayman, liO s Greene 

McFarland Peter, 2rBath 

McFarlane Mrs. Marfxaret, 176 Ann 

McFarlane Robert & H. Lyies, ship smiths. Mill st. dwR. McF. 

176 Ann 
McFaul Mrs. Catharine, 67 Pearl 
McFaul Eneas, boot maker, Rossst e of Dolphin 
McFaul John, watchman, 333 n Howard 
McFee James, grocer, 228 n Gay 
McFee John, 168 Biddle 
McGahn Jrthn, 71 French 

McGau Daviii, grocer and liquor dealer, 292 Franklin 
McGauraii Mrs. 69 French 
McGeary James, blacksmith, 18 Lee 
McGee Elward, cooper, 33 Hampstead 
McGee Myk's, poller Exchange Hotel, 133 Camden 
McGee Patrick, porter, 99 n Exeter 
McGee Wm. millwright, 246 e Monument 
MoGeeney James, grocer, 219 Chesnut 
McGecxck James, painter, 42 Maiden lane 
McGeock John, carpenter, 42 Maiden lane 
McGeock Mrs. Mary, 42 Maiden lane 
McGibbon J. G. W. carpenter, 13 May 
McOill John, marble polisher, 59 L. Hughes 
McGill Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 18 Grant 
McGill Michael, laborer, 5 L, Church 
McGill Thomas, tavern, 74 s Charles 
McGinn Hugh, laborer, Hollins st eof Carey 
McGinn Mrs. Mary, liquor dealer, 4 Bath 
McGinnis Miss Catharine, dress maker, 126 Saratoga 
McGinnis Miss Eliza, confectioner, 14 Courtland 
McGinnis John, carter. Fountain st. Canton 
McGinnis John, tailor, Pennsylvania av extended 
McGinnis Mrs. Susanna, 176 Washington 
McGinnis Richard, shoemaker^ 55 Mulberry 
McGinnity Bernard* carpenter, 136 Holliday 

McG 262 McI 

McGinnity Felix, watchman, 136 Holliday 

McGinnily Henry, carpenter, 136 Holliday 

McGlaughlin Mrs. Elizabeth, Lewis 

McGlannan, Thomas, new Sc 'id hand furniture deal. 399 Bait, 

McGlenii Michael, Lombard st. e of Argyle al 

McGlennan Dennis, watchman, 175 n Paca 

McGlone Mrs. Barbara, 10 Mulberry 

McGlone George, sand hauler and cellar digger, 165 Park 

McGlone John, huckster, 135 York av 

McGovern Bartholomew, huckster, 4 Hull's lane 

McGovern Miss Mary Aim, Cathedral st n of Richmond 

McGowan Bernard, oak cooper, 270 Conway st. dw Wayne 

McGovvan Daniel, marble polisher, 176 n Eutaw 

McGowan Hugh, grocer and tea dealer, 27 n Eutaw 

McGowan John, 14 Hull's lane 

McGowan John, grocer and tea dealer, 33 n Pajca 

McGowan -- — , huckster, 199 Peirce 

McGraine Thomas, laborer, Bell al 

McGralh Edward, grocery & liquor store, 120 Dugan'd whf 

McGralh John, shoemaker, 50 Moniijomery 

McGraw James, grocer, l95 e Lombard 

McGraw James, blacksmith, 70 Hamburg 

McGraw John, s( ap maker, 187 East 

McGreal Patrick, 200 Happy al 

McGree Mrs. Mary, 110 n High 

McGreevy Arthur, clerk, 157 n Paca 

McGreevy John A. book-keeper, Farmers' & Merchants' Bank, 
dw 265 Saratoga 

McGreevy Mrs. Rebecca, l78 n Eutaw 

McGregan Joseph, bar-keeper, 'Fountain Inn' 

McGrejjgor George, book and job printer, 6 n Cliarles St. dw 
170 e Monument 

McGreney Owen, bottler, n e cor. Fawn and Albemarle 

McGuffin Wm. whip, cane and umbrella manuf. 353 Baltimore 
St. dw 60 German 

McGuigan Joseph, bar-keeper, 'Fountain Inn,' dw 10 s Caroline 

McGuireMrs. Ann, boarding house, 188 Broadway 

McGuire Mrs. Catharine, liquor and eating house, 39 Lombard 

McGuire James, baker, 71 Chesnnt 

McGuire John, tinner, 39 Mullikin 

McGuire John, 388 n Gay 

McGuire Mrs. Mary, grocer, 97 Pine 

McGuire Patrick C. 141 French 

McGuney Owen, bottler, n e cor. Fawn and Albemarle 

McGurk Henry, machinist, 3 Diamond 

McGurk P. grocer, 81 Forest 

McHahn Daniel, plumber. Long dock, dw 274 e Baltimore 

McHenry, Edward, stone cutter, 3 Maiden lane 

McHenry Mrs. M. 44 Courtland 

Mcllhenny Robert H. & Co. stove manuf. 40 Light st. dw R. H, 
McI. 109 Conway 

McTlhney Francis, 57 L. Hughes 

Mcllhiney John, 241 Fayette 

Mcllvain Donald, firm McI. & Williams^ dw Eutaw House 

Mcllvain Wm. tailor, 456 Baltimore 

McI 565 McK 

Mcllvain & Williams, dry goods and com. mts. 109 German 

Mclntire Alexander, potter. 32 Hillen 

Mclntire Doctor James, teacher, 167 n Entaw 

Mclntire Joshua G. Venitian blind maker, 137 Conway 

Mclntire Mrs. Margaret, 11 G. Montgomery 

Mclntire Patrick, laborer, 23 Carpenter's al. rear 

Mclntire Wm. police officer, 151 e Baltimore 

Mcintosh Mrs. Emily, 59 e Monument 

Mcintosh J. prop. 'Wheatfiekl Inn,' 5 n Howard 

Mcintosh Mrs. Mar(j;aret, llOn Dallas 

McJilton & Bevan, dry goods dealers, 199 w Pratt st. dw 92 s 

McJilton Rev. Daniel, home missionary, 32 s Howard 
McJilton Daniel, Francis Asbury, firm McJ. 8t Co. Dover St. w 

of Fremont 
McJilton Rev. John N. pastor of St. Stephen's church, dw 95 

McJilton John F. firm Munroe, Jones & McJ. of 'Patriot,' dw89 

•Hanover st 
McJilton T. A. clerk, 10 n High 

McJilton Wesley W. wall guard Md. Peniten. dw 60 York av 
McKail Martin, stone mason, 5 Starr al 

McKanley , grocer and liquor dealer, 64 Rosa 

McKanna Arthur, laborer, 63 Davis 

McKanna P. &- Co. grocers, 323 vv Pratt 

McKanna Thomas, laborer, Bell al 

McKay John, laborer, 123 Alice Anna 

McKay John, 229 Gough 

McKean Jas. D. agent Bait. & Ohio R. R. Fawn st e of Exeter 

McKee Mrs. Agnes, 377 Sajraloga 

McKee Rev. C. B. pastor Ref. Pres. church, dw 201 Madison av 

McKee Dr. James, office Lombard st. dw Madison av 

McKee John, 97 Barre 

McKee Patrick, boot maker, 214 Monument 

McKee Robert, boot and vshoeniaker, 66 Albemarle 

McKeehan James, firm McCullogh & Co. dw 109 Mulberry 

McKeeneMrs. Ann, 18 McClellan 

McKeever Alexander, bar-keeper, n e cor. Baltimore and Front 

McKeever Isaac, miller, 26 Centre 

McKeever James, laborer, 15 Union al 

McKeever John, stone cutter, 37 Pennsylvania av 

McKeirle Isabella, 157 Canton av 

McKeiden Wm. grocer, Josephine 

McKelden J. shoemaker, s e cor. Greene and German 

McKeiden Sinclair, pattern maker, 21)6 n Howard 

McKelvey Wm. weaver, 105 Peirce 

McKelvy James, carpenter, 132 n Eutaw 

McKenley Patrick, grocer, 73 HampStead 

McKcnly James, engineer, 179 Canton av 

McKenna Mrs. Catharine, 180 e Monument 

McKenna Daniel, carter, Lombard sf e of Argyle al 

McKenna James, tavern, 200 Lexington 

McKenna Owen, 109 n Front 

McKenna Peter, pedlar, 180 e Monument 

McKenna Peter, tavern, 204 Lexington 

McK 264 McL 

McKenney Mrs. Elizabeth, 152 n Front 

McKenney Francis, laborer, 131 L. Greene 

McKenny Patrick, laborer, 174 n Eutaw 

McKenny Wm. tavern and grocer, n e cor. Pratt and Poppleton 

McKenzle Evan, boot and shoemaker, 20 Ross 

McKenzie Mr. 2 Bethel 

McKenzle Wm. brass turner, 17 Perry 

McKeown Henry M. constable, 4G Douglass 

McKerry Joseph, carpenter, 94 Saratoga 

McKew Francis, grocer, 184 n Eden 

McKew Mrs. Mary, bobbin winder, 107 Peirce 

McKevv P. grocer, 112 n High 

McKewen A. stove manuf. 4S Light St. dw 61 Lee 

McKevven Mrs. Mary, boarding liouse, ll2 n Calvert 

McKewen Thomas, dry goods dealer, 82 n Gay 

McKezie David, grocer, 29 Hillen 

McKim's Free School, corner Baltimore and Aisquith 

McKim Ha.slett, prest. Bait. & Cuba Smelting and Mining Co. 

4 Donnell's building, Exch. PI. dw S5 Franklin st . 
McKim Mrs. Alexander, 55 Courtland 
McKim Mrs. David T. 22 HoUiday 
McKim Robert, 51 Lexington 
McKim Wm. 114 Park 
McKim Wm. Sc.Co. metal dealers, warehouse 56 8 Gay St. dw 

W. McK. corner Park and Centre 
McKinley Alexander, custom house watchman, 47 Fell 
McKinley F. T. firm Potee, G/aham ScMcK. constables, dw 210 

n Chesnut 
McKinley James, engineer, Chester st. Canton 
McKinley James, clerk, 112 Cross 
McKinleV Thomas broom raanuf. 8c dealer, 58 s Calvert st. dw 

15 Jackson 
McKinley Wm. brickmaker. Sharp st n of* Henrietta 

iMcKinley Wm. silver plater, 65 Shroeder 

McKinnel Miss Ann, 82 Mulberry 

McKinney Bernard, corner French and Forest 

McKinney Miss Harriet, boarditiff house, 85 Liberty 

McKinnon Robert, tobacconist, 9 Baltimore 

McKinsey Mrs. E'izabeth, n w corner Lombard and Cana 

McKissick Wm. weaver, 2 Harmony lane 

McKittrick Philip, 91 s High 

McKnight Mrs, Mary, lOl Granby 

McLain Wm. turner*. 47 Holliday st. dw 78 McElderry 

McLane Louis, 45 Franklin 

McLane Robert M. attorney at law, 7 Courtland st. dw Mount 
Vernon Place 

McLane Wm. hackruan, 156 Tyson * 

McLarney Patrick, watchman, Il4 Bank 

McLaughlin Mrs. Ann, 173 n Paca 

McLaughlin Mrs. Bridget, 5 French 

McLaughlin Charles, ostler, 4 Bath 

McLaughlin Charles, drayman, 272 Biddle 

McLaughlin Francis, huckster, Penn. av. n of Hoffman st 

McLaughlin George, shoemaker, 90 Holliday 

McLaughlui Irwin, huckster, 113 Pearl 

McL ^65 McM 

McLauohlin J. H. fancy and variety store, 50 Pratt St. dw I 

McLaughlin James, shoemaker, 176 East 
AIcLaughlin James, gTiwer and liquor dealer, 50 Union 
McLaughlin John, laborer, 32 Carpenter*s al 
McLaughlin John, laborer, Dover st. w of Fremont 
McLaughlin John, laborer, 394 Fayette 
McLaughlin Joseph, stone cutter, 51 Pennsylvania av 
McLaughin Mrs. Mary Ann, U n Dallas 

McLaughlin P. attorney at law, 30 Fayette 
McLaughlin Thomas, plaisterer, 1-25 Lancaster 
McLaughlin Wm. skin dresser, 21 Liberty al 

McLaughlin Wm. 88 n Calvert 

McLaughlin Wm. tavern, n vv corner Bond and Thames 

McLean A. J. house and sig-n painter, corner Harrison and Bal 
timore sts. dw 157 e Fayette 

McLean Daniel, huckster, 13 Stirling 

McLean David, hackman, 59 n Shrosder 

McLean Elias, tavern keeper, cor. Pratt and Patterson 

McLean James, house and sign painter, 253 Saratoga 

McLean John, painter. Bond st near Jefferson 

McLean Wm. H. machinist, 376 n Gay 

McLean Wm. painter, 3 Caroline 

McLean Wm. H. merchant, 124 Lombard st. dw U s Eutaw 

McLenahan Mrs. Eliza, 31 Holliday 

McLennan Mary E. 317 e Baliimore 

McLevy James, watchman, Bethel st n of Gough 

McLnsker Peter, grocer, 37 Mullikin 

McMachen Miss Ellen B. 74 n Calvert 

McMackin Thomas, 9 Eutaw court 

McMackon B. shoemaker, 281 n Gay 

McMackon Francis, 191 Ensor 

McMackon John, paver. Mechanics' court 

McMahon Mrs. Harriet, 15 Comet 

McMahon Henry, grocer, 40 H(»lland 

McMahon John^V. L. attorney at law, corner Lexington and 
Couriland sts 

McMahon Thomas, 16 Constitution 

McMakin Thomas, pattern maker, 423 w Lombard 

McMannnon Geo. oak cooper, s Paca 

McManus Dr. F. R, homopsethic physician, 234 w Pratt - 

MoManus Hugh, laborer, 42 Harlord avenue 

McManus James, bar keeper, 28 Hillen 

McManus John, contractor R. Road, 82 Holiday 

McManus John, soap chandler, 152 Low 

McManus John, laborer, 108 Madison st 

McMaugh Bernard, grocer, cor. Bank 8c Washington 

McMichael Hugh, boot maker, 120 L. Greene 

McMillian Geo. G. H. 127 s Paca 

McMillin George G. carpenter, 88 Conway 

McMillin James, shoemaker, 19 Harford avenue 

McMillin John G. tin and sheet iron worker, 634 w Baltimore 

McMillin John, boiler maker, dw 73 Perry 

McMillin John, shoemaker, 124 Holliday 

McMillin Wm. weaver, 336 Mulberry 

McM 266 McP 

McMullan John, cabinet and chair manufacturer, corner Gay 

and Fayette sts 
McMillan Mrs'. Sarah, 101 n Howard 
McMullen John, machinist, 114 n Hir^h 
McMullen John, sheet iron v/orker, 4? York st 
McMullen John, laborer, 38 Park 
McMullen Richard, carpenter, 189 e Baltimore '. 
McMullen Wm. C. ladies' shoemaker, 135 e Baltimore 
McMurray Mrs. Ann, dress maker, 113 Albemarle 
McMurray Mrs. Catharine, 69 n Eden 
McMurray John, carpenter, Boyd st. d\v 368 Lombard 
McMurray Samuel St Son, proprietors National Gardens, Biddle 
McNabb James, carpenter, Davis st. dw 9 a Caroline 
McNabb Mr. crrocer, 44 n French 
McNally James, trrocer, 136 St. Paul st 
McNhIIv Michael R. teacher, 47 Mount Vernon place 
McNally P. tavern keeper, 51 s Frederick 
McNamar Timothy, clerk, 102 Montcromerv 
McNeal & Brinkley, sail makers, over 83 Bowly's wharf 
McNeal George, laborer, 269 Alice Anna 

McNeal George, scowman, 66 Buchanan's wharf, dw 55 Fawn 
McNeal Hugh, wheelwright, 57 York 
McNeal James, sr. prop, scows, 97 Eastern avenue 
McNeal James & Co. scow masters, office 56 Buchanan's wharf, 
McNeal James, deputy city collector, 272 e Baltimore 
McNeal Lloyd, firm McN.' & Brinkley, dw Ills Exeter 
McNeal Martin, laborer, Johnson st F. Hill 
McNeal Mrs. R. dress and cloak maker, 3 Front 
McNeal Wm. R. carpenter, Pratt st. e of Broadway 
McNeir John, cabitiel maker, 11 n Exeter 
McNeir Mrs. Rachael, 124 Low 
McNeir John, 33 Aisquith 
McNelly John, market trader, 213 Biddle 
McNelly Mrs. Sarah, 118 Pine 
McNemar John, dealer in iiincy goods, 4 Md. Arcade, dw 22 

Lloyd st 
McNevin John, teacher of public school no. 9, dw 9 May ct 
McNew Nathan, engineer. Calendar st 
McNew Thomas, watchman at depot. Amity st s of Lombard 

McNorton liquor dealer, 38 Douglass 

McNucky Mrs. Martha, 66 n French 

McNucky Thomas, iron n)oulder, 122 Ensor 

McNulty Mrs. Mary, 52 Aisquith 

McNulty Neal, laborer, 17 Star alley 

McPhail Edward, weaver, 107 Peirce 

McPhail J. L. &, Bro. hat, cap and fur store, 132 Baltimore 

McPhail Mrs. Mary, 32 Holliday 

McPhail Wm. firm J. L. McPhail & Bro.dw 7 New Church st 

McPherson J. stone cutler. President, bet^\een Pratt & Stiles sts 

McPherson John, 109 Penn. avenue 

McPiierson John, carpenter, corner Davis &. Saratoga sts. dw 

66 Holliday st 
McPherson John, general flour inspector, dw Western hotel 
McPherson John, feed dealer, 2 Saratoga buildings, Calvert 8t 

MftP^ mt MEG: 

McPhersoa Jonas, 14 Josephine 

McPherson Robert A. artist, 486 Balti-nore 

McPherson Samuel, flour dealer, 42 Commerce, dwl37 Camden 

McPherson Samuel, Star tavern, cor Canton av. &. Chester st 

McPherson Dr. Wm. 213 Franklin 

McQuade James,, sjrocer, 31 L. Hampstead 

McQueen James, tavern keeper, 10 Fish Market space 

McQuillan J; J. grocer, 122 Forest 

McRay John, packer, 204 Eastern avenue 

McRoden Mr. carpenter, 113 St. Paul 

McRoney Mrs. trader, 59 German st 

McShane D. iron dealer, 32 Holland 

McSherry & Fink, s^rocers and flour merchants, s w corner 
Franklin and Eutaw sts 

McSherry John, firm McS. k. Fink, 122 Eutaw 

McSvveeny Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 135 Conway 

McSweeny Peter, Chesapeake st. Canton 

McTeagiie Bernard, tjrocer and liquor dealer, 10 Water 

McVey Samuel, grocer, Harford avenue extended 

McWiiinrtey David, weaver, 487 Saratoga 

MoWhinney Miss Hester, 80 Fayette 

McWilliams Mrs. Catharine, Pratt st e of Broadway 

McWilliams Daniel, laborer, 1 Hawk st 

McWilliams Dennis, laborer, 6o e Monument 

McWilliams John, 250 e Fayette 

McWilliams Mrs. 67 e Lombard 

McWilliams Doctor P. A. 72 n Front 

McWilliams Robert, laborer, 223 Wolf 

MeabsMrs. Elizabeth, superintendent Humane Impartial So- 
ciety, 6 s Gay st 

Meade Edward, keeper of oyster cellar, cor. Front and Low sts 

Mead Stephen, 274 Aisquith 

Meade Philip, boiler maker, 337 s Charles 

Meads Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 181 Wolf 

Meads Mrs. Elizabeth, 64 Bond 

Meads Henry, ship carpenter, 240 Canton avenue 

Meads Samuel, hackman, 21 Dover 

Meads Samuel, carpenter, 22 n Exeter 

Meager John, carpenter, 28 Union 

Meakin Samuel, house and sign painter, 81 Mulberry st. dw 
Garden, 1 door n ofPreston 

Meakin Wm. bricklayer, 69 Lerew's alley 

Meakings Samuel, book seller St stationer, 84 1-2 Baltimore 

Meakins Isaac, laborer, 33 G. Hughes 

Me;ikins &t Ledden, traders, w Falls av. dw Bethel near Pratt 

Mealy James, coach wheelwright, 52 Josephine 

Mear Philip, huckster, 302 e Monument 

Mearis Jacob, keeper Odd Fellows' hall, dw U Albemarle 

Mears St Bruscup, merchant tailors, s e cor. Bond and Pratt sts 

Mears John B. grocer, s e cor. Pratt and High sts. 

Mears Thomas H. firm M. & Bruscup, 6 n Carohne 

Mears Wm. fireman steamboat, 10 L, Church 

Mears Wm. rigger, 255 Eastern avenue 

Mechanical Engine house, 33 e Calvert 

Mechanics' Bank, s e corner Calvert and Fayette sis. see Banks 
in Appendix 


Mechan Anton, fresco painter, 85 McElderry's wharf 
Mechen Mrs. Ann, grocer, cor. Eastern avenue &. Washington st 
Mechtold Charles, boot and shoeniaker, 81 Cross 
Medairy Alexander R. engraver, Jarvis buildings, North 8t 

dw 7 Penn s^ 
Medairy Mrs. Harriet, preceptress, 229 Hanover 
Madairy Jacob H. clerk, 13 Penn st 
Madairy John, bank note engraver^ over 168 Baltimore dw 6S 

MedcalfEdvvard P. craker baker, 127 Saratoga 
Medcalf Elijah, cabinet maker, 63 York nv. 
Medcalfe Thomas, fireman, Lemmon st. e ofShroeder 
Medcalf Dr. William H. 241, dw 262 Lexington 
Medcalfe Charles, Pascauli's Row, Lexington st 
Medcalfe, Spicer &- Co. exchange brokers, 224 Baltimore 
Medcalfe William M. firm M. Spirer & Co. 262 Lexington 
Medical (Maryland) Institute, 69 Fayette 
Medical School, Dr. Dunbar, s e cor., Hanover and Lombard^ 

up stairs- 
Medical University of Maryland, n e cor, Lombard and Greene 
Medical Washington College, cwner Broadway & Hampstead 
Medinger Christopher A. baker, 164 FoiFrest 
Medinger John G. grocer and liquor dealer, 160 Forrest 
Medtart Jacob C. brewer, Saratoga, dw 340 Lexington 
Medtart's Jesse L. brewery, 129 Caniden, dw Lexington 
Meehan Patrick, grocer, 227 Canton av 

Meeds Edward, supeiintendeni Telegraph wires, 350 FraDklio 
Meeds Robert, wheelwright, 251 Canton av 
Meeds Samuel, hackman, 21 Dover 
Meeken iVlartin, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Meekins Samuel, wood dealer, 222 Light 
Meeks John Wesley, machinist, l20McHenry 
Meeks Mrs. Mary, 235 Eastern av 
Meeks Mrs. Sarah, 282 n Gay 
Meeks William W. bricklayer, SI McHenry 
Meeks William*, Mon>cco dresser, 37 Ross 
Meely John, laborer, 2S Shroeder 
Meenicher Henry, blacksmith, I Oregon 
Meeteer Albert, blacksmith, 18 Cf)ncord, dw 123 Orleans 
Meeteer Henry, box Riaker, 72 Mulberry 
Meeteer Mrs. Hannah, dw 78 St Paul 
Meetre Matthias, baker, 307 s Charfes 

Megee George A. merehanl tailor, 205 w Lomlmrd, dw Saratoga 
Megenhardt Frederick, tavern, l6 Pennsylvania av 
Megraw Mr?. Elizabeth, 256 e Baltimore 
Mehltretter Michael, tarlor, 236 n Gay 
Mehring A. 210 Bethel 
Meickelman Henry, laborer, 12 Felf 
Meier Henry, grocer and liquor dealer, 44 s Howard 
Meirkle Liidwig, mariner, 149 Wolf 
Meis Willian>, keeper, Fell's Point House, 7 Fell 
Meis Conrad, tailor, S Star al 
Meise Harman, boot and shoemaker, 51 Orchard 
Meise Henry, boot and shoemaker, 51 Orchard 
Meiser John, carpenter, 118 Dallas, dw 131 Bank 

MEI 269 MER 

Meisner Jacob, laborer, 5 Shakespear 

Meisner J. wheelwright and smith in general, 132 Madison 

Meilo Joseph Sl Brother, wholesale & retail fruit and candy store 

42 1-2 Pratt 
Meixsel Jacob, firm M. & Son, 263 Saratoga 
Meixsel J. & Son, flour and produce com. mts. 365 w Baltimore 
Meixsel John J. tobacconist, Lexington, e of Greene 
Meixsel Joseph H. firm J. M. &. Son, dw 239 Fayette , 
Mekin B. hatter, 29 n Dallas 
Melcher Casper, baker, 104 Alice Anna 
Melchoir Nathaniel, laborer, 14 Mercer 
Melony Daniel, carpenter, 1 17 Ross 
Menke Christoplier, turner, 42 Richmond^ 
Memberger Conrad, bandbox maker, 9 East 
Menner John, shoe maker, 64 Harrison 
Menslauger Frederick, laborer, 224 Ltexington 
Alentz George, painter, 99 Dallas 
Mentzel Henry, 93 Aisquith 
Ment7,el William M. clerk, 93 Aisquith 
Menzies James, 99 Conway 
Merbaeh A. scissors grinder, 72 Ensor 
Mercantile Library Association, Aihenseum buildings, corner 

St Paul and Saratoga, James Greene, Librarian 
Mercer Charles, clerk in Post Office, 90 e Pratt 
Mercer Charles, engineer, 85 Conway 
Mercer George W. vvaTchnian, 130 Ann 
Mercer James, carpenter, 128 L. Greene 
Mercer James, laborer, 5l5 Baltimore 
Mercer W. trader, 61 Eutaw 
Merchant Isaac, police oliicer, 235 Franklin 
Merchants' Mutual Insurance ofi; Commercial Buildings, s Gay 
Merchants' Bank. Exchange Buildinjzs, on Second si 
Meredith Agustus J. marble cutter, 37 Liijht, dw 79 Montgomery 
Mereiliih B. R. tailor & scourer, 53 s Charles 
Meredith 8t Barnes, house and si^n painters, 23 German 
Meredith J. F. house and sign paint. 4 w Pratt, dw 43 s Exeter 
Meredith John C. carpenter, 79 M<mtgomery 
Meredith John,, confectioner, 24 Stirling 
Meredith Jonathan, attorney at law, 28 n Charles 
Meredith Joseph P. watch maker, 27 Chatswortli 
Meredith Joseph H. firm Canfield Sl M. 12 Cathedral 
Meredith^ Joseph H. firm Canfield, Bro. & Co. dw l2CdthedraF 
Meredith Mrs. Margaret,. 138. FrankUa 

Meredith, Spencer & Co. wholesale dry goods mts. 306 Bait. 
Meredith Tiunnas J., firm M. Spencer & Co. dw 90 Monument 
Meredith Ttiomas, firm M. Sjjencer & Co. dw Eutaw House 
Meredith William B. butcher, Pennsylvania av extended 
Merit William, market trader, 29 New Church 
Merito Anthony, conf. under Museum, Calvert st. dw 78 North- 
Merker Andrew, blacksmith in general, s w cor. Saratoga and 

Jasper, dw 30 Jasper 
Merkle George, huckster,, 39 Camden' 
Merkle Henry, canfectioner, 17 Perry 
Merklin Michael, carpenter, 75 Peirce 
Merriam Josiah W. trimmings St vara dealer^ 191 Baltisapre,- 

MER 270 MET 

Merrick John R. 206 n Eden 

Menikcn Jas. undertaker, & sexlon St Paul's ch. 107 Lexington 

Merriken Joseph, S. last maker, 106 w Lombard, dw 15 n Exeter 

Merriken William, tin man, 188 Aisquith 

Merrill E. H. com. mt. 17 Hanover, d\v Madison av 

Merrill James H. gun smith in ali its branches, 65 South, dw 

112 e Pratt 
Merrill Jere. keeper livery slables, 4 Columbia, dw 45 s Paca 
Merrill John, com. mt. 42 vv Lonibard, dw 168 Hanover 
Merrill John L. firm Kellum & M. 25 Hanover 
Merrill Moses, sen. carpenter, 74 u Eden 
Merrill Robert D. firm Rose &M. 25 Hanover 
Merritt Caleb, pattern maker, 98 Eastern av. dw 96 do 
Merritt Charles, stove maker, Sharp, n of Henrietta 
Merritt Geortje A. clerk, 135 s Paca 
Merritt & Grilfith, merchant tailors, 6 Licrht 
M< rritt James P. firm M. & Griffith, dw 15 Pleasant 
Merritt John, trrocer and liquor dealer, 97 Cross 
Merritt John, carter, 3 Tyson alley 
Merrit John, wheelwright. Register, s of Lombard 
Merritt Joseph, iron moulder, 103 Cross 
Merritt William, firm Merritt & Griffith, 41 n Charles 
Merryman Bernard, puddler, Johnson st. Federal Hill 
Merryman George, surgeon dentist, 14 Fayette 
Merryman Nicholas, bricklayer, 209 BiJdIe 
Merryman Oliver P. cabinet maker &. furniture dealer, n e cor». 

Howard and Fayette, dw 29 George- 
Mersfelder Lewis, baker, 224 n Howard 
MersfelJer Simon, grocer, 232 Ligiit 
Mershberger John, Canton depot, Canton 
Mersman Joseph, overseer of paving, 181 East 
Mersman Mrs^ Josephine, milliner, 181 East 
Meseke & Wagner, boot and shoemaker, 276 w Pratt 
Mesner George,, grocer, 158 Madison 
Messer L. D. watch maker and jeweller, 89 n Gay 
Messersmith Emanuel, shoemaker, 117 Pennsylvania av 
Messersmith Jacob, baker, 137 Peirce 
Messersmith John K. baker, lt9 Pennsylvania av 
Messing G. F. saddler & harness niak. 32 n Paca, dw 54 Pine- 
Messner Jolin, tanner, Pennsylvania av. n ol Wilson st 
Metamora Hall, (Order of Red Men) vv Lombard e of Hanover 
MetcairJan)#5, wagon driver, 107 Pennsylvania av 
MetcalCThomas, dry ijoods merchnnt, 157 Frariklin 
Meteer Albert, smith in general, 12 n Frederick Ei)is. ch. Light St. see Chutclies in appendix 
Metsom T. tailor, 27 Paca 

Mettee C. A. &c W. H. blacksmiths, 14 BalderMon 
Mettee Ctiarles A. draper and tailor, 174 Broadway 
Mettee Chas. A. & Son, blacKsmiihs, Baklcrslon st. dw 5 Penii 
Mettee Mrs. Elizabeth S. 133 Lombard 
Mettee George H. book keeper, 163 German 
Mettee Leonard, blacksmith, 168 Lombard 
Mettee Martin W. smith i:B geti. 81 Harrison, dw 164 e Fayelle 
Mettee Martin, blacksmith,. U President, dw 77 e Pratt 
Mettee William Henry, oak eooper, 7 Slemmer alley 

MET ^ri Mm 

Metz Abraham, stane mason, 215 Eastern av 

Melz AcrustMS H. musician, (iO n Liberty 

Metz Francis, carpenter, 88 Bank 

Meiz John, cabinet maker, 63 McEMerrv 

Metz John A. tailor. Bond, near Jefferson 

Metzdorf John, Green's court 

Metzirar Aaron, 10 Harrison 

Metzixar Frederick, boot and shoe maker, 137 Canton av 

Metzirar Misuses, mdhiiers and dress makers, 79 n Howard 

Metzung Joseph, carver, 43 Clay 

Mewshawl Mis. Charlotte, 29 Gitiings 

Meyer Andrew, shoemaker, 109 Sahrp 

Meyer Christopher, tavern, 247 Ann 

Meyer Conrad, si)oe maker, 4 n Paca 

Meyer E. H. crpocer, leed, and liquor dealer, 204 Hanover 

Meyer Ferdinand, trhmminirs, worsted & variety store, 139 Bait. 

Meyer Francis, dw 10 President 

Meyer George, coppersmith, 21 e Pratt 

Meyer Gerhard, groc. & liq. store, cor, Columbia & Poppjeton 

Meyer Harmer Henry, carpenter, 212 Sharp, dw 198 Hanover 

Meyer Henry, cabinet maker, Clay, dw 72 s Libert j 

Meyer J. W. upholsterer and truss maker, 490 w Lombard 

Meyer John, tailor, 61 McElderry 

Meyer John, shoe maker, 43 Philpot 

Meyer John P. tavern, 23 w Pratt 

Meyer Lawrence, tin, ziiik, copper & sheet iron worker, 72 n 

Meyer & Wiedey, grocers, s e cor. Lombard and Spring 
Meyers C. drayman, 269 n Canal 
Meyers Edward, mariner. Bond st. s ofPratt 
Meyers Mis. Hellen, grocer, 108 Lancaster 
Meyers John, lailies' shoemaker, 97 n Calvert 
Meyron C, tar>ner, currier and moroeco dresser, 279 Monument 
Meys-er William, carpenter, 229 Ann 
Mezick Jacob, dealer in hats, muffs &.c. 209i Broadway 

Miberger Pliilip, boot and shoemaker, Penn. av. n of Wilson si 

Micer Jo'fin, carpenter, 131 Bank 

Michael Caleb, keeper Rising Sun tavern, 74 n High 

Michael David, Pratt st. vv of Fremont 

Michael E. clerk, 180 East 

Michael Emanuel H. tanner, 368 Hanover 

Michael James^ dyer, 191 Forrest 

Michael John, firm M. and Stamp, d w Greene 

Michael Mrs. Margaret, 25 n Liberty 

Michael 8c Stamp, oak coopers, 134 Camden 

Michael Wendall, looking glass frame maker, 62 n Amity 

Michael William, cigar maker, 99 n Calvert 

Mickell Henry, laborer, 273 Alice Anna 

Mickeil Henry, laborer, 17 Slemjner at 

Mickle R. cashier Union Bfnk, dw 256 Lexington 

Middendorf Henry, liquor dealer,. 109 Light st. wharf 

Middleton Charles F. tobacconist,. 108 w Pratt, dw 109 s Exetet 

Middleton John W. firm Potter & M. dw 33 L. Exeter 

Middleton Dr. John D. 5 n Front 

Middleton Richard, 24 Oamdea 

MIE 272 MIL 

Mier Philip, boot and shoe mak^r, 45 n Lii^jij 

Miesel Jacob, laborer, 99 Harford av 

Miete Henry, cigar box maker, 7 Mulberry 

Miezeli Williani, lin and sheet iron worker, 66 Camden 

Miirgins Mrs. Marcraret, 6'i Hampstead 

Miibourn Thomas, carpenier, 84 Orleans 

Miiburn Albert P, halter, 131 e Lombard 

Miibiirn James A. pilot, 230 GouL^h 

Miiburn John H. boot and shoemaker, 59 e Baltimore 

Miiburn Joseph, lawyer, 6l Burgundy al 

Miiburn Robert N. com. mt. &. general agent, 55 Light St. v/hL 

dw 120 Mndison 
Miiburn William, white smith, 66 s Howard 
Miles August. W. boot & shoeniak. n e cor. Conway Si Fremont 
Miles Charles, carpei.ter, 17 Albemarle 
Miles Col. Dixon S. of U. S. army, 45 Watson 
Miles Mrs. Eleanor, 227 e Fayette 
Miles George H. attorney at law,. 33 St Paul 
Miles George, shoemaker, 7 Albemarle 
Miles John S. boat builder, York st. dw 66 Bond 
Miles John, plaisterer, 78 Peirce 

Miles Robert, tavern, n e cor. Eastern av. and Eden st 
Miles Samuel, weaver, 497 Saratoga 
Miles Mrs. Sophia, boarding house, 31 n Church 
Miles Uriah, tobacconist, s w cor. Sharp and Bait, dw 8 e cor. 

Pearl and Franklin 
Miles Wm. commission merchant, dw 256 Lexington 
Milger John, carpet weaver, 106 Lancaster 
Milholiand A. 63 n Front 
MilhoHand J. & Bro. iron founders & machinists, • e cor. Wolf 

and Lancaster, dw cor. Ann &. Lancaster 
Milholiand & Kennard, block & pump makers, Il5 Thames 
Milholiand Robert D. block and pump maker, 248 Ann 
Milis Miss Mary, 436 w Baltimore 
Milkedr John, laborer, 36 Marian 
Millburn Mr. carpenter, 9 Somerset 
Millechop Mrs. L. confectioner, 185 n Gay 
Milleman George, nightman, 279 Saratoga 
Millenbero- Henry, shoemaker, cor. Ross and Biddle, shop 122 

n Paca 
Miller A. tailor, 261 Aisquith 
Miller Adam, brickmaker, 23 Canal 
Miller Adam, 256 Alice Anna 

Miller Alex, agent E. Mount's cabinet furniture, dw 96 Bait. 
Miller Alexander, book-keeper, 145 Saratoga 
Miller Alfred D. dw 69 Lombard st. Exchange Place 
Miller Rev. Alfred A. pastor Mt. Calvary Prost. Epis. Church„ 

149 Biddle 
Miller Allred J. artist, over 207 1-2 Baltimore 
Miller Andrew, firm Davis & M. 3f8 w Fayette 
Miller Andrew,. 56 Bank 

Miller Andrew J. firm Davis & M. 30S Fayette 
Miller Andrew, shoemaker, 150 Columbia 
Miller Mrs. Ann Maria, teacher, 10 WatsOtt 
Miller Anthony, oak cooper ^ 71 Jaspec 


MIL 273 MIL 

Miller Augustine, keeper 'Black Bear/ 148 Saratoga 

Miller Captain, 103 s Exeter 

Miller Caspar, laborer, Johnson st. F. Hill 

Miller Caspar, laborer, 39 Johnson st 

Miller Mrs. Catherine, 122 s Howard 

Miller Charles, 'bar,' 250 Ann 

Miller Charles F. shoemaker, 6 Maiden lane 

Miller Charles, carpenter, 163 Baltimore 

Miller Christian, clerk, 149 n Canal 

Miller Christopher, blacksn)ith, 279 Lancaster 

Miller Cennard, Burke st. Canion 

Miller Conrad, laborer, 188 s Howard 

Miller Conrad, 374 Aisquith 

Miller Conrad, laborer, 409 Saratoga 

Miller & Co. lottery and exchange office, n vv corner Baltimore 

and St. Paul 
Miller D. H. firm Heald fc Co. dw 30 s Sharp 
Miller Daniel, firm Dallam & M. dw 23 s Euiaw 
Miller Daniel, laborer, 13 West 
Miller Daniel, tobacconist, 314 s Bond 
Miller David H. carpenie'-, 24 Carpenter's al 
Miller Dominick, shoemaker, 156 Saratoga 
Miller Dominick, shoemaker, 140 Saratoga 
Miller Edward, bricklayer, 250 n Gay 
Miller Edward, silversmiih, 15 Perry 
Miller Edward, laborer, Pennsylvania av n of Wilson st 
Miller Doctor Edward A. 170 Franklin 
Miller Mrs. Elizabeth, 73 Fi)rest 
Miller Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 65 Eastern av 
Miller Emanuel, laborer, Di)ver st w of Fremont 
Miller Enoch, carpenter, 2l President st. dw 102 Albemarle 
Miller F. A. bricklayer, 1 16 Mulberry 
Miller Fedou, laborer, 183 Peirce 
Miller Francis, shoemaker. 28 Thames 
Miller Frank, 270 Alice Anna 
Miller Frederick, tailor, 344 Saratoga 
Miller Rev, George, minister United Brethren in Christ, dw 37 

Miller George, bricklayer, 133 Orleans 
Miller George, edtre tool maker, 40 Conway 
Miller George, boot maker, 25 Starr al 
Miller George, sailor, I2l Happy al 
Miller George H. carpenter, 244 Franklin 
Miller H. J. shoemaker, 126 n Eden 
Milljr Harrison, brakesman, Dover st w of Fremont 
Miller Harman, tailor, 120 n Canal 
Miller Henry, blacksmith, end Cambridge 
Miller Henry, cigar box maker, 195 s Eutaw 
Miller Henrv, farrier. Sharp st s of Henrietta 
Miller Henry, sailor, 3 Fell 
Miller Henry, ship carpenter, Point st 
Miller Henry, laborer, 41 Philpot 
Miller Henry, 68 Granby 
Miller Mrs. Hester, 122 e Lombard 
Miller J. P. miller, 72 Spear's whf. dw 68 Gourlland st 
Miller Mrs. J. 94 Park 

MIL 274 MtL 

Miller J. W. lottery office, 6 n Calvert st. d\v 65 Stirling 
Miller J. F. cren. com. 8t Ibrw'g. mt. 79 Bowly's whart^ dvv Ex- 
change Hotel 
Miller Jacob, blacksmith, 218 Happy al 
Miller Jacob B. ao;ent R. R. Co. 5 Hollins 
Miller Jacob, laborer, 126 Happy al 
Miller Jacob, carter, 70 Jasper 
Miller Jacob, carter, Harford av. cor. Aisquith st 
Miller Jacob, rigger, 236 s Bond 
Miller Jacob, blacksmith, 259 Canton av 
Miller Jacob, rigger, 78 Lancaster 
Miller Jacob, 161 e Pratt 
Miller James, cedar cooper, 9 Clay 
Miller James, foreman brick yard, 179 Conway 
Miller James, 139 French 
Miller James, drayman, 76 McElderry 
Miller James, reed maker, 4 President st. dvv 132 s High 
Miller Doctor James H. Ill Fayette 
Miller. Jesse, carpenter, 54 Josephine st. dw 48 Pin« 
Miller John, laborer, 15 Dover 
Miller John, tailor, 54 Short 
Miller John, butcher, 288 w Pratt 
Miller John D. 54 George 
Miller John, carpenter, 49 G\iil(brd al 
Miller John, tailor, 147 Alice Anna - 

Miller John D. shoemaker, 65 Watson 
Miller John H. boarding house, 303 Baltimore 
Mil.'er John, lumber mt. McEUierry's whf. dw 51 e Fayette 
Miller John, machinist, Scott st s of Pratt 
Miller John, plaisterer, 259 s Charles 
Miller John, cabinet maker, 64 Harrison 
Miller John, turner, 61 n Gay 
Miller John, sawyer, 29 Bethel 
Miller John, laborer, 305 Dallas 
Miller John, piano maker, 34 Paca 
Miller Joseph, laborer, 48 Hamburg 
Miller Jf)seph, moulder, 246 Hillen 
Miller Joseph, dw 121 Fremont 
Miller Joseph, baker, 103 North 
Miller Julius E. music teacher, 67 Eutaw 
Miller Kilhan, laborer, 183 Peirce 
Miller Mrs. Louisa, seamstress, 19 e Baltimore 
Miller Lawrence, 218 Bethel 
Miller Mr. 184 Spring 
Miller Mrs. Margaret, washer, 14 Mercer 
Miller Mrs. Margaret, dry goods dealer, 246 Broadway 
Miller Mrs. Maria C. 221 Franklin 
Miller Mrs. Maria A. 40 Jackson 
Miller Martin, nail smith, cor. Eutaw and Henrietta 
Miller Mrs. Mary, 124 Stirling 
Miller Misses Mary & Ellen, 120 Saratoga 
Miller Mrs. Matilda, 24 n High 
Miller Matthew, blacksmith, 69 Gough 
Miller & May hew, dry goods mts. 1 and 3 German 
Miller Michael, firm M. & Co. dw 71 e Fayetle 

MIL 275 MIL 

Miller Mrs. 1 84 Spring 

Miller Nicholas, laborer, 43 Argyle al 

Miller Nicholas, cabinet maker, 75 n Gay- 
Miller Oliver, milUvrii^lif, 460 vv Lon^ibard 

Miller Mrs. Olivia, seamstress, 182 Hollins 

Miller Otto Geo. cabinetmaker, 34 Paca 

Miller Philip, laborer, 13 Elizabulh al 

Miller Mrs. Rebecca, teacher, 217 Fayette 

Miller Richard, sliip carpenter, 247 Alice Anna 

Miller Robert, laborer, 42 Burgundy al 

Miller R.ibert, carter, 6 Warner 

Miller Robert, reed maker, 68 Albemarle 

Miller Sarah, Orleans st. Fairmount 

Miller Sebastian, boot and shoemaker, Oregon st. s of Lombard 

Miller Thomas, carpenter, 204 Saratoga 

Miller Thomas, painter, 28 Pennsylvania av 

Miller Wm. D. firm M. & May hew, dvv 80 Saratoga 

Miller Wm. shoemaker, Cider al. e of Eutaw st 

Miller Wm. & H. 'Miller's Hotel,' s w cor. Paca & German 

Miller Wm. & H's livery stables, German 

Miller Wm. hatter, 258 e Fayette 
Miller Wm. H. tanner, 65 Stirling 
Miller Wm. laborer, 414 Lombard 
Miller Wm. D. firm Fisher & M. dw 80 Saratoga 
Miller Wm. carpenter, 99 s Eulaw 
Miller Wm, firm Wells & M. dw 70 e Baltimore 
Miller Wm. H. carpenter, 10 Orleans 
Miller Wm. tailor, 33 Marion 

Miller Wm. omnibus driver, 216 n Eutaw ^ 

Milless G. painter, 95 Ensor 
Milless L. O. printer, 240 n Gay 
Milligan Moses, brick maker, 'Fip' al 
Milliker Henry, cabinet maker, 12 Carpenter's al 
Millikin James H. whip, cane and umbrella maker, 143 Balti- 
more St. dvv 28 Stiles 
Millington John N. printer, 90 e Payette 
Millon Mad. Mary M. leacher French, 104 n Greene 
Mills Mrs. Catharine, 220 Hollins 
Mills Mrs. Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 411 w Pratt 
Mills Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, dress maker^ 15 Henrietta 
Mills George,-drayman, 96 Fremont 
Mills John, boat builder, York st. dvv 66 s Bond 
Mills Levin, firm M. &, Reese, 92 Montgomery- 
Mills Mahzihi, carpenter, Raborg st. dw 780 Baltimore 
Mills Mrs. Penelope, 230 Canton av 
Mills & Reese, prop, iron foundry, Fort road, F. H. 
Mills Richard, collector, 72 Gough 
Mills Robert, feed & flour dealer, 372 Baltimore st. dvv Pratt st 

near Fremont 
Mills Samuel, firm Sands & M. printers, dw 150 n Exeter 
Mills Doctor Thomas F. 2 Lexington 
Mills Wm. P. & Son, mt. tailors and clothiers, 129 Baltimore st. 

dw 2 Lee 
Mills Wm. sexton Western Cemetery, Lombard st w of Oregon 
Mills Wm. agent, 144 Pearl 

MIL 276 MIT 

Mills Wm. shoemaker, 79 York st 

Mills Zachariah, blacksmith, 452 w Lombard 

Millsock John, carpenter, 24 Liberty at. 

Millroy John, market trader, 184 Sharp 

Miilroy John, brick maker, 235 Hanover 

Milistaed VVm, mariner, 52 Holland 

Miltenberger Anthony, 28 Second st. dw 115 Conway 

Milttnberger Dr. G, W. 18 Saratoga, dw llo Conway 

Milnor John P. teacher, dw 113 Conway 

Mince Eleanor, 126 s Exeter 

Mince Mrs. Elizabeth, ll8 s High 

Mince P. teacher, 47 e Lombard 

Mincher, Mrs. Ann Jane, grocer, 137 Madison 

Minhardt Gasper, laborer, 161 Spring 

Minick Ji)hn, shoemaker, 27 n Dallas 

Minifie & Co. book sellers & stationers, ll4 Baltimore 

Minifie James, designer and carver, 21 Barre 

Minifie VVn.u firm M. & Co, dw U Fayette 

Mink Mrs. Klizabeth, confectioner & toy dealer, 122 Lancaster 

Mink Mrs. Sophia, tavern, 366 Saratoga 

Minner Nicholas, tailor, 144 s Euiaw 

Minninck Gerard, carpenter, 4 Jeflerson 

Minnick John, butcher, 13 Josephine 

Minnick Joseph, fireman, 35 Gibson 

Minnicks Conrad, carpet warper, 208 e Lombard 

Minnicks Michael, shoemaker, Fremont sL extended 

Minion Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, U Clay 

Mirand John, laborer, 59Eutaw 

Miskelly Capt. Joseph, 92 s Caroline 

Miskimmon Andrew, machinist, 259 Light 

Miskimmon Robert, saddler and harness maker, 238 Aisquith 

Miskimmon Thomas, firm Solomon &, M. dw 214 Lombard 

Mipelhorn Frederick, tailor, Register st n ofLorabard 

Missbach Alois, tailor, 37 Lancaster 

Mister Capt. Levin, inspector of customs, 24 Hill 

Mister M. K. ship chandler, grocer St com. mt. dw 124 Hanover 

Mitchell A. jr. currier, 6 n Front 

Mitchell Alexander, carrier, 20 May 

Mitchell Alexander, sen. 8 n Front 

Mitchell Mrs. Ann Maria, boarding house, 115 Lombard 

Mitchell Arthur, cooper, 48 French 

Mitchell Mrs. Catharine, 6 Molt 

Mitchell David, carter, 216 Light 

Mitchell Edward, wholesale grocer and commission merchant, 

128 Dugan's wharf, dw 70 Caroline 
Mitchell Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Diamond 
Mitchell Mrs. Ellen, 293 s Charles 
Mitchell Ephraim T. clerk, 226 Lexington 
Mitchell F. A. clerk, 82 Orleans 
Mitchell George W. brick maker, 127 Spring 
Mitchell J. B. clerk, 37S n Gay 

Mitchell J. firm James Mitchell & Son, dw 168 Aisquith 
Mitchell James, hack proprietor 36 Constitution 
Mitchell James St Son, proprietors of hacks, 45 North 8t 
Mitchell James, dw 43 Nortli st 

MIT 2^7 MOF 

Mitchell James, pedlar, 46 Camden 

Mitchell James, hackraan, 19 Liberty alley 

Mitchell James, shoeiiial<er, 19 s Frederick 

Mitchell James, tavern keeper, 5 Centre Market space 

Mitchell James, omnibus proprietor, 10 Republican st 

Mitchell Mrs. Jane T. 226 Lexington 

Mitchell John, watchman, 27 e Buren '^ 

Mitchell John T. leather inspector, 40 Penn st 

Mitchell John, iron and rags dealer, 45 Rock 

Mitchell^ohn, confectioner, lis Cajvert 

Mitchell John, market trader, s Paca st extended 

Mitchell John, carter, 2l6 Light 

Mitchell John, engineer, 10 Gittingsst 

Mitchell John H. spar maker, Goii^h st n of Broadway 

Mitchell John, ship carpenter, 98 Granby 

Mitchell John, grocer and liquor dealer, 35 Lombard 

Mitchell Joseph, tavern 14 n Frederick 

Mitchell Mrs, Margaret, trader in market, 43 George 

Mitchell Mrs. Mary, 27 Buren 

Mitchell Mrs. Mary, 62 Short st 

Mitchell Mr. 5 Orleans 

Mitchell Nathaniel, mariner, 263 s Charles 

Mitchell Perry G. blacksmith, 55 Poppleton 

Mitchell Richard, ship carpenter, 187 Granbj 

Mitchell CapL Robert, mariner, 89 Albemarle 

Mitchell Robert, carpenter, 122 Ann st 

Mitchell Thomas, butcher, 268 Fayette 

Mitchell Wm. H. shoemaker. 88 n Howard 

Mitchell Wm. H. carpenter, Henrietta st e of Howard 

Mitchell Washington, shoemaker, 28 Constitution 

Mitchell Wm. mariner, 223 Hanover 

Mitchell Wm. grocer and liquor dealer, 69 Mulberry 

Mitchell Wm. W. mariner, 261 s Charles 

Mitendorf Henry, laborer, 71 Centre market 

Mittan Erastus, tailor, 62 n Howard 

Mittan J. P. carpenter, 179 Madison avenue 

Mittan Wm. H. clerk, 221 n Howard 

Mittendorf Henry, laborer, 8 West 

Mitlnachit G. H. travelling agent, 227 Saratoga 

Mitzel Frederick, shoemaker, 1 ll Eastern avenue 

Mix Thomas, laborer, 76 s Eutaw 

Moale & Medcalf, 81 Smith's wharf 

Moale Randall H, solicitor in chancery, 60 Fayette at. dw SO 

Franklin st 
Moale S. Howard, Exchange hotel 
Moale Samuel, solicitor and attorney, 60 Fayette St. up stairs 

dw 26 Mulberry st 
Moan Michaej, Eden st n of Bank 
Mobley Mrs. 'S. milliner, 27 Ensor 
Moebus Henry, "Herman house," 26 Lombard 
Mcedinger Gotlieb, butdher, 284 e Fayette 
Moellinger &- Gorsuch, hardware dealers, 84 n Gay 
MoBsman Henry, laborer, 124 s Howard 
Moffet James, wheelwright, 77 e Monument 
Moffet Wm. H. saddler, 38 n Front 

MOF 278 MOO 

MoffiL John F. clerk, 193 German 

Moffit Mrs. H. 158 Forest 

Mofl&t,Mrs. L M. fancy milliner, 27 Harrison 

Moffit'Mrs. Mary A. 39 Stirling 

Mo^an Thomas, laborer, Booih st e of Shroeder 

Moo^g Geo. tavern, s w cor. Baltimore and Poppleton 

Mohan Patrick, Walnut alley 

Mohler Edward, coal and iron merchajit, 3.9 Philpot near Caro- 
line, dw 800 e Baltimore 

Moir James, 10 Light fl^ 

Moire Mrs. P. 79 Holland ^ 

Mole Wm. A. 152 Mount Vernon place 

Molineux Mrs. Kveline, 29 s High 

Molton Mrs. Sarah, preceptress, 105 Pine 

Monagan Mrs. dress maker, 133 Saratoga 

Monaghan James, carpenter, 10 French 

Monat Henry, labt)rer, 4 Lee 

iVionda Nicholas, blacksmith, 33 n Dallas 

Mongel George, shoemaker, 18 Chesnut 

Monk Geo. laborer, 26 Shroeder 

Monk Wm. cooper, 237 Gouorh 

Monkur Dr. John C. S. 137 Broadway 

Monmonier Charles, carpenter. Register st. dw 101 Ann 

Monmonier Dr. John F. corner Caroline and Baltimore 

Monmonier Francis, firm Dryden 8c M. brickmakers, 176e Pratt 

Monmonier Thomas C. grocer, 222 Gough 

Monnear Charles, harness maker, 43 n Liberty 

Monohan Thomas^ laborer, 151 Wolfe 

Monoky Charles, laborer, 2 Dugan's wharf 

Monroe Mrs. A. 29 Jackson 

Monroe Finley, rigger, Bethel st n of Bank 

Monroe Henry, blacksmith, 37 Hampstead st 

Monroe John L. dealer in china and queensware, 198 Broadway 

Monroe John H. 98 Lee 

Moiisarrat N. apothecary, 174 Baltimore 

Montague Augustus F. 20 Miiliikin 

Montague Paul, carter, 77 Run alley 

Montandon Mrs. Mary, 164 n Pearl 

Monteith Robert, s w cor. Hoffman st & Penn. avenue 

Montell Mrs- Elizabeth, 84 e Praii 

Montell F. T. coramissioa merchant, 97 Smith's wharf, dw 
80 e Baltimore st 

Montell J. E. & Bro. tobacco and general commission mercaots, 
4 Exchange place^ Lombard st. dw 84 e Pratt si 

Montgomery Andrew, laborer. 111 Perry 

Montgomery Henry, confectioner, n e cor. Eutaw & Mulberry 

Mt-ntgomery Dr. James, 85 n Eutaw 

Montgomery John W. R. Road conductor, 139 Hollins 

Montgomery Martin, 194 Spring 

Montgomery Norris, clerk, 138 n Higli 

Montgomery Richard, laborer, 180 n High 

Montgomery Thomas, tavern, 114 Franklin 

Montgomery Wm. S. engineer, 54 Mulberry 

Montrop Mrs. Sarah, 39 Fawn 

Moody J. B. tobacconist, 56 Pratt 

MOO 27a MOO 

Moody John A. bricklayer, 162 n Caroline 

Moody Robert, carpenter, 202 n Chesnut 

Mooes Charles, shoemaker, 37 Chatsworth st 

Mooley Everhartj cow keeper, 67 Johnson st 

Moon Edward, butcher, w Baltimore st extended 

Moon Francis, grocer and liquor dealer, l?4 s Front 

Moon Wm. rope maker, 352 Light 

Mooney Mrs. Alice A. grocer, 81 Stirling 

Mooney James, laborer, 12 Stiles st 

Mooney John, laborer, 31 Stirling 

Mooney John, machinist, 278 n Howard 

Mooney Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 60 Harrison 

Mooney P. 58 Chesnut 

Mooney Richard, stone mason, 134 Harford avenue 

Mooney Thomas, laborer, 295 Eastern a»renue 

Moohia Wm. huckster, 43 Douglass ^ 

Moore Adam, 261 Aisquiih 

Moore Anthony, 80 Holliday 

Moore Bernard, iron moulder, 117Stirling 

Moore David W. firm M. Sc Griffin, 14 Camden 

Moore David W. firm M. & Griffin, 14 s Greene 

Moore Delia, 170 s Caroline 

Moore George, hatter, 13 Constitution 

Moore Geo. cooper, 4 Lee 

Moore Geo. VV. halter, 309 e Monument 

Moore Geo. paper hanger, Lombard st vv of Poppleton 

Moore Geo, 8. steamboat hand, 448 Lombard 

Moore Geo, laborer, 3 Harmony lune 

Moore Godfred, shoemaker, 141 Light 

Moore St Griffin, dealers in boots, shoes, hats, bonnets, &c. 229 

Baltimore st. 
Moore Henry, firm M. & Inman, Paca near Franklin 
Moore Henry, house and sign painter, 43 n Liberty sr. shop 

corner Sharp & German sts 
Moore Henry, 138 Aisquith 

Moore Henry, firm M. &. Hinmann, 125 n Paca st 
Moore Henry, musician, 153 Canton avenue 
Moore Horatio N. carpet manufacturer, 177 e Lombard 
Moore Humphrey, bo(>k seller & stationer, 158 w Pratt 
Moore &. Inman, merchant tailors, & fashionable clothiers, 146 

Baltimore st 
Moore Isaac, carter, 74 Lancaster 
Moore Doctor, J. H. druggist, 210 e Monument 
Moore Jacob, copperer, Herring's court 
Moore James, carpenter, D,)ver st w of Fremont 
Moore James A. cabinet maker, 59 Forest 
Moore James, butcher, 271 Alice Anna 
Moore John Henry, machinist, Pratt st. w of Oregon 
Moore John, shoemaker, 25 n Eden 
Moore John, shoemaker, 87 Wolf st 
Moore Mrs. Julia, 271 Bond 

Moore k McCahey, painters, s w cor. Sharp and German stg 
Moore Mrs. Margaret, 55 n Eutaw 
Moore Mrs. Maria, boarding house, Oregon, s of Lombard 
Moore Mrs. Martha Ann, 13 Muliikin 

MOO ^f HPJ^ 

Moore Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 12 Holliday 

Moore Mrs. Mary A. dress maker, 409 Ballimore 

Moore Nathaniel, ship carpenter, Gough st w of Bethel 

Moore Robert, police officer, 65 n High •- 

Moore Robert, dry goods dealer, SO Centre Market aj^^aije^^if,'^ 

81 e Baltimore St . - a. .n'-l ou.'t/l 

Moore Robert, cabinet maker, 50 Fremont 
Moore Robert, tavern, 96 Dugan'sj wharf 
Moore S. L. 23 Barnet 
Moore Mrs. Sarah, 42 n Liberty 
Moore Thomas, carpenter, Scott st. near McHenry 
Moore Thomas, laborer, 56 Camden 
Moore Thomas, paper slainer, 13 Booth 
Moore Thomas, laborer, Harmony lane 
Moore Thomas, clerk, 133 e Baltimore 
Moore Wm. H. hardware merchant, cor. Pratt & Calvert &is, 

dw Baltimore st. w of Greene 
Moore Wm. 204 n Eu taw 

Moore Wm. miller, corner Davis st. & Bell alley ;,': 

Moore Wm. P. *' St. Charles refectory 8t bowling saloon,'^ S4 

s Charles st. ' . 

Moore Wm.H. & Co. hardware mts. eor. Pratt and Calvert st» 
Morman Clement, laborer, 283 Dallas 
Moorman Henry, carter, 209 s Bond 
Moorman Rudolph, carter, 289 Alice Anr* 
Mopps William, 303Saiatoga 
Moquette Dr. Nelson, 175 Mulberry 
M:(>ra.n Anthony, saddler & harness maker, 105 s High 
Moran Geo. VV. mariner, 47 Fawn, 
Moran James, tailor, 274 n Gay 
Moran J^arnes A. boiler maker, llO Albemarle 
Moran John, conlectioner, fruit & liquor dealer, 2 w Pratt 
Moran John, marble polisher, 152 Peail 
Moran Dr. John J. 148 Madison avenue 
Moran Michael, 86 Madison 
Moran Richard G. engineer, 1 12 s Exeter 
Moran Wm. G. plaisterer, 157 Mulberry 
Moran Wm. huckster. Diamond st u of Saratoga 
Moreland Mrs. Elizabeth, 3.3 n High 
Moreland Joseph S. elerk, 30Can)den 
Moreton Alexander, millwright, 316 s Charles 
Morgan Evan J. clerk Union Batik, 208 Saratoga 
Morgan Geo. shoemaker, 316 e Monument 
Morgan Henry, foundryman, 7 Somerset 
Morgan Henry, wagoner, Clinton st. Canton 
Morgan Hugh, upper Canton house, Clinton st 
Morgan James, segar maker, 77 Ross , 
Morgan James, blacksmith, 4 McHenry 
Morgan John, bricklayer, 5 IJumes t^l 
Morgan John, laborer, Wills st. n of Phiipot 
Morgan Joseph, bookbinder, 2 Falls st 
Morgan Mrs. Mary C. seanistpess, 147 Penn. svenae 
Morgan Rev. Nicholas J. B. 243 Saratoga 
Morgan Obediah, agent for E. Barry's hot air furnaces and 

cooking rangers, 7 Eutaw house, Baltimore sU 

MOR 281 MOR 

Mortran Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 87 Caroline 
Morcran-Thomas, laborer, 77 Ross 
Morgan W. carpenter, 149 e Monument 
Morgan Wilson tailor, 76 Bond 
Morgan Wtn. T. boiler maker, 245 Hanover 
Morheiser J. N. harness maker, 31 North st. dw 54 French 
Morley James, cellar digger, 63 Poppleton. 
Morley Samuel, 140 Canal 
Morman Clement, laborer, 283 Dallas^ 
Morman Henry, 209 s Bond 
Morrell Wra. blacksmith, e Falls avenue 
Morrell H. O. clock maker, 38 cor. Hanover & Lombard sts 
Morrin Patrick, opposite Canton depot 

Morris Chas. T. ship joiner, shop 156 Thames, dw 41 Broadway 
Morris Geo. W. steamboat joiner, York st. dw 45 Broadway 
Morris Dr. Henry, s e cor. Broadway and Pratt sts 
Morris Isaac, cooper, l4 n CaroJine 

Morris Rev. J. G. 125 Lexington St. pastor 1st English Luther- 
an Church 
Morris Rev. J. S. 16 Watson 
Morris Dr. J. 21 s Gay 
Morris Jacob S. ship joiner, 139 McEIderry's wharf, dw Bond 

st s of Pratt St. 
Morris James, grocer & tea dealer, nw cor. Saratoga & Pine sts 
Morris James A. grocer, n w cor. Ann st. &. Eastern avenue 
Morris Jesse, 44 Douglass 

Morris Jonn B. president Mechanics' bank,. 32 Mulberry 
Morris Mrs. M. 67 Short st 
Morris Mrs. Mary, washer, 106 Canton avenue 
Morris Morris, shoemaker, 105 e Baltimore 
Morris Owen, bricklayer 14 Garden 
Morris Mrs. Sarah, 151 Park 
Morris Thomas C. ship joiner. 72 s Caroline 
Morris Wm. &, George, Tiiistle Factory's warehouse ./lo. 8 s 

Howard st. dw Wm. M. 62 Saratoga 
Morris Wm. . grocer, 309 Bond 
Morris Wm. book keeper, Trinil\' st- w of Exeter 
Morrison Anthony, fisher, Johnson st. F. Hill 
Morrison &, Co. butter dealers St-irrocers, 4 &, 5 Saratoga build- 
ings, oppposite Baths, dw 9 Courtland st 
Morrison Cornelius, baker, 24 s Front 
Morrison Edward, clerk, 87 n Eden 
Morrison Francis L. machinist, 147 Sharp 
Morrison H. J. magistrate, 106 e Fayette 
Morrison Horace, President Baltimore College, 32 Mulberry. 
Morrison John, blacksmith, 32 Stirling 
Morrison John E. druggist, 203 Favette 
Morrison John, ship carpenter, 16 Block 
Morrison Michael, 5 French 
Morrison Cornelius, baker, 13 Chesnut 

Morrison N. H. Proprietor Young Ladies* Academy, 71 Lex- 
ington St. dw 20 Gay 
Morrison Robert, clerk, 149 Holliday 
Morrison Wm. coach maker, 235 Biddle 
Morrow Andrew J. mariner, 224 e Fayette 

MOR 282 MOU 

Morrow J. carpenter shop 78 Lee dw n w cor. Hanover &, Lee 

Morrow John, boot and shoemaker, 499 w Pratt 

Morrow John, weaver, 51 Preston 

Morrow Mrs. 45 w Lonnbard 

Morrow Patrick, carrier, 134 Ross 

Morrow Robert, carpenter, 226 n Howard 

Morrow S. W. block and pump maker, 112 Dugan's wharf, dw 
177 Ann st. 

Morrow's mil. block & pump maker, Dugan's vvhf. dw 177 Ann 

Morrow Samuel, weaver, 121 Peirce 

Morrow Wm. painter, 731 w Baltimore 

Morrow Wm. spooler, Walnut aHey- 

Morry Georcre, collector, 363 n G^y 

Morry H. cabinet maker, 263 n Gay 

Morse Charles, enirineer Ttiomas Jefferson steamboat, dw 219^ 
s Charles st 

Morse R. C. watchmaker & jeweller, 282 Bait, dw 118 Mulberry 

Morse Stephen, primer, 1 Hamilton 

Morsell Wm. laborer, s Paca st 

Morthland Robert, ^rocer and tea dealer> n \v corner Baltimore 
and Frederick sts 

Mortimer Mrs. Elizabeth, 125 Boncf 

Mortimer John, shoeQiakt;r, 164 Chesnut 

Mortimer John, 11 Holland 

Mortimer John W. firm M. & Mowbray, dw 267 Saratoga 

Mortimer John, lumber inspector, 12 Bond 

Mortimer &, Mowbray, fancy and variety store, 228 w Balti- 
more St. corner Charles 

Mortimer 'J'homas, carter, Abey alley 

Morton F. A. bricklayer, 127 n Eden 

Morton George C. Consul French Republic, 23 Exchanore build- 
in irs, (hv 209 n Howard st 

Morton James, laborer, 29 n Hi«h 

Morton John, dealer iron, !10 Dugan's wharf 

Morton Mrs. J dia Ann, 287 Lexintjton 

Moser LeopoKH fjrocer & liquor dealer, 176 Hanover 

Moser Mrs, Maria, milliner, 225 Broadway 

Mosey John, tailor, 30 Lombard 

Moshell iMrs. Ann, boardin«r house, 27 Booth 

Mosher Mrs. Elizabeth, 64 Fayetie 

Moss Mrs. Elizabeth, i^rocer, Pennsylvania av. extended 

Mosser Jacob, 23 e Pratt 

Most Henry, confectioner, 206 e Pratt 

Moszer John A. carpenter, 208 Aisquith 

Moszner C. shoe maker, 16 New 

Mott A. G. HLH-icultural implements maker, 38 Ensor 

Mott Chas. U. agricul. imp. manf. 58 n Paca, dw 176 Saratoga 

Mott J imes M. of Union Bank, dw Franklin square 

Mott Miss Rachel, ISO Franklin 

Mottfeld Deiderick, piano maker, l5l Mulberry 

Mouat Cap\ James, Broadway n of Lonjbard 

Moulfon Elisha P. 17 Bariiet 

Moulton James ^\ merchant tailor, 434 w Baltimore 

Mou ton William, confeclioner Sc fruitr. 3 Jarvis build. North st 

,Mount Elijah, cabinet & chair maker, 96 Bnltiaiore 

MOU 29.5 MUL 

Mounr^arrett Jabez,o.Tk cooper, 43 Lityht 

Mourer, Adolph, furniture dealer, 32 Harrison 

Mouse John, tailor, 3 Chesnut ' 

Mowbray Geors^e VV. firm Mortimer & M. dw 68 n Front 

Mowbray Mrs. Racliel, seamstress, G3 Hamburg- 

Movvell Peter, iron Ibunder, Eastern av. e of Wolf st 

Moxley Mrs. Elizabeth, boardinsr house, 73 n Howard 

Moxley Walter, tobacconist, corner Lancaster st and Broadway 

Moxley William, tin and sheet iron worker, 70i Hanover 

Mozingo A. S. ladies' fancy shoemaker, 264 n Gay 

Muchler Henry, laborer, Washincrlon st 

Muchlock Henry, l;i borer, Abv allev 

Mudge A. B. firm Turner & M. 24'Pleasant 

Mudh Sebastian, laborer^ Pennsylvania av. extended 

Mudie Christiana, 202 Wolf 

Mueller J. W. book and job printer, 75 Baltimore, dvv 75 Exeter 

Muer Hampton, 141 n Caroline 

Muhlhoier John M. cabinet maker, 75 n Gay 

Muhr Jacob, tailor, 23 Carpenter's a! 

Muir James A. grocer and commission mt. 90 Light st. wharfs 

dw 54 Conway 
Muir Kirk, manufacturing company's office> 45 Light 
Muir Uriah, Carpenter, 109 Bank 
Muish Conrad, laborer, 12 Fell 
Muldoe Mrs. Elizabeth, 137 Ensor 
Muldoom Mrs. Mary, Falls st 
Mules Isaac, painter, 253 Saratoga 
Mules Samuel, shoemaker. Orchard n of Ross 
Mules Thos. boot &. shoe mak. 176 Lexington, dvv 381 Franklin 
Mulharana Micliael, laborer, end of Eastern av 
Mulhare Mrs. Catherine, store Tripoleti's al 
Mullan Bernard, carter, cor. Davis & Centre 
Mullan John, draper and t:iilor,6 North 
Mullen Alfred, chair maker, 128 n Paca 
Mullen Edward, boot and shoemaker, 228 Broadway 
Mullen Henry, ship joiner, Register st s of B;iltimore 
Mullen Hugh, oak cooper, n e cor. Pratt and Poppleton 
Mullen James, firm Allbrd & Mullen, dw 93 n Front 
Mullen James, carter, 92 French 

Mullen Capt. James, superintendent of Harbour, 123 Albentvarle 
Mullen James, 95 Pine 
Mullen John, tavern. Court House lane 
Mullen John, draper and tailor, 2 Mulberry 
Mullen John, tavern, 8 Lombard 
Mullen John, tavern, 216 Lexinijton 
Mullen Joseph, clerk, 114 n Caroline 
Mullen Mrs. Mary J. grocer, 43 n High 
Mullen Patrick, petJlar, 59 Holland 
Mullen Patrick, grocer and ^^qlior deaK 120 Lancaster 
Mullen Peter, grocer and tea dealer, 555 w Baltimore, div cor, 

Lexington aad Poppleton 
Mullen Peter, grocer, 406 Saratoga 
Mullen Mrs. Rachel, dry goods dealer, 106 Mulberry 
Mullen Thomas, sr.. grocer, 8 Stirling 
Mullen Thomas, butcher, 261 Pennsylvania av 

MUL 294 MUR 

Mullen Thomas, laborer, 55 s Hij^h 

Mullen Valentine, laborer, 13 Shakespear 

Mullen William T. tijrocer and tea dealer, 250 Broadwray 

Muller Ao^ustus, tobacco, shipping and commission merchant, 

7 Li;i;ht St. wharf 
Muller Harman, Bethel 

Muller Henry, prop, marine railway, Gourrh st. w of Broadway 
Muller Henry, shoe maker, cider al. e ofEutawst 
Muller J. W. book and job printer, 130 n Gay 
Wuller Jas. N. &. Philip Henrv, marine railway St block makers, 

Muller James N. block and pump maker, dw 174 Ann 
Muller John R. bookseller & stationer, 2 Bait, dw Bait, e of Eden 
Muller Lewis C. 175 e Baltimore 
Muller Lewis, upholsterer, 23 Coment 
Muller Louis, firm Cox & M. dw Jackson 
Muller Ludolpli, conlectioner and variety dealer, 296 Bond 
Muller Ptiilip H. firm James N. & P. H.^ M. dw Goucrh 
MullettTliomas, hackrnan, 192 Eden 
MuUey John M. ladies' slioe maker, 152 Fremont 
Mulligan John, wheelwright, 221 Chesnut 
Mulligan James, 374 Aisquiih 

Mulligan Miss Rose A. milliner and fancy store, 3 w Baltimore 
Mulligan Thomas, grocer, 120 Harford av 
Miillikin Mrs. Catharine, 158 Forest 
Mullikin Michael, laborer, York avenue 
Mullikin O. W. teacher, Montgomery cor. Hanover 
Mullikin James, machinist, 161 Hollins 
Mullin Christopher, clerk, 252 n Gay 
Mullin Patrick P. tailor, 1 e Fayettej dw 259 n Gay 
Mullen Philip, clothier, 7 Second 

Mullin Thomas, jr. coach maker, 73 & '5 North, dw 89 n High 
MullineuxMrs. Eveline, 29 s High 

Mullynix James, grocery and liquor store, 125McElderry's whf. 
Mult/ A. machinist, 90 Madison 
Mukz Mrs. Catherine, 75 Ensor 
Mulvey Owen, laborer, 7i Slenimer's al 
Mumma David, butcher, 116 York av 
Mumma Mrs. Mary, 113 York av 
Muncks John & Co. tobacconists, 14 n Howard 
Monday Francis, piano maker, 4 Lovely lane 
Munhair Mr. laborer, 176 Bethel 
Munn John, 194 Alice Anna 
Munre Nathaniel, 87 Hanover 
Munroe Col. Isaac, firm M. Jones & McJilton, of 'Baltlliiore 

Patriot,' dw 53 Lexington 
Munroe Joseph, laborer, Canton 
Munster Robert, cooper, Burk st. near Canton Bridge 
Murdoch Alexander, firm VV. F. &, A. M. Pennsylvania avenue 

near toll gate 
Murdoch Charles, firm of M. St Robinson, dw Pennsylvania av. 
Murdoch Mrs. Catherine, boarding house, 210 w Pratt 
Murdoch, Duer & Co. wholesale dry goods dealers, 247 Balto. 
Murdoch G. W. St Co. wholesale tobacco mis. 129 Lombard, 

dw 210 Pratt 

Murdoch John, printer, 64 Albemarle , ,,.• ... ^ 

Murdoch Misses, bonnet & fancy ijr(K)ds dealer,' 158 Lexinsjton 

Murdoch Richard, scales manuf. 46 s Cliarles, dvv 158 Lexington 

Murdoch & Robinson, brooms and wooden ware dealers, sw 
cor. Lombard apd Calvert 

Murdoch Thomas, firm Murdpchji D uer & Co. fl w s e cor. Frank- 
lin and St Paul ' . \ 

Murdock Thomas, grocer, 24 1 Alice Anpa.^ ,^^ 

Murdy Thomas, barber> 121 Fremont ..,^"t , 

Murphy G. W, shoe maker, lOS^McElderry. ' 

Murphy HujtI), carter, 317 Momi'meut 

Murphy Mrs. Jane, (rrocer, 46 Hillen, 

Murphy James, drayman, Bedford al 

Murphy James J. teacher public school, 3 Broadway 

Murphy Jesse D. butcher, 217 Ensor 

Murphy John N. carpenter, 22 n High 

Murphy John, 211 n Exeter 

Murpliy John, stone mason, lOHoHa^nd. 

Murphy John, laborer, 95 n Calvert' t 

Murphy John, sen. 300 n Howard 

Murphy John & Co. book and job printers, publishers, and sta- 
tioners, 178 Baltimore 

Murphy John, 34 Granby 

Murphy John, jr. Sun carrier, 300 n Howard 

Murphy John, 144 Happy al 

Murphy John, wheelwriaht, 9 Forest 

Murpliy Mich«el, butcher, 127 Pearce - 

Murphy Patrick, 126 e Lombard 

Murphy Mrs. Temperance, 1 Johnson 

Murphy Capt. Thomas, 170 Ann 

Murphy Thomas, carpenter, 314 n Howard 

Murphy Thomas, firm Dobbiq, Mu,rphy ^ Bose, of American,^ 
Exchange Hotel ," 

Murphy Dr. Phoraas L. 88 Gough 

Murphy William Sl John, carpenters. Fish (Centre.) Market 

Murray Mrs. Ann M. dry goods dealer, 248 n Gay 

Murray Asbury, laborer, 475 w Baltimore 

Murray Mrs. Bridget, confectioner, Saratoga near Calvert 

Murray & Clarke, millwrights and machinists, 21 York 

Murray Edward, carpenter, 248 n Gay 

Murray Frederick, ladies' slioemaker, 46 Rock 

Murray Henry, cellar digger, l94 Hollins 

Murray & Hazlehur^t, engineers &. machinists, n e cor. Great 
Hughes &, VVilliatd 

Murray Herron C. carv. & pat. mak. 125 Bait, dw 119 n Calvert 

Murray Mrs, Jane, grocer and liquor store, 72^ Pratt 

Murray James, bricklayer, 22 Stirling 

Murray James, Custom House watchman, 432 w Baltimore 

Murray James, laborer, w Falls av. n of Pratt st 

Murray James, machinist, 156 e Monument 

Murray. James, grocer, 182 n Eden 

Murray James, firm Hazlehurst &l M. (}w 37 Hollins 

Murray James, millw. & pattern mak. York, dw 38 G. Hughes 

Murray James A. laborer, Pennsylvania av. extended 

Murray Janies F. engmeer, 110 JBiddle 


Murray James, firm M. & Clark, dw G. Hun;hes 

Murray Joljn, blacksmith, Bethel, n of Gough 

Murray John P. laborer, 504 w Lombard 

Murray John, laborer, vv Falls a v. n of Pratt st 

Murray John, boot and s.'ioe maker, 72 Pratt 

Murray Capt. John B. 23 Cambridge si. Canton 

Murray John N. clerk, 91 Pine 

Murray John, laborer, 108 Madison 

Murray Rev. John J. pastor M. P. church, 43 Greene 

Murray John, keeper; 'Shades Tavern' 39 w Fayeite 

Murray Levi, chair maker, Orchard, n of Ross 

Murray Mrs. Lucy A. 17 n Exeter 

Murray M. carver, 125 Baltimore, dw 119 n Calvert 

Murray Mrs. Margaret, dress maker, 95 Lexin<^(on 

Murray Mrs. M. J. dry goods deal, cor. Mulberry & Chatsworth 

Murray Matthew H. real estate agent, 8 Second, dw 311 e Bal- 

Murray Michael, mariner, 218 Gougfi 

Murray Owen, paver, 59 Buren 

Murray Patrick, laborer^ William, s of Warren 

Murray Patrick, hatter, 9 New Cliurch 

Murray Patrick, watchman, 49 Davis 

Murray Richard C. carpenter, Sarah Ann, dw 289 Saratoga 

Murray Thomas, trrocer and liquor dealer, 126 St Paul 

Murray Thomas, grocer & liquordeal. cor. Ross st. & Jordan al 

Murray Thomas, gardner, 4 Hill 

Murray William, hoot and shoe maker, 68 Centre Market space 

Murray William, 151 Low 

Murray William, stone mason, 122 Holliday 

Murray William, 224 Mulberry 

Murry" Arthur, 87 Bond 

Murry John, chair maker, cor. South and Guilford 

Musbear Isaac, pedlnr. Bethel, n of Bank 

Museum Baltimore & Gallery of Fine Arts, cor. Bait. & Calvert, 
Hamm and Silsbce proprietors 

MuseuiTi Washington, s e cor. Centre Market and Loinbard sts 

Musgrave Andrew, oak cooper, n w cor. Gable &. Patterson 

Musgrave Rev. Geo. W. past. 3d Presbyterian ch. 79 n Eutaw 

Musgrave James, tanner and currier, 117 n Front 

Mushett Walter, com. merch. Light st. whf. dw 17 Mulberry 

Musselman J. letter carrier, 27 Columbia 

Musser Mrs. Mary, 35 Buren 

Mussman Jotm, tavern keeper, 17 Cowpen al 

Mulh George, collector, cor. Charles and Pratt 

Mulh Philip, Charles 1 door n of Pratt 

Mutual Fire and Marine Ins. Co. of Baltimore, Commercial 
buildings, cor. Lombard and Gay 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Baltimore, 16' South 

Muyer Uria, carpenter, 109 Bank 

Myer August, tailor, 78 Harford av 

Myer Benj. C. cigar box maker, 24 s Liberty, dw 99 s Howard 

Myer George, clothier, 108 Franklin 

Myer Henry, 133 Bank 

Myer James & Co. grocers &com. mts. 65 s Calvert, dw J. M. 
168 Sliarp 

mE 287 MYE 

Myer John H. grocery and liquor store, 105 s Howard 

Myer Lazarus, pedlar, 108 Franklin 

Myer Lewis, pedlar, Bethel n of t>ratt 

Myer Mrs. Jacob, senr. Ann e of Gough 

Myer Mrs. Susannah, 105 Hanover 

Myer Thomas J. brick maker, 144 Hanover st. yard Fort road 

Myer William, pattern maker, 176 Light 

Myer William, paver, 2(j5 Forest 

Myers Aaron, end of Cambridge st. Canton 

Myers Alexander, shipping master, dvv 191 Canton av 

Myers Mrs. Betsy, washer, 1 16 Jasper 

Myers Cnarles, butcher, 154 Pennsylvania av 

Myers Charles, shoe maker, 13 Carpenter's al 

Myers Charles, cabinet maker, Pennsylvania av. w of Dolphin 9t 

Myers Daniel E. constable, 63 French 

Myers Daniel, watchman, 77 Mulberry 

Myers David R. baker, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson 

Myers Edward., furniture carter, 41 East 

Myers Elizabeth, 218 n Chesnut 

Myers Frederick, tin and sheet iron worker, dw 265 Lio-ht st. 
shop near whf. • " * 

Myers Fredk. tin plate &, sheet iron worker, 135 Light, dvv 65 

Myers George, omnibus driver, 17 Republican ° 

Myers Hannah, tavern 141 Light 

Myers Henry, cigar box maker, 194 s Eutaw 

Myers Henry, justice of ihe peace, 58 Sharp, dw Calvert 

Myers Henry, cabinet maker, 4 Lovely lane 

Myers Henry, coach pamter, 15 Nicholas 

Myers Henry, tailor, 2 St James 

Myers Henry, 254 Ana 

Myers Jacob, jr. china dealer, 166 Broadway, dw n e cor. Broad- 
way & Ggugh st 

Myers Jacob, taimer, 114 n Caroline 

Myers Capt. James, steam boat Mary Washington, 168 Sharp 

Myers James, plane maker, 61 Mulberry 

Myers John, blacksmith, 51 Davis 

Myers John H. painter, 358 Light 

Myers John W. firm Hynson 8c Myers, Baltimore w of Fremont 

Myers John W. firm Hiss & Myers, 596 w Baltimore 

Myers John, butcher, 51 Eastern av 

Myers John, 14 e Pratt 

Myers Joshua, 'interpreter City Court,' 75 Gouo-h 

Myers Joseph, brakesman, 57 McHenry 

Myers Joseph, tailor, 134 Forrest 

Myers Mrs. Maria, 64 Block 

Myers Mrs. Maria, 103 e Pratt 

Myers Mrs. Mary A. boarding house, 175 Chesnut 

Myers Nathan, grocer, 82 Gough 

Myers Peters, 216 Bethel 

Myers Sophia, 33 Fell 

Myers Stephen, tailor, 80 Centre 

Myers Thomas, jr. brick maker, Fort road 

Myers William, tavern keeper, 114 Thames 

Myers Capt. William, mariner, 151 Ann 

Myers William H. «lerk, 59 s Paca 

Myers William, tavern, S9 Lancaster 

Myers W^llianb slKKMuaker-, 205 Bethel 

Myers Capt. William-, 151 Ann 

Mvke George, 1^3 Sj^riH^ 

Mykins DanicU soap bi)iler> Canton, d\v 145 Ann 

Myler James, 55 s Frederick 

Myler John, butcher, U6 Happy al 

Myles James, oak cooper. Booth si. e of Shroeder 

Myles Patrick, merchant tailor, 14 St. Paul 

Myles Robert, chair maker, 100 s Eutavv 

Myres Mrs. Ann, 192 Chesnut 

Myrick Captain Joseph, 154 s Exeter 

Naas JusTtrs, shoetnaker, 32 n Liberty 

Nabb Georijre W. attorney at law, 46 Lexington 

Nace John M. carpenier, 338 Franklin 

Nachman Jacob," •grocer, SO Spring 

Nachman Meyer, grocer and liquor dealer, 56 Thames 

Naft' John H. appraiser, 453 Baltimore 

Nagels N. paver, 27 Monument 

Nagensest George, laborer/ei Montgomery 

Nagle Andrew, baker, 207 s Bond 

Nagle Benjamin, cooper, 12 Humes 

Nagle Edward, laborer, Dover st w of Fremont 

Nagle Frederick, cigf^r maker, 29 McH'enry 

Nagle Mrs. Martha E. 33 McHenry 

Nagle , 75 Holiins 

Nagle Peter, laborer, 126 Albemarle 

Nailor Samuel, carpenter, 21 n Eden 

Nairn Doctor John C. dw 105 Albemarle 

Nails Benjamin F. house and sign painter, 52 Holliday 

Nally Richard, grocer, produce & liquor deal. 36 New Church 

NallV Richard, mariner, 47 Fawn 

Namuth F. T. boarding house, 2 C. Market Space 

Nants Mrs. Ann, 12 Jackson 

Napp Wm. carter, 136 Sarah Ann 

Narger Philip, laborer, 61 Argyle al 

Nash Mrs. Catherine, 403 Lexington 

Nash Evan, boiler maker, 71 Hamburg 

Nash Mrs. Hester, 96 n Caroline 

Nash James, carter. West st. F. H. 

Nash John W. ladies' shoemaker, s e cor. Bond st &. Eastern av 

Nash Wm. fireman, 62 William 

Nason Captain Wm. C 66 s Caroline 

National Loan Fund, Donald Mcllvain St J. Williams, agents. 

10 German 
Nattali Mrs. Alice, corset maker, 49 s Liberty 
ffattali Miss Jane, corset maker. Front st. 1 door s of Baltimore 
Naughtman Harman, bar keeper, 4 Lo\ely lane 
Naughthouse Christopher, wheelwright, 251 Monument 
Naughton Michael, tavern, 13 s Front 
Naugle George, boot fitter, 51 York st 
Naugle Jacob, ladies' shoemaker, 77 Eastern av 
Navy Agent, (J. White,) Barnum's buildings, Fayett<«t 
Neall Andrew, cabinet maker, 59 Dover 


Neal Henry, boot and shoemaker, 17 Warren 

IVeal James, tavern and boarding house, 64 Light 

Neal John, weaver, 45 Preston 

Neale Francis, firm N. & Lu«l<ett, 263 w Lombard 

Neale J. G, bricklayer, 125 s Sharp 

Neale Joseph, Bank lane, e of Charles st 

JV eale & Luckett, tobacco cora. mts, 70 Light-st. or 3 Light st vvhf 

Neale Mrs. Mary, 30 West 

Neale Wm, dryman, 203 Li^ht 

Nealfelt Frederick, tailor, 20 Eutaw court 

Neavitt Wnrv, clerk, 87 s Exeter 

Neazel Michael, white washer, lOShakspear 

Nebb Henry, keeper 'Napoleon House,' 464 Baltimore 

Nebell John D. boot and shoemaker, s w cor. Baltimore &. Pine 

Nebille Peter, carpenter, 163 Pennsylvania av 

Needham Asa, grocer and com. mt. 104 Light st whf. dw corner 

Charles and Lee 
Needham Michael, laborer. Pish Market Space 
Needles Edward, painter, 7 s Liberty st. dw 267 w Lombard 
Needles Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 56 Hanover 
Needles John St Son, dry goods dealers, 54 Hanover 
Neely James, marble polisher, Johnson's stone yard. North st 
Neepier W. huckster, 69 Hill 
Neibert John A. milkman, 115 Lancaster 
Neill Captain Frederick, mariner, 216 Aisquith 
Neilson A. clerk, 113 McElderry 
Neilson A, B. attorney at law, 13 St. Paul 
Neilson Mrs. A. A. 300 Lexington 
Neilson Eliab, cooper, 72 York av 
Neilson George, clerk of Water Co. dw 81 n Calvert 
Neilson J. Crawford & John R. Niernsee, architects, 70 Fayette 
Neilson John, lottery office, 85 Thames 
Neilson Joseph, clerk, 82 n Caroline 
Neilson Joseph jr. printer, 237 n Howard 
Neilson Robert, appraiser Custom House, 51 Courtland 
Neilson Theophilus, laborer, end Eastern av 
Neilson Thomas N. prop, new Observatory and Signal house, 

F. Hill, dw 31 Albemarle 
Neilson Wm. bricklayer, 164 n Caroline 

Neilson Wm. H. lime and feed deal. 1 16 n Eutaw st. d w 2 South 
Neily RichM W. oar fact. 125 Thames st. dw Fawn st w oi'Exeter 
Neim Mark, shingle shaver, 187 Sharp 
Neiman Wm. pedlar, 204 s Bond 

Neimeyer John H. firm Thos. R. Matthews & Co. 132 Lee 
Neimyer Harman, 148 Sharp 
Nein Abel Joseph, laborer, 23 Elizabeth al 
Neinzeling John, sawyer, 24 Johnson 
Neitler Frederick, huckster, 57 Union 
Nelson & Henry, mt. tailors, 68 Exchange Place 
Nelson James, 3 Hollins 
Nelson John, attorney at law, 35 St. Paul 
Nelson John Frederick, mariner, 231 Ana 
Nelson Mary, 1 Tripolett's al 
Nelson Peler, mate, 210 Alice Anna 
Nelson Peter, rigger, 226 Bond 

NEL 290 NIB 

Nelson Mrs. Regina, tavern, 110 Thames 

Nelson Thomas T. whol. and ret. dry croodsmt. 65 Baltimore 6t. 

dvv 32 Holliday 
Nelson Wm. B. attorney at law, 47 Fayette st. dvv 74 Courtland 
Nelson Wm. boot and shoemaker, 25 s Calvert 
Nelson Wm. mariner, 249 Alice Anna 
Nennin^er Daniel, Canton av. near the bridge 
Neot John, John, tailor, 7 Sarah Ann 
Nerlinger Frederick, laborer, 334 Light 
Nesbir Jonathan, 325 Fayette 
Neskey Charles, ra^r dealer. West Falls av 
Ness Mrs. Elizabeth, 134 Pearl 
Netter G. R. dry goods dealer, 71 Hillen 
Nettles John, laborer, Scott st n of Columbia 
Neubert John A. tavern keeper, 319 s Bond 
Neuberlh J. draper and tailor, 108 Lombard 
NeulFer Adam, clerk, 335 Saratoga 
Neurath Ernest, boot and shoemaker, 21 s Liberty 
Neuvelle Joseph, printer, overs e cor. Charles and Pratt 
Nevitt James, carpenter, 69 Holliday 
New John, carpenter, 58 Ross 
Newcom Peter, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Newcomer k, Stonebraker, flour dealers and com. mts. 53 and 

55 s Howard 
Newell James, tinner, 287 s Charles 

Newell Peter, tobacconist, 21 Perry 
Newhouse Carston, laborer, 150 s Eulaw 

Newhouse John, carpenter, shop Sharp st. near Montgomery st. 
dvv 204 Hanover 

Newilder John B. paver, 80 Orleans 

Newman Augustus, tailor, 118 n Paca 

Newman Caspar, cabinetmaker, Mullikin st. near Caroline 

Newman Mrs. Ciiarlotle E. tailuess, 213 s Caroline 

Newman E. R. &- Bro. piano mariuf. opposite Hollins st. market 

kevvman Elias R. firm E. R. N. & Bro. dvv 3 Pine 

Newman Rev. John, pastor St. Alphonso's church, 109 Saratoga 

Newman Joseph J. watchman, 244 e Pratt 

Newman Joseph, piano maker, Holland si. d\\ 5C5 Baltimore 

Newman Mo>,es, firtman, 78 Spring 

Newman Moses, dray man, 76 Spring 

Newman Samuel, riothier, 50 s Cliailes 

Newman Saiuui!, clothier, 19 Pratt 

Newman Thoma?, carpenter, 318 Eastern av 

Newman W. W. carpenter, cor. Fayette and Frederick sis. dw 
68 n Exeter 

Newnen Timothy, laborer. Canal st near Gay 

Newton Is^uc, shoemaker, Hollins st. opposite Carey 

Newton Mrs. Rosetta, 350 Lexington 

Newton Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 117 Hollins 

Newton Universiiy, 10 Lexington 

Newton Wm. comb maker, 409 Lexington 

Newion Wm. &c Thos. comb makers, 407 Lexington 
Newviller Lewis, carter, 198 Raborg 

New York Lile Insurance and Trust Co. cor North 8c Favette 
Niblet, J. black.-nath, 42 e Fayette 

NIB 291 NIC 

Niblet John, blacksmith, 1 13 n Exeter 

Nice Augustus, brass founder, 196 Ensor 

Nice Mrs. Mary Ann, 187 Ensor 

Nichol Wm. bricklayer, 79 Ann 

Nichol Wm. plaisterer, 183 e Pratt 

Nicholas Casper, baker, 173 n Eden 

Nicholas F. Wm. house and 6\crn painter, 209 Eastern av 

Nicholas George, tailor, 12 s Canal 

Nicholas J. S. attorney at law, 6 Court House lane, dw39 Lex. 

Nicholas James, ^old bealer, 72 n Caroline 

Nicholas Michael, 231 Saratoga 

Nchols Adam, tinner, 88 Albemarle 

Nichols Charles, laborer, Scott st n of Columbia 

Nicholas Charles, shipping master, 108 Gough 

Nichols James, stevadofe, 33 Starr al 

Nichols Mary A. Chester st. Cantort 

Nichols Richard, mariner, 65 Happy al 

Nichols Samuel T. saddle and harness maker, 32 George 

Nichols Thomas, marketman, 53 Davis 

Nichols Wm. shin«?le shaver, 2 L. Church 

Nichols Wro. Clinton st. Canton 

Nichols Zachariah, brickmaker, 275 s Charles 

Nicholson Alexander, bacon dealer, 242 e Fayette 

Nicholson Andrew, tavern, 420 Ballimore 

Nicholson Charles F. chair maker, 128 e Lombard 

Nicholson Columbus J. lottery vender, cor. Baltimore and Sharp 

sts. dw 34 n High 
Nicholson Daniel, confectioner, 77 n Howard 
Nicholson Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 878 Biltiraore 
Nicholson Mrs. Elizabeth, 32 Thames 
Nicholson Mrs. Frances, 167 n Exeter 
Nicholson George, butcher, 769 Baltimore 
Nicholson Gustavus, lottery and exchange office, 26 Baltimore 

8f. dvv34nHigh 
Nicholson Henry, baker. 105 Orleans 
Nicholson Isaac, dw 32 Front 
Nicholson J. J. & Bro. exchange office, 1 s Sharp 
Nicholson Jacob C. firm Kinhardt & Co. 64 High 
Nicholson James, currier, McHenry st rear of Lee 
Nicholson John, 110 Camden st, rear 
Nicholson John, butcher, Baltimore st extended 
Nicholson John, broker, firm J. J. N. & Bro. 443 Baltimore 
Nicholson Mrs. Susan, washer, ll5 York st 
Nicholson Thomas, leather dealer, 10 McHenry 
Nicholson Thomas, book- binder, 60 Fremont 
Nickerson Mrs. P. A. ladies', children's and infants' furnishing 

esiablishment, 71 Lexington 
Nickerson Thomas, book-binder, 60 Fremont 
Nicklas Conrad, watch maker and jeweller, 470 Baltimore 
Nickolds James, gold beater, 72 n Caroline 
Nicodemus J. C. provision deal. 383 Bait. st. dw 179 Mulberry 
Nicol David, plaisterer, Ann st s of Pratt 
Nicolai Harman, grocer, corner Sharp and Barre 
Nicolai Henry, shoemaker, 80 York st 
Nicolai John *C. ladies' shoemaker, 89 Baltimore 

Nicoll Wm. D. plaisterer, 125 Madison 

Nicole Charles^ attorney at law, 44 Lexingtoa 

Nieberger Jacob, 60 Argyle al 

Niebling Jacob, shoemaker, 30 BiJdle al 

Nieburt Jacob, iailor,.205 s Bond 

Niehoft." Gieorge F. carter, Dewberry al 

NielsonJohn^ lottery dealer, 85 Thames 

Niemeyer Frederick, carver, 45 Pearl. 

Nien John, tailor,. 208 Light 

Nierman Henrv,.gunsmiih, 13 Commerce 

Niernsee John R. architect and civil engineer, 70 Fayette st. dw 

28 Barnei 
NieshseHer Lawrenct?, apothecary, 144 Saratoga. 
Niezlebick France, 115 Lancaster 
Nighthart Fredeiick^ laborer, Abey al 
Nightingale Margaret, 196 s Caroline 
Niiy Adam, music teacher, 13S Canal 

Ninimo John E, grocer and pn-od iice dealer^xor. Gbugh &. Edec 
Nimrao Wm. clerk, 99 s Exetei? 
Nimrod Conrad, 94 Spring 

Kinde James, chronometer and watch maker, lis Gay 
Ninde James C. attorney at law, 26 St. Paul si. dvv 11 s Gay 
Ningard Frederick, laborer, 93 n Calvert 
Nipoli John, carpet weaver, 35 Caroline 
JSippard George, grocer, 391 n Gay 
Nix Conrad, laborer, 277 Wolf^ 
Nix Jacob, tailor, S3 Ensor 

Nixdorf Tobias, firm Hartzog & N. dw 322 Fayetie- 
Nixon John, meal and flour seller, 68 Vork av 
NiXon Thomas!,. iron moulder, 9 OrleaJiy 
Nizer W. H. bricklayer, 155 n Edea 
. Noah George, 188 Alice Anna 
Noah T. paver,, 27 Ensor 
Noble Mrs. Eleanor, 38 s Frederick 
Noble James, cow keeper, 191 Washington 
Noblet John, boiler maker, 3 Abey ai 
Noblet Mrs. Sarah, 1 Hill 
Nock Miss Sarah A. milliner, 130 Lexingtoa 
Nogle Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 10 Warner 
Nogle George, boot filler, 51 York st 
Nolan Cornelius, boiler maker, 81 York st 
Nolan Henry, millwright, llO Hill 
Nolan Matthew, tailor, 2l New Church 
Nolan Patrick carter, 85 Eastern av 
Nolan Peter, drayman, Slemraer*s al 
Nolen John, hatter, 82 Stirling 

Noles Joseph D. lottery office, Fayette st. dw 342 n Gaj 
Noll Adam, tailor, 136 Canton av 
Nolle Augustus, brass founder, 82 Lancaster 
Nolle Joseph, taili/r, 6 Clay 
Nolthaus John, last maker, lOS Eastern ar 
Nolting Charles, hosiery and trim, dealer, 25 n Euta.v/ 
Nonemaker Jonas, grocer, 126 York av 
Noonan Edward, cooper, 182 n Chesnut 
Noone Patrick, laborer, 68 Spring 

NOR 293 NOR 

Norfijik, Petersburg and Richmond packets, office Spear's whf 

Norfolk John W. ship carpenter, 43 York si 

Norfolk John H. 238 w Pratt 

Norfolk John, shoem:iker, 65 Hamburg 

Norfolk Mrs. John H. boarding house, 238 w Pratt 

Norfolk Thomas H. bricklayer. Sharp st s of Henrietta 

Norman John R. boot and shoemaker, 38 w Pratt st. dw 129 e 

Norman Michael S. com. mt. 75 Smith's whf. dw Franklin 
Norman Samuel," boarding house, 157 Lombard 
Norris & Adams, ship chand. grocers & coal dealers, 9 Thames 
Norris Aquilla J. cabinet maker, dw 16 Chew 
Norris Mrs. B. B. dress maker, 343 Baltimore 
Norris Beniamin, S3 Union 

Norris Benjamin P. grocer and produce dealer, 500 Baltimore 
Norris 8c Brothers, importers of hardware, 27ii Baltimore 
Norris C. S. firm Duer & Norris, d w Madison av. n of Dolphin st 
Norris & Dulany, tobacconists, 42 Eutavv 
Norris Edward S. silk goods dealer, 237 Baltimore st. dw corner 

St. Paul and Mulberry 
Norris George W. firm N. & Brothers, dw 108 Fayette 
Norris H. S. shoemaker, 109 Fremont 
Norris Isaac H. firm N. 8t Adams, dw Broadway 
Norris J. recorder Court House, dw 190 Aisquith 
Norris John C. firm Wm. B. N. & Co. dw 121 s Sharp 
Norris John, ffrocer & tea deal. 172 Lexington st. dw 79 s Paca 
Norris John O. firm N. & Dulany, 213 Mulberry 
Norris Joi5eph H. carpenter, Maiden lane 
Norris Joshua, paper maker, 453 w Lombard 
Norris Mrs. M. dress maker, 3S Maiden lane 
Norris Mrs. Mary, hoarding house, 54 Hanover 
Norris Mrs. Mary Ann, 24 Marion 

Norris -, lumber mt. 133 s Exeter 

Norris Mordecai, 327 Saratoga 

Norris Neilson, teacher, 1 Jefferson 

Norris Oliver, mdse. broker, 85 Lombard 

Norris Richard jr. firm Norris & Brothers, dw Franklin st. w of 

Norris Richard, firm R. N. & Sons, dw Mount Vernon Place 
Norris Thomas, tin and sheet iron worker and stove dealer, 49. 

s Calvert st. dw 177 Hanavcr 
Norris Thomas M. preparer Custom House pai^)ers^ 1 Exchange 

buildings, dw 49 Hanover 
Norris Thomas, clerk, 169 n Exeter 

Norris Wm. B. 8t Co. grocers and tea dealers, 318 Baltimore 
Norris Wm. B. firm Wm. B. N. & Co. dw 80 Lee 
Norris Wm. Henrv, attorney at law, Calvert si. next Mechanics^ 

Bank, dw 96 Monument 
North Edward* ship, carpenter, 22S Ann 
North Edward, watchman,, 236 Alice Anna 
North Captain Henry H. 28 Henrietta 
North James H. mariner,, 321 s Charles 
North Captain .John, 278 s Charles 
North John W. blacksmith, 205 Washingtoa 
North John, wood dealer, 283 a CharL*i&i 

NOR 294 OFE Henry, 275 Alice Anna 
Norton Jahlen, machinist, 39 Garden 
Norton Nathaniel B. butcher, 177 Fremont 
Norvill Captain Wm. marine, 27 Philpot 
Norwood Edward, 94 Madison 

Norwood Edward E, miller, mill Gvvinja's Falls, Biear Washing- 
ion toll urate 
Norwood Mrs. Henrietta, 193 s Paca 
Norwood Jacob, moulder, 57 Hillen 
Norwood John jr. laborer, Green's court, Hamburg at 
Norwood John senr. blacksmith, Green's court 
Norwood John, grocer and provision dealer, 313 Saratoga 
Norwood John, [jaint dealer. Spring st n of Lombaid 
Norwood Michael, confectioner, 3 L. Paca 
Norwood Richard, sand hauler, Henrietta St w of Sharp 
Norwood Thomas, laborer, 11 Perry 
Norwood Captain Thomas, Spring st n of Lombard 
Nossel B. boot and shoemaker, 224 Lexington 
Nottmeyer John, cabinet maker, 214 Fayette 
Nougucs Joseph, bricklayer, 307 w Lombard 
Nours Benjamin, rail road engineer, s Paca st extended 
Noye Benjamin, laborer, Sharp st n of Henrietta 
Noyes David, clerk, 52 Bond 

Noyes Doctor Enoch, dent surg. 78 Fayette st. Gor. McCleilaa 
Noyes Mrs. Janet, 388 Baltimoie 
Nowland Lambert, book-keeper, dvv 142 Hanover 
Nuesman Caspar, cabinet maker, Mullikin near Caroline 
Nugent Eii, carpenter, Ann 
Nugent Francis, trader, Ann 

Nugent Frederick, collar and harness maker, 10 Diamond 
Nugent Mrs. Jane, 2 George 
Nugent M. drayman, 179 Columbia 
Nugent Michael, carter, 116 Madison 
Nugent Sylvester, engineer, 306 Monument 
Nugent Thomas, prop. Howard st. Hotel, 132 n Howard 
Nugent Wm. dom. prod. & com. mt. 169 Franklin st. dw 1 Geo, 
Nulty Frederick,, shoemaker, 55 Conway 
Nuly Henry, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Numsen Frederick, baker, 105 Ro.-s 
Numsen Wm. baker, 305 w Prait 
Numsen Wm. & Son, prop, pickling \iouse and vinegar depot, 

307 w Pratt 
Nusbaum Henry, dry goods dealer, 209 Broadway 
Nussbaum Joseph, pedlar, 25 May 
Nuttrell Mrs. Sarah A. 77 St. Paul 
Nayburg Samuel, clothier, 16 vv Pratt 

Oakley Thomas, carpenter, 149 Hollins 

Obenderffer, John, laborer, 36 Block 

Obenhausen Wm. piano forte maker, 55 Pine 

Ober Gustavus, firm O. & McConkey, d w 124 Sharp 

Ober Jacob, clothier, n w cor. Thames & Bond, dw 34 Thames 

Ober &L McConkey, whoLdrug. n e cor. Lonnbard & Hanover &ts. 

Oberndorf Abraham, trinv and lancy goods, 237 Lcxingtoa 

Oberndorf & Lauer, fancy and trim, store, 7 e Baltimore 

Obijrtijffer Charles,, gunsmith, ^7 Hampstead 


Obitz C. P. shoemaker, Harford av 

O'Brian Matthew, firm O^Grallin &, Frick, d\v 39 Hanover 

O^Brian Thomas, jrranite cutter,. 32 Boyd 

O'Brien Daniel, laborer, 118 L. Greene 

O'Brien Dennis, laborer, 3 Booth 

O'Brien E. Solomon, sheet iron agent, 55 George 

O'Brien, Graflin & Frick, dry jtroods jobber, 7 Hanover 

O'Brien Mrs. Isabella, I Maiden lane 

O'Brien James, basket maker, 729 Baltimore 

O'Brien James, bricklayer, 4 Stirling 

O'Brien John, sawyer, 45 Philpot 

O'Brien John, watchman, 143 Wolf 

O'Brien Mary, grocer, 397 w Pratt 

O'Brien Michael, marketman,. 32 Carpenter's al 

O'Brien Patrick, tavern & boarding house, 17 C. Market Spacae 

O'Brien Patrick, shoemaker, 22. Ross 

O'Bryan Edward, 101 East st 

O'Bryaii John, trimmings dealer,. 52 s High 

O'Callahan Charles, tavern keeper, 57 s Frederick 

Ocks Jacob, wheelwright, 33 Centre st 

O'Connell Henry, laborer, 59 Holland 

O'Conneil Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 33 Sarah Ann 

O'Conntll Mrs. Rebecca, grocer, 41 Rock 

O'Conneil Thomas,.^boiler maker, 171 Light 

C'Connell Timothy>20 East 

O'Conner Hugh, clerk, R. Road Depot, 30 s Eutavv 

O'Conner John, provision dealer, 208 Canton avenue 

O'Conner John, laborer, Fayette st. w of Harrisoa 

O'Conner Patrick, porter, 211|Hanover 

O'Conner Rodgers, 197 Spring 

O'Conner Miss Susanm, J 06 Fremont 

O'Connor B. B. slater, 42 Hillen st 

O'Connor & Go's Pittsburg transportation line, 70 North st 

O'Connor D. grocer, 88 Jefferson 

O'Connor Daniel, grocer, 222 e Lombard 

O'Connor Daniel, drayman, 17 n Chesnut 

O'Connor Hercules, firm O'C. & Co. dw 5 s Exeter 

O'Connor J. firm O'C. & Co. 5 s Exeter 

O'Dav Patrick, n Clinton st. Canton 

Odd Fellows' Hall 30 n Gay 

Odell J. H. brass founder, 29 s Frederick st. dw 69 Harford av 

Odens Mrs. Mary, principal Academy, 107 Pine 

O'Donald H. T. tanner, 13 Stirling 

O'Donald James, stone mason, 251 Saratoga 

O'Donnell C. Oliver, com. mt. & V. consul Brazil, 15 Bowly's vvf, 

O'Donnell Columbus, pres. water and gas Co's. l07 n Charles 

O'Donnell Doctor D. A. 43 n Gay 

O'Donnell John, confectioner & fruiterer, 86 s Charles 

O'Donnell N. shoemaker, 69 Mulberry 

O'Donnell Patrick, laborer, Bell alley 

O'Donovan Dr. John H. corner Park and Franklin 8ts 

OehrlJohn, baker, 1 18 n High 

Oelrichs & Lurman, com. &- shipping mts. 31 s Charles 

Oepping John„ sawyer, 45 Philpot 

Oerl Jqhn L. haker, Penn. avenue exteaded 

OER 296 OLI 

Oertel Maximillian, editor, ll5 n Charles 

Offley M. SIO Aisquiih 

OtTuer Adam, grocer, 94 McElderry st 

Ofiult John, painter, 27 Stirling 

Ogborn Mrs. Ursula, boarding ho»se, Biddle st. cor. Richmond 

Ogden Anibrose, ftreti'iarh R. Road, 22 Shroeder 

Ogden Henry, disii-ller, lOG Albemarle 

Ogden Joseph, laborer, 106 Albemarle 

Ogden Mrs. Maria, milliner, 126 Sharp 

Ogden Miss, 24 e Fayelte 

Ogerslreher Adam, whitewasher, 186=Ewtaw 

Ogier Mrs. Mary, Ann si s of Pratt 

Ogle A. bricklayer, 405 w Lombard 

Ogle Atkin S. bricklayer^ 246 Biddle 

Ogle Henry, plaisterer, J Fish (Centre) market 

Ogle Henry, foundryman, Essex st. Canton 

Oi^le John, moulder, 58 Bethel 

Ogle Joseph,.bricklayer,. 39^6^ Saratx>ga 

Ogle Mary, 61' Harlord avenue ' 

Oi^le Robert, carpenter, 18 McHenry 

O'Harra Charles, boot & shoemaker, 104 Diigan's wharf 

O'Harra James, smith and wheelwright, shop 15 Concordj.dw SO* 

O'Harra John, glass cutter, 52 n Gay 

O'Harra John, grocer & liquor dealer, 118 North 

Ohm Jacob, grocer & liquor dea'er, 9 West 

Ohm Michael, blacksmith, Abey alley 

Olirenschall Christian, boot and shoemaker^ 56- s Charles- 

Oremann John, d-rayman, 14 Park 

Ok Caspar, laborer, 175- Light 

O'Keefe Jcjsepli^ dravman^ 99 East 

O'Keefe Dr. 21 s Gay 

O'Laughlin Francis^ blacksmith, ? Marion dw I 

O'Laughlin John, shoemaker, 9 Humes st 

O'Laugalin Michael, painter and glazier, cor. Fayetle 8t St. Paul. 

O'Laughlin Michael, tavern, n w cor. Pratt & High sis 

O'Laughlin Michael, 20 e Lombard 

Olcart Philip, butcher, cor. Harlord avenue and Ensor st 

Old field G. S. jr. & Co. commission merchants, 44 Lombard St.. 

dw G. S. O. 45 Monument 
Oidfield Granville S. commission merchant agent for Lloyd's>84 

s Charles st. dw 45 Mount Vernon place 
Oldham James & Josepi), laborers, 1 Fish (Centre) Market space- 
Oldham Wm. barber, 132 Front 

Oldham Wm. preparer Thomsonian Medicine, Boydst 
O'Leary Arthur, boat builder, 8 Caroline 
O^Leary Edwa-rd, wood corder, Gough st. w of Ana 
O'Leary Richard, tavern, 199 Bond' 
Oler Mrs. Margarat, Penn.. avenue extended 
Oler W. H. dealer in leather &, morrocco, &c. 22 Water St.. dw 

Pennsylvania avenue 
Oler Samuel, but&her, Penn. avenue extended 
Olhaber Conrad H. carpenter, 79 n Exeter 
Olive John, ''Olive's hotel,'^ 94 s Charles- 
Olive Capt. Thomas, 35 Hampstead 
Oliver fit CordiSj commission me-chaats, 95- Smith's wharf 

WA 297 ORE 

Oliver FraHcis, mariner, 56 Bethel 

Oliver James, liquor store & boarding house, 143 Light 

Oliver John, cigar maker, 4 n Chesnut 

Oliver John, stone cutter, 39 Low 

Oliver & Makibbin, merchant taibrs, 97 n Howard 

Oliver Mrs. 66 s Eden ^ 

Oliver Samuel, /rilcler, 13 Jackson 

Oliver i'homas,lirm O. 8c Makibbin, 94 n Greene 

Oliver W. manulactnrerr 3 Preston 

Oliver Wm. firm Holden & Co. Preston st 

Olman Abraham, tailor, 57 Chesnut 

Olmstead Mrs. store keeper, 11 Fish market, (Centre) 

O^Mealy Mrs Mary, 38 Hillen 

O'Meara James, plaisterer, 23 Slirlinfr 

Omptedd Geo. W. shoemaker, 2^4 Happy alley 

O'Neal Daniel, grocer, 112 William 

0^\eal Mrs. Eliza, 106 Canton avenue 

O'Neal J. L. druggist, s e cor. Hanover & Lombard 

O'Neal James, bar keeper, 92 Holliday 

O'Neal James, grocer, 124 Bank 

O'Neal John, blacksmith, Hol'iday, dw cor. Centre &. Holliday 

O'Neal Rhoda, market woman, 18 West 

O'Neal T. laborer, 94 York avenue 

O'Neal Thomas, laborer, 216 Chesnut 

0'i\eil John, blacksmith, 303 Saratoga 

O'Neill Francis, hackman, 34 Hillen 

O'Neill John, weaver, Peirce st.' w of Fremont 

O'Neill John, stone mason, 99 n Caroline 

O'Neill John, carter, 204 Chesnut 

O'Neill John, laborer, Harmony lane 

O'Neill Mrs. Mary, 88 Pine 

O'Neill Robert, teacher, 61 Pennsylvania avenue 

O'Niel E. spike maker, 32 e Faye'tte 

O'Neil James, laborer, 10 Rose 

O'Neil Wm. confectioner, 16 Rose 

O'Neil Wm. P. confectioner, 60 n Howard 

O'Niel William, carpenter, 91 Peirce 

Onion Edward M. mt. tailor, lIO Baltimore, dw 219 e Balto, 

Onion Mrs. Juliet, 56 Granby 

Onion Lloyd, fanner, 70 Harford av 

Onion Thomas, painter, 58 Granby 

Opp Charles, tailor, cor. Frederick and Lombard 

Oppenmeiner Lewis B. clothier, 68 Harrison 

Opponhimer David, 2d hand clothes dealer, 11 Second 

Oram J. caster, Harford av extended 

Oram James, painter, Pennsylvania av extended 

Oram Capt. Joshua, mariner, G6 Ann 

Oram Lloyd, comb maker, Madison bet. Ensor and Slirhng 

0'Re?Ily M. grocer, 43 Low 

Orem H. S. sweep master, 214 Light 

Orem Sc Hopkins, mt. tailors & wholesale deal, in cloths, cassi- 

mers, vests & trimmings, 230 Baltimore 
Orem hniah, carter, 52 Thames 
Orem J. E. house and sign painter, 227 s Charles 
O'Rem James H. grocer and leed dealer, s w cor. Montgomery 
and Light 

ORE 298 OTT 

Oreni John S. sawyer, 96 Hamburg 

Orein John M. niercliant tailor, dw 78 Baltimore 

Orem John M. firm Orem & Hopkins, dw 253 Lombard 

Orem Mrs. Margaret, 3 Morris al 

Orem Walter, mariner, 12-2 s Bond 

Orem William G. granite ftptter, 96 Hamburg 

Orem William, laborer, l4 William 

Orem William W, teamster, Il5 Goiigh 

Orendorf Barney, foundryman, end Cambridge st. Canton 

Ormdlbr John M. tavern, s w cor. Alice Anna Sc Washington 

Orndorf}"&. Co. flour dealers, n e cor. Baltimore and Paca 

OrndorflT John H. firm J. H. O. & Co. 208 w Lombard 

Orfidorf Samuel, firm Baugher &- O, 'i6 n Eulaw 

Orr Adam, oak cooper. North St. extended 

Orr Frederick, cabinet maker, 56 Bethel 

Orr Willian), grocer, n w cor. Gay and Madison 

Orrell Edward V. shoemaker, 3 Dover 

OrrfChrisiopber, teacher, Warner st near the ben<l 

Orrick Daniel, clerk, 4\ Orchard 

Ornck Mrs. Sarah B. 120 e Pratt 

Orrick Wdliam K. druggist^ dw 81 n Eirfaw 

Urili George P. paper hanger, 27 Harrison 

OrMip Samuel, carpenter, rear Fairmount 

Orvvig Rev. Wm. W. pastor Eiiianuel'sch. ofEvangelical Ass©' 

ciation 122 n Canal 
Orti George, carpenter, 155 s Caroline 

Ortwine William, carpenter, Pennsylvania av.. n of Hoffman st 
Orwen Lawrence, shoemaker, 151 Liijht 
Oshorn Erlward T. moulder, 49 Boyd * 
Osborn Garret, wheelwright, 15 Montgomery 
Osborn George, laborer, 11 New 
Osborn Jas. W. agent United line Boston & Baltimore packets, 

&. commission mf. 14 Bowly's wharf, dw 36 Courlland^sfi 
Osborn James^ dw 36 Courtiand 

Osborne Alphonso, bricklayer,. Conway w ofFremont 
Osborne Rev. James, 8 Second 
Osborne Mrs. Lucretia, 104 Mulberry 
O.sborne Mrs., tavern, 7 Fish Market 
0.-^bi)rne William, market trader, Linneman's Row 
Osbourn Wdliam M. fbmidryman, 183 Forrest 
Osbourn J. F. clerk, 135 n Front 
Osee C. boot & shoemaker, 537 w Baltimore 
Osgodby George, painter, 161 e Fayette 
OstendorfAuthony, watch maker &, jt-weller, 38 Camden 
O.stendorf Stephen A. grocer, 301 s Charles 
Osterman Jacob, carpenter, 103 Eden 

Ostler EmI. tin Sc sheet iron worker, 364 Bait, dw 97 Saratoga 
Oswinker Joseph, tailor, 1.1 Slemmeral 
Otbick William D. coach maker, cor. Eutaw and German, dw 55» 

Othick John, coach maker,, 37 Paca 
Ott Charles,, tailor, over s e cor. Frederick and Lombard- 
Otten Anthony, foundryman, Cambridge st. end 
Otter William, plaisterer, 101 Columbia 
Otiern^an. Lewis, laborer, Walnut ai 

OTT 299 PAG 

Ottmcr F. tobacconist, 12 Orleans 

Olio Dr. S. C. 52 n Front 

Otto Frederick, baker, 149 Conway 

Olio Frederick, *^rocer, n e cor. Stiles & Hicrh 

Olto John, (rlass blower, 240 s Charles 

Oadesluys Charles L. Baltimore st. 2d doore ofBroadway s side 

Oundutch Frederick, drayman, 34 Gittini^s 

Oursler Edward, Cu5?iom House watchman, 37 Columbia 

Ovellie Charles, carriage driver, 21 Perry 

Overbeck August, shoe maker, 21 Watson 

Overmon John, ship carpenter, 335 s Charles 

Owen Francis, silver polisher, 5 Mercer 

Owen George, grocer, 99 Yorkav 

Owen Thomas J. dry goods dealer, 153 Lexington 

Owen Capt. William, Mount Vernon place 

Owens Alexander, carpenter, Constitution, dw 240 Aisquilh 

Owens Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstiess, 63 L. Hughes 

Owens Mrs. Eliza, 38 Granby 

Owens Hilary, 134 Lancaster 

Owens Isaac, commission mt. 128 Dugan's wharf, dw n w cor. 

High & Trinity 
Owens James, carpenter, 199 n Canal 
Owens James C. carpenter, 2 Chevy 
Owens James, soap manufacturer, 200 Chesnut 
Owens James, shoe maker, 200 Chesnut 
Owens Jesse, carpenter, 104 Holliday 
Owens John E. actor, 145 e Fayette 

Owens Rev. John C. pastor 'Cove St.' Church, 290 Frankiin 
Owens Judith, 99 Lancaster 

Owens O. G. book seller & stationer, 145 n Gay, dw Exeter 
Owens Owen G. of Howard Athoeneum, 56 Exeter 
Owens Richard, laborer, 95 n Calvert 
Owens Robert, ferryman. Register s of Pratt 
Owens Thoma?, painter. Bethel n of Gough 
Owens William, 36 e Lombard 
Owings Benjamin, laborer, 1 Booth 

Owings Mrs. Catherine, trimmings store, 654 w Baltimore 
Owings Joseph, carpenter, 159 Biddle 
Owings Mrs. Leah, milliner, 236 Broadway 
Owings Mrs. Mary, 398 w Lombard 

Owings Richard H. &, Co. importers hardware, 330 Baltimore 
Owings Dr. S. K. 89 Fayette 

Owings B. firm Sewell, Merrefield & Co. dw 25 Courtland 
Owings Samuel, 87 n Eutaw 
Owings Dr. Thomas, 89 Fayette 
Ozmon Capt. Henry, 139 s Eden 

Paca Mrs. H. 25 Low 

Paca Mrs. Harriet, boarding hou^e, 2 President 

Pack Lewis, laborer, Goodman alleys of Cross st 

Packie Alexander, firm P. & Bell, stone cutlers, cor. Calvert & 

Saratoga, dw 9 McElderry 
Packwood John, mariner, 229 Alice Anna 
Paddon Capt. Ebenezer, mariner, 1 Saratoga 
Page Asa, iron finisher, 208 Chesnut 

PAG 30d PAR 

Pa^e Albert W. ship joiner, 27 Stiles 

Page George F. machinist, 703 w Baltimare 

Page Mrs. Lydia, 95 East 

Page Wash. A. sliip joiner, York \v of William, dw 27 Stiles 

Page William J. ship joiner, York, dw 24 G. Montgomery 

Pat^els E. & G. H. bell hang. & smiths in general, Saratoga cor. 

Jasper, dw Edward P. Kepublican 
Pagels George H. firm E. &. G. H. P. dw 235 Saratoga 
Pagnestet Joseph, smith, 67 Park 
Paine Allen S. imp. saddles, & hardware deal, coach trimmings 

&c. 310 w Baltimore, dw 318 Lexington 
Paine Charles, comb maker, 83 n Exeter 
Paine Capt. John, 75 Cross 
Paine John, 20 Eutavv court 
Painter George, confectioner, 56 Pearl 
Painter William, mariner, 48 Philpot 
Palagano D. merchant tailor, 8 South 
Paley Frederick, capmaker, 175 Alice Anna 
Palmer David B. cabinet and chair maker, s e cor. Eutaw and 

Lexington, dw 169 Mulberry 
Palmer Edward, commission mt. and insolvent commissioner, 

4 Bowly's vvharf, dw 211 Franklin 
Palmer George M. tobacconist, 21 C. Market, dw 116 e Pratt 
Palmer Mrs. "Harriet, 1 Watson 

Palmer John N. tobacco & cigar deal. 38 Lombard, dw Aisquith 
Palmer Miles, carpenter, 71 Aisquith 

Palmer Val. B. newsp. adverl'g agency, cor. North & Fayette 
Palmer William, 147 s Charles 
Pamphilion Nicholas, comb maker, 103 s Greene 
Pancost John K. cabinet maker, 211 Light 
Pancost Mrs. Joseph, millinery, 73 Lexington 
Pancost William P. feed dealer, 256^ Broadway 
Panel Daniel, boot and shoe maker, 165 s Caroline 
Pape H. boot and shoemaker, 35 s Frederick 
Pappler Jacob, butcher, Pennsylvania av. n Mosher 
Papst Andrew, flour and feed dealer, 104 Columbia 
Park &. Hall, cabinet & chair mak. undertakers, &c. 169 e Bait. 
Park William, sawyer, 146 Low 
Parker A. J. carpenter, 38 East 
Parker Andrew, laborer, 65 Park 
Parker Benjamin, mariner, 37 Hughes 
Parker Campbell, drayman. Freedom st or Beam's lot 
Parker Clement, trader, 43 Guilford al 
Parker Mrs. E. W. milliner, 81 Lexington 
Parker E. L. firm N. & E. P. 80 Camden, dw cor. Eutaw & New 
Parker Miss E. J. milliner, 66 Lee 

Parker Edward, oak cooper, l84 s Charles, dw 286 w Pratt 
Parker James, stone mason, 122 Holliday 
Parker John, weaver, 123 Peirce 
Parker Capt. John, 132 Spring 
Parker John, laborer, 102 Canton av 
Parker John F. tavern, 129 Eastern av 
Parker Jonathan, druggist and apothecary, 268 Saratoga 
Parker Jonathan, tavern keeper, 4 n Liberty 
Parker Lemuel H. mariner, 14 Hill 

VAU 301 PAR 

Parker Mrs. Mary, boardincr house, il n Oigh 

Parker Michael, boardintr hotsse, 52 York 

Pdiker N. &, E. L. dealers in stoves and metals <2:eflerailly> 47 & 

45 s Calvert, cor. Lombard, dw Nathan P. 9 n Front 
Parker Mrs. Rachel, teacher in public hiojh school, 117 Hanover 
Parker Miss S. corset maker, 1 11 Lexington 
Parker Simon, clerk, Broadway n of Lombard st 
Parker Capt, TJiomas, mariner, 166 Wolf 
Parker William, weaver, 1 21 Peirce 
Parkhiil Hamilton, tuilor, 97 Harrisoa 

Parkhurst J. jr. commission nit. 72 South -St. Bowly'^s wharT 
Parkharst'S. Broadway neax Lombard 
Parkinson Jas. R, sheet iron and Un wocker, 49 Holliday 
Parkinson James, tailor, 59 Stirling 
Parkinson John T. shoe maker, 128 Lombard 
Parkinson William G. tinner, Eutaw, dw 5 Chew 
Parks Alexander, 167 German 
Parks Caleb, carpenter, 131 s Eden 
Parks Mrs. Catherine, 1^7 s Eden 

Parks Eneas, laborer. Harmony lane, w of Poppleton st 
Parks George, baker, s ecor. Howard and Saratoga 
Parks John W. cabinet maker, n e cor. Howard St Franklia, dw 

92 Saratoga 
•P«rks Johft, clerk, 19 Buren 
Parks John, painter, 484 Baltimore 
Parks John A. mariner, 1 James Lane 
Parks Joseph, 43 French 
Parks L. B. clerk, 61 Gough 
Parks Mrs. L. store keeper, 356 Light 
Parks Mrs. Margaret, 184 Ann 

3*arks Milton, morocco dresser, Madison av* n of Dolphin st 
Parks Mrs. Sarah, 6 nCanjrline 

Parks Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 651 w Baltimore 
Parks William, engineer steam boat Jewess, 223 Hanover 
•Parlett Benjamin F. 89^ Light st wharf, dw 17 Barre 
Parlett Benj. F. dw 102 Barre 
Parlett Benj. F. tobacconibt, 24 e Baltimore 
Parlett Misses, dress makers, 6 Pearl 
.Parlett William, laborer. Green's court 
Parmalee Danl. S. brick mak. s w cor. Henrietta st. & Peach al 
Parmillier Alexander, whitewasher, 133 North 
Parny Cyrus, machinist, 56 Stiles 

Parr D. Preston, china glass & qucensware, dealer, 186 w Pratt 
Parr David, potter & stone vvare deal. 54 s Calvert, dw 63 Bond 
Parr Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 Nicholson 
Parr Henrv, pediar. 140 Canal 
Parr J. M." firm McC.uikey & Co. dw 151 Pratt 
Parr Jas. L. & Co. stone Sc earthen ware manuf. MJ. potteries, 

55 South, dw J. L. P. 63eLombarJ 
Parr Michael, 265 Aisquiih 
Parrish George, blacksujith, Callendar 

Parrish Gid. wheel w. & blacks. 134 Camden, dw 47 Columbia 
Parrish Jacob, wheelwright, 341 Pratt, dw 63 Columbia 
J*arrish James, tailor, 181 Paca 
4*arrish Capt. Lewis, 129 s Exeter 

PAR 302 PAT 

Parrolt Mrs. Eliza, 175 Ann 

Parrott James, bricklayer, Clinton st. Canton 

Parrott James, tailor, 98 n Canal 

Parrolt Joseph, firm Solomon P. & Co. 175 Ann 

Parrolt Miss Sarah, 96 Canal 

Parrolt Mrs. Rebecca Jane, 10 Lloyd 

Parrott William, confectioner, 44 Guilford al 

Parson Joshua, wheelwriirht, Pennsylvania av. extended 

Parson Michael, shoe maker, 369 PVanklin 

Parsnnacre of Methodist E. Church, 67 B.irre 

Parsons Mrs. Ellen, seamstress, 55 York st 

Parsons James T. merchant tailor, shop 255 Bond, d\v 40 

Parsons Joseph, boat builder, 53 York 

Parsons Jonathan, proprietor ol'hacks, 84 Columbia 

Parsons Mrs. Sarah S. 18 w Baltimore 

Parsons Thos. boot &. shoe maker, 309 \v Pratt, dvv 128 s Paca 

Parsons William, millwright, 148 Conway 

Parsons William, carpenter, 41 Hampslead 

Partridge Mrs. Harriet, 169 Bank 

Partridge J. R." attorney, 40 Lexington, Law B. dw78 n Charles 

Pascal Capt. James, mariner, 183 Wolf 

Pascal Peter, grocer, 159 Orleans 

Pasquay Jacob, morocco dresser, 25 Cheapside 

Passano Leonard, fancy dry goods dealer, 50 Centre M. space, 

dvv 39 s Exeter st 
Passano Joseph, dry good deal. 1 Maryland Arcade, C. Market, 

d w 1 6 Lloyd st 
Passano Lewis, fancy goods dealer, 1 Maryland Arcade, Centre 

Market space, dvv 16 liloyd 
Passapea Capt. James, Register st s of Lombard. 
Pasterfield Mrs. Margaret, '243 Ensor 
Pasterfield Wiiliam, plumber, 57 Holland 
Pasters Francis, l5 Holland 
Pastorius Samuel, clerk, dvv 244 Mulberry 
Patapsco lard, oil and candle factory, Clinton s of Boston st. 

Canton, Henry Mankin & Co. proprietcjrs 
Patrick Capt. John, notary public, 44 Lombard, dw 46 s High 
Patrick Lorenzo D. tailor, 7 Hanover 
Patriot, (Bah.) n e cor. Baltimore and North sts. published by 

Munroe & Co. 
Patten George, math, and optical inst. maker, 23 South 
Patten Thomas Hi dry goods dealer, 4 Hanover st. dw93 s 

Para SL 
Patterf-on Abraham B. & Co, nrrocer and com. mts. 8 Commerce 
Patterson Ccceha M. 383 Franklin 
Patterson Mrs. Charlotte H. 137 Hanover 

Patters )n David, grocer &. fca] dealer, Penn. av n of Wilson st 
Patterson Edward, firm J. W. &. E. P. dw 8 s Gay 
Patterson Cnplain Edward, mariner, 78 Gough 
Patterson Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Mott 
Patterson Mrs. Elizabeth, 41 Dallas 
Patterson Enoch T. painter, 305 Saratoga 
Patterson, Fendall & Dalby, grocers & com. mts. 61 s Calvert 
Patterson George, carver, cor. Light & Ball. sts. dvv 21 Stirling 
Patterson George, firm P. &c Tazewell, dw 21 Stirlintr 

I^AT 303 PAU 

Patterson George, tobacconist, 18 Penn. av. dvv 222 Franklin 

Patterson Henry, 28 Nortli 

Patterson Henry H. mariner, 77 Gough 

Patterson J. W. & E. iron mts. & nail manuf. 50 Comraerpe 

Patterson Jacob, bricklayer, 276 Franklin 

Patterson Janjes, oak cooper, 17 s Howard 

Patterson Jas. firm Patterson, FenJall St Dalby, dw 22Caraden 

Patterson James, weaver, 127 Peirce 

Patterson John, paper hanger, 60 HollIJay 

Patterson John, grocer, 108 Dugan's wharf 

Patterson John, merchant tailor, 26 South 

Patterson Doctor John H. 92 St. Paui 

Patterson John, rigger, 335 Bond 

Patterson John T. plaisterer, 19 Mott 

Patterson John, currier, 74 n Exeter 

Patterson John, watciiman, 174 Washington 

Patterson John, carpet weaver, Clinton st. Canton 

Patterson Joseph W. firm J. W. St E. P. dvv 20 South 

Patterson Joseph, machinist, 108 n Spring 

Patterson Joseph, shoemaker, 3l0 e Monument 

Patterson Mrs. Martha, 35 n High 

Patterson Mrs. Mary Ann, tailoress, Fremont st n of Franklin 

Patterson Mrs. Prudence, dry goods dealer, 37 Aisquilh 

Patterson Robert, wood turner, 169 s Paca 

Patterson Robert, tin and sheet iron worker, Greene st. dw 233 

Patterson Samuel S. shia carpenter, 83 B-irgundy al 
Patterson Mrs. Sarah, milliner, 475 Baltimore 
Patterson Mrs. Sarah E. 94 St. Paul 

Patterson & Tazewell, carvers, s vv cor. Baltimore and Light 
Patterson Thomas, plaisterer, Scott st s of Lombard 
Patterson Wm. clerk, 92 Lee 
Patterson Wm. currier, 83 s Eutavv 
Patterson Wm. R. cigar maker, 191 Conway 
Patterson &, Wild, merchant tailors, 12 s Gay 
Patterson Wm. G. firm P. & Wild, dvv Mulberry 
Patterson Wm. 82 Pearl 

Patterson Wm. Geo. firm Wise & P. dw 189 Mulberry 
Pjlterson Wm. caulker, 252 Happy al 
Pattison Mrs. E. boardmg house, 80 Hanover 
Pattison & Edmondson, grocers &c com. mts. 102 Dugan's whf 
Pattison James, porter dealer, 12, cor. Mercer and Grant 
Pattison Richard, clerk, 318 n Gay 
Pattison Samuel, firnl P. & Edmonson, 52 Barre 
Pattner Adam, huckster, 225 Canton av 
Patton James. H. clerk, 86 Barre 
Patton Wm. draymai;, 51 Siiles 
Patton Wm. book-keeper in Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, dw 

270 Lexington 
Patuxent Co. Alex. Fisher, treas. 1 German 
Pauch George, laborer, 112 s Eutaw 
Fauft Thomas, laborer, 171 Alice Anna 
Paug Paul, tailor, 41 Eastern av 
Paul Alexander, iron founder &, machinist, cor, McHenry and 

Sterrelt sts. dw Sterrelt st n of Ramsay 

PAU 304 PEA 

Paul James, Pennsylvania av. 2 doors w of Dolphin st 

Paul John, keeper museum, s e cor. Lonibard & C. Market Sp. 

Paul John, carpenter, S44 Lexington 

Paui Wm. tobacconist, 417 Baltimore 

Pawley James senr. artist, 139 Mulberry 

Pawley James jr. china and glass ware dealer, "Oak Hall," IS 

8 Calvert 
Pavvson Wm. S. com. mt. 95 Smithes whf. dw 38 Franklin 
Paxton George A. t^rocer, 106 s Exeter 
Paxton Miss J; teacher, 111 Pine 
Payne Mrs. Lavinia, 180 Saratonja 
Pazolt Lawrence, confectioner, 131 n Exeter 
Peabody Doctor Wm. F. 65 Paca 
Peacock Mrs. Ellen, 43 Poppleton 
Peacock ln»^ram E. & Son^ chair manuf. and iurniture dealers, 

275 w Pratt 
Peacock James, ship carpenter. Wills st n of Pliilpot 
Peacock P.J. stone cutter, 246 n Gay 
Peacock Richard, kook-keeper, Essex st. Canton 
Peacock Mrs. S. Ciiesapeake st. Canton 
Peacock Samuel, watchman, 29 Low 
Peacock Thomas, iiardware dealer, n e cor. Baltimore &. Greene 

sis. dw Poppleton 
Peacock Wm. ship carpenter, 43 Pliilpot 
Peah Adam, biricher, S17 Bond 
Peak Wm. H. printer, 150 n Exeter 

Peal John, deputy keeper Md. Penitentiarv, dw 18 Stirling- 
Peale Mrs. Martha, 163 Wolf 
Pealgels Edward, locksmith, 3 Republican 
Pearce Charles R. firm Birckhead & P. (\w SO Pleasant 
Pearce George, shoemaker, 23 L. Pleasant 
Pearce John A. W. clerk, 340 n Gay 
Pearce Julius, wheelwright, 340 n Gay 
Pearce Obeb, machinist, 168 n Hi<j;h 
Pearce R. provision and shoe store, 198 Light st. dw 53 G. 

Pearce Mrs. Rebecca, seamstress, S Gould's court 
Pearce Richard, cooper, cor. Gram and Lombard 
Pearce Wm. T. printer, 340 n Gay 
Pearl James, bacon cutter, 300 Wolf 
Pearson Albert, shoemaker, 177 s Cliarles 
Pearson Andrew, firm Jos. P. & Sons, dw 43 Sharp 
Pearson Joseph, police officer, 75 Bond 
Pearson Jose|)h & Sons, import, and dealers in hatters' furs and 

trimmings, 311 Baltimore 
Pearson Joseph jr. firm Jos. P. & Sons, dw 40 Sharp 
Pearson Levi, boiler maker, 34 Hamburg 
Pearson Noah, boiler maker, 267 Canton av 
Pearson Solomon, steamboat hand, Hamburg st. F. Hill 
Pearson Thomas J. 2(1 engineer steamboat Herald, 168 Light 
Pearson Thomas R. firm Brannan &. P. dw S23 Fayette 
Peart Captain Casper, 217 Canton av 
Peas Lewis, cigar maker, 41 German 
Pease Miss Charbtte, boarding house, 49 Hanover 
Pease Christopher, oak coopeTj 15 Clay 

PEA 305 PEN 

Pease Francis, oak cooper, 4 Diamond 

Peck Burr, stov^e dealer, 42 s Calvert st. dw 104 Albemarle sU 

Peck Fred. lab.)rer, Sii\iili's lane, n ofMosher St. w fin Penn. av 

Peck Henry, carter, Liofht st extended 

Peck Henry, boot and shoemaker, i59 w Pratt 

Peck Joseph, dairy, 24l Bond 

Peck Nathaniel, whitevvasher, 7 Bath 

Peck Stephen, farmer, 10 Oreo^on 

Pedecord C. "milk business," 283 n Gay 

Peden David, 181 Park 

Pedrick J. 126 Harford av 

Pedrick John, carpenter, Raborg st near Pine 

Pedrick Thomas, laborer, 169 Light 

Peech Lewis, saddler and trunk maker, 14 Mercer 

Peech Mrs. Louisa, 14 Mercer 

Pedroff John, tailor, 72 Orleans 

Peduzi Francis, coachsmiih, 131 e Monument 

Peggon Levi, grucer & prov. deal, s vv cor. Hanover St Montg. 

Peirce Alexander, steamboat man, 19 Saratoga 

Peirce Israel, 178 BVanklin 

Peirce Thomas, com. mt. 9 Bovvly's wharf 

Peircy John, coach trimmer, 174 Ensor 

Peirsan Joseph T. printer, 52 Holland 

Peirson Samuel, chandler, 152 East 

Peirson Wm. firm Hamilton Easier & Co. dw 277 Saratoga 

Peisers S, M. &. A. K. cap makers, 123 Lexington 

Pendergasi Capr. Chas. shipping merchant, cor. Gay and Pratt 

sts. dw 15 n High 
Pendergast James F. ship owner &c com. mt. 66 Buchanan's wiif 
PendergaSf Wm. trader, 9 French 

Pendexler & Alden, whol. boot and shoe dealers, 308 Baltimore 
Pendexter Henry, firm P. & Alden, dw 49 e Pratt 
Pendleton Edward, 42i w Faye.te 

Pendleton Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 346 Baltimore 
Pendleton P. P. firm Riley & P. d w 1 19 Park 
Penig Casper, shoemaker, 130 s Caroline 
Peniiigton A. H. justice ppace, 63 Hanover, dw 165 Sharp 
Penington Ross T. clerk, 67 Hili 
Penish Chirles, tailor, 109 Eutaw court 
Peniston Captain Jos«.'ph, 105 e Lombard 
Penn Jacob, brickmaker, Liirht st. extended 
Penn J. VV. tin and sheet iron worker and hardware dealer^ 35 a 

Penn Mrs. Sarah, 242 Fayette 
Penn Wm. potter, 25 Ensor 
Penncll Mrs. Mary L. confectioner, 39 n Euiavv 
Pennell Wm. P. tobacconist, 21 Harrison 
Penniman Mrs. Henrietta, 51 German 

Penniman Thomas, merchant, dw Broadway n of Lombard st 
Penniman W. R. & Bro. hardw. mts. 8 n Howard st. dw German 
Pennington, Cooper &l Co. coal dealers, W. Falls av 
Pennington Hanson, laborer, 223 Columbia 
Pennington J. saddler, 30 Ensol: 
Pennington J. attorney at law, 9 and 10 Marshall buildings, St. 

Paul St. dw Mount Vernon Place 

PEN 306 PER 

Pennington James, chair maker, 87 Aisquith 

Penningfon John, piano maker, 53 Canal 

Pennsyl. & Ohio line to Pittsburcr, L. L. Gordon, ao^t. 80 North 

Penrose & Co. grocers and produce dealers, 33 Penn. av 

Pentland James, trardner, Greenmount Cemelary 

Peniz Cliarles, butcher, 37 Bel Air market, dw 198 Fayette 

Pentz Daniel, butcher, 191 e Fayette 

Penlz Henrv P. butcher, 200 e Fayette 

Pentz Henry B. butcher, stall 24 C. Market, dw e Fayette st. 

near Washington College 
Pentz John W. butcher, Penn. av n of Wilson st 
Pepar Chas. H. watchmaker St jeweller, 2\)1 w Pratt 
Pepel John F. tailor, 24 Rose 
Peppal Peter, carpenter, 17 Elizabeth al 

Pepplar Philip, turner, Hanover st. op. the market, dw 71 Han*r 
Perdue Labai', Franklin Inn, 43 Hillen st. cor. High 
Perdue Mrs. Mary, milliner, 97 n Gay 
Peregoy Benjamin, miller, 124 Madison 
Peregoy Caleb, carpenter, Sarah Ann st. dw 277 Saratoga 
Perei^oy Charles, carpenter, 683 Baltimore 
Peregoy Edward, carpenter, Pratt st w of Fremont 
Peregoy James, health commissioner, 252 Fayette 
Pereufoy James C. carpenter, 6S Ann 
Peregoy John W. printer, 122 n Eden 
Peregoy Joseph, reporter of Clipper, 33 McHenry 
Peregoy Joseph, sexton Eulaw cliiirch, 30 Penn. av 
Peregoy Joseph, laborer, 307 e Monument 
Peregoy Nicholas, carpenter, 184 Cann! 
Pere«:oy Robert, bed and mattress maker, 84 Holliday 
Peregoy IVIrs. Sarah T. l3S Madison ^^ 

Peregoy V/. D. G. block & pump maker, 139 McElderry's whf. 

dw 155 n Caroline 
Perig-o Joseph, 88 s Eden 
Perin John, baker, 3 Orleans 
Periii John, baker, 12 Humes 
Ferine Achsah, grocer, 41 Columbia 

Ferine David M. register of wills /or Bait. co. dw 39 n Calvert 
Ferine John, baker and store keeper, 160 s Paca 
Ferine Joseph, cigar maker, 35 Harrison 
Ferine Mauldin, potter. Til Baltimore st. div 709 
Ferine Wm. B. attorney at law, 3 Court House lane 
Perkins Benjamin B. 'South st. Hotel,' 49 South 
Perkins Dr. Elisha H. apoth. & drug, s w cor. Ball. &t Greene 
Perkins Hector, 42 East 
Perkins Dr. J. F. &, Ero. npoth. & druggists, s w corner Greene 

and Franklin sis. dw 118 Greene 
Perkins James H. druggist & apoth. 136 n Howard 
Perkins John, marketman. Green's court 
Perkins John B. chair maker, 55 Block 
Perkins Martin, marketman. Green's court 
Perkins Mr. engineer rail road, Mount Clare depot 
Perkins &. Rice, tavern, (Half-way House.) l4l e Baltimore 
Perkins Miss S. V. fancy dress maker, 154 e Baltimore 
Perkins Washington, grain measurer, 118 Camdea 
Perkins Wm. tailor, 306 e Baltimore 

PER 307 PET 

Perkins Wm. furniture carter, Holliiis st e of Carey 

Perricrii Daniel, orpocer, 24l Kastern av 

Perrijo James, gilder, 247 Eastern av 

Perry Mrs. Ann, 11 Perry 

Perry Mrs. Ann S. milliner, 173 n Gay 

Perry Edwd. boardimr house, near E'licott's iron foundry, F. K. 

Perry George & Bro. mt. tailors, 170 n Gay st. dvv G. P. 330 

Perry Hernuin H. firm A. Brown & Son, d\v 12 s High 

Perry Israel, machinist, 494 Lombard 

Perry James S. T. L. firm Geo. P. & Bro. dw 173 n Gay 

Perry James B. grocer and com. mt. Qoi Light st whf. dw 86 s 

Howard st 
Perry Leonard, prop, slcam saw mil], VV. Falls av. 8 end, dvv 41 

e Lombard 
Perry Levi, whol. boot and shoe manuf. 231 Lexington 
Perry Mrs. Margaret, liquor dealer, 121 Alice Anna 
Perry Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 67 Watsoa 
Perry Robert, 'brundler,' 250 Wolf 

Perry Samuel, rigger, 223 Wolf 

Perry Samuel, drayman, 126 n Eutaw 

Perry Mrs. Sarah,' 110 e Pratt 

Persinger George, 27 e Pratt 

Personette John, shoemaker, 339 s Charles- 

Personette Mrs. Rachel, 103 Ensor 

Pervail Mrs. Amelia, 189 n Eden 

Pervail John, clerk, 117 n Eden 

Pescht Conrad, laborer, 285 Bond 

Pescott Reuben, shoemaker, 260 n Gay 

Pet Wm. pilot, 17 Cambridge 

Peter Adam, carpet weaver, 250 Franklin 

Peter Daniel, sexton German Lutheran church, dvv 56 n Ga.y 

Peter Matthias, laborer, Pennsylvania av extended 

Peter Philip, shoemaker, Preston st e of Madisoa 

Peterkin Mrs. George VV. 80 St. Paul 

Peters Andrew, laborer, 71 Eastern avenue 

Peters Mrs. Ann Maria, 119 Pearl 

Peters C. 68 Bank st lane 

Peters C. tailor, 62 Gran by 

Peters C. G. jr. merchant tailor, 46 Pine 

Peters Casper, laborer, 22 Gittings 

Peters Edward J. conveyancer, dw 28 n Gay 

Peters Geo. tailor, 82 Centre market 

Peters George, 122 n Howard 

Peters George jr. lime dealer, dw 195 Saratoga. 

Peters Henry, fancy store, 68i Lancaster 

Peters Jesse T. stock and exchange bryker, lO Franklin build- 
ings Niirih St. dw 56 n Greene 

Peters John, grocer, 122 Aisquith 

Peters John J. grocer and liquor store, 53 s Charles 

Peters John, sawyer, 272 Aisquith 

Peters John, brickmaker, 201 Light 

Peters J.thn F. tavern keeper, 262 Broadway 

Peters Mrs. baker, s w cor Eden and Pratt sis 

Peters Misses, boarding house, 23 n Gay 

Peters Samuel L. 8 South 

PET 308 PHI 

Peters \Vm. brnss founder &c Jiardware dealer, 8 w Pratt, dvv 

44 Granby 
Peters VVeii. H. book binder and machine ruler, 7 s Liberty, 

dvv 85 Fine st 
Peters Wm. bread and cracker baker, 103 Thames st.dvv cor. 

Prait anil Eden sts 
Peterson Mrs. Ciilherine, ll Penn. avenue . 
Peterson Cajn. Erasmus, 201 e E'r^t: 
Peterson Frecierick, lailor, lleirjster St. s of Baltimore 
Peterson Mrs. J. 118 Biink 
Peterson Martin, riir^L^^er, 39 Block 
Pf iht rhridire E(J\vard, tavern, 4 s Hi2;h 
Pclherbridire Mrs. Wm. M. sruJdle and harness maker, 31 C. 

Market space, d\v 276 e Baliitnore 
Petri Conrad, 2:rocerand liquor dealer^ 70 Mulberry 
Petrick Edward, 108 e Orleans 
Petlicord John, hatter, 19 Holland 
Petticord Peter, hatter, 29 Holland 
Pettit Isaac, plaisterer, 131 n Eutavv 
Peltit James, cooper, 54 Ensor 
Pettit Moses, boot and shoemaker, 27 s Gay st. cor. Second St. 

d\v 42 n Frederick st 
Pettit O. F. variety ijoods dealer, l67 n Gay 
Petzold Lewis, shoemaker, 153 Conway 
Peuh Joseph, watchman, opposite depot. Canton 
Peyton Mrs. Caroline G. young ladies' seminary, 66 n Calvert 
Plafi'Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 279 s Charles 
Pfafl' John, carpet weaver, 43 Lancaster 
Pfah! Mrs. L. 53 Harrison 

Pl'alzgrafl' Henry, barber n Gay sf. dw 142 Saratoga 
Pleifer Frederick, carpenter, 14 Jackson's court 
P/eiler John W. gun and lock smith, 173 Bond 
Pfeifer Lawrence, irrocer and liquor dealer, 53 R^ss 
Pfeifer Matthias, tailor, 40 n Puca 
Pfeil Jolin, confectioner, Boston st. Canton 
Pfiefier Wm. H. grocer & liquor dealer, 53 Bank 
Pfister J. J. candle manufacturer, Clinton st. Cantoa 
Pfistertr Joseph, shoemaker, 197 Diddle 
Pflug John. F. tailor, 3:i9 Bond 
Pfuifer Michael,' tavern, 697 w Baltimore 
Pfyle Peter, tailor, 1&7 s Ctiarles 
Phelan Jesse C. barber, Forest, 2 doors from Hilleu 
Phelps Adoram, ckrk, I4l Penn. avenue 
Phelps Ebenezer T. watchman, 5 xVmity 
Phelps Gardner, shoemaker, 128 Fremont 
Phelps Geo. D. saddler, 60 Ensor 
Phelps Walter, pattern maker, 6 Bethel 
Phenix Thomas, bill broker, 8 Franklin buildinf^s. North st 
Philes Charles, carpenter, 23 Cambridge 
Phillips A. & Co. merchant tailors, Carroll Hall, s e cor Baltimore 

and Calvert sis 
Phillips Abraham, firnr. A. Phillips & Co. dw 22 Barnet 
Phillips Basil C. dealer in paper, iron and rags, 9 Lombard 
Phillips Charles, locksmith, bell hanger, &.c. 113 n Front 
Phillips Christopher C. teacher of dancing, 234 Wolfe 

PHr 3t)9 PTC 

Phillips Daniel, drayman, 183 n Chesnut 
Phillips Ebenezer T. watchman, 159 Mulberry 
Piiillips Mrs. Elizabeth, J33 n Pearl 
Ptiillipa' Geo. chair maker, 112 Sprin£^ 
Piiillips Greenbury, tailor, 15 Lloyd st 
Phillips Isaac, ship carpenter, 2 Hillen 
Phillips Mrs. J. A. milliner, 12S e Orleans- 
Phillips James T. carpenter, 95 Hillen 
Phillips James T. grocer, 173 e Monument 
Phillips James, furnance keeper, 44 Hamburg 
Phillips Capt. James, 50 Albemarle 
Phillips James, sail, maker, 1-24 Oi-leans 
Phillij)s Mrs. Jane, 'nurse, 2 Paca (place) st n ofFranklir* 
Pnillips John, lalu)rer, 181 s Charles 
Phillips John, runner, 45 w Lombard 
Pnillips John A. mariner, 49 Holland 
Philhps Leonard, laborer, 77 Art;yle alley 
Phillips Lewis, coachman, 458 w Baliimore 
Pnillips Martin, laborer, William si. s of Warren 
Phillips Peter, sawyer, :235 Dallas 

Pnillips Reuben V. grocer and tea dealer, 341 n Charles 
Pnillips Richard, sign painter, 246 Eastern avenue 
Pnillips Samuel & Co. commission mis. 9l Bowly'is wharf 
Pnillips Solomon H. brickmaker, 176 Sharp 
Phillips Tnomas, locksmith & bell hanger, &c. 108 n Front 
Pnillips Tliomas, bell hanger, 21 Orleans, shop 108 n Front 
Phillips Thomas, rigger, loft Kerr's wharf, dw 84 Lancaster 
Pnillips Thomas, sailor, 54 York 

Pnillips Wm. sup. chimneys, 3d district, dw ll2 n Eden 
Phillips Capf. Wm. 6 Lee 
Phillips Wm. ship joiner, 219 n Eden 
Pnillips Wm. M. pattern n)aker, 26 Stirling 
Pnillips Capt Wm. 57 s High 
Philles Jan)es, laborer, 35 Star alley 

Philomaihean hall, prin. Geo. & VV. J- Waterman, 69 Fayette 
Philpot Joseph, coaoii maker, 12.3 s Paca 
Philpot John, attorney, 12 Lexington 
Philpot Mr. 40 e Orleans 

Philpot Wm. shoemaker, n w cor. Fremont and German sts 
Phipps Mrs. Ann seamstress, 23 New st 
Pnipps Wm. painter, Ross st. e of Dolphin 
Phoebus Edwin, carter. Sharp st 
Phoebus Francis, painter, 75 Raborg 
Pick Chas. F. umbrella &, cane maker, 73 n Gay 
Pick Chas. F. ivory turner, umbrella & cane maker &.C. 162 

Chesnut st 
Pickell John, firm P. 8c Willett, dw 3 Lexington 
Pickell & Willett, coal merchants, s e cor. South & Lombard sts 
Pickering John, ship carpenter, 273 Canton avenue 
Pickering John, sail maker, 33 Star alley 

Pickering S.imuel, conveyancer, 60 Fayette st. dw 47 s Exeter 
Pickering Wm. boot and shoemaker, 419 w Baltimore 
Pickers^ill Mrs. Mary, n w cor. Pratt and Albemarle sts 
Pickett Mrs. B. tailoress, alley, e of Greene & s of Lexington 
Pickett Henry, shoemaker, 6 Diamond 

PIC 310 PIT 

Pickett Capt. Jerome, mariner, George 8t w of Bethiel 
Pickett John, sand -paper maker, ISl Paca 
Pickett Mrs. Mary, (ailoress, Dolphin st. s of Ross 
Picking Abraham, proprietor Black Horse tavern, 65 Penn. av. 
Picking Samuel, harness maker, 63 Penn. avenue 
Pickling house & vinegar depot, Wm. Numsen &. Son, proprie- 
tors, 307 Pralt st 
Pickney Mary, washer, 25 Short 
Pickreli John F. firm liuiis, P. & Co. Courtland 
Pierce David M. grocer, liquor & bitters dealer, corner Freder- 
ick and Gay sis 
Pierce S. A. grocer, 204 e Fayette 
Pierce Wm. fisher, 15 Granby 
Pierce Wm. H. cordvvainer, 79 n Caroline 
Piercey Jacob H. stage driver, 13 Harford avenue 
Pierson Emeline, dairy, 155 e Pratt 
Pierson Mary Ann, 52 s Caroline 
Piet-sch Otto, vvalcii maker, 161 Franklin 
Pilers John, 29 Granby 
Pifers Polly, upholsiress, 135 Canton avenue 
Pigg Thomas, tinner, 1S6 n High 
PiL'got Dr. A. Snovvden, 59 Aisquith 
Piggot Rev. Robert, 59 Aisquiih 
Pine Henry, office, 21 s Calvert, dvv 74 Saratoga 
Pike Michael, boot and shoemaker, n w corner Chatsworth and 

Franklin sts 
Pike J. & Pjnn, tobacco St commission mts. 8 Light st wharf 
Pindell Adi, harbor master, Diiaai.'s wharf, dw 61 Jefferson 
Pindell Mrs. Charlotte, dress maker, 302 n Gay 
Pindell James, wood dealer, yard O'Donnell's vvhf. dw 86 Gongh 
Pindell Lewis, sex. Monument st bury itijx ground, dw 280 n Gay 
Pindell Richard, comb & trunk maker, 9 Moll st 
Pmdell Thomas, wood dealer, 53 e Lombard 
Pinder Lewis, cutler, 431 w Baltimore 
Pindle Benj. F. Eden st. s of McElderry 
Pines Capt. Otis, 65 Gough 
Pmk Nicholas, 61 n ExeteT 
Pinkerton Samuel, tea dealer, 45 n Howard 
Pinkney Mrs. Ann, 172n Calvert st. Waterloo row 
Pinkney Frederick, attorney, 8 Court house lane, dw 18 Barriet 
Pinkney Mrs. John. 31 Pleasant 
Pi[)er John G. paver, 46 Liberty alley 
Piper Philip, 26 Ptarl 

Pippino Lewis, conlectioner & toy store, 148 Light 
Pirie Geo. butcher, 540 w Baltimore 
Pistel Geo. shoemaker, between 52 &, 54 n Howard 
Piquet John T. grocer S^ liquor dealer, 490 Pratt 
Piquet Daniel, grocer, cor. Dover and Howard sts 
Pisterr Bartholomew, dealer in second hand goods, 291 Bond 
Pitt Chas. F. general agent and com. merchant, 12 Commerce st 

dw 48 Conway st 
Pitt Thomas, J. apothecary St d^^uggist, n e cor. High & Pratt 
Pitt Wm. machinist, 16 Oregon 
Pitt Wm. 100 s Exeter 
Pille Von John Henry, painter 8c glazier, 28 President 

PIT 311 POL 

Piitihger Richard, laborer. Fountain st. Canton 

Piltman & Baldwin, wholesale dry goods mts. 256 vv Baltimore 

Pittman Edward, firm P. & Buldwin, dw 34 n Greene 

Pitts Charles H. attorney at law, 33 Fayette st. dw 82 Franklin 

Pittsburtr via Cumberland, Eclipse Transportation line, 92 s 

Charles, J. B. Robinson & Edward B(Ehm, airents 
Pittsburg Transportation line, O'Connor & Co. agents, 70 North 
Pittsburg Union Transportation line, office, 58 North st. C. H. 

Koons agent. 
Pizarro Jose Antonio, Spanish Consul, 3 Barnet 
Placide Henry S. oak cooper, 56 Buchanan's wiiarf, dw corner 

Exeter and Pratt sts 
Placide Matthew, carpenter, 11 s Exeter 
Plack Henry, baker, 889 Saratofja 
Plagmeyer Augustus, tailor, 69 Albemarle 
Planz Joseph, tailor, 213 Bond 
Plaskitt John prop, coal yard, cor. Exeter &. Canton av. office 

1 Jarvis buildings. North st 
Platner Christopher, basket maker, Frederick road, w ofBalto. 
Platter Michael, laborer, G. Hughes st. e of McHenry 
Platuff Charles, clerk, 39 s High 

Pleasants John P. &- Sons, genl. commission mts. 48 South st. 
Pleasants Wm. A. firm J. P. P. & Sons, dw 74 Greene 
Pleasink Adam, tailor, Slemmer's alley 
Plitt Charles, baker, 256 s Charles 
Plitt Emanuel, conftctioner, 73 e Lombard 
Plitt John, confectioner, 26 Granby 
Plowman James, carpenter, 391 Lombard 
Plowman Richard, butcher, rear ofFairmount 
Plumbe John, Daguerrian Gallery, over, 205 Baltimore 
Plumer Rev. Doctor, pastor Presbyterian Church, Franklin st 

dw 1 13 Monument 
Plummer & Co. importers of hardware, 336 Baltimore 
Plummer Fayette, tinner, 34 Gibson 
Plummer George, carpet weaver, 17 Canal 

Plummer Harraan, 22 Cross 

Plummer J. F. watchmaker & jeweiler, 91 n Gay, dw 90 Aisquith 

Plummer John, market tra(]er, 117 Eastern avenue 

Plummer John, carpenter, 24l Eastern avenue 

Plummer Samu'.^l, house & sign painter, 198 s Charles 

Plummer Rlchanl, firm P. & Co. dw 272 Lexington 

Pochon Charles F. florist, 54 Poj)pletoa 

Pode Charles, tailor, 284 n Gay 

Poesck Charles E. carpenter, Harford avenne 

Poe Jarob, 59 Hollins 

Poe J M. &, Co. cotton manufacturers, 5 Hanover Market space 

Poe Nelson, attorney at law, 2 Law buildings, St. Paul st. dw 
59 Hollins 

Pohl Henry, grocer, 63 Lancaster 

Pohl Nicholas, paver, 81 Orleans 

Pohlman & Biackland, 86 n Front 

Pohner Joseph, cabinet maker, 23 Ensor 

Polack Martin, stone mason, 220 Happy alley 

Poland, Jenkins & Co. hide, leather and oil dealers, 12 Water 

Polinginer John laborer, 245 Ann st 

^Oh 2V2 POR 

Polk Daviii, wenver, 129 n Canal 

Polk Janus K. inspector customs, 29Holliday 

Polk Jt)l)n M. tiiickster, 112 Madison 

polk Jolm P. apctlhecarv and ilruiTiTist, n CMvert Il6 

Polk Mrs. Mrs. Margaret, washer, 3 xMyer'b court 

Polk \Vm. huckster, 94 Vine 

Polker Michael, cow keeper, Hamburg st F. Hill 

PoUand David, collector, 20G Aisquith 

Pollard Isaac J. firm Hammond St Pollard, dvv Baruum'^s hotel 

Pollard Seth, dw 36 Granhy 

Pol'.ey Mrs. boarding house, 72 s Charl<?s 

Pollitt Alfred H. recor(iin«i clerk, 725 vv Bahlmore 

Pollock Abraham, mattress maker, 96 n Howard 

Pollock Frederick, stone mason, 'i20 Happy alley 

Pollock H. second hand iioods dealer, 13 Second st 

Piillock Mark, clothier, 46 Centre market 

Pollock Matrnes, dyer and scourer, 190 Canton avenue 

Pollock Henry, DaL''uerrian room^, cor. Charles and Baltimore 

St. ar>d 147 Lexini^ton st 
Polster Ferdinand, firnj Kuhn &. Co. 103 Hollins 
Pomeroy &. Co. wme Sc spirit merchants, n w cor. Frederick &. 

Lombard, dw J. W. P. 309 vv Lexiiv^ton 
Poncia Anthony, statuary and moulder, 75 Baltimore 
Pontier & Haslett, confectioners and fruiters, 11 n Howard 
Poniier L. E. dw63 n Hiirh 
Pool Eli, blacksmith, 106 JeHerson 

Pool Georore T. umbrella and parasol mak^r, 266 w Pratt 
Pool Mrs. Jane, boardintr house, 106 s Eutaw 
Poo'e &■ Feri^uson, engineers & machinists, 126 North 
Poole Franklin, rigger, 17 Shakspear 
Poole Mrs Hannah, 149 Mulberry 
Poole James, 31 Jackson^ 
Poole, oak cooper, 112 Hamburg 
Poole Robert, firm P. & Ferguson, dw 147 n Front 
Poor John H. auctioneer, dw 75 Franklin 

Pooler George W. superintendent Exch. Read, rooms, 1 12 Pine 
Pope Folirer, painter, glazier and stencil cutler, 34 s Calvert 
Pope Jacob F. basket maker, dw 11 PearJ 
Pope Joseph, shoemaker, 130 Lexinjiton 
Pope Randolph, chair maker, 157 n Canal 
Pope Mrs. S. R. dry goods dealer, 83 n Howard 
Popp Christian, keeper ol' cows, 70s Eulaw 
Popp Mrs. Jane, 96 Pine 

Popp Mrs. Mary Ann. shoe binder, 156 Saratoga 
Poppelman Bernard, carter, 257 Aisquith 
Popplein's paint and vinegar factory, e end Cross 
Popplein George, firm G. & N. P. dw ll n Howard 
Popplein Sc Thomsen, druggists, 184 Baltimore 
Porter Charles, china, glass a<ul queensware mt. 6 Hanover, dw 

78 Greene 
Porter Mrs. Elizabeth, 328 n Gay 
Porter Mrs. Ellen, seamstress, lOl Lerew's al 
Porter George U. sup. Exchange Read. Rooms, 112 Pine 
Porter Mrs. Henrietta, 37 Low 
Porter Hugh, stone cut. Forrest st oposite market, dw S26 n Ga j 

POR 313 POW 

Porter Dr. J. B. 701 w Baltimore 

Porter James, dealer in millinery goods, 4 Hanover 

Porter James, dealer in millinery, 23 s Paca 

Porter Jas- R. acrent for N. York tea company, store 156 n Gay 

Porter Mrs, Jane, 18 s Frederick 

Porter John, watchman, 22'i Ann 

Porter Peter, cabinet maker, l84 Park 

Porter Roberi B. firm P. & Towner, 322 Lexinfrton 

Porter Robert, wood dealer, Baiiimore st. dw 322 w Lombard 

Porter Thomas, ri^jger, 172 Broadway 

Porter & Towner, manuf. findings and commission merchant 

342 Baltimore 
Ports John, carpenter, 344 Lexington ^ 

Ports Mrs. Martha, 46 Conway 
Ports Mrs. Martha E. milliner, Greene s of Lexington 
Po3ey Adreon A. constable, 67 Granby 
Post Captain Jan)es, 45 Fawn 
Post Office, cor. Fayette &. Nort^ 
Post William, block and pump maker, 171 Anh 
Potee Francis, brickmaker, 505 Light 
Potee, Graham &- McKinley, police officers, 10 n Frederick 
Potee Isaac, brick maker, l48 Columbia 
Potee Jesse, laborer, 9 Star al 
Potee Mrs. Maria, market woman, 17 West 
Potee P. P. firm P., Graham & McKinley, 10 n Frederick, dw 

106 Aisquith 
Potee Peter, collector, 106 Aisquith 
Potee William H. plaisterer, 163 ColumbiSi 
Pott Frederick, stone mason, 111 Paca 
Pottenger John B. & Co, hardw. deal. cor. C. Market & Pratt st 

dw Lombard at H. H, Sfewari's, bet. Sharp & Liberty 
Potter Charles, police officei^. Wolf, n of Bank 
Potter Elijah, shipwright, 58 Stiles 
Potter Mrs. Elizabeth, 32 s Calvert 
Potter James, hoot maker, 31 Marion 
Potter John W. ship carpenter, 75 Granby 
Potter & Middleton, tin & sheet iron workers, 32 s Calvert 
Potter Thomas, watchman, 132 Canal 
Potts George C. coach n)aker, 76 Fayette, dw 8 Park 

Potts Peter, grocer, 260 n Howard 

Potts Robert, Clinton sf. Canton 

Pottsman CharleSj shoemaker, 96 n Howard 

Pouder George W. cabinet maker, 122 Fayette 

Pouder William P. dry goods dealer, 57 n Howard, dw 52 

Poulson Alex. W. imp. & dealer in fancy goods, 332 w Balti- 
more, dw 299 Fayette 

Poulson James B. 255 Biddle 

Poulson John, niariner, 148 Bond 

Poultney Mrs. Ann, 6 St Paul 

Poultney Samuel, 28 Mulberry 

Pouhon Alexander, brakesman, Boyd st 

Poulton Charles H. laborer, 221 Columbia 

Poulton Charles Asbury, miller, cor. Dawson al. &. Dover « 

poulton John, brick maker, 13i Columbia 

Poulton Mrs. Susan A. 85 Columbia 

POW 314 PRE 

Powell Charles, dry goods dealer, 14 Centre Market 

Powell Henry, block and pump maker, 131 McElderry'i wharf, 

dw 29 AiSLiuiihst 
Powell Lewis, house painter, 361 Lif^ht 
Powell Marris, firm P. & Riniby, 7S4 Baltimore 
Powell & Rimby, iron Ibunders, York 
Powell Robert W. mariner, 197 Alice Anna 
Powell Thomas, watchman, 124 McHenry 
Power Mrs. Anastacia, grocer and liquor dealer, 20 s Front 
Power B. Preston, lime and hair dealer, Greene, s of Lexington, 

dw 25 George 
Power Casper, shoe maker, 133 Alice Anna 
Power George, clerk, 5 Constiiution 

Power James & Son, flour & liquor mts. 103 Franklin, dw 184 
Power John, oak cooper, 7 Slemmer's al 
Power D. William, 67 St Paul 
Powers Huirh, Clinton st. Canton 
Powers J. W. 245 Eastern av 
Powers James, laborer, 241 Ann 
Powers Wolf, 300 Wolf st 
Powhattan iSieam boat office, Petersburg and Richmond, S 

LigLh St. wharf 
Powles Henry, 137 Lexington 
Powles John,"^nail maker, w Baltimore st. extended 
Powles Robert, mariner, US Happy al 
Praeler Francis, shoemaker, 26 Granby 
Praeller John, tailor, 187 Lexington 
Prague Simon, dealer in stoves, 331 Saratoga 
Praile Charles, cabinet maker, 109 L. Greene 
Pralle Diedrich, prop. Washington Gardens, s w cor. Penntyl- 
vania av. and Greenwillow st 

Pratt E. & Bro. com. & iron mts. 27 and 29 s Charles, & prop, 
of iron works, Boston st. Canton 

Pratt Enoch, firm E. P. & Bro. cor. Park and Monument 

Pratt Henry R. clerk in Custom House, 86 n Greene 

Pratt J. D. & Co. mercantile and law agency and com. ofdetd*, 
over 239 Baltimore 

Pratt J. D. firm J. D. Pratt &l Co. dw 28 s Greene 

Pratt John, J?aker, 34 George 

Pratt R. Hi)race, inspector of customs, 78 s Exeter 

Pratt Dr. William, dental surgeon, 77 Lexington 

Prbst Adam, tailor, 54 Short 

Prealler Joseph, cabinet maker, I State 

Preble William, mate, 145 Canton av 

Preece E. grocer, 70 e Fayette 

Preiss Hirsch, dry goods dealer, 16 Centre Market space 

Preisz Michael, grocer and liquor dealer, 6 Jasper 

Prentice Mrs. Nancy, 172 Mulberry 

Prentiss Cupt. Samuel H. G. 10 s Exeter 

Presbury William W. & Co. apothecaries, n e cor. Greeoe and 
Saratoga, dw cor. Mulberry and Park 

Presslcr Henry, slioemaker, 736 w Baltimore 

Presstnian Betijamin C. 3 Counseller's Hall, Lexington et 

Presstman George, clothier, 47 Thames, dw 60 Bund 

Preaton Edruund M. 15 William 

FRI5 ai5 PRI 

Preston Edward, butcher, Dawson al. w ofPratt st 
Preston Georofe, laborer, rear McHenry, near Poppletou 
Preston Henry D. clerk, 191 German 
Preston James* firm Wm. and James P* 99 Pearl 
Preston Jonas, jr. brakesman, S6 Bond 
Preston O. blacksmith, 295 Canton av 
Preston William P. attorney at law, 51 Fayetfe 
Preston Wm. T. dw 64 n Paca 

Preston Wm. blacksmith, cor. Eutaw and Lee, dw 174 8 EuUvr 
Preston William, carpenteri Pratt, w of Fremont 
Preston William, grocer and liquor dealer, Greene^ s of Lexing- 
ton, dw Pearl 
Pretel G.-orj^e, baker> 84 Short 

Pretzman Jacob R carpenter, Morris al. dw 27 Rose st , 
Previist A. professor French, 24Q Franklin 
Prevt>st Elwee, clerk, ^40 Franklin 
Prevost Francis, clerk, 240 Franklin 

Price Allen M. grocer & tea deal, s e cor. Lexington and Greene 
Price Mrs. Anne Caroline, 2-27 Bond 

Price Augustus M. confectioner, 183 Balto. dw ll2 Lexington ' 
Price Benjamin, merchant tailor, 62 n Howard, dw 225 
Price David, sen. carpenter, shop Grant, dw 30 Spring 
Price Mrs. E izabeth, 335 n Hicrh 

Price Ephraim, firm Boston 8c Price, Centre w of Calvert 
Price Mis. Emeline, seamstress:, 107 Montgomery 
Price Frederick, shoemaker, 175 Orleans 
Price G. C. carpenter. Grant st. dw Spring Row 
Price George B. carpenter, 163 Fremont 
Price Harriet, 5 Watson 

Price John H. ink and blacking manufacturer, 86 s Paca 
Price John W. York av 

Price John H. carpenter, William e Montgomery 
Price John O. farmer, 13S Mulberry 
Price John, laborer, 37 Deluol al 
Price Joseph H. cooper, 153 n Canal 
Price Mrs. 40 D.illas 

Price Mrs. Mary E. tailoress, 253 Franklin 
Price Montmorency H. watch and clock maker, 60 s Calvert 
Price Nathan, spinner, 7 Jackson's court 
Price Mrs. R. boarding house, 18 s Calvert 
Price Richard, firm Thomas & P. dw cor. Eutaw & Lombard 
Price Mrs. Sarah, 14 Fell 
Price Mrs. Susan, 148 Ann 

Price Thomas R. keeper lottery off. 130 w Pratt 
Price Waller, 5 Aisquiih 
Price William, fish dealer, 61 York av 
Price William, wagoner. Chew near Aisquith 
Prichett Samuel, carter, 122 s Caroline 
Priest William, painter, 175 East 
Primrose William, sun carrier, Raborg st 
Primrose William, pattern maker, 66 Montgomery 
Prince Anthony, 106 Thames 
Prince Lemuel carpenter, 107 n Exeier 
Prince William A. potter, 170 e Fayette 
Prindle Bernard, window blind maker, 143 Alice Anna 

PRI 3Jfl5 1>UR 

Frink James, carpenter, 205 Hanover 

Print}' John, grocer, cor. Light &. Hill 

Printz John, 481 w Baltimore 

Prior Benjamin, carpenter, 21 Fremont 

Prior John H. engineer, 16 Warren 

Prior John, tailor, 34 Holland 

Prior Joseph ^. oak cooper, 170 Saratoga 

Pritchard Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 66 s Exeter 

Pritchard James Thomas, mariner, 53 Fawn 

Pritchard Joseph, carriage trimmer, 50 Aisquith 

Pritchard Levin,. cabinet maker, 37 Orleans 

Pritchard Richard, 38 Holland 

Pritchard Samuel, ship carpenter, 96 n Caroline 

Pritchard Thomas, mariner, 57 Holland 

Pritchard William, wood trader, 5 Williamson a! 

Proctor Wm. &. Son, hardware deal. 129 w Pratt, dw 80 s High 

Proctor William, carpenter, 12 East 

Prole Franklin, rigger, 17 Shakespear 

Proll Henry, locksmith, 287 Bond 

Prossic William, piano maker, 87 Marion 

Protestant Methodist church, cor. Lombard and Greene 

Proud John G. insurance agent, 22 South, dw Western Hotel 

Proudfoot Mrs. Rachel, dress maker, 39 Dallas 

Prout Alfred, carter, 378 s Charles 

Prout Israel, laborer, 38 Do\er 

Pruet Abraham, carpenter, 172 Madison 

Prul Henry, baker, 9 East 

Prutz Frederick, boot and shoe maker, 74 Orleans 

Pryor Alfred D. coach maker, Frederick, dw 80 n High 

Pryor Christian, shoe maker, Jew al 

Pry or Edward, carpenter, 50 Short 

Pryor Edward, collector, 67 n Front 

Pryor Henry, carpenter, l42 n Caroline 

Pryor R- S. Sc A. V. carriage makers, 4 n Frederick 

Pryor Richard S. coich maker, dw 80 n High 

'^Pigette" William,.7 French 

Public School, see appendix ^^ 

Puduzy Francis, coach smith, 131 e Montgomery 

Pudzi William, conductor, 194 Canton av 

Pue Miss Margaret, 59 n Charles 

Pue Dr. Richard, 68 Lexington 

Pugh Mrs. David, 49 North 

Puijh James, ship carpenter, 251 Canton av 

Puhl Geortre, "Metamora House," 20 Lombard 

Puhlman Gerhard, laborer, William, s of Warren 

Puhlman Henry, laborer, William s of Warren 

Pullen Mrs. Sarah B- 3 Albemarle 

Pulley Captain James, 302 Eastern av 

Pulley William, ship carpenter, 175 Washington 

Pully Washington, ship carpenter, 5 Cambridge 

Punderson Elsworth M. firm H. B. Fields, §c Co. dw w Saratoga 

Puntee Bernard, 260 Alice Anna 

Puntee John A. tailor, 260 Alice Anna 

Parcell James, b«)arding house, 6 s Frederick 

Purcell James, watchman, 2 s Paca si extended^ 

PUR 317 QUI 

Purcell John, carpenter, 203 Mulberry 

Purden Fertriis, carpenier, 28 Si. Mary^a 

Purden Wm. carpenter, 86 Franklia 

Purdy Mrs. C.<roline, 44 e Pratt 

Purdy John H. finisher, B«>oth at near Shroeder 

Purnell Charles B. mt. tailor, s e cor, Germaa aad Liberty 

Purnell Stephen, barber, 1 15 n Gay 

Purpur Charles,, veal butcher, 92 Columbia 

Pursell Lewis, laborer, 3S Easteiru av 

Pursley James, cabinet ntiaker, 13 Pine 

Purviance Charles, fisher, 117 William 

Furviatice Rev. Geo. D. pastor 4ili Presbyterian oh., lis Gay 

Purviance Hon. John, assistant jud;^e Baltimore Co. court and 

6ih judicicial district, Md. dw 17 s Gay 
Purviance Robert^ 40 Courila.nd 
Purviance Robert jr. attt>rney afc law, 12 s Frederick 
Purvis St Gover, excha ncje ofRce, 208 Baltimore 
Purvis Jas. F. firm P. & Gover, dw Point lane, rear of Harford av. 
Putzel Seiig C. firm Lewis Lauer &, Co. dw 25 n Howard 
Pyfer Adatn, laborer, 3 Harmoay lane 
Pyfer & Co. lottery and exchange office^ 1 Light 
Pyfer Philip, paver, l4 Tysoa st 
Pyfer Wm. & Pliilip, lottery office^ Charles St. Hotel 
Pyle Isaac C. shoemaker, 225 n Eden 
Pyle Wm. millwright, 129 Columbia 
Pyle Wm. plaisterer> 6 Watrea 

Quail George K. hatter, 204 w Pratt st. dw 306 Lombard 

Quail James R. oak cooper, 26 Grant st. dw 28 

Quail John C. collector, 33 s Eaiiaw 

Quarles Francis E. dw Si Fawn 

Quebec Henry, waiter, 9 Marioa 

Queen Paul, cooper, 1 14 s Eutaw 

Queaten Chs. H. baker Siconf. n w cor. Broadway ScThame»«t 

Quilan James> drayman, 2 Preston 

Quigly John, vvatchmaker,^ 141 Pennsylvania av 

Quiiicy Mrs. EJizabeih, 175 n Exeter 

Quincy Wm. C. clerk, 175 n Exeier 

Quinlan B. W. St J. E carpenters and builders, 2 Grant st. dw 

a W. Q 76 Front 
Quinlan J. E. firm B. W. & J. E. Q. dw 99 Eutaw 
Quinlan J.)hn, blacksmith, 54 n Front 
Quinlan John F. firm Watkins &c Q. dw 54 Front 
Quinlan Leonard G. prop. 'Hand' tavern, 52 Paca 
Quinlan Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 90 Pine 
Quinn Charles,, hackman, 70 n French 
Quinn Elward, tavern, Washington road 
Quinn Hugh, laborer, alley from Bath st. near Dsivis- 
Quinn James, huckster, 137 York av 
Quinn James, carter. Canal st. I door s of Bank 
Quinn James, carpenter^ 100 Lerew's al. dw 24 St. Mary 
Quinn John, collector, 9^1 French 
Quinn Mrs.. Julia,, i2 Siarr al 

Quinn Patrick, watchman, corner Grant and Mercer 
Quinn Patrick, laborer, 159 HoUiday 

QUI 318 RAM 

Quinn Peter, plumber, 400 w Lombard 
Quinn Riclitird, laborer, 26 Centre 
Quinn Richard, laborer. Bell al* 
Quinn Thomas, constable, 37 Chesniit' 
Quirk Mrs. Ri>.sanna, washer, 42 G. Hughes 
Quisick Edward, printer, 292 e Monumeni 

Rabb Philip, piano maker, 6 Pearal 

Rabe John F. tobacconst, 91 n Gay 

Rabhorn Georj^e, 161 Sprini^ 

Kablein Marlin, boot and shoe maker, 195 8 Charles & Bro. packers lor shipping: oysters, domestic fruits and 

stores, 13-2 s Paca st and Ribow lane 
RaboTg Docior C. H. 303vv Pratl 

Raborg Christopher, copper & tin manuf. 281 w Pratt St dw 291' 
Raborg Christopher H. druggistj cor. Pratl and Paca 
Raborg Goddard, 132 s Paca 

Rabstoe Charles, tavn n and boardi^^ house, 197 Light 
Raby Wm. tavern, 463 Baliimore 
Raby Wyant, laborer, 131 Hollins 
RLaG.haway Henry, cigar maker, 20 Thames 
RadclifTe Ri(-liarc], shoemaker, 98 Camden 
Raddish Robert, seaman, 39 York si 

Radecke D. H. carpenter, 27 McClellan St. dw 6 New Church. 
Radifer Charles A. painter, 1S3 n Paca 
Radiler John, trader, 31 Hoffman 
Rae Adam, macljini>it and miilvvri«;l)t, 71 York st 
Raes Lorenzo, laborer, Pennsylvania a v extended 
RafTerly Wm. drayman, 168 Raborg 
Raffles Jo<!eph, n)ariner, 64 Boiid- 
Ragan John, 3 Constiiufion 
Rager John, oak cooper, 6-2 Henrietta 
Ragert Joseph, shi emaker, 214 Alice Anna 
Rahberurer Valentine, hoot and shoemaker, 205 Bond 
Rail Joseph, Han\tnond al 
Rail Road, Baltimore and Ohio,, office 23 Hanover st. depot and' 

olfice PraM si. w of Light 
Raine Frederick, |>rintcr and publisher Qeman Correspondent, 

75 Baliimore st. dw 168 n Chesnut, 
Raine Wm. printer, 121 e Lomhar.l 
Rains Captahi Lewis,, nun iner, 89 Broadway 
Rait Michael, tailor, 44 Harrison 
Rambow Daniel, hatlcF, 136 Ensor 
Ramoser John-, grocery and liquor store, 130 York 
Rimsay Albert, engineer 'Mary Washington,' 85 Montgoraerj; 
Ramsay Miss Eiizabt-ih, luloress, 25 n Frederick ^' 

Ramsay Mrs. Eliza, 135 e Lombard 
Ramsay Isaac T. ti)b;H-.conisl, 249 Broadway 
Ramsay J. 144 Canton av 
Kainsay Mrs. James, 17 Toames 
Ramsay, JovSeph A-. hooKseller& siaf. 221 Broadway 
Ramsey Joseph E. carpenter, 56 Jefferson 
Hamsey Mrs. Martvarei Ann, teacher, 271 Saratoga 
Ramsey Matthew, firm Wm. & M. R dw 1 1 Holland 
^msev Wm. W. &, Matthew, wholesale and retail grocers, 44 M^ 

'Frederick st. dw W. W^ R. 102.Easttrr^,ar, ' 

RAM 319 RAW 

Ramsey Wm. brush maker, 9 n Howard 
Ramsey Wm. tinner, Bank st w of Ann 
Randall D. A. mineral water manull 10 n Calvert st, cor. Fay-. 

ette, dw 59i n Calvert st 
Randall Mrs. Dorcas, 369 Franklin 
Randall Elisha, ornamental painter, 59 n Front 
RanJall Mrs. Elizabeth, 51 n Hii?h * 

Randall John K. com. mt. 104 Smith's whf. dw 43 n CalTertr 
Randall John, dw 2l Conway 
Randall John, carpenter, Chappel st n of Bank 
Randall Robert, bricklayer, Mullikm st. Fairmount. 
Randall Samuel, clerk, 160 Bank, 
Randall Mrs. Sarah, 51 n Front 
Randall Voltaije, clerk, 152 Fremont 
Randall Wm. rope maker, 232 e Lombard 
Randall Wm. stone cutter, 10 Eulaw court 
Randall Wm. painter, 344 n Gay 
Randell Georo^e H. printer, 54 Granbv 

Randolph And^v. J. firm Randolph, Golibarl & Co. dw 1 17 Anp.^ 
Randolph, Golibart & Co. lumber dealers. Wolf, Thames and; 

Lancaster sts 
Randolph James T. ship carver, 130 Thames 
Randolph John W. treas. Fv Point Sav. In. dw 163 Broadway 
Randolph & Latimer, produce &, com.,.mts. 8 Patterson 
Rangier Charles F; mariner, 38 Philpot 
Rankin Robert, hjitter, 239 Canton avenue 
Rankin Samuel, grocer, corner Elisor and Chesnut sts. 
Rankin Samuel jr. soap and candle manuf. 53 Chew st 
Rankin Wm. soap and candle manulacturer, 15 Stirling 
Rapley Wm. cooper, 282 n Chesnut 
R^pp Wm.. cooper, 35 Ensor 
R«rrick John, carpenter, 4 St. James 
Rasch Caarles, boot and shoe maker, 141 Low. 
Raserner John, paver, 165 M^disoo 
Rash Christian, mate, 113 Bank 

Ratensbarere Daniel shoemaker, rear of 128 Saratoga 
Riitelmeler Cnristian, blacksmith, 123 n Spring 
Rattle Mrs. EHzabeth, 10 s Exeter 
Rau Mrs. Catherine, washer, 8^ Union st 

Rau Jno. C. grocer 8t flour dealer, 1 55 n HowM 95 dw Penn= ay. 
Rau Michael, butcher, 171 Alice Ama 
Rauch Jacob, trunk maker, 3 Concord, dw Eden n of Bank 
Rauch Conrad, tailor, Eden st n ol" VVilk 
Rauck Frederick Wm. dyer and scourer, 57 German 
Raugh John, saddler and harness maker, 37 Centre raark^.tv 
Raum G^o. laborer, 160 Canton avenue 
Raus John, shoemaker, 294 Light 
l^aups Mitthias, laborer, Washingt(^n road 
Rausch John, boot & shoemaker, 320 n Howard 
Ravell Isaiah, mariner, Green's court 
R(iwlings Mfs. Ann E. 65 Barre 
Rawlinge.Miss E, C. 229 Lombard 
Rawlings Frederick, huckster, 248 e Fayette 
RjBwIings George, conductor R. Road, 87 s Paca 
^wlinga James, blacksmith^ Cathedral st. dw 5 RichinPA^li 

RAW 320 RED 

Rawlin^s Wm. P. sfioemaker, 171 n Eden 

Ray Adam, machiniist, & Miilnvrijrht, 71 York st 

Ray Alexander, CDaciiiiiaker, 2J6 e Fayette 

Ray Alfred, biacksmiili, 2j3 Canton avenue 

Rny Alfred, carpt-nter, 2 Rt^publican 

Rav Allen, mariner>22'2 Sdarp 

Ray J. B.' saddler, UO ii E«left 

Ray J.itnes mariner^ 15 L^rjcaster 

Kiv Killion, pJaisterer, 44 Bank 

Ray Marcella^ slioenwker, 81 Cross 

Ray Mrs. 105 Hillen 

Ray Richard, 9S Harford avenue 

Rayhice D. letter carrier, 207 iMulberry 

Raymo Lewis, hatter, 131 n Gay 

Raymo M. hatter, 62 n Gtay st. near Front, dw l&Low 

Raymond Rudolph, laborer, 171 Ljoht 

Raymond Samuel Wilsoo, fur dealer, n w cor.. Calvert &. Pratt 

SIS. dvv 73 Sharp 
Rayner Wm. S. dry ijools dealer, I8S Canton avenue 
Re'a Geo. brickmaker, office 95 Conway st. dw 333 w Lombard 
Rea John H. clothier, u e cor. of South 8c Pratt sts. dw 58* 

George s-t 
Rea John C. grocer, eor Columbia & Fremont, dw 91 Columbia. 
Read John W. apofhecarv & druggist, ll2 Broadway 
Read Mrs. Lydia Maria, Baltimore st. e of Broadway 
Read Mrs. Wm. Qe(t. ST Mulberry 
Read Rhinehard, laborer, 143 York 
Read Robert, sen. car;^enter, 1 12 Broadway 
Read Rubertjr. firm Wilson & Read, dw 116. Broadway 
Readel Dr. John D. corner Fayette and Liberty sta 
Reader John,, grocer, 2, s Exeter 

Reading Rooms, Ex, lor subscribers and strangers^ Exch. build, 
Ready,^Ballar(l &< Co. sail n)akers, 81 Light st. wharf 
Ready Mrs. Elizabeth, 116 s Paca 
Ready &. Furst, carpenters, 132 Gardea 
Readv Wm. M. carpenter,, 133 Madison 
Rea hi Henry, laborer, 233 Wolle 

Rea his Joseph, oak cooper, n e cor. Eutaw and Mulberry 
Reamer J*)hn, tailor. 192 Alice Anna. 
Reaney John G. grocer and lea. dealer, 54 e Baltimore st. d.wc 

tlOe Lombard st 
Heftney Wm. Lombard st e of Lloyd 
Reape Henry, cabinet maker, 148 n Caroline- 
Reardon Muchael, Dolpliin st.. w of Ross 
Seas Joseph,, batcher, 38 Block 
Reay Charles, silver plater, 9 Fell 
Reay Dxivid, silver plater, 9 Fell. 
Rebaugh Jacob, cabinet maker, 72 Mulberry 
Uebbitz H.. boot and shoemaker, 6 Saratoga. 
Rebeau John, painter, 81 Gough 
Rebner Augustus, cooper, 31 Cambridge 
Recka Joseph, laborer, 42 Richmond 
Reckert George, saddle and tiarness maker,. 86 Columbia 
Record Offire and Orphan's Court, St. Paul st. op. Law buildin|SJ^ 
iCedjdin«T MLrt'. Ann, searustress,, 137 Alice AjiQA 

R£D> 321 kite: 

Redding Chas. H. 191 Lexington 

Redding Mrs. 84 Paca 

Reddish Mrs. Rachael, 1=46 Bank 

Redener Joseph, blacksmiih, 72 McElderry 

Redgrave Isaac, watchman, 225 Canton avenue 

Redgrave James, carpenter,. Hottman st s of Gibsonj 

Redgrave Mrs. M. M, Register st s of Gi)ugh 

Redgrave Dr./F. J.. 94 Camden dw 142 s Sharp, 

Redgrave Wm. H. tobacconisj. s, e cor.. Hanover, and Camden >, 

dw 140 Sharp st 
Redman Catherine, 33 Felh 

Redman Saml. ladies^stioemaker, l'4pHianover,.dw 37 HenrieUa 
Redmond David, 26 Holland 
Redmond D^ennis,. brewer, 116 e Lombard 
Redmond Patrick, drayman, 82 e Lombard 
Redvvood, Cooke &<. Co. wholesale dry goods merchants, 19S 

Baltimore st 
Redwood Wm. H. firm R. Cooke &.,Co. 35 Courlland: 
Reece Capt. Joshua, 39 Stiles 
Reed C W. clerk, 199 n Ejen 
Reed Mrs. Dehlah, 40 Pine 
Reed Edward, laborer, 37 York 
Reed Edward M. engineer, 73 George st 
ReeiTMrs. Ellen, 58 Prestoa 
Reed Francis, baker, 137 Eufaw 
Reed Francis J. Wolfst. n of Bank 
R,eed Dr. G. A. V. 40 e Lombard 
Reed Mrs. Isabella s e cor. Pearl and Mulberry sis 
Reed Capt. J. W. 224 Canton avenue 
Reed Jacob, laborer, 116 McHenry 

Reed Jesste, reporter Hrr Sun, 183 e Baltinw)Fe. ■ 

Reed Jonn, carpenter, 161 Conway 
R.eed John, oak cooper, 38 Rock st 
Reed John C. cliemist, 79 e Fnyelte 
Reed John, clerk, 102 McElderry st 
Reed John, weaver,.! 1 1 Peirce st 
Reed Josepji, laborer, 146 n Culvert 
Reed Oliver H. stone cutter, 127 Fremont 
Reed Richard^ P. painter, 85 Lexinirton 
Reed Robert, sen. carpenter, 11.2 Bi:oadway 
Reed Sarah, huckster, ll9 n Paca 
Reed Wm. C. 27 May 

Reed Wm. feed and flour dealer, 4 Penn. av. dw 210 n Eutaw 
Reeder Amos &. Charle.-;, engineers & machinists, Hughes ste 0* 

William, dw A. R. 213 Liiiht st. 
Reeeder Chas. jr. firm Amos fe Charles R. dw 35 Henrietta 
Reeder Charles senr. machinist 215 Lig-l:t 
Reeder Charles W- moulder,.3 L. Church st 
Reeder Hartman, S. carver, 52 Ross 
Reeder Jacob, tinner, 319 s Charles 
Reeder John, grocer, 2 s Exeter 
Reeder Lawrence, laborer, 218 s Bond 
Reeder Mrs. Mary, washer, 67 Richmond 
Rees Andrew, barber, cuppei»'& leecher, 146 Lifrht 
Rees Mrs. Rebecca, n w corner Lexinglofi.atifl Fremont^ 

REE 3-22 RE! 

Rees Wm. copper smelter, Federal Hill 

Reese Miss Amanda, fancy & dry ^oods dealer, 71 n How»f ' 

Reese Rev. Aquilla A. pastor Fayette st M. E. Ch. 282 Fayettr 

Reese Casper, ore digger, 42 Ghatsworih 

Reese Charles, firm G. H. R. & Bro. 69 Sharp 

Reese Dr. Charles S. 16 Aisquiih 

Reese & Coulson, wholesale druggists, 32 e BaUimore 

Reese Rev. D. E. select teacher, 196 n Cliesnut 

Reese David, basket maker, 192 e Pratt 

Reese Daniel, iron f()under, 74 Columbia 

Reese Rev. E. Yates, agent Methodist Protestant book store, 4 

s Charles, dvv 105 Conway 
Reese Frederick, brickmaker, 104 Jefferson 
Reese G. H. & Bro. irroeers and tea dealers, 207-'9 w Pratt St. 

d vv G. H. R. 80 Camden st. e of Howard 
Reese J. L. jr. brickmaker, 182 s Paea 
Reese John, grocer and flour dealer, 64 n Howard 
Reese John, tailor, 17 Sonjerset 

Reese Jno. E. 1st teller Farmers' & Planters' Bank, 6 s Greene 
Jleese John L. brickm;jker, 164 Sharp 
Reese Rev. John S. 16 Aisquiih 

Reese John, foundryn)aii, Lombard st. w of Poppleton 
Reese John, laborer, 42 Chntsworth 
Reese John S. apothecary & druggist, 31 e Baltimore 
Reese Joseph, butcher, 3S BK)ck st 
Reese Capt. Joshua, 39 Stiles 
Reese Mrs. Mary, 77 Lerew's alley 
Reese Samuel, carpenter, 240 Mulberry 
Reese Thomas M. firm G. H. R. &. Bro. 97 Camden 
Reese Wm. S. firm R. & Coulson, dvv 18 Aisquith 
Re'ese Wm. brickmaker, 160 Sharp 

Reese Wm. D. brickmaker, yard Ferry road, dw 189 Hanover 
Reester Henry, osiler, 188 Howard 
Reeves Abigal, 156 Ann 
Reeves G. W. Burke si. Canton 
Reeves George, tavern, 31 6 s Bond 
Reeves James, painter, 775 w Baltimore 
Reeves Joseph F. jeweller &c watchmaker, 66 Bahimore st. dw 

87 e Pratt 
Reeves Wm. blacksmith, 343 Saratoira 
Re^'an Mrs. Margaret, tavern & boarding house, 17 York 
Regan Martin, huckster. Smith's court 
Regar Jacob, morocco dresser, 13 Hillen 
Regelien Frederick, tavern, 35 Penn. avenue 
Regester Mrs. Ann, b lardini; house, 125 n Eulaw 
Regester Joshua, firm Clampitt St B. dvv 50 n Exeter 
Regester Robert, ship joiner, Covington st 
Reichenherger John, boot and shoemaker, 133 Light 
Reichenberger John, shoemaker, 59 Lancaster 
Reid &, Co. dry goods dealers, 30 Hanover 
Reid James, laborer, 151 Holliday 
Reid Rev. James, 45 s Exeter 
Reid Wm. carpenter. Wine st. dw 123 
Reideger Henry, tailor, 343 s Bond 
Reider Conrad, paver, 263 Forest 

REI 323 REI 

Reiderbush S. foundryman, Burke st Canton 

Reiderbush Wm. (bundryman, Burke si. Canton 

Reilsnider Levi S. hatter, 28 n Huward 

Reifsnider Wni. hatter, 67 Pine 

Reigart Henry, clerk, Marine Bank, 112Aisqiiith 

Rei«jart John, blacksmith, 320 s Charles 

Reigart Joseph, bricklayer, 250 Woif 

Reigart Philip, 18 Aisquiih 

Reiser Lawrence, machinist, 87 Albemarle 

Reikes Lewis, farmer, Washington St 

Reikle John M. ore setter, 70 Hamburg 

Reiley P. E. hat and cap maker, 82 Centre market space 

Reiley Thomas, clerK, 56 McElderry 

Reill Lewis, orrocer, 66 Gran by 

Reilly Mrs. Alice, 11 Lombard 

Reilly Mrs. Ann, 40 Maiden lane 

Reilly Mrs. Catherine, grocer, 64 Harrison 

Reilly Daniel, trrocer, 85 French 

Reilly Daniel, corner, French &, Chesnut 

Reilly Geo. tavern, hack proprietor, & coroner, 25 Lombard 

Reilly James, tjrocer, 1 Bnren 

Reilly James, laborer, 4 Constitution 

Reilly Joseph's, Refectory, basement 1 1 South 

Reilly Mrs. N. ijjrocer, 141 Monument 

Reilly Owen, laborer, 18 Lee 

Rei'ly Patrick, jr. tavern, 59 Centre Market space 

Reilly Mrs. Susan, o;rocer, 65 Park 

Reilly Sylvester, laborer, 65 Park 

Reinhard Cfiarles, musician, 236 n Gay > 

Reinhard Mr. tencher lanfruai^es, 250 e Baltimore 

Reinhard t Charles C. &, Co. cutlers and surgeon dental instr«i< 

"Client manufacturer?, 9 Light st 
Reinhardt Conrad, cahinet maker, 27 Gittingg 
Reinhar It Ferdinand, bottler, cor Baltimore and Hollidaf 
Reinhardt Geo. laborer, Abey alley 
Reinhardt Geo. cahinet maker, 1 Jasper 
Reinhardt Jo!m C. laborer, 27 Gittings 

Reinhar It John H. tobaeonist, 139 Low *. 

Reinhardt P. irrocer, 106 Madison 
Reinhart Andrew, tailor, 2 St. James st 
Reinhart E. variety goods dealer, 116 n Canal 
Reinhart Geo butcher, 874 w Biltimore 
Reinhart Henry, dental instrument maker, dvv 215 n Exeter 
Reinhart Nicholas, tailor 102 Fremont 
ReinheimerMr. 133 Canton avenue 
Reinicker John, 90 Raborg 
Reinicker John, laborer, 1 ( West 
Reinken John, stove manulhcturer, 6 Buren 
Reintree John Louis, French teacher, 83 n Calvert 
Reip Alfred H. furnishing store, and tin plate and sheet iroR 

worker, 335 Baltimore st dw 313 Lombard 
Reip Edward H. tin ware and stove dealer, 7 b Calvert, dw 

195 Fayette st 
Reip Henry, tin and sheet iron worker, S6 n Paea 
Reip Henry, cabinet maker, 148 a Carohnc 

RE! ^21 HET 

Reip Lewis, clerk, 87 Pine _ 

Reis Henry, laborer, A bey alley 

Reiser Jacob, butcber, 76 Arcryle alley 

Reisinger Geo. sfjoemaker, 155 Mulberry 

Reisen«^er Henrys, tailor, 17 Pearl 

Reisenger Lewis, back driver, 142 iMulbert-y 

Reisinger Wm. plane maker, '274 Mulberry 

Reisner Win. confectioner, 21 1 Eastern avenue 

ReisterAtiam, saddler, 5 Hillen Bt. dw 195 n Eden 

Reister Elias, saddle and harness maker, 11 1 Hillen 

Reister John, grocer and liquor dealer, 15 New st 

Reiswalt Henry, pedlar> 108 Franklin 

Reiter Hammond, taihwr, 25 s Caroline 

Reiter Joseph F. ornamental .painter, 6 St. Mary's st 

Reiter Peter, laborer'* Ostend st 

Reiter Philip, carpenter, Register n of Bank-, dw Ann e ofPralt 

Reitmiller Henry, taitor, 141 Hill 

Reitz Frederick, glass blower, 3 McHenry 

Reilz Harman J. grocer and Hquor dealer> s w cor. Bond st. and 

Canton fiv 
Reitz Henry, laborer, 4^3 President 
Reitz Henry L. grocer, 66 n Giy, dw 133 n Front 
Reitz Henry, "resloraurii^' Giitings st. F'ederal Hill 
Relicker George, shoe maker> 68 Granby 
Relkey George, clerk, 58 Aisquith 
Remare A. confectioner, 83 n ChaS'Ies 
Remley Mrs. Elizabeth, 181 e Baltimore 

Remley Fred, firm of R. •& Feisley, caipenters, dw 127 Gough 
Remley St Yeisley, carpenters, s w cor. Bank and Beihel 
Remmey Edward, potter, 340 w Baltimore 

Renick Peter, sawyer, 19 Watson 

Renner George L. boot and shoemaker, n w cor. Lombard and 

Hennick William H. 242 n Howard 

Rennolds L. H. carpenter, Forrest near Gay, dw 74 McElderrj 

Rennous Edward G. boat builder, w Falls av. near Pratt 

Renoff" Frederick, shoe maker, 67 Ensor 

Renouls E. G. boat builder. City Block, dw 104 e Fayette 

Renshaw John, hatter, 332 w Baltimore, dw 165 n Paca 

Renwick Robert, cabinet maker, 90 n Howard 

Renz Francis, basket maker, 15 Constitution 

Repann Peter, sawyer, 194 Sharp 

Repbarg John, Argyle al. s of Alice Anna st 

Reppart George, sand dealer> Montgomery e of Covington 

Reppart Lewis, ship carpenter, Montgomery e of ConvinglOtt 

Uesch Frederick, laborer, 259 Alice Anna 

Resch Georire, laborer, 189 Wolf 

Ptesh Valentine, cow keepor, 98 Lancaster 

Reside James, Prait e ot Broadway 

Reside William, Pratt st. e of Broadway 

Reside Mrs. Mary, 292 Light 

Reside William, apothecary and druggist, e w cor. Canton a ▼•. 
and Ann st. dw Light 

Rest Frank, shoe maker, 59 Park 

Retler Lawrence, laborer, 64 Lancaster 

BET 325 RtA « 

Rettner G. shoemaker, 6 Constitution 

Reul Geortre, tailor, 34 e Pratt 

Reve John, laborer, 270 s Charles 

Revere Robert H. shoe maker, 86 e Fayette 

Reymeyer Adam, laborer, 20S Lii^ht 

Reymor Mrs. E izabetb, seamstress, 4 L. Church 

Reynolds Benjamin, carpenter, cor. Canal & Lombard, dvv 130 

Reynolds E. W. bricklayer, 233 Mulberry 

Reynolds Ed. G. boat build, w Falls av. s end, dw 104 e Fayette 
Reynolds Edward, firm Joseph W. Sl E. R. 102 Hanover 
-Reynolds Eneas, bricklayer, 104 Eastern av 
Reynolds G. clerk, lOTHill 
Reynolds Georoje W. watchman, 61 Eutaw 
Reynolds Grafton, bricklayer, 18 Orefron 
Reynolds Henry R. &, Josiah, carpenters, cor. Front and Lo\r, 

dw H. R. 23 s High., dw Joseph 19^ do 
Reynolds Hugh, laborer, 157 Holiday 
Reynolds John, blacksmith, 133 s Howard 
Reynolds John, carpenter, 88 Hill 
Reynolds John, blacksmith, 122 s Howard 
Reynolds John, bricklayer, 531 w Baltimore 
Reynolds Joseph, beef, park and bacon packer, Balderston, dw 

207 n Howard 
Reynolds Joseph, provision deal. cor. Madison av. & Lanvale H 
Reynolds Joseph W. & E- tobacco and commission mts. over 78 

Lifjht St wharf 
Reynolds Josiah, firm H. R. & J. R. d w l9f s High 
Reynolds Michael, trader in market, Moore al 
Reynolds Norton, sailor, 7 Mott 
Reynolds Patrick, laborer, 38 Addison 
Reynolds Dr. S. of U. S. Navy, 174 Hanover 
Reynolds & Smith, grocers &. commission mts. 40 n Howard 
Reynolds William, firm R. & Smith, dw 144 Lexington 
Rhader Nicholas, tailor, 112 Thames 

Rheim carpenter and undertaker, 29 Marion 

Rhein Henry, tailor, 4 Diamond 

Rhen Philip, merchant tailor, 7 Sharp 

Rheinholt Christopher, locksmith, 23 Second 

Rhinehart Charles, carpenter, Sharp st. alley, dw 9 Penn 

Rhinehart Lewis, laborer, 19 Montoromery 

Rhinehart Philip, carpenter, 7 Sterling 

Rhoad Martin, laborer, 112 Lancaster 

Rhoads Henry, carpenter, 46 Holiiday, dw 37 L. Exeter 

Rhoads Issachar, boarding house, 187 w Pratt 

Rhoads Willard, St Son, ship brokers and com. raercliants, cor, 

Pratt and Spear's wharf, dw 43 Lombard 
Rhoder John, cabinet maker, 35 n Canal 
Rhodes B. C. commission mt. 26 sCharles, dw 179 Saratoga 
Rhodes Frederick C. grocer and provision deal. 86 Holline 
Rhodes J. R. tobacco vvare house, dw 152 Hanover 
Rhodes James, bricklayer, 167 Madison av 
Rhodes John R. filer and turner, 280 n Franklin 
Rhodes Zachariah, manufacturer, 203 n Eutaw 
Riael Patrick, laborer, 198 Lexington 

RIA 326 BIC 


Rials James, grocer and liquor dealer, 145 a Eutaw 

Ribert Jacob, tailor, 4 n Spring 

Ricards & Hoffman, wholesale dry goods mer. 255 Balliniore 

Ricards John R. firm R. & Hoffm'an, 113 Park 

Ricards William, jewellerj 2l Mercer 

Rice Rev. A. 8 n Exeter 

Rice Charles, agricultural implement manf. 382 Lombard 

Rice Conrad, clerk, 192 Mulberry 

Rice & Davis, block and pump makers, 105 Light st. wharf 

Rice Mrs. Eliza, 16 Maiden lane 

Rice Mrs. Eliza, boarding house, 48 Second 

Rice H. firm Tiffany, Ward & Co. n vv cor. Park and Franklin 

Rice Jacob, butcher, Pennsylvania av. extended 

Rice Patrick, Happy al. s of Pratt st 

Rice Samuel E. clerk, 187 German 

Rice Mrs. Sarah, principal Female Seminary, 22 George 

Rice Sebastian, perfumery manufacturer, 29 Hampstead 

Rice Simon, dry goods dealer, 218 1-2 Bond 

Rice T. H. firm R. & Davis, 172 Hanover 

Rice Capt. William T. 142 Bond 

Ricely Joseph, butcher, 308 Fremont 

Rich John, 115 Lancaster 

Rich Dr. A. jr. 1 13 Hanover 

Rich Dr. A. J. sen. 83 Hanover 

Rich John, blacksmith, 120 Stirling 

Richard Augusle, watch maker, 65 n Front 

Richard Andrew, laborer, 179 s Caroline 

Richards Mrs. Amelia, dress and cloak maker, 38 Pine 

Richards Francis, laborer, 89 Cross 

Richards Henry, wheelwright. Carpenter's al. w of Greene &t 

Richards Mrs. Isabella, 35 n Exeter 

Richards John, fancy wagon and coach worker, 161 '5 n High 

Richards John, sailor, 6 Harford av 

Richards John A. keeper gate No. 1 Washington road 

Richards Jonathan, feed deal, s w cor. Caroline st & Canton a v. 

Richards Joseph, cigar maker, 125 Spring 

Richards Joseph T. saddler & harness maker, 110 Franklin 

Richards Joshua H. carpenter, 782 w Baltimore 

Richards Mrs. Margaret, washer, 58 Union 

Richards Mrs. Maria V. tailoress, 66 Fremont 

Richards Mrs. Mary, Ann, 53 French 

Richards Patrick, sexton St. Patrick's church, 79 Spring 

Richards & Robertson, omnibus proprietors, 283 Diddle 

Richards S. B. oil cloth manufiicturer, 176 e Monument 

Richards Samuel, nightman, 188 Light 

Richards T. G. dealer in flour and leed, 410 w Ball, dw 17 Pent* 

Richards William H. 107 e Pratt 

Richardson Beale H. firm R. &. Hopper, dw 269 Saratoga 

Richardson Catherine M. 64 French 

Richardst)ii K. J. house carpenter, 473 w Lombard 

Richardson E. J. real estate agent, se cor. North and Fayette 
dw 36 Sharp 

Richardson F. A. potter, 258 n Canal 

Richardson George W. cedar cooper, 6 Park 

Richardson George R. Slates Attorney, 8 Court House laac 

RIC 3-27 nVD 

Richardson &, Hopper, wholesale & ret. dry goods mts. 255 Bait 

Richardson James, riofi^er, 185 Alice Anna 

Richardson James St, John, grocers^ 151 n Gay 

Richardson John W. dry goods dealer, 37 Bait, dw 8 Aisquith 

Richardson John T. machinist, 48 n High 

Richardson Johnj hatter, I VVilmer al 

Richardson John W. firm Goodwin & Co* dw 51 Broadway 

Richardson Josiah, agent lor Dr. Brandreth's pills, n e coi?. Light 

and Mercer 
Richardson Mrs. Margaret, fancy dress maker, 80 Mulberry 
Richardson Mrs. Margaret B. 34 Aisquith^ 
Richardson Mr. pedlar, 217 n Exeter 
Richardson Mrs. Rachel, dress maker^ 53 Mulberry 
Richardson Robert, trader, 51 York 
Richardson Orville, niachinist, 64 Conway 
Richardson Dr. Samuel S. s e cor. Fremont and Fayette 
Richardson Samuel M* painter, 35 Hoffman 
Richardson Mrs. Sarah, 24 May 
Richardson Thomas, blacksmith^ 49 s Paca 
Richardson William L. shoemaker, 120 Pine 
Richardson William L. 197 Madison av 
Richardson William H. millwright, 53 s Exeter 
Richers.Nicholas, grocer and feed dealer, 221-'3 s Charles 
Richmond Henry ^j huckster^ 148 Eutaw 
Richmond John W* plane maker, Lee st w of Eutaw 
Richmond Samuel, weaver, 49 Preston 
Richstein J. & G. sugar refiners, corner Concord and Hawk sta. 

dw 221 Lombard 
Richter David, baker, 177 Light 
Richter Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 Fremont 
Richter George, market man, Dover st w of Greene 
Richter John jr. huckster, 72 Fremont 
Richter John, measure stamper, Vine st near Poppleton 
Richter Thomas, huckster, Pennsylvania av n of Preston st 
Rick Philip, tanner, 30 Lombard 
Rickendorf Simon, pedlar, i75 Alice Anna 
Ricker L.fcabinet maker, 66 n Bond 
Ricket Martin, 127 Canton av 

Ricketts & Co. fruit dealers & conf. n e cor. Pratt and Light 
Ricketts David, 33 Albemarle 
Ricketts John, printer, 323 n Gay 
Ricketts Mrs. Margaret, 34 Maiden lane 
Ricketts Mrs. Mary Ann, cow keeper, 20 Lloyd 
Rickey Mrs. Mary, 58 e Pratt 

Rickey, Speddin &. Co. sail makers, 79 Light st wharf 
Rickey Wm. firm R. Speddin &, Co. dw Mrs. Mary Rickey's 

59 e Pratt 
Rickoff Casper, dealer in market,|273 Alice Anna 
Ricks George, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 
Rickter Frederick, huckster, 93 Conway 
Rickweg Wra. grocer, Granby st. corner Canal 
Riddle James, shoemaker, 30 President 
Riddle John, huckster, rear of Fairmount 
Riddle Wesley, museum, s e cor. C. Market and Lombard at 
Riddlemoser, John, cattle dealer, 47 Constitution 

RID sm niG 

Rider Albert^ bricklaypr> 102 Ross 

Rider Alexander, harness maker, 2 New 

Rider Barkhart, 254 Ann 

Rider John, conductor rail road, 286 n Howard 

Rider Peter^niacl)?nist,' 44 Richmond 

Rider'Soiomon, furniture dealer, 72 Lancaster 

Rider Doctor W. G. 83 Mulberry 

Rider Wash, brickmaker, yard Washing, road, dw 118 Leo 

Ridgaway Josiah, shoemaker^ 166 Orleans 

Ridgaway Saniu-el C. hat manuf. 51 1-2 n Eutaw 

Ridjaway Wm. nr>erchant tailor, 92 Albemarle 

Ridgaway Wm. shoemaker, 155 e Fayetle 

Ridf'-dy Andrew S. attorney at law, 24 St. Paul 

RidSely Archibald G.|firm Zell, Ridgely & Co, dw 74 Centre 

Ridgely Charles G. attorney at law, 8 Ensor st. dw 167 Aisquith 

Ridgely Chas. W. attorney, 5 Court House lane,dw 223 Fayette 

R,idgely David, whol. Sc retail dry goods dealer, 105 Baltimore 

St. dw 267 e Baltimore 
Ridgely Mrs. David, Franklin st. w af Calvert 
Ridgely Eduard, ll4 Hanover 
Ridgely G. W. & Co. whol. &. retail dry goods mts. 71 Baltimore 

St. dw 29 Baltimore 
Ridgely John R. dry goods mt. 61 n Howard st. dw 84 Greene 
Ridgely L. W, whol. St retail dry goods mt. 29 Baltimore 
Ridgely Nicholas, chair maker, 189 Frenoont 
Ridgely Oliver D. carpenter, 207 Fayetle st. dw 19& do' 
Ridgely Wm. H. whol. St retail dry goods dealer, 61 Baltimore 

Ridgway James W. shoemaker, e Baltimore 

Riecralt George, rigger, 137 Alice Anna 

Riechardt John N. shoemaker, 185 Sharp 

Rifcder Aaron, dry goods dealer and grocer, 247 s Bond 

Rieder John, laborer, 205 Bond 

Rieding Conrad, piano maker, 420 Pratt 

Riefner, Henry L. hoot and shoemaker, 207 Alice Anna 

RiePner Peter, watch and clock maker, 205 Alice Anna 

Riehl Conrad, tailor, 42 President 

Riely Addison B. firm R. & Pendleton, dw 117 Park 

Riely & Pendleton, wholesale dry goods mts. 277 Baltimore 

Rielly Dennis, grocer, 230 n Howard 

Rielly Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 72 Cross 

Rielly Philip, grocer, feed and liquor dealer, 62 Richmond 

Rieman Alexander, firm H. R. & Sons, dw 310 Lexington 

Rieman Henry 8c Sons, provision dealers, 24 n Howard 

Rieman Henry, firm H. R. & Sons, dw 62 Pearl 

Rieman Wm. J. 316 Lexington 

Rieneman Peter, stone mason. Wagon al. w from Poppleton 

Rientz Christopher, repairer and tuner of pianos, 49 n Howard 

Rienneman Philip^ bricklayer, 52 Richmond 

Riep Henry, tailor, 16 Stirling 

Riepsom Henry, laborer, 156 Spring 

Rietz Lewis, glass blower, 10 G.Hughes 

Rigby Henry J. tail«)r and cutter, 1 54 Baltimore et.dw 90 Grougb 

Rigbv Levir'i D. wheelwright, 214 Light 

Rigby Philip A. carpenter, 126 Camden st. dw 152 s Paca 

Rigden George, coach trimmer, 128 n Caaal 

ma 829 RiN 

Ri^don Caleb, laborer, 122 Garden 

Rijrger Mrs. Theresa, 306 s Charles 

Rii^gin Mrs. Mary Ann, marketworaan, 308 Light 

Riggin Mrs. Sophia, 17 Henrietta 

Rigjiins Israel, ship carpenter, 3 Warren st 

Riggins Killem,C''irter, 24 Welcome al 

Riggs, Bibcock Sc Co. dry goods importers, 7 German 

Riggs Edward, mariner, corner Fell and Wolf 

Riggs Geofije, constable, s w cor.?, Hoffman si. Morris al 

Riggs George S. com. merchant, 34 s Gay 

Riggs Samuel, firm Riggs, Babcock & Co. s e corner Franklin 

and Cathedral sts. d\v 66 Franklin 
Rigney John,, clerk, 76 s Paca 
Riley A. G. painter, 32 Orleans 

Riley Addison B. firm Pendleton, Riley & Co. dw 117 Park 
Riley Alexis,, hatter, 35 Centre 
Riley Bernard, 156 n High 
Riley Columbus, shoemaker, 136 n Caroline 
Riley Cornelius, Essex st. Canton 
Riley E. C. hatter, 189 w Pratt st. dw 35 Centre 
Riley Edward, grocer and^liquor dealer, 122 Rosa 
Riley Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 195 Lexington 
Riley Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 Orchard 
Riley George, 33 Henrietta 

Riley Mrs. J. E. fancy dress maker, 228 e Monument 
Riley James, carpenter, 3 Mulberry 
Riley John, carter, 39 Preston 
Riley John, 183 Dallas 
Riley John, boatman, 199 Ann 
Riley John, coach maker, 228 e Monument 
Riley Lyons, laborer, 204 s Charles 
Riley Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 20 Orleans^ 
Riley P. carter, 126 Garden 
Riley Patrick, Vine st near Poppleton 
Riley Peier, blacksmith, 125 Fremont 
Riley Philip, laborer, 17 Mercer 

Riley Rev. Reuben, rector St. Luke^s church, 280 Fayette 
Riley Samuel S. book- binder, 166 s Paca 
Riley Thomas, laborer, 43 Davis 
Riley Thomas, shoemaker, 95 Fremont 
Riley Doctor Wm. 34 Fayette 
Riley Wm. painter, 20 Orleans 

Rimby Reuben L. firm Powell & R. Warner st near Lee- 
Rimmer Wm. Bethel st near Gough 
Rimmer Zachariah, tavern, 252 Broadway 
Rinby Thomas, moulder, 5 Fremont 
Rines E. sawyer, 32 Douglass 
Rines John, laobrer, Grant st 
Ring David, laborer, 212 n Exeter 
Ring Mrs. Elizabeth, 217 Broadway 
Ring Godfrey, baker, 238 Dallas 
R4ng Hamilton, Navy agent, 107 Aisquith 
Ring Henry laborer, 64 Lancaster 
Ring Moses, clothier, 66 Centre Market 
Ring Wm. C. grocer and provision dealer, 94 Franklia 

RIN 330 ROB 

Rinorold A. VV. commission mt. 6 Bowly's wharf, dw Barre 

Ringold Edward, tailor, 82 Hillen 

Rini^old Perry, carpenter and boarding house, 46 Barre 

Rinpraold Mrs. Mary, 37 Pleasant 

Ringgold Richard S. apothecary and druggist, s w cor. Howard 

an i Madison sts 
Ringgold Samuel, apothecarv and druggist, 752 Baltimore 
Ringgold Thomas, laborer, 14 Dover st 
Ringrose Aaron, ship carpenter, 92 Hamburg 
Ringrose J. W. surgeon dentist, 29i n Howard, up stairs 
Ringrose James, ship carpenter, 74 Ann st 
Rin^irose James, watchman, Chapel st. n ofBank 
Ringrose John W. dry goods dealer, 29 n Howard 
Ringrose Robert, carpenter, opposite Canton bridge 
Ringrose Samuel, bricklayer, Pratt st. w of Ann 
Ringsturf Peter, carter, 84 Albemarle 
Ringuet Leprince &- L. Marcotte, manufacturers & architects 

from Paris, dw 477 Broadway 
Rippelmeyer C. H. firm R. &c Graue, 79 Sharp 
Ripplemeyer & Graue, importers of English & German goods, 

6 German st 
Risch Mrs. Louisia, liquor dealer, n w cor. York Sc William sts 
Ritchey Miss Louisia, seamstress, rear of Columbia 
Ritchie Wm. carter, 43 Mullikin 
Rites, John Z. huckster, 149 Ensor 
Rittase Jacob, grocer, 77 Penn. avenue 
Ritter John Barnhart, milkman, 41 West 
Ritter Wm. carpenter, 299 n Howard 
Ritz Geo. oak cooper, 104 Montgomery 
Ritz John, 2€9 Alice Anna 
Ritzius John, tailor, llO s Eden 
Rivers, Dr. Philip, 76 n Greene 

Rivers Wen man T. C. attorney, Courtland 1 door n of Lexington 
Rixse John A. grocer & liquor dealer, s vv cor. How'd &. Barre 
Rixson Mrs. Sarah, 26 e Monument 
Rixter Ludwig, cigar nraker, s Paca st extended 
Roach Mrs. Adolphus A. 96 n Howard 
Roach Mrs. Bridget, 177 Alice Anna 
Roach EJward, laborer, 17 Star alley 
Roach Jas, J. sign and ornamental painter, n, w cor. McLellan 

and Baltimore sta 
Roach James, carter, Washington road 
Roach John, laborer, 187 Ann 
Roach Mrs. Joanna, boarding house, 54 York. 
Roach. Mrs, Julia Ann, 30 Montgomery 
Roach Dr. L. V. 32^Fawn 
Roach Michael, carpenter. Wine st- 
Roach Patrick, 2(1 fiand clothing store, 83 Conway 
Roach Wm. bootmaker, cor. Gay,and,S^cond sis, up stain, 
Robald Ci)nrad^ 52 Argyle alley 
Robb Elikim T. ship builder, 92 Gougb, 
Robb James A, ship carpenter, 74 Sai)k 
Robb John D. ship builder, lower end Tbames Rt dw n e corner 

Broadway and Lomhard st 
Robb Capt. John, 232^e Lombard. 

ROB 331 ROB 

Robb Joseph, book. keeper,_Lee st w of Howard - 

Robb Moses, pedlar, 169 Orleans 

Robbins A. R. magistrate, 179 w Pratt, dw 124 s Paca 

Robbins H. W. soap stone manufacturer, 4 Hollins 

Robbins Moses S. apothecary & druirfrist^^cor. Light &. Hughes^ 

Robel Charles, carpet weaver, 13 Bank. 

Robelet John B. mariner, 90 Lancaster 

Roberson Julian, 35 French st 

Robert Wm« tavern, llO Cdnlon avenue 

Roberts Alexander, ship carpenter, 213 Alice Anna 

Roberts Benj. Rush, apothecary and druggist, 261 Baltimore st; 

dw 267 Lombard 
Roberts Ben. R. druijgist, s e corner Calvert and Saratoga sis 
Roberts Bradbury, labi^rer, .96 Lerevv's alley. 
Roberts Charles, tobacconist, 241 Lexington 
Roberts K. foundryman, Burk st Canton 
Roberts Edward, Lombard st. w of Greene 
Roberts Edward P^ editx)r American Farmer, corner ITork and^ 

Hartbrd avenues 
Roberts Dr. G. C. M. 125 Hanover st 

Roberts Henry T. merchant tailor, 14 St. Paul st. dw 10 Pine - 
Roberts Henry, .plaisterer, 32 Constitution 
Roberts Hugh, pilot, 230 Alice Anna 
Roberts Mrs. Jane, 250 Aisquith: 
Roberts Capt. John, mariner, 178 Bank 
Roheris Joshua, plaisterer, 303 Aisquith 
Roberts Joseph, drugirist cor. York and Harford avenues 
Roberts Joseph, ship carpenter, 12 Glttings 
Roberts M. S. bootmaker, .250 Aisquith 
Roberts Matthias, huckster, 124 Muberry, 
Roberts Owen, blacksmith, 182 Bank 

Roberts Wm. keeper hack stables, Conway st, dw.ll5s HowM 
Roberts Wm. tavern, 75 .Pratt • 
Roberts Washington, plaisterer, 152. Chesnut = 
Roberts Wm. D. lumber inspector, 2U Monument- 
Robertson Mrs. Aon, boarding house, 108 German 
Robertson Archibald H.lace and fancy goods dealer, 101 Balto. 
Robertson C. W. printer, J Hill 
Robertson Davidson, rope maker, 54 Hamburg - 
Robertson E. M. cedar cooper, 22 n Howard 
Robertson Mrs. Elizabeth, 55 Hanover 
Robertson Geo. M. firm R. Mann & Co. dw 8 e Lombard 
Robertson John M. carpenter, 261 n Gay. 
Robertson, JVIann &.. Co. commission and shipping merchants, 

61 s Gay st dw 8 Lombard 
Robertson Mrs. S. A. fancy dress maker, 261 n Gay 
Robertson Sarah, washer. Bethel st s of Baltimore 
Robertson T. R. grocer, 7 and 9 Forest 
Robertson William, Seaman's Tempjerance Home and Shipping 

office, 59 Thames st, 
Robertson Wm. brickmaker, 92 Ann st 

Robertson Wm. firm. Richards & R. dw Biddle w of Penn. ar 
Robetaile Pierre, w Falls avenue, near Pratt st 
Robinson Dr. Alexander C. 493 w Baltimore, dw 491 
Rpbioson Alexander, clerk, 143 s Paca 

ROB 332 ROB 

Robinson Alexander, rope mnker, 330 Light 

Robinson Andrew, 28 Addison 

Robinson Brown, weaver, 9 Pear alley 

Robinson Mrs. CatJierine, dress maker, 31 Centre 

Robinson David,, 81 Hamhurt^ 

Robinson Daniel, tobacco dealer, 278 Fayeite 

Robinson Dennis, huckster. 40 Star alley 

Robinson E. W. 25 Fawn si 

Robinson Edward W. carpenter, Argyle aHey,. near Canf(»n a v. 
dw 95 Broadway 

Robinson Ed. W. lunri be r dealer, cor. Register ft. & Eastern av. 

Robinson Mrs. Elizabeth, niilliner and trim. deal. 1 10 Broadway 

Robinson Geo. laborer, Fort road 

Robinson G. W. St Co. dealers in brooms, '^brushes, wood &c. 
22 s Charles st 

Robinson G. W. firm Murdnck St R. dw Mrs. liOud's, Charles st 

Robinson G. W. & J. S. sue. to J. R. St Son, chair manufac- 
turers, 57 South St. dw G. W. R. firm &c. 65 Hanover 

Robinson Geo. spar maker, 49 Bond 

Robinson Henry A. clerk, 199 Madison 

Robinson J. S. dw 219 Franklin 

Robinson Jas. A. ladies' shoemaker, 262 n Howard 

Robinson James, weaver. Freedom st. or Beam's lot 

Robinson Jeremiah M. merchant, 254 Fayette 

Robinsc^n Jane, 57 Orleans 

Robinson John, srroce r and liquor dealer, 164 Fremont 

Robinson John W. brickmaker, 32 Gittings 

Robinson John, cashier, 85 Lee 

Robinscm John, boiler maker, 149 Columbia 

Robinson John, ship carpenter, 233 Ann 

Robinson John, paper hancrinor manufacturer & dealer, SO Bait. 

Robinson John, rigi^er, Register st. s of Bank 

Robinson John, €hip carpenter, 263 Broadway 

Robinson John, watchman, l6l Fremont 

Robinson Gen. Joseph, printer, bookseller and stationer, s w 
corner South and Baltimore sts, dw 174 n Calvert 

Robinson Joseph, fish dealer, 145 Orleans 

Robinson Joseph, laborer, 61 Montgomery 

Robinson Joseph, currier and leather dealer, 248 Broadway, dw 
57 Thames st 

Robinson Joshua, firm Robinson St Kreamer, dw 230 Fayette 

Robinson Joshua, carter, 35 McHenry 

Robinson Joseph J,. brickmaker, 114 Cross 

Robinson St Kremer, plate and sheet iron workers, 333 Baltimore 

Robinson Mrs. Margaret L. intelligence office, 53 n Calvert 

Robinson Mrs. Margaret^ book folder, 13 New 

Robinson Mrs. Mary, 121 e Baltimore 

Robinson Mrs. Mary, washer, 43 Biddle alley 

Robinson Mrs. Maria, teacher, 36 Pearl 

Robinson Michael, mariner, 258 Ann 

Robinson Misses, 58 Fremont 

Robinson painter and glazier, 39 Gibson 

Robison Mrs. dress maker, 18 s Exeter 

Robinson N. N. druggist, 58 n Gay 

Robinson Nicholas, shoemaker, 70 Jefferson 


ROB 3^^ HOD 

Robinson Nathaniel C. tavern, s w cor. Baltimore &. Bond 

Robinson Mrs. Rachael, 268 Franklin 

Robinson Richard, grocer and feed dealer, 378 Saratoga 

Robinson Capt. Rowland, ship chandler and orrocer, s w cornier 
Thames and Bond sts dvv 150 Broadway 

Robinson Samuel, 196 Forest 

Robinson Samuel S. carpenter, 173 Washington 

Robinson Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 13 n Eutaw 

Robinson Mrs. Sarah/ lailoress, 306 s Charles 

Robinson Mrs. Sophia Ann, dress maker, 102 Hill- 
Robinson T. B, comb maker, 21 York avenue 

Robinson Thomas, boot ana shoemaker, 23 s Paca 

Robinson Thomas, travellins: merchant, 269 n Howard 

Robinson Wm. weaver, 65 Shroeder 

Robinson Wm- cooper, Eden st. n of Bant 

Robinson Wm. carpenter. 160 German 

Robinson Wm. jr. oil & commission merchant, 15 Bowly^s whf. 
dvv 40 Franklin 

Robinson Wm. lime and feed dealer, 4 Hollingsworth st dw n e 
corner Camden and Eutaw sts 

Robinson Capt. Wm. proprietor "seaman's home," 59 Thanaes 

Robinson Wm. cooper^ 97 Granby 

Robinson Wm. ship smith, 97 Lancaster 

Robinson Wm. H. tailor, 127 s Carolme 

Robinson Wm. C, commission mt. and oil dealer, 77 Bowly's 
whart", dw 23 Franklin 

Robison Geo. brickmaker, 263 e Baltimore 

Roche Edward, porter, 34 East 

Roche Geo. J. house, sign, and ornamental painter, Grant st 
dw 65 Eden tt . 

Roche James, baker and ffour dealer, 102 n Gay 

Roche John A. dry 2;oods dealer, 52 Hanover 

Roche John A. & Co. dry jroods mts. s w cor. 'High Sc Pratt sts 

Roche Mrs, Mary, grocer, 27 Lombard 

Roche Michael, grocer, feed and liquor dealer, 86 George 

Rochen Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Dallas 

Rochester Wm. merchant, 85i Ross 

Rochford Thomas, laborer, 7 Slemmer's alley 

Rock Neil, laborer, 24 Hillen 

Rocks Michael, coachman, 93 Lexington 

Rockwell L. T. ladies' shoemaker, 54 Howard, dw 90 Saratoga 

Rodde Wm. porter, s w cor. Preston st. & Jot dan alley 

Rode Adam, blacksmith, 14 Jasper 

Roden Patrick, stone mason, 54 n Gay 

Rodenmayer Geo. C. cabinet maker, 36 Ensor 

Rsdenmayer Geo. conleciioner, 199 Fayette 

Rodenmayer Henry, printer, 170 Madison 

Rodenmayer John, house, sign & ornamental painter, 144 Fay- 
ette St. dw 29 Pine 

Rodenmayer Wm. carpenter, 6 e Monument 

Rodert Henry, carter, end ofCambridge st. Canton 

Rodgers E. mariner, 31 Holland 

Rodgers John, tin and sJieet iron worker, 83 Hanisoa 

Rodgers John, machinist, 4l s High 

Rodgers John, fisher, 5 Granby 

^Oiy mi ROK 

Rodgers Mrs. Mary, 44 n Exeter 

Rodders Wm. &Co. maohinists, 56 n High 

Rodiker Frederick, box maker, 59 Dover 

Roe Robert, carpenter, 35 n Exeter 

Roeder Hartnian, carver, 5 Park 

Roeder Sebastin, carver, 5 Park 

Roeth Christian, shoemaker, 108 Camden 

Roeih Frederick, porter, 108 Camden 

Rogers Miss A. teacher, 46 n High 

Rogers & Boyd, merchant tailors, 196 Baltimore 

Rogers C. P. apothecary and dru«jgist, 37 n Howard, dw255 

Fayette st 
Rogers Charles, saddles, harness and trunk maker, 82 Baltimore 

St. d\v Bell Air Road 
Rogers Daniel, shoemaker, 268 Alice Anna 
Rogers Edm'd Law, attorney at law. Counsellor's Hall, Lexg^ 
Ri)gers Edward, saddler, 7 Fayette 
Rogers Miss Eliza, preceptress", 57 n Charles 
Rogers Mrs. Elizabeth, 61 Barre 
Rogers Frances, dress maker, 13 s Hiwh 
Rogers George, firm J. R. k. Son, dw 36 Second 
Rogers George & Grafton, merchant clerks, dw 49 Courtland 
Rogers Geo. 54 Bond 

Rogers Henry J. president American Telegraph Co. 71 s Paca 
Rogers Jacob & Sons, hatters, 27 South st. corner Second 
Roger* Jacob S. stone cutter, 139 Park 
Rogers James, book keeper, 95 ii Eden 
Rogers Jason, 94 Pearl 
Rogers John, 69 St. Paul 

Rogers John H. clerk. Mechanics' Bank, dw 84 6 Paca 
Rogers John W. engineer, 309 Saratoga 
Rogers Joseph, printer, 235 Aisquith 
Rogers Joseph D. r>gger, 107 Hill 
Rogers Joseph, pump maker,- Greene st. dw 54 Pine 
Rogers Joseph jr. book keeper, 26 Pine 
Rogers &. Magravv, iron dealers, 16' Water 
Rogers Mrs. Marv A. 46 a Hii?h 

Rogers Michael VV. firm John H. Duvall & Co. dw 106 Sharp- 
Rogers N. &, Co. produce dealers, 126 n Howard 
Rogers Mrs Nancy, 274 s Charles- 
Rogers Nathan, firm N. R. & Co. dw 198 Franklia 
Rogers Patrick, laborer^Smith's court 
Rogers Patrick, hackman, 8 Paca 
Rogers Rowland, hatter, 8 Mulberry 
Rogers Wm. firm R. & Boyd, dw 103 Saratoga 
Rogers Wm. fisherman, 5 w Failsja venue 
Rogers Wm. firm Jacob R. & Sons, dw Second st. 1 door from 

South st 
Rogers Wm. firm Coleman & R. dw s e cor. South & Second ats 
Rogers Wm. M. 106 Sharp 
Rohr John, laborer,. Cross st alley 
Rohr Leonard, cabinet maker, 52 n Liberty 
Rohrbac^ John, boot and shoemaker, 16 President 
Roke Matilda, 257 Happy al 
Rokes John, boot and shoemaker^ 45 Orleaos^ 


ROL 335 ROS 

Rolealher Francis, carpet weaver, 29 Philpot lane 

Rolles Thomas, trader in market, 68 Preston 

Rollefer Peter, paver, 178 Colunjbia 

Rollins Solomon A. grocer and feed dealer, 209 e Baltimore 

Rollins Wm. captain steamer Isabel, 235 Fayette 

Rollman John, baker, 179 n Canal 

Rolloson Huiijn, bacon dealer, dw 3 Penn st 

Rolloson Wm. H. provision dealer, 14 Water st. dw 99 Camden 

Roloson Frederick, bacon mt. 30 n Paca st. dw 86 1-2 Greene 

Rolph Anton, laborer, 257 Canton av 

Roman John A. <2jrocer and liquor dealer, 341 Bond 

Roman Moses, trimmings store, 187 1-2 n Gay 

Romans Frank, laborer, Carpenter's al wof Greene st 

Romine Samuel, tailor, 14 Mott 

Romoser John M. tailor, 66 Pine 

Ronch John, laborer, 36 Block 

Roner Peter, porter, 184 Saratoga 

Roney John, firm Hopkins &. R. 149 w Madison 

Roney Michael, carpenter, 60 Eastern av 

Roney Patrick, 77 n Exeter 

Ronning Charles, artist, 107 Baltimore 

Ronning Mrs. Elizabeth, millinery & fancy goods deal. 107 Bait. 

Ronnolds Wm. mariner, 64 Henrietta 

Ronsaville David C. carpenter, 56 Elbow lane, dw 64 Columbia 

Rood Joseph, laborer, 224 s Charles 

Rooker Samuel, clerk, 155 Raborg 

Rooney James, porter, 76 Centre 

Rooney Thomas, Fawn st. between High and Albemarle 

Rooney Patrick, sail maker, 104 Camden 

Root Basil, justice peace, 47 Eutaw st. dw 82 Ross 

Root C. S. dairuerian rooms, s e corner Baltimore and South 

Root Henry R. attorney at law, 218 Bait. st. dw 25 Hanover 

Root Wm. blacksmith, 25 York av 

Roper Edward, house and sign painter, 129 s Caroline 

Ropes Archer, attorney, 2 Court House lane, dw Barnum'a 

Rose Mrs. Ellen, 1 Wilmer al 

Rose George, shoemaker, 199 Lombard 

Rose George, butcher, 382 Light 

Rose Henry, ol receiving ship, 202 Hollins 

Rose Israel L. watchman, 38 York st 

Rose Jacob, dry gootis merchant, 170 Lexington 

Rose Doctor John, 227 w Pratt 

Rose John, firm Rose, Merrill ScCo. 25 Hanover 

Rose, Merrill &. Co. com. mts. and ship. brok. 1 O'DonneH'e whf 

Rose Peter, ladies' shoemaker, 112 n Gay 

Rose Peyton R. book-binder, 477 Baltimore 

Rose Si'neon L. carpenter, 33 Gittings 

Rose Win. H. Military Hall, 18 n Gay 

RosefeUit Abraham, corner Orleans and Eden 

Rosemnn George W. umbrella maker, 561 Baltimore 

Rosemand George, laborer, Fremont st extended 

Rosemark Gt;orge, brewer, 232 Mulberry 

Rosemer John, carpet weaver, 44 Harrison 

Rosemer Sebastain, carpet weaver, 41 Pennsylvania ar 

Rosenberg Francis, tailor, 229 Bond 


Rosenber<T Geo. & Bro. cap manuf. 51 s Charles St. dw 44 Paca 

Rosenbernr John, musician, 229 Bond 

Rosen berij Lewis, vvhol. dealer in cloths, 293 Baltimore 

Rosenberg Moses, pedlar, 80 Orleans 

Rosenberry John, orocer, 140s Howard 

Rosenbiirg Abraliani, dry goods nit. 4 C. Market Space 

Rosenbiirir Frederick, laborer, Fremont st extended Sampson, ped'ar, 254 Alice Anna 

Rosendahl Henry, turner, 57 Harrison 

Rosendorl Hammond, dealer in rags, &.c. 211 Biddle 

Rosenfeld x\. grocer, 98 n Eden 

Rosenleldt Moses, dealer in iron and rags, 167 Bethel 

RosenfeJut Simon & Co. tobacconists, 10 s Gay St. d\v49 e Lomh. 

Rosenfelt Mrs. Elizabeth, 271 Catjion av 

Rosengonlen Harman, laborer, 100 Fremont 

Rosenhaupt Jonas, clothier, 107 Harrison 

Rosensteel Joseph VV^. penny post, 178 Madison 

Rosenstock David, huckster, 204 Bond 

Rosenstock Gerson, cloihie!,229 Broadway 

Rosenstock & Katz, dry goods and trim. deal. 217 Broadway 

Rosenstock L. clothier,'94 s Exeter 

Rosenthal Lewis, teacher, 46 Mulberry 

Rosen thall Marcus, dealer in 2d hand stoves, &c. 265 Biddle 

Rosenswig Elias R. manuf. caps, 2l 1 Bait. st. dw 98 n Eutaw 

Rosenswig Newman, merchant tailor, 72 s Charles 

Rosenyarn John E. saddle and harness maker, 302 vv Pratt 

Roset Wm. A. umbrella maker, 268 n Gay 

Rosewalt Judah, furniture dealer, 30 Harrison 

Rosewig Gottfried, tailor, l83 Sharp 

Roshtich George, laborer, 404 Saratoga 

Roskemp Frederick, oak cooper, 43 President 

Ross B- C. & Co. grocers, i Centre Market Space, dw 17 Bal- 
timore St 

Ross Chas. H. & Co. com. mts. 90 Dugan's whf. dw 25 Lomb. 

Ross Daniel, comb maker, 81 Columbia 

Ross David, saddler, l43 n Exeter 

Ross David, firm J. A. Henderson & Co. dw 2 Comet 

Ross Edward, ship carpenter, Henrietta st near Eutaw 

Ross Edward, cellar digger, 37 n Dallas 

Ross Edward C. grocer and tea dealer, 15 Baltimore 

Ross &- Garrott, flour & com. mts. cor. Matthews and Hollings- 
worth sts 

Ross J. W. firm R. & Garrett, dw Exchange Hotel, s Gay 

Ross James, firm Harvey, Carson &- Co. dw Exch. Hotel s Gay 

Ross James 84 n Front 

Ross James, 227 Bethel 

Ross James, clerk, 53 n Eden 

Ross Captain John, mariner, 19G Canton av 

Ross John laborer, 375 Saratoga 

Ross Leroy, comb maker, 267 Saratoga 

Ross Lewis, mariner, 267 s Charles 

Ross M. Lee, whol. liq. store, 116 Dusran's whf. dw 327 Fayette 

Ross Mrs. Mary Ann, tni'oress, llO s Howard 

Ross Mrs. 'huckster,' 128 n Paca 

^OS 387 Tl^# 

RoKS R()bert, tihncr, Harrison sf. dw 159 n Canal 

Ross Robert R. painter, 203 n 'Eden 

Ross Captain Robert, 64 Henrietta 

Ross Mrs. Sarilfi, l4 n Front 

Ross VVm. VV. pattern maker, Warner st near Lee 

Ross Wm. car[)enterj 269 Broailvvay 

RoSsWni. ])!ane maker, 110 s H(nvard 

Ross Wm. Geo. comb maker, 176 Fremont 

Ross WuK H. confectioner, 270 e Baltimore 

Rossert Mrs. tailoress, 204 s Caroline 

Ross iter Mrs. Cecelia, tavern, 52 Light 

Rost George, tavern, 303 Bond 

Rosz George C. boot and shoemaker, 225 s Charles 

Roszel S. Asbiiry, pastor Meth. Epis. church, 234 Broadway 

Roszel S. McK. prop. East Bait. Inst. 3 Watson d\v3 Granby 

Roszel S. C. inspector customs, 75 s Caroline 

'Roszel Mrs. Sophronia E. prin. of Institute for younar ladies, 

131 Fayette 
Rote Jacob, watchman. 111 n Canal 
Roth Christian, slater, 16 Chesnut 

Roth George, boot and shoe maker, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Roth John, tailor, "93 Pennsylvania av 
Rothrock John, tinner, 368 w Baltimore, dw 532 do 
Rothrock Joseph, clerk, 147 Hollins 
Rotroke William, brick maker. Booth near Schroeder 
Rottjer R. T. keeper Washington Hotel, s w cor. Ann & Thames 
Rotter Frederick, laborer, 83 Albemarle 
•Rotter Harman, grocer 67 Orleans 
Ron Bernard, clothier, 44 Pratt, dw 84 High 
Rou & Brener, clothiers, 49 Pratt 
Roil Michael, 193 Alice Anna 
Roukert Pliilip, cabinet maker, 24 French 
Rountree Ji)hn, teacher music, 41 Fremont 
Rountree Dr. T. W. firm Curtin, Jones & Co, deal, in silk and 

straw millinery goods, 193 Baltimore, dw 116 Pearl 
Rountree William, carpenter, 47 n Poppleton 
Rounir e William, musician, 89 Ensor 
Rourk Hugh, huckster, 17 Haw 
Rourk John, grocer and liquor dealer, 419 Saratoga 
Rourk Williani, laborer, 32 Carpenter's al 
Rous J. S carpenter, 86 Pearl 

Rous John G. ladies shoe store, 53 n Howard, dw 125 Satatoga 
Rous Joseph, cabinet maker, 5 Clay 
Rous Ru(lolph, bricklayer, S7 Ann 
Rouse Jh rues, bricklayer, 47 Philpot ' 
Rouse John, basket maker,, 106 Eastern av 
Rouse Mrs. Susan, dress maker, 1 15 St Mary^s 
Row& l^rener, clothing store, 68 Pratt 
Row William, bacon dealer, 37 n Eden 
Rowe John, carter, Eutaw, s of West 
Rowe Joseph, currier, 18 Water 

Rowe S. & D. broom and wooden ware dealers, 68 s Calrert 
Rowe Spencer, jr. firm S. & D. Rowe, dw 80 n Greene 
Rowland Christopher, 92 n Exeter 

Howies James K. commission mt. 47 s Calvert, dw I n High 

ROW 338 RUS 

Rowles Walter W. grocer, n e cor. Madison av. and Biddle st 

Rowley Edward, sail maker, 10 n Caroline 

Rowley James, sail maker, 12 n Caroline 

Rowls' Willis Calvin, laborer, Henrietta, w of Sharp 

Royce Anthony, laborer, 19 Mercer 

Royston Henry C. druggist, 50 e Lombard 

Royston John, dry goods dealer, dw n w cor. Poppleton ScBalt. 

Roy:?ton Joshua, dry goods nit. 8'i Baltimore, dw 62 Camden 

Royston Joshua T. dry goods mt. Baltimore, dw 277 Fayette 

Ruark Edward W. ship carpenter, 2S2 s Charles 

Ruark William, grocer, 9l e Lombard 

Ruckle Mrs. Elizabeth, 261 Saratoga 

Ruckle Mrs. Isabella, 120 Pearl 

Ruckle Thomas C. artist, 207i Baltimore 

Ruckle Thomas, painter, 113 Biddle 

Ruckle William, oak cooper, 12 Ross 

Ruddach Mrs. Rebecca, 96 Sharp 

Rudell Francis, tavern, 251 Ann 

Rudolph Martin L. engineer. Canal, s Fayette 

Rueark Henry, laborer, 14 Baltimore 

Rueler Andrew, locksmith and hardware dealer, 42 Harrisoa 

RufiMrs Ann, milliner, 183 n Gay 

Ruff John, blacksmith, 277 Alice Anna 

Ruff Richard H, tailor, 183 n Gay 

Ruff Richard H. tavern, s w cor. Pratt and High 

Ruff Samuel F. butcher, 167 Franklin 

Ruffcott John, laborer, 35 Philpot 

Ruhl Abel, baker, 83 Fremont 

Ruhl George, tailor, 23 Jefferson 

Ruhl James, lithographer, 151 n Eden 

Ruhl John, butcher, ll2 Thames 

Rule opposite the depot, Catiton 

Ruley Henry P. police officer, 176 Bank 

Ruley Peregrine W. trader, 98 Broadway 

Ruley Thomas, orocer, 170 Bank 

Rullraan Charles, baner, 337 s Bond 

Rummel John, tailor. 45 Albemarle 

Rummelson Jacob, tailor, 240 Hanover 

Rummev John, carpenter, 80 n Front 

Rumnev Robert, huckster, l4 Warner 

Rumoh Gerhart, laborer, 76 Thames 

Rumsen James, huckster, 94 St Mary's 

Rundle Joseph, butcher, 202 Light 

Rundle William, watchman, 73 Hill 

Runkaum Martm, lailor 87 Ross 

Rupart Wiliiiim, cooper, 133 Orleans 

Rupert Philip, laborer, 303 Eastern av 

Rupp Charles, grocer and liquor dealer, 168 n Pearl 

Rupp George, painter, 14 George 

Rupp Jacob, carpenter. Orchard st. dw 43 Si Mary'* 

Ruppel Henry, carpet weaver, 2l8 Light 

Ruppley Atmel, agent, 72 Ross 

Ruppuli Leonard, laborer, 53 Orchard 

Rush Jacob, paper slainer, 150 Pine 

Rush Joseph, paver, 150 Pine 

PUS 339 RUT 

Rush Joseph, paper hanger, Fremont st extended 

Rush Samuel, Baltimore e of Ann 

Rusk John, butcher, 87 York av 

Rusk Robert, birteher, 43 York av 

Rusk William L. butcher, &7 York av 

Rusk William, butcher, 180 e Fayette 

Rusk ThomaS; butcher, 87 York av 

Ruskeli John, prop, livery sla-bles, 74 Fayette, dw cor. Lexinflf- 

ton and Park 
Rusmyer Christopher, brewer, 269 Ann 
Russell A. jr. firm Burns & R. brick makers, 20 Colurabia 
Russell Alexander, brick muker,- 67 Lee 
Russell Archibald, weaver,' Harm\)ny lane, w of Poppleton st 
Russell Benjamin,- boot S* shoe mak. H4 w Pratt, dw 170 Pratt 
Russell Eiiorene, druggisl, 35 Union 
Russell George, blacksmith, 63 Harford 
Russell Geor<jre, boot and shoe maker, 2S4 n Howard 
Russell George W. 47 Stiles 
Russell Henry, tinner, 178 n Gay 
Russell Henry, tailor, 90 Harlbrd av 
Russell Mercer & Co. imp. of German, French &, English fancj 

goods, 292 w Baltimore 
Russell Jas. iron 8t brass found. Thames, cor. Fell, dw 262 Ana 
Russell John, butcher, 35^ w Pratt 
Russell John, carpenter, 3l6 e Baltimorfe 
Russell John, tailor, 90 Harford av 
Rus5)ell John, varnisher, 98 Raborg 
Russell John, furnishing ware house, 54 s Charles 
Russell Joseph, laborer, 63 Harford av 

Rusell Henry J. dry goods and variety store, 513 w Baltimore 
Russell Michael, carpenter, 225 Fayette 
Russell Patrick, laborer, 21 Davis 
Russell Richard B. carpenter, 165 Fremont 
Russell Robert, dairyman, 115 e Pratt 
Russeli Mrs. Ruth Ann, dry iroods dealer, 342 n Howard 
Russell Samuel, proprietor of charcoal mill cor. of German and 

Greene, dw 82 Aisquith 
Russell Thomas, firm R. Mercer Sc Co. dw 109 s Paca 
Russell Mrs. Tliomp>on,"tavern, 142 '4 Madison 
Russell William, 22 Light 
Rust Levi, brick layer, 101 Hollins 
Rust Martin, blacksmith, Leadenhall, s of Montgomery 
Rust Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 44 Ensor 
Ruth Jacob, cabinet maker, 85 Eastern av 
Ruth John S. bricklnyer, 70 Raborg 
Rutherford Nancy,. Harmony Une, w of Poppleton st 
Rutledge George W. finisher, 30 Gibson 
Rutledge J. Sc Son, grocers, 149 Forrest 
Rutlege 8c Co. grocers, 149 Forrest 
Rutlege Mrs. Louisa, Bethel n of Gough 
Rutleare Mrs. Mary, over cor. Giy and Second 
Ruti Richard, mathematical and optical instru. mak. 53 Thames 
Ruller D. McClure, attorney, 26 St Paul, dw 17 South 
Rutter Edward, sail maker,' 134 L. Greene 
Ruller Si Gill, carpenters, 150 Thames 

Rulter & Griffith, merchant tailors, 3 Holliday 

Rutter Henry, carpenter, dw 2i28 Cauion av 

Rulter John H. cooper, 21 Jetierson 

Rutter John H. firm of R. & Gill, dw 228 Canton av 

Rutter John, mariner, 299 Eastern av 

Rulter John, shoe maker, 31 Low 

Rutter John, upholsterer, IGTePaca 

Rulter Josepl), sliip carpenier, 56 Gout^^h 

Rutter Josiah, citiar maker, 273 Eastern av 

Rutter Samuel, tailor, 178 Saratoga 

Rutter Thomai^G. secretary Fjre Insurance Co. 1S8 Hanover 

Rutter Thon)asB. cashier Farmers' & Planters' Bank, 17 South 

Ryam VYm. J. hlock St pump n)akor, 1 Lee, dw 97 Canal 

Ryan Cornelius, 'Gunner's Hall,' 44 c Lombard 

Ryan Henry, grocer, 13 Jetlerson 

Ryan James S. hricklayer, 31 Rt^pub'ican 

Ryan James J. Cl Mount Vernon Place 

Ryan John E. milliner &- fancy tjnods dealer,. 53 Hanover 

Ryan John, laborer, Chester st. Canton 

Ryan Richard, boot niaker, 45 Paca 

Ryan Thomas,, labor er, 2 Bath 

Ryan William J. block and pump maker, 195 Canal 

Ryan William H. dry ooods merchant, Hanover, dw 22 Greene 

Ryan Wdliam H. firm Bayne, AViiliers & Co. Greene st 

Ryan Rev. William D. 149 Ami 

Ryder Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 46Chalsworth 

llyder Henry, tailor, 35 Marion 

Ryder Pefer, morocco dresser, 51 Harrison 

Ryder Washirygton, brick yard, Washington Road, w sivie 

Ryder .Williapi, tavern, 69 Thames 

Ryons James, Chesapeake st. Canton 

Sabel George, brick layer, ll7 Wolf 

Sabel John, ship carpenter, 109 Bond 

Sable Mrs. Catherine, 122 B»nk 

Sabzman Paul, butcher, 11 Popp'.eton 

Sacerman Michael, grocer, 76 East 

Sackerman Lewis, grocer, s w cor. Eastern av. and Wolfisl 

Sacraman Michael, grocer, 7 Douglass 

Saddler Mrs. Eflen, 12 Eden lane 

Saddler Joseph, machinist, 35 York 

Saddler Joseph, shoemaker, 258 Bond 

Sadler Capt. Henry, mariner, 30 York av ,, 

Sadler William H. tavern keeper, 154 Liglit 

Sadtler George T. firm P. B. Sad tier &. Sons, Madison a v. n oi 

Hoffman st 
Sadtler Philip B. dw 97 Saratoga 
Sadtler Philip B. &. Sons, watch makers, jewellers and opticians, 

212 Baltimore 
Sadtler Wdliam, optici'^n, Madison a v. n of Hoffman st 
Saefred Fredq;;ick, carpet weaver, 70 e Lonibard 
Saenger George, drayman, 410 Fayette 
Sagerman H^nry, mariner, 220 Eastern av 
Sagm George, shoemaker, 136 Canton av 
Sagner William, rigger, 257 Cajilon av 

SAH 341 SAN 

Sahles-enger, Samuel, tailor, 156 Canton av 

Sailor Jacob, laborer, China a! 

Saint Alphonso's Hall, 112 Saratoga 

Saint Clair, Mrs. F. millinery & fancy goods deal. 67 Lexington 

Saint James's Catholic ch., 268 Aisquith, see churches appendix 

Saint John James, crrocer and liquor dealer, 10 Union 

Saint Mary's Hall, Rev. S. R. Sarijeant, rector, 46 Saratoga 

Saint Mury's Female Orphan Asylum, 76 Franklin 

Saint Paul's School, adjoining ih« church,n Charles, A. B. Wil- 

ber, teacher 
Saint Peier's Charity School and Asylum, 29 Richmond 
Sale Pa I rick, laborer, 146 n Calvert 
Salge Henry, grocer, 212 Alice Anna 
Salgee John, laborer, 260 s Charles 
Salgee William, agent,. 29 Fell 
Salgues John B. saddler, 31 Lee 
Salisbury Jiimes, merchant tailor, 332^ Baltimore 
Sallross John,. clerk, 177 East 
Sally Hugh,, laborer, 94 French 
Salmon E. W. attorney at law, 70 Fayette 
Salmon Hamilton H. b(»ys' clothing dealer, 209 Baltimore 
Salmon W. L. dry goods merchant, 27 Baltimore 
Saioman Martin, dry goods merchant, 173 Franklin 
Saltzman Williajn, carter, Greenvvillow 
Salzbacher Henry, painter, Montgomery near Sharp 
Sampson John, tavern keeper, 315 Bond 
Samuels Alexander, conductor on rail road, 401 w Pratt 
Sander George, firm Charles Fisher Sc Co. 105 Lexington 
Sander Joseph, wood dealer, 265 s Charles 
Sander Lemuel, 41 Jetftjrson 

Sanders Beverly C. firm Davidson, S. & Co. 56 St Paul 
Sanders Charies,. laborer, Scott s oC Pratt 
Sanders George & Ctook, wholesale grocers, 93 Cheapside 
Sanders E. J. 2l n High 
Sanders George, dvv 54 s High 

Sanders Georire W. merchant tailor, 252 w Pratt, dvv l68Biddle 
Sanders J. W. &, Bro. wholesale and retail grocers, 40 & 42 s 

Frederick, dvv 78 e Fayette 
Banders John W. printer, 78 e Fayette 
Sanders ■Iohn,i>ardencr, Cathedral, n ofRichmond 
Sanders John H. laborer, 105 s Caroline 
Sanders Jo>eph, variety dealer, 177 Louisianna, dw. Fremont 
Sinders L. hu(-kster, 124 Aisquith 
Sanders Mrs. Maria, 2 Greene 
S.inders Mrs. Matilda, 124 n Canal 
Sanders Thomas, mariner,^ 29 Henrietta 
Sanders Zachariah, clerk, 278 s Charles 
Sanderson George H. clerk in bank, dwSl n High 
Sanderson Henry S. dw 82 n High 
Sanderson Mrs Susan, s w cor. Grant and Water 
Sandler William, oak cooper, 1 L. Paca 
Sandl't John, cow keeper, J 22 William 
bands Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 209 n Eutaw 
Sands John, machinist, 693 vv Baltimore 
Sands Mrs. Sarah, 24 Hull lane 

SAN 34-2 SAV 

Sands & Mills, printers &. bt^oksellers, Jarvis buildings, North st 

dvv S. Sands, 12 Garden 
Sands S. A. engraver & a)j>perplate printer, under Farmers' & 

Merciiants' Bank, n Calvert, d\v 39 Centre 
Sanford Abraham, pawn broker & lurnilure deal. 49 n Eutawet 

d\v 99 Biddle alley 
Sanford Alfred, mariner, 185 Ann 
Sanford James, 45 n Exeter 
Sanford -Capt. John, mariner, 86 Paca 

Sanford & Shoemaker, prop. Adams 8c Go's, express, 162 Bait. 
Sanfileben Gustavus, finisher at foundry, 21 Barre 
Sangsion & Co. wholesale dry ooods dealers, 251 Baltimore 
Sangston George E. firm S. & Co. dvv 67 n Liberty 
San^ston James A. firm S. & Co. d\v 82 Fayette 
Sangston Lawrence, firm S. &, Co. dw 31 Conway 
Sangston VVm. R., clerk, 105 Mulberry 
Sangston Wm. slioemaker, 19 Chesnut 
Sink Corbin, carter, 27 Henrietta 

Sank Joseph H. blacksmith, 100 Hillen st. dw 118 Monument 
Sink Nicholas, collector, 70 n Eulaw 
Sank Nicholas, carpenter, Callendar 
Sanks Corbin A. carpenter, 342 s Charles 
Sanks Jesse, firm S. Sc Riggen, 285 Lii?ht 
Sanks Miss Ruth, milliner, 47 Balttmore 
Sankston \Vm. shoemaker, 19 Chesnui 
Sanner Captain Josiah A. mariner, 114s High 
Sanner Singkton, pilot, 91 Eastern av 
Sanner Sylvester, clerk, 27 n Caroline 
Santmyer John, hatter, 162 Pearl 
Santmyer Lewis, plane maker, 18 St. Mary's 
Sapeline John, laborer, 83 Easiern av 
Sapp John, oak cooper, 5 New 

Sapp Joseph F. watchman, 210 e Lombard 

Sapp Wm. Clinton st. Canton 

Sapp Wm. watchman, Lombard st e of Ann 

Sappingt »n Gerard, carpenier, 2 Friendship court,near n Eden si 

Sardo Mrs. A. E. boarding house, 91 North 

Sargeant James, 42 e Lombard 

Sargeant Rev. Thos. B. pastor Charles st. Meth. Epis. church, 
dw 258 w Pratt 

Sargeant Rev. S. R. s e corner St. Paul and Saratoga 

Sarsfi.eid Stephen, shoemaker, 75 s Charles 

Satterfield John, tanner, 210 n Exeter 

Sauby Adam, cabinet maker, 49 Clay 

Sauei John, carpet weaver, 'S3 Philpot al 

Sautrbacher John, tailor, 308 Monument 

Sauerhoof Henry, ship carpenter, 4 William 

Sauerhoof John F. firm Brown & Co. 8 William 

Sauerhofi' John, firm Murray & Co. Second st. dw 174 e Pratt 

Sauerland Pnilip,. grocer, s e corner Pre.ston st and Penn. av 

Sauerwald J>>hn, basket maker, 165 Sarah Ann 

Sauerwein Mrs. Elizabeth, 68 Park 

Sauerwein George P. bricklayer,. 13 Gibson 

Sauerwein George, 68 Park 

Sauervxein Peter, flour dealer, 81 n Howard 

SAU 343 SCA 

Sauerwein Peter, clerk, 2^7 Saratoga 
Sauerwein Wm. bricklayer, 113 Ross 
Saul J. W. whip and cane maker, s vv cor. Baltimore and Light 

sts. dw 15 n Howard 
Saul Thomas, whip and cane m;\ker, 22 New Otiurch 
Saulsbury Andw. trrocerj 95 Li^^ht st whl*. dw 198 Light st 
Saulsbury James, loo Cross 
Saulsberry Andrew, laborer, Ea&t Falls av 
Saulsberry Edward, 52 Mulberry 
Saulsberry Mrs. Rachel, seamstress, 48 York st 
Saulsberry Robert, laborer, 19 IJarre 
Saulsberry Samuel, cabinet maker, 165 Con way 
Saumenig Conrad, liour & feed deal, s w cor. Paca &t Saratoga 
Saumenig Henry, leed deal. cor. Saratoga & Paca sts. dw Scott 
SaumeniiT Joseph, flour and feed dealer, 57 s Howard st. dw 87 

s Eutaw ' ' ' ■■ 

Saunaenig V/m. carpenter, 1 14 Columbia 
Saums Charles, laborer, 227 Biddle 
Saunder T. W. hatter, 39 Jackson 
Saunders James M. collector, 24G Aisquith 
Saunders John VV. & Bro. grocers, 40 & 42 s Frederick st. dw 

78 e Fayette • - 
Saunders Mrs. Maria, 126 n High 
Saunders S. meal and flour dealer, 298 n Forest 
Sauner Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 79^ s Howard 
Sauner John H. tobacconicst, 23(5 w -Pratt st. dw corner Pratt 

and Howard 
Sauntner Charles, 2 4 Argyle al 
Saurbauffh Jacob, blacksmith, 129 Saratoga 

Saurland Henry, locksmith, l2 Greene 

Saux Joseph, teacher, 18 Lkwd 

Savage George, 96 Saratoga 

Savage John W. mariner, 237 Alice Anna 

Savage Joseph R. coach maker, 36 Harrison st. dw 8 Ensop 

Savage Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 60 Sharp 

Savage Wm. H. book keeper, li9 Biddle 

Saville Ann Jane, nii'linery and fancy goods store, 30 w Pratt 

Saville John, machinist, 266 Mulberry 

Saville Wm. boot maker, 347 Baltimore 

Savin Wm. F. book keeper, 120 s Exeter 

Sawkins Wm- collector, 66 Amity 

Sawkins Wm. tavern, Lombard st w of Poppleton 

Sawner John, carpenier, Tessier st near St. Mary^s 

Sawyer Leonard, clerk, Biddle st n of Garden 

Sawyer Nathan, macliinisi, BoO Lexington 

Sax Judas, ta;lar, 10 Harrison 

Saxon John, mariner, 245 Alice Anna 

Sax ton Mrs. Ann, 462 Lombard 

Saxion Owen, coHector, 20 Garden 

Say John, druggist. Carpenter's al e of Fremont 

Saye Christopher, laborer, Fremont st extended 

Saylor John, carpet maker, 15 n Front st. dw 33 s Caroline 

Sayres Hector, carpenter, 214 Gough 

Scanian James, oak cooper, 13 Haw 

Scarborough Mrs. Eleonor, teacher, 193 Canton av 

SCA 344 SCH 

Scarborough John, oak cooper, 1 12 Fremont 
Scarf Mrs. A. dress m;iker, 189 w Pratt 
Scarf George, clerk, 236 ii Howard 
Scarf James, plaisterer, 127 n Kuiaw 
Scarf Nelson, plai«lerer, 127 n Eulaw 
Scarf Robert, trader in market, 401 Lexington 
Scarf Thomas, grocer and liquor dealer, s e cor. Bait. & Carcy 
Scartf VVn). trader in market. 14 Republican 
Schaaper Mrs. Henrietta, 95 Albemarle 
Schack Henry, tailor, 26 Granby 
Schad Englebert,. hoiel, 93Tiiames 
Schad Francis, hotel, 105 Than)es 
Scbad H. keeper Phiiadelphia House, 89 Harrison 
Schaefer Clirikian Ad. Ill n Charles 
Schaeffer Adam, 66 Granby 
Schaeiler Alexander, pattern maker, I McHenry 
Schaeffer Adolphus, C. com. ml. 70 Bowly's whf. dw 81 n Chas. 
Schaeffer Mrs. Frances M. C. 146 Lexington 
Schaeffer Frederick L. gr^^cer, 248 Alice Anna 
Schaeffer Frederick K. laborer,. 275 Alice Anna 
Schaefller George, paver, Oregon st n of Pratt 
Schaeffer J. sexton 2d German Luih. church, 24 Saratoga 
Schaeffer John, engineer, 4S0 w Lombard 
'Schaeffer John, plaisterer, 509 w Lombard 
Schaeffler Joseph, laborer, 72 Hamburg 
Schaeffer & Loney, imp.and dealers of hardware, cutlery and 

guns, 3 Hanover 
Schaeffer Rhinehart, cabinet maker, 244 n Canal 
Schaefli-r S. laborer, 47 Buren 

Schaeffer Wm. A. conveyancer, 10 n Fred'k. fit. dw 63 n Greene 
Schacr & Kuster, com. mercha;its, 10 n Charles 
Schaffjr Henry, chair maker, 25 L. Gough 
Schafferman Herman, laborer, 311 s Charles 
Schaible Charles F. baker, 527 w Prait 
Scharf Mrs. A. dres& maker, 189 vv Pratt 
Scharf John, laborer, 15 Harmony lane 
Scharf Mrs. boarding house, 36 w Pratt 
Sciiarf's Wm. lottery office, n w corner Howard and Saratoga 

sts. dw Baltimore st near Harrison 
Scharff John F. 121 Bank 
Schatller Joseph, tailor, 24 e Baltimore 
Schatz Mrs. Ann, washer, 14 Mercer 
Schatz Mis. Elizabeth, 14 Mercer 
Schaiib Jacob, grocer and liquor dealer, 797 Baltimore 
Schaub John, s e corner Eastern av and Albemarle si 
Schaubla Andrew, merchant tailor, 72 8 Eutaw 
Schaurn Frederick, laborer, McHenry 

Schaum Fred. jr. glass blower, Montgomery st e of Covifigton 
Schaum Lewis, glass blower, 12 G. Hughes 
Schaum Lewis, glass blower, 26 G. Hughes 
Schaum Wm. glass blower, 2 McHenry 
Schaup Joseph, paper maker, s^ e corner Gough and Ann 
Scheck Joseph, plaisterer, 80 Ross 
Scheckles Mrs. Mary, nurse, 68 Fremont 
Bchekes Herman, baker, 303 s BonU 

Scheeie Henry, boot and shoemaker, 70 Gough j , . , 

Scheeler H. cupper, leecher and barber, 651) Baltimore 

Scheerer George W. cabinet maker, 6 C. Market Space 

Scheffelt John, carpenter, 7 Canal ..J ,.. -i 

Scheffelt Wm. carpenter, 7 Canal' : •:„ M 

Sclieib Rev. H. pastor German Lulh. church, 216' Saratoga 

Scheidleman Frederick, shoemaker, 297 n Gay 

Schekels John, grocer and liq.uor dealer^ 97 Conway 

Scheller, Frederick, laborer,. 207 Bond 

Scheminger Conrad,- paver, 256 Franklin-, 

Scheminger Felix, laborer^ 260 Franklin; 

Scherff John, 52 n Fredericiv 

Schermer John V. clothier, 171 w Pratt 

Schermer Wm. shoemaker, 129 York si 

Schetter Frederick, clerk, 134 n Charles 

Scheuenstall Thomas, tailor, 128 Canton av 

Schurman Doctor Francis, 45 n Frederick 

Scheveline Jack, laborer, 39 Bank 

Scheytt Gottfried, laborer,. 68 Hughes 

Schiebler Andrew, coacti lace and fringe ma.nuf..23 n Liberty 

Schiermer Charles, grower,. 31 e Monument 

Schiff Mever, cloiliier, 109 n Howard 

Schilling John, tailor, n e corner Fayetle and Harrison 

Schilling John, vvheelwriirht, 320 n Howard 

Schillinger G, baker, 26 Hampslead 

Schillinger Henry, baker and confectioner, 101 n Calvert 

Schillinger Pnilip, baker, 163 Light 

Schimp J. A. boot and shoemaker, 9 n Libeity 

Schinber(;er Frederick, music leacher, 429 Saratoga 

Schind Philip, tavern, 102Favette 

Schindler J. S. tailor, 27 s Paca 

Schiney Michael, laborer, Abey al 

Schisler Lawrence, tailor, 12 Shakspear 

Schlaub Wm. H. carpenter, 549 Baltimore 

Schlee J. shoemaker, 75 Buren 

Schleigh Ernest, butcher, 36 French 

Scleigh John, confectioner and baker, 42 s Howard 

Schleigh Wm. tavern, 53 s Liberty 

Schleizinger Doctor Casper, 8 Slate 

Schley John G. baker, 225 n Gay 

Schley Wm. aiiorney at law, over Chesapeake Bank, North St. 

dw 78 Franklin 
Schlinkman Harman, coach smith, 78 s Howard 
Schlister Conrad, tin plate & sheet iron worker, 191 Alice Anna 
Schlitt J. watchman, 246 e Baltimore 

Schloss David, clothier, n e corner Frederick and Lombard 
Schloss Emanuel, keeper 'Baltimore House,' 18 Mercer 
Schloss Larazus, dry goods dealer, 202 Broadway 
Schloss Mrs. furniture dealer, 39 Harrison 
Schlosser John, tailor, 239 s Charles 
Schlota Frederick, carpet weaver, 179 s Caroline 
Schlote Andrew, cane maker, 211 s Caroline 
Schlotte Augustus, cabinet maker, n e cor. Fayette & Harnsoo. 
Schmeltz Theresa, washer, 61 Centre Market Space '^ 

Schmenner Daniel, baker, 46 Union 

Schmerbach Lawrence, 69 Preston 

Schmidt Andrew, tailor, 21 1 i Bond 

Schnriidl Miss Eliza, milliner, 251 n Howard 

Schmidt Frank, basket maker, 191 Eastern av 

Schmidt Henry D. tavern, 1 Park < 

Schmidt Herman A. book binder, 7 Bank lane, dw 81 Garden st 

Schmidt Doctor J. Homceopalljic physician, 54 n Liberty 

Schmidt Jacob, teacher German school, n Gay st. at German 

Lutheran church 
Schmidt John, cooper, n Clinton st. Canton 
Schmidt John Adam, clothier and tailor, 74 Thames 
Schmidt John, grocer and liquor denier, 189 Eastern av 
Schmidt Lewis, blacksn)iih. 1 15 Moni^omery 
Schmidt Peter, laborer, 225 Hanover 
Sclimidt Valentine, stockintr weaver, 105 Paca 
Schminke Mrs. Anne, 29 Conway 
Schmuck George, laborer, 46 L. Hughes' 
Schmuck Solomon, carpenler, Harford av 
Schnack Wm. carpenler, 19 Jasjier 
Schnauber Wm. conlectioner, 175 e Fayette 
Schnedy Ludwig, tailor, 98 Happy al 
Schneider B. laborer, 203 Bond 
Schneider Christopher, tavern^ 66 Thames 
Schneider PVederick, laborer, Tripolcil's al 
Schneider Harman, Tripolett's al 
Schneider Fgnatius, engineer, 31'5 s Charles 
Schneider John, laborer, 386 Light 

Schneider John, grocer, liquor and findings deal. 204 Light 
Sclineidei: Jolm, carpet weaver, 31 Paca 
Schneider Lawrence, tavern, 301 Bond 
Schneider M. grocer and liquor dealer. 42 Camden lane 
Schneider Martin, firm Liizendt)rH' & S. dw 42 Camden 
Schneider Wendel, tavern, 130 Madi-son 
Schnells Peter, cordial disiiller, 6 n Frederick 
Schnibbe D. grocer and liquor dealer, s w cor. Eutaw & Lee 
Schnieder Goilriedj.shoeniaker, Moore al 
Schock Henry, wal-climan, 133 e L(»mbard 
SchofieKl Benjamin,. salesman,. 453 Baliimore- 
Scholisr Johuj wood dealer, ri8 n Dallas 
School (Oliver Hibernia Free,) Norih st 
Schoolfield Charlotte 172 e Lombard 
Sclio«)lfield & Co. lottery & exc.'iange office, 1 n Calvert 
Schoolfield Luther A. 41 n Front 
Schoolhart Mrs. Susan, 286 Bond^ 
Schott Conrad, boot and slioeniaker, 171 Sharp 
Schoit John, boot and shoen.aker, 393 Baltimore- 
Schraudenbach Jose|)h, turner, 192 Bond 
Schreik John, laborer,. China al 

Schreiber Philip, tavern and boarding house, 57 Hanover 
Schrieb Jacob, carpenter, 7 Republican 
Schriener John, blacksmith, 47 Hill 
Schrifogle Wm. 32 Bank 
Schriner Christian, tailor, 5S Henrietta 
Schroeder Augustus, watchman, 203 Canton av 
Schroeder Frederick, cigar maker 3 s.Paca sU dw 7» 

SCH 847 SCO 

Schroeder Henry, boot and shoemaker, 178 w Pratt 
Schroeder Henry, blacksmith, 203 Canion av 
Schroeder Mrs. Margaret G. 29 Albemarle 
Schroeder Miss Marv A. C. laiioress, 168 Conway 
Schroeder Wm. firm' Taylor &- Co. d\v 5215 Franklin 
Schroeter Philip, importer German and fancy goods, over S0« 

" Baltimore st. dvv s vv cor. Sharp and Perry 
Schrote Matthias, bacon dealer, 258 Mulberry 
Schrote John, baker, 165 Conway 

Schrupp Valentine, basket maker, Chappel fit s \v fm Penn. av 
Schtis Henry, cabinet maker, 299 e Monumeni 
Schubley Peter, wheelwright. 763 Baltimore 
Schuchts Mrs. Mary, 166 e Baltimore 
Schuckle Charles W. nrpocer and liquor dealer, 108 Rosa 
Schuerman Mrs. Caroline, washer, 112 Hollins 
Schuh John, cabinet maker, 317 s Bond 
Schulder Henry, blacksmith, 64 Orchard 
Schulenbercr Harman, cabinet maker, 112 s Greene 
Schull John L. paver, 148 Alice Anna 

Schullheis John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 151 Mulberry 
Schultz Billy, laborer, 87 McElderry's wharf 
Schultz Jefferson, fancy hardware store, Bait. St. dw 64 Burre 
Schultz John C. turner, 158 Alice Anna 
Schultz John, cabinet maker,' 66 Ensor 
Schultzbouirh Peter, shoemaker, 668 Baltimore 
Schult'/e George, laborer, 23 Perry 
Schuhze Wm. barber, 151 Light 
Schumacher A. & Co. com. and shipping mts. 9 s Charles st. dw 

A. S. 72 Ctiarles 
Schumacher F. leaf tobacco and general produce warehouse, 81 

Light st wharf 
Schumacher Henry, blacksmith, 26 Lee 
Schumacher Rhinehart, confectii)ner, I2l Lee 
Schumacher Wm. machinist, 166 s Charles 
Schunck Joseph, carpenter, 123 Ensor ' 

Schupp H. tavern keeper, 81 n Gay 
Schuring Henry, music teacher, 52 Pearl 
Schurles Edward, bacon dealer, 345 Saratoga 
Schutte Henry, boot and shoe maker, 198 Alice Anna 
Schutz Conrad, cabinet maker, 143 s Charlea 
Schutz John, cabinet maker, 27 York av 
Schutz Nicholas, carpenter, 49 Guilford al 
Schwartz Doctor E. corner Barreaiid Hanover 
Schwartz Julius, confectioner, 295i Baltimore 
Schwarzauer Mrs. Diniel, fancy store, 244 s Charlei 
Schwatka Mrs. Catherine, 21 e Baltimore 
Schwatka Charles A. bailiff, 60 Pearl 
Schwaiz Jacob, laborer, 185 Sharp 
Sch wearer George P. coach maker, 168 n Exeter 
Schwert Adam, 33 Philpot al 
Schwop John, shoemaker, 90 s Howard 
Scieple John, carter, 21 Jackson'.s court 
Scinlan Adam, shoemaker, 186-'8 s Howard 
Sclutt Conrad, distiller, 346 Saratoga 
Scott Abraham, carpeater, 14 Saratoga 


Scott Mrs. Ann, wasf)er, 11 Johnson 

Scott Mrs. Catlierine, 94 Mi-Elderry 

Scott Charles, city bailiff, 199 Mulberry 

ScoU Charles, clerk, 401 Saratoga 

Scott Etlward, 93 Gianby 

Scott Mrs. Eliza, 2 May 

Scott Geort^e, rope maker, 70 n Canal 

Scott J. T. ija[)er carrier, 77 Jefferson 

JScoti James W. trimminiis cealer, 2-25 Lexington 

Scott James R. huckster, 78 Hampstead 

Scott James, <rrocer, 154 Canton av 

■Scott James, merchant tailor, 7 n Frederick 

Scott John, huckster, 107 Hillen 

Scott John, sailor, 38 Columbia 

Scott John n, conductor on Baltimore & Susq. Rail Road 

Scott John B. painter, Lombard e of x\nn 

Scott John A. moulder, 85 Conway 

Scott John, ritrger, 90 Bank 

Scott John & Co. grocers and flour dealers, 95 Franklin^ dw 97 

Scott John, carpenter, Cathedral n of Tyson 

Scott Lewis, mariner, 219 Ann 

Scott Patrick, carpenter, 278 Franklin 

Scott Richard J. P. clothier, 91 n Howard 

Scott Robert, shoemaker, 328 Franklin 

Scott T. Parkin, attorney at law, 16 St Paul 

Scott Thomas R. inspector customs, 63 Baltimore 

Scott Townsend, stock agent, &c. corner Fayette & North, dw 

93 St Paul 
Scott William, painter, 90 Exeter 
Scott William, tailor, 54 n 
Scott Williams, bricklayer, 300 Franklin 
Scotti John, machinist on rail road, 421 Lombard 
Scotti Lewis F. gen, intel. and slave agency, 10 Exchange plate 

dw 18 e Lombard st 
Scotti Mrs. Mary, perfumery and ornamental hair establishment, 

91 Baltimore st. dw 13 South 
Scovens Edward, carpenter, Orleans st. Fairmount 
Screw dock, Abrahams &. Cooper, proprietors, foot Caroline 
Scribiier S. w end Fayette 
Scyp John, laborer, 78 CrAss 
Scyp John, tailor, 345 s Bond 
Scyp Lewis, laborer, 80 Block 
Scyp Mrs. M. Fremont st extended 
Seabode Mrs. Caroline, 16 Albemarle 
Seabold J. C. H. 244 Aisquith 
Seabright Samuel, 40 Park 

Seabriglit Samuel, coach maker, 94 German, dw Cove 
Seabright Samuel, coach trimmer, 179 Fremont 
Seabrook Thomas, dyer and scourer, 49 s Charles 
Seader Adam, laborer, 29 Shakspear 
Seager Henry, tavern, basement, 41 to 45 s Gay 
Seager Nicholas, laborer, 221 Wolf 

Seager Thos. looking glass and picture Trame raanf. IS t§ Slrtirp 
Seaman William, brick maker, 126 Columbia 
Seamont William, brickmaker, 183 Columbin 

SEA 349 ' SEL 

Seamour David, brick maker, 95 Columbia 

Sean Thomas, laborer, 145 Hoilins 

Searley Charles R. butcher, 96 Ann 

Searly James E. teacher, 167 Ann, dw 197 

Sears James, sawings, City Block 

Sears Thomas, wholesale dealer in peaches, l94 Howard 

Sears William, laborer, 71 Forrest 

Seaton James, finishing engineer, 16 York st 

Seaton John S. firm Slingluff; Devries St Co. 234 Fayette 

Seaver Jacob, tailor, Hanover st. rear of J. K. Love's 

Sebreise George, mariner, 290 Alice Anna 

Seccombe T. carpenter, Fayette, w of Harrison, dw 227 Aisquith 

Seche Joseph, cabinet maker, 39 Albemarle 

Seeberger Adolphus, shoemaker, 116 French 

Seebold J. C. H. 244 Aisquith 

Seed James, butcher, Frederick road 

Seeger Jacob, silver plater, 23 German 

Seeland G. H. shoe maker, Livery al 

Seemuller A. cigar maker & wholesale dealer, 121 n Frederick 

Seeney Thomas, boat builder, 24 Lancaster 

Seetz George, shoe maker, 882 w Baltimore 

Seevers A. F. & Armor, merchandise brokers, 85 Lombard 

Seevers Henry, wheelwright, 346 n Howard 

Segers Francis, 86 Eden 

Segler Joseph, piano maker, 48 Liberty al 

Seguin John F.<jlerk steam boat, 217 Hanover 

Sehrn John, iron founder, 266 Alice Anna 

Seibell Matthias, shoe maker, 225 s Bond 

Seibold Henry, liquor store, 141 York 

Seibold Michael, baker, 827 Saratoga 

Seidenstricker Frederick, tobacconist, 184 n Gay 

Seidenstricker John B. dw 276 n Gay 

Sehrl Henry, flour and feed dealer, 12 Shakspear 

Seifatel Andrew, oak. cooper, 13 Slemmer's al 

Seimon J. head cook Exchange Hotel, 87 s Howard 

Seip William, tailor, 249 n Howard 

Seiple Michael, laborer, 114 Canton av 

Seipp Christopher, keeper of bar room, 107 Light St. wharf 

Seipple George, laborer, 95 Eastern av 

Seirkle John, paver, 29 Shakspear 

Seites Daniel, laborer, ll West 

Seitz Charles, 32 e Pratt 

Seitz George, baker, 1 Shakspear 

Seitz Henry, tobacconist, 181 n Eden 

Seitz John, cabinet maker and undertaker, 72 Thames 

Seiward Ernest, butcher, 35 Thames 

Selby Miss A. 217 e Lombard 

Selby John S. firm J. S. Williams & Co. 15 Gibsoa 

Selby John, clerk, 113 Granby 

Selby Mrs. M;iry Ann, milliner, 130 Hanover 

Selby Mrs. Rebecca, 5 May 

Seldorf Joseph, shoemaker. Wagon al. near Popple ton st 

Seliger & Bro. dry goods mts. 31 Baltimore 

Seline Charles, seaman, 184 Alice Anna 

Selinger Adam, tailor, 873 Monument 

SEL 350 SEW 

Sellers George, cigar maker, 34 Marion 

Sellers Jacob, carpenter, Fayette st. dw 393 Saratoga 

Sellman J. C. & Son, wholesale groc. 39 Ciieapside, dw Madi- 
son av. cor. Mosher st 

Seltzer Mrs. Mary Ann, 146 Pennsylvania av 

Selway Robert, tanner, 539 Saratt)i!;a 

Selvage Thomas, keeper livery stables, 13 Swan, dw 40 Exeter 

Selvage William, carriage maker and proprietor livery stabler, 
79 n Calvert, dw 81 

Selzer Lewis, butcher, 25 Hoffman 

Semmelman Albert, tailor, 708 w Baltimore 

Semmes Mrs. M. J. T. private boarding house, 26 North 

Senderlmg John, bricklayer, 254 Monument 

Seney Thomas, boat builder, 24 Lancaster 

Senft Henry, candle maker, 325 Mulberry 

Seniriiwick Luke, grocer, s e corner Canal and Pratt 

Senter Stephen, baker and confectioner, 231 w. Pratt 

Senz rsicholas, tavern, Montgomery, w of Covington 

Sermons John, fireman, 290 Alice Anna 

Servary Jerome, clerk Recorder's office, 72 George 

Servary Lewis, clerk, 84 Pennsylvania av 

Server Albert, 109 Ensor 

Server Mrs. Ann, 217 Wolfe 

Serwen Thos. J. cab. & chair mak. s e cor. Mulberry &Eutaw 

Sessions Agustus, fisher, 42 Hamburg 

Seth &. Bro'. wholesale grocer and com. merchants, 89 Pratt 

Seth William G. firm Goodwin & S. dw 144 Conway 

Severe Charles H. carpenter, 18 s Paca, extended 

Severe & Hayghe, sail makers, 2 Spear's wharf 

Severe James, wheelwright, 109 n Canal 

Seveie Wm. firm S. &. Hayghe, dw Pratt bet. Ann & Register 

Severson Thomas, coach makers, 544 w Baltimore 

Sewall James, blacksmith, 61 Ross 

Sewall Mrs. Jane, washer. Chapel al 

Sewull John D. cabinet maker, 65 Raborg 

Sewall Joseph, carpenter, 23 De wherry a I 

ScwhII Thos. sen. prop, tannery, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

Sewall Thomas, jr. tanner, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 

Sewall Dr. Thomas R. 2l3 Hanover 

Seward Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 172 Light 

Seward Ferdinand, laborer, 148 Light 

Seward James, collector and property agent, 277 Canton av 

Seward James, carter, 56 Harrison 

Seward John Agustus, sailor, 73 York 

Seward Levi, 120 Bank 

Seward Solomon, cooper, 52 Gough 

Sewell Ann, tutoress, 313 w Pratt 

Sewell Mrs. Eliza, dress maker, 86 Sharp 

Sewell John, laborer, 35 n Dallas 

Sewell, Merrefield & O wings, grocers 8c com. mts. 8 e cor. Lom- 
bard St. and Cheapside 

Sewell Richard, dry goods merchant, 315 Bait, dw 90 n Eutaw 

Sewell Thomas H. collector, 106 Hill 

Sewt II T. iron founder. Bethel st. s ofPratt 

Sewell William R. blacksmith, 449 w Baliimore 

SEX 351 SHA 

Sexton John, shoemaker, 15 Mercer 

Sexton Dr. R. 97 Lexington 

Sexton Mrs. Rachel, grocer, 20 Chesnut 

Sexton S. B. & Co. stove deal. 12 Balderston, dw 119 Lombard 

Sexton William, wheelwrighti Chase, e of Cathedral 

Seyberts G. A. watch maker, cor. Caroline and Gough 

Seyler Frederick & Co. curriers & leather dealers, 22 s Liberty, 

dw F. S. 115 Lexington 
Seyler John, carpenter, St Mary st 
Seymond Adam, laborer, 275 s Bond 

Seymour Mrs. Ann E. milliner & dress maker, 29 1-2 n Howard 
Seymour Edward, clerk, 29 1-2 n Howard 
Seymour W. F, brick mak. cor. Washington road & Columbia st 
Seymour Zachariah, tinner, 117 e Pratt 
Seys Adam, laborer, 30 Thames 
Seys John,- laborer, 340 Saratoga 
Shaals John, tavern, 9e Pratt 
Shackleford Lewis, pilot, 76 Lancaster 
Shade George, carpet weaver, 29 Ross 
Shaeffer Charles, laborer, 39 Chats worth 
Shaeffer Christian, tailor, 51 Paca 
ShaefFer George, grocer and tea dealer, 56 n Gay 
Shaeffer John W. engineer steam boat Cambridge, 25 Barre 
Shaeffer Philip, shoemaker, 411 Saratoga 
Shaeham John P. pilot, Ann, s of Pratt 
Shafer Matthew, shoemaker, 209 Fayette 
Shaffer Allen, tinner, Lombard st. w of Poppleton 
Shaffer Baltzel, laborer, 699 vv Baltimore 
Shaffer Mrs. Christina, shoe binder, 82 Carpenter's al 
Shaffer Conrad, sawyer, J 89 Wolf 
Shaffer Daniel, engineer, 478 w Lombard 
Shaffer Francis, laborer, 178 Columbia 
Shaffer Francis, 24 Jefferson 
Shaffer George, ship joiner, 162 Ann 
Shaffer George, china packer, 46 Henrietta 
Shaffer George A. 39 Douglass 
Shaffer George, carpenter^ 142 Madison 
Shaffer Heliry, conductor on rail road, 707 w Baltimore 
Shaffer Henry, trader, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Shaffer James, laborer, 46 St Mary 
Shaffer John, oak cooper, Peirce w of Fremont 
Shaffer John, hack driver, 15-2 Pine 
Shaffer Martin, shoe maker, 48 Richmond 
Shaffilberger Henry, locksmith, Walnut al 
Shamburg John, oyster house and tavern keeper^ 43 s Liberty 
Shamburg Wm. ale &. oyster house keeper, 29 s Liberty, dw 31 
Shatther Mrs. artificial flour manufacturer, 74 Baltimore 
Shaffner William, laborer, 247 Hanover 
Shakspear Benjamin F. bricklayer, 177 s Bond 
Shane Daniel, bricklayer, 6 Mulberry 
Shane Frederick, laborer, 77 Argyle al 
Shane John, cabinet maker, 69 Argyle al 

Shane Jos. jr. drug. cor. Eutaw & Lexington, dw 83 Columbia 
Shane Joseph, sup. Meth. E. southern gra\e yard, 135 Camden 
Shane Thomas, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

SHA 352 SHA 

Shaney Joseph, huckster. Livery al 

Shaney Michael, rinegar maker, 228 s Bond 

Shangells Frederick, laborer, 139 Sarah Ann 

Siianhaler John, butcher, 38 Thames 

Shanley James, classical teacher, 59 Conway 

Shanley Thomas, hatter, 59 Conway 

Shanneman James, laborer, 42 York 

Shanneman Mrs. Harriet, 103 Biddle 

Shannesy Jas. house St sign painter, 132 Fayette, dw 35 Pine 

Shannon Agustus, brick maker, Hamburg, cor. William 

Shannon Daniel, tavern, ll Centre Market 

Shannon Joseph, machinist and bridge builder, 79 s High 

Shannon Nathaniel, clerk, 267 n Howard 

Shannon & VVernvvag, machinists, s e corner President at. and 

Eastern avenue 
Shannon William, furniture and mattress dealer, cor. Frederick 

and Second, dw 17 s Frederick 
Share Joseph, dw 43 Albemarle 
Share Richard, firm Butcher and S. dw 43 Albemarle 
Sharer William, carpenter, 50 Pine 
Shark John, oak cooper, 29 Cross 
Sharkey Arthur, dentist, cor. Grant and Merrer 
Sharkey John &t Co. imp. china &. glass ware, 317 Baltimore 
Sharkey John, 92 n Greene 
Sharkey Jordan, tavern, 19 n Liberty 
Sharkey Patrick, tailor, 18 Stirling 

Sharp A. P. druggist and apothecary, s w cor. Howard & Pratt 
Sharp John J. butcher, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Sharp John G. house and sigrl painter, 16 n Frederick, dw 117 

e Lombard 
Sharp Thomas B. chair maker, cor. Exeter & Fayette 
Sharpley Jno. & Son, com. mets. 99 Sn)ith's whf. dw 102 s High 
Sharrets William L. clerk, 58 Pine 
Sharrick Francis, tanner, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson 
Shaub Henry, pedlar, 422 w Pratt 
Shaw Arthur, bru-sh maker, 15 Mercer 
Shaw Caleb, bar keeper. 112 Caroline 
Sliaw Daniel, boarding house, 163 Ann st 
Shaw David, W. cor|>enier, 21 1 Fayette 
Shaw David T. merchant, 115 n Calvert 
Shaw David, porter, 34 Addison st 
Shaw Elias, flour and commission merchant, 4 s Howard st. dw 

249 w Lombard st 
Shaw Erasmus, machinist, 182 East st 
Shaw & Hickson, grocers and produce dealers, ne cor. Franklin 

and Paca sts 
Shaw Hugh, firm S. & Hickson, dw 175 n Eutaw 
Shaw Isaiah, bricklayer, Eutaw st extended 
Shaw Isaiah, bricklayer, 30 Henrieta 
Shaw James, bailiff, 8 Douglass 
Shaw James F. bricklayer, 122 n Eutaw 
Shaw John, smith in general, 77 North 
Shaw John, laborer, 39 Pearl 
Shaw Jonathan N. blacksmith, 70 s High 
Shaw Joseph M. pilot, Aon st e of Gough 

SHA 353 SHE 

Shaw Matthias, grrocer & commission merchant, 6 Bowly's whf. 
dw 169 East st 

Shaw Peter, sailor, 117 Lancaster 

Shaw Richard, mate, Ann st. s of Pratt 

Shaw Ruell, music teacher, Greene st. 1 door n of Lexinofton 

Shaw Samuel H. clerk, 18 s High 

Shaw Wm. C. firm Matthews & S. dw Saratoga near Liberty st 

Shaw Wm. S. confectioner, 218 n Gay 

ShawWm. brickmaker, 38 Lee 

Shaw Wm. F. boiler maker, 268 Alice Anna 

Shay John H. book keepjr, 217 Biddle 

Shay John, laborer, 7 Bond 

Shay Luke, laborer, 40 HiUen 

Sheaf Joseph, grain measurer, 26 Short st 

Sheaf Perry, grain measurer, 14 Short 

Sheaffer Thomas, cooper, 162 Bank 

Shealer Conrad, laborer, 71 Camden 

Shealer Conrad, tailor, 19 Mercer , 

Shealer John C. laborer, 67 Eastern avenue 

Shealer Wm. laborer, 38 Gittings 

Sheameyer Henry, laborer, 43 Union 

Shears Miss Catherine, Covington st. F. Hill 

Sheck Christopher, sawyer, 88 Eastern avenue 

Sheckles Benj. sen. engineer. Iron Works, 3S1 s Charles 

Sheckles Benj. jr. fisher, 381 s Charles 

Sheckles Nelson, laborer, 426 Saratoga 

Sheckels Richard M. bricklayer, 710 w Baltimore 

Sheckles Richard, stone cutter, cor. Boyd 3t. and Calendar at. 

Sheckles Thomas, fi.sher, 2 Gould's court 

Sheckles Wm. stone cutler, 685 w Baltimore 

Slieeler Anthony, cedar cooper, 189 East st 

Sheets Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, 145 Camden 

Sheehan George, grocer, and liquor dealer, n w cor. High st and 
Eastern avenue 

Sheer Charles, grocer and liquor dealer, s e corner Lombard 

and Liberty sts 
Sheerer Conrad, cabinet maker, 58 L. Hughes 
Sheffield Frederick, linner, 52 Jefferson 

Sheffield Wm. Robinson, grocer and liquor dealer, 103 Pennsyl- 
vania avenue 
Shehan Jonas, clerk, 8 Pleasant st 
Sheie Richard, carpenter, 136 Bank 
Shell Bernard, hackm;in, 76 York avenue 
Sheilds Mrs. Bridget, 72 Spring 
Sheilds Mrs. Ellen^, cow keeper,"l90 Holliday 
Sheilds Mrs. Margaret, end of Cimbridge st"^ 
Sheivey B. locksmith, 22 Jasper 
Shekels John O. stone cutter, 27 Poppleton 
Sheldon James, constable, 241 Light 
Sheldon John, shoemaker, 98 n Caroline 
Sheldon Wm. blacksmith, 47 Henrietta 
Shelleng P. paver, 71 Orleans 
Shellenshlager Nat. grocer, 103 Jefferson 

Shelly Edward, carpenter, e Fayette near Caroline, dw n Bond 
4 doors from Baltimore 

SHi: 354 SHI 

Sfielly Frederick, butcher, 77 n Eden 

Sfielly John, horse dealer, 1 New st 

Shelly Wm. moulder. Bethel st n ofGough 

Slielly Wni. carpenter, 208 e Fayette 

Shennick Jac^b, lieut. watch, 79 Ar^yle alley 

Shentaux Samuel, furniture dealer, 195 Bond 

Shephard Christian, laborer, 15 Slemmer^s alley 

Shephard Geo. hirinsr and exclianij^e stables, 118 Fayette 

Shepherd Robert, laborer, 56 Biddle alley 

Shepherd Mrs. Sarah, dress and habit maker, 64 n Front 

Shepland F. laborer, 213 Bond 

Shep'er Christopher, upholsterer, 61 n Frederick 

Sheppard Benj. P. carpenter, 326 Lif^ht 

Sheppard Geora;e, fisherman, 18 Cross 

Sheppard John, harness and trunk maker, 78 Aisquith 

Sheppard L. collector and agenl, 76 Eden 

Sheppard Mrs. Maria, 22 Garden 

Sheppard Moses, 230 w Pratt 

Sheppard Nicholas, clerk, 196 s Charles 

Sheppard T. jr. grain, produce and commission merchant, Light 

st wharf, dw n w corner Hollins and Fremont sts 
Sherer Christopher, cabinet maker, 11 Harrison 
Sheridan Mrs, Fancy, 19 Oregon 
Sherins M. tavern. Swan st 
Sherlock John, laborer, 41 Block 
Sherlock Wm. keeper livery stables, 150 Sharp 
Siierman John, oak cooper, 195 s Charles 
Sherman Lewis, grocer, Harford avenue 
Shermer Randolph, piano maker, 418 w Pratt 
Sherner Jolin, tailor, 108 Canton avenue 
SherriuL^on Mrs. Elizabeth, 176 Wolf 
Sherry Conrad, cooper, 142 Canton avenue 
Sherry John, weaner, 380 Soralog-a 

Sherwood & Co. book, newspaper and job printers, 6 n Ga 
Sherwood Francis, ship joiner, 153 Bank 
Sherwood H, P. & B, H. E. Gay st bridge hotel 
Sherwood Henry, ship carpenter, 142 Bank 
Sherwood J. T. grocer, 7 Aisquith 
Sherwootl JoJin, tailor, 7 Concord 

Sherwood Mrs. Louisia, cupper and leecher, 14 n Liberty 
Sherwood Philip, firm Herge.sheimer St. S. Ann st e of Gough 
Sher^vood Philip, grocer, 186 Canton avenue 
Sherw >o 1 R. P. tavern, s e corner Harrison & Fayette sts 
Shei- vood Richard, dry goods dealer, 4l e Baltimore 
Sher vooii Robert, firm S. & Co. 66 e Lombard 
Sher v,)od Wm S. firm S. & Co. dw 6S e Lombard 
Sher v.)(»(l Wm. shoemaker, 49 West 
She-^.? vfu Charles, laborer, 37 Richmond 
She v's Diguerrian Rooms, s w cor. South and Baltimore sts 
Shi(l- r Levis, drayman, 19 Montiromery 
Shit ) )id Wm. tavern, s e cor. Eastern avenue & Exeter st 
Shi< ^ Matthias, brewer, 43 President 

Sijie: is George D. mt. tailor, 345 w Balto. st. dw S54 Fayette 
Shields John J. whip maker, 23 Diamond 

SHI 355 SHL 

Shields Nelson, 93 Spring 

Shields Richard D. orrocer and feed dealer, 215 Lexington dvv 

corner Saratoga and Greene sts 
Shields Patrick, laborer, 164 Spring 
Shields Thomas A. porter, Cathedral St. n of Tyson 
Shields H. 19 East st 
Shiletski Andrew, laborer, S7 Deluol alley 
Shilling Patrick, laborer, 7 Star alley 
Shilling Thon:ias, laborer, 26{j Alice Atjna 
Shillingburg Dominick, butcher, 112 Columbia 
ShillingsburiT Henry, butcher, 138 Columbia 
Shillingsburg Isaac, butcher, 141 Columbia 
Shingle Peter, laborer, 21 Biddle alley 
Shinirle Peter, laborer, 332 s Charles 
Shingle Phil-ip, packer, 175 Fremont 
Shingle Wm. cabinet maker, 1 Jasper 
Shipach John G. baker, cor. William and Cross sis 
Shink Leonard, 40 Hampstead 

Shipe Adonijah, firm Meredith, Spencer & Co. Wheatfield Inn 
Shipley Archimedes, brakesman, 2 Morris alley 
Shipley B. M. carpenter, 102 German st. dvv Tremont house 
Shipley Benj. car driver, Lombard st. w of Fremont 
Shipley Charles, carpenter, 80 German st. dvv corner Hollins 

"^and Calhoun sts 
Shipley Daniel E merchant tailor, Balto. st. dvv 259 Saratoga 
Shipley Daniel E. k, Co. merchant tailors Sfclothiers, 303 Bait. 
Shipley G. keeper livery stables, 71 North st. dvv 85 
Shipley Hammond, blacksmith, 89; e Madison 
Shipley J. Sellman, attorney, 2 Courtland, dvv Biddle 
Shipley Jacob L. blacksmitli and edge tool maker, 81 Columbia 
Shipley Joseph, carpenter, 275 Saratoga 

Shipley Joshua, cow k-eeper. Washing-ton road near Columbia st 
Shipley Joshua B. grocer, 57 McHenry 
Shipley Joshua, carpenter, 158 Fremont 
Shipley L. G. carpenter, Jasper st. dw 73 n Paca 
Shipley Lloyd, carpenter, 275 Saratoga 
Shipley Miss Rachel, 132 Lexington^ 
Shipley Richard, painter, 97 Fremont 
Shipley Robert H. clerk, 164 Mulberry 
Shipley Mrs. Sarah, 8 Republican 
Shij)!'ey Washington, engineer, 467 w Lombard 
Shipley Washington, Marylanrl. house, 520 Baltimore st 
Shipley Wm. clerk, 139 Camden 
Shipley Zachariah, carpenter, 99- Fremoat 
Shirdy Henry, laborer, 153 Hollins 
Sliireman Geo. laborer, 3 Shakspear 

Shirk Henry, coal dealer, 189 n Howard, dw 110 Monument 
Shirley Wm. queensvvare and china dealer, 13 s Calvert 
Shirrar Geo. butcher, 15 Harford avenue 
Shiver Charles, carter. Booth st. aear Shroeder 
Shiver Jacob, laborer, 31 Booth 
Shlareit Andrew, laborer, 46 Durst alley 
Shlareit John, laborer, 46 Durst alley 
Shieider Christopher, tailor, 44 Clay 
Shlenbeker John, huckster, Penn. avenue extended 

SHN 356 &HB 

Shnoll Geo. 258 Alice Anna 

Shock Geo. carpenter, 205 e Fayette 

Shock Mrs. M. 138 a Paca 

Shock John, carpenter, lOS n Eden 

Shockney Samuel, 150 Cheanut 

Shoemaker Christian, laborer, 24 Grant 

Shoemaker George, brickmaker, yd. Ferry road, dw 171 s Sharp 

Shoemaker J. staiioner, 101 n Gay,(now*S. M.Corbin,) dw 124 

n Pine st 
Shoemaker John, brickmaker. Sharp st. s of Henrietta 
Shoemaker Jonathan, firm Harrison & S. dw Pine 
Shoemaker Mrs. Rachel, 124 Pine 
Shoemaker Samuel, firm Sanr)rd & S. of Adams & Go's express 

dw 23 n Calvert 
Shoemaker Wm. S. machinist 8c millwright, Ann st e of Gough 
Shoer Frederick, sawyer, 84 s Caroline 
Sholtz C. F. tailor, 18 Grant 

Sholes Thomas C. firm Asa Barret & Co. dw 80 Baltimore st 
Shone Henry, drayman, 18 Block 
Shone John Geo. porter, 46 York 

Shook Albert H. broker, 75 Exchancre place, dw 372 Fayette 
Shook Henry, watchman, 133 Monument 
Shooman Geo. laborer, 22 Gittin<|s 
Shorey N. B. hatter, Davis st. dw 320 Monument 
Shorr Frederick, shoemaker, 47 President 
Short Mrs. Ann, 16 Fell st 
Short Mrs. Mary, 207 e Fayette 

Short Mrs. R. Sc Miss R. Grimes, dress makers, 2 Warner 
Short Wm. C. hack keeper, 2 Warner 
Short Wm. laborer, 320 Franklin 
Shortel Edward, 10 Holland 
Shorter Frederick, carpenter, 7 Star alley 
Shorter Henry, laborer, 39 Low 
Shott Christian, butcher, 168 Penn. avenue 
Shott Jacob, carpenter, 117 Canton avenue 
Shott Philip, tinner, 25 Josephine 

Shot Tower, Merchants^ corner Front and e Fayette sts 
Shot Tower Co. corner Wayne and Eutaw sts 
Shotten John, butcher, 120 York avenue 
Shotts Daniel, shoemaker, 153 e Fayette 
Shouper Theodore, tinner, 158 Canton avenue 
Showacre John, brickmaker, 159 s Paca 
Shrader John, last maker, 45 Stirling- 

Shraedle Frederick, carpet weaver, Exeter st. s of Eastern av. 
Shreck Albert, comb maker, 100 Ann st 
Shreck Jacob N. comb maker, SO Aisquith 
Shreck Mrs. L. 11.. comb and variety goods dealer, 4 e Balto. »t 
Shreevs J. D. shoemaker, 45 Stirling 
Shriber Jacob, tailor, 1 Bond, near Jefferson' 
Shrigley Rev. James, 50 Spring 

Sriver Jno. S. Bait. & Phil, steam boat agent, dw 192 Franklin: 
Shriver John, mariner, 124 Si)ring 
Shriver John H. musician, 211 g Bond 
Shriver Lewis, shoemaker, 415 w Pratt 
Shriver Wm. surgical instrument maker, 78 s Eataor 

SHK 55T Sm 

Shrivelly Christopher, sawyer, 97 Eiitaw 

Snroadel Frederick, carpet weaver, Exeter st s ofWilk 

Shryac Geo. carpenter, 24 Columbia 

Shryac Miss Sarah, 110 e Fayette 

Shryack Henry S. cabinet, chair and sofa manul. 8t undertakeF, 

44 Fayette st. 1 door e of Calvert st. dw do 
Shubart Hall, painter, 148 Columbia 
Shuck Adam, hatter, Constitution st. near Van Buren 
Shuck Michael, 61 n Sprinij 
Shue Michael, laborer, Pratt sf. w of Fremont 
Shueman John, carpet weaver, 45 President 
Shulte M. boot and shoemaker, 44 Thames 
Shultz A. D, firm S. & Tiemeyer, dvv Park 
Shultz Henry^ carpenter, 104 Ross 

Shultz Jelferson fancy, h^irdware deal. 131 Bait. St. dw 64 Barre 
Shultz John, mariner, 119 Spririir 
Shultz John, cabinet maker, Cjvinirton st. F. Hill 
Shultz John, shoemaker, 142 s Howard 
Shultz John, grocer & provisiMH dealer, 175 Sarah Ann st 
Shultz John, carpenter, 26 Granhy 
Shultz M. shoemaker, 23 Pine 
Shultz Peter, carpenter, 294 Monument 
Shultz Sylvester, paver, 67 Buren 
Shultz &, 'I'iemever, box makers, 15 L. Sharp 
Shuiz xMatthias, shoemaker, 23 Pine 
Shumacher H. keeper ol' the society Germania house, 179 w 

Lombard st 
Shumacher Heury, tavern, 31 s Frederick 
Shumacher Morris A. 78 Pemi avenue 
Shuman Henry, ship joiner, 61 Cross 
SInimbert John, carpet weaver. 205 Bond 
Shunk Joseph, carpenter, l23 Eisor 
Sauries J. H, hoot and slioemaker, 143 Lexington, dw 255 

SaratOi^a st 
Shurr John, fireman, Wolfst s of Thames 
Shurtz Wm. D. &l Cn. cheese k, produce dealers^ 2 O'Donnell's 

wharf, dvv 217 Madison avenue 
Shurter Geo. L, i^rocer and liquor dealer, 131 William 
Shuster John, blacksmith, 149 Hollins 
Shn'^ter Joseph, laborer, 60 L. Hui^hes 
Shuter James sen. grocer, 30 French, clw 188 n High 
Shuter James jr. carpenter, 188 n High 
Shutt Augustus P. 273 e Baltimore 
Shutt Frederick, locksmith^rSa McElderry's wharf 
Shutt Mrs. Margaret, 169 n Exeter 
Shutts John, tailor, 10 Shakspear 
Sibley John O. laborer, 100 Canton av 
Sickel George G. baker, 19 Aisquith 
Sickel H. baker, 95 n Exeter 
Side John, shoemaker, 11 n Poppleton 
Sidman Christoph, baker, 190 Happy al 
Sides Samuel, confectioner and fruiter, 50 Baltimore 
Siebert Adam, laborer, 275 s Bond 
Siebert Geortje, cage maker, 243 s Bond 
Siebert Mrs. R. corset maker, 103 e Baltimore 

Sifi 358 SIM 

Siebiron John, boot and shoemaker, 139 York st 

Siebold Francis, shoemaker, 299 s Cliari^a 

Siebold George, blacksmith, 99 s Eutaw 

Siebriou John, shoemaker, lC7s Howard" 

Siecks Henry, confec-tiotier, 175 Sharp 

Siegel Samue!', dry gcrods dealer, &3 n Ederf 

Siegler John, butcher, 67 Conway 

Siegman Conrad, coffee roaster, 77 Ensor 

Siegman G. 77 Ensor 

Siemers H. & Klare, box makers, 21 s Liberty 

Siemers John H. wood corder, 87 Albemarle 

Siepell B. blacksmith, Light, near Cross st. dw Cross St. alley 

Sietz Henry, ci<7ar maker, 153 Canton av 

Sietz Henry, tobacconist, 181 n Eden 

Sigenfelter Frederick, brush maker, 197 Lexington: 

Sigler Samuel, dyer, '-26 e Lombard 

Sigmond Albert, hat and caj) maker, 25 e Pratt 

Silence John, hatter, 124 n Etien 

Silk Michael, laborer, Booth st, near Shroeder 

Silk Thomas, corner Canton av and Cambridge sf 

Silver Aaron S. rigi^er, 89 Granby 

Silver Mrs. Margaret, fancy trim. & stationery deal. 453 Bait. 

Sliver Peter, blacksmith, 277 Alice Anna 

Silverstine Mark, cap manuf. 49i s Charles 

Simering Christian, tobacconist, 173 Louisiana 

Simmonds Peter, porter, 4 L. Paca 

Simmonds Wrn. machinist, 20 York st 

Simmons Azariah H, firm A. S. Abell & Co. prop, of 'The Sun/ 

dvv 29 s Exeter 
Simmons B. 215 Forest 
Simmons Charley, mariner, 133 Alice Anna- 
Simmons Edward, ship carpenter, 215 Broadway 
Simmons Georore, 108 e Fayette 
Simmons George H. clerk, 254 Aisqnitb 
Simmons Mrs. J. A. prin. young ladies' seminary, 142 Eden- 
Simmons Isaac, 117 Mulberry 
Simmons John, carpenter, 242 n Gay 
Simmons John, clerk, l03 Eastern av 
Simmons Miss Sophia, dress maker, 277 vv Pratt 
Simmons Stephen, mariner, Kerr's wharf 
Simmons Captain Wm. mariner, 142 Eden 
Simmont Frederick, firm Collins & S. 332 Light 
Simms Joseph & Son, sheet iron and stove manuf. Light St. cor. 

Simms Joseph, firm J. S. & Sons, dw 59 Conway 
Simms Wm. grocer and com. mt. cor. Pratt st and Spear's whf 
Simms Wm. fisher, 44 Henrietta 
Simon Charles, dry goods mt. G3 n Howard 
Simon E!ias, second hand store, 97 Harrison 
Simon Herman, dry croods mt. 162 Lexington 
Simon John, tailo-j 278 Aisquitb 
Simon John, tailor, 150 n Caroline 
Simon Joseph, clerk, 58 n Liberty 
Simon Philip, carpet weaver, 102 French 
Simonig Mrs. Ann, proprietor cows, 163 s Paca 

SIM 359 SIN 

Simons Levi, machinist, 343 Aisquilh 

Simonson J. & S. chair lactory, 179 vv Pratt 

Simpson Achilles, 286 Franklin 

Simpson Andrew, tailor, i233 Gough 

Simpson Benjamin, firm Jas. T. & B. S. dvv 86 Granby 

Simpson Benjamin, ship joiner, 82 Granhy 

Simpson Mrs. Fanny, dress maker, 28 Litrht 

Simpson George B. agent D. Hodgman's India rubber goods, 6 

w Fayette 
Simpson George, rigger, 214 Ann 
Simpson Horace, shoemaker, 102 McElderry 
Simpson James, tavern, 210 Lexington 
Simpson James T. & Benj. ship joiners, Philpot st wharf, dvv J. 

T. S. Fawn st 
Simpson James T. ship carpenter, Fawn st e of Exeter 
Simpson Captain John, Washington st n of Eastern av 
Simpson John R. tailor, 254 n Gay 

Simpson Joseph, lapidary and steel engraver, 58 n Frederick - 
Simpson Mrs. M. 'Second st. Saloon,' Second st 
Simpson Mrs. Maria, boarding housej 6 Pleasant 
Simpson R. B. grocer and tea dealer, ll2 n Howard St. dw 293 

Simpson Thomas, shoemaker, 243 Gough 
Simpson Tiiomas, painter, 17 Pleasant 
Simpson W. engine builder and gen. smith, 44 Holliday 
Simpson VVm. L. salesman, cattle scales, w Pratt st extended 
Simpson Wm. sand dealer, 221 e Fayette 
Simpson Wm. tavern, 335 s Bond 
Sims Edgar C. dairy, 121 n Exeter 
Simson &- Bro. clothiers, 92 w Pratt 
Simsori Isaac, clothier, 202 Hanover 
Sinckner Joseph, sievadore, 202 Eastern av 
Sinclair Alexander, ship carpenter, end Eastern av. Canton 
Sinclair Mrs. Alice, 241 Gough 
Sinclair Christopher, cabinet maker, 38 n Eden 
'Sinclair Edward, ship carpenter, 6 William 
Sinclair Mrs. Elizabeth, butter dealer, 10 Greene 
Sinclair Francis H. tailor, 182 n Gay 
Sinclair Mrs. Jane, 50 s Exeter 

Sinclair John, ship carpenter, Gough st e of Broadway 
Sinclair Mrs. Mary, Castle al. Canton 
Sinclair Prry, ship carpenter, 140 Bank 
Sinclair Mrs. Priscilla, boarding house, 35 Eastern av 
Sinclair Robert jr. & Co. agricultural implement manuf. and 

seedsmen. 62 Light 
Sinclair Robert H. clerk, ll8 e Fayette 
Sinclair Robert jr. firm R. S. jr. L Co. 239 Pratt 
Sinclair VVm. R. carpenter, Pennsylvania av extended 
Sindall Mrs. Catherine, 257 n Gay 
Sindall John, bricklayer, 230 Eden 
Sindall John W. stone cutter, 9 Falls st 
Sine George, butcher, 97 York av 
Siner Joseph, glass blower, 18 Lancaster 
Singer George, watch maker, 62 Fayette 
Singewald G. liatter, 93 n Gay 


Singewald T. H. hatter, 233 Broadway 

Singher George, laborer, China al 

Singleton Charles F, agent N, \mk Life Tnsirrance Co. 5S Lom- 
bard St. Exchange Place, dw 53 Courlland st 

Singleton Wm. Register st. s of Baltimore 

Singleton Wm. B. cotton broker, 59 Exchange Place, Lombard 
St. dw l4 n Gay 

Sinners E ijah R. collector, S3 Second 

Sinners Elijah R. mariner, 230 Canton av 

Sinskey John, grocer and tavern keeper, 260 Broadway 

Sirman Isaac, 81 Happy al 

Sirman Louder, wood inspector, 72 Eastern av 

5isco Mrs. Ann, military and lancy trim, manuC 95 Baltimore 

■Sissel Mr. tailor, ^2 Caroline 

Sisselberger Lewis, laborer, -39 Richmond 

Sisselberger Martin, pump maker, 47 Richmond 

ftisselberger Wm. TDorocco dresser, 92 Mulberry 

Sissler Bennett, shoemaker, !30 Raborg 

Sissman Henry, laborer, 324 s Charles 

Sisson Hugh, monument and building stone cutter, 140 North st. 
dw lO York or Greenmount av 

Sisters Charity, dw Hollins st 

Sisters of Providence, 35 Richmond st. Rev. L. R. Deluol, sup, 

Sitler Isaac W. grocer and feed dealer, cor. Fayette & Fremont 

Siller Morris, confectioner and fruiter, cor. Sharp and Pratt 

Sitler Samuel, cigar maker, 44 Montgomery 

Sitler Mrs. Sarah, dress maker, 104 n Greene 

Skane Barney, laborer. Hill st e of Howard 

Skelly Luke, li)undryman, 390 Fayette 

Skillman & Busch, tobacconists, 23 Centre Market Space 

Skillman George, firm S. & Busch, dw 38 Lombard 

Skillman Robert, carpenter, 49 Stirling 

Skinner Doctor D. H. 43 German 

Skinner James, ship carpenter, 182 Hanover 

Skinner James, blacksmith, 59 Davis 

Skinner Jerry, ship carpenter, 8 Hill 

Skinner John, steamboat hand, 249 Charles 

Skinner John J. ship builder, sside basin, dw 180 Hanorer 

Skinner Joseph, moulder, 228 n Eden 

Skinner Philemon, ninriner, 24 Williamson al 

Skinner Ca plain T. R. mariner, 160 Hanover 

Skinner Wm. ship carpenter, dw 59 Hill 

Skinner Wm. ship carpenter, 185 Hanover 

Skinner Wm. Si, Ja^. ship builders, lower end McHenry 

Skinner Z. ship carpenter, 180 Hanover 

Skinney Thomas, laborer, 126 Canton av 

Skulenberg Bond H. T, sugar refi. near cor. Concord & Hawk 

Skivinglon Patrick, carter, 409 Lexington 

Slack Wm. B. conductor Washington rail road, dw 74 9 Pata 

Slade Edward, firm Turnbull, Dal! & S. Eutaw Hous« 

Slade Nelson W. book keeper, 155 Ann 

Slagle John, clerk, 91 Pearl 

Slaney J. M. &. Co. gas pipe makers, 15 e Monument 

Slarett George O. basket maker, 283 Bond 

Slate George A. omnibus agent, 278 Biddle 


SLA ^ 361 SMA 

Slater George, nightman, 228 Gou£rh 

Slater George, j^rocer, 192 Lexington 

Slater Henry, variety goods dealer, 203 Broadway 

Slater Jaraes, bacon ml. s e corner Bond and Gough 

Slater John, machinist, Pratt st w of Oregon 

Slater Paul, Washington st 

Slater Robert, stone cutter, 4 McElderry 

Slattery Rev. Michael, assistant pastor St. Vincent de Paul, 
Front St. near e Fayette 

Slaughter Francis H. paper stainer, 162 s Howard 

Slaughter John, paper stainer, 18S s Eutaw 

Slaughter Madison, Franklin Square, Lexington st 

Slaughter W. grocer, 134 n Canal 

Slaysman Alexander, plaisterer, 307 n Gay 

Slaysman M. huckster, llO Vork av 

Slaysman VVm. tailor, 220 Monument 

Sleeger Daniel, printer, 39 n Exeter 

Sleegth Wm. 125 Happy a I 

Sleeper Augustus, laborer, 12 Fell 

Sleeper Mrs. 25 s Gay 

Sleitch John, blacksmith, 149 n Front 

Slemmer Captain Lloyd, Gough st e of Broadway 

Sheer Edward, custom house, dw 320 e Baltimore 

Sheer Lewis E. coach smith, 33 Jackson 

Siicer Mrs. Margaret, boarding house, lIO n Gay 

Sheer Wm. 110 n Gay 

Sligh Ernest, butcher, 36 n French 

Slinghiir Charles D. dw 247 w Lombard 

SUngluft', Devries & Co. wholesale Ibreign and domestic dry 
goods dealers, 326 Baltimore 
^ShnirJulf & Ensey, wholesale i^rocers, 13 n Howard 

Slingluff Upton, firm SImgluftj Devries Sc Co. dw 257 w Lomb. 

Slipper George, laborer, 70 Hill 

Slissier Conrad, butcher, 18 Hoffman 

Sliver Abraham, firm S. & Farringer, dw 14 Constitution 

Sliver Henry, shoemak<:T, 55 n Canal 

Sliv^er Wm. cabinet maker, 50 Ross 

Sloan &. Caldwell, deal, in lor. & domes, spirits, 13 Cheapside 

Sloan Davia R. firm R. W. Chfie & Co. 119 Sharp 

SloiHi George F. firm Burns & S. 14 Paca 

Sloan James, grocer, 92 s Exeter 

Sloan J;unes T. carpenter, 92 Boyd 

Sloan Mrs. corner Sharp and Conway 

Sloane Francis, 10 Albemarle 

Sloane Mrs. Harriet, corner Conway and Sharp 

Sloane Michael, shoemaker, 139 Pearl 

Slofier Mrs, Ann, 104 L. McElderry 

Slothower George, firm J. H. Duvall & Co, dw 295 Lexino-ton 

Slowden Patrick, laborer, 118 Happy al ^ 

Slurter Henry, huckster, 244 Dallas 

Small Enoch, clerk, 78 Caroline 

Small John, attorney, 3 n Frederick st. office Post office build- 
ings, North st 

Small John, silversmith, 201 German >^ 

Small Mrs. Mary E. milliner, 203 Gernaan '' 


SMA 362 SMI 

Small Samuel R. merchani, dw 62 s Eden 
Small Thomas B. 76 n Paca 
Smallback Henry, tailor, 205 Alice Anna 
Smalibrook Henry, oak cooper, Peirce st vv of Fremont 
Smart Rev. J. G, pastor Presbyterian church, 76 Lexinorton 
Smart Thomas, pearl button maker, 22 Harrison st. dw64 Bond 
Smick Lewis, 153 n Eden 
Smick Peter, watch case maker, 20 York av 
Smick Philip, copper plate printer and engraver, 42 Jackaori 
Smick Philip, slater, 23 Watson 
Smidt Henry, tailor, 153 n Eden 
Smiley Mary, 54 Uichmond 
Smiley Robert, sen. oak cooper, 83 s Hi^h 
Smiley Robert, jr. cooper, cor. Grant and Water 
Sminic Eokhard, boot and shoe maker, US Fremont 
Smith A. K. scrivener, 217 e Lombard 
Smith Adam, oak cooper, Booth near Shroeder 
Smith Adam, paver, 802 Franklin 
Smith Alexander, clerk, 81 Fayette 
Smith Alexander, clerk, 191 Fayette 
Smith Alexander, 279 Biddle 
Smith Amanda, 48 s Caroline 

Smith And. lobac. 51 & '3 Calv't st. Cheapside, dw 106 s Paca 
Smith Andrew, grocer, n w cor. Eutaw and Lojnbard 
Smith Andrew, 106 Goun^h 
Smith Andrew, clerk, 91 e Fayette 
Smith Andrew, wheelwriiiht, 95 e Madison 
Smith Andrew, laborer, Harn;rove al 
Smith Mrs. Ann, irrocer and liquor dealer, 72 Mulberry 
Smith Ann, dress maker, 58 Lancaster 

Smith Mrs. Ann, huckster, Welsh al. s from Lexington Market 
Smith Ann, huckster, 122 s Eulavv 
Smith Mrs. Ann, 87 McElderry 

Smith Asa, paper hanger, under Eutaw House, dw 66 Fremont 
Smith & Atkinson, druggists, 288 w Baltimore 
Smith Agustus, oak cooper, 231 Hanover 
Smith Benjamin, carter, 299 Aisquilh 
Smith Mrs, Bridget, dealer, 27 Guilford al 
Smith & Bri). clock and looking glass manfiicturers, 32 s Charles 
Smith S«. Burnett, lumber mts. Barre w of Light 
Smith Cjspari, merchant tailor, l27 L()mbard, dw Grant 
Smith Ciiarles, huckster, 51 n Da'las' 
Sniith Ciiarles, laborer, 4ij Hamburg 
Smith Charles, coach smitii, 59 Ross 
Smith Ciiarles, pilot, 139 Ann 
Smith Charles, oak cooper, 26 Marion 
Smith Ciiarles, seaman, 131 'I'hanies 
Sniith Ciiarles, drayman, 12 Forrest 
Smith Christian, shoe maker, cor. High and e Fayette 
Smitli Christian, harness maker, 17 New Church 
Smith Cliristian porter, ll Harrison 
Smitli Conrad, laborer, 2Sl Bona 
Smith & Cullimore, ship smiths, cor. Thames and Ann 
Smith Sc Curleit, j)ioprietors steam soap &, candle works, corner 
Pleasant and Holliday 

SMI 363 SMI 

Stuith Cyrus, block and pump maker, 190 Light 

Smith Cyrus, leather dealer, 43 Walsoa 

Smith Daniel, watchman, 12 Poppleton 

Smith Daniel, ^rocer and l.quor store, 81 Barre 

Smith E. collector, 54 Carpenter's al 

Smith Mrs. E. L. J. 105 McElderry 

Smith Elias, pilot, 2«'8 Alice Anna 

Smith Elijah, laborer, 146 s Caroline 

Smith Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 69 Union 

Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, trrocer and liquor store, 10 Second 

Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, 358 n Gay 

Smith Elizabeth, 40 Lancaster 

Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, 142 French 

Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, ID Jeiferson 

Smith Mrs. Ellen, (jrocer, 48 Jackson 

Smith Mrs. Ellen, 111 Pearce 

Smith Ferdinand, Wacksniith, 15 Rock 

Smith Francis H. 23 Catriedra! 

Smith Mrs, Frances, grocer, 155 Pennsylvania av 

Smith Frank, laborer, 15 West 

Smith Frederick, crilder, 93 Pearl 

Smitli Frederick, clerk, Saratoga, vv ofShroeder 

Smith Frederick, li-injre weaver, 17 Jefferson 

Smith Gamaliel, carpenter, s e cor. Etting and Dolphin] 

Smith Geotge, butcher, 870 w Baltimore 

Smith George W. rigger, 50 Bethel 

Smith George, laborer, 9 Fawn 

Smith George, sawyer, 87 Cross 

Smilii George Win. oak cooper, 29 Booth 

Smith George, bricklayer, 252 Mulberry 

Smitli George, ehoe maker, 14S Fine 

Smith George A. cigar maker, 58 Raborg 

Smith George, confectioner, wholesale and retail, 308 w Pratt 

Smith George W. upholsterer and paper hanger, 205 Lombard 

Smith George, firm S. & Cullimore, dvv 160 Alice Anna 

Smith George D. clerk, 87 s High 

Smith G. house painter, Camden, dvv s Paca extended 

Smith Geo. M. firm S. & Burnett, lumber mts. dvv 164 Hanover 

Smith Dr. Gideon B. 30 n Calvert, dvv 174 Mulberry 

Smith Griffin, 126 Broadway 

Smith H. tavern, cor. Harford av. and Ensor 

Smith Mrs. Hannet, boarding house, 10 York 

Smith Henry, shoe maker, 13 Fell 

Smith Henry C. firm Gibbs & Smith, dvv 85 Baltimore 

Smith Henry, oak cooper, 126 Fremont 

Smith Henry, clothier, Pratt near Gay, dvv 287 Canton av 

Smith Henry, cigar maker, 21 Republican 

Smith Henry, oak cooper, 30 Welcome al 

Smith Henry, butcher, 468 Saratoga * 

Smith Henry, clothier, 423 w Pratt, dw 287 Canton av 

Smith 8t Houck, dry goods merchants, 235 Lexington 

Smith Hugh, laborer, 127 Holliday 

Smith J. Irwin, wholesale druggist, 122 Pratt 

Smith J. box maker, 68 Dallas 

Smith J. S. grocer, 214 Broadway 

SMI 364 SMI 

Smith J. L. S. attorney, 19 Law Buildings, Lexington &t 

Smith Jacob, 147 Paca 

Smith Jacob, engineer, Tyson st. near Cathedral 

Smith Jacob, boot maker, 56 Hiti 

Smith Jacob, 23 L. Gou^h 

Smith Jacob, cooper, 1 13 n Exeter 

Smith Jacob, wheelwright, Pennsylvania av. n of Wikon s« 

Smith James, comb maker, 317 M'uJberry 

Smith James, hack driver, 38 s Frederick 

Smith James L. shoemaker, 104 s Eden 

Smith James P. tobacconist. Eastern av. dw e Pratt 

Smith James, cabinet maker,. 817 Mulberry 

Smith James VV. carpet manulac. 23 Granby, dw 58 Albemarle 

Smith James, box maker, e Lombard, dw 69 s Bond 

Smith James P. tobaceoiiist, Broadway, dw 199 e Pratt 

Smith James, 3 n Exeter 

Smith James B. oyster dealer, 118 ^ Exeter 

Smith James, cow keept r, 143 Hoillday 

Smith James,grocer^ 100 Spring 

Smith James, black smith, Ann s of Gough 

Smith James, bricklayer, S26 Ann 

Smith Capt. James, 244 Ann 

Smith James J. carj>enter, 44 East 

Smith James, soap boiler, 40 East 

Smith James, blacksmith. Canton av. opposite the bridge 

Smith Mrs. Jemima, 9 L. Gough 

Smith Jesse, waiter, 6l Davis 

Smith Job, jr. lumber mt. 72 Bushanan's wharf, dw S7 Froni 

Smith Joel, bricklayer, 22 Po|)pleton 

Smith John S. grocer, 182 Alice Anna 

Smith John H. "black and white smith, Lombard near Charles?, 

dw 5 Perry 
Smith John, blacksmith, 44 Bank 
Smifii John Q. music, printer, 205 Forre&t., 
Smith John, confectioner, 52 Ensor 
Smith John, paver, 69 Burew 
Smith John, clerk, 174 Madison st 
Smith John, carter, end Alice Anna st. Gantoa 
Smith John P. coach trm)mer,.206 n Exeter 
Smith John, carter, 53 Holland 
Smith John, laborer, 20 Centre 
Smith John Jacob, eonltetioner, 127 e Pratt 
Smith John C. A. confectioner, 61 e Lombard 
Smith John, shoe maker, 84 8 Caroline 
Smith John, carter, 19 Bethel ^ 

Smith John, laborer, 13 Sliakspeaj" 
Smith John, carter, 82 s Eutaw 
Smith John, laborer, 41 Eastern av. 
Smith Capt. John A. 89 Gough 
Smith John, laborer, 53 Preston 
Smith John, tailor, 36 Bond 
Smith John, laborer, 43 Johnson 
Smith John, boiler maker, 59 G. Hamburg 
Smith John, laborer, 8 William 
Smith John, blacksmith, s Eutaw extended 

SMI 365 SMI 

Smith John R. engineer on R. Road, 469 Lombard 
Smith John, H. grocer, 234 Aisquith 
Smith John, laborer, 28 Lee 
Smith John M. lock smith, 16 Pine 
Smith John, laborer, Fremont st. extended 
Smith John C. tobacconist, Baltimore St. dw 220 Mulberry 
Smith John W. broker, 334 Frankim 
Smith John T. 80 n Front 
Smith John, sailor, 17 n Dallas 
Smith John, baker, 187 Conway- 
Smith John, carpenter, 63 Rose 
Smith John, clerk, 339 n Gay 
Smith John, stone mason, Jordan al. n of Rose 
Smith John C. tobacconist, 155| Baltimore, dw 227 Saratoga 
Smith Joseph, jr. firm Wyraan, Appltton & Company, Eutatv 

Smith Joseph, printer, 34 Stirlinof 

Smith Joseph Dean, attorney at law, 239 Bait, dw 82 Hanover 
Smith Joseph, sand dealer, 152 Hollins 
Smith Joseph, millwriorht, 296 Wolf 
Smith Joshua, huckster, Pennsylvania av. extended 
Smith Mrs. Lambert. 39 Pleasant 
Smith Lawrence, paver, 375 Saratoga 
Smith Lawrence, 206 G()ui^h 
Smith Lewis, tavern, Clinton st. Canton 
Smith M. shoemaker, 184 e Baltimore 
Smith Miss M. &. Co. dry gjods and fancy millinery, n e certier 

Gay and Fayette 
Smith Martha, grocer, 52 Orleans 
Smilh.Mrs. Mary, hoarding house, 32 ETarrison 
Smith Mary, 132 Fayette 
Smith Mrs. Mary Ann, 355 n Gay 
Smith Mrs, Mary, boarding house, 146 McHenry 
Smith Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 407 Saratoga 
Smith Mrs. Mary, shoe binder, 18 Jasper 
Smith Mrs. Mary, 105 n Exeter 
Smith Mrs. Mary, 70 n Charles 
Smith Matthew," laborer, 78 n Dallas 
Smith Matthew, 38 Sharp 
Smith Matthias, carter, 230 Dallas 
Smith Michael, 211 Hnppy al 
Smith Michael, carpenter, 133 Alice Anna 
Smith Michael, shoemaker, 28 Lee 
Smith Morris, waichinan, 8 Guiltord al 
Smi;h Dr. N. R. 193 Lombard 
Smith Nagl. cabinet maker, 33 En^or 
Smith Nathan, ship painter, 227 Hanover 
Smith &L Nicodernus, provision merchants, 383 '5 Baltimore 
Smith Nicholas C, carpenter 96 St Mary 

Smith Nicholas, oak cooper. Chapel st. s w from Pennsylvania av 
Smith Nicholas, cabinet maker, 4 Garden 
Smith Nicholas, laborer, 90 William 
Smith Mrs. P. 15 Chesnut 
Smith Pamelia, ll2 Ann 
Smith Patrick, laborer, 64 Amity 

SMI 366 SMI 

Smith Patrick, 168 s Howard 

Smith Patrick, blacksmith, Washington 

Smith Patrick, carter, 189 Ensor 

Smith Patrick, laborer, 86 n Canal 

Smith Patrick, brauesman, Dover w of Fremont 

Smilii Patrick, waiter, 122 Holliday 

Smitii Patrick, laborer, 63 Davis 

Smith Peter Jenifer, Medical University of Maryland 

Smith Peter, r\(rcrer, 252 Alice Anna 

Smith Peter, tailor, 108 Albemarle 

Smith Peter, fish dealer, 209 Fayette 

Smith Philip, blackbmith, 19 Republican 

Smitt) Philip, 81 Lancaster 

Siuitli Ransalaer, blacksmith and stove dealer, 56 Light, dw cor. 

. Hanover and Henrietta 
Smith Rhinehart, shoemaker, 12 Lee 
Smith Richard, conductor, 141 Eden 
Smith & Ridi^ely, grocers and wine dealer?, 88 n Howard 
Smitti Robert, weaver, Harmony lane, w of Poppleton st 
Smith Robert M. firm S. Sl Atkinson, dw 243 Lombard 
Smith Robert, teacher, Preston e of Gibson 
Smith Robert A. ice dealer, 167 Tyson 
Smith VIis. Ruth, tailoress, 148 German 
Smith Mrs. S. 93 e Fayette 
Smith Samuel, miller, 372 n Gay 

Smith Si^muel R. provision mt. 385 w Baltimore, dw 3 Holland 
Smith Samuel, artist, 58 Greene 
Smith Samuel C. cooper. Bond n of Bank 
Smith Samuel painter, 85 Ann 
Smith Samuel E. book seller and stationer, 226 & 57 Baltimore, 

dw Watson 
Smith Samuel, pruiter, 164 n High 
Smith Samuel, moulder, Republican s of Pratt 
Smith Samuel, brick maker, 34 Gitlings 
Smith Sumuel W. 105 Park 

Smith Mrs. Sarah, dress maker, 540 vv Baltimore 
Smith Mrs. Sarah, 33Hillen 
Smith Seth, last maker, 252 e Baltimore 
Smith Solomon, tailor, 63 George 
Smitli Stephen, laborer, 63 Henrietta 
Smith Mrs. Sosan, boarding house, 52 Saratoga 
Smith T. & J. M. linseed oil manufacturers, 3 Commerce 
Smith Thomas, cabinet maker, 187 Chesnut 
Smith Thomas, carpenter, 168 Mulberry 
Smith Thomas, hi icksn)itl), 384 Lombard 

Smith Thomas C. keeper "Franklin Hotel," cor. Pratt & South 
Smith Tliomas, blacksoFiiih, 837 Lombard 
Smith Tiiomas, boiler maker, 16 G. Hughes 
Smitli Thomas M. dw 38 Sharp 

Smith Thomas, dealer ia new and old furniture, 54 n Eutavv 
Smith Thomas, carpenter, Il4 Paca 
Smith Thomas R. finishing cn«rineer, 10 York 
Smith Thomas, blacksmith, 9 Cambridge st. Canton 
Smith &, Tyson, domestic com. hardware mts. 25 s Charlet 
Smith Valentine^ laborer, 86 Lancaster 

SMI 367 " SNY 

Smith Valentine, tailor, Gould's court 

Smith William, carter, 14 Chesnut 

Smith William J. lurniture wauroner, 135 n Caroline 

Smith William, oak cooper, 45 Monti^omery 

Smith William M. printer, 72 French 

Smith William, breaksman, 64 York 

Smith William, pedlar, 107 Ann 

Smith William, flour dealer, 90 e Lombard 

Smith William, hat and cap maker, 2l6i w Pratt, dw 15 s 

Smith William, painter, 84 William 
Smith William, mariner, 48 Holland 
Smith William, ciirar maker, l43 Raborcj 
Smith William, oak cooper, 58 Rabouror 

Smith Win. Prescott, merchant tailor, 32 Second, dw 84 s Exeter 
Smith William F. ship builder, 92 s Eden 
Smith & Wimpsetl, house and siirn painters, 1 17 Camdea 
Smith William, cii^ar maker, Boyd w of Poppleton 
Smilhson Gabriel C. crrocer, 26 Lloyd 
Smooye Henry, laborer, 77 Richmond 
Smoot Charles, clerk, 207 n Eutavv 

Smull David B. coppersmith & tinner, 62 Pratt, dw 55 a Exeter 
Smull George, agent York Transportation Co. office 72 North 
Smyser Adam, carpenter, 56 York avenue 
Snack Henry, carpenter, 23 Josephine 
Snaemer Charles, shoemaker, 78 Harrison 
Suavely John, baker, n \v cor. Biddle and Gibson sts 
Snawdf^ll Henry, laborer, 207 Ea^^iern avenue 
Sneed Elward, ship joiner, 91 Wdliam 
Sneed John, carpenter, 16 Gibson 
Sneider George, laborer, 52 Durst alley 
Snell Henry, laborer, 3 Canal 
Snetzij:er BVederick, carter, Alice Anna 

Sneyder John, butcher, e Fayette, rear of Washington College 
Sniveley J icub, grocer and liquor dealer, n e corner Charles st 

and Guilford alley 
Snodgrass Dr. Joseph E. 103 n Hiorh 
Snook Peter, tanner and currier, 203 Orleans 
Snook Wm. laborer, A bey alley 
Snow Capt. Charles G, 160 Broadway 
Snow Capt. Freeman, 91 Albemarle 
Snow Mrs. Mary, 55 n Caroline 
Snow Wm. clerk, 100 s High 
Snow Wm. mariner, 103 Ann st 

Snowden Mrs. Eliza, boarding and day school, 48 Sharp 
Snowden Henry, sup. of Canton Co's. works, office Boston at 
Snowder Miss Rebecca, plain n)illiner, 55 Hanover 
Snuff John, tailor, 96 Dugan's wharf 
Snyder Adam, tinner, 204 Ann st 
Snyder A lam, paver. Bond near Dallas 
Snyder Asbnry, carpenter, 26 York st 

Snyder Ben. B. grocer & tea dealer, s e cor. Franklin and Pine 
Snyder Mrs. Eliza, fancy trimmings dealer, US Lexington si 
Snyder Doctor Geo. D. 375 Franklin 
Snyder Geo. tailor, 66 Holland 

SNy 368 SbM 

Snyder Mrs. Harriet, 216 n Gay 

Snyder Henry, d\v Gibson st. n of Hoffman 

Snyder Henry, clerk in city collector's office, 808 n Howard 

Snyder Henry, pudding and sausage maker, Penn. avenue n of 

Wilson St 
Snyder J. R. laborer, 95 n Canal 
Snyder Jacob, laborer, 152 Pine 
Snyder Jacob, blacksmitli, 353 n Gay 
Snyder James, machinist, 197 n Eden 
Snyder Mrs. Jane, 68 s Exeter 
Snyder John J. attorney and macrislrate, n \v corner Fayette 

and St. Paul sts.' dw 84 Park 
Snyder John, piano maker, 34 Liberty 
Snyder John H. butcher, Penn. avenue extended 
Snyder John, butcher, Fayette st. rear of Washington College 
Snyder John, laborer, 254 [/iirht 
Snyder Joseph R. merchandise broker, 59 Lombard st dw 70 

Courtland st 
Snyder Julius, music teacher, 98 Paca 

Snyder Justus, paper hanger & venitian blind maker, 337 Bait. 
Snyder Matthias, baker, I Diamond 
Snyder Mr. tailor, 155 s Kden 
Snyder Peter, paver, 193 Ensor 
Snyder Mrs. Susannah, boarding house, 173 Ann st 
Snyder Wm. police officer, 90 Dover 
Solden Wm. carpenter, 37 Ensor 

Soelinger Nicholas, laborer. Canal st. 2 doors s of Bank 
Solenback W. paver, Madison st. opposite jail 
Soldin Adam, cabinet maker, 70 Ensor 

Sollers Basil D. lime, flour and feed dealer, 94 Dugan's wharf 
Solomon Edward, firm Solomon, Gray, Parrotl & Co. dw 135 s 

Solomon, Gray, Parrott & Co. sailmakers, 79 Smith's wharf 
Solomon, Isaac, soap and candle maker, 14 s Front, and 9 

Albemarle, dw 88 e Fayette 
Solomon Si Miskimmon, sailmakers, 130 Dugan's wharf 
Solomon Wm. millinery and shirt establishment, 298 s Bond 
Solomon Wm. F. firm S. & Miskimmon, 7 Holland 
Solter C. S. boot and shoemaker, 64 Orleans 
Solze Mrs. C. milliner, 84 Lexington 
Solxej John A. shoe tool maker and finding store, 5 Cheapside, 

dw 84 Lexington st 
Somer John, watch maker, 28t Bond 
Somerlarke Mrs. Frederica, confectioner, 340 Saratoga 
Sornt^rs Frederick, boarding house, 305 s Bond 
Somerville James, house, sign and ornamental painter, Saratoga 

st opposite St. Paul's Church 
Somerville Thomas, machinist, 52 Liberty alley 
Somerville Tiernan, Centre st. e of Charles 
Somerville Wm. machinist, 150 Madison 

Somerwell Mrs. Rachel, seamstress, Penn. av. n of Mosher st 
Sommer Jacob, coach maker, s w corner Lombard & Howar d 

sts. dw20l w Lombard 
Sommer Samuel, coach maker, 16 Warner 
Sommers Jacob jr. coachraaker, 9 Greene 

SOM 369 SPE 

Sommers Martin, laborer, 255 Bond 

Sommerville Geo. W. trunk maker, 72 Barre 

Sondheinaer Bened. pedlar, 6l Orleans 

Sondheimer S. tailor and scourer, 55 Mullikin 

Sonlear Mr. morrocco dresser, 14 Low 

Soper Eilward, auctioneer and commission merchant, 180 w 

Pra^t St. dw 110 n Paca 
Soper Samuel J. St Co. auctioneers and com. mts, S6 s Charles 
Sopp Francis, carter, 318 s Charles 
Soran Charles, editor, 45 s Gay st. dw 34 Second 
Soran John, fancy chair maker, s w cor. Bond & Gough sts. dw 

139 Bond "st 
Souder Conrad, lieut. watch, 158 Spring 
Sorter John, shoemaker, 418 Saratoga 
Sospman Thomas, cabinet maker, 115 s Howard 
Soubiron David, trader, 79 Ross 
Souders John S. stone mason, 129 Paca 
Souel John, laborer 35 n Dallas * 

Soulder Henry, laborer, 43 Hill 
Soule John, tailor, 126 Canton avenue 
Soulson Peter, laborer, 1 11 Canton ai^enue 
Southard, Joseph, moulder, Raborj; st w of Republican 
Southcomb Carey, printer, 232 n Gay 
Southcomb J. P. surtreon dentist, 26 Fayette 
Southcomb Peter H. wire weaver, 7 East st 
Southgate Robt. O. tin plate worker, 23 Chatsworth 
Sowers Leonard V. granite cutter, Dover at w of Fremont 
Spnet Martin, tailor, 82 Kastern avenue 
Spaffbrd Mrs. Ann, 157 Bond 
Spaffjrd Samuel G. carpenter, 155 Bond 
Spaights John, clerk, 98 Cross 
Spain F. Patuxent st. Canton 

SpaldincT B. R. firm Thompson & S. dw 103 n Charles 
Spal;er Theodore, oak cooper, 382 w Pratt 
Spamer Christian, spinner, 50 E:istern avenue 
Spamer Ludowiir, turner, 75 s High 
Span Casper, Neck roaci, Canion 
Spangler John, paver, 229 Frai:klin 
Spangler John L. cedar cooper, 100 Pine 
Spangler Matthias, tavein,Swan st. dw4 s Exeter 
Sparhawk Stearns, currier, 4 Water 
Sparklin Barton J. chair maker, 260 Monument 
Sparklin Samuel, shoemaker, J 99 Orleans 
Sparklin T. boot maker, 184. n Gay 
Sparks Samuel, carter, 180 Park 
Sparrow Isaac, Essex st Canton 
Spaulding Geo. mariner, 103 Ann 
Spaulding John, mariner, 29 Montaromery 
Spaulding Samuel, shoemaker, s Paca st extended 
Spaulding Wm. salesman, 281 Saratoga 
Spaum Charles, mariner, 108 Lancaster 
Spavin Alexander, machinist, 19 William 
Spavin Miss Ann, seamstress, 72 Vork 
Spavin Wm. blacksmith, 105 Cross 
Spea John, blacksmith, 3 State 

gPE ' 370 SPI 

Spead Robert, trior rocco dresser, 5 Low 

Speak Nicholas, shoemaker, Pojjpleton st s of Boyd 

Speak Mrs. Mary, nurse, 28 n Eutaw 

Speaks Andrew, laborer, 16 Durst alley 

Spear James, keeper of Republican Hotel, 109 Thames 

Spear Mrs. Wm. 62 e Pratt 

Spear Otis, paper warehouse, 21 s Charles, dw 30 n Greene 

Spear Wm. copper slore, 40 w Lombard, dw 5 Lexington 

Spear Wm. ri^iirer, 211 Wolf 

Spedden E. brickmnker, 109 Conway 

Spedden Daniel, ship carpenter, se cor. Hanover & Henrietta 

Spedden John, drayman, l5 Carpenter's; alley 

Spedden Joseph, firm Graham &. S. ship joiners, 74 s Eden 

Spedden Robert, brickmoulder, 49"2 Lon)bard 

Si)edden Roberiy firm Rickey, Spedden & Co. dw 178 Bond 

Spedden Tliomas, biickmaker, 776 w Baltimore 

Spedden Vincent, biic-kmoulder, 492 Lombard 

Spedden"*'Vincent P. liquor and leed dealer, n w corner Balti- 
more and Repul)lican sis 

Speed Captain James Russell, 124 e Lombard 

Sjjeed Josej)h J. attorney at law. So s Gay 

Speights Jolin T. grocer, cor. Bethel and G(nigh sts 

Speis Andrew, furniture- car keeper, 37 Garden 

Spellman Patrick, 1:^ borer, s e cor. Alice Anna and Spring sis 

Spence Carroll & Charles, attornies at law, 12 Courlland - 

Spence Frederick, Pratt st. w of Bond 

Spence G. K. dry goods dealer, dw 82 n Greene 

Spence Geo. sexton 1st Presbyterian Church, 184 n Chesnut 

Spence Mrs. J. 184 n Chesnut 

Spence &. Reed, commission merchants, Spear's wliarf 

Spence Dr. Roht.T. CIO Baltimore st. near Fremont 

Spence Wm. W. firm S. & Reed, dw 57 Lexington 

Spencer Mrs. Ciiarloite, 283 Lexington 

Spencer Enoch, engineer, 1 Star alley 

Spencer Geo. F. siik hat manufacturer, Lovely lane 

Spencer Mrs. Guinelda, 9 s Eulaw 

Spencer Harman, plaisterer, 181 Fremont 

Spencer Hugh, sliip carpenter, 302 s Charles 

Spencer J. machinist, 31 Constitution 

Spencer John M. variety store, 507 Baltimore 

Spencer Joseph, hatter, Hi n Calvert 

Spencer Joseph H. firm Meredith, S. & Co. dw 248 Favette 

Spencer P. 37 Fawn 

Spencer Pereirrine, pr. Marine railway & ship yard, under Ma- 
rine Telegraph, 

Spencer Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 140 Madison 

Spencer Mrs. Susannah, Green's Court 

Spencer Thomas H. wharfinger, 223 Alice Anna 

Spencer Thomas, brakesman, 33 Gibson 

Spencer Wm. P. upholsterer and paper hanger, 35 s Calvert st 
dw 4 n Caroline 

Sperry Peter C. wholesale dry goods merchant, Baltimore st. dw 
147 Camden st 

Sperry & Pleasants, 82 Bowly's wharf 

Spicer Charles, drayman 240 Biddle 

SPI 371 SPR 

Spicer Mrs. Eliza J. milliner, 250 w Pratt 

Spicer Hiram, grocer and liquor dealer, 442 Lombard 

Soicer James, carter, Johnson st. F. Hill ^ ,, „ ^ 

Spicer John, mt. tailor, 163 Franklin st. dw 2l2 Mulberry 

Spicer Naihciniel, wheelwright, Concord st s of Lombard 

Spicer Samuel, shoemaker, 90 JefFerson 

Spicer Thomas, clerk of U. S. District Court, basement Masonic 

Hall, dw 8Sn Eutaw ^ , .. t. 

Spicer Thomas jr. firm Medcalfe, Spicer & Co. dw 88 n Eutaw 
Spicer Wm. foreman on Ihrm, Light st extended 
Spieker Herman H. grocer, 20 Fawn 
Spies Andrew, wagoner, 39 Garden 
Spies George C. tailor, 107 n Front 
Soies J. J. shoemaker, 50 n Paca, dw Hill st 
Spies John G. comb maker, Hill st. dw 164 Light 
Spies Mrs. Mariraret, 100 Hill 

Spies Michael, huckster, 74 Union „ , , ^ t ■ . 

Spilcker Chas. W. oil & lamp dealer, 136 Bait, dw 9 Lexington 
Smicker Wm. & H. keepers oil and lamp store, 136 Baltimore st 
Spilcker Wm. firm Wm. & H. S. dw Lexington st. w ot North 
Spilker 8c Alberti, importers and commission merchants, Enj?- 

lish, German and French fancy goods, 6 s Liberty 
Spilker Charles, firm S. & Alberti, dw 112 Sharp 
Spilman John, tailor, 64 Jasper 
Spilman John, laborer, 19 Temple 
Spilman Henry, clerk, 121 s High . . 

Spilman Thomas J. attorney at law & commissioner ot Ueedb, 
&c. for Arkansas, 19 Post office buildings 

SDQnseler John, oyster house, corner Bath and North sts 

Spran-ue Elisha R. firm S. & Root, dw271 Lombard 

Spra^ue Capt. Geo. 234 e Fayette 

Sprague & Root, attornies at law and mercantile agents, over 
2r8 Baltimore st 

Sprain Henry, end of Alice Anna st 

SprankUng John, carpenter, 157 n Carohne 

Spreckelsen Geo. A. V. firm S. & Wier,dw7l e Prat ^ 

Spreckelsen & Wier, grocers and ship chandlers, 21 Ihames 

Spreckelmeyer He..ry,'carpenter, 200 Hanover 

Spriacr Daniel, cashier Merchants' Bank, 115 I ayette _ 

S)ri"^<^ Mrs. Harriet, shop keeper, 774 Han'r, dw 17 Spring court 

Sprif^^r James W. tinner, 63 Granby 

Sprif'rrr Mrs. Margaret, 102 Park , . • r 

SprigS & M^seke, regalia, fringe, lace and trimmings manufac. 
"''turers, 35 Baltimore st 

Sprino- City Eastern, Eden st. between Lombard and 1 ratt 8ts 
'^do. " s Charles, cor Camden st 
do. n Calvert, n of Saratoga ^ „,.,,,, . oo 

Sprincr Garden Miiuial Fire Insurance Co. of Phdadelphia, ^S s 
"Calvert st. J. LoVegrove agent 

Springer David, dyer and scourer, 61^ Watson 

Springstel Benjamin, ship P'"^^ ^^ '^^'V'.f A^ \^Q J ombari 
Sprinkles Charles, chair maker, 29 Carohne st. dw 179 Lombard 
Sorole John, grocer, 293 e Monument 
Sproston Mrs. J. 189 Fayette 
Sprouse Anthony, laborer, 55 East 

SPR 372 STA 

Sprowl Wm. carter, 130 n Spring ^ ^^ . . 

Sprucebank Benjamin, slioemaker, 1 Morns al 

Spuker Gorrick, laborer, 12 Fell ^ 

Spurrier Elijah, milUvri<r|,t, Mulberry st e of Fremont 

Spurrier Mrs. Hester, lailoress, 37 Cliatsworih 

Spurrier G. D. conveyancer, 44 e Fayette st. office op. Post office 

Spurrier John, mariner, 5i2 Thames 

Spurrier Nelson, conveyancer. Spurrier's court, Lexmgton st. 

dw 257 Fayette 
Spurrier Wm. huckster, 222 Saratoga 
Spurrier Windham, conveyancer, Spurrier's court, Lexington st. 

dvv 158 German 
Squires George W. carpenter, Dover st w of Fremont 
Srisanfinder Riilson, laborer, 140 Canton av 
Stabler E. H. & Co. wholesale druggists, 120 Pratt 
Stabler Edward H. firm E. H. S. &< Co. dw 62 Canway 
Stabler Joseph, dealer in furniture, 38 n Howard 
Stack James, drayman, 145 Low 
Stack Patrick, hackman, 108 Madison 
Staeden Christian, shoemaker, 14 s Howard 
Staep Frederick, laborer, Washington road, near Columbia st 
Staep Michael, tavern, 99 Paca 
Staftord J. &- N. carpenters, 38 Fell st. dw 42 
Statlord Julia, 174 Spring 

Stafford John, grocer and liquor dealer, Sll Eastern av 

Stafford Nicholas, laborer, 96 York av 

Stall! Charles, baker. Bond st near Jefferson 

Stahl Daniel, laborer, 498 Lomhard 

Stahl George, tavern, 472 Baltimore 

Slahl Henry, pedlar, 249 Bond 

»Siahl Jacob jr. 105 Canal 

Slahl Jacob jr. sheet iron worker, 31 Jefferson 

Stahl Jacob, cigar maker, 2 Oregon 

Siahlman John, 32 Bank 

Siahling Wm. laborer, Thames st w of Bond 
♦ Stallbrd F. currier and leather dealer, dw 46 Eutaw 

Stali Aruirevv J. bricklayer, 39 Ross 

Stall Alexander, carpenter, 94 St. Mary's 

Stall Joseph, bricklayer, 170 Fremont 

Stallings Joseph A. bricklayer, 17 Constitution 

Stallin^s Joseph, chair maker, Eden st near Holland 

StalliniTS Lewis, brick maker, Scott st s of Columbia 

Stallings Peter, brick maker, 124 Columbia 

StallmSs Samuel jr. brick maker, 124 Columbia 

Stallings Samuel, bricklayer, 8 e Monument 

Siaiiings Simuel senr. brickmaker, 126 Columbia 

Stallings Wesley, brick moulder, 501 Saratoga 

Stalliiii^s Wm. C. boot and shoemaker, 256 n Gay 

StsmnVach Niciolas, laborer, 4 Gould's court 

Stamman Mrs. Mary, 104 Eden 

Stammen B. painter, 183 Aisquith 

Stammer Manillas, tailor, 70 St. Mary's 

Stammers Shepard, Clinton st. Canton 

Siamp George A. book keeper, 24 Barnet 

Stamp Office for State Md. Cliesapeake Bank build. Norlii et 

STA 373 STA 

fitamp Thomas, firm Michael & S. dw L. Paca 

Standiford James, plaisierer, Lee si near Eutaw 

Standirord Jacob, watchman, 133 n Gaual 

Standiford Ptnlip, 151 Hollins 

Stanes Samuel, huckster, Washington st. n of Eastern av 

Stanford Mrs. Marv, 70 Harlord ar 

Stanford Tiiomas, hatter, 91 n Caroline 

Stanford Thomas H. ladies' shoemaker, cor. Greene and Sara- 
toga sts. dw 212 Saratoga 

Stanley James, brush maker, 152 e Baltimore 

Stanley John P. dealer in stoves and American hardware, 46 s 
Calvert st. dw 24 Pleasant 

Stanley Joseph, carpenter, 83 Peirce 

Stanley VVm. watchman, 156 Fremont 

Slanlini^ Petei M. japanner, 27 Grant 

Stann Leipman, pedlar, 241 Bond 

Stannard George jr. firm Ford S. & Co. dw 46 St. Paul 

Stanner Abram, tailor, Boyd st. corner Callendar al 

Stansbury A. M. cooper, I Centre st 

Stansbury Mrs. Ann, tailoress, 88 Saratoga 

Stansbury D, clerk, 107 n High 

Stansbury Daniel, shoemaker, 59 Jefferson 

Stansbury Daniel R. conductor rail road, 357 w Lombard 

Stansbury Elijah, Mayor ol" city of Baliimors, HI Albemarle 

Stansbury Mrs. Elizabeth J. copfectioner, 126 Madison 

Stansbury George, laborer, 95 Montgomery 

Stansbury J. collector, 3l6 Ai.squith 

Stansbury Jacob, dealer in second hand goods, 275 s Caroline 

Stansbury James, druggist and apothecary, 237 Broadway 

Stansbury John T. t(»bac'st, 87 L)mb. st. dw Exeter, near Gay 

Stansbury Ji)hn E. prop, of hacks and livery stables, s e corner 
Bocjd and Lancaster sts. dw 295 Bond 

Stansbury John S. grocer, and produce dealer, 12 Pennsylvania 
av. dw 169 Pearl 

Stansbury Joseph B. apothecary and druggist, 61 Thames 

Stansbury Joseph, grocer, corner Exeter st and Eastern av 

Stansbury Mrs. Mary, 187 n Hiirh 

Stansbury Nathaniel, collector, 222 Aisquith 

Stansbury Nicholas, 45 n Front 

Stansbury RichM. boot St shoemaker, s w cor. Bait, St Caroline 

Stansbury Robert, laborer, 291 Saratoga 

Stansbury Mrs. Sarah, 40 Pleasant 

Stansbury Wm. ship carpenter, s w cor. Register and Gough 

Stansbury Wm. real estate airent, Fi»rest st. oppo. the market 

Stansbury Wm. T. printer, 88 Saratoga 

Stansbury Wm. H. carpenter, 172 Bunk 

Stp.nton James, n Clinton st. Canton 

Siantoi Thomas, blacksmith, 2S York st 

Stapf Anton, oak cooper, 163 William 

Stapleford W. Ann st*. s of Pratt 

Stapleton Joseph K. manuf. brushes, bellows, fishing rods, &«. 
198 Baltimore st. dw 75 Sharp 

Stapleton Mrs. Margaret, 183 Ann 

Stapleton R. E. 9 n Exeter 

Starkey John, cigar maker, 13 Rock 

STA 374 STE 

Starr Mrs. A. C. trimmings dealer, 248 Lexingtou 

Slnrr Mrs. Catherine, 31^ Columbia 

Starr Edward, draper and tailor, dw 31 Siiles 

Starr Edward G. merchant, 10 s Calvert st. dw 31 Stiles 

Starr George VV. plaisterer, 213 Madison av 

Starr George, carpenter, 808 Aisquilh 

Starr George, carter, 106 William 

Starr Doctor H. 16 n Liberty 

Starr John, runner Union Bank, 165 Raborg 

Starr John, chair painter, 377 Saratoga 

Starr Joseph, 'Starr's Hotel,* 119 n High 

Starr Robert Y. firm Wesley S. &. Sons, dw 119 Conway 

Starr Robert, tobacco, snuff and cigar factory, 31 s Calvert sf. 

dw 16 n Liberty 
Starr Samuel W. tirm Whlttington & S. dw 114 Lee 
Starr Wesley & Sons, tobacco and com. mts. 4 Liglit si whf 
Starr Wesley, firm W. S. & Sons, dw 253 w Lombard 
Starr Wm. M. firm W. S. & Sons, dw 107 s Paca 
Start Solomon R. grocer, corner Hill and Charles 
Startzman Abraham, tanner, 85 s Eden 
Starizman Mrs. Angelica, 17 e Lombard 
Startzman Isaac, currier and leather dealer, 52 s Calvert 
Siasl()rd Lewis, boot and shoe maker, 48 s Charles 
Slat Benj. carpenter, Edward st near Atsquith, dw 264 Mont. 
Siauber N. boot and shoemaker, 91 Hiliea 
Staufi" Earnest, tailor, 70 e Lombard 
Stauns Frederick, hair plaitcr, 73 n Gay 

Stauter John, horse s^hoer, 100 Lexington st. dw 26 New Church 
Slay lor Mrs. Eliza, market woman, 20 West 
Staylor George W. corner Madison and Forest 
Slaylor Henry, carpenter, 46 French 
Staylor Henry, carpenter, 218 Aisquilh 
Staylor John, watchman, 20 West 
Staylor John & Son, butchers, cor. Madison & Forest 
Staylor John jr. corner Ma(Jison and Forest 
Staylor John J. carpenter, 11 e Monument 
Staylor T. J. blacksmith, corner Madison and Forest 
Staylor Win. clerk, 162 n Hijrh 
Stayton David, carpenter, 49'Holland 
Stead George, saw manuC. 109 n Front 
Sleadman Adeline, 144 e Fayette 
Steal Mr. laborer, 24 Lan-'.aster 
Stealer John, laborer, 211 Wolf 

Steam cedar ware manul". S6S w Pratt st. Albert Magne, prop. 
Steaniboat office, 'Citizens' Union Line,' s end South st. Bow- 

ly's vvi'sarf 
Stearn Plulip, tailor, 173 Alice Anna 

Stearns Mrs. Elmira, variety and fancy dealer, 47 n Howard 
Stearns George, lu^siery, glove and yarn dealer, 209 Baltimore 

St. dw 64 Camden 
Steat A. boiler maker, 154 York av 
Steck P. Roman, attorney, s w corner Pratt and Annuls, dw 

318 Litjlitst 
Steelback Eliot, tailor, 86 Granby 
Steele, J. Neavitt, attorney, 87 St. Paul 

STE 375 ST£ 

Steele Robert, carpet weaver, 17 n Amity 

Steele Surnuel, watch maker, 10 w Lombard 

Steele Wm. paper hansjer, 144 Forest 

Steer Samuel, clerk, 178 s Paca 

Steer Wm. butcher, stall 37 Centre Market, d w 223 e Fayette 

Steever Daniel jr. bacon dealer, 158 n Caroline 

Steever Daniel senr. 158 n Caroline 

Steever Edmund W. clerk steamboat office, 339 Lombard 

Steever Francis^ bacon dealer, 196 Aisquith 

Steevers Georore, book and variety store, 23 Penn. av 

Stefrrneier John A. M. cupper and leecher, 8 \v Pratt 

SteliiJohn, apothecary and dru^irist, 31 n Eutavv 

Steiger John, blacksniith, 787 Baltimore 

Steiger John, laborer, s e cor. Eastern av and Exeter st 

Steiger Miss M. A. C. 21 Pennsylvania av 

Steigers Charles, carpenter, 36 George 

Steigelman A. shoemaker, 191 n Canal 

Steigevvald John, laborer, 76 Thames 

Steiglein George, tailor, 27 Shakspear 

Steigler Andrew, laborer, 63 Argyle al 

Steigraeyer Casper, barber, 79 Eastern av 

Steigmeyer John, cupper and leecher, 79 Eastern av 

Steigner Michael, porter, 149 Wolf 

Steigwah Adam, laborer, 277 Wolf 

Steimer Martin, laborer, 275 Wolf 

Stein Adam, cabinet maker, 1 State 

Stein Adam, laborer, 1 1 1 Canton av 

Stein George, 144 s Ciiarles. 

Siein George, grocer, 89 York av 

S:ein Henry, 64 Gran by 

Stein John, shoemaker, 145 e Fayette 

Stern John C. boot and shoemaker, 37 Pennsylvania av 

Stein L. silk hat manuf. 7 s Liberty st. dvv cor. High and Low 

Stein Matthias, laborer, 28 Shaksipear 

Stein S. clothier, 88 Pralt 

Steincomp John H. 23-2 Hanover 

Steiner Andrew, laborer, 1-47 Wolf 

Steiner D.ivid C. butcher, 201 n Eutaw 

Steiner Moses, tailor, 40 Harrison 

Steiner Peter, cabinet niaWer, 384 s Charles 

Stein Peter, laborer,- 36l Canton av 

Steingle John, laborer, Pennsylvania av extended 

Steinmeir John, shoemaker, 1 13 Harfi)rd av 

Steinweg Charles, coachsmith, cor. Pleasant st and Gravel al 

Steinvveg John, varnisher, Jasper st 

Steir Got Tried, broom maker, 1 47 Wolf 

Stekewald Meyer, laborer, 260 IJond ' 

Stellman & Henrichs, imp. German &, English goods, over 250 

Baltimore st. dvv John S. 54 Barre 
Stembler Nicholas, shoemaker, 432 Baltimore st. dw 766 
Stemler John, shoemaker, n e cor. Greene and Baltimore 
Stemler Richard, horse dealer, 17 Penn st 
Steneline Michael, tailor, 194 Alice Anna 
Stephens Alexander, wharf bui|Jer, 6 e Lombard 
Stephens Andrew, 203 e Lombard 

STE 376 STE 

Stephens & Cockrill, grocers and com. mts. 79 Light st whf 
Stephens James, engineer, 173 Madison av 
Stephens John, iburidryman, C'inlon 
Stephens John A. firm S. & Cockrill, dw 88 Barre 
Stephens Robert, tailor, 200 Ann 

Stephens Upton, firm Slini^Wuft; Devries & Co. dw 176 Franklin 
Sieppys Adam, shoemaker, 143 York st 
Slerhng Samuel, laborer, So Gibson 
Sterling Thomas, block and pump maker, 29 Argyle al 
Slern Joseph, pedlar. 385 Saratoga 
Sierner John, tanner, 46 York av 
Sterrs Patrick, clerk, 9G Low- 
Stetson John, manulactvirer, 21 Columbia 
Stetzer Adam, laborer, 101 Peirce 
Steuart Chailes, boarding house, Second st e of South 
Sleuart David jr. com. ml. 7y Light si whf. dw 33 s Howard 
Steuart George, carpenter. Clay st. dw 86 Park 
Steuart General George H. attDrney at law, w end Baltimore 8t 
Steuart George, collector, 86 Fayette 
Steuart Henrv H. 195 w Lombard 

Steuart Robt.'St. Jno. marhleyard, 14 w Pratt st.dw 108 Granbj 
Sleuart Wm. Henry, prosecutor of claims against U. S. Fayette 

St. (Uv 88 e Baltimore 
Steudler J. tailor, 69 Park 
Sievens Alexander, caulktr, 192 Eastern av 
Stevens Andrew, 208 e Lombard 
Sievens Mrs. Ann, tailoress, 27 Booth 
Stevens Daniel, steamboat hand, 20 Lee 
'Stevens Miss Eliza C. 161 Orleans 
Stevens H. H. bacon dealer, 7 Jackson 
Stevens J. W. cigar maker, 35 Lee st. dw 31 
Stevens Mrs. J. boardinir house, n e cor. Hanover and Pratt 
Stevens Jacob, pedlar, 1.^0 Caroline 

Stevens James, firm Hooper & S. corner Hanover and Pratt 
Stevens John T. machinist, 132 McHenry 
Stevens John, laborer, 53 L. KuL'hes 
Sievens Jt)hn G. firm Emory, S. & Co. dw 93 Sharp 
Stevens Lecelia, seamstress, Salisbury al 
Stevens Mrs. Lytiia, Pearl st.Sd s of Franklin 
Stevens Mrs. Mary Ann, tailoress, 64 Montgomery 
Stevens S. S. furniture warehouse, Hanover 
Stevens Thomas H. cheese ml. 16 e Baltimore 
Stevens W. butcher, 109 McElderry 
Stevens Wm. baker, 16 Bethel 
Stevens Wm. ship carpenter, 7 Philpot 
Stevenson Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 85 Penn. avenue 
Stevenson Dr. Charles P. druggist, s e cor. Gay and Forest 8ts 
Stevenson &. Dell, book binders, over 330 Baltimore 
Stevenson Mis. Elizabeth, 25 Holland 
Stevenson Mrs. Ellen, 79 Park 
Stevenson Geo. B. firm S. & Dell, dw 34 Pearl 
Stevenson George, carpenter, 1 19 n Eden 
Stevenson Henry, 89 Front 
Stevenson Dr. James S. 140 n Exeter 
Stevenson John, stone cutter, 14' Oregon 


Stevenson Oliver, firm Adams & S. clw 197 Franklin . 
Stevenson Robert, chair maker, 83 Gough 
Stevenson S. boot maker, 71 n High 
Stevenson Thomas, fisherman, (Centre) Fish Market 

Stevenson Rev. Weslev, cellecfor, 160 n Eutaw 

Stevenson Wm. firm Robt. D. & Co. dw 68 n Charles 

Steward Abraham, huckster, Conway st. w of Warner 

Steward Joseph B. trader, 61 Columbia 

Stewart A. A. boarding house, 12 South st 

Stewart Abraham, huckster, Conway st w of Warner 

Stewart Charles, laborer, 45 Preston 

Stewart Charles, 12 South 

Stewart Charles, uphoUterer, 9 Comet 

Stewart Charles, laborer, 183 Hollins 

Stewart Columbus J. bell hanger & locksmith, 203 Lombard 

Stewart Dr. David, 77 n Eutaw 

Stewart David, attorney at law, S3 St. Paul st. dvv Fremont tt 
n of Franklin 

Stewart Ebenezer, brickmaker, 59 Columbia 

Stewart Kbenezer, marketman, 107 Montgomery 

Stewart Edward, carpenter, 124 Pearl 

Stewart Mrs. Eleanor, midwife, 1 New Church 

Stewart Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 100 Fremont 

Stewart Mr^;. Ellen, 53 n Liberty 

Stewart George A. carpenter, 192 Eutaw 

Stewart George F. bell hanger and locksmith, Saratoga near 
Charles st. dw Pearl st 

Stewart Geor<;e, bell hangrer and locksmith, Saratoga st. near 
Charles, dw 160 n Front 

Stewart G-orge A. carpenter, 103 Lee 

Stewart Henry, coppersmith, 18 n Exeter 

Stewart Henry D. coppersmith, Gough st. s of Register 

Stewart J. V. D. druggist, s e corner Hanover and Camden sts 
dw 38 Cmiden st 

Stewart James, keeper of drovers' Inn, vv Prat tst extended 

Stewart James, batcher, 11 Constitution 

Stewart Mrs. Jane, 171 Peirce 

Stewart John & Son, proprietors of carriages and livery stable*, 

65 n Calvert, (dw 03) & Bank st. corner of Betl el 
Stewart John, constable, 182 Monunient 
Stewart John, attorney at law, 33 St Paul'^s 
Stewart John, tavern, 220 Lexington 
Stewart J(ihn, laborer, 92 St. Mary 
Stewart John J. giocer and liquor dealer, 63 RichmoiKi 
Stewart John M. carpenter, 231 n Canal 
Stewart J >hn D. stove maker, ^9 Y"ork 
Stewart John, blacksmith. 720 w Baltimore 
Stewart Joseph, grocer, 221 n Gay 

Stewart Joseph & Co. grate and stove manufacturers, 86 Balti- 
more st 
Stewart & Kane, commission merchants, 3 Bowly's wharf 
Stewart Lemuel, huckster, Fremont st extended 
Stewart Michael, firm S. & Kane^ dw 39 e Pratt 
Stewart Mrs. 75 Spring 
Stewart Mrs. Rebecca, seamstress, Wolf alley 

STE 378 STI 

Stewart Richard B. & M. Sedwick, fjrocersand tea dealers, s w 

c )pner Conway and Warner sts 
Stewart Robert, 23^^' Monument 
Stewart Robert, clerk, 98 s Exeter 
Stewart Robert, 272 Saratonra 
Stewart Mr. S. 230 e Lombard 
Stewart Mrs. Sarah, 167 Conway 
Stewart Mrs Sarah, 81 Buren 
Stewart T. dentist, 83 n Hitrh 
Stewart Thomas, book binder, 109 St. Mary- 
Stewart Washintrtoi) L. E. clerk, 87 Hamburcr 
Stewart Wm. John, tailor, 17 Fayette, dw if New Church 
Stewart Wm. hackman, 5 Camden lane 
Stewart Wm. H. firm Chase, Lilly & Co. 182 Lombard 
Stewart Wm. laborer, 19 York avenue 
Stewart Wm. carpenter, 84 n Caroline 
Stewart Wnr.. S. Ibundryman, Fremont st s of McHenry 
Stewart Wm. butcher, 134 Raborg 
Sewarl Wm. carpenter, 90 Pine 
Stewent Wm. butcher, 134RaborfT 
Stibbins Samuel, guilder, 217 Wolf 
Slibel C. tailor, 67 Hillen 
Stichberger Henry, cabinet maker, 34 Lee 
Stick Wm. carpenter, Greenwillow st 

Stickney & B-aity, iron and commission mis. 18 & 20. s Charles 
Stickney H. F. &! Co. dry (roods dealers, 193 n Gay 
Stickney J. H. firm S. &. Beatty, boards 42 Lexinorton 
Stieff Charljs M. importer ofpianoSj 7 s Liberty, dw 110 Balto. 
Siien Mrs. Eliza, 206 s Bond 
Stiener Mrs. Elizabeth. 275 w Lombard 
Stiener Ffe.lerick, clerk, 275 vv Lombard 
Stier Go I'rie'l, broom maker, 147 Wolf 
Stierly Mrs. Mary Ann, Ro.-'s st s e of Dolphin 
Stilley Andrew, bricklayer 40 Bank 
Stiltz Aiiizustu.s, clerk, 6 Deiuol alley 
Stiltz Daniel, carpenter, 734 w Baltimore 
Stimpson James, 267 Fayetie 

Stinchcomb Aquilia D. firm T. McConnell & Co. dw 4 Pine 
Stinchcomh Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 65 Montgomery 
Stinchcomb G-o. carpenter, 181 Madison avenue 
Stinchcomb Joshua, oak cooper, 66 s Paca 
Stine Mrs. AchMine, arrncer, cor. Paca and Fremont 
Stine Benj. tailor, 1 70 Fremont 
Stine Mrs. Caroline, seamstress, 267 Bond 
Stine Christop'ier, stove manufacturer, l44 Fremont 
Stine Frederick, hjjcksm'th, IS Caroline St. dw 76 Block 
Stine Henry, baker, 44 Gtoiire st 
Stine Johannes, lal>orer, vv Pratt st extended 
Stine Joseph, nj.'rc.hant tailor, 5 s Liberty st. drr German Hi w 

of Greene si 
Stine Meyer, clot.'iier, Pratt st. dw 59 s Hiijh 
Stinebrink Frederick, laborer, Jnfuison st F. Hill 
Stineburfr Emanuel, pedlar 146 Canton avenue 
SlineburiT Sc Hart, clothiers, 1 19 Canton avenue 
Stineline Michael, tailor, 194 Alice Anna 
Slmer James^ stove maker, 90 s Euta\x 

«T1 ^9 STO 

Stinofer Christooher, boot and shoemaker;, 83 Eastern avenue 

2Stinnecke Dr. H. A. 171 w Lombard 

Stinson Richard, bootmaker, 4 Holliday, dw e Monument 

Stinson Dr. W. dentist, 51 Hanover 

Stirlinor Archibald S. treasurer Savings' Bank, 123 e Baltimore 

Stirling Mrs. Mary, 15 s Exeter 

Stirling Thomas, block and pump maker, 29 Philpot 

Stidintr Wm. shipping and commission merchant, 6 Spear^e whfr 

dw 15 s Exeter 
Stirling Wm. carter, 38 n Dallas 
Stirn Lewis, piano forte maker, 18 Light 
Stirratt David, 19 e Monument 
Siicher Ellen, seamstress, 142 Conway 
SticherJohn, Rail Roiid brakesman, 142 Conway 
Stieis James, printer, 120 n Eden 
Stites Wm. sen. &. jr. carpenters, 226 e Fayette 
Stivrick Christopher. 254 Ann 
Slitz Albert, tailor, 49 Short 

Stobie Charles, florist, s w cor. Cathedral &> Madison-eta 
Stock John, tailor, 370 Saratoga 

Stockbridge Henry, attorney at hi w, over 4i Court liouse lane 
Stackdale J. pattern maker, 2 e Centre st 
Stockett Emanuel, police officer, 147 e Baltimore 
Stockelt J. SiiaariT, attorney at law, 1st floor Marshal buildings 

St. Paul St 
Stockett Jas P. carpenter, n w cor. Hollins St. and Dewberry ai. 
Stockett Lewis, carpenter, 754 w Baltimore 
Stockman Hen y, watchmaker, 255 Bond 
Stockman Joseph, carpenter, 128 n Calvert, dw 57 Stirling 
Stocksdale Elias, clothier, 24 Baltimore 
Siocksdale Nelson, clothier, 78 Centre Market space 
Stockton Aaron W. ship joiner, Gough st e of Broadway 
Stockton Thomas, shoemaker, 136 Hollins 
Stoddard Capt. John B. 159 e Pratt 
Stoddard Isaiah D. professor music, 82 s Paca 
Stoddard Nathaniel,.carpenter, 166 Fremont 
Stoddard Wra. keeper oi' South sL house, 54 South st 
Stoeser Matthias, shoemaker, 5 Harmony lane 
Stokely Frederick, glass blower, 50 York st 
Slokel'v Capt. Jacob, 102 s Exeter 
Stockely Matthias, 300 Wolf st 
Stokes Benjamin, sailor,- Register st s of Gough 
Stokes Geo. M. laborer, 57 L. HuL'hes 
Stokes Geo. C attorney at law, 31 St. Paulst 
StoKes Isaiah, mihwrinfjit, 21 e Monument 
Stokes Jt)seph, carpenter, 193 n Exeter 
Stokes Martin, blacksmith, 188 Biddle 
Slokes Miss Rachel, bonnet maker, 49 e Fayette 
Stokes Dr. W. H. 58 Saratoira 

Stokes Wm. B. president Baltimore Coal Co. dw 63'CQurtland 
Stokes Wm. grocer and liquor dealer, 130 Lee 
Stoll John, box maker, 3 Vine st 
Stolpp J. L. confectioner, 164 Saratoira 
Stone Mrs. Ann, dress maker, 100 Montgomery 
Stone Mrs> Eliza, preceptress, 29 New Cuurdi 

sro m STA 

Stone Huirh, baker, 153 n Front 

Stone J. E. painter, 232 Fayette 

Stone James, clerk, 45 Greene 

Stone Joseph, seaman, 153 Wolf 

Stone Samuel, mariner, 102 n Spring 

Stone Sedi, bricklayer, 67 North 

Stonebraker Mrs. Elizabeth, 46 Hanover 

Stonebraker Sanniel, firm Newcomer & S. 32 s Paca 

Stoner Jolin L. l64 n Eiilavv 

S.'onevvay Jacob, cabinet maker 308 s Bond 

Stx)rok Atlolph, turner, l52 East st 

Stork John, pattern maker, 457 vv Lombard 

Stork Lani;horn, cabinet maker, 12 Comet 

Stork Mrs. preceptress, 91 Ensor 

Stork Richard B. chair maker, 14 Ensor st. dw 91 do 

Storm James, carpenter, Preston st. \v of Gibson 

Storm Jeremiah, l03 e Lombard 

Storms Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 16 Booth st 

Storms Mrs. Mary Ann, seamstress, 10 Paca St 

Storms Win. laborer, l03 Ganlen st 

Story Anna, boardintr house, 20 Water 

Story Luther, carpenter, 35 n Exeter 

Stotier Christopher, laborer, 6 Elizabeth alley 

Stott John H, ciifar uiaker, 14 Siakspear 

Stoutter Henry, shoemaker, 74 Hamhur£f 

StoutTer Jacob, carpet weaver, 37 Eastern avenue 

Slouffer John, bi)ok keeper, 29 n Paca 

Stoufler Mrs. Jacob, 32 Marion 

Stoupt Geo. laborer, 324 s Charles 

Stout Francis, paver, 31 Caroline 

Stout Henry,. attorney at law, 66 Fayette 

Stout Joseph W. blacksmith, 1 1 Shroeder 

Stouts Henry, laborer, 173 Bond 

Stover Mrs. A. 53 n Exeter 

Stover Henry, painter, 304 Liirht 

Stow Geo. tailor, rear of Joseph K. Love's, Hanover 8t 

Stow Thomas, steam saw mill, Uhler's alley, dw 63 a Charles- 

Stowman Wm. tavern, Sprintr crardens 

Strabe Nicholas, wheeUvriiirht, Bethel st. near Gough 

Srabeis Wm. shoemaker, 24 Grant 

Stradley Wm. A. shoemaker, 81 Cross 

Strae Wm. laborer, Washintrton st 

Straham Ebenezer, accountant, 56 Bond 

Strainer John, boiler maker, 201 Saratoga 

Stran Mrs. Ann, 123 Gounrh st 

Siran Wm. H. firm Abralianis & S. dw 87 Gough 

Straney FvUvard, steam boiler maker, 20 Rock 

Sirandley Mrs. Rachel, 172 e Pratt 

Stranley James Thomas, enijineer, 38 York st 

Strapfman Henry, blacksmith, 118 William st 

Sirasburger Charles, hardware and furniture dealer, 46 Harrisoifc 

Siraltman Henry, tavern, 24 Concord 

Stratton Robert, cracker baker, 56i n Howard 

Straus &. Adler, drv goods dealers, 43 Baltimose 


Straus & Bro. <rrocers, 2o3 Broadway, dw 32 Shakspear 

Siraus Henry, ojrocer, Broadway, dw 19SCanlon avenue 

Straus John, shoeinake r, 30 Lombard 

Straus Salomon, laborer, 304 s Bond 

Strause Isaac, Mullikin near Caroline 

Strause Isaac, 109 n Eden 

Stravel Lenliardt, laborer, 73 n Gay 

Stravint Charles, rope mbker, 319 Liijht 

Strawinski, Felix T. pr.)lessor music, 20 Hamilton 

Streakhardt rope makers, 85 McElderry's wharf 

Strebeck Geo. H. ship joiner, Cliappel st. n olBank 

Slrebeck John, ship carpenter. Register s of Bank 

Strech Samuel, tailor, 72 s Rden 

Streckers J no. G. grocer & !eed deal, n w cor, St. Mary &- Ross- 

Streckfoot Joseph, laborer, 87 William 

Street Corbin, bricklayer, 107 Holiins 

Street David, bricklayer, 388 Lombard 

Street John G. bacon merciiani, dvv 43 Front 

Street Miss Mary, seamstress!, 7-2 York st 

Street Thomas, bricklayer, 37 Fremont ^ 

Street Wm. bricklaver, 285 Siratoira 

Streeter Sebastian F. pr. youni; ladies' seminary, 5 Courland 

Sreets John, assistant Philadelphia &- Wilmington R. R. office. 

dvv 115 Lee st 
Streets James B. clerk, 103 Lee 
Streets John, clerk. Rail Road office, dw 115 Lee 
Streetl T. Bull's Head Tavern, 130 .. Fn.iit 
Stremmel Lewis, shi)emaker, 91 Penn. avenue 
Slreppel Wm. shingle dresser, '221 Hanover 
Stretch Mrs. Elizabeth, 7-2 s Eden 
Strewich Henry, carpenter, 27tii Mulberry 
Sribel Geo. grocer, 63 Aisqiiith 
Strickland Henry, ship JDiuer, Reirisier st 
Sirickler David, (-arpenler, 6 Elisor 
Strider Mrs. C. A. 250 Fayette 
Slrider John, boardiuir h()u>!e, 2 Pearl st 
Siroali Wm. laborer, 80 Mullikin 
Strobel Henry, tobacconist, 227 Broadway 
Strobel John, tailor and scourer, 31 George 
Srobel John P. 307 s Bond 
Strobel Michael, laborer, 140 Conton avenue 
Strobel Nicholas, l46 Alice Anna 
Strobie Willianj, laborer, ^275 Wolf 
Strodtman George, tavern, 52 Second 

Stroheker Matthias, cabinet maker, Penn av. n of Mosher st 
Stroh.n J. F. & Co. genl. com. mis. 48 w Lomb'd, dw 32 North 
Strohmeyer George, merchant tailor, 30 German 
Strokhe 'Christian, turner, 83 Union 
Stromberger George, linnei , 77 F«)rrest 
Stroraenger John, clothier, 140 w Pratt 
Siromeyer Joseph, laborer, 85 Pennsylvania av 
Strong Alexander, weaver, Harmony lane w of Pbppleton st 
Strong Joseph, professor natural science, 3 Spurrier's court 
Strointeyer Frederick, grocer, n e cor. McHenry and Hughes 
Slrouby Augustus, varnisher, Henrietta st. e of Eutaw 

TK 3S2' StJL 

Stroup Adam, shoe maker, rear Columbia st 

Strovi-p Fetery wa*roner, 178 Columbia 

Strouse Isaac, pedlar, 132 s Caroline 

Strouss EJias, dry goods irader, 67 Columbia' 

Strubell Ferdinand^ currier, 73 ii Gay 

Slruth William, boot and shoe m;»ke"r, 101 Peirce 

SlruihollMrs. Elizabeth, baker, 64 n Exeter 

Sluari David &, Son, grocers iviui comniission mts. cor. Prall st. 

and Frederick st. dock 
Stuart David, firm David S. & Son, 87 e Baltimore 
Stuart James,' oil, paint, and glass dealer, 77 McElderr^'s wharf. 

d\v68 s Caroline 
Stuart Jno. Glendv, firm Hugh Bolton & Co. dvv 102 e Pratt 
Stuart Joseph, 267 Ann 
Stuart Michael, dvv 36 e Pratt 
Stubbins Charles, clerk, 31 J w l^ratt 
Stubbs Joseph, carpenter, 122 Sharp 
Siuckhardt AuL'UStus, stone cutter, 12 Eutaw court 
Siuecel Jolm, blacksmith, 69 Buren 
Stugart Philip, laborer, 212 s Bond 
Stugatt Martui, carter, 223 s Bond 
Stuklmann Cliarles, shoemaker, 178 Alice Anna 
Slump Alexander H. firm of Hyatt & Stump, d\v cor. Franklin 

and St Paul 
Stump Caspar, tailor, 164 Franklin 
vStump Conrady shoemaker/ 90 St Mary 
Slunjp Frederick, cooper,- 49 n Eden 

S-lumpHaniilton, firm Hyatt & S. 86 Mulberrv, dw 30 Franklin 
Stump Joseph, grocery &- liquor store, 139 s Howard 
Slump Saniuel, commission mt. Commerce st. dw 51 Saratoga 
Stump Valentine, siioemaker, 113 Pennsylvania av 
Stump William Herman, 95 n Charles 
Stundle Joseph, tailor, 200 Alice Anna 
Sturgeon Frederick, coilecior, 257 n Gay 
Sturgeon Lindsey, collector and property ager^l, 300 n Gay 
Sturgeon Wilhatii P. clerk, 38 n Greene 
Siurgess J. A. upholsterer, 1S3 w Pratt 
Slurgess Miss Mary, qiiilter, 1G9 Light 
Slurgis John, watchman,- 17^ Bank 
Sturm Christian, huckster, Columbia' 
Sturman E. auctio»eer, Pratt st. dw 13 s Howard- 
Sturman Lewis, sht)emaker, H9 n Eutaw 
Stutt William, locksmith, I9l Alice Anna 
Subert Henry, 212 Bethel 
Suert Mrs. 66 Gran by 

Sufti)lk MaGhiiie Co. L. C. Ware Agent, 180 w Pratt 
Sugden George, prop. 'Stag Hall,' tavern, 59 Planover 
Suhsbra G. S. slioe mjiker, 6 St. James 
Sukesbrader Hollis, shoe maker, 70 Harrison 
Sullivan Abraham, pedlar,. 213 Eastern av 

Sullivan Dennis-, Shroeder, n ofFranklin ; 

Sullivan Dennis, groc. &l tea deal, s w cor. Pine and LexingtOR 
Sullivan Eugene, coach maker, Gay st. dw 9 Mulberry 
Sullivan Francis, huckster, 299 n Howard . • • 

Sullivan Henry, vvaichman, 57 Muiberry ;il«ujjuA v 

^fi^r^ 383 SUT 

Sullivan J. firm John & Sons, dw 118 Hanover 

Sullivan James, commission merchant, 101 Spear's wharf 

Sullivan James, laborer, 65 Henrietta 

Sullivan James, blacksmith, 31 York 

Sullivan Jeremiah, currier, Gravel alley 

Sullivan Jeremiah, carter, 225 \v Lombard 

Sullivan John & Sons, leaf tobacco and general produce rats. 96 

Liorhl St. wharf 
4SuIlivan John C. cooper, S3 Granby 
Sullivan John, trader in market, 19 s Front 
Sullivan John, boot and shoemaker, Gravel alley 
Sullivan John, plaisterer, 227 n Eden 
Sullivan John P. tailor, 70 Conway 
Sullivan Michael, tavern, 302 Bond 
Sullivan Michael, porter, 24 New Church 
Sullivan P. H. firm S. & Sons, 109 Hanover 
Sullivan Robert, painter, 242 Mulberry 
Sullivan Mrs. Sarah, S3 n Hiah 
Sullivan Thonjas, 24 Lombard 
Sullivan Thomas H. currier and leather dealer, cor. Calvert and 

Water, dw 97 Hiirh 
Sullivan William, painter, 83 s Eulaw 
Sulstsh George, cabinet maker, 115 n Canal 
Sultzer Henry, 4 York av 

Sultzer Henry C. grpocer 13 Centre Market, dw 98 s Eden 
Sulizer S. clerk, 4 York av 

Sulzbacher Sigmond, dry ijoods dealer, 222 Broadway 
Sulzner John, butcher, e Fayeite st. near Washington College 
Summer Henry, laborer, 14 Durst alley 
Summer Jacob, crrocer, 124 n Exeter 
Summer John, laborer, 52 Boyd 

Summer Lewis, repairer musical instruments, 4 Saratoga 
Summers William, market trader, Lt-mon st. near Shroeder 
Summerville George W. trunk maker, 72 Barre 

Sumraerville James, dry goods deider, 237 n Gay 

Summerville Paul, cabinet maker, 25S n Gay 

Sumption William, brick maker, 28 Gitlintrs 

Sumwalt Andrew, carpenter, 219 Light, dw 1 W^arren 

Sumvvalt George, Capi. of night vvatch, 1 Light 

Sumwalt & Green, crraniie st<uie cutlers, cor. Pratt and Greene 

Sumwalt J. T. clerk iu Baid< o!' Baltimore, 156 Sharp 

Sumwalt Jesse, plhi«terer, 298 n Howard 

Suniwalt Thomas S. clerk, 90 Sharp 

Sumwalt William, bricklayer, 104 Hamburg 

*'Sun Baltimore D.ii!yand Weekly,*' (A, S.Abel & Co. proprie- 
tors, officf*, s e cor. Gay and Baltimore 

Sunderland Basil, ship joiner, 242 e Prall 

Sunders Benj. bjiker, Harfijrd a v. extended 

Sunstrom Robert C. brickmaker, 169 Conway 

Super Frederick, butcher, n e cor. Republican and LexingloM 

Supp John, laboier, 49 Ciay 

Susquehanna Canal Co's office, 12 Lexington St. George W. 
Dobbin, president, Thomas M Abbot, treasure^ 

Susquehanna Sirani Tow Boat Co. Smith's wharf 

Suter Alexander, tinner, 56 Fremont 


Suter Charles cabinet wareroom, 6 Baltimore, dw 25 Stiles 

Suter Georije, huckster, 638 w B iliimore 

Suter George S. butcher, 138 PeRusyivania av 

Suter Jauies S. turner, 5 &, 7 Concord, dw 55 e Fayette 

Suter James, sen. 188 n Hi*i;h 

Suter James, jr. carpenter, 186 n High 

Suter Martin, butcher, 33 Hoffman 

Suter Sebastian., cabinet maker, 90 Spring 

Suthkoptt' Philip, printer, 28 Pearl 

Suiliff" Henry, tobacconist, 438 w Baltimore 

Sutlift' William, machinist, fil e Madison 

Sutman Mrs. Dorothea, seamstress, 99 s Eutaw 

Sutman Frederick, laborer, 202 Lexington 

Sutler Sebastian, cabinet maker, 90 Spring 

Sutton & Claracy, princ. St Mary's French and Eng. Insiitule, 

73 St. Paul St 
Sutton Geo. H. cigar maker, 30 Liberty al 
Sutton Janjes L. 13 s Exeter 

Sutton Lewis, jr. firm Williamson, S. & Co^50 Holliday 
-Sutton Mrs. Maria, 30 Liberty alley 
Sutton Solomon, cigar maker, 30 Liberty alley 
Sutton Capt. Thomas, of Georgia steam boat, 76 s Eden 
"Sutton Thomas J. prop. Central Ealing House, 164 Ba-ltimore, 

dw 84 n Exeter 
Swab A. tobacconist, 18 Chesnut ^ 

^wab Philip, rag and iron dealer, 273 Alice Anna 
Swain Edward, plaisterer, 219 Madison 
Swain Charles, brickmaker, 122 Columbia 
Swain John, butcher, 91 York av 
Swain .Jacob, butcher, 91 York av 
Swain William, tea dealer and grocer, 169 n Gay 
Svvaine John K. clerk, 128 Lee 
Swaine Jonathan, carpenter, 5 Republican 
Swaincot Jonathan, carpenter, 226 Canton av 
Swan Alphonso, carpenter, 151 n Caroline 
Swafl James, president Merchants' Bank, dw 65 Franklin 
Swan Matthew E. & Bro. grocers & flour deal. 143 n Howard 
Swan Kichard T. sexton, 1st Baptist church, 19 Perry 
Swan William, 181 Mulberry 

Swarm Thomas, president Bait. & Ohio Rail Road, 72 Franklin 
Swartz Frederick, merchant tailor, 57 '9 Albemarle 
Swanz Wm. booi and shoe mak. Greene 1 door s ofLexington 
Swartze Dr. E. n w cor. Hanover and Barre 
Swartze Harman,'grocer and liquor dealer, 9 Saratoga 
Swarz John, tailor, 211 s Bond 
Swats Michael, butcher, Canal s of Bank 
Swats Thomns, hborer, 217 Dallas 
Swatz Rev. Andrew, 212 e Lombard 
Swatz Simon, baker, 238 Bond 
Swalzbaugh John, blacksmith, Greene s of Lexington, dw 125 

Swatzhout Conrad, tailor. Ploughman st 
Sweany D. S. grocer, dw 153 n Caroline 
Swearer Benjamin, painter, 59 n Caroline 
JBwearer Mrs. Elizabeth, 57 n Caroline 

SWE 385 TAB 

Swearer George, carpenter, 59 n Caroline 

Sweed Jacob, laborer, Gould's court 

Svveeden Fredk. Wm. com. mt. Buchanan's whf. dw 61 Stiles st 

Sweeney Mrs, Catherine, 153 e Pratt 

Sweeney D. S, grocer, 153 n Caroline 

Sweeney Frederick W. commission mt. 54 Buchanan's wharf, 

dw s w cor. Exeter and Stiles st 
Sweeney George, laborer, 187 Madison av 
Sweeney John, laborer, 65 Rose 
Sweeney M. B. draper and tailor, 12 St Paul 
Sweeney Mordecai, 76 e Lombard 
Sweeney Thomas, laborer, 6 Centre Marke^t 
Sweeny Mrs. Hannah J. dress maker, 436 w Baltimore 
Sweeny Martin, cabinet maker, 141 n Paca 
Sweet Harford, book keeper, 216 Franklin 
Sweet James W. firm Eaton Bro. & Co. dw Miss Peters's, cor. 

Orange al. and Gay st 
Sweet Leonard, 216 Franklin 
Sweeting Benjamin, 288 Monument 
Sweeting Mrs. Mary, 288 Monument 
Sweeting William H. bricklayer, 288 e Monument 
Swick Thomas, ship carpenter, 90 s Caroline 
Swift Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 46 s Paca 
Swift Michael, oak cooper, 164 Rahorg 
Swift William A. constable, 103 n Canal 
Swigarth John, laborer, 85 s Eutaw 
Swindel William, glass blower, 43 G. Hughes 
Switzer Andrew, laborer, 41 President 
Switzer Daniel, blacksmith, 164 n Caroline 
Switzer Frederick, painter, 74 n Eufaw, dw 16 Rose 
Switzer George, butcher, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 
Switzer Jacob, bricklayer, Pennsylvania av. n of Hoffman st 
Switzer John, boot and shoe maker, 9 Pennsylvania av 
Switzer John, grocer, 190 s Caroline 
Switzer Oliver, grocer, cor. Eden and Fayette 
Svvizler Anthony, laborer, 83 Cross 

Swope Jacob, flour and general produce deal. 378 w Baltimore 
Sword Alexander, boat builder, O'DonnePs whf. dw 8S Ann st 
Sword John W. pilot, 172 Ann 
Sword & Walker, boat builders, 55 FeH 
Sword William, pilot, 225 Gough 
Swytzis Joseph, carpenter, 19 Park 

Syerwenski Isidore, keeper "Ringgold House," 175 w Pratt 
Syford Mrs. Ellen, 97 Ensor 
Syfbrd Henry, painter, 25 McElderry 
Sykes Frederick, laborer. Republican north of Rtborg 
Sykes George, stone cutter, Johnson's stone yard. North st 
Sykes Miss Harriet, 167 Lombard 
Sykes John, foundryman, 73 Hamburg 
Sylvester Thomas, ^clerk, 33 Barre 
Symington Amelia, 193 Spring 
Symington proprietor steam marble mills-. Cathedral at. 

near Howard, dw 60 Biddle 
Tabb & Ford, flour and commission merchants, SI Light 


TAG 386 TAY 

Taeuber J. E. tailor, ll2 McElderry 

Taeuber J. F. tailor, Bond st. near Jefferson 

Tagor Joshua, 68 n Caroline 

Tagor William, carpenter, 74 n Caroline 

Taite William, tavern, 14 Lombard, dvv 75 Granby 

Talbot A. printer, 851 n Gay 

Talbot Benjamin, blacksmith, firm Atler Sc T. dw 17 Liberty aJ 

Talbot Mrs. Caroline M. 26 Josephine 

Talbot Edward K. brass founder, 351 n Gay 

Talbot George, carpenter, 368 Fayette 

Talbot Joseph, 427 \v Baltimore 

Talbot Miss Lucy Ann, 121 s Paca 

Talbet William R. piano maker, 146 German 

Talbot William A. attorney at law, 42 St Paul 

Talbott Mahlon, clerk, 60 n Paca 

Taliaferio G. D. groc. & com. mt. 50 s Calv't, dw 19 Monument 

Tall Joseph, house painter, 16 n High st. dw 75 n Eden 

Tall Levin W. grocer and com. mt. 129 Light, dw 168 a Charlet 

Tall William, clerk, 107 Eutaw 

Tally Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 107 Pearce 

Tally William, mariner, 53 Philpot 

Talt Patrick, grocer and feed dealer, cor. Happy al. & Pratt st 

Tamart Christopher, laborer, 17 Shakspear 

Tammer Sebastin, blacksmith, 383 Saratoga 

Taney Hon. R. B. chief justice of the U. S. 31 Lexington 

Tanevhill Rebecca S. milliner, 89 Mulberry 

Taney hill Samuel, merchant tailor, 33 n Gay 

Tanner James, carpenter, 295 s Charles 

Tanner Dr. John, 77 n Liberty 

Tapman John M. laborer, 90 Hamburg 

Tapman Samuel, carter, 76 Hamburg 

Tarbutton William A. music, teacher, 13 Pine 

Tarby Thomas, laborer, 89 Peirce 

Tarleton Benjamin, oak cooper, 20 Booth 

Tarleton \Vm. A.St Co. sail mak. 4 Light st. whf. dw 12 Warren 

Tarllon Mrs. Ann, 176 s Paca 

Tarr Edwin S. cabinet maker, U n Gay, dw 12 e Lombard 

Tarr Harrison, cabinet maker, 163 e Fayette 

Tarr William H. collector and property agent, dw 271 n Gay 

Tarr William B. cabinet maker & undertak. 35 n Gay, dw 37 

Tarring Mrs. Ellen, seamstress, 291 Saratoga 

Tarring Wm. jr. painter, 198 s Eutaw 

Tarrinlr Wm. senr. painter, Eutaw st. Spring Gardens 

Tash Mrs. Ann, seamstress, Chase st. e of Cathedral 

Tate Elizabeth Ann, Register st. s of Gough 

Tate Robert, mt. tailor, 27 Hillen 

Tatham John, 31 Granby 

Tatham Robert, keeper Bodkin light house, dw 30 Lee 

Tatgenhaus George Fred'k. blacksmith, 293 Bond 

Tatginhorsi Wm. horse trader, 95 Eastern av 

Taylor Ashbury, blacksmith, 193 Ensor 

Taylor Benjam^in, fisher. Livery a I 

Taylor Charles R- of Bank of Baltimore, dw 124 e Baltimore 

Taylor Dahle, tailor, 87 East 

Taylor David, carpenter, 199 Franklm 

TAY 387 TAY 

Taylor David, laborer, 84 Orchard 

Taylor Edmund, machinist, Richmond st w of Plover al 

Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 186 Ross 

Taylor Mrs. Eiizubeth, 43 Chew 

Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, shoe binder, 43 Marion 

Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 70 Greene 

Taylor Francis, stone and marble cutter, 160 s Howard 

Taylor George, wheelvvri<(ht, 82 Centre Market Space 

Taylor George, grocer & liquor deal, s e cor. Stiles & President 

'J^aylor George E. printer, 1 Holland 

Taylor Henry, weaver, 505 Saratoga 

Taylor HeHry, Jarvis buildings, dw 42 Chew 

Taylor Henry, 121 Hollins 

Taylor Hezekiah, clerk Western Bank, dw 61 German 

Taylor Hezekiah, machinist, 779 Baltimore 

Taylor Isaac, police officer, 250 s Charles 

Taylor Irwin, fireman steamboat, 99 Montgomery 

Taylor Isaiah, tobacconist, 13 n Eden 

Taylor J. M. watchman, 17^ Fremont 

Taylor J. & Son, grocery and com. warehouse, 2 s Eulaw 

Taylor Jacob H. com. mt. 12B Dugan's wharl" 

Taylor James, clerk, 95 Pearl 

Taylor James,- huckster, 69 Camden 

Taylor James, of Maryland steamboat, 56 n Front 

Taylor James, tavern, 230 s Bond 

Taylor .James, clerk, 296 n Howard 

Taylor James, firm T. & Bennet, dw lOl Albemarle 

Taylor James, mate, 174 WoU" 

Taylor James, dyer and scourer, 405 w Pratt 

Taylor Jesse, 71 n Caroline 

Taylor John, dry goods dealer, 49 n Howard st. dw 87 n Paca 

Taylor John, painter, 9 Josephine 

Taylor John, mariner, 15 Bethel 

Taylor John, carter, 17 Mott 

Taylor John, 177 e Lonibard 

Taylor John,. stone cutter, 56 Holland 

Taylor John, huckster, 69 Camden 

Taylor Joseph, firm J. T, & Sons, dvv s Eutew 

Taylor Joseph, merchant, dw 214 w Lombard 

Taylor Col. Joseph P. oftJ S. army, assf. com. gen. 3 Courtland 

Taylor Joseph, huckster, Penn. av. n of Wilson st 

Taylor fc Keys, grocers and com. mts. 50 n Howard 

Taylor L. tailor, 143 Madison 

Taylor C^iptain Lemuel, 134 s High 

Taylor Lemuel, ship carpenter, 45 n Spring 

Taylor Levi, m^^rble and stone cutter, 106 s Charles st. dw88 

Taylor's Line Steam Packets, Boston & Portsmouth, to Havre 

de Grace and Port Deposit, for paesengers and towing, 

Patterson st wharf 
Taylor Capt. M. K. land ag-ency, 1 Light st. dw Fountain Hotel 
Taylor Mager, carpenter, German st near Sharp, dw 173 n Front 
Taylor Major, firm T. &, Waltjin, dvv cor. French and Front 
Taylor Matthew, wire weaver, 240 Saratoga 
Taylor Mr. cabinet maker, 119 Garden 
Taylor N. tinner, 5 Somerset 

TAY 388 TEL 

Taylor Doctor N. N. 68 Holland 

Taylor R. Q,. fashionable hat establishment, 6 n Calvert 

Taylor Richard, 1 Somerset 

Taylor Richard, police officer, 22 Constitution 

Taylor Robert, dairy and buUer depot, 44 Camden 

Taylor Robert A. & Sons, drv j^oods,. auction and com. mts. 8 

German st. R. A. T. 4"'l Franklin 
Taylor Robert Alex, steamboat atrent, 47 s Exeter 
Taylor Samuel B. merchant tailor, 16 South 
Taylor Samuel J. bricklayer, 7 n Caroline ^ 
Taylor Samuel, sawyer, 103 Hamburor 
Taylor Samuel, bellows maker, 209 e Lombard 
Taylor Thoma.s, shoemaker, 87 York st 
Taylor Ttiomas &t, Co. saddlers and harness makers, S09 w Pratt 

St. dwT. T. 271 n Howard 
Taylor Thomas, found ryman. Fountain st. Canton 
Taylor Thomas, saddle and harness maker, 265 n Howard 
Taylor Thomas G, butcher, 58 York av 
Taylor Captain Thurston, clerk, 5 Mulberry 
Taylor & Waltjin, carpenters, Gerniiin 
Taylor Wm. S. lumber inspector, 136 Lee 
Taylor Wm. clerk, 69 Hillen 
Taylor Wm. o;rocer, 23 Chew 
Taylor Wm. ladies' shoemaker, s e cor. Pratt and Sharp sts. dw 

114 Hill st 
Taylor Wm. H. tobacconist, 450 Baltimore 
Taylor Wm. fireman at foundry, 62 William 
Taylor Wm. machinist, Hamburtr al 
Taylor Wm. Alex, book keeper, 236 Eislern av 
Taylor Wm. W. firm Robt. A. T. & Sons, dw 59 Mount Ver- 
non Place 
Taylor Wm. butcher, 9 York av 
Taylor Wm. carter, 99 Gout/h 
Taylor Wm. periodical and literary depot, 4 and 5 Jarvis build 

iniTS, North st 
Taysing John, blacksmith, 326 Franklin 

Teackle St. Geo. W, attorney, n w cor. Lexinfirton & Courtland 
Teackle Doctor John U. 63 e Baltimore 
Teackle T. W. 37 Lexington 

Teal Archibald, carpenter, s e cor. Canton av & Washington 8t 
Teal Mrs. Elizabeth, plain and fancy milliner, 157 Hanover 
Teal Henry, tailor, 201 Alice Anna 
Teal James, blacksmish, 280 Canton av 
Teal Samuel W. biscuit baker, 43 Jackson 
Tear Mrs. Ellen, 178 Ann 
Teas John, plaisterer, 37 Pine 
Tebrink Anthony, engineer, 28 Gibson 
Teigler George, carpenter, 69 Albemarle 
Teiitneyer Mrs. Ann C. 99 Pennsylvania av 
Teimeyer John, fiim Schuliz & T. dw 5 Clay 
Teitman Aug. C forward, agent, 127 Thames dw 133 Shakspear 
Telegraph American Co. office Exchange build, s Gay 
Telegraph Magnetic, office Exchange build, s Gay 
Telegraph Western, office h^xchange build, s Gay 
Teiyon Henry, laborer, 69 Argyle al 

TEM 389 THO 

Temperance Sons olj Hall 45 n Gay 

Ternple Wm. S. carpenter, Scott St. s of Lombard 

Temple Mrs. Margaret, 52 Argyle al 

Templetoa James, carpenter, 2l3 Franklin 

Tenant Thomas, stock and susp. manuH 3 South St. dw 69 North 

Tenant Wm. shoemaker, 106 n Caroline 

Tenwaires Henry, laborer, n w cor. Wolf and Lancaster 

Terrall Captain Michael F. mariner, 62 Gough 

Terry Mrs. Eliza, dry goods dealer, 120 n Greene 

Terry Isaiah, millwright, 143 Caradea 

Tevis Joseph, clerk, 438 vv Lombard 

Tevvel James, hoiler maker, 248 Light 

Tewksbury G. D. clerk, 132 Hanover 

Thalheimer John, laborer, 130 Low 

Tharp Doctor Jonathan, 44 e Pratt 

Thater Charles, boot maker, 86 s Eutaw 

Thater Gtxlieb, shoemaker, 27 McHenry 

Thater Philip, b.)ot and shoemaker, 240 w Pratt 

Thayer N. H. teacher Eastern Female High School, 12 Lloyd 

Thayer Nathl. J. firm Brooks, Tibbals & Co. dw 285 Lexington 

Theatre Front st. corner Low 

Theatre Holliday st. n of Fayette 

Theisz Conrad, stove maker, 86 Hamburg 

Theobold Doctor E. W. physician, 74 n Charles 

Thiele Henry, tailor, 109 L. Greene 

Thielke Charles F. tavern, cor, Dugan's vvhf. and Dugan's st 

Thierman Henry, imp. German iroods, 6 n Eutaw st. dw Paca 

Thierrough George, baker, 187 Bond 

Thine G.-orge, s!i )emjker, 80 York st 

Thirkle George,.ship joiner, Washington St. s of Bank 

Thole John, grocer and liquor deaUir, 25 Park 

Thom John A. carter, 6 Booth 

Thoman Harinan, laborer, 206 n Lexington 

Thomas' A. W. blacksmith, shop 42 North st. dw 7 Constitution 

Thomas Alexander, carpenter, 58 Fiemont 

Thomas Mrs. Ann, 63 n Spring 

Thomas Babvlon, laborer, 289 s Charles 

Thomas C. K. clerk, 24 Pearl 

Thomas Catherine, washer, 210 Columbia. 

Thomas Catherine R. 140 e Fayette 

Thomas & Co. imp. and dealers in hardware, 248 Baltimore 

Thomas Conrad, 190 Happy al 

Thomas D. E. &- Co. lumber merchants, West Falls a v. dw D. 

E. T. 12 Aisquith st 
Thomas Daniel, book keeper, 172 n Chesnut 
Thomas D.ivid E. jr. firm T. &. Price, dw 12 Aisciuith 
Thomas David, rigger, 102 Lancaster 

Th )mss Edward C. cigar maker, 151 Raborgst. dw 318 Fayette 
Thomas Edwin, daguerian, over 125 Baltimore 
Thomas Eli, brickmaker, yard F. Hill,dw 407 Lombard 
Thomas G. J. & Co. druggists, 8 Hanover st. dw G. J. T. 83 

Mulberry st 
Thomas George, drayman, 142 Dallas 
Thomas Henry W. attorney at law, 31 St. Paul 
Thomas Henry, boot and shoemaker, 73 Pennsylvania a\fc 


THO 390 THO 

Thomas Henry, ship carpenter, 51 Columbia 

Thomas Henry, clerk, 141 n Exeter 

Thomas Isaac, miller, North si extended 

Thomas J. B. brickla;yer, 22 Pearl 

Thonaas Doctor J. Chew, 173 w Lombard 

Thomas J. H. trrocer and liquor dealer, 187 Eastern av 

Thomas James, bricklayer, 17 Pearl 

Thomas James, carpenter, 6 Rahorg 

Thomas James, butcher, Harford av extended 

Thomas James, cabinet maker, 178 East 

Thomas Jolin, carpenter, Tessier st. near St. Mary's 

Thomas Jolin, paver, 6 Raborg 

Thomas Doctor John H. prest. Farmers' &c Merchants' Bank, 

39 Franklin 
Thomas John, saddler, 51 Eastern av 
Thomas John A. shipwriiiht, Gough st w of Broadway 
Thomas John, laborer, 222 s Charles 
Thomas John Henry, carter, 39 Henrietta 
'J'homas Joseph & Son, turi:ers, 30 Park st. 121 Lexington 
Thomas Lewis, mariner, 225 Ann 
Thomas Mrs. Mary, 77 Thames 
Thomas Mr. turner, Fayette st. d\v 61 Paca 
Thomas Norbourn, currier, 142 n Howard st. dw 220 Franklin 
Thomas O. baker, 138 e Favette 
Ttiomas Philip E. 160 Fayette 
Thomas Philip, paper hanger, 707 Baltimore 
Thomas Pierre, French boot and shoemaker, 4 s Gay 

Thomas & Price, lumber mts. West Falls av 

Thomas Doctor R. H. s e corner Sljarp and Lombard 

Thomas Hichard, carter, corner Light and Henrielta 

Thomas Robert, teacher, 159 Holhns 

Thomas Robert, sailor, lOOi Monto'omery 

Thomas Samuel, watchman, 67^ Pearl 

Thomas Samuel, harbor n)aster, office 80 Light st. dw 182 Mu!b, 

Thomas iSamuel, butcher, Harford av extended 

Thomas Thomas, atiorney at law, 41 St. Paul 

Thomas Warner, currierj Howard st. dw 220 Franklin 

Thomas Wm. W, sailor, 45 York st 

Thomas Wm. prop, board, house & tavern,83 McElderry'a whf 

Thomas Wm. |;lane maker, 7 Chesnut al 

Thomas Wm. G. firm T. & Co. dw Franklin Square, Carey st. 
near Baltimore st 

Thomas Wdi.D. tanner, 12 n French 

Thomas Wm. block and punip maker, York St. dw 58 Lee 

Thomas Wm. B. pilot, 322 Eastern av 

Thomas Wm. shoemaker, 14.3 Fremont 

Thomas Wm. M. mariner, 2l2 Ann 

Thomas Wm. ship carpenter, Wol^' st n of Bank 

Thomas Win. clerk, 25 Sterling 

Thomas Wm. D. tanner, 177 n Exeter 

Thomas Wm. G. hardware inf. B;il!. st. dw Franklin Square 

Thomas Wm. machiniiM, 39 Henrielta 

Thompson A. trader in market. 32 Gibson 

Thompson Albert, bricklayer, 193 e Orleans 

Thompson Alexander, collector, 65 Jelferson 

THO 391 THO 

Thompson Alexander, Penn. avenue, n of Wilson st 

Thompson Mrs. Ann L. 108 s Caroline 

Thompson Mrs. Ann, 9 Jackson 

Thompson Mrs. Ann M. 33 Stiles 

Thompson Arthur, machinist, 190 Rahorg 

Thompson Arthur i>. millwriirht, 58 Gough 

Thompson Auirustine, pilot, 16 President 

Thompson Capt. clerk in record office, dvv Chatsworth 

Thompson Charles, grocer & tea dealer, 63 Lexington 

Thompson Charles, jrrocer, 2!?? Canlon avenue 

Tht)mpsan Mrs. D. D. 124 s Exeter 

Thompson & Early, vvheehvrights and blacksmiths, Centre st 

near the bridi^e 
Thompson Edw^ard H. carpenter, St. Mary st. dw 236 Biddle 
Thompson Edward, bricklayer, 126 Pine 
Thompson Edward, huckster, 292 Wolf 
Thompson Klias, constable, 15! Ensor 
Thompson Mrs. Elizabeth,, ll Harford avenue 
Thompson Miss Elizabeth, teacher, 206 Light 
Thompson Everhard, stone mason, Pratt st. extended 
Thompson Geo. grocer, 72 e Faveite 
Thompson Geo. printer, 131 n Exeter 
Thompson Geo. carpenter, 25 Canal 
Thompson Gustavus A. 84 Eastern avenue 
Thomson Henry & Son, commission & iron mts. 57 s Gay 
Thompson Capt. Henry A. firnj Henry T. & Son, dw Baltimore 

St. 2d door e of Aisquith 
Thonpson James, carter, 305 e Monument 
Tliompson James, carpenter, Boston st. opposite Depot, Canton 
Thompson James, boot maker, 191 e Lombard 
Thompson John, clerk, 26 Georo-e 
Thompson John, boatman, 11 Lombard 
Thompson John T. merchant tailor, 9 s Gay 
Thompson John, fruit dealer and confectioner, 71 s Charles 

Thompson John, painter, 86 Mullikin 

Thompson John, painter 114 n Spring 

Thompson John, millwright, 377 Lexington 

Thomjison John A. tobacconist, 3 Light si. dw 152 Mulberry 

Thompson John, brush maker, 3 Mercer 

Tnompson Josep'i B. keeper of EKching? R'^staurator, base— 
n)ent Exchange hotel, Lombard st.dvv 10 Gay 

Thompson Joseph, wheelvvriirht, Centre, between North and 
Holliday sts. dw 78 n Exeter 

Thompson Joseph, shoemaker, 670 w Baltimore st. dw 377 
Lexington st 

Thompson Joseph, bricklayer, 176 Madison 

Thompson Joseph, shoemaker, Lexington near Rock 

Thomjjson Joseph, firm T. &. Early, dvv Exeter 

Thornpsoii Mrs. Louisa, HO iSprirg 

Thompson Mrs. Ma«'y A. 1 1 Jackson 

Thompson Mrs. Mary, milliner, 75 n Howard 

Thompson Mrs. Mary, tailo-ress. 298 Mulberry 

Thompson Mrs. Ann, dress maker, 522 w Baltimore 

Thomp'son Mrs. 130 Paca 

Tliompson Nathan, blacksmith, 124 Albemarle 

HO 3'9-i THO 

Thompson Richard, dentist, 46 n Gay 

Tnompson Richard, coach lamp maker, 17 Marion 

Thompson Dr. Rohen, '213 Canton avenue 

Thompson S. firm Seidenstricker & T. d\v Exeter near Gay 

Thompson S. sailor, 126 York 

Thompson Samuel, carter, 4S York st 

Thompson Samuel, upholsterer, 9 Jackson 

Thompson Samuel, president Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co. dvv 
45 Mount Vernon place 

Thompson Mrs. Sarah Ann, seamstress, 40 Chatsworth 

Thompson & S[)aldin(r, commission mts. 16 Commerce 

Tolmipson T.J. chair maker, 104 n Spring 

Thompson T. &, \V. saddle, harnes;s & tnmk makers, 30 South 

Thompson Tliomas, firm T. 8c Wood, d\v West's buildings, Pratt 

Thompson Thomas, millwright, 103 St, Mary st 

Thompson Wm. 70 e Pratt 

Thompson Wm. H. nightman, 47 Dallas 

Thompson Wm. ashman, S03 e Monutnent 

Thompson Wm. A. mariner, 278 Car)ton avenue 

Thompson Wm. butcher, 68Siiles 

Thompson Wm. shipwright, 325 Eastern avenue 

Thonipson Wm. book keeper, 180 Fremont 

Thompson Wm. finisher, 27 Josephine 

Thompson Wm. agent for newspapers, cor. South and Baltimore 
sts. dw 113 Madison 

Thompson Wm. & Co. mis. and seamen's shipping office, 331 
s Bond st 

Thompson Capt. Wm. 147 Ann 

Thompson & Wood, import, brandies, gin, wines &c. 21 South 

Thomsen & Co. importers brandies, wines, segars, 8cc. 1 Ex- 
change place, Lombard st 

Thomsen Laurence L. firm dw 290 w Lombard 

Thomson Allen, 102 Hamburg 

Thomson Mrs. Ann, tailoress. Mulberry st w of Pearl 

Thomson Edward, moulder, 107 Columbia 

Thomson J. tailor, 223 Conway 

Thomson John, boalman, U Lombard 

Thomson Lloyd, laborer, 15 Booth 

Thomson Thomas, cabinet maker, 14 New Church 

Thomson Wm. American newspaper agency, English, Germaii- 
and French, over no. 1 South st. dvv 113 Madison 

Thonuz A-ndrew, machinist and smiih in general, 50 Light 

Tliorington Wm. shoemaker, 170 e Baltimore 

Thorn J. 7 French ^ 

Thornburg Mrs. Elizabeth, gent, furnishing store, 119 n Gay !^t 

Thornburg' Mrs. Margaret, 23 s Sharp 

Thorne John, horse doctor, 76 North st 

Thorne Samuel C. ladies' shoemaker, 177 Baltimore 

Thornton F. A. purser, U. S. navy, dw 154 Fayette 

Thornton Mrs. Martha, 90 William st 

Thornton Samuel, tailor, 66 McElderry 

Thornton Stephen, firm Armstrong &, 'I'hornton, dw 13 8 Libert^f 

Thornton Wm. pattern maker, 61 Hamburg 

Tiiorp Dr. Jonathan, 44 e Pratt 

Thorp Joshua, bricklayer^ 84 Albemarle 

THO 593 TIM 

Thorpe Charles J. R. clerk, Post office, 39 Pine 

Thorpe Joshua, bricklayer, 112 Dugan's wharf 

Thrall Charles, pattern maker, 218 Sharp 

Thrush Nicholas, connb maker, 127 s Greene 

Thurablert James K clerk, 68 William 

Thumlert Wm. Henry, clerk, 167 Hanover 

Thuner Lewis W. general trimmings dealer, 93 Baltimore' 

Thurlow John, cooper, 144 Bank 

Thursly Wm. carpenter, 51 n Eden 

Thurston David, clerk, 261 Madison avenue ^ 

Thwing L. 49 South * 

Thyea Harman, laborer, 1 Dover 

Tibbals Samuel, boot maker, 279 w Pratt 

Tibbals Thomas, cigar maker, 1 Raburg 

Tichenor Daniel, shoemaker, n w corner Alice Anna, and 

Washington sts 
Tickner Wm. piano forte maker, 19 Perry 
Tidy John B. coach and harness maker, 140 North st. dw 

Monument st 
Tiemeyer Frederick, carpenter, 326 Franklin 
Tier Geo. laborer, Guiliord alley 
Tiernan Charles, vice Mexican consul, 123 n Charles 
Tiernan Dennis, laborerer, Dawson alley, n of McHenry st 
Tiernan Michael, laborer, Dawson alley n of McHenry 
Tiernan Patrick & S.xi, grocers and' tea dealers, 5 n Charles 
Tiessier Andrew, confeclioner, 316 n Howard 
Tiffany Comfort, w end Madison st.s side 

Tiffany St Dickinson, ])roduce &- commission mts. 131 Lombard 
Tiffany Geo. 60 Mt. Vernon place 

Tiffany Henry, firm T. Ward & Co. dw w end Madison st 
Tiffany O. 61 Franklin 
Tiffany, Ward St Co. domestic commission merchants, corner 

German and Hanover sts 
Tiffany Wm. dw 50 Mount Vernon place 
Tihl Frederick, oak coop'r'r, 187 Sharp 
Tilden Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 106 n Greene 
Tilden Thomas E. merchant tailor, 71 s Charles, dw 18 3 Liberty 
Tileston Mrs. Martha, lancy goods dealer, 71 n Eutaw 
Tilghman Lieut. Richard, U. S. navy, dw 52 Frankhn 
Tilghman Robert, laborer, 54 Durst alley 
Till Conrad, laborer, 150 Canton avenue 
Tillyan John, laborer, 10 Booth 
Tilyard H. W. surgeon dentist, 26 s Eutaw 
Tilyard J. W. property and commission agent and keeper Bible 

repository, 61 Fayette st 
Tilyard Mrs. seminary f{)r children, dw 94 Saratoga 
Timanus Mrs. Jane, 172 German 
Timanus John, carpenter, Paca st. dw 48 George 
Timbs Wm. carpenter, Argyle st. n of Bank 
Timely James, gardner, 45 w Lomhard 
Timisk Sebastian, laborer, 107 s Howard 
Timmermann Henry L. boot and shoemaker, 159 Light 
Timmons Charles, gardner, 67 Ross 
Timmons James, sand dealer, 12 Jefferson 

TIM 394 TOM 

Timmons J )lin, wood ag^nt, for Steamboat &. Rail Road d\v 

22 G. Mont(Tomery st 
Timmons VVm. E. lumber inspector, l22 s Hiirh 
Tindell Wm. shoemaker,. Tessier st. near Biddle 
TmdJe Robert VV. boot and shoemaker,. 1-20 Light st. wha 

160 Liaht St- 
Tinges Geo. W. commission shoe warehouse, 9s Howard, dw 

McCulloh's hotel 
Tinges Geo. W. commission ml. 9 German st. dw McCulloh st, 
^ w from Biddle, beuveen Ross and Madison sis 

^ik John,- laborer, Penn. avenue extended 
Tinker Frederick A. walchniaiv G)ngli s^.■ w of AnU' 
Tippetl Rev. Charles B. 148 n E.x<;ter 
Tipion Alfredr? French= 
Tiralla Joseph, cap maker, Sf Harrisoiy 
Tischmeyer Frederick, 174 E;ist 
Tischmeyer Levi, 197 n Chesnut 
Tisdel James, mate, 15 1 Thames 
Titcondie B. variety ij^oods dealer, 104 n Canal' 
Titcojiibe Jo.sepli, button maker, 59 Harlijrd avenue 
Tiltlovv John, dniyman, 522 \v Piait 

Titmeyer Francis, tavern, n w cor. Albemarle and Granby s(3- 
Tiverny John, painter, 21 L. Gt)uurh 
Tit lie Thoma.s, mariner, 88 Monigomery 
Tnison Mrs. Catiierine, 1-23 n Eden 
Tobacco (State) Warehouse, no. 1 &. 2 s end ofDiiiran's wharf 

d<). do. 3 cor. LiiJ!:ht & Conway sts 

do. do. 4 cor. Conway and Charles 

do. do. 5 n e cor. Cliarles & Convva^^ 

Tober Conrad, grocer and liquor dealer, l4'i s Eutavv 
Todd Andrew, type caster, 90 Dallas 
Todd Benjamin, uiariner, 54 Holland 
Todd James, Clinton st. Canton 
Todd Mr.s. Elizabeth, 9 Hoilins 

Todd Samuel, ship carpenter, 9 Artryle alley, (now Register) st 
Todd Stephen, plaisterer. Chapel St. ( s vv Irom Penn. aveune to- 

okl Liberty road) 
Todd Wm. type caster, 76 Dallas 
Toder Wm. HI n Spring 
Toder Wm L. stocking maker, 5 Hamilton 
Todhunter Joseph, 36 Sharp 
Todezwer Lewis, painter, 83 Thames 
Toft Jolin, grccer, 132 P^nsor 
Toft Wm. blacksmitl), 102 
Tolan Thomas, grocer and liquor dealer,.! 9 Grant 
Tolond & Finneiran, saw manulaciurers, 2 Fayette 
Toland Wm. firm T. & Finnegan, dw 48 Exeter 
Toler Geo. laborer, 487 Saraiona 
Tolley Capt. Alexander, 67 Bank. 
Tolley Capt. John A. 149 Caroline 

Tollinger Geo. carpenter, shop 27 s Eutaw,.dw J74 German 
Tolou John, carpenter. 35 Garden 
Tolson Joseph, carpenter, '231 Goutrh 
Tolson Joseph, ship carpenter, 74 Block 
Tonalin Ezekiel L. carpenter. Grant sU dw 410 Lexingtoii> 

TOM 395 TOW 

Tomlinspn Frederick, sailor, 85 n Eden 

Toner James, inspector of customs, 76 Perry 

Toner John, coach maker, 26 Constitution 

Toner Mrs. M. 4 doors w ofClinlon st Canton 

Toner Michael, school commissioner, 79 Perry 

Tonmill Wm. laborer, 6 Elizabeth alley 

TonsonGusiave, 57 Biddle 

Tohnson Mrs. Ann, 107 n Eden 

Tool Mrs, Mary, 32 Jackson 

Toomys John, florist n w cor. Garden & Hoffman sts 

Toomys Nicholas, nailor, Frederick road 

Toomys Michael, laborer, vv B;iltim()re st. extended 

Toomys Michael, shoemaker, Frederick road 

Tooran John, marble polisher, Cider alley, w of Paca st 

Tootle Joseph, iron moulder, 2i: York st 

Topp Geo. cabinet maker, cor. Henrietta st. & Plumb alley 

Topping Evert, teacher. Marshal iiall, Ml. Vernon place 

Topping Robert, hatter. Harmony lane, w ofPoppleton st 

Torborg George, tavern, n vv cor. Lexington and Park sts 

Torborg Henry, grocer, 86 n French 

Torney Andrew, carpenter, s e cor Ann and Gough sts 

Torney Carson, grocer and feed dealer, 200 Light 

Torney &. Hanschen, wholesale & retail grocers, 103 McEl- 

detry's wharf 
Torney Otto, sugar refiner, 97 n Paca st. dw 116 
Torrance Mrs. E. milliner, 125 Lexington 

Torrance Wm. mattress maker, and furniture store, 17 w Pratt 
Torrance Misses, 19 n Frederick 
Torrington John, baker, 213 Monument 

Torsch Henry, grocery & liquor store, s e cor. Charles and Hill 
Torwey Joseph, 198 Alice Anna 
Tost Frederick, surgeon dentist, 68 Thames 
Tottle James, carpenter, 3 Xevv Church 
Tottle Robert, 115 Saratoga 

Tough John S. general lamp furnishing store, 2 e Baltiraore 
Toulish Conrad, blacksmith, 23 e Monument 
Towler Mrs. Catherine, 79 e Orleans 
Town Amos, chair maker, 145 n Exeter 
Towner John F. firm Porter St Towner, dw 198 Saratoga 
Townsend & Chandler, dentists, 208 w Pratt 
Tovvnsend Edward A. huckster, 48 Bond 
Townsend Geo. blacksmith, 148 McHenry 
Townsend James, laborer, 109 Montgomery 
Townsend John, laborer, Light st 

Townsend P. R. boot St shoemaker, 2 Sharp, dw 147 Mulberry 
Townsend R. H. secretary Union Manufacturing Co. 15 s 

Charles st. dw 7 n Front 
Townsend Samuel, clerk, 58 s High 

Townsend Thos. J. oil, paint St glass dealer, 65 C. Market spact 
Tovvnsend Thomas, of Tnos. ship carpenter, 193 Ann 
Tovvnsend Thomas, ship carpenter, 81 s Caroline 
Tovvson Charles, hat store, 33 n Eutaw, dw 223 Madison av 
Towson Charles, laborer, Chapel st. s w from Penn. avenue to 

old Liberty road 
Towson Jaoies, shoemaker, 84 Raborg 

Tow 396 TEE 

Towson James, tailor, 77 Monument 

Towson Misses, 124 Conway 

Towson Mrs. Sarah-, 92 Madison 

Towson Thomas, lailor-, 195 Chesnut 

Toy Mrs. Eliza, private boardin£r house, 6 n Calvert 

Toy J. U. book & job printer, 2 St. Paul st. dw 53 n Paca 

Toy Samuel D. clerk 94 e Fayette 

Traband Geo. saddle &• harness niaker, 51 n Paca 

Tracey Alexander, boiler maker, 107 n Eden 

Tracey Geo, B. ivory and bone turner, n e cor. Fremont and 

Lexington sts 
Tracey John, livery stable Iceeper and horse dealer, German St. 
Tracey Martin, 6 s Frederick 

dw 3S1 Lombard st 
Tracey Nicholas, laborer, Hamburg st. near "William 
Tracey Thomas, kborer 3 New st 
Ttracy Jarett, market trader, 785 w Baltimore 
Tracv JohnR. Road agent, 11 Oregon 
Tracy Matthew & Sons, merchant tailors, 4 St. Paul st. dw 90 

Tracy Nicholas, 207 Aisquitb 
Trainer Anthony, laborer, 105 n Calvert 
Trainer Bernard, carter, 45 Park 
Trainer Catherine, 222 Bethel 
Trainer Felix, clothier, 121 Franklin 
Trainer Hugh, laborer, 51 Preston 
Trainer James, soap and candle dealer, 39 Centre 
Traker Christian, carpenter, 163 Canal 
Trammel Mrs. Rebecca, 78 Bank 
Traner Owen, 19 Clay 
Trapnell Geo. potter, 46 Aisquitb 
Trapnell Rev. Joseph, 19 L. Gough 
Trapnell Mary A. confectioner, 46 Aisquitb 
Trauerman Charles, pedlar, 254 Alice Anna 
Trautfetlers John, tavern, 24 Fell 
Travel Amelia, 160 s Caroline. 
Travers Charles, 90 Montgomery 
Teavers D. mariner, 104 Cross 
Travers Capt. Devereux, 242 Wolf 
Travers Mrs. Hester, 202 s Charles 
Travers Henry, wood dealer, 224 Light 
Travers J. T. grocer and commission , merchant, 92 Light st. 

wharf, dw 50 Lee 
Travers John, ship master, 56 Barre 
Travers Capt. Wm. H. 240 Wolf 
Travers Win. H. house and ship painter, 21 Warren 
Travers Wm. firm Johnson &. Travers, 184 n Calvert 
Trayser Philip P- nut, washer and bolt maker, 15 Park st. dw 

10 Ross 
Treadway Asa H. box maker, dw Chatsworth 
Treadv\ay Nicholas, carter, Bolton near Biddle 
Treadway Thomas, cow keeper, Bolton st. near Biddl« 
Tread wav W. H. carpenter, 172 Pearl 
Treakle William, carpenter, 161 Hollins 
Tref'O Miss F. dry goods dealer, 27 n Howard 

TRE 397 TRU 

Trego &- Lumsden, grocers St com. mts. 41 Cheapside 

Trego Wm. prop, chemical fact. Federal Hill,G. Hughes st.dw 

127 Hanover 
Tregester George, tailor, 138 French 
Treig Michael, paver, 137 Canton av 
Treis John, laborer, 8 Shakspear 
Treisch Joseph, grocer and liquor dealer, 181 Sharp 
Treitler Mrs. Barbara, tavern, 262 s Bond 
Trenton John, ship carpenter, 62 Harrtson 
Tressler John, hackman, 4l Bank 

Treulier locksmith and stove dealer, 35 Ensor 

IVeusch Adam & Son, tin and sheet iron workers, 230 Broadway 
Trevilla Mrs. Margaret, 105 St. Mary- 
Trice George W. Band st. s of Lombard 
Triebert Henry, tinner, 26 e Pratt 
Triford John, carpenter, 1 Garden 
Trigger Mrs. Delilah, shoe binder, 96 Gamdea 
Trimber Jacob, 242 DaHa^ 
Trimble Mrs. Ann, 33 Lancaster 
Trimble Mrs. Elizabeth, 1-62 Franklin 
Trimble Mrs. Rebecca B. dry goods dealer, 33 e Baltimore 
Trimble Samuel, firm Flannigan & Trimble, 68 e Pratt 
Trimble Thomas, firm Egenton, Morris 8c Co. 55 Albemarle st 
Triraingham Ralph, commission merchant, Gay st. dw 32 Stiles 
Trinity School for boys, 46 Saratoga 
Trippe Brazier, shoe maker, Chapel st, s w from Pennsylvania 

avenue, n of Old Liberty road 
Trippe Henry, sawyer, 4 X alley 

Trippe Capt. Jos. F. steam boat Geo. Washington, 72 e Balto. 
Tritle Mrs. Catherine, huckster, 16 Shakspear 

Trockinbrod John, grocer and liquor deal. 324 n Howard 
Trott Capt. Benjamin, 71 Gough 
Trott S. carter, 64 Aisquith 
Trott Thomas, ^vaterman, 141 Spring 

Trotton Thomas, lime and feed dealer, Buchanan's wharf, dw 
7 Broadway 

Troutman F. tanner, n w cor. Josephine st. and Run al 

Trowbridge Reuben, carpenter, 221 Lexington 

Trowbridge Daniel, firm Ford. Stannard &, Co. dw 260 Fayette 

Troxall Lewis, carpenter, 99 Sarah Ann 

Troxall Robert, turner, 147 Columbia 

Troxall Thomas F. firm Keyser & Co. dw83 Lexington 

Troxall William, bricklayer," 260 Mulberry 

Truelove John, tailor, Kerr's wharf 

Truett Oliver, trader, 202 n Eden 

Truit William, bookseller, Granby w of Canal 

Trulieb Peter, blacksmith, cor. Baltimore and Bond • 

Trull Mrs, Ann, boarding house, 42 n Calvert 

Trull Frederick, cabinet maker, 12 Cowpen al 

Trumbo Augustus, bricklayer, 135 n Eutaw 

Trumbo George, butcher, 8 Fish Centre Market Space 

Trumbow Henry C. shot maker, 71 Perry 

Trump Charles '& Michael, lumber mts. e' Falls av. dw 130 Park 

Trump Henry, carpenter, 215 w Lombard 

Trussell Daniel, carpel weaver, 94 Orchard 

TRU 398 ^ TUR 

Trust Harman jr. baker 6 Hill , 

Trust Harman, 759 w Baltimore 

Trust Jacob, importer English, French & German fancy goods, 
S12 Baltimore 

Tryer John, laborer, Dover st. w of Fremont 

Tschiffely Mrs. Elizabeth, iashionable dress maker, 48 Saratoga 

Tschudy Jost, watch maker and jeweller, 82 Thames 

Tschuly Samuel, John & James, 170 Conway 

Tucker Aaron H. cellar diurorer. Dewberry alley 

Tucker Eli, carpenter, Il6 St Mary st. dw 165 Madison 

Tucker Capt. Gasaway, 254 e Pratt 

Tucker George W. druggist & apothecary, cor. Pra(t & Eden 

Tucker Henry, com. ml. over 62 s Gay, dw 193 n Howard 

Tucker Henry R. firm R. & H. R. T. dw cor. Howard &. Ross 

Tucker John W. ship joiner, 278 e Baltimore 

Tucker John H. chair maker, 2 w Baltimore st. adjoining the 
bridge, dw 99 e Pratt 

Tucker John, blacksmith, 303 s Charles 

Tucker Joseph, clothier, 54 Baltimore 

Tucker Mrs. Mary J. seamstress, 67 Perry 

Tucker Mrs. Mary, 7 Johnson 

Tucker S. mariner, 60 Henrietta 

Tucker Samuel, 15 Chew 

Tucker Samuel, carpenter, 5 Hoffman 

Tucker Tliomas, laborer, 80 Burgundy al 

Tucker Phomas T. dw 56 Lombard 

Tucker W. A. president Bait. Fire Ins. Co. dw 65 Lexington 

Tuckey W. E. painter, 21 Presdent, dw 60 s Caroline. 

Tudor Henry, carpenter, 366 Fayette 

Tudor John, carpenter, 69 Raborg 

Tudor Robert, carpenter, 89 Poppleton 

Tufts William, attorney, 227 Franklin 

Tuhl David, book keeper, 158 s Paca 

Tumbleson Henry, paper hanger, 338 s Charles 

Tumbleson William R. 144 s Paca 

Tumblinson Wm. boat build. Patterson's wf. dw 140 Hanover st 

Tumlinson Capt. John W. steam boat Lancaster, 454 Lombard 

Tnmon Peter, grocer, 51 Exeter 

Tunis Alexander, ladies' shoe maker, 224 n Gay 

Tunis Samuel, hatter, 165 n Eden 

Tunis Thomas, laborer, 57 n Spring 

Turfield Philip, cabinet maker, 114 L. Greene 

Turkinon William J. weaver, 489 Saratoga 

Turnbull Alexander, firm T. Dall Sc Slade, dw 67 Franklin 

Turnbull, Dall & Slade, com. mts. 11 s Charles, dw 107 St Paul 

Turnbull John, jr. firm Duvall & Turnbull, 235 w Fayette 

Turnbull Mrs. Eveline, boarding house, 15 n Liberty 

Turnbull John, shoe maker, 232 Canton av 

Turner Benjamin F. glass blower, 127 Spring 

Turner Charles, carpenter, 53 Pine 

Turner Mrs. Elizabeth, 83 Stirling 

Turner Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Jackson 

Turner Mrs. Elizabeth, cloth cap mak. Penn. av. n of Wilson st 

Turner F. K. umbrella and cane maker, corner Lee and Lexing- 
ton, dw 59 u Eulaw 

TUR 399 TYL 

Turner F. M. barber, 304 n Gay 

Turner Francis, firm Joseph J. & F, Turner, dw 30 Harford 

Turner George, carpenter, 8 Warren 

Turner George, fisher, 108 William 

Turner H. T. butcher, 29 & 31 Centre Market, dw opposite 

Washington College 
Turner Isaac, butcher, 167 Bond 

Turner J. J. & F. who), deal, in grain, prod. lirae,&c. 36 Pratt 
Turner James, shoe maker, 139 Conway 
Turner Dr. James H. 94 Ross 
Turner James, drayman, 147 Low 
Turner James, 402 Lexington 
Turner James R. paper hanger, 33 Stifling 
Turner John C. firm T. & Son, dw 90 Hanover 
Turner John, laborer, 101 Ross 
Turner Capt. John D. 39 s High 
Turner John S. pattern maker, 33 Stirling 
Turner John, n w cor. Chatsworth and Pratt 
Turner Joseph & Sons, lumber dealers, 102 Light st. wharf 
Turner Joshua J. firm J. J. & F. T. dw 128 York av 
Turner Joshua, fisherman, 96 Dugan's wharf 
Turner Mrs. Mary E. 331 s Charles 

Turner Mra. Mary D. fancy dry goods dealer, 17 e Baltimore 
Turner St Mudge, paper dealers, 3 s Charles 
Turner Nathan, clerk, 6 Bethel 
Turner Richard, carpenter, Tessier st. near St Mary 
Turner Richard T. hardware dealer, 114 Lombard, dw 95 s Paca 
Turner Robert, flour. Iced & lime store, 47 s Frederick 
Turner S. E. firm Turner & Mudge, dw 29 Courtland 
Turner Mrs. Sarah Ann, 63 s High 
Turner Mrs. Susan, seamstress, 128 McHenry 
Turner Thomas W. clerk, 203 w Pratt 
Turner Thomas K. painter, 2 Fayette, dw 163 n Chpsnut 
Turner Thomas, carpenter, 312 e Monument 
Turner William, huckster, 19 Grant 
Turner William, block maker, 131 McElderry's wht 
Turner William H. H. Hme, flour & feed dealer, 159 n Gay St. 

dw 16 York av 
Turpin Joshua, ladies' shoe maker, 96 Lexington 
Turvell Justus, confectioner, 32 e Pratt 
Turvey Henry, sawyer, 43 Arcryle al 
Tustin Joseph, carpenter, 37 Buren 
Tustin Samue', huckster, 162 n Caroline 
Tuttle Columbus, ladies' shoe maker, 74 Fremont 
Tuttle David, clerk, 34 Marion 
Tuttle John, laborer, 6 Gould's court 

Tuttle Wm. N. printer, firm of Bull & Tuttle, dw 197 Saratoga 
Tuxford Mai tin, shoemaker, 7 Fremont 
Tuxworth David H. grocer, 40 Constitution 
Twaddle Danie', blacksmith, Mulberry st. e of Shroeder 
Tydings Charles, deal, in china and glass ware, 106 Franklin 
Tydings Leonard, 115 Harford aV' 
Tyler Mrs. Ann, 310 e Baltimore 

Tyler 8* Bro. buiscuit and cracker manf. cor. Pratt & Patterson 
Tyler Frederick, blacksmith, 35 Marion 

TYL 400 UNI 

Tyler G. K. firm T. & Bro. dw 315 e Baltimore 

Tyler George N. ship carpenter, 95 Lancaster 

Tyler James, shoe maker, 326 Aibqiiiib 

Tyler John, fisher, Hamburg st. Federal Hill 

Tyler Mrs. Mary, lceef)er o[" boarding house, 92 Eastern'av 

Tyler Solomon F. mariner, 37 Hill 

Tyler Rev. William, 178 Aisquilh 

Tyson Charles, book keeper, 108 n Paca 

Tyson & Dunj^an, com. nits, and millers, 40 Commerce 

Tyson Henry, firm of T. & Dungan, 199 Lombard 

Tyson & Hobb'^, atiornies, 25 Johnson's Bnildintrs, w Fayette 

Tyson Isaac, jr. chemical works, cor. Point 8t Block, office, n « 

cor. South and Second, dw 175 w Lombard 
Tyson James E. firm Baylies &. T. 27 s Howard 
Tyson Dr. James L. 210 n Howard 
Tyson Mrs. Maroraret, teacher, 370 Fayette 
Tyson Richard W. yr. 41 Mulberry 
Tyte Charles, ship joiner, 9 Philpot 
Tyte Thomas, ship carpenter. Register st.s of Bank 

Ubert John, boot and shoe maker, 10 e Pratt 

Ueman Henry, shoemaker, 166 Pearl 

Ubl Francis A. tobacconist, 41 Centre Market space 

Uhl Mrs. P. R. milliner, 44 Centre Market 

Uhl Philip, laborer, 60 L. Hughes 

Uhler E. clerk, 83 n Hicrh 

Uhler G. W. dry goods dealer, 164 Franklin 

Uhler Philip, dry goods dealer, 138 Lexington 

Uhlhorn Mrs. Bandeen, rags and iron dealer, 132 Saratoga 

Uhlhorn Mrs. Dorothea, 100 Sharp 

Uhlhorn John, lock and smith in general, 25S Bond 

Uhthoff Frederick, 212 e Baltimore 

Ulm Frederick, laborer, 233 Woif 

Ulmo Edme E. music teacher, 114 Pearl 

Ulrich E. W. cabinet maker, 114 Fremont 

Ulrich George H. grocer, 122 Thames 

Ulrich William, grocer and liquor store, 79 s Howard 

Ulrick Frederick, boot and shoe maker, 105 n Calvert 

Ulrick George, wheel wrigiit, 12 President 

Uncle Frederick, wheelwright, 180 n Eden 

Uncles Benjamin, carpenter, dw 404 Lexington 

Underbill Israel L. omnibus agent, 283 Biddle 

Underwood Albert, carter, 227 Bank 

Underwood Henry, coach wheelwright, Penn.av. n of Wilson f»t 

TJnderwood Mrs. Jane, fancy dress and cloak maker, e Lombard 

Underwood Joseph, stone mason, Fremont St. n olMcHenry 

Underwood Joshua, 33 Jackson 

Undutch Nicholas, paper hanirer, 612 w Baltimore 

Unfazailt Frederick, blacksmith, 98 Lancaster 

Unger August, baker, 20 e Fayette 

Unger De Robt. printer, Jarvis build. North, dw 397 w Fayette 

Unger John, omnibus driver, 754 w Baltimore 

Union Bank of Maryland, cor. of Fayette and Charles sts. see 

Banks in Appendix 
Union Manufacturing Co. of Maryland, office 15 s Charles 

UNI 401 VAN 

United Mamifacturing Cotton Duck Factory, Henry Snowden, 

manufacturer, dw 47 Broadway 
United States' Hotel, 146 w Pratt, Mr. Guy, proprietor 
University of Md. (Medical,) n e cor. Lombard and Greene 
Upperceue Charles, carpenter, Peach al. dw 96 Pine 
Upperman Jeremiah, shoemaker, 5 Dewberry alley 
Uppermari John C. shoemaker, 515 w Baltimore 
Upperman Nicholas, chair painter, 119 s Eutaw 
Upperman Philip, carpenter, Henrietta St. s of Sharp 
Upton Benjamin, cabinet maker, 4 Water 
Urick John S. tailor, 142 Mulberry 
Urquhart W. & D. mts. office s w cor. Gay & Lombard 
Utermohle Autjust, merchant tailor, 121 e Pratt 
Utermohle Adolphus, barber, 24 e Pratt 
Uthman Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 82 George 
Utiey Edward, iron rnf»ulder, 50 Montgomery 

Vahlberg Theodore, turner, 16 s High 

Vail Benja. sad. harness & trunk mak. 8 n Liberty, dw 1 Union 

Vain George, blacksmith, McHenry 

Vain Lewis, yarn dyer, 215 e Lombard 

Valee Mrs. Mary, 257 Monument 

Valentine John, hackman, Davis st 

Valiant George, 90 n Caroline 

Valiant Henry, hatler, Orleans st. one door from Short 

Valiant Henry, engineer steamboat, 61 Henrietta 

Valiant John F. turner, 226 e Pratt 

Valiant Mrs, Julia A. 72 McElderry 

Valiant Mrs. L. fancy goods dealer, 22 e Baltimore 

Valiant William T. clerk in post office, dw 2-2 e Baltimore 

Valiant Wm. H. hatter and dealer in hats, caps and furs, I Bait. 

Valker Jacob, shoemaker, 31 Ross 

Valkenar Peter, tailor, 199 s Caroline 

Vallette Victor, firm Mtrtin & V. 83 Bait. st. dw 3* HoUiday 

Valter L. shoemaker, 87 n Carolitie 

Vambert Adam, wheelwright, Boyd st e of Shroeder 

Vampe Henry, 255 Canton av 

Van Bibber Doctor W. Chew, 114 Saratoga 

Van Brunt & Adams, provision mis. 205 Louisiana 

Van Buren Mrs. Margaret, spooler, 3 Slemmer's al 

Van Camp &- Bester, surgeon dentists, 40 n Charles 

Vanbeck V/m. T. undertaker, 36 Hanover 

Vance James, edge tool maker, B.nhel st n of Gough 

Vance James, cedar cooper, 53 Union 

Vandaniker Conrad, police officer, 328 Franklin 

Vandaniker Jacob, plaisterer, Howard st near Richmond 

Vandaniker Joseph, bricklayer, 88 St. Mary's 

Vanderford Henry, grocer and feed dealer, s e corner Broadway 

and Lombard st 
Vanerder David, collar maker, 8 Diamond 
Vane Thomas, painter. Bethel st n of Gough 
Vanfosson David, ladies* shoemaker, 2l Diamond 
Vanhollen Christopher, 161 Baltimore 
Vanhorn James, plaisterer, 113 Orleans 
Vaahorn Samuel, carpenter, 107 Cross 


VAN 402 VIC 

Vanlill H. M. boot, shoe and findings atore, 300 w Pratt 

Vanlill Stephen J. boot and shoenfiaker, 298 vv Pratt 

Vanhll Wm. painier and glazier, 129 Fremont 

Van Ness Wm. J. tea dealer and grocer, 60 C. Market Space 

Van Newker Joseph, painter, 122 Dallas 

Van Rossum Mrs. A. E. 17 Jackson 

Van Rossum James T. cabinet maker, 159 Canton av 

Vansani George, carpenter, 134 s Eutavv 

Vansant Joshua, hatter, Il5 Bait. st. cor. St)uth, dw 32 Second 

Vanschalkwyck Augustus, prof, languages, 294 n Howard 

Van Ortwick, Bait, trunk nfianuf* n vv corner Charles and Pratt 

Van Uum H. I. tailor, 27 Mullikin 

Van Wick J. C. deputy collector port of Baltim.ore, at Custom 

House, dw 297 Favette 
Van Wyck Doctor John C. 295 Fayette 
Vanzant John, huckster, 136 s Eutaw 
Vanzant Joshua, watchman, 13 Henrietta 
Vardin Robert B. clerk, 27 Aisquith 
Vardey Joseph, pilot, 154 Ann 
Varina Edward C. shoemaker, 108 Conway 
Varmick Casper, picture frame maker, n e corner Hoffman »t 

and Pennsylvania av 
Varney M. J, baker, 85 Aisquith 
Vaughan Charles H. merchant tailor, 1 n Exeter 
Vaughaa Mr&. Charlotte, seamstress, 76 Mulberry 
Vaughan Mrs. Eliza^^l n Exeter 
Vaughen J. & Co. lumber mts. $,13, dw 266 n Howard 
Vaughn H. pilot, ]42 Ann 
Vaughn Mrs. Susan, 116 Bank 
Vaughn Rosanna, Lloyd al 
Veazels Zaccheus, grocer, 741 Baltimore 
Veazey Misses, dress makers, 201 Fayette 
Veazey Wm. laborer, 19 Lancaster 

Veazy George Ross, attorney, 15 St. Paul st. dw Exch. Hotel 
Veazy Joseph, Essex st. Canton 
Veener John, carpenter, Penn. av n of Wilson st 
Veetenhour Alexander, clerk, 274 Franklin 
Vegheg John, paver, 17 e Monument 
Veihmever Jacob, marble and stone cutter, Lombard st near 

Charles, dw 167 n Paca 
Veist John, lab(Srer, ^l s Eutaw 

Verina Thomas H. shoemaker, Henrietta st w of Howard 
Verleger G. 157 n E.xeter 
Vernon Joseph, clerk. Wolf st s of Thames 
Vernetson Wm. clotliier, 115 w Pratt st. dw 83 e Lombard 
Vesel Henry, laborer, 38 Block 
Veter Joseph, cedar cooper, 3 Canal 
Vetter John, locksmith,. 198 Alice Anna 
Vey Henry, harness maker, 125 Pennsylvania av 
Viaene John, merchant tailor, 219 Baltimore st. up staira 
Vickers B. A. firm Joel V. & Son, dw 81 Sharp 
Vickers Clouse H. tailor, 221 e Pratt 
Vickers G. watchman, 99 Cri)ss 
Yickers George R. & Co. millers and com, mts. 33 Commeree- 

^t. dw G.R.V. 91. Sharp 

VIC 403 VON 

Vickers Jesse, painter, 20 s Frederick St. dvv 29 n Eden 
Vickers Joel & Son, flour raanuf. 51 Conanaerce st. dw J. V. 

SS Sharp 
Vickers John, laborer, Covington 
Vickers Mrs. Mary, hnckster, 8l Arfifyle al 
Vickery Wm. H. clerk, 202 e Baltimore^ 
Victor Christoph, laborer, Kerr's wharf 
.Victor Mrs. Emily, nuise, 12 Water 
Victor Thomas, laborer, Castle al. Canton 
Victory J. clothier, 113 n Howard 
Vier John, laborer, 42 President 
Vildus John, paver, 236 Monument 

Vincent Mrs. Elizabeth, eating rooms, basement 164 w Pratt 
Vincent James, shoemaker, l20 Conway 
Vincent Jessifor, blacksmith, 122 Columbia 
Vinegar August, gardner, 36 n Spring- 
Vinegar Henry, tailor, 36 Eastern av 
Vinegre Henry, laborer, Kerr's wharf 
Vineyard James, butcher, 286 Mulberry 
Vineyard Henry, 433 Saratoga 
Vink Wm. rags and iron dealer, 43 Park 
Vinkler Mrs. Jane, 47 n Canal 
Vinton Rev. R. S. pavStor William st. Meth. E. church, dw 187 

Hanover st 
Vinton Samuel R. ship carpenter, 28S s Charles 
Visage Mrs. Ann M. 72 n Exeter 

Vocke Class, 'com. business,' s Charles st. dw 262 Fayette 
Vode Lewis, shoemaker, 30 Marion 
Vogeler Auofust, drugijist, 9 s Liberty 
Vogeler &, Mann* yarn and trim, dealers, 49 Baltimore 
Vogelgesang Daniel, conf. and fruit dealer, 106 Light 8t whf 
Vogelson Henry, lailor, 143 e Fayette 
Vogle Charles, carver, 529 Baltimore 
Voffle Mrs. 'Louisa, milliner and trim. deal. 539 Baltimore 
Voglkissong Jacob, baker, 34 Cross 
Vogt Frederick, blacksmith, 17 Perry 
Vogts Peter, tavern, 31 Fell 
Vogts Wm. 33 Fell 
Voight D.ivid, carpenter, 103 Fremont 
Volk &. Betz, boot and shoemakers, 48 s Charles- 
Volk Catherine, 71 n Exeter 
Volker M. shoemaker, 97 North 
Volkmar C. artist, 10 n Frederick 
Volkmar Charles, 108 Pennsylvania av 
Volkmar George T. tinner, 106 Pennsylvania av 
Vollandt John, professor of music, 157 Madison 
Vollmeo Ludowig, shoemaker, 241 Canton av 
Vollrath C. shoe dealer, 201 Bethel 
Voltsmidt Lewis, oak cooper, 59 n Frederick 
Volz George,. carpet weaver, Lombard st w of Oregon 
Volz P. boot and shoemaker, M7 Saratoga 
Vomhof Philip, cow dealer, Penn. av n of Wilson st 
Von Kapff Frederick, firm H. &.F. Von K. dw 35 Cathedrafe 
Von Kapff H. & F. 22 German 
Van Pilte John Hency, painter,, as President 

Va?; 404 WAG 

Von Post Albert, tobacco mt. 209 Franklin 

Von Post H. firm Von P. & Ho<rendorp, 209 Franklin 

Von Post & Hogendorp, tobacci) com. mts. over 22 German 

Vondersmitli D. farmer, 181 Fayette 

Voss Benj. F. imp. of hardware, 8 s Charles St. dw 78 n Charles 

Voss Franklin, d\v 83 n Charles 

Voyce George^ brick maker, 190 Sharp 

Voyce Tlioiiias, harness maker, 26 Ensor 

Vreeland Mrs. Orelia,- milliner and dress maker, 46 1-2 Saratoga 

Vuldy Sebastian, tavern, 71 Hanover 

Vunder Conrad, milkman, HO French 

Wacey Henry, carpenter, 65 Aisquith 

Wachmold John, shoemaker, 45 Albemarle 

Wachter John N. tailor, 5 New Church 

Wackaser Mrs. Elizabeth, 85 Union 

Wackenson John, carpenter, Gibson st n of Hofiraan 

Waddell James, turner, 28 New Church 

Waddell Rt)bert, moulder, 82 n Gay 

Waddle J. tallow chandler, 171 n Front 

Waddy Alexander, sail maker, 26 Maiden lane 

Wade Captain George, Lee st vv of Eutaw 

Wade John jr. attorney and insurance agent, 22 South St. dw 

n Charles st. Mount Vernon Place 
Wade Mrs. candy shop, 47 Conway 
Wadsworth George, prop, planing and sawing mill. East Falls 

av. dw Mansion House, cor. St. Paul and Fayette sts 
Waeglein Conrad, tailor, 208 Goiigh 

Waesche Frederick R. firm W. & Maund, dw 317 Lexington 
Waesche George F. R. firm Watkins, Dungan & W. dw S17 

Lexington st 
Waesche 8t Maund, dealers in hardware & cutlery, 214 Bait. 
Waesche Mrs. Margaret, 317 Lexington 
Wagenschewenz Henry, turner, 82 Eastern av 
Wagoner Charles F. carpet weaver, 163 Canton av 
Waggner Christian W. shoemaker, l2 Jack-son's court 
Waggner Francis, block and pump maker. Bond st s of Thames, 

°" dw Gough st w of Broadway 
Waggner George, block and pump maker, corner Wolf and 

""^ Thames sts. dw 248,Canton av 
Waffiner Lewis, ship joiner, cor. Washington and Pratt 
Waggner Wm. firm Hunt & W. dw Ann st e of Pratt 
Waghmann Abraham D. watchmaker & jeweller, 60 Thames 
Wagner Basil, collector, 51 n Liberty 
Wagner Casper, baker, 451 Baltimore 

Wagner Charles, cooper, Penn. av 3 doors w of Dolphin 8t 
Wagner Charles, laborer, 59 Union 
Wagner David, boot and shoe maker, 155 Conway 
Wagner Ferdinand, cap maker, 173 Light 
Wagner Frederick, shoemaker, 257 Happy al 
Wagner Frederick, shoemaker, 238 Happy al 
Wagner Frederick, musician, 58 n Frederick. 
Wagner George, sailor, 202 s Bond 
Wagner Henry, 54 Bethel 
Wagner James F. collector for Patriot, 145 e Baltimore 

WAG 405 WAL 

"Wagner John, tailor, 141 n Canal 

Wagner John, furniture ware rooms, 61 s^haple* 

Wagner John, laborer, 48 L. Hughes 

Wagner Joseph, 66 Thames 

Wagner Lemuel, ship carpenter, 175 Wolf 

Wagner Leonard, oak cooper, 69 Jasper 

Wagner Michael, oak cooper, cor. Montgomery & LeadenhaU^ 

Wagner Philip, grocer and liquor dealer, 435 Baltimore 

Wahl Mrs. Ann R. milliner, 99 n Gay 

Wahl Jacob, hatter, 80 Thames 

Wahl John, cabinet maker, 87 McElderry's wharf 

Wahl John, 99 n Gay 

Wahlsman Frederick, laborer, 144 Alice Anna 

Wailes Mrs. Barbara, boarding house, 12 s Gay 

Wait George W. & Son, prop. 'Paca Mills,' (mustard, &c.) W. 

Falls av. store 60 South st 
Wait Richard C. shipsmith, York st. dw 10 Hill 
Wait W. Coleman, firm Geo. W. Wait & Son, 237 Lexington- 
Waile Robert H. shipsmith, s w cor. G. Hughes &t Covington 
Waiie Wm. W. property agent and collector, 95 Ann 
Waites Henry, blacksmith, 82 Conway 
Wakely James P. cabinet maker, 166 e Fayette 
Waldaur M. L. clothier, 296 Pratt 
Waldeck Adam, boot and shoemaker, 383 Saratoga 
Waldeck Valentine, boot and shoemaker, 161 Canton av 
Walden Frederick, carpet manuf. 107 agd 109 n Paca 
Walden George, horse trainer, Clinton st. Canton 
Waldie John, wheelwright, 32 Preston 
Waldman Wm.dyer and scourer, 33 Harrison 
Waldo Charles W. carpenter, 226 Canton av 
Walen Mrs. Mary, grocer, 87 Wolf 

Wales Philip S. grocer and liquor dealer, Eutaw st s of West 
Walker Alexander, painter, 197 e Lombard 
Walker Andrew T. keeper While House tavern, 315 w Pratt 
Walker Daniel, shoemaker, 69 Ensor 
Walker Mrs. Elizabeth, 67 McElderry 
Walker Mrs. Emily, 84 Paca 
Walker Frederick,' laborer, 108 Dugan's wharf 
Walker George, boat builder. Fells st. dw 129 sBond 
Walker Henry, grocer, 65 Centre Market Space 
Walker Henry, machinist, 73 Eden 
Walker Captain Hugh S. 101 Broadway 
Walker Isaac, bricklayer, 69 Ensor 

Walker J. W. ex-sheriff; office 6 Spurrier's court, Lexington st 
Walker James, ship carpenter, 286 Alice Anna 
Walker John M. clerk, 250 Biddle 
Walker John W. firm W. & Kimberly, dw 259 Biddle 
Walker John, property agent, Second st. dw 148 Monument 
Walker John, carter, Henrietta st e of Howard 
Walker Captain J(»hn, 32 Henrietta 
Walker John K. laborer, 80 William 
Walker Joseph, teacher, 81 s Exeter st. dw lOl 
Walker Joseph, waterman, 31 Philpot lane 
Walker & Kimberly, wholesale boot, shoe, hats and caps dealers, 

8 w corner Baliiroore and Howard 

WAL 406 WAL 

Walker Noah & Co. clothiers, 80 Centre Market Space 

Walker Owen, macWnist, 140 Dallas 

Walker Peter, accountant, 1 L. Church 

Walker Peter, sailors' boardinir house, 99 Thames 

Walker Peter, weaver, f reedoin st. Beam's lot 

Walker Richa/d, mariner, 225 Alice Anna 

Walker Richard W. market trader,. 43 n Frederick 

Walker Captain Robert, 56 Sprinir 

Walker Robert jr, book keeper, Sis Exeler 

Walker S. T. tailor^ 142 Lexincrion 

Walker Samuel, trader, 35 Sterling 

Walker & Smith, fish dealers, 4 Centre Fish Market 

Walker Mrs. Susan A. tailoress, 75 s Bond 

Walker Mrs. Susan, 7 Hampstead 

Walker Thomas, engineer, 85 Sterling 

Walker U, potter, 185 Orleans 

Walker Wm, fish dealer, 5 McElderrj 

Walker Wm. F. japann^r, 5 French lane, chv earner Hanover 

and Vork sis- 
Walker Wra. C. paper hanger, 69 Ensor 
Walker Wm. sail maker, 185 Orleans 
Walker Wm. painter, HI Hanover 
Walker Zadock, carpenter, 6 Giddinirs 
Wall Mrs. Alice H. 98 n Howard 

Wall Charles, shoemaker, corner Fayette and Harrison 
Wall Daniel, painter, 120 n Paca 

Wall Ephraim H. carpenter, 81 n Paca st. dvv 196 Saratoga 
Wall Jacob, architect and builder, 29 Hollins 
Wall John^ clerk, 36 German 

Wall Joseph W. grocer and provision dealer, l4l Hollins 
Wall - — — , last maker, corner Grant and Mercer 
Wall M. confectioner, 107 n High 
Wall Mrs. Mary, huckster, 26 s Bond 
Wall Mrs. Ruth, 126 Lexington 
Wallace Anthony R. grocer &, com. merchant, 123 Light St. whf^ 

dw 54 Lee st 
Wallace H. tailor, 11 Henrietta 
Wallace Horatio, bailiff", 202 Gough 
Wallace James, tobacconist, 142 Orleans 
Wallace John, blacksmith, 31 Hdlen 
Wallace Lawrence, stone cutter, 118 n Canal 
Wallace Mrs. Margaret, 27 n Paca 
Wallace Micliaely mariner, 295 Eastern ar 
Wallace Thomas and Son, dry goods dealers, 68 Hillen, dw 63^ 
Wallace Wm. tin plate worker, 40 s Calvert st. dw 270 Fayette 
Wallace William T. fish inspector, 42 Granby 
Wallace Capt. William,. 124 e Pratt 
Wallace WillJam,. dry goods- dealer,. 9 s Exeter 
Wallan George, bricklayer, 108 s Eder^ 
Waller Abrafjam\,.hiiekyter, n e eor. Concord and Hawk 
Waller George K-dry goods merchant,. Balto. st. dw 118 Sharp 
Waller Mrs. tavern, 12 Centre Fish Market 
Wallestein Julius, portrait painter, Pratt st. extended 
Wallfisch Samuel, 152 Orleans 
Wallis Jacob, sawyer, 107 York 

WAL 407 WAL 

Wallis Lawrence, stone cutter, 118 n Canal 

Wallis Matthew, engineer, 172 Light 

Wallis S. Teackle, attorney at law, 41 St Paul 

Wallis William, lime hurner, s Paca st. extended 

Wallum William, boarding house, 2 s High 

Walm Bernard, shoe maker, 66 Conway 

Walmling Mrs. Julia, preceptress 196 Light 

Walmsley Benjamin, 183 Washington 

Walrasley J. H. Humes 

Walmsley Martha, grocer and provision dealer, 113 Hollina 

Walmsley Robert H. cabinetmaker, 11 n Exeter 

Walrasley Thomas, carpenter, 109 e Fayette 

Walmsley William H. coach painter, Humes st 

Walsh Catherine, grocer, 167 Canton 

Walsh Henry, laborer, 3 McHenry 

Walsh James, clerk, 121 n Exeter 

Walsh Jeffreys, painter, 33 Hill 

Walsh John, fisher, 3d st. Federal Hill 

Walsh Philip, carpenter, Cathedral n of Richmond 

Walsh Richard, feed dealer, Cheapside, dw 24 s Caroline 

Walsh T. Yeates, attorney at law and solicitor in Chancery, 4 

Court House lane, dw 28 Granby 
Walsh Thomas, bottling cellar, cor. Exchange place & South st. 

dw 50 Front 
Walsli Thomas, sexton St Vincent's Catholic ch. 50 n Front 
Walsh William, carpet manfacturer, near Lombard st bridge 

dw 51 Albemarle 
Walsh Henry, laborer, 3 McHenry 

Walstrum Peter, shoemaker, 2 House's court, near Charles si 
Waltemeyer, Jacob, carpenter, Boyd st. near Poppleton 
Walter Augustus, coach trimmer, 145 Canal 
Walter Bernard, 270 Alice Anna 
Walter Charles, commission merchant, 95 Pratt 
Walter &l, Co. flour commission merchants, 28 s Howard 
Walter Edmund, tobacconist, 3 Pratt st. dw 26 Fayette 
Walter George, firm of Etting & Walter, dw 153 n Paca 
Walter George K. firm of W. & Co. dw 284 w Lexington 
Walter Henry, shoe maker, 220 Ann 
Waller Capt. Herman T. 65 s Caroline 
Walter Hiram C. baker, 476 w Baltimore 
Walter Jacob, 114 Mulberry 
Walter John, builder, 20 Gibson 

Walter Jno. collect. & convey. 37 Second st. dw 148 Monument 
Waller Joseph M. watchmaker and jeweller, 58 n High 
Walter Raphael, clothier, 76 Pratt 
Walter W. F. paper hanger, 183 e Baltimore 
Walter William, potter, 199 e Baltimore 
Walter William G. segar maker, 17 Clay 
Walterman Mrs. Elizabeth, 180 Sharp 
Waltermyer John, engineer, 445 w Lombard 
Walters & Harvey, commission rats. 15 & 16 Spear's wharf 
Walters Henry, carpenter, 205 Biddle 
Walters John, nightman, Mullikin st. Fairmount 
Walters William T. firm W. & Harvey, dw 27 8 High 
Waltgen Frederick, cabinet maker, 80 n Eden 

WAL 408 WAR 

Waltham Samuel, laborer, 24 Giddings 

Waltjen Andrew, carpenter, 105 Pearl 

Waltjen Harman, firm Taylor 8t W. dw 105 Pearl 

Waltjen Henry» box maker, 5 Vine 

Walimyer Henry, watclunan, 296 Mulberry 

Walton Elijah, carpenter, shop Clay sU dw l28 Mulberry 

Walton Jesse, clerk, 23 Holland 

Walton John, sand di«rL^er, 46 Montgomery 

Waltz Mrs. Regina, 213 Lexincrton 

Wamalang Peter J. grouer and liquor dealer, 193 s Charles 

Wambach E. baker, 113 Ensor 

Wambach W. boot and shoe maker, 4 South 

Wambaugh Andrew, laborer, Washinirton road 

Wambaui;h Agustus, shoe maker, 7 Cowpen al 

Wamsley Benjamin, t83 Washington 

Wancock D. H. carter, 20 n Spring 

Wantz Henry, firm oC Boyle & W. dw 173 n Eutaw 

Ward Allen, '292 Fayette 

Ward B. C. firm Tiifany, Ward 8c Co. dw corner Franklin and 
Cathedral sts 

Ward & Brothers, importers & deals, in foreign 8i. domestic hard- 
ware, 21 s Caivtrt 

Ward Charles, weaver, 93 Peirce 

Ward Edward J. tin plate and iron worker, 182 Pratt, dw Lee 

Ward Edw. V. firm W. Brothers, at Mr. Loud's n Charles 

Ward Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 167 s Paca 

Ward G. W. firm W. Brothers., dw Centre St. e of Charles 

Ward Hugh, 181 Bethel 

Ward James, laborer, 32 Addison 

Ward J;imes, shoemaker, 176 Fremont 

Ward John, carpenter, 26 Centre 

Ward John, carpenter, 13 Republican 

Ward Joseph, tailor, Preston st. w of Garden 

Ward Joshua, tavern, 19 Centre Market 

Ward Mrs. Lilly, 87 Exeter 

Ward Mrs. Mary, 14 Falls st 

Ward Nathaniel, bricklayer, 20 Warren 

Ward Patrick, huckster, 22.3 Forrest 

Ward Richard S. carpenter, 154 Madison 

Ward Mis. Sarah, 128 Sharp 

Ward Thomas M. silversmith, 34 Camden 

Ward Thomas, laborer, 32 Addison 

Ward Thomas, clerk, 176 Aisquith 

Ward William A. watchman, 188 Sharp 

Ward William, bill broker, 4 w Fayette 

Wardec.ker Samuel, shoemaker, 10 Union 

Wardell Samuel, cooper, 62 e Fayette 

Wardell Samuel, blacksmith, 102 L. Greene 

Warden J. & H. com. mts. 29 Commerce st.dw 53 e Fayette 

Wardenberg William, grocer, 11 Fell 

Ware Elias, firm Lester & W. dw S80 w Baltimore 

Ware Frances, blacksmith, Peirce st. w of Fremont 

Ware Henry, engineer, 225 e Lombard 

Ware L. C' machinist, 181 w Pratt, dw 93 Exeter 

Ware Michael, paver, 126 Stirling 

WAR 409 WAR 

Ware P. jr. firm W. & Weston, 84 Mulberry 

Ware Peter, carpenter, 44 Chew 

Ware Robert G. boots, shoes, hats &c. dealers, 22 r Charles 

Ware & Weston, boot and shoe com. mts. 17 St 19 Hanover 

Wareham Conrad, ciiy baililf, Henrietta St. e of Howard 

Wareham Isaac, 26 n Caroline 

Warem Isaac M. Lombard st. e of Caroline 

Warfield Anderson, carpenter, Biddle st. d w 225 Saratoga 

War field B. 230 Saratoga 

Warfieid Daniel, firm W. & S )n, 55 St Paul 

Warfield Enoch, huckster, Conway st. e ol Fremont 

Warfield Mrs. boardmg house, 265 w Pratt 

Warfield Nathan, <jarpenter, Watron al. w from Popp'eton st 

WarfiL-ld a Son, millers, 80 Spear's whl'. dw St Paul 

Warfit-dd Thomas, trader in market, 4 HoUins 

Warfield William, collector, property agent and conveyancer, 

n e cor. St Paul and Fayette sis. dw 52 George 
Wareham Isaac, s'peculator, 'i6 n Caroline 
Warintr Spencer M. boot and shoe maker, 269 w Pratt 
Warmin Henry, Ibundryman, E^^sex st. Canton 
Warnawetch Charles, butcher, Permsylvania av. extended 
Warnberorer Matthew, ti!iner, 58 Henrietta 
Warner Dr. A. L. dw 131 Fremont 
Warner Andrew E. gold and silversmith, 30 n Gay 
Warner Asa, blacksmith, 401 w Lombard 
Warner Mrs. Catherine, boarding house, 56 York 
Warner Edward M. firm Lewis M. W. & Co. 317 Lombard 
Warner PVancis A. tailor, 234 Monument 
Warner Geo. K. who!, dry goods mt. 324 Balto. dw 118 Sharp 
Warner George jr. attorney at law, 9 Law Build, cor. St PaiJ 

and Lexington, up stairs, dw 26 Columbia 
Warner Giles, huckster, 164 Conway 
Warner Henry, sh p carpeoter, 8 York 
Warner Dr. J. E. l2l n Exeter 
Warner James M. merchant tailor, ll9 e Lombard 
Warner John, boot and shoemaker, 308 e Monument 
Warner Joltn, shoe maker,*75 Ai-gyle al 
Warner John, omnibus, driver, 59 George 
Warner Joseph P. watch case maker, 9 Fayette 
Warner Leander A. huckster, 41 n Eden 
Warner Lewis M. firm L. M. Warner & Co. 315 Lombard 
Warner L. M. & Co. boots, shoes, hats, Sec. deal. 243 w Balta 
Warner Mrs. Louisa, 53 Union 
Warner Mrs. Mary, 54 Columbia 
Warner Michael, fr. biickmaker, 134 Sharp st 
Warner Michael, laborer, 163 Canal 
Warner Michael jr. brick maker, 293 w Pratt 
Warner Mitchel, cow keeper, 315 s Bond 
Warner Richard, tailor, 265 Saratoga 
Warner William H. carpenter, 293 Light 
Warner William G. book and job printer, 51 Second 
Warner William A. cabinetmaker, 119 Canal 
Warnick John, boot maker, 59 n Exeter 
Warnick Jacob T. stone cutler, 13 Perry st 
Warnick William L. stone cutter, 13 Perry 

WAR 410 WAT 

Warnken L. groc & liquor deal, n w cor. Columbia & Fremont 
Warnken Lulir, grocer and liquor store, 97 s Howard 
Warren Allen, caipenler, 366 n Gay- 
Warren George, laborer, 129 Low 
Warren Samuel, stove dealer, 90 n Calvert 
Warrick John, bricklayer, J 32 Caroline 
Warrington George, laborer, Woll'sl. s of Thames 
Warrington George, hi borer, near the bridge. Canton 
Warrington John, laborer, s e cor. Ann St. and Eastern av. 
Wartga Henry, laborer, 246 Bond 
Wascot James, mate vessel, 71 Centre Market 
Washburn Wyman F. clerk, 66 Conway 
Washington Mrs. Ann, 176 e Fayette 

Washington Bar Room, J. Mayo, prop. 206 Pratt st. basement 
Washington College Hospital, cor. Fayetie st. and Broadway 
Washington Engine House, Conway si. near Eutaw 
Washington, Geo. Town & Alex, steam packet off. s end Com- 
merce St. C. Worthingion, agent 
Washington Hotel, John Gilman, jr. prop. 206 w Pratt 
Washington Iron Foundry, J. A. Gilman, prop. 156 '8 Conway 
Washington James, 12 Allen alley 

Washington Jas. H. firm Mayger & Washington, dw 34 Fawn 
Wasliingion Medical (new) College, Lombard st. e ot Hanover 
Washmond Frederick, tanner, Pennsylvania av. n of Wilson st 
Waskey Benjamin, cabinet ware rooms & chair manf. 4l South, 
dw 126 e Lombard 

Wasmus Mrs. E. 103 & Howard 

Wasmus Frederick, carpenter, 57 Burgundy ai. 

Wason Andrew, vvaichnian, Edward st 

Walch Hou-^e Eastern Disi. cor. Bank and Bethel 

do Middle do cor. Holliday and Saratoga 

do Southern do junction L. Hughes &, Montgomerj 

do Western do No. 3 Greene, near Baltimore 

Watchman George, machinist, Johnson st 

Watchman John, mnchinisi and engineer, 17 Montgomery 

Water Company's office, 19 South 

Waterman Samuel A. 01 French 

Water Henry, boot maker, 101 n Caroline 

Waters Cliarles, clerk, 234 n Howard 

Waters Christopher, blacksmith, 139 Alice Anna 

Waters Mrs. K. D. boarding house, 102 Hanover 

Waters E(hvard, coacli maker, 108 Canal 

Waters Mrs. Eliza, dress maker, 229 Franklin 

Waters Eleanor, s e cor. Sharp and Conway 

Waiers Rev. Dr. Francis, 96 Paca 

Waters Freeborn G. & Son, property agents, S Law building*. 
Si. Paul St. dw 90 Mulberry 

Waters George, carpenter, 259 s Charles 

Waters George T. iron moulder, 17 West 

Waters Isaac, Lerew's al 

Waters James S. bookseller and stationer, 244 Baltimore st. dn 
Madion av. n ol' Dolphin st 

Waters James, clerk, 283 e Balt-imore 

Wateis James H. tinner, lOB Canal 

Waters John H. nightman, n w cor. Canal and Gough 

WAT 411 WAir 

Waters John T. kttorney at law, 26 St Paul 

Waters Joseph G. carpenter, 187 s Paca 

Waters Mrs. 254 e Baitiinore 

Waters Robert, marble polisher, 58 Preston 

Waters S. R. tobacco deal. 128 Charles st. d\v 200 n Entaw 

Waters William C. firm James Myer and Co. 8 House's court 

Waters William, mate steamboat, 153 Light 

Waterworth, Samuel, weaver, n e cor. Lexington & Fremont ets 

Watkiiis Mrs. Ann, 299 w Pratt 

Watkins Archibald, shoemaker, 135 York 

Watkins Archibald W. 101 Lee 

Watkins & Co. dry goods dealers, s w cor. Hanover &, Pratt sts 

Watkins, Duncan & Waesche, dealer in boots, shoes, hats, caps 

&c. 232 Baltimore st 
Watkins Edward, wood corder, Fawn st. e of Exeter 
Watkins Mrs. Elizabeth L. dress maker, 43 Marion 
Watkins Evan, firm VV. & Quinlan, 99 n Eutaw 
Watkins Geo. W. carpenter, 14 Douglass 
Watkins Isaac, shoemaker, ll5Chesnut 
Watkins John, shoemaker, 37 Burgundy alley 
Watkins John T. furniture warehouse, 47 South 
Watkins John Wesley, bricklayer, 106 Pearl 
Watkins L. J. & Co. dry goods dealers, 184 w Pratt 
Watkins Muiisen, tavern & boarding house, 91 McElderry's whf 
Watkins Noble G. rainier, 33 Burgundy alley 
Watkins & Quinlan, edge tool manufacturers. Balderstcnst 
Watkins Mrs. Susan, 200 e Pratt 
Watkins Thomas, jr. firm L. J. W. 8c Co. dw Pratt 
Watkins Thomas C. firm W. Dungan &. Waesche, dw 82 Lee 
Watkins Wm. tailor, 123 Fremont 
Watkins Wm. painter, 49 Burgundy alley 
Watkins Wm. B. ladies' shoemaker, 63i Fayette 
Watkins Wm. Woodward, clerk. Merchants' Bank, 166 Sharp 
Watiington Mrs. Sophia, 325 s Bond 
Watson Charles, carpenter, Mosher st e ofChalsworth 
Watson P_^dward, wood dealer. Register st n of Bank 
Watson Mrs. Eliza, 17 Stirling 

Watson Frederick, tavern, s e cor. Bond &, Shakspearsts 
Watson G. W. boot &, shoemaker, 18 Ensor 
Watson Henry, shoemaker, 109 Hill 
Watson Hugh, painter, 150 Bank 

Watson James T. wire worker, 62 s Calvert, dw 154 s Paca 
Watson Jane, tavern & store, n w cor. Lombard & Concord sta 
WatsoTi J no. carter, 26 n Addison 

Watson Jos. groc. & liqr. deal, n e cor. East. av. & Caroline 8t 
Watson Robert, grocer, 145 s Eden- 
Watson Thomas, mariner, 237 Eastern avenue 
Watson Thomas, flour inspector, 50 Carpenter's alley 
Watson Thomas, clerk, 182 e Baltimore 
Watson Wm. J. boot &. shoemaker, 2 n Calvert, dw 13 Exeter 
Watson Wm. grocer, 61 Eastern avenue 
Watson Wm. moulder, 463 Lombard 
Watson Wm. carter, 153 Holliday 
Wattles Jas. L. ariist, 3 Hoflfman st. dw '25 Diddle 
Watts Alfred, brakesman, 9 Republican st 

WAT 412 WEA 

Watts Charles, carpenter, 'ISS e Fayette 

Waits Capt. Frederick J. niyriner, 173 e Fayette 

Watts Geo. cheese dealer, S2 Columbia 

Watts John W. ^rocer, 70 Granby 

Watts Jolin W. carpenier, Granby st 

Watts Mrs. Julia, washer, 12 Warner 

Watts James, bricklayer, 181 Conway 

Watts Nathaniel, cell:ir uiirtrer, Penn. av. n of Townsend st 

Watts Peter A, clerk, Gouirh st. w of Bethel 

Watts Mrs. Rachel, l7tj Bethel 

Watts Reuben, engineer on R. Road, 214 Hollins 

Watts Reverdy H.^ painter, \SS York st 

Watts Richard, marini-r, 153 s Caroline 

Watts Wm. coach smiih, 122 Orleans 

Watts Capt. Wm. J. 186 s Bond 

Waugh Alexander T. teacher Eiiijlish & Mathematics, Lombard 

St. basement 2d Lu'.heran Eiiirlish Church, dvv i20 Greene 
Wauirh Rev. Beverly, bishop M. E. Church, dw 20 s Greene 
Waurrh Dr. J. W. otfice 100 Lee, dw 158 Sharp 
Way Charles, trunk maker, 53 Stirling 
Way Mrs. Iiuckster, 5S Si it ling 
Wayge John, grocer, 180 Canlon avenue 
Wayne Geo. L. tailor, 220 Sharp 
Weathers Joseph, public weigher, C. house, office Smith's whf, 

dw 143 Ann st 
Weaver Adam, sievadore, 13 Shnkspear 
Weaver Adam, tailor, 8 New Church 
Weaver Andon, car|.^enter, 257 Canton avenue 
Weaver Casper, painter, 12 Geor<re 
Weaver C;isper furniture dealer, 239 Liijht 
Weaver Casper, taiNvr, cor. Albemarle & Plowman sts 
Weaver Charles, tailor, 253 Huppy alley 
Weaver Charles, clerk, 238 s Charles 

Weaver D. C. house, sign &. ornamental painter, 120 n Eutaw 
Weaver Daniel, blacksmith, se cor. Baltimore & Republican su 
Weaver Daniel, collector, 248 e Pratt 
Weaver & Esender, hardware dealers, n w corner Eutaw aad 

Lexington sts 
Weaver Gabriel, tailor, Renrjs'er st. n of Lombard 
Weaver Geo. nightman, 20 Gittin-rs 
Weaver Mrs. Geo. E. 265 Lexinjrton 
Weaver Henry, butcher, 12 President 
Weaver Henry, carpenier, 9 Fremont 
Weaver Henry Casper, 9 Fieniont 
Weaver Henry, t:)i!or. 196 s Eutaw 
Weaver Henry, 251 Happy alley 
Weaver J. Henry, cabuiei maker, undertaker and sexton of 

Christ's Church, rear of Church, cor. Fayette &. Gay sts. 
Weaver Jacob, vvheelwri«;ht, cor. Greene &- Lee sts 
Weaver James, sign and fancy painter, 4l8 w Baltimore 
Weaver Jesse, cigar maker, 209 Eastern avenue 
Weaver John, wheelwright, 47 Holland 
Weaver John, blacksmith, 185 Hollins 
Weaver Jolm, tailor, l6l Canal 
Weaver Jotin, stone cutter, 95 Eastern avenue 

WEA 413 WEB 

Weaver John, boot maker, 64 n Front 

Weaver John, firm W. & Esender, dw 93 Pine 

Weaver John, tobacconist, 29 s Caroline 

Weaver Joseph, 2S8 Lexini^ton 

Weaver Levi, band box maker, 122 Lexintrton 

Weaver Mrs. Mary, dry goods dealer, 114 Broadway 

Weaver Peter, baker, 10 Cow pen alley 

Weaver Wm. carpenter, 184 s Bond 

Webb Abner, 50 n Greene 

Webb Alanson & Son, feed mts. 100 Franklin, dw 244 n HowM 

Webb Alb^^rt L. firm Deford & Co. dw 160 s Charles 

Webb Aiiarew, laborer, Penn. avenue extended 

Webb Aufjustijs P. grocer and feather dealer, corner Lexington 

and Paca sts. dw 65 Pearl 
Webb Charles & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers, 180 

Rnsor si. dw 178 
Webb Charles jr. of firm, dw 161 Madison 
Webb Mrs. Clarissa, 293 Fayette st 
Webb Daniel, bricklayer, 30 Low st 
Webb Mrs. Elizabeth, Front st. 1 doors of Baltimore 
Webb George W. goldsmith & jeweller, 148 Baltimore st. dw 

136 Park st 
Webb Geo. firm Jos. W. Stewart & Co. dw Fayette, e of Eden 
WebbH. W. keeper of lottery and exchange office, 38 cornel 

Light and Lombard sts. dw 120 Hanover 
Webb Henry, lottery dealer, 191 vv Pratt 
Webb Jacob, huckster, 59 Burgundy alley 
Webb James, 192 Ensor 
Webb James, millwriglit, 250 Alice Anna 
Webb John, jeweller & silversmith, 6 s Calvert st. dw Louden- 

slager's hill 
Webb John, jeweller, 140 n Caroline 
Wet)b John, lime dealer, 3 Canal, s of Lombard 
Webb John H. 122 Bank 
Webb Joseph, tailor, Fremont st. extended 
Webb L. W. music engraver, 47 German 

Webb Milton, grocer & commission mt. 146 Light, dw 273 do 
Webb Nathan, tobacconist, 63 n Howard 
Webb Mrs. Rachel, oyster cellar, 139 Lombard 
Webb Robert, jeweller. 68 George st 
Webb Samuel M. flour, feed and grain dealer, 101 Franklin st 

dw 244 n Howard 
Webb Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 325 Eastern avenue 
Webb Wm. P. hat block and pattern maker, 16 Clay, dw 3lT 

Star alley 
Webb Wm. carpenter, 24 s Frederick st. dw 109 e Pratt 
Webb Wm. laborer, 68 Happy alley 
Webber John, papi.T hanger, 161 s Bond 
Weber Conrad, shoemaker, .148 Hollins 
Weber E. & Co. lithographers, Jarvi* building-?. North 3i. dw 

49 Liberty st 
Weber Geo. tailor, 88 Lancaster 
Weber John, tailor, 536 w Biiiimore 
Weber L. tavern keeper, 77 Harrison 
Webster A. mariner, 275 Light 

WEB 414 WEI 

Webster Rev. Auorustus, pastor St. John's Methodist Protest- 
ant Church, 35 Liberty st. 
Webster Geo. blacksmith, Orange alley 
Webster Geo. seaman, lOO Hill 
Webster Henry, finisher, 333 Charles 
Webster Dr. Henry W. 163 s Charles 
AVebster J. W. trrocer, Hi^h near Low. dw 111 High 
Webster James, engineer, 333 s Charles 
Webster James R book keeper, 88 e Pratt 
Webster Dr. John Lee, 177 Park 
Webster Joseph, clerk, 190 Mulberry 
Websier Thomas, 82 Peirce 
Weckell John, cabinet maker, 33 Garden 
Wedekind Frederick, stevadore, 5 Shaspear 
Weiliie Capt. Wm. Bond st. s of Pratt 
Weedon Madison, of U.S. navy, 50 Spring 
Weeir Adam, oak cooper, Frederick road 
W^eek Isaac, laborer, 39 Forest 
Weeks Alfred, laborer, 94 Boyd 
Weeks Ezekiel, waterman, Falls st 
Weeks Robert J. shoemaker, 48 Orleans 
Weeks Mrs. Lydia, cooh, 49 L. Pleasant 

Weeks ivlrs. Sarah, grocer and provision dealer, 136 Sarafc^a 
Weems Gapt. Mason L. of steamboat Planter, 102 Sharp 
Weems Philip E. feed dealer, 115 w Lombard, dw cor. Pratt &. 
Hanover sts 

Wetz'er Philip^ butcher, 180 Alice Anna 

WeiTJein Aaron, smith in general, 9l Bank, dw 94 s Caroline 

^Yegiier Bdldis, boot & shoemaker, 304 s Charles 

Wegner Dr. Augustus, 63 n Charles 

Wehage Henry, |)aver, 124 S'irling 

Wehaire Herman, laborer, 84 Conway 

Wehn Phiiij), baker, 89 Conway 

Wehrnard Lucas, paver, GS Orchard 

Weicker J. ?mi!li in general, 253 Canal 

Weiclieri Christian, shoemaker, 15 .lelTersoa 

WeidelGeo. carpenter, 152 Canton avenue 

Weider John, cabinet maker, 206 s Caroline 

Weiderman, August, laborer, 20 Burgundy alley 

Weigcr Geo. blacksmith, 82 Ch(>snut 

Weiger Geo. shoemaker, 233 s Bond 

Weigie Mrs. L uisia R. grocer and provision dealer, 237 Light 

Weigle Wm. lahorer, 22 President 

IVeil JonUhan, clothier, 144 Centre Market space 

Weil Lewis, ( loihier, 91 Thames 

Weil Mi reus, cap maker, 148 Canton avenue 

Weiler Charles, iirocer, 30 Hampstead 

Weilder Jo';n, 202 s Caroline 

Weimeyer Dauiel, city well digger, 12 New 8t 

Weir Janies, carieF, n end Fi)!e&l 

Weir John, laborer^ n end Forest 

\Veir Jo'iti, window shade maker, 30 Jackson 

Weir Walsh, and Co. wool carpet manufacturer, w Falls av- 
I ue & Lombard st. dw W. Granby st 

Weil Wm. carpet manufacturer, 75 Granby 

WEI 415 W£L 

Weir Wm. laborer, n end Forest st 

Weirisch Jacob, hackman, 95 Paca 

Wirzbacber John, grocer, 169 Pratt 

Weis Jacob, baker, 301 Monument 

Weise Godfrey, tailor, 126 Aisquitli 

Weise Geo. 73 Liombard 

Weissinujer Charles, tanner, 147 Canton avenue 

Weissii)<rer Leonanl, laborer. Walnut alley 

Weitzel Henry, boot & shoemaker, 47 President 

Weitzel Jacob, findin-^s dealer, 41 President 

Weitzell John, hatter, 25 Jefferson 

Welch Mrs. Ellen, 68 n Calvert 

Welch Mrs. Francis A. confectioner, I6 Sharp 

Welch J. W. & Co. lottery brokers, 13 e Pratt, dwr J. W. 67 

Welch Jno. B. f^rocer &.com mt. 130 Dugan's whf. dw 67 8 Eden 
Welch John, carpenter, 82 North st. d\v"38 Aisquith 
Welch John, painter, 180 Ann 
Welch John, house, ship and sign painter, 146 Thames st. dvv 

152 Broadway 
Welch Lawrence, huckster, 94 Granby 
Welch Simon, boot maker, 79 Granby 

Welch Wm. & Co. wholesale & retail tobacconists, 367 w Bal- 
timore St. dvv Wtii. W. Pearl st 

Welde Geo. confectioner,, 86 Aisquith 

Weldom Wm. H. shoemaker, 201 Ann st 

Welham Wallace, tavern, 14 (Centre) Fish market 

Welland Gotlieb, laborer, 126 Montoromery 

Wellener Basil, ship carpenter, 164 Ann 

Wellener Thomas W. shipwright, 239 Wolf 

Wellener Thomas, shipwright, 288 Wolf 

Weller Mrs. Ann, dress maker, 23 Pleasant 

Weller Christopher, keeper of cows and carter, 34 Columbia 

Weller Jeremiah,, huckster, 298 Franklin 

Weller Joseph, dry goods mt. 22 Penn. avenue 

Weller Reuben, cabinet maker, 28 n Eulaw 

Weller Philip, confectioner, 28 Davis 

Welling James W. 291 Fayette 

Welling Mrs. Mary, Bond st s of Pratt 

Wells Andrew H. heel &t and pork inspector. Light st. wharf,, 
dw extreme end of Li<jht st 

Wells Benj. grocer, 77 e Lombard 

W^ells Edward, wood dealer, 81 s Exeter 

Wells George, ornamental |)ain<er, 65 e Lombard 

Wells George, sawyer, 121 Low st 

Wells Henry S. book keeper, 285 e Baltimore 

Wells J. W. collector, 192 e Fayette 

Wells John, firm Wells & Miller, dvv 64 Eastern avenue 

Wells John K. ladies' shoemaker, 115 St. Mary 

Wells Joseph, shoemaker, 47 Stirling 

Wells Sc Miller, iron founders and engine manufacturers, Presi- 
dent St. between Eastern av. and Fleet st. 

Wells peter, agent for ground rents, &c. 246 e Prattt 

Wells Dr. Richard, 20